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COMPASS GEORGE WASHINGTON HIGH SCHOOL ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA VOLUME 33OR. ROBERT PARLIER 2SENIORS HONOR PRINCIPAL WITH DEDICATION At the beginning of the 67-68 school year, GW was proud to welcome its new principal, Dr. Robert Parlier. Dr. Parlier. a graduate of the University of North Carolina, has great hopes for the future of GW. His main objective is to personalize teaching, in order that every student at GW will be able to begin his learning process at the point where his skill, attitude, and knowledge begins. With this in mind. Dr. Parlier plans to work and strive toward making GW the school it wants to be. Dr. Parlier starts off the school day with a list of "urgent" announcements. On a crowded bus to Charlottesville Dr. Parlier shares the students high hopes of bringing a state championship to G.W. 3456914SI1617PEOPLEDEANS DISCIPLINE DISOBEYING DELINQUENTS Filled with exciting and dynamic ideas, Dr. Robert W. Parlier. GW’s new prinicpal, foretold of dramatic changes in all phases of school life during the 1967-1968 school year. The most comprehensive of these changes, the concept of a school within a school, promised to update the procedures which accompany a progressive school. With the addition of the McBee system, the drudgery of attendance taking and report card processing was eliminated. Flexible schedules, despite frustrations, demonstrated the facility of versatility at GW. In its entirety, the '67-'68 school year confirmed the fact that our school will continue to maintain its prominent position in education in Alexandria. Dear Howard and Mrs. BatesThe Hotline "What shall we have today?" Mrs. Carr welcomes ailing students.GUIDANCE ATTEMPTS TO GUIDE STUDENTS With the addition of many new books, magazines, and other materials, the library launched another year of service to GWites. Vet if trouble in a particular subject could not be remedied by the assistance of the librarians, the Guidance Department was available throughout the year to help students overcome their predicament. Seniors, in particular, found much needed aid when making decisions about college and careers. The librarians are: Mrs. Key. Mrs. Clark, and Mrs. Seay. Mr. Yack. Miss Starkey. Mr. Butter mark. Mrs. Haney. Miss Smith, and Mrs. Allport.TO BE OR NOT TO BE, IS IT I OR IS IT ME? Upon opening English texts last Septemper, we suddenly encountered the inseparability of concrete fact and ethereal flights of the mind. Shakespeare emerged, not as an age-encrusted personality suitable only to the illiteracy of sixteenth century England, but as a genius whose literary masterpieces still enthrall the reader. Ooors to the worlds of Huxley. Golding. Dickens, Salinger. Hardy and multitudes more were thrown open. It is up to us. students of knowledge, to walk through them. First row: Miss Guill. Mrs. Fulwiler, Miss Currin. Second row: Miss McDonald. Miss Chavis. Miss Somers. Mrs. Blossom. No one knows what lurks in the minds of English teachers . . . especially when they’re chewing on a pencil!• Now I'm SURE the direct object comes after the verb!" ri s ! SOCIAL STUDIES PROVIDES SOCIAL SECURITY Seeking to solve the formidable array of man’s problems, be they mora social, or political. we tend to search 01 the present. Yet it is in the past that t answers lie. In our endless struggle to solve these enigmas. we must not regar history, lightly, but should keep in mind tha our future will inevitably become a part of t past. 26SOCIAL STUDIES TEACHERS: Col. Van Orman. Mr. Christiansen. Mrs. Clarke. Mr. Kerschbaum. Mr. McClurg. Mrs. Mendelson. Mr. Schreiner. Mr. Six. Miss Taylor. Mrs. Van Orman. Mrs. Walker. Mr. Yeager. With the look of inspiration inscribed on their faces, social studies students avidly listen to their history discussion. 27MATHEMATICIANS MASTER MULTIPLE MATHEMATICS TEACHERS: Mrs. Apperson. Mrs. Genung. Mr. Her-rod. Mrs. Houchms. Miss Luccarel-li. Miss Maddox. Mrs. Monroe. Col. pnu «ll. Mr. Truitt. ••This assembly sure is interesting!” 28MESSES Whether taking one of the SMSG math courses or any one of the higher maths, such as algebra or trigonometry, gradual enlightenment ensued as the year passed. Numbers, symbols, and equations assumed a semblance of meaning, and with the aid of dedicated instructors, math students were able to perform complicated computations with relative facility. "You've GOT to be kidding!” "I use Brand X!” "I brush after every meal with CREST'FUTURE PHYSICISTS FLOCK TO 6TH PERIOD LAB GW's students can be confident that the science department is not idle. A variety of courses is available to aspiring young Einsteins, starting with the basic earth sciences and terminating with physics. For those who are probing the realms of higher sciences, there is a lab in room 328 where experienced teachers encourage investigation through experimentation. 30 "I tell you that is the formula for hemlock poisoning.""Hi there. Ace!" SCIENCE TEACHERS: Mr. Kapriva. Mr, Brinson. Mr. Efthemes. Miss Mewborn. Mr. Towers. Col. Vosper. Mrs. Gross. Mrs. Moreland.ESTO ES, DAS AUSLAND, LANGUA MACHETTE French. Spanish. German and latm. the old stand-bys in :he language department, were joined in mid-year by a new course of Greek. With the addition of th s new and exciting course. other equally as interesting courses in foreign cultures were presented. giving language students an opportunity to study the customs of our friends overseas. FOREIGN LANGUAGE TEACHERS: Miss Grant. Mrs. Emm. Miss Hall. Miss Liggett. Mrs. Lynn. Miss Skcgen. Col. Bush. Latm Dept.: Vem. vidi. vici ... he came, he saw. he . . . SURRENDERED???" 32Because of ever increasing work loads, we oftentimes neglect to exercise our bodies. However. with the help of qualified teachers and able student leaders. GWites struggled over the hurdles to physical fitness, and at the end of the year showed marked improvement. COACHES: First row: Mr. Boyd. Mr. Wriston. Mr. Blair. Mr. Yakin. Mr. McClurg. Second row: Mr. Robyak. Mr. Six. Mr. Yeager. Mr. Efthemes. Mr. Johnson. Mr. Estes. P.E. PUSHES PHYSICAL FITNESS PROGRAM Mrs. Seely. Mrs. Lackey. Mrs. Woods. Miss Thomas.BUSINESS DEPARTMENT BUSY WITH BUSINESS With the graduation of many business students this essential department once again realized its goal of preparing young people for business careers. Its curriculum contains such valuable skill as typing, shorthand, bookkeeping, and IBM operation. College-bound students also found knowledge of such fields indispensable.BUSINESS EDUCATION TEACHERS: Mrs. Smith. Mr. Ashley. Miss Coe. Mrs. Gilmore. Miss Hammer. Mrs. Henderson. Mr. McGirk. Miss Payton. Mrs. Schneller. Miss Hatwood. 37 FINE ARTS DEVELOP CULTURAL ABILITIES Art students work on varying projects. Mr. Mosson. Mrs. Danford. Mrs. lofland.GW offers students a wide range of courses to promote cultural appreciation. Humanities, arts and crafts, instrumental and vocal music are just a sample of the variety of interesting programs a-vailable to interested students. "Now. hear this! All musicians, front and center!” Music Dept.: Mr. Schaeffer. Mr. Baden. Miss Ellis. Mr. Baden directs band through a new routine.SHOP CLASSES DEVELOP CAPABLE CRAFTSMEN "It should work . . . now that all those OTHER things are out!" "Attach wire B to wire C and then over to wire G. and then the input should balance the output if . . ." "Are you SURE you've got the escape route perfected?????"INDUSTRIAL EDUCATION TEACHERS: Mr. Miles. Mr. Pnckett. Mr. Groves. Mr. Hollis. Mr. Ricer. Mr. Thurmond. Mr. Muse. "Now if all goes right, and we press that button, the whole school will go . . . !”FACULTY FACTS MRS. ELIZABETH ALLPORT: College ol William and Mary; 8 S. Degree. Collegiate Professional. MRS. KATHERINE APPERSON: College of William and Mary. B.A.. Collegiate Professional; University of Virginia. M.A. in mathematics, post graduate certificate: George Washington Unitersity. Faculty Rememberance Committee; Co sponsor. Senior Class: Student Awards; Schedule Committee. MR WILLIAM ASHLEY: Gardner Webb Junior College. A.A.: Appalachian State. 8.S. V.O.T. Club Sponsor; P.T.A. Secretary. MR. ROBERT BADEN: Florida State University. B.M. MR. WILLIAM BLAIR: Wayne State University. B.S.: George Washington University. M.A. Monogram Club Sponsor. MRS. CATHERINE BLOSSOM: University of Texas. B A.: George Washington University. MR. MEREDITH BOYD: Shepard College. B A. Head Track Coach; Assistant Foootball Coach. MR. JAMES BRINSON: Campbell College. B.S. MRS. NINA BURDETTE. Radford State Teachers College. B.S. COL. CHESTER BUSH: University of Vermont. A B : Harvard University M.A.; Columbia University: Catholic University: University of Virginia. Latin Club Sponsor. MISS KATHERINE CHAVIS: Loyola University of New Orleans. B.A.: Intern teacher for University of Virginia. M.ED. MR. ARTHUR CHRISTIANSEN: George Washington University. B A. MRS. V. CLARK: University of Hartford. B.S. MISS BETTY COE: Madison College. B.S. FBLA Co sponsor; School Bank MISS A. M. CUNNIFF: Anna Mana College. B.A. MISS ELEANOR CURRIN: Longwood College. B.S.: George Washington University. M.A. Sponsor. Quill and Palm National Honor Society; Chairman. Faculty Council; Reporter. EAA Bulletin. MRS SYLVIA DANFORD: Troy State College. B.S.: George Washington University; University of Virginia: American University. MISS LINDA DANIELSON: Furman University. B.A. Freshman Class Sponsor. MISS DORRER: Cheerleaders- Sponsor. MISS SUSAN ELLIS: New England Conservatory of Music. B.M. MR. GEORGE EFTHEMAS: Marshall and West Liberty State. A.8. MRS. MARJORIE EMM: Peru State Teachers College. A.B.; University of Wisconsin. M.A.; Syracuse University; Montana State University; Lewis and Clark College. German Club Sponsor. MR. CLAY ESTES: Bethel College. BA. Memphis State University. M.A MRS. CYNTHIA FULWILER Radford College. B.S. MRS. ELIZABETH GENUNG: Longwood College. B.S.: George Washington University; University of Virginia. Faculty Remembrance Committee. MRS. MARIE GILMORE: Syracuse University. B.S.; University of Virginia. MISS ALBERTA GRANT: Birmingham Southern College. A.B.; University of Alabama. M.A.: Universite Laval: Sorbonne. Sponsor. French Club and French Honor Society. City Chairman of Mod ern Language Departments. MRS. BARBARA GREENHOUSE: New York University and Harvard University. 8.A.: Columbia University. MR. DEUCALION GREGORY: SCA Sponsor. Chairman English Department. Awards Committee. MRS. LUCIA GROSS: Oklahoma State University. B.S.: The American University. M.Ed. MR. GEORGE GROVE: Millersville State Teachers College. B.S. MISS EUNICE GUILL: University of Virginia. 