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GEORGE WASHINGTON HIGH SCHOOL ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA VOLUME 35BEI O’CON faces staff clubs pg. 18 R pg. 82 2... pg. 106 r 140 174 To Business Manager of YEARBOOK ADVERTISING CONTRACT FILL OUT CONTRACTS IN DUPLICATE rale of Yearbook Year the yearbook Nam of School You are hereby authorized to insort our advertisement of at the rate of $_______________ page in the yearbook listed abo Top of Ad Copy written by Photo furnished by □ Staff □ Advertiser □ Staff □ Advortiser _ Artwork furnished by H Staff (Printing from newspaper mat will be $2.00 mat additional.) For Staff Use Only Q Advortiser ° % f-. Copy Rec'd . Signed Ad Prepared _ •— Proof O K. . Invoico Sent . . . — Payment Rec'd . Ad Sold By Sketch Ad Layout Above Advorti»«r Dale 34SENIORS SALUTE DEAN THURMOND The 1970 Senior Class of George Washington High School wishes to salute Mr. Arnold Thurmond, Dean of Monroe House. He is a graduate of Du Bois High School in Mt. Hope, West Virginia, Hampton Institute, Hampton, Virginia, and Wayne College, Detroit, Michigan with a B.S. and a M. Ed. Our first contact with him was in 1966, when he came to G. W. as our freshman guidance counselor. At this post, he became familiar with the needs of the student and of the school. As we rose to better things, so also did he. In September 1967, he became Dean of Monroe House, where he has remained ever since. As Dean of Monroe House, Mr. Thurmond has successfully dealt with each of the many problems referred to him. The Senior Class, as well as the COMPASS staff, would like to thank Mr. Thurmond for all the time and effort he has put in to make our four year stay at G.W. a really great one.911Vmu 'MWk flHMM ViARD 17 Miss Rosemarie Sirbert Basketball Queenu- O lu COPrw.dent Craig Uwton Vice-President Kelly Maokl.n Secretary-Treasurer Lauren FunnSENIORS CONSTANCE BOONE LARRY ANDREWS MUSCO BOULWARE WILLIAM BAER HELEN BAKER ELLEN BOWEN DEBORAH BLODGETT CONNIE BELK LAWRENCE BATES LINDA BATES DOUGLAS BOWEN DARRYL BARNES JULIA BEHRENS JAMES BELLIZZI DOMINIQUE BERGERON VICKIE BLACK 21ODELL CARTER JUDITH BOYD STEPHEN CASEY JAMES BRYSON BRAD BURCHETT SANDRA BOWLING ROSEMARY BURGESS DEBORAH BROWN 22GWENDOLYN CONT6E ANDRE CHAVIS TERESA COX WANDA DADE JAMES COLLINS GEORGE COMPTON ELEANOR CROSS LAWRENCE DEAN DENISE DEAVERS LINDA CONNER BERNADINE COCKERELL KAREN CRADDOCK 23JACQUELINE DIXON AGNES DOWNEY MARGARET DENT PLEAS EATON WILLARD ELMORE SYLVIA DIAZ ROBERT DOWNHAM LINDA DODSON LLOYD DIGGS MAURICE DIGGS 24DEBORAH GARRETT BRENDA GRIFFIN MARY GRIMES CYNTHIA FRERE NANCY GREER BETTY FULLER PATTY GHOLSON JAN GINN PATRICIA FICKINGER LAUREN FUNN DOROTHY FISHER PAYE FERGUSON 25 GERALD HAMMERSLEY .« : MARGARET GROSS MICHELE HANSEN JOHN HEUBACH LESTER GROVES JAMES HALEY CLAUDIA HAYNES SANDRA HILL ROBERT HAYNES TERRY HAYES DONALD HARDESTER JANA HERNANDES 26SENIORS JACQUELINE HUDSON ELAINE JESSEE - LINDA HUTCHISON RAMONA HOLLINS RICHARD HUDSON ETHEL JOHNSON STEPHEN HUTCHISON ANNIE HOLMES MARILYN HUGHART PEGGY JOINER REGINA JACKSON CHARLES HORNBACK VIRGINIA JENNIER CAROLYN HUNT FREDERICK JONES ROGER HOVERMALE 2728 DIANNE KELLER JOHN KOTULICK COLLEEN JUDE MARCIA KING PATRICIA KELLY CHANTAL KWIATKOWSKI AUDIE KARAS NANCY KINGSENIORS MARGARET LOMAX ANDREA KYLE SUSAN LAY DARRELL LOWE DEBORAH LAMBETH WANDA LEMAY JAMES LAWRENCE KAREN LEA MURIEL LUCAS EZ2ARDLAWRENCE GERALD LEE THEODORE LEWIS SYLVIA LUCAS CHRISTINE LIGGIO 29GINGER MANKIN THOMAS McCLAY GAIL MELVIN CARL MILTON ALBERTHA MITCHELL LINOA MEYER KELLY MACKLIN COLLEEN MARSH HOWARD MONROE MARY MARSHALL ROGER MICKEY ROBERT McKLVEEN MARTHA MORAN LOUISE MATTHEWS RUTH MILLS CHERYL MAGNER 30SENIORS MICHAEL PENN HERBERT MUNDAY FREO PETERSON CONSTANCE MUNCZENSKI KENNETH NICKLE JEFFREY PARKER WALTER PARKER CATHY OHLER CHRISTINE MURPHY ANDREW MURPHY RITA PETTEY ERVIN PHILLIPS 31PAUL SCAFFIDO ANDREW SCARlOT ROBERT ROY LINDA POLAND ELLEN ROBERTSON BRIAN POWELL 32JOYCE SHIFFLET DEBORAH SOBOLESKI JOYCE SCOTT BOBBIE SMITH 33GLORIA STRICKLAND ROBERT TAYLOR PATRICIA STRICKLANO TERESSIA TERRELL DIANA ULBRICHT JUANITA THREAT ROZIER WAIR MABLE TILLERSONSENIORS KAI WHEATLEY CHARLES WILKINS JOHN WEAVER ELIZABETH WILSON RHONDA WATKINS RALPH WANZER VICKIE WELCHEL ZORA WELLS BETTY WOOTEN ANN WOODARD VICKI WHITE DONNA WARE 35» rry Andrews-Pep Club, German Club Pres dent. German Honor Society Vice Pres- dent. S.C.A. Dolores Anne$-V.O.T., Pep Club. William Baer-J.V., Freshman Football Letter. Senior Board, D.E. Club. Helen Baker-Red Cross Club Secretary, F.B.L.A., V.O.T. Darryl Barnes-F.B.L.A., Varsity Track. Lawrence Bates-Monogram Club, Freshman, J.V., and Varsity Football. Basketball Intermurals. Linda Bates-Pep Club, Drill Team, Junior and Senior Boards. S.C.A., F.B.L.A. Juha Behrens-German Club Treasurer and President, German Honor Society President, Girls' State, Freshman and Junior Boards, S.C.A., Math Team, Keyettes, Quill and Palm. Chess Club Secretary, G.A.A. Point Recorder, Drill Team, Outstanding Freshman and Sophomore P.E. Student, 2 Academic Letters, 3 Presidential P.E. Awards. Gymnastics Team, COPIHSS. 4 P.E. Merit Awards. Big Sister. Connie Bolk-Spanish Club, Spanish Honor Society, Red Cross, V.O.T. Vice-President, Chorus, F.B.L.A., G.A.A. Dominique Bergeron-J.V. and Varsity Baseball. J.V Football. Vickie Black-F.8.L.A.. V.O.T. Debbie Blodgett-Red Cross, Math Team. It's Academic Team, Drama Club, Quill and Palm. Robert Bogie-I.C.T. Ella Bowen-Mixed Chorus. Sandy Bowling-Pep Committee, D.E. II. Judith Boyd-French Club, Science Club. Scott Brewster-Band, Science Club. Kenny Brooks-Freshman and J.V. Football. D.E. Ricky Brooks-Freshman, J.V., Varsity Basketball. track. Varsity Baseball. Anthony Brown-1.C.T. Deborah 8rown-D.E. James Bryson-Marching and Concert Band. Carol Buchanan-Chorus, V.P. Freshman Chorus, Spanish Club, F.T.A. Secretary and President, S.C.A., Junior and Senior Board. Girl's State Alternate, Keyettes. Jacqueline Burcham-Keyettes, Pep Club, Quill and Scroll V.P.. Thespians, Surveyor Editor, French Club, F.H.A., F.T.A. Bradley 8urchett-Drama Club, German Club, Red Cross. Intermurals. Rosemary Burgess-Keyettes, Red Cross President. S.C .A.. Pep Club. Stephen Burns-Freshman, J.V., Varsity Football, J.V. and Varsity Baseball. Bernard Campbell-J.V. Baseball. J.V., Varsity Basketball, J.V., Varsity Football. Steve Casey-J.V., Varsity Baseball. Varsity Wrestling. Monogram Club. I.C.T. Andre Chav»s-D.E., V O.T. Fred Cheeks-Basketball Trophy. Deborah Clarke-Nurses Club. German Club. Library Assistant, Rifle Club. Outdoors Club, Guidance Assistant. Bernadine Cockerell-Junior Board. S.C.A., F.B.L.A., Pep Club. Red Cross, Modern Dance Club. Jim Collins-Drama Club, Thespians, Football, Spanish Honor Society Vice-President. Steve Comer-Marching and Concert Band. Junior of the Year Award. French Language Certificate, Debate Team, Quill and Palm. Big Brother. German Club. S.C.A. Economic Seminar. Gwendolyn Contee-S.C.A. Secretary, Treat urer, and President, Junior Class Vice-President, I.C.C. Chairman, Freshman Class Treasurer, Miss Fire Prevention, Big Sister Pep Club, Girls' State, Sistor City Committee, Drill Team, Jr. Achievement, Geographical Award. Teresa Cox-S.C.A., French Club, French Honor Society, Spanish Club, Latin Club. Red Cross Secretary, Drama Club, It’s Academic Alternate. Girls' State. Karen Craddock-Freshman Class V.P., Freshman Board. S.C.A. Legislature, Freshman Sophomore, and Junior Attendant to Homecoming Queen, Red Cross. G.A.A Girls' Intermurals, P.E. Award. Majorette. Pec Club. President Sophomore Claw, Keyettes Historian, German Club, Academic Lette' Little Hatchet Illustrator, Secretary Jun or Class, Junior Board. German Honor Society Quill and Palm, Varsity Cheerleader. Outstanding Teenager. German Language Certif cate. Keith Cross-Freshman, J.V., Varsity Football, J.V., Varsity Basketball. Monogra— Club. Lawrence Dean-Red Cross, Wrestling, Marching and Concert Band Equipment Manager. Denise Dcavers-French Club, Red Cross, S.C.A., Little Hatchet. Shorthand Award. Margaret Dent-F.H.A., Drama Club, French Club. German Club, Little Hatchet. Lloyd Diggs-lntermurals. Science Club Secretary. S.C.A., Red Cross. Maurice Diggs-J.V. Basketball. Marching and Concert Band. S.C.A., Senior Board. Jacqueline Dixon-G.A.A., Freshman Basketball, Drill Team. Pep Club. S.C.A., Girls' Chorus. Linda Dodson-Pep Club. S.C.A., Red Cross President. V.O.T. Nina Dombrowsky-Quill and Palm. Quill and Scroll. Compass Ad Staff. German Club Secretary. German Honor Society. Keyettes, S.C.A.. Freshman. Sophomore. Junior Boards. Helen Donaldson-F.B.L.A. 36_ nda Donovan—D.E. -one Downey-Phi Epsilon Classical Society, V.O.T. Anne Dulin-D.E., F.B.L.A. 3 y Ovrren-Little Hatchet. F.B.L.A. Spell-•9 Award. -av Eaton-Marching and Concert Band. reg Edwards-German Club. Pep Com-- ::ee, Thespians. ard Elmore-D.E. i Enders-Pep Club. The Group, New :- ed. Student Tutor, Gymnastics Club, »ma Club, Economic Seminar, V.P. Spanish c .0. : ‘atha Everett-Keyettes. Drama Club, f C A. Evaluation Chairman. in Feaganes-D.E. ;n Fickinger-Phi Epsilon Classical So-■t r. Drama Club, Pep Club. 1: othy Fisher-Spelling Certificate, Short-- a-d Certificate. rirsara Fornes-D.E. I dy Frcre—Sophomore and Junior :0 rd$. Pep Club, Drill Team, F.B.L.A. ••Surer, S.C.A. • ty Fuller-Quill and Palm Treasurer, ; ; ch Honor Society V.P., French Club, i-- Team, Keyettes, F.B.L.A., Typing and . - ;rtr-and Merit Awar'ds, Honorable Men-Scence Fair, Spelling Award, French .s-;.»9e Certificate. Funn —Freshman Attendant, Home-: - ng Queen, G.A.A., Pep Club, S.C.A., - 'ttary Sophomore Class, Secretary Treas-. • Senior Class. Drill Team, J.V., Varsity •eerle8der. Gymnastics. Outstanding - - or in P.E., 3 Presidential Fitness - a-ds. 2 Senior Merit Awards. : rry Galer-Senior Board, Varsity Foot- :• . Crew. Deborah Garrett-S.C.A., Girls' Chorus. Mixed Chorus. Red Cross, V.O.T., G.A.A., Pep Club. Jan Ginn-Girls' Chorus President, Freshman, J.V., Varsity Cheerleader, S.C.A., Gymnastics. Volleyball Team, Pep Club, Junior P.E. Award. Jerome Gipson-J.V. and Varsity Football. Reggie Gore-F.H.A. Donald Greon-lntcrmurals, F.T.A., Marching and Concert Band V.P., I.C.T. Nancy Greer-Little Hatchet. Spanish Club President, Spanish Honor Society Secretary and President, Thespians, Drama Club President. Quill and Palm President. Mary Grimes-Red Cross. S.C.A., Junior 8oard, F.T.A., German Club. German Language Certificate, Pep Club. Bonnie Grimslcy-Spanish Club, Sophomore Board. Red Cross. Gymnastics, Pep Club, Drama Club, S.C.A., Keyettes Senior Representative. Margaret Gross-F.B.L.A., D.E. Historian. Lester Groves-Lalin Club V.P., Latin Honor Society Treasurer. Red Cross, Freshman, J.V. Football, Latin Award, S.C.A., Geography Award, Junior Board. Teacher Aid. Compass Staff Photographer. Bob Gruitt-Chess Club, F.B.L.A., Gymnastics. Elizabeth Hall-German Club Treasurer, German Honor Society Secretary Treasurer, Junior Board, Red Cross, S.C.A., Quill and Palm Historian, Modern Dance, Math Team, Economic Seminar, F.T.A., F.H.A., Big Sister, Drill Team Treasurer, COPIHSS, French and German Language Certificates, Typing Certificate, Compass Class and Faculty Editor. Gerald Hammersley-D.E. Michele Hansen-Latin Honor Society Secretary, Phi Epsilon Classical Society. Donald Hardester-J.V. Wrestling, J.V. Football, Varsity Crew. Claudia Haynes-Freshman Class President. Sophomore Class V.P., S.C.A. Junior Repre- sentative, Keyette V.P., Drama Club V.P French Honor Society, German I Aware. Girls' State, Quill and Palm, Surveyor Business Editor. J.V. Cheerleader, Varsity Cheerleader Co-captain. It’s Academic. Bob Haynes-J.V. Football, J.V. and Varsity Crew. Connie Hensley-Pep Club, D.E. Jana Hernandes-F.B.L.A., F.T.A., Little Hatchet. S.C.A., Pep Club, French Club. Joy Hodges-G.A.A., V.O.T., Business Vat-Award, Girls' Chorus, Mixed Chorus. Charles Hornback-D.E., German Club. Alfred Howar-Basketball. English Club Jackie Hudson-Pcp Club. D.E. Secretary Richard Hudson-Freshman Football, J.V. and Varsity Baseball. Red Cross Marilyn Hughart—D.E. Carolyn Hunt-Mixed Chorus. Intermura s Volleyball. Linda Hutchison-Red Cross. Pep Club. F.H.A., V.O.T. Suzanne Jackson-S.C.A., Sophomore Board Chip Jenkins-Drama Club, Science Club Virginia Jennier-Girls' Chorus Secretary Mixed Chorus, V.O.T. Elaine Jessee-Astronomy Club Secretary French Club, S.C.A., Junior Science and Humanities Symposium, Keyettes Treasurer French Honor Society Secretary, Germa-Club, Quill and Palm, Quill and Scroll Sec retary-Treasurer, Girls' State, Drill Team Captain, Pep Club, Surveyor Managing Ed