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57 w NX V? W1 WV YYVV -R F" A 1 E . X w7 - -11,1 2 H 4 -Y -7 -1' 1- 1 --- I Z f 17 fl , W ,H ,, 1 X ff Y ,X Eyfii ,, 9517 QWj,wf7ff?Zf'M 5gmiw+?'ff,,f1""' U wif? JJM q s -sg bf '45, Xi' up CN I I . l 9 - is Qqjjjzxxx i f,wMwwvwM ' .vw ' M"L"+vf1l77"" 4r . ,Ax ""rk,!'7"l 5 ' , f - , F, Y 7 ,, ,W , 1 '1 9 1 1, M 1, ' "M, I . r r - '- .2 i E E 5 ' ruff VFP ffl f l' I- ? IVVV Fl , Fa Vi F7 , VH - mem iiaf75. 5iQfnzi62jvcfDasJ Lenin Lam i3cEEi'if5E5 4 . if 41 2 W 1 if . .- QA iffi ii Q f sm 1 .1 U Y x X lt.: 'VV Z, LN ,, - 4r L H- .4 R Q 'D n ,xx -,078 ark T . X, H f 21 K :N , ,xx J 1' v X ' if , X Q. 4 Q. XA- x Q mf' Q l . -F' X Xi 5 gh L b at 1-rf" gf 4 5' 1 if A ! 1 e 'ff far f W, fwfr F Ir'1' . rrr ' I I' IFF' l'l' V If ff Q-'IVV U r'IVIfW ITE 65S4A4mcQamL.msfE5iil3e3Ha1c5Qm5gneFr11zALsmx3fc6nzQ.0Q' iiEE 0 0 . A ' , I 1 - - V ' , v 1 . .1 , . ' . . - MI ST THE DHHHNING SHHIIUWS UF II THUIIBLED WORLD IT E NTINIIES T0 SHINE UN H CUUNTIIY WHERE YOU MIIY LIVE IN THE GLUW III-' II DEIVIUCRIICY, I-'USTEIIED BY INTELLIGENEE HND STIIVIIILI-ITED BY GHUWTH. HEREIN YUIIR DAYS HT WI-ISHINGTUN YUU ENJUY THE PBIVILEGE 0F EDUCHTIUN, T0 CIILTIVI-ITE HS Yllll WILL ww.. s 4 if L Ti A 'NEI x A 151 as 'Q-, if 'Wm 1 ffffya., ve- E' fs ,ms-, .4 151 fzfilps. e kwa 5 pqk , ' -1 NM ' S XA? ,Eiff Q- .K 4-Q its , f fa:-: ' ' sz : --1 'i:E:, fl 95' 0 ' '7" 'W ' ' ' ' W H "W in """"'? ""' 'iw' - JN L-x 91,4 " 'f:Ei5i::?5'. - 2, 2 YIIII ENTER ITS BUILDINGS NGEB UN ITS llll INVHDE ITS FIELDS Wav sg W f NE r k -mQxwQx kSgg 55535 ' Q .,. wwf' x 9 5 .W 5 A 1 1 1 , . N.. N ,I gif-. K . -in N fig , , Qs.. A , 4 Q AL I . -gpg Q Q ' k f K X i Sz a ir-i:'. ' A W Q - 2 . f .f .- f Q ,gfg1s3.w,r eau knif- mv 5.225 may :ef . in ,. K .Q ,Q 551. .L .A f,, . EEZ K 5 5 X S k""-'IW .Sv SQ" 5 X i'Q:i4f.ff?ig , 'wg-..L1. Stew-. NQM - N e.:-. yy . m MQ . ... .zen-we Q WG f my . . ' fs.. f - m g Q:'iS'Pi-ww Z ,, - MQW. Y 5. Q, M ,M .Y ,sexes-.X if .af - .. gg, , K A " 155 X ,Q . 43555 W' W 1-M. '5,Pg5' ,+-x Pl S I.'l'l "l'.'l I-I I-II 3 l'l'.l 3 F4 3 : t 5 l.'l'.l 3 fi .':: UIIT T015 THE Glllll Mr. K. L. Stockton, as you have known him in the last three years, has served Washington in the capacity of principal with all the eagerness and cooperation of a true executive. He has guided the progress of campus life with loving care and has brought to each of you a portion of his democratic ideals, his honesty. With understanding and excellent sense of humor, he has tackled the many problems which confronted him, has always found a suitable solution to meet a crisis. Never ceasing to impress you with his enthusiasm, his alertness, he has attempted to give you a code by which to guide your efforts, "Wish, work, wait, win", his own formula for success. Popular because of his willingness to advise you and his ability to dish it out and take it, Mr. Stockton has won for himself the praise and admiration of student and faculty alike. No tribute you can pay him for his example can be worthy enough. You will remember him for his fine character, his forthright manner, his confidence in himself and you, his friendliness, his love for Washington. I2 HAND Miss Harriet Robbins, as girls' vice-principal, has been an example of friendliness and charm to every Washington girl. With unresting vitality, she has been active in every line of duty. She has given unsparingly of her time to counsel, to console. She has gained the unending respect and complete confidence of innumerable students. She has a Warm, infectious smile, a gen- erous nature, and a quiet refinement, qualities which mark her as a true lady. Familiar to all the students as boys' vice-principal is Mr. Paul Fisher. Daily proving his versa- tility, he is capable of acting as an excellent administrator or a lovable "grandpa", Genial, joking, understanding, he has won a place of admiration in the mind of each Washington boy: is respected for his firmness, his unwavering decisions. A fine speaker, poised and com- posed, ever receptive, always alert, Mr. Fisher is generally considered as a "regular fellow". I' ' V' pf X-ef DDR HDMI ISTRHTDBS 13 0110.-I H05 0.I.NI IAIHHH .I.Hll.I. Significant to every student entering Washing- -' 'osks fell the tasks of departmental cooperation and the problems ot helping you to make a success of your lite here and in future years. Generous in giving voluntary advice and counsel, these seven administrative aides inevitably made some contact with you, either direct or indirect, in your three years here. Aside from your regu- lar school records, term programs, and innumer- able similar details, they kept an eye on your health standards, helped you to decide upon such things as a suitable career. THE UFFICES UF FRIEND 14 George W. H. Shield Ralph E. Bauer Priscilla Shaffer lnursel 0 URDIHHTURS Harold Jones Theodore Kelly Olga Sutherland Ioseph Hatiield Constantly proving their efficiency and render- ing irreplaceable service to the whole school, your clerks this year Went on with their usual duties. Responsible for the much used switch- board, lost and found articles, absence files, familiar Dinwiddie Dailies, school records, and many other activities important for smooth sail- ing, your clerks had more than a share of busi- ness to keep them on their toes. Appreciated by every Washington General was the kind consideration, courtesy, and cooperation shown by the office clerks. lllllllll. 15 Elsie Whitman Evelyn Younqquist Catherine D'Amato William Garst Lillian Sabo Elthea Stephenson Sl-I Eu Iim Harris Iune Gail Kenny Proctor Marilyn Nelson Ralph Geiser Bonnie Barton Bob Stafford Peggy Woodward Don Bariley Irene Sabo Bob Waddell Edna Mariinich Ierry Austin lay Greenberg Art Nickloff Barbara Peyton Dave Tomlinson Frank Gilmore Kenny Proctor, your student body president, worked his friendly way through a successful term of office. Known to all for his genial man- ner, affable served as chief executive to the Winter Cabinet. Participating in almost every phase of school activities, Kenny was noted for his exuberant spirit and solid basketball: Was genuinely admired for his friendly disposition. Backed by a council of hardworking student body officials, his talent for leadership was exer- cised in innumerable drives. Among the major accomplishments of the Winter: revising the student body constitution, sponsoring a paper drive and clean-up campaign, promoting new methods for campus beautification. Dean Brooks, your spring prexy, smiled his efficient way through a semester packed with events. Familiar to the whole student body for his excellent brand of oratory and outstanding scholarship, Dean presided over Cabinet meet- ings with marked intelligence and initiative. Responsible for initiating a new type of organiza- tion, versatile Brooks oversaw, with truly demo- crating bearing, Cabinet action on such business as: new flag raising time, a point system and charter to control club activities, and playing records on the quadrangle. With a theme, "All out for defense," the inauguration of the sale of defense stamps and bonds in our local Vic- tory House was the chief brain child of the executive council. lay Greenberg Dean Brooks lim Harris Ted Campbell 'vii MX-C VZZM ff!! MQ MER CABINET Walter Case Marilyn Fredrickson Alice Harth Bill Gross Elsie Hinshaw Kenneth Andrews Doreen Doran Marilyn Nelson lim Chapman Ruih Frisch Charles Scott Elsie Kristenson Martin King Ieanette Wells You came to Washington to learn all those things classed as Education. and in doing. discovered that texts, teachers, library or lab researches. study systems and good references plus the required mental exertion were inspirational when it came to writing term papers or passing final exams. You learned also that here the only one responsible for you was you and found, among other things. that the lamp of learning was the beacon light to the development of the MIND. 21 HH? Wx f lg M3 V I X T! XJGJ? ..- , Q i 4 , Y Y , W ir W V nn 6 Q J xg E50 M Lf? 0 Oo muon I Evelyn Lulen Mary Asadorian , 1. V QVA 71 it V W V B fp ,',' ,,4, V ,WI W. M ,P 4,1 rf ak WL? W ! 4 I Kenny Proctor Gloria Vander Zee Myrtle Best Barbara Rudoli 5' Q 2 f 3 , 1 Q A Wi., wi ,mi Q' ,, , Nw 514622 .- ,H " ""'Sf'f 49533-PZ, W7,5'fW"' '7 . x e X 7 ,wer , ,,f f ,, ,, ,ef , f WM ! 7 - 7 My ff if f f ' 2 W .W- X7 I h' V I ff 1 w Ml f Q L 1 , f a f f ,f 6 2 , W f X ff X x W' f ffxl v Xff D a f , Q V Sf ' V 1. , W ,, , 3 Marvin Lasher Bonnie Mclohnston Lawrence Green, Ir. Margaret Miller Evelyn Schon Mercedes Chavez Harriet Galbraith Mary LaChapelle ucunpw vnu... -... -.v.... Virginia Millard Neil Houston Emanuel Butkie Marilyn Nelson Albert Ienke Helen Cope Tom Henderson Merna McDonald Marilyn Ostinq Barbara Wieckinq Elsie Kristenson Rose McClatchy ill X 5 9 Q Brasile Berliemae Wills Audrey Morrish Barbara Sclater Mae Carrington edelle Walters Lois Donnelly Mary Haire Betty Grantz Betty Kalpakian B B A " B , ' fy .t f ' I X 1 - ,elf f , ',, f if W , hm, f I f f ' If , W wfl' "" v W f lllr - ,,,, hf4M-243242551-,'h f ' Marie Anderson Elgene Cox Margie Soule Doris DeSues Bernal Parke Rita Barry Ierry Austin Barbara Wight Richard Herndon Charlotte Norby Iune Rippe Dean Brooks Alice Harth John Carnaqua Tomiye Nishikawa Aloha Iane Graser Winifred Foxlee Dolores Betterman Betty Calderon Betty Iennings Emily Dudley Aurelia Mike Gloria Goldrinq Doreen Doran SCHULHBSHIP The Generals' army of intelligensia made some decisive maneuvers this year in their newly launched campaign for more Scholar, ship for Washington. Featuring delightful teas and banquets, the chiefs of staff lerry Austin and Bill Gross fancied up the regular routine with some social life. Major scholars left posts of study long enough to be decor- ated with gratis Sealhearer pins, and new Torchbearers received the "Scholarship for Service" torches. Never A.W.O.L. from study duty, members kept up a home front for scholarship standards. Nix l V N Nora Bursion Nancy OH Mabel Sanders Muriel Spellisey TURCHBEHREBS ,,, 2 , , Y lf Antonia Sonies Alia Gcble MiqnODe Lulu Ver! Re Mi'-W Drape' e Morrow S C ll To gain a clearer understand- ing and a more sympathetic View ot the peoples ot other lands is the aim ot those who continue foreign languages. Ad- ventures into the lite, literature, and romance ot old Spain is the pastime ot El Circulo Castellano. Gloria Van der Zee and Albert Ienke conducted monthly meet- ings ot these scintillating senori- tas and dazzling dons. Made- moiselles and rnonsieurs ot the French club delved into the lite and color of picturesque France. Presiding over gatherings ot Le Cercle Francois were Hattie Gal- braith and Gloria Goldring. Members of Caelicolae were ably led by Mary Haire and Winitred Foxlee. These tollow- ers ot Virgil, often referred to as "Heavenly Beings", centered their interest on the glory that was Rome. el nr: Lu HT LII we Peter Kuhlburger Harold Axe Margaret Cunningham Ruth McNeill Leroy Baker Delving into the advanced theories ot curves and right angles, Bill Gross and Dick Herndon led the newly organ- ized Math Club to comprehen- sive success. Potential Einsteins strained over calculusg were intrigued by unlimited oppor- tunities oftered tor engineering or naval careers. 6,3 WW B Chemist ry enthusiasts ot the A or B caliber qathered together in labs at noon to mix unique acids and do some advanced theory Work with involved formulas. Aside from an occasional Theodore Kelly broken test tube, demonstrations met with amazinq success: R B P H lectures were attended with marked interest. Exhibitions were 3 - O el' Y up-to-date, due to reports on latest scientific advance Roy W. Maupin ments. .'l".a 9 P" ,P .Q , , --fl 9, I V , ' -V W f 30 I To if T J ,f I 1 f I . 5 1 I I I s f 3 I.'l'.l 3 F' 3 3 Arousing interest in nature's growing importance by such features as extensive field trips, these advanced science lovers made remarkable progress in furthering their purpose. Enthusi- astic seekers rose above such impediments as ants in lunches, brought home rare specimens and arranged them in interesting exhibits for fellow members to appreciate. 