8.S.: George Washington University. MISS ISABELLE HALL: Ohio State University. B.A.. B SC.. M.A.: Wheaton College; Middlebury College: University of San Francisco. Sponsor. Spanish Honor Society: Co-sponsor Junior Class. MISS SANDRA HAMMER: Madison College. B.S. Class Rings. MRS. SALLY HARPER: Queens College. B.A.: University of North Carolina; Eton College. MR. WILBERT HARRIS: Virginia State College. B.S.: Tuskegee Institute: University of North Carolina. Assistant Sponsor. ICT Club: Superintendent's Advisory Council. MISS MARY HATWOOD: Virginia State College. B.S.: University of Mary land: George Washington University. Co sponsor of FBLA; Secretary. Faculty Council. MRS. JOAN HENDERSON: Catawba College. A.B. MR. BERNARD HERROD: Salem College. A.B.; West Virginia University. M.A.; University of Virginia. MR. THOMAS HOLLIS: Ohio State University. B.S.. M.A.; Oswego State Teachers College. MRS. WAPELLA HOUCHINS: West Virginia Institute of Technology. B.S.; Duke University. COMPASS Ad Staff: Faculty Council: Senior Class Sponsor; Student Awards Committee. MRS. DORIS HUME: Simmons University. B.S.; Randolph-Macon Woman's College. Debate Sponsor. MR. ROBERT JOHNSON: Lenoir Rhyne College. A.B.: Appalachian State University. M.A. MRS. ELIZABETH JONES: University of South Carolina. A.B. MR. FRANK KAPRIVA: Wake Forest College. B.S.: George Washington University; American University: University of Virginia. City-Wide Chairman. Science; Building Representative: Assembly Com. MR. JOHN KERSCHBAUM: Hiram College: American University. B.A. COMPASS Advisor. Sponsor Interact. MRS. DOROTHY KEY: Howard University. B.A.; Hampton Institute: Columbia University: New York University: Catholic University. MRS. LACKEY: MISS JOYCE LIGGETT: Mary Washington. B.A FTA Sponsor; Co sponsor of French Honor Society. MRS. REGINA LOFLAND: Maryland Institute. B.F.A.: Cooper Institute of Art: University of Virginia. MISS E. A. LUCCARELLI: State University of New York. B.S.FURTHER FACTS MRS. CLARICE LYNN: University of Colorado. B.A.: State University of Iowa. M.A.; Georgetown University; George Washington University. Spanish Club Sponsor. MRS. CHARLES McCLURG: University of Kentucky. A.B.: George Washington University. M.E. MISS JACQUELIN MCDONALD: Limestone College. A.8.: University of South Carolina: University of Hawaii. Sponsor of SURVEYOR. LITTLE HATCHET, and Quill and Scroll. MR. RALPH McGIRK: Shippensburg State College. B.S. Assistant Coach Freshman Football. MISS THELMA MADDOX: Longwood College: University of Iowa: Mary Washington; University of Virginia. B.A.. M.A. Faculty Advisory Council: Superintendents Advisory Council. MRS. M. MENDELSON: American University: University of Grenoble. B.A. MISS MARY MEWBORN: Madison College. B.S. MR. MILES: Sponsor D.E. Club. Head D.E. Program. MRS EVELYN MONROE: East Stroudsbury; University of Virginia. B.S.; American University. Cap and Gowns. MRS MARY MORELAND: East Stroudsbury. B.S.: University of Virginia: American University. Sponsor. Freshman Class: Commencement Supervisor. EAA Building Rep. VP CHARLES MOSSON: Ball State University. B.S. '•'R GEORGE MUSE: American University: East Caroline University. A.B. DE.C.A. MISS BETTYE PAYTON: Norfolk State College. B.S. DONALD POWELL: United States Military Academy. B.S. MR ERWIN PRICKETT: Fairmont State College. Co-Sponsor Junior Class. MRS. SHIPE: MR. STEVE SIX: MacMurray College for Men. 8.A.: George Washington University. M.A.; Illinois College; Northwestern University. Co sponsor Sophomore Class. MISS CINDY SKOGEN: College of William and Mary. B.A. MRS. WATKINS SMITH: Duke University: Mary Washington College and the University of Virginia. B.S.: New York University. M.A. Parliamentarian. EAA: Chairman. Civic Responsibility Committee: Faculty Representative EAA: Chairman Business Department. MISS SYLVIA SOMERS: Longwood College. 8.S.: Duke University. Forensic Coach: Advisor of It's Academic: Prose and Poetry Reading. MISS PHYLLIS TAYLOR: University of North Carolina: B.A.: University of Virginia. M.Ed. Sponsor of Drill Team. MISS ANNE THOMAS: University of North Carolina. B.S.P.E. Co-sponsor. GAA; Co sponsor. Girls’ Intramurals. MRS. DONNA THOMPSON: Oregon State University. B.S. MR. LOYD TOWERS. II: Hampden Sydney. B.S. MR. EUGENE TRUITT: Pan American College. B.A.: College of William and Mary: University of Texas: University of Virginia. M.Ed. Business Manager. COMPASS; EAA President. MR. THURMAN TURNBOW: Hampton Institute. B.S. COL. E. G. VAN ORMAN: University of Illinois. B.S.: George Washington University. M.A. Chairman Social Studies. SS JOSPHINE RASCOE: University of Arkansas. B.A.: University of Co- oraoo. M.A. '“esc ans Drama Club Sponsor. ’•’‘SS GAIL REID: East Tennessee University. B.S. C:-sponsor Freshman Cheerleaders. v- -ARRY RiCER Fairmont State College. A.B. v= ROBERT ROBYAK: Washburn University. B.Ed. MRS JUDY SCHNELLER Drake Un.versity. B S B A. v= tOt;SSHR£lNER RoanokeCoiege. B S: Unu-erS'ty of Virginia Ath-■ CS Es rpment Manage' v= S=JCS SHA=F£= Potomac StateCotege a a Wes v'g--a Un • rS»V 6 V o Di-ectov MRS. MARY VAN ORMAN: Chicago Teachers College: University of llh-nois. B.S.: Loyola University. George Washington University. Co-Chairman of American Education Week. COL. STANLEY VOSPER: University of Akron. B.S.; George Washington University. MRS. LORA WALKER: George Washington University. B.A. MRS BARBARA WOODS: Mary Washington College. B.S. MR. THOMAS WRISTON: West Virginia Wesleyan College. B.S West Vir gima University. M S Coach. Varsity Basketball. MR ROBERT YEAGER: West Chester State College. B.S Sponsc' Key Club44 During the past four years the graduating class of 1968 has experienced many memorable occasions. As their high school days are drawing nigh, the highlights of their senior year were Senior Day. the 1968 State Basketball Tournament, the Humanities Trip to New York, and the Senior Prom. The receiving of their diplomas brought an end to their high school careers. 45SENIORS SALLY AKERS SALLY AKERS: Secretary. Vice-President. World Events Club: Drama Club: Keyettes. Pep Club: FTA: Secretary-Treasurer. AFS: Economics Seminar; Virginia Girls’ State-Senator: SURVEYOR; Red Cross. Alternate: Big Sister. EDWARD ARTHUR: Freshman SCA Representative. RITA ASBELL EDWARD ARTHUR CAROLYN ATKINS: VOT Club. VASSILL ANTHONY: Red Cross Representative: Captain of Intramurals. RITA ASBELL: ICT Club. MARGARET BAIR: Red Cross; Quill and Scroll; Business Manager. Assistant Editor. LITTLE HATCHET: Secretary. President. FHA. MARGARET BALDWIN: CAROLYN ADKINS SHELLEY BANDER: ICT Club: SCA Alternate: Pep Club: French Club: Red Cross Club. 46 MARGARET BAIR MARGARET BALDWIN VASSILL ANTHONY SHELLEY BANDERARZELLA BARE JAMIE BARRY SENIORS ARZELLA BARE: Science Club: Spanish Club: Magazine Editorial Staff: Girls’ Chorus: GAA: Pilot Club 1967 Typing Award: Spanish National Honor Society. LORENZO BARNES: Key Club: Boys' State: President. Sophomore Class: President. Junior Class: Vice-President. Senior Class: Monogram Club: Freshman. JV. Varsity Football: Freshman. JV. Varsity Basketball. Big Brother. JAMIE BARRY: Freshman Red Cross Rep.: Sophomore SCA Alternate: FBLA: SURVEYOR. STEPHANIE BASELER: Secretary. Publicity Chairman. Red Cross: Junior Board: SCA Alternate: FTA: Folk Music Club: Red Cross: Inter-City Council: Library Aid: Copy Editor. COMPASS: French Club: AFS: Pep Club: Quill and Scroll. BONNIE BATES: Spanish Club: Treasurer. Spanish Honor Society: Vice-President. Quill and Palm; Historian. Keyettes: Representative. Vice-President. SCA; Junior Board: AFS: Pep Club: Vice Chairman Northern Virginia SCA Planning Committee: Bookkeeping I Award: Girls' State. LORENZO BARNES STEPHANIE BASELER BONNIE BATES LARRY BAXLEY: Freshman. JV Basketball: DE Club. LARRY BAXLEY STANLEY BEASLEY: RANDY BENARICK: 47 STANLEY BEASLEY RANDY BENARICKBARBARA BEIDELMAN STEFAN BONFIGLIO RUSSTINE BOSTON BARBARA ANN BEIDELMAN: German Club: Financial Secretary. Red Cross Club: Feaature page. SURVEYOR. STEFAN BONFIGLIO: President. World Events Club: Monogram Club; Key Club: Gymnastics Team: Debate Team: National Forensics League: Junior Board: SCA Representative. RUSSTINE BOSTON: Senior Choir. VOT Club. DIANA BOWMAN ROBERT BOVE: Treasurer. FBLA. DIANA BOWMAN: ALAN BRADFIELD: Interact Club: Pep Club: German Club: JV. Varsity Track: Boys' State: Sun shine Boys: World Events Club: Big Brother: SCA Representative: Monogram Club; Debate Club. RAY BRECAR: BRENDA BREEDEN: Pep Club: Sophomore Board: SCA Representative. ALAN BRADFIELD RAY BRECAR 48 BRENDA BREEDENDENNIS V. BROWN CARLETTE BROOKS ANDY BROWN CHARLES BROWN DENNIS K. BROWN CARLETTE BROOKS: Science Club: Math Club: Pep Club: FBLA; FHA; Pompon Girls: Drill Team: GAA; Red Cross Representative. ANDY BROWN: President. Quill and Palm: Vice-President. Key Club: Co-Chairman. Pep Club: COMPASS Business Staff: COMPASS Sports Editor: Big Brother; Boys' State: Secretary-Treasurer; Monogram Club: Varsity Crew; Wrestling: Economics Seminar: Harvard Book Award: Treasurer; Sunshine Boys: Red Cross Representative: SCA Representative: AFS. THOMAS BROWN CHARLES BROWN: ICT Club. DENNIS V. BROWN: Varsity Cross Country. DENNIS K. BROWN: Band: VOT Club. THOMAS BROWN: Monogram Club. WAVERLEY BROWN: Key Club; Monogram Club: JV. Varsity football: Basketball. ROSIER BURKE: Football: Red Cross Rep. WAVERLEY BROWN ROSIER BURKELEE ANN CALLAHAN McKIE CAMPBELL VICKEY CAMPBELL STEVEN CARROLL KENNETH CARTER GEORGE COLLINS LEE ANN CALLAHAN: McKIE CAMPBELL: Executive Editor. COMPASS: Secretary. Key Club: Monogram Club: Pep Club: SURVEYOR: LITTLE HATCHET: Varsity Cross Country: JV. Varsity Crew: Sophomore Board; Junior Board: SCA Representative: Football: Big Brother: Boys' State: American Legion School Award: Sunshine Boys: NMSQT Letter of Commendation: Smithsonian Lecture Series. VICKEY CAMPBELL: Keyettes: Quill and Palm: FT A: Secretary. Folk Music Club: Music Club; AFS: President. Red Cross Club: World Events Club: SCA Representative: American University Science Research Grant: Drama Club: Advanced Girls' Chorus. STEVEN CARROLL: Key Club. Gymnastics. KENNETH CARTER: Freshman. JV. Varsity Football. DEBORAH JEAN CHAPMAN: SCA Representative; Red Cross Representative: Sophomore Attendant to Basketball Queen; GAA: Pep Club: Treasurer. President. German Club: Band: Junior Board: Quill and Palm; Drum and Fife Corps. Big Sister. CAROLE CHESHIRE: DE: Red Cross Representative. THERESA CLOUSE: GAA: German Club. MARILYN COBBS: BUDDY COFFMAN: SCA Representative. GEORGE COLLINS: Monogram Club: Football. DEBORAH JEAN CHAPMAN CAROLE CHESHIRE THERESA CLOUSE 50 MARILYN COBBS BUDDY COFFMANPEGGY CORSO ELAYNE COPPAGE: Freshman Cheerleader; Sophomore Board; SCA Representative; Red Cross Representative: VOT. DANA COBURN: VERONICA CORDOVA: JO ANN CORNELL: LYDIA CROSS MARY DAVIS PEGGY CORSO: Secretary. Freshman Class: Vice-President. Sophomore Class: 2nd Vice-President Junior Class: Secretary-Treasurer. SCA: Sophomore Board; FHA; GAA; Pep Club; Freshman on Holly Ball Court; Freshman. JV. Varsity Cheerleader; Homecoming Court. Football Court; Secretary. Spanish Honor Society: Secretary. Quill and Palm; Lucia Queen: Vice-President. Red Cross Club; Girls' State. LYDIA CROSS: WILLIAM DACEY: President, Interact Club; Boys' State; American Legion School Award: German Club; Economic Seminar; Spanish Club. CHARLES DAVIS: MARY DAVIS: VOT. TERRY DAVIS: DE. 51 CHARLES DAVIS TERRY DAVISJUDY ANN DELAUDER: VOT. GAIL DELLINGER: JOYCE ANN DIGGS: VOT. DIANE DONALDSON: JAMES DOOLEY: Band: Sunshine Boys: JV. Varsity Crew. KAY DOWDY: SCA Representative. JV Cheerleader Junior Board. JUDY ANN DELAUDER DONNA DOWNS: Clinic: Chorus Award. JANICE DOWNS: French Club: Keyettes: Drill Team: AFS: Secretary. President FTA: SCA Representative. JOYCE ANN DIGGS DIANE DONALDSON JAMES DOOLEY KAY DOWDY 52 DONNA DOWNS JANICE DOWNSGARY DRUMMOND GEORGE EDWARDS LEROY EVERETT MARY FICKINGER GARY DRUMMOND: SCA Representative: JV Football: SURVEYOR: Red Cross Representative. GEORGE EDWARDS: SCA Representative: JV Football. JV Baseball. Foreign Exchange Program. LEROY EVERETT: MARY FICKINGER: LEE FELTNER: Junior Board. JAMES FERE: Big Brother; Latin Club: LITTLE HATCHET. REGINA FERGUSON: LEE FELTNER JAMES FERE REGINA FERGUSON 53ANXIETY OVER ACCEPT SHELIA GALLMAN ALLEN FURR: Freshman. JV. Varsity Football: JV. Varsity Track; Varsity Wrestling: Interact Club. MARY MARGARET GAINEY: Activities Editor and Managing Editor. COMPASS; Quill and Scroll; Nonfiction Editor. LITTLE HATCHET; President Spanish Club; World Events Club. Keyettes: Big Sister. Economic Seminar. SHELIA GALLMAN: SPENCE GARDNER: 1st Vice-President of SCA; JV Varsity Football; JV. Varsity Crew; Pep Club; President. AFS; Sunshine Boys; Program Chairman. Spanish Club; Junior Board; Boys’ State; Economic Semin-are; COMPASS Business Staff; Monogram Club. Big Brother; Interact Club. JESSE GIPSON: JAMES GORDON: Interact Club; Drama Club; Debate Club: National Forensic League; Monogram Club: SCA Representative: Varsity Tennis; UN Contest; LITTLE HATCHET; World Events Club. SPENCE GARDNER JESSEE GIPSON JAMES GORDONANCE PROSTRATES SENIORS JOHN GREENE: Pep Club: Spanish Club: Spanish Honor Society: Interact Club: SCA Representative: SURVEYOR: Red Cross Club: Business Manager. Treasurer. Band Council. Band: Drum and Fife Corps: Orchestra: FBLA: Drama Club. WENDY GREER: VOT Club: Red Cross Club. WANDRA GRIFFIN: Spanish Club: Spanish Honor Society: SURVEYOR: Quill and Scroll; SCA Rep. Junior Board: Sophomore Board: Red Cross Club FTA. FAY GRIMES: Thespians: Drama Club: Spanish Club: Folk Music Club: Red Cross Club. WANDRA GRIFFIN FAY GRIMES 55JANET HANNA JOHN HALCOMB: Interact Club: Freshman. Varsity Football: JV. Varsity Track: JV. Varsity Wrestling. MARTHA HAMED: Spanish Honor Society: COMPASS Ad Staff: Spanish Club: FTA; Red Cross Representative: Pep Club. JANET HANNA: VOT. JANELL HARDING: Pep Club: DE. LOIS HAROLD LOIS HAROLD: JACKIE HOROWITZ: COMPASS Ad Staff: FTA: Pep Club: Red Cross Representative: SCA Representative: Clinic: Prom Committee. TERRY HARRIS: DE; Pep Club. JACKIE HOROWITZ TERRY HARRIS MARYLEE HART MARTY HARVEY COLBY HATCH HAROLD HEETER REBECCA HENSLEY JEAN HOLLIS MARYLEE HART: Varsity Cheerleader: Secretary. Public Relations: Editor. Newspaper; Drama Club: Copywriter. Yearbook: NFL: CSF: American Legion Oratory: Pep Club. MARTY HARVEY: Treasurer. Key Club: Freshman. JV. Varsity Football: Freshman. JV. Varsity Basketball; Freshman. JV. Varsity Baseball; Freshman Board. Sophomore Board. Junior Board; President. Monogram Club; Prom Committee. COLBY HATCH: Spanish Club; Spanish Honor Soc. COMPASS Ad Staff; Pep Club; Secretary. Keyettes; SCA Representative; World Events Club: Prom Committee; Homecoming Attendant; Secretary. Senior Class. HAROLD HEETER: ICT Club. REBECCA HENSLEY: VOT Club. MARY HILL: DE Club. MARY HILL JEAN HOLLIS: ICT Club. MAGGIE HOLLOWAY LARRY HOLMES 57 ROSEANN HOWARDSENIORS ALICE HUDGINS FRANK HUNTER CAROLYN JACKSON ALICE HUDGINS: Quill and Palm; Secretary. President. Keyettes: SCA Representative: Sophomore Board: Spanish Club. SUSAN HUGHES: GAA: Red Cross Representative: SCA Representative: Drama Club: President. French Club: Keyettes: Vice-President. Quill and Scroll: Poetry Editor. Editor m Chief. LITTLE HATCHET: Economics Award. FRANK HUNTER: President. ICT Club: JV Crew; Red Cross Representative. ROBERT HYLAND: CAROLYN JACKSON: Historian. Keyettes: Secretary. VOT Club: SCA Representative. MARY JO JACKSON: Treasurer. GAA: FTA; Corresponding Secretary. Keyettes; Drill Team. LARRY JACKSON: Junior Achievement Member. LYNN JENKINS: SANDRA JENNINGS: Spanish Club: Spanish Honor Society: Secretary. COMPASS Ad Staff: Junior Board: SCA Representative. LEROY JEWELL: SUSAN HUGHES ROBERT HYLAND MARY JO JACKSON LARRY JACKSON LYNN JENKINS 58 SANDRA JENNINGS LEROY JEWELLELAINE JOHNSON MATTHEW JOHNSON ROBERT JOHNSON FRAN JONES MARGARET JUAREZ CHARLES KELLER KAREN KENDRICK ELAINE JOHNSON: Pompom Girl; Drill Team; Choir. MATTHEW JOHNSON: Sergeant at Arms. ICT; JV Wrestling. ROBERT JOHNSON: JV. Varsity Basketball, letter award: Thespians. FRAN JONES: MARGARET JUAREZ: SCA Alternate: COMPASS Ad Staff; Pep Club; GAA; FTA; Red Cross Rep. CHARLES KELLER: WILLIAM KEARNEY: Treasurer. Red Cross: Publicity Manager. Band: Photographer. FBLA; Associate Photographer. COMPASS; Photographer. SURVEYOR: Interact Club. WILLIAM KEARNEY KAREN KENDRICK: Fresh-man, JV. Varsity Cheerleader: SCA Represen- tative: Red Cross Representative: Pep Club: GAA; Big Sister; Keyettes; Academic Letter: Quill and Palm; AFS.SENIORS STEVE KENNEDY KAREN KOZIOL STEVE KENNEDY: Freshman. JV. Varsity Football. KATHY KNIGHTING: KAREN KOZIOL: Quill and Palm: Keyettes: Quill and Scroll: Drill Team; French Club: Junior Board: SCA Representative. MADGE KREBS: SCA Representative: Keyettes: Quill and Scroll: President. French Club: Drum and Fife Corps: Feature Editor. SURVEYOR. KIT KRICKENBERGER: French Club: Pep Club: COMPASS Assistant Copy Editor. Quill and Palm: NMSQT Semi-Finalist. RONNIE LAMBERT: KATHY KNIGHTING RONALD LAWHORNE: MADGE KREBS KIT KRICKENBERGER VINCENT LEE: ROGER LUDLOW: FBLA. CATHY LYNCH: Pep Club: Keyettes: Junior Board Alternate: SCA Alternate: FBLA: COMPASS Ad Staff: Big Sister. RONNIE LAMBERTPOMP CIRCUMSTANCE” AT LAST DRAWS NEAR GEORGE MARSH GEORGE MARSH: MARTHA MARTIN: AFS; Economic Seminar: Alexandria Science Fair: Northern Va. Science Fair. Modern Dance Club: French Club. NOREEN MASON: Treasurer. ICT: Miss ICT. EVELYN McADAM: Varsity Cheerleader. ROBERT McCABE: OTIS McCLEES: Interact Member: Spanish Club: Freshman Football letter. MARTHA MARTIN NOREEN MASON EVELYN McADAM 61 ROBERT McCABE OTIS McCLEESSANDY McMANUS SYLVIA MINES DONALD MOONEY GEORGE MONTI SANDY McMANUS: VOT. SYLVIA MINES: History Club. DONALD MOONEY: Monogram Club: Sophomore Board Junior Board; SCA Representative. GEORGE MONTI: Vice-President. World Events Club: Crew: Varsity Gymnastics: Red Cross Club: Exchange Editor. Editorial Editor. SURVEYOR: Interact Club: SCA Representative: Captain. It's Academic: Citation. NCTE. LOUIS MONZUK LOUIS MONZUK: Freshman. JV. Varsity Football. TOMMY MORSE: President. Key Club: JV. Varsity Track: Varsity Wrestling. FBLA. LEONARD NAPPER: fTP 1 TOMMY MORSE LEONARD NAPPER 62GLORIA NELSON: FHA: Dramatics Club: Band: VOT. RICHARD NORRIS: RICHARD NUHN: Secretary. Interact Club: COMPASS Business Staff: Monogram Club: Varsity Football: Captain. Varsity Tennis: Boys' State: Co-Chairman. Pep Club: French Club: Sunshine Boys: Academic Letter; Red Cross Rep. ANDREA ORSINI: RITA POLARD: GLORIA NELSON RICHARD NORRIS RICHARD NUHN 63 ANDREA ORSINI RITA POLARDMARY PARKER ROBERT PATTERSON DENNIS PATTI SON MICHAEL PERKINS FERNANDO PEREZ LOUIS PEREZ MARY PARKER: ROBERT PATTERSON: DENNIS PATTISON: FBLA. MICHAEL PERKINS: FERNANDO PEREZ: Spanish Club. LOUIS PEREZ: SHIRLEY ANN PETERSON: Red Cross Club: Football Queen's Attendant, Junior year; VOT. DOROTHY PHEIFF: MARTHA PROCTOR: VOT. SCHERRY PUGH: Freshman Chorus; Red Cross Club. Girls' Gymnastics. SHIRLEY ANN PETERSON DOROTHY PHEIFF 64 MARTHA PROCTOR SCHERRY PUGHDEBBIE PULMAN SANDRA PUTMAN SHARON RAILEY CARLENE RAMEY DEBBIE PULMAN: FTA: World Events Club: Drill Team: AFS. SANDRA PUTMAN: SHARON RAILEY: Red Cross Representative: ICT. CARLENE RAMEY: MARTHA RANDELL: Folk Music Club: GAA: Red Cross Representative: Pep Club: VOT. MARTHA RANDELL ELIZABETH REED: Folk Music Club: Publicity Chairman. French Club: SCA Representative: Vice-President. Red Cross Club: FTA; Big Sister; AFS: Junior Board: Drill Team; Keyettes: Secretary. Quill and Palm; Activities Editor. COMPASS: Reporter. SURVEYOR. BEVERLY RHODES: BILL ROBEY: Science Club: Photographer. SURVEYOR: FBLA; Red Cross Club: Gymnastics: Big Brother. NANCY RODDA: Quill and Palm; Treasurer. FTA; Folk Music Club: World Events Club: Red Cross Club: Library Worker: COMPASS Ad Staff. SHARON ROSS: ELIZABETH REED BEVERLY RHODES BILL ROBEY 65 NANCY RODDA SHARON ROSSJAMES ROY MAY ROY JEANETTE RUSS KAREN RUSSELL AMANDA SANDERS JAMES ROY: MAY ROY: Secretary. Keyettes: SCA Representative: Freshman. JV. Varsity Cheerleader GAA; Sophomore Board: Red Cross Rep.; FHA: FBLA. JEANETTE RUSS: French Club: Big Sister. KAREN RUSSELL: Drill Team; Treasurer. Vice-President. FTA: Secretary. GAA; Keyettes. ROSEANNE SAITTA: Spanish Club: Sophomore Class Reporter: Pep Club: Freshman. JV. Varsity Cheerleader. COMPASS: Junior Achievement: Prom Committee: Modern Dance Club: Big Sister: Advanced Girls' Chorus. AMANDA SANDERS: VOT: DE. CHRISTOPHER SASINDERS: FRANK SCHEER: Drum major. Band: Culture Editor. SURVEYOR. MARK SCHILLING: De- bate Club: French Club: World Events Club: Sunshine Boys: Junior Board: Sports Editor. SURVEYOR: Poetry Editor. LITTLE HATCHET JV. Varsity Crew; Football: It's Academic: Big Brother: National Forensic League: Pep Club; Smithsonian Lecture Senes: Quill and Scroll: AFS; Interact Club: COMPASS Business Staff. ROSEANNE SAITTA Alan Furr, of the Interact Club, refurbishes lockers during the Christmas vacation. CHRISTOPHER SASINDERS 66 FRANK SCHEER MARK SCHILLINGBARBARA SCHMIDT DEBBIE SCOTT GLORIA SCOTT JOHN SCOTT BARBARA SCHMIDT: DEBBIE SCOTT: Secretary. Spanish Club: Girls’ State Alternate: Sophomore Board: Junior Board: SCA Representative; Quill and Palm; Spanish Honor Society: Spanish Honor Award; Chairman. COMPASS Ad Staff. GLORIA SCOTT: HILTON SETTLE J0HN SC0TT: DIANE SELF MIKE SHOCKEY HILTON SETTLE: Pep Club: Monogram Club: Key Club: Junior Class Board: COMPASS Business Staff: Big Brother; Sophomore Board: Red Cross Representative: JV. Varsity Baseball: JV Football: JV Basketball: Secretary. Sophomore Class: President. Freshman Class. DIANE SELF: Treasurer. President. FBLA: Economic Seminar: Pep Club: FHA: Campus Life. MIKE SHOCKEY: KATHLEEN SHUCK SHIRLEY SIERS 67 GEORGE SIERSGAYLE SILLIMAN LAURA SIMPSON GAYLE SILLIMAN: FBLA; Secretary. Choir: Secretary. Youth For Christ. LAURA SIMPSON: World Events Club: Pep Committee: FTA: Sophomore Board: FBLA: Prom Committee: Junior Board Alternate. WILLIAM SKILLMAN: Pep Club: FBLA; Red Cross. WALTER SMALLING: DIANNE SMITH: Vice-President. President. Spanish Club: Spanish Honor Society: Mixed Chorus: Pep Club: Quill and Palm: Junior Board: SCA Alternate: Drill Team: Big Sister; Girls' State: Advanced Girls' Chorus: Academic Letter: 3rd Place Washington Area Science Fair: Outstanding Achievement Award in Spanish. JAMES SMITH: Treasurer. Interact Club: SCA Representative. WILLIAM SKILLMAN WALTER SMALLING 68 DIANNE SMITH JAMES SMITHRONALD SMITH STEUART SMITH JOYCE SOWA JANET STANDLEY LADONNA STANFIELD RONALD SMITH: STEUART SMITH: SCA Representative: Sunshine Boys. JOYCE SOWA: SCA Alternate: Secretary-Treasurer. GAA; FT A: Shorthand Award: Big Sister. JANET STANDLEY: Freshman Class Editor. Layout Editor. COMPASS: SCA Representative: Pep Club: Secretary-Treasurer. Quill and Scroll: Vice-President. Spanish Honor Society: Treasurer. Keyettes: Quill and Palm: FHA. LA DONNA STANFIELD: Red Cross Representative: Parliamentarian. DE: Publicity Manager. LITTLE HATCHET. JANET STANLEY: SCA Representative: Red Cross Representative: Pep Club: Band: Drill Team: Secretary-Treasurer. YFC. OCTAVIA STANTON: Feature Editor. SURVEYOR: Thespians: National Forensic League: Debate Club: Red Cross Club: Band: Pep Club: Junior Achievement. KAY STORCK: BOT: Quill and Palm: COMPASS Ad Staff: French Club: International Relations Society: Art Club: Sophomore Class Council. LINDA STEWART: GAA: Red Cross Club: VOT; P.E. Award. JANET STANLEY NORMA STANLEY OCTAVIA STANTON 69 KAY STORCK LINDA STEWARTSENIORS’ HOPES AND DRE DAVEDA STEWART LOUIS SUAREZ MARY SULLIVAN CARLA SULLIVAN CAROLE SULLIVAN PIRJO TERHO DAVEDA STEWART: Red Cross Club: FBLA; GAA: ICT; Pep Club. LOUIS SUAREZ: Spanish Club: Pep Club: Wrestling: Crew: Sunshine Boys. MARK SULLIVAN: Secretary. ICT. CARLA SULLIVAN: CAROLE SULLIVAN: Advanced Girls' Chorus: DE. PAT SWISHER: Red Cross Rep.; Pep Club. PIRJO TERHO: FTA: Pep Club: AFS: Keyettes: Drama Club. KENNY THOMAS: JV. Varsity Baseball: JV. Varsity Basketball: Monogram Club. PATRICIA THOMAS: SANDRA THOMAS: ICT. KENNY THOMAS PATRICIA THOMAS 70 SANDRA THOMASAMS BECOME REALITY DAVID TONG EMILY TURNER JOHNNY WALLACE CHARLES WARD DAVID TONG: President. Senior Class: JV. Varsity Football: Vice-President. COMPASS Business Staff: Baseball: Wrestling: Big Brother: Junior Board: Pep Club: Sunshine Boys: Red Cross Representative: SCA Representative. EMILY TURNER: Girls' State Alternate; Latin Club: FBLA: Captain. Drill Team; Executive Committee. SCA: Secretary. Treasurer. Junior Class Pep Club: Junior Board: Sophomore Board: SCA Representative: Quill and Palm: Latin Honor Award. JOHNNY WALLACE: DE: Gymnastics Award. CHARLES WARD: Sports Editor. SURVEYOR: Monogram Club; Varsity Football: Big Brother: JV. Varsity Baseball: Red Cross Representative: Sunshine Boys: Economic Seminar. MARTHA WAUGH: Freshman. Advanced Girls' Chorus: Red Cross Representative. Girls' Gymnastics. JOHN WEBSTER: LOUIS WEBSTER: JV Football. Varsity Track. MARTHA WAUGH JOHN WEBSTERJOYCE WEST JANICE WELLBORN JANET WESTBROOK ROBERT WESTBROOK GLORIA WIGGLESWORTH RACHEL WILKINS JOYCE WEST: VOT. JANICE WELLBORN: Drama Club: Red Cross Representative: Latin Club: SCA Representative: Drill Team Co-captain. JANET WESTBROOK: FBLA: Red Cross Representative: Latin Club. ROBERT WESTBROOK: Varsity Gymnastics: Monogram Club: Print Shop Superintendent. GLORIA WIGGLESWORTH: Sophomore Board: AFS: Red Cross: Junior Board: Girls' State: Latin Award: Quill and Palm. RACHEL WILKINS: VOT. DAVID WILLIAMS: Pep Club: Big Brother; Sunshine Boys: Thespians. 