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 - Class of 1956

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Text from Pages 1 - 188 of the 1956 volume:

wf'2zZy2:1QQg fzfmdff 1XXv"""' M' if X, N 1 , .,,, 4.,w""' - Q , , w Z, f Q Q, A fe,g,g ff X V Q 5 f , X fx 5 X, X f N M X Q 4 S XX X 5 X X N W n Ax X g X f X S 5 'X Xxx NR fo Q 'Q ' X XS gf, , , X XXX X..,.,,, I! 'N L Q Nf lx :XX ,. w x X : ,feel h x 5 'N lfif f A gf. 5, .Q 4 X XX 'Eli I fl XX Xi J .XXL 'E '- is XX x . xr' ' ex X XS Q 55 oi .2 Y ' is X "" X ,,,, ., ff 41, K YK .zllli i 3 V 9' A? , . ,,,. f , X 1 p . .:.,,:,:,.1:::. ,, .xxff ,. , , X. W .V WT X N x A U f"gs2a'v 1 1 ,wer- ' 'a -T .Mff-P - x A f..X.X, Jm qpw , .. ' s 1' X X XX X X XX N Nw X X wx X Q bf I: A-' 1 ""N-.f.,,,,, ,...,,,,-.Q ., z M m..,. .wMff',4L, 1 MW ' sg :GQ Z M ,L 7'-Q 'ME Y fi -ip' :' , I O Rfk J Es ff -'W K , m 4 1 p 0 ' 4 1 5 . - , ffv S 1 NEW' '11 'NX x - xv-:N 3 WNW ,N , .M ,W , ,.,, , ,7,., , A Y - u 1 - - I 1 w wwf' .NS- i 'SX M 3 fi X Ki' w, Q 2 X X 4" amz, w.. WM,,q-vr"-,., ff 1' X 12 , V f, " W! W ,. W f 7 f I , ff X 1 7 4 ,ni 1 'f .fry , .1 4 V , gf 4 f ,AM L A f' V sq.- a A, - , y ,, K I , gggfji-3, K Ugg, ff f in '5 V' fff ? ' ' 4 '5 . "fjf:i:: f, WSW . 'w f' f 0 f ,W w, , af IV , ,, Lf X 'S 'F Qgg V 2 if? W 51 Q Es? , X V . 1 . . , V '4 Q V -Yi 1.2 1 ' , ' 'f ', - 1' ! fl ' I i',. 1 wg A ff-V' s Y. ' w 1 ' 4 T956 CONTINENTAL OE GEORGE WASHINGTON HIGH SCHOOL LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, PRESENTS GUYS AND DOLLS PUBLISHED BY THE E -NGLIS'I, ART AND PRINTING DEPARTMENTS The Continental presents with pride Guys and Dolls FOREWORD- GUfS AND DOLLS IS A TYPICAL WASHINGTON BOY AND GIPL STOP K. IT IS FOP THE TWENTY-NINE HUN- DPED STUDENTS THAT THE CONTIN- ENTAL GIVES A TPUE-TO-LIFE PEVUE SO THAT THE MOMENTS OE SERIOUS- NESS IN WOPK, SERVICE, AND LEAD- EPSHIP, AS WELL AS THE MOMENTS OF PLAY, LAUGHTEP, AND EXCITE- MENT, MAY BE PELIVED. THE CHERRY- TPEE CAMPUS IS THE SETTING. GUYS AND DOLLS APE IN THE SPOTLIGHT, THE CONTINENTAL, I956, IS HAPPY TO PPESENT THIS AUTHENTIC, SOU- VENIP ACCOUNT WITH PICTUPE AND STOPY. at I u ot Washington Fm' ,,,. 'v1f?' MA 1 1 .wil ,M V I .,.HWd'f . -M , Q. l ,yd . 3, ir , I -,M 424 vw ., , . ' , 1 ' ,, ,, ' 'Za' 7 f- 3 f N. 1 ' '97 ' 4 ' 'vi' 4 5 ' ' A L ' . ' x . .. f 4 ,, ig ' , 2 Z9 Z, K ' W , lm ' ' w, E , , Q M- :r.,,,wf ' '4 .5 1 Y Q Z U H fs , ' G I, f' V'-17 Z1 E .. W f ,f, 'wg .. ,ff f 4' -wiqwe ,463 55 4 0 , , , Q M. 4- f' ff ' W , ,ffl M51 fp, ig , vf,, 4964 ,5qxgm4'4Af,w,,f,,5f ' 1 ,L ,fi V viz- Q 33,1-ug 3,9 zz, .' H f"-. F' -,f-,iw lj W V f, , A 2 . ul if, 4. ru, ,df - 1 ' ' Yak" n fr, - z- , ' , . ' 0 ,,-41.12 :ya ,,Mz,, ' ,Q ,, ' X " KW ' ' W Z ' W ' f ,v Y, , 7 ' ,f 12-'J V' ' if , f Z Q1 f. 55.41, 252 gg , " 1' fy' A If :A 4 yijzgiz , , I ,, .f I 5 I I T. ' , .j,,,. M ' , ' 5 ' ,uf fu 1 M Zg, W" zz, ' W 1 'V X JV" , ff ', V5.,2Wf, f ' ."ff'. , ' ' , 1 Qian ,V W -,H f' -5,5 "v 4 s, f 7 M! f ,f W4 Q 'if b u rf, .,? A ., ,fy .'ff,f,,' fa . ' 'f 3 , 4 1 ,x 46. " , I ' . .T - 'Iv 1 .fft S. 'A Aa , Z 7 ,, .ff 1 ,QQ 'fb ,,,v, 'W' I po ' x , I ' I . ' fl 017,41 VW' r,- W w ,M fy Q 'k,.1 ' A '54, 'V I 1 f H M 9 4 M4 fa fy, 71, ' 1 2 fo fu w A -674' 64,1- 45 5, 1 7 'ff 'P , 'viii' -v M 5 1' .- 4. I .' gi nn. ?' 44, W I Wk" , , -4 1 f1?'?f2 ,gf- NN, Sy-f .5 M' 332 -, a . '48 A A' .1 1 P .,. 'mf 9 M , ,vmsf ,X Q UVM. ' ' 5. .. use wg... Ambig- 4 --W ,y , ' -- "fx Q:"..Q'--.., f X Q , , Q , 1,-W. , . y ff V, ,fm ,,,, f V V - , Jef W1 WU I ,, . ., W1 ,,,. M f ,, X 'f f .QL M:-.fb - , K :,Qw.. A ,Y-fa - , - ' ,j,4 Wi " ' 'L "' ' ' Mc' , f , , 4, , .. W. W .fwwfw M 4-1, HQ , ,,,, M ML , ,X -x ,, I 1 V , , I fy QM, , , -,J f " f ff Q, W 'WNV f7f,Z,f W I 5 f I W Vi - wif-wp f " 'fy NX, fm- 1 , W ,WW V1 ,, ,W 6 '-44 'W ,, - 4:7 ff .' Mewf ' f , , " '- ' , . I ,Z W WfW,vV,L I , N2 W , ,, fn 5 14, ,,5,.,,yMmW fy , 4,,M:lZ,.,h1'5a,,x!f . ,MMM ,, , jf, ' gf 1' X" V ,WML W, Www W 'ff' ff :WZA by, - , I '44 , mfzlwivv , X ff ff' ' ' H WFWM W ff"f'ff'f,' 'Z 7 - -y , x 'W M ' fy 7 fl I , , 0, MM , I UI, 5,1 4fnM,, , , ,M ,vw I W , W-,af W W V., f' A, ,I U I I V 'W rv Af W, H 4 f f , WW, W4 V ww.. A ' W""-Qlfvif' D " V , f ' Q Q . fx Q, ,Mums 7, Nw vi ,HK Mix. 'w5w.x. Y XX . W lW1,44,Q.,,,4,X W 3,4 AMW.: 4 W' my aim , w w,.m,W,,..wz wwiww- - . ,- - , ...K 0 ,, .Www f ,, 7 W , MWQH 1 ,?4,'W. N , X A, 'X 'W V , , f ff f .1 W I M ,WW A 5 I ,-,, 1. ,.,w'. f the setting fc ,557 XM 'T iw? .B 1..,........w"" :Nj H, . , M 4' ,,, W Q ,f xr I , I The , ,,,A " ,, nj v J' Z Q X ,W , :ff Z ff 'fm , X ef?" f,. ,ff 'wif' 2211? ff story of Guys cmd Dolls IS told -4 Aoiministrotion Closses Government through Activities Athletics Crgonizotions Honors 56 .h 19 wlt mme href C Q ni and EGU , e Excnem NEI i i 5 WILSON K. JORDAN MARGARET MCKEE DR. PAUL FISHER BOYS' VICE PRINCIPAL GIRLS' VICE PRINCIPAL PRINCIPAL Directors come under cu spec:ic1I division, f W, Z W ? ff 7 2 f f 1 , zf f . WW' " "W f 1 , ff ' "' , ,, ,M C, 7 4 f 4 ,V K if N all V. f ,fwf G' f e ' ai! 5 4 of , 7 Q Z fy f f f X 7 f 5 va f Q5 whos 4. 00 , s ' y'7'x A wWWQ,,,W,hffff' ff, 0 Wy, . - fy, f f , , ,.-4 f . .,,4,,,mWM-WW M... ,,,,,,,, -4 ,015 T Fi, A Tx -, J' .A ' . , , , I 1 ,f f . I if Zlww . A 2 2? Z ' If X 1: .Q wb asm f,'1 af',,f-MfQ1,,r-, wp ,, . aa 1 ' W ' - . 4,0 1 Z X 'Q 1 -4 Q ,ff ,f-" , Q ,ff , . - ,,,H,,...w:-f"""' ,GF ' - ,.,. 1' .. - -, I Q -4 -f-21.3-iff-af' ,, . , V sy .N ..... 1 , -Q43E'ii V, fy ,f f , , J 1 , M 7,1 f .,,, , AV ... - N L - fyy ff ,, if nf 1 5 3 . I M-V, fu, 1, . i, I N K 5 I .f F, ff J f fi I ll f' ff fp ' 'V . ff if Q " ,c A Tp .. , - , L, X , , , J f A . 'W ' 2 iff, A, I , ,L ' ,ff ' .. f NMR -N. R mf-3 ' , Q M yigx t V f x lw VR F. his f 4 ,An T A-X Y' Wir ,ig-We its fix ' ,637 f, , ,wif ,, " C if xi i , t V f rr 2 f X If , IZ f Z ' 1 X fn, 1, "" 2 -- I - ,f A j 3 "1 f ' ,fi vp, f y p In ,... i Z , f L n f 1 f f ff 4 We f 4 9 I, 7 ft QW 6 vw, f, .am , ' ,-mf 1 it " f bf y 4 x Z M fl' fm A4 M 'ln' I ' , ' I ,,,, ,,,,,, ,IZ V 5 c i 2 W v f f f A . Zaigff' fy , ' 7, ffl! I GENEVIEVE AHRENS Cultural HAROLD J. COOGAN Student Activities GLENN B. COY Athletics LESTER G. HEILMAN Attendance CATHERINE MADVIG Evaluation NORMAN A. NOONAN Audio-Visual MURIEL SESSIONS Guidance GENEVAH SHARPLES Clubs DANIEL SIEMENS Placement Office EVA L. ANDREWS Librarian EDNA C. HELVEY College ESTHER NEUMEYER Continuation Q i f 2 , if lyg " ,0 'r wr. , Z K Vt f 'I J f Z X r M MZ I Ittf I V M , 7-ff ' 1 , f 23 if , , 5 f ,WQQ , , i f 1 f rf f Z f My VZ, 9 ,X 4 X VW ' f f 4 , f I Q 2 v I ,, Qi ,Www f'2 .- "v' 7 ,, f NORMAN SCHACHTER My Senior Problems HAZELLE SMITH United States History RICHARD H. TRUXTON United States History C0-ORDINATORS, SOCIAL STUDIES, SCIENCE, AND MATHEMATICS DE- PARTMENTS-Working for the benefit of eoch student, Woshington's ef- ficient co-ordinotors see thot our school is run in proper order . . Do you hove ony questions obout history, Americon or European? The onsvvers mciy be found in the mony history closses where pupils lecirn in on interesting ond informotive mdnner . . . Starting with life science, students with occi- demic moiors progress through physiology, chemistry and then physics. Goining voluoble knowledge obout science completes the students advanced training in engineering ond relotive fields. VICTOR AERTKER United States History JAMES M. ALLEN Senior Problems HAROLD J. COOGAN Leadership IVA E. CHILDS Senior Problems RUBY T, DAVIS Senior Problems VERNON P, DUNCAN American Government ENID ELSER World Affairs WILLIAM E. FROGGATT United States History DOROTHY HERZOG United States History ABRAHAM HERZEL United States History EVA G. HODGENS European History VERDA HODGMAN Senior Problems CHARLES MILLER Senior Problems PRESTON A. RICHMOND Department Chairman Directors devote time to Guys ond Dolls IO ,f, ,. I 6 -J Nl fa ,A . A 'r Y V' ' f 'L 1 1 it K, ff il, 4 l f W 2 Cf 1:-L fl' 'Q 5 . -. EL , li ' 1-A 3, ' 04 ' 'Y' in 1-lx L ' .f X ,f I 5 un, ff'- 'C "H -LPCJ u. .115 - A, :..., i,,.. 24-1 -I: az-.51s. 2:3 C V:" HOLL EEHTLE' P ':'e Ge:": '. 'JLPGI-PE' C,,','- .2-LU L gev: POEEPTL HL JWHOP'-E p-ff, f,,,..L.,, l'lEPvlPY I- JOHNSON Depcrvfen' CP:i"":' FPLNCISL LLWVEP A geb": DAVID H LYPILN Senicr Math T, CHESTER PPITCHLPD Basic Mcrh JLNES E. 'NLDE High Schoc Nr:'h 'mf f' 1 .53 zz M r',, Q J Lf' Y ,wi f , ,,. , EARDLEY B. MADSEN Chemistry JAMES D. MOFFAT Agriculture NORMAN A. NOONAN Life Science RAY B. POTTER Physics ALICE S. SEGAL Life Science HELEN SPEARS Physiology CALVIN R. BENEFIEL Arc-onauvics ESTELLE Y. BURCH Physiology GLENN B. COY Life Science MARGARET FRAGA School Nurse SAMUEL HARMAN Chemisrry MARY KELLEY Life Science THEODORE C. LOSEY Life Science vp,-.,... dx- TETRII T 'SETI P1 rg '31-T. msn? p.- K Eg. tr ina- il 'X Teachers find a moment of relaxation al lunch X 4, ,,.: ,,,V7 N llvhy 0 ,lf V . 'R i g A A fy , Guys oncl x R X X K X Sf ix c f , f- N il:- K X f W ,N K N ? X f Tl I L1 I W' fr ' i .Mx , .2-,Q X-X 53' ,. 1' ps. ' ' Q A, ,1y,,f .-'r1::'-'Vai-5 so '- J 'als-53 L L' 1 . as -. c 2 R K F 1 f 5 ,Maw f , X Z v N s Y . Wiki, A.,v,,, sf:-Ira-5,1321 If' X M , Xi 1 R f . Q , , , ima" fs:-,A 9 3522 f iffmi ' maxi' irfii- J' 21' ic F Y " fs ,fa-4 'f wi if 1 1 ' E:f,..:,i,.::g2 J 7341 J ' E, .Aw ,- MZ , ' ' KVM fvafzz yy J V, N as fra 7,6 . Z dy 5 a V , 1 ' 2 X fi :I W7 gi C' . f I f X, f 1 fi 3 , " ,f - 1 , V , , W ,, ,, .,: VW . his ff Y ,V , Xfl K 70 ' N, , ,M 4 1 I 1 ,f J? 42 f f X . A ,,V, I ,X I , W W I nflffiifr., isiwzc ' Lggiswiiflg ' f ' f 1- v . HWMEA '26, -S ,ZW HELEN H. SAWYER English LOUIS A. SODERBERG Journalism MURIEL SPELLISEY English JENNINGS R. TURNER IVA V. ADKINS Public Speaking MILDRED BELL American Lileralure SYLVIA FICHMAN English URANIA GARNER English JESSIE J. GILL American Lileralure JUELLE M. HEATON Advanced Compostion GLEN JOHNSON Senior Review MELUICE I. KNAPP Advanced Composlion ELIZABETH M. MACKINNON Shakespeare CATHERINE MADVIG Deparlmenl Chairman RHODA PARKILL English LUCILE PILLSBURY Conlinenlal American Lileralure GLENN C. WILSON Senior Review RICHARD G, ESTES Spanish JOAQUIN FRATERS Deparlmenl Chairman REBECCA REECE Spanish MARIE L. REGNIER French ELIZABETH G. TALLIS Lalin I-IENRY R. TIRADO Spanish Dolls experience the joys of fine oris Journalism is a special course given Io sludenls talented in wriling --41 f - -,L E-- . " IPIE'i , I sL .I --' ' TEPESA IRJEPTMNGHLUS g .9 5E'JJ1FJELHPENS EZ J L DE EU'- f J YL r-P"w C Z HEP I'E 'J JI EP WILFRED JOHN ABBOTT Mus'c H'story MARY DAVISE De at s tCI'iairrn CHARLES R. EDWARDS Bu d DAVID H. LYMAN A Cupp IIa Choir ENGLISH, L A N G U A G E, ART AND MUSIC DEPARTMENTS-Besides Teoch- ing proper use oT English, This deporT- rneni oTTers elecTive courses in iournol- isrn ond IiTeroTure . . . WheTher iT be I.oTin, Sponish or French, one hos The choice oT These oT WoshingTon ..... Bringing ouT The creoTive ToIenT oT The sTudenTs is The job oT The Art DeporT- rnenT. STudenTs hove cause To Tcike pride in Their work os one mighT see IT he visited The Third Tloor ..... Those Tunes you heor coming down Trorn The Third floor or Trorn The c1udiToriurn ore The producT oT our fine Music DeporT- ment. VK "Pop" Anderson gives ci final inspection to the Christmas display mode by crt craft students C v .N Wm... - LW ,.:: X . , . 1 , , 5, ge l ., X .1 r W I f A .5 . . YS, .4 !PfZw t fi X. . , f if fy- .. X M J ,, ,J ,ff 5? Iwi ' Q an in . .mg I 5 .wifi-3 I? 'ne ff 2' mai- 4' , 1 X 7 A I 4 I 'W , 'ze 2. 1292. fr. " P I -' fi fi . .f'..:r,j. I fj 75 'ff "..:"' I H! ' ' v 'gf . if .., fn. 4 5 .,fg.:' fag? -, ef Lgyf, 9: I' QZ if W ,, 4. 1 ,V . ,- ' " V157 vit If EV E fx Q .ee ,.1. My 4 . 2 ,. 3 . a E 'u"""' "kk ' 'M'T"' - ,',, X 1 -5 I J 1i2.g.3fy,:s,f,:-5. i .,... X , 'Q A 4.. -- --' if . . - .si f 'Jie' "', . f 1 LQ' ' "" ' ' ff yW an Z 1 :M ' fix X r xx! ff X I Xa ,I f was I 5 f f , X- ' N, Q X. I , 3 Y 5 'WMI mee . .-mf. at S SQW I W 24. f X ,Q WV' f f 1 X W W ff' ' ,ff X N f- X. ff f Q 7 . 45? W N. d X 22? 45 Sify VSA f X I 'S L , J f 2 X ff M K X jj Q A f jf ffm,-A 1 ,M ff .,,... . . f If N W f eff ,af X X W , W . if f I X 6 f f f f V W 1 ? ,ar f WAMMAK X S K S ,f f -4 f W. K A Q .. ? A 1 X , ,, we 'I' 5 ' V M A c 2 H , X ., ,,,, 2 75, 4 .if , 3, 1 f' - I of ' ' - gf' f i ,I ff V '.f.:Q? A 1' , ,. ff X X .. ' 14 4 Time s allowed for all courses 4 u-...,Nh-sw f Y jim gf V. , Mif if Q. --0 ff, 2 fwfr, 14 f ,, 4 Q! Mr. Fred Dobric instructs "Achitects of Tomorrow" I4 W, ww JOSEPH S. BARRY Field and Track JUANITA CABLE Advanced Dance KATHERINE CHASE Team Sports WILLIAM G. CULLER Department Chairman LEW J. DUNNING Tennis GENEVA G. GARY Archery PAULINE HOWELL Badminton ALLIE JOHNSON Tennis THOMAS F. MCCULLOUGH Gymnastics WILLIAM D. POTHOFF Track and Field GENEVAH SHARPLES Department Chairman NANCY STUART Advanced Dance LUCILLE E. SYLVA Girls' Corrective ROBERT E. WHITE Boys' Corrective FREEMAN C. BALES Wood Shop RUSSELL A. BURNETT Printing-Linotyping FRED R. DOBRIC Architectural Drafting ROBERT C. GILLILAND Electricity OTTO W. QUISTORFF Mechanical Drafting ARTHUR E. SUMMONS Department Chairman ORVILLE B. YORK Auto Mechanics Z 'A.A I ' I X Z UW 3 f f I ,, my MW ,W 4 , ,f,x X 4 c Z! 4 X f f Mf1,5,2fr' Mike Gerde is getting measured for a shirt made in the girls' sewing class 9 1 f ,T f 4 uf i f , X 3, gy , , x f f A., .Q , PHYSICAL EDUCATION, INDUSTRIAL ARTS, AND HOME ECONOMICS-Each deparTmenT of The TaculTy helps in some Way To prepare sTuolenTs Tor new roles aTTer They leave Washington . . . The sports program at WashingTon runs smooThly because oT The efforts oT The Physical Education Department. STuolenTs learn sporTsmanship by being boTh compeTiTors anol specTaTors Tor The sports . . . Industrial Arts courses prepare many boys To enTer Trades when They leave school. ATTer expert Training in well-eciuippeol shops boys are ready To sTep inTo a varieTy of iobs . . . The l-lorne Economics DeparTmenT prepares girls To Till eventual roles in The domestic arT Tielol, in homemaking or on jobs. "AZ Qlbfr , Q 5 K7 ,A ff , 1 fl , W .W fwfr ,ff af ' .4 'U f Hyru- MARY CRUMPACKER Department Chairman AGNES I. JENKINS Nutrition ELAINE KVITKA Clothing MARY F. MCKENNA Hostess and Catering DOROTHY SWOPE Vocational Dressmaking BLANCHE WILLIAMS Clothing ff: .4 ' Nuff I! L iz-at in A 1? f A ja ' " , ' 'JW L 'jfs 'I' I if 523' 2-5 J ' r ...-f V4 W, --I V - f fy' f , I H, .HZA., 'gh , W .1 . 4155. , ff2Q !f -' V1 ' W . . A -f A ,f Q .1 4 . gf .J r ,Q W ff 1 ' L fiwf: L ' Wi . 7 , " ' I L :L . af- f- Af 4 . I 7, ,.l?t...U2V f I . ,,', f ,iw KV ...V I F., f,., ! 2 f, W ' fl I -ff ' L ' 2 r, ' " ' i if . ,. L . -QM ,. ., lym ts., I ., at it . DANIEL siemens 2' 1 -4'e.. 'ff A as Department Chairman ' 0 4,55 EARLYNE J. TAYLOR ' 2 j , Tvpif-9 A-fewg V 2 j HELEN M, TAYLOR 4 .. V .. 32 V , AV FRANCIS O. BLAIR Shorthand CHRIS T. CARAS Bookkeeping HAZEL C. COLE Bookkeeping LAURENCE T. DOBYNS Bookkeeping JANE C. FITZPATRICK Transcription JAMES R. MADDEN Business Low ANNE E. NILSSON Twins ETHEL OVERFIELD Shorthand HARRY B. PLANT Business Machines HELEN J. ROLLINS Transcription The business world is around Guys and Dolls CHARLES K ARMSTRONG I. f SECRETARIES-Thomsen Williams, Gregg, Stanfield, Tolin, Rubio, Keeney, Crumrine, Ross. lo Driver Education . CALVIN R. BENEFIEL Driver Education JAMES G. CROSBY Driver Education STANLEY M. CUNDIFF Driver Education SAMUEL HARMAN Driver Education HARRY W. STONE Driver Education DRIVER EDUCATION AND BUSINESS EDUCATION DEPARTMENTS - S i n C e driving is such an essential part of present day life, Washington offers an effective course in driver education. Behind the wheel training highlights the courses offered. Three weeks of training students to cope with the problem of driving . . . Preparing stu- denst for a future in the business department. Students learn the busi- ness vvorld from "a to z" with courses ranging from typing to business lavv. Teachers and students begin moments ot seriousness with gsm 41, s'?'L 3 1 'N EE 7 L Av S rl., " f 'nm H1 747 cf, ff f 1-I ff --X, , . , ,Q LZ S 'gf' 1 qv' H 1 if ,f 1 CLASSES Loncer ond Victorion closs officers put their loest foot foreword L is vs. ff 12 4 we, '7 3 ,f . 5 'sg fi . ,., 'Vt ,g- f T2 F" ""'f "' T2 . A or ,. 1 , ,,,..f I rt L fi? ' Y! 5, M 5 U 'X ,ky wang X ' 1--V . , ,,,,t,I,.,.m li J gi. my 4 -if It I :f,. tg' " 'B :V ag ffm I f w . N - 4 ,f A? L . 'K Q' Q ,Q ,E ffm f' - , , ' .iv A I I ,fa ,I . , .fs f ar- qvs 0-, , Hn Wmmnp -fm ' 'Vin Q , 'X .4 1 f" 7 4 f at ' if 1 4"7 ef Z in 1 1 .X ,. K f 4, . .f 1. vi , 8 u,,.,', "V .' F of fi"-us, .Q EP" in 4' 3 , ,Z X wr" -1 .-.I g 4 I ,ff Af , Y 'S if P A v ' .QQ "Q fl-'-I -fi' - f gf' .se sf L A c 351- -4' if-7-. w iff' 15, ion- to make the year outstanding H- i- Aer Zz' i-"acer ."'e. -:.-.':'a Anthony e.e' V, .:,:e Afhenods Pciot-N .'a'c,'e Boas Dale Eciaff 1 P"'r' Few--P Bcifiey 4.4: -- - ..- Joan Banks Kenneth Lee Bardett Betty Lou Barton Diane Louise Basker-.alle Dorothy Lynn Beak Linda Darlene Beam Caroline Ruth Bean Janice Bea Bearden Lorraine Frances Becker Joan Maureen Beiers Carole Rochelle Berger James Greig Berry Robert Lester Berry Janice Elaine Billings Daniel Arthur Blake Bonde Armon Bliven Sandra Sue Blomquist Fredricka Ann Bornholdt Barbara Bernice Bradach Barbara Brewer Larry Dean Brush Donald Dennis Buoscio Richard Ronald Buoscio Dorothy Jean Button John Allan Carlson Raul Carrion Claudia E. Cass Diane Lucile Caswell Robert Gordon Chapman Doris Jane Christiansen Frances Laureen Clifton Esther V. Cohn .Joyce Ada Colvett Mary Waynella Conkey Milton David Connell lames Louis Corbett Robert Dennis Cox Patricia Ann Dannecker George Jackson Datria Daryl Bruce Davis Judith Luella Decker Frank John Dragotto ,, v N ., , I A ,Y M. ,S x- rf 1 ,div P iff I , Wu X' 'L f f ' ff f ' , 1 A A V X- -7 ' -F" ' ' 'fit ' f 4, . t . I ," f "V, if Z ' A f A a Q . f ' ' ,,.-V -4+ 2 54, f f V' 1 , iz ,A , f Aff Mfr 77 W" 4 In , K if j 'V' ' f WX, ff sw, 10" K' 4W2'1"" -M 5 ig Vj!,,:,,., X? A , Lf' ' WW . 7 ' Q , I 4 V D , ,,,,. ff X'-. X A , ff i' '76 -4 , if X , Q Z F' ,, if 2 f K 16 , fi' 2, , f " f age, 7 ky E7 Q fa fs? i8 af f , rw egg I . X 1 fl X 1 J W , Aww 'f Zi ki S. Z X 1 Jw, .:,1 ,, , . .Ny W M 4 f ,Kiley W WMU:- na, rw- ,.,.aW L' 1 A W "Zi 5 ::, Izy 1 0 ...V ,K fx " VV 53' ' get , fzf ' ,s 'Z i 429, 5 qw-vw Z , 2 1 4 L , J ya, , ff f yy. L , f f tw wg.. . , . , , . 5 if ff , f l , 'wwf ' , XM? , X 0 , .. Nm ,, f V ff -if f , 2 ,, z ff Q qw ' ' ,Vw fy V VAA I ", 1. 4' 'H . 