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" 4Q55552522311525522?a55555525525sisif523555525555E55255325555555355525sE53:eE22E2i5E25a?i2s2:2iE-iiziiisii- A A A ::i:i:-:::-L-:f14-:Eg:3:f:?g::E5:1:g:3:3:Z:3:E:?Eg:1:3:g:5g:5:g:f:5:g:gli:1:5:::g:,,:ilyggcggzov - - . I :-L-:3:3:::3:::3:.' 1331-'-2:3241115:13:51:-'gtg25:5:1:g:g:,5:g:3:5:::1:-:54:3 '3:::::f 1--7. - :ggi FW 6 I QI A' -I. 11' M Q SY um 64 v 3 ,Q Vu 0 N X X ' Q., X 1 o re Q 2 Y Fe I A ' f i 4 1 ' I JL. 'I A 51 . 1 , f ,ff N . D contlnentul THE WASHINGTON STORYil publish: al by ilu 1 nqlnll au I and pl lnllnq all pau Inu nts los anqc If s I7 1 allfol nu: O C. . , ' ' .o . Q . 0 . . 0 ' . ' o ' gvorgv :rash in gton I1 i gh sl-luml , ' p p , ' , foreword THESE PAGES BEGIN ANOTHER WASHINGTON STORY, TWENTY-FIFTH IN AN UNBROKEN SERIES. THESE STUDENTS ARE BUT A TINY PERCENT OF THE TWENTY-EIGHT HUNDRED CHARACTERS IN OUR STORY, THESE GREEN LAWNS AND GRACEFUL TREES A FRACTION OF ITS EXTENSIVE SETTING. FOR THE COMPLETE WASHINGTON STORY, IN PICTURES AND WORDS, YOU HAVE ONLY TO WANDER THROUGH THE REST OF THESE PAGES. WE WISH YOU HAPPY WANDERING. dedication EVERY STORY HAS SOME CHAR- ACTERS WITH ROLES SO IMPORTANT THAT THEIR ACTIONS TOUCH THE LIVES OF ALL THE OTHERS. IN THE WASHINGTON STORY THERE IS SUCH A CHARACTER, WHO FOR TWELVE YEARS HAS DIRECTED GIRLS' ACTI- VITIES WITH WISDOM AND CALM PATIENCE. BECAUSE THIS LEADING LADY OF THE WASHINGTON STORY WILL NOT BE IN THE CAST NEXT YEAR, AND BECAUSE WE SHALL MISS HER VERY MUCH, HER POISE, HER GENIAL WIT, AND HER SOUND JUDGEMENT, WE DEDICATE THIS T952 EDITION TO HER, MISS HARRIET ROBBINS, GIRLS' VICE PRINCIPAL. WE WISH HER GREAT PLEASURE IN HER VOYAGE TO EUROPE AND HER RETIREMENT TO FOLLOW. Leo Dalton caiches Q few momenes of quiet sway. organ izu tions tlwrv arc' fire' parts to our story 0 uctwltles vlussos High on the second Hoor rump some big wheels discuss their problems. tho lnosvly u'0r0n plot of nur stnry 1-orvrs Iwo iuuulrml aluyx of uriion. suspense. and 1-limax is E: W ff A . f A, ' 4 Q 0 4 ' v . :af A, f 5 A, .., Q , x 2. Q, n B .M ,,.: f 'f 'S 3 9 J 'V - f Gai: Q- 1 it Y 4 A it Long may ii wave, o're the land of the free and the home of the brave." Ideal for relaxing in the sun, this lawn attracts many students The quad is important in the Washington story. Every student during their free time. has speni many happy moments in this familiar spot. l H I ly Y E 'ii ei? l gl r .,r, y , lf ,. r K wr 2 - ia A r 'r"rT? le A l t ll' 'YY mfr W' ' 'el Uiiii ll mi i 'fl' .- 1 f I tliese 4 leaders play importal roles in thv lI0lf0IOI1lll0 , of tlw :rush ington stor .I Dr. Paul Flsher ' W. , w-vcr ff' A ,mm ,W ' zmportant ehurueters Principal Dr. Paul Fisher chats cas- Miss Hclrrlel' R0bblrlS WHY Will' C"'0lY" Cow' Girls' Vice Principal uri, Som Granoto, and Fred Austin. an our story Mr. Glen Perry Boys' Vice Principal QUQ' SECRETARIES-Miss Angus Mrs Gregg Mrs Crumrlne Miss Jorgensen Mrs Newton Mrs Kapple Mrs Thomsen Mrs Tolln SUB ADMINISTRATORS Miss Andrews librarian Mr Hellman registrar Mrs S ssnons counselor ADMINISTRATION Three characters in the Washington Story are lndispenslble to the development of the action Through the hands of Dr Paul Fisher, principal, run all the threads of the story, and by him they are given purpose and direction Miss Harriet Robbins, girls' vice principal, specializes in directing girls' activities to a final happy conclusion, while Mr. Glen Perry, boys' vice principal, manages boys' affairs to the same end These three, assisted by reglstar Lester Heilman and counselor Muriel Sessions, made the Washington Story one to be remembered and cherished by all. ii 2 E E5 El sf 1 ' - 'L , 2 JRR' 4 1 jx 1 , I C Q . I 1 I . . I . I ' I ' I ' I ' - . I . . I . . I 7 . 9 ' , . s M- nw-eww Gary Moulton Barbara McClain Student Body President Girls' Vice President winter eubinet ' .lim Anson John Berger Katie Bosch Gretta Brekke Shirley Ericson Janet Hunthng Al Moreno Jean Payne Helen Caras Gwen Gray Don .Iurwnch Wayne Orman Suzie Rapp PM , .Ll gp V Q Pi... wa Gene DeWitt Vice President Schultz Vollmer winter senate Jack Dortignac Eleonor Smith Mary Kilgore Walter Pinney . Bob Burgum Lucy Braievich Diane Gregory Warren Lien Dale Brudvig Marcia Kelley Dave McCullam Dick Armstrong Peggy Merrill Jeanne Allan Gerrie Parcher Charlotte Day Beverly Rose Bill Smith John Theiss Kay Bruce John Campbell Pat Langon Van Hoorebeck ' , -fx uw, Leo Dalton Tina Pearson Student Body President Girls' Vice President summer cabinet Yr Q Greta Brekke Bob Burgum Andree Cuenod Al DeRisio Donna Helm Larry Jones Carol Klaesges Delores Joy Drysdale Bob Jani Mary Jane Kilgore George Krant Jean s. sumlner class oiilcers Sam Granato Ed Austin Roger Orman Diane Gregory Belly Reeve Pal Caras John Savino Dick Armstrong Dick LeGrue Caryl Records Jeanne Allan Bobbie Wyall Sally Frecklelon Ken Byers Dick Nolan Gail Goem-n Andrea Bock Darlene Wilburn Bob Turner Sharon South Ronnie Rule Boys' Vice President .5 . A Jim Mellon Pat Fragiacomo Richard 6 S3 i wb Q ,.. S C I 1 v"1' Prather Squire Susie Rapp Winter Girls' League President Mary Jane Kilgore Summer Girls' League President 5. ZS- leaulers of the GIRLS LEAGUE SCHOOL COMMITTEE ROW I Huntllng Chapman Ahrens sponsor McKee president Temple ROW II Croft Grlppl Wmther Funk Pollard Lane Cooper Schwartz ROW III Cuenod Rounds Kelley Prumers Merrill, Driver, Cass, Weesner, Rapp, Shaw. GIRLS' LEAGUE CABINET. "Come on gals and grab your fellas." That's what the Girls' League Cabinet was pleading as the semi-annual Sadie Hawkins dances came and went. The Sadie entertainment was great, the carrots were delicious, and a good time was had by all. The themes were Circus Time and Valentine's Day. Each BIO girl met her big sister, but the real big sisters to every girl in the school were the Girls' League presidents, Susie Rapp and Mary Jane Kilgore, Susie in the winter semester and Mary Jane in the summer. Some of the girls deserving praise were Maureen McKee and Donna Funk for their untiring work as Girls' League School Com- mittee presidents. With the new charming fashions this year, Cotton Day proved to be a bigger success than ever before. All in all, the Girls' League had a very successful year. girls' league ex. THE GIRLS' LEAGUE CABINET. Pinky Cowart, Mary Jane Kilgore, and Diana Grippi post the good grooming announce- ment on the bulletin board. G I R L S' L E A G U E C A B I N E T-ROW I: McKee, Cowart, Rapp, SUMMER GIRLS' LEAGUE CABINET-ROW I: Kelly, Smead, Kilgore, president, Paccione. ROW Il: Pearson, Klaesges, Smead, Prather, president, Kelly, Paccione. ROW Il: Luebke, Slattery, Cowart, Dill, Funk, B lyea ROW Ill: Polltarcl, Gill, sponsor, Robbins, sponsor, Power. Merrill, lreskes, McCla:l4y. I I Wt? Al Moreno Winter Boys' League President George Krant Summer Boys' League President tournaments are important in the WINTER BOYS' LEAGUE CABINET-ROW I: Power, Davis, Moreno, presidentg Gomen, White, sponsor. BOYS LEAGUE. Pop! No, not popcorn, but bones, a result of the wrestling tournament, one of the many activi- ties sponsored by the Boys' League. This year's events started with the football and basketball tournaments, followed by an assembly to present medals to the winners who were: varsity football-Don Green, captain, Ambrosio, Bressoud, Le Doux, Hay- cock, Houghtaling, and Solids, varsity basketball-Andrews, Pops, Wey- mann, and Stahl. Volleyball, horse- shoe, and wrestling tournaments were incomplete at the time this article went to press. Coach Bob White, sponsor, said there was a good turn out for all tournaments. A quiet day on the campus was the Boy Hate Girl Day when the boys weren't speaking to the girls, but things were patched up at the "Reunion Romp". Boy and Girl Dress Up Day ended a long list of the year's activities and really made the campus look smart. boys, league .N I A' ,fl 'ix . , A TOP-The sky's the limit in the Boys' League basketball tournament, part of a successful year of noon sports. BOTTOM-Where's the ball? No one seems to know. This action was part of a fast-paced Boys' League football tournament. SUMMER BOYS' LEAGUE CABINET-TOP: Power, Smith- Hard playing took place at noon while the Boys' League BOTTOM: Krant, president, Zappa. football tournament was going on. Greta Brekke John Berger Winter Student Service Presidents Bill Squire Carol Prather Summer Student Service Presidents these serve through student STUDENT SERVICE. Helping in the attendance office, working for the vice principals, keeping order in the gym offices, taking roll, typing, and running errands. Who can name the numerous duties of the student service workers? The library stall: and otTice staffs came early in the morning in order to take care of the first arrivals. Sometimes there was time for leisure study and homework, at other times there were such tasks to be done as posing for a costume design class or recording grades. Many were the people who pre- ferred helping their school to sitting a whole period in a study hall, going home early, or, occasionally, even sleeping an extra hour in the morning. Last year ninety-two student service workers gave their time and their service to the school. Student service workers in the book room help Mrs. Crumrine distribute books to various classes. svrvimf PERIOD I STUDENT SERVICE-ROW I: Affsa Geist, Fastow, Erkel, Elser, Darvin, Brown Deason, Vollmer, Wright. ROW II: Rogers, Marks, Saunders, Togonni, Lawson, Pester- field, Titus, Scriber, Stump, Faucet. ROW III Adams, Sawnyers, McDonnell, Stacey, Laven Careson, DeuPree, B. Smith, N. Drysdale Robinson, Mahkorn, Vernon. STUDENT SERVICE PERIOD ll-ROW l: Agrusa Melone, Crowley, Caplan, Wright, Restorick Broder, Hale. ROW Il: Kellner, Smith, Cron show, Weitzel, McNelly, Ratner, Angelos, Richardson, Call, Human. ROW Ill: Olney Schmidt, Howland, Bozeman, Day, Beeching , Dierkens, Goeman, Wilkins, Lard, Draper, Mason. ROW IV: Rube, Pollard, Lauria Burkman, Sudds, Hahm, Starr, Maclean Hollingsworth, Westbrook, Beazley. STUDENT SERVICE PERIOD I: Flowery, Robin- son, Carmichael, Phillips. ROW llz Power, Bidwell, Jorgenson, Allan, Cohan, Recami Knoles. ROW III: Wetmore, Herzog, Boshear Lomeli, Taub. 1 1 'Q ,, Wye.. . . ly STUDENT SERVICE PERIOD VI--ROW I: Fen- nel, Bearden, Robinson, Ap Wilt, Payne Jones, Cascarano, Porretta. ROW Il: Wilcox Power, Cole, Woodrich, McGrew, Forrow, Du- Planty, Edwards, McDonald, Hotfine, ROW III Sukdol, Brown, Weskamp, Ramsey, Schugens, Phelan, Walker, Booth, lrman, Huffman Barbre. ROW IV: Merrill, Hackamack, Tanski, Schorle, Lloyd, Hood, D, Dineen, Magretto, Turk, Hood, Gp Watson. f STUDENT SERVICE PERIOD IV-ROW I: Wright, Logan, Holt, DeuPree, Diefenbach, Steel. ROW II: Laird, Vogel, Cavadas, Goforth. STUDENT SERVICE PERIOD V-ROW I: Brooks Johnson, Sullivan, David, Walters. ROW II Pollard, Woehl, Morris, Tolman, Shaw. ROW III Prather, Paccione, Cowart, Neilsen, Abramson 9 new boys service clubs AIO Campus Group, one of the newly organized boys' service groups, gave up their spare time during noon and nutrition to keep Washington's cam- pus and cafeteria spic and span. AIO CAMPUS GROUP-ROW I: Powell, Quaranta, Hopkins, Derrick, Lewis, Ogle. ROW Il: Dixon, Hillman, Vasquez, Smeton, Chatfield, Hickey, Pops, Caldwell. ROW Ill: Rawnsley, Rollis, Smith, Kendall, Barosh, Brandt, Wells, Theiss, Shaffer, Krant. QE y Y l- 1 4 z Q S 1 'ii' -Y .ft-1 I i gk-:F iw, s! BII Ushers, led by Randy Sullivan, did an efficient iob supervising con- duct at all second assemblies, helping anyone unable to find a seat. B11 USHER SQUAD-ROW I: Campbell, Jackson, Wolfe, Magee, Kenney, Byrne, Jouce, senior sponsor, Rounds. ROW Il: Fly, Persson, Jakob, Sullivan, Harger, King, Routh, Baxter, Mergen, O'ReiIIy. ROW III: Diubaldo, Jenkins, McCaIIson, Aguilar, Davis, Cassity, Nimeshein, Ryer, Levin, Doria, Axe, sponsor. B11 Junior Counselors, sponsored by Mr. Aertker, were organized to help the new BIO's become oriented to campus life. They explained to the new comers the qualifications for school offices and the opportunities offered in various sports. Bll BOYS' COUNCEL-ROW I: Price, Simp- son, Perpall, Snyder, Sisto, Medici, Justice ROW II: Calce, Alt, Harris, Marchbanks, Cox, president, Brudvig, DeMaggio, Orman, Rew. ROW III: Aiello, Caldwell, Neidy, Anderson, Flora, Power, Herring, Le Grue, Cohn, Humes, Gates, Aertker, ROW IV: Viscounty, Sherman Buff, Wocks, Rubalcaua, Fisher, McCulIam Eastman, Rilchie, Tcffel, Caudle. 1 1 L J A., - .639 ,gg ft. GIRLS' USHER SQUAD. Dressed in bright swaying formals these girls showed guests to their seats for the evening performance of the Spring Music Review. At both gradu- ation exercises they handed out programs and took in tickets. GIRLS' USHER SQUAD-ROW I: Chambers, Chadderton, Pearson, head usher, Klaesges, head usher, Belyea, president, Young, Turn- quist. ROW ll: Davis, sponsor, Woehl, Morris, Jones, Wilt, Gertz, Fenn, Strong, Woodrich. ROW Ill: Hill, Carroll, Blackman, Simpson, Wright, C., Wright, M., Corbett, Wate, Dimitriou. 'T these All Hall Monitors used their noon hour to great advantage. Under the watchful eyes of Mr. Hunt, they guarded our halls against students loiter- ing about without a reason. All HALL MONITORS-ROW I: Matson, Loyd, Lomeli, Leviton, Tingerides, Gomen. ROW Il: Ka- babe, Moug, Briggs, Brody, Freeze, Austin. ROW Ill: Eisenstadt, Huber, Dortignac, Orman, Walker, Camp- bell, Dalton, Abbate, Hunt. B12 OFF CAMPUS SQUAD. Had you been walking out the gates at noon anytime during the year, you probably would have been stopped by one of these diligent boys, checking on your lunch pass. B12 OFF-CAMPUS GROUP-ROW I: Burgum, Wix, Leviton, Van Fliet, Dalton, Bicho, Welts, Ambrosio. ROW II: De Risio, Dvorak, Weyant, Abbate, Squire, Rhompson, Barbre, Gerzog, Feeley. ROW III: Kooyman, Krant, Rougny, Wuertz, Rule, Nash, Blanchard, Whalley, Aker, Zappa. ROW IV: Fraters, sponsor, Canady, Bressoud, Smith, Caley, Holladay, Spencer, Weymann, Linsky, Jani, Sturgeon. 