72 DAVID WILLIAMS M. WILLIAMS J. WOODARD C. WOODS M. YATES T. ZELLER MARGARET WILLIAMS: EOT. JAMES WOODARD: SCA Representative. Red Cross Representative: Junior Achievement: ICT. CRAIG WOODS: MARGARET YATES TERRY ZELLER: SCA Representative: Varsity Baseball. JV Wrestling. JV Football. EARL ZEIGLER: COMPASS Business Staff: Interact Club: Junior Board: Red Cross Club: SCA Representative: French Club: Sunshine Boys. E. ZEIGLER 73 BEST PERSONALITY: CLASS OF ’68 SEL Darlene Milward and Dave Tong MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED: Bonnie Bates and Andy Brown.ECTS SUPER SENIORS MOST ATHLETIC: May Roy and Ronnie Lambert BEST ALL-AROUND: Peggy Corso and Lorenzo Barnes.7677Junior Class Officers: 81II Turner. Treasurer: Suzanne Miller. President; Susan Sanders. Vice-President: Joan Riley. Secretary. JUNIORS ENJOY PRESTIGE AS UPPERCLASSMEN Junior BoardAlexander. Frank Allen. Betty Allen. Paul Almond. Karen Amey. Beth Andrews. David Azzara. Ruth Baker. Ronald Beall. George Behrens. Jacquie Beil. Laverne Bedford. Jerome Bertschmger. Greg Beverly. Mickey Booth. Robert Bouk. David Braun. CathyBritt. Ellen Brown. Patricia Bruffy. Debora Brunson. Bruce Bullard. Thelrecia Callan. Bonnie Campbell. Perry Carr. Lois Carver. Timmy Cassidy. John Cassidy. Nancy Cavanagh, Candice Chandler. Martha Clark. SteveClark, Tommy Coble. John Coffman. Ben Coffman. Henry Comisky. Jerry Cooper. Anthony Crawford. Pat Crockett. Jimmy Crouch. William Crum. Shari Davis. Verlette Dean, lenora Delay. Lmda Denning Betty Dennis. Charles DeWalt. Vivian Dodson. Frances Dollms. Becky Downer. Elizabeth Downey. MarieDunnaway. Donnie Eiseman. Gilbert Ellis. Al Ellis. Stuart Embrey. Alcta Embrey. Gary Evans. Carolyn Ferer. Laura Fischman. Darlene Flynn. Nell Foley. Teresa Fox. Larry Fox. Linda Frerer. Charles Gallahan. Vikki Gallahan. Virginia Geter. Terry Gochenour. Brenda Goodrich. Charlene Graham. AndriaGray. Norman Hagan. Barbara Harman. Susan Harrison. James Hassmer. James Hatton. Diane Heeter. Joyce Henderson. Walter Higgms. Bonme Hill. Linda Himes. Cary Hines. Donald Hitt. Linda Holmes. AlanHolmes. Debbie Hoppe. Julia Hottle. Bill Hovermale. Frank Howard. Dan Hoyle. Rebecca Humphries. Claudia Irby. Dinell Isler. Gloria Jackson. Lindy Jennings. Teresa Jeter. Barbara Jones. Bernice Jones. Catherine Jones. Jocylyn Jones. Rosalind Jorgenson. Lori Keeler. Sherwin Kellelea. Stephan Kelmmsky. MarieKennedy. Mary Kennedy. Shirley Kinnett. David Klow. Richard Konkel. Joanne Kornegay. Marshall Lewis. Leaman Long. Carol Lowe. Annette Macklin. Danny Markell. Margaret Marshall. John Mathews. Betty McClure. Christine McFail. Carol McGowan. SusanMcMichael. Kevin Meece. Terry Meehan, Mary Ellen Mier. Gary Miller. Alton Miller. Bonnie Miller. Catherine Miller, Norma Miller. Suzanne Mills. Karen Mitchell. Brenda Mitchell. Christine Moore. Ilene Morgan. Kevin Morgan. Thomas Morris. George Mosby. Carol Motley. Jerry Murphy. Roland Neff. KathyNeil. Donna Nuckalls. Karen Ontko. Roxanne Orsmi. Lucy Ortiz. Henry Ortiz. Martha Ottens. Shirley Pacilio. Ed Palmer. Lynn Parente. Cynthia Parker. James Patrick. BryanPhillips. Paul Powers. Thomas Prce. Sarah Pruitt. Bobby Puryear. Nancy Quash. Earl Ratteree. Michael Recker. Frederick Reed. Charlotte Reedy. Linda Register. Margaret Reichenback. Phil Reid. James Rhodes. Roy Rice. CarlaRicucci. Jean Ridgely. Martha Riley. Joan Roach. Gary Roberts. Anita Roberts. Gary Roberts. Tommy Robey. Carol Robinson. Donald Roth. Patricia Sanders. Susan Sanfor. Kathy Scaffido. Kay Scott. Laverne Self. Bonnie Self. Michael Sibold. SteveSmith. Earle Snider. Debbie Snider. Jane Soboleski. Raymond Spittle. David Squires. Everett Steffey. Vicki Stokes. Charlotte Stone. Sharon Strickland. Richard Sullivan. Greg Swicegood. Beckie Talley. Maris Teel. Alecia Tcssier. Norman Thomas. BeckyThomas. Deborah Thompson. Edith Turk. Glenda Turner. Bill Tyler. Patricia Valois. Denise Vennon. Jaimie Vincent. Leslie Ward. Sandy Warrener. John Watson. Linda Wayland. Scott •Veintraub. Susan West. Daniel Wetzel. Carla Wilkins. Pamela Wilson. Donata92 93ENERGETIC OFFICERS SPARK SOPH BOARD Sophomore Class Officers: Lauren Funn. Secretary; Claudia Haynes. President: Karen Craddock. Vice President: Gary Slack. Treasurer. Sophomore Board Sophomore Class Sponsors: Miss Luccarelli. Mr. Steve Six. Miss Skogen. 94FOOD DANCE HIGHLIGHTS FIRST SEMESTER Andrews. Larry Baker. Helen Barefoot. Bonnie Bates. Lawrence Bates. Linda Baxter. Marilyn Behrens. Julie Belk. Constance Bellizzi. James Bergeron. Dominique Black. Vickie Blodgett. Deborah Brown. Peggy Burcham. Jacki Buchana. Carol Sue Burchett. Brad Burgess. Rosemary Burns. Steve Butler. Keith Callahan. Gloria 95Campbell. Bernard Casey. Steve Castle. Carlette Clarkson. Sharon Clowes. Brian Cobbs. Shiridean Colbert, Anthony Collins. James Conner. Linda Contee. Gwen Cook. Shirley Cooper. Elaine 96Cooper. Sully Cox. Teresa Cox. William Craddock. Karen Cramer. Cathy Cross. Eleanor Dameron. Ann Davis. Gary Dean. Lawrence Deavers. Denise Dent. Margaret Diaz. Sylvia Diggs. Maurice Dixon. Jackie Dodson. Linda Dombrosky. Nina Donaldson. Helen Donaldson. Mary Donavan. Ron Downey. Agnes Downey. Ilona Dullm. Ann Edwards. Greg 97Everett. Oleatha Feaganes. John Ferguson. Jacqueline Ferguson. Paye Fickmger. Pat Fisher. Dorothy Frere. Cynthia Fuller. Betty Funn. Lauren Galloday. Brenda Garrett, Deborah Ginn. Jan Ginn. Sandra Gipson. Jerome Gochenour. Robert Guillerma. Gomez Green, Donald Greenspan. Kathy Griffin. Kathy Griffin. 8renda Griffin. Robert Grimes. Mary Gross. Margaret Gruitt. Robert Groves. Lester Haley. James 9fiHall. Elizabeth Hansen. Michele Hardester. Donald Harris. Brenda Halton. Carl Haynes. Claudia Haynes. Robert Hensley. Connie Hernades. Jana Hill. Sandra Hill. Shelia Hodges. Joy Hollins. Romona Hornback. Charles Hovermale. Roger Howard. Stephen Hudson. Jackie Hughes. Barbara 99Huhn. Linda Hunt. Betsie Hutchinson. Stephei Jackson. Thomas Jacobs. Gactyn Jenkins. Gary Jennier. Lynn Jessee. Elaine Johns. Joni Lynn Johnson. Tobias Jones. Dale Jones. Frederick Jones. Inez Jones. Jane Jones. Roderick Jones. Stanley Joiner. F eggy Juarez. Richard Karas. Andie Keeler. Jeftrey Keller. DianneKelly. Geoffrey Kelly. Pat Kidwell. Karel King. Nancy Knoosc. Bob Kolb. Thomas Kwiatkowske. Chantel Kyle. Andrea Lambeth. Debbie Lawhome. Sharon Lawson. Craig Lay. Susan Lea. Karen Lee. James LeMay. Wanda Lewis. Patricia Lewis. Theodore Liggio. Christine Manager. Cheryl Mankin. Ginger Manni. Butch Marshall. Mary Martelli. Rosemary Martin. Deborah McClay. Thomas 101McFail. Ruby McGee. Connie Mclver. Annie McKIveen. Bob Melvin. Gail t Meyer. Linda Mills. Ruth Montgomery. Gerald Moran. Martha Munczenski. Connie Munday. Herbert Murphy. Andy Murphy. Christine Nalls. Lawrence Orsim. Rosemary Ottens. Patti Parker. Jeff Parks. Janice Pearson. Cindy Peck. Rebecca Penn. Mike Pettcry. Rita Phillips. Ervin Poland. Linda Pope. Edith Powell. Brian Preston. Richard Quintero. Dora Raison. Sue Raphcal. Ricardo 102Rapp. Claudia Roy. Robert Reichenback. Stanley Reynolds. Beverly Rhine. Robert Rovers. William Robbins. Guyla Robertson. Ellen Rogers. Carolyn Rose. Donnie Russell. Ida Salyers. Dana Scaffido. Paul Scariot. Andy Schnetzler. Katrina Scott. Denise Settle. Ronald Shaw. John Shifflett. Elaine Shifflett. Janet Shifflett. Joyce Shrader. Melvin Sirbert. Rosemarie Skidmore. Karen Small. Garnette Smith. Bobbif Smith. Nancy Smith. Virginia Soboleski. Deborah Spangler. Janice 103Stafford. Shirley Stamper. Joyce Starkey. Jo Ann Strickland. Patricia Sullivan. Gordon Sullivan. Roger Swisher. John Swisher. Margaret Tahor. Lee Taylor. Linda Taylor. Robert Trimble. Dan Tristam. Beverly Trittipoe. Margaret Ulbright. Diane Unterbrmk. Margaret Van Buren. Lorraine Wadlin. George Watkins. Rhonda Wauhop. Pat Ellen 104Wells. Zora West. Linda White. Vickie Williams. Paul Wilson. Elizabeth Wilson. John Winbush. Thomas Wise. Frances 105 Freshman Class Officers: John Riley. Vice-President: Kathy Gregory. President: Cheryl Lewis. Secretary. Freshman Class Sponsors: Miss Reid. Miss Mewborne. 106Almond. Dennis Altizer. Patricia Amy. Judith Arch. Laurie Arnett. Roberta Asbell. Fay Atkins. Patricia Baker. Nancy Barnes. Bobby Barr. Sheila Beatty. Albert Bellizzi. Richard Bennett. Debora Bennett. John Bertschmger. Kerry Berry. Robert Bibb. Walter Bishop. Elizabeth Booth. Calvin Bostick. Ida Bowman. Kerry Boyd. Judith Brackens. Shirley Bradley. Donnie Braun. Meta 8reeden. Carol Breeden. Rhonda Cassidy. Mike Chapman. Celestme Clark. Jackie Clark. Linda Cole. Jackie FRUSTRATIONS ACCOMPANY BUSY FIRST YEAR Coleman. Keith Coleman. Patricia Collins. Debra Comer. William Coppage. Cynthia Corman. Patti Courtney. Rachael Crum. Nancy Cunningham. William Curtis. Antoinette Cutler. Danny Davis. Joyce Dawson. Margaret DeLay. Janet Dellinger. John Dick. Shirley Diggs. Grace Dixie. Gregory Dollins. Elinor Dougherty. Deborah Downey. Brenda Drummond. Marie Dunaway. Loretta Dunbar. Theresa Ebhardt, Paul Ellis. Keith Evans. John Evans. John Evans. Mary Ewing, Roger Fields. Mark 107Fox. Lorraine Fraiser. Donise Francis. Fred Franklin. Thomas Furrow. Susan Gallman. Sharon Galloway. Sandra Gardiner. Tina Gholson. Pat Gilbert. Cathy Gikerson. Margie Ginn. Mary Giovanni. Rudy Golden. Linda Gomez. Man el a Gomez. Miguel Graham. Janet Gray. Valerie Greer. Carol Greer. Ray Gregory. Kathleen Groves. Anthony Halcomb. Sharon Halter. Geneva Harding. Willie Harris. Janice Harris. Larry Harris. Queen Hawald. Joyce Hayes. David Head Kenneth Heislup. Lois Leislup. Sandra Helslcy. Rebecca Henley. Thomas Heuback. John Higgins. Gail Hill. Cynthia Hill. John Himes. Steve Hitchcock. John Howard. Emily Hoyle. Betty Huetger. Christine Huffer. Charles ENTHUSIASTIC FROSH MEET OLD TRADITIONS Huffer. Kathleen Hughes. Brenda Humphries. Nancy Hunt. Sallie Jackson. Carolyn James. Thea Jewell. Charles Johnson. Martin Jones. Robert Jorgenson. Vicki Kendrick. Lucie Kidd. Barbara Kidd. Diane Kim. Carroll Kingery. Cynthia Kitts. Patricia Kitts. Wayne Knight. George Krickenberger. Mindy Lawhome. William Lewis. Cheryl Linhoss. Fred London. Karen Long. Edward Longford. Bonnie Lyall. Randy Marshall. Derrick Marshall. Paul 108Martin. Brian Maxwell. Susan McClary. William McClure. Charlene McCormick. Lois McCurdy. Linda McGee. Patrick McKtveen. John Meixner. Sheri Millctte. Harlan Mitchell. Leola Monroe. Rita Montgomery. Debbie Moore. Loreen Moore. James Morgan. Deborah Moss. Debra Nealy. Dana Norris. Stan Odie. James O'Flaherty. Susan Oshaughnessy. Richard Pack. Drema Pallant. Donna Palmer. Shirley F»opoulokas. James Patrick. Fulton Payton. William Perez. Beatrice F ersekian. Adel Phillips. Paula Pinkston. Deborah Plumby. John Porter. Dorothy Preston. Barbara Preston. Richard Proffitt. George Pugh. Mike Putman. Sylvia Randolph. Denise Randolph. Robert Reamy. Susan Reed. William Reeder. Alexis Reedy. Richard Register. James Rhodes. Charles Rice. Paul Rich. Cindy Riley. John Roberts. Rebecca Robey. Joy Rogers. Jacqueline Rogers. Robin Ross. Linda Rowland. William Sanders. Randall Sands. Bonnie Schilling. Eric Schreiner. Chnstine Scully. Penny Scully. Ronald Seargeant. George Secord. Laurel Settle. Bonnie Shifflett. Christa Shifflett. Wayne Si bold. Janice Sims. Lola Simpkins. Robert Simpson. Richard Smalling. Martha Smart. Susan 109IllACTIVITIES DESPOTIC AUTHORITY MAKES GOVERNMENT S.C.A.: Bill Turner. Darleen Milward. Bonnie Bates. Linda Huhn. Susan Sanders, Karen Craddock. Karen Kendrick, Emily Turner. Spence Gardner. AFS Members: Spence Gardner. Rick Nuhn. Barbara Hughes. Susan Hughes. Vicky Campbell. Karen Kozial. Madge Kres. Mary Jo Jackson. Sally Akers.The Student Council Association continued to provide G.W. with an excellent, hard working student government. Many new activities were started along with the revival of old ones. The student body welcomed the increased number of dances and huge steps were taken in the examination and solving of student problems. The American Field Service is a national organization dealing with the exchange of foreign students. Its contributions to school and community are countless. This year G.W.'s foreign exchange student was Pirjo-Liisa Terho. In accordance with its goals, the AFS sponsored many activities which promoted understanding among countries.PEP CLUB: First row: Karen Skidmore. Ronme Lambert. Bruce Brum Linda McCurdn. Cindy Smith. Linda Williams. Karen Kendrick. Ellen son. Lon Jorgenson. Barbara Hagen. Martha Moran. Bonnie Bates. Britt. Debbie Soboloski. Lmda Bates. Second row: Peggy Payne. Carla Rice. PEP COMMITTEE ENCOURAGES ENTHUSIASM The Pep Committee, a branch of the S.C.A., promotes school spirit by advertising sport activities, selling pep tags, and hosting football, basketball, and homecoming queens. During the football season a game is held honoring the player’s parents of which the Pep Committee is the sponsor. It is one of the largest clubs at G.W. 116 CO'Chairmen Andy Brown. Ricky Nuhn. Spence Gardner, and Martha Ridgcly put sponsor. Miss Chavis to sleep.TEAM CAPTAINS CROWN HOMECOMING QUEEN DARLENE MILWARD HOMECOMING QUEEN 117Peggy Cor so Colby Hatch Pat Thomas At half time during the GWO’Connell football game. Darlene Milward was crowned GW's 1967-68 Homecoming Queen. It was a pageant of color, excitement, and suspense, as the Queen and her court of princesses circled the field in convertibles, while the crowd cheered. Susan Sanders 118PRETTY GIRLS ADD GLAMOUR TO HOMECOMING Suzanne Miller Karen Craddock r | Shirley Cook Patty Atkins Wendy WheatonBOYS STATE: Rich Nuhn. Jim Gordon. Allen Brad-field. Andy Brown. Spence Gardner. Lorenzo Barnes. BOYS’ STATERS RISE EARLY FOR DEMOCRACY Once again last summer. GW sent representatives to Boys' State, which was held at the College of William and Mary. Every day the boys rose at five o'clock to participate in governmental activities, including elections, and various other functions that accompany a democratic system of politics. 