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 COMPASS 1966 VOLUME 31 George Washington High School Alexandria, Virginia MARKING TIME .. .TIME, AN UNMISTAKABLE ELEMENT IN THE OFT-FORGOTTEN TIMEPIECES WITNESSES OF YEARS EVENTS The 1966 COMPASS takes as its editorial idea the basic concept of TIME, a force that works so quietly that it is often overlooked by those it serves. Nowhere is that force more potent, or more easily taken for "ranted, than in the American high school. It is with the hope of correcting this state of mind, of making us a little more aware of just what TIME is to us, and how varied are its forms, that we choose this theme. TIME, measured with the steady rhythm of the drum-m.oor's baton, or imprinted daily on the faces of a dozen c! cks around the halls, is the unifying force in George Washington High School. It brings out our emotion in as many varied spcctrums as there are minutes to an hour. Who can control the desperate hope and spirit that wells up as the football or basketball timers tick off the final seconds of another close win? How many of us realize that it is Mr. Gamer's master clock that starts, and stops, our school day; that sends us to classes, to assemblies, and to the afternoon meetings of our clubs and honor societies? How many of us count the final minutes of each period on our own watches? We cannot deny TIME’S influence or her steady and unerring regulation; and surely we can say that GW-ites. as do no others, make the best possible use of it.LIVES OF GEORGE WASHINGTON’S STUDENTS V • - % • 9' • »• • • •• DOWN QUARTER TO-GO TLadjui (The Alexandria Ojasettt IEI CATS OLD ST ilLY—1-' WITH LOCAL SPOS CHANGES HIGHLIGHT OUR SCHOOL'S THIRTY-FIRST YEAR Surely no one could deny that the passage of TIME brings with it an unmistakable element of change. After a generation of growth it is still possible for GW to present a new face to visitors and the student body. Our thirty-first year brought with it an entire new area of studies; the Humanities, and new Math and English classes, Probability and College Preparatory English respectively. Perhaps the most significant change is the remarkable turnover in the student body itself, involving as it did the loss of some five hundred-odd Sophomores and Freshmen to the new high school, TC Williams. By way of re- compense, an approximately equal number of new students from nearby Parker-Grav entered for the first time this year. Also involved in the changeover were about a dozen teachers, and we can certainly say that our loss did not exceed our gain. The 1964-65 school year was ended on a sad note with the retirement of Mr. Irving Lindsey, long-time head of the Math Department. With his leave-taking, the new Irving Lindsey Memorial Auditorium was dedicated, providing GW-ites with an oasis of comfortable new seats and carpeting. GW is also graced with newly-painted rooms and lockers. 3HARDWORKING COUNSELOR FILLS DUAL ROLES The 1966 COMPASS is proud to dedicate this story of the school year to a man who has had no little part in its realization. In his dual position as Senior Guidance Counselor and Head Basketball Coach, Mr. Clay Estes has earned the gratitude and admiration of the GW student body as have few others. Bom in Muskogee, Oklahoma, the son of a minister, Mr. Estes attended Muskogee Central High School, then graduated to spend four years at Bethel College in McKenzie. Tennessee, where he earned his Bachelor’s Degree. After completing graduate work at Memphis State College, he taught for three years at Dyer. Tennessee, before coming to Virginia. It would be hard to say which of Mr. Estes’s jobs has most endeared him to the students and faculty. The teams he coaches have outstanding records, including Northern District Regular Season -and Tournament Championships. Cheering students have twice followed their team and coach to the State Basketball Elimination in Richmond where spectacularly close losses failed to dim, in any way, the enthusiasm shown. GW shares with his wife and children, Guy Mark and Joel Michael, the pride all people feel for this man. Thank you, Mr. Estes. AN EASY AIR and confident smile are perhaps the most easily recognized characteristics of GW's popular basketball coach. AS A SENIOR Guidance Counselor, Mr. Estes has helped hundreds of students such as Barbara Arthur to find the colleges, jobs, and courses of study of their choice. GW SURELY OWES untold thanks to the man whose teams have brought her two Northern District Championships and twice taken their school to the State Tournament in Richmond.FACULTY ACTIVITIES SPORTS ADVERTISEMENTS 170-195 INDEX THERE ARE ALWAYS a few tilings that TIME cannot alter or abridge; honor, spirit, patriotism . . .The GWIIS Faculty continued its fine tradition of service and co-operation throughout the school year. Strengthed by new teachers, new departments and facilities, and new courses of study, our school’s staff of hardworking teachers and administrative personnel united their efforts to make this, our thirtv-first vear. the best thus far. F A C u 7DR JOHN ALBOHM S prr .tr:«irr.t of Al.tvundru City Schools MR. RAYMOND SANCKR MR. PAUL MACKEY Deputy Superintendent Assistant Superintendent THE 1966 COMPASS salutes the Superintendent, Assistant Superintendents, and School Board of the city of Alexandria under whose guidance, George Washington High School achieved and maintained the position she holds today in city, community, and state; a position unequalled in her history. SCHOOL BOARD CO-ORDINATES FUTURE PLANS MR. GORMAN RIDCELY School Board Chairman MRS. D. E. KERBEL School Board Vice-Chairman MR. FERDINAND DAY School Board MR. JAMES DONOVAN School Board MR. HERBERT EARLY School Board MR. FRANK LUCKETT School Board MRS. ROBERT LAND School Board MR. NORMAN SCHROTT School Board MR. ROBERT WOOD School Board 8PRINCIPALS PROVIDE ALL-ROUND LEADERSHIP George Washington High School is perhaps all things to all those who have entered its doors through the years and anything that one of us who have been a part of the great heritage that is our school says will be quite inadequate to express the feeling of all. Many of