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! 5 s 1 S E E E 2 3 s E 5 E 5 E s 5 E 5 5 I E s S a E 5 B 3 5 E i 5 ! 5 S E s 5 5 : F 3 5 5 E E 2 5 3 Q u 5 E 5 1 -Qz zar -152K?i:T?31'2g-fp..-, '.5 ,'-'T' - 'r'- ' 454: . .5i4fi?1QE'fi53t?i-3?3m'3?v24fR',:f--2c2q,S4ff- ' Q. - . rg Q, ., .. W, - .., +5'fgf "-?"ti'Z -,fl-fx'-'T r"fvrlf'.f",'f"vQ-'gfIf'5'f'w,, 'X .e.-4 , " Gi f -1' L, H 1'if '?-1631312 u','??2i1P?:ff--if - ., A . XTMIP- M. F .- f: r ,,f,:-v,1,1.A,x ,,,f - 5 . -, NI ,F,f54i.j..:h57:.L' .I .' -121 " y -'7Ti3?1x. 13 i'i"':""" M-f Sz9'F,Q1'Lf5?gfi'f1g3.gff5'?-2?.f'515134: 1? . l'a1"1"4gv- . 3:5 ' Jaa. x , ,,: - 'if - P 'f -51-if-' 'vfiizewii'e21'wf:::".'f-'.e-E59?-1 '.-'-Q,"-1Qff",:ff 1 2'-', T' .4 A wi" -' 12' Q.. A- H 'F-3J " P A' '1'XiiTF-'mf-'-f-'P T J -1"i .. 3' f, up . A .J-iv? A I gg- X: V' v. , ,Iii 3, w fm: v - -rf, us- --' xi ' " 1 rw. 2 '-' - ' qna- . . gn. -,. .H-,' . -14 ze, 5- - uw. .,. . : 2. 'QS H 25' 412 V f i ...fri-.... M-. . . . :'Ek?f.:f?g Qgfggi5xQis F:-- Ui , Mfg ff: Q1,S--,f - .. ' ' ffsf - "w1.--' . -.2 V .349 ,LW-w.:. f 1 '-f- 1: -' '- . Q- - ,IZ . M , f'S:asf?S5A-2se 3g!?,.v3 W. 2 .p3 1 f , ,rl ' Y-I---vbi'.,:5'ei6D4" -2,rs .' 1 - H ' X .- :f. ' U' A. " " -,.f4-tai'-ff,-ff-L 43n' ,fu ,,gypa,f,9:a3?"gS,1. ' A-Egg, 1 Q .Q is :I V 3:3 . 1-xx .tba...5l3?f.Lm1.N,QIEYT5'-,iu,i.i5::973..- -,Q r, u .P 'A-"'-"vm,r1:fgf2'g.-4.1, ' '- 'El x 4 i 455,11 .- ' , '--191-,-f ' , . x . 4 f I 5 ' 1 . 1 J LEON MESNICK THE A TCI-I ET GEORGE WASHINGTON HIGH SCHOOL CITY OF NEW YORK...JANUARY, JUNE I937 ARTHUR A. BOYLAN, ' Principal BOARD OF EDITORS FaII Spring EDITORS IN CHIEF JANE GRAY WARD I HERBERT BLINDER I-Ierberi Biinder Eugene I-Iacker Jack I-Iurviiz Jean Pauiive TheIma Prusiin Erwin Wiecherr George SaIerno ASSOCIATE EDITORS A R T E D I T O R Shirley Plaui BUSINESS MANAGERS FACULTY ADVISERS Aiice Balamuih Thomas Cooney Jack Hurvirz EIaine Newion Francisco Saenz MurieI S+oIier Leroy Myers Liferary Adviser Business Adviser Isiclor Gloizer Joseph Goifesman A R T A D V I S E R Paula Happersloerger HATCHETSTAFF JUNE HATCHETSTAFF JANUARY 3 ITORIAL There may have been many Times during our sojourn in high school when we TelT discouraged or annoyed, almosT To The poinT oT adding our own group of people and Things To Ko-Ko's lisT oT socieTy oTTenders who "never would be missed," buT sTrangely enough, There is a poignancy in gracluaTion which erases all oT Those momenTs Trom our memories. AT commencemenT our high school days are raised To a level where peTTy disappoinTmenTs can no longer mar or discolor The brighTness OT Them. As The years pass They will become as precious as careTully guarded jewels: someThing To look back aT, Trom Time To Time, wiTh The mingled emoTions oT pleasure and envy. Our educaTion here has been more To us Than a cold cramming oT book knowl- edge. We have been developing characTer3 we have grown menTally and spiriTually as well as physically. We have learned The value oT menTal-alerTness, selT-conTrol, and inTegriTy. Our early self-consciousness has gradually Turned inTo The capaciTy Tor calm and inTelligenT inTrospecTion. We have become more open-minded, ToleranT, and sympaTheTic Toward our Tellow-man-no, iT is more Than ThaT, we have grown To respecT and admire him Tor whaT he is. We have known The saTisTacTion ThaT is To be derived Trom worThwhile achievemenTg we have seen The value oT a sense of humor noT only as a deTense-mechanism, or as a means oT adiusTmenT To circumsTances, buT also as an agency in creaTive enTerprise. We are aware OT The imporTance oT being happy, and oT making oTher people happy. Yes, we have learned inTiniTely more Than how To coniugaTe a French verb or To Tind The angle OT elevaTion OT a shadow caused by a chimney in The sun. We owe a greaT deal To our Teachers, The men and women who have so painsTakingly and Tirelessly Tried To mold our characTers and direcT The Tlow oT our inTeresTs and ambiTions inTo The Tiner channels in liTe. We are noT indiTTerenT To Their eTTorTs, and our graTiTude To Them is Tar greaTer Than These Tew words will allow us To demonsTraTe. We are graTeTul To our principal, Mr. Boylan, Tor his kindness, undersTanding, and generosiTy To us, and Tor The excellenr leadership he has displayed in supervising a school which has given us so much. LasT, buT noT leasT, we are graTeTul Tor The warm conTacTs and sincere Triends ThaT we have made here in high school. WiTh all oT These Things To look back on and remember, how can our memories OT George WashingTon High School ever be Tinged wiTh anyThing buT a glowing hap- piness and a proTound appreciaTion? 4 CAROLE HARTMAN T A Abrahams, Arfhur A. To know him well is 'lo knew he's swell. Service Squad. Abramson, Miriam E. Big brown eyes. Lafe office: Affendance of- fice. Achille, George Handsome and he isn'f Greek. General office. Adler, Arfhur G. Eighf o'clock and sleeping well. Lunchroom squad. Agadianian, Serge Suppose I did fhaf and sup- pose I did fhis. Sfamp club, Chem club: Lafin club. Anfhony, Bryce C. Bound lo rise. Apfelberg, Alexander An Apfellbergl a day keeps lhe docfor away. Lafin club. Arikian, Jacob On To vicfory. Tennis feamq Eco club. Aronsfam, Elmore Elmore fhe Graaf. G. O. presidenf: Arisfa. Assenmacker, Beiiy She isn'f foo good: she isn'f foo lead. General office. Ash, Irving Liffle boy: big brain. Chess club. " f -sa e.-ef? r .- Afamian, Virginia I-Ier righf cheek is healfhier fhan her Ieff. Eco club. Aug, Harold Tennis club: Eco club: Physics club. Augusf, Selma Swell gal-all of her. Office work. Azoff, Irving We foresee A famous man he'II be. .:r"-:za-W...-.s c-. Bader, Jean S. Someone paid his dues. Class Treasurer. Badler, Herberl Whaf fhe well-dressed man won'f wear. Swimming feam. Bahnsen, Rufh She swings a mean club. Swimming club. Balakian, Gerard Seniors, why fhe blues? Come, pay your senior dues. Class freasurer. Banfon, Milfon E. Boiangles of I-larlem. Physics club: Baskefball squad. Barreras, Carmen Los oios negros has Ia Seniori- fa Carmen. Pan-American club: Mrs. Rice's office. Barsamian, Newarf Sfudious fhey call if. Baum, Lesfer G'wan, say somefhing nice abouf me. Lafe squad. Beach, James Run! Brofherl Run! Biology office: Track feam. Bear, Florence Nof much falls. a demure miss. Baskefballg Baseball, French club: Service squad. Becker, Henry Se-rgea nf Becker. Bedford, Charles J. The human fish. Swimming feam. Benneff, Marfha Louise A mass of gray maffer. Arisfa: Presiclenf of Lafin club. Ben+, Charles l'lI Ioefcha . . . Service squad. Berkowifz, Mollie Sugar and spice and every- 'ihing nice! Berkowifz, Nafalie How do you like I-Iisfory? Leaders' club. Berman, Sylvia lf's nice lo be nafural when you're nafurally nice-and she is! Baskefball club. Bernsfein, Bernard "Burch" The brufe in him hasn'l' come ouf yef. Biology office. Bernsfein, Esfelle Whaf, anofher Bernsfeinl Swimming club. Bernsfein, Richard A cheerful disposifion is his greaf assef. Service squad. Beyer. Bruce Somebody's liffie lamb. Service squady Hafchef commiffee. Bickwif, Faye Quiefly Faye goes on her way Doing her work wifh nofhing fo say. Bishar, John The hard working fype. J. V. Baslcefball feam. Blifz, Beafrice Messenger of fhe day. Class messenger. Block, Paula S. Jusf a "liH'le" chip off Jrhe old bloclc. Swimming office: Swimming feam. Bonner, Fidelsis "Old Faifhfulf' Baslcefball club: Biology office: Lunch squad. Boss, Sfanley Sfrong, silenf man. Brand, Frances Lady Macbefh a la 2Ofh Cen- fury. Rehearsal club, Arisfa: P. T. office. Brecher, Arfhur Pleasing simplicify. l BrissoHi, Roberf He's fhe Bufferfly Man. Swimming feamg Cherry Tree. Brody, Lillian Design for a living. Swimming office: Lunch squad. Brownlie, Margaref Margie, I wonder where you are, my Margie. Swimming feam. Brunies, John R. "Hi, shor'lyl" Capfain of gym feamg Cheering squad, Bryon, Leroy A real Washingfonian. Bullwinkle, Kafhryn She pulls 'lhe sfrincgs. l Baslaefball club. Byron, Aaron A. Snap ouf of fhe franqe! Calhoun, Howell Shy, recessive, even fimid. Arisfa: Chess clu Auxilium. Carey, Eileen M. Shy buf sweef. Hisfory office. Carlick, Josephine How she fickles Th Mrs. Rice's office: fice. Carroll, Harry "The Big Noise." Carroll, Thomas OI l ,A. DSE? Lafin keys. Arf of- Tommy usually plyays ...fhe end of fhe LJ Foofball 'reamq LL nch squad, Mafh club. Carfer, Edifh Any relafion To Boalce Leaders' club. Carfhy, James P. Silenf he-man. Lafe monifor: Gym Celis, Joseph R. Grade adviser's office end ench. room Carfer? IT'IO l feel so Spanish fonirghf. l Chais, Gloria Gloria "chaises" iors for fheir dues. Class freasurer. Chapman, William Wherefore arf fhou, J Swimming monifor. Cherlcos, Bernice Delighfful and del English office. Cifrin, Morris Hey, Mac, whaf are y bargain? Claman, Morfon His grandma's cl son. frhe ulie nifor. Sen- f? Jvely. pug l l ou, a h+er's Cobban, Josephine Sing low, sweef' Joe. Cohen, Edward When lrish eyes are smil- ing. Chen, Elsie "Shy"-Why. Cohen, Lucille "Splash, splash-come in, Lucille." Swimming club: Swimming Team: Class Treasurer. Cohn, Lewis H. Baseball's my sporf. Baseball Team: Gym monifor. Collins, Cornelius J. Someday, perhaps he'll do someThing. Collins, Mary C. Good Things come in small packages. Glee club. Cooper, Asfor A. Music is my hobby. Lunch squad: Service squad. Cregan, Cafherine E. Helpful, quieT, and nice ThaT surely does sufhce. ArisTa. Curran, Eileen B. Sfudious, buf she'll ouTgrow Thaf. French club. Curran, Marie Her marks are like fever: They run so high. DalTon, Dorofhy Sweefs To The sweef. Class Treasurer: Glee club. Delegallego, Richard Handsome as The day is long. Denari, Joseph Sh-h-h. Desilva, FenTon F. Fair and square and Truly rafe. Devine, Pauline E. A knock for you is hard To find: For you're The quief kind. Dionne, Thomas Service squad. Doherfy, Ludden One of Those silenT men. Service squad. Dosfal, Ferdinand A swell fellow. Biology lab.: 2nd prize winner in science fair. Drucks, HarrieT To delaaTe wifh her is fafal -To you. Edwards, Arfhur C. The reason he comes To school ls we have a swimming pool. Swimming Team. Edwards RiTa M. In her quief, simple way, She progresses every day. Ehrenberg, Jean A. LiTTle man-whaf now? Service squad: Mafh office. Eliscu, Rifa L. Sing, Baby, Sing. Cherry Tree STaff: Prom Commiffee. Endel, Charles W. We can'T all be presidenfs. Class presidenfg ArisTa. Engels, Phoebe E. A girl who's really sweeT. English office: Fencing club. Epsfein, Leonard You can'T keep a good man down. Economics club. Ferber, RuTh Reserved, dignified and a good friend. Class Treasurer. Farrow, Helen Helen of Troy. Swimming club: Baskefball club. Fay, Helen All's fay in love and war. Economics club. Feinsfein, Horfense L. Slim, peTiTe--she is a Treaf. C-Blee club: Senior Tea commif- Tee: Miss Deegan's office. Felbarbaum, Molly A friend indeed is a friend in need. Finn, Philip Shining lighf of 'ihe class. G. O. ofhcer Service squad: French club. Fisher, Bernard The Ciiy College lype. Lunch squad. Fishman, Saul Rubinoil and his violin. Orchesfrag Fencing club. Flanagan, Waller F. You know he's swell If you know him well. Swimming monifor. Flower, Rosalind Rose in bloom. Baskeiball club. Flower, Lillian Baskelball club. Lilly of 'rhe valley. Foley, Elaine l'r's The irish in her. Swimming club: Affendance office. Forman, Harrier L. As her name goes, she's 'ihe rops. Baskeiball club. Forsfein, Roslyn To know her-is io like her. Economics club: Gifl cornmii- lee. Fox, Arrhur W. l-'le's foxy and how. Program cornmiriee. Foxworrh, Howard A wolf in a iox's clolhing. Gym Team, Track leam. Fredericks, Lewis M. The Live wire. Senior week commirleeg Service squad. Freeman, Edifh Losf a heari as good as new. Freeman, Roberf Who, me? Friedman, Dorofhy Wanna bel? Miss Deegan's oiiliceq Service squad. Friedman, Muriel Mr. Guiney's le-fi' hand man. Leader's club. Friedman, Solomon l-le'lI ger somewhere Physics club. Frifz, Arfhur yei. Checkmare afler 'Four years. Chess club: Lalin club. Fru+koFF, Mae Jusf a club girl. Swimming club: club. Gar-della, Joseph Newman club: Bio Service squad. Gardiner, Arnold Anorher G-man. haskeiball N. llogy club: Service squad: Prom commif- ree. Garson, Sherman N. The Greeks had a word 'For if Service squad. Gemellaro, Maria A swell girl 'lo know. Genlile, Doroihy P. A Jriny lady, noi' five feel 'rwo Bur Oh, wha? five 'feel' can do. English office. Gilman Selma She's a swell gal. Arisiaq Prom Commiinee. Gise, Elsie L. Know her, love he . Rehearsal club: commiilee. Gold berg, Bernard Goldberg, Morris l can'+ Truck. l Program Arisra auxilium: qco club, Senior week comm Goldberger, Arrhur l-le knows ii' all. French club. rilee. Goldman, Florence T. Could Lux soap have a bel- 'rer ad. Baskeiball club. Graf, Ernesl He swims and dances, buf which is which? Swimming club. Graf, Rudolph Quiel' as rhe clisra i' slar Bu? a swell kid bil' far. School band. -I l Y Greenberg, Beverly BiT oT ginger BH of spice BH of sweeTness Girl ThaT's nice. Greenwald, Sylvia The only sTaTion ThaT's on The air all The Time. Griffin Adele M. Believes ThaT silence is golden -in school Swimming club. Gross, Bernard Me and Karl Marx. Gross, Doris A gross oT loveliness. STeno Auxiliumg Dancing club. Gross, WalTer JusT anoTher Twelve dozen. I-lisTory club. Gruber, Miriam L. lnTelligenT, modern, very nice, PreTTy enough To look aT Twice. Grubman, Sidney The buTTer and egg man. Class presidenT. Gruss, Hugo Swing H, Benny. B a n d q Symphony orchesTrag Dance orchesTra. Gurin, RoberT Glee club. Hacker, Eugene PhoTographs wiTh a smile. Camera club: Cherry Tree pho' Tographerg AssociaTe l-laTcheT ediTor. Halford, Thomas He uTTers a loud snore. Hall, Edgar The gag man-shuTs everybody up. l.aTin club: Eco club: GHT com- miTTee. Hall, Winifred ShorT and sweeT. Hammer, Sophie B. So quieT-so nice. Modern LiTeraTure club: General oTTice. Hammerman, Marvin R. He'd like To see red. ArisTag EdHor oT Cherry Tree. Hancock, HampTon Romeo and ginger. Senior class Treasurer: Service squad. HarT, STanley HarT To geT. Program commHTeeg STamp club. Hayes, Thomas Ready, willin', and able. Service squad. Held, EThel EThel Held her place in G.W. Medical room. Hepner, MorTon Bored oT EducaTion. Gym Team. Herlands, Doris Yourlands are herlands. Biology oTTice: STeno oiziice. Herman, Anifa The mild and genTle kind. ArT club. HochreiTer, John Like Quebec, he's builT on a bluTT. ArisTa. Hodson, William Men oT Tew words are The besT men. FooTloall Team. Hoeffler, John STill waTers run deep. Class presidenTg S e n i o r class Appollo. Hoffman, HarrieTTe lT's a TreaT To meeT a girl so nice. ArT Club. Hoffman, Paul The MalThusian Theory man. Eco club. Horneck, Charles Er, er, l'm a boy scouT. PresidenT oT l-lisTory club. HuTTon, Jane M. How quieT and shy aT TirsT she seems. BUT laTer-oh-you'll have diTTerenT dreams. Hyman, Edward M. The man oT all sporTs. Lunchroom squad. lnnes, John J. BeTTer Than ever. English ofliceg S e r vi c e squad: Pin commiTTee. Jacoby, Es+elle M. By her dancing we are ihrilled. For she really is quife skilled. Jacoby, Jack C. Good Things come in small packages. Johnson, Doroihy A knock for you is hard 'ro find You're The quiei kind. Jones, John P. A common name, buf a darn nice fellow. Class secreiary. Jordan, NaneHe E. Sweei and shy. Swimming club: Laiin club. Kampf, Shirley You "kamp'i" pull fhe wool over her eyes, Arisla. Kaplan, Franklyn "Big Red." Baseball ieamq Service squad. Kaplan, Ri'ra l Kaplan-ly of nolhing. Swimming club: Baskelball club. Kapler, Irwin "Oiwin, Oh Oiwinl" Pin comrnilieeg Service squad. Kare, Beri N Ah, a Mendelssohn, I guess. Orchesrrag Graduaies of- Tice. Karanicholas, Caiherine She's one liH'le girl +ha+'s seen and nor heard. Arisiag French club: Laiin club. Karfield, Morion God's gif? 'io women. Kafof, Hyman A killer, he gags irhem. Senior class wil: Economics club. Kerler Charlofie A connoisseur on Rem- brandr. Glee club, Gifl' commiiiee. Keshin, Bernice She's loo sweef. Kidney, Richard l+'s all in fun. l l l Kiely, Thomas P. The boy wonder. l Physics club: Prinling klub. King, Kafhleen M. Kai'hleen's an ang lu el. Baskeiball c by Sxlfimming club. Kirby, John 1 The speed king. Soccer feamg P. T. office. Kliegman, Goldie She's brighf and very nice She's a girl you look ai Twice. Kneller, Harold The rhin man. l Arisia vice-leader: Mludiclal board: Mafh olihce. Knopf, Muriel l 1 One of The Canlo girls Swim Jream. W Kober, Helen Pep, vim and figure. Official class Jrreasurerl. Veddy, veddy swee . Leaders clu 1 Mo ern eraiure club: Arisi . Koch, Carolyn ' is Koch, Margarer So you won'l' Talk, eh? Spanish oliiiceq Ari office. Koehler, Mariorie Hips, hops, hurrayy Kornblulh, Lewis M. Laiin and me. Service squad. l Kramer, Barbara She's sweel' and swell, Ah! 