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ny. r A J k if , 5 5 J . 'D . 'LXETQ , ,i- ' Qs. N e '-.. i' 1 fi M- ':'N:f.g4 7 W , 5f,'f""fl al h 3 mfvgiws' I E .,,.. I , H, ' v y an . 'lf- yi N. 'Bi W FQ Pxhb 3 -,.......... .. ,gi A If fgffw-,Q f4- 1 H X All ,M 5 ... , I W mr W? K K Q '14 "Y'QL? 'RW I i g i L!! 4 'v I 6. A gil' 4 x x ,zu 'RW 3'-' Y .22 -3 I Ol 'ut' HHH! "? W, wr W W . , QE QM MV f?,!7fff7??F X Zuma MMM' A5 02 fezmrf ' - f If YQ? 2 Af vu 7M.:w!M 94 ,:,,Wb7M! fifgzm LGLWMD lv I-IA CHET GEORGE WASHINGTON HIGH SCHOOL LEONARD .s. FLIEDNER, PRmcnPAs. CITY OF NEW YORK ...J 'Pl A . .Iggy-gf, ' 'Bl' I 'ig EIJITURIAL Wg.. " 'Tir education forms the common mind: just nr the twig is bent, the tree'r inclined." N THE ABOVE LINES the great eighteenth century poet Alexander Pope expresses in his usual apt way a belief held throughout the civ- ilized world. Millions of dollars and millions of hours of labor are being spent in the task of form- ing the common mind, it is rated among the most important tasks of every modern government, and with some governments it is regarded so seriously that desperate measures are taken to be sure that no ideas reach the common mind that might inliu- ence it in any direction other than the one ap- proved bythe government itself. As we move from the halls of our high school into the wider fields awaiting us, we are aware that in addition to the numerous physical conflicts raging in various parts of the world, there is everywhere a broad general confiict between two political and social philoso- phies involving the totalitarian versus the demo- cratic way of life. We have been trained here to evaluate these respective ways of life and to go forth prepared to wage a successful fight for the deeper and more abiding values of democracy. Ours is the responsibility of proving to a skeptical, war-weary world that the keystone of our safety is an education in the arts and sciences and the social philosophy of democracy. We must reafiirm the democratic man's faith in himself and in his edu- cation, an education that can never be wrested from him. Perhaps at no other time in world his- tory have men so universally come to realize that ignorance and bungling are costly, taking their price in lives as well as dollars. In our deeds lie the hopes of the world. We must not fail. That we shall not fail is due largely to the type of instruction we have received in our high school, a type characteristic of the American system which makes it possible for every young man and woman to acquire a well-rounded development physically and mentally. In a wide variety of courses we have gained much information and many techniques, but we have learned much more, our studies have given us also an insight into character, a knowl- edge of the components of good government, a sense of justice, an understanding of the widely divergent interests of our fellow human beings, and a realization of our ability to unite behind a common goal. If it be thought, however, that in the process of learning these things we found life at G.W. en- tirely a grim affair, nothing could be further from the truth. There was plenty on the lighter side: excuses that didn't stave off punishment, devices that didn't take the place of studyg the never- ending fund of practical jokes on fellow class- mates, the excitement and confusion of adapting ourselves to each term's program, the wild scram- ble to get elected to student government ofiices. And as we look back over the course that we have just run, we do so with a smile and a tear, a smile for all the escapades we survived, and a tear for the ending of so many wonderful friendships and the loss of so many loyal helpers. Those loyal helpers were for the most part members of the George Washington faculty, and we cannot leave without a parting word of gratitude to them. To Dr. Leonard J. Fliedner we give a final salute for the democratic and sympathetic way in which he guided us during his first year as Prin- cipalg to the Deans and Grade advisers, thanks for the skill and understanding they brought to the solution of our problems, and to the teachers, a final tribute for the patience and fortitude they showed in doing a job that we shall appreciate more and more with the passing years. To them all and to a great school we wave a fond farewell as we step forth into the world ahead of us. FLORENCE C. MYERS Administrative Assistant Dean of Girls ADMINISTRATIV ASSISTANTS MAX SCHOTTLAND Administrative Assistant Deon of Boys DEPARTMENT CHAIRMEN MURRAY A, CL-,HN mcnno E. ELLIFFE EZVZERIAEKEA Accounggns lays' Health Education I 0 Englllll EMMA A. SCHREYER DR. IOUIS TEICHMAN ABRAHAM LANDESMAN Spanish Physical Sciences Social Studies E. RUTH SPALDING ANN MALOY DR. FRANK M. WHEAT Music Art Biology CAMERA SHY CHAIRMEN DOROTHY M. HAYDON ELIZABETH TOWNS MILDRED A. WALSH Secretarial Studies Girls' Health Education I-GND JOSEPH B. ORLEANS Mathematics if lfkf? in - '15 1 Y 7 4 . 5 1 .ww .JH .- if .QE ,f 'raw -12 7 Ml., W' iii, , Y: 5 1 . ' if 'Q ' 1 I A' Qi E' ', fs o f Q ff? by ' j A :WA Q ' :ua ' f 4 A X n ao X + . ,nn ,B - . .. .., 2 me 'N 1. . , A ' , - Q9 P tg. lg 4 -fu 0,9 . bf.'L' iw 0 , ' W S l Y 8 , Q - ' K L , V. xS5E5,5:A F X , 11: 49 nas if gf' ' 1 ' . 5. im? -as lr' E 1 .-N15 L w ,px ' ,A QC? F 'MTF' Ach!" F """' e ' X , , X5 vw ' sf I' Q 'Q . 44? RX. ,il xx Q teh' :gy Q' .""N, .ff Q"""k mfg, Qi W is S K ff' WN Q 9 . Pg wmkf' X "..,, 5 .S x J xf x. 4 9 .B fix .., fr: + K 'A ' gG 21 gums: 5 Y ' .4 ,Q A " Sf f f v 2. E5 4 1 I . X NEW LEADER AND a new type of leader- ship came to the George Washington High School as it opened for the Fall Term of 1950. At that time Dr. Leonard J. Fliedner began 'his duties as our new Principal, and during the months that have followed he has earned the respect and af- fection of both faculty and students. School ad- ministration was indeed not a new field for him, since his career had included principalship of a junior high school, and he had come to us from his post as Principal of 178. Moreover he was not unknown to many of the veterans of our faculty, for he had been one of us for some time back in 1934 when he was Chairman of the Physi- cal Sciences Department. When he was formally introduced to the faculty at its first meeting of the Fall term, Dr. Fliedner announced his intention to adopt the role of a careful but sympathetic observer for some time be- fore suggesting any changes in the school's man- agement. He followed this role conscientiously during the greater part of the Fall term, but as the present edition of "The Hatchetn goes to press we are well along toward the end of the Spring term of '51, and already some significant changes of routine and policy have been tried out with considerable success. It is with great pleasure, moreover, that we are privileged to include in the present writing the substance of an interview which a member of the "Hatchet" staff had with Dr. Fliedner in the latter part of March. Prominent among Dr. Fliedner's plans is one calling for three more or less distinct types of curriculum. These will include an academic cur- riculum made up largely of the traditional courses in English, History, Science, Mathematics, and Languages, with special Honor classes for better students. A second curriculum will be the stand- ard commercial course which will include our present accounting and secretarial courses and in addition Merchandising and Business Machines. And finally there is to be a broader curriculum in a general course which will include a number of subjects hitherto unknown to G.W. such as Ceramics, Woodworking, Metalworking, Shop and Home Economics. With such a variety of courses to choose from, Dr. Fliedner feels that it will be possible for every boy and girl to find a pattern of instruction that will fit his needs and abilities. In the field of extra-curricular activities Dr. Fliedner has many hopes and plans for a reju- venated school spirit and for the continuance of our tradition of championship athletic teams and up-to-date modern clubs. With Mr. Richard El- liffe, the chairman of our Health Education de- partment, he believes in the development of as much intramural athletics as possible so that every student of the school may get the benefit of par- ticipation in competitive sports, but he also defi- nitely looks forward to a future in which G.W. will have championship teams as famous as those of the past in baseball, basketball, and other sports. He is also keenly aware of the history of our many outstanding theatrical productions, and anticipates a marked revival of activity for the Rehearsal Club and the classes in dramatics. In due time he feels that the numerous clubs which have featured our after-school activity in the past will be even larger than ever and even more stimu- lating to the students, and he intends to encourage the Motion Picture Group that is responsible for our prize-winning orientation films, and to foster a new Camera Club that will enable students in- terested in photography to get considerable expert advice and practice in that field. In all these plans Dr. Fliedner realizes that the faculty must play a very large part, and he is fully determined to practice a modern democratic policy in his rela- tionship to the teachers as well as to the students in making ours one of the foremost high schools of the nation. For the record we should like to include here an account of the formal installation of Dr. Flied- ner on Wednesday afternoon, November 29, 1950. The ceremony took place in our auditorium, and Mr. Max Schottland, Administrative Assistant, presided. The program opened with an organ l-IIUIRII prelude by Mr. Luther Gloss, and then the invo- cation was given by Rt. Rev. Msgr. john S. Mid- dleton, Secretary of Education of the Archdiocese of New York. Dr. Moses L. Isaacs, Dean of Yeshiva College of Arts and Sciences, brought greetings from Yeshiva University. The Hon. Vito F. Lanza, Vice- President of the Board of Education, offered to the-new principal the congratulations of the Board of Education. Dr. Frederick J. Moilit, Executive Assistant of the State Department of Education represented Dr. Lewis A. Wilson, Commissioner of Education. I Following the singing of Jacob's "This Is My Country" by the Glee Club, conducted by Miss Mazona Don, the Hon. Solomon Klein, Assistant to Deputy Mayor Horowitz, representing the Mayor, gave his felicitations. Greetings were extended from the students by Miss Lorraine E. Ludwig, from the alumni by Mr. Frank Cavallon, Vice-President of james Mc- Creery and Co., from the faculty by Mr. E. Pen- nington Meyer, from the parents by Mrs. Bella Kaswin, President of the Parents Association, and from the community by Mr. L. Fresco Thompson, an alumnus, Vice-President of the Brooklyn Na- tional League Baseball Club. Directed by Mr. Luther Gloss, the G.W.H.S. band played "Bells Across the Meadows" by Ketelby. The Hon. Maximilian Moss, President of the Board of Education, spoke for the Board. Dr. Harrison C. Thomas, Assistant Superintendent, High School Division, pronounced the formal in- stallation decree. Dr. Fliedner expressed his appreciation to the Board of Education and his gratitude to his many friends and associates. The Rev. James H. Morgan of the Cathedral of St. John the Divine gave the benediction. The playing of the recessional by Mr. Gloss at the organ brought the ceremony to a close. After the formal installation ceremonies, a re- ception was given in our library. The Honor Guard, in beautiful colonial costumes, acted as hostesses. Among the honored guests were Mrs. Leonard J. Fliedner, a daughter Patricia and son Leon- ard, jr., Mr. John Fliedner, father of the Principal, ZOPNS and Mr. and Mrs. Ralph' E. Fliedner, Dr. Flied- ner's brother and sister-in-law. Other notables were Associate Superintendent Dr. Elias Lieberman and Assistant Superintend- ents John F. Conroy, representing Superintendent of Schools William Jansen, Dr. Frank D. Whalen, Dr. George Zukerman, Dr. Clare C. Baldwin, and Dr. Harry N. Wfright, President of City College. High school principals present were Mr. Joseph C. Driscoll, Miss Elizabeth T. Fitzpatrick, Dr. Henry E. Hein, Mr. Michael Katzoff, Mr. Stuart C. Lucey, Dr. Mary E. Meade, Dr. Morris Meister, Mr. Edward P. O'Connor, Mr. Fred Schoenberg, Mr. Louis A. Schuker, Dr. john V. Walsh, and Mr. Harry A. Wolfson. Principals Emanuel Gross, Daniel C. Krane, and Miss Veronica Myers represented the elementary and junior high schools, and Dr. Samuel Solender and Dr. Matthew Slate, Local School Board No. 14. Prominent personages in public life who at- tended to extend their good wishes to the new principal were the Hon. james J. Lyons, President of the Borough of the Bronx, Hon. Robert Wag- ner, jr., President of the Borough of Manhattan, Hon. Maurice A. Fitzgerald, President of the Borough of Queens, Hon. Anthony J. Di Gio- vanna, justice of the Supreme Court, Justice Agnes M. Craig, Hon. john Splain, Commis- sioner of Purchase, Hon. james A. Phillips, rep- resenting the Comptroller, Hon. Samuel Roman, Member of the Assembly. Rev. Henry Fisher, Pastor of the Church of the Good Shepherd, Mrs. David L. Don, mother of Miss Mazona Don, Mrs. Anne Lee Jacobs, Chair- man, Board of Directors, Youth Aid, Inc., and Mrs. Dorothy Greiner, leader in a number of community activities in the Manhattan area, were among the guests. Many members of the faculty of jr. H. S. 178, Brooklyn, and james Monroe H. S., at both of which Dr. Fliedner served, Brigadier General Edwin A. Kane, former Chairman of the Speech Department at G.W., and Mrs. John F. Conroy, a former teacher at G.W., were present. Among the alumni present were Al Campanis, Mrs. Florence M. Ferguson, Mr. james C. Healey, and Mr. Dominick Torpe. HInGlHilLliGIl-IITS S THE EVER-FASTER moving years slip by, we of the graduating classes of 1950-51 will undoubtedly find ourselves spending many a happy hour recalling our school days and the sometimes fearful, often frantic incidents that were so much a part of those glorious preparatory years. And, if we are typical of generations of G.W. alumni, we will remember most vividly and relive most often the countless exciting moments of our eighth term. Somehow the frenzied pitch of feverish exuberance and excitement that had been building up all along seemed to come to a climax in that last colorful term. We will remember with smiles of amusement and nostalgia how we never had a chance to study or catch up on incomplete assignments dur- ing' long officials because preparations for the senior swimming party and the senior dance seemed much more interesting. We will recollect with many a sigh how our allowance money never lasted a full week because someone always de- manded money for something-senior dues, "The Hatchet," class rings and pins, and all the rest of the wonderful accoutrements that helped make that eighth term the most memorable of all. We will delve, too, into the memories of how franti- cally we threw ourselves into campaigning for school offices, our last chance for fame in high school. And so, perhaps it is most fitting now, as we take our leave of a fine school that has of- fered us such wonderful preparation to meet the world and try to make it a better one, that we note some of the highlights that will linger in our thoughts of eighth term. As the Fall term opened we found ourselves smiling with pleasure at the choices we had made for our G.O. officials, for Alex Petrides, Gabriel Damascus, and Betty Pizska were living upto our expectations and carrying out their numerous duties quite capably. By being elected president, Alex had achieved the honor of holding the high- est student-elected office in G.W. His classmates and friends knew him as a member of our base- ball team, the lunch squad, and a monitor in the Health Ed. office. Vice-President Damascus had previously distinguished himself as a G.O. Rep- resentative, class president, and a member of the Honor Ushers' Corps and the Service Squad. And Betty, formerly of the "Cherry Tree" staff, had offered her services to the Cheering Squad, the Grade Adviser's Office, the Honor Guard, the Biology auxilium, and to the G.O. as a repre- sentative. A new judicial Board was chosen, headed by Spiro Gallousis and Constantine Vlatos. Early in the Fall term, too, the Arista, G.W.'s honor society, began formulating plans for its special functions and events. Mr. C. E. Linville