George Washington High School - Continental Yearbook (Los Angeles, CA)

 - Class of 1943

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Text from Pages 1 - 104 of the 1943 volume:

x YE 4 1 1 wmwumnwwummg. ummumMmmnwmmmmmww,mfm:,1,1,1fmf1vm::fu-A-w1vm,v1,fL,,wmw..,'.w1f.L:frm.-1 f wa.-w-Nw , .vm-fr. f..-my :Aw w u - :nf iw? ei' Sf 11 Wg 4'.f.n. A Hfsf' . L3 rf , - 'fm :L ? 5 M, H.- . 1 14 'fi w Civ' .r ii" Q V52 PAB' f . -. Aff A 5 ,1. .W fl ,Q .N 4,1 w . ,. ,F ,f A fig? .5 L , , L W V , ai.. r . 1 . wh . -4, Q uuamaurswznsuumvvwm.mzqaazx:u'z-mxmuvrmlLa,'n.2a.fn.-,f:r- xv,xnw-':.1w11,u-4.-,,- wr U x V, -. -' wnmmmwmens 1 I 1943 H H fnlriglunpiuniuunli if 35-U35 ifiilrqg 2555? iii 4:14223 sie gg? 43435 ik xr new We, ihe graduales of '43, are eniering a world ravaged by warfare, bui' we are prepared. Each of us is able 'ro do whal' he or she underfakes, be if in milifary or civilian life. Many of us will soon ioin fhe ranks of rhe nine hundred fiffy former graduales who have enfered +he service of our coun+ry. Of 'I'his number, fourfeen have been los? in aclion and live cifed for valorous service. The number is small in com- parison lo 1'he couni'ry's vas? armed mighl, buf each one of our number carries some'I'hing in his hearr +ha+ his comrades are wi+hou+. Thai' somefhing is 'lhe spirif of George Washingfon-rhe hurrying brealhlessly down The hall +o gel' ro 1'he nexl' period on 'I'ime, The grand ova+ion +ha'l' greels each broken dish in 'I'he lunchroomg cramming homework during 'l'he shor'r official, fhe dread summons lo 'l'he curling office, The horrible anxiefy over mid-ferms--if is Senior Week in all i'I's glory. Verily, il' is fhe hundreds of fhings +ha+ go info +he making of George Washinglon High. Our days in high school are over, 'They have passed 'far foo quickly. Today as we look back upon ourselves, from fhe +ime we enrered as bewildered freshmen-l'ill 'Phe presenl' when we are "worldly" seniors, we find 'I'here is a lump in our ihroafs as we bid our school, "Adieu." Adieu, buf nol' good-bye, for we shall never say good-bye fo you George Washing+on. We shall fake, each of us, a small parl' of you in our hear+s. We shall look back in lafer years wirh fond recollecfions upon 'rhe happy hours passed wirhin your porfals. Lee Winkler 1 0 M W? LETTE- R f - HIE U asa Q 1 , 1 M Ly Q Ch O HQ. XI A.F S.C A PO 942 lo Pox1'l'nas1' Seu1'1'Ie, Washingfon. February 20 1943. D M SI H' y PI pi' y 1'h k 1 y gif'I' f b k d g h h d here y 1 d y II 1 h p Y b 1'ha1' 1'h y II b d bly pp 1 d by 1'h officers d f y 1' h I h II h dis1ribu'I'ed I'h When e h 1' th h d 1h I 'I'h h Th 1' 1h is no1'hing 1h y d y y 1 y 1' d T h I b k or cl de1'ec1i vailable here a I p d I I k T me," "News Week" and Lf Th 1' e of 1'hese, however, d h ,p f 1'h 1'yp f books you so k' dly 1' Th nks ag S Ivy IM' :Jn ss u X GZ MW 2 o 2 f NW Z t Z I 3 fy Z Wf' M Q Q WK X X XA X ix my I W S Wx I X f uk 0 un yi, Xy K I WCM QLQSKQ X 'S f X 7X NXQ S x X JWJJJJ' o I., I . iv : . Eff- -- pu , 'V 'isq 1' .P G., A-' 1: - il If 'SI .-sf 4:1 - :Sz r:1" f H 59 31 at :Ig 2:- 1 1- 1 r 1 iv L , ,EPA ,- ,, 1 l 4 H .- t 1, . . . I, . hu, I All KST? sij N View IW -1 2 LXW ,,Z'.'.' 1 r . 1 , -if .,. lf, ' ,.-'.-Mi -,C'-K 1 'z ' .SF ' f 4' ' X., A-4.1: 1 ., . fn., 1 ., . Y .,, 4: , F .' -.,q -:Ye-..-T' -wif Gardenias, resfing in my hands Drenched and 'l'rembling 'neaih a s+range perfume Filched from Pharaoh's maids in evening gloom l is 4 5. Ii f' v?t if Q " 1 .el 1 ff Nw K , 02 Q ws. 'F' R -W 'A 3 I Tig , sf., GARDENIAS 4 5- ' xr" Q 2 'ip fu ggginig xg i , vi-XQ15 ,v S. 2 "'T'?' YL wh, 1 ..- -Q .1'n'7e.'f - 4, . 'L -1 - 'f A' 1 5' 5 T .- ,Ip eg gf A 54 ,.qr,,x:,,, e r ' m'zeg:?:a,'5-22.-1,-'ff 64.1-j417.i' F .ya .HJ 143 -' - ,A .-. :-.1-. . ,,, ,H Lf 1 ' .K,. ,fe ....C. .. ..i. 47... 4 J, ,+. ' 5132 Ziff lg p.. '-s'f,"-If fix .ti , , 'kv .534 5 - 1:3- .5151 K K., 1 ' '16 1 . ig? 1 T s. 4 4-. .4, v' 'Q T .,.. ' - fcffg , 9.51 1, .3 1. ,dj-ill In Kifig , ' f ,Qs sa? . ,-'A ," g 19? Er . '-if 2:51. " Gi 'QU '. lift. 12' rag -Q fem:-2 . fi -' 15 ,. i ,,. ei C Q . ,ze Fr. lr 'L And borne across in lriumph from drugged sands Gardenias, fevered on an icy blaze Vibranf, living breafhing flower-skin Sprung from a Hny hear+ Thai' bears wifhin- You send me reeling in a sub+le, gorgeous daze. Brazen, flaunfing your peials all unfurled Your hands are beckoning and your eyes a-gleam Would go beyond fhe bored realify, and dream Of nigh+s, sei free fo conquer all 'I'he world. And ihen, one nigh+ a 'I'rip io where ihere lies ln noisy splendor, all lhe merry lhrong- The laughing, loving slaves of Mirfh and Song- When in fheir living mids+ you only die. So if is wi'I'h me-l wani' in vain For one sure glimpse of fhaf, beyond 'I'oday- Anxious lo be freed, l'hen off, away- Conienf +o never venfure 'Forlh again And like gardenias, l'd like my life io be Poinled fo 1'ha'l peak in my poor span When gaily l go off, along wifh Pan To sample of ihe cups of Ecsiacy. Give me lhai' glimpse, and I will be Conieni' fo lie among fhe dusl of Memory. Gerfrude Jesselson LIFE lFAlLUREl Again A wave has come And 'rhundered on fhe shore And 'rhen walked back again 'ro meel' The sea. Charles Munoz TOO OUTDOOR CONCERT The lighis are dim, on boundless wings of melody A nofe leaps ihrough ihe silenced air, The soil' cool +ones of midday vanish- Far wesl, 'rhe sun sinks, and gold slreaks linger' ihere Oh, +o be carried formless +hrough +he floaiing breeze Like This sweel' music of 'lhe hidden haunis- To dwell forever, silenced, unseen- To know nofhing of ear+h or her launfs. Bul' on ihe waves of cool, celesfial sound, To live elernify, los? io everyfhing Of feel, or fouch, or color- Alive in ihroals or hearfs ihal' sing. Formless, like 'lhe unseen flighf of birds, Or fhe so'F+ wind moving +hrough leafy frees, Reborn forever in-warm hear+s and fhroafs, And flowing on, like sweefesf melodies. . Pauline Newman SPRING I943 Awake, and hear 'I'he summer's 'firsf refrain Thai' rhrobs in Na+ure's heart Behold +he flighl' Of sun besprinkled wings: 'I'he ripening lane Of pefals laughing in fhe golden lighi. And hear fhe dreamy 'founfain serenade The vale. Look well along fhe leaf crowned bough Thai' calmly suns Hs drooping hair, besprayed By flighly April's ever fearful brow. Wifh whal' precision Na+ure's 'Triumph dawned, Recall l'he whilened shroud on 'Fields sfripped bare Of seed, l'he branches cringing al' lhe faunl' Of winler whisfling 'lhrough 'rhe burmal air. Away wifh sorrow on a flicker's wing As fhrough ihis field of winler sfeals 'I'he spring! Pauline Newman THE WAGES OF SIN ARE DETENTIONS Though ihe sun may be burning oul' lhere in 1'he dislance, All fhe chemical changes inside merely bore me. Though machines may be running wi'ih swifl'-moving pislons All fhe wonders 'rhal' make 'rhem no longer can awe me. l am weary and blue, There is much l don'l' like, There's anofher fhing foo, The bell is on sfrike. Alfhough Shakespeare has wriHen such s+ar-climbing drama, And irregular verbs are mosl' worlhy of meniion, There is nofhing fha+ inieresis me, science or grammar, For here l am serving a wicked deieniion. L I F E lM E S Sl Whaf is fhis life Bu+ a gas rafion "A"- Vanished fomorrow And useless +oday? Charles Munoz Charles Munoz WILL SURVWE THE SYMPLEGADES From: Jason and +he Golden Fleece A+ Jupil'er's command iwo rocks As huges as any rocks could be, Were placed upon fhe surging waves- Two mighfy perils of 'rhe sea. They 'formed a mons'rer's gaping mou+h, An eager mou'rh kepi' open wide Jusi' woiring-wailing for some prey To enferg hope +o leave denied. No choice beiween fhe viciims made: Mankind, or bird, or beasi was doomed. Hs jagged laws no mercy knew, For dealh o'er every porlal loomed. No voice 'ro say-"Beware! beware! The floafing rocks obs+ruc+ your course To Colchis, easi of lhis Black Sea, Because a god has used his force." No means io cross beiween fhe rocks, No help derived from gods ihrough pleas: For life ifself ne'er weni' beyond The cluiches of Symplegades. Beryl Hunie THE OLD STORY You declare your love in glowing ierms, You swear +his lime i+'s real, You 'I'hink you'll furn my woman's head Wiih all your earnesl' zeal, You press my hand upon your hear? To hear 1'he mighly beai' Wifh firmesf expecfalions +ha+ You'll-sweep me off my feet Your fechnique is 'rerriiic and Your line l iusi' adore ll+'s iusf a shame you've +old 'lhe same To lhirfy-fhousand morel. JaneHe Goldberg l fhink ihal' l shall never see A yearbook picfure look like me. Perhaps, and fhis l greaily fear, l'll have a beH'er one nexl' year. Charles Munoz A FLEETING MOMENT Above 'rhe ken of brooding ihoughh A lighr appears-a beacon slarg My hearf lifls up wiih ioy fo greer This silen'r s+ranger from afar. l hold, l grasp, I pledge lo keepg Bur like a swallow in Hs fIigh+, ll preens iis wings and soars on high And flies away beyond my sighf. Beryl Hun+e TO DANTE Noi' Vergil, Livy can compare iheir 'fame To you whose words have sealed +he foie of kings, While pleb and genfle clamor your acclaim, On Mouni' Olympus, Zeus your praises sings. Hell's learned men wi'l'hs+ood your mighiy wraih As did +he enemies you ne'er forgave, You hafed all who dared +0 block your pa1'h On earihg in Hell each served you as .a slave. Now love, revealed al' lasl behind dark clouds Bursl' forih in glory, casling hole aside: And Danfe, 'ihough cool deaih his love enshrouds, ln heaven, fakes 'fair Bealrice as bride. Thus love unfhreads all earlhly s'l'rife and pain, And weaves a fairer iusiice in her reign. Irene Gsovski ROMANCE When Casanova meels his HenrieHe Thaf modern lady grabs a cigareH'e, And smiling sweelly a+ his earnesf gaze, She coyly whispers, "Have you go'r a blaze?" lnanely grinning ai' his lady love, He reaches for a mafch wifhin his glove. She burdens him wi'I'h bundles, purse and books, And grabs her compacl io adiusl' her looks. His hearl is pounding wi'rh a mighfy roar, As on +hey wander 'lo The candy s'rore. JaneHe Goldberg LIFElHOKKUl A falling snowflake Thai' 'Flashes across The sky . . . ls los'I' on 'rhe ground. Charles Munoz JQNUQRY H943 r-4-:q.,.. ...,, 4 'Uv 'ge-,-.. , 7 "J"""vf- -.-., N1e"""Tf'i'H5e:5-mqu:,q.'Z-W we H r . Q -rw. ,-:y1,!s,ex,:FQKAN A I I 4- .r w,,.9.s'nvg4Q,3q2A,,:Www 'rx ' '- q'nvr:e,,...-Z... , x4..i,x4iz,?2u:3 -gg. . Basin-:u,eP-' ,-S Av. . 53k2haf5,:wa5ue'5?-H-Lif.v5F2:3i'-mr-ev: .1 ,. -- -., ra., My .. .. mann y. 6, 1.1-1. - . --my -1-.rg .4 4- -51..5lI,,..n -..A J,---, -A --.,..-, . . -' -43' 'J-C'-4" Pr -'cf-.rwza-lf-G2 vfwef'-Si"-'1"If'v4'-sgfsk.-vf . . E'-.Timm 'X 'S'IH,"!f'7g'5:Ef:5-'Q':Qf1'?HYg'Pi4f:,y::L+r,gl.--15.--55-71,9q: ..g- R .. . 1 .mr Ve.. -2 I. .. . ,..n. s.w4u..... .-.J .v-,. ,-: 2.-4..-4-...n x. 1 , FxB!.?9M!:5ggfi5,2.f-'H'::fKa'5' GEQMIS-gkygg -241-Su'2ef1l3gg14-'-My+'Ifxfi7,+1-:Q-35'?'-'iff-T71511--rip.-'-Q, V., .ii'Qf:ff.7-'iiili-'f'S"J'l l1P'Z4-'-Jaan: 'ii'ffFS-5-"Vie-56"it!-'3ifff1',::'11i'41?3g9v5fb25j?L..ifZ?3-fhrff,f1'E..TG'7:?:.-H' ,Q--'J 1 . ,yfag.3,s,,-aww:-w-,.w --N-W1--Sv' 1.v.wr1?-if-1 fwufwz--fs' -2-v--.-as4-,frswyf-:rap-M.-f-e-'-fm-:z15-f-.2mf-f'-.- . Q , f. s-. .-o ----4-aw .f -.Q--M L.-:vs-1-:yn 's'.w:'---1- ..-pm: f,f1'n,:'M1-'vh,w.q,-2: ,ov-1. -42,22-F-,g4:. . ?Q4f'f':fa545" "".4f'fgh'ge AY'-2-'A Av '-'I'-2-P iff?-d+.'Uv,if: .G-'F-15"'a+"::. ' .fnauz-"!"'ff't" r-2'-.-"J-Biff .5 nw- w.sSf-23,50--,q' I Q-11'-ij--I. cN'hs1Ye ,--'-. ------,ef ..,n- ,-1?-5--1!'.-3121.7 'iq-g1??aY-7-F-'Lh,u.h'1,-':1A-0:-.uf --I-f' U' +'1C1q,a-75:55-34' '1?4"s1f' -::':::-,ffm .rf-'U '-':"?- --fn-army'-v 1-41.-augpffi vb'i.g-' A ' ':.11-1f.:gm-' 5. P-..f.5-'-rf ,50i5Z?71 swift. ,r-rr:-.., ,mpg-4.1 af.-.,, ga-519-1-f,1rn!-Y-.airy ' f' -1 . N? -v,:C,s'X4! H'-. -me -4' -:.e.N.-I-2 W'--bn -4--1. 51 11- L--'91-r'-via-:-w-:Sf .- - . -41,-eu. y.:-hw' , ew- no 1 'A-,ry-H 'Lv-rg. 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S A H .R RAR f. if Rl EIN R EITQIO Tai D C LD K R Aa O R NO O: E T Zip. U Ez S L O A lg 'gif x' Z I ifffrvg P i N N D isE5'ff'5,,i mfgi gxiiifgx ', , K,1gi,,5 is 2,1 asia-,I'1?' 'f Q, Z, Pm,-5 Q fm!-f ' vloij .Qi fxniigqi E gjigj 43 , iihiga . Lf3Yg,,,.5,j , .9 J ,Ei if QL ,j dui if S jgszwgn nik HS 1 AARONT, BRUCE G.W. Aero Club, Messenger, Phys. Auxilium Little man, what now? ACOSTA, ALICE Poetry Club, Glee Club, Maior Sports Club Alice is friendly, Alice is true, Just the girl you know will do ACSELROD, PHYLLIS Chem Lab. Squad, Chem. Club, Corres. Secy. Rehearsal Club, Class Pres., Class Secy. G.O. Representative B-l0's future Katherine Hepburn ADLER, HARRY Editor of French Paper, French Club, Chess Club Go to college for study of forestry ALDOR, SHIRLEY French Office, French Auxilium, Social Arts Club, Mr. Gottesman's Office, Spanish Auxilium Her corner of the room is always sunny ALLEN, JAMES Twinkle, twinkle, little star, What a wonder child you arel Do you stay up all the night So in class you'll be so bright? ALTER, MILTON D. Arista, Arista ALTSCI-MLLER, CORRINE Lunch- ANDERSON, KENNETH Junior Var- ASHE, JEANNE Guard of Honor Reception Committee, Usher Corps. room Squad, Graduate Office sity Basketball, Intramural Basket- English Office, Newman Club, So- President ot Career Club lt's the smile that does it ball cial Arts Club, French Club Our little professor A basketball star of G,W. and the The "Eyes" have it gold digger of 8-I0 ftreasurerl ALTNEU, GERTRUDE Cutting Office, AMBERT, AMELIA Lunch Squad, ARENS, MOSES Ushers' Corps, Ser- AUERBACK, BRIGETTE Hist. Office, Lunchroom Squad, Class Secy. Social Arts Club vice Squad, Chess Club Auxilium, Math, Office, Cut Office Dance Hostess, Maior Sports Club, As sweet as they come He knows the answers to all the 64 Lunch Monitor, Math. Club, Swim Minor Sports If all ot 8-5 were as quiet as she What a wonderful place our room would be! dollar questions ming Club, Junior Lite Saving Club A whiz at mathematics .1 -1 -1 - - AUGENLICHT, HONEY BACHRACH, ELIZABETH Auxillum, BAGNUOLO, ANNE Leaders' Club BAKER, HAROLD Swimming Team Cutting Office, Dance Hostess, Secy. Program Committee, Program Office A friend to be proud of One ot the "Three Musketeers" to Mr. Breen, Lunch Squad, Secy. To be a doctor Lizzie has asplra- of Class, G.O. Representative tions G.W.'s most versatile lady su, ERIKA BADER, SYLVIA Grade Advisers' BAKER, ADALIN Secy. to comma- BALDA. RALPH Football. Truck. "Oh, the lady in slacks" 0fflC0 iMf- CQJWHJ cial Office, Secy. to Chemistry Bell Rl'199f il YOGFJ :Gila me liberty, and give me Sophisticated Lady 5950 l0iG ihdh never eet oven." I2 JANUARY VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV BANKS, MARY Basketball Team, Swimming Club, French Club, Prom. Committee, Lunchroom Attendance A member of the Federal Reserve, always ready to lend a helping hand BARNETT, NATALIE Swell Girl l BARON, ROSLYN Senior Week Committee, Cutting Office, Late Office, Math. Office, Served on Arista, Class Messenger, Red Cross Rep., Poetry Club, Swimming Club, Maior Sports Club BARRY, EDWARD Class Pres., G.O. Rep., Class Treasurer, Lunch Squad, Parents' Reception Committee Superman feats marshmallow rawi. BARUCH,JACK Basketball, hand- ball Teams, Arista Aux., The Chem Physicis, Bio. and Math. Clubs, Service Sq. Pin Rep., Intramural Basketball Club. Tall, dark and so suave No wonder he draws such a mob BEACH, NELDA Typing, Miss McGuiness' Office, Typing, Miss Dee- gan's Office, Maior Sports Club She's a typing typhoon BEALE, KAY P.T. Office, Locker Room, Maior Sports Full of fun and laughter BENSON, RENA Lunchroom Squad, Minor Sports Club, Chem. Lab., Swimming Club, Math. and Chem. Aux., Sec. of Chem. Club, Math. Office Personality, looks, what's more, brains! BERKLEY, ELAINE Span. Aux., Pan- BERTRAM, MITCHELL Microscopy BINNS, EDWARD Dance Committee American Club, Social Arts Club, Club, Career Club, Swimming Club, English Book Squad 5 and 6 Term Bio. Club, G.O, Representative, Boys' Swimming Team, Swimming The answer to a maiden's dream Messenger Pool Monitor ".lunior's really on the beam Knowledge to her is better than All alone in class he sits- silver or gold He's sure to be drawing pictures of ships BERKOWITZ, ZELDA BESSON, EDNA G,0, Rep,-egenfq. BISHKU, MARTIN Career Club P.T. Office tive Swimming Club, Basketball Swimming Club, Swimming Team Sweet and nice, Tegirn Library Squad, Swimming Monitor Like sugar and spice The ghost of Niiinsky The quiet type, but he's K. O Any nice girl want a beau? BLAKEMAN, RUTH Cutting, At- tendance, and Miss Myer's Office Good things come in small packages BLUM, DORIS Miss McGuiness' Office, Social Arts Club, Lunchroom Squad, Art Office, Red Cross Rep., Steno, Aux. Lots of noise, loads of fun, Always in there with a pun BLUMENTHAL, LOUIS Track Team BODENHEIMER, HANNAH BOOTH, HAZEL Lunch Squad Praise the Lord and pass the She draws pictures Class Messenger ammunition! A perfect young lady BODENHEIMER, ERIC Monitor BOLKER, ANTHONY Service Squad BORRISS, MAXINE If silgncg is golden in Annex, Color Guard, Lunchroom Just about as nice as they come Eric's on the gold standard Squad, intramural Basketball That Norwegian's charm A four siren alarm I943 I3 VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV ,, l'lS BOTKIN, HELEN Library Squad, BRANDT, FRANCES Secy. in Mrs. BRESS. SEYMOUR Red Cross REP- Social Arfs Club, Jewelry Commiffee, O'Rourke's Office Nice and quief Span. and Mafh. Aux., Gym. Club Frances loves dancing as everyone Sweef, infelligenf and sincere, knows We all love fo have her near BOUEY, LORENE Pan-American BRAVERMAN, MILDRED Class BROOKS, DOROTHY P.T. Office, Club, Social Arfs Club, Gym. Secy., Red Cross Club Leaders' Club Office, Private Secy. Here's a girl who can, "Tell il fo Vivacious, buf a liffle shy, She's small and nice wifh lofs of fhe Marines" Dofl'y's sure 'lo cafch your eye friends BROTMAN, DOROTHY Aflendance Office, Biology Lab. The fypical high school girl BROWN, WILLIE BROWNE, LORNA Good fhings come in small pack- ages BRUCKER, ARTHUR Ushers' Corps, As cufe and as scarce as a safefy Tennis Squad pin Brains and 'lalenf combined BURSTEIN, SUSI Presidenf of Class, Grade Advisers' Office, English Office, Senior Adviser, Modern Liferafure Club When you hear a noise coming down fhe hall, Thaf will be Susi felling all CALGER, AUROA. Class Secy., 5, 6, and 7fh Terms, Gym. Office, Swim- ming Club 7 and 8 Terms, Dance Club, 6, 7 8: 8 Term "Her ways are ways of pleasanf- ness ' CALLAN, CATHERINE Worked in Mrs. O'Rourke's Office, Swimming Club Preffy swell, preffy blond CAMPBELL, LAWRENCE Service Squad 2 Terms, Lunchroom Squad Larry is clever and swell fo boof, The girls all fhink he's O! so cufel CARABINIERO, HELEN Pupils' Pro- gram Office 2 Terms, Class Secy. Prelfy eyes-preHy hair-preffy nice CAREY, CAROL Cherry Tree, Mod- ern Liferafure Club, Lafin Auxilium Carol Carey likes all fhaf is liferary I4 CHABOTY, JULES Arisfa, Chess, Chemisfry, Mafh. Clubs, Mafh. Aux- ilium As good nafured as can be - Will even lend his homework, sea? CLARK, HELEN Lunchroom Squad, Glee Club, Secy. 