1 N-459' SENIOR BOARD OF CONTROL The Senior Board of Control, a new organization, super- vised and assisted the stu- dent workers of all groups who performed service to the school. A12 BOARD OF CONTROL-ROW I: Chase, Mio, lepkowsky, Eisenstadt, Pops, Nelson, Boyce, Beck, Stahl. ROW ll: Gomen, Berger, Wood, Mullens, Schneider, Cyarmo, Joyce, Duncan, sponsor. -l' clubs enforce rules A12 Ushers, guided by Mr. Coy, sponsor, officiated at all first assemblies in the aud and collected tickets at games and pay assemblies. A12 UPPER DIVISION USHERS- ROW I: Andrews, Anson, Moreno, Johnson, Joyce. ROW II: Coy, sponsor, Holbrook, Brown, C., first captain, Young, A., house manager, Young, second captain, Brown, J. these Joiners are motivated by a fasrinating range of interesting organizations scholarship for service' is t e SCHOLARSHIP SOCIETY. These students met the requirements for Scholarship Society membership which demands not only superior brain power, but also the wise use of time and effort. The activities of this intelligensia included the semi-annual teas held for the purpose of initiating new members, administering the oath to New Torchbearers, and installing the officers. Serving as presidents were Helen Caras and Donna Helm. Observance of Scholar- ship week in both November and April was high- lighted by the recognition assemblies. At these affairs Sealbearers received their pins and Torchbearers were given honorable mention. Washington chapter was elected historian at the District Convention in the fall. ..e-Q., SCHOLARSHIP CABINET-ROW I. Caras, presidentg Helm, SUMMER SCHOLARSHIP CABINEI ROW I Wlclcllne Helm president Driver. ROW II: Chapman, Lane, vice presidentg Lepkowsky, Tolman ROW II Levin Hackamack Reina Janes Lawyer sponsor Laird. 28 them f their story is-2,5 fe MQ NEW TORCHBEARERS-ROW I: Strong, Carlson Cukale, Brown, Podlasek, Cuenod, Pead. ROW II: Shipway, Phelan, Bell, Porretta, Merrill, Laird Bugg, Fennell, Zaronian, Dillon. ROW Ill: McDonald, de Rome, Bock, Drysdale, Wilson, Sickels, Chase, Pasternak, Ross, Holman. ROW lV: Levin, Himes, Hurley, Scott, Burk Davis, Griffin, Anderson, Shepard, Hansen Flora, Carson, Skinner. r 1 1 r J' OLD TORCHBEARERS-ROW l: Chapman, Payne Woehl, Moulton, Klaesges, Avazian, Tolman. ROW II Byars, Fenn, Gertz, Willis, Holfine, Slattery, Ruby Sundeen, Wickline. ROW lllz Wate, Driver, Forrow Wahlberg, Prumers, Helm, Reina, Pearson, Brekke Lawyer. Sponsor. ROW IV: Lickhalter, Herzog Weymann, McQuigg, Seldeen, Emerzian, Wuertz Kramer, Jones, Aldrich, Couture, Seright, Leviton. 1,35 Ai. FIRST YEAR SCHOLARSH!P-ROW l: Fiske, Fin- nick, Spotkow, Pike, Kandalle, Brigonti, Kodil. ROW ll: Joyce, Morris, Ondrasik, Edgar, Beckett, Pollard, Power, Miller, Janes, Littleworth. ROW Ill: Gates, Esboldt, Pack, Greene, Collins, Waiker, Fastow, McNamara. Welborn, Young, Abbott. ROW IV: Gagliana, Barry, Powell, Sullivan, Power, Kobabe, Briggs, Moreno, Thompson, Barbre, Lewis, Headley. 29 J' .SO awww' Q42 A. , COMMERCE HONOR. Between the clicks of the typewriters and the rustle of shorthand books, these girls planned a variety of socials as a relief from the intense hustle and bustle typical of the life of a business maior. COMMERCE HONOR-ROW I: Flora, Fastow, Huntling, vice president: Hulbert, president: Strong, secretary: Prumers. ROW II: Reynolds, Nichols, Fiske, Marma- duke, Shaw, Albert. ROW lll: Mrs. Overtield, sponsor: Fennell, Adams, Allen, Lawson. ART HONOR SOCIETY. A lively interest in art and a little talent were the requirements for membership in the Art Honor Society. Begin- ning the year with an initiation dinner at the home of Mrs. Ahrens, one of the sponsors, and ending with the installation at Lucca's, the society had a very busy season. ART HONOR-ROW I: Hassoldt, Purdy, Boyle, treasurer: McKee, president: Tolman, vice president: Croft, secretary: Ayres. ROW ll: Morgan, Schugens, Mathis, Welch, Menzel, Darms, Budai, Phelan. ROW III: Ahrens, sponsor: Jurwich, Boyce, Parker, Barosh, Hazell, sponsor. CHRONIANS. Visions of sober padres walking through the cool adobe rooms and the quiet gardens of San Juan Capistrano drifted through the minds of a group of Chronians standing in the chapel of that beautiful mission. The occasion was the Chronian outing at Dana Point which included a visit to this historic spot. The members of this honor society for social studies maiors developed great interest in the study of historic landmarks. CHRONIANS-ROW I: Ruby, Podlasek, Funk, Steele, Finnick. ROW ll: Roberts, Schultz, Jorgensen, Reynolds, Atkinson, Kodil, Belyea. ROW Ill: Hodgens, Kandalec, Carson, Tevlin, Strecker, Gertz, Carroll. th ese are BOOKKEEPING CLUB. Although orga- nized to get a better understanding of the ancient art of balancing accounts, these girls enioyed such activities as a skating party and a bowling party. Other incidents during the year were attendance at the Southern California Business Machines show and the pre- sentation of some beautiful colored slides by Mrs. Hotchkiss, taken on her vacation trips. After much discussion the club decided to wear pins. BOOKKEEPING-ROW I: Barr, Briganti, Shaw. ROW ll: Batley, Carter, Phillips, lngelido, ROW Ill: Plant, sponsor, Allen, McMahon, Deu Prefs, Galuppo, Olson. MATH CLUB. The Math Club discussed and solved problems from the California Institute of Technology entrance exam- ination at one of their several meetings. The members worked on difficult puzzles and problems, and learned new meth- ods not taught in the classroom. In order to find out what accomplishments in math each person had made all members took the Senior Math Award Test. To be a member, one must be in Geometry ll or higher. MATH CLUB-ROW I: Drysdale, Cox, Dillon, Peterson. ROW ll: Chase, Stark, Erkel, president, Carson, Seldeen. ROW Ill: Johnson, Steed, vice president, Hertzog, Wuertz, Burk, Emer- zian, West. .3 , ..-V' wemma' prominent department leaders its f COMMERCIAL CHATTER. Sketches of teachers and students were intermingled with iokes and placement opportunities in this monthly publication. Eagerly looked forward to, this paper was of great interest to the Business Education students as it discussed the outstanding work of students in their classes. COMMERCIAL CHAPTER-ROW I: Milicevich, Stevenson, Horn, Nelson, Gonzales, Schneider, Mullins. ROW ll: Christian, sponsor, Stephens, editor, Cowart, Gregory, assistant editor, Huntling, Hulbert, Ferrell, Erickson, Hood, Trethe- way. ROW lll: Strong, Forrow, Fennell, Valen- zuela, Simon, Galbraith, Elfman, Delp, Smith. ROW IV: Adams, Horne, Foote, Whitcomb, Gerken, Peters, Dumbeck, Farrell, Walker, Hill. Q2 " "' 'f"s4x..""". SPANISH CLUB. Softly through the halls at Christmas time came the Spanish strains of "Silent Night" sung by the Spanish Club accompanied by Bob Jani on his accordion. A gala party was held afterward. At the annual language banquet in May, the Latin Club acted as host to the Spanish and French Clubs, the theme being "The Olympic". Elec- tion of olficers was held in January and June. Gavel holders were Betty Eliason, winter, and Eddie Bauch, summer. SPANISH CLUB-ROW I: Frost, Allan, Jones, Drysdale, Durr, Cole, Luebke, Emerson. ROW ll: Hotfine, Arnol- dus, Baril, Eliasen, president, Lawlor, Caras, Innes, Blackman, Firth, Aitken, Eklund, sponsor. ROW Ill: Jayne, Debilio, Lee, Griesser, Litherland, Grunwald, King, Arrison, Darcey, Laird, Back, Day. ROW IV: Mehlig, Bauch, Houston, Logsdon, Frayer, Lickhulte, Flora, Harris, Jani, Leviton. SPANISH CLUB-ROW I: Terra, Whitman, McManus, Caras, Carlson, Krolick, Jorgenson, Kelly, Patton. ROW ll: TunnicIiE, Treskes, vice president, Wate, Wickline, Tobin, Reynolds, McPhee, McFarIin, Sickels, Roberts, Patterson, Smith B. ROW III: Norton, Popelar, Wahlberg, Winther, Wyrick, Walsh, Schwartz, McClain, Morrison, Wilson, Williams, Rudisill, Podlasek, Slattery, Reece, sponsor. ROW IV: Porretta, Eisenstadt, Stubin, Smith D., Power, Wilkerson, Kramer, Mitchell, Miller, Olmsted, McQuige, Strecker, Schreiber, Mehlig. E5 D I these are FRENCH CLUB. Parlez-vous francais? Yes, these French V to VIII students really learned to speak French. The new mem- bers displayed their ability by producing a play in French at the beginning of the semester. The big event of this year was the language banquet held in the cafe- teria May 'l5. FRENCH CLUB- ROW I: Edgar, Fugit, Grams, Kern, secretary, Swaim, vice president: Bertulis, presidentp Miquel, sponsor. ROW ll: Knauer, Skinner, Hansen, Littleworth, Miller, McDonald, Hahler, Moore, Tonge. ROW III: Missakian, Wachs, Williams, Aston, Buytkus, Thomas, O'Connell, Couture, Sintes, sponsor. 9, QQQJQ WWW 8 ,sf if 7. language and drama enthusiasts LATIN CLUB. Parties, Christ- mas caroling, and a pre-Civil War slave auction were among the many things the Latin Club did this year. Presiding were Walt Pinney, winter, and Diana Grippi, summer. LATIN CLUB-ROW I: Tallis, spon- sor, Esboldt, King, White, Grippi. ROW II: Lane, Tolman, Black, vice president, Barron, Bostleman, Headly. ROW Ill: Aldrich, Skinner, Scott, Roath, Linsky, Jones, Emer- zian, Couture. THREE S. Did you think Saint Nick was arriving early in 222 last fall? These were the Three S girls making toys for Christ- mas on the side, while serving in the library bookroom. Their initiation was held at St. Andrews. THREE S-ROW I: Cuccio, Moore, Thomsen, Lee, Littleworth, ROW II: Schwendeman, Smith, Clark, Knight, Carroll. ROW III: Smith, MacDonald, Mahler, McNamara, Spaulding, Si- vertson, Schneider. it in-""f -L THESPIANS did themselves proud this year, winning firsts at the Speech Festival and walking ol? with sweepstake prizes at the thirty-second Shakespeare Festival where Joyce Trisler was presented with the Phi Beta award for being the best actress of the year. The Thespians had fun in presenting noon shows at Thespian Hall. T H E S P I A N S-R O W I: Thorne, Vaughn, Blodgett, Carlson, Kodil. ROW II: Wickline, Helm, Ehlers, Tolman, Boden, Bosnak, Hoffine, MacKinnon, sponsor. ROW III: Adkins, sponsor, Emerson, Scholl, Ross. Trisler, Steele, Willis, Purdy, Webb. ROW IV: Vowels, Wilkes, Lepkowsky, Scott, McClure, vice president, Griffin, president, Cornell, Jones, Couture, Levin, Townsend. Of, JJ MARTHONIANS. These future homemakers of America served Washington by sponsoring a Fashion Show on Girls' Day, establishing a nursery on Home Coming Day, and serving at banquets and teas. They put aside their homemaking to initiate new members and say farewell to departing seniors. They also enioyed several slumber and skating parties. MARTHONIANS-ROW l: McKowen, Cole, McGee, vice president, Holland, Valent, president, Baker. ROW Il: Dietz, Hill, Johnson, McKee, Ayres, Raish, Hei es Patton. ROW Ill- Schaack, Mrs. Swope Mrs 9 I - I - Crumpacker, Miss Carlson, Miss McKenna, Mrs. Jenkins, sponsors, Dane. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA. Who's going to be teaching the youth of tomorrow? Very likely it will be these F.T.A. members, whose ambitions are in that direction. It takes a lot of education and a great deal of patience to become a teacher, but these young people realize that and are preparing for it. F. T. A.-ROW I: Angelos, secretary, Cox, president, Bradford, Jahnz, Dillon. ROW ll: Cavadas, Drysdale, Wachs, Piispanen, Hodgeman, sponsor. --:fly T- CLEF CLUB. The Clef Club featured every member of the club at the Fall Music Review. They inspired and sponsored the Talent Quest, culminating in an assem- bly, where the top acts were chosen by popular vote. They provided the music for the Easter program. On the social side, they had a progressive dinner given for the old members by the new. CLEF CLUB-ROW l: Marmaduke, vice president, Drysdale, Roberds, Jani, president, Zadrick, Keyfel, Mullins. ROW ll: Rossel, DeRusha, Gor- don, Gihlstorf, Flunegin, Mason, Strong, Dill, Goodman, Reina. ROW Ill: Davise, sponsor, Doria, Knudson, Caudle, Griffin, Olmsted, Birk, Malakowsky, Ritchie, Smith, Lyman, sponsor. music and ADELPHIANS. Friendship, increased under- standing among nations, and world peace! These are the admirable obiectives of this social-studies-sponsored club. What do they actually do? This year they represented the school at world friendship meetings, corre- sponded with students from foreign countries, and entertained children in the Spastic Home as many times as possible. In addition to their serious work they had parties, and a pro- gressive dinner where watching colored slides formed part of the entertainment. A D E L P H I A N S-ROW I: Stephens, vice president, Carter, Gregory, president, Shaw, Reeve. ROW II: Fitzpatrick, sponsor, Funk, Hackenberg, secretary, Whitman, McClain, Roisman. Junior Adelphians, tenth grade girls who follow the lead of their big sister club the Adelphians, have as their motto, "Promote world friendship through better understand- ing of foreign countries." They had a display of Japanese articles, a colored slide movie on Hawaii, and guest speakers who told about foreign countries. At their Christmas party Eleanor Reina told them about social activities in England. JUNIOR ADELPHIANS-ROW I: Douglas, Van Horre- beke, Buehner, president, Davies, Howery. ROW II: Saenor, Schneider, Pack, Greene, Cannon, Reyes, Riggs, Le Blanc, Faucett. ROW III: Stub, McKowen, Young, Kronen, Campbell, Lindsey, Kelly, Hohn, Collins, Hertzog, sponsor. world frwndslup znterest these Minutemen, always ready to serve their school, were kept busy trying to promote successful publicity for school sponsored acti- vities. Their services included pep talks during second period classes to help emphasize the importance of the paper drive, the Spring Review, school plays, athletic events, sub- scriptions to the Surveyor, and sales for the Continental. MINUTE MEN-ROW I: Caras, Grippi, Kilgore, Engberg, Ayres, president, Dill, Firth, Mathewson, Bostleman. ROW II: Smead, Hackenberg, Stevens, Meyres, Shaw, Treskes, Cowart, Gregory, Seimens sponsor. ROW III: Craig, Schwartz, Parcey, Laird McClain, Merrill, McClaskey, Wright, vice president- Lawson, Winter. 1 1 1 35 The Lettermen's Club was one of the most active organizations at Washington this year. At almost anytime one of these athletic minded "Georges" could be seen trying to sell some cute little girl a ticket to an athletic event or a noon dance. The Lettermen's support of all school activities contributed much to maintaining school spirit. LETTERMEN'S CLUB-ROW l: Farrell, Burning, Cox, Bauch, Goclon, Haas, Gray, Gomen. COW Il: Bicho, Chase, Denson, Green, Houghtaling, Holmes, Alt, Harris, Anson. ROW lll: Allen, Hamilton, Barnes, Carmichael, Anderson, De Maggio, Ambrosio, Brud- vig, Armstrong, Ellison. ROW IV: Dalton, Erkel, Dortignac, Hilton, Brown, Bishop, Barbre, Brockman, I-orney, De Risio, Hansen, Crockett. LETTERMEN'S CLUB--ROW l: Thompson, Rew, Savino, Johnson, R., Tudisco, Moreno, Mehlig, Schreiber. ROW Il: Welts, Leviton, Meyers, Smith, Roughney, Krant, G.: Kenny, Johnston, Sanches, Kertson, Johnson. ROW lll: Orman, R., Robinson, Longeway, Willens, Smith, D., Mauer, Zappa, Lomeli, Missakian, Schultz, Sanders, sponsor. ROW IV: Venne, Kezas, Walker, Sturgeon, Rubalcava, Whalley, Orman, W., Van Pareen, Young, Kranl', D, Simmons. Gym Club activities included a visit to the Y.M.C.A., which otTered these agile athletes a good opportunity to work out on fine equip- ment. Ono of the biggest parties of the year was the Senior farewell, held at the home of Kenny Balcon. GYM CLUB-ROW I: Hamilton, Haas, president, Missakian, vice president, Allen. ROW ll: Willens, Perpall, Orman, Grant, Austin, Whittington, Goclon, Row lll: Balts, Nickless, Pederson, Minter, Le Noue, McCabe, Kramer, Theiss, Campbell, Sedore, Mr. Perry, sponsor. Q s sorts mind cl boy W--M.. ,ff e-3 EU 'l ,J 'vi .T-""""-M-P, A L ,,...