'lo know her wlell. Arislag Rehearsal cllub. Kraus, Geraldine , She yodels Jrhe neighkdors Till fhey do her favord. Londer, Richard l Jus? an old army rlnan. Lunch squad. l Lane, Doroihy , The All-American girll Senior week commiiiele. LaPlace, Roberf l l-le's shooiin' high Rifle Team: Lunch dquad Laufbahn, NaTalie Someone's giTT To WashingTon. Senior Tea commiTTee: Glee club. Lazare, MorTimer A woman is a someTime Thing. Foofball Team: Track Team. LeBosse, HerberT Vive la France! FooTball Team: Gym Team. Legoms, Bernard C. Ahoy, MaTe! SporTs wriTer: Service squad. Levin, Bernard Good-looking-you beT. Service squad: Gym moniTor. Levine, Saul The cringing economisf. Eco club. Levy, KaTe As a pal, sTudenT and all- around girl she's iusT O.K. BaskeTball club: Modern liTera- Ture club. Lewis RoberT His Triends call him Bobby. Lewis, Roger Now lisTen, Weissmuller. Swimming Team: Prom commiT- Tee: Service squad. LighTsy, A-drian VirTue has iTs own reward. LivingsTon, Shirley CloThes make The boys. ArT oFiice: Class secreTary. Lobb, Alvina M. Lobbs and lobbs of Tun. Swimming club: BaskeTball Team. Lopez, Louis J. QuieT buT welleversed in The ways of success. Love, Harrief Why, love! ThaT's whaT makes The world go round. Lown. Frank Gunga Din-Hey, waTer boy. Lunsford, RoberT E. Slow buT sure. Aquarium club. Lurye, Jerome Who knows, he mighT be presie denT. Physics club. Maddocks, William J. DespiTe his handsome Tace l-le's a maThemaTics ace. Mahoney, Howard JusT a swell, helpTul, nice sTu- dious, friendly, Tellow. Service Squad: LaTe squad. Males, KenneTh L. Though he's quieT and shy He's a really swell guy. Malkin, Nafhan J. AbouT This Tellow, There's a rumor. ThaT he's noTed Tor his humor. Senior HaT commiTTee. Mann, Alfred K. The all-around aThleTe. FooTball Team: Track Team. Mansfield, Vincenf J. Track squad: Physics club. SilenT, buT omnipresenT. Marcus, STanley The all-around aThleTe. Swimming Team: FooTball squad. Mariolis, Theodore Greek Ambassador of rhyThm in G. W. Dance orchesTra: Service squad. Mark, Esfher Good Things come in small packages. ArisTa: Senior Prom com- miTTee. I Marx, Leo Marx my words-he's some lion. AssociaTe EdiTor of Cherry Tree. McClusky, RoberT Always swimming Through Trouble. Swimming Team. McGarrigle, David So David slew The GianT. Track Team: Service squad. McCuTcheon, Helen Slim and peTiTe: and so neaT. Swimming club: ATTendance oTlice. McLaughlin, Thomas Monkey wrench-Aw, nuTs. Radio club: Physics club. Melville, Helen She says she is a real blonde. Swimming Team: Newman . club. Mefzger, Roberf Class prodigy: i+'s rhe gypsy in me. French club. Menkin, Anile Whal "Menkin" do 'io her heart Chemisiry club: Fencing club. Meyers, Richard Like Vifamin "D", iusl' a ray oi sunshine. Aquarium club. Meyers, Miriam S. She sleepeih so soundly, she knowefh nor whai hap- penelh. Michaelson, William Wee Willie serves well. Baskeiball 'rean-ig Service squad. Miles, Gwene+h E. She's very sweel And Oh, so discreei. Glee club. Miller, Arfhur I-le likes lhar "Flash Gordon" sluiil Library: Eco club. Miller Marvin This lilfle Miller goes io markei. Miller, Earl Whal' is so rare as a day in June? Track learn: Service squad. Milowifz, Louis Air-minded. Minsky, Hyman Greer deeds are wailing +o be done. Arisla: Physics club: Eco club. Minizer, Sidney Pa rlez-vous francais? Moll, Rufh She is a friend indeed. Ping Pong club. Moore, Edward A. His eyes are blue, his hair his red, l-le likes 'rhe girls, need more be said? Moran, Madeleine For she's a iolly good fellow, Which nobody can deny. Morris, David The human encyclopedie. Mundie, James When did you leave heaven 99.441, pure. Arisia: Rehear sal cl presidenf of G. O. Murray, John ' Beware The iienl man. Naihan, Naomi Jusl' a handful o Baskelball club. fu ry Nehmer, Sfanley Groucho M on him. arx ha Arisia: Supply squ Neifosh, Reymond Young, handsorn Hurry girls, or for whai? wail mmiiiee. Nefburn, Rufh She knows all The l-lalchei' commiile Senior week co Newburger, Flo l'SI'lC6 uo: Vice- oi a pa- fhappiness: S norhing eyd e, sm rl, fine, li i I'Fl IFIGU1 ' FISWSFS. J. We don"r know whelher she's fooling or noi. Arisia. Newman, M Jusl a club French club New+on, Alberi Always salisiie miHee piclure. Class presidenr lee: Rehearsal ar'rin man. : Bio club. d-proin com- : Prom commii- club. NimkoFF, Eugene Eugene is a Oeffiger, Raym nice ond name. Tall, dark and oh whal a man. Lessons, wor su rd: Pam, Arnold lc, perfectly ab- Of such ihings he's never heard. Paris, Jean A swell pal and a grapd gal. Leaders' club: Pin commiliee. Parnes, Anil-a Tall, dark, and ha Senior week cornmiliee: Leaders' clulo. Paulive, Jean Evedybody rise: her fhe fudge. Execulive council: board: l-laicher s+al3i. Peluso, Roberf Knock, knoc k, who ndsome. e comes Judicial 'as +here? Peskin, Benrarcl A merry young soul, who'll reach his goal. Service squad. Pharr, Nye His body is here, bul his fhoughls are Pharr, Pharr away. Pierce, Louis T. Pierce on earlh. Service squad, Foolball man- ager. Polin, Nalhaniel Reg'lar fella. Service squad, Graduates' office. Pollack, Sarah ls Sarah doclor in lhe house? Eco club: l-lislory olzlice. Prendgergasl, Marcia A born leader. Poelry club: Gill commii- lee. Pressner, Rulh Rulh is one of our sweel' gals. Leaders' club: Orcheslra: Swimming 'l'eam. Price, Elsa L. Always obliging. Swimming club. Prince Seymour l-le lives up 'ro his name. PruiH', Harold Honey Chile. Pruslin, Thelma A. Beauiilul buf noi dumb. Secrelary of Arislag l-lalchel' sraiclg Secreiary of Senior class. Quinlan, George E. ' Don'l call me lilllel l-laichel' commiliee. Quinn, William J. Checker champ, oh yeah! Fencing club. Radigan, Jack Greek or Armenian-which -who? Redden, Louis Noi red. buf blonde. Leaders' club: Miss Deegan's olilice. Reibsfein, Daniel M. Some 'reachers love him- olhers-welll Band and Orcheslra: Ser- vice squad. Reichlin, Nalalie R. She is quiel and keen The nicesl we've seen. Senior lea commiilee. Reichman, Claire S. She's our Senior Week "Rep." Senior week commiilee. Reilly, John L. A piano lorlurer, he 'lickles The ivory. Glee club, Band. Reilh, Marie Fair and square is Mar-ie. l-lislory office. Ribas, Richard Look for lhe linguist Spanish club. Richman, Alan B. l-le and 'lhe Daily Mirror. Eco club, Swimming leamg Service squad. Richman, Roberf Richman, poor man, il's all The same lo us. Lunch squad. Rogers Charles A. l-lis inilials spell C.A.R. l-le's going places. Romanoff, Henry Please pass The Vodke. Program commilfee. Rosenberg, Roberf M. If we could prophesy We'd say-an arlisl by and by. Rosenblall, Lesler Say, why isn'l' There a Model Airplane Club anymore? Rosenfield, June ll's June in January. Service squad: Gill com- miiiee. Rosens+ein, Everelf Tell Mr. Gollesman l'll see him ai ll:l5 o'clock. Lalin club. Rosenlhal, Norman The all-around sludenl, -- DeWiH, Morris, G. W. Class presidenl. Rose nzweig, lrving No homework? Three defen- 'lionsl Physics club: Eco club. Roih, OH'o I-le knows whal he's doing. Foolball +eamgRil'le leam. RosenblaH', Michael The more we know of you The more we admire you. Swimming Jream. Rofhman, Helen R. She's sweei and demure Bul can'i' be sure, French club. Rousseau, Edward C. Wise, wiihoui doubl Bui' 'for girls, look our. French club. Royer, Laura B. Her smiles are ioys Bur how she saves fhem 'For lhe boys. Rubens, Doroihy To know her is 'io love her. Leaders' clulo. Ping Pong learn. Rubin, Dorolhy Delighifuly refreshing. Baskeiball club: Hisiory oi- Tice. Rubinsfein, Rosalind If she could only cook. Arisrag Cherry Tree sialf. Rudolph, Henry His dancing is his besi bar. Baskelball squad: Service squad. Russell, Norman Say, who's Heywood Brown, anyway? Cherry Tree siaif: Lunchroom squad. Ryan, James James Ryan: Counselor al law. Service squad. Saclceii, Julius C. Yea Team! Cap"I'. Cheering squad. Sacre, Gusfave M. Jusi' a swell fellow. Chem. oliiice. Salerno, George Jusr a squad man. Cheering squad, Lunch squad: Library squad. Salerno, Fanny She's noi' George's sisler. Ping Pong club. Salomon, Phillip His is a King Kong pace Bui in handball, whal' grace. Laiin club. Samuels, Barbara A. A rose Thai blushes unseen. Dancing club: Leaders' club. , Sanders, Arnold Whal a ion-gue. Eco club, Ha'iche+ comlmilfee. N. Scanlon, Hazel If you knew Hazel, know Hazel! Baskelball ieam. Schalaas, Doroihy Sweel and low. Ari club. Schmedfie, John Tall, lighi, and lika Arisiai Chairman Gi like l l l le. l coma miiieeg Class presiqleni. Schnapp, Sfanley Did you ever hear of shave? Service squad. Schnur, Paula l Burma l A gal of a few wdrds-a 'few million. G. O. Represenlaiive. Schulfz, Nalhan One of 'ihe Schuliz boys. l Eco club. Schwarfz, Adele Noi' a cough in a 6FlOGCl. Swimming club: Eco club. Schwariz, Dorofhy So cure and peiile And oh! "ls she sweeilu Lunch squad. Schwadfz, JeaneHe She's a dark-haired Bul she'll fake your Class lreasurer. Schwariz, Lillian Reading from lefl io Lillian. French office. Schwariz, Murray Class Slooge. Service squad, squad. Schwarfz, Rila No one sweeier Than our Riia. Sleno office. Schwariz, Theresa O K in ever wa ihoney, lmoney. rrighf- Rriniing . . y y. Gill commiileeg Glee club. Sealy, Eugene M. The mosfah of 'ihe besl Rifle club. Seidel Lillian M. We've searched 'rh filled slam books ih And found no ba meani for you. sh. e well- ru. ones Seiden, Florence Jusl a swing kid. Lafe office: French office. Serber, Beniamin Why was I born? l-lisfory clulo: Chemisfry club. Sershin, John R. Whaf The besf-dressed boy will wear. Service squad: G. O. office. Shapiro, Anifa F. Lady Macbefh. Eco club: Grade Advisor's office. Shapiro, David Loud and lusfy. Baskelball squacl. Shapiro, Eve Good Kid. Swimming club: Eco club: Mrs. Rice's office. Shaughnessy, John l-'low high is fhe sky! Service squad: Lunch squad: Affendance office. Shorf, Arlhur Even Napoleon was shorf. French club. Siegel, 'Emanuel He sfudies hard. Siegal, Lorraine l-lave you fhe fime? Swimming feam: Leaders' club: Dancing club. Sififerlen, Leo The "G" man from lhe Biology club. Biology club: Ping Pong fourn- amenf winner '35. Sinkman, Arfhur K. Silk isn'l fhe word for if. Silverman, Rufh R. l would if l could, buf l can'f so l won'f. Miss Deegan's office. Silversfein, Selma Sweef and lonely. Baskefball club: Leaders' club: Swimming clule. Simon, Daniel l-le's a Don Juan-fhe girls "don won" him. Infra-mural baskefball. Simonelfi, Phillip This fellow Phil makes a mounfain ouf of a hill. Capfain Foofball feam. Sindin, Nefiie The peace Congress kid. Swimming office: Peace Con- gress. Slaier, Edwin S. Curley eyes and laughing hair Oh! l'm mixed up, fhaf's noi fair. Smifh, Doris ls she as 'lenacious As she is vivacious. Sobel, Garlrude Lovely fo look af, delighf- ful fo know. Service squad: Senior week commifiee. Sonkin, Lawrence If l can gel info Arisfa. Arisfa. Spahn, Lorraine R. Arisfa Will l be Look af fhe sfars and look for me. Arf club. Sparber, David Sing Binfi Sing. Glee club: Biology club. Spiro, Harold "Warm up" l-lal. Foofball squad. Sfanislaw, Hilda Hilda musf be Polish, or is she? Swimming fearn. Slasink, Joseph l losf fwenfy cenl on fhaf race. Lafin club. Sfeen, William Wee, Willie, Sfeen. Track feam: Class presidenf. Sfeinberg, Consfance Pause fhaf refreshes. Ping Pong club: Pin com- miflee. Sfolper, Maxwell D. He's all righf. Lighfing squad: Prinfing of- fice. Sfouf, Jack If names would fell fhe frufh, 'lhen Jack is a fabri- cafion. Sfrauss, Beffy Jusf anofher of Mr. Goffes- man's G men. Baskefball club: Lafe office. Sullivan, Anfhony J. Ambifion fulfilled-G-radw alion. Sullivan, Florence Quiel she may be Bur a nicer girl you'll never see. Sullivan, Mary When Irish eyes are smil- ing. Service squad. Sussman, Marvin Tell us aboul il, Marvin? Senior presidenlg Arisiaq Cap- lain Service squad. Taglichf, Harrier Lemon or cream please? Eco club. Tarshis, Seymour R. l-low far can a bell-hop hop? French club. Tasaka, Sachilco Silence is lhe ornamenl and safeguard of life. Swimming club: Ping Pong caplain. Tasalza, Shizulco To be quiel and sole-spoken is a virfue. Taleni, Samuel A quiel fellow. 'Foolball Team. Tobias, Doris Nice lo have around. - Tracy, James J. Al playing baseball You beaf us all. Treloar, Jaclc So you won'+ lalk, eh? Turi, Roberl l-lil lhal line. Foolloall leam. Tynes, Clyde A credil lo our school. Vaz, Dorolhy L. By being quiel and ralher shy She manages lo pass us by. Swimming club. Verlin, James Eve-rybody's friend. lnlra-mural baskelballg Eco club. Wallzer, Melville Knowesl 'lhou who l am. Lale office: Lalin club. Ward, Jane Grey Shining lighl. Leader of Arisra: Ediror-in- chief of l-lalchelq Poelry Waierman. Waller His pen name. Weber, John Weber you like il or n name is Johnny. Wechsler, Sally Thally Weclclhler. Arisla Admission's milleeg Program comn' Lale office. Weinberg, Irvin ,, . . Oiwln on a horse. Weiselberg, Harold Slamps for sale. Slamp club: Aqu club: Band. Weiss, Emil Emil lhe "Weiss guy." Weilz, Edward Oh, boy! Fencing leamg Traclc si Service squad. Welger, Gerlrude Always ready 'ro help. club. ol' his com- iilfee: arium quad: Eco club: Pin commillee. Wells, Harold A. l-l. G.-lillle man, now? Class presiclenlg Arr Werner, Helen ll seems 'lo be your w school To memorize each lea rule. Wesl, Roberf F. The ghosl goes wesl Arisla. Whil-e, John D. An imposing sight ls John D. While. English office. Weicharl, Erwin G. W.'s gag-man. Cherry Tree slalrlg l-l. slalil. Wierse, Pauline S. The girl wilh lhe in voice. Baslcelball clulo. Wolf, Richard A sheep in Woll's ing. Arisrag Associale ediy lhe Cherry Treeg S squad. whal club. ay in cher's alchel grown clolh- lor ol ervice JANUARY I937 Beck, Nancy Riordan, James J. Yaverbaum, Alberf Spell fhe name please? Pin commiffee: Modern Lifer- afure club. Zadigan, Edward Quief please-he sfudies. Biology club: Service squad. Zakin, Paul He is always for Zakin. Zanfel, Milfon He'll be a good singer yef, Glee club: Lafin auxillium. CAMERA SHY - Sweef demure. Poefry club. Cline, Pafrick Don'f wake me up: l wanf fo dream. Disalvo, Gabriel The 'seaediver himself. Eifel, William Eifel you l'm righf even when l'm wrong. Track feam: Service squad. Baumef, William Man, fhe unknown. Bolfon, Eric The fufure "wolf" of Wall Sfreef. Hisfory office: Lunchroom squad. Corbiff, Raymond Pracfice makes perfecf w men say Sfudy hard, you'll be wise someday. , Coswell, B-. Beneafh fhaf rough exferior lurks a hearf of gold. Senior class messenger. Cusfin, Lawrence l'm nof lazy: l was iusf born fired. Mafh club: Service squad: Glee club. I8 Hanify, Roberi' A quief fellow even 'lhough he shoofs fo kill. Jones, Joseph One of fhe Jones boys: he eafs hamburgers foo. Leone, Pasquale J. A small package-of dyna- mife. Service squad: Economics club. Zayas, Nelly key word. McAliley, John Hard work is fhe key. Class presidenf: Arisfa ser- vice. McMahon, Vincenf Pafridge, William Mr. Goffesman's righf hand man. Physics club: Lafe squad: Economics club. Peferson, Carl l fank l go home. CAMERA SHY - JUNE I937 Davidson, Julian He infends fo clean up The counfry. Judicial board: French of- fice: Ass'f. Manager of Foofball feam. Fisher, Carl Sporfs lure him. Baseball feam: feam: Gym feam. Soccer Gary, Virginia The liffle show. Mrs. Rice's office: Biology office. Gleicher, Raymond Quief, buf oh so nice. Presidenf of French club: Miss Myer's assisfanf. Haimel, Rufh Se iusf came info fhe school and our hearfs. Hawlrsworfh, Jane A swell girl fo know. Mrs. Rice's office: Leaders' club: Service squad. Kaplan, Regina Liberfy, equalify, frafernify. Baskefball Team: Swimming feam. Marigo, Paul Wifh a hey nonny nonney and a cufe liffle blond. Chemisfry club: Foofball feam. O'Neil, E. Polin, Abraham As quief as a fon of fall- ing bricks. Band. Rasenson, Esfher If's hard fo wrife abouf girls who sfay ouf of sighf. Rieders, Marfin Sfricfly a sharpy. Baskefball feam: lnfermural A hieroglyphic wifh a hidden Mrs. Rice's office. Zeiger, Thelma She babbles like a brook. Bio. club: Swimming club. Zimmer, Nafalie Don'f blow-she's fragile. Grade Adviser's office: Oral English office: Arisfa. Zimmerman, Leonard The nearesf fhing fo a bookkeeper is Lenny. g Zimmerman, Theodore He zimmers' over when fhe coach passes him by. Foofball squad: Track feam. His mofher calls him "Sug- ar" becuz he is zo refined. Arf club: Judicial board: Lighfing squad. Wiener, Milfon The sick man. Economics club: Orchesfra. Woodbury, Roberf l'll be in fhe Bio office. baskefball: Service squad: Eco club. Schwarfz, Herman And so l says fo Pasfeur-- Biology club: Aviary club: Modern Liferafure club. Shields. John The discoverer of fhe Je Biology club. Sl-rimlovsky Michael His hearf is even bigger fhan his name. Tenihan, Daniel We searched in vain for vice: He musf be really nice. Secrefarial office. Ward, Aubrey A man for men-which n men? Wasserman, M- Tonie an arfisf will be. Arf club: Eco club: Giff commiffee: Swimming. ENIOR CELEBRITIES A N u A Q v 1 I937 AbboTT Mariory WhaT Abbo++ iT? Economics club. Abraham, MilTon LighT above The shoulders. Chess and Checker club: STamp club: Economics club. Abrams, Violef To serve humaniTy is a virTue in iTselT. Ackerman,Bernard For suffering and enduring, There is no remedy buT sTriving and doing. STamp club. AcosTa, Mercedes "My hair's a mess." Dancing club, BaskeTball club, Alexander, Leslie Knows The answers. BaslceTball Team, Swimming Team. Alexander, Louis WashingTon's lrving Berlin. Senior Week CommiTTee7 FooT- lighTs club. Alexiadis, Caryl She is serious and Tull of purpose. Swimming club: Leaders club. Alpern, Anila The FeminisT. BaslceTball Team: Cherry Tree: Pin CommiTTee: Leaders club. Ambrosecchia, Dominick "Doin' The Prom." Prom commiTTee. Anderson,Fred Class baby, buT he wears a musTache. ArT club. Anderson, Winifred A very amiable lady. G-lee club: ArT office. AnTreassian, Anna A compeTenT leader. Leaders club, French club: Swimming club. Appel, Florence Don'T call me Apple. ChemisTry club: Leaders club: l-laTcheT commiTTee. ArndT, Vera AnoTher one oT Those silenT women. ArisTa: Glee club: OrchesTra. Biology lalooraTory. Asro, Joseph A clever boy is a ioy. ArisTag Senior week com- miTTee: Modern LiTeraTure club. Badidoclc Donald SouThern beau oT The class. Ball, Jeanne She came-she slepT-she graduaTed. l-lisTory oTTiceg French ol:- Tice. Barcia, PeTer Always Tiddling away his Time. OrchesTra. Barish, Norman Veni, vidi, vici. ArisTag Physics club, Pro' gram commiTTee. Barron, John Our baby, in spiTe oi his heighT. Basner, AusTin Made Tor leisure, noT Tor work. Aviary club: Aquarium club. BaTavia, Gabriel Brains he has none The less Because oT his good game OT chess. Chess Team: Mrs. Rice's oilice. BaTes, HerberT l-le's The man abouT Town. Class president Bazzurro, .Edwa rd Beall, Joseph Among The grads is Joseph Beal l-le passed his regenTs very weall Chess club: General oTTice. Bendheim, MarTha Quiel' as a mouse, buT more sociable. ArisTag Modern LiTeraTure club: Dancing club. BenneH, William l-le's a builder-upper. Mr. ElliTTe's squad. Berner, CharloTTe ATalanTa, second ediTion. BaslceTball club: Leaders club: Glee Club. BernsTein Alex l-le swings a slide rule. MaThameTics club: Physics club. BernsTein, GerTrude Simple and charming-you have boTh asseTs. Gym oliiice. Biaggi, Emile The Team Hercules. Gym Team. Bibbo, James Black, Morfon Jusf 'rhe opposife in char- acfer. Orchesfra. Blakeman, Jerome He never has lower Than 95- af fhe fiffh hole. French club: Aquarium club. Blaffberg, Beryl She's one of our youngesf graduafes. Glee club: Lunch Room squad. Bleimann, Alex Good old ambifious AI He's everybody's pal! Biology club: Service squad: Hafchef represenfafive. Blinder, Herberf My kingdom for a hair-cuf. Edifor-in-Chief of Hafch- ef: Presidenf of Mod. Lif. club: Program commiffee. Bloom, Howard Keep if up-you'll be Scouf Masfer yef. Camera club. Blumenihal, Bernard "This boy has brains, or so he claims." Bodensfein. Elaine "Elaine fhe beaufiful, Elaine fhe fair." Hafchef represenfafive: Cherry Tree represenfafive: Lunch Room squad. Bolinf, Michael Foofball may fhrow him buf a bull-never! Foofball feam: Swimming: Backefball. Bonifz, George A Iiffle boy wifh big ideas. English office: Chess club. Bosfon, Shirley Bowens, Leo "Silence is golden, buf we're off fhe gold sfandard." Track Team: Prom commiffee: Gym office. Brady, Marian Sharpie! Arisfa: 8fh Execufive Coun- cil: Official class freasurer. Brassard, Audrey Mild and meek. Mrs. Rice's ofhce. Braunsfein, Herman He cerfainly knows his lan- guages. French club: Camera club. c y csscscs Breen, Mary Fair and neaf And, oh so sweef Leader's club. 1 Breifman, Arnold , Thinks The Elecforal:College is Democrafic! Brenner, Eugenie Her fheme song is "Never Gonna Dance." Peace club: French ofh! e. Brenner, Helen She minds her business. Accounfing office: iSecre'ra- rial ofhce. Brodsky, Leonard Nuffy, buf nice. Service squad: Peace lub. Bromberg, Lorrainel A faifhful friend. Y Sfeno office: Biology office. l Brown, Janis Around-fowner. Lafe office: Affendan e office: General office. Brown, Leonard W Gee, how he hafeslfo leave G.W. Mr. Eliffe's squad. Brown, Oran l Thaf man from 'fhe w sf. Brown, William His personalify li s in his smile. 