1 , Theodore Losey ' Kathryn Carson Ioseph Burgess 31 CE H0 IIB Main bout for the key clickers of the Commerce Honor Society was the organizing of the com- bined commercial luncheon and conference. Aside from this so- cial event, members strove for efficiency and commercial com- petence under the prexyships of Elsie Kristenson and Barbara Weikinq. Helen Boqan L. T. Dobyns Anne D. Kemp Ethel Overiield Grace Bowers Daniel Siemens lane Fitzpatrick Marie Mullaney Hazel Cole Irene Reid Velena Griffith Mary Carver QlJlf,L,-fwfr. renew Making its initial debut on Washington's campus this year were the Pen Pushers. Organized by presidents Doreen Doran and Catherine Brothers, shorthand stars and typing demons banded them- selves together to form a club exclusively for future secretaries. Purpose was to extend secretarial train- ing by applying acquired skills. Local "dirt" was made available to commerce stu- dents via the pages of the twice-monthly journal sponsored by Commerce Honor. Edited, reported, and printed by its reliable staff, Commercial Chatter this year upheld its previ- ous standards. Offered its usual amount of superior reading matter to com- merce students. f . .i .iw , 5 . I x gl 5 ' It didn't take long to find that high school was more than iust notebooks or final exams. You soon learned that education combined the three R's with experiences and associations. By sacrificing personal time and effort to serve your school, by developing in yourself leadership, and by express- ing yourself through creative mediums you have gained more than grammar rules. or shorthand symbols. or chemistry formulas, you have gained that internal light which shines as SPIRIT. '-Tis .-3. 4 Q -op, 0.91.4 ' ' Y ll! , , 'DJJ .,,.,,.g ' G." " 1:- . lfqgs 1 ' 'nfl :jin- ,, g ,quill - E, Q .ml - ,z - 1' V 4 Q , 'ppl .- 1, .gl 1" 5' 'fix - -21" ff , . -,E ! I , f ':-fix! 1 ' I I ,1e-,.-- ,f 1 ,fs-1' if ' W' ..,-5495 ' 'v , . , 1919 : -1' s nf n ,Q nal," hxfyx' 2.3.0 f QQN " if r' .-AQ wlii x vzg NK rua' J: 5 A 'Gifs " . ' ' S09 S139 ss.-. H1370 -!'n .454 4,52 "-'J 'mv a .991 ',-'gfavzx ' A 8 K '5-'bfox -'n ,A . T . ..,,,, . , . A X tx -L'2::.- , " -QI. -- . -gg.. .rg 1- ' 5?' X3 it X si-QT ,-.:..-5-lb: 5 5- 3:52 Lf,,,--- g.,.- - - -- - "1-g?-'-.-1--..T-'..'LS' -- --. .,--.- .. -.-L -.. - .. - - - .7.,,i5'-, -L Q, .. .il 1 1 - 2:-Y: -,.D"' ,.' 'el-'--T' ' -1 - - - . --1, 1 1 - P --,..g-,.,--- hi.. v - . ,lei 1 , ,tv ,- +2,L-N-"'-, ..1-" - - , - , f5-,,? -'1 - - -- -' - ' . ,iii-. -1 ,, -. - 1 , - -- ,- --glqint-.... -- - , , c ----... --- . sgxx xxg XQ j gf N - . ,, - , , ,v - ,-, ,.. " .f 4-HNKLEY sX , Q Mary Asadorian Iohn Brasile Betty Kalpakian Frank Aiello Margaret Woodward Frank Gilmore Kenny Procto: Mary LaChapelle 38 ----.1 ---W ---- - ----- 4------f-W Iay Greenberg Don Bartley lim Harris Ierry Ann Keck J A , . Alice Harih Mlyksw Iune Gail if Emmett Wood Irermsf o K I Dore i oran dishonesty or cowardice, nor ever desert ur suff i comrades in the ranksg we will fight for the ide nd sac things of the city, both alone and with manyg we will rev e and obey the city's laws and do our best to incite a like respect in those above us who are prone to annul or set them at naughty We will strive unceasingly to quicken the public sense of civic duty. Thus in all these Ways We will transmit this city not only not less, but far greater and more beautiful than it was transmitted to us." Accepting the high honor of Ephebianship with this pledge, these graduates assumed not empty honor, but the obligation to enter whole-heartedly into civic Work. Chosen by a faculty ballot on the basis of character, scholarship and leadership, Ephebians pledged to lead a life of civic inspiration and to con- tribute to the Work of the Society. 1. 0 y ffWe will never bring disgrace L y a act of 39 Betty Kalpakian Martin de Goede Evelyn Luten Art Nickloff Frank Aiello Gloria Pascoe Evelyn Schon Bob Ebey f Vlarqaret Woodward Kenny Proctor Betty Grantz Lloyd McClanahan Marilyn Stine Iohn Brasile im Kring Mary Alice Nash David Tomilson Gloria Vander Zee Iack Gold Harriet Galbraith Vlariorie Soule Frank Gilmore Betty Gibbel Lawrence Green Leona Lerch Bob Waddell ionnie Ewen Iackie Dent Bertimae Wills Edna Martinich Bob Stafford Barbara Sclater Representing high standards of citizenship, scholarship, service and gallantry were the Washington Knights. To preserve the ideals of democracy and to uphold the highest of school traditions were their aims. Doubling their efforts to render real service to the school, the Knights took initial steps to provide orientation classes, open house guides, and cooperate with Ladies and Alumni cabinet in planning Homecoming Day. 41 Emmett Wood Iune Gail Betty Kurizman Leo Helfnch Ierry Austin Ruth Frisch Bill Gross 'lary Pollard Jim Harris Marilyn Fredrickson Walt Case Marilyn Nelson Dean Brooks 'on Bartley Ierry Ann Keck Martin King Sylvia Gincig Bob Thompson Elsie Kristenson arbara Wieckinq Chuck Scott Alice Harth Ralph Wilson Irene Sabo Dick Herndon xy Greenberg Ieanne Moser Norbert Weinberg Robin Thomas Ioyce Evans Doreen Doran To become a Washington Lady is the goal ot every girl on the General campus. Chosen on the basis of character, personality, intelligence and leadership, these girls have proven themselves outstanding both in scholastic and service activities. Emphasizing service, Ladies were not just an honorary organization this year. Branching out in many new fields they gave an alumnae dinner, were guides for open house, cooperated with the Alumni cabinet on plans tor Home- coming Day, inaugurated orientation classes, were always ready to lend a helping hand when- ever needed. 43 l l Membership in the Girls' League was guaran- teed to every Washington girl. Led by Cabinet officers, Peggy Woodward and Doreen Doran, many a drive and program was successfully achieved. Most outstanding event on the calen- dar was the Girls' League Regional Conference which welcomed delegates from neighboring schools. Fashion shows, flower sales, needle- work guild drives, Christmas baskets, parties to welcome new students and aud calls, all pre- sented exclusively for the feminine population, were just a few of the numerous activities launched by the League. EHGU Boys' League activities this year were planned to interest the entire male population. Athletic tournaments which included all types of sports met With enthusiastic response from both the fellows who actually entered the contests and others who took places on the sidelines. The League caloinet, captained by "Buck" Gilmore and Iirn Chapman, also kept the ball rolling in the collection ot old papers and other materials needed tor defense purposes. lmportant in the spring were arranqements for luncheons, auds, and conferences in connection with the annual Boys' Week Celebration. Iessie Gill Genevieve Ahrens D. E. Carmichael f' SELF GUVERNMENT t' Cracking down on campus roamers, self-government crews this year Went for efficiency in a big Way. Green hall passes were the only means of cruising safely past boy and girl moni- tors scattered effectively at strategic posts. Respected by fellow students for the enforcing of school laws, Self-Government became a driving force on the General campus. Don Bartley and Marilyn Nelson ended a successful Winter term as prexiesz were followed by Ted Campbell and Marlyn Fredrickson. S 46 Margaret Cunningham Daniel Siemens Lyman E. Edwards Ernest Holbrook Iohn T. Childress , Under the leadership of prexies Calvin Cragun and Ralph Wilson, members of the Vocational Guidance Club, otherwise known as the Key Club, had a memorable year. Chief service was to aid wondering B10 boys by arranging advis- ory conferences for them with notable speakers from different professions. Luncheon with their big brothers, the Kiwanis Club, picnics, and vari- ous stag parties afforded main amusement for the Keys. A dash of Vivacious spirit, a jigger of charm and friendliness, more than a pinch of brain matter, add a drop of initiativeg meet a Tri-Y girl. Besides giving a profitable fashion show for benefit of Hughes Gridley memorial, Tri-Y gals put on Sunday-go-to-meeting clothes to turn out for Church Sunday, had a super Boys' Night, and spent a riotous week end in the mountains. Tri-Y sisters looked to Betty Gibbel and lerry Ann Keck for guidance. S I.'l'.l P4 Ill William McNelis Ioseph Hatfield Helen Spears Mary Wright ...K 1 , , . W V ,qw Q f , t ffl f g I it r , ..,, I-I P' Z D- Preston Richmond Howard Carrington Eva Andrews Rhoda Parkill SUB-DI-IBS With traditional gavels handled by Lloyd Mac- Clanahan and Bill Hyland, brother Pry-Tons con- tinued to uphold the symbolic five Gs, courage, citizenship, capacity, conduct, and character. Giving full support to all school activities, the Pry-Tons rambled through a year oi school spirit promotion. Cn the social calendar were such shindigs as picnics, aloha parties tor senior graduates, and innumerable stag events. Sub-Debs this year found themselves involved in a calendar which included everything from doughnut sales to glamorous Boys' Night. The chore oi nightly notifying absentees of their homework assignments and general orientating of new students were the main services which they contributed to the school. Guiding the destinies oi these friendly spirited lassies were Gloria Pascoe and leanne Moser. 94 , o Jo Xl 55" df' L2 'vxl 'f , UI U 32 I-DI'-ll Adorning the Cherry tree campus with such things as oversize top coats and tin jalopies, the Yeomen enjoyed themselves this year immensely. Endeavoring to promote a friendly attitude among students and keep up that old school spirit were the chief aims of the Yeomen. To keep busy the Yeomen entertained proud parents at a spaghetti feed and pinned orchids on their dates for Girls' Night. Brothers Croft and Wein- berg pounded gavels at unruly gatherings as presidents. Led by Marge Soule and Betty Kurtzman, Co-Eds gained recognition tor themselves and their school by aiding social welfare Work. When Co-Eds Weren't knitting for the Red Cross or gathering toys for toy loan libraries, they Were collecting reading matter to send to the boys in the service. Socially speaking, Co-Eds stepped out in tormals on Boys' Night, skated from house to house for a progressive dinner and turned out en masse for Church Sunday. 50 Theodore Kelly Francis Lawyer Nancy OH lane Fiizpatrxck I F Clewe Herbert Ray Gayle Burns R H Keamer Walter .rx C1 W J 6 U? cl! l G 3 S l.'l'l Pi In Making great strides in bettering their club and school the Embassy really Went places this year orienting bewildered BlU's and nightly calling absentees. Generally regarded as the more serious type, these lads had lighter moments at a gala Girls' Night. Tripped the light fan- tastic at a party which said farewell to seniors. Teachers in the making are these. Gaining valuable training as Well as doing a useful service, these future pedagogues play teacher when their talents are in demand. Assisting the faculty in many Ways it is the duty of the Cadet club to take over classes when the instructor is away. Major Cadets were Barbara Sclater and Don Bartley, who piloted this organization through a busy and successful year. ' 51 ti I, L 1' -t C ,., .U it 4, ,QQ t tl Ill. Washington's chronicle of the latest of news events rolls oft the print shop presses once weekly to be available to subscribers Friday mornings in home- room. Widely regarded as one of the best all-around high school papers locally published, the Surveyor shared its laurels with a staff of capable journalists who inaugurated such novel columns as "ln the Service" and "Back Talk". Much credit for the success of this year's publication was due to the ingenious ability of Editor lay Greenberg, who took matters into her own hands and saw that duties were executed with proper efficiency. Backed by such a patient and charming advisor as Miss Andrews, the Surveyor reached an all-time high in the presentation of lite on the General campus. Gold Quill and Scroll pins honored an unusually large percent of the Surveyor staff. Membership in this international honorary society required tour hundred printed inches and special recommendation. Iay Greenberg Kenny Proctor Ierry Ann Keck Floyd DeLay Carol Fisher Jerry Austin Marthe Haden Edwin Kimmel Barbara Felker 52 HND SCROLL Original manuscripts completed by Literati were, in an emi nent degree, marked by elevation, vigor, and unity ot thought grace of style and artistic construction. Aspiring authors con tributed prose and poetry gems, and under the co-editorship ot prexies Marvin Lasher and Bob Ewen rolled oft the presses the third edition of Washington's lone literary publication, "Laurel Leaves" I-I E S lil-'-I II-I I-I li I-I E S L Ill-1 The debate team, unable to take part in regu- lar interscholastic debates, contented itself with fiery aftirmatives and negatives on such sub- jects as "An R.O.T.C. tor Washington" and "Are Labor Unions a Benefit?" Also did their part for the O.C.D. by giving talks to junior highs on air-raid procedure. ART 4- C0 TINENTHL S The task of portraying a picture of student life is no easy one, as the art and editorial divisions of the Continental Staff discov- ered in double quick time. Decisions upon such things as a theme, artistic techniques, and literary style, offered a baffling problem to the practically inexperienced crew who met for the first time in September to plan the book. Newest development in the publication was the abolishment of customary traditions. Editors put their heads together, decided to publish a book minus forword, dedication, or usual colored division pages, constructed a continuity to carry the theme. Bottlenecks in the production of yearbook material Were solved by more streamlined organiza- tion. Fear of cutting down on the size of the Continental was the greatest problem to be faced by business managers Who were confronted with sudden price rises and governmental priorities. Harold I ones Meluice Knapp H,-F Alice Harth Barbara Hinkley Co-Art Editors Ierry Ann Keck Don Bartley Mildred Kingston C Ed. . . . . opy rtor Editor-rn-Chlei Assistant Editor Kay Hill Marlyn Fredrickson Dean Dirkson Betty Jennings Dorothy Johnson Mounting Editor Layout Editor Cartoon Editor Senior Picture Editor Group Picture Editor 55 III Z E Du In lil-'I Z II-I D-u 3 lull S ll! "Stars of Tomorrow" were today's Thespians. Possessing a combination of genuine talent and eagerness they brought to Washington audi- ences the true color of the stage. Trod the boards in two affable, laughable major productions "Ever Since Eve" and "You Can't Take lt With You". Spectacular effects for thespians were achieved by the capable grease paint artists and amateur wig-makers of the make-up crew. Led by Mr. Clewe the "crew" adapted itself to hard work, and for seasonable entertainment treated itself to a Chinese play and chow mein dinner. Helen Sawyer Catherine Hagqert I. F. Clewe 56 Eva Andrews Iohn Childress John Brandon Crusaders for World peace and promoters of friendship and understanding throughout na- tions Were the Iunior Adelphians. Hard hit for methods to carry on aforementioned ambitions, they concentrated their efforts in friendliness to our Well deserving Latin-American neighbors, Providing good times Was the "job" of rally funsters. They pat- terned Red Skelton through se- ries of Clem and Daisy Iune pro- grams for sports events and subscription drives. Main objec- tive Was to gain sportsmanlike spirit and good attendance. 