tor, 2 Academic Letters, Math Team Cocaptain. Ethel Johnson-1.C.T., F.B.L.A. Peggy Joiner-F.B.L.A. Reporter and President, State F.B.L.A. Historian, Sophomore and Senior Boards. S.C.A., Red Cross Treasurer, Pep Club, Junior Achievement Treasurer, Senior Class Parliamentarian. Student Aid. 37Cathy Jones-I.C.T. -3- »- ■ . -S.C.A., Pom-pom Girl. Compass Ad Start. V.O.T. Frederick Jones-Marching and Concert Band Roderick Jones-Marching and Concert Band. Richard Juarez-World Events Club. Red Cross. Junior Board, S.C.A., Debate Team, J.V. Baseball. J.V. and Varsity Football. J.V. and Varsity Wrestling, Boy's State Alternate. Colleen Jude-Math Team, German Club, Soence Club. Marching and Concert Band, G.A.A., Heart Research, Quill and Palm, German Honor Society. Audie Karas-S.C.A., Red Cross, D.E. Jeff Keeier-Phi Epsilon Classical Society, Latin Honor Society, J.V. Crew, Track. Frederick Keith-Boys Chorus, D.E. Dianne Keller-V.O.T. President. Patricia Ktlly-Pep Club, Drama Club, D.E. C'ub. Red Cross, Senior Board. arel Kidwell—F.T.A. Secretary, Parli-mentarian. Math Team, Marching and Concert Band. Spanish Club, Spanish Language Award, Science Fair 2nd Place. Marcia King-Algebra-Biology Society, Pep Club. Chess Club, F.T.A., Surveyor Staff, S.C.A., German Language Certificate. German Honor Society, German Club, Modern Dane . Red Cross Merit Award. ancv King-Thespians, S.C.A., Compass Ad Staff, Red Cross, V.O.T.. F.B.L.A. R kev Kmg-Cross Country, D.E. Bob Knouse-Varsity Crew, S.C.A., Sophomore Board. Monogram Club. Tom Kolb-D.E. Chantai Kwiatkow$ki-Red Cross. French Club. Spanish Club. Keyettes. Debbie Lambeth-Mixed Chorus, Girls' Advanced Chorus, Freshmen Chorus, Student Helper. James Lawrence-Phi Epsilon Classical Society Treasurer, Marching and Concert Band President, Crew, 2nd Place National Baod Scholarship String Division, 1st Chair All State Orchestra. Craig Lawson-Senior Class President, S.C.A. Senior Representative, Boys' State, Junior, Sophomore, and Freshman Boards. Key Club, J.V. Football, S.C.A., Drama Club, Junior Science and Humanities Symposium, S.C.A. Parliamentarian, Big Brother. Karen Lea-F.B.L.A., V.O.T. Jim Lee-Astronomy Club, Spanish Club. Red Cross, J.V. Football. Senior Board. Roosevelt Lee-Varsity Football, Varsity Wrestling. Wanda LeMay-S.C.A., Pep Club. D.E., Advanced Girls' Chorus. Teddy Lewis-Marching and Concert Band Secretary. Freshman, J.V., and Varsity Basketball. Chris Liggio-F.B.L.A., Spanish Club, Home Ec. Club, National Geography Contest Award. Margaret Lomax-Marching and Concert 8and. Varsity Volleyball, Varsity Basketball, National Merit Scholarship Semifinalist. Darrell Lowe-D.E. Cheryl Magncr-Pep Club. D.E. Ginger Mankin-D.E„ I.C.T. Vincent Manni-Sophomorc Board, Red Cross, Freshman Football, Varsity Football. Varsity Crew, Surveyor Sports Staff. Mary Marshall-Latin Club, Pep Club, V.O.T., Drill Team. F.H.A., F.B.L.A. Louise Matthews-Red Cross, F.B.L.A., Pep Club. Thomas McClay-S.C.A., Red Cross. Vocational Printing, J.V. Football, Surveyor. Compass Head Photographer. Kelly Macklin-Senior Class Vice-President. Junior Class Treasurer, S.C.A., J.V. and Freshman Cheerleader, French Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society, Latin Honor Society, Thespians, Academic letter. National Honor Society, Keyette President, Volleyball Team, It's Academic. Bob McKIveen-J.V. Crew, Key Club, Track. Gail Melvin—F.B.L.A. Reporter. Surveyor Staff Business Manager, Bookkeeping Award, Shorthand Award. Ray Menke-Monogram Club, J.V. Freshman, and Varsity Football, J.V. Track, J.V. and Varsity Crew. Linda Meyer-S.C.A., Red Cross, Spanish Club, Keyettes, Pep Club, Drama Club, Sophomore Board. Roger Mickey-F.B.L.A. Parliamentarian. Regional V.P., S.C.A., Senior Class Representative, S.C.A. Paul Miller—V.O.T. Ruth Mills-Freshman Cheerleader, Pep Club, Red Cross. S.C.A. Carl Milton—D.E., J.V. Basketball. Albertha Mitchell-Junior Board, F.B.L.A., Chorus. Leo Moore-Red Cross, S.C.A., D.E., Vocational Printing. Martha Moran-Freshman Cheerleader, Pep Club, S.C.A., Spanish Club, Phi Epsilon Classical Society ■ President, Junior and Senior Boards, Girls' State, Vice-President S.C.A.' Keyette Recording Secretary, S.C.A. Executive Council, Inter Club Council. Herb Munday-Froshman Class Representative, Junior Class Representative, Marching and Concert Band Drum Major, All State Band, Pep Club. Constance Munzcenski-Red Cross, F.B.L.A., D.E. Andrew Murphy-F.B.L.A., S.C.A., Drama Club. 38Cnnj Murphy-Red Cross, V.O.T., Junior Soard. .arry Nalls-Junior Achievement, Marching and Concert Band, Sunshine Boys. Kenneth Nickle-Monogram. Varsity Track, • arsity Cross Country, 9th Grade P.E. A.vard. atti Ottens—Orill Team. S.C.A., F.B.L.A. Jeff Parker-Varsity Football, Varsity Crew, j.nor Class President, Quill and Palm, ;vanish Honor Society, Red Cross Club, In-•♦'act Club, It's Academic, Inter-Club Council. a ter Parker-Surveyor Staff, J.V. and arsity Track. Science Fair, Student Council. -a-.ce Parks-F.B.L.A.. F.H.A.. V.O.T., C - II Team, World Geography Award. 3 A.A. - thia Pcarson-Typing Certificate. Junior -c“ievement. • e Penn-Phi Epsilon Classical Society, ; ogram Club, S.C.A., Senior Board, Red :ss. J.V. and Varsity Basketball. Surveyor, and Scroll President. "am Perkins-Freshman and J. V. Football, :rshman, J.V., and Varsity Basketball, • Track. Big Brother. :'-d Peterson-O.E„ S.C.A., Red Cross. a-na Club. - 'a Pcttey-Surveyor Feature Editor, ;'?nch Club, Red Cross, Drama Club, Quill r 3 Scroll, Orchestra, Journalism Award, '•snington Star Outstanding Journalism i ward. in Phillips-Monogram Club, Freshman, Varsity Basketball, Freshman. J.V., arsity Basketball, Freshman. J.V., Varsity -ootball. Varsity Crew. ;au: Phillips—Freshman and J.V. Football, D.E. . nda Poland-Marching and Concert Band, :and Council, Treasurer, and Librarian, ’usic Scholarship. Red Cross, Junior ioard. Orchestra, F.T.A., S.C.A. Brian Powell-Red Cross, German Club. J.V. and Varsity Crew, Intermural, S.C.A., Boys' State, Sunshine Boys, Wrestling. George Pnce-J.V. and Varsity Football, D.E. Bob Rhine-German Club, Drama Club. Gymnastics Team. Key Club, Intermural Soccer. William Rivers-I.C.T. Ellen Robertson-Drill Team, Math Team, "It's Academic", Quill and Palm, German Club, German Honor Society, Modern Dance, Advanced Girls' Chorus, S.C.A., Junior and Senior Boards. Keyettes. Robert Roy-Marching and Concert Band. Charles Russ-Crew. David Saunders—S.C.A., D.E.. Intermural Basketball Paul Scaffido-Manager of Football, Gymnastics. Track manager. Andy Scariot-Surveyor. D.E. Katrina Schnetzler-Pep Club, Spanish Club, Red Cross, Sophomore Board, Spanish Honor Society, Keyettes, Varsity Cheerleader. Denice Scott-Spanish Honor Society, Key-ottes Corresponding Secretary, Sophomore Board, F.H.A., Home Economics Award. Spanish Club. Joyce Scott-D.E. Ronald Settle-Freshman 8oard, S.C.A. Elaine Shifflett-D.E., F.B.L.A. Janet Shifflett-D.E., S.C.A., Library Worker. Joyce Shifflett-D.E.. Office Helper. Rosemarie Sirbert-Pep Club, S.C.A., Red Cross V.P., Big Sister, Co-Captain of Drill Team, Senior Board. Mixed Chorus, Junior and Senior Attendant to Homecoming Queen. Karen Skidmore-S.C.A. V.P., Varsity Cheerleader, Latin Honor Society V.P., New Breed. Gymnastics. Phys. Ed. Student Leader, Phi Epsilon Classical Society. Modern Dance, Pep Club, Economic Seminar, Big Sister, Orchestra. Garnette Small-S.C.A.. J.V. and Freshman Cheerleader, French Honor Society, Junior Board. Bobbie Smith-F.T.A. V.P., Spanish Club Secretary and V.P., Quill and Palm Secretary. Spanish Honor Society, Drill Team Secretary, S.C.A., Senior Board. Tutor. Academic Letters, Geography Letters. Mary Smith-Red Cross. Nancy Smith-World Geography Award. Phi Epsilon Classical Society Treasurer and Secretary. Keyettes Historian. Quill and Palm Vice President. S.C.A.. Compass, Teacher Aid. Debbie Soboleski-Pep Club. Freshman, Advanced and Mixed Chorus. S.C.A., F.B.L.A. V.P.. Drill Team Secretary. Red Cross Janice Spangler-Activities Editor, Editor-in-Chief of Compass, Drill Team, Spanish Honor Society President. Spanish Club Treasurer, Quill and Scroll, Keyettes, Girls' State Alternate, Big Sister, Inter Club Council, Spanish Language Certificate. Heart Research Program Ossie Spivey-Pep Club, Home Economics Club, Junior and Senior Boards. S.C.A., Home Economics Award. Richard Sprecher-Baseball, S.C.A. Shirley Stafford-Red Cross, V.O.T. Jo Ann Starkey-Majorette, Drill Team. Sophomore and Junior Boards. Phi Epsilon Classical Society, Modern Dance Club. Red Cross, G.A.A., I.C.T. Parliamentarian. Gloria Strickland-F .B.L.A. Secretary. Spanish Honor Society, Treasurer, Red Cross Secretary, Pep Club. Pat Strickland-Red Cross, I.C.T., Sophomore Board, Compass Ad Staff. Margaret Swisher-S.C.A.. Sophomore Board. Red Cross, Pep Club, Freshman Cheerleader, V.O.T. Bill Tapscott-D.E. 39L -da Tayior-Red Cross. Basketball, Pep Cub. S C.A.. G.A.A. Ralph Wanzer-S.C.A., F.T.A.. F.B.L.A. Robert Taylor-Senior Board. S.C.A. Garry Terrell-Basketball Trophy. Shirley Terry—S.C.A., Red Cross. Junior Board. Physical Fitness Award. Brenda Thompson-Drill Team. Jay Thorne-Concert and Marching Band. Juan :a Threat-D.E.. S.C.A.. Chorus. V.O.T.. Junior Board. Mable Tillerson-D.E., Red Cross. Oan Tnmble-Latin Honor Society President, Phi Epsilon Classical Society V.P. and Director, Marching and Concert Band Drum Major, Debate, Boys' State, Boys' Nation Nominee, Compass Sports Editor, Sister City Committee, Interact Club. Science Club, Sunshine Boys, Big Brother, Junior Board. Donna W»re-F.8.L.A., Business Math Award. Rhonda Watkins-F.B.L.A.. I.C.T. Pat Wauhop-F.B.L A., V.O.T. John Weaver-Drama Club, Art Club, Organization for Political Awareness, Debate. Vickie Welchel-V.O.T. Zora Wells-S.C.A., J.V. Wrestling, J.V. Crew. Varsity Crew, Sunshine Boys. Linda West-V.O.T.. Red Cross. S.C.A. Kai Wheatley-Drill Team, Red Cross, New Breed. F.B.L.A. Vickie White-F.B.L.A., Drama Club, Intcrmurals Gymnastics, S.C.A., Red Cross. Surveyor. Pep Club. D ana Ulbricht—F.H.A. Treasurer. Red Cross. V.O.T.. Secretary. Rozier Wair-Marching and Concert Band, J.V. Basketball. Red Cross, S.C.A. Wayne Walkcr-FootbaM. Paul Williams-S.C.A., Junior Board. Liz Wilson-F.B.L.A.. Marching and Concert Band, Treasurer. Betty Wooten-D.E. 40THE GROOVY PEOPLE Class Clowns Katrina Schnetzler and Robert Taylor Best Personality Oon Roberts and Claudia Haynes Most Creative Jim Collins and Karen CraddockMost Athletic Ray Menke and Lauren Funn Most Likely To Succeed Gwen Contee and Craig Lawson Bcst-AII-Around Kelly Macklinand Teddy Levs 5President Richard Simpson Ell00r Qo|||nt Secretary Joh„ Rj| y Usurer L.nda Clark 46Patricia Altizer Judy Amey Gregory Archie Brent Arvilla Laurie Asch Annie Atkins David Atkins Jack Atkins Patricia Atkins Susan Atkins Eugene Baker Nancy Baker Gary Ballinger Berdonna Banks Albert Beatty Deborah Bennett John Bennett Edward Berry Levester Berry Brian Bibbee Beth Bishop Ann Blank Robert Boddy Christine BoltonMercedes Bonilla Ida Bostick Melvin Boulware James Bowen Kerry Bowman William Bradley Carol Breeden Barry Bruce Dennis Bryant Lily Bufano Deborah Burroughs Gail Butler Gaby Camach Thomas Cardone Richard Carlson Michael Carroll Aaron Cavington Annie Chandler Celestine Chapman Lawrence Chavis 48Jackie Clark Linda Clark Jackie Cole Keith Coleman Patricia Coleman Debra Collins Edward Collins Elaine Cooper Linda Copley Cynthia Coppage Rachel Courtney William Cox CLASS OF 71 George Cress Danny Cutler Chester Davis Margaret Dawson Rose DeVault Stanley DeWalt Shirley Dick Rudy DiGiovanni Terry Dixon Elinor Dollins Debbie Dougherty Brenda DowneyMarie Drummond Theresa Dunbar Paul Ebhardt Kathleen Edwards Sandra Eller Keith Ellis Mary Lee Evans Roger Ewing Donna Finnell Lorric Fox Frederick Francis Thomas Franklin Dessie French Susan Furrow LaVerne Galloway Tina Gardiner Robin Gibson Bernctte Gilbert Mary Ginn Linda Golden Janet Graham Keith Graham Howard Gray Valeric GrayCarol Greer Kathleen Gregory Virginia Grundman Sharon Halcomb Geneva Halter Carolyn Harding CLASS OF 71 Willie Harding Terry Harrington Larry Harris Queen Harris Paula Haskens Judith Hassmer James Hawaid Joyce Hawaid Kenneth Head Sandra Heislup Becky Helsley Thomas HenleyGail Higgins Cynthia Hill John Hill Stephen Himes Emily Howard Dennis Hudson Richard Klow George Knight Phyllis Knight Brenda Hughart Jeanette Hughart Harold Hughes Nancy Humphries Saliic Hunt Betty Irby Carolyn Jackson Rose el Jackson Thea JamesDwight Jarrctt Charles Jewell Martin Johnson Toby Johnson Robert Jones Vicki Jorgensen Lucie Kendrick Barbara Kidd Gary Kinnetti Mindy Krickenbcrgcr