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W L9 af? Q W A 'W ff? W yggwik Q! ff W V35 W M L W wj W EVM wwf? continental please fc fc e nofe! published by , L ,, 1 :PW , .1 fx X .Q 4' - 14 X 1 . , 1 X, X X , , X, ,V xx A -Y .Qu - Q- - ' Q' . '. 4 N N X' X ' f K x , X , K., - X ' X ff . x I, , f ,7,,i ,. If . Y f, , Y, fir ' ,fr 4 5 ff- :vim -4 'W 1 ,1 f" , if I , I, f I I ,7 .f -r PW . .Q 5 K ft, t..w,..nve,,.,:.-N-fqwrfw 4, Hanan ,kms gill' :'.'Q ...fcvf Wm? W of 1 1' W I vm' M L- ,,,::,, F ai ' KW 555' 1. ru lv- 3 .. Q 3 nw . ,..,., K K B J' I , 4 gil foreword A phrase we might hear at any time or on any occasion is please take note. It fits many situations and is used to bring our attention d i r e c t l y upon something by the repetition of words or the use of pictures. The Continental 1957 wishes to direct all eyes upon the noteworthy objects and incidents around and within Washington. The theme is easy, for our school has much to be proud of: handsome buildings, beautiful grounds, a wonderful social as well as educational program, and many actively interested students. We hope that you will open your eyes and really take note of our Washington for the first time as you turn each page. - .sh M . 4 F my li xxx ' lx m si' LN' ,Q Xwq f J Mfr- . in administration government classes organizations athleties honors seniors ifbfts CJ mmlsfrohon IO While iudging the cake baking contest held to recognize Girls' Day in the Home, Miss Jenkins samples a masterpiece. the Faculty' guides us in gaining knowledge linary arts. PRINCIPALS-George Wash- ington is recognized as one of the finest high schools in Southern California. Much of the credit is due to its out- standing faculty. Heading our faculty is Dr. Paul Fisher, prin- cipal. A principalship of a school as large as Washington is not an easy position for it holds many challenging re- sponsibilities. As principal, Dr. Fisher is able to have close contact with the Cherrytree Generals and enioys his work. Sharing executive positions with Dr. Fisher are Miss Mar- garet McKee, Girls' Vice Prin- cipal, and Mr. Wilson Jordan, Boys' Vice Principal. The stu- dents like and respect our principals and are happy to follow and learn democracy in the making. Washington faculty gatherings have a gay and friendly atmosphere. W 'Wh If I Q VW A Q .. 'A .,., ,g M. MR. WILSON JORDAN MISS MARGARET McKEE DR. PAUL FISHER Boys' Vice Principal Girls' Vice Principal Principal w dit EVA L. ANDREWS Librarian CHRIS T. CARAS Work Experience HAROLD J. COOGAN Sludenl Activities GLENN B. COY Aihleiics DAVID H. LYMAN Allendonce CATHERINE MADVIG English ESTHER NEUMEYER Conlinuaiion NORMAN A. NOONAN Audio-Visual RAY B. POTTER Science MURIEL SESSIONS Guidance DANIEL SIEMENS Business Educalinn LUCILLE E. SYLVA Heclih s HQ.-.-e.c. , . SECRETARIES-Rowl Mrs Thomsen Library Mrs Crumnne Counselors Offrce Mrs Fields Counselors Office Row 2: Miss Graff Attendance Office Mrs Person Aftendowce Office Mrs Ross Principals Office Mrs Allan Principals Office Mrs Keeney Vice Prrcnupals Office 1"'1.. ' ...Ti-""-AQ-jig.- HAROLD W. AXE High School Malh VIOLA L. BENTLEY Plone Geometry MARGARET S. CUNNINGHAM Algebra LEONARD DORN Basic Moth ROBERT L. HAWTHORNE Plone Geometry HENRY A. JOHNSON Deporimeni Chairman FRANCIS L. LAWYER Algebra ROBERT C. MCLEAN, JR. Geometry T. CHESTER PRITCHARD Basic Math JAMES E. WADE High School Math CALVIN R. BENEFIEL Aeronuulics ESTELLE Y. DURCH Physiology WILLIAM A. COLE Chemistry GLENN B. COY Life Science G. WILLIAM GINO Life Science MARGARET FRAGA Snhool Nurse MARY M. KELLEY Life Science THEODORE C. LOSEY Life Science ' EARDLEY B. MADSEN Chemistry JAMES D. MOFFAT XM!" 3 fl"f Agriculture " "L f' NORMAN A. NOONAN Life Science RAY B. POTTER Physics A' ICE S, SEGAL Life Stience HELEN SPEARS Physiology ARABELLA WILLIAMS Life S:ience DEPARTMENTS OF SCI- ENCE AND MATHEMA- TICS-In order to prepare forthe hnure each wu- dent must have a well- rounded education. Every deparnnent helps rnake classes more interesting torstudents.AAL Ray Por terheadsthe Sdence De- parwnenp offering lHe sdence,physkMogy,chenv why and phyycs The Mathematics Department, led by AAL llonry John- son, ofters Imasic, high schooh and soniorrnath, algebra, anci geonweny, progressing to trigonom- etry and solid geometry. K 1 f- -"'A 'I .ff .'-Lffclrlj 'x..,ftL f' L ,-, f . f , 5 7-.f!lI4lC7fZ1C K1 cf fdgly- CN-'LJ ,, C, Q Q ,r ,Ja fc.-f psi. ::'.- 1 A "ez, 'N VICTOR AERTKER United Satex History JAMES A. ALLEN Senior Problems DALE A. BJELLAND American Government HAROLD J. COOGAN Leadership RUBY DAVIS Senior Problems VERNON P. DUNCAN American Government ENID ELSER World Atlairs ELLSWORTH FROGGATT United Sates History DOROTHY HERTZOG United Sales History ABRAHAM H. HERZEL United States History EVA G. HODGENS European History MARY M. KELLEY Senior Problems CHARLES A, MILLER Senior Problems PRESTON A. RICHMOND Department Chairman RICHARD H. TRUXTON United States History ls. WW' A r SOCIAL STUDIES, ENGLISH, AND LANGUAGE DEPARTMENTS-Guiding and instructing the students of Washington, teachers are faced with o problem if they are to do a good job. Teachers pass on ideas and form into the minds of the students the attitudes they will have in the future. In the English department several elective courses are offered, They are in journalism, liter- ature, and speech. Generalvilles social studies department, headed by Mr. Preston Richmond, is one of the largest departments. History of our American nation and many other foreign countries is taught in the social studies classes. The language teachers take students to foreign countries by teaching foreign customs and backgrounds. The three languages taught are French, Latin, and Spanish. Our beautiful library supplies a peaceful place for study and is equipped to fill every scholarly need. IVA V. ADKINS Public Speaking SYLVIA FICHMAN English URANIA GARNER English JESSIE J. GILL American literature JUELLE M. HEATON Advanced Composition GLENN JOHNSON Senior Review MELVICE I. KNAPP Advanced Composition ELIZABETH MACKINNON Shakespeare CATHERINE MADVIG Department Chairman RHODA PARKILI. English IUCILE PILLSBURY Continental HEI EN H, SAWYER English IOUIS A. SODERBERG Surveyor MURIEL SPELLISEY English .IENNINGS R. TURNER American Literature GLENN C. WILSON Senior Review NOT PICTURED We GAYLE SAUNDERS English MMWN mfg VX SN WW' I MW AMPA -, Vcliff fl ll Wd 9 Mp V g,Slffq4Mjg'l,4My'3fj?WQ Bob Phelps and Alice Rosene help to enliven a gay performan e while other Spanish students look on. RICHARD G. ESTES Spanish JOAQUIN FRATERS Department Chairman CLARA GRILLO French REBECCA REECE Spanish MARIE L. REGNIER French ELIZABETH TALLIS Latin HENRY R. TIRADO Spanish MUSIC AND ART DEPARTMENTS- i'You're not together, Try again." As the director speaks, silence talls and students respond as one. Besides bancl, orchestra and A Cappella, the music department otters small chorus- es, harmony, music appreciation, and oven piano and organ to fortunate Conercils. Talented art students, vvlto design costumes and scenery and makes posters tor publicity, ably as- sist music groups in the Spring Re- vievv. Other classes otter exploration of various types ot art and art crafts, or special study in one phase ot the 3':l'wlffct, WILFRED .I. ABBOTT Orchestra MARY DAVISE Department Chairman CHARLES R. EDWARDS land JUNE NICCONLOGUE A Cappella Chair TERESA WERMINGHAUS N1 VIRGINIA BLADHOLM Department Chairman EDITH HARRIS Art Craft KATHRYN C. HAZELL E' Life Drawing ANN MACFADDEN Advertising .Art Art Craft 'fu INDUSTRIAL ARTS, HOME ECONOM- ICS, AND BUSINESS EDUCATION DE- PARTMENTS-To interest boys in in- dustrial vocations is the main obiective ot the Industrial Arts Department. The boys receive 900-1200 work training hours, l-lomemaking is the most im- portant career a girl can have, and training girls for the home is the pur- pose ot the Home Economics Depart- ment. By giving classes in business law and clerical techniques, the Busi- ness Education Department prepares students tor the business world. "Doc" Burnett and Art Kennedy prepare to set type. of Ly 5 FRANCES 0, BLAIR Shorlhand CHRIS T. CARAS Bookkeeping HAZELL C. COLE Bookkeeping LAURENCE T. DOBYNS Bookkeeping JANE C. FITZPATRICK Transrription EARLYNE GERSHON Typing JAMES R. MADDEN Business Law ETHEL OVERFIELD Shorthand HARRY B. PLANT, JR. Business Machines HELEN I. ROLLINS Transcription DANIEL SIEMENS Department Chairman HELEN TAYLOR TYPi"9 HELEN VAN BUSKIRK Businus English FREEMAN C. BALES Wood Shop RUSSELL A. BURNETT Printing-Linotyping FRED R. DOBRIC Arthiteclural Drafting ROBERT C. GILLILAND Electricity OTTO W. QUISTORFF Mechanical Drafting ARTHUR E. SUMMONS Department Chairman ORVILLE B. YORK Auto Mechanics MARY CRUMPACKER Department Chairman AGNES I. JENKINS Nutrition MARY F. MCKENNA Hostess and Catering ESTHER NEUMEYER Counseling KAY RYAN Nutrition DOROTHY SWOPE Vocational Dreumaking BLANCHE WILLIAMS Clothing if ff lru'!ll Cy l 5fc'0f5!-L'-'li' f f-f 1-" FH, X ' L, 5:.XN.v .9 qmmv' ig- With safe driving our first consideration, we learn to give and get the most from our cars. JOSEPH S. BARRY Field and Track JUANITA CABLE Advanced Dance KATHERINE CHASE Team Sports JAMES COKAS Gymnastics WILLIAM CULLER Department Chairman CAROL DESSER Team Sports LEW J. DUNNING Tennis GENEVA G. GARY Archery PAULINE HOWELL Badminton ALLIE JOHNSON Tennis THOMAS F. MCCULLOUGH we A Swimming t MN WILLIAM D, POTHOFF Track and Field GENEVAH SHARPLES W' Drum and Bugle NANCY STUART Advanced Dance S' Drum and Bugle LUCILLE E. SYLVA Department Chairman ROBERT E. WHITE Boys' Corrective CHARLES K. ARMSTRONG Driver Training JAMES G. CROSBY Driver Education STANLEY M. CUNDIFF Driver Education HARRY W. STONE Driver Training DRIVERS' EDUCATION AND PHYSICAL EDUCA- TION DEPARTMENTS- Every student at Wash- ington is required to take drivers' education. By viewing movies and tak- ing various kinds ot tests, students learn the basic safety techniques. Anoth- er important division in the school program is our physical education de- partment. Everyone is given a chance to partici- pate in the physical edu- cation program through classes such as archery, tennis, and swimming. , I Q QW F s at 1 BOB BROOKS EARL RICE i CARQL l-OSEY Boys' Vice President Student Body President Girls' Vice President campus leaders improve washington high JOYCE BIRK Secretary PAT OSBORN Treasurer .IACKIE COLE Girls' League President DENNIS BUIER Boys' League President JUDY ESENSTEN Secretary of Qualifications MARY MISSAKIAN Commissioner of Health and Safety JANIS BIRK Manager of Publicity RAY COOPER Manager of Athletics MARY ALU Commissioner of Social Activities NANCY RITTER Lady President RONNIE LUDLOW Knight President PICHARD SCHULMAN Scholarship President ,nu Y-9 L 'Z' I 6, F, N WINTER STUDENT CO U N C I L- Rapping his gavel sharply, Earl Rice, Student Body President, called his Cabinet and the Sen- ate in session to begin a busy se- mester of legislation. Councils first official act was the BIO ori- entation assembly which ac- quainted new students with Washington. The school exchange aud promoted sportsmanship and spirit. With the help of the Art Department, Council created the lively figure of Washington George to represent virtue and oppose the lazy Louws in every way. Council amended the con- stitution giving its adviser, Mr. l-larold Coogan, the veto power. Washington students are proud ot the tact that their govern- ment represents a democracy at work. COLLEEN MCKAY Girls' Student Service President BOB 0'CALLAGHAN Boys' Student Service President PHYLLIS EGGEN Senior Judge KAY BLODGETT Continental Editor JEWEL RICE Surveyor Editor JOYCE CLUBB .lunior Judge PAT POSITO Inter-Club Council President RONNIE GRAFF CASC Representative BOB JONES Head Cheerleader JOEL WACHS AI2 President GWEN LITTLEWORTH AI2 Girls' Vice President PAT DIBIASE LARRY VACIRCA B12 President JEANETTE STEWART B12 Girls' Vice President DON VINE B12 Boys' Vice President SHEILA PETTY B12 Senator-at-Large A12 Senator-at-La rge DAVE VAN HOOREBEKE All President KATHY PELL All Girls' Vice President JIM ANGELOS All Boys' Vice President MARY LINK All Senator-at-Large MIKE COONIS B11 Senator ISABEL FUNARO BII Senator BOB DECKARD B11 Senator JUDY NELSON BI I Senator DAN CONNELL A10 Senator JUDY FAULKNER A10 Senator DENNIS SPRINGER A10 Senator AUDREY YOUNG A10 Senator ANDY DAMICO BIO Senator SANDY CONTOPULOS B10 Senator GILBERT GARCETTI B10 Senator PRISCILLA MCKAY BI 0 Senator 21 PAT POSITO Inter-Club Council President WINTER INTER-CLUB COUNCIL-To Co- ordinote oll on-compus clubs ond their octivities is the king-size iob ot the lnter-Club Council. Ably led by Pot Posito, the council formed mony com- mittees to do such Things os seeing thot oll the clubs hcxve on specific pur- pose ond duty to perform, filing o con- stitution ot eoch club with ICC, ond helping clubs with ony problems they moy hove. It wos olso the councils duty to ploce oll clubs in o bungolow thot formerly met in the buildings to lessen confusion ot noon. In '57, cr new policy wos undertoken ond ICC wos represented in Student Council by the president. Mr. Jomes Allen sponsors the council. The ICC wos in chorge ot ossigning Sports Nights to the clubs thot wished to sponsor them. school duties ore performed cheerfully JM, WINTER INTER CLUB COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVES-Row 1: P. Posito, Fritsche, Richison, Mr, Allen, sponsor. Row 2: Brungctrdt, Condon A Posito Brady Snider Arnoelsteen. Row 3: Jue, Loveless, Forsen, Gutierrez, Love, Schulman, Green, Owens, DeCostro, Cosello WINTER STUDENT SERVICE PRESI- DENTS-The horn blows aT T2:5O! STu- denTs never run lor shelTer 'lor They know iT's Colleen McKay and Bob O'Callaghan blowing The air horn To warn us ThaT The campus was judged dirTy, and iT's up To us To clean iT. Colleen and Bob walk around campus judging Their rcspecTive areas eiTher clean or dirTy. AfTer The areas are iudged, Colleen, Bob, and Mr. H. Coogan decide The final ouTcome. STU- denT Service PresidenTs were noT only in charge of The clean campus pro- gram, buT also of obTaining plaques Tor campus clubs and medallions Tor sTudenT council. They also helped WiTh The plans Tor The new sTudenT council room which WashingTon should have by W'58. WiTh The help of Bob and Colleen our campus is usually neaT and clean. WINTER STUDENT HEALTH COMMITTEE-Missakian, ConTopulos, Graff, Link, Miss Sylvc, adviser Mrs. Fraga, nurse, PosiTo. COLLEEN MCKAY and BOB O'CALLAGHAN Girls' and Boys' Student Service Presidents WINTER HEALTH COMMITTEE -Every Monday during noon a friendly Teacher, Miss Lucille Sylva, wiTh Tour sTudenTs Tiles inTo The Girls' Gym classroom. The Tour sTudenTs are Mary Missakian, The Commissioner of HealTh and SaTeTy, and her commiTTee-Ronnie Graff, Mary Link, and Pat Posito. To promoTe beTTer healTh and saTeTy habiTs among The stu- denTs is The purpose of The CcmmiTTee. This group sup- porTed oTher successful service acTiviTies last semesTer which included SaTeTy Week and PosTure Week. During boTh of These campaign weeks many posTers decorafed The school and many articles were writ- Ten in The school paper re- minding us To be careTul and waTch our posfure. QW GIRLS LEAGUE SCHOOL COMMITTEE-Row I: J, Esensten, Englund, Eisenstadt, Braun, Gall, Landee Bernst Losey. Row 2: Nordin, Charpenrier, Rae, Clubb, Blodgett, Gregory, Posito, Peterson. Row 3 W Esensten, Denenny, Dorsey, Cote, Tell, Nocas, Porter, Wisnoski, Hopper. GIRLS' LEAGUE SCHOOL COM- MITTEE-Under the leadership and guidance of Judy Gall and Sandy Nightingale, School Committee had another suc- cessful year. Decorating and serving tor league activities is the main purpose of the Com- mittee. The most exciting event tor Washington Marthas is the Sadie l-lavvkins' dance when each girl grabs her Lil' Abner and drags him to Dogpatch. lt is even more exciting to par- ticipate in the actual planning ot the Sadie as every girl in School Committee will agree. To become a member of the Committee, one must have ar- tistic ability, be willing to work, and have previous art experience. league events br ng us closer together -Q' if ABQ ,,,,,,...,...........-.0-mf we-it 31 it same ' re gime 3,8 WINTER GIRLS' LEAGUE CABINET-Row I: Bennett, Cole, Tarmo, Taylor. Row 2: Condon, Englund, Pomaville, Mulconery, Snider, Cronshaw. I .f B Q E iw JACKIE COLE and DENNIS BUJER Girls' and Boys' League Presidents Rx. WINTER BOYS' AND GIRLS' LEAGUE- Under the direction of Jackie Cole and Dennis Buier, Winter Girls' and Boys' Lea- gue Presidents, the Leagues presented the Big and Little Sister Party honoring all BI O's and all other girls new to Wash- ington, the installation assembly, fash- ion show, inspirational and sports as- semblies, the panel discussion by Senior A boys and girls on teen-age problems, and of course, the Sadie Hawkins' Dance. As always, the entire cabinets did ci good iob. Winter semester sponsors were Mrs. Chase and Mr. Dunning. There were chairmanships such as Friendship, Ser- vice, Social, Publicity, Better Grooming, Finance, and Hospitality. Girls' League and Boys' League representatives were elected from second period classes and met to discuss future activities. The con- stant aim of the Leagues is to preserve and beautify our school, to support and encourage all activities that support the best interests of Washington, and most of all, to further the spirit ot good fellow- ship and democracy. WINTER BOYS' LEAGUE CABINET-Forsyth, Buier, Davis, Bryarly, I 5 glgli x , ,p Q A Ly gg' was 3' QE' if t h' '. bznv 1 q , vii! , - Q.. Q 'Q' a afifzf 1 K' U 1. 3 WL 4 sgIf3 R K 1 Y l i r V y iw V K o. G .5 Q: 1 1xZ,g'SQ5 X jwimk L u. Lv Iilfit! 'g:......g .Lfallifp fglxlig xiii 4 . gf? Gif fl L A K ,-M Q fi r Qs i k A? 1 wlkzgi K S x I . R .H Mk is . Sl' 3 fs ,:, 'F Q? - Mix fi? are X v 'View .JL 5 gi if 1 m If T' achievements leocl to fulfilled pleclge M 'WJ A 4-J' 4-3:-4 v lfxuwwm lpn-. og, A' :M Q'-1' v--L", '- "1 il .J 'M if Q'fmi'W:. .N M' jim, C' Andy , fwf -fer ia? is 3 1,335 -gi " - . ,ji 1, . .. .sfv-ilu ff: sedan .,4,,Wf:f2.,-in '?' LOUWS and WASHINGTON GEORGE are reconciled for the moment in their battle between good and evil. 27 COLLEEN MCKAY BOB O'CALLAGHAN LARRY VACIRCA Girls Vice President Student Body President Boys Vice President student LINDA NORDIN Secretary .IANICE LANDEE Treasurer JUDIE GARWOOD Girls' League President JIMMY ANGELOS Boys' Leag ue President ELEANOR GUTIERREZ Secretary of Qualifications CAROL OLIVADOTI Commissioner of Health and Safety VIC HOLCHAK Manager of Publicity WALT BIRCH Manager of Athletics MARY LINK Commissioner of Social Activities JACKIE COLE Lady President JADINE JUE Scholarship President RICH SCHULMAN Knight President council is democracy at work Ps Q. 3412- ,seygmv SUMMER STUDENT COUNCIL- Govel in hond ond with The To- milior words, "Will The meeting come To order," Bob O'Colloghcin opens The doily session of STu- denT Council. Here, sTudenTs plon The school's ocTiviTies. Sponsored by Mr. H. Coogcin, The forty-nine members plon donces such os The "Leprechaun Leap" ond The "Heartbeat Hop". Printed cord Tongs promoting school spirit ond reolding UJOLT JEFF" or UMAS- SACRE MANUAL", originoited in The minds of Council members. STudenT Council is proud of The new medollions ThoT ecich mem- ber is vveoring Tor The first Time ot Woshington. The hord work of Council members is omply re- worded by The enthusiastic re- sponse of The student body. 