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  WITH APPRECIATION . . . . . . the yearbook stoff joins the Senior Class in dedicating the 1967 COMPASS to a man of action . . . MR. HOMER WILLIAMS 2A DISTINGUISHED PART of our community, S-r'ge Washington High School is an institution both • zr m tradition and bright in outlook. The GW Presi-:r-:s as a united student body are proud of the many e!y experiences we hove enjoyed together. As in-: • duals we are confident thot our active years here prove a true benefit to us. The 1967 COMPASS r-esents as its theme the great volume of purposeful :: vity thot took place this year at our school. A man who epitomizes this theme is Mr. Homer • liams. That he worked his way through Denison .r versify as an employee of U. S. Steel and later ---red o masters degree from the University of Pitts-Ou'gh show that he is an industrious individual. Mr. liams — former advisor to the COMPASS, former -athematics teacher, 32nd degree Mason, occom-r shed organist, avid gardener, and, as of this yeor, an Assistant Principal — is one of the most respected and rcpulor persons on our faculty. The class of 1967 is g-ateful to hove been associated with him. 7967 COMPASS CLASSES 4 FACULTY 84 ACTIVITIES 106 SPORTS 148 PATRONS 172Pot Lunccford Seniors 4CLASSESSENIORS 6SENIORS EXPERIENCE MEMORABLE YEAR MRS. HOUCHINS Sponsor MRS. APPERSON Co-Sponsor RALPH BARNETT President IRVING SMITH Vice-President JACKY BERNIER Secretary 7BERT AGNER DONALD AITCHESON CHARLES ALLEN SHELLEY ANDERSON SAFFAN ANDOLSUN S"ER-:s amTONaCCi MELVINIA AYRES SENIORS BERT AGNER: Freshman Football; SCA Representative. DONALD AITCHESON: Red Cross Representative CHARLES ALLEN: Senior Band. SHELLEY ANDERSON: V.O.T. Club SAFFAN ANDOLSUN: Secretary, Sophomore Class; Freshman Football; JV Football; Varsity Cross Country; Varsity Wrestling; Monogram Club. STEFANIE ANNICCHIARICO: Sophomore Board; Junior Board; Surveyor Staff; Compass Ad Staff; SCA Representative; Red Cross Club Representative, Attendance Office Worker. STEPHEN ANTONACCI Vice-President, German Club, JV Boseba Varsity Bcsebc I; Drama Club. KATHERINE ASBELL: D.E Club MELVINIA AYRES: V.O.T. Club. SHARON BABER: Point Recorder, GAA; FBLA; Red Cross Club Representative. STEFANIE ANNICCHIARICO KATHERINE ASBELL SHARON BABER 8CHARLES BARNES CLASS OF '67 MARY ANNE BADER: Surveyor Staff; German Club; Junior Board; Library Assistant; Economic Seminar. PATRICK BAILEY: BONNIE BALDWIN: SHARON BANDER: FTA; Spanish Club; Pep Club; ICT Club. CHARLES BARNES: Red Cross Representative. RALPH BARNETT: President, Senior Closs; Vice-President, Junior Class; Freshmon Basketball; Varsity Basketball; Monogram Club; Key Club; French Club; Red Cross Representative RONNIE BARNETTE: Vice-President, Freshman Class; President, Sophomore Class; Freshman Football; Freshman Basketball; JV Football; JV Baseball; JV Basketball; Varsity Football; Varsity Baseball; Varsity Gymnastics; Junior Board; Monogram Club; Key Club; SCA Representative; Red Cross Representative. BETTY BAZZLE: SCA Representative; Pep Club; Red Cross Representative. STANLEY BEASELY: GEORGE BECK: Junior Board. RALPH BARNETT 9 = CNNIE BARNETTE BETTY BAZZLE STANLEY BEASELY GEORGE BECKSENIORS PAT BENNETT JACKY BERNIER VERONICA BLACKWELL E EC 2 PATRICIA BODDY JOHN BOYD PAT BENNETT: ICT Club, Parliamentarian and Secretary. JACKY BERNIER: Sophomore Board; President, Junior Class; Secretory, Senior Closs; Secretary-Treasurer, Student Council; Executive Committee, SCA; Quill and Polm; Compass Business Staff; French Club; French Club Award; German Club; World Events Club; Gymnastics Club; Girl's State Representative; Secretory, Northern District SCA; Economic Seminar; Academic Letter. VERONICA BLACKWELL: Pep Club; Red Cross Club Representative; French Club. STEPHANIE BOAZ: Editor-in-Chief, Surveyor-Quill ond Scroll, President; Assistant Editor, The Little Hotchet; President, Music Club; Vice-President, Astronomy Club; Drama Club; Choir; Pep Club. 2ATR:C A BODDY SCA Representative; Chorus; DE Club. JOHN BOYD Vcrsity Gymnastics Team; Monogram- Club; Typing Award; General Business Award. CHARLENE BRADLEY: Spanish Club; DE Club. BEVERLY BRANCH: Pep Club; Girl's Chorus; VOT Club. EILEEN BRASSEUR: VOT Club. 10 CHARLENE BRADLEY BEVERLY BRANCH EILEEN BRASSEURPAT BROOKS ZANIE BROWNING ALVINA BRUNSON CLASS OF '67 PAT BROOKS: President, GAA; Red Cross Club Representative. ZANIE BROWNING: D.E. Club. ALVINA BRUNSON: ALICE BULLMAN: Pom-Pom Girl; VOT Club; Certificate of Merit; Clinic Worker. KAREN BURGESS: GAA; Track Team; Sunshine Girls; Pep Club. ANTOINETTE BURKE: GAA; FHA; Pep Club; Red Cross Representative; Band; Sunshine Girls. ALICE BULLMAN KAREN BURGESS ANTOINETTE BURKE JIM BURNS JIM BURNS: Junior Board; Boy's State; SCA Representative; Red Cross Representative; Pep Committee; Grounds Committee. SHARON G. BURNS: Junior Board; Band; FTA; Pep Club; Hall Monitor. SHARON L. BURNS: COMPASS Ad Staff; Advanced Girl's Chorus; Bible Club, Secretary-Treasurer; FTA; Big Sister. 11 SHARON G. BURNS SHARON L. BURNS SENIORS LARRY CALDWELL: MARY CALLAHAN: Alternote, JV Cheerleader; COMPASS Ad Staff; Grounds Committee; ICT Club. LARRY CALDWELL MARY CALLAHAN HAZEL CARR: WILLIAM CHERRY: Letter, Track. RONNIE CLARK: Freshman Football; JV Football; Vorsity Crew; DE Club. MICHAEL CLAY: HAZEL CARR WILLIAM CHERRY RONNIE CLARK MICHAEL CLAY CHRISTINE CLEVENGER Sponish Club; Girl's Chorus; Red Cross Club Representative; GAA. LINDA COBERLY: Junior Board; SCA Representative; Red Cross Club Representative; VOT Club. LYNDA COBLE: Surveyor Staff; SCA Representative; Red Cross Club Representative; Pep Club. 12 CHR STINE CLEVENGER LINDA COBERLY LYNDA COBLEJANE COLEMAN WILLIAM COMBS CHRIS CONLON CLASS OF '67 JANE COLEMAN: Pom-Pom Girl; SCA Representative; Pep Club; Grounds Committee; Advonced Girl's Chorus. WILLIAM COMBS: Secretary, Music Club; Spanish Club; DE Club. CHRIS CONLON: Membership Chairman, Quill and Scroll; Treasurer, French Club; Typist, COMPASS; French Honor Society; Quill and Polm; World Events Club; Pep Club; Girl's State Alternate. GEORGE CONLON: District President, ICT Club. BARBARA COOK: Secretary, Drama Club; GAA; FHA. ALICE CORDELL: VOT Club. TJUANNA COTTON: FHA; Red Cross Club Representative. HOMAS COUPLES: SCA Representative; ICT Club. 13 CHARLENE COURTNEY: Pep Club; Band. THOMAS COUPLES CHARLENE COURTNEYKENDA CRUM BERT DAVID JOHN DAVIS JUDY DAVIS KENNETH DEAN SENIORS KENDA CRUM: President ond Parliamentarian, DE Club; DE Queen. BERT DAVID: JV Football; JV Baseball; Varsity Football; Varsity Baseball; Gymnostics; SCA Representative; Lettermon's Club. JOHN DAVIS: VICA Club JAMES DOOLEY JUDY DAVIS: KENNETH DEAN: Junior Board; DE Club; Wrestling. WILLIAM DeWALT: Photographer, Compass; Photographer, Surveyor; Pep Club; Track Team; Cross Country; Gymnostics Team; Gymnastics Club. STEVE DILLON: DE Club. GINNIE DOMBROSKI: Vice-President, Quill and Polm; Vice-President, Quill and Scroll; French Honor Society; Vice-President and Parliamentarian, French Club; Vice-President, AFS Club; Parliamentarian, World Events Club; President and Secretary, Astronomy Club; Typist and Faculty Editor, COMPASS. JAMES DOOLEY: JV Crew; Varsity Crew; Band. MARGARET DRUMMOND: GINNIE DOMBROSKI MARGARET DRUMMOND 14VARY EDWARDS CLASS OF '67 BILL DUNBAR: SHARON DUNCAN: Sophomore Board; Junior Board; SCA Representative; Red Cross Representative; Pep Club; Gymnastic Club; Grounds Committee; Clinic Worker; Astronomy Club. MARY EDWARDS: ICT Club. DAVID ENDICOTT: Red Cross Club Representative; DE Club. ELLA JANE EPPERLEY: ICT Club DAVID EVANS: Sophomore Board; Junior Boord; JV Baseball; Varsity Baseball; SCA Representative; Red Cross Club Representative. DAVID ENDICOTT E-LA JANE EPPERLEY DAVID EVANS KATHERINE EXNER: Secretory-Treasurer, FHA; FBLA. WILLIE FACONER: Football. BARBARA FANNING OTIS FIGGINS: 15 KATHERINE EXNER WILLIE FACONER BARBARA FANNING OTIS FIGGINSSENIORS WILLIE FIGGINS SARA FLESHER HANK FORTUNE JANE FOX WILLIE FIGGINS: SARA FLESHER: Sophomore Board; Make-up Editor, The Little Hatchet; Business Manager, Surveyor; Reporter, FHA; Reporter, FBLA; French Club; Pep Club; AFS Committee; Drama Club. SHEILA FOOTE: Chairman, Compass Ad Staff; Advanced Girl's Chorus; Choir; GAA; Grounds Committee; FTA; Pep Club; Red Cross Representative; Big Sister. BETTY FOREST: FTA; VOT; Typing I Award. HANK FORTUNE: JANE FOX: Co-Chairman, Grounds Committee; SCA Representative; Red Cross Club Representative: Pep Club; Latin Club. ELAINA FROMM: Sophomore Board; Junior Board, Quill and Palm; Quill and Scroll; Secretary, AFS C ub, Foreign Exchange Student; Secretary, ""nespians Treasurer, French Club; Secretary-“'ecsu'er, Drcma Club; Pep Committee; JV Cher-eccer Versify Cheerleader; SCA Representative; Academic Letters; Art Editor, Compass. CATHY FULWILER: Treasurer, Freshman Class; Sophomore Board; Second Vice-President, Student Council; SCA Executive Committee; Quill and Palm; Football Queen; Chairman, Pep Club; Varsity Cheerleader. GINGER FULWILER: Chairmon, Grounds Committee; SCA Representative; Red Cross Club Representative; Basketball Queen; Chairman, Junior-Senior Prom Committee. 16 ELAINA FROMM CATHY FULWILER GINGER FULWILERLINDA FUNKHOUSER DAVID GIBSON CLASS OF '67 LINDA FUNKHOUSER: FBLA Club; VOT Club; Red Cross Club Representative; Pep Committee. CHARLOTTE GEE: Astronomy Club; Grounds Committee; Pep Club. DAVID GIBSON: SCA Representative; ICT Club. KAREN GINN: Captain, JV Cheerleaders; Varsity Cheerleader; Pep Club; Grounds Committee; SCA Representative; Red Cross Club Representative. PEGGY GOCHENOUR: Vice-President and Secretary, GAA; Reporter, ICT Club; Red Cross Club Representative. KAREN GOLDCHIEN: Junior Board; SCA Representative; FHA. EMMA LOU GOODRICH: Secretary, FHA; FHA Club. MARGARET GRAHAM: Secretary, Band; Pep Club; Spanish Club. CHARLOTTE GEE KAREN GINN PEGGY GOCHENOUR KAREN GOLDCHIEN EMMA LOU GOODRICH 17 REGINIA GRAY: Non-Fiction Editor, The Little Hatchet; GAA; FHA. MARGARET GRAHAM REGINA GRAYSENIORS JENNIE GREENE: Pep Club. SALLIE GRIFFIN: Quill and Polm; World Events Club, Red Cross Club Representative; Music Club; Biology Club; Pep Club; SCA Representative; Drum and Fife Corps; Orchestra. SUSAN GRIFFIN: Student Council President; Executive Committee, Student Council; Chairman, Pep Committee; Treasurer, Junior Closs; Junior Boord; Publicity Chairman, Sophomore Class; Sophomore Board; AFS Committee; Girl's State Representative; Girl's State Delegate Appearing In The National Yearbook of Americo. BOB GRIMES: BARBARA HALEY: SUSAN GRIFFIN BOB GRIMES Barbara halEy francs haley FRANCIS HALEY: Vice-President, Band Council; Band; Drill Club; DE Club. CHARLES HALL: Varsity Football; Varsity Track; Varsity Baseball; Wrestling; SCA Representative. JOHN HALL: SYLVESTER HAMMONDS: Varsity Football; Most Improved Player Aword. 18 Charles hall JOHN HALL SYLVESTER HAMMONDSDANNY HANEY RICHARD HANNON MICHAEL HARMAN CLASS OF '67 CANNY HANEY: RICHARD HANNON: World Events Club; SCA :epresentotive; Red Cross Club Representative; =3LA Club. PEGGY HARMAN GRAFTON HARRIS MICHAEL HARMAN: COMPASS, photographer; Photographer, Surveyor; Drum and Fife Corps; Choir. PEGGY HARMAN: SCA Alternate; Advanced Girl's Chorus; Pep Club. GRAFTON HARRIS: VICA Club. JANICE HARRIS: FHA Club. NANCY HARRIS: Red Cross Club Representative; FBLA; DE Club. DICK HAWES: DE Club. 19 ROBERT HAWKINS: Red Cross Club Representative. DICK HAWES ROBERT HAWKINSMICHAEL HAYNES CHARLES HAYWARD ROBERT HICKS BRENDA HILE JOE HECKELBECK SENIORS MICHAEL HAYNES: Varsity Crew. CHARLES HAYWARD: Treasurer, Senior Band; Spanish Honor Society; Spanish Club. JOE HECKELBECK BRENT HILL ROBERT HICKS Junior Board; Vice-President, Key Club, JV Football; JV Crew; Varsity Football; Varsity Crew, SCA Representative; Monogram Club; Boy's State. BRENDA HILE: BRENT HILL: JV Cross Country; SCA Alternate; Key Club; VOT. MARCELLA HOLMES: F.B.L.A.; GAA; Red Cross Club Representative; Pep Club. JAMES HOOPER: Football; Baseball Wrestling; Red Cross Club Representative. ROSEMARY HORGAN: Junior Board; Compass Ad Staff; Grounds Committee; SCA Representative; Red Cross Club Representative. RAYMOND HUBBARD: Freshman Football- Junior Board; Sunshine Boys; SCA Representative; Red Cross Club Representative 20 ROSEMARY HORGAN RAYMOND HUBBARDCLASS OF '67 -ACKIE HUGGART JACKIE HUGGART: ICT Club. JANE HUGHES: CAROLYN HUMPHRIES: COMPASS Ad Stoff; Grounds Committee; French Club; World Events Club. JANE HUGHES CAROLYN HUMPHRIES LINDA HUNT: FRANK HUNTER: CLAUDE HUSBANDS: President, Key Club; Quill and Palm; Boy's State; SCA Representative; Varsity Cross Country; Varsity Tennis; Economics Seminar. LINDA HUNT FRANK HUNTER KENNETH HUTCHISON: JENNIFER HYLTON: French Club; Choir. JANICE IRBY: Pep Club; GAA. ELIZABETH JACKSON: CLAUDE HUSBANDS 21 KENNETH HUTCHISON JENNIFER HYLTON JANICE IRBY ELIZABETH JACKSONSENIORS JAMES JENKINS DENNIS JENNINGS JAMES JENKINS: Freshman Football; JV Football; D.E. Club. DENNIS JENNINGS: Football Letter; I.C.T. Club. VICTORIA JOHNSON Barbara jonES VICTORIA JOHNSON: Pep Club BARBARA JONES: ROBERT JONES: SHEILA JOHNSTON: CHRIS KELLEY: Varsity Crew. WILLIAM KELLY: BERNARD KEMP: 22 CHRIS KELLEY WILLIAM KELLY BERNARD KEMPMICHAEL KENTES ALMA KIDD MARJORIE KIDD CLASS OF '67 0- EL r'» £S -• ’ j V. res -g Vcr- .S fC r,; .rs . xoc Wo d Events I -c : c C-oss C _c •« .va KlDO. I.C.T Club • iRJCR E KIDD Secretary, D.E. Club. = - RlClA KILLION: .CREY KISER: JV Cheerleader, Captain; COM-: a3S Junior Class and Faculty Editor, Quill and Sec FTA, SCA Representative; Red Cross Club : iC'esentative'; School Store. •ARY LaMONT: German Club. . CK LAMPSHIRE: First Vice-President, Student Council; President, Quill and Polm; President, - -ericon Field Service Club; Board of Directors, • ey Club; Quill and Scroll; COMPASS Business C -b; "It's Academic" Team; Boy's State; Econo- — c Seminar; Crew; Wrestling. E- ZABETH LAY: Red Cross Club Representative; Cebate Club; Folk Music Club; .World Events Club. PATRICIA KILLION AUDREY KISER MARY LaMONT NICK LAMPSHIRE 23 PAULA LEE: Vice-President, FHA, FBLA; GAA ELIZABETH LAY PAULA LEESENIORS JOHN LESTER JOHN LESTER: WAYNE LEWIS: Monogrom Club; I.C.T Club. WAYNE LEWIS ELIZABETH LITTLEJOHN: Typing Award. ELIZABETH LITTLEJOHN PATRICIA LLNCEFORD PAULA LYLES NANCY MACBRIDE PATRICIA LUNCEFORD: Editor, Little Hatchet; Vice-President, FTA; Secretary-Treasurer, Quill and Scroll; SCA Representative; Spanish Club; Choir; Girls' State Alternate; Freshman Senior Class Editor, COMPASS. PAULA LYLES: FHA; F B.L.A. NANCY MACBRIDE: President, FHA; Parliamentarian, F.B.L.A, ROBERT MACELLARO: JV Baseball. LEE MAJOR: BONNIE McCALEB: V.I.C.A. Club. 24 ROBERT MACELLARO LEE MAJOR BONNIE McCALEBCARL McCLAY MICHAEL McCONCHIE WANDA McCULLEN CLASS OF '67 CARL McCLAY: MICHAEL McCONCHIE: Surveyor Staff; Quill and Scroll; JV and Varsity Baseball; Monogram Club. SUE MeGUINN HELEN McKAY WANDA McCULLEN: Pep Club; I.C.T. Club. SUE MeGUINN: Treasurer and President, FTA, Secretary and Publicity Choirmon, Astronomy Club; Pep Club; Music Club; Red Cross Representative; Junior Board. HELEN McKAY: Secretary, Germon Club; Latin Club; Drama Club; Red Cross Club Representative; Pep Club. STEPHEN McKNlGHT: Librarian, Choir; Thespians; Drama Club; World Events Club; Pep Club ALLEN MEADOWS: D.E. Club. MELVIN MEADOWS: I.C.T. Club. JOHN MEEHAN: Board of Directors, Key Club; Junior Board; JV Crew. MELVIN MEADOWS JOHN MEEHAN STEPHEN McKNlGHT ALLEN MEADOWS 25PATRICK MEEHAN CAROLYN MELTON JANE MILLER PAULA MILLER SENIORS PATRICK MEEHAN: Varsity Tennis Team; School Store. CAROLYN MELTON: SCA Representative; F.B.L.A.; Pep Club; Astronomy Club; Red Cross Club Representative. SHARON MILLER MARY MONZUK DENNIS MOORE JANE MILLER: SCA Representative; Pom-Pom Girl; Red Cross Club Representative; ICT Club; VOT Club. PAULA MILLER: Girl's Chorus; Spanish Club; Pep Club. SHARON MILLER: Girl's Chorus; Pep Club MARY MONZUK: DE Club. DENNIS MOORE: GARY MOORE: DE Club; SCA Representative. JOYCE MORGAN: VOT