Bill Lawhorne Cheryl Lewis CLASS OF 71 Henry Logan Martha Logan Karen London Willard Mackler Lo s McCormick Lmda McCurdyJohn McKIveen Roy Meade Sheri Meixner Kenneth Menke Harlan Millette Rita Monroe Debbie Montgomery James Moore Lorrecn Moore Robert Moran Charles Morgan Deborah Morgan 54 Debra Moss Tui Muse Dana Nealey Stan Norris James Odie Susan O'Flaherty Drema Pack Antonio BOSCODonna Pallant James Papoulakos Maria Parker Fulton Patrick William Payton George Peoke Mary Penny Adel Persekian Joseph Pettit Russell Peverell Paula Phillips Debbie Pinkston CLASS OF 71 Sylvia Putman Denese Randolph Susan Reamy Gloria Rease James Register Edward Reniker Paul Rice Cindy Rich Lane Richards John Riley Joy Robey Lynwood RobinsonJacqueline Rogers Robin Rogers Kelley Root Clifton Rose William Rowland Terry Sampson Eric Schilling Joanne Schreiner Penny Scully Ronald Scully Anthony Segretlo Bonnie Settle Arthur Shifflett Christa Shifflett Wayne Shifflett Janice Sibold Richard Simpson Evangeline SimsCLASS OF 71 Lola Sims Martha Smalling Ruth Smith Eva Soboleski Charles Stanton Barbara Stevens Jenifer Stevenson Debbie Stone Mary Street Jerry Strock Jeanette Swesey Barbara Swisher Paul Sykes Cathy Taylor Sidney Taylor Vikki Taylor Rebecca Teague Larry Terry Linda Terry Janet Thomas Janice Thomas Clayton Thompson Clifton Thompson III Yvonne TillerSidney Toland Linda Touiles Donna Tread Mary Trumble Gloria Tucker Aleasc Turner Lawrence Turner James Urquhart Glen Van Rcuth Mary Vinci Sheila Wan zer Vivian Wanzer James Ward Diane Washington Alan Weintraub Margrit Wendt Michael Wcnz Alice Wharam 58Wendy Wheaton Billy Whetzcl Carlene White Charles White Reg na White Cornelius Whiting Alice Wigglesworih Victoria Wildermuth John Wilkins Theresa Wilkinson Charles Williams Geraldine Williams CLASS OF 71 Jerry Williams Linda Williams Linda Williams Charles Willoughby James Wimbush Debra Winnie Colleen Wirth Fred Wirth Willie Wooten Susan Worden Charles Wormley William Wright60 Treasurer Terrie BreedingDebra Atkins Joyce Alford Edward Allen Randy Andrews Kathy Anthony Thelma Arres Roger Ashby Laura Baber Leslie Baber Elizabeth Bailey Melva Banks James Beall Jean Behrens Richard Bellizzi Glenda Bennett CLASS OF 72 Terry Bergeron Debbie Berry Avis Best Chris Beyer Davelinc Beam Todd Bolton Jon Bonfiglio Calvin Booth Terrie Breeding Thomas Britt Tommy Brittain James Brown Lillie Brown Linda Brown Patricia Brown 61Evelyn Buck Mary Bufano Jean Burlando George Burnham Sam Burns Gwen 8urton Jeff Buteier Dana Campbell Curtis Carmichae James Carroll Anna Carter Michael Castle Louis Chamberlain Sara Cheshire Walter Clark Linda Clay Wayne Chlick Bonnie Collins Mary Conlon Ethel Cook Lindsey Cook Neil Cousins Nancy Cox Danta Crockett 62Debra Crockett Elizabeth Crupper "hercsa Cutler EH Darrough nobin Davis Charles Damon Michael DeWalt Carlton Dewberry Nanette Dial =atricio Diggs z chard Diggs Marian Dombroski =aymond Dombrowsky Cennis Donaldson n.chard Dooley CLASS OF 72 Sharon Dooley Sheila Drake Darryl Dubois Mary Dudley Julie Duiker Ronald Duling Rcnay Dyson Stephanie Body Robin Ebhardt 63Brenda Edwards Richard Elliott Delores Ellis Herbert Estes Gail Evans Wanda Evans Steve Faulconer Dennis Feavyear Melody Fields John Fisher Leslie Flum Terry Flynn Timothy Flynn Eileen Forrest Johnnie Gipson Frances Glascoe Frankie Glascoe Gwen Goins Debra Goodnow Marian Gordon Benjamin Graham Ronald Graham Gary Gray Susie Green Vanessa Greene Raymond Greer Diane Gregory Jill Gregory Percy Griffin Alice Grigsby 64Robert Grimes Vincent Guerrero Robert Hagan Virginia Hagan William Hall Dale Hancock Robin Harper Laurie Harrington Charn Harris CLASS OF 72 Faye Harris Sylvia Harris Cayce Harrison Paul Harrison Stephenne Hartley William Hatten Michael Hebert Maquita Henderson Mary Hcncbcrry Juan Hernandez Vivian Hill Lee Hollis Herbert House Debbie Hughes Michael Huhn 65Ruth Hunt Artisa Hyman Erma Jackson Phillip Jackson Gail Jones Bernadette Johnson Debra Johnson Michael Johnson Michael Johnson Richard Johnson Sharon Johnston Vanessa Johnson Jimi Jones Thomas Jones John Judd Elton Keith Daron Keller Bonnie Kelley Susan Kidwell Cindy Kite Rebecca Krebs Vanessa Kyle Noel L'Abbe Sandy Landgraf Louis Lastik Carolyn Lawson Nancy Lay Holly LeCompte Linda Lewis 66Sharon Lewis Mary Jane Liggio Alton Lucas Katie Macklin Brian Martin Robert Matthews James McCord Angela McDaniel Karen McDonald Barbara McGavran James McGavran Anthony McKinney Robert McNeil Nanci Meade Jean Meador CLASS OF 72 Anne Meehan Rita Mickey Jean Milter Jo Ann Miller Sharon Mills Susan Moore Peggy Morris Jo Mane Morrison April Morse Jerome Murphy Mindy Nashwinter Coleen Nealon Mona Newman Precinda Nicely Clifford Nucholls 67Edward Ottens Patty Pacilio Kcvm Padgett Shirley Painter Ricky Paredes George Parker Linda Parker Cindy Parks Edna Payne Janet Payne Diane Perkins Marilyn Peterson Kathy Petty Paulette Phillips Peteie Phillips Pam Pinkston Sharon Pitta Melody Polan Patricia Pope John Powers Caroline Proffitt Angie Pruitt Sharon Putman Raye Putman Mary Railey Michael Randell Linda Raskin Diane Pay Walter Reaves Priscilla Reed 68Rusty Reynolds Derethea Rice Marianne Ricker Debbie Rife Margaret Ringer Barbara Rivers Steve Robey Robert Robinson Linda Rochner Bobbie Rogers Vosie Rose Debbie Ros el Myrna Roy Gary Russell Laurence Saf fell Ellen Salak Gayle Saltsgaver D. Wayne Sands Frank Sanders Kay Sanders Larry Saunders Nelsie Saunders Charlene Scales Sharon Settle 69SaundriaShaw Ricky Sheppard Mike Shorn Lionel Silva Alvin Smith Debbie Snow Judith Spears John Sprouse Terry Starkey Gloria Strock Sandra Strock Lynne Strother Stephen Talley Tom Tellez Patricia Terry Becky Tesh Michael Thomas Phyllis Thomson John Threat Kempy Tillerson Marc Tong Jonathan Toy Jo Ann Trano Herbert Troy Larry Turner 70Sherman Turner Richard Tyler Charlotte Walker Gary Ward Milton Ward Russell Warren Vancine Washington Timothy Weaver Charlotte Webb Marilyn Webster Trina Welchel Jody Wells Carolyn Wheatley Beatrice White Bobby Whiteaker CLASS OF 72 Tahirih Wiener Barbara Williams Doris Williams Kenneth Williams Richard Williams Loretta Wilson Charles Winbush Janis Wolford Jill Wolford Carol Wood Randy Woods Sandra Woods James Woods Patricia Wright Jeanetta Yates 71President Robert Callahan Vice-President Jamie Frye Treasurer Beverly Garrettills! an 2 -i ill!? iiJjf iliiiilii Uliilllio mi ill- m I|I| alii fslfCO I— LL LLADMINISTRATION Mr. Richard Hills Mr. Kenneth Kowalski 84Mrs. McLane . Boswell Mrs. Trivctt Mrs. Gray Mr. Graffeo « StarkeyMADISON HOUSE Dean Williams. Mrs. Breedlov« and Miss Smith Miss Smith MONROE HOUSE 86 Dean Thurmond and Mrs. Worden Mr. Hubbard TYLER HOUSE WILSON HOUSE Mr. Westermeyer Mrs. Allport Dean Tolbert and Mrs. Shackleford Dean Howard and Mrs. BatesSTAFF 88n Z r Mr. Vospor Cafeteria Staff 89ENGLISH Miss Dorrer Miss McDonald 90 Mrs. 8urdette Mr. FawcettMiss BoggianoSOCIAL STUDIES Mrs. Van Orman Mr. ChristiansenMr. Nachajski Miss Meyers Mr. KerschbaumMATH Miss Maddox Mr. POvsell Mr. Herrod Mrs. Monroe 94 Miss PerryMr. Nash Mr. Simpson Miss KeuneSCIENCE Mr$. Gross Mrs. Gabby Mr. Kapriva Mr. Kirk 96 Mrs. WilsonMr. Dunkum 97FINE ARTSLANGUAGES Mrs. Emm Mrs. Lynn 99BUSINESS Mr . Cinquegrana Mr. McGirk 100 Miss ArmstrongMrs. Gilmore Mr. DeRiggc Mrs. Henderson Mr. Ashley Miss HatwoodINDUSTRIAL ARTS Mr. White Mr. Hannah Mr. Grove Mr. Riggins Mr. Tomlin 102Mr. RicerMr. Nichols PHYSICAL EDUCATION Mr. Wriston Mr. Frere Miss Ruder 104 Mr. Hynson105 Mrs. LackeySTUDENT COUNCIL ASSOCIATION SCA Gwen president . . . Club room . . . fourr period . . . Sponsor Mr. Morgan ... Is: vice president, Kare . . . Mann, orange juice and doughnut; . . . 2nd Vice Pres dent, Martha .. . doo' decorations . . . Wendy, Secretary Treasurer . . . Fans. Pants Dance . . . Gooc Year! Wendy Wheaton Secretary-TreasurerRepresentatives include: Walter Reaves. Glenda McCoy. Don Roberts. Alan Mier, James Jones. Kevin Padgett, Susan Miller. Beth Harrison. Andrew Murphy, Nancy Smith, Dawn Miller, Roger Mickey. Todd Bolton. Debra Snow. Barbara 8nm. Bonnie Grimsley. Estralua Moore, Maurice Diggs. Nina Wclchcl, Casey Carr, Elaine Han. Norma Hill. Kay Sanders. Bobbie Smith. Kelly Macklm, Carolyn Wyatto, Nancy Humphries. Ruth Smith, Debbie Winnie, Denise Deavers, Margaret Lomax. Linda Furr, Edward Tom| son. John Wilkins, Rosemary Burgess. Theresa Wilkinson. Rosemarie Subert, Larry Saunders. Bonnie Settle. Ann Blank. Frank Hart. Lynwood Robinson, Peggy Joiner, Brain Powell. Ossie Spivey. Alease Shelby, Dianne Boggan, Robert Taylor, Laverne Galloway. Laura Hawes. Mary Evans, Joanne Schreiner, Lester Groves. Ethel Johnson. Tom McClay. Cindy Parks, Jonathan Toy, Marian Gordon, Robin Harper, Linda Harris, Elizabeth Hall, Linda Jackson, Katherine Lawson, Juanita Baker. Ronald Graham. Rubetter Butler. Stephen Himes. James Moton. Alternates Include: Michael Grant, Richard Dooley. Richard Johnson, Vincent Guerrero , Kenneth Bibb. Lulu Kelso, Pat Pacilio. Louie Lasnk, Ronald Settle, Vanessa Jarrett, Jay Thorne, David Self. Mary Lewis, Julie Behrens, Sharon Johnston, Ruth Mills, Marilyn Peterson. Faye Putman, Lawrence Fells, Annette Blake. Terry Bergeron, Richard Juarez, Oleatha Everett, Phyllis Dorsey, Anne Skellcy, Joy Robey, Jana Hcrnandes, John Heubach.Charles Adams, Wanda Lemay, Ramona Hollins, Jacqueline Dixon, Marsha King, Angela Pruitt, Carol Breeden, Lynda Copley. Paul Ebhart, Pat Gholson, Deborah Clark, Linda 8ates, David Haynes, Sheila Wanzcr, Pat Atkins, Mylinda Mitchell. Elaine Cooper, Ed Reniker. Larry Andrews, Vivian Wanzer, Leo Moore, Gwendolyn Burton, Lisa Hyman. Loretta Wilson, Willian Rivers. Januita Hamlet, Terry Cox, Joyce Putman, Kirk Anderson, John Powers, Sylvia King. Pat Tomas. Andrea Kyle. The Executive Committee: Bonnie Collins, Cheryl Lewis, Lauren Funn, Wendy Wheaton, Giwn Contee. Karen Skidmore, Martha Moran. Craig Lawson. DeneseRandolph. Alice W.gglesworth, Tereba.Members included: Deneso Randolph, Charlotte Walker, Vanessa Renauld, Rosemary 8urges$. Ossie Spivey, Sheila Wanzer, Stephanie Gady, Bornadinc Cockerell, Berdonna Banks, Rosemarie Sirbert, Gwen Contee, Jackie Dixon, Sylvia Putman, Eileen Forest. Pat Gholson, Annette Blake, Mary Blake. Marilyn Burgess, Renee Smith, Polly Cox. Lynda Furr, Joyce Putman, Terri Breeding, Sherry Sorrels, Barbara Bradfield, Mary Gilmore, Peggy Arnold. Edith Fox, Norma Hill. Mary Jo Watkins, Linda Meyer, Bonnie Grimsley, Teresa Witmouth, Roszel Jackson, Jone Schwa be. Traci Jenkins. Kathy Joiner. Katrina Schnetzler, Peggy Joiner, Donna Wair, Karen Skidmore, Karen Craddock, Sheri Mexmcr, Robin Rogers, Lauren Funn, Jan Ginn, Wendy Wheaton, Toni Hagan. Martha Moran, Lulu Kelso, Nancy Baker, Linda Lews. Mary Grimes, Jody Wells. Patricia Cole, Liz Dollins, Cathy Russell, Gloria Orsini, Ginny Hartford, Sharon Webster, Ann Skclley, Jamie Frye. Chairman: Donese Randolph. PEP CLUB Chairman, Denese Randolph . . . Blue and Gold uniforms ... promotes enthusiasm within the school . . . Sells PEP Tags . . . Yeah Prexies! Front: Gwen Contee and Mike Wcnz. Back: Larry Andrews. Clifton Thompson, Sheila Wanzer, Craig Lawson Judy Spears, Avis Best. Denese Randolph. 110Left to Right: Elaine Jc«cc, Claudia Haynes, Oleatha Everett, Terry Cox, Gwen Contee, Martha Moran, Julie Behrens. GIRLS-BOYS STATE July '69 . Girls' State-Radford ... Boys' State-William and Mary .. .Early hours ... Excercises .. Lectures . . . Lectures . ..And more lectures . .. Campaigns ... Elections . . . Food? Hmmm . .. Fun and home again ... Home sweet home ... What a week! 111 Left to Right: Craig Lawson, Dan Trimble, Brian Powell.Teresa Cox Karen Craddock Margaret Dent Nina Dombrowsky QUILL AND PALM GW Chapter of the National Honor Society . . . Nancy Greer—President . . . 3.5 average or better.. . Paperback book sale . . . Miss Currin ... Stationery sale . . . GW's intellectuals. Betty Fuller. Treasurer Nancy Greer. President Elizabeth Hall. Historian Claudia Haynes Elaine Jessee Colleen Jude Kelly Macklm Jeffrey Parker Ellen Robertson Bobbie Smith, Secretary Nancy Smith, Vice PresidentGW’S NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETIES First Row: Jackie Burcham, Mike Penn. Elaine Jessee. Second Row: Janice Spangler, Barbara Stevens. Rita Petty. Left to Right: Jackie Burcham, Vice-President; Mike Penn, President; Elaine Jessee, Secretary-Treasurer. Sponsor: Mrs. Theis QUILL AND SCROLL National Literary Honor Society . . . Literary works ... COMPASS . . . Surveyor... Little Hatchet . . . Great works . . . Hard work . . . Everlasting reward . . . Last Will and Testament . . . Stencils . . . Typing ... 