'lo Official Teacher, Maior Sporfs Club, Minor Sporfs Club When she goes walking down 'lhe sfreef, All the boys yell, "Mighfy sweef" COHEN, SYLVIA P.T. Office, Med- ical Room, Cuffing Office, Senior Week Commiffee, Dance Commiffee "From fhe halls of Monfezuma-" COHN, MATTHEW Honor Ushers' Corps, Radio Club, Mafh Club, Dance Hosl, Cnerry Tree Headline Edifor of fhe Cherry Tree COLLINS, MARTHA A glamour girl , Y COLLINS, MARY Guard of Honor, Leaders' Club, P.T. Service, Hof Commiffee, Social Arfs Club An oufdoor girl, as swell as fhey come, Mary's liked by everyone JANUARY IVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVN COLON, ISABEL Modern Arf Club, Rehearsal Club, Hafchel' Board, Hafchef Represenfafive "Move over Rembrandf, here comes Cookie" COLON, OLGA Poefry Club, Eng. Office She draws cufe figures, Buf she cufs a beffer one COMINS, ETHEL Arisfa, Program Commiffee, English Office, Mafh. Office, French Office, Mafh. Club, Arisfa Admissions Commiffee Always prepared, ever so sweef ln Jifferbug language she's, "au reef" CONIGLIO, NICHOLAS Tall, dark and handsome Miss McGuin- CORDE, CHARLOTTE ess' Office, Glee,CIub, Spanish Aux- ilium, Lunch Squad Like Efhyl-no knock COST, EDITH Cuffing Office, Med- ical Room, Maior and Minor Sporfs Club, Dancing Club If cosfs and cosfs fo go ouf wifh Cosl' Q: S CRANDALL, RICHARD S, DARDIS, THOMAS DAUM, IRMA Senior Grade Ad- DELPHEY, BETTY G,W, has ilg Richard Crandall' Who could ask for more? visers' Office, Social Ar-fs Club, Business career Swell fo know. gqgy fo handle French Auxilium, General Office, Quiet and as sweef as honey, Vicfory Commiffee Knowing her makes life sunny DAIR, RICHARD DARMSTADTER, JUDITH French DAVIS, EMILIE Mafh. Club, DE PAN, ZITA Honor Guard, Gen- A swell fellow Club, Modern Lif., Minor Sporfs Dancing Club eral Office Assisfanf, P.T. Office Club A person could do lofs, lofs worse, ASSiSforlf Liffle girl, whaf now? Than fo have Emilie for a nurse Neal- and preffy is our Zifa, Looks so good we'd wanf fo eaf her DE SOUZA, BEVERLY Dance Club A quief child Iwhen asleepl DE TORRES, MANU EL DEUTSCH, BEVERLY "Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Mol Wifh7whom shall I fhis forfnighf go... DE WALT, CORA LEE TQ live a ioyful life "Some fhink fhe world is made for A conceifed' fellow is fhis Manny I 9 4 3 fun and frolic land so does shel DIAMANT, HOWARD Tufor in Sfenograph Auxilium, Worked in French Deparfmenf Silence is golden DIEHL, BARBARA Glee Club, Dramafic Club, Secy. of Secfion Tall, blonde, and soff-spoken DIGGS, LUCILLE M. Senior Pro- gram Commiffee Sweef and sfudious Dl SANTI MARION P.T. Office, Sfenography Office She comes from stock fhaf is preferred vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvw ll S DISCEPOLA, PLINIO DOLGIN, CHARLOTTE P.T. Office Destined to go places in a hurry 2 Tefmi. Graduates Office, Dance Club, Social Arts Club Once to know, always to llke DOBB5. ROBERT swimming Tecm DONADIO, ROSE Prom Committee Our "Fighting lrishman"-and we joyiql ever, gud never think he's swel DONOVAN, JOHN Without a doubt, Hes one swell scout DORY, VINCENT Service Squad, Lunch Squad, President of Senior Class 8-3 The girls take one look at him and swoon, Good gracious, are you really immune? DREKOLIAS, TESSIE DRITSUS, CONNIE Swimming Team, EATON, ELSIE Chem. Squad, G.O., EHRLICH, ELlZABETH When she rolls her big brown eyes, Lunch Squad, Art Office Secy. Swim- Latin Auxilium, Math. Aux., Biology As busy as a bee, but as pleasant Oh mel Oh my! ming Monitor Capt., asketball, Aux., Chemistry Aux., Chemistry as can be G.O. Rep. 6, 7, 8 Terms, Candidate Club, Dance Club, Social Arts for Senior Class Pres. Honor Guard Club at Senior Graduation, Chairman af Wild? NIPPGHS to ENG Sh0UlClf1'f Pin Committee, Senior.Council. happen to a dog I onzxuan, oAvio Messenger, Lunch- The execvtlvs fvpe. wth 0 mule ESPfC'f"'Y."1 E? when She 'S EILPERIN, 1sAazLLE English Office, room Squad, First Aid Squad, . OVUYS 'n C' 09 Gift Committee, Cherry Tree Repre- Lockerroom Monitor, G.O. Repre- P,UPREEE.,MAlU0RlE 5P0nlSl1 AUX- EHRENBERQ3 LQUIS Lunchroom Sehfdtive, In Lafayette H.S.- gentative, Cherry Tree Representative lllum,. Social Arts Club, Pan- Monhor Radio Club Biology Lab., French Motto: Getting and keeping girls Ameflcufl Club Simply 'G genius TINY. DUT feffifk interested EISENBERG, JEANNE English Office, Lunchroom Squad Pres. and Vice- Pres. of Class, Giee Club Loves work, can watch people at it for hours ELGOT, DOLORES We'd know her a mile away, She's a summer's wind on a wlnter's day lb ELLNER, CYRELL Swimming Office, ESKREIS, CORRINE Senior Advisers' Social Arts Club Office, Medical Room, Prom B-l0's leader in new styles Commit-tee An angel in disguise ESFORMES, MAURICE Ushers' ESPADA, FERNANDO Modern Art Corps, President of Third and Fourth Club, Orchestra and Music Office Terms, Director of Domestlc and Another Toscannl Parental Affairs A nice fellow ESPANTOSO, OLGA French Club, Pan-American Club, Social Arts Club, Minor Sports Club, French Auxilium A quiet girl with a quiet way ETHER, JOHN Arista, Prom Com- mittee, Swimming Team, Lunch Squad, ffrom Townsend Harris H.S.l Athletic Manager of Class Swimming Team Sharp as a blade and twice as polished JANUARY VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV FACKOS, JOHN Chem. Office, Lunch Squad, P.T. Squad, Swimming Monifor, Fiffh Term Champion, lnframural Baskefball Always in fhe Chem. Lab. FEITELSON, MARCIA Ralher pefife, and very sweet FENCHELL, JERRY Mafh. Auxilium, Mafh. Club, Chess Club A clever fellow, well liked by all FISCHL, FRANK Ushers' Corps, Dramafic Club, English Office, Chem. Office, Auxilium A quiel riof ..SHER, MARVIN Swimming Team, Lunch Squad, Swimming Monifor, Service Squad Always singing, always humming, Wafch, ouf, Bing Crosby, Marvin's coming FITT, SYLVIA Class Secy. Eighfh Term,sGirls' Leaders' Club, Volley- ball Club, Swimming, Class Pres: in Fourfh Term Thaf rare combinalion-beaufy and brains 4 li FLATOW, HELEN SUE G.O. Rep- resenfafive, Life Saving Club, Bl- ology Club Like fhe Sfafue of Liberfy-hand always raised FLYNN ETHEL Hafchef Re resenfa- . P five, Guard of Honor, G.O. Dance Hosfess, G.O. Represenfafive, Swimming Office "When lrish Eyes Are,Smiling" FORD, PATRICIA Swimming Office We found her nice in every way, Till we mef her in defenfion one day FOREMAN, ANNE Sfage Design Club lPublicify Manageri, Pho- fography Club De Vinci of 8-8 FRANGOU, LOUIS Chem. Lab. Squad, Lunchroom Monifor, Dance Hosf All fhaf meof and no pofafoes FRANK, LEONORE Cuffing Office, Medical Room, P.T. Office, Swim- ming Club, Dancing Club, G.O. Dance Hosfess, Baskefball Club As sweef as her smile FRAZER, JESSE Arisfa Mafh. Aux- ilium, Career Club, G.O., Mofion Picfure Commiffee, Pres. of Senior Official Class, Arisfa Service Com- miffee, Senior Council You fhink President Roosevelf is a busy man FRIED, LORRAINE Grade Advisers' Office, P.T. Office Swell gal, swell pal FRlEDMAN, HELEN Class Pres., G.O. Rep., Cherry Tree Rep., Lunch Room Squad, Sec. of Rehearsal Club P.T. Office, Class Sec., Minor gpm-is Club, Dancing Club, Social Arfs Club, Arisfa, Auxilium, Gifl' Commiffee "Tell all fhe gang on F0rfY'5eC0nd Sfreef fhaf Helen will soon be fhere FRIEDMAN, IRA Chem. Squad, Arisfa, Judicial Board, Arisfa Aux- ilium Commiffee, Hafchef He made fhe rounds of all fhe al- pha's FRIEDMAN, IRMA Cuffing Office I3 Termsj, Grade Advisers' Office, Secrefary of Class, Mr. Goffesman's Office We know her preffy well, And we fhink she's really swell. FRIEDMAN, JEROME- Service Squad, Prom Commil-fee, lnframural Basketball Team For his Eco homework each morn he's lookin' Around fhe room, yelling, "Hi ya, Sisfer, whaf's cookin'?" FROELICH, CLAIRE Arisfa Aux- ilium, Lunch Squad, English Office, Social Arfs Club Sweef and lovely FUCHS, THEADORE Lunch Squad Wifh women he will always win- He's gof such an engaging grin GAlNES, DORIS Swimming Office, Baskefball Club You seldom know when she's in class. GALL, ROSEMARY English Office Secrefary, Swimming Club, Sfeno Arisfa Auxiliam The fypical scholar in every way, Comes prepared every day. I943 l VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV GOLD, JACK Lunch Roorv- Service Squad Jack's a grand fellow, He really is mellow GOLDBERG, ELLEN Cherry Tree lCherry Pitj, Hatchet lLlteraryl Rep- resentative 1 A red-headed devil But dead on the level. GARDNER, EDITH The quiet are often taken for the obscure GARFINKLE, STANLEY Class Presi- dent, Biology Lab., Locker Room Monitor Service Squad Good things come in small pack- ages GOLDBERG, JACK Intramural Bas- ketball 4, 6, 8 Terms, Isham Base- ball Team, 3rd Term Atlas has nothing on him GOLDBERG, PAYA Class President Eifh Term. G.O. Rep, 7th Term, sen- ior Counsel, Red Cross Rep. 7th Term, Swimming Club 4, 5, 6, 7, B Term Miss McGuiness's Office 7th Term,. Chemistry Club 8th Term, Chemistry Lab. 7th Term She's tall and straight with hair of brown, And very rarely wears a frown, GEOTAS, RITA Gym Balcony Mon- itor Lunch Room Squad, Chem. Club Rita with her lovely voice, Can win the hero of her choice GLASER, SHIRLEY Art Club Seen but never heard GLICK, RITA President lst Term, Secretary 2nd Term, Steno and Bio. Auxilium, G.O. Rep., Social Arts, Bio. Club, Leaders' Club, Main Of- fice, Steno Office, Treasurer 3rd Term She will succeed as a whiz in stenog- raphy GODDARD, JAMES Rembrandt, Michaelangelo, Goddard mrs M46 GOLDBERG, SEYMOUR Chess Club, Chem. Club. He's a rather delightful chap. Rather. GOLDEN, FLORENCE History Office The gal with the infectious laugh is Flo, She must have caught if from her Army beau GOLDMAN, FLORA Social Arts Club, French Club Flora, a newcomer to our school- Sweet and cute, obeys the rules GOLDMAN, LEAH Program Com- mittee, Grade Advisers' Office, Class Secretary, Class Treasurer Efficiency plus-a fine girl ALES ENRIQUE Chem As GONZ , . - sistant, Lunch Squad, Class Presi- - S ' 'n Club dent, wlmml Q ' He has that "South American Way' GOSDANTION, ANITA social Arts I b gh: hqg a voice that's sweet, With which no OHS dare C9mP9i9 GRANT, MARILYN Guidance Of- fice, Bio, Lab., Basketball Club, Treasurer Poetry Club, Modern Liter- ature Club, Bio. Club Every other day is a holiday GREEN, GRACE Lunch Room Squad in 5th Term, Girls' Gym Office in Sth and 6th Term, Social Arts Club in 6th Term A swell girl and a great pal GREEN, ROBERT Grandest fellow you'd ever want to mee? GREEN SONIA GREENE, DOROTHY Social Arts Club Dotty's like a little bud, As Greene and as fresh as ever GREENGARDE IRENE Social Arts She's wlifly, and funny, and she can Club, Miss Ddegan's Office sung- Our Sonny really is the thing Someone we all are glad to know JANUARY VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV GREENIDGEHGERTRUDE GRIFFITHI LLQYD UP and Coming Llo d is liked b v y y e eryone, He's swell and really full of fun GREENSPAN, ALAN Band, Orches- GUGGENHEIM, LENORE tra and Dance Band, Lunch Squad She's the kind we like to meet- l4l, President Class B-I Personality from head to feet Smart as a whip and talented, too, He'll play the sax and clarinet for you HABER, MARILYN Steno Office, Spanish Office, Steno Auxilium A pretty girl who's also smart, A treat to give the boys a start HALLE, RITA The old country's contribution to the new S HAMERSCHLAG, HARRY French Auxilium, French Club, Ushers' Corps He'll answer every question in his- tory- All of which to us is a mystery HAMMERMAN, ROY Service Squad, Career Club, Late Squad, G.O. Of- fice, Tennis Team, Swimming Squad There is nothing that our Roy can't do- ' Without him the girls would all be blue. HANDLEMAN, EVELYN Pretty as a picture set, She reminds us of Etta Kett HAUSMAN, IRVING Chem. Office, Tumbling Team, Pin Committee In the chem lab you'll find him on the floor, Cause he's been puttering around with HZSO4 HEALY, EDWARD Shy as anything but awfully nice- I wish I knew how to break the ice HEIT, JOSEPH French Club, Span- ish Club, French Auxilium, Portu- guese Club Finer fellow you cannot find, Really sincere and refined HERVEY, ELIZABETH One in a million HERZFELD, MARILYN Social Arts Club, Mrs. O'Rourke's Office Mickey's quiet and neat- She's hard to beat HIGGINS, MARGARET Behind this mask of quiet bliss There lives a charming, quiet miss HIGH, VIVIAN President of 5-7, Swimming Office, Latin Auxilium, Treasurer 8-I, Treasurer Senior Class Always neat, always sweet- A girl like Vivian is "alreetl" HIRSCH, HERBERT Band, Intramu- ral Basketball, Swimming Club, Class President, Senior Messenger lOfficialJ, Jazz Bond A sense of humor-it can't be beat He's a guy you really ought to meet HIRSCHFIELD, MURIEL Spanish Qf- fice, Cherry Tree Rep., Grade Advis- ers' Office Lovely to look at, Delightful to know HOFFMAN, ANITA P. T. Office, Swim Office 6 and 7, Social Arts Club O my goodness! It must be a lie- Thg Paramount bows when she goes y. HOLDER, HILDA Basketball Club, Leaders' Club, Swimming Club, Dancing Club, Swimming Office Stay as sweet as you are HOLZER, NATHANIEL Swimming Team, Prom Committee, Swimming Monitor, Intramural Bas- ketball Team, Lunch Squad Swimming team member, to us he's Big Nat A swell guy to know, they'll all tell you that HOROWITZ, DOROTHY Dotty is quiet and rather shy- Above all, she's a regular guy I943l' I9 VVVVVVVVVVV VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV S HOUGI-IEY, EILEEN Newman club, HUEBSCH. DOLORES Lunch Squad. Arisla, Class Secretary, On Judicial P. T- Office Board, Leaders' Club, Swimming "T0PSl" Club Always quiel, we recall, Somelimes she wasn'l fhere al' all HUDSON, WILLIAM Swimming HYMAN, SHIRLEY Radio Club, Team, Tumbling Team Pan-American Club, Mafh, Auxilium, Big Bill Hudson, our school's afhlefe, P. T. Office Wins many a prize in many a meer Sweet-nor surly-fhal's Shirley ILES, GRACE E. Lunch Squad, P. T. Office, Treasurer She and Morgenlhau ISAACSON, JOAN CuHing Office I3 Termsl, Grade Advisers' Office, Lunch Squad, Senior Class Messen- ger Joan is like a musical fone, Always accompanied, never alone ISAACSON, WILLIAM B. Chem. Squad, P. T. Leader, Lunch Squad, Service Squad, Swimming Squad, Foofball Team One we won'f forgef in a hurry JACOBSON, HANNA Arisfa, Auxil- ium, Leaders' Club, Class Secrelary, Maior Sporls Club, G.O. and Cherry Tree Represenfalive Full of fun and knowledge JACOBSON, MARVIN Ushers' Corps, Secrefarial Office, Typing for Teachers, French Auxilium A regular guy JAFFE, FAYE Malhemalics Auxil- ium, Swimming Club, Chemislry Club She'll gel by wilh lhal fwinkle in her eye. JAFFE, GERALDINE Lunch Room Squad, Social Arls Club, Theatre Design She's grand, gay, and always merry, We lhink an awful lol of Gerry. JAMES, EMALINE Swimming Pool, Biology Lab., Glee Club Never a dull moment when she's around JEPSON, JAMES Dance Hosl' Truly a genfleman JOHNSON, MYRTLE D. Modern Lilerafure Club, French Club, Biol- ogy Auxilium, Malh. Auxilium, French Auxilium, Curling Office If fhey were lo ralion frue friends, We'd gel an X card of her KADEMIAN, GLADYS Marking KAlSER, RONALD Chess Club, Arl Squad in Chem., Social Ar-ls Club, Offlrle, French Club Cherry Tree Rep. in Sfhg Swimming If he had his way, he'd be relaled Club fo Henry J. She's al fhe mirror every morn- Belween vanify and homework she'! lorn KAHN, WILLIAM Chess Club To know him is fo like him 20 KALISKI, MARIAN Good fhings come in small packages KANCHUGER, SAMUEL Service Squad, Thealre Tickers, War Efforl Represenlalive A palriol whose war slamps we'll all buy- Our Sam is really a regular guy KARASIK, ROBERT Service Squad, Lunch Room Squad, English Office Squad A sense of humor, a lol of wil, We all like Bob nol' a lillle bil KARP, MURIEL Clothes by Adrian KASSEL, NATALIE Lunch Room Squad, Thealer Design Club Nal's a gal wifhoul' a vice, She's very sweet, and very nice JANUARY VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV KASSEL, VERA Cutting Office, Math. Club, Dance Club, Leaders' Club, Sports Club, Arista, Auxilium, Aux- ilium Committee, Red Cross Club A genius in technicolor KATS, HANNY Math. Auxilium, French Auxilium, Grade Advisers' Of- fice, Chairman of the Publicity Com- mitte of the French Club Shy in her own sweet way KATZ, SHIRLEY Lunch Squad Just call her Bernhardt KAUFMAN, MARION Spanish Club, Basketball Team, Volley Ball Team She's O. K. KEATING, JOHN History Office West, Point, here I come KEHAYA, MARGUERITE I. Program Committee, French Auxilium, Guard of Honor, Mr. Kenney's Office, Pub- Iication Office, Social Arts Club, Arista, Reception Committee Her acting ability takes your breath away, Peg is charming and always gay HS KEMENY, JOHN G. Leader of Aris- ta,. President of Math Club, Ushers' Corps, President of Chess Club, French Office What can you say? A fellow so fine, And to boot, an average of 99 KING, VERA L. Class Messenger, Medical Room Helper Always smiling, full of fun, That's why she's liked by everyone v. 'O Pw- KIRSCHNER, IRWIN School Orches- tra, School Band Benny Goodman and l KIRSCHOF, NANCY P. T. Office She is so sweet inside of school KIST, SOPHIE V. Lunch Squad, Leaders' Club, Dance Club, Maior Sports Club, Biology Club, Auxilium Always quiet, never wild, How can we knock a.girl so mild? KLEIN, DOROTHY Lunch Room Squad, Hygiene Office, Cherry Tree Rep., Swim Club, Minor Sports Sweet and fine, That's Dotty Klein is KNIPFER, NORMA Just like lark is little Happy, Sharp as a tack, and twice as snappy KNOPF, JEANETTE She'Il get by with that twinkle in her eye KOLLMAR, ROBERT Captain of Honor Ushers' Corps, Arista, Judicial Board, Executive Council, Service Squad, Lunch Squad When pretty girls are seen- He'lI see them KONOVER, HELEN Late Office "Moonlight and Music." I943 KOPSA, ANNA L. Social studies show her best, But she will do in any test KRAUSS, RUTH M. Late Office, Lunch Squad, Class Messenger If you ever come in late, sae Ruthie! KRAKHAUERIHANS English Office, KRESHOWER, STANLEY Rehearsal a atic Club Dr m Club Teacher's competitor at talking Just call him Barrymore! K-RETZ, ESTELLE E. English office, Victory Committee, Prom Committee, Class Secretary ' Did you ever see a dream walking? Well, l'lEI'e'5 one," KRONITZ, ROSILAND Cutting Of- fice 4, 7, 9, Swimming Club, Biology Auxilium The hand that hath made her fair hath also made her good 2l 'VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV VVVVV S KROUSE, ADRIENNE Cutting Of- fice, Miss Deegan's Office, Social Arts Club, Class Secretary lb tlmesl Florence Nightingale a la l943 LACHER, HARRIETTE Rehearsal Club, Cherry Tree, Chemistry Club and Squad, Grade Advisers' Office, Spanish Office, P. T. Office, Steno Auxilium Ahl an actress in our midst LALONDE GRACE A poised lady want Q friendly err, She makes friends everywhere LANDAU, GERALD Band and Or- chestra, Dramatic Club, Class Presi- dent Smooth as music, square and fine, smiling all the time LANDAU, HOWARD Band, Orches- tra, Rehearsal Club He's got such talent that l'll bet He'll conquer the world with his clarinet LARDAS, NICLETTA Charming is the word for Nick, For Best Natured, she was our pick LAVINE, JOYCE Secretary of So- cial Arts Club, Hatchet Board, Jew- elry Committee Representative Joyce Lavine's a swell dressed gal She's "BreathIessly" everybody's pal LAWRENCE, BARBARA Hatchet Representative, P. T. Office, Grade Advisers' Office, Newman Club, Class President 7th Term A comely cosmopalite who has really got "it"! LEAVELLE, RAYMOND President in 3, 4, 5, 6 Term, President of Official Senior Class, Member of Senior Council Ready, Willing and Able LEFCOURT, HAROLD A good sport LEVIN, LILA Cutting Office-Miss McGuinnes, Volley Ball Team, Secre- 'tary of Class in 6th Term The apparel oft proclaims the woman LEVINE, LILA Girls' Medical Room, Dancing Club, Social Arts Club, Desk in Gym, Pan-American Club Minor Sports Club A swell girl like Lila is hard to find, Willing to help you and share the grind 1 LEVOW, MIRIAM Not in This School iWalt-onl, Traffic Air I3 Termsl, Li- brary Attendant f3 Termsl When looking for Mimi, you'll find her with Phyllis LEVY, EDITH Social Arts Club Here is our prophecy: Some day a star she'll be LEVY, ELEANOR Senior Grade Ad- visers' Office, G.O. Representative, Basketball Club, Minor Sports, Swimming Club, French Auxilium So small, our Eleanor, Of you we'd like to have some more LEVY, HILTON Leader of Dance Orchestra, Band, Orchestra, Class War Stamp Representative, Lunch Squad, Service Squad Thanks for the memories 22 LEVY, LOTTE French Club, Social Arts Club, Steno Auxilium American she may not be, But a sweller girl l'd like to see. LEVY, LUCILLE Medical Room, Grade Advisers' Office, Secretary of Judicial Board, Cherry Tree Repre- sentative, Red Cross Representative, Pan-American Club, Social Arts Club, Arista, Math. Auxilium, Math. Club, Lunch Squad A lunchroom monitor is our Lou- Put on lipstick and she'll say, "Nix, you." LAVY, WILLIAM Service, Senior Gift Committee Good Boyl LEWAN, JOSEPH Stretcher Bearer. A grand fellow with a grand per- sonality LEWIN, KLARA Chairman of Book Committee in Modern Literature She waits for the prom with anxious eyes- It's after the regents', we hope she survives LEWIN, NORMAN Program Com- mittee 4, 5, 6, 7 Term. Secretarial Office 4, 5, 6 Term Brains, Brains Brains! JANUARY VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVIVVV LIEBMAN, RITA Hisfory Office, Md- ior Sports, Minor Sporls 99 44fl00'X, pure gold LIFSON, NORMA Mrs. Schreyer's Office, Miss Curfin's Office, Swim Club, Pan-American Club Efficienf and nice-buf definifelyl LIPPMAN, JUDITH Cuffing Office Never a worry, never a care, She's fhe girl who wasn'f There LOSITO, VINCENT Affendance Of- fice, Class Treasbrer Like a careless, flowing founfain, are 'lhe ripples of his hair LYNCH, Ll Silenf Sam VINGSTON LYNCH, THELMA Swimming Office, Affendance Office Good nafured, falkafive, and fo all, a friend 1 llS MAAS, MARGOT Grade Advisers' MAGEL, PAULINE Lafin Auxilium, MANDEL. BERNARD Mufh. Club. Office Biology Club, Chemisfry Office Ch?mi5il'Y. Clllb , u When did you leave heaven? Never caughf wifhouf her homework! QUIET. Wllh fha? Chflfmlflg SWISS - manner MACKENZIE, FERN MALONE. HARRY , , Qf,Q'GSER- .Jfif .,Ff""Ame'lfC"1 For her friendship we all yearn, Sllenfie 'S Qolden-he'S COUHHQ S.IU 4 Pj,f"S, d.Ux' 'um . h 7 She likes Pat, but we like Fern m0"leY - 'en an 5 U 'ous' or 'S e' MANGIAPANE, FRANCIS lnfer-Mu- ral Baskefball Teams, Service Squad Foofball accounfs for his Aflas muscles