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Text from Pages 1 - 168 of the 1967 volume:

conTinEnTHi 1967 V UJNI - ' §!i ' l d .,- ' -.«-r-- wmw ' i- L ■ r ' «• ♦-. v iV% m f, Mf . v ' ) ■?MSsm i!fnsti i -Ol qM -( , i -yt.€ .-v cc S mM u •-h » U 2 QMjuLK- ujf - u ii Y f " : ' ' you. OsTor-, c ? r 6r . n k f r. 1 ■ r ■ k::rf THE FIRST FORTY YEARS WASHINGTON WELCOMES CHARTER STUDENTS EARTH 73 X 3 rftiratiutt o With reverent h great namesake, ington, who held and morality are good government a ing heart the wells hood. We dedicate thi Im iSngrire 9 c O - B z o X n n D a- ' RECONSTRUCTION STARTS AT V Council Resoliiiiun Proposes Broadway - to - Sea Hi ' i r I Students Welcome First Load of Lumber Cpr{ lAKE— CLASSES IN TENTS . . . DEPRESSION— ECONOMIC CHAOS . . . RECONSTRUCTION— TOGETHER .SHINGTON ay Struiiihlcnin ' onies Briel as ed Work Starts OP-D WAR II— RED CROSS UNITS . . . VICTORY— PEACE RESTORED . . . PROSPERITY . . . COLD WAR . . ' J - ASSASSINATION OF PRESIDENT KENNEDY— SORROW . . . CIVIL RIGHTS . . .MOVEMENT . . . TIME. GEORGE WASHINGTON HIGH SCHOOL LOS ANGELES CALIFORNIA TV Personal! Featured at Rei m [onTinEnTHL This yeorbook is dedicated to Mrs. Genevieve Ahrens, art teacher ot Woshington High School throughout its first forty years. Photographs serve as arrested action of the past. They are innages of the post preserved on paper. Through her memory, images of the first forty years ot Washington ore set in motion 1927 Dedication The first semester at Washington begins. As a young teacher of nineteen, Mrs. Ahrens takes the streetcar to Vermont and walks past open fields to the new school and into her first class room Students from nearby farms ride horses to school 1930 Depression. School continues v ithin the economic chaos. There are no jobs Many parents are out of work Mrs. Ahrens brings prom gowns ond accessories for the girls. 1933 The earthquake The earth under the brick school splits. Classes are moved to tents. Plays are performed in an amphitheater with the moon as a backdrop. " Mom ' Ahrens and her students paint and construct scenery for plays . . . Mikado and Smiling Through. Woshington is reconstructed and re-enforced to present a new focade World War II. Many boys must leave. The life that we know is disrupted. Red Cross units are set up. Mrs. Ahrens, bringing an art folder and art supplies, visits one of her Japanese students in an internment camp Blackout. Many students work in war industry. Victory. Peace is restored. The boys come back from the war as men. Nuclear age commences. DEDICHTIOn Cold War. Society witnesses increasing industrialization and auto- mation. Speed. Man moves into space. Tradition breaks down. Mrs. Ahrens continues to know students as individuals. We progress. 1967 Dedication. We celebrate the first forty years. Teachers and students ride to school in buses, cars, and motorcycles. The open fields are now a suburban development. Mrs. Ahrens retires. We remember dedicated service We remember love. We remember an individual . . . Mrs. Genevieve Ahrens. i yy(rs. enevieue hreiis 2; THBIE 01 FALL SPORTS. . PAGE 64 ORGANIZATIONS. . PAGE 32 [OniEIITS SPRING ACTIVITIES . . PAGE 152 SPRING SPORTS . . . PAGE 1 10 SPRING GOVERNMENT . . PAGE 102 t % FALL ACTIVITIES . . . PAGE 92 SUMMER SENIORS PAGE 126 IHIUIIV ' )pposite page: George Washington High School ' s first principal; Mr. Thomas E. Hughes, who was with the student body from 1927 to 1940. 13 nDminiSTRnTion Mr. Rogus, Principal Mrs. Hummel, Girls ' Vice Principal Main Office — Mrs. Kojeluk, Mr$. Hughie, Mrs. Allan 1 t Student Store — Mr». Driver Mrs. Shithldo, Health Office — Mr«. Ryner, Mitt Rett, Mrt. Frozier Attenda nce Office — Mrt. Juhl, Mrs. Mandel, Mrt. Wilton, Mrt. Rebartton I .V . omiE STBFK Mr. Miller, Registrar I Jf 1 1 wr. » 1 1 " ---., v 1 B . m ■it V JsKjk E S i ' i Counselors Office — Mrt. Mainet, Mrt. Robertton, Mrt. Wilten Mrt. Parker, Vice Principal ' s Office Mist Ponder, Bookroom Mist Addington, P E. Univ. of Arizona Mr. Aerlker, Counselor UCLA Mrs. Ahrens, Art UCLA Mr.AIHmari, Science Lafayette College Mr. Anderson, Social StucJies Cal State ot Long Beoch Mrs. Andrews, USC Business Mr. Bol er,USC Art Mr. Battle, Continuation fd. Mr. Benefiel, USC Univ. of Tennessee Science Mr. Bergreon, Mathematics Cal. State at Long Beach Mrs. Lockridge, Business Col 5;a;e at Los Angeles Mrs. Blevens, Homemaking lowo State University Miss Blair, Business Univ. of Wyoming Mr. Breidenthol, USC Music 7% Mr. Boyce, USC Mathematics Mrs. Burton, Business Washington St. University Mrs. Bush, Health Ed. Texas South University