150 words . . . Go, Mike!SPANISH CLUB Guitar. . . "Cielito Undo" ... El Presidente-Nancy . . . International Fair. .. Pinata ... Bookcovers . .. 2nd and 4th Tuesdays ... Mrs. Lynn—sponsor . . . Latin American cultures ... Some Spanish a must! Sitting: Nancy Greer, President. Standing: Glenda Bennett, Vice-President; Debbie Bennett, Secretary; Phyllis Endcrs, Vice-President. First Row: Glenda Bennett. Eileen Forest. Second Row: Debbie Bennett, Mary Conlon, Amporo Rcy, Paula Phillips. Third Row: Mary Gilmore, Nancy Greer, Mary Jane Liggio, Phyllis Enders, Pam Pinkston. First Row: Debbie Bennett. Nancy Greer, Gloria Stricklarid, Cynthia Hill. Second Row: Janice Spangler. Jeff Parker, Jim Collins, Kelly Macklin. SPANISH HONOR SOCIETY 3.5 average... 3 semesters of Spanish . . . Pins ... Candlelight initiation ... El Presidente-Janice .. . Scholarship exams ... Practice . .. Declamation ... El Dia de los Reyes (January 6) . . . Party ... What an honor! Left to Right Nancy Greer. Sec retary; Jim Collins. V ice-Pres idem Janice Spangler. President; Gloria Strickland. T re» surer, 114GUTEN TAG, BONJOUR, SALVETE, ET HOLA First Row: Tahirih Wiener, Carol Blank,- Rebecca Krebs, Susan Kidwell. Second Row: Jill Gregory, Sara Jones, Barbara Stevens, Ann Blank, Evelyn Buck, Ester Horwicn, Jacqui Ferguson. Third Row: Marian Gordon. Betty Fuller, Clifton Thompson. Ed Reniker, Susan Swanson. FRENCH CLUB President-Barbara Stevens . . . Chocolate mousse . . . International Fair . . . Parlez-vous fran-cais??? . . . Sponsor—Miss Snyder . . . Rebecca-Vice-President. First Row 8arbara Stevens President Rebecca. Krebs Vice-President Second Row Ann Blank, Tfea surer, Susan Kid well. Secretary Evelyn' Buck Publicity Chair man. FRENCH HONOR SOCIETY President-Janet Graham .. . Christmas stockings . .. "Honored" French students ... Sponsor—Miss Grant... Betty Fuller-Vice-President. First Row: Janet Graham, President; Judy Hassmer. Secretary. Second Row: Barbara Stevens. Treasurer; Terry Cox, Historian; Betty Fuller, Vice President. First Row: Susan Kid-well. Betty Fuller, Judy Hassmer. Evelyn Buck. Elaine Jessee. Second Row: Barbara Stevens, Victoria Wildermuth. Janet Graham, Mindy Krickenberger. Terry Cox, Kelly Macklin. 115GERMAN CLUB Mrs. Emm-sponsor.. . Room 136 ... Second and fourth Thursdays... Language assembly ... Eric-Vice President... Gingerbread houses ... Larry-President. First Row: Liz Ha Treasurer; Ed Re-ker. Proposals Cha r-man; Meta Brau-Secretary. Seco-: Row: Eric Schillir; Vice-President; Lar-. Andrews, Preside— First Row: Joan Behrens Ellen Robertson, Delores Ellis Karen Craddock. Elizabetf Hall. Nancy Cox. Barbara Bradfield, Jon Bonfiglio Second Row: Juliana Duiker Linda Roehner, Barbara Stevens, Ann Blank. Marc a King, Ed Reniker. Margate-Dent, Laura Howes. Caro Blank. Third Row: Davie Atkins, Julie Behrens, Mary Grimes, Robert Rhine, Jc Marie Morrison. Larry Andrews. 8rad Burchett Stephen Tolley. First Row: Marcia King, Virginia Grundman, Karen Craddock, Colleen Jude, Nina Dombrowsky, Julie Behrens. Second Row: Eric Schilling, Lee Tucker. Larry Andrews. Bob Jones. GERMAN HONOR SOCIETY One and a half years of German ... A average . .. Julie-President ... Works with the German club . .. larry-Vice-President. Larry Andrews, Vice-President; Julio Behrens, President. 116First Row: Nancy Humphries, Agnes Downey, Mary Heneberry, Randy Woods. Second Row: Robert Paisley, Karen Skidmore, Gail Evans, Martha Moran, Susan Furrow. Third Row: Michael Austreng, Alice Wigglesworth, Dan Trimble. LATIN CLUB Martha -President... Phi Epsilon Classical Society ... Latin Club with the Greek name ... Saturnalia party . .. Mike-Vice President ... Latin Convention ... University of Virginia. First Row: M.chaei Austreng. Vice-President. Second Row Precinda Nicely. Secretary; Martha Moran. President; Randy Woods. Treasurer. Loft to Right: Michele Hansen, Secretary; Dan Trimble, President; Karen Skidmore, Vice-President; Alice Wigglesworth, Treasurer. LATIN HONOR SOCIETY Dan-president ... A average ... Honored Latin Students . .. Junior Classical League ... Latin Week ... Four old members ... new members ... Sponsor—Col. Bush. Front Row: Jeff Keeler, Dan Trimble. Second Row: 8arbara Rev, Michele Hansen. Karen Skidmore, Alice Wigglesworth, 117LITERARY TALENT WORTH DEVELOPING! Janice Spangler Me. Kerschbaum Editor-in-Chief Sponsor COMPASS J anice, Editor . . . Planning the cover... Orange and Blue? .. . Liz. Class Editor ... Pictures ... Pictures ... And more pictures .. . Susan, Activities Editor. .. Where is the photographer??? . .. Dan, Sports Editor . .. Work .. . Layouts ... Deadlines .. . Mr. Kerschbaum, Sponsor... Fish... H onest games . .. Great book! Nancy Humphries Vicki Jorgensen Susan Worden Nancy Smith Assistant Activities Editor Assistant Activities Editor Assistant Class Editor Assistant Class Editor 118Li Hall Class Editor Susan Furrow Activities Editor Dan Trimble Sports Editor Tom McClay Head Photographer Ed Reniker Assistant Sports Editor Mike Wenz Photographer Lester Groves Photographer 119SURVEYOR School newspaper. Jackie-Editor. . . Durrnt pages . . . Letters to the zi . . . Articles . . . AbOJt Faces . . . Illustrations . -Dear Debbie Jo???. Rita Petty Features Elaine Jessee Mrs. Theis Managing Editor Sponsor Claudia Haynes Business Manager Jacke Burcham Editor Gail Melvin Business Manager First Row: Jackie Burcham, Elame Jessee. Second Row: Debbie Pinkston, Je3n Meador, Mike Penr Claudia Haynes, William Hall, Rebecca Krebs. Third Row: Mona Newman, Gayle Saltsgavcr, Jo Mar Morrison, Robert Robinson, Jean Burlando. Fourth Row: Tony Yannopoulous, Todd Bolton, Joanr-Schreiner, Walter Parker, Robert Roy.LITTLE HATCHET Literary magazine .. . Winter and Spring Issues .. . Patrons, patrons . . . Mrs. Norton, sponsor.. . "Please send in your literary masterpieces!!"... Second period, room 144 .. . Purpose- To stimulate greater interest in the literary and artistic endeavors of GW students. Clifton Thompson Mrs. Norton Editor-in-Chief Sponsor First Row: Susan Swanson. Rebecca Krebs, Denise Peavers, Jana Hernandos. Evelyn Buck. Second Row: Jo Marie Morrison, Nancy Lay, Mindy Knckenbergcr, Jacqui Ferguson, Clifton Thompson. Third Row: Jill Gregory, Mrs. Norton, Marian Gordon, Jerome Murphy, Sylvia King.EVERYONE KNOWS WHO’S BEST DRILL TEAM First Ladies Drill Team . . . Elaine and Binky . . . Bam-bams... 8 o'clock rehearsels . . . flags . . . Moan, groan ... Pompoms .. . "Let's Get Together" ... No fraternizing. .. "I Can't Get Next To You" . . . Band camp ... work ... Miss Joiner-choreographer . . . Work ... "Can-C a n "... And more work . . . Squads... Away games . . . Sponsor-Mr. Baden . .. Strive for perfection, girls . .. dance routines ... Shake It!!! Rosemarie Sirbert, Co-captain; Elaine Jessec. Captain; Mr. Baden, Sponsor; 8obbie Smith, Secretary; Liz Hall, Treasurer. First Row: Angela McDaniel, Susan Worden, Celestine Chapman, Debra Moss. Terry Harrington, Laura Baber. Gwen Contee, Debra Collins. Sallie Hunt. Regina Keith. Second Row: Elaine Jessee, Nancy Baker, Cindy Frere. Ellen Robertson. Avis Best. Donna Pallant, Julie Behrens, Judith Spears. Bobbie Smith. Joy Robey. Mary Vinci. Jean Behrens. Linda Terry. Rosemarie Sirbert. Third Row: Vicki Jorgensen, Janet Payne. Gail Higgins, Gloria Tucker. Edna Payne, Jan Spangler. Liz Hall, Robin Davis. Colleen Wirth. Debbie Soboleski, Linda McCurdy, Debbie Snow. Lorrie Fox. 122MARCHING BAND Sam Comer, Equipment Manager; Donald Green, Vice President; Lawrence "Bubbles" Dean. Equipment Manager; Jim Lawrence. President; Theodore Lewis. Secretary; Linda Poland. Treasurer; Elinor Dollins. Librarian. Band of the Presidents . . . Fearless Leader—Mr. Baden .. . Hey Baby! .. . Band camp ... I want to go home . . . Shenadoah . . . Practice . .. Work . .. Sweat. .. FUN . . . Demerits . . . "Horse" ... Eat 'em up. Eat 'em up, rah!, rah! rah! . . . Doughnuts... the best ... as usual .. . G.W. B irthday Parade . .. DRUMS ... Do it again . . . Bus rides . . . Good times!!! Dan Trimble. Drum major and Mr. Baden.William Hatton John Hcubach Michael Huhn Thea James Frederick Jones Roderick JtAms Sarah JoneKc f LawrerJI 'I Lewij ite LyNH. ■lame Jessee .James Lawrence Kuth Neebe Kathy Rowland Barbara Stevens Susan Swanson Jeanette Swesey Frances Waller Cel so Lopez Margaret Lom Thomas Mgipr At son Moran Jlrr Munday Linda Polai James Rosetta Ri Oenese Rr John ReiJV Casey Roo' AND trdonna Banks imes Beall trry Bell erry Bertschinger imes Bryson auis Chambfliain im Coum V Robert Roy Martha Smalling Darryl Stanton Janice Thomas Jeffery Thompson Terrence Thompson Dan Trimble Richard Tyler Elizabeth Wilsong'r|s Chorus- F ' «“.wvJu nn4jav.o,. Raquel • - —lckt. w„9i v,!l ta Shaft, D-OC.O,: Mr. McConnell, 'rls' ?eri°d c°ncer ir|s Per ocJ 1 r Us • Chri Adv ' ed ChMrUMacth, d p iod Ch - Ct'Or,',rvanced IOrOs. fo. :?»,s?s 11 e I u j ah s;...... hard . u t'Die ; 9reat» i , ° ork s Mixed Chorus: First Row: Gloria Strock, Sylvia Lucas, Ins Gollady. Denise Banks, Susie Green, Sallie Hunt, leeda Lucas. Second Row: Paulette Marshal. Ella Bowen, Bernette Gilbert. Theresa Wilkinson, Carol Buchanan, Marilyn Peterson, Ethel John-son, Yvonnet Oliver. Vancine Washington. Third Row: Queen Harris. Diane Washington. Paul Williams. Ricky Brooks. Mike Penn, Vicky Ross. Rosemarie Sirbert. Fourth Row: Thomas Franklin. Larry Terry. Ken Bibb. Lynwood Robinson. Sidney Tolsnd. Keith Coleman Tom Jones. Frank Sanders No. P'C.ored Goi. Butler Carolyn Hunt. Andrea Kyle Karen McDon d. Debbie Sobolesk. Sherrv Jennings. Aaron Covington. Ida Bostic.First Row: Wendy Wheaton, Vice-President; Kelly Macklin, President; Nancy Humphries. Treasurer. Second Row: Martha Moran, Recording Secretary; Denice Scott. Corresponding Secretary; Nancy Smith, Historian KEYETTES Kelly, president... Sister club-Hammond ... Sponsor-Miss Her-rell.. . Halloween candy ... Wendy-Vice Presi dent . . . Homecoming float... Hey look at our team! . .. Daffodil day ... Fun projects ... Great year!! Sponsor: Mrs. Brown First Row: Torn Breeding, Nancy Humphries, Susan Worden. Joy Robey, Claudia Haynes. Kay Sanders, Linda Meyer. Pat Gholson, Nancy Smith, Gail Evans. Second Row: Jo Marie Morrison, Mimi Dombrowsky, Elaine Jessee, Chantol Kwiatkowski. Jackie Burcham, Ellen Robertson, Katrina Schnet ler, Carol Buchanan. Bonnie Grimslcy. Betty Fuller. Lorrio Fox, Julie Behrens. Third Row: Marian Gordin, Rosemary Burgess. Janice Spangler, Wendy Wheaton, Martha Smalling. Denice Scott. Karen Craddock, Martha Moran. Jean Burlando. Oleatha Everett, Kelly Macklin. 126J.V. Team-First Row Susan Kidwetl. Jean Behrens. Second Row: Evelyn Buck. Lionel Silva Varsity Team-First Row: Ellen Robertson, Karel Kidwell. Second Row: Julie Behrens, Betty Fuller, Elaine Jessee. MATH TEAM Sponsor-Miss Maddox ... 2+1 = 4? . . . Captain—Elaine Jessee . . . Co captain-Ellen Robertson ... Varsity and J.V. Meets ... Successful year!!! First Row: Miss McDonald, Kathy Anthony, Susan Swanson. Barbara Stevens. Second Row: Lionel Silva, Robert Anthony, Ed Reniker, William Downey, Al Butler. Third Row: Tony Yannopoulos, Mike Wenz. Allan Weintraub, Dennis Donaldson, Bob Jones. Tom Henley. First Row: Ed Reniker, Secretary; Barbara Stevens, Treasurer. Second Row: Allan Weintraub. Vice President; Mike Wenz, President. CHESS CLUB Two Sponsors??? ... Miss McDonald . . . Mr. Riggins . . . Second year at GW . .. Meets on Mondays ... President— Mike . . . Check . . . Vice President-Allan.PrMkJtn t-Nancy Greer Vic Prctideot in charge ol prorhrctioei-Clilton Thoenpion III Vice Prwidcnt in charge ol perforrrunce--Ctei d o Hjynet Aitittani to the Vk Prevent in chorg ol Pro-ductioo-Jim Collmi Awttant to th« Viot Prevalent in charge ol Performance-8en Graham□ tr 2 o — —F.T.A Future Teachers of America... Bake sales... First and third Wednesdays ... Teachers' Coffee Hour . . . Mrs. Blossom . . . Room 320 ... Further knowledge and interest in the teaching profession. Left to Right: Susa-Furrow, Secretar. Treasurer; Ed Reniker, Vice President, Caro Buchanan, Pres dent, Karel Kidwei Parliamentarian. First Row: Linda Golden, Li? Hall, Karel Kidwell. Carol Buchanan, Linda Poland. Second Row: Lionel Silva, Susan Furrow. Ed Reniker, Mary Grimes. G.A.A. Girls' Athletic Association... Miss Ruder-sponsor... Uniforms ... Gold culottes ... Blue sweaters ... Powder puff football game . .. Purpose-to promote athletics among the female students. Sitting: Shoilo Wanzcr. President. Standing: Gail Butler. Social Secretary; Francme Johnson, Secretary; Kcmpy Tillerson, Point Recorder; Carlcne White. Vice President; Marilyn Peterson, Historian, First Row: Bonnie Bradley, Barbara Brim, Juanita Bakor, Vicky Lancaster, Saundria Shaw. Second Row: Gail Butler, Marilyn Peterson, Rita Mickey, Frances Glascoe, Kempy Tillerson, Linda Peterson. Carol Adams, Deborah Morgan, Carlene White. Third Row: Deborah Marshall, Linda Raskin, Lorraine Farrow, Fran-cine Johnson, Sheila Wanzer, Ethel Cook, Mona Newman. Rhonda Bradley. 