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 - Class of 1953

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W' WJ YW t ' WXNlsmw W, ' N fem M A Y E T , Q N 1, 'flfx ' sf wig! , r J 5-,fff if 5 ja 'T 1 J l 1 a. if V E X ,NA bf fa:- xx Y 5 - 1 - f ,.?gi,,Lf R S IM W K 5 A W f iiflef g fa, . 5 Qf fl V? E' Q Q: W xxii ? ' fl-mv" . H f af E S E3 SN" Q31 ' ' IW f f' 539 A W 1 ? mf i W BX V ' A Q ,X lx in 5 XXX, ya , Q3 re R4 ,R ' X 'X- Qaxgx' Y 5 fjgkqg, ,W X., xi , Mvxl .' . X v. VR X X Eff J dyb' in 1 J fx my ,ff My QX Nj I fy 6,75 A I ,f Q' , ,W 'X if 1? ,Lf MLM ff N W K, 'Jimi 15 9 Ni J J. , RV. ALJ , Q 1 P N -K o ,I .EJ A 'V 'Xe-.., XJ J '1 .11 'J Qff , ' I 2 - . 1 , If 4 4 1 1 ,fl old - ,II xl ,jf , I I 1 , X 5 , JJ 4 4 A ' X r g 4 ' ,fl ff' if ,' 44 S' M 7 44 V 1' WW. M ,Ili ,M A f I - , V ' N 1,1 4. L iff 'fr lv E!! ,ff 'i IIIXQMIL hijfixi',fL .ff 'fl-'gf L If ,, ' J .LDL 4' VLA4, A" L if iff! ' '- 11" ff7f" 'q 21' I Y 1' 4 LQ ' , 4 4 J 1 1 bfi.-' 'V I ,iff J' ff, ff L' ' Z4 ki I . s. I., I 4 5 551,44 W If QQ! qfffg. . I by ? LV! Q L ,4 g,,1'Zf . U Q ' """ --'1"N"" ',.,. ,'.. ,- ,xNf.. f 4 H , , i , M, I 4 I fl! r A . Q,Lc'li,ryL ff? , A 'J 2 r W 2 JL X .0 i jf!!! Kr L i Swif A1 ' ' WM N Q 4 F M? 4 'N 2 . QI ' SKA 1 3 ' 5, q xg 4 sf Q Y 'P Q + 1 . A X Q7 1 'ln 4, K'5wdN ffficfcf N i W F 4 m'fV'm' 4 -1 7261! ' K 1 f : lop! if SX 5 4 fpzllq if Qxi41Aig 226:14 Cl ' ZL"f4fA LL A - fb : F '51 191' xl 'kt' .dwigk ff, A Zdtffgfk ?",,f I M 44444 A 4441 1- 4 v V -, r , ,LC I - X g m Wffwfff Wfwff ffm fw 4 JW 4 QQJFMW M M' A Qfvffflm if VW H ' 1 sv A f -K, 1 - K mp 5 ., ,1 lj! ziggy I ja j VIW5 E y,L,,.j Y A ,:' M' 1.1 W ., 4 X43-' 4 .x IQTX V1 ' ' jg! QF Wyyw I ya XI 4113 ll ' jk 'ffm My , gf mx 'W , 1 , -A A R q A Q ' W - 4-Y-Wm WWW 4 Vi 4 4 fy' "lg -1? ' ' 1 Q ,,i, 1' ---LA UXIJV' ',-.ilfvw ,jj . V ' 'J A IIZ Zit ' : : ,.-.-.'.-.: .,.g.,. 4 -.4.-.- 4 -.'.-.1---1 4 -:--. 1 '.-,- 4 Q .-.-.-.-.- Q: -.-.4.-.-. .:. -.-. .,4, Q1 4,-.-. -.4.4. .-.,. 4.-.4'- -.4.,.-. 4 -.-.-.-. .:,:.:.:. -.,.:.:.:.:.,.: 1 .1.4.,.4.4 Q .,.A.,., , . . , ,.,.,. . , .. A,,.k.,. NN, .4,.,,.. ..,..4.,.,.x . .,, ,,,-, . A 9, :QI ,. ,,,,,-- H ' . .4, liz' .,, . 141 " "" '-, " ' Zii . xx, GJ 'f11" "' 1A e "'A: '-'- N ' '."' 5 "'1 fifiiaiff "V'.f 1 ffsfii 1':"f 5 fi' 1-121 A 1 ::4 ---'- 3 A:'f'1'1.1 Q 1? 211 -.., 2 1:"3 .2 -f11f- 3.1, izi 11-..:. '-"'- - 5 ,-1- .. 4 E 3 N X ? q ' - ,I ' i f ,A 'Fjii' ...'g '4": " A - - X J srlxh ,, xf ji4"?' V ' Q 1- A 4WL'4 - if I 3 X . Sp 4 v 4 , fp LpL1,4f-i,4fi4fi' fffffi' - 1444' , ,1 A,4 QQ 4 ,, 44 P 1, , k ' sg'1nrK'g!-14 . f ,J , 62 'ffl -iff, 'af' rw 4 ' 5 ', I Q- 'L - '..----K J l rsff' 234- . H 4 ,.-fhif' 1 f 5. Lv. Lvl, J :I 51 4 f Y YU 1 f X U fo l I L W N it 4 'T0' M V W xg jpfjpl, Md A ,fif M A W! "ff -Q! W! MW A sifx l s wWW.QW Gig nN X VMfL' W X l J My 03150 BV vfxwmfm ff' ffl ,w if W 'W S yy X - cf if 'Up' W 365 ii X Q sig wif? gsSf2?i e 2 3 5 QE K, L, 1 a. X I 'V I. . 'A I I I 1. r-1 fy I X ,. I fw ' , '51 I gb I I 'fit I -J L' I 1 lu! 'Vfu lf! pl LJ U ' 'N A wwf ,I L A I ' III? 'IL ' I N34 LHS? IWW H111 ,,I,f A xy' -. IA , if J NAIA I II I' INVUVII IJ W -5 I LV , ILL ,I I llf' II 'UI' S., . ff 1 7I wifb If ICI " , I J M ' N I AIU N wb Iv' Jef 'it K.: .Yi gag V , Y IF, I A ,,Y,, 'VXXV' 'fn' iii? 1 , If I J G I 7. .C V17 ff, K I JL ,I , U 'y ,V K I fx I KD , ,iq XJL XSU3 JI! L Q7 I WAX XML N F f ' . I gy , ' I5 A I KN, b ' N R II 0 I P xxx XJ FIU .Q W k 7 K I' ' X W ,Rv Iwi I I I I , if 1, III 5.7 ,1',f4I. I fx: UXYIJQ I 1 K A N" 'L 1 ,XL U iv LAY 7 ,, ., TOWN Ilfw' !4.!,!,!, If Nw I - J" KN' J f . Q11 QI? INI III INNNAIIINIINIIN WN gI5IIIm3 I I l'1nL1.'HEn nv I ,I A ' I I QI I QW W W If If X If I It I If I IN I I IIN IN No UI I ' X I In W, II I I IINII IIIIINNINII IIEPNIINNIIINNI ' I XAN1 ' I IK QCII J I II IIIIIIIIIIII WII III IIIIIIIN IIIIIII ' ix my IIN NWI IIIIII II IIEIJINII I 'XXI I- 7 N AN X Im, I IH FAI won III my Q1 IW 4 'I .V -40 Q I' UW xx ,SI YT I I 1 I .J U N31 GK ,XJ f Q if" 57 Hb ' ,II I 'XJ N 211 f, -'11 Iv dx I X, 1 N, L gf iw I is i IH xi XXQ 39 I" Z X! 'XS X gm lla? If v' ' I .Ii N5 II N N -f' I X 'qi' I 'K' R ,Ll , ' I T N . r I I I, lj 1 -.XF 5' ,xl . f " I A A SI' I' A L rg I I Ita ,, 2"""' 2 M "" 'KW 4 ., , A PM , 4 A -5"7-,w'1, A N ' , Qi? I 5 W m I 5 M I .M 5 I I 2-' f-'Q E, "r"TT. f ,-: ,-:Sf .. .5 Af ' ' --' I - .fulf ' ,rg X, . . 5 A E594 1.135 77" E Y Q1 - ' :A I Y. Z, -,,,.f'5'n - .--' ,,a- ' 'at : " - I,-:2:I sg,-E-:S F3 sn E .---"""""- X ' in ....-- ,..- ' I I HUNDREDS TRUDGE INSIDE WASHINGTON EVERY DAY. f ,rf f F ' E Sf If .L .J X FJ , Ri Y O' Yi.:-'Aj I F -, CJ Q 1 X II ,M ,I I7 L X A f 5' ff, ' I, , 1 f I 2 X 'XX "FN X I I .1 1, , X l NS V . , SI ..E, 51 In X X YJ -' Nj XL A X3 A -.Q A. x GNU. If .J FI I .Y :Vw -A' Put' WU' f, A UI., , I, WW' V .LP W' WW g'f1.'Pj W I WJ muy I, Ly Ari! x I1 50-1' , K, ,N I If JL, ,fb jx ,WI 50' ,,i,3i fCLI',y1f , I-J gb, , 'ff V um , XJ V 'L-YU ,LLP I' w-LV -'U' HX I J NI WI f-I IJ If I ,WC IX In QKLI I" AAU! Lf ,Of X J U fm 5.17 'YL Ly!! WJ' X ,iifvmlfhll , If LPI ,I ,IL , - , ,! ,I nu' I," f x XLAXJL, tiff' W yy I ju Y x A5 xr 4 M' .1 ALL-" Wkcb ji-' AU RM jf! A, ,I 1 'X f 1,- , G I : , rf L , ,U-' I H fb U If AIWLJ IJ Uvuftf lL !JJ1!IUK'I V L ,LII ,JJ L NHL , M U ,y , .f , I, ,J II Af JPf5IU1IIYWL,x A I 0 rg w 0 r Cl INSIDE THE GATES OF WASHINGTON HIGH EXISTS A COMMUNITY, TEEMING WITH LIFE, HUMMING WITH ACTIVITY, AND BUSTLING VITALITY. HERE TWENTY-EIGHT HUN- TEENAGERS WORK, PLAY, LA U G H, AND DREAM DREAMS. HERE ONE HUN- AND TWENTY-FIVE NON-TEENAGERS WITH DRED HOPE, DRED ALSO WORK, COUNSELING, ADVISING, AND GUIDING. THE 1953 CONTINENTAL PRESENTS INSIDE WASHINGTON, AN AUTHENTIC STUDY OF HIGH SCHOOL LIFE, COMPETENTLY REQ- PORTED AND AMPLY ILLUSTRATED. Wg? , M . I It f ? f vi? W ,,,,,,, v,,, VZ' f , I 1:",,,, W ' M M yi fr in I , - .A , , ,fx in . T j Q fff.- I .I N I 7 I f A Wffz, , .1247 WJ, f I -- .AA, I I : ,g I A P f f 1 f WI, W , ASW V L, as I I ff , I . ,.-7 e,Q,y , - ,f uf If 1, . ' haw W ' A ZW f W yf' , Q , W Www M ' 'Q ' 4 , I' , , I fr I , !m+.,fwwfuww4ww...wmwvWM,.wwWwffwA Wm ,,MWvyW,.,,f,aff,.,wff,..vA4f,fQxvw,v I W an fi 6 , 9 4 1 if 4' ,,,...,-.5 , , 4, . , I ,f I f ' f , ff' w E, ,,,,, M., , I H A V , 4 V' H , ., 4, V, I g, L , 2 lv I 2 0 f 44 1 X -anwrnvnnr IIXIY ,swf Q A , I, ,K KU! 1, sxix KxxXKN'N'x fans! fH'1'i 'U' U71 nun '1 :vi 1 INSIDE WASHINGTON U 1, In an H4 If A PILOT'S EYE VIEW ieMf'2'5i'li2Ni?M55 II ' I ,WI -1 I! I J' 1' ,jx . I , 1 +I I , 2 X I9 JN 1 V I, I PM I W n I 4 EVA. Qf N VXXI x Aj f., ,J V F U VJ! ,If .E I v . J J! I 'I VUL, K A D . A Q 5' V "' N N' A ,Xl X A I R ' thx 1 K z ' A lx A JJ 4 Kg :K V I yy'- I ' 5 5 Na IIE' l I I' P-' I' I I 5,4 ' 1' R x , ' IX I N I I . . M XI 'I Xxx QNX D-,f I Q! , fx' I U vs ' XI N 1123 Q ., xx In A NJ! , ,s u XJ 'Q N. I ., , ,V n P 5 xx I I , xxl Q r ?x X..f V X MN FJ P 4 ' ,Ig I 5 X AM I PJ I f V I I II IX . I - , ' U I , J 5 gf '7 j I U I fe IXJXS ,kj ' X fl Nfl .Vx I KX I- 4 :I ,gl I 1 RVN j JVJX2 hr-Evfmf-xg! TJ V' K 9 I ' ' "I KQV' 4 bf ,f 9' gl -.I I' I 'Z ff ,y 5, ,, ,W 16 CX Q 1 f M A L gg Q K X 5 A M 'S' x K rw. 1 X .X X If A N 4, A 1 aclministmfion 8 lwnors organizatioizs activities sports classes Xlf? 98 717215 Zf!J4'w byjw if 'KL L LW. V k 7 I J fl M 5 ,il ,f , bf f Mm N 'CQ fa" , A if Mc' Q55 -kj! K I, ff, 'A7,Nf ,WL2wLf W L 7,712 joel!! J M f5f'22f' W nz. L' ' ---4 A 'L ,W . ,L '- ww 'f X 1 ., 'iff' V., x,,x..., W- f:5f'?? tv, 5 W.W,,-.xywvwx -mf pn ,W ,M my fwi f L'X5,..f,, 1? W W W W ang - ww , X L if . fi fl Q M, '44 4 Niki V Q. A m' -1 ,K wb., 1. fi .-,:,:,: ,f ff -f , . U, ' 1- ff -. . -W , M. ' J v? a 'S Q. f ,.a,.v , . if- . .f w, ,Q s 4 1? - ,ff 4. , R WJ, , A5 ,J wg: max, w , H 'iwiqf' i, X 'wid W W A Q , vm. . 4, 4 E5:"'.,:'1:X,t:..EEE . Q4 x 3291 .xv , tx JNL x 0 Q o 14 almzmfylvafioixd .g X I l fc-f"""Mdj fl!! "W Y '-2-.Q Fd +4 e Y 5 ,.-1- -1 2 E I-, --null:-I if l-ll 11f DR. PAUL FISHER PRINCIPAL INSIDE INFORMATION-Did you know that Dr. Fisher is an Egyp- tian la term applied to anyone born in southern lllinoisl and that he attended elementary school for iust one year? At the age of four he started his travels, which took him to Florida and Central America, a nd included three years of life on sail boats in the Caribbean Sea. He attended high school in St. Louis, earned his A.B. at the University of Illinois, his A.M. at the University of Ala- bama, and his Ph.D. at U.S.C. In between travelling and studying he was a draftsman, a farmer, a bla:ksmith's helper, and a heater of r i v e t s in a structural iron works. Did you know that Mr. Perry holds the national record of six- teen conse:utive conversions in one football game, that he let- tered in both baseball and bas- ketball in college, and that his hobbies are golfing and fishing? Did you know that Mrs. Neher was born in Michigan, graduated from Stanford, has travelled in the Orient a n d Latin America, and claims as her hobbies beach combing and pets? Dr. Fisher, our friend and principal spends many hours behind this desk, working for the students our arclministrators SECRETARIES-ROW I: Mrs. Smouse, Mrs. Gre99f Miss Jorgenson, Mrs. Kline. ROW II: Mrs. om rs. oss rs. rumrme rs. Thompson. -.-Magnum... '35- MR. GLENN PERRY BOYS' VICE PRINCIPAL MRS. CLARITA NEHER GIRLS' VICE PRINCIPAL lllq ' i Z: !:."rl' fl 3-3 'dn fl ' if I ,v . --3 . ! 0' 1 , 4 Paul Aiello Roger Anderson Lyle Herman Dale Brudvig Danny Campbell Warren Lein M. Chapman Barbara Fife Ann Jorgenson Joan Kelly l? Z 5 ,, xl l,.4 A v- DICK ARMSTRONG STUDENT BODY PRESIDENT Cabinet and 21' n lui ini Judy Vanderlaan Jerry Eisenberg Kalhy Allan Merle Lauderdale Carol Holisky Stanton Clark Charlene Curry Jim Terrell Fred Losey John Leckie Jackie Harvey MARCIA KELLEY DON MEHLIG GIRLS' VICE PRESIDENT BOYS' VICE PRESIDENT senators 0 ' winter 9 VS -SQ -X . Bill Smith Shirley Greene Marshall Cox Hilda Mazon Alex Tingrides Barbara Frosl .lim Mellin Darlene Wilburn Wally Herring N. Mafhewson Max Winer Anne Pcccione if Peggy Merrill Freol Power Belly Reeve Winnie Reiman Marilyn Rounds Bobbie Wyat1 IQ f ix eg x ey: 2+ W' 5 T 'W-14 ai-1-ff Roger Anderson Sigrid Anderson Mary .lo Darcey Janice Beckett Sallie Chambers Shirley Greene Gail Dineen Sally Frecklefon Denny Lang Dick Harris Mary Laird lil STUDENT BODY PRESIDENT DALE BRUDVIG Cabinret and Jim Benefl Diane Birk Ken Overstreef Cookie lsreal X 7'-'V 'T 4,417 R. Villasenor Kay McAllister Rich American Marilyn Monolio Terry Wehr Pal Terrell George Baffa Arlene Shock gy PAT CARAS DICK LEGRUE GIRLS' VICE PRESIDENT BUYS' VICE PRESIDENT senators 0 SILIIIIHLQI' 9 M. Lauderdale Barbara NeimeyerJim Mellin Darlene Pack Mel Marchbanks Bobbie Wyatt John Leckie Jackie Watson Bob Stone Linda Linsey Stan DeMaggio Bev Larsen Marion MacLean Hilda Mazon Peggy Merril Norm Ollestad Fred Power Jo Shaw FRED POWER JOAN KELLY BOYS' LEAGUE PRESIDENT GIRLS' LEAGUE PRESIDENT boys, and GIRLS' LEAGUE SCHOOL COMMITTEE-ROW I: Shaw, NIcChesney, Prumers, GIRLS' LEAGUE CABINET - ROW I: Chambers, Bruce, Kelly president Sceusa, Ehlers, ROW ll: Bostelman, Beckett, Merrill, McCIaslcey, Kelly. ROW ll: Mrs. Neher, sponsor, Whitman, McCloskey, Bos- Miller Darms D'Arvin. ROW III: Mrs. Ahrens, sponsor, Wright, Cass, Driver, telman, Prumers, Boldra, Miss Gill, sponsor. Graham, Buehnev, Clark, Blodgett. I6 WINTER BOYS' AND GIRLS' LEAGUE, sponsoring the many events of the first season, went their merry way to accomp- lish a successful semester of duties well performed. The girls had charge of the semi- annual Sadie Hawkins dance, which was a howling success, in that there was a sell-out crowd and everyone had a wonderful time. At the end of the semester the girls had their usual installation assem- bly, at which all the old and new officers were dressed in white and were given cor- sages, even including M i s s Gill, the sponsor. The Winter Boys' League was iust as ac- tive as the Girls' League by sponsoring the semi-annual Girl Hate Boy Day, some noon dances, and many noon tourn- aments, including horseshoe, basketball and volleyball. irlsi lea, ues MJ953 BOYS LEAGUE CABINET-ROW I: Herring, Ollestad. ROW ll LeGrue Power president, Orman. liummmws I L NORM OLLESTAD SALLIE CHAMBERS BOYS' LEAGUE PRESIDENT GIRLS' LEAGUE PRESIDENT 190 59 and girls, ZQCLQLLQS 5953 Q C, fqxxz '73 W 2, ,Wh ,aw , ww f W ,,w! W iz wif X., WM BOYS' LEAGUE CABINET-ROW I: Otero, Ollestcad, president, Biggs. GIRLF' LEAGUE CABINET-ROW I: Bruce, Ehlers, Chambers, Peod, Van ROW Il: Burrow, Reina, Power. Hoorebeke. ROW II: Miss Gill, sponsor, Shorten C bell, Nagy, Mrs. Neher, sponsor. , arson, Cuddy, Camp- IB SUMMER BOYS' AND GIRLS' LEAGUES were ioint sponsors of the successful Needle Work Guild drive. The Girls' League, a:t'ng alone, planned the spring Sadie, the Simplicity Fashion Show, Girls' Week, and Cotton Day, the best liked and most co'orful girls' event of the year. On this day the girls choose a queen who is crowned with great ceremony in the quad, after which there is a fashion show where girls from all sewing classes model garments they have made themselves. The Boys' League, under the guidance of Nor- man Ollestad, sponsored Boy Hate GTrl Day, White Shirt Day, and the new Mr. Washing- ton Contest, as well as all intermural sports such as basketball, track, volleyball, and l1o'se-shoes. Highlighting the Boys' League czctivities were the sports nights. ,gl slits: if V 1 L U9 is ww ' X C it 4, v-'-- WE A T -WM, -' A-bfi: -i' f.:21ffQ'jiJf,5,?fYf- , , L Q L r, A-L-efww.. 41.-Q f'ff1'Tf1f.11"Pi.?s 1- '15 'iff' ig, - "I4'..",, Mei. , "H -'V ' . J' The Art Hall is often cluttered with backdrops, such as this one for the Sadie being worked on by Carol Ehlers and other members of the Girls' League School Committee. The fellows watch for a ringer at the Boys' League Horseshoe Tournament. 9 a BOBBIE WYATT- DANNY CAMPBELL WINTER STUDENT SERVICE PRESIDENTS JANICE BECKETT- DENNY LANG SUMMER STUDENT SERVICE PRESIDENTS 20 student service STUDENT SERVICE. Who sold the candy bars to the students? The student service workers. Who helped file reports for the teachers? The student service workers, of course. Who helped stack books in the book room? You guessed it, the student service workers. Stacking books, filing cards, and selling candy were iust a few of the many duties performed by these public spirited students who devoted one period each day to service for the school. At any time of the school day and in almost every office or teacher's class room, someone from this group was busily helping with those activities which made the school ond the teachers' work function more smoothly. Many even worked before school, at nutrition, and during the lunch hour. LEFT: Sue Boldra, Maureen Cross, and Rita Blicharski do student service work in the counselor's office. RIGHT: Student service workers hedp Mrs Krobath band age a sprained ankle. 'f ., ,4 f 'f f ' 'F 1 f l l l 'f 1 Tj' Vl 1 f f I X I f I f' " f , if ff 1 fl i 1 tj .1 7' Qi A-Qws..W..ZZ,.I'?,'1s.--s.!,m I i l ll N-...,,. rvqs' STUDENT SERIVE-ROW l: Davis, Geist, Knight, Sansone, Roieski, Shrum, De!Pozo, Robinson, Papst, Riley, Bishop Nunnick, Carmichael, Stearns, Thirkill, Padilla, Bloom, McLaughlin, McClure. ROW ll: Bell, Evans, Murphy Hamm, Corkill, Kennedy, Carlson, Sperry, Neimeyer, Kelly, Carson, Totten, Moreland, Campbell, A. Gich, C. Gich, Lytle, Mallum, Nichols, Drysdale. ROW Ill: Carlson, Church, Hart, Clemons, Kell, Bobrosky, Rich, Plourde Brueckner, Cahill, Leckie, Labo, Sanders, Keene, Hackamack, Cross, Costello, Merrill. ROW lV: Blackstad, Luden Schultz, Buff, Harris, Flora, Calce, Brudvig, Flannigan, Isais, Fullock, Rettberg, Pontrelli, Wiegeri, Danl-orth Asher, Buti, Anderson. 1 1 1 1 STUDENT SERVICE-ROW l: Froggati, Hovey, Warburton Ford, Ruder, McLeod, Boyle, Collins, Jones, D. Vickers A. Crczwforol, D. Crawford, Weaver. ROW ll: Mark, Terrell, Palmiero, Della Rocca, Davlantes, McAllister, How- land, Hohn, Bentley, Pattison, Buehler, Wigger, McKen:lry, Grigory. ROW Ill: Brooks, Godso, Dineen, Shorten, Power, Bruce, Kertson, Johnson, Laird, Van Hoorebeke,Porretta, Terran, Biggs, Wilson, Hill. ROW IV: Caras, Paccione, Clark, Cox, Marchbanks, Nash, Barrett, Stone, Bold., Austin, Tengirides, Villasenor. 