1 Class officer: Senior week commiffee. , Biichs, Charles i Afhlefic compefifion is a fore- fasfe of life's sfruggl . Buchsbaum, Gerlru e Personalify and br ins. P. T. office: Swimming club: Lafin club. Q Burgess, Beify , Mighfy like a rose. Mrs. Rice's office: guard of Honor. Bufler, Theodore He came, he slepf he con- quered! y Buxer, Florence The queen is in her counfing house. counfing ouf her money. Pres. Fooflighfs club: Class freas.: Swimming Podl Associ- afion. Calvelli, Gloria The early bird Miss Deegan's o ice: Bas- kefball club. L Calvelli, Pafricia Good woman. Baskefball club: Ping Pong club. Camerden, Henry Carmady, Virginia l don'T wanf To make l-lisfory -I iusf wanT To make love. Carnel, Anifa They also serve who only sfand and waiT. Miss Rice's office: Tennis club: Glee club. Carpenfier, Eugenie Like sugar-sweeT and refined. General office: Bookkeeping office: Arisfa Auxilium. Caruso, Merfon ThaT's life, l guess. Fencing Team. Cash, Roberi' Choose 'em wifh care! Pin commiffee. Chalmers, Lee Chalmed To meeT you. Chanin, Marvin Why Teachers grow gray. Chasser, Irving Greaf Guy! Cherkis, Audrey Oh, Knowledge, how l crave Thee. Service squad: P. T. officeg Glee club. Chrisfie, William JusT Ol' Bill. Cleaver, Margery Aim for a sTar and hiT a spire! Poefry clukx Dancing club: l-laTcheT represenfafive. Clohessy, Gerard School daze. Economics club: Chem club. Coddingfon, VicToria Our fufure Dorofhy Kilgallen. i-iaTcheT represenfafivez French club: Baskefball club. Cohen, Charles Quief and reserved, his high marks well-deserved. Class Treasurer: Arisfa: Mod. LiT. club. Cohen, David A budding Teacher. Spanish Auxilium: Prom com- miffee. Cohen, Efhel WhaT have These small men gof? Lafe office: Swimming club. Cohen, Irwin You've gof me doing Things. Tennis Team manager. Cohen, Muriel One of The 400-Cohens. Leaders' club: Vive-presi- denf of class: Arisfa auxil- ium: Economics club. Cohn, Morfon A big clumsy boy-buT he means well. Cole, Melvin lT's iusf a "raqueT" wiTh Mel. Tennis Tournamenf. Colleran, Jean A grand secrefary and-wowl Secrefary of Senior class: ArT club: Newman club. Collins, Audrey She sporfs a "W" and is a good sporf. Senior week commiffee. Colwell, BeTTy Comminel, John The Timid soul. Eco. club: Lafin club: l-lafchef represenfafive. Conheim, Elaine We all Think she will become a fufure Ann Penningfon. Senior week represenfafiveq Mrs. Rice's office. Conners, Leo Leo, The Lion. Cooney, Thomas Level-headed-NOT flaf- headed. Chairman of Arisfa Publicify commiffeeg HaTcheT sTaffg Sup- ply squad: Mrs. Rice's office. Cooper, Howard info each life some rain 'nusT fall-and here he is! Cherry Tree commiffee. Cowen, Henry A small edifion of Benny Goodman. Band: Orchesfra. Crawford, AusTin One swell kid. , up 1.1 .- .y I Q 53' ' W , T. ,ii 1. Cronin, Jeremiah I remember, I remember how my childhood fleefed by. Baskefball 'feamp Miss Deegan's officeg Senior week commiffee. Cummings, Margaref The fimely gal. L a f e office: Economics club. Dair, Paul Dalby, Richard From fhe simple are fhe complex builf. Baskefball. Danenberg, Jack I-Ie's nof an example-he's a problem. Biology office: Service squad. David, Arfhur Done nofhing 'for your school? Traiforl Davis, Efhel Tall and dark, happy as a Iark. Arisfa auxiliumg Tea commif- fee: Service squad. De Ia Sofa Richard The name sounds imporfanf, buf Richard's nof. Delaunay, George The answer 'Io a mermaid's prayer. Swimming club: S w i rn m i n g feam. Deuisch Louis He is never wifhouf a book. Grade Advisor's office. Dezso, Irene Afhlefe, good sporf, and clever-Keep fhaf way forever. L e a d e r s' club, Baskefballg Swimming. Dinersfein, Rufh If she were nice. she'd be nice and quief-if she were quief. Dancing club: Arf office: Chemisfry club. Doehrer, Regina The lasf purifan. Mrs. Rice's office. Dollar, Alberfa You make 'fhe pun! A ris faq Rehearsal club: Dancing club. Donchian, Daniel Here's a man who seems 'fo jingle wifh cash And always Trims his musfache. Dorfman, Beahice She's fhe ad for "fhe school girl complexion." Biology office. Dorsey, Regina Your fine swimming race. Swimming feam. Douglas, Daniel Pigskin-fhe skin fo Touch. I l wins The we loves Foofball squad: S e r vi c e squad: 8+h ferrn Baskefball. Drasner, Vicior Dukler, Anne A quief noise. Economics club: fice. Dunn, William Eighf o'clock and well! Service squad. Duppie, Eliza befh -afe of- sleeping I I Cufe keed, eh wharf? P. T. office: Laf Grade Advisors' Dwyer, Joseph .I . in office: cffice. God's giff fo fhe fair sex. G. O. represenfafive: Class Presidenf. Dzifzer, Max I-Ie's vicfor in all h Band: Orchesfra. Egeressy, Olga A budding arfisf. ils baffles. Arf club: Leaders club: Swim- ming Club. Eldridge, Sfewarf I-Ie of fhe Narcissus com- plex. Judicial Board. Elen, Louise Laughing muse. Poefry club: Dance club: Pa- renfs' recepfion commiffee. Ellis, Emanuel Ellis likes his da'res--I-Iis- fory dafes. Glee club: Baseloa Ellison Maril n I squad. v Y A quief girl wifh a quief way. Economics office. Englehardf, Conrao Senior dues are rebuesfed. Class freasurerg Foofball squad: Track 'feamg Service squad. Enochiy, Tomio The Jack of all 'Trade my, whaf a genius! Vice-presidenf of fhe Epsfein Eugene No curves. s. My oh Arf club. I l l I l Erklauer, William Liffle man whaf now? Biology office. Fall, William He came, he slepf, he passed. General office. Farber, Frances Like yeasfg sure fo rise. Modern Liferafure club: Lafin club. Farbman, Edyfhe Cufe and fair: smarl, foo, we declare. Biology club. Fasf, Julius In science he is' "fasf." Aviary club: Acquarium club. Feinman, Miriam Buf sfill her fongue ran on. Leaders club: Dance club. Feldman, Edna Oodles of sweefness. Economics cl u b : Aquarium club: Tea commiffee. Feldman, Sadie Who, me? Leaders club: Baskefball club: P. T. office. Felner, Shirley Truck on down! Arisfa: Modern Liferafure club: Economics club. Fisch, Mariin Someday he'll go To Holly- wood. Service squad: Lunch squad. Fisher, Dick Some fhink fhe world is made for fun and frolic. Senior Week Commiffeeq Varsify Show. Fisher, Richard Hard fo knock: fhere's such a large choice. Modern Liferalure club: Cherry Tree sfaff: Arisfa. Fishman, Phyllis A nice person, and brighf foo. Swimming club: Hygiene of- fice, Arisfa. Fifzgerald, Eileen l fhink I failed 'rhe Hisfory fesf lwifh a 9Ol. Flanagan, JeaneH'e Sfudious-looking, buf looks de- ceive. Lunch squad. Folli, William Losf in a fog labouf whol. Ford, Alice We've looked for somefhing bad fo say, Buf find you nice in every way. Swimming club. Frankel, Lillian Enfer Kafherine Cornell! Rehearsal club. Freedberg, lra iv1ama's liffle boy growed up. P. T. squad. Freeland, Arfhur l've gof fo fhink of my fufure. Miss Myer's office: Arisla. Friedman, Evelyn How do you find fime fo do all fhis? Arisfa: French club: Mafh club. Friedman, Pearl Rhyfhm and romance. Judicial board: Baskefball club. Froechfenichf, "Dufch" Wm. Hold fhe forf, l am coming! Foofball feamg Track Team. Fuerfh, Roberf Firsf in The hearfs of his fellow-classmafes!!?? Gariuilo, Vifc Vifo hifs fhe ball-and wifh re- sulfsl Geniile, Dominick If he doesn'f kill himself, he'll live fo a ripe old age. Gerry, Walfer He can frace his ancesfors back fo fhe "Tarfars." Geiman, Jacob l-le's fair and square . . . and 'lhaf is rare. Gefz, Donald "Broadway." Economics club: Service squad. Gilberi, Beafrice To Bea or nof fo Bea, Thai' is fhe quesfion. Swimming feam. Glassman, Muriel Oh, if you could only cook! Hafchef sfaffg Arisfa auxilium: General office. Glauber, Roberf Gliicher, Raymond Godnick, Melvin Always working al low lemper. Goeffrion, Donald Can he swing ill Leader of Dance orcheslra: Band: Music office. Goeiz, Gerlrude Annoying loul likeable. Mrs. Ricels office: Grade Advisors' oflice: Foollighls club. Gold, Kenneih There's "Gold" in lhal lhere school house. Gold, Shirley Whal is lhere lo say? Lare office. Goldberg, Rhoda Boy, is she wishin' To be a good slalisricianl Swimming club. Goldfarb, David Ask Dr. Goldlarb Tea commiileeg Malh club: Chem club. Goldfuss Helen Oh, keep me innocent make olhers greal. Baskelloall club: Ping Pong clulo. Goldslein, Ernesl' In Lafin he is good we know, l-lis marks are' high and never low. Goldsfein, Harold ll's 'lhe gypsy in me. Goldsfein. Maurice Goldsfein, Melba Melba's loasled. Mrs. Rice's office: Lunch squad: Aquarium club. Goodman, Slanley Versafilily is his middle name. Cherry Tree: Arisla: Cheer leader. Goodwin, Quenlin The answer man. Lunch squad. l-lafchel' repre- senlarive. Gordon, Esiher Her high school career is ending wirh "pinmanship." Pin commilfee. Gorsl, Vicloria ' While olhers in rhel wade. shallows Vicky plays The mermaid. Swimming leam: Lid club. Gofllieb, Conslag "Conslance" m e Saving ce kes 'lhe boys' hearrs grow fonder. Arisra Service Bureau: Dancing club: Swimming leam. Graf, Homer GraFF, Henry Arisla's Parlia enlarian: Arislag: Cherry Twine slall. Gray, Roberf Worlh his weighl in Green, Harry gold. His amloilion is arl. Greenberg, Muriel Tailor-made woman. Swimming club: Cherry Tree represenlalive. Greenberg Naomli May The seed of knowledge bloom 'ro malurilyyq. Lalin club: Econo ics club: Grade Advisors' office. Greenberg, Selig His deeds speak " selves. or lhem- Varsiry Foolball: Lunch squad. Greenwood, Evelyn All around kid. Modern Lileralu Lunch squad. Grey, Virginia Gropper, Harold re club: l-lis mind is never where il should be lwhal mind?l. Gruber Se mour I Y Mr. Breen's guinia pig. Aviary club: Supply Gulf, Seymour squad. The Woman's Home Com- pa nion. Execulive cou nc l: Senior council: Economics club. Gusfavson, Andrew We call him our "lil'll e flower." Gullenburg, Haqvey Service is his walch-word. Caplain, Service squad: Business Manager, G. O. Ha-den, Arnold He'd ralher lead a band. Band: Orcheslra: Track leam. Haliday, Marion Big ihings come from liffle packages. Leaders' club: Baskefball Team. Halper, Shirley Mosf popular Senior girl-in her family. Chem club: Arisfa: Mrs. Rice's office. Hamill, G. Looked for somefhing bad wilh all our mighf, Bul we find you quile all righl. Hanflig, AnneHe Now when l sing allhe Mel . . . Modern Liferafure club. Hankin, Bernard Quiel and fo himself. Harris, Charles Some capiain, hey squad! Service squad: Lafe squad. Harris, Leah M. Good sludenl, grand per- son. Modern Lileralure club: Arisla: Lafin club. Harwood. Gerald Gif? of gala. Assis+anl Manager Foolball ream. Harlmann, Carol Arrislically inclined . . warch her design. Ari' club. Haupf, Elliol' Mr. GoHesman's lefl-fool man. Cherry Tree business slaffg Service squad: Foollighfs club. Healey, Marion ln fhe valley a shy violel grew. Swimming office: Absenfee office. Hechf, Eslelle A quiel' and demure lass. Sfeno and Type office. Heiden, William He never 'rhoughl' he'd make 'rhe grade. Herman, Paul Oil magnel. Lunch squad: Miss Swel+'s sec- refary. Herpeck, James London fogs have nofhing on him. Herlwig, Mildred Heyum, Eugene l-le's ferrific. Heallh office: French club. Henle, Lucille So sweel a voice and vague a person loo. Economics club. Herifch, Daniel Pardon my Yankee accenl. Herlands, Roberl' Roly-Poly. Orchesfra: Receplion commil' lee. Hickey,Wall'er Supply squad-his shrine. Mrs. Rice's office: Supply squad. Himelfarlo, Maihew He ain'l' gol rhyfhm. Genelics sociefy. Hope, Lloyd l-le looks sfudious. Arisla: Chess club, Econ- omics club. Hopfenberg, Herberl' He's sfill looking for pennies from heaven. Horowifz, Charles Wafer is his element Swimming feam. Horowifz, Florence She's The "Three Smarf Girls" rolled info one. Arisfa: Program commifiee. Horowiiz, Mervin Almosf as cule. Lunch squad. Huges, Muriel Two very disfracling dimples. Parenls' Tea commiffee: Guard of Honor. Hunfingfon, Ross L. Yo-ho-ho and a boflle of milk. Class secrelary. Hurvifz, Jack I wonder wha? a 65 is like! Leader of Arisla: Associafe Ediforof l-lafchel: Senior coun- cil: Judicial board. Ibanez, William Easy 'fo like. infanfe, Joseph The man wiih lhe bafon. Conceri lvlasler of Orchesira: Leader of Quariefg Track ieam. lrvine, Keiih Wonder man! lshelson, Doris Jacobs, Doroihy Music hafh charms. Glee club: Lunch squad: French club. Jacobs, Moriimer Will he ever siop growing Class Treasurer. Jacobson, Melvin Whaf a line he hands 'rhe girls. Service squad: P. T. office: Miss Deegan's office. Jacobsfein, Lillian An afhleie is a good com' panion. Jacoby, Frances Pleniy of ambifion -- 'lo graduale. P. oflicez Baskeiball club: Leaders' club. Jaffa, Beffy Peace, freedom, progress, and securiiy. Peace club: Swimming feam. Jaffe, Jeanne From Jrhe siari she won our heari. Service squad: Glee clulo. Jones, Edgar A maihemaiician in any con- diiion, Ivlaih club: Chem club: Physics club. Kabalick, Joseph A swell fellow 'lo know lif you know himl. Lunch squad: English oizlice. Kahn, Doroihy Everybody likes her-if musi' be someihing. Spanish office. Kakos, Anna All around girl. Baskeiball clulog Swimming ieam. Kalousdian, Vazken l-le has Jrhe delicaie Touch of 'rhe ar+is+ he is. Kamen, Ira Jusi ask him how 'lo play Screeno. Service squad: Baskeiball club. Keni, Josephine Once you know her, you "Ken'r" do wilhour her. Service squad. Kern, Gisela A sweei' young maiden. German club: P. T. olilice. Kiely, William Don'+ crowd girls. Service squad: Lunch squad. Kimless, Norma Buili 'For comlorf noi speed. Arisla: Leaders' club: Moda dern Lileralure club. Kipness, Marilyn Mol'her's liille angel child. Swimming club. Klar, Sedwyn Washing+on's dancing daughler. Secrelary of Arisfa. Klein, Elhel Foollighls and spollighis shine on her. Secrelary of Fooilighfs club: Dramaiic club: Dancing club: Library. Klein, Marlin An aclor wilh no relalion lo The leg of a pig. Rehearsal clulo. Klein, Roberf A good mall-nemalician in swell condilion. Biology club: Mafh club' Phys- ics club. Klemens, Roberl "Pink elephanls on lhe wall"-berrer change your glasses, Bob! Kliemand, Alice Life is a play. Rehearsal club: Arisla: Lead- ers' club. Klonorides, George Siill looking for her? Lunch squacl. Knopping, Regina Boys! did you see 'lhos dim- ples? Glee club: Service squad. H Knox, Andrew Knox, Knox, who's lhere? Kocan, Peler Oh, give me a home where The Chessmen roam. Chess Team: Chess club. Koch, Eleanor Sorry 'lo see you go, Ellie. Miss Deegan's oFFice. Koch, William l'm a siranger here myself. Kohorn, Willard Lillie Willie. General office. Kopel, Kafhryne She likes 'lhem fall, blond, and mediocre. Leaders' club. Kornbulh, Fred Koselr, Rudy A carbon copy of Mr. Weis- muller. Swimming club: Varsily Swim- ming Jreamq Gym leam. Krainin, Dorolhy A promising alhlele who keeps her promises. Leaders' club: Baskelball Team: Baskelball club. Kramer, Melvin lT's his ambilion lo audiiion for a swell radio posl. Presidenl oi Physics clulo: Ra- dio club. Kraus, Marlin Krichefsky, Efhel We'd walk a mile lor 'lhal win- ning smile. Krugman, Rila She's an arlisle. Arr club. Kurlz, Hermaine Her mane is one of her main aiiraclions. Managing Board of Cherry Tree: Program commiiieeg Arisla. Lamberl, Samuel D. l'm nor conceiled . . . buf l have reason ro be. Lunch squad. Lauro, Alessandro Mrs. Knigh+'s prolege. Glee club: Dancing club. Lauro, Giorgio l-le doesn'l fool-he ain'+ gol Jrime. P. T. oliliceg Spanish ollice. Lawless, William Noi as wild as his name sug- gesis. English office. Lawfon, Frank A silenl person lo whom lhe world seems amusing. Leach, Thomas The song has ended-bul 'lhe melody lingers on. Orcheslra: Band: Dance or- cheslra. Lee, John l-le builds loo low who builds benealh +he slars. Lunch squad: Service squad. Leibowilz, Daniel They laughed when I rose lo speak . . . and groaned be- cause I never sal down. Program commilfee: Arisla. Lenihan, Daniel Lerner, Roberi Blame if on his youih. l-lalchel' represenfalive: Ser- vice squad. Levene, Teddy My fafher wanfed a boy and . . . Cherry Tree sfall: l-lalchel Ari sfarf: Arr club. Levey, Norma Smile and lel 'rhose dimples play. Lunch squad: Class Treasurer. Levin, Miriam Silence is 'lhe speech of The wise. Dancing club: Glee club: Modern Lileralure club. Levinson, Julian The aulhor of your "swell" varsily show lremember?l Levy, Caroline So easy 'lo remember. Mrs. Rice's orfice. Levy, Jack When he's around, Jrhere isn'+ a dull momenf. Foofball 'reamz Mrs. Rice's ol:- fice: P. T. office: Gill com- miflee. Lewis, Elinor Sweer and simple. Lewis, Ralph Lewis is a good sporl in every sense of fhe word. Lunch squad. Lieberman, Sylvia Her 'Frowns are few, and never slay. Lunch squad: Poelry club. Lifshifz, Anne To operafe or noi' 'lo operale . . . 'rhal' is The quesiion. Tea commirlee. Lindfors, Waller Induslry is rhe parenf ol success. Fencing club. Lipps, lrene LiHle-buf oh, my! Liilman, Janef l The German sphinx. Dancing club. Lobel, Seymour A person who backs in doors because he hares 'lo gel info Things. l Low, Burlon Work firsl, 'rhen res. Economics club: Halchel represenfalive. Lowenbein, Jael: i One "'lorgoHen man"l every- body remembers. Service squad: Grad Ad- visors' office: Cherry Tr e rep- resenlalive. Lundy, Thomas Too good To be +rue. Mackay, Roberi' l He was always prepare , bul' il never did him any go d. Service squad. 