130: fit row: Chris Beyer. Bonnie Collins, Jean Behrens. Second Row Phyllis Thompson, '.'anon Gordon, Evelyn Buck. Third Row: Dan Trimble, Margaret Lomax, Jean Bur-j-ido, Richard Juarez. DEBATE Preparation for public speaking... Captain—Richard J u arez . . . Tournaments . . . Rebuttles . . . Argue . . . Resolve. Richard Juarez, Captain with sponsor. Mr. Bogart IT’S ACADEMIC TEAM Jeff . . . Quick answers .. . Ellen ... Press the buzzer quick!!! .. . Kelly . .. NBC ... Sponsor—Miss Somers. It's Academic participants Ellen Robertson. Jeff Parker, Kelly Macklin along with Miss Somers, sponsor and Mr Epperly of Giant Foods and Mac McGarry. 131First Row: Sheila Wanzcr, Janice Sibold, Mona Newman. Second Row: Linda Furr, Maria Johnson, Bonnie Bradley, Wanda Berry, Deborah Marshall, Bcmctte Gilbert. Third Row: Debra Sheppard. Vanessa Miller, Sylvia King, Barbara Brim, Juanita 8aker, Dorothy Murphy, Juanita Vaughn, Kempy Tillerson, Loretta Wilson. GIRLS’ BASKETBALL GIRLS' VOLLEYBALL First Row. Francine Johnson, Doris Williams, Barbara Green, Audrey Kyer, Glenda McKoy, Debbie Hughes, Vanessa Miller, Lorraine Farrow; Captain; Frances Glascoe. Albertha Mitchell, Sandra Landgraf. Second Row: Thea James, Mary Smith, Ethel Cook, Lauren Funn, Sheila Wanzer; Captain, Jann Ginn, Katie Macklin, Kempy Tillerson. Not pictured: Bonnie Bradley, Bernctte Gilbert. 132 MODERN DANCE CLUB Setting: Linda Waller, Bernadette Johnson. Standing: Terri Breeding, Marian Gordon.WORTHY ENDEAVORS Members include: Carolyn Allen, Barbara Amey. Connie Atkins, Eugene Baker, Denise Banks, Lawrence Bates, Todd Bolton. Chris Beyer, Ken Bibb, Diane Boggar, Betty Boston, Lillian Brown, Pat Brown, Robert Callahan, Fawn Colbert. Theresa Cox, Karon Craddock, Elizabeth Crupper, Dawn Daniels, Pat Diggs, Richard Diggs, Phyllis Dorsey. Donna Duncan, Delores Ellis, Jacqui Ferguson , Deborah Garrett, Pat Gholson, Bonnie Gnrmley, James Hawaiian, Linda Hams, Elaine Hart, Virginia Hartford, James Hawald. Joyce Hawald, Beverly Heislcy, Delplune James, Marria Johnson, Richard Juarez, Daron Keller, Patricia Kelley, Mike Kennedy, Marcia King, Chantal Kwiatkowski, Gerry Lewis, Sharron Little, Adrienne Lovmgood, Colleen Marsh, Margaret Marshall, Angela McDaniel, Glinda McKay. Joyce McNeeley, Linda Meyer, Peggy Morns, Connie Munenczki, Jerome Murphy, Janice Parks. 8enard Penn, Carolyn Proffitt, Angie Pruitt, Robin Randell, Priscilla Reed, Kelly Root, Vclda Schaffer, Bonme Settle, Saundrea Shaw. Andre Sheppard. Ann Skelley, Greg Smith, Mary Smith, Cindy Soboleski, Debbie Stone, Susan Swanson, Mable Tillerson, JoAnn Trano, Gabrielle Vega. Sheila Wanzer, Gail West, Tahirih Wiener, Debra Winnie, Janice Wolford First Row: Rosemary Burgess. President. Second Row: Sally Hunt, Treasurer, Rosemarie Sirbert, Vice-President, Gloria Strickland. Secretary. RED CROSS Representatives... Alternates . . . Clara Barton ... November collection . . . President- Rosemary Burgess . . . Alexandria City Council of Junior Red Cross Students . . . Sponsor-Mrs. Gilmore. First Row: Terry Cutler. Terry Starkey. Susan Moore, Angie Pruitt, Wanda Evans. Faye Harris. Second Row: Percy Griffin, Steve Lefler, La««y Saunders. Christine Bolton. Debbie Goodnow, Debbie Crockett. Third Row: Dwight Jarrett, Albright Cloud. Todd Bolton, Jerry Williams. Fourth Row: Milton Ward, Dale Paris, Roger Ashby, Marc Tong. Co-Ordinator: Mi White D.E. Labor conquers all things-Homer. . Half school . . . Half work .. . Three coordinators ... Mr. Tomlin, Mr. Riggins, Mr. White . . . Purpose-To promote better employer-employee relationship . .. Leaving early on activity periods . . . Eat... Rush ... Work!. Co-Ordmator: Mr. Tomlin First Row: Kathy Edwards. Margaret Trittipoc. John Feaganes. John Wilkins. Bot Miles, Bill Baer. Richard Klow, John Kotulick, Edward Berry, George Price. Ken Brooks. Charles Hornback. Second Row: Ramona Hollins, Pat Atkins, Ann Dulin, Margaret Gross. Mane Drummond. Phyllis Knight. Evangeline Sims. Tui Muse, Janet Shifflett. Darrell Lowe. Marilyn Hughart. Sandy Bowling. Third Row: Linda Donovan. Laura Raison, Debbie Burroughs. Sandra Heislup, Alice Wharam, Cindy Kmgery. Joyce Shifflett, Loretta Dunaway. Robert Downham, Andy Scanot. Dennis Scazyear, Jeanette Hughart. INCORPORATING JOB AND SCHOOL First Row: Betty Wooton, Elame Stuff let t, Cheryl Magner, Joyce Shifflett. Second Row: Penny Lynch, 8arbara Fornes, Elaine Cooper, Gerald Lee. Third Row: Edward Thompson, John Mono, Roger Ewing. Fourth Row: Larence Bates, Greg Edwards. Sam Burnes, William Tapscott. 135I.C.T. Industrial Cooperative Training . . . Work-study program . . . Sponsor—Mr. Hannah . . . Jobs . . . President- Martin Johnson . . . Ambitious students??? First Row: Calvin Booth, Robert Grunt. Ginger Mankm, Martin Johnson. Second Row: John Hill. William Cox. Donald Green, Kathy Jones. Third Row: James Bowen. James Haley. George Knight, Brian Martin, Robert Bogie. Donald West. Fourth Row: Leroy Greene, Henry Logan. Rozicr Wair, Terry Dixon, Mr. Hannah, Stan Gordon, Lawrence Chavis, Musco Boulw3re.V.O.T. Vocational Office Training .. . Work half a day ... Sponsor-Mr. Ashley .. . Secretaries . . . President — Diane Keller ... Employer-Employee Banquet . . . Dis' cusses problems occuring on the job. First Row: Bernadme Cockerell, Joy Hodges, Wanda Dade, Vickie Black, Linda Hutchison, Rosemary Hanna, Agnes Downey. Brenda Griffin. Second Row: Chris Murphy, Nancy King. Diane Keller. Lynn Jennifer. Karen Lea. Diana Ulbncht, Delores Anness, Ruth Mills. Vickie Welchel. Third Row: Shirley Stafford, Debbie Brown, Pat Wauhop. Janice Parks. Dale Jones. Margaret Swisher, Linda Dodson, Debby Garrett, Helen Baker, Rita Petty. Fourth Row: Mr. Ashley, Mary Marshall. Paul Miller, Lloyd Diggs, Juamta Threat, Maurice Diggs, Ralph Wanter, Andre Chavis. Standing: D.ane Ulbricht. Secretary; ShirieV Stafford. Treasurer; Connie Belk. Vice-Pres.den,; Sitting Dianne Keller, President. Sponsor. Mr. AshleyF.B.L.A. Future Business Leaders of America ... Attends State Conventions . . . Sponsors F.B.L.A. Talent Show .. . Purpose-To assist competent young men and women in establishing themselves in the business world ... Peggy, president.. . Advisors, Miss Armstrong and Miss Hat-wood. First Row: Peggy Joiner, Debbie Soboleski, Cindy Frcrc, Undo McCurdy, Gail Melvin. Roge-Mickey. Second Row; Janet Davis, Stephanie Hartley, Margaret Ringer, Lmda Jackson. Alberta Mitchell. Pam Pinkston. Eileen Forest, Donna Keyton. Debra Berry. Gail West, Ann O'Sullivan, Deborah Rollm Third Row: Gail Saltsgaver, Robert Hagan, Mary Smith, Cynthia Hill. Dcnese Randolph, Myrna Roy. Rosezel Jackson, Jo Ann Miller. Left to Right: Gloria Strickland. Secretary; Cindy Frerc, Treasurer; Lmda McCurdy, Historian; Gail Melvin, Reporter; Debbie Soboleski, Vice President; Peggy Jomer, President; Roger Mickey, Parliamentarian. Sponsors. Miss Armstrong and Miss Hatwood. 138THE FABULOUS PRINT SHOP 139QUARTER VICTORY G cO. W S 34 - AMERICA 5 OlDfSlCHEERLEADERS Junior Varsity-Left to Right: Terry Cutler, Ethel Cook, Terry Starkey. Nancy Humphries, Bonnie Kelly, Linda Lewis, Holly LeCompte. 142 Freshman-Left to Right: Polly Cox. Ann Skelly. Doris Wigglesworth, Diane Willes, Maria Johnson.Katrina Schnetzler-Football Captain Robin Rogers Lauren Funn Karen Skidmore Hey prexies, Hey Prexies, You're wanted on the phone. You're wanted on the phone. And if it's not a mighty prexies. Tell them vventiy we're not home, I said a tic toe, Wheaton tic toe de prexies Stop. Jann Ginn — Basketball Captain Karen Craddock Claudia Haynes Sheri Mexiner 143QUEENS, MUMS, FLOATS Craig Lawson with our queen, Lauren Funn and her escort, Ricky Brooks. Claudio Haynes and Tom Perkins. Rosemary Sirbcrt and Robert Taylor. Karen Craddock and Ricky Simpson. 144Junior Attcndants-Top: Vikki Taylor Jeffrey Thomas. Bot: Cindy Soboleski Jeff Keeler. Sophomore Attcndants-Top: Linda Lewis Petey Jones. Bot: Janet Payne Randy Reed. Freshman Attendants-Top: Ann Skelley Alan Mier. Bot: Barbara Butler Lloyd Lee. 145Varsity Team-First Row: 32-Camp bell, 62-Phillips. 23-Galer, 11-Burns, 83-Menke. R. 24-Collms. 85-Parker, 65-Shifflett. Second Row: 84-Menke. K.. 21-Hughes, 10-Berry. 42-Baker, 56-Roberts, 20-Lee, 25-Juarez. Third Row: 70-Robmson, 41-Estcs. 60 -Cross, 80-Thompson, 74-Ebhardt, 75—Franklin. 148 G.W.'s Coaching Staff-From Left to Right: Mr. Nichols, Mr. Futrell, Mr. Simpson. Mr. Yakm, Mr. Korns.VARSITY FOOTBALL 3.w. Team Opp. 0 Ft. Hunt 34 5 T.C. Williams 24 30 Groveton 6 0 O'Connell 24 0 Mt. Vernon 12 8 Hammond 33 22 W L 16 -10 1 reton 12 14 Yorktown 19 6 Wakefield 20 J.V. FOOTBALL G.W. Team Opp. 0 T.C. Williams 18 22 Wakefield 14 6 O'Connell 0 6 Mt. Vernon 19 20 Hammond 6 8 W L 20 14 1 reton 0 12 Yorktown 27 149o Junior Varsity-First Row: Chucky McKcnny, Bob Hughes, Danny Cutler, Jeff Edwards, Ricky Williams. Robert Grimes. Mike Wood. Robert McNeil. Second Row: Gary Russell, Ray Oombrowsky, David Haynes, Jim Register. Glide Smith, Tom Jones. Third Row: Charles Holland, Kenneth Rucker, Michael Johnson. Darryl Hardy. Darryl Stanton, Jerome Murphy. Freshman Team-First Row: Chris Williams, Larry Williams. Wayne Sanders. Lloyd Lee. Bernard Gilbert, Robert Burlando Ronald Burnham. Second Row: Roger Thurmond, Jerry Hatten. Rufus Littlejohn. Anthony Hooks. Eric Washington, Bernard Hunter Ed Thompson, Tommy R.cer, Allan Mier, Mike Graham. Benn.e Dewberry (Manager). Third Row: Fred Yakin (Head Coach) Aaron Banks William Nelson. Lmdell Odie, Darryl Turner, Earl Cook, James Major. Carol Turner, Graffeo (Assistant Coach) Clifford Nucholls (Manager). Fourth Row: Robert He.slup, William Waller. Preston Street, Prentice Carmichael. George Blackwell Anthony Johnson Robert McKee, Don Smith. 150FRESHMAN FOOTBALL 151CROSS COUNTRY This year's Cross Country team was as hard a running a group as ever hit G.W. They gave their best and then some. I know we are all proud of their effort. Crow Country team First Row: Manager, Jon Toy; Robert Rinaldi. Mike Kennedy. Phil Norris. Ken Nickle. Second Row: Leon Nicely, Stan Norris. Keith Ellis. Robert Robinson. Don Meyer. Third Row: Mark Williams, Daron Deller, Eddie Clark, Mike Thomas. 152153Keith Coleman Ricky Brook Ted Lewis - Tobias Johnson Keith Cross Tom Jones Carl MiltonBLUE GOLD ON THE COURT. Darryl Hardy Fulton PatrickVARSITY BASKETBALL GW OPP 64 Edison 65 64 Ft. Hunt 52 78 O'Connell 62 74 Oak Hill, W. Va. 78 71 1 reton 44 49 Wakefield 48 61 Washington-Lee 49 61 T.C. Williams 57 74 Hammond 45 54 Yorktown 49 53 1 reton 49 75 Annandale 53 74 Wakefield 47 54 Yorktown 44 69 O'Connell 63 74 Washington-Lee 56 67 Hammond 36 50 T.C. Williams 58159J.V. Basketball Team: First Row: Louis Chamberlain. Second Row: James Carroll. Ricky Williams, Jeff Botler. Eddie Clark. Michael Johnson. Clayton Thompson, Kenny Rucker, Jerome Murphy, Phil Pearson, Bernard Hunter. F'OSh Basketball Team: First Row: Keith Callahan, Howard King, Jimmy Majors, Keith Strickland, Keith Tate. Second Row: Kevin Burk. Bill Peterson, James Boswell, Carl Turner, Larry Fells. FRESHMAN BASKETBALL GW OPP 62 O'Connell 49 63 Hammond 32 71 1 reton 46 51 T.C. Williams 30 63 Carroll 44 64 O'Connell 38 44 Hammond 25 58 1 reton 25 54 Williams 25 76 Carroll 72 86 Hammond 39 56 1 reton 41 65 Williams 41 46 O'Connell 50 J.V. BASKETBALL GW OPP 69 Edison 43 69 Fort Hunt 53 79 O'Connell 61 51 1 reton 45 78 Wakefield 71 66 W L 55 65 T.C. Williams 51 58 Hammond 55 65 Yorktown 42 44 1 reton 41 98 Annandale 41 67 Wakefield 66 54 Yorktown 57 69 O'Connell 55 61 W L 57 W Hammond L L T.C. Williams W ’€ VARSITY WRESTLING GW Opp 8 Jefferson 39 18 O'Connell 26 5 1 reton 43 13 Fairfax 34 8 Wakefield 42 16 Langley 30 22 Oakton 25 12 Fort Hunt 30 18 Hammond 24 21 York town 26 19 Herndon 31 8 W L 42 29 T.C. Williams 18 District-5th place Varsity Wrestiling Team: First Row: Lloyd Lee, Bill Ross, Aaron Banks, Ken Nickle, Robert McNeal. Second Row: Jim Odie, Harold Hughes, Lynwood Robinson, Captain; Stcvo Burns, Lindell Odie, Richard Juarez. 162J.V. WRESTLING GW OPP 8 Jefferson 48 26 O'Connell 28 0 Ireton 53 5 Fairfax 55 3 Wakefield 55 16 Langley 28 8 Oakton 34 0 Ft. Hunt 28 5 Hammond 25 0 Yorktown 31 6 Herndon 38 6 W L 14 16 T.C. Williams 36 J.V. Wrestling Team: First Row: Guy Christy, Keith Ellis, Co-Captain; Mike Kennedy. Second Row: Roscoe Banks, Dwayne Sands, Phillip Norris, Robert Robinson. 