'l KATHY PELL Girls' Student Service President DAVE VAN HOOREBEKE Boys' Student Service President JOYCE CLUBB Senior Judge KAY BLODGETT Continental Editor JEWEL RICE Surveyor Editor JUDY BENNETT Junior Judge PAT POSITO Inter-Club Council President RONNIE GRAFF CASC Representative WILLIE DAVALOS Head Cheerleader JEANNETTE STEWART A12 President SHEILA PETTY A12 Girls' Vice President DON VINE A12 Boys' Vice President' RICH CROWTHER A12 Senator-at-large RONNIE LEJUWAAN B12 President ANNETTE TARMO B12 Girls' Vice President WILMER GARCIA B12 Boys' Vice President CHRISTY CAMPBELL B12 Senator-at-Large BOB DECKARD A11 President JUDY NELSON A11 Girls' Vice President BILI. MILLS A11 Boys' Vice President ISABEL FUNARO A11 Senator-at-Large EUGENE BERG B11 Senator DEANNA BURCH B11 Senator DAN CONNELL B11 Senator JOYCE MALLON B11 Senator DALE MOFFATT A10 Senator IRENE ALEXANDER A10 Senator ALLEN SAYRE-SMITH A10 Senator THEA SADOWSKI A10 Senator ROGER FIDERIO B10 Senator VIRGINIA PHILLIPS B10 Senator MIKE ALGER B10 Senator DIANE CASTANO B10 Senator 29 PAT POSITO Inter-Club Council President SUMMER INTER-CLUB COUNCIL- Please take note! A reorganization proiect is under way. Since February, i957 Inter-Club Council representa' tives are club presidents rather than a member elected to this position from each club. The purpose of ICC is to co-ordinate all on-campus clubs and their activities. This iob is ably carried out under the direction of Pat Posito and the sponsorship ot Mr. James Allen. ICC gives each club a service to pertorm, provides bungalows for each club to meet in, and attempts to solve club problems. Fun-filled Sports Nights are also a major part of the Inter-Club Council program. Every Friday noon finds all club prexies working together to promote a diver- sitied social-service program tor Washingtons many organizations. club presidents make their presence felt . ' Nightingale, Posito, Jue ER INTER-CLUB COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVES-Row 1. Brady, Gutierrez, Loveless, Huffman, .Forsen, . - glg,llllMNOlOn, Row 2, Blgdgetfl Salvinger, Arnaelsteen, Cole, Fritsche, Hughlett, Wisnoski, Sparkes, Bierschenk, Aichele. Row 3: Lidcll Nevvson, Smith, Kudell, Mr. Allen, SPOUSOVJ Af"Qel0S, Deovlet, Mille - SUMMER STUDENT SERVICE PRESI- DENTS-Clean Campus Program is a daily duty for Student Service Presi- dents, Kathleen Pell and Dave Van Hoorebeke. Students who see a sloppy character, dresed in faded overalls roaming Cherrytree Campus, have probably seen and are aware of Washingtons LOUWS. The LOUWS is characteristic of dirty campus. During noon, the campus undergoes inspec- tion and is judged by Student Service Presidents and BIO Senators with Mr. Harold Coogan's aid. When the carn- pus is clean three days out of tive, stu- dents recieve a twenty minute bonus on Friday. However, when Generals follow the example ot the lazy, ob- stinate, useless, Washington student, better known as the LOUWS, every- one is penalized ten minutes at the end ot the dciy. Student Health Committee members look on as Mrs. Fraga goes about her daily tasks. DAVE VAN HOOREBEKE and KATHY PELL Boys' and Girls' Student Service Presidents SUMMER HEALTH COMMITTEE -"Was it bad?" "No, not at all, I hardly noticed it." Though it sounds like the dis- cussion of o test, these Gener- als are really talking about polio shots. Two tree shots were made available to each Washington student and teacher. The first week of March was denoted Dental Health Week to make Wash- ingtonians aware of the ne- cessity tor sound teeth. The Student Health Committee is composed ot the Commission- er of Health and Satety, Carol Olivadoti, and tour other Stu- dent Council members. Every Monday noon tinds the tive with Miss Lucille Sylva, Health Co-ordinator, busily planning ways to promote better health and safety among all Generals. Lots of Support and hard work by the boys helped make this auto show a big success. AUTO SHOW-lune is the month that every boy at Washington awaits. It is not only the month when our summer vaca- tion begins but also the month for the Auto Show. This year almost every cor entered featured the popular "rake" some- times referred to as the "California Tilt." Many of the street Coupes had large displacement ene gines. Fine laquer paint iobs and varying types of upholstery were tea- tured. Most of the cars displayed pin-striping. lt was a great show for '57 engineered loy the Boys' League. we work for general enioyment 1 SUMMER BOYS' LEAGUE CABINET-Seal, Arnold, Angelos, Davis, 'I JIM ANGELOS and JUDIE GARWOOD Boys' and Girls' League Presidents --. we-na., SUMMER GIRLS' AND BOYS' LEAGUE- Under the capable leadership of Presi- dents Judie Garwood and Jimmy Ange- los, the Girls' and Boys' Leagues got ofi to a fine start for summer '57, The Girls' League presents the Big and Little Sister Party for the BlO's and girls new to the school and plans the many exciting do- ings for Girls' Week and Cotton Day. Each month to emphasize the importance of good grooming, the better grooming committee chooses the "best groomed girl," takes her from her first period class and presents a corsage to her. Boys' Lea- gue plans the varied athletic tourna' ments, an auto show, and the "Mr. Washington" Contest. One assembly, new and different, sponsored this year was a men and boys' fashion show given by Desmonds. Students of Washington were models. These proiects are labeled, "For Men Only!" The Boys' League and the Girls' League together plan that ex- citing dance set in Dogpatch perhaps better known to one and all as the Sadie, where the Daisies hook the Abners. SUMMER GIRLS' LEAGUE CABINET-Row 1: Carl, Nightingale, Garwood, Taylor, Esensten, Young. Row 2: Ransom, Dulgaricin, Willis, Justice, Faulkner, Tarmo. , Q ' ff :az if 6 , , 1 -fi ' . A . .MN ' L' I , A 9 "2L,Q1?'yf ' W C':,mf:gv? ,. -LW-'41 p 5 li , ,kifw MW 'm'y,,,f our most important people make up the I classes i TENTH GRADE-Row 1: Granville, Pearsall, Parker, Woods, Dodge, Field, Martin, DeBerry, Kelsey, Lichtenberger Dearman, Nickels, Lux, Benning, Lockhart, Searls, Pew. Row 2: Merrill, Morris, Sciortino, Day, Almind, Saathott Moran, Tortorici, Wiley, Yanez, Riel, Stevens. Row 3: Smith, Gould, Haxton, Gerriepy, Hague, M. Tell, P. Tell, Evans Gutierrez, Mercurio, Birkitt, Zessau, Stoner, Rech, Springer, Gentry, DuFrene, Williams. TENTH GRADE-lTopl Row I: Chorley, Witte, Benoit, Ryder, McLaurin, Masheeco, Switzer, Ingram, Newman, Burdick Parral, Triveri, Hendershot, Horsian, Peters, Estes, Salazar. Row 2: Burggrabe, Goranson, Camky, Clem, Beecher Vanderkilt, Wood, Kennedy, Anderson, Rabgao, Schiro, Dillow. Row 3: Ure, Oswald, Stewart, Medley, Wright, Mora Grones, Thomann, DiCenso, Moroney, Anderson, Rhoden, Gerum, Folland, Pulcini, Gates, Schlieper, Circo, Branson Potter, Eide, Riant. TENTH GRADE-lBottoml Row I: Reynolds, Roberts, Swanson, Wilkie, Bowman, Leinart, Specht, Blankenship Sadowski, Kohtz, Periada, Medina, Taylor, Nievez, Reichert, Francis, Harrison. Row 2: Ray, Rivero, Johnson, Helms David, Peterson, Ciero, Bandy, Hunt, Sanders, Sirus, Douglass, Bua, Bremm. Row 3: Minning, Ehrhardt, Smith, Wood Osborn, Waite, Beniamin, Schwarzenbach, MacKenzie, Sauer, Naigle, Stella, Habicht, Melnik, Dorius Sayre-Smith Sharp. Row 4: Coleman, Sweet, Parker, Rickett, Fassbinder, Gonzales, Chapparo, Anderson, Strasnider,IBerrios, Park Thomas, Castle, Henderson, Berry, West. 'Af it-dl 1 Coady, Hant, Davies, Swiggett, Furniss, Silben, Van Dusen, Oben, Ziegler, Schmuck, TENTH GRADE-lTopl Row 1: TENTH GRADE-Row 1: Samuelson, Lynn, Lundberg, Anderson, Rogholt, Rosie, Hoffman, Aichele, Alexander Casstevens, Summers, Speer, Bestland, Johnsen, Culp, Requa, Bettis, Howe. Row 2: Lockhart, Treece, Lindholm Grove, Samborn, Taylor, Dillow, Gesner, Vannatta, Peterson, Kurtz, MacCowan, McCormick, Baldwin, Carnes Walden, Berry, Vaughn, Black, McDonald, Ivey, Giroux, Olsson. Row 3: Dickson, Warren, Bershak, Ziesenhenne Adams, Reinke, Knights, Reckenbach, Krueger, Hendrex, DJnkerly, Garcetti, McMillion, Budman, DeVilbiss, Holley Arnold, Demigh, Cerciello, Buelna, Damico, Maldonado, Gardner, Saylor. Row 4: Willoughby, Hernandez, Ziroli Smith, Winden, Snyder, Snider, Craft, Walker, Colombo, Maier, Keegan, Hendrickson, Garcia, Morgan, Fenderson Sylvest. Radin, Bottger, Odenbrett, Taylor, Somra, Leonard, Poore, DeCosta. Row 2: Ringwood, Morris, Salas, Flipp, Quik, Willingham, McMullen, Fuller, Brown, Ledbetter, Sternberg, Graff, Dynes, Mistretta, Clendenen, Foster, Stoter, Hoey, Thomas, Hobbs. Row 3: lttner, Shaw, Ready, Priebe, Kleinberg, Jelly, Hoffman, Oates, Ward, Hemmelgarn, Brockmeier, Kenny, Phillips, McCloskey, Allensworth, Ravencrott, Pirrin, Russo, Koch, Row 4: Hunter, Cassel, Alvey, Kidder, Vallone, Evans, Earnest, Trager, Ketcham, Arnold, Lee, Burleigh, Mosier, Gates, McKowen, Wilson, Harris, Franchimone, Fryatt, Doyle, Roop, Snook. TENTH GRADE-lBottoml Row 1: Eddy, Flores, Hussey, Hutton, Galuppo, Mercurio, Depp, Pasko, Chernotf, Legman, Steinberg, Scharitz, Hankins, Morse, Mower, Rico, Rhoades. Row 2: Miller, Madvig, Newell, Weaver, Wall, Kudell, Circelli, Bogan, Morgan, Rogers, Leubke, Johnson, Martin, Mclilhose, Glossop, Zamok, Vermeylen. Row 3: Parker, Keeler, Bradford, Arranaga, Rice, Galindo, Sabella, Grams, White, Woodworth, Prisby, Ulman, Moffett, Hamilton, Payne, Fixa. Row 4: Smith, Morfin, Bloemers, Risola, Howell, Policher, Tracy, Dickens, Piligian, Barr, Strasser, Linderman, Fenske, Kern, Porter, Kott, Rainey. his gist! . ,.-- ,...- ,,... ,i. , ,-1 Q -- q-1 rn f- gnu- in 5--v-g wg, ....,..........s..,-................,.................-- s,...-:...,,.. , .. L, - H .YA ,W W k Y, , ,A , Y, ,g,,E,,,, .-. Q - A , - Q ik. iv Q IQ A., .. TENTH GRADE-lTopl Row 1: Seelye, Pickrell, Helvey, Macheck, Young, Mestaz, Hetzel, Blore, Guzman, Gonzalez Codon, Sereno, Daniel, Wright, Ruppel, Svetlick, Carlile, Kernis. Row 2: Witherspoon, Taylor, Williams, Powell Luckenbach, Dreyer, White, Dale, Price, Ball, Zeiner, Mastroluca, Hicks, Matthes, Vesely, Huller, Mullins, Malone Medina, Valeios. Row 3: Shoemaker, Alling, Rosenblum, Lee, Lancaster, Hester, McCarty, Stahl, Ragazzo, Green, Bell Davis, Canfield, Hopkins, Cheke, Finn, Saenz, Pendleton, Brauns, Schaad, Martin, Hart. Row 4: Grief, Stolze, Eastman Alstrom, Adamson, McCavley, Klopping, Dimatteo, Backe, Denny, Bardett, Pensavalle, Jaramillo, Memley, Grossholz Leeland, Olson, Albert, Herron, Caress, Shearer, TENTH GRADE-iMiddlel Row 'l: Webb, Del Franco, Hardee, Hammock, Howell, Holden, Puknat, Barnhart, Heeren Colbert, Townsend, Ott, Smith, Bonello, Sounders, Salerno, L. Wright. Row 2: Munnell, Kutner, Stevens, Harger Simpson, Gerber, Subin, Canter, Tichie, Ruggles. Row 3: Humphrey, Hill, Alivez, Anderson, Callaway, Judd, Haycock Dvorak, Peters, R, Wright, Bruce, Bradley, Brutton, Kitsko. Row 4: Brouelette, Jaurretche, Stone, Valles, Faulkner Christiansen, Ivey, Block, Prodon, Hallgren, Alger, Fiolerio, Brown, Merger, Castleberry, Waddell, Ostendori Tarantino. TENTH GRADE-lBoHoml Row 1: Crooks, Rutener, Dawn, Waddoups, McMurray, Altagen, McCarter, Chapman Jarvis, Noodall, Costello, Sanceri, Henderson, Lundy. Row 2: Tutano, Stewart, Cohen, Bick, Schmidt, Scott, Grehl Sibley, Bernston, Olds, Row 3: Rodenheiser, Rueckert, Dickey, Scofield, Lord, Dorf, Hall, Lugo, LoPatriello, Keeler Maddux, Bosshard, Young, Longwith, Wilson. Row 4: Camu, Hemming, Willett, Krier, Hall, Bower, Harper, Shapiro Winston, Lindgron, Ellis, Masters, Caldwell, Brooks, Kohlmiller, Fydbrink, Puleini. i l ,,1l..v1, TENTH GRADE-lTopl Row 1: Arciniega, Willard, March, Noakes, Marsadonna King, Mary King, Campbell, Jones, Johnson, Fry, Early, Burk, Parque, Suitor, S. Rodriguez, Howell. Row 2: Ryder, Miersch, Zuckerman, Adams, Alpern Amestoy, Fitzgerald, Milner, Lancellotti, Sparkes, Carlile, Bauer, Forsen. Row 3: McCray, Brashear, Davison, Keolian, Aguado, Jordan, Albert, Kovacevich, Carrion, Vanderplas, Maxey, Botens, Howland. Row 4: Wagner, Barnes, Amato, Berwick, Horton, Williams, Stuart, Eastwood, Langille, .l. Rodriguez, Fischer, Faris, Holliday, Sue, Deering. TENTH GRADE-lMiddlel Row I: Schwarzenback, Anderson, Judd, Kresgie, Enscoe, Zalma, Callaghan, Mantredi, Nieves, Cassle, Ground, Yoskow, Seawright, Brahm, Mallyon, Guzman, Watson, Rowley. Row 2: Sprong, McFerran, Burns, Frischrnecht, Fierce, Maiesky, Kunz, Blough. Manzano, Leiuwaan, Redman, Mullen, Leon, Zenzola, Barnard, Archibald, Timberlake, Pagliaro, Stiel, Sweet, Thurmond, Row 3: Bowman, Caronna, Miller, Peyton, Davis, Ames, Lachapelle, Grant Valdez, Solis Shiltz, Miltimore, Martin, Dahlmeier, Faulkman, Moore, Lasorsa, Marshall, DeYoung ' ' - ' I M G' t Potter N lson Burke, Athearn, Aungst,lOritice. Row 4: Presley Rutledge, Rittrr' B.own, Benson, Gaston, c in y, ' 4 9 I White, Esch, Huddleston, Beale, Applegarth, Kain, Fountain, Robertson, Montoyia, Bauman, Wendt, Coxtane Robinson, Spille, Stawicki. l Wi' I Montrose Wells Carlon Finley TENTH GRADE-lBottoml Row 1: Cohen, Cox, O'Connor, B ilogh, Nemett, wipp Q, x , , , Holden, French, Austin, Durham, Zeutzius, Romp, Ellingson, Veach, Vine. Row 2: Wilson, Mueller, Phillips, Siegel, Nolan, Nelsen Odle, Macias, Schumer, Randolph, Worthington, Robinson Morgan, Clark, Davis, Salts, Monzo ' r ' ' C W' denkeller Row 3: Arnold, Weir, Preston, Thompson, Moore, Carillo, Melchi1g.X'i!e:.ohal, Krause, Rosas, ygan, ie . . . . . H. k Vergara, Dennison, Wolfe, Main. Row 4: Marousek, Stopher, Simot, Bailey, Cook, DAmico, Whitehead, ic s Wann, Glendenning, Yoakum, Ready, Jones, Anderson. 1 TENTH GRADE-Row 'lz Olson, F , , , , . Schluterbusch, McKay, Petty, Christ, Finley. Row 2: Wycoll, Fischer, Mayer, Fisher, Jigamian, Mitchell Brooks E Berger, Floro, Charm, Johnson, Davis, Case, Dugger, Machacek, Beets. Row 3: Shield, Snyder, Schultz, Schwendler Lyon, Carruth, Mazet, Palmer, Sora, Branaman, Tisa, Van Herpin, Sandstrom, Bilbrey, Rusk, Row 4: Nassraway B h ' ' urn am, James, Goclon, Kahoe, Muto, Pellegrino, Nelson, Gorton, Hope, Sanchez, Morris, Webb, Linderholm, Stadel TENTH GRADE-Row I: D. Brown, Huebel, Juno, Barret, Goeman, Petty, Robinson, Kocs, Wharton, Schumer, Ostrotl, Albert, Barrera ,Amelotte, German, George, Garner, Verdugo, Shapiro. Row 2: Bunnell, Grooms, Beckwith, Scarberry, J, Allen, Fallert, Harris, Farrell, C. Johnson, English, Castano, L, Jones, Tallman, Francis, Osdale, M. Allen, M. Johnson, Watts. Row 3: F. Smith, Christman, Gomez, Huffman, Iacobellis, Johansen, Hughes, Meroz, Tweedt, Wright, O'Keete, Henz, Mauro, Mendez, Rowley. Row 4: Fillum, R. Jones, Zimmerman, Velderrain, B. Smith, Watters, Hanson, F. Brown, Brooks, Burckel, Shutt, Arnold, Schoenberg, Valenzuela, Towler, Pulse, Duer, Lewis. TENTH GRADE-Row 1: Lebaker, Redderson, Keith, Lusk, Bishop, Runyon, Coulson, Gilbert, Downes, Azarigian, D. Lothridge, C, Lothriclge, Priolos, Reyes, Mills, Casella, Faulkner, Campbell, Flynn, C. Zazueta. Row 2: Strike, Hage, Drake, Manke, Rankin, Sanchez, Bruno, Napoli, Tiritelli, Teti, Hawkins, Thoma, Perez, Heimbecher, Dandy, Taylor, Golotf, DeGroote. Row 3: Tingle, Gerber, Pearson, Soto, Ford. Lee, Flores, E. Zazueta, Hudtado, Hogue, Purcell, Platt, Gardetto, Goeree, Athans, Hartley, Mantredi, Anastasi, Monteith, Watson, Maier, Lloyd, Swartz. Row 4: Baman, Coglietti, Hicks. Hubbart, Emmons, Heughins, Hunter, Russel, Doane, Prosise, Flora, Mangan, Brous, Wendell, Fabiana, Bost, Graves, Deaton, Weber, Tafoya, Maroney, Shotts, Cutshall. 'L .i,,,,,,W em' 1' Ahgg glfmfi' P"' V" F53 r"'Qrs' 1 rea 1: pswiffi . - ,-.e erguson, Gesseck Reinink, Bedinger, Baird Juarez Hiett Woytko C Berger ELEVENTH GRADE-Row 1: Kauhn, Guerra, Hamilton, Mulock, Leibengood, Faulkner. Row 2: Oliver, Montes, Jones, Jeffers, Gross, Pease, Oden, Kitzmiller, Pugh, Esensten, Owen, Lotz, Boyle, Alloway, March, Durheim, Horn, Huff. Row 3: Cook, Bencangey, Livingston, Stuart, Stephenson, Patchen, Quinn, Ross, Dean, Campbell, Reo, McClusky, Binns, Hirsch, Habert, Caldwell, Davis, Cupps, Clayton. Row 4: Dundas, Brundige, Berry, Waterman, Austin, Margeson, Kozitza, Breunig, O'Connell, Simmons, Libby, May, Gattuso, Blessing, Valdovinos, Snider, Van Volkenburg, Villalabos. Row 5: Barton, Billings, Girtz, Garrett, Kohlrniller, McHale, Kahoe, Hogamoam, Thomas, Breidenthal, Barry, Anderson, Popolar, Doerges, Sheanin, Wate, Wickline, Worley, Shultz. Vance, Harlan. ELEVENTH GRADE-Row 'I: Brady, Terry, Hinze. Six, Bramlett, Frazier, Leavitt, Johnson, Harmon Hammer Komashian Larios, Hamilton, Hughes, Van Volkenburg, Holm, Barrack, Ashmore. Row 2: Ammons, Murray, Mulconery, Blodgetti Zucker, Tiep, Abele, Lange, Anderson, McClure, Brown, Dunsmore, Seberg, Mangen, Force, McCann, Ferbrache, Golden, H 't T - orwiz, ate, Lantzer, Kurtz, Rosenbrook. Row 3. Alvarez, Schultze, Smalley, Gregory, Barron, Burrus, Crosby, Costello, Vieth, Birch, Taylor, Hopkey, Vanden Bossche, Monteith, Floro, McAnany, Stock, Sorenson, Larsen Simmoni. Row 4: Allen, Barlow, Kosik, Walsche, Olson, Nocas, Popko, Blorngren, Deichsel, Polic, Tignino, Boycl, Thomson Thomas, Jones, Polis, Valvo, Dale, Means, Vanderwyck, Freese, ELEVENTH GRADE-Row I: Gates, Krall, P Webster, Shukar, Johnson, McGarragh, Bixby, Finney. Row 2: Coulter, Whipple, Nlewman, Wisnoski,lSeright, Schmidt Peilly, Hanson, Youngberg, Kaup, Schirro, Weeks, Israel, Parker, Simmons, Hudson, Rouse. Row 3: Brooks. Thomas, Cook, Braaksma, Miles, Hoffman, Robledo, Buehler, Brody, Caringi, Johnson, Malin, Shover, Becker, McCloskey. R 4: B ' ' ' - ' ' ow fetches, Goshgarian, Pica, Kruse, Chandler, Robimon, Cushing, Mills, Farmer, Burton, Green, Dezso, Wattlet, Huffer, Dolan, Martin. earlman, Venturelli, Biermann, Pike Marinos Taylor Bennett Rigas, L.-'XL 7 - ui rw- T ELEVENTH GRADE-Row 'l: Hirsch, Thyden, Terbest, Newton, Eide, De Young, Chalmers, Newkirk, Wilcock, Wells, Noble, Svobodci, Edsinga, Tweedt, Van Dusen, Youngberg. Row 2: Jones, Wasyliw, Wright, Carlson, Morgan, Defraia, Landreth, Locke, Navarro, Zamora, A, Torres, G. Torres, Tirado, Cole, Ostrom, Williams, Moneyrnaker. Row 3: Curtis, Mills, Graft, Hinton, Olson, Burnham, Claridge, Meyers, LaSalla, Davalos, Toma, Giles, Wright, Fisher, Row 4: Furno, Pisano, LaFave, Payne, Simons, Mower, Wozab, Romero, Cooper, Burton, Giordano, Altuna, Coonis. ELEVENTH GRADE-Row 1: Hollie, Stark, Sloggett, Ahlstrom, Parkinon, Quercia, Raymond, Giglio, Finn, Parry Hammons, Alvarado, Katich, Sexton, Munday. Row 2: Maxim, Bush, Traina, Dulgarian, Johnson, Hunt, Hoemer Rosalez, Long, McClatchey, P. Welch, Rolf, Cygan, Dayton. Row 3: Fluke, Karg, Powell, Petrovich, Koonan, Davis Hunt, Kabe, Barton, McHale, Guy, Riera, Bivins, Jahnke, Swanson, Gutierrez, Cummins. Row 4: Tanner, Swaney, B Welch, Lopez, Dickey, Osdale, Martin, Todt, Shouse, Elwood, Dutur, Savage, Tucker, Wallace, Shoclt, Funk, Campis Acosta. B+-A-fs p -mwah Newkw Wwe wwmwwwlf-W Q-fmrfwr my 3 ii f - nn ... - ft JA ELEVENTH GRADE-Row I: Mallon, Henry, Johnson, Heller, Bromley, Ackerman, Karg Loveless BonCoeur Millet Rathburn, Sprecher, Osuna, Whiat. Row 2: Obrand, Asher, Alger, Shipman, Thompson Potter Spencer Fitzpatrick Sutherland, Webb, Newman, Ranson, Nelson, Noblett, Driven, Row 3: P, Morgan, Luzzo Holody Trombly Woods McCrea, Landefeld, Baba. Row 4: Van Scoy, Fisher, Robinette, Zitterman, Davis, Pihl Reeve Brown Vollmer R Morgan, DeWeese, Garcia, Rye. 