1 V39 SENIOR BOARD OF CONTROL-ROW l: Dineen, Batley, Sheldon, Mathewson, Briganti Barr, Blanke. ROW ll: Duncan, sponsor, Hedges, Kaiser, Lloyd, Bosnak, Haskins, Sho strom, Winer. ROW 1' IVR Ali CONTROL SQUAD-ROW I: ROW ll: Goolsby, Malakowsky, Barosh, Quaranta. Stone, Derrick, Brandt, Hunt, sponsor. Ill: Acosta, Leviton, Tevlin, Arauio, Miller, Loyd, Matson. SENIOR BOARD OF CONTROL. Creeping cautiously along the campus and glancing nervously from left to right he reached into his coat pocket and slowly drew out a flai' paper-wrapped obiect, opened it, and started munching the sandwich. Crushing the wrapper in his hand, he took careful aim and missed the trash can by three feet. At that instant, onto the scene strode two members of the Senior Board of Control who apprehended this campus criminal. All SERVICE GROUP. "l'm sorry. You'll have to have a hall pass" were the words with which these hall guards, greeted all persons in the halls during class time. Theirs was the thankless task of keeping the halls clean of noise and loitering. gg M AIO CAMPUS GROUP-ROW I: Davis, Hough, Otterback, Osborn, Morgan, I-ranzon. ROW ll: Evans, Lee, Bower, Chase, Benson, Amerian, ROW lll: Losey, Luraschi, McDonald, Varnado, Baffa. AIO SERVICE GROUP. Whether you know it or not, picking up papers for other people is dirty, hard work. Dur- ing the last ten minutes of lunch, these A10 boys cleaned the entire campus of papers, so the school would look nice. . by Cooper, Stuckey, B11 SERVICE GROUP-ROW l: Smith, Davis, Christensen, Biggs, Campbell. ROW ll: l-ritsche, Larsen, Redding, Brannan, Brown, Lewis, Eazell. ROW Ill: Aertker, sponsor, Hoonanian, Mueller, Blake, Taylor, Blankenship, Sims, Krell, Oghigian. B11 JUNIOR COUNSELORS. Patrolling the halls and guarding the gates were but a few of the iobs these efficient lads performed as their contribution to school service. They were under the sponsorship of Mr. Aertker, assisted by Mr. Fraters. Besides their usual duties of helping with registration and advising the new B10's, these Counsellors helped the B12 Off Campus group perform their tasks. Although working hard, the counselors had many a good time. B11 USHERS guarded the doors and otherwise helped the A12 ushers at assemblies and night shows. This group, sponsored by Mr. Harold Axe, later combined with the A12 ushers and girl ushers to form the pres- ent usher squad. John Campbell was their house- manager. A12 USHERS. "Tickets, please," mut- tered the A12 Ushers to all students at B11 USHERS-ROW is Pugh, cqmpbe ll, Biggs, Baclnin. ROW ll: Larsen Brannan, Redding, Osman. Oghigian, Taylor, Cox, Correia, Smith. Knuclson. ROW Ill: Dortch, Krell the night shows. Led by Fred Austin, house-manager, they ushered at first assemblies, athletic events, and noon auds. A12 USHERS-ROW I: Farrell, Leviton, Winer, F. Austin, president, Kertston, Mehlig. ROW ll: Anderson, Gerhardi, Freeze, Tingirides, Campbell ROW Ill: Lomeli, Cameron, Wisdom Johnson, Palmer, Hamilton, E. Austin. Z X I Aww. 5 ee 22 f I , ffl, f Q WARREN LEIN LADY PRESIDENT KNIGHT PRESIDENT BETTY REEVE winter knights Of course, the Winter K 8. L, IBenecih A Southern MoonI was a big BG,ba,o Fife Dick Armsmmg Jarvis Arreucmo Success- Gary Freeze Barbara Frosi Wa WINTER KNIGHTS AND LADIES. These Twankas reached the highest honor Washington could bestow. The W' K81L, led by Warren Lien and Betty Reeve, were selected on a basis of service to the s:hool. Those students nominated by teach- ers were voted on by the graduat- ing Knights and Ladies. These Sen- ior B's selected, formed the back bone of the new society. The Knights' services were raising the "Stars and Stripes." ln November they played host to the Fremont Knights, who after seeing our Lad- ies, agreed that we have cute girls. The Ladies dusted the trophy cases, gave their semi-annual banquet, and, combining forces with the Knights, planned the successful K and L dance. and la dies Ed Austin Danny CampbellM. Chapman Ann Jorgenson Jean Kelly Joan Kelly ss- . roi RS 1 ' s A Marcia Kelly Gary Kertson Warren Lein Don Mehlig Ann Paccione Lois Pead Joanne Prumers Betty Reeve Winnie Rieman Marilyn Rounds Alex Tingrides Max Winer FRED POWER KNIGHT PRESIDENT SUMMER KNIGHTS AND LADIES. The Black and White Ball, theme of the K and L spon- sored by the summer Knights and Ladies, turned out to be the most magnificent dance of the year. These honored seniors performed every duty and task given to them. A few of the iobs executed by the HILDA MAZON LADY PRESIDENT Knights were raising and lowering the flag, being in charge of fire drills, and keeping the halls and quad quiet during sixth period. The Ladies provided flowers for the library, cleaned the trophy cases, and represented our school as diplomats on many occasions. krzights hi' x-'B' Paul Aiello Roger Anderson Duane Alt Janice Beckett Ted Blanke Dale Brudvig Cltnrles Buff Pqf Cams Nancy Drysdale Carol Ehlers C, Hackamack Dick Harris Lyle Herman Mary Laird Denny Lang Bev Lqrgen Hilda Mazon Nancy McClaskey Peggy Merrill Norm Ollesfead Roger Ormon Eleanor Pead Fred Power Rallie Rallis Wayne Rew 'T and ladies 5 3 Jo Shaw . ,. ..,. Q Randy Sullivan is --:' -' Bobbie wyqn ,.A,V 1 I 3222. fi ' 9 X 'U ' Q A I .N . 2 Sally Chambers Marshall Cox MaryJo Darcey Chester Davis up-Q 1 N Dick LeGrue B tty Luebke Marlon Maclean Mel Marchbanks A roullne lob fo H1959 Knlghlsf LYle Herman, ChCIl'll6 Bull, Duane Alt, and Denny Lang is to take down The flag every aflernoon al three. L Qtr ,W--, V Y u' J, 1. f , 10' Katherine Bell Joann Cass Dianne Driver Evelyn Forney Joanne Prumers Patricia Sickels Edward Seright Donna Willis 30 M. Chapman Eugene Levnon SCHOLARSHIP CABINET-ROW I: Driver, Chapman, president: Hackamack. ROW II: Cass, Laird. ROW III: Mr. Lawyer, spon- sor, Scott, Shaw, Levin. sc2czlbQarQrs w-5 953 Marion MacLeanNancy Drysdale David Gates Carol Hackamack Carol Myers B. Ondrasik Eleanor Pegd 'ill W' vm QgQV '34'4sc5.,SsN' - S A-1 4, X WQKM SCHOLARSHIP CABINET-ROW I: Cox, Davis, Buff. ROW ll: Carson, Collins, Laird, president, Carlson, Blodgett. V,,,g . i-if gg SCHOLARSHIP SOCIETY. Field trips to the observatory, f ' assemblies, and conventions were but a few of the many activities enioyed by this year's Scholarship So- ciety, which proved to be one of the most active organ- izations on campus. The winter president was Margaret Chapman while Mary Laird held the gavel in the sum- mer semester. Activities included the banquet, the in- stallation assembly, and the meeting where slides of Germany were presented. Sponsorship of the movie, "Mutiny on the Bounty," was the most important event of the year, although the banquet at Luisinger High School also proved a big success. :,g ge t 'YD' ,. ,J ., W A X 3. . .: 1 , S X L ww Swv x X X 0 fl K Qs- X, J-x"g X N N N X 'sa . MQ ii e E . .,.,,. -es xx ,iii I- ..... 4jc,gX I Q Ig ,..g:Q-si 'T I , eeee ' 'X A , A fi" ' of Q Roger Anderson Darlene Bliven Poi Bock Annette Briganti Charles Buff Mary Carlson Jean Cukale Kay Haskins Lyle Herman Glenn Himes John Hurley Beverly Jahnz Mary Laird Norbert Pobanz Phil Porrettcl Fred Power Penny Phelan Ted Scott Carol Shipway Chester Davis Nancy Larson Carol Strong Nancy deRome Louise Dillon Don Levin Lester Lewis Charles Stubin Winifred Zaroiar OLD TORCHBEARERS-ROW l: MacLean, Haskins, Collins, Phelan, Hackamack, Laird, Larson, Shipway, Cordova, Mc- Donald. ROW ll: Myers, Drysdale, Dillon, Bliven, Todil, Pendleton, Sonia, Piker, Kandalec. ROW Ill: Mr. Lawyer, sponsor, Lewis, Gales, Herman, Aiello, Buff, Scott, Levin, Powell. ROW IV: Hurley, Pobam, Gagliano, Flora, Davis, Power, Anderson, Porrelfa. f ephebiuns 5753 y l e H e r m a n 3 V QQQTR 2 ' X , . x , if vw J ay ,,,4 1: T45 Danny Robinson Nancy Drysdale Sally Freckleton Els'e Griesser Larry Harris Don Levin Mahon MacLean Peggy Merrill Barbara Ondrasik Larry Simmons Rolleen Spolkov Charles Sfubin Evelyn Taub K7 PM I 1 ,4 flllflll flfllf .5610 if L . fl Paul Aiello Roger Anderson Dale Brudviq Charges Buff Nancy Drysdale Mary Laird Don Levin Marion Maclean 32 NEW TORCHBEARERS-ROW I: Blodgeti, Steed, McTaggart', Holisky, King, Shaw, president, Fastou, Fiske, Finnick, Gual- tierri, Barnikel, Richardson. ROW II: Bishop, Pullen, Sherwood, Schreiber, Titus, Carson, Buehner, Inman, Cohen, Clark, Deibel, Piispanen, Joyce. ROW III: Sinai, Sims, Sholtis, Meschke, Fritsche, Oghigian, Osman, Smith, Larsen, Knudson, Emerzian. ROW IV: Pripall, Levison, Cord, Barry, Bloom, Pierce, Pugh, Quaranta, Barosh, Redding, Harger. and uf 3 FIRST YEAR SCHOLARSHIP-ROW I: Robinson, McKay, Bowen, Manolio, Sims, Labo, Johnston, Lundeen, VonBIocker, Lofgren. ROW II: Cahan, Bone, Garrison, Gloss, Schaupp, Sabin, Navarro, A Allen, Federer, Gorce, Mason, Mark. ROW III: Potter, Syfritt, Cox, Benson, Otero, Bower, Dorman, Chase, Baffa, Amerian. ' 5 W I is . N A. 4 .fa f :aff Pat Caras Louise Dillon Peggy Merrill Nancy McCIq5keyFred Power Dick Armstrong B. Hammerscmidtwarren Lein Marcia Kelley Joanne Prumers Betty Reeve l I SSA l l fffwf w' 'S E Z, ,f CLEI CLUB-ROW I: Cooke. Godso, Robercls, Zadrick, Goodwin, Albano, Marks. ROW II: Flanegin, Thompson, Mason, Darms, Hand, Poe, Strong, Gordon, Chapman. ROW Ill: Davise, sponsor, B. Armstrong, Kuhn, Knudson, Malakowsky, Ritchie, D. Armstrong, Aiello, Doria. E SPANISH CLUB-ROW I: Sinai, Pattison, Anderson, Geer, Holt, Erkel, Richardson F Patterson, Beazley, Goldman, Bilski, Cukale. ROW II: Mrs. Reece, sponsor, Miss Eklund, sponsor, Angelos, Hoffman, Titus, Lowe, Schreiber, Sawnor, Faucett, Mc- E Donald, Bliven, Davies, Miss Miquel, sponsor. ROW III: Donley, Rockwell, Yoakan C Otero, Houlihand, Rollins, Ollestad, Lawlor, Turner, Ondrasik, Sperry, Mr. Fraters sponsor. RCW IV: Navarro, Doria, Powell, Pugh, Galceran, Power, Alonso, Flora Carden, Fragiacomo, Wright, Deibel. X-x,:N-LP' su lf If X., fff L. 2 25 'nv ,. ' ,JP"""' ""-"fl'WWW, - t -l arid CLEF CLUB. Talent is their keynote. Under the sponsorship of Mrs. Mary Christine Davise, the Clef Club offered the Georges and Marthas the noon Talent Quest and the semi-annual Music Review. Many of you can probably still remember the songs from "King and I," and the solos, and nov- elty groups that made up the Fall Review. --1-25 SPANISH CLUB. Se abre la sesion are the words which began the monthly meeting of the Spanish Club, led in the winter by Don Mehlig, and in the summer by Fred Power. On May 7 at the tra- ditional annual Language Banquet the Spanish Club I? was in charge of the pro- gram with Fred Power act- ing as emcee. SPANISH CLUB-ROW I: Pernia, Debilo, Arrison, Laird, Darcey, Caras, Carlson, Dapro, Maclean, Cooke, MacMillan, Ocasio, Co- hen. ROW II: Mrs. Reece, spon- sor, Miss Eklund, sponsor, Scholl, Chapman, Gich, Keene, Paster- nak, Roisman, Jacobson, Kelley, Parkhurst, Berger, Miss Miquel, sponsor. ROW III: Otero, Law- lol, ButT, E. Pead. Knowlton, Freeze, Bock, Sickeles, Mr. Fra- ters, sponsor. ROW IV: Leviton, Gray, Pritchett, Flora, Tevlin, Pie r c e, Ouaranta, Arellano, Johnson, Aquilar, Sullivan, and Mehlig, president. l '55 1., W J-f7' 9 S . 2- s . , - ,, f ,.., 'nz 1ig'x Qf,,3DS ,M f 3',Q2's"S4f.'SLgM,, GIRLS' GLEE CLUB-ROW I: Mack, Potter, Simon, Bloom. ROW ll: Dudley, PoFf, Arguello, Mullens, Vries, Schliisler, Anderson. ROW Ill: Crowley, Bohle Monsma, Snow, Wilson, Holmgren, Rallo, Schockey, GIRLS' GLEE CLUB, guided by their profi- cient sponsor, Mrs. Davise, and presided over by Shirley Maffet, gave much of their spare time singing at such events as the Big and Little Sister Party, the BIO Mothers' Tea, P.-T.A. meetings, Girls' League Assemblies and the Christmas show. Davise, sponsor, Ellis, Egan, Moxley, Skaggs, McLaughlin, Van Noard, De , Fielding, Chamberlain, Tuero, Strener, Rich. FRENCH CLUB-ROW l: Fife, Schoefflin, Tonge, Miller, president, Zaroian, Edgar ROW Il: Brandt, Maxwell, Hansen, Buehner, Mathis, Baxter, Derrick. ROW Ill Sintes, sponsor, Barosch, Everett, Durant, Skinner, Knauer, Braxton, Neher, Miquel sponsor. LATIN CLUB-ROW I: Schneider, Larsen, Knight, Englund, Shorten, Driver, president Zadrick, Piispanen, Russel, McTaggert, McKendry, Keys. ROW ll: Burns, Stalcup Nelson, Laish, Bostelman, Cass, Jahnz, Finnick, Howland. ROW Ill: Miss Tallis, spon sor, Bozeman, Lewis, Smith, Taylor, H:1rger, Dixon, Headley, Glatz, Mark. FRENCH CLUB. Bon iour mes amis! Comment allez-vous? Comprennez-vous? Non? Oui, would be the reply of any French Club member, whose objective is increased knowledge of the French people, their customs, cul- ture, and language. Re- .- quirements for membership are five or more semesters of French. CAELICOLAE. Although Ver- gil's little gem, "The Aen- eid," occupied most of their time, these Latin maiors had some leisure for fun. Fridays found them presenting or- iginal Latin plays in which the grammar might h a v e made Cicero turn over in his grave, but for which any plebian could have under- stood the plot. .es In III flat c.,..fs' ' YW-A-' 546-3? - - M 4- . .I 5- .- 4'v'a ,F I I GIRLS' USHER SQUAD-ROW I: Richardson, Cooke, Wright, Babrowsky, Cahan. ROW ll Smith, Henzgen, Beckett, Wright, Bostelman, president, Ehlers, Calfee, Myers, Griesser ROW Ill: Teeter, Bruce, Driver, Cass, Ondrasik, A. Wright, Harvey, Taub. ROW IV: Clive Carrall, Van Hoorebeke, Chambers, Merrill, D'Arvin, Collins, Hohn, Neimeyer. TYROS-ROW I: Shanks, Thurse, Vanderlaan, Shrum, Bird, president, Purdy Le Gate, Homeslen, Boyle. ROW Il: Fisher, McArther, Dahl, Bradbury, Huntling Russell, Hahn, Stewart, Hyde. ROW Ill: Hilborn, Cahill, Demkowitz, McClure Butram, Steger, Planey, Mullens, Carlson, Sader. TYROS-ROW I: Ford, Riness, Hines, Romberger, Beaudry, Halverson, Chis holm, Long, Bruscia, Ferrell, McAllister. ROW ll: Labo, Rucer, Harlan, Pelletier, Linderman, Hunt, Palmer, Allen Plourde, Nichols, Weaver. ROW Ill: Faubion Kullor, Luby, Lewis, Darlantes, Gich, Falkenstien, Gold, Salringer, Crawford. .J GIRLS' USHER SQUAD. Dressed in their formals, the girls added to the splendor of the February graduation exercises. Dressed in their custom- ary dark skirts and white blouses, they were present at all night performances as well as at Girls' League assemblies and the A Cappella aud call. TYROS. Forty-eight gi r I s watched in fascination at the home of Garry Lee Mc- Arthur as Mr. Frank, of the famous hair stylists, Frank a n d. Joseph, performed beautifully, demonstarting his hair styling ability to the Tyros. That this was the chief highlight of the club's busy semester was agreed upon by all. Serving at the Senior Prom, the Sadie, and Knights and Ladies dance, were a few examples of their service to the school. Ready and willing to serve al' all banquets, they were always on the ball! A white elephant sale, an attempt to bolster the club's treas- ury, proved both entertain- ing and successful. Kay Kiellor served as enthusi- astic auctioneer, giving the affair a humorous n ote. 1 l to TEEN AIDERS--ROW l: O'Callahan, Russel, Collins Newman Schneider Campbell Greene, Ciccerrello, Howland, l-lolisky. ROW ll: Nemreyer Clark G eman Van Hoorebeke Shay, Riggs, Cannon, McTaggert, Gualtieri, McKenclry Carm ch al Boi man ROW lll Mrs. Bentley, sponsor, Arguello, Deibel, Fragiacomo Harvey Chandler Blankenship Carter, Rockwell, Navarro, Robinson, Mark. TEENAIDERS. Making tray favors, Christe mas ornaments, bookmarks, and Braille covers consumed much of the spare time of the Teenaiders. These items were taken to the hospitals and orphanages for the sick and u n d e r privileged children. TAGS. One thousand and twenty - seven is a g o o d sized number in anybody's language, but what does it mean? Why, it's the num- ber of toys collected by the Tags during their Christmas toy drive! This number was an all time high. After they had collected them, they repaired a n d distributed them to various orphanag- es and hospitals. MARTHONIANS practiced their prospective work by operating the nursery on P Homecoming Day and serv-- . f ing at the Senior Breakfast. s MARTHONIANS-ROW l: Bishop, Jones, Haskins, Jones, Gabriel, 1 Lee, Steinitz. ROW ll: Patton Shaack, Rotella. Hughes, Barni kel, Gregory, Riley, Rockwood, 2 Lytle. ROW lll: Ayres, Blake, Miss McKenna, sponsor, M i s s Jenkins, sponsor, Miss Carlson, sponsor, Mrs. Crumpacker, spon- sor, Saunders, Valenti. COMMERCIAL CHATTER-ROW I: Galuppo, Diefenbach, McMahan, Joyce, president, Carter, Delahousie, Woodrich, McGrew, Reynolds, Arrabito, Mrs. Christian, sponsor. ROW II: DeRome, Wall, Shaw, Logan, Sedlak, Thompson, David, DeGruccio, Jeffers, Johnston. ROW III: Porretta, Robertson, Vindal, Terran, Elliott, Brodine, Brown, Charles, Hayes, Dobos, DeBusk, Timberlake, Shipway. ROW IV: Overs, Leist, Phillips, Engberg, Sherritt, Lewis, Emerzian, Dineen, Batley, Kachadorian. COMMERCIAL CI-IATTER. Gossip and fashion col- umns were but two of the features in Commercial Chatter, a monthly publication of the business ed- ucation department. The paper also reported the activities of business students, such as trips to the Telephone Company and banks. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA. Getting stalled too close to a dairy farm was all that marred an otherwise wonderful trip to Knotts Berry Farm. Piloted by Carolyn Hackamack both summer and winter, the F.T.A. planned two field trips, to U.C. L.A. and Pepperdine. This year F.T.A. became a member of the National F.T.A. Society. FUTURE TEACHERS OI AMERICA-ROW I: Gualtieri, Car- michael, Rockwell. Hackamack, president, Navarro, Mc- Taggart, Debilio, Wrighi, Jahnz. ROW II: Moen, Pead, Wal- lis, Chandler, Arguello, Edgzr, Keene Ondrasik, Wallace, Dillon, Hodgeman, sponsor. ROW III: Wachs, Sullivan, Shaw, Bu6, Scoti, Powell, Toltel, Gates, Levin, Porretta. COMMERCE HONOR-ROW I: Mrs. Overtield, sponsor, Krolick, Lewis, Shaw, Fife, president, Johnston, Wilson, Holisky. ROW Il: Carson, Dineen, Briganti, Anderson, Bishop, Wall, Wright, Schodt, Drain. ROW Ill: Steed, Cahan, McMahan, Joyce, Emerzian, DeRome, Kachadorian. COMMERCE HONOR. The Pruden- tial Building tour was an important event to these potential secretaries who win membership in Commerce Honor by being business majors with good grades in commercial subjects. The traditional installation dinner revealed Barbara Fife as winter '53 prexy and Claire Festow - as the summer leader, and under them the club participated in many activities that proved entertaining to everyone. La W Q'-Y .0 A-J his A FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA-ROW I: Delpozo, Cahan, Barker, Batley, Briganti, chaplinp Plisco, president: Barr, Wyatt, Rose, Anderson, Lindsey, Bobrosky, Snyder. Row ll: Miss Constance, sponsor: Hoser, Getman, Lewis, Schodt, Drain, Cascarona, Ganey, Pullen, McClain, Welsh, Wendt. ROW ll: Bishop, Mo:lrish, Stokes, Kaloostiun, Cordova, Glasgow, Weskamp, Weishaar, Ewing, Otte, Nunnink, Junk, Hayes. ROW IV: Labo, Winkler, Carson, Dineen, Boldra, Cross, Gatlen, Holisky, Dennis, Relton. FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA, new on the campus this year, promoted football sales, sold howdy tags, sponsored noon dances, some charity campaigns, and Career Day. They planned a tour of McCulloch Motors, an elaborate Christmas party honoring Mrs. Clarita Nehr, and an installation luncheon with Dr. Paul Fisher and Mr. Daniel Siemens as guests. BOOKKEEPING CLUB, organized for business ma- iors who had had a course in bookkeeping, studied the qualificaitons necessary for success in business. BOOKKEEPING CLUB-ROW I: Bennett, Smith, Carson, Col bl Iins, Neimeyer, Van Hoorebeke, Goeman, Giordano, pres ident: Caufield, Altschuld, Harlan, May. ROW ll: Steed, Ure, Siegers, Romberger, Roberts, Ganey, Cascarano, Gen tile, Gabroe, Hart, Keel, Miss Ross, sponsor. ROW Ill: Hohn, Starr, Silberman, Lewis, Radford, DePree, Davis, Homesley, Labo, Stewart, Keller. ROW IV: Rankin, Rice, Pensak, San ders, Holisky, McKendry, Carlson, Clemens, Bishop, Nun nick, Borrelli. MINUTEMEN-ROW I: Bobrosky, Carter, Briganti, Darcey, Laird, president: Arrison, Mathewson, Kelly. ROW ll: Shaw, Merrill, Caras, Barr, Wright, Cahan, McCloskey, Popelar, Siemens, sponsor. MINUTEMEN. "Step right up folks, buy your ticket to the Washington Spring Revue." This pert remark and similar ones were the stock- in-trade of the Minutemen, for sell- ing tickets to this performance, or that was their most important iob. They also assisted Paul Aiello and Shirley Greene, winter and sum- mer publicity managers, in their advertising campaigns. 21- -I-1 lJ 'E ll ,......- DEBUTANTES-ROW l: Pelton, Jahnz, G. Brown, Hackamack, president, Glatz, Keene. ROW ll: Debilio, McMahan, Maxwell, Phillips, Merrill, Paradice, ROW lil: Ondrasik, Weg- ner, McCloskey, Tanski, Shaw, J. Brown, lngelido. DEBUTANTES. Promoting ideals of personal and social living is the pur- pose of this oldest Y-Teen Club. For their project they adopted a less for- tunate family, for whom they collected food and clothing. They planned many social activities. Presidents of the winter and summer semesters were Carolyn Hackamack and Barbara Ondrasik. .AJ .LA -A11 AMATEUR RADIO-ROW l: Pierson, O'Shaughnessy, Olsson. ROW ll: Hughes, Trtcroux, Dances, Potter. ROW lll: Meier, Larsen, Cruise, Gilliland. AMATEUR RADIO. Have you ever wanted to talk to someone in Alaska, Japan, or some other far away country? Each day during lunch time, the members of the Amateur Radio Club did this, or something else that had to do with radio. Under the sponsorship of Mr. Gilliland, this club tried to help its members to pass their Federal Commun- ications license test. TEENTOPPERS. Five feet seven inches or above and a taste for fun are the requirements for member- ship in the Teentoppers, a popular club sponsored by Miss Helen Rollins. TEEN TOPPERS-ROW l: Gualtieri, Wallis, Chandler, Sickels, President, Nichols, Moxley, ROW ll: Miss Rollins, sponsor, Koepp, Back, Del Pozo, Smith, Schuttais, Weaver. We-2 """'W' VT' iv? W! , V 4 ' 1 ce xg Q r-' ,, Cx 53 I Q- s f . C T- aff ff If WP NP T .xx X 4 ,c 67- fi gigff. if , X la 'WJ C9 . -r Q . -X ' , A Y, sew.- 1 ,gf L FT ,Tr sr , 1 L- Mr' X, J' w -' O, V All 1, ex rx if . X . .7 f ,,f L' ' X A ll Avlgl X U1 V ry f SQUIRES-ROW I: Orman, Herring, Lien, Marchbanks, Cox. ROW ll: Fraters, sponsor, " W Kuhns, Perpall, Kezas, Le Grue, Rallis, Armstrong, Campbell, Krant, Aertker, sponsor. vi A ,f l V- X SQUIRES. The newly organized and highly publicized Squires got oft to a fine start. Their main activities were helping with registration andienroll- ment, being in charge ofthe halls during classes, and keeping the cafeteria under close supervision. Sponsors were Mr. McClean, Mr. Aertker, and Mr. Fraters, gavel wielders were Warren Lien, winter, and Mel Marchbanks, summer. ROCKHOUNDS. Have you ever traveled to the A Building and seen the collection of rocks in the ss-f sss. . A r , glass case outside Room A4? These specimens were collected by the Rockhounds, a popular club ' A . sponsored by "Pop" Anderson. The only qualifica- tions necessary for membership in this group is a genuine interest in geology and a desire to col- lect' rocks. ART HONOR: Unique ideas were always in evidence at the Art Honor meetings every Tuesday. lt was then that the club made plans for all their custom- ary functions, such as selling holly corsages at Christmas time, and promoting an art sale of work created in the handicraft' classes. ART HONOR-ROW l: Haskins, Art, Miller, Hammerschmidt, Phelan, Budai, Darms. ROW ll: Mrs. Ahrens, McClain, Pul- len, Douglass, Sinai, Menzel, Wright, Mrs. Hazel. ROW III: Goolsby, G. Mitchell, Smith, Richards, Barosh, R. Richards. ROCKHOUNDS-ROW l: Shanklin, Cole, White. ROW ll: Pop Anderson sponsor, Dorman, Logan, Miss Thompson, sponsor. A3 - E'1f - .4 , v '-f . x -gr, A :fi-H' ll! X. DX , F we JJ.,"..",,',.'N YATK X X A., 3' 5' Y Y' 3' Y' N' 'N ,' , 7, . iff X vvvvvw ,, X Q , t Lt Xwkll U i,,i , 4 t , , i 4 i vumuywl.+ . A. ...... , llv . . . A ,:J" fi, il, gl. fl, fl, fl, TRI-DEBS - ROVV l: Gattuso, Smith, Villa, Chapparo, Collins. ROW ll: De Vai, A Lippolis, Arnegard, Ferrucci, Bradbury. All CONTINENTALS-ROW l: Graves, Valenta, McArthur, Bird, Mullens. ROW ll: Murphy, Reynolds, Youle, Giordano, Hyde, Planey, Gattuso. ROW lll: Rundell, Evans, Donley, Linderman, Bruscia, Olive. CONTINENALS. lt never fails. Just when you're having fun, something al- ways happens. In November the Continentals were having an outdoor party at one member's house when it started raining in torrents. But this didn't stop their fun, because they just went into the house and finished their refreshments there. TRI-DEBS, another Y-Teen club newly organized this year, rotated with another club in helping in the gym office after school. At Christmas time they spent many hours packing boxes of foods and clothing for unclerpriviliged families. With Judy Bradbury presiding, the Tri-Debs had many social events, including swimming parties, slumber par- ties, and an exciting trip to the pike. ROGUETTES, one of the new campus clubs, did their share of school service by helping in the library at noon whenever they were needed. A money making proiect, which also took on the na- ture of a social event, was a cupcake making af- fair at the home of one of the members. ROGUETTES-ROW l: Hart Osborn, O'Fcxrrell. Woytko. ROW ll: Spilholtz, Rockwell, Miles, Groussman, Pittlelkow. I in - 1 7 EO. '37 DELTA-Y-ROW I: Litherland, Leckie, Labo, VanderLaan, Stewart. ROW ll: Davlantes, Russell, Becker, Musso, Benning, Arellano, Barney, Palmiero. DELTA-Y, started in October, had their recognition service at the Normandie Avenue Baptist church, at which time they received their sweaters and V' e emblems. Since then they have raised money by sponsoring a doughnut " sale, an enjoyed life by going horseback riding on Saturdays, and hav- ing a formal dance. For service to the school they worked in Mrs. Neher's office in the mornings and after school. PRE-MEDICAL started this year's activities with an interesting and educational tour through the Gen- eral Hosptial. Under the sponsorship of Mrs. Mary Kelley, the club continued its activities by taking trips to U.C.L.A., Rancho de Los Amigos, and U.S.C. The Pre-Medical Club, which iust started at Washington this year, is formed of students who plan to work in the field of medicine. COQUETTES, combining service and enioyment, made a valuable addition to Washington's club system. Although this was their first semester on the campus these nine girls made a real contrib- ution toward the efficient running of our school by working in the gym office after classes. On their social agenda was a church party. COQUETTES--ROW I: Von Blocher, Hart. Row ll: Cosgrove, McLaughlin, Hillyard, Simon, president. PRE-MEDICAL-ROW l: Laidlaw, Buehner, Robinson, Puder, Pelletier. ROW ll: Shaw, Ford, Templin, Weaver, Salvinger, Syfritt. A5 LETTERMAN S CLUB ROW I Orman Smith Wate Blankenship, Lowe, Clift, Power, Price, Ollestad. ROW ll: Levi- ton Schultz Angelbar Vigar Donaldson Simmons Gherardi Justice, Sanger. ROW III: Smith, Berning, Barrett, GIRLS' LETTER SOCIETY. Navy blue sweaters with bright red W's on them are a sign of membership in the G.L.S. All these girls spent at least three semesters in G.A.A. and earned at least six G.A.A. credits. Parties initiating new members and a trip to the mountains were the main social events of the year. GYM CLUB. Clad entirely in white, even to their soft soled shoes, the Gym Club mem- bers twisted, turned, and tumbled across the stage to present one of the best-liked aud calls of the year. The Gym Club, an honorary athletic group, is always kept at a membership of thirty. It is sponsored by Coach Harry Perry. GYM CLUB-ROW I: Theiss, Barosh, Krant, Perpall. McCabe. ROW II: Byfield, Barrow, Danforth, Bar- rett, Carrington. ROW Ill: Losey, Austin, Hamilton. Ballard, L. Anderson, Flannigan, Campbell, R. An- derson, Whittington. I.- 1-13 ! 'L lit LETTERMAN'S CLUB-ROW l: DeMaggio, Schreiber, Alt, Calce, Mehlig, Lewis, Anderson, Echols, Rew, Brudvlg, Harris. ROW ll: Holmes, .lohnson,.Wisdom, Barrett, Kertson, Kezas, Valenzuela, Wilhelm, Cox. ROW lli: Perpall, Krant, Dortch, Jzikob, Johnston, Wachs, Levitt, Curtis, Lawlor, Moretti. LETTERNlAN'S CLUB. Boasting the record of selling the most tickets to any athletic event, the Letterman's Club under the guidance of Coach Sanders, and piloted by winter president Don Lowe and summer president Wayne Rew, completed one of the most outstanding years in Letterman's history. The semi-annual Award Banquet was highlighted by honored guest and speaker, "Hustling" Hugh McElhenny, an ex- Washington star. Don Lowe, winter Letterman president, sells football pro- grams in the quad. ' ' ' . Ei .lmi -x TW 11- 'N fd. W4 . - , - , Day. Hi.. .1 U , t t . , N. ij 59? 'a -'L ,s 6' gf: A ., Ev ? ' ' . fx A I gd 3,61 , . .. , , -url USHERS-ROW I: Taub, Bostelman, Piispanen, Ondrasik, Blodgett, Gorre, Gutierrez, Harris, Gloss, Garrison, Rich- ardson, Graham, Carmichael, Buehner, Morretti. ROW ll: Knudson, Sullivan, Wickham, Cummings, Deibel, Fragia- como, Robinson, Waite, Winker, Henzgen, Smith, McCaIlson, Cox, Osman, Davis. ROW III: Lawlor, Slavens, Lewis, Lytle, Correia. Herman, ToFFel, Curtis, Brannan, Heming, Levitt, Buff, Malakowsky. USHER SQUAD. The first combination of boys meeting and the Clef Club show as well as at and girls, ushered at the evening P.-T.A. all aud calls. JUNIOR ADELPHIANS attempted to stretch hands across the sea in order to know and understand people of all nations. Europe was the destination of the CARE packages which these industrious te n t h graders bought out of their own treasury. They also visited the Spastic Home to entertain the children there. ADELPHIANS. "T ell m e another story, please," said Ricky, a little boy at the Spas- tic Home to Mary Carlson. This request is familiar to the Adelphians. who entertain these children as one of their principal activities. - ADELPHIANS - ROW I: Carlson, Finnick, Davies, Z Pack, Greene, Caras, Shorten, Newman, Faulkner. ROW ll: Fiske, Bozeman, Holisl-cy, Howland, Brig- JUNICR ADELPHIANS-ROW l: Labo, Bone, Enlund, Allen, Luncleen, Manolio, Platt, Hai- anti, Schneider, Ciccarello, Riggs, Mrs. Fitzpatrick, din, Nygord. ROW Il: Gich, Davlantes, Terrell, Palmiero, Currie, Jaunke, McArthur, Bird, sponsor. ROW Ill: Van Hoorebeke, Laird, Godso Herzog, sponsor. ROW Ill: Paul, Huntling, Federer, Sellers, South, Garrison, Gloss, Bowen, Brooks, Starr, Hohn, Mathewson, Shay, Robinson Manny. ROW IV: Mouitz, Leckie, Sims, Allen, Vanderlaan, Palmer, Nuttman, Gorce, ROW IV: Russel, Nunnick, Hackamack, Bishop, Gutierrez D'Arvin, Bostleman, Kelly, Carlson, Wright. ESY" ix sa CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP-ROW I: Rev. John J. Verreau, Robinson, S. Mason, Gillie, Jayne, Slight, Foot, Schaupp Mr Stone. ROW Il: Syfritt, Bryarly, Trobarelli, Rich, Geist, Johnson, Overstreet, Causer, Richards, Robinson. ROW II Knight, Cleland, McDonald, Wilson, D. Mason, Sabin, Yoakam, Simon. CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP. Placing spiritual values above all others, this group met to study the Bible and pray together each Tuesday when a short devotional was given by Wes Harty, associate pastor and teacher. Fridays were given to outside speakers and musical entertainment provided by the members of the Los Angeles Youth For Christ. All were welcome to attend these meetings and hear the various speakers which included Bill Morgan, John Ketching, Gene French, and pastors from different churches. CHRONIANS. Scenic trips in California and special assem- blies headed the activities of the Chronians. Members learned of California's romantic history by visiting many of its historic spots and attending its historical events. Some of these were the Los Pasadas at Padua Hills, a Christmas play in Spanish, El Campo de Cahienga where a treaty with John C. Fremont was signed, the San Fernando mission, and San Diego, where Cabrillo landed and began Spanish occupation of California. CHRONIANS-ROW I: Lavenbeig, Finnick, Davies, president, Masten, Kandalec, Sinai. ROW ll: Bone, Englund, Wright, Laucett, Steel. ROW III: Miss Hodgens, sponsor, Carson, Tevlin, Sullivan. N Q . 1-" WH 2 Jnvnfnes f'-1 QE school da TOP LEFT: "Aw, Ma, not yet." RIGHT: Two pieces of matter cannot occupy the some place at the same time: Proof-two banged fenders. MIDDLE LEFT: Follow the directions carefully and hope for the best. RIGHT: The popcorn line seems to be the most popular place on the campus. BOTTOM LEFT: "Oh well, I guess l won't eat this noon." MIDDLE: Anxious faces await the results in cr volleyball game. RIGHT: Whoops! Looks like those extra books iust don't fit. T"KN.., 4 , ,,,, w""""MW I 'Zi XIMA Y .,,, . , 4 1 'mug W TOP: As always, the K and L offers a marv- TOM: Crazy iitterbugging by Tom and Arlene elous evening of music and dancing. BOT- entertain the c rowd while old Rudolph calmly watches. flu n ces 511 wilrfrl-far, . ., -nf WJ---f---NJ -Q A E gf. Under the Black and White Ball at the Spring The proud king and queen ofthe Winter Senior K 8. L, the dancers had a wonderful time. Prom were Marcia Kelley and Dick Armstrong. sf 5 ' ' Qmiggfi Q K 4 v K l, 5 SkSP0'1eR,-bi. 5 Q K , - 4 f- 1. 3 l - . Q .Fi U . , eg! 95 Poor guy! It happens to the best of them. Paper corsages and plaid shirts added to o fun filled evening of dancing at the fall Sadie, QF .3'F'lff' 'C elif ' 4. Q , 1' 3 53' ,, 1- . 1 ' ' . 