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s E E i E 5 5 3 1 2 2 s 5 2 5 . z 5 r E 1 Q GECRGE WASHIHGTCDI1 ulcu scuooL L05 ANGELES CALI FCR N I A william l RALPH E. WINCHESTER, PRINCIPAL SIDE BY SIDE HARRIET C. ROBBINS GIRLS' VICE PRINCIPAL - l L "'-nniwmvfiwis Pat Comely Nick Calloway Betty Childers David Tong Barbara Bod Virginia Hah Frank Baffa Betty Lou Pe k Christ Caras ZOE GARDNER GIRLS' VICE PRESIDENT r ins STUDENT CABI THEY LEAD US DWIGHT E. LYONS BOYS' VICE PRINCIPAL RONALD RASKEY BOYS' VICE PRESIDENT BCDDY NET Bob Orman Dottie Routh limmie Gomes Virginia Dobyns Charles Hend Shirley Smith Hugh McClas er key Beverly Nelson jimmy Long 3 I 3 IOHNNY IVIARTI N, PRESIDENT KNIGHTS Dashing about the campus and thru the arches in a constant quest for service, and themselves excelling in character and citizen- ship, the W'45 Knights rounded out a semes- ter, successful in all fields undertaken. In addition to raising the flag to the tune of "Call to the Colors," they also included in their calendar for the year a dinner at the L.A. Ath- letic Club as guests of Mr. Brandon, finally crowning the semester's activities with the K and L. After repeating "The Knights' Pledge" for their last Thursday meeting, Washington's finest will take with them, when they leave the campus, many heartfelt memories of happy times as Knights of W'45. As old Willie Shakespeare, the bard said, "They are as full of valour as of kindness, and princely in both." Betty Childers Tom Barsam Marilyn Dankers Christ Caras Marjorie Meeker jimmie Long Elaine Mertz johnny Martin CDN TCD GRE ACULTY Dobyns Burgess Hodgeman Chase Kalpakian Allen Ahrens james Fisk Garst Heaton Hodgens, jorgensen, Glick, Greensides, Kemp, osey Ley Draper Goble Carver Butler Hunt Moore Everest Haggart Kelly Hansen Cunningham Crumpacker, Guideninger, Carlson, Maupin, ollinger Morrow Duda Carmichael johnson Baker Barroger Deitch Bennett Barry Fox Helvey Edwards, Bennett, Heilman, Duncan. AND LADIES With their smart navy blue sweaters and bright red emblems, the Ladies take their place vesicle the Knights as one of the leading honor organizations of Washington I-ligh. Each of the bright-faced young girls has stacked up proud records of willing and valuable service to the school. To put it briefly, they've really earned their rank and emblem. The Ladies are the official hostesses of Washington. They can be found in the cafeteria every day after nutrition hastily scurrying away with the unsightly glasses and bottles left there by their classmates. Further- more, the Ladies, with equal effort from the Knights, are responsible for making each Alumni Day a campus highlight and a real success. Miss Robbins, girls' vice-principal, is the sponsor of this select group. Needless to say both sponsor and Ladies deeply regret graduation when they have to bid one another goodbye. A'leen De Fazio Burton Chauncey Virginia Dobyns Nick Calloway Elloa Douglas limmie Gomes Zoe Gardner Charles Henderso i Beverly Nelson Hugh McCIaskey Betty Perkins Ronald Raskey Bertha Stockton David Tong Leda Stockton Shirley Smith ATER l-IONCDRS UNTIL FACULTY-Blumbcrg, Parkill, Hertzog, Burston, Spears, Spellisey, Sanders Smtes Veidt Smith Segal Wilcox Knapp Andrews Richmond Worm inghaus. Walker, Davies, Rcbok, Rollins, Houston, Dixon Ray, Sampson Siemens Potter Walter Doug Stone Wyatt Hatfield Cundiff EPHEBIANS EPHEBIANS-Lett to Right -Row I: Zoe Gardner, Aileen dc Fazio, Virginia Dobyns. Row 2: Charles Henderson, Christ Caras, johnny Martin. Edwin Ables john Wm Acord Earl Anderson George V Anderson jas E Atkinson Virginia Bachman Virginia Badger Rickie Balser Robert Ban Gene Barrett Tom Barsam Alice Block Bill Bohannon Don L Bowers jackie Boyce Dorothy j. Boylesn june Bramblet Tom Bristol jack Brotherton johanna Brouws Martha Brown Bill Burger joyce Burke Duane C. Butler Christ Caras Eleanor I. Carlson Helen Lily Carlson Barbara L. Castle Burt Chauncey Betty Childers Adele Chobanian Paul Chomistek Marian L. Churchill Shirley Clark lim Clarke loyce A. Clemons Bob Cogan Emily Donna Cohen Daryl Covalt Doris lean Crocker Eileen Rose Cromk Barbara Bell Cross Betty Croxcn Allan Cummins Ioyce Damon Marilyn L. Dankers Russell Daro Betty Deam Aileen De Fazio Rod Delany Don De Sues Chuck Disparte Virginia Ann Dobyns Elloa Douglas Robert Drees Betty lane Duncan Beverly Duncan Norma Elwood Gladys L. Ezell George W. Fischer Isabelle Fontannaz Gloria Elaine Foster Patricia Gadberry Bill Gallagher Nick Galloway Zoe Gardner Corinne Gay Fred Getmcd Larry Gezelius Eloise Gillette Darlene Glenn limmie Gomes Ernest C. Graham Ioe Gramrner