'Q-, ELEVENTH GRADE-Row 'l: Mack, Buelna, Toivonen, Pitzef, Christie, Vazzano, Loucks, Hagewood, Hovey, Copes, Wh't field Peterson Row 2 Hopper Hinds Spangler Dawson ludd Van Otto, Heytens, Hebert, Olsen, Davis, ie , ' . : , , , ,. , Wagner, Hedrick, DeLay, Mills, Tarango, Farr, Row 3: l.ancaster, Deckard, Thomas, Thompson, Wickline, Miner, Myers, Hasselberg, Bedinger, Ballew, Leinart, Lindsey, Cane, Federick, Anderson. Row 4: Reese, Arnold, Ast, Balich, Sanger, Beyne, Brueckner, Theodore, Wilson, Smith, Luebben, Spencer, Sanford, Scudder. ELEVENTH GRADE-Row 1: Hill, Antonarus, S, Brown, Chase, Sills, Weber, Colby, Trombley, Russell. Row 2: Martin Thomas, Dondaiewski, Edwards, Veinot, Van Fossen, Rosemary Esposito, Deweese, Crane, Appleby, Rosas, Sheeiz Rapaelian, Entner, Martinez, Hernandez, Rudd, Sassoe. Row 3: Regina Esposito, Bernal, Dixon, Cavadas, Hilton Fishburn, Montalvo, Balestracci, Fritsche, Lachman, Sands, Krueger, Christenson, Seboldt, Nicol, Garrison, Jensen Bloomfield, McGregor, Burroughs, Morris, Fleishman. Row 4: Chalabian, Briggs, Willis, G, Brown, Hegwood, Allin Amos, Marinelli, Okerman, Cale, Willock, Wasserman, Mattenson, Risdon, Mason, Morrell, Bushby. Row 5 Mittleman, Simpson, Liberto, Dellett, Haretakis, Samarge, Catalusci, Stepanian, Klokkenold, Orcher, Nemeth ' ' ' H k' K' Ha elstein. Palazzolo, Merian, Chackerian, Gross, Lyon, Blankership, Newson, Garcia, Burton, as ins, ing, g 1 Atkinson Rector Nichols, Funaro, Bonnano, Minnier, Hager, Carter, C. Clark, DiBiase Modoff, Knowlton, Young, J. Smith, Jensen, Dawson, Aguado, G, Smith, Davis. Row 2: Keys, Truitt, Biermann, James Sanders, Linley, Weir, Willens, Kalman, Trimble, Livingston, Bishop, Story, Porter, Johnson, Barthel, Braun, Garcia Alvarez, Michelson, Moody, Lebin. Row 3: Keillor, Esboidt, Zerillo, Maynor, R, Clark, Cutaia, Sales, Sulzinger, Zell Muto Rusthor Robat, Zimmerman, Meeker, Ingle, Stephens, Row 4: Lockhart, Anderson, Welch, G, Smith, Cacucciolo Fox, Ferguson, Fairchild, Daniels, Rowley, Moskowitz, Crezcione, Quintus, Sonkson, Falatico, Dozal, Damiano, Ward Pfau, Carreon. ELEVENTH GRADE-Row 1' n s l I TWELFTH GR t t t 1 1 Yi '75 e'Y Dortman, Fahrman, Faulisi, Ambrosia, Forsen, Kawachi, Esposito, McMartin, Lattman, Bistolas. Row 2: Neal, Zabriskie Johnson. Row 3: Spears, Young, Price, Vanderplas, Tomsick, Dover, Intantino, Kidd, Volp, lson, DeCuir, McDonald Dell, Clayton, McClure, Penn, Pickering, Smith, Kaufmann, Slavik. ADE-Row I: Hansen, Denenny, Charpentier Ryan Ball Blaufuss Armenta Nassrawa Sta b ELEVENTH GRADE-Uopl Row 1: Whisler, Melton, Wahlstrom, McClure, lngelido, Minette Marineau Marchosky 'arwood Bruh P tt R : , n, a erson, omero, Farrar, Anderson, O'Toole, Tucker, Bray, Rickert. Row 2: Kiggins, Calcaterra, McClatchey, VonZelI, McNay, Loeb, Perna, Miller, Boyer, McCullar, Lozonne, Lingard, Labella, Lopez, Mangiameli, McKay, Hollingshead, Manalli, Breneman, Rothermel. Row 3: Felton, DeRossett, Fields, Lovegren, Mair, Braievich, Shortridge, Peterson, Hovis, Sleeper, Gardner, Wayne, Fermanian, Terry, Schillinger, Bolon, Hopkins, Archler. Row 4: Hult, Gram, Mendoza, Springer, Clasen, Eisenberg Wanczuk Vizzini Trujillo Cobbs Bo es B d tt D L , , , , ,Y,Ufee,.ewiS, Gaffaney, Overtielcl, Wright, Pihl, Baker, Renyolds, LaFata, A. Lewis, Bryarly, Goldman. ELEVENTH GRADE-lBotfoml Row 1: Poteat, Stanislawski, Romero, Rufener, Barkwill, Finley, Driver, Shearin, Castle, Griffin, McColly, Olson, Flanery, Bacon, Davis, Clark, Granone. Row 2: Gray, Potter, Reynard, Hinkle, Taylor Pomaville, Samson, McLaurin, Barrios, Benson, Forman, D Garcia, Cleary, Parker, Sassorossi, Amerman, Anderson D. Garcia, Contreras. Row 3: Hospe, Popp, Bradshaw, Mzmix, Canter, Thomasson, Roach, Roche, Sauer, Bishop, Watts, Crosier, Marsh, Berry, Farmer, Smith, Ernst, Ziegelmeyer, Van Hemelryck, Lasso, Shaw, Benitez. Row 4: Parque Peterson Quinn Hollis Gonzalez Cale P k , , , , , v, ar er, Martinez, Connell, Kovacev, Lilieroot, Reynolds, Wasson, Ralph, Ligier, Mitas, Miller, Lugo. 1 1 1 T , , , , Ladnek, Tarmo, Bennett, Link, Swenson, Dobey, Green. Row 2: Lewis, LoCicero, Akmon, Shekels, Muto, Miller, Rausch, Schellschmidt, Israel, Boyle, Vanderlip, Martin, Peterson, Giudice. Row 3: Angelos, Leiuwaan, Adamson, Schultz, Ringstrom, Smale, Pappas, McClure, Eichstedt, Sessions, Smith, Garcia, Cubitt, Seal, Klump, Skinner. WELFTH GRADE-Row 1: Campbell, Pell, Gunn, Stoiewa, McKeag, Miceli, Doyle, Greene Davis Gonzales Klatt TWELTH GRADE-Row I: Soldano, Teste, Rowley, Walz, Bell, Van Hoorebeke, Sewart, Saffar, Thompson, Patton Brown, Huffman, Henry, Limbaugh, Van Stigt Thans, Schuenemann. Row 2: Burk, Pickens, Nelson, Bower, Larson Whitfield, Schoenberger, Young, Bryant, Marsh, Mortenson, Vernon, Lancellotti, Eliason, Swift, Johnston, Ritchie Row 3: Sora, Reichert, Latronis, Harvey, Darnell, Brooks, Merriweather, Weiss, Cushing, Spencer, Heffelfinger Mansolino. Row 4: Clark, Feinberg, Brophy, Downing, Peters, Barnes, Caringella, Cole, Drozda, Moncriel, White Spencer, Humber, Simmons, Jones, TWELFTH GRADE-Row 'l: Lange, Gorton, Roop, Miller, Ro hman, Norris, Coady, Pedersen, Peterson, Cooper, Grant Grigory, Hayley, Lloyd, DeCastro, Hurley, Moffat. Row 2: Benbow, Chapman, Ward, Hankley, Howard, Paris, Robbins Driver, Pennington, Comstock, Mayer, Earwood. Row 3: Pieretti, Wiley, Watson, Vincent, Robison, Miller, Garden Smith, Deovlet, Van Hoorebeke, Johnson Sargen, late, Feldman, Summerour. Castro, Goeman, Main, Slick, Circelli, Leonetti, Malone. Row 4: Liggins, Dewar, Fordiani, Willahan, Sorenson, Burchinal, Reiner, Rydbrnik, Reid, f ' ir- Suns X1 l i 4 ui, service cmd fun ore gained through X 'X organize hons USHERS-The Usher Sock iety is one of the busiest clubs at Washington. Controlling 'iabnormalu behavior during assem- blies and keeping an eye on the non-conformists at Cherrytree Campus con- stitutes part of the Usher program. Ushering at graduation and at all sports events keeps the members busy and ac- tive. Second semester Ush- ers sponsored a sports night, which turned out to be a very successful endeavor. The semi-ane nual installation banquet is a major highlight of the year. PEP CLUB-Washingtons Pep Club began at the first of the football sea- son. Any Washington stu- dent with a C average and no more than two U's is qualified for member' ship. Presided over by Julie Sheuc, the W'57 Pep Club is the first group at Washington to perform a card trick at a football game. Using large red and white cards and under the supervis- sion of Celeste Mayer and Roberta Terry, the club spelled out "Hi LA." Unif forms feature a blue skirt with a white blouse and gloves. Pep Club creates spirit and enthusiasm. i USHERS--Row 1: D'Arelli, Luzzo, Sandel, Wachs, Edmunds, Vacirca, Vine, Mr, Moffat, sponsor, Johnson Row 2: Ludlow, Manny, Littleworth, Nightingale, Cooper, Clubb, Eggen, Dorsey, Salvinger, Tarmo, Esensten Bennett, Amerian, Bernst, Trimble. Row 3: Herzog, Silvers, Nordin, Englund, Blodgett, Nocas, Rice, Reed Nimeshein, Ritter, Norris, Pell, Jue. Row 4: Davis, Slavik, Leiuwaan, Deovlet, lsenburg, Van Hoorebeke Dolan, Oghigian, Angelos, Popko. PEP CLUB--Row 'I: Brady, Terry, Lyman, Arnaelsteen, Wisnoski. Row 2: Ladnek, Bettis, Morse, Klatt, Bixby, Summers. Row 3: Hinze, Hudson, Speer, Requa, Wilkie, Barron, N- A...f"r -. JUNIOR BOARD OF CON- TROL-Note that the Jun- ior Board of Control de- clares war on all hall loiterers! Striving to reach their goal ot cleared, noiseless halls, the Board worked during the noon hour guarding all entran- ces to the building. Leav- ing his class five minutes before the dismissal bell, each member donned his badge and began duty at on assigned post. Social activities lend enioyment to the picture ot hard work that this club pre- sents. The '56-'57 agen- da included a picnic, a bake sale, a skating par- ty, and an installation. Membership is open to Al O students. JUNIOR BOARD OF CONTROL-Row 'In Clark, Miceli, McKeag, Moffat, DeCastro, Heytens, Brewer. Row 2: Sassoe, Rudd, Blaufuss, Okerman, Spangler, Hurley, Peterson, Crosby, Benson, Hollie, Granone. Row 3: Hirsch, Toivonen, Vernon, Potter, Hinds, Hamilton, Lefin, Holm, Moss, Morgan, Allin, Judd, Alvarez. Row 4: Berg, Valvo, Pihl, Fife, Anderson, Arnold, Billings, Gross, Newson, Howarth, Seltman, Colby, Mittleman, Mr. Tirado, sponsor. SENIOR BOARD OF CONTROL-Row I: Huntting, Mays, Porter, Greene. Row 2: Montag, Braxton, Smith, Bolton. Row 3: Mr. Duncan, sponsor, Buier, August, Ewing, HerzOQ, Gwyn, Smith. SENIOR BOARD OF CON- TROL-Keeping students without passes from leav- ing the school grounds during noon is the job ot the Senior Board ot Con- trol. Senior Board ot Con- trol enrolls senior boys who want to do service tor their school. The spone sors are Mr. C. Pritchard and Mr. V. Duncan, and the president is John Her- zog. The boys meet reg- ularly every Wednesday noon. The Board holds a banquet at the end ot every semester where certificates of merit are presented to the boys who quality. This service record is onthe cum card. f' my ri gg -. ' Www 4 L5 -, i f, 4... nigga . - , '-ij 7.07 s f 14- , TYROS-Row 'lz Gattuso, Schumer, Wright Clendenen, Schmuck, Reynolds, Ramp, Martin, Swiggett, Vanderkilt, Leonard, Kohtz, Wilkie. Row 2: McKay, Petty, Rivero, Leinart, Schram, Schmidt, Kocs, Kennedy, Reed, Taylor, Zimmerman, Scott, Canter. Row 3: Cibley, Woods, Stiel, Salerno, Schargitz. Geoman, Shelton, Saunders, Juarez, Olson, DeGroope, Burdick, Losk, Ledbetter. Row 4: Kurtz, Garner, Odenbrett, Baldwin, McMullen, Campbell, Salas, Samuelson, Valdez, Parral, Altagen, Perry, Goloff, McMurray. TYROS-Those girls hur- rying to the aud each Monday noon of the fall semester weren't merely privileged students. Ty- ros, a club for BTO girls, does much for its mem- bers and for Washing- ton. Under the guidance of Mrs. Earlyne Gershon and president Thea Sa- dowski, the girls served at teas, at school dances, and gave a tea for the new Tags who entered at the spring semester. A favorite activity was dec- orating the traditional Christmas tree in the main foyer. Working to- gether under such in- formal conditions, many friendships were formed. we serve with enthusiastic loyalty 62,0 Giga E3 '1-iii., ,x N- TYROS-Row 1: Summers, Bottger, DeYoung, Benning, Medina, Alexander, Bevilacqua, Peterson, Fuller Priolo, Giroux, Resie, Speer, Vine, Nievez. Row 2: Aichele, Barrett, Bernston, Rico, Hart, Blake, Dahlmeter Fierce, Woytko, Miltimore, Manzano, Willet, Sirus, Sternberg, Lux, Lundberg. Row 3: Wharton, Rabago, Schiro Brown, Leiuwaan, Quick, MacCowan, Grehl, Beals, Carness, Colbert, Requa, Blough, Bettis, Coulson, G Anderson, Wyatt. Row 4: Van Dusen, Sanceri, Switzer, Kelsey, Bick, Hankins, K. Anderson, Mowrer, Rhoades Cohen, Camky, Hoey, Morse, Christ, Hendershot, Sadowslci, Contopulos. TAGS-To keep Their re- cognized repufafion for being hard workers, Tags serve aT The BTO Mothers' Tea, The Sadie, The K84L, The Scholarship Tea, and The Senior Prom. Com- posed of BTO girls from The winTer class, Tags welcome The incoming BiO's, who will be The new Tyros, by giving a parTy in Their honor. The parTy in The Tall of 1956, a huge success, was held in The school cafeferia wiTh The Tags furnishing reTreshmenTs and enTer- Tainmenf. Mrs. Urania Garner sponsors The Tags. J if-A. TAGS-Row 'I: Campbell, Alpern, Amesfoy, FiTzgerald, Early, Burk, Forsen, Bauer, Sparkes, Lancellotti, Wells March, Balogh. Row 2: Mrs. Garner, sponsor, Enscoe, Nolan, Grooms, Bunnell, Siegel, Newell, Wall, Milner BeckwiTh, Webb, Cox, Willard, Montrose. Row 3: Carlon, Yoskow, Callaghan, Finley, Durham, Kudell, Fry Johnson, Zeiner, Fisher, Codon, Zeutzius. Row 4: RiTchie, King, Noakes, Pickrell, Fixa, Adams, Mastroluca Odle, Rogers, Nelson, Kernis, Kresgie, Hicks, Brahm. Tyros welcome and introduce Tags To Cherryfree Campus af The semi-annual ge!-acquainted leo. TEENAIDERS-Composed of eleventh grade girls desiring to serve the school, Teenaiders affili- ate with the American Rod Cross. The girls make Easter tray favors for hos- pitals, advertise the Red Cross donation drive, and distribute posters in the neighborhood. Helping with the blood drive, Teen-aiders advertise and promote the great neces- sity for able-bodied per- sons to give blood. These civic-conscious girls bring the ioys of Christmas to the Veterans' Hospital by decorating a tree. With the help of Mrs. Viola Bentley, sponsor, the club gives happiness to num- bers of disabled persons. MARTHONIANS-Made up of the girls who are primarily interested in homemaking, Marthon- ians find many ways to give service to Cherrytree Campus. As one of their maior proiects, the '57 future homemakers spon- sored a cake baking con- test as an added feature of Girls' Week, and pre- sented ribbons to the winners. The Marthon- ians regularly serve at the Senior Mothers' Tea, Lettermen's Club, and Scholarship banquets. Under the sponsorship of Miss Mary Frances Mc- Kenna, the Marthonians are counted as one of VVashington's most help- ful clubs. 3-4-...ll TEEN-AIDERS-Row 1: Pickens, Campbell, Bennett. Row 2: Crosby, Newman, Norris, Pell, Condon, Cooper Johnston, Stansberry, Boyle. Row 3: Mrs. Bentley, sponsor, Noblett, Carter, Clark, Link, Rosenstein, Lloyd Spangler, Okerman, Peterson. Row 4: Tarmo, Roop, Atkinson, Schellschmidt, Ronson, Israel, McGarragh Pomaville, Alvarez, Hopper. activities are planned at noontime Q r yy! 4 -r if MARTHONIANS-Row 1: Hart, Hughlett, Hammersirom, Burggrabe. Row 2: Miss McKenna, sponsor, Segan Richison, Giltsch, Noble, Van Fossen, Bernal, Mrs. Crumpacker, sponsor. MINUTEMEN-Row 1: Clubb, Cole, McKay, Landee, Condon, Rynberk, Amerian, Chadderton. Row 2: Larsen, Nordin, Englund, Pell, Campbell, Bartlett, Olivadoti, Mr. Siemens, sponsor. -Q 'L is ..! CHRONIANS-Row 1: Swift, Malone, Maitland, McClure, Gibson, Manley, Cronshaw. Row 2: Sandel, Posito, Lange, Miss Hodgens, sponsor, Braun, Forsen, Wachs. MINUTEMEN-Encourag- ing spirit on Cherrytree Campus keeps the Min- utemen hopping all se- mester. Minutemen pub- licize the activties of Washington to the stu- dent body and to the cit- izens of the community. Members assume the re- sponsibility of reporting all major events at Wash- ington to the various newspapers and of keep- ing the alumni posted on important happenings. Knowing that the com- munity takes an interest in the events at Washing- ton, the Minutemen dis- tribute posters and circu- lars to neighboring stores. CHRONIAN SOCIETY-All Chronians look forward to the eventful presen- tation of the social studies awards to many graduat- ing seniors. Every semes- ter Chronian Society members give a get-ac- quainted party for new members. Civic-minded Chronians visit Southern California's historical landmarks and profit by an interest in community affairs by sponsoring and publicizing, at school, Brotherhood and Conservation Week, and a Memorial Day As- sembly. The combined work of Miss Eva Hod- gens, sponsor, and Jan Forsen, president, has provided much activity. Laughter and dreamy music were mixed together to create a night of everlasting memories O O O d d activities a zest to i MARQUIS-Row ll: LaMack, Higginbotham, Angelos, Vacirca, Hutchings, Mr. Allen, sponsor. Row 2: Akmon, Leiuwaan, Deovlet, Sheldrake. Row 3: Mr. Duncan, sponsor, Arnold, Crowther, Bujer, Birch, Hunter, Delgado, Johnson. 54 COTILLION-And now we proudly present the Cotillion! Making its debut this year, the Cotillion is the only semi-for- mal dance except forthe K and L that all students may attend regardless of grade. Spon- sored by the Pages, Squires, Earls, Marquis and Counts, the winter dance was held at El Camino JuniorCollege because our gym was being redone, and the summer dance was held in the gym. From now on, the Cotillion will be presented with the Senior Prom, Sadie, and K and L. Pictures were taken of each couple by An- thony Loya studios, and there were refreshments served to everyone. Music for dancing was provided by Stewart Mc- Kean and his Just-Jazz-All Stars. campus life MARQUIS-The Marquis Key Club, under the sponsorship of Mr. Allen, Mr. Duncan, and the Southwest Kiwanis Club, is a school service club. Two services of the Marquis are painting trash cans and show- ing new students around the school. The club, under the leadership of Dennis Deovlet, is fairly new on campus as it was started early in 1956. The members may be found every Tuesday noon in room 174. The club was developed with the social point of view in mind also. Parties have been given from time to time at the different members' houses and were a great success. PAGES-A special addition to Cherrytree Campus this year is the Pages, a Tri-Hi-Y club and a sister club to the Squires. Mr. Ellsworth Froggatt sponsors the organization. The mem- bers' time is occupied working in the school cafeteria behind the counters and in the hash- line. Another service that is performed with a willing spir- it is helping in the bookroom. Occasions serving to knit this friendly group closer together are the field trip to the airport, where Pages learned about airline procedure, and the YMCA Leadership Confer- ences which the girls at- tend en masse. All in all, this new club had a profitable and fun-tilled year. TEEN TOPPERS-A double pro- gram of service and tun gives this club a special attraction. As a service organization, Teen Toppers is hostess for girls new to the school. Mem- bers show new students around the campus, explain the customs of Generaltown, and introduce the strangers to their friends. Teen Topper membership is limited to girls tive-feet-seven inches tall and over. The constitution does al- low, however, two mascots, who are under the height lim- it. Activities other than service to the school included a Hal- lowe'en party to initiate new members, an ice-skating social and the senior farewell. For a Christmastime service, the girls wrapped presents tor patients at the Los Angeles County General Hospital. 7 -410' PAGES-Row 1: Forsen, Nightingale, Posito. Row 2: Bon Coeur, Christenson, Loveless, Mayfield. Row 3: Streeter, Taylor, Noble, Huffman, Willey. 'Wgku in TEEN TOPPERS-Row 1: Benson, Gerde, Rice, Fahrman, Salvinger, K, Blodgett, Nocas. Row 2: Pomavill Miss Rollins, sponsor, Heil, N. Blodgett, Anderson, Toivonen, Hobaugh, Faulisi, Sharp, Arnaelstee McGarragh. 55 FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA-Row 1: Blodgett, Nocas, Gerde, Cronshaw, Braun. Row 2: Dashoff, Flipp, Kelsey, Ritchie, Hinze, Brady, Sheue. Row 3: Terry, P. Posito, McClure, A. Posito. FBLA-To serve Wash- ington High School is the goal of Future Business Leaders of America. These busines maiors sell candy and cokes at ath- letic events and handle ticket sales at the FBLA window. Members re- ceive credit for planning and organizing Career Day, they also act as of- ficial hostesses. At the end of each semester a banquet is held to honor new members, new offi- cers, and graduating seniors. To climax the se- mester, FBLA held a Sports Night. Mrs. Earlyn Gershon, sponsor, gave encouragement and as- sistance throughout the year. FTA-Quintillians, Wash- ington's local chapter of the national Future Teachers of America Or- ganization, encourages further knowledge and gives information in a chosen vocation. Numer- ous field trips to schools and colleges developed an interest and insight into the necessary pre- paration for a teaching career. The i956-57 FTA calendar showed trips to Morningside High School, the University of South- ern California, and Occi- dental College. Mrs. Dor- othy Hertzog is the spon- sor. Sports night, install- ation of new members, guest speakers, and the Senior Farewell rounded out the year's activities. hard work brings rewards -A -. .git FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA-Row 1: Carson, Mrs. Gershon, sponsor, Thompson, Hoser. Row 2: Rothman, Shuey, Thirkill, J. Barthel, Campbell, L. Barthel. Row 3: Diehl, Larios, Van Volkenburgh Tarmo, Rice, Stoneking, Hamilton, Butler. ADELPHIANS-With an nutstanding goal-to help others less fortunate-The Adelphians give time and vvork in The Wash- ington community. A- mong the most important undertakings are the re- gular visits to the Spastic Childrens Foundation. lt is traditional tor Adelph- ians to hold a Christmas party, with complete de- corations, to help the chil- dren to experience a Tes- tive season. By selling football programs in The tall, Adelphians earn money for several char- itable proiects while at the same Time they give service to Cherrytree Campus. Members enloy- ed a complete and suc- cessful '57 program. - .Q-if '?N'sl"WigXN w- ss N f' A, as-1 iii?" x-.ff ADELPHIANS-Row 1: Pell, Funaro, Gray, Kotwicki, Bernst, Shuey, Anderson, Miss Fitzpatrick, sponsor. Row 2: lngelido, Ranson, Johnson, Hamilton, Larios, Van Dusen, Van Volkenburgh, Kamashian, Clark, Carter 1: C- N-c.9Xff" it ifxvf ggi-Atl, it JUNIOR ADELPHIANS-Row 1: Leiuwaan, Mallon, Leibengood, Traina, Hirsch, Schmidt, Peterson. Row 2: Beals, Wharton, Wright, Kocs, Schargitz, Aichele, Grehl, Row 3: Goeman, Christ, Faulkner, Young, Lange, Henry, Mrs. Spears, sponsor, MacCowan. JUNIOR ADELPHlANS- At The Spastic Childrens Home the Junior Adelph- ians do volunteer work. Reading story books and entertaining the Spastic children at least once a week, the Junior Adel- phians brighten the chil- dren's day. At Christmas time the Junior Adelph- ions gave a party tor the children, and donated a tully decorated Christmas tree with presents. At Easter time Marthas tur- nished ice cream and cake. Each girl made an Easter basket filled with candy and Easter eggs. PRE-MED CLUB-Row 1: August, Troubenberg, Sondel, Arnoelsteen, Lcirsen. Row 2: Regina Esposito, Mrs. Kelley, sponsor, Borrcxck, Wochs, Nelson, Seboldt, Rosemory Esposito. 