'Hi -' '-ff ' - 1 - Q Egfr: Y , 7 at -7 ORCHESTRA-ROW I: Pickrell, Lofgren, Zadrick, Rich, Pierce, Knudson, Valler, Matson, Loyd, Roberts, Chapman, Moxley. ROW ll: Cole, Sutton, Sal- vinger, Day Roth, Sylvester, Pendleton, Johnson, Pierce, Maxwell, Rockwood, Groussman, Russell, Weems. ROW Ill: Ritchie, Caudle, Sims, Kelson, Van Valkenburg, Shanklin, Fritsche. ROW IV: Miner, Dorman, Abbott, Mason. ORCHESTRA. With a flick of a bow and the blare of a French the Christmas program, and both graduations can be attrib- horn, the school Orchestra started its daily stint of rehearsing uted to the music of the Orchestra. Under the leadership of for the school shows and assemblies. All the members en- Mr. Abbott, they played almost anything from Beethovan to ioyed it, for music is their language. Much of the success of the iazziest iazz. the Fall and Spring Clef Club Reviews, the Gershwin Review, A 4' or xf ,iff The talented baton of Mr. Abbott peps up the Band. liz . f y ORGAN GUILD. Margaret Hughes, a member of the organ guild, demonstrates her manner of playing as Mrs. Davise, sponsor, Donna Mason, Don Monson, and Joan Goodwin look on. music cz cmzrsf fn' mcm A CAPPELLA-ROW l: Halverson, Paradice, Gich, Smith, Flanegin, Mark, Laven, Gordon, Hart, Soule, Williams, Brown, Stevenson, Labo, Hinds Kandalec, Johnson. ROW ll: Caplan, Hamilton, Cahan, Edwards, Shrum, Donley, Armstrong, Markovitz, Toland, Restorik, Malone, Boldt, Quaranta Munson, Catalano, Clark, McBride, Cronk, Herron, Burroughs, Hand, Mr. Lyman. ROW lll: Glatz, Larson, Denoncourt, Brooks, Wegner, Livingston Malakowsky, Monson, Ruef, Lewis, Baker, Bottin, Briganti, Ahrendts, Holt, Dudley, Gattuso, Hansen, Cronshaw, Darms. ROW IV: Buehner, Spotkov Norton, Popelar, Clark, Carlson, Kuhn, Kezas, Tschumi, Aldridge, Drozda, Baxter, McLaurin, Griesser, Wright, Sperry, Kasson, Patsey, Tonge, Richards ROW lV: Kronen, McClung, Fiske, Murphy, Carroll, Eckberg, Clift, Aiello, Lang, Stone, Biggs, Persson, Poff, Wade, Peebler, Poppe, Albano, Johnson A CAPPELLA CHOIR. "All right, tenors, sing it right. You're not sopranos," warned Mr. David Lyman during the daily rehearsal of the A Cap- pella Choir. The choir has earned the reputation of being one of the best in Los Angeles. This ac- counts for the numerous offers they received to appear for special occasions. Among these were the Bach Festival, the Choir Festival at Pomona College, and appearances at the Statler and Huntington Hotels. Between rehearsals and per- formances the choir took time out to hear solos of the members who failed to hang up their robes properly. ' Y Y M BAND. Playing at the Ram vs. Greenbay Packers football game at the Coliseum was the highlight of a busy season for the school band, co-march- ing with the Drum and Bugle before a crowd of 50,000. School spirit was boosted by the Band's lively antics at all home games and rallies, and at the Washington-Fremont football game at Wrig- ley Field. In April, under the leadership of Mr. Abbott, the Band gave a double assembly con- cert. One of the high spots of the show was the fine performance of "Park Avenue Fantasy," fea- turing solos by Bob Caudle and Bill Malakowsky, BAND-ROW I: Saleh, Barry, Sims, Powell, Hopper, Wilson, Doria, Aiello, Annis, Crooks, Hollingshead, Vollmer, Ral- ston, Calfee. ROW ll: Sipple, Ritchie, Velinty, Forman, Heinple, Brown, Toland, Dorman, Bald, Clark, Ferruzzo, Carter. ROW Ill: Abbott, sponsor, Pittelkow, Day, Bower, Shanklin, Flora, Baines, Wells, Sanford, Blanke, Drum Maior. ROW IV: Caudle, Klattenberg, Malakowsky, Cohn, McDonnell, White. ff ' , fffxf, VW? 5 ,. Lf' 2 naw frfmfx, THESPIANS-ROW I: Lloyd, Cos- grove, Van Blocker, Kodil, Sinai, Blodgett. ROW Il: Clark, Miller, Castillo, Shorten, Willis, Thorne, Simon, Dardius, Hughes, Ehlers. ROW lll: Adkins, sponsor, Youle, Bliven, Frantz, Bosnak, Arrabito Keillor, Smith, Smouse. ROW IV: Brooks, Kleinbauer, Wilkes Scott, Lippert, Stevens, Levison MacKinnon, sponsor. ROW V: Eskro, Harbuch, Hopper, Calbage, Levin. DRAMA. Reading lines from Shakespeare's p l a y s and producing the senior play and the noon dramas were activities of the drama clas- ses and the Thespian Club. The work of the stage crew was invaluable to them in all auditorium shows. STAGE CREW-ROW I: S:url:ler manager, Cassity, Vitali. Cran- dall. Hendrickson. ROW II: Mr. Abbott, sponsor, Jepsen, Vance Weinberg, Reed. SOUND CREW. Setting up equipment was the chief duty of the Sound Crew, those efficient boys w h o made the assemblies and other school events function more smoothly. SOUND CREW - ROW l: Simp- son, Abboti, B i r d, Pierson. O'Snaughnessy. ROW Il: Staun- ton, Hughes, Theroux. Olsson, Dances, Potter. ROW lll: Gilli- land, Meier, Larsen, Deason, An- derson. F I L M PROJECTIONISTS showed pictures to various classes as their chief duty. While running off the films, they acquired much helpful information themselves. FILM PROJECTIONISTS-ROW l Manderback, Baker, Morrow Weber, Simone. ROW ll: Acosta Manderbach, Spence, B. Vance Mr. Noonan, sponsor, Fergeson. Caldwell. ROW lll: Osmen, Ol- sen, Hall, Vance, Forbes, Mit- chell, Ballaid. Q .-- V ---- ...YQ-.vv Q if F '-., .. .zu Q I , -e-ff.. i . ,ui 'D' ia . rj . 1 . V1 fi ' 5.-,E i 4, x ks A ,A ' mai - Q i, is l Ai Q Q' 41- " bt if rfiw i k ' 'WK 'A 4, 1 f. it TF .ii-in . - H, :ual iaxl Q, X is Y i Iwi ,E had 3-1 X MARCIA KELLEY WINTER MAJORETTE PAT FAULKNER SUMMER MAJORETTE 60 DRUM AND BUGLE. The whistle shrilled, the baton flashed, the drums rolled and Washing- ton's D and B corps stepped off to a successful year of fine performances. Dressed in neat white skirts and flashing red iackets they marched in their precise rhythm at rallies and football games while the admiring student body watched with eager interest as they strutted through their clever routines. Highlights of the football sea- son were the Ram's game where the corps held the audience spellbound as they entered the Coliseum and performed to the theme of "Toy- land." First they became a toy airplane, then they formed an enormous bell as they stepped to the rhythm of the familiar Christmas song, "Jingle Bells," later they marched to the strains of "Wooden Soldiers" and spelled out Noel, last they donned white knit gloves and waved their hands in rhythm as they paraded to the tune of "St. Louie Blues." They were hosts to Fremont at Wrigley Field in addition to appear- ing at league games at Washington. CHEERLEADERS. Decked in pink pants and blue shirts, the cheerleaders received a rousing wel- come from the fans whenever they made their grand entrance in Jerry Campbell's checker- board car. These guys really went all out to work up school spirit. What dolls they were in those crazy hats! And how really loaded with talent they were! They organized a swing combo and were good enough to make the finals in the talent quest. Since they were short on in- struments, Bob Armstrong used his initiative and played both piano and trumpet. CHEERLEADERS-B. Armstrong, D. Armstrong, Campbell. CHEERLEADER' M Cox G Kezas J Campbell B Kmn,-, Armstronq 'fx ,ig is 'lf A fc K el ,ivy " X- . k ,le gl, K 1 sm' -, W , 't""gfs gf - sl iss iii? lid'-V Y DRUM 8. BUGLE-ROW I: Chapman, Windal, Anderson, Miska, McEIhenny, Doerges, Pierce, Frost, Kelley, Arrison, Laird, Diefenbach, Shaw, Sher- burne, Patterson, Sheldon, Boldra, Gich. ROW ll: Pack, Cannon, Fife, Whitman, Reeve, Durant, Reiman, Kelly, Haycock, Moulder, Bentley, Steinmetz Beazley, Watson, Terran, McClung. ROW Ill: Edmonds, Mazon, Caras, Schoeplin, Faulkner, Cahan, Gilbert, Morrison, Batley, Barker, Morgan Darcey, Mason, Magretto, Taylor, Nagy, Chambers, Wallis. ROW IV: Riiggs, Shorten, Greene, Hovey, Dineen, Dapro, McKendry, Tucker, Engberg, Walther, Wilburn, Jorgensen, Goeman, Anderson, Lindsey, Ciccarello, Krolich, Popelar, Terra, Larsen, Luebke. SONG LEADERS. A new word, vivaciousness, was added to the old cliche, vim, vigor, and vitality, to describe these pert misses. Their clever routines at rallies required many hours of practice. They designed and made their own costumes and invented the cute steps they used. At the gym and baseball rally they did an original routine to the song, "Take Me Out To The Ball Game," using as props baseball caps and bats borrowed from the team. This group really endeared itself to the whole student body. spreaders 0 ' SCIICIUI spirit l 5, - - -- ..,, .Q V SONGLEADERS-ROW l: S. Chambers, J. PleI'Ce, G- HOVBY. ROW ll: J. SONGLEADERS-S. Chambers, G. Hovey, J. Patterson, J, Shaw, S, Patterson, J. Shaw, S. Engberg. Engberg, J. Pierce. ,lp 1 s .ccwmf -n-w...,,.,W - 7,1 r If - r -Y I 54 . .152 'V if f, , ,ff W"y -. " " Q' J?-z: f ? .15 , ,.., .. . ' LYLE HERMAN WINTER SURVEYOR EDITOR MARION MACLEAN SUMMER SURVEYOR EDITOR - . ff - i ' 1 7- 1 SURVEYOR. Interviewing, cover- ing assignments and beats, proof reading, making up the dummy, and writing headlines, news stor- ies, editorials and captions were some of the many tasks of the Surveyor staff. Puzzled heads shook and typewriters clicked furiously as the staff members tried to produce the finished pro- duct before deadline time each week. As the fourth period tardy bell rang each day, every staff reporter hastened to his respec- tive box, in the Surveyor office, lBungaIow 'I91 if you don't al- ready knowl to discover the day's assignments put there by the ed- itor. Then off they scampered to various parts of the campus with pencil and paper to get the news and interpret it to the students. While the reporters were cov- ering the assignments, the staff office was buzzing with eager workers. The Editor-in-Chief, to- gether with the other staff heads, were putting the pages in order and making the needed correc- tions and adiustments of copy. The photographers also w e r e not idle, spending hours taking pictures of class officers, as well as sports, and other events. SURVEYOR STAFF-ROW I: Power, Taub, Spotkov MacLean Gnesser Freckleton, Harris, Herman. ROW II: Cosgrove Sinai Sills Hillyard Weg ner, Carson. ROW III: Levin, Stubin, Robinson Chick Shaffer Fleming Reina, Soderberg, sponsor. ' 1 LQ., c N'-' 'lf 4.. Ronnie Reina types diligently as Evelyn Taub, Surveyor staff in a typical moment of work. Rolleen Spotkov, and Lyle Herman look over a page proof. sutrve or spoil i ghts the svlzool news VOCATIONAL PRINTERS. The linotypes clicked and the printing presses rumbled while these specially trained boys went about their various tasks of printing the Continental, the Surveyor, graduation programs, and all the printed forms used about school. Instructor "Doc" Burnett is km iustly proud of this group and Washington's well equipped print shop, who behind the scenes, turn out printing for nearly every school event during the year. Their publications con- sistently receive superior ratings and bonus points for printing when iudged in nationwide contests. ,.-9 'els QS M ... VOCATIONAL PRINTERS-ROW l: Sparks, Fordiani, Hanson, Schloss Hutchins, Holzworth, Callahan, Hale. ROW ll: Farrell, Swenson McGee, Nydam, Anderson, Higginbotham, Stevenson, Burnett sponsor. ROW Ill: Minton, DeMaio, O'Connell, Lincoln, White Wicker, Busby, Hunter. "Doc" Burnett demonstrates how to operate the Miehle Vertical press. 256 f -. .ts 'gg ,ff VX inc! ff 31 0 TOP: Maureen Cross busily types while other stat? members discuss yearbook problems. BOTTOM: Peggy Merrill consults Tad Price as Duane Alt ob- serves Larry Simmons performing a difficult task on the paper cutter. r 'EFL ,Z Nw. ,f-Q' 64 CONTINENTAL. Way out between the boys' and girls' gyms, strand- ed and rather lonely looking be- hind the tennis courts, stands Bungalow 33. To many students this is iust another of the many bungalows used for English, math, or civics, but to those who really know, it is one of the bus- iest and most interesting places on the campus, for every fifth p e rio d the Continental Staff works there to produce the school annual. From .September .l5, when the first discussion of a possible theme began, until early June, when the book went to press, an enthusiastic group of workers toiled over picture schedules, club lists, copy writ- ing, measuring and cropping pictures, pasting up the dummy, and the thousand and one things that go into the making of an annual. Under the leadership of Peggy Merrill and Duane "Red" Alt, the work finally got done. Their goal for the year was an- other All American Continental. LEFT: Duane Alt listens intently as Miss Miller helps plan the art work RIGHT John Leckie discusses the sales chart with larry Simmons and Tad Price K Q- PEGGY MERRILL DUANE ALT EDITOR-IN-CHIEF ART EDITQR the Coiltineiztal Pl'0ClllCfi0ll, staff CONTINENTAL STAFF-ROW I: Cross, Merrill, editor, Drysdcnle ROW Il: Syfriti, Zucker, Wegner, Hackomuck, Ondrcnsik, Costello Rew. ROW III: Miss Miller, sponsor: Alf, Cox, Suliivan, Simmons. Price, Miss Knapp, sponsor. 1 Judy McKendry and Larry Snyder add entertainment at the fall Sadie. You can see Spring is here again as the guys begin to primp, and someone in the line behind Coach White yells, "Hurry up. It's my turn." N.. -, SEPTEMBER I5-Enrollment 23-Senior Picture Schedule Starts OCTOBER 'I7-Milk Bowl 22-G.A.A. Play Day 23-Football Rally 24- Sadie Hawkins Dance 31 -Football-Fremont NOVEMBER IO-Armistice Day Assembly 20-Senior Play 26-Scholarship Assembly '26-K and L Dance DECEMBER 2-Clef Club Assembly 3-Senior Mothers' Tea 10 -Basketball Rally I2-Rudolph Romp I9-Christmas Assembly JANUARY 9-Nominating Assembly 13 -Talent Quest Finals I5- Gym Club Assembly I6-Senior Prom 30-Report Cards FEBRUARY 'IO-Basketball-Garfield 13-Class Assemblies 'I9-Big and Little Sister Party 26- sf . I QW. xg 5. X wb s , s :Sf - V lesss k N x fvy Installation Assembly MARCH 2-Continental Pictures 3-Royal Guards Assembly I3-Sadie Hawkins Dance I8-Swim and Track Rally 27-Track Meet-Fremont APRIL 8-Gym and Baseball Rally 14--Clef Club Assembly 2 I -Career Day and Assembly 24-K and L Dance 28-Band Concert Assembly MAY I-Alumni Homecoming Day 7-Language Banquet I3-Spring Revue 27--Senior Field Day 29-Memorial Assembly JUNE 2-Cotton Day 5-Senior Prom 9-Final Examinations I6--League Installation Assembly I9--Commencement . f -X. . ..,s . New S s X A X: fs- 7 : ' 'ix ' .Qs . 1' Qc, TOP: Dave Barrett Ileftl and Doug Bradley tussel with the ball during the game with Fremont. MIDDLE: The cheer- leaders are peppy in their combo. BOTTOM: Lively chatter and cokes are a good finale to Sports Night. lziglzlights Abi' 953 L 1 3-2 X' ' K4 F r gil W acvelzt un lll'i5ol'lj!'1.l9S LEFT TO RIGHT. TOP TO BOTTOM. Pop Anderson, in his fashionable shorts, receives an orchid from Dr. Fisher at the Senior-Faculty bas- ketball game. Larry Snyder and Jean Fife portray a dancing team of the early twenties. Outstanding faculty athletes do some muscle flexing before the Senior-Faculty basketball game. Towering Dale Brudvig is empty handed while midget Marshall Cox practically carries a library. Everyone wants to get into the picture. See if you can find yourself. The Band and Drum and Bugle forms a W. H. at the Garfield game. Expressions of the onlookers indicate an exciting pingpong game. Everyone looks for the ball as Coach Perry spots it. "Lucky" John Leckie rezeives an F.B.L.A. football. An energetic crowd surrounds a table at the end of lunch in the cafeteria. Activ- ities in the quad during noon make lunch time not so dreary. This is what every Washington football player dreams of before a game. l l W L. w L x Pk-1 X L N U ,J I Qf5 Q X x S Q . if J Iv ff, f f ,....-A-:, -,Ju-" .av if' 4 nv' ,f 7 ! ! if j 32' ll i Y YY X 4,-4-Af b Auf 44' lj l Av- ,av Ae- i il' ,.,lv' .f ,ug--1-C H f' ELF, l' lr- f 4 l 4 4v""" f f X L Xu Bill Culler V. Football J.V. Basketball Harry Perry B Football Gymnastics Jack Shanks lennis Swimming John Wachtler Cross Country V. Track Bob White B. Basketball V. Baseball John Sanders, Head Coach V. Basketball V. Track athletes Q vert one That's a wicked swing Al Calce is taking. Coach Sanders gives helpful advice during timeout. S X Letting go CI snazzy put, Dale Brudvig hits 51 feet. Three Generals block out the Pathfinders .A J- we if -Q ,Qin A 'i ,,:Y -e - VARSITY FOOTBALL-ROW I: Valenzuela, Ferguson, Johnson, Palmer, deIaGarza, Rew, Recupero, Felder, Wall, Gerhardt, Anderson Blankenship, Jepsen. ROW III: Alonzo, LeGrue, J. Austin, Lowe, Barrett, Wisdom, Aguilar, Brannon, Radcliffe, Tschumi, Hill, Phillips, Gra lewski, Firgenchick, Coach Herman. ROW III: Coach Sanders, Bloom, Brown, Rush, Loudenback, Pontrelli, Mellin, Hilfrich, Farguahar, Mos crop, Kirkpatrick, Sandberg, Foster, Coach Culler. ROW IV: Tisdale, Bounds, Inbrenda, Goloff, Pof"f, Peterson, Ferguson, Boyd, Goodale Steed, Gilmore, Eazel, Collella, Mgr. ROW IV: Steel, Dragotta, Butt, Brush, Carroll, Brandt, Campbell, Orman, Bell, Wagner, F. Austin Ciriliot, Stellar. VARSITY FOOTBALL. Coach CuIIer's football squad started the season in a polished manner by downing Poly in a game which saw Dave Barrett scampering to two touch-downs. In the league curtain riser the highly rated Garfield backs were unable to pierce the Army's for- ward wall, as the Generals danced to a stirring triumph. Washington was handed a virtual stab-in-the-back as stellar backs Don Lowe, Fred Austin, and Vern Wagnor were all sidelined with iniuries. The Generals came back to life in the final game by squeezing out an exciting vic- tory over Roosevelt. Captain Jim Palmer was voted most valuable player and John Austin was awarded the "Most Inspirational" trophy. San Pedro makes a futile effort to stop Denkerite Coach Culler gives last minute instructions to at Milk Bowl. De La Garza. ' -1' , 1 Y "T",-s Y F Lili ' ' "' :"f'A13'1f4E5F'sI 'l1'hfML 'KH H K!" a . i - i 1 Xgi '1- ,. -- if nr., Q .1 ., , vas.. N Q Y . -L 'C if LA -fir Vi V 5 A X! F ,M .. : : Th bag? y ' N x , 1 Nj' - 'fy S- , . it K r ss C, +2 ki ls. ,M C f T"T'TT:"'W A- fn'- Bi ' ns. f, , . , .. -.1 .