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George Washington High Schoo Alexandria, Virginia Susan Furrow.....................Editor-in-Chief Suzy Worden ...........Class and Faculty Editor Nancy Humphries...............Activities Editor Ed Reniker................................Sports Editor Mike Wenz, Paul Rice Alan Weintroub....................Photographers Jean Burlondo Lyndo Copley . . Ab$t. Class and Faculty Editors Jamie Frye Norma Hill.............Asst. Activities Editorsflimfl mm Ule sing our praises lo our school. George illashmglon its name: Her colors, blue and gold mere meant lo bring her fame, find mben our dags are ended here and memories dram nigh, life'll not forget our school so dear. Hail! Gill. High!TABLE Of MBITS Opening . Classes . faculty . Activities Sports . Ads . . ..Py. I .Py. 18 .Pg. 82 Pg. 108 Pg. 144 Pg. 1804The 1971 Senior Class of George Washington High School wishes to honor Mr. Frank Kapriva by dedicating our yearbook to him. Mr. Kapriva is a graduate of Wake Forest College in Winston-Salem, North Carolina with a Bachelor of Science Degree, where he played Varsity Football for three years. As an outstanding member of the G.W. faculty for twenty-four years, Mr. Kapriva has worked with us in the field of Science for the past four years. The Senior Class wishes to acknowledge the help Mr. Kapriva has given us. 5fi man does all that he can 6io pleasure 89and says what he must . 10and thinks what he must . . .knowing that it has been said by wiser persons . . . 12 and not heeded.Knowing that he must adjust to the times. 13The reward of a thing well done . . . 14is to have done it . . . - fmetson£ach man is justifiedEmerson Robin you would hove been o member of the Senior Closs of 1971. You hod two mom goals in life, to get your drivers license ond to walk down the aisle with the Senior Closs to receive your diploma. Robin we know you would hove accomplished these goals ond more, if you were with us today. Every, one at George Washington knew you, if not by name, then by your friendly manner. Robin we olso remember you os a rcol sport fan. You loved oil sports, but football, wrestling, ond mainly basketball were your favorites. You constantly talked Redskins and "Bruno-' the wrestler, but you loved and cherished boskctboll. Remember how you dribbled the ball through your legs and then took your left-hond lump shot, 'Two Points" Everyone on the "Proxies" tcom knew you and loved to joke around with you. You were one of the few who cheered even when we lost, because you believed in us. Robin we believe in you and you will always have o place in our hearts. In memory of Robin UJordell Gibson Robm to me, was o young man who was seldom sod. Robin to me, was full of fun and life. Robm to me. wos talk and jokes ond pranks. Robm to me, was someone seorchmg. Robm to me, wos someone who wos finding. Robm to me. was confident m whof he wos doing. Robm to me, wos someone who confided in me often. Robm to me, wos someone who hod ambitions in life. Robm to me, wos someone lost m our society. Robm to me, was-------- Robm to me, wos-------- Robm to you, was............ 21Seniors Lynwood Robinson President 22 Mrs. Allport, Mr. Gregory. SponsorsPATRICIA ALTIZER JUDITH AMEY GREGORY ARCHIE BARBARA ARTHUR BRENT ARVILLA FAITH ASBELL JUDITH AMEY: VOT. Junior Boord GREGORY ARCHIE: Frosh ond JV Bosketboll FAITH ASBELL: VOT LAURIE ASCH: GAA; JV Volleyball; Girls’ Football; Gymnost'CS; SCA. President ! ond Merit Awards; Senior Boord DAVID ATKINS: Germon Club NANCY BAKER: Drill Team, Second Plocc Geogrophy Aword; VOT BERDONNA BANKS: Marching Bond; Pep Club; FBLA, Gymnostics; Big Sister; Soph., Jr. ond Sr. Boards LAURIE ASCH DAVID ATKINS 23 SUSAN ATKINS EUGENE BAKER NANCY BAKER BERDONNA BANKSMELVA BANKS SHEILA BARR DAVELINE BEAM ALBERT BEATTY DE80RA BENNETT SHEILA BARR:; FBLA; V.P. of V.O.T. ALBERT BEATTY: DE DEBORA BENNETT: Spomsh Club; Spanish Honor Society; Chess Club; Tennis Club; Qu'll ond Polm; Certificate of Participation ond Achievement Awards in Spanish I and II; 1st pioce. 2nd place and Honoroble Mention in Sc-ence Foir; Certificate of Merit from Smith College Club; Certificate of Merit from Notionoi Zooiogicol Society JOHN BENNETT Letter m Trock; I C T EDWARD BERRY DE KERRY BERTSCHINGER JV and Vors.ty Boseboll EDWARD BERRY JOHN 8ENNETT LEVESTER BERRY BETH BISHOP KERRY BERTSCHINGER 24ROBERT BODDY CHRISTINE BOLTON JON BONFIGLIO MERCEDES BONILLA IDA BOSTICK ROBERT BODDY. Surveyor Photographer ICT, IAC Rep. CHRISTINE BOLTON Pep Club, DE JON BONFIGLIO: Pres. Frosh Goss; SCA IAC Rep., Sr and Soph. Boords; Frosh Football; German Club; Intermurol Soccer; Chess Club; Economics Seminar; UN Seminar GARLAN BOWMAN: Sec. ICT META BRAUN: Sec. Germon Club: Jr. Boord; FBLA; VOT CAROL BREEDEN: French Club; SCA; Red Cross; Library Assistant PATRICIA BROWN: ICT DENNIS BRYANT: Voc. Printing MELVIN BOULWAR GARLAN BOWMAN META BRAUN 25 CAROL BREEDEN PATRICIA 8ROWN DENNIS BRYANT LILY 8UFANODEBORAH BURROUGHS: 2nd place Geography Award ANNIE CHANDLER: Jr. Boord; Football Capto.n of Vorsity Cheerleaders; Vorsity Volleyball; IAC Rep.; 8ig Sister CELESTINE CHAPMAN: GAA, Sec. Drill Team LINDA CLARK: FTA, Pep Club; French Club; FBLA; Spanish Club; Trees. Jr. Closs; IAC Rep ; Sr. Board; Sr. Rep to Executive Council of SCA JACKIE COLE: Chess Club; Outstanding Plover in Vorsity Tennis; Soph. Boord; Typing Award DEBORAH BURROUGHS GAIL BUTLER Gaby camacho thomas cardone MICHAEL CARROLL ANNIE CHANDLER CELESTINE CHAPMAN JACKIE CLARK LINDA CLARK BARBARA COLE JACKIE COLE KEITH COLEMAN 26RACHEL COURTNEY AARON COVINGTON WILLIAM COX DANNY CUTLER JANETTE DAVIS ROBIN DAVIS PATRICIA COLEMAN Sec. GAA, SCA; Jr. Boord; New Breed Club DEBRA COLLINS: FTA; World Events Club; Soph. Boord; Pep Club. Sponish Club; Phi Epsilon Oossicol Society; Drill Teom; FBLA, Big Sister; Dromo Club EDWARD COLLINS: Fool boll; Bose boll; Vorsity Letter in Boseboll; JV ond Frosh Footboll LYNDA COPLEY; SCA, Dromo Club, Assistant Class ond Foculty Editor of Composs RACHEL COURTNEY: GAA. Pep Club, Dromo Club, ICT; Spanish Club; Gymnostics; FBLA; Honorobte Mention Award in World Geography Contest WILLIAM COX: ICT DANNY CUTLER: ICT; JV Footboll JANETTE DAVIS: FBLA. Dromo Club; Red Cross Club ROBIN DAVIS: Red Cross; Modern Donee Club; Drill Tcom; Senior Aftcndont for Homecoming; Kcyette Club; Frosh Board; Gymnastics MARGARET DAWSON FBLA; SCA 27 MARGARET DAWSON JOHN DELLINGERTERRENCE DIXON ELINOR DOLLINS DEBORAH DOUGHTERY STANLEY DEWALT BRENDA DOWNEY THERESA DUNBAR LORETTA DUNAWAY PAUL EBHARDT KATHLEEN EDWARDS ELINOR DOLLINS: Librorion of Band; Loners for Band; SCA; V.P. of Jr. Closs; Gymnostics DE80RAH DOUGHTERY: VOT THERESA DUNBAR: Red Cross Club; Pep Club; Shorthand I Award PAUL EBHARDT: SCA; Key Club KEITH ELLIS: Pres, of SCA; Big Brother; Copt, of IT'S Academic lecm. Crew Team; JV and Vorsity Cross Country; Wrestling Team, Varsity Tenms Tcom; Boys' Store; Soph. Board; Surveyor Stoff; Trcos. of Key Club; Drome Club. City-Wide SCA; Merit's Who's Who in Amer. H.S.; Commended Student in Not. Merit Scholarship GAIL EVANS: Phi Epsilon Clossicol Soc; Kcyette Club MARY EVANS: SCA, Red Cross Club; Soph. Board; Clerk Typist Award KEITH ELLIS 28 GAIL EVANS MARY EVANSMICHAEL FLOREZ LORRAINE FOX: Kcycttc Club; Surveyor Staff; Soph. Board; Drill Teom; SCA; Girls' State; Honorable Mention m Geography Contest; Jr. Board THOMAS FRANKLIN: Monogram Club. Key Club; Big Brother; SCA; Mixed Chorus; Varsity Football; Trock Teom; Wrestling Team SUSAN FURROW: Activtics Editor and Editor-m-Chief of Compass; Sec. and Pres, of FTA; Latin Hon. Soc.; Intcr- Activities Council Sec.; SCA, Economics Seminar; Hotch- et Staff; Quill and Scroll MARY GINN: Pep Club; Red Cross Club LINDA GOLDEN: Pres, of F8LA; Historian of North. Vo. FBLA; FTA; FHA; SCA; Pep Club; Red Cross Club LORRAINE FOX FREDERICK FRANCIS THOMAS FRANKLIN SAMUEL FREEMAN SUSAN FURROW MARY GAITHER LAVERNE GALLOWAY 29 TINA GARDINER MARY GINN LINDA GOLDENMARIAN GORDON; JV end Vorsity Dcbotc Team; Modern Donee Club, SCA; l$t, 2nd, ond Honorable Mention in Science Fair; Wosh.ngton Jr. of Sciences; V.P. Keyette Club; Editorial Page Editor of Surveyor; Progressive Arts Club; Notionol Forensic LeoguC JANET GRAHAM: Phillip Warren Creotive Writing Award; Two Blue Ribbons for highest scorer on Math Team; Pres. French Hon. Soc.; Historian of Quill and Palm; Moth Teom; Moth Hon. Soc.; Tutoring Award; French Awards. VALERIE GRAY: GAA; Pres. Physicol Fitness Award. DE RAYMOND GREER: Voc. Printing, Frosh Football KATHLEEN GREGORY: Pep Club, German Club; Frosh Closs Pres.; Soph Board; Frosh Cheerleader; Red Cross Club; SCA; Economic Seminar; Sr, Boord; City-Wide SCA; Tennis Club; Big Sister VIRGINIA GRUNDMAN: German Club; German Hon. Soc.; Longuogc Awords SHARON HALCOMB: F8LA GENEVA HALTER: French Club; Modern Donee Club. Co-Coptom of JV Moth Team; Copt. Varsity Moth Team. Moth Hon. Soc; Jr. Science Seminar Rep. at U. Va. TERRY LEE HARRINGTON: 1st V.P of SCA. Drill Team, Dromo Club; Gymnastics; Not. Thespian Hon. Soc.; Hatchet Staff; Big Sister; Surveyor Staff; Modern Dance Club; German Club JANET GRAHAM KEITH GRAHAM HOWARD GRAY VALERIE GRAY RAYMOND GREER KATHLEEN GREGORY 30 VIRGINIA GRUNDMAN SHARON HALCOM8 GENEVA HALTER TERRY LEE HARRINGTONJUDITH HASSMER JOYCE HAWLAD KENNETH HEAD SANDRA HElSLUP RE8ECCA HELSLEY CLUSTER HENDERSON THOMAS HENLEY GAIL HIGGINS JUDITH HASSMER: Sec. 0nd Treos. of French Hon. Soc.; Moth Hon. Soc.. Quill ond Polm; French Awords JOYCE HAWALD V P of Red Cross; SCA; Soph Boord; Alpho Club KENNETH HEAD Frosh Footboll; Monger of Varsity Football Teom; Vorsity Letter SANDRA HElSLUP See. of DE, Treos. of Red Cross; SCA REBECCA HELSLEY: B.g S.stcr THOMAS HENLEY: JV Cross Country; JV Crew; Vorsity Tennis; Chess Club; German Club; Key Club, Boys StOtC. Gcrmon Hon. Soc.; Socceer; Phi Epsilon Clossical Soc GAIL HIGGINS: FNA. SCA; Red Cross Rep.; Drill Team; Jr. Achievement; Jr. ond Soph. Boards CYNTHIA HILL: FBLA; VOT. Spanish Hon. Soc.; SCA; Jr. Board JOHN HILL: ICT, Cross Country BRENDA HUGHART DE 31 BRENDA HUBBARD BRENDA HUGARTJEANETTE HUGHART: DE NANCV HUMPHRIES: Activities Editor of Composs; Cheerleodmg—Frosh. JV Coptom; Vorsity Co-Coptoio; Girls' Stote; Treos. ond Corresponding Sec. Keyettc Club; Latin Honor Soc.; Phi Epsilon Clossicol Soc.; Treos French Club; SCA; Big Sister; Pep Club; IAC Rep , Rep to Science Symposium, Sec.