Club. SANDRA NASHWINTER: FBLA Club; Pep Club. 26 JOYCE MORGAN SANDRA NASHWINTERCLASS OF '67 FRANCIS NELSON: Red Cross Club Representative; Pep Club. BETTY NIXON: Executive Committee, Student Council; Senior Attendont, Homecoming; A.F.S. Club; Pep Club; Red Cross Club Representative; SCA Representative; Junior Board; JV Cheerleader. DENNIS O'LEARY: BETTY NIXON GEORGE PARKER: PAM PARMAN: Vice-President, ICT Club; Pep Club. GEORGE PATTERSON: VOT Club. MARIE PATRICK: Junior Board; JV Cheerleader; Varsity Cheerleader; Senior Attendant, Homecoming; Pep Club; FTA; GAA; Gymnastics Club; Orchestra; Red Cross Club Representative; Grounds Committee; Sophomore ond Junior Editors, COMPASS; Big Sister; Student Leader; Football Queen Attendant; Senior Band. LINDA PAYTON: JACK PEELE: Editor-In-Chief, COMPASS; President, Spanish Honor Society; Chairman, Debate Club; Secretary, Key Club; Quill and Palm; Quill and Scroll; Boy's State; Marching Band; Varsity Tennis; Letter, Varsity Tennis; Harvard Book Award. PHILIP PERCY. GEORGE PATTERSON 27 MARIE PATRICK LINDA PAYTON JACK PEELE PHILIP PERCYDRUCILLA PETTEY DANA PETTIT SENIORS DRUCILLA PETTEY: President, Folk Music Club; Treosurer, Quill ond Palm; Quill ond Scroll; COMPASS Business Staff; Surveyor Staff; French Club; World Events Club; SC A Representative; Two Academic Letters. DANA PETTIT: Sophomore Board; Junior Board; COMPASS Ad Staff; Grounds Committee; SCA Representative; Big Sister; Red Cross Club Representative; Pep Club. SHARON PITTARD ROBERT PITTS CAROLYN POLK DAVID POSEY SHARON PITTARD: President and Parliamentarian, FTA; GAA; Red Cross Club Representative; World Events Club; Latin Club; Pep Club; Grounds Committee. ROBERT PITTS: Key Club; Science Club. CAROLYN POLK: President, Astronomy Club; Quill and Scroll, Music Club; Pep Club DAVID POSEY: B.g Brother. MARY PRICE: Red Cross Club Representative DOUGLAS PROFFITT: JOHN PUDDY: Activities and Sophomore Class Editor, COMPASS; Sunshine Boys; Latin Club; Pep Club. 28 MARY PRICE DOUGLAS PROFFITT JOHN PUDDYSTEVEN PUGH CLASS OF '67 ";.EN PUGH: Junior Boord; SCA Representative; - HY RADCLIFFE: FBLA; Pep Club; VOT. • E RADCLIFFE: Junior Board; Varsity Football; IA Representative. HRIS RAILEY: Sergeant-At-Arms, D. E. Club; SCA : t resentative; Red Cross Club Representative. I.ELAND RATCLIFFE: - 03ERT RAWLINGS: - 03IN READ: President, Band Council; Drum Major. IDNNIE REAMY: Homecoming Queen; Sophomore : :ard; President, Advanced Girl's Chorus; Varsity E-eerleader; Pom Pom Girl; SCA Representative; 3'ounds Committee; Big Sister; FBLA; Pep Club; Gym--cstics Club; Senior Attendant to Football Queen. :AVID REEL: ROBERT RAWLINGS ROBIN READ CONNIE REAMY DAVID REEL 29SENIORS SUELLEN RIDGELY PATTI RITTER BONNIE RENSHAW: COMPASS Ad Staff; SCA Representative; Pep Club; Folk Music Club: JOHN RENZI: Freshman Football Letter; Varsity Football; Red Cross Club Representative. SUELLEN RIDGELY: Assistant Editor, COMPASS; Junior Board; Quill and Scroll; Quill and Palm; Girl's State; World Events Club; French Club; SCA Representative; Pep Club. PATTI RITTER: FBLA; Pep Club; Red Cross Club Alternate; Folk Music Club. KAREN ROBERTS: Historian, FBLA; Pom Pom Girls. MARY ROBINSON: GAA, Pep Committee; V. O. T. 30 VICTORIA ROCCHIO GERALDINE ROGERS SCOTT ROGERSJON RUSKIN TONI ROSS CLASS OF '67 "ONI ROSS: ROY: ON RUSKIN: Art Editor, The Little Hatchet; Treas-- er, Astronomy Club; French Club; Art Club; World i.ents Club; Science Club. OORENA RUSSELL: RUTH SALZINGER: Sophomore Board; Junior Board; SCA Representative; Treasurer, FBLA; Secretary, Grounds Committee; Pep Club; Astronomy Club; Big Sister. ”HOMAS SAMPSON: Spanish Club; SCA Representative. ELLEN SANDERS: Red Cross Club Representative; FHA; FBLA. JANET SAUNDERS: GAA Club. ETTA ROY DORENA RUSSELL RUTH SALZINGER THOMAS SAMPSON ELLEN SANDERS 31 KATHLEEN SCHILLING: Quill ond Palm; Academic „etter; Treasurer, Folk Music Club; French Club. JANET SAUNDERS KATHLEEN SCHILLINGMARY SCHLAG PAT SCHLAG LINDA SEARGEANT MILLARD SELF SENIORS MARY SCHLAG: SCA Alternate; French Club; German Club. PAT SCHLAG: Red Cross Club Representative; VOT; Pep Club TOMMY SELF LINDA SEARGEANT FHA; Perfect Attendance Award. MILLARD SELF: Parliamentarian, VICA; Art Club. TOMMY SELF: Freshman Football; Freshman Basketball; Varsity Football. WAYNE SETTLE: Surveyor Stoff; Big Brother. JOHN SHIREY: Varsity Swimming; Varsity Football; Assistant Sports and News Editors, Surveyor. RALPH SHIREY: JV Baseball Letter. BRYAN SI BOLD: JIM SLIVINSKI: D. E. Club. WAYNE SETTLE 32 SRYan s bold JIM SLIVINSKIKENNETH SMITH CLASS OF '67 IRVING SMITH: Vice-President, Junior Class; Vice-President, Senior Class; Secretary-Treasurer, Monogram Club; Treasurer, Key Club; JV Football; Varsity Football; Varsity Basketball; Varsity Baseball; Athletic Leader; Big Brother. JIM SMITH: Red Cross Club Representative; D. E. Club. KENNETH SMITH: President, Freshman Class; Freshman Football; JV Football; Varsity Football; JV Baseball; JV Track; Gymnastics; Monogram Club; Red Cross Club Representative; Senior Leader; SCA Representative. RONALD SMITH: JV Football; JV Baseball; Gymnastics; Most Outstanding Junior in Physical Education. AMY SOBRADO: JENNIFER SPARKS: V. 0. T. Club. STEVE SPRAGUE: Junior Board; SCA Representative; D. E. Club; Red Cross Representative. V RONALD SMITH AMY SOBRADO PATTI STONE: COMPASS Ad Staff; Girl's Chorus; FHA; French Club; Pep Club; Dramatics Club; School Letter. LOUISE STOVALL: MARIA STRICKLAND: Varsity Cheerleader, Captain, Football; JV Cheerleader; SCA Representative; Grounds Committee; Pep Club; GAA; Folk Music Club; Red Cross Club Representative. JENNIFER SPARKS 33 STEVE SPRAGUE PATTI STONE LOUISE STOVALL MARIA STRICKLANDSENIORS JOAN SWARTZ MARY TABOR BOBBY TAYLOR EULA TEASDALE BETTY STROCK: V. O. T. Club. STEVE SUTTON: JOAN SWARTZ: Pep Club; V. O. T. Club. MARY TABOR: BOBBY TAYLOR: EULA TEASDALE: Junior Board Alternate; Activities Editor, COMPASS; Quill and Scroll; Vice-President and Parliamentarian, FTA; Reporter, FHA; Secretary Red Cross Club; World Events Club; Pep Club; French-Club. ROSE-MARIE TESSIER: President, French Club; Frencf-Honor Society; Vice-President, Folk Music Club; Quill and Palm; Quill and Scroll; Surveyor Staff; SCA Representative; Junior Board; German Club; FTA; Typing Award; French Honor Certificate; Foreign Language Certificate. HERBERT THOMAS: Freshmon Football; JV anc Varsity Football; JV and Varsity Wrestling; Tennis, Monogram Club; SCA Representative. LARRY TROXELL: 34 ROSE-varie TESSIER HERBERT THOMAS LARRY TROXELLLINDA TRUMBLE CLASS OF '67 _ NDA TRUMBLE: Pom Pom Girls; GAA; V.O.T. Club. _ NDA UNDERWOOD: Pom Pom Girls; GAA; Red I-css Representative; FHA. • KE VALOIS: 3 LORI A VAN DYNE: RODNEY VERNON: JV Football; JV Baseball. SATYA VIS SINGH: CHARLES WALKER: .AMES WAYLAND: .AWRENCE WAYLAND: LINDA UNDERWOOD MIKE VALOIS GLORIA VAN DYNE RODNEY VERNON SATYA VIS SINGH CHARLES WALKER JAMES WAYLAND LAWRENCE WAYLANDSENIORS PEGGY WEBBER JOANNE WENDEROTH SANDRA WEST OLLIE WESTBROOK SUSAN WHEATON JANET WILBURN PEGGY WEBBER: President, Mixed Chorus; Drum and Fife Corps; World Events Club; Junior Board; Pep Club; FHA; SCA Representative. JOANNE WENDEROTH: SCA Alternate; Red Cross Club Representative; Pep Club; V. O. T. Club. SANDRA WEST: OLLIE WESTBROOK: Junior Board; JV Football; Varsity Football; Varsity Gymnastics; Gymnastics Club; Monogram Club; Red Cross Club Representative; Pep Club; Sunshine Boys. SUSAN WHEATON: Fiction Editor, The Little Hatchet; Activities Editor, COMPASS; Quill ond Palm; French Club; World Events Club; Pep Club; SCA Representative; Drama Club. JANET WILBURN: SCA Representative; Typing Award WILLIAM WILBURN: DIANITTIA WILLIAMS: ROBERT WILLIS: 36 WILLIAM WILBURN DIANITTIA WILLIAMS ROBERT WILLISDEBBIE WILSON CLASS OF '67 r E33IE WILSON: Pep Club; Red Cross Club Repre-e-rotive; Grounds Committee; V.O.T. Club. E-3ENE WOLFREY: ARY ELLEN WOODLEY: Sophomore Boord; Publicity I-airman ond Treasurer, World Events Club; Publicity E“airman, French Club; Surveyor Staff; Pep Club; SCA : earesentotive; School Store; Girls' Stote Alternate. E3ECCA WOODS: AN WRIGHT: Pom Pom Girls; Pep Club; COMPASS -- Staff; World Events Club; Grounds Committee; .celling ond Shorthand Awords. AN YOUNG: Varsity and JV Cheerleader; Head E-eerleoder, Basketball; Secretory, Quill and Palm; CA Representative; Red Cross Representative; Ac-. ties Editor, COMPASS; Pep Club; French Club; •. orld Events Club; GAA; Junior Board. I-.EN ZELLER: Science Club; JV Basketball Letter; . crsity Baseball Letter. EUGENE WOLFREY MARY ELLEN WOODLEY REBECCA WOODS JAN WRIGHT JAN YOUNG GLEN ZELLER 37 OANNA ZUIDEMA: JOANNA ZUIDEMAOUTSTANDING SENIORS ARE SELECTED MOST ATHLETIC Morie Potrick Bert Dovid MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Susan Griffin Nick Lampshire BEST PERSONALITY Connie Reamy Steve SpragueBEST ALL-AROUND Betty Nixon RolpH Bornett BEST LOOKING Betty Bozzle Ronnie Bornette 39■ 40We sing our praises to our school, George Washington its name. Her colors, blue and gold, Were meant to ever bring her fame. And when our days are ended here And memories draw nigh, We'll not forget our school so dear. Hail! GW High! 4142JUNIORS ATTAIN STATUS OF UPPERCLASSMEN CLASS OF 1968 MISS HALL MR. PRICKETT Sponsor Sponsor LORENZO BARNES President DARLENE MILWARD Vice-President EMILY TURNER Treosurer _ NIOR BOARD: Debbie Scott, Wando Griffin, Mory Fickinger, 3 Ibert Mooney. 43AKERS. SALLY ALEXANDER, BRENDA ANTHONY, VASSIL ASBELL, KITTY ATKINS, CAROLYN BAIR, MARGARET BALDWIN, MARGARET BANDER. SHELLEY BANKS. CLARA BARNES, LORENZO BARRY, JAMIE BASELER, STEPHANIE BATES. BONNIE BEACH. ROSALIE BENARICK, RANDY BERRY, PAULETTE BODDA, NANCY BOSTON, RUSSTINE BOEWMAN, DIANA BONFIGLIO, STEFAN 4430VE, BOBBY BOYD, THELMA BRADFIELD, ALAN BRASSEUR, LOUISE BRECAR, RAY BREEDEN, BRENDA BREEDEN, JOHN BROOKS, CARLETTE BROWN, CHARLES BROWN, DENNIS BROWN, HENRIETTA CALLAHAN, LUE ANNE CAMPBELL, KIE CASTLE. CHRIS CHAPMAN. DEBORAH CLARKE. TERRY CLOUSE. THERESA COBBS, MARILYN COBURN, DANA COFFMAN, BUDDY 45CCv.BS, GLORIA CCPPASE ELAYNE CORDOVA. VERONICA CORSO. PEGGY CROSS LYDIA DACEY. WILLIAM DAVIS CHARLES DAV;S HATTIE DAVIS MARY DE LAt'OER JUOY DEL- V3ER. GAIL O GGS JOYCE DODSON, DONALD DONALDSON, DIANE DOWDY, KAY 46 DOWNS, DONNA DOWNS, JANICE EDWARDS, GEORGEELLIOTT, ROBERT EVERETT. LEROY FELTNER. LEE FERER. JAMES FICKINGER, MARY FRAVEL, DONALD FURR, ALLEN GAINEY. MARY MARGARET GALLMAN. SHE-!A GARDNER, SPENCE GIOSCIO, DENNY GORDON, JAMES GREENE, JOHN GREER, WANDA GRIFFIN, WANDA GRIMES, EDITH Gcgo HALL, DENNIS 47HALTER, MARY HAMED, MARTHA HARDING, JANELL HAROLD, LOIS HARRIS, TERRI HARVEY, MARTY HAROWITZ, JACKIE HATCH, COLBY HEDTKE, MARK HENSLEY, BECKY HOLLIS, JEAN HOLLOWAY, MARY 48 HOLMES, LARRY HUDGINS, ALICE HUGHES, SUSANHYLAND, ROBERT JACKSON, CAROLYN JACKSON, MARY JENNINGS. SANDRA JEWELL. BRENDA JOHNSON, ELAINE JOHNSON. MATTHEW JUAREZ. MARGARET KEARNEY, WILLIAM KENDRICK, KAREN KENNEDY. STEVE KLUTZ, WARREN KNIGHTING. KATHY KREBS, MADGE KOZIOL KAREN LAMBERT. RONNIE 49LAWHORNE, RONNIE ROGER LYNCH, CATHERINE MARSTON, ALTON MARTIN, MARTHA MARSH, GEORGE MASON, NOREEN McADAM, EVELYN McCLEES, OTIS McGEE, ARTHUR McMANUS, SANDRA MELLOT, ATHOL MILLS, CLAYTON MILWARD, DARLENE 50 MONTI, GEORGE MONZUK, LOUIS MOONEY, DONMOONE, ROY MOORE, CONNIE NELSON, SHARON NORMAN, BETTY NUHN, RICHARD ORSINI, ANDREA PATTERSON, ROBERT PAYNE ROGER PAYTON GWENDOLYN PEEK, VICKY PEREZ, FERNANDO PERKINS, MICHAEL PETERSON, SHIRLEY PFIEFF, DOROTHY POLLARD. RITA PROCTOR. MARTHA PUGH, SCHERRY PULLEY, WALLY 51PULMAN. DEBBIE PUTMAN. SANDRA RANDELL. MARTHA REED. ELIZABETH REEDY. DENNIS RHODES. BEVERLY ROBEY, WILLIAM ROSS. DEBBIE ROSS. SHARON ROY. MAY RUSS. JEANETTE RUSSELL, KAREN SAITTA, ROSEANNE SAUNDERS, CHRISTOPHER 52 SCHILLING, MARK SCOTT, DEBORAH SCOTT, JOHNSCOTT, GLORIA SELF, DIANE SETTLE, HILTON SHAFER. MARGARET SHEER. FRANK SHINC-LETON, GUINN SHUCK, KATHY SIMPSON, LAURA SILLIMAN, GAYLE SMITH, DIANNE SMITH, STEWART SOWA, JOYCE SPEER, JOHN SPILLMAN, WILLIAM STANDLEY, JANET 53 STANLEY, JANET STANLEY, NORMA STANTON, OCTAVIASWISHER, PATRICIA THOMAS, KENNETH THOMAS, PAT THOMAS, SANDRA TONG, DAVID TURNER, EMILY TURNER, WILLIAM VONES, FRANCES 54WILKENS, RACHEL WILLIAMS, JOYCELYN WILLIAMS, MARGARET WOODS, CRAIG YATES, MARGATE” ZELLER, TERRY ZIEGLER, EARL BAZILUIEK, JAMES 5556 LEARNING READING57 WORKING ACTIONSOPHOMORES 58SOPHOMORES CLASS OF 7969 59ADDISON, MYRA ALLEN, PAUL ALMOND, KAREN AMEY, BETH ANDERSON, JOHN ANDERSON, MICHAEL ARCHIE, BETTY ATHEY, MELANIE ATKINS, CHARLES AZZARA, RUTH BAKER. RONALD BAKER, SIGRID BEALL, GEORGE BEHRENS, JACQUELINE BELL. ROSLYN BERTSCHINGER. GREG BOND, DEBORAH BOUK, DAVID GRAHAM, ANDI BRAGG, LINDA BRAUN, CATHY BRITT, MARY BRITTAIN, DEBBIE 60BROWN, PATTI BRUNSON, BRUCE 8ULLARD, THELRECIA CAMPBELL, WARREN CARR, LOIS CARVER, TIMOTHY CASSIDY, JOHN CASSIDY, NANCY CAYLE, JOHN CAVANAUGH. CANDY CLEVENGER, PAMELA COFFMAN, BEN COFFMAN, HENRY COMBS, GLORIA COMISKY, GERALD COOPER, ANTHONY CRAWFORD, PAT CROUCH, WILLIAM CRUM, SHARI DEACLE, MARIAN DENNING, BETTY DENNIS, CHARLES 61DOTSON, FRANCES DOUGLAS, ANNE DOWNER, ELIZABETH DOWNEY, MARIA DOYLE, SUSAN DUNN, BARBARA DUNN, RAYMOND ELLIS, ALAN ELLIS, STUART EMBREY, ALETA ETTER, LILIAN EVANS, CAROLYN FERER, LAURA FISCHMAN, DARLENE FLESHER, JAMES FOLEY, TERESA FOX, LAWRENCE FOX WELL, DANIEL FREEMAN, RITA FRYE, GERALD FUNKHOUSER, MICHAEL GALLAHAN, VIKKI CALLAHAN, VIRGINIA GEORGE, RAY GLABB, CHERYL 62GOCHENOUR, BRENDA GOODRICH, MARY GRAY, NORMAN GREGORY, CHARLES HAGAN, BARBARA HANEL, SHELBY HARMON, LINDA HARRISON, JAMES HASSMER, JAMES HATTON, DIANE HENDERSON, WALTER HICKS, REBA HIGGINS, BONNIE HILE, LINDA HIMES, CARY HINES, DONALD HITT, LINDA HOLLOWAY, JOHN HOLMES, ALAN HOLMES, DEBORAH HOOKS, JEANIE HOPPE, JULIA HOTTLE, EDWARD HOUCHINS, ANNA HOVERMALE, FRANK 63HOYLE, REBECCA HUMPHRIES, CLAUDIA HUNNICUTT, DEBRA ISLER, GLORIA JACKSON, CHARLES JACKSON, LINDA JENNINGS, TERESA JOHNSON, DARLA JONES, BERNICE JONES, CATHRINE JORGENSON. GRACE KELMINSKY, MARIE KENNEDY, MARY KENNEDY, SHIRLEY KILLELEA, STEPHAN KLOW, RICHARD KONKEL, JOANNE KRYWICKI, STEPHANIE LASTIK, MARSHA LAYMAN, EUGENE LEFLER, FRANK LEFLER, VICTORIA LEWIS, LEAMAN LONG, CAROL 64MARKELL, MARGARET MATTHEWS, BETTY McClendon, mary McClure, Christine McCOAKLY, MARY McCONCHIE, PHIL McFETRlDGE, VICTORIA McGOWAN, SUSAN MEEHAN, MARY MELVIN, LYNN MICKEY, BEVERLY MIECE, TERRY MIER, GARY MILLER, ALTON MILLER, BONNIE MILLER, MARY MILLER SUZANNE MITCHELL, BRENDA MITCHELL, CHRiST N= MORGAN, THOMAS MOTLEY, GERALD MOYER, JUNE MURPHY, ROLAND NEFF, KATHY NEIL, DONNA 65O'LEARY, ROSLYN OLIVER, JAMES O'NEIL, DIXIE O'NEIL, JACKIE ONTKO, ROXANN ORSINI, LUCY ORTIZ, HENRY ORTIZ, MARTHA OTTENS, SHIRLEY PALMER, LYNN PARENTE. CYNTHIA PARKER, BRENDA PATTERSON, JERRY PAYNE, MARGARET PHILLIPS, PAUL PRUITT, 80BBY PURYEAR, NANCY RAY, BILLY READ, DAVID REED, CRARLOTTE REEDY, LINDA REGISTER. MARGARET REICHENBACH, PHIL RICE, CARLA RICUCCI, JEAN 66RIDGELY, MARTHA RILEY, JOAN ROACH, GARY ROBERTS, ANITA ROBERTS, GARY ROBERTS. TOMMY ROBEY, CAROL ROBINSON, DONALD SANDERS, SUSAN SANFORD, KATHRYN SCAFFIDO, MARY SCHROTT, ILENE SCOTT, ELWOOD SCOTT, TERESA SECURRO, BECKY SELF, BONNIE SELF, MICHAEL SI BOLD, STEVE SILCOX, PHYLLIS SIMS, ALLEN SIMS, AMOS SIMS, JOHN SKEENS, BOBBIE SLIVINSKI, SUSAN SMART, DEBBIE 67SMITH, EARLE SNIDER, DARI DA SNIDER. DEBBIE STEFFEY, VICKI STOKES, CHARLETTE STONE, SHARON STRICKLAND, RICHARD SULLIVAN, GREG SURKIEIVlCZ, JOSEPH SWICEGOOD, REBECCA TABLER, MARY TESSlER, NORMAN THACKER, BETTY THOMANN, MARK THOMAS, DEBORAH THOMAS, LAUREN THORESON, NELS TURK, GLENDA TURNER, WILLIAM TYLER, PATRICIA VALOIS, DENISE VALOIS, DENNIS VANDERWARKER, CAROL 68VARGA, BRENDA VENNON, JAIMIE VINCENT, LESLIE W NZER. RALPH WATKINS, LINDA WATSON, LINDA WAYLAND. SCOTT WEINTRAUB, SUSAN WENDEROTH, WENDY WEST. CHARLOTTE WEST, DANIEL WHETZEL, CARLA WILBURN, BRENDA WILSON, PATSY WISE, FRANCES WOOD, CHERI WOODSIDE. ROBERTA WORDEN, RANDALL YATES, MARY YOUNG, THOMAS ZELLER, CRAIG 697071 G. W. FRESHMEN ADAPT QUICKLY TO HIGH SCHOOL LIFE - TAKE PART IN ACTIVITIES CLAUDIA HAYNES President KAREN CRADDOCK Vice-President HOMEROOM 123—First Row; Kenneth Brooks, Woync Brown, Ricardo Brooks, James Bowen, William Altizer. Second Row: Steve Brcckcns, Anthony Brown, Robert Bogie, Lowrcncc Botes, Musco Boulworc, Jomcs Bougie. Mr. Ashley. Third Row: Williom Baer Douglos Bowen, George Baber, Williom Bain, Dominique Bergeron, Lorry Andrews. 