-4 .2 ...,.. 4 '. I,- : f .- H is rf cr r for ,L N . f Fr'-X 'NSW 'B ,K asf few f' isa' s Q L gx,.5g.s. , C . c 5 R 'g T'-1' -'.-- K 1 Q 2 is li . , , K .2 'Q' "B" FOOTBALL OFFENSE-ROW l: Wells, O'Farrell. Hunter, Lewis, Dalton, Gerson, Balto ROW ll: Coach Perry, Christian. ROW lll: Darby, Gherardi, McAnany. "B" FOOTBALL-ROW I: Clifton, Lamont, Ollestad, Hunter, Gheradi, Young, Lewis, ln- ferrera, Johnson. ROW ll: Clark, Loid, Gerson, Wells, Stuckey, Baffa, Leviton, Chich, Stickler, Ragazzl, Roberts. ROW Ill: Baker, Byers, Terrell, Lawlor, Darby, Dalton, Mose- rep, Lyons, O'Farrell, Dauiso, Coach Perry. ROW lV: Dick, McAnnany, Barrett, Christian, Villasenor, Diaz, Baker, Gibson, Chase, Hayes, Collins, Higgenbothom, Ferlazzo. "B" FOOTBALL. Coach Perry's B football l team went right to work as they defeated L Garfield in the league opener, l2-7. The Junior Generals threw a scare into Fremont as they shot to an early game lead, but faultered in the closing minutes. Darby and Gherardi, voted co-captains, sparked the backtield while O'Farrell was the bullwork of the front line. The B's were piloted by ace quarterback Christian, while Darby was voted "Most Valuable Player." if" 'mifsfi 1 41 ,gr J ,, A '. .--2-,W 5' ' ,5i.,,,:,,.,i , . V, if ,qi 1 V 'A A rn, Lou Aguilar John Austin John Anderson Dave Barrett F-red Austin Bol: Blankenship O 6 gf, 6 , V3 ff , ff ' X' f f , ff fagfvff '-"- "" ' ' 'W' " "f",,w , ' K' ' . .-.. F if '7 3 ' f ff H '5 f ff ff' 3 ,-if ' ' if , ' , ' 1 . W ,A - f . 1 . 5 ' - , f " ' ' ,, ,' f23Q'.,f',, , ' WW 1 J ,wg 1 :' I 2'-M if., ' W, .. A J , ., wriwwm, J,f,4fy 1 I , W ,,, ' f ,if ff f , , tn ,lv ,wg ,, , , i : if f f N. A 14. ' ' . lk- Q' ,. ,, uf' . 4 - V sv-L, , A VQ4' J ' 'i'i A Generals stop Fremont s charge through the line John Campbell Alonzo Felder Bill DeLaGarza Ralph Ferguson Jim Palmer, Capt. Tom Poff Jim Radcliff Sam Recupero f 1 f ff 5 4 f 2 X 0' P gl. f I M V AY' x 2, Z X fiffdf Y 1' Vs 1 flux? ' W Q M . X g r x , ' .xy wi wv..-..zz..x X 5 XM - , : A x f- f K 0 Y X A FS-ff' X sai- SW + is A 5 ig: , ., ,A , .,::, .zzv r Q, iw V n w .Ng 'N' xwmgp N ' X Xi b X N x f f X f -,1 1 4 'Rx x Q X ig 4' J vw W9 XX A , 'U' "" - 'sp Q .-I 'Nh fxox A bmi' IDA TNQ. ff "YJ VARSITY BASKETBALL-ROW I: Echols, Galceran, DeMaggio, Cox, Venne, Martinez. ROW ll: Anderson, Kertson, Longoria, Crowther, Brudvig, Pugh, Brooks, Pavesic, Otero, Coach Sanders. 1357 -ff ,, tv .zvrf ff Q I? VARSITY BASKETBALL. This year's casaba squad got oft to a blazing start by shellacing Garfield 67-29, but slowed up a bit by dropping four straight, but very close, tilts. Highlight of the season was our stunning 49-47 upset over Fremont's highly rated Path- finders. Next year's varsity five should improve this year's re- cord of three wins and seven losses, although most of our defeats were so close that the games co'Uld have gone either way. Because of the eight re- turning lettermen fro m the varsity and many promising stars up from the J.V.'s and B's, next year's varsity should be a good bet for the South- ern League title. lx , W N4 , U-,J f l X , 1 I, 1 2, 'RL ', . ' fp it R1 :K 'H R M , ,g "' ,- L li . . 3, , N Y., Red Alt John Brooks Dale Brudvig Marshall Cox Stan DeMaggio Bill Echols Dave Galceran Ronnie Gemge 78 K ag Q-,3 1 basketball f r AM 1 67 GARFIELD . . . . A .29 A fi 81 GARFIELD ...51 f 51 FREMONT . , . A .73 . R A 1 49 FREMONT ....... 47 A gi 'K 65 JEFFERSON ...... 87 W 6 52 FORFEITED i 3 1 54 MANUAL ARTS ,... 69 X ' - 52 MANUAL ARTS .... 56 A Y A V. A 57 RoosEvEL1 ...... 61 . 4' 'mwfi 52 Roossvsu ...1.. 58 X 31 X , Q' gs:- ..- 4 ww M1 2:7 Jim Pugh Richard Martinez Joeddy Otero Gaylee Salee Norm Venn h A egg' QD J k C th ' GLU lzvgorfl Manual goes up for two points as Jack Crowfher looks on. 70 J L l' A L J.V. BASKETBALL--ROW l: Wetmore, Gregg. Seright, Alt, Justice, Biggs, Blackstad. ROW ll: Cox, Smith, Lee, Reina, Franzon, Freeze. ROW Ill: Coach Sanders, Love, Cruise, Hirsch, Hickson, Stark, San Miguel, Brooks, Rothwell, Erich Coach Herman. 5.1 n gi rl 3 5 if l-:It J.V. BASKETBALL. The newly organized J.V. basketball team played great ball, and tied for second place in the tough Southern League. Coach Her- man's fine crew won 7, lost 3 in league played. Sparked by the excellent play of Duane Alt in the first round and Rich Rebsher in the second, the Generals put up a strong bid forthe league crown, but were nosed out by Manual in the final game. The first string consisted of Rebsher and Blackstad, forwards, Franzon and Smith, guards, and Hick- son, center. LEFT: Pugh tips to Brudvig as the Generals roll over Garfield RIGHT DeMaggio steals ball as Brudvig looks on in amazement B BASKETBALL. F i g h ti n g spirit-good teamwork-high scoring-great floorplay were qualities which enabled the General B's to nab second in the rough Southern League this year. The deadly shooting of seniors Dick Schreiber and Tad Price, the fine floor play of guards Jim Holmes and Mike Cordray, the accurate hook shots of center Lynn Lev- itt, and the team work of many more helped C o a c h White's crew put up a strong bid for the league title only to be edged by Roosevelt in an overtime c o n t e st on the Generals' floor. "C" BASKETBALL. The General C team this year found the going a little tough, losing a few more games than they won, although the season's highlight was a fine win over Jefferson C's. The Denker Dan- dies, lacking in height, made up for it with their fine spirit. Coach White's inexperienced crew lost nine and won one in league play. The team was sparked by the fine play of guards Don Mangani and Tom Pullian, forwards Terry Wehr and Phil Laloggia, and their fine center, Jim Swenson. Terry Wehr was the top point maker. LEFT Officials have a last minute check be- fore an important game. RIGHT: Generals give victory yell after defeating Fremont. .ls B BASKETBALL-ROW I: Holmes, Price, Schreiber, Levitt, Cordray. ROW ll: Coach White, Rett- berg, Moretti, Wilhelm, Crown. ROW Ill: Vir-tue, Johnson, Evans, Whitehouse, Clark, Cord, Farr. C BASKETBALL-ROW l: Coach White, Ench, Mc Fadden, Greif, American. ROW ll: Mangani, Deiro, Benson, Swenson, Pulliam, Wehr. ttfwtfi g, g ss- T C' its K . X X I 5 Y T , 4 l 1:4 tif, L Q 3 Q 5 -ag, ' 'wi W ' -sum ' N- " Y 1- L is 4 4-Q i at A 32 V4 X Q srl in My iff f it Tom Cl fi Larry Farrell Wayne Johnson Jack Nall Phil Poretta Delbert Schmitz Bill Donaldson Bill Forney Mike Minovich Dennis O'ReiIly Jerry Sanger Larry Simmons X. f' r cv I l 2' ,, I, ,, X, ' wmv' ,V , ' E6 ww , 4 . I Q '1.. we Sie? 'wa : at I s rin? ' A J , '1,.5.,f i li-Q " 23.33, if Q, ,Q ,uw-.,. ,iw Hwy.-, . f 4 .-'31, 'A 32, V C ' . V ' " ER: A'-as V, :rg 1-Q VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY-ROW l: Clif., Tutin, Mimovich, Voss. ROW ll: COACH Wachtler, Johnson, Sanger, Donaldson, O'Reilly, Farrell, Slavens. CROSS COUNTRY. Coach John Wacht- ler's 1952 cross country squad was sparked by the record breaking perfor- mances of captain Harry Tutin. Early in the season ace Army harrier Tutin began his phenominal string of victories by breaking the school record in each con- secutive meet until he pulled in against Jefferson with a spectacular 9:33 to fracture the General course record set in l95O by Rodriquez of Downey at 9:40. Blistering the courses as consistent second man was O'Rielly. Surprising ev- eryone, the J.V. crew blazed to a seventh place in the city against extremely tough competition. The tenth grade harriers garnered only a single league victory due to lack of depth. CTOSS Howard Tonger Ed Voss COLLTLEI' V,,- A45 40 MANUAL ARTS ..A. I9 36 ROOSEVELT ...... 23 27 FREMONT . . . . .28 34 GARFIELD . . . . .22 47 JEFFERSON . . . . . .20 JUNIOR VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY-ROW I: Couch Wachtler, Simmons, Tonger, Johnson, Voss. ROW Il: Gregory, Grcmzow, Cooper, Barosh, Minovich. Forney, Poretta, O'ConneIl. TENTH GRADE CROSS COUNTRY-ROW I: Nall, Schmitz, White, Succa, Reece. ROW II: Couch Wachtler, Chase, Schaffer, Uiferlo-ck, Bofiin, Palazzo, McKee, manager. is W we ,W , ki .3 FM, Pat Barosh Russ Perpall Dick Davi: ""-I 'Q Ei ,WfMHgwi54E w 5 l is ,. , QL wt' vi Y Y i 5 2 , VARSITY GYMNASTICS-ROW l: Redding, Donforth, Perpall, Krant, Wate, Ollstead, Flan- nigan, Losey, Theiss. ROW ll: Abila, l. Anderson, Norstrom, R. Anderson, Davis, Camp- bell, Barrow, Rooke, Segelke, McGuire, Postal, Coach Perry. ROW Ill: Hanson, lmbriale. Hall, Plant, Derrick, Barosh, Levitt, McCabe, Whittington, Stomos, Morris, Byfield. ROW IV: Kramer, Wright, Houston, Grant, Hons, Thompson, Van Horne, Deoson, Soto, Datho. GYM TEAM. lf you were to walk into the gym any day after school, it would look as though a three ring circus were in progress. Dick Kramer, top notch hemp climber, piled up a strong number of points in this event. Excel- ling in free exercise were Russ Per- pall and Don Krant. Number one bronco rider on the side horse was Norm Ollestead. Crown scorer for Coach Perry's gyrnnasts was Chuck f' rj ll Whittington, who displayed his tal- ents on the long horse, high bar, rings and tumbling. Bob Deason, top high bar man, added many points to the Washington cause. Don Wate helped keep the Generals in the heat of league competition with conquests on the parallels. Always reliable on the rings was Eric Byfield. Star tum- bler for the army was Rich Davis. V Bob Deason 52 FREMONT . . .. .67 T02 JEFFERSON . .. .'l8 44 ROOSEVELT . . . .76 84Vz GARFIELD . . . . .35V1 lnlzastivs X xx - 153' ' S x S. X1 x in A x NXWNX x X -X Q. X. X +A ,A If f-' i-IT Q X Va ,C 3 VARSITY TRACK-ROW I: Christiansen, Phillips, Armstrong, Hemsley, Eastman, Felger, Donaldson ROW II: Kirkpatrick, Mgr., Ferguson, Clift, Farrell, Rew, Brudvig, Kezas, Cox, Buoscio, Goloff, Sear Mgr. ROW III: Coach Wachtler, Gregory, Helfrich. Laycox, LeNoue, Radcliffe, Butt, McCullough Rubalcava, Whitehouse, Price, Barosh, Tutin, Slavens, Mgr., Coach Sanders. ROW IV: Moncreif, Mel- lin, Walker, Correia, Marleau, Pontrelli, O'Reilley, Schmidt, Akers, Simmons, Earley, Forney, Cooper McAdams, Blanke. I ff , IV, sf' , f -I -my la' " l 1 W5 n fi ' N f , ws c s. J' ". ""'ftE'l'l'TWCTl"1l'H r 1 Richard Buscio Tom Clift Bob Armstrong . Dale Brudvig I ff A , ' ., tk tuflylf, V'-if zu! A -bye ,A qy., , -n 5 " ,VA I . f- ,I-4, , f , I,-,ra I , If , W Ig ! 11' ' 1 f Ari 1 41,191-f f A ' 7 , ff-fr I I -f f 4. ,es , . - , .-A A ,' , fl, ' , ,1 I irack V . ,-1 , , Y 7, 1 F XJ! -WA f 1 A V' .,- fr , ' , , B TRACK-ROW I: Higginboth- am, Stokes. Lincoln. Tanger Wimien, V.llasenor, Vltali ROW ll: Slavens, Mgr., Gran- zow, Faucett, Taylor, Kessler, Buchea Levitt, Aya izn Baf- fa, Terrell, Hohener, Westpha- Ien. ROW III: Coa:h Wacht- ler, Dortch, Gresnup Dalton Eisenberg, O s m a n, Quon Moscrop, Baker, Chase, Licasi Stickler, White, Coa:h San- ders. ROW IV: Ries, Willielm Groves, Minovich, Virtue, May- field, Lyons, Dominic Parret- ta, Valawciy, Long, Di:z West. ','- 1. ,.1 , 4 - ' ' , 4.7-if-L. Vg, I L, , ,. ,,,,,,.,-,.f- ,, , rf- C TRACK-ROW I: Enzch, Mc Fadden, Schmitz Palzzzofa Headley, Gordon, Schwind ROW ll: Coach Wachtler, Slick, Spears, Bennett, Kaltl, Amerian, Piazza, LaLoggia Norsworthy, Colch Sfnders. 15" X, TRACK. Dennis O'Rielly, star 880 man led the General scoring with the amazing total of six first places, including one in the all Southern meet. Skyscraping pole vaulter Al Rubacalva shared the limelight by consistently vaulting 12' plus, to nab a tie for first in the Southern finals and register a best of 12' 6". Six-foot-five shot putter Dale Brudvig and the varsity relay team, consisting of LeNue, Brudvig, Cox, Price, Rew, Simmons, Donaldson, and Laudenback, bolstered the Army efTorts by scoring fourth place in the Dixie finlas. Grabbing consistent places for the Red and Blue were Laudenback 100 and 220, Rew, broadiump, Donaldson, 440, Tutin, mile, and LeNue all around. High men for the B's and C's were pole vaulter Rich Virtue and hurdler Dale Headley. sv- QS.. JL .cs -ss-In , x HUNTINGTON GARFIELD . . . JEFFERSON , FREMON1' . ROOSEVELT . MANUAL ARTS 1- 1 1,- I PK. 39 ...M53 ...,91 ,..8? ...H67 ..,.85 Marshall Cox Bill Donaldson Ronnie Dortch Dick Eastman Larry Farrell Jim l-aucett Bill Higginbotham George Kezas Eugene LeNoue Lynn Levitt Dennis Louclenbacl Richard Mayfield Jim Mellin Dennis O'ReElly Sam Palazzola 'lad Price Jim Radcliffe Wayne Rew Al Rubalcava Larry Simmons Steve Tisdale Harry 'lutin Richard Virtue John Walker Richard Whitehous Q7 "' 'I ll "' l . r ' gp g ', ' K f V! 1 I I X WH I' x I S an W Il 4, 3' .WL . ti ' 1255 ' 46 x V 5,1 K , 1 I w,., wg ,J f ,Ze :ff f 13' 2 if 'L I 2: - ,df I TENNIS TEAM-ROW I: Moretti, Jakob, Clark, Pugh, Virtue. ROW II: Sala, Quaranta, Harris, Curtis, Mangani, Mr. Shanks, coach. Jim Pugh serving, as doubles team Pugh and Mangani defeat Sala and Curtis. . i , dv f 1 88 TENNIS. Lightning drives, charges at the net, stir- ring victories, close de- feats. This was the story of the Washington Rack- eteers. Led by Don Man- gani, Washington's all- leaguer, and Bucky Jac- obs, captain and fine per- former, the Washington tennis team showed an infinite amount of spirit. Mike Quaranta and Jim Pugh showed class as a double te a m. t'Lefty" Logan Clark and Dick Virtue showed well for their first year, Logan Clark GARFIELD . . . FREMONT ..,. JEFFERSON . . . ROOSEVELT .. MANUAL ARTS Bill Hoskell Mike Quarrontu Bucky Jacobs Roy Sola Vince Moretti Dick Virtue Larry Harris Jim Pugh f Q - 1 A R - L 5u..h- Al Calce Bill Caldwell Chuck Caldwell fxfk V Q ' I A E K ' ' I -. fvfif' wif' it A X V U i I 4' 7 -R L' ' ' A K ' -H ' fr .LILY X lqlfl- VARSITY BASEBALL-ROW l: B. Caldwell, Clark, Harris, Calce, DeMaggio, Smith, Dowdell. ROW ll: C. Caldwell, Holmes, Rebesher, Shatter, F. Pobanz, Loudenback, Coach White. ROW Ill: Dale, Mgr.g N. Pobanz, Weinberg, Cihlar, Galceran, Robinson, Lauderdale, Buff, Mgf. t 14' Ja- f. , ,M K.z.,..-...Nl ' 'rr' 7 L Z J 'gf Ji Lngffll ' i x li vers ,'X JUNIOR VARSITY BASEBALL'-ROW I Fassbinder, Maroni, Armenta. ROW ll: Coach White, Griel, Miller, Biggs, Hamilton, C Grawliski, Frazon, Varnado, Wright. ROW Ill: Echols, Miner, Chapman, Fleming, Carroll, Handy, Clifton, Thompson, Brooks baseball VARSITY AND JV BASEBALL. With fine team spirit and the inspired words of Coach White, the '53 Washington baseball team looked for- ward to a successful season in the tough Dixie loop. The team was sparked by a host of lettermen from last year's squad and a few promising newcomers. The Generals lost a heartbreakei' to Garfield in their first league game, but soon recovered and started their drive for the Southern League crown. The Generals' fine competitive spirit and well balanced squad should put them at the top of close to ii, at season's end. The JV team looked good in practice games, but found the going a little tough when the league started, although they showed quite a few promising stars for next year's varsity. lst ROUND Il MANUAL ARTS .... 6 I JEFFERSON . . . . . .O 8 ROOSEVELT . . . .O 5 GARFIELD . . . . .6 7 FREMONT .. ...5 2nd ROUND I JEFFERSON . . .4 TO FREMONT .. ...7 2 GARFIELD . . .. .3 TO ROOSEVELT ..,.... O 7 MANUAL ARTS .... 5 Logan Clark ,,...w X ffwvf c i i i 11.4, 2 WP Wk 'iii' . , i .,, "iw 'sr . - 'ef' -'ff 6 Y f 'X n S Sfqn DeMqggi0 Del DowDeIl Dave Galceran Dick Harris Dennis Loudenback Merle Lauderdale Fred Pobanz Norbert Pobanz Dick Reberscher Danny Robinson Ar? Shaffer Bill Smith f' MM! SWIMMING TEAM-ROW I: Hill, Cummings, Reeves Hickey, John- ston, Pritchet, Ryer, Valenzuella, Flynn. ROW Il: Roberts, Roth, Dutton, Kruse, Orcher, Osborne, Lawlor, Sanchez. ROW lll: Shanks, Crown, Martin, Sandberg, Kays, Thomas, Bates, Lippert, Nichols, Lobato. SWIMMING AND WRESTLING. The varsity swim men had a better than even chance to take the city league, edging Huntington Park 48 to 29 in their first meet. The most promising swimmers were Venzuela, Ryer, John- son, Thomas, and Krant. The B's edged Huntington Park 39 to 33, while the C's nodded I9 to 18. The wrestling class, better known as the grunt and groan boys, con- centrated onthe finer points of scientific wrestling. The Swimming Team won City League Championship. wrestl i n g and M WW "Where are my wings?" TOP: The spectators look ready to jump in, too. BOTTOM: Timing is what counts. 