MARCUS, ARTHUR Service Squad, G.O. Represenfafive iOfficial classesj Auxilium, Secrefary's Office, Convenfion Delegate, Dance Com- miffee, Arisfa, Arisfa Admissions Commiffee, Execufive Council, Vice- Presidenf of G.O. Sfudenf-Faculfy Vicfory Commiffee Always firsf, never lasf, This lad will go places fasf MARER BETTY ' MARSHALL, Lois ANN Roly pdly, honey bun Sfill wafer runs deep She is, oh! so much fun! MARKS EDWARD Secrefary s 6 1 MARTONE- JOSEPH Ufheff' CWS- MASLAN, LAWRENCE A really sincere classmate MAYER, ARNO Presidenf of French MAYER, FLORETTE Social Arfs Club, Life Saving Club, Glee Club, Bas- ketball Team, Volley Ball Team She'll laugh and fool wifh everyone, For she iusf likes fo have some fun MAYER, RUTH French Club, French ' ' ' S ' h Auxilium l Club, Edifor of French Paper, French Auxilium, Dancing Club, Social Ar? iefms' Mgsfilgzi corps' A'W'S' Hzarfieeds no eulogy, he speaks for Auxilium, Prom Commiffee Club S Wmli fin I- ra? '. himself A swell fellow wifh greaf promise She's pefife and brighf- A shmmg '9 ' for fha future Who doesn'f like Rufh? I 9 4 3 '- 23 VVVVVVWVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV HS I A MAYHEW, GWENDOLYN MCALLISTER, BETTY Lunch Squad She's got what it takes, Quiet and serene, modesf and And, Ol how she bakes! charming McALEER, REGINA Work in Art McMlKLE, MARIE Secretary in His- Office tory Class "It's the songs ye sing, and the A quief child smiles ye wear, ' That's a'makin' the sunshine every- where." MEYER, JEREDYTHE This girl has really got a career. Watch out, Lily Pons, in another year MEYER, LILLIAN Swimming Club, Biology Auxilium, Spanish Auxilium, Social Arts Club, Lunch Squad, Chemistry Club, Class President, Parenfs Reception Committee Pleasant, clever, and thoughtful of others MEYER, RUTH Ruthie on our Hat Committee, lust had fo be included in this ditty MICHALEK, INGE French Club Cute, pert, gay, and alert MICHELSON, LILLIAN Art Office, Leaders' Club, Class Messenger, Math. Auxilium, Biology Auxilium, Life Saving Club, Dance Club, Lunch Squad Simple, modest, loyal, and true- There is Lillian for you MILLER, ELAINE President of Biol- ogy Club, Secretary of French Club, Red Cross Club, Pan-American Club, History Office, Spanish Office, Social Arts Club A kindergarten teacher she shall be, Upon obtaining her B.A. degree MILLER, MARTIN Swimming Moni- tor, Swimming Team, Lunch Squad A friend in need, is a friend indeed, Martiafs the indeed, to the friend in nee MILLMAN, ARTHUR Worked in Chem. Lab., Physics Club A future chemist MINKOFF, IDA Miss Deegan's Of- fice, Steno Auxilium Always prepared, l'm sure you'll agree, She'll get far in this world, mark my words, you'll see MORRISON, ANNE Cutting Office, Stage Design Club, Class Messenger, Chemistry Office, Biology Lab. Without Anne's sweet smile Would school be worth while? MOSKOWITZ, MARILYN Rehearsal Club, Spanish Office, Mr. Brondt's Office Lovable and loquacious MOZIAN, ROGER Captain of Lunch Squad, Secretary of Pan-American Club, Band and Orchestra, Haf Committee lSenior Weekl, President of Dance Band Handsome is as handsome does 24 MUCHNICK, MARVIN 4th Term Bas- ketball Team, Service Squad, 5th Term "Patience is a heavenly virtue," but Mary has many other swell ones, MUSTER, NATALIE Swim Office, Class Messenger, Grade Advisers' Office, Cherry Tree Rep. She keeps Wrigley in business NASH, BETTY JANE She may stop writing, she may stop dancing, but she'll never stop paint- ing NATHAN, ANNE Biology Labora- tory Mild, but satisfies NELSON, SYLVIA Some gals are quiet and not geared at high, That goes for Sylvia, she's some swell QUY- NEWMAN, CHARLES Cherry Tree Staff, Math Office His mother calls him sugar, because he's so refined JANUARY VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV NICHOLAUS, ANNE Mr. Cossidy's Office, Class Secrefary, Hisfory Of- fice Curly hair and Grecian eyes of brown- We bef she can go fo fown NIDES, LOUISE Giff Commiflee A finy buf delecfable morsel O'HANESlAN, ELIZABETH English Office, Class Secrefary, Sfeno and Typing Class Secrefary, Leaders' Club, Major Sporfs Club, Minor Sporfs Club, Dramafics Club, Arisfa, Sfeno Auxilium, Class Presidenf, G,O. Rep., P. T. Office, Senior Coun- cil Her claim fo fame is sfenography. I wish I were her boss OSTRO, ZELDA Rehearsal Club, Senior Office, Senior Week Commif- fee A lovely blonde wifh folenfs-for arf and men! PALA, ALICE Swimming Office Good fhings come in small packages PALMIERI, MARY Leaders' Club, Maior Sporfs, Hafchef Represenfa- five, P.T. Service, Lunch Squad By faking vifamins A and D A mighfy afhlefe she will be 4 K. PAPERLE, CLARICE Secrefary l3rd Terml, Cherry Tree Rep., Lunch Room Squad Always cheerful, always happy Is fhe girl fha? we call "Pappy." PATTERSON, GLORIA Dean's Of- PATTERSON, KAY Class Treasurer Soff spoken and sweef, Jusf fhe girl you'd like fo meef PAYN E, CLARA-MAY Swimming fice, Secrefarial Office, Leaders' Pool . Club, Cuffing Office, G.O. Rep., 5l1eS Cll-'lei' Gnd SWee'I'. Siem, Auxilium Buf when if comes fo swimming, she Sailor beware! can'f be beaf PERAHIA, ELLY Cuffing Office, Bi- ology Laborafory, Senior Week Com- miffee Dancing eyes and manner perf, Quick of wil' and all alerf PETERS, MERCEDES Cherry Tree Rep., Lanfern Rep., Poefry Club Be fo her many virfues kind, Be fo her few faulfs blind PETERSON, THOMAS Presidenf of G.O., Arisfa, Presidenf o' Newman Club, Ushers' Corps, Capfain Dance Hosfs, Chairman Film Commiffee, Service Squad, Vicfory Commiffee lf in fhe fufure he's elecfed, The fown is sure fo be well profecfed PEZZE, MARIE Leaders' Club, New- man Club, Hafchef Rep., G.O. Rep., Dancing Club Wil, charm serenify, and grace, Are all reflecfed in Marie's face PINCKES, NANETTE Affendance Of- fice, Hisfory Office, Lunch Squad, Nominafing Convenfion, Senior Week Commiffee I wouIdn'f mind having her for my privafe secrefary PINHEIRO, PHYLLIS Class Presi- denf l7fh Terml, English Office When looking for Phyllis, You'll find her wifh Mimi PODOLSKY, ANITA Soff and sweef sophifficafion, Plus a few years educafion POLAK, EDITH Silence is golden-she's coining money POLIAKOFF, Chess Team, Club, Lunch fainl, French P. T. Leader Thaf Russian Winter becomes warm when he smiles POLITIS, THERESA P. T. Office, Dancing Club Big brown eyes, personalify galore, How could anyone ask for more? PAVEL Chess Club, Mafh. Club, Career Room Monifor lCap- Office, Service Squad, FOLK, ELIZABETH She'II gef by in any fry POSER, ELIANE Arisfa, Mafh. Club, French Club lSecrefaryl, G.O. Con- vention, Grade Advisers' Office, French Office, Auxilium Brains plus humor I'-743 25 VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV VVVVV N. S PUGH, MORFYDO English Office, Biology Office iAnnexJ, French Club, Arts Club iAnnexi This Welch miss aspires fo be a fashion illustrator - if she learns water colorl QUINN, EILEEN Leaders' Club, Maiar Sports Club, Newman Club, Always sweet, always sedate And never, never, never late RAGUSA, ALBERT Basketball Team, Swimming Team, lnfermural Basket- ball, P. T. Office, G.O. Office Just like a magician-he likes cute tricks RAPHAEI., CONNIE Secretary of Senior Class, Leaders' Club, Assist- ant Manager of Hatchet, G.O. Dance Hostess, Business Staff of Cherry Tree, Late Office A sweet girl, personality plus, Over her, boys make quite a fuss REDLICH, FRANCES "And sfill we gazed, and sfill our wonder grew, That one small head could carry all she knew." REDMOND, RITA Grade Advisers' Office, Social Arts Club, Theatre De- sign Club Rifa's an artist as we can 'fell ye- We predict a lot-watch our, Schia- parelli REES, HELLA Arista, French Club, Pan-American Club, P. T. Office, French Auxilium, Library Committee, General Office ilsham Annexi Quiet and charming, with an abun- dance of grey matter REGINSBURGER, DORA Lunchroom Squad Very quiet, very nice REID, DAPHNE French Office, Latin Auxilium, French Auxilium Like a Hershey bar, sweet and nutty RENDINE, CARMINE Handball Team, Intramural Basketball Team He's such a quiet boy, l'll bet he brings the teachers ioy RHONE, HARRIET Study Hall At- tendance, Swimming Office A credit to the school RICHARDS, NANCY First Aid As- sistant in Air Raid Drills, Victory Committee, Attendance Office, Gym Office, Lunch Squad, Class Secretary Good things come in small packages RICKEL, ALICE Lunch Squad, At- tendance Clerk, Pan-American Club, Social Arts Club, Jewelry Committee We have a weakness for blondes, es- pecially this one RITTER, DORIS Roses are red, violets are blue, Sugar is rationed, why aren't you? ROBINSON, BARBARA P. T. Oi-iice Uwe Termsi, Minor Sports Club, WAR Club She is like a favorite old tune Someone we like and will always remember ROBINSON, CHARLES Ushers' Corps, Class President 8-8, Service Squad, Bio. Club, Bio Office, Auxili- ums, Arista Call him Tex-he's iust a cowboy af heart 26 ROBINSON, RUBY Leaders' Club, Dancing Club, Work for Miss Cur- tain in Grade Advisers' Office Ruby's brother, when he wrote, Sent her those chevrons on her coat ROCHE, VIRGINIA Just like a chocolate bar- Sweet and nutty ROCKS, EILEEN Sweet, demure, gay, serene, Are a few of the traits of attractive Eileen ROGOFF, IRENE Cutting Office, Class Secretary, Swimming Club, Dancing Club, Bio. Auxilium To knock the stuffings out of fha Jap We give our donations to Irene ROMEU, MILDRED Assistant in P.T. iTwo Termsi, Secretary in Rec. Class A tiny lady, not 5 feet 2- But oh what 5 feet 2 can do! ROOF, HARRIET She has a finger in every pie- In the heart of G. W. she rates high JANUARY VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVN ROROS, MARY Secretary to Miss Barrners A very nice girl with a pleasing dis- position ROSEN, MYRON Sports Editor of Cherry Tree, Service Squad, Lunch Squad, Dance Band, Book Squad Kieran has nothing on him ROSEN, WILLIAM Arista, G.O. Representative, Biology Club, Red Cross Representative, Hatchet Board Member, Arista Service Bureau, Math. Auxilium, Messenger, Class Representative to Nominating Con- vention On any subiect, he knows where to begin- When arguing with Bill did you ever win? ROSENBAUM, IYLINE Dance Host- ess, Hatchet Board, Lunch Squad, History Office, Secretary War Sal- vage Committee, Social Arts Club, Bio. Club, Bio. Auxilium Pleasant disposition and grand per- sonality ROSENBLUM, LEONARD Tumbling Team, Chem. Squad, Chem. Club, Lighting Squad, Class President iFourth Terml, Hatchet Committee Little man, what now? ROSENTHAL, FRANK D. Math. Of- fice iFour Termsl, Miss Meyers' Of- fice, Service Squad, English Book Squad lTwo Termsj, Ushers' Corps, Cherry Tree, Treasurer Senior Office Class, Member of Senior Council F. D. R. is destined for great under- takings- For a genius he's got the makings s S ROSS, LEILA Vice-Leader Arista, Program Committee, President of Class "Shining Light" ROSSI, GLORIA Leaders' Club, General Office, Maier Sports Club, Chem. Office, Live-Saving Club, Bas- ketball and Volleyball Teams Make it your business to meet her, You can't find them any sweeter ROTH, HARRIETE Secretary of Class, President of Class, Program Committee, Work for Miss McGuin- ness, Work in Grade Advisers' Of- fice, Social Arts Club, Auxilium Committee Your silence becomes you ROTH, ROSALYN Program Commit- tee, Bio. Auxilium, French Club, Pan- American Club, Social Arts Club, Class Secretary C51 Lovely to look at, delightful to know ROTHSCHILD, GERTY Orchestra, Miss Spalding, French Club, French Auxilium, Miss O'Rourke, Volleyball Club, Mrs. Steinhauser Her violin is sweet, and so is she ROY, MARY Secretary in Third Term Never sulky, always gay, Raddiates happiness each and every UY RUBINSTEIN, BERNARD Lunch Squad, Basketball Squad, Chem. Squad, Service Squad A great big hulk of a lad With disposition never bad RUIZ, ALIDA Cutting Office, Med- ical Otfice, Math. Auxilium, Library Committee Still water runs deep .X SABORIDO, DONALD SAIEWITZ, RICHARD SANJEK, BORIS. SAVAS DESPINA French Club He is our I dood it! AfhlEilCGllY IHCIINGC'-I-PIUS 0 good Do words cost money? Tyrone power mind-equals a type hard to find. SACHS SELMA SALTZ. MYRON SARQIS. LINCOLN SCALLY, WALTER Track Team, Pa- Selma's' refined, like sugar, and Sh! Genius Ui Work HIS fIrSf Mme, as you all can see- rents' Reception Committe, Cherry sweef- Means so much to America and the Tree Representative. Ambition - She's the kind of girl you'd like to free- United States Army Air Corps meat Walter Scally you can trust To leave the other trackmen in his I dust I 9 4 3 27 VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV sci-IULENKLOPPER, BARBARA Med- SCHWARTZ. ROBERT Hdfchef IVVVVVVVV HS SCHALL, ELEANOR Class Presidenf, Social Arfs, Lunchroom Monifor. Am- bifion-Designer Here comes Elley SCHEUER, RENATE Arisfa, Math. Club. Mafh. Office, Mafh. Auxilium, Auxilium Commiffee, Cuffing Office She's a swell girl wifh nary an enemy SCHIFFER, FRANCIS Bio. Lab., Class Secretary C2 Timesj, Modern Liferafure Club, Hisfory Office A clever lass of fhe Senior Class ical Room A good American if SCHWARTZ, RHODA Lunch Room Squad, Dance Commiffee A diller, a dollar, A puncfual scholar Board, Service Squad, Biology Club, Prom Commiflee, Chemisfry Squad Nofe fo Toscanini-Bob is available for piano work SCHWARTL SHIRLEY Grade Ad- visers' Office, P, T. Office, Social Arfs Club If's noi G. W. she obiecfs fa, ifs fhe principle of fhings SEMMEL, GILDA Biology Club, Firsf Aider She doesn'f care for men with blue eyes, she prefers fhem wifh green- backs. SEIDMAN, LILA Business Manager of Rehearsal Club, Liferary Repre- senfafive of Hafchef, Laie Office, Hisfory Office Army blue and gold SHAHEN, SUE E. Hafchef Rep., Presidenf 7fh Term Official Bio. Lab., Cuffing Office, Experimenfal, Bio Club She wanfs fo be a nurse in fhe U.S.N. SRERICH, ELAINE Guard of Honor, Mafh. Office, Mafh. Auxilium, Dance Hosfess, Social Arfs Club She has looks, brains, social poise, No wonder she is fops wifh The boys EHSKLEE, LOIS Cu? Office, Bio. Cl . Like Chesferfields-she sofisfies SHAPIRO, SAMUEL Chess Club, Classical Sociefy, Mafh. Club, Chess Team fin Townsend Harrisj Townsend Harris' loss was our gain SHAPIRO, HELEN Leaders' Club, Medical Room, Assisfanf Lunch Room Monifor A swell girl fo know, They'll all fell you so -up SHEROVER, VIVA Four Years in Or- chesfra, Dance Club, Secrefary of Office Class She does so well in every way, We don'f quife know whaf fo say SIADE, GEORGINA Mr, Goffes- man's Lafe Office A darling liffle iifferbug Who can really "cu+ a rug." 28 1 SIDERIS, MARY Secrefary 13rd and Sfhl, G.O. Represenfafive Hfh and 61013 When fhinlring of her we shall re- call, fhof offen fhe besf of fhings are small SIGNORAT, PIERRE Ushers' Corps, French Club, Cherry Tree Rep. Lafayeffe, we are here SILBERMAN, MARCEL Swimming Squad, Miss McGuiness' Office, French Club A fine characfer SILVERSTEIN, SELMA G.O. Rep., P. T. Office, Jewelry and Giff Com- miffee Like sugar, sweef and refined 435 SIMON, LOTTE Class Presidenf, G.O. Rep., Lunch Squad, Cuffing Office, Mrs. O'Rourlre's Office, Math. Auxilium, Social Arfs Club, Isham Glee Club Who says you can'f have everyfhing? SIMMONS, WALLACE lnframural Baskefball, Pin Commiffee He came, he passed, he graduafed JANUARY VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV SKUTELSKY, Naomi President of Maier Sports, Lifesaving Club, Lead- ers' Club, President of Class, Social Arts, Chemistry Club Worked in Swimming and French Oice The best that you can ind SHITH, ELAINE Swimming Office She's a ioyb-worth having for a friend- For She'll keep you laughing to the en SMITH, ROBERT Eng. Oiice, Pro- gram Committee, Swimming Team, Senior Class President ls he popular? I should say! Our Senior Class President is O.K.l SNAITH, ELEANOR Lunch Room Monitor Sweet, neat ond petite! SOELUNG, WARNER Arista, Honor Ushers' Corps, Chairman ot the Ju- licial Board, Editor of the lsham Surveyor, Reporter of Cherry Tree, G.O. Rep., Vice-President of Bio. Club, Member of Glee Club Some day there will be an M.D. after his name SOKOL, ZINA Glee Club l, 2, 3, French Club S, 6, Red Cross Rep. A very quiet person when she's rest- ing her vocal chords ris SOLOMON, STANLEY Lunch Squad, Proiection Squad, Manager Tumbling Team, Jewelry Committee, Bio. ab. Like a candy bar-sweet and nutty! SONNEMAN, GEORGE Chess Team Well-he-re l am! SPIEGLER, FRANCES Class Secre- tary, Math. Oflice, Messenger, Swim- ming, Cutting O'FF1ce, Served on Arista Team, Latin and Steno Aux. Always smiling, always gay, Guess she iust was born that waY SPIELBERG, ANNE Glee Club, So- cial Arts Club, Basketball Team, Lunch Room Monitor A face of beauty-hair like Home, She puts us ordinary folks to shame SPINDLER, MARVIN Chemistry Lab., First Aid Squad Like his proportions-great SPlRGEL, MURRAY Lunch Squad, Secretary in Secretarial Dept., Late Oiice, Bio. Ofiice, Latin and Math, Auxilium Makes you laugh until you cry, ls always happy, we wonder why ST. JOHN, ELIZABETH P. T, Office Latin is a dead language, Dead as it can be We killed ol? the Romans, Now they're killing me STEIN, ELEN Arista Auxilium Com- mittee, Lunch Squad, French and Pan-American Club Dance Club, grade Advisers' Office, Cutting Of- ce Beauty and brains 3 vi- STEIN, RENEE Class Secretary, Class Treasurer, Math. Auxilium O! to have ta stay alive And bear the shame of mere 8-5 STElNBERG, HANS Lighting Squad, Chemistry Lab., Chess Team, Chess Club, Chem, Club, Math. Club, President of Chess Club A small lad with loads ot brains and an even larger amount of per- sonality l 9 STERN. El'-EEN Hifivfr Office. l-Unch STERN, GERALDINE Miss To-fn's Room Squad, lass Messenger A swell sport, a loyal pol STERN, ETHEL Arista, Chairman of Arista Admissions Committee, Math. Auxilium, G.O. Rep., French Club, Grade Advisers' Office, History Of- Ece, Secretary of Class Like the baker's daughter- Sl'1e'5 well-bred Ofiice, Gen, Oiice, Bio. and Ger- man Auxilium, Gym Omice, Social Arts Club Why is thy name so deceiving? STEPLN, LORE Lovely to look at, delightful to know STIEGLETZ, SHIRLEY Bio. Auxilium l5fl"l Tefml, Bio. Omce, Lunch Room Squad, P. T. Office l8th Term, Lovely to look at, delightful to know STONE, PHYLLIS Secretary of Re- hearsal Club, Glee Club, Senior Week Committee Vocal express! 