5 me rl .dz '-II.-. l :Pe Z VIS nr: e Sin ...rl li -ir- ru l'l'll'4 The completion each semester oi pamphlets, characteristic of American school lite, to send to Latin American neighbors is the main objective of Adelphi- ans. Due to complicated in- ternational situations, they abandoned the spreading ot world friendship, de- cided to limit their promo- tion ot understanding to Pan-America only. These social study ma- jors gathered together on Monday noons to partici- pate in heated debates and unbiased forums. Between nibbles of lunch they torm- ulated plans for world peace and took stock ot the labor situation. Chronians also awarded history med- als, contributed new books to the library, and edited a departmental chronicle. ELP IBN Vernon Duncan Eva Hodgens Muriel McKinlay George Homringhausen Verda Hodgman Frederick Sampson wx Art Honor is interested mainly in creating expressions oi beauty and color. Devoting themselves to brushes and palattes, industrious members were always on the alert to convey sparks ot art interest. Awarded outstanding artistic ability and achievement with a gold- art key. Weekly meetings of earnest Fresco-ers in the third floor art haven brought to light many newly developed techniques for designs and plans for irescoes and murals to be painted at school. Occasional field trips to view some particularly inspirational type ot painting highlighted a year of creation. Ol1ve Mulholland Harold Iones Genevieve Ahrens Judith Miller Nora Burston Teresa Wermmqhaus MPHO Y URCHE T Undergoing many changes in organization, this year the Voca- tional Orchestra was revised, revamped, presented to the student body as just plain or- chestra. Has carried on this last semester with a career of beautiful waltzes and lingering melodies. Classics interpreted at their ulti- mate to please each listening ear were presented by the Sym- phony Crchestra during its se- ries ot brilliant concerts. Inspired musicians originated composi- tionsg gained valuable experi- ence in arrangements and or- chestrations. 60 The portals of fine music were opened to many unknowing Generals by the simple quality and beautiful compositions intro- duced by the Clef Club in semi-annual recitals. The expressive harmonies of organized expert musicians were blended together to add to the perfection of highly developed individual talents. Membership was based solely on musical aptness. HCCURDIII UIIHRTETTE Dawn, Betty, loyce and Colleen, a quartette of charming lassies with a quartette ot glittering ac- cordians, did themselves proud by entertaining you with their individual style oi harmonizing. S F' III 1 With the joy in its heart re- flected in its songs, the Girls' Glee Club sang its Way through operettas, Christmas programs, pet aud calls, onto the gradua- tion platform and into the hearts of General music lovers. Under the direction of Mrs. Mary Da- vies, the girls blended streams ot spontaneous tones into crystal purity. srnl 1: TBl0 RLS' ENSEM Spiritual, classical, humorous, and popular songs. The Boys' Glee Club sang them all. lt lent harmony to operettas, basso hal- leluiahs to the Christmas carols, masculine volume to stirring marches, and gave graduates a royal send off on that final day. Added new laurels to its crown oi outstanding achievements. Mary C. Davies Mary Alice Warnock Edgar Hansen Hilda Smith Lillian Elliot I4 UI 'f"'Wx":,,f 'Qs-YP' BUYS' lllHlll'l'ET 63 DRUM HND BUGLE While the bright eyed lads oi the gridiron passed and punted to victory, the Band and the Drum Bugle teamed together on Hughes field to spend long hours at practice and drill. Blasts of silver bugles and the beat ot rolling drums touched colortul routines with a military air. Last minute improvements, constant turmoil, unending practices were Well rewarded, even gloriously climaxed, at the Coliseum when the combined Band and Drum and Bugle forces performed before the most enthusiastic city- Wide turnout in many a season. Came through with "honor spot." 64 PII'-In Z llul 1 gi mr- 1 -1m Reliable statts of students who rendered inestimable services were "johnny-on the-spot" whenever and Wherever needed. Their jobs included the maintenance of a clean, cheerful dining room, the management of the student store and ticket sales, and the observance of the library and annex as true sanctuaries for the studious. STUDENT S T 0 ll E CHFETERIH Adding their service to school life through the library, third floor haven ot the research Worker, Belles Lettres also tried to interest you in the cultural subjects oi the upper register. Fostering interest 'in latest tic- tion, biographical and historical best-sellers, as Well as becom- ing acquainted With the classic masters and leading authors were the main activities ot Book- Worms. Edward Safariian George H. W. Shield Ethel Lane Iuelle Heaton Genevieve Randall Muriel Butler LES LETTB C KNIGHTS HND LADIES DI-HIDE 2 I GENERAL I. A D Y MARTHA SENIUR PLHY "YOU CANT TAKE IT WITH YOU" EVER SINCE EVE .r-+2 a Sf!-' 5 IR wi, wif? , f., .i f ,,AW,A 4 Jwha. rgyf- A W f .fecal ,K 1' W is-if ,, ri' ., Nfl fs ,wssfff X Q -' ,, fwgg- -' , " A my Y , 7 - we The longer you really thought about the essentials of a student's education the more you realized that physical development and manual skills comple- mented study and experiences. You were more aware of the importance of craftsmanship and valued the arc of light in which it stands supreme in today's emergency. You noted too. that alert minds need healthy bodies and that in the rays of "old Sol" you strive to develop the BODY 73 .. ' 7- if x,-J 7 1 XQM S 23N J yo' fps MART HUNIHNS Mary Crumpacker Ann Guidinger Iva Childs Esther Rebok Home economic students this year had the privi- lege of extending their course ot studies into the latest of campus additions, the "A" building. New rooms fully arrayed with modern equip- ment afforded no end of opportunities to sewing, cooking, and dietetic enthusiasts. Foremost in activities involving home economics were the Marthonians who kept themselves busy with school service by presenting fashion shows, and teas, sponsoring the Needlework Guild, and featuring a special Girls' Day in Iune. Antici- pated by fashion conscious girls, were both the colorful procession and exciting Coronation ot Queen Cotton and her attendants. Presided over by such capable prexies as Harriet Gillespie and Mary Bach, Marthonians enjoyed a year packed with service and social activities. Bertha Ley Blanche Carlson PII Caring tor the amplification of music, announce- ments and speeches, the Public Address crew, more widely known as the PA., lent invaluable service to the school at large. Running oft slides and moving pictures with the latest equipment, these boys prepared for future occupations. Setting up props for a list ot Varied stage pro- ductions and assembly scenes, fellow members of the Stage Crew were kept constantly on cat- walks or ladders, or generally "on their toes". Managed by "Pop" Anderson, the crew made its very important contributions to the school through its many ditticult projects. STEI-IEE BLIC ADDRESS CREW Stanley Cundiif Frank Hoff Arthur Bishop .LECT 0 S Electrical qenius found expression in member- ship in the "shock proof" Electrons. Devoted to the science of electricity, these fellows were ardent students of all kinds of electrical appli- ances and apparatus. Kept an eye on latest developments, were saddened by electrical priorities. 79 RINT SHUP Supervised by genial Mr. Ray, the fellows in vocational print shop kept "things cooking" by a constant output of Work from all fields of demand. Training for a probable career of printing, they had expert instruction on linotype machines, press opera- tion and other practical printing work. Courses in complete automobile repair and overhaul were made available to the mechanically minded fellows in the auto me- chanics class. Many a trusting faculty had faulty spark plugs checked in the local garage, while student patrons "gunned" in their jalopies to receive the "Works", T0 MECHANIC Always regarded by other schools as Washington's exclu- sive course, the aeronautics classes took on added impor- tance in this year oi national emergency. Anxious to turn out skilled workmen, supervisors Angar and Hairgrove placed emphasis on detailed precision. A better knowledge of the aero- nautical rudiments were ably in- structed, aptly absorbed, UNRUTICS 81 Harry Stone Edward Anderson Herbert Ray ERT Rudolph Anger Alexander Macdonald Much student interest was cen- tered on the rnetal, leather and Wood classes, offered to boys and girls alike, Tooled leather wallets, hand carved salad bowls, and copper plant holders were just a few of the articles in which students specialized. Supervision was provided by our own "Pop" Anderson, who taught with marked skill the intricate techniques connected with this type of handicraft. Aside frorn the satisfaction of actual creation, the leisurely, friendly fashion in which classes were conducted, added to the pleasure of enrollees. -.x William Bennett Iohn Barragar Functioning as one of the young- est groups organized on the Washington campus, the Crafts- man's Guild made several initial, but definite strides for recogni- tion. Included in the clubs mem- bership were fellows who ex- celled in any of the many man- ual skill courses offered at school. Noted for its fine collec- tion of outstanding craftsmen, the guild remained a solely mas- culine association. Another in- teresting tid-bit concerning the operation of this organization was the rotating sponsor system, by which the members of the shop faculty took turns to serve as sponsors for one semester. CBHFTSMHN S GUILD 'Sze 5 IONES MORENO. Chasin, Guard Anderson, End Dill, Halfback Case, Cerner All-City, All-Southern r l I , W STAFFORD,GREEN Foster, End Kirkffackle Early, Quarterback All-Southern Gelerman Fullloack Dobyns, Guard Ellis, Tackle Poyle, End Hartman Halfback .WQQW ,f Z. 497 COACH RICH Gonzales, Tackle Riley, Guard Helfrich, Fullback Kiapos, Guard C. Moore, Guard All-Southern Ward, End Siellaway, End All-Southern Littlefield, Hallback M. Moore, Tackle Rudolph, Guard Thompson, Center Uranqa, Manager All-Southern 40 wwf mf Zeiilv ... 