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on jlCigty jsStijool m SCljat st for ra imlion from lf]t herrfor afcrar i tljiaf ama George Washington High School Alexandria, VirginiaSENIORS DESIRE TO We, the Class of 1969, dedicate this issue of (he Compass to one of the Senior Class sponsors, Mrs. Ernestine Allport for all her work to help us prepare for our future. She has spent many hours writing colleges, employers, and deans of schools as well as counseling us concerning our important decisions. Thank you, Mrs. Allport, for all your help.HONOR MRS. ALLPORTIn compiling this book, vve have tried to create a pictorial history of 1968-1969. The diploma, inside the front cover, represents the end of the seniors' lives at G.W., while the alma mater, in the back, which is sung at the close of the commencement exercise, is the last thing the Class of 1969 will do together. We hope you will enjoy this book as much as we have enjoyi d making it for you. To all the members of the Class of 1969 - THE BEST OF LUCK! THE 1969 COMPASS STAFF Martha Ridgely Editor-in-chief Claudia Humphries Class Editor Ben Coffman Sports Editor ianice Spangler Activities Editor Cindy Smith Suzy Worden Asst. Class Edtiors Susan Furrow Donise Fraiser Asst. Activities Editors Susan Sanders Artist Butch Smith, Alan Ellis, Tom McClay, and Creg Edwards Photographers TABLE OF CONTENTS Dedication Page 2 People Page 14 Activities Page 104 Sports Page 138 Patrons Page 172 Index Page 1883 I g 75AHQ11C v- VTK SUZANNE MILLER President REBECCA THOMAS Vice-President MRS ALLPORT Sponsor MR. GREGORY Sponsor co n OHZrncoPAUL ALLEN ELIZABETH AMEY SARAH ADKINSON: Pep Club; World Events Club; FNA; Red Cross PAUL ALLEN: Varsity Football; Varsity Basketball; JV, Varsity Baseball ELIZABETH AMEY Pep Club; GAA; french Club; Red Cross; Freshman Girls' Chorus; Mixed Chorus RUTH AZZARA Red Cross; Pep Club; VOT RONALD BAKER SCA; |V Football. Intramural Basketball MARY BALLINGER Pep Club; Quill Scroll IAMES BATES: JV Football; Marching, Concert Band; Football Certificate; Concert Band Medal; Marching Band Monogram ERNEST BEALL Marching. Concert Band; German Club; Pep Club; |r. Achievement; Sunshine Boys MARVIN BLANDER Red Cross IACQUELINE BEHRENS: French Honor Society; Treas., Keyettes; Quill Palm; Pep Club. Alternate, Girls' State GREG BERTSCHINCER |V Football; Varsity Crew; Geography Award; Monogram Club ERNEST BEALL MARVIN BLANDER JACQUELINE BEHRENS GREG BERTSCHINCERROBERT BOOTH DAVID BOUK CATHERINE BRAUN MARY ELLEN BRITT DEBORA BRUFEY THELRECIA BULLARD BRUCE BRUNSON PATRICIA BROWN BONNIE CALLAN ROBERI BOOTH FBIA; DE; Assistant, School Store, Library. DAVID BOUK Pres., Latin Club; World Events Club; SCA; Latin Award. CATHERINE BRAUN: GAA; Sec., VP, German Club; SCA; SURVEYOR; Drill Team; Sr. Attendant, Homecoming MARY ELLEN BRITT: Quill Palm; FBLA; Thespians; Capt., Drill Team; ICC; SURVEYOR; Soph . |r Boards PATRICIA BROWN: SCA; Red Cross; Helper. Clinic, Guidance Office. BRUCE BRUNSON: Class Boards; V.P., Key Club; SCA Executive Committee; 2nd V.P. SCA; Varsity Track; Frosh. JV, Varsity football; Red Cross; Boys' State; Most Improved, Track; Pep Club; Monogram Club; Sr. Class Play, Big Brother. THELRECIA BULLARE) )r Board; Red Cross; |r. Achievement. BONNIE CALLAN: Red Cross; GAA; Pep Club; |r. Achievement Award. CHRISTOPHER CASTLE: Frosh. |V. Varsity Football. CANDIDE CAVANACH: SCA; |r. Board; VOT; German Club; Folk vtusic Club; Girls' State, Alternate; Economic Seminar. LOIS CARR CHRISTOPHER CASTLE CANDIDE CAVANACHMARTHA CHANDLER IOHN COBLE MARTHA CHANDLER GAA IOHN COBLE )V Track; Crew; Key Club BENIAMIN COFFMAN: |V, Varsity Football; |V Baseball; )V Track; V.P., Pres., Interact Club; Sports Editor, COMPASS; Monogram Club; Sunshine Boys. Boys' State; SCA; Big Brother. HENRY COFFMAN: Program Chairman. German Club; Quill Palm; Orchestra; Varsity Math Club; Harvard Book Award; Gen Business Awards, Excellence, Spelling; Academic letter; Orchestra letter; Drum Fife Corps. IERRY COMINSKY Monogram Club; Varsity Crew. ANTHONY COOPER Quill Scroll. PATRICIA CRAWFORD: Jr Board; VOT. IAMES CROCKETT: Frosh, JV, Varsity Football; Frosh Basketball; |V Wrestling; SCA; Sr. Board; Red Cross; |r. Board. WILLIAM CROUCH: Concert, Marching Band; Tres., Interact Club; Pep Club VATES CHANDLER BENIAMIN COFFMAN CONNIE COX HENRY COFFMAN IERRY COMINSKY ANTHONY COOPER WILLIAM CROUCH ROBBIE COX PATRICIA CRAWFORD IAMES CROCKETTVERLETTE DAVIS MARIAN DEACLE LINDA DELAY BETTY DENNING CHARLES DENNIS ELIZABETH DOWNER ALAN ELLIS VIVIAN DEW ALT LILLIE DIUION REBECCA DOLLINS GILBERT EISEMAN STUART ELLIS VERLETTE DAVIS 2 Awards, GAA; Red Cross. MARIAN DEACLE Folk Music Club; Gymnastics Club; SCA; Spanish Honor Society; Spanish Award. LINDA DELAY Pep Club; Red Cross; |r. Board; Sec.. FBIA BETTY DENNING: Thespians; FBI A; Red Cross. CHARLES DENNIS: Sr Board; SCA; Red Cross; Sunshine Boys; Pep Club; Manager, Football, Baseball, Basketball. REBECCA DOLLINS: Red Cross; FTA; French Club; Tennis Club; World Geography Certificates; Typing. Shorthand Awards; )r. P t. Award; Presidential P E Award. ELIZABETH DOWNER Program Chairman, V.P.. German Club. ALAN ELLIS: Photographer. COMPASS; Cross Country; Wrestling; Crew; Chorus. STUART ELLIS: Key Club; Monogram Club; Track; Crew; |V, Varsity Wrestling; JV Football; Varsity Cross Country.ALETA EMBRLY Drama Club; SCA; |r Board; Feature Page, SURVEYOR. CAROLYN [VANS Red Cross; GAA; Pep Club; SCA; |r Board; Merit, Presidential Awards, Gym. DARLENE FISCHMAN: Red Cross; Latin Club; Interstate Red Cross Council. TERESA FOLEY Red Cross; Pom-Pom Girl; |r. Board; Tennis Club; Gymnastics Club; Spanish Club. LINDA FOX: Spanish Honor Society; VOT. DANIEL FOXWELL German Club; ICT. MICHAEL FUNKHOUSER FBIA VICTORIA CALLAHAN: Helper, Attendance Office; SCA; P.E. Award. VIRGINIA CALLAHAN: VOT; Freshman Girls' Chorus. Advance Girls' Chorus; SCA. TERRY CATER Red Cross; |r Board BRENDA COCHENOUR GAA; Red Cross; Attendance Helper; Recording Sec., 1st V.P., FBIA; FBLA Exhibit Award; Arthur J. Howard FBLA Scholarship. BRENDA COLLADAY: Ires., FBLA; Sec., Red Cross; Pep Club; Sr. Board; Record Keeping Certificate. ALETA [MBREY DARLENE FISCHMAN CAROLYN EVANS TERESA FOLEY LINDA FOX DANIEL FOXWELL MICHAEL FUNKHOUSER VICTORIA CALLAHAN VIRGINIA CALLAHAN TERRY CATER BRENDA GOCHENOUR BRENDA GOLLADAYCHARLENE GOODRICH ANNE GORDON ANDREA GRAHAM NORMAN GRAY CHARLENE GOODRICH: SCA; Attendance Helper ANNE GORDON: Advanced Girls' Chorus; GAA; F8LA ANDREA GRAHAM Red Cross; Astronomy Club; Pep Club; SURVEYOR; Librarian. President, Band NORMAN GRAY: |V, Varsity Wrestling; |V. Varsity Letters. Wrestling. CHARLES GREGORY: Reserve, Sr. Band; ICT; Dramatic Plays; |V Football; )V Wrestling BARBARA HAGAN: Jr. Board; Pep Club; Drill Team. SHELBY HANEY: FHA; VOT AMES HARRISON: Red Cross; Hall Monitor; Jr. Achievement; P.E. Certificate. AMES HASSMER French Honor Society; Historian. Quill Palm; Wrestling; Tennis Team; Cross Country; Campus life Club; Boys' State; The New Breed; Academic Letters. DIANE HATTON: SCA; Drama Club IOYCE HEETER Jr. Achievement; Jr. Board; DE II; SCA WALTER HENDERSON: SCA; Red Cross; FBLA; Jr Achievement. CHARLES GREGORY SHELBY HANEY BARBARA HAGAN AMES HARRISON I AMES HASSMER DIANE HATTON IOYCE HEETER WALTER HENDERSONBONNIE HIGGINS DONALD HINES LINDA HITT ALAN HOLMES EDWARD HOTTLE FRANK HOVERMALE OSSIE HOWARD BONNIE HIGGINS Astronomy Club; Drama Club. Tres.; Prose Asvard; |r Board. LINDA HILL Drill Team; Freshman Attendant. Homecoming. DONALD HINES Red Cross; SCA, Alternate; Deca Club; |r. Talent Show LINDA HITT Red Cross; Soph , |r. Boards. EDWARD HOTTLE Red Cross; Tres . DE Club FRANK HOVERMALE |V, Var. Football; Wrestling; Track; Key Club, Pres., Monogram Club REBECCA HOYLE Pom-Pom Girl; VOT; V P.. FBLA. HARRY HUGHES: ICT; Frosh, |V Football CLAUDIA HUMPHRIES: Pres., Quill Palm; V.P.. French Honor Society; V.P., Pres French Club; Girls' State; 3 Academic Letters; Soph. P.E Award; Keyettes; Class Faculty Editor, COMPASS; Jr., Sr. Boards; Typing Merit Certificate; ICC; Big Sister; Freshman Girls' Chorus; French Merit Certificate; Economic Seminar. REBECCA HOYLE HARRY HUGHES CLAUDIA HUMPHRIESDEBRA HUNNICUTT: Thespians. ELIZABETH HUNTER Typing I Certificate. Physical Fitness Award; Intramural Representative. GLORIA ISLER: V.P., FHA; SCA; Red Cross; School Bank; FBLA; VOT; Achievement Letter, World Geography. LINDY IACKSON: Art Club; Latin Club; Latin Award; DE Club; Typing I Award; Quill Palm. TERESA IENNINGS: SCA; Keyettes; ICC; Co-capt .. Drill Team. CATHERINE IONES. Thespians; Drama Club; Orchestra; Pep Club; Red Cross; Band; Latin Club; Drum Fife Corps. IOCELYN IONES: VOT; DE. ROSALIND IONES: Advanced Girls' Chorus; VOT; SCA. LORI IORCENSON: Girls' State; |r., Sr., Boards; SCA; Spanish Club; Chairman, Pep Club; GAA; Executive Council, SCA; Red Cross, Alternate; Latin Club; ICC; Presidential P.E. Award. DEBRA HUNNICUTT GLORIA ISLER ELIZABETH HUNTER CHARLES IACKSON LINDY IACKSON SHEILA IENNINGS TERESA IENNINGS BARBARA IETER CATHERINE ONES IOCELYN IONES ROSALIND IONES LORI IORCENSONSHERWIN KEELER MARIE KELMINSKY MARY KENNEDY SHIRLEY KENNEDY STEPHEN KILLELEA IOANNE KONKEL MARSHALL KORNEGAY LINDA LEASURE SHERWIN KEELER Ballet Club; Gymnastics Club MARIE KELMINSKY Keyettes. MARY KENNEDY Frosh, JV Cheerleader; Red Cross; Soph |r Boards; Pep Club; SCA, Alternate; Helper. Clinic, Guidance Office. SHIRLEY KENNEDY: SCA; FHA; Trev. FBIA; Soph.. Sr Boards Red Cross; The New Breed; VOT; GAA STEPHEN KILLELEA Red Cross; French Club; LITTLE HATCHET Editor; Quill Scroll. IOANNE KONKEL: Frosh, Varsity Cheerleader; Sec V P Thespian Club; Quill Palm; Historian. French Honor Societs SCA; Keyettes; Pres., Drama Club; Girls' State, Alternate; Girls Gymnastics Club; |r Opti-miss Club; |r Board; Pep Club. Red Cross. MARSHALL KORNEGAY: ICT; Frosh. JV Football LINDA LEASURE: DE Club HELENA LEWIS: LITTLE HATCHET: Latin Club; Drama Club United Nations Contest. TERRY McCAULEY: COP Award WILLIAM LUCAS terry McCauleyDANIEL MACK I IN PHILLIP McCONCHIE SUSAN McGOWAN PATRICK MADDOX IOHN MARSHALL PHILLIP McCONCHIE Frosh, |V Basketball; IV. Varsity 8aseball; Monogram Club; SCA. SUSAN McGOWAN: Frosh. |V Cheerleader; Soph., Jr. Boards; SCA; Pep Club, Spanish Club; |r Prom Committee; Girls' Gymnastics Club; Sr. Attendant, Homecoming. CAROLYN McKEE: Art Club; Girls' Leadership Club; Mystix Tri-Hi-Y; Soph Board; Pep Club; FBLA; Drill Team. DANIEL MACKLIN: Varsity Football; Varsity Crew; SCA; Monogram Club PATRICK MADDOX: Soccer Team; Honor isoii Award. MARGARET MARKELL: Pep Club; FTA; S| Club BETTY MATTHEWS |r Prom Committee. TERRY MEECE SCA. Alternate; Varsity Football. V P. Monogram Club. Sr. Class Treasurer. MARY ELLEN MEEHAN: Keyettes; Pep Club; Frosh.. Varsity Cheerleader; Gymnastics Club; SCA BEVERLY MICKEY Red Cross; SCA; ICT; |r. Board. MARGARET MARKELL BETTY MATTHEWS TERRY MEECE MARY ELLEN MEEHAN BEVERLY MICKEY GARY MILCHAKALTON MILLER BONNIE MILLER MARY CATHERINE MILLER NORMA MILLER SUZANNE MILLER BRENDA MITCHELL KAREN MILLS CHRISTINE MITCHELL MARY CATHERINE MILLER Astronomy Club; DECA NORA MILLER fBIA. SUZANNE MILLER Pres. Frosh. Jr.. Sen., Classes; V.