Mr. Botferfield, Music Cal. State at Long Beach Mr. Carey, USC Language Mr. Carnahan, English George Washington Univ. Mr. Casstevens, Industrial Arts Mrs. Clark, Mathematics Cal. State at Long Beach Southern University Mrs. Colburn, Phys. Ed. Mr. Coogan, USC Cal. State of Long Beach Social Studies Mr. DeSimone, UCLA Mathematics Mr. Dorn, UCSB Health Education Miss Doyle, Science Cal, State at Los Angeles Mr. Dunning, USC S.A.C. Mr. Eakins, Mathematics Bov ling Green State Univ. Mr. Ediger, Science Tabor College Mrs. Ellison, Social Studies Miss Elser UCLA Wayne State University English Mr. Engel, Ind. Arts Mrs. Evens, USC Cal. State at Long Beach Physical Education Mr. Feldman, Health Los Angeles State Mrs. Fichman, English New York University Mr. Fitzgerald, LA State Industrial Arts Miss Fitzpatrick, Counselor UCLA Mr. Forsell, USC Social Studies Mr. Froters, Language Loyola University 17 Miss Friedlander, Math Un .e ' Si ' v o Michigan Mr. Froggalt, UCLA Social StucJies Miss Fry, Science Whiitier College Mrs. Gladson, UCLA Social Studies Mrs. GIno, Science Wilkes College Mr. Grau, English University o ' TolecJo Mr. Grey, UCLA Social Studies Mr. Griese, Mathematics Univ. of Nebraska Mrs. Grille, Language Western Reserve University Mrs. Gruen, English Harvard University Mrs. Hall, UCSB Social Studies Miss Homasaki, Business Mrs. Harrell, USC Cal. State at Los Angeles Social Studies Mrs. Harris, English St. Louis University Mrs. Harris, UCLA Art Mrs. Harrison, English USC Mrs. Hopmans, UCLA Library rk i Mrs. Horton, Illinois Social Studies ;i:w Mr. Howard, UCLA Guid. ' Driver. Ed. Mrs. Howell, P. E. Ohio State Mr. Irvine, USC Social Studies :m Miss Jenkins, Kansas State Homemaking Mrs. Jochim, Homemaking Colorado St. University Mrs. Johnson, P. E. UCLA Mr. Jones, P. E. UCLA Mr. Karlson, Math UCLA Mrs. Keeler, Business Univ. of New Mexico Mrs. Kelly, Sec. Studies Immaculate Heart College Mrs. Kennedy, P. E. North Carolina College Mr. King, Health Univ. of Maryland 1 Mr. Knufsen, Soc. Studies ' r- Koboyashi, Math Cal. State at Long Beach Cal. State at Long Beach Mr. Lawyer, Math Yale, USC Mr. Leard, English Cal. State at L. A. Miss Lynth, USC English Mr. Madsen, Science Brigham Young Univ. Mr. MacEwan, Mathematics Mrs. Magretto, Ar Baldwin-Wallace College Pepperdme 19 Mr. Mann, Agriculture California Poly Mrs. Mordesich, USC Mafhematlcs Mr. Mordesich, Stanford Social Studies Mr. MtAdoo, English University of Arkansas Mr. McCullough, P E. Colombia University Mrs. McGowon, Homemaking Mrs. McNairy, Ar Texas Southern University USC Mr. Monreal, Industrial Arts Mr. Nairn, Business UC, Santa Barbara Pomona College Mr. Nopuk, Berkeley Social Studies Mr. Nicosia, Science Mr. Parker, UCLA Cal. State at L. A. Social Studies Miss Pillsbury, USC English Mrs. Rifts, Business Pepperdine College Mr. Plant, Business Berkeley Mr. Plummer, Business Cal. Stote at L. A. Mr. Pritchard, USC Counselor Mrs. Reece, UCLA Language Mr. Regalado, San Jose State Industrial Arts Mrs. Reedy, Business Universi.y of Iowa Mr. Riester, Guid. Dr. Ed. Cal. State at Long Beach Mrs. Robinson, English Mr. Rozadilla, USC Atlanta University Guid. Driv. Ed. Mr. Salata, Science Calif. St. College, Penn. Mr. Sieglen, English Cal. State at Long Beach Miss Silver, English Univ. of Washington Mrs. Spears, UCLA Counselor Mrs. Stallings, University of Virginia Miss Sylva, UCLA Counselor Mr. T hompson, Science New Mexico University Mr. Timmen, English Lewis Clark Univ Mr. Turner, English Ohio State University Mr. Uskovieh, USC Art Mrs. Von Buskirl , USC Counselor Mr. Von Putfen, USC Science i Mr. Vonde Venter, Health Drake University h Mr. Veifj, Mothemorics Mr. Vlochos, Business Mrs. Wolker, Homemaking Miss Wallock, UCLA Ohio State University Son Fernando ' ollev Slate Cal. State of L. A. Language Mr. Waring, Boyd College Social Studies ; 1S Mrs. Woterbury, English Mrs. Watkins, Language Stonfo:d Univ Cal Stale at Long Beach Mr. Weil, Mathemoiics Col Stale cit Long Beach Mr. Weishoff, Industrial Arts LJniversity of Wyoming ' tfe ■ w I t3 m il ■ A ' ' ti - mM Miss Wells, P E Iowa Wesleyon Mr. Wesferfield, Industrial Arts Cal. State at Fresno Mr. Westerman, Industrial Arts Mr. Whife, USC Rutgers College Phys Ed Miss Wiggins, English Coll. of the Holy Names Mrs. B. Williams, Business Cal. State at L. A. Mrs. Wright, Science Columbia University f nu GOUERnmEiiT opposite page: Carol Peterson and Chuck Huber led the Generals as Stude)it Body Presidents in 1962. r k fK .