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IF w : s1fafaxvf:.wefrf gave M fr: fm, , - - . -P A - - ., H - , , - A :I . ,f 1 1 f ' ff , X24 - ,Y f ,..., , '- -V544 3, . K 3 Cy Q at X ,gzgvzvvnvf iff! 61444 ffdkdnl X M147 I ff K , yy! MW 215 9995 EST! N VX? My M, if as X !'Qfyy MVB Ay R NSN aff gi- xx w bp! Q if f 1 4 5 - fsf ff , ,. 1 cl 5- Y 2' F J F 'ziqfff - Wg? , , fl X, Y fffz ,f ff A -' f fl X F 7, j . y I X - ll XA 3 , 6 My . . F 1 Q l f " 'xi XW 1 1 5 v 5 ' 6 f J 1 Q A . Q if 1 'f - 'E ' ' ' N X ' A .. ., J . . ' 'P 1 v. ' ,' J 0 3' . 6 I1 f 9 1 N13 Q jfyfd . 'M MW ' - J I j ,l ,L lxxh s ' A 1 is H 4 X , , ff Ex Y gs I A XX L' , O WQQNVX. 5 . f Q Y N J 0 ' B Elu 3 Ni 4? 0 Qf , Q J I xy rl PM! Q X ' I . 1 A ' ' 3 I X I L Q, if X. fy 15:51 - X :jiri 7- ' A Ny' y i., X jj , Q W ,f ' MW ,N q i X - , J rj, Wy 4, ik sig 5 ' YE gf fl " 1" ' kv? A. f' 3 ' 'fi , . Q K - Q - lax' K, 3,1 X. km . 9 'V 1,4 i Q 5 'i' ii' N -X4 ' 5. !4f 1 J, W ' A' f wi 'B 5 N LQ ' fl gf 3 5: Ju!! h i aaa 'L 3- ' Af is 5 57947, - ,, -11, U sa im, Y I .nwwnmunwm-mm. 4.-.ww -im-wwe-rfummn wana wr 1 .-,szsmsmuefmmwmfwaf -thi!-S'1mr.'vB'Wt':'Lf5snsaPI nwmufmmr -r GSW: up -as ' "' Yulu b A , L,,, ...,, '- .V 1 '-A- w , x :aww ' fi if ,ff f wifwf ffm 'W X 6 vi! y f 9v gr 9 Il HQ IV xqwnm X xy i' .,Ax V f Fi X .MR 12 1 5+ -.... I ik J. uni K' A :K 'tj lvw I p tl, N j 5 , in fx Q' A VVKICII5! 'xl -1 XX ' . I A 1 VJ .,L' 'A X + 1 ffm V ,,,'7'f 'L ' , if C ff JL! jf' gi ,1 I N77 Q J J X ' 3 4 I , qi, -K X V. ' A l MY?-'V Q 4 lj' , I' p 145 Q 4. ! , f 1 Y ' ' 'l I ffl! lf ' XHA i 'gv , P W ,O L, A xxx . 1 kr' Cxjkb 'qt' I S. . . N- 5 fx' Y' X, ""' H f vb 4, V N Y 1 , W 'V ' ,-Q ms - .ff ' ' n AQQL y4-vQ,w1.,- Z7 . ,, f f . iff- 1 I r , - A X V Y I ' ' v A 'TQ ruff 2 WINTER 46 GEORGE WASHINGTON HIGH SCHOOL LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA onnnsnrm ! The theme Bu11d1ng for the Future was chosen because of 1lS approprrateness at the present t1me The Whole World 1S 1n the process of bemg rebullt both mater1ally and morally We ovve 1t to our servrcemen r1f1ce to do a good job It IS to our gold star heroes those who have grven the1r l1ves 111 order that we may bu1ld a better future that we dedrcate th1s f1rst peace t1me Contmtental who have made such a great personal sac- DB. IOHN L. ABBOTT Graduates from this school have, since l927, been building for the future. The traditions they have established, the records they have achieved have erected a foundation upon which our progress in the future can be built. The severity and ravages of the past few years give reason for re-evaluation of our objectives as an educational institution and a re-evaluation of our training procedures. More than ever before we need people who are capable of making social adjust- ments and solving social problems which arise. Education has done a reasonably good job of training doctors, teachers, and en- gineers. We have yet to learn how to teach people to get along with people. We could do with fewer fine roads and fewer mag- nificent buildings. The problems which seem to be the stumbling blocks are those problems which deal with the relations between people. Man has pretty successfully solved the problems which grew out of the conflict between man and his environment, but to date we have rather made a mess of the problems which grow out of the conflict between peoples. With the rapid advance of science the future leaves us one of two choices: to limit the forces of selfishness and solve social problems honestly and equitably or to face extinction through international conflict. Our success can't be measured in dollars but needs to be measured in terms of our ability to understand and clarify human relations. IOI-IN L. ABBOTT, Principal CDUR GUIDING HAND MISS HARRIET C ROBBINS Building for the future is a good theme for bu1ld1ng is an interesting process First one needs a plan in order to erect a good building Next good materials are essent ial defective or poox material can nullify the best of plans However neither plans nor materials produce a building unless used by skilled workmen Make your plan for your life therefore the best of which vou are capable Acquire good life building materials through books thinking companionship and recreation 1St in building your l1fe A good world can be built only from the good lives of its citizens HARRIET C ROBBINS Girls V1cePr1nc1pal gsm MR RALPH E BAUER For the first time in history man is com ing into possession of pow ers by which the human race may be anmhilated The frame work of the character of the United Na tions IS merely the skeleton of the new vsorld organization It must have flesh blood and the breath of life in its veins The young people of the world are need ed to make it come ahve We know that the New World order must be built on world minded persons that international trustee ship must be based on the concept of per sacrifices of war with the sacrifices worth the peace for which we fought We must set our faces against the temptation of fear lndlfference and dlssilluslonment And so we say Godspeed to the Rangers Class of Winter 46 and best wishes to all other loyal Washlngtonians RALPH E BAUER Boys Vice Principal Above all, strive to become a skilled artl sonal responsibility. We must match the """' "" " x'V'Agi ErL,'W'Y "" """'i""""'i ,i A ,, Y Y x 3 is ' Q ..,. Introducing tall, handsome Jim Reynard who has worked his friendly way through a W'46 semester with activities dealing with all phases of school life. Among his cabinet's accomplishments, sponsoring of several successful dances, beginning a re- creation hall fund, and a clean-up cam- paign. Jim is familiar to all students for his good natured grin and his sincere efforts to promote school spirit and pride. Well known for his athletic powers and his speaking ability, Jim has promoted a close relationship between the cabinet, the ad- ministration, and the students. GRGANIZERS JOHNNY BAKER ANN YOUNG BILL POWERS Boys' League Pres. Siud. Body Secy. Boys' Stud S SHIRLEY HUCKINS BOB CORNELISON BEVERLY Girls' League Pres. Scholarship Soc. Pres. Girls' Stud President, Iim Reynard OF OUR ACTIVITIES MARY FREITAS Stud. Body Treas. ELI POINT Manager of Aihleiic Girls' Vice President-Ann Brown Boys' Vice President-Iim Summers MALCOLM CLANCEY PAT KEITH GEORGE CARAS Eleventh Grade Rep. LA VERNE LUNDEEN PRESTON Coord. oi Publications House Manager TAYLOR DORIS CORNAT Girls' Point Secy. Boys' Judge Girls' Judge I ' ,ff if -f wo- .ax cfm JOANN Sl-IAFI-'ER JOHNNY SGROI DOROTHY ANDREWS VARNEL JORDON ELLEN TUCKER CHARLES GUASTI s Editor of Continental 10th Grade Rep. Editor of Surveyor Boys' Poin! Secy. Girls' Judge Boys' Judge Lloyd Hinkleman-Knight President Barbara Gerson-Lady President X Rosemane Fehlman Shrley Huckms KNIGHTS Haloh Evans vm Young Marv I-'reiias Audrey Finch A t A' ll I' 19 O Ellen Tucker XT' AND LADIES Varnel Jordon Doris Cornai David Allen To become a Knight or a Lady is the goal of every Washingtonian. Meeting behind closed doors of Miss Robbins' and Dr. Abbott's offices, the Knights and Ladies are chosen on the basis of character, personal- ity, intelligence, and leadership. Wearing the coveted emblem on the traditional blue sweater, these thirty-one Rangers are known as "Wash- ington's best". Bringing back old tradition for the first time since before the war, a joint banquet was held by the Knights and Ladies with their parents as guests. The big event of this very enjoyable evening was the formal initiation ceremony. The Ladies are known for their gracious hospitality at the B10 Mothers' Tea. Laughter and old friends were predominant at their semi- annual banquet held at the Eleda. Filling out their social functions, the Ladies journeyed to Crestline for a snowbound weekend. The Knights can be seen raising and lowering the flag every morn- ing