-P Soph Class; Sr. Band; ICC; Girls' State; Jr Attendant, Homecoming. Pep Club; SCA Executive Committee; Red Cross; Ad Stab Quill Palm. KAREN MILLS VOT; Junior Board; Pep Club; Red Cross Thespians. BRENDA MITCHELL VOT CHRISTINE MITCHELL Majorette; SCA Rep ; Red Cross. VOT ILENE MOORE Pep Club; GAA; Jr. Achievement. THOMAS MORGAN Monogram Club; Frosh, |V. Varsity Football; JV, Varsity Baseball; Sophomore Board CAROL MOSBY |r. Honor Society; SCA Rep.; ICIA; Latin Club. National Honor Society, V.P.. Future Nurses; Keyetles; |r Board; Drill Team; FTA; Pep Club; Sr. Board GERALD MOTLEY SURVEYOR; SCA IRENE MOORE THOMAS MORCAN CAROL MOSBY GERALD MOTLEYKATHY NEFF ROXANNE ONIKO RICHARD NEVVIAND KAREN NUCKOLLS MARTHA ORTIZ SHIRLEY OTTENS DIXIE O NEII LYNN PALMER KATHY NEFF Folk Music Club; VOT. RICHARD NEWLAND: ICT; Dramatics; Choir; Band; Boys Athletic Club DIXIE O'NEIL Spanish Club; Drill Team; Keyettes, Sr Rep.; Girls’ State, Alternate; Pep Club ROXANN ONTKO: Red Cross; SCA Rep.; Frosh. |.V„ Varsity Cheerleading; Pep Club, Gymnastics Club. LYNN PALMER Red Cross; GAA; FBI A. CINDY PARENTE FBLA; VOT; Pep Club BRENDA PARKER Pep Club; Choir. I AMES PARKER | V.. Varsity Track BRYAN PATRICK SCA Rep.; Junior Achievement; German Club. Red Cross. JAMES PXRKFR BRYAN PATRICKPEGGY PAYNE THOMAS PAYNE AARON PEARSON PEGGY PAYNE Drill Tr am; Pep Club; SCA Rep ; Treasurer Quill Palm. National Honor Society. Keyettes AARON PEARSON Band; Monogram Club; Varsity Track MARGARET PlNDERCRAPH Hall Monitor Certificate RAVONNE POWELL: Kill Cross; Freshman Cheerleader Senior Class Rep. THOMAS POWERS DE CONNIE PRIOR Pep Club; Student Council Rep. IOANNE PRUITT SURVEYOR: Red Cross; SCA Representative. REBECCA PEEK MARGARET PENDERGRAPH DARLENE POVVLLl RAVONNE POWELL THOMAS POWERS SARAH PREE CONNIE PRIOR IOANNE PRUETT ROBERT PRUITT RICHARD PURDY NANCY PURYEAR EARL QUASH WILLIAM RAY DAVID READ CHARLOTTE REED LINDA REEDY MARGARET REGISTER ROBERT PRUITT Bind; DE. RICHARD PURDY Freshman Football; Red Cross; SCA Rep NANCY PURYEAR Pom Pom Girl; VOT. EARL QUASH: Freshman, J.V., Varsity Basketball. WILLIAM RAY |.V. Crew; Frosh. J.V. Football; DE. DAVID READ FBLA; Choir; Fife and Drum Corps. CHARLOTTE REED Drama Club; Thespian Club; Latin Club. Freshman and lunior Board. MARGARET REGISTER J.V. Cheerleader; Freshman Class Treasurer; Pep Club; Red Cross President; lunior Board; COMPASS; Parliamentarian of Keyettes; Sec. of Latin Club; Girls' State; Quill Palm; President of SCA; Senior Board. PHILL REICHENBACH: ICT; Pep Club. PHILl REICHENBACH |AMES REID ROY RHODESCARLA RICE MARTHA RIDCLEY CARLA RICE Pop Club; French Honor Society; lunior Board Rep.; SCA Rep.; Inter-Club Council; V.-P., C uill Palm; Drill Team; Treasurer, junior Achievement. IE AN RICUCCI VOT. MARTHA RIDGELY. Co-Chairman. Pep Club; V.-P.. Sec.. Keyeltes; Sec. Quill Palm; Senior Board; World Events Club. Editor-in-Chief, COMPASS; French Club; Girls' State. IOAN RILEY: Pep Club; Soph. Board; lunior Board; Secretary of lunior and Senior classes. ANITA ROBERTS Pep Club GARY ROBERTS: President, Campus Life Club; Drama Club; FBLA; ICT; Gymnastics; lunior Board. Red Cross; SCA Rep. BEVERLY ROBEY Pep Club; Astronomy Club. DECA DONALD ROBINSON: SCA Rep . Red Cross; Pep Club; FBI A; FT A. CECIL ROSS: Freshman; J.V.. Varsity Basketball; |.V„ Varsity Football; Band. Monogram Club SUSAN SANDERS: Sec . of Freshman Class; Soph. Class Pres.; lunior Class V.-P.; Secret ary-Treasurer. 1st V.-P. of SCA; Pres., Keyeltes; Homecoming Court; Girls' State; National Honor Society; Ex Com. SCA. IEAN RICUCCI IOAN RILEY GARY ROACH ANITA ROBERTS CARY ROBERTS BEVERLY ROBEY DONALD ROBINSON CECIL ROSS SUSAN SANDERSCHARLES SANFORD MARY SCAFFIDO TFRFSA SCOTT REBECCA SECCURO BONNIE SELF STEPHEN SIBOLD ALLEN SIMS IOHN SIMS SUSAN SLIVINSKI CHARLES SANFORD: Monogram Club; Track Team; Wrestling Team; ICT. MARY SCAFFIDO: GAA; French Club; Thespians; Red Cross; Gymnastics. REBECCA SECCURO Majorette; Soph. Board; Sr Board; V.-P. French Club; Red Cross; V.-P. GAA; V.-P., Pres. French Honor Society; Quill Palm; Keyettes; Thespians; Girls’ State Alternate; SCA Rep. BONNIE SELF. Corresponding Sec. and 2nd V.-P. of FBIA; Campus Life Club. STEVEN SIBOLD ICT. ALLEN SIMS: Track Team. BOBBIE SKEENS Pep Club; VOT. SUSAN SLIVINSKI DECA; DE Queen EARLE SMITH: SURVEYOR Photographer. COMPASS Photographer; FBIA EARLE SMITH IA SMITH DAVID A SNIDER DEBBIE SNIDER RAYMOND SOBOLESKI DAVID SPITTLE EVERETT SQUIRES VICKI ST EE FEY IAN STEVENSON CHARLETTE STOKES DAVIDA SNIDER Kevettes; I atin Club; Quill Palm; Girls' State Alternate; National Merit Scholarship Semi-Finalist DEBBIE SNIDER VOT RAYMOND SOBOLESKI DE; French Club; Red Cross DAVID SPITTLE Froth, |.V., Varsity Football; I V., Varsity Track. EVERETT SQUIRES Interact Club VICKI STEFFEY: V.-P., Pres. FBIA; Thespians; lunior Board; Senior Board. CHARLETTE STOKES: SCA Rep.; Pep Club; Freshman, |V.. Varsity Cheerleader; Red Cross; Modern Dance Club; GAA; Homecoming Queen; Gymnastics; Soph., lunior. Senior Boards; New Breed; Mixed Choir. SHARON STONE V.-P. GAA; lunior Board; SCA Rep.; Red Cross; Drill Team; Pep Club. RICHARD STRICKLAND ICT; Red Cross. CREC SULLIVAN: Frosh. | V. Football; Frosh, |.V., and Varsity Basket ball; Key Club ALEC!A TEEL Red Cross; GAA; SCA Alternate; Pep Club SHARON STONE RICHARD STRICKLAND CREC SULLIVAN ALICIA TEELNORMAN TESSIER BETTY THACKER CAROL TIMMONS WILLIAM TURNER NORM AM TESSIER Sec. Key Club; Secretary-Treasurer Monogram Club; Varsity Math Tejm; Varsity Cross Country and Track. BITTY THACKER VOT. CAROL TIMMONS FBLA PATRICIA TYLER SCA Rep.; Sophomore Board; J.V., Varsity Cheerleader; Pep Club DENISE VALOIS: Pres., Sec.-Treasurer GAA; Pres. S| anish Club; V.-P Spanish Honor Society; German Club; Pep Club; World Events Club; Quill Palm; Chess Club; Girls' State Alternate. BRENDA VARGA ICT: Red Cross; SCA Rep I AM IE VENNON FBLA; lumor Board; VOT. LESLIE VINCIENT: DE. LINDA WATSON: Campus life Club; Pep Club; Red Cross. SCA Rep. Choir; Drama Club; ICT BRENDA VARGA PATRICIA TYIFR DENISE VALOIS IAIMIE VENNON IOHN W ARRENER LINDA WATSON LESLIE VINCINT STEPHEN WALDERSUSAN WEINTRAUB SCOTT WAYIAND MACEO WEBSTER WENDY WENDEROTH PAMELA WILKINS MACEO WEBSTER Senior Board; Pep Club. SUSAN WEINTRAUB: SCA Alternate; Quill Palm; Spanish Club; World Events Club; Chess Club; GAA; Junior Achievement. WENDY WENDEROTH Pep Club; Red Cross; Frosh, J.V. Cheerleader; Chorus; VOT; SCA Alternate. CARLA WHETZU: VOT; Chorus. PAMELA WILKINS: Pep Club. ERIC WILSON: SCA Representative. PATSY WILSON: SCA Rep.; FHA; Sec. Soph. Class; Red Cross; FBLA; Senior Board; New Breed; VOT. TRANCES WISE DE. Pep Club. CARLA WHETZEt ERIC WILSON PATSY WILSON FRANCES W !SEROBERT A VVOODSIOE ROBERTA WOODSIDE SCA Rep.; Red Cross; Gymnastics; lunior Board; Tennis Club. ELINOR YATES SCA Rep.; V.-P World Events Club; Debate Club; French Club. MARY YATES Junior Board. THOMAS YOUNG Fool ball; Crew; Pep Club; Band; SCA Rep.; Monogram Club. ELINOR YATES MARY YATES 36A WORLD TO BE BORN UNDER YOUR FOOTSTEPSLinda Hill BEST LOOKING Danny Macklin MOST ATHLETIC Roxanne Ontko Cary Mier BEST ALL-AROUND Su anne Miller 8,11 Turner 38Susan Sander$ BIST PERSOXALITY Ray Soboleski Claudia Humphries MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED lim HassmerIEEE PARKER President CWENOOl YN CONJEE Vice-President MR. TRICE MR TURNBOW Sponsor Sponsor KAREN CRADDOCK Secretary KELLY MACKLIN Treasurer Sponsors: MISS GRAHAM, MISS HALL J u N XAlti er, William Andrews. Larry Aides. Eugene Baker. Helen Barnes, Darryl Bales. Lawrence Bales, Linda Baxter. Marilyn Beavers, Sieve Behrens, lulia Belk, Constance Belli i, lames Bergeron, Dominique Black, Vickie Blodgett, Deborah Bowen, Douglas Bowen, Ella Bowen, trances Bowling, Sandy Brooks, Kenny 43Brooks. Ricky Brown. Anthony Brown, Peggy Buchanan, Carol Burns. Stephen CamplH‘11, Bernard Carter, Odell Carter. ThomasColbert, Anthony Collins, lames Comeau, Michael Comer, Samuel Compton, George Conner, Linda Con tee, Gwendolyn Cook. Shirley Dixon, lackie Dodson: Linda Donaldson, Helen Dombrowsky, Mina Downey, Agnes Downham, Roller t Dulin, Anne Durrett. Even Edwards, Gregory Enders, Phyllis Everett, Oleatha feaganes, JohnFunn, Lauren Cater, Barry Carreil, Deborah Ginn, Jan Gipson, lerone Greenspan. Kathr r. Greer, hlancy Griffin, Brenda Grimes, Mary Grimsley, Bonnie Gross, Margaret Groves, Lester Gruitl, Robert Haley, fames Hall, Carroll Hall, Elizabeth Hammersley, Gerald Hansen, Michele Hardesler, Donald Harding, CarolynHill, Sandra Hodges, loy Hollins. Romona Hornback, Charles Hover male. Roger Howard. Steve Hudson, lackie Hudson. Linda 48Hutchison, Lind.i Hutchison, Linda Hutchison, Stephen lackson, Su anne Hudson, Richard Hughart, Marilyn Hughes, Barbara Huhn, Linda lackson. Thomas lenkins, Carrs Icnnier. Virginia lessee. Elame lohnson, Ethel loiner, Peggs tones. Frederick tones. Rente nek 49laurez. Richard Kefiet, Randy Keith. Frederick Keller. Dianne Kelley, Ceofirey Kelley. Patricia Kidwell.Karel King. Nancy King. Rickey Knichel, David Knouse. Bub Kolb. Thomas Kwiatkosvski. Chantal Lawrence. Ezzard Lawrence, lames Lawson Craig Lay. Susan Lea. Karen Lee. Gerald Lee. lames 50Liggio, Christine Lomax, lames Lomax, Margaret Lucas, Muriel Lucas, Sylvia McClay, Thomas McClure, Chris Macklin, Kelly McKIveen, Robert Me Knight, Kenneth McNelly, lohnny Magner, Cheryl Manni, Vincent Marsh, Colleen Marshall, lohn Mathews, Louise 51Melvin, Cail Menke. Ray Meyer. Linda Mills. Ruthie Milton, Carl Monno. lohn Montgomery, Gerald Moore, Leo Moran, Martha Munczenski, Constance Monday, Herb Murphy, Andrew Murphy, Chris Murick, David Nalls. Lawrence Nickle, Kenneth Ohler, Cathy Orsini, Rose Ottens, Patti Parker, teffParker. Walter Parks. lanice Pearson. Cynthia Penn, Mike Perkins. Caro Perkins. Thoma-Petty. Frank Poland. Linda Pope, Edith Powell. Brian Powell. Carolyn Preston. Richard Price, George Quintero, Dora Raison, Sue Raphael, Ricardo 53Reese, Steven Rhine, Robert givers, William Roberts, Don Robertson, Ellen Roush, Larry Roy, golx-rt Russ, Charles Russell, Debbie Saunders, Mildred Scafiido, Paul Sea not, Andrew Schnetzler, Katrina Scott, Demce Settle, Ronald Shamburg. Patrick Shaw, lohn Shifflett, Elaine Shifflett, lanet Shifflett, Joyce 54Sirlx-rt. Rosemarie Skidmore, Karen Small, Carnette Smith, Bobbie Smith, Nancy Smith, Virginia Soling i, left S sangler, lanice Spencer. Ann« Spivey, Ossie Sptecher. Richar; Stafford. Shirles Starkey, lo.Anne Strickland. Gloria Strong. Annie Tabor, Lee Tapscott, William Taylor, Linda Taylor, Robert Terry, Shirley 55Tesh, Lyn Thompson, Edward Thorne, fay Tiet , Ursula Tiller son. Mable Trimble, Dan Tristram, Beverly Tritlipoe, Margaret Warner, Ralph Ware. Donna Watkins. Rhonda Wauhop. Pal Troy, Spencer Ulbright, Diana Van Boren. Lorraine Wallace, lohn 56Wilkins, Charles Williams, Paul Wilson, Elizabeth Welchel. Vickie Wells. Zora West, Linda Wheatley. KathsAgnew. lackie Alti er. Patricia Amey, ludi Archie. Cregor, Achilla. Brent ASMl. faye Anh. Laurie Atkins, David Atkins, lack Atkins, Patricia Atkins, Susan Baker, Eugene Baker, Nancy Ballinger, Cary Banks, Bet donna Barr, Sheila Belh i. Ku hard Bennett. Delxxa Bennett, lohn Berry, Edward Berry. Levester Berry, Rolx-rt Bertschmger. Kerry Bishop. Beth Bolton, Christine 59Bonilla, Mercedes Booth, Calvin Bostick. Ida Boulware, Melvin Boyd, ludith Bradley, Bonnie Bradley. Donnie Braun, Meta Breeden, Carol Bulano, Peggy Burroughs, Debbie Butler, Gail Cameron, Don Car done. lommy Carroll, Michael Cha iman, Celestine Chavis, Lawrence Clark, lackie Clark, Linda Cole, lackie Coleman, Keith 60Coir man, Patricia Collins, Debbie Comensky, frank Coppage, Cindy Courtney, Rachel Cutler, Danny Davis, Barbara Davis, lunette Dawson, Margaret Delay, lanet Dellinger, fohn DeVault. Rose DeWalt, Stanley Dick, Shirlie DiCiovanni, Rudy Dixon, Terrence Dollins, Elinor Dougherty, Debbie Dowriey, Brenda Dunaway, Loretta Dunbar, Theresa 61Aita Feavyear, Dennis Feunado, Ana Fields, Mark Finnell, Donna Flanagan, Eddie Fleetwood, Randy Flynn, Terry Fox, Lorrie Fraiser, Donise Francis, Fred Franklin, Thomas Furr, Robert Furrow, Susan Galloway, Laverne Gardiner, Tina