was given the post of new faculty adviser of Arista, and Herbert Levin, Bessie Carasoulas, and Diana Douglas were voted Leader, Vice-Leader, and Secretary respectively. Committees within the society were organized to carry out the duties and OfIF'lI arrange social functions for the members. The Admissions Committee, before which students hoping to become members must appear, was headed by Herbert Rubinowitz, the Arista's re- nowned Film Committee was headed by Anna Drakontides, Maki Iwamoto became chairman of the Arista Program Committee, which plans all Arista activities and meetings, Vera Hess was chosen to preside over the Installation Committee, whose very pleasant job it is to plan and give a tea in honor of new members, and Valerie Fray became leader of the Service Committee, in charge of offering assistance to students desirous of giv- ing service to the school. Before very many weeks of the term had gone by we were destined to meet ,the members of the Honor Ushers' Corps, an organization of high standards whose job it is to assist at school as- semblies and various other functions. Armand Diaz, Antonios Morfesis, and Larry Hahn were chosen the new leaders of the Corps, which was founded in 1939, and has been directed for a number of years by Miss Ruth McEvoy. Of course, the most outstanding occurrence of the school year was the replacement of the retir- ing Mr. Boylan by Dr. Leonard J. Fliedner as Principal of G.W. The students were indeed hon- ored and pleased to be given the opportunity to meet the distinguished gentleman who had been newly placed in command. The four assemblies in September, therefore, were dedicated to that purpose. Third and fourth term students, Assembly C, were the first to have the honor of greeting Dr. Fliedner. Then followed Assembly D, first' and second termersg Assembly A, seventh and eighth termersg and Assembly B, fifth and sixth termers. At each assembly, a student, representing the group, made the welcoming address and pre- sented the Principal with a token gift, each with a special significance: Natalie Twersky for the C group, Paul Davies and Ursula Weil for the D, Herbert Rubinowitz and Lorraine Ludwig for A, and Marjorie Howard for the B group. Dr. Fliedner, introduced by Mr. Schottland, Ad- ministrative Assistant, at the first two assemblies and by Miss Florence C. Meyers, Administrative Assistant, at the others, addressed the assemblies. He expressed his deep appreciation of the stu- dents' welcome and his real pleasure with their token gifts. His advice to them on how to achieve success in their high school careers stressed the importance of hard work and good attendance. The younger students saw the orientation film, "This Is Washington," produced by Dr. Wheat, Mrs. Ruth Lancourt, and Leonard Strutin. The narrators were Anna Drakontides, Barbara Mc- Guire, and Kirby Warren. The older students heard the Glee Club sing the Alma Mater conducted by Miss Mazona Don and two selections by the band conducted by Mr. Luther Gloss, "Bells Across the Meadow" by Ketelby and "The Thunderer" by Sousa. Meantime, Washingtonians had not been idle in the field of sports, for we swept three victories in the city-wide trials of the journal-American and Park Department 310,000 skating derby as Al Stewart won the 100, Bob Schaefer the 220, and Bob Cohen the 500. Hard on Cohen's heels was Roger Schroeder, a schoolmate, who also qualified. The borough finals were held on Sunday, Oc- tober 1. First, second, and third place winners in all borough events qualified for the City Cham- pionship on Central Park Mall, on October 15. Undoubtedly one of the highlights of the term was the heated campaign for class ofiicers. Much thought was given to the matter of voting, and when the ballots had been collected and tallied we learned that Herbert Rubinowitz, Robert Gray, and Patricia Hay were destined to be our "top brass" in the roles of President, Treasurer, and Secretary respectively, a.nd that they, with the assistance of the presidents of all the senior classes would comprise the Senior Council. President, Secretary, and Treasurer of the senior official classes were respectively: 8-1, Philip Blanco, Carol Berger, Fred Fulop. 8-2, Herbert Rubinowitz, Lorraine Ludwig, Ber- nice Malinowitz. 8-3, Hilary Hershaft, Patricia Hay, Robert Gray. 8-4, Ernest Kohn, Christine jurgens, Arlene Gerber. 8-5, Charles Wenz, Amy Theodore, Alma Spence. 8-6, Suzanne Newton, Anne Smith, George Yuelys. The Senior Council was the group whose re- sponsibility it was to schedule the events so eagerly anticipated by the envied wearers of the orange and black, and to guide their loyal followers in the paths of pleasure at dances and skating parties. Many of us, too, gave willingly of our time and effort in exchange for the honor of serving on committees. In very little time we had organ- ized groups to take charge of arrangements for that big event in our high school lives, the prom, and to attend to the business matter of soliciting subscriptions for the "Hatchet" Before the term had barely gotten under way, we had also organ- ized committees to confer and hand down decisions on questions dealing with the happy time, Senior Week, and with assemblies, jewelry, the senior gift, and like matters. During the Fall term we were privileged to attend some very unusual and fascinating assem- bly programs, which proved informative as well as entertaining. An interesting study in sound, with a scientific demonstration in lilm to prove that it is a vibra- tion, was given in October. Dr. Wheat and Dr. Teichman planned the presentation. Marion Wil- son, George Brown, Catherine Collins, Harvey Flieshman, Frank Krajchir and .lean Pincus were the student assistants. XVashington's new tape recorder was used to make a recording at the assemblies which was almost immediately played back. The music chosen was "America, the Beautiful" played by a brass quartette, sung by a sextette, and Hchorusedi' by the assembled students. In a film the Motion Picture class demon- strated the mechanism of the tape recorder in detail. Barbara McGuire was the narrator. Dr. Fliedner gave a short lecture on sound, its history and uses, at the close of the assemblies. With the theme "Careers in Business," the Bookkeeping Department produced a playlet en- titled "Four Graduates Apply for a job." Thomas Laskey played the part of the agency manager and Herbert Rubinowitz was the narrator. Thelma Berzofsky, Francis Toback, and George Henderson were the job hunters. A round table discussion followed the playlet, moderated by Eleanor Campbell. Theresa Gal- lagher, Carmen Quintero, and Frances Rutigliano were the student speakers. After the discussion, Mr. Cohn, Chairman of the Bookkeeping Depart- ment, gave a talk. Although not directly connected with the pro- gram, one of the highlights of the assembly was the reintroduction of the salute to the flag. Wil- liam Bernstein and Warren Weinstein made up the Hag honor guard while Alex Petrides, G.O. President, led the salute. The program stressed definite factors that are important to any boy or girl preparing to embark upon a business career. It pointed out the fact that future success depends upon present prepara- tion. Certificates of scholarship, presented each term by the General Organization, were given to two hundred and thirty-five students who had an aver- age of 85? or over in their major subjects last term. Dr. Fliedner personally gave the certificates to the highest ranking students in each term: Herbert Rubinowitz 96, Lorraine Lopez 97.6, Richard Den- nis 95, Louise Bargamian 97.2, Lewis Segal 94.75, and David Rodvien 95.75. These students were seated on the platform during the ceremonies. The program included a selection from the Bible, read by Bessie Carasoulas, Vice-Leader of Arista, the National Anthem, sung by the audi- ence led by Miss E. Ruth Spalding, greetings from the Arista by Herbert Levine, Leader of Aristag address by Dr. Fliedner, a solo, "The House I Live In," by Earl Robinson, sung by Harvey Sklar, and the exit march played by Mr. Luther Gloss. "Has the Korean War Strengthened or Weak- ened the U.N.?" was the topic discussed by Mr. Linville's Leadership Class at the assemblies on October 31 and November 1. A panel of six stu- dents and a moderator conducted an informal discussion which tried to answer some of the problems that face the U.N. today because of the Korean War. The policy of rearmament recently adopted by the U. S. and how it has affected the possibility of war was studied. Some students thought that it had increased the chance of war while others felt that it had removed the immediate possibility. The status of China in relation to the war and the U.N. was the next problem. The panel also tried to decide how much the Acheson Plan, which amends the veto, has improved the U.N. At the conclusion of the program, ten minutes were allowed for questions from the audience. G.O. PRESIDENTS Alex Petrldes Jan. Bill Schechter June Lorraine Ludwig, joseph Aliaga, jay Katz, Frank Gottschalk, Abe Feuerstein, and Gilbert Robinov were the students on the panel. Mary Ann Rodgers was the moderator. The program was presented after United Na- tions week during which the U.N. was discussed in many classes and was prominent in the news for many weeks. We Washingtonians proved that we could hold our own outside of school, too, when we were given the opportunity to send a representative group to participate in a broadcast debate. Dr. Louis A. Wilson, Acting Commissioner of the State of New York, was the guest speaker at the weekly youth forum, sponsored by the New York Times early in October. Miss Dorothy Gor- don of the Times staff acts as moderator at these forums which are broadcast every Saturday morn- ing from 10:15 to 11:00 on WQXR. The topic was "How Can the Schools Help Students Meet the Problems of Today?" Mr. 1 Linvil1e's Leadership class was invited to be pres- ent, representing George Washington. Also in- vited were several students from history classes. The panel consisted of six boys and girls from the various high schools throughout the five boroughs. Each student voiced his own point of view on the subject, using his own school in his illustration. One boy believed that current events should be more strongly stressed in the schools and students should become more interested in world affairs. A girl thought that communism should be taught in school objectively to compare it with democracy. Discrimination, the United Nations, and teachers' salaries were some of the other topics discussed. At the conclusion of the program members of the audience were allowed ten min- utes to question Dr. Wilson. The Leadership class has had many discussions on these interesting topics. Life magazine recently devoted an entire issue to the question of the country's educational system. Among the factors serving to inspire us and add to our initiative was the new Peter Cooper exhibit, for which G.W. was honored as the first host among the city schools. The faculty and students were grateful indeed to Mr. Charles F. Beck, Coordinator of School Museum Projects at the Board of Education, Mr. Calvin Hathaway, Curator of the Peter Cooper Museum, and Mr. Hodges of the Peter Cooper Foundation for making this exhibit possible. Peter Cooper, a true representative of the American self-made man, was born on February 12, 1791, one of nine children of poor parents and lived to become one of the most vital figures of the nineteenth century. He was a business man, an inventor, philanthropist, and philosopher. Toward the middle of the term congratulations were due several among us who had shown they possessed brains, the ability to use them consist- ently, and the desire to offer their services to the school unselfishly. Forty-five new members were admitted to Arista, the honor society, at an im- pressive ceremony on November 15. Dr. Leonard J. Fliedner, Principal, was the speaker at the assembly. After Herbert Levine, Leader of Arista, read a selection from the Bible and Miss Ruth Spalding conducted the singing of the National Anthem, Herbert made the introductory remarks. Bessie Carasoulas, Vice-Leader, then presented the can- didates and Diana Douglas, Secretary, adminis- tered the pledge to the new members. Dr. Fliedner spoke of the worth of the honor society and stressed the importance of high marks for a successful future. Herbert Levine presented the new members to the Principal, who gave each one the black and orange Arista pin, the symbol of high scholastic achievement and un- selfishness. Vera Hess, Chairman of the Arista Installations Committee, expressed the appreciation of the students and presented Dr. Fliedner with the Arista pin, making him an honorary member. At the conclusion, the band played several se- lections, conducted by Mr. Luther Gloss. And then it happened-! Even the knowledge that it had been coming didn't serve to cushion G.W. against the shock! In spite of the warnings, in spite of its semi-annual occurrence, the stately halls of our alma mater began to tremble. Pan- demonium had broken loose, and we called it Senior Week. For the shortest five days of the term we reigned supreme, Haunting the orange and black banner of identification and pointing sticky lolli- pops with pride at our gleaming hatchet pins. Unmercifully we snubbed the dazzled freshmen as we passed them in the halls to make our way from class to class via the magic marble stairs. Even the four-year yearning for a chance to use the elevator had vanished. Ah, but lunchtime was a pleasure. How non- chalantly did we stroll out of the building unmo- lested to nourish our bodies and egos on something other than school cafeteria food. The Tuesday of "our week" was the date of a really fine assembly given in our honor, at which Carol Frank presented our class gift to the school. And how could we forget Wednesday? For once we didn't have to struggle into gym suits in twenty-five seconds. Toward the latter part of the day, our hearts began to thump alarmingly as we considered what teachers might reveal to our fond parents at the reception in the library. We needn't have worried, though. The reception, the program in the auditorium, and the varied exhibits turned out fine, and were we proud! Maybe Thursday wasn't special for anyone else, but for us it was practically a day of legalized laziness. For once in four years we didn't get zeros for coming to school without homework But Friday-that was the day of days! We made the most of the final hours of glory by scribbling stupid sayings on each other's hats, and by conducting classes in a most unconventional way. Even the P.T. teachers took the matter good- naturedly, but how they must have ached after- wards! A fitting finale was given to the week that afternoon as we gathered as a group for our sen- ior dance. And we knew that the week had been worth waiting for. , But the close of Senior Week was by no means the end of festivities for the term, as we were privileged to see a presentation of "Geraldine and the White Robe," a Christmas Play by Jon Conde, produced by Mrs. Kenny's Rehearsal Club at four assemblies. The settings were done by Mr. Stanley Eisler of the Art Department. The Glee Club was under the direction of Miss Mazona Don while Mr. Luther Gloss was at the organ. Mrs. Marion Col- larte was backstage assistant. The part of Angela was played by Jeanne Cooper, Jean Harper, and Naomi Seligman. Frances Gudeman and Susi Mengers acted the part of Celeste. Frances Gudeman also played Geraldine, along with Yvonne Tolson and Marcia Zinn. Robert Flynn and Kirby Warren were Dick and Chuck. Marvin Stackman was Chuck also. Pete was acted by Louis Segal and Peter Levy. The parts of Mr. and Mrs. Rogers were played by Alex Petrides and Edgar Vovsi, Gloria Frank and Elsa Soibelman. John Lavalle and Louis Segal shared the part of Mr. Blake. Dale was Peter Levy and John Lavalle, while Hope Barrett and Carolyn Thurn took the part of Roberta. Mrs. Bridges was acted by Ann Chaboty, Carolyn Barrett, and Elsa Seibelman. The little Cherubetta was Louise Massey. To assist Mrs. Kenny in the direction of the play was Susi Mengers, the student assistant director. Kirby Warren, Edgar Vovsi, and John Lavalle were the stage managers. Make-up was applied by Jean Harper, Susi Mengers, Jeanne Cooper, Kirby Warren, and Gloria Frank. In charge of costumes were Jeanne Cooper and Frances Gudeman. The