1 Magid, Selma An unusual girl. Economics club. W l Mahony, Nancy A glimmering gli'l'rer 'rp glad- den 'lhe gloom. Halchef represenialive: Lale office: Chem office. Makey, Marie 3 Orchids +o Marie. l Malfelano, Marie Good morning, everyb dy, who has 'lhe Chem homework? Maloney, Daniel A dillor, a dollar,!a very lale scholar. 1 Service squad: Gil com- millee. Mango, Paul Marcus, Frances Time is shorf-your, obliga- 'lions infinile. Economics club. Marx, Hazel As gay and busy as a brook. Modern Liferaiure clubl: Arisfa. Massa, Mario Wisdom is belier 'lhan wealfh. l Ma+h club: Class president i 29 Ma'Hhows, Gerald He never saw a purple cow. Service squad. McCabe, Edward Jus? call me "Honey Chile." Manager of Golf leam: Aquarium club: Lighfing squad. McCarihy, William He gives his recilalions by menlal lelepalhy. McClin+ock, Franklyn A fine chap who can hold a friend. McCrae, Virginia Carry me back lo ol' Virginia. Mrs. Rice's office. McDonald, Ediih Blue eyes and red hair. Mr. GoHesman's office: Guard ol Honor. McGoldrick, D. She'Il be somebody one of Jrhese days. Economics club: Service squad. McNally, William Sfill waiers run deep. Newman club. Meehan, James Wake up and sing. Maih club. Mellace, Hugo Known as "Mel The Ace," Mellor, Henry Music is magic. Orchesira: Dance orcheslra. Menkes, Mildred She reminds you of Greia Garbo-she's so dirlerenf. General office. Mercier, Pierre He helps all-he asks no re- Ward. Senior week commillee. Mesnick, Leon The leacher is always wrong. Arr club. Meyer, E. Penninglon "Penny's" from Heaven. Arisfa: Rehearsal club. Mikaelian, Armine Quiet unassuming, bul pro- ficienl. Arislag Maih club: French club. Mikles, Marvin ls he coming or going-he doesn'l' know. Miller, Dorolhy Our Soulhern poel. Poeiry club: Aviary club: Arisla. Miller, Sfanley Slighlly musical. Orcheslra: Glee club: Jazz band. Miller, Sylvia Wi+h plenly of money and you, Malh office: Economics club: Senior Tea commillee. Mills, Margarel' The free is known by ils fruii. Class secreiaryg Glee club. Minkoff, Jerome Macbelh is iusl a laugh To him. French club: Arisia auxil- ium. Milchell, William Beau Brummel. Service squad. Moqin. Lesfer To likeable lo pan. Service squad. Moran, Gerfrude True lo her word, her work, and her friends. Mrs. Rice's office: Class secre- fary, Morehouse, .lean .lusir unneiurallv nice. Rehearsal club: Mrs. Rice's office. Morris, Edward His popularily is well-deserved, Sfamp club' Class presidenf. Morris, Gloria When belier males are made, she'll qei' lhem. Swimming leam: Glee club. Moscowilz, Leonard Always endeavor fo slay so clever. Prom commiilee: Arisia: Grad- uales' office. Moscowilz. Rila Uprighl and line. Biology club: Glee club. Moscowih, Sarah Musl l give her a knock? lalin office: Bookkeeping ol:- lice. Moson, Frank Oh, gran'paw! Service squad: Lighling squad. Mullen, John Murphy, Richard No paTh oT Tlowers leads To glory. Economics clulay Newman club. Murray, Jack Chief aTTracTions-Shakespeare and Shirley. PresidenT oT Rehearsal club. MurTha, ArThur Hope he reaches The Top. Lunch squad. Myers, Larry The TorgoTTen man. Business Manager oT HaTcheT7 Class PresidenT. Naidus, Harold A good mixTure oT brains and brawn. ' ArisTa: G. O. Vice-presi- denTg FooTball Team. Narciso, Jo Anne Too many ThoughTs of booTs and noT enough To books. Fencing club: Leaders' club: Class secreTary. Nazroff, GerTru-de Such big, black eyes! Leaders' clubq ArT club: Biology club. Nemiro, KenneTh Nemiro Truclced while Rome burned. Nessel, HarrieT She's boTh reserved and quieT, Some oThers oughT To Try iT. Neumann, Johanna Howdy sTranger! BaslceTball club: Ping Pong club: Chem club. X Newborn, RuTh Small, cuTe, and clever. Glee club: Biology lab. Newman, Sam PrognosTicaTor Supreme. EdiTor-in-chieT OT Cherry Tree: Senior weelc commiTTee. Newion, Elaine They renT her ouT To The Encyclopedia BriTTanica by The hour. r-iaTcheT sTaTTg ArisTa. Norelli, Alfred The greaT guy. Norse, Willian I One oT The Norse--men l l l Nove, Raymond The NieTzschean Supernh G. O. represenTaTive: sTooge. OaTes, John an Class Good morning, Tellows, has anyone goT an exTra cig? Oberndorf, Paula ConscienTious in all her under- Takings. Dancing club: Progran' miTTee: ArisTa. O'Brien, Cafherine LoyaliTy, personaliTy, iusT a liTTle biT oT rds O'Connor, John No clubs, buT a greaT rg Odwalr, Sidney T One oT The boys. Ogush, Eugene COIT1- and caliTy. uy. He parTicipaTes in many fine acTiviTies. Swimming Team: Presi enT OT Biology club: Service s uad. O'Leary, Frank WhisTle, and she'll come To you. l Service squad. Olsen, EThel A proTicienT aThleTe. Swimming Team! Ba5lceTball Team. Olshin, Howard PhilaTely makes him happy His humming, dalify. LaTe squad. O'NeiI, Hugh Pin commiTTeeg Mrs. Ric Tice. O'Neil Geor e e's of I 9 MasTer of The Toil, he has pierced many hearTs. Fencing club. i Orr, June Curly hair and eyes oT -lue. OrchesTrag BaslceTball, Honor Guard. Orsi, Gerald Peck's bad boy. Class Treasurer: Golf Mrs. Rice's oTFice. Orfiz, NesTor Curly Top. Mrs. Rice's oTTice. Osfrovslry, Raymond, club Team A promising sTudenT-al- ways promising. Ofero, Edward Give every man 'ihy voice, but few fhine ear. Supply squad: Eco club. Pappy, Cafherine The Greeks had a word for her-classic beaufy. Swimming office: Affencl- ance office. Paro-dy, Edyfhe A liffle bif independenf. Poefry club: Arisfa: Mrs. Rice's office. Passaniino, Charles When you are in New York, do as fhe Romans do. Arisfa. Pafferson, Jerome Swing, Mr. Charlie! Service squad: Band. Pafferson, William Quief and shy-buf I know why. Paffinian, Charles So big, so whaf? Paffison, John A friend in need, he always needs if. Paules, .George The magnificenf brufe. Peabody, Polly Polly puf fhe keffle on. Pearl, Milfon More or less, a man's man Baskefball feam. Pearlman, Harold Baby face. Prinfing office: Affendance office: Lunch squad. Pearlman, Laura A friend fo everyone, and al- ways full of fun. Program commiffee: Grade Advisors' office. Peiser, Jerome Perlberg, Beafrice Teacher'sliffle secrefary. Class secrefary. Peferson, Margarei' She's fhe Tops. Mrs. Rice's office. Pierce, Haryef Pigurafively speaking, she's a wow. Lunch squad: Swimming club. Pincus, Florence You can always counf on her for a smile. Grade Advisor's office. Pin commiffee. PIaH-, Roberf The speech of Websfer-fhe head of Clay. Plauf, Shirley Like a Chesferfield, her arf saiisfies. Vice-Leader of Arisfa: Arf club: Rehearsal club. Plummer, Doris Blond, buf nof lighf-headed. Swimming club. Polifis, Chrisfy l've gof plenfy of froubles -Mr. Goffesman again! Ponemon, Jack This year's crop of baskefs is noi' for me, for l'm sfill missing lasf ferm's shofs. Manager of Baskefball feam. Porfnoy, Sam l-le'S The inspirafion for "l Found No Peace". Peace club. Puner, Janice One in a million. Arisfa. Prom commiffee. Quinn, Aloysius One o' fhe boys. Eco club: Chemisfry club: Lighfing squad. Raben, Roberf l-le's a differenf Type. Class presidenf. Rapaporf, Helen Nafure made her as she should- Nof foo bad and nof foo good. Bookkeeping office. Reider, Lawrence ln fhe afom is fhe secref. Biology club: Gym feam. Reinhardf, Alma She's way above fhe resf. Swimming club: Ping Pong club: Baskefball club. Reifano, Vincenf Rah, rah, rah for fhe foofball feaml Foofball feam: Class presidenf: French club: Locker monifor. Reyes, William l-le looks sfudious, buf looks are deceiving. Rich, Rhoda Roloerl Taylor's fulure leading lady. Arisia: Rehearsal club: Danc- ing club. Richard, Rober+ The ray of sunshine 'rhar makes iviacbelh a comedy. lviarh oilice. Richman, Daniel Time on my handsl Robbins, Lionel l-le's all lhal you like him lo be. Gill commiilee: French club. Robbins, Marilyn O.U.Q.T.V.N .V.U. Rocker, Herberi He ainl gol rhylhm. Rolfman, Harold Plenly of Saxlophonel appeal. Roher, Rifa ' Should knowledge be slored in pinl' sizes. Arisla pulolicily commillee: Managing B'd. of Cheery Tree. Rolling, Renee A really grand girl. Glee club: Arisla. Romola John l-le doesn'+ spin, buf he's +he iop. La'lin club: P. T. olilice. Rosalslcy, Donald Girl shy. Capiain of Tennis club: Swim- ming leam. Rose, Ira A swell fellow, we declare, l-le's brighl' and Hne and he plays square. Rosenberg, Edwin Never asks for somebody else's homework. French club. Rosenbluih, Norman Journalisl' in 'fhe making. Cheery Tree: l-lachel com miflee: Supply squad. Rosenfield, Leonard ls he a scream-or is he Service squad: Cherry Tree slafl. Rosenson, Esfher Rosenfhal, Juliei' You grow nicer day by day. Rossi, Ca rm ella l-ler smile and hu worlh adverlising Baskelball Jream: club. Rolhchild, A This world you've gol Prom cornrnillee. Rubin, Harriei' ior is sp ce. L aders' our in An easyegoing nalure, 'lo shove. The pen is mighlier llran The sword. Class secrela ry: club. Rubin, Julius Dancing Rubin, The second Einslein. Lale squad: Aquarium Rubin, Lawrence Dribble, Tumble, bench. Baskelball leam: squad. Rudolph, John Rukeyser, Howard club. fumble- Lilile man, wha? now? Class lreasurer: Lai Russell, Porier l-le's in lhe Eco club I1 Lunch iii club. OW. Eco club: Service squad. Russo, Laura Pons. Class presidenl: Glele club. Jusl' anolher Lily Ryan, John l-le can"r do wilhoul 'llne 'fair sex-bul can lhey do himl Class president Saenz, Francisco EI 'Fulu ro preside Mexico. wilhoul nle de l-lalchel slaii: Lunch squad: Prom commillee. Sasson, Edward A man wilh serious inleenlions. Service squad: Secrelarial oi- lice: Physics club. Saxon, Leon For service 'ro him lion, The lunchroom's condilion. Service squad. Sayers, Ross Who's lhal' marching we peli- in good d slreel? No Sousa, no buf Sayers! Band leader. Schapiro, Roberl' own The l' Pryor, Scheinbach, Mil+on The professor. Lare squad: Aquarium club. Scheirer, Nafalie Some people have more fun! Eco club: Library: Hislory olrlice. Schekzer, Roy Quiei and shy-bui' his marks are high. P. T. office: Orchesrra: Lalin club. Schellings, John If you wish To reach The heighis, begin in 'The deprhs. Lunch squad: Lighiing squad. Scheumann, Adam You've gor io be a fooiball hero . . . Eooiball ieam. Schilling, Henry ' Silence is a virfue-l'm Told. Service squad, Baseball Team. Schleifer, Leonard Eco club, Aquarium club: P. T. office. Schnifzer, Gerhardi' Oh, G-erlrudel You big flirf. Class preside-nf, Senior Council. Schoenfield, L. Lafin is your funeful song, Sing ii' well and you can"r go wrong. Lalin club. Schor, Veronica She Thinks all The boys are Romeos. . Lunch squad: Baskeiball ream. Schorr, Elsa - Schorr now ye wouldn5T be Irish, would ye? Schrechinger, Jonas He sold goods ai +he G. O. sfore: The G. O. srore doesn'+ run anymore. G. O. siore. Schuberf, Berfha Such a lor of pep for such a liHle girl. Peace club: P. T. office. Schulman, Norma She likes weak rea and srrong men. Schulfz, Seymour Very backward in coming 'For- ward. Pin commirfeeq Class presidenf. Schusier, Bernard To be rhus is nofhing! Schwarfz, Edward Ed is ralher lanky. Schwar+z, Franklyn Woila man-wol man? Chess ream: Biology club, Spanish auxilium. Schwarfz, Herberf One of ihe 600 Schwarizes. Schwarfz, Herberf Warch The Schwarlzes gn by. Camera club. Schwimmer, Julius A shorr good sport Sciarrillo, Vincenf Fordham, we wish you luck -you'll need ii. Seaman, Josephine Silence is golden-buf we're oki lhe gold slandard. Leaders' club: French office. Sellares, Leah The pride of her class. Shackel, Olga Gee buf she's swell. Swimming club: German club. Shanahan, John Man lhe unknown. Aquarium club. Shapiro, Beri He sails 'rhru 'rhe air wilh 'the greafesr of ease. Tumbling ream. Shapiro, Vivian A misfress of The fine arfs. Poefry club: Prom commir- fee. Shaw, Allan His foofsreps 'follow forfune. Sheehan, John He can'T shag-why should he? Prom commirree. Sherwood, Beverly Thai' rich voice of hers needs more exercise. Glee club: Swimming club. Siegal, Gerfrude Service galore. Judicial Board: Lunch squad. Siegel, Felice Delighfful, delicious. de-lovely. Cherry Tree sfaff: Honor Guard: Modern Liferafure club. Siegel, Rachel Rachal is a Biblical name. Ping Pong club. Sikawiff, Chesfer Esf bonus Lafin sfude. Arisfa: Program cornmiffee: Senior week commiffee. Silver, Sidney Swing if, son. Band: Class presidenf. Simchowifz, Shirley A good collecfor is like a rare coin. Fooflighfs club: Dancing club: Glee club: English office. Simon, Audrey Crifics review-Audrey Si- rnoniiii Simons, Arfhur Mama's boy. Foofball squad: P. T. Service squad. Singer, Muriel One wifh a dream can con- quer a crown. Smifh, George Flowery orafory he despised. Sobel, Jacob Sporly guy. Track feam: Rifle feam: Service squad. Soloman, William Solemn man. Spindler, Miriam As nice as fhey come. Giff commiffee. Spring, Arnold Hey you, fake away your fray! Lunch squad: Judicial board: G. O. council. Siam, Shirley Red hair, freckles, and sugar and spice. Sfamafedes, William Ah, life is fufile. Lunch squad: Lighfing squad: Spanish office. Slang, Herberl' l'r's iusf a rackef wifh Herb. Tennis feam: Chemisfry club: Currenfs Evenfs club. Sfang, Morfimer An honesf raqueffeer. Tennis feam: Physics club. Siein, lrma She fhinks fhaf Ein-sfein is a glass of beer. ' Lunch squad: French lsquad. l We hope you do fhingls well, Because we fhink you'rel swell. Sfeinhauser, Harry Sfeinifz, Beafrice l Are you as sfudious as you look? ' Sfern, lrving Builf for comforl' nof for speed. Service squad. Sfiglifz, Eleanor Sparkling eyes, ief black hair, and a smile all fo rare. Dancing club: English of- fice: French club. Sfiglifz, Evelyn Sfolier, Muriel l Gay Euferpe. l Presidenf of Poefryl club: Hafchef Sfaff: l-lafchef commiffee: Arisfa. 1 Sfone, Marvin We are rolling up fhe score- on 'lop of Mickey. Foofball Team. Sfone, Naomi Trusf in me. Senior class freasurer: 6. O. represenfafive: Leaders' club. Sforms, Myles T Rap, lap, fap on wood-e-leave his head alone. l Sugarman, Muriel j Sweef, neaf, and quief pefife. , Eco club: Music office: P. T. office. Sullivan, John Sing, baby, sing. Glee club. Suval, Sidney A very genfle beasf and of good conscience. Class freasurer. Swead, Jerome He's gof his haf fo keep him warm. l Senior Haf commiffee. Swieback, Thelma Silence is fhe eloquence of careful fhouqhf. l ,Prom commiffee: Arisfa. l 1 Tabei, Margaref Our Peggy. Arisia: Modern Liieraiure club: English club. Tabor, Frances Good ihings come in small packages. P. T. office: Dancing club. Tagliaferro. Josephine lf's nice io be nafural when you're naiurally nice. Leaders' club: Baskeiball club. Talierck Thomas Wha+'s in a name? Newman club: Lunch squad. Tamor, Bernice Miss Fiirh Avenue: Haichei Commiffee: Lafin club. Tandy, Ver+ner Silence is more musical ihan a song. Eco clubq Service squad. Teiflebaum, Gloria A naiure ioyiul and free, buf underneafh sincerify. Arisia. Theise, Jerome . A liHle nonsense now and ihen is relished by The besi' of men. Hafchei squad: l-laichei represeniaiive. Tingar, James Oh. mama, 'lhai' Haichei' man is here again! l-laichef commiiiee. Toll, Wilbur My Suval, righ+ or wrong. Cheery Tree represeniaiive: Gif? commifiee. Tompkins, Edyihe A liifle s+ick of dynamife. English office: Dancing club. Toneffi, Nella Erudifion and vifaliiy com- prise her personalify. Arisfag English office. Towbein, Lilian The iorfoise won 'Phe race. Eco club: Civics club. Trivers, Leon Jusi' a "requeHeer". G. O. presidenig Tennis ream. Tugender, Helen You've goi' wha? if Takes. Dancing club: Leaders' club. Tulin, William Poems are made by fools like me. Poeiry club. Ufer, Lorraine Preiiy girl. Swimming club: Pin commifiee. Uffner, Lucille Oh, ma, she's making eyes ai me! Dancing club: Leaders' club. Vanderbilf, Walfer Won'i ihe girl fha? gels his name be lucky? C I a s s presideniz Judicial board: Cheery Tree repre- seniaiive. Van Gelder, Pairicia A good beginning is +he baffle half won. Cheery Tree sfaiii: Eco club. Varade, Andrew We all call him "Bui'ch." French club. Vennard, George Why do people wam' +o buy rings? Pin commiifee. Verizzo, Walfer Piciure snaicher. Presideni' of Camera club: Track ieam. Villamin, Virginia Quiei' and efiicieni, in every subieci' proficient Arisfaz French club: Sen- ior council. Vogel, Sylvia Sfudious bui nice. Swimming club: Peace club. Vohl, Freda As sileni' as a whisp of smoke-and less obirusive: Peace club: Laiin auxilium. Wade, Wilbur Walls, EvereH' Paradise in Wall-s fime. Walsh, Thomas Oh. baby, whai' I couldn'f do wifh pleniy of money and you. Senior class 'freasurerp Service squad. Wanger, Muriel Quiei and conservafive. Swimming club. Ward, Joseph Beifer laie ihan never. Newman club. Wafers, Anne Delighiful and ihen some. Dancing club: Miss Dee- gan's office. A Wafson, Eleanore She's why boys come fo G.W. Secrefary of G. O. Weber, Dorafhea Blond charmer. Miss Deegan's office: Mrs. Rice's office. Weiner, Roslyn The winning smile. Weiner, Samuel God's giff fo radio. VVeiss, Milton The whining school boy creep- ing unwillingly fo school. Weissman, Irene Life is lofs of fun. Weissman, Mil-dred Weissman, Sam One of Those sfrong sileni men. Hisfory office. Welch, John He'cl go fo Long Island 'lo hear fhe "Sound." One pay missive. While, Minnie Shining lighf. Arisfa. NVhile, Theresa The flame of The graduafing class. Medical office. Wiener, Hilda She's as sweef as she looks. Lafe office. Echo club. Wiener, Rufh When pul' fo ihe fesf she's one of fhe besf. Eco club. Ari club. l-lafchef rep. Wiener, Samuel Lazy bones. Wilder, John Like a liifle prairie flowqr Growing Wilder by The hour. Supply squad. Wilson, Edifh Like Woodrow, she has her poinfs. Wilson, Erwin One of fhe besf. Arisfa. Physics club. Chemisfry club. Wolfe, Charles Clipped cranium Casanova. Cherry Tre. Arisfa. Lunch squad. Wolfson, Alice You do 'lhe darndesf fhings, Baby. Glee club. 1 Recepfion commiffee. Wolheim, Elliofi' "l-li, Sfufflu Senior Council. NVuensh, Gerfrude Wuensh in a million. Wurfzburger, Florence Curly fop. A Miss Myers office. Yam, Henry Today l yam a man. Drum major. Band. Service squad. Yamazaki, Alfred The boy wifh 'lhe di-'eamy eyes. Service squad: Biology club. Yasny, Irving The shining lighf. Fencing club. Zaskian, Leon Rome wasn'+ builf in ey day. Service squad: Glee club. Zographos, Warren The goal is disfanfg fhe road is rocky. f M 7 fxigi K Mi 9 M J mf 3 ms MK' " fx QQ Wi? MSW Q Q N l, J lgfififfwm 3 2 Zqyf ff5Q.,. A 242m QW' 1 4jf134Lf.z M 0-MJ WWW? UN 4.95 LEBRITI E 7 vs9g b1 p.f2 :ENQN af, I Ee vs! 5 ffiiz? 