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f YA 9 'NSA 2 'Y N.........M ff A , N N 'X X 5 as ,fl ...J-'ff' X k, wk 'Y x as fiwff 5 -if 5 -xy' X S236-7 F9 i A Y WJ' f 1 if f GP mu X f " 3 ff M, J fy M"'J so-E' .c Qin' Qp WJ Y, O-00014 W ,Af apt Wy? , +0OiT'JyJ0,,?Qf'w wx -4' NX Q E J N W ' . ,gf My iff?-ffafib M, N-isr,C:0 wsitfglogoy f 39 42' o v9 M M . 209' X30 ' 2 W wjQ,.M'2s WWQW x is gf, x W aa jk F Qx gfkixga 4 fx hs ., Ap -xg x AX Q K X ' :. ff 5x A 3 L 3 359 hx ' J b 5 5 N J E K ',. x Xt EY Tr ic , , .3 yi! ix , Q igsiiq 9 U -:- -Y - k s Q ., 'X " C " .P W - S N 1' . Q 6, 3 5- ,P CONTINENTAL T950 GEORGE WASHINGTON HIGH SCHOOL LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA A 13" 'Y 'S WWW? H1 15 A , 5 ' 1 "',S:g7,- Ar, ,,,,gg,,,4f'f ,.. Q- ELS, ,R A f"m":'4T ,V f -. .wffwdl - l" " F Mlm-I-fvffff J' T"f?W""'f 525' '?'M"'9"""wL""d M, xg, . .,,L,,.B 5 CN CDUR WAY TO QIEORGE WASHINGTON HIGH B1 Q3 ,fx L D 1 E S T fx' E R! 'Y CL ,L y, J YWE BEEIN A NEW YEAR, COMING TO ONE HU RED-EIGHT STREET AND DENKER AV , UE IN "REAL GONE" SCOOTERS, CROWD- L EQSBUSSES AND SORRY JALOPIES. WE GREET A ' J L' B T 'gf' OLD FRIENDS, EYE TEACHERS SPECULATIVELY, NN AND STROLL ABOUT IN CASUAL CHATTER THE Riiiff .Alf HQIRST FEW HOURS. SUMMER HAS BEEN FUN... , me fi L LR l, OUR SUN-TANNED E A C E S AND H E A R T Y Q6 2 f LAUOHS SHOW IT. BUT NOW SCHOOL BURSTS , ,N UYQN US AGAIN. EVERYTHING, FORGOTTEN If L VABRIEFLY DURING VACATION, RE-ESTABLLSHES .Q ITSELY, AS WI START ON OUR WAY THROUGH H T. A 51 ANQTHXEYR SQIHOOL YEAR. C i J W4 3 ,T X?-FO .2 T in NF X, 5 !,, L 'Qt 2.52 The campus in a befween-class s+a+e of sereni+y. The cen+er walk across +l1e quad, a "boulevard" of endless ac+ivi+y an ever changing picture A momenf of quief con+empla'rion 'From a second sfory ramp. The corridor befween Hue ari' and science building, a place for chaHing and sfrolling. ofstudent life greets us on our way across the campus Ulilizing llie peacefulness of +l1e library, 'rlwese sfudenls spend +l1eir free period in quiel' s+udy. Many Washinglonians, ius+ like Barbara Craig, Sue Hamilron, and Dick Mire daily pass lhe pic+ure of George Wasl1ing'I'on, who quierly looks down a+ 'l'l1em as +l1ey make rheir way io +l1e library. 7 continental contents Necessc1ryFixtures. .... ......... 1 0-17 Big Wheels . . . . Fun Lovers ...... ...... .... 5 8 -69 Trophy Winners .... caught by the camera ..........18-35Joine-rs...............36-57 . . . . . . . . . , 70-91 Seekersof Knowledge . . . . . . . . . 92-125 ON OUR WAY we cicquire knowledge and skill .... through wise lciculty guidance TOD x. x X qi f KW ,X A ww MV W-sifxx M1 X X 'em '26 63 A Q Q' f 115555 YQ, 2:3 2 Q W, , W, gg, fi , if 23 S 'XX . gk 2 ' 2 ' gy, y 421. Q01 as 1 W. . X 2 ' ' X an M 1 up W X 3 Q EV 4 ' 4 ii ,L K-wb X kv K . , J I ww gg 4 ,L I . A qua 3 gi My W Emi fy X, ' 2 P , 1 f 'Q W Wi 111 VX 4:1 X 3 QP fi Q, ,W Q WNW? A-4 M A QQQM M k 'S il M ix. N ,sf AK 2 K ' i ,M ...- L. 3? Perhaps fhe besf known figure on fhe Washingfon cam- pus is fhaf of fhe "Big Boss" himself, Jack Abboff, whose vigorious walk, ready smile, and hearfy friendliness sef him aparf from all ofhers. His lively inferesf in sfuclenf affairs and his peppy falks af aud calls and rallies sfim- ulafe parficipafion in all phases of school acfivify. Being a very approachable man wifh a ready wif and a keen sense of fun, Dr. Abboff has many friends among bofh sfudenfs and faculfy. We missed him during 'rhe fwo monfhs he was away from Washingfon on a special assignmenf for fhe downfown office. .4 Second in command is Glenn H. Perry, newly arrived a+ Washingion las'I' Sepiem- ber. Elificienily handling fhe muliiiudinous du+ies of boys' vice principal, he has made his firsl' year a+ Washingfon one 'ro be re- membered bolh by himself and +he s+u- den+s. Exercising au+hori'ry in +he absence of Dr. Abbo++, Mr. Perry has shown +o +he "up'l'een+h" degree his sfable characfer. We s+uden+s know him as a kindly, in+elli- gen+ man who is, as +he girls say, a "peach." We hope he will spend many more years af Washing+on. 1' 4,-.4 MISS HARRIET ROBBINS Girls' Vice Principal K"--...f P MR. GLENN E. PERRY Boys' Vice Principal Deeply inieresied in all phases of girls' acl'ivi+ies, Miss Harriel Robbins has, for len years, been direclor of +hese acl'ivi+ies al' Washinglon. Her warm smile, ready help- fulness, and quiel' refinemenl' are an ins- piraiion lo 'lhose girls who seek her advice and help. We always lhink of her as a woman 'For whom 'Facul+y and s'ruden+s alike have greal' respeclz The honorary or- ganizalion of Ladies' claims her as 'Founder and sponsor: and she is appropriaiely con- sidered 'rhe Firsl' Lady of Washingfon, for she is +he firsl' one 'lo whom The girls 'lurn when any problem arises. discover the teachers ,rn GIRLS' GYM TEACHERS-LeH fo right Walker, chairman: Bell, Hyde, Talley, Ba Icer, Sylva. BOYS' GYM TEACHERS-Si'Hing: Sloan, While, S h a n ks. Standing: Schachler, Perry, Francom, Sanders. 1' A I z, f f my BUSINESS EDUCATION-SiHing: Filz pafriclc, Chrislian, Overlield, Cole, ROI lins, Chernev. Sfandingz Siemens, chair many I-Iolchlciss, Blair, Dobyns. SOCIAL STUDIES-SiHing: Aerllcer, El ser, Davis, Hodgman, Jansen, Childs I-Ierlzog, C u I I e n. Sfandingz I-Iodgens Duncan, Richmond, chairman, Wi Z .wal MATHEMATICS-Si++ing: Cunningham, Johnson, chairman, Rogers, Sanders, LANGUAGE TEACHERS-Leff fo righh Eiciund, Gagne, Sinies, Goble, Draper, Lawyer, Axe. Sfanding: Hawfhorne, Benriey. Miquel. ENGLISH-SiH'inQ: Fishman, Gar- ner, Knapp, Parkiil, Pope. Sfand- ing: Madvig, chairman, Wilson, Speilisey, Soderberg, Gill, Sawyer, MacKinnon, Adkins. IN D U S T R I A L ARTS-Si++ing: Cundiff, Barragar, Sum mons, chairman. Siandingz Burneif, Wau- chope. Quisforif, Bishop, Karcie, Sfone, Miiler, i find friends and helpers .W W ART-Lef+ +o right Miller, Hazelf, Anderson, Anrons, chairman: Worminghaus. HOME ECONOMICS-Lef+ 'ro righjzx Swopo, Crumpacker, cnairrnan: Jenkins Carlsxffn, McKenna. Kgs SCIENCE-Lef+ fo righ+: KeNey, cnairrnang Spears Bur ess Noonan Burch MacLean, , 9 , . . Jones, Poffer, Segal, KeUy, Maupin, Losey. 16 f' ,-X iihgf 1 K! ig f 'ii L w'f,j.N4 L, H A Aj I rj? ji!! 1.4?,v'Qi,yffj 1 ',1Q:.fff in faculty and secretaries MUSIC-Le'F+ +o righ+: Davise, chairman: Lyman, AbboH, Warnock, SECRETARIES-SiHing: Thomsen, Shearer, Wesser, Jorgensen, Gregg. Sfanding Kapple, Newfon, Pickering, Crumrlne. CO-ORDINATORS -- Lefr fo righf: Maclviq, Kclkfy, Ahrens, Froggaff, Heinnan, Spears, Siemens, Andrews, Sessions, Noonan. 17 CN CJUR WAY we elect mony officers who furnish o smooth student government .U '1 5 , , , 1 1 r fx 4 , .4 I 1 w . . l I Y 1 9 our leaders serve us well MARILYN NOREEN Girls' Vice Presidenl BOB MORGENSEN Sludenl Body Presidenl W'50 CABINET--Row l: Noga, Desby, Gill, Noreen, Coco, Anderson. Row II: Sludenl courl 'lries cases ol enlringemenl againsl' sludcnr body laws. The courl Kramer, Armslrong, Larsen, Morgensen, Carlson. Row Ill: Colson, Clapp, Frog- members were Clorinda Coco, Larry Ewing, Gil Lasky, Bello lflusllcr, Barbara gall, sponsor. Pulnam, Mr. Froggall, sponsor: and Mary Crawford. w-wsmgjze, ima.- , , in the winter semester GORDON LARSEN my Boys' Vice Presidenf I , Vw ifziiffif WWWWW Al2 W'S0 SENATORS-LeH fo righfz Kinney, Posifo, Fiuckiger, McKinney. VAGABOND BI2 CLASS SENATORS-Leff +0 righf: Kendall, Barry, Ziegler, Evans. W'50 TENTH GRADE SENATORS-Row I' Nash Moulion, Barrefi. Row li' Pier- W'50 ELEVENTH GRADE SENATORS Kneeiin ' Gardner Sinciair Cokas L nan. . , . . - g. , , , y son, McClain, Swariz. Standing: Wafson, Long, Boyer, Procior. za'-Q new wwf 'FUI'-ilk' Q M l Q1 V T59 ' JOAN ODIORNE Girls' Vice Presidenr BILL GALLAGHER Sfudeni Body preside-nf and in the springtime S'50 CABINET-Row I: Paynier, Bozeman, Pufnam, Kenyon, Murphy, Wiison. The S'5O couri, iiice ine Winier' couri, fried oiienders wiwo broke ine shicienl Row ll: Carison, Barii, Ludiicer, Kasson, Merit Wnife, Barnes. Row Ill: Jones, body iaws. sponsor, Ewing, Gaiiagiwer, Kendall, Quinn. Mariorie Mariin, Janice Merif, Miss Syiva, sponsor, Barbara Puilnam, Larr Ewing, Mr. Duncan, sponsor: Bob Fiarnegin, and Les+er Barnes, vAtumuugxafzx.:'-aenawseimf r"':.m.:,wr!..xmw.emnw.mwmv.Lw ,ww xrxffwn-memxwg r.v1w . x 19 'nu JOHN KENDALL Boys' Vice Presicleni AI2 S'50 SENATORS-Leff Io rigI1f: Jolwn Magliari, Audrey Barry, Belly Shaw, Bill Slevens. BI2 S'50 SENATORS-Dixie Moullon, Leon Evans I00 I k , i V, KA - f L fi , f V ,A ,QQ L I I VW S'50 TENTH GRADE SENATORS-Leff Io rigI1+: Erickson, Breklce, Rule, Tome. S'50 IIII1 GRADE SENATORS-Row I: Kelsey, Farmer, Irvin, Slarling. Row II: Posse- malo, Underwood, I-Ieuer, Moulfon. the boys' and girls' league BOYS' LEAGUE CABINET-SiHing: Colson, presidenlg Harris, vice-presidenl. Sfandingz While, sponsor: Margolin, sergeanl-al-arms: McMillan, secrelary- freasurer. BOYS' AND GIRLS' LEAGUE CAB- INETS-Represen+ing every person ai' Washinglon, The Girls' and Boys' Leagues keep 'Ihe fellows and girls really on I'he ball. Our job is +o pro- mo+e inreresi' in fhe school, pu+ over drives, and help sponsor dances and assemblies. Led by Kalhryn Kramer during +he winfer, 'I'he Girls' League planned The biennial Big and Li1'+Ie Sisfer Parry for 'rhe B10's, +he Chris?- mas holly sale, and a fall fashion show. June 'firs+, Girls' Day, was our major evenl' wi+h Frances Murphy, S'50 prexy, runningg 'Ihe show. Co- sponsoring +he fall and spring "Sad- ies" wi+h +he girls, +he Boys' League, under Frank Colson in +he 'Fall and Jack Quinn in 'Ihe spring, pu+ over such even'Is as 'rhe baslcefball and foofball fournamenls. 50 GIRLS' LEAGUE CABINET-Row I: Murphy, vice-presidenl: Kramer, pres- GIRLS' LEAGUE SCHOOL COMMITTEE-Row I: Ariuro, Corbin Wheeler Jum em' Baril, secrelary. Row II: Crawford, Jumper, G.L.S.C. presidenfg Craig, per, presidenl: Barry, Craig. Row II: Merir, Garo, Kelley, Wesi' Reynolds Ome easurerg I-Iohenlhaner, publicilyg Ross, Usher Squad president Row III: Winch, dian. Row III: Parker, Marlall, Pulnarn, Molello, Moore Marquez Howland Onderman, GAA. president Odiorne, Lang, Paynler, Gill, sponsor. Drahos. Row IV: Rapp, Nylund, Gelman, Argue, Ahrens, sponsor Weesner rfsns. W, Y Q--1 - cabinets spo nsor The Girls' League School CommiH'ee is 'rhal' seclion of +he Girls' League which does all +he "fixin' up" for affairs around +he campus. Our aim is +o brigh+en +he ca'Fe1'eria, 'l'he aud, ancl +he gym for all oc- casions. Shirley Jumper and Joyce Geiman were lhe win+er and summer presidenfs, managing The decoraiing for 'rhe B10 molhers' lea, +he senior breakfast +he m.e+- +ermen's banquef, and bo+h graduarions. GIRLS LEAGUE CABINET-Row l: Wesl, Murphy, presiclenlg Reynolds, Kelley. Row Il Tobias Greisser, Hamillon, Gelman, Smale, Row lll: Woodson, Lyman, Anderson Gill sponsor. S'5O BOYS' LEAGUE COMMITTEE-Lefl lo righl: Underwoogj, vice-presidenl: While, sponsor, Quinn, president Joens, secreiaryyeasurerZ57 P Q' W 0 'sa , . Qi' 1,29 . y ' of i , 423' f i. O . fi 43 ,fsyij A ffl' , I by KJ - fi-ff' . J Q, ,S'50 GIRLS' LEAGUE SCHOOL COMMITTEE-Row l: Ziegler, Molello, Sr Amani, Gelrnan, presidenlg Sullivan, Puinam, Marquez, Corbin. Row II: Parker Ahrens, sponsor, Moore, Reynolds, Prumers, Olson, Nylund, Marlall, Collier Micelli, Barry. Row III: Winninghofl, McKee, Wesi, Boyer, Weesner, Rapp Kelley, Federer, Whilehouse, Walsh, Schwariz, DeVil'a, Craig. our many activities i i The vicforious. team of +i1e Boys' League baakefball fournamenf. Slfflng: Miiier, Wood, Bruce, Harrisi Mc- Groarfy. Sfanding: Paiagyi, Mofwcriif, Tiwcmas, Forbes, W'5O League Presidemts da ia Gam Q50 League Pr-egidenfs Sally ciemonsfrafes fha zippers on the FRANCES MURPHY JACK QUINN HZ? Bf3Zfi'Y3ndWi2li?Gn'kJCZii"i2ii 11.W"'a ua xa' ,.vs throughout the year These are a 'few of lhe many eager parlicipanls Allempling a pass in -lhe noon league lournamenl' in fhe Boys' League 'foolball 'l'ournamen'l'. Leif +o are Terrel and Robinson. righf: Clara, Garner, Adolph, and Luymes. Diane Quiclr, Gefchen Grams, Nancy Reams, and Carol Barnharl' moclel spring Arlean Armsfrong, winner of lhe Girls' League Tennis fournamenl, pauses afler dresses as Sally Spinner, in cenfer, moderates 'lhe show. viclorious game while 'lhe o'l'l1er con+es'lan+s loolr on. usher and traffic squads BOYS' USHER SQUAD-Row I: Genalernpo, Earley Barnes, Harris, Taunlon, Colson, Surman, Van Vliel Paclc. Row II: McVey, Teschner, Magliari, Sleele, cap fain: Clapp, Marqolin, captain, Armslrong, Sleyens Hirsch, Burden, Row III: Kraus. Pederson, Reuler Grippo, l'larries, Jeslcey, Reeye, I'looI4s, Colcas, Jones sponsor. Row IV: M1Millan, English, Gordon, Carlson Kinney, Laslmy, Yanrey, Hays, Salazar, Wilson, Skrum bis Weiniei GIRLS' SERVICE SQUAD--Row I: Baril, Jumper, Grey, Ross, president Carey, Wilson, Annis, Corbin, Barry, Wheeler, Row II: Pulnam, Thompson, Klalle, Odiorne Anderson, Mariharl, Meril, Bozeman Jarrell. Row III: Hamilfon, ST. Amanl, Earnshaw, Reynolds, Canfonwine Winch, Crawford, Cunningham, sponsor: Argue. TRAFIC SQUAD-Row I: Panos, I-lulchins, Kiess, Kravilz, Malcolm, Milner, Morrisselle, C. Murray, Row II: Beedle, Black, Block, Brooks, Burden, Clapp, Cal- dron, Easlman, Ely, Georgeanne, Row Ill: J. Pass, M. Pass, Rals+on, Randolph, Reclor, Sullivan, Renlcen, Rosenkranfz, Runyon, Sears, ilimms. Row IV: Weslrale, Evans, Nicholas, Johnston, D. Murray, Yales, Laslcy, Holm, Burlchail, Thomas, Heughins, Summons, sponsor. serve the school A...