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 - Class of 1946

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X .41 j I I X -1 K ' fl ,ff Xxx fl ai , -if QL' 'va-mf' f 1 'fx I ff' ' NS X X x X :- '7 aaa . i 0 X I it S jx x . .w- ,. z I f gl xx 'W ' 1. sq-xv? X tx 'Q f XQ? Q, 4r?" zr -72,9hi"5P j, ,,,g.+ :fa-311 gs' fs-"-iZ"'?L'- me 4' af, i Z'f'4'5:?' 1!2,.v , gf? ,faai !A a ie in 5 G ?'j3,,f4",5f Q88 if f I I i .432 :5 ff .2.-"fa" I 'ri' " eg, f Q I ,f ' LN V' ,' 'rf f "' , 1 'X .. :'ff!'f'!f, " - r ffff., ,Aff ,, --441 .WW ,f TQ ,9":f, !f I , ,, , , . ,. , , ,f f f ' , 11" ff if 'fl "a I4 M! lfrff A in V, ' I , ' if y f R ,ffff ff, I .- ff! W f A' -,J-w f' , 1 I ,f ' f ' :f,:- fh ,f QM! . Qu fi ' 5 'ffl f I, A f,,f" ' '- K, f 3. " f' 'ff ," 1 f f! , ,LV l ff 'T 4 :rl V If : , Wllf I gil iw , A dl, V f U. I L- I, 'I f H 1 f 11 , N. ' ff! -' , ,iff fl , g 5' ' ' fl- ' '41 , f gf " ' j , X . ' ff 1 x ' ,J ' X f, V kg. f rl V '1 ,' N1 , - , 14 1 1 ff w W! ff . ' Vi I gh' Q2 ' 'T ' f f p xx Y ' Q In 1 , , , . - Y . , Y , 9 A Y A ' - T' if ' 2 , ,ff fi 3' -T -4 My ' fla- J af V ffga- '42 ,NIQX rf f ' ' 3,41 A f iff . 435, Kgs , , .J ff- ,f f ' 4 1 , A' f " gig X 'Ol' 'fi X f ' if - ' ' 54' 5 ' g i i -K ' ff :., X911 1 ,ical I 5 sl ' ' ', "' ' 35:5 ' L! pK lf:-X ' I .uf 1151- X fl J? f' .-1 f ' lf I ' fff " " ,I '- ' , ' -GN 'X nf, - X f 5,-' 7 3 Rift' . ' f ' I ,' f ---311-N - w H A fi? 9 K Nw . fy 04' ffp ,qv . . Lx :X . ,, - .f fu 'X X I ' N fr t" lf lj x X ,I , 1 '. 4' " A , ii'-X. 7' f' yi' f . , 1, , HIT' ' - -I-- - 1, I . --,. Y J-17 3-ref . . .- . -- - ' .1J'Jf F' .v' ll' " A Q1 - .-'jf' ' g E.A X VGQQEL Zggii. fb E 324535 ',:f",?3S?, ' I -2 3 ijv f,-i ' - -, ff, V , -9 es ' 7 - '95 '-45J'f 9 -'L, f 5 " , -- I - U Ljiif? 1' "ef '41 1134 ,-- ,f . Z: 5 1 :WT -1 EIS . - ' 1' 5 ' J v. - in 1 F' f" 4"'1 Zi' '3"' 9 f' ' ,Q ' - - 7 '1""L?ff7,'s' if-.--' 3: ' 'f' 9 - ' 1111 , 0 , ,439 L:z.ef,:.:,L?zqg-,e f 1f1g..v.b -Q-Q nv, 1 Phofo by Myron Freedman. June 41 gl W P ii ATC H E I JANUARYYKJUNE GEQRGE WXXSHINGTQN HIGH SCHQQU2 if cw OF NEW YQRK ii?-46 AX A SCHOTTL ACTING PRINCIPAL A 'EE' we X PPROXIMATELY one hundred years ago Edgar Allen Poe comed the expressxon the glory that was Greece and the grandeur that was Rome and these words have become rmmortal because they so aptly express the two herrtages whrch modern crvrlrzatron recerved from the ancrent peoples along the Medrterranean from Greece the prmcrples of art and phrlosophy and of abstract scrence and from Rome the funda mental rdeas of law and jurisprudence together wrth a coordrnated mrlrtary and admmrstratrve form of government that can functron over a wrde drversxty of peoples Yet to us who are about to graduate from an Amerlcan hrgh school rn the year 1946 rt rs clear that rn the culture of modern youth something has been added to the body of knowledge and a preclatron whrch we rnherrted from ancxent times To Ike glory that um Greece and the gum dew that um Rfme bar been added the zmorz that I5 Amerzf 1 Thrs vrsron IS a dream that man kmd has chernshed for centurres the dream of a trme when the rndrvrdual and hrs needs and asprra trons shall take precedence over former concepts of rmperral glory and natronal grandeur We have come at last to realrze that the mdrvrdual rs an object of drgmty deservmg understandrng and sympathetrc consrderatron and wrth this realrza tion rn the forefront of our thrnkmg we have added much to the orxgrnal herrtages that we re cerved from Greece and Rome We seek to achreve an open mmdedness and a wrllmgness to revrse opmrons and conclusrons rn the lnght of new eu dence vwhnle at the same trme attemptlng to develop crrtncal power and a drsposrtron to seek causes to xx engh evidence carefully and to xuth hold judgments untrl sufficient evrdence IS avaxl able But the development of the xndrvndual rs not the entnre functron of a good educatron There must be also a group conscrousness and a realrza and responsrbrlrtres of leadershrp that they face rn the modern world As the world depended so much on us for the wrnnmg of the war so rt rs dependmg even more on us for the keeprng of the peace The opportunrtres and responsrbrlrtres into whrch the young people of America are mov mg today are the gravest that have ever been lard on any group of people It rs sard that the symbol of today ns the atomrc bomb what the symbol of tomorrow wnll be remams to be seen rt may be somethrng beautnful or rt may be somethmg hrdeous In any case rt wrll represent a vast new power world wrde m rts scope and rt rs our prrmary task to see that thrs power rs a benefxcent one For the full comprehensron of the grave new world mto whrch we are steppmg and the great responsrbrlrtres and opportumtres we wrll face vue know that we are much mdebted to our years m the George Washmgton Hngh School and we are grateful to the faculty and supervrsory staff that has made possrble thrs understandrng of our destmy We are mdebted to our prrncrpal Mr Arthur A Boylan and to Mr Max Schottland who as Acting Prrncrpal rn the Sprmg of 1946 gurded us rn the closrng days of our school careers We owe much also to the deans and grade ad vrsors whose technical knowledge of our currrcular problems drd so much to help us use our time efticrently and successfully And last but far from least we salute the teachers of dear old G W who through the years mth patrence and un flaggmg lndustry have done a great job rn brmg mg us not only the glory that was Greece and the grandeur that was Rome but also the vrsron that rs Amerrca May we carry that vrsron wrth us throughout our lrves YL-- ff cycyp Q' WW nj, 'llfl ll' 'gf I 4. ll L lu - X l n? EDITORIAL 'Y tion by all members of the group, of the problems CIEORCIE WASIHIIINCTON IEDIFOR S INOTE 5111141 Ifff0Zll1d1I1g 0187 LI fyzmzfev 0 61 refzlzuy ago The H1111 bel has zegzzfmly ron tmma' mlzclef 1111 tlae blflllly 0 lfac rzezgbbozlaood III 11 bzcb Ike Gemgc Waslazrzglon Hzgb School If 5 fzmlea' ISO I16IglJI707lJ00d III ow efzlzre 11ly IJ mbez III bzflmzr background and hence Ilae subject feemr 111 LOIIILIIII dflilfifl zuzlzmztca' fozmer 0 7656417111 O1 Interested finden!! and acuity memberr For Ibn year! materzal ue me mdelzted to Mr W C O Brzen a member 0 the Englzyla acully EW PORTIONS of our clty are placed rn surroundmgs more pxcturesque or nn a topog raphy more attractxve than the northern txp of storied Manhattan Island known only for seventy years as Wfashlngton Heights Set on a lme of abrupt hnlls bounded by preclpxtous wooded and parked slopes margmed on two sldes by tldal streams not preczsely r1x ers and facing the stately dant sunshxne and a ready access to numerous parks To these ltems IS added a croxxn of hlstorlc memorles making 1ts streets byxx ays and antique bulldmgs centers of great Interest Dex elopment lnto a well known resldentlal dls trlct vxas retarded by lack of proper transnt One must be mmdful that the old the Sex enth Avenue subway dxd not reach Dyckman Street untll 1912 Incxdentally the 191 Street statxon and entrance xxas not ln orxgmal plans and ns a recent change Formerly the subway ran dlrectly from the 181 Street statlon to Dyckman Street Before the sub xxay xx as completed to exen 157 Street the xx rrter s father xxho had an offlce at 51 Chambers Street for many years xxent dovxntovxn by the Dolly tram at a noxx extrnct statlon at 151 Street and the Hudson Manhattan Island ns thnrteen mrles long from the Battery to 230 Street fstnll Man hattan Thns boro was the relatlxely undlsturbed do mam of the Indran three hundred years ago The rugged herghts of Penadnnc Manhattanxxlle to Spuyten Duyvrlj vxhose densely wooded srdes made a refuge for vxrld beasts and brrds xxere transversed by the natxxes on the Weckquassgeek grades thru the xxoodlands It reached from the Battery thru Central Park then by vxay of Saint Nrcholas Axenue as far as 145 Street It clrmbed to the Hexghts Follovxmg Broadvxay from 168 Street it came doxxn the h1ll to Dyckman Street At thxs pO1r1t branch trarls led to xarrous haunts in the valley of Inxxood the man path xxay reached along the Harlem Rrxer bank to Spuyten Duyvxl Creek at a pomt east for crossing to the maxnland Thxs shalloxx Wfadrng Place rs on the llne of present day Broadvx ay It vxas then a narroxx and rather tortuous part of the Creek north of Marble Hlll knoxxn to natives as Papar mrmm In natxxe custom the phrase vxas glxen not only to the xxater course but to the abuttlng xsland of KlDgSbfld5C from xxhlch the mamland xxas reached by another crossing ox er marshland on the it iff il' it ii? 'ik ii? 'iff .y ' D' T .r '4 - 'h ' I , . .I . fb j 1- I, -' .. A A I- , . h . .', f j g . , W . , I 1 Y r y 1 I l 1 ' Palisades, it gives residents ,variety of view, abun- trail, a well-travelled path that followed the . 7 . - , V y ' 5 - , ' , , fy , ' - , ' , I ' ' H7 B S S , ' - I f ' 1 1 SCHOOL OF HISTORIC B A C K G R O U N D S lrne of 271 Street One branch trarl clearly led to the foot of Dyckman Street mother may have led to vrllage lodges along Seaman Ayenue Passrng thru the settlement rt spread thru woods to a secluded dell below the east srde of Inwood Hrll known as Cold Sprmg Hollow where under clrfts and great masses of rock de tached from lofty bluffs refuge w as granted from both wrnter storms and enemy obseryatron The Red Men called thrs vrllage space Shorakapkok that appellatron was applred to nearby waters of Spuyten Duyvrl Creek they were clan members led at a trme of earliest w rrtten records by a sachem or head called Rech gawas Known as Rechgaw aw anc they were part of a larger chreftarncy wrth headquarters at our own Dobbs ferry Terrrtory occupred by the trrbe extended oy er Morrrssanra as far as the Bronx Rrver and the upper part of Manhattan South of 181 Street and w est of Broadway was a clearrng for the rarsrng of marze Indran corn Thrs Indran Freld or Great Marze Land covered an area between Haxen Avenue and Broadway 175 181 Street At Jeffrey s Hook Fort XVashrng ton Pornt greatly altered by the 1977 1932 brrdge changes arrowpornts and deposrts of shell and charcoal wrth fragments of name pottery eu dence a long trme occupancy of the rocky head land as a hshmg place Along the hrgh banks of the Hudson as far south as Audubon Park 1158 Streetj black car bomzed debrrs has been drscovered to mdrcate hsh mg camps A tmy brook rrsrng rn hrgh ground west of Fort Washmgton Avenue at 180 Street made rts way down the present lrne of Bennett Avenue to 194 Street Crossrng the Indran path rt wound thru sw ampy land on rts devrous way to that deep rndentron rn the Harlem Rrver bank a Half Krll now Shermans Creek borderrng the Edrson Electrrc Dynamo Plant clearly vrsrble from the north wrng of George Washrngton Hugh School rnto whrch another brook entered from the west that found lts source rn sprrngs wrthm thrs Seaman Avenue Indian Vrllage Where the brook and trarl crossed Broadway at 194 Street a slopmg bank used for truck fr mrng by Adolph Terrenner and famrly was used IS plantmg ground by natrves Sundry tools and frig ments wrenched from the soil show thrs fact Under the massrye rocks on the east srde of I'ort Tryon Hrll 194198 Street precrsely where our students comrng from the crty tunnel enter the 8 Avenue Subway there haye been drscoyered some pockets hlled wrth drscarded shells debrrs of shelters used rn wmter trme When Hudson sarled up the rrver named rfter hrm the upper Manhattan Indrans were of thc general Algonkran stock a race spread oy er east ern North Amerrca Ethnologrsts sry that thx were of Delaware orrgrn part of an Unamr branch wrth therr nerghbors along thrs srde of the Hudson they were known as Wfapprnver meanrng men of the east land Thrs term came trves of the crty had come under the control of the warlrke Mohawk trrbe part of the Iroquors to whom they pard trrbute A century later the trde of reyolutronary war fare swept over the scene of Manhattan For sex en years thereafter the armres of Brrtarn and Hesse Cassel camped around and upon the traces of the Red Men Xet they farled to drscoy er or drsturb them except so far as the soldiers currosrty was excrted by the fmdrng of an occasronal Indran ob ject whrch they threw away rn therr huts and trenches w hen rts noy elty had passed Hence three centurres elapsed before the rnqursrtrve archeolo grst pryrng into the shell heaps searchrng among the rocks and delvrng deep rn the sorl found agarn the srre of the homes the gray es the pottery and the rmplements of the long forgotten Weck quass eek Wrrlrakr C' Olhurx ' 3 Y , n . . L ' , V C 4 Y S , ' , ar ' V 1 , ' ' , " 1 a ' ' U V 2 v. D v ' a -I V V -1 . I , ' ' Y Q , V- - V 2 V V 1 V, V A - V , . V 7 . ' V . 1 2 V A Y V V " D ' ,", ' ' 1 V ' V 1 v . -l 1 Y - L r- P 1 1 1 V , - - 7 7 , ' 4 " . ' z ' 1-' 9 1 . V . 1 V , . , , - O , Now, who were the occupants? We know that later to mean Dutchess County' Indians. The na- V V V . ' ' A -' 4 V Y I 4 9 1 Q H ' I Y . 1 h 1 1 - ' ' V V' V 7 I V ' V V - V . V ' V 1 ' , 1 , , V V V V V V 7 V ' ' V ' 1 ' , " , V ' 1 " ' ' V ' V ', - - 1 V 1 V V 1 V ' V '- V V V ' l . A Y lv-. Q . I . . . . t Q Y 1 I Y . i . l . . . - 4 , 7 7 Y . . , ,,., V q ,- ., . V y - ' -- , -'V f.'V - ' " v 4 , q V, 1 1 V - I Y 1 ' ' . - .- Q! 'W Hp' ! 's'g'+'n , 6, A . 4 . -. .oi If Qlllll illlllf "' 3 . Eff 'Q fy. ,ff 4 85 "5i"'f""'i'- -I :g'. fu.. ,,. .J 75, . 6 ,X Q jig, 3,1 P' .-I . fl 'rso 'S .-... 4-6-44- Q7 ' ' g V-v 001014 4 .QL T 1' Q11 ll 0' I 'S fd ' g wg "' W5 ' -5 YF' LSR - ,.-.- J' Q Q Y .f ,id In au SIHIURT STCPRY Journey in Betb's Buggy GUESS rt was bound to happen After three days of studymg Macbeth rntensrvely nn prep aratron for an exam I dreamt that I was Shakes pere s hero Well here I was rrdmg home from battle on my trusty mount and borlrng mad be cause my best sunt of armour w as dented beyond reparr But the mount drdnt look llke a horse at all 1t looked more l1ke well what do you know lt WAS a I'hP and on its left flank app ared rn bold red letters the legend Beths Buggy Srttmg next to me was Gen Banquo hanglng on for dear lrfe Krng Duncan s roads apparently werent very modern and we were averagrng about eighty mrles an hour' Sud denly there were strange norses rn the motor and I knew I was rn for a repanr job A jeeps a jeep any land any age and anything can happen I w is just puttmg the carburetor together agam when Bmquo uttered a sound whrch startled me rrght h and and looked up What I saw made me also drop the tool I was clutchrng rn my left hand X ou ve guessed lt The witches' Well they ran through therr prophecres and drsappeared Frve mrnutes later Banquo and I were strll standlng there gapmg at each other pop eyed and open mouthed when we heard the drone of a plane We both dose rnto a drtch our surts of armour emrttlng a successron of clanks and squeaks as we hlt the ground The plane was soon rn srght and we recognized rt as frrendly by the arms of Scotland appearrng on nts wmg txps lt w as a small slow llalson plane flying low so we got up and waxed at the prlot who to our surprnse landed hrs craft on a straight part of the road about two hundred yards from us Two men emerged from the plane and started towards us After a few moments I recogmzed them as worthy cousm Ross and worthy cousm Angus After having uttered approprrate greetrngs Ross handed me an envelop Insrde I found a pap r srgned by Duncan stating that Macbeth Thane of Glamrs by Smel s death IS forever to be known as Thane of Cawdor Ross then embarked upon a long story full of apologres tellmg me that he would have radxoed the commrssron to me but smce enemy forces had set up a powerful jammmg statlon rt had been rmposslble But I was only half lrstenmg and I mumbled lost m my thoughts Maybe those old hags were rlght Then I fell to wonderrng and I saxd The Thane of Cawdor lrves why do you dress me IH borrow d robes? Angus explamed to me that Caw dor had been tried as a war crlmlnal and sentenced to death and that thc King had gnen me hrs title is a reward After Ross and Angus had left Banqnn ,md I hxed the jeep and headed for the next town As soon as we got there I rushed to the first drug store I saw and put rn a long drstance call to Duncan The op rator rn her cute Scottxsh voxce rnformed me that Therr wull be a alf ourrs dullay I spent the half hour writing an arr mall letter to my wrfe When my call fmally came through I thanked the Kmg for the honors he had done me to whrch he replxed that wlshmg to honor me further he would do me the great honor of staymg at my house for the week end I-Iearrng that I mumbled Oh Lord rf he brmgs all hrs retrnue wrth lum well be bankrupt nn no tlme Luckrly there was some stztrc m the phone at the moment Beg pardon ' sand Duncar I yelled into the recerver My Lord rf you wlll be good enough to brmg your retmue wlth you well set up a banquet for you IH no trme l , ' 1 , . . I 1 ll ' a s ' 1 ! 