Mary Ioan Gray Barbara Greenhoot Constance E. Greer Virginia Grossman Bob Haber Pat Hamilton ULTIMATE Betty Harris Conway W. Harris Katherine Hart Kai Heidemann Charles Henderson Carol Herman Blanche E. Howery Charlotte Hutchison Rodney E. lbers Helen jacobs jeanne james Evelyn L. jetfries Grant R. jensen Mary jordan Wanda Kwiatkoski Thaddaeus Koenig Betty Kordahl Barbara Kudnoff Barbara Latham Arthur Ledolt Marian Leech Tony A. Lietzan Ralph Lindemulder Edith Lipscomb jimmy Long Mary Lorimer Gloria Loster john Lovgren Don N. Lystra Ed Manning Bessie M. Martin johnny Martin Phyllis Mastro Dolores Mathis Bruce Matthewson Ronn McBride jean McCants Evelyne V. McCarty Hugh McClaskey james McCIuskey Bob McCIuskey Bob McDonnell Mary McGehee LaRue M. McKinney Clifford L. McNulty Ruth LaVerne Means Marjorie Meeker Elaine Mertz Nina Miller Don Mills Barbara Elaine Mull Al Napolitan Allyn Nelson Beverly june Nelson Dolorys Belle Oates Ruth Nielsen GCDAL IS REACI-IED Eva Pallavicini klyce P. Partello lichard Penza letty Lou Perkins I'helma Perry Esther Phillips Narrcn Pietro Doreen C. Pilkington luby Pipkin kileen Radomski Ieneva Randolph Ronald D. Raskey Nalt E. Rawlings Kathleen Read Sloria Iane Rich Jon Risen Barbara Robertson Jon Robinson Patricia F. Rodricks Bruce Rogers Helen Rokos Norman Rom Madalene Romo Marilyn I. Rothman Louise Rae Rugglefs Margaret I. Ruiz Charles I. Ruth Dorcne C. Selander Bill Shakespeare Ed Sheldrake Lemuel Short Barbara A. Smith Elaine Smith Mary Iane Smith Shirley Smith Iamcs Spring BettyStcphcns Roy A. Stephens Bertha E. Stockton Leda B. Stockton Cloreya Stollmack M, Stoutsenberger Ioan Taylor Theresa Thiel Darlene Thomas Iean Thomas Martha Thompson Richard Tiearney Don Tomlinson David Tong Pauline I. Traviss Shirley Triska Louis Uranga Florence Vandernoot Herb Verman Melvin E. Vette .ul vi. ' ,v,? tI:lx5- i,.,.7 J? 4 SENIOR CABINET-Left to Right--Row l: Beverly Nelson, Zoe Gardner, Elloa 13, Douglas, Gloria Loster, Helen Rokos. Row 2: Don Robinson, loyce Damon, Ron Raskey, Thelma Perry, Chuck Disparte. x If , ' 1 f. -'Lfm' --v .,.:j. ' A 1:5 -- nfyl Jw FX : rf 'illflzil T ' I Q' 'c"7j' ' .1 , 4. --A-I.-,-:,, .a .. is . -1 HZ. 'Ls ,C .T Y ' L ff'iQ'l:" 5' . 'Digi f .. -ff, L" ' . " ...V ,iz "".f,-Q ' ,-lf: ,--' . l. '- V gli." ' 11'- -.'Ff.'- 5 . ' C 5. "3. .'-ffl.. ', x2 H U .,,, 3 55,4 "ave:-.- W -r.':f.l 'fl-,g'.1' 53 . ,kj .K 'Q E' C ' 'jg rp "ff . ' ., iv 'ft M., 5" ' i ' :--11 -7- gr, 7' A 1' 'g,i.J. 1- SERICDUS MCDMENTS- sENloR Bow IN THE SERVICE When the graduating class of W'45, the Chevaliers of George Washington High School, march down the aisle to receive their diplomas on commencement day, they will be thinking of the members of their class who are now in the service of their country, fighting so that this very ceremony may take place. They will be thinking of those valiant boys who have exchanged a graduation robe for a service uniform, a peaceful happy-go-lucky high school senior's life for that of a man in the service of his country. These seniors will realize how fortunate they are that they themselves are not among the missing, away at the bloody business of war on this proud day, and they will silently pray for the safe return of their pals who could not stay to graduate. They will reflect upon the reasons why their ranks are so depleted, not only by those boys who have entered the army and navy, but by those who chose the Maritime Service, or the Air Transport Command, and they will think of the boys who, entering high school with them, graduated with the last class, and are now in the armed forces. These things will be in the minds of the seniors on commencement day. Many of the boys will be wondering how soon they will join their pals in service. And all the seniors will be thinking of what they can do, both individually and collectively, in order that the sacrifice their class- mates have made shall not have been in vain. GRADUATES OF W'45 Richard Berry Duane C. Butler Bill P. Dennis William H. Eason Peter T. Estes George Fischer Gene G. Graves Marvin D. Leivensten Alfred l. Lund P. Lemuel Majors Robert McClusky Clifford McNulty Walt Rawlings B. Bruce Rogers Charles l. Ruth Arthur l. Salvail Morris Steinberg Roy Stephens Louis j. Uranga Don C. Young john Tschumi Glen Wagner Wayne Waddell Catherine R. Vicari Lawrence Wahlquist Lee Waldman Robert D. Warner Harold Watkins lean Weed Ruth H. Weinstein Robt. L. Weisbrich Raymond Weiss Mary Bills Wells Rita Welsh Barbara E. Wessel Bob West Melba West Barbara Whitmore Gladys O. Wick Dorothy Rose Wickens Darlene Rance Wilkes Charles Williams Vern E. Wilson Geneva Wolf Morton Wolfson Dewey R. Woodward George W. Woolery Marjorie Woolley lack Yuill g,f7?'fQ,g'-, ' - -,,'. W, e- 'gy .f .. -"T 414. 