58 MATH CLUB-The twen- tieth century interest in science ond moth brings together ombitious moth- emoticioins of Generol- ville who enioy discussing ond solving unusucxl moth problems which ore not included in reguloir closs work. At Moth Club meetings under the guid- once of Mr. Jomes Woide, sponsor, ond with the leodership of Jim Kudell, Moth Club crecites cz vitol ond inspirotiondl interest in the field of mcithemoi- tics. Membership require- ments for this club ore previous experience in second semester geome- try cind on interest in the field of mothemotics. PRE-MED CLUB-Checlv ing the school's Red Cross boxes is the service per- formed by this group of future medics. To further their knowledge in the medicoil field, Pre-Med members heoir speoikers oit eoch meeting ond mcike o field trip eoch semester. 1956-1957 ex- cursions were to the med- iccil ship USS Relief ond the Generol Hospitol Re- seorch Lob. Helping with the Solk Vciccine pro- grom vvos on octivity in which oll porticipoted. Rounding out the yeor were o get-ocquciinted pcirty for nevv members ond o roller-skoiting por- ty with the Science Club. technical fields cittrcict mciny MATH CLUB-Huntting, Montog, Bottger, Mr. Wade, sponsor, Greene, Kudell. CHESS CLUB-ln Thursday afternoon meetings, boys who enjoy chess have a chance to improve the quality, style, and tech- niques of the game. Round-robin meets offer time to practice for the annual All-City Chess Tournament games. The boys profited in know- ledge of chess under the enthusiastic sponsorship of Mr. Abraham l-lerzel. Participation in the Southern California Chess League meets presents the chess-loving members an outstanding opportun- ity. Don Federick was this years Chess Club presi- dent. The boys find time to squeeze in a spring barbeque for an enioyed social activity. A-.5 xx CHESS CLUB-Row 1: Mittleman, Levine, Montag. Row 2: Mr. Herzel, sponsor, Ewing, Guy, Federick. ROCKET SOCIETY-Row 1: Greene, Lewis, Sparkes, Garcia, Mr. Pritchard, sponsor, Jankowski, Montag. Row 2: Spencer, Wong, Hubert, Ewing, Niemeyer, Beniamin, Birkitt, Taylor, Bierschenk. ROCKET SOCIETY-To establish interplanetary communication and trips to outer space is no ioke with these young individ- uals. Every Monday noon in Bungalow 26 they as- semble to discuss plans pertaining to rocketry and various related fields. The winter and summer semesters' activities in- cluded a field trip to UCLA and an all day trip to China Lake to view a demonstration of the roc-- ket sled. A farewell din- ner was also given in honor of the founder of the Rocket Society, Bill Greene. This group is sponsored by Mr. T. C. Pritchard and Mr. R. McLean. i "il Q 59 , '1 fs. SCIENCE CLUB-Row I: Anderson, Federick, Fife, Montag. Row 2: Pomeroy, Michaels, August, Nocas, Zitterman. Row 3: Olmstead, Clark, Ewing, Wachs, Arnaelsteen, Terry, Scilvinger, Birkitt, Carter, Hovey, Schulman, Sandel, Jue, Hurley, Sparkes. Row 4: Love, Herzog, Huntting, Mr, Potter, Mr. Cole, Mr. Madsen, sponsors. SCIENCE CLUB-On Wednes- day noon you can always find a group of tense, excited stu- dents in Room 320. What is the occasion? The Science Club meeting, of course. Every week students, teachers, or promin- ent businessmen give lectures, perform experiments, or show movies to the intelligentia of the science and math depart- ments. With their sponsors, the club members occasionally take time from their intellec- tual pursuits to go skating and to have parties. Science Club sponsors a science fair for stu- dents at Washington and tours industries and laboratories in the immediate vicinity. A "B" average in a science or math major is required for member- ship. directed ability brings enioyment ?f5'X7?'!lI n if pgs x A xl I l' Q FILM PROJECTIONISTS-Row 1: Brazee, Snyder, Stirrat, Castro, Romero. Row 2: Stubbins, Underhill, Smith, Worley, Cole. Row 3: McMillion, Gordon, Tomsick, Sayre ,Dillard, Singleton, Mr. Noonan, adviser. 60 FILM PROJECTION-Social Studies . . Home Economics . . Science . . Music. . Art . . Eng- lish . .Gymnasium Classes are only a few of the diversified picture subiects shown by the well-trained individuals lGen- erals enrolled for industrial arts creditl on our Cherrytree Campus at Washington. Teachers notify the film pro- iectionists through an office schedule to come to their class- rooms and operate the film or film-strip projectors, the silde proiectors, or the tape record- ers which the proiectionists maintain in excellent operat- ing condition. The films are also repaired if they are dam- aged while shown in a class- room. This exceptionally well- trained group of boys is under the guidance of Mr. N. Noon- an of the Science Department. STAGE CREW-The stage crew consists of a group of students with various types of skills. Before every aud call the members are kept busy pre- paring the stage for the pro- duction. They build and sei up all stage properties and scen- ery. The boys take great pride in every aud call. Their profes- sional workmanship gives much pleasure to the student body. Stage crew members have a chance to show their skills by working the lights and spot-light effects during every aud call. The boys may also open and close the cur- tains, The class meets daily with Mr. Wilfred Abbott on stage. The '57 officers of the stage crew are. managers-- Jerry Lahl and Bill McLaurin, electrician-Steve Stuart, and carpenter--LeRoy Trujillo. SOUND CREW-Enthusiastic boys of our vocational electric department are those who supply us with the baseball, football, basketball, and track meet sound all year 'round. Their pet project, however, is to operate and give perfect sound during aud calls. The noon movie program could not have been made possible or so successful had it not been for James Hollis and Herold Rey- nolds who contributed both their time and effort. The sound crew also maintains, operates, and installs needed equipment. Last year a Rotary Club Craftsmanship Award for Sound was given to Victor Lo- Cicero, l-le and Warren Lewis are the supervisors of the sound crew. Mr. R. Gilliland of the vocational electric depart- ment is superintendent. iff! STAGE CREW-Row 1: McLaurin, McCullar, Stuart. Row 2: Decker, Lozonne, Mr. Abbott, adviser Pulcini 3901 1 111 V I iw-HW vt 1 1 -,....g:-if " " Ziff-W 1 Ct E? 1 SOUND CREW-Row I: Baba, Buehler, Kondler, Matta, Lewis, Mattenson, Mawhinney. Row 2 Burton Sanchez, Hospe, Halfhill, Reynolds, White, LoCicero, Platt, Varnell, Gutierrez. Row 3: Hunn Quintus Caringi, Pugh, Gibson, Hollis, Eichstedt, Scott, Morgan, Samoian, Risdon. GIRLS' VOCAL E N S EM BLE- l'Let us live by the Golden Rule" is the beautiful motto at the Girls' Vocal Ensemble. The ensemble is a regular class tor all girls who are interested in music, harmony, and enter- tainment. The ensemble is us- ually scheduled on the Girls' League assemblies, P-TA meet- ings, GAA Installations, Big and Little Sister parties, and open community programs. Mrs. Mary Davise, head of the music department, directs the chorus. Guided by her natural talent, she makes the ensem- ble an outstanding group on the Washington stage, Toni Bevilacaua held short meet- ings when there was time out from practices and rehearsals. so GIRLS' VOCAL ENSEMBLE-Row I: Christ, Zito, McKeag. Row 2: Benzo, Von Zell, Oliver, Walden, D Lothridge, Vaughn. Row 3: Mrs. Davise, sponsor, Kurtz, Moran, C. Lothridge, Beecher, Levy, Drake Thurston, Alltop, Comstock, Spangler, Beckwith, DeJong, Rose. Row 4: Rosenbrook, Knights, Mayer Link, Swenson, Elgin, Hilton, Amelotte, Veach, Amos, Browne, Allin, Zabriski, Okerman. Row 5 Blodgett, Cupps, Harding, Barron, Holt, Fuller, Leonard, Swartz, Barnard, Young, Thomas, Rowley. generals stage big productions THESPIANS - Applause thun- dered throughout the '57 sea- son as the Thespians scored , one direct hit after another. Thespians, who make up Washington Highs time drama group, appeared in many stage performances and en- livened lunch periods with short plays. Noon meetings served as workshops tor new ideas and methods to be dis- cussed and tried out. Popular dramas presented were A Wedding and Giant Stair. The students sponsored a Shakes- peare Aud call and took part in the Spring Revue. THESPIANS-Row 'I: Fritsche, Ziegler, Emker. Row 2: Bryarly, Davis, Peck, Tufano, Israel, Ferbrache, Burns, Flipp, Shover. M CLEF CLUB-Row 1: LaLoggia, Contreras, DiJerlando, Marsh, Murray, Cuccio. Row 2: Rynberk, Snider, Bernston, Leonard, Furniss, Katich. Row 3: Mrs. Davise, sponsor, Martin, Scudder, Lantzer, Tarantino, Dezso, Youngman. ORGAN GUILD-Playing the Pledge and background music for school assemblies, Organ Guild members find active participation in school activi- ties. This vital music group meets every Monday to organ- ize programs. Washington is fortunate in having Mrs. Mary Davise, head of the music de- partment, to sponsor the club. Members visit churches and their private homes to gain ex- perience playing Electric or Pipe Organs. They enrich their musical understanding by at- tending many organ concerts. All members look forward to the time when they give their own concert for the student body. CLEF CLUB-Highlighting each semester is the semi-annual Clef Club assembly and night program. Under the sponsor- ship of Mrs. Mary Davise and Mr. Charles Edwards, the members play for community events and school activities. Some of their appearances in- cluded the Junior Red Cross Variety Show at Savvtelle Hos- pital, community sings, the Lions' Clubs and smaller wo- mens clubs. Three Washing-- ton entertainers performed on the television program, "Spot- light on Youth," and counted it as a wonderful experience. A fabulous initiation and in- stallation of officers party, quite different from any past event, was very succesful. ORGAN GUILD-Row 1: Snider, Mrs. Davise, adviser, Vannice. Row 2: Jones, Snyder, Roop, Losey, Traina, Gorton, Parker, Rothman, Huffman, Marsh, Phen, Bell. n.m:alKA Now I Vannice Beyne Birkitt Brady Manley. Row 2: Bernstein, Hammerstrom, Horn, Brown, Smith, Scofield Stack Watts Breidenthal Requa Kelsey Row3 Hinze Huebel Emker Furniss M' C b l , mer, amp el, J. Miller, Phelps, Hawkins, Feldman G Mille Shouse Maddux Row 4 Lingron Fritsche Severe Larsen, Stearns, Livings, Shaw, Vollmer. Row 5: Mr. Abbott director Katich Newman musicians perform tor fine listening ORCHESTRA-With bows and horns in hand, our orchestra set out to provide the school with worthwhile music. First period each day finds these budding virtuosos hard at work perfecting their styles. Besides giving the players opportunities to perform tor an aud- ience, the orchestra also entertains at special asemblies, graduation, Clet Club shows, and the Spring Revue. From the classics they pre- sented such numbers as Griegs Piano Con- certo, "A Night on Bald Mountain" by Mous- sorgsky, 'iFingal's Cave", and Tschaikowskys Fourth Symphony. On the lighter side were selections from i'Carousel," i'OkIahoma," and "My Fair Lady." Helen Edmiston and Robert Ringstrom were winter and summer concert- masters. Mr, Wilfred Abbott directs. Washington talent reigns on television's SPOTLIGHT ON YOUTH A CAPPELLA CHOIR-Row 1: D'Amore, Bredsen, Soldano, Dutile, Marchosky, Johnson, Gutierrez, Hare, Contreras, Littleworth, Van Wagner, Mulconery, Gregory, Hopper, Potter, Diehl, Denman, Hard. Row 2: Traubenberg, Hewson, Huffman, Burk, Obrand, Olsen, Marineau, Murray, Rickenback, Spinner, Sutton, Taylor, Nelson, Pomaville, Posito, Parker, Anderson, Schultz, Lantzer, Saffar, Esensten, Testa, Scudder. Row 3: Dulgarian, Samson, Finney, Richison, Hiszem, Vannice, Kunz, Heytens, Heil, Fitzpatrick, White, McClure, Boyle, Elschlager, Gerde, Ranson, Pugh, Balogh, Ludlow, Girtz, Drake, Melikidse, Cavaliere, Brissenden, Lidell, Howarth, Row 4: Martin, Demetre, Campis, Gianis, Ness, Collamer, Billings, Dale, Youngman, Hughie, D. Farmer, R. Farmer, Drozda, Rice, Lubanko, lson, Carlson, Thiessen, Bryarly, Gonzales, Pomeroy, Mrs. McConlogue, director. A CAPPELLA CHOIR-With Miss June McCon- logue directing, the A Cappella Choir provides choral music for assemblies and shows in add- ition to many off-campus performances in the community. At the Eagle Rock Choral Festival, Pomona Choral Festival, Sunrise East- er Service at Sportsmans Park, and the Spring Review they gained recognition. They featured on KTLA in Alex Coopers SPOTLIGHT ON YOUTH, where they sang "Roll Jenny Jenkins" with dance accompaniment. The group presented James Weldon Johnsons 'The Creation" with Aaron Peck narrating. Dave Carlson and Steve Lidell served as Win- ter and Summer presidents. Again as in the past, Washingtons valued A Cappella pro- vided worthwhile music to the school and community. THE MIKADO presents a challenge to student performers. 'C' ,E ,,,,...... KAY BLODGETT Editor-in-Chief LOUISE NOCAS Associate Editor gif JAY HANSON Art Editor publiccitions promote cherrytree spirit I ' iiii ii ,?Q.g'-bfi 4 H- A' fr' mist- fo, nf CONTINENTAL STAFF-Row 1: Amerion, Kciwochi, Hoinson, Blodgett, Arncielsteen, Cronshow. Row 2: Moyer, Bechtloff, Jue, Slcrvik, Gerde, Snider, Nocos, Beals, Broun. CONTINENTAL-Upon the shoulders ot the Continental stott rests the burden of pro- ducing on occurote memory, history, ond reference book tor the enioyment ot the student body ond toculty. Responsibil- ity, good iudgement, ond creotive obility ore prerequi- sites tor stott membership. Stu- dents ploin whot is to go into the book-octivities to be teo- tured, pictures to be token, copy to be written-ond then see thot it is done. Designing the loyouts, cropping, meosur- ing, ond countless other jobs occupy the time ot the stott to moke their yeor one filled with hord work ond genuine ochievementr ,f A 23 fi i x x I SURVEYOR STAFF-Row 1: White, Doyle, Rice, Hovey. Row 2: Lager, Blaufuss, Esposito, JEWEL RICE Garcia, Rosenstein, Kamonyi. SURVEYOR-All Georges and Marthas take note of the Sur- veyor, Washingtons student newspaper. Jewel Rice, the editor, heads the staff of mighty news hounds. Each Friday the Surveyor reveals news happenings around the Cherrytree Campus. The staff class meets every fourth period. Vic Holchak represented Sur- veyor and all high schools on the west coast at the Olympic Games in Melbourne, Austral- ia. The Surveyor won the All- Arnerican High School Award for iournalism for the ninth time in ten years. This award went to but three high school papers in the United States in the fall of '56. Editor-in-Chief SURVEYOR STAFF-Row 1: Swift. Row 2: Eliasow, Ahlstrom, Clark, Missakian, Hallie. Row 3: Cooper, Adkins, Sheue, Traubenberg, Carter, Nordin, Rice, Mr. Soderberg, adviser. Row 4: Holchak, Rankin. 67 1 I., 4 -A . ., Q W K0 gf - , , Q. 'T ms 'QR cf mlgsieluar 'I W M X I 5 Q52 -E 'I f n n r i C 9 -1:1 'fi-fw N51 X, U 'X f x ,,. Q if 1" .ww. X xl " ' ., Wfiw 1 K J X' ygiifqa f, X 3 ,Xu ' 5- aww Kgs 5 S I s 5 -' MM 4Q . ,Qbf,Q5f5l T -' .Y Hr' Ni 'wg 'W' 'Aki . ,,.... L , ,Lp-r' N lg.- -. , 5' Q Q :g " K ,A ki i QW, D A Z Q , ,, Y Q M ..,. . ,.::b NS, X X Q -0--wN...,, . Sa lively and exciting temposgbring cheers DRUM AND BUGLE--With the exuberant beat of drums, Washingtons outstanding Drum and Bugle Corps proudly marches onto the lield. Directed by Mrs. Nancy Stuart, the corps consists of seventy-tive girls. With the synco- pated swing of white skirts and accented red jackets, the girls march at school functions. fluch of tho success of Drum and Bugle is due to the maiorettes. Work comes betore pleasure and being maiorette is no exception, as Joyce Birk and Evelyn Pedersen will agree. Above all, the corps promotes schccl spirit. DRUM AND BUGLE CORPS-Row 1: Olivadoti, Pool. Row 2: Clark, Campbell, Reed, Silvers, Jensen, Phillips, Taylor, Underwood, Canty. Cow 3: Hans, Losey, Jones, Birk, Osborn, Nelson, Littleworth, Hueston, Campbell. Row 4: Nolan, Mulconery, Mancini, Lantzer, Sutton, Cole Posito, Colwell, Dickens. Row 5: Shuey, Gstendorf, Svoboda, l. Braun, Coyle, Larsen, Wood, Granato, McKay. Row 6: Landeo, Vickers, F. Braun, Whiat, Pell, Winn, Snider, Bennett, Watson. Row 7: Nardini, Sewart, Rigas, O'Brien, Van Hoorebeke, Petty, Condon. Cooper, Yarmus. Row 8: Molner, Nordhciusen, Livings, Gamble, Stewart, Kay, Lloyd, Justice, Link. Row 9: Garwood, Pedersen, Boyle, Stcinsberry, Evers, Manny, Barthel, Thomson. gags- 9+ M. . fi Yihyk' l 1 mf' . W cf A vf .wgim-'isis - - - ' - , I . ., ,W ,W 7, :HM wdmggslzr - g Q, , .. " P L ' , v Y wx' Y' ff.. . . f S if - 4, tl ' .W 'tt- ISABEL FUNARO Winter-Summer RONNIE GRAFF Summer JACKIE COTE WinIer-Summer LEWIS MARTIN Summer HAROLD HUFFER Summer ROZZIE BONNANO Winter-Summer WILLIE DAVALOS Winier-Summer MARY MANLEY Winter-Summer - N N xx Q BOB JONES Winier RONNIE LUDLOW Winter DORYANN DULGARIAN Winfer FREDDIE DAMIANO Winier S'-Q-.xi JOYCE CLUBB Winter-Summer NOLAN EDMUNDS Winter VIRGINIA CRONSHAW Winfer-Summer lm splrlted leaders odd to the enloyment of SS.. , VARSITY FOOTBALL-Row 'Ia Coach Bill Caller, J. Kemp, R. Miller, G. Grimes, W. Birch, R. Cox, C. Acosfa, D. Jepsen, B. Floro R. Coo er B 1 P , Kuhns, E. Montoya, Coach Bill Pothoff. Row 2: D. Van Hoorebeke, G. Garceffi, R. Heister, R. Hanes, R. Myers, B. Lancaster, P. Drus, G. Anderson B. Deckard, G. Mowrer, B. Mair, B. Brajevicli. Row 3: B. O'Callaghan, R. Martin, J. Maddux, R. Pomeroy, P. Vance, F. Guidice, R. Catalusci D. Connell, H. Heffelfinger, J. Keeler, A. Malone, G. Merriweafher, B. Wasson, D. Allen, manager Row 4- W Miner managerl D Ast manager, R. Rausch, H. Tyner, L. Shapiro, B. Crescione, E. Wright, J. Williams, J. Arnold, F. Doerges, R. Sliouse, Faircliild, M. Hernandez D. Springer, S. Risdon, manager. I ' X P Q D3 Q2 , .... . .. Ami ik X .V -.iii . -Q A :-::::5g5a5ei,. i,-1 .s - B lf. W t .,.,.,... . wx Q s s ie Nw s , Nj ani A - w 'Q S' D ,X 4 A rx . 5. T X. 43' . Y lfgfi- , 1 - V B A . A 'N is X ' ' ' " f K X .