163grew The 1 969 Crew team rowed their way to honor and glory throughout the season by perfecting their stroke and fusing the shells and oars into a single engine of force. Their efforts and those of their coach are to be highly com me nded. 165166167First Row-Kerry Bertschinger, John Shaw, Roy Meade. Donny Bradley. Second Row-Tommy Morgan, Louis Lastik. Jeff Boteler. Third Row-Paul Allen, Terry Sampson, Steve Burns, Richard Hudson, Richard Sprecher. 168BASEBALL Whether a veteran or a rookie, the entire team of baseball activists was first in spirit no matter what the odds. They batted, pitched, and ran their way from organized training to prospective victories on the ball diamonds. First Row-James Swanson, Ray Dombrosky, Rusty Warren, Mike Johnson, Frank Cominsky. Bobby McKee. Second Row-Coach Wriston, James Vaugh, Terry Sampson, Gary Ballinger. Kevin Padgett. Eddie Clark. Bobby Jones, Ed Ottens, Richard Juarez. Eugene Baker, Jim Collins. 169170First Row—Dave Spittle. Frank Hovermale, Ben Coffman, Aaron Pearson. Bruce Brunson, Mike Ratteree, Bill Lynch, Norman Tessier. Second Row—J C-3 • Mike Short, Darryl Barnes, Frank Glascoe, Ken Nickle. Mike Hebert. Third Row-Manager Clifton Middleton, Mike Thomas, Steve Walder. Lyn.-.oe Robinson, Jerome Gipson, Manager Roger Hovermale. The track team of G.W. for 1969 trained their bodies to perform under stress with the endurance needed to run a great race. The result was a group of runners who were ready to meet challenges from area schools and give a good showing. Constantly straining to pull away from the pack at the proper moment, was of prime interest to our team.TENNIS Striking the ball to their best advantage was the goal of G.W.'s tennis team. A common sound to be heard was the regular rebounding of the ball off the court, proof of a determined and well-trained group. 172YEARBOOK ADVERTISING CONTRACT FILL OUT CONTRACTS IN DUPLICATE To Business Manager of Title of Yearbook Name of School You are hereby authorized to insert our advertisement of at the rate of S--------------- Copy written by Photo furnished by Photo to be taken Artwork furnished by Staff □ Advertiser 3 Staff □ Advertiser ____ ______t----- □ Staff Q Advertiser (Printing from newspaper mat will be $2.00 mat additional.) For Staff Use Only Copy Ree d J Photo Rec'd _ J Ad Prepared _ t __ Proof O.K. . - Invoice Sent _ _ —- — Payment Rec'd - page tr Top 3 Signed _____ Title Ad Sold By Sketch A- Advortiserto t ie yu (i STKKKT. N.W.. WASHINGIXXN. D. C.WOMENS COATS. SUITS DRESSES. SPORTS WEAR LINGERIE. ACCESSORIES The Store of Leadership Brands King 9-6059 Where Brand Name Quality is always in Fashion For the needs of All Junior. Misses, and Half Site Ladies 2300 - 2310 Mt. Vernon Ave.. Alexandria, Virginia OPEN EVENINGS UNTIL 9 00 - EPEE PAP KING DELPAY AND OXFQPD AVE PARKING LOTS CONFIDENCE BRAND NAMES Buy Brand Nama —Buy Quality, Buy Brand Nam —Buy Quality, Buy Brand Nam —Buy Quality, Buy Brand Namaa— 1849-1967 118 Years of Service COMPLIMENTS OF EVERLY-WHEATLEY FUNERAL HOME 1500 Braddock Road Kl 8-9200 Kl 9-0038 Beginning Our Nineteenth Year of Service for the Community PRESCRIPTIONS CALLED FOR AND DELIVERED BALLANCE'S DRUG STORE Phone TEmple 6-4444 2303 Mt. Vernon Reg. No. Avenue 4414 Alexandria, Va. Congratulations Class of 1970 ALUMNI SHOP Complete Tuxedo Rentals 2402 Mt. Vernon Ave. Alexandria, Va. Kl 8-5067 178COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND HERFF JONES CO. Class Rings Graduation Announcements Yearbooks LOCAL REPRESENTATIVE Tom Young Manassas, Va. 22110 M. H. BARRY Realtor 2206 Mt. Vernon Ave. Alexandria, Va. King 9-3630 W. A. SMOOT CO. INC. Lumber, Bldg. Materials, Millwork Custom Woodworking 549-0960 1201 N. Royal St. Alexandria, Va. 179WILLSTON 533-1337 LANDMARK CENTER ALEXANDRIA 354-5445 836-0900 SPRINGFIELD PLAZA 451-1950 HODGES GALLERIES LTD. 520 N WASHINGTON STREET TRADITIONAL PAINTINGS, ETCHINGS WATERCOLORS, AND DRAWINGS. Portraits to order in Oils, Pastels and Charcoal Fine Framing and Restorations Antiques SCHOOL OF ART 180taste that beats the others cold... Pepsi pours it on! PIZZA PANTRY Phone Orders Ready When You Arrive Four Locations to Serve You Opposite Flamingo Car Wash — Next to 7-11 3410 Mt. Vernon Avenue Alexandria, Va. PHONES: TE 6-3350 Kl 9-9511 181Complete line of high performance parts and equipments I? 11 § IH@P O 2001 Mt. Vernon Ave. • Alexandria, Virginia TELEPHONE: (703) 683-9590 OPEN: 9 to 9 weekdays 10 to 6 Sat. Mallory • Lakewood • Hurst • Schiefer • Sun • M H 182 Crane-Cams • Isk-Cams MR. GASKET CO. Edelbrock • Shelby • HolleyHADEED RUG CARPET CO. Specialists CLEANING—SALES—SERVICE Phone: Kl 9-1604 1502 Mt. Vernon Ave. Alexandria, Virginia Alexandria YMCA 420 E. Monroe Ave. Alexandria, Va. 22301 Swimming, Dances, Exercises Phone: 549-0850 We Pick Up and Deliver "Satisfaction Guaranteed” VILLAGE CLEANERS Cleaning, Shirts Laundry and Rugs Mt. Vernon Ave. Herbert St. E. Y. Walter Kl 9-1555 Noel Walter VISIT YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD NORGE LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANING VILLAGE 1509 Mt. Vernon Ave. Professional Dry Cleaning Coin Operated Dry Cleaners—Washers Dryers . . . And Save Money FUELOIL saviwG notmaii ntmi iot is tub! — iM(Ktncr tit am on o i tuANtn — • M(Mi 1 MtMMMal t« n • wwu m umi mam • iw( M in » • wwmii • ■i —■—-ftLnjijrnlSSLm King 9-5700 83In this frenzied, up-tight world, you can make life a little less hectic by using a full-service bank. And that's us! CITY BANK TRUST COMPANY 3506 Mt. Vernon Avenue and 200 North Washington Street, Alexandria BENDALL PONTIAC 1625 Prince Street Alexandria, Virginia Virginia’s Largest Pontiac Dealer COUNTRY CLUB CLEANERS Fine Dry Cleaning Since 1947 Three Day Pick Up Service in Metropolitan Area 1901 Mt. Vernon Ave. OV 3-1200 2616 N. Pershing Dr., Arl. 527-0756 7920 Old Branch Ave. Clinton, Md. 868-4000 184Kl 8-2727 COMPLIMENTS OF SHUMAN'S BAKERY Congratulations to the CLASS OF 1970 OLD DOMINION PRINTING COMPANY 520 NORTH FAYETTE STREET ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA Telephone 836-1285 PAULINE'S SILVERSHEARS BEAUTY SALON 409 E. Braddock Road Adjacent GW High School Alexandria, Va. Open Late: Tues., Wed. Thurs. ALEXANDRIA • ARLINGTON - FAIRFAX • FALLS CHURCH • McLEAN Hicks "SERVING YOU IS OUR BUSINESS" SINCE 1946 Multiple Lilting Open 9 A.M. - 8 P.M. BEAUTIFUL HOMES OUR SPECIALTY SALES RENTALS MANAGEMENT Member: Intercity Relocation Service (Nation-Wide) • HOMES • LOANS • LAND • COMMERCIAL • APPRAISALS SERVING MILITARY PERSONNEL OUR SPECIALTY Kl 8-3111 OT 4-6040 356-7800 MAIN OFFICE 3706 MT. VERNON AVE ALEXANDRIA, VA. ARL. BRANCH OFFICE 2303 S. ARL RIDGE RD. ARLINGTON. VA. McLEAN BRANCH OFC 1389 CHAIN BRIDGE RD McLEAN. VA. quALiiy % mndtiucs! A • Electric Typewriters • Manual Typewriters • Adding Machines • Calculators IBM Rov« Remington Smith-Corona Underwood Clary Hermes Olivetti Remington Royal Victor O New Reconditioned O Fully Guaranteed O WRITE FOR PRICE LIST WE SHIP ANYWHERE IN U. S. A. SERVICE 1414 King Street Kl. 8 0500 ALEXANDRIA. VIRGINIA 185TIMBERMAN'S DRUG STORE HERBY'S INC. Your Ford, Falcon, Maverick, and Thunderbird Dealer 1600 Duke Street Phone: TE 6-6080 F. X. Nugent, Proprietor Phone: Kl 9-0091 106 N. Washington Street Alexandria, Virginia King 9-72CX) 722 King Street Alexandria, Va. COMPLIMENTS OF BALDWIN'S QUALITY CLEANERS LAUNDRIES TE 6-9716 We Call for and Deliver 805 Bashford Lane Alexandria, Virginia Tailoring — Shoe Repair Furs — Storage 186CHARTER COACHES GROUP SIGHTSEEING fV.B.cxll). "[ 6avmJ" Co. Serving Northern Virginia Since 1921 187 General Information 549-7800 Charter Department 836-4500..J®— - m'b :• -I •Vi Come see the making of power Vepco's first commercial atomic power station is now under construction in Surry County, Virginia. In the new Information Center overlooking the site, you will see an excellent slide presentation, fascinating exhibits, and a working model of the reactor. (And from the balcony, you can watch them assemble the real thing.) Open 10 AM to 4 PM Monday through Saturday and 1 PM to G PM on Sunday. For tour information call 771-3194 in Richmond. Vepco more power to you... at less cost 188VIRGINIA BUSINESS MACHINE CO. 202 E. Oxford Ave., Alexandria, Va. Office Machines—Supplies—Printing Phone Kl 9-7444 DRIVE THROUGH CLEANERS LAUNDERERS MAIN PLANT OFFICES Alfred at Oronoco Street ALEXANDRIA 549-1357 Other Polly Prim Locations in NORTHERN VIRGINIA ARLINGTON 524-5338 No. Fairfax Drive at Stafford St. ANNANDALE 256-6800 Next to the Super Giant McLEAN 356-4455 in the Super Giant Shopping Center ARLINGTON TOWERS 525-4655 on the Mall in the Tyler Bldg. HUNTINGTON TOWERS 548-0100 East — Center — West Bldgs. SAME DAY SERVICE BURKE HERBERT BANK TRUST COMPANY Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation COMPLETE BANKING SERVICE: Checking Accounts—Savings Accounts Loans, All Types—Banking-By-Mail Collection Facilities—Christmas Savings Travelers Checks—Safe Deposit Boxes Trust Services—Stock Sales and Purchases The Oldest Bank in Virginia MAIN OFFICE King and Fairfax Streets Personal Loan Dept.—1828 Duke Street BRANCH OFFICES King and Washington Streets 306 East Monroe Avenue 1828 Duke Street 5731 Telegraph Road Phone 548-4255 ARLANDRIA TEXACO SERVICE Complete Automotive Repair 4118 Mt. Vernon Ave. Alexandria, Va. D. C. VanDuzee, Manager 189Congratulations Seniors LEXANDRIA National BANK. 8 Locations Main Office 330 N. Washington St. Phone 548-1500 Alexandria, Virginia Member: FDIC 190Phone TE. 6-0800 THE FLOWER MART 2004 Mt. Vernon Ave. Alexandria, Va. The Best for Less Flowers Whisper What Words Can Never Say “Doc” Carneale Owner Chuck "Alexandria’s Finest Menswear Stores” COHEN'S QUALITY SHOP 1104 King Street 3644 King Street “Roundtable Traditionals” EUDY'S AMERICAN SERVICE Complete Automotive Repair Arlandria Texaco 4118-4122 Mt. Vernon Ave. Alexandria, Va. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1970 Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. SpanglerStyled For Tomorrow! FOR ALL AGES . . . Complete Homefurnishings You can buy with confidence when you select the fine furniture for your first home or apartment with the full knowledge that it will cost no more at Bames! AND REMEMBER . . . 28 Years Serving The Washington Area arnes OF VIRGINIA ALEXANDRIA MANASSAS VIENNA 192 2525 Mt. Vernon Ave. OV 3-4330 936 Ccntreville Rood EM 8-2147 4 19 Eost Mople Ave. 938-0450Since 1931 to the Class of 1970 Compliments of ALEXANDRIA FLORAL CO. Phone 549-2666 CUNNINGHAM FUNERAL HOME, INC. 1620 Prince St., Alexandria, Va. William W. Cunningham W. Beverley Mountcastle A. K. Royston Cameron and Alfred Street Alexandria. Virginia Phone: Kl 9-1800 Alexandria's Oldest Business THE ALEXANDRIA GAZETTE Read the Gazette Established 1784 • America’s Oldest Daily Newspaper Kl. 9-00041 Adams, Carol 73,130 2 Adams, Charles 73,109 Adkins, Cheryl 73 Adkins, Deb.a 61 Alexander, Betty 73 Alford, Joyiv 61 Allen, Carolyn 133 Allen, Edw.nd 61 Allen, Paul 168 Altizer, Pat' Ida 47 Arney, Ba-bura 73,133 Amev . Judi 4 And'-ws. Larry 21,116.139 And" ws, Kandy 61 Ann-as. Oelorr-s 137 Anthony. Bob 73,127 Anthony, Gus 73 Anthony, Kathy 61,127 Archie. Gregory 47 Arnold. Peggy 73 Arres. Bonnie 73 Arres. The:m3 61 ArringtorvSusan 73 Arvillo. 8rent 47 Asch, Laurie 47 Ashby, Roger 61,134 Atkins, Annie 47 Atkins, Connie 133 Atkms, David 47,116 Atkins, Jack 4 7 Atkins, Patricia 47.134 Atkins. Susan 47 Austreng. Michael 73.117 Baber. Laura 61.122 Baber, Leslie 61 Baer. William 21,134 Bailey, Elizabeth 61 Pa ley, Margaret 73 Baker. Eugene 47,133,148,169 Baker. Helen 21,137 Baker, Juanita 73,109,130,132 Baker, Kenneth 73 Baker. Nancy 47.122 Ballinger. Gary 47,169 Banks. Aaron 150.162 Banks. Berdonna 47 Banks. Denise 133 Banks. Melva 61 Banks, Roscoe 73,162 Barclay, Roy 73 Barker. Nancy 73 Barnes, Darryl 21,171 Barr Bruce Wayne 73 Bates, Lawrence 21,133.135 Bates. Linda 21,109,199 W Baxter, Dora 73 Beall, James 61 Beatty, Albert 47 8ehrens. Jean Behrens, Julia 116, Belk, Connie 137 Bell, Emma 73 Bell. Larry 73 Bellizzi, James 21 Bellizzi, Richard 61 Bender. Patrick 73 Bennett, Hbora 47.114 Bennett, Glenda 61.114 Bennett, John 47 8ergeron, Dominique 21 Borgeron. Terry 61,109 Berry. Debb.e 61.138 Berry. Edward 47,134 Beny. Levester 47.148.157 B-r,y. Virginia 73 Berry. Wanda 73,132 Bei tschmger. Kerry 168 Be'.t. Av.s 60.61.122 PaM, Deborah 73 Beyer. Chris 61,133 B l t), Kenneth 109,133 B iiinT, Brian 47 Bishop. Beth 47 Black. Vickie 21.137 Blackwell, George 73.150 Blank, Ann 47.109.115,116 Blank, Carol 61,115,116 Blake, Annette 109 Blodgett, 21,112 8oddy, Robert 47 Boggan. Dianne 109,133 Bogie. Robert 136 Bolton, Cathy 73 Bolton, Christine 47,134 Bolton. Todd 61.109,1 20.133.134 8onds, Gerlene 73 Bonfiglio, Jon 61,116 Bonilla, Mercedes 48 Boone, Constance 21 Booth. Calvin 61.136 ■ Bostick, Ida 48 Bostick Wayne 73 Boston. Betty 133 Boswell, Glenn 73 Boswell, J.tmes 161 Boieler. j.