'f- .. .' - ,-ff!.l:J'.'l'af5:i1'illibi-L-11' - :-Z-If ,., N,-N ,A ,veiwwiv ,-X fx,-X li or fr Q -V5 T f ALICI-ITERVE Perhaps the biggest event of the season, with 250 couples attending, was the annual Sadie Hawkins dance. It you weren't there, you should have been. The entertainment was excellent with Barbara Pollard singing "Dance With a Dolly" and putting all the Pollard charm into it. She was followed by Ron Whitson singing "Night and Day" and he did such a swell job that he was returned by the crowd to sing "All or Nothing At All." Oh Frankielll lsighl The celebrated Lil' Abner and Daisy Mae were chosen toward the end of the evening. They were Don Risen and Bobby lean Taylor. They got the wonderful prize of one bag of carrots. Perhaps the most comical couple in Skunk Holler that evening was Zoe Gardner and Ronald Rasl-Ley. Ron attended wearing a long,streaming corsage given to him by Zoe. During the intermission, if you felt the need of something to brace you, tree orange juice and cookies were served in one corner of the gym. Chuck Henderson, the celebrated speaker of NVashington, acted as M.C. All in all it was a grand dance down to the last squeeze of the hand in the game of electricity during the second intermission. STAMP STOMP A good way of selling bonds and stamps was the Stamp Stomp held in the boys' gum and sponsored by the Sub-Debs. Chuck Disparte and his Rambling Ramblers furnished the music and Chuck Henderson, dancing with Zoe Gardner, the entertainment. There was a good deal ot standing around until the stick cheat, and then things really started humming. YANKEE DOODLE DANDY DANCE The most recent social, as this goes to press, was the Yanks' Doodle Dandy Dance held November 27 in the boys' gym with Chuck Disparte again furnishing the music assisted by Betty Duncan as she sang "Somebody Loves Me." STAMP STO MP 2 . -.ass Mm ' KNI l-ITS ND With streamers, laughter, Oaky Doakes, and the delight- ful music of Bill Fredrich, the annual K and L took place. Oaky Doakes, the character from medieval times, was the theme, and beautiful blue lighting furnished the setting. The K and L has long been a tradition at Washington and one of its most gala affairs. The senior play, still to be produced, is the sparkling "lanie," titled from its main character. Lights, dancing, top hats, and the good old make-you- want - to - dance music drew crowds of happy Chevaliers and Yanks to the senior hop. The Yanks went to great trou- ble to represent all of the pop- ular night spots and famous street corners of Broadway that the Chevaliers will soon visit as they seek careers in the far cities of the world. SE N l G R PRCDM f vv r ur l bb 6 g f , A? w E5 ' 5E' xv D 7 7 in P' aff smioiz. maori .. pr All vfff, Ili- Q 9 K D v I S171 9 Y V ,QIQJ if V . p .1-4 ,Q 2 , Q .TSX 1 , 'rif P, . .. W 9 ,. 'gzip - 'S' ,RLQN .' :if x v I or r 1 is Xl lt I ,J A . i' ll. g1'Z"5g!-il I V D ff w ' l " 7 lag, , l l 2 M 0 y 4' iff L W lf-L! . 1 . l ffl QQ, , ' 1 fli 3. N f f 'wildly ' 93 xf""f" 1 . s" " fl" l l l"5E5S2?aan"" " 1 V ' 'Y .ff ,gy W.n' It . ,fig 0 wal it , .gf N Ll u. yigrgz , l V fr' ,rig . 11y4'i'l7" ,T A X'-f5f'49 . "-fl' J. "2 ' 'f",::jg ' dig - '. 'O' , " ff, fi ' N' '.l 3 llll ll - H? " was 2 T- , till l- -f ffl' L -fl' . 'till lffb ' ll 1: 0 J l ll ll .. i ll " I fly ll ll l T -- l"'ff 2 ' f me: - .. - itll , f, . ll . r - J i 'fl' ' Yi "' , f i ffl l fffffw-. ,'Li,3f'-' . 'I ,nil ' l ' 1. A-, L.: ,' ' i ia" " -f-til" li--. J' l' -it 35? X,-' f- M l if Z E.?:w?:.i:5f..,1l . -, 5 itskib' ,yi uv? X J l, 0 Q ' ,G N ,X Jjlgj E?-Wk Wf!,1Q,6j,!l ',f 1 ei Z X i'- 'ia'lJF'5g?'i " "T, if' 5 '-iii Nu.. i 1 "1 ilu l' 1 7,1 U1 I p 2f2'Q'::'if1mael W- 4 ffffvf WI 21 x X ' 1 1 -s 3' , 70 -'iEEiE1g:'3f'Il" .4 Q 1 g V 4 Q it I X .I ,Z f f lNnl'lH?nms . t T ' aff! 1 , l353falXYil1b1 r IES E PLAY SENIGR ' ' ' ' fm' X Al 7 7 ' MW!! A f' ii Q J ' "JAN I EM w-21? 2 4 5 .-,fi Zwxlh '- 5:22 -7 ,?, an - E ""' N if f ' -L--1 ' f Ill 'xi ' X rxq 717 h ln ,I fi' f""Ot N -Nfwf' - ' -"i:- 5251" f gl 'ii , - ' ,W ' "' I I iw". .H ' G ,DEQ ,,'e.ff, Q jilf-, ' VH 'A' V 4"w-'X , -, I -1"" if L7 fl' gfffifi, 2' b - 1 - -.C- ,' fb, ,d 'ff N fi T21 1 'W 3 , 'i ? , J " 4 " A -' ' ' f' S 'Y Q , 1,5 -fa , i- ",-' ' .,, if. fJ,'I"':'5A. ' 'fic n M41 ff'-fifflif' , A , .-3Si'fV'bW1Ff' k"' L. ,,,f'H' "3 fig: I 1.1. . Y ' WX- I- ...,.,x'..?:gCWf hey t- f-Z ,QW - :la .,.,,.,p.1?1, ji X, f ..-.'f-":"EZ-21.1-my - v y .-1 liz ., 9 .'.'