these pleasant memories have been the result of wise leadership on the part of those who have formed the administrative team these many years. Whether we recognize it or not, each of us is influenced by them as they formulate policies that will have a vital effect on our lives. We can proudly say that Mr. Gamer, Mr. Sullivan and Mr. Osisek have more than fulfilled these criteria. TIME is continually changing the character of our school and the past year has seen many alterations and revisions. Many new faces on the faculty, new equipment in classrooms, several new courses to enrich our already adequate curriculum all have been, at least in part, the result of thought and study on the part of our school administrators. The impact of our stay here will not stand out clearly in the near future, nor will the influence of teachers and principles, but TIME, in its own way, will mirror the part we have played. MR. ROBERT W.GARNER Principal MR. GEORGE M. SULLIVAN Assistant Principal MR. STEPHEN F. OSISEK Assistant Principal 9 mtl AIMS US TO SUCCESSFUL COVl.D YT BE. possible that new teachers become lost as easily as new students? Mr. Ashley, Miss Holler and Mr. Harris apparently need a map oi tbe Capitol Beltway as they enter school lot tbe iiist time. MRS MXVX LENCEFORD BooiVerper. MRS. ELIZABETH McLANE Secretary. MRS. MARGARET BIBB Attendance Office 10 MRS. JOYCE GOODING Secretary. MHS. ELIZABETH HERBERT Secretary MRS. LETA WICKUXE Secretary. MRS. EMILY TRIVETT Secretary.MUSIC, HOMEMAKING, ART PURSUE TALENTS THE DULCET TONES of the «»■ Ue Und ,v Memorial Auditorium add much to the dignity of our as mbl programs. VICKI STEFFEY. ISABELLE DAVIS, and Dianr.. Ilatten, tomorrow’s homemaker', practice the culinary art. "HMM! WHAT IS IT? Pop Art or Op Art?” asks Ken Caryle as Fran Foran attempts to explain the mysteries of designs on display in the corridor panels outside the art department. MBS. LINDA FLEMING Homemaking, Boys llomf MISS MARY VAUGHN Economics. Home Manage- MRS. SHARON TATE Home Economics. Faculty ment, FHA Sponsor. Home Economic . Council. Under the direction of Mr. Barr, and Miss Bivens, the Music Department participated in assemblies and the annual musical, adding variety to our school life. The newly-formed Drum and Fife Corps added color to our home football games. With the formation of a Homemaking class for Boys, the Home Economics Department strove for better future homes. The enlarged Art Department brightened our dull days with unusual exhibits along the third floor. MR. CHARLES MOSSON Art Department Head. Art. MRS. SYLVIA DANFORD Art. Craft . Art Club Sponsor. MRS. EMILY WATERS Art. MR. FRANK BARR Music Department llrad, Rand. Olkbritm, Music Appreciation. Humanities. Pep Club Sponsor. MISS JANE BIVENS Choral Music. Music dab Co-Sponsor. IIENGLISH ACCELERATES IN UNCERTAIN TIMES MR DEUCALION GREGORY Head. Engliih Department, Advanerd Placement English, English. SCA Sponsor, City CNaj.' nan. Engliih. Superin-teodent Advisory Committee, PTA Executive Committer. MRS. PENELOPE AI.ATIS Engliih. Chairman, Welfare Committee, EAA. MRS. NINA BURDETTE Engliih. MISS ELEANOR CURBIN' Engliih. EAA Building Representative. EAA Reporter for Teacher Bulletin. MISS LINDA DANIELSON English. With the world becoming a smaller place each day, the importance of the English language becomes inert. isingly clear. Expansion of the vocabulary, coupled new usages of existing words, further complicates the problem of communication in the uncertain TIMES in which we live. George Washington High School has. for many years, lieen justifiably proud of the excellent program offered by its English department. To further enrich this fine four-year program, an advanced placement course for Seniors and an accelerated course covering the Sopho- more and Junior years have been added thus year. Recognizing the need for direction in the selection of worthwhile literature, both past and present, the use of paperback editions of best sellers and other lxx ks has l een encouraged in the classes. A pilot program in the Vicore approach to reading is being used in two classes. Eight members of the faculty are taking training in the teaching of this method. The purpose of tin's program is to evaluate whether or not it should he introduced into the other local high schools. PAUL EAVES THINKS, “There must lx an easier way to finish : Senior English Review Exercises.' MRS. MARY DIAMOND English. MR. DENNIS GOLLODAY English. MRS. DORIS HUME Englith, Hununilin, Debate Sponsor. MRS. BLANCHE MEADOWS English, Prow and Poetry Contest Sponsor. MISS MARY McKINNEY Enitlish. Sophomore Class Sponsor. "OH THESE TESTS. Now let's see- did Macbeth kill Polonius, r was it king Lear? Or maybe it was Hamlet.’ ponders Pam Par-man as she labors over an English quiz. ON HER WAY TO a book report, "Little Red Riding Hood", Jamie Barry, is detained by the library’s friendly wolf and his collection of bestsellers. MR. ROGER PADGETT English, Sophomore Class MRS. MARY PAYNE Sponsor. English. MR. ROBERT SALIE English. MISS MARY LU SKEPTIC English. Drama. Speech. Drama Club Sponsor. Thespians Sponsor. MISS SYLVIA SOMERS English. Reading Sponsor. Forensic Contests. MRS. PATRICIA STAATS English. Student Council Sponsor. Pep Committee Sponsor Prm-Pom Girls Sponsor. Director, Senior Class Play. MRS. DOROTHY THOMPSON English. FT A Sponsor. 