4 Wir 5 ' 1 1 ff f " f fn X I , "' ZA, X Q , 1 M 4 AAAAAAA W. li with 'Worthy Deeds Dolores Marie Dubyak Harold James Duprie Bruce .lerome Dutton Theodore Jess Dvorak Marilyn Ann Emerson Paul Louis Feies William G. Feldmann Carlos Fernandez ,lack Floyd Sonia Lee Fowler Vincent Gilo Frontino James l. Garaghty Sibyl Carol Garard Doylenne Rae Gaston Connie Ellen Georgi Richard Ernest Gilbert Douglas Allan Gorton Richard Stanley Gralewski Robert George Gray Donna Rae Green Douglas Wayne Greenup Donna Lee Grogan Richard Frank Gross Patricia Pauline Hackelman Carolyn Louise Hahn Betty Nell Halford Lois Alice Hall Nancy Hall Michael Altonse Hamann Barbara Louise Hanke Sandra Diane Harmon Warren Paul Harper Ronald R. Harris Darrell Hartman Karen Rayleen Hawkins Carl Dean Hayward B. G. Hendrickson Julie Anne Hill Stanley Verne Hohener Howard Stiteley Hollenbeck Edna Grace Holman Lilla Maureen Houlihan Donna .lean Huddleston Carrie Lee Isaacson Theodore F. lsenburg Rosalie Israel Karen Ann .lones Bonnie Marie .lordan June Eloyce Kay ? l ,f 'S' .Q--. . dy-v ,Q E 9' I QA 1 ji Q 1 ,I , J ,ff f 3:2 W A.. 1 1' , irq an , er-' , , 1 .- ,W 5 if I A , 1: 'A y-9 A' J he x if-7 Wm- fn ' '!"n- L f ,f if S fi Harmoniously Achieved' Janet Ann Kelly C:'z Vire C:"e' 'e Loqse P40299 .oc Eze: e font J rcen' fofccefch Va'en lf' :V Wane' H- .M V 21-if t: .4 Diana Gale Landis Byron Edrnond Larson Diane Evelyn Leapson Aalsa Mari Lee Kathleen Inez Lee Gordon E. Lehman Sandra Lehr John Rene Leiuwaan James Robert Lester Yale Marshall Levenberg Joseph Liberto Jean Deanne Lien John Michael Link Donald W. Locke Joseph Ray Luli Jerrolyn Sue Lundblad Jack Lundsclal Matilde Lena Maier Betty Ruth Malakowsky Lynne Eileen Mallon Darryl Bruce Mallyon Paul Edward Martinet Iris Mae Mathany Gloria Ann Mauer Gerald M. Maugeri Sheron Dalene McCombs Doreen Marilyn McDermott Frank Erwin McGee William McGuire Beverly Jeanne McKeag Lois Jane McTaggart Patricia Ruth Mehlig Carlene Mildred Mehwald Margaret Deanna Miller Mary Margaret Miller Donna Kay Mitchell Nancy Carolyn Moeser Eugene Frank Molnar Robert A. Monk Jennie Dolores Montesano Sharon Deanna Moore Judith Viola Mordica w 4 j signs,--me 1 's E' X Xi i' .-Y' if J l xi Q X. : N R. X 5 if s, l 1 s .1 J' fi is my WI is Sw. - ag EN J of XX xr .X ' ness., .- fir 'XX Q Zag' I . .N . in . wi? Q5 x XXXM-ee Q s. 1, sg... Ns: Xi 3 gg h . 5 5 .. X ',.,,,'X ,. . .WN A . - Q x :N . N Na- X S :s Q . fares . s X A by N... ex X5 X .N xg. EX Xl N ii W X 1 s . in X .xxx ,Axe " f' ' A 'ii il . R XXSX1 ,Ili , kkkk . ..., I iw f do S . r' N .... . 2 N N F- -as fs X us X es Q .fsfws-,sssf f .ls s, Ye Xa, -2 sie S15 ff Y V ' s X- .- . 1. 'Q f .X YH? 1 is --X J we Q J ii ' 4 X 5 5 Es' P L ' - .. R :A ,f X f sd' X? J 455 1, 'Kg , is ii gr-35" rs.. X X. we ,Qi Q X J 5 U35 X .gm , X .. fs ,, 'K X Si L S f A ,, I WW? , Q3 AX.-4. 3 X- X if I 5 is. rf X eff ,SX .Xe Q is x GX gs is . t X 511 ""'b in, x C iw ' X XX N A Q i S " 4 X L Y R X X. X5 X X X .WXE Nt' x as 4 ,. QNX X 5 ss: fd' ww Q RW Q 1 X XXX X X S -- -3.-3 W KX 7 X wg .X Lancers, wearing mint green and Joanne Donna Morgan Kenneth Gail Morslc David Edward Mueller Claudette Kay Myers Diane Carole Nelson Nicholas Carl Nicassio James Kenneth Nolan Judith Ann Oclassen Jean LaVern Ogle Mary Louise Olivadoti Arthur Kornelius Olsen Dale Ernest Ordas James Richard Osdale David C. O'Toole Kenneth Ray Overstreet Carole Lynn Paynter Donna Marie Pemberton Dorothy Diane Peterson Samuel Joseph Piazza James William Pieper Lois Irene Pitman William D. Plummer Betty Ann Pollaccia John Pollock Ira Douglas Preece Lee Garey Preston Marilyn Anne Puckett Donald John Quackenbush Kenneth Michael Ralls Nick John Ranieri Martin Edward Raps Martin Beryl Reeves Loretta Mitzi Sue Reis Ruth Sharon Reynolds Eugene Arlington Rice Phillip Delvin Rikala Agnes Romero Carol Ann Rosenberg Betsy lone Ross Norma Jean Rothwell Charles Alexander Ruiz Ray Walden Rule Timmothena Ester Santoro Peggy Ann Sapp Martha Anne Sarlowe Lynne Marie Schaupp Fred William Scholle Iris Natalie Schrader Vesta Marie Schwarz fo. :ls 2' Z F 5 L' X 1 s W sf' .0 nr 45 f X, ,. V 7 M ,, A am 2. f f if 7 for I , .f . 1 1 t, V If ' - cf Q , 1 ,.- I I I' 7' .V ., -- -4 WJ l ' ' ,ggi .31 i n M .WZ " tt,4 4' ft W K' 1. If 3 . 9 2 if 4445? , J! ., W f X ! ""s:::ga : 'V 9' X f X 7? f K! f 2 Q 4 so . l wwf , ' ' ' sri I . A by , W V J Marlen Joyce Woytko George Edwin Wyckhouse Darlene Ann Youngman Jeanette Rose Zaiss charcoal, stepped aside to let ffaritfn Louise Sebolaa Dom Myrle Semmens Harvey Sherman Carol Joanne Sickels Patricia Margaret Slover Beverley Ann Smith Diane Jean Smith Russell James Smith Oscar Gilbert Soto Rodney Ben Spears David L. Stapf Gaylene Adele Stark Louis Jacob Steinmetz Grayce Dorothy Stephens Noel Lee Stone Lida Robbins Swaney Donald Emrick Swanson Arthur Tafoya Arthur E. Telles Frank Teti, Jr. Raymond Thomas Denise Thompson Gary Wayne Thompson Nancy Ann Tidyman Joanne Tingirides Charline Townsend Arley Vern Tracy Ronald James Tweedle Barbara Ann Urkov Alagonda Van Der Wyk Beverly June Vaughan Norman Eliot Veinot Jack von Bloeker, III .Judith Harriet Wallace Wayne Randolph Watson Joyce Evelynn Weber Donna Lou Wellloaum Terry Murray Willahan David Theodore Williams Robert Neit Williams Norman C. Wintien William Monroe Woodson Leonora Joan Accardo Robert Adamovich Chris G. Adams Janet Marie Adams Alton Leroy Addison Thomas Albertini Carl Allen Harvey L. Alpern Jeannine Amestoy Ruth Ellen Anderson Milo Appleman Barbara Lee Arnold Judy Arnold Barbara Eleanor Austin Margaretta Ayarain Donald L. Ayres Karen Lynn Antonaros Constance Jean Baer Viva Dell Baldwin Joseph E. Balek Warren Harlow Balfour LaVerne Barker George E. Barlow Martin Barmatz Homer Evan Barner Ann Roberta Barrett William Bartell Barbara Bartlett Howard Jay Basch Patricia Bates Robert C. Bates Edward L. Baughn Barbara Ann Becker Dorothy Ellen Bedinger Inger Magrette Berg Larry L, Bertram Bette Beyer Helen Kathleen Bilodeau Robert G. Bishop Roland L. Blancaflor Pat Kay Blessing William Edward Bogner Diane Elizabeth Borrelli Ignatius Borrelli Mary Jane Bothwell Gary Bottger Virgil R. Bourgon Richard Lee Boustedt Olga Bowles X ,fifhf ,fr lf L ff ' W ff 4 49 46 1 9 X , '-.,.r if 4 A L K ww 1 . ff -.,:,:' Smeg.: -4 V x gi ai' ' K . 9 , 1 G . an wr id Q , it A the Victorians take the Spotlight 4 'Wi Robert Norton Bowlus Barbara Dawn Bowman Nancy Alice Bowyer Don Boyd Richard T. Breen Darlene Brockman Stuart R. Brouelette Beatrice A. Brown Donna Mae Brown Mary Jean Brown William Herman Bruning Donna Marie Buchea Dennis LeRoy Bunker Patsy Ann Burkes Ronald William Burns Shirley LaVonne Burns Harlean Anne Burroughs Francine Mar Butren Gerald Raymond Byers James Richard Calhoun Bette Jean Cantonwine Charles Glenn Carey Richard Lee Carl Carol Carter Jacqueline Casalegno Jacqeline Marie Cassia Anthoney Cerasani Jack S. Chalabian David Reed Chatwin Stanley B. Chernoff James R. Christopher Rosie Cianfarani Frances Circelli Marjorie Ann Clark Robert Clark Berdetta Kay Claussen Billie D. Clem Beverly Coberly Evelyn Coglianese Shirley Jean Coleman Patricia Collins Eugene Condo Beth Coryell Barbara Anne Cowell Charlene M. Cowles Michael C. Creal Pat Jean Crigler Wayne S. Cruson, Jr. Marquis Cummings J , ' af i- 1 7 - A Tj f .4 lb? .i Y . ,L JP-' F ,, i 1133? A-' A f V . 2 14526. ' ' X .1 311251 K as I -1, f . 4 . 5' '3' -4-"J 'C v-V i ' .ff J ,. i X 7 6, l VJ! -i. L 4 F-ff-fi ' ,. f A 'E .""' S' .TE- 'C' sy le ., X 5. 4? 'Q 1.4! ...., X 4-' 2: at ? f . ' P I 4 -'49 Y, L 1 'ix ni I 3: 5 1- :L Qi 'i 4 ' -J ,sz 1 7 ,Effie s ' fijflffjklr yi "' , We f ' Q f 'M '19 :is !5 LQLQ 9 .1 s 'lr R. 'X 4 Z lm my-4 ' 9 AQ f Every lancer will remember 5 'if J , tl I . nf 4... CCll'0l Ami Q.iiiw'v!yrf'ngI'nQ'11 Reneta ,Arlene Cushing Verdean Jane Dahlkoetler James Damore Harold H. Daniels Theresa A. D'Arelli Richard Leo Darling George Davies Bernice Davis Contsance Davis Jim Wayne Davis Elizabeth de la Vera James Philip Demetre Diana Denham James Clark Dennis Joyce A. Deovlet Arlene De Rusha Wesley De Vore Ann Helene de Vries Richard E. Dickhens Gayle Louise Diener Kathleen Diesch Lawrence Glen Dobbins Gloria Mae Donnelly Lawrence George Donnelly Patricia Anne Downing Gilda Dozal Jim Dozal Marie Dragotto Valerie Marie Dyer Sandra Danille Eddy Robert A. Edmonds Bill Edwards Cheryl Edwards Charles Eiland Larry Elliott Elbeth Elmore Esther Eskenazi Linda Fabrizio Nadine LoRae Fallert Joyce Farmer Dorene Gail Farrar Gilbert Farrell Gilbert Fejes Sheila Helen Ferguson Gaspare Ferrara Bruce Wyatt Ferrell Elaine Joan Fillman Anthanette Louise Finley Robert Earl Finn 24 fi 5 "Wir fm, dw f 4.1 f 1 X y is . , .3 X x ff., W 1 r i fx 'Q Q.. f' X f 1 f i X 40, , 4 , iwff X 'vijgir 1 ' ,f 5 ,. ' 4 ft' " , Q K gf 3' :,:,4y,, f M0197 1 ,M f ' ' :f,m!., A.. f f"'4ri " 4. 2 ' 4, .., . Sq, 3. ,75f,.yz5,7f ,W ' 1 Ma A " Q, ., a MZ 1' i , . l f M F5 ififfiw , , - ,- n , ff 1 f , .4 . W l ' J M, X f 3 f fy Y pi? VZ! 44 X J ,f., f YV ,, f 2 X Jw, II f V X f W ' 9, 1 f' WY' -' ,ff f f f ' f , f ' J E W4 7 we ' f W? .gf If L., , mf, ? l . ,A X f " Wf""w. X Av 4 gn f ,,..,, , ,Q yi A' 1 f l 4 f J If 54, Q rg f 1' K -75.7, .I X I, 7 ,ffl , if fi the prom which the Victorians Z X4 i 57 JW, 1417 ' W ', ,f 41 0 ,I , . X it g fi 1 Q all Y"'Y Anne T, Flores Raymond Force Gary Wayne Francis Marcia Elaine Franke Sharron Jewel Fraser Jean Kay Gaertner H. Thomas Ganz Charles Lee Gardetto Charles Gee Michael W. Gerde Richard Charles Gertsen Dennis Randolph Gibbard Gwendolyn Joyce Gibeau Lois Rae Gilbert Gwen Ann Gilbertson Gail Charlene Gillette John Burnell Gish Mavis Gierde Leona Doris Gander David Albert Gonzales Anne Goranson Janet Goss Carle Goyan Marie Granato Sandra Felice Green William Robert Greenwood Lorne Robert Gregory Nancy R. Gregory Dennis Grey Walter Al Griesser Catherine M. Grussmeyer Judy Guggere Joseph Henry Gutierrez Patricia Guzzo Dorothy Haleo Patricia Hall George Hallas Robert William Hamilton Robert Kenneth Hammett Myron M. Hamu Connie Lou Hanawalt Helen Marie Hannah Roy Harbour Elpis Haretakis Steve Harrison Barbara Jean Hartman Larry Haxton George Gene Hayley James Hayworth Norma Hegwood ...iv ., 11.3, L4 7' 5 lv-4? 9 .4 1, Q 'f J . I J f ,. V i7 A '-7 if Ms - xr ,gy J .. y ' F " C. , .A -2:9 Q, 1' F 'G , sa' iz " J '- . A i rw Mfr: A t 1 A fe A p J If iff il X "" 1 ,Z 'l g J 3 -WW" ...av . '-I M ' ff' 4 Y if 3. ' I ,. . X NY g . 2. -on f -if K4 "' fc'-z V , :I Y 2 f ' Q -0 LA- , 1 , . C ff ac, J ,,, X .3 -- 4 1 W M 'll , f, N , ,Mft all , - I . 4 f, V, .f , 1 " fo , N, ' vu 1 s V ' , . 1 f C W ' 5 7. ' l. C - l G QV QW M ft , a t 1 -1 , 'ff ' 51, ' " ,R ' , E 4214 , ' 1 - I -"Im 'A f , 4 ,I ' A dhd c,,.ldSJi,4f V-4' ' . :. proudly gave to them Judith Ann Plelbling Margaret Nlae Henderson Darlene Hendrickson Linda Ardis Henson Malinda Hibner Robert Alan Hickey Warren Lesir Hill, Jr. Carolyn Hilleary Kay Monica Hinkle Edwin Leo Hoban Bob Hogue Carol Holdsberg Carolyn Anne Holeman Tom Holm Gary Holstin Joseph Honescko Charles Edward Hooton Nancy Hoover Beverly Hopkey Gary Haese Hoppe David J. Hopper Frederick G. Hulse Aguilla Carlene Hupp Donald L. Hupp Linda Jeanne Hyde Joanne E. Inman Allan Robert Jacobson Joyce Mary Jardin Myrline Kay .Jasper Alan Russell Johnson James Johnson Mary Anne Johnson Norman Errol Johnson Philip Edwin Johnson Alan Edward Johnston Alicia Harriet Jones Kim Jones Ronald Jones Frank Fuller Judd Eleanor Kaloostian Karen Gail Katz Claire Louise Kennedy Anna Marie Kerr Nancy Ewen Keyes Louis Geo. Kindelberger Lela Katherine King Lawrence Thomas Kinley Barbara Ann Kinnear Marlene Kirchoff 26 3 .9 WU f , ,,rVV, I , X ' iz, I - 1 , f' A fi? V.Efm4i,?3 wfmxmf N ,, 0 A .V I .WWA ' ' -f ., ,,, g ' 5 'WW 7 5 ff .Vg W , f C -Z' f , X X W X 'aw M7 ' x - f 34,14 , f , Z A 141 . , Q I ff X 1 If ff 1 Z W ,gl ,,.,,,f,,, Z we-. 49- ,.. ,.r,. W HRH? 1 me ,him 1. ,p I y.. A s x cf r ff? rg fa ef 'P ' ,A ,f .. Q liz Q .' 7' nr ' 1 1 '7 -v , X V, 'ff 2 I l r " , fm- 0 wx 3 4-V 'Q ir V' 2 ' " - f L N5 fi , . V f fl! cf i X 'if f Much time and planning went ,mer I, V Joan Rae Kirkendall Dennis Kirkwood Eleanor Klemm Roger Klinkers Sharon Ann Klusmeyer Joan Valerie Kobabe Ronald John Kolleda Barbara Koner Richard Alan Krueger Caroline Geraldine Kunkle Dave Kyser Robert Gil Lamadrid Edward Lancaster Patricia Ann Londee Virginia Arlene Landgraf Barbara Jill Langdon Carl Lange Jerry Langnes Sonia Larsen Kerby Roy Lauderdale James Lawlor LeMoyne Ann Lawson Margaret Ellen Lee Jim Lenthall Marilyn Marion Le Pre Marilyn M. Levine Sandy Le Vine Gary Wayne Lewis Ronald Lewis Carolyn M. Liles Bert Lindberg Jerry Lindenman Derle Dean Little Kent Lee Little Pamela J. Livingston Floyd William LoCicero Russell A. Lockhart Marlene Marian Logzn Pat Lombardo Donald Mason Longworth Bob Loudenback Linda Love Robert B. Love Reid Lucas Phil A. Luebben lrene Mary Lugo Caroll A. Lukken Barbara loan Luther Deanna Nadine Lynn If H.: ai 17 '3' 816. into making the prom a success l'll0lly1,c Madvig Patricic. Louise Magee Ray Magnante Verlene Magretto Charles Maguire Nick Mallis loan Anne Marchant William Lee Marsh Ray Martin Beckie Martinez Larry Marx .James S. Mason Daniel Robert McAleece Deanne Leone McBride Patsy Ann McClendon William Terrance McClure Don McCreery John McDonald Patricia McFarline Dorothy Mcllveen Edward Alan McKendry Donald Reed McLaughlin Sharon Ann McNelis Jerry Michael McPheeters Nancy McWaters Celia Raquel Medina Raymond Mell Burton Burnett Milbern George Frank Miller Virginia Ellen Miller Virgil Robert Mills Judy Milne LaRee Stella Milne Lavella Ann Miser .lames Moffitt Richard Raymond Moon Ben J. W. Moore Leanore May Morris Ronald Sydney Moskowitz Carol Ann Myers Harlen Dale Myers Lois Marie Nash John A. Nauiokas Glen Edwin Newlin Robert Noble Robert Andren Ogden Jacqueline Frances Oliver Eileen V. Olson Ronald Morlin Olson 28 fs. l "1 ,' ' , 5' 'YW 'A' ' ff an If W A., I I , Z 4 'w Qyl, ' fu. U 'V' X 'hp- zf A 'i--:ff c'4,,, -ffl? A ' 4m,'f,', 3 if MMWW ff! 'W 1- ., W' 5- ,- ? 92 , W W ff il ff 1 ay Wx, fl 4 I 2 Z f 4 'awed X '10 jf if W W , 7 2 'J' H "ii ' f Z3 1 ml ' W, fi W1 M X ff? Q X f , X X9 W W 3 fwm, ff, y H fvvo, A if ' 'qi ' N ,li "', .71 , r e R W f I gy ff a it ' ,,11 "' iiii fl A f if ff , X 17' , , .. '1" i,j.,,, 71,2 M 15 'sw ' tr' K' ' f' , W... , f fwqgi I f W ,,.., 1- N4 ,ggi I , H? 1 WN 1 'Vw 1 4 v,,f,x f a Z X f. 'nr ' , -4' A N M f MW 1 ,, ,K V-W ,7 '71 ' X on 'iffy' 1 XM! T Z .'-9'4" .4 f ,Q 4, ,K ,-.. -. , ., c. .L 'ae F!! 1 X 3 ,f f , ff X la! 'Zh-. f ,4 . ,vvv 4 I... ,e . The Victorians and Lancers John Vladimir Ondrasik, Jr, Leonard Ray O'Reilly Ronald Lee O'Reilly Carl Ostrom Richard R, Overfield Joan Marion Owens Ronnie Pack Myrna L. Palmer George W. Parker Keith Eugene Parker James D. Parkinson Leonard Porkos Howard Hugh Patterson Frank Pedersen Roxana L. Perkins Marilyn Perreault Lee Marie Perrino Eleanor Claire Peters Dee Ann Peterson Sharon LaRae Peterson Graydon Pfietfer Ethel Pfuhl Claudette Nancy Phillips Patricia Ruth Phillips John Pierce Robert Pierce Cynthia Ann Polic Raulf Maurice Polichar Robert LeRoy Pope Tom R. Potter Gene Powell Mary Florence Pritchett Carolyn Purcell Arthur Quan Nicoletta Marie Quaranta Arlene l. Robe Evelyn Rapoza Susan Anne Reed Mary Reeves Virginia Mae Reid Ronald Reinke Donald Reynolds Lois Geraldine Richardson Cecil Earl Ricks, Jr. James C. Riddle Patt L. Ridgley David Lawrence Robinson Eileen Rogers Kirk W. Rogers Ann Marie Root 'iv 'Eg' -v. 'Q I r f . sip .3 ' AW 4 F 2 ,,..Jfy' ,. i 2? ' 'stiyfi ya -'5 J 1 i A 'A A h . V' ,J J Z5 3 I 41? "' 4 L ., P Y' gi: , y 'E -:FX 2 6 " ,J . if YY '23 i, 6 "' ei y f V J ,g,:, 1 ""e1 . 1 .ff 1 ' - Q .- .. 1 L. ,- in 1 J .V if , . Q look ahead into the future Roberta May Rosenberg Eleanore Edith Rountree Dale Carl Rousey Raul C. S. C. Rubalcava Sylvia Ann Rudynski Deanna Ruggles Carol Elizabeth Runsvold Katherine Rutenschroer Doris Ruth Joseph Saffar, Jr. Helene Karen Samuels Donald Sandrich Peggy Scheidenberger Joyce Marie Schirro Patricia Schneider Raymond W. Schultz Ted Schultz Charles Roger Seder Ronale Selmon Rose Marie Selvaggio Saralyn Senter Kenneth Setlak David Shaffer Charles Shannon Carolyn Sheetz Shirley Jeanne Shinn Ronald Sholly Darreld Short Doris Shreve Arthur William Shugard Gloria Linda Simon Frederick James Simoneau Carole Irene Smith Donald E. Smith Kathy Smith Norman Smith Pat Smith Philip Coleman Smith Elizabeth Ann Smullen Ronald Eugene Snedden Darrell Sorenson Gary Speare Wilma Stacey Betty Jean Stansberry David Paul Stanyo Ugene Stephens James McNeil Stow Carol Anne Stull Charles Edmund Sullivan 30 e I M 'W f at ff c X Q! 1 f ,Q M 4 f .V J' f f 1 f . 1 2522-l V 'Q s if 'Z 5 W i . ,V Q , f ,f f i , 'W fi, 'E P. Q ...Mg ,A off- ' V if .. it Jia I 1 , ay V ,H . ,Jgg -P t f iw , 1 aff' , Z , y , f ,!. ,H Z gf .1 fy ,Wy ,, ff! X fy i f ' 1 f A ,wil 3 7 mf.,, I If A ' fm, X , A Z ,V ,V Wie . . f.ii f ......ita 11' ff , V 5 ,Jr , 5 ' 'W , 4, 1 M, if ' V .,. r 0 W 4' ig 5551 V at I . 7 In fig? if ' 1 'iii 1 f J' 5 ' T ' wi . 26,2 ,I 2 7 - mfs: f' 2 4 ,J X I ef! Q 4 f 7 1 J gf 7 f I ! f IM J ,M , 7 Z ' W ,A , ,Q 4 ff , W X f f M , if 1 W Y ,Q 5 . X X K f a gk 1x0 'P7' .gs x . if 3 , we 4, 1-4' Z 71 , , Z l 3 Mia, f", 1' ali' 'A f ff ly V X, . f V , zz f, as graduation approaches Loris Nilene Sundquisl Mildred Marie Sundquisf Charlene Svoboda Michael Symanek Carol Erna Taeger Mary Jane Tafoya Ray P. Tenold Barbara Lee Terrish Randolph Saxon Terry Virginia E. Thompson Lista Marie Thomsen James Eskel Thyden Donna Tippin Elvis Vaden Todd, Jr. Larry Todd Mary H. Torrienle Marilynn Joyce Tryon Myrna A. Tucker Delbert A. Turnell James Turner Lauro Valdovinos James Valenla Shirley Ann Van Dusen Ray Van Fossen Jared Van Slofen Richard Van Vooren Mary A. Vega Lydia Velazquez Richard W. Vogel Barbara Mae Wagner Carol Walker Larry Walker Donald Kennelh Wall Leilani Wamsley Gary E. Wanczuk Barbara E. Ward Howard Wainwright Ward Gene Wafson Richard E. Waffs Darlene Cheryl Weeks Donna Weisenburger Donna Welsh Jim Wheeler Linda A. While Nancy While Brian Lloyd Whifeside Beverly Jean Whitfield Leo Whihenburg Joel Wiesner George Wilcuf f r-M - -Q 4. M' 4 4 0.1 A ov ,, ,A "'51"7 ,4 154 4 Y- lxl 1, ' it 4- li fu . 1,-4 .jf 4: s 5 ' 1 4 iz- , ,. gg A Q' 15 ,Q ,IT d A ' , X Ll 4 Z it i 'V 5' lf, 2 z 5 -'C 'ig J T 'E' . ff ,siJ. -1'-'Y 541 :iii-T2. , ... , g The seniors Sl Carolyn Wilkes Mary Willard Beatrice Ann Williams Jerry Williams Martin O. Williams Gloria .lanetta Willoughby Rose Marie Winkler Cynthia Sue Winnick Richard Wootton Carolyn Worden Carrie Ann Wright Beverly Ann Yates George W. Young Luray Vee Young Patricia Louise Younger John Younkin Sondra Zabin Louise Pearl Zeller Grace Ann Zenzola John Zuemann Corine V. Zila Stanley Zone 32 ,gp ,f 4 K , V X , v , M , f f Q 4 I f fL "CfC V f t Q. V W 50 X ' W ff f ,KN 'Hgfm 'V QM . .yy ev' fi W W . f X . v',,' iff! ' is n--,r A My '. are truly the envy oi , 7 W 1111. 