-QM' www'-We STUDENT SERVICE PERIOD I-Row I: Fardy, Spaulding. Whilehouse, Kinder, Talge, Peck Knighl, James, Schugens. Row II: Bullerfield Jordan, Milchell, Berger, Bradford, Weber, Harris, I-Ians, Pischke, Rixey, Corbell, Bralcher, Lillefloren. Row III: Evans, Funk, Leiloengood Byars, Elfman, Curiel, Arnily, Andersen, Wilson I-Iadley, Grippi, Ailken, J. Payne, Crane, O Payne, Shaler, Smilh, Knighl. STUDENT SERVICE PERIOD II-Row I: Van Blaricom, Cowdrey, Cowgill, Dolan, Alvis, Olander, Gobel, Beach, DeLay. Row II: Sims, Pulnarn, Wilson, Elach, Morlon, Cue-nod. Mor- ris, Ronk. Row III: Ballard. McMahon, Herron, Garo, Cusler, Maieski, Gelman, Pleym, Harle. Row IV: Winninghohl, Weyanl, Swarlhoul, Johnson, Allen, Riker, Ulley. STUDENT SERVICE-Those days are gone for- everg I'he days when we could casually walk Ihrough +he halls during class lime. Now when we approach any of 'Ihe main buildings we are immediafely slopped by a sI'uden+ service work- er on du+y, and our hall pass is asked for. How- ever, hall duly is no'I' I'he only phase of sludenl' service work. There are some of us who help Ihe 'Ieachers wilh Iheir work and sI'iII ofhers who assisl' I'he co-ordina'I'ors and run numerous er- rands for fhe people in 'rhe offices. DAVE ARMSTRONG CLOEY COCO Fall Sludenl Service Presidenls ambitious students work XS.. Ives i swirg STUDENT SERVICE PERIOD III-Row I: Mur- ray. Lineberger, Brown, Becta, GIaudini, EngIisIw. Row II: Becareiia, Cinecttrnan, Weaxfer, Hutch- inson, Turner, Yates, Middieton, Lindstronn. Row III: Maisadc, Macioar, Earnsnaw, Siiwonk, Kut- scniqa, Moore, WiIt, ZarnpeIIi, STUDENT SERVICE PERIOD IV-Row I: Moore, CIerIc. DeRusI1a, MaItIer, SctiuIt2, Harnes. Row II: Wedin, Robertson, Wtteeier, Carey, Odi- orne, D. Harding, M. Harding, Garvin, Frog- qatt. Row III: Strode, Bishop, Eio, Moore, AIA Ien, Stokes, Dure, King. Row IV: J. Smith, Hoo- per, M, Srnitn Doukas, CobIe, Quinn, Robin, son, R,cIw, I-Iarrus, Tickering, Trupp, Records, Needie, Coiley, Efiosen. Store. in II1e I1aII and offices STUDENT SERVICE PERIOD V-Row I: Douq Ias, Grams, Fiore, Earnsworfh, Parker, Fenneli, Lund, lenning. Row II: Gaibraifln, Win+I1er, Thompson, Morgan, Anderson, Nagy, Guadif nino, Lauia, Bania, GiIIe+Te. RowIII:AiIcen, Des- mond, PIume-rs, Burgess, Wiiliams, I-Ienriclcsen, Colbert I-Iansen. Row IV: Benish, Buier, Scnad, Cue-nod, Mandeson, Gordon, Cornell, Cook, Sfoufsenberger, Sandoval, Lyrnes, Aamodt Elanegin, Skrumbis, Bennie, Rowan, Wilson, Van Vlier, Szana, Baggeii, CorneII. STUDENT SERVICE PERIOD VI-Row I: Wai son, BenneH, Thompson, Wiison, Kemp, Lifiwere Iand, Georgeanne, Barry, Woiie, I-Ianoocic, Lang. Row II: Parish, Penn, Rivera, Barii, Hohn- son, Sims, I-Iuman, Asnfon, Pucci, Odiorne, Craig, Row III: Oliver, Argue, Barii, Curfman, MuI'IicIc, Lewis, Anderson, Wheeier, Frankiin, Cofa, KeIIey. Row IV: Parlciiursf, Sneldrake. GoodaIe, Severns, Jones, Denney, Gailaglwer. Brown, Jarreii, Smeifzer, Barninari. ROSANNA BARIL LES BARNS Summer SIudenI Service Presidenfs Qmsgerwiis-We W'50 SURRVEYOR STAFF-Row l: McCamenl, Canlonwine, Annis, Corbin, Craig, Aillcen, Row ll: Burneff, spon- sorq Nash, Marlin, Carson, Niven, Gessler, Baril, Desby edilor-in-chief: Kasson, associafe edifor: Barry, Wegner, Soderberg, sponsor, Row Ill: Robison, Smilh, Raps, Coils, Newron, Balmer, Mclleynolds, Virlue, Glassman. Nydam. Row IV: Graham, Cohen, Hulchins, Ferio, Rosenfeld, Floyd, Bruce, Sellzer, Sowby, Colson, Hirsch, Bovdslon. or we V fe' W? V P f X C1 Auclrey Barr. Rosanna Bavil Sk Jonn vCarisfr I 2 i Connie Deso, CONNlE DESBY M M gs Q W'5O Surveyor Edilor 13,7 Jan liasor " Ralph La ','.' S31 Qi Brookie Marrin Xe., Bob Virlue W5O QUILL AND SCRCLL Jan Kasson helps Jaclcie Moore, Jerry Balmer, Marlin man seleci Hue right words. members fype 'lheir copy. McReynolds, and Jeff Glass- Bob Boyclslon, Jackie Moore, and SUI' "Our paper was really on ihe beam lhis semesfer. The regular weelrly edifions were made possible by fhe hard worlr of all of us enihusiasiic slaff members urged on by "Deadline Desby" and Mr. Soclerberg, lrnown 'ro fhe slaff as "Sodie." Our up-+o- lhe-minufe news coverage, edi+orials, per- sonali+ies, and sporls sfories have made +he Surveyor one of +he finesi high school pa- pers in +he ciiy. We +oolc second place in +he All-Cify High School Paper Coniesl for ihe fall semesfer. L...,J ,, ,,. I ,,,. . g -'-'-.. , '2'2 i . ....... x ,ago ,.-,- r., Phyllis Wilson discuss copy, while ofher siaff OI' "Foriy lashes if you don"r meei iomorrow's deadline." The sweei voice of summer edu for Jan Kasson issued fhis ulfimaium almosr weekly in Bungalow 20, and we Surveyor iles poured over copy and worked like mad afrer school and in+o fhe laie hours of 'lhe nighf. Even lhough somefimes we did seem fo swea+ blood while publishing our paper we are very proud of ii: affer all +he Sur veyor has achieved All-American rafing 'lor high school papers. Special issues 'rhis sem es-fer have included ihe always popular April Fool's edifion, homecoming edilion and fhe final special graduaiion edifion S50 SURVEYOR Rowl Barll Combs Wegner Moore Kasson GdI'l'OF Barry Row II Carson McCamenl sion Cassievens Rosenfeld Baker Glassman Cohen Adele Annns Janel Carson lna Mae Niven Don Nydam Dick Sowby Lois Wegner We S 50 QUILL AND SCROLL Connie Desby gives special aHen+ion +o problems of +he sfalif members. Sfanley Cohen discusses a picrure assignmenf wiih siaff members while Mr Soderberg looks on and Jackie Sfambach works on her copy ff' N Srambach, Go'r'lsTCuenool, Nydam, Sowby, Virhie, Wilsbn, Canlonwined Row Ill: Soderlberg, sponsor: Boyd-I , . . A : - AJ ,ii - I iziz , M- "':' ':1 ., I 3 . ui Y s in Sw 9 I memory makers I .ff ff . , ss ns gn ll JOHN CARLSON STEVE BUDAI Ed?Ior-in-Chief AFI Edifor ,,gw'T' W'---L. ' ' M .sw - W 'Www ,,,..,, .... ..., 24 21, fi WINTER '50 CONTINENTAL STAFF- Row I: MafIaII, SmaIe, Benneft assisfan edifcri CarIson. edlforq Budai, arf editor MazeIow, assIsIan+ arf ednorz I-Iorfon Row II: Cruicksnanks, Marquez, Mudd I-IoIIanCI, Mabboff, WI5son, DraI1os.Oum- edian, Row III: Ronk, Brews+er, Cnurfn III, Coonfz, LurIw+, Reese, FranIfIIn CIapp, MargoIIn, CoIson, MiIIer, am sponsor: Knapp. sponsor. SUMMER '50 CONTINENTAL STAFF- Row I: BSVTVIGII, assisfanf ediforp Schenk LiI'I1erIand, Morgan. WeIdav, Payn+eIx Row II: WI1I+1'IeId. MazeIow, SrnaIe, CruiiIcsI1anIcs,MarIaI+, Row III: MIIIer, arf sponsor: Jannz, SeI+zer, RaIsIon, CarIson, ediforz Budal, arf ediforq LInderniIl, Reese. Knapp, sponsor Barbara Marlall, group piclure edilor, lell, confers wilh Phoebe Smale, copy edilor, cenler, while Couri- ney Jahnz righi, lisiens in. Wrile fhai' copy! Cui' fhose picfuresl We slaves on 'lhe Confinenral siaff cringe in s+ark +error when we hear +hese words issuing from +he moufh of our masier, Johnny Carlson, as he 'Fig- ura+ively cracks 'lhe whip over our heads. Assisfed by Alice Benne'H, he 'forces us 'ro wri're miles of copy, cu'r hundreds of piciures, copy pages of layoufs, and do all kinds of odd jobs. We really don'+ mind lhough, because we enioy our work and we know +he super book we expec+ fo +urn-ou+ will compensale us for our efforfs. The hours we spenf in fhinking, wriiing, figuring proporiions, and compiling lisfs of names will be rewarded when we see our efforfs in prin+. ln years +o come we shall remember wilh amuse- meni' lhe agonized efforfs of our fellow members 'lo wriie copy: we shall remember wifh pleasure all fhe fun we had faking names for picfures. Yes, we enjoyed every bil of if. Alice Benne-H, assisrani edilor, walches wilh inleresr as John Carlson, edilor, gives direclions lor lhe proper cropping of a phoro, l Miss Meluice Knapp, sponsor, supervises lhe sorling Miss l-lenrielle Miller, arf sponsori cenler, discusses of senior pholos. Lefi 'lo righf: Barbara Paynler, Wal- layoul problems wilh Sieve Budai, arl ediior, righr, da Welday, Doris Cruickshanks, senior piclure edilory and Frances Mazelow, assisranl' arl edilor, leil, Miss Knapp, Gladys Morgan, and Peggy Whiriield. VOCATIONAL PRINTERS-Row l: Freedman, Salazar, Dalria, Carmona, Goff. Row II: Ferio, Roiman, l-lulchins, l-lorvalh, Cloud. Row III: Floyd Frischkneckl, Casslevens. Casile, Burn-ell, sponsor. General siaii problems are handled by slali members. Back row-leff fo righlz Agnes Lilherland, Bob Under- hill, Jerry Reese, Gerrie Schenk. Fronf row: Jim Ral- slon, Barbara Paynier, chief rypisl for lhe spring semesler. Joan Horlon, winler senior piclure edilor, cenler, dis- cusses a piclure wilh Bill Franklin and Jerry Reese, leil, while Theresa Ronk presides al ihe Typewrirer. ON CDUR WAY we ioin organizations making many new and interesting trienals I 3 i l i i 1 1 J Q 1 1 4 4 Q i i 1 1 -.--fs, ., Z friendship is our goal ADELPHIANS AND JUNIOR ADELPHIANS-Specialisfs in friendship! We have a loffy goal, fo help make fhe world a friendlier place. All of us fenfh grade Junior Adelphians, as well as upper class Adel- phians help send packages overseas, visif spasfic children every week, and represenf fhe school af every possible World Friendship meefing. ln addifion fo fhis welfare work we manage fo squeeze in parfies, picnics. and ofher social acfivifies. A CAPPELLA CHOlR-We like fo sing! Alfhough many of us mighf be scared fo deafh fo sing a solo, we all really love fo ioin ofher members of fhe newly creafed A Cappella Choir in presenfing pro- grams of semi-classical music. We especially enioyed fhe exchange program wifh Dorsey's choir. ART HONOR-We who love fo draw and have more fhan an average abilify advance in Arf Honor. We represenf fhe besf in arf performance fhaf Washingfon can produce. BAND-Are we on fhe beam! ln our slick new uniforms we preformed excellenfly leverybody fells us sol af rallies and foofball games where our sfunfs and spirifed playing back up fhe roofers in fheir hearfy supporf of fhe feams. ADELPHIANS-Row l: Nagy, Vicker, Moore, Pedersen, Georgeanne, Gofa, Anderson, Froelich, Win' ninghoff, Moe, Wesf, Henricksen, Nelson, Berke. Row II: l-larns, Wade, Johnson, Gusfer, Weber, D. Harding, hisforiang Moulfon vice-presidenf: Sullivan, presidenfg M. Harding, Erickson, Jarreff, freasurerg Moore, Sfokes, Allen, Goddard, Schulfz. Row lll: Kelly, Schoneweg, Wolfe, Bozeman, Yafes, Turner, Poundsfone, Nauman, Skiocl, Wegner, McMahon, Durclen, Needle, Smifh, Benesh, Buier, Hans, Kelsey, Pechfman. Row IV: Cloyed, Gray, Romero, Peck, Ries, Baril, Paynfer, Fucci, Ashfon, Lang, Crain, Ludiker, Schickner, Mazelow, Crawford, Barry, Dixon, Morfon, Colberf, Whiffield, Muflick. Row V: O'Neal, Nelson, l-luman, Cornell, Greenup, Davidson, Lifherland, Woodson, Knighf, Wayman, Buss, Lyman, Kelley Duff, Gallagher, Marlaff. Row Vl: Palagyi, Hudson, Cronin, Schenk, Marfin, Velzy, Wise, Ferrara, Herron, Welday, Merif, Federer, Long, Mariharf, lves, Murphy, Garard, Gruickshanks. JUNIOR ADELPHIANS-Row l: Grippi, Schuliz, Power, Hulburf, Belyea, Wyrick, freasurerg J. Schneider, secrefary: Garas, vice-presidenfg Schwarfz, Grams, Herfzog, sponsor. Row ll: Guenod, Burns, l-lerrler, Irvin, Kern, Vollmer, Winfer, Dimifriou, Funk, DeVifa, A. Pernechele, R. Pernechele. Row III: Gray, Smiih, Ayres, Reese, Hood, Fric- son, Reynolds, Phinney, Woodrich, Hachen- berg, Gregory, Argue. Row IV: Baril, Cor- beff, Elfman, Schneider, Bilello, Reina, Bra- ievich, Arfega, Landgraf, Liebeler, Tobias, Lee, Dressler. Row V: Kilgore, Curfman, All- gower, Farrell, Ufley, Taylor, Parker, Mc- Clain, Sfambach, l-lunfling, Marlaff, Ashfon. 1,2 .15 J'-fl ,,... A CAPPELLA CHOIR Row I: Rowe, Rocco, Szana, Cryslal. Mc- Millan, Turchi, Sellzer, Cissna, Shook, Ho- henfhaner, Olander, Chernow, Beezhold. Row ll: Posilo, Salez, Tannehill, Erickson Norris, Meyer, Lawson, Davidson, Buchea Odiorne, Sims, McCamenl, Nash. Row Ill: Lyman, sponsor: Sinai, Canale, Scoll, Fucci, Palagyi, Turk, Bishop, Wilcox, Early, Han- cock, Rigas, Sumovich. Row IV: Morgan. Dean, Janes, McCormick, Wilson, Riley. Shear, Penriebaker, Prurners, Farmer, Galla- gher Flach, Aiken. Row V: I-lall, Minzlall Meril, O'Neal, Ives, Fragale, Garard, Schwein, Weiss, DeRisio, Smale, Morlon, Mariharf, Earnshaw, Simpson. ART HONOR Row I: Oumedian, Cowdrey, Wilson, Mab- bolf, Molello, Chernow, Parish. Row II: Nuzzo, Henderson, Marquez, Budai, Colson, vice-president Luchl, president Mazelow, Ireasurerg Parker, Mudd, Drahos, secrelary. Row Ill: Ahrens, sponsor: Clapp, Shear, Lovisa, Selfzer, Coonlz, Smale, Harding Prumers, Olson, Churchill, Moore, I-lazell sponsor. I BAND Row I: Muller, lrisler, Pellegrino, Jani, Sioslrom, Winler, Row II: Sumner, E. Bid- dlecomb, Walker, Read, A. Biddlecomb, Akers, Huber, Rooney, Simmons. Row III: Pallerson, Ralslon, Karnashian, Carlson, Reu- Ier, Lawhn, Guerlin, Palmer, Cusler. Row IV: Skinner, Glasgow, Adams, Mansolino, Davis, Champlin, Lien, Lewis, Slurgeon, Diericing, Schlosser. Row V: Popp, Beach, Brenner, Mclver, Aldrich, Surnock, Abboli, direclory Ewing, Gray, Jones. harmony beauty rhyth m HGMQ' BOOKKEEPING CLUB-Taking 'lime oul from pouring over our ledger sheels, we of 'ihe Bookkeeping Club mee+ each Monday a+ noon. Organized lo furlher an in'l'eresl' in l'he ancienl' arl of balancing accounls, l'his club offers us an opporl'unil'y lo gel be'H'er acquainfed wi'l'hone anolher. Eligibilily is limiled lo sludenls enrolled in a bookkeeing class. As a service 'lo our deparlmenl, we supply business educalion week. We usually enjoy several social affairs lhroughoul lhe year. Pauline Federer Jane Smilh has presided during S'50. Row l: Smllh, MacLean, B. Schullz, vice-presidenl: Federer, presidenl: Horn, secrelaryg Froehlich, Argue, Erickson, Rose, Flora, King, Lee, Frazier, Rhyne, l-luberl, Smilh, Anderson, Lyle, Goodman, zales, Richler Sage, Hood DeSues J. Paine, B Paine, Recami, Ficara, George, Paynler, Gregory, rooms wilh flowers each was W'50 presidenl, while lreasurerg D. Schullz. Row ll: Lipp. Row lll: Schindler, Gon- Hackenberg, Tobias, Hoichkiss, sponsor. Row'lV: Alvis, Sidne, MacDonald, Cuccio, Corbell, D'Eramo, S. Smilh, Ward, Whullield, Herrler, J. Smifh, Ayres, Wrighi, Payne. commerical majors CHRONIANS-Since world condilions make hislory, we social sludies maiors eagerly delve inlo presenl day affairs. Miss Hodgens, our sponsor who spenl las+ year as an exchange 'leacher in England, direcls our aclivilies so lhal we become acquainled wil'h problems and condilions in counlries encircling ihe globe. Our main projecl' +his year has been compiling dala aboul' Washinglon High School and Los Angeles in'lo an informalive scrap book which we shall send lo 'lhe girls' school in Bal'h, England, where Miss Godley has resumed ieaching afler reluming from her year al' Washingl-on as an exchange leacher. We have enjoyed several socials lhroughoul' 'lhe year. Barbara Decker has been presidenl' of +his World Frienship Club during W'50 and Jane Poundslone during S'50. Sillingz Allgower, Robey, Decker, presiclenlg Pearce, Belyea, Power. Slanding: Gregory, Armsirong, Slarnbach, Hodgens, sponsor: Velzey, McClain, Coonlz, Niven, vice-presidenl. my mi' ' ' ,ms .c ..i:f25:5s5s,.,-51525555,g , , PWYB' ' f COMMERCIAL CHATTER-We dig oul' all kinds of informa- lion aboul l'he sl'uden'ls and leachers in lhe Business Educalion Deparlmenl, and assemble lhis informal'ion info a lillle bi- monlhly publicalion called Commercial Challer. Each issue conlains personalily profiles of bolh leachers and s+uden+s, in addi'l'ion 'lo l'he ioke page and a lis'l' of "brains" in l'he commer- cial classes. Be'Hy Ludiker and Pal' Har'lin shared edilorship for W'50. Peggy Hook has officialed as S'50 edi'l'or. Silrlingz l-luman, assislanl edilorg Harlin, co-edilor: Ludiker, co-edilorg M. Harding. Slandingz l-look, Guerlin, l-lyink, Chrislian, sponsor. "f' W, :': Magy ar? '-:... :-fa::1:1:s..:z.a.a.:lf j f ,Mu ' X f f , Z ff if 44-fm 1 r ,fwfr , I 4 l .. ....,., H, , , W K, 4 ' Z. ,rf "-'I---w WW 5 -of 1 s l'mfman 1 COMMERCE HONOR-We are fhe "brains" of fhe Commercial Deparfmenf, for only 1-hose who have A's and B's in commercial subiecfs are enfifled fo belong. Each Friday af noon we meef fo plan our social affairs, fhe semi-annual commerce aud. and fhe gef-acquainfed fea for new commercial sfu- denfs. We enfhusiasfically look forward each semesfer fo fhe semi-annual insfallafion of officers, where fhe fradifional spagheffi and chocolafe cake are served. W'50 presiclenf was Beffy Ludiker, S'5O presi- denf, Barbara Paynfer. Row l: Federer, freasurerg Briffon, Kelly, Ludilcer, presidenfg Wolfe, Paynfer, vice-presidenlg Schulfz, Hood, l-lulbursf Row II: Crawford, Kramer, Grey, Froehlich, Fardy, Evans. Spaulding, l-larfin, Guerfin, Valenzuela, Cook, Smifh. Row lll: Srnifh, Brimhall, MacLean, Harding, Ashlon, Human, Nelson, Wegner, l-lunfling, Schneider, Gudgeon, Whiffield, Over- field, sponsor. historians, and singers GIRLS' GLEE CLUB-We are fhe girls in whife and green. If you should hear us humming fhe scale, you may be sure fhaf we are readying ourselves for one of fhose appearances fhaf Washingfon's Girls' Glee Club is famous for. Willing fo warble af fhe drop of a haf, we sing, during fhe year, af numerous school and communify evenfs, among fhem P.