-Treos. Quill ond Scroll SALLIE HUNT: 2nd V.P. of SCA, Treos Red Cross. Drill Teom, Mixed Chorus, Advanced Girls Chorus CAROLYN JACKSON: FBLA ROSEZEL JACKSON: FBLA. Dromo Club. Pep Club THEA JAMES Pres. Fitness Awards; V.P. GAA; SCA; Girls Track Team Award; Varsity Volleyball Award Bond; Drum Moiorette. Student Rep. to new teachers workshop; Student Ass. Phy. Ed. MARTIN JOHNSON. Pres, of Sr. Class; V.P. ICT. Pori.o-mentorion of District IV ICT; SCA, Frosh Football ond Wrestling; Cross Country; Crew Team CATHY JONES. Pep Club; Gymnostics; GAA IAC Treos. VOT. SCA JEANETTE HUGHART HAROLD HUGHES NANCY HUMPHRIES SALLIE HUNT WENDELL HUNTER BETTY IRBY CAROLYN JACKSON ROSEZEL JACKSON THEA JAMES Charles jewell MARTIN JOHNSON CATHY JONES 32ROBERT JONES VICKIE JORGENSEN SANDRA KALINOWSKI LUCIE KENDRICK RICHARD KLOW GEORGE KNIGHT REBECCA KREBS MINDY KRICKENBERGER ROBERT JONES: German Club; German Hon. Soc.; V.P. Chess Club; Sec. Key Club; Typing Aword; German Award; Boseball Letter; Sunshine Boys. Vorsity Football Monoger VICKIE JORGENSEN: SCA. French Club. Modern Donee; Ass. Act Editor Composs. Drill Teem, Kcycttes. Spanish Hon. Soc.; V.P. Quill and Palm; I AC Rep.; French Award; Spanish Aword; FBLA LUCIE KENDRICK: FBLA; SCA; Big Sister; Gymnastics GEORGE KNIGHT: ICT RE8ECCA KREBS'. Editor of Surveyor; V.P and Pres, of French Club; Latin Club; Drama Club; FTA, Quill and Scroll; Hotchet Staff; IAC Rep.; SCA MINDY KRICKENBERGER: Modern Donee; Drama Club; French Hon. Soc.; Hotchet Staff CHERYL LEWIS: Sec. Frosh Goss; GAA; Gcrmon Club; German Hon. Soc.; Jr. Class Rep.; FBLA; Soph. Att. to Homecoming Queen; Jr. Att. to Basketball Queen; New Breed; Jr. Boord MARY LEWIS: Gymnostics; Modern Dance Club; Tennis Club; SCA, Red Cross Club 33 CHERYL LEWIS MARY LEWISHENRY LOGAN MARTHA LOGAN KAREN LONDON EDWARD LONG IEEDA LUCAS MARTHA LOGAN: ICT; VOT; FBLA EDWARD LONG: Frosh and Varsity Football; JV Basc-boll; Varsity Track, Pres. Key Club; Parliamentarian of SCA; Monogram Club LINDA MCCURDY Keyette Club; Drill Teom; Histonon of FBLA; Pep Club; Tennis Club; P.E Awards JOHN MCKLVEEN: German Club; Crew Team; Key Club; Red Cross Club; Frosh Class Rep. ROY MEADE: Key Club, Baseball; Red Cross Award; Outside Awards KENNETH MENKE Key Club; Monogram Club; Three Vansty Letters m Football; Voristy Letter in Crew LOIS MCCORMICK LINDA MCCURDY JOHN MCKLVEEN GAIL MAJORS ARTHUR MARSHALL ROY MEADESHERI MEXINER HARLAN MILLETTE CHARLES MORGAN DEBORAH MORGAN DEBRA MONTGOMERY JAMES MOORE SHERI MEXINER Pep Club; Red Cross Club; V.P of Production m Dromo Club; Thespians; Big Sister; Frosh, JV Co-Cap».. Bosketboll Copt., Vorsity Cheerlecdmg HARLAN MILLETTE: FTA; Chess Club; Sunshine Boys; Tri-S Club. Tennis Club; Track Team; Pep Club; German Club; Germon Hon Soc.; French Club; Vorsity Football Manager; Boys State; SCA; Key Club. Debotc Team Hotchct Stoff; Surveyor; Sr. Bocrd, School Autobiography in Who’s Who m Am. H.S Students DEBORAH MORGAN; Soph. Board, GAA; Chorus DEBRA MONTGOMERY: Pep Club. Modern Done Club; Jr. Boord; Pres, ond Merit Awards m P.E.; SCA; World Events Club RITA MONROE VOT; B.g Sister JAMES MOORE ICT ROBERT MORAN: Red Cross Club; ICT; State ond D st. Current Events Winner; ICT State Conven.; Frosh Football; Voc. Printing: ICT DEBRA MOSS: Drill Teom DANA NEALY: Orchcstro; Surveyor STANLEY NORRIS Key Club; Monogrom Club; SCA; Sr. Boord; Executive Boord of Key Club; Vorsity Cross Country, Football. Wrestling Crew RITA MONROE ROBERT MORAN TUI MUSE DEBRA MOSS DANA NEALEY 35 STANLEY NORRISMARY PENNY JAMES ODlE: JV Footboll; Vorsity Letter in Wrestling ond Track PAULA PHILLIPS: Pres, of Spanish Club; Spanish Hon. Soc.; Spanish Awards; PE. Awards; Chorus; Two yr. Service Pm Big Sister DEBBIE PINKSTON: VOT; Surveyor SYLVIA PUTMAN: Orchestra; Girls; Chorus; Mixed Chorus; Pep Club FBLA. SCA; Letter for Orchestro DENESE RANDOLPH: Co-Chcir. Pres Pep Cub, SCA Ex ecutive Council; IAC; FBLA, Band; Orchestra; Jr. Boord; Sec ICC. Bg S ster, SCA Stctc Convention; Monogram end Merit Pm Band; Student Director Mixed Chorus PAULA PHILLIPS EDWARD PRESTON 36 DEBBIE PINKSTON SYLVIA PUTMAN DENESE RANDOLPH SUSAN REAMYgloria rease STEVE REED JAMES REGISTER EDWARD RENIKER PAUL RICE JAMES REGISTER: SCA; Soph. Boord; Key Club; Red Cross Club, World Events Club, JV ond Varsity Football and Crew; Delegate to Wosh. Science Symposium; G W. Pub. Spooking Award; 1st place Va Geographical Society's State Contest; Two 1st Place Awords m Am. Legion Orotoricol Contest; 1st Place Voice of Democracy— Veterans of Wors; 1st Ploce Sons of Am. Revolution Orotion Contest; Runner-up Not. Contest S A R. Houston; Boys' State; Young Columbus Aword EDWARD RENIKER: Sec . V.P.. Pres FTA. Trees. French Club; Proposals Chair, of German Club; Sec Chess Club; Pres, of Inter-Activities Council; Smithsonian Institute Seminar; Economics Seminar; Hcort Fund Seminar; Nat. Council of Eng. Teachers,Boys' State Alt.; Sister-City Exchange Student to Sweden; Hatchet Stoff; Sports Editor of Composs; Harvord Club of Wash. Aword; SCA; Optimist Citation; Quill and Scroll; Progressive Arts Club PAUL RICE: Key Club; V.P. Soph. Closs; Composs photographer; Hatchet Stoff; Monogrom Club; Varsity Gymnastics Monogrom; JV Crew Monogrom, Jr. Bocrd; Chess Club; Math Hon. Soc. French Club CINDY RICH: Drill Teom; Dromo Club; Modern Dance Club JOHN RILEY: V.P. Frosh Class; SCA; Varsity Letter in Gymnastics; Gymnostics Club; Jr. Closs Sec.; Hotchcf Stoff JOY ROBEY: Drill Teom, SCA; Kcyette Club; Pep Club; Jr. and Sr. Boards LYNWOOD ROBINSON: Treos. and V.P Key Club; Pres. Sr. Closs; SCA; Varsity Football Team; Two Bors in Football; One Bar in Trock; One Trophy in Wrestling; JV and Vorsity Wrestling and Track; Big Brother; Red Cross JACQUELINE ROGERS: Jr. Class Rep.; GAA; Girls' Trock Team; Red Cross Club; Gymnostics Club ROBIN ROGERS: Frosh, JV, and Varsity Cheerleader; Trees. Frosh Closs; Jr. Att. to Boskctboll Queen; Sr Alt to Homecoming Queen; SCA; Pep Club; Soph. Boord CINDY RICH JOHN RILEY JOY ROBEYVICKIE ROSS WILLIAM ROWLAND LAWRENCE SAFFELL TERRY SAMPSON WILLIAM ROWLAND: French Club. Frosh Wrestling Tcom TERRY SAMPSON: Voc. Printing; JV ond Varsity Baseball; Frosh and JV Football ERIC SCHILLING: VP German Club; Sec.-Treas. German Hon Soc.; JV Ctoss Country and Crew. Varsity Crew; Soccer; Gcrmon Long. Awards JOANNE SCHREINER: SCA PENNY SCULLY; Spanish Club; Big S-ster; Spelling Award; Gregg Shorthand Award BONNIE SETTLE Red Cross Club. SCA. Keyette Club CHRISTA SHIFFLETT FBLA Spelling Award. Gregg Shorthand Award; SCA WAYNE SHIFFLETT: Hall Monitor Certd.cote ERIC SCHILLING JOANNE SCHREINER PENNY SCULLY RONALD SCULLY 38 BONNIE SETTLE WANDA SHAFFER CHRISTA SHIFFLETT WAYNE SHIFFLETTJANICE SIBOID RICHARD SIMPSON EVANGELINE SIMS LOLA SIMS MARTHA SMALLING CYLDE SMITH JANICE SI80LD: Girls' Varsity Bosketball; Powder Puff Football; Girls' Track Teom; P.E. Awards; RICHARD SIMPSON: Frosh Football; JV Crew; Varsity Crew; Varsity Foot boll; Key Club; Pres Jr, Class; Sr. Class Rep to Executive Council ot SCA; Sr. Board; Sports Editor of Surveyor; Monogram Club; LOLA SIMS: Treos. DE MARTHA SMALLING: Pep Club; Pres. Keyette Club; Girls' Stote; Band; March. Bond Certificate, Jr. ond Sr. Boords RUTH SMITH: Jr. Board; SCA; Keyette Club; Drcmo Club; Big Sister EVA SOBOLESKI: Red Cross Club. FBLA, Chorus; Treos. of Soph. Closs; Dromo Club; Jr. Boord; Jr. Att. to Homecoming Queen; Alpho Club BARBARA STEVENS: Treas. Chess Club; JV and Vorsity Debate Teoms; Notional Forensics League, Pres. French Club; Treas. French Hon. Soc.; Germon Club; Pres. Quill ond Palm; Quill and Scroll, Pres. Math Hon. Soc.; Math Teom; Progressive Arts Club; Dramo Club; Am. Youth Symphony; Orchestra; 8us. Manogcr of Surveyor; Soph. Board; Tutor; Chorus JENNIFER STEVENSON: Quill and Palm; Math Team; Speech Award; Bus. Award; French I and II Long. Awords; Home Economics Trophy; Forensics RUTH SMITH DAYTON SPAIN EVA SOBOLESKI CHARLES STANTON BARBARA STEVENS JENIFER STEVENSONMARY STREET JAMES SWANSON PAUL SYKES cathy taylor MARY STREET: Sr Boord; Mixed orvd Girls Chorus; Office ond Nurse Aide JAMES SWANSON Chess Club; Key Club; Boscboll Team CATHY TAYLOR: Red Cross. SCA; Soph. or d Jr Boords, Dromo Club; P.E. Award CYNTHIA TAYLOR: Dromo Club; Not Thespion Hon $oc.; V P in chorge of Performance of Dromo Club Chorus; Red Cross; One Act Ploy Festivol Aword for City and State Festivals LINDA TERRY: D'ill Team Jr. Achievement Jr Beard Big Sister CYNTHIA TAYLOR VIKKI TAYLOR REBECCA TEAGUE LARRY TERRY LINDA TERRY JANET THOMAS JANICE THOMAS WILLIAM THOMASCLAYTON THOMPSON CLIFTON THOMPSON SIDNEY TOLAND LINDA TOWLES CLAYTON THOMPSON: Frosh. JV. ond Vors.ty Football; JV end Vorjity Boskctboll; Track Teem; Intromurol Bcskefboll; Jr. Achievement CLIFTON THOMPSON: Modern Dcncc Club; Sec. Key Club; V.P. Drome Club; Sec. Not. Thespian Honor Soc.; Pres. Quill and Scroll; Alex. Council of Theater; French Club; I.A.C.; SCA. Sr Boord; BiQ Brother; Editor-in-Chief of Hatchet; Phillip Worren Mem. Award for Creotive Writing; Surveyor; Progressive Arts Club; Poetry published in Not. Anthology of H.S. Poetry; Commended Student m Not. Achievement Scholarship Program SIDNEY TOLAND: Mixed Chorus DONNA TREAD SCA: Library Ass. GLORIA TUCKER: Drill Tcom; Pep Club; GAA; Jr. Achievement; Honorable Mention in World Geography Contest MARY VINCI: Drill Team; Consumer Economics Award; Pres. P.E. Award; Gymnastics Club; F.T.A.; Red Cross; Jr. Merit P.E. Aword JAMES WARD: DE GLORIA TUCKER LEE TUCKER 41 ALEASE TURNER MARY VINCI JAMES WARD FRANCES WALLERVIVIAN WANZER DIANE WASHINGTON PATRICIA WEAVER ALAN WEINTRAB MARGRIT WENDT MICHAEL WENZ VICTOR WHETZELD CARLENE WHITE SHEILA WANZER: Pres. GAA; Red Cross Club; Pep Club. IAC. V,p. Senior Ooss. Tennis Teem; $CA; Pres. VOT VIVIAN WANZER: V.P. Home Economics Club.GAA; SCA; Jr. and Sr. Rep. DIANE WASHINGTON: Library Club; GAA; Mixed Chorus; Drill Team; Teacher-Aide ALAN WEINTRAUB: Chess Club; Photogropher for Compass MICHAEL WENZ: Physics Soc.; French Club; German Club; Pres. First Board Chess Club; Parliamentarian of Math Hon. Soc., Varsity Moth Teom; Jr. Achievement; Varsity Tennis Teom; Jr. Science and Humanities Symposium; CDC Computer Sconces En-Richment Program. Head Photogropher for Compass; Photographer for Surveyor. Sunshine Boys, ICC; IAC. Key Club, Quill and Scroll; SCA; Boys SfCte CARLENE WHITE: V.P GAA; Sr. Boord; Gymnastics Club; African Donee Club FBLA. Drcmo Club; Red Cross Club CHARLES WHITE; Bond; JV end Vors.ty Moth Teom; Phi Epsilon Oossicol Soc.; Treos. Lotm Hon. Soc.; French Club; Quill and Palm; SCA Acodemic Letter CHARLES WHITE 42 REGINA WHITEALICE WIGGLESWORTH THERESA WILKINSON ALICE WIGGLESWORTH: GAA; Lot.n Hon. Soc.; Ph, Epsilon Clossicol Soc.; Jr. Rep. to SCA Executive Council; Keyette Club; Drill Teom; Advonccd Girls' Chorus; Sec. Soph. Closs; Scc.