-:'Q"'mx Cf" ' '32"'1 .rv Carlos Acosia Wolf Birch Ray Cooper Ra Cox Bob Deckard Bob Floro Y Gary Grimes Fred Guidice X N VARSITY FOOTBALL-"Oh no, not another iniuryf' This is what Coach Culler and Coach Pothoff repeated so many Times after each game, but the season was far from being lost. With captain Bob Floro the team went on to place third in the Southern League. After beating Manual and Jefferson, the team faced an upset when Fremont dumped them followed by another loss against LA. Using his all-city bound halfback Ronny Miller, Coach Culler used the "T" for- mation which seemed very effective. .....ManualArts...... O .....Dorsey.........6 .....Jefferson ....i3 .....Fremont.... ....27 ......LosAngeles ......14 Dick Jepson Jack Kemp Bill Kuhn: Robert Lancaster Ray Myers Ronnie Miller Bob O Callaghan Dave Van Hoorebeke . xx ::,,: . N , is Qld- 5,1 Y 5:1 L s.:c.,s,sf - VARSITY FOOTBALL COACHES AND MANAGERS-Coach Bill Pothoff, Douglas Allen, Wendell Miner, Coach Bill Culler. Opposition finds rough-going in its attempt to score. In smashing triumph, Army fights to defend its goal. 74 B FOOTBALL-Hoorays and shouts at the B football games were given with good reason, for these mighty mid- gets did better than any other B foot- ball team in the last four years. Under the leadership of Coach Lew Dunning, the team ended with a two-win-three- loss record. They beat Fremont and Manual and lost to Jefferson, Dorsey, and L.A. Talking to Coach Dunning, your reporter found that Wayne Sor- enson was the season's outstanding player. The boys chose Warren Noack, who had done an excellent iob lead- ing his teammates, as captain. Most of the team is made up of underclass- men. Next fall a majority of the B team will move up to Varsity. L R 1 S n Clark Moriinez Vacirca Bierman Bremm Fenderson Howell Harper Ziroli,Noack. Row 2: Papas, Thomas B FOOTBAL - ow z orenso , , , , , , , , , Wendell, Bishop, Classin, Budman, Zarilla, Linley, Moffatt, Steene Robinette, Beals, Brous, Carreon. Row 3: Sanders, Beniarnin, Brazee Bosclietio, Peterson, Aruio, Haskins, Akrnon, Davalos, Sayre-Smith, Liberfo, May, Shield, Deovlef, l-lubbarf, Rainey. Row 4: Anasiasi, Russel Doane, Colombo, Krier, Shaw, Wilson, Rydbrink, Ensch, Lugo. , . A ll 1 , -5 l l l B FOOTBALL COACH AND MANAGERS-Dave Lewis, Coach Lew Dunning, Willie Stepanicin, Bill Saeur, Beniy Levine, Philip Morgan. Monuol Dorsey . Fremont Jefferson L. A. . . . Momuol Dorsey . Fremont Jefferson L.A.... Jlmmy Angelos Dale Arnold Den'-ns Buger Rrch Crowfher larry Hutchings Richmond Johnson Kenny Nell Allen Forsyth Jlm Rawllngs Leland Severe D Sh ld k well-placed shots point be , X 5 Coach Tom McCullough and Manager Milton Bryarly doctor Allen Forsyth. the way to victory VARSITY BASKETBALL-During the year's hoop season our Varsity Bas- ketball Squad battled it out with their Southern League opponents, finishing fifth in the League. Coaching Varsity Basketball at Washington for his sec- ond year was Tom McCullough who improved the Varsity Squad over last year's. Af the end of the season the members of the team elected the Most Valuable Player lM.V.P.l and a Cap- tain. Rich Crowther, guard, was the Most Valuable Player, high scorer, and a Co-Captain with Don Sheldrake, other guard. Playing as first string for- wards were Rich Johnson and Allen Forsyth. Jack Rawlings and Don Toth both played the center spot. Two of the top six players lRich Johnson and Jack Rawlingsl will be coming back to play in next years hoop season. JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL-Row I: J. Humber, L. Keys, B. Volp, L. Ford, J. Sargen. Row 2: A. Tate B. Jones, R. Farmer, D. Blessing, L. Deckard, P. Hilton. 4 t we. B BASKETBALL-Row I: Edmunds, Leonetti, Sharp, Shotts, Wood, Wright, Farr, Gerum. Row 2: Reiner, Stitt Popko, Langley, Lowe, Dozal, Gates, Tanner. gg oi ' s il? tg 11 C BASKETBALL-Row 1: Lager, Wilson, Grams, Watson, Garrett. Row 2: Arnold, Bryarly, Weber, Sabella, Kleimbert, Snyder, Montieth. 78 V5 ifffg K'-s ,lf B BASKETBALL COACH AND MANAGERS-Jim Terry, Richard Schulman, Mr. Bob White. B BASKETBALL-For the second time in suc- cession, B Basketball Club captured the South- ern League Crown, their best record since 1944. Fighting hard tor the championship, they won l3 out ot T4 games. Against their Southern League foes, the squad won nine and lost one. Team members voted Jett Stitt, the left forward, who obtained a 20 point av- erage per game, Most Valuable Player. Ray S" gi, Backed by teammates, a General stretches to cage a ball Langley, right forward, was second highest scorer with 14 points per game. Ron Lowe, left guard, was voted captain. The team gives a lot of credit tor another Southern League victory to their coach, Robert White. The club will lose three out ot the first five who gradu- ate in June '57-Jett Stitt, Ron Lowe, and Ray Langley. - 1 gig... .X qQ'e.,,Y lr F 'Nil' S i 1 u,-51 iss K 1 .R ., W , T.. Sizing up the situation, guards move in fast to block a scoring attempt. Our lone-wolf Army man struggles to keep the ball 4-P- .Q ,:,' ,155 30 ,... . VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY-Row 1: G. Soles, C. Hopkins, R. Hunn, W. Garcia. Row 2: M. Mollyon, T. Dildoy, G. Popko, H Gates. endurance pays off For cross country boys Q. Maw, Wanna ELEVENTH GRADE CROSS COUNTRY-Row 'I: K. Kosik, C. Truitf, C. Hough, R. Leiuwcon. Row 2: B. Wickline, B. Trimble, R. Rodriguez, D. Brueckner. TENTH GRADE CROSS COUNTRY-Row I: Damico, Pulcine, Tarantino, Osborn, Rice. Row 2: Gates, Mazet, Ward Adams, Gram. Row 3: Garcia, Yoakum, Rhoden, McKowen, Ostendorf, Brooks. CROSS COUNTRY-This year Wash- ington had one of its best cross country teams. The boys were filled with spirit and really showed it. Placing second in the Southern League was not an easy task for the iron lungers. They faced rough com- petition throughout the whole sea- son but with the help of Coach Joe Barry, 'fthe best cross country coach in the city," the team finished in the top division. Tom Dilday, school record holder for the cross country course, and Don Lawson were two boys who helped to make the team a winner. Tcm Dilday amazed with his running ability when he set a new record in the City Finals. IOTH GRADE CROSS COUNTRY-The lOth Grade Cross Country team under the guidance of Coach Barry ended a suc- cessful season. Home meets were held at the one-and-three-quarten mile course at Western and Imperial. Although Cross Country is not one of Washington's most publicized participation sports, boys were at the course everyday. The winning team in Cross Country meets has the least points. Most of the boys will progress to the eleventh grade team and look forward to another highly successful season. VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY COACH AND STARS-Ronnie Leiuwaan, Coach Joe Barry, Jim Kosik. 1 X X X x Miss Geneva Gary teaches her class that proper stance is iust as important as point of aim to a good archer. sports round out our school program fy "' ri' ff 3 ily if sg, ,Q ., 1. , J I : if 4 ' ssgq.--,ps ' Y . , 5 Af' , f - sg GAA BOARD-Row 1: Salvinger, Eliason, England, Muse, Carl. Row 2: Dobey, Fritsche, Snyder, Vieth, Walz, Coady, Hilsinger. GAA AND GAA BOARD- 'lStril4e one!" "Strike two!" "lt is a homer!" These are among the shouts heard when GAA meets on the Girls' Athletic Field. GAA offers an athletic program to all Washington girls. Besides playing other Washington girls in intramural team sports, GAA sponsors many exchange playdays to promote better friendships with other schools. Sandy Eng- lund, winter president, and Jane Carl, summer president, led GAA through a good season. ADVANCED DANCE-Row 1: Apple, Lal.oggia, Driver, Swartz, Bailey. Row 2: Acquista, Valenti, Elgin, Gibson, Wells, Pearlman, Arnaelsteen. Row 3: Eliason, Rosene, Cuccio Granger, Zessau, Goodman, Row 4: Slwoyszr, Caranonv, Vollovyitz, Gonzales, Kitzmiller. Row S: Ross, Simmons, Tell, Burrus, McMartin, MODERN DANCE-Holding several audiences spellbound, the Modern Dance class exe- cutes techniques and interpre- tations, For the Christmas As- sembly, the class danced in pantomime tor Aaron Pecks narration at James Weldon Johnsons "The Creation". For the Spring Review, the cla3s did original dance selections from "My Fair Lady" and a re- cording ot Mussorgsky's 'Night on Bald Mountain". Mrs. Nancy Stuart and Mrs. Juanita Cable teach the class. wmrxb Arnoelsteen, Willis, Valenti, Tell practice techniques during class rehearsal. X A , Q 1 7591 VARSITY TRACK-Row l: Mendoza, Livingston, Liberto, Popko, Lawson, Fenderson, Finn, VARSITY TRACK AND FIELD COACHES Crescione. Row 2: Kuhns, Brueckner, Hunn, Hough, Merriweath H ' ' ' er, ansen, Wilson, Smith, Mr. Bill Pothoff, Mr, Joe Barry, Mudd. Row 3: Rust, Adamson, Mallyon, Jones, Mair, Farmer, Tate, Cooper. 70 3 "fd ' 5. .Huntington Park H33 275 67 . .Garfield ........ 37 29 2 "3. .Manual Arts ...,. 74 173 28V2 . .Dorsey ......... 75V2 23 . .Jefferson . . . . . .82 3532311fLi"Li2l.,.:...'5.'j.',Z?,.i3 generaltown trackmen are Ray Cooper Wilmer Garcia Chuck Hough Bob Jones Don Lawson Bob Livingston Dick Ensch Jerry Hansen Rolf Hunn Bill Kuhns Tony Liberto John Mudd VARSITY TRACK-Washingtons Varsity tracksters again rated with a strong team. Bill Pothott and Joe Barry coached the Var- sity track team. Ray Cooper, who holds a 440 yard dash record, broke the iOO yard dash record with 9.7 seconds. Don Lawson, who broke the B i320 record last year, won coveted points in the mile. Other consistent point winners for the Varsity club were Rolf Hunn and Bob Livingston, hurdles, Jerry Hansen and Bob Jones, high jump, Tom Bretches and John Mudd, shot put, and Frank Norona in the pole vauit. Rolf Hunn, Bob Livingston, and 1 QD -et!! . ca ? s ' e im -B3 tilin g V A s ix t' W ff.. Tom Bretches will b back to c m ete tythqbe 'Sir ers. UD! cj X B TRACK-Cow 'l: Van Herpen, Morgan, Thomas, Mantredi, Saenz, Weber, Burmham. Row 2: nl IQ! 5 010' Hopkins, Vacirca, Truitt, Tarongo, Wickline, Garcia, Ernst, Phillips, Bradshaw. Row 3: Farr, Ol A 0' li Rhoden, Swartz, Linley, Damico, Whitehead, Nelson, Ensch, Noack, Sora. Row 4: Haskins, 51 ' O! UV Wg yi qi, JJ Ostendorf, Muto, Harper, Pellegrino, Humber, Garrett, Tanner, Rico, Castleberry, Trimble. it ' ,J QV B AND C TRACK-ln track meets the Varsity players whgabbty ' ' NSG BQ? D fy receive most of the credit but also in there fighting ' jk lv N Q gl V Q if hard are our B and C teams. Joe Barry and Bill Pothoff I, N L llf L V V . coached a good team again this year. Consistent point fl' B ,ugh Ap winners for the B's were Wilmer Garcia, i320 yard N J . B il lllltiWiitiWfittli valiant lighters L run, Dick Ensch cnd Eddie Terrango, pole vault, Jim Humber, high jump, Byran Thomas and Warnie Noack, shot put, and Bruce Farr, high and low hur- dles. Consistent C pointers were Henry Piligian, iOO and hurdles, Charles Rice, pole vault, Rolland Brous and Jerry Burton, shot put, and Pete Russel, broad lump. This year's B's and C's are next year's Varsity! W , C TRACK-Row I: Howell, Wilson, Doane, Brous, Jacobelis, Piligian, Russel, Burton, Wren hNoa'k La"'Y Vfmrca Presley, Camu. Rcw 2: Canfield, Lee, Pulcini, Garcia, Gram, Rice, Dominguez, Heimbecher, Byron T amos Je""Y w'l5o"' Tafoya. Row 3: Melching, Maroney, Gillum, Finn, Hallgren, Bock, Branson, Mosier, Ward, Willett. slcilllul gymnasls GYM TEAM-Row 1: Mills, Willoughby, Stuart, Hawkins, Emmons, Lopez, Yarnell, DeRossett, Roop, manager. Row 2: White, Tucker, Kott, Knapton, Eichstedt, Vanden Bossche, Fountain, Hunter, Russel, Orcher, Peters, Beyne, Coach James Cokas. Row 3: Castro, Lindsey, Beale, Bertulis, McAllister, Deichsel, Ferguson, Litherland, Wendt, Boney, Doane. Bob Boney Roger Ferguson Ted Hawkins Larry Litherlund practice with determined persistence GYM TEAM-The musclemen at Wash- ington did a tine iob this year. Everyday the boys met wtih Coach Jim Cokas and worked out their routines for the meets. The rings, parallel bars, side horse, high bar, and rope climb are iust a few ot the events which make up a gymnastics meet. The outstanding men on the team were Ted Hawkins on the horizontal bar, Charles Castro on the rings, Mike Brun- etto on the side horse, and General Larry Litherland who excelled in the rope climb. Larry, who has all the co-ordina- tion and skill a gymnast could ever hope tor, will probably go to the City Finals. 72... ...South Gate .. ...57 70... ...Venice ....... . ....4O 59... ...Manual Arts ....67 63. . . .... Huntington Park ..... .65 75... .... Jetterson ....... ....54 43. . . .... Fremont ...... .. . .85 . .... Los Angeles . .. . Roger McAllister Jim Mills Mike Brunette Chuck Castro Jerry Derosetti ,M - 'wif Dale Arnold Wulier Birch Howard Hughie Dennis Gibson Tommy Gilpin Russel Infantino Bob O'Callaghan Wayne Sorenson Dave Van Hoorebeke A mighty swing brings them in for a sure win. washington's stickmen record victories ..,-., f- New is' Walt Birch is all alert to steal a base at the annual Alumni Game. VARSITY BASEBALL-"We're out!" and "We're in the lead." This seemed to be the cry for the Generals and Marthas all spring long. Under the watchful eye of Coach White and Coach Culler the varsity stickmen again finished out a very successful season. With such figures as big league-bound Tommy Gilpin on the pitcher's mound and Walt Birch behind the plate, the team was a sure hit. Although when at bat, some of the fans had their doubts. A surprise for the student body was the Alumni Game in March. The outcome of the game was not too good from the Varsity's point of view. The final score was 8-0, with the Alumni being the winners. Two of the outstanding players this year were Wayne Sorenson and Dennis Gibson. ......San Pedro..... ...7 ......Garfield........ ...O ......Huntington Park ...O ......SouthGate...... ...O ......Manual Arts .. ...2 ......Dorsey ...O ......Jefferson .. ...7 ......Fremont.... ...3 ......LosAngeles... ...2 ......Manual Arts .. ...7 ......Dorsey ...5 ...Jefferson .. ...Fremont ...Los Angeles ... 'W' i 'P A .L 3 X Nff VARSITY BASEBALL-Row l: R. Langley, T. Gilpin, D. Arnold, K. Neil, D. Van Hoorebeke, R. Johnson. Row 2: Coach Bob White, R. lnfantino, W. Birch, D. Gibson, B. O'Callaghan, R. Hane, W. Sorenson. Row 3: J. Terry, manager, T. Burns, H. Hughie, A. Forsyth, R. Holchak, D. Russell, A. Jenkins, manager. Alumni Team defeats Army 8-0 on our diamond. 2' HTS? JUNIOR VARSITY BASEBALL-"Victory, the cry of Washington" was true for the JV Baseball team as well as the Varsity since Dorsey was the only team able to beat the Generals. The JV boys downed our school rival, Fremont, 10-2. Bob Lancaster, Coach Cul- ler's outstanding player of the year, pitched a sen- sational no-hitter against Jefferson. Other outstand- ing players of the season were Gary Sebella, second baseman, Allen Sayre-Smith, outfielder, and Bob Deckard, shortstop. As the season came to a close the team's batting average was over 300, which is terrific in anybody's book. Wouldn't you say so, Generals? - 3 .... .... S an Pedro .... .. I 5 .... .... G arfield ....... . . 2 1 .... .... H untington Park . . . . 2 12 .,.. .... S outh Gate ..... .. 6 lo .... .... M anual Arts . . . . 5 I2 .... ...Dorsey ...... ...I3 17 .... . . .Jefferson . . . O 10 .... . . .Fremont .... . . 2 7... ...Los Angeles .. .. 2 6 .... ...Manual Arts .. .. 2 5... ...Dorsey...... ..4 . . . .Jefferson . ...Fremont .. .Los Angeles . . .. A JV BASEBALL-Row 1: Shield, Hubbart, Biermann, Sanders, McMillion, Bremm, Deckard, Row 2: Anastasi, Sayre-Smith, Dimatteo Wann, Watson, Sabella, Monteith, Avilez, Budman. Row 3: Coach Bill Culler, Snyder, Shotts, Ast, Garcetti, Lancaster, Fairchild Rainey, Gram, Miner, manger. Free-styler Bob Dewar springs to fast action. COACH TOM MC if 20 ...... Dorsey .... . . .47 30 ...... Eagle Rock ..... 48 I5 ...... Los Angles ..... 57 ,,: ,r . , .qnsig R V: -B , , if .f , ,gf . rv Q , A . .gf CULLOUGH Dan Connell executes the exhausting butterfly SWIMMING TEAM-This year the Wash- ington Swim Team maintained a solid rating in the Southern League. The Nep- tune Squad held its practice sessions at Riis High School and its regular meets at Los Angeles High. Dan Connell, Tom Orcher, and Benny Tisa, provided excit- ing moments for our A, B. and C teams respectively. Bob Boney, Varsity diver, Tom Orcher and Bill Brown, B divers, were the ever present figures sparking us on to diving victories. fi-is ff -sz .5 ici., y fiifi ' jig! lb' . AM, , 4 ,. SWIMMING TEAM-Row I: Palmer, Ehrhardt, Sweet, Connell, Laso. Row 2: Adams, Mur h , Brown Dew A d p y , ar, n erson. Row 3: Benlarnin, Mason, Hope, Robert Hall, Hasselberg. Row 4: Medley, Kovacs, Moffett, Richard Hall, lsenburg. Row 5: Lager, Bower, Tisa, Drus, Bruce, Gerum, Villalobos, Buier. swift and accurate strokes win the game 18 ........ Huntington Park .. ...7 io ........ Huntington Park .. .,.9 16 ........ Westchester . . . . . . I 4 ........ Inglewood ... . . .3 8 ........ South Gate ... ...O 6 ........ Manual Arts ... ...l 5 ........ Fremont ..... . . .2 5 ........ Dorsey .... . . .2 7 ........ Jefferson .... . . .O i...' ..... Los Angeles ...6 VARSITY TENNIS-Under the coaching ot Mr. Lew Dunning, Washington's Var- sity tennis team has had another good year. As this edition of the Continental goes to press, our squad has opposed eight team and lost to none. Spearhead- ed by Bobby Delgado and such players as Mike LaSalla and Mike Mansolino, the team has drawn a deep respect from its adversaries. Though many of the boys will graduate this June, Washing- ton will not sutter from a lack of tennis Phillip Marian in '58- Mike Monsolino ,. if , 4 ... ,.,..,.. in .,..., t4L......,.....,0..., , ,. , , Howard Anderson VARSITY TENNIS-Row 1: Benson, Blomgren, Rausch, Love, Schulman, Melikidse, Mr. Lew Dunning Bob Delgado coach. Row 2: Delgado, LaSalla, Mansolino, Martin, McGinney, Anderson. Mike Lo Solla Weston Love golfers putt putt down the green GOLF-The Washington golf squad enioyed a moderately successful season, winning about half of their matches, and dropping some to the highly competitive Bay League teams. Ron Hunter, only Ietterman to return, ioined with Jim Gorton, Dick Green, Ray Hane, Larry Keys, Dick Komonyi, and Keith Kott to form a steadily improving team. With no or- ganized golf in the Southern League, Wash- ington played free lance, and met such far flung rivals as North Torrance, Van Nuys, Cathedral, Inglewood, Morningside, Haw- thorne, and El Segundo. The team was spon- sored by Mr. Harry Plant. V2 ,.... ...Inglewood .. ....5Vz O ...Inglewood ....6 O .. ...Morningside .. . . . .6 6 .. ...Hawthorne .. ....O 5 ...ElSegundo.... ....I 2 .. ...Morningside .. . . . .4 4V2 .... . . .Cathedral . . .... I V2 6 .. ...Hawthorne ........ ....O 6 .. ...Hawthorne ........ ....O . . . .North High lTorrancel. . . . . . .North High ITorrancel. . . . ..........ElSegundo............ I 1' W... GOLF Rowl K Kott R Hone L Kers Row 2 J Gorton D Green, R. Komonyi, Coach Harry Plant. teamwork ancl individual achievement bring we i he P, r'g ' A surge of energy and they're over' Muscles bulge as top Varsity and B men put the shots. ??L'EF33f551'Qi:, f 724 " 1 .a This is a normal sigh! with our fleet-footed tracksters churning the dust as each one fries fo lead. 94 . ,bn I I . n ,HY K , HGHE I W YQ? Rothman, Evonne Garner, and Denny Isenburg show their Lions Club Speech Contest trophies Future architect Glen Archibald puts finishing touches on his ranch-style model home. lfi i1-1----.. .,..,,,,,, SUMMER SCHOLARSHIP CABINET-Nocas, Potter, Jue, Arnaelsteen, Pomaville, Mr. Lawyer, .IADINE JUE and RICHARD SCHULMAN sponsor. Scholarship Presidents "scholarship for service" is our goal SCHOLARSHIP CABINET- Capably led by Richard Schulman, Winter presi- dent, and Jadine Jue, Summer president, the Scholarship cabinet planned a busy year. Starting things ott was the Get-Acquainted Tea, and although there were many activities, nearly everyones favorite was the Scholarship Break- fast. Highlight of each se- mester was Scholarship Week, during which the Sealbearers received lite- time membership pins and were presented to the student body. All members wore Scholar- ship ribbons throughout the week. Y-1 l 2 WINTER SCHOLARSHIP CABINET-I-leytens, Davis, Amzrian, Jue, Schulman, Gerde NEW MEMBERS-Row 1: Beam, Bowman, B, Tell, M. Tell, Mulconery, Requa, Dillow, Moffat Row 2' Nicols Alvarez, Smith, McCloskey, Reo, Lange, Sparkes. Row 3: Lundberg, D'Arelli, Leonard, Priebe, ll-loftman, Hutton Fuller, Peterson, Shaw. NEW TORCHBEARERS-Attaining good grades for two semesters, the New Torchbearers are well on their way to gaining high scholastic honors such as Senior Torchbearers, or Sealbearship. To serve Washington andthe Scholarship So- ciety, New Torchbearers tutor students whose grades have fallen olown, anol provide cookies for the semi-annual Schol- arship Tea, Gary Gram efficiently led these studious boys and girls as chair- man, and Mrs. Werminghaus sponsored the group. NEW TORCHBEARERS-Row 1: Gram, Miner. Row 2: Ranson, Taylor, Pomaville, Gregory, Caldwell. ' NEW MEMBERS-New comers to the Scholarship Society are sponsored by Mrs. Mary Davise and are known around Cher- rytree Campus as New Members. The division is made up of Marthas and Georges who receive at least three A's and one B on one semester's re- port card. New Members enjoy the annual Scholar- ship get-acquainted tea at the beginning of each semester. OLD TORCHBEARERS- One division ot the Scho- lolrship Society is Old Torchbeorers. Generals earning scholarship for three semesters are mem- bers. Ann Heytens, choir- man of the summer se- mester, manages all the affairs of this honored group. With the aid of Eric Olson, vice chairman, Old Torchbearers have en- joyed ci semester full of activities. Mr. Lawyer is the sponsor. ' '-53? ' ' A H ,,,. .. - Rx, Xi six, l .i w Vw ' ' .1 1 x. v ., . 