- ' ' 25 fall leaders Carol Yasunaga Student Body Secretary Corel Hatanaka Student Body President Fall 1967 Helena Hudson Student Body Treasurer 26 T. Myose, P. Talley, P. Jue R. Freeman, S. Powell, S. Wong L. Hicks, J. Minnis, R. Cloyborn lower house G. Alpert, J. Dinwiddle, W. Evans L Hurd, S. Hill, J. Rhodes student council Gary Hansen Boys Student Service President Sandy Parr Girls Student Service President James Blunt Manager of Publicity Mel Demoff Commissioner of Social Activities Doris Kumamofo Secretary ot Qualifications Scott Erickson Parliamentarian William Dancy A12 Class President K -re " Nakajima A12 Girls ' Vice-President William Price A12 Boys ' Vice-President Stephanie Jones A12 Senotor-At-Large Phyllis Meshack B12 Class President Terry Stamps B12 Boys ' Vice-President Denise Knuckles B12 Girls ' Vice President 28 Doris SaHler Drum and Bugle Head Majorette Lamar Lyons Manager of Athletics Wanda Brown Girls ' League President Corrine Woo I.C.C. President Mauri Marfcman Knights ' President Mildred Kawachi Ladies ' President Dorian Hunt Boys ' Leauge President Linda Talarice Surveyor Editor Mrs. Holl — Student Council Advisor A1 1 CLASS OFFICERS Tetrunce Brown Senator At-Lorge Kcrmet Smith Clo« ; President Joni Miller Girls ' Vice President Saul Blair Boys Vice-President A10 SENATORS Sharon Loftin William Garner Iris Fauver Melinda Melton B1 1 SENATORS Lynda Tokuda Ralph Clayborn Glen Alpert Jackie Minnis . BIO SENATORS Reginald Johnson Allyson Robinson LaVerne Carter Floyd Henton D.Lew A. Smith J. Conkrite S vVoods AA. Yang L. Allen K: Uragami C: Van Brunt W Brown F. Chin S. Moore I.C.C. P- Ortiz P. Dickerson A. Manuel S. Moore C. Woo BOYS ' LEAGUE S. Naito D. Hunt W. Quon oRcnniznTions opposite page: The trio from the Girls ' Glee Club of 1931 32 Michoel Christian Terry Stull Scoff Erickson Korhy Whife Dorothy Middlefon Mel Demoff Phyllis Meshack Ronald Cloyton I .V » Maurie Morkmon HOnOBS I Gary Hansen Karen Nakajima Howard Besbris Olive Bell Shunichi Naito Florence Chin Gary Davis Carol Hatonaka Darnetta Ivie Willion Dancy Suzanne Watonobe Frank Low Sue Douglas Corrine Woo Terry Stamps Helena Hudson Mark Nagai Wanda Brown Richard Morrissey Janice Sullivan Raymond Chin knights and ladies Mildred Kawachi Dale Alpert Brenda Hart Richard Yang Paulette Dickerson Travis Mack Gwen Boswell Lewis Grossman Janet Bee David Smith Mayettef Crummie James Gilligan Heidi Sack Chris Iwata James Blunt Sandra Parr Dorian Hunt Doris Kumomoto Kenneth Miyosaki Charles Wiest Connie VanBrunt Clyde Lew Linda Quon Joe Barretto Lois Lee Judy Witherspoon William Marsden Jean Ogata Carol Yasunaga Charlean Hartsfield Deana Chan Greg Lawrence Linda Jue Gary Weldon 5.C. honor girls ' stote S. Dahl, L. Rosenberg. C. VanBrunt ort honor Top: J. Witherspoon N. Hicks D. Brown A. Young L. May J. Stirrat H. Hudson P. Dickerson S. Wong H. Lew C. Leong Mrs. Ahrens 37 Top: R. Chin J. Washington D. Kumamoto M. AAarfinetto P. Jue S. Acosta H. Besbris C. Iwata P. Bliley T. Sayles C. Yasunaga S .Lee J. Witherscoon M. Doucetfe ■ Long J. Schnyder S. Huey A. James M. Kawachi T. Sfull L. Ringwald M. Colcaferro, C. Hotanoka, D. Kumamoto, K. Ogata, R. Fong, L. Lee, K. Miyasokl, ERoyes K. Hamanaka L Wong J. Minnis harbor honors L. Grossman W. Marsden scholarship sDciety Top.- M. Markman W. Marsden R. Yang C. Wiest D. Hunt H. Mahler S. Hill J- Dinwiddle G. Freeman D. Alpert M. Yang A. Buford B. Jue E. Walter. L. Gee V. Young M. Ng R. Butler S. Watanabe W, Brown D, Chan R- Randall B, Hart Y. Jones F. Chin A. Mukai L. Vas J. Ogata E. Vollowitz T. Takamori R. Chin C. Yosunaga L. Ringwald I M . SEBUICE HUBS tag tyros Top: P. Takohashi, S. Morkman. W. Evans, D. Martinetto, D. Chatman, T. Burnett, J. Keiser, A. Ringgold, M. Casilan, D. Amerson, J. Cloys, A. Buford, D. White, L. Cohen, A. Karasawa, D Kinmble, A. Alcorn, J. York, J. Wong, R. Boswell, G. Woo, M. Walker Top Row: D. Kumamoto M. Kawachi C. Wiest K. Wood C. Yasunaga W. Brown 5. Lee A. Kozaki B. Hart S. Tom V. Young L Lee S. Watanabe L. Talarico J. Ogata K. Nokoiima S. Moore D. Lew T. Takemori F. Chint). Wong T. Stull E. Walter E. Royes E. Volbwitz S. Takeuchi ushers Top Row D. Hunt B. Campbell G. Alpert P. Meshack P. Biagos J. Miller L. Lyons N. Tioo Y. Jones M. Yang J. DeBose D. Brown W. Morsden C. Iwata T. Browne K. Uragami B. Jue S. Nato A. Mukoi D. Knuckles D. Alpert L. Long K. Miyasoki S. Huey pep club Top Row: A. Torres J. Johnson R. Figgers D. Sexton J. DouglasJ.Bembo M. Trimble A. Manuel P. Bowman R. Patterson F. Garry S. Johnson V. Patterson J. Burnett P. Beck G. YamaguchI M. Enochs B. Logan L, Wilson L. Mcwre L. Carter E. Jonerson B Mitchell M. Smith S. Edwards J. Cooperl. Brewer G. Brown V. Blanche A. Robinson D. Brown