72TED LEWIS Secretory THE HARDWORKING FRESHMAN Closs sponsors, Mr . Moreland end Miss Donielson, discuss this year's activities. GWENDOLYN CONTEE Treosurer HOMEROOM 125—First Row. Potricia Fickingcr. Dorothy Fisher, Jockie Ferguson. Second Row: Miss Reid, Kothy Greenspon, Cynthic Frere, Bonnie Grimsley, Betty Gutridge, Rosemory Hanna. Third Row: Deborah Gorrett, Sondy Ginn, Dionne Gibson, Beatrice Gilbert, Undo Harris, Brendo Goincs. Fourth Row: Dionne Frceor, Jan Ginn, Brenda Harris, Lauren Funn. Mary Grimes, Margaret Gross, Brendo Gollodoy, Patty Grotto. 73-OmEROC -' 32-—Fir»t Row: Karen Creddock, Elccnor Cross, Linda Donovon. Agnes Downey, Denise Deovers, Cothy Cromer. Second Row: N -c trewsky, Linda Dodson, Carol Dompier, Nancy Cox, Helen Donaldson, Ann Dulin, Mrs. Fleming. Third Row: Sylvio Dioz, Phyllis Enders, Jackie Dixon, Ilona Downey, Karen Dovis, Bonnie Constantino, Nancy Cox. HOMEROOM 133—First Row; Vickie Block Patricia Byers. Helen Bcker Second Row: Mrs. Jones, Becky Hill, Jcckie Burcham Dolores Annis. Bcnme Barefoot, Gwendolyn Contee, Deborah Arnold Third Row: Carol Buchonon, Karen Davis, Gloria Callchan, FronciS Bowen, Ellc Bowen Florence Callahcn Julia Behrens, Judith Beall. Fourth Row: L ndc Bo?es, Sandy Bowling. Eloine Cooper, Coriette Costle, Linda Ccrfer, D«cnne Allen, Marilyn Baxter, Linda Conner, Rose-mo ry Burgess 74HOMEROOM 138—First Row: Pleos Eoton, Mourice Diggs, Lloyd Row: Wendell Evons, Gregory Edwards, Ronald Donovon, James Diggs, Joseph Dewberry. Second Row: Ston Gordon, Poyc Ferguson, Fisher, Nelson Fields, Roymond Durrett, Ronald Evons 8orry Galer, Daniel Gordiner, Williard Elmore, Mrs. Alatis. Third HOMEROOM 143— First Row: Jano Hernandes, Linda Huhn, Marilyn Hughort. Second Row: Miss Anne Tbomos, Elaine Jcssce, Claudio Hoyncs, Lmdo K. Hutchison, Rebecca Hill, Suionnc Jackson Third Row: Carolyn Hording, Jonilyn Johns, Joy Hodges, Peggy Joiner, Jo Anne Hughes, Sandro Hill, Ethel Johnson. Fourth Row; Bcrbcr-Hughes, Jocquielyn Hudson, Sheila Hill, Elizobeth Hunter Corn ' Hensley, Ramona Hollins, Golc Jennings, Linda Hutchison 75—Fir t Row: Mory Smith, laurel Secord. Don no -mere. Ellen Robertson, Mildred Sounders. Second Row: re.e'.y Smith. Carolyn Rhodes, Bobbie Smith, Kothy Schlog, Debbie Soboleski, Eloine Shifflett, Sue Raison, Mrs. Whitfield. Third Row: Nancy Smith, Kotrina Schnetzlcr, Dcnicc Scott, Jonct Shifflett, Debbie Russell, Vtrginio Smith, Joyce Shifflett, Rosemorie Sirbert. HIGH SCHOOL, A NEW PHASE OF LIFE HOMEROOM 230—First Row; Tom Wotson, Ecrl Worrell. John Wr -•'.r Second Row: Miss Watson, Sovoy Terrell, Thomcs Wmbush, Robert Toyler. Robert Lewis Taylor, Grady Toylor. Third Row: Cher es Wilkins, Zero Wells, Rcnn Williomscn, Milton Wecver, Spencer Troy, Will Topscott, Gordon Trueman. Fourth Row: Lee Tcbor, Rolph Wonzer, Don Vcrney, John Swisher, James Williams, Rozier Wair, Felix Wilkins, Don Trimble. 76HOMEROOM 236—First Row: Undo Meyer, Sondro Milburn, Con-Stoncc Munezenski. Second Row: Helen Monkin, Rose Mory Mortelli, Rose Mary Orsini, Goil Melvin, Laura Patten, Mrs. Von Ormon. Third Row: Patty Ottens, Ruth Mills, Paulette Marshall, Albertha Mitchell, Jonice Porks, Beaky Peck, Cynthio Pearson. Fourth Row: Christine Murphy, Mortho Moron, Patricio Miller, Mory Morshc Lindo Poland, Kelly Mocklin, Rita Petty, Cheryl Mogner. HOMEROOM 240—First Row: Frank Coininsky, Jomes Bryson, Steve Coscy, George Compton. Second Row: William Cox, Michael Burton, Keith Butler, Anthony Colbert. Third Row: Miss Danielson, Odell Corter, Keith Cross. Stephen Borns, George Biefono, James Chef' n Lowrencc Dean 77HOMEROOM 244—First Row; Dicnrc Keller, Mory Jcnes. Wondo LeMoy, Pet Kelley, Debbie Loinbeth, Korel Kidweil. Second Row: Sylvio Luces, Margcret Lomox, Andrea Kyle, Patricia Lewis, Keren Lea, Susan Loy, Lynn Jennier, Mrs, Wolker. Third Row: Inez Jones, Christine Liggio, Betty Lorsen, Nancy King, Beatrice Lloyd, Annie McKiver, Dele Jones, Chcntel Kwiotkowski, Victoria Lukos. HOMEROOM 320—First Row: Mr. Jenkins, Roger Mickey, Robert gomcry, Vincent Manni, Gory McDaniel, Kenneth McKnight Third McK een, Herbert Mundoy, Williom Lowry, Jimmy Mercer. Second Row: Andrew Murphy, Leo Moore, Lawrence Nolls, David Myrick, Row: Dennis Lumpkin, Bot Miles, Nolcomic Wotson, Gerald Mont- John Monno, Thomas McCloy, James Moton, Von Neely. 78HOMEROOM 325—First Row: Margaret Swisher, Joonn Stockey, Joyce Stamper, Rhcndo Watkin, Shirley Terry, Barbara Tobor, Miss Whittaker. Second Row: Cathy Stevens, Linda West, Dicno Ulbright, Pat Wuhop, Pot Strickland, Alcosc Turner, Brenda Thomas. Third Row: Janice Spangler, Phyllis Schectcr, Jane Tillerson, Shirley Stafford, Gloria Stncklcnd, Geraldine Stewart, Ursulo Tietz, Margaret Trittipoe. HOMEROOM 332—First Row: Mrs. Moreland, Willard Smith, Chorles Ronald Settle, Ivan Stewart, Melvin Shrader, Rtchcrd S skc. Rtpe" Russ, David Sanders. Second Row: James Sorver, Melvin Shrader, Roy, Paul Scoffido. Lowrcncc Roush, Allen Schiattcreggio, John Shain. Third Row; 79HOMEROOM 342—First Row: Kenneth N ck'e, Edward Sweeney, Tom Fcrcr, James Maness, Mrs. Danford. Second Row: Mormon 3erry, Richord Juarez, Donald Green, Robert Gcchencur, A on Jen- Third Row; Theodore Lewis, Donald Rose, James Holey, Harold Demers, Floyd Miller, Bricn Powell. -OM5ROCM S-IA—First Row: Miss McDonold, Donicl Riley, Sfonley Rhine, Williom Riners. Third Row: George Price, Erwin Phillips, •e chenbock Mike Penn, Gregory Randoll. Second Row: Joe Rice, Theodore Patterson, Thom Perkins, Don Roberts, Corroll Potter, F-eo Peterson, Jeff Porker, Denny Roach, Edmord Roineberger, Robert Walter Parker, Rocco Rinaldi. 80FRESHMEN DEVELOP SELF-CONFIDENCE HOMEROOM S-1B—First Row; Luz Ibarro, Olcotho Everett, Darlene Hobron, Reggie Gore Second Row: Vickie White, Undo Dixie, Betty Wooten, Brenda Young, Gornette Smoll, Louren Crowford, Carolyn Rogers. Third Row: Bobbye Williams, Judy Osborne, Kathy Whcatly, Dora Quintero, Froncine Lewis, Connie Belk, Sandy Johnson ac Russel, Mrs. Woods Fourth Row: Dano Salyers. Peggy Wooifrev Lynn Tesh, Morgaret Unferbrink, Barbara White. Franc e Woodc'C Connie Lambert, Lindo Johnson, Elizabeth Wilson, Ella Cepe and 81 HOMEROOM S-2—First Row: Mr. Hollis, Roderick Jones, Fredrick Jones, Fred Kicth, Craig Lawson, Jim Lee. Second Row: Gcofee Kelley, Arthur Johnson, Roy Kitts. Lee Johnson, Stanley Jones, Thomos Kolb, Bob Knouse. Third Row: David Jones Wayne Lc-b Gory Jenkins, Dove Knichel, James Lawrence, Jc - K:r_ Koros.U VEROOM S-9—First Row: Cowoll Holl, Theodore Hoppe. Stephen Howard. Second Row: Richcrd Hudson, Roland Hutchinson, Lee Hooks, Stephen Hutchinson, Gerald Hcmmersly, Roger Hovcrmald Third Row; Lonny Head, William Hunnicut, Corl Hatton, Rclor.d Jimenez, Thomos Jcckson, William Hutchinson, Mr. Grove. Fourth Row: John Hubcck, Tom Hurst, Den Hordester, Chris Hornbock, Rob Griffith, Richcrd Hughes, Lester Groves, Rob Hoynes. "LAST NAME FIRST end ptecse print," ore the instructions of this homeroom teccher, os her doss fills out one of the mony forms given the freshmen. THE PRESIDENT OF G. W.'s SCA, Susan Griffin, welcomes the freshman closs on their first doy ond exploits some of the responsibilities of the student body. 82G. W. FROSH SHOW THEIR ENTHUSIASM "4 ... 5 ... 6 ... DO YOU REALIZE thot there ore 30 steps in front of G. W ? Dickie Juorez odds, os he Icoves offer o tiring dey DURING The YEAR, freshmon students find themselves seeking volucble edvice from their counselor, Mr Thurmond. Cindy Frere, Borry Goler, and Cofhy Cromer l.sten intently os their programs are explained to them. "BUT A SENIOR told me that this wos the freshmen elevotor to the fourth floor," soys Linda Botes in o confused tone.Mr. Padgett Advijor Ginnie Dombroski Faculty 84Audrey Kiser FoculJy FACULTY 85FACULTY FACTS w5| PENELOPE ALATIS: Ohio Northern University; Youngstown University, A S Degree The Ohio Stofc University. 0sO‘rmor H: S'ng—EAA; Welfare—EAA; Treasurer—English Teachers Asso-: :• : n, s Vc Bus ness and Profcss onol Women's Club; Vo. Association of Teachers of NCTE, Modern Language Association. MRS ELIZABETH ALLPORT: College of Williom ond Mary; B.S. Degree, Coleg ote Professional. MRS ERNESTINE ALLPORT: Madison College, B.S., M A ; University of Vir-5 - a C: ege of William ond Mary; George Washington University; Mory Wash ngton Collcge. ...CS ATHERINE APPERSON: College of William ond Mory, B A., Collcg.otc p-;tesi :no’. University of Virgmio, M.A. in mothcmotics, post groduote cer-t f cate . Remembrance Committco; Co-sponsor, Senior Closs; Student Awards; Schedu e Committee. s R WILLIAM ASHLEY:Gordncr Webb Junior College, A.A.; Appalachian Stote, B.S.; V.O.T. Club Sponsor; P.T.A. Secretory. vR. ROBERT BADEN: Florida State University, B.M. s R JAMES BADOLATO: Eostmon School of Music, B.M; New England Conservatory, M.M.; Catholic University, completing Ph.D. MISS KATHERINE BAUGH: University of Missouri, M.A. in History. Sponsor, World Events Club; State Committee for the Revision of U. S. History Course of Study. MR. WILLIAM BLAIR: Wayne Stote University, B.S. Mcncgrom Club Sponsor. MR MEREDITH BOYD: Shepherd College. B.A. in Secondary Education. Head Track Coach; Assistant Foctboll Coach. MRS. NINA BURDETTE: Radford Stole Teochers, B S. COL. CHESTER BUSH: University of Vermont, A.B.; Horvord University, M A. Lotin Club Sponsor. MR. ROBERT 8UTTERMARK Rutgers Univcrsity.B A ; B ccks?:ne CCege of Low, L.L.B.; American University, M.Ed. MISS KATHRYN CHAVIS: Loyola University of New Or eons. B.A n Eng sh Intern teacher for University of Vo., M.Ed. Progrcm. MR ARTHUR CHRISTIANSEN: George Washington University, A.B.. in Social Sconces. MRS. JUNE CLARKE: College of Williom ond Mory. AB. Sp;nscr, Cheerleaders. MISS BETTY COE: Madison College, B.S. F8LA Co-sponsor; School Bank. MISS ELEANOR CURRIN: Longwood College; B.S.; George Wash ngton University, M.A. „ Sponsor, Quill and Palm Notional Honor Society; Chairman, Focutty Council; Reporter, EAA Bulletin. MRS. SYLVIA DANFORD: Troy State College, 8.S., Art, English. MISS LINDA DANIELSON: Furmon University, B.A.. English; Freshman Closs Sponsor. MRS. DeMELFI; Bloomsburg Stote College, B.S. in Business Education. MR CHARLES DRURY: Oswego State Teochers; George Washington University; Vocotionol Education. , , . ... e. EAA Representative Council; Schedule Committee; Head of Industrial Education Deportment. MR GEORGE EFTHEMAS: Marshall ond West Liberty Stote. A.B., 8iology ond Phys Ed. Cpcch ng Staff. MRS. MARJORIE EMM: Nebraska Stote College, A.8.; University of Wisconsin, M.A ; Syracuse University, graduate study; Montana Stote University, NDEA Institute, Certificate in German. German Club Sponsor. MR. CLAY ESTES: Bethel College, B.A.; Memphis State University, M.A. MRS. LINDA FLEMING: Brigham Young University, B.S. Head, Home Economics Department. MR. RALPH FOX: Kent State University, 8.S. Education. Varsity Wrestling Coach; J.V. Football Coach; Monogram Club Sponsor. MR. ROBERT GARNER: Randolph Macon College, A.B.; George Washington; University of Vo.; Amcricon University, M.E. MRS. ELIZABETH GENUNG: Longwood College, B.S.; University of Vo.; George Washington University. Fcculty Remembrance Committee. MRS. MARIE GILMORE: Syracuse University. B.S. in Business Education ond Secretcriol Sc-cnce, Collegiate Professional. MR. DENNIS GOLLADAY: Madison College, B.S. Intrcmuro S. MISS ALBERTA GRANT Birmingham-Southern College, A.B.; University of A ebamo, M A.; Columbia University; Universdc Lovol; Sorbonne; University de Di|Cn Sponsor, French Cub ond French Honor Society; City Choirmon of Modern Language Departments. MR. DEUCALION GREGORY: SCA; Faculty Council; Awards Committee. MR. GEORGE GROVE: Millersvillc State Teachers, B $ , Collegiate Professional. MR. A. GUEVARA: Texos A M University, B.S. MISS EUNICE GUILL: University of Virginio, B.S., Certificate of Library Science. MISS ISABELLE HALL: Ohio Stote University, B A.. B.S., M.A. Sponsor, Spanish Honor Society; Co-sponsor Junior Class. MISS SANDRA HAMMER: Modison College, B.S. Closs Rings. MRS. SALLY HARPER: Queens College, B.A in Education; University of North Corolma; Eton College. MR WILBERT HARRIS: V.rg.nio Stote College, B.S. Assistant Sponsor. ICT Club; Superintendent’s Advisory Council. MISS MARY HATWOOD: Virginio Stote College. B.S. in Business Ed. Secretory, Faculty Council. MRS. JOAN HENDERSON: Cotawba College, A B. MRS. NANCY HENRY; Madison College, B.S.; University of Virginio; University of Delaware. MR. BERNARD HERROD: Sotcm College, A.B.; West Virginia University, M A.; Chorlcs C. Community College. MR, WILLIAM HILLMAN: Emory ond Henry, A.B. Schedule Committee; Hcod, Science Deportment. MR. THOMAS HOLLIS: Ohio Stote University, B.S. in Education, M.A. in Education. MRS. WAPELLA HOUCHINS: W. Virginio Institute of Technology, B.S.; Duke University. COMPASS Ad Staff; Faculty Council; Senior Closs Sponsor; Student Awards Committee. MRS. DORIS HUME: Simmons University, College of Library Science, B.S. Dobotc Sponsor. MR. BOB JENKINS: Clinch Valley College; East Tennessee Stote University, B S., M.A ; Northern Vo. Extension of University of Vo. Faculty Advisory Committee; Building Representative, EAA.FURTHER FACTS MRS LOREE JOHNSON: Livingstone College. 