43 29 VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVl STRAHL, ERNA Dancing Club, Leaders' Club, Social Arts Club Study? Why? STRUDLER, CONRAD Swimming Team, Gift Committee, Service Squad Casanova at his best SWANSON, AUDREY Vice-President of Theater Design Club I3 Termsj, Bank and Store Office, Cherry Tree lgepresentative, Glee Club, Hatchet ep. Audrey is a sheer delight, She draws, she paints, she's sweet and bright, With it all a smile disarming- To sum it up she's very charming TALIAFERRO, IDA P. T. Office My tongue is my treasure-I hoard it TEVAN, SUSAN Secretary of Arista, Judicial Board, Dance Hostess, Late Office, Service Committee of Arista, President of Class, Program Com- mittee Personality, looks, what's more, a brain! Who wishes for more, wishes in vain THOMAS, BARBARA Sociologist Cicero's companion THOMPSON, HOWARD Aeronautical Engineer A fellow who does everything, and does it well TOGSTEAD, JOAN To recite in class makes her weak- But otherwise-can she speak! TONETTI, BIACA Service Commit- tee of Arista, Late Office, French Auxilium, Social Arts Club, Program Committee Sweet, helpful, and full of fun, Tony's liked by everyone TOPPI, FLORENCE Leaders' Club, Major Sports, Basketball apnd Vol- leyball Teams, Reception Committee A wonderful girl, we're all for "Toppi"- She's a model we all should copy TORELL, ROBERT Class President, Judge on Class, Judicial Board He climbs to considerable heights by remaining on the level TRIELING, FLORENCE P. T. Office Honor Guard Tall and terrific TURIN, CONNIE Arista, Vice-Pres- ident Rehearsal Club, Lunch Squad, Executive Committee, Nominating Cormittee, Social Arts Club, G.O. Rep., Auxilium Committee, Cherry Tree, Program Committee Queen ofthe stage Queen of our hearts TURNER, VERDELL Swim Office, Leaders' Club Flattery will never Turn-er head ULLMAN, ARTHUR He shall have wings VELOT, VIOLA Quiet and sweet And nice to meet VEZIRAKIS, SOPHIE Social Arts Club, Dancing Club Five feet two and eyes of blue VLASAK, JOHN H. Basketball Squad Biology Club lin Townsend Harrisi, Basketball Team, Service Squad, French Club, G.O. Represeit- ative No knock is a good boost 30 VOLINS, ANNETTE Attendance Of- fice, Messenger The reason boys prefer redheads WALDER, JUDITH Lunch Room Squad, Hatchet Rep,, Social Arts Club A blessing to an official teacher WALKER, ROSEMARIE French Club She's the pin that shatters silence WALLACH, ISOBEL S. Late Squad Ilshami, Grade Advisers' Office, So- cial Arts Club, Captain of the Lunch Room Squad, Library Squad Sugar and spice and everything nice WARNICK, ROBERT E. Band Or chestra, Service Squad, Lunch Squad, Basketball, Intramural Swell guy, our "Turk" WEATHERMAN, DAPHNE Too modest to have her picture shown JANUARY 'VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVN WECHSLER, JOYCE C. English Of- fice, Class Secrefary, G.O. Repre- senfafive, Swimming Office, Social Arfs Club, French Club, Arf Office lf's hard fo find a serious blond, Buf here's fhe one of whom we're fond WEINREICH, URIEL Arisfa Admis- sions Commiffee, Honor Ushers' Corps, Vice-Presidenf of Mafhe- Mafics Club, Chess Club, Spanish Office - "Semper Parafus." Bofh Uriel and fhe Coasf Guard WEISS, BEATE, Chemisfry Squad, So- cial Aris Club, French Office, Presi- denf fSfh Termj, Treasurer of Official Senior Class A couple more of Bea+e's kind Would be a pleasanf fhing 'lo find WEISS, BERNYCE Swimming Office, Medical Room Sh! she's really a fomboy af hearf WEISS, JACQUELINE Z. Dancing Club, Volleyball Team, Gym Office May your fufure be as brighf as fhe color of your hair WEISSMAN, LORRAINE French Of- fice, Sociczl Arfs Club Secrefary Lorraine's red and curly hair Has caughf us all wifhin ifs snare WEITZ, HARVEY Chemisfry Office, Chemisfry Club, Chemisfry Squad, Chemisfry Auxilium, Tumbling Team iCapfainJ, Lighfing Squad An all 'round good fella! WERNER, SIMON A fine sfudenf WELLER, CAROL R. wer sfemp Represenafive, Cuffing Office Like sugar, sweef and rare WIESE, BETTY Secrefary of fhe G.O., Arisfa, Movie Commiffee, Auxilium, Admission Commiffee Beffy is preffy, and popular, foo- There isn'f anyfhing she can'f do WILLIAMS, BETTE Lunch Room Squad, Affendance Secrefary She's worfh fhe color of her hair isvldi WILSON, CHARLES A. Service Squad, Lighfing Squad, Lunch Squad A liffle nonsense now and fhen ls relished by fhe besf of men ZEEMAN, HELENE Program Com- miffee, Lafin Office, Hisfory Office, Swimming Club, Lunch Squad She's awfully nice. We would have liked fo have seen more of her. ZIEGLER, FLORENCE Lunch Room Squad, Red Cross, Swimming Club, Baskefball Club Biue eyes, blond hair, lf's no wonder we all sfare ZIFFER, PEARL Vicfory Commiffee, Medical Room, Presidenl' of Lunch Room Club, Arisfa Tea Hosfess, Haf- chef Represenfafive, Maior Sporfs Club, Inferclass Basketball Team, Capfain of Lunch Room Monifors, Official Class Secrefary C3 Termsl Lucky are fhe people who can fell- I know her, and I know her well x WOLF, GISELA G. French Club, Baskefball Club, Biology Club, Swimming Club 8-I0's future O. Henry WOLF, ROMA Glee Club, Miss Deegan's Office A voice like a liffle lark, The classe's inspirafional spark WOODSIDE, MERSSERIE Class Messenger K2 Termsj, Member of Maior Sporfs Club Shfrls sweet and easy fo gef along wr YAZUJIAN, GARO Capfain of Swimming Team, lnframural Baskef- b Il a Swimming isn'f his only accomplish- menf. He's an all around good sporf CAMERA SHY JEHUDAH BERNSTEIN MILDRED BERWIND BERNARD BOLTAX ALAN BRA-MLEY JERRY DELAPORTAS RICHARD CHESNER SYLVIA DOMINGO EDITH ROWN LUIS ECHEANDIS ARTHUR HUGHES PHILIP JENKS LEONARD KOEGEL RITA KURTZ LAWRENCE LIEBER CECLIA LYONS JERROLD MAYNARD JOH ROCCASECCA DORIS SILVERSTEIN ' JOHN SULLIVAN EDITH WALZ GABRIELLE srem l 9 4 3 3l VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV vfrf4ikfxSENlO BETTY WIESE .,....,,.,... ROBERT SMITH ...,...,,.... JEANNE ASHE .............. ROGER MOZIAN .....,..,... ELLEN GOLDBERG ,,,...... BETTY NASH .,.........,..,.... FLORENCE TOPPI ..,,..,.... JOHN KEMENY ....E..,....,,... BARBARA LAWRENCE STANLEY KRESHAUER CONNIE TURIN .................. ANNE SPIELBERG ,........... THOMAS PETERSEN ,.,.,. THOMAS PETERSEN .......... .....,..,...... ZINA SOKOL .........,,.,,E.,..... NICOLETTA LARDAS .............. HONEY AUGENLICHT ETHEL COMINS ................. NAOMI SKUTELSKY ,........... ..,,....,.,..Mos+ popular girl ..,.....,....Mos'I' popular boy ....,......,Bes'r looking girl .,rBesi looking boy poe+ ,,,u,,,,.,,,Li+erary IigI1+ ....,.,.....Class' arfisl' Shining ligl'1+ ,,,,,,,,.....Facul'ly drag .,,,,,,,,,,,Class ac'l'or Class acrress 'lalenfed Mosl' likely fo succeed Mosl' valuable io G. W. ,,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Mos+ enierfalnlng 4,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,Bes+ nafured ,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,Mos+ versa+ile .,.,..........Always prepared ...Class afhlefe PHYLLIS STONE .....i,.,., ..............,..,........... C lass baby AL RAGUSA ,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,.,,...,.a... B es+ dressed boy MURIEL KARP ,,,,,,,,A,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,w,,,,,,v,v,,v,,,.,A,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,.,,,..a...,,.,.....,.....,...,.......... Besl' dressed girl Y E - 11 nv u ln , CELEERIT-il-E-1'SXF ANITA MORRISSEY ..,.....,. JOSEPH LEO .....,.A....A.............., MARILYN MacNALLY .....,..., WILLIAM CROWLEY ...A........ PAULINE NEWMAN .............................,....... FRANK WARNKE ,.,....,........................,..........,..... HARRIET COHEN, JOHN KELLY HOWARD MONDERER ..........,................., LAUREL GREENBERG ....A...... JOHN CAPSIS ..E............,..,.... MIRIAM KEHRENS .....A...... DOROTHY PERCH .,,,.,............ EDWARD VON HALLE ...., RICHARD FRIEDENBERG .......,..... CHESTER REDH EAD ..............,....,. CH RYSANTHE PAPPAS .....,..... BLOSSOM TOPOR ..'....,............ DONALD PANETH ............,. MILTON SMITH ........... IRENE BEHRENS ......,,. DONALD WOLFF ....A....,, BARBARA DAVIES ......... ..,...........Mos+ popular girl ,,,..........,Mos+ popular boy ..............BesI' looking girl ...........,Bes+ looking boy ................Class poel' ......,.....A,vLi'rerary lighl ......,.....Class arfisfs .......,...,Sl1ining liglwl' ...........Facul'Iy drag ,,...........,.....Class ac+or aclress +alen+ed ,.,,,,,.,,,,.Mos+ likely +o succeed Mosl' valuable Io G. W. ,,,,.,,,,.,..,,,Mos+ enierfaining ................BesI' nafured ,..,...,.,........Mos+ versarile ,,,,,,,.,.,.,...Always prepared ,,..,.............,..Class alhlefe .............,..,...Class baby ....,......BesI' dressed boy ..,.........,Bes+ dressed girl 5 MQW! ABELSON. JOAN Silence is a blessing and she's blessed ABRAMOVITCH, ARIE Lunch Squad, Biology Club Another Steinmetz ABRAMS, ARTHUR G.Og Delegate, Lunch Room Monitor Always ioking, always pleasant ACKERMAN, JUNE E. Social Arts Club, Science Club, Victory Corps, Biology Lab. Her character and lovely face Assure her friends in every place ADELIN, HARRIET English Office, Late Office, Social Arts Club, Mod- ern Dance Club, Senior Week Com- mittee Beautiful Dreamer ADLER, KURT A. Aviation Club, Cutting Office A knock for him is hard to find, For he's a boy with a splendid mind AGGER, ROBERT AI'iSiG, SEl'ViCB ALLEN, GLORIA Jewelry Commit- AMANATIAN, VENUS M0d6I'n Lli- ANDERSON LINNETT Glee club squad, Gift commune, chemmry fee, commando club, chemisfry Gfdtvfe Club. ,Orchestra Medical Room ' Auxilium Club Venus surely will play Homework for sale Number one Giant fan in the school, Cqll her "Sugar," 5he'g so refined The violin to fame some day! Robert Agger is no fool ALEXANDER, FRANKLIN ALVERANGA, ARLENE Orchestra ANAGNOS, ALEXANDER Service ANDRIEVSKY IRENE Coming. Mother . "l didn't know what time it was." Squad, P. T. Office A Russian wh'o ,Sn-f rushin- Jive boy Alex likes "Body and Soul" and "Solitude" ANGLEY, LAURETTA Life Saving Cl b Wl-iat's Hope got that Lauretta hasn't? ANTREASIAN, YERCHANIG Mod- ern Literature Club, Social Arts Club, Cherry Tree Staff, History Of- tice Quiet and reserved she may be, But a happier girl you'll neversee 34 ARNOLD, HANNA General Office, BAILEY, DOROTHY Chemistry Office Quiet and bright, A true friend is hard to find, here's A satellite ODS AYALA, GLORIA Social Arts Club, BARAS, IRWIN Service Squad Dance Club, Swimming Club, Maior Band, Lunch Squad ' Sports Club Books? Bah!! One of the best! BAREA, ANA Pan'American Club, Lunch Room Squad, Biology Office, Spanish Assembly, Spanish Fiesta Her lovely dancing Sets boys' hearts prancing BARGAMIAN, HELEN Lunch Squad It the WAACS don't get her, the boys will JUNE VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV VVV BARRYMORE, MARSHALL Senior Class Presidenf of 8-I, Chess Club A valuable assef fo G. W, BAUER, ANNA Social Arfs Club, Vicfory Club, Dancing Club, Minor Sporfs Club A sweef girl is hard fo find- Here's one fo keep in mind! BEDIGAN, GLADYS Pianisf for fhe French Club Parfing is such sweel' sorrow BEHRENS, IRENE T. War Service Club, Maior Sporfs Club, Social Arfs Club She of "class baby" fame Plays a fair fennis game! BELLAMY, ETHEL Social Arfs Club, Miss Myers' Office, Minor Sporfs Club, Grade Advisers' Office Alfhough she hasn'f much fo say, We cerfainly do admire her way RUTH BENCOHEN Arisfa, Biology Lab., Mafh. Club The girl wifh fhe pigfails S BENESCH, ERNEST Ushers' Corps Service Squad, French Auxilium The Invisible Man I BENNICK, DAVID Senior Class President, Chem. Squad, Service Squad, Capfain of Lunch Squad Color and sfyle David knows, lf we're fo iudge by his clothes Gm BENWITT, ANITA Glee Club, Dance Club, Dance Hosfess, Lunch Squad, Biology Office Good fhings come in small packages BERENBAUM, MARGARET Bio. Lab., Mofion Picfure Squad, French Club, Social Arfs Club-V These words suffice: we all like her BERNAY, MURIEL l, Senior Official Class Treasurer, Bookkeeping Office, Dance Hosfess Who says you can'f have everyfhlng? She has BERNHARDT, JEAN E. Girls' P. T. Office As nice as fhey come BERTRAM ESTELLE FLORA Maier Sporfs Club, Microscopy Club, Lunch Squad A preffy girl is like a melody-meef a symphony QERWALD, ARMAND Arisfa Aux- llium Commiffee, Ushers' Corps, Service Squad, Lunch Room Squad, French Club He never lefs sfudy inferfere wifh his educafion BESJ, YVOAQFNE Cuffing Office, Af- EETHEII-L., VNLALLACE , f 'V 265305. ANGEI-ICA Serie! Aff! g:.c5lDl25RCi,UxlRENE Spanish Office, 1 ova e in IS own qune way A 1 I I num Pill :angie feslfjeshek one of fhe besf ' Mark her well-'teachers do Charming in every way BETANCOURT, BETTY 5 ' ' BISHQP. DIANE BLAKE, MARY wer Sfamp Repre- BLUMENTHAL IRWIN 1, L p, dub- Malo' 5P0"i5 Clvlgllmhlrlmg SQ quml you can gear fha lost chord senlcllvev Commando Club Squad, Class Secrefary and Mreisen Sporfs Club, Dancing Club when Shes 'Noun Shy and sweef ge, Ain'f she sweef? Handsome and full of fun, Well liked by everyone! i943 35 vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv S BODENSTEIN, GLADYS Minor Sporfs Club. Senior Ciass Messenger, Grade Advisers' Office Sweefness plus personalify equals popularify BOFFOLI, GRACE Dance Club Sweef, slim and full of vim BORNSTEIN, HARRY Always dependable- Quife recommendable BOYIJIAN, MILDRED Arisfa Auxil- ium Efhyl gas-no knocks BOYCE, RITA P. T. Office, Swim- ming Office How can Miss Pulvermacher carry on wifhouf her? BRABOY, JEAN Arisfa, Red Cross Office, Lunch Room Monifor A helping hand she's willing 'fo lend, A iolly pal, a faifhful friend BRACCO, ANTOlNETi'E Swimming BRANDER, ROMAN J. Service BREUER, META Class Treasurer, BROWN. BABETTE Cvffing office. Club' Science Service Club Squad, Boys' Locker Room Modern Literature Club, Cuffing Of- P. T. Office, Swimming Office, Qhl Knowledge. hey, I 5,-qve fhee! His lasf name is Brander- fice, French and Lafin Auxilium 5ClehCe Club Who could be grander? Her efficiency is remarkable when 5llel'lC2 reigns, Btlbefle never gefs wef 'I BRACHE, GRACE Rehearsal Club, BRENNAN, JUNE cherry Tree Sfa BROGAN, ELIZABETH Swimming BRQWN-.E'-'ZAFETH Pan-American Club Orchesfra, Band Clu Qulef- qulei- qU'9f Grace and charm go arm in arm The besf musicians of all I S , sweef, and can'f be beafl Go fo Carnegie H BROWN, LUCILLE Swimming Club, Minor Sporfs, Baskefball Team, Leaders' Club Are there any more af home like you? BRUCKNER, LORRAINE Glee Club Navy! Navy! Navy! 36 BUCHWALD, ADOLPH Senior Council, Official Class Presidenf iBfh Term, The polifesf lad we ever knew, Adolph, here's hafs off fo you BURKE, CATHERINE Sfeno Auxil- ium. Newman Club, Grade Advisers' Office, Hafchef Represenfafive BUSHELLE, SYLVIA Lunch Squad Where fhere's a book, fhere's Sylvia CABRERA, JOHN G. Spanish Aux- ilium, French Auxilium If fhere's ever a need, He won'f fail fo succeed CAMACHO, JUDITH Secreiarial Office, General Office Brains and beaufy- Whal' a cufie! CARABINIERO, AMY Official Class Secretary, French Club, Math. Club, French Auxilium Amy's swell as she can be And preffy foo, as you can see JUNE VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV CAREW, MARJORIE Swimming. Am- bifion-Social Worker A pal fo everyone CARNEY, PHYLLIS Pan-American Club, Bookkeeping Office, Dance Club, Cuffing Office Her smiles are ioys, buf she saves fhem for fhe boys. ls fhaf good? CARPENTER, CAROL Maior Sporfs Club, Glee Club, Cheer Leader The boys like Carol. Can you blame 'em? CARTER, EARL Baskefball Team, Track Team, Lunch Room Squad, G.O. Represenfafive He makes friends as he goes, He's forever saying cheery "Hellos" CARTY, GLORIA To know her is 'lo like her CASE, WINIFRED E. English Office, Sfeno Office, Lunch Room Up and coming r if S CAVIRIS, EFEMIA fEffieI Chemisfry Office Good and funny, Bul' never has money CELENTANO, DOMINIC Tumbling Team, Cherry Tree Carfoonisf, Lunch Room Monifor, Arf Clubs Put Dominic info a den Wifh easel, paper, and a pen CHAKLAI, MORRIS Cherry Tree Sporfs Edifor and Reporfer, Chess Club, Hafchef Represenfafive Chuck and I are really one- When he sfeps ouf, do I have funl CHASE, JAMES A. Pan-American Club, Lunch Squad, Spanish Office, Ushers' Corps One fellow we wouldn'f wanf fo chase away! CHIN, JANET Gym Office CILLIS, VIVIENNE Library, Lunch Lhhe future Madam Presidenf of Room Squad, Grade Advisers' Office ma CHIN, MURIEL fMeoI Helped in CLARKE, LECENT Aflendance P. T, and Chem Offices. Once in Office , Senior Play Quief and pefife She's burning for fhe lamps of China -Eq- 3' COHEN, ABRAHAM Arisfa, Ushers' COLEMAN, FRED COLLINS, ARTHUR F. fRIPI .SEW- Corps, Auxilium, Mafh. Club Hard 'fo beaf!! 'CB SQUCCI. Bmkeiball Team. VICTOYY --I-H gef byu Corps, Commercial Depf, Service The greafesf frufhs are fhe simplesf, and so are fhe greafesf men col-IN, HARRIET Grade Advisers' COLEMAN, ISABELLE Volleyball COLTQN. ADAM Senior Jewelry Office, Glee Club, Arf Club, Lunch Team, Basketball Team C0mmj'Hee Room Squqd Isabell's affracfive as can be-- POYGHIIGIIY Qredf Her drawings are neaf She'll hook a millionaire, wait and Her smile sugar-sweet See COOPER, RUTH Arisfa, Recepfion Commiflee, Jewelry Comminee French Auxllium, Mafh. Office, Sdcial Ari: Club, Spanish Auxilium Elrsf in work, firsf in play, and firsi' in fhe hearfs of her friends COOPER, SELMA Dance Hosfess, Bookkeeping Office, Biology Office, Lunch Room Monifor Jusf loads of fun 1943 37 VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV l'lS if CRAIGS. WILMA CIGSS 59Cl'eIQ"Y CURRY, MILDRED Swimming Office, She's somefhlng cufe ' Affgndqnce Office Wifh personalify fo boof Ona not soon fo,-goffan CROWLEY, WILLIAM DABELSTEIN, ELISE iDabbyl Arf Our fashion plafe Club, Prom Commiffee, Costume Commiffee, Gym Leader Casey's dream DaCOSTA, REGINA Social Arfs Club, Wafer Color Arf Club To know her well Is fo know she's swelll DAHL, BERTHA Arista, Program Commiffee, Hisfory Office, Grade Advisers' Office, Cuffing Office Convincing in her own shy way me we DAILEY, VIRGINIA B. -'B DANIELS, LUCILLE Cuffing Office, In fhe greafufield of arf, Swimming Office, Swimming Club She'll be faking qulfe a parl' Anofher swimming champ? DALCHER, BARBARA M.. English DANNENBERG, GERALD Track Office, Glee Club, Public Speaking TBQW1. SBFVICB Sq'-Wd. USIIBFS' COFPS- Club, Sporfs Club 5WlmmIn9 Team Quief and helpful Jumping af fhe pace he's sei, DAVIS, BARBARA Lunch Room Monitor, Lafin and French Auxiliums, Hafchef Represenfofive Barbara is praised wherever she goes, For her gracious charm, and beaufi ful clofhes DEITZ, HERBERT 7fh Term Vice- Presidenf "Mr, Five by Five" DELEGIANIS, GEORGE Chem. Club, Lunch Squad Easy fo remember, hard 'lo forgef!! DELLIMORE, BEATRICE A sweef mysfery DENNIS, CAROLYN P. T. Office, Lunch Squad, Class Secretary, Dramatic Club Messenger Everybody's heIper DENNIS, DOROTHY M. Curling Of- fice, Social Arfs Club, Chemisfry Auxilium, Miss Becher's Secrefary Considerafe quief, and efficienf- Whafever she does, she is proficienfl 38 DENT, ARLENE Lafe Office DePASS, VIRGINIA A. D. Inghfful girl She's cufe and hard fo suif DePAOLA, RALPH Lunch Squad, DEUTSCH. EDWARD 5- I-OCIKGI' Service Squad ROOF' Squad He has whaf if fakes A Swell CIWP. eV9l' 50 mild. Always quief, never wild DEUTSCH, HARVEY Lunch Squad Ufh Terml, Swim Squad 15, bl In school he's quief and demureg Oufside, we're nof so sure DEUTSCH, MARTIN , Speed, Winged Hermes Through life and good forfune JUNE VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV DIAMENT, MAJORIE Latin Office, Biology Office A student and beautiful? Yes DOHERTY, MARION Swimming Club, Volleyball Team If with your friends you would make a hit, Change to Marion's brand of wit. DRUMMOND, RITA Lunch Squad, Swimming Office, Leaders' Club, Bi- ology Office Popularity never went to her head DUHAN, HOWARD Band, Orches- tra, Manager of Dance Band and President This hep lad has a solid beat, He is what we call, "aw reef" DUKE, LUCILLE Latin Auxilium, Ma- ior Sports Club, English Office, At- tendance Office Vim, vigor and vitality, She's got quite a personality DWYER, HELEN P. T. Office, Lunch Squad Laughing Irish eyesl V15 wvcgmweff fag, sq, Af ' -f 1 . 0 V' ELLIS, CHARLES ESCOE, RAPHAEL Chemistry Lab., EULER, LAURA E. English Office, FACEYI MARION rpeggyj College:-Q' UJCXC-'ef A heart-breaker! Book Squad Pan-American Club, Poetry Club, ,N,Y,U. ' He's so bright, his mother calls him Leaders' Club Bef-fer lqfe fhqn never ' Sonny Leaders' Club. College: Cornell Lovely to work with, Witty to talk with ENRIGHT- JAMES ' ETTMAN, EDITH Editor-in-Chief EYRING, JOSEPH Class President, FACEY, MARJORIE .I. Senior Week Committee, Lunch Cherry Tree, Chairman of Arigfq Track Team, Senior Council, Chair- Halt is better than none Squad Auxilium, Captain Volleyball Team, man of Gift Committee Witty and clever, we'll remember Program Committee Tall, lanky and swanky him ever Who she is, everyone knows- Where she is, everyone goes FADEN, BEATRICE Attendance Office Stay as sweet as you are FARBER, ELAINE Red Cross Club, Biology Club l "I'm iust a hinge-something to adore FARMAKIS, HELEN Her personality ra iates like an ever glowing lig t! MQW FEINNE, SONYA Math. and Latin Auxiliums, Office Worker, Chemistry Lab. Sonya's sweet and demure- You'd like her, I'm sure. Everybody does FELDMAN, ADELE Social Arts Club, War Savings Stamps Representative Adele is liked by everyone Because she supplies all the fun FELNER, HELENE Latin Auxilium History Auxilium, English office, I-ml tory Office Daze of Our Years FERNANDEZ, JULIA War Effort Club, Lunch Squad, Victory Com- mittee Still waters run deep FITZPATRICK, EILEEN Maior Sports Club, Swimming Club, Dancing Club, Pan-American Club Blue eyes, red hair, She "Fitz" anywhere I943 39 VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV 5 FLAGG, MARVIN D Capfain of FORDENI WH-FRED Lunch Squad, Service Squad, Gym A smile' G grin' G guf-fqw Monifor l Ouife a leader among his pals, Also a follower of 'the gals! FLATOW, NORMA Arisfa, Hafchel' FQROGLQU KALLIOPE F Sfaff, Microscopy Club, Modern Club ' ranch l-lfefUl'Ul'e Club Shining Lighf-An Edison Bulb Dimples, a smile, and a preffy face, Can brlghfen up 'rhe dullesf place FRANCFORT, PAUL Mrs. O'Rourke's Office, Tumbling Team, Lunch Room Squad, French Club Mrs. O'Rourke's righl' hand man FRANK, JEROME Biology Squad, Service Squad, Chem. Club, Biology Club A fellow fhaf you all should know- Hill make some girl a real good eau FRANKE, PAUL H. Supply Squad, Secrefary Lafin Office, Presidenf Aviafion Club, Secrefary Senior Offi- cial Class A very frank fellow V A , , X- ,X A ,Qs xy ,I FREEDMAglr'v?lLLlAM ,J Tennis rw ' Hafenb gag -iv' fer. 1. Offic S y N -Will" m r dm likes fo speak- Q5'Jp:folific l1e should seek FREEMAN, BERNICE War Bond and Sfamp Represenfafive A swell gal and a greaf pal FRIEDENBERG, RICHARD Presidenf General Organizafion, Chairman Ex- ecufive Council, Chairman Vicfory Corps Council, Member Insfallafion Commiffee of Arisfa, Biology Lab. By adding a dose of personalify fo infelligence, you have Richie FRIEDMAN, ARNOLD H. Lafin Auxilium Tufar, French Auxilium Tu- for, Career Club, Swimming Team He's finished mafh. and sfill can'f gel' figures off his mind FRINKLE, WILLIE E. The little man who's never here FRINKLE, ETHEL M. FUHR. JEANETTE , She-5 Q good nafured gal wifh Q You may accounf for her qurefness grin by her size GANNE, PAULETTE Spanish Office Vicfory Corps, Sewing Club, Firs'r A'd A donscienfious sfudenf? Who- Frenchy? GAULT, MADELINE E. iMaddiel Hisfory and Biology Offices, Mafh. Auxilium, Sfeno Auxilium, Social Arls Club Sfyle, looks, brains 40 GAUNTLETT, FAY French Auxilium, P. T. Office, Prom Commiffee lf's hard 'Io find a girl who's sweefer- You really oughf fo fry fo meef her GEDO, JOHN French Club, Lafin Auxilium "G, W., you're going fo miss him" GOLDBERGER, JANE French Club, GERSHOFF, MARJORIE French Minor Sporfs Club, Dancing Club, Club, Dramalic Club Senior Advisers' Office One could not wish for befler lf silence is golden, company She's off fhe gold sfandard GEDO, THOMAS Ushers' Corps, GIGLIO, JULIUS French Club, Lafin Auxilium, French Sarlorially perfect Auxilium He's O. K. in every way JUNE vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv A 3.6!