and afternoon. A stag social rounded out their social actitities. Both the Knights and Ladies can be found in the Cafeteria everyday after nutrition hastily scurrying away with the unsightly glasses and bottles left there by their classmates. Another of their services was the orientation of B10's in Washington Ways, and spirit, through speeches to B10 English Classes. A night of soft music after a day of hard work-- the Knights and Ladies Dance. Margaret Mack James Summers Becky Chambers James Reynard Ann Brown Charles Guasi Morris Draper La Verne Lundeen Plato Grivas Jacque Swanson Bob Chase Barbara Gilbert Lillian Godel Vernon Hunt Jo Ann Shaffer Bob Cornelison Mary Lou Fife Frank Mitchell 0- David Allen Morris Draper Lucille Alhadeff Ralph Evans Bob Cornelison Richard Exley Y 5: Rosemarie I-'ehlmanEd Glenn Alice Gusieluis Mary Lou Fife Lillian Godel Morley Holmes Barbara Gerson Charles Guasii Varnel Jordon ., V6 g., 5 10' Jack Lockeii Patricia McKinney Diane Schoeppe Virgin Le Verne Lundeen Shirley Ray Garoldine Spear Ellen Shirley McBride Gloria Rinne Lillian Steel SEALBEARERS CLD TORCHBEARERS 10 ROW I: Corai, Mack, Shaber. Kalpakian, Sponsor: Beisert, Hartley, Deisinger. ROW II: Routh, Grifiiih, House, Fischer, McDonnell, Olson, Amos. ROW III: Buch- anan, Beak, Lockeii, McNamara, McFerran, Merritt, Benson, Christensen. ROW IV: Gotilieb, Keith, Olson, Schuessler, Mayer, Wairous, King, Kay. SCHOLARSHIP EOR SERVICE NEW TORCHBEABERS AND FIRST YEAR SCHOLARSHIP L, EPI-IEBIANS 2 Z Ann Brown Selected on the basis ot' scholarship, lead- ership, character, and willingness to serve Los Angeles, these graduates have not only accepted the high honor of Ephebianship, but have assumed the obligation to enter whole-heartedly into civic work. The honor attached to Ephebian election lies in the fact that the faculty believes the students chosen are capable of bearing a heavy burden of civic responsibility. Election is thus a trust and responsibility, rather than an empty honor. These students have as- sumed, for life, an obligation of civic leader- ship. The badge of membership is a gold ring which has the Ephebian emblem on it. Grad- uating seniors look upon Ephebianship as the highest honor which may be bestowed upon them and those selected are proud of the distinction. SENIOR BOYS ttitt Sk rms i'ki"ki' 'kittt it 'ki' 'Kitt Ar! Aiello Rosemarie I-jelhman B011 James Reynard Mary Lou Fife Bar IN THE SERVIC Richard W. Archer Harold W. Logan Rodney Milton Bjorlin Mike Bqrogch Don A. Parker Charles John Campbell Gerald T. Sparks Lee Stickle Dale E. Stultz John Thommas Conners Raymond Eugene Dubuc Edward Francis Florian George Henry Glanzman The0d01'9 Tribal! 1 Robert Ralph Gunny D011 P. Valenzuelo Alex Nestor nnicki stephen Murray W Clarence C. Jaeger Harold Edward M1 Donald Charles Pa CIGHCG and ath Dept arim Burch ears Ve OWI M II Hollxng Cunnmgham Garard usion Sanders Losey W III Baker Kelly Furman of Scxence De riment Johnson Chau' an of Maihemahcs De rtmen!Carr1ngton onan Burgess 19" ,,,-v Secretarlal Staff ROW I Glxck Jorgensen Greensxde Taylor R II Fxsk OW Myrxck Good fellow DeMoulin AND THEN Physlcal Educatlon Department W I Kxits Walker Chairman I Gxrls Deparimeni Carmxchael Chaxr man of Boys Deparimeni Hyde Bak ROW II McNell1s I-Ielvey Chase Wyatt ROW III Flanegxn Cundxff Sloan ,X , . - - , X A A ' wh Vajra I I : ' , . - ' .0 -L . - ' I - I I. er. . . ' , I id 1, I Benileyi aupin. BOW : ' - 3 b . -I gg ' U' I 13 THERE Social Studies, English Departments ROW I: Spellisy, MacKinnon, Potter, Walter, Chairman ci English Department: Sampson, Chairman of Social Studies Department: Ecklund, Burns. ROW II: Andrews. Gill. Heaton, Sawyer, Smith, Knapp. ROW III: Richmond, Hertzog, Homrighausen, Elser, Schofield, Randall, Duncan. ROW IV: Haggart. Childs, Hodgens, Martin. 7- W 2H W S C Il U rf' ml gf' ' 3, , I ,I l .1 ,f I is S, gf f , S, I N Art, Music, Language Head ROW I: Ecklund, Draper, Dixon, Anderson, Hansen, Chairman of Music Department: Kalpakian. ROW II: Bertrand, Sintes, Gobel, Hazell, Warnock. ROW III: Werming- haus, Davies, Miquel, Chairman of Language Department: Ahrens, Chairman of Art Department. IS TI-IE FACULTY Coordinators Home Economics, Industrial Arts, Commercial Depts. ROW I: Spears, Health Department: Richmond. Military Service: Butler, Employment Advisor. ROW II: Heilman. Registrar: Siemens, Non-professional: Kelly, Professional. ROW I: Bishop. Crumpacker. Burnett, Guidinger, Siemens, Chairman of Commer- cial Department. ROW II: Dobyns. Wittenberg, Christian, Ley. Kemp, Cundiff ROW III: Bennett, Chairman of Industrial Arts Department: Overtield. McCarter Rollins, Quistorff, Rebok, Chairman of Home Economics Department: Stone. ROW IV: Moore, Fox, Carlson. Barry. 1 INTRCDDUCING Senior Cabinet ROW I: Lee, Secretary: Fehlman, Senior A Pres- ident: Brown, Senior B President. ROW II: Jordon. Treasurer: Godel, Girls' Vice: Aiello. Boys' Vice: Cornat, Secreiary. THE RANGERS fa Ted Aarup Don Adams Ar! Axello Lucllle Alhadeff Dave Allen Dora Anderson Marjory Ault Marguenie Bandy Manlou Barnet! Wxllxam Barry Mxke Barosch Glorxa Bauer Kaiherme Bazacas Ruth Bxrch Bruce Boughion James Burden Mary Braunschwexler Ann Brown Lester Brown Shrrley Brown Barbara Buchanan Jerry Burden Elolse Busslo Dick Calver! Jean Campbell B111 Cairon Becky Chambers Joanna Chlarson aw ' Q A 5. B n 5 I 9? Q- W 1 Q l' -'N X X . 5 w W . R. Q W + B xi A an X ' JJ N 6 ' K 4 is X - 'P ij. " ig X slim Q Q, QV? 'X ' A . W Dona Colman Carol Colvin -1' 2 H bedian Morris Draper Florence Eagle is 'x Foster Natalie Fragacomo Franziska Franke Graham Helen Granberg Marilyn Grande We we-y x ""-'99 if 25651, K 7 ,vfgfyi S., .A S E: Jack Conners Mary Connoly Charlotte Coon Melba Cope Doris Cornai Dorihea Englund Ralph Evans Richard Exley Marie Farmer Rosemarie FehlmanD Marian Fredericks Audry Green Mary Freitas Bruce Greenwood W 522' mf, gi! S1615 ek Q Norma Frey Beverly Geise Beverly Frazee Plato Grivas Jack Geisler Charles Guasii ? V 1 EGO" one. Qu 6. .7 bf 1 I , auser Renee Haycock Merle Helback Clarence Helfrick Oihman Henderson Louise Heyneman Georae Heytens Lloyd Hinkelman L Jencks Margaret Johnson Roger Johnson Varnel Jordon Jayne Jurgenson Virginia Kampman Ed Karr Virginia Knepel 18 Doris Coiierly Jackie David Lois David Roberta De Vries Delmar Dewey Doris Dixon Raeita Donelson Lou Fife Audrey Finch Donna Finney Kathleen Flaherty Doralie Flanagan William Fletcher Mary Lou Florian '-if i "' K , f 'X ' is , .rf if Q xl rf if 1 JU' . I - Q, 1 X S L ' ' Wig- C 'Ja bl iff - f 9' ' iff' i , with . .E 5 Barbara Gerson Barbara Gilbert Imogene Gillespie James Gilleiie Fred Glassman Ed Glenn Lillian Godel Virginia Hadley Sally Hamilion Sera Haprov Vera 1-laprov Bob Harper Una Harris Chas. Haughinherg 2, .vii Morley Holmes Bill Howar Mary Howard Pai Howe Shirley Huckins Barbara Hudson Vernon Hun! Jeanena King Peggy Kinney Mel Kroninield Eileen La Frentz Jack Lambert Bob Lare! Vernon Larson HL Bobby Jean Mays Vlary Lou Poris 3' Jeanette Rxsco Maxxne Rnsen .hm Roberts Glona Rogers Chuck Roller Marxou Schwarz Mary Scxovhno Andy Scancarello Frances Seillemeyer Jo Ann Shaffer Q9 Dr 4 l g15q3.,.ml' Ballas, Vice President: Baker. President: Nightengale, Secretary: Simons. Treasurer. 22 Boys' League Cabinet One of the most active and largest organizations in Wash- ington is the Boys' League, rep- resentative of all the boys of the school. The very popular leader this year is J o h n n y Baker, who has instituted sev- eral new activities in support of the school cabinet. T h e y sponsored many school drives for the P.