13NEW SUBJECT ADDS LUSTER TO MATHEMATICS PROGRAM The mathematics department, under the leadership of Mrs. Apperson. continued its program of modification of concepts and procedures. As students advance, they discover greater flexibility and informality in the course of study, such that each student can find a feeling of success. Modern-day application of basic mathematical principles has been stressed this year with the addition of a new course, Probability and Statistics, to its comprehensive and varied curriculum. MRS. KATHERINE APPERSON Head, Mathematics Dopt., Solid Geometry, Plane Geometry, Mathematics Three, Trigonometry. Senior Class Sponsor, Faculty Remembrance Committee. MRS. ELIZABETH ALLPORT General Mathematics, Plane Geometry, Algebra. MRS. ELIZABETH CENUNC Algebra, Mathematics One, Faculty Remembrance Committee, Senior Class Sponsor, Hall Monitors. MR BERNARD HERROD Cencrul Mathematics, Plane Geometry. MRS. WAPELLA HOUCHINS General Mathematics, Algebra, Senior Class Sponsor. COMPASS Ad Staff Sponsor. MR. BOBBY JENKINS Algebra, General Mathematics. DISTINGUISHED STAGE GUESTS applaud Mr. Lindsey as he responds to the plaudits of the many alumni and friends who honored him at the reception held in his honor after more than forty years of service in the Alexandria schools. MISS THELMA MADDOX Algebra, Plane Geometry. MRS. EVELYN MONROE Algebra, Mathematics, Caps and Gowns. MRS. LILLIAN SANGER Plano and Solid Geometry, General Mathematics, School Store. MR. EUGENE TRUITT Plane Geometry. Algebra Three. Probability, COMPASS Buv Sponsor. Senior Class Sponsor. FORMER STUDENTS Honorable George M. Ciammittorio and E. Waller Dudley express their appreciation to Mr. Lindsey for his many years of service. MR. HOMER WILLIAMS General Mathematics, EAA Executive Committee, Superintendent's Advisory Group, COMPASS Sponsor, Senior Class Sponsor.After many years of dedicated service to the Alexandria Public School System, Mr. Irving Lindsey retired. In appreciation of his devotion, the remodeled auditorium was dedicated in his name and a scholarship for the outstanding Mathematics student among the graduating class was established. Yet these honors will Ik long outlived by the memorials in the minds of his fellow teachers and his former students. "YOU MEAN THE pretty yellow one is an ellipse?” asks Wendy Woodside as Herl ert Tlwmas tries to explain some r mathematical equipment. HUMANITIES PROBE PHILOSOPHY AND CULTURE To encourage understanding of man’s relationship to society, himself, and his surroundings, George Washington High School offered a new course. Humanities, to outstanding seniors. Humanities asked provocative questions, seeking to draw attention to insoluble problems that have puzzled mankind throughout the ages. In practice, the course has been found to stimulate in the student an awareness of “that which money can’t buy.” MRS. MARJORIE EMM German. Humanities, German Club Sponsor, Humanities Team Sponsor. MRS. DORIS HUME English, Humanities, Debate Sponsor. MR. FRANK BARR Music Department Head, Band, Orchestra, Music Appreciation. Humanities, Pep Club Sponsor. CAROL SEDBERRY, VICKI FOSS, and Dick Poole discuss man's relation to his environment during a mid-week seminar in Humanities.SCIENCE EXPANDS WITH MODERN CONCEPTS MR. WILLIAM HILLMAN Science Department, Head. Chemistry. Science Club Spnn-for. MR. FRANK KAFRIVA Chemistry, Faculty Council, Senior Class Sponsor, Assembly Committee. MRS. MARY MORELAND Biology, Freshman Class Sponsor, Senior Class Sponsor. Commencement. MR. JONATHAN SOUTH Physics, General Science. Senior Class Sponsor, Folk Music Club Sponsor. COL. STANLEY VOSPKR Biology, General Science. Superintendent Advisory Croup. AFTKR HKAT1XG IT to 1926 degrees above zero, then cooling it to 94 degrees below zero. Tommy Sampson is satisfied with some fiendish brew he has just perfected. Oh ves, it’s guaranteed to produce grades of 'C or better on all quizzes, if taken regularly as directed. Now that the Space Age, with all of its scientific as well as mysterious implications, is rapidly becoming a reality, the various courses offered in the science department have become increasingly important. Several new study units have already been added in the past two or three years. In addition, a course in Biology Science Curriculum Study, as well as a new course in Earth Science, have lx cn added this year to the excellent program already offered by this department. In addition, much new demonstration equipment, electrical improvements, and new and improved visual aids have been installed. All of these make it more possible for students to develop a better understanding of the basic and modem concepts in many of the scientific fields as well as their application to everyday living. MISS LULA WHITTAKER MISS ELEANOR WATSON Cmcnl Science. Artronomy Biology. (Huh Sponsor. MR. HERBERT WOOLF Biology. Sophomore Class Sponsor. MRS. DAVID WRIGHT Biology. General Science, Earth Science. 16MISS DOLLY CALLAHAN Social Studies Department Head. National Honor Society Sponsor. MISS KATIIERYNE HAICII Social Studio. World Events Club Sponsor. EAA Reptesen-tative (Council. MRS. RUTH ELGIN Social Studio. Red Cross Sponsor. MRS. SANDRA LEARNED English. Social Studies. miss i oh LICHTENBEBC Social Studies. MR. DAVID LLOYD Social Studies. Cross Country. Winter Track. Spring Track. MR. CHARLES McCLURC MISS GRACE PATCH Sixial Studies. Sixial Studies, Senior Class Sponsor, Caps and Gosvns Chairman. MRS. ELGIN SEEMS pleased with the ropon'- } her class to the question, "Who became Emperor of Rome after the death of Rudolf Valentino? ’ SOCIAL STUDIES EXAMINE PAST AND PRESENT As the tempo of history accelerates, the need to become not only aware but also understanding of our fellow man has become more evident. Seeking to build bridges of communication and not walls of indifference and prejudice. Social Studies has offered emphasis on common cultures and backgrounds through history, government, and psychology. Keeping in step with today’s world, increased stress has been placed on current events that continually change policies and political ideas. Casting a wary eye to the future while learning of the experiences of nations and people in the past, Social Studies continued to inform its students with its well-rounded curriculum. Understanding the pulse of history, past and present, the George Washington High School graduate is ready to face the world as an educated voter and a prudent citizen. COL. E. C. VAN ORMAN MR. JURE SHIVER MRS. MERCEDES SIMPSON Sixial Studio. Attcmbly Corn- Social Studio. Social Studio. Economics. mittcc Chairman. MISS ELISE SCHARF Social Studio. MRS. MARY VAN ORMAN Social Studio. EEA. VEA. NEA, Memlxrship Ciwnmittcc Chairman. National Education Week Chairman. Superintendent' Advitory Council. MR. LOUIS SCHREINER Social Studio, Raichall, Head Coach. MR. ROBERT YEAGER Social Studio. United Nation Content Chairman. 