'YW' if 4:- if if ff ,- ff , . VW,' 225, ffm. 1 --v' M qi 1 Z M W l K .6 f, 'V , vy fa' Y , 7 miw F7 Q a Z Y fi 0' n QC: J , 2 f "'f,.3 gf, ' M-fm ,, QB. - M Q , ,MM UNDERCLASSMEN ' 'i""7il4, w-f Q i I in W Z ff ,jf x ' , Q fff WW-'M Everyone is I"' l" EEEEEEIEIEIAI liyf "' E'E FF EE E5 E E 5 ig., fg gui ! top condition for final exams Going from class to class over the vast campus, v- ...,.,' B10-ROW 'Ir Hamilton, Kauhn, Jantolek, Eide, Fererache, Goldberg, Fox, Hollingshead, Gardner, Gaffney, Heller, Johnson, Edwards, Bruhn Hohener, Eisenberg, Gianis. ROW 2: Hilton. Jensen, Graham, Fritsche, Habert, Hirsch, Fishburn, Force, Henry, Dillard, Boardner, Guerra, Earwood Gundersen, Finley, Giglio, Faulkner, Gutierrez, Fore. ROW 3: Freese, Jones, Jahnke, Gordon, Hult, Gram, Hartman, Gardner, Haskins, Kozitza Brewer, Biork, Jenkins, Fluke, Deckurt, Elings. ROW 4: Ferguson, Haretakis, Fairchild, Gross, Kelly, Gutierrez, Hansen, Kovacev, Hovis, Kabe, Hunt, Funk, Jones, lngis, Kimball, Elwood, Garner, Keith. r 1 the BlO's become acquainted with Washington F 'N no "1 emi iii lx? 'A fiihb, B10-ROW 1: Miller, McCann, Osuna, Mallon, Lopez, Mulock, Nicewaner, Pattinson, Long. Lange. McKay, Mangiameli Leines Lech:-nan, ROW 2: Langstaff, Leibengood, Nicols, McCain, Peterson, Dixon, Lablea, Lingard, O'Toole, McClure. Purcell Quercia Mangan Parkinson, ROW 3: Martinez, McCullar, Mittleman, Overfield, Nocera, Morgan, Orcher, Montrelli, Margeson, Marine Morris, ROW -4: Mason Mendoza, Prioleau, Lyon, Lenthall, Lee, Pfau, Liberto, Pennington, Polis, Peterson, Livingston, Mefinn New W 'Nf ff if 'Me M J YK 'W' B10-ROW 1: Williams, Zaccagnino, Van Fossen, Veinot, Zuker, Tiep, Rosalez, Seberg, Sprecher, Thomas, Reo, Sheetz. ROW 2: Sleeper, Zell, Whiat, Rudd, Yates, Schluterbusch, Radoumis, Rapaelian, Watkins, Sangeorge, Smith, Rector. ROW 3: Snyder, Sonksen, Toone, Stirrat, Stephanian, Selvaggio, Springer, Rowley, Waterman, Samarge, Zimmerman, Savage. ROW 4: Shodt, Ruiz, Simpson, Shortridge, Schrader, Stuart, Risdon, Vollmer, Van Der Wyck, Wanczuk, Thomson, Seltman, Woods. Before BlO's realize the semester ...l--"""""""-W T sm J A10-ROW l: Burrus, Alger, Alvarado, Bacon, Barron, Bramlet, Bogner, Blodgett, Brady, Benson, Barrack, Barkwill, Budworth. ROW 2: Ballew, BI omgren Anderson, Bierman, Burnham Brueckner, G. Anderson, Barry, Beyne, Archer, Ast, Berry, Billings, Bishop. 311 f 'T "?' C. Q, , ge-' ee fair M A? ,fl s A10-ROW l: Delay, Frazier, Deweese, Crane, Coursey, Forman, Chamberlancl, Christie, Cole, Coulfer, Eliason, Emker, Carmichael, Durheim. ROW 2: Bray. Fisher. Fisher, Costello, Dielile, DeMay. Fleishman, Capelle, Finney, Carlson, Funaro. Cleary, Flanery, ROW 3: Coonis, Calcaterra, Federick, Farr, Esbolclf, Eggers, Ebans, Dewey, Dellerf, Damiano, Benitez. ROW 4: Crosier, Eckardf, Deckard, Chancllar, Cohbs, Farmer, Cook, Bobfif, Dickey. Furno, Dabalos. Erns! has passeol, They are AlO's and :mi mini! s.: " in , s+ 2,9 P? 5- Pip. lg,.al1.r s..f'i" A ffzj A10-ROW 'l: Foster, Foster, Faubioni, Campbell, Clark, Esensfen, Chrislenson, Carter, Fraser, Davis, DiBiase, DiFraia, Flagg. ROW 2: Davis, DeVore, Flores, Crosby, DeWree, Chalmers, Clark, Fifzpafrick, Cappello, Davis, Farquhar. Cartle, Edsinga. ROW 3: Curtis, Choclorow, Dozal Fox Fenf, Cufaia, Farian, Campina, Costello, Falafico. DW 4: Davis, Frappier, Fife Doergef, Floro, Dale, Deichsel, Davis. Decker, Dolan, Claridge Campolifo. ...1 , , 'W"7"-,uf M i W 'H V My 1 ,,,f,, ., ,.,,, ,, ' 1, ,, f, V if ff ff Mwfh , -4-My -f X' f .Z A10-ROW 'l: Hegwood, Hopper, Heytens, Hanson, Hudson, Horn, Groen, Horwitz, Hirsch, Hebert, Huff, Hager, Hamilton, lngelido. ROW 2 Hollie, Granone, Henderson, Hinze, Hendrick, Garcia, Gregory, Golden, Gates, Giles, Holt, Hughes, Gereaux, Harmon, Israel, Hinkle. ROW 3: Hoit, Heffner, Herry, Holod, Gould, Hogaboam, Holdman, Greitzer, Girty,Griffen, Hayward, Garrison, Goodrick. ROW 4: Graff, Goshgrin, Hale, Germack, Guy, Garrett, Hofmon, Hasselberg, Hokanson, Geissinger, Herrera, Harbison, Gattuso, Giordane, Hopkins. h ' d lw l ave game t e respect o everyone f ..,l""-0-' fd! A W HJ K -Y - A10-ROW 'l: Ludwick, Loyd, Kurtz, Jensen, Jones, Knowlton, Larsen, Jensen, Locke, Kasp, Larlos, Johnson, Levin. ROW 2: Judge, Krueger, James Johnson Lauderbaugh, Langford, Klatt, Judd, Kciup, Jones, Kamashicln, Jeffers, Laviolette, Levitt. ROW 3: Lantzer, Landreth, Katich, Korg, Johnson LqFaya Larsen Johnson, LaSalle, Kronfly, Lyons, Loveless, ROW 4: Lopez, Libby, Leinart, Kosik, Linley, Lawson, Klokkevold, Kuys, Labo, Kiggens James, Lindsey, Lockhart. 36 .- A as Pte - ff A10-FOV! l: Martin McCutcheon. McKnight, Morgan. Ol-cerman, Moran. Michols, Malin, McColly, Melton, March, Oliver, McGarragh, McGregor. ROW 2: Moilul-fo Mclulloch, Noblert, Noble. Newman, Newman, Otto, Obrand, Moss, Neel, Marchasl-cy, Marinos, Olsen, Montes. ROW 3: Nassraway, Nelson. Oden Mulconery, Myers, Mcxlxnany, Minette, Mayfield, Miller, Maldonado, Martinez, Modoff, Nicewaner, McGee, O'Connell. ROW 4: Meeker, lfiariin. Montalbano, Maxim, Miller, Monk, Malls, Meyers, Mewson, Marsh, Mathews, May, Olsen, Myers, Melikidse, Nelson. as Generaltown citizens vfww' ' iff! fl 4? All 4,,.,,- .0 AIO-ROW l: Schmidt, Miller, Miller, Munday, Neibauer, Taylor, Schirro, Smith, Stephens, Scholl, Starlf, Newlfirlf. ROW 2: Stanislawslfi Serright Snyder, Thyden, Ealquist, Marineau, Nichol, Shearin, Seboldt, Tweeclt, Michaelson, Moody, Olson. QOW 3 Tirado Torrance Samra. Sanford Payne, McNay, Taylor, McWaters, Mattis, Miner, Munday. ROW 4: Senter, Shultz, Simmons, Monteith, Martin Olson Mallyon, Nocas Mattheson Nunnick, Mowrer, Mills. , f ,4 ls , 53" X 'Z f f PM ATO ROW 'I Pease Parry Qulnn Ross Rosenbrook, Ranson, Rudd, Rigas, Peterson Potter Reilly Peterson Romer ROW 2 Hammons Hayden Hllleary Pugh Padgett Rufener Phllllps Pomaville, Potter, Pearlman, Porrello Rlckels Parker Reed Rlley Pltzer ROW 3 Goodwin Hinton Green Rlck Palazzolo Robtedo Plc Plhl Potter, Patterson, Pike, Rathburn. ROW4 Popko Ports Porter Romero Russell Rauls Plotner Roblnette Roche Robinson Rlera etrovlch Qumn Peterson. From enrollment clay to report carcl day sf! T, A , ,Q WH ATO ROW l Taylor Terry Thomoson Scmitt, Tomo, Sutton, Samson, Sands Tolvonen Slx Schell Tate ROW 2 Terbest Schultze Simmons elove Tu ker Trovato Shover Schultz Sorinson, Spangler, Spencer. ROW 3 Saraceno Sulzlnger Smlth Swaney Shaw Schullmger To or Th son Thomas, RO W4: Sales, Tucker, Sanders, Tanner Tedford Smnth Truntt Trlmble Sterch Shouse Taran a ,L the seniors help underclczssmen and encourage Them W f f W , f F"f'v-. B'l'l-ROW 'l: DeCastro, Faulisi, Ambrosio, Bower, Benbow, Bell, Bennett, Atkinson, Cooper, Coady, Condon, Dorfman, Browne. ROW 2: Denenny, Eliason, Doyle, Chapman, Burk, Bistolas, Forsen, Earwood, Brown, Boby, Boyle, Charpenter, Driver, Blalock. ROW 3: Crigler, Crawford, Adamson, Cubitt, Ellis, Powning, Davis, Cuccio, Campbell, Beauchamp, Ball, Burrus, Armenta. ROW 4: Feldman, Circelli, Davis, Eichstedt. Drozda, Fordiani, Darnell, Clayton, Deovlet, Angelos, Dewar, Akman, Ellis. to ioin organizations in the Bll . ,. 2 fy f r, s ia Q , ., ,,,,,, ,, W W 4, 'W Q - W l f ,gb ,lf n WW Z Bll-ROW l: Grant, Hansen, Grigory, Hayley, Konz, Galatioto, Johnson, Grabowski, Hall, Hankley, Gentry. ROW 2: Henry, Kuhn, Lloyd, Lancellotti, Johnston, Gorton, Lange, Larson, Klatt, Ladnek, Kawachi, Giffen, Gonzales. ROW 3: Lewis, Levine, Brake, Kaufmann, Gordon, Garcia, Hackenberg, Liggins, Hurley, Huffman, Gunn, Hamilton. ROW 4: Harvey, Johnson, Kidd, Klump, Leiuwaan, Heffelfinger, Jones, Holchak, Ison, Lingard, Howarth, Goeman. - illl 'lllmi iii, 'lf 'W -w-,,xw-Sid H ,G ' -W we 'r : ,nr ...l Ft ' s A A fu' eff? R ,S V -...,,: ,j .lf 1 1' ,Q -'-' V 1 .' 'R' .Je- ng 2 -K ,fr . WW-7:-r"l ' " .I XP! . W, .5 H-Q iff - B'I'l-ROW 'ls Robbins, Paris, Miceli, Roberts, Miller, Moffat, Morris, Ryan, Peterson, Pedersen, Pell, Patton, Norris, Neel. ROW 2: Ruttep, McKeag, Mayer, Mortewson, Rothman, Marsh, Jensen, Phelps, Pennington, Roop, Ritchie, Schuenemann, Welson, Pickens, McClure, Peterson. ROW 3: Reiner, Moncrief, Merriweather, Rydbrink, Martinez, Bilotti, Reid, Morrell, Rixey, Main, Penn, Rutledge, Musland. ROW 4: McMiIlian, Read, Malone, Allen, Miller, Sora, Pollack, Rausch, Muto, Pappas, Ringstrom, Mccallson, Schaad. At the end ol the semester, the 4' J Bl'l-ROW 1: Walz, Schellschmidt, Stoiewa, Young, Swift, Saffer, Thompson, Van l-loorebeke, Sewart, Testa, Soldano, Zabriskie, Schoenberger, ROW 2: Israel, Stansberry, Rosenstein, Tarmo, Zito, Tolman, Vanderlip, Swenson, Whitfield, Vernon, Warren. ROW 3: Sargen, Webb, Summerour, Wright, Spurrell, Vance, Van Hoorebeke, Watson, Wiley, Skinner, White, Slick, Scluto, Wolfe. ROW 4: Schiano, Spears, Slavik, Vincent, Willohan, Spencer, Volp, Smale, Smith, Woods, Romero, Schultz, Tate. lil M ..... f Z7 All-ROW 'lz Blodgett, Bozosian, Burcheri, Alltop, Bueneman, Butter, Arnaelsteen, Aiton, Anderson, Berm, Becker, Brungardt, Burkma. ROW 2: Bishop, Benns, Beirschenk, Birdsall, Adams, Amos, Baumann, Bidwell, Beltran, Antonucci, Brown, Bishop, C. Boyd, Anderson, Buchanan, Barton, Barthel. ROW 3: Bradley, Alecander, Bailly, Amato, Brissender, Bechtloff Buier, Beals, Brunetto, Beeler, Alloway, Brown, Burcham, Brugman, Brannan, Agnello. ROW 4: Borth, Brewer, Barath, Brooks, Bruno, Archibald, August, Beskos, Bruce, Breier, Blackstad, Amerian, Bartlett, Allen, Braun. Bll's elect officers to supervise , , ,, . W 7 , , fy .W f , ' ,,,, ,f fff f , , Y ..., gg or I, ff ,J ww! 44:4 Ai 'I-ROW 'l: Eisele, Colwell, Elgin, Elschlagger, Colvett, Clark, Davis, Crosier, Diehl, Denman, Enscoe, Chase, Cavadas, Dashoff. ROW 2: Eschbach E Conr Eastman, Cole, Burry, Crowe, Dorsey, D'Amore, Coyle, Chaflderton, Cronshaw, J. Cole, Clubb, Cassou, Davis. ROW 3: Chamberlain vers' ' E: lund Dances Campbell, Cass, Church, Cesaroni, Cimo, Diefenbach, Cleary, DeCataldo, Carl, DiJerlando, Cote, Dominguez, Carlon Eg-wurgastomgie Dallardl Ecving, Campis, Crumrine, Drake, Delong, Clowther, Everly, Cooper, Davis, Clark, D'Arelli, Huston, Dahl, Ensch. A2 1.1, , ,f W, , , -w--..,,,- All-ROW 'lx Faustina, Hymes, Goodman, Ginsburg, Gerde, Fritsche, Gittsch, Gant, Hard, Follins, Gerhersky, Garcia, Gutierrez, Granato, Gamble Garwood. ROW 2: Hager, Hobaugh, Hoover, Farr, Gram, Ground, Grussmeyer, Heal, Gray, Ford, Freckleton, Flannery, Griffin, Gibson, Gutierrez Gilbert. ROW 3: Hustin-g, Holmes, Howke, Franke, Glisch, Hendrix, Grier, Heimple, Hare, Hughlett, Howell, Fitzgerald. ROW 4: Hebner, Hoffar Hansen, Hough, Higdon, Floyd, Gerard, Fuerst, Herzog, Groussman, Gates, Faulkner, Gibbard, Huitrado, Hofferth, Harbour, Hill, Grimes. class activities in the All All-ROW l: Kleinsteuber, Lyon, Jones, Halsey, Lamb, LeGaux, Landee, Johnson, LaLoggia, Lewis, Kemper, Levonvak, Joseph Halden, Lucas Lowery, lone, Knopton. ROW 2: Lager, Kemp, Kott, Lyman, Hiszem, Hoff, Hollabaugh, Herron, Harris, Charris, P, Knowlton, Krone, Justice Lloyd Johnson, Livings, Jankowski, ROW 3: Judd, Little, Judd, Lidell, Lawson, Kedis, Koch, Kushner, Janlolek, Love, Knodel, Koneck, Hoffman Jenkins Holland, Kotwicki, Latimer. ROW 4: Jepsen, Kruger, Koepp, Helton, Lamourex, Lowe, Langley, Horn, Jaramillo, Hutchings, Hughie, Houey Harman Litherland, Knapton, Hunter, Kudell, Jenkins. r " "' All-ROW 'l: Nelson, Nocas, Niemeyer, Plumley, Mancini, Pool, O'Brien, Phillips, Nicols, Owens, Nelson, Nordhausen, Matheson, Ostendorf Nightingzle, Mirka, MacKenzie, Malone, Mistriel. ROW 2: Macias, Nelson, Nordin, Olivadoti, Posito, Petty, Nimeshein, Moretto, Manly, Porterfield Murphy, A. Posito, Purkaple, Pass, McDowell, Mason, McClure, Nigro, Phipps, Mazzie, Minning, McKay, Maitland. ROW 3: O'Neil, Nelson, L Nelson, Myers, Pearson, McDonald, Mahor, Mathews, Pulliam, Melford, Pope, MacGuire, Martin, Mooney, Phen, Otto, Porter, Miller. ROW 4 Noack, Pickering, Mack, Neil, Miller, Pavesic, O'Callaghan, Olmsted, Phelps, Nichols, Martinez, Peck, Munsey, Maddux, Nauiokas, Oghigian. Selection of a name, motto, anal class All-ROW l: Sanchez, Snyder, Rosene, Sowby, Ricks, Savino, Rice, Schultz, Steve, Schultz, Reed, Stumpf, Saraceni, Salerno, Santa Cruz, Rafferty ROW 2: Sleeper, Streur, Sorenson, Stewart, Shuey, Schneider, Snook, Snider, Schwartz, Roberts, Reilly, Reilly, Smith, Sharp, Sergeant, Shqmhqrf ROW 3: Sanders, Rollins, Stillwell, Rosie, Richter, Richison, Sparks, Salvinger, Souder, Rose, Ruggles, Roth, Ray, Roemisch, Silvers, Rogan, Sutherland ROW 4: Sendry, Skinner, Smith, Starkey, Shannen, Stitt, Rankin, Sheldrake, Solumn, Stewart, Rosse, Bearden, Smith, Snook, Thomsen, Russell Shapiro, Samoian, Rook. 4-4 A'l'l-ROW l: Vickers, Thirkill, Watson, Winn, Zessau, Wyckhouse, Van Valkenburg, Wunderlich, Underwood, Traubenberg, Whipple. Wilson, Tell ROW 2: Winsor, Wadkinsfi Westrate, Willisti Wood, Tripp, Ziroli, Ward, Vollowitz, York, Thorpe, Vatral, Tenerio, Wade. ROW 3: White, Underhill Thomsen, Talbot, Vine, Waite, Vacirca, Trost, Zimmer, Wilbur, Youngman, Wilson, Tyler, Walters. colors highlights activities A The campus is buzzing with students anxiously awaiting '--. 4.331 i 31 ' 'Sa -5' B'l2-ROW lr Coleman, Dobey, Calderwood, Canty, Alu, Coon, Bangoy, Dudley, Coyle, DiBiase, Eisenstadt, Brown, Apple, Brown Acquisto, Bailey. ROW 2: Bernst, Carson, Argabright, Dvorak, Berge, Casey, Campbell, Bolwell, Clift, Black, Behm, De Partie, Birk, Birk Birkitt, Bredsen, Montag. ROW 3: Clark, Beauchamp, Allen Balogh, Dixon, Carlyle, Anderson. ROW 4: Cox, Collamer, Braxton, Bryarly Dimmick, Carlson, Dearing, Edmunds, Black, Cannon, Braieuich, Coglietti, Eide, Blore. Bl2 Recognition Day 41 ' ...-0 B12-ROW 'l: Littleworth, Harden, Forrow, Kerr, Keel, Junkin, Hurston, Hans, James, Jensen, Hilton, Green, Hilton, Losey. ROW 2: larael Jones, Hayden, Hernandez, Heinz, Lovett, Hoser, Hicks, Golden, Holton, Hollinger, Justice, Fisher, Hough, Laffey. ROW 3: Greene Howell Howland, Jones, Juarez, Kubes, Krans, Kaiser, Huntting, Freese Haysen, Gatica. ROW 4: Gutierrez, Fosdick, Litherland, Biscoe, Knapton Kubes, Gwyn, Ludlow, Johnson, Holloway. 1' , 1 f ff Q , KLA my f f!! 'iliwe WN. f ff! f 1 f ,MW W? 1 B12-ROW 'lx Nardini, Muse, Reynolds, Pickens, Philpott, Nolan, Noble, Navarrette, Edmiston. ROW 2: Osborn, Ratner, McCann, Price, Manny, Platt, Rieff, Owens, Peto, Melenores, Crain. ROW 3: Memsic, Roteman, McClure, Pomeroy, Ritchie, Pugh, Rodriguez, Rice, Ness, Pearson. ROW 4: Odenbrett, Moriarty, Porter, Romanosk, Muhlhausen, Mullen, Montoya, McNutt, Romero. Because members of classes are B12-ROW 1: Snyder, Yarmus, Strong, Valenti, Schmidt, Tannenbaum, Wilson, Thomson, Williams, Taylor, Sweet, Stone. ROW 2: Spinner Thyrman, Sams, Saynders, Vannice, Stanton, Thlick, Willey, Streetcar, Shelton, Thompson. ROW 3: White, Wachs, Ward, Weigbeig, Sandel, Steene, Wright, Woodborn, Savage, Wong, Schatzlein. ROW 4: Warner, Webb, Stearns, Smith, Stack, Watson, Schrodek, Scott, Stubbins. A8 hahah ., MQW 'Z 3 - 'T 5 3 -5 . ?' ,elf 5 ff : A K Q22 G3 my ff ij! W , ' WzisXs1fg'YNW Q., Q bmp ,. wL.XQgjw7bw Maxam WW 5 Sp A, 15:15 ' :- ,f f i f W 5 ff 'Qi- Wg, ,UW " f ,M f f ,r wf Z, if f f ,,, ,fm M MW ' G ,,, , Vx W' Z4 Jw, f 1. ,,f M, J 5 1 Za ,45- ,! si f X - 47: ,xl ,, 4'?',-317 ,if ,X M55 J, Hi' QM? Wfwfv , -iff? 2 fffyz -9:91 , ,M 5 6 ,, f f' f',,,'3,, , W", ,fy ' n 'MVA' '1 ,.mffzVf WV ,Lf U Q v- 'M ' ,M , f ,, I, f ,fm f V , Lf Y ,, , I, :MQW Wil , wfg' f if "ff -ff- , N fc If . , 1 ,, 7, .f f WW' ' ' ' -7 - -'fffiffw' . J 'ff ' 4' V ' V Q ,. nf 5, if T. 51353 ,L 4. ff . w, wyznn ' f . J ,4 jg V, ,-'fy Y' 'f .' ' , gb., 1' Rm ,' 1 . I X S , xl 5 , f GOVERNMENT Eledion results show the -'ff I , i 1 ai My ff .-f-""""-4. JERRY DUTTON SANDRA BLOMQUIST KEN OVERSTREET Boys' Vice President Girls' Vice President Student Body President leaders for the Winter semester .V-'ff ff As 4 M i. Y, -ee if L A 2 t W wr- 50 JANICE BlLLlNGS Student Body Secretary F: NANCY HALL , Treasurer i ' -',s."',1f7 RAY MARTIN Boys' League President RUTH REYNOLDS Girls' League President CECIL RICKS Boys' Student Service President JEANNINE AMESTOY Girls' Student Service President wwf RONNIE MOSKOWITZ Publicity Manager OSCAR SOTO Manager of Athletics 'hir--fg, NOEL STONE Senior Judge JUDY MILNE Junior Judge STUDENT BODY CABINET-The W55 Leadership class counted as its most outstanding success the sponsorship ot the Sports- manship Exchange Assemblies tor the entire Southern League. This enthusiastic council promoted the popular noon movies and received credit tor the continued success of the Clean Campus Campaign. Guys and Dolls tackled an extra proiect during Christmas vacation and painted the trash cans in the quad a brilliant green. The Cabinet promoted the Activity Book sale and celebrated with the tirst Student Body dance of the year. Working under the supervision ot Mr. Harold Coogan, co-ordinator, ot student activities, Kenneth Overstreet, W'55 President, led the cabinet through a full-packed semester. Jerry Dutton and Sandy Blomquist gave full support to Ken. GEORGE WYCKHOUSE Knight President SHARON MOORE Lady President EDWARD MCKENDRY Continental Editor NICK NICASSIO Surveyor Editor DIANE BASKERVILLE Secretary of Qualifications MARY OLIVADOTI Commissioner of Health and Safety SANDRA HARMON Commissioner of Social Activities JIM DAVIS Head Cheerleader KIM JONES CASC Representative KEN RALLS Scholarship President Student Body Otticers torm the Cabinet 'Dv ,Z J -3 AI 2 LYNN MALLON President IOUIE STEINMETZ Boys' Vice President DONNA HUDDLESTON Girls' Vice President PAT REEVES Senator-at-large B12 LARRY WALKER President KERBY LAUDERDALE Boys' Vice President BARBI AUSTIN Girls' Vice President PAM LIVINGSTON Senator-at-large All NANCY RITTER f I A, V it President I ,M M JOEL WACHS , ' Boys' Vice President nw W , I X' MARY ALU Girls' Vice President BOB BROOKS Senator-at-large I 5 , ' 3 if T ggyrffftfv 7, y I gg 2, 7 x , I ,Agri W 'Z 'QQ fr ., . 1 , Q ,jf ' 2 "' r Q2 9? A f 5 f 1 ff' Avpyy BII SENATORS Joyce Clubb Janice Londee Bob O'CoIlogI'icn Larry Vocirco AIO SENATORS Christy Campbell Ronnie Leiuwocm Darlene Von I-loorbel-ce Dave Van Hoorebeke BIO SENATORS Ronnie Graff Isobelle Funcro Judv Nelson Mike Lc1ScxIIe lilo? picwredl ond Class Ollicers lorm the Senate 'Wi --..., 'I-2-."' if RAY MARTIN, BOYS' LEAGUE PRESIDENT The Boys' and Girls' Leagues WINTER BOYS' LEAGUE CABINET-ROW 'lx Lenfhall Smith, Jones, Martinet, Davis. ROW 2: Lockhart, Martin, Overfield. 