9 D , . . . " 9 9 , a . . , . 1 3 3 ' , . . , . . 7 7 T ' Y 7 Y ' 7' 7 ,2 , I 2 . . , N , M.: , - ' ' ' u ' ' ' is ' U I so, that I dropped the tool I was holdmg rn my . . t I K Q . . , , ,, . Q . . . . 5 y 7 ' - , V- , I . .. . y . . . , . Y I , , V, a a ' , . V I 1 I' I V. - 9 ' 9 a , Y 7 4 ' V 1 ' v 7 . , , , ' ' V' - ' 7 I - sv f ' f 1, I ' , 2 'V ' rf r f I ' . " , "' .,' , ., 7 4 1 I. ' - , , f ' y , V ' . ' " V ' Y 9 7 Y . U 7 D . ' 1 r , ' , ' ' " . , , Q 11 5 Bw 45214 He sard he would and I staggered out of the telephone booth wonderrng what rt was lrke to be a pauper 'ks ' r fa 4 w e sep XM -10 ral!! Kid NTO each lrfe a lrttle rarn must fall and a storm fell rnto mrne the day my krd brother Mrckre was born As an rnfant Mrck wasnt too annoyrng but I can strll remember Mrckres squeals and I can hear the squeaks of fathers shoes as he valrantly walked the floor wrth the krd rn hrs arms Years passed and as all good thrngs must come to an end Mrckre grew up He progressed as any normal krd brother would He bogged the bathroom when I had a heavy date read my drary and annoyed me when my frrends came to the house Mrckre and I called a permanent peace the day I played the part of a good samarrtan He had been playrng baseball and hrt a wonderful fly that landed smack rn the mrddle of Mr Murphys store wmdow Mrckre was caught and was forced Two days later I got home I walked rn and was met by my wrfe pacrng the floor wrth my letter rn her hand I sensed that somethrng was wrong so I put on my best smrle and very rnno cently sard Hello Honey But all she drd was grve me a scornful look and I longed for the peace and quret of the battleleld because I knew what was comrng She told me I was a weaklmg that I should have nerve enough to krll a man after all my war experrence and I should be glad that fate had helped me by sendrng Duncan to my house It dawned on me suddenly that she meant I was to do away wrth Duncan Wrth Duncan my krng' Me a murderer of my lrege lord and whrle he was a guest under my own roof' I felt my knees buckle and my body sag and a cold sweat came to my brow And then a bell rang and Duncan was announced Aw shut off the alarm clock and get p yelled my brother I pulled myself drzzrly to the edge of the bed and sat up Then I beamed on my surroundrngs Cood old USA' Dear old G W' Grrrarvr Roos Brother to pay for the reparr He was frrghtened for father would certarnly be angry I gave Mrck the money I had been savrng for a new formal I drdnt realrze how much he apprecrated thrs untrl I found out he had taken a job after school rn order to pay me back before the dance Lrfe wrth Mrckre had rts brrghter moments There was the trme when he won the oratorrcal contest at hrs publrc school It certarnly was a proud moment when I boasted that he was my krd brother I also remember hrs hrgh school graduatron when he was commended for hrs ex cellent record But I guess the trme I was proudest of hrm was when mom dad and I went down to recerve the Drstrngurshed Servrce Cross whrch he got post humously GILDA ZWECKER ll ll . . ' . ' , . v Y U 1 . ' , . ii' 'Br 'iff 'fir r ' 7 l . . . , 1 1 I , 7 . . h . 7 Qu . it 17 9 1 ' It I 71 XX 'xilgi W7 . l l ' , , I ' ' ' K - , lb I 3 - F Y Q. - ,J r 9 M Q ' f . g , ,r , fr i? la. f neg A Y' fyfcs, V. :ff " Ah! Duncan, quoth I. 5 7 " T' f 1 1- 'rf Q ff!!! I -Q, ' ' wsx-Y ,Y N V . E in-Q 'gi'-,I-. . V - 1- - Tw, ---I X ' 1 Jr I I rr Irv in Viixrgr, 4 X I ,,,,4.u ,,..Vll 4 ,QB . . . '1 pvjyx' H ' H . . . , . g V . , 7 Y i . ' . , 1 V u 7 s 1 . . 7 I . , V - ' 1 7 1 U imc commodating Santa RECENTLY read an editorial in which an eight year old reader asks if there rs really a Santa Claus and the editor assures hrm there rs I dont want to appear pessimistic but let me re late my experience on the subject Once upon a time Santa Claus used to be the exclusive property of the small fry Now every body wants to get into the act It takes years to cultivate your future president to the proper understanding of the Santa Clausran myth but after a while you have hrm convinced there rs only one St Nick the one Clement Clarke Moore created rn hrs poem There came a day when I decided to take my kid brother downtown and let hrm see for hrm self At once we were confronted by a confusing yarrety of Srnta Claus roles There was an adver trsement rn a vyrndow showing Santa f laus drrnk ing a bottle of beer and then a block further was a sign shovsrng Santa leerrng thrrstrly at a bottle of soda pop This modern shift from beer to soda pop puzzled the krd But more was yet to come On the subvyay he saw posters showing Santa Claus at the wheel of a car his pack of toys stick ing out of the rumble seat Other posters showed Mr Claus hanging packs of cigarettes on a Christ mas tree fondling ladies silk stockings recom mending Annie Zrlchs leg make up eating dog biscuits and so on By this time my brother had swamped me vyrth questions Irrnally vue drsembarked and started up the street Came the denouement Seated on a stool rn a coffee shop was Santa Claus rn the flesh Brother insisted that vue go rn and he sat down next to the wondrous character Alas' This Santa s appearance drd not coincide vyrth the description rn Moores poem Hrs cheeks werent rosy but a pasty yellow his eyes drdnt twrnkle but looked trred and sleepy Hrs tummy drdnt shake like a bowl full of yelly because he was on a diet Gimme a cup of cavy fee srster snarled Santa Sister set down the cup of coffee And what drd Santa do? He took off hrs beard so he could drrnk hrs coffee There ought to be a layy' DAPHNE MARSHALL Locked Doors I'IH hrs late uncle s attorney Paul sat ex pectantly rn the large living room of hrs the will To my nephew Paul I leave my entrre fortune provrded he shall comply vyrth the drrectrons here rnafter gryen In the cellar of my resrdcnce there rs a secret staircase knoyyn only to my attorney and me It lcrds to a corr dor decp undc ground Here there are tyyo rooms with locked doors In one of these rooms rs my fortune rn the o her death Unlock one of the doors If you are alive at the end of ten seconds then you have the right roem rf rot you h nc dcath If at the end of srx months from this day neither of these doors rs touched there xxrll be an explosion and both doors yyrll be ealcd forexer P ul looked it the attmrney So thats the way rt rs thought Paul The attorney handed hrm a small box In thrs you are ready I wrll show you how to get to them The next day Paul and the attorney vyent rnto th cellar and crme to 1 long narrow winding stir ca e 'lhcy descended slovyly holdrng lighted cridles Wlmerr they finally reached the bottom they yy ilkcd through a long corridor and saw a light lherd The a torncy stopp d and said You xyrll find the txyo deors rhead I will not go further Paul sud Lets get out of here I want to think rt eyer The next dry t e attorney departed leaving Prul by hrnself rn the lirge house Paul slept restlessly from that day on He had terrrble dreams 3 . . . ' , . , . . y - i 'ia ' ' a I - , I 1 V. . . ' ' I ' 3 7 I - I' - V I - - 1 11 - H - - I 7 . 7 I ' ' ' ' , - ' , ' -K ' ., h -I 1 r i an ' ' 5 Q1 ' 11 h . y , ' rl ' 1 , r . - V ' 1 1 , - ' ' ,H 1 . uncle's house as the attorney continued reading box," he said, "are the keys to the rooms. When vi - Y 7 A ' , ,' ' - ' - 1 y 1 , y ' ' 1 I y l ' 1 I ' C ' 1 '2 2 , 1 , A , - 1 ' - - , v r 2'1- -1 S . I - r 7 i U 7 ' . fz ' ' i ' 'r Y . 'z ' . ' ' ' , ' f , ' ' . 'z ' ' ' ' . ' - . ' L ' , , ' , L A , 4 ' " . , c , 4 c . c e - , - - y . 1 ' ,' V - . . ' 1 - ,Y . ' Y " , g ' 1 , ' z 'A " . f . Q' , " ' . ' . . V ' ' ' , ' . 2 ' rl ' , " s f - f 1 ' 5 ' 1 v . ' :H " J 1 Q " ' r ' ' . ' i of awaiting death. He became incessantly restless. In the early hours of the morning, he would walk down to the doors and stare for hours trying to make up his mindg but each time his terror over- came him, and he ran back upstairs. Days and weeks went by. Paul hardly slept or ateg he walked around the house in a daze. His hair turned gray, and his cheeks showed promi- nently in his pale face. At last the day came, the last day of the six months. Paul picked up the box containing the keys of the locked doors, and proceeded to the cellar, running and stumbling down the long narrow steps He stared at the doors and then ran blindly to one of them Taking a key from the box he placed it slowly near the key hole clutching it tightly in his hand He inserted the key mumbled some crazy words to himself and then turned it. He heard the lock clickg he stepped back. There was the silence of death. The only sound was the ticking of the watch on his wrist. Every second seemed a year. One-two-three-the perspiration ran down his faceg his heart pounded like a sledge hammer. Four five six seven eight , From weak- ness he had to kneel on one knee with his hands clutched tightly together. Eight-nine-ten. There was silence, and then an explosion came from the room The walls caved in and the ceiling tumbled down upon him And Paul never knew that his uncle had died penniless LLSTER MEYLRS Futzle Tears WINKED gayly back at the little star that winked at me and I laughed to myself that the little star would never know the happiness I felt My heart swelled and filled my whole body with an exhilaration that night What more could a girl want' I asked myself Herel am skating on this gorgeous pond on a perfect night com plete with moon and holding my hand is Bud Bud is everything a girl could wish for I guess He looks like Alan Ladd a little but his hair is curlier I suppose I liked him more than I was willing to admit We started to talk about school as one usually does How is your french' he said Oh I passed the Regents last term Thank goodness for that' Then you can help Peggy Shes having a hard time of it Peggy who is she? A friend of mine She lives in the country where I went this summer Then there vyasn t much more to say for awhile but I hate silence so just for com ersation I said Tell me about Peggy Bud answered slowly and carefully I didnt realize this till later But vx ith a feminine curiosity and a half smile I urged him on Ginny he said I ve always felt close to you and there is something I want to tell you Do you I dont think I'11 go out with him After a" 1, he is a half inch shorter than I ,f af' 6 ' ff I' X . , ' 1 , . ' 1 . 3 . , . . o . . .. - U - i. . 7 W 7 9 ' . U L . . , , - . . . , ff X 2 A . . Y. V, 1. ' ' ' - - . . . . . . , ' s ff I , , N ' W , J I , ' lf - - - fl 3 -1 4 h H I ,li ,, 1 I I .. I, X ,X X s ' f I , ., E , , 8 . If, . f 1 X , , .. . - f gf, 3 - ' X . ' 1 1 - I . . ,, .fr 5: . , .. V . . , . fa 5 s ' 69:7 , f 1 6 G' W , - w f . vt , , L eo, on-, . .. - 1. ,.1,.5gQ9, xx' . P-1-':+ f " ' , 'iffffiififff' , . . . I 1 , ,lj-1 -' 'S 2:1 5. v QQQQ I ' i .mitkkzisfi I ,114-5:2- . , ,, 35.3.4-3: lg 305 1 . ':.'s'I'rf '..'4-'owyv X ' 5"?2'P.'1'r, ' 'PJQQ' ,I , -,e',SW'p .' . ' 4 043' 1 , I . , ,. .f , ch, is .,5,0x,. 0 f c Y - ':--:f".'f.',y u -:yeas I . Q- . ... .I sky. ,f 9.59, K X X. --,.-,rv-,.v.-,1, ., 1, gy,-Q --XX . . , . . . . . . .,,h'.,7,,. , V X f f - - -3:1-'W' ' , ' . . ESG. V V .s , ' 0 'L . . . 1 I. l really want to know about Peggy? She is some- thing you dream about, perfect in every detail. I met her at a dance this summer, and it was just like a movie. I really know I'm in love, desperately in love with her. She lived ten miles away from me, and I bicycled to her house as often as I pos- sibly could, even though it sometimes rained. You should see her. Peggy's so blond and tall. She's beautiful l" At this I thought of my dark hair, and my five feet, two inches, and I looked at Bud. He was gazing dreamily and wistfully up at the moon Funny isn t it? I thought The same moon that shone on me so protectively a moment ago Fickle moon' "Ginny," he said, "there is only one Peggy. It was much more than a summer romance. We have been writing to each other, and I know she likes me. Her birthday is next week. I want to get her something very precious to let her know I care. Can you suggest something? You're so wonderful, Ginny, just like my little sister." And he put his arm around me. It's not that I really liked him, or really cared. It's even a little ironic to think of Bud in love. After all, isn't love something that can be felt only by adults? I'm young and I'll soon forget entirely of course I will And this raging torrent of tears will soon stop They re so childish and so futile MARILYN GRUENBERG L1 e as az Switchboard Operator AVE you ever been annoyed to the point of exa p ration by a switchboard operator who simply refused to connect you with your party or who insisted upon clicking continuously in your ear? No doubt you have and this fact brings me face to face with my objective which is to make you a little less averse to telephone operators For the past two y ars I ve been an after school Who" Him' Oh his just been elected the senior class actor 'fi s Ll A ff"'i J Ex Aj I f' fy , fy? W f 0 ,f f f iff 'lil '92 'T f f giZ2ZQ?4Qyr ffm ff' ll f W7 xgief K if f f 1 lrpf f ,ffm ff 6, 1, l r f 5 i Z 77 ,f ,V W QW Qi Viz :Qi 'lil I ll:4 ll it Ilull tl ll' 'I ll l C I " 908 900015 operator for one of Americas largest clothing chains in their showplace on Broadway Switch boards always held a fascination for me At this point in the game however I am neither awed nor fascinated by the intricacies of the telephone On the contrary I could cheerfully choke the man who holds up my busy board for an interminable length of time with the story of how when he came home to Flatbush and opened the carton he discovered that the trousers had been creased in the wrong place My promise that upon return of the garment we will gladly press out the crease is totally insulhcient Apparently nothing will satisfy him except to have the company president run out to Fla bush and iron the trousers personally Then there is the worried wife who calls to say Oh Miss I was supposed to meet Cornelius that s my husband at your store at a quarter after five but junior had a toothache so will you please find Cornelius and explain everything to him Whereupon I try to make her understand that it is a physical impossibility for me to go in search have flashed on and my head begins to whirl Then of course there are the executives who labor under the delusion that the switchboard is there for their sole use and that no other calls . . , 7 t , L . Q . . S 2 . . . . . ' . D . . . . . . . . , , . . , . ' 9 s 4 S , - . . , 5 Y I Y , I 'ff ' ll ' A . g, e -f H L : A' I 'lb 2 1 5, 1' - l . . . E ,QQ I f f ' 1 ' A t X 9 H 7 I 3 l 1 gang' fx f x , .' 1, , fe arf 4 M ' af r fe ,f Z t if r i 4 , t W K gf? wZQf rw ,I ' - - ' . -N N 'fig-QXIIQL. " V ' ' 1' , ' ,f,, ff '22, f ly ,ff ff, - .- ' 1" Cf! fl . I-X 1011 f t ', I fflifj 7 1 ' -' 'Y f , ' . . . . . . . 57 X , , I j, ln? 45 . . . pm! " ef f , 42,116 9 of Cornelius. In the meantime a dozen other lights , -4, ' A ' ff ' ff fi, , . fig ' 'ifw diff: Yjlglz ,iff WW I - ye! wil! W IQ, f . . . y ,V A , , n I mv. if T . 