-T. A. meefings and fhe semi-annual Big and Liffle Sisfer parfy. Jeaneffe Donnelly was our W'50 presidenf. Row l: Parish, Vollmer, freasurery Tindall, Donnelly, presidenlg Russelc, secrefaryq Greaves, vice-presidenfq Marmadulce. Row II: Ab- bafe, l-laycoclc, DeGraflenreid, DeLuna, Wafe, Klaesges, Lyle, Simon, Ray A. Treskes, B. Treslces, Eden, Chapman. Row lll: Koonfz, Hall, Johns, Mclinighf, Goodman, Gafes, Pederson, Jackson, Del.ay, Sfevenson, Tyler, Curie-l, Mullens. Row IV: Winsfon, Ousbye, Gihlsforf, Young, Mel-lafley, Zucco, Davise, sponsor, Coleman, Kro nquisf, Blackburn, Woods, Palmer, l-lall. 'W V I ........ 'I . . 1'f4q A', gwj f' ' l J Q S l I I e W l V gn f. , , I 3 I i ' unix in 7 Q f 3 E :l , J 5' ' 5 i r?"Tlmw?e2 , 5 I Y ,,,, . ....,. . i rwvirvvwi -. Q7 K' ' 'WN' ,W 'lf 4 , v""'Q:, , 4 ' Y K4 .. il' ' Y 'f if "W i' u ow ef f Q. N i il cm if 9' g as , AV , . ,iw gy P53 we Yi 5 e va 9' l v aycvulma 'cz 2 sv' Qyfs L ! fx 'ln ri? Y GYM CLUB-We are +he grear "co-ordina- 'I'ors". Working oui' wiih Mr. Perry many hours affer school, we have gained complefe confrol. We show fhis +raining and skill a+ all 'rhe meefs. wheiher i+ be wrilhing up a rope, balancing on one knee. or doing flip-flops on +he bars. Row l: Colson, presidenlg Lynch, Hull, laia, Evans, Slrausheim, vice-presidenl: Yancey, Guleserian. Row II: McCusker. Sweezey, l-larries, Myiyos, Salazar, Ross, Falkenslien, Perry, sponsor. Row Ill: Gornen, Gardner, Mays, Hass, Freeze, Voss, Brown, francais LE CERCLE FRANCAl5-Acufely aware of fhe flu- ency of Miss Sin+es's and Miss Miquel's French, we French Clubbers s+rive fo perfecr "ze delighfful accen+". Thai "Young Man wilh a Horn", Larry Ewing, has been presidenf and agrees 'thai member- ship in fhe club gives us a good opporluniiy fo mas+er fhe language beffer because of fhe various social affairs where members pracfice +heir French wifh on anofher. Row I: Awislrong, Muliiick. Garvin, Walson, Zurfo l-lubbeil. Moody. Row II: Rollins, Glassrnari, Pefk, Ewing, sefrelaryelreasurert Neron, vice-presidenli Lee presidenl: Wade, Bu and, Bfeson, Berke, Cafes. Row lll:: Miguel, sponsor: Adolph, Nickolas, Evarone, Malfolm, Underwood, Pcssernalo, Moog Forbes, Sin- les sponsor. laHnum LATIN CLUB-Though we don'f all have Roman noses, we alfempf fo undersiand lhe days of old Rome by reading selec+ions from Caesar and Cicero. A+ +he semi-annual language banquei we 'fry fo recaplure fhe aimosphere of ancienf days by languidly draping ourselves in lhe while robes fypical of ihai era. Row l: Pilger, vice-presidenly Blanke, presidenl, Mar- lall, secrelaryz Mullinix, ireasurer: Gregory, Lowe Goble, sponsor. Row II: Allsen, Prime, Larsen, Fein' slein, Worlh, Yaies, Poundslone, Pucci, Carlson, Row III: Deason, Weber, Moore, McCamenl. Neuman, Lamb. Row IV: Lund, Desmond, Sabin, Cruise, Wells, Winch, Marlin, Schenk. Row V: Slnanman, Wigksei, Carroll, Mnnarrh Beazley, ldljrwili, espanol SPANISH CLUB-Aslonishing ourselves, as well as our friends, we ol lhe Spanish Club ollen reel oll inlelligenl phrases in our lavorile lang- uage. We love lhe old songs ol Spain lhal we sing al our meelings. Il is doubllul, somelimes, whelher il is lhe old members or lhe new ones in whom lhe Iighl ol comprehension 'Firsl dawns al our meelings, which are conducled in Spanish. Row I: Pallerson, Buchwald, Gray, Barry, lreas- urer, Talge, secrelary: Odiorne, Horlon, presi- denly Murphy, vice-preseidenlq Brewsler, Frall, Bach, Nicol, Lancasler. Row Il: Draper, spon- sor: Emerson, Smilh, Lewis, Procler, Yapel, I-lohenlhaner, Cush, I-larns, Maslers, Moe, Kel- sey, Douglas, Niven, Turner, Eklunol, sponsor: Gagne, sponsor. Row III: Barrella, Sinai, Moore, Baril, Arluro, Shaw, Marlin, Harris, Hollman, Barsam, Hans, Covall, Eshleman, Nelson. Row IV: Frasier, Greenup, Hamillon, Greisser, Cor- nell, Fluckiger, Kasson, Hopkins, Thompson, Leverell, Slevenson, Long, Bennell. Row V: Manderson, Lamph, Harlman, McCullam, Eaker, I-lulsleller, Taylor, von Ravensburg, Newlon, Lawson, Brekke, Van Vliel, Quinn, MATH CLUB-We figure il adds up lhal we who're inleresled in Malh, should ioin lhis club. Mr. Johnson, sponsor, is our "inlellecluaI compensalorf' Row I: Lalazan, Scoll, secrelary-lreasurerp Eaker, Peck, Ewing, Sheller. Row ll: Russell, Lane, vice-presidenl: Schnierer, Erkel, Fink, Fallon, Pelerson, Cush, presidenlg Johnson, sponsor. ORCHESTRA-We are lhe aeslhelically in- duslrious. Calmly ignoring an occasional crack- ed moulhpiece or a broken slring, we delighl ourselves, and Mr.Abboll, whenever we presenl a good program. The long rehearsals and dili- genl praclices pay-off al a Clel Club Aud or a noon concerl, when we display our lalenls and our liking for music. Row I: Clark, Crawlord, Gladys Popp, Schock, Filield, Fisher, Weymann, Adams, Abboll, di- reclory Sleed, Grela Popp, Bennell, Moon, Giles, While. Row Il: Blankenship, Grillin, Page, Henderson, Tiplon, Drysdale, Glick, Covall, Humphreys, Pellegrino, Mays, Muller, Surnock, Mansolino, Guerlin, Lien, Smilh, Plall, Bowe, Reuler. calculalors symphonic pen pushers-secretaries i WK www ip! :Tw . SCRIBES-We are anofher group a++emp'ring io promoie world friendship. We worlred eagerly fo accomplish +his purpose by sending CARE boxes +wice a mon+h fo European couniries. This was fhe mosf impor+an'r of our proiecfs, bu+ we also corres- ponded wiih people in England, Germany, Denmark, and Japan. We found if loads of fun having pen pals in o+her coun+ries. Under fhe direcfion of our +wo presidenls, Doro+hy Parlcer for +he winfer and Pauline Briffon for fhe summer, we had a very successful year. Row l: Mazelow, Froehlich, recording sezrelaryf Winninghofl, lreasurerg Anderson, Ansorge. Row ll: Chernev, sponsor: George eanne, Deason, Johnson, corresponding secrelaryq Parker, pres- ident Goodale, vice-president Row lll: Cola, Wesl, Holbroolc, Curiel. SHORTHAND CLUB-Wifh our pencils poised and our nole- boolrs ready, we lis+en for +he sound of Miss Rollins' voice as she s+ar'rs giving dic+a+ion a+ one of our noon meelings. Here we add +o our classroom knowledgee of shorfhand and become even more eFficien+ af wrifing if. A+ +he ins+alla+ion, which we had a week afler fhe elcfion of new officers, +he gavel was furned over fo Pal Har+in. A+ fhe close of lhe ceremony re- freshmenfs were served. SiHing: Milchell, Ashlon, l-luman, secrelaryq Harlin, presidenly Slegner, vice-president Luclilcer, M. Harding, lreasurer.S+anding: Brillon, Mefz, Bull, Rollins, sponsor, Ove-rfield, sponsor: Guerlin, Nelson, Bassi. managers ATHLETIC CABINET-Behind fhe scenes af every afhleiic evenl' we members of fhe afhlefic cabinei may be Found. Our iobs, which consisf largely of geffing fhe equipmen+ ready for every game and evenr, bring us in close coniacf wi'rh +he par+icipan+s in every sport During foofball season we are lcepf busy being wafer boys, Then when lraclr lime, wifh all ifs varied evenfs, comes, we are lcepl especially busy. ln baseball, gym, and 'tennis seasons we also do our bil. We enjoy doing ihis service for ihe school. Row I: Pederson, Taylor, Guyelle, While. Row II: Buller, Shelley, Snyder, l-lusing, Evans, Sanders, sponsor. future teachers CLEF CLUB-We mad musicians of Wash- ingfon really siarf fearing our hair when fhe lime for our semi-annual program draws near. These Clef Club conceris in+roduce fhe besl' musical falenf of 'rhe school fo 'lhe S+uden+ Body in fwo of ihe mosi popular assemblies of ihe year. On +he social side, we had a super inifiaiion highlighfed by a colossal barbeque and a dance. Row l: Covali, Beezhold, vice-presideni: Cruickshanlcs, hisloriang Mays, Treasurer: Nicholas, president Leverefi, secreiaryq Simpson. Row Il: Merii, DeRusha, Rossel, Gihlsiorlri, McCormick, Hubbell, Benneil, Middleion, Osborne, Olander. Row III: Da- vise, sponsor: Jani, Fralella, Glick, Edwards, Pellegrino, Winler, Muller, Price, Vander- laan, Snoolc, Dean. advisers BAND LETTERMEN-Afrer diligenily fooling and banging on our ins+rumen+s for +wo semesrers we members of Washing'ron High's band are eligible for band leH'ermanship. Our main purpose is 'lo mainiain 1'he sfandards of 'rhe band and +o promoie inleresi' in if. We also ins+ruc'l' The new band siudenis in ihe marching roulines. During 'lhe pasi' year fhe gavel wielding Jerry Lawhon, president and our sponsor, Mr. W.J. AbboH' led us in our sci-iviiies and under- rakings. SiHing: A. Biddlecomb, Pellegrino, vice-presidenig Lawhon, pres- idenig Winler, 'rreasurerg E. Biddlecornb. Sianding: Trisler, Ral- slon, Mclver, Carlson, Read, Reuler, Abboil, sponsor. CADETS-"Will 'rhe class please come +o order?" This +eacher looks a liHle 'I'oo youfhfull Bui' don'+ mosi' s+uden'rs? You see rhis feacher is only a slu- den+, a cadef, +aking over for parf of a period. We are members of Washing+on's Fu+ure Teachers of America Club. In addi+ion 'l'o helping 'rhe feachers of 1'he school, we +oolc a 'lrip +o 'rhe Children's Orfhopedic Home where we 'l'Old srories +o +he pafienfs: made scrapboolcs and sen'I' +hem +o hos- pi+als: and had an Easier parfy +ha'r really was a success. Richard Brown was presidenr for +he win- +er +erm and Wayvl Whifehouse for 'l'he spring. Row l: Black, Simpson, secreiary-lreasurerg Brown, presidenl Coia, Georgeanne. Row II: Whilehouse, Pederson, Barron, Cro nin, Wilson, Smiih, Smale. Row lll: Price, Buscumb, Hodgman sponsor, Walson, Shear. music lovers CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP-Row I: Rolhman, Curlrighl, ireasurerg Ellison, vice-presidenly Sipanlzi, presidenlg Burgess, sponsor: Eshlernan, secreraryp Mullinix. Ousbye, 0'Donnell. Row II: Thagard, Eosler, Lund, Aiken, Sims, Beezhold, Baleson, While, Hoover, Baas. Row Ill: Hook, Kendall, Hicks, Ailken, Harper, Dill, Cook, Lineberger, Horn, Cowdry, Rich, Blackman, Manso- lino. Row IV: Middleron, Pope, Gudgeon, Earnswor+h, Bach, Parish, Wrighl, Popp, Blankenship, Schock, Poole, Bush. Row V: Palferson, Plall, Malher, Erischknechl, Wedin, Brown, Hawcrowfl, Decker, Marcy, Roser, Bradiord, Klinkers, Maquill, Acord, Kelly, Horiin, Eden. Row III: Ramsey, Sulev, Pederson, Slacy. Cally, Lickhaller, Samarqe Slipes, Coulure, Cuenod, Axe, sponsor. Row IV: Kulschka, Monlesano, McDonald, Rocco, Win- ninghoil, Wesl, Robb, Deason, Mae, Moore. LETTERMEN'S CLUB-Row I: Wear, Van Vliel, Sleele, Chobanian, presideril: Becker, vice presideni: Jordan, secrefary-rreasurery Kraus, Margolin. Row ll: Payne, Jeskey, Harris. Luymes Serrio, Bellucci, Wilson, Berner, Morgansen, Underhill, Belew. Row III: Buller, Benson, Hariman McGuire, Schnierer, Dennis, Whiimore, Elanegin. Row IV: Canzone, Keyian, Squires, Harris, Swarfhoul, Rahos, Edwards, Smifh, Cissna, Anderson, Row V: Ronci, Jones, Reina, McKinney Franklin, Evans, Cokas, Hooks, Eaucell, Riley, Miller. 46 CAMERA CLUB-Row I: Tolson, Nelson, Anderson, Eroehlich, Nagy, Brown, Row ll: Solo- monian, Kulka, Jahnz, vice-presidenlg Maguill, presidenl: DeVine, lreasurerg Wolfe, secrerary' idealisls CHRISTIAN F E L L O W S H I P-"Hymn iesIs" and a message from a visiiing minis- 'rer are always a par+ of our weekly meel'- ings. We somefimes sponsor a special assembly for Ihe whole sfudenf body. One of fhe bes+ received of fhese 'fearured Mr. Wells, car+oonis+, who, by means of his clever drawings, illus+ra+ed +he value of 'Ihe Chrislian way of life. A+ a noon assembly we presenfecl Sluarl Hamblin, who sang songs and 'Ialked abou? his fravels. clickers CAMERA CLUB-A+ our meefings we spend our lime enioying Iecfures and clem- onsfraiions lhal' improve our knowledge of piclure raking. Each week we see a movie on camera even+s. Afhlerics is our dish and we all +ry +o gel' sho+s of specfacular mo- menls in lhe games and +rack evenlfs. Cam- pus life casuals inferesi' us +oo, and we somefimes sponsor an exhibi+ of our besr work. Roberra Maguill was our presidenf in 'rhe fall and Courfney Jahnz in 'Phe spring. lettermen LETTERMEN-Our blue swea+ers and bulg- ing muscles make us marked men a+ Wash- inglon. All of us have achieved disfinclion in some 'Form of spor'l'. Each semesrer we have a banquer in 'lhe cafe+eria where we receive our awards. Our fa+hers are always guesfs al' lhese affairs. We also pafrol 'Phe campus a+ noon and sponsor dances. We +eamed up wifh 'rhe G. A. A. in sponsoring one of +he Sporls Nighls. Q r GWCCITIGFS NOVELTEENS-We are lhe newesf club ar Washingfon, formed +o give recenily arrived girls a chance fo ge? acquainred wi+h 'lhe school, malce friends, and have social confacfs. Bur in ihe fulurc we will noi' limi? our members +o iusf new girls. During fhe spring semesler wo planned lwo parries. Row l: Ayres, Chaney, Spaulding, Barrella. Row ll: Fardy, Sinderson, Hall, McCallen, Ficara. Row Ill: Herrler, George, Todd, Fealher, Guer- lin, Evans, Baum, Cole, sponsor. istener PHILHARMONIC-Many music lovers af Washing+on ioin +he Philharmonic Club, spon- sored by 'fhe Los Angeles Philharmonic Socie+y. We offer a noon concerf each weelz for all lovers of good music, whefher lhey are mlem- bers or not These