George Washington High School - Continental Yearbook (Los Angeles, CA)

 - Class of 1955

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L W, gy Q 1 I-IU-w my-, il., uf . -W, gf 1, ' N' ,gn A ,,.,,, , , .1 ,JIS ,M , k, ofk V 1'iE. 5 . --Y 1 I, ,J A 1 ',.A , 1' - L , N b A 1- f , ff, 1, ag, gin mg. 3 . , ,fs'. 4 'Jw W 4 i . ,4 Q ,v , WM , i M' 1 ' Q HAH V I9 P n w 54 -.-1 1- lv ,1 S 5 all n no x. 4:4 ,:,.n--'V ,, pn' ggmre , " ,K , si 'm 11,951 13. , ,, 4 ii! x a , v " ,,5Q?:qw 52' 51350 I -1, 1, ,A - :, z ,. , " 1, L 'SM Geo. Woshington High School Los Angeles 47, Coliiornio CCNTINENTAL 'I955 Published by English, Art, ond Printing Deportmenls ARCHITECTURE-W A S H I N G T O N WITH ITS BEAUTIFUL BUILDINGS, SHADED ARCADES, AND SYMMETRICAL LA N D- SCAPE IS SURELY AN ARCHITECT'S DREAM. AFTER BEING BUILT, WASHINGTON IN TURN BECAME A BUILDER AND ITS ADMINIS- TRATION AND FACULTY BECAME ARCHITECTS OF MODERN YOUTH. ITS ACADEMIC COURSES BUILD STRONG MINDS AND A BETTER UNDERSTANDING OF THE WORLD IN WHICH WE LIVE. SPORTS AND RECREATIONAL ACTIVITIES OFFERED BY WASHINGTON CREATE A STRONG SENSE OF SPORTSMANSHIP TO BUILD HEALTHY BODIES. CHARACTER, A DETERMINING FACTOR OF SUCCESS OR FAILURE IN TODAY'S TROUBLED WORLD, IS BUILT THROUGH MEMBERSHIP IN THE MANY OR- GANIZATIONS AVAILABLE AT WASHINGTON AND THROUGH THE DESIRE TO ATTAIN THE VARIOUS HIGH HONORS WHICH CAN BE ACHIEVED THROUGH STUDY AND SERVICE TO THE COMMUNITY. YES, WASHINGTON IS MORE THAN A MAGNIFI- CENT BUT LIFELESS WORK OF AN IMAGINATIVE ARCHITECT, IT IS A STANDING SYMBOL OF BUILDING TODAY'S YOUTH AND TOMORROW'S LEADERS, IN MIND, CHARACTER, AND BODY. SPORTS .... ....... 8 1 CLASSES ............. .......... I 13 WE DRAW BLUEPRINTS FOR OUR OBJECTIVE SELECTICJN OF K THE SITE BEGAN OUR TAS wwf' .4 it l X' ' l JM' 7 ADMINIST RAT! CN DR. PAUL FISHER Principal GIRLS' VICE PRINCIPAL-A deep in- terest in all phases of girls' activities, Mrs. Clarita Neher has, for the past three years, been director of the ex- tra-cirricular at Washington. I-ler warm smile, ready helpfulness, and quiet refinement are an inspiration to those girls who seek her advice. An observer would little realize that this gentle, petite lady was once an Olympic diving champion! Dedicated to build- ing character, she is the first to whom the girls turn when a problem arises. MRS. CLARITA NEHER Girls' Vice Principal I0 PRINCIPAL-Always first to buy an activity book is characteristic of the in- terest Dr. Paul Fisher has in our ac- tivities. Building a smooth working or- ganization from the scholastic pro- gram supplemented with activities, Dr. Fisher gives Washington students a first-hand example of capable ad- ministration. ln addition to all nor- mal responsibilities that come with his iob, our principal is concerned with the welfare of each student and his door is open to all who go to him for advice. r"X BOYS' VICE PRINCIPAL-Faculty and students alike, in fact all who knovv Vice Principal Wilson K. Jordan, ap- preciate the steadying influence he brought vvith him to Washington tvvo years ago. The same eager, efficient spirit that must have prevailed over his Franklin High classes has made many a friend for Mr. Jordan on the Cherrytree Campus. With a friendly smile and a ready hello for everyone he meets, Whether on the ground or in his office, Mr. Jordan is truly "at home" with us. MR. WILSON JORDAN Boys' Vice Principal X, fkiks ff "W-7 -if A'- ., af" T' 7 T ff ,,,, iff f iw , ff iff --swf-WW SECRETARIES--Thompson, Gregg, Williams, Tolin, Lopez, Kenny, Crumrine, Ross, Jorgenson. ARCHITECTS ENCCDURAGE OUR DEVELOPMENT 2 ,.. rf. V. Harold W. Axe Viola Bentley Fred R. Dobric Robert L. Hawthorne . X 'Sh- JL.: v.. faq MA JI LN--i S Lfj ' Henry A. Johnson L Francis L. Lawyer Y A David H. Lyman 3, fl Ig! Robert C. Mclean 'ji X Eardley Madsen xv 6 T. Chester Pritzhard 1 1 f i L If - s Jr X 4' EN :fr ,JV 'J I lj U' fy f 9 1 Q1 a ' ff xJ' Q1 P P ., ,f U' ' xr Genevieve Ahrens 11 f V X' Eva L. Andrews I r. ' N IX Rf ,V old John Coogan A ag E ' A- . . A " Glen B. Coy Q Q f '11 L A ' Lester G. Heilman as 3 0' tr' - , I5 - I - ' if .1 fi - 7 X. 1975" es . s in I :A X 9 ' V ' 4 .41 5 . il EQ' sf K A s Edna HeIveY I la Sh' I I F A A AA Esther Neumeyer , .... R ,M orman A. Noonan . 4 w w L" - s Q.. Daniel Siemens Q. nk ,fm-. F . 4 5, K ,gut sql 4' iff f ' is J ...,.. ' E C0-CDRDINATCDRS SCIENCE, MATH, SOCIAL STUDIES, CO-ORDINATORS-Learning what makes you tick can be loads ot tun as lite science, physiology, chemistry, and physics students discover each semester. ..Oftering a variety ot mathe- matics courses ranging from basic math to solid geometry and Trigonometry, math teachers build habits and pave the way for better reasoning and prepare academic students tor college . . . In the social studies department, European and American history classes untold the story of man from the past to the present in a way everyone tinds easy to study and understand . . . A vital part of any modern school system are the efticent co-ordinators who work to build the needed individual programs. They spend many hours working tor the benefit ot all students at Cherrytree Campus. SCIENCE Iva E. Childs Harold John Coogan Ruby Davis Vernon P. Duncan Enid Elser William E. Froggah Eva. G. Hodgens Verda Hodgman Mary Kelley P. A. Richmond Norman Schechter Hazelle Smilh Calvin R. Benefiel Eslelle Y. Burch William A. Cole Glenn B. Coy Samuel Harman Roy B. Polier Mary Kelley Theodore C. Losey Earclley B. Madsen James D. Moffat C,.. ,-,,- , f .sk- .. N y x Q R, 1 . 1 Q xx X lf C C . ..,.,,,, W X S 3 s 1 if Q R Q1 X f 6 , . 1 s 'TT' f Z w' V' wf an . ' . ...fy , fr ,- if f .,.. if-f74""ziG ', X 1 , if 1111 . f f ,f Norman A. Noonan Alice Segal Helen Spears Viclor Aerlker Dorothy Herlzog Abraham Herzel X , X, Z f x E . J, fi' r 25 f Z Q f w f f X i my I Z! ig, X X .K , 4 ,. X .,.:. ......., . ,, .,., ' , ,.i-fn? li.e ...,. ., . M E 1 f 1 f ,. .. 1 rf, arid' Q5 I SOCIAL STUDIES i3 x -5 J . . --. tt 1 O . . A - -' . "' 5 H ' ti. , I . g lx ' . ' . . . .i...,,..w,...,, ,. at A H. . ig 'Vi Q -E-. N ,R . . X 'ff N fx RX' . -.5 , . I ix Q . ' -K ', s Tm ' fs f t ' 1 .. Qi 1- - BUSINESS EDUCATION, ENGLISH LAN- GUAGE, AND HOMEMAKlNG1EXpeV- ience gained in salesmanship, ac- counting, and stenography classes opens the gateway to success in the business world. Providing an organ- ized background for a position in this field requires an alert faculty. . .Ap- preciating fine literature and using the English language correctly rewards students throughout life. Classes in public speaking, drama and journal- ism develop student talent. . .Latin, Spanish, and French classes acquaint pupils with the customs and traditions of related countries. The knowledge gained, plus mastering a language is a great achievement .... The home- making department offers a wide cur- riculum of classes in foods, clothing, child care, and homeliving. This course trains girls to become better home- makers and to gain leadership in our community. ""in"""" BUSINESS EDUCATION Elizabeth MacKinnon Eleanor C. McCIurg Catharine Madvig Rhoda Parkill Lucile Pillsbury Helen H. Sawyer Norman Schacter Louis A. Soderberg Muriel Spellisey Culver Glenn Wilson Urania Garner Jessie J. Gill Juelle M. Heaton Melvice I. Knapp A I I Frances O. Blair Chris T. Caras Mary B. Christian Hazel C. Cole Laurence T. Dobyns Jane C. Fitzpatrick Mattie Lee Ethel Overfield Harry B. Plant Helen J. Rollins Daniel Siemens Earlene Taylor Iva V. Adkins Mildred Bell Sylvia K. Fishman ,M I ' .1 if fi.. 'H ,C ' X..-. 7 I . Q es fi r is ...I I . x , . fm 5 y ffl! 'Sei ' ' 5 eg. 1 X " s 1 . JL . . it' ENGLISH 1, Blanche M. Carlson Mary B. Crumpacker Agnes l. Jenkins Mary F. McKenna Dorothy P. Swope Richard G. Estes Joaquin Fraters Rebecca Reece Marie L. Regnier Elizabeth G. Tallis Henry Tirado adm? M? HOMEMAKING LANGUAGE James G. Crosby qi' 4 Stanley M. Cundrff ' , , ' Harry W. Stone is E's2'a 5 l ,lt xg X E -.., 1 . . mn f ,, 'ff vw DRIVER EDUCATION K Mixed foods classes observe the proper technique from Miss Jenkins I-A 1 -17 WW ,V . , if 9 .A -' ', , ,fff 'v"' ,. fy, 1 ,, ,,,.......-,WffW,M Www' . , , f a f mkivinl V h4 L N . A ,uf .NP 4 A V., ' .L ' , .1 .N I xv. A ei X 11 li, .,, . l l i buuc nf Wm I 1 , M 5 . we ,- ft? V g ii , i fs , J PHYSICAL EDUCATION ,W -'W' "WW ,, ff X ff .4 ,QQ , ,, , hmm Of ' f smswwwwemx Z C CL' Q P :U -I I6 Wilfred Abbott Mary Davis David Lyman Mary Warncok John W. Sanders Genevah Sharples Nancy Stuart Lucille E. Sylva Robert E. White M U S I C, INDUSTRIAL ARTS, PHYSICAL EDUCATION, A N D ART DEPARTMENTS- Our mu- sic department offers every- thing from music appreciation to advanced composition .... The industrial arts department prepares boys for many fields in its wood, electric, printing, machine, and auto shops... The physical education depart- ment offers a balance of work and play for all Washington students. . .T h e purpose of the art department is to create appreciation and a sense of harmony and loalance. Genevive Ahrens Joseph S.Barry William G. Culler Lew J. Dunning Geneva G. Gary Pauline Howell Allie Johnson Harry F, Perry Edward Anderson ', 1, , fan . I tl f fu , 4 fi ,, f if Ziff Q' Kathryn Hazell M, I Henrietle Miller 1,5 I 4 Wyf t 'I .v-.W A . an I W4 fy - Q. '79 3 f, ' " , 5 A ' , .' r , ' ' ,., ' , ' ' '1,'z's ' , Y., '- f' A , ., , at .1 ,.fff,, -21: ' f .4 V, - , ., 4, ' ffffg fj7,f7 , ' ' r :IQ ' ffl: f f ' 3 4 , A-of Y I -V ,H ,g -,',, - fray:-, rf, , ,I I . ,N , 6, , . , ,Q , 5351! I f I 'Z ,'7 1 ' Z4 .ff.,f 1 ffl" fflgw, 1 . ' ,, ' M 4 ,f fgg, 1 tg' A' ," V52 ', a J' ,,N'fW ' ,,i ?'N,'QiiJ,1f'- ,ii wif " f 'L V 1,24 1' 'Z ff ' VL 1 . f 4,6LMiQfZ'm:gI' wf:fq'ff1 f ftiqffiy 5 " - Wl vlg I W' 72' if ' ,. I I' I f INDUSTRIAL ARTS Teresa Werminghaus Arthur E. Bishop Russell A. Burnett Fred R. Dobrit Robert C. Gilliland Otto W. Quistorff Arthur E. Summons Orville B. York ri Q -I '-cs Y 'TTUJHIZEIJVJ11s:1t1JJ,:1l.:1uI"'-' 1 , li 1 V Pl ' Y , ef, ,, ,A ,V ,Q -V4.5 3, Q-if K, - ,.. 1 1 V., , - ,, - V , VV 3--f ' .,, V g 'f , if - :VI :V iV WV V V X' T 1 fZ?fE2'f"f1?'-A ...E V ' ' ," , , . r T1 M, fa " " " VV :V -gif -1:-'VFV:. 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U LJ L.f4J'X.Bx.f ve -.1 --ffm iff' f V7 f1:,v VE fd: .f 1r:'flfz'lf4',9ft', Lfragiw iL+E.w.:fq3f?g,,'3 . V Wi 1 'J G-'7 Iggy fjiplfiy' E 1291.4 'L3f'Lifj-WN-5 at 5 f 'UN w .MW y U LEADERS BUILD DEMOCRATICALLY J f gave s .f,,1 ,A ,P K .JM . . 4 -4. . H' is B in BOB ARMSTRONG Student Body President f K. Allen 1 R. American is Armstrong Q PSS: G Baffa My fm C. Evans J. Frost B. Garrison P. Johnston K. Kelllor B. Lundeen M. Manollo S. McKean N. Nygorcl A. Shock R. Villasenor T. Wehr RICHIE AMERIAN . Benson MARILYN MANOLIO K- Chase Girls Vice President R. Clark M. Ensch Boys' Vice President J Amesioy B Brooks J. Brooks S. Bloomquist D. Buier D. Carter B. Cooper R. Cooper D. Cox P. DiBosie J. Eckstem A. Frcmzon E. Lobo J L. Miller D. Pemberton S. Petty D Quackenbush E. Rrce C. Ricks D. Roberts fn., ,,., ,, Y.. ww . W. . fd 1' ff 095 v--M, ,M WINTER CABINET, SENATE 'Tm Q Uv' T , nf T ,v V asf 1 . Sf L. Walker R.W inkler A fa T' A A T 1' , f f 27 V T , gf 4 'L T 1 .W f ff N 41 . Y f y 1 if 1 f Q Aa., . ' 2. 19 X , ' 1 ,Y . -M-xi, ,L I ..-L., 9 Q T7 TERRY WEHR Student Body President J. Bailly S. Bloomquist ef 7E J. Brooks Clark KAY KEILLOR K Keillor M. Lathrop K McAllister V. Moretti J. Murphy T. Pulliam J. Rallis B. Reynolds D. Roberts M. Solvinger R. Villasenor T. Wehr 'ill . 'tv 1 S J Girls Vice President J. Crown M Ensch is .a '7 IM, 4 S Harmon J Henmng 6? 4, no' 'V 20 DAVE ROBERTS Boys' Vice President L. Alger M. Alu B. Brooks J. Brooks D. Carter J. Dutton C. McKay L. Mallon L. Miller J. Milne M. Olivadoti K. Overstreet K. Pell M. Pontrelli C. Ricks N. Ritter S. Schneider D. Sewart N. Stone P. Terrell W W Q 2 1 X2 f' Z, K 'Q K? ,,,,-7 f , yen... - V 2 L .. ,Z V fin If Y W if I Q- ,fy I A ,SQL J. Q-in 'V P. Vacirca D. Van Hoorebeke J. Vanderlaan L. Walker ff Wai, ff ' 'L f ff X 1 ,f , W," -ff. f f X he Af f 1. WW ff 1 Zi f M X f W fy f Xfffyig f. , M , X ,Ml M f ..., 'Z, FQ Q-...,y V45 7 ,. 4 ff! ffjf, Z X , W MK' , 'Yuri ' , av.. 0. we-...M.,, f Y' v W M 'rw .ff 'af W- ' . 'iw ' l , V, ' ...W ff , ar lb, gf 21 .... 9 ,L 4 ll! 1 4 . . , 'V W 1 ZW I .,,,- .. .Qi zxff ff f ' ,, 1 , W fi f f Q .fgf f r' N-of M 5 I Mi" 1 9' er' 3 X n y W .f 4 e 7 - ,A 4 Zig ..,.,Lg' "1 .4 2 0 , is rw L V, . gb ff Q.. f I . f I A I N SUMMER CABINET AND SENATE Not pictured D. Baskerville B. Bogner N. Juarez 2l GIRLS' LEAGUE SCHOOL COMMITTEE-Row 'I:Purdy, Soder, Hoskins, Costillo, Schworz, Svobodo, Miller, Cohill. Row 2: Holmgren, Keillor, Smith, Nichols, Losey, Sellers, Bowen, Gich, Clifton, Wolford. Row 3: Mrs. Aherns, sponsor, Osgood, McToggort, Morgan, Groves, Wolloce, Youle, Hor- din, Lobo, Georgi, Lowson, Runsvold. I WINTER GIRLS' LEAGUE AND GIRLS' LEAGUE SCHOOL COM- MITTEE-To give new girls o chonce To meet their sister "Mor- Thc1s" is The purpose ot The Big ond Little Sister Porty, given by the Girls' Leogue ot The beginning ot eoch Term. A new hos- pitolity committee, mode up ot Leogue Representotives, wos orgonized to meet new girls ond substitute teochers. The Girls' Leogue presented the semi-onnuol Sodie Howkins' Donce, in which eoch domsel hooks her mon. Reolistic decor- otions, which Turned The Boys' Gym into o regulor dogpotch, were creoted by the Girls' Leogue School Committee. Spon- sored by Mrs. Ahrens, this energetic committee provides tov- ors ond decorotions tor mony compus functions. nu -we y. U wk-:,,..1:.. W S 5.5 r fr Xi -skis" ross - 'iff 9 f 7- -f'i.,2:.::.g - ' - - 1-A -rl WINTER AND GIRLS' GIRLS' LEAGUE CABINET-Row I: Hegwood, lsoocson, Gich, H ddl t , L - deen, Boilly, Reynolds, lsroel, Pittelkow, Milne. U es on Un -'22 Winter Girls' League President SUMMER LEAGUE wg Kay McAllister, M. C. for The Sadie finds Abner-Sadie Antics amusing. SUMMER GIRLS' LEAGUE AND GIRLS' LEAGUE SCHOOL COMMITTEE-"Under The Big Top" ushered in The Theme of The semi-annual Big and LiTTle SisTer ParTy. To add To The TesTiviTies, The Girls' League sponsored Girl-HaTe-Boy Day. When CoTTon Day came, The girls blossomed out in sprighrly coTTon dresses and chose a queen and her aTTendanT prin- cesses. WiTh handmade original decoraTions, The Girls' League School CommiTTee Truly added sparkle To highlighT ac- TiviTies aT WashingTon. AT The close oT each Term GLSC en- ioy a TradiTional dinner aT Mrs. Genevieve Ahrens' home. On This occasion new members are voTed in and new officers announced. KAY MCALLISTER SUMMER GIRLS' LEAGUE CABINET-Row 1: Reynolds, McAllisTer, Currie. Row 2: . , Losey, Billings, Milne, Hegwood, Phillips. Summer Glrls League Preslden 5 1 D V-.stay 35,1 f uf -, Mr. Cundiff and Coach White serve as officials during tense grid contest WINTER BOYS' LEAGUE-The Boys' League of Winter '54 sponsored nu- merous activities all of which were highly constructive. Under the able leadership of Mike Ensch, the Boys' League provided entertainment, sche- dules on sports activities, and a noon sports program for the looys. As ad- mittance to a jazz concert, featuring Stewart McKean's Just Jazz All-Stars, our boys collected over tour hundred cans of food to be donated to the Bureau of Public Assistance which helps many needy people. X WINTER AND SUMMER 'W X sixty, , ,,x,, M I s. MIKE ENSCH . wiN1ER sovs' LEAGUE CABINET-Row 1: Cordova Winter Boys' League PI'6SId6l1l Ensch, Crown, Stuckey, lnferrera, Dutton. 