'Wm ROOSEVELT IEFFERSON FREMONT Football success visited our campus this past season. Our practice tilts with Loyola and Dorsey were mild successes, tieing Loyola O to O and down- ing Dorsey 14 to 6. The league opener with Fre- mont was a bitter beginning for the Generals. Our team was hoo-dooed by injuries and hard luck. After a scoreless first-half, Dan Brown, star Fremont half- back, passed for two quick LOS ANGELES 87 touchdowns. Late in the fourth quarter Brown raced 36 yards for another touch- down. Washington never threatened. On October 24, 1941, an underdog-Gen- eral squad snuffed out the Roman can- dle. ln the second quarter Bi1l Foster intercepted a pass and sprinted 79 yards to pay dirt. Late in the third quarter Turchetto passed to Early to the three yard line. After three line smashes had netted nothing, Turchetto flung one to Anderson who made a magnificent catch. The final gun sounded the death knell for Rome. This victory rated as the outstanding prep upset of the season. Manual Arts, our bitterest rival, found a ready grave on Hughes Field. With Leo Helfrich doing the heavy work, the Generals drove to the Toiler 21 where Helfrich passed to Anderson for the score. ln the last quarter Ed Ward got hot and tallied twice, once on a 17 yard run and once on a pass. The Washing- ton line was outstanding as the 19 to O score indicates. Thus, a humbled Man- ual Arts found that our Los Angeles victory was not a fluke. The Washington-Roosevelt encounter decided the League Championship. Roosevelt scored immediately on a pass from Leon to Grbovaz. This same com- bination clicked again in the second quarter. With the aid of a penalty, Hel- frich and Dill Worked the ball down to the Roughrider one, where Dill plunged over. The last half found Roosevelt halt- ing two General marches and scoring a field goal. The final score was 16 to 7. The continual bad breaks of this game blasted our championship hopes. Hapless Iefferson was caught in a maze of General touchdowns. The massacre ended when a 48 to U score was reached. The Generals were Coliseum bound after this fracas. The scoring honors went to Dill, Stell- Way, Turchetto, Foster, Rawlings, and DiMag- gio. Many of next year's stars were uncov- ered in this game as Coach Ralph Rich spared the Democrats by clearing the bench. Washington entered in the fourth period ot the P.-T.A. Carnival opposing University. With a first down on the 26 Helfrich crashed through center for ll, then Dill slid outside tackle tor l2 to the 3. On fourth down Ander- son scored on a pass from Dill. Other high- lights ot our period Were George StellaWay's 39 yard dash and I-lelfrich's 70 yard punt. Washington's team was backed by the most enthusiastic rooting section in the stadium. Cur fine showing in the Coliseum quieted the critical "Harry Highschoolsu, and terminated a successful season. MANUAL ARTS COLISEUM ARSITY FOOTBALL VARSITY GO as E FOOTBALL BEE GOO 1 9U Our high riding Bees were also runners-up in the Southern League. Their spectacular vic- tories established a new city scoring record for lightweight teams. An unbelievable upset by our jinx foe, Roosevelt, ruined an otherwise perfect sea- son. Washington 31 ......... Loyola .... . . . U 31 ...... ..Dorsey... ...2 42 ........ Fremont . . . . . . O l4 ....... Los Angeles ....... U 21 ....... Manual Arts ....... U O .... ...Roosevelt.......5 31 ........ Ieiterson . . . . . . O The tough tots of the Cee Team kept up the school aver- age by finishing second best in their league. These boys learn the fundamentals ot football un- der Coach Heilman. The baby brutes were the only Washing- ton eleven to tumble a Roose- velt High team. Washington 0 ....... Cathedral .. .... . l3 12 .......,. Loyola .... . . . 7 l3 ....... Manual Arts ....... 6 l3 ....... Roosevelt ....... 7 6 ........ San Pedro ........ 13 12 ....... Los Angeles ....... 7 CEE FOOTBALL D xg was xiii, S fs-Q f .J ,I..zQ. 'll Nm' i.'..."'!,u X h S ,v f t ,ff omsmm sv mom. wx: it QNIINGBY UUHKWAYBCRKSON- x F 7 - i 1 it 1 Q 7 a I Z s 7 T A a ltita P t.:f zzt ' P 1 7 . ' W iall K t'i4ff'7it' " 'Q X , , . tllt. K A i A "" - " lttl , l"" K . is'-a i '--. 'ltt litll f'7f'5' atslt s ' M ll it w ,s'i5i,i5ffQ.1fi' A at .'l' , 5 , I , i V k,,, ,L V - - , y y ,',t' ' a t ' ytttt , tyiyt fir , W stst HSKETBHLL Dan Reed Capt. Frank Gilmore Art Nickloif Bob Clark Karl Klein Vic Larson Washington's basketball artists copped their second league championship in a row this season. A flock of returning lettermen from last year's hoopsters and some flashy new material did the trick. Art Nickloff completed a great season with a berth on the Southern League team. Nick was also the second highest scorer in the league. Bill Martin was not up to par this season, however he came through with some outstanding ball handling. Gangling Buck Gilmore smothered the backboard from his center post, and was invaluable to the team. Bob Clark and Vic Larson broke the opposing forwards' hearts with their stinginess. Larson's consistent play made him a league choice. Klein, Reed, Iarrett, and Wilson rounded out this fine team. All of the fellows above, except Larson, have played their last game for our Alma' Mater. This gang rates some glory, for during their stay at Washington they were the toast of the prep basketball ranks. ' 92 LETTEBMEN ld Wil y Iarret! Ray Stivers Bill Martin in COACH HOLBROOK ea V V A R S I T Y BASKETBALL Coach Holbroolds varsity team dropped only two league games and Won eight. Roosevelt was again our jinx. The Bees copied the Varsity, and also won the league championship. Again Roosevelt Was the thorn in our side. BEES CEES Basketball wizard Holbrook completed his trio of champions when his "Cee" team took their cup in time style. M COACH FULTS lf' After being absent from the baseball Wars for some time, Washington fielded a formidable team this season. Last fall, a surprising number of rookies greeted Coach Fult's call for ball players. ln a few weeks these rookies Were transformed into a hot ball club. They entered the famed Dorsey tournament, and after drub- bing all opposition were finally ousted by Riis and Fremont. Behind the ace flinging of pitcher Leo Helfrich, the Generals seemed title bound when they dropped Riis, L.A., and Ieff succes- sively in league play. In the next game with Fremont Washington blew the duke through some unfortunate errors. After slaughtering Roosevelt, the bludgeon bearers were upset by HP., and thoroughly trounced by Bell. We had to be satisfied with third place this year, but rest assured that next year we will walk on the heads of our opponents. lack Theys Bill Cleveland Dick Gaskelle Dcn Rogers Chuck Ortiz Frank Latrorzica Mickey Wessel Chuck Calvert Tom Gough Kenney Gillespie lim Iacobs HSEBHLI. EH ,W'Lfii?'W wffjiaffuffld wwf ff gwjjj W Jwjjwwjw MQW' WM 'J WW T B l.E'l' TE J Coaches Les Heilman and Iohn Childress had reason to smile this year, for they fielded a promising team. The nucleus of the team is made up of seniors, Who have seen three years ot service under Coach Heilman. Sprinting the dashes for the Generals this season were Schlickbernd, Wood, and Carpenter, all returning lettermen, and all seniors. Grosse toured the quarter in record time and doubled in the hundred. Estes and Glenwinkle rounded out the 440 crew. The local barriers took a beating from Anderson, Hicks, and Hosack who were consistent all season. The guts and lungs division of the team Was capably filled by Wilson, Steward, Austen, Ruppretch, and Gill. Littlefield, lahnz, and Richardson made up the high jump department. Ward, Klein, and Neighbors were super in the shotput. Ward made a school record, and Neighbors holds the Bee city record. In the long jump, Blume, Ward, Hohener, and Sorensen came through admirably. Stevens, Caldwell, and Anderson struggled with the bamboo ior the Generals. Most of these boys graduate before next season and deserve credit for their outstanding periormances. Hosack Richardson Littlefield Hohener Hicks Anderson Gaunt Wood Wilson Ruppritch Iahnz Ward Sorenson Neighb rs Estes Steward Grosse Klein Blume Austin Caldwell Schlickbemd Allison Foster ,Ml VARSITYTRACK Jwiw ww Wadi? fylyvwfj C R O S S C O U N T R Y B'E ETR A C K C E E T R A C K 1 101 Iacobsen Ballantyne Mathis Hyam Butkie Scott McDougal Hammel Koppe Gunny Smith Gillespie Caldwell Leach Laskelle Iuhaze Stegman Evans Forde Stannick Carmichal With the regularity of a time clock Coach Carmichal has turned out con- sistently good gym teams at Washington. This year's team was not an exception to the rule. Being a Well-balanced team, the Army muscle men cruised through their dual meets undefeated. The mainstays of the Generals were Dick Laskelle and Boyd MacDougal on the parallels, loe luhasz on the high bar, and Bill Hyam on the rings. These boys managed to cop the high places in the dual meets. Contrary to their usual form, the General Apollos finished third in the Southern League. Credit should go to MacDougal and Mathis for winning the parallels and tumbling. Laskelle placed in both the parallels and the high bar and lack Caldwell nabbed a second on the long horse. Unfortunately Manual Arts took their second league title in a row. 103 ff? 1 v W 'W' MCI. YM TE EBM 1 R M E N I-IIE ge ghd :un 2 rl mm Sn: l"'-In 2: I-IlIrl'.l VOLLEYBALL WRESTLING HORSESHOE X Q. , 1, mfg ,fly 75 1 M , X i , m,AQ XVVV 5 vmL,, lfi AVV: V V ' fp , M Q A. I gim V Aj . Q Q U V 'Y OM W! 'QMS ?" wx it 5 Civ ffin ICE-CUTTEBS VEB SKATERS Skating for these lads and lassies began with hilarious hours of beginners' bruises. An impressive attiliated initiation was just a starter to rnany skating parties, interrningled with picnics and a list of other sports events. Familiar to most ot the local ice skating rinks, these two groups becarne quite proficient in bal- ance and skill, learned to cut some fancy capers on their silver blades. Meetings for these sports-minded groups Were planned by lce Cutters Kenny Barber and Ed Ward, and Silver Skaters, Beverly Gross and Mary Ellen Grassl. 108 Frank Hoff Elsie Whitman Velema Griffith Helen Clark Alice Segal Lucille Sylva 't as , K ,, r,. . sw -s-- is X ..--- . .. . ,L .fi i.: K K K . .. :J X . i ask K. . S . 5 t Q .ga C With sportsmanship and fair play as their ideals, tennis-minded members of the Racadets spent an enjoyable year striving to develop a smash- ing serve and torehand drive. Captainecl by Betty Grantz and Kay Wigton, this army of gay "Racateers" invaded local tennis courts twice monthly. WHSHINGTO WINNERS Action was the keynote of the Washington Win- ners, who rejoiced in a year ot teamwork and cooperation. High spirits, ideal sportsmanship, and more than a share ot pep and go prevailed in their activities. Added responsibilities in- cluded proticient scholarship and high merits. 109 g:sLkgggs.NgQlgsi.gQxwM.Q,w,ww.,W-Mvwgwmggfgggvxis ' ' 5 1 ff' 110 Deep in the heart of the athletic fields, kicking, hitting, or batting the ball around, we ran into the athletic GAA.- ers, of Washington. No day was too chilly, nor too hot, for these girls to be out there enjoying their favorite game. On the sports menu were such favorite games as tennis, speedball, volleyball, and many others. Well organized, this group was led by Polly Pollard in the winter, and Bobby Margelin in the summer. wfh' V, 'QM' ,, 22" 1 1 1 X Rf VL. WM. 'M M . K . .Aaah --T A fi f 5 reas- mf ii . M' - . f .9 -AVG iii? 69? f ,ii Q, QTL if , X flag-Q K ' 8,4.c.. ,,.' , Z .,., if .. H -' -- -f.- .:. lX -g an .,, Ilellzmi r f - -iwfggg if VX 'L Q Ag, -, 32 W E :S Jr JW ,I 331+ 316554 'I mtg! "' 1 ,, M was rr ,:5?I.g:,gm15 gags , ' a Q, ,. 1 , tg ns? B mg j im gw gggi N 1 sw xmrffi ,Miz M359 M M 3 if 2155752 il A gif-vim , N M.. W wfig Qfggig -fskiel ' 1 flu my Pkiiveiwzmmm W k,,.,f. up 1 ,Q if I IMYI, L g, .. ,,.: f P muff?" , Three years warmed by the steady glow of pur- pose and the radiance of friendship culminated your life at Washington. Then came the realization that senior high school was all. and even more than you had anticipated. You found in the buildings, on the quad, and on the field an education of association and experience. You learned to love the campus and its traditions: you gained ideals and standards to guide your future: and most important you learned to work. You worked for more than honor or recognition. You worked to develop your mind, your spirit, your body. You worked to fulfill your desires and your ambitions. You worked day by day, year by year. until you found your horizons illuminated by the dawning light of Seniordom. And with the approach of that light, three years of development had suddenly grown into FULFILLMENT. 115 5 ,245 E, 9. d..5mm,. 