-v'f Sw .. , I X ' -E ' Z V g'!hH1:Ln::,! Ihyfprv.-,. . 'I l, I .K .4,N- 'gy -- 7 xx Z av' f E I :.:Es:E:':.+M jj: lvll. I-lr, - ' LM' X, yiqipgn. ' .AS V wi -.,.. nk l - "fs?m2' 5'Ji' 1 1 ' gif: M, k N W , T' 'z3E'!111u SK ' - - 5. - 4 4 1 ff ' ff ' ff, 'w '1'f1Ev23EZ5" fx .Am - 2' 3 eff lj fd QR "2- f g f. ",r'd"' ix "WI 11 f 'F ?5'9"",'WaQ51'f' ., 4 'J if X f X f ,Q UE. fig- r' K l I ff I I if - K3 25 7 K irgr V! Z sim- 1 Q If W f f 2 0 0 MQ Z xi: lx f'lu4V..4.5.53:-fgif' Gif ' I , .- ' P f. ' 'gms 1 J if Qs: f f f f- - 9 12 .4 f Coach Les Heilman has rounded out his second season as var- sity football mentor at Washington. After handling the Cee team for several years, he took over the Bees for one season only. With the transfer of Coach Marlett, Mr. Heilman stepped into the varsity spotlight, and has han- dled two fairly success- ful teams. Capt. Wayne Waddell Harlan Bateman Bill Bradshaw Dick Calvert Frank Cantril Dick Contreras Although failing to bring home the bacon the Southern League football title for this year Washing ton's Red and Blue eleven made a gallant try for top honors, finally being eliminated by Fremont in the last game of the season after taking the league lead the preceding week. The Generals i944 pigskin squad consisted of hard-fighting, daring, and spirited gridders who loved to play this great American sport and were headed by an equally fine coach, Les Heilman, who developed an always dangerous team from what material he had on hand. ln the initial league tilt of the season, it was quarterback Dick Contreras, who proved the game's hero with his unstoppable smashes off tackle and sweeps around the ends. Ends, Bill Evans and Harlan Bateman, stole all the glory for Washington during the Roosevelt grid battle as their defensive play was all a coach could ask for. Standouts in the Manual Arts contest were linemen Wayne Waddell, Floyd Powers, Bill Bradshaw, Roy Skinner and Warren Richardson, who stopped a touchdown-driving Toiler eleven cold, on the six inch line. On the following week, Polytechnic collapsed before the Bill Mossman-to-Dick Calvert aerial battery, after which Fremont thumped the Generals who, when the curtain finally came down, ending the season, found them- selves resting in third place. VARSITY FOOTBALL-B. Evans, Gallagher, Moore, Bateman, Richardson, Capt. Waddell, Calvert, Rogers, Rennie, Powers, Cantril, johnson, Kapple, Conteraras, McCIuskey, Mossman, Haley, Morning, Manning, Zurek, Fisher, Skinner, Badostain, R. Evans, Caustin, Schultz, Holloway, Barrett, Wolfson, Bradshaw, Grewell, lensen, Debbas, Husbands, Hagan, Church, Pierson, Corwin, Graham, Lindsay, Slane, Blackard, Pederson, Smith, Heidenthal, Win- nigar, Briggs, Greenwood, Heilman, Hauser, Mgr., Bailey, Mgr., Artz, Galloway, Kesslar, Minutella, Hutton, Mgr., Kauwell, Mgr.. Riblett, Mgr. E. MN aS9t Y 'NVaQihw.E'!a.'B's3 ffl' Bill Evans Bill Gallagher Bob Moore Bill Powers Warren Richardsor RSITY -r-" Xixxi A ,ll n-hex? U XPXNQ. SGUTI-IERN LEAGUE CCD-CHAMPS Capt. Ron Gifford Bob Dill Frank Smouse EE FOOTBALL-Morris, Davis, Campbell, Quaid, Capt. Gifford, Dill, Logan, Moffit, Cary, Barnett, zbber, Hawkins, Cairns, lones, Bernard, Harper, Wilson, Pinnock, Spring, Ballas, Geddis, Smouse, Mc- ormick, Parker, lack Baker, Pinner, Berner, Collins, Brancati, lacobs, Dewey, Evans, I. Anderson, arup, lohn Baker, Sukdol, lohnson, Moore, Corrigan, Kazarian, Feinstein, Butler, Braievich, D. Ander- fn, Walton, Wyatt, Mgr. Marsh, Walsh, Scott, Orman, Brillon, Coglietti, Tartakow, Mgr. Cannon. Ted Aarup Richard Bernard Tom Butler Delmar Dewey Wayne Fienstein Gil Hawkins Roger Pinnock Bob Quaid 'iw . BEE'S Looking back over a success- ful season in which they suf- fered only one setback, the diminutive giants of the Wash- ington Bee team find they have come out ahead of the varsity in the Southern League prep football staircase. Because of limited space, it is impossible to heap upon them all the praise they so rightly deserve. Singularly, they are just average American kids, but together they form an un- defeatable combination, a triple-threat gang of grid war- riors with the indomitable Yan- kee spirit to win. lt is hard to name any out- standing players, as they are all outstanding. ln the jeff fracas it was Gil Hawkins and Dick Bernard, against the Rough Riders of Roosevelt, El- wood Tartacow and Delmar Dewey took the honors, Ron Gifford and Hugh Corrigan, against Manual Arts. At Poly, Neil Walton, Bob Dill, and Harold Logan formed a stub- born wallg and in the now- famous Fremont tilt it was Bob Harper, and again, Tartacow, Sifford, and Dewey who spark- ad the team to the hard-won victory placing them in a three- Nay tie for the championship. 