52 WINTER BOYS' LEAGUE-Led by its winter President, Ray Martin, our Boys' League rated a huge success. One of The tinest boys' assemblies ever presented tea- tured Bob Richards, the 'pole- vaulting preacher." Striving for service, the Boys' League offered Cherryville tree admission to see sports tilms at noon as well as secret assemblies for Umen only." The league also issued sports schedules to all students. Meet- ings ot all Boys' League Repre- sentatives commenced d u r i n g second period. RUTH REYNOLDS, GIRLS' LEAGUE PRESIDENT work together tor better cictivities GIRLS' LEAGUE CABINET-ROW 'lr Guggere, Reynolds, Cole, Schneider. ROW 2: Poynter, Olivadoti, Hegwood, LeVine, Swaney, Losey. GIRLS' LEAGUE CABINET - Ruth Reynolds ond her cabinet pre- sented the Simplicity Fcis h ion Show tor Generoltown Morthos, ond olso sponsored onother os- sembly with Corolyn Leonetti os guest speoker. The Girls' Leogue Cobinet plonned o successtul Big ond Little Sister Porty tor the Bi0's with the representotives ond olternotes octing os big sis- ters. Together with Mrs. Cother- ine Chose, sponsor, they orgon- ized the Sodie, Girl-Snub-Boy Doy, ond chose o best groomed girl tor eoch month. WINTER STUDENT SERVICE PRESIDENTS -- The lousy, Ob- stinote, useless, Woshington, students, better known os the M, Louws, originoted through our Winter Student Service Presi- dents, Cecil Ricks ond .leon- ni n e Amestoy. Judging o u r compus every doy proved on importdnt function ot "Cec" ond Jeonnine. By working tor teochers ond preporing ond serving tood in the coteterio, Student Service worlfers gdve tremendous oid to the Student Body. 415181. TMR CECIL RICKS AND JEANNINE AMESTOY BOYS' AND GIRLS' STUDENT SERVICE PRESIDENTS Student Government rules ond regulotions INTER-CLUB COUNCIL - Help- ing to solve ony problems which clubs might hove ond securing c l o s e r reloticnship between the clubs on compus, ore the purposes of the Inter- Club Council. Under the sa per- vision or Mr. Jomes Allen, the Hcouncilf' consisting of two representotives t r o m e fl c h compus club, plctnned ci suc- cessful spcrts night. The ICC plons to hove its meeting cts the only one held on Wednes- doys with the oim of obtoiining o h ig h e r ottendctnce ot the meetings. INTER-CLUB COUNCIL-ROW I: Overfield, Hydell, Becxrden, K. Jones, Lindenmon, Schneider, A. Jones Posito Schrader. ROW 2: Mr. Allen, sponsor, Loveless, Strong, Smith, McKay, Leopson, Mc Hutt IWcchs ,Ricks. ROW 3: O'ReiIIy, Bolsley, Wyckhouse, Scholle, Ralls, Lenfholl, Bottger, Alpern, Polichar, Love. 54 JUNIOR BOARD OF CONTROL-ROW 1: Miceli, Boyle, DeCastro, Moffat, Rice, Nordin, Huffman. ROW 2: McKeag, Ladnek, Grigory, Sheve, Lloyd, Young, Van Volkenburgh, Brungardt, Gerde. ROW 3: Lantcer, Hopper, Kawachi, Phillips, McKnight, Hurley, Vieth, Sands, Samson, Hudson. ROW 4: Olson, Mills, Rae, Carter, Peterson, E-leytens, Pomarille, Judd, Spangler, Amos, Allin, Loucheur, Farmer. JUNIOR BOARD OF CONTROL -To clear fhe halls ot papers and loitering students Cf noon, eighty-seven guys and dolls give their lunch hour to ser- vice, Mr. l-lenny Tirado and Mr. James Madden ca-sponsor the active group. An early installa- tion dinner ot Rands Round- up began the year s program. Members enjoyed a slfating party at Culver City ond later the Junior Ecard went horse- back riding. Carol fflolner and Jewel Rice made two very capable presidents. are carried out by student service organizations .1,,,f- r if 151111 SENIOR BOARD OF CONTROL-ROW 'l: Shugard, Bottger, Polichar. ROW 2: Appleman, Alpern, Hopper. ROW 3: Mr. Duncan, sponsor, Van Fossen, Ricks, Davis, Gonzales, Simoneau, Wanczuk. Dobbins, Anthony, McLaughlin, Overfield, Ogden, Tenold, Smith, McClure Cieene, Mr. Pritchard. sponsor. SENIOR BOARD OF CONTROL -By checking permits tor en- tering and leaving school during nutrition and lunch hours, and by controlling the gates and doors, the Senior Board ot Control helps carry out part ot our rules and reg- ulations made by the Student Council. This year the Senior Board, which is composed at boys only, has a new look- each boy now wears an em- blem resembling the medal- lions which have been in existence since the club was tormed. ,,.,1, ,V Z nm , "" , Ml an ,f , GTV ,,,s,w,,, 56 W W.. V I 4 INSTALLATION-Installing members of the Student Council, a lasting and memorable tradition at Wash- ington, had to be performed before Work could be officially begun. Kim Jones, Boys' Vice President, began by introducing the members of the Council, who stood as their names were called, and Jeannine Amestoy, Girls' Vice President, presented the Cabinet in turn. Cecil Ricks, Student Body President, introduced his im- mediate Cabinet, composed of Girls' Vice President, Boys' Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer, and sol- emnly administered the oath of office to the entire Student Council. Our zealous cheerleaders followed by leading two spirited cheers, i'General Special" and "Spell lt." Mr. David Lyman aided the songleaders in directing students to sing various school songs. The Student Council is installed and -iff y' 1!??'f ' f ,45- ,A ,Q 94' 'xxx -"""'-n--.,.,,-A-I ' X ' , . " " ik ti' ' ,gm iw I ,r n,..,n,. 1. 1 ,, W,-f .Q-..2.uQ... . -K 'L .L , :ZW my KIM JONES JEANNINE AMESTOY CECIL RICKS Boys' Vice President Girls' Vice President Student Body President Summer leaders step into tlwe spotlight -af' iff get f X 'E zz' 'E rf 1-rig! 5' ,Pa ll i xwgvnu 3 2 72 K ll 4? , f f? -Z f' f I f , X 58 DONNA WELSH Secretary 7 PAT PHI'.LlF'f Treasurer RUSSFLL LOCKHART , Boys' League President SANDRA LEVINE Girls' League President tw Q' EARL RUCE Boys' Student Service President CAROL LOSEY Girls' Student Service Presiclenr ANNA MARIE KERR ' Publicity Manager . JERRY WILLEAMS Manager of Athletics I JUDY MILNE Senior Judge PHYLLIS EGGEN Junior Judge X Q lnot picturedl ' e K f . f he X , HM 21-4 1 Lf' A ::,.,ws,.r0- Q . , nf ,Mm- STUDENT BODY CABINET-Washington came up with one of The greatest semesters in its twenty-eight year history. Noon movies, in which generals became seasick on The "Titanic" and waterlogged with The "Frogmen," unusual Themed dances, activity books, and The cherrytree planting in the quad, com- posed an outstanding semester with The capable backing of The S56 Student Body Cabinet. Presiding over The Student Body, President Cecil Ricks led various assemblies Throughout The semester. Vice Presidents Kim Jones and Jeannine Amestoy as- sisted with numerous duties carried on by the Student Body Cabinet. Each semester the Cabinet sponsors an activity book sale, Anna Marie Kerr capably managed The publicity tor This event and many others. KERBY LAUDERDALE Knight President BARBARA AUSTIN Lady President EDWARD MCKENDRY Continental Editor JUDY GUGGERE Surveyor Editor CONNIE BAER Secretary of Qualifications VIRGIL BOURGON Commissioner of Health and Safety JANIS BIRK Commissioner of Social Activities RONNIE LUDLOW Head Cheerleader DAVE VAN HOOREBEKE CASC Representative KATHY SMITH Scholarship President The Summer Cabinet sponsored activities A12 LARRY' WALKER President JERRY LINDENMAN Boys' Vice President ROSIE V'-HNKLER Girls' Vice President PAT LANDEE Senator-at-Large B12 NANCY RiTTER President JOEL WACHS Boys' Vice President MARY ALU Girls' Vice P.esident BOB BROOKS Senator-at-Large A11 LARRY VAURCA President BOB O'CALLAGHAN Boys' Vice Resident COLLEEN McKAY Senator-at Large JEANETTE STEWART Girls' Vice President planted SE'1iL'CJ'I A , - . " 1-'ge as i Por' e Le .wc Kathy Pell Annette Tarmo A10 SENATORS Ronnie Graff Teddy Jensen Bill Mills Mady Taylor B10 SENATORS Pat Heller Joyce Mallon Tom Orcher Dennis Springer a clfierrytree in 'flue quad ,f Qi ,Z :1,j ?'f'f 5, ri, 1? 5 'r J V ri ref fig . ii ' Z , . 4, ir, if 24l, r RUSSELL LOCKHART, BOYS' LEAGUE PRESIDENT The Boys' Leogue sponsors The AuTo Show W i 5 M E Q x-SEQ Q m ,N :Qs W X , 0 NN ms- WSW 1- N 1 , 5 va' 5 , ,u , , - f X f ' X C ' f'.,. ' r ,rw - ,r , , K , X ,,' qyf SMWM 4wWrWms, f ff T ee T f ,,' I 2 , I I I ,V N' ' , -M' fmqffiffiw W X x ff ' V I Ar p os e V6 f , V l ff , ,,.,. ,,L1":-.W A ,, wr! , Q1 r -- ,, ' - T V ss., ff? - A T .T MMER BOYS' LEAGUE CABINET-Ciolek, Crowfher, Lockhcirf, Lenfhczll. BOYS' LEAGUE CABINET--l.eCl by Russ LockhorT, The Boys' Leogue CobineT is oi busy group. Eoch semesTer will Tind The Cc1bineT conducTing on oThleTic Tourno- nnenT, ci cor show, or The Mr. WoshingTon conTesT. One ouT- sTonding evenT of The vvinTer Term wos The oud coll in which The Los Angeles Police PisTol Teoim vvos TeoTured. The CobineT oilso sponsored The show oT which Woshington boys received inTor- moTion obouT The Fisher Crc1TT- mons Guild, o club Tor high school boys. W, .. k.54...'.l...V--.uv A bf 4 J it i ff, 1 Cn R as SANDRA LEVINE, GIRLS, LEAGUE PRESIDENT and the Girls' League sponsors Cotton Day 2 'Mfif nv' v.,,..,W ,ss X-, 'N 'F--Q " 'Sway GIRLS' LEAGUE CABINET-ROW 'l: Kay, Granafo, Tarmo, Clubb. ROW 2: Nightingale, Landee. LeVine, Zeller, Coleman, Amerian, Olivadoti. SUMMER GIRLS' LEAGUE CABIN- ET - Every doll, upon entering Washington, gains membership in the Girls' League. Girls activ- ities run smoothly each semester because ot the conscientious et- torts at the Girls League Cabin- et, Catton Day, Girls We-ek, and the Sadie are a tevv ot the activi- ties the Cabinet sponsors. Each month the League selects a best-groomed girl and pre- sents a corsage to her. For service the Girls League provides hcs- tess groups, designed to carry cut various cateteria regulations. -we-,I I ,:1,Qt-f-gmgfm'ifii2m r o m"" ' ,4- It AIM i IMTIIIIIJI ll! L I il' I Ill I I I ll I Q Grim , , I Il EARL RICE AND CAROL LOSEY BOYS' AND GIRLS' STUDENTS SERVICE PRESIDENTS SUMMER STUDENT S E R VIC E PRESIDENTS-"The horn blows c1tone!" ond serves os cz vvorn- ing to get the ccimpus cleon. A bonus of twenty minutes, for ci cleon compus three doys out ol tive, is the dvvord on Fridoiy. Where the responsibilities ot judging the compus ond en- couroging the LOUWS ore conf cerned, Ccirol Losey ond Forl Rice, Student Service Presi- dents, ore truly enthusictstic. They, ciided by Mr. I-lornld Coogcxn, also work with the judges, council, ond clubs The clecin ccimpus ccimpoiign is effective If-f',.RCW I: Schneider, Lindenmun, Jones Posito. POW 2: Polic, Golden, Jue, Hydell, Strom, McClure, Hare POW 3- Montog, Lentholl, Hopper, Rice, Wlesner, Love, McLaughlin, O'ReiIly, Schulman. 62 INTER-CLUB COUNCIL- Plon- ning sports nights hos been the biggest iob of the "coun- cil" this semester. Although this tokes much ot their time, the representotives never toil to discuss ond solve mony of the problems ot the on-compus clubs. This semester they plon- ned ci BIO boys' club, o uni- versol point system throughout the clubs, ond cm donce in Moy. Tho Inter-Club Council, with iho help ot Mr. Jomes Allen, gove outstonding school ser- vice this semester. F1 W .L Xmiafh Z' ,W Ay," bah ? l i f f 1 Y f, l ia , I Q sl . W 3 5 fi I s -1 if i ff ' ,ri , ,I 5 s-, 1 A .5- . . ,,, fig z 'A , . 1 7' ' .-46? 2335 1' ., '. ,nfgigif V - 5 2 ,Q riff, ,cw-' 543 24 g A A f k, ' -sie A lf-'f A A V lf, for the LOUWS is seldom seen around the cherrytree campus -'sniff if ,X ,-,,- Aff f M, ffmyfw, J ,. Yjzgfg I 1 , M 1 9 Q 4 ff 7 X f 323 'ff a' f ' , ff X ,,, 1 f ' f , X ,. , 6 ,I f ff CJ 35,6 nf, 3 6 f if if J , , 7 -: lf 7m W fi W f X 41 4 9 ff as y f 1 W f . Q, f 17 , M, . I g " jf!! ty , 1 , S 4 X f Zz 125155, X X az A 4' Q W 1: 0 if if 'Q ., ,N lf 4 fm: "4 9 5 if 2 i QL 4 4 ' 6 , E 2 M 2 ? f e y , , . f ,f, ., W ,W www w 'N x X N x NX X 'Nm wx , Nw , Z f ? Z Yi f f 5 fwf- V "F JM., W, H . ' -'-QW-L-gL......,.Zf'... A -W. -731-" Q.,.f'w ,fl WW" 5"'?i'-3 hai, .fi-fy f,i.""'- 1' ' -JA. , Vfg"f,-- w'H'f'-'ffw"9P- ' K" " '- .2 3LV,:,.N.---..y,.,, x ,, I Y N A , f gag- A , Y., : "W f'!'v fn- ,,- x1..N-4 ...'. ,, , 'N-' 5, A wwf? "3'T'Qg'-'-11,1-L. .- ' T I W ,, ...,., N ff 1' 'f - - ', 'Y' ,K x .3 'MH-Y - --L... -,.,, , gf,,4.f .gf 51,4 'Q Aj r .7!,.,. 1 ' T' . , ,w -, rg , 1 .H-'f""Q. -4-'Y',. .nff'r.'3- --dr-"", - ' L, f . ,X I f lvyfmz 1, V . 'uf "iff, ,W X 0, nl ff ,, , fi ff 'mf , ,hm ,, g , J' -ff. I gk X , ff I , 4 , '4-. - af f ' I , Q fi! - ".f, ,i Q N,Vx,, ., , A , N, 3 .f -if 2 A ,ff Af! 0 :wi , f 1 bv 49 W-N "GW, I4 .. 5. ,.,- ' 4 1 U W .WN QQQSM Wasif NN xx ' My Hoocrow :safe I fa 1, tr Qrqff hu If , 'WS M1955 193 2.73 Acrwfvv S No 4w,-g hw I , V qfQ.',-742747 we-40-'PGI "'Wf"'Z,,, 1 4000 Jofm h W9 ,,,.,,,-,ww law 'f10'4"W4" fa I Jn, all ..f44flf"'aQ,,, ..x7l4gae'v' "'7""V"ur Anim' JH-5' 4 5 M W lrL,m fm 4, f W-M40 ,gkrkwfvlf ACTIVITIES A pie-eating contest ot The soclie is l955 -1956 CALENDAR SEPTEMBER l2-Enrollment 23-Surveyor Aud 29-Big and Little Sister Party OCTOBER 6-Installation Assembly Athletic Assembly ll-BlO Mothers' Tea l2-Victorian Recognition Day l8-PTA Drive Scholarship Tea i9-Football Rally 2l-Activity Book Dance NOVEMBER 'l-PTA Award Assembly 4-Sadie Hawkins Dance 8-Clet Club Assembly lO-Veterans Day Assembly 15-Boys' League Assembly '8-Knights' and Ladies' Dance 21-Report Card Day TI?-Eclnolarship Assembly 29-Basketball Rally DECEMBER l-Variety Dramatic Assembly 7-Senior Mothers' Tea 8-Orchestra Concert Assembly I4-A Cappella Choir- Messiah lo-Christmas Assembly JANUARY A?Nominating Assembly lO-A Cappella Choir Assembly Q0-Senior Prom 24-Girls' League Installation 26-Senior-Faculty Breakfast 27-Graduation FEBRUARY lO-Valentine Ball Dance l5-Surveyor Award Assembly 17-BlO Class Assembly Big and Little Sister Party included in 23-lnstallation Assembly Scholarship Tea 24-ICC Sports Night 29-Activity Book Reward Assembly MARCH l-BlO Mothers' Tea 2-Student Body Dance 5-Red Cross Drive l2-Girls Day in lndustry 14-Queen Elizabeth Assembly lo-Sadie Hawkins Dance 20-TB Assembly 22-Vocational Advisement Day APRIL 2-TB Testing A-Sports Rally 6-Knights and Ladies' Dance 9-TB Testing lC-Olympian Recognition Day ll-Scholarship and Clet Club Assembly 12-Report Card Day l8-Shakespeare Drama lf?-Language Banquet 24-Mikado Preview Open House MAY l-Mr. Washington Contest 2-Band Assembly 3-Scholarship Banquet -4-Alumni Day lo-Nomination Assembly A Cappella Exchange Assembly 22-Senior Mothers' Tea 25-Business Students Career Day 29-Class Assemblies JUNE l-Cotton Day Auto Show 8-Senior Prom ll-A12 Class Day Lettermans Banquet l 3-Continental Distribution 14-Report Card Day l5-Graduation the calendar lor the year Af ,W Larry Walker crowns Lynn Mallon and Jerry Dutton as King and Queen of The Senior Prom Formal and noveliy olances DANCES - An exciring evenT in every Senior A's life is The Senior Prom. AT The wi n Te r prom, specTacular decorc1Tions carried ouf The Theme, "Sleigh- ride Serenade." Twice a year, KnighTs oncl Ladies give The K and L. ExciTing decoraTions, following The Th e m e "Sym- phony in CrysTal," highlighTed The winTer dance. Everyone knows ThoT The biggesT dance each year is The Sadie How- I4ins'. Twice a yearThe girls ask dares and come To The Sadie dressed as hillloillies. ,111 Corsggeg gre given To Victorian Class sponsors, Mrs. Mary Kelley and Mr. Chris Caras. Larry Walker is pinning Mrs. Kelley and Mr. Cqrqg is pinning Mrs. Caras. oo SADIE- '-":::-' ' 'Q ' f f. ,- ,,, ,, L4 ,.1 L' v- ff x,-":.f'I.' 'N ' ' ,,- .- -- - ., a ::v- ff-nf' -, mtl ,A ,far - -.-,- .., o- , , 1 ., "' Prvf- pq f v, , A t J, - . fa -,.f. ,,. -1 - 5-3. ., - .,,a E, ,- '- ' f f ,Ln f - -,,. ,,', , ,, 4 -f .,.,- 5: ': J 3 , ., ""'r.'.: 'fa af- Kr- Lf- f- ,. ,-,V - 4 4 -J- , - .1 .1 -.f ' ffrfnz. ve- -fr. V ,UN-L Aff. ff,- -fj-f 4 - J., - ., J .4 - J f-15 vffcfgf-'f-,.-'ff -, f. f- -, J - - ...,, , - - J .1 -,-ff 'fc f-f-ff-5. f f- 2 Miff- 1 4 -2-1 ...f. .1 .14-r 21-.1 - r-v 1- f- 5 - ff -fc, f-1 ff- ',-,. ,, -1 4 4 4 -4 -dv J .J .,, -nf, W 5 -- ,,..-,.-,.f 'ff :,, ,-- -- .z-...,,- , 1: - ' f fn--5 'fn ,-ff-f f- f,,- M- M ,. xr. 4.1 f L- 4 - 5 .-.,, , 1 .4 ' , . 'L A fn r 't fn' A- -f.:. , ,, ..,- -,. , - f.' -. ,K . d Q -f-- i,-,., iff- P . .- , .- X"': f . -.,. - .,.1J., 'ff -fi f- f N LM,-. 5 f'f.,-',-- - - .1 -.,.1.4---.f-- '- .4 'iff t"5.c:"'.'.::'sf J J -, 44 - f mf- Such a face! With intermission af fhe Sadie comes audience participation and rollicking fun highlight The year's activities Carousel was the theme io the Summer K and L STAGE CREW - Building The scenery, operoTing The curToins ond lighTs, cind moving The furnifure ore buT o few im- porTonT dufies of The sToge crew. ProiecTs for This yecir were The eloboroTe seT for The "Mikado", on opereTTc1 given by The A Coppellci Choir, ore chesTro, ond modern dance class, ond The seTs ond lighT' ing for The show in The foll. WiThouT The efforTs of These boys and Their direcTor, Mr. Wilfred AbboTT, mony pro- ducTions could noT Toke place. STAGE CREW-KNEELING: Marfinson. ROW 'I Hollermeler Wolfe Mr W Abboif ROW 2 Cozad Javior, Lahl, Sandrich, Kushner, Witt, Osborne Bacl4sTage operoTions add Hnal Touches To SOUND CREW - The Sound Crew keeps all The sound equipmenf in The oudiTorium funcfioning smooThly. MosT of The boys in This closs ore rodio 'lbugsw who hove o greoT in- TeresT in rodio ond elecTronics. They help make rallies, games and oud colls o success. They have many iobs To do ond mosT of Them do noT mind The hard work, for iT is iniTiol Troin- ing for ci high-paying career which The boys undoubTedly will oTTain if They Take special schooling. 68 72: m , O X I SOUND CREW-ROW 1: Lewis, Daveis Lehman OTooIe ROW 2 Gilliland Clark Gibson McGee Cerasani, Kope, Rodriquez, Morgan Newlm LoCicero Sanchez Scot? Mafia ROW 3 Holshn Symanck, Belafsky, Harrison, Boshear , , 5 ? ff Z4 , 1 1 Z 4 ,, My ..,.. 1 , Wkrfdrnhmmvwn i P C 0'5- This pictures a typical day when Thespions get together Q ' ,L M Drama and Music productions E Q if 1 f a S A 5 ff. L :li ' A 4 George Willis and Jackie Rieff dance on the television show "Spotlight on Youth" THESPEANS -- Repeating lines fxhile gathering about the :foo-e, theatrical ui s ond J 7' dolls practice skits tor noon meetings. Combining service with fun is a tull-time iob tor Generoltovvn s stage people. Under the direction ot Miss Iva Adkins, the Thespians spon- sored a Shakespearian Aud Call. Working with radio and public speaking classes, the dramatists counted "A Day on Television -a two-hour par- ody show based on television programs-a huge success. ORCHESTRA-Mr. Abbott, director. ROW 1: Edminston, Rice, Vannice, Esensten, Anderson, Beyne, Church, Manley, Polichar. ROW 2: Ringstrom J Esensten, Tafoya, Hinze, Demetre, Lewis, Smith, Platamone, Schaad, LoCicero, Breidenthal, Van Volkenburgh, Gaffney. ROW 3: Hopper, Fabrizio Blackie, Horn, Balfour, Rikala, Bowlus, Ward, Dewar, Shouse, Williams. ROW 4: Severs, Larsen, Miner, LaViolette, Livings, Stearns, Plummer Agnello. ROW 5: Emker, Campbell, Hammerstrom, Fritsche, Youngman. Musical productions often include the Orchestra ' ,WV 4' Q l ff M104 9 W' 1 ,We ,. 