S. Moore J, York g.l.s.c. Top Row: H. Whaling G. Allen T. Burnett D. White D. Sadler K. White L. Geer S. Wong F. Chin M. Kawachi L- Hector G. Morris Mrs. Ahrens D. Lew C. Hatanaka A.Kozaki BDabney K. Hamanaka Top Row: E. Palmer, S. Best, L. Trimble, P. Richard, M. Younger, B. Broadway, A. Lung, J. Johnson, D. Golbreth, S. Ford, M. Hall, D. Gallard, E. Gaitan, M. Barona, H. Nunez,M. Lacefield, S. Jackson, A. Hill, H. Whaling, P. Chu, B. Warden, P. Number,G. Ard, T. Greer, P. Lou, N. Johnson, A. Ellis, R. Masor f f lk (b- u I p. Henry J. Lee J. Yamaquchi K. Smith G. Yomoguchi W. Evans , ' B. Davis G. Boswell C. Gonzales J. Witherspoon J. Conkrite K. Davis j. York |H. Lew A. Smith R. Matsuda C Leong A. Brown J. Ogata S. Tom 43 sound stage [reui Top: S. Rose E. Andrews P. Robbins K. Elder 0. Gibson C. Davis W. Price L. Jackson K. Crenshaw W. Williams L Mason W. Peterson C Evans P. Thomas T. Longmire lolonials Top: W. Evans R. Brown G Bond B. iohnson R. Oliphant D. Ward K Woo B. Jenkins S. Markman L. Wong S. Koch R Mathews S. Huey G Chew B Lee L. Gee M. Smith K. Hamanaka P. Tonkahoshi K Nakajima J. Wong J. Owaki G. Lee D Amerson K. Ogata M, Casilan T. Louie marthonians sentinels Top: W. Evans R. Gomez T. Roques J. McLaughlin S.Cormichael M. Autman A. Young R. Matthews Y. Frazier D. Jones M. Smith K. Davis B. Carr» Top Row: J. DeBose V. Frazier M. Trimble D. Sexton R. Taybr L. Oliver D. Tootikian T. Whitney M. Dudley J. Greene S. Hill K. Lew D. Kumamoto A. Young C Rice T. Burnett W. Evans D. Brown B. Washington S. Franklin P. Mourning D. Middleton A. Buford G. Fre Y. Moss S. Tom L. Hurd G. Tucker K. Davis B. Lee B. Dong M. Wolski W. Denis S. Moore A. Ellis Mr. Veifs pages Top: S Douglas O Bell S- Parr H. Sack D. Ivie D. White K. Gerke K. Uragami T. Stull K. Smith Mrs. Girio C. Hotanaka E. Vollowitz J. Sullivan L. Ringwald J. Miller G Boswell E. Walter B. Hart C. Yasunaqa L. Quan Earls Top: G. Alpert J. Blunt G. Weldon T. Stamps M. Roberts P. Biagas G. Davis W. Lee J. Carter W. Buford C. Iwata K. Hansen E. Miyamoto T. Soyles R. Yang D. Alpert Mr. Irvine S. Erickson M Markman L. Lyons S. Tuskahira G. Thorn Icttermen ' s club KTate R. Allen T. Cox P Thornburg B. Desirello T. Kirkpatrick G. Weldon Coach Jones W. Graham S. Barfon H Jordan W. Lee 1. Brown M. Hardeman R. Harrison T. Wheat R. Harris C. Dcvis W. Harrison C. Tarry D. Polndexter S. Blair H. Weldon B.Jones W., Swindell L. Cohen W. Dancy C- Iwota R. Loftin 47 music CROUPS i ' orchestra Top: P Amerson R, Rovster L Hollad I. Dixon S. Chase D. Stamps D: Ward L. McNiel R. Turnbough B. Arwine L. Quan J. Schnyder L. Finley M. Getchell P. Smith A. James J. McLaughlin J. McGinnis T. McAllester C Andrews R. Williams R. Illes R. Oiliphant J. Newell W. Waters Top: A. Ringgold J. Pipes R. Richardson C. Bell R. Mitchell J Carter D Clayborn W. Berry C McCarns E Ford R. Johnson M. Casilan C. Clark N Brooks W. Forrest Top: L. Cohen R. Tovar C. Jones G. Tovar M. Bolten P. Shivers D. Langston R. Clayborn S. Muldrow fAt « A -Si!,«L 9 Top: G. Nixon, Y. O ' Neal, R. Reed, J .Wilkins, S. Fullenwider, E. Watson, L: Cohen, D. Heath, E. Washington, H. Johnson, E. Dorsey, B. Williams, P. Brown, S. Jones, D. Page, Y. Gex, T. Hall, P. Powers, C. Porter, J. Anderson, A. Buford, G. Ross, P. Morning, J. Sterling, B. Peoples, L. Chappel, G- Johnson, R. Betz, R. Van DuVall, L. Harris, R. Freeman, G. Bellany, E. Royes, P. Loudd, E. Robertson a lapella Top: F. Brown, M. Kemp, L. Carol, R. Dotson, M. Williams, R. Carroll, P. Williams, R. Piggee, K. Fletcher, D. Norris, R. Green, S. Tate, B. Bowen, I. Brewer, R. Figgers, E. Johnson, C. Terry, L. Hammond, J. Jones, Z. Brown, C. Gaffney, B. Young, M. Jackson, J. Verrett, A. Brown, J. Mims, G. Fuller, D. Galbreth, M. Stewart, Y. Jones, O. Taylor, J. Franklin, C. Tillman, M. Magee, S, Seoley madrigals Top: S. Owens. R. Harper, A. Porter, Jr., D. Mathews, V. Jones, E, Whitfield, D. Mortin, E. Bronford, A. James, K. Manning, L. Harris, L. Woshingt ' on, T. Lawrence, J. Lee, L. Hannaford, N. Villolobos, L. Barnes, J. Kirksey, R. Colfson, B. Campbell Y Jones, N Gradney miKGd % f ff t f f Top: S. Stanley H, Moore B. Shepard L. Trimble P. Richard R. Joseph S. Jones G. Moore J. Jackson S. Sams B. Maiden W. Banks G. Thompson F. Williams G. Jackson K. Cohen F. Jackson J. Alexander M. Sepulveda A. Mc Neal P. Bell C. Powers V. Sanders L. Johnson D. Terry B. Jones R. Harris girls ' uocal Top: C. Bryant, C. Bolden, D. Hall, S. Roberts, C. Wilsoh, M. Johnson, S. Williams, C. Simon, B. English, L. Mines, L. Griggs, J. Bristol, D. Daire, K. Sherlow, B. Hollingsworth, L. Lightsy, S. Bass, L. Asberry