- 1 .1 llllll TEENAIDERS. The Teenaiders were very industrious this year preparing hand- made stuffed animals for the children of the Los Angeles Orphan's Home. Without their assistance the Red Cross Drive might not have been a success, because the Teenaiders distributed and put up the campaign posters. TEENAIDERS-ROW I: Kelly Jean, Forbes, Plisca, Hoser, Haycock, Morgan, vice president, Kelly Joan, president, Kelley, Miller, Doerges, Kaloo- stian. ROW II: McEIhenny, Koubek, Palma, Pasternak, Roisman, Patterson, Laird, Darcey, Jorgenson, Arrison, Bostleman, Reiman, Bentley, ROW Ill: Chase, Rounds, Fife, Griesser, Redd, Merrill, Beckett, Carter, Briganti, Wilson, Whit- man, Potts. SCRIBES. Taking their name from the Latin "scribere," to write, the Scribes had for their main purpose writing to high school students of foreign countries and promoting world friendliness. Presiding over their Monday meetings were Carol Myers, winter, and Peggy Merrill, sum- mer. One of the Scribes' socials was a pot luck dinner featuring the favorite food of each girl's pen pal. S C R I B E S-R O W I: Rudisill, Scholl, Emerson, Briganti, Barr, Griesser. ROW ll: Arrison, Dar- cey, Laird, McMahon, Wilson, secretary, Myers, president, Bostleman, vice president, Whitman, Parkill, sponsor. ROW Ill: Wallace, Morrison, Stauffer, Moen, Carter, Ondrasik, Shipway, Teter. ROW IV: Wright, Reeve, Merrill, Beckett, Gich, Huizing, Shaw, Paradise, Phillips. service mind d girl Inv -I l TAGS. A wonderful get-acquainted club for tenth grade students, the Tags was also a well organized service group. For Christmas these energetic little gals collected eight hundred and six toys for children under the care of various wel- fare societies. Fun, work, and compan- ionship were the accomplishments of this club. TAGS-ROW I: Cope, Shay, Riggs, Schneider, Grenne, president, Pack, Buehner, Freckleton, Gudvangen, Sidles. ROW Il: McKowan, Rossel, Fastow, Reyes, Cannon, Campbell, Allen, Bur- roughs, Masten, Troger, Butzke, Hyde, Berger, Finnick. ROW III: Day, Anderson, Sig, Anderson, Sandra, Pike, Kandalee, Fiske, Newman, Young, Middleton, Bohle, Wetmore, McMoins, Lorette, Faulkner, Davies. TYROS. With a bang of the gavel and some- times a sigh of anxiety, Kay Bruce, Tyro presi- dent, brought the meetings to order. The sin- cere obiective of these happy tenth graders was to cultivate a feeling of fellowship and good will on the campus. The Tyros managed the serving at the "Sadie" and the Senior Prom. In an attempt to bolster their treasury, they promoted a successful white elephant sale. TYROS-ROW I: Van Hoorebeke, Goeman, Tobias, Starr, Hohn, Silberman, Gomez, McClain, Bentley, LeBlanc. ROW ll: Mrs. Swope, sponsor, McTaggart, Getman, Angelos, Barnikel, Hoffman, Lowe, Langille, Brach, Kelly, Collins, Tucker, Miss Jenkins, sponsor. ROW lll: Mather, Price, Peck, Smothers, Del Pozo, Chandler, Nunnick, Stacey, Pickrell, Huffman, Rockwell. 4 J new girl NOVELTEENS. The welcome mat is al- ways out for newcomers at Washington High. The members of Novelteens made in their business during the past year to see that no one got lost in our halls and that each girl, new and perhaps bewild- ered, got a friendly greeting and a helping hand. Novelteens enjoyed many good times among themselves and made many new friends at school. N O V E LT E E N S-R O W l: Cook, Ferguson, Vaccarello, president, Recami, Cornick, vice 5' president. ROW ll: Scardigili, Weskamp, Schiano, Wight, Salisbury. ROW III: Chavez, Halfward, Jamison, Galbraith, Velasco, Kingery. TYROS-ROW l: Lee, Mark, Bozeman, Crowley, Kiktavi, Bruce, president, Watson, Pernia, Wright, Carter, Greenblatt. ROW ll: Cummings, Titus, Anderson, Russell, Cascarano, Ganey, Bowen, Carson, Broder, Kloke, Neimeyer, Richardson, Cohen. ROW lll: Lofgren, Robinson, D'Arvin, Schreiber, Shanman, Dennis, Dapro, Wallace, Howery, Hamilton, Navarro, Carmichael. i., V.- rbi TEEN TOPPERS. Snow, snow, snow. Three glorious days at beautiful Lake Arrow- head. The high spot of the Teen Topper's year was over the weekend beginning with Washington's Birthday. Another enjoyable time was the formal initiation which was held at Armand's Restaurant. During the dinner the girls played Mario Lanza records. T E E N T O P P E R S-ROW I: Thompson, Pead, Nichols, president, Strong, Wiggins. ROW II: Elsmore, Hassoldi, Otto, Ewing, Stone, Shorten. ROW III: Sickels, Bertulis, Hughes, Knoles, Zalma, Koepp, Rollins. tall girls and serious students 'iv' 4 vi l CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP. Pres- ident Sarah Day did an espec- ially good iob this year in pro- viding speakers and entertain- ers for the meetings. The most outstanding meeting was hon- ored with the presence of Paul and Bettie Arthur. Mr. Arthur, a minister of the Grace of God, serves as director of Cen- tinela Valley Youth for Christ. Dolly Cleland, Pat Jayne, Jerry Cole, and Russ Cham- pion formed the Washington Bible Club Quiz Team which competed with other high schools in examinations of various books of the Bible. CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP-ROW I: Reynolds, Westbrook, Bass, Foote, Brown, Robinson, Brooks, Burroughs, Moen, Overstreet. ROW II: Huizing, Luby, Seiler, Ratner, Logan, Brad- ford, Hoover, Horne, Clark, Stone. ROW III: Goeman, Wilson, Donley, Strong, Mather, Norton, Antonucci, Dane, Reeve, Stauffer. II ROW I: Schugens, Coulder, Knight, Woodworth, Leist, Kingery, Car- penter, Platt, Floyd, Ward. ROW II: Mrs. Smith, sponsor, Day, Cleland, Foote, Hassoldt, McDonald, Phelan, Mclntire, Shaw, Davies, Finnick Rev. J. J. Verreau, sponsor. ROW III: Yokam, Jayne, Barry, Dixon, Bur- gess, Sneegas, president, Powell, Schroll, Fiske, Countryman, Sidles. 39 Debutantes, the first to start a Y-Teen club, organized last June and were formally recog- nized as a Washington on-campus club in March at the Girls' Service Club Banquet. In addition to serving the school, they had many parties and outings. Their snow trip was one that no member will ever forget. Besides having a doughnut sale to raise money to buy their sweaters, they took a complete modeling course and led the city in the sale of orchids for the Y.W.C.A. DEBUTANTES--ROW I: Glatz, Cukale, vice president, Merrill, president, Costello, McClaskey. ROW Il: Frizzell, Poplar, Hackamack, Keene, Sylvester, Gich, Phillips. R OW Ill: Lawson, Paradise, Ondrasik, McMahan, Tanski, Bock, Jahnz, Cox, Welsh, lngelido. new elubs add n chapter to our washington story The Elites, making their first appearance on campus this year, had many good times and worked on some worth-while proiects. At the Girls' Service Banquet they were officially recognized, along with the Debutantes and Delta-Y's. On December 19, the girls had a potluck dinner to acquaint the parents with the club. During Y.W.C.A. week, they partici- pated in the city-wide orchid sale, and on Friday, April 25, co-sponsored the A10 Spring Tea. Skating parties, a beach party, and a Christmas party were included in the year's socials. ELITES-ROW l: Wellinger, Grunwald, McGrew, Drysdale, president, Glasgow, Saunders, Fratto. ROW ll: Woodrich, Menzle, King, Bliven, Phelan, Brown, Zaroian, Weishaar, Budai. AMATEUR RADIO CLUB. Calling W6HPR! Calling W6HPR! This signal was heard many times by the members of this club. The Washington station is equipped with a three hundred watt transmitter which broadcasts around the world. The ma- jority of the members are licensed "ham" operators who have communicated with at least ten foreign countries. AMATEUR RADIO CLUB-Menard W6HTF, Nie- man W6lFG, Shalita W6MlK, Davis W6MEJ, Larsen W6FXF, Blanchard W6DON, Meier, W6CRM, Smeton W6MPN. ROCK HOUNDS. Have you ever won- dered what formed the tremendous var- ieties of rocks? Washington Rock Hounds, a club sponsored by "Pop" Anderson, studied this phase of geology. They went on field trips to the Moiave Desert and Griffith Park collecting semi-precious stones, which they transformed into beautiful iewelery. ROCKHOUNDS-ROW l: Mrs. Thomsen, Logan, Johnson. ROW ll: Shanklin, president, Leviton, Pop Anderson, Dorman, Fudge. 5, W? , .X Q X A M E f f ' .sw 1 I F I ! rv- use Fhi DI- N LA i DELTA-Y was among the Y-Teen clubs started this past year. As a service club, the members worked in the bookroom before and after school, and during nutrition. They enioyed bowling parties, theater parties, and one week-end party which combined a slumber party and a clay at the beach. D E L T A - Y - R O W I: Jamison, Galbraith Vaccarello, president, Scardigili, Ferguson Holland. ROW ll: Cooke, Velasco, Perry, Poe, Weskamp, Cornick, Schiano, Farabee, Geist, Recami. r 1 these nth Ivins and spw-tutors furnish v.w'itwn vnt an ll suspvnsv in our story 'Q Si-F .Q .f x John Sanders-Head Coach Track Basketball Bill Culler Harry Perry Jack Shanks John Wachtler Football Gymnastics Tennis Cross Country Baseball Swimming Football Track tlwsv pzlot the teams VARSITY SCORES CROSS COUNTRY- LOW SCORE WINS Roosevelt Garfield Jefferson Manual Arts Fremont Garfield Manual Arts . . Roosevelt . . . Fremont .. Jefferson . , . Jordan . . . Wilson . . . Fairfax . . . .66112 . . . 12 Manual Arts . . . Garfield . . . Fremont .. Hamilton . . . . , Hunt. Park , . . . ..... Dorsey . . .. . Gardena Washington . 15 58 Washington . 54112 1 12 Washington . 46 1 Washington 3 Washington 3 GYMNASTICS Washington Washington 74112-4 12 Washington -75 Washington 56112-63112 Washington -23 Washington - Washington 92-28 Washington 74-76 Washington .......,.. Belmont .... ,..... Hamilton .. TENNIS Washington . . . - . Washington . , . - . . . Washington . . . - . Washington . . . - . Washington . . - Washington - Washington , . - SWIMMING Washington . 59-14 Washington . . 26-47 Washington . . 32-41 Washington Washington . . . Jefferson . . San Pedro . . Hunt. Park TRACK Washington Washington Washington Washing ton Washington BASKETBALL Washington Washington Washington Washington Washington BASEBALL Washington Washington Washington Washington Washington FOOTBALL Washington Washington Washington Washington Washington Washington 1 7 54112 41 112 87 Manual Arts 49112 Garfield 8 Fremont 61 112 Roosevelt 8 -5 -5 -7 -76 -59 -53 -42 -59 -63 6-26 3 -24 0-19 7 13 -42 -7 13-10 Jefferson Manual Arts . . . Fremont .. Jefferson . . . Garfield . . Roosevelt Manual Arts . . . Garfield .. Jefferson . . Roosevelt . , , Fremont Manual Arts . . , Garfield . . . Fremont ., Jefferson . . Roosevelt .,...Poy Bob Whiie Baseball Basketball fd' K. fi wx M-' 'N Joe Huer and Gary Moulton are doing their best to tackle a Fremont ball carrier. varsity players Eff' --.s Don Lowe Walter Mclver Al Moreno Gary Moulton Jim Nash Jim Palmer Ronnie Sarkisian Spike Schultz George Tabain Jim Thompson Joe Tudisco Dick Wilson LEFT: Don Lowe displays good open field running at the Roosevelt game. RIGHT: Moulton and Hol- brook run down the field for a pass. VARSITY FOOTBALL-ROW l: Wisdom, Canady, Nash, Joh1son, Holbrook, DeWitt, Austin, Sarkisian, Felder, Barrett, Langon, de la Garza, Holiday. ROW ll: Culler, coach, Moulton, Langlois, Brady, Palmer, Harmon, Mclver, Huer, Lowe, Moreno, Tudisco, Pericone, Schultz, Longeway, Calhoun, Eazell, Shanks, coach. ROW III: Poli, Ferguson, Campbell, Thompson, Saleh, LaGrue, Gomen, Aguilar, Recupero, Wall, Austin J., Radcliffe, Cocherell, Bloom, Ely, manager, Sater, manager, Harris, manager. ROW IV: Rindon, Moncrief, Noland, Bummer, Herring, Gerhardt, Anderson, Ferguson, lasparro, Boyce, Tabain, Alonzo, Brandt, Kunst, Bahr. LEFT: Don Lowe catches a pass at the Fremont game. RIGHT: Fred Austin intercepts a pass at the Roosevelt game six football begins our story Coaches Shanks and Culler, aided by only one returning letterman, put their varsity football team in fine early sea- son form as they walked over Poly in the practice tiff I3-IO. Highlights of the league com- petition were in the Garfield and Roosevelt games. It looked as if the highly rated Garfield Bulldogs were going down in defeat as Ace Army Booter, Barry Harmon, split the up- rights to put the Denker Dan- dies ahead 3-0 at the half. But the Bulldogs went on to win 24-3. In the final game the gridsters showed some of their early season hustle and de- termination as they came through with a hard fought victory over Roosevelt I4-6. Leading the win were Lowe, Harmon, Austin, Huer, Tudisco, Blankenship and Holbrook. The two boys chosen to receive trophies for achievement were the team captain, Joe Huer, most' valuable player, and Walt Mclver, most inpsira- tional player of the year. The B squad failed to garner a victory, due mainly to lack of experience. Sparking the Jun- ior Gridmen were Brown, Kuhns, Hansen, Wate, Ger- hardi, and a host of others. Named most valuable player was Eddie Kuhns. M21 2 , 'Q ze LBZQSQQJQ 5 .Q ' Af' ,fvf ? B FOOTBALL-ROW l: Hughlett, Brannan, Gerson, Turner, Mann, O'Farrell, Hanson Duncan, Clark, Perry coach. ROW Il: Sheehan, coach, Langon, Wate, Lewis, Shepard Davis, Ureeland, Gherardi, Stamos, Dekker, Kuhns, Boldt, Power, McAnany, Foster' manager. ROW Ill: Bowen, Houston, Byers, Hunter, Herman, Leviton, Toffel, Hollingshead Darby, Tschumi, Helfrich, Derrick, Christian, MeKen1ie. ROW IV: Buchea, Harmer, Ragazzo Snook, Anderson J., Anderson V., Prichett, Bounds, Mellin, Saenz, Lincoln, Gatewood Creager, Sornstein, Donabedian, Quon, Hamill. B FOOTBALL, FIRST STRING-ROW I: Brannon, Langon, Wate, Lewis, Shepard, Vreeland Stamos. ROW ll: Perry, coach, Davis. ROW lllz Kuhns, Gherardi, Dekker. I I Over hills, across gulleys, and through ditches. That's where the cross country boys ran for two miles. This year's varsity team finished third in the Southern League, and went all the way to the finals in the city meet to take eighth place out of forty teams. The varsity was led by a group of choice runners in the persons of Dick Denson, al- ways consistentp Jim Chase, always on Dick's heels, and two eleventh graders, Tom Vigar, greatly improved over last year, and Bob Bern- ing. The JV squad wound up in third spot in the Southern loop, but didn't do so well as the varsity in the city. Some of the outstanding men on the squad were James McDade, Cliff Woodruff, Bill Donald- son, and George Kezas. Although the tenth grade had a mediocre season, a couple of good prospects were uncovered, namely Tom Clift and Gerry Sanger. The teams were coached by Johnny Wachlter, a new man to the cherrytree campus, who from now on will be the cross country and track coach. 