8.S. MR FRANK KAPRIVA: Woke Forest, B.S.; Amcricon University; George Wcsh ngton University. Cty-wde Choirmon, Science; 8uildmg Representotive; Assembly Com. MR. JOHN KERSCHBAUM: Hirom College. Amencon University, School of Government ond Public Admmistrotion, B A. in Government. Co-sponsor, World Events Club. MRS. DOROTHY KEY: Howord University. B A. MISS JOYCE LIGGETT: Mary Washington, B A FTA Sponsor, French Honor Society Co-sponsor MRS. CLARICE LYNN: University of Colorodo, B.A.; University of towo, M A.; Georgetown University. Spanish Club Sponsor. MRS. LILLIAN SANGER: Bloomsburg Stole Teochers College. B.S. in Education; Temple University; University of Virginio Extension; American University. School Store Sponsor. MRS. MARY SEAY: University of Virginio, B.S. in Education. MR LOUIS SCHREINER: Roonoke College, B.S., Collegiote Professional. Athletics Equipment Monoger. MR WILLIAM SHARP: Marshall University, B.A. in Music Education. Orchcstro. MRS. MERCEDES SIMPSON: Goucher College; Beloit College, A B. Red Cross Club Sponsor; Representative Council, EAA. MR STEVE SIX: Illinois College; MocMurroy College for Men, A B., Northwestern University; University of Maryland; George Washington University. Co-sponsor Sophomoro Class. MR CHARLES McCLURG: University of Kentucky, A.8.; George Washington University. M.E. MiSS JACQUELIN MCDONALD: Limestone College, B A., English. Sponsor of SURVEYOR, LITTLE HATCHET, ond Qu.ll and Scroll. MR. RALPH McGiRK: Sh ppensburg State College, B.S., Education. Ass stent coach, Freshmon football. viSS mary McKinney fn vers ty of v.rg mo, 8.S.; New York University, MS Sponsor. S«nwr» C CSS MISS Tr Ei_MA VADOOX Logwood Co ege Un ve-s ty of V.rg n a. B A . m a ; Mary West Cc fjt L-.t'S.t, ;• :-0 Fee-ty AS• scry C0u«C . S-0 ' Adv SCry Council MR FLOYD MASON L- .f'l ty Of v.rg - a. M Ed Voco nO-sV s C -Os Of America. Gw Cnopter. MRS Blanche MEADOWS: Mod son College, Lynchburg College, Collegiate Protest cnol;'Sity of Cred t Un ;n Representative; Public Speaking Forensic Sponsor; Creative wr ting Book Sponsor; Contest, oral end written. Sponsor. MR. BENTON MILES: Sponsor, DE Club; Choirmon, Cop ond Gown Com. MRS. EVELYN MONROE: Mary Washington College, B.S., Collegiote Professional. Cop ond Gowns. MRS. MARY MORELAND: Eost Stroudsbury; University of Virginio, 8.S., American University. Sponsor, Freshmon Class; Commencement Supervisor; EAA Building Rep. MR. CHARLES MOSSON: Ball State University, B.S. MR. GEORGE MUSE: Americon University; Eost Corolmo College, A.B., Gcncrol Business Administration, D E C A. MR ROGER PADGETT: Madison, B.S. in Education; University of Virginio, M.Ed. Choirmon EAA Faculty Representatives; Advisor, COMPASS; City Choirmon, English; Chairman, Professional Rights ond Responsibilities Committee of the EAA. MISS GRACE PATCH: Richmond Teachers School; Richmond University; University of Virginio; Mary Wosh ngton, B.S , Collegiote Professional; Dolly Madison; Extension closses. Univers ty of Virginio. AFS Committee, Co-sponsor; Committee Supervision 242 Areo; Delegate to VEA. MR. ERWIN PRICKETT: Foirmcnt State, B.S. Co-sponsor, Junior Class. MISS JOSEPHINE RASCOE University of Arkonsos, B.A.; University of Colorodo, M A.; Lavol U.. 8-hr. Certificate in French Thespions; Dromo Club Sponsor. MISS GAIL REID: Eost Tennessee Stcte University, B.S. Co-sponsor, Freshmen Cheerleaders MR HARRY RlCER: Fairmont State College. A B. in Education. MR RICHARD RICHARDSON: West Chester Sfote College. B S., Health ond Phyneol Education. Gymnostics Intromurals; Gymnoshcs Team Sponsor. MISS MABEL SMITH: W. Virgmio Stotc College, B.S.; University of Michigan, M A in Education. MRS. WATKINS SMITH: Duke University; Mary Washington, B.S.; New York University, M A. Department Hcod; Sponsor, FBLA; Parliamentarian, EAA; Choirmon, Civic Responsibility Committee, Faculty Representative, EAA, MISS SYLVIA SOMERS: Longwood College; Duke University, B.S. Forensic Ccoch.Proie ond Poetry Reading. MR. JONATHAN SOUTH: University of Pennsylvania, B.A., MS. Secondary Ed-cotien. Bbc Club Sponsor; Folk Music Club Sponsor; Senior Closs Sponsor. MRS PATRICIA STAATS: Shepherd College, B.A., George Washington University, B.S. Pep Committee Sponsor; Sponsor Grounds Committee; Co-sponsor of Student Council; Director, Senior Closs Play; Chairman, Senior Rules Committee MISS VIRGINIA STARKEY: Rodford College, 8.S.; George Washington Uni-versify, M.A. MRS, KAREN SUSMAN: University of Texas, B.A.; University of Arizcno; Un -versify of Mexico. MRS. SHARON TATE: University of Georgia, B.S.H.E. FHA Sponsor. MISS ANNE THOMAS: University of North Corolino, B.S.P.E. Co-sponsor, GAA; Co-sponsor, Girls' Intromurals. MR. ARNOLD THURMOND: Hompton Institute, B.S.; Wayne Stote Univers ty, M.Ed. MR. EUGENE TRUITT: Pon Amcricon College, B.H.; University of Texes; College of William ond Mory; University of Virginio, M.Ed, Business Monogcr COMPASS; EAA President. COL. E. G. VAN ORMAN: University of Illinois, B.S.; George Wash ngten University, A.M. MRS. MARY VAN ORMAN: Superintendents Advisory Council. Co-choirmon, American Education Week. COL. STANLEY VOSPER: GW Representative for Alexandria City Sc ence end Moth Fair. MRS. LORA WALKER: George Washington University, BA MISS ELEANOR WATSON: West Virginio University. A.B. in Biology. Faculty Council Member. MRS. DARLEEN WHITFIELD: Old Dominion College, B.S. in Psychology; Rod-ford College. Sponsor, Freshmon Cheerleaders. MISS LULA WHITTAKER: College of Williom and Mory; Mory Wosh ngt:n College, B.A. Sponsor, Astronomy Club. MRS. BAR8ARA WOOOS: Mary Washington, B.A. in Health, Recreation, end Physical Education. MR. THOMAS WRISTON: West Virginia Wesleyan College, B.S.; West V rg n o University, M S.; Physical Education. Cooch, Vorsity Bosket ball, MR. ROBERT YEAGER: West Chester Stote College, B.S. 87DOWNTOWN OFFICE SETS EDUCATIONAL PACE MR RAYMOND SANGER DEPUTY SUPERINTENDENT DR. JOHN ALBOHM SUPERINTENDENT OF ALEXANDRIA CITY SCHOOLS SCHOOL BOARD MR. L. LINTON DECK, JR. ASSISTANT SUPERINTENDENT 88 First Row: Mr. Herbert Eorly, Mr. James Donovon. Second Row: Mr. Norman Schrott, Mr. Ferdinand Day. Third Row: Mr. Frank Luckett, Mr. Robert Wood. Fourth Row: Mr. Gorman Ridgely, School Board Choirmon; Mrs. D. E. Kerbcl, School Board Vice-Chairman; Mrs. Robert Lond.MR. ROBERT W. GARNER PRINCIPAL MR STEPHEN F. OSISEK ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL ADMINISTRATION In coordination with the Alexandria School Board's plans for a more diverse curriculum and a deeper insight into subject matter, our faculty this year did a job of renovating old ideas ond incorporating new ones never before equaled in the history of George Washington High School. A large number of new teachers and the frequent visits of specialists in various fields added much to our ever-expanding learning processes. With the aid of an army of new machines and teaching devices, exciting areas of study were made available to our student body. Assisted by Mr. Osisek, veteran of two years, newly appointed Mr. Williams, and Mrs. Tolbert, a "returnee", Mr. Garner guided faculty and student body through another successful year. MRS. JOSEPHINE R. TOLBERT ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL MR. HOMER G. WILLIAMS ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL 89MRS. ISABEL BOSWELL MRS. TIJUANNA GRAY SECRETARY SECRETARY MRS. MARY LUNCEFORD TREASURER MRS. ELIZABETH McLANE SECRETARY MRS. EMILY TRIVETT SECRETARY MRS. LETA WICKLINE SECRETARY MRS. MARGARET BIBB ATTENDANCE OFFICE MRS. GERALDINE WORDEN ATTENDANCE OFFICE 90 MRS. ERNESTINE ALLPORT GUIDANCE COUNSELOR MR. ROBERT BUTTERMARK GUIDANCE DEPARTMENT HEAD MISS MABEL SMITH GUIDANCE COUNSELOR MISS VIRGINIA STARKEY GUIDANCE COUNSELOR MR. ARNOLD THURMOND GUIDANCE COUNSELOR FACULTY FOSTERS EDUCATIONAL ADVANCES 91 MRS. VIRGINIA CARR NURSEMRS. ELIZABETH ALLPORT Algebro II, Geometry I, General Mothematicj. MRS PENELOPE ALATIS English I. MRS KATHERINE APPERSON Heed of Math Department, Fused Geometry, Solid Geometry, Trigonometry, Mathematics III. MR. WILLIAM ASHLEY V. 0. T. MR. ROBERT BADEN Band, Marching Band. MR. JAMES BADOLATO Chorol Music. MISS KATHERYNE E BAUGH Heed of Social Studies Depcrtment, U. S. end Virginia History. MR. WILLIAM BLAIR Physlcol Education, Driver Education. 92MR. MEREDITH BOYD MRS. BURDETTE Physicol Education. English IV. COLONEL CHESTER BUSH Latin I, II and III. MISS MARY CHAVIS English I. MR. ARTHUR CHRISTIANSEN World History. I MRS. JUNE CLARKE Physical Education. MISS BETTY COE Shorthand I, Bookkeeping I and II. MISS ELEANOR CURRIN English III. 93MRS. SYLVIA DANFORD Art I and II, Crafts. MISS LINDA DANIELSON English I, Humanities. dikh MRS. SUSAN DeMELFI Shorthond II, Typing I ond II. MR. CHARLES DRURY Printing. MR. GEORGE EFTHEMAS Earth Science. MRS. MARJORIE EMM German I, II and III, Humcnities. MR. CLAY ESTES Athletic Director. MRS. LINDA FLEMING Hcmcmoking I and II, Boys' Home Economics. MR. RALPH FOX Physical Educotion. MRS ELIZABETH GENUNG Algebra I, Mothemotics I. 94MRS. MARIE GILMORE Generol Business, Typing I and II. MR. DENNIS GOLLADAY English II. MISS ALBERTA GRANT Head of Longucgc Deportment, French I, III, IV ond V. MR. DEUCALION GREGORY Heod of English Deportment English IV, English IV Advanced Placement. MR. GEORGE GROVE Wood I, II, III and IV. MR. AIVARO GUEVARA Spanish I. MISS EUNICE GUILL English II, English II Advanced Placement. MISS ISABELLE HALL Spanish I, II, III and IV MISS SANDRA HAMMER Business Law, Shorthand I, Typing I. MRS. SALLY HARPER Physicol Education, C oss Rocm Driver's Education, First Aid 95MR WILBERT HARRIS I. C. T. MISS MARY HATWOOD Clerical Office Practice, General Business. MRS. JOAN ANN HENDERSON Typing I ond II. MRS. NANCY HENRY Recordkeeping, Shorthand I, Typing I. MR. BERNARD HERROD Mothemotics I, Algebra I. MR. WILLIAM HILLMAN Head of Science Deportment, Chemistry. MR. THOMAS HOLLIS MRS. WAPPELLA HOUCHINS Mechanical Drawing, SMSG I ond II, Mothemotics I. Architectural Drawing. 961 •• » MRS. DORIS HUME English I ond II. MR. BOBBY JENKINS Modern Mothcmatics, Bosic Molhemotics, Plonc Geometry. MRS. LOREE JOHNSON Typing I, Recordkeeping. MR. FRANK KAPRIVA Chemistry, Biology. MR. JOHN KERSCHBAUM U. S. ond Vo. History. MISS JOYCE LIGGETT French II ond III. MRS. CLARICE LYNN Sponish I and II. MR. CHARLES McCLURG U. S ond Vo. Govemrrerr 97} m ss jacquelin McDonald Jcurnolism, Englis-h I. MR. RALPH McGlRK Business Mothemotics, Gencrol Business. miss mary McKinney miss thelma maddox English II. Algebra, Geometry. MR FLOYD MASON I. C. T. MRS BLANCHE MEADOWS English IV. MR. 3ENTON MILES D. E II and III. MRS EVELYN MONROE Mathematics, A!get rc I ond II. MRS MARY MORELAND Biology. MR. CHARLES MOSSON Art. 98MR. GEORGE MUSE D. E. II. MR. ROGER PADGETT English IV. MISS GRACE PATCH U. S. and Vo. Government. MR. ERWIN PRICKETT Metals I end II, Generol Shop I, Power Mechanics I. v Si ,CSc‘- Ne RASCCE x eec“ 2-=- c zy sh II. 5oe c“ z- ; ish MISS GAIL REID English, .Mathematics, Sceicl Studies, Enrichment. MR. HARRY RICER MR. RICHARD RICHARDSON Electricity I, II and III. Physical Education. 99MRS LILLIAN SANGER Solid Geometry, Fused Geometry, Mothemotics I. MR. LOUIS SCHREINER U. S. ond Vo. Government. MR WILLIAM SHARP MRS. MERCEDES SIMPSON Advonced Orchestro. U. S. ond Vo. Government, Economics. MR. STEVE SIX Occupotions ond Careers, Psychology, World History. MRS. WATKINS SMITH Office Training, General Business. MISS SYLVIA SOMERS MR. JONATHAN SOUTH English III. Physics. Biology. 100v-s patr c a £- ; v src II MRS. KAREN SUSMAN Developmental English, Developmental Social Studies, World Geogrophy. • SS SHARON TATE MISS PHYLLIS TAYLOR - —« Eccrior ics and II, U. S. and Virginio History. MR. EUGENE TRUITT Moth Analysis, Geometry, Mathematics I. MISS ANNE THOMAS Physical Education. COLONEL E. G. VAN ORMAN World Geography. MRS. MARY VAN ORMAN World Geogrophy. 101MRS. LORA WALKER American History, Geography. COLONEL STANLEY VOSPER Biology. MISS ELEANOR WATSON Biology. MRS. DARLEEN WHITFIELD Developmentol Mathcmotics, Developmental Science, Biology. MISS LULA WHITTAKER General Science. MRS. BARBARA WOODS Physical Education. MR. THOMAS WRISTON Physical Education. MR. ROBERT YEAGER U. S. ond Va. History. 102103MRS REBA AXELSON CENTRAL BOOKROOM MRS. ELEANOR HARVEY CENTRAL BOOKROOM MRS. ELEANOR McGHEE MR. ARCHER MILLICAN CENTRAL BOOKROOM BOOKROOM MRS. DORCAS DRURY LIBRARIAN MRS. DOROTHY KEY LIBRARIAN MRS. MARY SEAY LIBRARIAN 104MRS. ETHEL WELLS Dietician. MRS. MARY WHEELER Head Cashier. MR. GEORGE SPARKS Building Stoff Superintendent. 105Eulo Tcosdolc Activities Jon Yeung Activities Suellen Ridgely Co-Editor Suson Wheoton Activities 106 wAACTIVITIESPROGRESSIVE YEAR FOR STUDENT LEADERS SC SAN GRIFFIN President NICK LAMPSHIRE First Vice-President CATHY FULWILER Second Vice-President PEGGY CORSO Secretary-T reesurer V.R GREGORY, SC A sponsor, discusses on issue ot hand with members of the executive committee S.C.A. Student government has always been an essential part of student life and this year proved no exception. The executive committee, which meets at sixth period, has been responsible for putting out the student directories, running the book store and drawing up the school colendor. Members of this committee represented GW at the SCA Conference held at George Mason. Throughout the year the SCA also sponsors dances to raise money. WHAT LOOKS LIKE on ecsy chore is c never-eneing battle with cord-boerd end string for these student leeders.CRESHMAN REPRESENTATIVES — First Row: Alton Jenkins, Kothy Greenspan, Debro Russell, Corol Buchonan. Second Row: Wondo LeMay, Gornctte Small, Ellen Robertson, Elaine Jessee, Linda Meyer, Joann Storkey, Margaret Swisher, Terry Cox, Andrew Diggs. Third Row: Craig Lawson, Brion Powell, Kelly Mocklin, Jon Ginn, Rozier Woir, Dole Jones, Julie Behrens, Ronnie Settle, 8orboro Hughes, Zero Wells. SOPHOMORE REPRESENTATIVES: Roxonn Ontko, Peggy Payne, Pot Tyler, Noncy Cossidy, Gloria Isler, Suzonne Miller, James Hossmer EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: Bill Turn-er, Susan Sanders, Cathy Fulwilcr, Peggy Corso (kneeling), Susan Griffin, Nick Lompshire, Korcn Kendrick (kneeling), Betty Nixon, Hilton Settle, Jocky Bernier. JUNIOR REPRESENTATIVES — First Row: Janell Hording, Janet Stondlcy, Madge Krebbs Second Row: Alice Hudgins, Gail Dillenger, ,3mic Barry, Will Kearney. SENIOR REPRESENTATIVES — First Row: Jan Young, Suscn Wheoton. Stef Anmcchiarico. Second Row: Brent Hill, Audrey Kiser, Sharon Duncan, Pet Lunceford. Third Row: Jake McLoughlm. Dane Petit, Bob Hicks, Mike Kentes. 109PEP COMMITTEE Under the leadership of its chairmen, Cathy Fulwiler, and co-chairman Sue Ridgely, and with the direction of Mrs Stoats, the Pep Committee has done much to build school spirit at G W. Homecoming plans, pep rallies, and pep tag sales were among its mcny activities. The Grounds Committee has been responsible for suggesting methods of keeping the school and grounds clecn. Ginger Fulwiler, chairman, has headed the committee's efforts this year. This year the American Field Service committee held a walking tour of Alexandria followed by a tea for all exchange students in the area. They also attended a tea with members of the A exandrio AFS Club. GROUNDS COMMITTEE: Mary Callohon, Rosemary Horgon, Shcilo Foote, Ginger Fulwiler, Debbie Wilson, Jane Fox, Ruth Salzinger and Jane Coleman. 110 A.F.S. COMMITTEE: Eloino Fromm, Nick Lamp-shire, Ginny Dombroski and Solly Akers.SCHOLARS ADMITTED TO HONOR SOCIETY JACKY BERNIER CHRIS CONLON VIRGINIA DOMBROSKI CATHY FULWILER ELAINA FROMM MISS CURRIN, THE sponsor, and Nick Lompshire consult the ;:ub bond book. QUILL AND PALM To be o member of Quill ond Polm, the National Honor Society, one must present characteristics of leadership, scholarship, character, and responsibility. Each year the Quill and Palm holds a bake sole for the faculty and uses the proceeds toward a scholarship for an outstanding member. New members from the junior class are initiated in early spring. SALLIE GRIFFIN m SCOOTER HUSBANDS NICK LAMPSHIRE JACK PEELE President DRUCILLA PETTEY SUELLEN RIDGELY Treosurer JON RUSKIN KATHLEEN SCHILLING ROSE MARIE TESSIER SUSAN WHEATON JAN YOUNG Secretory 111SOCIETY HONORS LITERARY STUDENTS QUILL AND SCROLL The Nationol Honor Society for High School Journalists, Quill and Scroll, initiates those persons who have shown outstanding leadership in working on ore of GW's three publications and have maintained c 2 8 average. Editing and publishing The Last Will and Testament is the main responsibility of Quill and Scroll. MISS McDONALD, THE club sponsor, looks on os Stef Boci peruses on old Will ond Testament. Cltfe DRUCILLA PETTEY AND Rose-Morie Tessier censor o senior will before the finol typing. STEF BOAZ VIRGINIA DOMBROSKI President Vice-President ELAINA FROMM AUDREY KISER NICK LAMPSHIRE MIKE McCONCHlE JACK PEELE DRUCILLA PETTEY 112MEMBERS: Rebecca Seccuro. Rose-Morie Tessier, Mory McConkey, Claudia Humphries, Drucilla Pettey, Ginnie Dombroski, Jomes Hossmer, Chris Conlon. LANGUAGE SCHOLARS HAVE EVENTFUL YEAR FRENCH HONOR SOCIETY A new club has been formed this year with requ re• ments that present quite a challenge to G. W French students. To be eligible for membership to the Frenc Honor Society, o student must be studying French in the third, fourth, or fifth level, present o semester averoge of at least A- in French and B- in other subjects, and be in the top 10 per cent of oil those toking French. He must be of good moral character and have been at G. W. one year. To preserve the high quality of the club, memberships ore renewed every year. Their appropriate motto is "L'homme qui soit deux longues en vout deux." SPANISH HONOR SOCIETY Membership in the Spanish Honor Society is o goal ottoined only by top Spanish scholars. To be occepted into this society, a student must hove at least o 3.5 overage in the course and hove taken ot least three semesters. This year the society held scrabble gomes, in Spanish of course, among its members. At Christmas, they hod a party with the Spanish Club. Right: Sandy Jennings muses over a Spanish poster. Below: Miss Hell, the club sponsor, relotes detoils of o Spanish doll to Peggy Corso. MEMBERS: Diene Smith, Debbie Scott, Peggy Corso, Jock Pcele, Jonet Stendkr 5:-- -Botes, Colby Hatch. 