-Treos. Sr. Closs; Gymnastics Club; Track Teom; Pres, ond Merit P E. Awards THERESA WILKINSON: Frosh Girls'. Advonccd Girls' and Mixed Chorus; Red Cross Club; VOT; SCA VICTORIA WILDERMUTH CHARLES WILLIAMS GERALDINE WILLIAMS LINDA WILLIAMS THOMAS WILLITS 43DEBRA WINNIE COLLEEN WIRTH. Drill Teom, Soph. Board, 8ig Sister FRED WIRTH: Crow Tcom SUSAN WORDEN: French Club; Pep Club, Trees. Keyctrc Club, Foculty and Ooss Editor of Compass; Drill Teom; PE. Aword; Big Sister, Merit Certificate in Typing I and II; SCA; Girls State Alt.. V.P. Quill and Scroll CHARLES WORMLEY: Letter m Frosh and JV Football, Varsity Foot boll; Intramural Basketball; Soccer; SCA PAULETTE WYNN: SCA COLLEEN WIRTH FRED WIRTH SUSAN WORDEN 4446Goss Clowns — Joyce Howold. Sidney Tolcnd 47 Most Athletic — Sheilo Wonzer, Lynwood Robinsonlors Bill Dorrough, President Mindy Noshwmter. Vice President Noel L'Abbe. Secretory Robert Robinson, Treosurer 48 Mrs. Gobby, Sponsori Debra Adkins Joyce Alford Edward Allen Rondy Andrews Kathy Anthony Thclmo ArrcS Roger Ashby Lauro 8ober Leslie Baber Elizabeth Boilcy Tommy Beal I Jeon Behrens Glenda Bennett Elizabeth Bernol Debbie Berry Avis 8est Chris Beyer Todd Bolton Jconnc Bonham Jeff Botcler Richord Britt Tommy Brittom Lillie Brown Lmdo BrownEvelyn Buck Mory Bufono Jeon Burlondo George Burnham Brian Byrne Dana Compbell Bruce Cordcn Korhy Cardenas Thomas Cordonc James Corroll Anne Carter Michocl Costle Shirley Cowood Louis Chombcrlom Sora Cheshire Walter Clark Garnett Click Albright Cloud Blondie Coley Bonnie Collms Mory Conlon Ethel Cook Ned Cousins Nancy Cox SOPotricio Diggs Richard Diggs Mimi Dombroski Raymond DombrOwsky Dennis Donaldson Richard Dooley Sharon Dooley Phyllis Dorsey Chris Downham Julie Duiker Roland Du ling Stephanie EadyRobm Ebhordt 8rcndo Edwords Kenneth Edwords Geoffrey Edwords Delores Ellis Herbert Estes Steve Faulconer Borry Fcovyeor Melody Fields John Fisher Tim Flynn Eileen Forest Nellie Frcemon Renee Freeman Robert Furr Frances Glascoe Frankie Glascoe Gwen Goms Debro Goodnow Rorvold Gfohom Gory Groy John Groy Susie Green Vanessa Greene Dione Gregory Jill Gregory Percy Griffin Robert Grimes Vincent Guerrero Robert Hogan N V Virgmio Hagan Roy Hcgcr Roberto Holey Dole Hancock Robm Horper loune Horrmgton JoAnn Horns Poul Harrison Stephenne Hortley Notolie Hovener Mory Hcncbcrry Larry Hensley 53Bos Hughes Deborch Hughes Michael Huhn Henry Hurst ArliSO Hymon Erma Jackson Phillip Jackson Velmo James Bernadette Johnson Debro Johnson Michael Johnson Sharon Johnston Debb e Jones John Judd Elton Keith Regina Keith Daron Keller Bonnie Kelley Suson Kidwell Cynthio Kite Vonesso Kyle Noel L Abbe Rolond Lombeth Sandro londgrofLouie Lost ik Corolyn Lowson Nancy Lay Holly LeCompte Linda Lewis Sharon Lewis Mary Jane Liggio George Long Alton Lucas Katie Macklin Scott Morinoff Robert Motthews Karen McDonold Mary McDonough Anthony McKinney Glmdo McKoy Nonci Mcodc Jean Meador' N Rito Mickey JoAnn Miller Shoron Mills Susan Moore Jo Marie Morrison April Morse Rosemorie Moyer Jerome Murphy Richard Murray Edward Muse Ralphenc Nashwmter Mono Newman 56 Larry Nowlin Clifford Nuckolls Edword Ottens Pat Paciho Kevin Podgeft Shirley PointerRichord Paredes George Parker Lmdo Porker Cindy Parks Edna Poyne Janet Poyne Philip Pearson Diane Perkins Marilyn Peterson Ella Phillips Paulette Phillips Pam Pinkston Shoron Pitta Melody Poland John Powers Mary Roiley Michocl Rondoll Wolter Reaves Phil Rcdfcorn Amparo Rey Rusty Reynolds James Richardson Manonne Ricker Morgoret Ringer 57Steve Robey Undo Rochner 8obbie Rogers Yosic Rose Williom Ross Deborah Roszel Myrno Roy Gary Russell Goyle Saltsgovcr Dwayne Sands Larry Sounders Charlene Scales Gcriond Scoies Andre Sheppord Saundrio Shaw Debbie Snow Judith Spears Mike Short! Sharon Speech John Sprouse 58Brcndo Stomper Terry Storkcy Angela Stoffec Gloria Strock Sondro Strock Lynne Strother vlt 1 V1 ' «a Susan Swanson Stephen Tolley Donna Toylor Patricio Terry Willoim Terry Michocl Thomas Phyllis Thomson Jeffrey Thompson I Theodore Thurman Kempy Tillcrson Marc Tong Jonothcn Toy 59JoAnn Tror o Herbert Troy Shermon Turner Richard Tyler Chorlotte Wolkcr Milton Ward Russell Warren Doris Washington Dorothy Woshington Vancinc Woshington Charlotte Webb Trino Welchel Gail West 60 Corolyn Whcotly Robert Whitestone Tohirih Wiener Annie Wilborn Borboro Willioms Kenneth Williams Richard Willioms Jonis Wolford Jill Wolford Randy Woods Sandro Woods Jomes Woolls 61 Linda Yoroly Jeonettc YatesSophomores Robert Callahan, President Lloyd Lee, Vice President Mono Johnson. Secretory Potty Wood, Treosurer 62 Miss Perry, SponsorCorol Adams Charles Adams Cheryl Adkins Betty Alexander Barbara Amcy Stanley Anderson Gus Anthony Posgy Arnold Michael Austeng Eluobcth Bailey Juanita Baker Kenneth Boker Aoron Bonks Roscoe Banks Roy Borcloy Bruce Barr Jessie Bates -arry Baxter Emma Bell -arry Bell Seorge Blackwell Co thy Bolton Georlene Bonds Wayne Bostick Estelle Boston Cnarles Boswell Walter 8owlmg Barbara Brodhcld Rhondo Bradley Barbara Brim 63Pc? Brown Nelson Bryant Terry Burchom Reginald Burgess Alfred Butler Barbara 8utlcr Rubette Butler Robert Collahon Thomas Collan James Compbell Prentis Carmichoel Oarlcnc Corr Rena Carter Fred Clements Reginald Coates Fawn Colbert Patti Cole Earl Cook Luther Cook Thomos Coppage Debbie Cornwell Monica Cousins Lonnie Covey Polly Cox 64V i .Villiom Downey Dora Edwards Carolyn Elem Eunice Elem _ourdcs Espinoso Donno Evons _orroine Farrow _cwrence Fells MoriO Fickmger Beverly Finney Brenda Forest Edith Fox jomie Frye Donno Funkhouser Lyndo Furr Nancy Crabtree Beotrice Crosby Debra Daniel Wendy Dovenport Maria Davis Danny Deck Tony Demor Gary Dempsey Hozel DcWolt Mary DeWitt Joseph Dickinson William Dillon Liz Dollms Donno Duncon Denise DoughertyBeverly Gorrett William Gilbert Mory Gilmore Horold Gold Ins Golladoy Deborah Goodwm Michael Graham Mi choc I Groy Tereso Groy Deonl Green James Green Helen Greene Mary Guerrero Minnie Hall Steve Hall Steven Hall Gale Hamilton Juonito Homlett James Hanrahan Rick Hordwick Steve Hordwick 66 David Horrmgton Undo Horns Rosemary HornsFronk Horf Virginia Hartford Rcvondo Hortley Jerry Hatton Donald Havener Lauro Howes David Hoynes Linda Heislup Beverly Helsley Vic Hernondes Normo Hill Terry Holland Charlene Holly Anthony Hooks Judy Hoover Jeff Horowitz Esther Horwich Donno Howell Ronnie Huff Jackie Hughes Earl Hunt Bernard Hunter Cynthio Hutchison Mane Irelond Lmdo Jackson Dclphine Jomes 67Erie Jorrctt Vonesso Jorrett Anthony Johnson Evonne Johnson Gregory Johnson Kothy Johnson Lorry Johnson Marieo Johnson Christine Jones Earl Jones Soroh Jones Thomas Jones Toni Jones Viola Jones William Jones Kothy Joiner Kondi Kandell Theresa Keith Holly Keller JoAnn Kclmmsky Lulu Kelso Michael Kennedy Darlene Kern Donna Keyton Wondo Kiessling Scan Killclco Howard King Sylvia King Terry Knight Audrey Kyer 68Lloyd Lee Keren Lewis Rufus Littlciohn Rcgmold Lloyd Melody Love Vickie Luebkert Ccrlton Molloy Pierre Monlcy Eddie Morkell DeboroH Morsholl Louis Mojors Stonley Morfin Roberto McClory Foy McCormick Jeonette McDonold Kotc McGorth Bobby McKee Jomcs McKoy Vemdo Med lock Alon Meir Down Miller London Miller Debbie Mills Mylindo Mitchell Estrellito Moore Jomes Moore Scott Moore Elizobeth Morgon Ernest Morgon Williom Morse 69WiMion’i Mo unto m Dorothy Murphy TrOiS Murroy Diore Muse Wando Muse Vanessa Miller Ruth Neebe Allen Nelson Williom Nelson v i Leon Nicely BruCC Norris George Norns Phillip Norris John Ontko Gloria Orsini Ann O'Sullivon Anito PaciliO Rose Paige Ronnie Parker Laurie Parmon Potti Pottcrson John Payne Jordon Pcltz Chuck Peters 70Gary Peterson Undo Peterson James Poindexter Albert Polond Theonne Pollard Frcnk Pope Cindy Powell Carolyn Proffitt Joyce Putman George Quotte Joy Rarick Brett Reed John Reilly Stephonie Rcposs Vanesso Rcnauld Rice Michoel Richards Loreom R.chordson Donno Riley Jonquem Robinson Ralph Roddo Debbie Rollins Glenn Rose Toni Ross 71Jon. Schwcbe Pout Scott Aleise Selby Dovid Self Debbie Sheppord Kenneth Shipp Shirley Small Dale Smith Donold Smith Suzonne Roth Kothy Rowlond Shirley Ruggles Eileen Saffell Ellen Salok Walt Soyers 72Lynn Smith Renee Smith Steve Smith Peggy Snow Shoryn Sorrells John Squires Dorryl Stonton Kitty Storr Brendo Stephens Leon Stevens Jomes Stncklond Debb'C Sufhcrlond Jeon Swoim Donno Toggart Colleen Toylor Henry Toylor L 2 Toylor Ronold Terrell Jomce Thomos Delores Thompson Terry Thompson Judette Thrash Ronnie Threot Alice Tilmon 73S Owno Timmons Jim Toloso Michael Tong Sharon Toy Walter Trovers Gwen Tucker Cro g Turner Dorryl Turner Deboroh Turner Michoel Ut» Jonme Von Dyne Kathy Vonkleeck Juomto Vaughn Donno Wair Chip Walker Steve Wolker William Waller Donald Wanzer Ronold Wanzer Oscar Ward Darlene Wore Dreomo Worncr Mary Watkins Victor Webb 74Nino Wclchcl Doris Wigglesworth Shirlccto Wilburn Mork Willioms Dione Willis Bobby Wilson Phyllis Wimbush Tcrcso Wilmouth Robert Wolfrey Potncio Wood Geoffrey Woods«de Come Wooten Christine Wooten Queen Wright Corolyn Wyotte 75freshmen Molly McCauley, President Reginald Walker, Secretory Harold Brown, Vice President Jeff Mocklin, Treasurer 76 Mrs. Copley, SponsorJcmc Alford Terry Andrew Jeme Ar««tt Jonn Arrington Sc-vJro Avbel SiC 'tS Atk n R norfl A„ treng •icmev Bokc' JOieS Bc ki Sc e. Cere-. Sc— » Coov Bcvi tcre 3c--»" 5c—. 5c n -oe 5ry :' tor 5o-Cr» »- r cc« v e k :‘Ooj - fcio Bc e -Rctemor. Scv: to 5-5: . .10 DTK . Sc » Bty L cn tr yv}:' LOu'C 5 '■ —O' Timmy S' "C -J8"« 8oc«t RhO Oa Srcc -- ROXOn- 6r:c • •. Virg.« Bock» Mooid B''»" Rondclyn S-: «' -3- B'j't. :■ Be’fy Bu enc SKrl y 6k CIC Rjst't «oc Reno e dy c— Tncmcj Bu-:wyi Dcnn Bk -Rct'-co Byrne etf Co o o-Tho—oi ■- Co -yo Ct'or v Cc ce — 3 Co H von - - Corm hocl -■ Corroil • «0 Corter : Cottle • Cotton - C ChomOcrt - Cnomp •e n Cheek n f luv Cheek ♦i Clotke :m Cktmcntv • Cloud «e Colbert t-c Collmv Con Ion • n Conroe Cook Co "oo —■ Cotton « : -t Courtney - c d Couvny » ' Covington “COl Crom . 'Old Crow :vo Cunningham C'O Doviv ' “ V Ocwborry t D»omond ?« „» - ;e Dwvoff Donoidvon • Oownnom « }»ncv ;m Oovci j "V yrummond - -C Duff ««c e Eoton • Edwordv »0U Edwordv -w-dolyn Eider Ewing ; Ewmg •oukoncr » » x Ange s uC— f ■ « S nord Pu'r S»Mt jO'fV' Oc'vc ; Gciio»ov = Cr-C 5 Gc «v mcze i: «i 4 rCvf Suscn Go'dsn Cec-c-. ©ohcm »n"i« vac Green v.c'or Greer ■ © jf e Grigsby Grime Janetta Holte- SnC'on Honk ml JoAnn Ksnkl Daniel Hansen Reg mold HorOy m Morfirgrcn Carol Herns Lou‘lc Horns Rosemory Horns Hcrmoo Hartley Vory Bern Hoyden Oeborcn Hcves Henry HOVOS »C”v Go—C HcncDcrry Verms Henry © orlei H,Cks Eva Hines Connie Hagan James Hsltowov _arry Holmes Lorry H gACS Dc!c ingrom “C'S’iCkl Irby .cnicc ISler Aubrey Jackson Evelyn Jockscn Jcmes Jockson Evelyn Johnson WondO Johnson Aequonctto Jonc Craig Jones Debro Jones Richard Jones Sam Jones Bobby Juarez Carolyn Judkms Al Keith Juan Kilpatrick Kim King Joseph Knieft Bill Knouse Wondo Kotolick Joyce KwiatkOn Elmore Kyle Linda LoRue Elizabeth Lcrsc'-Donno Lovrhorne Kathcnne Lowso' Mike Layman Liio Lee Pam Lew.s Mary Lipicomb Iro Little Oovid Logon Oebro Logan Wendell Logan Glendo Long Sylvia Loving;-: Milliso Lucos Anne Lyons Oonald MoeMO' Jacqueline McS-Molly MeCou’c •McClOy McDonald • Mockl.n .