conceris are always well aflended. For our club acfivifies we lislen +o music and go fo concer+s af fhe Philharmonic Audilorium. If you enioy classical music +he Philharmonic Club is a+ your service. Row l: Page, Osborn, Fragale, Emerson, Sinai, Barron. Row ll: Hopper, Kelley, Bennell, Sny- der, rreasurerg Fifield, vice-presidenrg A. Bid- dlecomb, president Simpson, secrelary: Moon, Schoclr. Row III: Leverell, Minrun, Russell, Glick, Grirlln, Price, Muller, E. Biddlecomb, Mays, Warnoclc, sponsor. ,-svn S :L ogre' L .lv plorers ROCK HOUNDS-Are you in fhe lmow aboul Mofher Na+ure's enchanied land of rock? If you are inferesred you migh+ gel' a magnifying glass and ioin us Roclrhounds on a 'field frip beyond +he horizon where lhe mounfains meel fhe slcy. Prospecling on field +rips produces many inleresfing sfones of dififereni shapes and sizes. Under 'lhe supervision of "Pop" Anderson we furn fhese sfones inio beawliliul rings, bracele+s, and ofher kinds of iewelrv. Some of 'rhesc masrer- pieces we malre for ourselves or friends, some we sell ro 'reachers and s+uden+s, and orhers we pu+ on exhibit Shirley Goodale proved fo be such a good presiden+ in 'lhe fall +ha'l she was re-elecfed in fhe spring. Row l: Winninghorl, Georgeanne, corresponding secrelaryt Cora, recording secrefaryq Goodale, presidenr: Anderson. Row ll: Cronin, Froehlich, Wesf, Nagy, Palagyi. Row Ill: Pederson, vice-presidenlp Reeve, Colcas, Allsen, Evans, Cook, Anderson, sponsor: McCormick, ireasurer. elevated TEENTOPPERS--Wifh our heads in the clouds and' the fresh air ofthe upper atmosphere filling our lungs, we Teen Toppers, all five feet eight inches or over, can easily be spotted as we make our way around the campus. Our social activities for the year included miniature golfing, bowling, and house parties. Our project was malcing scrapboolts for local hospitals. Row l: Drozda, vice-president, Worthington, Willie, Nuzzo, treasurer: Cardelio. Row ll: Rollins, sponsor: Slater, Kutschka, Bishop, Aarslett, Tracy, president. dramatic THESPIANS-We Thespians, who dote on giving dramatic performances, hope that we have "grease paint in our veins". ln addition to participating in the l95O version of the traditional "melerdramer", we af- fended many stage plays, among them "Finians Rain- bow" and "The Tempest". Row l: Schneided, Osborn, secretary: Goodale, treas- urer, Desby, recording secretary: Worth, president: Ayres, Laslcy, Ridlon, Ratterty, Cardellio. Row II: Froehlich, West, Cota, Georgeanne, Jacobs, Weber, Kelder, Newman. Row III: Wilson, Todd, Trisler, Guad- anino, Pappas, Flom, Vogel, Leverett. Row IV: Atkins, sponsor, Cronin, Geear, Tracy, Johnston, Jayne, Arm- strong, Hodges, Price, Colson, White, Nuzzo, Tipton, McKinnon, sponsor. voluntary THREE "S"-For a long time we loolred forward to getting our service club sweaters, and now that we have them in our second year on the campus we are very proud of them. By working in the faculty cafe- teria we get a private peel: af our fachers during their leisure time. Our social activities included a "sfreetcar" party and a "splash" party. Row l: Stevenson, secretary: Miles, treasurer: Roach, president, Elo, vice-presiclntg Silverton. Row ll: Ben- nett, Littleworth, Wendt, Masters, Shaw, Stone, Massey. WASHINGTON W I N N E R S- When band-aids and iodine go flying around Ihe girls' gym of- fice you know Ihere has been a 'fasl' and furious game of speed- ball or hockey. We Washing+on Winners are Ihe girls who have earned our G.A.A. IeH'ers. SiH'ing: Mazelow, Blanke, Miller, secre- raryg Cruise, presideniq Bell, sponsor: fxlvis, vice-president GiIle++e, Treasurer: Glaudini. Sfandingz O'Shaughnessy, Ous- bye, I-look, Chodrow, Mills, Crawford, Decker, Nash, Benneri, Lund, Gonderman. sports and service CO-EDS-May I help you? This is Ihe usual Co-Ed query as we busy ourselves in 'rhe s+udenI' s+ore during school hours. Taking measuremenis for graduafion robes is anofher pari' of our school service. Ourside of school we enioyed an oufing al' Mouniain Oaks, parI'icipa+ed in boys' nighI', and had many slumber pariies. Row I: Talge, I-Iarfin, Ludiker, Worih, recording secreiary: Noga. KFGFYIGF. Siegnef. presidenfr AVWCISFSOVW, vice-president Husller, corresponding secreiaryg Wilson, Kordahl, Kasson, Row II: Davis, sponsor, Schenk, Earnshaw, Duff, Goodale, Oleander, Bafeson, Kei- sey, Boyer, Woodson, Eklund, sponsor. Row III: Schickner, Mazelow, Gonderman, Ashron, Pucci, Smilh, Harding, Warson, Lang, Peck, Crane. in school and out QQ Q A ,M Tx, -WM i N JK ,ff ELECTRONS-We don'+ usually gel many shocks ou+ of belonging +o lhis club. Soap operas sound good, es- pecially when we're fixin' radios. De Wayne Clark presided over fhis group of live wires sponsored by Mr. Miller. Row I: English, secrefary: Jayne, vice-pres- idenli Miller, sponsor: McGibon, D. Clark, Treasurer. Row II: Sloul, Heughins, Ceralo, Curlis, Riley, Geer, Nagy. Levilon. EM BASSY-' 'Ambassadors of good wilI," we are among +he friendliesl' guys ai' Washinglon. We help orienl' lhe BIO's +he firsr day of each sem- esfer. Our formal inilialion in +he fall was al +he Bar of Music. In 'lhe spring, when Tom Caroll was presiden+, our inifialion dinner was al 'Ihe Old Dixie Barbeque, followed by dancinq a+ +he Palladium. Our sponsors, Mr. Aerlker and "Pop" Anderson, added fo 'lhe enioymenr of +hese occasions. Row I: Beedle, sergeanr-al-arms: Larsen, Lasky, vice-presidenl: Trupp, presidenl: Ben- nell, Ayres. Row Il: Abos, Ewing, recording secrelaryi Armslrong, Carroll, lreasurer: Burkharl, Swarlhoul, Row III: Carlson, Van- derlaan, Garner, Ralslon, Anderson, sponsor, While, Kamashian, Doerfler, Gordon. ICE CUTTERS-Mr. I"Iaw+horne is a good guy--ask any Ice Cu'Her. Wilh him as sponsor, we 'Fellows help ar- range spor+snigh+s, and, for socials, +es+ our wobbly ankles fwice a mon+h al 'rhe Polar Palace. Wi+h Roger Hopkins and Warren Goff as presi- denls, we royal sporlsmen had a good 'lime keeping Mr. Hawfhorne Company. Si++ing: Glassman, secrelarvi Brelqke, Nlggdyi vice-presidenl: Edwards, Bennell, Johnslon, lreasurerq I-linds, Reclor, Brooks. Sfanding: Hopkins, presidenly Moncriel, Hawlhorne, sponsor: Adams, Snook, Schwein, Gorl, Sla- vens. Roberlson, Jacobs, Mrffamenl, for boys ond girls KEYS-Never ones fo lock up enfhusiasm, we Keys are always busy. We sfir up school spirif selling FIGHT rags for afhleiic evenfs and pep- ping up Surveyor subscripfions. Sponsored by Mr. Perry, we had our formal a+ "Old Dixie" and Then enioyed "Up in Mabel's Room." Wi+h Ronnie Harris and Les Evans as presidenis, we had our senior 'Farewell a+ Bob Laird's. Row I: Ross, Franklin, Kinney, Colson, Harris, presidenig Margolin, secreiaryg Mclviiilian, ireasurerg Turchi. Row ll: Miller, Evans, Ken- dall, Pack, Hirsch, McKinney, Posernaio, Under- wood, Row III: Wilson, Dillman, Laird, Quinn, Heliensfein, Hairon, Sfevens, Hays, Voss, Perry, sponsor. MARTHONIANS-Agreeing fha+ a "woman's place is in +l1e home" we are affiliaied wiih fhe Fuiure Homemalrers of America, a na+ional or- ganiza+ion. We serve a+ banqueis and +he senior mofhers' flea, and, by +radi+ion, emcee ihe annual CoHon Day show. Three of our members were delegares lasi' fall io 'lhe sfafe F. H. A. Convenfion a+ Asilomar and seven re- presen+ed 'rhe school af fhe Counfy F. H. A. Convenfion af Pomona in March. Our ofher ac+ivi+ies included church Sunday, picnics, par- ries, and 'rhe senior farewell. The W'50 presi- denf was Barbara Wrigh+, and The S'50 prexy was Kay Duncan. Row l: Jones, Adams, Sherrari, secreiaryg Wrighr, president Parish, vice-presideniy Kor- dahl, 'rreasurerg Beach, Row ll: Hadley, Slaier, Kuischka, Bishop, Weed, Weiss. Row lil: Whir- field, Maguille, Rowe, Spear, Lizofie. Row IV: Crumpacker, sponsor: Carlson, sponsor: Dun- can, Kullca, Jenkins, sponsor: McKenna, sponsor. MINUTE MEN-We don'+ go charging from room io room as did Paul Revere, spreading news on a galloping sieed: bu+ we make an- nouncemenfs of concern +o +he whole school by pep iallrs during second period. By ihis means, we 'Fire il-ie loyal Mafhas and Georges wiih enihusiasm for school affairs. Row I: Early, Craig, Knight Ashron, Wheeler, Barry, S+. Arnani, Anderson. Row Il: Arfuro, Grey, Puinam. Row Ill: Baril, Shaw, Bafeson. Boyer, Ludiker. PINCHOPPERS-Boom! Crash! Bang! Down go fhe pins in fhe neighborhood bowling alley as we pinchop- pers chalk off anofher one of our Tuesday nighf meef- ings af fhe Vermonf Bowl. We've had lofs of fun and fellowship fhis year under fhe leadership of Marie Rassmussen in fhe winfer semesfer and Pal' Frazier in fhe summer. ln addifion fo our weekly bowling acf- ivifies we planned such ofher evenfs as a combined parfy and bar-b-que, a scrumpfious lunch, and a parenfs' fea. Row l: Whife, Malin, sergeanf-af-arms: Gcbei, secrefary, Ras- rnussen, presidenf: Frazier, vice-presidenf: Harris, freasurer, Row ll: Mr, Bishop, sponsor, Tindall, Middlefon, l-lail, chaplain, Sher- man, Ball, Jagger. ff? provide fun and work PRYTONS-We have had an acfive year wifh sfag parfies house parfies, inifiafions, and farewells. We sfarfed fhq year wifh a parfy af fhe home of Dick Veraldi and endeq fhe winfer semesfer wifh fhe senior farewell af Kenny Rod inson's. Formal inifiafion fook place af fhe Tenfh Avenu Bapfisf Chuch, followed by dinner af Lucca's and an eve ing af fhe "Gaslighf's". Our annual church Sunday af Sf Anselms was preceded by a breakfasf af Coffee Dan's ani followed by a picnic af Griffifh Park. The spring presidenl was Jerry Halsfead. l Row l: Robinson, Surman, freasurer, Clapp, pesidenf: Van Vlel, Hall versfadf, vice-presidenf: Taunfon. Row II: Genafempo, corresponding secrefaryg Magliarn, Bob Rohan, Sullivan, Nelson, Veraldi. Row lll' Jones, sponsor, Davidson, Mclinighf, Barnes, Nickell, Bill Rohan. RACADETS-isn'+ any rackefl We gals really gef in anc help keep our campus friendly! Whenever you see a gir wifh smiling eyes, and a fennis rackef in her hands, fhaf': probably one of us, and we're prabably on our way fo our monfhly sessions on fhe fennis courfs. Prexy Marfy Hawley sfarfed us ouf in fhe fall wifh fhe formal inifiafion of nev members. From fhere we wenf on fo boys' nighf, and slum ber parfies. Grefa Goodwin received fhe gavel in fhe spring semesfer, and, wifh her, we planned an acfive program in cluding a pledge parfy, affendance af "The Sfreef Scene' following fhe formal inifiafion, and several house parfies. Row I: Arfuro, corresponding secrefary: Coco, recording secrefary Kramer. vice-presidenf: A. Romero, Shaw, Sf. flxmanf. Row II: Coleman' Herring, Scoff, L. Romero, Riclenhaur, Wickman, Riggs. Row lll McLaughlin, Obhaughnessey, Wooll, Mifchell, Middlefon, Alar. Wil liarns, Goodwin, Pope, sponsor, 1233- . . :Y RHYTHM ROLLERS-Believing Ihaf "The way Io find a friend is fo be one" we have enioyed a very successful year. Our pro- gram included a mofrher and daughler lea, formal inifialion, and boys' nighl. Every Ihird weelr 'Found us having a lively lime slcaling af The Hollywood Roller Bowl. Row I: Johnson, Pleym, secreiaryg McGinney, vice-president Marlin, presidenlg Bull, Deal, Oumedian. Row II: Shell, Fogg, Frail, Pleasani, Anderson, Treasurer: Desmond. Row III: Fichman, sponsor: Buland, Wedin, Wise, Hall, McMurray, Lundien, Thompson. M . ' 'cr ef ' leadership responsibility SUB DEBS-Anolher year of fun, frolic, and friendship has come Io a successful close 'For fhe Sub Debs. Loolcing baclr, Miss Sub Deb of I95O sees such well remembered occassions as 'formal ini+ia+ion, boys' nighl, senior slumber parly, and 'lhe mofhers' lea. Under ihe leader- ship of Palma Salez in fhe winfer semesfer and Sonya Brawner in lhe summer, we were able fo aid 'Ihe school in many ways. Worlring in fhe CounseIor's O'FFice has been a Sub Deb concession for many a year. Row I: Noreen, Aiimion, corresponding secrelary: Debbas, record- ing secrelary: Posilo, Salez, president Fluclciger, vice-president Sheldralce, ireasurery Coco, Jumper, Row II: Elser, sponsor: Yapel, Barry, Mazuren, Burke, Ziegler, Andrews, sponsor. Row III: Brawner, Craig, Johnson, Lowe, Corbin, I-Iohenihaner, Odiorne. Row IV: Greisser, Hamillon, Garo, Lyman, Kenyon, Rabe. Row V: Gales, Cusier, Turner, Sims, Allen, Tobias, Cush. T. A. G.'S-Brand new al Washingfon, we win+er BIO's malxe many new 'friendships while geHing esiablished in school dances and feas. This year we parlicipafed in ihe Hi-Jinlrs Show for 'Ihe Girls' League. Since membership in our club is unlimiled and any February BIO girl may ioin, we have a chance Io malxe many friends. When we become Bl I's we give a Tag iea al' which 'lime Ihe new BIO's are welcomed 'ro Washingion. Row I: Phinney, Siambach, Braievich, R. Pernechele, lreasurer: Schwarlz, corresponding secrelary: DeViia, recording secrelary: A Pernechele, vice-presidenig Weesner, presidenl, Smilh, Rapp, Ufley, McClain, Irvin, Row II: Lieberler, Reynolds, Woodrich, Adams, Vollmer ,Kern, Wyrick, McDonald, Halhcoclc, Sundeen, Garner, sponsor. Row Ill: Sirode, Uhl, Marlall, Schneider, Belyea, Mclinighl, Tobin, Landgrai, Siaiia, Lee, Liilleworih. Row IV: John- son, Roberison, Quick, Pollard, Trelheway, AshIon,MehaI1Iey,Ciomez, Hunlling, Allgower, Power, Hulburi, Taylor, Farrell, Parker, Coffey. ,www - TRI-Y-We are fhe "all-around" girls on fhe campus. Affiliafed wifh fhe Y.W.C.A., we serve fhe school by working in fhe Losf and Found, keeping flowers in fhe library, and confribufing fo fhe Hughes-Gridley mem- orial fund. Eleanor Arfuro, fall presidenf, and Lucrefia Sullivan, spring presidenf, pi- Iofed us fhrough many successful acfivifies. One of fhem, fhe lradifional barn parfy, was held in an honesf-To-goodness barn, wifh hay, smell, and all. Ofher evenfs were fhe, Valenfine parfy, pledge parfies, boys' nighf, parenfs' banquef, mofhers' fea, and numerous slumber parfies. Row I: Wilson, Crawford, Grey, Arfuro, presidenl: Carey, vice-presidenf: Gill, Ross, secreiary, Lamberl. Row II: Sullivan, Mur- phy, Bozeman, Baril, Bennell, Pulnam, Merif, Kelly, Briffon, Freeze ,Childs, sponsor. Row III: Spears, sponsor: Wolfe, Procfer, Mari- harf, Federer, Reynolds, Welday, Long, Pay- nfer, Canfonwine, Winch, Kelley. TEEN AIDERS-We elevenfh grade girls fry fo live up fo our name by doing such Red Cross work as kniffing afghans, making fray favors for various hospifals, and disfribufing Red Cross posfers 'ro fl-ie local sfores. Sally Woodson, spring presidenf, helped lhe girls sponsor a sporf dance in co-operafion wifh fhe P.