49 HUNTINGTON PARK .29 46 JEFFERSON ......... 'I6 56 POLLY ............ T8 41 SAN PEDRO ,.. . . .34 swimmin G.A.A. CABINET-ROW l: Bell, L. Pead, E. Pead, Chandler. ROW ll: Angelos, Hill, Bruce, Hackamack, Drysdale. ROW ll: Rockwell, Nunnink, Totten, Wegner, Whitman, Cox, Luebke. WINTER G.A.A. Fun, Friends, and Frolic were key words in the W'52 G.A.A. program. The semester's fun began with the Rally held for sign up of sports and the election of songleaders. Through the ingenious Time Machine Washington's G.A.A. and their guests traveled to the world of Abstracasia into the year 2052. This stunning, history-making event took place at Wash- ington's G.A.A. futuristic playday. As the Algonqunis, we visited Fremont for their unusual Turkey Trot Playclay. The results of the elections were announced at the Highland Fling Breakfast. athletic girls in action Pity the poor target, these girls are really good. Aw, shucks! That hoop is too small. 'if Q11 1' G.A.A. BOARD-ROW I: Carmichael, Bruce, Pead, Nunnink, Rockwell, Bishop. ROW II: Kandalec, Angelos, Cox, Boldra, Bozeman, Morrish. ROW Ill: Russel, Buehner, Drysdale, Rocuth, McTaggart', Soule, Carter. SUMMER G.A.A. Sports, playdays, and banquets were again etioyed by sports minded girls. Ukes, charlestons, and racoon coats were the rage at Westchester's crazy Flapper U. Plclyday, which was attended by the Bo Wo Shki sorority of Washington's G.A.A. How to be a Popular Marlha was the theme of the aud sponsored by the G.A.A. for the enioyment of Washington's mothers and daughters visiting the campus on Cotton Day. Surprisingly enough, these hockey players do come out whole. Caught in the act One more strike and you re out N Dave Barrett, 46, runs back punt return in the Garfield game. TOP LEFT: Stan DiMaggio avoids a determined Jefferson player. TOP RIGHT: DiMaggio attempts a hook shot. BOTTOM: Bill Smith passes across court while a puzzled Jefferson quintet stands helpless. ,s.. Z. sanzples xi Tracksters Donncaldson cmd O'ReilIy Iecdthe pack during ct cross country practice. 0 ' several sports Caldwell attempts a daring slide. AI Rubcxcavcl sails over the bar at twelve feet. 98 ,nr HHEQE 5 sr 1 ff , ,a S5175 " f ' x L , N Y T - .51 V ., uf '61 ' W WV Q PMQWA slelle Burch Glenn Coy Mary Kelley Theodore Losey Roy Maupin lormzm Noonan Ray Pofter Alice Segal Helen Spears Theodore Kelly GA Mrs. Helen Spears discusses the functions of the hu- man body in her physiology I class. TOO CO-Of I .f 51 a 'T Q f X 3 N, X. Foxx. 5,411 24 STSCLQHCQ clinators lx? Genevieve Ahrenf Glenn Coy Lester Heilman Theodore Kelly Calherife Mazfvig Norman Noonan Muriel Sessions Daniel Siemens Helen Spears V-4? 4 W 'f' ,. iq . zu, 1' Q rss 1" " A Eva Andrews Librarian Esther NeumeyerHarry Stone Continuation Driver Educaticn Blanche Carlson Agnes I1-nlfins Mary Crumpacker Mary McKinna Dorothy Swope ho m 0 in U lf i ng The child care class observes chiIdren's behavior while they entertain their small guest. The library is a place for quiet study for hundreds of students as well as a place to meet one's friends. Q N A Q. lOl limi .. ' X i , my , -, ' gf" p '- , ' r' - ev . fi, , ' we , ,V 1 .wa x, A ,, 'ff s- of" f l 'F ,4 ' fi vi . gg ZLL!! ' r l ,f 1 V , -vs, X 1 X, fig J' tt J g 5 ' Ji 2 4 ,X 4 ' ' 1 is , s phi SZCCII QCIIICCIUUN Genevah Baker Paula Boelsems William Culler Allie Johnson Glenn Perry Geneva Gary Edna Helvey Helen Hyde John Wachtler Robert White Polly Pitthan John Sanders Edward Shanks IO? A typical gym scene showing both boys and girls in athletic action. industrial arts , 'ss fm -0' i 3 lj L - ra - , .fb LI- L Q 5 X ss ., , . , , , , - ' Us' , .0 ll, K fl X . X 4 is ff' -: ."'f'?',f s . -1 1 X. J? ' X' ' - 4 X51 -sf'-'f ,Mais s 'Y is 3 H 'A ' + A A M, v ., - Q- Q - X XWWX W: , , . . , X? X xy X N: , X Ex W X s AFM? .. A .. ge X sm, s ., .QIJQ -I :SZ . T if .- .s f - 1 f .U s A r Q ,' Q in fix l il X x 5 fl 'Spf K Q' gr , sigggtfs 'Yes 1 'I V- . x',.x, all V gli' ' l' ' N W AJ N TA ,fix in Y , 1'k' l -il y is I Q Russell Burnell' Slonley Cundiff Arthur Bishop Orville York Roberl Gilliland Otto Quislorff Arlhur Summ Twelve girls hil middle C as they add lo the melody of Fulure mechanics overhaul a V-8 engine. a complele chorus. Wilfred Abboll Mary Davise David Lyman Mary Warnock musi 4.9 Benevieve Ahrensliafherine Hazell Henrielfe Miller T. Werminghaus UTI Stage arts class works on props for one of the major productions. lO11 en flish ER S N rro, me X .fig- Iva Adkins Mildred Bell Sylvia Fizhman Urania Garner Jessie Gill Juelle Heaion Catharine Madvig E. MacKinnon Rhoda Parkill Margaret Pope Helen Sawyer Muriel Spellisey 5 K. 5 gr.. , ..,, Q 'l i S J Caesar and his men are the topic of Mardel StaIcup's talk in the Latin V-VIII class. lan Hua P aw' ' ' ' 4 ,, fri is s El, Q N Q7 Q. , 9 ,, Fw 4 ,,.. Evelyn Eklund Joaquin Fraters M. Mi uel Cl Rebecca Reece Antonia Sintes Elizabeth Tallis i ,, R-'gl llllelivifg 540322, Glenn Wilson Gloria Kodil seems to have the drop on Richard Living- OUIS O el' ' ston at a drama class rehearsal. I WW? Q 2. 1, K Q .J GW , . ,fm ,, f .45 dw .-0' f Q J 1 ,A V Dorothy Hertzog N 'Q' -iff f Q 1 Z 6 ,L .M , J, , , ocial tuclies Victor Aertker lva Childs Winifrecl Cullen Vernon Duncan Enid Elser William Froggati Abraham Herzel Eva Hodgens Vercla Hodgman Preston Richmond Norman SchachterHazell Smith T ,X Carol Ann Meyers points out the scene of the present world conflict to a B12 Civics class. 100 C: :' ,f- ,WA Q "' ,, -1 fr . ccs i M Q Ethel Overfield Frances Blair Mary Christian Hazel Cole M. Constance Harry Plant Helen Rollins Eunice Ross Joseph Saey Gb 5-rw ' " H-rWvvrrsww 'l Ovwl .,x.,,,. 14+- Viola Bentleyt it M. Cunningham Robert Hawthorne Henry Johnson Francis Lawyer Donald McClean Ralph Salawa x A S 5 mas. 15 me ess . . .nn mathematrcs business education Jane Fitzpatrick John Hunt Daniel Siemens Helen Taylor Us is Q7 I TOP: Mr, McClean explains how to prove a geometry theorem to his interested class. BOTTOM: A professional business woman visits Mr. Plant's business machine class and demonstrates the intricate operation of the comptometer. I V37 HOMEROOMS C203, Cl4O, CT94, C195-ROW l: Parker, Wolfe, Willahan, Monk, Lytle, Maugeri, McGee, von Bloeker, Osdale, Nolan, Minter J. Reis, Lundsdal, Rice. ROW ll: Montesano, Leapson, Morgan, Slover, Klier, Santoro, Lehr, Semmens, Lien, D. Smith, McDermott, Miller, Kukoly Moore, Ogle, M. Jones, Lee, L. Reis. Myers. ROW lll: Moeser, McCombs,.Kay, Schaupp, Puckett, Regan, Paynter, Maier, Rothwell, Kohl, Lind, Sickels Reynolds, Kronen, Kirton, La Mothe, Rosenberg, Mathany. ROW IV: Kline, Koepp, Pitman, B. Smith, Stark, K. Oleson, Pollaccia, Olivadoti, Seboldt Stone, Pemberton, Parker, Mehlig, Nlallon, K. Jones Mauer, Lunclblad, Sarlowe, Junkin, Koonse. ROW V: Frontino, Pollock, Parsons, Preece, Bliven Woodson, Williams, Martinet, Quackenbush, Preston, Tangen, Piazza, Wyckhouse, Williams. ROW Vl: Daniel, Pieper, Muller, Olsen, Valway, Tutt Molnar, Maugeri, Tracy, Carlson, Wallis, Moon, Ordas, Wilson, Witherby, Watson, Wintien, Pollock, Mallyon, Pelayo, Overstreet, O'Toole, Morsk. A . R .- T- f 58 nth TU Cl? J ' nf' r f .C is KJ ,f J- TJ 1- - ,C ff V ,, c X L 1 L 'X' ' X VNJ -,K Q ,L 5 T- W A N m, . X,-'f "U 2 " F' ,NJ TT 'J sf t- l r X' ' ' N 'v Vi U -. J -.1 X . J J. .J . n J - x ,, ft 'T ' L '4 V ' T' , 4 ' ,V . o J ,J J RQ. V, J HOMEROOMS C29, C302, C121-ROW I: DellaRocca, Huddleston, lsrael, Romero, Potter, Wellbaum, Schwarz, Parry, Zaiss, Tidyman, Weiss, Em- erson, White, Vanatta, Gilmore, Derendinger, Harmon, Jordon, Hart. ROW ll: Hawkins, Houlihan, Green, Hall, Hackelman, Georgi, Hahn, Urkov Velarde, Collins, Witt, Thomas, Schweigert, Townsend, Johnson, Mecllin,S:1rard, Decker. ROW Ill: Hall, Wann, Isaacson, Hall, Fowler, Grogan r Gaston, Grant, Goodwin, Vaughan, VanDerWyh, Youngman, Mordica, Wallace, Denman, Miller, Halford, Walker. ROW IV: Alsup, Anderson, Felo- man, Dragotto, Amador, Dutton. ROW V: Blecksmith, Baas, Corbett, Bragia, Dvorak, Ball, Baldiwin, Chapman, Bardett, Dater, Birdsall, Balsley, Eng- lish, English, Bartlett, Anthony, Bennett, Bonanno, Davis, Canaan, Craccitiole, Blare. ,. ,, .rg 5 57 I fm" 't 1- A A M f 'fl l -. AT. . a ll I , 1 HOMEROOMS C6, CI03, C32-ROW I: Burnett, Calkins, Beak, Athenous, Blomquist, Beiers, Brewer, Bearden, Brotherton, Baskerville, Clifton, Dan- necker, Beals, Caswell, Collins, Beam, Bee, Barton, Conkey, Banks. ROW ll: Reid, Steele, Teti, Greenup, Steinmetz, Christiansen, Bradach Cuppett, Becker, Birk, Colwell, Button, Berger, Colvett, Testerman, Tippin, Thompson, Riklla, Gladson, Gray, ROW Ill: Group, Hayward, Rule, Gralewski, Thomas, Raps, Scholle, Thompson, Thomas, Link, Smith, Kays, Johnson, Lewis, Floyd, Galucci. ROW IV: Holman, Hamman, Rukin, Ranieri. ROW V: Ferris, Lester, Gorton, Simone, Turner, Kovacevich, Reeves, Theriault, Spears, Soto, Sherman, Thomas, Rhodes, Schwartz, Hendrickson, Hohenel, Harris, Garaghty, Hartman, Lehman, Leiuwann, Happersett, Larson. , 1' ji , r, , 2-fi ' , " .1 ,fy f A 1, - J f , 1 , ,"' -If ff '74, 6 LL!" I A '11 ' K4 I A T I I HOMEROOMS Cl32, I: Keel, Homesey, Holliday, Kayner, C. Johnson, R. Kelly, Helms, Melton, Hill, Hooper, Hyde, Holt, S. Jones Lathrop, D. Johnson,'.kl34n1g,ljgQ,fQl41ntz.I.Ionesi Hillburn. ROW Il: Lawson, Leckie, Huntling, Herman, Trager, Laidlaw, R. Jones, Labo, Keillor, Hines Hunt, Molyneux. ROW Ill: Schwind, Finley, Greenburg, Harding, Harrison, Gray, Hayes, Goloff, Hauck, Gilmore, Zitzelsberger, Taylorpgeygexrson, Con way, Harris, Ziemer, Clemens, Brownlee. ROW IV: Hildreth, Innes, Strauss, Hile, Hollermeier, Hennessy,'Whitcomb, Frostade, Garotflrlirschy, Walton Compton, Willis, Kenefick, Hendrickson, Webb, Hackathorn, Handy. ' K-T' l LL?" NA W , 1.4 - ' S--.Q 5 ,V r' ...'v IQ Z -. T .. Tk , s B Til 11 'K "' WET .511 ,zi' ?"" 211,-,.-f Jx"L.??'4"W77"?' .4 455 Zsa7'r 'T' wx X15 YE HOMEROOMS C123, Cl7O, C171-ROW l: Billings, Pelletier, O'Farrell, Osborne, Miles, Morton, Nissen, Rallo, Mathewson, Lippolis, Massei, Mack McArthur, Lindeman, Pensak, Lindberg, Pendletno, Means, Radner, Long, Crawford, McLeod, Plumb. ROW ll: Mallum, Mehnfiiey, Lesher, Palmer Palmiero, Lewis, Nuttman, Olive, Murphy, Mcmatt, Long, Papadopoli, Planey, Mullens, McAllister, Luby, Musso, McCauley, Oppolzer, Manthorne Plourde, Powell, Raite, Raatz, Matson, DuPee, Lovold, Pabst, Hartshorn. ROW lll: Phipps, Mills, Pallazzdlo, McKean, McDonnell, Norman, Miner McAdams, Moscrpp, Mersereau, Moroney, Pell, Matson, Mayfield, Wood, Morgan, Paul, Miller, Moi, Scholes, McCormick, Pazanti, Nissen. x- ' ' r, I 1 ,r ,lf . ,M l jgflfglij A ,ff , ', VN I lrxjp i A 'ig,'i.N. If If ff . , V TL, t , HL, f , ,fi 1 i R, i a 1 ,f ef 7 ii U N A T' Nl L 5, -ft ,7 I -.1 M, 7 1 If - K, X ,V U ix 'J' IQ". ,' V U' N I ,U 'X L fb . J L , -Y tg V, ' V I , lf ll' l ' 3 Z K ' E Will lt xlij LQ 'L . - X , 4 ff ix , , , 1 - ,, V iv bf' if , N Q ,U U lfvwgklll 'c K" in .lj l lm K' , , X - x X, LJ 'X 1 M , X. ,J -i N' w N ' fi U is li of ,V N ,VL V ll ' , , J x TJ vw DQ it V V l' XXX p to "u J l lv l 'V X U xx' .1 ' , , J X C 5, V 1 P XN L3 ' ', , 1 7 W 3 if ,M i 4, Y f i- l X L rr:--. U is , .sg I Q B 'ev , gig 1, ' K g , -sr ' A. Eg HOMEROOMS C22, C27, C234, C334-ROW l: Johnston, Woytko, Wilson, Moen, George, Romero, Walford, Sanders, Youle, Lytle, Dawning, Davis, Johnson, Barrack, Marsh, May, Davis, Renert, Cutshall. ROW ll: Le Gate, Russell, Arnett, Lewis, Hulse, Jagnow, Martin, Arena, Dick, Coffey, Coburn, Duran, Crockett, Lee, Pittelkow, Applegate, Arnett. ROW III: Thaxter, Galbreath, Colella, Ensch, Crown, Ferlazzo, Crockett, Martin, Duquette, Zieg- ler, Woehl, Winston, Casalett, Luraschi. ROW IV: Wilson, Deiro, Clark, Crooks, Hughes, Cummings, Eskro, Farr, Stimson, Stark, Dances, Dalton, Eisen- berg, Faucett, Fairchilds, Wright, Cerniglia, Eilert, Wright. 559 f--A ff I K I, ' ' , vi ' 1 4... ,' - jx 4 if t - ' .s ' 5 ' , V2 . f :milk . , 1 - . lil 1 .lumi- 'LJ ya ,gg z gn' LJ wr . A Af?" . :'.4fX,,s: f . hw--4 ?fe.iecffx Jem HOMEROOMS C7, C52, C230, C261-ROW l: C. Brown, Ford, Ginch, Davalenles, Currie, B. Allen, Hulin, Chisholm, Faubian, Evans, Bruscia, Dem- kowiez, Walwood, Gallerer, Driver, Collin. ROW ll: J. Brown, Dickson, Donley, A. Campbell, Buehler, Caufielcl, Dahl, Genova, McCullock, Ferrucci, Cahill, Bueckner, Ellis, Fielding, Dressler, Charvez, M. Cook. ROW Ill: Floyd, Connon, Castello, Geiger, Circelli, DeVries, Dudley, Frantz, Elgin, Gen- berg, Field, Ekins, David, Hancock, Davis. ROW IV: Holguin, Velinfy, Willis, Weems, Stokes, Virgin, Tullock, Tisdale, Wagner, Weslphalen, Van Valken- burg, Vallee, Volmer. ROW V: Hollenbeglg, Lange, Melcolf, Paferson, Schultz, Boflingalen, Wikslrom, Pullen, Toland, Phillips, Wright, Wagoner, Tims, Villasenor, Whife, Holdbrook, Bradle, Milfleman, Wehr, Tirifilli, Wheeler. I lv I , -IL wffilsl., , Zllu ml "' CML W s . gf- A ,rf f ohne i f -fegzeaeffwrf iw' lf , ' f , , fQffl .1126 LJ qoei , M eayweizw ff ,gf ' , --A ,. ref ,L 'L4 ww c Oww : i llaagrdieefsf :less C f w L ww M' Hiiwix Mfr ' :Q Ou l! 1 Vdfcfilf L fi ff' in .LA 4:5 by ' l 1 Qt!!! 'l , , K -'An !Y,4h x v yinljr J V. iii' -.,, I I ,. fl JU! , ,L fi W f V Li! f ' if .vrr :few "4'9fr'j6if' ff' ll ll Wyfn L ,"Qfff"'fy s 'ff F .gif '+ ff JJ All . ef 2 gm ,mi i X ' ' 4-ff H . "' 1 W . . - ff f, few 'J -if 7 cr f V Jiffy! :full f ,l , 'MM eff? lflv 6 if ff lg ' f"fZ!, ,-l .fb aff' J . 4 gfbrwbd' Q , ', 41' ' W f A AW L l rf f 4. fs , . 1 fi 1 1 L W fill! jf T241 XJ' 7'f.iy5 'I iff CA! QJ'Le1f1f'44iL'g X N I Jil ff ,J f' 5, - My Vp ' f 94.1, Irv ,Lf ffjfwp J Tia., J-nv, HOMEROOMS C5, C'l2O, C134-ROW I: Harris, Given, Henning, Harlan, Heath, Anderson, Accardo, Hellzman, Graves, arney, Alhadeff, Bradbury, Bailey, Beaudry, Halverson, Barron, Bach. ROW ll: Grenchik, Hahn, Boyle, Blackslad, Brandtsfedf, Boyd, Allschuld, Hall, Gilliland, Habermahl, Gon- zales, Allen, Hetzel, Halden, Harmon, Heughins. ROW lll: Arnoldus, Groussman, Hamm, Archer, Hart, Harris, Benning, Haskins, Harmer, Barneli, Anderson, Bamford, Hall, Brems, l-lesier, Keller. ROW IV: Burns, Fishback, Bressoud, Lyons, Ferruzza, Dias, lmbrenda, Dankers, Carlyle, Flynn, Thompson, Cliflon, Buck, Burl, Lyons, Sugarman. .w,,, l f Nw W 5 H I.. QE I I Y- QIR l' f.""K ini- ,'aT-'12"'cg- xv, Lf M' I if 4 :J l- la hr V -J 1. x NF' rf' 9 .v N. Voge, Oghigian, Clemons, Miller, Vollnogle, Hall, Stewart, Villa Wilde, Spilholtz. ROW ll: Sutton, Thornton, Tew, Totten, Monsma Streur Van Noord Warburton Snow, Thierse, Southworth, Steger, Bennett, Winkler. ROW Ill: Billon Brayton Abbott Annls Lytle R Becker, Carter, Wood, DeVilbiss, Zabin, Burgett, Carmona. Q :lf My ,Qld P 1 .1 HOMEROOMS C192 C165 C173 ROW I N. Shepard, Rundell, Garcia, Shanks, Scott, Soder, Ruder, Sanches Salvinger Schweppe Simon Roleski G Smith Sapp C Smith J Smith E Smith ROW ll: Sainsbury, Rini, Kolttz, Pierson, Proctor, Robbins, La Loggla Pulliam Singleton Horwitz Luco La Fave Rech Plant ROW Ill Roberts Rettberg, Leibengood, Lippert, Korwes, Stellar, Pontrelli, Rogan, Rallls Price Roth La Rosa la.. . .1 Yell 'X 11A-'f mf- 'fini -':-'ligum-' f' 52 i K x .,f, ff qi! Mxxnn Alxklsgxlw J Xfw - ,H ,..l....i HOMEROOMS B204, B2'l, B27-ROW I: Robinson, Spillman, Simon, Sims, Troutfeather, Tyler, Winston, Routh, Wishard, Winther, Schock, Wilkerson Trouba, Bard, Goshgarian, Sanders, Stumbo, Thorn, Spruit. ROW ll: Glasgow, Denman, Evans, Dorman, Rinden, Grawlewski, Schellschmidt, Smouse, Sellers, South, Zalaha, Abramson, Scalise, Bakke, Swenson, Herget, Spruit. ROW Ill: Eschbach, Gregg, Heinz, Wattelet, Evans, Davis, Baffa, Cooper, Chase, Hemsley, Amerian, Benson, Bower, Chalmers, Ahlstrom, Brock. ROW lV: Sanchez, Gibson, Long, Funk, McCoy, LeVine, Gibson, Hensley Franzon, Kruse, Otero, Biggs, Carroll, Dean, Balch, Horton, Hilton, Radcliffe, Andrus, Boardman, Armstrong. 1 v eleventh Grade HOMEROOMS B33O, BIOS, B2O'l, B196-ROW I: McClung, Hart, McLaughlin, Hillyard, Pierce, Maikson, Johnson, Pearson, Magruder, Barelle, Walker Greenblott, Manolio, Manny, Platt, Labo, Nuttall, Nygord, Hopp. ROW ll: Fisher, Heil, Parkening, Lundeen, Arce, Rasmussion, Menches, Osborne, Johnston, Jameson, M. Jones, Jahnke, McKay, McReynolds, Hughes, McPherson, Lofgren, Sutton. ROW lll: Wetmore, Cohn, Soto, Livingston, Jones, Kurilich, Littleiohn, Platamone, Power, Parrell, Imboden, Poppe, Poff, Rooke, Van Sickle. ROW IV: Cooper, Silton, Sciauina, Miller, White, Vance, Sears, Vitali, Ruef, Richards, O'Shaughnessy, Terrel, Stuckey, Nash. ROW V: Smart, Moody, Asher, Eazell, McGavran, Rudisill, Monson, Scott, Moore, Rees, VanHorne, Bridges, Accardo, Potter, Orcher, Varnado, Utterback, Thompson, Wells. 1 itil . . , 1, , f f-. 