2-4 BOYS' LEAGUE REPRESENTATIVES-Row 'I: Rule, Lindenman, Thompson, Walker, Young, Schmitz, Kohtz, Van Sloten, Larson, Row 2: Guerra, Maguire, Ellis, Moroney, Valenzuela, Wint- len, Lippert, Brooks, Swenson, Thompson, Heinz, Palazzolo, Monson, Row 3: D'Arelli, Gibbard, Ar- den, Vogel, Cooper, Piazza, Toland, Little, Alger, Losey Boshear, Schulman, Laucheur, Hanson, Phelps. BOYS' LEAGUE SUMMER BOYS' LEAGUE CABINET-Row 'I: Ricks, Crown, Row 2: Martin, Cordova, McFadden, Moskowitz. SUMMER BOYS' LEAGUE-The func- tioning Boys' League sponsored the horseshoe and wrestling tournaments, the volleyball league, the intra-mural and all school track meet, the Mr. Washington Contest and co-sponsored the annual Auto Show. The Mr. Wash- ington Contest chooses the boy with the best developed body while the auto show enables boys to exhibit their backyard customs with engines they themselves built. The cabinet will be extended to eleven members as- sisting in the boys' gym at noon. JIM CROWN Summer Boys' League President 25 RICK VILLASENOR Boys' Student Service Prexy STUDENT SERVICE-TO help others ond like it, is o qucility ot mony Wosh- ingtonions. Whether it's helping in the coteterio, ot correcting tests in ci closs, student service is helping the helper. ln oi'- der to run tor o cloiss or student body ottice, one ot the quoliticotions is to hoive hold ot lecxst on e semester ot student ser- vice. At the end ot three semesters ot service, the student worker ecirns tive credits. STUDENT WORKERS BECCDME KAY KEILLOR Girls' Student Service Prexy fx X sjw W. --X I ssis ssss t ig ss xi A. WW K, 5g,,,..izzfof"'Ef f Y 'Q Pot Hclckelmon weighs her material under "Pop" Anderson's experienced eye Y DAY BY DAY ARCHITECTS SANDY BLOMQUIST Girls' Student Service Prexy Corky Watts seems more interested in Roy Blake s sketches than Mrs. Ahren's art demonstration VINCE MORETTI Boys' Student Service Prexy STUDENT SERVICE-T l'1 e Student Service presidents worked out o plon tor ci cleoner ccimpus. By keep- ing the coimpus Cleon ot leost three doys oi week, the students get o twenty minute bonus on Fridoy. To dot-e plon is work- ing ettectively, ond the greotly improved Compus looms o promising new look. The ideci hos devel- oped o new sense of res- ponsibility in rnony stu- dents. Mrs. Mory Chris- tion is the sponsor. - ,. -H-kg:-sv? sr- , : 'Nil 'is I I 35 . s.. , :. : f.. . I s I N I .. is Us 'nr we QQL.. J 'N' ' " '-Wa . .L :Rim ..x V ss es. Q., , 1 R 1 Q 3 nu--uindii -.ln xr lie Q FIRST PERIOD STUDENT SERVICE-ITopI Row I: Powell, Schneider, Burroughs, Luther, Dahlkoer- ter, Denham, Cayadas, Romero. Row 2: Mallon, Gaertner, Anderson, Callins, Miller, Rapoza, McWaters, Birkitt. Row 3: Magnee, Perinnio, Pemberton, Johnke, Wintien, Whitfield, Gereaux Demkowitz, Granato. SECOND PERIOD STUDENT SERVICE-lMiddIel ow I: More, Nightengale, Fletcher, Gaston, Bash- or. Row 2: Milne, Gant, Garkow, Lair, Edwards, Dragotto, Youle. Row 3: Ayarian, Deovlet, Phil- lips, Dietenback, Willis, Thompson, Flannery. THIRD PERIOD STUDENT SERVICE-lBoIIoml Row I: Heil, Carroll, Atkinson, Van Dusen, Langford DePartie, Molnar, Heal, Casalegno, Genova. Row 2: Lubanko, Hymes, Jahnke, Norris, Mathews Peters, Youngman, Bearden, Brown, Johnston. Row 3: Ly, Canty, Birk, Birk, Tyler, Della Rocca Reynolds, Grooms, Alu, Wick, Peto, Brotherton. 28 1 1 1 I I!'s fairy land at Chrisimas time Campaign time rolls around again WGRKERS CHEERFULLY SERVE FOURTH PERIOD STUDENT SERVICE-lTopl Row 'l: Baer, DeVries, Haskins, Brown, Cassia, Rlelt, Dvorak, Nardini, Milne. Row 2: Smith, Lein, Altschuld, Krane, Marrison, Barrack, Evans, Vannice, Arnaelsteen, Minning, Sanders, Stillwell, Appert. Row 3: Merchant, Green, Beam, Brun, Brannen, Wallace, Rettberg, Swenson, Schmitz, Landee, Zenzola, Schmitt, Elliott, Butran. FIFTH PERIOD STUDENT SERVICE-lMiddIel Row I: Goodale, George, Downing, Finney, Johnson, Joseph, Watson, Halden. Row 2: Brown, Olivadoti, Nelson, England, Nordin, Barkley, Austin, Bar- thel, Reed, Schaefer, Reed, Smilh. Row 3: Eschbach, Caronna, Thurman, Stanton, Bedinger, Bur- leigh, Rickett, Bartlett, George, Reynolds, Carl, Reynolds, Hall, Row 4: Gold, Mason, Harris, Cas- tillo, Kotwicki, Dutton, Packstein, LoCicero, Spenser, Simon, Foster. SIXTH PERIOD STUDENT SERVICE-lBoHoml Row 'l: Strong, Bush, Greer, Melford, Gilierm, Mathe- son, O'Brien, Hyde. Row 2: Morgan, Sands, Johnston, Leniuex, Crosier, Spurrier, Longo, O Casio, LaLoggia, Freckleton, Cronshaw, Bishop. Row 3: Richison, Smith, Bruscia, Graves, Valenta, Reynolds, Fantz, Paynter, Bailly, Rae, Pulliam, L Vine, Hilleger, Jue, Kunz. Row 4: Von Bloeker, Clubb, Coyle, Bartlett, McLaurin, Stapt, McKean, Moretti, Hall, Swaney, Cantonwine, DeVries, Phipps, Vanderwyck, Dildine, Wolfe. 30 X Ye LMA THEIR SERVICE ADDS BEAUTY Colorful flowers gave tone to the architectural surrouncmgs Q' WINTER HEALTH COMMITTEE-Row 1: Cooper, Chase, Rice. Row 2: Mrs. Frogcl, School Nurse, Miller, Lobo, Pembe-rTon, Mrs. Speors, Co-ordincltor. SUMMER HEALTH COMMITTEE--Row I: Alu, Rollis, Miller, Row 2: Mrs. Spears, Co-Ordinoror, Vocirco, Pomrelli, Dutfon, Von I-Ioorebeke, Mrs. Frogo, School Nurse. url w if If Z, f g N N so Q. N N , W'f QQ HEALTH COMMISSION ,X I 1 rf Z a Z , f- 'C Q, X II 'F 1" ' s 'iff 1-:su , Q H 1, fkvssssbs J ' x kf,..rf.w:ms, , v4,.4r" , 6 ,QINs'cq4Q,4fsQQ - x f , 1,1 I . , A f-. . , ' , 'S Y " Q .. ,, ,. f Q ' - x , . .f, ,' -A.: 'M 7 1-A -' 1' -- iffy ' M ' , 4 7 --. , ,N , ef L... si? 3 3' V, ,, " - s K- 1 ' ,...' 1":C.Tfc1 "J . .,- f . U.. , ,E-lgikxq W .,i..q....,, v ,T oneAmzA'n Ns f V I 1 .-Ox fd.. k- L . . f5'3?1?ff-i5f3fQV3'??QfFi if :U , V XY, L1 . iff.. .14 .tw-11:1 . a .nI,fC. -,j K , .Lfixg-Q1 A-'-,lugf lzx-'gn ,. , ,Lx Pk -SE?-Ju's.1.f: -R - . f- -. 'V' 2 1 5 W 'ff W W PM '72 i, 1 ,-W, ,K 575, W! J , ,iigg T' , , 1A.Kf.9 ,, -X-,V-f a-'.wTg-...gnfr ,QT 4.9 W H wfwiw U iffmfsfffiza-':7? ' W. gf-HI:-if -A Q55 if--91 . ' .cfs f . Q v x f x .cgi-1 W, f f ' bw M if , 4:ri25N lJiw LIKQE fjQq75:pi3 f- .'Mf'1EW1" -EL' F ffhr' fy f ' ifwii-if4.qv aegu L5 .-,.g . ,,,-.. -' -, - Af-. , lv:f,gr-u!:gL51n,s!f2px tg-,limi ' - 14. ' A ff, r 4 "1 M'-"SQ, , ,Y lil- +IU afJEfw1'1 ,. :iff-'fix ,, f V. , F. ,A - f-- .- ' f. N --. ,- -- M- ,, ,,-fy-,,gu,, L,,,1sg.,x,f,, -,I f+ . jg 3, t f ,Q V Q ff f -, 'iff fffwf :, PW A ff:-,vwil1rD3 1 ff- 'i'FUl'E'x:i1P3, igvjigl ls--'JV-1 3 , MXDJ NIJ kg -. Lg' x.J' X L' XJ! NU,,.J - 'luffpgl-' -Q-1.2! I Q.,mg',i3-AQ'-.-in ,wi X ' - L, , A - V , , in Ash-MP W , , ' FM. A ' ,f,.,.m1 fi' Us t F. be Hg, k,,,,.j..,,D ,A-xg sg I I-?fW: ?+"-1 I -K fffrjf 1,1 LL - i?wwL,H sul.. Uvlff-,,7,!LfL, 1','.1? gg" ' ' X- ,.2K...,,., c,' -4.4 wif' x1x.J1:Lw.J1..4.J '::1.I::Lhf' ,H A Q- nf' ,VF 'H f -S. Mil r -W ' 12 fiyjmj Ll ffff-N5 J -Q In 50:11 f U W DU T" 51-L -- 7-3 Xfu,f'j1LY'-- .,r-'QUT '5 'E' , '-.,A'x,zl.' qu V- x, ,N 24.11. ug., -M V A , ,:,v1p. ff- if is fx, fs, R 5g,,lf-Dfixxfi 12-'1:,f',n-.TQI52,3 , ig'3i,:,f" Q 1 xg1f'i.-.15 f'K:LLiL.J'.L:L,f"'..'lL.:fL,HJLfJ' ' n 53- 1" 'GTS' ' ' 'A -'X ia: H . ' .3 . .. ' 4. , 5,154 Q!:j-.-7:g- fx ..,- ...V 1, 11: 5, ,. ,g xi ,QM E? , ' 'QQ . r nw.: ' 'cilwf ,.5' ' ' ' f j fl' A , ,sf X Y , 1 - , J -,"1-H-':f'L: ,. A ' ' U .- . .,-',,, f ,.f.L. STUD ENTS BUILD TOWARD HIGHER IDEALS ' -1 f., mr .WM . li ll . 1 'fi X f7'1 ' U M M Y If 5 5 H 7Dl! D 5 3 , D MY X lf? Q . ' if f N ff - gf 3' 2 Z f ' 3 M W f M 1 D D ff SCIENCE CLUB-The inaugura- tion ot a Science Fair became the main project tor the Science Club this spring. All students were in- vited to enter a project that they had assembled personally. Win- ners in the contest received hand- some prizes. At their weekly meetings the tuture scientists pertormed ditterent experiments. MATH CLUB-Sponsored by Mr. Henry Johnson, the Math Club got under way with electing ot- ticers and met every Tuesday in room 130. Led by Hal Daniels as president, with Norm Velenti as- sisting as vice president, the Math Club eagerly tackled the problems which stumped some members. Jim Duprie served as treasurer. FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA-The night s c h oo l classes realize the valuable func- tion pertormed by the FBLA more than anyone else, tor these mon- ey-making students sell donuts and cottee every night at Adult School. During the tootball sea- son the f u t u r e leaders sold Howdy-Tags, and tickets to all school activities. SCIENCE CLUB-Row 'I: Humphrey, Mittleman, Forsen, Milburn, Harding. Row 2 Smith, Wilstron, Kohtz, Potter, Rallis, Ford, Pelletier, Salvinger. Row 3: Vollnogle Velenti, DuPrie, O'Shaughnessy, Pontrelli, White, Pullen, Eilert, Magdalena. MATH CLUB-Row 'I: Judd, Kohtz, Pullen, Jacobson. Row 2: Magdeleno, Duprie Cummings, White, Forsen, Salvinger. FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA-Row 1: Cautield, Chisholm, Frantz Reynolds, Baer, Haigwood, Youngman. Row 2: Hahn, Mrs. Lee, Sponsor, Evans Stewart, Leckie, Federer, Labo, Wellbaum, Pulliam, Pemberton, Baskerville Row 3: Taeger, Bearden, Liningston, Georgi, Paynter, Homesley, Barrack Giordano, Tryon, Slover, Brotherton. i CHRONIANS-Row 1: Gibson, Bernst, Viga, Powell, Pittelkow, Svoboda, Gug- gere. Row 2: Miss Hodgens, sponsor, Carlile, Losey, Currie, Monson, Bowen, Holmgren, Swaney, Varnado, Leapson. Row 3: McNutt, Wachs, Sandel, Johnson, Schroclek, Maguire, Benson, Baalke, Smith, Luranchi. A Geometry class brings out structure and design H-..r, Mike Pontrelli flips a "mean" flapiack CHRONIANS-Majoring in his- tory, Chronian members enjoyed tielol trips to Mt. Palomar's giant telescope and to the desert ghost town of Calico. This mining town of yesteryear was the graduating Chronians' Senior Farewell set- ting. Selling United States saving stamps at noon has been another project ot the Chronian Club. LATIN CLUB-Hail Ceasar! Ghosfs TloaTing around The halls? No, only members of The Caelicolae, garbed in Roman Togas Tor The annual language banaueT. Mem- bers oT The Caelicolae are sTu- denTs in advanced LaTin. LaTin members performed numerous acTiviTies wiTh The help of Miss ElizabeTh T a l l i s, co-operaTive sponsor. FRENCH CLUB-The annual Chris- Tmas Carol Day highlighTed The holiday's closing acTiviTies Tor The French Club. The enTire club marched Through The halls sing- ing ChrisTmas Carols in French. January saw Them celebraTing Their TradiTional LiTTle ChrisTmas ParTy. GraduaTing seniors were honored guesTs aT This parTy. SPANISH CLUB-WashingTonians enjoy Their Spanish more and more. Adding To The all-Time en- joymenT is a shorT, disTinguished looking Spanish Teacher by The name of Henry Tirado who suc- cessfully combines enTerTainmenT wiTh learning. STudenTs Tind his classes and manner of conducT- ing meeTings mosT inTeresTing. LATIN CLUB-Row 1: Hegwood, Moore, DeVries, Bush, MiTchell, Romero, Bowles, Guggere Row 2: BoTTger, Shugard, Alpern, Overfield, MoskowiTz, Len- Thall. FRENCH CLUB-Row 1: Simon, Lehr, Gold, Becerra, Rich, Isaacson, CliTTon, Demmler, Garard. Row 2: Wood, Young, HildreTh, BarTolini, Kelly, Hayward, Woodson, Bliven, Harrison, Nelson, Hopper. map- I SPANISH CLUB-Row I: Purdy, Davis, Hackelman, Sickels, Crawford Amoldus Cantonwine. Row 2: Dudley, Moore, Sellers, Gish, Reynolds, AmesTby Austin' Allen, Garrison, Goyen. Row 3: McTaggarT, Jonesi, Keillor, Bradbury, Vanderwyckl Swaney, Leapson, Moeser, Duran, Mr. EsTes, sponsor. Row 4: Bowen, SouTh Losey, Holmgren, McKean, Eisenburg, Franzon, SmiTh, PoTTer, Wells, Miller. I I V' rf f I 4 La 59 A V 2 '54 iii as wh? WW W SPANISH CLUB-Row 'l: McKean, Bishop, Renerf, Stone, Mclleynolds. Row 2: Simon, Mekwald, Haleo, Currie, Schwarz, Youle, Boyle, Vollnogle, Davis, Downing, Row 3: Kronen, DeVries, Peters, Jasper, Cufshall, Sims, Malakowsky, Granafo, Gonzales. Row 4: Stephens, Hickey, Johnson, Gertsen, Gralewski, Van Valkenberg, Herman, LaRosa. A continental atmosphere prevails in Miss Regnier's French class s t A Buenos Dias!-a usual greeting upon entering Senor Tirado's Spanish class PRE-MED CLUB-To resTock The school's firsT aid kiTs and check Them monThly became The plan of The for-sighfed Pre-Med Club. A barbeque supper was held for new members OcTober 13, and on January T3 The members en- ioyed a field Trip To The Califor- nia lnsTiTuTe of Technology To see The biological and reseach de- parTmenTs. USHERS-Taking Tickets at Th e door, h a n d i n g ouT programs, mainTaining an orderly audience, and serving The STudenT Body whenever needed is The iob of This very acTive school service or- ganizarion. AT any evenT sched- uled for The aud or field, sTudenTs can be sure ThaT They will find The Usher Squad on duiy. ART HONOR-"To furTher inTer- esT in arT is our purpose," said Joyce Farmer, ArT Honor Presi- denT. MeeTings are devoTed To Trying new brush Techniques or sharing experiences wiTh a guesT speaker. ExTra acTiviTies This sem- esTer have included The New Member ParTy, Trip To ArT CenTer School, and The Senior Farewell ParTy. PRE-MED CLUB-Row 1: Simon, Kirkendall, Ogle, King, Fraser, Row 2: SmiTh, Garard, Gasfon, Schaupp. Row 3: Mrs. Kelly, sp'onsor,:f1Wyckhouse,gfvlillburn, H Scholle, Ralls, Balsley, Harmon. USHERS-Row l: Kronen, McBride, Burroughs, Mallon, STewarT, CasTillo, Minich PaynTer, McAllisTer, Moore, Milne. Row 2: Youle, Swaney, Vanderwyk, AmesToy Bowen, Baskerville, Bearden, Miller, Labo, Gorce, GuTierrez, Manny, Hardin DevoleT. Row 3: GargeTTo, STeinmeTz, CarTer, Pope, Villasenor, LipperT, RoberTs Soto, Pulliam, STapf, Tracy, GaroT, WrighT, Reynolds, Mr. Sanders, sponsor. Row 4: OversTreeT, Clark, Lauderdale, DuTTon, McKendry, Baalke, Walker, Eshbach, WhiTe, Onrasik, HiII,V FauceTT, De Vine, Ordas, Rubalcava. . .i.,2.,n.l1. ., - 3, 1 T T ART HONOR-Wishard, Lee, Bauer, Wolford, Cahill, Brueckner, Farmer, Fraser. Row 2: Mrs. Ahrens, sponsor, Hallas, Carl, Davorak, Toland, Ball, Balsley, HildreTh. .J is I Q E E wi i GIRLS' LETTER' SOCIETY-Row 'l: Gaston, Pittlekow, Harris, Rudder, Schaupp, Demkowicz, Lien. Row 2: Von Bloeker, Borrelli, Simon, Hackelman, Salvingen McTaggart, Powell. Dr. Fisher can't say "no" to FBLA girls selling Howdy Tags f ,L "fix r ft Ywvwf Art Honor members get knee exercise designing circus backdrop GIRLS' LETTER SOCIETY-Sleepy eyed members were awakened early one Saturday "morning tor a i'Come As You Are" breakfast. Following the meal, the girls tirst played games, tn e n discussed their organizations proiect. Seen around the girls' gym ottice, the GLS members strive to help the teachers in every way possible. TYROS-The Tall group of BIO girls are eligible To become mem- bers of Tyros. LasT Tall's class had one of The largesT groups of Tyros in many a year. The girls worked TogeTher To make Their services To The school successful. Tyros served aT The K8:L, The Senior Prom, and many oTher acTiviTies on The CherryTree Campus. COMMERCIAL CHATTER-Whcll are The currenT openings in secre- Terial iobs? WhaT's The laTesT FBLA and Commerce Honor news? lnTeresTing TeaTures pack each ediTion oT 'Commercial ChaTTer,'ll published Tor business sTudenTs. Trudy Giordano, currenf ediTor, highly commends her staff, all capable, dependable workers. 