120 Boy's Staters consider bright ideaDELEGATE REPRESENT G.W. IN MOCK GOV’T GIRLS STATE: Bonnie Bates. Peggy Corso. Dianne Smith. Gloria Wigglesworth. GW proudly sent delegates to Girls' State again this year. These girls were all active in school functions, and took an avid interest in serving their school. During the second week of June, our delegates boarded a train bound for Radford College, looking forward to a fun-filled week, and planning on returning with many fond memories of their experience. Five Girl s Staters pose for candid. 121 Sally Akers joins with Peggy Corso and Dianne Smith m the boiler room.jhimpj KEY CLUBBERS KEY PROJECTS TO SERVICE KEY CLUB: Norman Tessier. James Hassmer. Bruce Brunson. Tony Yon-poulos. Rick Simpson. Fulton Patrick. Paul Allen. Greg Sullivan. Ronnie Lambert. Perry Campbell. Steve Carrol. John Coble. Terry Meece. Joe Fletcher. Lester Groves. ■HI The Key Club is one of G.W.’s finest service organizations. The sponsorships of numerous projects has made it invaluable to student life. Its activities include collecting for the March of Dimes, having a picnic for the Keyettes. raising the flag each morning, and painting badly scarred lockers. 122 OFFICERS: Andy Brown—Vice-President: Tommy Morse-President: Kie Campbell—Secretary; Marty Harvey—Treasurer.KEYETTES: (Bottom): Claudia Haynes. Ellen Robertson. Karen Ken- et Register. Fifth row: Janet Standley. Janice Downs. Carol Mosby. dnck. Second row: Mary Ellen Meehan. Jane Snider. Third row: Sally Ak- Sixth row: Karen Koziol. Kathy Lynch. Madge Krebs, ers. Elaine Jesse. Darlene Milward, Fourth row: Karen Russell. Margar- KEYETTES ASSIST IN COMMUNITY PROJECTS OFFICERS: Martha Ridgley. Vice-President; Colby Hatch. Recording Secretary; Alice Hudgins. President: Mary Jo Jackson. Corresponding Secretary; Karen Craddock. Historian; Jackie Behrens. Treasurer. The newly formed Keyettes have already proved themselves to be one of G.W.’s most energetic service group. At the beginning of the school year, the girls gave a dinner for the male counterpart, the Key Club. Their other activities include a collection for the March of Dimes, a spring bake sale, sending a representative to Girls State, and a highly successful daffodil sale. • 123SURVEYOR The Surveyor is G.W.’s excellent bi weekly newspaper. Under the expert direction of Miss McDonald the periodical continued to give a fine view of student life. The commendable Editorial page provided a look at student opinion and expression. Other such regular features as About Faces. Cartoons. and the Sports page were quite entertaining. 124 SURVEYOR: Walter Smallmg Jr.. Editor-in-chief. George Monti. Anthony Cooper. Gary Drummond. David Bouk. Mary Ballinger. Barbara Hughes. Salli Akers. Jackie Burcham. Kathy Greenspan. Joe Rice. Octavia Stan- ton. Jo Anne Pruett. Cathy Braun. Aleta Embrey. Mary Halter. Wanda Griffm. Mark Shilling. Charles Ward. Mike Penn. Craig Zeller. George Michael Marsh. Bill Robey. William Kearney. Rita Pettey. Keith Coleman.HATCHET SWINGS WITH STUDENTS’ STORIES tXJPPORT THE JjM M 'H vot( r 'TrMw fin . jMiwm'j - LITTLE HATCHET STAFF: Pixie Gainey. Susan Hughes. Peggy Bair. Mark Schilling. Steve Kellelea. James Gordon. Larry Martin. Gae Lyn Jacobs. GW’s literary magazine. The HATCHET, came out in two great issues this year. With poems, short stories and various other notable achievements on the parts of the students. The HATCHET proved what it was really made up of. and every GWite could be sure that it was true. 125 Mark Schilling displays a Little Hatchet while Larry Martin finishes another.COMPASS CREATES CLARITY FROM CHAOS As in years past, the staff of GW's yearbook. the COMPASS, began planning the most spectacular book ever for this year's lucky GWites. Ideas were thrown around concerning the book, and finally the groundwork was set and the work begun. Although there was often many frantic moments, the staff maintained their cool and came through in flying colors. Martha Ridgely. Greg Edwards. Butch Smith. Margaret Register. 8ob Patterson. Andie Saitta. Stef Baesler. Janet Standley. Pixie Gainey. Kit Knckenberger. Beth Reed (sitting). Absent: Kie Campbell, and Andy Brown. COMPASS AD STAFF: Dale Jones. Kay Storck. Martha Hamed. Cathy Lynch. Debbie Scott (Chairman). Sandy Jen nmgs. Sitting: Colby Hatch. Jack le Horowitz. Peggy Juarez. 126 Editor Campbell watches the door while Andy Saitta watchesCOMPASS BUSINESS STAFF: Front row: Diane Smith. Andy Brown. Second row: Spence Gardner. Rick Nuhn. Third row: Buddy Ward. Mark Schilling. Fourth row: Hilton Settle. Earl Ziegler.DRILL TEAM HIGHLIGHTS HALF-TIME SHOWS DRILL TEAM: Front Row: Carla Rice. Debbie Soboleski. Dianne Smith. Kathie Wheatley. Emily Turner. Beth Reed. Dixie O'Neil. Elaine Johnson. Joann Starkey. Second row: Mary Marshall. Janet Spangler. Lydia Cross. Patty Ottens. Cathy Braun. Karen Koziol. Cindy Ferer. Elaine Jesse. Barbara Hagan. Sharon Stone. Janice Downs. Peggy Payne. Third row: Karen Russel. Ellen Britt. Lauren Fernn. Theresa Jennings. Rose Marie Sirbert. Jackie Dixon. Mary Jo Jackson. Linda Bates. Deb bie Pulman. Janice Wellborne. Janet Stanley. Carlette Brooks. (Photo —Doug Rose). This year, spectators at GW's football games were entertained by a new marching group, the First Ladies. Under the directorship of Miss Taylor, these girls performed at each game, providing a dazzling spectacle of blue and gold. Climaxing their first year, the girls went on to win 3rd place in the GW Birthday parade.MARCHING BAND SPARKLES IN NEW UNIFORMS Members include: George Beall. Dennis Brown. James Bryson. Debbie Chapman. William Crouch. Samuel Comer. Lawrence Dean. Maurice Diggs. Terrence Dixon. Elinor Dollins. Ray Eaton. Tom Ferer. Robert Furr. Jcssee Gipson. Guillermo Gomez. Andrea Graham. Donald Green. John Greene. Carroll Hall. John Heubach. Duane Hunmcutt. Charles Jackson. Thea James. Catherine Jones. Frederick Jones. Karel Kidwell. Cheryl Lewis. Theodore Lewis, Lawrence Martin. Gerald Montgomery. Bruce Morrison. Herb Munday. Lawrence Nalls. Aaron Pearson. Linda Poland. Denese Randolph. Robert Roy. Frank Scheer. Nels Thoreson. Dan Trimble. Rozeir Wair. Charles White. Elizabeth Wilson. John Zeller. Jay Thorne. Alice Thorne. Bonnie 8radiey. Berdonna Banks. Cordell Belk. Beatrice Lloyd. Clifton Middleton. The odore Patterson. William Reed. Martha Smelling. Roger Stephens. John Wilkins. Bertschinger. Kerry. Charles Stanton. Alfred Copeland. Clyde Ross. Hours of grueling morning practice paid off by giving G.W. one of the finest marching bands in the state. Under the expert direction of Mr. Robert Baden, the Band and the First Ladies provided football fans with many exciting half time routines. Long to be remembered is their popular version of "Fever, 129Concert Band Although the Concert Band was relatively small this year, the quality and quantity of music went undiminished. The Christmas concert was an outstanding example of its harmonious techniques. This fine program, presented in conjunction with the Chorus, featured selections designed for all phases of instruments. Students expecially enjoyed the singing of the lovely Christmas carols. Members include: George Beall, Dennis Brown. James Bryson. Debbie Chapman. William Crouch. Samuel Comer. Dean Lawrence. Maurice Diggs. Terrence Dixon. Elinor Dol-lins. Ray Eaton. Tom Ferer. Robert Furr. Jessee Gipson. Guillermo Gomez. Andrea Graham. Donald Green. John Greene. Carroll Hall. John Heubach. Duane Hunnicutt. Charles Jackson. Thea James. Catherine Jones. Frederic Jones. Karel Kidwell. Cheryl Lewis. Theodore Lewis. Lawrence Martin. Gerald Montgomery. Bruce Morrison. Herb Munday. Lawrence Nalls. Aaron Pearson. Linda Poland. Denese Randolph. Robert Roy. Frank Scheer. Nels Thoreson. Dan Trimble. Rozeir Wair. Charles White. Elizabeth Wilson. John Zeller. Jay Thorne. Alice Thorne. BAND’S “BEAT GOES ON” WITH “FEVER” Richard Reedy. Alexis Reeder. Sylvia Putman. Celestine Chapman. Barbara Stevens. Rita Pettey. Dana Nealey. Linda Poland, Dan Trimble. Andrea Graham. Elizabeth Wilson. Larry Martin. Celso Lopez. James Lawrence.Mixed Chorus Members include Beth Amey. Constance Belk. Ella Bowen. Lenora Dean. Judy Embrey. Carolyn Hunt. Linda Hutchinson. Darlene Milward. Elizabeth Peters. Gayle Silliman. Deborah Thomas. Becky Thomas. Lmda Watson. Patricia Wauhop. Charlette Stokes. Roseanne Saitta. Robert Bove. James Hassmer. Mike Penn. Sidney Toland. Antonio Padiallo. Advanced Girls’ Chorus • embers include: Carol Buchanan. Gloria Callahan, ona Downey. Virginia Callahan. Deborah Garrett. Annie Gordon. Carolyn Hackley. Nancy Hanna. Susan Harman. Lynn Jenmcr. Ethel Johnson. Peggy Joiner. Rosalind Jones. Pat Kelley. Andrea Kyle. Debbie Lambeth. Wanda LeMany. Paulette Marshall. Deborah Martin. Albertha Mitchell. Shirley Ottens. Rebecca Peek. Deborah Soboleski. Carla Whetzel. Joy Hodges. Performing many times throughout the year. G.W.'s chorus provided students with a quick glance into the everchanging world of vocal accomplishment. Their most entertaining concert was undoubtedly at Christmas when they gave a rare modern rendition of favorite carols. G.W. CHORUS CHIMES IN ON MUSICAL WORLDCHEERLEADERS CRY IS “GO, FIGHT, WIN!” JV CHEERLEADERS: Kelly Macklin. Kathy Greenspan. Claudi Haynes. Jan Ginn. Pat Tyler. Shirley Cook Absent: Charlotte Stokes. Prexie cheerleaders are indeed the backbone of G.W.'s spirit. Through their tireless efforts, student interest in athletic contests was always pronounced. The addition of many new cheers also stimulated enthusiasm. 