Gayness, Fay Gholson, Pat Cillispie, Andrea Ginn, Mary Golden, Linda 62Greer, Carol Greer. Raymond Groves, Anthony Gregory, Kathleen Grundman, Virginia Halcomb, Sharon Hall, Delphia Halter, Geneva Harding, Willie Harrington, Terry Gordon, Sharon Graham, lanet Graham. Keith Cray. Howard Cray. Valerie Harris, Queen Hart. Shirley Haskins, Paula Hassmer, ludy S3Hawakl, loyce Hoad, Kenneth Heislup. Sandra Helsley, Rebecca Henley, Thomas Higgins, Cail Hill, lohn Himes, Stephen Hines, lohn Hitchcock, lohn Howard, Emily Hudson. Dennis Hudson, lacqueline Hughart, Brenda Hughart, leanette Hughes, Harold Humphries. Nanc y Hunt. Sallie Irby. Betty lackson, Carolyn lackson, Rosezel lames, Thea larrett, Dwight lohnson, Martin Iones. Cathy 64tones, Marco tones, Robert lorgensen, Vicki Kendrick, Lucie King, Marcia Kinnett, Gary Knight, Phyllis Krickenberger, Mindyi Lawhorne, William Lewis, Cheryl Logan, Martha Lohr, Richard London, Karen Long, Eddie Lowe, Saundra Lucas, Stephanie McClure, Charlene McCurdy, Linda McKIveen, lohn Me Neely, Ioyce Mackler. Willard Martin, Brian Meade, Roy Meixner, Sheri Miller, Vivian 65Milieu, Harlan Monroe, Rita Montgomery, Debbie Moore, Loreen Moore, lames Moss, Debra Moran, Robert Morgan. Charles Morgan, Debbie Murphy, Frank Muse. Tui Nealey. Dana Norris, Stanley Odie. lames O'Flaherty, Susan 66Patterson. David Patton. Paula Peake. George Persekian, Adel Pevetell, Rusty Phillips. Paula Pinkston. Debbie Plumblee. lohn Porter, Dorothy Preston. BartsaraRose, Clifton Ross. Herman Ross, Victoria Rowland, William Rowzie, Margie Royals, Charles Rucker, Ronald Rucker, Rosalind Sands, Bonnie Schilling, Eric Scully, Penny Scully, Ronald Settle, Bonnie Shifflett, Arthur Shifflett, Christa Shipp, lames Shrader, Melvin Sibold, lanice Simpson, Rick Sims, Evangeline Sims. Lola Smalling, Martha Smart. Susan Smith, Cindy Smith. Mary 68Smith, Ruth Soboleski. Cmd Sorrells, Larry Stanton. Charles Stevens, Barbara Stevenson, lender Stewardson, Steve Stewart, Deborah Sweeney. Lddie Swisher. Barbara Swithenbank, Rhonda Taylor, Cathy Taylor, Cindy Taylor, Sidney Terrell. Teressia Terry, Linda Thompson. Clayton Thompson, Chiton Thorne, Alice Tiller, Yvonne Tilton. William Toland, Sidney Towles, Linda Trano, Lynn Tread, Donna 69Vena. Gaby Vinci. Mary Warner, Sheila Warner, Vivian Washington, Diane Weaver. Patricia Wendt, Margnt Wen , Michael West. Donald 70Wheaton, Wendy While, Outlies Wharam, Alice Wigglesworih, Alice Wildermulh, Victoria Wilkins, John Wilkinson, Theresa Williams, Linda Williams, Linda Willoughby, Chari--Wimbush, lames Winnie, Debra Wirth, fred Wolirey, Larry Worden, Susan Yannofxrulos. Anion - 71 ■ 72 MRS CABBY Sponsor IANET PAYNE Treasurer TERRY STARKEY SecretaryAdams, Charles Adkins, Debra Andrews, Randy Anthony, Kathy Arres, Thelma Ashby, Roger Austin, francis Aw lord, loyce Balm, Laura Baber, Leslie Bailey, Elizabeth Bates, Brenda Baxter, fohn Bazzie, Bobby Beall, lames Behrens, lean Bennett, Glenda Bergeron, Terry Berry, Deborah Best. Avis Bewley, Theodore Beyer, Chris Bolton, Todd Bonfiglio, Ion Boteler, left Breeding, Terne Brittain, Tommy Brown, Lillie Brown, Linda Brown. Patricia Bryant, Sammy Buck, Evelyn Bullock, lames Burlando, lean Burnham, George Burns. Carl Burns, Carolyn Campbell, Dana Cantrell, )ohn Carlson. Tom Carmichael, Curtis Carter, Anna Carty. Walter Castle, Michael Cawood, Shirley Chamberlain, Louis Cheshire, Sara Clark. Walter Clouse. Cathy Coley, Blondie Collins, Bonnie Cordon, Mary Cook, Ethel Cox, Nancy Crampton, David Crocdett, Debra Curtin, Robert Cuttler, Theresa Darrough, Bill Davis, Robin Dawson, Charles Dean. Stuart Dellinger, 73Derrick, Linda DeWall. Muhaol Dial, Nine lie Diaz. Myrna Diggi, Patricia Diggs, Richard Dolan, Mary DombfOiki, Marian Dombrowsky. Raymond Donaldson. Dennis Dooley, Ric hard Dorsey, Phyllis Downham. Chris Dudley, Mary Duiker, lulie Easley, Wench Ebhardt, Robin Edwards. Brenda Edwards. Kenneth Elliott, Alvenia Ellis, Delores Eody, Stephanie Espinosa. Elsy Estes, Herbert Evans, Cail Evans, lohn faulconer, Stephen Forest. Eileen funn, Arthur Gillispie. Kim Gipson, lohnnie Coodnow, Debra Gordon. Marian Graham, Benjamin Graham, Ronald Grayson, Richard Green, Malqueen Green, Stanley Green, Susie Greene, Vanessa Gregory, Diane Gregory, I ill Grimes, Rolsert Guerrero, Vincent Hagan. Robert Hagan, Virginia Hager. Ray Hall, William Hamlett, Dianne Hancock, Dale Hanks, Tommy Harper, Robin Harrington, Laurie Harris. Ophelia Harris, loAnn Harris, Sylvia Harrison, Cayce Hartford, loAnn Harvey, Mike Hatten, William Henderson, Maquita Heneberry. Mary Hensley, Larry 74 Hudson. Anth Hughes. Bob Hughes. Debt Hughes. lack Huhn. Micha Hunt. Ruth Hurst. Henry Hyman. Arlis lac k son, Erma lackson. Phillip Jacobs. Dee Ialley. Stephen lames. Gail lames. Ronald lames. Velma lohnson. Bemad lohnson, Debra lohnson. Mary lohnson. Mike lohnson. Richard lohnston, Sharon tones, Cyndi tones. Debbie lones. Lillian tones, Thomas lurid, lohn Keith. Regina Keller. Daron Kelley. Bonnie Kidwell. Susan Konkel. lim Krebs. Relx-cca I'Abbe, Noel Landgrai. Sandy Laslik. Lewis Lay. Nancy LeCompte. Holly Lefler, Stephan Lewis, Gerry Lewis. Linda Lewis, Sharon Liggio, Mary lane Lilley. Susan Lmgelbach, Gail Lipscomb. Patricia Logan, Valerie Lucas, Alton McCoubrey, Hobby McDaniel, Angela McDonald, Karen McGavran, Barbara McGavran. lim McGrath, Sharon 75McKay. Glinda Macklm, Katie Me Knight. Thelma Magnet. Theresa Malloy. Idell Martin. Brian Matthews. Betty Matthews. Rusty Meade. Sana Meador, lean Meadows. Patricia Meece, Debra Meehan. Anne Mewer, Cindy Mickey. Rita Miller. Cliff Miller. Eugene Mills. Sharon Miron-, Susan Morrison, Marie Murphy, lerome Nashurnter, Mindy Nelson, Donald Newman, Mona Nicely, Percinda Nuckolls. Clifford Ottcns, Edward O more, Thomas Pacilho, Patricia Padgett, Kevin Padilla, Bosco Paredes, Richard Parker, Ronnie Parks. Cindy Pattison. oAnne Payne. Edna Payne, lanet Payne, Laura Perkins, Diane Peterson, Marilyn Petty, Kathy Phillips, Paulette Pinkston. Pam Pitta. Sharon Pope, Patricia 76Poi lor. Lula Powell, Phil Powers, John Proffiti, Caroline Pruitt. Angela Putman, Raye Putman, Sharon Richardson, lames Rk ker, Marianne Rinaldi. Rolrert Rinner. Margaret Rivers. Barl ara Robey, Steve Robinette, Randy Rylander, Rodney Saffell. Laurence Saltsgaver, Cayle Sanders, Kay Sanders, frank Saunders, Larry Saunders, Nelsie Settle. Sharon V il Railey, Mary Randell. Micheal Raskin, Linda Ray. Diane Reid. Donna Rexroat. Su anne Reynolds, Byron Roehner, Linda Rogers, Jeff Rose, Yosie Ro el, Debbie Row ie, Ru hard Roy, Myrna Russell, Cary 77 kK Sheler, Pam Sheppard, Andre Short, Mil hael Silva. Lionel Snow. Debbie Spears, Judith Sprouse, John Stamper, Brenda Stanley, Debra Starkey, ferry Starr, Dennis Strock, dona Struck. Sandra Strother, Lynne Sutherland. Kenny Swanson, Susan Swisher, Cure ha Tosh. Becky Thomas. Dorothy Thomson. Phyllis Thor man, Stanley Tilterson. Kempy Tong, Man Toy, Jonathan Trano. JoAnn turner, Sherman Turner, Steven Tyler, Ruhard Vaughan, Tony Walker, Charlotte Ward, Cary Warren, Russell Washington. Vancine Watson, Marion Webb, Charlotte Webster, Marilyn Webster, Sharon Welchel, Inna West. Cail White, Beatrice White, Susan Whiteaker, Bobby Winbush, Charles Wolrord, Janis Wolrord, Jill Wollrey, Robert Woods, Randy Woods, Sandra Woodworth, Charles Wiener, Tahirih Wilkins, Susan Williams, Doris Williams, Jerome Williams, Richard Wilson, Loretta Wimbush, C eoffery Woodworth, Susan Woolls, James Wooter. Willie Wright, Donna Wright, Patricia Yates, Jeanette Yednock, Patty 7879 80PRINCIPALS MRS TOLBERT AMD DR PARUER DISCUSSING BUSINESS YES. THAT’S RIGHT' 82 EVERYONE IS ENTITLED TO A DAYDREAMADMINISTRATIVE PERSONNEL DEAN HOWARD AND MRS BATES DEAN THURMOND DEAN WILLIAMS S3 MRS. BREEDLOVE MRS WORDENMR BUTTERMARK MRS ALLPORT GUIDANCE DEPARTMENT MISS STARKEY MRS HANEY MR CRAFFEO MISS SMITHMRS SEAY Librarian PERSONNEL AND STAFF Preparing luncn MR BUTLER Custoriian MRS KEY Librarian MRS WELLS Dietician MRS CARR Nurse MRS. CERRY LibrarianSTAFF MRS McLANE 86 MRS BOSWELL MRS TRIVITT MRS HARRINGTON 87ENGLISH DEPARTMENT MRS BLOSSOM MISS CURRIN MRS (LOIR MRS MANSFIELD MISS RASCOt MISS DORRER MRS BURDETTE MR GREGORY MISS REID•Vf SS CUNNIFF MISS BOCCIANO MISS GRAHAM 8990 MRS M ON ROEMATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT MISS KEUNE 91MR MORGAN COL. VAN ORMAN SOCIAL STUDIES DEPARTMENT MR CHRISTIANSEN 92 MRS VAN ORMAN MR SCHREINER93 MR KAPRIVA MR YAKIN MR VOSPIR SCIENCE DEPARTMENT MR. KIRK MRS CABBY MRS. CROSS I ....LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT MR BUSH MRS. EMM MISS HALL MRS EVANS MISS HERRELL MISS GRANT MRS LYNNMR. FREAR MR E f THEMES MR KORNS MR NICHOLS 96 MR FUTRELL MR WRISTONPHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT MRS LACKEY MISS THOMAS 97 MISS RUDERMR DERIGGE MRS GILMORE BUSINESS DEPARTMENT MRS. CINQUEGRANA MRS OAKES 98 MISS HATWOOD MR McGIRK99Industrial Arts Department MR RICER MR TURNBOW MR MUSE MR. HARRIS 100 MR CROVE MR HOLLISMISS ELLIS. Music MR MOSSON. Art FINE ARTS DEPARTMENT MRS DANFORD. Art MRS THOMPSON. Home E( MISS SHIPE. Home Ec jU •x. I , . , 7 ' - v ji Cst. C' ,L------- ■ £f« ((-s ' ' b b 2- .'i ■ y •2 £ V I :'i' ty ' i. r .7 y u vO u -A $ o a » » • '» r V ' • x A tV V I' xrx MX ?■ A li (V ’ k " - - AwJlv! v N V » ™"Tl v " -% Vy x.i-r r , !( • . “ k. r 2'7 TK 102OJx C! I . Us .Anplf f) jflOA6-H1SCA SPELLS "LEADERSHIP" S.C.A. The Student Cooperative Association, the student government of G.IV., works to unite the student body. Under the direction of Miss Anne Thomas and Mr. Steve Six, the S.C.A. worked on many problems of the school, including developing a suitable dress code. • . ce President Susan Sanders President: Margaret RegisterThe Student legislature - First Row: Cindy Parks. Debbie Hughes, [lien Robertson. Mary £vans, Cheryl Lewis. Thea lames. Angelia McDaniel, Marilyn Peterson Second Row. Deblne Winnie. Susan furrow. Lon lorgenson. Carol Mosby. Sully Coo er. I Anne Pruett, Angelia Pruitt, Larry Saunders, lulie Behrens. Brenda lohnson. Su anne lohnson Hurd Row Stan Norris. Laurie Asch. Ian Ginn. Peggy Payne. BarUira Hagan. Elinor Dollins, Carla Rice. Beth Ames Brian Powell. Avis fc‘st, Theresa Foley. Ion Boni'igilio. Fourth R David Patterson. Tom McClay, Don Hardester. Ronald Baker, Wan et. lames Harrison, lohn Me Neeley. Denesi- Randolph, Cra . Lawson. Paul Williams. Ray Soboleski, RoIh-iI Hagan 107The Executive Committee: Margaret Register, Bruce Brunson. Susan Sanders. Karen Craddock, Gwen Contee, Wendy Wheaton, Suzanne Miller. Patty Gholson PRESIDENT'S CLUB The President's C.luh is an organization designed to coordinate school activities. It is sponsored by the SC.A and the members include the top officers of all clubs, classes, and organizations of C.IV. First Row Helen Baker Sndi Graham. Margaret Register. Lori Jorgenson, Su anne Miller. Linda Dodson Second Row lulie Behrens. Claudia Humfthries, Ellen Britt. Sheila Warner. Martha Moran Carol Buchanan Third Row FultonPEP CLUB Responsible for the developing school spirit, the Pep Club sold ‘'pep" tags and decorated the goal posts at football games this year. Co-chairmen Lori forger)son and Den- Randol th. Firsl row: Giro Mosby. Elaine lessee. Cindy Smith. Linda McCurdy. Second row: Eileen forest. Sharon Pitta, lean Behrens, Linda Hutchison. Robin Randell, lulie Duiker, Susan Moore. Stephanie Ecxly. Cindy ones. Third row: C. y e Saltsgaver, Diane Perkins. Debbie Meece. Rotx-rl Hagan. Charlotte Walker. Myrna Roy. Ossie Spivey.BOY'S STATE lim Hassmei, Brute Brunson, and Ben Coffman GIRL'S STATE fun Hassmer tells the tumors alyout Bis ex yeriemes at Boys' Slate. Six girls and throe hoys woro chosen as representatives to Girls' and Boys'State. Traveling to Radford and William and Mary, respectively, they participate in a mock government.F T A Club members - first row: Bobbin Smith. Giro Buchanan. Karel Kidwell. Second row: Susan furrow. Id Reniker. and Li Hall F.T.A. The members of the Future Teachers oi America Club furthered their knowledge and interest in the teaching profession by tutoring. As usual, the club held their annual Teacher's Tea in November. Other projects included: bake sales and working on communit projects. Officers: Harry Panned. Treasurer; Karel Kidwell. Secretary Mrs Blossom, Sponsor; Carol Buchanan. President, and Botsbie Smth Vice-president Officers: Kathy Petty, Secretary; Ossie S wVy, Historian; thnor Yates. President, Vivian Wan a. Vice-president; and Linda Hutchison, Treasurer HOME ECONOMICS CLUB The Home Economics Club, formerly the F.H.A., is primarily for girls interested n learning how to manage a household One of their projects this year was the making • ditty bags for the soldiers in Viet am These bags were turned over to the Red Cross, who filled them and distributed them. Club members - first row: Linda Hutchison. Elinor Yates, laverne Calloway Second row: Vivian Wan a. Kathy Petty. Ossie S wvy, Ramona Hollis and Miss Shipe. sponsor. Ill$ Harlan Millettc, Lorraine Van Bur on, Mike Wen . First Row lack • Rixlney Rylander, Bob tones, lobn Hitchcock, Ld Reniker, Mike De'.'