'Q' ,- " - f "'- 1'.' - H --U. ' - - ,- - .,x - -, : -5 ' - -. - - .. FF"l" l'l"'l' 'VV l"l"'I" FFF FFF l'Fl" FFF' l'I"f' rrr FFF rrr FFF FFF FFF rr-r rrr rrr il rrr rrr rrr r'r'l' rrr' rr:-li' r-rr' rrl' FFF CLARKE I 118 W' l Frank I. Aiello Vera P. Arnick Marie Anderson Daisy Anglich Florence Appel Mary Asadorian Lois Asmussen Betty Baker Leasel Baird Myrtle Best Orville Bethard Coleen Bishop Dorothy Boggs Ioan Borrelli Iohn Bothman Lorraine Bradley Iohn W. Brasile Mildred Brown Adele M. Bruce Donn Byron Mae Carrington Bob Carter Edward Caustin Iolinn Chapman Mercedes Chavez Doris Chow Chris Christensen Robert Clark 1 1 9 l nf , of Leland Clemens Edward H. Colbath Harry Conway Elizabeth Cordova Faye Corr Alicia Correa Harry Corrsetto Virginia Corrsetto Elgene Cox Calvin Cragun Robert Cranmer Eileen Crawshaw Harley Cross Iames Daneskin Barbara Davies Ed Deftenbaugh Martin de Goede Don DeLape Ioe De Maggie Beverly De Marie Robert Ebey Edith DeVries Lcis Donnelly Sterling Downes Kenneth Drake Bette Earnhart Ted C. Eberts Iackie Dent A S Bernice Eddy Lois Edmonston Dorothye Edwards Bill Eichelberger Ronnie Ewen Mahlon Faust Marrian Ferraro Barbara Flenniken David Fletcher Mae Louise Fowler Harriet Galbraith Gerrie Gast Betty Gibbel Marguerite Gibson ' 120 iq, B Frank Gilmore Virginia Gilreath Roland Gobel lack Gold Patricia Gordon LaVerne Grannis Betty Grantz Lawrence Green Loyce Greenhaw Beverly Griiiin Beverly Gross Anna M. Groves Barney Hagadorn Mary Haire Phil Harden Dolores Hawley Maxine Haynes Gordon Hearne Loren Heh Anbrea Hernandez Eileen Herrmann Emily Holterman Bill Horn Lois Houston Urath Leona Huff Esther Hultquist Matt Hynes Grace Ike Fredrick Irvine Mildred Iensen 121 l 1 J U an- ' Bob Iones Harold E. Iones Leo Robert Iones Betty Kalpakian Ierry L. Kessler Robert Kesson Gloria G. Killeen Edwin Kimmel Norma King Vivian Kirkham Roy Kirtland Bette Knapp Dorothy Knick Doris Knudsen Lloyd Krant Margaret Kunz Asao Kurosaki Pat Kyqer Mary LaChapelle Elly Lanquilon Marvin A. Lasher Earl Leake Leona Lerch Iames Liggett Bob Lind Dorothy Lind Aline Linquest Iune I. Loeitler New Iackie Lonergan Ruth M. Ludlow Evelyn L. Luten Iennie Madler Clarence Maqnusen Howard Mantay Edna Martinich Frances Martucci Michael Mastro Iean A. Mathews Iack R. Maxwell Cheryl McBride Lloyd McClanahan Marlene McDonald 122 M ff Iack McElhose Lina Montreuil Bonnie Mclohnston Carol Miller Don Miller Carol Moore Ed Moreno Audrey Morrish Margaret Miller Mary Alice Nash Arthur Nickloff Willy Nielson Helen Ogle Ralph Olivette Ioe Olsen Al Osterhues , Betty Parades Glyndon Parsons Gloria Pascoe Willis R. Peck Ieanette Pellegrino Margaret Peppler Barbara Peyton Herb Platz Pete Pleick Iim Pound Ethel Mae Powers Arno Procheter Kennie Proctor Pat Pursell 123 Evelyn Radomski Bill Ramsay Don Read Dorothy Reeve: Lucille Reyburn Vic Riley Ierry Robinson Kathleen Robinson Ruth M. Robinson Iune Rockwell G. Lawrence Rose Mary Ross Barbara Rudolf Richard Runcie Gerald Russell Mary Scancarello Evelyn Schon Barbara Sclater Hilda Shearer Helen Shen' Alvin Shutt Alberta Smith Stanley Snitzer Mariorie Soule Don Spaud Bob Staiiord Ray Standard George Stellway is S R Bill Stephenson Donald Stinchcombe Marilyn P. Stine lane E. Streur Anthony I. Sully Elias Tapia, Ir. Arleen Taylor Edmond Teissese Ioyce Teroka Bill Tolin Dave Tomlinson Doris Topel Cecelia Tuffey Eleanor Vanderhoeven 124 Gloria Vander Zee Iay M. Van Holi Enos Ray Verkler Ieanette Voris Charles Voss Vincent Vrsalorich Robert Waddell Ioyce Wallace Maridell Walters Margie L. Ward Dorothy Watson Virginia Webster D. Dean Weeke Betty L. West Eleanor Westra Kenny Widner Bob Wiley Bertimae Wills Betty Lou Wilson Pauline Wilson Bill Winkle Georgiana Wood Iune Woodward Margaret Woodward Mary M. Wortman Harriett Wright Maxine Wyckoff Gloria Young Evelyn Zimmerman Iim Kring 125 3 ' r ' 1 Ioseph Abert A Robert Adler Sam Alkana Eugene Aluevich George Anderson Robert Anderson Walter Anderson Malcolm Andrews Ernest Andrus Margret Angel Lowell Applebury Earl Armstrong Elmer Arnold Richard Arnold Lf William Aston Ierry Austin Betty Axtman Mary Bach Barbara Baker Wayne Barker Shirley Barnes Rita Barry Don Bartley Virginia Beaton Arthur Beck Marie Becker Lloyd Beckstrom Barbara Beeson Q, Lf if 127 Doris Belllield Harold Benson Loralee Benton Florine Berman Barbara Berninger Weona Berryman Elmo Bethard Dolores Betterman Dorothy Bird Frances Bispo Frances Blackstone Stanley Blume Ellwood Blunden Frances Bodkin 1 f' L ' 1 Bill Bogle lf James Bolkavotz Rolalie Bonsignore Ray Bossaert Eileen Bowman Doris Buchel Maebelle Bugher Emanuel Butkie Roger Bradach Bonnye Brim Phyllis Brinneqer Dean Brooks Robert Brosius Don Brossmer Barbara Brown Elaine Brown K Frank Brown Iames Brown Robert Brown Clyde Brunner 5 Iuanita Calabrese Betty Calderon Courtney Calvert Helen Calvin Blossom Campbell Helen Cope Vincent Carabba Arnold Carlson 128 John Carnagua Virginia Carnes VA Leland Carrington M Charles Carter Eugene Carter Walter Case ' Virginia Casper Donald Cason lean Cavanaugh Pat Cannell Betty Cauvel Vincent Cinriano Larry Clark Marilyn Clark Beth Cleveland Colleen Coates Wilfred Coleman Georqena Combs Iack Coogan Iess Cook Lf, Lloyd Corliss lack Coughlin Grace Crank Lloyd Cronk George Crawlord Bette Cross ' Betty Cummins Neal Currier Lorraine Darms Louise Darms 129 Eilleen Dart Mildred Davey ' Roy Davis V Richard Dean Doris DeSues Ann DiBiase Sidney Dickie 'I Lois Diegelman Dean Dirkson ,ff Laurence Dobyns , Dorothy Dodge Phyllis Dodge Doreen Doran 1, Elaine Douqan L, V" , l Iean Drushal Emily Dudley Al Dubin Dorothy Duiek Tom Dunavvay Kenneth Duncan Hubert Edwards Norma Ekins Eloise Eller Elizabeth Ellis Helene Eliason James Elliot Melton Elithorp Frank Emerson LW Q " Leona Endee May Engle Mary Enkosky Pat Estes Richard Estes Robert Evleth Frances Evans Frank Evans Ioyce Evans Allen Ezell Barbara Felker Carol Fisher Kenneth Fisher Iules Fierdingslad N V , ff' 130 Mary Flowers Donald Foote 'ff Doris Foote y Ieaneiie Forsythe Russell Fox Winiired Foxlee L Charles Franklin V Mary Frazee iff Arline Frazer Genevieve Friar A Laura Fredrick Marlyn Fredrickson Richard Freytaq ' J Ruth Frisch Chester Fuller Iacqueline Fust Arthur Gagian Iune Gail , Louis Galanie Lorraine Gale 4' f 'X Lois Gammon Marian Gardner Willadean Gardner Patricia Garreit Lois Garrison James Garbeit Frank Geierman Dean Gemmill Raymond Genaway Harriet Gillespie ,, L , I Lf Vf gf 131 'Wf Roberta Gilroy Sylvia Gincig I Wanda Goerler V Mary Goff Gloria Goldrinq Shirley Gottleib Ralph Grace Ralph Gray Elva Graham Aloha Graser Dorothy Gravendyk Bernice Green Ioyce Greenberg lack Griffith Lf L, 'Y K ly. ,, X William Gross Bill Guthormsen Marthe Haden Anita Haiiley Doris Hale Mildred Hamil Bill Hammel Betty Hanahan Ioyce Hansen Lucille Hansen Ralph Harless Iim Harris Iustin Harrison Alice Harth sn., iw..-,J Billie Heqarty Mary Hegarty Leo Helfrich Tom Henderson Stanley Henkle Thelma Herman Richard Herndon Patricia Hewey Betty Heyle Dick Hicks Ioyce Hill Iames Hilegas Dixie Hilton Iune Hilton I , if 132 Barbara Hinkley Elsie Hinshaw xf Dick Holi V Esther Hoilund Charles Hogue Conrad Hohener. Ir. Va Harry Hontz Fred Hopper Iarel Hosacl: X, Bettie Houseman rf ff' Ianet Houston Neale Houston Madene Howard Roberta Huber Katherine Huif Anna Hughes Catherine Hughes Richard Hulse Helen Hunter William Hyam I ff 1' 7 L ti' ,, William Hyland Marvel Ikenberry Eleanor Ingersoll Leonard Iahnz Richard Iames Albert Ienke Betty Iennings Barbara Iohnson Dorothy Johnson Edmond Iohnson 1 , f X -U' f X, ., ff 133 Gloria Iohnson Helen Iohnson N! La Vera Iohnson ff Margaret Iohnson Raymond Iohnson , Robert Iohnson Ioseph Iuhasz Dorothy Kain Doreen Karl Ann Kauten Monica Kavanagh Ierry Ann Keck lf Orell Kehrer Q, Dorothy Kelly x X I 1 Darlene Kemp Bob Kendrick Mary Kennedy Iune Kenner Doris Kernaghan Iane Kilpatrick Martin King Mildred Kingston Barbara Kirk Karl Klein Arthur Knapp Richard Koebsell Margaret Kohlmiller Evan Koppe Elsie Kristensen Bob Kuebler Ethel Kuester Betty Kurtzman Eugene Lang Dorthea Larson Frank Latronica Alvin Laughlin Dick Laughlin Fred Laven Patricia Layman Marie Leaverton William Leftwich Frances Leitner 134 LeRoy Lennert I Lorraine Linqe Frances Linsley I. Ray Little Donald Long Gertrude Lundgren Del Major Yolanda Malaspina VMarilyn Marchbanks Nick Mardesich x V + , if Barbara Marqelin Ioy Bob Marks William Martin Ralph Martucci lean Moser Robert Mason Marilyn Massengale Lucille Mauldin Rose McClatchy Martin McClung Merna McDonald Marilyn McHugh Betty McKnight Ierry McMahan Margaret McNeil Betty Meinert Betty Merritt Donald Merton Iames Meumer V 135 f .f f Xl X X Shirley Michaelis Aurelia Mike Virginia Millard! Omalee Mitchell William Mlagenovich Margaret Moldt Elizabeth Mollner y Otto Molz, Ir. Ralph Monahan Clinton Montgomery Lois Montour Iohn Morino , Evelyn Morris Leonard Morrison X-., 1 -.f . -r -. a XJ' , Betty Morton Ed Mullen Marguerite Mullenau: Mariorie Mullenaux Clarence Murphy Edward Murray Cleo Myers Harold Naudon Sonora Neidig Marilyn Nelson Iames Neville Tomiye Nichikawa Charlotte Norby Doraine Nowacki X v Salvador Nuno Mark O'Brien Claire O'Cano Arlene Ockel Richard Oerum Kathleen O'Donnell Fred Oliver Frances Olsen Frank Olsen Harley Olsen Marian Olson Priscilla Osborne Marilyn Ostinq F rank Palmenteri .. X X, 136 ChristopherPanos Bernal Parke Gordon Parr ' Pauline Parry Leah Pasternack Laurine Patsch Thelma Pederson Ray Pemberton J Iuanita Perry Nellie Phernamburq 1 lf' L Gertrude Phinney Patricia Plehn Mary Pollard Darrell Porter Kenneth Pye Bernice Queyrel Gerrie Quinn Nettie Quirinq Dorothymae Raehn Betty Read Ln I , Doroihy Rehers Peggy Reinburg Iune Reinhard Margaret Rempler Rhea Renfroe Doris Reynen Gordon Reynolds Howard Rice Bill Rich June Rippe 137 iq..X XLXX . 1 X ,p nv Charlene Roberts Andrew Rogers f Robert Rogers ' Edgar Ross " Ianice Ross Bob Rothbaler Betty Rowley Marvin Rudolph 7 Iack Russell ' Irene Sabo . George Salg - Marietta Salsman Sally Sass Ian-res Scanlon l ! iw d Marjorie Schmidt Frances Schneider Warren Schnitzer Raymond Shutte Betty Scott Mary Schilling Stephen 1 Charles Scott lim Scott Yvonne Scott Leotah Selby Don Shanahan Marie Sherman Ioan Shoemaker 'Fi 'W'- wav'-' 'IW Clayton Simmons Stanley Simmons Charles Smith Patricia Smith Edgar Smouse Tommy Snee Frank Sneperqer Elmer Soderstrom Robert Sorensen Mildred Sosic lean Spears Albert Staddon Marilyn Steed Lee Stegman Y 138 Virginia Stephens Ray Sterr Iohn Steward V! lean Storms Floyd Swanson Norman Tabah Lillian Tamulinas L2 Barbara Tarrant Mary Tennent Daniel Terzo .fi Iack Theys , Ieanne Thomas Mary Thomas Robin Thomas Irene Thomason Bob Thompson Geraldine Thorpe Bob Timms Ronald Timms Opal Tirk , x , . ff x, sX S X Marguerite Tobias Thomas Traynor Betty Truttman Lorna Tyler Iames Uranqa Dorothy Uselton Alice Vandelac Bob Van Der Blomen Edwin Venable Harry Vette i 139 Peggy Iewell Vickers Robert Vorhis Betty Lou Walch r Betty Ioy Walsh William Walters Buckley Ward Ed Ward Lee Ward Mary Weaver Sylvia Webster X , Gordon Weed Eddie Weems Norbert Weinberg Patricia Westcott f, ,J X f , Alden Wesgrgren Robert White Roland Whitmore Hope Whitney Barbara Wieclcing Barbara Wight Katherine Wigton Lenn Wikstrom Betty Wilkins Kathleen Willette Doris Wilson Gloria Wilson Iames Wilson Peggy Wilson , ff XX Lf x X f Ralph Wilson William Wilson Iames Wingeier Mariorie Winking Ruth Wise Laurance Wise Ellen Wittmond Peggy Wolf Kenneth Wolt Emmett Wood Betty Wright Henry Wunderlich Ruth Wunderlich Beth Yerkes xl ' l ,f J wf 140 Irma Zarate Dolores Zeiwo Z I-'-Il 2 VI Z I-I-'I If-I Z B CHP HND GUWN CUMMITTEE AND THESE H IIE LEFT UIIII CAMPUS LIFE T0 I-'I FUR THE LIGHT UF FIIEEIIU NAVY IOHN ALDERSON DON ALLENSWORTH RONI ARMBRUSTER HOWARD BANKS GEORGE BARTLETT ARDEN BLACKWOOD JERRY BLAIR CHARLES CASACKY BILL DENNY KEITH EATON FRED ESHWIG HENRY FERNANDEZ CHARLES FINNEGAN TED FROST HARRY GABRIELSON FRANK GILL RUPERT HARLE BOB IANSSEN FRED KAY JOE LODGE BILL MARSHALL JACK MIDGETT SKEY MILLER CHARLES MORGAN NEAL NORRIS JOE OLSON CHARLES POWRIE JAMES QUINLAU FRANK REED EDWARD ROREX CLARENCE REYNOLDS RICHARD RUNCIE JULIUS SANCHEZ FRED SCOVEY EARL SETTLE JOE SHEETZ GORDON SHUPE WALTER SIEG LE ROY SPENCER JOHN SUMNER LLOYD TRACY GENE TURRELLA RALPH WALKER ROY WEISHAAR MELVIN WHITTINGTON BOB WHYMAN ROYAL CANADIAN AIR FORCE HAROLD BULLOCK JAMES SINCLAIR ARMY FRED APREA IAMES BOAL BEN BRIER DEAN CORBITT MARINES BUD ASELTINE JACK BONES BOB BOSNAK BOB CRAIG JAMES DORAN JIM MERRIKEN BOB RUSSELL ARMY AIR CORPS DOUGLAS BEETHAM DON HAUSSNER COAST GUARD JACK DODGE GEORGE GROSS DICK MILLER GEORGE MILLER RALPH OLIVETTE RALPH SUMMONS STATE GUARD RANDALL BLUSER DON DE MOULIN IN MEMURIHM MR. ALEXANDER SMITH "Then sorrow, touched by thee, grows bright With more than rapture's rayg As darkness shows us Worlds ot tight We never saw by day." Three years of high school were quick in passing and now your life here is over. For some of you Washington was just a preparation for higher scholastic efforts, for others it was the termination of books and study. Whatever your outlook may be. you will never iorget the many things you learned here. Your school has been a friendly place in which to seek new associations. new experiences. It has given you a chance to work and play. to think, to evaluate. It has given you a yard stick of standards, a measure of judgment. It has provided you with tools for knowledge. It has given you an education with which to face the light of the FUTURE. 145 N Lag, Q. N E Q we 3,2 V K 1 I 5 2 5 S: 5 ki! 2 i i E ii . 45, f E Q 'E :S 1 f Jw TWSFSHQ L 5 fi ? X X K1 - .f W, , A W, 5 Q X X X x 3. 