-ff 62.161.168 Boulwju-, Melvin 48 Boulw.i-e. Musco 21.136 Bowen. Douglas 21 Bowen. Ellen 21 Bowen, Frances 22 Bowen, James 48.136 Bowi ng, Sandra 22.1 34 Bow' ng. Walter 73 BChvnvjn. Kerry 48 Boyd, Judith 22 Brodfield. Barbara 73.116 Bradford. George 73 Bradley. Bonn e 1 30.1 32 Bradley. Donny 168 Bradley. Rhonda 73.130 Bradley, William 48 Braun, Meta 116 Breeden. Carol 48.109 Breeding. Tome Brim. Barbara Britt. Thomas 61 Brittain. Tommy 61 Brooks. Kenny 22.134 Brooks. Ricky 22,144.156 Brown. Deborah 22.1 37 Brown, Gloria 73 Brown, James 61 Brown, Lillie 61.133 Brown. Linda 61 Brown. Lucille 73 Brown, Patricia 61,133 Brown, Ronald 73 Bruce. Barry 48 Brunson, Bruce 1 71 Bryant, Dennis 48.139 8rva"t, Nelson 73 Bryson, James 22 I Buchanan, Carol 22,126.130 Buck. Evelyn 62.115.121,127 Bufano, Lily 48 Bufano, Mary 62 Burcham, Jacqueline 22,113,120.126 Burcham, Terry 73 Burchett. Brad 22,116 Burgess. Marilyn 73 Burgess. Reginald 73 Burgess. Rosemary Burk, Kevin 161 Burlando. Jean 62.120.126 Uuflando. Robert 150 Burnham. George 62 Burnham. Ronald 150 Burns, Sam 62.135 Bums. S:-Dhen 22.148.162,168 Burroughs. Deborah 48.134 Butler. Alfred 73.127 Butler, Barbara 73.145 Butler, Gail 48.130 8utler, Rubotte 73,109 Burton, Gwen 62 Callahan, Gloria 22 Callahan. Keith 161 Callahan. Robert 72.73,133 Callan. Thomas 73 Cation, Vickie 73 Co mac h. Gaby 48 Camacho. Victor 73 Campbell. Bernard 148 Cambell, Dana 62 Cardone. Thomas 48 Carlson. Richard 43 Carmichael. Curtis 62 Carmichael. Prentice 150 Carr. Casey 109 Carr. Darlene 73 Catr Ruth Ann 73 CLi'-oll. James 62.1 61 Ca .il. Michael 48 Cl'ter. Anna 62 Car ter. BeSSie 73 c i'ter. Odell 22 Carter. Queen 73 L.... Stephen 22 Castle. Cirlette 22 Castle. Michael 62 Chaffin. James 23 Chamberlam. Louis 62.161 Chandler. Annie 48 Chandler. Delores 73 Chapman. Celestme 48. l 22 Chanty, Guy 73 Chavis, Andre 23,1 37 Chavis. Lawrence 48.136 Cheshire, Sara 62 Christy. Guy 162 Clark. Deborah 109 4 Clark. Jack.e 49 Clark. Linda 46.49 Clark. Walter 62.152.161,169 Ciatte'tuick. Cmdy 73 Clay. Lmda 62 Clements. Fred 73 Click. Wayne 62 Cloud. Albnght 134 Coates. Reginald 73 Cockerell, Bernadme 23,136 Coffnvin. Ben 1 7 1 Colbert. Fawn 73.133 Cole, Jackie 49 Cole, Patncia 73 Coleman. Keith 49,156 Coleman. Patricia 49 Colhan, Bonn.e 62 Collins. Debra 49,122 Collins. Edward 49 Colhns, James 23.41.114,148,169 Comer. Stove 23,112.123 Compton. George 23 Conlon, Mary 62,1 14 Conner. Linda 23 Contee. Gwendolyn 23,42.108.1 " 122 Cook. Earl 73.150 Cook. Ethel 62,130.142 Cook, Lindsey 62 Cook. Luther 73 Cooper, Elame 23,49.135 Copley, Linda 49.109 jCoppage, Cynthia 49 Coppage. Thomas 73 Corinsky. Frank 169 Cornell. Debra 73 Cortese, Connie 73 Courtney. Rachel 49 V BJCousins. Neil 62 Covington, A3ron 49 Cox, Nancy 62.116 Cox. Polly 142 m Cox. Teresa 23.1! i. 112.11 -1 198 Cox. William 49.136 Crabtree. Nancy 73 - Craddock. Karen 23.41,112.1 6-126.133.143,144.199 Cress. George 49 Crockett, Dana 62 Crockett. Debra 63,134 Crosby, Beatrice 73 Cross, Eleanor 23 Cross. Keith 23.148.156 Crupper. Elizabeth 63.133 Cunningham. Gary 73 Cutler. Oanny 49.1 50 Cutler. Theresa 63.1 34,142 t Dade. Wa-ul.. 23.137 Daniels, Dawn 73.1 33 Darrough, Bill 63 Davenport, Wendy 73 Davidson, William 157 Davis, Chcstoi 49 Davis, Janet 138 Davis, Maria 73 Davis. Robin 63.122 Davis, Robin 73 Dawson. Charles 63 Dawson. Margaret 49 Dean, Lawrence 23.173.198 Deavers. Denise 23.109.121 Dent. Margaret DeVault, Rose 49 DeWalt. Hazel 73 DcWalt. Nffchael 63 ■t. Stanley 49 Btx rry Bennie 73.150 Dewberry. CjfltOn 63 DeVVitt. Mary 73 Dial. Nanette 63 Dui Sylvia 24 ■ Dick. Shirley 49 :t ,: D nm. L oyd 24.137 Dmgs. Mounce.24,109,137 D gus. Patricia 63,133 Diggs, Richard 63 DiGiovanni, Rudy 49 Dixie. Candy 73 Dixon, Jacqueline 24,109 Oixon, Terry 49,136 Dodson, Linda 24,137 Dolan. Kathy 73 Dollins. Elinor 46.49.123 Dombroski. Marian 63,126 Dombrowsky. Nina 24,112.116 Drombrowsky, Raymond 63.150,169 Donaldson. Dennis 63.127 Donaldson. Helen 24 Donovan, Linda 134 Dooley, Richard 63,109 Dooley. Sharon 63 . Dorsey. Phyllis 109,133 Dougharty, Debbie 49 Dougherty. Denise 73 Downey. Agnes 24,117,137 Downey. Brenda 49 Downey. William 73,127 Downham. Robert 24.134 Drake. Sheila 63 Drummond, Marie 50,134 Drummond. Steve 73 Dublin. Ann 134 Dubois, Darryl 63 Dudley, Mary 63 Duiker, Julie 63.116 Dulin, Ann 24 Duling, Roland 63 Dunaway, Loretta 134 Dunbar, Theresa 50 Duncan, Donna 73,133 Durreit, Evert 24 Dyson, Ronoy 63 Eady, Stephanie 63 Eaton, Pleas 24 Ebhardt. Paul 50,109,148 Ebhardt, Robin 63 Edwards, Brenda 64 Edwards, Dora 73 Edwards. Greg 135 Edwards, Jeff 150 Edwards, Kathleen 50.134 Elcm, Carolyn 73 Elem, Eunice 73 Eller, Sandra 50 Elliott. Richard 64 Ellfs, Delores 64.116.133 Ellis, Keith 50.152.162 Elmore. Willard 24 Enders. Phyllis 24.114 Espinosa, Lourdes 73 Estes, Herbert 64,148,157 Evans. Donna 73 Evans. Gail 64.117,126 Evans, Mary Leo 50Evans. Wanda 64.109.134 Everett, George 73 Everett, Oleatha 24,109.111.12® Ewing, Roger 50.135 Farrow, Lorraine 73.130 Faulconer. Steve 64 Feaganes, John 25.134 Feavyear, Dennis 64 Fells. Lawrence 109,161 Ferguson, Jacqui 115.121,133 Ferguson, Paye 25 Flickinger, Maria 73 F ckinger, Patricia 25 F elds. Melody 64 Finnell, Beverly 73 F nnell, Donna 50 Firr, Floyd 74 F sher. Dorothy 25 Fisher. John 64 Fitzgerald, Charles 74 Fium, Leslie 64 Fiynn, Terry 64 F'ynn, Timothy 64 Forest. Brenda 74 Forest, Eileen 64,114,138 Fornes, Barbara 25.135 Fox. Edith 74 Fox. Lorrie 50,122,126 Francis, Frederick 50 Franklin, Thomas 50,148 French, Dessie Frere, Cynthia 25.122.138 Frye, Jamie 72,74 Fuller. Betty 25,112,115,126.127 Funkhouser, Donna 74 Funn, Lauren 20,25,42,143,144 Furr. Lynda 74,109,132 Furrow. Susan 50, Barry 25.148 vay. Laverne 50.109 aer. Tina 50 _____kt. Beverly 72.74 .Garrett. Deborah 25.133.137 Ga'r son. Donald 74 Gno son. Patty 25,109.126.133 G bson. Robin 50 Gilbert. Bernard 150 Gnberr Bernette 50,132 GilbertTV illiam 74 Giles, Nancy 74 Gmn. Mary 50 _ _____ G-pson. Johnnie 64.171 G-ascoe. Frances 64,130 Glascoe, Frankie 64,171 Goins, Gwen 64 Gold. Harold 74 Go’den, Linda 50.130 Gonaday. Iris 74 Good now. Debra 64.134 Gordon. Marian 64.109,115.121. 126.132 Gordon. Mary 74 Gordon. Stan 136 Graham. Benjamin 64 G'aham. Janet 50.114,115 Graham. Keith 50 G' :nam, Ronald 64,109 Grant. Michael 109 Gray. Gary 64 Gray, Howard 50 Gray. Teresa 74 Gray. Valeric 50 G'-:— Donald 25.123.135 Green. Stanley 74 Green. Steve 74 Green. Susie 64 Greene. Leroy 136 Greene. Mary 74 Greene, Vanessa 64 Greer. Carol 51 Greer. Nancy 25.112,114 Greer. Raymond 64 Gregory. Diane 64 Gregory. Jill 64,1 15,121 Gregory, Kathleen 51 Griffin. Brenda 25,137 Griffm, Percy 64,134 Girgsby, Alia- 64 Grigsby. Nmbert 74 Grimes. Mary 25,116.130 Grimes, Robert 65.150 Grimsley. Bonnie 26,109,126.133. 199 Gross. Margaret 26,134 Groves. Lester 26.109.119,198,200 Gruitt, Bob 136 Grundman, Virginia 51,116 Guerrero. Mary 74 Guerrero, Vincent 65.109 Hagan, Robert 65,138 Hagan, Virginia 65 Holcomb, Sharon 51 Haley. James 26,136 Haley, Janet 74 Haley. Roberta 74 Hall. Elizabeth 26.109.112,116. 119.122.130,198.200 Hall, Minnie 74 Hall. Steve W. 74 Hall, Steven 74 Hall, William 65.120 Halter. Geneva 51 Hamlett, Juanita 74 Hommcrslcy. Gerald 26 Hancock, Dale 65 Hanna. Rosemary 137 Hjnrahan. James 74,133 Hansen. Michele 26.117 Hardester. Donald 26 Harding. Carolyn 51 Harding. Willie 51 Hardwick, Rick 74 Hardwick. Steve 74 Hardy, Darryl 74.150.157 Harper. Robm 65,109 Harrington. David 74 Harrington. Laune 65 'S’ Harrington. Terry 51,122 Harris. Charn 65 Harris, Faye 65.134 Harris.-Larry 51 Harris, Linda 26,109 Harris, Linda 74.133 Harris, Queen 51 Harris. Sandra 74 | s. Sylvia 65 Harrison. Caycn 65.109 Harrison. Paul 65 Hart, Elaine 74.109.133 Hart. Frank 74,109 Hartford. Ginny 74.133 I Hartley, Revonda 74 Hartley, Stephcnne 65,138 Haskins, Paula 51 [ Haskins, Sheila 74 Hassmer, Judith 51,115 Hatten, Jerry 74.150 Hatten, William 65 Hawald, James 51.133 Hawald, Joyce 51,133 Hawes. Laura 74,109 Hayes, Linda 74 Hayes, Terry 26 Haynes, Claudia 26.41,111.112. 120.126.143,144 Haynes, David 74.109,150 Hayrves, Robert 26 Head. Kenneth 51 | Hebert. Michael 65,171 Heisley, Beverly 74,133 | Heislup, Linda 74 Heislup, Robert 74.150 Heilsup, Sandra 51,134 Heisley. Becky 51 Henderson, Maquita 65 Hendricks, Arline 74 Heneberry. Mary 65,117 Henley, Thomas 51.127 Hensley, Connie 26 Hernandez, Jana 26.109,121 Hornandwz, Juan 65 Hcubach, John 26,109.199 Higgins, Gail 52,122 Hill, Cynthia 52.114.138 Hill, John 52,136 Hill. Norma 74.109 Hill. Sandra 26 Hill, Vivian 65 Himes, Stephen 52.109 Hines, Gwendolyn 74 Hodges, Joy 137 Holland, Charles 150 Holland, Terry 74 Hollins, Ramona 27,109,134 Hollis. Lee 65 Holmes, Annie 27 Hooks, Anthony 74,150 Hoover, Judy 74 Hornback, Charles 27,134 Horwich, Esther 74,115 House, Herbert 65 Hovermale, Frank 171 Hovcrmale, Roger 27,171 Howard. Emily 52 Hudson, Dennis 52 Hudson, Jacqueline 71 Hudson, Richard 27,168 Hughart. Brenda 52 Hughart, Jeanette 52 Hughart, Marilyn 27.134 Hughes. Bob 150 Hughes, Oebbie 65 Hughes. Harold 52.148,162 Huhn, Michael 65 Humphries, Nancy 52.109,117,118, 126,142.200 Hunt, Carolyn 27 Hunt. Kathy 74 Hunt, Ruth 66 Hunt, Sal lie 52.122.133 Hunter. Bernard 150,161 Hutchison, Linda 27,137 Hutchison, Stephen 27 Hyman, Arlisa 66 Irby, 8etty 52 Ireland. Marie 74 Jackson, Carolyn 52 Jackson. Erma 66 Jackson, Linda 109.138 Jackson, Phillip 66 Jackson, Regina 27 Jackson, Rosezel 52,138 James, Delphine 74,133 James, Gail 66 James, Thea 52 Jarrett. Dwight 53,134 Jarrett, Eric 74 Jarrett, Vanessa 74.109 Jawcll. Charles 53 Jenkins, Traci 74 Jenmer, Virginia 27,137 Jossee. Elaine, 115.120,122.126.127 Johnson, Anthony 74,150 Johnson, Bernadette 66,132 Johnson. Clemmie 74 Johnson. Debra 66 Johnson, Ethel 27.109 Johnson, Francine 130 Johnson, Kathy 74 Johnson, Larry 74 Johnson. Maria Johnson, Martin 53.136 Johnson, Michael 66.150.161 Johnson, Michael G. 66,169 Johnson, Richard 66.109 Johnson, Toby 53.156 Johnson, Vanessa 66 Johnston, Sharon 66.109 Joiner, Kathy 74 Joiner, Peggy 27,109.138 Jones. Arnette 74 Jones, Christine 74 Jones. Dale 137 Jones, Earl 74 Jones, Frederick 27 Jones. Jimi 66.109 Jones. Kathy 136 Jones, Poty 145 Jones, Robert 53,116,127.169 Jones. Roderick 28 Jones, Sarah 74,115 Jones. Thonvs 66.150,156 Jones, Toni 74 Jones, William 74 Jorgensen, Vick. Juarez. Richard, 162,169 Judd.John 66 Jude, Colleen 28.112,116.199 Kankill, Kandi 74 Karas. Audie 28 Keller. Jeff 28.117.145 Keith, Elton 66 Keith, Frederick 28 Koith, Joyce 74 Keith, Regina 122 Keith, Theresa 74 Keller. Daron 66.133.152 Keller. Dianne 28.137 Keller. Holly 74 Kelley, Bonnie 66.142 Kelley. Patricia 28.133 Kelminsty. Jo Ann 74 Kelso. Lulu 75.109 Kendrick. Lucie 53 Kennedy. Michael Kerns. Harvey 28 Kerns. Henry 75 Kerns, Robert 75 . . % Key ton, Donna 138 Kidd. Barbara 53 Kid wall, Karel Kidweil, Susan 66,115.127 Kies mg, Wanda 75 . Killelea, Jean J. 75 King, Howard 75,161 King, Marcia 28.109,116,133 King. Nancy 28.137 King. Sylvia 75,121,132 Kingery. Cindy 134 Kinnett, Gory 53 Kirby, John 75 Kite. Andy 66 Klow, Richard 52,134 Knight, George 52,136 Knight. Phyllis 52.134 Knight, Terry 75 Knouse, Robert 28 Kolb, Thomas 28 Kotulick. John 28.134 Krebs. Rebecca 66,115.120.121 Krickenbcrgcr. Mindy 53,115,121 Kwiatkowski, Chantal 28,126.133 Kyer, Audrey 75 Kyle. Andrea 29 Kyle, Vanessa 66 L'Abbe. Noel 66 Lambeth. Deborah 29Lancaster, Victoria 75,130 Landgial. Sandy 66 Lastik, Louie 66,109,168 Lnwhomc, Bill 53 Lawrence, Ezzard 29 Lawrence, James 29,123,198 Lawson, Carolyn 66 Lawson. Craig 20,29,42.111.144, 199 Lawson, KatherineS. 75,109 Lay, Nancy 66,121 Lay, Susan 29 Lea, Karon 29,137 LeCompte, Holly 66.142 Leo, Gerald 29,135,148 Lee, James 29,199 Lee, Linda 75 Lee, Lloyd 145,150.162 Lefler, Steve 134 LeMay. V.cki 75 Lemay. Wanda 29,109 Lewis, Cheryl 53 Lewis, Gerry 133 Lewis. Linda 66.142,145 Lewis, Mary 109 Lewis, Mike Ml 75 Lewis, Sharon 67 Lesvis. Theodore 29,42,123.156 Liggio, Christine 29 Liggio, Mary Jane 67,114 Little, Rennita 75 Little, Sharron 133 Littlejohn, RufuS 75,150 Lloyd. Karen 75 Logan, Henry 53,136 Logan. Martha 53 Lomax, Henry 75 Lomax, Margaret 29,109 London. Karen 53 Love. Melody 75 Lovmgood, Adrienne 75,133 Lowe. Darrell 29.134 Lucas, Alton' 67 Lucas, Mm Lucas. Syl Luebkert Lynch, Lynch, M McClory, Roberta 75 McClay. Thomas 30,109,119.139. 