1,3 gf - 1 P' ' , ' ,,,,.weI"'I 5 .!1"FF"W' lil E95 nj. ,nh "N, HOMEROOMS B'l8O, B302. B53, B131-ROW l: Carroll, Byes, Anderson, DuPlanty, Page, von Blocker, Gutierrez, Bush, Brown, Allen, Sands, Englund Coontz, Guastella, Vaughn, Coburn, Duran, Crockett. ROW Il: Frost, Czwiker, Bard, Aungst, Allen, Bock, Bloom, Barton, Baker, Federer, Gorce, Gar- rison, Gloss, Goyen, Cosgrove, Paul, Becker, Bacon, Bowen, Campbell, Coulter, Bourgon, Chamberlain, Bergstrom, Antram. ROW Ill: Lubanko Moretti, Krell, Valenzuela, Deaguro, Lee, Martini, McDonald, Hopper, Milburn, Kuhn, McKee, Hough, Green, Walker, Dardis, Cummins. ROW IV Howard, Handy, Nash, Pacheco, Kerkham, Miller. ROW V: Wicker, Losey, Higginbotham, Hodson, Mintun, Busby, Shelly, Atkinson, Chastain, Weyan! Martinez, Theroux, Stock, Barnes, Olsson, Hale, lnferrera. HOMEROOMS B322, B23'l, B235-ROW l: Stearns, Ure, Pickrell, O'CaIlaghan, Slight. Stauber, Smart, Stacey, Piispanen, Webb, Vickers, Peterson, Wilkins, Zellner, McRae, Winkler, Webster, Bone. ROW lll: Shaw, Hoffman, Storrer, Turk, Wade, Steed, Waite, Raish, Titus, Thirkill, Abeyta, Vanghan, Van Hoorebeke, Collins, Hoover, Junk, Smothers, Watson, Weishaar, Wallace. ROW lll: Fucci, Yawnick, Voss, Kern, Sinsley, Stancati, Flannes, Hubler, Pobany, Marleau, Welch, Black, Moulton, Watson, Curtis, Catalano, Flannigan, Creiger, Armenta, Snyder, Sharp, Sandberg, Shanklan. i f f, A..--Q 1 V Ir"' JK. W 1 - - -- rs..---1 HOMEROOMS B320, Bl42, B206-ROW I: Coleman, Hamilton, Overstreet, Hoffman, Pasterfield, Nichols, Parker, Martin, Templin, Wagner, McClain Silberman, Inman, Moreland, Jones, Isaacs, Pechuls, Huffman, Deason, Holt. ROW Il: Human, Means, McDowell, Montesano, Burks, Moxley, Mc- Kowen, McDonnell, McKendry, Holisky, Brooks, Mattison, McConnell, Meriweather, Navarro, McTaggart, Ganey, Halstead, Johnson, Collins, Harmon ROW Ill: Russell, Wilhelm, Nielson, Drozda, Fritschie, Morse, Rice, Barletta, Hohn, Howland, Olive, McClain, Hopkins, Ocasio. ROW IV: Dortch, Curtis Murphy, Fleming, Daluiso, Echols, Gavoras, Helfrich, Dale, Cook, Davidson, Crowther, McSeveney, Caruso, Matson, Bahr, McKinney, Abila. HOMEROOMS B32l, BI74, B180-ROW I: Scrivens, Livingston, Schreiber, Shannan, Silberman, Sherwood, Sawnor, Russell, Rockwell, Schucerd, Rob inson, Sabin, Carlson, Saunders, Riley, Romberger, Thomas. ROW II: Stickler, Norsworthy, Lowry, Navarro, Deason, L. Anderson, Mitchell, Farrell Bryarly, Hanson, Voss, Barrett, Turner, Thompson, Redding. ROW Ill: Pugh, Otero, O'Farrell, C. Brown, Reichert, Oghigian, Blankenship, Lane, Lom bordi, Taggart, Simpson, J. Anderson, Inzerella, Dominic, Polacek. ROW IV: Hemsky, Becza, Moacrop, Olsen, Phillips, Wolff, Blake, Ragazzo, Lo mont, Dutile, Shapiro, Blakeley, Holzsworth, Meier, Bergenholtz, Perry, Quon, Morris, Lincoln, Freeman, Lytle. ss S , 5 i'...AY nk 'ls 1: .i:. 5' 112- i' "" "fl '-' 'Q H I' L, fs' ll 1 4f '7 mf ' EXW' .L , ,sqm . -v-vf f fi" ' x , ,. HOMEROOMS BIOI, BI22, B2-ROW I: Alvin, Bloclgett, Anderson, Lyltle, Banclsmsi, Robinson, Pantier, Aker, Broder, Cascarano, Causer, Barrack Ciociola, Call, Burks, Bowen, Carmichael, Bishop. ROW ll: Angelos, Blankenship, Carter, Patterson, Chatham, Vogel, Elser, Christie, Bentley, Harvey Brach, Castro, Erickson, Freeland, Arney, Bradford, Cavadas, Wallis, Chandler, Hull. ROW Ill: R, Anderson, Steed, Baker, Stephens, Affsa, S. An- derson, Bishop, Blake, G. Smith, Burkman, Bozeman, Atkin, Clark, Fragiazomo, Taylor, Mangani, Groves, Byfield. ROW IV: Badnin, Carlis, Byers Darby, Brannan, H. Smith, Lytle, Plazola, Hemsly, Bald, Bloom, Boyd, Alonso, Blake, Tschumi, Grant, Buchea, Belles, Johnson, Broder, Hall, Darby Lytle, Hemsly. s I v rl 6 f' .I Q 1 U HOMEROOMS B22I, B224, B141-ROW I: Kelley, Johnston, Langille, Castillo, Nlinich, Mahr, Restorick, Rankin, Kennedy, Pernia, Kiktavi, Knight, Marks, Bilski, Mann, Lee, Lowe, Marks. ROW II: Covey, Cariker, Johnston, Grico, Knudson, Daluiso, Leckie, Ladika, Le Blanc, Mason, Mallis, Logan, Purdy, Lord, Fraser, Boyer, Laven, Lofgren. ROW Ill: Hughlett, Albo, Martinez, Barnett, Salee, Shanklin, Ccitalano, Snook, Sanger, Skiod, Lawlor, Lara, Davis, Rodgers, Markowitz, West, Whitehouse. ROW IV: Knapp, Saenz, Imbriale, Licausi, Stamos, Kellner, Houston, Lewis, Schwind, Schiller. ROW V: Kirazean, Schlafke, Asher, Jacobs, Sears, Kirkpatrick, Reynolds, Sheidenberger, Wright, Ward, La Mont, Slavens, Laudenback, Kruger, Sim- cok, Sims, Cox, Stange, Sholtis, Segelke, Slick, Kurtz, Sicola. M-m.,,.,,,, 'fx gf-I1 U " I 1 Big ,flees HOMEROOMS Bl24, Bl35, B172-ROW I: Del Pozo, Godso, Neimeyer, Goeman, Cooke, Fertig, Herron, Donley, Goodwin, Patsey, Nunnink, Sperry Wien, Grigory, Giragosian, Getman, Morrish, Waller, Gualtieri, Cohen. ROW ll: Cory, Steele, Dennis, Dapro, Faucetis, Cronk, Hale, Greene, Paddock Osburn, Graham, Richardson, Donley, Unger, Hyde, Corkill, Draper, Cummings, Douglass, Gabriel. RCW Ill: Cosentino, Cronshaw, Edwards, Cor- reia, Mumford, Ernst, Gilmore, Christiansen, Grippi, Vasquez, Hartzog, Cuddy, Mark, Erkel, Grigory, Crowley, Deibel, Countryman. ROW IV: Cord, Guyer, Hoonanian, Hall, Horton, Haskell, Hill, Krem. ROW IV: Horton, Levitt, Lauderdale, Griffiie, Green, Correia, Wiegert, Hickson, Biggs, Hollings- head, C. Hill, Hilcleman. ' . CT XY twelfth gm dv if . ff 54C z Q6 .. E 'F 'G C ,lj . 6 S is gl . ' X X fi? L iff QQ. E., Eff P I SV 2+ kj Qs RQ? isis, if e QQ C7 1 Q 1 X CE H fi 0 C 21 V 2 4. 5'??"7i1, ice? is H Uiiiigse me Qing . . 1,3 HOMEROOMS AIO2, A166, A225-ROW I: Beard, Burroughs, Bergermgg-:L,?jIjgWhurs?, Freckleton, Buehner, Feigley, Geer, Greene, Fastow, Finnick Ewing, Fiske, Gibson, Bercovitz, Feltman. ROW II: Long, Derrick, Cosgrove, Floyd, Paterson, Hall, Wickham, Kahn, Boldt, Darby, Johnston, Hickey Caldwell, Cetta, Galceran, Hopkins, Cole, Bowen, Lien, Hodkin, Cunningham, Brown, Ryer, Edelman. ROW Ill: Hillman, Cope, Smeton, Ball, Den ham, Driscoll, Walker, Bounds, Granzow, Mishenbough, Goolsby, Barosh, Brancl'i', Clifi', Allen, Barry, Tharp, Berry, Dixon, Feltman, Harris, Coleman Leach. XR! 94 "L m 'IDE " l I Enrollment day is hectic, as some students discover who can't Washington teachers enioy nutrition, especially wiih Bob always get into their favorite classes. "Deep from the heart of Texas" White to liven things up. HOMEROOMS Al9O, A26O, A233-ROW I: Ciccarello, Newman, Ratner, Campbell, Reyes, Riggs, Shorten, Mcfvlains, Butzke, Pike, Cope, Otto, Gilbert, Crayton, Cook, Nagy, Rose, McKowen, Peebler, Moncrief. ROW ll: McClung, Schneider, Pack, Shay. ROW Ill: Laster, LaRosa, McLaurin, Peterson, Har- ding, Wells, Meschke, Powell, Shaw, Slavens, La Nave, Malakowsky, Mann, Smith, Mellin, Theiss, Reina, Rawnsley, Snyder, Chatfield, Navarro. ROW IV: McAnany, Muller, Williams, Littlefield, Lewis, Southard, Pavesic, Bowen, Pachal, George, Forbes, Vance, Lundstorm, Evans, Christian, Hougha- wont, Smeton, Tharp, Tate, Morris, T. Smith. i , A 3, l 41341. -k4qm--IJ. "i"1l,--1:51 'va Llfvvix Qwrg. ,YY 41 ,li li 2 Q3 I Xff Registration cards, program cards, report cards! These are but a small part of the business performed in homerooms. the Class sponsors QS All- BIZ- BIO- AIO- B1 I- Paula Boelsems Mary Crumpacker Ethel Overfield Evelyn Eklund Estelle Burch Harry Perry Francis Lawyer John Wachtler Ralph Salaway 5 . . f U v-s...y . A , f ills? -V 5 sl ' W' ' ,H ' ug, HOMEROOMS Al80, AZO7, A332-ROW I: Whinrey, Townsend, Penclleton,McAleece, Anderson, Staufter, Kodil, Willock, Trager, Lavenburg, Masten Kandelec, Labo, Acquisto, Lehr, Sipple. ROW ll: Spotkov, Hinds, Taub, Wetmore, Wilburn, Stripes, Wiggins, Weitzel, Sullivan, Collura, Konkright ' lll: L' ins, Scalla, Nuttmunn, Jennings, Newfer, Newlin, O'ConnelI Pierce, Wisdom, Sukdol, Rossel, Collins, Walker, Snow, Dozal, Bohle. ROW :gg ' Y Smith, Gonzalo, Flournoy, Mc1son,Latallade. Hunter, Lindsay, Faulkner, Kronen, oung, . J EZ'-'i HI T - m i.l1g'i,1Qiv,1'i .......... And SENIOR A CLASS OFFICERS-ROW l: Winer, boys vice president, Tingirides, president. ROW ll Frost, girls' vice president, Haycock, secretary, Taylor, treasurer, Paccione, senator at large. TWANKAS. "T-W-A-N-K-A-S. Twankas are by far the best. We're the Winter Class of 1953. Ugh-a-boo, Ugh-a-boo, Ugha!" To the strains of their class song, the Twankas ilndian word for friendshipl donned, for the first time on Washington's campus, sleeveless class sweaters. War- ren Lien, All president, together with the standing committee, staged a class party where dancing and tasty refreshments were the main attraction. During their Senior B semester, their beige and brown sweaters became a familiar sight on campus. With Ed Austin as chief of the tribe, the Twankas took part in the Senior Show put on by the Monarchs, a well as planning the Senior Prom, carrying out the theme "My Blue Heaven." Also in this semester the Twan- kas participated in the annual Senior Field Day, which, to their surprise, the mighty warriors lost. ln the A12 term Alex Tingir- ides took over the iob of head chieftain, and the class enioyed a Senior Breakfast where awards and speezhes were given, and danced the night away at their Senior Prom, "Some Enchanted Evening," given them by the Viscounts, and enteriained their mothers at the Senior Mothers' Tea. IPO Class 0 uf 3 Mr Victor Aertker, Miss Blanche Carlson, W'53 Class Sponsors twcznlm Bertha Lillian Barke: David Roy Barrett Robert Allen Bean Kathrine Mary Bell Dorothy Bennett Lowell M. Berry Katherine Jo-Ann Bevilacqua Maryann Gloria Bohla Donald Borne Rodney Ray Boyd Darrell G. Brady Roy Wilhelm Brandt William Richard Brooks William L. Brossmer Geraldine Marie Browning James Richard Buchanan Sf ..: i'it sl riff Q , we Chose our 11111110 QQ ,. A is-W, ' R wi... X gg N 1 I 1 1,4 1 A . , .,,wf 5X1 Q g 5" A, L. 12- :,., .A -J yb c, A I 1 f is f A f 1 N , . -S ,es 6 , A ig 9 :L . 6 +2 Nef f ' - si fi fa Jack Robert Adams Mark Kendall Anderson Robert' Glen Anderson Joan Antone Gilbert Araujo Jarvis Gregory Arellano Richard Berry Armstrong Edward William Austin Fred James Austin John D. Austin ,E Frm, N., . in .few 'Y X ., ? g en ' . L 'T-35 4 fi 21 X , ,,, . Fx. .B 9 55 ,1 'B ii. 'Z' iE5'WiE1?"ig' if f ' ,L 4 J M 1 is wNn,j, egyi WE CHOSE BEIGE AND BRGWN FOR COLORS 2, 2 Wm -1? .3 ff , W , ,, h X L l QW M ,ffl iQ? John Louis Byramian Sara Elizabeth Calfee Daniel William Campbell, lngricl Helena Carlson Richard Drew Carson Joan Constance Cass Margaret Anne Chapman Margo Ann Choumas Gloria Jean Clark Raymond Gail Clark Mary Louise Coburn Barbara Rae Cole Richard Charles Coon Jean Arline Cordova Frances Louise Dane Gene Adele Davis Patricia Ann Davis Lyle Clifton De Cuir Dorothy Jean De Frazio Edwina Carlene Dittman .loan Estelle Doerges Dianne Dee Driver Marilyn Dee Durant Lynetta Louise Edgar Dale Frank Emmons William Farrell Barbara Fife Jacqueline Forbes Evelyn Lois Forney Beverly Darlene Frank J Gary Lyman Freeze Barbara Marie Froggatt Barbara leanne Frost Billie Sandra Furber Michael George Garbooshian Beverly Jean Gardner Peter N. Genova Jack H. Gerhardt Ramona Jimay Gerken Gus Joseph Gerson Patricia Mary Girouard Fay Ethel Gleeson Stanley Eugene Gold Thomas N. Hall Ralph G. Hamilton, Jr. Robert S. Hammerschmidt Charles Hankey Alvin Rex Hatch Janice Ray Haycock Jane Louise Hays John Richard Heinz Barbara Diane Hennessy Susan M. Hodge Vera Jeanne Holman Esther Corrine Hoser Harry Philpi Huntting Rosa Delle Hupp Sheila Marianne Jacobson Wayne Harley Jepsen Jerry Richard Johnson OUR SLEEVELESS SWEATERS WERE TOPS fd , '2- 14 lx ...J K . wiv- , as ev , . , v Z' Q S Q. it if ll Si S N J -. 1 ' 'sv V 3 'K gl: ,E s xi, Ni fi X . S , ' ' my ii. . ,,.r -D .,- .Q ' 1 y ,wif F. .rw 25 ' :Q N 3 1 l as X i ' 33 . i 5 if 1 NR i V .-. f -3? ii ' , ' ' 1 1 5, ' W V X A E 4 ei Q' 1 f . gs v. X ' . gs.- 'M . saw X S was 5 f- 9 J ' X, i ii X .KH .ww swf, ,f I ,JV ,Q i gum ,as If i sf fs 0 ,,,V Z, Q .-.X ' X .seal 4 ,.c -.swv -:Y-. ' 2' 'PW 'Ss 'V 1 ' " . , N . . s E Q g .5 . Q, " B fr- 'Fi M ' , , - Tp' -sw . '::,:1:1,:rE2-:" .1 ., . 1-V1 .xi q . , fa, i iQ? .ioanne Ruth Jones Nola Jones Ann Katherlne Jorgensen Joan lialoostian Marcia Elizabeth Kelly Jeanne Marie Kelly Joanne Evelyn Kelly Gary B. Kerkson Lorraine Knauer Mary Josephine Leach Eugene Leviton Patricia Ann Lewis Warren Howard Lien Karen Lindstrom Joseph Martin Lisi Richard Doran Lloyd Donald Arthur Lowe Ronald Otteman Loyd Phyllis Alverta Luden Charles Lugo James McDade Beverly Jean McElhenny Warner Earl McGuyre Burton Ross McKee Archeleen Jane McPhee Margaret Rose MacKenzie Roberl' Angelo Maiuri Roberi Erneft Mathews Richard Wallace Matson Irma Dorlene Meeker Donald Homer Mehlig Beverly Florence Merseresu Richard C. Miller Shirley Marie Miller Marlene Marie Mitas Thomas Lee Moclolt Luann Morgan Rhoda Joy Molder Nola Billie Michols Mary C. Nygord Ann Christian Paccione Natalie Jeanne Palma James Milton Palmer Anthony Dominick Papadopli Emil Blane Parkening Natalie Frances Pasternak Norene Eleanor Patton Lois Eva Pead Carol Alta Pealer Diane Florence Plisco Barbara Marie Potts Carol Lou Power Paul Anthony Prescott Joanne Prumers Ritchie Warren Purcell Salvatore Anthony Recupero Patricia Anne Reeder Elizabeth Bailey Reeve Winona Mary Reiman Alisen Boyd Reynolds WE HAD FUN AT OUR SENIOR FIELD DAY l25 James Donald Richards Dolores Rae Roberds Judith Ann Roisman Luis Romero Marilyn Jean Rounds Patricia Routh Lucian Carl Sales Anthony SanMiquel Joyce Annette Schadler Herman Charles Schultz Laura Fay Schultz Ronald Gene Schultz Gary William Scrivens James Edward Seright Celestine Josephine Shorten Patricia Ann Sickels Shirley Mae Simon Joan Carol Skinner Grace Marie Smith Walter Merritt Spruit Herbert Stark Donna Christine Stelly Ellen Lou Steinmetz Kenneth Hugh Stevenson Jane? Sue Stokes Frank Sterling Struve Doreen Ethel Taylor Norma Jean Taylor Edward Marshall Tevlin Patricia Lee Thorne Alexander Tingirides Karleen Emma Turnquist Darlynn Joyce Ulm Fred Edward Van Horne Janet Louise Van Winkle Norman Ralph Venne Beverly Jean Vento Jean B. Vincent Rosalie Vinocor Agnes Louise Voge Aletha Arlene Ward Norma Jeanne Weaver Marcia Weinstein Mar'lyn Katherine Westerholm Dorice Carole Whiteside JacquelTne Edgren Whitman Gloria Lee Wiedman Donna May Willis JoAnn Wilson John Collins Wilson Frank Winer Richard Turner Wisdom Dennis Wolfe Alice Ann Wright Velda Wright Elizabeth Ann Young Frances Molly Zadrick Shirley Ann Zander Claudette Adrienne Zell Barbara Zook WE WON HONORS AND AWARDS IN SCHOOL -ff' TV 5, f A QV, it 3 4- xg-N., A N' N ,E 'P 3 A JN 'N 'ff' R ,Ci .ir ff? x X W X --fy ,,'.f.y, I ,.. 49 Z is l 3 A Q 'f ' ivyiiffl M WM' fvffzww fries . .F W.,-ff " ,Q 1: , '- : gay V r SMXN z , , . . 127 ' 1 Www Davis, M155 Frqnceg Blair and Mr Joqquln M. Marchbanks, president. STANDING: B. Larsen, J. Fraters, Viscount Class Sponsors Starke, S. DeMaggio. vi, ilant Discounts, the class 0 S 53 VISCOUNTS truly gained the respect due their noble name. Their Latin motto "Non Sibi Sid Omnuibus," meaning "Not for self, but all", was their inspiration to produce colossal activities for the enioyment of all. Their first class affair, a picnic at Griffith Park, was a good stepping stone to the fine events to be enjoyed in the future. Their colors, powder and navy blue, domin- ated the quad as the Viscounts sang their original song Richard Carl Adair during their peppy Recognition Day. Careful planning I-Wie A9UilU' and ingenuity were used by the Viscounts to produce the elaborate Senior Prom "Some Enchanted Evening." On May first their class gift, a cement wall which will incase the class emblems, was dedicated in the quad. Their last semester inside Washington was highlighted by the traditional Senior Mothers' Tea, the Senior Field Paul Edward Aiello Gail Ruth Albee Keith A. Aldridge Duane Reuben Alt Robert Allan Abbott Alan H. Acosta Day, and the Senior Prom presented in their honor by the Senior B's. Graduation climaxed the activities of one of the greatest classes of Washington. Gilbert lohn Anderson, lr. W Patricia loy Anderson OO Roger Warren Anderson l ff U Roy Anderson Gloria Vickie Anthony lik I- Bernice Marie Antonucci Mae Antoinette Arrabito Sylvia Ann Arrison James Atkinson Marilyn Mae Auffort Jane Ayres John M. Baines Arvis Marie Ballard Leland J. Ballard Ruth Kathryn Barr Elizabeth Ann Barron Robert Arthur Barrow Mildred Elizabeth Batley Richard Lee Battersby John Thurlow Baxter Janice Rosalie Beckett Robert Craig Berning Ronald Walter Blackie Sheldon Freeman Blackstad Theodore A. Blanke Howard Edward Blasingame Darlene Marie Bliven Rita Toby Bobrosky Patricia Lee Bock ffm ' it WE CHOSE STRONG ENERGETIC CLASS LEADERS ,.,,fAi'V Z 1 Kathleen Sue Boldra Donna Jean Bosnak Karen Lee Bostelman Richard Thomas Braxton Annette Marie Briganti Claribel Bernice Brodine John Edward Brooks Ginger Lee Brown Joanne Louise Brown WE CHOSE OUR CLASS COLORS WITH SPECIAL CARE 77"M'7W2- 1 -J LLLW if i , f' ,., . ,,, ffLV'V , fu, A I , 'N 5 fps My ' sg' ' " V ff 45? ,.,. , 1 2 ' 'fi' f ,,,,.vfivvrIIE fZi'f ': ' 'VW ? ,,h X B, fr 'HQ , A s 1 Z LLLLL f . 