4 ,f I X 0 f W f 'Q We ' W , M f , if af, pw, , The Generals' Band! Music lovers entertain us at campus events 70 , Z ,K fi WWW!! ff!! f ,.,, nifink ,r XC! W, 6 4',,,,,kv ..,,. y , N V' f ,fr WWW? I 1191, W ,, 4, , ,1 CQ., f ' ' H 'Viv www' - ', . ,., ll fW 4 f ' f ff 1 fzff' ,,, ,, I "1 ' ' I , f ,gf AQ!! M ORCHESTRA-The students gather for a concert, the curtain goes up, and the orchestra members begin to play under the baton ot Mr. Wiltred Ab- bott, director and instructor of the Generaltown orchestra. There is a hush ot silence. Patriotism, school spirit, happiness, and appreciation reign in the aud, Generaltovvn is proud ot its orchestra. Washington- ians enicv tho annual confort and oc- casions vvhen the orchestra plays lor big p rod u ct i on s ot the drama, speech, art and modern dance de- partments. During the year, tho or' chestra provided accompaniment in the MESSIAI-l, the MIKADO, and the SPRING REVUE A CAPPELLA CHOIR-ROW l: Crain, Jones, Oclassen, Klusmeyer, Bredsen, Bernst, Tingirides, Hoser. ROW 2: Chamberlain, Nordhausen, Hartman, LeVine, Weisenburger, Fastow, Kelly, Demetre, McClure, Lidell, Edmunds, Hanson, Burns, Gutierrez, Eddy, Gatica, Navarrette, Thurman, York. ROW 3: Carlile, Franke, Beam, Schiszler, Grooms, Little, Clifton, Wagner, Carl, Bryarly, Parker, Lawson, White, Steinmetz, Chalabian, Ricks, Magee, Davis, Grogan, Edminston, Vannice, Schultz, Perrino, Eggen. ROW 4: Traubenberg, Kerr, Large, Ritter, Lehr, Posito, ihyden, Thiessen, Hickey, Ludlow, Spears, Dozal, Davis, Saffar, Lewis, Dubyak, Argabright, Lloyd, Spinner, Littleworth, Leapson. ROW 5: Younger, Phillips, Bedinger, Rice, de Vries, Gillette, Garwood, Langnes, Turnell, E. Rice, Robinson, Pope, Swanson, Hallis, Carlson, Lauderdale, Kronen, Eskenazi, Sundquist, Kunz, Tolman, Claussen, Robinson. anal the A Cappella Chair A CAPPELLA CHOIR-Hashington s A Cappella Choir under the direction ot David H. Lyman is rated one ot the best in the city and brings cherished recognition to the Cherrytree Campus. The choir presented the Messiahh at Christmas time, sang at the Annual Bach Festival, and recorded a titteen minute radio broadcast Christmas Eve. The spring semester included a tele- vision appearance on "The Spotlight on Youth, and The ff-ilfado' pre- sentation at the Spring Review, Near the cnd ot the year, members went to Peseda High School tor a Spring Music Feztivali At noon time, spirited Marthas and Georges Lyman sing under the direction of Mr. David GIRLS' VOCAL ENSEMBLE - The Girls' Vocal En- semble brings music, hai'- mony, and entertainment to school assemblies, PTA meetings, Big and Little Sister parties, the Christ- mas program, the BIO Mothers' Tea, and th e GAA installation. Mrs. Mary Davise, head ot the M u s i c Department, is happy to present the girls. The ensemble often sings a maxim taken trom their motto-"Let us live by the Golden Rule." ray 4 KV VW M! ir l , ' Y ZF! V e r mum N s, GIRLS' VOCAL ENSEMBLE-RCW I: Davise, sponsor, Edminston, Di Jerlando, Hankley. ROW 2: Marineau, Zabriski, Crane, Moyer, Stoieina, Calderwood, Franke, Nemo, Jeffers, Navarrefte, Burcheri. ROW 3: Denton, Burk, Farrar, Reynolds, Pickens. ROW 4: Vieth, Mason, Moffatt, Hare, McKnight, Ross, Wells, Palmer Spencer, Cappello. ROW 5: De Nunzio, Faustina, Glickman, Saffer, Platt, Pennington, Israel. Musical organizations entertain CLEF CLUB-Clet Club or- ganizes and promotes the 'Guys and Dolls" of Washington to tu rth e r th e i r musical ability in performing or co m po s- ing. Some ot the high- lights of the year were th e semi-annual C l et Club Concerts, the night show to increase Student Body Funds, and the initi- ation party tor the new members. The club is sponsored by Mrs. Mary Davise, head ot the Mu- sic Department. CLEF CLUB-PIANO: Kohl, Agnello. ROW I: Fowler, Snider, L. O'ReiIly, Diierlando, Carlile, Kunz, Edminsfon Vannice. ROW 2: Hallas, Helbling, Navarette, DeWunzio, Eskenazi, Green. ROW 3: R. O'ReiIIy, Kindleberger Nicassio. ROW 4: Honescko, Lewis, Balfour, Plummer, Lauderdale, Demeire. TWIST ,N TWIRLERS-Allernande leiT and righT To your girl, iT s a wagon wheel and you rnalfe iT whirl! How many readers lfnovv vfhar group These sTeps belong To? They are The TwisT N Twirl- ers. The Tvvirlers meeT every Mon- day To enioy square dancing. They performed several exhibi- Ticn dances aT The Sadie and Tor reward assernblies. Heading The TwisT 'N Twirlers CabineT is Mar- ilyn Richison vvi'rh Ronnie Blaclf as her vice presidenT, and Mr. I2oberT HawThorne, The equally enThusiasTic sponsor. Q M., A9 'Q 2541-1 .. ge- .. 5 A 're if X TWIST 'N TWIRLERS-CIRCLE: Frifsche, Furno, Golden, Rausch, Hirsch, Gish, Budworlh, Black. MIDDLE Richison. aT special assemblies and dances WASHINGTON HIGH ORGANISTS -A very enioyable asseT To Gen- eralville, The WashingTon H i g h OrganisTs odequaTely Tu l T i I I Their goal aT service by providing organ music aT school a sse nw- blies. Mrs. Mary Davise, capable superviser, aids The organisTs in c:TTaining musical knowledge. As a sTanding TradiTion, The organ- i:Ts close each assembly vviTh The '.'!ashingTon Pledge, as well as playing beauTiTul cornposirions aT The beginning of each assern- bly and aT The close. WASHINGTON HIGH ORGANISTS-SEATED: Saunders. ROW I: Birkift, Scott, Fcilleri. Wagner Fillmgn Acquisio, Carlile, Losey. ROW 2: Kohl, Mrs. Davise, sponsor. 73 rr- 'lf""' ,f EDWARD MCKENDRY hcl ,J 5 L ,gs gi RUTH ANDERSON Editor-in-Chief Assistant Editor 74 NORMA HEGWOOD Art Editor CONTINENTAL STAFF--ROW l: McBride, Miss Pillsbury, sponsor, Overfield, Hegwood, Anderson, McKendry, Donnelly, Johnson. ROW 2: Levine, Lukken, Klusmeyer, Gerde, Ganz, Collins. CONTINENTAL STAFF-Working together with rythmic precision, the Continentol Stott strives to produce on onnuol seconsl to none. Eoch member is o conscien- tious worker who stoys with his iolo until it is completed. Cropping pictures, writing copy, ploinning picture schedules. ond toking ID tor pictures ore oll chol- lenging iolos competently hondled. Good work is expected since students pos- essing ci tciir degree ot generol knowledge with occurote ond meticulous work hcibits win the stott positions. As the semester comes to o close ond the finish- iiwg toiiclwes ore odded, eoch Student goins o feeling ot sotistoction knowing thcit he hos contributed in some woy to Woshingtons oword-winning onnuol, Tl-IE CONVNENTAL. Publications gcither news ond tell the story FALL SURVEYOR STAFF - -w fff- f 5: v iff- I I -oi-Q ..,E, . ,N C"fJ JCI- ' ,gr fv'r-f-5 1- r - -ff-1 -1- 4, -J-'f UZEJ CT.. ., f-'fr-x qv'-1-Q -,L mf, - . T., 5 .. .,.J- ., ,.,-' 5:5 Cfxzmf fra., fN,,-,:-,' J- -fw -,.,f. J, , -,IF. . 3 fs -Mfr fr f , - ., J- J ., J Co"5':. C r-fy, -45 ,NM 2 mf, MQ, - - y ,- -o -N , o .J , I f"f L-P 'r 'fr ff ru f-' r- .e Q , I e 5 -,e any erey ffccf 5 c 'q -' fee Ice , ,. ,, ,, - - 3 , W-- ,, 3 fe Sfmyx 5 , . woe' --,Q fMf,:ff'fn fl fb If 'f ., J .... .1 ., rv' . -..fab Qrfwggf?-grfw f-wr-ry Trlff D"ffwQQAf- -.,J.,....,.j.,,vw.. .1.,4.,-,, ,- - - ' +f- C :C C' El 'CC'CI'IC'f, E JJ'- I ,, ,M -fm .f ne, 5,5 LII, -':I', .f.f' ': I Al- I ' pfrwfrv- CA f A-1, Ja. VOCATIONAL PRINTERS-The supervised IfforIr done in The prim shop moves Q 0 S S I 5 I e ffoshimgren 5 S'JP'!EfOP and CCIITIIIEIIT!-I.. VC C O T i 6 rr U I Prlrfers QISC publish rrofermi 'fer rmcnf or our ached efenfs fc .'feII os CeumfIeee odrmmis- "eden oIJI'e'ins. Tre expen- ence, bccrgrcund, and Ieoder- QHQ ci Dec Eurrrerr, Veto'- IQKIOI Primera 3 'J p e r f i 5 e r, 'rome Gpefemfices who desire 0 'lwfe feicfierr In prirving. T - arrow 12 nored 'Cor ire ine glornerr huge orcducfmn, 'rg Mgr, pI0cerner.r cr sm- jirdi in Tre priming rrcde, 'IL F 1 7 ref J' xg NICK NICASSIO JUDY GUGGERE W'55 Editor-in-Chief S'56 Editor-in-Chief SURVEYOR STAFF-ROW 'Ia R. Jones, K. Jones, Nicassio, Rice, Lockhart, Hydell. ROW 2: Alpern, Dickhens, Smith, Lenihell, Penn, Soderberg, sponsor, Guggere, Missakian, Blodgeff. VOCATIONAL PRINTERS-ANNEX - LINOTYPE: Dohl, I-I u s Io n, Kennedy. CYLINDER PRESS' Gibbgrd Higginbofhcm, Krueger, ThieIe, Wilbur, Lowe Hanvey, Melford. MIEI-ILE VERTICAL' Ellio' Qeewes CoIeson Townsend. IMPOSING STONE: Smifh, EIurcIfeI,BIcI-ce.C'L1mrine,MAKE-UF' BANK- Robeds I-I':cL.enI:J'g. nxxyjfgj gf, 'X ,.-. .302 , "FE--'A 5 " '24 ff ,fy , Vw W ,, , ,V ' 4 ., ,- , ..., ,mi-iw, 6 '- i'i.Q'Vf37fff 1 4" Lifilfj' ,,,,,,V., . EM, ,, L ,lx 41, .4 Z! W1 its 42 Vf,,. V , My gk - ,V K' , V f 1 l A H 'slag zihhn I' H 5 W9 f,ff ,f ff y , 4 'Z Vw I f p Q! I M 'X , Q ffw' ' ,7,,,,, M f W Z f ,, I , M HV I -M, Q ,, Zi W ?HiV 4 pfw Ziff V V .g. 7 , -W' MZ? 4, V H , I ,, Z 4 7 . ,,f A ' W , Q' 4' f ,, V, ,www , WZ ' uf' W 4 " Z ,K f , , f ,z if QA - ,wa , ,W 2, Q, V5 7 1 K7 6 1 Z , 1 4 4 V , fm. 4 ff f 7 4 7 f 4 if 1 Z M M K 5 4 , ,, f, 5 , W ,,f V ,4 34 V V ff VV' W H wwf" I 1 2 J ,V JW X if I 4WW M ' V ,Wm - vVW,w,f11ff" 2, f , , M X ZVW-wvzf E. ,l,,4V,, gf Vw M, f WW 1 V fm, ?, I ,WM N X ,N NS ,V ,ff f if ' 1" 41 , 7 ff, ,, V7 V" w- ZV 'lfv 1 V, 9 ' U, W fl ,f A V ff,V ' ,fm ,W ,, A. M Z W- ,, fy, Q f . 1 W 2 , f ,,f VZ 4 5 Z W 4, W, Y , 2 M w f Z Z , V X , ,W 'V WW' , f V Z , Z X y Z ff! Va , , n 'I 5, X 'V , 794 V, 5' Q Q y ,V , 7,4 f , 4 V 5 V fig 'f W mn, X7 Z If 2 4 7 'X , I Z fff, xy, 'W If 7' , 7 f' ff' fly X X X 1 1 ,,,, 'C f',,, 7f4l W2 " 'f,, f 1 f , f A y gf we ,W X, V f , ,WW f ,,VVf, IM, V , 7 , 1,0 ff , ff nm, MMM , ,4 M41 ,E w ,M ,ig r, VW z V ? f is , f Vf V !4! Wm, QV ,ZW 1' X, Z Q, Z, QW' V ..v,1W,,. .,,,.., , , " VV fd., -.r Laursen Harmon Miller Feldman Tafoya Wall Williams gives Tremendous spirit ra Wasliimgrariiarws. 1 I fx, ' . . v, V' V X , ssc: I .il fi '13 55 , .il Shaw Brody W Thomason - ' Ledger Honescko Smifh I , RUSSELL SMITH AND GARY MILLER WINTER AND SUMMER DRUM MAJORS BancI's spirit-promoting program THE BAND - flqare 2: 'Q - 5::'paFI liela afifg :cfm aeriaa mc- J Zed: ez' 'fe asic C:"EECf'3C'CSE6"63C"lL:,' , ra 'r"efri. I Wafifg :ar aim 'fe :C'L'EC games ara :Zag 'fe rail-'irfe ea+ef'aif,rriea', 're cafe ras a pa ' r raasirg sired spirit Psss Era' Dfsrm '.'ai5' aaa Warren Eaiiar, riis assisfamf, waved fcfa ' eaa flae graap wlaile fpe airecfimg iap was rariaied the erirrasiasfic and carriperen' fir, Crafies Edwards. Treir diligerif practice was riaf in valri :ar 'Ifeir carirripuriari was cerrairily a pig one as rpey Iaeiped The D arid B 'ralce a first prize iri The Layala Hame- I carriirig Parade. The band is greatly appreciared aria 7 Q wwf I V -4. .Qf 'pf 's "ff . ' f WW COLUMN 'I Lundblad Leapson Clifton Georgi Van Der Wyk Poynter Bearden lsrael Mehlig Mauer Magretto Mallon COLUMN 2 Klusmeyer Hall Billings Yarmus Cole Whiat Gehersky Adams Molner Alu Hans Hufldleston Fowler COLUMN 3 Reynolds Peterson Pollaccia Silvers Van Dusen O'Brien Pool Knowland Eggen Gamble McKay Svoboda Blomquist COLMUN 4 Moore Claussen Hueston Clark Osborn Barthel, N. Justice Barthel, J. Milne Underwood Tingirides Vega The Band marches with Drum and Bugle Corps COLUMN 5 Austin McBride Donnelly Phillips, L. Thompson Stewart Bangoy vf'6lSl'I Colwell Lukken Kirchoft Canty COLUMN 6 Phillips, P. Isaacson Smith Deovlet Diener Pritrhett Livingston Amestoy Haleo Sarlo at athletic activities DRUM AND BUGLE-tfarcriirig a' all special assem- blies, rallies, and lootpail games, fre Drum and Bugle corps in trim anitorrrs ot rea ana .fklfe strut and pace in rhythmic procession. Approximately sev- enty-tive girls following the high stepping rnaiorette attract and hold the attention ot every audience. Co-operation and diligent work have made them a success. Senior B girls try out tor the maiorette posi- tion. Sonia Fowler and Joyce Birk won the 55-56 competitions, Assisting with the cherrytree dedication on George Washington s birthday, Drum and Bugle helped to create a colortul, patriotic pageant fitting to the Cherrytree Campus. At times like this, Georges and fflarthas teel that D and B is Washingtons tavor- ite organization. Mrs. Genevah Sharples helps with routines and practices. rg' li. , , V1 , iilxgvi 'Vt ' 'gilt .W ff' Ji ' ff!!! L f - -M--1 . , SONJA FOWLER AND JOYCE BIRK WINTER AND SUMMER MAJORETTES I s1" '?i x 9 1 A 47 ,A 'X 'V it .ek ff e :pf ' S aw! 1576 Al , U 'in 5 V1.9 'Q f' I K ' QS 4 s 4 M14 x If :t,g,,,2M f ,W mfx 4 iw 6 1 Q fa 9, q QV? WINTER CHEERLEADERS AND SONGLEADERS-ROW 'l: Davis, Farrell, Nocera, Ricks. ROW 2: Miller, Winn, Stone, Runsvold, Schneider, Ogle. The Song and Cheer Leaders are always ready V WZ? , ,W in ,f ,VW Wg, ,ff , , ff ,,, . ' ,7 ,xo ' fwfr .fri K "Lau ff ff. ff 1 f 1 .ff-H -,ff ,. , 7 W ? I ZW ,Q J, L9 J . '4 fx 5 SUMMER CHEERLEADERS AND SONGLEADERS-ROW l: Jones, Damiano, Da val o s, Edmunds. ROW 2: Cronshaw, Manley. ROW 3: Bonanno, Runsvold. ROW 4: Winn, Funaro, ROW 5: Ludlow. 80 'ff ff 0 X 4 N N X N5 R Nm k 1 f 1 'V Ext hkx, 'E in ', . N, if I ,I J f J .X , Q.. N. X X ATHLETICS The D cmd B is ready to march os , fl Winter Athletics get under way ' , 74-Birch 84-Acostci 72-Tomaino' 31-Boney' Manager Miner' 77-Hill" 57-Buoscio' 85-Shortridge' 43-Cox' 75-Meyers 22-Merriwecither 17--Van Hoorebeke' 54-Judd 86-Smith 87-Hughie 71-Flora' 65-Grimes' C8-O'CcilIaghan" 32--Floyd' VARSITY FOOTBALL-One ol the highlights ot the '55-'56 sports season was having the best tootball team in eight years. Coaches Bill Culler and Bill Pothott led the galloping Generals to third place in the toughest league in the city. The guys tought hard and won all practice games, victory in the third captured the Milk Bowl Trophy. After this, they chalked up two wins ot the tour league contests. Two ct Washingtons gridders copped berths on the All-City Football Team, sponsored by the Helms Athletic Foundation. Rich Gralewski made right tackle on the AlleCity Eleven, and Rich Buoscio, the second string. Asterislas indicate Lettermen. Football is a rugged sport played by Vance -Piazza' -Hammett Amador' 61 -Parkinson 66-Langnes' 24--Dragaffo' Home 19 .,.., Los Angeles 6 .,,., Manual Arts 13 ,.,,. Dorsey ..., 14 .,,.. Jefferson . . -Feies' 79-Feies' -Miller' 60-Monloya -Kemp' Manager Love' 73-Gralewski' 83-Ondrasik' eilor 20 .6 12 .0 the Washington Generals Z ff, ww , M-'ff'-av. L ,if 1 BILL POTHOFF AND BILL CULLER VARSITY FOOTBALL COACHES .l.V. FOOTBALL-ROW 'l: Holchak, Brown, Ward, Drus, Anderson, Cardwell, Williams. ROW 2: McLaurin, Clayton, Moncrief, Dellett, Lancaster, lson. ROW 3: Nicewaner, Kleiman, Johnson, Rutlidge, Nelson, Coombs. ROW 4: Wright, Wilson, Smith, Malone, Wright, Griesfer, Hopky. JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL - JV FooT- loall's basic purpose is To give The guys exper- ience Tor nexT year on VarsiTy. The Team This year losT all games in Th e i r seasons play. Working ouT everyday aTTer school, including scrimmaging wiTh Var- siTy, gives The boys The slfill They will need To help improve nexT year's VarsiTy Team. One of The elements of a good Team After-school workouts made the season successful 841 'l B FOOTBALL ROW 'l Deckard Vienof Jepson, Heffelfinger, Lindenman Harbour, Amafo, Romero, Ricks, Noack ROW 2- Damiano Biermann Darling Lukken McClure Bourgon Juarez Howell, Green, Bartell, Ryclrink. ROW 3: Morgan, Seal, Magnanfe, Mowrerl, Lameroulc P T l , eerson, Sandoval Humier Zarilla March POW 4 Winger, Akman, Deovlet, Vacirca, Hokanson, Ellis, Ensch, Tomsick, Peters, Linley, Gardeffo. is an ellecTive Training program B FOOTBALL-The midge-T' men Taced a dismal season This year as They dropped all Their games. However, The Team, vviTh spiriT always high, played hard Through The season. AT The firsT of The season They used The spread Tormahoh and laTer oh changed To The T Torma- Tioh. NexT year They expecT To do much beTTer WiTh mahy reTurning leTTermen, very Tough league compeTi- Tion, and oTher games. , uw '43, COACH LEW DUNNING 85 VAR? . 'TEKETBALL --Ai-, its visiting the gym U11 y d ay during hoop season would certainly tind Wash- ingTon's hoop squad hard aT vvork, under Their new coach, Torn McCullough. Even Though we didn'T do so well This season. spirit ot The Team proved To be better than ever. Generals are proud ot This spirit and sports- m a n s h i p. Letternnen are signified by stars. 86 'lt' 1 VT VARSITY BASKETBALL-ROW 1: Watts, Doral", Sheldrake', Honesko. ROW 2: Bryarly, managerg Forsyth Ward, Johnson", Baughn. ROW 3: Hamilton, Crowther", Bates', Gertsen", Smith'. Basketball provides excitement for Horne Visitor 50. . .Los Angeles ,.... 64 32. . . .Manual Arts . . . .68 30 . .Dorsey ,,,,. .. .51 62 . .Fremont . .. .. .72 48 . . .Jefferson ...... 100 46 . .Los Angeles ..... 53 48 .Manual Arts . . .59 56 . .Dorsey . ...... 74 61 . . Fremont . .. ...80 45 . .Jefferson . ...97 the sports enthusiast 3 vi JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL-ROW 'lz Keys, Arnold, Miner. ROW 2 Neil, Ludlow, Buier, Hutchings. ROW 3: Volp, Kott, Sfcnich, Du Frene. Dui Jneirgirrgiiffr iflfii ' 'H -'. , l B BASKETBALL-ROW 1: Langley, Johnson, Bechtloff, Gates, Angelos, Delgado, Short, Whiteside. ROW 2: Stitt, Edmunds, Jones Stewart, Severe, Jones, Hinton, Longworth. B and C Baslcetbal l fought hard For victory C BASKETBALL-ROW 'lz Woodbury, Leonetti, Lager, Dozal, Mullen, Popko, Melikiose. ROW 2: Blake, Vincent, Sanders, Tiffin Goodwin, Lowe, Reineff T0l'0"'99- 88 COACH BOB WHITE B AND C BASKETBALL-Alvhough 'rese Two groups ore The srnoller se' in 'he oosfe'ooll oeoo"rrieri', Their eTTorT should cerToirilv noT pe urideresTirnoTed. Even Though These Tfvo Teorns don T receive os much sop- porT From The sTudehT body os flee fJ'!C lo'ger 'eorris do, They sTill ploy The gorne vfi'h The some vigor orwd spiriT ds Oflf vorsiTv plover would. IT is Through The developrnerm ond progress of The B orid C Teorris ThdT eriolales Us To hove o sTrorig Tuwre vorsiTv Five. Good sporTsrhohship, TGOVTWL'-JCVP, ond experience ore imporrom TocTors in o good Teom, ond These quoliTie3 con cerToihly he 'l'GUl'lfj in o ployer who hos worlfed up Trorn The srnoller Teorris. With fas? defense, Leland Severe blocks The opposition VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY Cross Country teams enjoy running 24 ..... Los Angeles ..... 41 41 ...., Manual Arts .... 21 36 ..... Jefferson ....,,. 44 48 ,.,.. Dorsey .... . . .21 VARSITY AND JUNIOR VAR- SITY CROSS COUNTRY-Junior Varsity and Varsity received Iaurels in this seasons meets. Junior Varsity took third place in league play and copped second in dual rneet competi- tion. Washington sets records like these with guys giving all they have in practice which in- cludes running up hills and around curves and over rocky terrain. Letternnen are signi- tied lay stars. JV CROSS COUNTRY-ROW 1: Hunter, Walker, Wintien, Force. ROW 2: Underhill McLaughlin, Huff, Younkin, Rodriquez, Dillard. rd-SLM ,wife 2575 fd TOTH GRADE CROSS COUNTRY ROW'I Scales Mailyon Hunn Garcia Hopkins ROW 2 Bretches Hcrfinger, Hcsselberg, Koleman Tucker Trimble lngle ROW 3 Nemeth Luerrc: Graff Cook Leiuwaan, Tarantino, Tanner, TENTH GRADE CROSS COUNTRY - The Tend-i Grade Cross CSU nrry ooasrs rhe Finesr rearn a school could wanr, for these on-charging ran- ners were andereared in league opposition, sec- ond in league Finais, and Third in ciry finals. Wash- ingion rares This 'renrh grade Tearn The besi in iis hisrory, and wirh such rnarerial everybody looks forward ro next year for new scores 'ro be made and records broken. AW GIRLS' SWlMMING-ROW 'I: Dominguez, Bernsi, Baer, Mehwald, Simon, Nocas. ROW 2: STacey, Campbell, Ford, Fitzgerald. ROW 3: Saunders, Gilberison, Buchanan, Krane, Romisch, Hoff, Lee, Olivadofi, Koepp, Kay, Miller. ROW 4: Price, Winsor, Sfoneking, Gibeau, Friische, Coeim, Flores, Cassia, Salvinger, Baldwin, Reid, Porter, Schellschmidf. ROW 5: Cass, Hillsenger, Sharp, Carson, Heimple, Koiwicki, Langford. RGW 6: Heal, Wagner, Hopsky, Hartman, Sundquisf, Bufrine, Reeves, Wilcut, Dobey, Summons, Howell, sponsors. ,W ,,,. ... ,,,, f f ffm gr "" "W X 1 J f ' ' VL ff ww, ' f 4 ,,,V 'Qi fl, .' I 4 W,,jifhlV,W, T .,,, . M ms . I V In I GIRLS' SWIMMING - The sixTh period swimming class, TaughT by Mrs. Pauline l-lowell, is one of The mosT enjoyable oT all gym classes. Non-swimmers, beginners, inTermediaTe, and advanced are The Tour classifi- caTions in which They are grouped. LiTe-saving and all classes are TaughT The lasT Tive Weeks oT The summer semesTer and The TirsT Tive weeks oT The Tall semesTer aT The ExposiTion Swimming STaclium. Besides being a very enjoyable sporT, iT s one of The mosT worThwhile oT all The sporTs. Swimming uses more muscles aT one Time Than any oTher sporT. During The spring semesTer, synchronized swimming will be TaughT To all advanced swimmers. 