-T.A. The evening was spenf dancing and eafing hof dogs. The girls have adopfed an orphan's home for which 'Ihey collecf foys and make scrapbooks. Row I: Douglas, Deason, M. Harding, 'ireasurerq Benfley, spon- sor: Peck, vice-presidenfg Lang, presidenf: Merif, secrefaryl Human, D. Harding, Schulfz, Harris, Micieli. Row II: Flora, Berk, Barringer, Mufiick, Guadanino, Pappas, Vogel, Curiel, Hopper, Surnovich, Nagy. Row III: Anderson, Cola, Georgeanne, Wesl, Froehlich, Winninghofi, Moore, Elo, Buier, Benesh, Pedersen. Row IV: McCarnenf, Erickson, Crawford, Moulfon, Morion, Gar- vin, Brown, Wafson, Kelsey, Woodson, Duff, Ashfon, Pucci. Row V: Whifehouse, Garard, Jordan, Knighf, Long, Mariharf, Federer, Welday, Schenk, Velzy, Marlin. Row I: Evans, Fardy, Spaulding, Aiken, Wolfe, Brillon, Kelly, Gray, Cloyed, Poundsione, Hans, Nauman, Yafes. Row II: Greenup, Romero, Bach, Wendi, Nelson, lzorsylh, Durden, Needle, Srnifh, McMahon, Allen, Slokes. Row III: Farmer, Nor- ris, Hancock, Early, Cooper, Robey, Pierce, Brown, Colberf, Win- fer, Goddard, Dixon. Row IV: Gallagher, Srnilh, Moe, Nelson, Moore, Dougherly, Kingslaury, Peck, Weber, Cusler, Turner, Garo, Kelley. Row V: Griesser, Ries, Buss, Lyman, Raynfer, God- wiss, Norman, Wayman, Smelfzer, Cronin, Wilson, Herron, Anderson, Walsh Lilheiland. SILVER SKATERS-Silver Skafers have been cuffing a Iof of ice around Washingfon fhis year. Besides going skafing fwice a monfh, we've parficipafed in many ofher enioyable acfivifies. Lillian Farmer, fall presidenf, and Ann Thompson, spring presi' denf, direcfed fhe planning of such good fimes as a Spanish parfy, where, for a change, fhe girls didn'f do much falking, house parfies, and a day af Pop's Willow. Lasf fall we wenf fo fhe "Seacombers" following fhe formal inifiafion and in fhe spring we fool: our new members and dales fo "Sfreef Scene". Row I: Blanke, recording secrelary, Luchl, Horlon, correspond- ing secreiary, Farmer, presidenf, Wilson, vice-presidenl: Van Vleulen, Lamberi, freasurer. Row II: Holchkiss, sponsor! Jacobs, Neal, Pellegrino, Douglas, Argue, Keany, Wheeler. Row III: Miller, Roberlson, Thagard, Ensicoe, Gale, Lafharn, Reams, Klaiie, Geear, Thompson, Wells. 'a-l:- 44" ie n th lh r o u g h Q if r X. Cas-. as i I w as E W 1 K 69, , Y :E 35:5 Ce ,sd ., ' ' ., , , X W g. If-fx.: 3 Y-X. Cx . fy C ' LQ LQ. QE: 0 Q ,f,, 1 I fa x Eg 1 XS o " ., we RY Q-sk -sq, .. ew ? L . 'r I Iauria, Lyle, Jenkins, sponsor: King, Ilaesges, Brekke, Esbaldi. Row ll: Win- her, Sfephens, Jordan, Baril, Burns, Curl- Han, Kilgore, presidenig Funk, vice-pres- denlg Lee, Hoffine, Aden, Flora, Geisi. low III: Becker, Ericson, Gonzales, Kelai- an. Innes, Grams, Derrick, Dimilriou, Llumphreys, Greco, DeMaulin, Cole. Row V: Wale, Ross, Ayre, Herrler, Ailken, Fuenod, Chisholm, Dill, Blackman, Har- ier, Janes, Craig, Ferrell, Cowarl, Ar- lren, Alabaie, DeLuna, Johnson. Row V: 'ans, Avazian, Gihlsiorff, Fraii, Denney, ennell, Lewis, Arnoldus, DiSanii, Drys- tale, Buscumb. DeGrarfenreid, Carlson, ifers. Row VI: Rose, Huichinson, Chick- han, Casfeel, Eddy, Belchel, Durr, Fra- ier, Wilson, Hadley, Grippi, Jones, ylackman, Kronquisi, Bilello. ow I: Schindler, Barnhari, Goddard, I lg' . L' I , 5 I A A , mf I ' 'L ' ' ' . ss, l 'Tilly' Q I Pj I V :fm ' 'ea G WW' I sms.. A . c . ss., , y W ie, l A 5 I is ow I: Rixey, Harding, Swope, sponsor: iray, Kerr, Pischke, Sievenson, Wesiiall, lurrry. Row II: Swain, Mahler, Goodman, loldbraiih, Cuccir, Schwendeman, Sage, lichfer, Clark, Knighl, DeRusha. Row III: pne, Slallery, MacDonald, Moore, ifh, McGee, Palmer, Paine, Koonlz: oil, Thompson, Pralher, Scheppers, ecords, Thompkins. Row IV: Rhyne, Mc- lelly, Weaner, Oliver, Geriz, Elfman, nn, Timple, Fasold, Hackenberg, hapman, Gregory, Argue, Henning, llill, Holbrook. Row V: Winslon, Payne, lielson, G. Smilh, Ward, Shaller, B. milh, Reina, Wiiherspoon, Severns, Sar- isian, Marmaduke, Parish, Boyer. Row I: Parkos, Schneider, Paul, McClain, earson, Morris, Tyler, Sparks, Trenni- lilf, Oasldan, Perringion, Farrow, Firih, erguson, Snider, Trisler, Evans. Tyros On our way Ihrough Washing+on High fhe only club fhe Sepiember B10 girls may join is 'rhe Tyros. We remain members 'lhroughour +he ienlh grade. This gives us a chance Io make new friends and earn poinls for admission +o lhe upper grade service clubs. We served a+ fhe senior prom, 'rhe B10 molhers' lea, and ofher even'I's fhroughoul Ihe year. Social evenfs and parries of our own were a picnic a+ Grif- fi+h Park, a Valenfine parfy, and a skaling parly a+ +he Hollywood Rollerbowl, where we 'roolc our dales. scholarship lor success WW SCHOLARSHIP CABINET-Si'Hing: Ludilcer, recording secrelaryg Mazuren, president Kasson, vice-president Sfanding: Brillon, publicily manager: Hamillon, lreasurer Anyone may become a member of Ihis club if his grades measure up +o 'rhree A's and a B in solids. We follow a regular rou+ine each semes+er. Firs+ 'rhere is 'Ihe scholarship lea for Ihe ins'IaIIa'Iion of new officers. This is followed a few weeks Ia+er by 'rhe semi-annual assembly a+ which +ime fhe seal- bearers and new +orchbearers are presen+ed +o +he school. The Ihird and final even+ of each semes'I'er is 'rhe banquef held in +he cafe+eria. FIRST YEAR SCHOLARSHIP--Row I: Wolfe, Moore, G. Peck, Wilson, Johnson, Merif, Harns, Schullz. Row II: Schneider, Phinney, Kelly, Sundeen, Palagyi, Hunl- ling, Nelson, Feinslein, Hood, Gerard. Row III: Mazelow, M, Brillon, Blaclc, Lane, O'Shaughnessy, Frasier, Kern, Gel man, Reagan, P, Briilon, Caras, Smilh Row IV: Pellegrino, Horwilz, Glick, IE. Biddlecomb, Baker, Ewing, Laslcy, Ken- dall, Chase. 56 main NEW TORCHBEARERS-Row I: Boyer, Fucci, Aslnlon, Paynler, vice-presidenl: Procler, presiclenl: Federer, secrelaryy Hans, rreasurerg McLaughlin, Welday, Sliaw. Row II: Peclc, Woodson, Dulli, Berlqe, Deason, Weber, Evans, Fardy, Odiorne, Cusler, Brirnlwall, Moore, Gud- geon. Row III: McMurray, Flom, Whil- lield, Eiiield, Guerlin, Leverell, Godwin, Wcelp, Marlin, Golllieb, Cliodrow, Mil- ler, Arrnslrong, MacLean, Sinai, Ny- lander, Wells. Row IV: Pallerson, Man- deson, Mallios, Cuenod, Price, Ogden, Read, Magness, Caler, Golls, Bucliwald, Beazley, Nicol, OLD TORCHBEARERS-Row I: Murphy Yapel, B. Slwaw, Lund, Grey, I-Iolwen llfianer, Harnillon, large, Row II: Blanke Emerson, Aarslerl, Simpson, Prumers, Lucliker. Row III: Cruise, Coyall, Wilson Duncan, I-lyinlc, Kasson, Kramer. Row IV E. Breklce, Edwards, Armslrong, Clapp, Ayres, Lauria. Sealbearers receive Iheir pins from Dr. AbboH' cen+er, assisi-ed by Mr. Kelly, Ief+, in Ihe semi- annual Scholarship assembly. 57 ON OUR WAY we enjoy activities some in the classroom some extra curricular W A , , 7 A 3'5egf,' 2 X A S 33' talented performers S93 3,fs?R1i5' W S? Lower middle: Donna man. "My good coafl' Bo'Hom: Pracfi Leif io righf: Ro M Gerard Elfman, derlaan "The Rich, Full Life," a comic fra- d ge y wi+h a happy ending, was presenfed by rhe senior class of Winfer '50 under +he direcfion of Miss Iva Adkins. This produciion co-s+arred Celesfe Beach, Sonya Brawner, and Barbara Worih in fhe role of Cynihia. ln May 'rhe music deparimeni' pui' on +he Gil- berf and Sullivan opereHa "Trial by Jury," in which Janice Meri+, a jilfed bride, comically sued Gary Sumner, would-be bride g r o o m, for breach-of-promise. Dancers, direcfed by Mrs. Geneva Baker, se+ +he 'theme of +he pro- ducfion wi+h rhe number "Wed- ding Day." They added a classical noie wifh a graceful in+erpre+a+ion of "The Bach Fugue," and a sav- age one wi+h "The Primi+ive." Upper left Emily Cardellio and Alba Nuzzo. "How's ihe poor li++le old lady?" Upper righiz Celesle Beach, Ann Levere'H, and Virginia Ridlon. "Gee, he's wonderFul." Upper middle: Dan Ayres, Ann Leverefi. Celesfe Beach. "Hello, beau+iful." Krause and Ray Eas+- ce lime for +he opereHa. se arie Fragale, Marianne , Diclc Myer, Muriel Fellman, Janel Ken Weiss, Janice Meril, Jaclr Van- , Belly Allen, Doris Prurners, Jim Hughes, Diclc Reeve, Lois Olson backsrag artis O lms... d STAGE CREW - Kneeling: Wairefieil iaia, Loiz, Scinmidf, Eerruccio, Wau- cnope, sponsor, Sfandingz Spear, Meav dows, Sriii, Ciuobanian, Vkfear, Van Dusen, Ronan, SOUND CREV!-Row I: Canzone, Jes- key, Henry, Woodworflw, Fishman, Ross. Row ll: Ernesf, Renieidi, Waucnope, sponsor, Venfress, Connor. TALENT SHOW-Top Row: Ed wa r rl Goiis, ernceey Tommy Snooksy Riia Cor- beiiq Torn Edwards af Hwe harmonica, ac- companied py Edris Oiander, piano, Cernaic, bessg and Trissier, drums. Boi- fom Row: Swing band led bf Larry Ewing, Baby Snooks skilrz Virginia Ridicn, Vincenf Hunt Ted Price. Ak K S" rw s FALL CHEERLEADERS SUMMER CHEERLEADERS CISSNA LAIRD KRANT CHAMBERS VCJSS KRANT rhythm and pep BARBARA BICKFORD MARILYN WATSON Majoreffes ,www 'Q DRUM AND BUGLE-Row l: Helmreiclw, Walsh, Slweldralce, Farmer, Noreen, Fluckiger, Coco, Brown, Wilson, vice-presiclenfg Posiio Presidenfg Jumper, Lamberl, seorelaryy Reid, Taylor, Lewis, Kramer, Salez, Afimion, Arfuro. Row ll: Harlin, Gerard, Woodson, Lyman Kingsbury, Winfer, Procfor, Smilln, Frogga++, Hohenllwaner, Bickford, rnaiorelieg Tafge, Barry, Craig, Brawner, Moullon, Allen, Yapel Goodwin, Annis. Row lil: Canfonwine, Passalacqua, Beslwiclc, Wheeler, Freeze, Smelfzer, Reynolds, Murphy, S+. Amanl, Baril, Odiorne Sullivan, Collier, Garvin, Wafson, Aslwfon, Wilson, Klalle, Anderson. Winclw. Row IV: Corbin, Hancock, Van Nesl, Hamilfon, Hopper Farmer, Knight Long, Goodale, Abbofl, sponsor: Anderson, Kenyon, Reid, Holbrook, Greisser, Morlon, Georgeanne. arouse school spirit CANTONWINE ANDERSON KLATTE BRAWNER CRAIG BARIL Song Leaders classes develo N was 355' NN-. p manual Mrs. Crumpacker and Bob Mor- gensen wafch wifh inferesf as Dick Meyer smugly brews a waffle in fhe boys' food class. Mindful of crooked seams: Miss Carlson helps clofhing class girls economize by sewing fheir own clofhes. The hunf and peck sysfem hasn"I' much of a chance in Mrs. Chrisfian's fyping class. Three of fhese "Doc" Burnef+'s prinf shop is a fascinafing place fo commercially minded girls are Mary Lou Linville, everybody. Don Floyd, foreground, looks fhe word Marie Rasmusseny and Dorofhy Jackson af fype- "concenfra+ion" as he picks ouf copy an on lnfer- wri?ers. fype machine. asyfyygfg ental skill wo, ,, jw A pofessional model offers life drawing s'l'uolenl's an excelleni' chance 'ro develop beHer 'lecl1- niques. Fern Carroll and Dody Collier confer, No blockheads in +l1is class. Mr. Bisl1op's wood shop plans and planes lables, chairs, and o'rl'1er wooden arficles. ' Grease monkeys, Joey Pass, Herb Rosenkranz, and We aren"r sure wl1e+l1er +l1e physiology class is Roberl' Runyon are buf 'I'l1ree of +l1e enlhusiasls in more inleresled in Susie: +l1e skele'I'on or Be1'l1 Ly- Mr. Slone's au'l'o-shop. man, who is poinling ai' l1er wi'rl1 a rod. knights' and ladies' dance In an Irish mood: fhese dancers swing and sway +o +he rhy+hmic music a+ fhe K 81 L dance. Don Sweezey marks his X in fhe regisfer af fhe K 81 L on March I7. Fun and froiic a+ fha K 81 L. farewell flop and Sadie Sula-Deb's and Tri-Y's sponsored 'the Farewell Flop in January. Below, 'rl-ie "Hicks" furned ou+ by +he hundreds +o prominade The "Flop" proved +o be a big success! a+ 'the annual Sadie Hawlrins sponsored by flue Boys' and , Girls' Leagues. For +l1e A1'l'1enian's prom in June, Dick Reeve, Dixie Moullon, Leon Evans, Gloria Ashfon, Eleanor Greisser, Sue Hamillon, and +l1e sfanding commi++ee worked hard. i l The Mardi-Gras was +l1e 'rheme of +l'1e senior prom in January. ROVWBUCG. COI'1feHi, balloons: and Fun a+ flue winfer senior prom. f fs ri K3 V Y' Januar' becomes Johnny Kendall, V commiifees fhai January. as 1 'I Juno a+ flue senior ja-'am agabond prexy, was chairman of +l1e planned 'ine Mardi-Gras prom in CDN CDURW Y we can participate in sports or cheer our many teams to victory , 13 - 1 Wig, - 2, Q f as N477 f',,,f2,1,f ' X ' 232 Q, ff Q, ' Q, ff ' - M5 54 ,1 2 3 1 x Kg ' V' Xt. 1 N a:a:a:a-::,:z,',:s,': ' 4 b U M ' 55:55 V f x .....- ' Q W. , ' Q if '1 f .. Q Q- - . 'fiml A Wg, 3 ..... S ' 'f Wk' N 2 w w I f ........ Q ' , N "5 sw. , '-'-"-'-'-' : ""': " "" Z is A lainie. f 3 -iff: X Q- '? f..2sa2a2a2a2a2: f dx f M 65, Nga f -WW, , ff A , -.-- ,www ga f 3 f 1 w.:::::::::::3- 1 WW ,j x ,,4.1 y ggfzg .f new lg 5 4. 5 an S, l. V 3. -fy f wr ' A vb ff ,AW . Jw A ....E 1 WEN wx ..::asfaas5 ...., - f N' A '-wif -"" , A Q w 'X t A 2 ' , ,V ' Q 1 V ff' ' x x 4 M Ia. ' 5525525 - .... s ,- 0 M ,, . wx W 6? QM 3' ,, ..,. 1 W N 6 x fi ,ia 'N 1 f ..,, . - - Q 99 A TV 'X , wx . 5 ' f 4' f 4 , ff Q v N X, f is g X , ff ,N- f A? 1 2 g g fy., ww if Y,AL.,,-M ,..L, Q -,.,,,,,.M,,, ,, ,Ng Q , . 2 f r Q5 IAM John Sanders Traclc, Cross Counlry Norman Schachler Baseball, Baslcelball Cliff Francom Foolball 72 s ,gs rig Harry Perry Gymnaslics Jack Shanks Foolball, Tennis Bob While Baseball, Baslceiball "Wild Bill" Sloan, head coach, poinls ou? slralegic play +0 co- capiain Van Vlief. coaches Gary Moulion-E Dicln Reeve--E Gary Van Vlief-l-lB Jim Colcas4l'lB Dale Millerfl-lB Bob Paoli-HB G. Chobanian-HB Sloulsenbergergl-lB R. Hellenslein-HB Scolly l'lallonfQB Roger l-loolcs-QB Johnny Wilson-FB Earl Mazarri-HB Bob Sleele-T AI Bellucci-G Joe Cosfello-G Carl BernerwG Bob Mowers-E Jerry Wear-G Arl Hirsch-E Bob lvlorgensen-E Chef Earley-T Leon Evansfff Carl Becker-T and gricl lettermen I pigskin packers l is x si. J l'1.,x f VARSITY FOOTBALL--Row I: Mazzari, Hirsch, Morgemsen, Sleele, Becker, Berner, Van Vliel, Chobanian, Pack, Sloulsenberger, Miller. Row ll: Reeve, Bellucci, Hooks, Cokas, Wear, Earley, Coslello, Hellenslein, Moullon, Evans, J. Wilson. Row Ill: Sloan, coach, Flanegin, Turk, Egan, Kraus, Cook, Hall, Whilely, Mowers, McKniQhl, Gardne r, Breunig, Velasco, Guyelle, manager, Shanks, coach. Row IV: Wise, I-lal'+on, Harlley, Canzone, Greenup, Brennon, May, Heuer, Carlson, Jacobson, Shelley, manager. Row V: T. Wilson, Voss, Ayres, Colello, Pericone, Linsky, Reuler, Aamodl, Collins, McClung, Buller, manager. B FOOTBALL-Row I: Glasgow, l-lufsleller, Weisenburger, Jones. Logan, l-lellner, Sudyka, Brekke. Row ll: Bishop, Guinn, Bob Rohan, Bill Rohan, Pemberlon, Haggen, Morrison, Carrnona, Mandeson, Mqliendrick, Faucell. Row III: Moncrielf, Monarch, Taylor, Possernafo, Malheny, Moreno, Lauria, Johnson, Doerliller, Jacobs. Row IV: Peder son, manager, Avazian, l-laycock, Rokos, Boehner, Marcell, Domain, Coble, Francom, coach. -v,p1..1 9 . J show 'rhelr stuff 292' ,- I ,f , Q' :Q ' The '49 foofball season sfarfed wifh a bang when our feam defeafed Hamilfon and Jefferson in fhe firsf 1-wo games of fhe season. Roy Sfoufsenberger played a greaf game againsf Jefferson, scoring fwo fouchdowns. Affer fhaf, bad luck sfalked fhe Generals and we losf fo Roosevelf, Manual Arfs, and Garfield. Againsf fhe Garfield Bulldogs fhe Armymen played superb ball all evening, despife our 7-2 defeaf. Buf fhe biffer disappoinfmenf of fhese defeafs was off sef by our amazing and unexpecfed 6-0 vicfory over fhe Fremonf Pafhfinders, unbeafen cify champs for fhe lasf fwo years. Affer an even 'fhree quarfers, 'fhe scales finally fipped in our favor when Roger Hooks sensafionally infercepfed Mickey Mc- Bride's pass and raced 65 yards for fhe only 'rouchd own of fhe game VARSITY BEE'S Fremonf O ,,,,, ,, . ,.....,.s,.,,.....s,.,... Washingfon 6 Fremonf 30 ,s,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,., ,,,,...... W a shingfon Jefferson 7 ,,i,, ,,,,s,,. W ashingfon i7 Jefferson 25, ,,,,,., Washingfon Manual i3 ,,,,,s, ,..... W ashingfon 6 Manual 36 ,,,,,,,,,, , ......Washingfon Garfield 7 .,s,,,, ,,,.,. W ashingfon 2 Garfield 20 ,,,,,, , ,,,,,,. Washingfon Roosevelf 6,,, ,,,,, ..,,... W ashingfon O Roosevelf 67 ,,,,.... Washingfon Hooks fries a uarferba k n ak durin scrimma Ri hf- a lie 's fack ' he Fremonf ame. . . wnfh Hunhngfocfl Park. C S e g ge Lelff-Mlillgrlicoiek agaiiliif Mlafmual. 