'S ' .,.,. 9 ' " 1 If ff F X 2 "" E l V A 'V M ---f f, . .W I: A ,f Q Q wsu nw, .0 f 1 ' .I , ' .. 4 Z .42 cv I-5 f -ga' 2 M' ' ' f , ,, ' - 2 ,,,,fj A 2 " J V ' 36 . I W, , 4 4 yd ff . ,E Sallie Yvonne Chambers Marceling Joyce Charles Robert Chasin lva Wellinger Cicatelli Harold A. Cihlar Charlot Ellen Clancy 130 Arclath Ardell Clark Joyce Bessie Clark Logan David Clark Joyce Margaret Brown Dale Keith Bruclvig Barbara Anne Bryson Mary Ann Budai Charles Ezra Buff Glenn Leroy Bummer Ronald Claire Burman Esther Karlene Burns Joyce Ann Butler Donald John Byrne Yvonne Jean Cahan Albert' Carm?ne Calce Charles Lee Caldwell Gerald Albert Campbell Norman C. Cannell Arline Lelia Canzone Diane Rose Caplan Patricia Helen Caras Dale LaMar Carlsen Mary Kathryn Carlson Bonnie Kay Carter Frances Lenora Carter Gary Lee Cassity Roberi' Michael Caudle Q13 Lyle James Cohn James Howard Cole Jack Lee Cook Loraine Costello Juanita Louise Cox Marshall George Cox Maureen Cross Leonard C. Cruise Jean Frances Cukale Norma Teresa Damanti Mary Jo Darcey Donna Marie Darms Donald Joseph Datko Shirley Joan David Sharon M. Davidow Marcia Lee Davies Chester Benjamin Davis Nancy Ellen Davis Bettye Anne Day Charlotte Ann Day Viola Mae DeBusk Roberta Mae DeGruccio Richard Eddie Dekker William Z. de la Garza - POWDER BLUE OVER NAVY WERE JUST PERFECT 'MY X vi? 15 Anna Marie Delahousie Michael H. Delaney Stanley Nick DeMaggio Leo S. Depoicm Stephen Adrian Derkum Nancy Jean de Rome Betty Jean Deu Pree Marilynn Carol Devine Donald Jack DeWolf WE SET VERY HIGH STANDARDS FOR OURSELVES Au. av' Paul Taylor Everett Alonzo Joseph Felder Sandra Arlee Feldman David L, Felger Ralph Clarence Ferguson, Jr. William Walton Ferguson Marlene Eleanor Finchamp Roger Lee Fischer Kenneth Ray Fisher Rita Eileen Diefenbach Louise Ethel Dillon Gail Dineen Carl Albert DiUbaldo Valerie Sue Dobos William Lenard Donaldson Carl Victor Doria Giacomino James Dragotto Joanne Drain Nancy Marie Drysdale Dorothy Dorleen Dunson Richard Keith Eastman Jerrold Owen Eckberg Loraine E. Edmonds Loretta E. Edmonds Carol Ann Ehlers Nlargaret Elliott Richard William Ely Joan L. Emerson Annette Emerzian Suzanne Engberg Jason Erlichman Barbara Jeanne Ernst Betty June Evans g X-iq Maurcie Robert Flora Jo-Anne Elaine Fogelsong Shirley Ann Foley Diane Virginia Foote Stuart G. Forbes C. William Forney Rose Fratto Barbara Ann Frizzell Ronald Roy Gagliano Geri Terese Galuppo Victoria Ann Gariza: David Edward Gates Donald Frederick Gatewood Carline Gatlin Barry Allan Gerson Alfonso Gherardi Annette Gich Barbara Lee Gilliam Gair F. Glasgow Teresa Joan Glasgow Naomi Wenez Glatz Yvonne Mary Gleason Roger Eugene Godson Donna Lee Goeman C: -- ?522?3EE?EE'S65?SS 'NOT FOR SELF, BUT FOR ALL' WAS OUR MOTTO 5, 2 .ix f Bruce Everett Gray X 'll RECOGNITION DAY WAS GREAT FUN FCDR ALL 1' Nj , ix 5 'D' 14 -vd Glenn Roy Himes Dorothy Marie Hine Barbara Diane Hold James Wellington Holmes Darlene Joan Hood Glendene Loraine Hood Rex Hopkins Loyd Erwin Hopper Shirley Theresa Hopper Ruth Dena Gross Glenn Arthur Grow Noralie Grunwald Martha Carolyn Hackamack Eva Delores Lawson Hamilton Marilyn Noreen Hand Enid Mae Hansen Vivian Francis Hansen James Berry Harbuck Jr. William Henderson Harger Larry Reeder Harris Richard A. Harris Kay Darlene Haskins Francis Gene Hawkins Dale Charles Headley Margery Elizabeth Healy Margarei Diane Hebner Virginia M. Hedges Alan Henderson Clarence Eclson Henderson Donna Lee Henzgen Lyle Edmond Herman Wallace Alan Herring Sheila Elizabeth Herringshaw 20' fs 'ff .74 ,'-4 l -ff! x ,lg wif! Tlx? I 'wif L il Milli Xi W fL4 W2 TMWE HONORED OUR MOTHERS AT THE SENIOR TEA l f l l lv M X if fl, , 1 ' ef L! K JAM Mp! Miz, J 'l l it ll' 'J Barry Kibbe Houlihan Virginia Louise Hovey Douglas LeRoy Howcl Kathleen Louise Hughes Margaret Elizabeth Hughes Glen Duane Hunt John Randolph Hurley Stanley Gene Hyme: Patty Lou lngeliclo Joan Yvonne lack Beverly Diane .lahnz Richard Otto lakob Shirley Lee James Patricia Anne Jayne Mary Rosalie .Johns Ann Linnea Johnson John Allan Johnson Sidney Marshall Johnson Marilyn Jean Johnston Robert Frank Johnston Esther Marlene Jones Utana Jones Joanne Lorraine Joyce Robert' Volney Justice WE SHOWED OUR SPIRIT DURING SENIOR FIELD DAY Q 'fv- ,. ,Q sl -1 T36 3 , .A M -A -M ,vi ...E if N. Q ,P c .1 4 W U 'i y .W Fm' 'Q ,4 .ff hx Anna Marie Lippolis Shirley Mae Litherland Annette Marie Littleford Willodean Lloyd Mariorie Alice Logan Gordon Malcom Long Louis Josephine Longoria Jean D, Luby Betty Jean Luebke Judith Norma Kirschner Carole Joann Knowlton Barbara Ruth Koepp Richard Ernest Kramer Hilda Martha Krolick Edward Walter Kuhns Richard Lawrence Kulka Norman S. Kurtz Doyle Ladassor John Phillip Lager Mary Arlene Laird Dennis LeRoy Lang Betty Mae Larison Beverly Grace Larsen Nancy Barbara Larson Donald Allen Laycox Leon J. Leabman Robert Richard LeGrue Beverly Ruth Leist Eugene Raymond LeNoue Donald H. Levin Doris Lewis Lillian I. Lewis 4,1 Ea 4 ' cf Kenneth Earl McCabe Leonard Albert McCallson Martha Manson McChesney Nancy Birdeen McClaskey Carol Janet McClung William Duncan McCormack, Jr. Gary Franklin McCormick David W. McCullam Catherine McDonald Rosalie Mae McEntire Gerald Wilbur McGee Dorothy Lee McGrew Patricia Faye McLean Patricia Anne McMahan Wilma Charlene McVey Donald John Macho Marion MacLean Edward B. Magee Rosemary Ann Magretto Robert John Malone Melvin J. Marchbanks Jack A. Marks Juliet Margaret Marquez Donna Jean Mason G .I I HARD WORK AND LOTS OF FUN KEPT US BUSY i ics' if T7 I"'N wr V Y i F' ,J i , .LM .vr-.-7 fs 0 f G 1 H U4 V Fpi f ,. , L DL John Neil Olney Joyce Anne Olson Barbara Ann Ondrasik Dennis John O'Reilly Roger Alan Orman Mona Stella Overs lga Lewis A. Owen Marilyn Joan Palmer Gloria A, Paradice '71 att AN:- John Junior Mezzapelle Beverly June Mihalik Nola Lee MIlroy Eric Ottomar Nlinzlaff, Jr. Janice Jenelle Miska George Murray Mitchell Harry B. Mitchell Melissa Dclora: Moen James Wallace Moffat Shirley Mae Morgenson Bette Jo Morrison John Lester Munson Joan Murphy Carol Ann Myers Patsy Lou Needhan Carl S. Neland, Jr. Darlynn Joy Nicodemus Juanita Roxie Nigoicin James Edward Nimeshein Beverly Jean Noack Carol Joanne Norton Russell John Nydam Norman 'lennyson Ollestad William Ray Ollinger X-:V Y' r I-H Anna M. Pate Barbara Ann Patterson Marlyn Jewel Patterson Patricia Anne Pattison Eleanor Louise Pead Dixie Faye Pelton Jack Lee Pendleton Barbara Perkal Russell Lee Perpall Karl Ronald Persson Rachelmay Ann Phelan Catherine Dorothy Phillips Edward Vance Pierce Joanne Marie Pierce Barry Allan Pirtle Janet Muriel Pischke Gary Wayne Plisco Norbert Emmett Pobanz Gretchen Marie Poe Thomas M. Poff Joann Lee Popelar Angelean Frances Porretta Philip Paul Porretta Elizabeth Jane Powell Q- l WE FORMED MANY AND LASTING FRIENDSHIPS of Charles Fredrick Power Robert Thaddeus Price Lee C. Prowse Jean Marie Puckett Barbara Anne Puette Rallie Rallis Blaine Edward Rath Richard Allan Rebscher Frank John Reina Ga ...yr WE CRAMMED FRANTICALLY FOR GUR FINALS ff' Shirley Marie Saunders Donna Lasetta Marie Sceusa Donald Bruce Schellin James Henry Schneider Dorothy Ann Schodt Rhoda Ann Schoephlin Barbara Ann Scholl Richard Caldwell Schreiber Harry B. Schuck Philip William Restorick, Jr Wayne Elliott Rew Betty Lee Reynolds Earlene Richard Walter E. Ritchie Barbara Joan Alma Roath Betty June Ruth Roath Sylvia Faye Robertson Daniel Lenglade Robinson Elizabeth Ann Rockefeller Jimmie Romero Robert John Roos Toby Rosen Mary Lee Rotella John Clyde Routh Albert Louis Rubalcava Carolyn May Rudisill Mary Alice Russell Louise Atherton Russell Stephen Earsel Ryer Jack Richard Safer Kathleen Rae Sage Richard Edward Saleh Joseph Sam Sansone Theodore G. Scott Duane C. Scudder Madeline M. Sedlak Jill Elizabeth Shand Harley William Sharp Sara Jo Shaw Sharron Ann Shaw Barbara Faye Shehane Carol Verna Sherburne Gerald Arthur Sherman Barbara Ellen Sherritt Carol Ann Shipway Marsha Eloy Shorten Sandra Louise Shostrom Lawrence Raymond Simmons William Louis Simpson Louis Wilson Singleton, Jr. Shirley Arlene Skaggs Frederick John Slover Eileen Frances Smith Warren William Smith Larry Theodore Snyder Marlene Janet Sorenson Beverly Joan Soule AT LONG LAST GRADUATION DAY -A '--sv AK' , 9 " fi' Q-evfz-xv-H -e V w - x i xkx was ' f-:. .L . gs if 5 N 5 S MSX 1 1 RQ X Ego ge Q 5 , f AQ l ef ' I me New TRW Walter Vern Spomer Floyd Lee Stafford Charlene Mardell Stalcup Jeanie Elizabeth Starke Sharon Lee Stevenson Alta Carolyn Stirrat Alice Marilyn Stone Donna Jean Stratton Carol Gene Strong XE DIPLGMAS IN HAND WE NOW SEEK SUCCESS ,My cr' ,ff f My Thomas William Vingar Darlene loanne Vindal Thomas Andrew Viscounty Dorothy Ella Vollmer John Hanry Vreeland Sylvan Wachs Franklin Anton Wall, Jr, Joan Marie Wall Carla Ann Wallace Charles Sanford Stubin Randolph Sullivan Robert lvar Sundberg David Wesley Syfritt Leota Ann Sylvester Frank Tallman Howard Richard Tanger Edwina Joan Tanski Sam Lewis Taylor Gloria Ann Terran Thomas F. Teschner Shirley Lois Teter Paul Theriseaud .loan Shirley Thompson Mariorie Arline Thompson Josephine Ann Tiggino Cynthia Lynn Timberlake Alvin Eugene Toffel Beryl Ann Tonge Edward Harold Trathen, Lois Louise Troverelli Petrine B. Valenti Robert Keith Vance Patricia A. Van Vliet Wk, er Helen Louise Wallace Barbara Lee Walters Karlene Louise Walters Barbara Jean Walther Mary Elizabeth Ward Donald Allan Wate Barbara Jean Watkins Marilyn Antonette Weaver Robert Donald Weber Lowell D. Weeks, Jr. Edith Victoria Wegner Ray Henry Weinberg Sharleene Ruth Weishaar Lois Lee Wells Frances Jean Welsh Loretta Lee Wendt Lois Faye Weskamp Marlene Ann Westbrook Duane Eleanor Whalen Curtis O'DeIl White Ronald Kay White Gayne Harold Whittier Carlos Leroy Whittington Constance Wight A Cappella Choir . Adelphians ...., Amateur Radio .. Art Honor Art Teachers .. Band .,.. Baseball ....... Basketball ......., Bookkeeping Club ..,... Boys' League, Summer .... Boys' League, Winter ...... Boys' Vice President, Summer Boys' Vice President, Winter Boys' Vice Principal ....... Business Education Teachers Calendar ..,......... Campus Group, A10 Cheer Leaders ..... Christian Fellowship , Chronians ......... Class Officers, S'53 . . Class Officers, W'53 . Clef Club .,,...,,.. Coaches ......... Commerce Honor ..,, Commercial Chatter . Continentals ....... Continental StaFf .. Coordinators .. Coquettes ,... Cross Country .. Dances . . . Debutantes Delta Y .........., Drama Action ....,.. Drum and Bugle Corps Eleventh Graders .... English Teachers , Ephebians .... F.B.L.A. ..,.,,,... . Film Proiectionists , .. Football ..,.,..., Foreword ,..,.. French Club . , . . , l Lili' 11 f ,XA L 3 it N! 5' 0 ll O, 3911. K f l C Oil! lg J 1 . Ai il K 11" Wen Wa U 11111 ...57 ...48 ..,42 .....43 ...,104 ......57 ..90-91 ..78-81 ......41 ..18-19 ..16-17 .. ..... 15 ., ...,. 13 .. ...,.. 11 106-107 . . 66-67 ,,...22 ...6O ...49 ...49 ...128 . .... 120 ...36 ...72 ...40 ...40 ,.,.,44 . .64-65 100-101 ......45 . .82-83 . ,54-55 ,...42 ....45 ..58-59 ....61 113-116 104-105 . .32-33 ,.,,.41 . ,,.,. 59 , , 74-77 ...37 index Science Teachers . . Sealbearers ......... Secretaries .,......... Senior Board of Control .. Seniors, Seniors, Summer ....... Winter ....... F.T.A. .. . . . .40 G.A.A. ............ .... 9 4-95 Girls' Glee Club ...,.. ...,. 3 7 Girls' League, Summer ..,..... .... 1 8-19 Girls' League, Winter ..,.,... 16-17 Girls' League School Committee , . .16 Service Group, A11 . . Service Group, A10 . .. Social Studies Teachers Song Leaders ....... Sound Crew ..... Spanish Club ....... Sponsors, Underclass .. Sponsors, Summer . Sponsors, Winter . . . Sports Actions ..,.... Stage Crew ................. ......22, Girls' Letter Society ......... . . .94 Girls' Usher Squad ........, .. .38 Girls' Vice President, Summer . . . .15 Girls' Vice President, Winter . . . . .13 Girls' Vice Principal ...... ,. .11 Gym Club .....,.. . . .46 Gym Teachers .,., . .102 Gymnastics ........... 84-85 Home Economics Teachers . . , . .101 lndustrial Arts Teachers . . . . . .103 Junior Adelphians ........ .... 4 8 Knights and Ladies, Summer , .. ,.., 28-29 Knights and Ladies, Winter . . ....26-27 Student Body Cabinet, Summer . Student Body Cabinet, Winter . . Student Body President, Summer Student Body President, Winter . Student Body Senate, Summer . Student Body Senate, Winter .. Student Service Presidents .. .......14- .....100 ..30-31 .....11 ........221' 128-143' 120-127lI l .....225 ....1061 ...61' ...59, ....119 ....12a1 ..,..12Oi ..96-97' .....59 ..14-151 ...,.12-13. ........12 14-15 1 ...12-13! ....20 Student Service Workers . . ,..... 21 A Language Teachers ....,. , . .104 SUfV9Y9f -----4------4 - - -62-63 Latin Club , , ...... . .,.,.. 37 5W'mm'n9 '----' 4-AA - - .92-93 Letterman's Club . . . .... 46-47 Tags ,.,. . . . , .39 . NlGi0l'6lleS ,... ..., 6 0 Teenqiderg I I A I ' Marthonians . . .,.. 39 'igenfoppers , uylk 42 1 Minutemen . . . .... 41 'fennig ,,,,-- V -83,39 Music Teachers . , , . , .103 Tenfh Grgde , , 108-112 Theme Page . . ,,.,, 2-3 New Torchbearers . .. .... 33 Thespians .,... .,,, 5 9 Typical Events . . . . . .52-53 Old Torchbearers . . , .... 32 '1',-ack blglygr 1 I v86,87 l Organ Guild .,... .,,. 5 6 Tri-Deb5 Vrhl A A 1 A.-.A-. 44 Orchestre ----r ---- 5 6 Twelfth Grade .... 117-119 ' T ....,.. ....., 3 8 Pre-Medical Club .. .... 45 yros Principal ,....... .... 1 0 Ushers, A-I2 U -N236 Quill and Scroll . . ,... 32 Hffifsglld "" '- -jg Rockhounds . . . . . . . .43 Rggueffes ,,,,,-1,, 1-.4.,- 4 4 Vocational Printers . , . . .63 1 ,fa Scholarshi 7 Cabinets .,....... 7,30-31 Wrestlgtgf-cu. . . . . .92-93 ' 1 Llf. jf ,-ff ,f' ' "" ' - X' f 1 614-6 4-nf . 47 ffiewjig Q- L, E7 5 : Z Lzxfff V, f I5 f' , , fr" 'I " " 1 4 . f .f 47,546 cosy? f'-4' . . . .to Miss Knapp, our adviser, whos,eJai2Q!7". ft r. lwludmson in the student store, has been invaluable in producing 9,,QB'Q9j4f ' VW!! 5i','f,'c15'c, gerrinc iob gn fhe ggbgqrii... . . . ,to the staff, it was my privilege to work ' fhoildi 47 1? with them. L,-V . , , .to Nancy Drysdale, Duane Alt, and the other editors, who did their iobs so efficiently and were truly the backbone of the staff. . . .to Miss Miller and the art department. How can I ever thank them enough? . . . .to "Doc" Burnett and the printshop boys, who really put the book together and printed it. . ,to the faculty and administrators, who gave of their valuable time. I certainly ap- preciate their help. ? g fc-fx-Q-. lonijfgifa, our photographer, for making the picture work such fun. . . . ,to Mr. Cannicott of the Los Angeles En- graving Company for the fine engravings and helpful advice. . . . .to Mr. Garrison of the Bindex Company for our eye-catching cover. . . . .to the entire student body for their co- operation and wonderful response. lt's your book and I sincerely hope you enioy it. PEGGY MERRILL, Editor-in-Chief wwWww Iewfzuf ..,. ' , A , , -wg Q .gf yu" W. f . 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I ' AA f , " , ,1I'1.m51.'. 4f' J, 'I Q ' , ' , , nigh ., 6 A k L A N X. , N A N K. 'film 1 fr rf c I 1- 1 X l..n'!12i!lniaihEi - 5, 1 , - x ., 4 ' Mig""mliu'e,'4'frf'?!.:1'l. ' t ' V . , ,'n ,', gg' z . I' nl ' ' . + ' N ' A EisH2Ef!e1imi!!iu' .-as a,.,3aQz11wl1!1ll! " ' A ,r 'IJ,,252s2!2sas42fi3i'2afaeafgillihxiifiaxhiilweiag X X X X NSW A X Mg W N .. .. X - '1if'1He2sa!iliazsQgz2Ea2gm,qyi3gzeEiEgggggg g ,gm ' , . H X ' X X XMB. 'sigxlgggggagfizhgigigsguk ....,1,.1f !ii 69,1 -' nl' !q'1gz,!i- ' 'wx ', ll 1 V I 'Z E N S It I we , 11 , . I , U nga! 1 'uf T" fwkxxiifl' f W W 1:-, pf 1--BQMQ511-. Ii ' Y my " .. ""' ' . M' ,J wf 1 ,, f JW if -Aff? ,J I A . gl 1 fb ' q:::: lx' PU ,ff ,7V' - V f - 2 fi Nl 4 , ,i 'P' ZW ,LV vw ,f za iii!-L if 'I iff' ,V I Q , 1 lb I-' fy ak, A A M ,V fl 1' . f I I X I 9, 7 lf J' fy r f ,W 44,f,,z,1,f ,ff 614 me -' 1 ,. I f -f , ,Zi . , 1 .4 ,: -f f ', ,VM ,Ui ,JJ gf ' " I i , ,WZ J My W fu flux J ' 5 ."' x f " f' ',' 1, WW 6 5 ' fdywff CAL ff- if f , "3 f f-- igjfkiflf 'vffi,-g:M'41j ff' . 1' f'f'7r': . Q' Q..-f -Q ' g , , - '2 :zQf2fff'1ff' P 'K xx: f w'4 if ,.f .J ., .,..-1-Q: 'l--1-- M,..fff,,r,Lv1W' d5ff5'lJf' 'ian fl ' i Wa. i V - ' V ' , QL: "Sf" l- E. " A 'Q-'ft "W: . . 1'-.1 --1.- I-ffl X 151 1..--Tj-.-,L 4 - ,,f Qr, f,lff'b V- " 2-kg 'X 1 W Ji '-, :-.igw-221, , j 9 Q ' - A Cf Y ' ., "Q' ....g f b , ? , Jays!! - '32 Q33 .V ,, A ' ,4, ."AA . ' APAA' --.- , ,f -wg A A ' , 1---N A ' ' '+ : - , ,Xb 01" .X 1 A'-A. J .Q A A .M " 1 f mi- Y ah ',41" '- ff' I 'E ' 'gi l ' rnswlrfv wif: X A ,P .f.'.m.x. W. .cf-.,,:q,1, 1-,- I, Q, in D

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