4'-na Mg, - Coach Gail Wyatt was the main reason for the General Bee's "esprit de corps" during the football season. The feeling of good will was so high toward this popular, good-natured helmsman that he became the ideal of the whole squad. Although normally mild-mannered, Wyatt's determined nature during the actual games proved to be the light that lit the fire of victory in the eyes of the Bees whenever the going was tough. was Capt. lim Brideweiser lack Brotherton Wally Eldred Don Risen Ed Sheldrake E Q COACH DOIG Captain lerry Taylor Bull Catron Art De Goede George Naumann Allen Trainor VARSITY BASKETBALL-Hinkelman, Sheldrake, Long, Risen, Mitchell, Uslander, Barsam, Henderson, Elred, Daffin, Shakespeare, Steinberg, Brideweiser, Brotherton. 2 Rf 'Tn' X i 3 53, as X ft gf Eli BEE BASKETBALL - Tabah, Prouty, Waadt, Catron, Yost, Taylor, Carmichael, Lowerison. Nauman, DeGoede, Trainor, Lockett, Sabkoski, McBride, Reynolds, Tomlin, Waltemeyer, Fike, lohnson, Little, Doig. QM -., AND omiaia SPQRTS ALL CITY CRCDSS COUNTRY TEAM This year's Varsity cross-country team proved to be one of Washington's most successful teams in years. The season was marked by six victories and one loss. This year's outstanding stars were as follows: Dick Knorr, Bill Busby, Iim Reynard, Iimmy Summers, Deon Carico, George Moffitt, and john Giberson. Living up to expectations this year's Bee cross-country team ran an undefeated season. Outstanding runners were Bob McHenry, Dave Herman, Bill Kitts, Dale Wright, Love, Allen, Short, and Gurde. CROSS COUNTRY-Left to Right-Row I: C. Minton, D. Carrico, I. Sommers, B. McHenry, B. Busby, I. Rey- nard, I. Gibberson, D. Wright. Row 2: M. Vette, T. Shakespeare, B. Vaughan, G. Moffitt, D. Knorr, D. Herman, B. Kitts, D. Allen, E. Hare. Row 3: B. Moline, T. McKiernan, B. Roberts, R. Beckett, W. Newstrom, B. Rawns- Iey, E. Gable, D. Nightengale, R. Froment. Row 4: Coach Wyatt, T. Hill lmgrl, I. Sullivan, L. Fisher, M. Lowe, I. Short, I. Iacobsen lmgrl, Mr. Cundiff. DEVELOP SCI-ICDCDL SPIRIT HORSESHOE l WINNER ATHLETIC CABINET-Left to Right-Row I: Bobby PETE RETA Fredson. Row 2. Mr. Carmichael, sponsor: Bruce Marsh, Ray Larson, Frank Carringella, Don Albitx. Row 3: Larry lacobson, Bob Zuber, lohn Homuller, Ralph Kauwell. Row 4: Ted Hill, Eli Point, Rudolph Mammoth, Gene Cates. Cheer leaders are always necessary to give the student body a sense of unity during athletic games and this year the cheer leaders have worked hard to lend enthusiasm to all the competitive events held here at Washington, The yells were led by Lloyd Ballantyne and the boys were really put through their paces, especially Bob james, who proved to be the fast stepper of the quartet. Although Tiny Tamburri worked hard at the business of leading cheers, he managed to find the time to water the track at one of the games, while Don Albitz's quiet manner was quickly shed as he donned the garb of yell leader. Although the song leaders are not allowed to participate in events that are competitive, the girls "strutted their stuff" at the few rallies that we did have. While Ann Beller did the very necessary job of conducting the audience, Denee Colden and Becky Chambers performed their clever pom-pom routines. Yell and Song Leaders-Left to Right-Row l: Denee Golden, Ann Beller, Becky Chambers. Row 2: Bob lames, Antony Tamburri, Lloyd Ballantyne. Don Albitz. Action has been the keynote of C-.A.A. during the past year. The energetic and peppy 'fems' have had hours of fun and frolic through the sports offered. Practically every day swarms of girls move over the girls' athletic field, playing volleyball, tennis, speedball, basketball, and hockey. Swimming, too, has its place, with the aqua- tic-minded girls traveling to the Y.W.C.A. pool. One of the most vivid memories of C.A.A. is the annual banuet, at which everyone goes all out for a good time, such as at the 'Winter Carnival' G A A c A A CABINET-Left to Right-new 1: Dolores lanes, lean campben, loan Basis, Ann , , , Brown, Miss Sylva, Ann Beller, president: Dorthey Andrews, Marjorie, Meeker, Greta Olsen. Row 2: Beverly Giese, lean Reed, Shirley Huckins, Pat Olsen, lanis Shaber, Par Kieth. WCDRK AND PLAY Bond and stamp sales were boosted this semester by the method of having individual groups and clubs sponsor a bond week. Each of the participating groups :selected a hero to honor. information concerning each hero was posted in the main bul- letin board and posters were dis- played in the main halls. Some of the bond weeks were adver- tised by having a program put on by the members of the group. lltil, '-J Lui-'-' lllfl A tl E ll ,ff lQ:5 H5 ' if l'lItii'f's- ff X , 1, iii: gg.