-■'Sole McNeil «'« MOlOf ■ i'd Motsholl •■".I Mertim • • M OdC Meodows : a Meador •. Merendo ” 5 MKkcy : bc'o Millette - — e Mitchell - CO Mitchell e Mobley -es Moore :c Morrison ' ;• 2 Mo ten ■ co Murphy • Murroy : - e Nelson • Nelson o Ncwmon " Nicely - • e O’ftohcrty . : Popoulokos - pQ-mon ; - o Poyne Peorson Pearson • —ics Pcorson . Pe'sekiom : - Pettit . Pe tit - -s p©oe • t—e Prince - « pf ce : Piinev ■ • Robert Peed s PeQin Re.lty ■a— R ks :o Robey Woyne Roberts Leoh Robeson Doris Rose Gorry Rose Morooret RoSS Robert Ro z e Waiter Ruff Tore Rumsey Tyrone Senders Debra Sounders Phyllis Sounders Rondy Sounders Paulette Sco es Kurt Sehmoltz Dione Scott Doreen Scott Deboron Sho Glorio Shelton M hoei Sh.pp £dde Snorts Lmdo Simms Shelby Sixcmcrc Cmdy Smith Kenneth Smith Leslie Smith •lames Snyder Bomto Spec's Sfuorf Spence Dovid Stoats Nonev StC'key Wondo Stedmon Soundro Stevens Rosemary Stoffe Bo'boro Stun Kenneth Sfui I Donny Stubb’e'ieid Sandro Suther end Cathy Swonsc-n Laura S»o'd Bob Sykes Keith Tote Crystal Toy or Ronme Thcdcs Vveffe Thompson Anne There SCnJomcs Throsh Robert Tiller son Thomas Tilmon Vincent Tiono Eddie Tread Paul Troxell Potncio Tuck Corl Turner Steven Turner Toni Turner Kathryn Tyler Patricio Tyler Wonda Tyree Donno Vorgo Mory Voughcn Juliana Vizo Stonley Walden Ronnie Wore Randall Worrcn Enc Washington Rcginold Washington Jimmie Webb Mory Webster Lynne Wointroub AAory Whiting Johnny Wiggles worth Sinclair Wilhoit Steven Wilkes Georgie Wilkins Colvin Willioms Derrick Williams Jconetto Williams Pearl Willimas Horry Williomson Loretto Willoughby Chester Wilson David Wollrey Robert Woodard Beverly Wnght Diane Wright Mark Yetter Pomelo Yowell 80. Spirit Aujiflci c oes +o the opW- oR£. Class... - ( C- ciVed '( 'Vc’p 'Vs.'R.d o? cXa.s'i... -L oo ■'to'J.O A tW ;s o-pv-dt AcaoO. heres the Prinopol- Mr. Richord Hills, Mrs. Trivitt. 84 Assistont Principal- Mr. Kowolski; Mrs. Boswell.Assistont Principal- Mr. Williams; Mr. Breedlove 85Administration 86 Assistonl Pnncipol — Mr. FrcorStaff Cofctcrio Worker 87 CustodionsGuidonce Dept,- Miss Storkey, Mr. Groffco, Mrs. Shockleford, Mrs. McLome, Miss Smith, Mr. Hubbord, Mrs. Allport, Mr. Wcstcmcycr. Treos.- Mrs. Lunceford Office See.- Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Tnvitt, Mrs. Boswell. 88Nurse- Mrs. CorrMr. Gregory Miss McDonald Miss Hosie Mrs. Lowlor Mrs. Blossom Miss Currin Mrs. Gullo 90 Mrs. Copley Mrs. Norton Miss BoggionoMiss Somers Miss Dorrer Mr. Hcidemon fnglish Department 9: Mrs. Stdley Mrs. Theis Miss ReidMr. Hcrrod Mr. Powell 92 Mrs. Joseph Mr. Nosh 93 Miss JoblonskiMr. Kirk Science Department 94 Mrs. Wilson Mr. WurstMr. Jordon Mrs. Crouch 95 Mrs. Gobby Social Studies Department 96 Mr. Bogart97 Mr. Schreiner Mr. ChristionsenMiSS Cxont Language Department Mrs. Lynn Mrs- Ernrr‘ Mr. BushMr. Bo den Mrs. Ell'Ott Mr. McConnell fine Arts Department 99 Mrs. McCoy Mr. MossonMrs. Gilmore Business Department 100 Mrs. Pitt Mr DcRigge101 Mrs. GunnMr. Tomlin Mr. Riggms Mr Ashley 102 Mr White Miss Hort Mr Homs Mr. HonnohIndustrial Arts Department Mr. Niswonder 103 Mr. Pricket Mr. RicerPhysical Education Department 104 Miss ThomosMr. Wriston Mr. Nichols Mr. Hynson 105 Mr. Futrcil Mr. Korns106. . :. ‘A ActivitiesSTUM MAM ASSOCIATION The mediator between students and taculty Sally Hunt Second Vice President I Edward Renikcr I.A C. President Keith Ellis President Terry Harrington First Vice President Terri Breeding Treasurer Holly LeCompte Secretory S.C.A. EXECUTIVE COUNCIL — Row One; Terry Harrington, Keith Ellis, Hollt LeCompte, Row Two; Terry Breeding, Judy Speors, Jonothc' Toy, Nancy Storkey, Lmdo Clark, Row Three; Mike Lewis, Ed Long, Rick Simpson, Acquaneta Jones, Ed Renikcr, Not Pictured; Solly Hunt.S.C.A. REPRESENTATIVES — Richord Dooley, Estrellito Moore, Peorl Cooke. Donno Duncon, Jonet Poync Foyc McCormick, Deborah Goodwin, Debbie Atkins, Juanita Boker, Wando Berry, Cothy Johnson, Cmdy Porks, Kempy Tillerson, Herbert Estes, Vicki Jorgensen, Diane Perkins, Rebecca Krebs, Soundna Show, Michael Wcnz. Horlon Millete, Cothy Swonson, Borboro Stevens, Lorry Saunders, Debbie Montgomery, Debbie Snow, Emmett Choveis, Alesio Selley, Suzy Worden. Melody Fields, Gwen Goins, Alice Wigglesworth, Sylvia Putmon. Reno Carter, Corolc Stubblefield, Keith Callohon, Mylindo Mitchell, Sylvio Woolen, Connie Hogan, Reginald Washington, Chorlene Holly, Noel L'Abbe, Bonita Speors, Diono Shirk, Jon Bonfiglio, Lorry Turner, Deborah Rife, Alan Micr, Rhondo Brooks Marsha Henry, Joy Robey, Pat Pruitt, Voncsso Kyle, Debbie Graham, Vanessa Miller, Kathy Gregory, Holly Keller, Jim Powers. James Tolosa, Lynwood Robinson, Jomes Honohan, Jacquclm McBride, Laura Howes, Sheila Wanzer, Rose Webster, George Burnom, Deophia Newmon, S.C.A. ALTERNATES— Doris Wipglesworth. Christine Jones, Mike Tong, Chris Beyer, Michele Smith, David Harrington, Thomas Fron n Debbie Winnie, Vanessa Borrett, Gloria Orsmi, Linda Jockson, Doro Edwards, James Honohan, Todd Bolton, Marian Gordon, Dorothy Murphs Jo Mane Morrison, Sylvio King, Rubettc Butler, Marilu Colbert, Beverly Finney, Theodore Thurmon, Bonnie Settle. Voncine Wosh ngton Cs-c McDonald, Kempy Tillerson, Suson Furrow, Bonnie Collins, Dons Rose, Peggy Thomos, Goeffry Woodside, Karen McDenold. Bcrbcra Dc s Sc' Jones, Eloine Barret, Woltcr Bowling, El'c, rhillipy. Kathy Tyler, Gregory Carrollc, Mortm Johnson, Joanne Trqno, Vincent Gue'ro. Charles Adams, Ins Figucro, Jean Behrens, Steven Funzlowo. Morio Dovis, Angelo Freeman, Michcol Thomos, Thercso Keith Conr e £cc« Roc'-; Courtney, Steve Reed, Horold Hues. Evelyn Jackson, Donno Kcyton. Laurie Asche, Mory Stoffe, Sylvia Lovmgood.Inier-flctivities Council „ . . ., MumnhriM Dolors Ellis Tahirih Weiner, Evelyn Buck, Voncsso Kyle, Chris Beyer JSSVySS W. SO..WOVC Jon Bonfig.'O, «o,.Ko Lo„y Sound., Mr Boddy, VictOriO Wildermuth, Jo Morie Morrison. Anme Chonoier. , ,2 PIP CLUB — Charlene Holly Mono Dov.s, Gwen Tucker. Delphinc Jomcs. Susan Gordon T.rrcll Coton. Pointa Pooc Rubctte Butler. Debra Show. Tommy Collon. I.AC. OFFICERS—Suson Furrow, Secretory; Ed Rcmkcr. President; Jeon Burlondo, Vice President. PEP CLUB OFFICERS — Theonne Polord, Sec-Treos.; Jomes, President; Mike Lew.s Vice President. The Pep Club promotes Prexie PoinerGIRL STATERS-Martho Smelling, Nancy Humphries, Laurie Fox, Terry orrington, Miss Hall, Sponsor Girls’ and Boys’ Staters set up their own government 113 BOY STATERS James Register, Tom Henley. Mike Wenz, Keith Ellis, Harlan Millette.Quill and Palm Victono Wildermuth Secretory Miss Currin Sponsor Deboro Bennett Treosurcr Borboro Stevens President Jonet Grohom Historion Vickie Jorgensen Vice-President 114 Judith Hossmer Chorles White Jenifer StevensonQuill and Scrol Mrs. TheiS Sponsor Clifton Thompson President Suzy Worden Vice-President Nancy Humphries Sec.-Treas. Rebecca Krebs Barboro Stevens 115 Mike Wenz Gayle Soltvgavcr Susan Furrow Edward RemkcrExtending knowledge of language via group activities FRENCH HONOR SOCIETY OFFICERS - Donno Evons, President; Jom.e Frye. T-ecsurcr; Joni Schwobe, Vice President; Elizabeth Morgan, Secretary; Esther Horwich, Historian. FRENCH CLUB OFFICERS - Thelma Arres, Secretory; Jill Gregory, I.A I Representative; Sarah Jones, Treasurer; Esther Horwich, Vice Preside-Rebecco Krebs, President. FRENCH HONOR SOCIETY - Row one: Donna Evons, Jomie Frye. Judy Hossmer, Elizabeth Morgan Row Two: Soroh Jones. Evelyn Buck, Joni Schwabc. Victoria Wildcrmuth, Esther Horwich. FRENCH CLUB - Row One: Thelmc Ames, Jill Gregory, Tahir-Wiener, Susan Swanson, Rebeccc Krebs, Kathy Anthony. Row Two Joyce Kwiotkowski, Holly Keller Soroh Jones, Esther Horwich, Sandy Landgraf, Evelyn Buck.GERMAN HONOR SOCIETY • Right to Left; Jo Mono Morrison, Virginia Grundman, Barbora Brodfield. Rose Mane Moyer, Jean rehrens, Mylmdo Mitchell, Kathleen McCroth, Noncy Cox, Ellen balak, Thomas Henley, Delores Ellis, Robert Jones, Horlon v lette, Morgrit Wendt, Ruth Neebe, Lee Tucker, Linda Roehner, Nor Pictured: Cindy Powell GERMAN CLUB Row One: Kim Harrington. Harlan Millette. Jimmie Mitchell, Lucelle O'Floherty, Noncy Cox, Rosemarie Moyer, Lmdo Mornson, Jean Behrens, Ellen Salak, Row Two: Morgrit Wendt Kofe McGorth, Dovid Atkins, Bruce Norris, Laura Hawes, Ruth Neebe, Delores Ellis, Mylinda Mitchell, Cindy Powell, Borbaro Brodfield, Jo Mane Morrison, Lmdo Roehner. Row Three; Gil Yottcr, Thomas Beall, Austin Moron, Thomos Henley, Willicm Lowhorne, Dennis Regin, Lee Tucker, Doreen Scott, Juliana Duiker, Lmdo Brown, Shoryn Sorrells. Not Pictured: Stephen Talley, Goby Comacho. GERMAN HONOR SOCIETY OFFICERS Jo Mane '•"orrison, President; Eric Schilling, Secretory-Treasurer--♦on Behrens, Vice President. GERMAN CLUB OFFICERS - Lmdo Roehner. Secrefory-Treosurcr; Tommy Bede Chairman; Jo Marie Mornson, Vice President; Jeom Behrens, President.LATIN HONOR SOCIETY - Scored: Alice Wigglesworth. Standing: Vancsso Kyle, Jeon Burlondo, Mary Hcncberry, Rondy Woods, Nancy Humphries. LATIN CLUB OFFICERS • Vanessa Kyle, Secretory; Jean 8urlondo, President; Randy Woods. Treasurer. LATIN HONOR SOCIETY OFFICERS - Jean Burlondo, Secrete' Vanessa Kyle, President; Randy Woods, Vice-President. LATIN CLUB - Sooted: Jeon Burlondo, Vonessa Kyle. Standing: Kate McGorth, Patty Wood, Col. Bush, Sponsor; Morgaret Bailey, Susan Atkins, Mary Watkins, Mike Austreug, Rondy Woods, Alice Wigglcsworth, Mario Fickmger, Rebecca Krebs, Hoke Murray, Mary Heneberry, Bill Doyel, Nancy Humphries. 