.alt. Mr Harris. CHESS CLUB Check! Drat! These phrases were commonplace in the course of a game in the newly organized Chess Club. Under the leadership of Miss McDonald and Mr. Harris, the club met twice a month. Officers First Row: Barltara Stevens. Treasurer; lulie Behrens. Secretary; Second Row: lohn Hitchcock, Vice-President; Tony Yanno xyulos,, President. Sitting: Barbara Stevens, lulie Behrens Standing: Harlan Millette, Debra Bennett, Miss McDonald. Clenda Bennett. Tony Yanno xjulos Many thrilling chess matches resulted. Sponsor: Mr Tumbow. VOCATIONAL PRINTING The Print Shop this year was freed of one of its many tasks. The Surveyor is now commercially printed so that the Print Shop can focus its attention on the more important job of printing tickets, programs, and pep tags. First Row: William Squires, Gerald Motley. Second Row: Ronald Baker, Melvin Shrader, Thomas McClay, Mr. Tumbow. Third Row: Leo Moore, Larry Andrews, Walter Henderson.KEYETTE CLUB Sponsor Mrs ones The Keyettes Club, sponsored by the Alexandria Ki-Wives, is one of the most valuable service clubs at C.W. Their projects range from decorating bulletin boards, making stuffed animals for Children's Hospital, and serving at dinners to having bake sales and a Daffodil Day. First row: Nancy Humphries, [lien Robertson, Linda Dombrosky. Third row: lulie Behrens. Lottie Fox. Huhn. Cindy Smith. Bonnie Gnmsley. Second row: Martha Moran. Katrina Schnet ler. Denise Scott. Becky Mary [lien Meehan. Carol Mosby. Nancy Smith. Claudia Seccuro. lane Snider, and Barbara Hughes. Humfshnes. Kelly Macklin. Wendy Wheaton. Nina Officers: Susan Sanders, President; Claudia Haynes. Vice-president; [lame lessee. Treasurer; Karen Craddock. Historian; Martha Ridgely, Recording Secretary; and Margaret Register, Corresponding Sec retary.EXTRA! PUBLICATIONS ARE GREAT! Surveyor This year's Surveyor was a huge success. Our paper was printed commercially and the price was lowered. Under the supervision of Mrs. Katherine Elder, the sales were boosted tremendously. Editor-in-Chief: Tony Cooper First Row: Barbara Stevens, Tony Cooper, to Anne Pruitt Second Row: Mike Penn, lackie Buk ham, David Bouk, Linda Watson, Elaine lessee, Keith Ellis, Kathy Greenspan. Third Row. Rita Pettey. Stanley DeWalt, Tony Yanna xiulos, Gary Branham, Kevin McMichael, Paul Allen Sponsor Mrs Katherine Elder 114Little Hatchet The Little Hatchet is George Washington's literan. magaz ne All entries oi poetry and short stories are submitted bv the students through their Ene h teachers. The Little Hatchet really proves the literar geniu of G.W. tditot-in-Chief: Becky Peek First Row: Becky Peek. Chris Bentley. Second Row: Harlan Millette. Steve Killelea. lohn Hitchcock. Ray Durrett.COMPASS 1 Editor-in-chief: Martha Ridgely. i first row: la nice Slangier, Activities Editor; Ben Coffman, Sports Editor. Claudia Humphries, Class Editor. Second row Susan furrow. Asst Activities Editor; Martha Ridgely. Edilor-m-chiel; Su v Worden. Asst Class Editor. Third row: Al Elio Photographer; Cinc i Smith. Asst Class Editor, ami Greg Edssarda Photfjarai h. rSponsor Mr fohn Kerschbaum Contributing staii mom xTS Susan Sanders and Tom M Clay help with art work and photography, rt'S rectivelyANIMATION ADDED TO HALF TIME Drill Team Under the able direction of Miss Nancy joiner, the new sponsor, the drill team has learned many new dance steps. With the addition of flags, this year's drill team was really a thing to remember. Who in the stands could forget the First Ladies' moving rendition of "America the Beautiful'? Kneeling: [lien Butt, Teresa lennmgs. First Row. Brenda Thompson. Nancy Baker, Alice Wigglesworlh, loy Robey, [lame lessee, Colleen Wirlh, Bobbie Smut Vicki orgenson, (lien Robertson, Cathy Braun. Su 1 Worden. Cindy Frere, Celestine Chapman, Carolyn McKee, Gwen Contee, Dixie O'Neil, Kathy Wheatley Second Row: Carla Rice, lanice Parks, Debbie Soboleski, Gloria Tucker. Peggy Payne. Linda Bates. Barbara Hagan. Li Hall. Mar Marshall. Cindy Rich. Linda Hill, lanice Spangler, Jackie Dixon. Carol Mosby, Rosemarie Siberl, Lottie Fox Linda Terry. 0 ers Sitting: [lien Britt. Captain; [ a re lessee, lunior Representative; Lome Fox. Sophomore Representative; Teresa lennmgs. Co-Captain; Barbara Hagan. TreasurerMarching Band and happened to you. Mr Baden'" Too much matching, perhaps' Armed with fantastic new music, this year's marching band scored a direct hit with the student body. The band was asked to participate by the University of Virginia in the thirteenth annual Band Day. On November 2. 1968. the band and drill team went down to Charlottesville, where they performed brilliantly, as usual. Drum Maior Dan Trimble Drum Maior Herb Monday Band Couniil Officers: Silting Andi Graham, President; Cheryl Lewis. Secretary. Linda Poland, Librarian; [linrsr Dollins. Assistant Librarian; Aaron Pearson. Vice President. Lawrence "Bubbles" Dean. Equipment Manager; Steve Comer. Iqui sment Manager.ONCE UPON A TUNE . . Concert Band This year's Concert Band vv is just spectacular! Under the supervision of Mr. Baden, the annual Christmas program was a success. Director Mr Robert Baden Orchestra Under the expert guidance of Miss Susan Ellis, the orchestra presented the Christmas and Spring Concerts. As usual, it achieved its highest expectations. Director: Mm Susan [Illsfreshman Girls Chorus First Row Evangeline Sims. Wary lohnson. Marion Watson. Bernette Gilbert. Sherry lenmngs. Lula Porter. Sharon Speech Second Row Marilyn Webster. Arlisa Hyman. Vane me Washington. Pamela McDonald, Trina Welchel. Vanessa lohnson. loan Miller. Linda Raskin Chorus The voices oi G.W. hath power to soothe the savage beast. And they do! We are proud of the achievements our Choruses have made. Looking back on the year that has passed, vv » can truthfully say that when they passed out voices, G.W. made good choices! Mixed Chorus: First Row: joy Hodges, Debbie Soboleski, Ella Bowen. Sylvia Lucas. Carolyn Hunt. Connie Belk. Debbie Lambeth. Francis Bowen. Second Row: Carol Buchanan. Ellen Britt. Charlette Stokes, Christine Holmes. Third Row: Shirley Cook, Albertha Mitchell, Paulette Marshall. Laverne Galloway. Pam Wilkins, 8ecky Thomas, Ruby Worthy. Gail Butler. Linda Watson, Pat Wauhop. Fourth Row: Brenda CcKhenour. Ilene Moore, Beth Amev. Betts Hoyle, Ian Stevenson. Fifth Row Mike Penn Terry Flynn, Rodger Mickey. Don Smith Sidr Taylor, lim Hassmet. Charles Adams. Sixth Row lackie Ross. Cordc-ll Belk. Phillip Peterson Sidney Toland. Thomas Franklin, lames Bowen Seventh Row: Ra ph Warner. Steven King. Rudh Reese Advanced Girls Chorus First Row: Mane Drummond. Pau'a Phillips. Debbie Morgan. Alice Wharum. Teressia Terrell Second Row: Sallie Hunt. Ellen Robertson, Drema Pack. Susan Reamy. Pat Atkins. Alice Wigglesworth. Queen Harris Shirley Oltens. Teresia Wilkinson. Third Row Cindy Taylor. Annie Gordon. Virginia Grundman. Linda Williams, lanelte Davis. Director: Mr. Bruce Shaffer.RED CROSS WORKS FOR COMMUNIT Red Cross Th(1 Red Cross is one of G.W 's most vital organizations. Each homeroom selects a representative and an alternate who reports to them the club's projects. One of the club's first projects was to collect small items to send to the Vietnamese children First Row Delore $ Ellis. Angelia McDaniel. Carolyn [vans, Pat Meadows, Cindy Soholeski. Ruth A ara, Theresa Dunbar Second Row Relsecca Roberts, Sheri Mexiner, Carol Buchanan, Theresa Wilkinson. Mary [vans. Li Hall, Cindy Parks. Dana Cam phi'll, Yvonne Tiller. Patricia Pope. Third Row: Shelia Warner, Cindy Taylor, lo Anne Pruett. Rohm Randell, Chantal Kwiatkowski, Angie Pruitt. Cathy Taylor, Colleen Marsh, Drema Park, Shirley Stafford Fourth Row: erome Murphy. William Squires, left Parker, Brad Burchett. Debbie Blodgett. Leo Moore, Ray Soholeski, Linda Hutchison. Sponsor fr Gilmore Officers: Sandra Heislup, Treasurer; Linda Dodson. President; Helen Baker, Secretary.I.C.T. The I.C.T. Club of G.W. is a very worthwhile organization. As is true with the other work-study programs, these ambitious students go to school only a half day; the other part oi the day is spent on the job. Some of these students work as nurses aides, mechanics, and other related jobs. Officers: Silt mu - Beverly Mickey. Secretary. City Roberts. President Lmda Conner. Reporter; Ruh.inJ Newhnd. Parliamentarian; Linda Wilson. Sergeant-at-Arms First Row: Linda Watson. Beverly Mickey. Linda Conner, fthel lohnson. Second Row: lohn Marshall, Daniel foxwell. Cary Roberts, Ruhard Newland. and Mr Harris, S tonsor Third Row: Calvin Bates. Robert ehnny». William Rivers. Paul Scathdo. Thomas Wmhush and David KmiheI Sponsor Mr Wilbert Harris 123MEMBERS GET BUSINESS KNOW-HOW FBIA The primary purpose of the FBLA is to develop competent business leadership. I heir activities fall into one of five areas: Increasing Business Knowledge and Skills, School and Community Service, Leadership, Social, and Financ ial. First Row Debbie Collins, Pat Meadows, Helen Baker. Cindy Soholeski, Shella B.ur. fun Dodson, linei Deljy Second Row: Vicki Siel ey, Linda Williams, Norma Miller, Carol Timmons. C arolyn McKee. Margaret Dawson f hircl Row Cad Melvin. Pally Alti er, Shirley Oltens, Peggy lomer Fourth Row Darryl Barnes, Linda Delay. Linda Clark. Linda M( Curdy. Roger Mu key. Brenda Colladay, Brenda Goc henout. Ral di Warner. Sf« n»or Mrs Belly Cmiwgrana and Miss Mars Halwood Officers First Row. Mrs Cinr uegrana, Vicki Steffey, President; Miss Halwood. Second Row. Linda Delay. Secretary; Brenda Cochenout, first Vice-President; third Row Shirley Oltens. Historian; BrencLi Colladay. Treasurer. Peggy lomer. Reporter. S ionsor Mr William Ashley. V.O.T. The Main objective or Vocational Office Training is to instruct students in proper office prac tices and to mtrcxluce them to office work. The big event of the year is the Employer-Employee banquet held in the spring. Firs! row: Bobbie Skeens, Bonnie Miller. Shirley Kennedy. Wendy Wenderoth. Chris Mitchell. Second row: Shelby Haney. Dee Thornton, Rosalind ones. Candy Cavanagh, Gloria Isler. Debbie Snider I hire! row Becky Hoyle. Ruth A ata. Sarny Puryear. Karen Mills. Linda fox. Virginia Callahan, lamie Vennon. Gail