-D Ogixnle- Pe-esew GILLESPIE, HENRY service squad GILMAN si-IERYL else club Class GLAUBER. LEONARD C- Service He's .a promising student-always President: Class Secretary, Class Squqd- Swlmming Tecff' promising to do better Soloist At first we thought him rather shy A wonderful girl with a beautiful voice onrow, LILLIAN game., Ad, amen, ALFRED President of sec. oLucKsMAN. RUTH Lunch Squad. vanced Swimming Club ' tion B-B, Service Squad, President of MF- GOHESNCVVS Office. French Club A heart tl1at's true Physics Club, Bio. Lab., Camera Everybody's favorite Club, Radio Club "Ye olde sharpie Alfred" He likes them all! " ins' .W V: :W 1 V 5 GOLDBERG, .IANETTE Maior Sports GOLDEN, JEROME S. Pin Commit- Club, Poetry Club, Program Com- tee, Lunch Squad Lieutenant, Mes- mittee senger, Victory Committee She's so-o nice!! ln and out, in and out GOLDBERG, SYLVIA GOLDFINE, ELEANOR Chem. Lab., A smile tha's tops-with personality History Poster Work I plus They say, "Good things come in small packages." Eleanor is an ex- cellent example GONSALVES, ENA Lunch Squad, Maior Sports Club, Dance Club, Social Arts Club Say it over and over again GOODMAN, HARRIET Senior Grade Advisers' Office, Cutting Office, Steno Auxilium The first name's Harriet. Man-is she good! .S. GORDON, BETTY Gift Committee, Stenography Auxilium, Swimming Office, French Club Moonlight becomes youl GORDON, CARMEN Cutting Staff Stately and gracious GOTTLIEB, EVA E. French Club, French Auxilium, Dancing Club, Swimming Club She has charm, she is sweet, A girl you'd really like to meet! GOTTSCHALK, WILLIAM L. Arista, Manager of Tumbling Team, Treas- urer of Poetry Club, Orchestra GRAHAM, HILDA Swimming Club, GREENBERG, BEATRICE Maior Minor Sports Club, Maior Sports Sports Club, Grade Advisers' Office, Ctub, Dancing Club Lunch Squad A very charming little person You couldn't be more lovable GRANDINETTI, ROSE Arista, Auxil- GREENBERG, KATIE ium Committee, Parents' Reception Doe5n'1' worry, doesn't care, Cvmmiffee. Pl'09l'0m C0fTlm'f'l6G Has her eye on a millionaire GREENBERG, LAUREL Business and Advertising Manager of the Cherry Tree and the Hatchet, Head School Representative for the New York Times, Hatchet Editorial Staff Hheraliterary career is only iust be- gunning GREENBERG, MEYER W. Dance Band, Cutting Office, Rehearsal We an can him Gottschalk- Judge by the first five letters. club, swimming club And can that tellow talk! And 997 te know her belief Okay, Mr, DeMille, l'll sign I 9 4 3 4I IVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV 5 GREENE, LENA Discipline Office ORIBETZ, HARRIET Arista, Hatchet Secretary Board, Program Committee, Modern When it comes to pep- Boy, is she hepl GREENFIELD, BEATRICE Cutting Literature Club Quiet and bright, A teacher's delight GROSSMAN, ESTELLE Program Committee, Social Arts Club, Minor Sports Club, Cutting Office Cute and swell is our Estelle GROSSMAN, DIANA Matchet Office. Aiiendance Offlfle. Aff Of'flC9 Board, Class President, Class Sec- Ofle Ve"Y JOVBJY l0dY retary, Senior Reception Committee With twinkling eyes and smile so bright, "Dinky" will do better than iust all right GROSSMAN, STUART Hat ommit- tee, Tennis Team. Ambition: Textile Engineer. College: South Carolina Stuart Grossman, they all say, Does his work but likes to play HABERMAN, RHODA Parents' Re ception Committee, Red Cross Rep- resentative, Swimming Monitor, Bi ology Laboratory Knit one, pearl two GUNDERSON, JACK Library Mon '+ Jilgllvliays dependable, Never expendable GUTTMAN, LILLY French Club, Dramatic Club, Literature Club Europe's gift to America HACK, PAULA B. Rehearsal Club, Swimming Club, Swimming Office, Attendance Office Some may consider her rather short, But we all know that she's a good sor . HAGERTY, JAMES W. Library Squad Let's all give a great big sigh, For Jimmy's really a great guy! HALL, DOROTHY Basketball Team Dottie will climb the ladder of success- Dribbling a basketball with finesse HAGGINS, FLOYD Library, Chem- HALSEY, DOROTHY Lunch Squad, istry Lab. Squad Swimming Club, Swimming Office A gentleman in every sense of the Another reason we hate leaving word Washington HAMMOND, IRA Lunch Room Squad, Swimming Club . Success is a foregone conclusion HANKIN ETHEL Stenograohy Of- tice, Miss Deegan's Office, Class Messenger, Latin Office What will become of the Steno office? 42 HANNKEN, WALTER Class Messen- ger, Airplane Club The strong, silent type HARF, DORIS H. French Club and Auxilium, Dancing Club, Social Arts Club, Jewelry Committee She shall have music wherever she goes, Rings on her fingers, and plenty of beaux HARRIS, ELAYNE Lunch Room Squad Never too busy to stop for a while, Never too busy to give you a smile HARRIS, RITA Maier Sports Club, Minor Sports Club, Dancing Club, Pan-American Club A lollypon in one hand, Wheres t e other? ' HARRIS, ROBERT M. lBobi Math. Club, Honor Ushers' Corps "This fellow is trustworthy," depend- able, and courteous," he says HATGIS, RUTH Cherry Tree Repre- sentative, Stenography Club, Secre- tary for Miss O'Rourke Happy, iovial, and great at play, Always, yes, always, remain that way if If . kj ' GJ icq S I V,'t , My J'u N E vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv ,VVVVVV HAYES, BEVERLY Lunch Room HEFT, MILTON B. Track Team, ln- Squad, Social Arts Club, Bookkeep- tramural Basketball, Phvsics Club. ing Office Electrical Engineer. M.l.T. Good, conscientious, even mild- Witty, handsome, tall and fine- Alnljmgel child, verily an angel Hurry, girls, or wait on line c I HAZEL, MURIEL A. G.W.H.S. Or- HEIDENREICH, LENORE Chemistry chestra for Three Years, Hatchet Office, Swimming Office, Physics Of- Representative lliusinessl, Biology tice, Math. Auxilium Laboratory iAnnexl She may seem quiet, As quiet as a mouse. Never know But once started-what a riot! that she's around HEINEMAN, VERA " 'She can say it in any language r l"lS HEINRICH, MARTIN Victory Corps lAir Divisionl, Service Squad, Eng- Iish Office, Vice President of Official Class Passed in math, yet still thinks of numbers HENRY' BERNICE Glee Club' P, T, HERBST, FERN Hatchet Board, Aris- HIRMES, DEBORAH lFrench Club, HIRSCHEL, HANS Hatchet Business Office to Auxilium, Grade Advisers' Office Major Sports Club, Swimming Club, Representative Reserved and unassuming Gentlemen prefer blondes, it's easy Lunch Room Squad Ready, willing, and able to see "I really breathe-honest" HEONIS. ANASTASIA Chemistry HERMAN, STEVEN Treasurer of of- HIRSCH, RUTH Class Treasurer, HIRSCHMAN. BETSY Rehearsal Club, French Club, Social Arts Club, ficiql Class Modern Literature Club, Cherry Tree Cl'-'br Glee Qlvb English Office Don'-I crowd, girls Representative, Pan-American Club All H19 world S Cl 5599 io her "It's Greek to me" . To know her is to love her HIRSCHMAN, DORIS Red Cross Representative, P. T. Office, Lunch- room, Medical Room Never sad, knows no sorrow, Thinks of today, not tomorrow HIRSCHORN, MILTON Physics Club, Camera Club . If personality were rubber-Milt could end the shortage HODGE, ERNESTINE M. Leaders' Club, Miss Lyons' Helper Ever so small, but liked by all HOFFMAN, EDNA Lunch Squad You don't have to die to catch a glimpse of Heaven HOLLANDER, MARION French A HOLPERT, SYLVIA Club, Dance Committee, Arista, An agreeable girl with o pleasant Glee Club, Senior Grade Advisers' manner Office, Lunch Room Squad Marion and charm Go arm in arm HOLMAN, THELMA Glee Club, HOLT, VASHTI Biology Lab., Chem. Maior Sports Club, Minor Sports Lab., Victory Club Club, Nurse A ioy forever Twinkle, twinkle, athletic star 1943 43 VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV llS 4 K f .1 f r no A..xAfa,bl TWVQQMJ' ' HORE TEIN, BARBARA Art Office W at's Vogue got that Bobs hasn't? o hinglll HOWARD, RITA Major Sports Club Other things may be forgot, Bust Ft. George Hill will not HUGHES, DOROTHY Gift Commit- tee, Cherry Tree, Hatchet Represent- Q ative ' , A ready with, a gifted pen, Friends of all, both maids and men HUMMEL, JUNE V. We'd like very much to say You're good in every way HUNTE, BERYL Arista, Math. and Latin Auxiliums, Parents' Reception Committee, Poetry Club You may "Hunte': all over, but Beryl's the best HURWITZ, MARILYN Treasurer, Chemistry Club, Cherry Tree Staff, Cutting Office Sometimes serious, sometimes gay- But always in a pleasant way lLLlG, ESTELLE Cutting Office Daintiness, tact, and refinement IRVING, GLORIA Glee Club, Pi- anist in Gym, Representative at Juillard When she smiles, so do you- When she passes, boys say, "ooh!" ISAACS, PHOEBE Glee Club, JACOBS- MIRIAM Secretary of JACOBSON, JULlUS H. Arista, School Ochestra H Arista, Program Committe, Head- Arista Auxilium, Chess Club "Peter, here I am! lline Editor of Cherry Tree, Volleyball No knocks, no runs, no errors eam Pretty, good sport, and clever, Try to stay that way forever JABLON, MIRIAM Arista, Spanish JACOBS, WILLIAM Model Airplane JACOBSON, RHODA Auxilium, French Clubf Class Treas- Club Her hair is red, that's why her urer W5 eqgy 10 like Bill speech is so colorful Who says, "You can't have every- thing?" JAFFE, ROBERT Basketball, Dance Band, Cutting Office, Dramatics, Service Squad There aren't words enough to tell what a ne fellow he is JASONIDES, ALICE Social Ar-is Club, Dancing Club, Swimming Club, Sports Club, Senior Grade Advisers' Office Small in size, but not in charm and friends 44 JEFFERSON, LOUISE Hatchet Liter- ary Representative, Lunch Room Squad, Chemistry Auxllilm True merit needs no advertisement JERNAKOFF, GEORGE Orchestra, Lunch Squad The man who knows JESSELSON GERTRUDE B. Feature KABANS, ANNETTE ' Writer of Cherry Tree, Hatchet Board, Secretary of Poetry Club, Lunch Room Aide Lovely, friendly, and witty is she, And what a iournalist she will bel JUHL, HELGA Math. Auxilium, Pan-American Club A iewel by name and as one regarded A cheer and a dear ' KAH N, ELSIE Always prepared JUNE IVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV KAHN, THEODORE M. Townsend Harris Service Squad, T.H.H.S. His- tory Club, T.H.H.S. Pan-American Club, Victory Corps "He and Ghengis . . ." KALIN, STANLEY Why girls leave home KANN, RUTH Biology Auxilium, Spanish Auxilium, Spanish Office Quiet and studious KANTOR, IRWIN Hatchet Repre- sentative, Class Treasurer, Lunch Squad When he smiles all your troubles are forgotten, and the dullest day looks bright KAPILOW, RHOADA tice, Swimming Office, Club, Math. Auxilium Made of giggles, fun, and spice Spanish Of- Life Saving KAPLAN, GEORGE N. Service Squad, Intramural Basketball, Vic- tory Corps "lf the Army's like High School, I'II make a good sailor" 4 FIS -5 KAPLAN, PAUL :Vqrds don't fail me, but teachers o. gf??AS, CRESOULA Chemistry u She walks in the light of Grecian beauty KAUFMANI CAROL Spanish Office' KEARNEY, PATRICIA Senior Week Lunch Room Squad Full of pep and loads of fun- Truly liked by everyone Committee, Hatchet Staff, English Office A sweet disposition and lovely red hair, A combination rather rare KAUFMAN, PHYLLIS P. T. ofnce, KEHLENBECK. HELEN I- Lunch Cherry Tree Representative, Gym Leader, Basketball Team Good natured, full of fun, Phyllis is, in a million, one Squad, Gift Committee, English Of- fice, Senior Grade Advisers' Offirrf Sailors, sailors, W.A.V.E.S. KELLAR, ALLAN Lunch Squad A firm believer in violent physical exercise KELLEHER, ROSEMARY P. T. Office, Gif't Committee, Program Committee Lovely to look at, gracious and true AL... KELLY, GEORGE bass id KELLY, JOHN President Senior Of- He'II have friends wh er he es ficial Class, Cherry Tree Sports Editor, Senior Council, English Office KELLY JOAN Attendance ICQ, "NO fourth term" KEOLIAN, MALVINA Aram, cap- Glee Club tain of Lunch Room Squad, Secretary When her Irish eyes are smiling, She will steal your heart awuY of Judicial Board, Orchestra Full of fun, liked by everyone KEOSIAN, CATHERINE Nursing School Miss Deegan's Office, Dance Club, School Operetta, Nurse-Baby Specialist Really cute, really gay, Friendly and charming in every way KERANS, MIRIAM Arista, English Office, Leaders' Club, Rehearsal Club "Any books today?" KERNER, LAWRENCE Service Squad, Chemistry Club, Baseball Squad, Class Treasurer Lots of spirit, lots of fun, That's why he's liked by everyone KESHISHIAN, VIRGINIA Histary Office, English Office, Late Office Carry me back to old Virginny 1943 45 IVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV K Wk .., ' KEST , ARNOLD Lunch Squad, Track Team, Chem. Squad, Aero 2 Club Young Lochinvarl l"lS KING, JAMES F. fee, Locker Room Commiffee, Swim- gquqd ming Club He's a good pal, g A greaf boy, and a good sporl Program Commif- KNITTLE, HELEN Lunch Room Helen's fun, a wee bil' daffy, Gnd 0 00d SDH. Affraclive, wihy, and sweef as fafiy KLAFF, HOWARD Halchef Phofog- KNOB. RICHARD Arisfq. Glee rapher' Che,-,Y Tree phofogmpherl Club, Chemlsfry Lab., Biology Lab. Pholographers' Club, Dean's Office Comedian on his OWN Pl'09"'-'lm "Flash" Shorflv KOENIGSBURG, MAYNARD Tum- bling Team, Class Secrelary, Lunch Squad, Service Squad Happy on enlering- Buf happier on leaving KOHN, MARION Dance Hosfess, KOONAN, BARBARA Aflendance KORN, BERNICA Red Cross Represenfafive, Commun- 07559 Wifh wif and wisdom she is well do Club, Lunch Squad Her friends, fhere are many supplied - The only fhing nicer fhan her looks Her foes. are ihefe GFIY7 rs her personalily KOHN, MIRIAM KOPF. AI-QERT Ushers' Corps KORNHEISER, RITA Mafh. Club, Wlfh G smile ih0i"S W0l'il'l-While To know hrm Yell G.O. Represenlafive, Lunch Squad, I5 io kNoW hes Swell Social Arls Club, Red Cross Club Always helpful, sweef and kind, As good a friend as you could find KOUZELOVE,iTHEODORE Band, Orchesfra, Service Squad Xlfhail' will the orchesfra do wilhouf rm KOZLUK, WALTER Service Squad, Track Team Always full of fun KRAFT, GERALD Capfain' Tennis KROBOTH, MARY Social Ari Cl b KURKJY, RAYMOND P. Arisfa, , Team l3 Yearsl, Chairman Viclory A quiet and a genlle lass, S U Pr6Sld6hl' New FDGI1 Clllb. CUPf0i"' Elslsggj-lforl-055' Corps lAirl, Prasidenf Class 8-6 ' A pleasure io have in any class Ehemlisfm anal Phygics Squad, Cap- French club Gm Rep Mash CNS H ' f f ing serious, ' ain ig ing qua - ' " - ' - Bnilshecsfillolrgavei lhe girls delirious Ever ready and reserved, Small m slalom' hui not in brains His high marks are well deserved KREISBUCH, DAVID Lunch Squad KURKJY, JOHN P. T. Monilor, KURTE. FANNY I-G70 Ol'llC9. FYGHCH LACEY, JUANITA Curling Office, If Monderer is fhe shining lighf, fhen Ushers' Corps, Senior Grad! Ad- Club. 50Cl0l Am Club. Fl'9l'lCl'l AUX- Lafin Office he's fha lighf fha? hides under a visers' Office ilium . Loves a ioke bushel John's fhe loasf of fhe school- Quill! SWB9l'. CIUW9 Sedan. He never breaks fhe Golden Rule HUPPHWSS Seelm her' ici' 46 JUNE YVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV K LAHNSTEIN, ANNA French Auxil- LANG ANNETTE Bookkeeping Of- ium, French Club, Math. Club, Dancing Club Her brilliance is like an eternal light LANDIN, LOIS Maior Sports, Lead- ers' Club Unheard but not unknown tice, Glas Club Sugar and spice and everything nice LANGSNER, FRANKLIN Baseball Team, Swimming Team, Swimming Monitor Lessons? Work? Perfectly absurd. Of such things he's never heard LARIC, PAUL Swimming Team, irerzch Club, Math. Club, Art Office s ar LEBRON, MICHAEL A. Pan-Amen ican Club, Lunch Squad His success is as sure as Japon's defeat jf o W HS I LEDER, LAWRENCE Microscopy Lab., Jewelry Committee Looking for the missing link LEDERMAN EVELYN Basketball LEEVY, CLARETTA Swimming Office Her silence becomes her . LENIHAN, GENEVIEVE Modern and Volleyball Teams, English Of- Literature Club, Maior Sports Club fice, Hat Committee Agreeable and loads of fun- She is liked by everyonel An angel in disguise LEO, JOSEPH Senior.Class Presi- dent, P. T. Office, Swimming Moni- tor, G.O. Representative Mix a friendly smile, intelligence, pleasing personality, And he's introduced without formality LEVENTHAL, PAULINE Dramatic Club, English Office, Swimming Club, Dancing Club In her we find a treasured pearl, A laughing, lovely pleasant girl LEVINE, LUCY French Club, Span- ish Club, Medical Room, Dancing Club A sweet, attractive sort of gal, To everyone a worthy pal LEVINE, SEYMOUR Lunch Room Squad, Motion Picture Squad The pun is mightier than the sword LeVINESS, DORIS Make-up Squad, English Office, Life Saving Team, Leader in P. T. Watch that strut! LEVOR, EVELYN Arista Auxilium, Program Committee, Chairman Arista Committee A real sweet kid! l943 VVVVVVVVVVV LEVEY DUDLEY Service Squad, Class Treasurer, Lunch Squad, P. T. Office, Publications Office Why girls are chaperoned LEVY, RUTH Cutting Office, Med- ical Room, Minor Sports Club, Swimming Club With a smile for all, a frown for none, Ruth's victory in life is nearly won VVVVVVVV LEWIS, ANGELINE Class President, LEWIS, HERBERT Swimming Club Sweet, petite, and hard to beat LEWIS, BEVERLY Service Bank 8:45 A.M. and iust turning over "ls everybody happy?" LAURIA, MONA Minor Sports Club, Medical Room, Cutting Office Siarkling eyes, pretty smile, S e's a girl well worth while 47 VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV' S LUCCI, VINCENT Swimming Team, Service Squad Oh women, wherefore arf lhou? LURYE, JOAN Viclory Corps and Council Represenfalive, Malh Club, Malh. Auxilium, Lafin Auxilium Dignily is a rare qualify in youlh LUSTIG, HERBERT Lunch Squad, Service Squad Your charms are needed in Hollywood LUSTIG, NORMAN Supply Squad, Secrefary Lalin Office, Service Squad, Gif? Commilfee Represenfa 1've 'lAnd this, loo, shall pass" LYNCH, CARMEN Medical Room, Curling Office Miss Carmen Lynch, we repeal, Is one gal boys wan? fo meer LYNCH, GLORlA Messenger, Bas- kefball Team A wing-fooled runner MCDONALD, MARJORIE Red cfm MANDEL SHIRLEY Spanish office, MANDEL. WILLIAM Manager Club Lale.Of'fice, Gym Monilor, Arisfq Swimming Team, Swimming Monilor, Silenf as a mouse AUXllIUm Swimming Squad Like a soda, sweet, and bubbling A regular fellow and a fine sfudenl over MA DEL' TRUDY MANEL, ANITA Secrelary G.O., MC'NGUlRE- MARGARET Quiglf as Q fime bomb ' Arista Admissions Commiflee I2 Wlllh fl'e Mag'-mes 'nr we 0U9l"l' 'lo ,, U Termsl, Breculive Council C2 Termsl, Wm' 7' lf JJ Dance Hasless I2 Termsl , , f M She has vim, vigor and vilalily, J!! And has she plenfy of personalify? fl I .. You bell MARCUS, ABBEY Quief and nice-whaf more can we say? MARCUS, MARTlN "For he's a iolly good fellow" MARGULIS, BERNICE Curling Of- fice, Leaders' Club, Minor Sporfs Club, Red Cross Club No more school. AMEN, AH-MEN. MARKOFF, HILDA Arisfa, Class Pres., Social Arls Club, Liferalure Club, Chem. Club, Lunch Squad Sweeler lhan sugar and more pop- ular 'lhan an ice cream soda 48 MARTIN. MIRIAM LOTS 0f'flCe. MATZNER, FRED Arisfa, Ushers Dancing Club, Pan-American Club She's peliie and very sweel! Corps, Judicial Board He's never lafe, he's never bad, Fred Malzner is a model lad MARX, PHOEBE H. Science Club, McCARTHY, ANITA Newman Club, Glee Club A prefiy smile. a sweel voice Prom Commiflee Red hair, so handle wilh care McCARTHY, JEAN Newman Club Red Cross Club, Official Class Trea- surer Jeanie always wears a bow Buf l'll be darned if why I know v McCARTHY, MARY E. School Or- cheslra Beauty, brains and boysanalify JUNE VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV MCCREADY. RAYMOND , MCCUTCHEON, WALTER Service We'ra glad to have known him. Squad, Lunch Squad He's everybody's baby MCCUE, ALICE Bookkeeping Office MCDONALD, MILLICENT Hatchet She's as quiet as a sphinx, she never Representative, Class President, Ju- talks before she thinks dicial Board, Attendance Office We all know Millie is one swell gal- Success will be her closest pal MCDONNELL, JOHN Oh, to be in England with the Mer- chant Marine! MCDONOUGH, JOHN J. Basket- ball, Swimming, Football, Service Squad An all a e l 'l-if 5 S r g.:.... -e ......... -.., -- .... .5 -...