'fQn --1-.' 'tix-v 122 Kf.'Q yi. Q f v F' QR .CCL L-296 'QQ 'V H L ,L ii ui, K-41 I T fe l 9. ' ' SHIRLEY F eu X 7 I X ., kk F X kk H 3 I4 RQ alfa ,Q Y 1,1 2' A3 Q .50 I , El 6,4 mum RN L.. Ll 1 vul. CLA55'WlT Q' 1 -E F5 N 1- ' CJD 5 J- 14, TLJANYX ,Q X v m 'W V fx I JERRY C HH ITZER cLAss Avou.o JEANCOLLE RAN iaffix AQ 5 fx 2 SUCCEED i M? mt? 43 I6 5- ATH LETE 6IRL VQJA3 Shawn- TEDDY LEVENE. VIVIAN SHAPIRO COMMITTEES OF THE I937 GRADUATING CLASSES THE COMMITTEES-FALL We unexpecfedly dropped info a show called "Follies of January I937" one nighT, and were surprised To find our Senior Class commiffees performing. FirsT on The program was The Senior Council, led by Marvin Sussman, our genial class presidenf, Hampfon Hancock, Treasurer, and Thelma Pruslin, secreTary. OTher members of The Council were: Raymond Neifosh, Edward Falasca, John Schmedfje, John McAliley, John Hoeffler, Norman Rosenfhal, Sidney Grubman, Charles Endel, William Sfeen, Alberf Newfon and Thomas WhyTe. They recifed an epic poem in which They praised Mrs. Chapin, Their faculfy adviser, for giving so generously of her Time and energy in order To make The Senior Class a happy one. Nexf we saw Those wizards of high finance, The class Treasurers, who dramafized a scene for us, wherein They delivered Their money To Mr. Baldwin, faculTy adviser, in fronT of a Federal Reserve Bank on a dark nighT. The Treasurers were: JeanneTTe Schwarfz, Helen Kober, Hampfon Hancock, Lucille Cohen, Dorofhy Dalfon, RuTh Farber, Jean Bader, Gerald Balakian, Gloria Chais, Gloria Morris, and Muriel Knopf. The Pin CommiTTee gave us a ballef number in which The members were adorned wiTh Thousands of pins. John Hoeffler, The chairman, was aided by: John WhiTe, Dorofhy Friedman, Alberf Yaverbaum, Consfance Sfeinberg, Doris SmiTh, Muriel Kap- lan, Nafalie BerkowiTz, John Innes, lrwin Kappler, Louise Redden, and Gerfrude Welger. Miss McGloin, faculfy adviser and choreographer, direcfed The Dance of The Pins. The ParenTs' Recepfion CommiTTee walked onTo The sfage wiTh a huge empfy TeapoT, wailing "Of Tea l Sing." They said ThaT Their parenTs had a good Time looking aT The building and meefing Teachers, and They didn'T mind obfaining Their liquid refreshmenf by bending low over a hall founfain. Miss E. O'Brien, faculfy ad- viser, was largely responsible for The success of The recepfion. The members of The commiTTee were: Alberf Newfon, chairman, Bernard Peskin, Naomi Nafhan, Richard Wolf, Florence Seiden, Jean Paris, Horfense FeinsTein, Nafalie Reichlin, Nafalie Lauf- bahn, and Gerfrude Sobel. The GifT CommiTTee gave us a one-acT drama explaining why They selecfed Two beaufiful landscape painTings, one an oil painfing by Paul Gauguin, enTiTled "TahiTian MounTains," and The oTher a waTer-color, called "STill Life," by Presfon Dickinson. Everyone praised The excellenf Tasfe of Mrs. Manheimer, faculTy adviser, and The com- miTTee: John SchmedTie, chairman, RoberT Rosenberg, Bernard Bernsfein, Marfha BenneTT, June Rosenfeld, Theresa SchwarTz, Roslyn Forsfein, Sherman Garson, Asfor Cooper, CharloTTe Kerler, Marcia PrendergasT, and Edgar Hall. The Senior Week CommiTTee chorused abouf The sailor haTs worn by The boys during Senior Week, and The Scofch haTs worn by The lassies. They said ThaT They had wanfed To geT us some new privileges, such as being able To slide down The golden balusTrade or To swing from The chandelier in The foyer, buf ThaT none of Them maferialized. Mrs. Sindeband was faculfy adviser, and The members were: Raymond Neifosh, chairman, HerberT Badler, Serge Agadjanian, Morris Goldberg, Saul Fishman, DoroThy Lane, Bernard Levin, Joseph Gardella, Claire Reichman, RuTh Bahnsen, AniTa Parnes, and Helen Melville. 40 GIFT COMMITTEE JANUARY PIN COMMITTEE JANUARY PROM. COMMITTEE JANUARY The Prom CommiTTee gave a Truckin' exhibiTion To The Tune oT "Organ Grinder's Swing," and raved abouT The decoraTions which made The gym look like a resorT on The CoTe D'Azur. They were parTicularly emphaTic abouT The big orange moon made oT TireprooT paper. We TelT exTremely graTeTul To Mr. Maguire. TaculTy adviser, and To The commiTTee: Alba-rT NewTon, chairman, Jane HuTTon, Florence Goldman, Con- sTance STeinberg, Jane Rosenbaum, Beverly Greenberg, RiTa Eliscu, Shirley KurTzweg, William Hodson, Arnold Gardiner, EsTher Marks, and Mae EruTkoTT. LasT, buT noT leasT in The "Follies oT January I937," we wiTnessed The HaTcheT RepresenTaTives, who Turned ouT To be exponenTs oT The Humphrey-Weidman Tech- nique. They leaped wildly Through The air in a dance enTiTled, "Thinking Up ScinTil- laTing Knocks and BoosTs." Looking aT The names on our programs we saw ThaT The co-chairmen were Thelma Pruslin and Eugene Hacker, and The HaTcheT Reps were: Arnold Sanders, Henry Rudolph, MorTon Hepner, Harold Wills, Theodore Mariolis, George Ouinlan, Eugene Hacker, LesTer Mogin, Bruce Beyer, RuTh NeTburn, and Daniel ReibsTein. ATTer The grand Tinale, wherein The enTire casT reTurned Tor many curTain calls, The TheaTer lighTs wenT ouT and we hasTened homeward wiTh our memories oT The January '37 WinTer-ThaT-iT-didn'T-snow Class. FINIS THE COMMITTEES-SPRING Well, lads and lassies, seTTle back in your seaTs lor oTherwisel and prepare your- selves Tor a nice long sTory . . . no, noT abouT Paul Revere or The Three Bears, buT abouT Those hard-workin', sharp-shooTin', long-livin' SENIOR COMMITTEES! Yes sir, Triends, you have a TreaT in sTore Tor you. . To begin wiTh, Take The Pin CommiTTee, who, even Though They didn'T give us magniTying glasses wiTh our liTTle gold "Tree-hackers," cerTainly did do a grand job. The commiTTee, headed by EllioTT Wolheim and nobly assisTed by Miss McGloin, included George Vennard, Hugh O'Neill, AnneTTe HauTlig, Seymour ShulTz, RoberT Cash, MargareT Tabei, Eleanor STigliTz, EsTher Gordon, Lorraine UTer, AniTa Alpern, Beverly Sherwood, Marvin STone, Jane Keller, and Florence Pincus. BUT Then again we had a surprise in sTore Tor us, Tor righT in The middle oT The hall, we TelT someone dig a pencil in our back and Then heard a harsh whisper, "LisTen you, buy a HaTcheT or your liTe won'T be worTh a plugged nickel." lAs if we ever had The inTenTion oT noT buying one.l Well anyway, we Tound ouT ThaT iT was one oT The "HaTcheT Highwaymen," senT ouT by ThaT masTer bandiT, Mr. GoTTesman. Norma Kimless, Norman RosenbluTh, VicToria CoddingTon, AlberTa Dollar, Sylvia Lieberman, Bobby Lerner, Norman Barish, Muriel Glassman, Carolyn WolTe, Jerome Theise, RuTh Wiener, Irwin Cohen, Margery Cleaver, and STewarT Eldridge are This Term's "HaTcheT Highwaymen," However, being 'held up in The middle oT The hall, we Tound, was really only a minor Terror compared To having our privaTe lives acTually pried inTo by a seT oT "HaTcheT Hounds" whose business, iT appeared, was To bring To lighT The clubs, Teams, and oTher acTiviTies in which we parTicipaTed. BuT, oT course, when we 42 PIN COMMITTEE J U N E SENIOR WEEK COMMITTEE JANUARY PARENTS' REC COM SENIOR WEEK COMMITTEE JUNE IIEPTION MITTEE NUARY Tound ouT ThaT iT was all To be prinTed in The l-laTcheT, why we consenTed To Tell Sedwyn Klar, Nancy Mahoney, QuenTin Goodwin, John Camminel, Edi+h McDonald, Muriel STolier, Daniel LiebowiTz, Alex Bheman, Bernice Tamor, Charles WolTe, LesTer Magin, Florence Appel, BarTer Low, and James Lingar, everyThing excepT The TooTh- pasTe we used. Having gone Through These somewhaT hecTic experiences, we were relieved To learn ThaT aT The hands oT The ParenTs' RecepTion CommiTTee, our parenTs had had a charming Tour around The school and had been TacTTully inTroduced To our Teachers. Chairman Virginia Villamin and her commiTTee consisTing oT David GoldTarb, Virginia MacCrea, Don Rosalsky, Muriel l-lughes, Caryl Alexiades, Alice WolTson, Theresa WhiTe, EThel Davis, RoberT Flerlands, Louise Elen, Anne LiTshiTz, Melvin Kramer, Jo Anne Narciso, and Silvia Miller were experTly guided by Miss SwarTz. To Mrs. Sindeband and Chairman BaTes TogeTher wiTh l-lenry Yam, Louis Alex- ander, Jean Colleran, Audrey Collins, Joseph Asro, Richard Fisher, William Brown, Sam Newman, ChesTer SikawiTT, Jeremiah Cronin, RiTa Krugman, Elaine Conheim, Pe-ine Mercier, and Giorgo Lauro, is due The crediT Tor a delighTTul, buT hilarious Senior Week, wiTh The boys looking like second RoberT Taylors in Their piTh helmeTs, and The girls presenTing charming picTures in Their coolie haTs. We cerTainly had a grand Time during Senior Week, buT The Tun we had aT The Prom Topped iT all oTT lyou know, like The cherry on Top oT a maple-walnuT sundael. IT seems ThaT Mr. Maguire, TogeTher wiTh John Sheehan, Thelma Swieback, Charles l'lorowiTz, l-loward KauTman, Leonard MoskowiTz, Janice Punir, David Cohen, George Klorandes, Vivian Shapiro, Francisco Saenz, Muriel Sugarman, Ann RoThchild, John Lee, and Leo Bowers, did one grand job in TransTorming The Girls' Gym inTo a perTecT scene oT The "Gay 'NineTies." BeTween The WhiTe Way, BaTTery Park, and The Bowery, we had such a good Time ThaT when someone asked us who we were, we said "Rosie O'Grady." lJusT a slighT misrepresenTaTion.l i When Fred KornbluTh, Irene Lipps, Vazken Kalousdian, Richard Fisher, Lionel Rolo- bins, Charles Harris, June Orr, Mildred Kappel, Miriam Spindler, Welbur Toll, Daniel Maloney, Mildred Weissman, Allan Shaw, and Jack Levy Told us ThaT They had chosen Two waTer colors, "The Sloop" and "The STorm" by Winslow Homer, plus Two oil painTings, one, "The ConcerT," by Giorgione, and The oTher, "ReTurn oT The Herd," by Breughel, as giTTs To George WashingTon, we TelT ThaT we owed The GiTT Com- miTTee, along wiTh Chairman WalTer VanderbilT and Mrs. Manheimer, a real voTe oT Thanks Tor Their wise selecTion. BUT speaking oT giTTs, George WashingTon's giTT To all good li++le seniors is ThaT rough and ready combinaTion oT brains, beauTy, and brawn known as The Senior Council. lT cerTainly is a sighT To behold when one chances upon The Council working aT Tull speed, wiTh PresidenT WalTer Keesing providing The brains, SecreTary Jean Colleran The beauTy, and The resT oT This illusTrious council, The brawn. This Term's brawn consisTs oT Tom Walsh, BeTTy Burgess, GerhardT SchniTzer, Leslie Alexander, Seymour Guff, VincenT ReiTano, Larry Myers, Virginia Villamin, George Kemp, EliioT Wolheim, Jack l-lurviTz, WalTer VanderbilT, Sidney Silvers, l-lerberT BaTes, Jack Ryan. And so, lads and lassies, The long sTory is over, buT iT is our sinceresT wish ThaT you will remember This Tale, and sTore iT in your memory TogeTher wiTh The Tales of The Three Bears and Paul Revere. 44 SENIOR COUNCIL JUNE MICROSCOPY CLUB SECRETARIES AND TREASURERS JUNE, '37 CHERRY TREE STAFF JANUARY HATCHET REPS. J U N E HATCHET REPS JANUARY CHERRY TREE JUNE SENIOR OFFICERS JANUARY SENIOR SECRETAR JANUARY SENIOR COUNCl L JANUARY A GIFT COMMITTEE JUNE 48 PARENTS' RECEPTION COMMITTEE JUNE PROM. COMMITTEE JUNE 'N jf.. A Qhp, III fr If 1 1- W I,-.ww XIEVA? .. ,-255, 1. , N- " Y- .rn am- uf 1-f-'Z'-fvff. ,r 5 'V '-FL aff. ff f 1- fig, I- 'K -"E,-5' M I... . f-414 ,- ry:-X v 1 ,-ya-'wx IIIrI1,4g,- II, s H:-Q 7-f-v?',v .N-A. F P.-, '!I"f,-f , f ,fn u ,wif 7 .V v ,J 3-21.-.14 3 "'f,,fZv5Y-v4r'.f, 14- X 0' 1-w.:Q!7:g-f' K 'SY ' vu .,a new 1 6 -Q: 'N' I' .A 5 9 in -. 552746971 ,, -. ,,f -. " 4,2 ef' -1 -.. 'L aes 1 r ' 331- ,af f -f ,..P'f"""'- wx 1-f-eo " '- -441 I4 'wx-QQ 24,5 5,3 agggbx ...,.., Ming, lpn fig, .Q eh wg' "-:ce .5 Qfvcf' "' J' ,,.. ff wr 1 e r-JV, f H' -a -.x U Q Q, 4 W a 'Qt 7' 1 slifxb ,fn-'f' ,, ,Ima 5-5 ' 'L r 6 Jai' Sir. - "-2 I :ffm "-Ji-1.-fx.--rsf""'1" .A , 1 In-x 'Nkbfwl 1, 1,7-. BN'A 11, A 44- -, ..n .. 4-a 61, 4'-4-':Zw'?'V:fQf 32. af 'X-3?f"' .p- . I, ,. 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V":-: -' --wr."-ff -'Vila "-1 .: . .4't' V 'Lu 2- I III IIII.. .. .I ,IIIV gy.. , . . . Q 1. 31, Ig. V . --4-,-Vyr, .. L:,Q..aVag...., . 5.- ':.I.?' - IQIQIIIJIQL--az'-c-Ijq . I I II.- I 1':?I I -4 i . I - II -U 'f-If--.'II V ,. .5-ff ivg:'T.f5gQ:Vi' ' -5.11.-y -3.-f I I r IIIVI ,- II. I .., I ' , - - :.- .jar - I VI'-.4I '-'5f'z"fjf.,:-:-'-Lga -as 4.5, -.I--1 ' 'II -V Ig . V V 'Q 'ja--'JJ-'44 '24 fri.--,-fr. - .- 'r .ff -4. ' I:fd.:.-.f- V132 ' -4- ' its ' r YI - -:--4 -.I':g5g3' . Fi . ?' .Vf...:k?.-:I -,rf ,' -I IQ1 'f' V - ' ' . . fbr. '1'.,IV--V"J:- ' I.,.I-I. -.41-wg-5... - I,-'-r.-I. .. II... I. .L .IW W. V ,. y -3,-II V.. I .V,.9.::-'-.I.I.,I Vrfng' -523,1 --- I -V V-I: Q..-.g 'VII' I I -40, V - . I,-ju Q . - - 2-Q. - IQ? I ii... S1 - -wail . V V- zf1:"3'fY'Lf5.fl' V --.ff-"V1V-".' V '4'7.1'-17-" -"1 ""f'3i. 22 1- ' W3-if ".?-1".1' -.-5. --I-.Igg-cf'-32.11'V-Ig.:f -f-"' -. 'Z-' :,---fa----sg . 25- gif. 4,--V,-1-. .- . III-.-.5 V. I. V .VV ,rn r- II I . I I, 5 V . 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"Vi-SP'---ggf'-'-'.. I '::.w5:1' 'ii-lb 'Q-,415-'g-Elf'--'Q'.'I-.V3-jf''4.:.. '-1.-.S-'-. 4-J..?if1 ,::V-af-if ,-. - V, V -- ., V,. - V ,. 4Vf- . - .V - . -- V. 11. - -- ..'. ---- .-I.-. . .V-,-F.. I f ' , I -'-at 1 YI. .. V ' " ...I QZIQT..-1--rw--.,f.,,i V:f.- C. , .I 1+ I...,I.IV -P ' -' . V P . - .- 2--'Q-f.:...:.-V',-A if--. 4 :I , ,. :. II .. . - .I fp 5-I,'-7:-Iyy, 'IJI I. I,.- -' ,,-4 .,. 7---II.,-I--y . V. . . ,I II:-II. 'I - . V .-V... 1 .I 1? -45.3 ' . .--ws '-'..?.g-WV Tr-E :QQ -'?'--':fq.:+- - .SLV-ii ' ' 14 ,.." fs.: ,-11 -1. V I. . 4 - -. -- L' .LH-1 QI., 3I r'-y-!If'.- ' .'. - , -1- 2.15-5,-f -, sl" V.. ' ' V ' -' --"if -'f3'- -1 " f -f-""" .41--3' 35 e T.-:Z-4+ 'f - - " 4 . -V :gr '. ing - .rt -4, ,V --:ar ' 1.4 ' .f V V-V153-ff-V.. !- fix' 'Vr-Q.: .. -.,. A ... - .JM ' , V: 1:01,-.1..-. ' ' - ' , . 1- 'Y' - ' U- ,gk . -.Jr--V f ..-fn. "' v 11 -- -ev - ' '4. -'1--r. ' 1 4 '-1 -, V - ' -- -Q Ie V - .. .waff- - .iv 2'.. ' -- V V w- 4' , I..-I:'-aLsmV::.I ,-2.7.2 1' 4, - -1 I- 1,1 ,Q :f IV , -4:1-,org ' 'V' "4 - -'f " 1 V W: V - -4- .- ' - VV .' V f' - . - ...., . . Q . I . . s 4 V -. V .. - .' .V -1 -gf.:-' .' 'U -s., ' - . -w.-.H ,V.:I.3:'L-x-.I.: . H ,VU :.,- -I Lgiwg.. .-- 'rung' . . v- --S Ig I- 'V A 2. -.yax.LI-I-..fq. - I - II ' .. ti II V:.gqI::I--II . V. cy 1' -" 2 ' .I .V --' ..--.V I . '-5:-- I 'figgggv A-. 1--:af L.. . 1-" ,Ig-2. ' 4561 Ir? - -zz . ' I--::f.:I -gj'f'i5,f I-f , i - 5 .- -A if 1 . QI V: - -, ' ' 4' Q, II I. -' 15.3-,-V-' 5 :.f'.' 'I ' - wi- N1-L-rf. ' 4- .II-' P33-.xi V:. 1' V... 4 W5 - ---..-1 ' . - VI.-:.:g4V-'R -1- .V...V-I. II,,- .:- V -.I-f 4 . -'.-2.--..V., - . V - - Qf.. .- . J' ,J - ' I' 5:--I-f I-if-fig '..I V. 9 I. .l7"-Vi -V 'T'?'I--. ' I f:::-- 'L I -'fs -- .: 7 's 7 I ' -V. -- ' ' - f ' w - ---cf. -- .- ..r-- .. wr..-1-' QV- -+.f':. Y- --mf" " 'gf-' .V-'ff '-F? ' J-1: . V .V -4 .I'..x-VV--I-., -,.,. 1 -V-2 .V .f I.- .f . . 'H' -1:11-1. . .. 1--', - .V--ff - .4 .V . .-.V.-.--- -,..4g. V". P- 4 V---34 1 - 2.--.'...--:V-5.1-LV I - . ww..-f ', VI..---41 :Lf 514"1.L"1H1-'-"V.,f+ ff -2? -:'- :V 5: Q'-'f45':.2-:2Lwr:1f9 ' . '. -V' " '4' A H " V' 3 V V aww ..",:v.i-VI-.:VIV-3...-yi.:-'m.f--4-5. ,L-' . ?f',,.p :ff--1:94. Ns.. ' I, VU . '. . a -. , I - V '-E ,pf-. -ga:-15-1 .' --II.. '.. - -.-.II-.,,-1, I II ,,IIII.I,.I.I..,IlII,I..LII..,I,.I,I,I V Ir. I . I III. II I I I III . I I I I- I ., IDI, II V . IJ, , I III- .I I V V .I . 1-4 - . . . W.. .. .- -I II I. III,.I I I I,I.V,,.II .. SHIRELEY PLAUT Y A R I S T A FALL TERM-Leader, Jane Gray Ward: Vice-Leader, Harold Knellerg SecreTary Thelma Prusling FaculTy Adviser, Miss Florence G. Myers. SPRING TERM-Leader, Jack I-TurviTzg Vice-Leader, Shirley PlauT: SecreTary, Sedwyn Klar: FaculTy Adviser, Miss Florence C. Myers: SenaTe: Mr. Leon Alcaly, Miss Sadie Bachner, Mrs. Adelaide GronTein, Miss Mildred Walsh, Mrs. MarTha Whipple. The ArisTa, The honor socieTy oT The George WashingTon High School, has Two main purposes. The TirsT is To promoTe and reward scholarship, and The second is To serve The school. This 'organizaTion, however, is more Than an honor socieTy, Tor iT is also noTed Tor mainTaining The Auxilium, which aims To help backward sTudenTs in Their sTudies. During The pasT year, The socieTy was engaged in a survey OT The exTra-curricular acTiviTies oT members and non-members. This survey proved ThaT sTudenTs who are members render more service Than The sTudenTs who are noT members. MODERN LITERATURE CLUB OTTicers-FALL TERM: PresidenT, I-lerberT Blinderq SecreTary, MargareT Tabei: Chair- man oT The Book CommiTTee, Boris BerkoviTchg FaculTy Adviser, Miss Marion Crohn. OTTicers-SPRING TERM: PresidenT I'lerberT Blinderg SecreTary, MargareT Tabeij Chairman oT The Book CommiTTee, Boris BerkoviTchg FaculTy Adviser, Miss Marion Crohn. The members oT The Modern LiTeraTure Club aim To read and discuss liTeraTure in order To increase Their undersTanding oT humaniTy. During The pasT year The club discussed Arnold BenneTT's "Trilogy," and also The "ForsyTe Saga." The members oT The club have also sTudied The works OT O'Neill and Conrad, and had a TheaTre parTy To see John Gielgud's "I-IamleT." During The Tall Term, The club held a lecTure and Tea, The noTed poeT, ArThur GuiTerman being The IecTurer. ECONOMICS CLUB O'TTicers-FALL TERM: PresidenT, Raymond NeiToch7 Vice-PresidenT, I-lyman Minskyg SecreTary, DoroThy GenTileg FaculTy Adviser, Mr. William J. Kenney. OTTicers-SPRING TERM: PresidenT, Seymour GuTTg SecreTary, BeTTy JaTTa: FaculTy Adviser, Mr. William J. Kenney. The Economics Club aims To aid iTs members To undersTand more compleTely currenT economic problems Through The applicaTion oT economic Theory. The Topics ThaT The club presenTed Tor discussion during The Spring Term were: PresidenT RoosevelT's Plan To ReTorm The Judiciary. ls The SiTdown STrike JusTiTiable? and The Child Labor AmendmenT. REHEARSAL CLUB OTTicers-FALL TERM: PresidenT, James Mundieg Vice-PresidenT, Leah Sellaresq Secre- Tary, ArThur BriTT: FaculTy Adviser, Mrs. Kenny. OTTicers-SPRING TERM: PresidenT, Jack Murray: Vice-PresidenT, Alice Kleimand: SecreTary, May DorTorT: FaculTy Adviser, Mrs. Kenny. The club's main obiecT is To give TurTher Training in dramaTics To sTudenTs who have had TundamenTal Training in acTing. LasT November, The Rehearsal Club held a reunion meeTing in celebraTion oT iTs TenTh anniversary, and presenTed Three plays, one