118SPANISH CLUB OFFICERS • Seoted: Poulo Phillips, President; Donno Howell, Trcosurcr; Peggy Snow, Secretory; Gendo Bennett, Vice-President. SPANISH HONOR SOCIETY • Poulo Phillips, Glenda Bennett. Vickie Jorgensen, Cynthio Hill, SPANISH CLUB - Seoted. Peter Conlon, Moximo Bonillo. Standing K nnpy T llersc Donno Howell, Goby Comocho, Elizabeth Bernal, Poulo Phillips Lourdes Esp no Peggy Snow, Penny Scully. Glcndo Bennett, Amparo Rey.Mory Con!on U9and right answers MATH HONOR SOCIETY OFFICERS • Row One: Liore Silvo, Vice President; Geneva Halter, President; Jec-Behrens, Secretary-Treasurer. Row Two: Copt. Nos?" Sponsor; Mike Wenz, Parliamentarian; Dan Spoin, Histone- MATH HONOR SOCIETY - Row One: Copt. Nosh, Judy Hossmer, Kathy Anthony, Jonef Graham, Susan Kidwell, Jeon Behrens, Lionel Silva. Row Two: Chuck White, Cookie Robey, Katie Mocklm, Barbara Stevens, Paul Rice, Dan Spam. Row Three: Lee Tucker, Brent Arvilla, Geneva Halter, Mike Wenz, Evelyn Buck, Vicky Wildermuth. Not Pictured: Jenifer Stevenson, Bob Jones. The lHath Teams battle with their slide rules against stitt competition with other schools MATH TEAM OFFICERS - Geneva Hotter. Varsity Captain; ion' Graham, Varsity Co-Coptom; Mylindo Mitchell, J.V. Co-Captain; Sarc Jones, J.V.Capfam. VARSITY MATH TEAM . Row One: Evelyn Buck, Lionel Silva, Susan Kidwell, Thomas Grofte, Sponsor. Row Two: Paul Rice, Janet Graham, Don Spom. Row Three: Chuck White, Thomos Henley, Genevo Halter, Mike J.V. MATH TEAM - Seated: Soroh Jones. Row One: Ruth Nccba, Mylm--Mitchell, Esther Horwich, Copt. Nosh. Row Three: Richard Poredoz, Lave" Farves, Pierre Manley. Not Pictured: Julie Duiker.Learning to organize thoughts and to express opinions DEBATE TEAM - Row One: Jeon Burlondo Chris Beyer. Mor.on Gordon. Evelyn Buck. Row Two: Jeon Behrens. Anne OSuU.vOn, Jo-SchwoBc. Jeon Sworn. Julie Duiker, Jomie Frye, Pierre Monlcy, Bonnie Collms. bring our Debate Team victory I It’s Academic It challange of the minds 121Ik hard work of a busy staff produces THE mm COffHSS Mr. Kerschbaum Advisor Suson Furrow Editor-in-chief Noncy Humphries Activities Editor Edward Rcnikcr Sports Editor Suson Worden Closs-Foculty EditorMike Wenz Heod Photogropher Paul Rice Photographer Alan Wemtrovib Photogrophcr Jeon Burlondo Assistant Class Editor Lyndo Copley Assistant Class Editor Normo Hill Assistant Activities Editor Jamie Frye Assistant Activities Editor 123The Hatchet carries on the communication expressing the student’s opinion in a voice that is both loud and clear HATCHET STAFF - Kneeling: Veromco Murphy, Tahirch Weiner, Mounce Gnsby, Potricio Dmker. Row Two: April Morse, Jon Bonfiglio, Donno Heneberry, Rosemary Stoffe. Row Three: Jimmie Mitchell, Daniel Honscn, Linda Morrison, Jo Meric Morrison, Evelyn Ann Buck, Susan Kidwell, Deboroh Jones. Row Four: Louie Lostik, Randy Andrews, Mike Gray, Jerome Murphy. Barry Feavyear. Ed Reniker, Scott Marinoff. HATCHET CO-EDITORS: Jo Mane Morr.son, Evelyn Buck. 124Through the eye of the camera and rnord of the pen come a depiction of the many aspects of our school life in the Surveyor SURVEYOR STAFF - Row One: Rcbccco Krebs, Jamie Frye, Eunice Elen, Denise Dougherty, Debbie Goodnow. Row Two: Lome Fox, Mmdy Noshwmtcr, Sharon Dooley, Morion Gordon, Normo Hill, Elizabeth Bailey, Kote McGroth. Row Three: Jon Bonftglio, Rolond Du ling, Rick Simpson, George Norris, Goyle Soltsgover, Pierre Manley, Jordon Peltz. 125Smiling brightly stepping lively, the first Ladies bring a sparkle to half - time festivities G.W. FIRST LADIES - Row One: Judy Spears, Janet Payne. Row Two: Undo Terry, Debbie Snow, lindo McCurdy. Lome Fox, Colleen Wirth, Stephonie Eady, Shoron Mills, Avis 8est, Alice Wigglesworth. Joy Robey, Robin Davis, Anne O'Sulhvon. Dorothy Murphy. Row Three: Glono Tucker, Goil Higgins, Vanessa Renould, Jean Behrens, Vivian Hill, Solly Hunt, Joyce Putman, Lindo Furr, Debbie Collins, Susan Worden, Teresa Wilmouth, Celestine Chapman, Bonnie Arres. DRILL TEAM OFFICERS - Judy Spears, Co-Captom; Jonet Payne, Captain. 126Marching to one’s beat MARCHING BAND — Chorles Adorns, Jomcs Adorns, Bcrdonno Bonks, Joseph Bonks, Correy Borncs. Lorry Bell, Diane Butler, Gregory Corroll, Louis Chomberlome, Emmett Chons. Robert Courtney, Steven Diggs, Rudy Digiovonm, Terry Dixon, Elinor Dollins. Morsho Eoton, Betty Proves, Lawrence Fells, Dovid Funn, Don Galloway, Ron Gollowoy, Johnni Gipson, James Holloway, Esther Horowich, Mike Huhn, Theo James, Drum Moiorefte; Koren Johnson, Croig Jones. Soroh Jones, Cheryl Lewis, Mike Lewis, Iro Little, Dovid Logon, Celso Lopez, Austin Moron, Corl Moten. Keith Nelson, Thorrvos Pearson, James Poindexter, Jomes Powers, Olo Ramy, Denese Randolph, John Reily, Casey Root, Kelley Root. Phillip Smith Bonita Spears, Ronald Terrell, Janice Thomas, Jeffrey Thompson, Terry Thompson, James Thrash, Ricky Tyler, Gerald Vaughn, John Wigglesworth.The sound of music ORCHESTRA — Row One: Thco Jomes, Wolter Bowling, Cheryl Lewis, Eleanor Dollins. Row Two: Cothy Swanson, Borboro Stevens, Jconettc Sweosey, Lyndo Furr, Brcndo Edwords. Row Three: Fown Colbert, Ruth Nebee, Morilee Colbert, Janette Holter, Suson Swanson, Dana Neoley Row Four: Juon Corrco, Esther Horwich, Vancsso Green, Jill Gregor. Bcnmc Dewberry. Row Five: Ancttc Bloke, Mike Lewis, John Riley, Sarc-Jones, Denise Randolph, Celso Lopez. Row Six: Carl Motcn, Jet Thompson, Kelley Root, Austin Moran. 128Blending time and talent to create an atmosphere ot vocal harmony GOLDEN TONES Row One: Denise Bonks, Korcn McDonold, Melody Fields, Rosemone Moyer, Sylvia Putman. Row Two: Lillie Brown, Marilyn Dickerson, Phillip Dorsey, Diane Washington, Vanessa Greene, Judy Speors. Row Three: Larry Terry, Thomas Franklin, Lynwood Robinson, Sidney Toland, Frank Saunders, Keith Coleman, Edward Horns. MIXED CHORUS - Row One R'- ' C Brooks, Sally Bronch, Cynth.c Cher dler, Phyllis Saunders, Dorothy Murphy, Virginia Berry. Row Two Gere Id Motcr, Tyron Sounders Mena Johnson, Kim Gomes, Debbe Sheppord, Donno Taylor, Debb-e Morgan, Wenifred Lucos. Row Tnree Herbert Troy, Walter Recmes.Debb'e Grohom, Estcilita Moore, Gwendslv Cotton, Dons Wigglesworth, Mcrgare' Marshol, Joon Wyatte, Sy vic - 0'r s Row Four: Williom Clements. Clayton Powell, Mary Street, Debra Marses1 Vanessa Miller, Vanone Wosh ' ot'' Venido Medlock, Liso Brodley Anne Wilborn, Pot Pope. fRL'% CrI 0RUS cROW °T Donno Heneberry, Ton, Jones, Ann Lyons. Row Two: Brendo Forest Potr co Rucker. Beverly Finney, Emmo Bell. Row Three W»on Lyons, Sharon Mills Crystal Taylor Dor-'-' Drummond. Not Pictured: Carol Compbcll, Deboroh Campbell. Adnone Cloud Sandro, Christine Shremer, Patricia Tuck. 129their school Hey and Heyette Clubs serve their community and KEYETTE CLUB — Row One: Donno Keyton. Jamie Frye, Laura Baber, Janet Payne. Row Two: Susan Worden, Chris Beyer. Joni Schwobc, Vicki Jorgensen, Donna Evans. Row Three: Holly LcCompte, Sharon Toy, Terri Breed- ng, Shoron Pitta, Joy Robey. Alice Wigglcsworth, Mary McDonold. Row Four: Noncy Humphries, Jo Marie Mornson, Lmdo McCurdy, Ruth Smith, Martha Smollmg, Miss Johnson, Sponsor; Bonnie Settle. KEY CLUB OFFICERS — Mr. Bogort, Sponsor; Horold Hughes, Sgt of Arms; Bob Jones, Secretary; Ed Long. President; Lynwood Robinson, Treasurer; Bill Dorrough, Vice President. KEYETTE CLUB OFFICERS — Row One Morion Gordon. Vice-President; Mortho Smallmg, President; Jo Monc Morrison, Historian. Row Two: Noncy Humphries, Corr. Sec.; Susan Worden, Treasurer; Tern Breeding, Secretory. KEY CLUB — Row One: Keith Ellis, Louie Lostik, Ed Long, Dick Dombrowsky, Les Bober. Row Two: Tom Henley. Mike Wenz, Rick Simpson, Stan Norris, Jerome Murphy, Jim Swenson. Row Three: Bill Dorrough, Jim Register, Lynwood Robinson, Harold Hughes, Tom Franklin, Roy Meade.Collections of food, clothes and money for the needy are among the good deeds of the Red Cross RED CROSS OFFICERS — Soundrio Show, Secretory-Treosurer, Joyce McNeoly, President; Tohiroh Wiener, Vice President; Delores Ellis, I A C. Representative. RED CROSS — Row One: Glorio Tucker, Noncy Baker, Tahirah Wiener, Saundrio Show, Olo May Rainy, Karen Johnson, Annie Green, Fclisho Bradley. Row Two: Paulette Taylor, June Burroughs, Peggy Snow. Deboroh Atkins, Sandro Stevens, Jane Brooks, Jerome Murphy, Rhonda Bradley. The Girl’s Intramurals expand . . . VOLLEYBALL TEAM — Row One: (Junior Varsity) Donna Howell, Vanesso Kyle, Frances Gloscoe, [Jetty Morgon, Dorothy Smith. Row Two: (Varsity) Kempy Tillcrson, Ethel Cook, (Junior Varsity) Pearl Cook, Francine Johnson, Juanita Vaughan. Row Three: Anne Thom- as, (Coach); (Vorsity Mcmbcrs)-Bonme Bradley, Annie Chondle' Marie Porker, Diane Muse. Sandra Woods, Katie Mocklin, Thee James. GIRL'S BASKETBALL — Row One Bonnie Bradley, Rlionda Hardy. Theo James, Rhonda Brooks, Mona Newman, Juonito Vaughn, Vorvesso Miller. Row Two: Gtorio Shelton, Juanita Baker, Bernette Gilbert, Kempy Tillerson, Vanessa Kyle, Kotc McGroth. Wondc Berry.perfection and perform with MODERN DANCE CLUB — Row One: Donno Howell, Peggy Snow, Mory Watkins, Mindy Krickenburger, Jom Schwobe, Lilly Brown, Betty Morgon, Jamie Frye. TENNIS TEAM — Cindy Woods, Morion Gordon, Glcndo Bennett, Debbie Bennett, Katie Mocklin. Miss Thomos, Tennis Sponsor. Mrs. Lockcy, Modern Donee Sponsor.Girl’s gymnastics GYMNASTICS TEAM — Row One-Kempy Tillersoa, Jomie Frye, Jooi Schwobe, Mory Wolkins. Row Two-Jeoneftc Holtcr, Sondy Woods, Kothy Tyler, Cheryl Carroll, Pearl Cook, Katie Mocklm. 136Students today, Teachers tomorrow with the future Teachers of America CHESS CLUB OFFICERS ■ Robert Anthony, Treosurer, Susan Swonson, Secretory; Kothy Anthony, Vice-President; Alon Wemtrob. President. F.T.A. Seoted: Delores Ellis, Suson Furrow. Stondmg: Edward Reniker, Mylindo Mitchell, Twig Wyatt, Barbara Stevens, Wondo Kiessling, Jill Gregory. CHESS CLUB - Front Raymond Porcnte, Robert Anthony. Thelma Arres, Bonnie Arrei Alon Wcintroub, Kothy Anthony. Bock: Poul Rice, Susan Atkins, Don MocMonms Stephen Tolley, Julie Duiker. Joy Bonck, Sondy Londgrof, Miss McDonald, Sponso-Suson Swonson, Michoel Wen . 137Ihe future Business Leaders of America F.B.L.A. OFFICERS — Storvdmg Myrno Roy. Treasurer, Margaret Ringer. Parhmentonon; Lorry Sounders, Historion; Lrndo Jockson, Reporter; Deborah Adkins, Secretory. Seated: Lmdo Golden, President, Robert Hogan, Vice-President F.B.L.A.—Row One: Thclmo Arrcs. Gloria Orsini, Sylvia Putmon. Shirley Ruggles, Judy Speors, Anne Hall, Bonnie Arres. Row Two: Avis Best, Linda Golden, Morgorct Ringer, Deborah Adkins, Vonesso Green, Stephonne Hortley. Row Three: Dorothy Murphy, Rito Mickey, Linda Jackson, Carol Adams. Row Four: Som Jones, Renee Freeman, Vane me Washington, Robert Hogan, Myrno Roy, Jerome Murphy, Lorry Sounders, Jonette Dovis. 