1 OLD TORCHBEARERS-Row 1: Obrand, Gram, Heytenz, Olson, Blodgett, Row 2: Tarmo, Pell, Kurtz, Glisch, Zessau, Loveless, Potter, Van Volkenburgh, Seboldt, Swider. Row 3: Mr. Lawyer, sponsor, Richison, Ewing, Biermann, Anderson, Nocas, Graff, Fritsche. Ui K SENIOR TORCHBEARERS-With tour straight semesters in the Scholarship So- ciety, o Senior B becomes o Senior Torch- bearer. Sponsored by Mr. Robert How- rhorne, the Senior Torchbearers work together for an even greater honor, Seol- bearers, to come in their Senior A se- mester. Students who reach Senior Torch- bearers show enthusiasm, high scholastic ability, and excellent co-operotion. These students set an example for under-class- men and for future Senior Torchbearers. fx J SENIOR TORCHBEARERS-Row 'lx Forsen, Huffman, DeCastro. Row 2: llurley, Levine, Link, Bennett. l il J -ii? A .NT N. Rigs Rig' ' X .gs AN Q in sf .,:i,.. N : .3,:,S g .f - , .X X X sis . . .aN"f"' winter and summer SEALBEARERS-Sealbearership is the highest scholastic honor that can be attained by high school students of California. Senior A's achieve this goal by holding membership in the California Scholarship Federation for at least four semesters, one of them being in the senior semester. They have had at least three A's and one B, no D's or no F's on the twenty weeks' report. Citizen- ship ofcourse must be commend- able. On their graduation dip- lomas, permanent records in high school, and transcript of records to colleges will be the official emblem of the California Schol- arship Federation, the gold seal. The gold seal has an open book signifying life and a laurel wreath symbolizing the award of achievement. 52 Margie Balogh Nolan Edmunds Barbara Farrow Lisa Jensen Nancy Rilter IOO ls Julie Bernsl' Phyllis Eggen Bill Greene Carol Losey Joyce Thlick Carolyn Carson Judy Esenslen Cindy Hollinger Marv Missakian Joel Wachs sealbearers receive liie membership I if C57 Q 5-'H 45 3: Frances Amerian Barbara Arnaelsleen Charles Augusl Lillian Cimo Mary Gerde Jay Hanson John Herzog Barry Hovey Dennis lsenburg Jadine Jue Marcie Krone Janet Linslead Richard Schulman Colleen McKay Helga Minning Sandy Morris Louise Nocas Jewel Rice Jan McClure Marilyn Silvers Robin Snyder Jean Traubenberg Lynda Underwood Sandra Van Valkenburg Don Vine Beverly Wyckhouse ART HONOR-Row 'l: Hagevvood, Amelotte, Gedwell, Hilleger, Lancellotti, Chapman, Tignino. Row 2: Mrs. Bladholm, sponsor, Wisnoski, l-loftarth, Crosier, Zerillo, Doran, Knodel, Hanson. ART HONOR-This fine association pro- vides a nucleus for all students interest- ed in art. With Ro- berta Wisnoski at the helm, Art Honor students attended field trips and helped school com- mittees decorate for many dances. Their new proiect is to fur- nish flowers for all Washington offices. Members' art work is also displayed an- nually at the Bul- lock's Scholastic Art Exhibit. recognition is earned in many fields 931 4 W X ,:,. it :. Y x il 1, ,Y : .,'. 5' 5 it K . .,:,, 1, 3 Ks GIRLS' LETTER SOCIETY-Row Salvinger, Walz, Coady. I: Dobey, Franke, Muse, Carl. Row 2: Hilsinger, Englund, GLS-Under the guidance of Miss Juanita Cable, the Girls' Letter Society served Cherrytree Campus through the VV'57 semester by selling refreshments at the baseball games and taking report cards around for the absent stu- dents. GLS, an honor group, represents the Girls' Athletic Association. To be- come a member, a girl must earn six credits in different fields of sports. LETTREMEN'S CLUB-Row 1: Volp, Hanson, Hughie, Arnold, Dilday, Tate, Dewar, Harbour, Kosik. Row 2: Crowther, Birch, O'CaIlaghan, Floro, Hasselberg, Deckard, Jepsen, Vacirca, Van Hoorebeke, Leiuwaan. Row 3: Johnson, Connell, Popko, Kemp, Buier, Cooper, Maddux, Tanner, Hutchings, Neil, Delgado, Gates. COMMERCE HONOR SO- CIETY-Honoring stu- dents ot the business Ed- ucation Department who have achieved an out- standing scholarship rat- ing is the purpose of the Commerce Honor Society. Under the direction of Mrs. Overtield, sponsor, this organization does secretarial work tor the ottices, issues caps and gowns to promote inter- est in the seniors, and strives to promote interest in the business field. 1 I i E I LETTERSMEN'S CLUB-Noted tor its blue cardigan sweaters with the red "W"'s, the Lettermens Club is an organization tor General athletes. Georges who qual- ity in Varsity, JV, B, and C sports are eligible tor membership. In '57, the Lettermen sponsored two dances and banquets at which awards were given. l l ff X265 f fr QQ, ss., X :L6 -li XFN N. l 1 1 Q M , COMMERCE HONOR SOCIETY--Ro w'l: Wyckhouse, Van Volkenburgh, Carson, Hoser. Row 2: Hammerstrom, Brungardt, Glisch, Van Valkenburg Row 3: Mrs. Overtield, sponsor, Snyder, Eschbach, Morris, Stoneking, Winsor, Biermann, Venturelli. 103 top iournalists are rewarded for their efforts iw 1:7 Frances Amerian I 45" Gary Beals Henry Bechlloff Mary Gerde Jay Hanson Barry Hovey Vic Holchak Mary Missakian Linda Nordin Jewel Rice Julia Sheue Jane Snider Sharon Swift NOT PICTURED: Sharon Rosenstein Bette Caldwell Bonnie Carter Pat Doyle Glenn Mowrer Sharon Ahlstrom QUILL AND SCROLL-This is an honorary organization for stu- dent iournalists on the Contin- ental and Surveyor staffs, who meet certain iournalistic require- ments. Applicants rnust demon- strate to the adviser that they merit the honor through team- work, scholarship, and achieve- ments. These students work hard with the advisers to gain All- American status for our school's publications. The efforts of these people and their fellow workers have made the Surveyor and Continental among the best high school iournalistic efforts in the nation. I 5 1 xiii-Miki 1 M -" Z gd 1, y N Af, x , q gg w , 'fftflzl 1 I 52. f .W 'fx 3,50 ' .14 K ,, A W V x .U ,q,,,A,2,M,,, Rav:-L-Xvw,x ' .f ,, A . . , f iff mm NH I Ronnie Johnson Pat Osborn worthy deeds harmoniously achieved ,fe 'K Rex Mary Alu Pal DiBiase Carol Losey Earl Rice ,aww IEW Bob Brooks Nolan Edmunds Ronnie Ludlow Nancy Ritter 'iw-up Pal Carlile Dave Carlson Sandy Coon Phyllis Eggen Judy Esensten Judy Gall Mary Missakian Leland Severe Carol Molner Joel Wachs reflects knight and lady attitudes NANCY RITTER RONNIE LUDLOW Lady President Knight President WINTER KNIGHTS AND LADIES-A high honor to be achieved by a senior Washington student is to become a Knight or a Lady. Working to- gether the Knights and Ladies perform such duties as greeting BlO's on the first day ot school and taking them on a tour of Cherrytree Campus. To supervise the noon movies and plan the semi-annual formal K 81 L dance are other iobs taken on by these ambitious students. Being the hosts of College Night is another service which was well carried out under the leadership ot Nancy Ritter and Ronnie Ludlow, Winter Lady and Knight Presidents. Mrs. Ruby Davis and Mr. Joaquin Fraters are sponsors. Frances Americm Barbara Arnaelsleen Jane! Barlhel Kay Blodgelf Ilene Braun 'Waller Birch Joyce Clubb Jackie Cole Ray Cooper Virginia Cronshaw Sandra Englund Mary Gerde John Herzog Dennis Isenburg Janice Landee Warren Noack Louise Nocas Linda Nordin Bob O'Callagl'1an Carol Olivadoti Richard Schulman Don Sheldrake Marilyn Silvers Jane Snider Jeannette Stewart IO8 capricians gain leadership opportunities SW' through service if Dennis Rich Buier Crowther Mildred Larson Weston Love Colleen McKay Sheila Petty Jewel Rice Dorothy Salvinger Jean Traubenberg Larry Vacirca Don Vine JACKIE COLE and RICHARD SCHULMAN Lady and Knight Presidents SUMMER KNIGHTS AND LADIES --On January lO, thirty-six new- ly elected Summer Caprici- ans became Knights and Ladies. Chosen on the basis ot scholar- ship, leadership, and service, these select tew set out to serve Washington even further. Giving orientation speeches to the BlO's, helping with adjustments, and sponsoring the noon movie prod gram are the services performed by the combined group. The highlight ot the semester tor these honored seniors was the presentation of the Knights and Ladies Dance, with "Treasure ls- land" as its theme, Mrs. Ruby Davis and Mr. Joaquin Fraters sponsor the two groups. 9 coveted Frances Amerion Jackie Cole Ray Cooper Sondra Englund Denny Isenberg Jodine Jue Colleen McKay linda Nordin Bob O'CaIlaghcn Carol Olivuelati Pdf Posifo Jewel Rice Richard Schulman larry Vucirca Don Vine EPHEBIANS-One in every forty groduoting seniors of the Los Angeles high schools receive Ephebion honor. A Foculty Com- mittee, o student vote, ond o tin- ol toculty vote choose the Ephe- bions, Members ore chosen for individuol service to the school ond community. This civic better- ment orgonizotion meets the first Thursdoy ot every month ot the City l-loll. Ephebionship holds high responsibilities ond every member considers it on honor. honors go to qucililied genercils N,s,.-,iAfg,s,g.m., mmm 1 1. anew::1m N Gus Beskos Rich Crowther , Harry Gates Vic Holchak Denny Isenburg Linda Nordin Richard Schulman Don Sheldrake BOYS' AND GIRLS' STATE- lndeed an unforgettable ex- perience as well as a great honor is the privilege to attend Californias Boys' and Girls' State. The annual sessions, sponsored by the American Le- gion Auxiliary, are held in Sacramento. Here the selected girl and several boys learn of the duties, privileges, rights, and responsibilities of Amer- ican citizenship. By participa- tion in mock sessions, the dele- gates see the actual function- ing of our government. The Social Studies Department chooses the candidates. Larry Vacirca Don Vine Vic Holchak represented Scholastic Sports Association at the '56 Olympics. il.. with ambitions realized we graduate as O seniors coral and lorown distinguished olympians Carol Lynn May Anderson i i Marvin Robert Appel 1 Elaine Marie Apple Lucia Deanna Argabright Dorothy Louise Atkinson Frederick Gilbert Barnikel Gladys Ethel Berge Julie Anne Bernst Dorothy Marguerite Bailey Margaret R. Balogh Charlotte Ann Bangoy Gary L. Bezanson Janis Virginia Birk Joyce Priscilla Birk t Carolyn Rae Birkitt Lance Robert Biscoe Kenneth Charles Black x OLYMPIAN CLASS OFFICER S-Row 1: Littleworth, Balough, Bernst. Row 2: Mr. Estes, sponsor, Wachs,, DiBiase, Miss Tallis, sponsor. Carlos Lewis Acosta Mary Ellen Acquisto Harriett Ann Allen Mary Ellen Alu SS'i.?K.1" 994 fin OLYMPIAN CLASS OFFI- CERS-Wonderful lead- ership of the class officers insured the Olympian class a semester of ioys and everlasting memor- ies. Joel Wachs, class president, handled all lousiness matters. Work- ing hand in hand, Pat Di- Biase, Gwen Littleworth, Margie Balogh, and Ju- lie Bernst assisted Joel with all class activities. Senior Mothers' Tea, the Splash, and the Senior Breakfast were iust a few of the activities placed in the capable hands of the Glympian class officers. Nancy Jeanne Black Ronald John Black Ronald James Blore Joyce Esther Bolwell Michael N. Braievich Dean Warren Braxton Patricia Ann Bredsen Carol Brockmeier Robert Walter Brooks Carolyn Lee Brown Gloria Jean Brown J. Milton Bryarly Ronnie Lee Budwig Douglas L. Butcher George R. Cannon Carolye Cantv Patricia Loreen Carlile David Otto Carlson Adelene Caronnn Armando Carrion Carolyn Louise Carson Ann Rosemary Casey Carolyn Dorothy Cheke Sheila Chelner Charles Martin Childs .lacquelyn .lane Clark Robert Willard Clark K J Collamer Sandra Kay Coon Warren Earl Contreras Ronald Owen Coulson Raymond Lawrence Cox Lena .lo Coyle Kathleen G. Crain Norman R. Dalton Duane Eugene Dannecker Harry .lames Dearing Susan Carol Demmler Reita Ann Denman Barbara L. DePartie Patricia Gail Di Biase Michael Guy Di Giuro ll6 gf, we swam and danced at our senior splash Thomas Emery Dilday William Jon Dimmick Sharon Darlene Dixon Charles Edward Dobbins Darlene Elaine Dobey , Q4 ....,,.,E 1 if .ss X Carolyn Mae Dudley Georgia Diann Dvorak Helen Nora Edmiston Nolan Jensen Edmunds Phyllis Gail Eggen Stanley Harold Eide Annalea Maria Eisenstadt Lloyd Bruce Ellis, Jr. Judith O. Erickson Judith Esensten James Russel Fallon, Jr. Cherie Ann Finney Marilyn May Fischer Patricia Mae Fletcher Barbara Ann Forrow 'Q-"' 'T Grant Allen Fosdick William David Freese Judith Maria Gall Cecilia Marie Gatica La Verl Rae Giltsch uv' 'KV Betty Loraine Glickman Don Martin Gonzales .loseph Harrison Gossett Myrna Lee Green William W. B. Greene Sylvia Sue Griffin George Edward Gutierrez Joseph Alan Gwynn Elizabeth Sue Hain Madlyn Halfon 1 x1 li i' 5i 7 Nancy Jean Hans Jo Ann Ruth Hayden Laurine Bertrace Hayford Marilyn Marie Heinz Frances Laura Hernandez Mary Ann Hicks Ronald E. Higginbotham June Eleanor Hilton Patricia Marie Hilton Thomas Gordon Hoff Gary Lee Holladay Cindy Hollinger Frederick Wilton Holloway Jean Anne Hoser Evelyn Frances Hough Loren Le Roy Howell Kenneth Alan Howland Nathalee Aldean Hueston Lloyd Chester Huntting Sharron Lee Israel Minna Lisa .lensen Ronald Victor .Iohnson James A. Jones Judy Lee Jones Norman David .luarez Marilyn Marie Junkin Charles George Kaiser Mary Linn Keel Myrna Ethel Kemper Patricia Louise Kerr Bruce E. Krans Rodney A. Kubes Ronald P. Kubes Susie Gee Kwong Roberta Jean Laffey our prom was a 'stairway to the stars X 'QQ' -will I X .. George Ronald La Rue Barbara Ann Levine Merrill Glen Litherland Gwendolyn M. Littleworth Carol Jeanne Losey Linda L. Lovett Donald William Otto Luce Ronald Ernest Ludlow Margery Marie Manny Rosemary Julia Massei Jan F. Mays Theresa Marlene Mazzie Carol Ann McCann William Gary McClure William Joseph McNutt, Jr. Roberta Helen McQuaid Mary Helen Melendres Richard Milan Melford lx-rwrence Harold Memsic Ronald Wayne Miller Mary Jeannette Missakian Carol Ann Molner David Moses Montag Edward Harrison Montoya Ronald J. Moriarty George Walter Muhlhauser Warren Henry Mullen Nancy Lee Muse Mary Jo Nardini Claudette L. Navarrette Donald Albert Ness Barbara Lea Nichols Katherine Mae Noble Patricia Nolan Patricia Darlene Osborn Betty Rose Owens Rune Sven Pearson Barbara Ethel Peto Faye Philpott James Edward Pickering Rex Lee Pomeroy Wallace Milton Porter Denise Ellen Price Johnnie David Pugh Louise Ann Ratner Ruth Louise Reynolds Earl Howard Rice Donald .James Ritchie Nancy Earlene Ritter Robert Sendeio Rodriguez Antonietta Romaniello Joseph T. Romanoski Anthony Le Roy Romero Melvin Lawrence Roteman Kenneth Lee Salsman Joan Ann Sams Ralph Kimmerling Sandel Shirley Anne Saunders John Arthur Savage William Gilbert Schatzlein Judith Magdalen Schmidt Frank Phillip Schrodek, Jr. Leland Cecil Severe Stephen H. Scott Helen Marlyne Shelton Marcia Elizabeth Shield Marlene Silverstein David Carroll Smith Effie June Smith X X , Frank Eugene Wong William Wallace Woodbury Eddie Carlton Wright Barbara Jean Yarmus i Sx ., Ronald Lee Smith Sherry Jane Snyder William Walter Snyder Ruthellen M. Spinner Robert Wayne Stack Carol Maxine Stanton George Stearns, Jr. Richard Reid Steene Stephen J. Stephenson Charlotte Louise Stone Genevieve Carol Streeter Mary Ann Strong Howard Thomas Stubbins Shirley E. Sweet Rose Teresa Tannenbaum Edith M. Taylor Joyce Gee Thlick Barbara Sue Thompson Linda louise Thomson Jean Ure Carol Susan Valenti Virginia Helen Van Horne Beverly Ann Vannice Joel Stahler Wachs Elizabeth Maudine Ward Robert Gene Warner Gary Dodds Watson Richard Wendell Webb Emil Edward Weber Stephen Weisberg David Meigs White Betty Jean Willey Kay Dianne Williams George Clark Willis Dianne Beverly Wilson George Steven Witte NOT PICTURED:i Robert Leon Antoine 'o Ann Luebke Robert Lyle Pierce Gloria D. Prado Ronnie Frederick Thiele seniors leave deeds to be remembered King Ray Cox and Queen Gwen Littleworih dance before admiring eyes at the Senior Prom. 1 CAPRICIAN CLASS OFFl- w CERS-When Recognition J, ' . Day came, many proud Q.. x seniors displayed the Ca- xii' ft fs I ,fr V prician Lavender Sweat- . A i ers and White Accessor- ' J 'K ies. That morning Bl2's .4 M officially became known as the Caprician Class of S'57. Other events high- lighting this senior year were the panorama pic- ture, the Senior Mothers' Tea, the Senior Breakfast, the prom and commence- ment. "We accept lite's challenge with courage and confidence" was the class motto. All the friends made and fun experi- enced will remain in their memories for future years. CAPRICIAN CLASS OFFICERS-Mr. William Pothoff, sponsor, Petty, Stewart, Crowther, Justice, Willis Vine. we selected ccipricians as our name William George Adkins Donald E. Alexander Lawrence Alvin Allen Patricia Susan Allen Nancy Kaye Alloway Doris Ellene Alltop Leo Michael Amato Frances Amerian Barbara Anne Amos Adis Marie Anderson Dorothea Louise Antonucci Howard Glen Archibald Barbara Louise Arnaelsteen Clifford Dale Arnold, Jr. Charles Joseph August Gus E. Bailly William George Balogh James Alex Barath Janet Luise Barthel Charlene Eleanor Bartlett i 1 .2 mx iessss sew Gary Phillip Beals Nancy Marie Beam Henry George Bechtloff Patricia Marie Becker Lila Joan Beckwith Bette Ann Beehler Olga Yolanda Beltran Honour Faith Benns Alexander Arvyclas Bertulis Gus George Beskos Myrtle May Bidwell Donna Faye Bierschenk Charles Victor Bintliff Russell B. Bintliff Walter Daniel Birch Barbara Louise Birdsall Bonita Blanche Bishop Retha Carolyn Bishop Terence Ray Blackstad Kathryn Frances Blodgett Armen Bogosian Lyle Marshall Bolton Floyd Kent Borth Kay C. Boyd George Franklin Bradbury, Jr. Robert Lee Bradford Ilene Braun Ernest Lee Brazee Richard Anthony Breier John Beniamin Brewer Larry Ernest Brissenden Bonnie Cheeri Brown Julie Delores Brown .lay Walter Bruce Mary Elizabeth Brugman Michael Arnold Brunetto Mary Ann Brungardt Louis E. Bruno Judy Bryner Phyllis Elaine Buchanan Thomas P. Buck Dianna Marie Bueneman Dennis Eugene Buier Alice Marie Burcheri Carl Raynor Burckel lavender and white were our colors Glenna May Burger John Lins Burke Cleta Faye Burkhalter Marlene Kay Burkman Timothy George Burns Robert Glen Burr Joanne Carole Butler Roberta Lee Byars Gloria Pauline Cahill Barbara A. Calliham Marlene Campbell Sam Anthony Campis Sheldon I. Canter Violet Caprino Constance .lane Carl Jacquelyn Karen Carlon Judy Beaty Carroll Ellen Jeanne Carter Louis A. Casella Patrick Joseph Casey Carole Evonne Cass Betty Joan Casstevens Georgia G. Cavadas Carl John Cavaliere 3 s Q 4 New 'S S X X Barbara Ann Cesorone Carol Elaine Chadderton Gayle Rowena Chase Carolyn Rae Church Lillian Ruth Cimo Richard Joseph Ciolek David Henry Clark Lee Milton Clark Treva Maureen Clark Marilyn Ann Cleary Joyce Elaine Clubb Donna Lee Cole Florence A. Cole Jacqueline Ann Cole Barbara Jean Colvett Loretta Dorene Colwell Keith Brian Comrie Patricia Lee Conry Salvador Contreras Cherie Kay Cooley Ray C. Cooper Jacquiline Joan Cote Ann Bailey Coyle Virginia Mae Cronshaw Marian Josephine Crosier Diane Sharon Crowe Richard A. Crowther Paul Rodney Crumrine Helga Leah Curry Carl Edward Dahl, .lr. Shirley Ann D'Amore Jo Ann Dances Joseph Peter D'Arelli Paula Sonya Dashoff Gail Patrick Davis Glenita Davis Stanley Richard Davis Virginia Arleen Day Pauline De Cataldo Patricia De Jong Nilda Rose Del Ciello Robert H. R. Delgado Sv s-.. , ,xx 'Z' 1" A A 1, M X 'QS-6 6 'vial Kenneth Wallace De Long Harry G. Demetre Sharon Virginia Denman David William De Young Mary Diefenbach Helen Louise Diehl Sue Anne Di Jerlando Frank Doeiaaren Rachel Dominguez Joseph William Doran Valora Zell Dorsey Robert Henry Drake we gave o tea to honor our mothers Peter Paul Drus John B. Dudley Barbara Lou Dugan Karolee E. Eastman Dixie Ann Edmonds William C. Edmonds Sharon Eileen Eisele Donna .loy Elder Martha Lea Elgin Victor James Elliott Patricia Ann Elschlager Sandra Linnea Englund Richard Gerald Ensch Judith Anne Enscoe Judith Kay Eschbach Elizabeth Ann Evers Jeffrey R. Ewing Janet lee Falkenstien Tyra Lee Farr John Joseph Faulkner Lucille Ann Faustina Roger Gregory Ferguson Paul Douglas Ferrara lone Lorraine Fitzgerald Patricia A. Flannery Robert Stanley Floro Ronald Eldon Floyd Virginia Lee Follin Dorothy Ann Ford Adrian John Forstmaier Allen Dunn Forsyth Robert Merle Frank, Jr. Diana Fay Elizabeth Franke Patricia Lynn Freckleton Mary Catherine Fritsche Charles Fuerst .loan C. Gamble Sharon .lean Gant Judith Ann Garcia Judith Arden Garwood Harry Raymond Gates Judith Irene Gehersky Sharon Rose Geisler Dwaine Joseph Gerard Albert David Gerdau Mary Karen Gerde Dennis L. Gibson Phyllis Irene Gibson Marcia Lynn Gilbert Tommy Marlin Gilpin Janet Brenda Ginsburg Iris Mae Glisch Joseph Armando Gonzales Ilene Janet Goodman Marilyn Louise Gram Del Nora Granato Judith Norris Granger Carolyn Gray Irene Adeline Grier Gary Dean Grimes Frances A. Gutierrez Lorna Jean Ground Max Elliott Groussman Carol Grussmeyer Olga Eloina Guerra 4 X Q3-an 125' f . z.