9 Van Vhel 'S aboul io make lackle In lhe Fremonl Van Vllef gefs knocked ouf of bounds. Wilson gefs smeared af Fremonf game. game' Sfoufsenberger scores againsf Jefferson. Wilson goes around end in flue Roosevelf game. Van Vlief goes around end in fhe Manual game able Margofin Ross Schachfer coaching feam in Mme oulr Gaim Gambiin Nlsen Boldfa Davis Hays McKinney Clark Pefersorx hoopmen take careful aim fb Flair and fwo Roosevelf players in fhe air for +he Samblinl leaps for 'lhe ball in The game agalnsf je,-,Y Gaml-,lin fakes a sl-,Of while Bob R055 leaps ini-0 - ooseve +. . . dra lalxes a shoi. Coach Schachler 'rallrs fo ieam in +ime out ihe air and Armarid Clark waiches in llie background' rgolin high in fhe air sfruggles 'For possession oi Ross and Margolin in 'Foreground and Gal'+o in back- Boldra and Gamblm boih reach for We lull' ball. ground walch player make a fry for fhe baslcef. Washingfon player fakes a shoi. cagers, big, medium and VARSITY BASKETBALL-BoH'om: Allsen, Boldra, Gamblin, Margolin, Pelerson, Aungsr. Top: Schachler, coach: l-lays, Clark, Davis, Gallo, McKinney, Ross. Washingron baslcerball s+ock suffered somerhing of a lei' down afler +he Don Eby-Cher Noe days, bu+ s+ill managed +o come our wi+h a 10-8 record. The highlighls of fhe season were +he esrablishmenl' of a new ci+y scoring srring and +he naming of Jerry Gamblin lo +he All Soulhern five. The Generals sfarfed fhe season wil'h fwenfy-one wins, and won six more in succession before a spunky Jeff feam upsel +he apple carl wi+h a 44-41 conquest Jusf ihe week before, +he Generals won whal' will long be remembered as one of +heir grea'I'es+ vicrories. Trailing by 9 poin+s againsf Mr. Carmel wi+h only 2 minufes and 34 seconds left Gamblin +ook charge of +he 'ream and paced a rally +ha+ saw fhe Armymen s+orm from behind and win 46-45 on Gamblin's shol' in lhe lasl' four seconds. Bob Ross and Ronnie Boldra gave Gamblin a lol' of help in +he scoring deparlmenf, Boldra showing greal' improvemenl' afler being lefl' off lhe 'l'eam for 'Phe 'firsl' game. Affer falling +o Jeff, 'l'he Denker crew had an easy lime rouring Roosevell' 41-32. Wi+h- ou+ 'Phe services of rheir inspirafional leader, Jim Margolin, 'lhe Generals losl' +o Manual Arls' classy five, 44-25. The Garfield Bulldogs 'Fell' i'he b'le of The 36 poinl folal of Qosf, qOl"lI"l and Gamblin as 'rhe locals won 49-33. Fremonf applied 'l'he whammy lo General hopes, and bfal 'rheir rivals 'For The firsl' +ime in years. The Cards had +o go info overrime +o fashion a 39-36 decision. The second round wenf 'lhe same way, Washinglon ge'H'ing wins over Roosevell and Garfield, and losing +o rhe olhers. Gamblin had his biggesr day againsl +he Bulldogs, lanlcing 29 poinfs. ln a posl' season conlesl, San Pedro's high scoring Pirares 'rurned on 'rhe hea+ 'ro wax 'rhe Generals 74-33. mall, all handle the ball B BASKETBALL-Row I: Roberls, Landsberg, Irvin, Franlz, Lalazan, Grande. Row II: Zap- pa, Skrumbis, Decker, Squire, Carmichael, Rush, Snyder, manager. Row III: Schaclwler, coach: Suclcls, Lamb, Linslcy. Bailey, Basow, Kincannon, Turnwall, manager. C AND D BASKETBALL-Row I: Johnson, Van Pareen, Small, Liebman, Smillw. Row II: Sluelz, Virlue, Savino, Wlnally, Dorlignac, Lamplw, While, coaclu. Row Ill: Mauer, Slanlon, McMillan, Sedore, Burgum, Kooy- man, Hermon, Bauclu, Jones. 79 OVSI' VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY- Kneeling: Undernm, Benneff, Ben-- son, Huffman, Belew, Chase Sfanding: Wnife, manager, Pavno, Sfniih, Snelfon, Munoz, Bush, San- ders, coacn. 43 X ,X J JR. VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY- Kneeling: Cloud, Scnnierer, How- ard, Wnifmore. Lvfle, Fi s H e r. Sfanding: Sa n ders, coach' Cnace, Lewis, Haney, Koklousis, Worcesfer, Clssna, Wnife, mana- ger. Q , , Q V Q X X11 R: Q A N. X X, QQ IOTH GRADE CROSS COUNTRY Siffingz Reed, Raskin, mancnard, Barbre, Mawcs, Gray, Cnasc, Wniwe, manager. Sfandingz San- ders, roacng Demon, Snanks, Lqxe, Perdue, Sfurgeon, Bloonwquist, Mansdino, Crawford, Joesf, Siu- denf Qoacn, hill and over dale Maryin Belew Morris Benneir Bob Underhill John Whilmore Bill Haney Dick Fisher Wesley Purdue Roberl Blanchard Ernie Shelion Ronald Bush Al Munoz Myron Lylle Harlan Howard Ray Schnierer Warner Raskin Richard Denson Jim Chase Dick Gray Washing+on's cross coun+ry squad had only an average year in winninn lwo and losing fwo league meefs. The wins came over Roosevelf 24-3I, and Manual 23-44. Morris BenneH', Bob Underhill, Al Munoz, Ernie Shelfon, Sleepy Huffman, Myron Lyfle, Marvin Belew: Ronnie Smifh, Ron- ald Bush, and Arnold Benson carried mos? of 'lhe scoring abili+y. track and field men sei Marvin Belew Mile Dick Sinclair High Jump Bill Collins IOO-220-Relay Ari Moncriel H 81 L Hurdles Bob Underhill Mile Dick Huffman B80 Roger Hooks Shoipul Don Erkel Shorpui Frank Filzpalrick loo-220-Relay Jelil Glassman 220-Relay Bill Gallagher IOO-440-Relay Al Johnson 440-Relay Dale Miller Broad Jump, Relay Bob Fauceli High Jump Sam Colello Sholpur Chuck Payne Pele Vauli Jim Hinds Broad Jump-Relay Frank Wells 44OfRelav Leroy Barrel 660 Leo Dalion Sholpui Tom Edwards Pole Vauli W. Barnes H-L Hurdles, Relay Clark Cook IOO-200, Relay Jim Bishop Shoipui' P. Pemberlori IOO-Relay Jim Galcerari Sholpul Bill Palagyi Broad Jump C. Brown High Jump, Low Hurdles, Broad Jump Lacking cleprh in mos+ evenls, Washing- 1'on's 'rrack +eam came up wi+h several 'rop- no+ch performers. As of 1-his wri+ing. Dick Sinclair, sensalional high iumping whiz was unbeaien. He jumped a 6'4-7f8", and won 'rhe Junior Olympics on +he side. John San- ders +ook over 'rhe coaching reins in his firsf season a+ Washingfon, working wi+h a ba+ch of hopefuls who may develop nexl' year. To da+e, +he Armymen hadn'+ won a mee+, buf s'l'ood a good chance agains+ rival Fremont Bill Collins had been a con- sis+en+ poinl winner in +he sprinis as had Sleepy Huffman in fhe 880. Marvin Belew and Bob Underhill were fhe disfance aces, while Ar+ Moncrief and Ernie Shel+on were +he 'rimber 'l'oppers. Roger Hooks showed s'I'eady improvemeni' in fhe shol, while Sin- clair and fhe ofher high jumpers formed +he sirongesi' single event Bob Fauce++ Tom Whe+s'line and Ernie Shelfon all have had marks of 6'0" in 'l'his evenl. J records VARSITY TRACK-Row l: Smilh, Payne, Underhill, Miller, Hooks, Johnson, Grey, Linsky. Row ll: Turnwall, manager: Belew, Glassman, Hinds, B. Gallagher, Collins, Filzpalrick, Moncrief, Davis, Howard, R. Gallagher. Row III: Sloan, coach: Haney, Jeskey, Jones, Colello, Erkel, Hanson, Wells, Huffman, Sinclair, Shellon, Whel- sline, Faucell, Sanders, coach. . , J N J, D 1' .4 'Y 1 J . 5 i J Q ' 1 ' ,,' " ' -Ji 4, s i ff, , , Q? , A cab' , .., i, .., 4 I xl , 4' an B AND C TRACK-Row lt Chase, Fisher, Nosser, Malheny, Lowe, Tudisco, Lewis, Goslin, Mancleson. Row ll: MacDonald, Palagyi, Nicol, Davidson, Cook. Pember- lon, Bishop, Galceran, Pickering, Lilly, Brekke, Turnwall, manager. Row lll: San- ders, Brown, Barnes, Chavez, Colwell, Dallon, Edwards, Turchi, Arellano, Sloan, coach. Row IV: Smilh, Borne, Farrell, Barbre, Denson, Ellison, Bicho, Donabed- ian, Levilon, Slanlon, Hansen Top---lefl' lo righh Chuck Payne, pole vaulling Dick Sinclair high lump Dick Sinclair Frank Wells Jell Glassman Bull Gallagher ' C kBbUd hll dM Blewrunnin lhe BoH'om-le'F+ +0 rlghl: Roger Hooks shol pulling Leon Davison passing loalon lo Clark oo o n er I an arvin e g mile. Allen Johnson passing balon lo Bill Collins 3 ww Qi HGWX show strength ancl agility ew www GYM TEAM--Row l: Salazar, Abos, Orman, Pecler sen, Goclon, Loclclwridge, Hutt, Voss, Haas, Mays. Row Il: Fallcenstien, Bennett, Adams, Swezey, laia Lyncln, Paterson, Greenup, Colcas, Albert, Kramer, Chambers. Row III: Husing, manager: Mcffament, Lane, Harries, Hester, Jayne, Feenstra, Halstad Gardener, McGuslcer, Harootunian, Ross, Gomen, Gulesarian, Willems, Perry, coach. Row IV: Straus- lweim, Williams, Evans. 'iff wht Joe Feenstra, Rope: Glen Gar- Les Evans, Parallel Bars: Ar- Bud Fallcanstein, Tumbling: dner, Side Horse. men Gulesarian, Rope. Gil Patterson, Tumbling. Jael: Varnado Tony Raia Harold Huddlesfon John S+evenson horsehide meets hickory Boasiing a 9-6 win af presen'I', fhe Washing+on horsehiders are poinling for +he Soufhern League 'Flag which 'rhey had io share las'I' year wiih Fremont Coach Bob Whi+e's Generals splif 'rheir firs+ +wo league encoun+ers, bea+ing Jefferson 12-5 and losing a rough one +o +he Roughriders of Roosevelf 3-2. Playing a 'rough praclice sla're, fhe Generals los'l' +o Dorsey, Freshman 'reams for U.S.C. and U.C.L.A., and Sou+h Gale. The o'l'her side of +he ledger showed viciories over Gardena, 8-2: Wilson 5-23 San Pedro, 8-6: and Banning, 5-4. Hun+- ingron Park fell 4-3, and Tony Raia piiched a one hi++er in ruining Marshall 5-0. John Slevenson, Dick Reeve, Jack Varnado, and Dick Weber supplied ihe hi'Hing punch: Sievenson curren+ly having a .409 average wifh 19 RBI's. Teaming wifh Raia as a s+ar+ing piicher is Fores+ Maier, anolher classy righ+-hander. Washinglon and Roosevelf were selecfed fo play in 'rhe Pomona Tournament +he firs+ feams so honored. Washinglon reached +he quarler finals. if ,wg f ,,. M- G! Don Green Ed Bressoud Ted Rolcas Tony Magnanfi Forresi Maier Dick Reeve Dick Weber Ed Rowland BASEBALL-VARSITY TEAM--Siifing: While, coach: Slevenson, Huddleslon, Rokos, Weber, Reeves. Second row: Magnanle Rowland, Bressoud, Raia, Varnado, Greenough, Walker. Third row: Boldra, Green, Squire, Maier, Pedersen, manager. BASEBALL-JUNIOR VARSITY-SiH'ing: Logsdon, Wealhers, Lauria, Sloul, Smilh, Harris, Swarlhoul, Ambrosio, Toliver Garner, Pelersen. Second row: Shelley, manager: Berner, Thompson, Mauer, Squire, Sheldon, Mclver, Balzer, Crockeli, Lamph Underwood, Schachler, coach. Third row: Walker l-larris, Ward, Clark, Bressoud, Knechl, Davenporf, Roberls, Davis, Rogers Sluelz, Fichel. sg , . we "' Phil Allsen Dave Armsfrong TENNIS TEAM-Row l: Allsen, Young, Redd, Ogden, Fish Jim Anson S+erling Ogden beck, Klrls, Bergum, Carson. Row ll: Shanks, sponsor: Hof- Lynn Crysfal Carl Doerfler farlln, Lomeli, Slurgeon, Joyce, Armslrong, Cryslal, Hillon, 1239155 netmen shine Bob Bergum John Carlson Rick Hilfon Roberl Redd grunt and groan artists Improved, seasoned and well coached by Jack Shanks, 'rhe lennis feam in prac+ice +il+s won 'len and dropped one. An equally impressive record was being made in league compe+i+ion af 'lhe 'lime +his book wenl' lo press. Jefferson, who has always had a lop nolch 'l'eam, nosed oul' +he nelmen 4-3. Undaunled by +his +em- porary se+back, 'rhe Generals bounced back 'rhe 'Following week +o romp Roosevell 7-0. Wi+h 'rhe 'rasle of viclory slill swee+, 'lhe Generals overcame +he Manual Arls "Toilers" 4-3 in a bi'Herly conlesred sfruggle. All bu+ 'lhree of lhe firsf nine were relurning leHermen. ln lhe singles were Phil Allsen, Dave Armslrong, lco-capfainsl Bob Burgum, Lynn Crysfal, and Bob Redd. The +wo doubles +eams, undefealed 'rhis year in league compelirion were Jimmy Ansen and Rickey Hil+on, and Carl Doerfler and John Carlson. Learning how lo lie knol's", Mr. Sloan's period l and ll classes slruggled 'lhrough many hours of grueling exercise in 'rheir favorile spor+, wreslling. .a.a. cabinets Gef fhaf ball! Look ouf for fhaf hockey sfick! Don'f fouch fhe nefl Familiar cries like fhese echo abouf fhe girls' afh- lefic field every Tuesday and Thursday affernoon affer school. Af fhe leff, faking careful aim af fhe fargef are Eloise Alvis, Maureen O'Shaughnessy, Doris McLean, Barbara Bradford, and Arline Hans. Af fhe upper righf, Mary Ross has jusf made a base hif and Arline Hans is coming in home. Lower righf, Barbara Bradford is anficipafing a pifch and Susie Harris is vigorously defending her goal. S'50 G.A.A. BOARD-Row l: Smead, Grippi, Kelsey, Smale, presidenlg Roser, Lang, Gilleffe. Row II: Bell, sponsor, Hans, Weber, Sfokes, Nau- man, Mehaffey, Bradford, Harris, Banning, Ousbye, Alvis. W'5O G.A.A. BOARD-Row l: Bradford, Marcy, Cruickshanks, Gender- man, presiclenfg Lund, Dougherfy. Row II: Ousbye, Nauman, Cruise, Weber, Tobias, Kelley. Row Ill: Sylva, sponsor, Kelsey, Hans, Harris, Smale, Amsfrong, Wegner, ' mm promote girls' sports CDN CDUR WAY we advance irom timid tenth graders to lofty and superior seniors f -wi 9 me A., . ,J 'QQYL A 9g K Fx, 1 Q 1 f . 