Loras Fourth row Alan BaUhellot. oce yn tones. Pat Roth, and lames flesher Officers Pat Roth, treasurer; Bonnie Miller. President; Gloria Islet. Secretary; and Betty Allen. Vne iresident (absent).FirM row: Roger Ewing, Thomas Kolb. Rolrert Booth, lack Scott. Jerome Benlord. Second row: Helen Mankin, Rosie Orsini, Wanda Lemay, Connie Munc enski, Roxanne Ontko, Henrietta Lynch. Pat Kelly. Third row: Gregory Smith. Sheila Hill, Maxine Lucas, Carol Robey. Jackie Hudson, Juanita Threat. Nannie Lovelace. Joyce Heeler, Betty Wooten, Barbara forms, Christine Shilling, flame Cooper. Fourth row Richard Klow. Timmy Carver. Joann Clay. Joyce Shifflett, flame Shifflett. Beatrice Gilbert. Mary Ann Yates. Sylvia Ora . Connie Hensley, Cheryl Magner, Sam Burns. Gerald Hammersly. Filth row: David Cobh, William Tapscott. Roosevelt Lee. Lawrence Bates. Mike Comeau, Bobby Pruitt, lohn Monno. James Asbell, fd Thompson, Andre Chavis, Gerald Lee. D.E. Students in the Distributive Education program attend school in the morning and work in the afternoon. This provides them with an excellent knowledge and understanding of the business world. First row: Mr White, Cindy Kingety, Sandra Heislup. Yvonne Tiller. Joyce Timmons. Second row: Henry Williams, lohn feaganes, fd Flanagan, David Sanders. Third row: Jerry Struck, lames Wimbush. Sponsor Mr White Sponsor Mr MuseOfficer . Roxann Ontko. Treasurer. Ray Soboleski. President; Carl Hatton. Vice-president; lackie Hudson. Secretary. First row: Kevin Morgan. Kathy Miller, Ray George. Second row: Vicky Leiler. Leslie Vincent, frames Wise. Susan Slivinski. Annette Baker. Third row frank Lefler. Gary Roach, Carl Hill, George Balter. Fourth row: Thomas Powers. Ossie Howard, and Charles Dennis. iWORKERS The office workers gained valuable experience by assisting the office staff. Their duties include running errands, answering the telephone, and assisting the administrators in any way possible. library Workers; Firs Row: Donna Tread, Elizabeth Downer. Loretta Dunaway. Debbie Winnie, Christa Shifflett. Carol Breeden Second Row: lohn Bennett, Diane Washington. Robert Hagan, Alan Weintraub, Thomas Henley, Ossie S iivy, Ralph Wan er.Madison House Workers: Carol Buchanan (Mam Office), freddie f ram is. Cathy Cramer. Cathy tones. Monroe House Workers: Cheryl Lewis. Debbie Russell. Cindy Rich, loan Riley, Emily Howard, Vikki Callahan, LaVerne Galloway, Sharon HalcombWORTHY GW-ITES WIN RECOGNITION lac quel in Behrens Mary {lien Bull Henry Cottman lames Hassmer. Historian Claudia Humphries. President Quill And Palm The George Washington High School Chapter of the National Honor Society, The Quill and Palm had much to do for the 1968-69 curriculum. They held c a bake sale and a paperback ')Tea ,rCu,rin book sale. Their objectives include scholarship achievement, development of leadership abilities, understanding character, and service to the school and community. Lindy lackson lo Anne Konkel Suzanne Miller Carol Mosby Margaret Payne. Treasurer Rebecca Securro lane Snider William Turner Denise Valois Susan WemtraubQuill and Scroll The Quill and Scroll International Literary Society is composed of high school tournalists. Each year the G.W. (hapter memlx'rs publish the Prophecy and the Last Will and Testament from information compiled from the graduating class. Officers Martha Ridgely. Vice-President; Tony Cooper, President; and Mary Ballinger, Secretary Treasurer. Sponsor Mrs father Firs! row: Mike Penn, lackic Bun ham. Kathy Greenspan Second Row: David Book lo Anne Pruc-tt, Nina Domhroski Mary Ballinger. Martha Ridg- v and Barbara Hughes. 132French Honor Society To make happier holidays for children at Wilkes Street School, the French Honor Society gave them a Valentine's Day Party. Officers: Claudia Humphries, Vice President. Becky Seccuro, President; flame lessee. Secretary; loanne Konkel. Historian; ludy Hassmer, Treasurer. First Row loanne Konkel, Terry Cox, im Hassmer, flame lessee. Second Row: lacquie Behrens, Claudia Haynes. Becky Seccuro. ludy Hassmer, Claudia Humphries Betty fuller Officers Denise Valois, Treasurer; Nancy Greer. President; Dora Quintero. Vice President 132 Spanish Honor Society One of the main projects this year was the tea for Latin American students visiting the Washington area. At this tea, the members were able to put their knowledge to use in conversing with these students. First Row Bobbie Smith. Nancy Greer Second Row: lamce Spangler. Denise Valois. Dora QuinteroLANGUAGES ENCOURAGE CULTURE French Club Spanish Club The highlight of this year's Spanish Club was the annual Christmas Parly when the pinata was broken, broadening the club's knowledge of Spanish customs. Spanish Club officers: lanice Spangler Treasurer; Denise Vales President; Bobbie Smith, Vice President; Dora Quintero, Secretary First row: Debbie Collins, Karel Kidwell, Bobbie Smith. Second row lanice Spangler, Terry Cox, Mary Cinn. Dora Quintero, Chantal Kwiatkowski Third row: Margaret Markell. Theresa. Foley. Linda Clark, Linda Williams, Chris Liggio, and Nancy Greer 133 French Club members lackie Burcham, Claudia Humphries, ancy Humphries Second row Betty Fuller Terry Cox, Becks Seccuro, lacqui Ferguson, and Linda Williams Officers. Wendy Wheaton. Secretary; Claudia Humphries, President; Becky Seccuro, Vice President, and Nancy Humphries. Treasurer. The French Club, under the direction of Miss Vivian Orms, had severa projects this year. To further their knowledge of the romance language the members saw movies on France and visited a French restaurant and a French church.Phi Epsilon Classical Society The Phi Epsilon Society, formerly known as the Latin Club, changed its name so to include Greek culture. Among its projects was a Saturnalia program at Christmas time. Officers: Loiter Groves. Viro President; Martha Moran, President; Nancy vn Sv( evld,y- Virginia Smith. Corresponding Secretary; and Kelly Macklm. Treasurer Phi Epsilon members lo Ann Starkey, Pat hckinger, Karen Skidmore, Lon lorgenson Second row: Churk While. Kelly Macklin. led Keeler, Gail [vans. Nancy Smith Third row: Mike Penn. Mark holds, fane Snider Martha Moran. Alice Wiggles-worth. Debbie Rosie! fourth row: frank Alexander. Virginia Smith, lim Lawrence, Dan Trimble, Lester Groves. David Bouk. Martha Ridgely, Margaret Register. and Gary Me Daniels. German Club This year the German Club's annual project of baking gingerbread houses was a great success. Did anyone notice an extra pound or two on the members after the bake salei German Club officers: Cathy Braun. Secretary; lulie Behrens President; Hz Hall, Treasurer; Henry Coffman. Program Ch Elizabeth Downer. Vice President. ' First row: Terry Harrington, lean Behrens. Cyndi I ones, Colleen lude. Bill Hall. Gaby Vega. Elien Rotted son. Mrs. [mm Second row: Cheryl Lewis i Marie Morrison, ma Dombroski. Karen Craddock. Kenneth Edwards. Denise Valois. Meta Braun. Ion Bonfiglio, Lionel Silva Third row: Lee Tucker. Vafes Chandler. Boh Rhine, Larry Andrews. Brian Powell. Charles Hotnback. Henry Coffman. Eric Schilling, and lohn Dellinger 134"TO ACT OR NOT TO ACT" Thespians The Thespians, G.W.'s honorary drama society, represents the dramatic talent in the school. Its purpose is to keep dramatic standards high at G.VV. and promote interest among students. Officers Clifton Thompson, Secretary; Becky Seccuro, President; Bonnie Higgins, Clerk. First Row: lacqu Ferguson, fackie Burcham Second Row: lim Collins. Bonnie Higgins. Rita Pet ley. Claud j Haynes. Yates Chandler Third Row: Christine Schreiner. ancs King, Cindy Tay ■ Barbara Hughey Becky Seccuro. Cary Branham, Clifton Thom;.- ■DEBATE CLUB The debate membership consisted of students who wished to learn the procedures and fine points of debating. The topic this year was "Resolved: That the U.S. Should Establish a System of Compulsary Service for All Citizens." Sponsor Mrs Kathrine Elder Debate members: First row: lean Borlando, Chris Beyer, lo Marie Morrison, Barbara Stevens, Bonnie Collins, Wendy Wheaton, Patty Cholson, Chris Bently. Second row Richard luare . Dan Trimble, Tony Yannofxnilos. David Book, anrl Harlan Millette. IT'S ACADEMIC The participants of G.W.'s "It's Academic" team displayed much knowledge and ability to formulate quick answers. 136 Team members: Jeff Parker, Jim Collins, Debbie Blodgett, and Ellen Robertson.MONOGRAM CLUB The Monogram Club creates and maintains interest in athletics at school. Each varsity lelterman is a show plate of C.W.'s athletic standards. Officers: Norman Tenter. Secret-. Treasurer, Terry Meece. Vice Presided and Frank Hovermale. President First row: Stuart Ellis, Mike Penn, Ben Coffman, Terry Meece Randy Worden, Norman Tessier Second row Ervin Phi I lifts, lohn Cottle, frank Hovermale. Tomm. Morgan. Richard Simpson. Amos Sims Third row: Gerald Comisky. Danny Macklin, Bruce Brunson Mike Ralterree, Paul Allen, and Phil Me Cone hie A A officers: Gail Butler, Secretary-Treasurer, Sheila . amer. President; Dorothy Porter. Vice President; -mpy Tiller son. Point Recorder. G. A. A. The Girls' Athletic Association, under the direction of Miss Karen Ruder, is one of C.W.'s most active organizations. The members participate in many intramural sports after school each week. First row: Kempy Tiller son Marilyn Petersen, Carlene White, Sharon McGrath. Bernette Gilhen Second row: Shelia Warner. Ethel Cook, Martha Chandler, Gail Butler, Dorothy Porter . • Raskin. Bernadette lohnson. Third row Dora Miller, Diane Washington. Rachel Courtnes Quee Harris. Cathy lones, Gloria Tucker. Charlene Scales. CIma McKty.o SPORTSHAVE THEY GOT THAT SPIRIT? YEAH, MAN! I V. Cheerleaders -Sheri Meixner, Carnelte Small, Rohm Rogers, Lauren Funn, Wendy Wheaton, Cindy Cop sage. Nancy Humphries. 140 Charlette Stokes - Football captainKatrina Schnel ler Claudia Haynes Shirley Cook Freshman cheerleaders - Katie Macklin, Linda Lewis, Sharon Sfseech, Bonnie Kelley, lerry Cutler Karen Craddock Ian CinnBruce (itunion, 12, ami Ervin Phillips, 62. crown the 1968-69 Homecoming Queen, Miss Charlette Stokes. Senior Attendant - Miss Cathy Braun Senior Attendant - Miss Susan Sanders Senior Attendant - Miss Susan McGowanlunior Attendant - Miss Karen Ctadc • • Junior attendant -Miss Rosemarie Sirhert Sophomore attendant - Miss Cheryl Lewis Freshman attendant - Miss Linda Lewis Sophomore attendant — Miss Patti Atkins Freshman attendant - Miss Holly Le CompteG.W. GAINS VALUABLE EXPERIENCE 145147Schedule Williams Opp. 10 Wakefield 58 O'Connell 44 Hammond 14 W L 19 Ireton 0 York town 33 GW. 12 7 6 0 0 Forfeit 1 0 Coaches: Mr Don Futrell and Mr. Iim Nichols J.V. MEETS HARD COMPETITION I.V. Footfall, Firs! row - 62 - Don Bradley, 13 - Iim Lee, 60 - Eugene Baker, 61 — Cary Kinnett, 83 — Bryan Martin Second row - 10-Levester Berry, 65 - Howard Cray, 22 - Harold Hughes, 54 - Tom Williams. 30 - Nick Bergeron. 71 - Iim Odie. Third row - 50 — Clayton Thompson, 42 - Herbert Estes, 21 - Ed Collins. 5b - lerome Cipson. 25 - Terry Hayes. 72 - Charles Stanton.Freshman football first Row: 22 - Bob Hughej; 78 - Thomas Ozmore; 50 - Cary Russell; 84 — Tommy Ricei; 21 — Raymond Domhrowsky; 52 — Ion Bonfiglio. Second Row David Haynes; George Tong; Arrnm Tong. (jO — Darryl Stanton; 12 - Ricky Williams, 21 - Tom tones; 20 - Robert Crimes; 62 - William flatten; 65 - Robert Roberts; 67 - Leslie Balter; 67 -lerome Williams; Chucky McKinney, Mgr Third Row: IB - George Burnham; 50 - Ken Idwatds; JO - lames Carroll; 73 - Clifford Nucholls; 87 - Don Smith; 72 - Allen Mier; 82 - lohn Sprouse; 24 - farl Cook; 71 - Louis Lastik; 85 - Charles Winbush. 