Bottom: C. Hooks, B. Thomas, A. Hawkes, S. Sandiaprovo, K. Turner, D. Harris V. Edmond, M. McKinney, A. Alcorn chorus Top: M. Bell J. Jones L. Smith G. Chism J. Smith T Pearson D. Whiftaker K. Sneed R. Whiftaker G. Taylor A. Ranson C. Smith P. Roberts B Thomos V. Murria D. Moore M. Becerra P. Gornei O. Rucker C Sels O- Henry drum and A. Brown D. Quon L. May J. Dixon L. Hec D. Chapman E. Vollowitz Fiiilcy L. Hamillon L Biidiong I. Bumcil A. Rowl Top: D. Middleton G. Bosweli f Whire C Quarles G. Smith P. Orti A. Manuel V. Young M. Bruce B. Dabney T. McAlester 52 bugle corps a lijgjifr J ' «% 0C L -JpBfi aS 5|E L jEj Qiw A RIw if B U I ' tt A 2 ' ¥jttS 3 B N. Cohen R. Gibson A. Young J. Giustina H. Merrick S- Perrault C Rice L. Tarom M. Ng Y. Harris A. Mukai C. Colby S. Hill Head Majorette: Doris Sadler Assistant Majorette: Doris KumamoKa 53 band C. Williams C. Clark D. Clayborn D. Doris L. Dropkin B. Evans T. Holden S. Fuller R. Ohiund S. Muldrow H. Crieghfon D. Moore W. Barry S. Jackson J. Gralin H. Moore K. McLinn V. Brown A. Brown E. Ford H. Brooks D. Coleman M. Nagai G- Moore D Zambrana E. Cain R. Dayate W. Mitchell R. Holsey R. Tovar S- T. Browning R. Jones S. White N. Preiur E. Bronford M. Flores D. Brown W. Forest E. Hill R. Porter R. Harper G. Tovar R. Illes W. Sanner Mr Butferfield R. CI ayborn R. Richardson surueyor ' - pooo □a Top: S. Acosta C. Parks J. Blunt Mrs. Harris H. Gee P. Talley V. Young V. Goodman E. Royes J. Schnyder L Telarico B. Hart W. Savant B. Valentine miEREST Top: C. Wilder J. Benbo J. Kimmons E. Whitfield F. Brown C. Taylor J. Walker C. Queries G. Brown J. Malone I. Hughes C. Davis V. Dixon R. Thompson R. Benbo W. Eskridge L. O ' Brien M. Jqckson M. Myles A. Young P. Griggs L. May C. LeBlanc S. Combs A. Gay.S. Dewberry L. Hector G. Johns L. Turner H. Richmond B. Miller D. Golbreth P. ' McCants S. Hayes 55 M Top C- Leong, K. Nakajima, K. Hamanaka, L. Lee, L. Wong, D. Kumamoto, I Talarico teen aiders Bottom : S. Takeuchi C Woo, K. Ogata, S. Tom, K. Nakajima, T. Tokamori, D. Lew, taA t f f Top : L. Gee, B. Lee, G. Yamaguchi, J. Yamoguchi, D. White, G. Allen, S. Huey S. Lee, S. Watanobe, J. Greene, V. Young, B. Dong, E. Lew, M. Ng Top: E- Brown M. Brown K. Tate T, Rashberry A. Carrillo T. Ross S. Terry S. Wolken C. Tarry M. Castille C Richardson D. Parkos H. Gee C. Gonzales F. Kotz Mr. Mann f.f.a. x creatiue luriting Y. Jones L, Ringwald P. Sherbondy K. Wood P. Biagas L.Matsas Mr. Leard P. Dickerson B. Cambell H. Hudson S. Rosen C. Yasunaga Spanish Top: B. Lee T. Myose H. Mahler T. Barreras B. Valentine R. Gomez G Quan C- Scott J. Cepedo L. Hicks K. Carries S. Marl man J. McLaughlin M. Jackson Y. Frazier J. Escobar W. Savant F. Henton G. Morris C. Proileay G. Woo E. Ramirez M. Walski M. Autman A. Karasawa B. Oovis R. Barajas G. Flores A. Vidol B. Mitchell Top: A. Ringgold, R. Mathews, S. Rainey, C. Robinson, M. Smith, S. Goodwin, S. Dewberry, D. Galbreth, K. Davis, D. Dennis, F. Jackson, P. Roberts, V. McCracken, E. Vollowitz P. Bowman, A. Manuel, J. Minnis, A. Alcorn g.a.a. Top: R. McDaniel, K. Gerke, S. Naples, K. Nakajimi H, Hudson lop: J. Ng V. Frazier T. Brown P. Mourninng D. Monroe B. Campbell C. Woo M. Rueckert Y. Bae girls ' tennis Top: D. Ulrickson M. Trimble E. McClamma K. Wood R. VanderVeen P. Biagas M. Lemke R. Morrissey Y. Naito M. Glaude W. Green J. Escobar S. Naito J. Ulrickson W. Quon A. Ellis german Top: W. Green, B. Redix, M. Trimble, D. Sexton, V. Frazier, N. Cohen, S. Hill, J. Dinwiddle, A. Karasawa, E. Ward, A Young, Y. Frazier, S. Cones, S. Carmichael, A. Bufford, S. Markman A. Ellis, G. Tucker, N. Brown, A. Vega, L. Lyde, L. Howard, S. Moore, Y. Moss jr. adelphians Top: C. Terry, D. Sexton, S. Hill, S. Perrout, A. Gilliard. R. Manning, Y Jones, AA. Cakaterra, S. Moore, B. Horf, J. Schnyder, P. Netfierly. J. Glower, M. Flores, D. Alpert, G. Yosunoga, L long, B Campbell, S: Franklin Top: R- Tencati H. Gee J. Trover K. Wood W. Quon L. Long J. Escobar J. Schnyder D. Hirsh F. Nionna P. Lou G. Wong Y. Naito rifle 60 Top: L. Tokuda A. Jackson S. Acosta H. Mahler L. Hund pre-med K. Johnson R. Vender Veen T. Jenkins E. Simpson M. Lemke J. DeBose R. Morrissey D. Kumamofo P. Sue T. Myose L. Hartsfield E. James R. I lies J. Gilligan S. Naito P. Dickerson M. Glaude D. Swallwell G. Kadoi Mrs. Vilhauer 61 Top: S Jones S. Cones T. Browne J. Dinwiddle V. Frazier T. Washington M. Kemp B. Valentine J. Lee B. Horris C. Gaffnev J- Rogers E. Johnson H. Wholing B. lee R. Mies G- Morris S. Sorkin J. Escobar T. Myose D. Monroe B. Davis W. Savant G. Yamaguchi G. Allen E.Royes T. Takemori J. Wong