scenery construction and painting were done by James Seaton, George Ava- zis, Andy Woerner, Larry Clark, William Moon, Marvin Starkman, Morris Friedman, George Far- quharson, Edgar Vovsi, Nicholas Vlassopolis and Nina Minkoff. The lighting was handled by Robert Chakrin, Norman Marcus, William Cadiz, Anthony Amato, and Edward Brenner. The back stage crew was James Seaton, George Avazis, Ernest Pizo, Arthur Field, Albert McNichols, Morris,Friedman, Oscar Stempel, and Michael Sullivan. The business staff was Edgar Vovsi, Naomi Seligman, Jeanne Cooper, Marguerite Aitken, Suzanne Newton, and Lorraine Ludwig. The pro- SENl0R WEEK TRANSFORMATION S ll ,fi N A MUNDA, Ar if 53 ' 5 FK! DAY gram cover design was done by Sigfredo Sepulveda and Arlene Kay. The wardrobe mistresses were Else Seibelman, Ann Chaboty, and Carolyn Bar- rett. Yvonne Tolson, Hope Barrett, Carolyn Thurn, Marcia Zinn, and Alex Petrides were- in charge of the props. We were again the proud guides of our parents during Open School Week, during which a very complete art exhibit was planned by Miss Gertrude Gordon, head of the Art Department, assisted by Mrs. Piaser and Mr. Eisler. The exhibit included work done by the major art and the art apprecia- tion classes. For the first time, three dimensional models were shown. We were pleased and thrilled to be given the opportunity to send representatives for a demon- stration when thirteen students of the Leadership Class, under the supervision of Mr. Linville, were invited to the Annual Conference and Luncheon of the United Parents Association early in De- cember. One of the questions discussed by the parents, teachers, and students was whether students are encouraged and permitted to express their opinions in class. Another was whether more emphasis should be placed on current events rather than on antiquated and unimportant history. The role of the parent and teacher in progressive education was another point heatedly debated at the meeting. The thirteen students participating in the pro- gram were Joseph Aliaga, Toby Carliner, Allan Chamson, Martha Cohen, Abe Feuerstein, Jay Katz, Shirley Goolsby, Frank Gottschalk, Lorraine Ludwig, Marilyn Miller, Gilbert Robinov, Mary Ann Rodgers and Gilbert Rodriquez. Another outside activity in which our class was pleased tovbe represented was the afternoon social sponsored by the French Department and Le Cercle Francais of New York University's Washington Square College. Harriet Baby, Bessie Carasoulas, and Amy Theodore attended the social, at which refreshments were served. Our class had reason to be proud of its alma mater, and particularly of the Motion Picture Class under the direction of Mr. Davis, when that group took third place prize in a nation-wide contest held by the American Museum of Natural History for its production "Louder Than Words." The film, which was shown to the seventh and eighth term- ers early in January, was a five-minute expose on senior speeches, and was narrated by Barbara McGuire. For a while, then, we had to abandon thoughts of pleasure and fame and turn to less pleasant things--Regents! How we did cram. We blew the dust off ancient notebooks, spent a small fortune on review books, and settled ourselves in a quiet corner to learn a term's work overnight. Somehow the week passed, and with it some of the tension that had accompanied it, and we were about to graduate. Two hundred and forty-two of us took part in the exercises on January 30. We, in caps and gowns, were preceded by the Honor Guard in colonial costumes, as we marched to our places on the stage as the orchestra played the Coronation March from The Prophet by Meyer- beer. The program began with the Salute to the Flag followed by the singing of the Star Spangled Ban- ner by the audience and graduates. Dr. Fliedner read a selection from the Bible. Then followed a chorus, "Hark, the Vesper Hymn," by Gounod, sung by the seniors. Student speakers were Rosel Artman, Herbert Rubinowitz, and Lorraine Ludwig. Dr. Fliedner awarded the honors and gave the citations. The exercises were concluded with the singing of the Alma Mater. To Herbert Rubinowitz went the Award of the Phi Beta Kappa Alumni in New York, one of the scholarships awarded by the Parents' Association of the George Washington High School, the Rensselaer Alumni Medal for excellence in science and mathematics, the certificate awarded by the Physics Teachers' Club of New York, and a medal awarded by the Richard J. McNally Post No. 263 of the American Legion. Frances Marmon received the other scholarship awarded by the Parents' Association of the George Washington High School, the medal of the Ameri- can Association of Teachers of Spanish, and an- other medal awarded by the Richard J. McNally Post No. 265 of the American Legion. The Spiers Memorial Medal went to Herbert Levine, and Vera Hess received the pin of the American Association of Teachers of French for excellence in three years of French. The medal awarded by the Hebrew Culture Council went to Rhoda Shapiro, while Seymour Kaplan received the John W. Alexander medal for merit in art. To Evan Fisher went the Saint Gaudens medal for fine draftsmanship. Ruth Ellen Steinlauf received a certificate awarded by the Biology Teachers' Club of New York, and Arnold Zweig received the certificate from the Chemistry Teachers' Club of New York. The Ralph E. Horton Memorial Award went to Bessie Carasoulos. Certificates awarded by the teachers of social studies went to Beatrice Haber i f 1, ' f f 9 . 'fl y. .! 1 'SAND wuA'r's Mona, THE FRESHMAN H-10,0 11-QE N,Q-KIETOASK ME IF I HAD A PASS!" and Christine Jurgens. Rosemarie Galdi received the Belding Memorial award in accounting while Arlene Gerber received the Belding Memorial award in secretarial studies. Harriet Budde and Elizabeth Piszka each received a Gold Medal, a senior award by the Girls' Health Education De- partment. The Underwood Certificate went to Catherine Conneally. To john Anderson, Bessie Carasoulos, Herbert Levine, Antonios Morfesis, Mary Ann Rodgers, and Diana Douglas went the Frank A. Rexford Certificates for cooperation in government. But our january class had no sooner departed than the june class showed it was not to be out- done. We first set the term in motion by electing our class officers. William Bernstein won a close election to become President, Bessie Kordas won over Eva Guggenheim for Secretary, and Allan Chamson defeated Anastasia Haramis and Gilbert Robinov to become Class Treasurer. President, treasurer and secretary of the senior official classes were respectively: 8-1, Sanford Brodsky, Gilbert Robinov, Nina Minkoffg 8-2, Mary Serbia, Allan Chamson, Elise Ziderg 8-5, Anne Catacosinos, Elsa Glissman, Don Hermann, 8-4, Ronnie Swanson, Sonja Meyers, Eva Guggen- heim, 8-6, Arnold Gans, Ruth Mintz, Mary Davis, 8-6, jerry Linchitz, john Simpson, Bessie Kordas, 8-7, Georgia Manos, Anastasia Haramis, Peggy Glynosg 8-8, William Scott, Melvin Meyer, jean Pincus, 8-9, William Bernstein, Francis Gudeman, Elaine johnson, 8-10, George Marantis, Constance Cummings, Rea Beliebter. As the term began to get under way the newly elected G.O. officers were congratulated and we were well pleased with our selection of Bill Schechter as President, Kirby Warren as Vice- President, and Elaine Kokines as Secretary. An account of some of our after-school activ- ities, as given by Gilbert Robinov, reporter for the "Cherry Tree", goes as follows: "An eventful season filled with a variety of ac- tivities was planned, and succeeded in leaving the graduates with many enjoyable and pleasant mem- ories. The first event was a swimming party held at the Hotel St. George, where many seniors gath- ered to exhibit their aquatic talents. A short time later a large aggregation of eighth termers assem- bled at Falcaro's Bowling Center, and it was due mainly to the success of this event that the popular Wednesday afternoon Bowling Club was later formed. A senior dance at the Temple of the Cov- enant was next on the schedule, and despite the tumultuous conditions caused by an unexpectedly large turnout, an extremely enjoyable time was had by all. And finally, the roller skating party brings back many fond memories. All present at the Fordham Roller Skating Rink agreed they had had a grand time, especially those who were grasping for the rail most of the time. "One of the highlights of the term was the tradi- tional Senior Celebrities election held shortly be- fore mid-term week. It took a great deal of time and effort by a handful of students, however, to get the results in under the wire and make the list of winners in this book possible. "All in all the hike, the movie party, the excur- sion to Palisades Amusement Park, the boat ride, and of course, Senior Week, all helped to make the last term in G. W. an especially pleasant one. Those momentous last five months, crowded with enjoyable festivities, will long remain in the hearts and memories of those who were fortunate enough to have graduated in june 1951." HONOR GUARD C A L L Wind that whispers softly, sweetly. What can tempt you toward a city's heart? Wind that's born in womb of meadows, Nursed where only gentle breezes start. What among the asphalt' canyons Can replace the wonderland you knew? Tell me, wind that whispers softly. Tell me so that I may know it, too. Rosri. ARTMAN SPRING COMES AGAIN We met in Spring, the time of year When eager, pilgrim buds appear, And little girls, too, blossom forth In shorter skirts of pinkish froth. We two together watched the birth That day by day enhanced the earth, Then Summer came, Majestic Queen, To dress the earth in deeper green, And deeper too our love had grown, Still bringing joys henceforth unknown. For Nature at its peak last year, Was like my love, devoid of fear, But then, as summer slowly died, And Autumn cast all green aside, I felt that something else was lost, It made me fear the coming frost. The winter months were cruel and cold- They mocked me for a love grown old, And yet I found the means to write Of lovers 'neath the summer night. But you had no such thoughts of meg And though I cried, you could not see That love lives on when shared by two, Yet does not die when one is through. Spring's here again ?' I'm quite awareg But do you think that I should care? I nurse a heart forever lame, And Spring will never be the same. GLORIA FRANK ROMANCE IN WHITE I watched the downy snowflakes dance From heaven's drap'ry misty gray They ushered in a true romance. I watched the downy snowflakes dance And gave them but a casual glance On that remembered Winter day, I watched the downy snowflakes dance From heaven's drap'ry misty gray. RUTH BIENHEIM IPOIEMS THE SHOELAVCE BLUES You're up in the morn, with a nice healthy yawn. You're late so you run for your shoes. You tug at the lace, but it snaps in your face. My friend, that's the "Shoelace Blues." You go look for a pairg they've just got to be there, but they're Not, and the clock's striking eight. You hop into your shoes, to Your horrible fate, and dash out Of the house, away to your date. So you try to act cool, and not Like a fool with your shoelace Dragging behind. , And you say to yourself, this Won't happen again, at least Not until the next time. PAUL SLEPIN TOMORROW AND TOMORROW Whenever, at the passing of a day I feel regret at having lost an hourg At having passed a field or special Howerg Gone by some spot of beauty in my way, Forgotten smallest sweetness of the May, Or missed a drop of lightest April shower Perhaps irrelevant to any power But dear as yesterday's sad fading ray, I pledge myself, with the tomorrow's sun The meanest moment shall not go unseen, Nor faintest song unheard and left to rust. Tomorrow never comes, nor is begun, For with the wind is lost what "might have been," And dawn awakes to find it part of dust. Rossi. ARTMAN gy llfljaadingfoniand on----J-cv--- ---J-oor4:----J-c.--v,J-4-v-. 1 o D A w N ' How stately now the naked trees that sway, And bend their limbs with music to dawn, Stand eagerly awaiting light of day, Waiting while the folds of night are drawn. The darkest hour of night is long to stay. A ray of light now changes all the sky, Wakening all life to silent dawn's Arrival heralded with the trees that sigh. Her voice unheard among the urban hills Leaves valleys dead without a ray of light Because this quietude so swiftly kills All light without the legs or wings of flight. The sun pursues along an unkept trail And leaves the night behind-a tattered veil. RONALD Moons SPRING'S LOOSE IN TOWN Ocean Parkway's gilded by the sung Fifth Avenue's bright with chic chapeaux de France. The vernal equinox has winter on The rung here's gaiety in every glance. Forsythia's bright on Riverside Driveg The Botany class takes to the field. Durocher clamorsg the rookies strive. Young love with kisses is happily sealed. There's painting of boats on City Island sand, In Rockefeller Plaza tulips bloom. The cardboard goat announces his bock beer brand, The Palmolive bride smiles at the Kremel groom. The rash of clover in Central Park's a sight. The smell of earth and life! This Spring's all right! IRMGARD WACHER AN AUTUMN MORNING AT EIGHT The cool wind-blown street Of autumn morn is stilled, And sleeps until human feet Shall stir it from its silent sleep. Until the naked brown leaf Shall blow hissing down its silent ways, Down her rain-washed leaden face. The street lies still Beneath the quick'ning clouds And silent chill, MONROE LEVINSON SPRING'S SWEET SONG IA Villanellel The singing voice of Spring is here, It came upon an April breeze, And sounds of nature brush my ear. In giggling brooks, by zephyrs clear, Through airy caves, o'er rolling seas, The singing voice of Spring is here. The migrant birds chirp with cheer, As winds whisk through the rippling trees, And sounds of nature brush my ear. All new-born creatures have no fear, They're caroled by a strolling breeze, The singing voice of Spring is here. Sweet April sheds a mournful tear Yet earthling flowers she does please And sounds of nature brush my ear. Now Spring plays tunes for all to hear, Enriching earth with melodies, The singing voice of Spring is here, And sounds of nature brush my ear. MARILYN MILLER T H E P R O J E C T New buildings climbing higher, Looking down upon the old- New buildings reaching skyward, Clutching stories yet untold, Banging, clanging men are working, Putting each red brick in place. Roaring, screaming noises lurking, Setting up a frantic pace .... Until these bricks in structures stand, To outlive time and outlive man- They cannot truly symbolize All man's achievement at its rise. MARILYN MILLER 0 4..' X 1391: ,gn Q-:.:' ut- 'I aiiirirs "Y- Q gg., 'I . X 4:-5-.5-:,., -2- at l ee-P--x.g.4 'riff I Q ' f 1 . :ft--if 1 vfqff x an 3 1 al I ACCEPT ED AT N.Y.U, BROADWAY PLAYS Guys and Dolls .... Senior: on Graduation Day Out of This World What every girl ray: of her Prom gown The Green Pastures ..... The :chool': :tadium The Happy Time ....... Senior activitie: Season in the Sun ....... Summer Vacation South Pacific .... What a Senior dream: of :eeing Bell, Book and Candle .Cramming in the "wee" hour: Second Threshold ....... Entering college SONGS My Blue Heaven ....... Graduation Day So Long, It's Been Good to Know You A departing :enior jet, My Love ......... A :peedy term Thinking of You ......... Graduation I Apologize . . . An unprepared girl to Mi:: Robert: Full Moon and Empty Arms .... No Prom date Tea for Two . . . .... Parent:' Reception I Can Dream Can't I? ..., Of going to college It's Too Soon to Know . . Our mark: before exam: If .... . Introduction: of G. O.': candidate: As Time Goes By . . . Four year: of High School My Heart Cries for You . . . High School diploma Some Enchanted Evening . . . Graduation night It's a Sure Thing .... Mid-term: alway: come Pretty Eye Baby ..... Prettie:t girl of the cla:: Sing, Everyone, Sing .... Mir: Don': in:truction: I'll Never Know Why . I didn't work harder in H. S. Possibilities ..... Of pa::ing ALL our regent: If I Were a Bell . . I'd ring :ooner than at 3 o'cloch The Thing ........ Regent: review hook More Than I Care to Remember Amendment: to the Con:titution T. V. P R 0 G R A M S We the People ....... Student: of G. W. They Stand Accused . . Student: cheating during a te:t What's My Line? .... Senior.: reciting "Macbeth" On Trial .......... Until graduation Talent Search . .Mi:: Don preparing for Senior Show Suspense . . . . . llzziting forthe pink :lip day Trapped . . . . Cutter: in the lunchroom Blind Date ........ Regent: que:tion: Truth or Consequences . . Eye: on your own paper Broadway Open House . . . Senior theater party Quiz Kids ......... Ari:ta -member: The Big Story ...... Student to Mi:: Myer: Front Page Detective Mr. Ellijfe tracking down cutter: To Be Announced . . Who graduate: and who doe:n"t Beat the Clock . . Mad ru:h to :chool in the A.M. Headlines . . . . Senior celehritie: title: Feature Film . . . . G. W.': Camera Squad dream Wrestling . ..... With homework l 1 Q-, N 9 , av 'I in . 'W ull I, I -W f -K? ' A alll. "DO You wwf: Ancrmen mcx or PAPER? I Jus: usin uv 5 on mis Lures." itil? A Q15 E! I ULPEIQDN' e- I HISTORICAL EXPRESSIONS Times That Try Men's Souls ,..... Exams Among These Are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness . . 3 o'clorh .fuhway ruth Don't Give Up the Ship . . That'.v if you can't Jwim The power to tax is the power to destroy .Senior duet Remember the Alamo .... The fight to part examr Go West, Young Man . There'r no Regenty out there Le Us Have Peace ..... Fill in our own mark: Full Dinner Pail ....... The lunchroom A Public Ofhce Is a Public Trust . The trearurer'5 ojice Back to Normal ...... A fter Englirh speecher Watchful Waiting ....... Graduation day The Policy of the Good Neighbor Letting you .ree her anrwerr The Four Freedoms Freedom from reading, writing, arithmetir, and rchool The Only Thing to Fear Is Fear Itself Not inrluding Mr. Henry ' yr" 1 "MY FRIENDS, sri AM ELECTED .. . " W Q A JP? R UH,-RESOLVED THAT, UH, THAT -UM BOOK INTERPRETATIONS Try and Stop Me "Frerhy" approaching Squad member I Never Left Home Hoohy-player'.r reply to "Where were you P" Lost Weekend . . . Reropying note hook to hand in So Little Time ........ Until graduation I Chose Freedom ..... I studied and graduated The Miracle of the Bells When called on to anrwer .romething you don't know. This Side of Innocence . . Who copied from whom? M O V I E S September Affair ...... Start of a new term Payment on Demand ....... Senior Due: Macbeth ..... ,. Memorable 8th term English Up Front ...... Prortor'J favorite exprerrion 14 Hours .... Born Yesterday . . Stars in My Crown . . Cause for Alarm . Battle Ground . . . Magnificent Brute . . Father's Little Dividend Storm Warning . . . Tales of Hoffmann . . All the King's Men . johnny Eager . . Prelude to Fame . Surrender Dear . . . . Night of cramming . G. W.'r Frefhmen . . . . Senior Hat: . . . . . Pink flip: . Exit ruth at 3 o'clock . . Athlete ofthe clarr . . . Graduating Jenior . Mid-term report rard . Gorrip at lunch period Mr. Ellijfe'J Jervire rquad . . . . . Frerhman . . Graduation diploma Remove the chewing gum A wif? ' 'mlm ig - ,.' , ,, my . M -V' 6431 ,-iw a ii Mf f fx D Q., 'MHP s. N559- mir S- ' 9, ,., a"S'Sw""'i Vw -- - . H s I I Y wugmkiwk ...M wh 4 if 159' ' 9 , ' 'r . I or W O' ,f , x f""- ' i f. f ., jd , . X x Yr , ' " 5 't ' , ,.ff ,,.:,-1-ww. ' , .,,.,i E ""'1'mf fx zpwp-:FQ ,-,' ' 1, my K iv. 1, f,,,- Q A .f t M ' xv- , wx W Q Li 'Q nk P . nf 'a .xv 1- - "' .5 1 X - G H 5, 2" O2 Pa qw TA P E R B R A S S With silent stealth the air Of dusk Pervades the darkened hall. Across the floor and darkened wall The shadows slowly crawl. And up upon the book-case lay Two darkened candle sticks Where silence also reigns, But soon this mournful taper brass Shall shimmer like a gem. From out their darkened crowns shall come A light from heaven's throne, And light shall usher forth tonight To greet the Sabbath Queen. MONROE LEVINSON P O E T R Y Spinning a yarn With thread of gold, Poetry thus, Her story told. Weaving a web, Of texture light, Beauty, she caught, And held it tight. Fairest word form! By happy chance, Into your web Did Beauty dance! MARY JOHNSON T H E N E W Y E A R Once more the time-filled page is turned By Fate's celestial hunt, Erasing all the deeds of past At calendar's command. The new-born year demands a start On paper white and clear, A challenge to integrity Throughout the coming year. RUTH BIENHEIM I C A L L 0 N T H E E I think to aid you from this whirl you be, And bring to you a more than helping hand. Yet as I try to save you from that sea, That lifts its greedy arms and damps the sand, The ever gaining tide doth come unsated. It reaps the grain we strive so long to grow Upon these fields. They cry for mercy faded, Yet there is a way to save the world, I know. It is a man, we put our trust in him Who casts aside this selfish way we take, And leads the world beyond this stage so dim, Someone equipped to help our world to wake, I call on thee to bind again the string, That I may hear the bells in freedom ring. ANTHONY Basso A LOVELY NIGHT To see the darkness need not be death Or evil witches brewing magic, Or green-eyed cats stalking prey While hungry rodents feast. Tonight I see the moon, A lonely sailor's nostalgia. The lovebird's light and inspiration, A picture in every artist's heart. Suddenly! I see it not. The shadow casts itself upon the moon like a jealous child The sky hides the boastful moon in its star-studded blue ANTHONY Bnsso I N A U T U M N Along the many paths between the hills, The embers of a graying sun have laid, In quiet glens which falling water fills With laughter spilled beyond the near facade A mat of gallant leaves that do impart, With brilliance of a many-colored dye, A message from the haughty hierarch To every tree that would not see them die. Along the path each tree they thus emboss, In readiness for nature's final act- When white will be the paths, the trees, the moss Throughout the vastness of the forest tract. Here joyously they end their last display With autumn's wind they dance their final play RONALD MOORE Q SENIOR COUNCIL Jan. 28 SENIO Pres: William Bernstein S - ' ec.. Bessie Kordas R CLASS OFFICERS June Treas.: Allan Chamson G.O. OFFICERS June Pres.: Bill Schechter Vice-Pres.: Kirby Warren Sec.: Elaine Kokines EXECUTIVE COUNCIL and JUDICIAL BOARD June 29 SENIOR SECRETARIES June JUDICIAL BOARD Jan SENIOR SECTION PRESIDENTS June SENIOR TREASURERS June HONOR USHERS ' CORPS TA Jqn. SENIOR ARIS JUN ii.. 1une'Pad l ARXSX A ARISTA June-Par! ll JEWELRY and PARENTS' RECEPTION COMMITTEES Jan. HONOR USHERS' CORPS June JEWELRY COMMITTEE June 34 MOTION PICTURE GROUP June LEADERSHIP GROUP Jan. 35 OIL PAINTING GROUP June BOYS' SERVICE SQUAD June STAGE CREW Jan. GLEE CLUB Jan. GLEE CLUB June GIRLS' SERVICE SQUAD June PROGRAM COMMITTEE June 37 Y fi. , Qi 'f 5 , " . Z.. " , wk Vw- -. J, sl T 5' was f'5?f-H Q., iq, , ... QQ gg 2 . I' Mayan, Q X 5 AW! 4, , 4 af. n A V 5 5 ,cf 'Y' s fn 3 S S ii ia 'IE M ,,, J V? Qi f X QQ 5 x 4 at A ,ig K.. is S. Q . Vt Q ix , agp. 5 7 1 sg ' S A ,Q i-T32 SY kim 7 5 it 4 qu i .1 mix 1-.... if E Q? W as SENIOR ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE June nie QNX BU C SENIOR ASSEM gn If SENIOR WEEK COMMITTEE June X 3.5 K fy. Q, M wi 5,53 my Q. 'N W 'Q Q gg? 3 . '53 -1 .S M 2-fx Q Sr' amen ty 5? 33' A. M ,- gm. n 'SQ in Www? 1- - if . - 5.5 ' Qi 2 Yi 2 af W . ww Ei, EEN W fx , , Y. .ef 'QM -21 , ., ,.,. ,. , 'A X., Q , X + X A , iii ? . , X Q ' fn QQ +1 36 3 Eli, . e. ,. f + , 51, 55, f Y rg .. ' Q , S K ' 1 Q, ' m ga E ' T 4 at f . 3 Zfiii' -5: f ' ix . , . g if ii ,J ' V X - : H -Q - :M A 9 ., ye: rf 1, asf Eg. 4 X if . . T -- ., 25 S 2 Q , Sw 5 ' 1 ' F Q K Q 5 I 1 .Q 5 ' w-X 1 Q 5 . Q s fa,- Q 5.-2' 4, Y f .uf M 45" k F 2 , 1, s gif-:Q?MFjjf' X1 ' .41 I HK Y,..f v"f V431 Eff' f ug 'Jr :5,i HQ may ? f 23 , :ak ,Q Q- ,Q Q fi S -4 s 1 1 fs, -6 , E if . N Jw A M .,,.. f 5 K . -. Qc, A ,A 1 X K 'Qs' ,Q . si K - :-L gf K , 2 H 1,2 I-,, x i, ' g ' 5 2 1 ,. gf ggi it , A ,Y iii 1 l 13 r , 7, i x S... S if J C-gf' , x. M 1 -Xxx ,L af ? we if 3 A LIBRARY STAFF June MERMAIDS June R RRR POETRY GROUP June R 'Q x Q ,Q is i Li' 1? -. Q , V b ..s. -1. S X' Q N1- H is N mi 'QE -1- vu if 3' .fif- . , Y V L E, -W 5 , yi, 7 if ' V 'Surf lat, K :'F"Umg3' f A f' '+.:?!"g"' XS, G93 ii . Q YUQ5 2 f 5 X4 31 - , X ' 3' Lm.A if Z h Q x .L cy -,S in ' S355 L'NL S ! . ..,., was - S5 x f Q QSC X 5 1 1 'E EQ? , S Q UQ., K oi' ,143 ' . 412, W ' 6 f my . V S 'N- H J Q v dk 1 sf, Se. F3162 ' 1 SQ? Qi V W 44' x W 53. ,fx - Ji 1' X Q fx f ' niaz . A 1 K, ' F 1 5 iii'5'?sg.f ,. xx ,c gi IJ ffi I 2 , I 4 , Q Q A I Q? , N2 3 if if 1 Q ,g 5 -1 ,' ' Q l J 'f5ew..+ M gk Q . LV, L,,L V , if if K: :.V Q -,Q M, if 1 ' km ' Q52 in W at .it S . KH 4 Z' Q asf Hilda- N iz, iv, H: k,k. if : , V, A Y 9 W XS gf 5: N 'fi' 1 ' Q f fX-xx . ,,hQQ Eff' is Qs 7' 7 ', x GY we . x 5 X X if 'L f " x3'lfx' x H 1 13 "' Q wif? ' ' L LAST WIIILIL AN E, THE GRADUATING CLASSES of 1951, being of sound mind and memory, and mindful of the uncertainties of undergraduate life, do hereby make, publish, declare, and proclaim this to be our last will and testament, hereby re- voking all former wills heretofore contemplated or made. In grateful recognition of the services of the administrative staff, we direct our executors to pay all our debts, especially our debt of gratitude, as soon after graduation as possible. Being fully aware of the task that was imposed upon our long-suffering subject and official class teachers, we hereby bequeath them each and sev- erally, a long sigh of relief at our departure. To the Graduating Classes of 1952, we, the party of the first part, bequeath to you, the future party of the first part, our more than ample supply of duplicate admit slips, program cards, passes to leave the building, and late slips. To the Sophomores we reserve the sole and ex- clusive right of misdirecting each unsuspecting freshman to the basement when he wants to go to lunch. To the Freshmen we bequeath one road map and a copy of the book, "Who's Who in G.W." To Dr. Fliedner we leave our deepest and sin- cerest gratitude for all he has done in such a short time. To Mrs. Chapin we bequeath a "unique', senior class. To the Music Department we leave a fresh con- signment of students who really appreciate good music. To Miss McGloin we leave a more Republican- minded American History class. To Miss O'Brien we give a Geiger-counter with which to find all students who make their way to offices five seconds after the official period begins. To the Art Department we leave all the art sup- plies it can use, free of charge. To Mr. Martyn we bequeath a publisher who will publish his revised edition of "Macbeth" To Miss McEvoy we reserve, exclusively, a 200 I.Q. motorized Honor Ushers' Corps. To Mr. Kutcher we leave a term when all pro- grams are accepted as they are. To Mr. Kenny we leave a thirty-year N.B.C. contract to compete with Milton Berle. D TIESTAMIENT To the Chem. Lab. we leave an ample supply olf chlorophyll tablets. To the P.T. departments we reserve two periods, one for P.T. and the other in which to get dressed and to the next class on time. To the Attendance and Late Offices we leave the remaining body' of students. To the Cutting Ollice we leave the bodies of the remaining students. To the breathless girls whose programs call for a fourth floor class immediately after P.T., we knowingly and sympathetically donate a brand new escalator exclusively for their use. To the Lighting Squad we leave a multi-colored 1000-watt bulb. To the Lunchroom we leave a complete set of Gorham sterling silverware and glassware by Steuben to enhance the country-club atmosphere. To the awed and wishful Freshmen we leave a four-year dream of sliding down the bannisters of the marble staircases. To the girls who take swimming we leave elec- tric hair driers guaranteed to dry, set, and wave their shining tresses in ten seconds. To the Service Squad we leave two dozen arm- ored knights with fixed lances, to be stationed at the various doors of the building. To the Biology Department we leave one slightly overripe banana and 10,000 fruit flies to enjoy it. To the soon-to-be-disillusioned Freshmen we leave perfect programs with fourth period lunch, so that the shock of entering G.W. will not seem too great. All the rest, residue, and remainder we leave to the Hatchet Board of Editors who succeed us, and may God have mercy on their souls. In witness whereof we have hereunto subscribed our names and affixed our seals this 30th day of june 1951. SIGNED : Mary Mantzarir Witnesses: George Washington Martha Wsbington ADAMS, ELECTRA Arisfa, Honor Guard, G.O. Benefif Performance, Senior Assemblies, General Office ADLER, GRETA French Auxilium, Mafh Auxilium, Program Commiffee ,. ARONS, LAWRENCE KENNETH ARTMAN, ROSEL M. lsham Newspaper Edifor, lsham Orchesfra, Poefry Club, Senior Grade Ad- viser's Office, Glee Club AITKEN, MARGUERITE A. Lafin Auxilium, Eng- lish Office, Grade Adviser's Office, Program Com- miffee ANDERSON, JOHN W.' R. Honor Ushers' Corps, Swimming Office, Track Team, Lunch Squad, Sen- ior Grade Adviser's Office AUERBACH, HELEN RUTH Modern Liferafure Club, Grade Adviser's Office, English Office, Cuffing Office, French Auxilium AVILES, ANGELA Pan-American Club, Spanish Auxilium, Healfh Ed. Office, English Office, Senior Assembly Commiffee BAKER, MARION RUTH Arisfa Auxilium, Sfeno. BATSU, VASll- Office, Life-Saving Club BARTFELD, LAURA ANN Honor Guard, o.o. BATTLE- I-OIS MARILYN Represenfafive, Class Secretary, Lunch Squad, Healfh Ed. Office BLANCO, PHILIP Lunch squad, sefvic. Squad, BRADY- Tl'-DA F- Slew- Avxilivm Baskefball Team BLANDI' ANTHONY GEORGE Honor Ushers' BRESSLER, ARNOLD Mimeograph Squad, Lunch Corps' Cherry Tree Smffi Assembly Commune' Squad, Service Squad, Senior Grade Adviser's Judicial Board, Mimeograph Squad Omc' 50 ARDAN, FRANK JAMES ARNFELD, URSEL Healfh Ed. Office, Affendance Office, G.O. Represenfafive, Pan-American Club, Lunch Squad BACKER, SAM BAILEY, EDRIE JEAN Glee Club BECK, SARAH Grade Adviser's Office, Forum Club, French Office, Mafh Auxilium, General Office BERGER, CAROL S. Senior Grade Adviser's Of- fice, English Office, Modern Liferafure Club, Bio. Auxilium, Cuffing Office BRISBANE, LEE Lunch Squad, Service Squad, lnframural Baskefball BROWN, CLARENCE Orchesfra J A N U A R Y BUCKY, PETER Service Squad BUDDE, HARRIET Healfh Ed. Office, Hafchef Represenlolive, Lunch Squad, Pan-American Club CIFFONE, IRENE ANN Ed, Office, Class Presidenf Newman Club, Healfh COHEN, MARTHA DORIS General Office, Grade Adviser's Office, English Office, Bio. Lab. Squad, Lunch Squad COMO, NANCY C. English Office, Sfeno. Office, Newman Club, Class Secrefary, Giff Commilfee CONNEALLY, CATHERINE ANN Newman Club, Healfh Ed. Office, Gym Pianisf, Orchesfra CUMISKY, GERALDINE J. Isham G.O. VicefPresi- denf, Isham Dancing Club, Isham Rehearsal Club, English Office, Service Squad DALTON, ALFRED H. Arisfa, Honor Ushers' Corps, Service Squad, Book Squad x X I IVK ff If 1 f gf if f Af CARASOULAS, sEssIE vie.-Leader Arisfa, cherry Q I I y Tree Sfaff, English Office, Hafchef Business Slaff, ' I I Grade Adviser's Office f CHRISTOPHER, THOMAS C. Service Squad, , N i Latin Auxilium, lnframural Baskelball ixQ l , ' wf X Wy ' IX I I,l I I :X I l l I A A I P I ' Lf W ' 'M X xXx I X., NX ,Q i , I I X' x I: 5"'ii',2 fa ig Qffig ' I I COLLINS, CONSTANCE MARIE , l COLLINS, JENNY H. Lunch Squad, Heulfh Ed. Office, Prom Commiffee, G.O. Benefif Show, G.O. ' Represenfafive . 'X-1 , , A A i v . le ,jf 5? 4X X ' cg I 573 . E N 3 Z . 