-' 'haw 3 ., 1255.115-Q-.A N . S " l l i IBEW l Y E : Q Q Cf , 1 K I - Y!! - 't., X li .gi qi li .rss - 1 1 N- X ' l 9 -, i -- m a 'l m' H5 . 'NS' l la lit. ,fl if V Xflfr rtt lil! Q I f -r A s g. .4511-Q gn Hmm f K Many different kinds of adver- tisement were used. Some groups played records during noon, some presented talent, and one class staged a dance. Whil-2 most of the groups hon- ored a Washington Cold Star Hero. several honored one who was still alive. Y" K f 5: f QM- 4 0, ? .., I- ff ll: ff 1 1 ffffff f .fem , 1 1 f' W Q, ,I If ax . x!EE:?:-,V-l'- x w " ' -dl'-.:: PA PLUS SCHOLARSHIP-Left to Right-Row l: M. Winchell, M. Wurzer, M. L. Reina, D. Reid, M. Rollins. Row 2: V.. Olson, S. Tyler, B. Vinger, E. Schultz, G. Watrous, S. Bakes. Row 3: I. Beak, L. Baldner, F. Eagle, B. Melone, M. Churchill, B. Filt, I. McNamara, B. Fischer. Row 4: I. Mayer, G. Donnelly, A. Hassoldt, I. Hunt, R. Michael, D. Geisler. SCHOLARSHIP-Left to Right-Row l: B. Klein, B. Amos, B. Barnes, B. Buchanan, D. Elias, T. Dusinger, A. Beisert. Row Z: P. Buchanan, D. Blunden, M. Mack, M. Lindquist, D. Benson, R. Cox, C. Lodge, B. Lang. Row 3: I. House, L. Emmert, S. Margolis, B. Matthewson, B. Grannis, K. McDonnell, D. Gallagher. ' AP PLIED EFFCDRT NEW TORCHBEARERS-Left to Right-Row l: D. Hartley, I. Shaber, I. Palke, D. Duckett, P. Griffith, D. Schocppe, A. Avak, D. Cornat. Row 2: I. Iames, B. Lockctt, I. King, D. Aggen, A. Scherer, I. Selman, L. Kay, K. Kelly, P. McKinney. Row 3: P. Bercovitz, S. McBride, D. Staltz, B. Merritt, P. Keith, D. Andrews, I. Schvessler M. Fife, B. Kunsman, E. Bosch, M. Hunt. Row 5: D. Walter, C. Minton, E. Willis, L. Hinkelman, R. Evans, M. Loeterman, C. Fischer, V. Larson. Raw 6: W. Blakeslee. G. Caras, I. Reynard, R. White, A. Aiello. v OLD TORCHBEARERS-Left to Right-Row l: B. Greenhoot, K. Dalis, I. Simpson, M. Cissna, G. Peal, I. Patzer, A. Gibson, R. Felhman. Row 2: E. Iohnson, M. Foster, V. Dobyns, M. Federer, E. Tucker, A. Partello, E. Goldring. Row 3: I. Cassidy, I. Locektt, A. Trainor, R. Pinnock, B. Foster, F. Baffa, C. Owen, M. Holmes. Row 4: I. Muth B. Mastcn, I. Lukken, L. Steel, M. Meeker, V. Hahn, M. Woolery. Row 5: B. Teaford. A. Gustelius, G. Spear, E. Luckenback, A. Beller, B. Kimbrel, I. Gomes. Row 6: L. Minner, B. Burger, B. McDonnell, H. Watkins, H. Ver- man, V. Iorden, C. Woolery. Row 7: Sanderson, A. DeCoede, R. Weiss, R. Parsons. 1 f ..,,. L . ' ut '. v ' ' ' fl riff. I N I - . My AND SACRIFICE CDF BOYS' AND GIRLS' LEAGUE CABINET-Left to Right-Row 1: Virginia Hahn, president: Barbara Guidotti, vice presi- dent: Miss Robbins: Ann Brown, secretary: Marie Brown, treasurer. Row 2: Art De Goede, vice president: David Tong, president: Mr. Doig: Bob Barnett, treasurer: Jim Reynard, secretary. iTUDENT SERVICE Left to Right-Row 1: R. Darling, T. Deisinger, A. Gibson, T. Gates, H. Folmar, V. Calhoon, R. Baffa, J eightner, C. Avila. B. Barnes, J. Fossell, M. Burgess, L.. Field, J. Dunn, F. Cyers. Row 2: J. Doerfier, M. Demint, J. Anderson, J rlckson. M. Aldredge, E. Andrews, L. Baird, B. Burns, B. Bronse, M. Ehlers, M. Brott, R. Abramson, A. Beisert. Row 3: L. Fasold, 3 Bradbury, K. Bostlman, A. Brown, I. Eagle, J. Fifield, D. Baugh. A. Durfee, C. Dierkens, J. Ellis, J. Bunting, V. Carroll. Row 4 Il Gagishian, M. Darvns, D. Flourmay, J. Clemons, M. Allen, B. Fisher, I. Erchert, D. Gallagher, A. Coagn, V. Dixon, F. Atkinson, Gallagher, H. Burningham, B. Fike. Row 5: S. Chase, J. Folley, K. Beason, J. Balsidall, C. Elbeling, W. Bell, V. Butler, B. Funk, 3 Allis, F. Eagle, C. Brems. Row 6: J. Brotherton, D. Anderson, F. Baffa, M. Galloway, F. Foster, I. Gellespie, J. McCants, D. Glinn, M Fragracomo, D. Federar, P. Dramen, E. Basch, B. Fitt, A. Aiello, K. Farris. Row 7: B. Gallagher, B. Bode, A. Beller, Daly, Blan arte Furst, Flury, Alsap, Geisler, Fischer, Andrews, Alpimion, Gable. A. Morning. STUDENT SERVICE-Left to Right-Row 1 R. Madden, J. Leland, C. MoClyman, E. Mc Rae, D. Jagger, R. Jackson, V. Jackson, D Harley, l. Laffargue, J. Henderson, D. Morris C. Henderson, C. Miller, J. Peterson, B. Hol brook. Row 2: G. Hale, C. Lodge, V. Lesher S. Marvel, H. Johnson, D. Mergelmeyer, G Noble, R. Marshick, J. Means, R. Means, M Haycook, K. McDonnell, B. Milone, D. Levack Row 3: J. House, D. McLean, B. Nelson, J Kraus, S. Morris, E. Halley. M. Mertho, R Mason, L. Henningsen, M. Lindquist, B Holzwarth, F. Holley, A. Jones, J. Nunn Row 4: M. Morrow, C. Mueller, L. Kay, K