oT which was given aT ChrisTmas 50 ARISTA-JANUARY ARISTA-JUNE Time in coniuncTion wiTh The ArT Club. During The Spring Term The club was engaged in The prOducTiOn OT scenes Trom The works OT Shakespeare. The "Merry Wives OT Windsor," "Romeo and JulieT," and "Julius Caesar," were shown in assemblies and in aTTer school perTormances. A R T C L U B OTTicers-FALL TERM: PresidenT, Nye Pharr: Vice-PresidenT, V. Kalousdian: SecreTary, Teddy Levene: FaculTy Adviser, Miss McEvoy. OTTicers-SPRING TERM: PresidenT, Vazken Kalousdian: Vice-PresidenT, Tomio Enoch- Ty: SecreTary, Teddy Levene: FaculTy Adviser, Miss Paula l-lappersberger. During The Fall Term The ArT Club, under The supervision OT Miss McEvoy, de- voTed iTs Time To The sTudy OT The arT OT oil painTing. Various members achieved disTincTion by Their ouTsTanding conTribuTiOns in This field. During The Spring Term The club, under The supervision OT Miss l-lappersberger aimed To carry on advanced work in arT. This included oil painTing, eTching, and prinT-making in general. During The Spring Term The arT work in The "HaTcheT" was planned and execuTed by The senior members OT The club. F O O T L l G H T S OTTicers-FALL TERM: PresidenT, Louis Alexander: Vice-PresidenT, Florence Buxor: SecreTary, EThel Klein: FaculTy Adviser, Mrs. SlaTTery. OTTicers-SPRING TERM: PresidenT, Florence Buxor: Vice-PresidenT, Shirley Limchow- iTz: SecreTary, EThel Klein: FaculTy Adviser, Mrs. SlaTTery. This club was sTarTed in SepTember, I936, when a small group OT eleven sTudenTs meT To Organize a dramaTic socieTy wiTh The able assisTance OT Mrs. SlaTTery. lTs TirsT major prOducTion was "Speaking To FaTher," wiTh Louis Alexander amd Thelma Rosenberg in The leads. During The Spring Term The membership was increased, and many acTiviTies were planned such as TheaTre parTies l"The ForesT Rose" already seel, inviTing guesT speakers, and enacTing a series OT one-acT plays. "FOoTlighTs" aims To puT greaTer sTress upon modern plays Than on classical Or semi-classical. MICROSCOPY CLUB OTTicers-SPRING TERM: PresidenT, RoberT Shapiro: Vice-PresidenT, D. James Lowell: SecreTary, Shirley GoldblaTT: FaculTy Adviser, Mr. Brandwein. The Microscopy Club was organized Tor The purpose OT sTudying microscopic organisms. The club also aims To TurTher The sTudy OT culTuring These planTs and animals. The mosT impOrTanT prOiecT in which The club was engaged during The pasT year was The supplying OT culTures To, and insTiTuTing meThods OT culTuring micro-organisms in The High Schools ThroughouT The ciTy. LE CERCLE FRANQAIS OTTicers-FALL TERM: PresidenT, l-lerman BraunsTein: Vice-PresidenT, Leonard Mos- kowiTz: SecreTary, Evelyn Friedman: FaculTy Adviser, Miss G. LaTTargue. T OTTicers-SPRING TERM: PresidenT, Raymond Gleicher: Vice-President Kiyo Mura- kami: SecreTary, RiTa SalTz: FaculTy Adviser, Mr. DolgoTT. The purpose OT The French Club is To TurTher The knowledge OT France and The French language. ln order To achieve This purpose The members, during The pasT year, visiTed The "Normandie," aTTended French films and sang a number OT French songs. 52 MODERN LITERATURE CLUB ECONOMICS CLUB P O E T R Y C L U B OTTicers-FALL TERM: PresidenT, EdyThe Parody: Vice-PresidenT, Muriel SToIier: Treas- urer, Minnie WhiTe: SecreTary, Charles Price: FacuITy Adviser, Miss Mary J. J. Wrinn. OTTicers-SPRING TERM: PresidenT, Muriel STolier: Vice-PresidenT, Halsey Davis: SecreTary, EdyThe Parody: FacuITy Adviser, Miss Mary J. J. Wrinn. This club included in iTs program, The appreciaTion oT poeTry Through The reading and wriTing OT iT. One oT The mosT inTeresTing TuncTions oT The club is an occasional PoeTry Club Reading and Tea in The library, aT which The members oT The club read Their original poeTry To an appreciaTive and seIecT audience. C A M E R A C L U B OTTicers-FALL TERM: PresidenT, WalTer Verizzo: Vice-PresidenT, Eugene Hacker. FacuITy Adviser, Mr. WeinsTein. OTTicers-SPRING TERM: PresidenT, Irving Hershl4owiTz: Vice-PresidenT, Harold DeuTsch: SecreTary, Felice Lave: FaculTy Adviser, Mr. WeinsTein. CounTing approximaTely ThirTy members, The Camera Club was organized in order To learn advanced principles oT prinTing, enlarging, and coloring phoTograp'hs. The members have discussions dealing wiTh The developmenT oT picTures. and phoTography in general. CHEMISTRY CLUB OTTicers-FALL TERM: PresidenT, Lawrence Sonlcin: SecreTary, EsTher LoTIcer: FaculTy Advisers, Mr. H. HershTieId and Miss Wallenberger. OTTicers-SPRING TERM: PresidenT, Leonard Schirmer: Vice-PresidenT, ErnesT Schma- Tollag FacuITy Adviser, Mr. John E. Brolles. The ChemisTry Club is composed oT sTudenTs who are inTeresTed in experimenT- ing. T-he members perTorm experimenTs ThaT are noT usually included in The c'hemisTry courses. Their Two noTabIe proiecTs which were underTaIcen varied wiTh colored crys- Tals, anol an elecTric eye. During The Spring Term The club planned an exhibiT in The ChiIdren's Science Fair C H E S S C L U B OTTicers--FALL TERM: PresidenT, ChesTer Fein: SecreTary, PeTer Kocan: FacuITy Adviser, Miss Zinman. OTTicers-SPRING TERM: PresidenT, PeTer Kocan: Vice-PresidenT, Bruce Isaacs: Sec- reTary, Franklin Schwarlz: FaculTy Adviser, Mr. BrandT. The purpose of The Chess Club is To TurTher The inTeresT oT chess in The school, and To Torm a school chess Team, in order To engage oTher schools in The InTer- ScholasTic Chess TournamenT. P H Y S I C S C L U B OTTicers-SPRING TERM: PresidenT, Melvin Kramer: Vice-PresidenT, STanIey VeiT: SecreTary, ErnesT SchmaToIla: FaculTy Adviser, Mr. Mangus. The Physics Club was esTabIished Tor The purpose oT TurThering The knowledge OT physics in The school. During The pasT year The club was engaged in The showing and discussing of several moTion picTures. The members are planning an exhibiT in The ChiIdren's Science Fair. 54 CAMERA CLUB FOOTLIGHTS CLUB ORCHESTRA and BAND A , ss N ' " l ORCHESTRA FALL TERM: PresidenT, Joseph InTanTe: FacuITy Adviser, Miss Spalding. SPRING TERM: PresidenT, E. Defino: EacuITy Adviser, Miss Spalding. The main purpose OT The orchesTra is To arouse an inTeresT in good music. During The pasT year, The orchesTra provided Tine enTerTainmenT during assembly periods, graduaTion exercises, and aT The Tar-Tamed ArisTa Tea. ' BAND FALL TERM: STudenT Leader, Hugo Gruss. SPRING TERM: STudenT Leader, Ross Sayers: EaculTy Adviser, Mr. LuTher Gloss. The Band has educaTional, musical, and social purposes. IT oTTers an opporTuniTy Tor The deveIopmenT oT good ciTizenship, which includes cooperaTion, respecT Tor The righTs OT oThers, and individual iniTiaTive, coupled wiTh subordinaTion oT selT To The general good, reguIariTy, leadership, and exacTness. During The Eall Term, The Band played aT The TooTbalI games, while during The Spring Term iT played in The ArisTa Assembly. AQUARIUM CLUB OTTicers-FALL TERM: PresidenT, Milan MillcoTT: Vice-PresidenT, Angus WhiTson: Sec- reTary, Dolores Icaza: EacuITy Adviser, Mr. ScoTT. OTTicers-SPRING TERM: PresidenT, Milan MilIcoTT: Vice-PresidenT, Angus WhiTson: Sec'reTary, I-IarrieT Schlusslerg FacuITy Adviser, Mr. ScoTT. The principal acTiviTy oT The club during The pasT year, was raising Tropical Tish in Tanlcs, as They are in Their naTuraI habiTaTs. The members also aTTempTed To breed and cross breed The Tropical Tish. STAMP CLUB OTTicers-FALL TERM: PresidenT, Charles Sell: Vice-PresidenT, Julian Jacobson: Sec- reTary, Charles Price: FaculTy Adviser, Miss Lyons. OTTicers-SPRING TERM: PresidenT, Charles Sell: Vice-PresidenT, Julian Jacobson: EacuITy Adviser, Miss Lyons. The main occupaTion oT The club is To buy, sell, and Trade sTamps among The members. AT The end oT The Spring Term, The club held iTs cusTomary annual sTamp aucTion. 56 G. O. OFFICERS JANUARY SENIOR OFFICERS JUNE , G. O. OFFICERS JUNE FOOTBALL TEAM CAPTAIN: Phil SimoneTTi: COACH: George S. Jolly: MANAGERS: lra DomoniTz and Gil CuTlerg TRAINER: Jack SmiThg TEAM MEMBERS: ReiTano, KauTman, RosengarTen, Naidus, Jovans, Scheumann, BolinT, Gilliland, STone, Eroec'hTenichT, TelenT, NaTaie, Reynolds, Turi, Slane, SmiTh, Carroll, and Zimmerman. WiTh The loss OT mosT oT lasT year's varsiTy regulars, Coach Jolley was Torced To place a new 'and unTried Team in The Tield when The season opened. The squad was conTidenT, however, ThaT The replacemenTs would hold up well under The sTiTT schedule Tacing Them. ln The season opener, a larger and more experienced Flushing Team easily Trounced The Orange and Black in a game marked by an iniury To CapTain Phil SimoneTTi, The TirsT oT a long series oT casualTies which seriously handicapped The Team ThroughouT The season. A sTrong Commerce ouTTiT, capiTalizing on The breaks, Took The second game on an,inTercepTed Ia+eral pass. The nexT encounTer broughT ClinTon, The Tra- diTional rival, and The Red and Black walked away vicTorious in a very sloppily-played game. Then Tollowed a deTeaT by a much weaker TexTile eleven which ran The sTring oT consecuTive losses To Tour. ATTer suTTering one OT The worsT drubbings in hisTory aT The 'hands oT CurTis l-ligh's mighTy TooTball machine, The Trojans engaged The highly-TouTed ST. Francis Eriars and held Them To a six-poinT vicTory, aT The same Time scoring Their TirsT Touchdown. This apparenTly Turned The Tide oT baTTle, Tor The WashingTonians subdued The powerTul Red l-lorde Trom RoosevelT Tor Their iniTial vicTory oT The season, and wenT on To close The schedule wiTh a sTunning upseT over Evander Childs in The mosT Thrilling and besT-played game oT The year. 58 mi X Alfhough a failure from fhe sfandpoinf of vicfories, fhis season wifnessed a re- building of fhe feam, and fhe manner of play in fhe lasf fhree games augurs a highly successful season nexf year. Oufsfanding onifhis year's squad were "Buddy" Naidus, powerful cenfer and de- fensive man, "Dufch" Froechfenichf, who saw service bofh on fhe line and in fhe backfield, and Johnny Smifh, a diminufive halfback from Isham. Capfain Simoneffi, in fhe few games fhaf he played, proved his abilify as quarferback and leader of fhe squad. The co-capfains-elecf are "Tex" Gilliland and "Oink" Kaufman. The scores: Washingfon O, Flushing I9q Washingfon O, Commerce 7: Washingfon O, Clinfon Ib: Washingfon O, Texfile 6j Washingfon O, Curfis 423 Washingfon 6, Sf. Francis I21 Washingfon IZ, Roosevelf Og Washingfon 7, Evander Childs O. BASEBALL TEAM CAPTAIN: Cr. Wamsleyq COACH: D. Torpeg TEAM: H. Bafes, J. Boland, J. Charfos, K. Dundon, F. Edwards, S. Ooldsfein, R. Harlin, E. Meyer, J. Miller, R. Reynolds, H. Roland, R. Roland, A. Rosenberg, L. Talcoff, G. Zografos. 'Uneasy lies fhe head fhaf wears fhe crown, especially if if wishes fo refain if." As fhis is wriffen, fhe champion Washingfon nine has won fhree P.S.A.L. games and dropped fwo. Commerce was fhe firsf P.S.A.L. invader of fhe season. Sid Goldsfein foed The slab for Washingfon and Iasfed unfil fhe fourfh when "Leffy" Zografos relieved him. "Leffy" was was froubled by wildness and gave way fo Fred Edwards in fhe fiffh. Alfhough fhese fhree pifchers were necessary fo subdue Commerce, fhey yielded only four hifs and af fhe end of fhe game, fhe scoreboard read: Washingfon 6, Commerce 3. On April 23, fhe Trojans visifed fhe Morris bailiwick and were greefed by a fhree- run flurry from Morris bafs in fhe firsf inning, which drove Fred Edwards off fhe mound, and broughf Sid Goldsfein on fhe scene. He fwirled fwo innings, and affer allowing fwo runs, Leffy Zografos fook up fhe pifching burden. The damage was done, however, and wifh Sy Minsky of Morris silencing fhe Washingfon bafs, Morris was refurned fhe winner 7 fo 5. This game marked fhe firsf P.S.A.L. loss for Washingfon in fourfeen sfraighf confesfs, and fhe firsf serious inroad in our quesf for a second sfraighf championship. Commerce and Washingfon again hooked up on May 4. Affer a scoreless firsf inning, if developed info a slug-fesf, wifh Washingfon winning I3 fo 8. The Trojans collecfed ninefeen hifs including fhree friples. Alfhough Zografos permiffed eighf runs fo cross fhe plafe, Commerce baffers reached him for only seven -hifs. The nexf fwo games resulfed in an even splif for fhe Washingfon diamondeers, Monroe handing fhe Trojans a I5 fo 6 frouncing, and Morris, previously vicforious over fhe Orange and Black, going down fo defeaf af fhe hands of Zografos by a score of 9 fo 3. The Iaffer game marked fhe feam's refurn fo fhe hiffing form which made if a champion, and fhe boys also seem fo have regained fhe confidence which charac- ferized fheir play lasf year. T R A C K T E A M CAPTAIN: Leslie MacMifchelIg COACH: Paul Gibney: TEAM MEMBERS: Frances, Zior, Tarkingfon, Ford, Walsh, Linfer, Kriswell, Specfer, O'ConnelI, Twanning, Mac- dougal, Neff, Haden, Essner, Franzblau, Brodie, Williams. 60 BASEBALL TEAM TRACK TEAM Led on by CapTain Leslie MacMiTchell, called by many experTs The mosT brillianT high school miler since The days oT Gene Venzke, The Track Team conTinued To seT The hoT pace Tor which iT has been noTed in scholasTic sporT circles. The indomiTable "Mac," unconquered in six sTarTs This season, creaTed a new world's schoolboy record oT 423.6 Tor The mile in The NaTional lndoor ScholasTic Championships aT Madison Square Garden. A week laTer he copped The ciTy championship in The I,OOO yard run, winning in The splendid Time oT 2:2I.5. ln boTh These meeTs Howie Zior, Wash- ingTon halT-miler, succeeded in placing second in his heaT, only To Tind hard luck Tagging on his heels, Tailing To place in The Tinals in eiTher conTesT. WiTh Fabe Francis running The 880, ArT TarkingTon The 220, Johnny Ford The 440, and MacMiTchell The anchor mile, The relay Team came in To win The medley evenT aT The N. Y. U. inTerscholasTic meeT. The same Team Then wenT on To Take The NaTional High School Medley Relay championship aT The Penn Relays held in Philadelphia. A .BASKETBALL TEAM CAPTAIN: G. Wamsley: COACH: J. Quigley: TEAM: L. Alexander, C. Biichs, G. FinesTone, S. GoldsTein, R. Harlin, P. HuTTer, M. Menkes, M. Pearl, H. Roland, L. Rubin. ATTer slumping in The early parT oT The race, The baskeTball Team spurTed aT The end To make a respecTable showing in The Tinal P.S.A.L. sTanding. The quinTeT Tinished TourTh in The Upper ManhaTTan-Bronx division, Though They won only Tour games in Ten sTarTs. ln February, VincenT Cunningham handed over The managerial reins To James Quigley, who came Trom CaThedral High. This marks The Third coach ThaT WashingTon has had in Two seasons. ln The Tinal conTesT OT The season, The Trojans deTeaTed Evander 26 To I9, in whaT was probably The besT played game oT The season Trom The WashingTon sTandpoinT. Phil HuTTer was high scorer, sinking enough baskeTs To give him 54 poinTs. Les Alexander excelled aT pivoT shoTs, while Sid GoldsTein was consisTenTly good aT cenTer. The Tine Tloor work oT Charlie Biichs, MilT Pearl, Babe Harlin, and Larry Rubin is also worThy oT menTion. Coach Quigley prefers To be wiThouT a capTain when he leads The Team nexT year, Therefore none has been elecTed. While The Team did noT win The championship, iT cerTainly looked like a real champion when iT Tinally did sTrike iTs sTride. T E N N l S T E A M CAPTAIN: Don Rosalsky: COACH: Mr. Ecker: TEAM MEMBERS: Felder, Rosalsky, Trivers, Lapkin, Mann, Cole, Black, Klein, Bonime, SchechTer. ln The pasT Tew years, The Trojan recqueTTeers have come To occupy a more and more dominanT posiTion in The aThleTic horizon oT George WashingTon. This season, under The able guidance of Coach Ecker, The Team is one oT power and Tinesse. WiTh CapTain Don Rosalsky and Leon Trivers playing The one and Two singles posiTions, Ken Felder and David Lapkin occupying The Third and TourTh singles spoTs, and Mel Mann and Mel Cole Taking care oT The doubles assignmenTs, The Team has won Three and losT Two maTches as The HaTcheT goes To press. Following a season- opener vicTory over The C.C.N.Y. Frosh by a score oT 3 To 2, The squad annexed easy wins over Beniamin Franklin 4 To l, and Townsend Harris 3 To 2. A disasTrous en- counTer wiTh The powerTul ClinTon Team resulTed in a O To 5 deTeaT. and, The TiTTh maTch saw The neTmen unexpecTedly upseT by Evander Childs. The squad has Two maiches yeT To play, wiTh Monroe and RoosevelT. 