4 5 X . f. s 1 f f f , A A W . X - X. X, m , I , . xx K - X y I E, -3, W- IXIIPNV I Q 5 X ' Lfx X -N .gg X I .. . A X I I" III I ' CONTINO, VINCENT CARMINE Photography ' Club, Gift Commiffee -J XR E X- -, E-S X XL ix? x' CROWLEY, MARY J. Newman Club X, Q, - ,- f 'I XF - I N X , W Q Ci Ig s W C rm- - cb C I c: C .Ie I" U Nils- CD "- ,-2 XX, :. ,.. kg:,j:" ' - 1 7 I if , , I. ' VT LYQ I ,E E I DAMASCUS, GABRIEL JAMES swimming oem., G.O. Vice-Presidenf, Honor Ushers' Corps, Service I Squad, English Book Squad 9.0 4l"EZf2?E4 IrQf:i0i9f-"- ' DANIEL, CATHERINE " 0 , L I ff UL... V Hgrfg, 1951 '51 DASSEY, JOAN CLAUDIA Library Squad DEMPSEY, GEORGE A., JR. DENNIS, SMEDLEY ORLAND Lunch Squad DIAZ, HECTOR LUIS DOUGLAS, DIANA CARRICK Arisla Secrefary, Honor Guard, English Office, Lafin Auxilium, Mafh, Club Secrefary DREYFUSS, BERTHA Healfh Ed. Office DRIVER, PATRICIA A. DRIVER, WILSONIA BENITA Modern Liferafure Club, Healfh Ed, Office, Class Secrefary, French Auxilium ECKSTEIN, SYBIL Poefry Club, Grade Adviser's Office, Chem. Lab. Squad, Bio. Office EDWARDS, WIMBERLY 'Y FISHER, EVAN W. FISHER, JAMES F. Service Squad, Judicial Board, G.O. Represenfafive 52 EISENBERG, PAULA Affendance Office, English Office, Senior Grade Adviser's Offlce, Modern Liferafure Club ELSNER, WILLIAM CHARLES Service Squad, Lunch Squad FLETCHER, FRANCES JOYCE Glee Club, Service Squad, Mafh. Office, Arisfa Tea Hosfess FOLEY, KATHLEEN General Office, Bookkeeping Office DOSTOURIAN, EDMOND ARA Arisfa, Program Commiffee, Honor Ushers' Corps, Grade Adviser's Office, General Office DOTSON, FRANKIE General Office, Arisfa, Mafh Auxilium, Lafin Auxilium, Arisfa Service Commifree DZILVELIS. ALEXANDER Sfudies Office, Spanish Office, French Office Prom Commiffee, Social EATON, ELAINE MARIE Lafin Auxilium, Lunch Squad, Band-Orchesfra Ensemble, Healfh Ed. Office, Glee Club FALVEY, GERTRUDE MARIE Dancing Club, Cherry Branch Sfaff, Isham Lunch Squad, Isham Glee Club FEEHAN, JOHN JOSEPH Service Squad FORTUNO, ANTHONY W. Service Squad FRANK, CAROL ANN Giff Commiflee. Sfeno. Auxilium, Bio. Auxilium, Secfion Secrefary, Healfh Ed. Office JANUARY ff- FRAZIER, HARRIET Glee Club, Swimming Club Health Ed. Office, Steno. Office, G.O. Repre- sentative FULLER, MARGEURITE Attendance Office, Cut- ting Office, Swimming Office, Arista Auxilium GALDI, ROSEMARIE C. Steno. Office, Bookkeep- ing Office, Newman Club, Steno. Auxilium, Book- keeping Auxilium GALLAGHER, THERESA ANN Newman Club Camera Club, Chemistry Squad, Chemistry Club Steno. Auxilium GELBMAN, ARLENE X. Cherry Tree Staff, Bio. Lab. Squad, Modern Literature Club GERBER, ARLENE Arista, Steno. Auxilium, Class Treasurer lSenior Councill, Modern Literature Club, Bio. Auxilium, General Office GOTTSCHALK, FRANK Honor Ushers' Corps, Senior Grade Adviser's Office, French Club Presi- dent, Stamp Club President GOULBOURNE, SHIRLEY AILEEN Glee Club, Latin Auxilium, Health Ed. Office, General Office 195 K X ,-.Xen , - , ... 1 v - .V YJ ci. U l F. 1 3 .ee x l ' Li l -- -l 3 ll J ' i l l L L L L Ql l. .I if 1: FuLoP, Faso W Y Q S H FUNDUK, THALIA Talent Club, senior Assembly -' L' X LL . g, ,- - Program, G.O. Benefit Show, Swimming Club :L -- , W ,. -1 Y- ,W Qg ? g g 5 1'f 'QL LA ' , GALLEGO, OLGA Judicial Board, Lunch Squad, Health Ed. Office, General Office GALLOUSIS, SPIRO Arista, Program Committee, Judicial Board, Senior Grade Adviser's Office, Band and Orchestra .ee-I GOLDBERG, EYELYN S. Latin Auxilium GOLDMAN, MAURICE SOLOMON GRAFFMAN, RHEA AILEEN Arista Installation Committee, G.O. Publicity Committee, Chem. Lab. Squad, Math, Club, English Office GRAY, ROBERT IRVING Math. Office, Attend- ance Office, Service Squad, Class Treasurer l 53 3 l l V QJ- e M . 'X ' new fl X h ' X I B F l X l l- fl X' ' ..-- - Ml ...eneilu f . lr C1 t, ,.- --- "' .7 1 i I , , 1.1 J xx ' ! i X T - 'Iii' I in , XX le .- ll ' V 1: X X - -7 -wwf' ' l , ex A S ' .- 'eae-- g V B ,wp-..f. S X , liiiglgmwe H ll LI!!i!!. ' l LL - L Ll gig" 1 X 'TNJJTQQ W ll . 1 W " I X 17 -p, 'fl' L Sl R l fl. L , w L 'ff' L 'gil l A ll'vl -5 1 1 -L lf. fl f L ' be -If W I 1 L, f ' yu,-Llrfflwfl ,lm 1 1 L'3. N -L L L x A , .x -1. Xiv'l'f!'.Nl'!, JNX . 'X ll-Naya! i L Neff A , Ll"-'li L ll' 'lr 'f'v".l ill' I -lillilll lt -fffffl-'Lfaxx l l XX ' lf"-ll' y"'llllLv5'.':-"' f lllflyffi, .lv H' if IV' "N, 'Pls , l r el..llllllllllM 'l 'LW' , f X L L Alle .'if':,':',Q ll,lgl.wlfr8wfAOA , if xx ,X l S' 'lf-sLf21F5' --if-.1 Xbx L l 8, , get A L ' PM l S- 5 1 if ,ef i . mc li E ------ Yu . Q, I , , WWW L X X .L -ec x' Sv .ji .Q.YlXi ' L X RSX, vl- x v 'QQ X c GREEN' BARBARA J, Heglfh Ed, Office GUARDIA, LAURENCIO Math. Club, Newman HALL, GILBERT J. Service Squad Club GREENHUTI ROSE R, HABER, BEATRICE Arisfa, Modern Liferafure HARBILAS, PETER Service Squad HAY, PATRICIA ELLEN Senior Council, Honor Guard, Healfh Ed. Office HENEHAN, WILLIAM J. Service Squad, Lunch Squad HOAGLAND, GAIL M. English Office, Spanish Auxilium, Biology Auxilium HOLLINGSWORTH, BURVIN Truck Team, Service Squad, Lafeness Squad, Cross-Counfry Team JACOVIDES, GEORGE English Book Squad JAFFE, MORDECAI J. Honor Ushers' Corps, Arisfa, Tennis Team, Bio. Club, French Office 54 Club, English Office, Judicial Board, G.O. Repre- senfafive HERSCHAFT, HILARY Judicial Board, Cherry Tree Sfaff, Swimming Office, Book Squad, Forum Club HERTZ, EDITH RUTH Healfh Ed. Office, Lafin Auxilium HUNT, HERMA LEE Lafin Office INGUI, ANNA R. C. Healfh Ed. Office, Sfeno. Office, Bookkeeping Office, Music Office, Glee Club JAMES, VILMA Y. JOHNSON, HAROLD' Service Squad HESS, VERA J. Arisfa, Chairman Arisfa lnsfalla- 'lions Commiffee, Grade Adviser's Office, Senior Grade Adviser's Office, French Office HINDS, MARLYN O. Swimming Office, English Office, Cheering Squad, Prom Commiffee, Lunch Squad Lieufenanf IWAMOTO, MAKI ANN miffee, English Office, Mafh Auxilium Arisfo, Program Com- JACKSON, WILLIAM KIRK Lunch Squad, Senior Week Commiffee, Service Squad JONES, ANNIE RUTH Healfh Ed. Office JONES, DONALDA LEE Arisfa Auxilium, Swim- ming Club, Swimming Office, Affendance Office JANUARY JORDAN, DOROTHY MARIE General Office, Choral Club, Swimming Club, Glee Club JURGENS, CHRISTINE CAROLINE Arhfa, lsham Execufive Council, Grade Adviser's Office, Span- ish Office, lsham Rehearsal Club, Isham Dancing Club KALB, MORTON l. Judicial Board, Physics Club, Phofography Club, Sfamp Club, Health Ed. Office KAMBOORIAN, EDWARD KASPARIAN, JOHN I. Lab. Squad, Handball Service Squad, Chem. Team KATZ, JAY PAUL Service Squad KELLEY, WALTER F. Healfh Ed. Office, Lunch Squad, Service Squad KENNEY, Genmuos ANNE l 9 5 l 1 1 Y K ' . l N. hifi Q-A K , V T - + , 'U xfg A ' - l f if X, E' , il x " - .71 ' ,jg ' ali w i ' ' - ei 'L ' li --L H H nes, c s --he - I L t -. -li 'i l-- 'F' 1 H 'X ' - ' 2 ef . fc' 'I we S lui f 5' KAHN, EDITH E. Spanish Auxilium, Secrelarial 'lx , ' XXX, 'lil N . . .. X I' Studies Office, Healfh Ed. Office, Senior Grade Qi, H if lf. Adviser's Office, lsham Lunch Squad fx H55 KAHN, LISEL Mufh Auxilium, Mcfh Club, Mod- -""' 'lb V E ern Liferafure Club, Swimming Club, Senior , j., ff!" New Grade Adviser's Office m i X Q, EL by ff -. .5 ES' . fff .. cmd.. - Fei- li, I A T ' L 4 2 , T-A lx T' ' ., If X T w X ,. li .- ,L , X X , XXX N xx, It ,Q ' - if .. 3-fit: W X X , ,. -S L A X X KAPLAN, sevmouk N. ....- Q .Lx T , , T. 5, ll if ' H 'rc .rl 0 Q 1 . XX , X XXQ KAPLOW, CECILE DORIS Arisfa, Program Com- ft ,ll X miffee, Mafh Auxilium, Health Ed. Office, Senior ,-X Xx ' X XX Grade Adviser's Office ,Q-Q .if 7 l ' . ' ill' 'A Q -.... I 1 l, ,ei 1 ' ii' 1 A X f fi :r- .x, Ir? Z I Z w L? I f V X e x T , vi ,- NN Q, ' i , ' , "ek L I, 5?-.-'iqlf- ' !S""- ix I x , 1 , X x . '51 if Rx 1 ' ll - "- - - i X Y ' ' KATZ, PAUL E W' Q xx if ill pi. Ml KATZENSTEIN, SYLVIA -- -- " 'ilil-A-.QA .. li, c A iewwll if , P ' il a ll llllllll'lll'llll'llll!ll'lllllll N + 4 ,-- Qi. LS' X a li-5 X W ,V i -- .,:755f1,5's2 kara. uc L L 1, 3 Il " fifif V 'i , i ..- T 6--"" KOHN, ERNEST Class Presidenf, Glee Club Sec- refary, G.O. Represenfafive, Service Squad KONNON, ANNA Affsndance Office, Cuffing Office, Halchef Represenfafive, Senior Assembly Commiffee 55 V ,- if iii , S ., R V , ii ,: q -...Z I lil in f 1 1- 'Z QV 'Q fn' f If X X ,, X 4 - - ' , 1 - , . ' fit- '- . , ,f ', ff Msn, .9 ,f. ff U-,f'n.,-,416-9 H .'.H'q e4-.wt-a.g-azz.-1-tw.-:.."-.Q -1-973253.3432-:g-:-333:-2ef,gf:'.-24f,hgkm-:?'2,:-z.:-26344 . '-?'Zt?3'2v?'-2S'f'2':?f-91'v':'Z'-:it-Z'7:i2:fZ9''3,"f1:?'2"f'Z'Z'2i-'-I-901'-1-Y'-2'1'Wf 1117 If KOZEL, JOHN PETER Squad, Bio. Lab. Squad Service Squad, Lunch KREUTER, DORIS B, French Office, Math Aux- ilium, Lunch Squad, Attendance Office LAUHHEIM, LORE E. Glee Club, Poetry Club, Chem. Lab. Squad, Biology Office, G.O. Pub- licity Committee LEVINE, HERBERT M. Leader of Arista, Honor Ushers' Corps, Program Committee, Grade Ad- viser's Office, French Club N J ,X fa. LEWIS, UDELL Glee Club, Lateness Office, Lunch Squad LIVINGSTON, ADRIANE SUE Cherry Tree Staff, Health Ed. Office, Gift Committee, G.O. Repre- sentative, Spanish Auxilium MALDONADO, ANNA English Office, Pan-Amer- ican Club MALINOWITZ, BERNICE Arista, Chairman Aux- ilium Committee, Class Treasurer Senior Council, Math Auxilium, Secretarial Studies Office, Swim- ming Office 56 KRUGLEY, SVETLANA KURTZ, MICHAEL Senior Grade Adviser's Of- fice, Service Squad, Glee Club, Cherry Tree Staff LEVINE, JOYCE MARILYN Health Ed. Office, Steno. Office LEVINSON, MONROE MARTIN Poetry Club LOPEZ, SONIA E. Isham Judicial Board, Grade Adviser's Office, Isham Dancing Club, Isham Re- hearsal Club, Service Squad LOWENSTEIN, HILDE Grade Adviser's Office, French Office, French Club, Poetry Club MANEATES, ANTHONY Poetry Club, Health Ed. Office, English Boolr Squad MARCUS, NORMAN JEROME Stage Crew Cap- tain, Service Squad, Swimming Office, Lunch Squad LACHER, ELEANOR Arista Auxilium, Lunch Squad, General Office, Gift Committee, Cherry Branch Staff LANDAU, DIANA H. French Club, G.O. Repre- sentative, Math Auxilium, French Auxilium, Gen- eral Office LEVY, MAXINE L. Health Ed. Office LEWIS, ANTHONY M. Forum Club, Health Ed. ice Squads Orchestra, Art Club, Office, Lunch and Serv- LUDWIG, LORRAINE ELISE English Office, Sen- ior Council, Bio. Auxilium, Secretary Senior Sec- tion, Parents' Reception Committee LUSSES, PEGGY A. English Office, Math. Club, Bio. Auxilium, French Auxilium, General Office MARKOWITZ, ARTHUR Lunch Squad, Service Squad, Glee Club MARMON, FRANCES CYNTHIA Arista, Program Committee, English Office, Isham Newspaper Edi- tor, General Office JANUARY X If rf! 'filly I I II' I . ,lkl I 1 ll, , i I I , I 1 , In 1 'I' . HM 'ameri l I fy I K V - 1 MARTINEZ, ROBERT EDWARD McDONAI.D, WILMA General Oflice I, I. xi I xi 'I x 'I McCORD, VICTORIA McHALE, PATRICIA NANCY Modern Liferalure i III , - Club, Recording Secrelary, English Office, Biology - -ix 'I . -1' Auxilium, Swimming Club N Q, ,'f . , ,. I N I l, I i x I I ' xq ' X Y I e X I X ,I . X pf I, ...V+ I .,f' McINNIS, REGINALD J. Baskefball Team, Serv- MELEKIAN. LIBBY Class SOCNICYY. I-UHCI1 Squad- I I ice Squad, Healfh Ed. Office, French Office -IOWGIYY COITIMIIIN. DGNCIYIQ Club 1 MclVER, JOAN E. Glee Club, Healfh Ed. Office, MENGER5. 5U5I Glee Club. RBHQGFSGI Club Assembly Cumming, Presidenf, Music Commiffee wr I I , - I IQ ll- I' il i ! A f '-I X I I N ., , , , , r I f ' I , i x ' I h-N Y f ' ' , XA il. J 1 X X -Q. x X MENNONA, ANTHONY GERARD Lunch Squad, MILLER, WILLIAM FRANCIS Swimming Office, Service Squad Service Squad ...I Q, -buf Q: MILLER, MARILYN SUE Paefry Club, Chem. MORFESIS, ANTONIOS Vice-Presidenf Honor - Q, ' Lab. Squad, Biology Office, Arisfa Tea Hosfess, Ushers' Corps, Lieufenanf Service Squad, Mafh. Xi Lafeness Office Club, Spanish Office, Mafh Auxilium ' X "'2,g' Qx g, W Ig Q 3 ' Cb 1 A Q.. pl I.J I '-'J Xi fi , ' 587- ' - Q Y fwfsjr 5 ' L - - ' ya4q',v" 4 ' ww 'MW fm "T."'t- Muuz, sARaARA Arisfa Auxmum, Affendance NADELREICH, JACK Q26 'fsfixd-Seq-.1 -'kaizqyi Office, Swimming Club, Cherry Tree Sfaff, 4ffgfE?:f3Qffi,9g:.1-:legeiii.-.-. nl . 3 Hafchef Representative Fiji 23234, ' ' .jfs-5,, inf-I I MUNOZ, LOUIS PEREZ G.O. Represenfafive, NALBANDIAN. IHEI-MA Gfddu AdVIi0f'S Office. A ' Capfaln Lunch Squad, Heallh Ed, Office Spanish Office, Arisfa Tea Hosfess, Arisfa Aux- ilium, Forum Club 1115 fl rv 4 1w'::"Q " . ' M I Q' 0 ' ' ,.. ,,. f- ,q , ua, ,' ,3., ,4.:fqg.g. , gm ,f, I , -,qv 'rel' W,405.:.3Q'Ig.f:gfg2:,s3. Q4-1:.fs4,3fA ,vfolgnqef-TSI if-Z,gJ,1'0zi ,QQQQT 9 I7 Qi a L o v I, va 0 55" . W x ,I ,, x 1 1 9 5 1 57 NASH, ROBERT STANLEY Band, Orchesfra, En- ferfainmenf Commiffee Chairman, Dance Accom- panisf NEWTON, SUZANNE Lunch Squad, English Of- fice, Prom Commiffee, Presidenf Senior Official Secfion, Senior Assembly Commiffee PINOU, ARISTEDES BASIL PISZKA, ELIZABETH MARY 6.0, Secrefary, Honor Guard, Cheering Squad, Cherry Tree Sfaff, Grade Adviser's Office RAMIREZ, AUREA ESTHER Pan-American Club, Cuffing Office REDD, PATSY ELIZABETH Honor Guard, Biology Auxilium, Chemistry Auxilium, Modern Liferafure Club, Swimming Club RICHARDSON, ARLINGTON RICHLESS, AUDREY G. Lafin Office, Grade Ad- viser's Office, Arf Office, Sfeno. Auxilium, Arisfa Tea Hosfess 58 PAPSON, DOROTHY W. Lunch Squad, Cuhing Office, Lafin Auxilium, French Office, Healfh Ed. Office PEISNER, BARBARA ANN Cheering Squad, G.O. Show, Medical Room, Glee Club, Sfeno, Office POTTOK, HARRY Service Squad, Glee Club, Modern Liferafure Club POWERS, HERBERT N. Service Squad Caplain, Lunch Squad REGAN, WILLIAM J. Baskefball Team, Lunch Squad, Service Squad REINES, NORMAN Service Squad RODGERS, MARY ANN English Office, Forum Club, Lafin Office, Healfh Ed. Office RODRIGUEZ, EVELYN Pan-American Club Secre- fary, Swimming Club, Lunch Squad, Sfeno. Office, Senior Grade Adviser's Office PFLUGER MARGARET M. Healfh Ed. Office, Lafin Auxilium, Senior Grade Adviser's Office PHIFER, MARY ELIZABETH Glee Club, Senior Grade Adviser's Office, Lunch Squad, Grade Adviser's Office, Health Ed. Office POYAS, RUBY L. Grade Adviser's Office, Cuf- fing Office, Parenfs' Recepfion Commiffee, Swim- ming Club, Lunch Squad Co-Capfain PRIESER, SEYMOUR Swimming Team, Service Squad, Lunch Squad, Swimming Office, English Book Squad REYES, PROVIDENCE RICHARDS, AUBREY RAY Service Squad President Poefry Club, RODRIGUEZ, MARY JANE RODRIGUEZ, SALLY L. .I A N U A R Y ROMANAT, EVELYN ESTHER Pan-American Club Secrefary ROSE, MARILYN JUDITH English Office, Pro- gram Commitfee, lsham Lunch Squad, lsham Main Office, lsham Color Guard, G.O. Repre- senfafive RUBINSTEIN, SHELDON Bio. Lab. Squad, Serv- ice Squad SALOMON, JACK H. Service Squad SCHEIN, SYDELLE E. Arista Tea Hosfess, Steno. Auxilium, Swimming Office SCHRIMMER, PETER Service Squad, Lunch Squad SHEEHAN, DANIEL M. SHEPHERD, ALFRED ARTHUR Lunch Squad Cap- fain, Healfh Ed. Office ROTH, ILENE Co-Chairman Arisfa Auxilium Commiflee, Program Commiffee, Cuffing Office, Glee Club, Arisfa RUBINOWITZ, HERBERT SEYMOUR Cherry Tree Edifor, Arisfa Admissions Commilfee Chairman, Senior Class Vice-President, Program Commiffee, Chairman Execufive Commirfee Honor Ushers' Corps SAMARAS, HELEN J. Health Ed. Office, Lunch Squad, 6.0. Represenfafive, Bank and Sfore Office SCHECK, JOSEPHINE M. Healfh Ed. Office SEGAL, JULIUS Service Squad, Lafeness Squad, Social Sfudies Office, He - ance Office SHAPIRO, RHODA Healfh Ed. Office, 6.0. Rep- resenfafive, Arista Auxilium alfh Ed. Office, Affend mi. L.1 -e h' l x li 'U P 1 " if 7 TT if J -5' ,B gg A n il.- - S - 1.2, fg ffl 3 vi- L.- lllf L ll i XX I l ' x i I h ' I XX 1 ' L E Nl eg -ff sc , ' ' -E 'Q X it 0112 T ' I K 1 ' A . n W X t y N x lf' ll ' S fe. Ie . f 1 - 'I . T 1'-' ' i X r' sifnE'f'i"" 1 xxx . ,QLuL,l-bQJ- B ex " F,- -. R XX un i N lu!l!l Sk 3 SL XX QQ1 , I i . I f Q li if -"lm, ,R .4 exp '11 i 4,9117 Jaxx .3 my YA 'if , 'f .if 5.51-L ,-,- -- -- Ny N- ' "" - ki V-1 QI Ni so S XQ ifxf. iv L i ' 1 T ',, i , . ,l ifffgffxa Q l 'Ui . will if if ii Rb i NSA N Wm' 'wh ill: 1 will Q, N '92-ii" ' K QS if N i S1 A iiiiiiil'-i'i' S-il ffii"?i:p ' B 1, Q n, s f N. Self' ...-.... W, 394 SIKAFFY, ELIZABETH IVON Pan-American Club, l Chairman Dance Commiffee, Swimming Club, ' Lunch Squad, Glee Club SMILOWITZ, SAUL S. Track Team, Boys' Cheer- ing Squad, Lunch Squad, Service Squad iii-f WWW 1951 59 .., c N ,X W. ay xe .X , N X L,,.,4uQ "Z ,- . cf" e saga .. if lx' A I U, R r ii i ,, 1 I l if 1 xx i ,ii li r SP all .lil 'Nh il' il ilx vie M fu al- .fate if uf ' I Q. SMITH, WILHELMINA GERTRUDE Healfh Ed. Office, Lunch Squad, Sfeno. Office, Bookkeeping Auxilium SMITH, ANNE B. Class Secrefary, Library Squad, Giee Club, Affendance Office, Grade Adviser's Office SMITH, OLIVE M. Lunch Squad, G.O, Treasurer's SOKOL, LYDIA Hafchef Represenfafive, Arf Of- Office fice, Spanish Office, Lunch Squad STAHL, MARTIN Slamp Club STRAUSS, HARRY President Modern Liferafure Club, Arisfa, Honor Ushers' Corps, English Office Book Squad, Service Squad STEINLAUF, RUTH ELLEN Cuffing Office, Music Office SWEENEY, THOMAS R, Library Squad, Healfh Ed. Office TURCHUN, ALICE Lunch Squad, Choral Group, French Office, Sfeno. Office VAUGHAN, MARILYN FLORA Glee Club, Swim- ming Office, Lunch Squad VALLE, HAROLD ELLIOT Lunch Squad, Lafeness VLATOS, CONSTANTINE N. Lunch Squad Cap- Squad, lnlramural Baskefball Team, Track Team fain, Service Squad, Judicial Board Leader, Sen- ior Grade Adviser's Office, lnframural Baskefball WEISBORD, ROBERT Service Squad WERNICK, BARBARA LOU Judicial Board, Ex- ecufive Council, G.O. Publicify Commiffee, Senior Week Commiffee, Placemenf Office WENZ, CHARLES F. WILLIAMS. JENNY Bookkeeping Office SPENCE, ALMA A. Senior Ed. Office, English Office, STABINSKY, LEON TAUB, MYRNA YVETTE Program Commiffee, Sp Adviser's Office Class Treasurer, Healfh Girls' Swimming Team Arisfa, English Office, anish Auxilium, Grade THEODORE, ARTEMIS Lafin Auxilium, French Auxilium, Arisfa Insfalla Office WAHRHAFTIG, EVELYN fions Commiffee, Bio. E. Swimming Office, Service Squad, G.O. Represenfafive, Healfh Ed. Office, Senior Grade Adviser's Office WEIL, PETER H. Track Team, Cross-Counfry Team WILLS, WILLIAM O. Track Team, Cross-Counfry Team, Service Squad, Affendance Office, Grade Adviser's Office WILT, GLORIA S. Camera Club, Cuffing Office, General Office, French Auxilium JANUARY , X.. N WOOLFOLK, ALTHEA Cheering Squqd, Glqe WOTHERSPOON, MARGARET LOUISE Arisla, Club President, Heallh Ed. Office, Cuffing Office, General Office, Senior Grade Adviser's Office Lunch Squad WOOLRIDGE, THOMAS A. Service Squad YUELYS, GEORGE Service Squad, English Book Squad, Class Treasurer, Lunch Squad ZSCHALER, CLARA MARTHA Poelry Club, Ar? Olllce ZWEIG, ARNOLD Arisla, Modern Liferalure Club, Mafh Auxilium, Science Auxilium 1951 HELEN IARNETT THOMAS DOERSAM MATHEW ELKAN RICHARD FELICIANO PETER FUNDUK GEORGE J. FUSS CAMERA SHY PETER HESSE WALTER HIRSCH JOHN McDONOUGH JOHN McCLUSKEY JUDE SULLIVAN RHODA WESTEN X 1 i . L li A 2' A 5 +4 ii. , 3, xy gn 'lil- ,qi i J, - I NE .4 ggglmlumull Fzgifi ll. .0 rf - V fin, W iF - f X. lull, W x - . x ig7Q X Nf ,fANWXX 5 1? . f' :SX l - I ,-, '-pffffgg-45-. 