-. 'iw ,., tv! I -, ' 'WWI 4 K , f i E?" ...V ft! 2 AL J if-' Harriet Eleanor Gutierrez Jeannette Gutierrez Sharlene Ann Hager Heidi Lorlie Holden Gene l. Hall Peggy Ann Hall Donna Irene Hammerstrom Norene Rae Hamor Ray Edward Hane Anita Marie Haner Robert W. Hankins Jearld D. Hansen Jay Howard Hanson Robert James Hanvey Jay L. Harbour Dionne Kathleen Hard .loan Irene Hare Douglas Hills Harman Donna Marie Harper Don Robert Hart Barbara Jane Heal William Gustav Hebner Janet Heil Mary Ruth Heimple Paul David Helgren Vernon Lee Helton laura Charlieen Hendrix Geraldine M. Henthorn John Preston Herzog Anne Morgan Hewson John Wayne Higdon Norma Ann Hill Marlene Evelyn Hilleger Carol Lee Hills Chloye Myrene Hilsinger Mary Ethel Hiszem Alice May Hobough Virginia Lee Hoff Ronald William Hoffar Thomas Ferdinand Hoffarth Patricia Ann Hoffman Sandra Jean Hollabaugh Virginia Ann Holland Lynda Lee Holmes Carol Faye Hoover Charles Walter Hopkey Jerry Richard Horn our officers worked enthusiastically Douglass L. Horton Charles John Hough Barry Ennis Hovey Beniamin Henry Hovis Mariam Deloris Howell Carolyn Ann Howke Donald William Hoyle Howard Neil Hughie Peggy Jeanne Hughlett George Eugene Huifrado Ronald Victor Hunter Larry P. Hutchings Edward Emerson Hutton, Jr. Francine Hymes John Riley Irwin Dennis Leon lsenburg Rose Marie .lankowski Robert Jaramillo Phillip Javier Arthur De Ved .lenkins Shirlev Ann lenkins Richard Lee .lepson Donald Lee Jewell Joyce Natalie Johnson Mary Louise Johnson Barbara Ruth Jones Jo Leen Jones Marianne Joseph Joseph Charles Judd, Jr. Jodine Virginia ,Iue Delanna Dee .Iustice Gary Burton Kamm 4 Karel Ann Kay ' James L. Kedis Dora Sue Keeney Patricia Kelsey Arthur Leroy Kennedy Jessica Anne Kleinsteuber Peter .lack Knapton Dolores Ann Knights we won awards at the senior breakfast Gery G. Knodel Patricia Lee Knowlton William J. Koch, lll Donald Walter Koepp Gayle E. Koneck Lowane Josephine Korwes Keith D. Kott Elizabeth Ann Kotwicki Marcella Katherine Krane Eugene Warren Kruger Jim Kudell William James Kuhns Sam Lafayette Lager Teresa May La Loggia Janice Lucille Landee Raymond Fields Langley Mary Stephanie Large Mildred Larsen Thomas Paul Laubert Donald Keith Lawson Deanna Mary Le Gaux Jo Ann E. Lewis Steve Wilhelm Lidell Janet Fernande Linstead Larry Paul Litherland ! l -ska - Glenn Victor Little Leona Ladene Livings Priscilla Jean Lloyd Helen Marie Longo Leon Loucheur Wes'on Lee Love Anne Frances Lowe Ronald Tyler Lowe Sharron Lea Luce Gary Lukken Joyce Yvonne Lyman Vorcieann Lyon Jessie Rita Macias Marian Jean MacKenzie Kenneth L. Maior Robert John Maher Eileen 'l'erry Maitland Charlotte Anne Malone Celeste Martha Mancini Mary Carolyn Manley Jean Ursola Mansolino Marie Florence Marchese Joe William Mark Cathleen Martin David C. Martinez Dorothy Jean Mason Joyce Darlene Matheson Julie Kathleen Mayes Suzzette Marie Mayo Roger Lee McAllister Jan Allison McClure Linda Lee McDowell Robert Joe Mclntire Colleen Rayola McKay William R. McLaurin Ben J. McPheeters Barbara Lee McPherson James Meadows Judith Ann Melford Richard Marion Michaels Charlotte Elaine Miller Donald Harris Miner Helga Elizabeth Minning Adeline Lillian Mirka Estelle Mistriel Charlotte Rae Mooney Linda Margherita Moretto Sandra Lee Morris Brent T. Moser John Robert Mudd Carl Ronald Munsey Bonnie Marie Murphy Edwin L. Myers George Nauiokas Kenneth James Neil Fred Charles Nelsen Farrell L. Nelson Joan Kay Nelson Martha Jean Nelson Sherry Lynn Newman Judith Anne Nicols Sandra Kay Nightingale Lois Jean Nigro Kathleen E. Nimeshein Warren William Noack Louise Esther Nocas Aurora Mary Helen Nordhausen Linda Ann Nordin Frank Norona Richard G. Nydam Jane Rosalie O'Brien Robert John O'Callaghan Kay Ocasio Carol Ann Olivadoti Maritn Manuel Oghigian Donald Robert Olmsted Patrick Robert O'NeiIl Carlene Ostendorf Kathryn Barbara Otto Jean Ann Owens Frances Carol Parcels Max Gregory Pavesic Richard Charles Pearson Aaron Martin Peck Gloria Ann Petersen Sheila Joy Petty Robert G. Phelps Sally Louella Phen Loretta Donna Phillips our splash was at the moulin Darlene Janice Plumley Carol Lee Pool Margie Lee Pope Karen Kay Porter Angela luliann Posito Patricia A. Posita Marvin Duane Potter Duane E. Powell Barbara Anne Price Richard Douglas Proffitt Joy Roberta Pulliam Shirley Ann Purkaole Colleen Rae Joyce Elaine Rafferty Walter Rankin Michael Tyrrell Reardon Arthur Reaza Yvonne Marie Recami Shirley Ann Reed Howard O. Rettberg, ,lr. Donald Curtis Rice Jewel Dianne Rice Marilynn Lee Richison Jeannette Hart Richter Carol Anne Ricks Arthur David Rico Mariorie Ann Riley Rosalie Marie Risdon Dolores Dellene Roberts Patricia Ann Riley rouge Wm " 'K "'0' HJ-W' A9212 2 s . 'EX N XX Sx K N X gf g 5 X Q S S cc NQ X he X s is J XX we c :e Q is cc Richard James Roberts Robert Earl Roberts, .Jr. Linnea Pauline Roemisch Kathleen Frances Rogan Keith E. Rollins Jamiel Charles Romain Diane F. Rose Raoul J. Rosen Lawrence Ernest Rosenberg Alice Linnea Rosene Julia Janet Rosie Judith Jeannette Roth Donna Marie Ruggles Donald Charles Russell Linda Lee Rynberk Joann Frances Salerno Vance Barton Sallee Dorothy Ann Salvinger Robert Samoian Alice J. Sanchez 'CT '5'-M. A Shouts of ioy and excitement highlighted Recognition Day festivities, as the Capricians donned senior sweaters Liane Carol Sorensen Dixie Lee Souder Martin Antonio Sandoval Victoria Heidi Sandoval Mary Lou Santa Cruz Richard Anthony Santo Roberta Donna Saraceno Judy Ann Sargent Marilyn Louise Savino Eugene R. Sayre B G 2 our prom was a 'midsummer George Jackie Schaeffer Richard David Schulman Gail Charlotte Schultz Lynette Gail Schultz William Clark Sessions Gernlcline 'irawce-a Shamhart Gordon David Shapiro Suzanne Ola Sharp Don:1l:l Paul Sheldrake Julia Fay Sheue James W. Shortridge Sandra Louise Shuey Marilyn Sue Silvers Linda Simkins Jack Abner Simpkins Maxine Louise Sleeper Ralph Scott Slight Joanne Elizabeth Smith Paul Oliver Smith Thomas Lee Smith Jane Ann Snider Betty .lane Snook Gage Irving Snook Robin Dale Snyder Larry Clinton Solum clream' iQ 3 - if' 'ev J :F 'f maj, 5 f, f Karen Beth Sowby Frances Theodora Sparkes Carl J. Starkey Robert Ernest Steiner Kathleen Marie Rosana Stephenson Jo Ann N. Steve Jeannette Marie Stewart James Allen Stewart James William Stewart Jeffrey Jay Stitt Diana Rea Stoneking Barbara Anne Straeter we look to the Future with confidence 9 X . 15,9 X K fv- WWE? ,go-we A - ,-any '95 i-, Nl 1 13.3, h X. Q cy :cu . K t , .Y X h by-egg . IL. Nos s tl., t ds Eleanor Helen Streur Janet L. Stumpf Cheryl Annette Sutherland Donald Milo Swagerty Charlotte Irene Swartz Donald Albert Talbot Donald H. Tallman Jess Alan Taylor Lynne Frances Taylor Barbara Rochelle Tell Teresa Marie Thiere Marlene Ann Thirkill Bette Lou Thompson Jerry D. Thompson Beverly Joanne Thorpe Robert Pete Torres Donald Victor Toth Jean Roberta Traubenberg Kathleen M. Tripp Stanley R. Trost Clifford T. Turner Kenneth Underhill Lynda .lo Underwood Phila Marie Updike Lawrence Phillip Vacirca Frieda Van Stigt Thans Sandra Yvonne Van Valkenburg Joan Lenore Vasquez Elizabeth Mary Vatral Edith E. Vaughn Diana Dee Vickers Donald Lee Vine Leonard Leslie Vogh Evelyn Vollowitz James M. Vreeland Betty Arlene Wadkins John Waid Melvyn Lee Waite Jacob Walters Rochelle Ward Sue Annette Ward Margie Ann Watson Freddie Laverne Wendt Gordon Westphalen Carolyn Joyce Weststrate Nancy Margie Whiat Ruth Louise Whipple Robert E. White David Lynn Wilbur Sharon Diane Willis Jerry James Wilson Mary Ann Winn Barbara Louise Winsor Sharon Marie Wood Ann Carol Wunderlich Beverly Jane Wyckhouse Roy Clarence Youngman Renee Ann Zessau William Jay Zimmer Judith Ann Ziroli Wifi NOT PICTURED: John Lins Burke Frank William Morgan Alex Grosch Elizabeth Anne O'Connor Steven Delroy Jones Larry Eugene Pickering Richard Komonyi, Ill LeRoy A. Potter Ernest Matta Richard Joseph Pulcini Jerome Michael McClure Bobby Sanchez Georgina Ann Schiolberg James Patrick Spencer George Michael Supple Frank Albert Thiessen Dennis Fred Valente one goal olotaineol, we lace more challenges Bradbu Cahill, C:1s'ro, Charles .. index Abbott, Mr. Wilfred A CAPPELLA CHOIR Acosta, Carlos ,... Acquisto, Mary ADELPHIANS .... Adkins, Wllllam .... ADVANCED MODERN Aertlcer, Mr. Victor . Ahlstrom, Sharon .. Alexander, Donald . DANCE Alexander, Irene Alger, Mike .... ,.,., Allan, Mrs. Margaret .... Allen, Harriett ..... . . Allen, Mr. James . . . Allen, Lawrence . . Allen, Patricia . . , Alioway, Nancy , . Alltop, Doris . . , Alu, Mary ..... Amato, leo ..... Amerian, Frances .. . Amos, Barbara , . Anderson, Adls ,. Anderson, Carol ,. Anderson, Howard . Andrews, Miss Eva . Angelos, Jim ....,, Antonucci, Dorthea . Appel, Marvin .,.. Apple, Elaine Archibald, Glenn Argabright, Lucia .. Armstrong, Mr. Charles ,. Arnaelshen, Barbara Arnold, Dale ,,....,...... ART DEPARTMENT, HONOR August, Charles .,.,.....,. Axe, Mr. Harold . Bailey, Dorothy .. Bailley, Gus ,. ..,. .. Bales, Mr. Freeman Balogh, Margaret , . Balogh, William . . BAND ....,.,.... Bangoy, Charlotte . . Barath, James .,4,., Barnllcel, Frederick . . Barry, Mr. Joseph .. Barlhel, Janet ...., Bartlett, Charlene BASEBALL ....... BASKETBALL .... Beals, Gary .. Beam, Nancy , . Bechtlotf, Henry , . . Becker, Patricia . . . Beckwith, Joan .. Beehler, Bette . . . Beltran, Olga ..,. Beneflel, Mr. Calvin . Bennett, Judy r... Benns, Honour ,,... . Bentley, Mrs. Viola Borg, Eugene ..,,,,. Berge, Bernst, Gladys . . . Julle . Bertulis, Alex .. Beskos, Gus ..... Bezanson, Gary .,.. Bidwell, Myrtle . . Bierschenk, Donna . Bintlltf, Charles .. Bintllff, Russell , Birch, Walter ..,, Blrdsall, Barbara . . Birk, Janis .... Birk, Joyce ...,. Birkitt, Carolyn Biscoe, Lance . Bishop, Bonita .. Bishop, Carolyn llelland, Mr. Dale . Black, Kenneth , , Black, Nancy .,.. Black, Ronald ........ Blackstad, Terence ..... Bladholm, Mrs. Vlrglnia .. Blair, Miss Frances ...... Bloutuss, Elizabeth .. ...72, ....66, ... .,,.. 20, 106, 66, 100, 10B, 110, ...,2'l, 28, 33, ....96, ...,66, B3,101, IDB, . ......,..... 76, BB, ......16, ....101, ....100, ...,10B, ...,.BB, B9, .16 .65 114 114 .57 122 .B3 .14 .67 122 .29 .29 .12 114 .14 122 122 122 122 114 122 122 122 122 114 .92 .12 76 122 114 114 122 114 .IB 122 122 102 122 .13 114 122 .17 114 122 ,bl 114 122 114 .IB 122 122 90 ....76, 77, 7B, B5 ...66, 100, ..,,111, ..,,2l, 72, BB, 10B, ...20, 6B, 123 123 123 123 123 123 123 .13 .29 123 .13 .29 114 114 123 123 114 123 123 123 123 123 123 114 114 114 114 123 123 .14 114 115 115 123 .16 17 67 Blodgett, Kay .... Bloro, Ronald . ,.... . BOARDS OF CONTROL .. Bolton, Lyle .....,..... Bolwell, Joyce ,, , Bonnano, Rouie Boney, Robert ,.,. Barth, Floyd ....,..,... Boyd, Kay ...,...,.... BOYS' AND GIRLS' STATE BOYS' LEAGUE CABINETS BOYS' VICE PRESIDENTS ry, George .,.... Bradford, Robert . . Braievich, Michael Braun, Ilene . . . . Braxton, Dean . Brazee, Ernest . . , Bredzen, Patricia ,, Breier, Richard , Brewer, Benny .. Brissonden, Larry . Brockmeier, Carol Brooks, Robert ..,, Brown, Bonnie . . Brown, Carolyn . , Brown, Gloria . . Brown, Julie . Bruce, Jay .... Brugman, Mary Brunetto, Michael Brunga Bruno, rdt, Mary Louis ...., Bryarly, Milton . Bryner, Buchan Buck, Judy ..... an, Phyllis .. Thomas , . Buclwig, Ronnie ...... Bueneman, Dianna .. Buier, Burch, Burch, Dennis . . . . , Deanna ..... Miss Estelle . . . Burcherl, Allce Burckel, Carl . Burger, Glenna . . . Burke, John Burke, Robert .. . Burkhalier, Cleta .. Burkman, Mzrlene Burnett, Mr. Russell . Burns, Timothy ..., Burr, Robert ,, ,. BUSINESS EDUCATIO Butcher, Douglas ,,,, . Butler, Joame Byars, Roberta CABINETS . . . . Cable, Mrs. Juanita Gloria . , N 5r1SAl1M'r'm I Callaham, B'rh:1ra Campbc'l, Christi Campbell, M':rlc.-ne Campis, Sam Cannon, George Canter, Sheldon .. Canty, Carolye Caprino, VioIet . . Caras, Mr. Chris . Carl, .lane . .. Carlile, Patricia Carlon, Jacquelyn . Carlson, David .. . Caronna, Adelene Carrion, Armando , Carroll, Judy , Carson, Carolyn Carter, Bonnie Cdrter, Ellen . Casella, Louls .. Casey, Ann .. Casey, Patrick .. Castana, Diane Cass, Carole ..... Casstevens, Betty , Cavadas, Georgia , Cavaliere, Carl Cesarone, Barbara Chadderton, Carol Chase, Gayle ,.... Chase, Mrs. Katherine ..., 2B, 66, 108, '.1'.',i5Q ,...20, .. 66, 10B, . .20, 106, ,. B7, 25, 76, 109, . 16, 21, 25, . ,12, . .106, .. .106, ..,.100, 123 115 .49 123 115 ,40 .54 123 123 111 32 2B 123 123 115 123 115 123 115 123 123 123 115 115 123 115 115 123 123 123 124 124 124 115 124 124 124 115 124 124 .29 13 124 124 124 124 124 124 124 17 124 124 .11 115 124 124 29 IB 124 214 29 124 124 115 124 115 124 17 124 115 124 115 115 115 124 115 er 124 124 115 124 .29 124 124 ar 124 124 125 125 125 .1s Dvorak, Georgia Diann .. Cheke, Carolyn Chelner, Sheila ,. CHESS CLUB . . Childs, Charles CHRONIANS Church, Carolyn Cimo, Lillian Ciolek, Richard Clark, David Clark, Jacquelyn . Clark, Lee Clark, Robert . Clark, Treva , . . . . . CLASS OFFICERS, CAPRICIAN, Cleary, Marilyn . . CLEF CLUB Clubb, Joyce Cokas, Mr. James Cole, Donna , Cale, Florence , Cole, Miss Hazel Cole, Jacqueline , Cole, Mr. William Collamer, K J . , Colvett, Barbara Colwell, Loretta . . . COMMERCE HONOR . Comrie, Keith Connell, Dan . Conry, Patricia ,. ,. CONTINENTAL STAFF .. Contopulos, Sandy . Contreras, Salvador . , Contreras, Warren . ,, Coogan, Mr. Harold Cooley, Cherie Coon, Sandra , Coonis, Mike , Cooper, Ray Cote, Jacqueline COTILLION Coulson, Ronald . COUNCILS . . Cox, Raymond Coy, Mr. Glenn Coyle, Ann Coyle, Lena Crain, Kathleen Cronshaw, Virginia Crosby, Mr. James ., Crosier, Marian CROSS COUNTRY Crowe, Diane , Crowther, Richard . Crumpacker, Mrs. Mary Crumrine, Paul ,. ,. . Crumrine, Mrs. Vivian Culler, Mr. William .. , Cundiff, Mr. Stanley Cunningham, Miss Margaret Curry, Dahl, Helga . ,,,,,,. . Carl . Dalton, Norman . Damiano, Fred Damico, Andy D'Amore, Shirley Dances, Jo Ann Dannecker, Duane ., D'Arelli, Joseph . Bashoft, Paula , Davalos, Willie Davis, Gail Davis, Glenita Davis, Mrs. Ruby Davis, Stanley . , Davise, Mrs. Mary . Day, Virginia . Dearing, Harry , De Calaldo, Pauline .. Deckard, Robert . , De Jong, Patricia Del Ciello, Nilda ,, Delgado, Robert . De Long, Kenneth Demetre, Harry . , Demrnler, Susan Denman, Sharon , Denman, Reita . De Partie, Barbara Deliossett, Jerry Desser, Miss Carol . De Young, David Di Biase, Patricia . Diefenbach, Mary Diehl, Helen , 101, OLYMPIAN , . . 21, 29, ao, , 20, 25, 28, 108, 20, 67, 72, 84, 103, . 67, 114, 108, 110, ,.21, ..12, ,106, 110, ..40, ....21 ,,.72, .12 40, 66, 108, . 29, 76, 109, 30. 111, 29, .,.21, 29, ,...92, ..21, 106, 115 115 .59 115 .53 125 125 125 125 115 125 115 125 122 125 .63 125 .18 125 125 .17 125 .13 115 125 125 103 125 29 125 .66 .21 125 115 14 125 115 .21 125 125 54 115 29 115 ,13 125 115 115 125 .18 125 81 125 125 .17 125 .12 18 .18 .13 125 125 115 .40 .21 125 125 115 125 125 40 125 125 .14 125 .16 125 115 125 72 125 125 125 126 126 115 126 115 115 .87 .18 126 115 126 126 Di Giuro, Michael Di Jerlando, Sue , . Dilday, Thomas Dimmick, William ,..., Dixon, Sharon Darlene .. Dobbins, Charles Edward Dobey, Darlene Elaine Dobric, Mr. Fred R. .... . Dobyns, Mr. Laurence T. . Doeiaaren. Frank ,... Dominguez, Roche. . Doran, Joseph William .. Dorn, Mr. Wilson ...... Dorsey, Valora Zell , Doyle, Pat ., Drake, Robert Henry . DRIVER EDUCATION ,. DRUM AND BUGLE Drus, Peter Paul . Dudley, Coroyln Moe Dudley, John B. , ,. Dugan, Barbara Lou , Dulgarian, Doryann .. Duncan, Mr. Vernon . Dunning, Mr. Lew J. Eastman, Karolee E. .. .. Edmisfon, Helen Nora ,. Edmonds, Dixie Ann ,. Edmonds, William .. , Edmunds, Nolan Jensen .. Edwards, Mr. Charles R. Eggen, Phyllis Gail ,, Eide, Stanley Harold ,, , Eisele, Sharon Eileen .. Eisenstadt, Annalea Maria Elder, Donna Joy , .. Elgin, Martha Lea Eliason, Diane Elliott, Victor James Ellis, Lloyd Bruce Jr. Elschalger, Patricia Ann Elser, Miss Enid . ENGLISH DEPARTMENT Englund, Sandro Linnea . Ensch, Richard Gerald Enscoe, Judith Anne . EPI-IEBIANS Erickson, Judith O. . . Eschbach, Judith Kay , Esensten, Judith . Esposito, Regina , Evers, Elizabeth Ann Estes, Mr. Richard G. , Ewing, Jeffrey R. . , Falkenstien, Janet Lee Fallon, James Russel Jr. Farr, Tyra Lee . . Farrell, Barbara . . Faulkner, John Joseph Faulkner, Judy ,.., .. Faustina, Lucille Ann FBLA .. . . Ferguson, Roger Gregory . Ferrara, Paul ........... Fichman, Mrs. Sylvia Fiderio, Roger . . Fields, Mrs. Ethel FILM PROJECTIONISTS Finney, Cherei Ann . Fischer, Marilyn ,.,. Fisher Dr. Paul Fitzgerald, lone Lorraine . Fitzpatrick, Miss Jane C. Flannery, Patricia ,...., Fletcher, Patricia . Floro, Robert Floyd, Ronald Follin, Virginia FOOTBALL .... Ford, Dorothy Forrow, Barbara Forstmaier, Adrian Forsyth, Allen .. Fosdick, Grant Fraga, Miss Genevieve Frank, Robert . . . Franke, Diana , . , Fraters, Mr. Joaquin , Freckleton, Patricia ,. Freese, William . . Fritsche, Mary ...,. . Frogott, Mr. Ellsworth FTA ...... . .. Fuerst, Charles , ....21, 100, l-100,-106, ...108, 110, ,,...84, 160, 103, nb, .,..86, . f fri, ' .76, 115 126 116 116 116 116 116 .17 .17 126 126 126 .13 126 67 126 .18 .69 126 116 126 126 .40 .14 .18 116 126 116 126 126 116 .16 116 116 126 116 126 126 .67 126 116 126 .14 .15 126 126 126 110 116 126 116 .66 126 .15 126 126 116 126 100 126 .21 126 .56 126 126 15 29 .12 .60 116 116 .11 126 17 126 116 126 126 126 .75 126 116 126 127 116 .13 127 127 15 127 116 127 .14 .56 127 Greene. wllllam -- Funaro, Isabel GAA IOARD . Gall, Judlth Gamble, Joan .. Gelsler, Sharon Garcettl, Gllbert .. Gorcla, Judlth .... Garcla, Wilmer ..,.... Garner, Mrs. Uronlo Garwood, Judlth .... Gary, Miss Geneva . . . Gates, Harry ..... Gatica, Cecllla . , . Gehersky, Judlth . . Geisler, Sharon . . Gerard, Dwaln . . . Gerdau, Albert ..... Gerde, Mary ......... Gershon, Mrs. Earlyne .. Gibson, Dennis .,...,. Gibson, Phyllis .. . Gilbert, Marcia ..... Glll, Miss Jessie ...... Gillliand, Mr. Robert ,. Gilpin, Tommy .. . . . . Glltsch, La Verl ...., Gino, Mr. William Ginsburg, Janet ...,... GIRLS' LEAGUE CAIINETS, GIRLS' LETTER SOCIETY GIRLS' VICE PRESIDENTS GIRLS' VOCAL ENSEMBLE Glickman, Betty ..,.,.., Glisch, Iris ..,. GOLF TEAM .. . Gonzales, Don ......... Gonzales, Joseph ....,. SCHOO ....,2l, 29,40 ffff.w5,' ....29, 67, ....28, 33, ....111, ,...66, 101, 108, ....88, ....88, .82 116 127 127 .21 127 84 .15 127 ,18 127 116 127 127 127 127 127 .17 127 127 127 .15 .17 121 116 .13 127 L COMMITTEE . . . . .24, 33 102 ...20, 28 ..62 116 127 ....13 .....1l6 GRADES-Tenth, Eleventh, Twelfth .. Goodman, Ilene ............... Gossett, Joseph --.--- - Graff, Miss Margaret Graft, Ronnie .....