5.x TYROS-Row 'l: Johnson, Schneider, Wood, Cole, Clubb, Pool, PeTTy, Shuey MarTin, Brannan, Barthel. Row 2: Geisler Farr, Cass, McClure, Gray, Bryner Ricks, Davis, Grosier, Gamole. Row 3: Reed, Vickers, Wadkins, Husfling, Night- engale, Anderson, LaLoggia, Gibbs, Hill, Oralik, Kemp, Lyon, Heil, ChadderTon Row 4: CoTe, Phillips, STewarT, Fritche, Richison, Snider, Dominguez, Nelson Van Valkenburg, Nelson, R-oberfs, Willis. TYROS- Row 1: FosTer, Justice, Rynberk, American, HuTchinson, Thirkill, Heal Fiizgerold, GranaTo. Row 2: Phipps, Smifh, Rice, Eschbach, Wunderlich, George Flannery, Goodman, Sharp, Elgin, Traubenberg. Row 3: Miller, Pulliam, Allen Gutierrez, Larson, O'Kane, Carlon, Nicols, Row 4: Lewis, Sowby, Limbaugh Crowe, Evers, Wandsehneider, Whipple, Franke, PosiTo, Savino, Purkaple, Curryl COMMERCIAL CHATTER-Row 1: Miss Chrislian, sponsor, GuTierrez, Feni, Federer Sanders, Borrelli, Beck, QuinTus, Spillman, Row 2: Labo, Pearson, Snow, Mr Lpiughlin, Blooni, Bergslronw, Phipps, Gorce ,Sharp Row 3: Allen, Johnson, An iliwsori, FrunTz, Shoal-1, Boyes, Carroll, Frosl, Carlson 9. Sf f 'Q P 2 ' g , , Iv f Bl r 1 1 TYROS-Row 1: Mooney, Ostendorf, Landee, Lloyd, McKay, Beaty, Cronshaw, Hard. Row 2: Miss Jenkins, sponsor, Owens, York, Roland, Ground, Lair, Hare, Nocas, Underwood, Templin, Hughlett. Row 3: Mason, Holmes, Butler, Denman, Diehl, Rafferty, Thiere, Scott, Knowlton, Vaughn, Mrs. Swope, sponsor. Row 4: Watson, Matherson, Ward, Lyman, Blodgett, Brammer, Elschloger, Gerde, Braun, Olivadoti, Hills, Schultz. TYROS-Row 1: Swartz, Riley, Smith, Posito, Winn, Beam, Cooley, Porterfield. Row 2: Salvinger, Kelsey, Niemeyer, Roemisch, Eisle, Rae, Howke, Hewson, Cambell, Ford, Freckleton. Row 3: Alloway, Jue, Wyckhouse, Arnaelsteen, Sil- vers, Ginsburg, Seltzer, O'Casio, Sandoval, Krane, Kotwicke, Longo, Adams, Clark. Row 4: Englund, Larson, Nordin, LeGaux, O'Brien, Whiat, I-liemple, Minning, Cavadas, Goyle, Bartlett, Livings, Gant. MARTHONIANS-Row 1: Wood, Reynolds, Clubb, Ge-hersky, Roundtree, Bennett gnfflefy Qeggler, Berger. Row 2: Miss McKenna, sponsor, Runsvold, Schneider t-larnrn, Kay, Koepp, Lee, lfifickvvire, I-lydell, Jones, Benning, Steinttz, Jenkins Row 3: Cmlgony Nelgmw ijgbgrri, Falk-enstien, Anclersori, Bishop Strong, Bec W - 1 f - if ----- Uetqt, Granato, Nirs. Crum-pcickei, Si n TYROS-Social events included a slumber party where the girls en- ioyed the triendship ot all the others they had worked and co- operated with in Tyro activities. The tun they had on these social events rewarded them amply tor their outstanding work through- out the semester, which ended with serving at the Valentine Ball. MARTHONIANS-Each member ot Marthonians realizes the im- portance ot school service as well as the preparation tor a success' tul marriage. The tirst thing a new Marthonian must do is serve a teacher tor week. Each semes- ter tinds Marthonians serving at the Senior Faculty Tea, Letter: men s Banquet and Senior fvioth- ers' Tea. SENIOR BOARD OF CONTROL- Supervising the gates and doors at noon is a duty pertormed by members ot the Senior Board ot Control. Opening the doors be- tween The building to help the tlow is the responsibility ot The T r a T T i c Committee. To honor graduating seniors, The boys hold o banquet at The end ot The sem- ester. INTER-CLUB COUNCIL-The Tur- key Trot, where a live Turkey was given away as a door prize, and sports night were school activi- ties presented by the Inter-Club Council this semester. Heralding the Christmas season, the Coun- cil went about collecting toys for Tots. These gitts brought happi- ness to children at Christmastime. BOYS' CHORUS-Bulobling with enthusiasm, Washington's Boys' Chorus song tor the P-TA and many auds during the semester. Singing in The Spring Revue gave the boys their biggest challenge. Boys who like singing ioin the class and receive expert train- ing. lt paves the way tor those who want To ioin the A Cappella Choir. SENIOR BOARD OF CONTROL-Row 'lz Lippert, Roberts, McKean, Villasenor, Losey, lntererra, Stuckey, Butt, Davise, Postal. Row 2: Pulliam, Garrot, Pullen, Wilson, Toland, Ahers, Larson, DeVine, Wehr, Glover, Hildreth. Row 3: Matson Kohtz, White, Wright, Eisenberg, Horwitz, Pell, Dankers, Ford. , 1 .N-inf INTER-CLUB COUNCIL-Row 'la Stewart, Weaver, Schwarz, Schaupp, Hewson, Posito. Row 2: Overtield, Scholle, Ralls, Wyckhouse, Balsley, Ge-rde. Row 3: Moretti, Salvinger, Labo, Leckie, Russell. Q""T3l'Q'-ff ---0-qgljlfgli if , T Nfl? fsfsj fL7i'i BOYS CHORUS-Row 1: Hayward, Thompson, Paul, Morsk, Lingard, Steinmetz, Scholes, Kushner, Row 2: Antoine, Kohl, Nilson, Horner, Lydell, Schnieder, Hof- farth, Mr. Lyman, director. Row 3: Singleton, Ondrasik, Brooks, Tracy, Hamu, Reeves, Harding, Powell. 5 JUNIOR BOARD OF CONTROL-Perkins, McRae, Svoboda, Vega, Milne, Georgi, Runsvold, Tingirides, Strong. Row 2: Miller, Peto, Hydell, Blomquist, Reynolds, Ogle, Paynter, Wallace, Missakian, Rickett. Row 3: Mauer, Soto, Ordas, Fillman, Kronen, Stickney, Lawson, Todd, Overstreet, Mallon. Row 4: Little, Wall, Over- field, Johnson, Lockhart, Maguire, Bottger, Moskowitz, Guggere. TAGS-Row 'la Coyle, Kerr, Manny, Stone, Rilter, lsreal, Eggen, Row 2: Silver- stein, Sweet, Whipple, Dudley, Keel, Losey, Bangoy, Thomson, Dixon, Reynolds, Pickens, Peto. Row 3: Melendres, Junkin, Missakian, Caronna, Spinner, Reineke, Carlile, Willey, Littleworth, Snyder, Nardini, Sheild, Thompson, Strong, Mrs. Garner, Sponsor. Row 4: Brown, Lovett, Alu, Forrow, Hoser, Esensten, Coon, DiBiase, Berge, Casey, Calderwood, Gilbert, Wilson, l-lilton, Grooms, Gall, Crain. ,u i -mn? . CLEF CLUB-Novarrette, Carlile, Vanice, Currie, Moore, Fowler, Kohl, Grogan, Kierr Edmiston. Row 2: Mrs. Davise, sponsor, O'Rielly, O'Rielly, McKean, Villa- senor, Ruef, Martin, Carter, Smith, Williams. JUNIOR BOARD OF CONTROL- An important service group at Washington is the Junior Board of Control. The duties of keeping the halls clear and especially clean are met and carried out by this young organization. Those who work on the organization sacrifice th ei r usual leisurely lunch hour in order to build a better campus. TAGS-That the high standards of their goals may be met, the Tags work to promote friendship and fellowship at Washington. Winter Tags served at the Sadie, the Prom, and the KSQL. For a welcoming, Tags planned a party for incoming BlO's, the largest group to date. The girls iourney- ed to Hermosa Beach for a last social. CLEF CLUB-These musically in- clined students provide enter- tainment for our student body each semester by giving a talent show. The anticipated Clef Club assembly is one of the most fav- orably received, for we all enioy seeing our fellow classmates per- form. A mid-term party for new members is always a gala affair. CHESS CLUB-"Check!" A mem- ber ot the Chess Club warns the hostile king he is in iepardy. One wrong move and the game's over. Washington defeated Fremont High twice and later played in the rapid-transit tournament at Bell High. This all adds up to the Southern League championship tor Varsity and B teams. ORGAN GUILD-To play the or- gan for school assemblies com- prises the main duty of the Or- gan Guild members. Under the supervision and teaching ot Mrs. Mary Davise, sponsor, the Guild meets each Thursday noon. Acti- vities tor the semester included skating parties and an organ concert presented to the entire student body. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA -Educational visits to SC, UCLA, and LACC, topped the busy spring agenda of FTA. The future educators also hosted guests speakers from Pepperdine Col- lege. On the social side, FTA planned a graduation party in January and a victory party after the traditional FTA-Thespian soft- ball game. 34,411 - , CHESS CLUB-Row I: Petrie, Love, Smith, Link, Hamu, Bertilis. Row 2: Mr. Herzel, Sponsor, O'Shaughnessy, Magdaleno, DuPrie, Burgett, Barmatz, Raps, Montcig. ORGAN -GUILD-Row 1: Losey, Long, DuPee, Mrs. Davise, sponsor, Carlile, Edmiston. Row 2: Monson, Mueller, Bower. Sinn! Fw FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA-Row 1: Nocas, Monson, Pulliam, Hare, Row 2: Lewis, DeVries, Davis, Tafoya, Kronen, Brooks, Ruder, Leapson, Nichols, Castillo. Row 3: Nightengale, Simon, Kirkendall, Jasper, Collins, Van Noord, Monsma, I Anderson, Youle, Zabin, Rich, P'ttelkow. L H E n Quia GYM CLUB-Row 'I: Parkos, Kelly, Willis, Plummer, Lugo, Lindenman, Coach Perry. Row 2: Watson, Losey, Postal, Soto, Davis, Van Horne, Orcher, Gamrat. QQ ff' w. W .Q 3 4 f , VOCATIONAL PRINTERS-Row 'l: Mr. Burnett, Whitcomb, Reeves, Higginbotham. Mallyon, Heister, Elliott, McDonald. Row 2: Taylor, Townsend, Coulson, Berry, Rice, Zook, Floyd. Row 3: Lobato, Healy, Krueger, Zitzelsberger, Gibbard, Lowe, Floyd, Amador, Whittenburg. I .mlfucwu ii A .. , W , .. V J' 2 Zh-. RADIO CLUB-Row T: Potter Pierson, Dances, Olsson, Nelson, Quan. Row 2: Hague, Newlin, Dorman, Harrison, Sholly, Schulman, GYM CLUB-Each semester in a special aud call the members ot the Gym Club are presented to the student body. Every member is an artist in his own way. Al- though the group is composed mainly tor gymnastics, on a sun- ny day you can tind them at the beach or in the mountains. As an activity the Gym Club co-spon- sored a gymnastics show. VOCATIONAL PRINTERS-Co-oo perotion and diligent work create the main factors ot successful work in the vocational printing class. On entering this class, one may be awed by the rush-rush as the boys meet the deadlines ot their countless production jobs. Their ettorts and "Doc" Burnett's expert advice result in the ex- cellent publication ot the Conti- nental and Surveyor which reg- ularly receive bonus points tor printing. AMATEUR RADIO--The Amateur Radio Club prepares students tor amateur licenses and provides operating tacilities. M e m b e r s have made contacts with Alaska, Japan, Cuba, Falkland, Hawaii, Burmuda, Bahama Islands, and thirty-eight states. Seven boy s prepared tor and passed the Federal Communications Exami- nation. JUNIOR ADELPHIANS-Offering many services To The SpasTic Chil- dren's FoundaTion, The members noT only visiT The home weekly, buT aT ChrisTmas donaTe a Tully decoraTed ChrisTmas Tree. A re- ciprociTy Tea was held This spring aT The Home in which Junior Adelphians were inviTed To en- ioy a FoundaTion sponsored doll show. ADELPHIANS-Wifh Their PUT'- pose of 'iFriendship" in mind, The Adelphians visiT The SpasTic l-lome weekly To help wiTh The care of The children. The mem- bers also gave Them ChrisTmas and EasTer parTies, Selling TooT- ball programs and conTrilouTing To The InTer-Club Council's Toy drive rounded ouT The Adel- phians' program. JUNIOR ADELPHIANS-Row 1: Vickers, Landee, Olivadoti, Hills, Coon, Gall Alu, Pickens, EisensTadT, Coranna. Row 2: Mrs. Hertzog, sponsor, Ginsburg Minning, Hoser, Losey, Molnar, McQuaid, Manny, Barfhel, McKay, Clubb, Cron shaw, Braun, Mioney, Row 3: STewarT, Cole, PeTTy, Keel, Bangoy, Jones, Rickerr Cheke, Missakian, Shuey, Nolan, Monson, Traubenberg, Dudley, Shield, Thomp son, STrong. Row 4: Tymberk, JusTice, Johnson, SmiTh, Selfzer, STephenson Melendres, DiBiase, STone, Dixon, SchulTz, Phillips, Reed, RiTTer, Nordini Grooms, BeaTy, RaTner, Reynolds. ADELPHIANS-Row 'l: Purdy, Ruddy, Nissen, STewarT, CasTillo, Spiers, LaThrop, Evans, VaIenTa, Hahn, Diener, Fillman. Row 2: Miss FiTzpaTrick, sponfsor, Russell Leckie, Slover, Perkins, Lawson, OlivadoTi, GranaTo, Jasper, Schneider, l-lareTakis Logan, PemberTon, Wellbaum, Eddy. Row 3: Chisholm, Youle, Labo, Baer, Milne CanTonwine, DeVries, DevoleT, Reynolds, Perrino, Levine, McNelis, PeTers Hydell. .J-ann' J. l -I 21-rs' r f e Esta es el dia del mercado 1 1 1 1 GIRLS' VOCAL ENSEMBLE-Row 1: Metzger, Berst, Meltord, Russell, Hilleger, Banks, Villa. Row 2: Mrs. Davise, sponsor, Stillwell, Worden, Koepp, Halford, Weber, Whipple, Recami, Greer, Kay, DeJong, Younger, Bedingei, Heil. GAA BOARD-Row 'lz Medina, Hackelman, Gaston, Pittelkow, Sanders, Dem- kowicz, Gereaux, Wellbaum. Row 2: Kerr, Nightengale, Forrow, Hoser, Bates, Simon, McTaggart, Powell, Losey. GIRLS' VOCAL ENSEMBLE-Sing ing "The Girls' League Song" and "Washington We're True" with teeling and spirit at both the tall and spring Big and Little Sister Parties, the Girls' Vocal Ensemble did their part to make the new girls feel welcome. This talented and select group in this way help to build a better school. GAA BOARD-Consisting ot 22 girls, the GAA Board see to it that playday activities are planned. The installation, which saw new girls initiated into GAA, also ap- peared on the agenda. The big- gest project ot the semester was playday, but tamily night when new otticers were installed was also most important and mem- orable. TEENAIDERS-Helping with the distribution of the Red Cross cam- paign posters, Teenaiders show- ed their eagerness to help build a future for disaster victims. Com- posed of eleventh grade girls, the Teenaiders honored with a party the members bringing in the most toys for Inter-Club Coun- cil's toy drive at Christmas time. TEENTOPPERS- Helping in Mrs. Clarita Neher's office before and after school each day is the selec- ted privilege ofthe Teen Toppers. When playtime came the mem- bers, who must be at least five feet-eight inches, enioyed a bowl- ing night, an ice skating social, and an initiation party. For these occasions the girls wear the new- ly selected pin, a black and silver top hat. COMMERCE HONOR--To belong to Commerce Honor is really a distinction. Only selected students with high commercial subject rat- ings are eligible for membership. Measuring the Senior A's for caps and gowns, which builds antici- pation as graduation draws near, is the chief responsibility of the Commerce Honor members. TEENAIDERS-Row 1: Burroughs, Fillman, Eddy, M-organ, HaCklernC1H- Row 21 Clifton, Diener, Isaacson, Georgi, Hahn, Pritchett, Austin, Klusmeyer, Leapson, Row 3: Ayarian, Tafoya, Schwarz, Athenous, Berg, Haigwood, Logan, OliVGClOTI, Schneider, Van Dusen, Mrs. Bentley, sponsor. Row 4: McTciggart, Perrino, Hydell, Devolet, Gillette, Wise, Magee, Hegwood, Kerr, Granato. U El ...... -IMF Ph' TEENTOPPERS-Row 1: Heller, Worden, Sundquist, Sundquist, Miss Rollins, spon- sor, Smith, Reid, Cavadas,, Vollnogle. Row 2, Phipps, Smith Rice, Fannery, George, Gilbertson, Cushing, Weaver, Boyle. Row 3: Purcell, White, Bates, Gibeau, Wunderlich, Eschbach, Coleman. COMMERCE HONOR-Rowl: Sherwood, Hall, lsreal, Mauer, Montesano. Well- baum, Pemberton. Row 2: Sutton, Hoser, Carson, Altschuld, Pensak, Vaughn, Smith, Slover, Hyde, Carlson, Clovett. Row 3: Miss Cole, sponsor, Morris, Gillette, Rogers, Sheiderberger, Miller, Cowell, Jones, Westgate, Pendleton, Mrs. Overfield, sponsor. H V i f I 1 L x x v S R Q C, ,s.j5'5.5g Q. .R f -. .X gs X, T. S A 3.6 .. i SX X 'QE X XX Nas 4 Y r X X 5 N X X THESPIANS-Row 1: Simon, Castillo. Row 2: King, Vanderwyk, Kirkendall, Von Bloeker, Simon, Chudley, Garwood, Ritter, Harmon. Row 3: Miss Adkins, sponsor, Peterson, Smith, Fraser, Youle, Hamm, Missakian, Brown, Grain, Mrs. MacKinnon, Sponsor. Row 4: Von Bloeker, Potter, Bottger, Smith, Tracy, Jordan, Overtield, Hallas, Johnson, Peck, Baalke. NR, SQUIRES-Row 1: Pontrelli, Luraschi, Chase, Dorman, Rallis, Thompson. Row 2: Mr. Fraters, Sponsor, Amerian, Kohtz, Wells, Potter, Varnado, Mr. Aertker, sponsor. Row 3: Wyckhouse, Balsley, Benson, White, Mittleman, Orcher. MINUTEMEN-Row 1: Moore, Bailey, Clifton, Currie, Henning, Lewis, Bishop, Holmgren, Grogan.Row 2: Isaacson, Terrell, Lundeen, Nygord, Allen, Wallace, Olive, Manatt, Long, South. Row 3: Byars, Garrison, Benning, Fowler, Isreal, Johnston, l-luddleston, Bowen, Gall, Olivadoti, Sims, Coon, Logan. THESPIANS-Never a dull mo- ment comes to this active group with a service-plus-tun-aim. These actresses and actors tur- nish dramatic entertainment tor Generaltown. Collaborating with the play production class, Thes- pians achieve sensational results. Producing "Our Miss Brooks," senior pl a y, Thespians gained high acclaim. SQUIRES-Regulating the flow ot traffic in the cafeteria takes up most ot the time ot this group. They add to this the responsibil- ity ot assisting the BlO's with en- rollment and program adjust- ment. Squires also did their part in the Inter-Club Council's suc- cesstul dance, the Turkey Trot, and collected toys tor underpriv- ileged children. MINUTEMEN-No, t hey don't count time! Minutemen are re- sponsible tor publicizing all the activities of the Cherrytree Cam- pus. This includes sending noti- tications ot all major events to the Washington alumni and to various newspapers. S e rv i n g Washington through the year has proved a big iob tor this group ot Marthas. iii 3'-Q Z" f72r - V. fc' f " fx, 4, T' WINTER KNIGHTS AND LADIES-One can al- ways recognize a Knight or Lady by his quick pace and his eager, friendly face. These select students learn to honor by unselfishly serv- ing Their school. At a secret ceremony in the Vice-Principals' office, Knights and Ladies are installed. Proudly donning their distinctive navy and red svveaters, Ladies are seen ad- orning the administrative offices and library with flowers or assisting a substitute teacher. Knights are observed each day raising and lovvering the flag, one of their traditional duties. These two groups work together- building Washington. Each semester the Knights and Ladies sponsor a formal dance which the entire student body enjoys. The winter K84L will be remembered for its theme, "Moon Indigo," in a lovely deep blue back- ground. 