8 ,J la V ,J V f L JJ Kahn, 'E LDV R 2, 'h' ,V 1 nf' Sf is , "gf in I i vm! 4 v ff 1 f 0 I M if x I , 1 in I Yi K-16: X F E., 94 'OW F ELEVENTH GRADE OFFICERS-Row I Froggaff, Kdsey, Tobias, Farmer. Row II Underwood, Possemafo. ' " T X 4 M, L 5 :ff 3' 'X Q i guy in g., ,. li 'PSN li J? x 4 . iw" M :ww H Fx fi Kim ' M , m. SK ATHENIANS class of winter X51 L X W, SEX KY mu L v x' cavalier knights and aclies JERRY GAMBLIN MARY CRAWFORD Knighf Presidenf Lady Presidenf Our acfivilies fhis semes+er lrepl- us very busy. We spenl' many hours planning 'For +he K and L dance, which proved +o be a greal' success, il's lheme, a Chinese Garden, disling- uishing il' from any preceeding dances. Somelhing new was added 'ro 'lhe Knighfs club l'his semesfer when fhree senior B lcnighls were made al' 'l'he end of 'l'he 'len week period. This was possible because of +he amended c:ons+i+u+ion. An all day visi+ from fhe Fremon+ lcnighfs was anofher planned acl'ivi+y. The Ladies devofed lol's of lime lo selling liclcels for 'lhe K. and L. dance, regislering volers, and planning 'rhe Ladies Banquet awiyn .,...., is I ' '-'l Q I H' V Q 4.::EEE-' T Morris Bennell Gordon Larson Eleanor Arfuro Mariean Grey Bob Glapp Gil Laslcy Barbara Biclrford Belle l-lusller Jessie Noga Franlc Colson Jim Margolin Lois Carey Shirleylumper Marilyn Noreen Ronnie Harris Buddy McKinney Connie Desby Kalhryn Kramer Frances Posiio Ari Hirsch Bob Morgensen Greia Fluckiger Elizabelh Luchl' Palma Salez Bob Kinney Ronnie Trupp Barbara Gill Beverly Mazuren Virginia Slegner Mrs. Morris Benneli Mary Crawford 15 ------ .,.g:5:,. . N Ellen Cruise Ann Giles Mariean Grey X s .ew s w f iffy ,. A s Ms H ,,., I ,gf .... X - ef- ,. -V W'50 SENIOR BREAKFAST-Righi' Top: Lyman, Mr. While, Buddy McKinney, Hirsch, Grefa Fluciger, Mr. Burgess, Lund, and Bob Morgensen, along wifh -2. X ,X :rr -s .,:-. ,L , Mr. Ari Pal 'l'l1eir Davise and Mrs. Bell, bofiom, blencl voices in singing wi+l1 llwe many Cavaliers. Lef+ lop: Gerry Van Vlief is receiving an award from Bob Clapp, as Bob Kinney, Miss Robbins, and Mr. Perry loolr on. BoHom: Eviden+ly enioying +l'1e program are Barbara Pellegrino, Joan Wilson, and Kailu- leen Argue. Doreen Hawcroff Joan l-lorlon Belle Husller Kainryn Kramer Jim Lane Gordon Larsen Leda Tiberio Nancy Lindnari W x0 X ,. QP X N .ff A 5 ,.,... .. f 2 Wi, i gaze X M A ii N3 as ss Y , X Rx "1'. -3, , K' s. sg P as K x wi' x Ng .Q Elizabelh Luclwf Marilyn Noreey Beverly Mazuren Marilyn Muliinix John Nichols S 1 aw , x Roberf Scoll Jean Simpson Ronnie Trupp , as xx 5 is S 3 -rx We X -fd' "YW" aa ',,, .,.,.,,., and epliebians Eleanor Ariuro Morris Benneii Mary Crawford Slwirleylumper Kailwr n Kramer Gordon La B dd M K' y rsen u y C lnney ZAVALIER CLASS OFFICERS-SiHing: Noreen, BIZ girls' vice-president Jumper, BI2 acrelaryg Fluclciger, Al2 girls' vice-presidenig Posiio, AIZ senaior-ai-large: Carey, AI2 ecrelaryg Crawford, All secrelaryg Kamer, All girls vice-president Sfanding: Kinney, M2 boys' vice-president Dennis, All presidenig McKinney, A12 presidenlg Morgensen, il2 presidenlg Larsen, Bl2 boys' vice-presidenf. Donaid fxdoiph Rrwberi Lfxiicin Nancee Anderson Kariwieen F. Argue Eleanor M. fkrfuro Georgia L.f'X+irnion Marilyn J.Ayres Donna Baggerf Rosalee I. Barkey Rose Marie Bassi Neii Ceiesfe Beach Evan P. Beedie, Jr. Morris Benneff Kay I. Benscoier Philip G. Benion Rosie H. Berardino Barbara L. Bicidord Erwin Ariand Bige ' Q . CAVALIERS of winterx5O FXWIQ. Cl? a S K g i WE 'll i i I i i i i i 4 Beverlv Ann Blanke Elizabelh A.. Bolin Shirley N. Brand? Gwendolyn Brown Francis J. Buchea Eileen Bull John E. Burden Deena Burke Samuel A. Calderon Lois Anne Carey David J. Chase Douglas Lee Chase Gregory Chobanian Dorofhy Chodrow Ray Cissna Roberl J. Clapp Yvonne D. Coales Clorinda C. COCO Franklin A. Colson Joan M. Crawford Mary C. Crawford M. Ellen Cruise Yvonne F. Curry Alice Marie Delobas Barbara L. Decker Donald J. deDoes Carmella C. DeLuca Mary L. Denman Charles O. Dennis Conslance Desby Donald Diegelrnan Belly Ann Drahos Wesfleif D. Dulfon Chesler Earley Wesley English Lois Joyce Enscoe Jack Oliver Ernesl Gerald Frank Evans Slanley Earl Evans Lillian C. Farmer ll A x S -. uulu . , ,. wi? ivsfr ' fd'- war , g v, if f 0, 'Y A 5 'ri Q we-iffy gf SBR, X im? 5 QW . W rl WS E. .QQ ',,n-S"' 1 iiiv f.,. -::.v' - 'i" ' I gm 'hw Mx L fri.. M..-i f, ,, ,., , ,l g - .,a5s5a5aga5a 53 ' QV? 525255: AW my -:ESQ -lzt Wk. 'WY Be, S . 1-Je-532 4 4' M- .... fi? W . -on 4 5 ' .-., , .. GQ, , -I A' ' , .. L - J ., ,, I 1 K ,L Wm k 5 . ,1 fb:- , I'..... , . ,.:,, ::. g gem.. me WWW . ,, El' ' 'Z f 'I . 5 5 ' l ,eq ..,.. , . ,,.,, . .- f f r + , 6 1 4' ye... we Shirley J. Fisher Monfy H. Fishman Grela A. Fluclciger Jacquelyn Lou Fogg Palricia L. Forbes Jerry Carney Ford Bonnie Vee Fosler William Franklin Jack Dixon Freeze EsfherJ. Gallagher Gerald A. Gamblin Roberl Gannuscio Willard Gibson, Jr. Ann Dolores Giles Barbara Lee Gill Douglas F. Gordan Mariean B. Grey Raiclaele C. Grippo Janel E. Gunning Leo C. Guyerfe Lyn Bealrice Hall Carl Halversfadl, Jr. Dawnell Hansen Gordon Alan Harris Ronald E. Harris Doreen L. Hawcrolf Marian E. Hawley Marlha J. Hawley Gerald E. Haycock JoAnn Rulh Hell Ernesline M. Helzel Arlhur W. Hirsch Barbara Holloway Donald Dean Holm Roger E. Hopkins Joan Dee Horfon John Hough, Jr. Anna L. Howland Marlila M. Hubbell Glenys M. Hudson Mary Agnes l-lunl Belle Husller Joan Sylvia Ingram Dwigh+ A. Johnslon John Thomas Jordan Shirley Ann Jumper John J. Kaclcley Jo Ann F. Kaufman Joan Faye Keany Carol Ruih Kind Dorolhy M. Kindle Roberl D. Kinney Jeanne Knauer Beverly J. Kolman Kalhryn Kramer Dorolhy F. Laclcnir Virginia L. Lamberf James W. Lane Mary N. Lanfella Gordon Lee Larsen Gilberl P. Laslsy Virginia Nan Lee Nafhan H. Levilon Dorofhy Ann Lewis Nancy A. Lindhardf Elizabefh Luchf Pairicia A. Lund Carol Lee Lundien Theodore Luymes Helen Magarian James L. Margolin Brooicie L. Marlin Beverly J. Mazuren Marian McCormick Mary D. Mcfiivney Pafricia J. McKee Buddy McKinney Cecil L. McMillan Charlolfe Miller fi ? -:,':' 555552. .'E2': ix , limi, , N? 'R ,L , ':': A M 5 Wm , ::jI:I,: "'E3E355: Q.- rg-ad' .sam i s lzt E fi 1 zzuz , J' J . iiiii J , :.. " V fs Beverly Joyce Mills William G. Milner Arlhur N. Milchell Richard T. Mollner Keifh Moody Lawrence Morgan Roberl Morgensen Mary Claire Mudd Marilyn R. Mullinix Alberl A. Munoz Ronald A. Mylys Elizabefh Ann Nash .Jeanelfe Ann Neal John Nicholas, Jr, Alyce Mae Nielson Jessie Joane Noqa Marilyn D. Noreen Donald J. Orfiz Phyllis J. Osepian Vilma J. Oumedian Genevieve D. Paine Mabel Exa Parish Roberl E. Parkinson Barbara J. Peller Barbara Pellegrino Lilyan Pleym Frances M. Posilo William R. Priesl James Dale Recror l-lilmer M. Reese Margarei J. Reid Harold C. Reufer Ronald Frank Rich Richard L. Riley Le Roy W. Roberls Alberl P. Robinson Jaglc Gale Robison Jimmie R. Rollins Adeline Romero PegovJoan Ross Joan Russell Palma Salez Virginia Lee Schad Ronnie L. Schmid? Raymond Schnierer Richard Schwieger Roberr E. Scofl Ronald W. Sears Clairice T. Shanlclin Samuel R. Shanman Carol J. Sheldralce Barbara L. Siberr William C. Seflon Jean Carol Simpson Belly Jean Smifh Virginia A. Sfegner Noel Sfoll Roy Sloulsenberger Millon G. Sullivan Marilyn J. Surburg Jaclc Surman Diane F.Tannehill Windsor P.Taun+on Marilyn Ann Taylor Sharon M. Taylor Rober+ F. Thirion Eva Dorene Thomas Roberl' B. Thomas Joanne E. Thompson Leda F. Tiberio Ronald Lee Trupp Beverly J. Van Nesf Merfis Van Vleulen Gerrif H. Van Vliei' Bruce M. Velasco Alan E. Volman G. von Ravensberg Bonnie Lee Wade Richard Wakefield David W. Warner Frank E. Weimer, Jr. Donald A. Whileley .John S. Whilrnore rm X 6 NW rr. 1 AW' Jre r fi ff if K! 5 Q , Barbara l. Williams Ronald E.Williams Joan C.Wilson Marlene Wilson William Wingeier Roland B. Woolley Barbara J. Worlh Beverly Worihinglon Barbara A. Wrighf Donald M. Yancey Margarelzimmerman Marilyn A. Zolnay 5.2. i .J wg 5 45' 9 Tile , 5 if is .Nag X Dave Armslrohg Rosanna Baril Bill Gallagher Jan Kasson summer sealbearers fa I VAGABOND CLASS OFFICERS-Row I: Wilson, BIZ secrefaryt Shaw, AI? SSHGIOF-GI-IGVQSI Craig. AIZ secre- l Iary. Row II: Ziegler, BIZ senaforraf-large: Early, AIZ 'rreasurery Lowe, All girls' vice-preSid6r1I: Barry, BIZ and AIZ girls' vice-president Row III: Pack, All president Kendall, BI? Pf9SidGfWI: SISVSHS. AI? boys' vice presi- der1+7 Magliari, AIZ presiclenlg Evans, BIZ boys' vice president EPHEBIANS fe? 'fears wdfxr Tom Edwards Larry Ewing I Lorifa Lowe Frances Murphy Joan Odiorne Bob Pack Phoebe Smale Barbara Talge Bob Virfui and honored ephebians WK Hilda Aarslerl gi Phil Allsen i ' Erlela Covell Tom Edwards Marian Guerlin l-luberl l-limes Belly l-lohenlhaner Q Jan Kasson ' Q Don Lauria Belly Ludiker Lillian Moreno Frances Murphy Grera Popp Barbara Talge Larry Tubbs Waller Whirry Donna Wilson Albina Yapel - SEALBEARERS We have worked hard +0 aH'ain 'I'his honor. A record of 'Four semes+ers wifh no less 'rhan fhree A's and a B in solids requires a lol' of hard work, especially when one of fhose semesfers has 'lo be in our senior yiear. We were presenfed +o fhe s'l'uden+ body al' 'lhe semi-annual Scholarship Aud and a+ 'lhe Scholar- s ip +ea. We fruly appreciafe +he honor of becoming Ephebians and ioining +he ranks of +hose Los Angeles high school graduales who are inreresfed in communi+y leadership. To become Ephebians we musi' make formal applicafion by leH'er 'lo 'l'he Ephebian CommiH'ee. appear in person before lhe members of +he facul+y, and be voled upon by rhem. The quo'ra allowed for each class is Filled by 'rhose receiving 'lhe hiqhesf number of voles. 5 I knights' and ladies' .L ' f L 'Q r , 4 Maxi: 'I' Q M , E , . a BOB PACK LORITA LOWE Kniglnl Presidenl Lady Pre-sidenl 1 an X Q X i 1 1 Jolnn Kendall Dave Armsfrong Carl Beclef Carl Berner Jolwn Carlson Tom Edwards Les Evans Larry Ewing Bill Gallaglw Joe Mays Jaclc Quinn Tony Raia Bob Sfeele Myron Slrauslwcim Lou Turclwi Bob Virlue Jerry Wea 112 chosen from the vagabonds 5 Accep+ing new du+ies as well as our honored emblems, we Summer '50 Knighls and Ladies performed 'rhe lradilional jobs of 'lhe organizalions. Joinl-meel' ings and hard worlc wenl' inlo lhe wonderful S+. Pal'rick's K 81 L. Open House was 'rhe golden opporl'uni+y for service, when we direc+ed visilors +o dif- 'Ferenl' rooms or displays. Homecoming day, May 5, gave us a chance 'ro acl' as hosls and hoslessses. Along aboul' 'lhe lasl' of April all lhe garbage cans suddenly acquired sparkling new red coals when lhe Knighls 'Finished pain'l'ing lhem. The Ladies were privileged +o visil' Fremonl' for a day, where we in- specled 'rhe enlire campus, aHended an aud call, and mingled wilh Fremonl sludenls during 'lheir lunch period. ll' is really l'rue 'rhal 'lhese Vagabonds were especially busy as Senior A's. Jia s R 'W X 3aili 5 I xx ' Net i Y 5 Q al i we 'SEQ' :Jsanna Baril udrey Barry Alice Bennell Sonya Brawner Barbara Craig Barbara Gonderman Ella Kordahl Joan Odiorne Barbara Talge Susie Wilson Barbara Bozeman Barbara Corbin Joyce Gelman Marilyn Hopkins Frances Murphy Phoebe Smale Ann Thompson Albina Yapel Jan Kasson Barbara Pulnam Lucrelia Sullivan Lucille Winch Diane Ziegler 113 Hilda M. Aarslefl Ramon L. Abos Lois Marie Abress Carmen Acevedo John H. Adams Neil Adkins Shirley M. Ahlslrom Phyllis Jean Allar Beverly Allen Philip E.Allsen M. Eloise Alvis Theodore J. Arnliclc Isabelle S. Anderson Marilyn Anderson Paul J. Anderson Joan Evelyn Angus Adele Annis Marfha A. Ansorge De-vid H. Armslronq Jacquelyn V. Ashley Evelyn W. Allcinson Leo H. Auborn Shirley A. Babcock Richard E. Bach Shirley June Balmer Thomas G. Baldo Joan I.. Ball G, June Banchiere Teddy Lou Benn Posanna V. Baril Lesfer G. Barnes Annamae Barre-lla Audrey M. Barr-J Alberi' Biddlecomb Joan B. Bishop Ronald L. Black June Blumyer Sam S. Bongiorno Wilma L. Bounds Roberl L. Boydslon Barbara Bozeman Sonya F. Brawner Edgar A. Brekke Edward F. Bressoud Barbara Brewsier Pauline S. Brirfon Fred R. Brown Gloria Brown Richard Brown Leland E. Bruce MaryJ. Buchanan Sleve Paul Budai Rurh M. Burchiere George R. Buscunwb Donald Clark Bush Joseph D.Callari Kay Canlonwine William V. Canzone John E. Carlson Sam E. Caronna Fern Louise Carroll lrene V. Carroll Thomas A. Carroll Janel Mae Carson Fred L. Cassfevens Joseph A. Ceraro Leafrice Chernow Corllain Chrisiensen DeWayne Clark Wilma Jean Clary Marlene J. Cohen Doris L. Collier Audrey B. Conklin Roberl Conner Cecelia May Cook Belly Lou Barsam Joann Baleson Rudy Lee Bauchman Carlfon J. Bauder Carl Arrhur Becker Joyce May Beehler Carolyn Beezhold Alice J. Bennelr James A. Bennel Carl W. Berner W 1 ' Z0 A f 5 ,f in ' 'P ...ers V. ff 'is if M Z 5 ., X A .,,.. 1 H -- ,..,.. . ,M ,, - '15 gf , X. Xf my .,,.. . .... ..,. .,.,...,.,. J . , ,... ."'i"2EIEEEIEEI,., " 1 f ' ' y y ,W Q 13 2 .aaa-fi.iz.::f, new . W, ' Jiffy ' m.'.'W,.f :mf 'ff' . is ff QW? . pviif Q9 if! ...- ... , .,,.., W . 2 1 A, .W E , , , N ' . 11' f ":'f i . rr. A Wrfer V, "az, J ,.::' i f lil ,fa f 2 .....-2"-H f W -::, 5 ,NW U G ,Q -.0ff5W- f":'::" ' " .ffff:Efg::z 4.5 , ,Z A ...'.. 3, ? Q. A if I 2' P 1 'W 52... all , N 7 l , A A ..... y.. W Carol J. Coonlz Berry Lou Cope Barbara J. Corbin Erlera R. Coyall Ardis S. Cowdrey Barbara Jean Craig Margarer Crambli+ Gerald F. Crivello James R. Cross Doris Cruiclcshanlfs Lynn Cryslal, Jr. Ruflw M. Curfrigln Mary Ann Cuslrr James V. Dafria, Jr. Ronald G. Davidson Lorefia Mae Davis Jack P. Davirian Virginia E. Deal Marilyn RUli1DE'6:fY John DeRi:io Cornelia Desmond Marilyn L. Desserl Frances Jean Dir? Richard M. Dillman Louis Diorio Mary Fairlr Downer Callileen Drozda Lorerra K. Duncan Dean Gerald Laker Mary E. Earle-y AudreyJ. Earnshaw Raymond Easlman Thomas Fdwards Juaniia V. Ellison Roberi J. Ely Eugene England Gloria Epperson Arlene Ann Erresl Doris J. Esnleman Leslie E. Evans Jaclc W. Evarone Lawrence Ewing, Jr. Durward Fallcenslien Joseph E. Feenslra Muriel R. Fellman Alberl Ferrell, J". Frank Filzpalriclc, Jr. Mariorie Fleeger Adele L. Flora Donald Ray Floyd Rosemary C. Fowler Palricia L. Frasier Samuel L. Fralella Donna Joy Frall Roberl L. French Lena Ann Fucci Roberll. Fuersl Richard L. Fuller Palricia Ann Gale William Gallagher Roberf A. Gallosh Harriell P. Galper Frnesf Ganey Roland A. Gardner George l-l. Garvey Philip David Geer Philip J. Genalempo Peler Georgeanne Pafricia L. Gessler Joyce E.Ge1mari Helen L. Gillelle Conslance Glaudini William H. Glaze Palricia R. Gobel Arlene F. Godwin Warren A. Golf Marlene Goldwaler Barbara Gonderman Shirley Goodale Grela R. Goodwin e 0 jiea' 4. f A ? ..5:.1.: .,..., 74 f ::::::::::,:,:,:,.,-.,..plugin W 2, ,, 07 , .. 7 ,W f I 2 .A iyff .11 " ' f 5 ... ?5s::::.::. .... 1 f 2, "" , Q, 2 , ,yi if f , ,,,, f, ,,., W ,.... y .7 me 6 lr 4 ,M '- " nf Z , ,,.,.,..,. ,, . , f 44' 455, ,gf . 5 f f f A14 , , , S X 7 , 2. 