17LANGUAGE STUDENTS SEEK COMPREHENSION MISS ALBERTA GRANT - Lamruag' l rpartmrnt French. French Club $por. iar, City Chairman. Lan-pufr. MRS. NANCY BIRD Spanish, Frrnch. MRS. MARJORIE EMM German. Humanities. German Club Sponsor. Ilmiunilin Team Sponsor. MISS ISABELLE HALL Spanith, Spanith Honor Society Spontor. MRS. CLARICE LYNN Spanish. Spanith Club Sponsor. MISS JOYCE LIGGETT F-— - h. French Club Sponsor. A TEACHER’S WORK is never done! Miss Hall works overtime. grading test papers to return the next day. Trips outdoors to the Lingua Van were done away with this year. The language lab’s being moved indoors enabled potential linguists to parler francaise, sprechen Dcutsch, and to hablar espanol in the warmth of the building. The Language Department continued to expand its curriculum with the addition of second-year German. French. Spanish, and Latin are the other languages taught. "DO YOU HEAR the music too?" asks Darlene Mil ward as Daily Painter and Vicky Peek seem to he enjoying something l e-sides response drills. MISS KAREN SOXOSKY Spanish, Faculty Council. Freshman Cheerleader Spontor, Superintendent'' Advisory (Committee. MRS. AYLETT SUHR Latin. Sophomore Clan Sponsor. Latin Club Sponsor. 18MRS. WATKINS SMITH Buiinnt Education Depart-m -nt Head. Office Training, rrical Office Practice. EAA R- preventative. MISS BETTY COE Bookkeeping. Shorthand. General Buiinru, FBI.A Spon- MBS. SUSAN DeMEI.FI Typing, Shorthand. MRS. MARIE GILMORE General Butinett, Notehand. Typing. PTA Secretary. EAA Reprrientativc. A shorthand laboratory including thirty IBM Selcctric typewriters and a 402 IBM accounting machine were additions to the Business Education Department this year. Continually updating its teaching methods, the department is realizing its goal of preparing its students for positions in an ever-changing business world. The department’s work programs again proved successful with students attending classes in the mornings and gaining valuable on-the-job training in the afternoons. College lxiund students also t x k advantage of Business Educations’ courses and made it the school’s most popular elective department. MISS SANDRA HAMMER Typing. Shorthand. Bounce I-aw. Clats Ring . MISS MARY HATWOOD Clerical Office Practice. T p. ing. General Bu ine«t, Faculty Council Reprr entat» e. Chairman Clerical Office Practice. Sophomore Gan Spontor. BUSINESS COURSES TRAIN NEW EXECUTIVES MRS. NANCY HENRY Typing. Shorthand, Senior Cia» Spontor. MRS. AHDITH MORRIS Typing. MISS IANET HOLTER ( Irricftl Office Practice . Typing, Freihman Clan Spontor. MRS. SANDRA MORRISSKTTE Bookkeeping, Clerical Office-Practice. School Bank, FBI.A Spontor. MRS. PAMELA LYNCH limine Arithmetic. General Butinett. MRS. DORIS WEBB Typing. Faculty Council. 19 DONNA HUSH AND Delaney Mayo arc preparing the 402 Accounting Machine for one of it numerous operation-.PHYSICAL EDUCATION ENCOURAGES EXERCISE With primary goal of physical fitness for all students. Physical Education Department continued to expand •' diversified program with a comprehensive study in golf and tennis. In its second year, the Student Leaders’ Program continued to develop leadership qualities in Juniors and Seniors who have exhibited outstanding abilities in this department. MR ALBERT DORAN' . -.1 Education and Ath-■ • 1 Department IK'.wl. City Chairman Health. Ph ncal Education. Athletic and Driver Training. MR. SAM DIXON Driver Education. Head Foot-hall Coach. MmoCram Cluh Sponsor. MR. WILLIAM BLAIR Phv vicul Education, Vanity Football Coach. MR RALPH FOX Phv steal Education. Head Wmtlini Coach, Freshman Football Ccuch. « i MRS. JUNE CLARKE Education. Cheer-leaden Sponior. MRS MARY ROCERS Physical Education. PE De- Krtment Assistant Chairman, tramuralt. CAA. MR. VERNON CLARKE Physical Education. Gymnastics Coach, Superintendent" Advisory Council. MR. ELMO STANLEY Phv deal Education. JV Football Head Coach. HICK JENKTNS SKIRTS END anti evades ladders in a wild touch football game. MISS ANNE THOMAS Physical Education. GAA, Girl " Intramural . MRS. BARBARA WOODS Phyvical Education. GAA. Girlv' Intramural . 20 1 MR. THOMAS WRISTON Ph lical Education, Freshman Basketball Coach, Assistant Track Coach. ,v» MISS SALLY ZACHARY Physical Education, Cheerleader Sponsor.MR. CHARLES DRURY MR. CEORCE GROVE MR. THOMAS HOLMS Industrial Education Depart- Woodworking. Plastics. Mechanical Unwinj, Archi- ■ iscnt Head, Printing, Faculty tectural Drawing. Council. EXPERIENCE OFFERED BY INDUSTRIAL ARTS PICTURED ARE, Front Row: Michael Conner, James Florence. Second Row: George Cox, Phillip Rich, Wayne Settle, ami John Faulds with the X scale model 190! Oldsmohile, constructed by the Machine Shop. Encompassing the technological development of the • ident, the Industrial Arts Department offered practical vperience and trade training. Whether it was in printing, Vctricity, wood-working, mechanical drawing, or a part-• me job after school, basic skills, that may prove useful in future occupation, are developed. Offering academic and medical assistance, the school's rarians and nurse have lx en a very real part in all of r lives. Mrs. Seay, Mrs. Drury, and Mrs. Key were al-sy willing to aid in our conquest for knowledge. If the - ad ever did get rough. Mrs. Carr was always near to ■:re any ailments, real or imaginary. MR WILLIAM ASHLEY Vocational Oilier Training. VOT Sponsor. MR. WILBERT HARRIS Industrial Cooperative Training. MR. ERWIN’ PRICKETT General Shop, General Metals, Machine Shop, Junior Class Sponsor. MR. FLOYD MASON Industrial Cooperative Training. ICT Sponsor. MR. HARRY RICER Electricity. Faculty Council. JV Baseball. MR. BENTON MILES Distributive Education. DE Sponsor. MRS. VIRCINIA CARR Nurse. 7 MRS. DORCAS DRURY Librarian. MRS. DOROTHY KEY Librarian. MRS. MARY SEAY Librarian. 21KITCHEN WIZARDS MAKE TEMPTING DISHES MRS DELORES COLBERT ( ilrtmj Worker. MRS. DOROTHY DAVIS Cafeteria Worker. MRS. LILY MAE DUTY Cashier. MRS. MATTIE CORDER Server. MRS. LILY MYERS Serser. t 4 5 r. V MRS. YOULDA SCAFFIDO Server. MRS. ETHEL WELLS Dietitian. MRS. RUTH SII.BERT Cashier. 1 V MRS. MARY WHEELER Cashier. MRS. ELIZABETH SMITH Server. MRS. DOROTHY WORRELL Server. MRS. EDITH HALL Cook. MRS. CARRIE M IRIXOFF Cafrteiia Worker. MRS. MARY SOMMERS C.ifiteiia Worker. v MRS. HELEN' WRIGHT Baker. 