'Sf S K .Q:55.331Tl5fL5E N . J, .gif , ' f ' fiflliezs-1:53, 'KWH' - ,MM .,. . K X. 1 X Q-T 2 sg 'N SE W W f ! . . . .1 .,..,.. V ---- ' , W E , 2 S -Q Q S E525 rs 1 ' 2255 fr: 3 is i,i,z,f2mf ,gf eff 1256 09 f A -V Q lk, ,wg .3 .fm .15 fb S P X 'Sify 5: 1 x X KX Q fx, . . q K S . ifwmg . A lERRY'S MEN'S SHOP Clothes make a man, so why not go to Ierry's for that new sport coat? Then you. too, will be the "apple" of some girl's eye. 85145 South Vermont Phone PL. 9194 W. A. GOODMAN 8 SONS CHAMPIONSHIP EQUIPMENT Here it is! That season that gets you sports-minded. With a new line ol stock W. A. Goodman 6 Sons are ready to serve you lor either individual or team equipment. LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA 1029 Broadway Place Lowest prices and terms, and high trade-in allowances make you want to trade with: BAXTER-NORTHRUP MUSIC COMPANY 837 South Olive Phone MI. 4071 REEL LUMBER COMPANY PLYWOODS - SUGAR AND WHITE PINE - SPRUCE - DOUGLASS FIR 1249 East 63rd Street Phone ADams 5221 HARRY KOONS Pins are the rage with clubs. both on and off the campus. Why not get your club to become pin conscious? The place to go is to Harry Koons. where students are given courteous service as well as considerate prices. 1007 West 96th Street Phone TW. 9824 RYDELL PRODUCE HOUSE - ONLY QUALITY PRODUCE This company is noted for its high grade food. thus assuring Washington students of having the best lor their lunches AXminster 21713 VAndike 9295 1317 East Eighth Street SHOP WITH SOUTHWEST'S CONFIDENCE PIONEER IEWELERS 0 Perfect Blue IH lla Nationally White Diamonds I W l C DH E E LGR Advertised Watches l 8426 So. Vermont HAMILTON TYPEWRITER SERVICE No better place could be found to have your typewriter serviced than Hamilton's, where they are famous tor their years oi tine service. 9225 South Broadway Phone PL. 7203 SEE THEM FIRST SOUTHSIDE THEATERS Why not take your "one and only" to the theatres where they show the latest hits from our tilm capital? Manchester-322 West Manchester Mayfair-8743 South Broadway Balboa-8713 South Vermont SMITH 6 THEIS FREE PICKUP AND DELIVERY TIRES - BATTERIES - AUTO REPAIRING Richfield ONE-STOP Service FREE wzxsn ron wma LUBRICATION AND on. mmm - Two CENT mscoum ou ALL casounrz Cor. Manchester and Normandie Phones: TH. 4585 and TH. 2780 LEO N. FINCH, LTD. Manufacturers oi Lacquers. Synthetics and Paints LOS ANGELES, CALIF. 728 E. 59th Street ADams 8147 IACK SPRAT'S DRIVE-IN Take a tip from the Generals and eat at lack Sprat's Drive-In. where you get excellent Iood and fine service at moderate prices. MANCHESTER AND VAN NESS TOWER MARKET GROCERIES - BAKERY DELICACIES - VEGETABLES - MEATS - DELICATESSEN Florence and Westem Phone TW. 9344 -Q- 01'Y9o f. Q- affffzin fiif " R Q :W 3 Q . fo ING! 1228 SOUTH FLOWER ST. PROSPECT 0347 MEL'S 8: GENIPS MALT SHOP CHEESE BUEGEES E THICK MALTS FRUIT COCKTAILS Mel's and Gene's is a true Washington hang-out and any Washingtonian will say their thick Malts. Cheese Burgers and Fruit Cocktails can't be beaten. Vermont at Manchester . Because of their outstanding work of printing cards. - T- 1 '.-'i T' A BUSHORS PRINTERS have gradually increased their number L51 VSXgk5'lgEqxiViig1hig gtli 7 of customers. until now they serve over S00 schools from Marne to CBIILOIHIB. Smce they serve this many schools their work has to be superior, which it is. g t,tt,.-'i . - K K 1 ' BUSHORS PROCESS PRINTERS ,W I an agrLrM1fiir,sg2,ts4r 1 1 11 1 A ' 4122 South Vermont CEntury 2-6110 COMPLIMENTS or IERRY WEISSMAN "Your Candy Iobber" ' 1006 HI-POINT STREET WHitney 8422 ,Bonded Service F L 6 W E R S Flowers Teleqraphed BY MARIE GORE FLORIST Special Courtesy to Washington Students 955 W. MANCHESTER AVE. TWin oaks 1200 Service Reliable Deliveries Prompt RELIABLE TOWEL SERVICE COMPANY IDEAL SERVICE 1841 E. 103rd PLACE Phone Kimball S381 MEMORY FADES Commemorate in a beautiful portrait the most important event of your graduation. . . . CAGLE STUDIOi Continental Photographer We Furnish Cap and Gown ADams 3646 4511 South Vermont INDEX HND IDENTIFICIITIU Accordian Quartette ............................ . . . 61 Mayer, Woldstad, Coates, Gore Adelphians ........................................... 58 lst Row-Murdy, McNab, Rehers, Bell, Morris, Palmisano, Cor- bell, Kraus, Mr. Duncan, Mrs. Werminghaus, Hammond, Craw- ford, Brooker, Brown, Iex, Knox, Mike, Bartlett. Znd Row- Brewer, Howarth, Gray, Lee, Millard, Foxlee, Dew, Stadler, Mor- ris, Rippe, Norman, Barter, Monroe, Widner, Fontannaz, Free- man, Gore. 3rd Rowil-lemenway, Barnard, Gross, Nelson, Kurtz- man, Fredrickson, Gail, Evans, Kristenson, Wiecking, Grassl, Small, Carnes, Pascoe, Iaeger, Duncan, Brown, Haden, Kiley, Magnus. 4th Row-Scott, Murphy, Wunderlich, Brooks, Theys, Uroff, Eller, Panos, Chapman, Clifford, Harris, Iacobsen, Stanton, Van Wagner, Kulka. Administrators . . . . . 13 Aeronautics .... . . . 81 Art Honor ,...........,...........................,... 59 lst Row-Nelems, Handley, Harth, Shaber, Hill, Nishikawa, Clarke, Hughes, Ahrens, Mitzger, Walsh. 2nd Row-Wilson, Bitterlich, Frazee, Ewen, Porter, Wunderlich, Peeter, Magnus, Reid. 3rd Row-DuBois, Ortman, Goldman, Liebscher, Morris, Fredrickson, Norman, Ulmer. Athenians ............................................ 30 lst Row-Murdy, Thomas, Osting, Rowley, Mr. Maupin, Huff, Foxlee, Haden, Goldring, Snapp. 2nd Row-Stillway, Betts, Haase. Pasternak, Brown, Wilson, Wallace, Felford, Duncan. 3rd Row-Kofford, Bonney, Stransky, Ziegler, Iackson, Starbuck, Millard. Auto Mechanics . . . . . . 80 Band .............................................,... 64 lst Row tlef-t to rightl-Rekedol, Manohan, Dirkson, Manning, Gilbert, Gibson, Scott, Klien, Senter, Flournoy, Richardson, Wykoff, Schlichting, Anderson, Anderson, Hamilton, Maltby, Iohnson, Moeschler, I. Wilson, Mitchell fMascotl. 2nd Row- Larson, Spencer, Signor, Barton, Adler, Hodgens, Cornelasen, Madden, Williams, Swift, Sorensen, Parker, V. Richards, Lampsi, Garser, Robinson, W. Willoughley, Mr. Smith. 3rd Row-Cor- nell, K. Miller, Drake, Hofferleer, Royle, Verkler, Foote, Sweazy, Eberts, Peterson, G. Miller, Lewis, Steed, Lang, Villavicencio, Roe, Baffa, Martucci, Shores. Baseball Lettermen ..................................... 96 lst Row-Calvert, Gough, Cleveland, Gillespie, Gaskell, Latro- nica, Ortiz, Rogers, Theys, 2nd Row-Coach Fults, Watkins tMgr.l, Fitzgerald, Reeves, Wessel, Ritter, Scianna, Chiljean, Wolf fMgr.l, Cohen tMgr.l. Basketball Lettermen ................................... 92 lst Row lleft to rightl-Martin, Haugen, Kenton, Gilmore fCapt.l, Iarrett, Osterhues, Klein. 2nd Row-Holbrook, Larson, Clark, Stivers, Wilson, Read, Chapman, Kring. Bee Basketball ................ , ....................... 94 lst Row Cleft to rightl-Gough, Burrows, Coker tCapt.l, Sim- mons, Osterhues, Snow, Holbrook. 2nd Row-Brown, Robin- son, Allewich, Vickers, Stafford, McMahan, Hancock, Montelle. Bee Football ............................,............. 89 lst Row-Bradley, Kenworthy, Wessel, Carroll, Steward, Cha- vera, Campbell, Rogers, Reese, Williams, Major. 2nd Row- Morino, Gleason, Pecant, Evans, Orozeo, Leissere, Meredith, Iacobs, Stupy, Cleveland, Aamodo, Van Der Bloomen, Latronica. 3rd Row-Given, Senter, Skinner, Tucker, Reddick, Ward, Fults fcoachl, Harmon, Drager, Eaton, Hardy, North, Lennert. Bee Goo! ........................,.................... 90 lst Row-Ogden, Tygrett, Royle, Conwell, Peterson, Hall, Shields, Anthony, Morton, Buonarigo, Rollins. 2nd Row-Coach Fults, Bartley, Petrat, Rudolf, Reeves, Stoll, Moore, Thomson, Cooper, Watkins, Carter. Bee Track ............................................ 101 lst RoWwWhelan, Grace, Peterson, Bickford, Thatcher, Larson, Carroll, Evans, Solloway, McGahan, Anderson, Bartley, Fusco. 2nd Row-Wilbur, Bosnak, Senter, Rawlings, Carlson, McGlad- dery, Dalton, Guasti, Taylor, Benson, Barber, Heilman. 3rd Row -Childress, Nunn, Snapp, Anderson, lensen, Robertson, Adams, Cox, Healy, Schlimmer. 4th RoweDuncan, Waddell, Eller, Becker, Downey, Ruy, Morton, Newman, lacobs. Belles Lettres ......................................... 87 lst Row-Ulmer, Hendershott, Miss Lane, Nettles, Murdy. 2nd Row-Anderson, Liebscher, Murrell. ' Book Club ............................................ 67 lst Rowe-Mrs. Heaton, Bruffy, Christian, Tyler, Stransky, Mur- rell. 2nd Row-Murphey, Barnard, Polmisano, Radomski, Uroff. Boys' Glee ........................................... 63 lst Row-Hosack, Wunderlich, Parke, Lennert, Applebury, Shaf- fer, Wilson, Reese, Ward, Ogden. 2nd Row-Guasti, Koeber, Wells, Harrison, Carpenter, Froom, Weber, Ballantyne, Long, Ross. 3rd Row-R. lones, Ziegler, Latronica, Gillig, Murray, Tamplin, B. Brown, Webster, Nuno. 4th Row-Chaskin, Aiken, McLean, Eller, Nissen, West. Boys' League ............................... . . . 45 Chapman, Kiapos, Rogers, Reese Hossack, Gilmore, Chapman Boys' League Representatives lst Row-Rountree, McGahan, McGladdery, Ross, Rogers, Chapman, Kiapos, Reese, Rupprecht, Brossmer, Aiken, La Pierre. Leftwich. 2nd Row-Tapia, Taylor, Cleveland, Iohnson, Porter, Weed, Anderson, Lloyd, Cronk, Harstad, Coughlin, Car- michael. 3rd Row-Brooks, Waddell, Kitts, Foster, Fox, Puddy, Grant, Martin, Littlefield. 4th Row-Barsan, Ienson, Pauley, Vickers, Reddick, Mlagenovich, Sneperger, Fusco. Boys' Quartette .......,.......................... . . . 63 Parke, Wunderlich, Wilson, Rudolph. Brooks. Dean .. . . . 18 Cabinet. Summer .. . . . 19 Cabinet, Winter . . . . . . 17 Cadets .........,.................,................... 51 lst Row-Mrs. Burns, Iaeger, Conatser, Kurtzman, Bartley, Dun- can, Small, Plehn, McNealy. 2nd Row-Schlickbernd, Wigton, Rippe, Morris, Hammond, Snapp, Stellway, Graser, Starbuck, Mr. Walter. Cafeteria Workers ..................................... 65 lst Row-lackson, Tribolet, Hikes, Huffstutler, Wallace, Perry, Mrs. Baney, Hoflund, Posito, Weaver, Comer. 2nd Row-Back- hacker, Corsetto, Tavoularis, Reinhard, Goreska, Kelder, Winters, Carnagua. 3rd Row-Tarrant, Mansfield, B. Andersen, Allomong, Lane, Stickle. Car: and Gown Committee. S'42 ......................... 141 lst Row-Coates, Norby, Hughes, Houseman, Montour, Linge, McKnight. 2nd Row-Rippi, Stewart, E. Ward, L. Ward, Fisher, Eliason. Cap and Gown Committee, W'42 ............,............ 141 lst Row-Knox, Kelly, Kraus, Widner, Vertress, Heyer, Fox, Goldman, Patterson. 2nd Row-Morris, Absmeir, Beisert, Camp- bell, Toth, Pollitt, Hartshorn, Story. 3rd Row-Dew, Corbell, Humble, Hammond, Avak. Cee Basketball ......................... . .............. 95 lst Row tleft to rightl-Clark, Robinson, Schmidt, Hiett, Gramer, Delay, Guzzetta, Singleton, Taylor. 2nd Row-Wilber tMgr.l, Archer, Evans, Osburn, lones, Cooley, Underwood, Lammers, Childress. Cee Football .......................................... 89 lst Row-Ebbs, Hamaji, Weverka, Kiapos, Pinocchio, Frost fCapt.l, Guasti, Evangelatos, Luclolph, Tapia, Banks, 2nd Row -Rountree, Robertson, Kampman, Vardas, Traynor, Reid, Meuruan, Kiny, Mlagenovich, lones, Mr. Heilman. 3rd Row- Grandpre, Pinner, Clegy, Webb, McClean, Pecaut, Hataye, Klein, Mayfield. Cee Track ....................... ..................... 1 U1 lst Row-Timoti, Nolan, Taylor, McCluskey, Olson, Kampman, Pinocchio, Applegate, Chow. 2nd Row-Childress, Alexander, Ruth, Kennedy, West, Delaney, Froxler, Kiapos, Heilman. 3rd Row-Long, Larson, Earley, Galloway, Cornell, Tapia. Chronians ......... ,... ...................,........... 5 8 lst Row-Mayer, Dorand, Osting, Hilton, Miss I-lodgens, Keck, Wight, Garret, Dudley, Iennings, McKnight, Patterson, Munger. 2nd Row-Cataimo, Webster, Christian, Priddy, Bmifey, Mc- Faren, Tyler, Buckey, McFendon, lackson, French, Clay, Shoe- maker, Othmer. 3rd Row-Carnes, Bachmeger, Besou, Ziegler, Morris, Hammond, Barton, Roberts, Clensay, Arensmeyer, Mose- ley, Hefner, McCullough. 4th Row-Thomas, Wax, Cline, Hoff, Anderson, Davidson, Harris, Thompson, Bradley, DeLay, Brooks, Mlagenovich. Clei Club ....................,....................... 61 lst Row-Bartley, Coates, Gore, Compbell, Plehn, Meinert, Gold- ring, Mike, Woldstad, I. Scott, Mrs. Elliott. 2nd Row- Warnock, Davies, Nemes, Potter, Grosse, Holley, H. Young, Odell, B. Brown, Houser, Iaeger, Kebajian. 3rd Row-Mayer, Parke, Harrison, Wunderlich, Eller, Green, Ennis, Harris, Hoser. 4th Row-Gray, Lee, Covey, Kern, Wilson, Bosch, Foxlee, Actor. Clerks .... . . . 15 Co-Eds ............................................... 50 lst Row-Denas, Lorraine Darms, Louise Larms, Gale, Nelson, Gail, Kurtzman, Fredrickson, Pollard, Rowley, Kirk. 2nd Row- Mrs. Ott, Dick, Beisert, Ellison, Kraus, Campbell, Atkinson, Fust, Hammond, Morris, Absmeier, Carnes. 3rd Row-Norman, Thompson, Korber, Rutledge, Nash, Morris, Barton, Wells, Snep- erger, Mitchener. Commerce Honor ...................................... 32 lst Row-Kraus, Heyer, McClatchy, Sayles, Orr, Brewer, Diegel- man, Richards, Wiedking, Mrs. Bowers, Kristenson, Monroe, Massman. 2nd Row-Levreau, Vertress, Horner, Hansen, Mad- den, Beaird, Ferguson, Muths, Schuck, Stuller, Waddell, Atkin- son, Burke, Bartlett, Seth, Schauer, Conner, Simmer, Cauvel, Calderon, Montour, Barnett, Widner. 3rd Row--Grant, Coates, L. Darms, Marlatt, Louise Darms, Nelson, Pierson, Reed, Wil- liams, Doran, Linge, McHugh, Norby, Cox, Williamson, Wescott, Hoon. 4th Row-Mollner, DeSues, Dubin, Worden, Cone, Ris- tow, Vinson, Young, Ceder, McDonald, Engle, Pallaccia, Con- nolly, Dempsey, More, Brothers. Commercial Chatter .................................... 