138vocational uttice I raining V.O.T. OFFICERS— Shelio Barr, Vice President; Cathy Jones, Secretory-Treasurer; Shelia Wanzer, President. V.O.T. CLUB — Row One: Cindy Soboleski, Joyce Howold, Marilyn Peterson, Delphio Hall. Row Two: Noncy Baker, Debbie Pinkston, Rita Monroe, Cindy Coppcge, Sheila Barr, Emily Howard, Theresa Wilkinson. Row Three: Doina Crockett, Foye Asbell, Debbie Dougherty, Mory Trumble, Judi Amey, Robin Farves. Row Four: Mortho Logon, Janice Thomos, Cothy Jones, Ido Bostick, Janet Thomas.Distributive education - Learning about today’s business morld D.E. I —Gwendolyn Hines, Bessie Corter, Beverly Finny, Morie Irelorvd, Dorothy Woshmgton. Linda Jockson, Sheree Kondell, Debbie Sutherland, Catherine Bolton, Marilyn Burgess, Lindo Horns, Estelle Boston, Lorraine Farrow, Victor Webb, Anthony Hook, Vic Hernandez, Mike Tong, Richord Dooley, Robert Hcijlup, Wollocc Tuck. UO D-E. II — Dennis Donaldson, Bernadette Johnson, Carl Williams, Terry Bergeron, Volorie Gory, Doris Williams, Michel Rondell, Erma Jockson, Jo Ann Horns, Vincent GuCrro, Malqueen Green, Willie Wooten, Lolo Sims, Milton Word, Lindo Willioms, Christine Bolton Clifton Rose, James Carden, Gory Gray. Percy Griffm, Lorry Sanders, Susan Moore, Charlotte Walker, Albert Beatty, Tommy Cordone, James Howald, Steve Clark, Terry Flynn, Timmy Flynn, Erika Tiefz.D.E. Ill — Keith Grohom, Shirley Pound, Edword Berry, Howard Gray, Jeomctte Hughort, Sandro Heislup, Dennis Feovyeor, Rich-ord Klow, D.E. OFFICERS — Row One Linda Willioms, Secretory; Jomes Howald, Pres-■dent; Lorry Saunders. Row Two: Lola Sims, Treasurer. Terry Bergeron, Reporter, Robin Randall, Historion; Timmy Flynn, Porlicmcnrarian, 141 IVIFIStudents and hard work all go in the Industrial Cooperative Training V.I.C.A. OFFICERS • Sitting: Mortm Johnson, Vice President; Russell Pevrell, President; Kerry Bowman, Secretory. Stondmg: Robert Boddy, I.A.C. Representative; Calvin Booth, Photographer; Rachael Courtney, Reporter; George Knight. Treasurer; Dale Pans, Parliamentarian. V.I.C.A. - Row One: Robm Harper, Sharon Johnson, Mr. Hannah, Sponsor. Row Two: Gwen Going, Rachel Courtney, Debbie Rife. Debbie Roszel, Susan Green, Sharon Johnson. Row Three: Martin Johnson. John Bennet, Kerry Bowman, Danny Cutler, Melven Boulware, James White. Brendo Stompen, Travis Payton. Row Four: John Hill, Russell Pevrell, John Petit, Jomes Woolls, Robert Boddy, Jomes Moore, Ed Fisher, Leroy Green, Keith Colemon. Row Five William Cox, John Dillmgcr. William Terry, Mike Short, Glenn VanReuth, George Knight, Colvin Booth. Add Parsckion. Row Six: Wayne Shifflett. Larry Terry. Roger Ashby.The one and only Print Shop THE PRINT SHOP — Bobby Bozzlc. Dennis Bryont, Wolter Clark, Raymond Greer, Lorry Hensley, Harold Hues, Elton Keith. Henry Logan, Robert Moron, Roger Paris, Philip Peorson, Byron Reynolds, Lynwood Robinson, Terry Sampson, Gerold Scales, Clyde Smith, John Sprouse, Thomas Britt.Os Varsity Cheers Ring Out Annie Chondler: Coptoin, Football Terry Cutler Lmdo Lewis; Co-Coptoi Terry Storkey Noncy Humphries; Co-Copfom Bonme KelleyJ.V. and frosh fcho The future. Junior Varsity Cheerleaders: Row One; Denise Rice, Polly Cox. Mory Gilmore, Monoe Johnson. Row Two: Dione Willis, Lily Brown. Freshman Cheerleaders: Rhondo Brooks, Sylvio Lovingood. Acquonetto Jones, Evelyn Jockson, Jockie McBride. 147-• V fl Lovely Queen Is Crowned Homecoming Queen Cheryl Lewis stondmg with escort Jomes Carroll and being crowned by former queen, Louren Funn. Senior Robin Dovis with escort Ken Mcnkc. Senior Attendant Vicki Toylor. Senior Robm Rodgers with escort Alan Mier.Sophmore Attendants Above: Dorothy Murphy with escort Gregory Archie. Below: Mario Johnson with escort Dmky Rucker. Junior Attendant Judith Spears with escort Dovid Robinson. Freshman Attendants Above: Dcbby Grohom with escort Keith Ellis. Below: Crystol Toylor with escort Reginald Burgess.fall Sports Begin With football.... 151fl learn of fiction in the Varsity, Vorsity Football Tcom: Row One: Rusty Reynolds, Richard Williams, Tom Jones. Robert Grimes, Fronk Gloscoe, Lloyd Lee, Rufus Littlejohn. Gory Russell. Row Two: Darryl Stonton, Roy Dombrowsky, Edward Collins, Stonley Norris, Harold Hughes, Lindsay Cook, Charles Wormley, Jomes Register. Row Three: Rick Simpson, Silos Holmes, Eugene Baker, Robert McNeil, Levesfer Berry, Geoffrey Edwards, Eorl Cook, Eddie Clark. Row Four: Cloyton Thompson. Charles Stonton, Paul Ebhordt, Lynwood Robinson, Thomos Franklin, Louis Lostik, Ken Menke, Lorry Turner. 152Willi Good Coaching! Varsity Coaches: Norby, Futrell, Nichols, Simpson, Korns, Graffeo. 153 j.V.s M for fl Chance fit Varsity. 154 :nnfrosh Show ft Good Potential. Frcshmon Foot bo II Tcon»: Row One Sinclair Wilhoit, Ed McGee. Wayne Grimes. Ricky Marshall, Morcellus Checks, Keith Tate, Larry Hughes. Row Two: Steve Diggs, Joy McCloy, Ronald Ware, Ernest Morcn, Alon Nelson, Ronald Burnham, Thomas Burrouchs. Row Three: Jomes Robinson, Keven Groyson, Kurt Schmolz, Marty AAerenda. Row Four: John Nicely, Victor Green, Horrison Porker, Robert Burlondo, James Jackson, Harold Brown, Moximo Bonillo. Row Five. Coaches: Mike Groffeo and Bill Marsh. Not pictured Richord Atkins, Charles Clarke, Harold Cook, Darrell Dixon, Phillip Hines, John McLoy, Gerald Motcn, John Storkey, Preston Street, Randall Warren. Reggie Walker, Stanley Wolkcr.______________________________________________ 155Cross Country (Deans Running, Cross Country Tcom: Row One: Jonothon Toy, Albert Poland. Henry Toylor, Kenneth Stull, Jordon Pcltz. Row Two: Kenneth Edwords. Edward Allen, Michoel Johnson, Dorren Keller, Brian Quoife, Michoel Thomos. 156find Lots of It! 157mmm : ti reason 01 success. SI 59Herbert Estes Cloyton Thompson Ricky Williams Eddie Clark 160 Varsity Basketball Jumps To flew Heightsl.evester Berry Lorry Turner Jomes Carroll Tom Jones Jerome Murphy162163JUNIOR VARSITY: Bernard Hunter, Howord King, Darryl Stonton, Kevin Bruke, Jimmy Moiors, Mathew Brown, Carl Turner, Jimmy Boswell. Jeff Boctlcr, Gory Peterson, Keith Strickland. Center—Louis Chombctlom. J.V. Shows Great Days lead for Gill.freshmen In Basketball (Me Best Effort. FRESHMAN TEAM — Row One Myron Conree. Woync Grimes, Morce us Cheeks. Edword McGee. Ke tn Tore, Steven Gopher, Willhoit Sine loir; Monogcr. Row Two: Regie Welker Mike Jackson, Tommy Scores. Kevin Groyson, Erme Moter, Charles Clark. 165166 Junior varsity I rain to bain Points. 167G.UJ. Presidents on the Diamond . . . Boscboll team: Row One: Mike Johnson, Bob Whitestone, WilMom Nelson, Seth Sprecher, Rusty Warren, Fred Froncis, Dick Dombrowsky. Row Two: Cooch Hubbard, Elmore Jones, Louis Lostik, George Burnhom, Jeff Botcler, Richard Stokes, Eugene Baker, Tony Voughon, Kevin Podgett, Rufus Littlejohn, Robert Heislup. Not pictured: Kerry Bertschmger, Eddie Collins, Eddie Clark. 170Giving their best to the Game 171Shell, Blades, and Backbone.. Crew Tcom: David Hones, Steve Wilkes, Paul Hicks, Jim Tolosa, Ben Grohom, Pierre Manley, Fred Wirth, Alon 8utlcr, Kim Harrington — Cockswom. Coach Wode Griffin 172Homing lo Him for 6.UI. Crew Tcom: Row One Mortin Merendo, Jim Pruett, Chorles Hicks. Glen Noms, Bob Sykes. Row Two: Jim Borcloy, More Vetter Moximo Bonilla Robert Burlondo. Row Three Bob Curtmg Gory Rose, Bob Coppoge Ail work and no play? 173 Coach Sonny WeinersTrack. . Hot as Popular, but still Specialized. Trock Tcom: Row One: Harold Brown, Keith Tote, Woyne Sanders, Williom Jones, Walter Bowling. Robert Grimes, Tyrone Sanders. Row Two: Edward Allen, Leslie Bober, Edward Long, Richord Groyson, Earl Cook, Lynwood Robinson, Thomos Fronklin, Kevin Grayson, Silos Holmes. Stanley DeWolt. 174175Our Tennis Team ... Tennis Team: Row One: Paul Rice, Mike Wenz, Ron Scully, Thomas Henley. Jackie Cole. Row Two: Cosey Root, Brent Arvillo, Ricky Paredes, Robert Mofthcws, Bruce Norris, William Downey. 176Learning the Shills of the Court. 177J.V. FOOTBALL t I f I VARSITY fOOTBALL Yorktown Wakefield O'Connell Hoif'mond W L Ireton Yorktown Wakefield Willioms Corrol| Episcopal 0 Williams - 6k ♦brfc.t Good Council A A exatt drift $a-zetie . FPirVs OLDErr DAILY VARSITY BASKETBALL FROSH BASKETBALL Ireton O'Conriell J.V. BASKETBALL Mdfjisor Hayficld AAorsholl West Springfield Yorktown O'Connell W L Wakefield B.shpp Ireton Villiams Hammond Ydrktown O'Connell t Wbiief.eld W L Bjfiop Ireton T.C. Willioms Hammond 3mac District Tournaments T.C. Willioms Hammond Yorktown O'Connell Wakefield W L Bishop Ireton T.C. Williams Hammond Wakefield Northern Regional Hayficld Foils Church T.C. Willioms State Tournament Moggie WalkerGW J.V. Wrestling 5 Jockson 25 Langley 11 Hoyfield 6 W L Forfeit Wakefield 0 Yorktown 7 Hommond 18 O'Connell 23 T.C. Willioms 16 Bishop 1 reton J.V. AND VARSITY BASEBALL McLean Yorktown Wokefield W L O'Connell McLean Ircton T.C. Williams Yorktown FHHS Wakefield Madison W L O'Connell FHHS Ircton TENNIS I reton Yorktown O'Connell W L T.C. Willioms OPP 40 25 41 44 51 30 36 26 33 VARSITY WRESTLING GW OPP 19 Hoyfield 35 18 Langley 26 18 Stonewall 24 6 W l 36 14 Wakefield 36 14 Yorktown 32 14 Hommond 34 8 O'Connell 34 2 T.C. Willioms 0 13 Bishop Irefon 43 TRACK W L Bishop Ircton Yorktown Wokeheld Woke held Woke held Amcricon U. FHHS T.C. Williams» « • mmBUCKAROO BUCKAROQ182 I »4 (, s | Kl I I . X.W.. WAMlINCiK» . I) C."The New" Glenn Gary Productions In 1971 W.ll Be GLENN GARY ASSOCIATES, INC. With A Better Personal Service, Better Bands Plus You Will See Before You Buy on Video Tope (Now In Operation) Coll Now 522-2006 Herff Jones Co. BENDALL PONTIAC 1625 Pnnce Street Alexandria, Virginia Virginia's Largest Pontiac Dealer Class Rings Graduation Announcements Yearbooks Locol Representative Tom Young Manassas, Va. 22110 qUALiTY BmTZjl msidiiiies! , .. • Electric Typewriters • Manual Typewriters • Adding Machines • Calculators IBM Rove' Remington Smith Corona Undorwood Clary Mermei Olivetti Remington Royal Victor O New Reconditioned O Fully Guaranteed O WRIT! FOR PRICE LIST WE SHIP ANYWHERE IN U. S. A. SERVICE ji. eqto office iQuiPMiw A HO supplies w SALES 1414 King Street Kl. 8-0500 ALEXANDRIA. VIRGINIA 183 Alexandra's Own Boutique Featuring Today's Foshions For Guys And Gals. The Uni-Sex Look In All Styles, Sizes, And Colors. Located In The Purple House At The Corner Of Bellefontc And Mt. Vernon Aves. Eudy's American Phone Kl 8-4747 Service [TEXACO Phone 548-4255 Arlandria Service Complete Automotive Repair Complete Automotive Repair 4 122 Mt. Vernon Ave. Alexandria, Vo. 4 1 18 Mt. Vernon Ave. Alexandria, Va. D C. VonDuzee, Manager 184Compliments of Cunningham Funeral Home, Inc. William W. Cunningham W. Beverley Mountcastle A.K. Royston Cameron and Alfred Street Alexandria, Virginia Phone: Kl 9-1800 Rug Carpet Co. Specialists Soles — Service — Cleaning Phone Kl 9-1604 1502 Mt. Vernon Ave. Alexandria, Va. taste that beats the others cold... Pepsi pours it on! 185Complete line of high performance parts and equipments S 11 § ISIS®: mot o TELEPHONE: (703) 683-9590 2001 Mt. Vernon Ave. • Alexandria, Virginia OPEN: 9 to 9 weekdays 10 to 6 Sat. Mallory • Lakewood • Hurst • Schiefer • Sun • M H 186 Crane-Cams • Isk-Cams MR. GASKET CO. Edelbrock • Shelby • HolleyCongrotulotions Class of 1971 Alumni Shop Complete Tuxedo Rentals 2402 Mr. Vernon Ave. Alexandria, Vo. Kl 8-5067 Country Club Cleaners Fine Dry Cleaning Since 1947 Three Doy Pick Up Service in Metropolitan Area 1901 Mt. Vernon Ave. OV3-1200 2616 N. Pershing Dr., Arl. 527-0756 7920 Old Branch Ave. Clinton, Md. 868-4000 Compliments of Baldwin's Quality Cleaners Launderers TE 6-9716 Specializing in Knits and Formats 805 Boshford Lane Alexandria, Virginia Tailoring Alterations Furs—Storage 187FUEL OIL Beginning Our nineteenth Year of Service for the Community Prescriptions Colled For And Delivered Ballance's Drug Store Phone TEmple 6 4444 2303 Mt. Vernon Avenue Alexandria, Va. Reg. No. 4414 SERVING NORTHERN VIRGINIA OVER 85 YEARS RADIO DISPATCHED DELIVERIES EMERGENCY SERVICE ON OIL BURNERS it ACCURATE MEASUREMENT VIA METERED TICKETS it TRAINED AND EXPERIENCED PERSONNEL it HEATING COOLING EQUIPMENT THOMAS J. I” -------—fn n n rm sons 549-5700 DUKE HENRY STS. ALEXANDRIA, VA. 1849-1967 1 18 Years of Service Compliments Of Everly - Wheatley Funeral Home 1500 W. Braddock Road Kl 8-9200 Kl 9-0038 188Chortcr Coaches Group Sightseeing AB W TRANSIT CO. General Information Charter Department 549-7800 836-4500 89Hill's Used Cars Buy-Sell-Trade 1616 King Street 836 0262 836-0263 Herby's Inc. Visit Your Neighborhood Norge Laundry And Dry Cleaning Village Your Ford, Falcon, Maverick, and Thunderbird Dealer 1600 Duke Street Phone: TE 6-6080 1509 Mt. Vernon Ave. Professional Dry Cleaning Com Operated Dry Cleaners — Washers Dryers . . . And Sove Money 190Kl 8-2727 ALEXANDRIA Burke Herbert PAULINE'S SILVERSHEARS YMCA BEAUTY Bank Trust SALON 420 E. Monroe Ave. Alexandria, Vo. 22301 Company 409 E. Braddock Road Swimming, Dances Oldest Bank in Virginia Adjocent GW High The Personal Bank with the Personol Name School Exercises Alexandria, Va. Mam Office — Open Late: Phone. 