'I . Lbixy L llfpffnl If X we X, 'f A, , Q., lf f 1,wQ,f K' ff f' M ilkflxf "A If jill! 1 I I llzlli i 'ima I 735 ' 'I 7 17. fffr I . L ' 'K 133442 , W - 5,261 1 e : , W -he 4 M., Q N ilh lli 4 come m Mr Wfhrtney for example yxxll rmg and say Nou Mrss Moser rush through a long dls tance c ill to Mr Blmbelhoffer at the Los Angeles storc and call my dentrst md svutch my appoint ment to next xycck and oh yes be sure to call Mrss ny rt the M xyflower Hotel Tell her that I will be up to see her tonight as planned All this ns rattled off wuthm thirty seconds durlng which time Cornelius mfe rs on the verge of hysterlcs and the man from Flatbush IS gettmg more and more proflne lbout the crease rn hrs trousers After an rverage of two hundred thirty calls lrke these I return to the sanctrty of my home to write essays for my English class a lrttle tired per haps but nevertheless sorry that I have but one nervous system to gxve to my switchboard Loan Mosrzn QA SCI-tool, SGRVICE' 'N EXT GQ OFF QE enemy TREE ff 4-1 5 IFJ!! If --fn 1 5 X ""r 4 is Xuvibitzoff A lt Qt? f X f 5 0 Ag 4 ll 6 2 Vo X X xx Si- D Fatal Rmgzng HERE was a note of srlence rn the audrtonum unusual as rt may seem and all eyes were turned toward the center of the stage We were about to srng the school s Alma Mater It was rn the next moment that I heard that horrrble sound' No rt wasnt a shot nor was rt a scream but rt was unlrke any sound I had heard rn a number of years You see alarm clocks have been very scarce smce the war started Yes rt was the rmgmg bell of an alarm clock You may have the rdea rt was my clock but no I was just a poor unfortunate soul The clock was a frrend s but through some strange trrck of fate rt was restmg not so peacefully on the seat beside me All eyes were no longer on the center of the stage I felt glances fxlled wrth both laughter and susprcron commg towards me from all parts of the audrtorrum But certainly I was not to blame for the srmster sounds. Suddenly I saw her commg up the arsle You ask who? Our faculty advrser whose face usually held a sweet smile thats who rt was' But I saw no smrle on her face at this moment Instead there was an extremely stern expressxon She sat down across the arsle eyerng the boys and one could see she thought that among the boys was where the gurlt lay Although seldom wrong our faculty advrser was to be very much surprrsed In another second we heard agarn the sound that to me had become monstrous Before I knew what I was dorng the clock was rn my hand and I was trymg frantxcally to stop xts rmgmg I trred but m varn I fclt my face turnrng red and I was more em barrassed than I had ever thought possrble Wnthrn a second I was asked "very gently' to leave The faculty advnser and I went mto conference and we both decided that students can get mto some queer sntuatnons Won't someone please tell me why rt had to happen to poor lrttle me? DOT SCHENKER , rue' , . I I . . I Q 1 Y. A V' H l'. I ' ' - fl-v I If 4:54 A ,a , -. , - Q , . , , , :wa X iv I f 1 I' M,,i-ggtfff, , .- . 55 5' 5 1 T I ,Q xr f '12 I Q Q , ,,.'f . . ,:,,ff' ,l"f- X ' ' 1 , . Ji f 1 1 ' f , Q Q ff a ,. 2 5 . . , , - - ' f 4 , vp- 'gf-v ,f , , , I W gl? A f xi! C f . If -flap? 4 p. . c 1 ' 1, f V . 1 I . . . 1 5 . . W X I ,ll 1 I I 11 . , . , . . . 'gall af 14" -T ,M lf' , ' A , NX:-Qfa fl' If JW' ff, 4 , Z! . . -- gf fi, ,fx ,V y If , , , VY ,g V X, K t . . If yy ,ff X f y, .v 'ff f gf g Y ,Z 4. In -, ty, ff y, f . . fyyf . ' . ' . . 7 f , , . g - y If f Gd CK5 ' r f f ue I ' - I ff ala , ,, I. ' E ,,,, .--V Zh 'fitlli-,:?,, ., , . . 1' 'f a-..'i?'7,f1g:i"Q-ijteii ?i'i':f:'i-1-EL" ,rf K f f ' . .. Ke f - ,ggfi-b.::5?5?' ' - A- 5.2-,g-gs, i 3932- ' --'-If-'X' 1 I I . 7 ' , Y ' Z , I . y I I a . s I I s U s . , . , . , . . . L , . , I r ' 1 7 - . . . , . . ,. . ' , 1 ' , , . . . Y LAY ON MK OUFF2 LAY ON M Q mil a 'Q ,v I I I .I F I I QfX 5' All ,,, Q vm? ,. .Ia jim' 6 lf wulIlI r ' ll ' 7 'f Zhki' SEP I Xi E x EX ' 7 2 x v- X X, 6 5 sdfj N' "" Ni ul SONG TITLES I Undeuland Mr Sticker fsometxmes I lfValh Alone A Student 111 Been a Long Long Tune Waxtrng on the Lunch Line Hou Lzllle We Kuou G W Students Pleafe Dont Talk Ahoul Me When I m Gone Semors Ome Too 0 ten Cuts Sumnzertzme Free at Last AI Lat! Graduation I m a Big Gul Nou Senior Prom I Couldn I Sleep a Wznh Laft N1ghl Regents Srofnzy Weather Caught Cuttmg 1 Dream o I ou Weekends Golta Be Thu or That Absent or Cuttmg ealoufy Semor Celebs Once In a While Passmg All Subjects SHARON JACOBS ANN BERINGER AS THE FRESHIE SEES IT Twrnkle twinkle little star How I wonder what you are Up above the world so hngh Luke a dramond nn the sky AS THE SENIOR SEES IT Scmtrllate scmtrllate lummous constellatlon Interrogatrvely I consnder your constltuent elements In your prodngxous altrtude above the terrestnal sphere Srmnlar to carbonaceous xsometrrsm octahedral crystal nn the celestral hrmament MOVIE TITLES The Lay! Chame Imal Tests Cornered Being seen ln the hall without a pass She U ouldrzl Say Ief Asking a teacher for a homework postponement Road lo Ulopla You re on It rf you graduate with a 99 average A U alh 171 the Sun Gomg Out for lunch durmg Senior Week Tomorrou If Fofezer The day before Regents Bom I eftefday freshman Dfeam Gul Flgure that one out yourself boys The lVould Be Genilemen Male members of the Senior Class Take Il 01 Leaze 11 Argumg wxth a teacher about a 65 uzz Kid! Arista Truth or Confequenref Enghsh and History Regents Can I on Top Thu? Valednctonan s average Famour my Trzalr udxclal Board Too I ozxng to Knou Freshmen wantrng to know what goes on durmg Senlor Assemblles Cuttxng Office Lunch Room I R T elevators Home o Honon Deffrjert Vzftory Three J a Crowd from Thu Day In Student They Were Expendahle Fallen Angel The Spzral Slazrcare Sentzmenlal journey Spellhound Adventure Who Dropped That Tray m the Lunch Room? People Are Funny Faculty Deep Are the Root: Records rn Cuttmg Ofhce Three to Make Read y Me My Homework and My Book SHARON jacoss ANN BERINGER Resolvmg to Do More Work Students Notebooks Se-mor Left Back Senxor s Delight Craduatlon Recenvmg Dnploma Rose RIEMER HARRY FULD , ff fl l : - S fi - , A. I j 55 vm. E J .. ' - ff , 5215 540 . ,w ,fgg,!?1,rZg1g', 1: QQ gift 1 an ig I F A 7 in ' V I- . I ff' ,T r'- UQ ii? ff! ii!! 7' ar mmm Z 17245- .x 3 I P if, ,gg- T 1 'T v 329 4 59 4 255 4 i?:1g" "lim ' .H I 'f' 1-5, f f" iteliglff 'L' lg ': I l' I L, y Q' X7 " , T .13-5-ai52E531?5' iffztggxiy ff' ' f' fy -' f' . X - , I S i"a ff 7 f ' I X l 1 'I l gf, 91,7 ,f x f '5 17' I' if " , fL?e.l3gaS A 4a I", -O - Xe'-O T 'l F I lf- ' 'AYYXQXX fxkl 1 -ff, 1, ., , - ' f , W I 1" ff -. X it f ' , ' -X 5" . ' Ii .V-. ,L - - CX RTF! ll l X - 'c"' ef2 Q t wx: Ill 'X 4 is A t is . -. fu x X I be I N N - ' g' 5 X X x '21 - - - 9 ' I Y: 464 if 1 I . Q I ,I .' . a S I-'Rs' I If , ,, . y l . . . , . . . I I 1 . ' . I ' 'll I . , .,... W, , . n I 7 If V ' ' ' ' " " ' F r 1 ' - ' . 4 ' I ' 7 n I , ,,....... , A I Q I .Q l ' f' or ,... ,S ' f' 'A -- ,I U I , , , , V. , ,.. l 7 I ' 1 . S,S. .I ' ' ' ' f' . 4 V - l s Q y I 1 . . , , , .H . , A . ..,., A 7 . A l ---.. nr, . .., ... ,,,., . , . I I ,,,,, . ,V . ,.v.. ,. ,,., .., , . I . I . ' , I . , . ' , --------,VV.--- ,. -.-Y . . ...,.........,,,,,......, ...,,... . ..,... , S ,S,Y,.,o ,,y. I . , I y'I Y , . Ufh.ay.eAL G O L D E N D O Z E N Four or Fzze Tzmef But I tell you I hke being a se'uor' Ielly jelly Blue! Oh Tl'at slxth perrocl lunch My Prayer May Gcd add the Regedt s Board be mth me Got a Dale lV1tb an Angel Fellow talkmg about a gxrl from Washington Hrgh Ill Buy That Dveam Graduation There Muff Be a Wfay Dont tell me I ll be rn G W forever I Had a Hal Elghth termer after Semor Week Good Good Good 6 W ID all Mud Terms Ybere Ize Sold 11 Aga zz Scmor Speech There Goof Tha! Song Again Washm ton Oh hall to thee lzme ll altf or No One Nerther does Mr Kutcher I Dldllf Knoll About I ou Icurth termer to Mlss McGumness GERTRUDE SKINNER P O E M 5 Her Dwellmg Plate Medlcal Room Thu If My Hour Sennor Speech The Lax! Memory The A s Long Past A Fa ewell Graduatron A Song o Pmtmg Summer Vacatron Lon mg Fre hman Lookmg at Marble Stanrcase Tragedy Report Cards Mornnzg No e at the Old Grmd Again H11 Further Refolunon To Do Hrs Homework Nxghtly Glrls at Thelr Prom And so Farewell Recexvmg a Drploma SHARON jacoss ANN BLRINGLR Bid Adzeu to Gzrllfb Day The La!! Hour To One nz Paradlfe f7 N GM L - 5TARTrNG- THAT oL.D Scfvfoli SPEcCH B C FOR HEADACHES' Reduce m Lady Esther s care lor upset stomachs one a day' You ll End nt none the worse for wear Duz does your clothes wnthout delay l lor upset stomachs one a day' Yes' Pepsr Cola huts the spot' Duz does your clothes wxthout delay Insured for stalns the Rytex po Yes' Pepsl Cola huts the spot Thus danng shade a fashlon must for stams the Rytex pot I'or cakes and ples use Flakey crust This darmg shade a fashnon must The beer that always keeps nts hea For cakes and pres use Flakey crust Why don t you smoke Pall Malls mstea The beer that always keeps It s head' flt s good to know that someone canj Why don t you smoke Pall Malls mstead 7 Thus IS the new commerclal plan It s good to know that someone can Reduce m Lady Esther s care This ns the new commecnal plan You ll fmd xt none the worse for wear' TOVA SNYDER fs! N ff! X A Q f L X ff' I o f 4 X 1 X A ft fl f X 4 4 af- 4 2:2 4 f 5 ' f ?ef-e-e- 2. . , r -l . ' ' A Q 3. I ' ' P A I 4. ,ff A 6. - " ' ' 1" 8. , , 5 ' A . " ' 10. ' ' ' "f s ' - -- 11. f I D 3 T " I .T W D' I 1" - n " - ' .H cf" 12. ' ' f ' H ' ' I ' ' l 9 A fff - . I e ' -- I ' dx" l O ' " ' ' H d?" . f I G . . . U , .y .U 8 S H h A H SEATING ARRANGEMENT SEOURTTY OCIINJIL MEETING uvmzo xmsoou AUSTRALIA BRAIIL QQ3 R Q u s A 9 O D sccncum- eenzm D c-mu D A551 smunm-mam OD asm GQ NETHERLANDS QOLAND SCOOP SCHOOL -leiiyf-' "ll PDQ .,,x TT' wonm N THE afternoon of Monday, March 25, an enterprising young man named jules Bergman, who was currently Staff Photographer for "The Hatchet," approached Faculty Adviser Mr. Martyn with a novel proposition. How about trying to take in the U.N.O. meetings at Hunter College and get some photos and a write-up for the '46 G. W. yearbook? The Faculty Adviser paused a moment and looked skeptical. Then he nodded, "No harm trying." The next morning, Tuesday, March 26, found Jules on the Hunter College campus bright and early, armed with credentials from his school. He met the usual rebuffs from the guards at the college grounds, but finally got into the office of one of the top officials in charge of admissionsg and to put things briefly, he wound up with a pass to the regular press gallery, with permission to take photographs and make interviews wherever practicable. It happened that March 26 was a somewhat memorable day in U.N.O. affairs, for it was on this day that the Russian delegate walked out of the meet- ing in protest over the matter of discussing the Iranian question. Young Mr. Bergman sat in the press gallery among the world's famous in the field of journalism taking it all in and snapping pictures right and left. We take pleasure in presenting some of jules Bergman's pictures of the famous U.N.O. meeting, and we take pride also in the thought that probably we scooped the world of high school journalism on this particular occasion, at least as far as yearbooks are concerned. jules wrote a rather detailed account of the day's events and the significance of the Council's work as it appeared to him, but the limits of our available space permit us to print only a small part of the interesting information and comment that he gathered: "A hush fell over the Council chamber as Dr. Quo, the President, entered. Seated around the Council table were the men upon whom the world had laid the responsibility of keeping the peace. In the balcony and all about the chamber were the reporters, photographers and radio men who would tell the world of the actions of the Security Council. For every delegate to the council there were 181 reporters, altogether almost 2,000. Only forty-five members of the general public had been admitted, the rest of the chamber was occupied by marines, guests of the Secretary-General, special guards, and U.N. employees. In the very front of the maple-walled and beige-draped room sat the eleven members of the Security Council. Directly in front of them, the interpreters and members of the Secretariat were seated. The television floodlights, cameras, and rushing messengers gave the whole chamber an air of expectancy . . . And now slight, bespectacled Dr. Quo was about to address the Council: 'I call the twenty-sixth meeting of the Security Council open. First on the agenda this morning is the report of the sub-committee appointed to establish the order of the voting procedure on the Iranian question . . . ' " So much for jules Bergman, one of the best in a long line of line staff photographers who have served on "Hatchet" boards throughout the years. May good luck and success go with him always! it 'A' it A L41 Fw- it O2 VUL THL PHANTOM IORCI: m me wmd and the sun and the ocean m e stars on the cloud cos ered seas m e fragrance that tmgles emotron m re meadows that search for a breeze tetrs are the dews rn the mornrng That glrsten with unearthly glelms And my laughter rs claybreak s first warnrng To the silence of darkness and dreams My soul rs a part of each season That blooms wrth the breath of a chrld And prouts without questron or reason As a weed or a rose that rs wrld My heart has the heat of a droplet of lhlll As rt falls on a llDKI,Cl'll1KL' leaf And my fury and rage form the shryerrng wall Of a storm that lays prey on a reef I am part of the yoy and the sorrow 'Ihat trayels the roads of thrs earth Im the force that lWI'lI1gS forth exch tomorrow Wltlm all of whateyer rt s worth I m the music that floats without mcanmg Wlmeru the wmd echoes wrld ln the trees I m the frost that draws leay es when they re leanmg And burles therr remnants to freeze I am master of all that 18 breathrng And yudge of whatcycr seeks llfe In my hands I ye the power of wrctthrng The frlgments of prrdc and of strrte And though man h is tried wrth emotion To escape from my presence on earth Lrke the waxes that rexolye IH the ocean The result of my death rs my brrth Sosy KR1KoR1AN ANTICIPATION The lrght sprung breeze slrps through the trees And whrspers Come outsrde And dance wrth me and you wrll be As happy as a brrde On such a day Id lose to play I hastrly reply But alas your songs to gay lrlacs belong And not to such as I Ior they may dance as rn a trance I'rom mormng until nrght Wlmrle l must srt lrke a hypocrite And dull assignments wrrte Oh I would be some stalwart tree That grows beside a brook That I mrght tell of the sprung s deep spell Not of dates from a hrstory book C ome back my clear when summer s here Brrngrng farr weather too Ior school will end and then my friend Ill be free to waltz wrth you MARILHN Macro,-x Ml MORILS A drmpled smrle A tearful look A broken doll a splrntcred lookrng glass A rrbboned fro k A well worn book Tw as just the day before I took Her chrldlsh hand rn mme Ah' hold rt as ' A drmpled smrle A tearful look The years haye fled since she forsook The artlcss pleasures of a lrttle lass A rrbboned frock A well worn book She wades no more m splashrng brook Nor tumbles laughrng gayly rn the grass A drmpled smrle a tearful look She strll can gne The nursery nook ls bare My memorres lrc wrthrn alas A rrbboned frock a well worn book Ah Trme you are a thorough crook But there are thrngs whrch you must pass A drmpled smrle a tearful look A rxbboned frock a well worn book TovA Sm DER .1 V -V H - V ' A r, - - V K. 'ag 3 7 3, KK,f.7 5 1 I - VV ' -f' I .v xl yi . ' VV V VV ., -,Lf - - V V V 3 if -:Q x. . ' E fa", " V. . rfb' C5 ' r . , V- 1 . .A A tt ,V 1 gs .V I V V . F' -T 5-211 , I ' ' A -f1. ,V-e,1,,V , ' ' ' ' xii 13142 its ' V ' "ft" V ' , -' ' . , ' Sf ' - ' I f A .-Ver . ,, 'N 1' rl V I , V .- I V .' I' th ' ' ' ' ' ' ', I' th K ' K ' ' v 5 ' ' , u V V 511, 1 tl V .1 . .1 V V. 'S My 2 K- , VK , H A , .., V ., , . K. K- , ., ' 1 " '. ' Y '2 S ' '- ' l " , . , , . , . . r ' ' - I . V 1 - v - - - - u v 1 A .V l , , V - Y V. ' 3 V . '. . Q . . K K he f ' 'c ' ' l h ' ,' - '. 'c '. K- ' V K- A y . ' y V , -A ' . , -' ,- , . r y . K- ' V ' ' ' , - V , . -K . ,. , , . . - V ,K- .y - V ' . V . ' 'K- K A ,K K. , , . , K. . , . . V ' I I I D 1 ' K ' If v . -- V I V - . I I , K , l I - . I I ' l ff. . 3 V ' y . V V . - . K- I VK- ' . ' . ' V A . l , . V 1 ' V . . V , V ,V ' , , A ' , ' l ,' ' , .I , K y . K1 . , 1 ' .l ' , . , , , , . , . v IK- ' s V' . ' y " . , . as - V 1- ' V ' V 1 -nh- I ' 1 Y Y 1 r v I ' - I r Y 9 I 7 I K . V Y ' , . ' V FRANKLIN DELANO ROOSEVELT Aefomzel The Fnery sun sets oser shadowed land It smolders from behnnd the somber hnlls And dynng embers burst nn crnmson strand And then snnk baek beneath the purple rrlls slumber through a nnght of dark and pann wake from snlyery dreams and break thenr spell rnse above the mountann tops agann shnne another day on all who dwell And as those embers smolder nn the west A man of greatness Ines nn earthy mound The lnre of lnfe that burned wnthnn hns breast Was quenched by pann and strnfe whnch wore deaths gown But Inke the sun returnnng nn the morn I-Ins soul shall rnse to lead us ever on BARBARA Mnsssmt BALLADE OF GENTLEMEN S NAMES Barnaby son of exortatnon Aaron the lofty mountanneer Caesar defies abbreynatnon Rnchard the lnon knows no fear Epnmanandns sounds snncere Every name has a eertann shnne Yet nf I had to choose from here None would I eyer choose for mnne ohn fhns parents used modulatnon Olnx er somehow seems austere Thaddeus IS a trnfle queer Claudnus frowns wnth stnff seneer Bacchus yubnlant god of wnne Though each one must hare somethnng dear None would I es er choose for mnne Not that I laek apprecnatnon Not that I wnsh to be sex ere But none of them hold the fasennatnor That does the one name I rexere The name that s musne to my ear Ser-though these names are good md hne I lnft my sonce perhaps HE LL hear None would I exer ehoose for mnne Paul ns promnsed a brnght career Matthnas means a gnft dnsnne fharlne enlnxens the atmosphere Bu IDANNX s the one I wou d ehoose for mnne Tm A Smnxnre UNYIELDING WORDS A rondeau ns a merry lay Of rompnng thoughts nn nnmble play Or nocuous ones th It seethe and surge Land down to make an onerous dnrge Let s see shall I be dread or gay I snt before my task and wengh My thoughts Impressrons go and stay Set down and moulded they emerge A rondeau I put them down nn fine array In tbzr and then another way The yerse of extra feet I purge And nnto the French form I urge Unyneldnng words Thus I essay A rondeau CAROL MEYER WHAT S IT9 Heawens' What ns that? Drshrag7 flower? rrd Brother thats a hat What? A hat? Absurd ' Dnshrag3 Flower? Bnrd9 A ehapeau I sand What' A hat7 Absur ' Senses must have fled A Chapeau I sand Dnzzy frnolous thnng Blame thnng makes you grnn Dnzzy frnvolous thnng Heavens' What ns that! Blame thnng makes you grnn Brother thats a hat' I CAROL Mevnanz LOVE To wake up nn the mornnng glad of the world outsnde the wnndow 'Io feel the wrnd blownng through your hanr and snngnng through your yerns To pass your fellow man on the street and thnnk hnm your brother To feel the sun turnnng your blood to fnre 'Io expernenee the sheer eestasy and pure joy of merely benng alnye 'Ihns ns to ove NAWNEITL Posnsfnz Y . Y . D 7 . l . . My . 