T. Tolorlco H. Lew S. Lee S. Watanabe A. Kozaki C. Leong J. Owaki J. York Y. Jones G. Kadoi f.t.a Top: W, Woodworth G. Vidol J. Young C, Cofield S. Galindo W.Okerman M. Meleg I. Kerness S. Hall M. Flores J. Conkrite C. King D. Hooker N. Peters L. Molina J. Giustinn S. Moore R. Randall L. Amira J. Bee B. Jue C. Smith D. Dennis C. Robertson business honor 62 Top: T. Brown E. Pitzer J. Wong C. Rucker R. Freeman L. Latner G. Freeman A. Kozaki Mr. Eakins chess B. Terner J- Benbo C. Wilder J. Malone J. Washngton N. Dix L. Ross D. Barker M. Crummie L. Hector V. Mitchell J. Birch L. Long J. Kahn D. Chan G. Hayakawa L. Bas N. Stroud 63 Mil 5POBI5 opposite page: Hugh McElhanny, Washington ' s All-City First String Fullback of 1947 led the school to the City Championship m Wk 65 HB Mike Carthron QB Frank Jones All League 2nd String RG John Manuel C Gary Smith FB Carl Winston All League 2nd String uarsity Bill Barneft All League W. Fields leads Barnett through H. P. line 66 Clarence " The Bull " Davis LG Wayne Fields All Le.aque 1 sf String LT Ronald Gibson Lg George Crosby go team J5j3M J?t2 fOOTBHU SS L. Frank Jones flys against H P. Crosby snags o Washington pass Leon Pettigrew Jeff Bamett ■■■wv ' -i-jm ' -- Chorle? Jones Lamar Lyons Jool Powel ready team uireiking treiu Charles Henry John Swain Richard Grey James Muskgrove (?on Harper Art Williams Ronald Rhodes Ted Wheat Chris Thomas Generals swarm in on Huntington Park. i; h Ronald Wilfiams Tearence Kirkpatrick Michael Cobb Michael Loftin Donald Morrison John Hewlett Mitchell Derbigney Eldrich Henry Crosby dodges a pathfinder. Darryl Birney of Washington. I .M . MTion Cyclone outraces Fremont secondary. t Big John Area puts the hurt to a toiler. Wayne Okerman gets away a pass Bill Barnetf finds big hole in Fremont line. . i . ir ' ' .i n40 fJ, . ' vSf ' i Wi d Bee Football A. Mackenzie D. Birney A. Grant, B. Tennelle, S- Jenkins. S. Kahle, H. Lynum S- Price, B. Thomas, R- Joseph, L. Wright, G. Honkerson B. Twitty, E Rivers, K. Brozile, J. Lawton, W. Grahom L. Goodman, T. Adams, T. Wallace, J. Jones, R. Ybarra F. Cormio, D, Wright, E. Billingslea, H. Toms, K. Brown A. Holt, J. Norwood. S. Cohen. A. Walker, J. Brazile E- Morkmon, R. Cooper. L. Channell, R. Green. H. Jordan E- Miyamoto, S. Owens. W. Leee. K. Chapel. W. Swindell I T bee ' s league champs VA I Errol Markham smashes through Manual. Generals in action against H.P. Washington Bees run over Manual. 73 I .M BHSKETBRLL T. Sayles R. Cheeks Coach Jones R. Allan K. Davis N. Wilson W. Washington V. Greene R. Morris R. Morris J. Morris R. Harris unrsity W !- Ve ' -f j ' D.p, in n ' -: J. Thomas M. Harris R. Jennigs E. Davis L. Hicks R. Cambeli I . Arterberry Coach White L. Sherrod J. Robinson W. Reed A. Black W. Richard L. Jue CEB A. Givens T. Tousant D. Holefield M. Cambeli L. Shorten M. Jordan W. Washington Coach White R. Kozaki M. Villegas H. Franklin S. Cohen R. Tange i.u. B. Walker, L. Crawford, J. Tate, R. Williams, O. Morgan, F. Hardaway C. Beal. A. Shanks, L. May, M. Schuler, G. Hoxie, H. Bradley Allan, (stat). R., E. Parker, G. Brown, J. Kimmons, V. Crowell, G: Robinson, D: Kumamoto T. Louie ntoss rouiimv lEHCUE mnnips I Varsity R. York C. Tarry T. Cox T. Ellis D. Norris 1. Brown G. Kimbro . - ' T 1 l3 E M I P ' N ■ ' ' " . , 1 m ■ j 1 i r KL !9fer b.m ' Sd i - ' M P tT I J.V. M. Christian C Greer R. Aespuro J. Autry D. Poindexter A. Cruse E. Butler L. C Cohen B. Gilmore 10th Grade S. Carter , R. Ramos S. Ginyard C. Randolph F. Martin J. Lovelace V. Grant A. Jackson R. Layton W- Washington J. Hinkson M . uiiniER seniORS iw opposite page: The excited faces of the graduating class of Winter 1958. 78 IC m ti2iZiccA4 M [lass off kers William Dancy AI2 Class President Keren Nakajimo A12 Girls ' Vice-President William Price A12 Boys ' Vice-President v ; If If If, A12 STANDING COMMIHEE Top across: K. Tate H. Hudson T. Matsas D. Jones J. Yomaguchi J. Schnyder D. Saddler C Brown S. Barton C. Stegall J. Martin S. Speyer N. Peters S. Williams M. Demoff S. Erickson Middle: Y Jones E. Royes J. Troup B. Davis R. Blancs B. Terner W. Price D. Barker W. Dancy Eli D. Haaker K. Nakaiimo S. Jones Mr. Baker Bottom: D. Alpert C Yasunaga D. Kumamoto C Smith N. Gradney D. Blanchette C. Riley B. Orange A. McNeal M. Woods C Hotanoka C. Woo D. Lew Verticial; P. Dickerson L Amira R. Randall E. Lew B. Combell M. Bruse M. Kawachi K. Manning G. Johnson L. Hannoford E. Nowlin L. Pye R. Minor W. Okerman W Hunt L. Grossman K. Fletcher M. Markman I, •ST » ' G7 7i« ' I I .V . Eimnns ■ A Stephanie Jones A12 Senctor-At-Large Mr. Baker, Class Sponsor I Larry Steven