22MR. LEWIS RIGSBY Building Staff. MR. FRED IMVII) Building Staff MRS. KATIE GAMBLE Building Staff. MR HARVEY HALEY Building Staff. MR. ALLEN BAILEY Building Staff. MRS. INDIANA JACKSON Building Staff. MR. WILLIAM LANDRUM Night Watchman MR. JAMES MILLER Building Staff. MR. JOHN POLLARD Building Staff. MR. ROBERT HALEY Building Staff. BROOMS AND BUFFERS BRIGHTEN CLASSROOMS ARCHIE POWELL Building Staff. MANUEL POWELL Building Staff. MR CLARENCE ROBINSON Building Staff. MR. GEORGE SPARKS Building Staff Superintendent MR. LOUIS WALKER Building Staff. MR. WILLIAM WESTRAY Building Staff. MR ARCHER MILLIGAN Book room. MRS. REBA AXELSON Central Book room. MRS ELEANOR HARVEY Central Book room. MRS. ELEANOR McCHEE Central Book room. 2324TIME is a prime element in the life of all GW students. With graduation, Seniors can look back with pride at the TIME given toward that final climax of their high school careers. Juniors recall the TIME spent in anticipation of the arrival of their class rings. Sophomores can remember the effort spent creating better dances. Certainly, we all remember how quickly the hours passed during our first days as Freshmen. C L A S S E S 25A MEASURE OF A SCHOOL IS ITS PLACE STUDENT LIFE IS A CHANCE The 1966 COMPASS Staff thought that it was high time they took notice of that particular aspect of school and the school year that we call Student Life. It is the nature of Student Life that it is undcfinable. It is found wherever one finds students. It is often overlooked, but school would not lx the same without it. It is happiness, sadness, pride, every conceivable feeling and emotion. It is even.- imaginable act and every imaginable person. It is that one quantity that transforms school from brick and steel into the moving, changing, bustling institution that it is. It is nothing and it is everything. It is to be appreciated. A HANDY TELEPHONE, a bit of nourishment, a soft nig and her copy of the COMPASS seem to provide Debby Paul with a reasonable facsimile of paradise on earth. TO LEARN . .. TO RELAX . .. TO STUDY . . . IF THERE IS much in this school that is trite or commonplace, there is far more that holds the unhindered power to fascinate and enthrall. John Conner is not the first to find that power. TO STRETCH . . . JOHN SPEER HAS sought out the tomb-like silence of the Lindsey Auditorium to study, confident that Ik will soon be able to face his teachers with a smile, and the right answers. WE MAY NEVER wholly understand the science of knuckle-cracking, but we hold high hopes that Al Altizcr will lx able to explain it to us. 26IN THE LIVES OF THOSE WHO ATTEND IT TO ARRIVE, RAIN . . . DEBORAH THOMAS HAS struggled through the ceaseless drizzle and the pre-dawn darkness of an autumn morning to face the daily routine with spirits, though little else, undampened. TENSION RUNS HIGH as Lani Novak, heroine of the German Club Play, pleads with the stem hurgomeister. Scooter Husbands, to be permitted to many the man she loves. TO ACT . . . AND TO ACHIEVE. OR SHINE . . . CLEAR WEATHER BRINGS Athol Mellot, one of GW’s growing family of scooter jockies, careening into the parking lot. AUSTIN SCHMIDT JOINS the long lists of GW’s excellent as Mr. Lloyd recognizes his Cross Country participation in a school where achievement is at no premium. 27CLASS OF ’66 HAS ABILITY FOR LEADERSHIP PUNKY WOOLLUM President JEANETTE RICE Vice-President DIANNA CWIN Secretary ACADEMICS AND ACTIVITIES OCCUPY THE SENIORS' TIME The beginning of the high school career four years ago was an important event in the lives of our 1966 graduates. Even though few people could feel strange in a school so much a part of the community as GW, this class still had to overcome the usual problems of floundering Freshmen. They accepted that first frightful year as a time for orientation, learning of traditions, and selection of the curriculum. As sophisticated Sophomores, they conducted benefit dances and continued in their academics and other activities. Proving to the judicious Juniors, the class overcame some early financial difficulties by sponsoring a car wash and several more dances, including the Junior-Senior Prom. They later sent representatives to Boys’ and Girls’ State. During their final year of high school, as in the preceding three, our superior Seniors have shown themselves to bo outstanding students and citizens. They started with a Big Brother and Big Sister program for assisting the Freshmen. Through class meetings, wise plans were made for the rest of the year. After tactfully defeating a controversial plan to revise Senior Day, they made that occasion a great success. The class provided candidates for the team appearing on the television show “It’s Academic.” Then some of the Seniors sweated through college board exams. The trip to New York, the Senior Play; and the Senior Prom were highlights of this memorable year, which culminated in the June commencement of the Class of 1966. 28BESSIE ADAMS YULAXDA ALEXANDER NEALE AINSFIELD CHARLES ALLEN AUDREY AKINS MARSHA ALLEN BUD ALEXANDER JAY ANDERSON KYIRACOS ANTHONY DENNIS ARMSTRONG BARBARA ARTHUR CHARLENE ATHEY SUSIE ARMSTRONG GERRY AYRES MARY ARNETT AUDREY BABER 29SANDY BABER EDDIE BASHAM JAMES BAER EVELYN BEALL ROBERT BARENTINE CRACC BENDER STEVE BARNETTE JACQUELINE BERKSTRESSER KATHY BERNIER THEODORE BOUK DIANE BERRY CAROL BOWMAN LINDA BERRY GWENDOLYN BOYD ANDREA BIRRELL FRANCES BOYLE 30SENIORS PRACTICE DEMOCRATIC GOVERNMENT MIKE ERWIN PROVES to lx- the cause of conflict as he brilliantly makes his point concerning plans for activities of the Senior Class. “BUT LET'S BE REASONABLE about this.” l ogs Senior Class President Punky Woollum, as he and Mrs. ilouchins face the angry mob at a Senior assembly. NORTON BRAGG MARIE BRAUN EILEEN BRASSEUR JEROME BROOKS JOHN BROOKS GLENN BROWN JUDY BROWN WILLIAM BRYANT 31JACK BUNS VAN BUNCH JOYCE BURCHAM KAREN BURKE CAROL BURNHAM MARIE BURNLEY SENIOR RESPONSIBILITIES PROVE REWARDING JEANETTE CARR KENNETH CARYL PAMELA CASEYSUE CASH EDWARD CHIN BILL CASON ELOUISE CLOUD DIANNE CHAMBERS JANICE