4 - Y -, To ' ' ' , To ' 'f V - e ' .A , ' To ' ' I ' , . 2 . To I . 1 Y ' O U Y . , , n . ' H I . r ' r I - ' ' ' . ' . B' ? v . ' 7 I V. . I l l . . , , , ' ' . . dl ' J 1 .- ' J. , ' , 'V k A I I, I A l . Samson glories in exultation. 590565 must have Hed- . . 4 I 7 U . . h- v A I , I . E . . a , I v-L -,y 3 ' I n .- V, s V , ' ' , , ' 7 4 ' 4 D s Y. vs , g V ng- . , 2 , ' ,I . V' V' ' ' ' C . V , . A I l 1 , D 7 ,Q ' 3 ' ' f 4 , . ' , . . L ' 7 V .A .Y Kg in . I .V Q fn. A L V1 A vt 'I 'A 1 . A L O N I. I lose to tikc a walk alone And look nn esery shop I End If you hase friends along They seldom want to stop I lose to take a drtse alone Ior then I clrxse wlth ease Admlre all the scenery And stop wher er I please I lose to spend my days alone And all the week ends too I lose to spend them all alone All alone wrth you ANN BrruNorR LADDIE BOY Laddle Boy Id call hum And he d run to my embrace Wxth hrs chestnut eyes all smrlmg Laddre Boy Id whtsper And Id feel the world was mme Wrth the sun and moon a kingdom And the earth rtself a shrnne Id gaze upon the meadow And I d see htm runnmg there Dreamnng seas were roaring round htm And the salt was In his halr Id find hum by the stream Wnth hrs sktpper dog beslde tm In a far and dlstant dream I d wake hnm up on school days And I d laugh to see htm run Through the winter s snowy pathways Neath the early summer sun It was joy to watch htm leasmg For I knew he d soon be back Runnmg freely after sk pp r Wxth an empty luncheon sack And I knew that es cry mornmg When the sun rose In the sky Or IH the sllent escnmg When nts rays would slowly dtc I had my lxfe bestdc me Wlth every dream and yoy Wxth esery hope and sorrow I had my Laddxe Boy It s sprung again this morning And the sun slnnes oscrhcad Hut there IS no school tnmc laughter Ior my Iaddxe Boy ns dead I gaze outside my wxnclow There the same famlluar trees Wflth thelr newly sproutcd yellow buds Stand sw 'tying m the breeze The road IS just as always And the grass 1s young but green With the buttercups artslng As so often I hase seen I hear the chrldren s laughter And I smile rn lose and pam As I search for my own Laddle Though I know I look m sam I know not rf I once agaun Shall see thc buds of spring I know not whether all thc world Can eser laugh or sing I only know my Laddle Boy So that other mothers Laddxe Boys Can play by rnpplmg streams And watch the sunset melt aw ay In wmter or m sprmg And look for each new summer Wondering what tts months wtll brmg I grrese not when I hear the laugh Whrle going off to play I feel no pam whxle watching them Run off to school each day Ior esery time I see a lxttle Curly sun glossed head I m proud to know that this IS why My Laddte Boy IS dead Sosy KRIKORIAN DOMES'I IC ITIIS And ts rt true that when It rams It s yust the angels wrmgnng out thesr clothes Or when they atr therr blanket qutlts And let the feathers fly we say tt snows? If this IS so-then what I5 hall 7 And how can thunder be explained away Chnld that ns somethmg else Besldes I se answered qulte enough for you today Tova SNYDER T .P , Y Y . ,Q . V - A s v v X . ' Q - f v ' H ' r fa 4- s r I I - -' 4 . - , , J , . v y ' s. . . 5 . . , ' , f ' v v X s y r - , I ', ' ,, ' t, V ' 1. 7 , ' s I -L I f X 'ly . ' V ' - r 1 I I - - 7 'I I I I 1 Y v I , . -L H, I ' y I I, 1 ' Q r - V 1 ' . v And a muddy freckled face. Has died for all his dreams I 1 ' .II I A . . I . A I x l Y 7 l A I A - , . . . I Y y B v . . 3 Y I T r l I . L , , 1 , - . , v ' , - ' Y' , ' ,Y . 7 .. i C ,, , 1 1 ' V T ' ' . 1 . . . . Y . . - , ' r 1 ' I . . . . I - I ' ' 1 ' ' r . . . . , , B . ' . . I I ' y ' - v v - I , ' s , , , , I A Y, . . it . u . , A x ' a 1 ' r f A ' Y DREAMS lar flume from life are human dreams The spiees of our minds Like watts of smoke from thoughtful pipes The tiniest dream unwrnds They soar they drift they spm rn mad pursuit Of yoys and happiness They lead us from the present day Of woes and keen sadness No one is poor within our dreams Wk h me our captured wealth The weak are strong, the tearful glad And time has youthlike health The ehrld dreams of his merry toys Of hloeks and sarrous things The yoreeless suddenly hreaks forth Irom destiny and sings There is no thing thats quite too far Within the dreams we see But never do we stop to think How great a dream Irfe be SHELDON J KAPLAN THE AMERICA I KNOW This is my America Thrslsaelty M Clty massne buildings crowded strees and honking horns beggars and office boys and business men brief cases and clankxng rumbling trolley cars roaring suhways and a mlllnon brilliant lights A yain city the roar of the street the confusion of the street the concert of the street the song of the American metropolis a deep hoomlng hass full throaty warm compassroned An lneongruous yoice Here it IS Look at it Ameriea Drink it Laugh at rt Rexel in it for this rs the yoiee ofa elty My city The City I walk rn L1 orsmao LAPIDUS CXLAI. The snow feels soft lveneath my sodden feet As fills white dindelnons feathery down And it performs God s greatest winter feat To present eaeh tree 1 silver erown The world 1 dressed III ereimy winter white And eently falling, l lursh angels hur Cues sky and rn er hoth a misty light Whleh leayes no twle or roek or bridge post The rey hranehes loeked ahoye my head Are mueh like arhors of the whitest rose Whose fallen milky petals form a bed That s oddly tufted hy the rabbits toes This scene of ancient heauty I behold As night writes a new story yet not told hare EVFLYN RHEA Ere3HrN A DREAM COMES TRUE Eer srnee Ixe been a sophomore And when the benror Week Comes round I feel that some day I am hound To he a senior too Soon as I wear the senior hat Ireely I ll rose ind elllvly Chat Content Ixe made the grade Now th xt the senior term is here And I h ye reiehed the final year With joy Ill yeradutte All hul to eraduation dry Vlfhen there will he 1 great array Of seniors xery proud Ior three lone years Iye strueeled here Alone, a humpy road se ere Resrened unto my fate Ill treasure all my memories My sad and happy rexerles Of dear George Wfaslungton Delrly I know I ll miss this school Its teaehers and its swimming pool XX hieh heekon haek to me 'Nlow that Iye almost reaehed the top I thank my sehool for whit Ixe eot To help me find my get il Vrr yu En-.rss I Q ' NE ,, ., . , .J Vt - k- - I I 1 l lk' 4 vr , . . xv I' I I sv F 1 ' zine: rt v v' A v I y ' ' ' V' ' ' v w I -' I . V .K L- . K- VV 1 -,'- h--V . V V ' V ' V V V . - ' ,V Vs- V' V 'V ' , - V , L- -A 4 V 57 '-l K - V -V. V V . . I V , V , - 'V t- V A K- ., ,y V y K . ,V , ., , ' ' . 'Y ' . . V , . : . . Y 7 l V - I ve always dreamed of two years more, 7 . . , K. . ' V, L . . y V .D ' 4 f' A ' ' ', 4, V, ,y . . . . . i I I I 2 A' ' L' Y . ' L Y ' . . . V' . , , , . - : , , D - ,, . P , j V F-,'V V , V ' Y i ' . - . V . '.- . -k- , V, V y T I r 1 T ' i 'r , A,, , , Y A V A . , .. , L ,A , ' ' A ' rp. . TXX O PHILUSOPHII IIII s hIIc Iotton t1nII1 'IhI Ilxtc Iggcrly sought Nicltx It 111113, Its sl1 1IIoxx Sxxcct hut ucr clusxxc s IIVIILI 1111 Ixtr tt mmf, Ixcr hc1ut1fuI Iorucr CSCJPIIIII captnxtty Itx crnpty taste Is wIIctcr1cII ur Ix11or1t1n1,I1IIL 1 I sou XX hath x IIIINIICS LLIXIIIL IIILIKLIII sun IILLIIIIKL Soon to he Iorgottnn It w hkc 'III oru S lowly IWFIQIII 11I IN Ist WL torn IVNI tht ID 1 II 1:11 IfnI I Its IIIIKLJ fI1x I ln1t,Irx on tht IOIIZLIIL AnII xxhtn tht IIFIIDQII Im: I IIUIII 19 c OLIKLII It r xt I 111 r SLI rtn Irul IIUXX A I I H T C H II ID R L 1 11111 nt I1 x omx Ir I LI I onh Ior toI IX CI I N III LI ur LI t cs 1111 crc1s1xxc1t1o loh I '11n c1Ih pri 1nI JIILII I Irox I I ll t ITIINLI' 11II1x11rI Art And I.111Lh Q0 mtrrxh I Ins ut 10 L o N stu I Il as 1 ur 1 I nr 11113, mort tI1 III hoth I 1 I x sluf I QII 1 L XXII I IN I L IIII L LI IL I III I' I II I. I N I I I I mx II11IIx xx xxt L I1 N IL IL NL IIQIN I I Ls rt oI1It1 L I I I IIIU. 1 111 L I I N I V III I II11Ixx II I I xlk N xxx IN I N x I I N I It 1 x x x I I XXIIIIIIX 'xx N ' ' ' iS wr" 'HE i , EN .' "1 '2 '. 'I'hAII1iIIIrc'I1 are . I .1 1 1' Iotg I 1 lk 1' 111. - y Nh ,. 1 L, hey! I ' , A- 'n ' A S S 1 '. 'l'h-1 I-IFL' not for thc IAIIIIIFL' Icnux A Iut III,' ' AI " "Lily, AI '. 'Ih I1.1xc their hot r of I. IIII-II I II 'L A , Th' Is I' I 'lt of 10,1 I A " '. Th-A' . -III f'I1'gJIII 5 ' ' i A XVIII' .' V I I hoy, 2 . 1 . ' ' low . I Ilnt 1' to LIILYI tht' 5.1 Ilx' III. " ' 'I ' 'I'hA .II I ' Ax, 'I " 1' I ' .I " " h ' 'II ' A tiny cy:-stI1.1t IIIAIAI .1nII xhunc I.i "'1 11gc. No IIr A.1 I1 II - A I'pri11IIA Whig, Itq A ' '1 I. 'Ixct AnI Ax ix I'.'yl.11I, I1 I - 1 'gy For mtl' ' A . lcvtxo 'Io 1'I1x'I'.1I A cA.1I, Do . I-1x'I1I-.1 Ix II A 1. nII. INIIIQ 'I I I .' Icr. AnI ' , . " I 'or 'I'h 111.11311 of 1l1ix111yxtit rIII .' 'M A ' 2 Ax -II-It IXYIIILIII i11'II ' A A .' A V' 'I I54'iIL'I1 to IIcII1gI1tI11I t1I.1Iy x 1I,iII A, XVIII' 111 IIIIIC I IIII, Th ' ' sI1 i'-I. . II otx. IIIIIL' 1-IIx - 111111 XY". -tI1I1I1III for Ihihhxh II I.I11x, A11II .Ire ' 'tIuI, U1 ' prrntu .1rIA long II '.1II. VII M.-x lun IIII tall our nt-1 L'I'IL'.INIlI:U IIIIZIIALII tx Iix' II1iIIII1oI1II IIrI-.1n1x .1rIA IIII S14 -1 I ox DI, Kfw .xx IIII1'I'IIfIIiIXIIiI2'I' TRIQAXQRIQ NIB NWI' WM ,LIUIIL1 I IUHIII NUI NFIJIN. IIIII I .111t.III1 Ii1IIIIthI 11Ir.ItI. Nix h.1t11Ix xxt-II sore. 4' ' " 'Crt A.1II. 11'-1, 11- M1111-11 1111011 1111- -11 1 'Nix' hI.1II . I 'II too Iiut I xx.1s IIIIQL H1111 111115 to 1- -It for nrt, IIIIL II-.1111 h.1II 111.1IIu nun FL'ItJI'I IAIIII. in 111114 xxc A II III- It-II-, Ih- ILIIIII h.1I run .1nI ut' h.II "I'k'II. HL- 11111 1111111 111, 1 X11 I'h rt- xxtru timu wt- 11.1111 IA. rt-II CII' 11-xxt-lx .111II II11 III' AgI1IIIg I'h.1t Ihty mxght I1sI.I1I1t Ihq' 1111IlI1III1I1I1KQI1. I1 1111111 111 E11-1-1111 11111111111 WV ' VL I1-III -I NIIIIVIUI IW- Irwin tht xttmtztw Ih.1i .III HIIII, 'Ir IIIIIII tht tr.1II4 1l1I-1111111 Il.III IIII hIII XII 111.1111 Xl r I1111 IIIIIIIII M xxI Iht fIIII111,tI1I' IJr.I'3g tI.1xhIII Ur th111Ngx th.It II ..111 Imax. XY., ont in In nt II11r'I'1ox I'I1L1t1gI1I 1ItII 'I 1111 '11A1,1I111'1 111111 1x11III I1I111t I11IItI1.1IKIl1I tIIII'II1I-rI'orI IIII. l'1111IthI.I.11 IhI1 IhI' N II1IIxw111I1IIIr.xxI II IIIII 1.1111 IIIIIIL xI1I1I1 IIIIL 'III r1I1,111I1 IR1 1hIIr IhI II11 'C111IthI111.II1.1I11I I' I 11111 11111111111 11 I 11111 t,1:111 XX-III' xwnk II Il.II'II tI1hr111g II I.1I11I I'I1I11 II1xI- In 1I1I1xI,I'I1I1:1I9xI111, '111III.11r1 NQI wx II1II1I'y.III1I I 1I1I1I I I1I,1I!h.1r1II 111111 gI1I11I11.1I111 I-KI-nxt I 1-1 q , III 111x111 Ii aa W VL edfamenf I 'I HL GRADUATING classes of 1946 berng of sound mmd and memory and mindful of the uncertamtres of undergraduate life do hereby make publrsh declare and pro clanm thrs to be our last wrll and testament hereby reyolcmg all former wrlls heretofore contemplated or made ln grateful recognrtron of the servrces of the admrnxstratrye staff wc hereby direct our execu tors to pay all our just debts especrally our debt of gratrtude as soon after graduatron as possrble Bemg fully aware of the task that was xmposed upon our long sufterrng subject and officral teachers we hereby bequeath them each and sev erally a long srgh of relref at our departure To all rncommg Freshmen we leave a set of gold mlard keys to the tower To the P T Department we leave one rndra rubber student who will be able to comply wrth the callsthenrcs commands rssued by that depart ment 'Io Mr Meyers we bequeath a copy of the fon strtutron of the Unrted States wrth smcere recom mendatrons that he peruse the mneteenth amend ment wherern he wrll hnd that slavery was abol :shed way back rn 1865 To Mrss McGlorn we leave srlver embossed copres of The Declaratron of Independence To the lunch room we leave fifty cent bags of pretzels with whlch the purchaser wrll be able to feed an entrre class To Mrss McGumness we leaye a book of paper dolls for cuttrng To all those poor unfortunates who hue to Xlslt Mr Strcker 1 box of Kleenex to catch their terrs To Mr Henry wc lene an Aladdin s limp to c rrry out 1ll hrs plins for m To Mass Myers we lene a lrst of colleges that wrll accept xll our C1 XV students 'Io the chem lab we leaye a bottle of Arr wrclc w hrch krlls ill unpleasant odors and purrhes the air To thc swrmmrng pool we leaye rockers to re pl rcc the bleachers 'Io the physical trarnrng students who can never get to class on trme we leave a Hymg carpet To the students who wart on lrne rn the general office we lease reclrnmg charrs those who mrss breakfast to get to deten tron on trme we leave coffee and doughnuts to be served rn the detentron room To future semors we leave marble starrcases placed throughout the burldmg for therr con venrence durmg semor week To the judrcral Board we leawe one cup of the mllk of human kmdness To the Grade Advrsers Ofhce we leave an album of Frank Srnatra records to be played w hrle students are wartrng for the bad news To the faculty we leave a tea cup so that they may drown therr sorrow at our departure To the Rehearsal Club we lease an unending supply of handsome young men to fulhll thelr many and varied needs To the members of the Progr rm Commrttee we leave one sub machrne gun together wrth one round of ammunrtron wrth w hrch to defend them selves agarnst the wrath of the recrprents of those thmgs called programs To the Freshman class we grye one road map and a copy of the book NX'ho s NVho m G W To the junror class we grye one sheet of paper on whrch to wrrte a petrtron for a football te lm a Down wrth Srnatra moy ement or some other worthy cause All the rest resrdue and remnnder we lease to the Hatchet Board of Ildrtors who succeed us and may Cod haye mercy on therr souls ln wrtness whereof we h rye hcreunto sct our hands and afhxed our sctls on this 28th dry of une 1916 Signed Shlron acobs Ann Berlnger Glorrl deLe0n XXIIUICSSCS George XVash1ngton Martha Wfashmgton C3-If 0 j .. v , , , U ' k ' , ,. ' s. , r Q F N Q Y ' . Y 0 - . . - .. . , , Y, , , , . y . . . 'Y v. Va Y ' . 5 - ' 1 , . f ' , . ' . 'I' Y ' u . ,, .. . . - , r . ' ' 7 , v ' I '. , . I 7 , ' ',- f fr , ' r ' ' . 1 I , , . ' A 1 , , . . h f V 1 f - V 1 f ,. , - ' ' . . , A . .. . , . ,, V . , . . . ' ., ' I v If f -, 1 .- f ' ' ' 2 , , , . .. . . .. V I I Y , , , , , V , ' V - Y yy V I ' . .' V ff 1 u ' - . - 4 ' f -- 1 Y 1 V I 1 fv fy -y 4 . 1' I ' t ' w' -' 1 V av . . . . ' " 1' ' 2 Q iv . . . I . IA ' 1 z hr. t 4 - . Y . . , Q. , - , , , ' 2" 2 . . . 2 4 ' I v 17 f A- I 1 I a v-'v V I' rl r 1 1 I- 'I , 4 A . ,. , , ., ., ' , i-. V- -y , , Q ' 13 W. AV A .', GEORGE 'vii'-QXMGTOX1 g M or CLUB OR AGTW1 Y ,359 36:21 se1ons If-u11l1oD Fllm nebellatlon Bccewtlon Serv 'Lc TMLETIC Gig ecbgll 'Yenn1s 'hack 'blmbllng M 1 yi Beplnnore 1 e Saving, A vnncecl ife Suvlng 1 glnnors Aclvl-,nc A L11 e 5av1n Z M.-mncen rnlnblng Bl LOGY 310 Lab. 553186 Yrogecnlon Sq-and Biology Club Microecmsy Club Q l TRY Be YHYSIQQ Genera rhyelce hcmlsbry L Yxtlng, S uh emlstry S JSSOM CLXD 615014. uggsiks GOKQ Wiring on DW Lxrrrar-1621 Q32 M551 Glce Club Bauer ance Orchestra Orchestra natfomentol Ensemble NWN g tgllliyrll ml 2G 'Sal Q rj? W li 'J CE gXY'LlGN!lOlX5 archer berry Treo 9553351 ORG 'Z.kJYlCX LCIQ 1 .w YJGM SCHOOL 59 yi, .5132 , . ,z , , -w ,- X, - '. y ,.. ,., .. -.,- . .1564 . ,Q , ,f if if J' 'ig 51?