50 JUNIOR VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY-ROW l: Ebster, Gold, Doria, Carvaial, Tanger. ROW ll: McClellen, Lomeli, Forney, Munson, Wood- rufi'. ROW Ill: Wachtler, Simmons, Donald- son, Brockman, McDade, Gregory, Reed. these star' Domenic, Holman, Smith, Grant, Clift, Sang- er. ROW II: Wachtler, Thompson, Krigbaum George, Farrell, Wolford, Reed. in CROSS COUNTRY, VARSITY- ROW I: Kezcs, Cliff, Field, Denson, Lara, Chose. ROW II Wachller Ferguson cross eountry meets Berning Chose Denson Ferguson Holman Lora O'Reilly Vigor Brockman Cliff Donaldson Grant Kezas McDode Sanger Woodruff Roger Anderson Dale Brudvig Jock Dortignuc Don Carmichael Jack Crowfher Gary Freeze Ronnie Linsky John Van Pareen Chuck Roberts Eddie Sanches a--w 0 , aetmn l 9"Q VARSITY BASKETBALL. Led by All-Southern Ermine lHooksl Zappa, the Varsity had a fair season, although losing more games than winning. Jack Dortignac, first string forward, was a terrific player, possessing a fine eye. Rounding out the starting five were Chuck Roberts, a fine shot and rebounder, Eddie Sanches, the small but hustling guard, and Dale Brudvig, the six-foot-four-inch eleventh grade forward. Highlight of the season was the upset of highly publicized Jefferson by our varsity Casaba Club. Because of this great 60 to 58 victory we knocked Jefferson out of the Southern League Championship. Other lettermen were Norman Venne, a tricky dribbler and great ball handler, Don Smith, who possesses an accurate side shot, John Savino, a second string center behind Zappa, Don Carmichael, one of the squad's best rebounders, John Van Pareen, a terrific team player, and Roger Anderson, an eleventh grade forward having a swell iump shot. The varsity basketballers lost two close games to Fremont, Manual Arts, and Roosevelt, while splitting two games to Jefferson and Garfield. This year's team displayed good team spirit' and sportsmanship. BASKETBALL, VARSITY-ROW I: Roberts, Sanches, Zappa, Dortignac, Brudvig. ROW ll: Carmichael, Smith, Savino, Anderson, Venne. ROW Ill: Van Pareen, Scdoris, Crowther, Linsky, Freeze, Sanders. Ermine Zappa trips another basket as Dr. Fisher looks on. Along with other members of the team, Chuck Roberts, Ermine Zappa, and Norm Venne confer with Coach Sanders. B BASKETBALL. Getting off to a fine start by winning the first five practice tilts, the B Basket- ball team, like the Varsity, slow- ed up a bit to end the season by losing a few more games than winning. Those lettering were Duane Alt, Marshall Cox, Stan De Maggio, Gary Kertson, Dave Galceran, Bill Echols, Jimmy Pugh, and Bill Gullock. B BASKETBALL-ROW I: George, Pugh, Whalley, Galerceran. ROW ll: Gullock, Kertson, Alt, Blackstad, Justice, Cox. ROW Ill: DiMaggio, Holmes, Reina, Echols, Milo, sponsor. C BASKETBALL. The C Basketball team had a good season winning most of their games. The C's were led by Dick Schreiber and Tad Price. Those lettering were Dick Shreiber, Tad Price, Gayle Sallee, Merle Lauderdale, Joe Otero, Tom Viscounty, Gary Jones, and Eddie Bauch. C BASKETBALL-ROW l: Price, Salee, Bauch, Lauderdale, Schreiber. ROW ll: White, Viscounty, Quaranta, Arauio, Dortch, Jones. ROW lll: Manager, Newling Cord, Simcock, Leckie, Harris, Slover. D BASKETBALL. The D's had an excellent season ending in second place in the league. They were led by sharpshooters Lyn Levitt and Dino Curtis. Lettering were Lyn Levitt, Don Mehlig, Dino Curtis, Vince Murrettee, Don Mangani, Gred Lawler, and Dick Virtue. D BASKETBALL-ROW l: White, Virtue, Moretti, Curtis, Levitt, Johnson. ROW II: Wilhelm, Porretta, Loger, Pops, Lawler, Mangani, Morris, Mehlig, Polocek. -E , , f f K x x W 'Q as 3?-' -W at 'kk to F 9, gc if X Z 'CW 1 , '55 yi ff 552252 ,U yi 4 gr 1 'E , fa fi 6 3 E , if-' le . . ,A -,vwffqfhhvgfhw ,ww ,, ig xi , 1 S SQ? 5 v5 :SN W E Q5 Q , i"'K ,Ex M5-is Y N fi? 'W snail' ,gg nv 4:1 2 i Wm-xF 'S x . V . " x rf bfffnr '-sl' i' K """ N'-N1 X Q ::f:,: - 45:1- 3, 1 Q . . we S B 5 wefw N S ef- ,,, wg, M , ?'MM f""'f f W 252 M ? .54 'ai ,, Q, g 2, as , 5 ' q W QW Q f W . A Qnis I M i A Y I , E I s H ,. Q , iv 7- ,ww ,gi k, k 0 W new vw W Af f W 4 Jwwmgffg N . f Q., W WJ. , ,,,., ' f 'tw " f 'R M J "Nh , ,W V6 ' .: I , , W , X, , l m V A W , A I V,.,3 , IV V A1 . i kin V I ' 2 'V Y ,, . I . ,Vv Wi V , . Q I V421 f af , fl I ' A 0 Q 4 , W 5 ,254 1 Q ' M: W A If , ,.,, , , ,,,,,,,,, 'V 1, ,wwf W ,f -.f-0 fl J 'MMM f' M M W? Welts Whalley Smith Tudrsco Vlgar B TRACK-ROW I: Grant, manager, Recupero, Levi ton, Armstrong, Gerson Darby, Cox, Tanger, Price Christian, Slavens, mana- ger. R O W I I: Wachtler renzen, W a t' s o n, Quon coach, Clift, manager, Lo- 553' Hunter, Whitehouse, Stick- k Ier, McCullough, Cooper Simmons, Sanders, coach ROW Ill: Arauio, Forney Mathews, Rubalcava, Cor- reia, Vreeland, Mills, West Hansen. C TRACK-ROW I: Levitt, Dortch, Slick, Balfa, Headly ROW ll: Clift, manager, Norsworthy, W i I h e I m, Sanger, Licausi, Lincoln, Grippi, Ferlazzo, Slavens, manager. ROW Ill: Wacht- Ier, coach, Grant, mana- ger, Lewis, Porretta, Smith, Sims, Voss, Virtue, O'Far- rell, B u c h e a, Sanders, coach. track masters The 1952 varsity track team, led by Walt Barnes, our great hurdler, had one of the best seasons in years. Barnes, posting time of 15 flat in the 120 yard high's and 19:8 in the 180 yard low's, placed very high in the Southern League finals and was expected to do even better in the City Meet. Joe Tudisco, first man in the 100 and 200 yard dashes, pulled one of the biggest upsets of the year as he defeated all of Jefferson's unbeatables in the "100" to nab a first. Joe was one of the top point-getters. Other top spikesters were 880 man Dennis O'ReiIly and milers Dick Denson, Bob Berning, and Tom Vigar. Placing fifth in the Southern Meet was 440 man Frank Welts. Field event men were Don Smith in the high iump, and Pat Barosh in the pole vault. The broad jumpers were Dick Armstrong and Wayne Rew, and the shot-putters were Dale Brudvig and Alonzo Felder. The relay team consisted of Joe Tudisco, Wayne Rew, Frank Welts, Dick Schoonover, Richard Birk, Dick Purcell, Don Lowe, and Walter Barnes. The Bee track team was led by Marshall Cox, 660 man and shot- putter, and Al Rubalcava and Al Correia, pole-vaulters. Top Cee men were Dick Virtue, also a pole-vaulter, Dale Headley, hurdler, and Lynn Levitt, shot-putter. 4. - n w T netmen wield raequets in successful season Bob Burgum, playing net, drove a savage ball between his two opponents, thus clinching the game for Washington and taking the set 6-4. It was this form and style that captured for Bob sixth place on the All-City Squad last year. This year Gary Kertson and Mike Quaranta were capable first doubles team and Larry Harris and Don Mangani second doubles. Their reward for hard practice each night came when, after losing to Dorsey and Huntington Park in the first games, they recovered and took the second games from both schools. The top ten tennis players were Ronnie Barbre, Bob Burgum, Al De Risio, Larry Harris, Roy Harmer, Bucky Jacob, Gary Kertson, Don Mangani, Mike Quaranta, and Gary Sturgeon. All of our matches were played on other schools' courts or at Harvard Playground because our two courts are inadequate for league matches. Coach Shanks feels there would be more enthusiasm for tennis if there were more courts. TENNIS TEAM-ROW I: Jakob, Harmer, Mangani, Harris, Kertson. ROW ll: Hart, Quaranta, Sturgeon, Burgum, DeRisio, Shanks. I 3 0 . as viii' ' , I.. , ' 'Lis ','t """? r.. it Q i f 4-,q l5,, ..-., is is S - - y 1 E f V A: I I ,I . c , is ,sr A, 1 A 1-N f nk - f 'Wi w,,,i , es Ronnie Barbre Bob Burgum Al DeRisio Roy Hormer Larry Harris Dick Jakob Gary Kertson Don Mangoni Mike Quoranio Gary Sturgeon these are dip and dive grunt and groan artists SWIMMING TEAM. When the Continental went to press, the swimming team had only one league meet under its belt, but it already has established itself as the team to beat in the Southern League. Under the direction of Mr. Harry Perry, the varsity team drowned Jelllerson in its one league meet 59-l 4. Some of the leading men were Bob Johnston, Steve Ryer, Sam Granato, Roger Orman, Don Valenzuela, Jerry Cole, Dave Hill, and Don Crockett. In the diving department there were Willie Farrell, last year's all-city B diving champ, Al Rougney, and Bud Hamilton. The B's and C's also won the Jefferson meet 40-21 and 28-9 respectively. SWIMMING TEAM-ROW l: Baker, Silverman, Hill, Boone, Sandberg, Osborne, Granato, Salee. ROW ll: Cole, Huddleston, Hickey, Losey, Skiod, Van Vliet, Barrett, Lawlor, Ryer. ROW Ill: Coach Perry, Rougny, Hamilton, Johnston, Rooke, Pritchett, Saenz, Crockett, Byers, Valenzuela, Bowen, McAnany. 62 mf' '.wr0-www ,W SHALLUW In contrast to the wrestling on televi- sion, these boys practice their skill and strength with Coach Culler acting as referee. By the looks of the stars on Don McClavolious' pants he might have been a bit influenced by Gorgeous George. W ?M4?9Mn , f ' , wwf " A wr , -. Y L' f is fg I I Washington's defending City Championship baseball team started the season in fine form walking over Manual in the first league tiff, 3-I. The big game of the season at the time the Continental went to press was with the highly rated Garfield Bulldogs. The game went scoreless into the eighth inning when Garfield's Benny Garcia hit a triple to score Joe Gartan and win, 'I-O. The Fremont game saw an improved Army squad whack the Pathfinders, I-0. In the next game the Generals trounced cellar-sunk Jefferson, 6-0, to pst the Denker Dandies in a tie for second place with Manual Arts. The JV squad looked good in their first three games as they had a record of three wins and no losses to put' them in first place. Gordon Aker Louis Ambrosio Le Roy Balzer -ff' .sw VARSITY BASEBALL-ROW I: Thompson, Bressoud, Am- brosio, Di Maggio, Mauer, Calce, Harris. R O W I I: Spencer, Davenport, Har- mon, Wilkerson, S m i t h, C I a r k, Logsdon, Meyers, Scott. ROW Ill: Alt, Green, Balzer, R o bin s o n, Wey- mann, Aker, Cardellio, Lo- presto. JUNIOR VARSITY BASEBALL -ROW I: Sears Rollins, Biggs, Watkins, S h e I I i n, Hamilton, Cordray, Laud- erdale. ROW ll: Brown, manager, Caldwell, Dow- Dell, Pobanz, Blankenship, Mellin, H ol m e s, Pobanz, Laudenback, Ladika. ROW Ill: Cole, Galceran, Nutt- man, Caldwell, C i h I a r, Echols, Shaffer, Rebschek, Cohch, Culler. Andy Bressoud AI Calce 4 wk. ... .. ...--qv QI! f .4-44, Q 1 Logan Clork Don Davenport Stan DiMaggio XC' . jk, ' ,J 4, J' Boyd Mcuer Dick Meyers Danny Robinson Bill Smith J.-. V .fx 7. J '. ,N my x4 1 baseball John Splucer Darryl Thompson Ralph Wilkerson ,- .dw Q-H 1 W j 3 IZ., vi? 5 f G A A BOARD ROW I Woehl McClain vice president Klaesges president Patton Luebke Larsen ROW ll Slattery McAnany Wate Drmitrrou Terra Walters ROW Ill Bell sponsor Schugens Hacka mack Pead L Pead C S aw Pearson Kelley SUMMER GAA BOARD ROW l Andrews Luebke Slattery presr dent Klaesges Drysdale Wate McAnany ROW II Drmrtrrou Ross Larsen Dill McClain Huckamuck Mrs Baker sponsor ROW Ill Patton Walters Pead L Shaw Pea E Bruce Tolman Terra Larsen GAA Volley ball' Tennis' Hockey' These are but a few of the sports open to all girls This year, for the first time, the new girls were formally initiated into GA A On Octo ber 31 Thespran Hall was the scene of the Halloween party where the girls played many games and went' through the lively spook house The Humpty Dumpty s visited King Cole s Palace at Manual Arts Mother Goose Land play- day. Jog-a-long to Igloo Haven was the theme of the traditional breakfast held Jan- uary 15. GIRLS' LETTER SOCIETY-ROW l: McAnany, Woehl, McClain, presi- dent, Ross, vice president. ROW Il: Andrews, Recami, Klaesges, Slat- tery, Chapman, ROW III: Schugens, Davis, Bell, Smith, Dimitriou, Patton, Gary, sponsor. With a mighty iump the ball IS hit over for a point Norma Chapman hits at the puck as Nancy Drysdale TOP LEFT: Nancy Win- ther strikes at the ball as anxious team mates await the results. TOP RIGHT: Susan Woehl and Mary Lou McTag- gart run after the ball as the other girls offer their assistance. BOTTOM: Swaying to the mood of the music Willodene Lloyd, Arch- ie McPhee, and Ann Arrabito take part in a modern dance. these ' talented performers area activities that furni sprightly entertainme dunees offer diversion musie levers all TOP: Carol Klaesges, Jackie Watson, and Tina Pearson ioin in the entertain- ment at the Summer K and L. BOTTOM: To the surprise of all present Mr. Fraters is arrested by two serious sheriffs. lt's a ioke, son. Hr.-33s LEFT: Funny faces, straw hats, and plaid shirts all go to make up a Sadie Hawkins dance. This gathering was at Winter '52 Sadie. RIGHT: Paper snowflakes fly during a hilarious scene at the Winter K and L which had its theme "White Christmas." -AGP" l 'L xlffif' , V fr ll y WI LEFT: At the popular off-campus dance at El Camino, a gfant snowman towered above the dancers. RIGHT: A gay and talkative group is gathered around the punch table ai' the K and L for Summer '52, 71 i n e l m ' rr.,. L. , M BAND. With a roll of drums and a blare ol trumpets the Washington Band marched on the field in their snappy red and blue uniforms. The Band, together with the Drum and Bugle, performed the difficult drills in the spirited rallies which help to boost the morale of the student body. This year was perhaps one of the most spirited seasons in Washington's history. Leading the band in these drills were drum maiors Al Rougny during the fall, and Ted Blanke in the spring. Under the direction of Mr. Wilfred Abbott this year's band was a great success. BAND-ROW I: Lewis, Saleh, Toya, Schlosser, Langon, Dans, Manager, Flanegin, Fiore, Hopper, Koska, Jani, Kooyman, Hollingshead, Barry, Sicola, Powell. ROW II: Skinner, Olmsted, Blanke, Steed, Dapro, Day, Abbott, sponsor, Reid, Hardesty, Aldrich, Bald, Slick, Dierking. ROW Ill: Ritchie, Baines, Olney, Wells, Flora, Simmons, Malakowsky, Palmer, Shanklin, Rougny, drum major, Luymes, Huber, Radcliae. A lg 2- if 1? i I 4, , W it 1 W ,, . 4 G J , , K 4 kv 'C' ,V S Q 3 4 v v A K? 