33 lst Row-Lamb, Flowers, Howarth, Engle, Miss Carver, Tamu- lino, Wiecking, Brown, McBratney. Znd Row-Kraus, Morrison, Heyer, Diegelman, Doran, Nelson, Kristenson, Williamson, Evans. 3rd Row-Rickitts, Riodon, Atkinson, Burke, Fuero, Enkosky, McClatchy, DeSues. Continental Staff . . . .......... . . . . 54 Art Staff lst Row-Gail, Fredrickson, Harth, Dunaway, Clarke, Cooper. 2nd Row-Shaber, Metzger, Bumstead, Elliot, Morris, Hinkley, Wilson, Pollit. 3rd Row-Brown, Dirkson, Atkinson, Schwarzen- berg, Mr. Iones, Hughes, Hill, Meyer. Editorial Staff lst Row-Miss Knapp, Estes, Solomon, Lundgren, lohnson, King- ston. Znd Row-Thomas, Keck, Osting, Stark. 3rd Row-Wigton, Iennings, McKnight. 4th Row-Wood, Bartley, Selby. Coordinators .... .... . . . . 15 Craftsman's Guild ..................................... 83 lst Row-Mr. Ray, Orozcs, Gagian, Meunier, Souther, Tate, Mr. Cundiff, Laven, Butkie, Gray, Taylor, Mr. Bishop. Znd Row- Wunderlich, Lucich, Garland, Duncan, Watrous, Hopper, Steir, Fasold, Campbell. 3rd Row--Vicari, Gillespie, Hoglund, Little, Lettwich, Molz, Koebsell, Allen, Keidel. 4th Row-Leess, Ellis, Salvail, Stultz, Burford, Fuller, Bulloch, Vette. Debate ............................................... 53 lst Row-Forde, Harris. Znd Row-Thompson, Brooks. Dee Basketball .... .. 95 Drafting ....... .. 83 Drum and Bugle ........................................ 64 lst Row flett to rightl-Moser, Margelin, Dudley, B. Brown, Ayers, Johns, Ekins, Gibbs, Plehn, Pascoe, Winking, Knox, Eliason. 2nd Row-Kurtzman, Pehoviack, Stellway, Monroe, Brooks, Risco, Gore, Kiley, Young, Hughes, Madden, Taylor, Korber, Lyon, Dufur, Hultquist, Carrington, Morris. 3rd Row- Gravendyk, Merrill, Tobias, Hauser, Mogle, Bier, Harman, Ben- ton, Seddon, Beeson, Hale, Buchel, Iones, Hardy, E. Brown, Webster, Evaroe, Frazer, Phianny, Mr. Smith. Electric Shop .... . . 79 Electrons ............................................. 79 lst Row-Everest, Gerber, Atherton, Braden, Mason, Cronk, Lang, Hott. 2nd Row-Russell, Theofaneos, Belt, Montgomery, Coleman, Radomski. 3rd Row-Muswieck, Hendershott, Butkie, Nielsen. Embassy ............ ..... ............................ 5 1 lst Row-Drager, D., Peck, Blunden, Brooks, Bartley, Weed, Porter, Ienke, Taylor, R., Drager, I. 2nd Row-Drake, Harstad, Waller, Andersen, Alkana, Eller, Wuertz, H. Taylor. 3rd Row- Neuman, Kelder, Watkins, Mr. Clewe, Orr, Coughlin, Mr. Ray. Ephebians . . . . . 38 "Ever Since Eve". . . . . 70 Fisher. Mr. Paul E. .. 13 French Club ........................,................. 28 lst Row-Iackson, Douglas, Priddy, Wight, Sintes, Goldring, Miguel, Small, Bier, Nestor, Snapp. 2nd Row-Christian, Green, MacNab, Iennings, Thompson, Bonsignore, Marchbanks, de Pem- berton, Shaber. 3rd Row-Chow, Hendershott, Avak, Thatcher, Nygord, Knox, Hartshorn, Kulka. Fresco Club .................................,......... 59 lst Row-Kiley, Teeter, Hill, Hughes, Mr. Iones, Clarke, Schwar- zenberg. 2nd Row-Iaeger, Bebber, Lehnberg, Dew, Corbell. 3rd Row-Wilson, Nelems, Gore, Handley. GJLA. ............................................... 1 10 Kiley, Gore, Giardina, Hale, Millard, Battershall, Grassl, Monroe, Margelin, Fischer, Conatser, Hanahan, Weber, Buccola, Dick, Kester. General George .... . . . 58 Geology Club ......................................... 31 lst Row-Iohnson, Hawe, Chorles, Fratt, Lawyer, Ord, Osting, Panos, Mr. Losey, Wolf, Gilroy. Znd Row-Frohoff, McCormick, Meeker, Kulka, Lamb, Wilson, Pasternak, Cronk, McKnight. 3rd Row-Foster, Iames, Ezell, Marsh, E. Smith, Glenn, Fierke, Lee, Gray. 4th Row-Peterson, Blankenship, Bowers, McCllean, Holwerda, Kulka, West. Girls' Ensemble ..................................... .. 62 lst Row-Crammer, Glance, Actor, Hanahan, Parker, Towner, Wunderlich. 2nd Row-Blackstone, Beverly Brown, Baxter, Elia- son, Bonnie Brown, Bunning, Dupuy, Phillips. Girls' Glee Club ....,.................................. 62 lst Row-Cooper, Harris, Martin, Baxter, Eliason, Bunning, Barry, Hunter, Cauvel, Haden, Bellucci, Actor, Servi, Allen, Casper. 2nd Row-Sennes, Towner, Plehn, Brown Beverely, Dupuy, Wunderlich, Brown Bonnie, Crammer, Howard, De Cuir, Trujillo. 3rd Row-Shinn, Webster, Glance, Donohue, Moore, Darmes, Murdy, Buckman, Chavez, Phillips. 4th Row-Rose, McKnight, Blackstone, Meinert, Sayles, Parker, Hanahan, Carus. Girls' League .. ..... ................. . .. 44 Girls' League Otlicers lst Row-Richards, LaChapelle, Tabah, Doran, Woodward, Hol- ley, Pollard. Znd Row-Wight, Soule, Miss Robbins, Mrs. Ahrens, Miss Gill, Gincig. Girls' League Cabinet lst Row-Mike, Hoon, Conatser, Doran, Pollard, Evans, Gincig, Mrs. Ahrens. 2nd Row-Miss Robbins, Garrett, Howarth, Diegel- man, Bach, McKernon, Margelin, Mitchener, Miss Gill. Girls' League Representatives lst Row-Evans, Walker, Serve, Haley, Bell, Iaiger, Brown, Carnes, Alkinson, Haden, Mike, Meinert, Plehn, Margelin. 2nd Row-French, Bruffy, Goodman, Skiff, Blackstad, Gordon, Bunning, Baster, West, Brewer, Graham, Wilkes, Dangler, Linge, Battershall, Kiley. 3rd Row-McCullough, Fox, Demons, McCor- mick, Pascoe, Potter, Young, Caras, Nettles, Iohnson, Moldt, Murdy, Stage, Monroe, Horner, Mathews, Stephens. 4th Row- Lampton, Metzger, Shields, Simpson, Donald, Bugher, Patterson, Pollitt, Knapp, Shaber, Bonney, Stransky, Schuck, Hefner, Walms- ley, Thompson. Gym Club ...... .................... ,..... ............ 1 0 4 lst Row-Brossmer, Hammel,' Hyam, Stegman, Ross, Car- michael. Znd Row-Leach, Levitt, Iuhasz, Koppe, Garlock, Cazare. 3rd Row-Stannick, Gould, Ballantyne, Gillespie, Evans, Marx, Carter, Forde, Cline, Caldwell, Dickey. Gym Lettermen .. ..... 102 Gym Team ........................................... 104 lst Row-Leech, Forde, Levitt, Cooper, H. Gillespie, Koppe, B. Smith, Scott, Nissen. Znd Row-Mr. Carmichael, Radach, Rombeck, Iacobson, Morgan, Kraus, Hyam, Ross. 3rd Row- Kenworthy, Mgr., Garlock, Evans. Westergren, Gold, Caldwell, Hammel, Armstrong. 4th Row-Stanek, Thomason, Thomas, Stegman, MacDougall, Laskelle, Gunny, Butke. Sth Row- Matthes, Iuhaz, Beach, Carter, Allen. Horse Shoe Tournament .... ..... 1 07 Ice Cutters ........,.................................. 168 lst Row-Elwood, Cline, January, Ward, Mr. Hoff, Coleman, Paramore, Phelps. 2nd Row-Eklund, Morford, Iahnz, Staremont, Ross, Spence. 3rd Row-Radach, Arvin, Boyce, Griffith. In Memoriam . . . .... . 141 In The Service .... ..... 1 40 Iunior Adelphians ..... ...................... .......... 5 7 lst Row-Rose, Sayles, Smith, Bell, Burke, Chernow, Pascoe, Bunning, Buccola, Stoth, Iaeger, Howe, Caras, Brown, Christof- fersen. 2nd Row-DuBois, Connolly, Collino, Clardy, McDonald, Esser, Hinkelman, Kershner, Weber, Schroeder, Mende, Schill, Iohnson, McElroy, Beahm, Miss McKinlay. 3rd Row-Murphy, Goodman, Roberts, Bain, Kulka, Sullivan, Shields, Pierson, Weinberg, Simpson, Iahnke, Mann, Madden, Frohoff. 4th Row -Heath, Kelder, Moses, Marks, Caras, Aiken, Drager, Waller, Drager I., Watkins, Prueher, Key Club ............................................. 48 lst Row-Venable, Rupprecht, Rogers, Case, Wood, Wilson, Austin, King, Iohnson, Clark, Reese. 2nd Row-Evans, Bogle, Small, Koppe, Hicks, Klein, Shaeffer, Estes, Mr. Hatfield. 3rd Row-Young, Kring, Hofferber, Ionas, Neighbours, Steward, Kiapos, Brown. Knights and Ladies ..... 40 Knights and Ladies Dance .... . . . 66 Lady Martha . . . . . . 69 Latin Club ............................................ 29 lst Row-Clay, Mike, Woldstad, Iaeger, Campbell, Mrs. Goble, Foxlee, Duncan, Osting, Stellway. 2nd Row--Wax, Bermett, Young, Taylor, Kibajian, Niermann, Kershner, Roberts, Beisert, Murrell, Crank. 3rd Row-Kirazian, Males, Clinton, Haese, Dorand, Barnett, Tyler, Walker, Kyriax, Covey. 4th Row-Young, Ionas, Hofferber, Cazier, Gill, Harris, Knapp. League Games . . . . . . 86 Leather Craft . . . . . . 82 Lettermen's Club ...................................... 105 lst Row-Schlickbernd, Tapia, Ebbs, Bill, Larson, Guasti, Cleve- land, Stupy, Van Der Blomen, Rogers, Estes, Wilson, Ward, Stew- ard, Helfrich, Thompson, Austin, Uranga, Meunier, Hosack, Iahnz, DeLay, Anderson, Thatcher, Mantell. 2nd Row-Hamaji, Pinocchio, Taylor, Wilber, Kiapos, Newman, Singleton, Mc- Mahan, Wilson, Carlson, Bailey, Reese, Potter, Wood, Theys, Stegman, Larson, Small, Littlefield, Hohener, Campbell, Moore, Clark, Underwood, Gleason. 3rd Row-Weverka, Drager, Cronk, Kiapos, Rudolph, Gough, McGahan, Chiljian, Carpenter, Iarrett, Simmons, Cooley, Archer, North, Traynor, Hancock, Aluevich, Brown, Geierman, Hiatt, Vickers, Snow. 4th Row-Case, Grosse, Gieser, Wilson, Hartman, Gipson, Kring, King, Scanlon, Ken- worthy, Laskelle, Hyam, Hammel, Rupprecht, Carroll, Wessel, Latronica, Benson. Library Staff ..,.............. . ........................ 65 lst Row-Rohlfing, Duteau, Liebscher, Eves, Maruci, Lane, Grandpre, Ellis, Baech. 2nd Row-Rickey, Guidotti, Leary, Crocker, Kemp, Ulmer, Silva, Vandernoot. 3rd Row-Richmond, Scholl, Greathead, Rouse, Nettles, Hendershott. Literati ............................................... 53 lst Row-Miss Haggart, Ewen, Ross, Kelly, Gaier, Clensay. 2nd Row-Murrell, Hammond, Keith, Parke, Goldman. 3rd Row -Haden, Ferguson, Engle. Make-Up Crew .................................... . 56 lst Row-Corbell, Dew, Norby, Mr. Clewe, Whitney, Moses, Marks. 2nd Row-Wilson, Soloman, Tate, Stadler, Lehnberg. 3rd Row-Costello, Vickers, Wilson I., Magnus. Marthonians .......................................... 76 lst Row-Thomason, Kuester, Leftwich, Miss Guidinger, Bach, Miss Rebok, Gifford, Williams, Steed, Gillespie. 2nd Row- Silva, McDonald, Cecere, Hover, Kiley, Hutchins, Howard, Mor- ton, McNeil. 3rd Row-Olson, Fobes, Frost, Garaner, Burchfield, Gottlieb, Hansen. Math Club ..................................,......... 29 lst Row-Iohnson, Solomon, McLendon, Crawford, Gross, Hern- don, Schlickbernd, Robinson, Stellway, Patterson, Webster. Znd Row-Stransky, Graser, Eller, Lampton, Merton, Houston, Ionas, Lelevier, Clensay, D. Schwarzenberg, 3rd Row-Hess, Ord, Gill, Humphrey, Vickers, Eller, Adams, Murphy, McKean. Metal Craft . . . . . . . 82 Orchestra ......................................,...... 60 lst Row-Green, Adler, Wise, Carnahan, Schuck, Quick, McLen- don, Bain, Young, Holley, Dunam, Schnitger, Durrant, Cornels- sen, Andrews, Shanahan. Znd Row-Gibson, Scott, Beach, Pou- niran, Miller, Ballin, McArthur, Madden, McKean, Robertson, Thorpe, Traynor, Mayfield, Flournoy, Mr. Ruggiero, Lauery. Penpushers ......................... , ................. 33 lst Row-Barber, Kraus, Heyer, Coates, Muths, Grant, Beaird, Brewer, Brothers, Doran, Williamson, Bartula, Burke, Atkinson, Monroe, Schauer. Znd Row-Peters, Markle, Beal, Frembley, Howarth, Hoon, Orr, lameson, Rehers, McKernon, Harlan, Rich- ards, Vertrees, Diegelman, Benard, Widner, Theiss, Bale, White, Whitehouse, M. Massman, Ferguson, Clardy, Stirling. 3rd Row- Dolinsky, Murphy, Gordon, Millard, Young, Ristow, Vinson, Clayton, Philips, Speer, Mogle, Bartlett, Seth, Weimer, Ward. 4th Row-Roman, Masten, Story, Reese, Chadonette, Tuero, Burge, Cleveland, Flowers, Engle, Maag, McBratney, Thompson, Marlett, Forbes, Forbes. Proctor. Kenny .... .. 16 Proiection Crew ........................... . . 79 ShockleY. lohnson, Wilson Pry-Tons ............................................. 49 lst Row-Puddy, Clifford, Harris, Gross, Scott, Hyland, Gough, Grant, Raber, Stein, Humphrey. 2nd Row-Mr. Richmond, De- Lay, Snow, lahnz, Wilson, Nissen, Crawford, Irwin. 3rd Row- Hamaji, Smith, Campbell, .Levy, Grosse, Fisher, Chapman, Geiser, Vickers. Public Address Crew ................................... 78 lst Row-Wilson, Page, Brown, Hoff, Atherton, Belt, Gerber. 2nd Row-Stichle, Hendershott, Shochley. Quill and Scroll. . . . . 52 Racadets .............................................. 109 lst Row-Nygord, Stadler, Rippe, Marchbanks, Hughes, Wigton, Fischer, Margelin, Reinberg, Thomas, Bonney. Znd Row-Pascoe, Monroe, Conatser, Morris, Carsen, Tamulinas, Dew, Storms, Hanahan, Parker. 3rd Row-Bunning, French, Iackson, Wells, Kring, Miss Griffith, Lewis, Shaber, Rally Committee ............ ........,............. .... 5 7 lst Row-Mantell, Gale, King, Fredrickson, Gincig, Rountree. 2nd Row-Clifford, Reese, Chapman, Campbell, Geierman. Robbins,'Miss Harriet ................................,.. 13 Scholarship Society .......,............................ 26 lst Row-Magraudy, Elkins, Iones, Worden, Kulka, Ceder, Maz- zarlese, Lundgren, McLaren, French, Blackstone, Myers, Toth, McG1addery, Waddell, White, Hinkelman, Schill, McDonald, B. Schwarzenberg, Parker, Savage, Schilling, Bier. Znd Row- Carder, Burson, Markland, Gifford, Arensmeyer, Waldman, Prue- her, Caras, Monroe, Reid, Othmer, Schuck, Marsh, Greathed, Murphy, Plehn, Watkins, Maltby, Goodman, Orteman, Miss Ott. 3rd Row-Darms, Mann, Andrews, Irwin, Ewen, Wolley, Gaier, Doney, Yucker, Armstrong, Thompson, Wilson, Ionas, Talor, Littly, Nestor, Canavier. 