-T. A., United War Chest Fund, Christmas boxes, and the bond drive. They plan to sponsor so m e intramural basketball, football, and horse- shoe contests to promote great- er competitive school spirit and pride among the students. With such capable leadership, we can be certain that the Boys' League will continue to func- tion as one of the most import- ant offices of the school. BOYS' LEAGUE silt D- BP-KNGY, J. Fmigj Girls' League Cabinet ROW I: Abramson. Vinger. Secretary: Marquis. President: Longnaker. Vice- President: Marcell. Treasurer. ROW II: Means. Baffa. McGhee. Flury. Beisert. Fields. GIRLSX LEAGUE Sponsoring the many drives this year was the Girls' League, which is made up of one repre- sentative from second period classes. At the begining of the term they planned the Big and Litle Sister party for all girls new to Washington to help them get acquainted with their classmates. Besides sponsoring the Victory Chest drive, which reached the 351,051 mark, they sent three hundred and twenty Christmas boxes to the Red Cross for servicemen in the oc- cupational forces and to our hospitalized veterans. Girls' League School Committee ROW I: Beisert. McArthur. Tyler. Secreiaryz Huckins. President: Fehlman Genshaw, Miska. ROW II: Johnson. Shaber. Lonknaker. Robbins. Sponsor: Gill. Sponsor: Vinger. Marquis. f 14-1 C I' STUDENT Periods 5 and 6 ROW I: Smith, Tomasello, Tuenro, Gill Thompson, Jesk. ROW II: Butterfield Quinn, Adams, Swanson, Sala, Serrio Urutia. ROW III: Friedman, Morgan Michael, Kilgore, Amhony, Nickerson: Alden. ROW IV: Hupstetter, Henning- son, Mergell, Stacy. Durlin, Cook, Blaze Jenks. Periods 1, 2, 3 ROW I: Stanley, Wenger, Lentz, Hailey, Hau- gen, Larson, Clark. ROW II: Tertzog, Gauthy, McBride, Palmer, Stewart, Benz, Fife, Bird. ROW III: Shakespeare, Rayburn, LeFueore, Williams, Kane, Villasenor, Doris. Periods Noon and 4 ROW I: Size, Teague, Reed, Gable, Lowe, Troxler, Schultz. ROW II: Zuniga, Eliard, Moe, Glassman, Balian, Harmsen, Sanders, Peet. ROW III: Rasmussen, Crawford, O 1' t e g a, Anderson, Cameron, Parkman, Tibbs. ROW IV: Berg, Manning, Jenks, McLaughin, Mc- Clune, Tracy. SERVICE GIRLS ROW I: Brown. Lang, Welch, Haskell. Miner, McRae, Coleman, Reischel, Thompson, Whitehair. ROW II: Cox. Claudino, Anderson, Harden, Becker, Lockhart, Turchi, Pimental, Seastedt, Boyd, Pecorelli, Delahousie. Dimitriou, Guthrie. ROW III: Larsen, Buchholz, Collins, I-lawblitzel, Crawford, Eppile, Spring, Ferginson. Put- nam. Wilhelm. Edgar, Luxford. ROW IV: Mays, Garey. Craig, Hammond, Zetman, Thomas, Rountree. Regnier, McClumam, Arnell, Kettenhow, Flournoy, Sailer. ROW V: Snyder, lsenburg. Schollne, Ballard, Barsch. Kiiken. M i t c h el l, R o u t h, Ogston, DeBoer, Allen. Roberts, Anderson. Decker Allen I-'ei htner Fail, ROW I: . . g , Humphry. Robinson, Harris, Lilletloren Glasgow, Hodgens. ROW II: McFerris Routh, Ridgeway, Wa ner, Burgess Swrochthout. Abert. Baier, Miller. Pet- erson, Smith. Gregston, Nemetz, Ander- son. ROW III: Sawyer, Nelson, Riggs Sisto Fa. Garcia. Rochlitz, Soden, 1 Y Baughn. Kezas. Collins, Mackey, Smale Littleworth, Rooney, Castle, Rudclift ROW IV: Lovgren. Washburn, Hoine Shurtleft, Kanouff, G lo v e r, Janulaw, Green, Hughes. Howell. Connolly, Mur- aski, Helton. Johnston, Schultz, Hack- ler, Foster. ROW V. Meling, Heil, Reina ala ak Van Valkenbur Cunnin S d . g, g- ham, Shunway, B a k e r, Pike, Kral Fulkman, Ellis, Fike. ROW VI: Lund- aren, Lister, McNamara, Luckenbach Barrett. Malone, Ruland, Kies. Haw- blitzel, Schreiber, Hewitt, Little. Smith. Sulliban. fax, x' 1,- 4 I v X J ROW I: Grover, Anderson, Nolan, Thomas, Toliver, E. Fluri, Longnaker, Alsop, Marsh. G. Fluri. ROW II: Akin, Zalaha, Astuto, Haw- ley, Davis, Johnston, Glencross, Cramb, De- Lamar, French. Garner, McNamara, Flora. ROW III: Silverman, Palmer. Feather, Kennie. Graham. Andrews, Price. Hendricks, Hey- wood, Hester, Dromgoole. Lee, Thuve. ROW IV: Burford, deRome, Furst. Foodisk, Allen, Kempster, Walsh. Markart. Hansen. ROW V: Hawblitzel, Dies, Crutcher, Vogel, Harper. Ruland. ROW I: Oumedian, Foster Wilhelm Parker, Engmark, Means Colvin Bai ta, Borchelt, Scarborough Hood ROW II: Bovino, Triola, Rosas Sasse Sage Silver, Lineberge, Rieg Johnson Rxsco Littletield, Durrant, Dexsmger Trip lett, Bolt. ROW III Weiss Corso Burns, Buchanan, Nichol Smith Del mar, Gisbon, Holman, Beleme Worth Waitel, Chiodo. ROW IV Picket t Doyle, Paid, Dufur, Martin Bristol Johnson, Hogue, Tulluis Maroy Morse Cunningham, Cumming ROW V Evers Sorensen, Robinson, Oliver Hall Cha ney, Blackstad, McKinney Fuller De Boer, Butler, Hedley. ROW VI Sund berg, Ceder. St. John, Hughes Chase Wilson, Ford, Bates, Gerlach Squires ARCDUND Workmg hard C'-JD Number please? May I help you? SCI-IDOL Whats holdmg up the 11ne'P Sorry two s the 11m1t Luncht1me confabs ll I I I' ll Q ll I - . ll I . w GIRLS' GLEE CLUB ! ROW I: Jacobs, Chamberlin, President: Hansen, Peckham. Fitzgerald. ROW III: Morton. Hinshaw. 1 II: McCormick, Folsom, Tracy, ff . BOYS' GLEE CLUB Guasti, Ballas, Snavely. ROW Pinney, Burke, Forsythe, Pen- ner, Anderson, Holloway, Milinewych, and 3 -if ' -Lf f...c . ' 4, 1. . 4 f, ROW I: Nolan, Betz, Hendrickson, Pollard, Little, Davies, Sponsor: Mitchell, Buchanan, Reid, Ellis, Hynes. ROW II: Stewart, Burgess. McRae, Norsworthy, Smooi, Thomlinson, Lib- by, Maag, Griffith, Pockrandt, Peterson, Waite. ROW III: Mack, Cornat, Cox, Benson, Baugh, Robbins, Rapp, Wallace, Weinstein, Dangler, Blunden, Roy. ROW IV: Darms, Christensen, Bingham, Farmer, Vannice, Gie- ser, Strong, Mitchell, Beard, Blaisdell, Knepel. ROW V: Dixon, Wilburn, Kordahl, McKelvey, Walsh, Kempster, Flury, Nelson, Kitto, Wa!- rous, Pinnev. ' Girls' Glee Club Boys Glee Club The most important function of the Boys' Glee this semester was the Christmas program which they presented with the Girls' Glee Club. They have had a very successful semester with Mike t'Frankie Boy" Ballas, as their capable president. The highlight of the term for Girls' Glee was their radio program which they presented over K.M.P.C. Outstanding soloist was Daidra Bingham, who sang 'Romance' The Girls' Glee has enjoyed several parties this semester with the Boys' Glee as their guests. ROW I: Zureck, Barnen, Cornelison, Leibrock, Sukdol, Hinkson. ROW II' ROW I: Shaffer, Beiseri, Connolly, Randall, Sponsor: Fehlman, House Man- McDonald, Mende, Henderson, Caras, House Manaqer: Draoer, Waldman, aqer: Field, Means. ROW II: Moran. Benson, Cornat, Mack, Pinnock, Bails Frcmeni. ROW III: Quinlan, Sanders. Can-on, Lundgren, Chase, Ibers, Lit- ROW III: Lundeen, Justad. Lang, Gilberi, Colvin, Freiias, Snjuih. HOW IV. tleworih, Lindsey. ROW IV: Chamberlin, Prather, Locken, Lambert, Aiello, Marquis, Braunschweiler, Thomas, Olson, Fiie, Swanson, Vxnger, Grinde- Head Usl-er: Simons, Michael, Granis. ROW V. Evans, Morrill, Ralston, land, Nichols. Spring, Eliard. Mitchel, Lowerison, McClaskey. ROW VI: Villasenior, Hunt Vardaman, Johnscn, Andersen, Hinshaw, Lowe, Allen. , SERVICE SQUADS Officiating at the many aud calls, football and basketball games, and at graduation constitute the main functions of the service squad, whose name indicates what it performs-service led by George Caras and Mr. Johnson, the squad has been an invaluable asset to the school. The girls of this ambitious service organization are chosen for their ability to handle people, and for their traits of leadership. The active members perform such duties as ushering at the summer graduation, as well as at the girls' aud cals. The hard working members of this organ- ization deserve much credit. Q r --4 , A , is x , s ?' ' " izro' lin, - im rgs:-' W' SX 1 'U i fi' N . f Q X ,J N x S Q K fl' - ' if fi f' sub ' 4' 1 ' f-1: 5 Nli:yfQ:9QIE- Jean Farrell, Ar! Ediior: Jo Ann Shaffer, Ediior-in-Chief. From lefi to ngh! Morrxs Draper Assocxaie Edxior Marv Lou Fxfe Copy Edxtor Mary Connolly Semor Pxcture Edxtor Hosemarxe l-'ehl man Group and Casual Pxciure Edltor K vu, ROW! Fehlman I-'xie Draper Knapp Sponsor Shaffer Ednor Ferrell Hazell Ari Sponsor HOW II Muraskx Crowell Andrews Wells Barnett Blancarte ROW III Baron Connolly Anderson Buck Blackard Roberts