1 Q gf f f 1 X lg , f , g , X fi. l fx 4, I 'KW ' F :fees M, - ,,,,,, A A- - A A2 - E ,' ' . , " , .geese f , gi '-f:e:, ww Q97 ' ff 53:5-2:.j, ' Y ' -.5 ' z Ii... Q .5 30 gf -.QQ 4 ,K Lf' i 'he f if mi 'W fm W Vx E' wr ,ff I Jaffa Palricia J. Graham Barbara Lee Gray Richard E. Grogan Carolyn B. Greayes Armen Guleserian Marion E. Guerrin Marcella Gudgeon Dororhyl. Hall Mary Lee Hall William Hall Jerry D. Halslead Verla Hamilfon William T. Haney A. Doreen Hansen Richard M. Hanson Richard G. Harries .loan G. Herring Carolyn .l. Harris John Gordon Harris Alan M. Harlrnari Donald L. Hafliield Wallace S. Haydon Homelh E. Hedley Sandra Helrnreich Arlene Hendrickson Elecra L. Henry Winlhrop Hiblaerd Huberl L. Hirnes James R,Hinds Joan Hoffman Belly Holnenfhaner Lynda Holbrook Frank Holdenried Beverly C. Holm Dolorei M. Holmes Margarer S. Hook Paul P. Hooper Marilyn L. Hopkins James M. Horra Harlan C. Howard Ray Howser Harold Huddlesion Barbara M. Hudson William Hudson, Jr. Doroihy J. l-lull: Thomas Gene l-lursi Shirley Hushower Palricia Sue Hyinlc Adele V. Hylclconen Salvaiore laia Joseph E. lmbrenda Paul Edward Irvin Doroihy Jo Jackson Ella L. James Consiance Jarreil' Carolyn Px.JarreH Jerry D. Jayne Richard H..Jensen Donald M. Jeslcey Jerry l. Jessel Allen R.Johnson Carl Johnson, Jr. Joanne M.Johnson Nellie Ann Johnson Raymond Johnson Tom Johnson, Jr. Jeannelfe Kasson John L. Kendall Pairicia A. Kenyon Marienne Kerr Donald D. Kiess Frances Joan Kiasel James Kimbrough Shirley Ann Klaiie George Knudsen, Jr. Ella Mae Kordahl Darol C. Kosek Dona M. Krause Gladys E. Kusier Phyllis Kulschlra Y 4 1 Q, ia. f 7 5 6 . i2 f f 15423232 45' J '..w,w:, 'w h gy W , W f f ff' M' ' X l . , . fn f MJ' iff -"' 1" ': , f 'Tw W If J 4 ff ', uma f, 1 f 5 1 if ZZ! fg , Q. , 1 K, ,ff I 1 i few 1 75? 2 , I 9 I .K if J , 4: .A 4' my J , v M' ..,.. 1 7 . 2 , . mf , , .. j ..... :,... V l f f ' W ,f f 5 f N ,...... x ' Q J Q f 1, f W MW fs , 5, gf Q fpfyfgfyfi If , " ' f ' f' PKW rg 4. . ,f f W , I f J 9 gf , f , big, ,rug 555252: '-':, 2- ,M-,gr X M ff 5 ,gf 4 1 7 5 2224 Zia? .' , ,, 2 PW'-Q.. 1 ..g,. ,. , Q t if jf ' A 2? 1 I M 4 9 f 'fe' 2 sl 'fe K L :ga Vilvvi A ' L 2 A tear! fs 2. 7 want if . W ' Q A ' gk, F , V X X ll Reberl Laird, lr. Barbare1J.La'nb Kennellw D. Larnlu Jacqueline Lane Diane C. Lalliam Don C. Lauria Gerald Lee Lawlmn Ralpln Lawson, .lr. Jolwn C. Leone F. Ann Leverell Mary L, Linville Roberll. London Rolf Franklyn Lolz Lorila B. M. Lowe- Willlam Luclcenbacli Elizaberli L. Ludilcer Rae Alyeeson Lylle Slwirley A. Mabbcll James MaeCormacl4 Jolwn Magliari Kallwevine A. Malfw Ferre-s'rJ. Maier Shirley A. Maieslci Meredilln Malcolm Nancy P. Malin Edward Malcoly Anlluony Mancuso Barbara C. Marlsdl' Lillian E. Marquez Carmen D. Marvin Rose Ann Mallnis Joe Frank Mays Frances Mazelow Earl N. Mazzari Alden MCCamen5 V. Colleen McCann Daniel McCullarn, lr Ronald MCCusler Clmarles MeGroarly Barnard McGuire Ray F. McKniqhl' Jackie McLaughlin Jean McLaughlin 'Wanda McMurray Roberf McSeveney Billy Lee McVey Mary Joan Meier M. Goldena Merrill Richard A. Meyer Barbara Middleion Dorolhy Middlelon Eileen Milicevich Dale A. Miller Thelma M. Miller Juanila L. Miichell M. Nadine Milchell Joan Tonia Molello Arihur F. Moncriel Lillian Moreno Ray Morrisselie Ronald L. Muller Frances l. Murphy Lawrence D. Neron Lew W. Nickell lna Mae Niven Lois Carole Nvlund Joan P. Odiorne Bill Oerslerreich Sierling W. Ogden Lowell N. OHO Wallace G. Owens Roberl M. Pack Theodore Panos Dorolhy l-l. Parker Joseph Pass Marvin Pass MelioJohn Pale Sylvia G. Palin Gilberl Pallerson Ronald W. Pallon mi, ,:-.- ,Y Wi z I mr' -. '-:: : :Q f l. A f f , 4 f f . 5 f , 13 . ""' ,,,,,,,. . . U ..,.. i Q! f . if? "Why a' ...Xi ef 'mf ie 3:4 A V, .,. 4 if .,.. ..:,.,.:.,,,,,, A,.. , 2. f i" . 5 .,., .,.,.....,..,,, ..,,, l awww ,. 1 '4 1 Zfffffjd Ziff :waz ff fi, L 'ar .1 ' ef 5' 5 7 . ,L,, 5 ffa J .. f y as , 2 nv .Q .w . M . 'Q 5 , , ,fy , 9 , . Donald E. Peck Malcolm Pederson Dominick Pellegrino Blanche Pelcarcilc Greia Myra Pernber George Pennebalcer Darlene Pererson LaDonna Peferson Margarei Pleasani Geneva F. Pope Greia Popp Ernesi L. Prime Barbara J. Purnam John Joseph Quinn Lorna Louise Rabe Mary Jean Rafferiy Anlhony C. Raia John D. Randolph Roberf R. Raps Marie L. Rasmussen Belly Jean Rau Paricia A. Reagan Nancy L. Re-ams Gordon B. Records Roberi E. Redd Marilou Reeder Lou .lean Reid Emery M. Renlcen June Marie Rich Mariha Ridenhour Marlene Ridinger Virginia M. Ridlon Marilyn Riggs Jane Rilcer Jean Michele Rilcer Joan Rilcer Virginia Rivello Mary Ann Roberr Donna J. Roberfson Norman Robinson Beniamin Robson Roberl M. Rohan William E. Rohan Joan Grace Rocco Richard F. Ronci Theresa C. Ronlc Samson Rosenleld Herb Rosenlfranlz Donald R. Rolman Beverly M. Rudd Roberl John Runyon Juslin E. Russell Donald S. Samarge Wanda W. Sanders Don E. Schaerrer Georgia L. Schenk Barbara Schiclcner Richard B. Schloss Donald T. Schmidl Howard Schneider Vila A. Schneider Dorcas Schoeneweg Margarel Schwarlz Joan B. Semon Winslon N. Sharp Belly Joanne Shaw Helen Louise Shaw George Shear, Jr. Teddy W. Shelller Clara Ann Shorl Sluarl J. Silver M. Eiizabelh Sims Wanda Lee Sims Vahan J. Sipanlzi Roberl Lee Slavens Phoebe T. Smale Marilyn B. Smith Ronald M. Smilh Lee Thomas Snoolc ff' I- f K My J. 7' , ,f 73 4 Spf! S iiiiiiii :El" 1 .fa- g.,..,. q .D Z C - li ,f fr "'i i, f- f 4 f I f ff , 4.1 ffl 23' af 1 .,...:, .4 .. .gy 1 ,Q i 'ami' i ,.. -- x X , 4 32. . Z 1 ff f if Lorraine Snyder SaundraSolornonian Palsy Lee Spence Ronald N. Squire Rosemary Sl.Aman'l Jo Ann Sfarkel Ronald Siarlf Reber? fx. Sleele William L. Slevens Jene C. Stevenson Lawrence Slolilcer Roberl F. Sloliker Ernesi M. Sione Shirley Rae Slorrer Myron Slrausheim Lucrelia A. Sullivan Richard W.Si,1rr1ocla Darlene G. Suilon David B. Swarihoui Donald W. Swezey Valeria V. Szana Lorraine lf. Tabain Babara Lea Tafqe Edi1hf'x,Tayolafci John Edward Taylor Jack Ronald Temple Ben E. Teschner Carol J. Teschner Shirley M,Thagard George A. Tharpe Bonnie J. Thomas 'William R. Thomas B. Ann Thompson Nancy Helen Tipion Marilyn Todd Faye Eileen Toliver Gerald M. Trisler LeRoy C, Trnavslcy Larry .l. Tubbs Richard L Tucker Lewis J. Turchi Jaclr Vanderlaan Joe Ann Vaughn Richard A. Veraldi Roberr A. Viriue Virginia H Walsh William E. Waison Doro+hy M. Weed Carolyn Welborn Gerald W. Vlfear Norma Lee Vifelis Barbara Ann Welsh Lois June Wheeler Waller L. Whirry William K.While Ronald D.Whi1e L. Fred Wiclcser, Jr. Janei' M. Vlficlcmar: William J.Wilcox Joyce A. Wildung Palricia J. Vlfilliarns Donna June Wilson Susan Lee VVilson Lucille Vlfinclr Nancy J. Winner Gerald l-l. Winrer Billy Wiiherspoon Joann G. Wolisori Dorofhy Mae Wond Dorilee Woodworllq Barbara L. Wooll Ralph M. Wrisley Horace E. Wyman Albina F. Yapel Carolyn Gail Yaies Raymond A. Yafes Diane E. Ziegler Rae Alice Ziemer Dolores M. Zila Grace Marie Zucco Ku if fff 4 . " ., eg... M """"i'T' put YQUI' x'sl1ere Afgimxw , i ' . ,MV N5 x 4 4 W MF NV +55 g W M 5WL?Qr",,Sf'553 M Kf1f ffffj 5? W V ., NYY? f" X M , ' iw fx My-"' Sfwmmw -, X his . WZ 35? f .JJ -375' ' ' 'W zf ,W W6 JgM'i'Qj2ff" SS lLQ-W W ' ei x fb KM K f 5 Eff Nfnfmgcfgifi' fgqfp ' QMS Bookkeeping Club ....,V.......M A. A Capella Choir ..............,..........vv,,, Adelphians and Junior Adelphians Ari' Honor ......,.,o,........... .,A. ,.v,,,,, 2 3 3 Aihenians and Officers ...,,,.,, Band .............,o.,,,,,,,,,, 3 Band' Leliermen ,,,,, 3. Baseball ......o,.,,,,,,,, Baskeiball ..,Y., ,.,o,,,,v,,,...., Boys Boys Boys Boys Boys' Boys Boys Cab Usher Squad ..............,.. Gym Club .................. ' Vice Presideni' S'50 ,,,,.. ' Vice Presidenl' W'50 .,o.... Boys' ' ' ' ine'r S 50 ,.,...,,..,,.,,...,o,, Cabinel W'50 Y,o.Y,v,,, Cadeis ............,,, Camera Club ....,,,a Campus Casuals .......,.... Cavalier Class Officers ,.a.,,,,. sa..,,,.,s..,.,. 1 03 Cavalier Class of W'50 ,,,,, 3 Cheeri Leaders ........,s.,.,,,,,,, Chrisiiian Fellowship .,.. Chromans ...,.....,.,s,,, ,,,. Class Aciiviiies ,,,,.,,,, Clei Club .....,,,,,,, 33 s....,., 32 League Ac'rivi1ies .,..,........,.. League Cabinel W'50 .,..,.., ' League Cabinel S'50 .u,.,o , Vice Principal .,,.,,u., Coaches ...,..,,.,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Co-Eds ........V...s....,.,,,...,.,,,,,..,.., Commercial Chalier Slaii ,,,,.., Commerce Honor ,....,...,,,ss,,, Coniinenlal Ari Eclilor ......., 3 Con'rineni'al Edilor-in-Chief Coniinenial Slaff S'50 ...,,,,,,,,, Conlinenial Slafi W'50 ..,,,, Courl' Officials S'50 .....,..,, Courl Officials W'50 .,,,,,,, Cross Counlry ,,.,s,,, ,,,,,,,, Dances. Formal ..,,.,,,,.,s Dances, Sporls .,,.V, ,.,,,.....,. Dramahcs ..........,,,,,,,,,,s,,,,, 3 Drum and Bugle Corps .o,oassssss., Drum and Bugle Maiorelies Elecirons ...., s,.,,,.,,,ss,,.,.,,,A ,,s,.,, ,,,,, Elevenfh Grade Class and Officers 3 Embassy ,,,Y,,,,,,,.,,. 33 Ephebians S'50 Ephebians W'50 .,s,,, .,,,,,,,, Facu Fool' liy, Ari ...,,,s..,,,,,,.,,,,.,,,,,, Boys' Physical Educaiion Business Educalion Coordinaiors ..,,.s,,s,,,, 3 English ,s,,,s.,,, s,,,,.,,,,,,,,, Girls' Physical Educalion Home Economics ...,., .3 2 lnduslrial Arls .,,,.,,,,,,, Language ......, 23 Maihemaiics 33 Music ,,,,c,,,.,,,, 3 Science ,,c.,V...,s,., ,.c.... Secreiarial Siaff ,,c,. Social Sludies .,.s. ball ,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 3 French Club 33 3 33 C-LA A. .....o..,o.s.css., occooo. 3 Girls' Girls' Glee Club ,,,.,,s,,,,,,,,, 3 League Aclivilies .,.,r, index 322222..39 33233.3238 223222.23298-99 76-77-78-79 32322223.26-27 22.22.2325 .333223228 3323322242 3222222223 3332233321 3 s22.222222 3332222220 3222222245 3222222246 32104-109 3232222246. 333333233264-65 3233323372 3323333249 222,,3.240 2322322241 23323334 3222232334 3323333234 3333333234 223,23.222 3 ,,,c,,,,, 20 323280-81 233333333366-68 332260-61 3333232362 33296-97 3 2 50 3 s,c,,, 110 3103 3322333216 33333214 332314 3 17 2322332315 3223333314 3322222216 333222,215 333332215 2322222215 233233317 323332216 72-73-74-75 . .o7,. 90-91 3 3 s,,,cV.c, 41 33 ,s,o,. 26-27 Girls Girls Girls League Caloinel W'50 .......,.........c.YY League School Commiilee S'50 ..,.,,,, League School Commillee W'50 Girls Service Squad .........,,...,.,,,,,,.......,.., Girls Vice Presideni S'50 V,u..,..,,,,,........ Girls' Vice Presidenl W'50 ..... Girls' Vice Principal ....s.....s.., Gymnaslics 2 s,,,....,.......,.... 3 lce CuHers ,,,u.Y,.....,u..,.... Key Club ....,....,...............,,s,c Knighls and Ladies S'50 .c,...... Knighis and Ladies W'50 ...,... La'l'in Club ,.........V.,,s......,.,..,. LeHermen's Club ....s.,......, Marlhonians ..,,,,,,. 22 Ma'rh Club o,,,,,c Minulemen ,ccc....... Novelieens .,..,,...s... Orchesira ......v...,,,,,,,,. Philharmonic Club .,,,, Pin Choppers .......,.. Principal ......,.,c......,,,,,,cV. Pry-Tons ,................,cc,.,,.,,, Ouill and Scroll S'50 .,,,,,,, Ouill and Scroll W'50 ,,,,,, Racadels ,.,,,,,,,c,c 3 ,,,, 3 Rhylhm Rollers ,,,,,,, 33 Rock Hounds ,,,,,,,,, ,s,,,,, Scholarship Cabinel .,,,...s Scholarship -Firsl' Year ,.,u,c,,V,. Scholarship-New Torchbearers 28 13 2322323284-85 112-113 100-101 42 52 12 33 32 2123252 3 ,,c,,o 53 3247 3 56 56 33323232357 Scholarship-Old Torchebearers ,s,, ..,c...... 5 7 Scribes,, 3 ,,,ss,,.,,,,,,,,,,, 3 Sealbearers S'50 33 ,,,,,,,c,,,,,,, 22 Sealbearers W'50 2 33 Senaie S'50 ....s,,,,,,, Senale W'50 ...,,,o 3 Shorihand Club Silver Skalers ,,...v,.,, 2 Song Leaders S'50 ,,s.,. Sound Crew .,,,.,,,,, ,,s,,, ,s,,, Spanish Club ccsscssss 3 sccsssc ,ssccs 3 Siage Crew .,,.c,...,,,,,,..... .3 2 Sludenl Body Presidenl' S'50 .,,, Siudeni Body Presidenl W'50 3 Siudeni Service .s,........,..,, ,c.,c,,, Siudeni Service Presidenis S'50 3 3 Siudenl Service Presidenis W'50 Sub-Debs .,,, .. .....,,,, 2. 33 Surveyor Edilor S'50 3 3 33 Surveyor Edilor W'50 33 Surveyor Sialli S'50 ,,,,,,, Surveyor Slaii W'50 s,s,,,,, Tags ,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Teen Aiders c,,,, Teen Toppers 23 Tennis ,.,..,,,c,,,cc,.c,,,, Tenlh Grade Class 3 3 Thespians ,,,,,, Three S ,,,,,,,,.,,,,, Traclc and Field Traffic Squad ,..,.., Tri-Y .,...c,.s,,,,,v..,.u.,. ,,,. Tyros ,.,,,cc..,,.,........,,..,..c Vagabond Class Oiziicers 2 Vagabond Class oi S'50 2' 3 Vocalional Prinlers .c,,.c,,, W.A.C. s ,,,,,c,s,,..s,cs,c,,,,, Girls' League Cabinef S'50 ,c,s.., Washingion Winners Wreslling ,.,c.,s,,,,,,,,,,.,, 2 44 11 00 23 22, ,,,,,, L. 2 21 sc,. 354 2223233243 23 3 333261 320 32322329- 31 3222232231 3333322233 3333332332 3 ,,.... 53 2223248 2222222288 32332394-95 48 322282-83 10 3 14 3 35 332323244 49 3 89 editors' ocknowledgmenfs T54 M Ya jf' 'X"i"Z"T-aef0?',....,.: y o VS V .i.-"' A :,,,,,., G Q? ,113 JL 0 I CJ3aQ Q as. di is . , fr yi, .1 fy j STEVE BUDAI drew ihe cover design and fhe layouis. If you +hough+ X H. X yiiis modern design looked slighily like a s'iree+ sign, you were righ+. This Y x 5 ll' .4 ' , . Nl ,1 l J SJ , AH .L E .Ftp 3 '97 V Xa! .1 V' if 5 XV , .1 Q3 ' s J Q MV D 1 sofa.: 2 Pc .W- F .xx E5 E My NX 4 A fs Y. age N 'i:-3 cm ,TN Sk Y .Fa was S+eve's me'I'hod of infroducing our ihemeg and he aH'emp+ed 'io mainiain +his modern siyle on ihe division pages and fhroughoui' 'ihe book. Since we hoped 'io make ihe cover sharp and fresh we chose blue and whi+e for our color combina+ion. MR. JACK CANNICOTT of 'ihe Los Angeles Engraving Co. gave us exceIien+ advice, as he always does. and helped us s+ay wi+hin our budgei' byresiaining "green" edi+ors who would have liked every piciure in color. ANTHONY LOYA, working wiih fhe siaff 'For fhe firsi' 'I'ime: gave us phofos of greai' beauiy and originaliiy. He musi' be commended for his abilify +o make ordinarily dull group picfures inieresfing and ar'I'is+ic. Two of his assisfanis, who pu+ iheir "blood, sweai, and +ears,. info our piciures, are Nick and Edd? 'iwo of Tony's darkroom fechnicians. MR. BURNETT and his vocal-ional priniers did +he linoiying and page make-up. They are 'rhe only ones who usually receive less credii +han +he individual s+aFf members. THE S. K. SMITH COMPANY did an excelleni' iob manuliaciuring +he cover. THE BINDEX COMPANY handled our binding +his year. MR. RICHMOND conriibuied his piciures of +he W'50 Class sione, because if seemed io be a "na+ural" wiih which 'io open +he W'50 senior seciion. BOB VIRTUE, sporis wriier for ihe Surveyor, coniribuied mosi of our spor+s copy: . Q W . L' 'I R QQ ,X . ,, I . ., ,F ,y 6, ,f ' 1 fffisljf 2 Ji .T ,R Affwvii' 7owvfr,7c ' .wigpq ff-f,6P':, -2 R ' 1 'S iris i we ' .H 'Q :V .rw , "ia 128 ff -:.4.av'v'6' i 'MNA '7uMV?'7" ' f"f?f Vef,of.44efJ -mm-A? if Tlx-Meiji' yrvrnfff Yfjf 11-fr f-of 5, 4 I Ygfgyiy ' mv JJ if . -f ' ' QQ J J 1 0 is I ,-f K '9' If r ,, 5 J g, ,M 'Fly w"-gf' I .1 L t X 5 3 N 7 W-1. SQLJ4 X ,N .,. sf ,, 3 kk aww ' 52,3 S, 335' Y , . . gif' i x , ii' W UM! 3 1 V, 'bg T K ff 335 if' ' A , '- me 'V s f- - we gf 1 .il ' D R 5 L ,iz V f' if' 33y i5l if gf Q fb ?f Af . A ,gl .1 SJ ga U , 0 , V f ff'fff T3f" Tff""f My ffj,?,,w ff,fJ ,,Z , W f I 1 Mff if . fn ,,4'H !.1fN PM My fUf i .W.W

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