'Wi .Q is-X A Q . A 3' A f NJ I Lilith? ' li l v I -T 1 ' I J Cx Init NX lr l A gr... I' N - A43-'in -. - GIRLS' GLEE-ROW I: Scrivens, Sudds, Jamison, Halfward, Klike, Henderson, Skaggs, Salomon. ROW ll: Langille, Emerson, Scholl, Mahr, Stearns, Patsy, Bishop, Hand, president, Robertson, Vickers, Steeve, Waite, Shelton. ROW Ill: Gonzales, Gonzales, Newton, Rice Kingery, Barnickel, Wills, Isaacs, Brown, Alvin, Scharn- weber, Schucard, Davise, sponsor. ROW IV: Amantea, Goodwin, Frank, Gerken, Ward, Arney, Evans, Dane, Jones, Vento, Westbrook, Newman, Means, Knight, Woodworth, Goemen. Girls' Glee Club, dressed in their white uniforms and green ties, started the year in the traditional way by singing at the Big and Little Sister party and followed that by entertaining at the first P.T.A. meeting. Their music added color to the Christmas program and the Spring Review, for which occasion they appeared dressed in formals. In addition to campus activities, they sang on programs for several neighboring churches. The seventy-five girls in the club were directed by Mrs. Mary Christine Davise, chairman of the music department. ORCHESTRA-ROW I: Pickrell, Harding, Keyfel, Norton, Zadrick, Jani, Drysdole, Atherton, Clark, Lofgren, Abbott, sponsor. ROW ll: Rode Arnold, Sherwood, Mason, Roberds, Chapman, Fragiocomo Moxley Lukken ROW lll- Ritchie Steed Huffman Pendleton S lvester Cole' f I ' - f 4 I I Y I , Bowe, Fritscte, Mason, Pierce, D, Rich, Pierce, H. ROW lV: lllinger, Knudson, Klattenberg, Caudle, Luymes, Smith, Udaloff, Sims, Lewis, Griffin, Scott, Maxwell. ORCHESTRA. Those odd noises issuing from the aud at the beginning of period I were only the daily tune-up of the orchestra members getting ready to rehearse some of the smooth numbers they present at assemblies and special music programs. The orchestra contributed its share to the Easter program, the two Clef Club assemblies, and the fall and spring Music Reviews. ln the orchestra were many solo artists as well as orchestra musicians. Francis Zadrick, cello, Walter Ritchie, bassoon, and Norma Loigon, cello won P.T.A. music scholarships of one hundred dollars each enabling them to study with some member of the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra. A CAPPELLA CHOIR. These choristers, in their dork blue robes and whit at Washington. Their activities included an exchange assembly with South Gate High School and participation in many assemblies, including the Christmas show and the Fall Music Review. They sponsored the successful April Showers Dance, and shared a picnic with the Lettermen's Club. Although the Lettermen were victorious in the football game, everyone had a marvelous time hiking and riding horseback. To get into the A Cappella Choir one must try out by means of on audition with Mr. Lyman. This year's presidents were Tom Cocherell and Fred Austin, both of whom did excellent work. Several outstanding singers were Marilyn Marmaduke, Jane Dill, Dick Burke, Donna Darms, and Bill e collars, were among the most popular performers Malokowsky. A CAPPELLA CHOIR-ROW I: Ehlers, Paradice, Smith, Glatz, Curry, Hayes, Darms, Smead, Patton, Patterson, Herringshaw. ROW ll: Brodine, Cohan, Kelly, Jean, Kelly, Joan, Marsden, Haycock, Kilgore, Ferguson, Palma, Lyman, Hovey, Froggatt, Mazon, Laird, Johnson, Brown, Hoser, Power. ROW Ill: Lewis, Walker, Boril, Steele, Wegner, Riggan, Gordon, Strong, Eliosen, Dill, Myers, Briganti, Litherlond, Beckett, Dorcey, Bohla, von Bloeker, Marmaduke, Carter. ROW IV: McClung, Emerzian, Boden, Schultz, Young, Porkening, Curry, Medici, Bloomquist, De La Garza, Russell, Malone, Hackenberg, Griesser, Moncrief, Gray, Richards, Avila, Schwein. ROW V: Smith, Austin, Munson, Parkhurst, Tinge- rides, Trathen, Crockett R' h d M' ' ' ' ' , ic ar s, itre, Eckberg, Purcell, Donovun, Cocherell, McGuyre, Kertson, De Curr, Burk, Gregory, Dardis, Restorick, Hughes, Duncan, Green. N Z f 5 1 Gary Grlffm Kathy Bodm Ted Scott Carol Hoffine, and Felicia Tolman, as they appeared these' are noon dramallstw Q LEFT: Kathy Bodin, Gary GrifTin, CROOKS AND A LADY. ABOVE: Pat Purdy Carol Ehlers and Ted Scot? in SUPPRESSED DESIRES. Sound Crew are the men behind the scenes making the assemblies and other school activities function smoothly. Set- ting up equipment and being present at all aud calls were their chief iobs. Although the work was hard, they en- joyed every minute of it. Most of the sound crew boys were also amateur radio operators, having a genuine inter- est in all branches of radio. SOUND CREW-ROW I: Meyers, Menard, Larsen, Gustason, Ferguson, Gilliland, sponsor. ROW II: Niemann, Schiller, Huber, Elsmore. The Film Proiectionists have a very important iob at Washington. How many interesting hours of educational fun would not be possible without them! Besides running all the films in the auditorium, they showed films in those lucky classes seeing movies. In addition to this, mending films, turning off lights, and sometimes tripping over cords, were a few of their accomplishments. FILM PROJECTIONISTS-ROW I: Mr. Noonan, sponsor, Briggs, Stafford, Jacobs, Davenport, McQuigg, Sneegas. ROW II: Simone, Weber, Missakian, Stephens, Wilkerson, Napier, Wells. ROW Ill: Beck, Chatfield, Kobabe, Dower, Williams, Sharp, Hunt. s 'R -.gV'I"Q" The Stage Crew were probably the busiest unsung heroes on the campus. Never was a curtain pulled, a light dimmed, or some scenery set up that there wasn't a member of this efficient organi- zation present. STAGE CREW-ROW I: Anderson, Carson, Carter, Scrivens, Whittington Fisher, Brossmer. ROW II: Mr. Abbott sponsor, Ordas, Neidy, Eastman. 1 1 be sb I buck stage artists these inspire seheel spirit DRUM AND BUGLE--ROW I: Prather, Pearson, Records, Goddard, Bosch, Brekke, Grams, Holbrook, Vollmer, assistant maioretteg Lauria, Neel Grippi, Swain, Chapman, Esboldt, Chapman, Caras H. ROW Il: Haycock, Hovey, Chadderton, Ferrell, Gregory, Cowart, Craig, Smead, Janes Pernechele R., Pernechele A., Schultz, Weesner, Quick, Cairns, Lackey, Pollard, Braievich, McClain. ROW Ill: Caras P., Castle, Pierce, Reeve Shaw, Parcher, Sheldon, Patterson, Ayres, Argue, Patton, Steinmetz, Drysdale, McAnany, Slattery, Frost, Tyler, Klaesges. ROW IV: Fife, Rounds Derrick, Morgan, Ardren, De Moulin, Moulder, Firth, Delp, Miska, Nelson, Barnhill, Kelley, Barker, Robinson, Jorgenson, Reiman, Boldra Kelley, Durant. 75 . . ' ' I "" ' , 4, f f Pat Starling Winter Maiorette 'Q Z Marcia Kelley Summer Maiorette Drum and Bugle Corps, as in other years, added pep and zeal to cheering audiences when they marched at the Washington-Manual and Wash- ington-Roosevelt football games. Everyone was impressed when, at the Roosevelt game, those girls, seventy-five strong, for the tirst time in history did a routine in a straight line. This entire routine included a variety of steps to the tune of HI-NEIGHBOR. School spirit was en- hanced when they marched at the football, baseball, and track rallies. The P.T.A. had a thrill when the Drum and Bugle marched at one of their meetings and displayed the colors. Another highlight of the year was the marching at Cotton Day and at Homecoming. The Drum and Bugle sponsored a breakfast in order to raise money to buy new uniforms. To advertise the breakfast they marched down Vermont Avenue. Pat Starling and Marcia Kelly served as the fall and spring maiorettes. Song Leaders-"Come on kids. let's get out and support our team!" With this admonition, those six hep girls dressed in red, white, and blue led us in songs at all sport rallies and at the B10 auds. They really had everyone yelling those school songs. Yell Leaders-"Come on! Yell louder," are the favorite words of these "spirit boosters." They were out at every game and every sport rally, leading yells and urging all spectators to cheer our teams to victory. WINTER YELL LEADERS-ROW lz Haas, Krant G., Krant D. ROW ll: Campbell, Theiss, Williams. SUMMER YELL LEADERS-Theiss, Johnston, Campbell. 7 if -Qi Gwen Gray Winter Surveyor Editor Larry Jones Summer Surveyor Editor surveyor sta SURVEYOR. Nouns, verbs, adjectives- news, rumors, campus chatter! Combin- ing thousands of words with a few pictures to produce a sparkling first class paper is a challenging iob. But the pad and pencil reporters and the shutter clicking photographers furnished the facts about Washington High in news stories, editorials, sports, fashion fea- tures, and special columns. And a mighty good iob they made of it. SUMMER SURVEYOR STAFF-ROW l: Jones, editor, Robinson, Kessler, Harris, Stubin, Power, Levin. ROW ll: Mr. Louis Soderberg, Mauer, Spotkov, Hotfine, Gray, Dimitriou, MacLean, Griesser, Freckleton, Taub. VOCATIONAL PRINTERS. A c q u i r i n g enough skill in their craft under the instruction of "Doc" Burnett, these boys set the type and did the press work for the Surveyor, the Continental, graduation programs, and other school publications. VOCATIONAL PRINTERS-ROW l: Denson, Mc- Clellan, McGee, Boyd, Nagle. ROW ll: Salee, Hunter, Nichols, Higginbotham, Nydam, Calla- han, Harmon. ROW lll: Paulus, White, Boyd, O'TooIe, McKee, Scalla, Burnett, sponsor. lfi A md qv, SURVEYOR STAFF ROWI Kessler Maclean Hoffme Gray editor Stambach associate editor Gruesser Harns ROW ll Hutchinson Sundeen Dimntrnou Mason Mauer Bauch Mavros ROW III Tanger Power Jones Boyce Arnovnck Herman Orahood Jurwich Soderberg sponsor quill and scroll and rinters xp L 'fb uni: 1':Lt vt, If an Gwen Gray and Mr. Soderberg discuss a layout. Larry Jones and Boyd Mauer chuckle over one of the articles while staff members work at the various iobs involved in editing a paper. , xv ,,.- -, an mn 4' v 4, 'g. ' R- QUILL AND SCROLL. Journalism is a fascinat- ing study for many students. Some of those who pursue it become members of Quill and .- .c wi ' f ai- .s Scroll, a national organization of high school Dimitriou Jones Mauer Gray Jurwich Payne Hoffine Kramer Stahl ,. id, is 'Z sg, 2 Stambach Sundeen Wate Wickline students who are outstanding in the field of iournalism. To become a member one must have had published a certain number of inches of copy, or have done outstanding work as editor or business manager of a school publication. Jean Pa ne, Editor in chief Rem: Kramer, Art Editor WINTER CONTINENTAL STAFF-ROW I: Kramer, Welch, Wate, Payne, Wickline, DeRusha, ROW II: McNamara, Clark, Baril, Chisholm, Bloom uist. ROW III: Goclon Jurwich, Lomelli, q , Boyce, Griffin, Knapp, sponsor. SUMMER CONTINENTAL STAFF-ROW I: Merrill Ondrasik, Costello, Patterson, Zucker, Lomeli ROW ll: Miss Miller, art sponsor, Griffin Simmons, Syfritt, Kezas, Alt, Knapp, sponsor ROW III: Cox, Wickline, Wate, Chisholm Drysdale, Hackamack, Payne, Welch, Clar McNamara. continental Led by Jean Payne and Remi Kramer, the Con- tinental staff worked diligently from September to June to carry out their chosen theme, "The Washington Story." After the theme was chosen, the next task was planning the contents of the book and taking the group and individual pictures. Then copy had to be written! The staff interviewed teachers to obtain correct informa- tion. As always, first writings were not perfect, so everyone was kept busy rewriting until the best possible results were obtained. But there was some fun mixed with the work. Wednesday, during Easter vacation, some staff members reported to work and were rewarded with a picnic provided by Miss Knapp. The great task was over, but there was still left the eager anticipation of seeing the finished product on June 18. While Dorothy Wate pastes up layouts for the Continental, Miss Knapp shows the staff the division page pictures. Art editor, Remi Kramer, shows his sketch of the Continental cover to Carolyn De Rusha and Don Goclon. There is always a great scurry to see the pictures that have just come back from Anthony Loya's studio. Fifth is always a busy period in bungalow 33 with each person doing a different iob. Q 1 Y no fl if ,fr 5? 1 -1 I 4 'J Q5 ffm ww S ww-1? Wm ax Xxzg A " 1 0 , X- fm . s fx V 'NYY A iz "WA ga 46636 v fr" .hal .DU 1 if P 2.61 Wzb X Y 5 5 fm .92 'gf , ,H A,AA s V, ? at ga' m sv 1 x ' " ' Y f W A Y. .A - 1' J' 12" - .XX f Y ' s 'S . U W f -,W t I A ,, 1f"h'z ' - ,, I ..1- ' 'N 'Q 'ff .W 1 7 'W f ' W W W .. 'N -r 9 1, -f w ,fc W, f E 1 ,M , ' 2 V Q Q an t ig , fr gk f " fm if M f if 4 f M M my 'N w 1 Y ,,,, ,4 Y '13 ' I r V? , 1 75 ciwx ' , n " !if,,y?f ,. , 5 Q, E , 'is 'L , .. 4 , 3 - 4 K ' v' , -rv- Z' u KW' ' Y V Q G. Q. n 44 I I .x'4'f'N xxd,4f- 1 M , ,Zi these Q sf N 51 1, - 5451 kgs, 811 career-minded studen spend busy class hou preparing for the elim 1 'Q BUSINESS EDUCATION TEACHERS-SITTING: Mrs. Christian, Miss Cole, Miss Rollins, Mrs. Overfield, Miss Fitzpatrick. STANDING: Miss Blair, Mr. Siemans, chairman, Mr. Soderberg, Mr. PIan':, Mr. Dobyns, Mrs. Taylor. MATH TEACHERS-SITTING: Mrs. Bentley, Miss Cunningham, Mr. Johnson, chairman. STANDING: Mr. Lawyer, Mr. Axe, Mr. Salaway, Mr. Hawthorne, Mr. McClean. our class room HOME ECONOMICS TEACHERS-Miss Jenkins, Miss McKenna, Mrs. Swope, Mrs. Crum- packer, chairman, Miss Carlson. story begins here Kem, By the loo's of Carl Dona you would think that geometry in Mrs. Bentley's class is all that ever mattered. Virginia King seems to have taken an active interest, too, as she attentively Tooks on. Kay Haskins demonstartes to Mrs. Crumpacker's sixth period cloth- ing class the easy method of hemming a dress while Lorraine Baril and Lois Harding are the onlookers. While Mrs. Overfield helps Jo- anne Joyce with her typewriter the rest of her fourth period typing class diligently attempt to bring up their word average. languug and url V., .... s, LANGUAGE TEACHERS-SITTING: Mrs. Reece, Mrs. Miquel, chairman, Miss Sintes. STAND- ING: Miss Tallis, Mr. Fraiers, Miss Eklund. Miss Miller. Y? ART TEACHERS-Mrs. Werminghaus, Mrs. Ahrens, chairman, Mrs. Hazell, Mr. Anderson, "-'Uh INDUSTRIAL ARTS TEACHERS-Mr. Bishop Mr. Quistorff, Mr. Gilliland, Mr. York, Mr Burnett, Mr. Cundiff, Mr. Miller, Mr. Summons chairman. u ttruct many Shirley Tanner strikes a pose for Mrs. Ahren's life drawing class. Many models afforded students an opportunity for valuable experience. Foreign languages offer students an opportunity to understand not only the languages but the people of other lands. "He who does not know a foreign lang- uage is ignorant of his of own." Nj Choosing a vocation and getting an early start training for it is the aim of these students. Many and varied shop courses offer them a wide range of choice. 75 MUSIC TEACHERS-Mrs. Davise, chairman, Mr. Abbott, Mr. Lyman, Mrs. Warnock. science gym SCIENCE TEACHERS--SITTING: Mr. MoITai' Mr. Noonan, Mr. Coy, Mrs. Kroboth, nurse STANDING: Mrs. Burch, Mr. Losey, Mr. Maupin Mrs. Kelley, Mr. Kelly, chairman, Mr. Potter. PHYSICAL EDUCATION TEACHERS-SITTING Mrs. Johnson, Mr. Shanks, Mrs. Helvey, Mrs Baker, chairman of girls' department, Miss Gary Miss Pitthan, Mrs. Bell, Mr. White. STANDING Mr. Sanders, chairman of boys' department, Mr Perry, Mr. Wachtler, Mr. Culler. and music Demonstrating a difficult prob- lem in science, Mr. Noonan and the science department make this required subiect one of the most' interesting in the curricu- lum. What's this? Coach Shanks cut- ting in on one of his students in his social activities class? This little known phase of physical education has become very popu- lar in the past semesters. Now we know why. Getting ready for a concert, the A Cappella is shown putting on their robes. Shirley Firth and Annette Briganti seem to be doing a bit of memorizing. ngli h and ENGLISH TEACHERS-SITTING: Mrs. MacKinnon, Mrs. Fichman, Mrs. Madvig, chairman, Mrs. Bell, Mrs. Pope, Miss Spellisey. STANDING: Mr. Barrow, Miss Heaion, Mrs. Garner, Miss Knapp, Mr. Wilson, Miss Gill, Mrs. Sawyer, Miss Adkins, Mrs. Parkill. SOCIAL STUDIES TEACHERS-SITTING: Mr Aeriker, Mr. Froggati, Mrs. Davis, Miss Elser Mrs. Herizog, Mrs. Hodgman. STANDING: Mr Duncan, Mrs. Smith, Miss Hodgens, Mrs. Childs Mr. Richmond, chairman, Mrs. Cullen. Mrs. Fichman, Mrs. Madvig, chairman, Mrs. Bell, Mrs. Pope, Miss Spellisey. STANDING: Mr. Barrow, Miss Heaton, Mrs. Garner, Miss Knapp, Mr. Wilson, Miss Gill, Mrs. Sawyer, Miss Adkins, Mrs. Parkhill. soeiul studies complete t e class story Hope Hutchinson and Don Berrigan, directed by Don Levin, practice in a public speaking class. Even geography can be fun. This can be seen by the smiling faces in this social studies classroom. B10 CLASS 09 Q5 fl rr, .