198.200 McClennon. Sherry 75 McCord. James 67 McCormick, Fay 75 McCormick, Lois 53 McCoy, Glenda 109 McCullcy. Tom 75 McCurdy. Linda 53.122,138 McDaniel. Angela 67.122.133 McDonald, Jeanette 75 McDonald. Karen 67 McFall, Georgette 75 McGavron, Barbara 67 McGavran, James 67 McGrath, Kate 75 McKay. Glinda 133 S McKee. Bobbie 75.150.169 McKenny. Chucky 150 McKinney. Anthony 67 Mackler. Willard 53 Macklin. Katie 67 Macklin. Kelly 20.30,42.109.112. 114.115.126 McKIveen, John 54 McKIvcen. Robert 30 McKoy, James 75 J McNecley. Joyce 133 McNeely, Tonia 75 McNeil, Robert 67.150.162 Magnor, Cheryl 30 Magner, Joyce 135 Majors. Jimmy 150.161 Malloy. Carlton 75 Mankin, Ginger 30,136 Manley, Pierre 75 Markell, Edward 75 Marsh. Colleen 30,133 Marshall, Deborah 75,130,132 Marshall, Margaret 133 Marshall, Mary 30,137 Martin, Brian 67,136 Martin, Fern 75 Martin, Stanley 75 Matthews, Louise 30 Matthews, Robert 67 Meade, Nanci 67 Meade, Roy 54,168 Meador, Jean 67,120 Meehan, Anne 67 Meixner, Sheri 54,143 Melvin, Gail 30.120,138 Menke, Kenneth 54,148 Menke, Ray 42,148 Meyer, Don 75,152 Meyer. Linda 30,126,133 Mickey, Rita 67,130 Mickey, Roger 30,109.138 Middloton, Clifton 171 Mier, Alan 75.109.145,150 Miles, Bot 134 Miller, David 75 Miller, Dawn 75,109 Miller, Joan 67 Miller, Jo Ann 67,138 Miller. Paul 137 MillerLSusan 75,109 Miller, Vanessa 75,132 Mil lotto, Harlan 54 M ils. Ruth 30.109,137 Mills. Sharon 67 Milton, Carl 30,156 Mitchell, Albertha 30,138 Mitchell, Mylinda 75 Mono, John 135 Monroe, Howard 30 Monroe, Karen 75 Monroe, Rita 54 Montgomery Debbie 54 Moore. Estrellito 75,109 Moore, James 54 Moore, James 75 Moore, Loreen 54 Moore Scott 75 Moore, Susan 67.134 Moore. William 75 Moran, Martha 30.108.111,117,126. 199 Moran, Robert 54 Morgan. Charles 54 Morgan, Deborah 54.130 Morgan. Elizabeth 75 Morgan. Ernest 75 Morgan. Tommy 168 Morris. Peggy 67,133 Morrison, Jo Mane 67,116,120,121, -----126 7 .Norris, Stan 54,152 Nuckolls. Clifford 67,1-50 Morse. April Morse, Billy Moss, Debra Moten, Car Moton, Jamc Mountain, Wi 1.122 1 109 iam 75 Munczenskt. Constance 31,133 Munday. Herbert 31 Murphy, Andrew 31.109 Murphy. Christine 31,137 Murphy, Dorothy 75,132 Murphy, Jerome 67,121,133,1 161 Murray. Trois. 75 Muse. Tui ».134 Muse. W,it da 75 Mynck. Jaj»ei 75 I Nalls, Lawrence 31.199 Nashwnter, Mindy 67 Nealey, Dana 54 Nealon. Colleen 67 NcIso'vWilliam 75,150 ina 67,120.130.132 i 75,152 Mor .eon irecinda67,117 enneth 31,152.161.171 Jruoe 75 George 75 . Phillip 75.152.162 Odic, James 54.162.171 Odie, Lindell 150.162 O'Flaherty. Susan 54 Ohler. Cathy 31 Ontko, John 75 Orsini, Gloria 75 O'Sullivan Ann 75,138 Ottens, Edward 68,169 Ottcns. Patti 31 Pacilio, Anita 75 Pacilio, Patty 68.109 Pack, Drema 54 Padgett, Kevin 68,109,169 Padilla. Bosco 54 Paige, Rose 75 Painter, Shirley 68 Pallant. Donna55.l22 Papoulakos, James 55 Paerdcs. Ricky Paris, Dale 134 ___ Parker, George 6($£i‘ Parker, Jeffrey 31.112,114,148 Parker, Linda 68 Parker, Maria 55 Parker, Walter 31 Parks, Cindy 68,109 Parks. Jan.ce 31.133,137 Parman. Laurie 75 Patrick. Fulton 55,157 Patterson. Patricia 75 Pausley. Robert 117 Payoc, Edna 68,122 Payne. Janet 68,122,145 Payton, William 55 Peake1, George 55 Pearson, Aaron 171 Pearson, Cynthia 31 Pearson, Phil 161 Penn. Michael Penny, Maty-55 Perkins. Diane 68 Perkins, Tom 144 Persekian. Adel 55 Peters. Charles 75 Peterson Bill 161 Peterson. Deborah 76 Peterson. Fred 31 Peterson. Gary 76 Peterson. Linda 76,130 Peterson. Marilyn 68.109.130 Pettey. Rita Pettit] Joseph 55 Petty; Kathy 68 Peverell, Russell 55 Phillips. Ervin 31.148 Phillips. Paula 55,114 Phillips, Paulette 68 Phillips, Peteie 68 Pinkston, Debbie 55.120 Pinkston. Pam 68.114.138 Pitta, Sharon 68 Poindexter, James 76 Poland, Albert 76 Poland. L.nda 32.123,130 Poland. Melody 68 Pollard. Jesse 76 , Theannc 76 rank 76 atricia 68 . Brian 32.109.111 , Cmdy 76 , James 76 s, John 68 i. George 32,134 Proffitt. Caroline 68,133 Pruitt. Angie 68.109.133,134 Putman. Faye 109 Putman, Joyce 76 Putman. Raye 68 Putman, Sharon 68 Putman, Sylvia 55 R Railey, Mary 68 Rainsberger, Edward 32 Raison, Laura 32.134 Randell, Michael 68 Randcll, Robin 133 Randolph, Denese 55,138 Raskm, Linda 68,130 Ratteree, Mike 171 Ray, Diane 68 Reamy, Susan 55 Rease, Gloria 55 Reaves, Walter 68,109 Reed, Brent 76 Reed, Priscilla 133 Reed. Randy 145 Register, James 55,150 Reid, Clifton 76 Reilly, John 76 Renauld, Vanessa 76 Roniker. Edward, 127,130,200 Repass. Stephanie 76 Rey, Amparo 114 Roy, Barbara 117 Reynolds, Rusty 69 Rhine, Robert 32,116 Rice, Denise 76 Rice. Dorothea 69 Rice, Paul 55 Riccr, Tommy 76,150 Rich. Cindy 55 Richards, Lane 55 Richards. Michael 76 Ricker, Marianne 69 Rife. Debbie 69 Riley, Donna 76 Riley, John 46.55 Rinaldi, Robert 152 Ringer, Margaret 69,138 Rivers, Barbara 69 Rivers, William 32 Roberts, Don, Robertson, Ellen 32.116.122,126. 127 Robey. Joy 55.109,122.126 Rober, Steve 69 Robinson, Lynwood 55,109,148. 162171 Robinson, Robert 69,120.152,16 Robinson, Tangrum 76 Rodda, Ralph 76 Rodriquez. Raquel 76 Rochncr, Linda 69.116 Rogers, Bobbie 69 Rogers, Jacqueline 56 Rogers, Robin 56.143 Rogers. Roosevelt 76 Rollins, Debbie 76.138 Root, Casey 76 Root. Kelley 56,133 Rorick, Jay 76 Rose, Clifton 56 Rose, Vosie 69 Ross. Bill 162 Roszel. Debbie 69 Roth. Suzanne 76 Rowland, William 56 Roy. Myrna 69,138 Roy. Robert 32.120,198 Rucker, Kenny 150,161 Ruggles, Shirley 76 Russ, Charles 32 Russell. Gary 69.150 Russell. Kathie 76 Sa Saffell, Eileen 76 Saffell, Lawrence 69 Salak. Ellen 69 Salttgovcr. Gayle 69,120,138 Sampson, Kathy 76 Sampson, Terry 56,139,168.169 Sands, D. Wayne 69.162 Sanders, David 32 Sanders, Frank 69 Sanders. Kay 69,109.126 Sanders, Wayne 150 Saunders, Larry 69.109.134 Saunders, Nelsie 69 Saunders, Samuel 76 Scaffido. Paul 32 Scales, Charlene 69 Scariot, Andrew 32,1 34 Schilling, Eric 56.116 Schnetzler. Katrina 32,41,126, ; 143.199 Schreiner, Joanne 56,109,120 Schwabe, Joni 76 Scott. Denice 32,126 Scott, Diann 76 Scott, Jack 33 Scott, Joyce 33 Scott, Paul 76 Scully. Penny 56 Scully, Ronald 56 Seazycar. Dennis 134 Segretto, Anthony 56 Selby, Aleise 76 Self, David 76,109 Settle. Bonnie 56,109,133 Settle, Ronald 33,109 Settle, Sharon 69 Shaffer, Velda 76,133 Shaw. John 33.168 Shaw.Saundria 70.130,133 Sheppard, Debra 76,132 Shelby, Alcsc 109 Sheppard. Andre 133 Sheppard. Ricky 70 Shifflett, Arthur 56 -Shifflett, Christa 56 Shifflett, Elaine 135 Shifflett, Janet 33,134 Shifflott, Joyce 33.134.135 Shifflott, Ronnie 76 Shifflett, Wayne 56,148 Shipp, Kenneth 76 Shorn, Mike-70,171 Sibold, Janice 56.132 S.lva, Lionel 70.127.130 Simpson. Ricky 46,56,144 Sims, Evangeline 56.134 Sims, Lola 57 Sirbert. Rosemarie 17,33.109.122. 133.144.199 Sirbert, Rudolph 76 Skelly, Anne 76,109.133.142,145 Skidmore. Karen 33,108.117,143 Small, Garnette 33 Small, Michael 76 Small. Shirley 76 Smallmg, Martha 57,126 Smiley, Judy 76 Smith, Alvin 70 Smuh. Bobbie 33.109,112.122 Smith, Dale 76 Smith. Donald 76.150 Smith, Dorothy 76 ' P Smith. Glide 150 Smith. Greg 33,133 V ___________ Smith, Lynn 76 Smith. Mary 33,1 Smith, Maureen 7 Smith, Michele 7 Smith, Nancy 33 199.200 Smith, Ruth 57, Smith. Steve 76 Snow. Debbie 70.109.122 Snow, Peggy 7 Soboleski. Sobolcski, Eva Sorrells, Sharyn Spangler. Janie „ Spears. Judith 60.70,122 Spittle, Dave 171 Spivey,Ossie 33,109 Spottswood, Delores 76 Sprechcr. Richard 168 Sprecher, Seth 76 Sprouse, John 70 li ,112,118,126. 33,122,138 .133,145 6 :,113.114.118. Spuires, John 76 Stafford. Shirley 34.137 Stanton, Charles 57 Starkey, Jo Ann 34 Starkey, Terry 70.134.142 Starr, 8ronda 76 Stephens, Brenda 76 Stevens, Barbara 57,113,115,116, 127 Stevens, Leon 76 Stevenson, Jenifer 57 Stone. Debbie 57.133 Strawderman, Evelyn 76 Street, Mary 57 Street, Preston 150 Strickland, Gloria 34,114.133. 138 Strickland. Keith 161 Strickland, Patricia 34 Strock, Gloria 70 Strock, Jerry 57 Strock, Sandra 70 Strother. Lynne 70 Swanson, James 169 Swanson, Susan 115,121,127,133 Swesey, Jeannette 57 Swisher, Barbara 57 Swisher, Margaret 34,137 Sykes, Paul 57 ,145 .41.109.144 ie 77 Taggart, Donna 76 Talbert. Botty 77 Talley, Stephen 70 Tapscott. William 135 Tate. Keith 161 Taylor, Albert 77 Taylor, Cathy 5 Taylor, Colleen Taylor, Linda Taylor. Ricky Taylor, Robcr Taylor, Sidney ■ Teague, Rebecca 57 Tallez. Tom 70 Terrell, Ronald 77 Terrell, Tcrcssia 34 Terry, Diane 77 Terry, Larry 57 Terry, Linda 57,122 Terry, Patricia 70 Tosh. Becky 70 Tesh. Frances 34 Tessier, NofYnan 171 Thomas, Janet 57 Thomas, Janice 77 Thomas, Janice 57 Thomas. Jeffrey 145 Thomas, Michael 70,152,171 Thomas, Patricia 77 Thompson. Br Thompson, Cli Thompson, Cli 34 57.139.148,161 on 57.115.121 77,109.135.150 Thompson, Ed Thompson, Ela Thompson, Phylfls 70 Thompson, Ricky 77 Thompson, Terry 77 Thorne, Jay 109 Thrash, Judette 77 Threat, John 70 Threat, Juanita 34,137 Thurman, Rogqr 77,150 Tiller, Yvonne 67 Tilterson, Kempy 70,130.132 Tillerson, Mable 34,133 Tc foland, Sidney 58 116 Tolley. Step Tolosa, Jim Tong. Marc Tong, Mich Towles, Lm Toy.Jonat Toy,Sharo Trono. JoA......... Travers, Walter 77 Troad. Donna 58 Trimble. Dan,123, 199.200 Trittipoe, Margaret 34,134 Troy, Herbert 70 Trumble Mary 58 Tuck, Wallace 77 Tucker, G loria 58,122 Tucker. Lee 116 Turner, Alease 58 Turner. Arnold 77 Turner, Carl 161 Turner, Carol 150 Turner, Criag 77 Turner, Darryl 77,150 Turner, Deborah 77 Turner, Larry 70 Turner, Lawrence 58,157 Turner, Sherman 71 Tyler, Richard 71 Ulbricht. Diane 34.137 Urquhart. J8mes 58 Utt, Mike 77 0,133 Valentine James 77 Van Klceck. Kathio 77 Van Reuth, Glen 58 Vaugh, James 169 Vaughn, Juanita 132 Vega Gabrielle 133 V.nei. Mary 58,122 W RoziCr 34,136 , Michael 77 .Steve 171 , Charlotte 71 , Howard 77 .Steve 77 I Waller. Linda 132 Waller. William 150 Wanzer, Donald 77 Wanzer, Ralph 35,137 Wanzer, Ronald 77 Wanzer. Sheila 133 §.■; Wanzer, Vivian 58 Ward. Gary 71 Ward. Harry C. 77 Ward, Jante 68 Ward. Milton 71.134 Ward, Oscar 77 Ware. Darlene 77 Ware, Donna 35 Warner. Drema 77 Warren, Russell 71,169 Washington, Diane 58 Washington, Eric 150 Washington, Vancine 60,71 Watkins, Mary 77 Watkins. Rhonda 35 Wauhop. Patricia 35.137,198 Weaver, John 35 Weaver, Timothy 71 Webb. Charlotte 71 Webb, Victor 77 Webster, Marilyn 71 Weintraub. Alan 58.127 WdchOl. Nina 77.109 Welchel, Trin 71 Weichel. Vickie 35.137 Wells, Jody 71 Wells, Zora 35 Wendt. Margrit 58 Wenz, Michael 58,119,127.200 West. Donald 136 West. Gail 133.138 West, Linda 35 Wharam, Alice 58,134 Wharam.John 77 Wheatley, Carolyn 71 Wheatley, Kai 35 Wheaton. Wendy 59,108,126.143 Whetzel, Billy 59 White. Beatrice 71 White. Carlene 59.130 White. Charles 59 White. Regina 59 White. Vicki 35 Whiteaker. Bobby 71 Whiting, Cornelius 59 Wiener. Tahirih 71.115.133 Wigglesv.orth. Alice 59,117 Wigglcsuvorth, Doris 77,142 Wildermuth. Victoria 59,115 Wilkins, Charles 35 Wilkins. John 59.109.134 Wilkins. Lola 77 Wilkinson, Theresa 59,109 Williams, Barbara 71 Williams, Charles 59 Williams. Chris 150 Williams. D.anc 77 Williams, Doris 71 Williams, Geraldine 59 Williams, Jerome 77 Williams, Jerry 59.134 Williams, Kenneth 71 Williams. Larry 77,150 Williams, Linda 59 Williams, Linda D. 59 Williams, Mark 77,152 Williams, Nancy 77 Williams, Paul 35 Williams, Richard 71,150.161 Willis, Diane 77 Willoughby, Charles 59 Wilmouth, Tercs3 77 Wilson, Bobby 77 Wilson, Elizabeth 35 Wilson. Loretta 71.132 Wimbush, James 59 W.mbush, Phyllis 77 Winbush, Charles 71 Winnie, Debra 59,109,133 W-rth, Colleen 59.122 Wirth, Fred 59 Wolford, Janis 71.133 Wolford. J.ll 71 Wood, Carol 71 Wood. Mike 150 Wood, Patricia 77 Woodard. Ann 35 Woods. Randy 71.117 Woods, Sandra 71 Woods, James 71 Wooten, Betty 35,135 Wooten, Carrie 77 Wooten, 77 Wooten. Wiii.e 59 Worden, Suzy 59.118.122,126.200 Wormtey. Charles 59 Wright. Patricia 7 1 Wright. Queen 77 Wright. William 59 Wyatt, Anita 77 Wyatte, Carolyn 77,109 Wyatte. Joann 77 Y Yancey, William 77 Yannoi oulos, Tony 120,127 Yates, Jeanette 71 Yottcr. Forrest 77CAN YOU FIND YOUR FRIENDS?Mr. Kerschbaum Jann 1970 COMPASS STAFF Advisor: Editor-inChief: Clubs Editor: Assistants: Faces Staff Editor: Assistants: Head Photographer: Assistants: Sports Editor: Assistant: John Kerschbaum Janice Spangler Susan Furrow Nancy Humphries Vicki Jorgensen Elizabeth Hall Nancy Smith Susan Worden Thomas McClay Lester Groves Michael Wenz Dan Trimble Edward Reniker Tom The COMPASS staff would like to give special thanks to: Mrs. Ruth Kerschbaum (for her patience and for the lettering in the class section); Karen Craddock (for the cartoon in the faculty section); and William Hall (for the cover design). Nancy Nancy Fuzzy

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