--, Science Club lt's nice to be natural, When you're naturally nice MCGAULEY, LAWRENCE Class Pres- ident, Service Squad, Chairman Hatchet Committee, Cherry Tree El Presidente-a r ally swell guy, With boys and gir e rates high Tree, Newmdn Club I I Not Rationed 'Ms MLW McKEM , FLORENCE A. Pro Committee, Victory Club, Mrs. Gron- fein's Secretary Dimples and a pretty face Brighten up the dullest place Not' only bedutyrof face and figure, brunettes' W-'W ml' ww Hmm but' beauty of manner and spirit as A , UCY Messenger, Swim- ng Club, Art Club, Basketball ub, Chem. Club Liked by everyone MERKATZ, JEROME Glee Club "Who's lazy?-l'm iust tired." MESROP, ALICE Arista Hostess, P. T. Office, Honor Guard, Secre tar she's got everything METH, LIONEL Hatchet Represen- tative School Band, Service Squad Miss Meyers' Office "Just call me Curly" Y Washington's answer to beauty- METZGER, MARJORIE cumng MEYER, MIGNON English Otfice, Oftice, Service Squad Modern Literature Club, Treasurer Lady Godiva of Class, Cherry Tree Staff A tiny lady about 'five feet two, But oh, what tive feet two can do! MEYER, DOROTHY Lunch Squad, MEYERHOFF, PETER Chemistry , Attendance Office Club, Math. Club, Chemistry Auxil- There isn't enough space to praise ium, Chess Club her "Phoebe, Phoebe, Wherefore art thou, Phoebe?" MILLER. ANNETTE P.T. Of-fice Like vitamin D, a ray of sunshine MILLER, BERNlCE Arista, Program Committee, Biology Lab., Leaders' Club, Advanced Swimming Club, Secretary, Official Class Good, Conscientious, and even Mild, She's verily an angel child I943 49 VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV i HS MILLER. JEWEL Senior 0fflC0. Red MINKOFF, MAX Lunch Squad, MODIN, MURIEL Social Arts Club Cross Club ' . Grade Advisers' Office Here and there-generally there A diamond, a precious gewel one of THE Finggfl MILLER, JOHN MITRANI, ISRAEL Lunch Squad MONDERER, HOWARD Leader of People think a lot of him Peck's Bad Boy Arista, Chairman Judicial Board, Executive Council, General, Math., Program Offices The last of the Monderers. Now what will G.W. do? MOORE, LEATRICE Glee Club, Bi- ology Laboratory, Basketball Team, G.O. Representative Pleasantness is a priceless charm MOPPER, RUTH Spanish Office, Vic- tory Corp Representative MORRIS, GLADYS MORRISEY,ANITA SeniorSecretary, MULTER. WALTON Orch-. Bend I2 Always quiet, never wild, English Office, Program Committee Termsl- Qulnlel' ll Tefml Beauty and brains combined Muliel' PIUYS file Oboe O boy, can multiply MORRISON, JAMES Baseball Team, MARTENS, MELVIN Baseball MUNOZ, CHARLES President poetry What's going to happen to the Team, Intramural Basketball, Lunch Club 12 Termsl, Physics Club Math. Cute and small, and not bad at all P.T. Monitor Squad, Service Squad Club, Biolog Club ' How can we knock a girl so mild? Homework, homework, There is a plleasure in poetic pains baseball team? Who's got the homework? MURPHY, DOROTHY Cherry Tree Staff, Poetry Club, English Office, Swimming Office A blonde bombshell MURPHY, EILEEN Secretary New- man Club, Glee Club I . A sweet girl with a friendly air, She makes friends everywhere 50 VVVVVVVVVV'VVVVVV MURPHY, REGINA President Class, Hatchet Staff, G.O. Representative, Senior Council Our wild Irish rosel' NADLER, MARTIN Lunchroom Squad, Service Squad, Basketball Team, Swimming Club A great speaker he'll be some day, He always has so much to say NEBBLETT, DURNLEY Glee Club, Dance Host Modest and shy but everyone knows that he will have friends wherever he goes NEITZEIT, BEATRICE She fills her niche so well we scarcely know she's present NELSON, JEROLINE Leaders' Club Victory Club, Attendance Office, Chem. Lab. One in a million NEUN, EDWARD Happy-go-lucky JUNE VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV NEWMAN, PAULINE Arista, Associ- NIEDERLE, PATRICIA Uf9,Edlf0f of CIIGYTY TWG. ViCG- There's always a smile from "Pat" President of Poetry Club, Graduates' Office A good Samaritan in every deed, She'll be there if you're in need NICE, DAWN Latin Office, Biology NIRES, RUTH ELLEN Arista, Chair- Office, Attendance Office man Arista Reception Committee, None lovelier was born, Vice-President Social Arts Club' Bth Than our "Dawn" Term Judicial Board Inclined to be bright, By all she's well-liked OBERNDOFFER, JEFFERSON Hatch- et and Cherry Tree Photographer, Biology Laboratory, Motion Picture Squad and Proiectionist Kamera krazy O'BRIEN, DUDLEY Photography Club, Book Squad, Physics Club For four long years he wracked his bean, And now he's in the Merchant Marine HS . I 4- P I, g,L4-Art! 'Lx y,g,,.-Aacif f O'CONNOR, BERNARD Service ODWAK, EDITH I QLIYIER' ORVILLE Miss Mcguin. Squad, Jewelry Committee Wit and Personality plus. U ness' Office' Cham, Lab, Rehearsal Can't go on now that dear old Memories of her will remain with us Club T Burke is gone! Girls like Orvie ore really rare That's why she's liked everywhere ODELL, GERALD Senior Week Com. OLIVER, FLORA J. Cutting Office, ORCHARD, JEAN Lunch,-com Service Squad, Swimming Monitor P,T, Office, Leaders' Club, Swim- Squad' Commando Club WIIBI1 Irish GYBS UVB smiling ming Club, ' A beautiful blossom in any orchard A friend to everyone, And always full of fun O'RElLLY, WILLIAM Track Team, Cross Country Team Freed at, last ORGEL, BLOSSOM C. Late Office, Lunchroom Squad, Swimming Office Laughing eyes,-cheery smiles, Winning ways, bewitching wiles O'SULLlVAN, SHEILA English Office, Leaders' Club, Newman Club Friendly, sweet, one of the best There's not enough room to tell the rest ' OULIGIAN, VICTORIA A queen like her namesake PANETH, DONALD Arista, Cherry Tree Assistant, Sports Editor, Gift Committee, General Office Sports Editor--"What's baseball?" PAPPAS, CHRYSANTHE Vice- Leader of Arista, President Math. Club, President Social Arts Club, Cherry Tree Staff Lively sweet, and on her toes, She'll make a hit wherever she goes PARLIER, JEAN Victory Club, Par- ents' Reception Committee Pretty swell, pretty sweet, pretty PARRlS,.GRACE Swimming Club, Minor Sports Club 5 Like "Paris" her heat is young and QUY PATTERSON, INEZ E. Class Secre- tary, Cutting Office, Class President, Judicial Board She's good-natured and that's hard to beat, The sweetest girl you'd ever meet! PAYNE, EVELYN General Office, Spanish Office Grade Advisers' Office The incendiary blonde I943 5l VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV L l'lS PECK, SELMA Dancing Club Peck's good girl is Selma Peck She's gonna' be an intellect PEDERSEN, JANE English Office, Prom. Com., Art Club, Leaders' Club Chock full of personality and charm PELTZ, EDWARD Cherry Tree Rep., G.O. Delegate, Dramatic Club, Lunch Squad He has as many friends as Hiller has enemies PEREDA, WALTER Lunch Squad, Service Squad lt's fellows like Walter that make school easier to attend PERSH, DOROTHY Life Saving Club, P.T. Office, Late Office The answer to a pianist's dream PETERSON, ANNA Swimming Club, Mr. McGuire's Office A maiden quiet and demure Whose shyness we have tried to cure l PETERSEN, SIGRID Grade Advisers' PINA. EDWARD l-UHCl'Ir00m Squad, PODOLSKY, ANNETTE Swimming 05502 59"VlCB Squad Oh, Nurse, Annette Easy to remember, hard to forget Double-Trouble PHILLIPS, RUTH Lc+e Office. Lunch- PlNA", HENRY unch squad, serv. POLLACK, ANTOINETTE Mr. room Squad, Commando Club ice S gd Bm'-,d'g Office xphafmlng 'Wd QGY. PleGS0 SYCY H107 There re two :des to every story A queen of fashion, Antoinette way V V ' .M fl jj f' ls-1 'P' uv., X, 'V ,f J L l f"S"- ' POMPAN, ARNOLD Physics Club, Chemistry Club, Service Squad, Basketball Team Friendly and iolly, he's really a wit- Withhold friend and new he makes a if PORCELL, FRED Lunch Squad, Lighting Squad Absence makes the heart grow fonder PORJES. HARRIET Cherry Tree, Late Office, Minor Sports Club "Drink to me only with thine eyes" POSNER, HAROLD Lunch Squad The life of the party 52 POWELL, DOROTHY Cutting Office She's everything nice PRATT, GLORIA M. Cherry Tree Rep., Leaders' Club, Maior Sports' Club, Minor Sports' Club Her genial laugh and witty grin, Wim carry her through thick and n PREGERMAN, CHARNEE Grade Advisers" Office, Red Cross Club First Aid Squad, Minor Sports' Club QUEEN, JENNIE Miss Myer's Office, Maior Sports Club A willing worker, a true friend Charnee a good talker? Definitely 5he'H be Q helper fo ,ha end PREMO, ANNE Maior Sports Club, Hat Com. Rey-a., Class President Kreme means lrst and that describes nne QUIGLEY, HELEN Quietly, Helen goes her way JUNE VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV I l QUINN, LILLIA MAE Cutting Office RAUCHE, DAVID P.T. Office, Class Swimming Office Messenger Sugar and spice and everything Ye olde Sharpie nice RACKLIN, EDITH Parents' Recep. RAUER, MARY E. Arista Service Com., Senior Week Com., Modern Committee, English Oftice, Staff Lit. Club, Late Office President of Modern Literature Club "The sunshine of your smile" Light blonde hair and eyes of blue RAUTENBERG, EVA D. President Chem. Club, Modern Literature Club, Cutting Office A noble face which will always wear Whole-souled honesty printed there REDHEAD, CHESTER Physics Club, Lunch Squad, Swimming Club, Aero Club, Design Club When greater lovers are born, Ches will teach them HS RElCl'lE'NBERGER, LISA Cutting RHINE, VIRGINIA Swimming Club, RICHARDS' SHIRLEY Mr, Bl-qnd'5 Office. AUXlllUm Pf0SlCl0fl'f Social Arif. L90d0l'5' Club. Office, Lunch Squad, P.T. Office Our Lisa, not Mona Maier Sports Agreeable and full of fun REINER, HARRY Ushers' Corps I4 RHODEN, MAVIS E. L. Class Termsl, Aristra I3 Termsl, Auxilium Messenger, Class Secretary Committee I2 Termsl I Her spirits a-tiptoel As quiet as an evening sunrise You'd be so nice to come home to! RlCHARDSON, JOHN Service Squad, Bio Club lt seems to me l've heard that- before RINDLER, CAROL Arista, Hatchet Staff, French Club, Dance Com- mittee Honor Roll? Arista? Phi Beta? RISSMAN, ANNE Bio Lab. Bio Club, Bio Auxilium, Motion Picture Proiection Squad Calling Dr. Rissman RIVAS, NELLIE ROBERTS, GEORGE Band ROCKART, RAYMOND Arista, Pres- ROMMEYER, MAGDALINE A little mischief, a lot of fun, He's been proven tried and true ident French Club, Ushers' Corps, She's one of the finer things in life Nellie will be missed by everyone Modern Literature A regular fellow, that's all we can wv. For he's the same from day to day RIVERA. IRENE ROBERTS. JOYCE Cherry Tree ROJAS, NELRIE C Rooslu, SELMA 0. Mrs, Rebem' A l-Gflh ff0f11 MCl'lhClff0l'l RGPFGSGDTUHVB Of talent she has plenty Assistant, War Effort Club Class A girl it's a pleasure to know Rep. Stamps and Bonds ' Sparkling blue eyes, a brilliant smile, Make life at Washington worth- white I943 53 VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV 1 HS z' lvllfjf 'pf' fi yi -,Q LW 151' to 33 -f fx I fl i Il ' lLlf', . If, 1 1 ' , ,Z ROSEMIN, BEULAH Class Secrefary, French and Algebra Auxilium Her sincereity speaks for itself ROSENBERG, SYLVIA AH Office, Swimming Office, Social Aris Club, Grade Advisers' Office A charming girl wifh winning ways ROSENBLATT, IRWlN Chemistry Office, Chemistry Squad "Rosie, fhe riveter" ' ROSENDAHL, MARILYN J. Social Arfs Club, Late Office Only five feet fall, H-Jf that's nal' all ROSS, JEROME S. Baseball Team, lnframural Basketball, Prom Commiftee, P.T. Office He's a good pal and a fine afhlete- A better sporf you could never meet ROSENTHAL, JOAN Hatchet Rep- represenfafive, Miss McGuiness Office, Lunch Squad, Stenography Auxilium Her earnestness is a inspiration fo us all ROSUMOFF. LAUREL Mofh. Club. Ron-IENSTEIN, MARVIN Track Math. Auxilium, Grade Advisers' Office, Class Treasurer Quiet, sweet, infelligenf, neat ROTH EN BERG, ALEX Tumbling Team Team, Giff Commitfee Good sport' 'tis thoughf RUFFING, LAMBERT Secrefary of B-8 The kind of fellow we like to know Tall' Lunky, and Swanky Wifh plenty of pep and lots of "go" RYAN, THOMAS J. 4fh Term Presi dent Class, Service Squad, Chem- istry Club, French Club Dedicafed to my buddy in fhe Navy, John Kearns SAGE, LEONARD Hatchef Repre- sentafive, Service Squad, Career Club Mathemafician-loves figures SAUL, GERTRUDE Arista, English Office, Rehearsal Club, Program Commiftee This blondie's name is Trudy Saul When The boys see her they're gonna' fall' SCHAEN, ROBERT Track Team, Service Squad, Basketball Team, S Prom Committee Why do girls send up a cheer? All because of Bobbie dear SCHATTMAN, KATHERINE So-o-o-o quiefl SCHElNER, FRED A person to be proud of! 54 SCHEINER, HELENE H. Arista, Spanish and English Offices, French Club Helene will spell "success" in any language SCHERER, SONIA Class Treasurer, Leaders' Club, Dance Club, Cuffing Office She knows how to win friends and influence peoplel SCHERR, IRVING Service Squad, Lunch Squad Watch the birdie SCH l EKLER, ROSALIND Swimming SCHLOSS, HERTA French Club To know her is to like her SCHLOSS MORTON Arisfa Ushers' Office.Worker for Mrs. Jackson and Carp. Sgdvica Squad' Chem: Club Mr. Hlrschfield '- Lovely, petife, Cufe, and sweet- That's Rosl VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVSVVVV Please, Dr. Schloss JUNE vvvvvvvvvvv SCHNAPP, SANFORD Chemistry SCHUBERT, RUTH P.T. Office and SCHUSTER, MARK French Club, Club Chem. OffiCe Spanish Office, Lunchroom Squad Slow l-Wi SWE The soul Of l10r10r Madame, ie Vous presente the poor man's Charles Boyer SCHNEIDER. MITCHEL 5e!'V!C9 SCHUMANN. SUZANNE PGFGYVYS' SCHWARTZCHILD, HENRY Ushers' Squad, lntramural Basketball Squad Reception Com., Social Arts Club, Co,-ps Service Squad AlV'0Y5 Smiling-lust 0 haPPY fellow Ari Club. Guard of Honor Professor Schwartzchild it's our Who said dreams are only in the guess, I imagination? By his formula, will gain success 4 llS SCHWALB, CECILIA Secretary in SEGE, THOMAS Arista, Ushers' Bookkeeping Office ' Corps, Service Squad, Executive A girl nice and refined Council l One we'll long keep in mind! Our philosopher wise, With the dreamy eyes SCHWAITZBERG. DOROTHY P0efrY SELTZER, IRENE Prom Committee, Club Maior Sports' Club Aflofhel' Florence Nlghilngale Neat, petite and ever-so sweet SERABlAN, ELLEN Official Class President 7th Term, G. O. Represen- tative Ellen's got our heads in a whirl Boy oh boy, what a girl! SERBER, SEYMOUR Executive Coun cil, Member of Air Victory Corps, Absentee Office, Hatchet Repre- s tative hy should I take advantage? I SHAHEN, MARAL A. Biology Squad, Service Squad She'll climb the social ladder, lad by lad! SHAPIRO, HAROLD Cherry Tree Representative "The Human Comedy" HI Y pg, Off' , sHoLKovE, ROSALIND G.o., sieeen., Jovce e.o. Reprmnfa- gzlcfg-SRF' S RLE Ice Swimming Club, History Club tive, Chemistry Office What would Shirley do if words "LoveIy to looli at, Blank hair, black eyes, dressed to ' 7 D l' htf l l' " i were mhoned foo' e lg U O now Our model, Joyce, sure fills the bill SHEETS, MARION E. Latin Auxil- SlEGEL, FREDERICA Spanish Office, 5lLVERWlSE, FRANK Senior Coun- ium 13 Termsl, Grade Advisers' Swimming Club, Secretary cil, Senior Week Com., Supply Office 12 Terms! Library Com. Photographers' delight 5QUGCl. Truck TOGI11 "Career, girl "Ui" Our favorite story teller glMt?Ni FLCLRIQECE Swimming u , renc , D ' P.T. Office u anclng Club, Always smiling, with not much to say A swell girl in her own quiet way SIMON, FLORENCE Lunch Squad There is no need for debate Since Flo's really a good skate! 1943 55 VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV IIS i SIMON, HELEN G. Dance Hosiess, SINGER, ANITA Spanish Ofiice swim-I ANN X ,f'4'f""'-' Dean's Office' Leaders' Club, Presi- Good fhings come in-small packages Gracioiis Ann, full of charm, den? Class Cub , We won'i say farewell wifhoul a We call our Helen a good sori- She's a greai girl and a good sporf SIMONS, MORRIE SIZIAN HAMO Thai Wllfnd of OWS and Chicago I like school-excepf ihe classes Aud. Proleci qualm SMITH, BARBARA Swimming Club There isn"f a sweeier girl xi' SMITH, BARBARA L. Chemisiry Club, Baskeiball Club, Leaders' Club, Dancing Club, Swimming Club, Secy. for P.T. "Are 'Ihere any more af home like you?" SMITH, EVELYN Swimming Club, Minor Sporis' Club, Chem, Club Here's a quiei, genile lass, A pleasure fo have in any class SMITH, MILTON Capiain Track Team, Arisfa, Judicial Board, C. O. Chairman of Viciory Book League A record breaker if fhere ever was garden in her looks, o .e. mind, fhe wisesi books SMITH, VIRGINIA M. SNYDER, ROSINE Vice-President "She comes in wifh Q bang" French Club, Chairman Enierfain- menf Commiflee, and Danced in fhe Senior Assembly "Paris Losi a Ballel' Dancer- George Washingion Gained One" SODIKOW, NETTIE Arista, Glee Club, Recepiion Commiffee, Pro- gram Commiflee I'd walk a million miles For one of her smiles SOFFER, EDITH H. Swimming "Eraser, Please!" SosA, MURIEL Y. A good-neighbor from Pan-America SPARKMAN, WILLIAM swimming Squad, Lunch Squad He's given fhis school ihe besi years of his life! 56 SPELLEN, BRUCE Judicial Board, SPETT, HAROLD French Club, Execuiive Council, Track Team, Band Mafh. Club, Chemisfry Club Camera, clarinei, Careful cogiiaiion He's ou'I 'Io give Larry Adler a fighf SPIEGEL, DANIEL Pln Com., Service Squad, Lunch Squad it million dollar smile and he means I. SPERLING, IRVING Lunchroom Squad "Mis1er 5x5" SPIVACK, MARIE Aiiendance Office, Poeiry Club "Shoes, Clothes, Wil. Where doesn"l she show her personaliiy?" STAMM, JAMES Jazz wha? am-Siamml JUNE VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVN 0 1 STElN, JEANNE Cherry Tree, Glee Cl b Sh: is whaf 'fhey call pefife- STEIN, PEARL Cuffing Office Easy fo look af STEIN, RITA Prom. Com., Lafe Office, Class Messenger, P.T. Monifor She makes friends quicker fhan Kaiser makes ships STERN. ESTELLE Bookkeeping Office You musf have been a wonderful baby STERN. GEORGIA Dramafic Club, G.O. Rep., Commando Club Red hair, green eyes-She's a peach STERN, HAROLD Lunchroom Squad Nobody loves me. Or could I be misfaken? r HS STERN, LORE French Club, French Auxilium, Maior Sporfs' Club, Dancing 'Club You'll go no farfher when you mee" "Lore" STOCKEL, MELBA Secy. English Office, Lafe Office, Commando Club When if comes fo precious mefals, she'll fake "BRASS" STONE, MIRIAM G. Maior Sporfs' Club, Sfeno Auxilium "As sweef as whaf she eafs" SULLIVAN, THERESA P.T. Office, Parenfs' Reception Commiffee, Hy- giene Office Laughing eyes, cheery smiles, win- ning ways, bewifching swans, FRANCIS B. Grade Ad- SUNDERKAUF, CATHERINE Class SUSKIND, RICHARD Class Treas- urer, Prom Commiffee, Track Team Service Squad A husky producf of Wheafies SUSLOW, LARRY Career Club, visers' Office, Class Messenger. Secrefary Service Club A Vicfory Club She's quief nd sweef Hard working, indusfrlous, and con- Faramounf-5 consfanf pafron if scienfious-af fhe Billiard Parlor A , , SWANSTON, Joserr-uns Swimming Club , As quief as can be, or so if seems 'lc me SYZJOWICZ, MARCUS French Club, Lunch Squad, French Auxilium, Mafh. Auxilium , No one, if seems, can pronounce his name- , He's a swell liffle fellow lusf 'fha same Xl TOBOAS, MANUEL Physics Club TANNIS, KATHERINE Biology TAUB' SELMA Cuffing Office, Red Liffle man, don'f be blue, Office, Chem. Club, Hisfory Office, Cross Club, Minor Sports' Club, Remember Napoleon was finy foo. AHBr1ClClhCe Offlte Leaders' Club 5l'l9'S N16 i'-l0Y" of OUI' CIOSS Conscienfious and hardworking-on Safurday nife TANNER, JOSEPHINE V. TARZIS, SOPHIE Arf Club, Dra- TAUBER, WALTER Firsf Aid Sfafion Liffle in size, buf righf in sfyle rnafi3,bSwimming Club, Oil Painf- Man of fhe "Times" ing u Sophisficafed lady wifh lofs of charm I943 57 VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV' if ' l y ,K X v ij I' rl ' , K , - if Wifi S TEAMOH, ALTHIA L. G.O. Rep., Class President, Volleyball Team A pretty girl with a pretty name TEPPER, SYDELL Bank A 'smile is a great asset THAL, ELIZABETH Class President, Hatchet Rep., French Office, Late Office You'd be so nice to come home to THOMAS, JUANITA With the girls she's quite a pal With the boys-what a gal THOMAS, JEAN Cherry Tree Staff THOMAS. STELLA Dedn'S Office, A fgenuinej blond Program Committee, Chemistry Club, Of whom we're fond English Office Pretty, witty, and wise THOMPSON, ALICE Math. Auxil- ium, Latin Auxilium, English Office, Library In her quiet lovely way She advances everyday THOMPSON, IRWIN Baseball Team, Band, Intramural Basketball, Serv- ice Squad Rah, rah, rah, for our baseball star! TOPER, BLOSSOM Arista, Chairman Library Com., Captain Dance Com., Co-Chairman of Book Drive, Late Office, Biology Lab. Personality, beauty and brains, What Washington loses, some other school gains TROBOVICH, ROBERT A lawyer or a iudge-no less TREISTMAN, MARSHA Program Com. Off. Library Com. There will always be a Marsha TROBE, LENORE Cutting Office, Basketball Team A real cute gal is our Lenore TUCKER, LENORE Cutting Office, Maior