'V WD Q ' Kathy Allen Richie Amerian Bob Armstrong George Baffa Alan Benson Marilyn Bowen Kenny Chase Bob Cooper Craig Evans Cathy Federer Art Franzon Jackie Frost Barbara Garrison Judy Huntling Tony lnfererra Pat Johnston Evelyn Labo Fred Losey Betty Lundeen Marilyn Manolio Nancy Nygord Mara Lee Simon 51 ,W X MN MIKE ENSCH Knight President SUMMER KNIGHTS AND LA- DIES-Plonning The KILL clonce onnuolly wiTh oi secreT Theme is one of The ocTiv'iTies ThoT These honored seniors fulfill. KnighTs oncl Lodies ore officiol hosTs cinol hosTesses of Wcish- ingTon. KnighTs oncl Loolies oc- cumuloTe poinTs in leoiolership, scholorship oinol service ThroughouT Their yeors c1T Gen- erolTovvn, ond They Try To be grocious ond helpful in oll siT- uoTions orising in The cloiss- room or on The compus. Mike Ensch goineol The presiolenT's seoT in The KnighTs while Jo Boiilly oTToineol The posiTion of Locly presiclenT. DuTies ore monifolol ond ore perfomeol vviTh The supervision of Mr. N o r m ci n SchcichTer, Knighf sponsor, ond Mrs. Ruby Doivis, Locly sponsor. An olcl TrodiTion of rciising ond lowering The flog eoch cloy is The privilege of The Knighfs. The Lciclies keep our Trophies sparkling by clecining Them regulorly. SUMMER KNIGHTS AND LADIES JO BAILLY Lady President are N01 Judi Vander Laan Rick Villasenor Terry Wehr Ann Youle Knot picture-di Dick Mittleman Jo Bailly Jim Brooks Doris Carlson Don Carter Russ Clark Jeannette Donley Mike Ensch Lowell Hirsch Barbara Holmgren Kay Keillor Wesley Kohtz Mary Ann Lathrop Kay McAllister Stewart McKean Joan Murphy Marilyn Nuttman Terry Pittlekow Gayla Powell Tom Pulliam Judy Purdy John Rallis Beverly Reynolds Dave Roberts Marie Salvinger Caroline Stewart 5, lu J Richie Amerian 'M .-.0 it 54 Marilyn Bowen Bob Cooper Beify Luncleen Marilyn Monolio EPHEBIANS-To bear The honor oT Ephebian is one OT The high-lighTs of our school year. This honor goes To one ouT of every TorTy of The graduaTing seniors. ApplicaTions called Tor a senior To lisT five maior honors received aT WashingTon, To give scholarship sTanding endorsed by Ten Teachers, and To wriTe a IeTTer To The TaculTy commiTTee sTaTing vvhy Ephebian membership is desired. The TaculTy carefully screens The applicanTs and voTes Tor The specified number. During Their sTay aT WashingTon These seniors have on The whole proved To everyone ThaT They have characTer, morals, spiriT, scholarship, and leadership. Ephebians are a ciTy-wide socieTy, To belong is a highly soughT honor. The purpose is To uniTe The ouTsTanding graduaTes in vvork upon civic proiecTs and beTTer leadership. To These seniors a greaT Task has been awarded. WiTh The TaiTh ThaT has backed These Ephebians, iT is expecTed of each To Tulfill ThaT TrusT To iTs uTmosT. AS ADULTS, EPHEBIANS WILL BUILD Jo Bailly Doris Carlson Jeanette Donley Mike Ensch Wesley Kohtz Mary Ann Lathrop Marilyn NuttmTan John Rallis Lynda Sader WITH CDTHER CIVIC ARCHITECTS sr Richie Amerian Harry Bower Charles Herget Betty Lundeen Sandra Paul 56 QQ Alan Benson Cathy Federer Evelyn Lobo Marilyn Manolio Mara Lee Simon i , c, 4 , -4:27 f A In 1 M . S., qmail-I f iil wf' .1 ,rf Q We ,, . r'fix?Ttfe.s-21 :if as W 2 1 fs Q- r ,, f 51, Marilyn Bowen Barbara Garrison Norma Lofgren Bill Milburn Carol Sims WINTER AND SEALBEARERS-Qualifications for this hon- or organization require a student To be- come a member of The Scholarship Society for four semesters, one of which musr be in The senior year. Sealbearers have life membership in the California Scholarship Federation as a reward for being studious. Sealbearers receive gold seals on their di- plomas and all school records. 5, ,Z , ,cf l 324 r I is . . s S' e so my ' x gifs: El I sis: . ss s ?'f ' Ona Lesa Von Bloeker l SUMMER SEALBEARERS 41 my an-.., Fw-f Jeanne Moore Helga Baendel Linda Bamforcl Marie Salvinger Caroline Chudley Clarene DeVries Mariorie Hilborn Lowell Hirsch Dianne Nichols Nancy Pendleton Lynda Sader Margaret Sherwood Aww? , ff A Jeannine Cahill Jeannette Donley Kay Keillor Tom Pulliam Barbara Weaver D-:ras Carlson Colleen Ford Rosemary Monsma Beverly Reynolds Ann Youle 57 WINTER SCHOLARSHIP CABINET-Row I: Smith, Salvinger, Garrison, Sader, Moore. Row 2: Pirflekow, Olivadofi, Bower, Hoser, Simon. WE STRIVE TCD CONSTRUCT A FIRST YEAR SCHOLARSHIP-Row I: Guggere, Milne, Missakian, Cassia, Srickney, Losey, Esensfen, Wellbaum. Row 2: Hughes Forrow, Hoser, Clwdley, Levine, Hollinger, Ricketr, Sponer, Slweiolerberger. Row 3: Runsvold, Baldwin, Greene, Lenthall Burns Losey, Alpern, McKendry, Waclris, O'Reilly, Edmunds, Slover, Carlile. ' if SUMMER SCHOLARSHIP CABINET-Wycklnouse, Hegwood, Salvinger, Ralls, Balsley. HIGH STANDARD OF SCHGLARSHIP OLD TORCHBEARERS-Row 1: Cahill, Harmon, Weaver, Youle, Johnson. Row 2: Hufchinson, Hilborn, Ford, Piftlekovv, Wai- lace, Moore, Olivadofi, Swaney, Osgood, Reynolds, Row 3: Morgan, Salvinger, Monsrna, Pitman, Montesano, Sherwood Carlson, Nichols, McTaggarT, Mr. Lawyer, sponsor. Row 4: Porter, Mittlernan, Dorman, Forstad, Bartolini, Akers, Balsley, Rolls, Wyckhouse. OLD TORCHBEARERS-Row 'l: Lukken, Lawson, SmiTh, Miller, Harmon, WesTgaTe. Row 2: :char Sm: h Row 3: Raps, Wyckhouse, Ralls, Balsley, MonTesano. OLD TORCHBEARERS-Two HS's and a W" on a Torch sym- bolize The meaning aT This honor organizaTion of CherryTree Campus. Scholarship Tor service defines The meaning of The Two S's and The W characTerizes Washingfon. Sponsored by Mr. Frances Lawyer, This worThy organizaTion has gained Top billing in WashingTon's Scholarship SocieTy. The requiremenT Tor Old Torchbearers is simply making Scholarship Tor Three semesTers. One oT The ouTsTanding characTerisTics of This or- ganizaTion is The TuToring service given by The Old Torch- bearers To sTudenTs in need of help. As Tar as any acTiviTies are concerned, The Old Torchbearers SocieTy parTicipaTes in The regular program OT The Scholarship SocieTy. Old Torch- bearers are midway beTween new members and Sealbearers. Because The excellenT and beneTicial TuncTion OT This socieTy is "Scholarship Tor Service," Old Torchbearers sTand ready To serve The school when duTy calls, always ready. Pullen, BoTTger, Bourgon, Hopper Pol QLD AND ,www I I Xf' xyw' NEW TORCHBEARERS-Row 1: Davis, Schwarz, Smith, DeVries, Lawson, Miller, Sickels, Row 2: Dunhem, Billings, Georgi Leapson, Arnestoy, Chisholm, Simon, Westgate, Mrs. Werminghouse, Sponsor. Row 3: Ensch, Bottger, Smith, Clark, Lockhart Maguire, Hopper, Pullen. NEW TGRCHBEARERS Happy faces are proof that scholars aren'f "sticks-in-the-mud" s....,R X if J A X X N -Q-ss N Y 1 ti K' l! f I X Rick Villasenor Terry Wehr Ann Youle Charles Gralewski Lowell Hirsch Stewart McKean BOYS' AND GIRLS' STATE BOYS' AND GIRLS' STATE-Every year several boys and one girl are selec- ted to represent Washington at Boys' and Girls' State, a convention of iun- ior lawmakers. This honor is awarded to those who show an interest in his- tory and civics, participate in school affairs and school activities, and are deemed worthy of this distinctive hon- or by their subject teachers. The Wash- ington representatives found it a pri- vilege and a pleasure to work in close contact with the other representatives from all the rest of the states. QUILL AND SCROLL-This is on honor reserved Tor Those ouTsTonding Sur- veyor anol ConTinenTal staff members who meeT The loosic iournalisTic re- quiremenTs. ln addition, canoliolaTes Tor Quill and Scroll must have demon- sTroTeol Tully To The saTisTocTion of The sToTT adviser ThoT They meriT The owoirol Through scholarship, service, and iour- nalisTic ochievemenTs. Working Toward All-American sTaTus, The members of These Two groups puT a greaT deol of Time, eTTorT, and ThoughT inTo Their iobs. Alan Benson Jim Brooks Violet Chisholm Russ Clark Rick Dickhens Cathy Federer Trudy Giordano Mary Ann Lathrop Ronnie Moskowitz Gayla Powell Beverl Re nolds QUILL AND SCROLL Julia Russell Joan Smith Helen Stumbo Barbara Weaver lNoT Picrurecll Judy Guggere Jay Hall Nick Nicassio Kathy Smifh ffvm ft '5 i. xx ,K 2 if ff fi l 4 51 , s- ---f. X '-'-' 4 4, Xi, W Z, Q1931,-5Q:f55E5E'::'5i5,N " ' V" ' ,, 41 " TX'W'2i2's5s" fm SN... Q. 3 .. XMB. N M , M , in ORGANIZATIONS AND HGNORS CONSTRUCT CHARACTER Q4, -.fV..Q V 1 :..i . -Q ,, ,,,V.+J,, ,.. '- Q , QQ QQ ,. Q Ma V -. :. -QQ,Q,5::, . -,, .Q- ,'V,,,.V V -j Y .VJ 1- -.57 -. .1V. .e.. f,,y..,:fQ-'1 ' " V ., f, Q --4 PM 1 w ,QQ,,.1.3 Q ni Q X sf Q ., , ,T - Y Q Q. -., A 1 I k - . 1 ,Q 1224 ,V ,Q 1 H X ,Q ,. ,Ax 86:5 v V.-lg.. Q -Qf -LVV Q ,IQ f V , ::!"L?:3f.i "V ' 'ff . A ,Q ,Q ,ig , Q , , gg F - f .:,-.., f,-- -Q ,-, - -Q5 .g 'Q 4--yu Q, V w-:..L:- rm -- f , V: V 'VLQ ..v,Vf,,,1. - war .V1,f,5.,.L11f. Q sf 1 -W- .1 . .,Q., ,, ., V .-'ff .kj , V Q vu:Vtl5.Lq'V:-Q, -rj-V1 Q -:nw . , Q g " ' afwiar' -' X-'aff-f 1 1 -',,j V. ..z ,, Q A N, Y VL V-guy --V f - .- '- -V- Q 4:4 .4,5Rz,Q,QQ. v- V. .' J. ,- -.,: Vw U. ' 'MQ ' I Q ,. .- Q -, 1. m-f1V-.1,Y.:-ffgylig QQQQ:,AfQj't55 Qfxyg- 'f 32... . Q- Q ' 'QTL-T'V1'1 fi -V ,ur x 6 -' Y Q,'Ql.f"-fl. Eg-'N f V. if 'i ' 1, .Q-1, Q' , K 2 . VQ ,yeL,Qf 3, a-,:Qf5AQQQQ, V mf ,455 'T ..JLLi5QQ-7-3.-,'fQiQ1Q':, 4QVEl:i:L,- - -- V. 34-Q,.:w ' 'f .VL-wi : -..' VV .. , ,, .V , rim.. .6-L, , Q .V N., Q ,VQ.5Q, Q..-wi-M mf, 1 Q Q , Q VV .gf Q , . .,V. -.-r-,-EVQL'--.-rf" gf-: I .:"5gv f .. .-1.-,711 ,.' if 1 - ..,, .tu ..:-. Vw.-,Q .5 ..,,., M sm - 1, --v--,X QQQ,,,q .M -.,Q-. Q , A I HM, 'QW V, ,.- . AL 4- V , ld '42 I Q Q QQ, . ww If? H -sf . ' "-L '.-f f'L".'r'jiT-if F V 11' -1-'62 Afhzkff "W-V" W - 'LQLVZV' :rf-. -1' EFr,Qfs-'u31j? A1 V, N5-:'-'T'x.z1"L was ' . -V -Y Q .Q,,Q.,--1-,-1-s'.4w--' V -"" , A V ,. ,fs-,-1 ' " iff' 'fli'Wf"- 1' ' ' ,.w': - i ' -H- . 1,-... . rn ig. 44,55Q',-:keg-1i:'gQ.Q-Vf .:V vvv.,Q...Q,. ,. .,., . i2,1g,faf2f-1V-ff M , ":vg-..Q Q-f , . ,Q ..-r " VA- znggk V -.-Q . Q---V mx T , Q Q,-fx :Q-.vds3"f5::, 'Q 'fyfi' 42 Q,QQQt,,, QQ, RFQ? V, . 4 I . . Q Q -,Jaw , ' ' : -2' '- -fn-M N EET' '?-4?"ff :Q-af 'Ti N Qs-.NQ Q J A ,,QQ1,,,V,.gv,,.g.., , 4.5.13 V rr -- A . f -Y. -Q 'px 'zum-' . 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" 1'-'Ju VfJ"i"3- 'zsf-mf, fW:"-- 'wa M- qw-133'-1 A-s'1va-'1,,:-'.,.,. .w 'J - . . . .. ...-57.7, MY, P ., .7 ,., NFL , . ,NW 1. . , . . . .1 L-. 4,. -. -nw ,WMA ,-,gpm -.:,i,,k.A:.. ,-1.444 1 1 My ' 'S N 4.5 w if 1 L .zw "WL 4 K, K VE: 'N' me a Z A ' , Ygzwi V '- 1, 1 x A 1 11 '1 4 -4 ' I 1 ',. 4 ' gy if 1 'X ' 'S "xy" u' 2 ' ' ff" ffligda J f- 'v ' Vive " . .1 ', ,,5 " N X1 , " 1 ,' " im " ' s?94 km , . I ACTIW A CAPPELLA BAND L CALENDARS CONTINENTAL DANCES DRUM AND BUGLE FILM PROJECTION ORCHESTRA SONG AND CHEER LEADERS STAGE SOUND SURVEYOR ACTIVITIES MOLD CHARACTER SEPTEMBER I3 Enrollment I7-Kick-Ott Donce BIO Assembly 29-Big onoi Little Sister Poirty OCTOBER -Conquistodor Recognition Doy -P-TA Drive -Scholorslwip Teo -Instollotion Assembly -BIO Mothers Teo -Activity Book Revvorol Assembly Milk Bowl Gome -P-TA Revvorcl Assembly -Footboll Rolly -Sodie Hovvkin's Donce -Noon Roy Movie NOVEMBER -Inter-Club Council Sock Hop -Senior Ploy -Senior Ploy -Sclfiolorslfiip Bonquet -Bosketboll Rolly -Knights' onol Loclies' Donce -Report Cords -Noon Aud Coll -Orcltestro Concert DECEMBER -Loolies' Alumnoe Bonquet -Christmos Progrom -Continentol Progrom Christmois Prog rom -Senior Mothers' Teo -Coibinet Donce -Noon Aucl Coll -Scliolorslnip Assembly JANUARY -Nominoting Assembly -Closs Assemblies -Cobinet Assembly -Senior Prom -Instollotion Assembly A Coppello Cltoir Concert -AI2 Report Corcl Doy Sen ior-A, Foicu lty Breoktost FEBRUARY 8-Just Joizz All-Stors Concert II-Volentine Boll Dcince 23-Scnolorsltip Teo Loncer Recognition Doy 24-lnstollotion Assembly MARCH 2-Clet Club Assembly 3-BIO Mothers' Teo 4-Activity Book Dclnce 8-Just Jozz All-Stors Assembly 9-Heoltlt Week Assembly II-Inter-Club Council Sports Night I5-Spring Spcrts Roilly I8-Alumni Hi-Jinks Snow 23-Activity Book Movie 25-Soclie I-Iovvkins Donce 29-Sclwoloirslwip Assembly APRIL I3-Report Coirols I5-Just Jozz All-Stors Assembly I9-Trovelogue Assembly 20-Trovelogue Assembly 22-Knights' oinol Loolies' Donce 26-Excltonge A Coppelloi Assembly 27-Open House MAY -4-Mr. Wosltington Contest 6-Alumni Doy IO-Spring Revue Scliolorship Breoiktost II-Spring Revue I7-Nominoting Asembly I8-Senior Mothers' Teo: 20-Inter-Club Council Sports Night 24-Bonol Assembly 26-Closs Assemblies 27-Senior Prom JUNE 3-Girls' Doy Boys' Auto Show I3-AI2 Closs Doy I4-Senior A Report Cords Just Joizz All-Stoirs Assembly I5-Distribution ot Continentols I 7-Commencement DRUM AND BUGLE-Row 1: Shock, Galbreath, Jones, Coontz, Chisholm, Frantz, McKay, Clifton, Musso, Huntling, South, Sellers, Bremm, Johnston, Lewis, Moore, Isaacson, Davlantes, Manny. Row 2: Vega, Carrol, Frost, Murphy, Is- rael, Allen, Bailley, Leapson, Magretto, Fowler, Peterson,Trouba, Currie, Manolio, Nygord, Terrell, Graves, Heitzman, Vanderwyk, Bearden, Smith, Poynter, Pollaccia, Schiszler, Diener, Van Dusen, Minich, Ohigian, Lundbald, Mullon, Svoboda. Row 3: Bowen, Henning, Boyes, Cline, Wolford, Anderson, Livingston, Kirchoff, Klusmeyer, Austin, Mc- Bride. Row 4: Mauer, Romberger, Pritchett, Claussen, Phillips, Georgi, Amestoy, Gich, Vanderlaan, Olive, Mehlig, B omquist. DRUM AND BUGLE-Referred to as the backbone of our school spirit and regarded as the best marching drill team in the city are but two of the laurels heaped upon the attractive organization know as the Drum and Bugle Corps. These precise marching gals paraded at all home football games, special assemblies, and rallies. Practicing their intricate steps and routines during fourth period gym class and after school, the D818 certainly adds color and pageantry to any and all school activities. Judy I-luntling, the fall maiorette, was succeeded by Sonia Fowler in the springtime. DRUM AND BUGLE I W ' f s I s mg ...... W- ...s... JUDY HUNTLING Eager girls watch Judy Huntling's baton for their cue Vvlnler Molorelle oo YQVWW W 1 l 35:2 BAND-Row I: Beeler, Pittlekow, Schaupp, Kemper, Vallee, Monson, Abbott, sponsor, Smith, Crooks, Stimson, Ruef, Bryarly, Moore. Row 2: Carter, Schuman, Bremmer, Talbot, Lo Cicero, Maloff, Fenderson, Jones, Sutton, Ralston, Bottger, Wood, Sanford, Stack, Bower. Row 3: Ward, Bowlus, Balfour, Love, Hoban, Phelps, Riclaa, Reed, Row 4: Salsman, McDonnell, Wall, Dorman, Robinson, Tafoya, Williams, Harman. BAND-Playing at football halftimes, the General band with Russell Smith, drum major, does a sharp iob of pacing the Drum and Bugle Corps. Rain or shine, the band is always on the iob. Speaking of rain, the General band and Drum and Bugle Corps marched in mud which was up to their ears at the Garfield game! The annual Band Concert is something everyone looks forward to and enioys. Also at Open House everyone enioys hearing the band per- form. Under the able direction of Mr. Wilfred Abbott, every year the Washington band leads, directs, enlists, and encourages school spirit-vital need for all intramural and league games, contests, and school activities. Such building took many long hours. BAND SONJA FOWLER l l C V K , sg Summer Mciiorette Mr. Abbott and Don carter strike up the band of 7 T' Q... 1 fi ,..,NX . T' YM: in - 5 SONG LEADERS-STone, Anderson, D'Ignazio, BroTherTon, Wil- kerson, Smouse. CHEER LEADERS-Losey, SmiTh, Armsfrong. SONG AND CHEER LEADERS-One of The loesT Team builders oT school spiriT, our song and cheer leaders, performed aT various aud calls and rallies. The song and cheer leaders were presenT aT all sporTs acTiviTies and They did a Tine iolo of represenring us when we played away Tram home. The song leaders performed no small Task in leading The Generals in The school songs, even wiThouT The aid of The band aT Times. The cheer leaders led The yells aT all The sporTs acTivi- Ties and These guys vvenT all ouT To work up school spiriT. VViTh crazy anTics and loud shouTs, They Tumlo- led Their way inTo The hearTs of The GeneralTovvn STU- denTs. In Trim uniTorms and smarT sweaTers, The song and cheer leaders kepT up our repuTaTion Tor TerriTic school spiriT. SUMMER SONG LEADERS-Miller, Gold, D'lgnazio, Lehr. SUMMER CHEER LEADERS-Nocera, Ricks, Davis, Farrell. '.XswY ge. f . s: R3 W, T A H T T T , , , . 