83 - lerry Rhoades. Fourth Row II - Rusty Reynolds; 71 - Bill Darrough; 18 - Charles Adams; 32 - Darryl Hardy; 29 - Eddie Clark; 84 - Dale Odie. 80 - Mike lohnson. JUST FOR KICKS Williams Schedule Opp. 13 G.W. 7 Hammond 7 6 O'Connell 0 6 Hammond 7 13 Carroll 28 14 Ireton 24 13 Episcopal 19 1b Coaches: Mr Mike Graffeo and Mr Don RobertsVarsity Football: First Row - 13 —lackie Ross; 71 - Frank Hovermale, 41 - Ben Coffman. 20 - Bill turner. 78 - Tom Morgan. 12 - Bruce Brunson. .54 - Paul Allen. 75 - Cary Himes. Second row - 25 -Henry Ortiz, 34 - Cary Mier, 81 - terry Meece, 62 - Ervin Phillips, 55 - Larry Bates, 65 - Danny Macklin, 60 - Keith Cross. Third row - 40 — Butch Manni. 65 — Arthur Shifflett, 24 — Alan Holmes. 23 — lim Collins, 32 - Bernard Camplx-ll. 83 - Ray Menke, 10 - Ronald Rucker. 51 - Richard fuatez. Fourth row - 22 - feff Parker. SO - Rick Simpson. 80 — torn Franklin. 11 — Steve Burns. 70 — Lynwood Robinson. 74 - Paul Ebhart. 64 - Ken Menke. 30 - Gary Slack. Opp. G.W, Ft. Hunt 20 12 Williams 13 6 A. Low is 32 6 Mt. Vernon 40 18 O'Connell 33 6 Hammond 14 0 Ireton 7 72 York town 47 0 Wakefield 19 0 W L 4b 6 Coaches: Mr. Fred Yakin; Mr Mickey Simpson. Head coach; and Mr. Richard Korns. 150Coach Mr. Tom Wriston Schedule Opp. G.VV. Ft. Hunt 57 67 Edison 59 65 Ann,indale 72 70 Oak Hill 60 73 Hammond 29 52 Wakefield 77 58 Williams 55 52 Yorklown 68 75 Ml. Vernon 52 75 W L 37 47 O'Connell 50 80 Ha mmond 63 86 Ire ton 67 78 Wakefield 77 70 Williams 49 65 Yorktown 68 67 W L 48 67 O'Connell 71 89 District Tournament Williams 48 67 Wakefield 67 60 Thomas Jackson Greg Sullivan Teddy LewisIS IT A JINX, ONE POINT, ONE SECOND?BABY PREXIES ON ROUTE TO STATE IN 70 Kneeling: 24-dll Milton; 10-fulton Patrick; 20-Melvin dtroll; U-Arthur Marshall;42-Wilham Davidson; 40-Keith Cross; 14-Johias Gregory Archie; Maurice Diggs Standing Coach Mr George lohnson; 44-Rosier Wait; 22-lames dr roll flthemus; tO-Gary Ballinger; 32-Keith Coleman; 12-levester Berry. Schedule Opp. G.VV. Ft. Hunt 50 56 Edison 44 46 Annandale 30 49 Oak Hill 46 73 Hammond 50 67 Wakefield 54 62 Williams 58 59 York town 52 65 Mt. Vernon 35 50 W L 53 66 O'Connell 67 80 Hammond 47 60 1 reton 45 56 Wakefield 66 75 Williams 42 46 York town 51 49 W L 62 67 O'Connell 42 66 District Final Williams 37 49FRESHMEN ACHIEVE ALMOST PERFECT SEASON Schedule Opp. G.W. O'Connell 40 59 1 reton 31 54 Hamond 33 47 Williams 26 32 Episcopal 52 14 Episcopal 68 21 O'Connell 25 57 Ireton 49 48 Hammond 30 47 Williams 46 50 Kneeling: 14-Lewis Chamtx'flain; 10-Mu hael lohnson Second Row: 10-Ru ky Williams; ones; 4-Bernartl Hunter. 20-Philhi Pearson; lO-lerome luti hy Third Row: 14-Mike Shoitt; 42-limmy Boswell; I2-I)arryl Hard) 40-[ khe Clark. 12-lohn Baxter; 24-Heiheit (slit. C'Mih Sir Mike Cralleo Howard Km.ildi Couch: Mr Sieve Six AI Ella NEW RECORDS SET THIS SEASON lim Hassmer Managers lohn Hill and Marlin lohnsonVar. Schedule Opp G.W Irelon 28 30 O'Connell 27 29 Yorklown 30 27 Williams 37 18 W L 23 33 Wake. Invit. Hammond 27 28 Wakefield 26 33 IV. Schedule Opp. G.W. Irelon 22 34 O'Connell 16 46 Yorktown 25 34 Williams 31 22 W L 23 32 Hammond 36 20 Wakefield 79 42 Randy Worden set record at T.C. meet. Stuart Ellis Uark fie( { , Sun Moms, an Y (ted francos First Row: Mike lereba; Richard laure ; frank Glascoe; lames Odie; Waller Reaves. Second Row: Harold Hughes; Frank Hover male; Tony Yanno xsulis; Tom Morgan; Roosevelt Lee; Stanley Norris. VARSITY WRESTLERS SHOW PERSONAL ABILITY Season Notes - Varsity Only two Seniors; Hovermale and Morgan; Co-captains. Harold Hughes in first year was City Champion. Future champions: C lascoe 7-5, Reaves 3-2, and Hughes 6-5. Season Notes - I.V. Three eighth graders; Odie, Lee, and Banks. Captain Lynwood Robinson had 9-3 season with six pins.J.V S PREPARE FOR VARSITY COMPETITION Var. I.V. Schedule Herndon Home Falls Church Home W. Springfield 1 lome Langley Away O'Connell Away W L Home Williams Away Ireton Away Wakefield Away Lee Home Hammond Away York town Away firM Row: Lloyd Loo; Roscoo Banks; Carlton Dowhony. Swond Row: Lindoll Odio; Tom Major; Tom franklin. Lynwood Robinson; Ld Oltons.CANDIDATES FOR VARSITY BASFBALl 163SLAM, BANG, SLIDE ,T'S a HOME RUN! Varsity Schedule Hammond Ireton Wakefield Williams York town W L O'Connell Hammond Ireton Wakefield Williams York town W L O'Connell Home Away Home Away Home Away Away Away Home Away Home Away Home HomeI V. Schedule Hammond Ireton Wakefield Williams Yorktown W L O’Connell Hammond Ireton Wakefield Williams Yorktown W L O’Connell Away Home Away Home Away Home I lome Home Away Home Away Home Away Away iVITH BAT AND BALL IN HAND, PRACTICE BEGAN 165 CANDIDATES FOR IUNIOR VARSITY BASEBALLPREXIE RIVER RATS OUT-PACE COMPETITORS SENIOR EIGHT Daniel Macklin, Laurence Fox. Ervin Phillips, Gerald Comiiky, Wiliam Turner. Donald Hardester, Ruhard Simpson. Rotten Haym‘s. Cox - Michael Tereba THIRD EIGHT Paul Rice. Keith Ellis. Damn Keller. Robert Matt hows, fames Register, Stanley Norris, led Keeler. Frederick Francis, Cox - Robert Rinaldi. 166 CRfVV SCHEDULE T.C Williams Hammond IV L. and Stuart T C Williams fort Hunt 1st eight goes to Annapolis fort Hunt City Championship Northern Virginia Championship Stoteshury Regatta National Championship Alexandria Potomac Boat Club Alexandria Potomac Boat Club Alexandria Washington Philadelphia Washington IUNIOR EIGHT Brian Powell, lames Bazzle. Raymond Menke, Stephen Robey. Donald Smith. William Darrough, Eric Schilling, leflrey Parker. Cox - fulton Patrick LIGHTWEIGHT EIGHT: Marlin lohnson, Michael Huhn. lohn McKIveen, Mark fields. Kenneth Edwards. Charles Russ. Charles frete. fulton Patrick. Cox - Michael TerebaSENIOR FOUR lohn Coble, Greg Berlsc hinger. Stuart Ellis. Alan Ellis. Cox - Charles Rio IUNIOR FOUR ora Wells. Davirl Andrews. Anthony Segretto. Richard Belliz i, Cox - Phillip Norris CAPTAIN: Cerald ComiskCoach: Mr. Don Tut roll Schedule Mt. Vernon Wakefield O'Connell Williams York town Edison W L I reton Hammond District Tournament Regional Tournament State Tournament Away Away Home Away Away Home Away Home Away TENNIS ACQUIRES NEW COACH, NEW TALENT First Row: lackie Coles. Ron Scully. Harlan Millettc. Second Row Bill Crouch. Cliff Ion Thompson, George Beall Third Row: William Tilton, Mike Wen, Larry Hams. Tony Yanno xwlosVICTORY'S THE GOAL FROM BLOCKS TO WIRE Schedule Har ringer Relays W L O'Connell Alexandria Relays Yorktown Alexandria City Meet Ireton Hammond Invitational Williams Hammond District Meet Wakefield Regional Meet State Meet IV L Home Away Home Home Episco sal Home Home Home Away Williams Home leffersonnrli First Row: Bruce Brunson; Aaron Pearson; Steve Wilder. Glenn ude. Chamberlain. Ken Nickel, lames Odie. id Long Mike Ratterree Ben Co Ilmen. Dave S utile. Norman lessier; Second Row: ohn frank Hovermale, Bill Lynch. Lynsvood Robinson. Mike Thomas Gipson. Clifford Nik kies. Mike Short!, lerome Murphy. LewisMmm W'■■■'■ mm mM ;:V V ; ’ $ .LAV 1-PATRONS Ray's lewelry Sarah Six Mr. and Mrs. Elton B. Hassmor Mr. and Mrs. David L. Krebs judge and Mrs. Daniel Fairfax O'Flaherty The G. C. Ridgely Family BURKE HERBERT BANK TRUST COMPANY Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation COMPLETE BANKING SERVICE: Checking Accounts—Savings Accounts Loans. Ail Types -Banking By Mail Collection Facilities—Christmas Savings Travelers Checks—Safe Deposit Boxes Trust Services—Stock Sales and Purchases The Oldest Bank in Virginia MAIN OFFICE King and Fairfax Streets Personal Loan Dept -1828 Duke Street BRANCH OFFICES King and Washington Streets 306 East Monroe Avenue 1828 Duke Street 5731 Telegraph Road We Pick Up and Deliver "Satisfaction Guaranteed" VILLAGE CLEANERS Cleaning, Shirts, Loundry and Rugs Mt. Vernon Ave ond Herbert St. E Y. Walter Kl 9-1555 Noel Walter Tt O-Olca H Mt PMC’.l Kl P 0371 Qlowtx [ait JCOO- MT VKHNON AVE ALCXANDHIA VA t-« m»r row . ftx S -AT WMS CA'. Nt.LH S .V DCC CARMALE 174Congratulations to the CLASS OF 7969 Old Dominion Printing Company 520 NORTH FAYETTE STREET ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA Telephone 836-1285 FUELOIL SWING NOftTHUN VtKDHi FOt 75TUM — iM( GfNcr ini s oh oil luiNtn — • M(«ui MiMMiat M «M Kun • M l.l ■» • wwm « »» THOMAS J QC7AA MimwMTV 7 ) i vv »a OIL BUHNERS RADIO DISPATCHED BUDGET SALES - SERVICE EQUIPMENT PAYMENTS Aitcheson Fuel Company, Inc. Established 1882 205 South Strand Street NAT10NAL-U. S. RADIATOR L ENNOX HEATING HEATING COOLING AND COOLING SYSTEMS SYSTEMS COAL FUEL OIL HOT WATER HEATERS ROOFING AND LIQUID LAWN AUTOMATIC GAS OIL GUTTERING FERTILIZER Plant: 205 South Strand Street Alexandria, Virginia Phone: Kl 9-2214 175Come see the making of power Vepco’s first commercial atomic power station is now under construction in Surry County, Virginia. In the new Information Center overlooking the site, you will sec an excellent slide presentation, fascinating exhibits, and a working model of the reactor. (And from the balcony, you can watch them assemble the real thing.) ()|K n 10 AM to 4 PM Monday through Saturday and 1 PM to G PM on Sunday. For tour information call 771-3194 in Richmond. Vepco more power to you... at less costBig Ed's Speed Shop 1334 POWHATAN STREET ALEXANDRIA, VA TE 6-8447 TE 6-6266 COMPLIMENTS OF Cunningham Funeral Home, Inc WILLIAM W. CUNNINGHAM W. BEVERLY MOUNTCASTLE LILLIE V. CUNNINGHAM A. K. ROYSTON Cameron and Alfred Street Alexandria, Virginia KI 9-1800 Zavarella's Music SALES REPAIRS RENTALS 3»OI.A MT. VERNON AVE. ALEXANDRIA. VA. 22305 548 0720 178HERBY'S, INC. Your Ford, Falcon, Thunderbird Dealer 1 600 Duke Street Phone: Kl 9-0374 King 9-7200 722 King Street Alexandria, a (jfonaralulaltoiw to of 69 Music Arts Center ALEXANDRIA, VA. FALLS CHURCH, VA. 836-4340 532-8418 SCHOOL OF MUSIC • SHEET MUSIC DEPT. REPAIR OF INSTRUMENTS • ACCESSORIES INSTRUMENT SALE AND RENTAL 179Congratulations to the Class of '69 Mr. Mrs. Joseph H. Saunders Mr. Mrs. Charles A. Pearson, |r. W. A. SMOOT CO. INC. Lumber, Bldg. Materiols, Millwork Custom Woodworking 549-0960 1201 No. Royal St. Alexandria, Va. Beginning Our Nineteenth Year of Servile for the Community PRESCRIPTIONS CALLED FOR AND DELIVERED BALLANCE'S DRUG STORE Phone TEmple 6-4444 2103 Ml. Vernon Avenue Reg. No. Alexandria. Va. 4414 There’s more to college than just books. Bills, for instance. But talk to the team at the Pacesetter Bank. We’ll loan you the money you need for the education you need. United Virginia Bank First Citizens National Serving Alexandria, Arlington Fairfax County 549-3000 Member FDIC 180CHARTER COACHES GROUP SIGHTSEEING AB W General Information 549-7800 Transit Co. Charter Department 836-4500 :s:Styled For Tomorrow! FOR ALL AGES . . . Complete Homefurnishings You can buy with confidence when you select the fine furniture for your first home or apartment with the full knowledge that it will cost no more at Barnes! AND REMEMBER . . . 27 Years Serving The Washington Area arnes OF VIRGINIA ALEXANDRIA MANASSAS 2525 Mt. Vernon Ave. OV 3-4330 936 Centreville Rood EM 8-2147 VIENNA 419 Eojt Mople Ave. 938-04501849-1967 118 Years of Service COMPLIMENTS OF EVERLY - WHEATLEY FUNERAL HOME 1500 W. Braddock Road Kl 8-9200 Kl 9-0038 HADEED RUG CARPET CO. Specialists CLEANING-SALES-SERVICE Phone Kl 9-1604 1502 Mt. Vernon Ave. Alexandria. Va. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1969 Fairlington Pet Center 1515 Quaker Lane Alexandria, Virginia 548-2113 183Alexandria 1 National BA]N K. 1904-1969 - Our 65th Anniversary To reach any of our 8 convenient locations Dial 548-1500 330 N. Washington St. (Main Office) Washington National Airport 4651 King St., Alex. (Claremont Branch) 326 King St., Alex. (King Royal Sts. Br.) 1705 Fern St. Alex. (Northwest Branch) 833 S. Washington St., Alex. (S. Wash. Br.) 4601 Duke St., Alex. (West End Br.) Commonwealth Ave Walnut St (Rosemont Branch) Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 184VISIT YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD NORGE LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANING VILLAGE 1509 Mt. Vernon Ave. Professional Dry Cleaning Coin Operated Dry Cleaners — Washers and Dryers And Save Money Sr Congratulations to the Cla of 1969 from George M. Farrell Company Rt. 2 Box 700. Annandale FL4-7052 Benda 11 Pontiac, Inc. 1625 Prince Street Alexandria, Virginia Phone 683-1600 Virginia’s Largest Pontiac Dealer DRIVE THROUGH CLEANERS LAUNDERERS main plant offices Alfred of Oronoeo Sf'eef ALEXANDRIA Other Polly Prim Loccticns m NORTHERN VIRGINIA ARLINGTON No Foirfo Drive Of Stofford St ANNANDALE Next to the Super Giont McLEAN m the Super G'ont Shopping Center ARLINGTON TOWERS on the Moll m the Tyler Bldg HUNTINGTON TOWERS Eost — Center — West Bldgs SAME DAY SERVICE 549-1357 524- 5338 256-6800 356-4455 525- 4655 548-0100 185Servin'! the area with AUTOMATED BUSINESS SERVICES LARGEST COMMERCIAL IRM MTST FACILITY ON THE EAST COAST MTST SHOP • AUTOMATIC TYPING OF: Letters and Envelopes (with quantity breakdown) Manuscripts Resumes Envelopes • AUTOPEN FOR YOUR OWN SIGNATURE • 19 MTST'S AVAILABLE TO MEET YOUR NEEDS • MANY TYPE STYLES TO CHOOSE FROM DIRECT MAIL • AUTOMATIC ADDRESSING • CHESHIRE LABELING • MECHANICAL INSERTING • CUSTOMER LIST'S MAINTAINED • IBM SCRIPTOMATIC • COMPLETE FULFILLMENT SERVICES COLD-TYPE COMPOSITION • BOOK PREPARATION • BROCHURES • CATALOGUES • FORMS • NEWSLETTERS • NEWSPAPERS • PROGRAMS • YEAR BOOKS • COPING SERVICE PICKUP AND DELIVERY SERVICES AVAILABLE 542 South 23rd Street Arlington, Virginia 22202 CALL ME AT 684-4610 186BEST WISHES AND SUCCESS TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1969 GEORGE WASHINGTON HIGH SCHOOL P -UE £ G £££ G GGMGMr 2316 Jefferson Davis Highway Alexandria, Virginia 22301 c ftcstajidAui tfUfuil tjo 11 x . , £ = = £ xt =3 osGaocococ 5S?5v5 I 1-5-5 =! § I- ocsoococaoaooocGcciCO 2 1 | rv . .£ , K. i „ £ ? 1 . £-5 C j: - 1 c x 55|5C 3 ic ixS aC a w 7 . „ SS t! ■■£ • s -s - x 5 : § I 8 § 81 555q5o 3 ,©•1 3 £ 1 5 , £ 1 Jill s. "w . -a -: -. . "i 5 2-£- -C -C-c-2-3-3 ,vU O'oUUUUUUUU UUOv J 3 "» 9 “S aaoa _ SO' ». 5 »a _ o £ 2 3 S £8- o9VSS' , - ,7 2 372 , ST.scS-fisiT'S'I - '7 'i 1 ul "- x 5.? !n,5 17 I 3 3 S' 5 2 4 £ 1 3 11111 — .X fS fS Q £ C CC CC CO -0 CC CQ ifll BJ! I3 S|1 =a x -B C W C£q - 1‘jUri c : 3 3 £ £ £ £ S1- : -1' - c x-? gfSfiS 2 113 3 3 3 2 CQ CC CC CC 3 1 . 1 j I Sc I 1 -5 111 l!!,vl'|S l 1 i « 111 X-C. '-C j: w- 03 ssJ. ,3 , V | rs Skills1 i«l5 3| T i, C Kiiffl S o-LlU . 4sCS sl X 3 .... 3 5-3 "5 £ £ c £ £ 23333332 CCCQCQCQQQCQCCCC s i 13=11 egaS: j S c s.j 1 s a v: lx «l • 2 2 £ S -S •3 =£ =£ XXX Z 3- •O ■ - I SSIj’S 5£?l2 ii .j i. 3 C C C l-lllj xxx xx £ 3 5 JRSi 2 1 ,T 1 ' $ -£ 78 « i."c i- C 1 I . I . • 1 §5, iiiV-3 g 3-«35 | | tg | | XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX i :r-xxa x 3 C i £ t c-e-Tl ■3322 Si5 jQil X 33 See 8E8 CQ CQ CQ 5 £££££ £ it - Jitit; SQacaoaeaascsoaoeoEverett. Oleatha - 46 Ewing. Roger — 126 Faulconer, Stephen — 74 Feaganes. lohn — 46. 126 Feauyear. Dennis - 62 Ferguson, lacciwline — 46. 1)3, ns Feurtado. Ana - 62 Fickinger. Patti - 46. 114 Fields. Mark - 62. 114 Finnell. Donna — 62 Fischman. Darlene - 21 Fisher. Dorothy - 46 Flanagan. Irklie - 62. 126 Fleetwood. Randy - 62 Flesher. lames - 125 Flood. Evelyn — 46 Flynn. Terry - 62. 121 Foley. Teresa -21. 107. I)} Forest. Eileen - 74. 109 Forties. Barbara - 46. 126 Fox. Linda -21. 125 Fox. Lorrie - 62. Hi. I IB Foxwell. Daniel -21. 12) Fraiser. Donise - 62 Franc is. Fred - 62. 129 Franklin. Thomas - 62. 121. ISO Freear, Diane - 46 here. Cynthia - 46. I IB Fuller. Betty - 46. 133 Funkhouser. Michael - 22 Funn. Arthur — 74 funn, Lauren - 47 Furr. Rolx'rt - 62 Furrow. Susan - 62. 107. III. II6 Cater. Barry -47 Callahan. Vikki - 21. 121) Callahan. Virginia - 21. 12S Galloway. Laverne - 62. III. 121. 129 Gardiner. Tina - 62 Garrett. Deltorah - 47 Gayness, Fay - 62 George. Ray - 127 Geter. Terry - 21 Gholson. Pat - 62. 108 Gilhi-rt. Beatrice — 126 Gillx'it, Bernette - 121 GiUispie, Andrea — 62 Gillispie. Kim - 74 Ginn. Ian - 47. 107. 141 Ginn. Mary - 62. 13 3 Gipson, lerome - 47. I4B Gipson, lohnnie - 74 Gochenour, Brenda - 21. 121 Golden, Linda - 62 Golladay, Brenda - 21 Goodnow. Debra - 74 Goodrich. Mary - 22 Gordon, Anne - 22, 121 Gordon. Marian - 74 Gordon. Sharon - 6 3 Graham. Andrea - 22. 108. 119 Graham. Benjamin - 74 Graham, lanet - 63 Graham, Keith - 63 Graham. Ronald - 74 Gray. Howard - 63. I4B Gray. Norman - 22 Gray. Valerie - 63 C.reenspan, Kathryn - 47. 114. 1)1 Greer. Carol - 63 Greer. Nancy - 47, 133 Greer. Raymond - 63 Gregory. Charles - 22 Gregory. Kathleen - 63 Griffin. Brenda - 47 Grimes. Mary - 47 Grimes. Robert - 149 Gnmsley, Bonnie -47. Ili Gross, Margaret - 47 Groves, Anthony - 63 Groves, Lester -47, 134 G.ruill. Rolserl - 47 Crundman. Virginia - 63. 121 Hagan. - 22. 107. I IB Hagan. Robiut - 107. IV). 128 Halcomb. Sharon - 63, 129 Haley, lames - 47 Hall. Carroll - 47 Hall. Del rhia - 63 Hall. Eli aln-th - 47. 111. 118. 122. 134 Hall. William - 134 Halter. Geneva - 63 Hammerstey, Gerald - 47. 126 Haney. Shelby - 22. 125 Hansen. Michele - 47 Harcbster, Donald - 47, 107 Harding. Carolyn - 47 Harding, Willie — 63 Harold. Kathe - 48 Harrington. Terry - 63 Harris. Queen - 63, 121 Harrison, lames - 22. 107 Hart. Shirley — 63 Haskins. Paula - 63 Hassmet. lames - 22 39 121. 130 Hassmer, ludy — 63 Flatten. William - 149 Hatton. Carl - 48. 127 Hatton. Diane — 22 Hawaii!, joyce - 64 Hayes. Terry - 148 Haynes. Claudia - 48. 113, 1)5 Haynes. Rolsert - 48 Head, Kenneth - 64. 146 Heeler, loyce - 22. 126 Heislup. Sandra - 64, 126 Helsley, Rebec ca - l 4 Henback, lohn - 48 Henderson. Walter — 22 Henley, Thomas — 64. 128 Hensley. Connie - 48, 126 Hernandos, ana - 48 Higgins. Bonnie - 23. 135 Higgins, Gail - 64 Hill. Carl - 127 Hill, lohn - 64 Hill, Lirxla - 2). 38. 118. 142 Hill. Sandra - 48 Hill. Sheila - 126 Himes. Cary - 150 Himes, lohn - 64 Himes, Stephen - 64 Hines. Donald - 23 Hitchcock, lohn - 64, 115 Hitt. Linda - 2) Hodges, loy - 48. 121 Hollis, Rornona -48. Ill Holmes. Alan - 23. 150 Holmes. Chrislini• - 121 Hornback. Charles -48. 134 Hot tie. Edward - 23 Hovetmale. Frank - 23. 150 Hovermale. Roger - 48 Howard. Emily - 64, 129 Howard. Ossie - 23. 127 Howard. Stevc - 48 Hoyle. Betty - 121 Hoyle. Relrecca - 23, 125 Hudson. Anthony - 75 Hudson Dennis - 4 Hudson, lackie - 48 Hudson, lacquelme - ts4. 126. 127 Hudson. Linda - 48 Hudson. Richard - 49 Hughart. Brenda - 64 Hughart. leanette - 64 Hughart. Marilyn - 49 Hughes, Bar Isa ra - 49. 113. 114. 1)1. 135 Hughes, Bob - 75. 149 Hughes. Debbie - 75. 107 Hughes. Harold - M. 148 Hughes. Harry - 23 Hughes, lackie - 75 Huhn. Michael - 75 Huhn. Linda - 49, 11) Humrihries, Claudia - 23. 39. 108. 11). 116. 130. 1)3 Humi hries, Nancy - 64. II), 133 Hunnicutt, Debra - 24 Hunt. Carolyn - 121 Hunt, Ruth - 75 Hunt. Sallie - 64. 121 Hunter. Eli abc-th - 24 Hurst. Henry - 75 Hutchison. Linda - 49. 109 Hutchison. Linda - 49. 111. 122 Hutchison Stephen - 49 Hyman. Arlisa - 75. 121 Irby. Betty - 64 Islet. Gloria - 24. 125 lackson. Carolyn - 64 lackson. Charles - 24 lackson. Erma - 75 lackson. Lmdy - 24. 1)0 lackson. Rose el - 64 lackson. Su anne — 49 lackson. Thomas - 49 lacobs. Dee - 75 lalley, Stephen - 75 lames. Gail - 75 lames. Ronald - 75 lames. Thea - 64, 107 lames. Velma - 75 larrett. Dwight - 64 lenkins. Garry - 49 lennier, Virginia — 49 lennings. Sheila - 24 leanings. Sherry - 121 lennings. Theresa - 24. 118 lessee. Elaine - 49. 109. 111. 114. 118 leter. Barlxua - 24 lohnson, Bernadette - 75 lohnson. Brenda - 107 lohnson. Debra - 75 lohnson. Ethel - 49. 123 lohnson. Martin - 64 lohnson. Mary — 75, 121 lohnson, Mike - 75. 149 lohnson. Pat - 128 lohnson. Richard - 75 lohnson, Su anne - 107 lohnson. Vanessa - 121 lohnston. Sharon - 75 loiner. Peggy — 49 tones. Catherine - 24. 129 tones. Cathy - 64 tones. Cyndi - 75, 109. 134 tones, Debbie - 75 ones. Frederick - 49 tones, locelyn - 24. 125 ones, Lillian - 75 I ones, Marco - 65 IOnes. Robert - 65 tones. Roderick - 49 tones. Rosalind - 24 125 tones. Thomas - 75. 149 lorgensen. Vicki - 65. 118_ lorgenson. Lon — 24 10“ 106 109. 128. 134 luare . Richard - 50 150 ludd. lohn - 75 lude. Colleen — 1)4 Keeler, left - 134 Keeler. Sherwin - 25 Keffer. Rands - 50 Keith. Freeh rick - 50 Keith. Regina - “5 Keller. Daron — 75 Keller. Dianne - 50 Kelley. Bonnie - 75 Kelley. Geofires - 50 Kellev. Patricia - 50. [26 Kelmmsky. Mane — 25 Kendrick. Lucie - 65 Kennedy. Mars - 2s Kennedy. Shirley - 25. 125 Kidsvell. Karel - 50 111 1)3 Kiclsvell, Su'.m - 75 Killelea, Stephen -25 115 King. Marcia - 65 King. Nancy - 50. 135 King. Rickey - 50 King, Steven - 121 Kingery. Cindy - 126 Kinnctt. C«m - 65 148 Klow. Richard - 126 Knichel. David - 50. 123 Knight. Phyllis - 65 Knouse. Bob - 50 Klob. Thomas - 50. 126 Konkel, lim - 75 Konkel. loAnne - 25. 130 Kornegay, Marshall - 25 Krebs, Relx-cca - 75 Krickenbereer. Minds - 65 Kwiatkowski. Cluwtal - 50 .. 133 L'Alx". Noel — 75 Lambeth. Debbie - 121 Landrai. Sandy - 75 Lastik. Lwis - 75. 149 Lawhorne, William - 65 Lawrence, Eizard - 50 Law tone e. lames - 50. 134 Lawson, Craig - 50, 107 Lay. Nancy - 75 Lay. Susan - 50 Lea. Karen - 50 Lea sure. Linda - 25 LeComfite, Holly - 75, 143 Lei‘. Gerald - 50. 126 Lee. lames - 50. 148 Lee. Rcxnesvlt - 126 Letter. Frank - 127 Leiler. Stephan - "5 Leiler. Victoria - 25. 12“ LeMav. Wanda - 126 Lewis. Chc-rsl - 65. 107. 119 129. 143 Lesvis Gerrv - 75 Lesvis. Helena - 25 Lesvis. Linda - “5. 143 Lesvis. Sharon - ”5 Liggio. Christine -51. 133 Liggio. Mars Ian- "5 Lilies. Susan — “5 LmgelEtach. Gad - 5 Liftscomb. Patricia - “5 Logan Martha - 65 Logan. Valeri- 75Lohr, Richard - 65 Lomax, lames - 51 Lomax. Margaret - 51 London. Karen - 65 Long. Eddie - 65 Lovelace. Nannie - 126 Lowe. Sandra - 65 Lucas. Alton - 75 Lucas. Gail - 125 Lucas. Maxine — 126 Lucas. Murial - 51 Lucas. Stephanie - 65 Lucas. Sylvia - 121 Lucas. William - 25 Lynch. Henrietta - 126 McCauley. Terry - 25 McClay, Thomas -51. 107. 117 McClure. Charlene• - 65 McClure. Chris - 51 Me Cone hie. Phillip - 26 McCouhrey. Rolihy - 75 Me Curdy. Linda — 65. IfW Me Daniel. Angela - 75. 107. 121 Me Daniels. Gary — 1 14 Me Donald. Karen - 75 McDonald. Pamela - 121 Me Gavaran. Barbara - 75 Me Gavaran, lim - 75 McGowan - 26. 142 McGrath. Sharon - 75 McKay. Glinda - 76 McKee, Carolyn - 26. I IB McKinney. Chucky - 149 Mackler, Willard - 65 Maekhn, Danny - 26. IB. 150 Macklin. Katie - 75. 141 Maekhn. Kelly - 42. 51. lit. 114 McKIveen. lohn — 65 McKIveen, Robert - 51 Me Knight. Kenneth - 51 Me Knight. Thelma - 76 McMichael. Kevin — 114 Me Neeley, lohn - 107 McNeeley. loyce - 65 Me Neeley, lohnny — 51 Macklox, Patrick - 26 Magner. Cheryl - 51. 126 Magnet. Theresa - 76 Malloy, Ith'll - 76 Mankin, Helen - 126 Manni. Vincent -51. 150 Matkell. Margaret - 26. lit Marsh. Colleen -51. 122 Marshall, lohn - 26. 121 Marshall. May - I IB Marshall. Paulette - 121 Martin. Brian - 65. I4B Martin. Brian - 76 Matthews, Belly - 76 Matthews, Betty — 26 Matthews. Louise - 51 Matthews, Rusty - 76 Meade. Nanci - 76 Meade. Roy - 65 Meador, lean — 76 Meadows. Patricia - 76. 122 Meece. Debra - 76. 109 Meece. Tery - 16. 26. 150 Meehan. Anne - 76 Meehan. May Ellen -26. Ill Meixner. Sheri - 65. 122 Melvin. Gail — 52 Menke. Ray - 52. 150 Mewer. Cindy - 76 Meyer. Linda - 52 Mickey. Beverly — 26, 12) Mickey. Rita - 76 Mickey. Roger - 121 Mier. Gay - IB. 150 Mile hak. Gay - 26 Miller. Alton - 27 Miller. Bonnie - 27. 