92 ADVANCED MODERN DANCE -A sernesrer ai beginning dance and sarisiocrory 'fry-ears heiare The advanced dancers adrnii guys and dalls 'ra Ad- vanced Dance. Each day This class creares dances ar prac- rices hasic exercises, This year Wazhingran srudenis saw The dance class arienral periarrn- ance in The Ufflilfada. Mrs, Nancy Sruarr and Mrs. Juanira Cable direcied The dance class r h ar exhihired inrerprerarive dances revealing new s lf i ll and ariginaliryi 514 'F r ,ZW , QI i ,fi in ,7'Z',?" f ' 2' ,,. ii ""-W. M 9 , ..-..q..... . ,,,cx,4 , .h,.....A x , 1 1 Q :Q i , 4. George Willis, Fred Pow Leonard Parkas Verlec iiiagi' o ba ci Be ker anJ Carol M ers display a familiar modern dance scene The modern dance class, inspired by wierd music, rehearses an impression of fhe Amr-ba 15" GIRLS' LETTER SOCIETY-ROW 'lz Hackleman, Medina, MacTaggart, Schaupp, Zeller, Slover, Gilbertson. ROW 2: Root, Simon, Mehwalcl Gaston Crain, Hydell, Stuart, sponsor. Girls take an interest in athletics and Carmen De Castro prepares herself for ci fast-ball 94 GIRLS' LETTER SOCIETY-To become one of the selected members of the Girls' Letter Society, one must have earned credit for six different sports in GAA. Working in the gym office, serving as referees, selling refresh- ments at the football games, carrying the report cards of the absentees, and keeping the grounds around the girls' gym are a few of the many services these girls perform. Serving as presi- dent this semester is the very qualified Celia Medina. She has taken an active part in GAA since the tenth grade. Mrs. Juanita Cable is the clulo sponsor. aa, A nm, ,...-1"'f"' , wifi 91 9 ' ,Q f M5 4'- 4'-yi F , 1 Qi -'Q B., -ei 6 , i at l i Tniptggi GAA BOARD ROW 'la Zeller, Medina, Wunderlich, Funaro, Nightingale. ROW 2: MacTaggart, Freckleton, Welbaum, Gilbertson, Slover Dobey ROW 3: Schellschmidt, lsrael, Tafoya, Englund, Nordin, Cote, Walz, Muse, Nelson. participate through GAA BOARD-Alter a laeginning rally as the initial activity tar the year, the GAA Beard planned in te r e S t i n g events. GAA listed on the calendar a playday at Gardena, a lively Halla- Ne en party, and the intarmal worm 'new rnernhersi initiation. Daring the Christrnas season the GAA girls made 'Nash cloth and soap dogs tar the Childrens Hospital, Mrs. Gen eva h Sharples sponsors bath the Board and the Girls' Athletic Association. Danna Wellaaurn served as president the tirst Semester, and Laaise Zeller, the the GAA program Harlean Bwroaghs st The seoson enols os Generols look oneod for victory in lx W f 4 3 .x SUMMER ATHLETICS X V X f 4 5 I X K f X 5 W 4 :,, Q ,Vi 1 45-7 f- :,, ' A X 4, ,, ' I v A ""',':.AN-.S:?1fv:3v.v, f 6 V , 7::sf.:,:. WM . - 'H-A W E., ...qyu 'sk f W Q N A If , 1 A lp 7 5 52' 2 5, ' vi X V , 1 w mag mv X , WNW , 4 f . .kg ,, 52 1 ' M, Summer Athletics is icisf moving and exciting W W,!,,y,, , , ,V ,f ,4 ,744 , ,f f X , f ,, 2 ,- , f - I, nw "" M!" f f MM' vf jg ,: "" 'A 12:94 1 s s s ss ,,, , 1 Wf 4 , ff2 i AAf sf fAfA s i , fy ,, sssss I f,,, f' WWW X Wm- Tecmwork is cu winning squad essential 5 Z f I ,f ff wg, Summer Athletics begin A4997 4' y ,, f . M 0 2,4 I, ,, f i 0 M e , MWMW' 6 7 W , ,1- ,ff fm 3 f , WV W' f ' 0 "fu '4 f ,V , 4 4 4 lf- 4, VARSITY TRACK ROW 'I Hamilton Holloway Vogle, Dilday, Johnson, Eilund, Noronci, Van Sloten, Salzer. ROW 2: Cooper, Miller Jarcimillo White Hough Syre Gonzales Rubalcava Saffor ROW 3: Bretches, Dozal, Cox, McLaughlin, Williams, Crescione, Ondrasik, Feies, Little Judd with individual competition in track VARSITY TRACK-Led by Coach Joe Barry, 'rhis years Team was the most balanced in Generaltovvn history. What was lacking in league wins was made up by new school records set. One was the eight-man mile relay with Cooper, Dozal, Feies, Kemp, Mil- ler, Ondrasilf, and Williams. Dilclay brolfe the mile run and Cooper, the quarter-mile. ln other events The top men were: pole vault, E i l a n cl, half mile, l88Ol, Ondrasilf, low h u rcl l es, Miller, high hurdles, McLaughlin, high iump, Johnson, and shot put, Bretches and Cox, I lornf: Visilor 43 .... Los Angeles . . .61 29 .... Manual Arts . . .75 49 .,.. Dorsey . . . . 55 29 5f6.Fremont ,.74lf6 .,..Jefferson L, in ?-Q Z! 4. B COACH JOE BARRY WWW 490 ww 'Kaul ' I LX MANAGERS-Penn, Herzog, Pugh, Levine fsvonding L-1 L , B TRACK-ROW 'lz Springer, Liberfo, DeVore, Smith, Mooney, Furno, Biermann, Tucker, Lawson. ROW 2 Rodrlquez, Ccok Garcia Vaclrca Cerasam Gales, Wilson, Kosik, Trimble, Hansen. ROW 3: Tate, Livingston, Jones, Bruckner, Decker, Former, Walker, Berg, Davidson, Noack The pole vault, broad lump and high jump 44 4? f H W Y f 7 W ,Wyy , f , W, :MW .,, 4 ' 2 G 5, Dave Van Hoorebeke wafches as John Ondraski is victorious 100 1 viz? ff ' 2, ii I ' ! 2 E5 P.iii,f 4, ,,"A.,v v- 3 LM., , , - ,1,'ZC: Q -V. , -AQ, 'CII V f' . F' .-, fa, Ve : 66J fc ee CE 1 'fg- - r f it ' f -nate: twrdies, bw rates iiret in ian hardies. The C tearn beasts cf P01 Pernere tirst in rlne 660 and of David Farr first rnan cn the icff hurdles. COACH BILL POTHOFF are interesting track events C TRACK-ROW 3' uc E f .Ji 1: Polis, Truitf, Garcia, Davalos, Damiano, Quesada, Farr. ROW 2: Rifctorf, Tr: 1 -1- 31,355 Overfield. ROW 2: Vurton, Mills, Loeb, Mallyon, Petrovich, Graham, Ernst, McPherson, ff W we VARSITY BASEBALL-ROW 'l: Gilpin, Ward', Magnante, Van Hoorebeke, Arnold. ROW 2: Popko, mgr.p Gibson, Lindberg', Johnson, O'Cullaghan Russeu Youngs Coach whim. ROW 3: Brymlywl mgm Hughie, Bates", Hammett", Infantino, Hane, Honesko, Jenkins. Baseball is a favorite outdoor sport Hgifgfg VlSllOI' O . . .Los Angeles ....... . .'l A ...Manual Arts .. . ..O 5 ..... Dorsey ...... ..,. 2 6 ., . .Jefferson . . ... 4 3 ...Los Angeles .. . .,l 3. . ..Manual Arts .. ....2 3, ,..Dorsey ,,.... 4 P .. ,Fremont ...ll C . . .Jefferson . , .2 ...Fremont ... . lO2 VARSITY BASEBALL-Crowds ot spec- tators may not be present at our baseball games, but excitement is never lacking, and this semester prov- ed to be no exception. The Generals are one ot the top seated teams in the city and played excellent ball this season. Coached by Bob White, the Washington l-lorsehiders by May 3 had won two out ot their tour league games with six left to play. Having ten seniors graduating this June, the team will be comparatively new next year. Stars indicate lettermen. " f. ,- ' :af .- ,149 4 -AWE V ' ,ff Z'-'F f- -5-? fs ,-mv' COACH BOB WHITE The opposition is trapped between second and third I 'E2w,?"J Qlmglf 1 ft Z l 44 tY""4 N fi f, i 0 , lcv 'KI f A W- mild v A gf-nf if X27 i lf U f 1 s", , ,J R ff 4 J , , lf' iw, ,X JV BASEBALL-ROW 'l: Decker, Bechtloff', Claridge, Forsythe, Sanders, Lienart. ROW 2: Miner, manager, Birch, Neil, Langley', Lancaster, Kemp, Burnham, Rydbrink, Reiner, Anderson, manager. ROW 3: Coach Culler, unknown, Malleon, Myers, Miner', Olson, Brown, Simmons, Ast, unknown. Baseball is not a hit and miss affair, JUNIOR VARSITY BASEBALL- At the end ot a two year peri- od, J u n io r Varsity Baseball counted 20 wins out ot 21 games played with league championship at the close. Contributing to the success wa s B i I I Culler's coaching, hard Work everyday after school, and a desire to win. This training and exoerience on the Ju n i o r Varsity team gives promise tor next years Varsity. Lettermen are starred. lO4 ff--an A +1 .,-KQ1 Y. '+-... f -4 .1 Bob Bates improves his batting ability at Offer-SCl100l practice for lmere, too, pro ctice mo lces perfect ' .., .- z' -:t:'x R' ,"f"""'Q'49Z ' A 'P 'Y' U V I ..'?!:a-,'YjglF1-141.-" . I'Q.1-q'X..A,- . h ff- -e"3':fI'54:5fif5:l'-'fQfs"J field- " M ' lj.-f'L-f "'!Et'f'-ii 'f-J'Z:.-"-,M- f.. " .15 ' "Ni J ' V,"w-,,"',2 3' .-tAl.L" .. -ff-'-1' 't 'T ,".- W- .. f .e,,Lg,-1f1'2'1'gx" fL1f'f"'1'-"Y, -J 4-.fe lj: , 'i-. :,Nl:gQ,L-3 At game time, the results of practice are successfully displayed GYM TEAM-ROW 'l: Diechel, Adamovich, Castro, Wozab, Burnetto, Ganz. ROW 2: Lang, Litherland, Bourgon, Lindenman, Lauderdale ROW 3: Willis, P. Nocera, L. Nocera, Parker, Bertules, Mills. ROW 4: Singleton, Gates, Rixey, DeRossett, Foster. Home Visitor 5OV1. . . .... Los Angeles . . . . . . .78V2 84V2. .. .... Manual Arts ... ....44V2 33V2 . . . .... Fremont ..., .... 9 SVZ 91112. . . .... Jefferson . . ,... 28'l,f2 Gymnastics demands precision and physical fitness Louie Nocerci displays precision on the rings GYMNASTICS-This year 5 gym Team exhibiTed skill and co-ordiriaTiori in Tour league meeTs. CompeTirTg in num- erous Tields which include long and side horse, parallel bars, arid Tum- bling, Washingionls Team Wori Two meeTs and losT Two To obTairT Third place in The SouThem League. Louie Nocera arid Richard SirigleTon were among The Top five boys who parrici- paTed iri The CiTy Finals, May 4. Tom McCullough coaches Washirigmri s qymriasTs. S. ,ffl ' -Z Q M SWIMMING-ROW 1: Lewis, McDonald, Lawlor, Carlson, Langnes, Johnson, Balek, Robinson. Jacobson. ROW 2: Clark, Lasso, Goodwin, Edmunds, Dozal, Connell, Huffer, Lager, Drus. ROW 3: Kolman, manager, Coach Summons, Lyons, Hasselburg, Smith, Ruiz, Gaffney, Orcher, Bruce, Feldman. Swimming lO8 is Home 22.. l5.. 33.. o refreshing summer sport ...Dorsey ... . . .Los Angeles . . .Westchester . . .Jefferson . . Visitor ........5'l ..,..58 .. ..,. 40 SWIMMING TEAM - Meeting O fte r school ot Cooch Art Summons' pool, the members ot the swimming teom work to keep themselves in trim. The group consists ot the Vorsity, B, onol C teoms. Coptoined by Jerry Longnes of the Vorsity teom ond Don Connell ot the B's, the swimming teom competes eoch Mondoiy with other teoms of the Southern Leogue. Although Woshing- ton is without o pool, Cooch Summons hos ottereol to let the teom use his tor the seoson. 2?ZZ...0ff i ,M Y U 1 95 , . M, if i 3. r .A I fe-Tl. A e 67. mf J' , ' ' ' pf' 4, ,J7 'Z ,Q ' 1, ,, , 535' ga, , E 35 I 'Cf + f '1Av..2,.L , -- it t a t . uf , 4 t' M t , A" MA , p ., , Maw 0 , 1 I X J. . , A , Wh , WM, 1, 17,5 vmiagj 'jwh ', '-M, ,, . 4' ,M f .- . 95, m y 1 14' , M , v' ' , , . at t' ff ff f - 6 N! l 34174, M " ' 4, ., 4 H Etlgl, W "f f ?ww?1zff5'W , 1 ,A .,, 2' A , ff ,, , ' ' .X " , -Af 'rl' L ,. ,, V 2,!cn54f4y,, jf f ,fy , f ,V i ' 7--ff l , li!,,JffLWiZ:,gL,ZQf fy I ,, ,, I gC5,6Wf,Z!,,j51 , I, , f U M , I 2 I - e 4 I Tirrigqr 91 ff , ' , . '7 The swimming team takes time out from regular training for a good relay race ..--V-ff, ft ii vi V2 e , A f 0 ,yi ff !s ' SWIMMING-Jerry Langnes, varsity captain, Coach Swnwafvf Doa F-wr-:H Q -new-fe 'QQ ' Af. -'J .H ,-A,f1:, jr- j:'.'f'ff,41,f,,' . A , Y -iq -it f 'Q-fi , , Wm SUMMER TENNIS TEAM ROW 'I LaSalIa Delgado Mansolino Miller, Deciring. ROW 2: Vine, Anderson, Rausch, Schulman, Beeler, Wasson. Tennis requires co-ordination and practice Home Visitor Manual Arts Fremont .. Los Angeles Dorsey . . . Jefferson . VARSITY TENNIS-VVCiShington'S Tennis team, a top contender against any school in the city, came up with a i'coIlosal" sea- son. Holding work-outs and playing home games at Harvard playground, 'iBattIing" Bobby Delg ado led the city in tennis competition. Coach Lew Running predicts Washington will take all-city next season with Delgado and Mike LaSolla, KAN -ATOL Varsity netmen are noted tor good sportsmanship, a credit to Generaltown. WVMWNW? COACH LEW DUNNING ' I f 1 X Lef's have o foursome! Tennis is appreciated by all who admire co-ordination cmd precision li nf I ,f M x , J' N new F TEAM-Mr. Plant, sponsor, Tanner, Lamoureux, Appel, Hoppe, Longworth, Dickhens, LaMock, Hunter. Athletics interest Guys and Dolls Home Visitor 1 2 1 V2 1 V2 'I 2 0 .....,. 1V2 112 5 X2 ....... 2V Parmount ........1f2 Inglewood ....... 3112 Inglewood ....... 41f2 Leuzinger . . . .... 41f2 Torrance . Leuzinger . Torrance Notre Dame ....5 ,...4 , .6 4.V2 VARSITY GOLF-Another first for Gen- eraltown! Golf was revived, making Washington the only city high school with a team. Six men play in a match and the scores shown give only a run- down of the results without consider- ing that each individual match be- tween players was interesting and usually closely contested. When the cost ot clubs, balls, green tees, and transportation is considered, it will be realized that each boy out for golf had a real desire to participate. Coach I-larry Plant predicts that with a years playing experience, the team will be ditticult to beat next year. W C z , , Z W 3 , , 2 W , M, 'W ,M f 0 J 4 4 Z 452 fl ff, f? X7 ,lg xwkf E if Y 2 if 17? we 5 f M ,4 4 ,4 1 4 , ,Q Q ,- , W- QQ , V 'f fm H2 ' -f , JV . we , .LHS sv. Rbwwik .ein if v 11' if. L 'ffm 3, in Wg, 1 2gf.,,,, . Q 'scrap Y-af if YW Q- 5,5 A, 1092" ,fx :if iff '52 P , yr-wg. .. yi ,, 44 digs W Eff' , ,gf Y, A if E , L ' M "F if ,MP Y xx Yxf 4 2, V, I ' I ffff V' , . 4, uwww meow 1 S f' VM. rasrwarbfn MEMS! i'0 ' riffs I5 ?'O C'f9Tii ' - i-, ,fv .m,,f..-.Nq.L,,.-.H...1,1.'i.4:.. x ' ' 1: on arfivv WASHINGTON TES? , Y . .4 J IA:-wsffdonrf?-:gg if Vo- 'I V W ' 'Q A -,hh Sfffswmnr, . , i"N--.Sw oRoANnzAnoNs V,, ,nl g H1 L54 Organizations provide service ancl intellectual pursuits tor Washington USHERS-Chaos! A pertegr de- scription ot an assembly mth- out the services ot an organization called the Ushersl These students are the pertegt solution to a s w a r rn i n g, squirming, sauealing melee ot Georges and fflarthas loolfing tor the pertect seat in the aud or the pertect vantage point in the bleachers. Attired in navy blue sweaters with red and white emblem and gray slacks and slfirts, the Ushers are rec- ognized and a d rn i r e d by every Washingtonian, .im 'E ' USHERS-Cabinet: Georgi, Pemberton, lsenberg, Bourgon. ROW 'l: Flores, Van Der Wyck Swaney, Miller, Bearden, Austin, Mallon, Coyle, Paynter, Kirkendall, Phillips, ROW 2: Baer Deovlet, Baskerville, Kronen, Rice, Manny, Stone, Ritter, Reed, Diener. ROW 3: Eggen, Bernst Esensten, Englund, Hutchinson, Osborn, Di Biase, Shield, Peters, Milne. ROW 4: Edmunds O'ReilIy, Nicassio, Balsley, Scholle, Wcykhouse, Lenthall, Lindenman, Gonzales, Oghigian Luzzo. ROW 5: McKendry, Johnson, Polichar, Parker, Soto, Alpern, Pope, Crowther, Rubalcava Wachs, Hanson, Schulman, Herzog. Organizations are for every Washingtonian SQUIRES - The Squires have two maior problems contront- ing them. The tirst is control- ling a large g ro u p ot halt- starved students all tnfing to get into the cafeteria through the same door. The other iob is assisting the BiO's with en- rollment and program adiust- ment. Distinguished by their colortul rn e d a l l io n s, the Squires make an outstanding organization. Although a Corn- paratively new organization, they have proved an asset to Washington campus lite. SQUIRES-FOREGROUND: Aertker, Fraters, sponsors. ROW 1: Lindeni-nan, Ckeillv Johnston Parker, Nicassio, Scholle, Rolls, Overstreet, Balsley, Wyckhouse. PGV' 2 P-11:1 "9o':le Jones Rice. Smith, McKendry, Lockhart, Dickhens, Lenthall, Mevers. ff S 7- ' T if . f A Y QS ' in-1" r ga TAGS-ROW 1: Binns, Fox, Davis, Leibengood, Dunsmore, Sharp, Cavadas, Radoumis. ROW 2: Lange, Smith, Henry, Brown, Rudd, Yates, Pattinson, Hilton, Chalabian, Cupps, Mangiameli. ROW 3: Zucker, Sassoe, Fritsche, Long, Young, Mallon, Edwards, Goldberg, Samaniego, Hollingshead. ROW 4: Tiep, Jensen, Labella, Eide, Lopez, Dulgarian, Dondaiewski, O'Toole, Dawson, Stephens. TEENAIDERS-The Junior Ped Cross and Teenaiders are syn- onymous terms at Washington. Sponsored by Mrs. Viola Bent- ley, this eleventh grade girls' club vvas established with Red Cross obiectives. Making Val- entine tavors tor hospitals, ad- vertising the number ot pints acquired in the blood drive, and preparing scrapbooks tor children at the PTA Health Center keep this club active through the year. TAGS - Washington otters a club exclusively tor vvinter se- mester BTO girls. While serv- ing at various activities around school, these girls become ac- quainted vvith each other and gain knowledge ot their school. The K and L, Senior P r o rn, Scholarship Tea, a n d BTO Mothers' Tea are some ac- tivities that call upon Tags for service. olgyezfrf A TEENAIDERS-ROW 1: Cole, Reynolds, Pickens, Bangoy, Shields, Gall, Thirkill, Thompson, Chadderton. ROW 2: Mancini, Saunders, Sutherland, Griffin, Hare, Gutierrez, Krane, Anderson, Ricks, Eschbach, Dudley, Keel, Jones, Hayden, Bently. ROW 3: Granato, Mason, Coon, Taylor, Baloug, Zessciu, Reed, L. Phillips, Large, Shreue, Carson, 4 C t Geisler, Richison, Silverstein, DiBiase, Snider. Hewson, McClure, Maitland, Allen, Jones, Ross, Gray. ROW : 0 ei Niemeyer. ll4 ADELPHIANS - E' ,cg 3 e 3 ,.Lff,f- -. L .,, ,- -f-L !',-..., ,- 1-- - ,- .fi.14L '- - -Z,,.-, , -,- ,, , . L1-f 1' 1 2 f.,,- ff - ,r-ff,,: O ., , f. - - . ': res :rf 'et' e' 4" Q fee:-ff-W: f,.,. ,-, Q .. . ,. , ., y . eff - F gfhg-f ff f.,:',- ,L 5 1 ., ..J.4.. - 2 - , - f ,. , , ,.--Lf,.,:,, ,.,,. ,,L,Lf-L,, -, , -,-,,,,,-,,, ,,.- , fic? orc zifczzczfz ' exif - 2 2-" 1 gy flhnff mei ff, -ff.,,.,f, -f v 2 ,,.,,.,, ,..,,, , , - , . fnffcf: if ff.,::- ffffg, -ff ,-. ,H ,,.,- ,,- , -, S , cccncze cnge' 're g 'e 5: 2 :ff-ffm ,,H,,,,,,: f., -,L ,.,.,,L: -,.,,,,,-,, ., ,,, ,- crm reid acre as es. ficeirfbos l , e - f f' e, 1' T- cixfcfs LSCVJC' :ser s i. cf, , ri r- i' - JUNIOR ADC-PHlANSTiiEi,6!afC - irc' serfce 'Q' 'feif ccrfrwr 'f , is as irriscncn' Us aerfce 'cf freir scrcel, 're Jmizf Acer- lA r l 4. 4.l v'- pmcris soap eo ne Spcsic Crihfen 5 l:O'.,V.OO+lOV'i Us 7 h e i r ,mv Ccrnrnuniry proiecr, Monthly, The members help The heme by reed- irig, errerroining, ond caring ir fhe children, When rhe girls ore her warring CT the l-lcrne olrer echccl, fhe y ore lirely To be "Gund rnoling scroplncolfs and :mixed animals :cr The children. ! 'rs, Dororhy l-l e rrz 0 Q sponsors This helpful group of girls. ADELPHIANS--ROW 1: Landee, Schneider, Perrino, Clubb, Ccmfonwine, Bczrihell, Coberly, Eisensfcdi. ROW 2: Hahn, Thompson, Jasper, Boer, Bowyer, Bernsf, Bologcz, Corona. ROW 3: Pritchett, Pickens, O'Brien, Berg, Shield, Shuey, Lcmdee, Rounfree, De Biose, De Vries, Milne, Clark, Sfone, Silversfein, Gray, Wunderlich, Frecklefon. k 9-i a', 1 Ili- ' ai gag..