549-0850 King Fairfax Streets Tues., Wed. Thurs. Member F D.I.C. Alexandria, Va. VIRGINIA BUSINESS MACHINE CO. 202 E. Oxford Ave., Alexandria, Vo. Office Machines — Supplies — Printing Phone Kl 9-7444 M.H. BARRY — Organization, Inc. — Real Estate 2206 Mt. Vernon Ave. Alexandria, Va. King 9-3630 Serving Northern Virginio for over Fifty Years "Member Multiple Listing Service" ALEXANDRIA • ARLINGTON • FAIRFAX • FALLS CHURCH . McLEAN ANNANDALE ♦ SPRINGFIELD Hicks "SERVING YOU IS OUR BUSINESS" SINCE 1946 Multiple Lilting Open 9 A.M. - 8 P.M. BEAUTIFUL HOMES OUR SPECIALTY SALES RENTALS MANAGEMENT Member: Intercity Re!oc4t »n Scr«.ec (Nition-Widc) .HfMES • COMMERCIAL LOANS • LAND • APPRAISALS SERVING MILITARY PERSONNEL OUR SPECIALTY Kl 8-3111 MAIN OFFICE 370S MT. VERNON AVE ALEXANDRIA. VA. OT 4-6040 ARl. BRANCH OFFICE 2303 S. ARL RIDGE RD ARLINGTON. VA. 356-7800 McLEAN BRANCH OFC 1389 CHAIN BRIDGE RD McLEAN. VA. 191As Usual — The Unusual King Street On The Woterfront Alexandria, Virginio 549-3163 DRIVE THROUGH CLEANERS LAUNDERERS MAIN PLANT OFFICES Alfred at Oronoco Street ALEXANDRIA 549-1357 Other Polly Prim Locations in NORTHERN VIRGINIA ARLINGTON 524-5338 No. Fairfax Drive at Stafford St. ANNANDALE 256-6800 Next to the Super Giant McLEAN 356-4455 in the Super Giant Shopping Center ARLINGTON TOWERS 525-4655 on the Mall in the Tyler Bldg. HUNTINGTON TOWERS 548-0100 East — Center — West Bldgs. SAME DAY SERVICE RedWmg Frye Temple Shoes 1212 King St. Alexondrio, Vo. Kl 9-7315 Acme Wood-N-Stream Miller's Hardware 800 King Street Since 1933 192Styled For Tomorrow' For All Ages . . . Complete Homefurnishings You can buy with confidence when you select the fine furniture for your first home nr apartment with the full knowledge that it will cost no more at Barnes’ AND REMEMBER . . . 29 Yeors Serving The Washington Area arnes OF VIRGINIA ALEXANDRIA MANASSAS VIENNA 2525 Mr Vernon Avc. OV 3-4330 936 Ccntreville Rood EM 8-2147 4 19 Eos Maple Ave. 938-0450Vepco’s first commercial atomic power station is now under construction in Surry County, Virginia. In the new Information Center overlooking the site, you will see an excellent slide presentation, fascinating exhibits, and a working model of the reactor. (And from the balcony, you can watch them assemble the real thing.) Open 10 AM to 4 PM Monday through Saturday and 1 PM to 6 PM on Sunday. For tour information call 771-3194 in Richmond. Vepco more power to you... at less costW.A. SMOOT CO. INC Lumber, Bldg. Materials, Millwork Custom Woodworking 549-0960 1201 N. Royal St. Alexandria, Vo. Co ugra t id at io ns to the Class of 7 ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA Alexandria's Oldest Business THE ALEXANDRIA GAZETTE Read the Gazette for all local sports and team news America's Oldest Daily Newspaper Kl 9-0004 Timberman's Drug Store F.X. Nugent, Proprietor Phone: Kl 9-0091 106 N. Washington Street Alexandria, Virginia coat ACCI YO»«l ■ •• King 9 6059 aim WNlflnliM 2)00 - 2310 Ml Vernon A.. . Al n-vji.e. v 1 0 lAM »W »A .VJM A A m+C l t 195Patrons Fashions For Men And Boys J Alexandria Landmark 823-0900 354-5445 Springfield Willston 451-1950 533-1337 Ray's Jewelery Mr. and Mrs. James B. Frye Patti Wood Joe Knieff Mrs. John T Schwabe Phone TE. 6-0800 THE FLOWER MART 2004 Mt. Vernon Ave. Alexandria, Va. The Best for Less Flowers Whisper What Words Can Never Say "Doc" Carneale Owner We Pick Up and Deliver "Satisfaction Guaranteed" VILLAGE CLEANERS Cleaning, Shirts Laundry and Rugs Mt. Vernon Ave. Herbert St. E.Y. Walter Kl 9-1555 Noel Walter 196rwinnnrwionn Ilffflffff miz47o •5 i — ro o 5 .8 " 5 — O t rinrtnnnnfinn oooooooooo "Jo? J333 3 alii O § o o o o of ?If § £ £ ££c c’c’c Sf f 3 3 J|||||Cf S- O _K»P 2 mlnmilnlwz’ 3“! 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Annie Mae: 78. 131 Green, Dean! 66 Green, James: 66 Green, Leroy: 142 Green, Molqucen: 140 Green, Susie: 53, 142 Green, Victor: 78, 155 Greene, Helen: 66 Greene, Vanessa: 53. 128. 129. 138 Greer, Raymond: 30, 143 Gregory. Diane: 53 ,, Gregory, Jill: 53, I 16. 128 U® Gregory, Kathleen: 30, I ’ 1 Gr.ffm, Percy: 53, 140 Grigsby, Maurice 78 Grimes, Kim: 129 Grimes, Robert: 53, 152 Grimes, Worron: 78 Gr.mes, Wayne 155, 165 Grisby, Mounce: _ Grundman: Virgmio: 30, 1 ■' Guerrero, Mary: 66 . Guerrero. Vincent: 53. I H. 140 Hagan, Connie: 111 Hogan, Robert. 53. 138 Hogon. Virginia: 53 Hoger. Roy: 53 Holcomb, Sharon 30 Holey, Roberta 53 Hall. Anne: 138 Hall. Oclphia: 139 Hoi I, Minnie: 66 Hall. Steve: 66 Hall, Steven. 66 Halter, Gcnevo: 30, 120 Holier, Jonetto: 78, 128, 136 Momilton, Gale: 66 Homlct. Juanita 66 Hanahan, Jomcs 111 Hancock, Dole: 53 Hankins. Shoron. 78 Honks, JoAnn: 78 Honrohon, James 66 Honsen, Domcl: 124 Hordwick. Rick: 66 Hardwick, Steve: 66 Hardy, Rhondo: 134 Harper, Robin: 53, 142 Harrington, Dovid 66, I ’ ’ Harrington, Kim: 78, 117 Harrington, Laurie: 53 Horrmgton, Terry Lee: 30, I 113 Horns, Edword: 129 Horns. Jo Ann: 53. 140 Horns, Lmdo: 66, 140 Harris, Roscmory 66. 78 Horns, Sylvia. 129 Horrison, Paul: 53 Hort, Fronk: 67 Hartford, Virgmio: 67 Hartley. Revondo: 67 Hartley, Stephcnne: 138 Hossmer, Judith: 31. 114, 116, 120 Hatton, Jerry: 67 Hovcncr, Donald. 67 Hovcncr. Natalie: 53 Mowold, James: 140, 14 I Howald. Joyce: 31, 47. 139 Howes, Laura: 67, 111, 117 Haynes, Dovid: 6 Head, Kenneth. 31 Hcislup, Linda: 67 He.Hup. Robert: 140 Hcislup. Sandro 31. 14 I HclS'Cy. Beverly 67 Hdslcy. Rcbeeco 31 Hendorson. Cluster 31 Hone berry. Donno 78, 124, 129 Hcncbcrry. Mary S3. 118 Henley. Thomos 31. 113, 117, 120. 130 Henry, Marshall: 111 Hensley, Lorry: 53, M3 Hcrnondcs, Vic 67, 140 Higgins, Goil: 31, 126 Hill, Cynthia: 31. 119 Hill, John: 31, 142 Hill, Norma: 67, 123, 125 Hill, Vivian: 126 Hines, Gwendolyn uo Hmcs, Phillip: 155 Hotlond, Terry 67 Holloway, Jornes 78, 127 Holly. Charlene: 67, 111 Holmes, Silos: 152 Hooks, Anthony 67, 140, 154 Hoover, Judy: 67, Esther 67. 1 16, 120, 127. 128 Horowitz. Jeff 67 Moworc!. Emily: 139 Howell, Betty 134 Howell. Donno 67, I 19, 135 Hubbord, Brendo: 3 1 Huff, Ronnie 67 Hughart. Brendo: 31 Hug hort, Jeanette: 32, Ml Hughes Bob: S3 Hughes, Debar oh: 54 Hughes, Harold: 32, 111, 130. M3. 152 Hughes. Jockic: 67 Hughes, Lorry. 155 Huhn. M.chod 54. 127 Humphries. Noncy: 32. 112. 113 115. 118. 122. 130. M6 Hunt, Earl: 67 Hunt, Sallie: 32 110, 126 Hunter, 8ernard. 67, 164 Hunter. Wendell 32 Hurst, ttenry 54 Hutchison, Cynthia 67 Hymon, Arliso: 54 Irby. Betty: 32 Irclond, Morie: 67. 140 Jockson, Corolyn 32 Jackson. Ermo: 54. 140 Jockson. Evelyn. 78. Ill Jockson, Jomcs 155 Jockson, Lindo 67, 1II, 138, M0 Jockson. Mike 165 Jockson, Phillip 5 ! Jockson, Rosezel: 32 Jornes, Delphme 67 Jornes, Theo 32. 127. 128, 131 James, Velma: 54 Jarrett. Erie: 68 Jorrctt. Vonesso 68 Jewell. Chorles 32 Johnson, Anthony 68 Johnson. Bemodetre 54, M0 Johnson. Cathy I I 1 Johnson. Dcbro: 54 Johnson. Evonne 68 Johnson Froncmo 134 Johnson, Gregory 65 Johnson, Korcn 127. 131 Johnson. Kothy: 68 Johnson. Lorry 68 Johnson, Mcneo 62. 68, 129, 147, 149 Johnson. Martin: 32, 111, M2 Johnson, Michael. 54. 156 Johnston. Shoron 54, M2 Jomer, Kothy: 68 Jones, Acquonetto. 78, 110. M7 Jones, Cothy: 32, 139 Jones, Christine: 68. 1 11 Jones, Croig: 78, 127 Jones, Debbie: 54. 124 Jones, Earl: 68 Jones, Robert 33. 117, 120 Jones. Som: III, 138 Jones, Soroh: 68, 116. 120, 127, 128 Jones, Thomo , 63. 152, 161 Jones. Toni: 68, 129 Jones. Violo 68 Jones, William: 68 Jorgensen. Vickie 33. 117.1 M. 119. 130 Juorcz, Robert: 78, 167 Judd, John 54 Kolinowski, Scndro: 33, 129 Kondell, Kcndi 68 Kondeii. Shcrcc. M0 Keith, Elton: 54. M3, 154 Keith. Regina: 54 Keith. Theresa: 68, 111 Kelley, Bonnie. 54, M6 Keller. Daron: 54, 156 Keller, Molly: 68, 116 Kelminsky, JoAnn: 68 Kelso. Lulu 68 Kennedy, Michael 68 Kern Darlene: 68 Kcyton, Donno 68, HI, 131 Kidwell. Susan 54. 120, 124 Kiesslmg, Wanda: 68, 136 Killclco, Sean 68 King, Howard: 68. 154, 164 King, Sylvia' 68 III Kmnctt, Gory 33 Kite, Cynthio: 54 Klow, Richard: 33, Ml Kmght, George 33, M2 Knight, Terry: 68 Krebs, Rebecca 33, III. 115, 116. 1 18. 125 Krickcnbcrgcr, Mindy: 33, 135 Kwiatkowksi, Joyce: 78. 1 16 Kyer, Audrey 68 Kyle, Elmore 78, 167 Kyle, Vonesso 54. Ill, 112. H 7 131 L’Abfce, Noel 48. 54. Ill Lem both. Roland 54 Londgrof, Sandra: 54, 1 16, 136 Lastik, Louie 54. 124, 130, 152 Lowhome, Williom: 33, 117 Lowson. Corolyn 55 Loy, Noncy 55 LcCompte Holly 55, HO, 130. M6 Lee. Lloyd 62. 69. 152. 166 Lewis. Chcryt 33, 46. 125, 127, 148 Lewis. Korcn 69 Lewis. Lmdo- 55, M6 Lewis, Mory 33 Lewis. M.kc: 110, 127, 128 Lewis. Shoron: 55 Liggio, Mory Jonc 55 Little, Ira 78. 127 Littlejohn, Rufus 69,152 Lloyd, Reginald. 69 Logan, Dovid: 127 Logan. Henry. 34. 143 Logon, Martha 34. 139 London, Korcn: 34 Long, Edword: 34, 110. 130 Long, George: 55 Lopez. Celso: 127, 128 Love, Melody 69 Lovmgood, Sylvia: I I 1, M7 Lucas. Alton: 55 Lucos, Iccdo: 34 Lucos, Wcoifrcd 129 Lucbkert, Vickio: 69 Lyons, Ann: 129 Lyons. Shcwon: 129 McBride, Jackie. 11 I, M7 McCauley, Molly 76. 78 McClory. Roberto 69 McCloy. Joy: 79. 155 McCormick, Foy. 69, 111 McCormick, Lois 34 McCurdy, Lmdo. 34. 126. 130 McDonald, Carol: 79. Ill McDonald. Jconcfte: 69 McDooold. Korcn: 55. 111, 129, 130 McDonough. Mory: 55 McGee. Ed 155, 165 McGrath. Kate 69. 117, 118. 125 McKee, Bobby 69 McKirwcy, Anthony: 55 Mocklm, Jeff: 76. 79 Mocklm, Katie: 55. 120, 134, 135. 136 McKIvcen, John. 34 McKoy, Glmdo: 55 McKoy. James: 69 Me Loy, John: 155 McMonnis, Don. 136 MeNealy. Joyce 131 McNc.1, Robert- 152 McNeil, Sfephomc' 79 Moior, Gene: 79 Motors, Gail: 3-1 Motors, Jimmy: 164 Motors, Louis: 69 Molloy. Corlfoo: 69 Monlcy, Pierre: 69, 120, 121, 125. 166 Mormdo, Morty: 167 Monnoff. Scott 55, 124 Morkell. Eddie 69 Morshoi. Morgoret 129 Marshall, Arthur: 34 Marshall, Deboroh 69,129 Morshoi I. Richard 79. 