1-.1-FH' if ' I, x, - N :Y as N XX 'lx 'll Q 'N 'inf S RX ll E l -S i l ,QF ..:-- xx ' . 'I , "'---1' eeei x x .1 1, EN x K l' A RX l :N X I 1:fL. Zn :- l Il, XX 2: , XE ii f XX M X l 5 LX 1 A 'iii 1. KE E Yi ,lx R , ' -"lil W 1, S , ni 1 "fn, .-. lid ..... be if W My L - 'll X ' , l' X L I L l 9. if iffjgl, .ld .i l I l X F E ll l - ll XX ML- - I. QQ' N Y " FWS ' lg , gif T uw. Y' ... .. ilu 1 O nl. llllllllflllllllllllllllll Y T SKXX T4 .. ,yggygz ,,'1' lie V SIT-T579 ii-if:-Q13 L ,, ,, EEA. Y 1 T' " ui gl Xx S cl " F I sf . . , -- A. , - f xxrafx ,Z'T I R 'S' - Je, ,cg .Q-1 bf? I 5 ,oc , s ' LS f Q L X i 'n 2 ' -fs ,ff f K f Ziff , ,gf A4 9 1 6 NZ gf fr A In , SSS'-1 SENIOR CELEBRITIES - JANUARY BEST LOOKING GIRL .... BEST LOOKING BOY . . MOST POPULAR GIRL . MOST POPULAR BOY . . CLASS ACTRESS . . . CLASS ACTOR . . . BEST DRESSED GIRL . BEST DRESSED BOY . ALWAYS PREPARED . MOST TALENTED . . MOST VERSATILE . CLASS MUSICIAN . . CLASS ARTIST . . CLASS POET . . . SHINING LIGHT ..... LITERARY LIGHT .... MOST VALUABLE TO G. W. . MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED . MOST ENTERTAINING . . GIRL ATHLETE ..... BOY ATHLETE . . . CLASS BABY .... MOST COURTEOUS . . CLASS POLITICIAN . . BEST NATURED . . ' J 0 'rin xyf . . . Sue Newton . Alex Dzilvelis Adriane Livingston . . Philip Blanco . Marlyn Hinds john McDonough . . Ruby Poyas . Smedley Dennis . Margaret Fuller . . Susi Mengers . Electra Adams . Spiro Gallousis . Seymour Kaplan . . Rosel Artman . Rhea Graflman . . . Vera Hess Gabriel Damascus Herbert Rubinowitz Theresa Gallagher Christine Jurgens . Charles Wenz . Diana Douglas . Mary Phifer . . . Jay Katz . Barbara Multz l 5 .,. 'if ff! M X 'v f M fix "' ---f Z lfrl XX CQ' 4.3 SENIOR CELEBRITIES - JUNE 'W , O. Q gmc" ELQ4 aff 6,2 7 T 11 i 2 51 MOST POPULAR GIRL . . MOST POPULAR BOY . . BEST LOOKING GIRL . . BEST LOOKING BOY . . CLASS POET .... LITERARY LIGHT . CLASS ARTIST . . CLASS ACTOR . CLASS ACTRESS . . CLASS MUSICIAN .... MOST TALENTED .... MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED MOST VALUABLE TO G. W. MOST ENTERTAINING . . BEST NATURED ..... MOST VERSATILE . . . ALWAYS PREPARED . . CLASS ATHLETE QBOYQ . CLASS ATHLETE QGIRLJ . CLASS BABY ...... BEST DRESSED BOY . . BEST DRESSED GIRL . . MOST COURTEOUS . . CLASS POLITICIAN .... ll . Elaine Kokines William Bernstein . Elaine Johnson . George Brown . Ronnie Moore . . Louise Gross . . Rita Reitzer . . Robert Flynn Frances Gudemann . Melvin Meyer . . Harvey Sklar . Lorraine Lopez . Bill Schechter . Rhoda Freeland . Beatrice Smith . Barbara Daniels Gertrude Sanchez . . Bob Mendes . Christine Stratos . . Ina Fasman . Ronald Swanson Anne Catacosinos Er' l Q If . Florence Teller . .Berla Fra e . Gilbert Robiiizi j jj -1 C391- X l L0 - 1 . ' P ll P as Q infill' X LLM .M W 1 ff!!! V' Ass, mu ursuxo English omg., Mem Office .O, Represenfafive, Rehearsal Club ABRAHAMS, MURIEL English Office, Cuffing Office, Music Office, Spanish Auxilium, G.O. Publicify Commiffee QI' ANDERSON, JOHN Service Squad, Swimming Club ANZEL, ELAINE Lunch Squad, Swimming Club. Steno. Auxilium ,H A s BABITT, IVAN Healfh Ed. Office, Service Squad, Baskefball Squad, Lunch Squad BADILLO, HILDA GLADYS Glee Club, Pan- American Club, Counselor's Office BANOS, GEORGIA PENELOPE Lunch Squad, Healfh Ed. Office, Cuffing Office, Swimming Office BARON, WALLACE J. Service Squad, Lunch Squad, Bio. Lab. Squad 64 V I I l if ADLER, OSCAR Service Squad, Mafh Office AMATO, ANTHONY A. Lunch Squad, Service Squad, Sfage Crew, Swimming Office ALIAGA JOSEPH Book S uad Forum Club, , q , ANASTASIO, CATHERINE Arisfa, English, Cuf- Lafe Squad fing, Spanish, Grade Adviser's Offices, Pan-Amer- ' in . ican Club, Glee Club, Arisfa Auxiliums gr . if f i is, ov- ' 'L+ -W' I . l Y ' " 1 ANZEL, SANFORD Capfain Aying Squad, Cab- ARNALL, ANN Spanish Office, Hafchef Repre- fain Lunch Squad, Glee Club senfafive APPEL, JAMES BARRY Arisfa, Honor Ushers' Corps, Band, Orchesfra, Bio. Lab. Squad AUTEN, MARILYN L. ,F - K- 'F . 4,,f' '- ,'A 'il ' DIKJLX U-J J' 'I f I I X ' ' ' , si-ff' A, -x . 1. f- X BALOG, ARRIET Y. Arisfa, Program Commif- fee, Grade Adviser's Office, French Auxilium, Insfallafions Commiffee Chairman BANCROFT, EMILY LEONA BAILEY, GEORGE Modern Liferafure Club, Lunch Squad BALAZS, ANDREW G. Mafh Club, French Forum Club, Arisfa Auxilium, Physics Lab. N434 I I , I BASSO, ANTHONY D. Service Squad, Book Squad Office Lunch BAUM, NORMA H. Lunch Squad, Healfh Ed. BATISTE, SANDRA Chem. Lab. Squad, Chem. BELIEBTER, RIA Cuffing Office, Lunch Squad, Auxilium, Bio. Auxilium G.O. Represenfafive, Auxilium JUNE BELLAMY, ELEASE BENDER, JOAN MARIE BERDEGUER, BARBARA Secrefarial Sfudies Office, Hafchef Represenfafive BERGER, MARTIN ALLEN Baskefball Team, Mod- ern Liferafure Club, Band, Orchesfra ,750--7 A4-vsAvC4AL IJ M.. BERGMAN, PHILIP STUART Hafchel Sfaff Pho- tographer, Camera Club, Physics Lab. Squad, Chem. Lab. Squad, Service Squad BERNSTEIN, CAROL MARCIA Health Ed. Of- fice, French Club, Hafchef Represenfafive X 3 BIBERFELD, DORA Glee Club, Library Squad, Swimming Office, Spanish Office, Gift Commiffee BIELKOWITZ, OVID R. Sfage Crew, Chem. Office, Service Squad, Camera Club -. ii AL,-,, Axil. BERNSTEIN, WILLIAM Arisla Program Commif- fee Chairman, Senior Class Presideni, Honor Ushers' Corps, Execufive Council, Mimeograph Squad BESTHOFF, HOWARD JOEL I BIENHEIM, RUTH English Office, Arisfa, Giff Commiftee BIERMAN, HOWARD French Office, Music Office BINNS, YVONNE SHIRLEY Secrefarlal Sfudies BLAND, JOHN HENRY Swimming Team, Band, Office, Lunch Squad, Hafchef Represenfafive Gleg Club, Service Squad BLACKMAN, WARREN C. Arf Club, Glee Club, BLUMENFELD, VICTOR French Club, Healfh Ed. Track Team, Service Squad, Lunch Squad Office 1951 65 jf' ff! ff 'I l 1" l l f ' X l f ' ,ff f I ' I I A ,, ,f I ff I 41 .ll l x N, , I Q 1 I .ll ' X Q Xl I Q if W ' -1- I I L , I 1 , X I I x - , ,X 'x XX N . , X X N .4 t, .f- llltg I F : oc' I 1 5. A Q3 X .4' 4 - ' W me , , . - " 1 ' P - ' I - 'K ' I if f I X , ' 1 X 'I 1 X - - XX Y ' i ' , . . 1 - x 3 S , bn Q K qlxx, Q l ,,,, .- ,ll X .. -X :I ... , iX .1 N ' . SET N 1. b . P Q A , . '--:n1- Q K X , I Q ' ,... 'H 2 N C C I A-1 X, -ug il 1- I 5 :D .2 I X' ,:': L In A ' I ,.,.-E7 , H .,0Q rt:4',f: - fiwvi, ,Q-WgaZ.1?6S .,.,. ,.,'.',.1. 3.5.43 'qs I e-.,'.g.gA -A1 ,fr-fy .7 1'-fifii ?fif'!1:2g2:f:5 iLi:Qfr'21?4:Z1 14:1-1f1f??1:fr'i,5fki'Z?f2.i "' "" E ' g5.1?f3:?g:3:'lEt,fztrsgagzrya,u.fe,5.,:4v,. Q.,-:3 .1,:6aLff,3:QUeA,A4,f.L-' ,gm A--' ' X If 1 Ill 1 B' 1,peY1ff"f"" 'F ' ' f vf'. '- BLUMIN, CLYDE L. Camera Club, Chem. Club, Sfamp Club BLUMING, HILLELENE SHERMAN Mafh Club, Grade Adviser's Office, Biology Auxilium, Arisfa, English Office BOZANT, THERESA SHIRLEY Lunch Squad, Swim- ming Club, Healfh Ed. Office, Cuffing Office, Jewelry Commiffee BRADY, JOYCE Swimming Club BRONSTEIN, SUZANNE HELENE Advanced Swimming Club, Senior Life-Saving Club BROWN, GEORGE S. Track Team, Lafe Squad, Affendance Office CADIZ, WILLIAM T. Affendance Office, Sfage Crew Capfain, Chem. Lab. Squad CAM PBELL, ELEANOR UGEAN . IDM' in . ,s BOBE, NILZA ALICIA BOSTICK, BARBARA L. Glee Club, Affendance Office BRANN, EVE Healfh Ed. Office, Lunch Squad, G.O. Represenfafive dRECH ER, FRANK RAY Camera Club, Biology Club, Sfamp Club BUGLER, PEGGY M. English Office BURSKY, SANDRA Arisfa, Healfh Ed. Office CANDELARIO, ISABEL Grade Adviser's Office, Office MARY Hafchef Office, Lunch Squad, Spanish CANELL, ALAN Service Squad, Cherry Tree Sfaff, Glee Club BOTKIN, RENA Arisfa, Program Commiffee Arusfa Tea Hosfess, French Auxilium BOYCE, MARY JANE English Office, French Office BRODSKY, SANFORD ALLAN Tennis Team, Mim- eograph Squad, Band, Service Squad, Lunch Squad BROGAN, PATRICIA ANN Newman Club, Af- fendance Office s. af. . . K, BUSHELL, MICHAEL MARTIN G.O. Represenfa- five, Judicial Board, Rehearsal Club, Handball Team, Service Squad BYRD, ALICE DOLORES Q CANELLOS, GEORGE CANGIANO, ELVIRA JUNE CARDINALI, ALBERT J, Cherry Tree Sfaff, Service Squad, French Club, Late Squad CARLINER, TO BY CASEY, MICHAEL J. CASIANO, AURELIO ANTHONY Book Squad, Service Squad CATACOSINOS, PAUL A. Mimeograph Squad CATENIS, ALEXANDER CHAMSON, ALLAN Service Squad, Senior Class Treasurer CHESEBORO, JOHN Varsify Track Team, Service Squad, Lunch Squad 1951 CARRICK, ETHEL English Office, Healfh Ed. Office, French Auxilium, Mafh Auxilium, Chem. Auxilium CARTON, THOMAS HENRY Service Squad CASPER, ANNE G.O. Represeniafive, Glee Club, Auxiliums, Judicial Board CATACOSINOS, ANNE J. English Office, Medi- cal Office, Curling Office, Lunch Squad Av A , N- 1 CHABOTY, ANN Modern Liferafure Club, Re- hearsal Club CHAMBERS, EDWARD DONALD Service Squad .X if ' CLAAR, VIRGINIA MARSHA English Office, G.O. Publicify Commihee, Health Ed. Office CLARKE, CLARAMOND T. English Office, Class Secrefary, Grade Adviser's Office, Affendance Office 67 rj-1-7' X -I , - Y x , -4 .Y- di- ll 1 A Y I I I ll l x X ll ,i ll xX N X F l ux Qi I x i l ,. ui xx - 1'-I i . I: L. rw . 1, . 3-1..- .. - 141 I ' , T 1 I Q 3 1 7 1' if .mem g y Q i gfi X - x I In - , - , .Ill l I-91 4- Q YI X l . RX I elf' I l l ! f " Q. X , lQlf9f,f"a.: ex g, 5, '-:-:.:-- qi f - , W- . -.. e . N- , N i ,.,..:- llllll , A 1 'll S. K NS SK R21 L X. ., RQ - mu: X A im ',ilfl'3'.ll1RX iV,5r,:,f,f J , 'faseefllg f,v qw 1 'I iiuwllllm ,S 'ix x Il- RX S -i N. 5, il FSF" , ,K I C. ., ii' - -. , I 1 ' I' . N I C 53'-' x fff'l'li I .., ,- xg V' S Il I f wi El . will I I ll ' I. fllr- I' M ill thx I I .ll WX' S ilzfil li'f'lllrXlg'v5 I f' ,,,, I. I 'Ml- Ss 1 H1 '54 I .Nfl 'bah'-'.f.ff" I gb N ai .lt ,uw If I 5 All , I . X , , S , I wi x Q kxcx. I wx. l xl . XXNX X- lx., 'X' r. ,fl .ff Y MN! Q. 3 COHEN, MINNA M. Arisfa, Arisfa Insfallalions Commiffee, Cherry Tree Sfaff, Senior Grade Ad- viser's Office, French Auxilium COHN, BARBI F. Honor Guard, English Office CONDOS, NICHOLAS Lunch Squad, Service Squad, Healfh Ed. Office CONNORS, DONNA MAY Isham Choral Club, Healfh Ed, Office .nc f COLL, RONALD JOSEPH Handball Team, Arisfa Auxilium, Service Squad COLLINS, CATHERINE Poefry Club, Swimming Club, Lunch Squad TA C"Qvs Q. MTM COLON, PEDRO G. Lunch Squad COMO, HELEN E. Sfeno. Auxilium, Secrefarial Sfudies Office, Glee Club, Choral Club, Senior Week Commiffee AN COOK, JAMES D. Lunch Squad, Lafeness Office Service Squad COTIL, JOAN CAROL Healfh Ed. Office, Lunch Squad, Section Treasurer, Swimming Club .Wg CRONIN, JOHN Lunch Squad, Lafe Squad, Healfh Ed. Office CUMMINGS, CONSTANCE LOUISE Lunch Squad, Swimming Office DALLAIRE, RITA ALICE Affendance Swimming Club Office, Tree Sfaff, Grade Adviser's Office, Ju ' DASH, NAOMI JOY Arista, Cherry Tree Sfaff, Life- Saving Club, Program Commiffee, Marble Sfair- case Represenfafive DAVENPORT, JESSE CHRISTOPHER DAVIS, MARY A. French Auxilium, Biology Auxilium, Senior Grade Adviser's Office, Affend- ance Office DIAMANTIDES, MARY STEPHINE Swimming Club, Glee Club, G.O. Represenfafive, Auxilium DANIELS, BARBARA JANE Orchesfr err Board, Jewelry Commiffee R Q DIAMOND, FRED ALEX DIAZ, LEON Mimeograph Squad, Service Squad, DONNEU-Y. THOMAS Bio. Club DIAZ, ARMAND Capfain Honor Ushers' Corps, DINGWALL, SAMUEL A. Service Squad, Bio. DRAKONTIDES, ANNA Arisfa, Prograin Com- Arisfa Leader, Program Commiffee, Mimeo- Club, Cross-Counfry Squad miffee, French Club Sec., English Office, Mafh graph Squad, General Office Auxilium DRAYTON, MARJORIE Swimming Office DRECHSLER, MARILYN ing Auxilium . In , i-- , fi I ip W A m,'k Bookkeeping Auxilium, English Office, Bookkeep- EISEMAN, MARION Healfh Ed. Office, Life- Saving Club, Senior Grade Adviser's Office ELDER, MARILYN JUNE ENGLE, JOHN Capf., Service Squad ENKJJROBE FRANK X i If '3 EARLE, JAMES A. Track Team, Lunch Squad, Service Squad, Curling Squad EARNEST, VALERIE Poetry Group, Rehearsal Club EMANUEL, MARIE C, Health Ed. Office, Modern Lif. Club, Cherry Tree Sfafi, History Office, Jew- elry Comm. ENGLANDER, IRWIN L. Swimming Team, Swim- ming Squad, Service Squad, Lunch Squad, Band- Orchestra Swimming Team, Lunch Squad, AH' 1 ,I L, X, , ' 4 .'f. 1 , .4-'X1 I FARQUHARSON, GEORGE FEIST, ELEANOR RENEE Swimming Club FASMAN, INA E. Cherry Tree sfeff, General of- FEI-OMAN. DEBORAH Svc- Sfvdies Office. Glee fice, Bio. Office, Alfendance Office Club 1951 69 gy' xi ' K lf' I 'a""'3 -S . f 4, - f ' -X .-- . .455 llecgii -4 zfillllllllllllll H-W- ----- , ,I I. - - y x. V I lx X47 l""l, W ,x d . K 140 NX r 1 M 4 i V' M., ii K X If - K fir "Wil" .1 It i , ' :rt fl 2 NX y XY - me X l X1 'll .- ek I x Wx X S ' 'Q I- I ' LS 2 Q l X l ' X "'---..... ,fx S QX ll - . x x X 5. - Q L . S. X . I .- r I' ' ii X I' Ni 'xx i :N X l is is lil x QS I I '- 0.31 illi- I I M I , , , r I ' XXX 2 N iz XX I I Q5 ,X I , x I ,- ,..... L -ff '- I' X X E - A l I' RQ -..Z-,L X ' S , , I ' V l l, ix X , i, , XXX 1- , I Wg l 4,4 ,, If iff-all .fg-'eil' H 7 Z I I 9 NX Q f , : I i f lei.. ,O I I NS I5 ' ,',. M' ...... ...- Q: 'l 4-,WI - ,lu- - ,er - ,ex .. ,.4. H .Z 'iff' ,II IlllIlllllllI'll'lIlIllllIIlIllllI' L ' S., 5 X , 5 , www? I -F S 'P' 1 I l-12 XV is 56 S I W .. me 'Null is N , ,.. if Xi I S l w S r fy , T X I i - , fl ,--fy ' VJ,-, -ew .,,f,44:zf9' 3'f5'I.'ffQf-ff'-Qff1-ff.-:'."..e4-'Fei'-155f3-.:-139.-955-'Is'--7' wifi'--'few-' 0520 FEUERSTEIN, ABE Leadership Group FINCK. MARVIN SBYVICG Sqlllld FIELD, HELEN Arista, Cherry Tree Staff, English FISCHEL, HAROLD H. Arista. SGYVICO Sqvad. Office, Program Office, Glee Club Grade Adviser's Office, General Office, Modern Literature Club FITSAMES, QIEANETTE Sec. Studies Office FLACKS, KAY THELMA Cutting Office, Section Vice-Pres., Bookkeeping Auxilium . fice, Lunch Squad 1 .ff FLYNN, ROBERT LAWRENCE Rehearsal Club, FORTINASH, FRANCES ALMA Bio. Auxlllum, FRANCIS, BERLA R. Glee Club, Health Ed. Of- Track Team, Cherry Tree Staff Service Squad, Glee Club FONDULIS, PAUL Service Squad FRAM, LOIS ELAINE English Office, Section Sec., Arista Hostess, Arista ' Auf ii! FRANKL, GERALD M, Service Squad, Lunch FREELAND, RHODA English Office, Sec. Studies Squad, French Office Office FRAY, VALERIE L. Chairman, Arista Service Com- FRIEDMAN, BETSY CLAIRE mittee, Program Comm., Grade Adviser's Office English Office, Attendance Office GALVIN, Joi-IN w. GANTEAUME, CHARLES ALFRED sum. squad GANS, ARNOLD M. Biology Lab. Proiection GELLERT, ARNOLD DAVID Grade Adviser's Of- Squad Capt., Honor Ushers' Corps, Senior Sec- 560 tion Pres., Arista 70 FRANK, GLORIA Glee Club, Music Office, Re- hearsal Club, Health Ed. Office 'ww FRIEDMAN, MYRNA FRIEDMAN, WALTER ERIC Forum Club, Bio. Club, Bio. Auxfilium, Sefvice Squad GEORGIADES, GEORGE L. GIORDANO, PHILIP ANTHONY Lunch Squad, Service Squad, Section Vice-Pres., Baseball Team JUNE GLISSMANN, ELSA Bookkeeping Office, Executive Council, Honor 'Guard, Lunch Squad, English Office GLYNOS, MARGARET SOPHIA English Office, Healfh Ed. Office, Geomefry Auxilium, Lunch Squad, Secfion Sec. GOLDBERG, SYDNEY S. GOLDFINE, FLORENCE JOY Hisfory Office GONZALEZ, JACK Track Team, Swimming Team GOODMAN fice, xecfion Cuffing Of. GRAFF, LISEL English Office GRAU, NORMA CAROL Glee Club, French Club, Newman Club, Healfh Ed. Office, General Office 1951 .f I7 ll f I , , ll V' L.. ' K yn., ,H ps f 1, , I li " l ll fl. A' I F f c-om, umonzo Forum Club, ol.. Club ' X if 1 1 f 1 W li 'V GOLDBERG, SYBIL LENORE Arisfa, Grade Ad- X i M f viser's Office, Arisfa Auxilium, Modern Liferafure ZR- lf ' '2- Club, Isham Newspaper Sfaff X 1 , I 'N l 1 X x N X ' - X XX . R X W I N . -I 1? i GOLDMAN, HAROLD D. Service Squad I GQLU3. JERRY A. Baskefball Team, Swimming Office, Service Squad, Healfh Ed. Office, Swim- ming Club i , ' ., ' 1. if x 1 1 .iii X. 