4th Row-Kulka, Campbell, Klein, Wykoff, Gable, Stark, Gemmill, Lantz, Bowie, Laughlin, Little- field, Molz, Caras, Vicari, Bulluck, Wunderlich, Hambley. Scholarship Cabinet laeger, Mrs. Sanders, Small, Morris, Holley, Gross. Sealbearers .... ...................................... 2 4 Self-Government .......................... .... . . . 46 Boys' Self-Govemment lst Row-Pinocchio, Chiljian, Rudolf, Perrcannon, Robertson, Tapia, Geierman, Rogers, Rupprecht, Scott, Nuno, Campbell, Haynes, Boneton, Kulka, Lewis, Evans, Burt, Chauncey, Powels, LaPierre, Lantz, Larson, Keith, Hutter, Napolitan, Denny, Kosbab. Znd Row-Mantell, Sargent, Little, Seamon, Schipper, Hughes, Olson, Iones, Gillespie, Williams, Hammel, Levy, DeLay, Craw- ford, Gross, Humphrey, Stein, Smith, Walters, Irvin, Vickers, Gough, Nissen, Nelson, Iones, Lincoln, Kuebler, Staddon, Surn- mons, Harris, Andrews, Wilson, Archer, Tygrett, 3rd Row- Pecaut, Reddick, Watkins, Retter, Chow, Fittes, Hale, Lamprecht, Bowen, Wilker,- Caras, C. Caras, Woolery, McGaban, Cline, Polena, Cox, Steward, Agrelius, Trimble, Stanard, Triplett, Faw- ler, Nunn, Robenson, Denning, Maxwell, Gaskell, Tate. 4th Row -Emerson, Nulph, Gaskill, Truinbour, Christian, Wallace, Burge, Contopulos, Ewen, Groner, Barra, Adams, Aiken, Ward, Deni- son, Venable, Kaun, Houston, Ord, Eastman, Petret, Hansen, Disparte, Zweher, Swanson, Bridwell, Vtlilson, Fox, Spring. Girls' Seli-Government lst Row-Mathew, Corry, Worrell, Schuck, Carter, Hilborn, Truppner, Harper, nPease, Laven, Lathan, Bruns, Taton, Smith, Howe, Hinkelman, Frohoff, Flanagan, Mount, Munger, Randolph, Wagner, Loholis, Davis, K. Lampton, Monroe, Conatser, Iaeger, Christoffersen, Poumirau. Znd Row-Barlow, Hill, Flocks, Wen- dler, Paulson, Orstad, Marsh, Wise, Stewart, Sandor, Othoner, Stuller, B. Schwarzenberg, Tingsterom, I. Hughes, D. Schwarzen- berg, Miss Cunningham, Fredrickson, Barton, Kiley, Harding, Michener, Battershall, Gray, Lee, Bennett, Richmond, Reiterman, Brill, Hutchins, Wooton, Buckey, Gataino, Mathis. 3rd Row- Hopkins, Carnahan, Atkinson, Carlson, Eaton, Olsen, Burns, lahnke, Breuniq, Huber, Perkins, Dean, Dunbain, Murphy, Wat- kins, Gates, Magraudy, Plehn, Elkins, Freeman, Rouse, Schilling, Tenison, Campbell, Duncan, Stellway, Fowler, Shaffer, Reichert, Murdy, Heudershott, Cates, Dinson, Hansen, McSendon, Dennis, Iohnson, Webster, Lave, Clardy, Martin, Ruggles, Ulmer, Lan- quillon. 4th Row-Knox, Howarth, Reynolds, Doran, McWhorter, Betts, Priddy, Ludy, Moseley, Morrison, Roberts, Wordin- hed, Savage, Mognus, Maltby, Vanderzee, Fontannaz, Read, Votendahl, Philips, Finch, McCullough, Pettengill, Starbuck, O'Bert, Iones, Blackstad, Iohnston, Howsley, Hale, Kudnoff, Carbone, E. Darms, L. Darms, Pollard. 5th Row-Grossman, Cholanian, Ludolph, McCaulou, Craig, Fletcher, Hendricks, Sel- ander, Rickitts, Taylor, Kank, Perry, Meeker, McCormick, Niel- sen, Blodgett, Hagen, Kulka, Deam, Peters, McLaughlin, Osenton, Baker, Clensay, Ianett, M. Harris, B. Harris, Bettes, Baumgartner, Bachmeyer, Benson, Dangler, Bier, Mogle. ' Seniors, Winter '42 .................................... 116 Leo Iones, Lawrence Green, Kennie Proctor, Harold Lewis, Mr. Smith, Betty Kurtzman, lim Kring, Ed Moreno, Bob Stafford. Seniors. Summer '42 ................................... 125 Brossmer, Fisher, Thomas, Darms, Miss Rebok. Silver Skaters ...........................,............. 108 lst Row-Brown, Hale, Kirk, Miss Whitman, Grassl, Carnes, Kurtzman, Fredrickson, Pollard. 2nd Row-Knox, Walton, Rut- ledge, Haley, Barter, Sayles, Beisert, Thompson, Lee, Madden. 3rd Row-Gray, Gardner, Hill, Goldman, Gore, Kiley, Howarth, Sodel, Bell. Spanish Club ........................... , ............. 28 lst Row-Lampton, Gilroy, Brown, Kelly, Bonney, Reese, Ienke, Sodel, Hammond, Mitchener, Morris, Campbell, Carnes, Miss Fuge. 2nd RowhMrs. Lefler, Halfhill, Marjer, Michaelis, Siefkin, Clensay, Malaspina, Graham, Hegarty, Bartholomew, Heye. Hilton, Goldman, Wallace, diPierro, Fratt, Miss Draper. 3rd Row-Bruffy, Wittmond, Ziegler, Myers, Grunberg, Houseman, Lampton, Adams, Dodge, Casper, Rippe, Thomas, Monroe, Tur- ney, Bies, Hammel, Congham, Chavez. 4th Row-Ziegler, Bosch, Herndon, Eklin, Raber, Coughlin, Davidson, Stark, Uroff, Weems, Baudisch, Kring, Harstad, Kern. Stage Crew ........................................... 78 lst Row-Haifley, Phelps, Wilson, Anderson, Rogers, Stollmack, Kavanagh, Chavez, Beeson. Znd Row-Bland, Powers, Romyn, Utley, Scott, Van Der Blomen, Harkless. 3rd Row-Hammel, Ezell, Currier, Elwood, Genest, Callahan, Valenzuela, Pem- berton. String Trio .............................. . . . 62 Plehn, Goldring, Covey Stockton. Mr. K. L. ....................... . . . 13 Student Store ......................................... 65 lst Row-Tarrant, Hale, Hughes, Sabo, Lyon, Mr. Garst, Hin- shaw, Buchel, Montour, Amdor, l-legarty. 2nd Row-Caagua, Schilling, Rempfey, Belluci, Armstrong, Truttman, Tobelmann, Hegarty, Hikes. 3rd Row-Canavier, Brunner, Cipriano, Perlin, Aluevich, Latronica, Kelly. Sub-Debs ............................................. 49 lst Row-Kuester, Fischer, Reinburg, Frisch, Kristenson, Moser, Evans, Wiecking, Tamulinas, Rippe, Haden, Conatser. Znd Row -Mrs. Parkill, Ioeger, Mannes, Kring, Richards, Stage, Teeter, Grant, Winking, Glendirming, Mrs. Andrews. 3rd Row-Potter, Holley, Carson, Monroe, Turney, Houser, lex, Pascoe, Foxlee, Huff. Surveyor Staff ..................... ......... .,........ 5 2 lst Row-Zerby, Knopp, Keck, Kelly, Greenberg, Miss Andrews, Haden, Fischer, Hanahan, Scott, Wight. 2nd Row-Read, Bon- ney, K. Hill, Haley, Huff, Patterson, Goldman, Kurtzman, I. Hill. 3rd Row-Gaier, Larson, Young, Sorensen, Austin, Reese, De- Lay, Mantell. Symphony Orchestra .................................. 60 lst Row-Bianchetto, Starbuck, Elkins, Hoser, Campbell, Nemes, Potter, Covey, Asmusken, Harris, Drape, Schuck, McLendon, Wise, Duncan, Button, Schappert. Znd Row-Adler, Zetwo, Villavicencio, Graser, Holley, Charles, Houser, Goldring, Mr. Ruggiero. 3rd Row-Freeman, Story, Robertson, Hill, Boydston, Quayle, Kester, Miller, McKeah, Madden, Scott, Guthormsen, Osting, Flournoy, Manning. Tennis Team ................................. . ........ 106 Mantelle, Clark, Reed, Kessler, Harris, Gibson, Kring, Reese, Coughlin, Coogan, Plotkin, Murphy, Holbrook. Thespians ............................................ 56 lst Row-Logue, Rowley, Margelin, Moses, Christin, Bebber, Corbell, Young, Colby. Znd Row-Magnus, Paulson, Massengale, Malaspina, Tyler, Reinhard, Mrs. Sawyer, Wilson. 3rd Row- Swett, Ross, Reese, Nissen, Gough, Hale, Wunderlick, Utley, de Pemberton, Dougherty. Torchbearers ............................ . . . 27 New Torchbearers lst Row-Iohnson, Nemes, Freeman, Heyer, Covey, Hoser, Bosch, Frederickson, Fischer, Easley, Eller, Kyeiax, Christian, Lampton, Brewer, Clayton, Vertress, Monroe. 2nd Row-Roman, Easterly, Asmussen, Seth, Cleveland, Roberts, McNealy, Mass- man, Morris, Shoemaker, Snapp, Pierson, Kershner, Dupuy, Bennett. 3rd Row-Simmer, Conner, Ristow, Davis, McGladdery, Toth, Barnard, Wax, Diegelman, McDonald, Mollner, Hughes. 4th Row-Ames, Young, Ionas, Koppe, Davidson, Gill, Eller, Green, Bower. Old Torchbearers lst Row-Ferguson, Orr, Leslie, Wells, West, lackson, Waters, Servi, Knox, Woldstad, Widner, Solomon, Iennings, Greenberg, Thomas, Keck, Gincig, Iaeger, Richards, Hoon, Mitchener, Gray, Hadley, Patterson. 2nd Row-Coates, Long, Holley, Brooker, Priddy, Cone, Bruffy, Brown, Dyler, Raskey, Easley, Littrell, Kinge, Osting, Gail, Cauvel, Wescott, Duncan, Kebajian, Small, Bonney, Gibbel, Shaber, Mrs. Burston. 3rd Row-Pratt, Bart- lett, Ritterbush, Stellway, Goldman, Eagle, Pickett, Stransky, Murrell, Gross, Wood, Herndon, LeLevier, Palmisono, Carson, Montour, Murdy, Rempler, Wallace. 4th Row-Scott, Robinson, Murphy, Naudon, Shaffer, Koppe, Austin, Puddy, Clifford, Forde, Uroff, Wunderlich, Silk, Goldwater, Hixson, Wessel. T.N.T. ................................................ 30 lst Row-Gemmill, Goldwater, Venable, Austin, Barker, Mr. Kelly, Ross, Stegman, Fox, Webster. Znd Row-Malburg, Shaf- fer, McGladdely, Harris, Puddy, Wickstrom, Clifford, Gross, Kling. 3rd Row-Evans, Hoff, Green, Gillig, lonas, Schnitger, Chanahan, Hixson. Track Lettermen ....................................... 98 Traffic and Service Squads ......... ..... . . . -. . . . 47 Traffic lst Row-Benson, Weinberg, Hohener, Iahnz, Bartley, Tate, Wood, Harris, Austin, Fisher, Tucker. 2nd Row-Geierman, Hammel, Rupprecht, Ward, Patterson, Genest, Swift. 3rd Row- Steward, Brown, Eklund, Radomski, Mr. Edwards, Emerson, Smith. Service Squad lst Row-Hohener, Brown, Steward, Venable, Gross, Schlick- bernd, Austin, Wood, Grosse, Hamaji, Scott, Harris, Bartley, Klein, Humphrey, Campbell, Kiapos. 2nd Row-Iahnz, Koppe, Nissen, Gough, Hofferber, Case, Puddy, Theys, Wilson, Clif- ford, Snow, Lennert, Neighbors. 3rd Row-Hammel, Rupprecht, Geierman, Solloway, Benson, Kenton, Ward, Weinberg, Toth, Hyam, Cline, Crawford, Page, Clark. 4th Row-Mr. Childress, Gieser, Wilson, King, Applebury, Rogers, Chapman, Forde, Hancock, Singleton, Reese, Mr. Holbrook. 'rn-Y ........ ..... ........... F ......................... 4 s lst Row-Greenberg, Thomas, R. Garrett, Harth, Doran, Thomas, I. Servi, Walsh, Woldstad. 2nd Row--Mrs. Wright, Pickett, Wight, Small, Tabah, Gibbel, Wigton, Brewer, Hoon. 3rd Row -Frazee, Plehn, Meinert, Grassl, West, Lewis, Bach, Houseman, Bonney, Howarth. 4th Row-Iustad, Goldring, Brown, Hill, Shaber, Gardner, McKernon, Bier. Varsity Goof ............................... . .......... 90 lst Row-Harstad, Martin, Levy, Drager, McCormick, Auld, Clements, Bailey, Allison, Kay. Znd Row-Coach Carmichel, Gross, Franklin, Harris, Calvert, Glenwinkel, Dudley, DaSilva, Monson, Futhley, Fowler, Wigert. Varsity Lettermen . . . .... . . . 84 Varsity Team ......................................... 94 lst Row-Christian, Angel, C. Moore, Kiapos, Helfrich CCapt.l, Chasin, Tapia, Caldwell, Hartman. 2nd Row-Uranga, Geier- man, Early, Carpenter, Weber, Dill, Gonzales, Riley, Case, Foster, Rich KCoachl. 3rd Row-Ferguson, M. Moore, Kirk, O'Brien, L. Ward, Foyle, Miller, Hearne, Snitzer, Dobyns, Stell- away, B. Andersen. 4th Row-lruine CMgr.l, Thompson, Gol- din, Gaunt, Anderson, Ward, Shoebinger, Richardson, Hopper, Porter. Varsity Track ........................................ 100 lst Row-Wilson, Foster, Iahnz, Schlickbernd, Wood, Estes, Grosse, Steward, Hohener, Iames, Austin, Christian, Case. 2nd Row-Hartman, Anderson, Shaffer, Small, Sorensen, Ander- son, Gaunt, I. Drager, Littlefield, Oruzsco, Manning, Allison, Hosack, Heilman. 3rd Row-Childress, Ruppretch, Theys, McCor- mick, Hicks, Klein, Ward, Whiteley, Carter, Rawlings, Caldwell, Geiser, Kiapos. 4th Row-Longobardy, Harris, Blume, Watrous, Cavanaugh, Neighbors, Richardson, Ellis, Carpenter, D. Drager, Toyle, Porter, Kay. Vocational Print Shop ................................... 80 lst Row-Sneperger, Burton, Smaldino, Kee, Ortiz, Vicari. Znd Row-Mr. Ray, Clauder, Kessler, Wuertz, Lane, Barber. Volley Ball Tournament ................................. 107 lst Row-Hyam, Hopper, Hicks tCapt.J, Klein, Kuebler. 2nd Row-Brown, Kehrer, Rich, Hoff. Washington Winners ................................... 109 lst Row-Smith, Millard, Schilling, Rippe, Storms, Fischer, Han- ahan, Neidig, Wigton, Margelin, Monroe, Hughes, Obert. 2nd Row-Murphy, Hale, Friar, Stage, Haden, Crow, Pollard, Gur- burg, Wendler, Lind, Mrs. Segal. 3rd Row-Hilton, Howarth, Dill, Shoemaker, Evarone, Laughlin, Doran, Weaver, Walsh, Lomberd, Dufur. Wood Craft ........... . . . 82 Wrestling Tournament .... . . . . 107 W.S.O.S. .............................................. 31 lst Row-Baumel, Cook, Dew, Corbell, Duncan, Monson, Net- tles, Mason. 2nd Row-Mrs. Wright, Andrews, McGahan, Green, Bain, Kershner. Yell Leaders ................................. . . . 84 lones, Moreno, Stafford, Green Yeomen .............................................. 50 lst Row-Stegman, Barker, Smith, Ward, Benson, Weinberg, Brossmer, Hohener, Mlagenovich, Bartley. 2nd Row-Caldwell, Ross, Hosack, lames, Dickie, Toth, Relf, Handley, Guzzetta. 3rd Row-Solloway, Allison, Beckstrom, Gemmill, Hyam, Cazier, Aiken, Hartman, Aamodt. "You Can't Take It With You" .... .. 71 THE EDITOR WISHES T0 THANK lack Cannicott Los Angeles Engraving Company l22U South Maple Avenue Los Angeles, California Buth Gray lohn Morley Bundy Quill and Press l228 South Flower Los Angeles, California Iohn Cagle Barney Caliendo Cagle Studio Photographers 45ll South Vermont Avenue Los Angeles, California Mr. l-lill Bechtold Company 2705 Olive Street St. Louis, Missouri Los Angeles Trade Bindery l2O East Pico Boulevard Los Angeles, California H' Ci we f Wxlxaixiikg C7 is 1 4

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