- Y JUNIOR ADELPHIANS-ROW 'l: Pell. ROW 2: Link, Pederson, Roop, Van Hoorebeke, Condon. ECW 3 Sorenson, Borfhel, Mulconery, Forsen. ROW 4: Mcirchoslfy, Shul-cor, Thompson, Piclfins, Eorwoed Ccrle' ROW 5: Campbell, Pofien, Johnson, Jcyley, Sfewcirk, Suffer, Alger, lsroel, Boyle, Coodv S'l-e'lschmidr Walz, Dobey, Finney, Larsen, Arnbrosio, Simmons, Terry, Brody, Chcxrperivier. . A vi , Z7 A5 f , 5 ? '72- " 17 Y WP' 45257 5' fi swab Exam TYROS-ROW l: Seright, Betts, Clark, Schell, Nichols, DiBiase, Horwitz, Malin, ROW 2: Dutile, Bohle, Newman, Hamilton, Larios, Spencer, Lontzer, Potter, Hollie, Van Volkenburgh. ROW 3: Harmon, Tammer, Thompson, Wright, Mopoff, Obrand, Newkirk, Wheeler, Ronson. ROW 4: Tate, Moran, Sutton, Peterson, Spangler, Heytens, Crosby, Girls serve at dances 3 ,fl Q 2 ' . Zf Z f' , 1, G ' , N wton, De Young, Shearin, Forman, Baldwin, Nassraway, Reilly, Schmidt. ROW 2: Nico TYROS-ROW amsoll e M h k , Carter, Mayfield. ROW 3: Davis, Ashmore, Schroder, Sutherland, Webb ' S b ldt, Melton, Finney, aff 05 Y ' ERilIZ1igE'oPhiIHpSI Qverturf, Hudson, Hinds, Hinkle. H6 Q, -Ja 5 TYROS-ROW T: George Bon Coeur, Loveless, Crane, Hilleary, Patterson, Hammns, Potter. ROW 2: Pugh, Boyle, Eosenbrook, Kurtz, Levin, Moss, Holm, Davis, Cleary, Hegwoocl. ROW 3: Barron, Toivonen, Priest, Delav, Hinze, Franzer, Samson, Sands. ROW 4: Shover, Alvarez, Schultze, Gross, Newman, Blodgett, Otto, Terry, Brady, Capelle. and are active in business org wa ff.. ,.fwAvZ,?",y .K COMMERCIAL CHATTER-ROW 'l: Georgi, Puckett, Hanke. ROW 2: Mary Miller, Athenous, Miller, ROW 3: Rosenberg, Jones. STANDING-Wellbaum, Bearden, Pemberton, Montesano, Becker. Ti'FtOS--lei:""'3 'fe " " 4 'Til -"l -Z "EES ifl f -- -, -. ,,,., -,- J .1 ' "' 2 .JCTCEE .-. ,J-. Lf mfr- Lf - ,F . f.,-fy ff-,M - ., - -.- O A JJ gf-r f. L ,Levi mfg, f-wi, r-mf .,,-.1 .,f- ofalrua .. J -row .1,i i ., , -,-Q Tw, , , ,.,.,,..,Q5 'rf ,T A :P fffffffp T fc :W 'f .dau J -.,l.iLJ.fD.,O J TJ J gli rfro are ocnve duff? 'fe A 1 I 'errn. lf gives QlTlS new i - r ,il -f,-Ne G 6 -f- i S l s l .,-, .J .fasrirrgtn a cronce to mee' other new girls. and it creates many lasting Lriendships. This lsappy and enioyoble group is of recognized value. anizations COMMERCIAL C H A T T E R- l-lelptul Miss Jane Fitzpatrick sponsors the monthly paper, COMMERCIAL Cl-lA'l'l'ER, writ- ten by students with a com- mercial maior. The paper car- ries accurate and complete concerning the department and employment. ln- teatures on stu- excel in their intormation commercial ott campus cluded are dents vv h o business course. This paper is distributed tree ot charge in all business classes. i i V, ,. df? ,,,,, M Z 3 ,f,,!' COMMERCE HONOR--ROW l: Testa, Pickens, lnmun, Cowell, Rogers. ROW 2: Keel, Carson, Vaukhun, Mouer, Molner, fkthenous, Jones, Tarmo, Peterson, Overfield, sponsor. ROW 3: Lugo, Grussmeyer, Winkler, Cassia, Perreoult, Luther, Brown, Kinnear, Miller, Montesono, Eschbcch, Rothman, Sweet, Silverstein, Rice, Morris, Caprino, Wyckhouse, Atkinson, Von Valkenburg. - : H h , P b rton, Bearden, Schneider, Baer. ROW 2: Hall, Slover, Thompson, Coon, Eggisekgxfnlel Xl: RSTV 3: Hoser, Poynter, Junkin, Lawson, Rice, Englund, Reed, Stewart, Diehl. I I , V ' ll8 COMMERCE H O N O R - Fitting caps and gowns tor graduation and making tield trips to busi- ness establishments top an active Commerce Honor program. Busi- ness students count it a privilege to belong to Commerce Honor, Requirements are at least an MA" and one MB" in business subiects. Under the sponsorship ot Miss Ethel Overtield, Commerce Honor girls enioy the worls as well as tfre social activities. FBLA-VVhen it comes to selling food, Future Business Leaders ot fimerica with their sponsor, Miss fknne Nilsson. are on the iob. The club sold retreshments and tick- ets at activities. Highlight ot each semester is a state convention. Three members attend as repre- sentatives ot the club, The winter convention met in Long Beach and the summer gathering was iw Piverside. AIR CENTER-A lobordrorf sci- ence course which rndny gm- denrs oferlceh when plonning 'heir prcgrgrn is 'rhgr of dero- F1U'JllCS, Besides ledrning oc?- ddl flying Techniques, dere srudenrs le d r n flighr regulo- ficns ond rhe irnporrcince gif dir Trovel in rhe world Today. Fcllo-ning The iirsr sernesrer of sfudf rnernhers have 'rhe privi- lege el ffilfinrn d rlighr ericiiri- gring of l-ldvffherne dirporr, To fieiff 'Ndshingron dnd erher scenic peinis in Los Angeles rf' 'FE The dir. FRENCH CLUB-AT the onnugl French Cluh honguer, held CAT Tdif Pes'rdurgn'r, French Club rnernhers ieund sndils ro he 0 rnesi efguisire dish. Pnerher unforgerrohle evenr ffcis the field 'rrip 'ro USC To see French rnovies srgrring Pie rre gnd Pierrerre, For 'rheir 55-56 pro- iecf, French srudenrs dondied food dnd rnoney 'ro send Cgre pgchciges 'ro foreign ceunrries. Under 'rheir sponsor, Miss ffcirie Pegnier, who 'regches French, Le Cercle Frgncciis had 0 "Ben gnnelw AIR CENTER-ROW 1: Musson, Bardeff, Preese. ROW 2: Olson, Mr. Benefiel, sponsor, Harris. ROW 3: Berry. There is no need To Travel V ' Q , ,i,,, , .,,c c VQMQ, , wx 5 11 9 M . ,i,.ccc,. c ,..f"4-5' .,,, ,c ,.,. ,i M, ,,,, if la gf FRENCH CLUB-SEATED: Carlyle, Nardini, Snyder, Wrighf, Cohn. Blixfen, 'E-iff" FT"if'25NlG: Nocos Schaeffer, Calhoun, Johnson, lsenburg, Herzog, Edmunds, Pickering, '41-pen 'f'n"f"-- -M, Woodson Thlick, Eisensfadf, Miss Regnier snonsnr: S'eed, SPANISH CLUB-I-loving the clis- tinction ot being the lorgest ot the longuoge orgonizotions, El Club Esponol hool o yeor ot tun- tilled octivities, Students ot acl- vonceol Sponish closses helol meetings every month in the teochers' coieterio. Skits, songs, ond clonces were presented, in Esponol ot course. The singing oi Christmas carols with the Loitin ond French Clubs out Christmos time, the Senior Farewell, ond the Annuol Longuoge Bonquet were some ot the clubs octivities, under Mrs. Rebecco Reece, sponsor. to leorn new longuoges W X f ,ff wrt, , mv 7 X55 W! if 4 n l W f Q K ,Q 7 ,ZX wi",72,f j ff f SARAPES, SENIOR? Marlene Kirchoff, Paula Dashoff, Rich Gralewski, and Don McLaughlin rehearse .I 11T- SPANISH CLUB-TABLE: Medina, Amestoy, Smith, Ritter, Hickey. ROW 'lx Granato, Lawlor, Stephens, Gertsen, Fillman, Ze er McGuire. ROW 2: Sickels, Peters, de Vries, Brown, Missakian, Reece, sponsor. ROW 3: Winnick, Arnold, MacTaggart, Schw rz ROW 4: Van Der Wyck, Swaney, Austin, Stone, Jasper, Cantonwine. ROW 5: Hans, Haleo, Malakowsky, Pitman. 120 gk ll I I f 5 1 . '- L4 ,ex I A 5 SPANISH CLUB-ROW 'ln Mr. Tirado, Miner, O'Ccillaghan, Tenold, Jacobson, Carey, Bechlloff, Delgado, Mr. Estes, Elgin, Bowman, Nighfingale, Fritsche, Beyer, Whipple. ROW 2: Shaffer, Salvinger, Downing, Root. ROW 3: Burns, Sparkman, Sundquist, Tafoya. ROW 4: Madvig, Dozal, Landee, LeVine, Reinke, Nelson. ROW 5: Edwards, Minning, McKay, Bernsl, Schultz. ROW 6: Coryell, Fallerf, Silvers, Griffin, Levine, Callihan. ROW 7: Fabrizio, Fitzgerald, Lee, Dahlkoeffer, Burkman. LATIN CLUB-The Annual LO'UJCQE Banque' and 'W 1 . , ir 'fe :czrfc To sary PQ- Ai A ffm' Cffvffos mll long ze feffeffzefec my Lain Cac ffekoefe. This fear, 'Pe Leno ve Q 0 Nfn e GT slated ernoroeie an fire recenrlf farmed Juricr Cloasicol League, 0 no- ficnol zrgonizoliefi, fflnicri ony Lorin swdenf , may join. ffies Elizobefh I I I Trl I' 'fr ff-rf lr+f +r'p ln' V IJIIIQ JIJJOLJIQ Ou: I., if C-I me cm we +ve JCL. b f U LATIN CLUB-ROW I: Willey, Lif'rleworII1 Sneue ROW 2- I-loyle Breclsen -591 Olson POW 3- Boffger, Overfield, Baily, Slwgard, Severe, Rice. Birlferf Policlnor ?'V't+, 77 13 l JUNIOR CLASSICAL LEAGUE-ROW 'lx Streeter, Calderwood. Rudd. ROW 2: Dances, Hollie, Lange, Bon Coeur, Loveless. ROW 3: Girtz, Nelson, Forstmaier, Huffer, Cassella. JUNIOR CLASSICAL LEAGUE- A flavor of ancient civilization fun is found in the meetings of Latin students. Under the g uidance of Miss Elizabeth Tallis, members of the Junior Classical League attempt to learn from the people of an- cient times information that will be of some benefit to them novv. Field trips, one of which was to the Huntington Library, and parties with a Roman atmosphere, make up the activities of this group. Medicine, science and mathematics hold 1 if., W ,,, iff.. f RE MED SITTING Gaston Kirkendall Smith, Ginsburg, Esensten, Arnaelsteen, Kawachr. ISTANDINE Shugaifd, Gararcl, Bottger, Lenthall, Lockhart, Guggere, Nelson, Appleman, Alpern, Mrs. Fraga, SPOUSUV' 122 PRE-MED CLUB 1 Calling all future medical students! Inter- est in a medical science, plus satisfactory citizenship, and a B average are requirements for the Pre-Med Club. The year in- cluded a Rancho Los Amigos Hospital trip and one to the motion picture "Oklahoma" Under the sponsorship of Mrs. Mary Kelley, the club checks Red Cross first-aid boxes, learns about various phases of the medical profession, and plans field trips d u r i n g the year. i SCIENCE CLUB- TABLE: Mr. Ray Potter, sponsor, Lockhart, Eourgon, Pomeroy. ROW l: Smith, Balsley Ralls, Missakian, Thlick, Ricks, Davis, Wyckhouse, Scholle. ROW 2: McLaughlin, Raps, Bottger Traubenberg, Jue, Ginsburg, Arnaelsteen, Salvinger, Lirdenman, Guggere, Jones, Polichar. ROW 3 Mr. Eardley Madsen, sponsor: Kotwicki, Krane, Birkett, Gerde, Levine, Wachs, Lenthull, Barmatz O'Reilly, March Porter, White. ROW 4: Alpern, Herzog, Johnson, Montag, McNutt, Wanczuk, Sandel Smith, Hopper, Weisner, Jacobson, Edmunds. r r 1 r SCIENCE CLUB - To 'fa cf- ,,L,, V, .,L,.--, ,. LQ-,-,-Q --1-- - L-- .. .2.f.,o .fl-i -,U L f- -,L fvfnpi' -, .. .1 J-- ., f- . f-riff r f -f-5, xr gf-rg -.f - - i, .f O.. -- -O C sc. :Loews f' "3" C7 fcecfe "2" ' 2 cfefcae , f- 2' ' 'fra .':.r:y.':f" , . - - - , r 'axe Lf 'races we e 'gc e - ' ' f , -," ,- ,- o io 1 e me 'ce 2 s - -., ,xii ,MLA L -fc crm: jf' je. !.ii i:-,l!- - -ass of .. . . DCUCCEC' affora. Tre c so 'ei'- 'ufes efoerirfiecrs tleid 'dos ,-- ,. . . . ff., . social o Q 's ana a se . f. nuol Science Fair. ffessrs. Pay Potter and Eardley Madsen are sponsors. the interest ol academic students MATH CLUB-ROW l: Hopper, Wiesner, McLaughlin, Love. ROW 2: Johnson, sponsor, Solyinger, Schulman, Johnson, Montag, Green. MATH CLUB - Math Club members have mathematics majors plus a semesters ex- perience with geometry or cur- rent enrollment. Mr. l-lenry Johnson, Mathematics Depart- ment head and sponsor, di- rects the discussions on un- usual problems not covered in rogular classes. Boys -- and one girl - create projects and demonstrate practical applica- tion ot math principles and in- Q t r it m e n t s. The club meets regularly on Tuesday uncfer the Gavel ot Don McLaughlin, orcsident, ,,, 'TCW , 4 M f .. KN if FTA-ROW 1: Nightingale, Wunderlich, Anderson, De Vries, Jasper, Tingirides, Becker, Cantonwine, Thompsen, Wagner, Carter, Dohey. ROW 2: Collins, Morgan, Hall, Henderson, Weeks, Carlyle, McClure, Minning, Blodgett, Nocas, Wagner, Gilbertson, Hollie, Hinds. FTA-This group oT ambiTious youThs have Their TuTure in sig hT, Tor They vvill be The T e a c h e r s oT Tomorrow. The members enioyed a successful Term of acTiviTies and Tun un- der The leadership of Diane Leapson in The Tall and Gwen LiTTlevvorTh in The s u m m e r. Members will hold colorful memories oT The scrapbooks made and The giTTs senT To The Childrens I-lospiTal, of Th e banqueT vviTh l-lunTingTon Park FTA, and The big Senior Fare- well Tor Their one senior. social as well as academic value is lound '--s . ' I , MW, I ,, f, ,M ,,-- M., f, fs f l V ff f T T' X M W ,W W V f f wx "rf ,f A ,T ,x ,, , M 4' ,, ., 1 A I , as f If , , . ,se , , W 'f ,ui ,f l I 'aku i l 74 ,f 7 ,Z X ',. as ff ,, ,Z f Z , W, ff T f ,WM V' ,A 1 r ', , , ff rf, ,ff ,f f 0 f Z ,f ,, 4: RQW 1 Salvinger Cushing Holdsberg Overfield, McBride, Lee. ROW 2: Bloclgett, Wachs, 21:21-gl Deierlando, Clulab, Hare,,Muse. ROW 3: Bernst, Freckleton, Nelson, Nordin. ROW 4: Eggen ,Buchanan Bartlett, Tafoya. ROW 5: Whict, Vaughn, Livingston, Gerde, Posito, McNutt, Mrs. Verda Hodgman, sponsor, LeVine. l 211 TEEN-TOPPERS - Every Thurs- day noon, Tall girls oT Wash- ingTon gaTher in Mrs. Mildred Bell's classroom. This is Teen- Toppers, a club Tor girls Tive- seven and over. They do ser- vice in odd iobs around The school. The girls gave Miss Helen Rollins, regular sponsor, a royal send-oTT Tor her sab- baTical leave To Europe. The g r o u p held a bake-sale To provide money Tor such acTiv- iTies as a bowling parTy and iniTiaTion, insTallaTion dinner, and a slumber parTy. i'.1.i1.RrHaNsANs-Sgr seffeg- -Ef ".'Cf-f:f',:,-2 -,LG C Ge, Acauamfea Tec urefe ifref- :+g:,rf A' , 9 '- " e, N ,ifls mc, Hz" azz - Cafcrs :cf "7"6"':E6'ERiS. lrleuf rnerflbefs aevc'e 'P-elf :fry , mee? 'C Szae" Sevice ,gn-fi -A f ,A , , , , 3 f. . c 'eacfe' .-fr: .5 assafec 'Q or .l 'l ferr., we l'Y'l6""'lDE'S serve ar 1. , ' 5' ali, 1 WL gc--Qfmef Q :f.,f...Q-C Sp, ' if ' ---- ,..,,,,-. ,..- 5 iff lfcvefe ana S2'ic'Fa:Ji'! H. 7 - , . teas. Tre :lam afeoares and . MM I frail' 'f "rf-Ppf fs- f?f'f'rn 3-uv-'ff .- ir, .M -J -3 .1 -i ls V. JS. nf F .1 i 1. fs, .aff Frances fflcrfenna spcnscrs +he Fwufe Harne- rnc-'-e'2 2' America. MARTHONIANS--ROW 'l: McKenna, sponsor, Gilfsch, Silvers, Larsen, Nordin, Bishop, Jones, de- Vries, Koepp, Reid. ROW 2: Williams, Jenkins, Crumpacker, Swope, Hughleff, Lyons, Minning, Hood, Dufile, Bohle, Ccsslevens, Crowe, Hilleary, Davidson. in all organizations K 1'.Ypf.5Avg Q TEENTOPPERS-STANDING: Rollins, sponsor, Saunders, Lloyd, Nloffai, Lange, Fahrnan, Faulisi, Sundczuisf, Polic, Gilberlson Nocas Blodgel? Heil, Bower, Sundquisl, Rice, Smith, Clark, Sutherland. 'riff . ,M-'f ' Z W f 1 if X f t W st' yi +R .Z A f 7' Q CHRONIANS-ROW l: Carlyle, Swaney, Wcichs, McNutt, Sanclel, Calderwood, Posito. ROW 2: Moriarty, Losey, Gibson, Becker, Landee, Bernst, ROW 3: Locke, McClure, Maitland, Schrader, Rae, Winn, Johnson. ROW 4: Swift, Gorton, Swartz, Leapson, Van Der Wyk, Forsen, Vernon, Hodgens, sponsor. V , Lx yy! Z ,Au dr , 1 - ' I - -. . ff C n haw Clubb Wood Clifton Schneider, Cole, Landee, McKay, Olivudoti, Klusmeyer, ZlglllU2E0lgENEnglL?nd, Hultchinsorl, Buchanan, Freckleton, Mr. Daniel Siemens. 126 CHRONIAN SOCIETY - Mem- bers of the Chronian Society spotlighted this year vvith a trip to San Diego to visit some historical landmarks. Other projects included sponsoring the Veterans' Day Assembly and visiting Disneyland. The purpose of this active organi- zation is to encourage the study ot history and to devel- op active interest and partici- pation in civic affairs. Social studies majors make up the membership, with Mrs. Eva l-lodgens as the clubs adviser. MINUTEMEN - Placing signs and posters around the camp- us and advertising c o m i n g events at Washington is the iob ot the Minutemen. As it is important to publicize to make a success, these girls also see that the ads get into the local paper and in the windows ot surrounding stores, knowing that the community takes an interest in the events at Wash- ington. Reauirements are high marks and willingness to work. Mr. Daniel Sie m e n s sponsors the Minutemen. ROCKET SOCIETY-,L vip rg 'he rnecn er 'Q ggfggiigf, on 5"'9fPlf1fi9TOrf space sfoficn is TWT U lOlfe, hw 0 serious Thing rc These high scoring indmd. ugls. Every Hondo, 1-fill rind The Ffccrer Socierf spending i'rs lunch Tlrfie lr'i Bgngglgff 25 The Sscierf rglVs chow infer- Dlgnergry rrgifel, hon ro con- sfrucr rcclers, hen ra rnolfe rccrer Tuel, ond plgns The con- srrucrien cf racrers, This yeor hos seen rhe Scci-ery gre ff To CI rnernhership el 'rwenry-Three. The 56 Podefeers were led hf Bill Green. CHESS CLUB-Wherher if be lfing or Oueen, the rnove is To the Chess Club ond new ef- periences. Being 0 rnernloer of The Sourhern Ccilifcrnio Chess Le g g 'J e, Wgshirigron l-ligh School plciyed Leuzinger grid Inglewood l-ligh, ond 'foo P Seufhwesr Z 9 n e chornpion- ship, The runners-up Then corn- pered in clisrricr rn G 'r c h e S. Spcnsered la f fir, Alorohorn l-lerzel, The eluls runs 0 round- rohin Tcurriorrienr during i'rs noon r'iee'rings. G r 0 w i ri g s'reUc'?lr,f 'rh e C l U h is in its fcurfh ,fcor of progress. f A., , 1 i i 'T 17 ROCKET SOCIETY-ROW 'l: Birkift, Jankowski, Prifchard, sponsor, Bierschenk, Sparkes. ROW 2: Confog, Greene, Chalabian, Muhlhouser, Pomeroy, Porter, Love, McLaughlin, Mczrmatz, Ewing, Wong. 39. 'if' QL ' , " , CHESS CLUB-ROW T: Pieper, Farr, Linlf, Lewis, Kraus, Levine Dev' " Qeclmcn, While Bormotz, Guy, Mr. Herzel, sponsor. LETTERMEN'S CLUB-The Let- termen's Club, divided into two distinct groups, Varsity, sponsored by Coach William Culler, and JV, B, and C, spon- sored by Coach Bob VVhite, has gained prestige. A boy lettering in any sport is eligi- ble for membership. Jerry Williams, president, planned a dance, snow trip, and a ban- quet followed by a game at Gilmore Stadium to see the l-Iollywood Stars in action. Lettermen also stage a semi- annual banquet to present sport awards. LETTERMEN-POW l: Ward, Walker, Williams, Woodson, Harbour, Cooper. ROW 2: Hill, McLaughlin, Gonzales, Vogel, Young, Burns, Kirkwood. ROW 3: Forsyth, Moskowitz, Langley, Judd, Floyd, Feies, Hammett. ROW 4: Dutton, Ricks, Nocera, Davis, Rubalcava, O'Callaghan, Goyon. ROW 5: Gretsen, Bates, Thomas, Dozal, Johnson, Smith, Crowther, Singleton, Combs. Organization members receive recognition ART HONOR - 'iDon't move, that's a perfect pose!" These familiar words might be heard if one passed room 331 each Thursday. At a semi-annual installation at the home of the sponsor, Mrs. Genevive Ahrens, Art Honor members enioyed a tamale dinner. Ac- tivities this semester included the Senior Farewell, a trip to the Los Angeles Mormon Tem- ple, and a journey to the Bul- locks' Scholastic Art Exhibit where some of the members had pictures on display. T28 if ART HONOR-BACK ROW: Ahrens, sponsor, Carl, Knodel, Ralls, Hallas, Former. FRONT ROW: Balsley, Scholle, Lee, Crain, Hanson, Tolman, Feinberg, Tell, Murphy, Farrar. Denham, Doran, Romero, Peterson. 4:1 k 12.4 . ,gi . 4 ,ff gf, 2' :iff mf . La gc! x Z, ,yg . , , ,,,, 1 ,Q f 4 f ,,, 1 6 1 f V , f f ff 1 E 5 3 4 f Q i 4 3 2 ' 2 Q Z ,e . , ,u . . :ggi E 'Sidi . bg, E WE EE' A . HONORS Service continues with those who goin honors Robert Bolsley Janice Billings Sandro Blomquisf Sandro Harmor, ' 'Z -ff L diff Kenneth Overslreef Kenneth Rolls Pr' . g , .V..-m ,-, WINTER EPl-lcmf-e uae- - :, - ,L,,,,, ., .W ,Lu ,. -HL .,-, ,. , - ---, ,--. -,. . , ,,.,,,, -,,.,, ., A .,- .J 4 4 MJ, 4 .4 -41-4 v - 4- , '44 4 - . , , -,,. ,.,,. ,,. , H 2' ff' 2' Q eezeze, , , ,, -, ,,. , , :-,,., .- -, :,,,-,:,,f, .-.fc Wan: 1,ez .-.-f - -, -- - . , , , -. , ,, en, :wwf :sc zzz fe -3'e:, ,---, - , - ' . f-f r- f- 6- - r- f-rg. f .ff ff 'f 'rife ex - f , we e ,. ,-- 1 - A , , 1 P1-'r NPf'G'f 2 CC- C-".'1 fe, eat' "e":,e' , e H- -, . ,, ,- - . , 1 , bf,-nf fv I,-fclfgtv ,- r setzne 2 f J N-, e - -, - J .ll '. ' , ,-.f +L' 'rg A- ef 2 C fe. Tr'-ee acyl , G r ee Q . - ' I r. . , .'I,-f,-,-',.f- J! ,6 seffee ef .ver -ce f-'ge ee -- e.