132 Freshman Cheerleaders Nancy Humphries. Sherry Meiner. Cindy Coppage. Wendy Wheaton. Robbm Rogers. Not shown: Christine HolmesEvelyn McAdam— Head Basketball Cheerleader May Roy—Head Football Cheerleader Karen Kendrick Mary Ellen Meehan Peggy Corso Andie Saitta JoAnne Konkel Roxanne OntkoINTERACT REACTS TO REASON The Interact Club is one of G.W.'s most active service clubs. It meets every Wednesday before school. Its many services include lowering the flag after school, painting badly scarred lockers, selling candy for the March of Dimes, and spon soring a foster child. Officers are: Bill Dacey. Jim Smith. Rick Nuhn. Ben Coffman. Jim Gordon. Spence Gardner. Members include: Spence Gardner. Mark Schellmg. Otis McClees. Bill Rhine. Rick Nuhn. Ben Coffman. Jim Smith. Alan Furr. Jim Gordon. Jim Smith and Mark Schelling restore halls to normality after painting lockers.Shirley Ottnes—Parliamentarian. Kathy Knighting—Treasurer. Brenda Gouchenour—Recording Secretary. Diane Self—President. Vicky Stef- y—Vice President. Bonnie Self—Corre- sponding Secretary. Jamie Biennon—Recorder. Totalling more than ninety, the Future Business Leaders of America is one of G.W.'s largest clubs. Its goals are to increase business knowledge and skills. It visited a local business, conducted a demonstration of parliamentary procedure, and attended the Mansetta Leadership Training Conference. Members include: Betty Allen. Vicky Black. Bob Booth. Linda Conner. Linda DeLay. Betty Denning. Fran Dotson. Anne Dulin. Donna Fmnefl. Betty Fuller. Brenda Goche-nour. Brenda Golladay. Margaret Gross. Bob Gruitt. Sharon Halcomb. Dennis Hall. Walter Henderson. Julia Hoppe. Jeamc Hoyle. Becky Hoyle. Gloria Isler. Peggy Joiner. William Kearney. Shirley Kennedy. Kathy Knighting. Bonnie Langford. Roger Ludlow. Gail Melvin. Roger Mickey. Tommy Morse. Connie Munczenski. Shirley Ot-tens. Janice Parks. Dennis Pattison. Bill Robey. May Roy. Ida Russell. Paul Scaffido. Bonnie Self. Diane Self. Bill Skillman. Laura Simpson. Gayle Silliman. Debbie Smart. Debbie Sobleski. Vicky Steffey. Becky Swicegood. Jaimie Vennon. Ronda Walkms. Janet Westbrook. Vicky White. Elizabeth Wilson. Patsy Wilson. Debbie Winnie. FBLA DISPLAYS LEADERSHIP QUALITIES SCHOOL STORE: Robert Booth. Miss Coe. Bill Skillman.QUILL PALM IS GOAL OF ALL STUDENTS All too many people believe that the Quill and Palm is merely an honorary organization, not a hard working body. It is indeed a rare person who has met the standard of an overall 92.0 average. However, the club provides many useful services such as the annual teachers' bake sale and the presentation of a scholarship at the close of the school year. ARZELLA BARE BONNIE BATES Vice-President ANDY BROWN VICKY CAMPBELL PEGGY CORSO ALICE HUDGINS KAREN KENDRICK President Secretary KAREN KOZIOL KIT KRICKENBERGER ELIZABETH REED NANCY RODDA DEBBIE SCOTT Treasurer DIANNE SMITH JANET STANDLEY KAY STORK EMILY TURNER GLORIA WIGGLESWORTHQUILL SCROLL PROVES MIGHT OF PEN PEGGY BAIR STEPHANIE BASELER PIXIE GAINEY WANDA GRIFFIN MARTHA HAMED COLBY HATCH JACKIE HOROWITZ SUSAN HUGHES Vice-President The Quill and Scroll recognizes those hardworking individuals who comprise the staffs of the COMPASS, the LITTLE HATCHET, and the SURVEYOR. To become a member, one must have a B average and have worked on a publication for at least a year. Among its many services is the printing of the Senior Prophecy and the Last Will and Testament. SANDRA JENNINGS MADGE KREBS KAREN KOZIOL President GEORGE MONTI MARK SCHILLING HILTON SETTLE WALTER SMALLING JANET STANDLEY Secretary-TreasurerLarge quantities of eloquence and intelligence combine to produce an extraordinary team of debaters. Long hours of pre-season research, painstakingly formulated cases, and countless practices yielded G.W. a high achieving debate team. Debate Club Front Row: Barbara Stevens. Richard Juarez. Tony Yannoponlas. Oc-tavia Stanton. Second Row: Mark Schelling. Doug Parker. Don Trimble. Jim Gordon. I TEAM’S WIT WISDOM FALLS SHORT OF GOAL It’s Academic The three participants and the three alternates chosen to represent G.W. on It's Academic demonstrated not only high intellect but the rare ability to formulate correct answers quickly. The members of this year's team were George Monti. Mark Schellmg. and Stefan Bonfiglio. Alternates were Vicki Campbell. Diane Smith, and Bonnie Bates. Stefan Bonfiglio. George Monti. Miss Somers, sponsor. Mark Shilling.DRAMATISTS DESIRE DRAMATIC DISTINCTION G.W.'s honorary dramatic society, the Thespians, represent the best dramatic talent. Students must have maintained a grade point average of 85 and have accumulated one hundred working hours. Its goal are to keep dramatic standards at G.W. high and to promote interest among students. - ida Collins. Alexis Reeder. Geneva Halter. Deborah Thomas. Bill Robey. Lmda Conner. Nancy King. Octavia Stanton. Jim Gordon. Joanne Konkel. Bob Johnson. Kay Scaffido. Betty Denning. Linda Williams. Susan Hughes. Vicky Campbell. 139FUTURE TEACHERS The FTA emerged as a vital organ of G.W. this year. The success of the annual morning teachers' tea was surpassed only by the panel talks given by teachers concerning their chosen fields. After the latter, students were able to ask questions and found responses from the elementary teachers most interesting. Other projects included the March of Dimes collection and distribution of Valentines to all teachers. The club also contributed to the Red Cross drive and aided a needy child at the Lynchburg Training Center. FTA Officers: Mary Jo Jackson—Treasurer. Carol Buchanan—Secretary. Karen Russell—Vice President. Janice Downs—President. FTA Members: Janice Downs. Jana Her-nandes. Jackie Burcham. Karen Russell. Joyce Sowa. Debbie Pulman. Linda Williams. Linda Clark. Bobbie Smith. Mary Jo Jackson. Standing: Pirio Terno. Mary Vince. Carol Buchanan. Ed Remker. Harry Panned. FHA FURNISHES EXPERIENCE FOR THE FUTURE The Future Homemakers of America is understandably one of G.W.'s few all girl clubs. Working closely with the home economics department the FHA members learned much about the complexities of managing a modern home. They sponsored many activities that promoted an appreciation of homemaking. Front Row: Peggy Bair—President. Linda Golden. 2nd Row: Miss Shipe. Reggie Gore. Dana Coburn. Elinor Yates. Denise Scott. Jackie Burcham.MONOGRAMMER’S MAKE MARBLED MOUTH MEN Members Include: Alien Holmes. And, Brown. John Halcomb. Michael Brow. Kenny Thomas. Frank Havernah R ;• Nuhn. Norman Ressier. Jesse Gipson Geoff Kelly. Steve Carroll. Terry Meece Steve Casey. Ben Coffman Spence Gardner. Tom Morgan. Kie Campbe: Waverly Brown. Buddy Ward. Bruce Brunson. Steve Kennedy. Marty Harvey Ronnie Lambert. George Collins The Monogram Club creates and maintains interest in athletics at school. Each varsity letterman personifies G.W.'s enviable athletic standards and ideals. The major activity of the Monogram Club is an annual awards banquet honoring outstanding members. G.A.A. The Girls' Athletic Association is one of G.W.’s most active and worthwhile clubs. Members are able to participate in many intramural sports, ranging from Ping-Pong to volleyball. Contests were held before and after school. One of its many enterprises is the selling of football programs at all home games. Officers: Marty Harvey. President. Monme Lambert. Vice President Andy Brown. Secretary-Treasurer. Burnette Gilbert. Martha Chandler. Gail Butler. Denise Valois. Dora Miller. Verlette Davis. Sheila Wagzer. Annette Lome. Brenda Wilburn. Avis Best. Ethel Cook. Loretta Wilson. Kempic Tillerson. In center; left: Kay Scaffido. President, right: Becky Seccuro. 141I.C.T. TRAINS COOPERATIVE INDIVIDUALS Members include: First Row: Linda Watkins. Rita Pollard. Shelley Bander. Margaret Williams. James Haskins. James Turner. Harry Hughes. Second Row: Lois Carr. Eddie Arthur. Jim Woodard. Richard Strickland. Harold Heeter. Ralph Wanzer. Barry Cortese. Jean Hollis. Charles Brown. Wayne Kuhl. Charles Davis. Robert Thompson. "Terry Tightens” The Industrial Cooperative Training program is one of G.W.'s worthiest organizations. Through working with local businesses, this hard working group gained much valuable training in the indus trial area. From this arrangement employer and employee benefited from mutual action and coop eration. Representatives are: Noreen M. Perry. Matthew Johnson-Sgt. at Arms. Marry Sullivan—Secretary. Frank Hunter. President. Charles Gallahan. Parliamentarian. 142V.O.T. PROVIDES VITAL EXPERIENCE • embers include: First Row—Becky Hensley. Diane Bowman. Rose inn Howard. Shirley Peterson. Second Row—Janet Hanna. Linda Stew •rt Lmda Davis. Sheila Gallman. Rachel Wilkins. Third Row: Sandra McManus. Norma Stanley. Sharon Ross. Gail Lucas. Bonnie Miller. Fourth Row: Jo Ann Cornell. Kay Storck. Joyce Diggs. Hattie Davis. Fifth Row: Kathy Neff. Martha Proctor. Becky Randell. Carolyn Atkins Joyce West. Carolyn Jackson. The Vocational Office Training Club members passed a memorable year. An employer-employee banquet was. perhaps, the most exciting event of all. At it. prominent speakers gave members many new insights into the ever vital business world. 143 Officers: Carolyn Jackson. Kay Stork. Sharon Ross.WORLD EVENTS The World Events Club remains as G.W.'s most stimulating and liveliest discussion group. Topics ranged from the democracy of school politics to the inevitable Viet Nam conflict. Although solutions rarely resulted, students benefited from an honest presentation of the facts. Officers Fernando Perez—President. Margie Yates—Secretary. Bonnie Hughes—Treasurer. Elinor Yates—Vice President (not present). 1st Row: Bernice Perez. Sally Akers. Barbara Schmidt. Tony Suarez. 2nd Row: Mark Schilling. Ronnie Lawhorne. Nancy Rodda. Richard Juarez. Debbie Collins. Standing: Fernando Perez. DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION Members include: Susan Slivinslai. Leslie Vincent. Bill Hattie. Wendell Evans. Fred Keith. Louis Webster, John Webster. Lawrence Bates. Jorelyn Jones. Edith Thompson. Bernice Jones. Terry Davis. Roslyn Bell. Fran Jones. Carole Cheshire. Undy Jackson. Vickie Lefler. Martha Ortiz. Catherine Miller. Terry Clarke. Charles Dennis. Ray George. Carol Sullivan. Linda Leasure. Frederick Recker. Fred Cheeks. Rickey King, James Baziluk, Sandy Ward. Carlene Ramey. Janice Harding. Carl Hatton. Tom Powers. Carl Hill. Don Hines. Larry Baxley. Louie Monzah, John Cassidy. John Anderson. Barry O'Connor. Robert Zchring. Ozzie Staats. Larry Jenkins. John Wallace. Frank Lefler. Gary Roach. Dana Howard. 144DE PROVIDES TRAINING FOR FUTURE JOBS Members of the Distributive Education program gain valuable on-the-job training along with regular half day academic class-work. At their frequent meetings the DE Club discussed quandnes facing the young employee. Activities included a employer-employee banquet and attendance to the state conference. Leslie Vincent. Janell Harding. Robert Harper-City Supervisor. DE District Contest Winners.SPANISH CLUB This year the Spanish Club assumed a new and bold aspect through the creation and production of a Spanish play. Another important event was the Pan-American Assembly. This gathering included Spanish students from a large area. SPANISH HONOR SOCIETY The Spanish Honor Society can boast of many new and challenging activities this year. Designed to promote interest in the language, culture, and history of Hispanic countries, the Spanish Honor Society encouraged many students to follow a career in this world spoken tongue. Members include: Nancy Greer. Carol Buchanan. Susan Wemtraub. Denise Valois. Janice Spangler. Dora Quintero: Program Chairman. Beatrice Perez. Fernando Perez. Linda Meyer. Martha Moran. Katrina Schnet-zler. Bobbie Smith; Secretary-Treasurer. Veronica Cordova: Vice President, James Lee. Frank Scheer. Chris Liggio. Dianne Smith: President. SPANISH HONOR SOCIETY OFFICERS: Debbie Scott. Sec.-Treasurer: Bonnie Bates. President; Denise Valois. Vice President. SPANISH HONOR SOCIETY: First row: Martha Hamed. Janet Stand-ley. Wandra Griffin. Second row: Debbie Scott. Denise Valois. Bonnie Bates. Dora Quintero.FRENCH CLUB In working with the French Club, members are encouraged to pursue all facets of this romance language—art. literature, and history. Their many activities included visiting a French restaurant last March. Wendy Wheaton. Jackie Burcham. Steven Killilea. Nancy Humphries. Becky Seccuro. Geneva Halter. Sharon Hawhorne. Linda Williams. Linda Clarke. Officers are: Barbra Hughes. Vice President. Susan Hughes. President. Claudia Humphries. Secretary. FRENCH HONOR SOCIETY The French Honor Society proved its immense value during the school year. Its members donated handsomely to the traditional Sophomore food dance, constructed and sold maps of Paris and France, and at Christmas time, dressed dolls for the Salvation Army. For this last contribution the group received a letter of commendation. Becky Seccuro— President. Claudia Humphries—Vice President. Elaine Jessee— Secretary. Kelly Macklm— Treasurer. 