62 . f WW' BASKETBALL TEAM TENNIS TEAM SWIMMING TEAM CO-CAPTAINS: Charles Bedford and Rudy Kosek: COACH: VicTor CampTon: MAN- AGER: Charles I-IorowiTz: ASSISTANT COACH: I-Iarold McCann: TEAM MEM- BERS: McBride, McCIuslcey, Lewis, GroTe, Alexander, McKinley, Meyer, BrisoTTi, Ed- wards, Richman, Kraus, Delaunay, Rosalslcy, Bozzi, Dyer, Disch, Nixon, RoThblaTT, GraT, Van Buslcirk, Marcus, TaggarT, Scheumann, Camerdon, Ogush. Relinquishing The ciTy championship garnered lasT year, The VVashingTon naTaTors Tinished The season in a Three-way Tie Tor second place in The ManhaTTan-Bronx- Richmond P.S.A.L. division. Losing buT Two dual meeTs as againsT eighT vicTories, The Trojan TanlcsTers shared The runner-up berTh behind Monroe wiTh DeWiTT ClinTon and Evander Childs. ThroughouT The season, The hig'hesT poinT scorers were Co-CapTain Rudy Koselc, Joe McKinley, and RolT GroTe. Kosek, undeTeaTed in The Tancy diving evenT, also swam The TasTesT baclcsTroke dash OT any WashingTonian This season, a 0.3 I .8. McKinley succeeded in placing second To Koselc in nearly every meeT, and when The laTTer swam baclcsTrolce, he had liTTle diTficulTy in winning The dive himselT. GroTe was by Tar The mosT versaTile TreesTyler on The Team, having been clocked in The excellenT Time oT 0:25 Tor The TiTTy, 0.57 Tor The hundred, and 2230.2 Tor The Two-TwenTy yard dashes. The season was closed by The enTry oT Koselc and McKinley in The NaTional Schol- asTic Swimming Championships held aT Philadelphia, in which Koselc redeemed him- ,self by placing TiTTh in The Tancy dive, wiTh McKinley coming in sevenTh in The evenT. As a whole, The Trojan naTaTors conTinued To be The mosT successTul Team To represenT The Orange and Black in The Tall Term. SWIMMING TEAM vw 5 f . fi., gan 64 Q. , ,,,,.,, ,. n , L 1 r 1 fc 1 I ' , vgon CUEKEJDI Q- V SCINTILLATING SENIORS or How The Celebs became Celebs DramaTis Personae This scene is aT a G.O. dance in The lavish ballroom TrequenTIy called The "girls' gym": There are greenish lighTs and soTT music. Marvin Sussman IenTeringI: Well, iT iT isn'T my old Triend, Jimmie Mundie, TickeT- puncher and Thespian. Jimmie: Oh yeah, oh yeah, I'm Thespian worked To deaTh here: would you like To punch? Marvin: No Thanks, I'm looking Tor Thelma Pruslin: have you seen her? Jimmie: Well, I couIdn'T be sure: I saw a sTack oT papers walk in here a Tew minuTes ago and I Think Thelma was hidden somewhere in The middle oT Them, buT I couIdn'T be sure. Marvin: All righT, and Thanks, Jimmie. I'II see you IaTer lDisappears in crowd.l Jimmie lsinging To himseITl: Some day, da da da da dee. llzlorence Seiden and DoTTy Rubin approach.l Florence lgigglingl: So w'haT do you Think I said Then? They can'T Talk To me like ThaT, buf iT was really so Tunny. lI.ooking aT Jimmie.l Well, whaT do you wanT? My G.O. card? Don'T be silly: l'm a Senior and I paid my dues and you can see by The I'IaTcheT ThaT I'm wearing, and anyway whaT difference does iT make? Or maybe you don'T Think I look honesT? Come on DoTTy. DoTTy: Is ThaT Mr. Guiney over There? LeT's go over and Talk To him. lThey, Too, disappear in The crowd.l Jimmie: Oh well lsinging againl: Some day, da da da da dee. Gee, I wonder where Elmore is. JusT aT This poinT, Elmore AronsTam comes sTeaming down The hall like a Tire engine. Elmore lexciTedIy, wiTh his hair Tlying NorTh, EasT, SouTh and WesTl: Have you seen her? Jimmie: Seen whom? Elmore: Oh, never mind, buT I musT 'find her. lPIows hasTiIy inTo mob in search oT mysTerious "her."l The scene changes, and we see Thelma Pruslin siTTing on some books wiTh her papers. I-Iarold Kneller and AI NewTon are heckling her. Thelma: Three Times This would be-now waiT, don'T Tell me, and Then subTracT 45I Trom ThaT, and check up on The aTTendance Tor The ArisTa meeTing IasT Tuesday and remind me To see Mr. GloTzer abouT someThing. Harold: And ThArisTa busiesT person in These parTs. Al ldisappoinTedIyl I ThoughT you said you weren'T going To pun anymore. Harold: And upun my word, so I did! Thelma IThrowing a book aT himl: WhaT humor: ThaT's Terrible! JusT Then Marvin I-Iammerman, Erwin WiecherT, and Norman Russell saun- Tered up wiTh menacing looks in Their eyes. Marvin: So, Talking abouT The Cherry Tree again, were you? 66 Norman: Agilalors, +ha'r's whal I call Them. Erwin: Lislen To This and see if il isn'I' funny: Lasl' week il was windy our, see, ancl I was walking home from school when I saw a woman's hal blow off and roll down a hill. As she passed me I said "Gone Wilh l'he Wind," lady. IAI I'his everybody groans and even 'rhe orcheslra hils a few sour holes of clisapprovall I Hyman Kalov walfzes upf l Hyman: Whal"s Irhis, a press conference? Hey, has anybody heard any godd iolces: I goH'a lceep up my repulalion as class wil. Erwin: Yes, I have somelhing. Lasl week il was windy oul, sed- He and Hyman go off logelher and Jrheir voices are Iosl in The din. Elmore Aronslam dashes up again Throwing his arms about Elmore ldisiracledlylz Hasn'+ anyone seen her? I Jimmie: For heaven's sake, whom are you Talking aboul? I Elmore: Why, Mary, of course. ' Jimmie Idramaiicallyl: Mary who? Elmore Igleelullylc Merry Chrislmasl j Goes off laughing. -JANE GRAY VIXARD FINIS y one I Press onward lo The dawn, O Youlh, I So proud in beaufy and in slrenglh, Who Iread The earih wilh eager and expeclanl slep, To meer The greal advenlure wairing. You are nor conscious of The envious eyes cas? loward you, The longing in lhem for The precious gem you own: I The losl desires and hearlaches memory holds For Those who've losl il. I You have no memories, youl'h, I Your dreams are pink-ripped bows of hope: y And in your eyes is lil The Tire of wonder , Your craving 'Fingers are reached lo wailing wisdom Throned upon The 'foil of counlless years: you would grasp I Her in your young fair arms and wrench 'from her I The myslery she guards. O 'favored child of man, 1 O wondrous Youlh, worlc To Tullillmeni of Jrhe hope of agesl I In your gladsome courage, high endeavor, , In your singing joy . . . live on Toreverl I MURIEL E. STOLIER I 67 THE MARBLE STAIRCASE OR THE LEGEND OF THE STRANDED NICKEL CenTuries will pass, sTudenTs will come and go, buT unless someThing is done, The marble sTaircase will go on Torever, because nobody ever goes on iT. Some day some one is deliberaTely and simply going To walk down iT iusT To see w'haT will happen. Perhaps The sTaircase will come down wiTh him, or perhaps he will come down wiTh big blobs oT marble sTicking To his TeeT. l remember once, iusT aTTer dismissal, Two sTudenTs were conducTing a money TransacTion on The second Tloor balcony. A nickel Tell on The Tloor and rolled on To, and down, The marble sTaircase. AT The sound oT money The hundreds oT sTudenTs glared around wildly, Then Troze wherever They sTood. The nickel rolled and Tell grace- Tully and leisurely down each Treasured sTep, iTs musical iingle echoing Trom wall To wall. AT abouT The middle, The ThirTeenTh sTep, iT wavered, rolled around undecidedly and Tell over. OT all The places Tor a nickel To Talll lT would have been perTecTly all righT if iT had Tallen down a drinking TounTain, Tor Then The plumbing could be Torn up, or, in a crack in The Tloor, Tor iT would be easy To pry up The Tile. Perplexed sTudenTs looked up Trom below, and down Trom above. The grief-sTricken owner Took one wild reckless sTep down The sTairs buT was pulled back To saTeTy by horriTied Triends. Teachers were summoned buT could Tind no soluTion. One physics Teacher oTTered To make a pair oT long Tongs, an arrangemenT oT window poles and pinchers, buT aTTer consulTaTion, This was discarded as impracTical. A sTudenT came ouT wiTh The idea oT hanging a magneT on a pole and Thus Tishing up The nickel, buT he was severely rebuked by his chemisTry Teacher, who sTernly reminded him ThaT iT he had sTudied his chemisTry he would know ThaT nickel is noT aTTracTed by magneTism. School was suspended Tor The day as iT Tried To solve This problem. A heavy silence domi- naTed The building as brows were kniT, and signs oT concenTraTion appeared in youTh- Tul Taces where none had been beTore. Modern educaTion was puT To The TesT as To iTs eTTecTiveness in dealing wiTh real liTe problems. Goaded To desperaTion, The owner decided on a bold sTep. BeTore anyone could sTop him, he slipped onTo The banisTer and began To slide down. As he wenT, he picked up speed. He was approaching The sTep oT The nickel. Now he leaned Tar over, reached ouT, buT iusT missed The nickel. l-lis reach hadn'T been long enough. Wide awake sTudenTs caughT him as he came To The boTTTom. Suddenly anoTher sTudenT on The balcony Tollowed suiT and slid down The banisTer, reached ouT, buT missed. Then anoTher, and anoTher, and anoTherl They came so TasT ThaT The re- ceiving end couldn'T TuncTion TasT enough, and a hideous scramble resulTed. l'm noT sure buT l Think There was a Teacher in There some place. All To no avail, however, and To my knowledge The nickel is sfill There, on The ThirTeenTh sTep oT The righT marble sTaircase. lT's really a shame Too when you Think oT all The inTeresT ThaT ThaT nickel would 'have gaThered in a wise invesTmenT. BUT someday, when This world is an older and wiser world, people will walk down The marble sTaircase, poinT To The ThirTeenTh sTep, and marvel aT The legend oT The sTranded nickel. FRED LINDSTROM 68 MIDNIGHT OIL A High School PanToum This algebra has To be done. Though iT gives me a headache To do iT: I oughT To compIeTe aT IeasT one. Or Tomorrow I know ThaT I'II rue iTI Though iT gives me a headache To do iT, I've goT To Tind X before dawn, Or Tomorrow I know ThaT I'II rue iT- I really should sTiTle This yawn! l've goT To Tind X beTore dawn . . . Ivlusl' be laTe, I can hear TaTher snor- ing. I really should sTiTle This yawn, BuT This aIgebra's painTuIly boringl MusT be laTe, I can hear TaTher snoring: The people upsTairs have come home, BUT This algebra's painfully boring, I'd much preTer wriTing a "pome." The people upsTairs have come home, Oh ThaT earspIiTTing rumble and cIaT- Ter! l'd much preTer wriTing a "pome" To hearing perpeTuaI chaTTer. Oh ThaT earspIiTTing rumble and cIaTTerI I'd Think even algebra's good, To hearing perpeTuaI chaTTer, They'd wake up The 'house if They could! i'd Think evn aIgebra's good, IT I iusT had a book oT soluTions. They'd wake up The house if They could- They should all be in STaTe insTiTu- Tionsl If I iusT had a book oT soIuTions, I oughT To compleTe aT leasT one. They should all be in STaTe insTiTuTions .... This algebra HAS To be donel MURIEL E. STOILIER l OUT OF OLD G. W. lWiTh apologies To James WhiTcomb Rileyl T Wasn'T iT pleasanT. O classmaTe mine In Those old days oT losT sunshine Of youTh. When school was Tinally Through 1 And we served The deTenTion we HAD To do, And we wenT Trolicking, me and you. OuT oT old G. W.? I IT all comes back so clear Today Though I'm 5 and IO, and you're W.P.A. Senior speeches and cuTTing classes, Foolish boys and silly Iasses, l Moving, swaying, pushing masses, OUT OT old G. W. Then The usual assembly discussions. Use oT wrong sTairway,-brain concus sions. G.O. TickeTs and poliTicaI parTies, Sniclcering remarks Trom gwell-known smarTies, T And aTTer ThaT, you can go my hearTies, OuT oT old G. W. l And as many a Time have you and I Gnashed our TeeTh in days gone by. Sorry our schooling ever begun, . I'laTing each Teacher under Thelsun, BuT wasn'T iT really loads oT Tun,l OUT OI: OLD G. W.? VICTORIA L. A. CODDINGTON. ALMA MATER l lNo reTIecTions on lasT year's graduaTing class.l In TronT oT WashingTon we see, lmbued wiTh perTecT symmeTry. Ionic pillars, Tull oT grace. And wriTTen on Their snowy base, There is This legend, near The bricks- "lzzy Goldberg. '36." I LOUISE ELEN 69 THE BAD SENlOR'S GARDEN OF VERSES Wifh Orchids to Ogden Nash and His "Bad Paren'r's Garden of Verses." BY JANE GRAY WARD EDITORIALLY CONCLUDED We seldom indulge in drugs or hashish Bur we are addicfed fo anyfhing Nashish. De'Fini+ion of a Senior A senior is a class of homosapien who can'l make up his mind as To wheiher or noi he wanis io go 'ro college, Bu? is periecfly furious, adamani, and vehemeni on +he subieci of enirance examina- iions which he Thinks are somelhing lo abollege. And he always argues: l-low consiruclive are ihey really? Or were rhey iusi meani' fo be someihing confusing, designed +o Jrorrure him info wani- ing io run away our Wesi like some man once said called Greeley? Then whai college should he go +o is anofher queslion Which has caused him considerable indigesiion. There is l-larvard, Princelon, Yale or Fordham. Jusi waifing ro relieve his boredom. Oh well-he finally decides no? fo be graduafed, Because fhere is somelrhing indefinable aboul' our school which has him complefely iniaduafed. Ode fo +he Lunchroom Who can iorgef Thar greaf insiifuiion Wherein one obfained one's daily nuirufion, And learned aboui fhe 'rhings .in life Thai were aeslhefic, And also becoming evenrually arhlefic, Affer wresrling wiih 'irays and girls carrying soup All of which annoyed us beaucoup? fli you don"I' believe 'rhis is all one run-on senlence, Jus+ read ii' again and blush wi'rh repen+ence.l Bu'r hark fo my words, all' Those of you who are inclined 'ro ihink ihal' everyihing is going fo be all honey and clover, Afier ihe fuss and fears and iarewells and every+hing are over, Did you ever seriously siop To ihink whal ii would be like noi io have 'ro hear The crashing, shouiing, and resounding echoes of a lunchroom symphony? And if you Jrhink you will never miss ii, Jrhen you should be accused of periury, arson, and iniamy, Because a fhing like Thai iusi grows and grows and grows on you Unfil ii becomes every bil as esseniial in your life as Jrhe very nose on you, And some day when you are puH'ing nickels info slols a+ a Horn and I-lardar+'s Aufomar, 70 Q You aren'f going fo feel, as you once fhoughf you would, like an unresfricfed aufocraf, Buf you will be remembering fhe G.W. lunchroom and nof booing if, And fhen you will be sorry fhaf you ever fook delighf in if. So fherel , Federal Reserve Sysfem or: You Can'+ Take H' Wifh You ' Affer considerable confinuous concenfrafion and overfurning of a conglomerafion of convenienf menfal drawers, We have conscienfiously concluded 'rhaf fhere are no connofafions so consisfenf in fheir convicfions as economic lawrs. i Jusf knowing fhaf demand varies direcfly wifh ufilify gives us such an overwhelming feeling of safisfacfion Thaf we have fo sigh blissfully whenever we fhink of if and wonder how we ever found anyfhing fo gloaf over in a simple problem of addifion or subfracfion. We are never in such a good humor ' As when we are discussing fhe consumer: There are Consumers' Co-operafives, Consumers' Research and Consumers' Union, Which are all more excifing fhan anyfhing ever wriffen by Damon Runyon. We know all abouf capifal: fixed. free, circulafing and specialized, 1 And how if is hafed and wanfed by all who are nof blue-bloods buf socially osfracized. We lay awake nighfs making up games where you have fo do such fhings as differen- fiafe befween a parfnership, corporafion, and single enfrepreneur, And if you should hesifafe, a blue gleam comes info our eye and we fake ouf a liffle red book and make a round mark wifh a pencil and you know whaf we mean fo infer. We know abouf sfocks and bonds and Curb Exchange, Dividends, par value, and dogs wifh The mange. lWe don'+ know how fhaf lasf fhing gof fherel Buf we know all fhe risks of a common sfock share. ' A.T.T., Sfandarcl Oil, and Con. Edison Are only a few of fhe sfocks fhey have fed us on. l-looray for legal fender, paper money, and coins subsidiary: Hooray for lhe gold bullion sfandard and bimefallism's obidiary. Oh, we could go on felling you of fhe joys of economics forever: Buf we won'f-because we're much foo clever. Senior Week Lef us drink a foasf or blow a horn y Or do fhe lighf fanfasfique on 'rhe lawn, ' For fhis is significanf in our progress foward fhe Righfs of Man, Because some of fhe fhings we have always wanfed fo do before, buf coudn'f, well now we can. This is fhe fime when people who have for four long years been overburdened wifh complexes, suppressed desires and inhibifions Can forego all fhe menfal forfure fhaf such psychological disfurbances resulf in and become as happy as a book-lover handling some rare firsf edifions. We mighf, if we wanfed fo, forgef all fhe convenfions and plafifudes devised by fhis advanced civilizafion ' 7I And go around earing a drug-s+ore or delicaiessen-unbalanced-ra+ion. If +ha+ isn'+ exfremisl' enough for you, why we could Jrurn To swinging from frees like an orang-oufang or chimpanzee Or anyfhing equally a++rac'rive and fanzee. Who knows buf wha'r some of us mighf find if a decided advanfage 'ro live in a world wholly simian Where we could forgef all aboui' man-made wars of desfruciion-ei+her Balkan or Crimean? Or if we were ro reveri ro fhe half-naked, half-baked cannibal, We would noi have To s'rudy from books abouf 'rhe Alps crossing Hannibal. This all sounds Ulopian, buf we musr wake up and give our ear a rweak, Because afler all, we can'l' go +oo far wiih fhis Senior Weak. There Are lnevi'l'ably Seniors Twinkle, fwinkle, liiile Senior, l-low I wonder a'r your demeanior. Who else conlemplares regenls wi+h fhaf insousiance? Who bu+ you fhinks +ha'r all rules are a nousiance? Who is +he suave and experienced palaverer? Who is 'rhe model of perfeci' behaverer? Who sirs in class looking vague and defached Like a siarue by Rodin or a chicken being hafched? You migh+ be illuslrious, dear lirlle germ, Were ihere noi always counrless more iusf like you wailing +o be Seniors nex'r ie-rm. NEW BRIDGE Above +he wrilhing iurbulence of old And soliiary warer, srands Jfhis grim, Bui exquisiie colossus, wrough+ wiih cold, Unreasoning sleel in+o a meral hymn.