Barton Patricia Ann Brown Marilyn Janice Bruce James Richard Cox Tyrone Cortez Hymes Deidre Diane Haaker Doris Shigeko Kumamoto Elizabeth Liu-Thin lew Morris Edward Miller Rochelle Randall Eddie Taylo Tamara White Sandra Thomas MA 2tM )avid Anthony Wilion Nalhani«l Eddi WiUon Carl Winston Kenneth Witte Douglas Lim Wong Morgarel Woods Wendy Woodworth la Von Worthham Jeanne Yomaguchi Carol Lou Yasunaga Ray Yborra Leonard Raul Zavala I M . EUTinns Karen Nakajima Ephebian Carol Lou Yasunaga Yvonne Renee Jones Sealbearer Ephebian Sealbearer Maurie Markman Sealbearer Ephebian Dale Provis Alpert Lydia Elaine Ringwald Sealbearer Ephebian Sealbearer I ATA IM ' B7 It Carol Hatanaka Ephebian Laura Matsas Doris Kumamoto Paulette Dickerson Sealbearer Sealbearer Ephebian Ephebian Mildred Kawachi Sealbearer Ephebian f HU HIIIU IIIES opposite page: Happy Huntsmen pose for photographers from the school drama " Birth of a Nation ' in 1932. Mmpus RIGHI ! You with the big . . . He ' in the ARMY now! .and strive to moke Washington a school you can be proud of. Kid D y Glenn Thom and Linda Quan, cutest couple. Fall Sadie brings out little kid in everybody I T(» mU PITIUITIES t Anybody know these bowl buddies? Victory! Washington s teann had the highest score of the season. John Condon, host on Scholorquiz. i The Homecoming Court of 1967, M r Carol Hatcnoka HOMECOMING QUEEN ViW la Dugie snows tneir stuff. Queen and her escort starts off the dance. Queen Carol Carol is crowned . I .V » HomErammc I Karen Nakajima MAID OF HONOR Juanita Jones SENIOR PRINCESS Marsha Hayes JUNIOR PRINESS Wendy Walker SOPHMORE PRINESS HEAD SONG AND CHEERLEADER Sandy Parr and Keith Miller 100 .. ' W i i»M i£.W■ ' ■ •. • Sue Douglas and Walter Williams l iVr Mildred Yang and Barry Barton I Joni Miller and Steve Barton .M . [HEERlEnDERI Carol Yasunago and Glenn Leggs Charlotte Jones and Kenny FletchL 101 sPBinc couE RnmEni opposite page: Student Council of 1955 makes faces at the camera 103 Paul Biagas Student Body Boys ' Vice-President Wanda Brown Student Body Girls ' Vice-President BIG HUE Brenda Hart Student Body Secretary S ' B7 Jean Ogata Student Body Treasurer James Blunt Student Body President Cabinet; S. Muldrew M. Joshua Parliamentarian Secretary W. Garner President F Means Sec. of Qual. Mo Top Row: G. J. Rozier R. James 3. Powed C. Childs F. Gayden Wade V. Gilkey R. McCall M. Doucette G. Truitt lower house Top Row: T. Louie J. York M. Martin V. Jackson P. Smith E. Acosta K. Turnbough M. Causley G. Wilson H. Fields Top Row: C. Thomas, I. Dixon G. Maxie, P. Hunter C. Washington S. Redden B. Broadway, C. Robinson C. Henry, V. Grayson M. Askew, D. Johnson R. Johnson, J. Mitchell R. Brown, R. Stewart 105 I M . CLASS OFFICERS ' k % I c 5 ' § ,l Im| H ' l ' V " , B ■ - H i:s|;«;::s w 11 ■ ' ' ' " SuSc ll K W . H p IflE Glen Alperl Tom Sayles Yolanda Hymes Jackie Minnis A1 1 CLASS OFFICERS Sidney Muldrow Margery Abrahomt William Garner Melindo Melton B] 1 SENATORS Marilyn Joshua Shelia Markmon Diana MortineHo Joy Keisor AID SENATORS BIO SENATORS 1 06 Regina McCall Valerie Jacksor Maurice Doucetfe Monica Martin GIRLS ' LEAGUE Top Row: Anna Kozaki, Joanne Conkrite, Wondo Capers, Brendo Evans, Ophelia Taylor, Arleen Mukoi Gail woo, Linda Quan, Mildred Yang, Jackie Taylor, Denise Knuckles I Javier Escobar Mildred Yang Agnes Manuel I.C.C. {. I Sylvia Franklin Joanie McLaughlin V I Reginald Johnson BOYS ' LEAGUE Jim DeBose Javier Escobar 107 Karmil Smith Saul Blair 3irl$ ' Student Service Vresident Boys ' Student Service President Connie Van .Brunt Manager of Publicity Willie Tucker Manager of Athletics Sandy Parr ariiamentorion Howard Besbris Connmissioner ot Social Activities Kris Uragami Secretary of Qualifications Linda Talerico Surveyor Editor-in-Chiet Phyllii Meihack A12 Class President James Robinson AI2 Boys Vice-President Barbara Washington A12 Girls Vice-President Clarence Davis A12 benaror-at-large Michael Sims BV Class President Dennis Kumamoto B12 Boys ' Vice-President Yolonda -Hurd B12 Girls ' Vice President Agnes Manuel l-CC President 108 Richard Yang Knight President Sue Douglas Lady President fir ' Tt 1 Rochelle Thompson Head Songleader Mildred Yang Girls ' League President Sidney Muldrow Band Major Jimmie DeBose Boys ' League President I ATi " , 5f UDEni tounm t Mr Waring Siodeni Council Sponsor M 109 SPBinC 5POBT5 opposite pa e: Generals enjoy the May of 1939 Playday by tossing horseshoes. no COCEIIERRUCO 112 " ■ t I 1» » i John Lau Richard Yang Greg Lawrence Chris Iwata ' m f f " P«5I f " " Ron Conkerite A. Hodess, S. Marsden, J. Tiao, H. Besbris, D. Langston