-ec.. Hd ROW I: Schellschmidt, Rhodes, Troutfeather, Wishard, Smouse, Thurman, Sands, Simon, Thorn, Tyler, Schmidt, Winther, Schock, Trouba, Sims, Reynolds, Stumbo, Sanders, Walters, Spillman. ROW ll: Redburn, Scott, Hartinger, Handy, Pearson, Grawlewski, Schuttais, Reichenecker, Routh. Pedilla, Spruit J., Spruit P., Young, Sellers, South, Rockwood, Winston, Eschbach, Robinson. ROW lll: Sacco, Funk, Evans, Orcher, Denman, Michelson, O'Shaughnessy, Olsson, Potter, Atkinson, Davis, Logan, Ferlazzo, Pendleton, Heinz, Elliot. ROW lV: Morris, Rudisill, Monson, Sears, Scott, deVine , Watkins, Morgan, Osborn, Farquahar, Moody, Rice, Rees, Rittler, Peterson, .lones C. ROW V: Moore, Glasgow, Gibson D., Hensley, Gibson R., Gregg, Franzon, Henkie, Foster, Dorman, Hill, Fudge, Kruse, Scalla, Sanchez, Sampsel, Dean, Ruef. who .gg 0 l gm Q tiff ROW I: Coulter, Von Blocker, Antram, Cummins, Federer, Aungst, Bowen, Coulter C-, Di Biase, Busby, Anderson, Dillman, Bergstrom, Goyen Englund, Coontz, Bone, Goforth, Bourgon. ROW ll: George, Allen, Gloss, Garrison, Hardin, Gutierrez, Gorce, Collings, Dardis, Cariker Grobowski, Galbreath, Coburn, Crockett, Duran, Dupree, Bremm, Anderson, Bloom, Bush, Campbell. ROW llI: Barton, Chobot, Cosgrove Bacon, Becker, Beckstrom, Norris, Bard, Day, Della, Roca, Barnett, Frost, Green, Guastella, Brown D., Allen, Cline, Carroll, Cartmill, Crockett Boyes, Baker B. ROW IV: Losey, Mintun, Frost, Hussman, Nocera, lnferrera, Lee, Valenzuela, Jennings, Lee, Howard, Hough, Kirkham, Lee McCullough. ROW V: Hopper, McKee, Loyd, Matheson, Hodson, Lubanko, Larkey, Postal, Lackey, McDonald, Kuhn, Luraschi. 94 F5 '10 N-ovvv v, "1 V, ROW I: Argabright, Chalmer, Boardman, Carroll, Bakke, Christianson, Colella, Crawford, Bald, Arnstrong, Allison, Davids, Chase, Benson Baffa. ROW Il: Hunter, Lundeen, Nygord, McLaughlin, Imbobere, Rector, Perington, McClung, Pierce, Maikson, Hillyard, Wiley, Hughes, Lofgren Manny, Rasmussen, Noln, Menches, Nuttall, McReynoIds, Labo. ROW lII:Johnson L., Pearson, Jameson, Parkening, Pechuls, Parrell, Parks, Hulsei Osborne, Smith D., Walker E., Power, Platamone, Poff, Jones, Heffelinder, McPhearson, Holt, Johnston P., Marshall. ROW IV: Hart Johnston J Johnson, Lewis, Heil, Ortiz, Moritz, Reeves, Harootunian. Littleiohn, Hopp, Noyes, Platt, McKay, Manolio, Jahnke, Jagnow, Magrdder. ROW V, Amerian, Abramson, Varnado, Terrell, Vitali, McGavran, Soto, Ulm, Wass, Wetmore, White, Welts, Sciavina, Tilton, Stuckey, Wicker, Stock, Steinberg Staunton, Shelley, Jubeck. ROW VI: Cooper, Brock, Champion, Datria, Drovie, Andrus, Bushby, Bower, Scalise, Ahlstrom, Van Horne Thompson, Worthington, Utteback, Ralston, Simpson, Theroux, Springer. A10 CLASS N" I 1 'G ROW I: Titus, Stumpp, Peterson, Hoffman, Abeyta, Zellner, Tilson, Storrer, Turk, Woodworth, Waite, Steed, Webster, Vickers, Williams Wachs, Watson, Winkler, Dahlkoetter. ROW II: Collins, Van Hoorebeke, Tobias, McRae, Valenzuela, Ure, Streib, Vaughn D., Sinai, Walker Taylor, Walters, Shaw, Zalaka, Wilcox, Stauber, Slight, Volz, Wilkins. ROW Ill: Wilhelm, Steele, Tunison, Weishaar J., Weishaar J., Girigill Wade, Stearns, Stacey, Wills, Webb, Vaughn S., Tucker, Wyatt, Smothers, Ward, Underwood. ROW lV: Steed, Welck, Whitehouse, Thompson J. Van Sickle, Taylor, Wright, Hall, Thompson T., Ulch, Helfrich, Zutter, Vance, Wallace, Strickler, West, Toya. 95 I r Bl '23 .L ,Aim ff' 4' "f1.f?'4..'f" . ROW l: Roberts, Girigosian, Schmidt A., Godso, Faucett, Fertig, Schacard, Havill, Shockman, Rockwell, Robinson, Schaupp, Sabin, Thomas C., Schreiber, Sherwood, Sawson, Grigory. ROW ll: Rube, Cohen, Hale, Gomez, Siles, Russel, Getman, Graham, Schmidt M., Rush, Flanegin, Shanman, Riley, Romberger, Saunders, Scholl, Waller. ROW lll: Fisher, Mumford, Hadley, Arce, Sampson, Fitchette, Evans, Fragiacomo, Gomen, Brach, Silverman, Seigers, Scrivens, Ferrara, Salchak, Greene, Ernest, Schell, Gunn, Bass. ROW IV: Villines, Weishaar, Snottis, Segelke, Salee, Sala, Snook, Sicola, Stamos, Shanklin, Sanger, Sims, Scheidenberger, Skiod, Rogers P., Laraby. ROW V: Slick, Reynolds, Schultz, Silverman, Simcock, Slavens, Wallace, Schwind, Stange, Scheidenberger, Saenz, McDonald, Rinden, Schlake, Samuels. 1117 ROW l: Cosentino, Stybel, Deason, Cory, Douglass, Bertrand, Crenshaw, Crowley, Correia, Cummings, Corkill, Countryman, lreman, Cooke Erkel, Ebster, Cuddy, Johnson, Irons, Donley, Crank. ROW ll: D'Arvin, Albano, Day, Dennis, Edwards,Steel, Draper, Donley, Del Pozo, Johnson Hughes, Goforth, Jones, Howland, Isaacs, Jones, Holisky, Huffman, Human. ROW III: Hopkins, Hamilton, Hohn, Johnson H., Halstead, Holt Hoffman, Hollingsworth, Johnson B., Johnson H., Baldwin, Barth, Polacek, Wellchanski, Morris, Hanson, Johnston, Kortz, Lordiani. ROW lV Knudson, Jacobs, Kelson, Jones, Kirkpatrick, Kirazien, Knapp, lngerella, Jimenez, Lomond, Huddlesty, Houston, Kellner, Hughlett, Nash, Iuaner Lincoln, Schloos, Meier. ROW V: Klattenberg, Kragbuam, Ladika, Graven, Kerell, Roid, Kerar, Gulserian, Bergman, Kruger, Perry, Anderson J. Anderson L., Deason, Wiegert, Villins, Hutcason, Holzworth, Farrell. '26 1 aa .vs if I iv' ROW I: Christensen, Holman, Codye, Jensen, Hill, Ward, Bryarly, Cord, Correia, Bloom, Boyd, Carter- ROW ll: Boyer, Mallis, Lantzer, Logan Mahr, Keefe, Kimbrough, Kingery, Goshgarian, Mann, Marks J., MacMillan, Knight, Kiktavi, LeBlanc, Marquez, Marco, Purdy. ROW III: Guyer Harding, Hoonanian, Hemsley, Hamilton, Catalano, Mason, Lord, Lowe, Kelly, Kennedy, Marks, Laven, Flournoy, Knight, Lofgren, Lee. ROW IV Hickson, Covey, Horton, Lewis, Levitt, Grant, Gilmore, Carlis, Boddington, Bosler, Horton, Blankenship, Gonezoler, Buchea, Byfield, Matson Clancy, Grippi. ROW V: Hollingshead, Brannan, Hill D., Hill C., Griffie, Hildeman, Green, Araujo, Hilson, Balch, Genet, Davis B., Davis J. Cox, Byers, Haskell, Hilton. fx... O H Calf x X A Vm"""'i'v Q. , 4623 "' fl ua- l A 4. 4 5 N sux 1,2 fe 'fi I J- n 1 Pak. ROW I: Mascaro, McEnterfer, Parry, Pickrell, Rich, Richardson, Rice, Rankin, Restorick, Pesterfield, Powell, Reed, Pollock, Quinett, Randolph, Patsey, Raish, Herron. RCW II: Accardo, Richter, Parker, Pullen, Peck, Peterson, Blake, Minovich, Widick, Lowery, Lorenzen, Bald, Belles, Bates, Larson, Stipe. ROW Ill: Anderson, Baker, Barnes, Mangani, Lawlor, Taggart, Johnson, Lane, Miller, Abbott, Lara, Leckie, Lewis, Langon, Lopez, Laraby. ROW IV: Bahr, Balch, Ballard, Elder, Anderson, Licause, Loudenback, Lauderdale, Gilreath, Marolla, McCann, McDonald, McSeveney, Burgess, Biggs, Alonzo, Anderson. 97 V Q get ROW I: Carlson, Atkin, Stadelmann, Freeland, Neimeyer, Shank, Howery, Haspel, Anderson M., Armante, Johnson, Wagner. ROW ll: Du Planty, Aker, Bateman, Bishop L-, Blake, Anderson S., Elser, Anderson A., Boultinghouse, Blankenship, Arney, Barnikel, Bandsma, Booth, Bishop, Aikens, Beazley, Bently, Blodgett, Bernard. ROW lll: Bass, Angelos, Bechdolt, Chatham, Harvey, Noce, Mark, Nunnink, Sanfelice, Pernia, Causer, Ciociola, Lytle, Potter, Feinstein, Dunbar, Tohber, Page, Alfsa, Arnold, Baillie. ROW IV: Nadrasky, Voss, Osman, Tschumi, Fucci, Dortch, Jorgenson, Fritsche, Fait, Gavras, Atkinson, Armenta, Stancati, Brown, Domenic, Curtis, Ablia. ROW V: Fassett, Cole, Fiore, Voss, Sharp, Radcliffe, Fordiani, Eazell, Salviso, Asher, Flannigan, Watson, Sandberg, De Maio, Cooper, Weyant, Lincoln, Vowels. ROW VI: Erich, Crowther, Drozda, Davidson, Black, Fleming, Echols, Pobanz, Dorner, Earley, Marleau, Dale, Townsend, Campbell, Evans. -Q5 cv' ROW l: Fiffe, Moxley, Coleman, Cavadas, Chandler, Carmichael, Bruce, Bozeman, Burkman, Buehler, Broder, Cascarano, Ganey, Call, Carson Christie, Bowen C., Burks, Osburn. ROW ll: Navarro, McKowen, McTaggart, Bradford, Carder, Castro, Brooks, Moreland, Nield, Mattison McClain S., Bowen L., Sutton, McDonnell, McKendry, Olive, Clard, Canter, McClain T., Starr, Moody. ROW Ill: Moncrief, Moretti, Cooke Pritchett, Pugh, Otero, Nielsen, Vogel, Merriweather, Montesano, McDowell, Overstreet, Wallis, Boas, Nelson, Brinkerhoff, Carter, Means Mulconer, Cleland, Morse. ROW IV: Radcliffe, Records, Redding, Morton C., Morton R., Oghigian, Mitchell, Murphy, Phillips, Moscrop, Olsen Mueller, Paton, Nordstrom, Barrett, Clark, O'Farrell, Norsworthy, Zabin, Pierce, Ragzzo. 98 Bll CLASS -we 5- Mm -'f Fw , -"1" '- .1"" - Z-v-s A '- Af! . I 3, Y,,,.., Fav' 'X Era fgfI ME... . -I ROW I: Faulkner, Freckleton, Gier, Dierkins, Foote, Parkhurst, Edgar, Fastow, Ewing, Davies, Fiske, Finnick, Gibson, Fruci, Feltman, Grigory ROW Il: L M ' ' ' ' ' aster, agnus, Johnson, Lewis L., Lewis G., McLaunn, McAnany, Pnrtle, LaRosa, Muller, Krant, Henderson, King, LeNoue. ROW llli Jennings, Mellin, Meschke, McConkey, White, Leach, Wise, Pachal, Malakowsky, Wells, Long, Mitre, Maloncon, Cosgrove. ROW IV: Quinn, Ferguson, Neidy, Forbes, Vance, Sisto, Cordova, Lloyd, Palmer, Felder, Anderson, Vigar, Mann, Foster, Strausheim. 1-.-4 ROW I: Briggs, Abress, Burroughs, Acquisto, Pendleton, Buehner, Cicarello, Allen, Atherton, Crayton, Baker, Claridge, Beard, Anderson Bercouitz, Art, Cope, Butzke, Collins, Beeching. ROW II: White, Scalia, McGree, Barry, Chatfield, Paterson, Nuttmann, Bounds G., Bedrosian, Lundstrom, Bounds J., Katsantonies, Berger, Hawes, Westbrook, Gillie. ROW III: Nosser, Brandt, Barosh, Buchanan, Cetta, Newlin, Ball, Cordray, Lloyd, Liggins, Cope, Caldwell, Braxton, Abbott, Darby, Cole, Boldt. 1 99 ROW l: Harris, Vollmer, Krolick, Rossell, Henderson, Young, Taub, Hinds, Spotrov, Labo, Willock, Savenberg, Stibes, Wiggins, Trager, Sukdol, Wiston, Wetmore, Bohle, Lowman. ROW ll: Lukken, Lowrey, Longworth, Hardesty, Haskins, Lindsey, Worrall Gloria, Horner, Worrall, Gladys, Snow, Hebner, Hughes, Stauffer, Kodil, Kandalee, Weathers, Weaver, Winsett, Lorette, Konkright, Townsend, Mason, Johnson. ROW lIl: Rawnsley, Smith S., Walker, Walker J., Sage, Cling, Sullivan, Sullivan, Wells, Whinrey, Nordahl, Evans, Gray, Canker, Rollins. ROW IV. Rallis, Quaranta, Acosta, Cavendar, Patko, Reina, Peterson, Ogle, Wise, Pachal, Powell, Shaffer, Nolan, Schiller, Pavesic, Harding, Kahn, Morris, Navarro. ROW I: Power, Ratner, Pike, Middleton, Shand, Whetstine, Rockefeller, Rieback, McBride, McMains, Roman, McKowen, Fisher, Gilbert, Collins Sedlak, Peebler, Shorten, McClung. ROW ll: Hodkin, George, Rush, Feltman, Newman, Rose, Reyes, Moncrief, Shay, Schneider, Nagy, Pack Greene, Cannon, Camplel, Riggs, Wise, Schiller, Woffored, Strife. ROW III: Simone, Hopkins, Harris, Smith T., Smith L., Derrick, Hillman Christian, Slavens, Snyder, Smeton, Shaw, Dixon, Scudder, Hickey, Floyd, Tate. ROW IV: Cassity, Fisher, Elsmore, Webb, Galceran, Ferguson Goodale, Ryer, Wickham, Hunter, Nichols, Hall, Driscoll, Vasquer, Theiss, Stone, Smith, Datko, Sounard. IOO if 'J' K All CLASS I-iq' Tm 'B on ROW I: McConky, Smith, Tracy, Long, Weber. ROW II: Mathewson, Karlton, Rode, Luebke, James, Jack, Trovarelle, Keyfel, Robertson, John ston, Dabos, Johns, Hovey, Hine, Mathis, Luby, Litherland, Laird, Wight, Johnson. ROW III: Vindal, Mazon, Gray, Kasson, Loyd, Larison Tonge, Nigorian, Kachadorian, Merrill, McCloskey, lngelido, Maureman, Margretto, Logan, Pelton, Lewis, Wyatt, McChesney. ROW IV Huizing, Hughes, Joyce, Hupp, Hopper, Imboden, Ballard, McCormick, Kaiser, Lewis, Hallward, Griesser, Mason, Larson, Kirschner, Perkal Koepp, McDonald, Leist, Littleford. ROW IV: Ollinger, Vance, White, Jaros, Whittier, Sundberg, Spomer, Sullivan, Toffel, Wall, Snyder, Stafford Campbell, Stubin, Wate Weeks, Vreeland, Tanger, Whittington. 'X ROW I: Foglesong, De Rome, Carlson, Frizzell, Drysdale, Ehlers, Emerzian, Garizas, Ferrell. ROW ll: Gordon, Gatlin, Drain, Ernst, Day, Goldman, Cross, Costello, Davis, Murphy, DuPlanty, Devine, De Gruccio, Delahousie, Finchamp, Edmonds, Edmonds, Darms, Caplan, Debilio. ROWIll: Caras, Carter, Clements, Canzone, Saunders, Fratto, David, Dillon, Cox, Cukale, Cook, Darcy, Chadderton, Cohan, Chambers, Dineen, Butler, Charles. ROW IV: Birk, Caldwell, Blasingame, Parker, Baxter, Abbout, Burman, Alt, Bummer, Berning, Aquilar, Blackie McHendenfar, Cicatti, Adar. ROW V: Brudvig, Anderson, Braxton, Brooks, Blanke, Buff, Aiello, Hollenbach, Anderson, McCabe, Felger, Byrne. lOl NP: f-L 2 ROW I: Bosnak, Hackamack, Ondrasik, Gich, McMahan, Norton, Walthers, McVey, Hand, Brown G., Bock, Burns, Walters, Glasgow, Budia, Burns, Ward, Baum, Greenburg, Poe, Wallace. ROW II: Mitchell, McLean, Boldra, Zaroian, Maxwell, Walters, Moncrief, Miska, Nicodemus, Brown, Hold, Noce, Briganti, Beckett, Anthony, Needham, Moen, Morrison, Herringshaw. ROW Ill: Trnnbeky, Barnes, Venne, Carlson, Laycox, Cole, Jacob, Houlihan, Justice, Kuhns, Hopper, Howd, Cox, Barr, McGrew, Antonnuci, Arrabito, Brodine, Bostelman, Myers. ROW IV: Kezas, Gregory, Cruise, Hurley, Baines, Herring, LeGrue, Crockett, Johnson, Johnston, Leabman, Himes, Kessler, Hymes, Levin, Herman, Lager. ROW I Ja ne Henz en Zucker Morgenson Thompson Zappa WyattL Strong Sylvester Ullrich MacKenzie Vento, Bryson, Tanski, Teeter, : Y I g I I I I I 'I I I I I Thompson, Terra, Terran, Valenti, Wyatt B. ROW II: Harris, Sisto, De La Zenoan, De Maggio, Schrieber, Gheradi, Everett, Gates, Sherman Gottfred, Coon, Harbuck, Headly, Romero, Doria. ROW Ill: Eckberg, Ferguson, Lang, Salik, Grow, Fisher, Rubaclave, Sharp, Gatewood Herbert, Shanholtzer, Schuck, Gagliano, Harger, Minter, Simpson, Rounds. ROW IV: Davis, Ely, Felder, Rough, Danaldson, Cohn, Harras Prowse, Safer, Scott, Felger, De Wolf, Simmons, Eastman, Schneider, Robinson, Gerson, Grant. IO? K 'T ROW I: Barren, Glatz, McEntire, Phillips, Keene, Marshall, Hedges, Dietz, Batley, Patterson, Sceusa, Gray, Goff, Weishaar, Weskamp, Menzel Gross, Patton. ROW II: Marks, Forney, Roos, Jahnz, Perkal, Wight, Diefenbach, Deu Pree, Lippolis, Olson, Syfritt, Nield, Nydam, Di Ubaldo Masters, Lien, Anderson, Caravaial. ROW III: O'ConnelI, Miles, Smidt, Cole, Bohannon, Miller, Tallman, Palmer, Gullock, Callahan, Ballard Macho, Buff, Atkinson, Brandt, Marchbanks, Jones. ROW IV: Bernard, Brown La Dassor, Magee, Ballard, Meyer, Sparks, Cannell, Prescott Datko, Paulus, Riedhead, Elsmore, King, Perrson, Pobanz, Blackstad, Flora, Fly, Kramer, Murmino. ROW I: Wilson, Wegner, Whitman, Smith, Wright, Williams, Sherritt, Starke, Hansen, Phelan, Woodrich, Wellinger, Bliven, Pischke, Pate Savino Orman Biddle Schodt Pead Reynolds ROW ll Pierce Po elar Sheldon Schoe flin Simmons Sheshan h , , , , , - : , p , , p , , e, S aw, Whalen, Stalcup, Sorenson, Powell, Puette, Puckett, Shostrom, Rudisill, Shipway, Schaack, Richards, Webb. ROW III: Price, Nimeshein, McCallson, Winans, Rosen, Patterson, Shorten, Poretta L., Poretta D., Overs, Hayes M., Hayes J., Welsh, Seiler, Riggan, Mezzapelle, Reina, Olney, Porretta ROW IV: Mmzlaff, Medici, Mitchell, Munson, Moffat, Poft, Johnson, Power, Plisco, Rath, Rew, Rebell, Powell, Orman, McCuIlan, Mitchell G. Pierce, O'Reilly. lO3 1 1 under eluss B11 Miss Estelle Burch Mr. James Moffatt . a, B10 Mrs. Ethel Overfield Mr. John Wachtler A10 Miss Evelyn Eklund Mr. Ralph Salaway spun ors A1 1 Miss Frances Blair Mr. Laurence Doybns B12 Miss Blanche Carlson Mr. Victor Aertker ROW I: Mehlig, DeCuir, Brady, Stewart, Jones D. ROW ll: McElhenney, Kelly, Mitas, Cass, Chapman, Hennessy, Bohla, Taylor, Redd Kaloostuan Guertin, Choumas, Van Winkle, Weaver, Coburn, Bell, Miller, Von Bloeker, Cole. ROW Ill: Schultz, Luden, Vog, Gonzales, Gleeson Bevil acqua, Frank, Jones, Eddy, Boden, Carlson, Chase, Barker, Kelly, Knauer, Browning. ROW IV: Schultz, Austin, Campbell, Arellano Kertson Armstrong, Seright, Stark, Schultz R., McClellan, Gerson, Roberts, Gerhardt, Anderson, Carson, Berry, Finch. Enioying a fun-packed evening were these students who attended the Winter Knights and Ladies Dance. 