1st Row: Kathy Greenspan. Claudia Haynes. Elame Jessee. Joanne Conkle. Kelly Macklm 2nd Row: Jackie Behrens. Carla Rice. Barbra Hughes. Becky Sec euro. Claudia Humphries.LATIN CLUB Sponsoring many novel activities, the Latin Club was one of G.W.'s most important organizations. The all new Latin Scrabble Tournaments, held periodically through the year, aroused much enthusiasm and participation from students. G.W. consistently emerged champion at these contests. Dan Trimble—Vice President Margaret Register-Secretary David Bouk—President Nancy Smith—Treasurer Cathy Jones. Darlene Fischman. Jane Snider. Virginia Smith. Nancy Smith. Debbie Smart. Carlotte Reed. Jim Lawrence. David Bouk. Todd Ralton. Emily Turner. Margaret Register. Janice Wellborn. James Ferer. Dan Trimble. GERMAN CLUB Officers: Cathy Braun. Vice President. Elizabeth Downer. Program Chairman. Nina Dombrowsky. Secretary. Charlene McClure. President. The German Club encouraged the study of German this year through the sponsoring of a German bake sale, a field trip, and an inter-school German Club Council. The highlight of the exciting term was the creation of the first all city German Club at T.C. Williams. First Row: Charlene McClure. Second Row: Elaine Jessee. Ellen Robe. -son. Nina Dombrowsky. Demse Valois. Third Row: Bob Rhine. Chris McClure. Cathy Braun. Elizabeth Downer. Fourth Row: Henry Coffman. Meta Braun. Liz Hall.RED CROSS STRIVES TO SERVICE COMMUNITY The Red Cross is one of G.W.'s worthiest organizations. Each homeroom elects a representative and an alternate to attend meetings and report back concerning club activities. This year G.W. can boast that, of all the city's high schools, we collected the most money in the Red Cross's annual drive. The totalled more than $400.00. Rod Cross Officers: Gabby Vega. Terry Cox. Peggy Corso. Margaret Register. RED CROSS CLUB MEMBERS: Darlene Fisch-man. Wendy Wenderoth. Yvonne Tiller. Kathy Gregory. Ruthie Mills. Janice Harris. Brenda Gol-aday. Peggy Joiner. Linda Delay. Julia Hoppe. Mrs. Gilmore. Margaret Register. Joyce Hawald. Terry Cox. Becky Randall. Karen Sobeleski. Margie Swisher.—Financial secretaries: Barbara Bet delman. Brenda Gochenour. Susan Harman. Oa-3 Cob-"" Maria Downey. Stef Baseler. Janice Wellborn. Ralph Wan-z r Vary Jo Jackson. Karen Russell. Bov Booth. David Read. Janet r • r- 3'erda Gcidchien. Jackie Hudson Kneeling: Mary Ann Yates. 119 CLINIC WORKERS: First row: Linda Hitt. Laurel Secord. Second row: Becky Hoyle. Miss Carr. Peggy Payne. JWorkers Work At Working On Weekdays Monroe Attendance. Diana Ulbricht. Joyce Sifflett. Elinor Cross. Margie Swisher. Susan Harmion. Charlene Goodridge. Vicki Gallahan. Janet Stanley. Lydia Cross. Madison Attendance. Candy Cavcnah. Shirley Cook. Edith Pope. Wilson Attendance. Carol Long. Scherry Pugh. Vickie Black. 150Guidance Office Workers: Pirjo Tehro. Carol Robey. Aaron Pearson. j Monitors First Row: Jeff Parker. Richard Preston. Bob Bove. John S o Fernando Perez. Second Row: Brenda Thompson. Stef Lucas. Ber nard Campbell. Steve Casey. Ronald Baker. Christine Murphy. Cuyla Robbms. Linn Rendergraph. 151EXUBERANCE EXHIBITED BY PREXIE EXPERTS VARSITY FOOTBALL: Front row: Alan Holmes. John Breeden. Allen Nuhn. Third row: David Spittle. Gary Mier. Thomas Morgan. John Hal Furr. Bill H. Turner. Buddy Ward. Cary Himes. Steve Kennedy. Jesse comb. Spence Gardner. Ray Menke. Mike Perkins. China Brown. Paul Gibson. Cordell Belk. George Collins. Larry Jackson Second row: Mark Allen. Charles Keller. Randy Benerick. Ronnie Lambert. Phil Malone. Schilling. Frank Hovermale. Steve Carroll. Jerome Benford. Marty Har Dave Tong. Bill Turner. Bruce Brunson. Don Mooney, vey. Michael Brown. Geoff Kelley. Don Roberts. Terry Meece. Rick G.W. VARSITY FOOTBALL OPPONENT 14 Mt. Vernon 21 7 Andrew Lewis 41 6 Bishop Ireton 0 7 T.C. Williams 20 7 O'Connell 14 0 Hammond 21 19 Groveton 27 0 Yorktown 0 0 Wakefield 28 7 Washington Lee 27The 1967 varsity football season can not be measured in wins and losses. The Prexie record included only one win and one tie. but many firsts were attained by our team. We were the first team to score on Andrew Lewis, and the only team to hold Yorktown to 0-0 tie. However, the Prexies have the benefit of excellent coaches, and can look forward to a better season next year. 135 Gibson turns for gain.Gipson throws to Lambert as G.W. defeats Bishop I reton. Gipson set to pass behind blocking of Mier and Turner. Harvey and Mier help stop O'Connell drive.JV’S provide promising prexie P°rt IN I j v. FOOTBALL Wakefield Bishop Ireton j c. WilliarnS O'Connell Hammond Washington Lee Groveton Yorktown Groves blocks for Pearson’s gam. First row: B. Campbell. S. Burns. K. Brooks. G. Slack. P. Phillips. T. Perkins. 8 Ray. K. Cross. D. Hardister. C. Wormley. D. West. J. Lee. L. Groves. Second row: C. Siskey. A Pearson. T. Baker. T. McClay. T. Jackson. G. Gregory. D. Kmnett. T. Young. M. Ratteree. B. Coffman. R. Hovermale. M. Bufano. Third row: J. Propts. D. Evans. S. ElliS. G. Lawson. R. Hanes. L. Robinson. J. Koutoulick. G. Sampson. D. Sullivan. L. Cook. B. Williams. J. Price. J. ParkerFRESHMAN FOOTBALL: Front row: Charles Wienbush. Thomas Jones. Donnie Bradley. Martin Johnson. Eugene Baker. Wayne Siskcy. Gary Russell. Mike Kilhon. Ricky Williams. Second row: Eddie Long. Clayton Thomson. Larry Woolfrey. Herbert Estes. Brian Martin. Charles Stan- ton. Raymond Green. Arthur Shifflet. Steve Dellinger. Louis Lastik. Third row: Edward Collins. Harold Hughes. Tony Yannopoulos. Rick Simpson. Larry Harris. Thomas Franklin. Paul Ebhardt. Kenneth Menke. Chris Radcliffe. Coaches. Mr. Yakin. Mr. McClurg. Frosh Kickoff game.VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY: Front row: Alton Miller. Kenneth Nickle. Norman Tessier Second row: Larry Fox. Fulton Patrick. David Andrews. Randy Worden. The 1967 G.W. Cross Country team was not a winning team in the sense of wins and losses but it was the best team in the state when measured by spirit and enthusiasm. Coach Yeager and the students will have a fine team in the future. J.V. CROSSCOUNTRY: Front row: Pip Lindsay. Jim Smith. Jim Hassmer. Ricky King. Second Row: Amos Sims. Nokomis Watson. John Coble. Bill Thomas. RUNNERS RAMBLE OVER RUGGED RACE COURSE CROSS COUNTRY Bishop Ireton O'Connell Yorktown T.C. Williams .‘.ashington Lee .‘.akefield Invitational Hammond WakefieldWaverly Brown Paul Allen Jesse Gipson 160 Mike PerkinsKen Thomas Ronnie Lambert Jackie Ross Ull m Marty Harvey Lorenzo Barnes Guinn ShmgletonGW's varsity basketball team displayed the power it possessed during the 67-68 season. Under the coaching of Tom Wriston. our Prexies finished second in the state, with a 21-3 mark. Pre-season predictions placed GW near the bottom of the ratings, but as the season progressed. it was evident that the mighty Prexies were a winning team. After finishing Northern Virginia Champs, the Prexies took a well deserved trip to State. After stomping Maury. GW played Andrew Lewis, and only after a hard fought game, did we come back as number two. Quash out lumps Hammond center in district game. 162ALMOST STATE, ONE POINT- ONE SECONDFront row: Paul Allen. Earl Quash. Ron Lambert. Waverly Brown. Mike Perkins. Lorenzo Barnes. Second row: Coach Efthemas. Marty Harvey. Ken Thomas. Jackie Ross. Jessie Gip son. Eric Shmgleton. Coach Wriston. G.W. VARSITY BASKETBALL OPPONENT 64 Ft. Hunt 40 54 Edison 45 67 Hammond 64 58 Bishop Ireton 40 55 Edison 43 67 Wakefield 58 58 T. C. Williams 42 64 Yorktown 48 50 Washington Lee 52 80 Groveton 45 74 O'Connell 53 71 Hammond 57 73 Bishop Ireton 52 50 Wakefield 54 52 T. C. Williams 49 71 Yorktown 51 96 Washington Lee 66 70 O'Connell 58 71 Hammond 63 76 T. C. Williams 69 80 Ft. Hunt 76 66 Falls Church 64 61 Maury 59 66 Andrew Lewis 67Tom Jackson Bernard Campoeii Coroeii Beik Tom Perkms Ervin Phillips Greg Sullivan George Wadlm J. V. BASKETBALL—This year's team was one to be proud of. A team of nine sophomores and two juniors compiled an amazing record in capturing the district title for the sixth straight year. Linder Coach Efthemes the Prexies can look forward to fine basketball in the future. J.V.’S WIN DISTRICT FOR 6th YEAR IN A ROW FRESHMAN BASKETBALL FRESHMAN BASKETBALL -The G. W. Freshman basketball team was made up of boys who wanted to play basketball and hustled all the time. With this type of player G.W. students can expect great things for the future. FRESHMAN BASKETBALL: Coach Graffeo. Gary Ballanger. Tom Jones. Philip Pearson. Ricky Williams. Clyde Smith (mgr.). Fred Lynhous. Dennis Hudson. Fulton Patrick. John Zeller. Arthur Marshall. (Missing: Biz Peterson. Larry Harris. Greg Archie). 165WRESTLERS WEIGH IN WITHOUT EXPERIENCE VARSITY WRESTLING G.W. OPPONENT 21 Jefferson 25 18 McLean 33 5 Edison 43 14 Mt. Vernon 36 24 Bishop Ireton O'Connell 24 0 Yorktown 48 3 Washington Lee 41 32 T. C. Williams 16 27 Hammond 19 VARSITY WRESTLING-Front Row: Alfonso. Tom Morse. George Collins. Larry Holmes. Larry Sanford Second Row: Stuart Ellis. John Halcomb. Norman Gray. Alan Furr. Frank Hovermale. Thomas Morgan. Under first year head coach Bob Johnson the G.W. Grapplers did amazingly well. The Varsity not only won the city championship but also sent several boys to the state tournament with Collins placing second. J.V. WRESTLING: Front row: Robert MacNeil. Jerry Rhodes. Jim Hassmer. Stan Norris. Alan Holmes. James Maclardy. Second row: Keith Ellis. Tom Osmore. Alan Ellis. Carol Kim. Tony Yannapolis. Don Hardester. Geoff Kelley. Zora Welles. 166GYMNASTS PLACE HIGH IN STATE COMPETITION Tne 1968 Gymnastics team, now in its fourth year did very well this sea son Not only did they have boys who won consistently during the season but also did very well in the state tournament. Steve Carroll placed third n state competition.-Front Row: Steve Carroll. Stefan Bonfiglio Second Row: Bob Rhine. Gary Roberts. Paul Rice. Alan Holmes. John Riley. Robert Westbrook. Coach Robyak. 167 Robert Westbrook (above) and Kay (left) show skills on the high bar and balance beam. BALL BOBBLERS HAVE HIGH HOPES FOR 1968 VARSITY BASEBALL: Front row: Marty Harvey. Eric Shingleton. Phil McConchie. Ronnie Lambert. Tom Morgan. Paul Allen. Nick Bufano (J.V.) Buddy Ward. Second row: Kenny Thomas. Larry Turner (No long- ger member). Terry Zeller. Craig Zeller. Danny Yates. John Shaw. Steve Casey. (J.V.) Robert Jones. Hilton Settle. Terry Sampson (J.V.).J.V BASEBALL—Front Row: Benard Campbell. John Zeller. Rick Ju- Second Row: Gary Bangler. Bill McCary. Edward Clark. Keith Cross. 3rez. Don Bradley. Richard Sprecher. Cary Bertsinger. Kerry Hayes. Steve Burns. Arthur Shiftlet. Rick Hundson. George Wadlin. Above—Coach Yeager demonstrates the "right" way. R.ght—Cross opens up on easy pitch.Coach Boyd talks to one of the field men. G.W. TRACK LOOKS FORWARD TO NEW SEASON Sims shows his form (below) in the high hurtles, while other prexies (right) warm up. 170TENNIS TIGERS TRY TYPICAL TOUGH TACTICS Coach Wriston demonstrates the fine points of serving to team members. Coach Wriston is hoping to overcome the inexperience of the Tennis team and build for the future. If his basketball skills rub off in coaching tennis we can look forward to a great year. G.W. CREW New oarsmen learn how to handle to shell. 17!FIRST EIGHT: Greg Bertsmger. Kie Campbell. Dave Tong. Mark Schilling. Spence Gardner. Charles Keller. John Cassidy. Don Mooney. J.V. Four: Bryan Powell, Tom Henley. Geoff Kelley. Tom Young. Charles Robert Knouse. Russ. SCHEDULE CREW St. Andrews Williams and Ft. Hunt Ft. Hunt Alex. City Champ. No. Va. Champ. Stotesbury Regatta National Championship THIRD EIGHT: Chuck Frere. Charles Rhodes. Butch Manm. Stuart Ellis. Allan Ellis. Freddie Frances. Eric Schilling. Jeff Parker. Tony Suarez. 172ROW, ROW, ROW, ROW, ROW, ROW, YOUR SHELL SECOND EIGHT: Danny Vacklin. Larry Fox. Ervin Phillips. Gerald Comisky. Bill "umer. Don Hardester. John Coble. Bob Haynes. Andy 3rown. LIGHT WEIGHTS: Jim Smith. Robert McKIveen. William Darrough. Elder (no longer member). Bill Reed. Fulton Patrick. Andy Brown, "neodore Hoppe. Mike Tereba. FOURTH EIGHT: Richard 8elizz;. James Register. Martin Johnson. Scully. (No longer member) R. McKIveen. Tod Lewis. Zora Wells. Stefan Bonfiglio. 173Congratulations to the Class of ’68 f'liotofraphers of ntmnal otables Sintr 190$ l »« (, VI Kll I. N.W.. XVAMIIMiTON. I) C. 176PEPSICOLA come alive! You're in the Pepsi generation! ALEXANDRIA RAMBLER 1704 Mt. Vernon Avenue Alexandria, Va. OV 3-0600 George L. Bendall Our fortieth year of serving quality food for the whole family... HOT SHOPPES Restal rasts • Cafei 177VISIT YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD NORGE LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANING VILLAGE 1509 Mt. Vernon Ave. Professional Dry Cleaning Coin Operated Dry Cleaners — Woshers and Dryers And Save Money ALEXANDRIA PIANO ORGAN SERVICE 2423 Mt. Vernon Avenue Alexandria, Virginia KI 8-3230 Alexandria's Only Home Town MUSIC STORE Won't you let us help you with your plans for music? MT. VERNON SERVICE Phones: 836-5411 PHARMACY lifiarianne j BEAUTY SALON t j?W "Service At Its Best" 1515 Mt. Vernon Avenue S. 3709 Ml. Vernon Av«nut ALEXANDRIA, VA. Alexandria. Virginia ' _ (Nexl lo Vernon Theatre) ” TE 6-0100 TE 6-0101 Creative Hair Slyling-Cuilom t Permanent 0- ► "Coloring Bleaching • k Processed In Minute " As Usual . . . The Unusual DOCKSIDE on the waterfront 104 South Union Street Alexandria, Virginia Mon.