I-Ieabner Reid ROW IV Plnnock Patzer Marqun Gold Workman if , 1'5- x " xi Q C as an S2 53 1 A 1 , AC C Y A I-t, kr I A' ' ' Y 'X 5543? CCDNTINENTAL STAFF The task of portraymg a plcture of student l1fe IS no easy one as the hard work1ng staff of the Contmental soon dlscovered Decldlng upon a theme artxstlc technlques and llterary style were not the only prob lems facmg th1S practlcally mexperlenced group but also the problem of prlce and S129 restr1ct1ons The thought of havlng a bound book for the flrst txme 1n three years 1nsp1red th1s group of edltors artlsts pho tographers and Journallsts to glVG freely of the1r t1me and efforts Meet mg every slxth perlod under the guldance of MISS Knapp th1S group worked under the pressure of early deadlmes IH order that the book mlght be prlnted 1n our own shop SURVEYOR STAFF Th1S group of b u s y Journallsts known f o r the1r long noses and ID qu1s1t1ve manner C o m DTISG the Surveyor Staff They are respon slble for puttmg out a school newspaper once a xx eek, and domg every thlng from flndmg the news and wr1t1ng It up to plannlng the lay out of the paper and check lngty peerrors Wherever there IS anythmg hap penxng around the school It is certam that one of these students w1ll sense lt and be there xx 1th pencll and notebook The type IS set up and the paper IS prlnted rlght here at WHShlHgtOH under t h e superv1s1on of Mr Rus sell Burnett Journalxsm and prlntlng teacher ROW I Spr ng Blancarie Associate Ed ior A dre Ed tor Hardcasile Prather HOW II Lexb ock Roberis ROW IV Trombaiore George Jenks ' . . . . , Y Y - Y 1 1 ' 7 7 : i , , ' i : n ws, i : , . : Ournedian. Metzger, Chapman, Taylor, Stanton, Grindeland. ROW III: Morris. Simons, Flanagan r , . : , . . 7 1 - 7 l - V . . . A - V 7. . Y STILLWELL High! End CAUSTIN Left Tackle ZUREK Left Guard BRIGGS Center CANTRIL Right Guard BRADSHAW Right Tackle - i 1 4 1 VARSITY HARPER DEWEY SKINNER Fullback Quarterback Left Half Mr. F lanegin FOOTBALL CALVERT LINDSEY DEBBA5 Right Half I-'ullhack Left Half ' 5 V JENSEN r Left End SMOUSE Right Half MOSSMAN Quarterback BATEMAN nigm End HEIDENTHAL Left Guard CALLAHAN Left End Washington High's highly-re- garded gridders, pre-season favor- ites to win the Southern League this year, failed to measure up to expect- ations as they finished near the celler spot in league competition. Coach Frank Flannegins eleven, although seemingly outclassed in nearly every league tussle, fought and played their hearts out in each fray. Fremont's powerhouse waltz- ed off with the Southern League crown and the city title to once again prove that the Dixie loop sports the toughest competition in the city. The Generals began the season by romping over Huntington Park 12-0 in a scrimmage warm-up. South Gate turned in the prize upset of the season when they tripped the Armymen 12-0 in a practice fray. In their initial league contest, the Roughriders from Roosevelt staged a last half rally to trip the Generals 12-O. Dick Calvert, Harlan Bateman, "f 1 R Bob Harper, Don Caustin, Don Briggs, Bill Mossman, Al Debbas, Bryan Zurek, and Bob Stillwell all turned in a terrific preformance. In their second League game against Manual Arts, the Generals finally came to life when Delmar Dewey flipped a pass to Roy Skin- ner, who raced across the goal line to give the Cherrytree lads a 6-0 victory. Bob Stillwell, Frank Cant- ril, and Ed Heidenthal pushed the General forward to a well-earned victory. Against Polytechnic, the Red and Blue boys went to pieces, as the Mechanics handed the local lads their worst defeat in fifteen years 34 Varsity ROW I: Bushio, Corwin, McElhenny, Debbas. Smouse. Briggs. Harper. Siillwell. Skinner. Glenn, Calahan. BOW II: Fealan, Shaub, Causiin. Zurek, Sigerseih. Ortega, Remz, Feldman, Jones, Williams, Hooks. ROW III: I-Iam:-nonds, Webb, Res- sel, Adams. Ensley, Daniels. Smith. Howusner, Davis. ROW IV: Meoo- hen. Simons. Trombaioxe, French, Fuafman, Berendino. B. Evans, Tibbs, Barhan, Camlron. G. Michols. ROW V: Nichols, Burner, Gardener. Barnett, Cant:-il. Lindsey, Muchler, Tony. Besson. Arts. Fufe. ROW VI: P i n n e y, I-Iollowary, Greenwood, Beach. S. Evans, Duceti. xA Ja- ..!'h.n-K-MA-vsxl fx.xxLxv of football. Generals Bob Stillwell, Bruce Greenwood, Clyde Lindsey, Bob Cameron, and Don Caustin played superb ball throughout the afternoon, despite the crushing de- feat. For the seventh consecutive year the Generals lost to their tradition- al rivals, the Fremont Pathfinders, city champs. Thanks to Delmar Dewey, the Red and Blue gridsters led 6-0 at the end of the first canto, but the powerful Fremonters un- leashed a devastating attack to emerge the winnah. Captain Bob Harper, along with teammates, Bob b , -Pk K ,x-'-.,"""-'+.,vfv-fk-xv.Av4Jl,!k- fkr, ,1 i s-sh , 'Q' "A-Ayfgxvxkfn---,- +- A-f'VL-vf-.,,l.H,gg k-N., BTU, '44, ! rf: 14 L, c Mf'-1-A--fl- N- twct.-,,. Stillwell, outstanding lineman on the field, Ed Heidenthal, Dick Cal- vert, and Don Caustin played one of their best games of the season. Frank Cantril also played a good game. At Jefferson, in their League fin- ale, the Generals met one of the top ten teams in the city in the rugged Democrats, who passed their way to an impressive triumph. Once again, Bob Stillwell proved to be Washing- ton's best, along with Bob Harper, Frank Cantril, Bryan Zurek, Don Jensen, and Hugh McElhenny. le Cf. UKKN.fL ,Va Dag, , -gtg x,xg,f.,hL..,,,A. A,4.1 A xsawgb - ZZ AAAMAA 1-.J--1-.A....,,,,,,. hx, -K-,kan JL-A,,,g,,-,.. -T,-VAA,,.f...,1,.e., A-,wx 5 - I ': uma :REX .A,.,xhU1,bc..,Jt,,,x, ,,,,.,.,,,,, TJ,f-' ,,V,.,,x,,N-- 1 1 1 NM ,L m.x,,,,, . Ss 7" BEE FOOTBALL Winning t h r e e out of six frays, the Wyattmen of '45 proved to be a fairly successful squad. Against South Gate the Gen- erals powered their way for three touchdowns with Tarta- kow, McCormick, and Bob Jac- obs leading the way. During the Roosevelt tilt, the Wyattmen couldn't get rolling and were whipped 12-O, as But- ler and James turned in stellar performances at guards. The Manual Toilers were no pushover, but with B a 1 l a s pounding the line hard, Tarta- kow shot a T.D. pass to Otie Kent for the winning 6 points. B Mr. Wyatt Looking exceptionally good against Poly was Collins and again Tartakow, who scored the win- ning 6 points. The next two tilts the Generals lost, Fremont 6 to O, in which Jerry Cure and Don Tolley put up a stubborn defense, and Jefferson 7 to 6, where Bob- by James, Otie Kent, Bob Collins, and Elwood Tar- takow were outstanding. The Southern League Bee team boasted Bob Collins, Tom Butler, and Fred Spring, of the Gen- erals, on the first string. ROW I: Tariakow, Collins. J ohnson, Ballas. Butler, James, Brown. Jacobs. Horn. Tucker. ROW II: Hebner. Ralston, Michael Terzoa. Hartman, Thomas Peei. Tolley, Lave. Spring. ROW III: Mewles flVIgr.l: Bauer. Stewert, Morris. J enkars. Graman, Webb Schultz, Hunter, Wyait: Coach: HOW IV: L u iz Clara. McCormick. Wal: ters. Johnson. Cuier, Olex- weicz, Saforih. Surman, Marvin. . Bees rims! me .fra Mi fm . 1 , 1 ' M F' viii. .A- Q 42 'ma r .11 ff, " fs liar Y' .,f. NIGHTINGALE, Forward PERRY, Center LOWERISON, Forward H if , 5 R 5 wt f AMW ' of 4 K MITCHELL, Guard--capxain r Q ' ' X a 'Q Mr. McNe1is BASKETBALL STUBBS, Guard AIELLO, Forward JOHNSON. Center Qfi 1 f Q if M M H - 5 : 235 U gf , 1 REYNOLDS, Guard NAUMAN, Forward ROLLER, Center BEERS, Gua I sf- ,D F cv, X 13 233.3 K W ,.,f. RR ,,.,.-dialling 1-Q. k,,..,--f' ,,,..