-'fir' 'uf'-in ', CLUBS AND 3 DP-'i of www 6? . .. 1-.,, ,. . .., Q. -BQYBXFDUBBXCULBB AOTW ll YES f :yum-par! YAGXLTY XJKD'l1liG 141-911136 LEAVES LDV lSEI won? Mould od. 0:1683 Monde! 9511? Hoon 2A Room 425 Bro Floor Room B Room A 8 'loorl 254 Room M56 51.561119 Ually Sk.a6.1uD Daily k.nd11ul Mona! ocl 941295 slun Monday Mat'-.torium 'Wes KP- M offl T0-0 SCJ' 5' 06905593 'Shure U- 'mnr ,ow 'cl ooneedni 911113 Dolly 'i'f1anY Trlclfy rrxfwv 16118 1 Dwlly 'Neeclnb' Thurs rlqmb' 'Shure 1 D ally Mon.Y'r1 . 'vi ed. e se'!'I1or s M eoxlogclny 'Ne sony 'Shui' een? 'll eclhe edu? 'Blur ado Alt Fr 1 'vl cc' nc 961 v Thur easy Manual! M05 oon 42 Room 10 ooo lO oon o4 oo x .501 oofx 350 oom 'R door! 'Free oou 157 cl torl oon 2520 noon L oom 505 Loon l2I5 mon 2 room lfkl Lear ell oorx lll Tclion 'P hkln 'loom lfkl nom 141 Boon lkl Y. L11 moon 2lO -vnfx '58 wan 2'2,l 'Fsblov M15 5 Lcfi o Bark. 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' ' SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Jan Pres Rnchard Tenlan Sec Afllena Panuglnofou Trees George lruclu G O OFFICERS Jan Pres Leslle Daggeff Vice Pres Roberf Guenther Jr Sec Irene Jolley Ning 4 GO OFFICERS June Pres Elllaf Wax Vice Pres Eugene Cleary Sec May Johnson effwm EMM QM Mu WJ' Psi-I SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Pres Chauncey Chnshan Sec Lan Sfelnhauer Treas Helen Avazls June 5 SENIOR ARISTA Jun Pres John Ouhglan Vnce Pres Marla Lopez Sec Arihur Komen BASEBALL TEAM June QU SENIOR ARISTA Puri' I June Leader Herberf Genfan Vice Leader Zelma McCormick Sec Florence Ernsf SENIOR ARISTA Perf II June 'H' 'U' co Ch' n H" Jumcw- 'on ff 10 ouh9""' Ma' A arm W John LoPe' JUDICIAL B0 ARD June Chairmen H erberf Genfan Zelma McC9r muck uf Y CHERRY TR EE STAFF June cuiln T use 59" JC" SENIOR CLASS SECTION PRESIDENTS June 3 SENIOR CLASS SECTION PRESIDENTS Jan SENIOR CLASS TREAS .lun SENIOR CLASS TREAS Juno J' SENIOR CLASS SECS Juno ':: SENIOR CLASS SECS Jan PARENTS RECEPTION COMM Jan PARENTS RECEPTION COMM June Q 9 l u I I O I-1 q 1 g 0 0 my W J Y E 4+ -, g ., 4 L W '24 9 H wr Q, K5 V ? 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X Most Popular Gnrl Most Popular Boy Best Lookrng Grrl Best Lookrng Boy Class Poet Lrterary Lrght Class Artrst Shmrng Light Faculty Drag Class Actor Class Actress Class Musrcran Most Talented Most Valuable to G W Most Entertarnrng Best Natured Most Versatrle Always Prepared Class Athlete Class Baby Best Dressed Boy Best Dressed Grrl J X -'J yfi Marran Wfll Robert Krrsch Mary McLeod Peter Alonzo Drmples Skrnner Glorxa deLeon Wrlhelmrna ordan Tony Neuman Larry Wrnkler Edward Blum Vrolet Melrchar Alrce Atamran Phyllis Blatt Leslre Daggett Rosalre Wallowrtz George Bruchs acquelrne Bowne Athena Panaghroutou Gene Sattler ean Okun Arthur Rus Chloe Rhe X f all X l-""'As X xii- X Il Xfl Xf ui X .J ,pd fix zfq IJ SENIOR CELEBRITIES JAN M Xbxyxl ' . W gf X, X iggflxxxxi , ME KY fi 2 X ak S' Q90 C K n XX X fly X NLM . 4 N 'P X-N ll-'llll . . 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A.,. , A I1 -. -11 111 1"111.111y 1111' .1 - V1.1 1. 11-1, I 1.111 1 1 -111-111 111 1-1 7 111111-111111 - -1111-. My - ' ' 1. 115 111 11.111111 11111-11 11g I II11 ' '1 1 A' cx111'1 - "111 ' ity, X A 11 - 1 . 'I'11-1'1- it '.1S. 111- 111111 111' 1-JLIY 11-. 1.1111, .1A' A 1 . 1 -, .I1- R111 13111. T, ' -. Y.11,1f11111.1.,1 DUCING THE GRADUATES JANUARY JUNE I 9 A I H I 1 . S ' 4 i up ' I ADLER GERD E Modern Luf Recephan Commuffee Ari Club ADLER LlLLl N Grade Adviser Ed Office Club Parenfs s Office Healfh AFENDULIS ANNA Rehearsal Club War Service Club Glee Club Volleyball Team ALONSO PETER Cufhng Office Tumbling Squad Vice Pres Senior Class ALPY ELIZABETH CONSTANCE English Office ALTMAN HARRY F Tumbling Team Rehearsal AMMITZBOLL CLAIRE E Senior Advisers Office ANDERSON JOAN M Swimming Team Chemusfry Office Sfeno Office AMUNDSEN LLOYD A SWIG' Squad COP' Amlsrlem num French club cherry Tree sian Lunch Squad Grade Advisers Office GO Office Grad. Advlseri omc. French Auxlhum wc, Service Club -sf ASHHURST MARVIN EARL Geomefry Auxlllum AUFRICHT EVA ELEANOR Healfh Ed Office ATAMlAN AUCE Lunch Squad ofChN"'0 AUGUS DONALD SAUL Tennis Team Service Squad Cufhng Office BANKEL LEONA LEE Swimming Team Healfh Ed omc. Siena omc. BARRYMORE CARROLL Band Orchesfra Prom Commlffee BARBOUN STEPHEN ATHAN Rahonmg Amd nology club Enghsh omce BATES BERNICEI Swimming Office Glee Club Club Cufflng Office Lunch Squad ANTONIO ASPASCIA Office ASCHER ABRAHAM l French Club Grade Ad face Lunch Squad BACKER IVAN ALEXEJ VI Cufflng Office Spanish Honor Ushers Corps sers Office French Of Healfh Ed Office BANDES SELWYN G Cherry Tree Rep IEATRIZE PATRICIA GILMORE General Office BECK ALMA CECELIA JANUARY 'Z if 'l"' 3? 52 BECKER JETTA Modern Lul Club Lunch Squad UERGMAN MURIEL IRENE Engllih Office PrO Rahomng And Spanish Offuco Hafchal Rep Qrdm Cornmlffle BERGER MARGRET BISHOP DORIS LORRAINE ALICE Glu Club BISOGNO GERTRUDE Pos? War Service Club Andi ILUM EDWARD ALAN graph Squad Orchaslra BOSCO ELEANOR Y Hoalfh Ed Offica Servlce Squad Mlmea Band Sporls Pub Comm Post War Sarvuco Club IOYAJIAN HIGAS lnfromurol laxlrafball Chun Club llc Club Cuhnng Office BRADY ROSELIE F Honor Guard Sensor Ad vners Office Smmmung Club Mafh Auxnllum BLATT PHYLLIS R Orchoslra Glas Club llology Office Cufhng Office Glu Club BOUTIS HELENE AUDREY IOWIE JACQUELINE E Gym Offlce Glu Club Capf Baskafball Team IRAND LAURA Lunch Squad Hafchd Staff Shao Auxullum BROWN ANNABELLE Prom Commullu Sfeno Auullum f'N f"'x 5:3745 iN M WW 6"T 'Z X Z ii" 2'-' ,5 III WI is ll II I ll 'X 1 -Qh. i 4 N gh.. F-s. " I f 1 X I E H I Q 2? i . Q F I A ,A X I - 7' v' 3 . . ' . I . . -I I I I I . I A . -vu 9: X I I 5 I, 1 ' I ' 0 I . ' ' g fl ' W i ' l BLACK, WARREN JOHN Biology Club, Rafioning . QFQUNT' NELIQA physical Training Omg.- . . X. I Z5 - ' L , 4 f X ' . X I 'Q I b , . ' . , . - , , ,- 5 f I ' il I . I . . - I .. . . - I I I A I U n I Y V ' ' I I V- I I I l 9 4 6 53 ,o40""Wa IW -4' IROWN AUDREA M Affendance Office IUCKNER HARRIET BRUEKS GEORGE Treasurer of Sensor Class Cuf BRYAN ESTELLE LOUISE hng Offuce Physics Club Rahonmg Ande CALGER ARTHUR RICHARD Grade Advuers CASTRO MARY CHRISTINE Swimming Club Offlce Rafsomng Aide Pan Amerlccn Club Arma Auxlleum CARDS CALLl0p5 Lunch gquod CATALANO MADELINE Post War Semce Club CLARKE EVELYN C conenrz Mcousune chcm onlne Ed Office War Serynce Club Healfh COHEN HELENE L Attendance Offuce rmng Club Lunch Squad Rafuomng Alde Swim CLUFF ELLWOOD EARL Molh Club Orchestra land ,L COLON PAUL CUPICIN of 'WINNING Teum CONWAY EUGENE ROBERT Capt Servuce Squad I943 Prom Commllfee Swimming Momfor Lunch Squad Cherry Tree Staff f X BURTON EVELYN A CAINES VIOLET F Biology Auxrluum Sensor Grade Advuxers Office Medlcal Room Lunch Squad CHAPMAN EDITH HELEN Cherry Tree Rep GO Rep loolrlreepmg Officq CLARKE BARBARA NINA Sensor Grade Adviser s Office Chemnmy Offuce mlffee Steno Office Gui? Com COLBERT JANE E Newman Club Leaders Club Healfh Ed Office COLMAN ALEXANDER H Tumbling Team Ll brory Squad CRAWFORD ELEANOR CONDON EMILY P Sensor Advlsers Offlce CORD ARLEEN RIMA Medlcal Room CRAWFORD ZELLA M Cherry Tree Rep An BIOIOQY Club Offlce Cufflng Office Swummung Club 54 JANUARY .H ' ,ehy T I I H I 0 I cumin aerrv ANN Health Ed omg. DQLEON GLONA El-LEN DAGGETT LESLIE FLOYD PresldenfGO Arlsfa DlCKMAN DOROTHY P Hoichef Staff Rohon mg Ando Brology Auxulrum Heolfh Ed Office Post Honor Ushers Corps Coplom Sorvrce Squad WU' Ser-'IC1Clvb Lunch Squad ,gr- DOMENITZ BETTY Lunch Squad War S rv DUBOVICK ELLA Bookkeeping Auxrhum Club onouen PEARL L war semc. club DUPREE JANE EHEEN Glu Clvb EICHEL ROSALIE Hrslory Oflrce Ari Offlce EISNER STANLEY STUART Spcmsh Ofiuco Heolfh Poronfx Reccpfron Commrllee I'-ranch Club Wor Ed Om!! Servlcl Club EINHORN RUTH C Affendonco Office Heolfh FARBER MARTIN Ari Club Rchonmg Ando Ed OIIICU LUNCH Saved RGIUONHQ Aldo Spomsh Aunlvum French Aunlrum FIRESTEIN FISCHLER ming Club All RUTH FITZPATRICK LUCV THERESA Bosknvboll Team Volleyball Toom Grads Advrser s Officl c-ERALDINE Swrmmung omg. s-.m FLe1scl-mm sYLvlA e cherry Tree Swf' Pfo gram Oflrce Sponrgh Offrce Sponrsh Aunluurn f"N f"'x l X M ffl G"'I -Z K ,- i uni' Z 2 Y .rf 5-5 ,i Ay . 1 ? 1 -L1 1,55 Ns Z -ii-ii 1 Ly ffl Ig I .""II,I'r. J . - ' ' X- XE3' T 4 2? ' Qfr I :Q of E lnnq I g- 5 f ' fl ., , , l 1? -' 4' I 73 'l ll tl I lg? it 'I I W NZ . .H . .I I IU, 1946 55 N Q I FREYMARK ELLEN Grade Adviser s Office FRESE ALICE Grade Advisers Office War Serv Ice Club Pan American Club Swnmmmg Club Swimming Office GALBRAITH JANE CONGER Sensor Grade Ad vlser s Office Swimming Club Rofromng Aide GALE ROWLAND ALFRED Service Squad Ushers Corp Judicial Board GILLIAM BEVERLY Sfeno Office Raflonmg Alde Senior Week Commlffee GITTENS FRANCES A Glee Club GOTTLIE8 ANNE CAROL Hafchef Sfaff Cuffung Office Lafe Office Healfh Ed Office Lunch Squad GOTTLIEB, LISA Lahn Auxlllum, Arlsfa Tea Com 'mffee 56 Q FULD EDITH LENI CUHIYIQ Office Pasf War Servlce Club FULLER JUDITH M Paefry Club Lunch Squad Spanish Office GARCIA JOHN Senior Week Commuffe Vuce Pres Senior Class GARFIELD HOWARD ROBERT Bio Auxllnum GLEITMAN GEORGE Mofh Club Bio Club Bro Lab Squad Chem Club Chem Lab Squad GOLDBERG MARION Post War Service Club Hlsfory Offlce French Auxrluum Spanish Auxiluum FULTON PATRICIA! French Auxlllum Hafchef Rep Biology Office Microscopy Club Biology Lab Squad GAFFNEY EDNA Cuffing Office Malh Auxnhum GARTLEY JOAN M Cufhng Office Sfenc Offuce Bro Auxlllum GAULT PERRY M Ushers Corps '49' GOLDSTEIN FLORENCE JUNE Lafe Office Chem Lab Lafm Auxrllum Healfh Ed Office GOODMAN RUTH Sfeno Office Bookkeeping Office Posf War Service Club GRAF CURT Biology Lab GREEN MELVIN GREEN MARION LOUISE Glee Clvb PGH GREEN, PHILIP MAXWELL Arlsfa, Ushers' Corps American Club, French Club Service Squad, Lunch Squad JANUARY Y l 4 I 7' F'-P I I f GREENBERG ARTHUR Ansla Biology Lab GRIBETZ LESTER Lafm Auxnllum SpanAshAu1 Squad Grade Advisers Office Lunch Squad :hum Rehearsal Club Mafh Office Arnsfa Vice Pres of Chemasfry Club GREENWOOD RUTH MARION Bro Auxllnum Halchef Rep GRINSPUN ALEXANDRA Medical Room Posf War Service Club Senior Grade Adviser Rahon ang Aide Glee Club GUENTHER ROBERT WILLIAM Vice Pres GO Execufive Council Servnce Squad Cap? Lunch Squad Chemusfry Squad HAMM JOAN BARBARA English Office Senior Grade Adviser s Office HANGES CHRISTY HARRISON ARTRELLE H Cufflng Officl Valley ball Team Healfh Ed Office HASKINS JOYCE Heolfh Ed Office Cuffmg Office GRIMM JEANNE VERA Glee Club Arf Office GUESS DAVID HARRISON HARRIS ALLEN French Office Cufhng Offlce Ushers Corps Arlsfa f"N f"'x 4'- X fl N GUFELD DORIS Emgllsh Office Swimming Club 4-1 JR 4- lllllllll ff? ri- arf' 5-" HARRIS INEZ T Geography Office Volleyball 'Z Glee Club My i ..-r' gn?" -,,.. l "' 1- wi cgi i Q HECKER CHARLES JOHN Track Squad Rahon Qi mg Alde HEIDINGSFELD MAX Mafh Club Gif? Commlf fee Chess Club thx Txf sl I 'M lfllm T '......i"" J " ii' ' A . ' ' ' ' C: i f a 'T ii al? A ,I in 1946 57 lu HEYDEN DONALD JOHN HICKS ELIHU S Manager of Swummnng Team Band Orchestra Tumbllng Team Pres Bio Club HUYSMAN MICHAEL Capt Swlmmung Team Cherry Tree Staff HYMES CAROLE Arusta Modern Lat Club Cut tnng Offnce Health Ed Offnce Poetry Club JONES ROSALIE C Cuttlng Office Grade Ad vusers Offlce Glee Club JORDAN WILHELMENIA R Cuttnng Oftnce Vol leyball Team Hatchet Staff Basketball Team KANNER ELLIOTT E Chairman Arcsta Llbrary Committee Executive Council Program Commlt tee Swsmmmg Club Hatchet Staff KARRAS JAMES Chem Squad Physxcs Club Physics Auxnllum English Book Squad 58 HIRSHAN LEONARD V1cePres ofGO Senior Class Vice Pres Orchestra Servrce Squad Cut tang Offuce HOCHSTADTER DORIS Grade Advusers Oftuce Bao Lab Swnmmlng Club Parents Receptnon Commuftee INGRAM BETTY Program Committee English Office Cuthng Office JAMES LENORA Lunch JOSEPHSON MYRON JULBE ISABEL PanA Service Club Squad Health Ed Offuce Bro Oftuce Chem Offuce merucan Club Post War HODGES BETTY L Attendance Ofhce Grade Advnsers Offnce GO Rep HOROWlTZ EDWIN Math Club Lunch Squad JOLLEY IRENE ELIZABETH GO Secretarv Arista Rehearsal Club Grade Advisers Offuce Program Committee JONES JOSEPH Lunch Squad Tumblnng Team Swimming Team B10 Lab KAKIS ANTHONY W Service Squad Senior Hat Committee Art Club Cherry Tree Staff KALB SYLVIA E Grade Advnser s Ottnce KASSELBRANAR SHEH-A ELAINE Enghsh Ofhc, KATZENSTEIN MILLIE Post War Servlce Club 5po,,,,h Aulmum Grade Advxser s Offuce Math Aunlnurn KATZ BERND JOSEPH KEILES AUDREYJ Late Ofhce JANUARY . cy 1? S, K 4 A A 5' V V if KESTENBAUM SIDNEY Lale 5QU0d Lfbfofv KlPNESS GAIL DOROTHY Program Commlffee Squad Inlramural Baslmefball Squad Cuffnng Office Spcmsh Offuce Arnsfa French Aux llrn KING RONALD Track eom S,,,mm,ng Momgo KlRNON CLARlCE Sensor Counsel Chanrman of Gulf Comrvmlee fx ff'-x Us mlfvee Squad Physics Club Chem Club KIRSCH ROBERT E Lunch Squad Prom Com KLEIN FRANK Pres of Malh Club Chem Lab X KLEIN ANYON J Lofe 5QU0d l-'bf0fY Squad KLEMEYER VERNA ESTELLE Semor Week Com W AN Program Office Track Team Rahonung Aide mllfee KLIPSTEIN DAVID Pres of French Club Lunch KOKINES VlVlAN Jewelry COITIYYIIHOI Squad Cherry Tree Rep ,V Gil g K Z f- , 2 Z3 5 if" if KNIBERG JOAN Heolfh Ed Offuce KOROSH CHARLES! Ansfa Orchesfra land 5 All Club KOTLER HAROLD MARTIN Physucs Club no Lab Proyecflon Squad Chem Aunlnum no Offoce KRAMER JOAN ANNE Anna Recephon Corn mnhee Program Commuflee Cufhng Offuce Pas? War Servnce Club KRANENDONK BARBARA ANNE Senior Councnl Parenfs Recephon Commmee Honor Guard Gen eral Office English Offlce KNOTH ROSEMARY ANNE Grade Advnsers OHnce 7 wi 5,- i i 1-L i I gs.. WX f sxl I . 4 A ' Kg T D I, I. , .M ' ll A 1? ff, T- T' L ' '7 X055 'l 4 lr f fm . . f . T alkl it l I 'Ill 1946 59 Q I KRUGER EMANUEL Bro Lab Mafh Office Rahonung Aude Physics Auxullum Chemusfry Cluk KUMAN ARTHUR Secrefary of Arlsfa Usher Corps Program Commuffee Hnsfary Office Swim mnng Squad LALLY MARGARET AGNES Sfeno Auxnlnum Vol leyball Team Baskefball Team Grads Advisers Office Baslrefball Team Bro Auxlllum Chem Lab LEDERMAN DAVID Servvce Squad Lunchroom Squad LEDERMAN HELEN Program Commlffee French Auxrloum Healfh Ed Office Cuffmg Office Lunch Squad LEVY HOWARD I LEVY ROSLYN LOIS Healfh Ed Offuce 60 KUMAN HERBERT Swrmmnng Team Swimming Monufor Parenfs Recephon Commnffee RGfIOI'lIHQ Aude KUPPERSMITH JEROME Servnce Squad Lunch Squad Intramural Baslrefball LANDES PATRICIA ANN Sensor Grade Advrser s Offuce Health Ed Office LEHNER MARY T Modern Lrf Club Posf War KUTIK MARTINJ Arrsla Ushers Corps Pro gram Commuffee Culhng Office Lunch Squad KUTLOW ARTHUR Servrce Squad Chem Lab Squad Physlcs Lab Squad LAPIDUS LEONARD Execuflve Councll Hafchel Rep Hafchef Sfaff Physncs Club Lunch Squad Llf Club LENTZ ANNA G Leaders Club Swlmmln Offlce 9 Service Club Sfeno Auxlllum Medical Room LEIFER GLORIA Arlsfa Cufhng Offuce Cherry LEVY GLORIA 5Y""nm'n9 Clvb HC'-Ulfh Ed Tree Sfaff Hafchef Sfaff Swimming Offuce offlce 57910 Offlce LIAKOS MARY Englnsh Offuce Library Squad LIEBMAN GLORIA BLANCHE French Auxallum LIEBMANN HILDA Rahonmg Ande Affendance Offuce Health Ed Offrca LIONETTI ANNE Pos! War Servuce Club J A N U A R Y ZR E I T LAMELL' GLORIA B. Pos, War Suvice Club' LANG' WILLIAM JAMES Tumbling Team LASKE, EVELYN NADJA English Office, Modern Nw? Vi l f W! X . - . I , 8 LOBEL JUDITH Cherry LODESTRO VINCENT B Tree Sfaff Cuffmg Office no Lab LOPEZ MARIA E Vice Pres of Arlsfa Judicial Board Cuffmg Office General Office Auxullum Commlffee LOSA JULIA A Hlsfory Office Girls Basllefball Team Raflonmg Aide LUBY VICTOR Library Squad Cullung Office Service Squad Lunch Squad LURYE JEAN L Business Manager of Cherry Tree Business Manager of Hafchef Lafe Office MAITLAND LEO Lunch MALAJIAN LEVON R Squad Bio Club LOEWENHEI M FRANK LOORY MARIANNE Swimming Club l LOWE HERBERT S Baseball Team Copl of Lunch Squad Service Squad LUBETSKY ESTHER Cham Office LUTZ MARY THERESA Culfmg Office English fAnsfal Arisfa General Office Office Film Commlfhe MACLEOD MARY E Honor Guard Affendance Office Jewelry Commlffee English Office Bao Auxlluum MALONE BERNILE MANDEL JOAN f'N f'-x 4'- 5:-ffm iw M I W is ,- lllllllll Z Y i 5--" ,f - lick ,M iq ? --I.. R X ii I ? - La ,, In fs Iwi ,,'1' ...i J f ' 1 . .' -.-, - . . I Q' i iffgtf A I? T. 