113Jccky Bernier ond Suson Griffin renew summer leerning BOYS' STATE Bob H cks, Jim Bums, Bert Dovid ond Scooter Husbonds were omeng •hose selected to otterd. "And do you remember . . .?" soys Oru Pettcy to Rosie Tcssicr. STUDENTS LEARN THROUGH EXPERIENCE Five girls and six boys were chosen from the junior class last year to go to Stote at Radford and William and Mary, respectively. There they learned firsthand the intricacies of democracy by participating in a mock government. Nick Lompshirc ond Jock Pcclc try to ovoid autograph seekers by posing os statues 114PREXIES DISPLAY WIDE KNOWLEDGE IT'S ACADEMIC DEBATE CLUB Every year three students are chosen to represent 3 W. on the television program, "It's Academic." These ::ntestants hove earned their places by first competing - rh other students selected by the faculty. At the beginning of the school year, the debaters were given three resolutions which they researched and procticed under the guidance of Mrs. Hume, their sponsor. Midyear they were told the topic selected by the National Committee ond argued it with seven other teams in their district. Representing G.W. were Nick Lompshire, Kothlccn Schilling ond Jcck Pccle. DEB VTERS: Richard Juorcz, Joe Rice, Stefan Bonfiglio, Jock Peclc, Jon Ruskin, Scooter Husbcnds, Oc?c = S srror Mark Schilling and James Gordon ore obsent. 115Ccnnie Reomy is crowned GW's 1967 Homeccmmg Queen HOMECOMING Ccnnie illustrotes her school spirit os she signs the victory scroll for the Edison gome. 116MARIE PATRICK BETTY NIXON PAT THOMAS SUSAN SANDERS LAUREN FUNNTEAM QUEENS "KEEP IT IN THE FAMILY” FOR CATHY FULWILER. GW's Footboll Queen heppmess is c crc»n end o kiss from cc-coptoins Ronnie Lambert end Ronnie Borne tt. THE HIGHLIGHT OF the W-L gome was the crowning of our basketball queen. Ginger Fulwiler. IMAGINE her surprise . . . ! 118SAY "CHEESE" 119 I JACK PEELE Editor-in-Chief KIE CAMPBELL Sports Editor a AUDREY KISER Faculty Editor SUELLEN RIDGELY Assistont Editor CHRIS CONLON Typist PAT LUNCEFORD Senior Closs Editor MR. PADGETT Advisor SONNY DeWALT Chief Photographer MARIE PATRICK Junior Class Editor MRS. HOUCHINS Ad Stoff Advisor GINN IE DOMBROSKI Faculty Editor MR. TRUITT Business Advisor PIXIE GAINEY Activities Editor BOB PATTERSON JOHN PUDDY Assistant Photographer Sophomore Closs Editor AD STAFF MEMBERS: Kneeling — Jackie Horowitz, Suzanne M ! cr. Standing — Theresa Jennings, Sandro Jennings, Dana Pettit, Sharon Bums, Martha Homed. Sitting — Sheila Foote, Choirman. SUSAN WHEATON JAN YOUNG Activities Editor Activities Editor BUSINESS STAFF: Standing — Hilton Settle, Jacky Bernier, Dru-cillo Pettey. Sitting — Nick Lampshire. 120ANNUAL STAFF DEPICTS, CONTRIBUTES TO ACTION "NOW ACCORDING TO Webster's Dictionary, ontidisestoblish-mentorianism means . . soys Chris Conlon os Ginnie Dombroski ond Jan Young look on. COMPASS Each staff member strives to create a realistic picture of the school year's activities. Frantic attempts to meet deadlines are a typical sight while calm, careful thinking are their backing. Each staff group (the Business Staff, Ad Staff, Main Staff) is part of a vost activity, designed to show the year's happenings. Is this enough? The answer is in every student's face when the annual comes out. THE COMPASS STAFF struggles with the insurmountable tosk cf building their own abominable snowman. 121 "SUPERCALAFRAGAIISTICEXPIALADOCIOUS" soys Kie Campbell as Chris Conlon dozcdly ottempts to type his dictation. "OUR YEARBOOK IS not to be esoteric, Mr Pee e" scys Mr Podgctt. "Unhuh."SURVEYOR DOING MISSION IMPOSSIBLE STEF BOAZ Editor STEFANIE ANNMCCHIARICO Feoture Page MARY ANN BADER Editorial Page BARBARA BEIDLEMAN Feature Page LINDA COBLE Typist SARA FLESHER Business Manager KAREN KOZIOL MADGE KREBS MIKE McCONCHlE Feoture Page Feoture Editor Sports Editor CAROLYN POLK KATHY SCHILLING Reporter Reporter WAYNE SETTLE Feature Pogc BUTCH SMITH NORMA STANLEY OCTAVIA STANTON Photogropher News Poge Feature Page Keeping informed and getting a newspaper out were the bi-weekly tasks of the Surveyor staff and its advisor, Miss McDonald. They have performed admirably in spite of their "reluctant" typewriters. High spot of this year's paper was its lively editorial page — its articles and letters were products of an intelligent and interested student body. SURVEYOR "AND I BELIEVE in Superman, too!" remorks Rose-Maric Tcssier os George Monti explains his copy. WANDA GRIFFIN Feature Poge MIKE HARMAN Photogropher WALTER SMALLING Editorial Poge Editor i GEORGE MONTI Editorial Page; Exchange Editor JOHN SHIREY Assistant Sports Editor DRUCILLA PETTEY News Editor MARY ELLEN WOODLEY Typist ROSE MARIE TESSIER News Poge 122’it u LITTLE HATCHET PAT LUNCEFORD Editor STEF BOAZ MISS McDONALD Assistont Editor Advisor PEGGY BAIR Business Monogcr SARA FLESHER Make-up Editor The Little Hatchet is "our Hatchet". Yes, this literary magazine belongs to the student body, because we ore its source. Deadlines ore hectic for the members, but as Pat Lunceford, Sara Flesher, Peggy Bair, and Susan Hughes know, it is worthwhile. These students were sent by the magazine to represent our school at the Columbia Scholastic Press Association meeting. MARY FICKINGER Exchange Editor REGINA GRAY Non-Fiction Editor 123 "WOW! POW! IT'S Batmon!" reads Soro Flesher for on idea about o story. BUSINESS! BUSINESS! OR is .t KEY CLUB EMPHASIZES PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY KEY CLUB OFFICERS: Standing—Bob Hicks, Vice-President; Jock Peele, Secretory; Irving Smith, Treosurer. Seotcd—Scooter Hus-bonds. President. At the end of school lost yeor George Washington's first service club was organized under the leadership of Mr. Yeager. The Key Club has begun its first year under the 1966-67 Key Club International theme "initiate personal responsibility." The club is sponsored in cooperation with the school officials by the Alexandria Kiwonis Club. The purpose of the Key Club is to provide any type of service to the community as well as to the school. KEY CLUB MEMBERS: Standing—Bill Turner, Stefan Bon-figlio, Robert Pitts, Hilton Settle, Ronnie Lambert, Walter Smalling, Kie Campbell, Byron Waldman, John Meehan. Kneeling—Brent Hill, Tommy Morse, Warren Klutz, Marty Harvey, Andy Brown, Norman Tessier, Perry Campbell. THESPIANS HELP PRODUCE SENIOR CLASS PLAY THESPIANS The Thespians, which is sponsored by Miss Roscoe, is troupe number 783 or the School Drama Society. This group requires 10 points for initiation. Points come from activities such as helping in plays and scenes and by hoving been in a leading role. If a student is a member of the Drama Club and not the Thespians, he becomes an apprentice. The members helped do various things such as helping sponsor the Senior Class Play, studying flots (scenery), and discussing techniques of dramatic teaching. DRAMA CLUB OFFICERS: Peggy Webber, Vice-President; Elaina Fromm, President; Christine Clevenger, Secretary. DRAMA CLUB MEMBERS: Standing—Helen McKoy, Bill Robey, Barbora Hughes, Suzanne Glaab, Walter Smolling, Kelley Macklin, Charlotte Reed, Gary Roberts. Sitting—Joonrc Konkel, Borbora Schmidt, Debbie Hunnicuf. Susan Hughes, Vicki Steffcy, Betty DenningFRENCH CLUB The French Club, which is under the direction of Miss Gront, is open to all students who have had at least one semester of French. It gives those students who have the language as their common interest an opportunity to meet socially, os in the Christmas party and the spring luncheon, to unite in a school project, as in making an assembly, or to learn about Fronce and its culture in an otmosphere less formol than the classroom. The highlight of the year was the French club play entitled “What Did You Do In The Wor, Mommy?" or "Is the Eiffel Tower Peeling?". WHO PAINTED THE EIFFEL TOWER . . . ? FRENCH CLUB MEMBERS: Mark Schilling, Rita Pcttcy, Drucillo FRENCH CLUB MEMBERS: Jocky Bernier, Susan Wheaton, Jen Pcttey, Elaine Jesse, Terry Cox, Borbara Hughes, Kothy Schilling, Young, Eloino Fromm, Eulo Teosdale. Kelley Mocklin, Susan Hughes, Beth Amey, Becky Seccuro. FRENCH CLUB OFFICERS: Left To Right—Beth Reed, Publicity Chairman; Chris Conlon, Treasurer; Rose-Marie Tessier, Presidert. Ginnie Dombroski, Vice-President; Koy Scoffido, Secretary; Jon Ruskin, Parliamentarian.The Latin Club has joined and participated in the activities of the Junior Classical League, and members assisted in the annual state convention at Francis C. Hammond H.S. Additionally, the club under Colonel Bush, the advisor, sponsors the George Washington H S. Latin Scrabble Team in its monthly matches with Hammond and T.C. Williams H.S. The Latin Club participates in the annual Latin Week Program scheduled each April. This year it presented a ploy illustrative of everyday life among the ancient Romans. The program this year was monitored by the Hammond H.S. Latin Club and held at that school. LATIN CLUB "ET TU BRUTE?" soys Dovid Bouk os his friend turned troitor stobs him. In Colonel Bush's words "snow's use". SCRABBLE TOURNY - LATIN WORDS ONLY, PLEASE 126 SHARON BURNS MAINTAINS deep concentration in order to win this scrabble motch.SPANISH CLUB CELEBRATES UNA FELIZ NAVIDAD SPANISH ClUB The Spanish Club, which is guided by Mrs. Lynn, has been tremendously octive this year. They had a sensational Christmas party, complete with pinato. A guest speaker told about his homeland, Peru. Trips included a visit to an embassy and to a Spanish restaurant. Songs, dances, and movies were some of the various types of entertainment. The grand finale was the annual club picnic, which, as all other activities, was a success. SPANISH CLUB OFFICERS: Jonct Standlcy, Treasurer; Debbie Scott, Secretory; Spence Gordner, Program Choirmcn; Pixie Gainey, President; Diane Smith, Vice-President. GUILLERMO GOMEZ LEADS the Sponish Club in o round c? Christmos corols while Tony Suorez joins him. SPANISH CLUB MEMBERS: Deboie Pulmon, Bobbie Smith, Sondy Jennings, Suson Wein-traub, Sylvia Dioz, Guillermo Gomez, Denice Scott, Tony Suorez, Mike Morsh.GERMAN CLUB TAPE RECORDINGS ARE o common sight to German Club students. The activities of the German Club under Mrs. Emm, the advisor, have been numerous this year. The club has held o bake sale of German Christmas cookies, which was successful. Films provided by the German Embassy were shown. Guest speakers were invited to relate their experiences in Germany. The club plans a field trip to the Embassy and dinner at a German restaurant in the District in the spring. 'THIS POOR GUY looks like he's going to fall!" cxdoims Helen McKoy. ASTRONOMY CLUB VISITS PLANATARIUM THE ROTATION OF the earth around the sun is even more foscinot-ing, becousc of this model. ASTRONOMY CLUB The activities of the Astronomy Club have been vast. The club with its sponsor. Miss Whittaker, visited T.C. Williams High School to see its renown plana-tarium. The two and one holf inch refractor telescope is often used by the members for assignments and projects. One example of this is Jerry Patterson. He is doing an experiment in photography with this telescope. Besides having discussions and lectures, the club had the annual club picnic. The purpose of the club is to nourish students' interest in astronomy and to give a chance for each member to develop his abilities. STEF BOAZ AND Corolyn Polk examine the wonders of the solor system os do others.ElAINA FROMM SHOWS the costume she received on her trip os our foreign exchongc student to Jopon. The purpose of the World Events Club is to encourage reading about nationol and foreign problems facing the U.S. today. It is primarily o discussion club under the direction of Miss Baugh, its sponsor. Other activities of the club include outside speakers, movies, and trips to various government agencies or to embassies. The club sponsors the annual United Nations Contest and gives a prize to each of the two top winners at G.W. MRS. SNIDER, in her Nigerion dress, tells the significance of the figurines she brought bock from Nigeria after her stoy in that country os a member of the Peace Corps. WORLD EVENTS CLUB VISITS EMBASSY WORLD EVENTS CLUB WORLD EVENTS CLUB MEMBERS—First Row: Mark Schilling, Martho Ridgely, Barbara Hughes, Kathy Schilling Jim Gordon. Second Row: Eulo Teosdole, Jon Wright, Peggy Webber, Dcbby Pulman, Pixie Goiney, Mary Mc-Conkcy, Elizabeth Loy. Third Row: Stephen McKnight Jim Hossmcr, Jon Ruskin. WORLD EVENTS CLUB OFFICERS—Standing: Sally Akers, Secretory; Suellen Ridgely, Parliamentarian; Mary Ellen Woodley, Treasurer; George Monti, Vice-President. Sitting: Stefan Bon-figlio. President.NEW SERVICE CLUBS AT GW ENHANCE CURRICULUM Two new service clubs, the Interact Club ond the in worthwhile community projects. Keyettes, sponsored by the Alexandria Rotary Club and Members ore chosen on the basis of character, scho- the Ki-Wives respectively, were formed this year.Created lastic stonding, motivation, leadership, and service, on a city-wide basis, they will place emphasis on assisting INTERACT CLUB INTERACT CLUB—Kneeling: Mr. Kerschboum. Front Row: Ollie Westbrook, Dcvid Evens, John Holcolm, Bill Kelly, Saffan Andolsun, Kenny Smith. Second Row: Jen Ruskin, George Monti, Bill Decoy, Alan Brcdfield, Allen Furr, Jim Smith. Third Row: Ben Coffmon, Henry Crouch, Tony Cooper, Ecrl Zciglcr, Jim Burns, Spence Gardner, John Greene. KEYET’ES____Front Row: Jccky Behrc-s Cord Jcckscn, Sue Ridgely, a" -C. :C’. Dorlere M word. Second Row: Mortho Ridgely, Keren Kendrick. Keren Koziol, Beth Reed, Jone Snider. Third Row: Alice Hus'" n$ So |!y Akers. E o ne Fromm, Mery Jockson, Keren Russell, Shoron 8urns, Mcdge Krebs, llene Schrott. Fourth Row: Colby Hotch, Joncf Stondley, Mery Gomey, Pat Lunceford, Jonice Downs, Meric Kclm.nsky, Bonn.e Bates. Cothy Lynch. OFFICERS—Front Row: Boord Members: Soffcn Andolsun, John Holcolm, Ollie Westbrook. Second Row: Kenny Smith, President; Bill Docey, Vice-President; Jim Smith, Secretory; Dovid Evons, Treesurer. KEYETTES OFFICERS—Audrey Kiser, Vice-President; Jcnet Stondley, Treosi May Roy, Corresponding Secretory; Pot Lunceford, President; Be Botes, Historion; Alice Hudgins, Secretory. 130GIRLS EXCEL IN A VARIETY OF SPORTS G.A.A. The Girls Athletic Association provides the opportunity for GW's girls to participate in o variety of activities. The point system enables them to win awards in such sports os basketball, volleyball, and tennis. GAA—Koy Scaffido, Becky Seccuro, llenc Schrott, Marcello Holmes, Becky Randcll, Julie Behrcnn, Joy Hodges, Jonicc Porks, Vcrlette Dovis, Dora Miller, Mortha Chondler, Beth Amey, Annette Lowe, Brenda Wilbert, Jockic Dixon, Lauren Funn. OFFICERS—Denny Valois, President; Korcn Russc’t, Secretory; Mory Jackson, Treasurer; Ivory Thomss Point Recorder. FOLK MUSIC CLUB STUDENTS INTRIGUED The Folk Music Club, now in its fourth year, lets talented students at GW meet to share their interests in folk music. Each year its members put on on outstanding instrumental and vocal program. BY THE BALLAD SONG FOLK MUSIC CLUB—Left to Right: John Speer, Kathleen Schilling, Chris McClure, Drucillo Pct'ey, Elizabeth Loy, RoseMone Tessier, Lcurie Gardner. 131MUSIC AND SONG SUPPLEMENT PAGEANT ORCHESTRA Under the expert guidance of its new director, Mr. vVilliom Sharp, the orchestra presented its annual Christmas and Spring concerts. Accompanied by the choir, it achieved its high expectations. ORCHESTRA—Left to Right: James Lawrence. Henry Coffman, John Greene, Claudia Hoyncs, Undo Pollond, Charles Hoyword, Cothy Jones, Mr. Sharp, Robin Read. DURING THE CHRISTMAS SEASON, the Orchestrc ond Choir help to portrey the Notivity Scene. MELODIC VOICES RESOUND IN CORRIDORS CHORUSES MIXED CHORUS—Front Row: Goyle Silliman, Dcbby Thomos, Linda Watson, Janet Sounders, Peggy Webber, Roger Mickey. Second Row: Jornes Hossmcr, Fred Keith, Steve McKnight, Kenny Eubonks, Elaine Johnson, Mike Penn. Third Row: John Lester, Sonny DcWolt, Mike Harmon, Russtine Boston, Peggy Hormon. This year's choruses, directed by Mr. James Bado-lato, performed in the Christmas concert, ond ofter-wards gave the rest of us on enjoyoble experience by caroling in the halls. The Choir was toped for presentation on WMAL-Rodio, and, as in the post, added the finishing touches to the Baccalaureate service. OFFICERS______Peggy Webber, President; Goyle Silliman, Secretory. 