- Y,,l ROW I: Lcwerison, Mitchel, Nauman, Coach MNlli. ROW II. Rll C ' L ,. c e s ' o er, atron, Bristol, Perrv. HOW III: Beers, Johnson, Nightingale, Stubbs. Okie Henderson's midget hoop- ster quintet lead by center, Don Mallot and star forward, Jerry Nor- man, have a fair squad this season. With veterans like Prouty and Jack Carmichael to hold the squad together, green members like Mal- lot, Norman, and Hester looked like all-stars throughout the season. Coach Okie Henderson put in a lot of time on the players and be- came the ideal of the squad. rd CATRON, Forward TAYLOR, Guard Southern League champions for the last five consecutive seasons, is going to be quite a record to live up to for Washing- ton's '45 basketball squad. Although they lost the services of Jim Brideweiser and Wally Eldred, members of the all-city ca- saba five last outing, the Generals figure to be there or thereabouts, when all-League honors are passed out next January. Led by the only returning monogram wearer, Captain Frank Mitchell, the Armymen have, without a doubt, the smallest quintet in Washington history. The starting lineup includes forwards George Nauman and Bill Catron, center Roger Johnson, and guards Jerry Taylor and Frank Mitchell. All play- ers excepting Frank Mitchell played on the championship Bee five last season. The Generals face a tough season this year, but courage and stamina will carry them through. -'f . mwrggz-f .. .exe BEE'S ROW I: Revels, Zink, Prouiy Henderson, coach. ROW II - man, Henderson, Mayson " now IV: Manoa, Carmich ' ael, Subkowsky. Larson, Webster, P o w e r s. Rippe. ROW III: Hester, Nor- 1 l Taylor, Taylor, Yell King: Revels, Ballas. LETTERMANS CLUB ROW I: James, Mitchell, President: Calvert, Reynard, Henderson, Dufour, Tavlor, Campbell, Cokas, Treasurer: Catron, Vice-President. ROW II: Guth. Briggs, Dewey, Harper, 'Barnett Aiello, Forkner, Zurek, Morris. Glenn, Secreiary: Lowerison. ROW III: Bal1an!yne, Skinner, Smouse, Villasenior, Summers, Towle, Bradshaw, Waliemeyer, Allen, Prouty, Lee, Brancaii. ROW IV: Mcl-Zlhenny, Kins, Nauman, Corrigan. Cantril, Hiedenthal, Burden, Nighiingale, Mc Donald, Lindsey, Baker, Collins. ?' G.A.A. Bustles, hoop skirts, full length bathing suits, and all the other par- aphanalia associated with the Gay Nineties was brought out for the G. A. A. Banquet. On this occasion, the new officers were also installed. Other activities of the year have in- cluded a "rip roaring" spread and a visit to the Manual playday. Although the song leaders are not allowed to participate in events that are competive, the girls re al ly Hstruttcd their stuff" at all of our rallies. Neatness, attractiveness, enthusiastic school spirit and snap- py routines were some of the things that made Washington proud of these three leaders. Washington Winners, the "letter women" of our campus. have at- tained the highest honor in the girls' sports realm. Sporting their navy blue sweaters, these girls render many valuable services to the school in addition to their soc- ial activities. G. A. A. BOARD ROW I: Reid, Ingersol, Justad. HOW II: Shaber, President: Christensen, Secretary: Rowland, Schutt. Corresponding Secretary: Bails, Vice-President. ROW III Olson, Blan- carte, 1-xolzwcrth, Benson, Geisler, Chase, Sponsor. SONG LEADERS WASHINGTGN WINNERS ROW I Reed Treasurer Schutt Secretary Rowland Presxdent Holzwarth V1cePres1dent Kelth Benton Andrews Fxte Bosch ROW IV Balls Vail Heller Kenton Huckms Lang '1 fi X Sclrerer. ROWIII: Hartley, Fehlman, Shaber,'Jagger, Dnrant, Vaccaro. ROW III: Olson, Foster., ROW 1: Godel, Fehlman, Treasurer: Cornat, Secretary: Mack, President: Tucker, Vice-President: Gerson, Lundeen, Shaffer. ROW II: Fife. Fisk, Sponsor: Engmark, Connolly, Beisert, McRae, Spears, Sponsor. ROW III: Moran, Marquis, Pinnock, Lockett, Leonhardt, Reid. Shaber. Means. ROW IV: Odell, Reina, Longnaker, Ray, Lockridge, Funk. Granberg, Haycock, Walsh. ROW I: Dellanback, Treasurer: Jordan, Reynard, Mitchell, Vice-President: Draper, President: Guasti, Allen, Smouse. ROW II: McHenry, Kitts, Doris, White, Towle. Catron, Gable. ROW III: Villasenor, Shaub, Dufour, Rawnsley, Adams, Reynolds. Lowe. ROW IV: Hagen, Powers, Harper, Secretary: Swick- ard, Leibrock, Skinner, McCormick. ROW I: Thomas, Recording Secretary: Huckins, Swanson, Treasurer: Finch President: Young, Coon Vice-President: Colvin, Corresponding Secretary: ROW II. Elser S on r: Waite Lee, K l, C , A d S . R W III: ' , p so , nepe cpe n rews, ponsor 0 Fifeiield, DeBoer, Grindland, Williams, Merritt, Blunden, Bensen. ROW IV Tyler, McLeod, Jones, Mitchell, Stokes. You'll usually find this happy hard working group of girls busy as bees. It is a gay active club which. tries to keep a friendly feeling amongfthe students and support all school activities. Their formal initiation, which was in candlelight, impressed in the minds of all present, the significance of the occasion. The biggest social event ofthe season was the traditionahbpys' night given with their sister clubs, Co-Eds and Sub-Debs at Palos Verdes Country Club. Among the other events were a Hal1owe'en party, ice cream freeze, confabs, get-togethers, and their Senior farewell at Clear Creek Lodge. TRI-Y Led by Morris Draper, the Pry-Tons, oldest boys' service club, emphasized their five C's. courage, capacity, citizenship, conduct, and character, symbolic of brotherhood, in high- lighting the year with school service, formal initiation, innumerable parties, gay Girl's Nite, stags, and ending with their traditional senior aloha. "It Came Upon A Midnight Clear," "Silent Night, Holy Night," and "Deck the Halls with Boughs of Holly." With these and other trad- itionally Christmas songs the Sub-Debs sailed forth the past yule season to Serenade their friends and neighbors. The other social events of the W'46 term included a white elephant sale, a slumberflessl party, attendance at a midnight church service and a spooky Hal- lowe'en party with their fellow service club, the Co-Eds. Ah yes, and that wild and wholly picnic, complete with ants and bugs. As one of their school service projects, the Sub-Debs sponsored a clean up week. PRY-TON S , The Key Club, evidencing their desire for clean living and good sportsmanship, promot- ed a campaign for a better school spirit and pride. The success of this year's activities, in- cluding the fight tags, their formal, their many parties, stags, is due much to their prexy, Ralph Evans. KEY CLUB ROW I: Lutz, Maiser, Corresponding Secretary: Cokas, Evans, President: Ralston, Larson, Spring. ROW II: Lowerison, Morrill, Treasurer: Phegley Debbas, Sukdol. Gifford. ROW III: Briggs, Barnett, Vice-President: Widner Henderson, Caras, Hinkson, Furanna. Emerging this year as a service club, the Yeomen, under the leadership of Plato Grivas, wended their way through a year crammed with festivities. They will remember, the suc- cess of the 1:00 O'clock Jump, the gaiety of their formal, and their wonderful Girl's Night. Johnny would like to dedicate the record "I Can't Give You Anything But Love, Babyu to his big moment, Beverly. This and other dedications floated through the air as the Co- Eds sponsored a Victory Bond Drive this past term. A total of over seven thousand dollars' worth of bonds and stamps were sold through their efforts. Events of the year included an eerie and scream provoking Hallowe'en party with the Sub-Debs. Filling Red Cross Christmas boxes and participating in cafe- teria clean up were two of the school service activities in which they took part. YEOMEN The Embassy Club, newly organized in 1940 by the brother of this year's prexy Art Aiello, carried through their motto as ambassadors of good will with many services to the school, among them, the bond house. Other activities were Stags, beach parties, and formal initia- tion. ROW I: Alles, Jencks, Recording Secretary: Freitas, Gilbert, President Chambers, Vice-President: Braunschweiler. Corresponding Secretary: Reichel: Treasurer: Buchanan, Kemp, Socnsor. ROW II: Butler. Sponsor: Dunn. Miska Leland, Gates, Erikson, Routh, Averett, Darms. ROW III: Kraus, Pollard Andrews. Smith, Christensen, Little, Glencross. Campbell. Williamson. ROW IVS Mosely, Markart, Werges, Nashy. CO-EDS illlllll X mans X7 ROW I: Baker, Treasurer: Ballantyne, Vice