CHAPPELL CAROLYN COCKERELL CAROLYN COCKERILLE SANDY COFFEY STEVE COFFMAN GAIL COLE LINDA COLEMAN LINDA COMBS MICHAEL CONNER DARLENE CONNOR DIANA COOK BARBARA COOMBS 33AFS PROGRAM CLOSES SECOND YEAR AT GW CARMEN OSORIO COMES AS A GUEST FROM PERU The American Field Service was first active at GW in 1964-1965, when Chandra Madan came to us from India. The program was an outstanding success, and it was repeated this year. Last autumn, GW welcomed Carmen Osorio to the United States from South America. Carmen was born in Lima, Peru, moving to Arcquipa, her present home, in 1961. She is an eighteen-year-old graduate of Sacred Heart, an all-girl Catholic school in Arequipa. In addition to Alexandria, Carmen has visited Miami, Jacksonville, New York and Boston (where she was fascinated by the subways). While attending CW, she stayed with the Dombroski and Scripture families. Included in her subjects this year were English, U.S. 6c Va. Government. Speech, and Home Economics, and she was a member of the World Events Club and the Pep Club. It has been a great pleasure to have Carmen Osorio with us this year. She has called the AFS program “wonderful,” and we wholeheartedly agree. We wish it continued success and hope it is active at our school for many years to come. EXCHANGE STUDENT CARMEN OSORIO addresses the student Ixxly as Mike MeClintock and Steve Barnette listen attentively. BtrrrY cooper STEVE CRADDOCK BEVERLY COPPACE DELORIS CRAFT DENNIS CORDELL JAMES CRICHTON GEORGE COX NANCY CROCKETT 34NICKI CROCHAN JOHN DAVIS SHERRY CROYLE CARRIE DAWSON JOYCE DAKIN BARBARA DAY DIANNE DAVIS CATHERINE DEAN 35PAT DOSS MICHAEL ERWIN SAINDRA DUVALL MICHAEL EVANS PAUL HAVES LOUISE EEACANES FREDERICK ELLIS RICHARD FEHR SANDRA FERRELL STEVE FLYNN MIKE FICKINGER DENNIS FOLEY JIM FLORENCE FRAN FORAN JOSEPH FLYNN LOUISE FORNES 36 SENIOR CLASS VISITS NEW YORK CITY VICTORIA FOSS BOB FOSTER DONALD FRAZER PAT CAU-ACIIER JAMES CHOI .SON BONNIE GINN HARRY COCHENOUR LYNN GARTH REBECCA GILES MARSHA CLADNEY SL'SAN GORDON 37LINDA GORHAM CAROL GRAHAM NELSON GRAY LANA GREENE STANLEY GREENE TERRY GREENE DIANE CREENSPAN JEAN GRIFFIN ALAN GRIGGS BETH CRUITS DIANNA CWIN ANDRE HAMILTON CLAUDETTE HARE TOURISTS? NO. JUST Debby Paul. Lani Novak. Dale Stewart, and Suzanne Swannell plotting a course for Senior Day. 38COUNTLESS HOURS OF WORK YIELD DIPLOMAS THOMAS HAWLEY GENEVIEVE HLESLEY JAMES HEMEON MAUREEN HENSLEY RONNIE HENSLEY JAMES HERBERT JAMES HERL1CK ALAN HILE CINDY HIMESJOYCE 11 ITT LESLIE MOW AH D LIZ HOLLOWAY BETTY HUDSON EYEGLASSES HELP FRED SANTA CLAUS Salzinger road Christmas lists better, and here he delivers the goods to our Seniors. JERRY HUDSON MABLE HUFF SANDI HUTCHISON SHARON HUTCHISON DORA HUNT JOANN JACKSON LAWRENCE HURST JUDY JACKSON 40NIICHAKL JACKSON MARY JOHNSON JEAN KITE JACOBS SYLVIA JOHNSON RICK JENKINS RAYMOND JENSEN CULLEN JONES JOHN JONES LINDA JONES PAMELA JONES JANICE KEITH ALFRED KELLER SANDRA JORDAN MICHAEL KELLEY JAMES KADY ROBERT KELLY 41 RALPH KENDRICK RICHARD KLONOWSKI BOBBIE KENNEDY DONNA KNAPP ELIZABETH KIEFERLE PEGGY KNOERNSCHII.D STEPHEN KINNETT JOAN KOZEL ISABELLE KREBS MARY LAY STEPHEN LaBATTE KATHY LEAVENS MARGIE LAPE BETH’ LESS MAUREEN LAWSON DAVID LIGGIO 42BOB FOSTER GIVES a Senior Day recital on the new organ in Irving Lindsey Auditorium. RON DA LINDSAY DAVID LONGFELLOW SHERRI LONDON GREC LOONEY CALLIE LOVE BARBARA NLCOY JEN LUCAS JUDITH MeFADDEN JANET LUDLOW JODY McCOWAN NflKE McCLINTOCK saundra McIntosh 43BEVERLY McKINNEY MARION McKNICHT ROBERTA McKNICHT LOUIS MACKALL TONI MARCINKUS JOHN MARKIN SENIORS FIND TIME FOR VARIOUS ACTIVITIES LINDA MARSH JAMES MARTIN NANCY MARTIN RICHARD MATTHEWS RICHARD MATTOX KAREN MEDLIN RICHARD MEITNER SUSAN MILES BEVERLY MILLERJON MILLER TRYP1IENE MILLER JOAN MILTON KENNETH MIZUNO LARRY MOFFETT MARGARET MORAN RICHARD MORRIS SANDY MORRIS JOSEPH MOTON GWENDOLYN MULLINS BILLIE NEWBY DARLENE MYERS WILLIAM NEWCOMB ELLEN NALLS MARCIA NELSON JAY NEWMAN JUDY NEWMAN 45FRAN NORMAN I.AM NOVAK BAIRD OLDFIELD DORIS O'NEIL SUSAN O'NEIL BENITA ORSINI CARMEN OSORIO JOHN OWEN DARLENE PACK BOB PALMER WILLIE PARKER NANCY PATERSON DEBORAH PAUL MARGARET PAYNE IRENE PEARSONWILLIAM PERKINS MARSHA PERRY CATHERINE PETERSON PATRICIA PETTIT MARCIE PFEIFF JANIE PFEIFF SENIORS HOPE FOR COLLEGE AND A CAREER HAROLD PITTA CURTIS PITTMAN KAY POLLARD RICHARD POOLE JOSEPH POPADEN RONALD POWERS KATHY PRISAZNICK EDWARD PRITCHETT LINDA PROCTORDURING A CLASS of the now college preparatory English taught by Mr. Gregory, Bob Slate expounds on his favorite Shakespearian character, for the benefit of classmate Becky Giles. CINDY PUGH CHRISTIAN HAILEY LYNN PURDY ELLEN RAMSEY GWENDOLYN RANDOLPH GREG REAMY MARY RHODES JEANETTE RICE WAYNE RENNER ROBERT REYNOLDS HARRY RICHARDSON DIANE RILEY 48WAYNE RITCHIE SHARON RUPPKRT MARIE ROBERTSON DONNA RUSH GERALD ROSS JANET RUSSEU. KENNETH ROSS MATENIA SAKEL ERED SALZINCER LINDA SANDERSON LINDA SAMPSON SANDY SASSOON DORA SANDERS FRANK SCAFFIDO JAMES SANDERS SANDY SCAFFIDO 49CHRIS SCHLAC KAREN SCHNETZLER CARY SEANION MARVIN SETTLE WESLEY SCHMIDT NORMA SCRIPTURE CAROL SEDBERRY MYRON SHAFER CHERYL SHEPHERD JOE SHERIDAN RONNIE SHIPE JOANN SILLIMAN "WHAT! A TEST on Senior Day!” exclaims Louise Fomes from under her nightcap. 50SUSAN SILLIMAN ROBERT SLATE BERT SMITH DEBORAH SMITH MARION SIMPSON AL SMITH CONSTANCE SMITH JAMES SMITH JOHN SMITH STEVE SMITH I.VNDA SNYDER RICHARD SPEER LINDA SMITH NOVELLA SM SALLY SOLES FLOYD SPICER 31WENDY SP1LLAN CARY SPITTLE HERBER T STANFIELD DALE STEWART SIIARON STINNETTE JOHN STUDDS SUZANNE SWANELL HOB SWEENY SARAH SWEENEY MICHAEL SUAREZ KATHLEEN SUPRISE LINDA SUTTON SHERRY SWEENEY WILLIAM SWISHER DIANA THODOSBOBBY TURNER LaVERNE TYLER PAMELA TYLER SENIOR MEMORIES WILL LAST MANY YEARSGREG WALTHALL RONALD ward STEVE WANNALL JOSEPH WARREN- GALE WANZER KYLE WARREN DANNY WARD MARY WATFORD JEANETTE WATSON DON WEBSTER CHARLES WEBB CAROLINE WEDDING WESLEY (SCHMIDT) OF ARABIA and Don Moffitt appear on Senior Day in search of an oasis, but find the Guidance Office instead. 