1--M' 'i sl 'F W . if A ' . I' hx T A CAPPELLA CHOIR Row 'I: Gilbert, Leapson, Athenous, Kerr, McBride, Fosmo, Jones, Villasenor, Smith, Harmon, McKean, Plourde Deaton, Hegwood, Gattuso, Helbing, Franke, Goodale, Harlan, Moore. Row 2: Fowler, D'lgnazio, Klusmeyer, Pelletier, Purdy, Hart, Beam Semmens, Eggen, Schizler, Bolwell, Dutton, Roieski, Labo, Elmore, Willard, Grogan, Mr. Lyman, director. Row 3: Cullimore, Smith, Cushing Schizler, Miles, Purcell, Ford, Ruder, Radford, Vollnogle, Spinner, Reid, Hicks, Holmgren, Georgi, Baendel, Bates, Kronen. Row 4: Lundsdal Zelman, Bourgon, Ruef, Wilson, Carl, Overstreet, Martin, Lauderdale, Carlson, McGavran, Burns, Burt, Roberts, White, Nicassio, Wood son, Monson, Hallis.Row 5: Miner, Ricks, Davis, Hartman, Baalke, Rikala, Wolfe, Pope, Watson, Blake, Scott, Robinson, Smith, Tisdale Farr, White, Fitzpatrick, McClure, Thyden, McKendry. A CAPPELLA CHOIR-Bringing honor to the name of George Washington is the outstand- ing A Cappella Choir. The biggest single production undertaken this year was "Amahl and the Night Visitors," a Christmas opera by Menotti. Twice during the year the choir trans- cribed a half-hour program for "Young America Sings," a broadcast over KFI. Choir members still brag about their new robes, purchased for them from the student body funds. Memorable choir activities include a trip to Van Nuys High for a music festival, an exchange assembly wtih Excelsior Union High at Norwalk, and the colorful Spring Review. Rick Villasenor served as president of A Cappella Choir the first semester and Steve Tisdale, the second. ACAPPELLA AND GRCHESTRA ORCHESTRA-All through this past year, Washington's fine orchestra, under the direction of Mr. Wilfred Abbott, has delighted students with some very good music. Whether it be a classical selection for the serious minded student, a fast piece of iazz for some of those "real cool kats," or a smooth 'pop tune, Washington's orchestra is able to pro- duce any or all in the best of style. Contributing the accompaniment and background for "Amahl and the Night Visitors," this musical group gave the finishing touch to the Christmas operetta. Playing at both graduations, the orchestra also has a big part in our annual Spring Revue. The entire student body at a regular aud enioyed a full-hour con- cert. ORCHESTRA-Row 'lz Rosene, Edmonsten, Lofgren, Youngman, Chabot, Crooks, Vallee, Van Valkenburg, Hammerstrom, Fritchia, Row 2 Esensten, Fabrizio, Hopper, Lafoya, Follin, Polichar, Smoian, Larsen, Greene, Hibner, Livings. Row 3: Stearns, Hirsch, Anderson Williams, Lewis, Carter, LoCicero, Tafoya, Mr. Abbott, director, Moore, Balfour, Bowlus, Ward, Salvinger, Church, Ciolek, Sutton. is . . , , ,fr NX X og L I XS Q 3 NN-O I .6 kms! Myw+ .f Mr. Soderberg, AI Benson and Cathy Federer discuss merits of their weekly paper WE PUBLISH THE SURVEYOR IN CO-ORDINATION WITH THE PRINT SHOP KM -. ALAN BENSON BEVERLY REYNOLDS Winter Surveyor Editor Summer Surveyor Editor 70 SURVEYOR STAFF-Hopi Row 1: Coplin, Guggere, Schneider, Perrino, Hydell, Powell, Federer, Dickhens, Smith. Row 2: Nicassio, Tullock, Benson, Thierse, White, Lewis, Baalke, Moscowitz, Mr. Soderberg, Adviser. lBotloml-Row 'l: Moscowitz, Dickhens, Thierse. Row 2: Smith, Baalke, Guggere, Nicassio, Hydell, Tullock, Benson, in---l SURVEYOR-Clicking typewriters with diligent staff members preparing to meet the deadlines is a typieal scene in the Surveyor bungalow. Efficient work resulted in honor such as receiving first place for makeup at the Los Angeles City College Press Day. This is but one of the various awards that our Cherrytree iournal has encountered through recent years. Participating in service for Generaltown of this quality and having a hand in turning out their paper has created con- tinuous enioyment for the Surveyor staff. Under the leadership of Mr. Louis Soderberg these students attain valuable exper- ience in journalistic work. Editor Benson gives timely advice to his scribes R s . .5 1-.Fic 'fi LAR' EXW, Vi Chisholm, Asistant Editor, Julia Russell, Senior Picture Editor, Sharon Klusmeyer, Deanne McBride, Judy Purdy, Group Picture Editor, Jim Brooks, Sports Editor, Lynda Sader WE WORK ON THE CONTINENTAL CONTINENTAL-Putting out an annual such as our Continental is a tremendous iob. The whole statt, along with our adviser, spent hour atter hour ot diligent work and concentra- tion on this Continental. The goal-striving o produce a book that would please our cherry- tree campus and be rated high with the press association critics. Plans were drawn up at the beginning ot the semester. The staff chose a theme, decided on a cover, and selected paper and type that would compliment the theme. Building began. Each statt member, headed by Editor Russ Clark, had a specific job. A publicity campaign got underway. Lay- outs were drawn up. During the next weeks group pictures, casual pictures, and individual pictures were taken by our photographer, Anthony Loya. RUSS CLARK VIOLET CHISHOLM GORDON FRY Editor Assistant Editor Art Editor f0hvW Wwmwmhmmg 'YN' may ' if www. '1 Z +1 4, ,-4 56143: v ""fvt"1 " 1 l,,,5x'j. vs 'fs' 4 M 04, Ml .M 9 is sf ",fV'f. ar- M SP gg '- new " -sw gg!-5 1. E l lg fl I 9 Z' an f fx A Barbara Wever, Publicity and Business Manger, Nancy Hydell, Mary Ann Lathrop, Copy Editor, Rich Overfield. CONTINENTAL-Identification on all pictures had to be taken and checked tor accuracy. Copy was assigned to staff members and also to the neophites, who will plan next years book. Producing an annual involves much detail work. Pictures have to be cut precisely, copy has to be written and rewritten, yet, work can't slack, for deadlines have to be met. When all the pictures and copy were pasted in the dummy and the book was ready to goto press, there was a sigh of relief and satisfaction, for the record ot our school actviities had been made, and the i955 Continental was built. if ,fs J Q. 'l b' .4 CONTINENTAL STAFF-Row 'lz Sader, Levine, Russell, athrop, Klusmeyer, Chisholm. Row 2: l-legwood, McBride, l-lydell, Collins, Anderson, Purdy, Weaver, Tingirides. ow 3: Miss Pillsbury, adviser, Davis, Overfield, Brooks, Gerde, Mr. Burnett, printing adviser, Fry, McKendry, Clark, Miss Miller, art adviser. 73 rauvi PROJECTlONlSTS-Showing pac- Tures in clossrooms is only one of or film proiecTionisTs iolos. Providing slides, sTill film, ond record ployers for vcirious closses ore omong The du- Ties of This group. Under Mr. Normoin Noonons supervision, These boys leoirn To cuT ond splice film, oil The mochines, ond run The proiecTors. SOUND CREW-WiThouT sound Tech- nicions There would be mony hoorse ThrooTs ofTer rollies ond ossemblies, for sound crew boys seT up The need- ed public oddress sysTem. Sound crew members work oT oll oThleTic evenTs ond The senior ploy. Cur school donces, omong Them The Senior Prom, TesTs The lighTing ingenuiTy of The sound crew. STAGE CREW-Were iT noT for The STosge Crew, our Thespions, olThough ciuife good oT ocTing, would be lefT in The dork. Affer oTTending mony of our cissemblies oind plciys, one con soy ThouT our boys reolly do commendolole work in seTTing up props, monoging sound, cind lighTing, ond oll oTher Technicolifies deoling wiTh bocksfcige work. FILM PROJECTIONISTS-Row I: Wiesnor, CorbeTT, HusTing, Minnis, Brush, Row 2: GomroT, BlecksmiTh, Duprie, Price, Blolock, LoRue, Morgon, Simone. Row S: Mr. Noonan, sponsor, Boolke, Kresol, Foirchild, I-lonescko, Welsh, Allen, Coil. SOUND CREW-Row 'lx Pugh, Dixon, l-lovill, Hoyes, l-lcindy, Newlni, Auoh, l-lcrrrsion, O'Toole Row 2: l-louge, Cormono, Hulse, l-londy, Osdole, Lehmon, Shimp, Symcmek, Rodriguez, Sholly. STAGE CREW-Row 1: Mr. AbboTT, sponsor, Tedesco, Sonrich, ScoTT. Row 2: Hcxrtinger, Hough, Vifoli, Gills, lmbrendo. l I E x SH H, 5 " 'f,f Assisted by Russ Clark and Vi Chisholm, Miss Pillsbury leads the Continental train towards ci successful book Q 5 Z 4 .5 - ,,,, ff A ,. I ,V 2 an ,,,r I f ,f C ?Q , f 4 ,V AV ,,,, , , gf ,, 2 Z F 2541 .Q AIR CENTER-Row 1: Taylor, Ralston, Mr. Benefiel, sponsorg Scmforcx, Boncmno. "SHALL WE DANCE?" DANCES-Hearlding the end of a Senior A's lite at Wash- ington are the traditional Sen- 'ior Proms given twice a year in honor ot the senior class which will graduate. The Win- ter Prom committee chose "Fantasy in Moonlight" for the theme ot the Prom which crowned Bob Armstrong and Arlene Schock king and queen ot the evening. Another tormal dance which highlights each semester is the K81L with the theme always kept secret until the couples arrive. With strik- ing decorations of deep blue surrounding the dancing area, "Mood Indigo" carried out the theme ot the Winter K8fL. Which g uy has the craziest garter? That was the question at the summer Sadie Hawkins' Dance where tun lovers poured into the Boys' Gym donning garters of all kinds. Marryin' Sam had a booming business at the dance, and in the way ot contests, the girl-shave- boy's-tace race added untor- getable humor. The Sadie is vigorously attended every term by a hugh crowd. The Valen- tine Hop with hugh red heart in the background, Candycane Ball, and the Turkey Trot, where a live turkey was awarded as the doorprize, ad- ded gaity to the testive sea- sons ot the year. W ' f . i Q Q ie Q 'wr gm I gnu QQ: X ,WV I 1 Z f 1 1 '4 ml 2, W, 4. "Doc" Burnett's print shop boys turn out all our printed workin the modern, well-equipped school shop During a football game, DSB stepperettes occupy Jack Webb's time The elite meet to eat fir Q The army band builds support around Spring Rally l Q M1 Q ' O 1 My-,. 'nQN. X Harvey Sherman and Don Buoscio ioin the crowd gathering around "Pop" Anderson for beginning instructions Joan Murphy and Fred Losey happily register at K8.L -We l 62-ww Xwwfifw 4 "Dig the crazy spark plugs," says Nick Mallis Mr. York trains future Henry Fords -..kc var' Co-ed archery class awaifs Miss Gary's signal lo open fire I, , :V ,,.,. M 52 nr ,,.,,, f ,. ' iw C V QW i 0 'mm-1 ' in in in N These ambitious chefs are ouf lo prove that loo many cooks don'l' spoil the broth 80 ' 1 . N Nr rn,-w,..,a:-3 . , 1 EQ ,, , ., .f, Nj, PM Av I J-,., . .. fx- 'P'-' 'if 1 wx. -. ,,..,.. ,..,- YYYY,. . V .VT,,,, , , H, M ,.,1 A f , - -xx ' -X 1: A-P-,..,.,,N :1,,,.,,.,,g,,,,, f x,,. M.. .- 1 f fr"-' '-ry' ' ' Fp.-X X . V1 17 , H ,-' 1 . ,. . , . 1 . , , xY ,V,, -,,, X Z , X IV, ., -, , X ,I 1, ' Lv V ' F 1 J "x ---'ff' T'-- ' - ix: ' - V :- BASEBALL BASKETBALL COACHES CROSS COUNTRY FOOTBALL GAA GYMNASTICS MODERN DANCE MUSIC DRAMA Bill Culler Lew Dunning WE DEVELOP HEALTHY MINDS AND STRONG BODIES VARSITY SCORES FOOTBALL .Jefferson . . . .Roosevelt . . . .Gorfielol .... .Monuol Arts . .Fremont .... B FOOTBALL .Jefferson . . . .Roosevelt . . . .Gorfield .... .Monuol Arts . .Fremont .... CROSS COUNTRY .Jefferson . . . .Roosevelt . . . .Monuol Arts . .Gorfielcl .... BASEBALL .Jefferson . . . .Roosevelt . . . Monuol Arts . Gorfielol .... .Jefferson . . . Roosevelt . . . Monuol Arts . .Gorflelol .... BASKETBALL .Jefferson . . . .Jefferson . . . .Monuol Arts .Monuol Arts . .Roosevelt . . . .Roosevelt . . . .Gorfielol . .. .Gorfielol . . . GYMNASTICS .Jefferson . . . .Roosevelt . . . .Gorfield .... .Mclnuol Arts . TRACK .Jefferson . . . .Roosevelt . . . .Monuczl Arts . .Gorfielcl .... TENNES .Roosevelt . . . .Gorfielol ... .Jefferson . . . .Monuol Arts . Joe Barry Harry Perry John Sanders Bob White W George Baffa Larry Brush Richard Busclo VARSITY FOOTBALL VARSITY FOOTBALL-Row 1: Dragotto, Lubanko, Brush, Roberts, Valenzuela, Wagner, Gralevvski, Gralevvski, Pell, Bafta, Stuckey. Row 2: Cruson, Carrion, Amador, Adkins, Smith, Tisdale, Kane, Floyd, Graydor, Noble, Ferlazzo, Terrell, Schmidt, Goyan. Row 3: Coach Dunning, Pugh, O'Callahan, Lingard, Floral, Little, l-leister, Johnson, Pontrelli, Miller, Tvveedle, Gilmore, Shortridge, Coach Culler. Row 4: Whitcomb, manager, Tomano, Frontino, Lawson, Spears, Martinez, Judd, Hamer, Hutton, Feies, Langnes, Freeze, Paul, Grimes. Row 5: Dalton, lntererra, Parkinson, Feies, Hammett, Gerde, Hines, Golott, Buoscio, I-lill, Coll. ',,r "i'l'1'1 -21-1 f..1 -"1.f 1 4 ' ' T . T T :MW i f 7 Whitcomb, Langnes, Tisdale, Shortridge, Gilmore, Tweedle, l'llV19S, F9lE'S, Teffell- Bernie Dalton Chuck Gralewskl VARSITY FOOTBALL-Coach Culler's massive maulers ot the gridiron provided many an ex- citing afternoon tor all toot- ball spectators. Although they didn't quite live up to pre-sea- son expectations, the Generals placed tourth in the toughest league in the city sporting a record ot two wins, tvvo losses and one tie. Using the single- vving type ottense exclusively, the team played each game with such intense spirit and de- termination that the tans couldn't help but admire them. VARSITY FOOTBALL-Intense hope and interest is mirrored on the taces ot these pigskin- ners as they watch the varsity football team in a close scor- ing grid clash. Represented here is the backbone ot any team, the reserves. Morale en- couragement is their specialty. an 4 . Lge? www f f ff e! , an l fe? Y .V ...yn if ' .Mrk Dragotfo Sam Ferlazzo Jack Floyd Rich Gmlewski Z"1..E Goloff Bob Hammitt Warren Hill Gino lmbrendo fcny lnfererra Jerry Johnson George Lubanko Bob Pell Mike Pontrelli Dave Roberts Don Valenzuela Vern Wagner B FCDGTBALL me was Q twwwusw age ts B Q J 44f42 B FOOTBALL-Row 'l: Lawlor, Darling, LaRosa, Hayward, Wells, Price, lseberg, Eiland Arnold, Fastow, Harbour, Davis. Row 2: Lancaster, Boney, Kubes, Pitts, Shipley, Williams, Basch, Albertini, Martinet, Ricks, Wright, Young, Johnson, Anclrasit, Juarez, Alsup. Row 3: Jaramillo, Bourgon, Piazza, Hickey, Steene, Wilson, Wachs, Burns, Gardetto, Harbour, McClure, Lubanko, Snook, Worsham, Dewey, Hall, Dixon, Coach Perry. Row 4: Ensch, Lindenmen, lsenberg, Bartell, Shapiro, Buier, Neil, Saffar, Jepson, Hammon, Snedden, Lukken, Awato, Farrell, Van Fossen, Overstreet, Manager. Row 5: Romero, Kuhns, Farmer, Morgan, Carrian, Rose, Adamovich, Thompson, Pack, Salazar, Pickering Force, Vacirca, Morrisette, Nocera, Coach Simonian, Coach Dugard, 1 1 B FOOTBALL-Last year's Southern League champs turned in a mediocre record of three wins and two losses. These mighty midgets had close calls in almost every game they played. They barely squeaked by Jefferson in the league opener by the margin of 8-6. This victory was followed by nar- row but impressive wins over Garfield and Manual Arts. The B's victory train was derailed against Roosevelt as they suffered their first setback, and a week later lost to Fremont. Jim Davis Bob Jaramillo k x 1,02 U '. an 'A 'f W- v... Z X . vyf. '1 1 ,. M f HL-ft .why ' , 1 4.1 2 M, ,Jw 1,1 ,,f . ,,, .an ' V 1 ff -an ,4 yaflf Q' ' Y, ,J gf. Larry Brush makes a desperate lunge for Jefferson ball carrier FALL SEMESTER FEATURES FOOTBALL A mass of players swarm lmbrenda FOOTBALL-Shown here is Gino lm- brenda ripping oft a sizeable gain against San Pedro in the annual P-TA Milk Bowl Game. Gino was iniured the week before in a practice game with Dorsey. As a result, he played very little against San Pedro. The sub- stitute tailback, Jack Floyd, emerged the General's hero for the game with his passing attack. One of his com- pleted aerials hit Bob Pell in the end zone for an Army touchdown, Sam Ferlazzo's conversion flew wide to the left of the goal post, and the score tabulated 6-O. The game Pirates bounced back to win with a narrow edge, 7-6. Gino lmbrenda drives through for a lasf minute score Vern Wagner makes a driving plunge into the Roosevelt line ' ' "4Hi?lfvn IB 3' FOOTBALL-A diving tackle by Frank Dragotto and a desperate goal line stand staved off a last minute rally and gave the Generals a 6-6 tie with the Demos in the seasons Dixie Loop opener. The Generals bounced back from a close tie with Jeff to trounce thoroughly the Ted- dies from Roosevelt to the tune of 32-O. The Army men completely dominated the game on both offense and defense. With Vern Wagner and Dave Roberts leading the attack, the Army men routed the Gar- field B ul l d o g s by a convincing 13-O score. The win tied Washington with Jefferson for second place. Garfield looks for a receiver as Generals close in Art Franzon John Lippert VARSITY BASKETBALL-This year's hoopsters, although rated as weak opposition, surprised many fans by almost knocking over some of the league's most powerful teams. The season highlight was the second Manual Arts game when the club from Generaltown edged the Toilers in a hard fought 49-48 contest. The season's record showed two wins over Gar- field and one over Manual as well as tive setbacks and two automatic torteits to Fre- mont. Lettering seniors were Co-captains John Rettberg and Art Franzon, Lowell Hirsch, Terry Wehr, Jim Swenson, Phil LaLoggia, and John Wetmore. The team selected Rettberg as its most valuable player, and the Helms Board ot Basketball placed John on the tirst string All-Southern League team. VARSITY BASKETBALL--Row 'l: Wetmore, Gertsen, Hirsch, Evans, Swenson, Row 2 Coach Sanders Smith Franzon, Wehr, Bates, Dozal, Lippert, manager. fill VARSITY BASKETBALL 'Oldlimer" Mr. Corus snares the ball in annual Senior-Faculty game Richard Gerlsen Lowell Hirsch Norm Smith Jim Swenson John Reffberg Terry Wehr John Wetmore P361 """s-1 ,, 59 C BASKETBALL-Row 1: Coach White, Heinze, Edmunds, Short, Lager, Vine, Gafes. Row 2: Floyd, Longworth, Bechtloff, Severe, Retfberg, Langley, Delgado, Mullen. B BASKETBALL-Row 1: Coach White, Maguire, Slweldrake, Lane, Crowfher, Forsyfhe, Bryraly manager. Row 2: Ensch, Tirfilli, McFadden, Cordova, Luebben, Ludlow, Jones, Sullivan, IB -any -W9 .gw W lid' .IV BASKETBALL-Row 'I: Honescko, Deiro, Glover, Lee, Woehl, Peiper. Row 2: Johnson Mclntyre Beskos, Tcitoyo, Boll, Couch Gregory. JV, B, C BASKETBALL JV's, B's, C's-The JV's sparked by consis- tently scoring center, Jim Brooks, ond top re- bounder, Donny Woehl, ended the secison with three wins ond seven losses. Plciymoker for the JV's was little Deon Miller. Bob Tirtilli ond Bob Cordovo shared the scoring honors for the mighty B's. Counting exhibition gomes, the B's hcid ci seven-gcime win streok going until Monuol Arts come olong ond dumped them. They ended the seoson with four wins ond four losses. 