155. 166 Mortm, Stanley 69 Martini. Cheryl. 79 Moter, Gorold. I 29 Motthews. Robert 55 Meade. None. 55 Meodo, Roy 34. 130 Meade, Steve 79 Meador. Brenda: 79 Mcodor, Jeon 55 Meadows. April 79 Mcdlock. Vemdo: 69. 129 Menke, Kenneth: 34, 148, 152 Meccnda, Morty. 79. 155 Mcxincr, Sheri: 35, 146 Mickey. James: 79 Mickey, Rito: 55, 138 Micr. Alan. 69, 111, 148 Miller. Dawn: 69 Miller, Jo Ann- 56 Miller, London: 69 Miller, Vonesso: 70. 11 I, 129. 134 Millettc. 8orboro. 79 Millette, Horton: 35, 11 I. 113, 117 Mills, Dcbb e: 69 Mills. Shoron 56. 126. 129 Mitchell. Jimmie: 79. 117, 124 Mitchell. Myl.ndo: 68, 111. 117, 120, 136 Mitchell, Veronica: 79 Mobley. Billie: 79 Monroe. Rito. 35, 1 39 Montgomery. Debro: 35, 111 Mo ore, Esidlito. 69, 111, 129 Moore, James: 35 Moore, Jomcs. 69 Moore, James 79. 142 Moore. Scott: 69 Moore. Susan 56, 140 Moron. Austin: 117, 127, 128 Moron, Robert: 35, 143 Morgan. Chorles: 35 Morgon. Deboroh: 35. 129 Morgan, Elizobeth 69, 116, 131, 135 Morgon, Ernest 69 Morrison. Jo Mono: 56. 112, 117, 124, 130 Morrison, Lmdo 79. 117, 124 Morse. April: 56. 124 Morse, William 69 Moss, Debra 35 Moten.Corl: 127, 128 Motcn, Ernest: 155, 165 Moten, Gerord: 79, 155 Mountain, William: 70 Moyer, Rosemarie: 56, 117, 129 Murphy. Dorothy: 70. 111. 126, 129. 138, 149 Murphy, Jerome 56, 124, 130, 131, 138, 161 Murphy, Vcronsco: 79, 124 Murray, Hoke: 118 Murroy. Richard: 56 Murroy. Tro«s: 70 Muse, Done: 70, 134 Muse, Edword: 56 Muse. Tui: 35 Muse, Wanda: 70 Noshwmtcr. Rolphcnc: 48. 56, 125 Neoley. Dana 35, 128 Ncebo. Ruth: 70. 117. 120, 128 Nelson. Allen: 70, 155 Nelson. Keith: 127 Nelson, Williom: 70 Newman. Dclphia. 79, III Newman. Mona: 56, 134 Nicely, John: 79. 155 Nicely, Leon: 70 Norris, Bruce: 70. 117 Norris, George 70, 125 Norns, Philip: 70. 167 Norns. Stonlcy: 35, 130, 152 Nowlin, Lorry: 56 Nuckolls, Clifford: 56 Odic. Jomcs: 36 Odic. Lindoll. 166 O Flohcrty, Lucetlc 79.117 O fToherty. Suson: 36 Onfko, John: 70 Orsim, Gloria: 70. III. 138 O’Sullivan, Ann: 70, 121, 126 Ottens, Edward: 56. 166 PoC'liO. Anita: 70 Poolio, Pot: 56 Padgett, Kevin. 56, Rose: 70 Pointer, 9vrley: 56 Poredes. Richord: 56. 120 Porcntc, Raymond: 136 Pons, Dole: 142 Pons, Roger, 143 Porker, George 57 Porker, Harnson 155, 167 Porker. Lmdo: 57 Porker, Mono: 36, 134 Porker, Ronnie: 70 Porks, Cindy: 57. 11 1 Pormon. Lounc: 70 Potterson, Patti: 70 Poync. Edno 57 Poytsc. Jond 57. Ill, 126, 130 Poyne. John: 70 Poyton, TroviS: 142 Poor ion, Philip: 57. 143. 160 Pcor son. Thomos 127 Pdfo. Jordon 70. 125. 156 Perkins, Done. 57, 111 Persekion. Adel 36. 42 Peter . Chuck: 70 Peterion. Gory: 71. 164 Peter ion. Lmdo 71 Peterion, Manlyn 57. 139 Petit, John: 142 PevercH. Rowell. 142 Phillips, Elio: 111 Phillips, Poula: 36, 119 Phillips, Poulettc 57 Pinkston. Debbie 36, 139 Pmkston, Pom 57 Pitto. Shoron: 57, 130 Poindexter, Jomes 71. 127 Poland, Albert: 71. 156 Polond, Melody 57 Pollord, Theonne 71 Pope. Fronk. 71 Pope, Meyers 79. 167 Pope, Pot 129 Pound. Shirley: 14 1 Powell, Cindy 71, 117 Powell, Cloylon: 129 Powers, Jim: 111, 127 Powers, John: 57 Preston, Edward Proffitt, Corolyn 71 Pruitt, Pot: 111 Putmon, Joyce: 71, 126 Putmon. Sylvio 36. 111. 129, 138 Quaff, Brron: 167 Quoifc. George: 71 Rolley, Mary: 57 Romy.Olo: 79. 127. 131 Rond'iM, Michael 57. 140. 14 1 Ronoolph. Qenise: 36. 127, 128 Rorick. Jay 136 Rcomes. Woltcr 129 Roomy So son 36 Rcose. Gloria. 37 Reoves. Walter 57,166 Redfearn. Phil: 57 Reed, Brett 71 Reed. Steve: 37, 111 Regm, Dennis: 117 Register, Jomcs 37. 113, 130, 152 Reilly, John 71. 127 Rcoauld. Voncsso. 71. 126 Renikcr. Edward: 37, 110. 112. 115. 122, 124. 136 Reposs. Stephanie: 71 Rerick, Joy: 71 Rey, Amporo. 57. 119 Reynolds, Rusly: 57, 143, 152 Rice. Denise 71. 147 Rice. Pool: 37, 120. 123. 136 Rich, Cindy: 37 Richards. Michael 71 Richardson. Jomcs 57 Richardson. Lorcam 71 Ricker, Mononne: 57 Rife, Deboroh. Ill, 142 Riley. Donno: 71 Riley, John: 37. 128 Ringer. Morgoret 57 Robey, Joy 37. III. 120. 126. 130 Robey. Sieve. 57 Robinson. David: 149 Robmson. Jomcs: 155 Robmson, Jonrjjcm 71 Robinson. Lynwood: 22; 37 47. Ill, 129. 130, 143. 152 Robmson. Robert 48 Roddo, Ralph 71 Rochncr. Lmdo 58, 117 Rogers. Bobbie 58. 154 Rogers. Jocquelme: 37 Rogers. Robin: 37, 46, 148 Rollins. Debbie 71 Root. Cosey: 127 Root. Kelly 37. 127, 128 Rose. Clifton 140 Rose. Doris 111 Rose. Glenn 71 Rose. Youe 58 Rots, Tom 71 Ross. Vickie: 38 Rots. Williom: 58 Roucl. Oebbroi 58. M2 J thy" 2 Roth, Suzonnc. « iwlond Kott Rowland, Williom 38 Roy. Myrnc 58. 138 RuCk r, Dmky 149 Rucker, Patricio 129 Rugglos Shirley 72, 138 Russell , Gory 58. 152 SoffeM E.lcen 72 Soffetl. Lawrence 38 Solak. Ellen 72. 117 Soltsgover. Gayle 58. 112. M5, 125 A Sampson, Terry. 38. 143 Sonds. Dwayne 58 Sounders. Fronk: 129 Sounders. Lorry: 58, I 11. • 138. 140. 141 Sounders, Phyllis 129 Sounders, Tyron: 79, 129 Sayers, Wolt: 72 Scales. Charlene 58 Scoles, Gorlond 58 Scales, Gcrold: 143 Scotes. Thomas. 165 Schilling, Eric: 38. 117 Schmaltz, Kurt, 155 Schreiner. Joonne Schwobe. Jom: 72. 116. 121. 130.135. 136 Scott. Doreen 79. 117 Scott. Paul: 72 Scully. Penny 38. 119 Scully: 38 72 Self. Dond: 72 Settle. Bonnie: 38. 111. 130 Shaffer. Wondo 38 Show. Soundno 58. III. 131 Shelton, Glorio: 134 Sheppard. Andre 58 Sheppord 72. 129 Sheppard, Debbie 72. 129 Shifflett. Christo 38 Shifflett. Woync 38. 142 Shipp. Kenneth 72 Shirk. Donno 111 Shorn. Mike 58. M2 Shremer, Christine 129 Sibold, Jomce 39 Silva. Liond: 120 Simpson, Richard: 39. 46. I 10. 125. 130, 152 Sims, Evongclinc 39 Sims, lolo 39. M0. Ml Sinclair. Wilhoit 165 Smoll, Shirley 72 Smolling. Mortho 39. 112, 113. 130 Smith. Clyde 39. M3 Smith. Oole 72 Smith, Dorothy 134 Smith, Lynn 73 Smith. Michele. 111 Smith. Phillip 127 Smith. Renee 73 Smith. Ruth: 39, 130 Smith. Steve 73 Snow. Debb-c 58 11 I. 126 Snow. Peggy 73. 119 131 135 Soboiesk.. Cmdy 39 139 Sorrells. Shoryn 73.117 Spoin. Dayton 39. 120 Spears Bomto 79. 111. 127 ■ Spoors. Judith 58. 110. 126 29, 138. M9 Speech, Shoron 58 Sprouse. John 58. M3 Squires. John 73 Stomper. Brenda 58. M2 Stanton. Chories. 39. 152 Stonton. Darryl 73. 152, 164 ! Storkey. John 155 Starkey. Noncy 110 Storkey, Terry 59. 146 Storr. Kitty 73 Stephens, Brenda 73 Stevens. Borboro 39. 46, I 1 I I IM. 115. 120. 128. 136 Stevens. Leon 73 Stevens, Sandro: 131 Stevenson, Jenifer 39. I U ijh Stoffe. Angelo 59 Stoffe. Roscmory 79, III 124 1 Street. Mary 40. 129 Street. Preston: 155 Stncklond. James 73 Stncklond. Keith 164 Strock. Glono 59 Strock. Sandra 59 Strother. Ilynnc 59 ett«. 128 In m . 155. 165 «0 .'in jn “ Stubblefield. Ca-ole: III Sutherland. Debbie: 73, 140 Swam. Jeon: 73. 121 Swanson. Cathy 111. 128 Swanson. James. 40. I 30 Swanson. Susan 59. 116, 128, 136 Sweosey. Jeonc Sykes. Paul 40 Taggart. Danna; ______ Tolley. Stephen 59. Ii7. 136 Tote. Keith 79, 155. 165 Taylor, Cothy 40 Taylor, Colleen Taylor, Crystal Taylor, Cynthio 40 Taylor. Donno 59. 129 Taylor. Henry 73, 156 Taylor. Liz 73 Taylor. Poulettc 131 Toylor. Vikki: 40, 148 Teague. Rebecca: 40 Terrell. Ronold 73, 127 Terry. Lmdo 40, 126 Terry. Lorry I 29. M2 Terry, Lmdo: 40, 126 j Terry. PotnciO: Terry, Williom 59, M2 IB Thomas. Jond 40 Thomos, Jomce. 40. 127, 139 Thomas. Jomce: 73, 139 Thomos, Peggy: 1 1 I Thomas Michad: 59. Ill, 156 Thomos. William 40 Thompson, Cloyloo 4l 152,160 Thompson. CMton 4 1.46,115 Thompson. Delores 73 Thompson. Jeffrey 59. 127, 128, 154 Thompson, Terry 73.127 Thompson, Phyllis 59 Thrash, Jomes 80, 127 Throsh, Judcttc: 73 Threot. Ronnie: 73 Thurman, Theodore: 59. Ill TiCtz. Enko M0 Tillcrson. Kempy 59.111.119 134, 136 Tillcrson. Robert 80 Tilmon, Alice: 73 Tilmon, Thomos 80 Timmons. Showno 74 Totond. Sidney 41. 47. 129 TolOSO. Jim: 74, 111 Tong, Marc 59 Tong. Michoel 74. 111. M0 Towles. Lmdo 41 Toy. Jonathan 59. 110. 156 Toy. Shoron 74. 130 Trono. Jo Ann 59. 11 1 Trono. Vincent 80 Trovers. Woltcr 74 Tread, Donno 41 Trcod. Eddie 80 Troxdl. Pout 80 Troy. Herbert 60, 129 Trumblc, Mad 41 Tuck. Potr C»0. Tuck. Wollocc: M0 Tucker. Gloria 4|. 126. 131 Tucker. Gwen 74 Tucker; Lee 41. 117. 120 Turner. Aleose 41 Turner. Corl: 80. 164 Turner, Craig: 74 Turner. Darryl 74 Turner. Deboroh 74 Turner. Lorry: III. 152. 16 Turner. Shcrmon 60 Turner, Steven- 80 Turner, Tom: 80 Tyler. Kothryn 80. 111. 36 Tyler. Potricia: 80 Tyler. R hord: 60. 127 Tyree. Wondo: 80 Utt. Michoel. 74 Von Dyne. Jonmc: 74 Vonklceck. Kothy 74 Von Rcuth. Glenn M2 Vorgo, Oonrso 80 Voughn, Gerold 127 Voughn, Juonita: 74, 134 Vouhon, Mary 80 Vina, Mory: 41 Vizo, Juliono 80 Woir. Donno 74 Walden. Stanley 80 Walker. Chorloite 60. M0 Wolkcr, Chip: 74 Wolkcr. Reggie 76. 155, 65 Wolkcr. Stonley: 155 Wolkcr. Steve 74 OU, I4» 41, »39 80. 12V : 140 Waller. Fronces 4 I Waller. Williom 74 Wanzcr. Dorvald 74 Wonzer. Ronold 74 Wonzcr. Sheila 22 42. 47. 1 11 Wonzer, Vivion 42 Word, James 41 Word. Milton 60, MO Word. Osca . 74 Wore. Darlene 74 Wore. Ronnie: 80 155 Worner. Drcrr-o: 74 Warren, Rondo 80. 155 Warren. Russell. 60 Washington. Dane 42. 129 Washington. Dons 60 Woshmgton. Dorothy. 60. M0 Woshmgton, Eric 80 Washington. Reginald 111 Washington. Vorscme: 60, 111. 129. 138 Watkins. Mory. 74. 118. 135. 136 Weovcr, Patncto: 42 Webb, Charlotte 60 Webb, Victor: 74. M0 Webster. Rose 111 Wcmtroub Alan: 42. M2. 123 136 Wclchel, 75 Welchei, Trma: 60 Wendt, Margaret 42, 117 Wcnz. Michoel 42 111 112 113, 115. 120. 123 130 136 West. Go.I 60 Whcotlcy. Carolyn: 60 Wheizcid. Victor 42 White, Corlene 4 2 Wh.fe, Chories 114 120.121 White. Regio 421 White. Suson 121 Whit ostone, Robert 61 Wiener, Toh.nh; 61. M2. M6 124, 131 Wiggles wo-th Alice 22 43, 111, 118. 126. 130 Wiggleswonh. Dons 75 111, 129 Wiggles worth. John Wilborn, Annie 61. 129 Wilburn. Ssirlccto 75 Wildcrmuth. VidoriO. 43. M2 t IM. 116. 120 Wilhoit. Sinclair: 80. IS5 Wilkinson. Theresa 43. 139 W11mouth Tereso 75 126 Wiiiioms. BarCxyrc 61 Willioms, Corl 140 Williams. Chories 43 Williams. Dons: M0 Willioms. Geraldine 43 Williams. Kenneth 6t Willioms. LmdC 43 '40. Ml Wnlioms. Mark 75 Wiiiioms. R.chard 6l. 52 160 Wilis. Dane: 75, M7 Wiilits. Thomos. 43 Wilson. Booby 75 W'mbush. Phyllis 75 Wmmc, Debra 44. Ill Wirth, Colleen 44. 126 Wirth. Fred 44 Wolford. Jon IS 6! woMord. Jill 61 Woifrey. Robert 75 Wood Potrioo. 62. 75. I 8 Woods. Cindy: 135 Woods. Rondy 61. 1 '8 I Woods. Sondro 61. 134. 136 . Woods.s. Geoffrey 75. Ill [woolen. Sylvio 111 Woollt, James 6l. M2 Yooten. Come 75 Yooten. Christine 75 Vootcn. Willie M0 I Worden. Suson 44 1122. 126, 130 Wormley Charles 4 4 152 Wrrght. Quocn 75 I Wyatte. Corolyn 75 I Wyotte. Joon 129 [Wyott. Tw»g 136 [Wynn. Paulette 44 Toroly. Lmdo: 61 Fotes. Jeonctte 61 I'd ter. Gilbert 75. 117. 67 Towel I. Pom 80 M5. y 199 r "’W" -TP ' ” •'-'.'ri'Kf'up

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