-Fri. 10 to 9 Sat. 10 to 6 SECURITY SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION ARLANDRIA 4115 Mt. Vernon Ave. Alexandria, Virginia 178ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA WOMENS COATS. SUITS ORESSES. SPORTS WEAR LINGERIE. ACCESSORIES The Store of Leadership Brands King 9-6059 Where Brand Name Quality is always in Fashion For the needs of All Junior. Misses, and Half Sue Ladies 2300 - 2310 Mt. Vernon Ave.. Alexandria. Virginia OPEN EVENINGS UNTIL 900 TREE PARKING DELRAY AND OXFORD AVE PARKING LOTS t'ONFIOKNCE BRAND NAMES Buy Brand Nama -Buy Quality. Buy Brand Namaa-Buy Quality. Buy Brand Namat-Buy Quality. Buy Brand Namaa-Buy Quality, 179THE REMEMBRANCE SHOP HALLMARK CARDS—STATIONERY—GIFTS 3670 King Street Bradlee Shopping Center Alexandria. Virginia Phone: TE 6-8338 LEVINSON CLOTHING CO. Outfitters for Men 817 King St. Alexandria. Va. Phone Ki 9-0829 Best Wishes to The Graduating Class of 68 MRS. NORMAN T. HATCH HERBY'S, INC. Congratulations to the CLASS OF 1968 Your Ford, Falcon, Thunderbird Dealer Old Dominion 1 600 Duke Street Printing Phone: KI 9-0374 Company 520 NORTH FAYETTE STREET ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA Telephone 836-1285 180YMCA 420 East Monroe Avenue Alexandria. Virginia 22301 Swimming. Dances. Exercises Phone 549-0850 NC T 0.0 00 HoMl PhONi Kl 0)71 Jhs. loivzx dl cn.t 2004 MT VCRNON AVt ALRANDMI . VA THC Out Pen um r.6.V . k WhIIPIK WMAT W3K3 CAN NgVKM lAV 'doc" Carneale OWf.LM TIMBERMAN'S DRUG STORE F. X. Nugent, Proprietor Phone: Kl 9-0091 106 N. Washington Street Alexandria, Virginia Classic Italian Dining . . . HADEED RUG CARPET CO. Specialists CLEANING—SALES—SERVICE Phone Kl 9-1604 1502 Mt. Vernon Ave. Alexandria. Va. 181FOR 17 YEARS WE AT, TURK’S MEN’S SHOP HAVE ENJOYED SERVING YOU! WE WOULD LIKE TO EXPRESS OUR GRATITUDE FOR YOUR PATRONAGE. BEST OF LUCK TO ALL GRADUATING SENIORS AND UNDERCLASSMEN. D. C. VanDuzee Manager CHARLES R. HOOFF, INC. REALTOR AND INSURER 1707 Duke Street ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA 22314 Telephone 549-6103 Affiliate: Hooff Neill, Inc., Builders 182To the Graduating Class: A Message of Congratulations from Virginia's Oldest National Bank Although First Citizens National Bank is the oldest National Bank in Virginia, founded in 1864, we dedicate ourselves to the future. This year finds graduates at the threshold of tomorrow — entering a new and better world, with more challenges and more rewards than at any time in history. We of First and Citizens share with you every confidence in this future. Many of you, we are sure, will come to know First Citizens personally in the years ahead. We look forward to the pleasure of serving you as a financial counselor, as a neighbor, and as a fellow citizen. We pledge to serve you well. Our heartfelt congratulations to each of you. First Citizens NATIONAL BANK Member. FDIC •live; 549-3000 Serving Arlington, Alexandria and Fairfax County 1831849-1967 118 Years of Service COMPLIMENTS OF EVERLY - WHEATLEY FUNERAL HOME 1500 W. Braddock Road Kl 8-9200 Kl 9-0038 PHONE K; 0-4747 Eudy's American Service CCMPLET7 AUTOMOTIVE REPAIR Richard 7. Euov 4122 mt vernon avc Vavaoca ALEXANDRIA. VA 184HERFF JONES CO. Manufacturers of George Washington High School Class Rings and Commencement Announcements Virginia Representatives Thomas C. Young 195 Park Avenue Manassas, Virginia 22110 For liriniliful It tout's HICKS Realty, Inc. Solving housing needs in beautiful Northern Virginia since 1946 Alexandria. Arlington, Fairfax County etc. Sales, Rentals, Financing picture bool of homos FREE on request Kl 8-3111 OT 4 6040 Main Office Arl. Branch Office 3706 Mt. Vernon Ave. V V3 2303 S. Arl. Ridge Rd. Alexandria. Vo. Arlington. Va. OPEN 9 AM.9 PM DAILY 1389 Chainbridgc Rd. McLean, Va. EL 6-7800 MUltmi USTIN6 MtviCI INTItClTY XllOCAtlON Sl» Cl I ’ -a.) HOOFF NEILL, INC. GENERAL CONTRACTORS 1707 Duke Street Alexandria. Va. Developers o! "Cameron Mews” 185Sometimes it pays to be FIRST! CITY BANK AND TRUST COMPANY FIRST IN ALEXANDRIA WITH: a.... .». • «o° • ' OH..I-.0 0»T« «! •« ••• INSTANT BANKING - HOURS-700 AM to 8 PM MONDAY thru FRIDAY 700 AM to 3 PM SATURDAYS ONLY CITY BANK TRUST COMPANY PAYS YOU 4% INSTANT INTEREST ON REGULAR SAVINGS J 186GEORGE’S AMERICAN General Car Repairs Road and Wrecker Service Selling All Atlas Products Cameron and Henry Sts., Alex. TE 6-9740 COUNTRY CLUB CLEANERS FINE DRY CLEANING SINCE 1947 THREE DAY PICK UP SERVICE IN METROPOLITAN AREA 1901 Mt. Vernon Ave OV 3-1200 2616 N. Pershing Dr., Arl. 527-0756 7920 Old Bronch Ave., CLINTON, MD. 868-4000 KI 8-6853 COMPLIMENTS OF ROBERT J. COMBS Cunningham registered PLUMBING HEATING Funeral Home, Inc. 2008 Mt. Vernon Ave. Alexandria, Virginia WILLIAM W. CUNNINGHAM W. BEVERLY MOUNTCASTLE LILLIE V. CUNNINGHAM A. K. ROYSTON TRUST Your Car To The Man Who Wears The Star. Cameron and Alfred Street Alexandria, Virginia Colonial Service Center 500 SO. WASHINGTON ST. OV 3-9851 ALEXANDRIA. VIRGINIA KI 9-1800 JOHN HUDSON 187ALEXANDRIA National Bank 1904-1968—Our 64th Anniversary To reach any of our 7 convenient locations Dial 548-1500 330 N. Washington St. (Main Office) Washington National Airport 4651 King St., Alex. (Claremont Branch) 326 King St., Alex. (King Royal Sts. Br.) 1705 Fern St. Alex. (Northwest Branch) 833 S. Washington St., Alex. (S. Wash. Br.) 4601 Duke St., Alex. (West End Br.) Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 188AMERICAN INDUSTRIAL RENTAL SERVICES, INC. From one source . . . AMERICAN INDUSTRIAL RENTAL SERVICES. INC. Combining American Linen Service Company. Industrial Coverall Company and Industrial Control System Company. 2201 Wilson Boulevard. Arlington. Virginia. Phone 522-8900 WORK CLOTHING PANTS SHIRTS JACKETS COVERALLS SHOP COATS MECHANICS' APRONS EXECUTIVE CLOTHING PLUS FENDER COVERS SEAT COVERS MACHINERY WIPING TOWELS LINENS COMPLETE LINEN SUPPLY SERVICE FOR: BEAUTY SALONS BARBERS RESTAURANTS REST HOMES DOCTORS DENTISTS HOME LINEN SERVICE CABINET TOWEL SERVICE DUST CONTROL PRODUCTS WALK OFF MATS DUST COVERS DUST MOPS DUST CLOTHS DUST MITTS We Pick Up ond Deliver "Satisfaction Guaranteed" VILLAGE CLEANERS Cleaning, Shirts, Laundry and Rugs Mt Vernon Ave. and Herbert St. E Y. Walter Kl 9-1555 Noel Walter VIRGINIA BUSINESS MACHINE CO. 202 E Oxford Ave , Alexandria, Va. Office Machines — Supplies — Printing Phone Kl 9-7444ELECTRICITY: MUSCLE OF INDUSTRY Behind the great industrial might of America stands a "giant workman" — electric energy. It would require the muscle energy of 70 men working 40 hours a week for one whole year to equal 10,000 kilowatt hours of electricity — less than the average annual consumption of two Vepco residential customers. Yes, electricity is the "muscle" behind our power and prosperity. VIRGINIA ELECTRIC AND POWER COMPANY RICHMOND, VIRGINIA 190ROYAL STEAK HOUSE RESTAURANT and LOUNGE Serving the Finest in Foods Featuring For Your Dining Enjoyment Honkey Tonk Piano 8-til Midnight You’ve Tried The Rest—Now Try The Best Powhatan Shopping Center Alexandria, Va. 1320 Powhatan St. OV 3-9890 KI-9-9464Styled For Tomorrow! FOR YOUNG AND OLD ALIKE Complete Homefurnishings You can huv with confidence when you select the fine furniture for your first home or apartment with the full knowledge that it will cost no more at Barnes! AND REMEMBER . . . If it's from Barnes, it's Beautiful! 26 Years Serving The Washington Area arnes OF VIRGINIA ALEXANDRIA MANASSAS VIENNA 2525 Mt. Vernon Avc. OV 3-4330 936 Ccntreville Rood EM 8-2147 4 19 Eost Mople Ave. 938-0450 192BURKE HERBERT BANK TRUST COMPANY Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation COMPLETE BANKING SERVICE: Checking Accounts—Savings Accounts Loans. All Types—Banking By-Mail Collection Facilities—Christmas Savings Travelers Checks—Safe Deposit Boxes Trust Services—Stock Sales and Purchases The Oldest Bank in Virginia MAIN OFFICE King and Fairfax Streets Personal Loan Dept.-1828 Duke Street BRANCH OFFICES King and Washington Streets 306 East Monroe Avenue 1828 Duke Street 5731 Telegraph Road Bee H Electric Company 84- 7 LEE HIGHWAY FAIRFAX. VIRGINIA 22030 COMPLIMENTS OF Beginning Our Seventeenth Year of Baldwin's Service for the Community Quality Cleaners PRESCRIPTIONS CALLED FOR AND DELIVERED Laundries BALLANCE'S DRUG TE 6-9716 STORE We Call for and Deliver Phone TEmpIe 6-4444 805 Bashford Lane 2303 Mt. Vernon Alexandria, Virginia Avenue Reg. No. Tailoring — Shoe Repair Alexandria, Va. 44 4 Furs — Storage 193FASHIONS FOR GENTLEMEN .... and Their Ladies LANDMARK CENTER ALEXANDRIA SPRINGFIELD PLAZA 354-5445 836-0900 451-1950 ■SfKvT SWARTZ BROTHERS SPEED SHOP 2001 Mt. Vernon Avenue Alexandria. Virginia Speed and Racing Equipment All Types of Wheels W. A. SMOOT CO. INC. Lumber, Bldg. Materials, Millwork Custom Woodworking 549-0960 1201 No. Royal St Alexandria, Va. OK-OINAJ. P4IN-NC? CUSTOM raiviSC BURKE’S AMERICAN •zScfizitU atts.iis.iL, One. SERVICENTER Jcao KINO tTSif RTf •» 3'; DLEE Shop NO Cl %u ALEXANDRIA VRCNiA Mt. Vernon Avenue At Braddock Road King 9-1233 TllfAKOS S 18 ei«6 194 Big Ed's Speed Shop 1334 POWHATAN STREET ALEXANDRIA, VA TE 6-8447 TE 6-6266 All said was “BURGER CHEF" Homp of thp Worlds Grpatpst Hamburgpr! 195c 7,( arwick ‘7 illage ONE KF NNEDY ‘.TRIET AlIXANOR'A VIRGINIA THE WARWICK SWIM CLUB • olympic-sixe swim- • community building ming and diving pool and clubhouse • children's spray pool • largo athletic field • swimming classes The Warwick Club is conveniently located in Warwick Village, on the highest spot in Alexandria, overlooking the Potomac. Ideal for families that wont cool, relaxing pool facilities a few minutes from their door King 9-3719 WELLINGTON HOUSE Furniture and Decorations 809 South Washington St. A. S. IRVIN SONS, INC. KI9-5800 PAINT AND WALL PAPER CERTIFIED BUILDING MAINTENANCE Whitton Company Open 6:30 A.M. 1317 Prince Street 1707 DUKE ST.. ALEXANDRIA. VA. 22314 to 6 P.M. ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA 549-1560 196CHARTER COACHES GROUP SIGHTSEEING AB W Transit Co. General Information Charter Department 549-7800 836-4500 197DRIVE THROUGH CLEANERS LAUNDERERS main plant OFFICES Alfred Of Oroooco StfCCf ALEXANDRIA Other Polly Prim LocotiOn in NORTHERN VIRGINIA 549-1357 ARLINGTON No Foirfo Drive Of Stofford St 524-5338 ANNANDALE Next to the Super Giont 256-6800 McLEAN ■n the Super Giont Shopping Center 356-4455 ARLINGTON TOWERS on the Moll m the Tyler Bldg 525-4655 HUNTINGTON TOWERS Eost — Center — West Bldgs SAME DAY SERVICE 548-0100 RAY’S jewelry 1NTHEHtART0F ALEXANDRIA FOR A MOST UNUSUAL GIFT VISIT OUR MOST UNUSUAL SHOP DIAMONDS 6ULOVA-HAMILTON LONGINES-MTTNAUER WATCHES JEWELRY WATCH REPAIR RELIGIOUS JEWELRY FOR ALL FAITHS Ray Diane Butcher Invite You To Visit Them Soon Kl 9-1503 815 KING ST ALEX "Downtown’s Complete Hardware Store” MILLER'S HARDWARE Gifts, Toys, Housewares, Tools 800 KING ST. KI 9 1157 836-9581 TELEPHONES 836-9791 Ember's BEEF S STEAK HOUSE •’Specializing in Steamship Rounds” Catering and Banquet Services Available 2417 Mt. Vernon Ave. Bobbie and Ralph Alexandria. Va. J. C. LOCKWOOD MT. VERNON MOBIL 317 E. BRADDOCK RD. ALEX. VA. 22301 OV 3-5300 OV 3-0060 HOUU: 9 A. M. To 7 P. M. DAitr • PRIOAV NiTJB TIL 9 M. Si'uKO 9 A.M. COTTONS »A0.0 • T.V. - SALES SERVICE 19C4 MT. VERNON AVENUE ALEXANDRIA. VIRGINIA PHONE KING 0-1253 IflWISjOn 198OIL BUHNERS RADIO DISPATCHED BUDGET SALES - SERVICE EQUIPMENT PAYMENTS Aitcheson Fuel Company, Inc. Established 1882 205 South Strand Street NATIONAL-U.S. RADIATOR L ENNOX HEATING HEATING COOLING AND COOLING SYSTEMS SYSTEMS COAL FUEL OIL HOT WATER HEATERS ROOFING AND LIQUID LAWN AUTOMATIC GAS OIL GUTTERING FERTILIZER Plant: 205 South Strand Street Alexandria, Virginia Phone: K! 9-2214 FUELOIL mviM DMIHUK VH6mu fpt 75 mEl — iM(«CfNCr unm oh oil futHtts — • MIMOI HI • M M Thomas J King 9-5700 fcLruum. 4 SONS •• 9mi ntwtr m. AUAA«04U VA A NEW SERVICE • PHONE S49-22I4 1623 DUKE STREET 549-9566 The HAMLET RESTAURANT "WHERE GOOD FOOD GOOD PEOPLE GET TOGETHER” 199200 

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