4 ? John Rettberg and John Wetmore fight for the ball against the Wilson Mules c John Gregory deftly escapes the trap of Lowell Hirsch in Senior Faculty G Lowell Hirsch ouliumps Charlie Dugan lo begin Army offensive Q.-1:16 M . ,pw kiwi , ,, 'X-53914 wif :' JIQF5' .MQ X A ,L , 'VWJ ,A vw, , vi ,yr xx A X--g ' .:.,. . ig X , w.,,,,, wg. ' , , " QQ 'Wm Q J Q59 W ,, X N f . Q A -ff .W xx . lxlk x . MAW. , Q 1 Q , , ,M Mu M 4 ,L Rf. , . JU A 1 W'-F955 'W f f, 315 V K w J fv Z f as flu. 5 gi K S Mick Connell George Davies Wesley De Vore Jim Faucet! Dave Gonzales Alan Johnson VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY--Row 'I: Gonzales, Schmiiz, Vogel. Row 2: Coach Barry, Connell, FauceTT,WesT phalen. cizoss couNTRY CROSS COUNTRY-The Theme song for These leaTher-lungers could go someThing like This, 'Over hill over dale, we hiT The dusTy Trail." For ThaT is exacTly vvhaT cross-counTry boys do every aTTernoon on Their home course aT Normandie and Imperial. The undermanned varsiTy had a mediocre season, l:auT They can be proud of The spiriT They manifesTed. The nexT Tvvo years should be a liTTle laeTTer, Tor The .l.V.'s and TenTh graders have some promising boys on Their squads. In The League finals Del SchmiTz The var- siTy's Top harrier, placed TwelTTh. , , Y, -. i is Q J i J ,.,.-i f - i-L. 11, V A X A ' f" , svfqgri y . W f s. f if , ,, C .,,., .A , Z . f ww gag S? gg R "' ., ,,. , REQ? i f it . ., ft I ,ps 14 4 ':""-' V: A E, c f, 5. .a gf-Es! , ...y in Qhbx X 9 z S Q 'Q liifuwi 3 VARSITY TRACK-Row 1: Faucett, Miller, Feies, Cooper, Wintien, Patton. Row 2: Coach Barry, Dozal, Ensch, Shipley, Hickey, Schmitz, Watts, Vogel, Eiland, Eisenberg, Row 3: Cox, Vance, Burchinal, Hill, Ondrasilc, Judd, Holloway, Coach Sanders. Row 4: Mudd, Cox, Deibel, Johnson, Akers, McDaniels, Williams, Buoscio, Westphalen, Mitchell, Sizemore. B TRACK-Row 1: McLaughlin, Ward, Williams, Simoneau, Suffer, Dilday, Ceronsani, Jones, White. Row 2: Addison, Palozzolo, Rodriguez, Lawson, Rub- alcava, Hunter, Hough, Gonzales Veinot, Ellis, Farrell. C TRACK-Row 1: Hart, Fastow, Bradley, Humber, Howell. Row 2: De Vore, Underhill, Ensch, Nelson, Brake, Kaiser. Row 3: Circelli Tomsick, Evans, Darnell, Vacirca, Comrie, Noack, Harbour. VARSITY TRACK-The Gen- - erals' thinclads suffered from lack of depth more than any- thing else this spring. Paced by such speedburners as Ray Cooper, Gil Feies, Tom Dilday, Glen Westphalen, and Del Schmitz, the varsity tracksters compiled a league record of tw two wins and two losses. Coach Barry's cindermen beat the Garfield Bulldogs and the Roosevelt Roughriders, but were defeated by the Jefferson Democrats by the lopsided score of 87-l7 and by Manual Arts, 89-l5. 96 T. Akers R. Buoscio R. Cooper W. DeVore T. Dilday J. Dozal R. Eiland J. Eisenberg M. Ensch G. Farrell J. Fauceff P. Fefes D. Gonzales R. Hunter B. Jones F. Judd R. Lawson D. McLaughlin H. McDcnieIs R. Miller W. McFadden P. Patton S. Palcxzolo D. Ondrasik D. Schmitz ' J. Shipley R. Watts G. Westphalen J. Williams N. Winiien 97 VARSITY BASEBALL-Coach W h i te's varsity horsehiders were led by returning letter- men Rich Gralewski, Wain Ward, Johnny Moroney, and Jim Miner. An All-CIF transter from Mt. Carmel named Mar Gallego helped tremendously to till the gap left by the grad- uation ot most ot last year's team. The other slots in the line-up were filled by candi- dates up from the J. V.'s and by new prospects and aspi- rants who didn't see much ac- tion last year. The load was carried by Rich Gralewski, Washington's All-S o u t h e r n candidate. Last year big Rich pitched himself to a berth on the second string All-Southern Baseball team as an eleventh grader. VARSITY BASEBALL-Row 'l: Magnante, Darcy, Miller, Laudenback, Kinley, Young Row 2: Coach White, Gallego, Portone, Moroney, Hammett, Young, Lindberg Row 3: Bryarly, manager, Crown, Ward, Gralewski, Miner, Honescko, Bates Taylor, Clark, manager. 2 fi .' lui? 45 Ji e.f,3 T J yy y J. V. BASEBALL-Row 1: Arbor, Bechtlott, Van Hoorebeke, Burns, Johnson, Gib- son, Row 2: Harmon, manager, Langley, O'Callahan, Gilpin, Lubanko, Brooks, Russell, Van Fossen, Hill, manager. Row 3: Coach Culler, Arnold, Hughie, Miner, lnfantino, Sheldrake, Birch, Coach Galceran. Bob Bates Mar Gallego Rich Grulewski Bert Lindberg Bob Hummiif Jim Miner John Moroney Don Porfone Wain Ward fr wi if :fy , ff' 9 X , ya 4 f f QS. xr ln., Golf team sharpens up the driving eye Jubliant players gather around Coach White after victory over Manual fwfi Q9 b Q N V A .aw my R UT.-.V QS ,X x54A,ffxS.x Al- 6 35 N5 "XXX W 's .Q ' N , , f ' f Wf Army speedster, Bob Bates, beats throw to third base Dean Mill er starts Army rally with a double M U f g - ff f . W wwf" ' f ,f MW.-W . W AW? U f M 4 f W , , rl , , V , ' A I 0 A, , , V ,M 1 -1 ' Q 4 ,,,,,, 2, ,Wa,,,, If , .,, ' f Q. f 7 h fm' 1 My Www' , 1 43 f ' ' '3 1 , ' r P' ,, 1 . 4 g ,rf my ,, ,G M, ,, A W,,,.,,M,.U.W,, V ,6 f f y , ,. h 6 ,, .4i,, A X wi , . . , 4 , M -W . ff 449' 'WW' ,, , , ' 40, 7' Q K U '4'f,559L4v, X 2 4 4? wt, A-aww '77 4 'Cf ' X N" ,, ' '7'dZfWf'wW Q" 1f'fY'MzWZz" M" ' X , 5 2, , ff , . Aww " , ., V , . f V, Af 1. 4' N j' f - 5 , A 1 if V, iw X 7 ,, ,,,,,,,W , , , W 4, V , ,Q ,,, W ,, , , Q f V, , wwf , " H: 1 w g, ",w2fn2 M C ' H 'rf ff' X f wr, V Q V 0 if ,MV Q, ,,Mi4,L, fman, 3,1 I , ff . gqwl wxya ,aww fzayw , .Jw ,WAW W , lv A, , ,way ' W "Ma ' 4 , V i Denny Combs Don Combs Jim Davis Jerry Duhon Jerry Farrell Tom Ganz Dennis Kirkwood Jerry Linclenman VARSITY GYMNASTICS-Are you one of The unTorTunaTe few who missed seeing our gym Team in acTion This year? IT you did, you really missed someThing, Tor These well co- ordinaTed aThleTes have To be seen To be appreciaTed. Th e members of The gym Team combine muscle wiTh graceful- ness, The resulT being a rouTine of sheer amazemenT. The boys were good enough To noTch a league record of Two wins and Two losses aTTer losing Two successive exhibiTion maTches. The Demos Tro m .leTTerson were crushed lOO-l9, and The Garfield Bulldogs were Tramp- led To The Tune of 79-40. Roose- velT, The SouThern l.eague's besT. deTeaTed The Generals 71-48. 41 Gene Watson Bill Woodson GYMNASTICS 'ln fybq Aff af 41 Y' 4 47' if 71 ff 'V W. W WX Z QW? QW? as ss NWA W , W id Y W 1 5 f . ' A' ,, ,- I Y f 6, 7' F , v mt! f 4 W L , W L N, Lt, 'T ' " 1 I Tony Lugo Louie Nocera Oscar Soto x,.-I ,fs- ,if GYM TEAM-Row l: Nocera, Burgoyne, Martin, Dutton, Soto, Woodson, Parker, Gibbard, Morgan, Row 2: Havill, Farrell, Williams, Lewis, Davis, Ricks, Lauderdale, Ganz, Lindenman, Kelly, Dixon, Coach Perry, Row 3: Combs,, Singleton, Lugo, Kirkwood, Watson Willis, Plummer, Gamrat, Gates, Finck, Combs, Over- street, manager. fi O . 1 xafxirf .v"""'X lO11 Larry Bertram Bob Delgado Mike Gcxrot Wesley Kohtz Russ Lockhart Weston Love Jim Lucas Andy Maguire Mike Monsolino George Miller Leighton Nelson Bob Ogden Dale Ordas Bob Wright VARSITY TENNIS-Row I: Coach Dunning, Kraus, Weiss, Harrison, Moskowitz, DeLong, Delgado Row 2 Nelson Wright Kohtz Miller Ordas. Row 3: Mansolino, Bertram, Ogden, Lucas, Love, Garot, Maguire, Lockhart, Dearing VARSITY TENNIS-Although tennis isn't a spectator sport here at Washington, it certain- ly doesn't go unnoticed. One of the reasons for this is Bob Delgado. Bob placed sixth in the nation last year as a fif- teen-year old. He is now top man and co-captain of the ten- nis team. At the Dudley Tennis Tournament during Easter va- cation, Lew Dunning's netters fared quite well as the afore- mentioned Delgado got as far as the semi-finals before being set down in defeat by the eventual winner of the tour- nament, top-seeded Norm Per- ry. From five hundred compe- ting, Andy Maguire and Russ Lockhart reached the second round. TENNIS One of the Kings displays his finery to young "Amah'I" in the production, "Amahl and the Night Visitors." Just Jazz All-Stars provide entertainment at Red Cross Success Sto DRAMA AND 106 Ed Baalke plays in a scene from a Thespian noon drama Robert Holman stars in a scene from "AmahI and the Night Visitors" VVM JUST JAZZ ALL-STARS-Row 1: McKean, Lawlor, Carrer, Demetre, Clark, Lewus Plummer Row 3 Stearns Joham McDonnell Williams Mul ler. Row 3: Crooks, Bowlus, Saleh, Balfour. Mr. Summons' pool provides relaxation for girls' gym classes lO8 MODERN DANCE-Row 1: Dilly, Williams, Haydon Von Bloeker Rudynski Row 2 Miller Senter Bernst Lugo Myers Welsh Losey Ban goy Coyle, Grenchik. Shinn. Row 3: Canterbury Ayarian Aquisto Peterson Dozal Griffin Becker Nissen Alhadetf Granger Amestoy Williams, Inman, D'Ablaing, Munsey. Row 4: Fiffe Masses Magretto Austin Given Valenti Cahill Kline Katz Sales Dixon Peterson Pit man Stark, Arnold, Castillo, Moser. MODERN DANCE-So you want to dance. Well, whether it's mod- ern or mambo, classic or iazz, we have it. The obiective of the mod- ern d a n ce class is to express ideas through medium ot move- ment. Mrs. Nancy Stuart with knowledge and high ambitions has been an inspiring intluence tor the terpsichorians whose pro- ductions have been excellent. The annual Spring Revue which was a great success, interpreted "Dance in the Valley." Through dancing and singing the class performances included the Big and Little Sister Party with the theme "Carousel," the Girls' League Installation to the theme ot "Fantasy," the Alumni show which gave a "Variety ot Dances," and play day carrying out the dance symposium, and "interpretative" d a n c e s from "AmahI and the Night Visitors." 5- ? VFR W K N xwx .Assn l is Y MN TNWWN NT fi-v-ns Gino lmbrenda smashes off tackle against the Toilers I f Roger Eiland soars over the twelve foot mark Terry Wehr scrambles for rebound against Manual Arts. Norm Smith attempts tip in while Rettberg and Evans look 0 ,,,W,,,-v V X. H.. x wx., w 55 1 I 1 ,U , Jerry Eisenberg clears six feet in a crucial iump 0, I fgfwfexiiy f it f ff fi, il? 5 E 1, 7 Lancaster and Boney are iniured in action "Rocky" Jordan, "Bevo" Sanders, and "Cyclone" Culler open Senior Faculty game Army line tears Roosevelt apart ll2 , -- ,, H Jn: ,-T.:,,'fn . , , ,.,,, ,. A , .1, ,1.x.-Q-Q-V' rm, , 4, , f . , ,, .- VY. ' ..,, L , - .,,.,,5 . I. , , . ,V ., ,.,..:1,, , -g ' V, ,ww h 2, .. , . ,:-f-Q- an - . 4 4:1 .,,v, Sig 11. Lg - 1 UE: -Q gr . f --A -,--'T ':, ...f,. -iw:-QV. .. ,X .1 .Agri .fy x , r 1--f r 2--W., ,-. Y 51 -we, .- ' , " ,'1L.'fff Q , ' 1 p:,1,,-:,w,f,:-mb,Aw,-.5 ..,,.- .MM L , ,, I , v F ?'?Q'55,L Q -.1 '1 uf LJLZSZG '37 1 3 'E' .uf 'L"i'f'T 4547? ', ' , Ji ' Y J?"-'f1,.'-zlefu " ,V ,., W V- .- f . QW. , A ,pr A4 . 1,-'.,,., . ww QM-g.,.,,4. ff-1 - - . ,, . ,, ,- YV :kk .-.QE , 1wL:.?..:f.F,, .,-nf' ,.-.xg ,. ,fy-gg-I x .lx : . w : af V' 1"L , x . A - :Q , -1' - sm :.pp,fe,... 1' ,-'A -13:-fr ""'+:-fzmrr. 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Row 3: Streu: er, Armstrong, Floyd, Gilpin 1 Gibson, Newman, Ensch, Forst- nnaier, Farmer, Sowby, Row 4: Gibbard, Fuerst, Gates, Gin- ino, Forsyth, Everly, Murray, Faulkner, Gleeson, Stewart. li r 1 3 W 5 .xg E Q -1 1- xf- 52,3 E 9 'iff L ,rc , ! 4 'R ri Z v4 ,I lfa' 10th GRADE Row 1: Muto, Vandergrift, Maluri, McClure, McCallson, McMiIlion, Schaad, Penn, Le- vine, Schultz. Row 2: Reiner, Rydbrink, Sciuto, Mains, Man- solino, Morrell, Leonetti, Lopez, Malone, Price, Ringstrorn. Row 3: Lucas, Weiss, Lewis, Ru- cler, Reid, Shepard, Robinson, Keiser, Rieback. Row 4: Rixey, Circelli, Osdale, Romero, Le- iuwaan, Kidd, Klump, Seal, Miller, Liggins, Nelson. Row 'l: Hansen, Grigory, Doyle, Bistolas, C o o p e r, Campbell, Corton, Gunn, Gonzales, Latt- man. Row 2: Gentry, Hank- ley, Castro, Greene, Brown, Walker, G r u b e r, Denenny, Charpentier, Bell, Grabowski, Bobey. Row 3: Earwood Hay- ley, Ackerman, Faulist, Fahr- man, DeNunzio, Boyle, Forsen, Eliason, Mayer, Bower, Ben- bow, Coady. Row 4: Bennett, Grant, Chapman, Blalock, Dri- ber, Harvey, Baimbridge, Bry- ant, Ball, DeWalt, Beauchamp. Row 'l: Maitland, Lewis, Liv- ings, Manley, Landee, Lin- stead, Larsen, Macias, Martin, Le Febvre, Mattison, Row 2: Harmon, Ratterty, Lyman, Kor- wes, LaLoggia, Koneck, Man- solino, Gregg, Mathews, Hot- tar. Row 3: Lager, Koepp, Johnsen, Knodel, Jenkins, lsen- berg, Hottarth, Grater, Kuhns, l-lovey, Row 4: Kirkland, Kre- sal, Kelson, Kline, Johnston, Hayward, Kruger, Hutton, Lar- rison, Keillor, Hebner. .as ND qt f L 941 E J ,, X Z.: VZ We lOth GRADE Row 'l: Townsend, Peterson, Vinet, Lyons, Stoiewa, Staws- berry, Rottman, Marsh, Rutter, Hood. Row 2: Garcia, Swen- son, Swift, Roberts, Phillips, Neel, Vernon, Kawachi, Lar- son, Schoenberger, Walz, Pete- ersen, Mclieag. Row 3: Fordi- ani, Musland, Ryan, Thomp- son, Whitfield, Van Hoorebeke, Sewart, Miceli, Pennington, Saffar, Schellschmidt, Row 4: Johnson, Evans, Feldman, Ger- ber, Echsted, Fowler, lnfantino, Drozda, Kaufmann, Ellis, Gor- don, lnnes, l-lalchak. Row 1: Rosenberg, Potter, Phelps, Read, Ohigian, Lu- banko, Almsted, Morgan Row 4: Miner, Love, Neil Litherland, Perrin, Moser, Pearson. Row 4: Noack, Mudd, Pickering, O'- Callahan, Pavasic, Smtih Lit- tle, Nelson, Rettberg, Luzzo, Peters. Row 1: Willahan, Vanderphas, Davis, DeCuir, Brooks, Dewar, Tate, Simmons, Webb, Row 2: Combs, Smith, Crockett, Ad- amson, Van Hoorebeke, Brop- hy, Spears, McNally, Slick Row 3: Wolfe, Combs, White Cole, Cubitt, Vance, Allen, De Luca, Thompson, Jerryf Row 4: Crawford, Weishaar, Bilotti, Sora, Smith, Skinner, Vold, Petty, Crigler, Millaud. 