106 winter len 'ghte ,M ' John Berger Lucy Braievich Helen Caras Jim Chase Gene De Witt Jack Dortignac Tom Eisenstadt Don Erkel Dick Gomen Joe Huer Shirley Jo Hulbert Janet Huntling Don Jurwich Virginia Lane Barbara McClain Al Moreno and ladies Gary Moulton Wayne Orman Ann Pernechele Rose Pernechele Walter Pinney Joyce Pollard Suzie Rapp Dorothy Schultz Ernie Shelton Eleanor Smith Pat Starling Eleanor Schwartz Anna Vollmer Don Walker Jim Anson Katie Bosch Knight President Lady President Knights and Ladies are those students who have attained the highest honor Washington can bestow. Those who receive this honor as Bl2's start the organization the next semester by voting on new members from among those nominated by the faculty. Fair minded and realizing their responsibility, the Knights and Ladies choose students of fine character for this honor. ln the Washington Story they act as official hosts and hostesses, and represent our school on many occasions. The Ladies' semi-annual banquets were directed by Katie Bosch and Greta Brekke, their presidents. The Knights faithfully performed their daily task of raising "Old Glory." The Knights and Ladies joined forces to plan the semi-annual dances in December. ephebians Jnm Anson Helen Caras Vurgmua Lane Gary Moulton Kane Bosch Jum Chase .soalbearers N '1 Marllyn Black Edward Couture Bobbue Kern Jackie Phlnney Dorothy Schultz Helen Caras Betty Hassoldt Vnrgnma Lane Martm Popps Judy Smuth Jlm Chase Janet Huntlmg Juluus Lepkowsky Flossle Reynolds Margue Sundeen W7 -W. 'Cf ,A y , A . 'U J Q fc V . 3 2 "'l Q e. . ' "' l 1 Sr S52 A rg. 1 5,1 6 5 '-4 ?i' aff C7 f- QQ '5 4' ln ' " ,X A E .id '-nr 'zz 2 Q Sl' Iv . .1 wa' 1:1 ' SENIOR A CLASS OFFICERS-ROW I: R. Per- M nechele, A. Pernechele. ROW Il: Braievich, rs' Bentley' Mr' lvmvn Dortignac, president, Pinney, Smith. W'52 Class Sp0t1SOt'S I l Winter Senior Prom marquis Departing from the idea that members of the male sex are the best presi- dential timber, the Marquis elected Barbara McClain president for the B12 semester, but retreated to the more conservative position in their next election by choosing Jack Dortignac for the last lap of their trip to the graduation platform. Inspired by their motto, "A good name is to be sought rather than riches" the Marquis tried to produce super-duper activities. The Senior Mothers' Tea was highlighted by fluffy white cakes, a choice of punch or tea, and the best entertain- ment this side of Hollywood. Holiday in Latin Amercia was the theme of the Senior Prom, given for them by the Monarchs. last social event of this year was the Senior Faculty Breakfast. The menu was written in French, but tasted very good in English, and the program, featuring an accordion solo by Tommy Eisenstadt,'a saxophone solo by Jim Olmstead, and humorous songs by a faculty quartet was enioyed by every one. Following the entertainment, awards for outstanding work in various departments were presented and the class will and prophecy read. On Thursday, January 31, the Marquis walked for the last time down the aisles of Washington's auditorium. Graduation speakers were Betty Ruby, Tommy Eisenstadt, Martin Pops, and Gary Moulton. 109 OUR STORY BEGAN lN B10 CRIENTATION CLASS Ti fl h , f ,, Ml Y iiO Barbara Jeanne Adams James Allen Anson Charles Howe Andrews Milton Wallace Argue Janet Nadine Ashton Kenneth Leroy Balcom Barbara Ann Barnhill Barbara Jeanne Bearden Gerald Sanford Beck Patricia Jane Belyea Greydon Marshall Kent Benzmiller John Warren Berger Donald Leo Bishop Marilyn M. Black Ronald Lee Bolts Katie E. Bosch Dewain Boyce Lucille Ann Braievich William E. Briggs Charles Edwin Brown James Everett Brown Marolyn Jean Brown Joan Marie Cairns Mary Helen Calvert Helen T. Caras Marian Lorraine Carlson Fairola Marian Agnes Case Robert Charles Case James Thorpe Chase Lovelia Chavez James Collins Eleanor Philip Cook Janice Jane Cooper Edward Craig Couture Neil F. Cummins Constance Damanti Robert Henderson Dardis Darlene Joy Darling Buddy Joe DeLong Mary Jean DeSues Lewis Gene DeWitt Melvin Andrew DeYoung Robert Eddie Donabedian Jack Raymond Dortignac Jack P. Duncan Avis Mae DuPree Thomas Phillip Eisenstadt Betty Jean Eliasen Gloria Nadine Elsmore Rodney E. Emmert Donald George Erkel Will Leslie Evans Downing William Exley Mary Ann Farmer Gloria A. Farrell Joan Flanner Karen Elvira Foltz Joyce Ardath Foote Richard Ranald Gomen Mary Ann Gomez Betty Jean Grass John Earl Gustason Denny Robert Haas Betty Joan Hassoldt Virginia Alice Hathcock Charles Richard Haycock Mariory Lorraine Hentershee Joseph Michael Heuer Rita Faye Hill John Delbert Hilton John Leon Holbrook Shirley Lee Hood WE MADE FRIENDS AMONG TEACHERS AND I-vs cf 1+ R1 sf' STUDENTS 4 ,gy N1 1,5 ve J 'Q' WE ENJOYED AUD CALLS AND WALKING TO CLASS ff YY 'FCP 9'-1' Q , .. . 3., M it .f-f V ff K , , l w. Q' , L 8 5 J 1' H2 'fir Inge Martha Horn Nedra Grace Horne Norman Meers Houghtaling Shirley-Jo Hulburt Janet Arlene Huntling Doris L. Hyam Malen Wesley Jacobs Bette Darlene Johnson Gary Lawrence Johnson Marlene Dolores Johnson Barbara Francine Jolly Everett' Page Jones Alfred H. Jorgensen Richard Austin Joyce Donald Lee Jurwich Viola Kamashian Jack Thomas Kelly Robert John Kemper Roberta Nancy Kern Charlotte Emma Keyfel Donald William Kobabe Rosalie Jacqueline Kugler Catherine Ann Lackey Patsy Ann Landgraf Marvin C. Lane Virginia Lane Leon F. Langlois Robert LeDoux Carole Ann Lee Julius Lepkowsky Karla Rae Liebeler Rosemary Ellen Littleworth Carol Ann Loster Don A. Lowe Robert' Eldridge Lowry Barbara Jean McClain Jacqueline Halleen McDonald Marilyn Jane McFarlin Maureen May McKee John Livingstone MacGregor Verna MacKenzie Diana Elizabeth Mangold John Francis Mann Patricia Joyce Marlatt Peggy Jean Marx Joseph Ray Mather Shirley Ann Mehaffey William Thomas Meo Norman Eugene Merrill Betty Carolyn Meyer Dolores Jean Milicevich Kathleen Lenora Miller Hurry A. Missakian Antoinette Letizia Montesano Albert Moreno James Maurice Morgan John Ray Moug Gary John Moulton Frank Lee Roy Mullens Josephine Mary Napolitan James Gavin Nelson Joyce Lynn Nelson Marvin Earl Nichols James Milton Niemann Lois Elizabeth Nisewaner Marilyn Ann Oehler James Ennis Olmsted Wayne Leroy Orman Alicia Ortega Marvin Donald O'Toole Daniel S. Otto Beverly Clare Paine Janet Joy Pamer Barbara Anne Parker Donald Harry Parkinson Ann Marie Pernechele Rose Marie Pernechele Annabell Petersen Shirley Ann Peterson Jacqueline Diane Phinney Walter Hayden Pinney Joyce Anna Pollard Gladys Ruby Popp Martin Allan Pops Annie Lee Power Ruth Ann Puckett Geraldine Delores Purcell DeeAnn Marlaine Quick Barbara Francis Randolph Susan Elizabeth Rapp Alice Elaine Redmon Flossie Jane Reynolds Joan Nellie Reynolds Dennis Edwin Roath Ann Robinson Nan Robinson Linda Johanna Roeper Velma Jean Rotman Donald Frank Ryan Edward Ralph Sanches Darlene Joyce Schneider Joan Marie Schneider Dorothy Deon Schultz Eleanor Jean Schwartz Roy Sharp Ernest E. Shelton Lu Ann Sherwood Carol Edwina Sivertson Glenn Cari Skinner Robert Loren Smeton Eleanor Lee Smith Frank A. Smith Judith Joan Smith Robert Lee Smith Ralph Gerald Sneegas Karl Thomas Stahl Jacquelyn Ann Stambach Patricia Mae Starling Barbara Jean Statia Philip Bruin Steed Zola Jean Steele Ralph Gerald Stephens Naomi Ann Storde Mariorie Ellen Sundeen Robert William Taylor Robert Melbourne Teskey Carole Lavern Thomas Nancy Lee Thompson Marilyn Mae Tobin Mary Ellen Tretheway Darlene Zay Utley Josephine Mary Valenti Mary Virginia Valenzuela Dennis Keith Vance Richard Van Winkle Anna Elizabeth Vollmer Betty Lea Wagner Mary Lou Wagner Donald Lee Walker Florence Belle Walker Calla Darlene Wallis Mary Anne Walsh Hugh Allen Ward James Donald Watson Claire Jean Weesner Roy Ernest Whitten David John Williams Gordon Allan Wilson Clarke Scott Wood Patricia Ann Woodrich Barbara Ann Wyatt Patsy Irene Wyrick lrwin Mayer Yarmo Arch Lee Young Greta Brekke Bob Burgum Lady President Knight President "T'was iust a Garden in the Rain" where dancing amid soft lights seeping through a picturesque garden, complete with rainbow, pond, flowers, and overhanging greenery, made the Summer "K and L" dance one of sheer enchantment. Decked in rain coats, boots, and umbrellas, popular singers and dancers performed to the melodious music of Bob Jani and the Bobbettes. Glowing in the black light, the phosphor- escent paints on the costumes of the performers helped make the entertainment unique. Bob Burgum and Greta Brekke, respective presidents of the Knights and Ladies, supervised all their activities, including their work on the Needlework Guild and the paper drive. Sllllllllfll' knights and ladies Frank Abbate Louis Ambrosio Shirley Ayres Carolyn Cowart Andree Cuenod Leo Dalton Al De Risio Joy Drysdale Shirley Ericson Donna Funk Sam Granato Gwen Gray Diane Gregory Diana Grippi Donna Helm Bob Jani Mary Jane Kilgore Carol Klaesges Remi Kramer George Krant Delores McClain Jim Nash Jean Payne Christine Pearson Eleanor Reina Ronnie Rule John Savino V'Etta Slattery Carolyn Smead Bill Squire Darlene Swain Felicia Toleman Helena Treskes Joyce Trisler Dorothy Wate Janice Wickline Ermine Zappa -5' Robert Bowman Bob Burgum Shirley Erickson Bob Jani Mary Jane Kilgore Christine Pearson Felicia 'lolman Greta Brekke Leo Dalton Donna Helm Larry Jones Carol Klaesges V'Etta Slattery Ray Weymann ephebians and seulbearers are The Ephebian Society is a civic betterment organiza- tion of high school graduates, elected by the faculties of the Los Angeles high schools on the basis of character, scholarship, and leadership. Its purpose is to concentrate the outstanding graduates upon the work of civic leadership and betterment. The Ephebian Society is based upon the society of Ephebia founded in ancient Greece twenty-four centuries ago. Each Athenian Ephebian was dedicated to the service of his city and not to his greater glory. Out of the entire senior class only one student for every forty is chosen to become an Ephebian. These students who are chosen are pledged to serve their city by leading lives of civic inspiration, and by contributing to the work of the Society. Election to Ephebianship is a trust and a responsibility, and the Ephebian is expected to live up to the trust given to him. ll8 SEALBEARERS. These ambitious students worked during their stay at Washington toward the highest achievement in scholarship, becoming a sealbearer. To reach this goal a student had to be a member of the California Scholarship Federation for four semest- ers, one being in his senior year. The sealbearer pin is the only recognized high school pin on a college campus and the seal of the Scholarship Federation is placed on a sealbearer's diploma at graduation. Each class of sealbeorers elects a chairman to take charge of its activities and the caps and gowns which are worn in the Scholarship aud call. Serving as chairman in the winter was Julius Lepkowsky, while Eleanor Reina held down the post for the Monarch class. ln the Scholarship aud calls during Scholarship Week, the Sealbearers were introduced to the student body to recite their oath and receive the recognition they deserved. import J nt people W-" Walter Aldrich Dorothy Avazian Rober? Bowman Greta Brekke Barbara Byars Shirley Ericson Bob Emerzian Jolynn Fenn Nancy Floyd Carolyn Forrow Ethel Gertz Donna Helm Bob Herzog Carol Holtine Bob Jani Larry Jones Mary Jane Kilgore Remi Kramer S- S 71 .10 Richard Likhalter Bob McQuigg Jean Payne Christine Pearson Eleanor Reina Don Seldeen V'Etta Slattery Felecia Tolman Roseann Wahlberg Dorothy Wate Ray Weymonn Janice Wickline Susan Woehl Kenneth Wuertz . 