125 Miller. ChiI - 76 Miller. Eugene — 76 Miller, loan - 121 Miller. Kathy - 126 Miller. Mary Catherine - 27 Miller. Norma - 27. I2B Miller. Su anne - 16. 27. IB. IOB. 130 Miller. Vivian - 65 Mi lie tie. Harlan - 66, 115 Mills. Karen - 27. 125 Mills. Rut hie - 52 Mills. Sharon - 76 Milton. Carl - 52 Mitchell. Albertha - 121 Mite hell. Bremda - 27 Mitchell. Christine - 27. 125 Monno. lohn - 52. 126 Monroe. Rita - 66 Montgomery. Debbie - 66 Montgomery. Gerald - 52 Moore. Ileru‘ - 27. 121 Moore, lames - 66 Moore. Leo - 52. 122 Moore, Loteen - 66 Moore, Susan - 76. 109 Moran. Martha - 52. IOB. Ill 1)4 Moran, Robert - 66 Morgan. Charles - 66 Morgan. Debbie - (if). 121 Morgan. Kevin - 127 Morgan. Thomas -27. 150 Morrison. In Mane - 76, 1)4 Mosby. Carol - 27. 107. 109. ID. 118. DO Moss. Debbie - 66 Motley. Gerald - 27 Munc enski. Constance• - 52. 126 Munday. Herb - 52. 119 Murick. David - 52 Murphy. Andrew — 52 Murphy. Chris — 52 Murphy, frank - 66 Murphy, lerome - 76. 122 Muse. Tui - 66 Nalls. Lawrence - 52 Nashurnter. Minely - 76 Nealey. Dana - 66 Ned. Kathy - 28 Nelson. Donald - 76 Newland. Ru hard - 28. 12) Newman. Mona - 76 Nicely. Percinda - 76 Nickle. Kenneth - 52 Norris, Stanley - 66. 107 Nuckolls. Cliilord - 76. 149 Nuckolls. Karim - 28 Odii‘, lame's — 66. 148 O'Flahe-rly, Susan - 66 Ohler. Githy - 52 O'Neil. Dixie - 28. 118. 128 Ontko. Roxanne - 28. )8. 126. 127. 140 Orsim, Rose - 52. 126 Orti . Henry - 150 Ortii. Martha - 28 Osborne. Connie - 66 Ottens. Edward - 76 Ottens. Patti - 52 Ottens, Shirley - 28, 121 O mote, Thomas - 76. 149 Pacillio. Patricia - 76 Pack, Drema - 66. 121. 122 Padgett. Kevin - 76 Padilla. Bnscn - 76 Pallanl, Donna - 66 Palmer. Lynn - 28 Panned. Harry - 111 Papoulakos. lames - 66 Parevhs. Rie hard - 76 Parenle. Cynthia - 28 Parke-r. Brenda - 28 Parker, lame's - 28 Parker, led - 42. 52. 122. 150 Parker, Maria - 66 Parker. Ronnie — 76 Parker. Walter - 5) Parks. Cindy - 76. 107. 122 Parks, lattice - 53. 118 Patrick. Bryan - 28 Patrick. Fulton - 58. 66. 108 Patterson. David — 67. 107 Patlison, lo Anne - 76 Patton. Paula - 67 Payne. Edna - 76 Payne, lanet - 72. 76 Payne Laura - 76 Payne. Peggy - 29. 107. 118. DO Payne. Ihomas - 29 Peake. Gt'orge - 67 Pearson. A.iron - 29. 119 Pearson, Karen - 29 Pearson. Cynthia - 53 Pet'k. Reliee e a - 29. 115 Peneletgraph. Margaret - 29 Penn. Mike - 53. 114. 121. 1)1. 1)4 Perkins. Carol - 53 Perkins. Diane - 76. 109 Perkins. Ihomas — 53 Persekian, Adel - 67 Peterson, Marilyn - 76. 107 Peterson. Phillip - 121 Petty, frank - 53 Petty, Kathy -76. Ill Peltey. Rita - 114. 1)5 Peverell, Rusty - 67 Phillips, Ervin - 142. 150 Phillips. Paula - 67. 121 Phillips. Paulette - 6 Pinkston. Debbie - 67 Pinkston. Pam - 76 Pitta. Sharon - 76. 109 Plumblee, lohn — 67 Poland. Linda - 53 Po ', Edith - 53 Po x Patricia - 76. 122 Porter. Dorothy - 67 Porter. Lula - 77. 121 Powell. Brian - 53, 107. D4 Powell. Carolyn - 53 Powell. Darlene - 29 Powell. Phil - 77 Powell, Ravonne - 29 Powers, lohn - 77 Powers. Thomas - 29. 127 Pree. Sarah - 29 Preston. Barltara - 67 Preston. Richard - 53 Price. Ge-orge — 53 Prior. Connie - 29 Prior. Tom - 67 Proditt. Caroline — 77 Pruett, lo Anne - 29. 107. 114 122. 131 Pruitt. Angela - 77. 107. 122 Pruitt. Bobby - 30, 126 Purdy, Richard - 30 Puryear. Nancy - 10. 125 Putman. Raye - 77 Putman. Sharon - 77 Quash. Earl - 10. 151. 154. 155 Quintero. Dora - 53, 133 Railey, Mary - 77 Raison. Sue - 53 Ranch'll. Michael - 77 Ranch-11. Robin - UN, 122 Randolph. Denese - 67. 107. 109 Raphael. Rtcarcki - 51 Raskin, Linda - 77. 121 Ray. Diane - 77 Ray. William - 10 Read. David - 10 Reamy. Susan - 67. 121 Ret'd. Charlotte - 10 Reedy. Linda - 30 Reedy. Richard - 67 Reese. Rudolph - 121 Reese. Steve'n - 54 Register, lame's - 67 Register. Margaret - 10. 106. 108, 113. DO. 114 Reichenbach, Phi 11 - 30 Reid. Donna - 77 Reid, lames - 10 Ranker. Edward — 67. Ill Rexroat. Su anne - 77 Reynolds. Byron — 77. 149 Rhine'. Rolx'rt - 5-1, 134 Rhodes. Roy — 30 Rice. Carla -31. 107. 118. 130 Rice. Paul - 58. 57 Ricer. Tommy - 149 Rich. Cindy - 67. 118. 129 Richardson, lames - 77 Rickc'r, Marianne - 77 Ricucci. Ic'an - 31 Ridgely. Martha - 31. 108. ID. 116. DO. 1)1. D4 Riley, loan - 16. 31. 129 Riley, lohn — 67 Rinaldi. Rolx-rt - 77 Ringet. Margate f -77 Risers. Barbara - 77 Risers. William - 5-1. 123 Roach. Gary -31. 127 •Roberts, Anita — 11 Rolaerts, Don - 54 RoIn-rts, Gary - 31. 12) Roln'rls. Relx'cca - 67. 122 Rolx'rts. Robert - 149 Rolie'ttson. Eden - 54. 107. ID. 118. 121. D4 Robey. Bevc-rly -31. 126 Robey, toy - 67. 118 Robey. Steve' - 77 Robinette'. Rarxlv - 77 Robinson. Donald - 31 Robinson, lean - 67 Rohinscxi. Linsvexxl - 150 Rex'hnei. Linda - 77 Roger, laceiueline - 67 Rogers, led - 77 Rogers, Rolxn - 67 Root. Ke'lley - 67 Rose. Chiton - 68 Rose. Yosie - 77 Ross. Cecil - 31. 121. 150 Ross. Herman - 68 Ross, Victoria - 68 Ros el, Debbie - 1)4 Roth. Pat - 125 Roush. Larry - 54 Rowland. William - 68 190Rowzie. Margie - 68 Routie. Richard - 77 Roy. Myrna - 77. 109 Roy. Rafter! — 54 Royals. Charles - 68 Ro el. Dehhie - 77 Rucker. Ronald — 68. ISO Rut ker. Rosalind — 68 Russell. Debbie - 129 Russell. Cary - 77. 149 Russ. Charles - 54 Rylantler. Rodney - 77 Sad ell, Lawrence - 77 Salt shaver. Gayle - 77. 109 Sancftord. Charles — 32 Sanders. David — 126 Sanders. Frank 77 Sanders. Kay - 77 Sanders, Susan — 31. 19. 10b. 108. 113. 117. no. 142 Sands, Btxmie — 68 Saunders, latry - 107 Saunders, Mildred - 4 Saunders. Nelsie - 77 Scaffidct. Mary - 32 Scaffido, Paul - 59, 121 Sea not. Andrew - 54 St hilling. Inc - 68. 134 Schent ler. Katrina - 54. 113 Schreiner. Christine - 135 Scott. Denit e - S4. 113 Scott, lack - 12b Scott. Teresa - 32 Scully. Penny - 68 Scully. Ronald - 68 Sec cum. Rebecca - 32. III. 130. III. IIS Sell. Bonnie - 32 Settle. Bonnie - 68 Settle. Ronald - 34 Settle. Sharon - 77 Shanburg. Patrick - 34 Shaw, lohn - 54 She let, Pam — 78 SheiMtard. Andre - 78 Shifflett. Christa - 68. 128 Shdflett, Arthur - 68. 150 SifUett, Elaine - 34. 126 Shifflett, fanet - 34 Shi llett. foyce - 34. 12b Shilling. Christine - 26 Shti i . lames - 68 Short. Michael - 78 Shrader, Melvin - 68 Sibold. lattice - 68 Siltert. Rosemarie - 35. 118 Siholtl. Stcfihen - 32 Silva. Lionel - 78. 114 Simpson. Rick - b8. 150 Sims. Allen - 12 Sims. Evangeline - 68. 121 Sims. Allen - 31 Sims. Lois - 68 Sirhert, Rosemarie - 143 Skidmore, Karen - 55. 114 Slack. Cary - 150 Skeens. Bolshie - 32. 125 Slivinski. Susan - 32. 127 Small. Carnette - 55, 140 Smalling, Martha - 68 Smith. Bobbie - 55, III. 118. 133 Smith. Cindy - 68. 109. 113. 11b Smith. Don - 121. 149 Smith. Earle - 32 Smith. Crtgory - 126 Smith. Ian - 32 Smith. Mary - 68 Smith. Nancy - 55, 113, 134 Smith. Ruth — 69 Smith. Virginia - 55. 134 Snuler. Dehhie - 33, 12 5 Snider, lane - II. II). 130. 134 Snow. Dehhie - 78 Soholeski, Cindy - 69, 122 Soholeski. Dehhie - 118. 121 Sohoteski. Ray - II. 19. 107. 108. 122. 127 Stylings, left - 55 Sorrells. Larry - 69 Sisanglw. lanite - 55, lib. 118. 133 S sears. luthth - 78 Sfx-et h. Sharon - 121 Spencer. Annie - 55 S xttle. David - II Spivey. Ossie - 55. 109. Ill 128 S tfether. Rithartl - 55 Sprouse, lohn - 78. 149 Squires, fverett — 33, 122 Stafford, Shirley — 55, 122 Stamper, Brenda - 78 Stanley, Dehra - 78 Stanton, Charles - 69, 148 Stanton. Darryl - 149 Starkey, o Anne - 55. 134 Starkey. Terry - 72. 78 Starr. Dennis - 78 Steffev. Vicki - 33 Stevens. Barbara - 69. 114 Stewnson. Ion - 33. 121 Sfevc-mon, lender — 69 Stewardson. Steve — 69 Stewart, Deborah - 69 Stokes. Char let te - 33. 121. 142 Stone. Sharon - I) Street. Mary - 128 Strickland. Rithartl - 13 Strickland. Gloria — 55 Struck, Gloria - 78 Strtuk, Sandra - 78 Strong. Annie - 55 Strother. Lynne - 78 Struck, ferry - 12b Sullivan. Greg - 33. 152. 155 Sutherland. Kenny - 78 Sivamon, Susan - 78 Swisher. Cure ha - 78 Sweeney, Eckhe — 69 Swisher. - 69 Swithenltank. Rhonda - 69 Tal or. Lee - 55 Tapscoft. William - 55, 12b Taylor, Cathy - 69, 122 Taylor. Cindy - 69. 121. 122, 135 Taylor. Linda - 55 Taylor, Roln-rt - 55 Taylor, Sidney - 69, 121 Taylor. Vikki - 128 Teel. Alecia - 53 Terrell, Teressia - 69. 121 Terry. Linda - 69. 118 Terry. Shirley — 55 Tesh, Bwky - 78 Tesh, Lyn - 56 Tessier, Norman - 34 Thacker. Betty - 34 Thomas. Dorothy - 78 Thomas. RelH ta — 16. 121 Thomson. Brenda - 118 Thomfyson. Clayton — 69, 148 Thom tson, Cldton - 69, 135 Thomfyson. Edward - 56, 12b Thomson. Phyllis - 78 Thorman. Stanley — 78 Thorne. 4hce — 69 Thorne, lav - 56 Thornton. Dee• - 125 Threat, luamta - 126 Tietz. Ursula - 56 Tiller, Yvonne - 69. 122. 12b Tillerson. Kempy - 78 Tillerson. Stable - 56 Tilton. William - 69 Timmons. Carol - 34 Timmons. Joyce - 12b Toland. Sidney - 69, 121 Tong. Stare - 78. 149 Towles. Linda — 69 toy. lonathan - 78 Trano, loAnne - 78 Trancy. Lynn - 69 Tread. Donna - 69. 128 Tnmhlt Dan - 56, II9, 134 Tristram. Bewerly - 56 TrUlle rcae, Margaret - 56 Troy. Sfyemcer - .56 humble. Mary - 70 Tucker. Gloria -70. 118 Tucker. Lee• - 70. 134 Turner. Larry - 153. 154 Turne-r, Sherman - 78 Turner, Steven - 78 Turner, William - 34, 38 130. 150 Tvle‘t. Patricia - 34 Tvler. Richard — 78 Ulhnghi. Diane - 56 Valors. Demise• - 34. 130. 133. 134 Van Bur cm, Lorraine - 56 Van Renrlh. Clem — 70 Varga. Bremda - 34 Vastfue , Caroline• - 70 Vaughan, Ttmy - 78 Vaughan, Brenda - 70 Vega. Gaby - 70. 134 Vennon, laimie - 34. 125 Vincent. Leslie - 34, 127 Vinci. Mary - 70 Wa Icier. Stephen - 34 Walker. Charlotte - 78. 109 Wallace, lohn - 56 Wanzer. Ralph - 56. 121. 128 Warner. Shedra - 70. 107. 108. 109. 122 Wanzer. Vivian -70. Ill Ward. Gary - 78 Ware. Donna — 56 Warren, Russell - 78 Warrener. lohn - 34 Washington. Diane - 70. 128 Washington, Vane me - 78. 121 Watkins. Rhonda - 56 IVafson, Linda - 34. 114. 121. 123 Wafson, Marion - 78. 121 Wauhoft. Pat - .56, 121 Waylarxl. Scott - 35 Weaver. Patricia - 70 Webb, Charlotte - 78 Webster. Mac eo - 35 Webster. Marilyn - 78. 121 Webster. Sharon - 78 Wemlrauh. Alan - 128 Wemtrauh. Susan - 35, 130 Welched. Vickie - 57 Welchel, Tuna - 78. 121 Wells. Zora - 57 Wenderolh. Wendy - 125. 35 Wendt. Margaret - 70 Wenz. Michael - 70 West. Donald - 70 West. Cad - 8 lV'« f. Linda -57 Wharam. Alice - 71 121 Wheatley. Kathv - 57. 118 Wheaton. Wendy - 71. 108 11). 1)3 Whetzel, Carla - 35 White. Beatrice - 78 White. Charles - 71. 134 White. Susan - 78 Wigglessvorth. Alice - 58. l 118. 121. 134 Whiteaker. Bobby - 78 Wiener. Tahmh - 78 Wildermuth. Victoria - 71 Wilkins. Charles — 57 Wilkins. Itshn - 71 Wilkins. Pamela - 35. 121 Wilkins. Susan - 78 Wilkinson. Theresa - 71. 121. 122 Williams. Doris - 78 Williams, Henry - 126 Williams, lercyme - 78, 149 Williams. Linda - 71. 133 Williams. Linda - 71. 121 Williams, Paul - 57, 107 Williams, Tom - 148 Williams, Richard - 78 149 Willoughby. Charles - 71 Wilson. Elizalyeth - 57 Wilson. Eric - 35 Wilstm. Loretta - 78 Wilson. Patsy - 35 Wimlrush, Getrffery - 78 Wimlnrsh. lames - 71, 126 Wimlyush. Thomas — 57, 123 Winbush. Charles - 78. 149 Winnie. Dehra - 71. 107. 128 Wirth. Colleen - 118 Wirth. Fred - 71 Wise. Frances - 35. 127 Wolford, lanis - 78 Woliord. ill - 78 Wolfrey. Larry - 71 Wolf rey. Robert - 78 Wcxxls. Randy - 78 Wtxxls. Sandra - 78 Wcxxlside. Roberta - 36 Woodward. Franc me - 57 Woodworth. Charles - 78 Woodwcrrlh. Susan - 78 Woalls, lame's — 78 Wooten. Betty - 57. 126 Woof or, Willie - 78 Worden. Randall - 36 Worden, Susan — 71. 116. 118 Worthy. Ruby - 121 Wright. Donna - 78 Wright. Patricia - 78 Yannofxyutous. Antonios - 71. 114 Yates, Elirsot - 36. Ill Yates, leanette - 78 Yates. Mary - 36. 126 Yet!nock, Patty - 78 Young. Thomas - 36 Zehring. Robert — 36. 123 191

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