1 ll 5 VW? bk, il si? Row 'I: Hymes, Holmes, Hew- son, Hughlet, Evans, Clark Crosier, Eschbach, Davis, Kem- per. Row 2: Farmer, Kelsey Elder, Diehl, Denman, Dutton Day, Dorsey, Dances, Hoff Jue. Row 3: Howke, Curry, Crowe, Evers, DeBell, Hutchin- son, Holland, Johnson, Cullen Row 4: Jones, Wadlcins, East- man, Elgin, Englund, Klein- struber, Heil, Traubenberg, Willis, Flannely, DeCastaldo, Davis. Row 1: Ward, Seger, Taylor Templin, Underwood, Van Val: kenburg, Wand, Schneider. Row 2: Shew, Eteiner, Del Cie llo, Walther, Westrate, Samonian, Russell. Row 4: Thorpe, Thirkill, Wundedlich, Watson, Vickers, Wood, Vollo- witz, Wilson, Tell. Row 4: W h i t, Warmelin, Whipple, Winn, Schulman, Davis, Stir- rat, Spencer. Row 1: Russell, Lewis, Parcels DiJerlalao, G i b s o n, Roland Diefenbach, R o g a n, Enscoe Richardson. Row 3: LeGaux Dominguez, Rainwater, Steph- e n s o n, Burcheri, Granato Gibbs, Allen, Large, Newmani Row 3: Grimes, Martinez, Judd Barath, Dekker, Maior, Malone Edmonds. Row 4: Schaeffer Wong, Nauiokas, La w s o n H o u g h, Williams, Maddux Larson, Agnello. 1 1 1 1 1 1 FLMLW yur--' yr- Atwood, Bartlett, Ham- Row 1: Glisch, Hard, Follin, Hall, Gram, Ground, Anderson, Hager, Greer. Row 2: Gerde, merstrom, Grier, Gehersky, Amos, Baumann, Adams. Row 3: Alloway, Beam, Beaty, Brannan, Braun, Bishop, Berkeley, Freckleton, Fritsche. Row 4: Arnaelsteen, Becker, Ginesburg, Hamilton, Blodgett, Antonucci, Phen, Halden, osep . Row 1: Mortenson, Norris, Ward, Pell, Patton, Phillips, Zito, Ritchie, Lloyd, Landek. Row 2: Danibrosio, Testa, John- son, Burk, Taylor, Soldano, Kuhn, McClure, Atkinson, Henry. Row 3: Israel, Nichols, Tarmo, Nelson, Peterson, Paris, Vanderlip, Robbins, Lange, Moffat, Morris, Cuccio, Galatioto. Row 4: Maraz, Link, Johnson, Tolman, Kain, Sutton, DeCastro, Hurley, Milano, Sparks, Young, Lancellotto, Armenta. , ,, sf 10th GRADE l l 7 u MSE 4 Row I: Rice, Richter, McClure, Niemeyer, Pope, Rae, Roth, Ruggles, Petty, Pool, McKay, Nordhausen, Porter, Row 3: Phipps, Mil- ler, Moretto, Morgan, Reed, Phillips, Pulliam, Riley, Risdon: Row 4: Beltran, Miller, Moore, Murphy, O'Kane, Rich- ison, Buchanan, Gay, Miller, Mooney, Nightengale, Ostendndort. Roberts, Nordin, Ocasio, Minning, O'Brien, Roemisch, Porterfield, Mistriel, McDowell, Hendrix, Row 2: Row I: Campa, Cole, Lair, Nocas, Carl, Colvett, Bueneman, Brown, Burkman, Callihan. Row 2: Calwell, Cimo, Church, Canale, Cavadas, Coyle, Cass, Cody. Row 3: Ciolek, Chadderton, Burger, Chamberlain, Cleary, Carlon, Dav- idson, Cassou, Cote, Clubb, Hayford. Row 4: Clark, Buier, D'Arelli, Deibel, De Long, Delgado, Stewart, Cooper, Waite, W ? me 1Orh GRADE l I l Row 1: Bertram, Buclwig, Babore, Barmatz, Bates, Broule te, Meyers, Barner, Basch. Row 2: Owens, Pritchette, Stan- ley, Ross, Palmer, Kinnear, Young, Milne, Stull. Row 3: Phil-lips, Peterson, Olson, Morris, Nash, Rave, Polic, Osborne, Row 'I: Rountree, Runsvold, McRae, McNelis, Rosenberg, Zabin, Holdsberg, Miller, Wright, Sheidenberger. Row 2: Wise, Haretakis, Yerger, Winkler, Perrino, Schneider, Williams, Seright, Worden, Fillman, Henderson. Row 3: Wil- liams, Oclassen, Richardson, Gonzales, Selvaggio, Yates, Rogers, Smith, Willoughby, Dahlkoeter, Wilcut. Row 4: Henson, Samuels, Foster, Ruth, Ruggles, Root, Rudynski, Hartman, Fraser, Crigler, Jones. -vi fm 7 W? W 4 5 2 6 mf Q 4 ' 9 VW , f ,, 7, f, -WH' - llth GRADE ll9 WY! ff' ur"""':, ""l-'ara 1 3. 1 Row 1: .Ve r'ACNxO5'GF, Row 3: Wiilirwes, Bisico, Kfsei Lindefrwcn, S'es?c's, SCP., f'.foo"':m, Nouiokcs, Olscf, Zeur'cz"', R'JbGlCUJG, .'.'T'l'::"s, 'v'J5r1'fen Cwsori Dofs. .1 'craf'-5, '-anis", Eff: Sf' ow 2 foo-2 sue c, .'!i"'e, Bofgcr, F4 e .e er K e .mf ii, Lcfg,-w:"5', FEW: vp J cffcns ow 4 ' mar f.',c'sf. ','feVl, JJ? HJ 2 f' 0 ff ees X50 sc' Row 1: Coyle, GwECK""D', Dxcok, 39135, De-Pc"3e, Esensfef, E'5e'.s'oo', CCl'C"'G Finney, Alu. B':.-uf ff-."de's:', Cc1's:", Cpeki, CGW e N5-efs, G'ee'be'g, Cc", Avfcgcsi Fooie Bda-y G:'d-'cf Dfce Cfcfge' 515' G: ,C::' Sandie, sef, B I-Q-v 542 'g . , , f ' 1 we ' I l 0 f ' V yi Q bw! 'v qignfww Y I X, f jj l 1 M y I lr-Q' 4 My 4 5 M :Q 4 f' 41 , NJ Row 1: Levine, Hollinger, Hilton, Bangoy, Keel, Balogh, Hain, Littleworth, Chlderwood, Kerr, Junkin. Row 2: Jensen, lsreal, Hayden, Jones, Beauchamp, Smullen, Hoser, Hans, Hueston, Bredsen, Losey, Atkinson. Row 3: Hough, Hol- loway, McClure, Lawson, Johnson, Pearson, Romero, chatzlein. Row 4: Howell, Jones, Levinsno, l-lowland, Di- Giuro, Moriarty, McNutt, Smith, Ehret, Mays, Eide. Row 1: Collins, Baer, Circelli, Baldwin, Cushing, Bowman, Bilodeau, Accardo, Antonares, Hubbard, Row 2: Berg, Anderson, Bates, Brown, Franzen, Finley, Cassia, Butren, De La Vera, Cunningham, Clark, Clem. .Row 3: Buchea, Austin, Burroughs, Cantonwine, De Vries, Schatzlein, Wachs, Juarez, Valway, Mulhauser, Brown, Denis. Row 4: Severe, Slight, Montag, White, Watson, Stearns, Webb, Greene, Ward, Freese, Witte. r--W-.,..,..-N 4 , y AWIQQ 6 f , VV Mya 1, J' ,M , if jf'-'ty-if ,M ff' W' 'W Hfh GRADE l2l in - Eggs R Row 'l: Strong, Yarmus, Sweet, Silverstein, Stone, Shield, Thompson, Ritter, Willey. Row 2: Gonzales, Birk, Lu- ther, Magee, Wright, Wilcox, Chelner, Griffin, Hernandez,, Callura, Downey, Taylor. Row 3: Black, Thurman, Stan- ton, Bernsf, Ure, Vannice, Rieft, Saunders, Sams. Row 4: Collamer, Dobbins, Bryarly, Black, Smith, Braievich, Mon- toya, Clark, Gamrat, Goyen, Dearing, Barnikel, Edmunds, Pierce. Row I: Dvorak, Parkos, Higgonbotham, Melford, Gibbard, Lowe, Floyd, Cerasani. Row 2: Lowe, Carey, Chernoff, Cox, Devore, Gehl, Hulse. Row 3: Boyd, Creal, Ogden, Rodriguez, Harrison, Symanek, Houge, Rotman, Warner, Gee. Row 4: Rogers, Bartosh, Savage, Davies, Clark, Holstin, Newlin, Sholly, Hollermeier. hmmm I M, , Q' A J' 'pf 3- W5 J 1 we . , y Z,-3, ga' an 7 S it ', PX I 1 lm W V 'eiiz i um GRADE W' wa- :-lfj-ff f,QyA:I Q 3: , KN '--.5 cn' x ., ' ' - ,493 'N -W Y ,c fi, ' ,, ' - A - 1 Row 1: Speares, McKendry, Cruson, Smith, Short, Shipley, Satfor, Hammett, Magnante, Ward. Row 2: Hickey, Jones, Koser, Ostrom, Hopper, Jacobson, Seder, Hynes, ohnson, Lo Circero, Johnson, Hayworth. Row 3: Elser ,Mos- tert, Hamilton, Judd, Martin, Smith, Marx, Johnson, Juarez, Smith, Powell. Row 4: Hayward, Honescko, Hoban, John- ston, Hayley, Shannon, McClure, Hooton, Hoppe, Johnson, Ferrara. Row 'l: Franke, Cowell, Gonder, Hill, Gillette, Wisenburger, Milne, Gierds. Row 2: Cianfarani, Gilbertson, Hen- drickson, Edwards ,Shinn, Senter, Goss. Row 3: Rapoza Denham, Rivers, Gilbert, Reid, Mehwald, Flores, Devolet. Row 4: Gonzales, Rousey, Mitchell, Gertsen, Pope, Overfield, Parkinson, Portone. Wa f f 7 ,, pen Z 1 J ' 'll ,.,w-., , - y ,,,,, y ,,,,, 1 swf ff W i 'V , . ZX? "' N "7 I 'l I 7' A A ,f 2 -x ir , W ? , if were ww X 4-E f ff QW Q5 gl fi, Q tw , , X f Q t , sr 4 -- V 5 E H t 3 I A ,Z 4 ---1 "" N sf Q i L i is it it s ss g A gi. ,X , , y t , .i Row 1: Peto, Molner, Owens, Merrick, Nixon, Osborn, Missakian, Pickens, Ratner, Reynolds. Row 2: Platt, Molnar, Reineke, Oliver, Manny, Thlick, Nardini, Nolan. Row 3: Cross, Ness, LaRue, Karasch, Holman, Ellis, Gutierrez, Rice, Schrodek. Row 4: Lancaster, McCann, Watson, Scott, Maguire, Kaiser, Sandel, Mullen, Lewis. Row 1: Hupp, McClendon, Bowyer, Kirkendall, Isaacs, Kerr, Inman, McWaters. Row 2: Klusmeyer, Logan, McBride, Eslcenazi, Lawson, Brown, D'AreIli, Thompson, Zimmer, Walters, Wendt. Row 3: Stillwell, Hughes, Kobabe, Land- graf, Hannah, Jasper, Haigwood, Lukken, Medina. Row 4: Lee, Hopkey, McFarIine, Likes, Magretto, Haleo, Kal- oostian, Landee, Le Pre, Fallert. llth GRADE 1 xlwms...-4 w e .fm -. - A-Q-.unlli A W. Row 'I: Morgan, Bernstein, Banks, Colvvell, Schwartz, Svvaney, Van Der Wyk, Baskerville, Wellbaum, Beals, Rey- nolds, Sarlowe. Row 2: Smith, Stack, Santoro, Ticlyman, Miller, Emerson, Wallace, Miller, Vaughan, Youngman, Nelson, Mordica, Pollaccia, Reis, Billings. Row 3: Semmens, McCombs, Puckett, Conkey, Myers, Mitchell, Schaupp, Sickels. Row 4: Moore, Poynter, Ogle, Olivadoti, Montesano, Landis, Seboldt, Jordan, Pitman, Slover, Pemeber- ton, Stone. Row 1: Berry, Passalocqua, Reeves, Amador, Von Bloeker, Monk, Turner, Thomas, Davis, Davis. Row 2: Frontino, Dutton, Boas, Rini, Fischbach, Lehman, Zook, Floyd, McDonald, Wolfe. Row 3: Gordon, Rice, Duprie, Isenberg, Bliven, Tracy, Anthony, Row 4: Stienmetz, Kennedy, Balsley, Wyckhouse, Watson, Greenup, McGuire, Berry, Tan- gen, Swanson, Stevenson, Wolfe. 12th GRADE 125 www X 11" , L- Row I: Lundbald, Becker, Beam, Beirs, Beak, Burnell, Bradach, Malakowsky, Berger, Button. Row 2: Maugeri G . . ray, Lehr, Mehlig, Kronen, Bearden, Mauer, Leapson, Schweppe. Row 3: Zaiss, Sapp, Lein, Klier, Kuhl, Kukoly Jones, Maier, Halford, Stephens, Gralewski. Row 4: Hamann, Dilley, Hendrickson, Leiuwann, Connell, Hayward Molnar, Link, Larson, Lester, Thompson, Levenberg. Row 1: Kelly, Colvett, Hall, Hall, Hackelman, Gaston, McDermont, McKeag, Clifton, Row 2: Dannecker Hawk- ins, Mafhany, Holman, Decker, Hahn, Barnholdt, Huddleston, Isaacson, Green, Grogan. Row 3: Hanke Hollenbeck Tafoya, Pieper, Mueller, Smith, Rikala, Ordas, Martinet. Row 4: Preece, Ranieri, Oberding, Willahan, Raps, Scholle, Ralls, Rule, Datria. ian GRADE VALIANTS-l'Voliont deeds todoy lecid to greoter success tomorrow." The pre- ceding is the motto the closs ot Winter '55 chose. On recognition doy the Voil- ionts received their very bright Chinese red ond chorcool grey svveoters. After doncing oround the quod ond singing their closs song, the Volionts retired to the coteterio, exhousted but h d p py. "Fontosy in Moonlight," the theme ot the senior prom, is lust one ot the highlights ot the Volionts' three-yeor stoy ot Wosh- ington. Presented by the Conquistodores, the prom wos occloimed o tremendous success. Volionts did successful deeds. VALIANT SPONSORS-Mrs. Ethel Overtield, Mr. Robert Hawthorne. VALIANT SENIOR A CLASS OFFICERS Stumbo South, Fronzon Cooper, Lobo, Jcihnlce. WE CHGSE THE MOST SIGNIFICANT NAME Edmund Robert Ahlstrom Patricia Murriel Allen Virginia Katherine Allen Richard Amerian Kenneth Burton Andrus Mary Madelyn Armitage Robert Douglas Armstrong Mary Louise Aungst Barbara Faye Bacon George Russell Baffa Vernon Leroy Bakke Irma Barren Elizabeth Goins Barton Thomasine Beaudry Janet Mae Becker Alan Benson Gloria Ann Bergstrom Charlene Mary Bloom James Kenneth Boardman Andrea Sharon Bock Lucy Borrelli Verdelle Rae Bourgon Ruth Marilyn Bowen Harry Elmer Bower Marilyn Sue Boyes Joan Marguerite Bremm Don S. Bridges Harold Robert Brock Roberta Loye Bush Mariam Jane Campbell Carol Jean Cariker Robert William Carroll Ruby Loree Chamberlain Kenneth Wayne Chase Katharine Marie Chobot Terry A. Christiansen Nancy Joyce Cline Albert Morris Cohn Joyce Ann Cook Colleen Gayle Coontz Robert Franklin Cooper Linda A. Corrall RED AND CHARCGAL WERE CDUR COLORS Christa Elizabeth Coulter Betty Jane Crockett Kay Florence Cummins Richard Lynn Davis Shirley Rae Davis Sue Ann Della-Rocca James Ellison Denman Jack de Vine Diane Irene Dillman Eleanor Dominguez Thomas A. Dorman Cecilia Suzanne Dunham Yvonne Veronica DuPree June Beverly Duran John Bruce Eschbach A. Craig Evans Richard Gordon Farquhar Catherine Hermina Federer Mary Sue Felton Arthur O. Franzon Jacqueline Joanne Frost Robert Louis Funk Patricia Ellen Galbreath Barbara Jean Garrison Marian George Donald Gene Gibson Ronald Robert Gibson Kent Earl Glasgow Dara Gonzales Marilyn Ann Gorce Charlene Gaye Goyen Charles Louis Gralewski Darlene Nola Green Kenneth Neal Gregg Josephine T. Guastella Yolanda T. Gutierrez Jay Leroy Hale Bradley Dale Handy Linda Merle Hardin Violet Clare Harootunian Beverly Ruth Hart Gerald John Hartinger WE BELIEVE IN OUR MOTTO Delores Joanne Heffelfing Chirsty Ann Heil William Carl Heimple Charles Edward Heinz Harry Edward Henke Charles John Herget John Lee Hildreth Roger Lloyd Hough Carol Ann Hughes Judith Ann Huntling Tony Frank lnfererra Donna Louise Jahnke Richard Ryan Jamison Joyce Lenore Johnson Mary Ellen Johnson Mary Elizabeth Johnston Patricia Ann Johnston Mary Elizabeth Jones Donovan Wayne Jordan Ronald George Kirkham Robert Leroy Kruse Evelyn Arlene Labo Gary Leslie Lee Sandra Ann Littleiohn Norma Elaine Lofgren Robert Leonard Logan Marvin Ludean Long Frederick Chapin Losey Cleon Dan Loyd George Milan Lubanko Betty Ruth Lundeen Robert Norman Luraschi Joan Ellen Magruder Barbara Sue Manny Marilyn Jean Manolio Esther Martin Douglas Taylor Matheson James Warren McCullougl Robert Clarence McGavran Marcia Maureen McKay Joann Marlene Mcloughli Elizabeth Ann McReynolds VALIANT DEEDS TODAY William Hampton Milburn Z Harry Louis Mintun Donald Edward Monson Wayne Judson Moody William George Moore Gary Duane Morgan Jerry Nash Barbara Ann Rita Nolan Margaret Esther Norris Richard Carl North Nancy Helen Nygord David Lee Olsson John Edward Orcher Shirley Marie Ortiz Robert Lewis Osborn Sue Carol Osgood Terence O'Shaughnessy Jeanette Ann Palmiero Marlene Parkening Sandra Jean Paul Anita Margaret Pearson 5 Beverly Ann Pieree Ann Marie Platamone Joan Arline Poff Thelma Poppe -3, James Allen Postal Arlene Eleanor Platt 2 Gene Barrack Potter Roy Donald Ralston Raymond Henry Rees Gerald Michael Reeves Jacqueline Nelle Reeves Gertrude R. Reichenecker -iff' ff' Elaine Frances Reynolds June Evyonne Robarge Mary Ann Robinson Rhea Ann Rockwood Thomas L. Rooke Maurice Gilbert Rudisill 'PT John Charles Ruef, Jr. 4-ev Vivian Ann Sanders l3l Roberta Elaine Niles 4 Y N I LEAD TO GREATER SUCCESS TOMORROW Paul Leroy White Sally Lee Wilkerson Haleen Kay Wishard Elsinore Marie Young Samuel Lionel Young Joann Marie Sands Daryl Smith Scollo Beverly Ann Schlabitz Arlene Betty Schock Edward William Scott Gloria Rae Sellers Mara Lee Simon Carol Lee Sims Sharon Ruth Smouse Robert Thomas Soto Sharon Faye South Grace Spillman Rosella Patricia Stier Lewis Stock R. V. Stuckey Helen Louise Stumbo James Evan Swenson Joyce Carolyn Swenson Stanley Emerson Taylor, J James Alfred Terrell ll Barton William Thompson Bernice Eileen Thornton Lawrence Edward Tilton Doris Rae Trouba Janice Carol Troutfether Sheila Mae Tyler Raymond C. Utterback Edward Donald Valenzuel Gary Neil Van Horne Donald Ray Varnado Albert Joseph Vitali Ona Lesa von Bloeker Donald Warren Wass John Edwin Wells, Jr. John Alan Wetmore 6145! W 55 CONQUISTADORES-"We came, we saw we conquered" was the motto of this outstanding class ot over 450 students. Aqua sweaters worn with grey became a familiar sight around campus. These guys and gals have many gay memories of their senior term, for they had such activities as the Prom they presented to the Valiants, Class Day, Senior Mothers Tea, and the Prom which the Lancers gave in their honor. Commencement Day was a happy one because these Conquis- tadores made a decisive step while at Washington-building a sturdy charac- ter. 29 CONQUISTADORES S P O N S O R S-Mrs. Mary Crumpacker, Mr. Frances Lawyer. ,AA CONQUISTADORES CLASS OFFICERS-Row 1: Nuttman, Terrell. Row 2: Pon- trelli, Carter, Vanderlaan, Benning, M CJ 4 AX 1 N X , fy , if f 1 1 rs, , Q ff 56 f X 3 3' i-7 I f s 1' f 1 1 l ...if- ' M 4 54551. 1 f z:aras:".s ' , A ffm - A 5... X 7 Af. 1::W"f'g:. ,, f-fzwzsefaz. f V 2 .fr 1 ,. ..,, hr, . 