'L fi' g i? E 'S Q' -I . , , rg ff- 2-H b. 1 K WV - . . , - vf Q N ' L. fl- Lf L 1 lr . L' -. ., Q in lj l ' comm, JAMES PAUL Healfh Ed. office 5X.. 1 .J 1-Q9 xi oorruea, HowAnD RlCHARD same. squad, , ' QV Lunch Squad, Health Ed. Office ' ' A' ,X -L QQ CQ ,, .. L 1 is Q HL . . Sb Q 1 C I-' U f..,h Y Sig, C3 ' 1 NSS! .X . , S 1 Y 1 if i,,..f- , I I . Evil, -5 .ngiirfifefi an GREENBERG, RITA PHYLLIS orchmm, Lafin 'NW 34""'5S'78q"'x ' ':"'3Wli" 1"---gi?-if zfgcfff' -TM Auxili-um, Spanish Auxilium, English Office S Qgiigl, I "3 . my-9 . :iz-. -J-fi-,I " ' fu: E"-.0 -,ii 13 ,c GREENE, DORIS L. 7 1 ,MM -. -.J r.-..-, .1- 'flii' "iv" ' " ,..... ff: I I I ll I 04 1 'Ka va 'aa -r-V .c. , 'ff .-Y :'. .lf ."3"4' fw - 1.,'.'.4:. e. v'f me by , , 4f:,1.1.f:7,fci',,,:.,.t.1,e,.-,il-,sg -.s -.1 41:5 ', ,"1',.'5. 'oi 'eq 1 , , si7,'.',0.,y L :cw , . X cg- sg . I , . f..+ '4? .' "nf V:-to, '. .- -vip -" .-fe 'Q-9 'vi' "Jw vw- ' Q ee 2 'lm JI'-9 s, Ji u X6 lf "1 2 --F" f'f'f"' GROSS, LOUISE Arisfa, Arisfa Service Comm., Sfudies Office Arisfa Auxilium Comm., Lafin Auxilium, Sec. GROSSMAN, MARION Bio. Auxilium, French Auxilium, Heallh Ed. Office HELENE Mum omce, HAHN, LOTHAR Honor Ushers' Corps Sec., Arista, Biology Lab. Squad, General Office, Li- brary Squad HAIN, DAVID D. Arisfa, Modern Liferafure Club, Tennis Team, Biology Lab.'Squad, vlogy Aux- ilium Nfx HARAMIS, ANASTASIA Iish Office, Library Squad, French Auxilium, Span- ish Auxilium Execufive Council, Eng- HARI, MARY ELIZABETH Lunch Squad, Cuffing Office, English Office, Swimming Club HEIMAN, FRED D. Program Comm., Arisfa, Honor Ushers' Corps, Mofh Auxilium HELLER, PETER O. Chem. Lab. Squad, Camera Club, Chem. Club, Hafchef Phofo. Sfaff 72 GRUENFELD, NORBERT p Grade Adviser's Office, Program Com en Club. ' , Honor Ushers' or s GUDEMANN, FRANCES E. Arisfo, Judicial Board, Rehearsal Club, Glee Club, Senior Grade Adviser's Office O HALL, T. PHILLIP HALL, SHIRLEY M. Healfh Ed. Office, Lunch Squad HARPER, .IEANNE H. Biology Auxilium, Bank and Sfore Office, Rehearsal Club HARRIS, CLEMENTINE T. Cheering Squad, Sen- ior Grade Adviser's Office, Glee Club, English Office, Swimming Club HENEHAN, CATHERINE VERONICA HENRY, DOLORES GUGGENHEIM, EVA Arista, English Office, Pro- m Comm., Glee Club, Arf Club HAAR, HENNY LINDA Picture Club Library Squad, Mofion HAMBRO, PHILIP MAURICE Secfion Sec., Grade Adviser's Office, Hafchef Slaff, Hafchel Rep., Arisfa HAMPTON, WALTER RIVERS Cherry Tree Cor- foonisf v ,.. Q, HAUSMAN, ELAINE Cuffing Office, Spanish Auxilium, G.O. Publicify Comm., lsham Lunch Squad HAYNES, DOROTHY M. Lunch Squad, Glee Club, Healfh Ed. Office HERMAN, WILLIAM H. Auxilium, Spanish Office Service Squad, Spanish HERMANN, DONALD S. Service Squad JUNE ,E-uw 4? I I T HERSHFIELD, IRA Seclion Pres., Service Squad, Health Ed. Office HIRSCH, JANET BETTY Lafe Office, Sfeno. Aux- ilium HUBSCHMITT, MILDRED Bookkeeping Auxilium, L JOAN aioiogy Auxilium, C . fe OHIC! HUNT, ANN LUCILLE iii ? 1 iiiiififw' I 53,0 ,, gigs ,,, M if I ffl im , - . X' X. wiisfhi JACOB, HAN NA ANNE JERET, LEONORE French Club, French Auxilium, Mafh Auxilium, G.O, Rep., Sec. Studies Office f l NI ,L I li Ek! , E K A I T ,. ' X: ' 5555, , - E E ..,, if- iiirii jf Q .gy - gm T, , I 1 I. .1 miie . E .gi ibm I E ii' JOHNSON, FRANK STANLEY JONES, ROGER STANLEY Arisfa, Modern Lifer- aiure Club, Grade Adviser's Office, Bio, Lab. Squad, Geomefry Auxilium 1951 4 r:- -i J I I. 311,-I I I A ' A if I , , I fl im A I " ' Hocx, JEAN ANN Affendance Office, Swimming ' I I - I J Office, 'English Office, Swimming ciub 1 A . X - 7 ' II X i E- "' -E' '- HOEY, PATRICIA ANN Honor Guard, Healfh ,h Ulm I I g li- T Ed, Office, o.o. nap. ,- - LL H .1 E 'lar ,. - A - - - T- - V sq, M f ri 4 41:17 Il ' I 1' l V- " .fx X III i i i X , Q , 'B eef Bl I , ,W 4 - , ' - - ,B li1 EYE 'L X. ,,,.f- U ' I in x N X ETBHITQNSI. .3iSLf"E,.i21i'ET3E,iTIiiI:E1UC W I I, " iii A JACKSON, MARIE BONNEBELLE ? A-7 m i T I V v f ' I Q V- -.5gr":',?1' go OI ,inf ,f A I ,. ',QL.fQ4- 'en' T T - ' nv 'E I 4 W' N FF A S .Q-V X X , A lg ,L,.:-f lillll I - 'll I lllll! ' - I Y V I X - lil m I , , -: F' RL 15, , Ni K ,X I I ig: I 'I l I 'W -- 'MXN ' 4"L Ii JOHNSON BERNICE Si I-, iff xii . X xx Y ,W f ' ,I NIR I New , if i. Mil.. IJ-"II I ii -I JOHNSON, ELAINE MARIETTA English Office, , , I il, FI ,XM ix Arisfa, Program Comm., Spanish Auxilium, Lafin 5 - X ""' B' . Auxiiium NX il., gli ,uni ' X 1 I S, Q wI1'iiil'Il'IiNif.f - IW' -I "ii 'H .I li' 'NI W". If iw' I QQ I. Til I, II LINWW if' ffmiiiik N 'lie I -Il fi- I E 135,047 'li ,AX 1 I 'N li" , 3' .fflfyk I J- .:l3'J:'J" S .IR Qi I b! -sis , ,Ile if I, '-'I ' iiiiii. IC 'Ia iiqg- bg Q "l'1l'l , L" ,5":.'1, I.II'.'mfN?t4A0iK 'I R 'SN gf' 'if fi :iffy X E. by i , T ' A ' . -fy sg fl - '-S, Q 'I xu ' . ,. . ! i 5, A JULIEN, VICTORIA M. Lunch Squad, Swimming F? ' Office, Healfh Ed. Office " ' KADEMIAN, CHARLES ROBERT Service Squad ' Co-Capf., Band, Lunch Squad, Library Squad, --f-1" Physics Lab, Squad W ' 73 5 X 0 X . Swv, ' X X Xxkx, ey I N X 47. . C , fb "4 J -cz e K' KAITERY, OLYMPIA Sfeno. Auxilium, Library KA LOIS S. Culfing Office, Music Office, KATZ, ROSALIE Arisfa, Squad, G.O. Benefit Show Spanish Auxilium, G.O. Publicify Comm. ance Office, Swimming KAPELUS, MICHEL Lunch Squad, Service Squad KARP. BARRY 5WImmifl9 TO'-7l'f'. SUYVICU Squfld. KAUFMAN, EDITH M, SWINVYIIHQ SQUCCI eral Office, Healih Ed. Program Comm., Affend- Office Sec. Sfudies Office, Gen- Office, Senior Secfion Sec. sir. KAY, ARLENE LYNN Cuffing Office, Health Ed. KENDRICK, ELLEN L. G.O. Publicify Comm., KHINOY, JOCELYN A. Cuffing Office, Prom Office, English Office Mafh Office, Lunch Squad Cammiffee, Life-Saving Group KEAN, BARRY KESSISOGLOU, SOPHIE Healfh Ed. Office, Lunch KINDSTRAND, ESTHER E. Honor Guard Squad ,yr Q 4 -Gi? G 3, ifsisg. mi. ,,, 'VI Sw t-'vi 1 .re 7 ga Jeff Q is Q KINOSHITA, NANCY M. Secfion Pres., Health ., KIRSCHNER, EVELYN KOHN, RUTH Arisfa, Senior Grade Adviser's Ed. Office Office, English Office, Judicial Board, Parenfs' Recepfion Comm. KIRSHNER, DONALD Baseball Team, Modern KLEIN, EUGENE J. KOHN, RUTH ROSE Lunch Squad, Mafh Auxil- Liferafure Club, Service Squad, Heallh Ed. Office ium, Cuffing Office, G.O. Rep. KOKINES, ELAINE Arisfa, Program Comm., Or- KORDAS, BESSIE Arisfa, Program Comm., Af- KOSTYSZYN, OLGA Healfh Ed. Office, Honor chesfra, Arf Club Pres., G.O. Sec. fendance Office, Senior Class Sec., Main Office Guard, Cheering Squad, Captain, Lunch Squad, Swimming Club KOMINSKY, ADELE Grade Adviser's Office, KORN, PETER KRAJCHIR, FRANK ANTHONY Swimming Team G.O. Publicify Comm., Healfh Ed. Office Manager, Swimming Office, Book Squad 74 JUNE KUSCHNER, HERBERT MARTIN Execufive Coun- cil, Judicial Board, Band, Orcheslra, Music Office KRAMER, HELMUT Bio. Lab, Squad, Service Squad KRAUS, BARBARA Swimming Office, Cherry Tree KUZEMCHAK. JOSEPH ROBERT HI III1 1 Sfqi Office " 7. .I LAKRITZ, ELAINE L. Swimming Club, Health Ed. Office Office, Program Comm., Sfeno. Auxilium LAPIDUS, ELAINE Grade Adviser's Office, Main LANDA, NORMA A. Pan-American Club Sec., LAVERS, PATRICIA LILLIAN Arisfa, Biology Aux- Newman Club, Glee Club, Choral Club Sec. ilium, Swimming Club, Lunch Squad, English Office LEMEL, SYDELL MAY LEVY, MARLENE Glee Club, Healfh Ed. Office, Lunch Squad LEVI, ELLEN LIAO, DARWIN HARRY Biology Lab. Squad LIEBERMAN, HENRIETTE Lafin Office, Mafh, LINCHITZ, JERRY HAROLD Arisfa, Modern Lil'- Auxllium, Spanish Auxilium eralure Club, Healfh Ed. Office LIEBERMAN, RUTH Cherry Tree Slaff, Honor LIPSCOMB, EDWARD Guard, Judicial Board, Arisfa, Prom Commiffee 1951 75 5 -, i 1 T 1 f fkZ 7Z W . ,, ., 'IL is f X . !'. 'X ..-.- N xg tm I --.T I' -- Y a ,l f , .gi '- 1- 4 -- - ' ' . . fr: ff -- 241' 11 ls E -i ,, l: .,,x -- E 2232 :gif S' I' .4 - If - f"x,, xr if IIN. ' , ,x '. ,' , In Lx bl! ' .,,f,-XM 4 j 1' .-r-rrffg:- ' ,, ... pp- ff' I X r Q I g Q , M xy :- 4? X W- 5 X t ' Q l N ., ,Z S I l 4 X Q' 'lg x N ll XX ' ' Q XX I X ' x ., yi' A . . X 1 . ll XE X H llli n ':"Z'zl' E' ,V XX 9' Li . XX , . GX - 4 ' "Blau: A ' ' ig--..... P ,, X . A , X X Q: - I' XV Q ' li li fg 'A-if 'V' --,-,,-,Y ii ,ll it ,X X rx 'il Q XXX tr N W i -I 'Q 'ix ' - I: l I I x X -- ,Q X , fx anti..-14 Ni L xxx ,I 'L if - Q E Y .xx ...- 2 -11" x Ng K ' lux . l .: 1g+ ,. X Q li XX l is 'N l Will' i x , H MXN 1liii1iiifiiuliiiiwilili" i l V -N YT 'rr-X it X . Xa- 1 ' ".' z 9 I -G Ng - jx , K 5 i Ry .,, . X ,- 1 f 'rv 4 f"."Pf'f5'ff'7Zf5'.' 7V- 4,'!f7'J'af.u'f -.fa J' ,riff .'f'9o'Z-S-!'f-Zfgfggg-W7 riff r,,,:-,,-l-0,3-.XYV ,D if M bil? A LONNQUIST, MARIA T. Cheering Squad, Modern Liierafure Club, Honor Guard, Arisfa, Rehearsal Club LOPEZ, LORRAINE Arisfa, Program Comm., Grade Adviser's Office, English Office MANDAKAS, GUS MANNHEIM, WILLIAM A. Bio. Lab. Squad, Service Squad, Sfamp Club MARESE, JOAN R. Healfh Ed. Office MARFISI, IVAN Service Squad, Lunch Squad, lnframurol Baskefball LOWENTHAL, MARLYS B. Arisfa, Assf. Editor, Cherry Tree, Program Comm., Bowling Club, Hafchef Rep. LUBLINER, LEE IRENE G.O. Publicify Comm., lsham Lunch Squad, lsham Bio. Auxilivymi . S I i 4' l , . . I MANOS, oeoncm E. Lafin Aililluh, Spanleh Auxiiium, cmd. Adviser's Office, Qdik and sim Office, G.O. Rep. 7 MANTZARIS, MARY Healfh Ed. Office, Bookkeep- ing Office, Glee Club, Lunch Squad Capf., Hafchef Sfaff f ,gvmu rf--P MARKS, MELVIN B. Service Squad, Health Ed. Office, Lunch Squad MARRERO, JOSE C, French Office I if McCORMACK, MARION C. Swimming Club, Newman Club, Swimming Office McELHONEY, MARGARET ANN MCGUIRE, BARBARA FRANCES Arisfa, Program Comm., English Office, Spanish Office, French Auxilium McLOUGHLIN, MARGARET G. Biology Club, Senior Grade Adviser's Office, Healfh Ed. Office LYNCH, ESMAY Arisfa, Hafchef Rep., G.O. Rep. Healfh ed. Office, Luntfi Squad 1 LYNCH,, RANCE5 ic. 1 I N MARANO, VERA M. lsham G.O. Sec. Senior Secfion Presi Senior Week Comm. Senior Calendar Comm., Swimming Office MARANTIS, GEORGE G. dent, English Book Squad, MARRINAN, JEANNE MARY MCCARTHY, ARLENE E. Swimming Office, Af fendance Office, Healfh Ed. Office, Lunch Squad French Office MEISEL, JUNE l. English Office, Mafh Auxilium French Auxilium MELLER, INGRID Hislory Office JUNE . MELVILLE, LARRY S. Biology Club, Mafh Auxil- ium, Spanish Office, Service Squad, Lunch Squad MENDES, ROBERT G. Co-Capfain, Swimming Team, Swimming Office, G.O. Rep., Service Squad, Cherry Tree Slaff MEYER, SONJA LULU Secfion Sec., Hisfory Of- fice, Secfion Treas., Marble Sfaircase Rep. MIDDLETON, MARILLYN JANE Lafe Office, English Office, General Office, Dramafics Club MINKOFF, NINA Lafin Auxilium, Grade Adviser's Office, Mafh Auxilium, Cuffing Office, Capfain, Lunch Squad MINTZ, RUTH CORRINE French Auxilium, Span ish Auxilium, Arisfa, Secfion Se . ' r Treas. c, Senlo S . 5 MOORE, RONALD BARTLETT Modern Liferafure Club, Poefry Club, Lunch Squad, Service Squad MOSHEIM, ELLEN Arisfa, French Auxilium, French Office, Bio. Lab. Squad, Healfh Ed. Office 1951 it I if If x A fl! ,ff Ki qy, y, l I it If if f , x 1 X MERGENTHALER, ALLAN JOHN Grade Adviser's rh , 1 Office, Service Squad, Camera Club, Pan-Ameri- l l can Club X rx ' MEYER, MELVIN Arisfa, Rehearsal Club, Band, X In -- l Orchestra, Chemistry Auxilium, Senior Section "x- W lf -1' Treasurer , iff L X X fi ,Z I' -x l , , X , ' iiiii-, R ! M K X XX . ' mi 4 X T . xp R x2 c X gi ,gg ...Q 1 X , ' F .1 X L, T 'sim ..- , Q- -fi cww . 95 K ,,,,-y . l MILLER, VICTOR MICHAEL Service Squad, 1 M Lunch Squad 1 ' l MILLINER, BARBARA W. Healfh Ed. Office, I Senior Grade Adviser's Office, Lunch Squad, Swimming Office, Poefry Club s I' ., ' E- -' X . 2 if .fi ig Xie X 1 if M 1: 5- N V. . 1 , T rf - ', . Q l Kgx lf, f . 'xi . Q ' A A-V - X 1 L 4 L lxg . -- , Q --- - X - X V' l , l l . jsxgf MOORE, GERALD LANCE Track Team, Baskef- 421 . ben Team, service Squad, season Pres., Lunch ,J I rcx i x- , Q: MARGARET MARY lsham Newman - Q ' flunch Squad . .XX ' X Zcx s, X Q 3 H. cb V K 4, i l 3 Qi: ' C3 ' MOSKOWITZ, SONIA Spanish Auxilium, Sec. Studies Office, Healfh Ed. Office MOZIAN, ZAREH Service Squad 77 - i ,.,,,--L 412 '12724z'z1"7I6"' W., :-'H-f-0' -' -ff'5'-QQXTEQ73-,f5'5 'iffy 'f" ial7'1''--Z ,fl .,.1 , -.,g.Jf. ,. .,.. . - ,. j-qi'--H-. '.,..,f1. .-1. .' -j.: 17 PQ ,vo -. ,-- - -iggy-1 .vgvbil Q f,',.5f 34' l"'::i"'f"'-. ::.- nf? f ,vigil F' I O Ol' if 49 Q ."'-"fs af "Oo v'.,' f' .0 ' -':w"'-vL0Q'h -' -" rm f' ng- e'n'.o'+ .fr et ,evo f uns Q mv ..- . . . .. , - . -. 4. .fs ,Q ,f4,,..,,,- ,q.,.,,,o.,.c,, , , .5-,,,,., .M s . f, ,,. ,,,-,..- -,,,.....,. . . . ..,,- , .-,-f,A,..- A.- lkg-23'35"Q:'g '-2:0-'Z'v:2f 35.14124-L-U -' -,-. N ,. , e me n, - - 4' " c ' "vs .0 v0 4 4s 1 . Q v e 4 . Sf ,fs '-47" s .4 , ,, . J MULLEN, JOSEPH W. Captain, Swimming Team, Arista, Section Pres., Swimming Office MUNIZ, NlMlA E. Pan-American Club, Swi - ming Club, Glee Club f I F J A f "' f' f' 1 . ' ' If I . I, , NATAL, NANCY Show, General Office, Sec. Studies Office, Volley- ball Group NEUBURGER, STEVEN M, Honor Ushers' Corps, Math. Auxilium, Bowling Club, Arista, Tennis Team I NUSSBAUM, KARL R. Service Squad MURPHY, CAMILLA M. Spanish Office, Hatchet MURPHY, ELAINE B. Math Office, Health Ed, Rep, Office, Lunch Squad, Glee Club MURPHY, CHARLES JAMES MURRAY, GEORGE J. Swimming Team Manager, Swimming Office , 1' NOELL, VERNA BLANCHE Art Office, Fashion NOVAK. JUNE Health Ed. Office NORTH, WILHELMINA ELAINE French Office, NOWCK. BARBARA G- AHSVG. E'1Ql5Sll Office. Late Office, G.O. Publicity Comm, Lunch Squad, Poetry Club, Biology Auxilium rs! OTERO, CIBELES E, Pqn.Ame.-icqn Club PALIOTTA, GENA Health Ed, Office, G.O. Rep- resentafive, Lunch Squad, Glee Club, Cheering Squad O'GILVlE, VICTOR WM. Lunch Squad, Swimming PACKER, THERESA Cufting Office, Health Ed. PAPAJOHN. ROGER Lvnch Squad. Track Team Office, Service Squad Office PARDES, MARILYN Service Squad, Glee Club, PARKER, WINIFRED MAE Health Ed.Of'fice lsham Choral Club, Senior Grade Adviser's Of- fice, Spanish Office PAYN E, MARY Spanish Office, Arista, English Office, Auxilium PARKER, FRANCES E. Parents' Reception Comm. PATTERSON, RAY PATRICK PEREZ. RAFAEL LUIS Service Squad. Lunch 78 Squad JUNE PETRIDES, ALEX G.O. President, Baseball Team, Service Squad, Healfh Ed. Office PINCUS, JEAN Auxilium, G.O. ANN Cuffing Office, Spanish lfafive -1 POPE. IY Auxilium, French Auxilium POSNER, NAOMI STEPHANIE Cuffing Office, History Office, Modern Liferaiure Club, Represenfafive, Health Ed. Office RAPHAEL, NINA Glee Club, Program Office, Swimming Office, Cherry Tree Sfaff REITZER, RITA Arisfa, Program Comm., Mafh. Auxilium, Art Club, Parents' Recepfion Comm. sg me fesfci-.R ... ., ff ' giifiwi if Q fry:-1.3243 ,, ,,5gigifQg,gg - '- A, - ..,, - RIVERS, ROBERT L. Band, G.O. Rep. ROBERTS, SOPHIE Lafin Auxilium, Modern Lif- erafure Club, Chemisfry Auxilium, Forum Club 1951 ,, A+ POINSETTE, JUNE ELIZABETH Healfh Ed. Office I POLIHROM, MARTHA Choral Club, Swimming Office X I u, I :IQ J V im CEE u V 1 L -1 1 I 1 I ' I 2' I I I XX X I- I' E MI I Ia. .i . l l. ' -E L:-'T-Y "" .1 . Al- 'iz CZ YV lu- 5 f ff If si A I 5 . I A if X Il I I In v I MI! f MM 612 -, ,- i V "' ' , Y Y .X ,L X XX S Y V 'W R I Il l I-A fin l ,E 1- RAPHAEL, EUGENE Arisfa, Band 81 Orchesfra, l ' T ' T m, Pr C 'ffe Q' N f' fSf Nx,,' I ' ennls ea om omml e fly. xxx -Q Iwgkxpblbeiu tx L .. -Eug T I I E-fu ' F ' - we X3, 4, 1 n N' "I ' LHAQY, R X l Q L " R, lillll NN 'P I wgx V - R lu!!! N I JA .gf- qe 14' wx X' R R x X I , ' ,II I A SRL -J -A R I vw ill ., '11 I W III, 5 . . . vJ',.,'- ,,"f4l w ?.ELI:i2ILlaS,L1:ILLL A. English Office, Honor Guard, N L ,L If I . , . Q lg 'fe I ll ' ,N RIVERS, FRANCES e. Library Squad, English of- - I 'N M I If , fice, Bookkeeping Office A X ,IL .I XXI 1 1 1 Wg I L QW, Yu I VIII! KW-I N K I:Ii"IIIqi, 'If 'Iw"s'i'l". Ia. I-,ffleagm SS! ffm, I ,Q 52,2-.lg-'f I' ,'?,4P1-'ivfxx is SS' ,I 5Il5HiKv2'fL:Q1" , IIIIII, fly ,I K Q, ,IIII ai I' .IAS Efiiwu I , , 1 . , 511. ll 11, r::fgy'Wk gal w.qnEg:,i ilk .6116 hAf. 'I xx ,W -LAT-? 