- The srrengih of dearh is here: 'rhe 'Frozen wail Of sirangled dreams and all 'rhe agony Of haie and love has leir a burning frail To This embodied energy we see. And so above rhe murky years ihar are Forever rising close againsl' rhe dark, A siern and irurh-ridged science lowers far lnio ererniiy, unbound and siark. Wiih wisdom from lhe living and The dead, This sialwari span ol: Jrhoughl' is rivered. EDYTH E PA RODY 72 TO A POET Build in Jrhe dusk when only slars Can know your secrei. Trusi no heari To conlemplaie The soul's endeavor. Yours is a srrucrure of song apari From lesser femples. Your fask forever Shall sland in splendor. No incense mars Hs spirir-fragrance: no candle sends Yellow shadows across rhe nighf: Here is lhe mys+ic soul of ligh+. And here immorial music blends Wirh silence. Triumph, no organs praised: Uncrumbling shrines no man has raised- These are your works, and yours is lhe power Thar chains each planer in Hs 'rower Of space: Jrhe driven mighiiness No blows desrroy . . . no +aun+s suppress. EDYTH E PARODY My pIighT is quife a Tragic one My days have been devoid of fun Now ThaT my school Iife's aImos+ done I leave unhonored and unsung. I've never run for offices, OT any kind or characfer, I've never been on any sTaff, Nor Tried To geT in Arisfer. I've never bofhered much wiTh clubs, Or one field in parficular, My inclinafions never ran Toward subiecTs noT curricular. I'm noT aThIeTicaIIy inclined, Nor menfally superior I never was a shining Iighf, Nor is my mind inferior. I seldom followed any fads, I never wore sTiff collars, In shorT I am The essence of The ordinary scholars. MARTHA BENDHEIM PATRICIA VAN GELDER POEM , High on The IisT of my special hafes Are: Long poIiTicaI clebafes Where much is said and nofhingl spoken, Mirrors ThaT geT easily broken, ScaTTer rugs on brighf waxed fldors, Traffic jams and swinging doorsl A cockfail spilled on my newesfldress, The quoTaTion, "Oh my hair's a mess," Drug sfore blondes and HisTory ITesTs, Crooners, snakes and insecT pesTs, Washing dishes, social Teas, Leaking pens and senior pleas, i TriTe expressions, MaThemaTics,l And Those very queer erraTics Who, wiTh flowing Tie and hailr, And a look of greaf despair, Dash off a verse or Two or Three Filled wiTh bad philosophy, Porfraying, Thus, our awful endy If our ways we do noT mend, y And The IasT, There is no worse- Is This silly Type of verse. Louiss ELEN R E B u K E D 1 lWiTh apologies To Edna ST. Vincenf i MiIIay.l i All I could see from where I saT Was parT of a paper and a senior haT. I Turned and looked anofher way BuT every face showed some dismay, So wiTh my eyes I searched each face, Hoping I would find a Trace OT some inTeIIigence. BuT,-nay! And all my hopes flew far away. ThaT haT is noT so big, I said. Covering ThaT wiTTy senior's head: So over To The side I'II sway And see whaT her paper has To say. I saw and heard and knew aT IasT The answers ThaT would make me pass, And picking up my pen To scrawl, I sTopped To hear The Teacher drawl, "Don'T boTher finishing The TesT I'm sure your eyes musl' need alresT." Aw! awful weighT. Burdensome shame Pressed iTs seal upon my name? I know noT how such Things carl be I only know There came To me,l A sickness such as never clingsl To aughT save miserable living Things. The papers lay on every side No wider Than your own is wide: Their marks may always reach The sky,- And yours, disgraceful To The eye. BuT do noT IeT your honor dowln By casTing careless opfics 'roupdg 'Cause he whose eyes are keen,-The pro Will always surely IeT him knolfvl vicToRiA L. A. CODDINGTON i I 73 INTERLUDE IN A FRENCH CLASS We crouched aT our desks wiTh our heads in our hands, While The sTudenTs around us moaned. And ever again The Teacher's voice lashed, Our Troublesome ThoughTs To a Toam. Jack and I in a double seaT, and Ralph in The one beTore us, I was a TiTTy, Jack was a TorTy and Ralph was a ThirTy and Three. And The verbs and The synTaxes, adverbs, and nouns, Washed round our heads like The sea. Then The Teacher before us, in sibylic Tones, Called, "One oT you Tlunkies down There . . . Arise and TranslaTe page TiTTy, line Three, And see ThaT your English is Tair." I gazed aT The 'heiroglyphs graved on The P599- Wifh someThing like awe in my eyes, To Think Them creaTed by raTionaI men: Then The Teacher cried "FIunkie arise!" Like one in a Trance, like a doll on a sTring, I rose Trom my seaT wiTh my book in my hand. Monsieur on The page, like The words on The wall, STared up wiTh a TranTic demand. And Then oT a sudden, like ligihT in The dark, Mon and sieurg my opTic nerves hur+ . .. "My sewer!" I gasped, "The sewers oT France." "ITS a TreaTise on garbage and dirTI" lk Ik FI! I crouched aT my desk wiTh my head in my hands, While The sTudenTs around me moaned. And ever again The Teacher's voice lashed, My Troublesome ThoughTs To a Toam. JULIUS FAST THE LUNCH HOUR lWiTh apologies To H. W. LongTellow.l BeTween nine and Two-ThirTy, When spiriTs are beginning To sour: Comes a pause in our day's conTempIa- Tion ThaT is known as The lunch hour. We hear in The room above us The deaTening clamor oT TeeT, The sound oT doors ThaT Tly open And voices harsh and sweeT. A sudden rush Trom The sTairway A sudden raid Trom The hall, And They vioIenTly sweep upon us Till we can'T geT ouT aT all! 74 They aImosT smoTher us by shoving Our books inTo our sides And our Temper reaches zeniTh When a mocking senior derides. Do you Think, O bIiThe senior, Because you are leaving soon ThaT you can herd us Ii++Ie Fres-hies RighT ouT oT our very own room? Lunch or no lunch, my laddies, Our presTige cannoT be sold, And we'll Thrash iT ouT This minufe, BuT say! I-low are The beans? Cold? VICTORIA L. A. CODDINGTON THE MOOD CHANGES I'm in fhe mood fo wrife a verse Perfaining fo my hisfory curse, Thaf follows me from room fo room Wifh weird malicious Ieers of doom. If fakes delighf in making me A fargef for philosophy, Pursuing me wifh piles of dafes And goacling me fo flouf fhe fafes. If manufacfures fesfs galore- II've much fo seffle on fhaf score.I If fills my head wifh dancing shapes When I should concenfrafe on apes Who find unheard of places iusf To hound fhe innocenf fo dusf. If "Fond Adieux" will be ifs creed, Perhaps someday I shall be freed From fhis enraging evil eye, Thaf sprung from Safan's worsf supply. DOROTHY MILLER i am dissaluzuned Ibuf nof bi e e Cummings who i am plaiarizinl we wur fha smarf ones we wur fhe wize boys Ief em keep fhare ole ninefi-fives wof fun did fhey gef ouffa school alwaze duin homework or sfudyin never Ieffin up an becomin soshable never wenf fo dances never knu wof wuz goin on around em fhen fhaf durn arisfa hasfa go an make a survey hasfa spoil a nise fheori nufhin i can du i gesse mife as well fri Iearnin sumfhin April 7, I937 1 Ohl If I were a poef, endowed wifh fhe giff, To wrife of deeds bold and sublime: I'd fry fo inspire, men's souls fo upliff, Buf fhe pafh fo success is a difficulf climb. II Ohl To be sfruck as Caedmon and bursf forfh in rhyme I Is my one only hope fo achieve The success I desire Ipresfige in good fimel. Buf I can buf sif here and grieveh III Ohl The crifics have hailed me-"The nadir of rhyme", They vofe for my earfhly remoyalg They do nor acknowledge my versing pasfime So I sef forfh fhis poem for approval: "Tra-Ia fra-Ia spring is here: Tra-la fra-Ia if brings good Icheerg Tra-la fra-Ia we'Il soon have flowers: For fra-Ia-Ia we now have showers! IV Oh! If I were a poef endowed wifh fhe giff To wrife of deeds bold and sublime: I'd pour ouf my hearf-Buf dear reader you've seen Thaf if would nof be worfh one fhin dimel HERBERT BLINDER MEYER SAMBERG 75 WHEN WE 'WERE' VERY YOUNG As Mr. Milne would noT, could noT, and did noT wriTe iT. l CORNER OE THE STREET lln rainy weaTher or oTherwisel Down by The corner oT The sTreeT, Where The Two roads meeT ln a pool, And The TeeT Of The sTudenTs, as They splash To The school, Go squeak, squeak, squeak, Who's ThaT coming down The sTreeT, Corner oT The sTreeT? NOT The organ-grinder in The rain, Or DocTor SmiTh or lv1isTer Kane, BUT one liTTle sTudenT arriving laTe, CasTing reTlecTions on lasT nighT's daTe: And one big sTudenT noT arriving yeT, BuT haunTed by a laTe-slip he's soon To geT. Oh, There's someThing Terribly dismal in The rain, Like deTenTions and pneumonia and pain. The oTFicial-divine AT a quarTer To nine, When nervous, nervous TeeT Sound a hollow, hollow beaT On an empTy, empTy sTreeT. Five Times a week, Squeak, squeak, squeak. 2. ELECTION They're changing The presidenT oT The G.O. ElecTions will come and elecTions will go. In The noise and conTusion iusT one Thing is clear, "Thank Goodness, They come only Twice in The year." Says lvlr. Henry. 76 They're changing The presidenT oT The G.O. Which cerTainly everyone oughT To know, By The posTers and picTures and placques on The walls. "BUT we never allow Them To cluTTer The halls." Says Mr. Henry They're changing The presidenT oT The G.O. And oTher oTTicers and The sTaTus quo. They've promised more dances and a new Tennis courT. "They excavaTed The lasT one we boughT." Says Mr. Henry. They're changing The presidenT oT The G.O. Which way do elecToral breezes blow? IT iTs Tor Murphy or Goldberg--who cares. "Even The presidenT Takes The righT sTairs." Says lvlr. Henry. They're changing The presidenT oT The G.O. The balloTs are whirling like driTTed snow Around Mr. Henry, bland wiTh regreT. "Sorry, buT no reTurns ouT yeT." Says Mr. Henry. They're changing The presidenT oT The 0.0. ElecTions will come and elecTions will go. So and so beaT such and such. "lVlr. Henry Talks Too much. Says us. 3. DISOBEDIENCE Maria Maria Louisa Louisa Lopez de Rice Took greaT Care oT The sTudenTs, Though she was very nice. Ivlrs. Rice said To The sTudenTs, "STudenTs," she said, said she, "You musT never cuT classes, unless you have passes, or you'II have To come see me." PhiIloerT PhilberT ZinkelowiTz ZinkeIowiTz fSurely, you don'T know himl Took greaT DeIig'hT in cuTTing. IT was his TavoriTe whim. PhilberT PhilberT Said To his pals, "Boys," he said, said he, "l can cuT classes wiThouT any passes, yeah, They'lI never caTch me." PhiIberT PhiIberT ZinkeIowiTz ZinkelowiT2 ICommonIy known as Spikel CuT The sevenTh sTudy, Said 'he was ouT on sTrike. BUT The Teacher WroTe To The oTTice, "CuTTing," she wroTe, wroTe she, "I-Ie cuT The class wiThouT a pass. Now don'T go blaming me." Mrs. Rice SenT ouT a noTice: ZinkeIowiTz 8-l5, Please reporT To me aT once IVViTh evidence, And if you don'T reporT righT now, Ah, Then, I meanl You'll be hearing Trom me Again. PhiIberT PhiIberT ZinkelowiTz ZinkelowiTz IWhom, I believe, you've meTI Well, This Very same Tellow I Is serving deTenTions yeT. I FhiIberT Said To his Triends, "This here's a brand new rulingyg "When They said don'T cuT classl wiThouT some kind of pass, I ThoughT They were Tooling." 4. Tl-IE PASSING When The bell Rings Trom The silenT walls, VVhen iT I Echoes in The quieT halls, Then They pass in Tiles Along The crowded aisles. , The once-sTilI halls Throb wiTh TI'Ie sound Of youThTul voices all around. "Ya can'T expecT me To waiT, "Ya know s'he'll counT me IaTe." , "Why don'T This school geT an esdalaTor?" "WhaT's keeping ThaT pokey elevaTor?" I saw ThaT TesT, and knew I was sunk." Yeah, me Too, I expecTed To TIu,nk." So I says To her, see- I 'n Then she says To me-" "Why don'T she come? Gosh, dames is dumb!" "A genTIeman would hold The dolor." BuT There ain'T no ladies To hold iT Tor." "So I'm on The wrong sTairs,-so I'rn lazy. IT you Think ThaT I even care, you're crazy." rl This is The passing, BUT when is The end? Two ThirTy, praise AIIah,- I The home-ward Trend. I MURIEL E. STOLIER 77 I Q. 'Z' 's , . ',, : -.T ' .,., -,.-v , 1 -Ag A.. A 3 .-vg7'. F. ,5 .z a Q E 52' E 'E 'filgizgmtfffila'f7EE5L"vf35!5f 15? 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N .'::,,. ln. - .- ,fr 44,1 -' ,Q 'Qu F' A." , x,'pf.-:H fy,-I' ' 'sv -3 fr!-,,, rl Y-,5:'. .4 ,' 'MQ , 's:.A..QIlf -hx :I -n.: H fx . . :,s?,,, . ,fywwg :sul 9,31-fy gl. 1 fy, 4 1 5? w ,121 - J Lggsgxq f ' 1. . J' , ' - ., w not , ,, J, -r .ma".',r. "g,":.-Lf'-v-:-', ,ww-V w - vt-' Registered by The New York State Board of Regents Private Secretarial and Commercial Training Shorthand, Typewriting, Filing, Bookkeeping, Stenotype, Comptometry, Etc. The experience gained by training thousands for business employment cluring the past 43 years gives us a superior place among schools. EMPLOYMENT SERVICE - Established 1894 - FREE CATALOGUE SPECIAL SUMMER COURSE ' Intensive courses in Stenography and Typewriting during July and August for High School graduates and College students. DAY and EVENING SESSIONS Call, Write or Telephone for Catalogue Three Convenient, Nationally Known Schools Downtown - 270 Broadway fopp. City Hall, BA. 7-2l31 Midtown - 50 East 412 St. fCor. Mad. Ave., MU. 2-4850 Uptown - 2875 Broadway fCor. 112 St., CAth. 8-7600 LEHMAN'S CRACKERS SOLD IN YOUR CAFETERIA FOR THE PAST ELEVEN YEARS. THEY ARE GOOD. There are more opporiunifies for employmenl in a o 'rhe field of business 'roday Ihan in any olher O P P O r t u n I t S vocafion. Many High School Principals and Vo- calional Guidance Counsellors advise sfudenls +o ' lake business courses if 'I'he have nof deiinifely defermined Iheir choice of cireer, since The Irain- ing 'Ihus oblaine-d has proved Io be valuable in every field of endeavor. Rhodes School offers courses leading fo Secrerarial, Accounfing, and Junior Execuiive posilions in Ihe business world. The 'lime required depends upon I'he course selecfed and previous educalion. Grad- uafes of commercial high schools complele ad- vanced fraining quickly and are eniifled +o em- ploymenl' assisfance. 9 ACADEMIC SUBJECTS for College Enlrance 9 PLACEMENT BUREAU 9 DAY ancl EVENING SESSIONS REGISTERED BY NEW YORK BOARD OF REGENTS h Q d e S S C h Q Q I Member of Ihe Nafional Associalion of Accrediled Commercial Schools I07I SIXTH AVENUE, a+ 4Is+ ST., NEW YORK 9 Tel. LOngacre 5-3504 O T I-I E R U N I T S 9 Helfley Oueenslooro School in Brooklyn - Cypress 81 Myrlle Aves. - I-lEgeman 3-2926 9 Heffley Greenpoinf School in Brooklyn - 795 Manhallan Avenue - EVerqreen 9-59I6 9 I-Ielifley Oueensboro School in Jamaica - l6O-I6 Jamaica Avenue - JAmaica 6-I98I HEADQUARTERS SUNSPRAY Elf'-iJfi.if"f'ff,fQi' .pnadpelifpkiinjieioiffg MADE for Camps. PREMIER PAPER COMPANY FRESH . 475 FIFTH AVENUE New York AShland 4-3883 DAILY Complimenfs of . C0mPllm9'ii5 of HARGOOD CANDY CO. THE GOTTFRIED 96l TELLER AVENUE TOpping 2-5280 Complimenls of . MR. JOHN MEYER BAKING CO., inc. MOH Haven 9-5584 - 5585 - 2225 1 A. WIENERS 8: SONS Wholesale Dealers in POTATOES - ONIONS - TURNIPS I6-I7 BRONX PRODUCE HOUQE N. Y., N. H. 81 H. R. R. Yard l32nd Sl. and Willis Ave. New York l.Udlow 4-7370 WH EATALITY BAKERY, Inc. WHOLESALE BAKERS 829-839 EAST I44+h STREET New York LOrraine 7-2737 J. E. McCAULEY 8g CO. CHINA - GLASS . SILVER Disiribuiors - Della Chemical Producfs Aluminum Cleaner - Silver Polish 81 Sudless Dishwashing Compounds 623 WEST 207'l'h STREET New York MILK BZUMJDS WINNERS CHIDNGFF STUDIO 469 FIFTH AVENUE NEW YORK HIP- OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER 'For The June I937 Ha1'che'r ZIP All Photographs Made Personally by IRVING CHIDNOFF Phone LExing+on 2-l686 THANKS FOR THE PRIVILEGE EINIJ. NORTH WESTERN FRUIT W E ll S E R Q, and PRODUCE co. 0P,l.oME.l.Rls,r 426 EAST lO2nd STREET Harlem lvlarlcelr 554 WEST 207+h STREET NexT To TheaTre l58 DYCKMAN STREET Opp. l-lorn 84 l-larclar'r F O R D V 8 WATSON-McKENNA MOTOR Co., Inc. 250 DYCKMAN STREET x C Q LOrraine 7-3000 q ,P tx., AuThorizecl Ford Swta wiiklw RWWYTWT5 Lincoln-Zephyr Dealers lNo Exfra Charge Whafsoeverl Op+ome+ris+ +o Jewish Memorial Hosp. Telephone WATkins 9-808l-2-3 CUNNINGHAM BROS., Inc. Wholesale Dealers in BEEF - MUTTON - PORK - POULTRY - PROVISIONS - 5l9-52I WEST I6+h STREET NEW YORK CITY I I SOLD IN YOUR SCHOOL I SOLD IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD . b , X, 1 alhvays ICE CREAM BREYER ICE CREAM COMPANY, Inc. QUEENS BOULEVARD and 34+h STREET I LONG ISLAND CITY STiIlwelI 4-5000 H. Vlachos T. Konlzlas The Belmonl' Floris'I' "Just Good Flowersv 506 WEST 207+h STREET New York Phone LOrraine 7-8345 MAY WE SUGGEST AS A CHANGE IN MENU Chin and Lee's Chow Mein ASK FOR IT ln Your School Calelerla or Your Eavorlle Dining Place Phone Alldubon 3-l564-5 George W. Schaefer lncorporared M eats, Poultry, Butter and Eggs 2302 TWELFTI-I AVENUE Wesl Harlem Marker New York Ciry "Purveyor fo fhe Fas+idious" WE USE DRAKE'S CAKE In Our Launch Room DRAKE BAKERIES lncorporaled 77 CLINTON AVENUE Brooklyn, N. Y. Telephone WAIker 5-8270 EMBASSY GROCERY CORPORATION LUCKY BOY FOOD PRODUCTS Serving the Finer Institutions 4-O7 GREENWICI-I STREET NEW YORK Rziqv er Parkway Apartments Xviiizin Ivalking Distance of George Ivasizinglon High School MODERN SIX-STORIY V ELEVATOR BUILDINGS ARE Now UNDER eoNsTlaUCr1oN Comprising a square tJIocIc with Spacious Center Garden Court. OverIooIcing the HarIem River at LaureI i'IiII Terrace to Amsterdam Ave. S' Extending from 186tI1 St. to 187th St. NOW LEASING FOR FALL OCCUPANCY O Represenialive on Premises Shakbro Realty Corporation 527 H1f'1'H AVENUE, Nye. Phone Mufmy HIII 2-1620 B U 1 L D 13 R s """"'Ai"' EEQEQEIQEQQQEQEQEQEQEQEQEEQEQE :EQEQEQEEfEQEfEfEfIEfZfE55E15 .3.,,. .,... 4,.. . , .......... - zzzffq, RECORD FUR FIRSTS A 3' ' S p a I cl I n g I1 a s a r e co r d 'F o r fi rsi' s th a + 3 :- has never been beafen - or equalled. The nm golf clubs - golf ban - baslcelball - football and 'Tennis ball produced in This couniry were I made by SpaIcling's. With a background like This, no wonder Spalding equipmenr is ,E:M3E:E: considered a I h I e I I C a I I v au+IIen+Ic- , ' If 'L j IEIff2IE5fIfI23f5fffEEE2fif'IE' ' 5212555252152-,. ' A :if 518 FIFTH AVENUE ' I .... 105 NASSAU STREET .. I HA 'IIE5I25E5IifEI5E525E5E5E5E5ifE5E5E552fE5EfEfIEfEffEfE1:2:4: -.-,. 28 NEW STREET :AAS CLASS PINS, SC SORORITY JEWELS, C MEDALS, HONOR AWAR HOOL RINGS, CLASS EM BLEMS, ARISTA PINS LUB INSIGNIA, ATHLETIC DS Manufactured by A R T I5-2: PARK Row HUR MOELLER NEWYORK Izslablislwed l907 OFFICIAL JEWELER TO GEORGE WASHIN GTON HIGH SCHOOL A Repufafion for Qualify and A Repu+a+ion for Service BORDENES FRANC-GRAHAM PAPER CO. lncorporafed PAPER - CARDBOARD - ENVELOPES 25 WEST I5+h STREET T H E R E S E A U B SECRETARIAL SCHOOL A 2770 Broadway af I07fh Sfreef Day and Evening Sessions Booklei on Requesf 1 Academy 2,0530 New York Individual Instruction - Placement Service Epicure Food Products SEIDER 8: FISH, Inc. Are Res' 4 Use Them For Confecfionery - Specialfies - Supplies Goodness, Sake T I785 JEROME AVENUE Bronx, New York .JAB u Rngwggornens ESTABLISHED IBSS 86 HUDSON STREET NEW YORK Compliments -0f. I A WELL-WISHER Compliments Compliments . of . . of . A Friend C. O. Spannaus Service Does Noi Terminafe wi+h 'Ihe Delivery of The Policy G . C . S T R U M P F GENERAL INSURANCE Fire, Life, Healfh, Acciclenf, Liabilily, Burglary, Aufomobile, Plale Glass, Cornpensalion, Surely Bonds 360 CENTRAL PARK WEST Riverside 9-5646 New York EXCELLENT FRUIT 81 PRODUCE DISTRIBUTORS. Inc. Specializing in COLD PACKED FRUITS VEGETABLES - JUICES 60-62 GANSEVOORT STREET CHelsea 3-2443-4-5 New Yorlc l.Orraine 7-4840 Orders Called for andYDelivered SAM!S POPULAR MARKET MEATS - FISH l20 NAGLE AVENUE Near Arden Slreer New York ' LOOSE-WILES BISCUIT CO. Long Island Cify, N. Y. Telephone LAclcawanna 4-0990 GLOBE COAT 81 APRON SUPPLY CO. Incorporaied 520 WEST 48fh STREET New York Phone WAflcins 9-3556 MAX GOODMAN 81 SON Makers of GYMNASIUM, SCHOOL 81 CAMP OUTFITS II4 WEST 26+I1 STREET New York Complimenls of . . . A FRIEND JOHN SEXTON 81 CO. Manufacfuring Wholesale Grocers CHICAGO - NEW YORK Beekman 3-5700 - 57OI - 5702 M A N H A T T A N SEA Foon COMPANY, Inc. Wholesale Fish Dealers I 60 SOUTH STREET Fullon Merkel New York OFFiciaI Felf Award Menufacrurers for George Washingron High School AMCO EMBLEM CO., Inc. 872 BROADWAY New York ALgonquin 4-9618 JUNE DAIRY PRODUCTS, Inc Bu++er - Eggs - Cheese - Poultry NEW YORK - BRIDGEPORT MIAMI - LONG BEACI-I UNITED SHOE REBUILDING I638 ST. NICHOLAS AVENUE SPECIALIZING IN REPAIRING HIGH QUALITY SHOES CH:-zlsea 8744 Io 8747 R. B. MARTIE, Inc. WAcIsworI'h 3-0 I 23-8970 P E C K ' S Typewrifer Exchange Cleanin Su Iies - Kifchen E ui men? g PP q P Aufhorized Dealer for AII Makes Furnifure TIME PAYMENTS - NO RED TAPE 54-62 WEST 2IsI' STREET 575 WEST I8IsI STREET New York Subway Building TR EAT CRISPS Gam: ex Bqozdx Qo'1:4'1'0 CHIQS Delighlful for Lu nc h and in befween Snacks Complimenfs of . . A FRIEND A E E 5 'E 1.- 5 S 5' E 5 -4-umm:-um-L-..lmpg.u.:u---:Q-1'-fz4.,f.19-w,n.-f-m V -u1wm-wfw1- vqg.wf1-m.-w- - , mnzmuw-Y.

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