2 """ww-w- 'KNEELING Sam Granato president Diane Gregory John Savlno STANDING Caryl Records Jane Dill Pinky Cowart MONARCHS Like the French noblemen who bellved that Rank imposes obligation, the Class of Summer 52 chose this motto Noblesse Oblige to fit their royal title of Monarchs Ruling the Senior B class was Joe Tudlsco under whose supervision the Monarchs planned the beautiful Senior Prom with the colorful theme A Holiday in Latin America Their sweaters were a rich cherry red with a brilliant white and red shield As this largest of all classes progressed into the summer semester and into their own Senior A year, they elected as their competent leader Sam Granato Although the Monarchs studied and worked hard they still had fun and enioyed school up until the very last day at Washington High. monarchs 3 1 fi Mrs. Sawyer, Mr. Froggatt, S-'52 Class Sponsors Fortuna Abbate Frank N. Abbate Genevieve L. Abila Shirley Abramson Joy M. Agrusa Barbara Aitken Irvin Gordon Aker Mary Jo Albert Walter W G. Allan Albert H. Allen Elizabeth Y. Alvis Louis Ambrosio Dorothy Anderson Patricia Andrews Elizabeth Ansorge Gerald N. Appel Bernlta M RECOGNITION DAY WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN Anne Elizabeth Ardren Annalee Argue Beatrice Esther Armenta Elizabeth Ruth Arnoldus Peter Gerald Arnovick Beverly Ann Atkinson Dorothy Jean Avazian Shirley Jean Ayres Louise Beatrice Baas Charles Howard Badger, Jr. Helen Louise Baker Jack Henry Balian Leroy Allen Balzer Ronald Shugart Barbre Lorraine Alice Baril Walter E. Barnes Edwin Bauch Donald Bernard Berrigan, Jr. Irene Grazina Bertulis Joseph George Bicho RoseMarie Theresa Bilello Lauretta Mae Blackburn Jean Eldana Blackman Robert Blanchard Robert Howard Blecksmith Dale Richard Bloomquist Kathleen Alicia Boden Robert Eugene Bond James Lee Bonk Richard Everrett Bowe Robert Marcus Bowman Jack Boyd Carolee Boyle Greta Brekke Andrew Robert Bressoud ,H A HX H I i cf Wilma Lea Brickley Thelma lva Brock Virginia Margaret Brown Raymond Orn Burdette Robert Burgum William D. Burk Ruth Ann Butkie Barbara Estelle Butler William Richard Butler Barbara Lynn Byars Norman Christian Carlsen Gary Robert Caley Dale Everett Calhoon Laura Louise Caraco Joseph Theodore Cardellio Don Edwin Carmichael Shirley Ann Carpenter Shirley Jean Casteel Shirley Anne Chambers Norma Jean Chapman Patricia Joan Chapman Earlene Chase Rochelle Chickman Patricia Ann Chisholm Jacqueline Ann Clark Patricia Jean Clark Thomas Alvin Cocherell Patricia Darlene Cole Carole Jean Cook Reita Faye Corbett David Sheman Corn Tod Davison Cornell Marilyn Vivian Cornick Joan Esther Corrall Anne Marie Coulter Carolyn Jean Cowart Robert' Ernest Cowles Shirley Marie Craig Barbara Maxine Crane Carolyn Bertha Cramblit Carol Marie Crawford Donald James Crockett Donald Richards Cronk Lorraine Veta Cuccio Andree Louise Cuenod Barbara G. Curfman Harriett Mercedes Curry Richard Joseph Curry Ronald A. Custer Leo Fredrick Dalton Donald Edward Davenport James R. Davidson Ronald Nathaniel Davis S. Kent Dawson Sallee Anne de Graffenreicl Norbert Hubert DeHoff, Jr. John de la Vara Janice Kay Delp Gladys Kathleen DeMoulin Patricia Denney Richard Carroll Denson Orlando DeRisio Jacquelyn Lafon Derrick Carolyn DeRusha Vesta Jayne Desmond Angelina Diantoni Jerry Darrell Dierking Jane Deloris Dill Leonora Dimitriou Margaret Diniian Carmela Rose DiSanti Richard Charles Donavin SOME OF US WERE BOOSTERS AND SPECTATORS , A S 4 f 1? A W' ff J I lr WE FROLICKED AT THE SAD!ES AND NOQN DANCES . 4' 4 Sally Theresa Dorando John Olie Dorius James Gilbert Dower Joy Donna Drysdale Beniamin David DuBois Carol Joan Dumbeck Loralee Duncan Sharon Virginia Durr Richard Thomas Dvorak Sharon Patricia Eddy Barbara Cele Elfman Barbara Jean Eller Robert Lynn Emerson Robert Emerzian Charles Malcolm English Shirley Ann Ericson Bonnie Lou Esboldt Gloria Anne Evans Marylyn Lillian Evans William Charles Farmer Betty Jan Farabee Shirley Cherry Farrell Michael R. Feeley Jolynn C. Fenn Adrienne Cecelia Fennell Sally Jean Ferguson Shirley Ann Ferguson James Joseph Ferrara Sarah Ann Ferrell Frank Maurice Field Shirley Yvonne Firth Shirley Ruth Flora Nancy Anne Floyd Edward Ford Carolyn Jean Forrow Myrna Dale Fratt William James Fray William John Frayer, Jr. Beverly Ann Fugit Donna Mary Funk Eileene Joanne Galbraith Helen Ganotes Julia Verona Garner Colleen Ann Geist vilefa Allene Gerken Ethel Gertz Norbert Marcel Gesquiere Beverly Ann Gihlstorf Alice Madrene Gilmore Donald Julian Goclon Dorothea M. Goddard Ellen Joanne Gonzales Lillian Leonore Gonzales Janice Lee Goodman Eber Richard Graham, Jr. Gretchen Ann Grams Sam Granato Gwendolyn lrene Gray Arline J. Greco Diane Louise Gregory Donald Jay Green William Richard Green Roderick Curwood Greene George Albert Gregory Gary Arlen Griffin Diana Frances Grippi Helen Mae Guidotti Chloris Mae Gunder Annemarie Hackenberg Patricia Rita Hadley Janet Edith Hall Loretta Mae Hall WE DRESSED IN OUR BEST FOR THE SENIOR PROM +1 l X gg. -s so-JA 5 ..., 1 ,. . ' i 11 XJ 7 N , I. fr .5 'rg e , mg . ,gh . W .ui vi :ab IV: I if? LN .X s .4 2 X -4 gg, J . if .F IW 1 . bl yum' .V , WE SELECT OUR COLORS, OUR MOTTO, OUR SONG 'H 0 Lx? June Halstead Charles F. Harding Lois Joyce Harding Berry Charles Harmon Billie Louise Harper Billie Floydene Harvey Bonnie Carroll Haycoc'4 Donna Joan Helm Barbara Lee Hemm Harriet Anna Henry Robert Theodore Herzog Jerry Donald Hetzel Dixie Lee Hill Carol Joanne Hoffine Jim R. Hoffman Darlene Dorothy Holbrook Alan Eugene Holladay Joan Lorena Holland Julian Holman Richard Douglas Hood Naomi Hoover Ronald Earl Houston James Arnold Hudson Norma Lee Hueston Delano Bailey Hughes Patsy Shirley Arline Hughes Vincent Bruce Hunt Robert L. Husing Hope Yvonne Hutchinson Annette Palmer Iacobellis Philip lannarone Harry Chesley Inge, Jr. Bonnie Jean Innes Janice Mary Jamison Allan Lansing Janes Dorothy Annette Janes Robert Frank Jani Joan Shirley Jeffers Lois Aileen Jensen Ronald C. Johnson Shirley A. Johnson Beverly Jean Jones Gary Evan Jones Lawrence Oliver Jones Emily LaVona Jordan Mary Joyce Kelaiian David A. Kennedy Mary Jane Kilgore Eugene Thomas Kincheloe Mardel Jean King Virginia Sue King Patricia Mae Kingery Carol Margaret Klaesges Sharon Joann Kling Shirley Jean Klinkers Betty Jo Knight Luan C. Knoles Gerald Lee Kooyman Remigius Thomas Kramer George Edwin Krant Richard Wendell Kunst Janis Kathlyeen Lamkin Mario Joe Lara Duane Warren LaRue Hazel Irma Laslo Doyle Carlton Latimer Frank Latora Lois Lyn Lauria Joan Carrington Lawlor Marilyn Louise Dixie Lee George Joseph Leece Gordon William Leitch Irving Leviton Gary Brian Lewis Merrill Chester Lewis Richard Arnold Lickhalter Rita Dian Liebich Ronald B. Linsky WE CHOOSE OUR CLASS LEADERS EACH SEMESTER HE A V1 'L Barbara Lee Lipp Raymond Lobato Albert Edgar Logsdon, Jr. Ward Byram Longeway Edward James Lopresto Richard Allan Ludwig Anna Belle Lund John William Luymes Joyce Elizabeth Lynch Joan Lyst Delane Edward Lytle James Richard McAllister Suzanne McAnany Daniel Martin McCarthy Dolores Irene McClain Don Eugene McClanahan Denver Leon McClellan Robert Milton McClure Dorla Dee McCready JoAnne McCune Peggy Lou McGee Walter Anderson Mclver lla Mae McKendrick Arleen Mae McKeown Roberta Leeon McNamara Robert Charles McQuigg Cora Lee MacDonald James l. MacMillan Marian Louise Mahler Mary Teresa Angela Mansolino Maralyn Louise Marmaduke Margaret Anne Marsden Boyd LaVal Mauer Manuel L. Mavros John Gayle Maxfield LeRoy Alfred Meiner Raymond Earl Menard David Roger Miller Norma Jeanne Miller Douglas Lamson Moore Gloria Norma Moore Tamara Ann Moore Morris Herman Muriel Joyce Morris Edward Wesley Mosser Carole Esther Mullens Mary Louise Mullins Robert F. Nagle George Gevourk Naiarian Shigeo Nakata James Hulan Nash Sandra Renee Neel Beverley Ann Ness Verah Anne Newkirk Karen Joan Nielsen Robert Leal Northern Charles Louis O'Connell John Paul O'Keefe .lames Stanley Orcher Charles Warren Orvis Jerome John Paciolla Janice Lee Paine Marilyn Louise Palmer Richard Lee Palmer Lyle R. Pardee John Bowman Parker Genalyn Helen Parkas Richard C. Parkhurst Carolyn Patricia Patton Jean Payne Clara Christine Pearson John M, Pearson Gary Thomas Pederson Patricia Ann Perington Peggy Jean Perry Loretta Darlene Peters Gerald Van Phillips Robert Edgar Philpott Joseph Philip Piazza Sam Piccione, Jr. Carol Jean Pischke Freda Mae Platt Carolyn Ann Prather Gloria Doe Prowse WE CAVORTED IN JEANS AND PLAIDS ON FlELD DAY sv '7 44 Uv, ,rrn 5-. 4, . Y COUNSELORS ADVISED US ON CUR FUTURE CAREERS . mu nl f V. .. ,fr .1 2 X ,w ' : f . f , ,V , . if 4. 4 'I' f Michael Angelo Puncro Patricia Ann Purdy Darlene Rae Purvis John Robert Ramsey Royce Duane Rash Violet V. Ray Vivian Joyce Recami Caryl Jean Records Marion Elizabeth Redding James Samual Reed, Jr. Eleanor June Reina Marita Carol Rhyne Robert M. Richards Kenneth A. Richardson Anne M. Richter Charlene Rae Riddle Dean Edwin Risco Shirley Ann Rixey Charles H. Roberts Dal Dwain Rogers Shirley Jane Rose Mary Jean Ross Joanne Shirley Rossel Albert Lawrence Rougny Robert A. Rowley Joseph Rudynski Ronald Glen Rule Spencer I. Rusell Joanne Frances Safran Joyce Arline Sage Robert Duran Salcido Forest Benton Salee, Jr. Joan Marie Salisbury .laylee Sampsel Louis Frank Sandoval Anita Sonia Sarkisian Roy M, Sarver John Valentin Savino Gail Arlene Scardigli Harold Dean Scdoris Merrill Lester Schaerrer Nancy Jo Scheppers Josephine Schiano Shirley Jean Schindler Donald C. Schlosser Richard Verne Schoonover Jeanette Elaine Schugens Woodlyn Louise Schwartz Shirley Ann Schwein Gerald Francis Schwind Gary Edmond Scott Shirley Ann Scott Dennis Peter Sedore Donald Joseph Seldeen Barbara Jean Severns Henry Albert Severson Barbara A. Shafer David Ronald Shalita Gene Arlin Shanks James L. Shelley Gary P. Simmons Genevieve Ann Simon Patricia Anne Simpson Ronald Lloyd Simpson Marshall R. Skinner V'Etta Slattery Frank Gideon Small Carolyn W. Smead Bernice Elizabeth Beverly Joan Donald Lee Gary Jo-Ann Maureen Louise Richard Horland Gary Edward Sor Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith nstein Sandra Lee Spaulding John Martin Spencer Gary Bruce Spiers William Cassius Squire Barbara Jean Steeves Alvine Elise Stelzer Nancy J. Stephens WILL IT BE COLLEGE? JOBS? MILITARY SERVICE'-' , ' , 9 1 4 v-1 V. f fl aux 1 '21 I -rf EL. 'sf TOMORROW THE rf' w 7 f, T X 3 2 if fe Lois Ann Steve Nancy Jean Stevenson Gloria Joanne Stewart Shirley Josephine Stifle Patsy Arlene Stiley Norma Jean Storie Paul W. Stecker Gary Dean Sturgeon Myron John Stylianides Shirley Mae Sullivan Marian Dorothy Sutton l'arline E. Swaim George Tabain, Jr. Doreen Temple Robert Oliver Thomas Darrel Eugene Thompson Mary Frances Thompson Felicia Karolyn Tolman Naydene LaVaun Tomkins Helena Treskes Helena Treskes Marion Stanley Trimbur Joyce Lorraine Trisler Gary S. Trnavsky Leland Charles Turnwall Joanne Louise Tyler Madeline Marie Vaccarello Robert John Vance John J. Van Pareen, Jr. Lois Lucile Vans Claude B. Van Vliet Barbara Ann Velasco Roseann Wahlberg Mamie Helen Walker Norma Jean Walker Phila Anne Walker Raymond H. Walker Neva Mae Ward Calvin lrvin Warren Dorothy Alma Wate Marian Marjorie Weaver Rozella Arleen Weber Philip Ernest Weimer Lorna Adair Welborn Linda Ann Welch Frank Herbert' Welts Kenneth DaWayne West Billie Joan Westfall Verlyn Clell Westgate William K. Weyant Raymond Weymann Stanley E. Whalley Jacqueline Mae Whetstine Barbara Ann Whitcomb Bob Frank White Virginia Alice White Janice Emily Wickline Janeen Wight Ralph James Wilkerson Marvin Earl Willens MaryAnn Joyce Williams Richard Lee Williams Mary Ann Wilt Richard Edmond Wiltshire Kathryn Ann Winston Nancy Winther Marian Arlene Witte Robert Allen Wix Susan Ann Woehl Barbara Ann Woods James Perry Woolley Celia Wright Lloyd Earl Wright Kenneth Lee Wuertz Shirley Ann Yale Estelle Zalma Ermine Anthony Zappa Anthony Zarrahy, Jr. Yale Gilbert Zubkoff Janet Ann Zucco Evelyn Dorothy Podlasek SENIORS AT LONG LAST BECOME ALUMNI 313' s I fl ll signu turns A Cappella Chorr Adelphlans Amateur Radio Club Art Honor Art Teachers A10 Class A11 Class Band Baseball Basketball Board of Control Bookkeeping Club Boys Boys Boys Boys Boys Councll B11 League Vlce President Summer Vlce President Wmter Vlce Prlnclpal B10 Class B11 Class B12 Class Busmess Education Teachers Campus Group A10 Chrlstlan Fellowshlp Chronlans Class Olflcers S 52 Class OEICEYS W 52 Clef Club Coaches Commerce Honor Commercnal Chatter Continental Coordmators Cross Country Dances Debutantes Delta Y Drama Actlon Drum and Bugle Corps Elltes Engllsh Teachers Epheblans Summer Epheblans Wmter Fllm Prolectlonlsts Furst Year Scholarshrp Football French Club F T A Glr s Glr s Glrls Glrls Glrls Gtr s Glr s Glrls Gym Gym Glee Club League League School Committee Letter Society Usher Squad Vlce President Summer Vice President Wmter Vlce Prnnclpal C ub Teachers Gymnastlcs 56 57 Hall Momtors Home Economucs Teachers lndustrlal Arts Tea hers Jumor Adelphlans 0 ' ........................ 73 -' ', .......... . - ' ............................ 35 ' ', ' .......... . ' ..................... 41 i ...................... 88 ' ,,.,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,, 31 ' ......................... 90 ' ', ,,.,,,,,,.,.,,,,,,,,,,, 23 .....................,. 29 ' ,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,, 13-19 ............................. 38 " ' , .............. 15 , ..........,..... ..24 " ' ,' ,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,, 13 ........................ 29 " " .,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,, 11 ............................. .73 ' ' ............... 86 ' ' , ............. .28 , .................,... 23 ' ' , ' ............... 28 " ' ..................... 39 ' s ........................ 90 ' .............................. 30 ................................. 44 ' ,' ....,................. 120 ' .,.............................. 37 ' , ' .................... 10 , .................... 11 . ..,................... . 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Campus Group B12 Old Torchbearers Orchestra Pruncapal Qulll and Scroll Rockhounds Scholarshlp Cablnet Summer Scholarship Cabinet Wmter Scuence Teacher Scores Scribes Sealbearers Summer Sealbearers Wmter Secretarres Seniors Summer Seniors Wmter Soclal Studies Teachers Song Leaders Summer Song Leaders Wmter Sound Crew Spanlsh Club Sponsors Summer Sponsors Wmter Stage Crew Student Body Cablnet Summer Student Body Cablnet Wmter Student Body Presldent Summer Student Body President Wmter Student Body Senate Summer Student Body Senate Wmter Student Servlce Sub Administrators Surveyor Swlmmlng Tags Teenalders Teentoppers Tennls Theme Page Thespuans Three Track Tyros Upper Dlvrslon Ushers Usher Squad B11 Vocatlonal Prrnters Yell Leaders Summer Yell Leaders Wmter Year Round Actlvltles A12 9 9 121133 110115 0 09 1415 1213 20 22 78 79 62 63 60 61 58 59 82 83 hunks 8 . to the staffs who dld such a great lob of cuttlng plctures and wrltlng copy to Dorothy Wate Rem: Kramer and the other edrtors who had speclal o which they supervised tc Don Jurfvlch who d ew the orlgmal end sheets to the entlre student body for therr cooperation In taking the class puctu es to everybody s friend Tony Loya our photographer who gave us such mcc pictures with which to work to Mass Knapp our advlser wvthout whose help we could not have produced a book to the boys gym teachers who helped us ldentlfy all the mdlvldual sport pictures to the other teachers and admmlstrators who gave us their classroom time to taking pictures to Ma Wllllamson who handled our subscrlptlons to Mr Cannlcott of the Los Angeles Engraving Company who gave us advlcc on costs and made our engravings to Mr Garrison of the Bmdex Company for making our attrachve covet specral thanks to Doc Burnett and the prmtshop boys who have composed and prmted the entlre book JEAN PAYNE Editor In Chief o O, I O I bs ' ' . ' r . . . . . l . , , , . . . .to the Art Department and Miss Miller who created such fine layouts. I 4 w Iv WWNWW 49' I9 P sw A wf 5 v 1 S vf N I X ' W 'X' X ,NM 'gf Nl 6 ffl!!! 111 fl ' B ' lly K" ' r 1 X lv S, P 6 1 Y' fi ,',.V-"' 'A 4 2 A g f r g ' A , V A . W I 1 ' - 4' 'wg "Q , , X " U X .

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