132ADVANCED GIRLS' CHORUS —Front Row: Donno Downs, Shirley Ottcns, Terry Clark, Corol Sullivon, Gloria Islcr, Shirley Kennedy, Dianne Smith, Second Row: Sheri Crum, Karen Roberts, Mcrti Wough, Ellen Britt, Koren Bur-gess, Sheila Foote, Vicky Johnson. Third Row: Evelyn Mc-Adom, Jone Colemcn, Becky Thomas, Lynn Palmer, llcnc Mcore, Darlene Milward, Poulo Miller. OFFICERS—Shirley Kennedy, Librarian; Ccnnic Reamy, President; Karen Roberts, Secretary OFFICERS—Jen Ginn, President; Ccrol 8u honon, Vice-President; Lynn Jcnnior, Secretary; Becky Peck, Librarion. FRESHMAN GIRLS' CHORUS —Front Row: Vicky Lucos, Pet Wauhop, Lynn Jennicr, Becky Peek, Debbie Sobolcski, Debby Lambeth Second Row: I loro Downey, Jon Ginn, Peggy Joiner, Jackie Ferguson, Margaret Trittipce, Corol Buch-cnon. 133BAND PLAYS ON FIELD AND IN CONCERT The half-time shows, presented by the George Washington High School Marching Bond, were made up mostly of precision drills arranged by the new director, Mr. Robert Baden. For the first time, the band attended all away games, supporting our team in every way. A special show, which required much time and effort, was presented at the Thanksgiving Game. During this season, the band also performed in honor of George Washington University at one of their games. Other activities included the band's participation in the Eighth Annual Music Clinic, the Regional Band Clinic, and the Virginia Music Festival. MARCHING BANDPOM POM GIRLS—Left to Right: Carlcttc Brooks, Kothy Greenspan, Chcric Wood, Dole Jones, Barbara Hagen, Tercso Foley, Rebecca Hoyle. Jane Coleman, Nancy Purycor, Eloine Johnson, Korcn Roberts. GW’S HIGHSTEPPERS ENLIVEN HALFTIMES KAY SCAFFIDO BECKY SECCURO JOANN STARKEYCHEERLEADERS ADD ENDLESS ENTHUSIASM J. V CHEERLEADERS—Roxonn Ontko. Koy Dowdy, Charlotte Stokes. Susie Kennedy, Suson McGowan, Evelyn MeAdem. Wendy Wendcroth. 136MARIA STRICKLAND Heod Cheerleoder Footboll JAN YOUNG Hood Cheerleader Basketboll PEGGY CORSO MAY ROY VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Prexies, Prexies, who ore they? Best team in the U.S.A. La-de-da—those Prexies are the best. La-de-da—the best of all the rest. La-de-da—those Prexies are the best. La-de-do—La-de-da—Lo-de-da— Hey! KAREN KENDRICK ROSEANNE SAITTA KAREN GINN MARIE PATRICK ELAINA FROMM 137RED CROSS INITIATES BREAKFAST HOUR OFFICERS—Berh Rccd, Vice-President; Eulo Tcosdole, Secretory; Vicky Campbell, President. RED CROSS MEMBERS—Front Row. Peggy Bair, Roxenne Ontko. Second Row: Denise Deovers, Chris McClure. Stefonie Annicchiarico, Susan Kennedy, Morgarct Register, Rita Pettey. Third Row: Sandy Word, Ollic Westbrook, Steven H. Dillon, Bill Robey, Jomes Hooper, RED CROSS The Red Cross Club has been the image of action this year. A soap drive was initiated to provide the soldiers in Viet Nam with soap. Another goal was to maintain high morale in Viet Nam by the adoption of a platoon. As a school service, the club established a Breakfast Hour that ran during November. Throughout the year several trips were made to hospitols to brighten the atmosphere with food and games. FTA MEMBERS—Seotcd: Jcckie Horowitz, Karel Kidwcll. Standing: both Reed, Shoron Burns, Carol Buchonon, Morgcret Morkcll, Nancy Debbie Pulmon, Mary Jo Jcckscn, Stofonie Bosclcr, Joyce Sowo, Eliza- Rcddo, Audrey Kiser. F.T.A. Being hostesses during American Education Week and attending the Teachers' Convention were among the numerous activities of the Future Teachers of America. One of the highlights of this year's activities was the traditional coffee hour for the teachers. The purpose of the club is to further the knowledge of and interest in the teaching profession. FTA OFFICERS—Janice Downs, Secretory; Eulo Teosdolc, Parliamentarian; Miss Liggett, Sponsor; Miss Grant, Koren Russell, Treasurer; Sue McGuinn, President.F.B.L.A. MEMBERS INCREASE BUSINESS SKILLS F.B.L.A. The main objective of the Future Business Leaders of America is to give the members troining in the business field ond to increase their interest in business activities. The main achievement of the FBLA was the Thanksgiving pageant presented to the students during both assemblies. AMERICA ® MHBS F.B.L.A. OFFICERS—Karen Roberts, Dione Self; President, Shirley Kennedy, Shirley Attens. F.B.L.A. MEMBERS—First Row: Sandi Noshwinter, Patsy Wilson Kothy Knighting, Gloria Isler. Second Row: Linda De Lay, Brenda Gochenour, Carrlo Lyles, Peggy Payne, Sharon Baber, Kathy Sanford. Goylc Silliman, Kothy Exncar. ft fftSH O ) FHA MEMBERS—Seated: Cathy Exnear, Paulo Lee. Standing: Diane Ulbrucht, Jcckic Burchom, Linda Underwood, Nancy MocBridc, Paulo Lyles, Keren Goldchicn. F.H.A. In order to further interest in the club the Future Homemakers sold cookbooks and had their annual Bake-a-thon. Among the many activities was a Christmas party held in December with the refreshments each representing a different country. The FHA olso visited an embassy and had a bake sale. The theme of the FHA was "Our Neighbors Near and Far." FHA OFFICERS: Cothy Exnccr, Secretory; v= cy MocE de -dent; Poulo Lee, Vice-President 139EXUBERANCE HELPS WIN PREXIE BATTLES SUNSHINE BOYS This year's Sunshine Boys can again accept the praise of having attended every GW basketball game in support of a great team. Much thanks is due this spirited group for their co-operotion and assistance. SUNSHINE BOVS— Front Row: T ? ' ?• S Breoden, Be Goffci T • fifai Lorry Fo B.ll Turner. John Coble, fitoff Kc"ey. Alcn Brodf.eld, Vess.ll Anthony. Thomos Morgan. Third Row: Spence Gordner, Ollic Westbrook, Mark Hcdfkc, Mark Schilling, Jon Ruskin, Sonny DcWolt, Bill Rcbey, Dove Williams, Mike Anderson.OFFICE HELP AIDS OFFICE STAFF BOOKROOM WORKERS— First Row: Perkins. M.kc Hoynes, Cacorge Porker. John Mcchon. Second Row; Mork Hedtkc, Rolph Bornett, Bert Agncr, Mike Powers. "A SPOONFUL OF sugor helps the medicine go down . . soys Poul Miller to Mrs. Corr. ASSISTANTS GAIN VALUABLE EXPERIENCE OFFICE WORKERS This year the office workers ossumed great responsibilities by assisting the regular office staff. Helping with paper work, running erronds, and making themselves available when necessary was part of their daily job. WITH ALL HER work dene. Corcc Whetiel reeds her feveeir book—Santa Claus. 141 MAIN OFFICE—Drucillo Pettey.ATTENDANCE O F F I C E—First Row: Chorlenc Goodrich, Janet Wilburn, Doreno Russell, Vicky Campbell. Second Row: Vikkie Gollohon, Jomie Barry, Bonnie Botes, Maggie Hollowoy, Nancy Puryeor. Third Row: Linda Lyree, Patt Ritter, Martha Proctor. GUIDANCE OFFICE—First Row: Corol Robey, Roslyn O'Leory, Bobbie Skeens, Eloina Fromm. Second Row: Rosemary Horgon, Noncy MocBride, Beckie Swice-good, Debi Ross. LIBRARY WORKERS—Dana Co-brun, Carla Whetzel, Linda Day’s, Christina Pruitt, Jamie Ver-non, Judy DcLoudcr, Sheila Foote, Debbie Pulmon, Peggy Juarez. 142WORKERS ASSUME GREAT RESPONSIBILITIES HALL MONITORS—First Row; Alan Holmes, Poulctte Berry, Henrietta Brown, Emrr.c Goodrich, Wendy Wcodside, Keren Almond. Second Row: George Marsh, Sonny DeWolt, Bob Bo e Antoinette Burke. CLINIC WORKERS—First Row: Jackie Horowitz, Shoron Duncan, Mortho Homed. Second Row: Paula Miller. SCHOOL BANK—Scotcd: Ellen Britt. Standing: Gloria Isler, Miss Coe, Shirley Kennedy. SCHOOL STORE—Pot Meehan, Mory Ellen Woodley, Audrey Kiser 143STUDENTS TRAINED BY WORK EXPERIENCE VOT OFFICERS—Seated: Janie Miller, Deberch Wilson, Brent Hill. JANIE HUGHES LOOKS for information in the 'lin9 cobinct- Undo Trumble. VOT The primary objective of Vocational Office Training is to orient students with office work and other related fields. The main activity of the VOT is the Employee-Employer Banquet. JOANNE WENDEROTH, Alice Cordell, ond Janie Hughes moke work easier by using the calculating machines. JANE MILLER AND Sandra West Icorn by using the IBM Cord Punch, VOT MEMBERS—First Row; Bcrborc McGuinn, Joan Swartz. Second Row: Alice Bullman, Mery Robinson, Alice Cordell. Brcndo Nile, Betty Forest, Judy Dovis. 144DE MEMBERS—First Row: Pot Boddy, Kitty Asbcll. Kothy McKnight. Second Row: Gory Moore, Steve Sprague, Chorlcs Nopper, Kenneth Dean, George W. Siers. PAT KILLION PROUDLY disploys her talents ot her job. ROSIE BEACH HELPS ct the G C Murphy Deportment Store. DE The Distributive Education program provides a regular half-day of academic classwork with a half-day on the job training. In this program the students learn how to be worthwhile and how to function in the business world STACKING CANS ot the D ond S Food Stores is Rick Norris. 145STUDENTS ORIENTED WITH OFFICE WORK CE MEMBERS—First Row: Dennis Reedy, Lorry W0yl0nd Dwinht Me-Mester. Elliott Wilson, Robert Zehring. Second Row: Rick Norris. Jim Smith, Byron Woldmen, John McLoughlin, Roy Moore, KENDA CRUM poses with Mayor Monn during DE Week ICT student William Cherry leorns how to become a policemon. GARY MOORE AND Krendo Crum put the finishing touches on the DE bulletin board. WHAT are you ICT The main purpose of the Industrial Cooperative Training is to provide work experience for students in the Industrial Training course. These students attend class for a half-day and work on various jobs such as mechanics, telephone operators and nurses aides the other part of the day. ROGER PAYNE AND Bryon Sibold pose with their instructor ot the Lindsoy Cadillac Company. 146■ ' 111 CT. OFFICERS—First Row: Peggy Gochenour, Pam Perman, Noreen Mason. Second Row: Duone Self, Charles Davis, Pat Bennct, Steve Pugh, George Conlon. GEORGE CONLON LEARNS about the complicated work at the C P Telephone Company. STEVE PUGH PROUDLY displays his work os o draftsman CT MEMBERS—First Row: T|ucnno Cotton, Mary Edword, Peggy T'::h -our Pen . Porman Second Row: Lucille Howkins, Morgrctf Willioms, Steve Pugh, Kenneth West, John Doves, Lucnn Caliche" Florine Golloway, Roger Poync, Woync Nelson. 148Kie Compbcll Sports SPORTSPRESIDENTS EXHIBIT POWER, POISE, PLUCK 4» TERRY MEECE (81) AND Bert Dovid (20) leod Donny Jefferson's interference as he shows his running form in this sweep agoinst W-L. (picture above) CHARLES HALL (21) WELCOMES a Jefferson poss with open arms as Kris Matts (83) of W-L looks on. SEASON’S RECORD GW 3-6-1 OPPONENT 13 Wokefield 13 21 Edison 13 0 Mount Vernon 6 0 Hammond 20 6 Fort Hunt 32 20 Lee 26 14 T. C. Williams 13 13 Woodson 33 19 Grovcton 6 0 Woshington-Lcc 28 150UNDER NEW COACH, OVERCOME Although George Washington's 1966 Varsity foot-boll teams did not hove o winning record, it gave one hundred per cent at every game, and its performance wos one to be proud of. In the initial game of the season, against heavily favored Wakefield, the team, under new heod coach Bill Blair, surprised everyone by bouncing back to tie the game after being down thirteen points. Bert David, who gained one hundred and thirty yards in fifteen carries for on average of 8.7 yards and scored two touchdowns, led a fired up offense against Edison to win the second game of the season, 21-13. The Presidents third game was against undefeated Mount Vernon, rated by some as the top team in Northern Virginia. Mickey Bowers, who was then leading not only the Group 1-A scoring race, but the entire State of Virginio as well, was held by the staunch Prexie defense, led by Mike Radcliffe, to a minus fourteen yards in the second half. Mount Vernon however, eked out a hard-won victory, 6-0. George Washington's next victory was against crosstown rival T.C. Williams. In a hard fought contest, the Prexies edged the Titans 14-13 to gain their second win. It was in this game, however, that Ronnie Barnette, who had scored all fourteen of G. W.'s points, suffered a shoulder separation which prevented his playing for the rest of the season. The Prexies last league gome was with Groveton, whom they beat 19-6 to wind up with a 3-4 league record and fourth place in the Alexandria district. In the Thanksgiving day classic against Washington and Lee, the Presidents were simply overpowered by the larger, more experienced Generals. For a team that started with only five experienced players this year, they have done remorkably well. This is due to both the excellent coaching done by Coach Blair, Coach Boyd, and Coach Johnson and the hard work put in by the boys themselves. Next year with almost three-fourths of the players back, they should be unbeatable. INEXPERIENCE NEW HEAD COACH, Bill Blair, gives Ken Smith instructors on finding the weak points in Groveton's defensive line. WAITING ANXIOUSLY FOR the ball to change hands are Tcm Brown (40). Jcmes Hooper (84), John Shirey (77), Bill Turner (25 and James Wcylond (60). 151VARSITY FOOTBALL—OFFENSE—Front Row: 81-Terry Meece, 42-Alon Holmes, 20—Bert Dovid, 30—Ken Smith, 21—Chorles Holl, 78— Ail.r Furr 34—Gory Micr. Second Row; 63—Mike Kentes, 60—Jomes Woyland, 74—Dovid Tong, 33—Willie Foconcr, 10—Steve Kennedy. 5._33k Hicks. Third Row: 12—Tommy Self, 75—Gory Himes, 70—Rondy Bcnorick, 83—Ronnie Lombcrt, 11—Ronnie Barnette, 54—Paul Allen. RONNIE BARNETTE (11) eludes two Edison tocklers os he skirts the right end for o first down. ALTHOUGH TRIPPLE-TEAMED. Ronnie Lombert snags o Jefferson pass end monoges to hold on for o fontostic cotch SCRAMBLING, DANNY JEFFERSON (22) shows the exciting style he used to compile o completion record of over 50 per cent. 152PREXIES’ PLAYS PACK POW GARY MIER (34) HAULS down Mike Slode (15) of W-L to breok up o drive. 8ERT DAVID (20) RAMBLES over left tockle for o goin of eighteen yords against Lee. CHARLES (CHARLEY HORSE) HALL (21) seeks running room in o sweep around the Lancers' right end. VARSITY FOOTBALL-DEFENSE—Front Row: 56—Kenneth Eubonks, 22—Denny Jefferson, 23—Louis Monzuk, 62—John Renzi, 34—Gory Micr, 84—James Hooper. Second Row; 63—Mike Kentes, 40—Tom Brown, 50—Don Mooney, 76—Ken Carter, 25—John Holcomb, 80— Wovcrly Brown. Third Row: 72—Herb Thomos, 70—Rondy Benarick, 69—Bill Turner, 77—John Shirey. 153CHARLEY HORSE (21) DRIVES through the Lee line and outgoes his pursuers for o qoin of sixteen yards. 154JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL—First Row: 16—Tommy Roberts, 86—Horry Hughes, 58—Mike Rochrick, 27—Leemon Lewis, 37— Terry Zeller, 12—Hilton Settle, 43—Den West, 48—Lawrence Bates. Second Row: Mr. Corter, Head JV Cooch, 73—Doug Wotts, 34—Thomas Byrd, 22—Ben Coffman, 68—Fronk Hovermole, 62 SEASON'S RECORDS J.V.'s 0-6 OPPONENT 0 Edison 14 7 Lee 15 0 Hommood 4 0 Fort Hunt 12 6 Washington-Lee 20 0 Woodson 7 FROSH 4-1-2 OPPONENT 0 Edison 6 6 Mount Vernon 6 16 Lee 7 12 Fort Hunt 7 18 Bishop Ireton 6 6 T. C. Willioms 6 20 Hammond 0 —Geof Kelly, 28—Paul Phillips, 74—Thomas Morgan, Mr. Fox oss't coach. Third Row: Bill Turner, Gary Bcrtschinger, 81 I Love'see Mike Anderson, Mike Rattcrrcc, Greg Sullivon, Ray Menke, Bruce Brunson JV’S, BABY PREXIES SHOW PROMISE OF POTENTIAL U KENNY BROOKS (27) is a hard man to bring down when he smells a touchdown as this would-be tocklcr finds out. FRESHMAN FOOTBALL—Front Row: 60—Ivon Stewart, 62—Lee Hooks, 23—Charles Royols, 58—Kervy Bertschingcr, 24—Melvin Carroll, 21—Rick Hudson, 63—Rick Simpson, 81—Nicky Bufeno. Second Row: Mr. McGirk, Ass't Coach, 73—Steve Courtny, 60— Keith Cross, 11—Steve Burns, 27—Kenny Brooks, 80—Fuzzy Groves, 25—Dennis Lempkins, Don Roberts, Bill Baer, 89—Cher es Wormley, 18—Poul Ebhordt, 62—Ervin Phillips, 64—Tom Perkins 52—Gerry Jenkins, Mr. Robyok, Coach. 