President: Cunditi. Sponsor: Grivas, President: James, Secretary: ROW II: Sheldon, Tucker, Ballas. Smith. Summers, Collins. ROW III: Taylor, Lindsey, Cure, Barnett, Douglass: ROW IV: Froment. Artz. Garner. ROW I: Slane. Jenson, Chase, Corresponding Secretary: Aiello, President Walburg, Caustin. Vice-President: Zurek. Treasurer: ROW ll: Brancatx Naumann, Benard, Farris, Webster, Thomas, Knorr, Cairns. ROW Ill: Camp- bell, Waltemeyer, Fields, Anderson. Sponsor: Bradshaw, McDonald, 0'Conner ROW IV: Tartakow, Corrigan, Cantril, Haas. Secretary: Haussner. EMBASSY ROW I: Campbell. Huckins, Fife, Recording Secretary: Swanson, Pres- ndeni: Fehlman, Treasurer: Colvin, Corresponding Secretary: Childs Sponsor. ROW II: Erickson, Benson, Cox Hariley, Connolly, Shaber ROW' III: Rinne, Brown Giesler, Andrews, Hynes. Bails, Alldrodge ROW IV: Lang, Fin, Justad, Olson. Reina, Johnson. RACADETS The Pinchoppers is one of the newer clubs on W:-1shington's campus. These girls in Washington's only bowling club enjoy having good times together competing within the club. They also take time out for a party once in a while to keep them in condition. This fine zithetic group oi' girls spend their leisunrer time perfecting their favorite game, tennis. Good sportsmanship runs high in this group. Frequently slumber parties, picnics, and get-togethers. besides semi-monthly tour- naments keep tliif, group on their toes. These thirty 'tAlice Marbles" see to it that there is never a dull moment. Forming the nucleus of our championship gym teams of the present und future is the Washington Gym Club. Presided over by Howard Towle, whose :ambition is to direct the club into at team worthy of its all-city predecessors. L. ROW I: Reid, Secretary: Miquel, Sponsor: Cornata, President: Sinies, Sponsor: Dufour, Vice-President. ROW II: Avak, Miska, Treasurer: Marquis, Victor. ROW III: Cramp, Alles, Gottlieb, Flurv. FRENCH CLUB 'S+ ROW I: Draper, Sponsor: Eliard, Odell, Secretary: Ray, President: Kal- pakian. Sponsor: Taylor, Treasurer: Gillespie, Vice-Presiden!:Rawn sley. ROW II: Huckins, Kanouff, McDonnell, Munoz, Cohen, Barnes, Schoeppe, Leland. ROW III: Spear, Steel, McBride, Milone, DeBoer, Hawley, Maclean, King, Erikson, McIntosh. ROW IV: Helbach, Alhadefi, Egge, Schuessler, Olson, Zuniga, Atkinson, Federer. SPANISH CLUB ROW I: Vazzano, Beiseri, Rinne, President: Gobel, Sponsor: Tyler, Buchanan. ROW II: Lodge, Kiapos, Ibers, Salow, Vardanian. ROW III: Madick, Scherer, Gold, Beak, Gifford, Morris. ROW IV: Fin, Vice- President: Williams, White, Benton, Blunden, Kerr. LATIN CLUB The Le Cercle Francais is called to order once a month for a meeting. Thy read French articles, have an enthusiastic discussion, sing gay French songs, play games, and close the meetings singing Le Marseillaise. They had their annual Thanksgiving and Christmas parties, and helped promote the Christmas spirit with their caroling, in the halls, in French. The Latin Club, "Caelicicolai," has been doing a great deal to keep alive the traditions of old Rome. The Latin banquet, held in a typical Roman fashion, was their main event of the year. Caroling through the halls in their adopted tongue helped raise the Yuletide spirit among the students. Cicero has been the students pet worry although the more advanced ones can pour forth quite fancy translations. The club has kept itself occupied with business meetings and refreshments, and programs. ROW I: McClymon, House, Draper, Locketi, President: Lodge, Vice- President: Elv, Johnson. ROD II: Gallagher, Morris, Ibers, Henderson, Vardanian, Schrieber. ROW III: Blancarle, Schneider, Hemphill, Kelly, Harris, Pike, Walsh. ROW IV: Delilusha, Grannis, Kemple, Keith, Arga- brighi. MATH CLUB The Spanish Club, under the capable sponsorship of Miss Draper, began the semester with the instal- lation of their thirty members. They hold their meet- ings on the first Monday of every month. They sing gay rythmnical Spanish songs, discuss business, and close the meetings singing the Spanish Club Song. This semester the Math Club is showing a lot of ambition. Each member is constructiong unsual mod- els of geometric figures for a display. With their dues they are going to buy math books and start a library. Every week the math club contributes a problem to the Surveyor for the energetic minds to solve. ADELPHIANS One of the most important items that occurs on the Adelphains agenda this semester is the work of the portfolio committee. The ambitious members of this committee are compiling a folio, which at the end of the semester will be carted down to the Red Cross Center, where the writing material will be translated into the lingo of the country to which it will be sent. On the lighter side of the calendar, We find such things as a delightful picnic, and interesting meetings held every other Monday. CHRONIANS Dave McReynolds, audacious discussion chairman of the Chronians,in the semi-monthly meetings,leads the group in discussions of topics such as compul- sory military training and labor problems. Louise Marquis, president, has made plans for a social which will be held in the near future. When twenty-four new members were taken in, a tea was given in their honor, and a grand time was had by all. ADELPHIANS ROW I: Vardanian, Engmark, Willoughby, Exley. Guasii. Vail, Duncan, Sponsor: Funk, Beiseri. Fin, Reid, Means. ROW II: Geiman, Gold, Pike, Abramson, Henderson. Bunting, McDonnell, Cox. Johnson. Rollins, Anderson. ROW III: Walsh. Levack, Nichols, Olson, Godel, Farmer. Mclielvey. Muraski. Mitchell, Schreiber. Kelly, Glendinning. ROW IV: Ibers. Gabel, Markart. Werges, Lockridge, Likile, Tyler, Eliard, Prather. ROW V: Overbaugh, Bosch, Mayer, Anderson, Alsop, Marsh. I UN IOR ADELPHIANS Every meeting at the tap of the gavel the Junior Adelphian president calls the meeting to order, and the group launches into a discussion of world af- fairs. This semester the club is sponsoring meetings in which all the social studies departmental clubs participate. At the present, they are seeing pictures on and discussing South America. MINUTEMEN Every semester in order to spur the sales of the Surveyor, the capable girls of the minute men club visit the second period classes and give shortpep talks to the students, encouraging them to subscribe to our school paper and the Continental. The organ- ization is sponsored by Mr. Siemens, and chairman is Pat Keith. I IUNIOR ADELPHIANS I-Ierizog. Sponsor: Dangler. Presidenit Hayes, Vice-President: Graves, Keeler, Kezas. Clifford. Pecrorelli. ROW II: Rutier. Huiion, Smale, Homuller, Cummings. Yurgioias, Abbott. Smoot, Norsworihy, Miichener. Boyd, Jacobs, Mason. ROW III: Everis Dufour, Mondell. McKinnek, Horne. Washburn. Bezanson, Long, McRae. Sisio, Ehlers, Waffell. ROW IV: Allen Squires. Moran. Smith Sullivan. Gieser. Gerlach, DeRome, Joslin, French, Baker, ROW BV: Hookanson, Scarborough, Hewin, Lulovics, Erement, Weaver, Flury, Vogel. Hopper, Baersch, Fuller. Reina. EUODIA CLUB Hfmll ROW I: Wallace, President: Soden, Seasedt, King, Sasse, Willoughby. ROW II: Cliff, Secretary: Garlinghouse, Miichell, McConnell, Barnes. -K ROW III: Gusielius, Mende, Anderson, Welborn. Van Wormer. P ROW I: Benard, Longnaker, Marquis, President: Waliers, Vice-President: Abramson, Secretary: Schreiber. Row II: Beckley, Hazel. Sponsor: , ,qu Tanner, Ahrens, Sponsor: Dixon. ROW III: Carlson, Averrit, Tenkeyain, xr-5114! -O Smale, Deming, Auli. ROW IV: Baldner, Poore, Maney, Fife, Brock, - .5 I Koble, Chapman. -O - 1 H K 'O 5 3 N , 9 ii W I N . f f WW ART HONOR SOCIETY BOOK WORM BELLES LET TRES ROW l: King, Steel, Treasurer: Fife, President: Gillespie. Vice-Presideni: ROW I: Brown. Markari. Siebbins, Odell, Blumberg, Sponsor: Miller Spear, McBride, ROW II: Andrews, Anderson, Abramson, Evans, John- Schoeppe. How II: Kay, Wairous, Zoeiewey, Schuessler, Marsh, Furs! son, Secretary: Graves. ROW III: Clark, Madick, Weessies, Nunn, Fin, Weessies. Federer, Farmer. Va .ff Offering excellent religious training to all Washington girls interested is the Euodia Club. At present, there are thirty members who meet for Christian Fellow- ship and Bible study every Monday noon in the garden bungalow. Some of the activi- ties are week-end conferences, rallies, and banquets. Every three or four semesters, they complete the study of the Bible from beginning to end. Miss Elizabeth Spencer, sent from the main office, is the leader of this group and Mrs. Katherine Chase is the sponsor. Since this is non-denominational group, all girls are invited to come to the meetings to enjoy this time of Bible study and to join in the singing of hymns. Devoting themselves to brushes and pal- attes, these artists-to-be are always on the alert to convey sparks of art interest. One of the useful activities of the society this semester was to make place cards and favors that were sold during the holiday season. Another worthwhile activity was the donation of handmade Christmas cards to the Christmas boxes for servicemen. "Cass Timberline," "The Robe," and "Forever Amber" were but a few of the latest best sellers entering into the lively discussions of this English honorary soc- iety. "Vanity Fair," the well-known classic, was chosen to be read and studied by the group. Book reviews and lectures are the main activities of this organization, but this term they have also undertaken the project of starting a popular library which will circulate within the club. The Belles' Lettres just love to get all sticky and gooey and are the happiest when they have their fingers in the paste or glue bottle. Their club consists of girls who have done the most work for the library. Under Mrs. Ethel Blumberg, sponsor, they fix torn books and magazines, file cards and put away books. The term project was to file and catalogue the famous Dawson collection. Before this the library had no record nor way of keeping track of this collection. Are you a wizard when it comes to cook- ing, sewing, or putting on parties? If so then the Marthonians will welcome you with open arms, for their yearly activities put to use all the home economic talents which a girl may possess. In addition to their usual activities of sponsoring a "Get Acquainted" party for all B-10 home econ- omic majors and serving teas and banquets, this past term has found them busily en- gaged in such activities as giving a Hallow- e'en party for the Raymond Avenue Parent- Teachers' Association, sponsoring one of the Victory Bond drives, and starting a col- lection of sterling silver spoons for the school. Pages of little "Greek" curlicues called shorthand, plus hours of practicing scales on the typewriter keys, have earned for many of Washington's commercial students the honor of having membership in the Commerce Honor Society. The only "catch" to keeping their membership, as in any other school organization, is that they maintain a good scholastic record. Every semester a tea is given to encourage new commercial students to become members and new officers are installed. Term pro- jects for those future salesmen, secretaries and bookeepers were to fill many Christ- mas boxes for servicemen. MARTHONIANS ROW Iz: Howe. Corresponding Secretary: Murphy. Treasurer: Prochter. A Kr Vice-President: Thompson. Presidenl: Genshaw, Recording Secretary Dahl u's! ROW II: K I T ' l M C k S Mill q 1 . nu son, npe . rumpac er. ponsor: er. fx Rebok, Sponsor: Parson, Hogue. HOW III: Lackey, Theaianos, Lesher, . ' Falkner. McArthur, Risco. ROW IV: Peierson, Miller. Reagan, DeVries, Webster. Pauley. Williams. p COMMERCE HONOR 'HOW I: Swanson, Finch, Mclferran, Moore, Sponsor: Carlson. Over- ii ld S : Br Y H ' . e , ponsor esman, oung. ood, Godel. ROW II. Justad, Smoo! Rooi, Baugh. Campbell, Hartley, Carlson, Heiizman. Olson, Hunter Kampmann. ROW III: Fasold, Love, Lang, Smith Moran, Tullius Bedeger. Ault. Peech, Nelson. ROW IV: Gilbert. Grindland, Merril! Th . J hnson, H ll D k 11 ' omas o e er. uc e , Clark. Mueller. Gillespie. ROW V: Garlinghouse, Cliff, Ahlberg, Slavens, Mende, Jones, Morrow, Mans- field. Blaisdell, Shelton. Dixon. CLEF CLUB ROW I: Mitchell, Odell, Vice-President: Mitchell. Recording Secretary: Dixon, Sponsor: Englund, President: Davies, Sponsor: Ihers, Treasurer. ROW II: McRae, Reichel. Henderson, Neuberger, Griffith, Vardanian, Lodge, Camp. ROW Ill: Hood, Blanca:-te. Grove, Manning, Lockett. Corresponding Secretary: Emmert, McRae. ROW IV: Butler, Pinney, Exley, Doris Guasti. This musical club presents, for everyone's enjoy- ment, a semi-annual Aud. They featured, this sem- ester, such talented entertainers as Charles Guasti, singing the lovely piece "I was Lonely," composed and accompanied by Ray Dorisg Lillian Grove, play- ing the beautiful Piano Concerto in A Minor by Grieg: Helen Camp, who gave us a concert waltz, an orig- inal compositiong and Dorthea Englund accompan- ing a few of the performers. These musically inclined students gave us much musical entertainment. PI-IILI-IABMONIC CLUB ROW I: Griffith, Durrani, Corresponding Secretary: Mclferran, Record- ing Secretary: Warnock, Sponsor: Stewart. President: McRae, Bolt. ROW II: Ibers, Englund, Hood, McRae. Emmert. Camp, McRae, Harding. ROW III: Wilburn, Allen, Erckert, Freightner. Ports, Thompson, Kay. lijlarining. ROW IV: Lundgren Kosky, Wrisley, Seibert, McLean, Kent. en z. Each Wednesday noon the Philharmonic Club ex- tends an invitation to everyone to enjoy the club's delightful musical entereainers. There were featured this semester such outstanding singers as Van Pin- ney and Margaret,Mack, as well as the enjoyable trumpet trio, cdnsisting of Lucille Emmert, Mary Jane and InafMcRae. The members of the Philhar- monic Club atend ca certs each semester, listening to the stimulating strains of our outstanding music masters. , 5 , ' C.-I fi' VT. A. G. S. ROW I: Nelson, Nagel, Short, Fosdick. Vice-President: Kemp. Sponsor: DeBoer, Lulovics, Anderson, Graham, Clardy, Nolan. ROW II: Harden. Triola, Mitchener, Clifford, Street, Currie. Keeler, Triplett, Diltz. Mason. HOW III: Smith, Moran. Brosius, Allen. Erickson. Hood, Del-lome. Hooper Staunton, Kordahl. ROW IV: Mitchell. Eklund Sullivan, Roll, Secretary: Watson, Gerlach, Paizer, Panos, Lynn, Long, Gibson, Gieser, Recording Secretary: ROW V: Ingersoll. McKinney, Worth, Ogston, Dangler, weasurer: Glick, Squires, Richardson, Smoot. President: Norsworthy. aters. The T. A. G. S. is an organization composed only of tenth grade girls, and there is no requirement for these ambitious students, who join because they are eager to serve their school. This semester among other things, these busy little gremlins served at the B10 Mothers' Tea, and took charge of the Bond Drive for a very prosperous week. Hats off to our future leader of ington! AME I CLUB W I: eixde, Cl k. Se eta yi , xhent: Keith, Vice-President: Axe. nsor. R Il: hn to An s. Lambert, Bishop, Weight- 8 ODE , f The Came lu f as organized for ambitious students wh ar " terested in photography. This semester they a contest for the most interesting picture, and ery student interested had an oppor- tunity to participate. In this way, this growing org- anization is creating an interest in photography for all. 3. MICROS ROW I: Daly. Hansen, Recording Secretary: Flury, President: Houston. Sponsor: Crawfory, Recording Secretary: Longnaker, Abramson, Vice- President. ROW II: Libby. Anderson, Smale. Evans, Bunting. Will- oughby. ROW III: Worth, Preshaw. Lulovics. Weaver. Marcell. Mar- desich, Tanner. Long. . .4 - . Recently organized for those girls interested in the life sciences, this club affords an excellent opportun- ity for study in the field of biology. Among their act- ivities are field trips and arranging exhibits. Many nurses are to be