- , . . . , . Fl -f f If-f + f.-f-,H-ff-f " :Q .-f- r-1 - cn' J -4. VJ-, f .. J 4 1, -1 .J - .J - 4- sscffefn 'fe f!ef1'Yrg'zn gram .IWJ ., .Ja ll 1 - Eplwebicns continue 're serve caller graduation x r- - ffjyf y y MM, ,711 cf! My J! ff ' 4 , fy M, 1 I f 1 H, 17, y - :fp 7, .I , 7 Z AW 130 WM dW"'f','Y Winter Knights and Ladies are humbled 195 Donna Grogan Nancy Hall Sandra Harmon Donna Huddleston Diane Leapson Lynn Mallcn Paul Martinet Lois McTaggart Sharon Moore Nick Nicassio Mary Olivadoti Ken Overstreet Carole Poynter Donna Pemberton Don Quackenbush Kenneth Ralls Ruth Reynolds Fred Scholle Vesta Schwartz Russell Smith Oscar Soto Noel Stone Lida Swaney George Wyckhouse 1 fx 14 Robert Balsley Janice Billings Sandro Blomquist Laureen Clifton Jerry Dutton Sonia Fowler Connie Georgi KNIGHTS AND LADIES-4 e"'e:3 :deer coo lfefce 'feea Ve 'fe 3.2 'ez "e: :"'g 3 .'f'cs"fg'3' Wg" 2' Lay, Tfese fy: et e',3e"s Te 'fe se'- iecf efcffsle cl yang 33, "zz: Z 'e:"'g 'fe 4 31 L, serv'-afmcl Dance, 's 'fe ages' sfzfec' 'Pe K"'QE'S can Lccles mderfafe. Syfosfcfy 'f C'ys'3f H35 're 'heme 5: fhe ffifver K 81 L. K'4gE'S Una Lcdles glfe crlenfcizn 'alba TO all ETOS. Led Of Sl'o':n ffczre and George lffycvhcuse, These sccieies serve f- - I l '35 fmt: cl the sclfccl. by honors GEORGE WYCKHOUSE AND SHARON MOORE W'56 KNIGHT AND LADY PRESIDENTS l3l Winter Knights and Ladies select new Russell Lockhart Verlene Magreffo Deanne McBride Edward McKendry ludy Milne Richard Overfield Pai Phillips Raulf Polichar Cecil Ricks Larry Walker Jerry Williams Rose Marie Winkler Jeannine Amestoy Ruth Anderson Barbara Austin Gary Boftger Virgil Bourgon Pa? Collins Joyce Deovlet Tom Ganz Judy Guggere Norma Hegwood Kim Jones Anna Marie Kerr Joan Kirkendall Sharon Klusmeyer Pa? Landee Kerby Lauderdale Le Moyne Lawson Jim Lenlhall Sandro LeVine Jerry Lindenman Pam Livingston Knights and Ladies KNIGHTS AND LADIES-3e"a , J - , - blue ana rea effea'e'5, 'le 'pet Q ganizaflon rare efceilea if zewte e'ae'gf. sclolarshlp, ln 'fe afrfnef 5e"e3'e me .fe a receifea laaysrlip ana nine soya .'fe'e ff a"ea, E e ed Vniglnl and Lady Preeiaerf .were Yefpy La,ae'ao e l ana Barloi f1usfin.l'raaEfionaNy rre fflgfs false a o l loner rne Flag exery scrool aaf. Tre -aa es oo The Trophies once a sernes?er. Join' afar ' ef 'f f e ..iii,,J a rnesrer included helping vfirh open house ana faking charge of noon rnofles. ffr. Joaquin Fra'-ers ana ff l I Pub! Daria sponeorea 'he 9our'een lfnigrfs ana nine I 'reen Laaies. KERBY LA'.lDEFTY'ALE AND BU? ., , ,,., - 'fn 2' 'lGl-lT AND LADW' 'WE' P3- 7 , ,WW W l3 Cecil Ricks -4 ,Mama K ,, - rrttt J W U fi f SUMMER EPHEBIANS - A desire to serve the community causes many each semester to apply for membership in Ephebians, a civic betterment organization of the out- standing high school graduates in Los An- geles. After being screened by a committee of faculty members and a student vote, ap- plicants come before the entire faculty, who makes the final decision. One out of every forty seniors receives this honor with its responsibilities. The Society holds meet- ings on the first Thursday of each month in the City Hall. After attending two of these meetings the new members take their oath with all other new Ephebians in a citywide ceremony. Jeannine Amesloy Ruth Anderson Milo Appleman Virgil Bourgon Ann deVries Judy Guggere Norma Hegwood Kim Jones Kerby Lauderdale Edward McKendry Judy Milne Pat Phillips Epheloians pledge themselves to the city BOYS' AND GIRLS' STATE-ffaay euaeffs ccf ic- iftfgfi Bowgon ward 'Q 'rips fc 'He beacri each surfrfer, ce' ace gil and sefefal bays eacr ,fear iccii :ZFNC'd 'c a 'fic tc 30,15 aaa Girls S'a'e ie Sacrcrfierfc. Fc' eigf' CCf3 5, 'rese swaeafs QCi"I acwal efeefiemce in Ming Ea an '15 ccfire d6"'CC'C"iC scc7e'y. 'Jpca arrive! in Sggrgmefx 'Fey icia cfe ci 'nc cciiicci caries and ner? NPV Uriers 75 Ser as DUV7f OiO7:C"'lS, iaifiate C'3t'F'i5CJ'Q'2 , , . 1 55. , h. . cad rcia actual etecvcas cf c 'icial Dcwicris. Kim Jones Jim Lenthall Raulf Polichar Nancy Ritter Boys' and Girls' State practice democratic procedure 4.1 Qwx I 5 4 1 A f Z Z - N ! AW' "' ' 'nd' , I 0 - fx 'f z 1 ,, ' 3 ,aff uw! W f X nf , .f 4' l3o Richard Overfield Katherine Smith lNot Picturedl Nancy Hydell Harvey Alpern Ruth Anderson Ronald Burns Patricia Collins Richard Dickhens Gloria Donnelly Thomas Ganz Michael Gerde Judith Guggere Kim Jones Ronald Jones Sharon Klusmeyer James Lenthall Marilyn Levine Russell Lockhart Caroll Lukken Deanne McBride Edward McKendry Ronald Moskowitz Nicolas Nicassio QUILL AND SCROLL-To become a member ot Quill and Scroll is a goal tor Continental and Surveyor statt members. Requirements tor this international club are a recommendation by the adviser ot the publication on which the student is working, scholarship standing in the top third ot the class, submitted samples ot writing for newspaper work, and the approval ot the complete iournalism record by the national headquarters. An additional re- quirement tor the Surveyor statt is 350 inches ot published copy. Mr. Louis Soderberg is the adviser ot the Surveyor, and Miss Lucile Pillsbury is the adviser ot the Continental. Quill and Scroll is a national honor society WINTER SCHOLARSHOP CABI- T 1. fshf' fr' 'L Q NE -JJ J Q fe ewea ff: -'ff fl,-J ' - ' P v JJ. J J Jes aef fefiffalg Pr-Pfwf I I I -J.JJ.J I Z'ES CEU CJE' 'CE ' IL iff,-Agp, fh,.AJ,- -- JJ J- J J J .J ,JJ.J ':, 1,-swf. A--mf-',f ,.: ,VL , -.JJ, J J J- J J JJ.. :Q- , ,- , ff.':.:':' 2 'fs I ' I JJ- JJ'l'CiC'S"D Zfgf, ing- fx- ' , , ' '. J-Jf JJ J Nf Cfgfgfeggr J , . , , ""' ' f' 'CC-C-F, TFC- Fw ," Jy .JE JJ- I. J f,'J!f: CUE' J.- .f-J, f- Q' L",.,.j, J .MJ , .JJJ f J.J ,Q ,aaa- ff. at Aff. if . ' : -J'J- J J J-'C"'f2 'C ECCJS C' -.1 JJ -fs 1-N,,,N Ph,-JL- TL: MAJ J J J JJ -J.J J, , J J . ,. , ,, ,. . C F AJ- H-, CH, ,Jtffv C- JJJJ JJ-JJ-JJJ--y , . I - , , , 5 -1- r-ff rw ' 4' ,. run f- - J . J .J JJ JE J J"l "5JJE":, C rf ffm ,+- E -J. WINTER SCHOLARSHIP CABINET-FRONT TO BACK: Guggere, Ralls, Scholle, Balsley, Smilh Lockhart, Mr. Francis Lawyer, sponsor. The California Scholarship Fealeration SUMMER SCHOLARSHIP CAB- INET - Arferiaifg 'he armaal EC? ala r 5 r, I p Carrferriaa af Nhifier Callege, Qlaaaiag 'he Sfhalafshio Tea aaa Pafr - I , J I J, I , rfafiria fre afrafgemerils 'ar 9 Held vip, ana dlS"iO'J"lfiQ Schalarshha ricoar-2 is par? a' I- ' , , ' l 're Camriefs ian. The liar- l Ifgrr ai rre fear nas flae Aaa sharea mr? 'Pe Clei Club. The Canine? reads The Iarges' ar- gar.iza'iari an fhe C a rm p a 5. Their Har? is dilficulf and Challenging, and The 6l6CT9d members +rf 'a leep a gaad retard. SUMMER SCHOLARSHIP CABINET-SITTINGL Ncralin Arnaelslee-'1 STANTIVC ' ' --is La-.-.'-,f-gr sponsor, Schulman, Wachs, Smith Jae, Gerde Obrarvd , , X 1 'W' , his-.- NEW MEMBERS-ROW 'l: Cote, Clubb, Lange, Link, Huffman, Swift, Doyle. ROW 2: Hankley, Wood, Cronshaw, Crain, Lee, Bowman, Brown, Luther, Mrs. Davise, sponsor. ROW 3: McClure, Jensen, Jue, Englund, Sandel, McNutt, Rosene, Forsen, Bennett, Young, Downing. ROW 4: Rothman, Morris, Osborn, DiBiase, Paynter, Pell, Snider, Richison, Klish, Fritsche, Zessau DeCc1strc. ROW 5: Ringstrom, Ewing, lsenburg, Stephens, Holloway, Mard, Hovey, Howell, Swenson, Kunz. consists of live divisions X QW NEW TORCHBEARERS-ROW l: Salvinger, Hewson, Reed, Rice, Martin, Bernst. ROW 2: Runsvold, Schultz, Medina, Gerde, Vine Mrs Werminghaus, sponsor, Schulman, Amerian, Van Valkenburg, Snyder, Farmer, Mining. 138 NEW MEMBERS AND NEW TORCHBEARERS-Thrillea and excited, the new mernher ot the Scholarship Society realizes the value of diligent Vfifh. Pe- ceiving three As and a B placed hirn on the zirgt QTQD gf the loader ol success. Guided bf Mrs. M a r y D a 'if i s e, he strives tor the next step, Neff Torcrizearer, and with the help: at f.'rs, Teresa Yferrninghgug, lien Torchhearer sponsor, he tu t o r s other students while i.'!CVhlf'lQ foward the next step, Ola Torchoearers. ' ' I 45 A i 4' , 'ag 4 ,.L-. 95 OLD TORCHBEARERS-Scholle, Greene, Anderson, Rogers, Baldwin, Smith, Cassie, Esensfen, Guggere, Losey, Gronafo, Hegwood, Eggen, Wachs, Mr. Francis Lawyer, sponsor. Each division maintains the motto, OLD AND SENIOR TORCH- BEARERS-Requirements ol an Old Torchbearer are three se- mesters in the Scholarship So- ciety. Members talfe an active part in planning the Scholar- ship Banquet and BreaPtast ond sell ticlfets to rnalfe these events successful. Mr, Robert Hawthorne sponsors the Senior Torchbearers, o recently torm- ed division ot the Scholarship Society. S e n i o r Torchbearers have the distinction ot receiv- ing scholarship grades for the previous tour sernesters. , 1 f 441: .'f2"tT,fa - 1' yg- ya' f -W Zi I f fa' W.. SENIOR TORCHBEARERS-Greene, Ritter, Balogh, Mr. R. Hawthorne sponsor- Losev Wac'-is FS- ai it A1 5 s ,ms ,.,, A , ,,,, '4,Lw1f? ' f , ,ff Sflff gi , f. yff fW f ff rn .J -J V4 , f y 1 ,V ,, I W, , 7 H4 f i' W af f fs, f f iw , X ff x " x 9, , Z4 , f f f .. , vf' f ' 'haw f 1... 487 0 f 32+ X W , M ,,A. PJ af.. I Y .4 I 5 f if 'Scholarship For Service' Bob Balsley Janice Billings Allan Carlson Connie Gecrgi Sandra Harmon Lois McTaggart Jennie Montesano Sharon Moore Joanne Morgan Mary Olivadoti Ken Ralls Martin Raps Carol Sickels Lida Swaney Judi Wallace George Wyckhouse Marie Granato Judy Guggere Norma Hegwood David Hopper Le Moyne Lawson lim Lenthall Russell Lockhart Edward Alan MLKendry Ellen Miller Raulf Polichar Virginia Reid Eileen Rogers Arthur Shugard Carole Smith Katherine Smith Gary Wanczuk SEALBEARERS - fl 'e""e ff-'Cf r greg' FE"JE'C'l'L'r, DY igefce aff: r r-:.f":.':f'f +f-5. -gf,-fn if-, via .f 4 -J, ., ..1f., .1 4 .i i 1 CNVCEEC 'CE .C.'JE" 'a'Q:, C C61 'IHQC i',f ii CNC 'EC ' - . L ' ,- : L lfi 'E 60653 'L' C' Ca' SE G E M +?,: ci: iff ,haf 'Ffa ,ilu- l i 1 , u,Vi..,. ,.,,. i a a - :'J'f,lO Scrafa'sr is Feaefaic graduate s aiplarna ana aer by ffir. Victor Aertlfef, 'his CSF activities, including rhe quef and early rnarnifig are Harvey Alpern Jeannine Amestoy Ruth Ellen Anderson Viva Baldwin Martin Barmatz Gary Eottger Virgil Bcurgon Carol Cassia Ann deVries 1' ff With 'rlwe lest scene we encl our storyo Guys and Dolls created ca memorable experience Math Club ,......, A Cappella Choir . . Acknowledgments , Activity Calendar Adelphians ...... Administration ...,... Air Center ...,......... Architects of Tomorrow Art Department ........ Art Honor .... Band ..... Baseball .....,.... Basketball .....,...... Pre-Med Club ,. ,,..,... ..... Boys' League, Summer . .. Boys' League, Winter . . Boys' State ......,..,,,. Boys' Swimming ..r....... Boys Boys ' Vice President, Su mmef . Vice President, Winter . , Business Education Department Cabinet, Summer ,.....,... Cabinet, Winter ........,.. Cheer Leaders . . . Chess Club . .. Chronians ..,.. Clef Club .,....., Commerce Honor ..... Commercial Chatter . .. Contents ..,,,....., Continental Staff ., Co-ordinators .. Cross Country ..,.....,... Dances ..........,....... Driver Education Department . Drum and Bugle ....,..... Eleventh Grade .,... English Department . ,. Ephebians, Summer . .. Ephebians, Winter . .. FBLA .,...,...... Foreword ,.... Golf Football ,...., French Club .. FTA .......,...... GAA Board .......,,., Girls' League, Summer ,,.... Girls, League, Winter ,...,., Girls' League School Committee Girls' Letter Society ,..,.,.. Girls' State ............... Girls' Vice President, Summer Girls Vice President, Winter . Girls' Vocal Ensemble Team .,...,,.. Gym Team ............., Home Economics Department . Industrial Arts Department Inter-Club Council, Summer . . Inter-Club Council, Winter . ., JCL .....,.......,..... Junior Adelphians ...... INDEX ....71 ...144 ,,,,65 ...115 ...119 .,..14 ....13 ,,,,128 . .76-77 102-105 . .86-89 .....60 .....52 ..,.135 108-109 .....57 ....,49 ,.,,16 ,...58 ....5O .,..8O ...127 ..,126 ,...72 ...118 ,,.117 ,,.5 ....74 ,....10 , . . .90-91 , .,.. 66-67 .....16 ...,78-79 ....40-46 ..,..12 .,.134 ...129 ...118 ....82-85 ....119 ...124 ,...95 ...,61 ..,,53 ....64 ....94 ...135 ....57 .,.,49 .....72 ..,.112 106-107 ....,15 ..,.14 ....62 ....54 ...122 ....55 Junior Board of Control ,.,.. Knights and Ladies, Summer . Knights and Ladies, Winter , , Lancer Class Officers ..,,.. Lancer Class Sponsors . . . Language Department .. Latin Club ,....,...., Lettermen's Club . , . Maiorettes ...., Malors ,.,,. .. Marthonians .... Math Department . . . Minutemen .....,. Music Department . , . . , Orchestra .....,..,..,...... Physical Education Department . Quill and S croll ,,. Rocket Society . . . Sealbearers Secretaries Scholarship Cabinets ...,,.. Scholarship New Members . .. Scholarship New Torchbearers Scholarship Old Torchbearers . Scholarship Senior Torchbearers Science Club ...,........., Science Department .,...... Senate, Summer , . . Senate, Winter ,. Seniors, Summer ..... Seniors, Winter ....,.,. Senior Board of Control .... Social Studies Department . . Squires . . . Song Leade TS.. Sound Crew Spanish Clu Stage Crew b .,,,...... ,,.. Student Body President, Summer Student Body President, Winter , Student Service Presidents, Summer , , Student Service Presidents, Winter Surveyor Staff ..........,,... Tags ..,.....,....,..,..... Teenaiders . . Teentoppers . . . Tennis Team ., Tenth Grade .. Thespians . . . Track .,...... Twelfth Grade , . . Twist n' Twirlers . , . Tyros ..,. Ushers ,.., Victorian Cl ass Officers .. Victorian Class Sponsors . . Vocational Printers ,........ Washington High Organists . ...115 132-133 130-131 ,.,,17 ..,17 .....12 ...121 ,,.128 ...79 ...77 ..,125 ...123 ...,11 .,,126 ...13 ...7O ...14 ...122 ,..136 ...127 140-141 ......16 ,..137 ...138 ...138 ...139 .H139 ...123 ...11 ....59 ....51 . .22-32 . .17-21 ...55 ...10 ...113 .,..80 .,..68 120-121 ....6B ...57 .49 ...57 ..,49 ....75 ....114 ...114 ....125 110-111 M33-39 .....69 .98-101 ..47-48 ....,.73 116-117 ....113 .,...17 ...17 ..,75 ...73 i43 APPRAISAL AND APPRECIATION The year has fast come to a close. The Continental bungalow is quiet except for the echoes that are heard in the imagination-echoes of laughter, expressions of ioy, clicking typewriters, whisking paper cutters, and driving staff editors who always struggle to meet deadlines. The presses continue with other jobs, but the print shop boys are clearing the galleys of Continental page make-up. The typewriters and paper cutters are stored away for the summer. Remaining pictures have been either sold or given away. With the close of the year, and it is but a few weeks off now, will come tangible evidence of our year's work. We wait impatiently for June I3. Yes, all work is done, and I hope the result of the work, the work with Guys and Dolls, will live on. I hope that every Washington student will realize that his year- book, made by persons of his own age, is to be used to help refresh and relive a memorable year. The Continental staff, the advisers, and the boys who set the type all deserve special recognition for late night work and for sacrificed weekends in order that dreams and plans might become ci reality in June. I am grateful to Ruth Anderson for her assistance, to Norma Hegwood for the art work, to Marilyn Levine for editing the copy, and to Richard Overfield for his work in the sports section. I thank Tom Ganz, Business Manager, and Pat Collins, Publicity Manager. I also thank Deanne McBride for the group picture schedules with the countless identifications, and Sharon Klusmeyer for her work with all the individual portraits. I appreciate the various jobs done by Caroll Lukken, Ronnie Burns, Gloria Donnelly, Mike Gerde, and the A-I I Continental student service workers. I appreciate the work of the print shop boys, Art Kennedy and Bob Whitcomb. Although the planning of the book is done by stu- dents, all would be lost if it were not for the advisers. I thank Miss Pillsbury for her aid, understanding, confi- dence, and encouragement. I extend appreciation to Miss Miller for her advice on the art, to Mr. Burnett for his help- ful supervision and printing, to Anthony Loya for his help in telling the story with photographs, to Mr. Cannicott and the Los Angeles Engraving Company, and to the Bindex Company who manufactured our cover and handled our binding. Lastly, l want to thank the faculty and students, for it is they who gave us the theme for our book. EDWARD McKENDRY Editor-in-Chief AUTCDGRAPHS . -1' gf A 0 X " 1 iw -Elw' .. FE , 1,1 www '15 N . , 'J' j 3531? 1-4,'?1+: fr.-'?i1f- 'K ' .1g1f , 55, 11 v 11 .g K, 12.3 i2'Fl111fj1j,-A' :gm 11'1f"!,': ,V - -, W. '11, - N311 1 1- I 1 1 .H , ,.,.,L'v, Sm-v1-1 ji N "W '12 1,02 m,,.'.1: .. L- 1'1 Jw- 4--11. "i ,, 1 'Lil' X X 1 T 1 'sm' I 1 11" , 1 1 .QE 1fFf1-'ieifj We-ff'lw1i1-'1 1 '. mf' 1 1 - , 1 ,. ,. 4 , -j3!r,:!f':1., 5s::,V 1 L- ,: .J ,'1 I' A ., , ? 4,1 ' - ,- A jx-Az , xt, - ' .V ,. , ' yy-,Y ' Y". , 1 ,i-W1 . . ' , 'ji H1 ,' , ,Mlfh ' A . ,. . , 1 , '.Q..i5ft 1 " . ' 1' f ' "0" L, , .-I X ,fvi .. W F. 7 t V . ' . 11'?:,1,Ek1?fE1 f,, W, 1 1 X 1111 .11l,11-:,- , , . , , A V 11 ,' r 1, 41, 1 1 -1, -1 1 , , fix . X uw, ' -55,411.3 -1 1 , , " ' , , ' ' 9 11 fu 1 - , f . . ., . 1 ' "'frSA,1Q Jef '- . . , Sl J ' Y 1 11' ,, -is N , rf, . 51 ,135 1 ,ln wx ,, ,Q Q 1 , ' H ' ' Agp, , , 11 1 ' Y , 1 V' P is , J! V 1 , 2,1151 'Q 1 , - 1 , , Ni. 11 .. . ,1 1, 1 v f k ,1 A, -1,1, in L .9 4 1 1 1 4 r 1 A V' Ma 2 ,M aff C WY . ,Y , P 4 if 'B 'WI 'A ll ff 1 1 ks 1 l, ' 'vi A '1 , 'J 11 ,v9,1'gf11w,,gi 'f' 1 Q51 VU g .E 43, q1nL,.g' , ,. VN My .I M " 1. I' 4' J ' 3 Ye," ' Q ' ,, 1 ,1 X. V, , '- 115351 ? I'1'1v, 1 25 Y ., ' 5, 5. , ,, ., .,., f ,- -114 Qu- ,. . -. 1 ,- "Ui 1 -L' 1' ' - 1' --1' 11' H .- 5 ., vu 1 1 1 .1w,,.,.,. ,, M, - 1 1 1 1161. ., -1 , . , , , , M '11,,-L,,,.!1J,5,Yf ,, gin, 1 -- L 1 ' f , 1151111111111 1?-.:. 'f..1.11'n1 Q 1m n1.,:uv.m111anwu.1 r,..1A-,411 f, ,. - 1.1 zz- wusza l 1 1, 5. , , 1 11 .,.1 7 'Wilma W, If ,,,, W W ef 7 f if Q 9 4 'Z 5 I VW f ,-Wu. ,.,,, , f. 4 ' 1 4 9 ! f ff i , w4f 'Z , , C- ff f 1 W ff 2 X . ,V 7 I 1 f 2 -re, ' V E , ,.,.u:' X ,,pfw'Pw-. f ,,,,,,,, M 5 '74 ,YY ,I 'Y ,f V, 'f 551, A A, W --w"" -'f-w-an 1 1 I' 4 1 i S E f mm 1 , , X M ef ,Q 1 Q' i V 0 A .M ,f 4 f ? f Jes , J ., ix if ' fy 4, . ' ft' ' 1 .5 M' ,, Z ' ,M V 0 mv, I , I Q My .why , I X ' , NW QQ ,if X n X Z if ahh? iv , V . 4 ,f Z' ,lg ft zz-QW, , nl M, , yi, gf , QM 1 'W' ,WW I 2:77 , M ,.,, ,, . - ,z"f4. Ig., Qs-...., Q 'cf f --- W, 4 aff W.. ,, , W, , , ., ' f . ""'4"' f fb, 'Hr'-rc V M ,L f , r , U x ,, 1 ' ' . V 1 1 , ' ' ' 1 . ' , :ff 4. Q . . 1 X 1 f 3 ' ' w I 5 5 1 A v J 1 5 'g g f 5 ' Z M I I "... ifM, 1 .Aw ., .. mr-fx '4:.-.'.1uriwt1r

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