155THIN-LEGGED HARRIERS POST FAT SCORE around the finol turn during o time trial. NORM TESSIER, the number one men, sprints behind the stonds. BOUNDING MERRILY through the fields are Norm Tessier, Scooter Husbands and Tom Morse. VARSITY TRACK—Front Row: Amos Sim;, Alcn Holmes Mike Raf-terree, Thomos Jcckscn, Fronk Hovermcle, Kenneth Menke, Ken Carter, Linwood Estes, Quinton Brown. Middle Row; John Henbosh, Bruce Brunson, Terry Meece. Jomes Porker, Lee Tobor, Louis Webster, Glenn Shepherd, Aaron Peorscn, Charles Sanford, Norman Tcs- sier, Mchendrc Singh, David Spittle. Bock Row: Mr. Robyck, ossistont coach. Mr. Blair cssisfcnt coach, John Halcomb. Mike Perkins, Tom Perkins, Roy Menke, Charles Keller, Alan Furr, Rcndy Bcnerick, Mr. Boyd, Heed Cocch. GW TRACKMEN RACE TOWARDS VICTORY WHIRLING THE DISCUS, Linwood Estes prepares to let go for o record-breaking throw. SPRINTING DOWN THE stretch, John Hcnbosh and Mohcndra Singh tinicn nn HHfi 157DEFT BALL HANDLING SPARKS PREXIE PLAYPRESIDENTS CRUSH POWERFUL OPPONENTS COACH TOM WRlSTON explains o ploy during o chalk talk. SEASON'S RECORD GW 35 OPPONENT Woshington-Lee 40 GW 87 Lee OPPONENT 34 57 Wakefield 53 61 Williams 57 45 Woodson 50 47 Edison 48 43 Yorktown 41 56 Groveton 57 47 Edison 52 59 Mt. Vernon 47 57 Groveton 61 79 Ft. Hunt 57 77 Mt. Vernon 65 77 Hammond 44 78 Ft. Hunt 61 55 Lee 45 79 Hammond 51 54 Willioms 63 TOURNAMENT 78 Fort Hunt 53 52 Edison 56 This year at George Washington, basketball started out with a whimper, but in short order it was roaring ahead at full steam. Of the first six games, the Prexies lost five, the lone exception being a close victory over Yorktown Each loss was extremely close, however, averaging under five points per gome. The seventh gome, against unbeaten Mount Vernon, was the night the Prexies jelled into one unit They gained the lead at the very start and never gave it back, as they handed the Majors their first defeat. The Prexies roared over their next three opponents, crushing them with a point difference that went as high as fifty-three points against Lee. GW's next game, against top-ranked T. C. Williams, was the highlight of the season. The Presidents played superbly to overcome the unbeaten Titans, 61-57. The next two games were heartbreakers. GW lost to Edison and Groveton by one point each. The Prexies refused to be slowed by these losses, however, and steamed ahead for four more wins. George Washington's last game of the regular season was against cross-town rival, T. C. Williams. The Presidents could not manage to overcome the Titans, despite a last-minute surge. Under new head-coach Tom Wriston, the Varsity cagers posted a record of 12-9, an excellent record for a brand new head-coach. They also put two ployers, Ralph Barnette and Irving Smith (second team) on the All-District team. 159RALPH BARNETT (12) GOES up for two points ogoinit W-L RONNIE LAMBERT leops high for o bosket os Bernett watches. LEAPING ABOVE THE defending T. C. Williams ployer, Woverly Brown prepares to sink a jump shot. CHECKING THE DEFENSE. Rolph Bornett dribbles behind o screen provided by Irving Smith. 160DRIVING FOR A loy-up, Rennie Carter soars obove two W-L ployers. IRVING SMITH SHOWS his trede mark cs he goes up for o sure two points. RONNIE LAMBERT BATTLES for o rebound with o Mount Vernon ployer. WATCHING HELPLESSLY os Irving Smith drives for o bosket is T C.'s "dynamic duo," Brad Obcrmiller (21) and Doug Campbell (45). 161TOP RIGHT—Ronnie Jackson lays in two points following a fast break. TOP CENTER—Ralph Barnette, a second team All-State choice, rises above the opposition for two points. TOP LEFT—Showing his defensive skills, Waverly Brown outjumps the opposing T. C. Williams player to block his shot. RIGHT—Waverly (China) Brown drives down the court toward a sure basket. 162FROSH CAGERS GAIN EARLY EXPERIENCE SEASONS LEAPING for o loyup Tom Perkins sinks two points ogomst Mt Vernon GW OPPONENT 43 Edison 30 36 Groveton 37 45 Hommond 37 58 Fort Hunt 31 31 Williams 51 GW OPPONENT 35 Mt. Vernon 48 63 Lee 30 40 Williams 63 17 Edison 31 MR. GRAFFEO, 0 tcocher ot Porker-Groy, is the freshmen cooch 163SEASON’S RECORD GW OPPONENT GW OPPONENT 46 Washington-Lee 23 39 Lee 32 37 Wakefield 53 45 Williams 37 40 Yorktown 35 31 Edison 33 34 Groveton 33 42 Groveton 34 39 Mt. Vernon 18 20 Mt. Vernon 17 37 Ft. Hunt 30 48 Hommond 31 61 Hammond 41 35 Groveton 36 J. V. BASKETBALL—Kneeling: Cooch Efthemes, Mork Penn, Mgr. Front Row: 12—Jackie Ross, 4—Hilton Settle, 22—Jesse Gipson, 24—Morty Horvey, 14—James Porker, 20—Cordell Bclk. Bock Row: 40—Guinn Shinglcton, 42—Paul Allen, 32—Greg Sullivon, 30— Earl Quosh, 34—Kenny Thomos, 10—Phil McConchie. JAYVEES CAPTURE DISTRICT TITLE AGAIN HILTON SETTLE (4) gets off a long jumper for o sure two points. GW wen the gome, 39-18. GREG SULLIVAN (32) OUTJUMPS number 33 of Yorktown, os Cordell Belk (20) and Morty Horvey (24) prcporc to receive the tipGYMNASTICS—Standing: Alan Holmes (co-captain), George Monti, Bob Rhine, Bill Robey, Stcfcn Bcnfiglio. Seated: Paul Scaffido, Lin- Scott Rodgers, Steve Carrol. Bill DeWolt, Mark Hcdtke, Bobby West- wood Robinson, Chorles Wilkins, Coach Richardson, brook, Ollic Westbrook (co-captoin). Mike Anderson. Gory Roberts, VARSITY GYMNASTS SHOW STYLE, VERVE SEASON'S RECORD GW OPPONENT 75 Yorktown 120 87 Woshington-Lcc 97 80 Wakefield 90 98 Williams 105 BILL DeWALT obviously hasn't been told thot you ccn't do a gainer on the tramp. OLLIE WESTBROOK shows his winning style Ollic wes a consistent first. 165VARSITY BASEBALL—Kneeling: Antenocci, Worren Klutz, Hilton Cccch Efthemes, Gwen Shinglctcn, Joe Rice, Marty Harvey, Steve Settle, Danny Votes. Stonding: Paul Allen, Bob Mecelloro, Ralph Shirey, Kenny Thomas, Ronnie Zeller, Lambert, Mike McConchie, Terry PHIL McCONCHIE, KEEPING score, watches os the J.V.'s scrimmage Bishop I reton. WARMING UP BEFORE a some, Dovid catches one of Warren Klutz's curve bollsTEAM TURNS TIGER ON THE DIAMOND ROBERT JOHNSON CON-NECTS for o linc-drive to left field. RICHARD SPRECHER GETS set to let loose ot o fcst bell J. V. BASEBALL—Front Row: Edward Surcin, Steve Ccsey, Robert Johnson, Buddy Word, Phil McConchic, Richard Sprecher, Middle Row: John Show, Croig Zeller, Richord Hudson, Nicki Bergeron, Steve Burns, Ben Coffmcn, Henry Oifiz. Bock Row: John Brekhcrt, De 0n9 For Right: Mr. Vcoger, Head Coach. 167CREW FIRST EIGHT — Nick Lampshire, Mike Hoynes, Don Mooney, Spence Gardner, Bob Hicks, John Meehon, Gerald Comisky, Geof Kelley. Kneeling: Leoman Lewis. SECOND EIGHT—John Speer, Bert Dovid, Tom Self, Jim Dooley, Mork Schilling, Mike Kentes, Bob Hoynes, Don Mccklin. Kneeling: Andy Brown. LIGHTWEIGHTS—Jim Smith, Bob McKIvccn, Bill Reed, Low-rence Fox, Andy Brown, Tom Young, Leoman Lewis, John Coble. Kneeling: Bob Knouse. 168THE FIRST end second eights sprint down the river during on afternoon proctice. THIRD EIGHT—Fronk Hunter, John Kotulick, Jomes Lew. rence, David Bcuk, Doncld Hordcstcr, Bob K no use, 3ricn Powell, George Monti. Kneeling: Chorles Russ. FOURTH EIGHT — Richord Simpson, Jeff Porker, Chorles Frcre, Chorles Russ, Tony Suqrez, Tom Young, John Ruskin, Zoro Wells Kneeling: Bill Reed. 169VARSITY WRESTLING—Bock Row: John Holcomb, Nick Lampshire, Front Row: Steve Cusey, Tom Morse, George Collins, Soffon Andolsun, James Hooper, Linwood Estes, Allen Furr, Herb Thomas, Coach Fox. Lorry Smith, Charles Sondford. VARSITY GRAPPLERS OVERPOWER FOES VARSITY RECORD GW OPPONENT GW OPPONENT 21 Stuart 33 17 Marsholl 27 9 W L 45 28 Hammond 30 9 Ft. Hunt 43 26 Williams 23 25 Lee 33 32 Falls Church 14 8 Edison 44 11 Mt. Vernon 39 13 Groveton 38 GEORGE COLLINS takes down a Falls Church wrestler for two points. George was undefeated in the regular season. SAFFAN ANDOLSUN pulls o reverse on a groppler from Foils Church. Sof had a record of 10-1 J.V. RECORD GW OPPONENT GW OPPONENT 8 W L 46 22 Groveton 23 3 Ft. Hunt 51 13 Marshall 34 21 Leo 28 3 Mt. Vernon 47 5 Edison 11 170TENNIS TISD J T,B ek R«0W P2t Meehcn- Scooter Hutbonds. Jock Pcde R.chord Nuhn. Front Row: Jomes Gordon, j,m Hosjmer. Mike Burton. BOY'S INTRA- MURALS MR. GOLLADAY, sponsor of boys' intramurals. INTRAMURAL FOOTBALL CHAMPIONS—Steve Ccrroll, Berry Cor-tese, Charles Davis, Robert Elliott, Chris Ccstle. INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL CHAMPIONS—Louis Webster. Jim Crockett, John Cassidy, John Webster, Tim Carver. PAT MEEHAN blurs the ball with his rifle-like serve os Scooter Husbonds prepores to dcol with anyone foolish enough to try to return it. 171Sheila Foote Ads 172Mrs. Houchins Sponsor PATRONS 173174HOOFF NEILL, INC. GENERAL CONTRACTORS 1707 Duke Street Alexandria, Va. Developers of "Cameron Mews" PMONC Kl e-4747 Eudy's American Service COMPLETE AUTOMOTIVE REPAIR Richard T Eudy manaoc 4122 MT. VERNON AVE. ALEXANDRIA. VA. VISIT YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD NORGE LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANING VILLAGE 1509 Mt. 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WILLIAM BLAIR: 92 MR MEREDITH BOYD: 93 MRS. NINA BUROETTE: 93 COL. CHESTER BUSH: 93 MR. ROBERT BUTTERMARK: 91 MISS KATHRYN CHAVIS: 93 MR ARTHUR CHRISTIANSEN: 93 MRS. JUNE CLARKE: 93 MISS BETTY COE: 93 MISS ELEANOR CURRIN: 93, 111 MRS. SYLVIA DANFORD: 94, 80 MISS LINDA DANIELSON: 73, 77, 94 MRS. SUSAN DeMELFI; 94 MR. CHARLES DRURY: 94 MR. GEORGE EFTHEMAS: 94 MRS. MARJORIE EMM: 94 MR. CLAY ESTES: 94 MRS. LINDA FLEMING: 94. 74 MR RALPH FOX: 94 MR. ROBERT GARNER: 89 MRS. ELIZABETH GENUNG: 94 MRS. MARIE GILMORE: 95 MR. DENNIS GOLLADAY: 95 138 MISS ALBERTA GRANT: 95, 113, MR. DEUCALION GREGORY: 95, 108 MR. GEORGE GROVE: 95, 82 MR. A. GUEVARA: 95 MISS EUNICE GUILL: 95 MISS ISABELLE HALL: 43, 95, 113 MISS SANDRA HAMMER: 95 MRS. SALLY HARPER: 95 MR. WILBERT HARRIS: 96 MISS MARY HATWOOD: 96 MRS. JOAN HENDERSON: 96 MRS. NANCY HENRY: 96 MR BERNARD HERROD: 96 MR WILLIAM HILLMAN: 96. 56 MR. THOMAS HOLLIS: 96, 81 MRS. WAPELLA HOUCHINS: 8, 96 MRS. DORIS HUME: 97 MR. BOB JENKINS: 78, 97 MRS. LOREE JOHNSON: 97 MR. FRANK KAPRIVA: 57, 97 MR. JOHN KERSCHBAUM: 97 MRS. DOROTHY KEY MISS JOYCE LIGGETT: 97, 113, 138 MRS. CLARICE LYNN: 97 MR. CHARLES McCLURG: 97 MISS JACQUELIN MCDONALD: 80, 98, 112 MR. RALPH McGIRK: 98 MISS MARY McKINNEY: 98 MISS THELMA MADDOX: 56. 98 MR. FLOYD MASON: 98 MRS. BLANCHE MEADOWS: 98 MR. BENTON MILES: 98 MRS. EVELYN MONROE: 98 MRS. MARY MORELAND: 73. 79. 98 MR. CHARLES MOSSON: 98 MR GEORGE MUSE: 98 MR. STEVE OSISEK: 89 MR ROGER PADGETT: 99 MISS GRACE PATCH: 99 MR. ERWIN PRICKETT: 43, 99 MISS JOSEPHINE RASCOE: 99 MISS GAIL REID: 73. 99 MR HARRY RICER: 99 MR. RICHARD RICHARDSON: 99 MRS. LILLIAN SANGER: 100 MRS. MARY SEAY: MR LOUIS SCHREINER: 100 MR. WILLIAM SHARP: 100 MRS MERCEOES SIMPSON: 100 MR STEVE SIX: 100 MISS MABEL SMITH: 91 MRS. WATKINS SMITH: 100 MISS SYLVIA SOMERS: 42, 100 MR. JONATHAN SOUTH: 100 MRS. PATRICIA STAATS: 101 MISS VIRGINIA STARKEY: 91 MRS. KAREN SUSMAN: 101 MRS. SHARON TATE: 101 MISS ANNE THOMAS: 75, 101 MR. ARNOLD THURMOND: 83, 91 MR. EUGENE TRUITT: 101 COL. E. G. VAN ORMAN: 101 MRS. MARY VAN ORMAN: 77, 101 COL. STANLEY VOSPER: 102 MRS LORA WALKER: 78, 102 MISS ELEANOR WATSON: 76, 102 MRS. DARLEEN WHITFIELD: 76, 102 MISS LULA WHITTAKER: 79, 102 MR. HOMER WILLIAMS: 2, 3, 89 MRS. BARBARA WOODS: 81, 102 MR. THOMAS WRISTON: 102 MR ROBERT YEAGER: 102 AGNER, PAUL: 8, 141 AITCHESON. DONALD: 8 AKERS. SALLY: 44. 110. 129. 130 ALEXANDER. BRENDA: 44 ALLEN. CHARLES: 8 ALLEN. DIANNE 74 ALLEN, PAUL: 152 ALMOND, KAREN: 143 ALTIZER, WILLIAM: 72 AMEY, BETH: 125. 131 ANDERSON. MICHAEL: 140 ANDOLSUN, SAFFAN: 8. 41, 130 ANDERSON. SHELLEY: 8, 40 ANDREWS, LARRY: 72 ANNICCHIARICO. STEFANI: 8, 109, 122, 138 ANTHONY, VASSILL: 44, 140 ANNIS, DOLORES: 74 ANTONACCI, STEVE: 8 ARNOLD. DEBORAH: 74 ASBELL. KATHERINE: 8, 44, 145 ATKINS. CAROLYN LEE: 44 ATTENS, SHIRLEY: 139 AYERS, MELVINIA: 8 BABER, GEORGE: 72 BABER, SHARON: 8,41,139 BADER. MARY ANN: 9. 122 BAER, WILLIAM: 72 BAIN, WILLIAM: 72 BAILEY, PATRICK: 9 BAIR. MARGARET: 44, 123, 138 BAKER. HELEN: 74 BALDWIN, BONNIE: 9 BANDER, SHARON: 9 BANDER, SHELLEY: 44 BANKS, CLARA: 44 BAREFOOT, BONNIE: 74 BARNES, CHARLES: 9 8ARNS, STEPHEN: 77 BARRY, GALER: 75 BARNETT, RALPH: 7, 9, 39. 41 BARNETTE, RONALD: 9, 39, 141, 152 BARRY, JAMIE: 44, 109. 142 BASELER, STEPHANIE: 44,138 BATES, BONNIE: 44, 113, 130, 142 BATES, LAWRENCE: 72 BATES. LINDA: 74, 83 BAXTER. MARILYN: 74 BAZILUIK, JAMES: 55 BAZZLE, BETTY: 9. 39 BEACH. ROSALIE: 44, 145 BEALL. JUDITH: 74 BEASLEY. TUCKER: 9 BECK, GEORGE: 9 BEHRENS, JACQUIE: 130 BEHRENS. JULIA: 74 BEIDELMAN, BARBARA: 122 BELK, CONNIE: 81 BENARICK, KENNETH: 44.152, 153 BENNETT, PATRICIA: 10. 147 BERGERON, DOMINIQUE: 72 BERNIER, JACQUELINE: 7, 10, 40, 109, 111. 114, 120, 125 BERRY, LINDA: 44 BERRY. NORMAN: 80 8IEFANO, GEORGE: 77 BLACK, VICKIE: 74 BLACKWELL, VERONICA: 10 BOAZ, STEPHANIE: 10. 112, 122, 123, 128 BODDY, PATRICIA: 10, 145 BOGIE. ROBERT: 72 BONFIGLIO. STEFAN: 44.115. 124. 129 BOSTON. RU'SSTINE: 44. 132 BOUGIE. JAMES: 72 SOUK, DAVID: 126 BOULWARE. MUSCO: 72 BOVE. BOBBY: 45, 143 BOWEN, ELLA: 74 BOWEN.DOUGLAS: 72 BOWEN, JAMES: 72 BOWLING. SANDY: 74 BOWEN. FRANCIS: 74 BOWMAN. DIANA: 44 BOYD, JOHN: 10 BOYD, THELMA: 45 BRACKENS. STEVE: 72 BRADFIELD. ALAN: 130,140 BRADLEY, CHARLENE: 10 BRANCH, JO: 10 BRASSEUR. LOUISE: 10, 45 BRECAR. RAY: 45 BREEDEN, BRENDA: 45 BREEDEN. JOHN: 45, 140 BRITT, ELLEN: 133 BROOKS. CARLETTE: 45. 135 BROOKS. KENNETH: 72 SROOKS, PAT: 11 BROOKS. RICARDO: 72 BROWN, ANDY: 124 BROWN, ANTHONY: 72 BROWN. CHARLES: 45 BROWN, DENNIS: 45 BROWN, HENRIETTA: 45 BROWN, PAT: 41 BROWN, THOMAS: 151 BROWN, WAYNE: 72 BROWN, WAVERLY: 153 BROWNING, ZANIE: 11 BRUNSON, ALVINA: 11 BRUNSON, 8RUCE: 61 BRYSON, JAMES: 77 BUCHANAN, CAROL: 74 8ULLARO, THELRECIA: 61 BULLMAN, ALICE: 11,144 BURCHAM, JACKIE: 74 BURGESS. KAREN: 11,133 BURGESS, ROSEMARY: 74 BURKE. ANTIONETTE: 11, 143 BURNS. JAMES: 6, 11. 40, 130, 114 BURNS. SHARON G.: 11. 109, 126, 130, 138 BURNS, SHARON L.: 11. 120 BURTON, MICHAEL: 77 BUTLER, KEITH: 77 BYARS, PATRICIA: 74 BYRD. THOMAS: 185 CALDWELL, LARRY: 12 CALLAHAN. FLORENCE: 74 CALLAHAN, GLORIA: 74 CALLAHAN, LUE ANN: 45, 147 CALLAHAN, MARY: 12 CAMPBELL, KIE: 45, 120, 121, 124 CAMPBELL, PERRY: 124 CAMPBELL, VICKY: 138,142 CARR, LOIS: 12, 161 CARROLL, STEVEN: 120 CARTER, KENNETH: 153 CARTER, LINDA: 74 CARTER. ODELL: 77 CARVER, TIMMY: 61 CASEY, STEVE: 77 CASSIDY. JOHN: 61 CASSIDY, NANCY: 109, 161 CASTLE, CARLETTE: 74 CASTLE. CHRIS: 45 CHAFFIN. JAMES: 77 CHAPMAN, DEBORAH: 45 CHERRY, WILLIAM: 12. 146 CLARK, RONNIE: 12 CLARKE, TERRY LYNN: 45. 133 CLAY. MICHAEL: 12 CLEVENGER, CHRISTINE: 124 CLEVENGER. PAMELA: 61 CLOUSE. THERESA: 45 COBBS, MARILYN: 45 COBERLY. LINDA: 12 COBLE, JOHN: 140 COBLE, LYNDA: 12. 122 COBURN, DANA: 45, 142 COFFMAN. BEN: 130, MO, 161 COFFMAN, BUDDY: 45 COFFMAN, HENRY: 61, 132 COININSKY, FRANK: 77 COLBERT, ANTHONY: 77 COLEMAN. JANE: 13. 133, 135 COMBS, GLORIA: 46, 61 COMBS, WILLIAM: 13 COMISKY. GERALD: 161 COMPTON. GEORGE: 77 CONLON, CHRIS: 6, 7, 13. 40. 11. 112. 113, 120. 121, 125 CONLON. GEORGE: 13, 40. 147 CONNER, LINDA: 74 CONSTANTINO, BONNIE: 74 CONTEE, GWENDOLYN: 73, 74 COOK, BAR8ARA ANN: 13 COOPER, ANTHONY: 61, 130 COOPER, ELAINE: 74 COPELAND, ELLA: 81 COPPAGE, ELAYNE: 46 CORDELL, ALICE: 13, 144 CORSO, MARGUERITE: 43. 45. 108, 109, 113, 136, 137 196COTTON, TJUANNA: 13, 147 COUPLES, THOMAS: 13 COURTNEY, CHARLENE: 13 COXX. NANCY: 74 COX, TERRY: 109, 125 COX, WILLIAM: 77 CRADDOCK, KAREN: 72, 74, 135 CRAMER, CATHY: 74. 83 CRAWFORD, LAUREN: 81 CRAWFORD, PATRICIA ANN; 61 CROSS. ELEANOR: 74 CROSS. KEITH: 77 CROSS, LYDIA: 46 CROUCH, WILLIAM: 61, 130 CRUM, KENDA: 14, 146 CRUM. SHARI: 61, 133 DACEY, WILLIAM R.: 46, 130 DAMPIER, CAROL: 74 DAVID. BERT: 14, 38, 150, 152, 153, 154, 114 DAVIS, CHARLES: U7 DAVIS. HATTIE: 46 DAVIS, JOHN, 14. 147 DAVIS, JUDY: 14, 144 DAVIS, KAREN: 74 DAVIS, MARY LINDA: 46. U2 DAVIS. VERLETTE: 131 DEACLE. MARIAN. 61 DEAN, KENNETH: 14. 145 DEAN, LAWRENCE: 77 DEAVERS, DENISE: 74, 138 DELAUDER, JUDY: 46, 142 DELAY, LINDA. 139 DELLINGER, GAIL: 46, 109 DEMERS. HAROLD: 80 DENNING. BETTY: 124. 161 DENNIS, CHARLES: 61 DEWALT. WILLIAM C.: 14, 120, 132, 140, 143 DIAZ, SYLVIA: 74. 127 DIGGS. CLARENCE: 109 DIGGS, JOYCE: 46 DIGGS, LLOYD: 75 DIGGS. MAURICE: 75 DILLON, STEVEN: 14. 138 DIXIE, LINDA: 81 DIXON, JACKIE: 74, 131 DODD. ANDREW: 39 DODSON, DON: 46 CODSON, LINDA; 74 DOLE. JAMES: 49 DOMBROSKI, VIRGINIA U 110. Ill, 112, 113, 120, 121. '25 DOMBROWSKY, NINA 74 DONALDSON, HELEN: 74 DONALDSON, DIANE: 46 DONOVAN, LINDA: 74 DONOVAN. RONALD: 75 DOOLEY. JAMES: U DOWDY, KAY 46. 