'if fygffhif f 'ff' f nm , K' 4' 4- R , Z -1 5351-V, 0 S' fs f,, gp 1 r f x ' W 1 2 YZ we wif' i if W w 1 l 1 1 f'lW X if x 1 f , .. Milf 2 , M aw . . Wil 1 1 f M f , Z I Z. ff ,, WE SELECTED CAPABLE CLASS OFFICERS Howard Thomas Akers Sandra Alhadeff Barbara Allen Martha A. Allen Rodney Harry Alley, Jr. Annita Altschuld Arlene Kay Anderson Bernadine Joyce Anderso Marlene Jo Anderson Anthony Joseph Antonio Arlene Claudette Appert Catherine Marie Archer P. Odell Archibald Olga Connie Arellano Mary LaVonne Arfman Jeanette Louise Arnoldus Martin B. Artz Ned Moses Ayarian Edward Mitchell Baalke Helga Irene Baendel Josephine Ann Bailly Richard William Baker Donald Hurst Ball Marlene Ballard Linda M. Bamford Charlene Yvonne Baquet Evon Claire Barney Sharon Lynn Barosh Theresa H. Barrack Elaine Bauer Sylvia Becerra Liesa Beck Esther Ruth Bennett Rachel Doyline Benning Robert Anthony Bily Joan Ellen Bishop Janice Lee Bixley Victryn Louise Blackstad Shirley Ann Blackstock Raymond Herbert Blake Vivi Gene Bohannon Carol Lorraine Boyd Carolyn Ann Boyle Judith F. Bradbury Barbara Brandstedt Bruce Howard Brayton Thomas Wilson Breese Harry James Bressoud James M. Brooks Carolyn .lune Brown Clifford Wayne Brown Jacqueline Andrea Brown Sharon Gail Brueckner Patricia Jo Bruscia Jim Lee Bryant Denise Buehler Evonne Mary Bullard Gary Lee Burgett Vena ,lean Burnett Bruce Burrows Richard Paul Burt William Duncan Butt Anthony Alimonde Caggegi Jeannine Fay Cahill Arden Elizabeth Campbell Frank Anthony Carapello Doris Elaine Carlson Richard Allen Carmona Donald R. Carter Richard Anthony Casaletta Dolores Joan Castillo Joyce Dominguez Castillo Margaret Anne Castner Carole Ann Caufield Enita Dianne Cavitt Carole Fay Chapparo Violet Louise Chisholm Robert Christensen Carolyn Rose Chudley Anna Mae Circelli Lynn Stanton Clark Russell Clark Patricia Gail Clemons Loy Donn Coffey Wanda Jean Collins Jean Marie Compton Peter Compton Vaune Mary Connon Marilyn Kay Cook Robert Albert Cordova David R. Cox Darlene Rae Crawford David Wesley Crockett Gary John Crooks Walter James Crown Ruth Davis Cullimore Charlene Louise Currie Helga Margarete d'Ablaing PZ , r b J mea -. N V 9 'P' an . if 4 af' H 3 1.--, f 3: Z- Q iw! , ,f W if ' f in 2 544 ,I W W f , , ,f Z 'Q . w A--4,-q z"'l"'i 7 1 1, , f wig f X A I T ,x , .ff 41 V 3 J. 5 L -My Mgr! .7 f 1 f M I, f X lx ff?S gf 2 K if i nil' Q 1 lofi 2 ff' 7 ,f ,f ,H ,, W f if f ii. fd 7,2 f if 5 A 2:2 .W . 1 40 R , J i A , W., - 9 4 gg M .s 1- J, J yy, v:g.s-jc 4 I .. Y W fl! f , X, if M gffyi, yy, Z 7 his ', 2272 -4 3119 Z W Q 5 if A g H+, , L f L ., ..,.. ,, ,,, , I, X752 V A X7 J 1 , yea- , , - ,aff 1 y ,.y,"" W1 - , I O f Z I 1 f ! ' ,V 5 Q f f .Q I x 3 1 , .3 f W 2, ,fii.,r A , , , , J I in I, 1 is 2 M 1 f 2527 F ' W if ,, ,, A ,3-:., .A ,W , ef. ,fm 4, 4,4 ,ef , .H x, ,, J I f rw, A , , OUR CCDLORS WERE PEACOCK AND GRAY 135 Carolyn Ruth Dahl Robert Berning Dalton Robert Jack Dances Richard Allan Dankers James John Darcy Marilyn Joyce David Donna Marie Davies Elizabeth Marie Davis Kathryn E. Davis Annette Nickie Davlantes Richard Charles Deiro Patricia Demkowicz Clareen Esther DeVries Charles Allan Dewey Frank Diaz William DeWayne Dick Dee Ann Dickson Betty D'lgnazio Gordon Lyle Dixon Jeanette Marie Donley LaVern T. Downing Nancy Lee Dudley Cornelia DuPee William Paul Duquette Roberta Charlene Dutton Albert Edwin Edmonds, Jr. Norman Eilert Jerome Gary Eisenberg Carolyn Suzanne Ekins Carol Ann Elgin Carol Joann Elsasser Karen Louise Elsasser Barrie David Engel Joseph Barlow Ensch Mary Jean Evans Gary Edwin Fairchild David Winston Farr Micheal lrvvin Fastow Kay Diane Faubion James Alan Faucett Freida Mae Fenderson Alta Mae Fent Beverly Ann Ferrucci Jocelyn Lee Field James Michael Finley Carl Milton Fleming Coleen Rose Ford Kenneth L. Forsen Elaine Ruth Frantz .f or is 1- 'N F' 1:12 I NJ F gt N519 X s Xxls ie is 5. ,X K' V vig , fl f as 7- XV .I I ' ,, s l i 5 gf- 7 'fig 2 Y, R ily X 1 Wi fc Q f K :sy .Zi f. Q ., gf , ,.,f'1M-2 J Qi " " if 4 ,Q,f-..5., ,3 News i 1 it V ,,,j:3.,.,,,gq,3 'QQ 'y,g:5sg,i:,k 1 R ' s ' E 'J wus' X 2 Q xx 'K XF' X Ri t X 4' 44- 4 EQ Q + 1 . .X - N J X is X sg .Q -.4 ls! X 5 NN A W ti "WE CAME, WE SAW, WE CGNQUEREDH H36 , fy T ir Z , f f X 1 4 , J F Qt A f 4 vw i 242 1 'If- f'fx fuss X, 5 1- -. f f' 4' x : W f , Ze f ,W W f W Z if f 7 2 ll if 3? , ff f , 4, , . . ,aww f, fxj' ' 4 " 4 K ,Vg of for 1 J ri r - W f CONQUISTADORES PCDSSESS TALENT hy X 7 ffjf gy 00 1 7X W' f 5 ' J, ff f nm Janet Ganahl Fraser David Glen Frostad Gordon Gay Fry Peggy Ann Gagliono Michael Ivan Garot Dolores Marie Gattuso Mary Louise Gay Alice Ann Geiger Gloria Diane Genova Marie Annette Gentile Jerry Lavone Gereaux Fred Ghio John Williams Gibbs Cecile Marian Gich Roy Joseph Giles Richard John Gilmore Trudy Marie Giordano Dalora Frances Given Alan Ralph Glover Charlotte Ann Gold Paul Kostia Goloff Esther Josephine Gonzales Shelby Jeanne Goodale James Alby Gordon Beverly Graves Ronald M. Gray Jeanet Lynne Groussman Jean C. Grenchik Joann Dorothy Habermehl Sandra Audell Halden Dorothy Mae Hall Jeannine Margaret Hall Jerry Anne Hall Virginia Annette Halversor Dorothy Louise Hamm James John Harding Sandra Faith Harlan Barbara Anne Harmer Joyce Ann Harris Margaret Ann Harris Leo Harrison Joanne May Hart Alana Lucille Haskins Harry Ted Havill Mary Margaret Haydon Clinton Charles Hayes Bettye Avon Heath Mary Lou Heitzman Glenn Wayne Hennessy T37 2 425 if E G is 3 QA ""-v-nw A at v-A , x li We 7 WMP Jacqueline Sue Henning Larry August Herman Shirley Mae Heughins Mariorie Arlene Hilborn Gerald Stedman Hile Elsie Marie Hill Lowell David Hirsch Elizabeth Eleanor Hollida Barbara Susan Holmgren Lorne Fontain Holtmeier Betty Jane Homesley Marilyn Louise Hooper Kenneth Bruce Horner Carl Jack Horner Ira Gerald Horwitz Wallace Lee Huddleston Donald George Hughes Michael W. Humphrey Ruth Eleanor Hunt Sandra Ruth Hutchinson Elaine Katherine Hyde Gino Frank lmbrenda Carole Ann lmbriale Louis T. lncantalupo Anthony Stephen Johnson Jerry A. Johnson Roy C. Johnson Beverly Sue Jones Ruth Helen Jones Rochelle Cecelia Jonesi Jo Ann Keel Kay Dawn Keillor David M. Kelley Rosalie Ann Kelley Walter Michael Kelly Wesley S. Kohtz, Jr. Bernard William Korwes Wayne Edward Kreiner Joan Mariorie Kunz Patricia Elouise Labo Linda Lee Lamb Samuel La Rosa Ronald Vincent Larson Mary Ann Lathrop Anne Hamilton Lawson Dianne Mary Leckie Bonnie Lou Lee Paul Chris Leibengood Roberta Ann Lesher THE LANCERS PROM WAS WONDERFUL Frances Eleanor Lewis Marlene Marie Lewis Simone Lewis June Lois Lind Shirley Anne Lindberg Barbara Ann Lindenman John Henry Lippert Mary Ann Lippolns Walter Leon Lister Elizabeth Mattye Lohman Barbara Joan Long Linda Marie Long Lenora Rosalie Lovold Joyce Luby Anthony Lugo Kim Ly Richard Bennett Lyons Raymond E. Magdaleno Emile May Magnee Jalaine Carol Mallum Charlotte Ann Maloof Shirley Ann Manatt Thomas J. Manderbach Marietta E. Manthorne Richard Lee Marleau Ronald Lee Martini Jacqueline R. Mathewson Betty Marie Matson Ronald Leo Matson Joyce Maynard Ronald Dale McAdams Herma RaDene McClure Mavis LaVonne McCullough John Donnell McDonnell Wayne Regis McFadden Stewart S. McKean Carolyn Marie Means Jacqueline Alice Mehaffey Harvey .lohn Mersereau Beverly Jane Metzger Dixie Ann Meyers Merle Marguerite Miles Dean T. Miller Richard Leslie Mills James M. Miner Margaret Ann Minich Wayne John Mitchell Rosemary Helen Molnsma Jeanne Louise Moore . QW .Q ez 2 x f W ww ,,.f ,. , yy , We :ww 'E QW M Z ff WE HAD FUN CDN CLASS DAY 139 Vincent Carl Moretti ack Wallace Morgan, .lr. ohn Thomas Moroney, Jr. Beverly Ann Morton Richard George Moscrop Shirley Darlene Mullens Mary Louise Munsey Joan Murphy Rose Marie Musso Leighton C. Nelson, Jr. Dianne Elizabeth Nichols Joan Louise Nissen Robert Burton Norman Vlarilyn Margaret Nuttman Rosemary Oghigian Judith Lee Clive Anthony Sam Palazzolo Janet Marie Palmer Theresa Anna Papadopoli Dale Alexander Patterson Howard Thomas Paul Russell Emmette Pease, Jr. Robert William Pell Claudette Nancy Pelletier Nancy Marie Pendleton June Pensak LaVay Jean Peterson Lyle Conrad Peterson .lake Donald Phillips Peggy ,lane Phipps Norman Ray Pierson Patricia Helyn Plourde Michael John Pontrelli Beverly Anne Popkin Gayla Virginia Powell Roger Wayne Price William Robert Procter Myron Davis Pullen Charles Thomas Pulliam Judith Gail Purdy Anna Marie Quintus Bonnie Lee Radford Janet Marilyn Raite John Rallis Arthur Frederick Rech Theodor C. Reinke Diane Louise Renert John Russell Rettberg Beverly Lou Reynolds Q -we x Q N we 5 5 ' s its gr- x 1 5 A WE WERE PRGUD OF OUR HCDNOR STUDENQ l4O 1. W fi' , safe V fx '4 ' 4 " ' N ,, 1-if V' f ' '1 f- 247' ""' 'V L ' f W , ' . 4.213 ' ' ,Q-4' 9:25 ' 1,4 I: " 'f' .fy ff, L 4, ., ,.A. M . L L .f 94" Y A Q 1 7749? l X W y W , , ,, . ,W K rf' 4 J ,f ,L W 5 X f Q Q fm I ww- W : V QL, I ' ' ' uf A ff v2f-,- -i ff' , 1- 1 f J f I 7 A Q2 Z f W i f x ff f f X J ff IW 4 I. jf E bf J . ,J f M ,NYM , X J f 49 f 1 X '71 X f L 1 Rena Anne Rich Bonnie Jean Riness Roy Warren Robbins David McLeod Roberts Dennis Robert Rogan Bonnie Maxine Roieski Alice E. Romberger Maureen Juanita Romero Samuel Beck Rosen Roger Charles Roth Elaine Catherine Ruddy Phyllis Nereid Ruder Myrtle Roberta Ruppel Julia Catherine Russell Dorothy Elizabeth Rye Lynda Glee Sader Jan Lou Sales Marie Pauline Salvinger Rose Marie Theresa Sanchez Nancy Mary Sansone Mary Josephine Schell Julia Joyce Schiszler Sandra Marie Schmitt Delbert Paul Schmitz Roydean Schneider Lee Harold Scholes Margaret Edith Scott Ruth Elizabeth Sehr Janice Elaine Shanks Sandra Jo Sharp Stephen Richard Sheaffer Margaret Louise Sherwood Sheila Kaye Shinn Frank Simone Armand Joseph Singleton Eleanor Louise Smith Joan Irene Smith Kenneth Wayne Smith Ronald Lane Smith Patricia Josephine Snow Ralph Leon Snyder Jeanette Lee Southworth Marcia Louise Spiers Charlene Steger Caroline Diane Stewart Jonnette Kathryn Stewart Carol Ann Stiffler Harrel Paul Stimson Randal Utah Stopher PDP" ANDERSQN BUILT OUR WALL GIFT in x S Q A Si X S 4 ,TFA -2 A, S S L Q 5 if E' x - to 1:6 , . f 1 Q 1 as X ai K ,, f uf ' an 5 W 25 .L-If "V 'I ' V I 3 lr it . N., 1 1, Marilyn Joyce Streur Robert P. Succa Don William Summo Evelyn Claudia Sutton Joette Rae Sutton Monte St. Clair Taylor Sidney John Taylor Richard Tedesco Patricia J'Nevelyn Terrell Barbara Ann Thierse Jack Wayne Thompson Ancil Eugene Tims Robert Arthur Tiritilli Stephen Wayne Tisdale David John Toland Donald Anthony Toland Gayle Patricia Totten Anonda Mae Tuero James E. Tullock Geraldine Elma Valenta Frededick Louis Vallee Judi Vander Laan Carol Ann Van Noord Ronald W. Van Valkenburg Carol Joan Vaughn Norman Kivo Velinty Mae Louise Villa Richard Anthony Villasenor Richard Leon Virgin Jean Kahterine Voge Marilyn Claire Vollnogle Vernon W. Wagner Hugh Robinson Wagoner Donald Allen Walker Carol Ann Warburton Lorraine Alice Watson Barbara Ann Weaver John Terrence Wehr Jacqueline Gloria Weisburg Thomas R. Wessel Marlys Eva Westgate Glen Rony Westphalen Charles Edward Wheeler Robert King Whitcomb Lawrence Eugene White Joyce Ann Wickey Leonard Lee Wikstrom Patricia Lorraine Wilde Marilyn Williams GRADUATION SPLASH WAS OUR HIGHLIGHT 142 f I Www We - A 1 W, ,J , A. Q ,,,. ' . Q , f i Mr f x Qs- N 'NQAV '," L 13 it J f x ,X 3 t L 11 'V' 3. INOT Picturedl Betty Ann Zuponcic Larry J. Harris 2 'ETIIWN If 4 4, di , ,ra in 1 K all Richard Alber Ba ltisti Norma Re Chitwood Gladys Rose Demler Shirley May Laucht Donald Dee Law John Donald Lord Kathryn Ann McAllister Richard Fredric Mittleman Richard Anthony Monsour Ella Doreen Osborn Therese Ann Pittlekow WE WILL KEEP OUR MEMORIES Marlene Williams Jimmy Paul Willis John Robert Wilson Lois Esther Wilson Patricia Ann Wilson Sylvia Ann Wilson Nancy Belle Winkler Richard H. Winston Daniel C. Woehl Carol Wolford Richard Albert' Wood James Cameron Wright Robert' LeMoyne Wright Donald Kent Young Jacqueline Marie Young Robert Arnold Zack Donald Thomas Zellmer Raymond Kenneth Ziegler Hubert Lawrence Ziemer Joseph Ralph Zito Lee Roy Zook Lee Scott Ryan Richard Charles Sanford Donald Leonard Schmidt Erlinda Marie Torres William Fredrick Vollmer Ronald Grant Wilson Ann Elizabeth Youle 143 ...46 FBLA ..,.... 49 4 INDEX A Cappella Choir.. Acknowledgements Activity Calendar. . . Adelphians . . . Administration Air Center . .. Amateur Radio Art Department . .. ...69 ..l44 ...65 10-11 ...75 ...45 ...16 Eleventh Grade ..... . . .119-124 English Department . . . ,... . .14 Ephebians ....... . . .54-55 Film Proiection ., Forward ...,.... Football, Varsity . French Club ..... .....34 .,.74 . ...... 2 . .82-85 . ..... 36 Pre-Med ......... Quill and Scroll . . . Scholarship Cabinets Scholarship Society ....38 .....63 ..58-59 ..58-59 .....34 FTA ........... Science Club ...,.. 13 Science Department ----- Seniors, Summer . 134443 Seniors, Winter . . . 128432 Senior Board of Control ........, 42 Sealbearers ............... . . 56-57 Social Studies Department .... ...- 1 3 Art Honor ...... , , ,38 Band ......... ,,,,, 6 7 Baseball .... . , 98-99 Basketball . . . , , ,88-91 Boys' Chorus .. ,,,,, 42 Boys State .........,.... ..... 6 2 Boys League ..,............ 24-25 Boys' Vice President, Summer .,.... 20 Boys' Vice Fresident, Winter ...14 ...14 GAA Board ..,.., .... Girls' League .,..... . . .22-23 Girls' Letter Society ....,... .... 3 9 Girls' State ............... . . .62 Girls Girls Girls Gym Vice President, Summer ...., 14 Vice President, Winter ...... 18 Vocal Ensemble . .. Club ......,..,.. ........47 ........45 Squires ..,...... .-.-,. Song Leaders .... Sound Crew . . Sport Scores . . . Spanish Club .,.......-. - Y - Stage Crew ......,.,...... fffes ...74 ...Mai ..36-37 ...,74 Student Body President, Summer . . .20 Business Education Department . Cabinet' and Sentate, Winter .... 18-19 Cabinet and Senate, Summer ..20-21 Cheer Leaders .............,.., 68 Gym Team ..,............ 102-103 Health Commission ............. Home Making Department . . . . . . Industrial Arts Department Inter-Club Council ....,,.. . . . Junior Board of Control . . . . . . . Junior Adelphians .,., ..,... Student Body President, Winter . Student Service Presidents ..... Student Service Workers ....... Surveyor Staff .......... .... Tags ................ . . Teenaiders . . . - - - ...18 26-27 28-31 70-71 ...43 ...48 Chess Club ............... . . .45 Chronians . . , . . .35 Clef Club .,.... . .,,43 Coaches ........ . . .81 Commerce Honor . . . .48 Commercial Chatter Contents ........ ...4O . ...... 4-5 Continental Staff .... ,,,..... 7 2-73 Co-ordinators ..... Conquistadores Class Officers . . Conquistadores Class Sponsors . . Cross Country .... Dance Montage . . . Drivers Education . . . . . Drum and Bugle . . ...12 . . 133 . 133 94-95 76-77 ...15 ...66 Knights and Ladies . . . . Language Department .. Latin Club ........ Maiorettes .. . Marthonians ..,. Math Club ....,.. Math Department . . . Minutemen ........ Music Department . . . . 90-93 ....15 ......36 . . 66-67 ....41 ...34 ...12 ...49 ...16 Orchestra ................. . . .69 Organ Guild .,................ 44 Physical Education Department ....16 . . . .to Vi Chisholm, my asistant ed- Teentoppers . . Tennis Team , . Tenth Grade . . .....48 104-105 113-118 Thespians ..,. ...., 4 9 Torchbearers . ---f - 49 Track .......... . .96-97 Twelfth Grade . . . 125-126 Tyros ...,.......,. ..,. 4 0-41 Ushers ............ ..... 3 8 Valiant Class Officers .. .... 127 Valiant Class Sponsors. . . . . . .127 Vocational Printers ...45 the remainder of the staff itor, who helped me plan the lay- outs and did stacks of typing. Judy Purdy and Julia Rus- sell who planned the picture sche- dules and typed reams of identifica- tions. . . . .to Mary Ann Lathrop my copy editor and proof reader. Jim Brooks, copy writing sports editor. . . . .to Barbara Weaver who direct- ed the sales campaign and all pub- licity. . . . .to Miss Pillsbury, our adviser. We would have been lost without her. . . . .to Miss Miller and Gordon Fry in the Art Department who planned layouts, division pages, cover, and end sheets. which worked hard to meet dead- lines. Anthony Loya who did all our professional photographic work. Ronnie Moskowitz for sev- eral casuals. . . . .to Mr. Williamson who handled our subscriptions. . . . .to Mr. Cannicott of the Los An- geles Engraving Company who en- graved our pictures. . . . .to "Doc" Burnett and the print- shop boys who set the type and printed this book. . . . .to the Bindex Company who made the cover and bound this book. RUSS CLARK Editor-in-Chief ani- , 11. ' 'Le 1 ' ' I, 3-r My ,,, 'Ai , 1 V 'md' X 4' Ma j J Q6 Ye ,314 j L 4 ,IV f n , r' 16 ,L 1' i . , X V' 1. 4 f f Q ' . -b Q, ....u-.:a...m.....Lf.m1,- A , , . X, .1 ,' ., .f . v -N r ' ww iw. " A .f f' . H '- " , 1, A' qw . W E - 1 ',-"If f .K , , r 1 w ,X AM- M- V, , UV 4 H, ., A Al. 4 . if-N I ' vw . 1, 1 , , ' . "ww"1.J X . M K , M51 , -M: -1- V. :fi ,V14 ,Z-,a -, - ,a Q .VV . , 2,131 , iw! am- x nu " f fc' "" vw V" lr I . I .rf-I ,f -'B'-r 2, iw f4'40Cf A727 f-jc! Q20

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