'T gli? ' if I J I I J . - - ' " fr ' ' ' P I li I I9 4 6 bl I J' ' ,ff 5 4 MANGANIELLO, GLORIA Affendance Office, MANN, FRED J. Healfh Ed. Office, Swimming Office, Swimming Club MANN DORIS M Glee Club MARK MIRIAM MIRL f MARTINEZ DOLORES REGINA Posf War Servlcn MAVRICOS LOPI Club MATSON VIRGINIA C Orchestra Lunch Squad MELICHAR VIOLET M Pres Rehearsal Club Honor Guard Parents Recephon Commeffee Swlrnmlng Off ce Chomufry Office MARK, NAOMI MARKS LESTER JAY Service Squad Lunch Squad Physlcx Club MENDEZ NITZA M Grade Adv ser 5 Office Arf Office MESROP DOROTHY ANN Chem Lab English Office Swimming Club Healfh Ed Office MEYER INC-E Lunch Squad Sfeno Auxrlrum MEZNER SANFOIIH MILLER GLORIA I- I' CHIC' I'I'5Io"Y omfa Jewelry Commlffee Lunch Squad lasnefball Team MEYER RUTH JANE GI.. club chem Squad MICHAEL RUTH Rqfwnmg Nd, GO Omg, MILLER SANFORD Hlsfory Office Lafln Aux Bro Lab Lunch Squad 'hum Mom CIW' X MOLL ROSLYN Swimming Office MURRAY THERESA Volleyball Team Baslrefball Team MUNROE IVY Louise Pan American club NENNER CHARLES S 62 NETTER HOWARD ROGER Tumbling Team Cherry Tree Phofographer Bro Phofographer Bro a NEUMANN TONI Program Commlfree Cu hng Office Arista Spanish Office Spanish Auxrlium JANUARY ci l ' A 2 A ff ,I I E-w . 1. 1 I I - I I ' I G ' I ' . . . - fg. l Q , 6' ,,, , gffffl' P3 : tfilf- . E '+I l . L b. ' ' ' ' NOVACK BLANCHE Bookkeeping Office Sfano Office Heallh Ed Office OKUN JEAN Arlsfa Program Commlffee French Office Library Commuffee Lahn Office PANAGHIOTOU ATHENA Judicial Board Eng lush Office French and Spanusn Aunllums Senior Secrefory PEARL FLORENCE Sfeno Office Lunch Squad Medical Room Sfeno Auxellum Posl' War Service Club PETOFF RUTH Red Cross Commsffee Halchef Rep Healfh Ed Office PHILIP CHRIST Service Squad Lunch Squad Arlxfa Vlce Prex Senior Class POLLAK EDYTHE CLAIRE Cufhng Office Eno Lab Parenfx Recephon Commlffee Ioslzefball Team Volleyball Team PORGES DOROTHY FRANCINE OTWAY JOYCE Grade Advisers Office Rafaon ing Aide OULIGIAN JOHN Leader of Arlsfa Capf Ushers Corps Judicial Board Service Squad Arf Office PERLMAN IRENE L Program Commlffee Cuf fmg Office Lunch Squad Mafh Club Mafh Aux llwm PERNICIARO MARIE Husfory Office Swimming Club Pasf War Service Club PIERSON MARGARET V Grade Advisor s Office Rallomng Aide POLLACI GLORIA ROSE Posf War Service Club Sfeno Aulullum Lunch Squad POTTS SHIRLEY M PRODAN NICHOLAS f'N f-x 15 '- fw M ffm , 1 5 , 2 1- 5 -9" Z '19 .ff uf! 1-1 "',"f.' P' .1-1' if ff ,gy i 5.- Q Q QQ -'tp X KW 'N xi I5 X .3 .QI I' ' ' 7 ' 3 I ",. I . A ., .' .A I ! 1 lc I I Q 1' , VI IT , I I .',n" 'I , ' I -1 ' " 1' ' if if' f A A T E U. '- - " - - I - ff . I - I - jj f J '. 1 1 , l I - 27? I Q I J I , I . I qyll . . I - 'JJ ' ' ' 'H ,' II . ' I X N II-y 1946 63 I 1 1 A X, 5 an PUGLIA GERALDINE MARIE Cherry Tree Rep QUINONES CARMEN E Pos? War Service Club GO Rep Pan Amerlcan Club Jewelry Commulfee OUEUEDO AUGUSTOG RADSKIN JANET Swimming Office Swimming Club RELKIN RUTH Cuffmg Office Affendance Office RICHARDSON CHARLESETTA Swimming Club Modern Lnf Club Bio Lab ROSANA MADELINE Hafchef Sfaff ROSENBERG ELAINE Swimming Office RATTNER DONALD Cufhng Office Lafe Squad Service Squad Lunch Squad REA CHLOEE L Leader of Honor Guard Eng lush Office CUHIDQ Office Hafchef Rep 1' EP '7 RODNEY HARRIET SHIRLEY REYNOLDS RICHARD H Class Chauffeur ROBINSON DOROTHY MAE Capf of Lunch ROOS GILBERT Pres French Club GO Execu Sqlldd Glll Club fave Council Capt Lunch Squad Bio Lab Squad M5 'fa ROSEN ILATT DANIEL ROSENFELD IRWIN Squad Lunch Squad Corps 'mf 'SSW f' I1 Mafh Auxlllum JOSEPH Arusfa Service Lafeness Office Us'1ers Q 'Uv '41 'und Swimming Team QQ 4 fr ROSETTE MARK H Auxlllum Ma'h Auxrllum Spanish ROSKO MARY LOU Y English Office Swimming Club RUBENSTEIN MARILYN Lunch Squad Grade RUST ARTHUR GEORGE Hafchef Rep SALANQER MARILYN G'-ode Adwnrs onlne Advisers Office Glee Club Baskefball Team Spanish Auxnlium French Club Prom Commiffee French Aunllum RUBENSTEIN MARSHALL A Service Squad SADOWSKY KALMAN Service Squad Lunch SANTANTONIO EVELYN LAURA Bio Club Frencn Office French Club Chem Lab Squad Vice Pres Senior Class 5W"'f"f"n9 Club 64 JANUARY til? i f Zh Ifafmfi l .. 1,3 A ,fri 5:21 hm, , ,C , -3 ' 35174: ' L. J.,- X9 ' " . ' ' . i ' I I I I n n 1 I I ' . ff x " .:, 5' 5' ' A W if I aw , -se .R J I ,Q fi 3 'H' rg , fs A ,F , f N , 'f " i ii: ' .. I si fgfalt ' ,r nf, - , iql I . -5 i-ff? ' . q . I I ' ' ' I V I my 14112531 f - 2, v , , '1 I' - . ' Q ,gl 5 S.-. " 1 --1 K S V I' "2 'I I ugh f A . . ' ,Q mc. I ' I I U ' I I ,'."- ff' A f Y I A g f: ,, '27 Y mv A f " 4 - Q , Q! rf-uc. 1 V, I ' I 'an g ' -wi - , I1 'Zz 2 - -WSE? A ELG - I ' . 4 2 1,1 V ,Vi , 1 , fl 11 :Fw 'f 3, I I I I . I , I . I - i I l , ' s v I - . I I ' ' l ' I ur .km SATTLER GENE Baseball Team Executive Coun SCHAIEWITZ SAUI- HOGIIII Ed CHIC! 57000 :il Service Squad 07559 SCHENKER DOROTHY M Husfory Office Lafe Office Posf War Service Club Bao Lab SCHADELBAUER GEORGE F Service Squad Lunch Squad Senior Advisers Office Cross Coun f"N fr-x 4237-5 Honor Guard General Offrce Cuffmg Office M SCHERTZ LORETTA Cherry Tree Editor Ansfc SCHIFFMAN RUBIN X SCHERZER ALFRED LEONARD Cap? Ushers SCHLESINGER EVA Cufhng Office Arlsfa Aux IN Corps Arlsfa Healfh Ed Office Lunch Squad :hum Commifiee Program Commlffee Sensor English Office Adviser s Office SCHWARTZ BENJAMIN M Biology Club Span SCOTT LILLIAN Lafe Office Sensor Grade Ad ash Auxlllum vgger 5 Offiqg SCHWARTZ VIVIAN ELEANOR Enghxh Office SEABROOK ELAINE E Ar? Office Arista Lunch Squad G0 Rep 4, 73 A SEARCY, MARCELINE A Sensor Advlier'l Office, SEKEBIN, NINA S Arlsfa Chairman, Library loflonmg An'0 Comm, Poetry Club, Pos? War Servlce Club, Library Aide SEIUEN, MILDRED LAURA Grade Advisers Of H nc.. ohm Lab S ATZ, NINA MYRA Swimming Club 1946 65 I G"l ,- , f ,diff pq- 5-"' l 'i' J f I 1 Q N .ff ,,-- ,,-f:-T' ,,- ' he .4- FV -7 I--I T46 I Q Eff s I l if X ,av , ' ' 'II' ' I ' I lff l I ..'7, if I Wir fr ' Kg x? ,I . .:-- '7 K 'Qs SHELDON EVE JOAN Chem Office SILVERMAN HAROLD N Biology Club Mafh Auxlllum Healfh Ed Office Arlsfa Cuffmg Office SHERHQFER NORMAN G SILVERMAN LENORE RENEE Heallh Ed Office 'Qs 'hd SKERRITT CATHERINE Swimming Office SKINNER GERTRUDE M Cuffmg Office Posf War Service Club SMITH RICHARD RADCLIFF Servlce Squad Ushers Corps Lunch Squad SOLOMON JUDITH LEONORA Halchef Sloff Lafun Office Swimming Club Lohn Aunllum Glee Club SUNDEL ALFRED Track Team Cross Counfry Squad Cherry Tree Sfaff SWERDLOW NERMA JUDITH English Office Cufflng Office Semor Week Commlffee Posf War Service Club Bookkeeping Office SMITH DOLORES H Cuffmg Office SMITH DOROTHY Grade Advisers Office Swim ming Club Baslrefball Team Volleyball Team SILVERSTEIN BERNARD STANLEY Arasfa Ushers Corps Cufflng Office Squad Supply Squad Service SIMON MANFRED Arlsfa Bio Club Booklreep mg Office Healfh Ed Office Auxlllum SMITH JACQUELINE Healfh Ed Office Svnm mmg Office Grade Advisers Office SMITH JEANNE PATRICIA Glee Club Lunch Squad Senior Grade Adviser s Office L 2215 hs- 1. STERN JOSEPH Farm Cadet Corps Bio Club Library Squad STRAUSS ELLEN Hatchet Comm Losf Book Comm Sfeno Auxlllum Sfeno Office STRAUSS HELENE Arlsfa Modern Llf Club Cufhng Office Library Commlffee French Aux lllum SUGARBREAD ANN GLORIA French Club Span ish Club Senior Grade Adviser s Office TAGLIAFERRO Juuer A some Au-.num TEGNAZIAN CLARA Swimming Omen TASAKA TQSHIQ Chun Club 5,,,,c, gqwd TERZIAN RICHARD CARL Pres Senior Class Aff Offic. Pres Physics Club Mafh Club Chem Club I Chem Squad JANUARY 3 , ' 4 I . L - Y. F ' gk' J I ,ar I' 'T 1-P ' K LL , . V, W r ' ,kly 5 J'Efq5LAgtV cw :'. ar ziggy, , " , ' "44fQ4fEQg-'sf ' , 4,4- ,F sl' if 132 ' -i - ' I gp' FF? f, ff 2 , fa 66 'IIRYAKIAN ARSHAK Arista Service Squad Pub Inc Address System Aide Capt Lighting Squoc TOMMASI ROBERT JOHN Prom Committee TRACHTENBERG ADELE BARBARA TREY RENEE F English Office Senior Grade Adviser s Office VERDOONER MARCEL mmg Momtor Swimming Team Swim WALDMAN KURT L Track Team Math Club Health Ed Service Squad WATKINS PERQUITA I Health Ed Office WATSON DOLORES ROMAINE English Office Senior Advaser 5 Office Swimming Club Volleyball Team TORRES FERNANDO N Squad Service Squad Lunch TORRES LEONARD C Swummmg Team Lunch Squad Spanuh Office Swimming Monitor UDELL SIDNEY Math Club Servlce Squad Health Ed Office Chemistry Squad VALDATA JOHN JOSEPH Service Squad Chem Squad WALLACH MlLDRED Attendance Office Lunch Squad Health Ed Office WALLOWITZ ROSALIE Lunch Squad Post War Service Club Biology Aunlwm Health Ed Office Hatcnet Sfaff WEIL MARlON Executive Council Hatchet Committee Semor Adviser s Office French Aulahum WEINWURM DORIT Grade Advisers Office Glee Club A !"'N fx , S 3 fl llll llll I ,- f fi ri i 1' 5 'l- Z K , if ,ff ,4-:' ,- 1 -. i -4 N X Q sl I , Lb, I I E l h A lnlc lml J NN.--,"' E l l a l , .N . -3' Q 'Z 1 lf' jf , 4 A , T E- 3 I J , lg l y S y is ' I, , I 1 R J S1 l' y 1946 67 - TT. I 'K -au. AA! WEIR GLADYS Health Ed Offuce Lafm Office WEISMAN DANIEL Tumblmg Team Cufhng Office Lunch Squad fQ WEISSMAN TESSIE Spanish Offlce Grade Ad WlLLlS MARY LOU 5Vlmm"'9 vnsers Office Lunch Squad Spamsh Auxuluum Lafm AUXlllUm WIDDER EVELYN F Posf War Service Club WILSON BARBARA ALTHEA Chem Lab Lunch Squad Office Arf Office Club Grade Adviser WINKLER LAURANCE G0 OHM SWIG' womAN RENEE Assocuafe Ednofcheffy Tree vmeus ELAINE Glee Club Gnfl commm.. 5'1UUd CUNINQ Ofice Cuffmg Office Arlsfa Posf War Service Club French Club AYISYC Auxnluum wooowsxl mee me Almlwm Modem Ln wmcm GEORGEA YOSELOE ELAINED Club Affendance Office Lunch Squad ZEGGER JOHN LOUIS Arnsfa Juducnal Board Sec Ushers Corps Alberf Anaya Mae La Mar Alexander H Levy Arnold Lnchfensfeln ZEIDNER SABINA Modern Lnf Club Lunch Squad, Healfh Ed Ofhce ZIMMERMAN, SYDELL Ansfa Auxlluum C A H I I A S H Y Evelyn Luslanslry Melvm Salfzberg Warren Nash Ffld Silliif Mildred lemger MCIVIV' Small lachard Sfern 68 JA NUARY 1946 , - ,, . " 12 af f -A X Q Q -gl gif A ' if ' '7. .. vw, ' Eljiggll V . ' -1. '4-"'L ' In W ' ' ' . -, I I .' .. j ' 0 2877, 5 l I . . . . I Q nw if X af V2 UZO9'f'67!0!ZS f 7 'fx L J' ff ' ' ' IL- . 5 . 7 AL A I X mfg - 17 X if X CI, L71 11 8 ,f Y' L Rf ff' ' X QA' 7 MM' I ff W ja, if , , 'f 3 s g f '-pf! M9 'U K M Nl f " 5' . 3 If T' ' M ,H Lf! f j gf, fr' I I' - y b X5 ' I I X ,J x Q N X LV! . .7 47 ADAMS, CHARLES GERALD Pres. Modern Lit. Club, Biol. Lab Squad, Biol. Auxilium, Lunch Room Squad ADAMS, HELEN Chairman Orientation Film Comm., Arista Admissions Comm., Honor Guard, Cutting Office, Bio, Lab. 5 ANDERSON, CAROLYN T. Aftendance Office ANTOKOLETZ, RITA Arista, Grade Advixer's Office, Spanish OK English Office, Pan-Amer- ican Club , 9 AVAZIS, HELEN Cufting Office, Glee Club, Healfh Ed. Office, Senior Class Treasurer BAGDOIAN, ANNAROSE LILY Health Ed. Of- fice, Aftendance Office, General Office Squad 5 K5 ad 'Q' BASMAJIAN, ELIZABETH BETTY Lunch Squad, Giff Commitlee, Chemistry Squad, Health Ed. Office BASS, HERBERT Band, Orchesfra, Lunch Squad Wk ALLEN, VERNEL VICTORIA Swimming Office, Lunch Squad ALPERN, ROBERT Lunch Squad, Service Squad, Chemistry Squad, Track Committee Parents' Reception 1 4, if iifr f ::'fT"- 7 .. - f' yi ,--9. rf., lfny, I .lr bmw ARMSTRONG, CLARA EVA Healfh Ed. Office, Baskefball Team, Volleyball Team ARTUSHENIA, OLGA Swimming Club, Lunch Squad Girls' Medical Room, iN BAIER, MARIE G. Healih Ed. Office BARISH, DAVID Defention Squad, Lunch Squad, Math. Auxilium BAUER, OTTO FRANZ Lunch Squad BAUM, EMMI Cherry Tree Staff, Swimming Club if if eff 4? ALTZ, ALICE DOROTHY Health Ed. Office AMENDOLA, ROSETTA X2 I ATKINS, MARILYN PEARL Bookkeeping Office, Lunch Squad, French Club AUDAIN, EDITH VIOLA Arista, Modern Lil. Club, Program Commitfee, Grade Adviser's Of- fice, Cutting Office :him BARONIAN, HARRY Book Dept. Service Squad, English BARRETT, GILBERT Prom Commitfee A X BECKER, DORIS Senior Nominafing Committee, Glee Club, Swimming Club, Past War Service Club, Lunch Squad BEH LM ER, HAROLD FRANCIS 70 JU N E f"N f'-'x JI 4'- EEHNKE PAUL Fulm Cornmoffee Arlsfa Aulll BE'-OFSKY ADELE LCN OHICB num Servuce Squad Sensor Week Commuhee 'ICB BIOIOQY AUXIIIUM POS? We Club K Chaurman 5 BEHRENS ROSEMARIE BENARIO RUTH Arnsfa Offnce Program l ssncmm JuLes mf comm club cope ANN Aww GM Lunch Squad Bao Lab Squad Cherry Tree Pho offlce CUWHQ 07650 Chwfmcf' ' fographer Hafchef Staff Sfafi French Office fifbyx fendqnge Office Squad Spamsh Auxllwm Medlcal Room X I BERGREN HERTHA A Llfe sqvmg Club Af BERK IRMA ROSLYN Cuff-ns Offlrf Lunch 4 KM T 6-1 Z X 2- 2 7 Q-pf! -1 ,K g-' Y ff ,f BERKMAN MARLLYN SONDRA l-Unch SQUUC5 U BERLIN JANE Cufhng Office Aifendance Of Lohn Club Svumrmng Club Hce Heclfh Ed Office Maih Office .1-f' ff BERLIN IRIS JUNE Laie ofnc. Pod war Serv BERLINER AUDREY I-unch Squad Mud-col Room Z- nce Club f' ,, Mt? BERMAN GLORIA Cuifmg Office French Of BIERMAN MURIEL Spamsh Office French O0 -1 fice French Club French Auxulwm Lunch Room fice Svummmg Club Poetry Club Healfh Ed -. Squad Office 1 BERNHARDT JOHN H Cherry Tree Sfaff Lunch BINIARIS MARY W TQ, Squad R inf Q. I+ ff fs 4 A 'I ' fn' Q , X! 0 H I Oh Q iw inf 5 W? O 9 :Q an f . ' ' A L I. ,-1 f- K L X L L N , .a 2? Ei? I J , 'L L. "V ve .L . , FQ. . . , , . ' I if 1946 7I " lu, 1 L 3 BLACKMAN FL ORENCE L Lunch Squad BLEDSOE MARY E Cuffung Office Posf War Service Club Glee Club Chem Club Lunch Squad BLANK FLORENCE Arvsfa Cuffmg Office Swim BLITZER BARRY EDWARD Orchesfra Band ming Club Arrsfa Auxrlnum Lunch Squad Service Squad Biology Lab Squad BOCK EUGENIE BELLE French Office Mafh Club French Auxllnum Lunch Squad Post War Service Club BRENNAN JEAN E Affendance Office Cufhng Office Honor Guard Hafchef Sfaff Cherry Tree Sfaff "VO 1. CAPSIS GEORGE CARGILL ELEANOR MILDRED Lunch Squad Cnemlslry Ounce .aw 'Q CHANDRI KATHERINE VS CHESTNUT JOHNNIE Glee Club Poxf War Baslrefball Team RUTH Cufhng Office Service Club Cqpfqm BROWER ROBERT PAUL Swimming Team Tum blnng Team BURROWS GLORIA E Lafe Office CARROLL ALICE M Club Honor Guard Newman CARSIOTIS MICHAEL General Office Squad CHRIST Cufhng Office 5 u.,EY LEWIS Senior Class Tree Rep Mafh Office CHURGIN JAMES Service Squad Cuffung Of lice Lafe Office Mafh Office Gym Squad 'N BLOCH ELAINE JEAN Pan American Club Locker Room Posf War Service Club BLOOM JANET Band Orchesfra Pres French Club BUSH ELLEN M Judicial Board Honor Guard Cufflng Office CALLEN DER RUDOLPH CLIFFORD CATENIS GEORGE Lunch Squad Biology Club Cuffrng Office CHANANIE JANE CAROLE Cuffung Offuce Lafe Office Lunch Squad Glen Club CIMILLUCA MARIA M Cuffmg Office Swim ming Club Cherry Tree Rep Newman Club Glee Club CLARK NANETTE French Club Lcfrn Auxrllum Posf War Service Club Lunch Squad JUNE f Q? A la w ' y "' far if Q if H, , ' , Q- 'Z' . 13' . r 4 Q. n Q if n-.4 ' , I I ,. ' . , . ' , ' - 72 ' ff CLEARY EUGENE HENRY vmerm-dem 1 COFFEY LORRMNE GO Track Team Glee Club Health Ed Office CODRINGTON GLORIA MAUDE COHEN EVA Ansfa Auxulium Pos? War Serv COHEN HAPVEY JAY Honor Ushers Corps Tennu Team Supply Squad ice Club JS-uma! C05-r: Service ish Office EDWARD Tumbling Team Lunch Squad P T Office Span fi f"'x 49355 , N 2 A . 2 --- ' 7 ? y a n 1, ,, iruijjimi Wir 'ffm ix cc M 3? A a ' 4'Z4'f T gc . T. T I, -' V Ax T-1, E? ' 4 ,-'Hg i nhl J ' nz if 'J 'U it U HJ, 1946 73 I M J ,Z COHEN JOAN ARLENE English Office Af fendance Office Arusfa Pan American Club Spanish Auxllaum COVIELLO MILDREDJ Lunch Squad General Office Squad COX THOA AS P Service Squad Cherry Tree Sfaff Lunch 'quad Swimming Mamfor Hygiene Momfor CUNDIFF JOSEPHINE CECILIA English Office Arufa Honor Guard Grade Advisers Office CURRY GLORIA C Library Squad Honor Guard Newman Club Jewelry Commnffee COLDEIRA PHYLLIS MAE Rehearsal Club Treasurers O flce Chemusfry Squad Haalfh Ed Office CRAVIN JOIN P Semcr Grade Advisers Of fice Affendance Office CUCINELLA JOSEPH N Swimming Squad llol ogy Lab Squad Chemistry Squad Lunch Squad DADISON GUS Chemlsfry Lab Squad Chem vsfry Club Locker Squad M Service Squad Lunch Squad F YT 2- , f ff? ji' 5-' ,Z K ir' ,,, ,,-:." ,.- gi Q ? -be-s gs. N-S 'sf ,r ' .N .l:"',? V ,P S 432 1? '41 in I 'sip nuns, MARION noise Arisfa, Modern Lif. DAVIS WEI-DON F Lunch Squad DBLARA LUZ Club, Program Cammiffae, Grade Adviser's Office DAVIS , RUTH E. Rehearsal Club, English Office, DAVISON HENRY WM Swimming Team Chem DELEGIANIS JEANETTE English Offlca Honor Cuflius OMC! lslry Club Biology Club Program Commlffee Gvdfd LUNCH Squad DELGADO, LETICIA R. Lafe omce, Healfh sd. DONCHIN CHARLES JACOB Ushers Corps DORTORT F'-ORA ANITA Af-HG I-unch Squad Ofiica Program Committee Biology Club Swimming PdnAmerIcun Club Microscopy Club Spanish f DELMONICO, JOSEPHINE R. Swimming C Prom Commiflee DOWNS, DOROTHY E, Swimming Office, Hualfh Ed. Office DRELLICH, KENNETH M. Pro ram Commiffu 9 - Mafh Club, English Office, Ushers' Corps, Pro- gram Oflicc EDSON, LOUIS EDWIN Lunch Squad EISENBERG MURIEL F Arlsfa Mafh Office ENGLANDER LAWRENCE H Amy., usp, EICHEN EVELYN RHEA Cherry Treo Slaff ELLIS JUANITA A Bio Office and Lab Af ENSEKI RICHARD Ushers Corps Arlsfa Supply 74 JUNE ePlFANovlcH OLGA MARY EPSTEIN EDITH Cuffmg Ofluce Arf Offuce French Auxlluurn French Club EVANS JAMES D Tenms Team Chemls ry Club Lsbrary Cammlffea Infermural Baskefball f'N fc-x 5- ERNST FLORENCE Secrafary of Arnfa Hufary OHICO llalogy Lab Program Commlffse Cuf 'N hng Offlce ESTRIN ADELE Arusfa Bnology Lab Hlsfory Of face Grade Advnsers Offuce Program Cornmnffee FAGS MARITZA Orchestra Arusfa Culhng Of face Posf War Servncs Club Lunch Squad 3 7, Z 8 I I ' FF A J F v V' I . . - . ' n In 1 ,F 9 F ' ' " ' -f"" E I 4 ol ,OI 2 VI l I7 I . . . . g f i 0 ' ' . I EIIANSI VILMAR Fdsf War S:rvlce Ciub.,lNewmarl FASS,l CHARLES U ll l I l D M ' Q!