Jr. Varsity D. Marion, T. Myose, N. Prieur, L. Lew C. Lew, A. Iwata, P. Williams, P. Jaoobs, S. Tskghira I .V » Tennis I ? Sheldon Cohen Gary Davis 113 SPRINTERS Hoir I Ti» nam I Jordan ,» l 4 ' f mks mt Puentes Smith HURDLERS Cohen .i Terry EL4J DISTANCE RUNNERS Cox Poindexter Harper fi r fi Mint km M F Tucker SHOT PUT Kvesie Davis POLE VAUIT Barber Duckett Allen BROAD JUMP Williams HIGH JUMP Guidry bee uarsitv Coach White, G. Thorn, R. King, R, Richardson, L. May, G. Hoxie, M. Lee, L Lyons, A Cuenrcis J. Stewart, W. Thomas, D. Lotson, W. Buford, J. Watkins, A. Walker, K. Brown. L. Channel, S. Blair jay uee " jm M jy LH fe %t SI KA . ' ' all " I ' H mmiSUHaiammi Coach Culler, H. Lynum, K. Jones, G. Brown, C . Fva.,i, J H, i ' i.ey, E. Kahle, H, Musgrov H. Fields, T. Henderson, G. Douglass, L. Thopson, S. Jones, L. Sherrod, B. Bowie, G- Davis, H. Hampton 119 W r f r I sT)f. BP5EBHU pnion I evHmKtits i WW Our top side horse man, G. Jue. Carter pushes for 4.0. Flowers negotiates a tough move on high bars. Colbert shows his form on parallel bars. 122 Robin Williams on long horse. Keith Miller on free exercise. Mitchell on the rings. T. Dean R. Williams M. Ellis J. M. Mitchell T. Williams L. Carter W. Robertson H. Colbert K. Miller J. Hasen P. Bryont A. Flcwei-i ' .V. s.c- ' d I Carter R. Daniels J. Thomas C. Arbry R. Salazar T. Louie D. Wong D. Endo G. Jue B. Colbert I. Alford A. Woods Coach O. Jones 123 Varsity Swimming B. Desirello, K. Johnson, J. Wesseling, P. Thornburg, G. Weldon, J. Clark K. Elder, C. McDaniel, C. Chandler, R Charles, L. Feldman uarsity ahead I m action! 124 C. Winesberry, D. Nemeth, J. Le Blanc, D. Clayton, H. Weldon F. Low, F. Henry, K. Ahrentzen, R. Birney M. Spaur, R. Lee, R. Tokunago W. Watson, J. Tarver, T. McMahan, K. Chapel, A. Jackcon R. Wong, D. Woo, B. Arzoian, J. Takamori 125 summER SEniOBS opposite page: Aeoma Schellhous was honored as Washington ' s first Ephebian in 1929 126 J » " • •.: ' •: r f ' , . f 127 Phyllis Meshack A12 Class President Barbara Washington A12 Girls Vice President James Robinson A12 Boys Vice President Loretta Woods Al 2 Class Secretary Agnes Manual Al 2 Class Treasurer 128 ' %:: J. Aanual J- Lee L. Molina B. Valentine D. Jackson r. Riggers K Smith H. Besbris J. Jones M. Kahle H. Bunn R Harris G. Leggs G. Smith r Morris M. Shanks J Benbo B. Carr j Cox L. Young - Taylor G. Morris j. Lawrence S. Cones G. Jamison B, Hart T. Minnis R Chin V. Frozier P. Nowlin L. Talorico S. Galindo W. Savant , ,„ , „ ,,, . • „,„„ , „ , . W. Lee L Woods B. Washmgton j Robinson G. Boswell P. Smith „ ., , , ,, , n • " hin P. Meshack A. Manual C. Davis B. Dabney J. Ogata J- Verreft S. Parr J. Witherspoon P. Washington I .V«» S ' B7 71« ' t I M . nnimBTB Clarence Davis A12 Senotorof-large I Mr. Vlachos 12Q recognition dov wr Ev ! 3 K E Jlm pSfl ' c mi: K Wkf J 1 yfc »j 1 m m M 1 W ' ■ ' r ' l-T 1 1 1 ■ - 130 Young Joon Bae Charles LeRoy Benford Maria Dolores Britene Paul Peter Biagos Raymondo J Buckn r Lawr«nc« ■ ' K M M k ' H k Eva Lopez Ceja Carmen Burfford B K £. . fl|| Wanda Lorraine Capers f B flF . HCT Ronald Loyd Carroll Beverly Renee Carr Daryl Edward Clark Sheldon Joseph Cohen Mayetter Crummie Michael D Aguilar Donald Eugene Dorris Doytanya Plagg Dwaiiw E. Giggant Powl E. Cowm«r Lily Avii Hamilton Eldridge Norman Henry Marsha lynn Jackson B«mi« P. Jonct, IV Cheryl Anne Koelling Pamela Sandra Lara Mory Ehzaberti Lynum L Marilyn Martiiwlle Jo«tta Malone La Mar A. Lyons Jib im ' P H 1 . fl Lawrence Carolyn Ra» Marchonta {f | K KL- H | K Norma 1 K b - Judy Ann McGii Robert K nn«lh Mann Ruby Miyuki Matsuda Diane Delores McCro William Martdon Cythio McKinney imlm lr«n« M«tend«z Richard G. MorrisMy Margaret Arvi Parker Beverly Ann Porter Renny Puentes Ronald Robtnson Muriel Delores Shanks Glendo Sharon Smith Teresa Takamorl Shirley Ann Sparks Lothell Thompson Judifh Anne Thomos Claud n« Tillman Mario Jose Villegas Willie Tucker ■9% ' 1 .- Lester Vanzant | M Brian Edwin Wagner Laura Yuki Tokunaga Franzetta Williami Evelyn Ruth Walter William Whit Linda Verdoll Young Loretta Regina Wood Phyllis Meshack E Suzanne Watanabe William Marsden h mJL A Jean Ogata Chris Iwata Charlene Hartsfield ES I sie. Constance Van Brunt EPHEBIRnS nnP SEHIBEPRERS I David Smith SPRinCJCIIUITIES opposite pa e: Daisey Mae ropes her mate to the marriage booth in the Spring oi 1956. 153 r F SSF ' ( 1 spRinc onniEs I .M . Mmpus VA i A 156 157 ■ imkttt Lt,t,kLi 1C% 159 ■.k MAURICE . ' . .YDI .uAwYl TRiSH r r - . irjr HI mi. . 1 . i 4 4 m ■A A r ' . I« • V ' v h - : Tf, = -j

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