found in this up-and-coming group. CADETS ROW I: Deislnger, Burns, Sponsor: Durrant, President: Lodge, Secretary- Treasurer: Walter, Sponsor: Fehlman. ROW II: Gerson. Bafta, Exley, Mitchener, Clifford. ROW III: Johnson. Lundeen, Federer, Flury. Brown. Leonhardt. ROW IV: Foster, Alhaditt, Cornelison, Gusti. They don't wear horn-rimmed glasses or carry pointing sticks either, but still they are teachers, or rather hope to be some day. Known as Cadets, these students take over classes when teachers must be away for a short time. Although most Cadets belong to the Scholarship Society, it is not necessary. Pres- ident of this organization is Yvonne Durrant who is assisted by Cosette Lodge. Mrs. Burns, the sponsor, has the whole club at her home for a party once each semester. TYBGS ROW I: Grover, DeLamas, McNamara. Dufeur. Cannon. French. Garner. Humphrey, Wittenberg, Sponsor: Eliard, Garcia. Nichol, Burlie, Has- kell, Littleworth, Cox, Cladino. Dudley, Fay. ROW Il: Kanouff, Davidow. Oberg, Lochart, Lineberger. Seastedt, Bezanson, Ballard, Thurlo, Boyd. Becorevolli, Mathews, Bovino, Flora, Gregston. Vaselew. ROW III: Reina, Neese. Ediers. Hedley, Rutter. Ruba, Anderson, Burns. Corso, Turche, Smale. Homiller. Hutton. Flore, Allison. Anderson. Harper. ROW IV: Wilhelm. Kittenhoten. Washburn. Baerach. Kooken. Martin. Baker, Pimental. Morrse. Marcy. Soden, Rabb, Paul. Ehlers. Hall, Rountree, Gain, Heywood. ROW V: Lee, Hookenson. Glasgow. Uromas. I-Ieasen, Garey. Ermert, Hopper, Howley, Hewitt, Longfellow, Slusher. "Howdy pardner, just put'er there," is the policy of the Tyro Club. Its purpose is to help tenth grade girls to become acquainted with each other and to learn about the different organizations and functions of their school. The sixty Tyros of this semester have heard many speakers, including the sponsors of the girls service clubs. Their social activities include parties and weeniebakes. Sponsor is Miss Witten- berg, who organized the Tyros in September, 1944. VICTORY CORPS ROW I: Mitchell. Komada. Alsop, Marsh. Flury, Nolan. ROW II: Curtiss, Cramp, Harris. Lister, Spellisey. Sponsor: Rollins, McNamara, Mayer. Vice-Preident: Lang. Amos, Deisinger, Blancarte. Cox. Treasurer. ROW Ill: Burgess, Vardanian, Henderson. Johnson. Bails. Boland, Heitz- man, Gates, Batfa, Wheatley, Baird, Posito. ROW IV: Robinson. House. Jensen, Schreibey, Gallagher, Keapos. Hahn, Ellis, Doefter, Pucci, Hazley, Bunting. Smale! pow V: Benton, Cross, Engelstad, Crawford, Calhoun, Pike, Foster, Ely. Justad, Fostre, Lisi, Beak. ROW VI: Weessies, Campanelli, Reynolds. Atkinson, Federer. Zuniga, Madick, Furst, Harris, Anderson, Poore, Preshaw. ' "Ouch, I stuck my fingeff' To the Victory Corps, this phrase is very common since many members have made toy animals from cloth for children of war-torn Europe. Another project of community service done by these eleventh grade girls was to make crossword puzzles for service men in hospitals last term. Before the war, there were four different divisions, but Washington's branch was the only one that continued through the war. Marion Rollins is the president this term, and Miss Spellisey IS the S Ol'lS0l'. KDIGI-IT5 nno LQDIC5 Amazement showed on every Martha and George's face as they gaped at he realistic wintertime background set for the K 81 L in the boys' gym. Sunny California suddenly turned to snow as the Knights and Ladies added a winter glow that touched the hearts of every lad and lassie present. In keeping with the cool holiday theme was Mike Ballas' song, "White Christmas". "Dancing in a Winter Wonderland" was sung by a boys' and girls' ensemble, while the dancing class stepped in on the last chorus providing a realistic touch to the title. Dancing continued to the music of Dave Edwards and his orchestra, while refreshments were served. WINTER TIME Hawaiian moon, palm trees, and the unique effect of exotic "black light" will be in store for the crowds of happy Rangers and Cheerokees that will be drawn to this term's Senior Prom. On the band stand will be those music masters, the Dukes of Rhythm. As this was still a future event, at the time the Continental went to press, those who attended will have to write their own press notices of it for their memory book. ON THE CAMPUS Waiting their turn xii To the colors Better late than never! Q 1, 3"-"'i' ' .s.iAas15:Wf?.?1"k iff" 5 '....H'..u....... 4 at A bird's eye View of Washington y---.-,,,w5mi , W' 'LN --Y , rw., -W., W,,,. 1 'N nl si rg- Lf ffl 1 T I2 5:2 as 22 v-r-yy-.u, 'N l"' jr' U' an ,,, -at tv ,ln . a PV. f ' hifi ff ' f . 1: a . Q 44 M , ,,:.a,f t w ., ,eff W ' ,Q-',3-33515 ,,,fI6jif,ff if ' ff 4' 9 9 4 Passing to and fro Cabinet in action if Q. 57 , - ,, ' I . , ' I tif' sq-52,1 Linotype in action AT WCDRK x ,K ' ' F . Making the right connections Future atom smashers CAMPUS Hopping at the Big Top The pause that refreshes! Hold that 11ne CAPERS Homeward bound The time is? V c azz: d ggi' 3243 'Q ' Q , -... ...-....., Now in the good old days! Youth interprets the News ACTIVITIES Coast Guard enterta1ns Hehearsing "Seven Sisters" Getting pepped up for the coming G. A. A. season Getting B10 mothers acquainted with Washington ways at the Semi-annual Tea Introducing the Spirit of Witches and Goblins into the Scholarship Get Acquainted Party . 1 4 ' ww f- , J ,ww fywm 1 -aff rw M li 5 ,.. M, , w 'HEI- ' .Mfg .k X' N Q -, 'Y ff sq A :EH is Y--- T171 4 4-im f' xi "5 Aww' N, f 4 gy.- 4 -I -, ,aim fu. Q k Tv- Q- s ff, A h I. L, 1, Y 1-an A 1, 5 1 1 - 1 X gy wfxrahfg-'SQ4-R, g,,ff"""Y,j-wif' ffm' 1 1 A fu , ' fsffifiz 2f f'7?,S?f,4ff7fgYff 4 'W .21'f2113.5?k'p'?. 'mfZl"' 4- - iqgpii 4 -wil ,lflv if w,.fgf. F7 -iff' '54-fy Q in Z-rf x -Q -12 A f.,i,q ., ,vwir Qghyi jg ,.B-Q5 'ms i'f'g'Irtf..4 .7-fqflnfi 3 3 - HIV ' 'U V" ,Qiqi -lm-,"1'1fi13lf3vgLf,Q9 -K ,Ei Q' 'LQ 7:-ufwwv . ff-W M "JT 1 W" A - Qw-W' Zlifivfgrf' Y ' of W" ' ' ' ,e , I t rv W5 fra? 1 is if 3 ,S b'a' w K K ,JJ A . 'sa I gg... J, is K , , ' A A ,I , .L fi- . v , gs 9? gif 8, y'Q5':"' wi w I -F A ni 'SW nip' 5 'V A 5? 5. 5 55 ,j .jf .Q ,Q A 'Q N H .....,,, re 35 tt gg I if tv , 'uwvfpf 5,5-' Q' gg, Q. new 5 M- gf' 4 E '-"QW: . 'M f K 1 Q we 5 a"M.f1., f'f.f2? U'- 1yA ' gf' 1 , ' 1 E fx ,SL 'S xt ,Q 3 w gp A 'Mx M W1 R i ? . W 'k "Q "4 pub' A H .A If 'Q X in , va , J .. W IX A wr:-' A H 4 - 4. JM , - Q. VA fzydwm WA W1 1 W, '- ,W.f,..A v,,.,v . ..z... -J.. I .. ,ff A wif' pf MI' .ft ,Ap J ka, V ff M , v4 4 " ffivv .X Xbv JL! ,L rfb WV' x V A VH V' qv fs 3 x! , 1. I I 7, nl U ' 3 N-. I M ,A , . .j I , ff-4 t f ff!v'f,? 7 , , 5 , Q 4 . O ' A . ' 8 0 , Q O Q - 0 Q K Q N t A N Q Q O g . V g D A x ,II ,- ' i 1? N X - ' ' f A I 5 . ., ,f ' X ' P f f Pfam?-' h A ,L Q? X , .. 3 . , . - ' jk Aus X Y x ,AA 4 1 is 1 x , . -- v 1 W , ' -. ,sf 1 f ' 'X 1 xx K X "7 1vN+ ' ix x - 1 X ix 952, f-'fic XO Pfgl C7Vx--icza Qt, 6 ,Q- 432-S 2 f-Q22 2 Q67 -12" X QT 5 -lla 'il 5- x iv ... 5 ' 1 f 91", I Y 1 X 11. Nil. ll. Q xi f- Quugw RM ,W KJ A ' lv, 1. ,, X., ,Q S X T wx X L! X TN xx ' XX 1 3,52 C' X z .9 i f 73 5 C A ."' 22A " ig-mf , 5 7 'wgcf' "C " . XX X 5. . iff- X ' fy I 1 , X ' Fix rr LW M A vftiifvf - . N , M J 1 C, as N KVA- "7 I K, , 5,24 ' gm ,.1" ' 566' AZT ,gp , 5 1' . V 2 Q - ff-+13 ff Q., KN 1 . X MA X Q. Qfge i'mf,,1 X 6? ly 1 my K 4 X, 4 4 , QQ ,, xx- 5 A I N 1 Xxx 'Xxx l , ?i I . wuts- -i.-1 X ' xX-X YW l . , ...ff ' fo . . "' X Q- rf' 5- rs 1' . i, , gf. 5A L1 . I 7 ad x 7 V I. f ff' 2 ' ii" ' f , g ' ' - -' K ,f 1 , X 1 1 ., , -1 ly! , xx. L A ,J.l Y -.Eb A- ix? I X P ,IE I , , x v T ' n in S j., .. ,.1,?, A XX ., Q3 W' 1' V A . NNN L' xx - k 9? Q' 1 K li ' L A . 23, 4 ' 1 bl. , . . ' X 2,3 , Qu b V I .. - , I -1 A W E bu K. if ' f 1' T I 1,4 0 X - ff' . ,ld f ' ,W f A ,AAff'W I ' QW f IW nl , I J ,177 A Ll: I 5 W f . X K, A 1, . A- 4 ' . V A . . L' J

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