-Q l l I . I . . - .I ' I I I I - .V Q - X l . 1 -h 5 K I .. f K 4' Z? I X I I J , I I - I ' ' ' , I Z I- l I I I 9 4 6 75 Q Club Swummmg Offlca C1emusfry Club Jewelry Commnflee FEINER SEYMOUR Cuffmg Office Spamsh Of flce Servnca Squad Hofchef Rep FELDMAN GLORIA Gnff Commlffee Lahn Auxullum FINE LAWRENCE Svurnmlng Team School Band Tannu Team Servnce Squad Track Team ,- g FENSTERHEIM ASHER Lunch Squad Mafh Aux alum Band Orcnesfra i 5 FINDER SAMUEL GERSHWIN i' Y fm K , wg! -1 'Ei' Ti 5 E it- 1 FINN ISIDORE I N FINKEL NAOMI Cumng Qffgce FIREMAN ELAINE S General Offlca Squad Posf War Servnce Club R 'P'-s 3 sl 2' J I I D w l if . ,wil FISCHER BARBARA Culhng Office Book Office FITZGERALD MARGARET H Gee Club Pc-sl War Service Club Parenfs Rccephon Commit fee Swimming Club Lunch Squad FRANKLIN MARIAN Lunch Room Squad Grade Advisers Office FREED ROBERT DALTON Physics Club Phofog raphy Squad Llghhng Squad Biology Squad Chemisfry Squad FRIEND ROBERT Moth Club Biology Club Fnysics Club Supply Squad Lunch Squad FRUCHT RUTH Arisfa Grade Advisers Office Affendance Office Poxf War Service Club 'X GANZ ELIZABETH Honor Guard English Of fice Senior Grade Advisers Office Lahn Aux :hum Modern Lnf Club GEIDE YOLANDA A Sfeno Auxiluum -lb if FOWLER CHARLES MONSON FRADIN TAMARA C General Office Squad FOX JOAN R English Office General Office Cufhng Office Honor Guard Pos? War Service Club FREUDENBERGER BERTEL MARION Aruslca Cu? hng Office Bookkeeping Office Pos? War Service Club Arlsfa Employmenf Survey FPEUDENBERGER JOSEPH Arusfa Program Commiffce Cuffmg Office Service Squad Mod ern Ll ub FULD HARRY Service Bio Lab Locker Room Squad Cufhng Office Squad GADOL NORMAN Senior Week Commrffee ,em Arlsfa Leader Honor Ughgrg Club Judicial Board Service Squad GILLAS HELEN G Arf Club Pos? War Servnce Club Swimming Club Orchesfra Rafuannng And FRANKL LILLIE M Healfh Ed Office Grade Advisers Office Bio Auxllium Cherry Tree Rep HELE Glee Club Lunc FRIEII TIN Mod ub Auxnlium Secrefarial ce GALANTER EVELYN RUTH GALVIN KATHLEEN P Hunor Iarial Sgud qs Office '7 X Guard Secre X GILLIAM DELORES E Rehearsal Club Cufflng Office Spanish Auxllium Sensor Week Commuf fee Healfh Ed Office GOITEN RUTH F Arnsfa Modern Llf Club Biology Office Mafh Auxuluum Bookkeeping Of :ce JUNE ,l I Nj Z 5? '4 err fr ,Q if , Q u - . I . X l I n- I H , MAR mis. Cl , Fr I1 ' ' ' ' 'f. cl' ' ' i V Q 7, I l l if 4305 ivxgd if 76 f'N f'-x l GOLDBERG BEULAH Execufnve Council Senior GOLDFARU ED'TH Hono' Guard LCN' OMC' Grade Advisers Office GOLDEN SHARON Lunch Squad Bm Auxllpum GOLDMEIER HARRY Lunch Squad Girls Medical Room ARTHUR M Service Squad Chem usfry Office Secrefarnal Office General Science Auxlllum Chernlxfry Lab Squad GOLDSTEIN MAXINE Sensor Jewelry Comme? fee Lafe Office Svummmg Club Lunch Squad Cherry Tree Rep GORDON JANE Swimming Club Honor Guard GORWITZ KURT Lunch Squad Biology Squad Mafh Squad Mafh Auxuluum Spanish Auxnluum 4 GREENSTEIN HARRIET Parenfs Recephon Com mnffee GREER RUTH EMILY GONZALES SALVADOR J Publlcaflons Office Mafh Club GONZALEZ ALVINA English Office Lafe Of fice Healfh Ed Office GOTTLIEB MIMI Grade Advisers Office French Club Pos? War Service Club Lunch Squad Swim ming Club GOULD PAUL R Cherry Tree Sfaff Lunch Squad Bro Lab GROSSMAN HERBERT GRUENBERG MARILYN ALICE Modern Lf Club Ansfa Biology Office Grade Advisers Office Cuffmg Office Us iw M V W 6"'I Z K 2 , 6 Z7 if f i' ,.- f- .f P 5+ i -5 il. gs.. '5-x ssf Z A A Q F . l v Q L fi f, QS l l l 4? . " - -' - . .1 If -E ff 1 L l I A c ,, 2 , , J X lg - a . f . v I ' A L L Q . I ' gi - . A l . N I l 1 l 9 4 6 77 GRUNHUT JUNE A Arista Cufhng Office French Office Lunch Squad Math Club GURVITCH MAXINE Heallh Ed Office Lunch Squad HARTOG CARL Bio Lab Chem Lab HAYDEN WILLIAM RAYMOND Arista R hearsal Club Lunch Squad Cufhng Office HEYMAN oxen PEGGY slologycuub mology HIGMAN MARY ELLEN Hlslory Office Healfh Ed Office HINES MARIE A HIRSCH BERNARD Cufhng Office Heallh Ed Momfor GQ. 4? HAAS ROLF A Bao French Club HAEER FRED General Office Squad Biology Lab Lunch Squad if' HAYES YVETTE MARGARET Pan American Club Presndenf of Newman Club Pcxf War Service Club Library Squad Spanish Auxlluum '21 QT gn :LZ P -2'z 'E I 'Dm '12 Om Eir- 0.- gm I 0 o r 3' fl 'E' I an O 35 fl O ,cfm 1 ,ss HILSBERG JEROME Pres Camera Club Bao HIMMELFARB HOWARD S Affendance Office Lunch Squad Chemlsfry Office 1 HAHN HANNAH Aruslo Program Committee Culfung Office Grade Employmenf Commlffee Advisers Office Arista HANNIBAL ERIC A lnfromural Easkeiball HELLMAN JUDY E HELPERN MARTIN WM Service Squad Chem lslry Club HINDS DOROTHY SHEILA Volley Ball Team HINDS LOIS M HOFFMAN FREDERICK Honor Ushers Corps Math Auxlllum HOLMES KATHERINE FRANCES Lafe Office Lunch Squad Mann Office KATHERINE Office Senior Week Volley Ball Team M French Club Lafe Hee Swimming Club HOROWITZ PHYLLIS JANE Arlsfa Rehearsal Club English Office Cufhng Office Program Office Vu-gf' 1 Cf fl . A r " I ,- ' 5 I' 4: I . I eh I - I ' .I ' I ' I . . . X A 'I' 2 if 1? ff Oz 0 I ' , 4 Lab,, Glee Club, Auxilium, Program Cammihee Lab, Squdd, Service Squad, Hafchef Sfaff ' Bookkeeping Office, Grade Adviser'5 Office U I '- I ll . A lil" , L.-.fnsflllldl I , S. ' ' , , I I - I. ' , I I J 78 T, I JUNE . fin , I ' rf 1 ll I , 0 , Y ff Q HOWARD VILMA ALTEAH Cherry Tree Staff P0e7"Y Club Lunch Squad Mafh Office Hafchef ep HOWELL JOHN IVER Lunch Squad JACOBS SHARON FRANCES Cuffmg Office Affendance Office Chem Squad Swnmmung Team Halchel' Staff Mafh Club Rehearsal Club 41 JEE WALTER F Ushers Corps Lunch Squad Phcrography Club JESELSOHN EUGENE S Cherry Tree Staff JOHNSON ROBERT MILTON Track Team Band Orchexlra Lunch Squad JONES ESTHER LEONA English Office HURWITZ ETHEL Luncn Room Squad Glee fx ,lik 7' Club Bookkeeping Offlce as HYMAN CLAIRE M Swimming Club Sfeno Offnce gtg-Qf JACOBSON HARRIETTE Valley Ball Team JOHNSON JOHN Service Squad Honor Ushers Corps Lunch Squad JOHNSON MAY GRACE GO Secrefary JONES HENRIETTA PRICILLA Arlsfc Aullllum Heolfh Ed Office Pon War Servnce Club Lunch Squad Lafe Office JORDAN ELAINE IRENE Affendance Office Lunch Squad Modern Ln Club F I XWK if 2- , 2 iff? ..... 5' jf' if i ,, vin i 1 1 gh.. T? 5 Z sl 2' , -X l' E Q 4' 4 W. - l l ' 'C -J -, v , , - , , ' - . f ,F v - . ' . 1 :f"'l 3 SE 1 ll I I H EL I I l peg 53' ,J , l Q' 5 JACOBS, WALTER Honor Ushers' Corps, Arisla4 JAMES- CECII-IA J- Glu Clvb, Bdilllfbdll TQGHI, xx- l ff' , 42 ' J " C , J , 33 f 9' gf . 4 T . 5 -I U ' 4 T . T . . T ' . ' ll ' 1 ' I 5 I K T l 1 A f l -7 f h l 'il AI. WH l i 1 S l I D . .. W 'l fl ' I ' ' I ' ' l fl , ' . ' - I , . l l ll I 1 9 4 6 79 ' Q -mf S JOYNER HARRY Lunch Squad Llbmry Squad KAGAN ELLEN D Grade s Office Posf KAHN HERBERTJ Mafh Offxce Lunch Squad Track Tgcm War Service Club Swimming Club JU'-IAN JOHN KAHN ALAN EDWIN GO Publlclfy Commit KAHN SUSIE ELLEN Art Office KALMAN JERRY G lnframural Baskefball I KATZ LIESEL E Arlsfcl Grad v Posf War Sorvlce Club Progra Offi KATZ RUTH C Englush O Affendance Office Capf Lu Squa Guard Hafchef Sfaff fee Execuhve Council Pan American Club NIT1. PAULA Healfh Ed Office KAPLAN AUDREY B Lunch Squad Lleulenanf Club Advanced Swimming Club KAUFMAN ARTHUR Lunch Squad Affendance Offuce K, KAUFMAN JUNE ZEIDA Senior Grade Adviser 5 Hana, Office Healfh Ed Office Chem Club Hafchef RP KELAPIRE GEORGE Lunch Squad KESTEN LILA SELMA Chem Office loo Aux lllum Lunch Squad Bao Office Span Auxllwm KAHN MARTIN H Cherry Tree Slaff Lunch Squad Grade Advusers Office Swlrnmmg Mom for Jewelry Commnffee KAPLAN SHELDON JEROME Supply Squad Hafcnef Rep Hafchef Sfaff Swimming Office Healfh Ed Office Lunch Squad KAYE CHARLOTTE J Arlsfc Program Commuf lee Cherry Tree Sfaff English Office Grade Ad vuser s Office KEAR FRED WILLIAM Chem Lab KINSELLA PATRICIA JANE Judnclal Board R hearsal Club Swimming Club Cufhng Office Senior Grade Advisers Office KELTZ GLORIA RITA cumng omg. Lafe Of KINKER LEONARD Lunch squad KIRSCH SIDNEY MYRON Lunch Squad fice Lunch Squad Post War Service Club French Auxrlnum fifffjffifb ' L :fy x ! ' I Z Q .- J ! , . I , . . I ' . KATRAAMADOSI HARRIET R. Affendance Office, X . 4 n 4 'I ' 6 . . ' X is ' ' ' ' ' I. ' . I V . J ex X V I g I . , . , . ' isf , - l ' ' ' I I I R l , . , . , Q8 'ii' ' I i -'. ' ' . . A . . ' .- 80 Ld , . ' J u N E 4,41 CP Maw Cv 1 KISSEL SYRIL LORRAINE Ansfa Modern Lf Club Cufflng Office Grade Advisers Office Chemusfry Squad KLUGMAN JUDITH War Service Club Lunch Squad P ff KRAUTBLATT AMY M Cuffung Office English Office Cherry Tree Sfaff Modern Llf Club Hafchef Rep gram Commlffee French Office Program Office '11 KROBOTH ROSE Healfh Ed Office KUKLIN BEULAH R Glee Club Orchesfra LAGER HERTA Grade Advisers Office Arf Of fice French Auxulrum Post War Service Club French Club LAKY AMELIA J Posf War Service Club Swim ming Club KOFLER INGE Sfeno AUlllIUI'l'1 KOHN ESTELLE Cufhng Office Lafe O ce Mann JV! ffi Squad French Auxlllum f'N 1'-x 5 '- 'Vx KRIKORIAN SOSY Library Squad Chemusfr Squad Lunch Squad Lafln Auxulaum M Llf Club English Office Cufflng Office .4 KUSCHER ROSLYN RACHELLE Chemlsfry Of fice Glff Commuffee Lunch Room Squad KUTTAS HARRIETT IRENE Cufhng Office LAUPER EVELYN M Posf War Service Club Health Ed Office LEAHY JAMES JOSEPH Newman Club Honor Ushers Corps French Auxllnum French Office Z if? if 5 Fl' if U ll I ll WX llll li l llllx Y '11 1 Q. tg .Lung gs. NZ L R X 1 -E g E v. QS-P. I N in 3 ' will ull -. ' r 3 h gg! ! 'U - U JI In x be S O - ,R . '- iz! - .- --5 - I . N -il . vi 5 U 2 - - 5 L . X G h 2 ..5 1 - W 'x ' ' 1 X Ai T-"' " Z I ""' ' """' 2' . , 1- z q an 5 .Q '. ' J l If , ...ur F ' ' X ' KW . I., I I 'L 'll 'X ' ARE i ... "' - ,M 5 X1 -x-xzeci-Q, sl I W ,ul mag? W 'Q LEDERMAN THELMA JANET Healfh Ed Office LEVY GERALD ETHAN Band Orcheslra Track Team P5 PY' LISSON HELEN LOUISE Arlsfa Admissions Cam mnffee Cherry Tree Sfaff Program Commnffee Prom Commnffee English Offi LIVERMORE SHIRLEY Glee Lunch 19K LOSS EDITH C General Offlce Squad Lunch Squad LUDWIG MERTON l yy? MANDELBAUM STUART ROY Lunch Squad Serv :ce Squad Locker Room Squad vners Office Grade Ad MANNA, JANE A Arlsla, Cufflng drclal Board Grade Advuser'x Office Mafh Club 82 Lswm som-4 French Club Lunch squad rw '-'LLY ANNIE R Lunch War Service Club Swimming Club Room Squad ucHreNsTslN JASON Lunch squad Bio La MA PH'L'P JAMES Squad U LOEWE FRED KARL -Q wang' nam yeah LONDON ART E Arrsfa Cap? n of Chem qu er quad Judicial Board Lunch QU .97 LUX ARTHUR Baseball Squad MACOMBER JOAN E lush Office .Q 1 X Mnmo THERESA M OHM' ,U mxncoun sANrono TRN 5 Team Lafe Office Lunch Alfendance Office Eng Bio Lab Lunch Squad Mafh Office Service Squad Glee ,V LONDON SHELLEY Sensor Life Saving Club Affendance Office RUTH A Grade dvlsewm Tlf' M RUS MAGIDA MARILYN ANNETTE Senior Life Sav mg Club Poelry Club Biol Laborafory Prolec hon Squad Cancer Commnflee MALDONADO ARTHUR NICHOLAS Anna Service Squad Hafchef Rep Honor Ushers Corps Lafe Office Q MARK ANTHONY JOSEPH MARMUREK, ROEN ILEEN Lunch Squad Senior Grade Advlser's Office JUNE fx I ' 4 ' A S 8 A I ' ' V I ' V b' Ll , l . Cl b xi, I iff, Q New Q cw 1 ' . J V f' is " vi uorf - fl, V - lli Y' I I Jr, I , A 1 T , J V f F147 nfl! l G I I Qi . . . I I 1 , ' ' , ' ' ' ' 1 . I C I . - Ki' ' 2 s' . -I I - ' Al N5 i 'am o l J , H " 5 3 , . 'W' ' '4 N ,Wcc V 4 , 2' J I - ' f I ' a. ' I . e I . I u . I N lx I Hi , if A O V 1 , 9 M a 3 ,. xi-4 W Ag A. I - I - ' T- I MARTIN GLENNA P MARSH DOROTHY Mann Offuce Dramafuc Club MAXWELL LENA sYLvaA Pm of cn.. club Smmmlng Club Lunch Squad Senior Receafuan Commlffee MCBE ROY D Lunch Squad McDONALD ELIZABETH HELEN Newman Club Glee Club Swnmmlng Club Medical Office MCMEEKIN ROBERT Grade Advuers Office Lunch Squad Raflonung Aide Servlce Squad Biol Auxlhum MESSER GWEN Valley Ball Team 'X MATTHEWS DORIS ELINOR Arnsfa Program Cammvffee Honor Guard Culhng Offlce Grade Adviser s Office MAURA Jonc " M f 'VM MCCORMICK JOHN MICHAEL McCORMICK ZELMA ANN Vice leader f Ansfa Program Commnffee Cuffmg Office Lahn Office Program Commlrfee Office McNAlR DELORES Lunch Squad Service Squad Arfendance Office MERRETT PETER G Rehearsal Club 4.015 OF L-:CR 'fd A swan, guy fx f-x 7' 45315 JL w Ew a P f x fl Q- llllllll X ,ff ,f ,5.-" Z- ly xl Wm 6732193-pf 110-3' " V E DAVID Servuce Squad lnframural las 1 3-mf """' MESSER BARBARA ADRIENNE Arusfa Program METZ HILDA Arusfa Library Squad Lunch JQC! Commaffee Cherry Tree Sfaff Grade Advxgerg Squad Svummrng Team Llfe Savmg Club GN Office Spamsh Office jx Ns 5 0 x V ' 5 M N T- I 3 1 A v l . 54 S K .. . 'A ll 1 n x U I i Q - - . ' ' X ' . - 'n li. ' S gf AM, 1 5. lc " I Eb? 2 Vf V5 N' x 5' x .L if ll bw x ll n' S D "l"ll""' "il la , X X m . -'SA T ' -Emi-6 . E l ""' """' ' ?1 l A - X F in KM S' 111 I ...A an I x X1 XX-WS? L X ,I ,f I-Q 'G' MEYER, CAROLA Arisra Program Commiffee MILEO' ANTHONY J, Arigfq, Cuffing Office, Judicial Board Cuffing Office Executive Council, Arisla Admissions Comrnirfee MICROMATES ELSIE JOHANNA Eng Office MILES Healfh Ed Office M Office www MONASTERO MARGARET MARY MONTANEZ ISABEL Pan American Club New man Club MORROW BETTY LOUISE Lunch Room Squad Glee Club Lafe Office MOSER LORE French Club 'vu all CAROLYN BELLE Office Biology Lab Cufhng -an 5 MOONEY EVA MAE Spanish Club MOORE HELEN T English Office Newman Club MURRAY VIRGINIA F Swimming Club NADEL CAROL Modern Luf Club Arlsfa vu NEbMES WALTER A Lunch Raom Squad IIOIOQY NEWMAN HERBERT WILLIAM Lunch Squad NIRENSTEIN ALLEN M Tracll Team C' Bio Lab 70-we, bk 6? MINKOFF NORMAN LAWRENCE Biology Lab., Program Commiffee Biology Auxiliurn MIRAN LOIS JUNE Poefry Club Bio Club Bio Lab MORAN EILEEN BARBARA Ansfa Cuffmg Of fice Pan American Club Lunch Squad Heallh Ed Office MORRISON JOAN DORIS Program Commlffee -Q A7 NADLER FRANCINE Arisfa Program Office Program Commrffee Poefry Club French Aux llrum NAVAS ROSE MARIE NEUMANN NINA Af-S90 Che-frfwn Aw'-um NICOU-W PETER GY"""'f"Cf NISHANIAN Riu MARY mem, Recepnon Commllfee Grade Adviser: Office Cuffmg Of Ccmmgfu fice History Office JUNE . ,,- I . I - T ,1 . 'uf fi , ff: Q -'R I I , '4 . 'ey af I I 1 ,S 3 19 - A ' if X' J . - . JIZIJ ilii L iff' ' . A 1 if ' w , 4 J ' A ' -4 I -4 ' - I X , ,. . his ki ,A,' 5, A, 1 v YA VJ, YA 84 NITZBERG ALVIN Spanish Office Servuce Squad Capf Lunch Squad NUSSBAUM HERBERT J Lafe Office Service Squad OLSEN ANNA DOROTHY Bookkeeping Office Lunch Squad Grade Advisers Office Swimming Office ORLEANS GRACE French Club Swimming Club Senior Advisers Office Lafe Office 2 OBRYANT JEWELL Sfeno Auxlluum Swimming Club PALA MARIANGELA NORCINI Senior Grade Advisers Office PARCHMENT ROY ALFRED PARKES SELIA Semor Grade Advisers Office Volley Ball Team Affendance Office OCKERT FREDERICK JOHN Swimming Momfor Lunch Squad Tumbling Team OINONEN EILA M English Office OTT WALLACE JACK Tennis Team Swimming OUSLANDER MORRIS French Office Arisfa Cufhng Office Team Service Squad Lunch Room Squad PAPAZIAN SIRAN French Club Lunch Squad !'N f'-x Us iw M X I y- IIIIIIIII f Z? ri ,,.f i' PAPEN men CHARLES Modem Ln club -i PASNER EDITH L Judicial Board Ansfa Pro gram Commlffee Office Cuffmg Office English Office PASSACANTANDO VIRGINIA LOUISE Arlsfa Orchestra Cufhng Office Pan American Club French Club 2 27' ...- ,.-zf' Z- --Qi i Q 1 N g-N KK T I X V. Ii X La I I Y? - R! A 3 Im '. , ' ' .. f ' I-, I S I I WI F I fi ? TT Z , G f r Qfgq i' in .. .I Q ' E f , Am , ,I "X 'S' Q' f 75? ' II , I J 1 4 .' ' -.1 ' I I S f 1 Ikl, I I D .. I., t ,f ZU . I . 