136 DOWNEY. AGNES 74 DOWNEY, ILONA: 74. 133 DOWNS. DONNA LEE: 46, 133 DOWNS. JANICE: 46. 130. 133 DRUMMOND. MARGARET: U GULIN. ANN: 74 DUNBAR, BILL: 15 DUNCAN. SHARON: 15. 143 DURRETT, RAYMOND: 75 EATON, PLEAS: 75 EDWARDS, GEORGE: 46 EDWARDS. GREGORY: 75 EDWARDS, MARY: 15. 147 ELLIOTT. ROBERT: 47 ELMORE. WILLIARD: 75 ENDERS, PHYLLIS: 74 EPPERLEY. ELLA JANE: 15 EUBANKS, KENNETH: 132. 153 EVANS, DAVE: 15, 130 EVANS, RONALD: 75 EVANS, WENDELL: 75 EVERETT, LEROY: 47 EVERETT, OLEATHA: 81 EXNER. KATHERINE: 15, 139 FACONER. WILLIE: 15, 152 FANNING. BARBARA: 15 FELTNER, LEE: 47 FERER, JAMES: 47 FERER, TOM: 80 FERGUSON, JACKIE: 73. 133 FERGUSON, PAUL: 75 FICKINGER. MARY: 43, 47. 123 FICKINGER, PATRICIA. 73 FIELDS, NELSON: 75 FIGGINS, BENJAMIN: 15 FIGGINS. WILLIE: 16 FISHER. DOROTHY: 73 FISHER. JAMES: 75 FLESHER. SARA 16, 122. 123 FOLEY. TERESA: 135 FOOTE. SHEILA: 16. 120, 133. U2 FOREST, BETTY: 16. U4 FORTUNE. HENRY. 16 FOX. LAURENCE: MO FRAVEL, DONALD: 47 FREEAR, DIANNE: 73 FREER. CYNTHIA: 73, 83 FROMM, ELAINA: 16, 40, HO, 111. 112. 124, 125, 129, 130. 142 FULWILER, ANNE CATHARINE: 16. 108, 109, 110, 111, H8 FULWILER, VIRGINIA. 16. HO. 118 FUNKHOUSER, LINDA: 17 FUNN, LAUREN: 73. 117. 131 FURR. ALLEN: 47, 130 GAINES. BRENDA: 73 Gainey, vary margaret 47 120, 127, 129. 130 GAlER. BARRY; 83 CALLAHAN. VIKKIE: M2 GALLMAN, SHELIA: 47 GALLODAY. BRENDA: 73 GARDINER. DANIEL: 75 GARDNER. LAURIE 131 GARDNER. SPENCE 47. 127. 130, 140 GARRETT. DEBORAH: 73 GEE, CHARLOTTE: 17 GIBSON, DAVID: 17 GIBSON, DIANNE: 73 GILBERT, BEATRICE: 73 GINN, JAN: 73 GINN. KAREN: 17, 40, 137, 136 GINN, SANDY: 73 GlOSClO. DENNIS: 47 GlAAB. SUZANNE: 124 GOCHENOUR. BRENDA: 63. 139 GCCHENCUR. PEGGY: 17, U7 GOCHENOUR. ROBERT: 80 GOLCCHIEN. KAREN: 17, 139 GUILLERMO. GOMEZ: 127 GOODRICH. CHARLENE: M2 GOOCRICH, EMMA: 17, H3, 1 3 GORDON, JAMES: 47, 129 GORDAN, STAN: 75 GORE, REGGIE: 81 GRAHAM, MARGARET: 17 GRAY, NORMAN: 63 GRAY, REGINA: 17, 123 GREEN, DONALD: 80 GREEN, JOHN: 47, 130, 132 GREENSPAN, KATHY: 73, 109. 135 GREGORY, JAY: 63 GRIFFIN, SALLIE: 18, 111 GRIFFIN. SUSAN: 38, 82, 108. 109, 114 GRIFFIN, WANDRA: 43, 47, 122 GRIFFITH: 82 GRIMES, FAY: 47 GRIMES, MARY: 73 GRIMSLEY, BONNIE: 73 GROSS, MARGARET: 73 GROTTO, PATTY: 73 GROVES. LESTER: 82 GUTRIDGE. BETTY: 73 HARRON. DARLENE 81 HAGAN. BARBARA: 56. 63. 135 HALCOLM. JOHN: 130 HALEY. JAMES: 80 HALL. CARROLL: 82 HALL. CHARLES: 150. 152. 153. 154 HALTER, MARY: 48 HAVED. MARTHA 48. 120. M3 HAMMERSLY. GERALD: 82 HANEY, SHELLY: 63 HANNA, ROSEMARY: 73 HARDESTER. DON: 82 HARDING. CAROLYN: 75 HARDING. JANELL: 48. 109 HARMAN. MICHAEL: 122, 132 HARMAN, PEGGY: 132 HAROLD, LOIS: 48 HAROWETZ, JACKIE: 48 HARRIS. BRENDA: 73 HARRIS, LINDA: 73 HARRIS. TERRY: 46 HARRISON, JAMES: 63 HARVEY. KENNETH 43. 48 HARVEY. MARTY 124 125 HASSvER. JAMES 63. 109. 113. 129. 132 HATCH. COLBY: 43. 113. 130 HATTON, CARL: 82 HATTON. DIANE: 63 HAWKINS. LUCILLE: M7 HAWKINS. ROBERT: 19. 40. l HAYNES. CLAUDIA: 72. 75. 132 HAYNES. MICHAEL: Ml HAYNES. ROB: 82 HAYWARD. CHARLES: 132 HEAD, LONNY: 82 HEDTKE, MARK: 43, M0. Ml HENDERSON, WALTER: 63 HENSLEY, CONNIE: 75 HENSLEY. RUTPH: 48 HERNANDES, JANA: 75 HICKS. REBA: 63 HICKS, ROBERT: 40, 109, 114 124, 152 HIGGINS. BONNIE: 63 HILE, BRENDA: 144 HILL, BECKY: 74 HILL. BRENT: 109, 124. 144 HILL, LINDA: 63 HILL, REBECCA: 75 HILL, SANDRA: 75 HILL, SHEILA: 75 HIMES. CARY: 63. 152 HINES, DONALD: 63 HITT, LINDA: 63 HODGES, JOY: 75, 131 HOLLINS, RAMONA 75 HOLLIS. JEAN: 48 HOLLOWAY, JOHN : 63 HOLLOWAY, MARGARET: M2. HOLLOWAY, MARGARET 48, ’ 2 HOLMES, ALAN: 63, M3. 152 HOLMES. DEBORAH: 163 HOLMES, LARRY: 43 HOLMES. MARCELLA: 131 HOOKS. JEAN: 63 HOOKS. LEE: 82 HOPPE. JULIA: 63 HOPPE. THODORE: 82 HOOPER. JAMES: 138. 151, 153 HORGAN, ROSEMARY: M2 HORNBACK. CHRIS: 82 HOROWITZ, JACKLYN: 120, 133 M3 HOTTLE. BILL: 63 HOUCHINS. ANNA: 63 HOVERMALE, ROGER: 82 HOYLE, REBECCA: 64. 135 HOWARD. STEPHEN: 82 HUBACK. JOHN: 82 HUDGINS. ALICE: 48, 109. 130 HUDSON. JACQUIELYN: 75 HUDSON. RICHARD: 82 HUGHART. MARILYN: 75 HUGHES. BARBARA: 75. 109. 123, 124, 129 HUGHES. HARRY: 155 HUGHS. JO ANNE: 75 HUGHES, RICHARD: 82 HUGHES. SUSAN: 48, 123. 124 HUGH. LINDA: 75 HUMPHRIES. CAROLYN: 41 HUMPHRIES. CLAUDIA: 64. 113 HUNNICUTT. DEBRA: 64. 124 HUNNICUT. WILLIAM: 82 HUNTER ELIZABETH: 75 HURST. TOM: 82 HUS3ANDS. CLAUDE: 111. 1 M, 115, 124 HUTCHISON, LINDA: 75 HUTCHINSON. ROLAND: 82 HUTCHISON. STEPHEN: 82 HUTCHINSON, WILLIAM: 82 HYLAND. ROBERT: 48 IBARRA, LUZ: 81 ISLER. GLORIA: 64, 1C9. 133 139. 143 JACKSON, CAROLYN: 43. 130 JACKSON, CHARLES 64 JACKSON. MARY: 48. 130. 13- 138 JACKSON. SUZANNE 75 JACKSON. THOMAS 82 JUAREZ. RICHARD: 115 JEFFERSON, DANNY 15-0. ‘2 JENKINS. ALAN 60. '09 JENKINS. GARY: 81 JENNIER. LYNN. 7 '33 JENNINGS. Ga.E 75 JENNINGS. SANDRA 4? 3 120. 127 197-Ess sSS 'EPES 50. 164 JE'SEE E.AisE 75. 109. ,25- 123 JEWEU BRENDA 49 JEWELL. LINDA: 49 JIWENE2. ROLAND: 02 JOHNS. JONILYN: 75. 83 JOHNSON, ARTHUR: 8' JOHNSON. DARLA: 64 JOHNSON, ELAINE: 49, 132, 135 JOHNSON, ETHEL- 75 JOHNSON, LEE: 81 JOHNSON, LINDA: 81 JOHNSON. MATTHEW: 49 JOHNSON, SANDY: 81 JOHNSON, VICKIE: 133 JOINER. PEGGY: 75 JOSES. eERNtCE: 4 JONES. CATHERINE: 64. '32 JONES. DALE: 78. 109. 135 JONES, DAVID: 81 JONES. FREDRICK: 81 JONES. INEZ: 78 JONES. MARY: 78 JONES, ROCERICK: 81 JONES. STANLEY 81 JORGENSON, GRACE: 64 JUAREZ. MARGARET: 49, M2 JUAREZ. RICHARD: 80. 83 KARAS, AUDIE: 81 KEARNEY, WILLIAM: 49, 109 KEITH, FREO: 132 KELLER. DIANNE: 78 KELLEY. GEOFF; 81, MO KELLEY. PAT: 73. 135 KELLY. WILLIAM: 130. MO KELMINSKY: 64, 130 KENDRICK, KAREN: 49. '09. 130. 137 KENNEDY. MARY: 64. 136. 138 KENNEDY. SHIRLEY: 64. 133, '39. M3 KENNEDY. STEVE: 49 KENTES. MICHAEL: 45. 109 KIDWELL. KAREL: 78 KIETH. FRED: 81 KILLELEA. STEPHEN: 64 KILLION. PAT: 145 KING. NANCY: 78 KISER. AUDREY: 109. 112, 120. 130. M3 KITTS. ROY: 81 KLOW. RICHARD: 64 KLUTZ. WARREN: 49, 124 KNlCHEL. DAVE: 81 KNIGHTING. KATHERINE 49. 139 KNOUSE. BOB: 81 KOLB. THOMAS: 81 KANKEL. JOANNE 124 KOTULICK. JOHN: 8' KOZiOL. KAREN: 49. 122. '30 KREBS. MARGARET 49 109, ’22. 130 KRYWICKI, STEPHANIE 64 KWIATKOWSKI. CHANTEL 23 KYLE. ANDREA 78 LAINBETH. DEBBIE: 78. '33 LAMBERT. CONNIE: 81 LAMBERT. RONNIE 49. 118. ,24 LAMPSHlRE. NICHOLAS 38, 108, 109. 110, III, 112. 115. 120 LARSON, BETTY: 78 LASTIK. MARSHA 64 LAWHORNE, RONALD 50 LAWRENCE. JAMES 81. '32 LAY. ELIZABETH 129. 131 LAY, SUSAN: 78 LAYMAN, EUGENE: 64 LAUB. WAYNE: 81 LAWSON. CRAIG: 81. 109 LEA, KAREN: 78 LEMAY, WANDA: 78. 109 LEE, JIM: 81 LEE. PAULA: 139 LEFLER. FRANK: 64 LEFLER. VICKY: 64 LESTER. JOHN • 132 LEWIS. FRANCINE: 81 LEWIS. LEAMAN: 64 LEWIS. PATRICIA 78 LEWIS. TED: 73. 80 LIGGIO. CHRISTINE: 78 LITTLEJOHN. ELIZABETH 40 LLOYD. BEATRICE 78 LOMAX. MARGARET: 78 LONG. CAROL: 64 LOWE. ANNETTE M : 131 LOWRY. WILLIAM; 78 LUCAS. SYLVIA: 78 LUDLOW, STUART; 50 LUKAS. VICTORIA: 78. 133 LUMPKIN. DENNIS: 78 LUNCEFORD. PATRICIA 4. 24. 40. 120, 123, 130 LYLES. PAULA 139 LYNCH, CATHERINE: 50, 130 MAC BRIDE. NANCY: 139. 142 MACKLIN. KELLY: 77. 109. 136 MAGNER. CHERYL 77 MANESS. DEBORAH: 41 MANESS. JAMES 80 MANKIN. HELEN: 77 MANKIN. LINDSEY 40 MANNI, VINCENT 78 MARKELL. MARGARET 65 133 MARSH. MIKE 50. 127. M3 MARSHALL. PAULETTE: 77 MARSTON. ALTON: 50 MARTELLI. ROSE MARY: 77 MARTIN. MARTHA: 50 MATTHEWS. BETTY: 65 MASON. NOREEN: 50. 147 NALLS. LAWRENCE: 78 NAPPER. CHARLES: M5 NASHWINTER. SANDRA: 26 NEELY. VAN: 78 NEFF, KATHY: 65 NEIL. DONNA: 65 NELSON. FRANCIS: 27 NELSON. JERRY 147 NELSON, SHARON 51 NICKLE. KENNETH 80 NIXON. BETTY: 27, 39, 41. 108. 109. 117 NORMAN. BETTYE 51 NORRIS. RICHARD MS. '46 NUHN. RICHARD 51 M0 OLEARY DENNIS 27 O LEARY. ROSLYN 66 M2 OLIVER. JAMES 66 O NEIL. DIXIE: 66 ONTKO. ROXANN 109. 135. 138 66 ORSINI, ANDREA 51 ORSINI. LUCY: 66 ORSINI, ROSE MARY 77 ORTIZ. HENRY: 66 ORTIZ. MARTHA 66 OSBORNE. JUDY: 81 OTTENS. PATTY: 77 OTTENS. SHIRLEY: 66. 133 PALMER. LYNN: 66. 133 PARENTE, CYNTHIA 66 PARKER. BRENDA: 66 PARKER. GEORGE: 27, Ml PARKER. JEFF: 80 PARKER, WALTER: 80 PARKS. JANICE: 77, 131 PARMAN. PAMELA: 27, M7 PATRICK. MARIE: 4. 27, 38. 41. Ill, 115, 117, 120, 136, 137 PATTEN. LAURA: 77 PATTERS. GEORGE: 27 PATTERSON. JAMES: 51. 120 PATTERSON. JERRY. 66 PATTERSON. THEODORE 80 PAYNE. MARGARET: 66, 109. 139 PAYNE. ROGER: 51. U6. M7 PAYTON. GWENDOLYN: 51 PAYTON, LINDA: 27 PEARSON. CYNTHIA 77 PEEK. BECKY: 77. 133 PEEK. VICKY: 51 PEELE. JACK: 4. 27. Ill, 112. 113, 1M. 115. 120. 121. 124 PENN. MIKE: 80 PERCY. PHILIP: 27 PEREZ. FERNANDO: 51 PERKINS. MIKE: 42. 51. Ml PERKINS. THOM 80 PETERSON. FRED 80 PETERSON, Shirley 51 PETTEY. DRUCILLA 28. HI. H2. H3. IU. 120. 122. 131. Ml PETTEY. RITA 77. 138 PETTiT, DANA 28, 109. 120. 125 PFEIFF. DOROTHY: 51 PHILLIPS. ERWIN: 80 PHILLIPS, PAUL 66 PITTARD. ShaRCN 28 PITTS. ROBERT 28. 66. 124 POLAND. LINDA 77. 132 POLLARD. DONNA 76 POLLARD. RITA: 51 POLK. CAROLYN: 28. 112. 122. 128 POSEY. DAVID: 28 POTTER. CARROLL: 80 POWELL. BRIAN: 80. 109 PRICE. GEORGE: 80 PRICE MARY: 28 PROCTOR, MARTHA: 51. M2 PROFFITT, DOUGLAS: 28 PRUITT. CHRISTINA M2 PUDDY, JOHN: 4. 28. 120 PUGH. SCHERRY 51 PUGH. STEVEN 29. 40, M7 PULLEY. WALTER 51 PLLVAs. DEBORAH 51. '27. 129. 138. M2 PlRYEaR NANCY: 66 135. M2 PUTMAN. SANDRA 52 QUINTERO. DORA: 81 RADCLiFFE. KATHLEEN: 29 RADCLIFFE. MIKE: 29 RAILEY. CHRIS: 29 RAINEBERGER. EDINARD: 80 RAISON. SUE: 76 RANDALL, GREGORY: 80 RANDELL. MARTHA: 52. 131 RATCLIFFE. CLELAND: 29 RAWLINGS, ROBERT: 29 RAY. WILLIAM: 66 READ. DAVID: 66 READ. ROBERT: 29. 132, 135 REAM.Y. CONNIE: 29, 38. 41. 116. 133 REED. CHARLOTTE; 66. 124 REEO. ELIZABETH: 43. 52. 66, 125. 130, 138 REEDY. DENNIS: 52, M6 REGISTER, MARGARET: 66, 138 RElCHENBACH, MICHAEL: 66 REICHENBACK, STANLEY: 80 RENSHAW. BONNIE: 30 RENZI. JOHN: 30 RHINE. ROBERT: 80 RHODES. BEV: 52 RHODES. CAROLYN: 76 RICE. CAROL: 66 RICE. JOE: 80. 115 RlCUCCl, JEAN: 66 RlDGELY, MARTHA: 67, 129, 130 RIDGELY. SUELLEN: 7. 30. 40. 110, HI, 112. 114. 120, 129, 130 RILEY. DANIEL: 80 RILEY, JOAN: 67 RINALDI. ROCCO: 80 RINERS, WILLIAM: 80 RITTER. PATT: 30. M2 ROACH. DANNY: 80 ROACH. GARY: 67 ROBERTS. ANITA: 67 ROBERTS. DON 80 ROBERTS. GARY 67. 124 ROBERTS. KAREN: 30. 133, 135. 139 ROBERTS. TOMMY: 67 ROBERTSON. ELLEN 76. 109 ROBEY. CAROL: 67. 142 ROBEY. WILLIAM 52. 124. 138. M0 ROBINSON DONALD 67 ROBINSON MARY: 30. M4 ROCChiO. VICTORIA: 30 RODOA. NANCY: 138 ROGERS, CAROLYN: 81 ROGERS. GERALDINE: 30 ROGERS. SCOTT: 30. 40. 41 ROSE. DONALD. 80 ROSS, SHARON: 52 ROSS. DEBBIE: 52, M2 ROUSH. LAWRENCE: 79 ROY. ETTA: 31 ROY, MAY: 42. 52. 130. 136, 137 ROY, ROBERT: 79 RUSK N JONATHAN 31, 123, 25 29. 130. MO. HI. 115 RUSS. CHARLES: 79 RUSS. JEANETTE: 52 RUSSEL, DEBBIE: 76, 109 RUSSELL. DORENA: 31. M2 RUSSEL. IDA: 81 RUSSEL. KAREN: 52, 130. 3 . 138 SAITTA. ROSEANNE: 42, 52. 136. 137 SALYERS. DANA: 81 SALZINGER. RUTH: 31 SAMPSON, TOM: 31 SANDERS, DAVID: 79 SANDERS. SUSAN: 59. 108. 109 SANDERS. SUSAN: 67 SANDERS. ELLEN: 31 SANFORO. KATHRYN 67 198SARvER. JAMES: 79 SAUNDERS. CHRISTOPHER 52 SAUNDERS. JANET: 31. 132 SAUNDERS. MILORED 76 SCAFFIDO. KAY: 12S, 131. 135. 67 SCAFFIDO. PAUL: 79 SCHECTER. PHYLLIS: 79 SCHIATTAREGGIO. ALLEN 79 SCHILLING. KATHLEEN: 31. 122 125, 129. 131. Ill, 115 SCHILLING, MARK 52. 125. 129 140 SCHMIDT. BARBARA: 124 SCHLAG, KATHY: 76 SCHLAG. MARY: 32 SCHLAG. PAT: 32 SCHNETZLER. KATRIM: 76 SCHROTT. ILENE 130. 131. 67 SCOTT. DEBORAH: 43. 52, 127 SCOTT. OENICE 76. 127 SCOTT. ELWOCD 67 SCOTT. GLORIA: 53 SCOTT. JOHN: 52 SCOTT. TERESA 67 SECCURO. BECKY 67. U3 -25 131, 135 ' • SECORD, LAUREL 76 SEARGEANT. LINDA 32 SELF. BONNIE: 67. 139 SELF. DIANE: 53, 139 SELF. MICHAEL: 67 SELF. MILLARD: 32. U7 SELF. TOMMY 32. 40 SETTLE. HILTON: 53. 109 120 124 • v' SETTLE. RONALD 79. 109 SETTLE WAYNE: 32. 40. :22 SHAFER. MARGARET 53 SHAIN. JOHN: 79 sheer, frank 53 SH:FFLETT. ELAINE 76 Shifflett, janet 76 Shifflett, joyce 76 ShinGlETCn. Guinn 53 SHIREY. JOHN 7. 122 151 ,53 SHIREY. RALPH 32 Shrader, melvin 79 shuck, kathy 53 SIBOLD. BRYAN: 32, U S BOLD. STEVE: 67 SIERS. GEORGE U5 S -COX, PHYLLIS: 67 SILLIMAN, LINDA 53. 13J 139 S vPSON, LAURA 53 S MS. JOHN: 67 S MS ALLEN: 67 S MS. AMOS: 67 SiRSERT. ROSEMARIE: 76 S'SKEY RICHARD 79 SKEENS. BOBBIE 67. U2 SKIDMORE. KAREN: 76 SLiVINSKI. BRUCE 32 SUVINSKI. SUSAN: 67 SMALL. GARNETTE: 81 SMALLING. WALTER 122, 124 SMART, DEBORAH: 67 SMITH. BEVERLY: 76 SMITH. BOBBIE: 127 SMITH, BOBBIE: 76 SMITH, DIANE 53. 113. 127, 133 SMITH. EARLE 68. 122 SMITH. IRVING 7. 33. 124 SMITH. JAMES 33. 130 SMITH, JIM 146 SMITH. JUDITH DIANE: 53 SMITH. KENNETH: 33. 40. 130, 151. 152 SMITH. MARY: 76 SMITH. NANCY: 76 SMITH. RONALD: 33 SMITH. 5TUERT: 53 SMITH, VIRGINIA: 76 SMITH. WILLIARD: 79 SNIDER. DEBORAH: 68 SNIDER. DCRIDA 68 SNIDER. JANE 130 SOBOUESKI, DEBBIE 76 SOERADO. AMY: 33 SOwa. JOYCE 53. 138 SPANGLER, JANICE 79 SPARKS. JENNIFER 33 SPEER. JOHN 53. 131 SPRAGUE STEVE 33. 38 40. US STACKEY, JOANN 79 STAFFORD, SHIRLEY: 79 STAMPER. JOYCE: 79 STANDLEY, JANET: 5. 53. 109. 113. 120. 127. 130 STANLEY. JANET: 53 STANLEY. NORMA 53, 22 STANTON. OCTAVIA: 53. 115, 122 STAPLETON. CALVIN: 54 STARKEY. JOANN: 109 135 STEFFEY. VICKI: 68 124 STEVENS CATHY 79 STEWART GERALDINE 79 STEWART. IVAN 79 STOKES. C-ARlETTE 68 35 STONE. PATR CiA 33 STONE. S-ARON 65 STORCK. KAY 54 STOVALL. MILDRED 33 STRICKLAND. GLORIA 79 STRICKLAND. MARIA 33, 136 137 STRICKLAND. PAT: 79 STRICKLAND. RICHARD: 68 STROCK. BETTY: 34 SUAREZ. TONY; 53. 127, 140 SULLIVAN. CAROLE: 54, 133 SULLIVAN. GREGORY: 68 SULLIVAN, MARY: 54 SURKLEWICZ. JOE 68 SUTTON. PATRICIA 54 SUTTON. STEVE 34 SWARTZ. JOAN: 34, 144 SWEENEY, EDWARD: 80 SWICEGOOO. REBECCA: 68, 142 SWISHER. JOHN: 76 SWISHER. MARGARET: 79 SWISHER. PAT: 54 TABOR. BARBARA: 79 TABOR. LEE: 76 TAEOR. MARY BELINDA LEE 34. 68 TALLEY, BARBARA 41 TAYLOR. GRADY: 76 TAYLOR. ROBERT LEWIS: 76 TAYLOR. BOBBY: 34 TAYLER, ROBERT: 76 TEASDALE. EULA: 34, 120. 125. 129, 138 TERREL. SAVOY: 76 TERRY. SHIRLEY: 79 TESH. LYNN: 81 TESSIER. NORMAN R 68. 124 TESSIER. ROSE-MARIE 34. Ill, 112 THACKER. BETTY 63 THOVANN, MARK Charles 6S THOMAS. BEVERLY: 133 THOMAS. BRENDA: 79 THOMAS. DEBORAH 68. 132 THOMAS HERBERT 34. 41 THOMAS. IVORY 131 TmOvaS. KENNETH H : 54 THOMAS. LAUREN 68 THOMAS. PATRICIA 54. 117 THOMAS. SANDRA 54 THOUSON. NELLS 68 TIETZ. URSULA 79 TILLERSON, JANE: 79 TONG. DAVE: 54. U0 TOPSCOTT. WILL. 76 TRIMBLE. DAN: 76 ULBRIGHT, DIANA: 79 UNDERWOOD. LINDA 35. 139 UNTERBRINK. MARGARET: 81 VALOIS. DENISE 68, 131 VALOIS. DENNIS 68 valOiS, miC-aEl 35 VANDERWARKER CAROL 66 VAN DYNE. GLCR A 35 VARGA BRENDA 6? VARNEY. DON 76 VENNON JAIMIE 69 '39. 542 VERNON ROONEY 35 VINCENT. LESLIE CAROL 69 VIS SINGH. SATYA: 35 VONES. FRANCES: 54 WALDm.AN. BYRON: 124, U6 WALKER. CHARLES: 35 WANZER. RALPH: 69 WANZER, RALPH: 69 WARD. CHARLES: 55 WARD. SANDY: 138 WATKINS. LINDA 69 WATKIN, RHONDA 79 WATSON. LINDA 69. 132 WATSON. NOLCOMiC 78 WATSON. TOM 76 WAUGH. MARTHA 55. 133 WAU6H0P. PAT 133 WAYLANO. JAMES 35 WAYLAND. LAWRENCE 3 4 WAY LAND. SCOTT 69 WEAVER MILTON 76 WEBBER. PEGGY: 36 124 29. 132 WEINTRAUB, SUSAN e9 17 WELBORN. JANiCE 55 WELLS. 2ORA 76. 109 WENDEROTH. JOANNE 36 44 WENDEROTH. WENOY 69 36 WEST, CHARLOTTE 69 WEST. DANNY 69 WEST. JOYCE 55 WEST, KENNETH '47 WEST, LINDA 79 WEST. SANDRA 36. 144 WESTBROOK. JANET 5S WESTBROOK. MAITLAND 36 3: 138. U0 WESTBROOK. ROBERT 55 WHEATLEY. KATHY: 81 WHEATON. SUSAN 36. 40 :09 III. 120. 123. 125 WHETZEL. CARLA: 69. 14 U2 WHITE. BARBARA: 81 WHITE. VICKIE: 81 WIGGLESWORTH. Gloria 55 WILBURN. BRENDA 69. 131 WILBURN. JANET; 36. 142 WILBURN. WILLIAM 36 wilkins, Charles 76 WILKINS, FELIX: 76 WILKENS. RACHEL: 55 WILLIAMS. BOBBYE g' WILLIAMS, DAVID 140 WILLIAMS. DIANETTEA 36 WILLIAMS. JAMES 76 WILLIAMS. JOYELYN: 55 WILLIAMS. MARGARET; «5 WILLIAMSON. RENN 76 WILLIS. ROBERT 36 WILSON DEBSiE 37 WILSON E.iZABETn 81 WILSON. ELLIOTT: : 6 w;lSOn. PATSY 59. 69. 139 WINBUSH. Thomas 76 WISE FRANCES 69 WOUFREY. EUGENE 37 W'OOO. ChERiE 69. 135 WOODARD, FRANCiNE 8' WOODLEY. VARY ELLEN 37, WOODS. CRAiG 55 WOODS. REBECCA 37 WOODSiDE REBECCA WOODS DS WEnDy WOOLFREY. P£GG -WOOTEN, zs—y « WORDCN SANO ____ ;; WORRELL. EAR. • worthy :.? n W5 JAM '2 wR O-C AH 27 «c 2WD6MA .CAVNA J3 199

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