--- Gram, Marllyn ..... Gronoto, Del Nora Granger, Judith .. Gray, Carolyn .. Green, MYYIW H Grler, Irene .... Grlltln, Sylvia .... Grlllo, Mrs. Clara Grimes, GafY ----' Ground, Loran Groussmonf MU' - Grussmeyer, Carol .- Guerra. Olav Guidlce, Fred .... Gutlerrez, Eleanor Gutierrez, Frances Gutierrez, George Gutierrez, Jeanette .. Gwynn, Joseph GYM TEAM ..,.. Hager, Sharlene .- Haln, Elizabeth Holden, Heidl .. Holton, MadlYH Hall, Gene ........- Hall, Peggy ,....,... Hammerstrom, Donna Hamor, Norene ,..... Hone, Ray ...- Honer, Anlta Hanklns, Robert .. Hans, Nancy Hansen, Gerald Hanson, Jay .. . Hanvey, Robert Harbour, Joy Hare, Joan ., ., Hare, John ...,.. Harman, Douglas Harper, Donna Harris, Mrs. Edith Hart, Don . ..,...,. .. Hawkins, Ted ,........ Hawthorne, Mr. Robert Hayden, Jo Ann ..,,,., Hayford, Laurlne ..., . . Hazell, Mrs. Kathryn . . . Heal, Barbara ..,..,... HEALTH COMMITTEE , . . Heaton, Miss Juelle Hebner, William , . , . Heftelllnger, Harold . . . 127 Q Q 5545 127 116 ..12 ....20, 28, 40 .,........127 127 127 127 ,.......116 ..,,.100f ll 6 Hell, Janet ....,, Helnz, Marllyn . . Heimple, Ruth . . . Heister, Ronald . . tlelgren, Paul . . Helton, Vernon ..,. Hendrix, Laura ....,. Henthorn, Geraldine Hernandez, Frances .,.. Hertxog, Mrs. Dorothy Herzel, Mr. Abraham Herzog, John ,... . . Hewson, Anne . .. Hicks, Mary Ann Higdon, John ........ Higginbothom, Ronald Hill, Norma ...., Hilleger, Marlene .. Hills, Carol ...., Hilslnger, Myrene .. Hilton, June Hilton, Patricia . Hiszem, Mary Hobaugh, Alice Hodgens, Miss Eva ,. Hoff, Thomas .... Hoff, Vlrginla Hollar, Ronald .. Hoffarth, Thomas ., Hoffman, Patricia .. Holchak, Vic ......., Hollabaugh, Sondra Holloday, Gary ..... Holland, Vlrglnla .. Holllnger, Cindy .... Holloway, Frederick Hollie, June ...,,. Holmes, Lynda . , . . HOME ECONOMICS Hoover, Carol ...,. Hopkey, Charles . . . Horn, Jerry ...,. Horton, Douglass . . Hoser, Jean ..... Hough, Charles .. Hough, Evelyn , . Hovey, larry ...., Hovls, leniamln . . . .,......127 ......116 .......15 ....72,127 ..,.,127 .....127 . ,.,. 127 ...,,127 ....28,128 .,...127 116 129 .....116 .,,.86, 87 128 116 128 .....116 ..,..I28 ,....128 .....128 .....128 .....128 ....,128 .....128 117 128 .....66,100,104,128 128 ...,........84, .....128 .....128 ,....128 ....,128 ...,16 .....128 ...,86 ....13 .....117 ....,117 ....16 ,.,..128 ....23 ....,,15 ,....128 ....73 Howell, Loren . . . Howell, Mariam . . . Howell, Mrs. Paullne Howke, Carolyn . . . Howland, Kenneth . Hoyle, Donald .. Hueston, Nathalee . Hutler, Harold ,. , Hughie, Howard . Hughlett, Peggy . Hultrado, George . , Hunn, Rolf ,.., , Hunter, Ronald . Hunttlng, Lloyd Hutchings, Larry , Hutton, Edward Jr. ., Hymn, Francine .............. INDUSTRIAL ARTS DEPARTMENT .. Infantino, Russel ,,,, INTER-CLUI COUNCILS ,....... ... .. . . . .. Irwin, John ....,. lsenburg, Dennis . lsarel, Sharron . . Jankowskl, Rose . Jaramillo, Robert , Javier, Phillip .,.. Jenkins, Miss Agnes . Jenkins, Arthur . . , Jenkins, Shirley . . Jensen, Lisa ., Jepsen, Richard ,, Jewell, Donald . . , . Johnson, Mrs. Allle .. Johnson, Mr. Glenn Johnson, Mr. Henry Johnson, Joyce ..... Johnson, Mary ,.... Johnson, Rlchmond ., Johnson, Ronald . , . Jones, Barbara .. Jones, James Jones, Jo Leen ., Jones, Judy . . Jones, Robert ..,,. Jordan, Joseph, Mr. Wilson Mariann ..... Juarez, Norman ,... ., .101, 108, lfhzs, sr, 104, ....1oo, ..,.67, 101, io4, . Hu, 101,108,l10,111, 73, , .10, ,..100, mn, ,...106,110, ...,21, 40, ....22, 128 117 128 .73 128 128 128 128 117 .14 .14 128 128 117 128 117 128 128 128 128 117 117 129 129 .14 117 129 129 129 129 111 129 117 129 117 117 .67 129 .17 129 129 129 129 117 129 117 129 129 117 129 .18 129 117 129 117 40 129 129 129 84 129 117 129 129 129 .17 88 30 129 129 117 129 129 129 17 129 129 117 129 129 .18 15 13 129 129 .76 117 129 117 129 117 84 .11 129 117 Judd, Joseph ,, Jue, Jadlne .,,. Junlcin, Marilyn .. Justice, Delanna .. Kaiser, Charles .. Kamrn, Gary .. Kawachl, Helen .. Kay, Karel .... Kedis, James ,..,. Keel, Mary ........ Keeney, Mrs. Alice Keeney, Dora ......, Kelley, Mrs. Mary Kelsey, Patricia . . . Kemp, Jack . . . Kemper, Myrna .. Kennedy, Arthur Kerr, Patricia . . . .. . Kleinstueber, Jessica ., Knapp, Miss Melvice Knapton, Peter ...,,,..,. KNIGHTS AND LADIES Knights, Dolores ...... Knodel, Gary ...,. Knowlton, Patricia . Koch, William ...... Koepp, Donald ........ Komonyi, Richard lll Koneck, Gayle ........ Korwes, Lowane .. Kott, Keith .... Kotwicki, Elizabeth .. Krone, Marcella . . . Krans, Bruce , . Kruger, Eugene . . Kubes, Rodney . . . Kubes, Ronald . . . Kudell, Jim ... Kuhns, William , Kwong, Susie . Laftey, Roberta . . Lager, Sam .....,. Le Goux, Deanna La Loggia, Teresa ,. Lancaster, Robert Landee, Janice ......... Langley, Raymond ,..,.,. . LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT .. Large, Mary .,..,....... Larsen, Mildred .. La Rue, George . . . Lo Salla, Mike .. laubert, Thomas . . Lawson, Donald ..,., Lawyer, Mr. Francis Leiuwoan, Ronnie LETTERMEN'S CLUI Levine, Barbara .... Lewis, Jo Ann Liberto, Tony . Lidell, Steve Link, Mary .... Linstead, Janel .. Littrerland, Larry Litherland, Merrill .... Little, Glenn ,.,,..... Littleworth, Gwendolyn . . . Livings, Leona .. ,,.. .. Livingston, Bob ,..... Lloyd, Priscilla . . Longo, Helen . . . Losey, Carol ........ Losey, Mr. Theodore Loucheur, Leon ...., Love, Weston .,,,, Lovett, Linda ., Lowe, Anne . . . Lowe, Ronald , . . Luce, Donald .. Luce, Sharron . . . Ludlow, Ronald .. Lukken, Gary ,.,,.. Lyman, Mr. David .. Lyman, Joyce ...... Lyon, Vorcieann ...... MacFadden, Mrs. Ann Mocias, Jessie .........., MacKenzie, Marian ......... MacKinnon, Mrs. Elizabeth .. Madden, Mr. James ,...., Madsen, Mr. Eardley Madvig, Mrs. Catherine Maher, Robert ......... Maitland, Eileen ........ Maior, Kenneth .....,,..... MAJORS AND MAJORETTES .. Mallon, Joyce ......,..... ...20,1 28, 66, 0 . .13, ....16, 7, 101, 110, 129 129 117 130 117 130 .66 130 130 117 .12 130 14 130 .73 117 130 117 130 .15 .,.....130 ,,,.106-109 .,,.1oo .....73, sa, ...67, ...28, 108 ....ici ....84 ....21, ....101, ...86, 0, 106, 110, ...92, 109,- f .20, 40, 106, ....12,- 130 130 130 130 130 .67 130 130 130 130 130 111 130 117 117 130 130 117 117 1:10 13q .73 130 130 .15 130 130 118 .92 130 130 .13 130 .29 103 118 130 .34 130 28 130 130 118 131 118 131 .34 131 1:11 11a .13 131 131 118 131 131 1111 131 118 1:11 .12 131 1:11 .16 131 131 .15 .11 .13 15 1:11 1:11 131 .os .29 Malone, Charlotte . Mancini, Celeste .. Manley, Mary .... Manny, Margery . .. Mansolino, Jean .. Mansolino Mllce .. Marchese, Marie Mark, Joe ....... MARQUIS ....., MARTHONIANS . . , Martin, Cafhleen Martin, Lewis .... Martin, Philip ..,. Martinez, David .. Mason, Dorothy . Massei, Rosemary MATH DEPARTMENT, CLUB . Matheson, Joyce .......... Mayer, Celeste Mayes, Julie Mayo, Suuette . . . Mays, Jan ........ Mazzie, Theresa .,.... McAllister, Roger Lee .. McCann, Carol Ann .. McClure, Jan Allison McClure, William Gary .. McConlogue, Mrs. June .. McCullough, Mr. Thomas .. McDowell, Linda Lee Mclntire, Robert Joe ..,, McKay, Colleen Rayola McKay, Priscilla ..,... McKee, Miss Margaret ..... McKenna, Miss Mary Frances Mclaurin, William .. ..,. .. Mclean, Mr. Robert Jr. . McNutt, William Jr. McPheeters, Ben ..... McPherson, Barbara . McQuoid, Roberta , . Meadows, James . . Melendres, Mary . . Melford, Judith , . . Melford, Richard . . . Memsic, Lawrence Michaels, Richard .... Miller, Mr. Charles A. Miller, Charlotte .. . Miller, Gary ...... Miller, Ronald .. Mills, Bill ..... Miner, Donald .. . Minning, Helga . .. MINUTEMEN ... Mirka, Adeline.. . Missalcian, Mary .. Mistriel, Estelle . , . Moffat, Dale .....,.. Moffat, Mr. James Molner, Carol .,,.. Montag, David . . . Montoya, Edward ..,. Mooney, Charlotte . . . Moretto, Lindo ..., Moriarty, Ronald .. Morris, Sandra . . . Moser, Brent ..,.. Mudd, John ,...... Muhlhauser, George ., Mullen, Warren .... Munsey, Carl . . . Murphy, Bonnie .. Muse, Nancy ......., MUSIC DEPARTMENT .. Myers, Edwin .,.,. Myers, Richard . . . Nardini, Mary ..... Nauiolcas, George .,.. Navarrette, Claudette .. Neil, Kenneth ....,,. Nelsen Fred ..... Nelson Farrell . . Nelson Joan . . . Nelson, Judy . , , Nelson Martha .... Ness, Donald ...... Neumeyer, Mrs. Esther Newman, Sherry ..,,... Nichols, Barbara .. Nicols, Judith ..... Nightingale, Sandra .. Nigro, Lois .......... Nimeshein, Kathleen .. Noack, Warren ....... Noble, Katherine ,. Nocas, Louise ,...40, ..QQi5. ...,87, ...104, 13.2I.101,1o9,110, ....10, ....73, ...29, ...101, zo, or, 100, 104, 106, ...106, ...101, ....a4, ,...76, ...21, .,..12, ....,.85,108, 101, 1oa, 131 131 131 118 131 .92 131 131 .54 .52 131 .40 .92 131 131 118 58 131 .66 131 131 118 118 131 118 131 118 .16 .18 131 131 131 .21 11 .17 131 .13 118 131 131 118 131 118 131 118 118 131 .14 131 .68 118 87 131 132 .53 132 118 132 .29 .13 118 118 118 132 132 118 132 132 132 118 118 132 132 118 .16 132 73 118 132 110 132 132 132 132 29 132 118 17 132 118 132 132 132 132 132 118 132 Nolan, Patrlcia ....,.. Noonan, Mr. Norman A.... ....,........ Nordhaueen, Aurora .. Nordln, Llnda ,,.,.. Norona, Frank . . . Nydam, Rlchard . . . O'8rlen, Jane ...... , O'CaIlaghan, Robert .... ..., Ocoslo, Kay ......... Oghlgian, Manuel Ollvadotl, Carol .... Olmsted, Donald .. O'Neill, Patrick ,. ORCHESTRA ..,. ORGAN GUILD .. Osborn, Patrlcia .... Ostendorf, Carlene . Otto, Kathryn ....... Overfield, Mrs. Ethel Owens, letty ....... . Owens, Jean . .. PAGES Parcels, Frances ..... Parklll, Mrs. Rhoda Paveslc, Moz ....... Pearson, Richard Pearson, Rune . , . Peck, Aaron .. Pell, Kathleen .... PEP CLUI .........., Person, Mrs. letty Petenen, Glorla . . . Peto, larbara . . . Petty, Shella Phelps, Robert . . . Phen, Sally ..... Phllllps, Loretta . . . Phllllps, Vlrglnla .... Phllpott, Faye .......,..,......... PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT . Plckerlng, James .... Plllsbury, Mlss Luclle Plant, Mr. Harry Plumley, Darlene .. Pomeroy, Rex .. Pool, Carol .. Pope, Margle .. Porter, Karen Porter, Wallace ,, Polsto, Angela .... Poslto, Patrlcla ...... Pothoff, Mr. Wllllam Potter, Marvln ...... Potter, Mr. Ray .. Powell, Duane PRE MED Prlce, larbara ..... Prlce, Denise ...... Prltchard, Mr. Chester Proffltt, Rlchard .... Pugh, Johnnie Pulllom, Joy ...... Purkaple, Shlrley OUILL AND SCROLL . Oulstorff, Mr. Otto .. Rae, Colleen .... Rafferty, Joyce .. Rankin, Walter .. Ratner, Loulse Rawllngs, Jack .. Reardon, Mlchoel .. Reaza, Arthur ...,, Recaml, Yvonne .,.. Reece, Mrs. Rebecca . Reed, Shirley ....... Regnler, Mlss Marie . Rettberg, Howard Jr. Reynolds, Ruth ..., Rice, Donald Rlce, Earl .,,.. Rice, Jewel ......,, Rlchlson, Marllynn .. Richmond, Mr. Preston Rlchter, Jeannette .... Rlcks, Carol ..,. . Rlco, Arthur . Rlley, Marlorle . Rlley, Patricia Rlsdon, Rosalle .. Rltchle, Donald ., Rltter, Nancy ..,. Roberts, Dolores . Roberts, Rlchard . , Roberts, Robert .. ROCKET SOCIETY .. Rodriguez, Robert .. Roemlsch, Paullne ....,.118 .12, 13 ...132 28, 67,104, 108,111,132 ...132 ...132 ..,132 20, 23, 28, 73, 88, 108, 110, 132 ....28, 108, T10, 132 ...20, 106, 119 ..........133 ....133 ...,,17 ....119 ..,.133 .....55 ....133 .....15 ....133 ....l33 .......119 ........,.133 ....21, 28, 31 .......,48 .....12 . . .... 133 ....21, 2r,1or, 133 ..,.133 .,..133 .....29 ...,119 ..-119 .....15 .....17 ....133 ....119 ..,.133 ....133 ....133 ....20, 22, 28, 30,110, 133 ....12,13 .....133 .....58 ....133 ....119 .....13 ....133 .,..l19 ...,133 ,...133 ....104 , .... 17 ..,..133 .......133 ...,.76, 133 .......119 ......76 ....133 133 ...,133 ...,133 ,15 ....133 lor, no, 119 ,.,,20, 28, 67,101,104,109,110,133 .....14 ..,,133 ....133 ..,.I33 ....133 ....133 ....20,100,106,110, 119 .,..134 . ..134 .-.59 ....119 .134 Rogan, Kathleen Rollins, Mlss Helen .. Rollins, Kelth ........ Romain, Jamlel ......,. Rornanlello, Antonletta Romanoskl, Joseph ..... Romero, Anthony Rose, Diane ........ Rosen, Raoul ...,.... Rosenberg, Lawrence Rosene, Alice ....... Rosensteln, Sharon Rosie, Julla ........ Ross, Mrs. Paullne Roteman, Melvin ..,. Roth, Judlth ..,... Ruggles, Donna Russell, Donald Ryan, Miss Kay Rynberk, Llnda SADIE, THE .....,,. Sadowskl, Dorthea Salerno, Joann ..... Sallee, Vance ,...., Salsman, Kenneth Salvlnger, Dorothy Samolan, Robert .. Sams, Joan .... Sanchez, Allco ,. Sandel, Ralph .... Sandoval, Martin Sandoval, Vlctorla Santa Cruz, Mary Lou .. Santo, Rlchard ...... Saraceno, Roberta Sargent, Judy ,..,.. Saunders, Shlrley Savage, John .,.. Savlno, Marllyn ..., Sawyer, Mrs. Helen ., Sayre, Eugene ...... Sayre-Smith, Allen .. Schaeffer, George Schatxleln, Wllllam Schmldt, Judlth .,..,,., SCHOLARSHIP SOCIETY .. Schrodek, Frank ...,... Schulman, Rlchard ..... Schultz, Gall ....... ..... Schultz, Lynette ............, SCIENCE DEPARTMENT, CLUI Scott, Stephen ............., SEALDEARERS . ..,.., . . . . . SECRETARIES ..,,. Segal, Mrs. Allce SENIOR PROM ....,.... Sessions, Mrs. Muriel Sesslons, Wllllam ,,.. Severe, Leland .,.. Shamhart, Gsraldlne Shapiro, Gordon ..,.. Sharp, Suzanne ,...... Sharples, Mrs. Genevah Sheldrake, Donald ,..... Shelton, Helen ,,.... Sheue, Julie ,.,.. Shleld, Marcia Shortrldge, James .. Shuey, Sandra ...... Siemens, Mr. Danlel .. Silvers, Marllyn ..... Sllversteln, Marlene .. Slmklns, Llnda Simpklns, Jack Slavlk, Joe ...,, Sleeper, Maxine .. Sllght, Ralph ., Smlth, Davld Smlth, Effle Smith, Joanne .. Smith, Paul ,.., Smlth, Ronald .. Smith, Thomas .. Snlder, Jane Snook, letty .. Snook, Gage .. Snyder, Robln Snyder, Sherry ..........,... Snyder, Wllllam , ............ . SOCIAL STUDIES DEPARTMENT Soderberg, Mr. Louls ........ Solum, Larry ............. SONG AND CHEERLEADERS Sorensen, Liane .....,..... Sorenson, Wayne ........ Souder, Dlxle . . SOUND CREW . . Sowby, Karen . . ...109, 20, 28, 101, 108, 110, .....76 ..,76, 108 .....67 .....101, 1 1 111, f .Si 166, 165, iii, 104, .fii 108, ....66, 108, 120, ,....101, 15, 134 .17 134 134 119 119 119 134 134 134 134 .67 134 .12 119 134 134 134 .17 134 .26 .29 134 134 119 134 134 119 134 119 135 135 135 135 135 135 119 119 135 .15 135 .29 135 119 119 ., 6-9, 119 135 135 135 60 119 101 .12 .13 121 .12 135 119 135 135 135 ,18 135 119 135 119 135 135 17 135 119 135 135 .67 135 135 119 119 135 135 120 135 135 135 135 135 120 120 .14 67 136 .70 135 .88 135 .61 136 Sparlres, Frances .... Spears, Mrs. Helen .... Spellisey, Miss Muriel .. Spinner, Ruthellen ,. Springer, Dennis .. Stack, Robert .. STAGE CREW ,. . Stanton, Carol Starkey, Carl ..,.... Stearns, George Jr. . Steene, Richard . . Steiner, Robert ....... Stephenson, Kathleen Stephenson, Stephen .. Steve, Jo Ann ...... Stewart, James A. .. Stewart, James W. ., Stewart, Jeannette Stitt, Jeffrey .... Stone, Charlotte . Stone, Mr. Harry .. Stoneking, Diana Straeter, Barbara Streeter, Carol Streur, Eleanor Strong, Mary ...,... . Stuart, Mrs. Nancy ., Stubbins, Howard ...,.... STUDENT BODY PRESIDENTS STUDENT SERVICE ........ Stumpf, Janet ....,.,. Summons, Mr. Arthur .. SURVEYOR . ........ . Sutherland, Cheryl .. Swagerty, Donald Swartz, Charlotte Sweet, Shirley ..., Swift, Sharon ...., SWIMMING TEAM . Swope, Mrs. Dorothy P. .. Sylva, Miss Lucille .,,. TAGS .........,.. . Talbot, Donald ........ Tallis, Miss Elizabeth Tallman, Donald ...... Tannenbaum, Rose .. Tarmo, Annette Taylor, Edith ..... Taylor, Mrs. Helen .. Taylor, Jess .,.,. Taylor, Lynne .. TEEN-AIDERS , TEENTOPPERS Tell, Barbara ., TENNIS THESPIANS ..., Thiere, Teresa Thirklll, Marlene .. Thliclc, Joyce .... Thomas, Byron ,.., Thompson, Barbara .. Thompson, Bette ., Thompson, Jerry ...,... Thomsen, Mrs. Margaret ., Thomson, Linda ,...... Thorpe, Beverly .. Tlrado, Mr. Henry Torres, Robert Toth, Donald .... TRACK ........... Traubenberg, Jean .. , Tripp, Kathleen ..... Trost, Stanley ,........ Truxton, Mr. Richard Turner, Clifford ...,. .....136 Turner, Mr. Jennings .. .15 13 TWELFTH GRADE ..... .... 44 , 45 ....'l5 TYROS .,.....50 .....120 Underhill, Kenneth ....2l Underwood, Lynda ..,,101, 136 .....120 Updike, Phila ...,..'l36 ....61 Ure,Jean .. .120 USHERS .......... ..................... . .48 ..,..136 Vacirca, Lawrence ..21, 2l, B5, 109, 111, 136 .,..120 Valenti, Carol ...,.120 VanBuskirk,Mrs.l'lelen... , ...136 VanHoorebeke, Dave ..... .... 2 1, 25, 31, 73, B8 ....136 Van Horne, Virginia.. -..-110 Vannice, Beverly ...64, 120 ...,136 Van Stigt Thons, Frieda ,......136 Van Valkenburg, Sandra ....101, 136 Vasquez, Joan..,....... ...,...136 ...21, 29, 108, 136 Vatral, Elizabeth .. ..,.136 Vaughn, Edith.. . .120 Vickers, Diana .. .,.................... 137 .,...18 Vine, Donald 29, 101, 109, 110, 111,137 ....136 Vogh, Leonard.. ,..,.136 Vollowitz, Evelyn.. ....120 Vreeland,James .....136 Wachs, Joel ....21,100,106,110,120 ....,120 Wade, Mr. James .- ..,. ll Wadkins, Betty .... ,,,............,... 1 37 ...... 120 Waid, John .... ....137 ...20, 2B Waite, Melvyn .. ....137 -.-23. 31 Wolters, Jacob ..., ....137 ..-136 Ward, Elizabeth ...120 ....17 Word, Rochelle .. ....137 ......67 Ward, Sue ....137 ....136 Warner, Robert .. ....120 ...,136 Watson, Gary ....120 ..,..136 Watson, Margie . ....137 ......120 Webb, Richard .. ...,120 ...67, 104 Weber, Edward .... .,.. 1 20 . ..... 91 Weisberg, Stephen .. .,..12l1 ...,.l7 Wendt, Freddie ....137 ...'l2, 1B Werminghaus, Mrs. Teresa ,...16 .....51 Wetsphalen, Gordon ....137 .,..136 Weststrate, Carolyn . ....137 ,...15 Whiat, Nancy ....137 ....136 Whipple, Ruth ....137 ....120 White, David ....120 29 White, Mr. Robert ,. , ..,18 120 White, Richard ....67 ....17 White, Robert 137 ....136 Wilbur, David ....137 . H135 Willey, amy ......,..., no ,,,,52 Williams, Mrs. Arabella ., ...13 ....55 Williams, Mrs. Blanche ...17 ..-136 Williams, Kay ....120 ....92 Willis, George .. ....120 ..,.62 Willis, Sharon ....137 ...,.136 Wilson, Dianne 120 . .136 Wilson, Jerry ' ..B5,137 ...,100, 120 Wilson, Mr. Culver ,....15 .......B5 Winn,MaryAnn.... ,...137 ...120 Winsor, Barbara ,...137 ,,...136 Witte, George ., 120 ,,.,,136 Wong, Frank .,.,120 ....12 Wood, Sharon ....137 .....120 Woodbury, William ...,120 ....136 Wright, Eddie .....15 Wunderlich, Ann .....,...137 ..,...136 Wyckhouse, Beverly ., ....101, 137 , , ,.., 76, 136 Yormus, Barbara 85 York, Mr. Orville... ..17 ....,67, 101, 109, 136 Young, Audrey .. ....21 .. ........... 136 Youngman, Roy , 137 ...,136 Zessau, Renee . 137 14 Zimmer, Jay .. 137 136 Ziroli, Judith .. . 137 acknowledgments In acknowledgment of a iob well done, I would like to thank: Louise Nocas, Associate Editor, .lay Hanson, Art Editor, Jadine Jue, Assistant Art Editor, Barbara Arnaelsteen, Copy Editor, Mary Gerde, Group Picture Editor, Frances Amerian who assisted Mary, Jane Snider, Senior Picture Editor, Gary Beals and Henry Bechtloff, Co-Sports Editors, Virginia Cronshaw, Publicity Manager, Bob Frank who wrote and narrated the Continental Aud Call, and Ilene Braun, Business Manager. Along with a thank you to my staff goes my gratitude to Miss Pillsbury for guidance and advice, to "Doc" Burnett and the print shop staff for patience and a wonderful iob, and to Mrs. MacFadden of the Art Department for her guidance. A special thanks goes to Anthony Loya for his fine photography, to Mr. Jack Cannicott of Los Angeles Engraving Company for his helpful services, and to S. K. Smith Company and Bookbinders Company for the covers and the binding. KAY BLODGETT Editor-in-Chief W WW Ywf MMWWMMMW ,540 wmw AMfMA ' -fakfigapf' AA, kzzgz ' f aa adfgv j VM-JVM-0 ro!! Agdyfv'-'f-49""-""'-4"f' 5'j"2""""Je"4""'Z'-,vldh-.4 Af2w7f""'f"A74"fg,'jZL0'f"f 'wt 4.1.4 .,,4.fxfU.,,d4J6CvaAf-1-7 -jig' WML '5- 49,441-f 4o.,4z',mleZj4A-I' ff""4"""'4'?""7r-13514-'f W. ZW, A Wzfadfwb ,Z Z4 'j2f7"aL'if-4'-VGC'-'-uenz... 4:-.aZ4avw.-611:15 wzdf.L.L-.7v-cf. 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George Washington High School - Continental Yearbook (Los Angeles, CA) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


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