Kelly, J. Kemster, K. Kiapas, L. Hahn, W Meier, M. Moseley, P. Mitchell, J. Harris, A Happner, J. Holt. Row 5: P. Hallhlan, L Henderson, P. Hynes, B. Mattson, D. Kuester M. Komada, M. Mitchell, P. Noe, M. Coyne M. Lewis, D. Morand, D. King, D. Dahlouist Flow 6: P. McDonald, D. McBarry, J. Lock ridge, P. Jensen, M. Loving, J. Marcel, M Morgan. J. Huff, R. Hednrickxon, F. Heath L. Hodges, E. Markart. Row 7: M. Harris M. Knox, L. Hansen, N. Bartlett, M. L. Reina R. Little, D. Lovgren, G. Maney, M. MkcGre gor, P. Longnaker, V. Hodge, C. Liffreing, V Kendall, M. Marsh, J. Mclntosh, H. Jones Row 8: B. Heller, E. Maderk, M. Len, P Newman, C. Kwasryock, K. Hill, P. Stein berg, B. Nosker, J. Leonhardt, H. Houston I PERSCDNAI. TIME STUDENT SERVICE Leli lo Righ!-Row 1 A. Vacarra, C. Shafer, M. Vauano, J. Sears, R. Rook, N. Posllo, B. Perkins, P. Terusa, S. Olson, J. Webb. M. Sluarl, B. Taylor. Row 2 M. Rolllnl, M. Robbins. M. Reeves, D. Raiser, J. Shafler, P. Schultze, 8. Youngberg, B Whealley. P. Savage. Row 3: J. Shaber, L. Preshlw, M. Parker, M. Smiih, S. Sullivan, D. Wynen, I. Savage, D. Snaln, M. Ward, B. Klein, S. Ward, R. Vardanian. Row 4: C Russell, D. Parkinson, R. Tilley, G. Robinson E. Regan, 8. Wick, J. Weinsieln, A. Parlello B. Weller, N. Plmonlal. Row 5: F. Smith Y. Shelton, T. Syersen, E. Vance, J. Wilhelm E. Swanson, N. Wollnaur, D. Tubb, D. 0s- lunder, B. Pollard, S. Nlchols. Row 6: F Wood, M. Sundberl, I. Tanner. J. Weessles, B. Vlnger, G. Wairoul, H. Smlth, P. Thomas. Row 7: B. Whitmore, S. Trlska, E. Price, D. Rank, L. Oslrlnq, M. Presler, J. Simpson, J. Twogood, J. Zunlgn, D. Sherman. Row B: B. Sheaiher, B. Wlnlers, S. Tyler, H. Werges. V. Welllnglon, E. Srnllh. Row 9: G. Woolery, 0. Rouse, D. Sialker, D. Walker, E. Shaw, R Rollins, J. Slaphent, D. Walton. - l V, fxfx' i?"'f2"li5l if TRAFFIC SQUAD-Left lo Right-Row 1: K. Cooley, B. Sorenson, J. Martin. P. Hamilton. C. Owen. Row 2: M. Modelad. J. Clapp, C. Henderson. L. Hahn. Row 3: J. Clarke, R. Weiss, Mr. Edwards. R. Delaney, G. Reardon. ,, , , -......-S SERVICE SQUAD-Left io Righi-Row 1: B. Chauncey, R. Evans. D. Baker. R. Pinnock, J. Long, C. Lawerison. D. Robinson, J. Gomes, A. Trainor, H. Waddi. Row 2: B. McCIuskey, F. Baffa, F. Jordan, D. Anderson, H. MoClaskey, J. Davies, J. Baker, R. Woods, J. Brotherlon. Row 3: H. Verman, H. Watkins, B. McDonnell, B. Soloman. B. Burger. B. White, J. Clarke, B. Bispo, A. Aiello E. Ables. Row 4: J. Uiley, B. Evans, J. Brideweiser, P. Sieinberg, R. Raskey, R. Delaney, R. McBride, C. Disparle, l. Brown. D. Fike. gow iS: R. Barnelt, T. Barsam, L. Hahn, C. Henderson, E. Daffin, C. Caras, L. Hinkleman, A. de Goede. 0. Henderson. G. Caras, C. uas 1. COMPLETE SCI-ICO LLIFE I K I I .1 f '-g I , .I 7 I K ji fi lfx' l ll N, K ,tl g A- li.. "' ,Q W, X 5 QX., . 454' If :X X vw-II Am be I f' WEB I Wx ov A I S If ..,1I- 'lll IQ I lm. Nm M 6 Q-kv E Q It -,Q IE . ,ll, 'W M I 4: o .1 ' we X. I 2 , - Qu r M71 K KX f-'V , I ,554'5'W1 r,' :F W ff of-'5:.1Ii'-.459 iff Mr 7 I I - A...f , . EQ fafigx, as If Wf I A QV.. fl ,f"'L4. A1viw2?'f5i'gM X22 fu EN-.lor 'R I eg ' E if :sg tx A M: f - Ar, N II I WI, ' F A f 'II I I ll W N :XXX W M. N N ff I I X mill' 4 ' 1 llll . +A WA Xe!! ,QM 'lI'n:-.I x J' 1 15 I W- VQN Aix Ish, I IIQQ Pm, ' N: X If 'V u . I I W V' 'NNN DRUM AND BUGLE-Left to Right-Row l: Schmitt, Escovar, Fehlman, Peterson, Moody lDrum Maiorettel , Patzer, Rokos, Grossman, Manning, Christian. Row 2:Greer, Souto, Madshon, Colvin, Ham- ilton, Houston, McCants, Matsen. Row 3: Studts, Doolittle, McBride, Taylor, Ray, Scott. Row 4: Rogers, Blunden, Lesher, lsenor, Collier, Swanson, Vlottes, Wellington, Powell, Bode. Row 5: Frazee, Williams, Flanagan, Petterson, Hartman. Row 6: Weed, Clark, Campbell, Anderson, Swanson, Osborne, McFarlond. Not Shown: Pochrandt, Watson, Pallitt, Hill. V I ' U ll' -n my I il I HP -I 1 'L 1 l' . II W lj l...H .LmI.. .. I .1 I II fmlffnf W' li: uw vw' I I , . ..:J..2.:.,l , I5 ' b lx THE BAND-Piccolo: V. Butler. Flute: I. lbers, D. Englund. Clarinet: L. Flynn, R. Doris, I. Rizzotti I. Ieffries, F. Ralston, M. Toffel, R. Van Warmer, C. Argabright, P. Andrews, A. Powell. Sax: I. Long I. Patterson, P. Ekloff, D. Lufford, H. Swanson, G. Mertz, D. Wright. Bass Clarinet: N. Paul. Cornet l. McRae, F. Carew, B. Lord, D. Edwards, L. Emmert, D. Reid, T. Rizzotti, I. Leibrock, E. Perry, E Sochet, E. Markus. French Horn: B. Lampton, E. Schroeder, L. Kester. Alto Horn: O. Christian, I. Bacon C. Berkirst. Trombone: C. Campbell, N. Schumow, W. Newstrom, W. McClaskey. Baritone: B. McDon- nell, W. Richardson, D. Reid, H. Camp. Bass: T. Sanderson, I. Coon, E. Beebe. Percussion: C. Manning, 1 1 1 X 1. , ..,. . . I ,III 1 ff f' Ja. PAT.: ea ' In Cheering our bright eyed lads of the gridiron to victory, the Band and Drum and Bugle Corps teamed together on Hughes field to spend long hours at practice and drill. Blasts of silver bugles and the beat of rolling drums touched colorful routines with a mili- tary air Classics were interpreted by the orchestra to please each listening ear, during con- certs held throughout the semester. Inspired musicians gained valuable experience in arrangements for the Christ- mas program and Midwinter concert With spiritual, classical, humorous, and popular songs, the Boys' and Cirls' Cleo Clubs lent their harmony to them all. Christmas programs, aud calls, operettas, musicals, and the graduation program were stimulated by these groups who found their way into the hearts ot Washing- ton music lovers. The music department has added one laurel after the other to its crown ot out- standing achievements. GIRLS' CLEE CLUB-Left to Right-Row l: M. A. Stewart, N. Bartlett, B. Kordahl, B. Duncan, E. Swanson, D. Tomlinson, S. Mezzanatto. Row 2: B. Holzworth, V. Peterson, M. Wells, A. Carmichael, L. MacDonald, D. Smith, I. Monson, l. Tanner. Row 4: T. Osborne, I. Ogden, C. Mitchell, D. Kotoff, M. Ports, A. Whitlowe, M. Rice, P. Griffith, L. McKelvey. Row 5: D. Ellis, E. Price. I. Ballanger, I. Blizzard. BOYS' CLEE CLUB-Left to Right-Row l: I. Blackmore, A. Tamburri, B. Ratner, T. Butler, . Taberty, D. Parker, S. Wimbrough. Row 2: C. Hill, E. Kapple, l. Sochet, Mr. Hansen, W. Parker Guasti, L. Riblet, H. Argo. Row 3: E. Swenson, I. Clarke, E. Thompson, R. Weiss, W. Blackeslee, . Denny, F. Furanna, I. Clapp. Row 4: D. Richardson, C. Roller, R. Cannon. D. Callahan, C. Reardon, . Bohmer, V. Wilson, C. Iohnson. P .C. P B THE ORCHESTRA--First Violin: I. Martin, Concertmistress: M. Moritz, N. Frey, T. Gcear, C. Olander, P. McKinney, I. McCants, B. Reichel. Second Violin: V. Taylor, F. Holley, I. Van Parcen, I. McKowen, C. Endsley, I. Benton, G. Leroy, M. Engeldorf, F. Gottlieb. Viola: B. Chilcutt, V. Hyink, W. Newstrom. Cello: I. Smith, C. Shearer, M. Vernon. String Bass: B. Robertson, P. Mitchell, D. Weiss. Flute: D. Eng- lund, M. Schwartz. Oboe: D. Walter. Clarinet: R. Hanson, C. Henderson. Bassoon: I. Coon, D. Walter. Trumpet: D. Economy. I. Leonhardt. E. Kelley. Horn: L. Kester, E. Schroeder, B. Lampton. Trombone: N. Silveria, N. Schumow. Tuba: T. Sanderson. Percussion: W. Mikesell, I. De Maree. Piano: B. De Maggio, C. Woods, R. Sullens. CONTINENTAL STAFF-Left to Right-Row 1: Ann Brown: Lois Hildreth, picture editor: loan Patzer, art editor: limmie Gomes, editor: Barbara Klein, copy editor: Barbara Greenhoot: Diane Reid. Row 2: Charles Williams, assistant art editor: Dorothy Wickens: Gerald Wells: Don Mazen: Louise Marquis: lim Roberts. Row 3: Dorothy Andrews: Leo Hahn: Miss Knapp, sponsor: George Woolery: Shirley Schroeder: Charles Henderson: Mrs. Hazell, art sponsor. NTI ENTALSTAFF I i W f ?Wf B KW17 ' fi XJA ,ZZ ' fr 1 f X ffff f f ,f if y r My f' f f f if f l ,WWI I 4,1 fr Q D Q '47 lm" f f 5 X .l-1.1. LAI W 5 X ...Am V., ,., , ,gy--V V 3,..p- ., .mp . V-. 1' 41? X .. I.: V.V -" L- ,, .., 7- ffii:-V ' if 'i KJ? . :hr-,Qi-na.. " " Lu- ..5,.,f..-r.. ,V ,V , .'VaV.5,,., ,L ,fef'LVV.fVr:2f1., V-QL' fi..?'zVV . .u ",- '. :V .... 25.12. -.."' i.'V"-'VV Q infra.- .+.V, ,....: 4-Vey M7 .Jr , 1, KXJV V...,...gF ,, uf! VV-ffifs. Vt . VV ,q:'..gfffVVf- f V , ,.-. A V 5.11. , r ., . 1, .,.V, ,., - VV , x V-..,.1 . 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AV. , V .-Vg V if 1 ...Ii-,EVE 4 r' .' 11:55.23-il , . .. ..1 an ... A ,, V, .A ..0 guflxn-J.,,g,i A '63-in ,Fi 5'-fl 'V1f.Y'-L1ii'1g"-wZ- .V V- V-,fG5a'.f.if5 V, " ffi'Le2'!v'f2fV- VV is fi Wfifi Vsfigzfg . ,g Q ,.,- -. ff avi' -9'4.'i'zr'1.i 2 V .-'f,:jav':' fjii. .5 ,V -- . . ? ...VU J . 12.15 zV.,1V F K . ... 5, v,.5, . .. .if-P1 ,,..v,V JA. V. ...V13'u,.g,.,, - -L'-lp ' .xr 1. V V .V M. 3- 1, gu lf" 'V . x. . , .- ..,,., Vf Vp...-...Av ,, .V . .. Ai ,V V....a :Ljf'?'i4-15. . 123, VL554, ,j 4' Vis VL. A 5,35 V. :a 1'-j 'VM,.:51..:',,Xj un LS? ,C -45 ff?-Qglg ,JV 1 ...V 5. 351.91- ,,,. . J, .'.:.1..-.' -,J s.-':,V.1, , .,,.. . .- .VV if -V,-1-V'-1 .1 ---rf-:...": gf-en: --V' r '- V' - VV, :1Vf'..' ...J ' 'V L. J- -- A wif V' V' --emi. ' 4-fin' .6 2 in -1..- 1 1-1-11: A V.:-V-. ,,.-Vgk:,V-,V--1-V-,VL-V,-311 . H64 ..,i,,,,,N..c, Q. , , I , .Via Y :,.::,Z:?ii?-it . n :aff :-..f. , -V VVJ, 1 s., .Mf- A VVV-. -4-V . i"-cg 451V f 'V lv? A 'kzililk-Eff' V. 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