Sports' Club A bright girl is little Lenore Very intelligent, never a bore TURNER, BERNARD Lunchroom Squad, Messenger His faults are few, His friendships true TYNAN, DANIEL Service Squad, History Office Better never than LATEI UNGER, GLORIA Biology Office, Dramatic Club, Biology Lab., Micro- scopy Club, Bank Squad She's worth her weight ln coffee 58 1 USHAK, SOPHIE A, sunny smile, a ward of cheer, From her each day in the year VANTOSH, FRIEDA Cutting Office, Dean's Office, Leaders' Club, Dancing Club A tirecracker-a pretty one VARVAYANIS, PAUL Captain Tum- bling Team, G.O. Rep., Swimming Monitor He's I-A ln the army and he's A-I in our hearts VOGT, DOROTHY l. P.T. Office Quiet dignity she's achieved VOLKOFF, ALEX Arista Auxilium Eaten Great! Why? Shy! Well? we VON HALLE, EDWARD President Senior Class, Admissions Committee Arista, Admissions Committee Ushers' Corps, Math. Club Wisle, without doubt-F.D.R. Watch ou JUNE VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV VVVVVVVVVV M WAKEFIELD, JUNE MARIE Pres. WALTON, CARMEN L. P.T. Mon- WARNKE FRANK French Club' Class 7fh Term and Bfh Term, Red ifor I I Chemisfry' Club Cross Represenlalive, Newman Club "Personality Plus a Lovely Smile ' Full of vigor' full of zest l3 Teflml. Siem AUXIIN-lm One we'd class among 'lhe besf She has fhe nicesf way And always knows iusl what fa say WALKOHOHN WARDIUS. JEAN Jewelry com- wen, FRED Bookkeeping Office, The bUSll'leSS NWN miffee, Advanced Swimming Club Lunchroom Squad, First Aid Squad, Anolher Annelfe Kellerman? Capfain Typewrifing Repair Corps Men of few words are 'lhe besl men T L, HS WEIL, MAX Arisfa, Service Squad, Mafh. Club, Chem. Club The boy wonder WEIN BERG, SOLOMON French Club WEINBERG, SUE M. She keeps fhe home fires burning WEI N BERGER, JOHANN E Lunch Squad A iournalisf he's bound fo be, A beaufiful girl wifh a lovely voice His headlines you'll be sure 'lo see! aewf WEINRICH, M I RIAM Cufling Office, Sfenography Office, Lunch- room Squad, Sfenography Auxilium So you won'f folk, eh? WEISS, MARVIN Aero Club, De- sign Club, Steno Club He'Il always be flying high WEISEL, JULIAN Hafchef Rep., Tumbling Team With fhe accenf on lhe "E" WEISSBERG, LUCILLE L. Class room Blues Vvcnmzn, :umm J norms or A-ma, Auxilium, Clerical Work "Einstein, move over" WHALEY, HERMAN Track Team Whaley is ouf io smash The record for fha 5-yard dash Sporfs' Clubs, Arisfa, Auxilium Commihee, Chemislry Club Miss Whifney is fhe quief kind, A truer girl you'll never find WHITNEY, ELECTA Feafure Wrifer of Cherry Tree, Treasurer Poefry Club, Leaders' Club, P.T. and Swim- ming Offices I am lhe one whom you can blame For whai is wriflen beside your name 'Lovely and wiffy is Marion WILDENBERG, LRENE A finer girl you'll never meet Sqllqd. P.T. Office ' A gurl on whom we can depend Sweet w-Hy. and Q iony friend WINER, CYNTHIA L f off' gyfgne Office, Ma+h.a5lub,li?Hem U mlzgpoljllence reigns-Cynlhia will I943 59 VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV WlNKLEhR, LEE Capfain Lunch Squad, askefball Team, Track Team, Hafchef Lilerory Rep., Service Squad, English Office, Class Pres. He has more friends 'lhan you can count WOLF, LEON Swimming Team, French Club, Senior Grade Advisers' Office, Math. Club Thai execufive abilify WOLF, MILLICENT Biology Club, WOLSTON, SUZANNE French Club WORTH. DORIS Red Cross Club, P.T. Office Secretary French Office ' Call her sugar, she's so refined All fhe world loves a sailor "She iusf flashes her dark brown eyes, And she can win mos? any prize" WOLFF, DONALD senior Crm, wooo, RITA Judicial Board, vvnioi-H, Run-I Mein. Office Treasurer, lnframural Baskefball 550- Lab- Vliumln D-A TOY of 5Uf'ShH19 Squad, Service Squad Jolly and mellow A regular fellow Mild, and yef she safisfies WROCKLAGE, VIRGINIA Swimming Club, Volleyball Team, Main Office, Gym Leader Ginny is a girl we'd like io know- She is blonde and preffy and on the go YANEZ, ADELFA E. Lunchroom Squad, Lafe Office, Physical Training Office, Newman Club Sweef simplicify ZWEIBEL, JULIAN Bio. Club, Lunch Squad, Locker Room Aid The zoof suif in aclion M YAZWIN, KATHERINE Maier spam ZEITLIN. BLOSSOM Curling Ofice. P.T. Office, Swimming Club, War Lunchroom Squad, Senior Week Commiffee Represenfafive Her manner is beguilina Because she's always smiling ZAREKO, NORMAN lnframural If she could only cook! ZIL, HELEN Chemisfry Club, Bi- Baskefball Champ, Lunchroorn Qlogy Club, Red Cross Club, Squad, Service Squad, French Squad French Club His pleasanf disposifion Will furlher his ambifion Fred Bensinger Alexander Burdeffe Elise Cahn Charles Chuckrow Dorofhea Flynn Leo Ginsburg Sweef and very lovely CAMERA SHY Miriam Hahn Sylvia Halperl Melvin Henriksen William Laubendorfer Jeaneffe Lucker Elizabefh Polk Richard Puios ZIMMERMAN, MARILYN A voice as golden as her personalify ZOELLNER, IRENE Bookkeepina Office, English, Commando Club A budgef maker Ruth Quamina Alfred Rolo Bernice Rufenberg Aileen Slaflery Dorice Tenfchoff Anifa Wiegand JUNE VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV VVVV X I o cz, - ,H ,Cf A I x E QL'-L S Z 9 '-41 I iXQf ws f Wmfrxlk f rf CL ,, , L-2 f if . 1 V Q J ,A . lx! s 727. j Q q f , x jf, ' Xu., , ,V Mali-l C' 5570 K Q. 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'N-J.-'J gf-43,-,,:.'g.-,.:i.,l.:fIe'- -j gl: . , 'f -L-Y.: ' 311-is--'--1 WE'-ff " 392,17 1-L-',1':'g -1 11: :Lf ' ,Q-K-::LLff -.'-,-::1.5y-,.1fR- fl -g, . -':r.,::,",l,,f..' ' "' ,jg - Q 1'-9,2 .sl gg-..f.,,,,! Y '.v1,f.f.'.1.'-751-f , j1'g:f.'g ' -'JZ' ' ,I-if -,:-'JJ -. -is'-a V1 N,"-., 1- g v N I .ms-, 1-E1---2" 'MZ-'..-'-!:f.A.9aP:. 131 Q--T :"41:'!: : -..-2 -'T-'ffff-"'i. -in ,.'.2.'-':.-vm'-.. '-5 .-f,v,,:,. :Inna kwgfilg, , i:3,.1-'mug.l..1:,,f,,,, 1.41. ,HA 1. L.-,,-5.175-53,5-51,5 t f g,4f4,f:,f,:. I , .- z'k1.1', - - ., .35 -5-x-., H 'y,!,.".y , ,fu ',:f --1-,r -." gf'Q--,i'. . nm-., Q ,gf 5 V-' 7 -1 . P' I-.1.1Q,gg ,-,.-,.-,,2.,-. , ms.-,ev-aa..,5 .e.f---,:,'..,,..1,,- .Q -'.,.-Et: .f.:i1..5,.5:,-,' -"3 ,,g,-gum 1 ' -iQ:j5,4,,f., .1 I s -buf - Since, aT The presenT Time, men are fighTing on all TronTs, many people wonder why we, The young civilians, sTill persisT in engaging in sporTs. When America was broughT inTo This war, The Germans, lTalians, and Japanese ThoughT ThaT our men and women were sofT. They scoffed aT our seemingly lackadaisical sysTem while They were building Themselves up in preparaTion for acTual combaT. The miliTarisTic naTions drilled Their youTh in The essen- Tials of war while we were playing ball, running and swimming. We enioyed ourselves, They worked wiTh increasing fervor and seriousness. We, however, were preparing ourselves, in a pleasanT way, To win more Than a ball game or swimming meeT. Team coordinaTion, afFecTing The swifTness and precision of The Tunisian vicTory, was a resulT of experience acquired from playing fooTball and hockey here in The UniTed STaTes. Crouching in a foxhole, wiTh The dampness peneTraTing To The very bone, wiTh shells screeching, and bombs falling all around, required greaT muscular and menTal forTiTude on The parT of our soldiers on Bafaan and Guadalcanal. The FascisT fighTing men, unskilled in sporTs, did noT have The insTincTs of combaT ThaT can only be used in peaceTime in clean games. While engaging in agreeable recreaTion, American soldiers have learned how To Take defeaT and come back To win decisive vicTory. Now ThaT The war is on, some skepTics sTill say ThaT we should give up all sporTs and Turn To more serious maTTers more direcTly connecTed wfih The war efForT. We, The youTh, and fuTure defenders of our counTry, however, believe ThaT sporTs are direcTly linked wiTh The successful TerminaTion of The war. Here aT George Washingfon, before The war, we had gradually relinquished our aThleTic Teams unTil we had buT Three leTT. As soon as The U. S. enTerecl The confli-cT we began To demand increased aThleTic parTicipaTion. We esTablished inTramural sporTs, which while lacking in The lusTre of inTerscholasTic acTiv- iTies, allowed more To parTake in Them. We realized ThaT The essenTial parT of sporTs was building ourselves up physically and menTally by playing cleanly and hard. Now, upon leaving High School, we will be more able To serve our counTry, since we, Too, wish To Take our places in The armed services or on The home fronT. We will serve wiTh The confidence ThaT sporTs have Trained us in The rudimenTs of boTh Teamwork, which is necessary in This greaT era of mechanizaTion and coordinaTion of power, and individualiTy, needed in leadership and iniTiaTive.We,The TuTure leaders of This naTion and The world, should be indeed Thankful we live in a counTry of sporTlovers, because, in The long run, The Tremendous experience and upliTT in morale has made our naTion invincible. SporTs have been, and shall always be, The foundaTion for VicTory. Howard Monderer PHOTO BY BEN MITCHELL AR SERVI CLUBS RED CROSS COMMITTEE wk,..,,+.--V ..,,,,.----"""""""""M AR SERVI CLUBS CHEMISTRY CLUB EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Jdll. Chairman, Thomas Peierson G. O. OFFICERS Jan. President Thomas Peferson Vice-Presidenf, Ar+hur Marcus Secraiary, Be+'ry Weise G. 0. OFFICERS June Presidenf, Richard Friedenberg Vice-Presidenf, Charles Pa+ch Secreiary, Anifa Manel EXECUTIVE COUNCIL June Chairman, Richard Friedenberg SENIOR COUNCIL Jan. Presidenf, Roberi' Smiflng Secrefary, Connie Rhophoel: Treasurer ,Vivian High SENIOR COUNCIL June Presidenf, Edward Von Halle: Secrefary, Anira Morrissey: Treasurer, Donald Wolff SENIOR ARISTA Jan. Leader, John Kemenyg Vice-Leader, Leila Ross: Secreiary, Susan Tevan SENIOR ARISTA June Leader, Howard Mondererg Vice-Leader, Chrysan+he Pappas: Secrefary, Miriam Jacobs 5 fy" gym, V' ,1 my ff , wwf TT' ,fffzyfv f:"'q "f 'ff 'Viv ' , fy, - Li! 1 'YA , 'Z Q fm fb f 7 ,Wm f f , 7 Q ,,, ',l1 wif 1 if ' 'f Q, f f f ' wwf' 0 .Q audi f E 1, U uk v 4-Q X + -' "' 1.1166 :Z-54196 , , 7' Q JUDICIAL BOARD Jan. Chairman, John Kemenyg Vice-Chairman, Leila Ross JUDICIAL BOARD June Chairman, Howard Mondererg Vice-Chairman, Chrysanfhe Pappas USHERS' CORP. Jan. USHEIS' CORP. June HATCHET REP. Jan. HATCHET REP. June TRACK TEAM Jan. TRACK TEAM June BASEBALL TEAM if is 5 5 Q. . , f , W raw ,W Z 1 Y x, Q 3 3 '. as fj LIFE SAVING CLUB SWIMMING TEAM CHERRY TREE STAFF Jan. Ediior-in-Chief, Edifh Elfman: Assoc. Ed., Miriam Jacobs: Bus. and Adv. Mgr., Laurel H. Greenberg CHERRY TREE STAFF June Edifor-in-Chief, Edi+h Effmang Assoc. Ed., Pauline Newman: Bus. and Adv. Mgr. Laurel H. Greenberg HATCHET STAFF Jdll- Edifor-in-Chief, Jeanne Ashe: Business Manager, Laurel H. Greenberg: Phofographer, Jeff Obendorfer HITCHET STAFF JUNE Edifor-in-Chief, Pafricia Kearney: Business Manager, Laurel H. Greenberg: Phoiographer, Howard KlaFf SUNG 82 VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV l've 'Go+ I+ Bad and Tha+ Ain'+ Good ,,,......, ,......,.......... S pring fever Rhapsody in Blue ..,,,,,,,,4A,,,.,,,,,, gr ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,A .....,,,...,..., ,....,.......... M o nday morning Sunrise Serenade ,..,,,,,,,,,,,..,,,,,,,,,,A,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,...A,,. M orning clelenlion I Give You My Word ,,.,,,,,A,,A,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, P ledge a+ +he end of mid-ferms Never Took a Lesson in My Life ,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,44,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, S 'ruden+s' plan of a'Hack Tha+'s For Me .....,,,.,,,,..,4,AA,,,,,4,,,4,,,,,,,A,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,A,,,,,,l A slip 'From Miss McGuinness The Same Old Slory ,.,,,,,s,,,,....,,,.,,,,.,,,,, .......,,.. C omposi+ion used 'lerm offer 'term ln ihe Mood ,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,s ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,s,s,,,,,,,,.,,ss F or 'len Senior Weeks a 'l'erm l'll Be a Fool Again ........ Do You Know Why? ,,,,,,,,,,,,, Song of l'he Malh. 5 repeafer was announced in French? l Hear a Rhapsody .,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,s,,.,,,,,,,,,v,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, T he lasf period bell of +he day lmaginaiion .......,.,.,.,,.,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,, S +uden+s' chief source of knowledge Devil May Care ..s.,., , ,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,....,.,.,.,4s,.,,..,.,.,,..... Seniors' philosophy Sou+h of fhe Border ..,,,,,,,,,,s,..s,,, ,.,,,...,,,,,,,, ,,.,,,,,,,s,,,,,,,,,,...........,..,.,,,....................,.. 5 5 'Z in final fesls Si Si ...,..........,....................,....,.,....,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,s,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,ss S panish sl-udenrs' complete vocabulary Le+'s Gel Away From I+ All ....,......,.,,.,, Papers, pencils, midferms, proc'l'ors, and SCHOOL l Can'+ Resisf You ,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,s,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,s,,,s,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,s,,,,,,,,,,s,,,.,,,,,,,.,,,,,,4,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,.,....,..., CuH'ing Office Fools Rush ln ..,..s..,.,,,s,,,,,,,,4,,,,,,,,,,,,,,s,.,,s,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,s,,,,,,s.,. Q ,,,,,,,,..,s,,,,,,,,,.........., De+en+ion room Oh, How l Hale +o Gel Up in ihe Morning .......... ...,....s.......,...........,..,...,..,...........,...,,............. D aily Cry Easier Said Than Done .,....,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,..,.,,,,,, .,s,,,,,,,, S ome of rhe assignmenrs we gel' This ls No Laughing MaHer ,....,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,..,....,V,ss.. .,,,.,,,,.,s,,......,......,..,,,..,..,.................. S enior speech The Firsi' Noel ,..s...,..,.,,,,,,,,,,,,...,,, ,,.,,,,,,,.,, O ur meager knowledge of French Blues in fhe Nighi' .T.,...,....,....,,s,,,.s,s..,,,,.. ..,,,,..,.,.........,....,,.., C hemisiry +es'l' 'iomorrow Time Was ..,........,,,,.,,,,.,,,,,,s,,,,,,,,,s,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,s,,,,, ,,,.,,,,,,,,.,,.,,A,,.s.,,,,,,,,,,,.,,.,,,,,,........ N ow if drags Don'+ Ger Around Much Any More ,...,.... ..,...,.,.......................,....,,...,,,............. R egenrs week l Dreaml l Dwell' in Marble Halls ,...,...... ,.....,,.,s. A nd never saw 'I'ha+ gym again Le'r's Gel Losl' ......,.........,,,,,..,..,,..,,,.,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,s.,,s,,,ss,,,,s,,,,,.,,,,,...,s,,,,,,.,,,...,,,.., 3 rd fermers Somehow ,...,....,....,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,s l Can'1' Sfand Losing You .......,.,.. can'+ pass my midrerms l Had ihe Craziesf Dream .......,... .........,s, T he His+ory regenrs was easy ll' Sfaried All Over Again ........ ........,,,.,,From Midierms 'lo Regen'l'S Can li' Be Wrong? ..........,....,..,,,, ,.,s,.,.,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,s,.,,,.,...., F ailure in Eco? Baby, Don"r You Cry ..,..,,,,.,,,,,,,.,,,,,, s,,,,,,,,,,,,, G radualion clay Why Don'+ You Do Righr? ,,.s..,....,,.,,.,,,, ,,.., ,,,,,,,.,s,,,s.,s,,,. ,..,,,.......,,.,.,........ L u n chroom As Time Goes By ......,.....,,,,,,........s., ,.,s,,,,,,,,,,s..,,,,,,,.,s,..sss,,s,.,.,,,,,,,s,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,s,,,,s,,,....,..,,...,,,,,,..,,.,.,,......,.r L are again Praise 'rhe Lord and Pass lhe Ammunifion ..........,.s,.....,...,.,....,, And also +he English homework Black Magic .........,s........,......,.s......s..W.......,......,..,......,.. The way lhe food disappears in lhe lunchroom I Gel fhe Neck of lhe Chicken .,.. ..... ..,.,.............,...........,s,,,.,,,..,,.,......,,,,,,.,,.,,,,,,., E v ery day for lunch For Me and My Gal ......,,...s..s..,........................... ....,. ,...,..,,......,....,. ...........s..,., T w o Prom. +icke+s l Don'l' Wanl lo Sei ihe World on Fire ..... ...,,s,,s..,,,.,,,,,,.,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,..,,,,.,,,,,,, l iusl- wanl 'lo pass Green Eyes .....................,,,....,.......s..,.,.......,........................... ......,... F reshmen's aHi+ude +owards Seniors Why Don'+ We Do This More Of+en7 ....s....... s.,....s..,,....,.,...,...,..,.,,,,..,,,,......,....... U nprepared day My Sileni Love .,,...s.s..s,....,,s.,s,.......,,,,,.....,,,,,.s...,,..,,,.. ..., . .. .,,.,,..,,,.,,.,,,,,,,, ,,.,..,,.,.,... T he elevalor l've Heard Thai Song Before ...,..,,, .,.,,.,,.......................,.s,,s..,.. M r. GoHesman Diana Grossman vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvIBUQUIKS The Sun ls My Undoing ,,,,,,,,,A,,, .,,........The morning offer lhe nighf before regenfs Leaf in 'fhe Sform ,.........,Y.,,,.......,,....., ....,,..........,., F irsf fermers during change of classes HOW Green Was My Valley .......... .,.,......,.,.. C ollege freshman boosfing his alma mafer li' Can'l' Happen Here ................... .............. P erfecf affendance af a Senior Assembly Pas+ lrnperfeaf ...................................... ..........,.......... .......,.....................s...........,......,s,.............,,. F r eshman years They Burned fhe Books .......Y.,,.................................,..s,.,,,.,,,.,,,.,,.,,,,W,W,,,,.s,...,..,r.,.,,.,.,,,.,,,,,r Don'+ you believe if! All This and Heaven, Too,.A passing mark in fhe Eng. regenfs, and a prom dafe fo boof The Refurn of The Nafive .................................,............................,,.,.,.....,,....,.,...., S+uden+ af+er fhe measles Educafion for Deafh ...,..... Valley of lndecision ......,,,,,, Cramming for all 5 regenfs cuf or nof fo cuf . . . Vani'l'y Fair ...............s............,.... ....................s......,. Girls' washroom For Wham fhe Bell Tolls A........ ....,.,,,,.,..,,.,r,,,,,,...,,,.,........,. .,,,......,..V,,...,............., T h e 8:50 arrival The Long Voyage Home ........ ......,,..s.......,....,......,....,,,,,,..,,,,,.ss.s...........s, V isifing af+er graduafion Days of Our Years .,...,,,,,.,, Pilgrims' Progress .......,.. The Odessey ,,,,,,s,,,,,,,,,, The l,370 days in fhe 4 year high school course Seniors' coming fhrough on all regenfs ..........,.,,,The wandering minds in fhe Chem. period The Moon ls Down ,.,.,..., ,,,,,,s,s,,,,, W hen 1-he busy liH'le sfudenf goes fo sleep The Deserfed Village .,,.... ,,,,,...,,,.,...,,.,....r......... L unchroom during Senior Week Les Miserables .,.,,..,..,,,,,,,,.,,,.,,,,,,.,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,s,,,,s 6 fh period lunch sfudenfs The Prince and fhe Pauper ....... ,,,,,,,,,....,,....,.,,,.......,....,,..,.....,....,.......... S enior and Freshman Microbe Hunfers ...,.,,.,,,..,.,,,,,,, ....,,.,,, L ooking for fhe buffer in a cafeferia sandwich Treasure Island .........,,. ,,.,,,..,.,...,...,..,,.,.,..,,,,,,,.,..,.....,...,..,......,,.., C andy counfer in lunch Ufopia .....,...........,....,......,..,,.,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,s,s A n escalafor and a 3 day school week Losf Horizon ..,....,,,,,,,,,,,..,.,,.,,ll,,,,s,,,.,,... ...... .....,..,,,..,............r,,,.s........... A r isfa ambifions Charge of fhe Lighf Brigade , ,.,.,,,,,,,.,, .,..,,...,,.,,.. ..,.......... D i smissal af 2:30 P.M. Slaves Need No Leaders .,..,...r,,,.,.,.s................. ....,,,.........,....,,.........,.............................,. T ha+'s for us fo say Our Hearfs Were Young and Gay ..........,.,..,..,........ When we were in our Freshman 'lerms On Being a Real Person .....,..,....,.......,............, .............,.,.....,...,, A Senior during Senior Week They Were Expendable ............ ..,,,...... ........... ,........,..................,.,..,.,........., S e n ior speech Escape .......,s.,.,,..,..,,...........,.....r....,...,......,.,, ,.,,,.,......,,...,...........,....,,,...................,.........,.....,. G raduafion Dress Rehearsal ,.,,..,,,..............,..,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,, ...,,,..,... T he excifemenf before fhe Senior play The Wisdom of China and India ..... .........A..,......Couldn'l' help us wifh our sfudies The Year of Decision .......,.,............... ..........s,.,.....,................,.......,,....,.,....,.......,............... .l une, l943 My Son, My Son ....,.,.,,.,.,,, ..,,, ............, F a fher and son before Mr. Sho'l"l'land The Human Comedy ....,......... ......,.,.,....,......... - ..... l leff my homework in my ofher book The Old Fellow ...........A.,,,,,..,,. ,,..,A.,,,,.sss,........... - .,,..,...,......,..........,,....., B y fhe fime he's in eighfh Nighf Shiff ,.......... ........,.., W hen fhe sfudenf gefs around fo doing his work The Robe .............,..... ..... .,..,,.,,..,,,,.., ......,...,,,.,..,....,. T h a 'r old gym suif again One World ,.....,.........,....,.,,........,... .............. A nd all fhe frouble in school fhaf goes wifh if The Wind and fhe Rain ........ .,..,s,..,............., T hose nasfy days on Forl' George Hill The God of fhe Machine .,.,..... .,......r... T he policeman af fhe Sevenfh Ave, elevafor Diana Grossman WIHIQVS WHO Noi' very long ago, in preparafion for fhe Regenfs, our English feachers fook us on a four of 'rhe library in order fo acquainf us wifh fhe library aids. We found ouf all fhe informafion concerning fhe encyclopedias, fhe Brifish and American Dicfionaries of Biographies, fhe card cafalogue, and "Who's Who in America." We were all fainfly bored by explanafions abouf fhe lasf of fhese. Heavens! Every- one knew if's a biographical dicfionary of famous living Americans. The only hope for fhai' book would be fhe addifion of new names. If we were wrifing fhe lisf, if would include all fhe names our parenfs have heard since lasf February. The book mighf sfarf as if does now, buf fhe B's would cerfainly have a new name-Irene Behrens, class of June, '43, firsf baby fo wear heels and lipsfick. Under C you'd find John Capsis, Washingfon's nominee for fhis year's Oscar, and Bill Crowley, Apollo fhe Second. Edifh Effman would share wifh Arisfa secrefary, Miriam Jacobs, fhe fifle of Newspaper Woman of fhe Term. There would be Ricky, U'd love fo call him Dicky, if I daredl Friedenberg, leader in sfudenf governmenf, falenfedDo'Hy Persh, and "poef-laurea'I'e" Pauline Newman. Miriam Kerans, successor fo Bernhardf, Joseph Leo, mosf popular boy, and Barbara Davies, besf-dressed, would have fheir places. The M's would include Anifa Manel, able G.O. secrefary, Marilyn McNally iand her address and felephone numberl, Howard Monderer, leader of fhe honor sociefy, and Anifa Morrissey, senior class secrefary and mosf popular girl. Chris Pappas would be lisfed for her sweef disposifion, John Kelly and Harrief Cohn for fheir copies of Mona Lisa. Eddie Von Halle, presidenf of fhe senior class, would no doubf have many paragraphs affer his name, fhe lasf phrase reading: "One of fhe fen recipienfs in fhe U. S. of fhe Sl,85O scholarship fo Carnegie Tech," while Donald Pane'I'h's name would be followed by, "always prepared." Our own Red Wolfe mighf be dubbed "fu+ure Wall Sfreef financier." OF course we can'+ forgef Laurel Greenberg, faculfy drag. I There would no doubf be ofher names: Warnke, oun good-looking liferary lighf, AND recipienf of a full scholarship fo Yale: Milfon Smifh, afhlefic wonder of G. W.: versafile Blossom Toporg and Redhead, fhe man fo cheer you when you've gof fhose "income fax blues." Our "Who's Who" can'f be wriffen. We're foo unimporfanf now, buf fwenfy years from 'rhis June, our parenfs will be hearing fhese names again, nof from fheir children, buf from fhe world. Ricky lwe'd sfill like fo call him Dickyl Friedenberg may nof be fhe sfafesman he is now, buf a greaf docforg John Capsis may be a playwrighf, nof an acfor. Buf whefher we furn ouf fhe way we've sfarfed or nof, fhey'll be hearing of us. Perhaps all of us won'f make "Who's Who l963" buf fhey'll know abouf us, because, in fwenfy years, we'll be fhe influence which will move fhe world as fheirs does now and as we have moved fhis class fo June 23, I943. E Mary Evelyn Rauer VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV 6 America, The mosT overworked word in-The world Today, is mosT diTficulT To define. WhaT does This noun mean? WhaT magic charms can iT possess, ThaT even iTs very sound affords renewed hope and courage To people half way around The world? NoT The UniTed STaTes of America, noT even NorTh America-buT jusT plain America. America is Three Thousand miles of land sTreTching from "sea To shining sea." America is TorTy-eighT sovereign sTaTes, held TogeTher in one sovereign union. America is baTTleTields and museums, highways and farms, ciTies and Towns, TacTories and harbors. America is GranT's Tomb and ConsTiTuTion Avenue, YellowsTone NaTional Park and The Golden GaTe. The Mississippi River and Times Square aT ForTy-second STreeT. America is freedom of speech, and press, and religion. America is The "land of The free and The home of The brave." A These TacTs are all a parl' of The greaT whole-buT America is noT a Tangible, concreTe Term. America is blood and sinew, muscle and backbone. America is courage: courage To TighT, and courage To win. America is The Americans living wiThin iTs borders. America is The eleven hundred George WashingTon High School graduaTes of I943, in whose honor This year book has been published. Do we graduaTes deserve This disTinguished TiTle of Americans. MosT of us are Too young To musTer rifles and launch ships, buT noT Too young To know whaT is righT and whaT is wrong. We know ThaT "democracy musT never perish from This earTh," and armed wiTh This knowledge, we have done all ThaT our counTry has asked of us, and Then Tried To do more. ,We are .lunior Civilian Defense Workers. We have collecTed scrap and salvage ofyall sorTs, and we volunTeered during raTioning week. We have senT books and magazines To our soldiers, sailors, and marines. We have kniTTed afghans, sweaTers, and "beanies" for The Red Cross, and we have purchased war sTamps and bonds To help deTeaT The Axis. BuT perhaps whaT is mosT imporTanT, is ThaT we have derived The greaTesT beneTiT possible from our educaTion in George WashingTon High School. The years To come will be years of greaT promise for America and The human race. They will be years of Tire and sTeel, of mighTy clashes on land, sea, and in The air. BUT in The flame and heaT of These years, The eleven hundred George Washingfon High School graduaTes of I943, and all Their fellow-graduaTes ThroughouT These UniTed STaTes, will forge The TuTure broTherhood of man under The faTherhood of God. Laurel H. Greenberg AS TIIMIE GOIES BY Some years ago a caichy liille fune swepi 'lhe counlry and like -mosl popular song hiis, sold a million copies and lhen was forgoilen, for a while a+ leasl. This pariicular hil' was revived iusi a iew monihs ago, and sold anolher million copies, because in addilion lo being a calchy liHle 'l'une, if expressed a senfimenl lhal' is so limely now. The lyrics proclairn, "A kiss is slill a kiss: a sigh is slill a sigh: ihe fundamenlal ihings apply, as l'ime goes by." Thai' ihoughl is a comfori-especially lo people like us, who have known peace and freedom, and broiherhood and love, and have worked and played,-and prayed,- and have done so wi+houl' fear. ll' is a comforf fo know fha? Dad did, and fhal' lhere will be proms, and parlies, and clales, and kids will have fun, as lhey should have. They weren'l' meanl 'ro grow up like Hii'ler's children - regimenled li'Hle puppeis dancing on sirings conirolled by a madman. Whal wonderful memories we have, whai comforlable memories. Dad has ihem, foo, and his dad. Tha+'s America. Tha+'s whal we're iigh+ing for. We've gol' fo keep 'lhose iundamenlal lhings. The Uniied Siaies eniered ihe war when we budding young alumni were al' fhe half-way mark. We had iusl' reached 'lhe sfage where we could cope somewhal' wilh our adolescence. Previously, if we musl' admil if ourselves, we were raiher ridiculous. Remembr how proud we were 'lo become high school siudenis? How we boasfed lo flhe kids on lhe block, only 'ro have our egos deflaled by lhe upper classmen ai' school? Remember our lirsl experiences wifh lipslick, or razor blades-'lhose firsf surrepiilious applicaiions we 'lhoughi Moiher and Dad would never delecl'7 And our ouilandish ouffiis-swealer girls we were-"Sloppy Joes"-sloppy being more 'lhan iusi' a lrade name. And pegged pan'l's. If lhey are oul' for lhe duraiion, we musl' admii 'rhe war is accomplishing one more useful purpose. And lhen 'lhere were ihose crushes-movie aciors and aciresses suddenly became heroes-and heroines. The boys were nol' al all immune. There were gym classes where liH'le elephonis danced io "SWANEE RlVER," and we had a baseball leam lhen. There were G.O. dances and bi-weekly "CHERRY TREES," and we were growing up. A "degenera'l'e" nalion? Whai does Hiiler say: "incompei'en+s," an "inferior race?" Well, 'lwo years lafer we siood lhe 'resin ln our sweafers and pegged panls we organized salvage drives, and joined viciory clubs, and kni'H'ed for 'l'he Red Cross, donaled blood, sold slamps and bonds-and boughl' l'hem-'look defense courses, sludied nuirilion, Firsl Aid, enlis'I'ed in lhe armed services. Quiie remarkable for undisciplined youngslers, don'+ you +hink7 And siill we enioyed all lhe wonderful privileges of being American children. We had eleclions al' school-democraiic elec- iions--and senior assemblies. Remember how laie our class pins arrived and how concerned we were aboui lhem7 And 'lhen ihere was senior week. We prelended we never heard ihal 'rhe shor-iesl' disiance belween lwo poinls is a siraighi' line. We HAD 'ro use 'rhe marble s'I'aircase anyway. And 'lhose hals. We'd have slepi' in 'lhem if il' were possible. And all lhose elaboraie plans for ihe prom. Al' lirsi we didn'+ lhink we'd have one because of condiiions. ll' seemed a small sacriiice io make, buf we found we could have ii, wi'rhou'r disiurbing our consciences. Tha+'s one of 'rhe mosl' wonderful privileges of being an American-having a conscience, having a sense of fair play, cooperaiing, loving, sharing, irusling-lhose fundamenlal 'l'hings. If seems presumpiuous for a group of very young men and women on 'lheir com- mencemeni day-noi gradu'a+ion, bul' commencemeni, lo diciale a mode of conducl' 'ro diclaiors. Bui American children are going 'ro lead lhe way. They've gol' io. ll"s gol 'ro be American children wilh open hearis, and open minds, and liberal educa- iions, who will pave l'he way for ihe world of iomorrow, lhe beH'er world-so lhal ihe fundamenlal lhings may apply, always, as iime goes by. Harriel' Gribelz PAST Will AND TIESJVAMIENJV We, -Phe graduaPing class of June, I943, being of sound mind and memory, and mindful oP Phe uncerPainPies of undergraduaPe liPe, do hereby make, publish, declare, and proclaim Phis Po be our lasP will and PesPamenPg here- by revoking all Pormer wills herePoPorPh conPemplaPed or made. ln graPePul recogniPion of Phe services of Phe adminis- PraPive sPaFP, we hereby direcP our execuPors Po pay all our jusP debPs, especially our debP of graPiPude, as soon aPPer our graduaPion as is pracPicable. Being Pully aware QP Phe duPies imposed upon Phe long- sufiering graduaPes' ofPice, we do give, devise, and be- queaPh one sigh of relief Po same, Po be used iudiciously uhiil Phe arrival oP our successors. To PhaP Mecca of unPulPilled hope and lasP rePuge of Phe cuPPers, Phe girl's medical room, we give one good excuse Po be used wiPh care and discrePion unPil bePPer brains Phan ours invenP a brighPer idea. WiPh Phe naive wish Phar iP may assisP maPerially in Phe carrying ouP of Pheir assigned duPies, we give Po Phe laPe and cuP offices an alarm clock and scissors, on Phe condiPion PhaP Phese goods, being on a prioriPy raPing, be given an occasional res'P. Realizing Pully Phe imporPance of news Po sPudenPs in Phe public high schools, we give Po Phe Cherry Tree, and all PuPure ediPors Phereof, and repor'Pers and apprenPices Pherein, one seP oP well-sharpened blue pencils. We aP- Pach no condiPion Po Phis bequesP, realizing Pully PhaP our designaPed heirs know only Poo well how Po use Phem. To Phe Judicial Board, Phose ersPwhile guardians o'F sPudenP deporPmenP, we leave one cup oP Phe milk oP human kindness. To Phe members oP ArisPa, who have been suffering under Phe humiliaPion of wearing ersaPz pins, we give new mePal pins and new mePal 'Forks Po Phe lunch room sPa'FP. These goods shall be released when Phe deaPh of one Adolph HiPler becomes known Po Phe world aP large. To Phe grade advisers' oFPice, we give one large wooden bucke'P Po collecP all 'Phe Pears shed over changes in pro- gram. To Phe sPudenPs in Phe lunch room, we give a supply of voice lozenges, Po ease Pheir Phrobbing, overworked vocal chords. We leave a sPop waPch Po Phose members of Phe Eng- lish DeparPmenP who so consisPenPly sPress breviPy. APPer Pour-odd years oP consPanP compression and ex- pansion in Phe elevaPors of Phe l.R.T. sPaPion, we bequeaPh Po Phe undergraduaPe sPudenPs of George WashingPon H.S. all Phe limiPed space PhaP we have herePoPore oc- cupied Pherein. To Phe ChemisPry Lab-wiPhouP commenP, we leave six boP'Ples of Chanel Number 5. To Phe War Service Club, which has done much Po save our very young generaPion from Phe Prials and PribuIaPions of shoe raPioning, we leave Phree recondi- Pioned SPePsons. To Phe members of Phe Program CommiPPee, PaculPy and sPudenPs alike, who swelier in Phe summer heal' and freeze in Phe winPer cold 'Po complefe Phe' viPal iob oP obliging Phe sPudenP body wiPh raPher unique programs, we be- queaPh a sub-machine gun and one hundred rounds oP ammuniPion Po defend Phemselves againsP Phe wraPh of Phe delighPed recipienPs. To Phe swimming clubs, which are responsible Por un- covering Phe hiPherPo laPenP 'Palenfs of G.W.'s Johnny Weissmullers and GerPrude Ederles, we leave Pour pairs of rePreaPed waPer-wings. To Phe Modern LiPeraPure Club, which has been Phe guiding Pighl' Por Phe high sPandards mainPained by Phe well-read sPudenPs of our school, we leave Pwelve pairs of specPacles. To Phe Biology Clubs--whose frequenP hikes have re- sulfed in moving picPures which PaughP us 'Po appreciaPe naPure, we leave a bicycle and a boPPle of linimenP. To Phe Music DeparPmenP from whose porPals emanaPes Phe squeaky sound of violins, Phe blasPing of Prombones, ePc., we leave a pair of earmuffs. To Phe SPudy Hall we leave Pour Kleig lighPs. To Phe gym locker rooms, we bequeaPh a badly needed air condiPioning sysPem. To Phe SPeno OPPice, we bequeaPh one C.P.A. Po Poke charge of refunds on losP books. To Phe Freshman class, which has ahead of iP Phe very conPusing iourney on Phe road Phrough high school, we leave a road map. To 'Phe Sophomore class, which has already endured one Pull year oP Praining, we leave a sPar of hope PhaP Phey may go blissfully on Pheir way Po aP'Paining PhaP disPanP goal-Senior class. To Phe Junior class, which has passed Phe halfway mark in iPs school career, we leave "See Here, PrivaPe Har- grove" as a subsPiPuPe Por "Burke's Speech on Concili- aPion." To Phe new Senior class, we leave a medal Por gaining iPs obIecPive and a TrusP Fund Po pay all Phe senior expenses. All Phe resP, residue, and remainder we leave Po Phe 'Pacul'Py adviser of Phe MaPhemaPics Club. "ThaP's all Phere is, Phere isn'P anymore." IP wiPness whereof we have hereunPo seP our hands and aPPixed our seals on Phis 30Ph day of June, I943. signed:- . P . . 6 . . . THE HATCHET VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV I Aun- I-'N M I --.-.4 4- . ., H- ff? 5f,if,s,'-lllll E llg'14 ' H-T' 5 l Qijilfia GEORGE WASHINGTON HIGH SCHOOL CITY OF NEW Y-ORK . . . JANUARY, JUNE I943 ARTHUR A. BOYLAN, Principal HATCHET BOARD FALL l942 SPRING I943 L I T E R A R Y Jeanne Ashe, Edifor-in-Chief Palricia Kearney, Edifor-in-Chief Jacqueline BUNCH Laurel H. Greenberg Isabel Colon Harriel Gribelz Laurel H. Greenberg . Diana Grossman Fern Herbsl' Diana Grossman Fern Herbsf pafricgq Kearney Gerlrucle Jesselson Irene Orlcin Regina Murphy CGFOI Rifldlel' Pauline Newman Myron Rosen Irene Qrkin William Rosen J P I, Rosen schw.-im e"" 'He' Roberi. Smm, Carol Rindler Jeff Oberndorfer, Phoiographer Howard Klafl, Phofographer B U S I N E S S Laurel H. Greenberg, Business Manager Grace M. Frank, Assl. Bus. Mgr. A R T Kennelfh Brozen John Capsis Floyd Huggins Jean de Bro? Nicholas Gigourlalzis FACULTY ADVISERS ART Paula Happersberger LITERARY Wilhelmina McCue BUSINESS Joseph Goflesman VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV 88 WISTARION STUDIOS, INC 425 MADISON AVENUE NEW YORK PUBLICATION PHOTOGRAPHERS Offnclol Phofogropher for 'rhe I 9 4 3 I-I AT C I-I E T I 89 KEEP EM SMILING WITH GOOD ICE CREAM Wm' ICE CREAM BREYER ICE CREAM COMPANY Inc 34 O9 QUEENS BOULEVARD LONG ISLAND CITY N ST II II 4 00 I ,V ' If, g sn if S f- I . Tfx, Q' I , . Y. we -50 Telephone Wfxlker 5-8270 EMBASSY GROCERY CORPORATION LUCKY BOY FOOD PRODUCTS Serving the Fmer Insmutzons 407 GREENWICH STREET NEW YORK YOUR BAKING C0 Inc Il4l BURNETI' PLACE BRONX N Y o pl fs o Prlvaie Arfhur Muller Complimenfs of ' C m imen f .I I Q v1c1'oRY JE' B Q UNITED y STATES WAR Y AND I ,X STAMPS Xl A FRIEND ,amewzzwzczmaene mewwmn The Manhattan Speclnl Checking Account No mmxmum balance No deposlt charges N monthly servrce charges No l1m1t to the num ber of checks . Statements every 90 days - Only a small fee for each check issued. An account may be opened at any one of our oficer BANK of the MANHATTAN COMPANY Cbartered 1 799 Member Federal Deposnc Insurance Corporacaon f? fl, 'L UY ! gyf BONDS v 1.4 fill Complimenls of . . . U Complnmerfrs of CUSHMAN S SCNS Inc CONGRATULATIONS To II'1e Graduahng CIass II you are un+eresIecI In TeIegrapI'1 Bokers OIC Dlshnchon Operahng Work we mvIIe you Io VISII our TRAINING SCHOOL and EMPLOYMENT BUREAU Room 400 I60 Wes? Broadway WESTERN UNION TELEGRAPH COMPANY LO 7 B345 T KONTZIAS NORTH WESTERN FRUIT .lusf good Flowers Belmonf and PRODUCE CO 230 WEST STREET NEW YORK CITY JOHN SEXTON 81 CO Edelwelss QuaIIIy Foods Es+abI:sI1ed I883 CHICAGO DALLAS BROOKLYN ATLANTA IN and Dellcnous Economical Nufrfhous CHOW MEIN l23 I27 BANK STREET C 3 6840 NEW YORK CITY I I I 0 n I H . 506 W. 207 ST., N.Y.C. ' I , o H L E E ' s Helsea - Class Pins, School Rings, Class Emblems, Arisia Pins, Sororify Jewels, Club Insig- nia, Afhlefic Medals, Honor Awards Manufacfured by ARTHUR MOELLER I5-2l PARK ROW New Yorlc Esfablished I 907 Official Jeweler fo George Woshingfon High School Complimenls of F. JABURG Lorraine 7-4840 Orders called for and delivered SAM'S POPULAR MARKET High Grade Meals - Fish - Groceries l20 NAGLE AVENUE Near Arden Sheet NEW YORK. N. Y. AUdubon 3-0460-l-2 "The Besl Since l885 George Schaefer 8: Sons, Inc. "Hudson Valley Farm Produclsn MEATS-POULTRY-BUTTER-EGGS Servicing Schools, Camps and lnslilulions Our Specially Personally Owned and Operaied 2305 TWELFTH AVENUE NEW YORK CITY MILK IS AMMUNITION TOO SHEFFIELD FARMS CO Inc LEHMAN S CRACKERS SOLD IN YOUR CAFETERIA FOR THE PAST SIXTEEN YEARS THEY ARE GOOD SU NSPRAY MADE ORANGE FRESH DRINK DAILY For Your Heolfh and Happiness A SODUS BRAND Creamed CoH'age Cheese Complimenfs of HARGOOD CANDY CO 96I TELLER AVENUE TOpp g 2 5280 I 6 8770 GLOBE COAT 8: APRON SUPPLY CO UNCORPORATEDI 520 WEST 48141 STREET NEW YORK N Y WAII: 9 3556 MAX GOODMAN 8: SON GYMNASIUM SCHOOL d CAMP OUTFITS II4 WEST 26141 STREET NEW YORK PrlnIers of our CHERRY TREE THE PRINTED ARTS CO 37I Broadway New York Cl GW ., . In - I I Telephone Clrce - Phone ins - Makers of , an Y Y E T I' I' 'fy David A. Boehm, . .'3O Speclal lnfenslve Summer Sessions 10 Weeks Full Day or Parf Tlme ,W 332331388 SERVICE Dfffwfmoa N .152'f35Zm Mfnwmgaw OBRONX Fordham Road and Grand Concourse skggygn 0 WASHINBTON IITS St Nucholas Ave at l8l" Sf Oldesl' and Lorgesl' Summer Hugh School Upfown Sessions Begun July 1 Reglsler Early for Choice Program an vaivlwlo Zufraus UQSIQMXC SPECS? uwlll' F mil- I Gwanaatdr TUITION AVOID DOWNTOWN CONGESTION ATTEND DRAKE SCHOOL Where Thousands Have Successfully Complelecl Hlgh School Sublecfs 1 0f ' es - D A w . WI!! """"""'QI,'If,"' 54.232 Q.. AT S : . f . t lil . I I I 'L ' Wfssf HMNIF STRATHMORE PRESS N. Y. C. E hx- 1-qiw. mv. Lu::nr,.w"- .ern K-' - 1-1 -:v.r,x:va-wmmenuuunnxumm 1, --32:1 . ,' ' xf'- i ' 'wg , Q-, ., 7" ,f. f fx U, W i 5? , ,V , . ' 1 G, , Q V , 1, I ' 1 ,W . fi 1 if Q, , iQ , , 'T .1 ' M Y- 5, . -E E' " ,gi V 1 b W'?'Z5'x i 1.4, , ,lx I . 0 1 as lqf- -' ,J ,1 g, ,. 1' Q x 1: x J 1 1mzwmmnsffn.mxu mf, m.1:.-srwr wmml 1.-v.,f,..-.ww , 1, ra s rw .aww ru mmm 1-.-. . E 31 35 5 51 if 5: A 5 ?i is fr 4 51 3 wr :Q 1 AL. if Y 5 i S x' E if 5 5 E fx: am' ' . , Y , V f I w - f' ,,.,:f..-z. ,, ' 1- mf u- -,,- 'zz xr 1-A H -.-V. :rw-mug -..1,u-.ww',wff:1:mrmfssm.w.-xwyuwfsfm-mama-,-ansvlsnuw . ' - . 1 , 1 . . 1- . V f 1. 1 ,-4. , 5 cz 44 V.-.NA A...-. . . ii? .L-fffx, -f ' .427if2'?'Tf' i- af' . .L , 'QL . --1 ' fl. .iii 33 1' L-Q, '-yu '-cglni "X xii .g1v2,ay -1 ' Elf. ' .. - " f 'K .' . r.' 4-1K 4-A ,. . , " '-r+,, 1 I .'-.ip , -N.. jf. f,'.,, it .. I. ,V , -,,,5.,'ef ,, 9 ,V-0: J I -iw: f wx' xx '1 ...riff K ,.feff, , , . " :J A':..:,,- g' ' M. ,V v I Lf, .,,.'f. A Lf. ' iff: X I .1 .. l , .-I ' .X 9 J ,s - ..,. W 1 1 x

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