1 . ,I N 1 u I. ., I u in iuc. I S l 'I I9 4 6 as In I ls' cl ---- Q i PAYNE ANITA LOUISE English Office Grade Advisers Office Bio Laborofory Genera Office Momfor Glee Club PEPE FRANK A PITKIN SHELDON Presldenf of Band Presldenf of Dance Band Orchesfra Track Team PLOTKIN SALLY Mafh Club Arusfa Program Commnffee Poefry Club PERKINS HELEN MARY Lunch Squad Lahn PETERSEN ALICE JULIA Auxlllum Posf War Service Club PERLMUITER ESTHER French Clgb PETT LAURENCE JACOB Band Orchestra Lunch Squad Grade Advisers Office Pubhcafuons Of ice POSNER NANETTE J Modern Llf Club Life Saving Club Cufhng Office Biology Office Arisfa Auxllium PRESKIN AUDREY DORIS Program Commlffee Cufflng Office Program Office Arlsfa Grade Advisers Office PROBST CALVIN Cherry Tree Sfaff Arlsfa Film Commuffee Gym Squad Bio Office Parenfs Re cepflon Commiffee RANGE DONN Lunch Room Squad Service Squad Hafchef Sfaff i' RAPTOPOU LOS KITZA RAWLINS DENNIS Track Team Lunch Squad ROBBINS SONIA Glu Club Lofe Office Lunch Squad ROBIN JOCELYN M Grade Advisers Office Cuffmg Office Swimming Office English Office Senior REEVES JULIAN XESZOS REITZER ESTHER Hlsfory Office Healfh Ed Office REID CONSTANCE M Lunch Squad Spanish RIOS JOSE RAFAEL Lunch Squad Pan Amer Auxullum :can Club Baskefball Team RODRIGUEZ GONZALOJ Bio Squad Proyec hon Light Squad Lunch Squad ROMANOS TEDDY Senior Prom Commiffee Service Squad Pk. ROMNEY CLAIRE BERTHA Glee Club Judicial Board Pos? War Service Club RONCARI PAULINE GLORIA Affendance Office Bookkeeping Office Sfeno and Typing Office Arf Office ,. - if 9? ' WT . -4 I gf '4 R uf q .. T 1 . 7' 'V ' is 5 . T ,3 fn f q I I 1 li s. ' "I 86 J u N E ROSENBAUM BYRON Swimming Mor1lIor ROSENBERG SONIA ROSENBERG GEORGINE GO Publucnly Com ROSENBLUM ESTELLE M Lunch Squad Mafh mmee Pan Arnencun Club Arfendance Offlce Ofhce Sfeno Office Grade Advisers Ofllce P I. ' ACU ROSENTHAL EDWARD NORMAN L h Room Squad Service Squad Blology Lab Locker Room Squad Office Jewelry Commnfee ROWLAND CHARLES PATTON Lunch Squad Swnmmlng Monlfor Chemuxfry Squad General Offace RYAN EDWARD A Program Office Hafchef Staff Locker Room Squad ROSENZWEIG ELLEN French Club French Aux nlnum Lunch Squad Sensor Grade Advxser s Office Health Ed Office SACKS JACQUELYN Squad French Club Healfh Ed Office Lunch Squad Servnce SCHECHTER GERALD DAVID SCHNEIDER DAVID Infromural Basketball SCHWARTZ CAROL! Bla Lab Squad Pos? Svnmmmg Morufar War Servnce Club SCHULT GEORGE F Servxce Squad SCHWARTZ CONSTANCE ELAINE French Of fvce Healfh Ed Office Execuhve Council Lunch Squad Parenh Recephon Commlffee !'N f'-x i 'lx fx fn fl T 6-1 Z N Z 5- , Z3 .ff iii' 5' 5 PN 11 5+ i 1 -his -P'-5 L .J 3 J' 1- E " a , f IL F, Y F?" A 3 I I I ,nw :F ! l , . , 1 ' I I I ' 0 U ' ' aossnrnm., LENORE. Healfh Ed. Office, French ROSSUM. MURIEL Grade Advisefs Office. , . ' , lf ? E I I Q- v 4 . Sl' I3 , Z 5 I .. . I . I I I ' I' I ' 'I ' - Q - X f . ,, K . 3 I I 4 J f I I - X l 'XI ' l I 1 9 4 6 87 I, I rf -Mn SCHWARTZ DONALD SCHWARTZ SANDRA Llbrary Squad Cuffnng Offnce Pan Amencan Club Cherry Tree Sfaff 119' SELTZER AUDREY LESLIE Ansfa Bnology Lab Englush Offlce Healfh Ed Office Prolecfuon Club SENDER NORMAN Chemlsfry Office SHAPIRO MILA C Cuffrng Office Mafh Club Chem Squad Physucs Club SHAPIRO MYRON L Arlsfa Cherry Tree Sfcff Tumblung Team Mafh Club Cuffmg Offuce S l 41 SILVERMAN ELINOR Lafe Office Lunch Squad SINCOFF ADELE Spanush Office Sensor Ad vnsers Offuco French Club 88 SCHWARZ TRAUDY Math Offuce Mafn Club Arnsfa Cuffnng Office Sensor Week Commlffee SCOTT BARBARA ELAINE Healfh Ed Offuce Pan Amerncan Club Spamsh Auxuhum SERBIA GEORGE W Lunch Squad Servuce Squad Bla Office Buology Alpha Class Fllm Pnysucs Club SESKIN MARILYN Bookkeepmg Offlce Grade Advusers Offlce SHEFF ROSLYN Arlsfa Program Commuffee Engllsh Office Cufhng Offuce Spamsh Office SHERRY IRENE H Lunch Squad Posf War Service Club Healfh Ed Office Bank and Sfore SIROT RUTH Cuffung Ofhce Lunch Squad SEGAL ANDREW ELI Arusfa Edufor of Cherrv Tree Servlce Squad Bao Lab SEIDMAN IRIS French Office Mafh Auxlllum of list SHANDLING CAROLYN E Biology Lab Mafh Office Cufflng Office Lunch Squad SHAPIRO GLORIA French Offuce Swnmmlng Offoce SHULMAN JASON M Chem La Lunch Squad Servlce Squad Book Collecfuon Squad SIEGEL SALLY S Sfeno Office SMALL AUDREY E Cuffnng Offxce Volley Ball Team Healfh Ed Office SLAVOTSKY BERNICE SMITH ROOSEVELT Band Orchesfra K xx we gms? , ' . I MA . I . I . I . ,I I ' . . U I 0 :Q Z5 3 , ,, 1 . 'M . fi AA A I I, Q I' A -sr " A ' '. . ' ' . l , , . . ' . - - . ' ' . ' ' . b" 11 I rt A : . 3 ' 1 f S ' Af' 1 Q J U N E SMITH RUTH S Bond Swimming Club SMITH VILMA ELAINE Senior Grade Adviser s Math Club as!!! Lafe Office Orchesfra Arusfa Mafh Office Office Bio Auxlllum SNYDER TOVA S Cherry Tree Sfaff Treas of Poefry Club English Off: Squad SOLOMON GERALD J Club SPIEGEL LEONARD 8 Corps Library Squad kullllum SPIEGEL MYRNAJ Lu Healfh Ed Office ce French Office Lunch Physics Auxullum Physics Arusfa Honor Ushers Chemlsfry Squad Arlsfa nch Squad Biology Club STEINHAUER LOIS JOAN Affendance Office Swimming Office Medical Room Posf War Service Club Senior Class Secrefary STERN FRANCES Arusfa Program Commlffee Cuffing Office Grade Advisers Office Senior Grade Advisers Office SMITHLINE GOLDIE ESTHER Amfa Swimming Club Cufhng Office Lunch Squad Spanish Aux :hum SNOW WANDA PANOS Grade Adviser I 3 Cx emzx Qdxfdvnser s Office c akson Spanish Aux SPEARS LILA Swimming Club MAY Spanish Club Advanced French Club Swimming Team STEIN JOAN Healfh Ed Office Pan American Club Posf War Service Club Lahn Auxllnum STEIN ROSE Arlsfa Cuffmg Office Lunch Squad Posf War Service Club English Office .1 STERN GLORIA Bookkeeping Office Lungh Room Squad Sensor Grade Advisers Office S2 STERN MARGARET Hlsfory Office Arf Office Q Bio Auxullum Mafh Auxllvum fx f"x faiix Z i ff-' .-4' 'Vx ix M fin l I ll Nl llll ll, Ill I lx y 1 - P-IV Cl ,Q Q Q-9 sg... X 6 s I 5 If I li 5 A I Q f Aw of N is , Nl I In T I Q' If To 'i ' Ralf "l up , T tax I x XJ .L I . ,4 , to QM IIII Iggy, -A '. - 'VII llll I his w ' X , N r --- ' 5, r,.l.., .1 ' ' mm, . 'cl " Ii ' ' . l -i G? 9 4. ., .f A ' HK , I . 'u' I - ' - - -. - i1llI N ,XI '. S M wif- 'I 5 4- fl V STERN, MARGOT Arisfa, Modern Lif, Club, Posl War Service Club, Lunch Room Squad, Cuffing Office STEVENS, JEAN S. G. Bio. Lab., Affendance Office 4 -I V . -9. T f .xg l , STROMSKI, HELEN General Office STRONG, LOUISE Swimming Club, Medical Room 'G TANZMAN, HERBERT D. TAUB, HARVEY S. Lunch Squad, Book Squad 'R THOMPSON, THEODORE HUBBARD Lafe Squad, Service Squad, Ralioning Aide, lnframural and Senior Baskefball, Giff Cammiffee TOCCI, GLORIA M. Biology Club, French Club, Chem. Lab. 90 -up STOCK, LOTTE Arf Office, French Club STRAUSS, EDITH E. Affendance Office, Healfh Ed. Office, French Club, Pan-American Club SUEIRO, CARMEN ROSA Arisfa, Cuffing Office, Swimming Club, Grade Adviser's Office, Lunch Squad SUTHERLAND, CHARLES Lunch Squad, Lieuf. Service Squad, French Office, Senior Week Com- miffee. -'if " TAYLOR, JOYCE MAVIS Cuffing Office TENCICK, JOHN J. Track Team, Service Squad, Lunch Squad, Cross-Caunfry Squad, Chem. Lab, iv., N4-R' .rv r 1 TORELL, PETER THOMAS Cross Counfry Team, Lunch Squad TORRES, LLOYD A. Ushers' Corps STREZOU, DOROTHY B. Pan-American Club, Posf War Service Club, Lunch Squad STRINGE JOAN ZEL A English Office, Lafe Office, logy uxiiu ,-Rehearsal Club M l l SA,R lb I T , EVE English Office, Cuffing Office THELEMAQUE, YVONNE V. Cuffing Office THEOHARIS, IRENE GEORGIA Swimming Club, French Club, Mafh Auxilium, Posf War Service Club, Lunch Squad 7' TRAUGOT, LEANORE SHIRLEY Judicial Board, Poefry Club, Arisfa, Spanish Office, Swimming Club TRENT, DOROTHY E. Cuffing Office, Pos? War Service Club, Swimming Club JUNE ,ee-M +-f TROY CLAIRE E Newman Club Pan American Club Swnrnmnng Club Posf War Servuce TUTTLE LORRAINE P Chem Squad Affendance Offnce Posf War Servuce Club VACCARELLA FRANCES THERESA Swimming Club Posf War Service Club Hafchef Rep Healfh Ed Office TYSON LOIS MONTEZ ULLMAN ADA JOAN Healfh Ed Offuce !'N fr'-x 4'-. Swnmmlng Momfor WVR VAN HAASTEREN MARTIN Swimming Team f T IE 'X :fr 4 - L Qf- gg l -..' I - .' ' ' . QW I 5 IVI Im IIT ic. SqucdI,4Bio..Office ' I ILENQISIIEICELLO' FRANK 5"i'f""i"9 Monifof. Spun- E. 1 A f Zi 2. . " ' . I I I ' ' .lub I ' I . pi f 1 , I . . ,- P K I I ' -7 f T H u E E I WI . . . ' ,-5. 1 I I , 1 9 4 6 9I M" IQ I Z VAGELOS JOHN HOMER Rehearsal Club Serv VITALIUS JANE LOUISE Grade Advlssrs Of fice Swimming Office Guard of Honor WAEGER MADELINE LOUISE Deans Office Chemasfry Squad Swummmg Club Navman Club Lahn Office WARD RUSSELL LESESNE WARSHAWSKY BELLA E French Club WALDMAN GERDA Pos? War Scrvacu Club Swlmmmg C WALKER WILLIAM JAMES Swlmmung Team WASSERMAN ZELDA Haalfh Ed Office Bank and Store WATERS ALBERTA MAE Cufflng Office 6"'D Z" , f WV! ri jf' Z'-' ,,- .Z ,Z X Q if ,,,f ji' ff- -. i y -"tb QS... fx 5- Q01 WAX ELLIOT R GO Presidenf Honor Ushers Corps Arlsfo Capf Supply Squad Capf Service Squad WEINBAUM BETTY B mlffee Program Office Posf War Service Club Arusfa Program Com Grade Advisers Office WEISSE ALLEN BARRY Ansfa Ushers Corps Judicial Board Cherry Tree Sfaff Program Com mlffee WHITMAN WILDA RENEE Affendance Office Posf War Service Club Healfh Ed Office WINER BETH Treasury Office Life Saving Club Spanish Auxlllum WOHLAUER EVA MARIAN Arlsfa Program Commvffee English Office Jr and Sr Grade Ad visers Office Cuffmg Office ZIDER ROSE Sec Fre brary Squad ZUCKER EVA Modern Posf War Service Club 92 nch Club B Club Ll .M fw J I WEINSTEIN MARILYN D Glee Club Affend ance Office Spanish Auxllnum Lunch Squad WEINSTEIN MORTON Baseball Team Orches fra Bond N .J WILLIAMS WINIFRED B Swimming Club WILLIGES ANNE B Hafchef Sfaff Sfeno Aux lllum Lafe Office Swimming Club Posf War Service Club WOOLLEY ELEANOR L 'Img Office YOSHIMARI MIYE ZUCKER HELENE SON Q Healfh Ed Office Cuf IA Program Cammlffee WEISER EILEEN M Grade Advisers Office WEISS IRVING Service Squad Hafchef Rep WILSON JOHN FRANCIS WILSON KATHRYN L Cuffmg Office Healfh Ed Office YOUNG MARGARET FRANCES ZELKOWITZ CHARLOTTE LOIS CAMERA SHY John! Huggins Herman Kafx Yveffe Perlman Richard P Snlberf ZUCKERBERG EILEEN Grade Advisers Office LI, club French omg Modern Ln Club Posf War Service Club Span Spanish Auxlllum 'sh Aunlwm ZWECKER, GILDA Spanish Office, Lahn Office, .general Office, Arlsfa, Program Commlffee JUNE , J :XV f ln If by S 7 KI I WIN I I - 7' f' .5 'Z fe X . ,if QM 9' 3 21 'P v-J 'J .v " 1? - S J 4' 4 J ff V5 .1 'Q 2, 1 ALPERS ARTHUR Unlfod Srcfos Marine Corps DAMASCUS ARTHUR J Unlfid 570903 AVNY 291 Inf Dnv Army Aar Force Amr Forces PIMENTEL ALFONSO Venezuelan Army lsf Div Awe--a4fLfruc4 Qnfrrbidx K, f ywkum, V' fx ,ph-S 5- RIVERA RALPH JR umm! seam Marino Corps ls? Murano Dnvmon ,L-11 Roborf E Bowen Fronlrlm Connomfo John Dalr Goorgo Dolgado Ervm Dlllman Muffin Golvxlrin John Houghian Jonph lxkondorion CAMERA SHY VETERANS Mason Jonas Pohr Lovn Thomas Love John McDonnoll John McGowan Harbor? McMillan Saul Mlfnuck Rlchard Norcross John Plerco Edward P. Pina Wolfu Schoonlicld James Smith l- KWK A ffm 6"'l , - S 4 I Wm 1946 93 "' J 5 J ,N - Q E ' 1 V J A E v w V - ' h . 2. l ' I F COHEN MEL Aviaiion Coder, Unifod Sfafos PEI-LINEN. ,EAN WILLIAM Unifid 57070 ANDY A - J ' ff' 4 A 'L 7 V . XX I . . I ' . ' U ' ' J U i . In 1 -I. . I A ? is 'V ' C- . ' , ' as fo V . ' 1 f s n a ' . K K . k jf' 2 .4 J r'?u QF' ,,-f ' 4 T-1. FW X X --u-a lv: TT' ml JJ JI T'-5,3 s. s., f 'M-sl" ANNE Edifor-'n-Chief HATCHET STAFF Jan HATCHET STAFF June BURR MARTYN Llferary Advnsar I NNI XX, if HAICISIEI GEORGE WASHINGTON HIGH SCHOOL CITY OF NEW YORK...JANUARY, JUNE I946 THUR A Y AN unc YDITOR IN CHITI' GIor111 de Leon 1 Anne XY 1IIlgCS 1111e ASSOCIATE EDITORS 11111 171 Lauri Brand edn Brenn ID Ellxott Ixanner NIACICIIITC Romana udlth Solomon Anne XXIIIIIEZCS 111111 Ann Berlnger George Freedman Sharon Iaeobs Ruth Katz Rose Rxemer Tom Snyder COINTRIBUTING EDITORS 11111171 Wfdrren BIALIC Anne C ottlxcb C rrole Hymes I eon 1rd L IPICILIS C Iorrr Lelfer udlrh Lobcl Gertrude SIC1nner Alfred SundeII 11116 Tox 1 Snyder Vrlma fx ani Tvelvn Rhea. lirahen M rrrlxn Gruenberg X 1Im1 How ard Sheldon Kaplan H lrrret Kdtrrmados Amy Krautblatt 11111 Sosy Krrkornan M ll'lIyI1 M zgxda Pnrbrrr Messcr C 1roI Meyer Luter Meyers N rnettc Po5ner Fr rnecs V me xrella C 1Id1 Ivy enker P H O T O G R A P H X Lloxd Amundsen 111 ules Bergman 1111e S P O R T S Crlbc rt Roos 1 .rson C odfrcx 11116 A R T Ceorge Catenrs Hx ron C rbbs Rol mdo P11 mge Lxelxn Rher Iuhen Helen Grll IS une X c5poI1 Robert NI rddoeks ISI SIINI SS MANAC LR 1 Iircnn rn Irrmme Slepnkott 11116 1 II H1 111 II 1 III rr 'XI rrrxn oscph Ixutrhcr P Iulr H xppcrubcrger fk .HR aI i177 if IHQ frff 9- Xf A R . B O L , P r ' ip aI -I lin' VI' ' , ! I1 1 'Y 1 I I I' I 2 . Q . 1 1 , ' -1 - ' I V A S V T . ff fx 1 1 i 1 I " I ' 1" . 2 ' ' 1 'A ' I 'Q ' , 'A I 2 ' 1' J ,I I , f 1 ' 3' 1 ', ' ' ' I I I1 - I I ' I 1' ' 1111. 1 I I 1 4 ' I' I' 2 ' 2 " 1' 2 1 ' 1' I ' f ' I'2 I ' 2 I 7 'Ierir ' I f.111. 7 4 ' " U f 1 V7.1 I:ACII'L'I'Y ADVISIZRS S15-Se' UH A 'I IJ' 1 1,', A-1 '1fI'?1,' I 'I ' , , ., f , A X A A , A , cf ' .J gg 7 1 I . 1 I . . . . J -W Q gm ff!! X I I IIC 4 I I JJ-41, ,, lg kfxxx -Tx X BC . -j ' V ,TEE N C J J 1 x",' 'wif Y A' ! 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DICK 1 X A 1 W Y 1 x I ' ' a 9 1 ' - 1 . , . , ' 1 1 ' 1 ' a - . . . . N . J . . ,, . ' ' . ., 1 ' 1 , 0, , n 0 ' r O I ' - Q F1142 Maman Uszn TU MAKE A r1ch tasty old fashloned Apple Butter IS a rare treat' At Sexton s a tlme honored reclpe blends apple some dellclous spread All Sexton Preserves Jellles and Marmalades are made ln Sexton Sunshme KIICIICHS where the finest ln redlents meet reclpes that Mother used to prlde UHN LXTOINLCO 1946 ' ff' 2 I ! . id. .e QM' A 16 ff , 9 9 - o I at . . ,. . 9 cider, spice, and sugar into a whole- , . . . 3 . .. . U . . U 1 . 4 1 Z' '2 fi x x .I .'S ' ' ' ., A HEALTHFUL NOURISHING ENERGY FOOD vlhmr ICE CREAM BREYER ICE CREAM COMPANY Inc 340I I9 QUEENS BOULEVARD LONG ISLAND CITY I N Y ST II II 4 5000 u 1 ' A ,f'v,. ,f iff! 2' ht 'ff '- xx if , XX , .'l'0'Il I , . . i we - WA 5 8270 EMBASSY GROCERY CORPORATION LUCKY BOY Fooo PRODUCTS 407 GREENWICH STREET NEW YORK EDWARD B KEARNEY T lephone lker - Serving the Finer Institutio I I Compliment of Compllmenfs of A F R I E N D An Insh1'u'hon keyed to meet your every need orqcmxzed to serve you well promptly effxcxently uncecxsmqly wrth superlor umon workmcmshlp at fu1r reasonable cost PHIL ROSEN PRINTING CO 1554 Tlurd Avenue at 87th Street New York City Telephone Shcramento 2 6200 Arhlehc Ourfurfers +o CoIIege-Prep I-hgh Schools olso Independenf Teoms NAT C STRGNG, Inc 63 PARK ROW NEW YORK BEeIxmon 3 3407 INCORPORATEI5 R B MARTIE CO Reslauranf Equupmenl' 56 62 W 2ls+ STREET NEW YORK I0 N Y Greehngs from WARENDORFF PREMIER FLORISTS SINCE 1891 af the PARC VENDOME 338 Wes? 57fh Sfreel' New York Cnfy I9 COIU bus 5 6385 Your orders nn person or by +ele phone wall recelve superlohve servlce Floral suggeshons for all occasions BARNEY BAXT The Cracker Man Call ST 2 oaza Buy Where Schools Buy and Save CLUB JACKETS AND SWEATERS M cl foOd Y ur Club Coors ELANO PRODUCTS 22 Easf I7+h SI' New Yorl: 3 N Y AL 4 0802 Room 1006 SWEATERS JACKETS UNIFORMS Smorfly slyled In a varnefy of mole ruol Including Gabardune Tackle Twill and Mellon e clb pp el Th o blgf A Co plefe L He ng and E blem Se ce I O . . m - , . . . 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New York Cnty Clledoma 5-5541 Three Block: Below Grand Central vwvvm O ders called for and deluvered SAM S POPULAR MARKET Hugh Grade Mears Fnsh Grocerues l20 NAGLE AVENUE N o A de se ee? NEW YORK N Y AUdubon 3 0460 l 2 The Besf S nce i885 George Schaefer 8: Sons, IIC Hudson Valley Farm Producfs MEATS POULTRY BUTTER EGGS Ser c ng Schools Camps and Insf fu? ons Ou Spec: ally Pe s a y Op e Over bl Years of Successful Servlce 2305 TWELFTH AVENUE NEW YORK CITY 27 I ' e 0 - - - 'l l Lorraine 7-4840 r . 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Yard O O I32n . and illis Ave. New York J, Compilmenfs ' 'F I .S ' I 'S Dishibufors u I . - - neo on ocfuring Confocfionor 'Erakr Htgh gkhnnl SIIMMER SESSION APPROVED BY THE N Y STATE BOARD OF REGENT5 AND N Y C BOARD OF EDUCATION INTENSIVE COURSES REGISTER EARLY FOR CHOICE PROGRAM ACADEMIC COMMERCIAL REPEAT AND ADVANCE SMALL CLASSES--PERSONALIZED INSTRUCTION--CO ED-DAY AND EVENING-EXCELLENT REGENTS RESULTS--MODERATE TUITION A o d Downtow Co gest o Atte d D ake at COR GRAND CONCOURSE AT 200th STREET OUR OWN BUILDING-CONVENIENT TO ALL TRANSIT LINES G os mon: roaDrIAM 5 4444 mIgv ,psf GIBIIIIR ra FOR IMMEDIATE AND POST WAR POSITIONS D R A K E IIIRIHFJE SPECIAL I0 WEEK SUMMER SESSION Bookkeeplng Stenography Offlce Machine Secretarial Typewrltlng INDIVIDUAL INSTRUCTION-START ANY DAY on EVENING F ded I884 AVOID MIDTOWN CONGESTION ATTEND DRAKE AT Bronx Fordham Road 8: Grand Concourse FOrdInm 1 3500 Waslungton Hts St Nlcholas Ave at181st St WAdwth 3 2000 TGOB I A IRI! - I 1 H - - Q' o I , k A K K B, o o v i F----ll-A--ITNISIILL-NI1 I Thomas . ' rien, Pres. Frank D. March, Vice-Pres. G Dir. Ro rn n ate s Ara Invited to A y or Enrollment Und the N iglu oun O . . O O I . O U a 3 - . I: I . I I : ' . . ' rien, Pres. Frank D. March, Vice-Pres. C1 Dir. Raturnlng Veterans Are nvltod to pply for Enrollment Under the New G. I. Blll o lah O E S . .C. Q

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