'wi' lf ,L v Nb ' .M V H ' v 5 ---- W. 1 A ROBINOV, GILBERT B. Forum Club, Cherry Tree 'Fi 2 Edifor, Arisfa, Secfion Treas., Service Squad Rocco, JOAN P. ,. f, My ,,, W1 xxx' RQ- gf ' if R 79 KX. W ga x g i . Nl be ILLFVYF ffl! 7 QM Awz fl AQ'-Lfff' RONGER, BARBARA SONDRA Grade Adviser's Office, Arista, Lunch Squad, Swimming Club, General Office RONIS, ELIZABETH Lunch Squad, Health Ed. Office 5,55 ROSENZWEIG, HERBERT RUDERMAN, ELINOR JOAN Lunch Squad, French Office, Health Ed. Office, Auxillum SCARAVELLA, ERMINA MARIE Lunch Squad, Swimming Club, Health Ed. Office SCHAEFER, SUSIE Biology Auxilium, Lunch Squad, Health Ed. Office SCHENFELD, BERTRAM L. Arista Auxllium lLatin and Geometryi, Lunch Squad, Service Squad SCHLOSS, FRED M, Health Ed. Office, Grade Adviser's Office, Cutting Office, Library Squad 80 ROSADO, ROSE LUCILLP Cutting Office, Choral Club, Swimming Club, Pan-American Club ROSAS, RAUL R. Service Squad, Health Ed. Office, Lunch Squad RUSSO, LOUISE CHRISTINE Glee Club, New- man Club, Choral Club SAMUEL, FRED M, Service Squad, Library Squad ,teawzat SCHAFFER,'RUTH Qdgg SCHAUER, ESTELLE D. ,Health Ed. Office, Sec. St dies O 'ce 7 I S9 if 1 ' ' J 4 8- e SCHWARTZ, ROBERT S. General Office, Grade Adviser's Office, Stamp Club SCHWARZER, EDWARD lnframural Basketball Team, Service Squad D I ROSENBAUM, INGE Arista, English Office, Main Office, Pan-American Club, Spanish Auxilium ROSENBERGER, JO ANN G.O. Rep., Health Ed. Office SANCHEZ, GERTRUDE CHRISTINA Glee Club, Cutting Office, Chemistry Lab. Squad SANDERS, BRENDA Sec. Studies Office, Forum Club, English Office, Section Sec. SCHECHTER, BILL G.O. President, Baseball Team, Arista, Sports Editor, Cherry Tree, Track Squad INA Grade SCHWIMMER, LOUIS Service Squad, French War Relief Squad SCOTT, JOHN J U N E SCOTT, WILLIAM A. Grade Adviser's Office, Swimming Club, Inframural Baskalball Team, Senior Section Presidenf, Gif! Commiffee SEARCY, CLAIRE M. Lalin Auxilium .Rx SERBIA, MARY M. Judicial Board, Modern Lif. Club, Swimming Office, Spanish Auxilium, Bio. Auxilium SERGHIS, SERGHI A. Service Squad, Forum Club, Swimimng Office, Swimming Club, Marble Sfair- case Rep. SHELDON, HOWIE R. Baskefball Team SHIOWITZ, FRIEDA CLAIRE Choral Club, Glee Club, Cutting Office, Senior Grade Adviser's c-alll 1' val SIMON, KAREN Arisfa, Program Commillee, Ex- ecufive Council, Judicial Board, Grade Adviser's Office SIMPSON, JOHN LEROY Arisfa, Mafh. Club, Modern Liferafure Club, Chemisfry Auxillum, Mafh. Auxilium 1951 SEGARRA, SONIA Glee Club, English Office, Lunch Squad, Library Squad, Arista, Pan-Amer- icon Club SEPULVEDA, SIGFRIDO SHAPIRO, HOWARD Service Squad, Cuffing Of- fice, Baskefball Team Manager, Cherry Tree Sfaff, Hafchef Slaff SHAPIRO, JEROME A. Secfion Pres., Physics Club SIMOES, GLEN SIMON, CATHERINE G.Sleno. Auxilium SKLAR, HARVEY Capfain, Lunch Squad,. Glee Club Vice-Presidenf, Dramafics Club, Service Squad, Band SLEPIN, PAUL H. Band, Service Squad, Lunch Squad, Book Squad 81 ..2.,i,... .1-1' -,.i....1.1. 4 T f.. AQ72ZW vfw-vw if 'PQ ' I 3-'I it I . rl BX - X I i . X c" 1 ' - - 5 , an - 'f S -. 4 V- - ' ' 'lil -E-H 5- , , 'f f:'+'?5iV .. 5-is-, I fi --.W ,,,. b .S xx Y 'V Y' as , i , 42. '-1 -'T -i Y - up , 1-1- 1 li, 1 N I' if I -"""..... I 1 ll-,, ' I .-'Gr ,it I K fill' 1, N NV, -, lx X , - . 1 X l M! 'I-. Qx " 'SH 'IS P' ' : 'S V1 5. ' Xxfvflkywx " I 1 XX 1 A ' ." fl , f'f it, c ' f is 1 fi' N x fy, 1-.1 li ' , 'X -I - - -' 1 X A X ,l X l C 'il il I c -........ u -c . gy Sm I I xi, X I N in X I l 4 SX, We all I L- , X- ,A-f g, - liz' , ,-..--- f K X Q1 ,, :N , X I ' ll ' S Sql ' Eg i ' XXX I Ll I A W' A. , N E fc 12 -'-' g ' XX ll I L LE x I - 'T' I X N X , , V: 1-f-- ,-- 5 I cus 3 X If ,l X I, X g 'I 4, Xx gy, X 5. , . . x . .hy ,fag F,..i,s,. i , :Ks I 3 . I -4, --- ,Q ' ull, rf ',-fv-1l-.'- ii? ' IL Q 'ill 5' V' ll V PQ I . ,l l, Ng llilllllllllllll.lll,llllllllIl, . I ,c. ,,, ll 'Q VI' I I 9, X Q ,l XX N x I, XX X l llllllllll S A I KX NN ,-LV- X l . 5' ' a , IEAS X ...ll Q il? fl V if'f2i't3 --: A IE e S r ff' " ,-, 5, - ll ":7l " i lil 'ef - S I if YQ be 7 Ry S.- , e e.. N.,,,..x- ' SMITH, BEATRICE HELENA Section Pres., SMITH, PHYLLIS French Club, Health Ed. Office Hatchet Rep., Glee Club, Cutting Office, Health Ed. Office SMITH, FLORENCE R. French Ed. Office SOFFERMAN, MARILYN Swimming Office, Hatchet Staff X' Q WN. i SONDHEIM, RITA Senior Grade Advlser's Of- 5f'lLl0Tl5. U 504006. Service Squad, tice, French Auxilium, Math, Auxilium, Arista, At- BWIOQY Al-'X'i'Um. SGNIOF Week Comm-. TFGCIK tendance Office Team SPIELBERG, ELINOR KAY Arista, Program Com- SPH-LANE. ARI-ENE VERONICA EUQIISII 0m59- mittee, Attendance Office, General Office Fashion SHOW R i I I 4 Aw . , VA! ,Z , . XA-V, . stem, MARIANNE Amie, Latin Auxinum, STRAUS. FRED Biology Lab. Squad, service French Auxilium, Math. Auxilium, Late Office Squad. Lunch Squad, Photography Club, Latin Auxilium STRATOS, CHRISTINE P. Glee Club STROM, DAISY LILLIAN Program Committee, Main Office, Grade Adviser's Office SUSS, ENID MARILYN Main Office, Lunch Squad, SWARTZ, ARNOLD M. Service Squad, Math. Math. Auxilium, French Auxilium Office, Lunch Squad, Modern Literature Club SWANSON, RONNIE S. Track Team, Lunch SWINSKY, MORTON Service Squad, Lunch Squad Squad, Capt., Service Squad, Hatchet Rep. Chair- YTTQI1 82 SOLIN, JACQUELINE NORMA Cutting Office, French Office, Lunch Squad, Girls' Counselor's Office SOLOMON, HOWARD MARTIN Stamp Club, Photography Club, Service Squad, Biology Lab. Squad -.Q AN STARKES, JANE ELIZABETH STERN, GUNTER Service Squad STRUTIN, LEONARD IRWIN Captain, Biology Lab. Squad, Captain, Proiection Squad, Lunch Squad, Service Squad STYLES, BEVERLY J. .ir-' SYKES, WILLIAM JOHN Mimeograph Squad Captain, Service Squad TALLEOS, ALEXANDRA Senior Grade Adviser's Office, Steno. Auxilium JUNE TASOULIS, ALICE Alfendance Office TATIAN, MADELINE M. Program Commiffee, French Auxilium, Arisfa, Mafh. Office THOMPSON, BARBARA JEAN TOLSON, YVONNE Secfion Pres., Placement Of- fice, Rehearsal Club, Honor Guard UCKO, BRIGITTA Glee Club, Choral Club, Bookkeeping Office, Lunch Squad VAN RYN, HENRI Swimming Team, Swimming Office, Biology Service Squad, Lunch iii WASSERMANN, KLAUS Squad, Hisfory Office, Healfh Ed. Office, Hafchef Rep. I TELLER, FLORENCE R. Grade Adviser's Office, Spanish Auxilium, Marble Sfaircase Edifor, Sen- ior Grade Adviser's Office, Bowling Club THOMAS, REGINALD F. Swimming Club, Service Squad, Track Team TOOM ER, CHARLES W. Lunch Squad, Service Squad, Healfh Ed. Office TSACALOTOS, JOHANNA VOVSI, EDGAR Rehearsal Club, Biology Lab. Squad, Service Squad, Lunch Squad WAGNER, CHARLES JOHN Swimming Team, Swimming Office, Service Squad Arisfa, Biology Lab. WATTS, JOSEPH S, Service Squad, Lunch Squad WATSON, GRANVILLE F. Service Squad WATTS, RAYMOND ANTHONY Execufive Coun- 1951 cil, G.O. Rep., Orchexfra, Poefry Club 83 Wfff X ,f l . A X ll W' l Y' if 1 ll I p I 1 ff f l 1 X 1 lx , SX N . ' X N . , '11 I 1 fn li ll Nl ..tY- ff' ."i le X l A ,, A X y 4. I Q- . 5.1 X 1 , T . X S 1 ' -- Q '55 if . SN "-3? Q M X N Q 3 isfj, 1, Q '- -P - -Y ,, -454.1151 me 55 15211695- , , AQ-5: ,. 2-f 7-fx: :ft I f':,,":-1 IL.-'X ,ij '-5,211 I' 9 l' i "ffl fig.: -.:2'1? 1. 3" 1-ff-zz-, rf- 4" 3:1-Q -fw'5'-- ' 1114-'fan 'Zi ' WW' XL ,, ,0 8' P .,ff,- 1, , '-"-' Ii- v 1 'v '11 'i ff, 1, v-0, , for I ' v , f:,,.,:.,., ,rl .K l,.,v4 4 IQ ., 1' 4 A., Qyfe A, 5-e,,.v4 -.aa . if, Q, HW" We -rw 141' ' "i'4".2l""v" A ffl, 'V' . 'r v 7 ",0,n'f "fav C Rise! 9 'ef "' 4 ' - i 'lc fe li-,za v-:e g PX .- ff-H Q '.'fa-my ' -Z' , f ., +3 if! ,jg W -' N J M' . , 111' WEHRMEISTER, KLAUS WERNER WEIL, GERTRUDE Steno. Auxilium, Glee Club WEISSMAN, SYDELLE Health Ed. Office, Book- keeping Office WEITZ, HOWARD Grade Adviser's Office, Music Office, Service Squad, French Office eff' , I f V. ,.4.fA,a 5,4217 9? v jfs' J . .- WOLLENBERG, LILYROSE Arista, Program Com- mittee, English Office, Grade Adviser's Office, Modern Literature Club ZAHARIADES, CHRIS C. Lunch Squad, Service Squad 84 JOHN BRENNAN JOAN CULLEN KENNETH GOODMAN STANLEY JANSON WEINSTEIN, WARREN DONALD Program Com- cittee, Honor Ushers' Corps Color Guard, Math. Club, Math. Auxilium, Mimeo. Squad WEINTRAUB, ELAINE Arista Auxilium, Orches- tra, Health Ed. Office WILSON, LENORA E. WILSON, MARION E. Arista, Health Ed. Office, Math Club, Latin Auxilium, Spanish Auxiiium ZAHARIADES, EVA G.O. Representative, Secre- tarial Studies Office, Steno. Auxilium ZAPATA, NESTOR BENJAMIN Basketball Team, Baseball Squad, Service Squad CAMERA SHY JAMES MACK ROBERT MARTIN CAROL MELVIN WWW WEINWURM, GEORGE F. Bio. Lab. Squad, Stage Crew WEISMAN, RENEE M. Attendance Office, Lunch Squad, Biology Auxilium, French Auxiiium WOERNER, ANDY Chemistry Lab. Squad, Swim- ming Team, Photographer Board of Publications, Biology Lab. Squad, Health Ed. Office WOLFE, JOAN NANCY Glee Club, Spanish Aux- ilium, G.O. Representative, Service Squad ZELMAN, VERA C. ZIDER, ELISE LILY Grade Adviser's Office, Glee Club, Health Ed. Office, G.O. Publicity Committee ROBERT RUIZ CHARLES SOMMERVILLE RICHARD TUBBY MARILYN WARD JUNE 1951 II- IHI IE IIII A 'II C III IIE 'III GEORGE WASHINGTON HIGH SCHOOL CITY OF NEW YORK...JANUARY-JUNE 1951 DR. LEONARD J. FLIEDNER, Principal EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Mary Mantzaris ASSOCIATE EDITORS Beatrice Smith Marilyn Sofferman Isabel Candelario Gilbert Robinov PHOTOGRAPHY Philip Bergman Andrew Woerner Peter Heller A R T Warren Blackman Johanna Loeb Michael Mendel Peter Dean Mary Mantzaris Allan Mergenthaler B U S I N E S S Oscar Adler Barbara Them FACULTY ADVISERS BUSINESS LITERARY ART Max Bart Burr Martyn Ruth McEvoy HPR PWHPP 425 MADISON AVENUE NEW YORK Phono PLuxo 3-8690 PUBLICATION PHOTOGRAPHERS Official Phofogropher for 'fhe 1 9 5 'I H AT C H E T A HEALTHFUL NOURISHING ENERGY FOOD Breyers Ice Cream naturally Tastes Better' ICE CREAM BREYER ICE CREAM COMPANY Inc 340l I9 QUEENS BOULEVARD LONG ISLAND CITY I I "Wir, 1 Made Better . . . 32 Six, 0 5:5:1:1?15E?'y' n isa: ' 4. :5-5, 7 I , N. Y. STiIIweII 4-2220 HERSHEY FARMS, INC MILK 8: CREAM 0 II-02 BRIDGE PLAZA SOUTH LONG ISLAND CITY, L. I. DRAKE'S CAKES ALWAYS FRESH 0 GENERAL BAKING COMPANY I20 EAST I44+I1 STREET NEW YORK 5I N Y RUDOLPI-I PRUSER Ass? Sales Manager MOH Haven 9 I4-74 R C WILLIAMS Complumenfs of EDWARD B KEARNEY NEW YORK N Y D sfrlbufors of ROYAL SCARLET FINE FOODS 8: COMPANY. INC. ARTHUR NEWMAN MOELLER 95 NASSAU STREET NEW YORK CITY OFFICIAL JEWELERS FOR GEORGE WASHINGTON HIGH SCHOOL 3 S353 NI xx GOODNIAN dz gov 4055 SRET NEWYORK3 NY PHONES 8 3240 WAd orfh 3 9455 VOLLAND FLOWER SHOP byW Evrywh 4248 BROADWAY NEW YORK 33 N Y Iw I80+h BARNEY BAXT Your School CRACKER MAN EV 7 2900 I P GR . ' ' I.OrruIne - sw - . z .' A A' s. 4 MANUFACTUIIIS OF x'MN.xslrn, summ. .mu 1,-.uw mrnfrrs w9dd"'9 B'-Wquefs and Funeml De"9"' Flowers ire e are A T 2 E I . . I ' ' Be een and I8Is'f Sfreefs ,l WASHINGTON HEIGHTS FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION I390 ST NICHOLAS AVE Near I80+I'1 Sfreei' 275 WEST 23I5f STREET N a Broad ay NEW YORK CITY Men s Clofhing WOLFF 8: BLOOM Inc Fine Clofhmg for Thrnffy People T353 ST NICHOLAS AVENUE NEW YORK 33 Befwee I77+I1 I78'rh Sfroef Special Dlscoun+ wufh showung of Haichefs T POTATO CHIP CO Lorgesf Dusfrubufors of Hzgh Grade Sarofogo Pofofo Chaps In fhe Ecsf POST ROAD SO NORWALK CONN I NOr elk 6-332? Comphmenfs of JOHN ADAMS HENRY Inc Purveyors of Fresh and Frozen Frulfs ond Vegefcbles 56-58 HARRISON STREET NEW YORK I3 NEW YORK WAII:er 5 7724 Complumenfs of A FRIEND CONNECTICUT LUESSEN 8: SCHWARZ Confecfionery 1601 ST. NICHOLAS AVENUE Where All Sfudenfs of George Washingfon High School Meef HERSHEY'S CAFETERIA "Where AIIG. W, Sfudenfs and Teachers Mee+" 1610 ST. NICHOLAS AVE. Opposi+e l9IsI Sfreef Subway ALEXANDER S MEN S SHOP Haberdasher Sporfswear 205 MAIN STREET PATERSON N J LAmber-I 3 3563 1416 ST NICHOLAS AVENUE NEW YORK CITY TO 7 2774 ORLOW S NOVELTY Ma wesr Iam smear OR Handbags Cosfume Jewelry Gloves Umbrellas Scarfs Luggage and all small accessories IO O dlscounl' for all G O members Tel WA 7 7105 H 81 M RADIO Sale and Service on Leading Brands of TELEVISION 84 RADIOS RECORDS 4127 BROADWAY e ee I74 nd I75 SI eefs NEW YORK 33 N Y Complumenfs A FRIEND Complamenfs of SEIDER 8: FISH Inc Wholesale Confechoners 1858 JEROME AVENUE BRONX N Y C TR 8 6421 7 2978 WAdsworIh a 9850 O FORT WASHINGT N FLORIST INC Flowers by Telegraph 4257 BROADWAY A+ l8ls'r Sfreef NEW YORK CITY 33 N Y l l l F . - 7 ' - - ' ' . of Bfw n a r I , 'I . m- --I -H77 J ' TO. - - I ' I ' TEEN AGERS SHOPPE Sfyles for +he Slack Chuck 1596 WESTCHESTER AVE Nr Siraiford TI 2 4672 1381 ST NICHOLAS AVE Nr 179fh Si' WA 8 5810 NEW YORK 33 N Y HOBBY LAND 1439 ST NICHOLAS AVE Corner I82ncl Sfreel NEW YORK CITY School Supplies Hobbies Toys LO ro e 7 4840 O de s called Io and del ered SAMS POPULAR MARKET Hugh Grade Mech and Grocervos 120 NAGLE AVENUE Neor A de S1 ee! CHIN AND LEE CO Inc ow Mem Monufodurers 123 127 BANK STREET NEW YORK CITY 14 CHelsec 3 6840 SUN DEW Sun Rnpened I-Iecl+hfuI ORANGE DRINK Solcl In Your Cofeferlo and 0+ All Fme Food Sfores Tel WAdswor+h 7 5997 Complnmenfs of SCHILD BROTHERS TWD TWD. Fursf Closs Sausages Meals ond Pounfry Under 'fhe super snon of Rcbbu Dr Jos Breuer 1339 ST NICHOLAS AVE Cor I77ih S+reef NEW YORK 33 N Y DUTCH TREAT PRe1zsLs CLUB cr-urs vnAuTY Fooos Brooklyn N Y THE FARMERY INC 1568 ST NICHOLAS AVENUE I ll I 1 ll ., . , . . r in - . ., . r r r iv I Ch I r n r Q NEW YORK, N. Y. H , l ,, ,,,, , ,, , ,I . ll-n 54 I , vi' .- E.. L , . . LOrrome 7834-5 BELMONT FLORISTS Wedding Arrcmgemen+s Arhshc FuneroI Designs 506 WEST 207+h STREET NEW YORK 34 N Y Complumenfs of C O SPANNAUS BUY BONDS FOR LIBERTY Shop a+ +ha LIBERTY FISH MARKET Fresh Fish Dolly Wholesale Refcal 1614 ST NICHOLAS AVE Bef I90+h ond I9lsI Sfreefs NEW YORK e L O 9 9207 WALTER R SCHWARZ Confechonery 126A DYCKMAN STREET NEW YORK 34 N Y HOSTESS PRODUCTS CORPORATION Moyonnouse Produc+s Puckle Producfs ond Condlmen+s 43 I5 QUEENS STREET LONG ISLAND CITY N Y ShIIweII 44-IIO 4III 4II2 LOrrcnne 7 I770 Coors Suafs Dresses --L Bes+ Wushes MAYFAIR FRENCH ICE CREAM FnIIed FuII of Goodness PARAMOUNT LIBRARY RICHMAN S Cords Records Toys-Poriy Goods Lodles Reody Io Wear Inc 30! OH on 0 I44 DYCKMAN STREET Long Playing Records NEW YORK 34 N Y 730 WEST I8Isf STREET ' - Esf. l9I4 Q ,L T I. - 0 . ' I -Q l I I ' ' I - Q NOVACK JEWELERS Dealers in Walclwes, Jewelry Experl' Repairing S+uden+ Discounf l62b ST. NICHOLAS AVENUE Befween I9IsI and I92nd Sfreef, N. Y. C. one: WA 3-202l MARINE BROTHERS, INC. Du Mon? Television 1367 ST. NICHOLAS AVENUE NEW YORK 33. N. Y. WAclsworIh B-9 898 FALCARO S The Home of Washinglon Heighls Junior Mixed Bowling League l8Is+ ST and ST NICHOLAS AVENUE A worllw 8-9502 L GREENSPAN Hand Bags - Luggage Lea+l1er Goods -- Umbrellas We Do Expert Repo'r'ng 1391 ST NICHOLAS AVE NEW YORK 33 N Y T l JE o e 8 80 Complumenls of HARGOOD CANDY CO Wholesale Confechonery 961 TELLER AVENUE BRONX 56 N Y Compllmenls of PREMIER PAPER COMPANY Complumenfs of CUSHMAN S SONS, Inc QUALITY BAKERS SINCE I 854 A D L E R S QUALITY MILK INC HOMOGENIZED VITAMIN D MILK CHOCOLATE DRINK Wds I Il e. rm -52 I I , I I O SPECIAL SUMMER sEss1oN DRAKE BUSINESS TRAINING EST I 884 Feofures ACTUAL BUSINESS PRACTICE NOT A LECTURE COURSE NO RECITATIONS Insfeod An excuhng INDIVIDUALIZED TRAINING mefhod shmulahng ACTUAL boolckeepmg procedure ond modern ofhce secreforlcl rouhne Each sI'uden+ ocI'uclIIy handIes a compIe+e ser of prochce books 'Ior c Frm you wnll be o bookkeeper sfenogropher or office mochme operofor IN FACT during every s+ep of your ropud progress ocqulrlng lnvoluoble prochcol experuence whzle leornmg' START ANY DAY or NIGHT The Largesf Cham BUSINESS SCHOOLS In AMERICA Thos G OBnen Pres Frank D March V P INDIVIDUAL INSTRUCTION Avord Subway Congeshon A+'Iend Up'Iown Drake Schools BRONX Fordham Road and Grand Concourse CY 5 6200 WASHINGTON HEIGHTS S+ Nicholas Ave 8: I8Is'I SI WAdsworI'I1 3 2000 SECRETARIAL STENOGRAPHY TYPEWRITING BOOKKEEPING ACCOUNTING Office Machines COM M ERCIAL SPANISH la tmmff' Crystal cane sugar cooked slowly wrth tree rrpened fruit If you tonne! purchase Ohms in your heme 'own wma us P O lox J S Chicago I907 Sexton Quaid, AM . of . , .' . . - ,.-, T1-ff . 1l'J:D x Y ' rl . 4 I. . '1--X , 'S ,' . Z ' o 1 ' 1 . . . ., n-I4 , M'-!l'Lz?i'SE,wvsii.2'isk. is E if N Q -'ISIN' 'sw 'nay' 'BN' W 059' ! Q-ws 'r- 1,1 PY, We I wan- 4 , 'Z 'fr sv 5 U L-H 1 1 .3 nf-gi, W ll' rug 2 I, A, . ff Xv3?',A M ff' 1 A R E, T 5 Yi Q K lv Athi , ' 1 , - Q ', se- as 'a '.'gg1S Q of kg f ' ' F' ,ag W N, ' - - x. "Ru 5 . iff!! il 17965 lliiivvzvvf if 5 K , A gif 4 V 4. ,,i,,,,i ff ,. 5,,,K 4 .. F ,X li 137, ff ,.,,4

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