54BRENDA WELCH LITIIER WELLS SUSAN WILKS PATRICIA WILLIAMS PHYLLIS WELLS PATRICIA WILLIAMSON BEVERLY WILHOIT WILLIAM WILLIS ZILLA WILLOUGHBY DIANE WILSON PAULETTE WILSON GWENDOLYN WINSTON LARRY WILSON CHARLOTTE WOLFFORD PAULETTE C. WILSON PAMELA WOODSIDE 55Mrs. Meadows, Mrs. Apperson, Mrs. Ilouchins, Jeannette Rice, Karen Medlin, Funky Wnollum, Jane Pfeiff, Kathy Bernier, and Dianna Cwin enjoy a thrilling round in tire finals of the Intramural Musical Chairs. CEORCE WOOLS m i a WRIGHT ROBERT YEDNOCK FUNKY WOOLLUM EDDIE WRICHT STEFHEN YUHASZ MARY WORLEY BOBBY YATES CARL ZUIDEMA BERNICE WORTHY WILLIAM YATESBEST LOOKING Steve Barnette Sherry Croyle BEST ALL-AROUND Punky Woollum Kathy Bernier MOST ATHLETIC Boh Gibson Ann Truly LUMINARIES SELECTED BY JUNE GRADUATES MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Mike McClintock Cathy Haringcr BEST PERSONALITY Bob Foster Beth Gruits 57SENIOR STATISTICS ADAMS. BESSIE. Band. Secretary, Debating Team. AIXSFIELD, NEALE. S.C.A. Representative, German Club, J.V. Track, Freshman Football. AKINS, AUDREY ALEXANDER. BUD. S.C.A. Representative, P.E. Student Leader, Monogram Club. J.V. Football, Varsity Football, Varsity Grew. ALEXANDER. YULANDA ALLEN, CHARLES ALLEN. MARSHA ANDERSON, JAY ANTHONY, KYIRACOS, S.C.A. Representative, Cold Hammer Award—Outstanding Shop Student. ARMSTRONG, DENNIS. Latin Club, S.C.A. Representative, J.V. Football, J.V. Track. J.V. Wrestling, J.V. Crose Country. ARMSTRONG, SUSIE ARNETT. MARY, S.C.A. Representative. Red Cross Club. ARTHUR. BARBARA, Junior Clays Board. Pep Club. World Events Club. ATHEY. CHARLENE. F.B.L.A. Pep Club, World Events Club, S.C.A. Representative. AYERS, CERRY. Folk Music Club, President; Drama Club, Girls’ State. BABER. AUDREY, Art Club. C.A.A., Treasurer: Red Cross Club. BABER, SANDY, S.C.A. Representative, Pep Club. F.B.L.A., C.A.A., F.H.A. BAER. JAMES, Latin Club. J.V. Crew. BARENTINE, ROBERT, LC.T. BARNETTE. STEPHEN, Vice-President. Freshman Class; Secretary, Sophomore Class; President. Junior Class; Pep Club; Executive Committee, Student Council; Vice-President. Student Council; Sophomore Class Board; Junior Pass Board; Chairman, American Field Service Program; Certificate of Merit. Optimist Oratorical Contest; J.V. Football; J.V. Baseball. BASHAM. EDDIE. J.V. Football. Varsity Football, J.V. Baseball, Varsity Baseball, Monogram Club. BEALL, LYNNE, Pep Club, Red Cross Club. Latin Club, Surveyor Staff. BENDER. CRACC. I.C.T. BERKSTRESSER. JACQUELINE, S.C.A. Representative, Red Cross Club, Hall Monitor. BERNIER. KATHY. French Club, Treas-urer; C.A.A. President; S.C.A. Secretary-Treasurer; Secretary, Junior Class; S.C.A. Representative: Pep Club; Girls' State; Snow Queen Attendant. BERRY. DIANE, D.E. BERRY, LINDA. D.E., I.C.T. BIRREI.L. ANDREA. Girls’ Chonis; Folk Music Club: Red Cross Club; Pep Club, ROUK. THEODORE, J.V. Football. Visits Football, Varsity Wrestling, Varsity Gymnastics. BOWMAN. CAROL. F.B.L.A.. V.O.T. BOYD, CWYNDOLYN S.C.A Represen-i !:■.! F BE.A. BOYLE FRANCES. S.C.A. Representative. BRAGG, NORTON. S.C.A. Representative, Bind. Pep Club. BRASSEUR. EILEEN BRAUD. MARI; G v. Sci- ence Club. German Club. S.C.A. Representative. Music Club. BROOKS. JEROME. Vanity Track; J.V. Cn s Varsity Cross Countrv; Monogram Club. BROOKS. JOHN, J.V. Track. Varsity Track, J.V. Cross Country, Varsity Cross Country. Monogram Club. BROWN. GLENN, Varsity Basketball. BROWN. JUDI, S.C.A. Representative; Pep Club. BRYANT. WILLIAM, I.C.T. BUNCH, VAN, J.V. Baselxall. BUNS, JACK BURCHAM. JOYCE. Quill Scroll. Vice-President; G.A.A.; World Events Club; Rep Qub; Fife Drum Vorps, s Representative; Surveyor, News Editor; Bible Club. Letter of Commendation-National Merit Scholarship; First and Second Place Bake-a-Thon. BURKE. KAREN. Pep Club, Spanish Club; Varsity Cheerleader, G.A.A. BURNHAM. CAROL. O.A.A., F.T.A., F.H.A., F.B.L.A., Pep Club. S.C.A. Representative. BURNLEY, MARIE. I.C.T. BURTON. AUBREY. S.C.A. Representative, Folk Music Club. Delate Team. IX‘-hating Award, Red Cross Club, Varsity Football. J.V. Track. Varsity Track, J.V. Cross-Country, Varsity Cross-Country. BURTON, BARBAR BURTON. ROBERT. Varsity Football. BUSH. CLAY’, IVp Club, Student I-eader, P.E., J. V. Baseball, Varsity Basel all. J.V. Basketl all, Monogram Club. BYRNE. BARBARA. O.A.A.. Drama Club. Pop Club. Red Cross Club. CARR. HAZEL CARR. JEANETTE. F.B.L.A. CARYL. Ki 1 1H. Art Club. Art Honor Society, Pep Club. J.V. Wrestling. CASEY, PAMELA CASH. SUE. F.H.A . Spanish Honor So-cicty. Surveyor Staff. Girls’ State Alternate. CASON. BIEL. I.C.T., Freshman Football. J.V. Football, Varsity Football. CHAMBERS. 1)1 E, LC.T. CHAPPELL. JANICE. Girls’ State; Quill 6c Palm. Secretary; Red Cross Club; French Club: Academic Letter, 1963-04. CHIN. EDWARD. LC.T. CLOUD. ELOUISE COCKERELL, CAROLYN COCKERILLE, CAROLYN COFFEY’, SANDY’. Sophomore Class Board: Freshman Class Board: S.C.A. Representative, Pep Club, Honor Award—Advanced Typing. COFFMAN. STEVE. LC.T. COLE. GAIL. V.O.T. COLEMAN. LINDA COMBS. LINDA, F.B.L.A., Junior Band, Varsity Cheerleader. CONNOR. DARLENE. F.B.L.A., Bet! Cross Club. CONNOR. MICHAEL. LC.T. COOK. DIANNA, G.A.A.. Red Cross Club, D.E. Club. COOMBS. BARBARA, V.O.T. COOPER, BETTY, F.B.L.A. COPPACE. BEVERLY CORDELL. DENNIS. S.C.A. Representative. Student Lender, P.E., Pep Club; Quill Palm, Vice-President; Spanish Honor Society, Vice-President; Academic Letter, Boys’ state, J.V. Football. COX. GEORGE CRADDOCK. STEVE, Sophomore Class Board; Junior Class Board; S.C.A. Representative; Monogram Club; Pep Club; J.V. Football; Varsity Football; J.V. Crew; Vursitv Crew. 58 CRAFT. DEI.OR IS. F.B.L.A. Pep Club. CRICHTON, JAMES, sc A Representative; Student Leader, P.E.; Monogram Chib; J. V. Football. Vanity Crew. CROCKETT. NANCY, Red Cross Club. F. B.L.A., Pep Club. CROGHAX. NICKI. World Events Club; Compass, Ad Staff; Debate Club. CROYLE. SHERRY. S.C.A. Representative; Sophomore Board. Junior Board, Varsity Cheerleader, Footlull Queen. DAKIN, JOYCE. Red Cross Club. F.T.A., G. A.A., Drama Club. Pep Club. DA is di r. Choir, l).E. club. DAVIS, JOHN, Band. DAWSON, CARRIE. Bible Club. Spanish Club. Quill 6c Palm, Parliamentarian, Spanish Honor Society, Red Cross Club, Chemistry Assistant. DAY. BARBARA. Hall Monitor. DEAN, CATHERINE. Freshman Girls’ Ghoms, Advanced Girls’ Chorus, D.E. D’ELIA, JOHN, Monogram Club, Varsity Track. DEWITT. MIKE. DO. Club, Junior Class Board. Varsity Crew. DIAMOND. KEITH, S.C.A. Representative, J.V. Basketball. DICICCO, DONALD. Sophomore Class Board. DICKERSON. HILDA, Reserve Band. DICKSON, LIZ, sc a Representative, World Events Club. Pep Club, Junior Class Board. Drama Club President. DIXON. SANDRA, Typing certtfcate. Academic I at ter. DODD. SANDY, I.C.T. DOSS, PAT, F.B.L.A., Attendance Office Worker. DUVALL. SAUNDRA. Pep Club; F.T.A.; F.H.A.; F.B.L.A.; S.C.A. Representative; Typing Certificate; Bookkeeping Certificate. EAVES, PAUL, S.C.A. Representative. ELLIS. FREDERICK. Drama Club; Folk Music Club; Advanced Choir. ERWIN, MICHAEL, Sophomore Glass Board; Latin Club; World Events Club; Quill and Palm; Spanish Honor Society, Treasurer; National Forensic League. EVANS. MICHAEL, J.V. Wrestling; Varsity Wrestling. FEACANES. LOUISE, F.H.A. FEHR. RICHARD, World Events Club; French Club; Varsity Football. FERRELL, SANDRA, Pep Club. FICKINGER, MIKE, J.V. Track. FLORENCE. JIM. Student Leader, P.E.; Freshman Football. FLYNN, JOSEPH, D.E. Club; J.V. Football; J.V. Grew. FLYNN. STEVE. Red Cross Club; D.E. Club; World Events Club. FOLEY, DENNIS, J.V. Track. FORAN, FRAN, Red Cross Club; Pep Club; Junior Class Board. FORNES, LOUISE, V.O.T.; Spanish Honor Society. FOSS, VICTORIA. French Club; Art Club; Little llatchet Staff; Compass Ad Staff; S.C.A. Representative; Academic I-ettcr; Quill 6: Scroll; Spanish Honor Society. FOSTER. ROB. S.C.A. Representative; President, Freshman Class; President, Sophomore Class; Treasurer, Junior Class; Freshman Football Captain; J.V. Football, Captain; Tennis Team; Monogram Club; D.E.; Varsity Football; J.V. Baseball; J.V. Basketball; Varsity Basketball.CLASS OF 1966 FRANCIS, PECCV, S.C.A. Representative; Pep Club. Publicity Chairman; Junior Class Board; J.V. Cheerleader; Advanced ('.iris’ Chorus; G.A.A.; Red Cross Club; Cirls’ State. FRAZER, DONALD, Spanish Honor Society; Quill Palm; Quill Scroll; Sophomore Class Board; Little Hatchet, Business Manager 6c Assistant Editor; S.C.A. Representative; Junior Class Board; Academic Letter; Merit Scholarship, semi finalist; It’s Academic-NBC School Program; Varsity Track; Varsity Cross Country. FREDETTE, PAUL, German Club; Junior Class Board; Freshman Class. Treasurer. FREEMAN, RICHARD GALLAGHER, PAT, S.C.A. Representative; I.C.T. GARTH, LYNX, S.C.A. Representative; Sophomore Class Board: Red Cross Chib; Folk Music Club; Pep Club; junior Class Board; Dramatic Club. CHOLSON, JAMES, S.C.A. Representative. GILES. REBECCA, S.C.A. Representative; Red Cross Club; Grounds Committee; Pep Club; Quill 6c Palm, Historian. GINN, BONNIE. S.C.A. Representative; Red Cross (dub; Student Leader, P.E. GLADNEY, MARSHA, F.B.L.A. Red Cross Club; F.H.A.; Girls' Chonis; D.E. COCHENOUR. HARRY, S.C.A. Representative; Pep Club; D.O. Club; J.V. Crew. GORDON, SUSAN. S.C.A. Representative; Junior ('lass Board: Latin (dub; World Events Club; Pep Club; Red Cross Club. GORHAM. LINDA. S.C.A. Representative; Pom-Pom (-iil; Surveyor, Business Manager; F.B.L.A., President: Pep Club; Sophomore Class Board; Girls’ State. GRAHAM, CAROL, F.H.A.; Lattin Club. GRAY, NELSON GREENE, LANA, I.C.T. GREENE. STANLEY, S.C.A. Representative; Orchestra; Varsity Football; Varsity Wrestling. GREENE. TERRY. Band; Pep Club; J.V. Football; Varsity Football; Varsity Wrestling. GREENSPAN, DIANE, F.T.A. S.C.A. Representative; Red Cross Club; Spanish Honor Society: G.A.A.: Pep Club. GRIFFIN. JEAN, Fife Drum Corps; Orchestra. GRIGGS, ALAN, D.E. Club. CRUITS, BETH. SCA Representative; Sophomore Class Board; Junior Class Board; Pep Club. CWLN. DIANNA. Secretary Senior Class; I.V. Cheerleader. Captain; Varsity Cheerleader. Captain; Pep Club; Compass Ad Staff; Junior Class Board. H Will.TON. ANDRE HARE, CLAUDETTE HARIXCER, CATHY, World Events Club, Treasurer; Spanish Honor Society, Secretary; Quill 6c Palm; Treasurer; German Club, Vice-President; Pep Club; Girls’ State; Academic I at ter, 1964-65. HARRIS. LILLIAN. Majorette; Drum Major, Cheerleader; Gymnastic Club. HARRISON. RONNIE. Sophomore Class Board: Junior Class Board; J.V. Football; Varsity Football; J.V. Baseball; J.V. Basketball; Varsity Track. HARVEY, MARY, Rid Cross Club; Compass Ad Staff; Pep Club. IIASSMER, STEPHEN, World Events Club, Vice-President; Pep Club, Co-Chairman: Band, Vice-President; Debate Club; Quill 6c Scroll; Spanish Club, Treasurer; Academic Achievement Award; All-State Band; Boys’ State. HAWES, TOM, J.V. Footlxdl. HAWLEY, THOMAS, S.C.A. Representative; Spanish Club; Quill 6c Palm, President; Surveyor Staff; J.V. Football; Varsity Football. IIELSLEY, CENVIEVE, G.A.A. V.O.T.; F.H.A. IIEMEON, JIM. Junior Class Board; Surveyor, Sports Editor; Pep Club; Fife 6c Drum Corps, Honor Guard; Boys’ State; Varsity Football, Manager; Varsity Track; Varsity Cross Country. HENSLEY, MAUREEN, V.O.T., F.B.L.A.; F.H.A. HENSLEY. RONNIE HERBERT, JAMES, S.C.A. Representative; J.V. Football; Varsity F«x)thall. HERI.ICK, JAMES IDLE, ALAN HIMES, CINDY, S.C.A. Representative; Sophomore Class Board; Junior Class Board. IIFIT. JOYCE. I.C.T.; G.A.A. HOLLOWAY, 1.1 .. World Events Club; German Club, Secretary; Pep Club; G.A.A. HOWARD. LESLIE, I.C.T. HUDSON. BETTY, F.H.A., Treasurer. HUDSON. JERRY. S.C.A. Representative; Surveyor Staff; Monogram Club, Treasurer; .V. Football; Varsity Football; J.V. Base-Mil; Varsity Track. HUFF. MABLE, French Club; F.H.A.. Secretary; Student Council. Treasurer. HUMPHREY. BETTY, Latin Club; F.H.A. HUNT, DORA HURST. LAWRENCE, Varsity Gvmnas- tics. HUTCHISON. SANDI. F.B.L A. HUTCHISON. SHARON, V.O.T. JACKSON. JOANN. F.B.L.A.; F.H.A.; Pep Club; G.A.A.; Band; Red Cross Club. JACKSON, JUDY JACKSON, MICHAEL JACOBS. JEANETTE. F.B.L.A. lVp Club; I.C.T.; G.A.A.; F.H.A.; Red Cross Club. JENKINS. RICK. J.V. Football. Vanity Football; J.V. Baseball; Vanity Baseball. JENSEN, RAYMOND, Latin Club. JOHNSON, MARY, F.H.A.; F.B.L.A. JOHNSON, SYLVIA, Band. JONES. CULLEN, Latin Club. Vice-President; Quill 6c Scroll; Editor, Last Will £' Testament; Pep Club, World Events Club; Compass Staff: Sophomore Class Board; S.C.A. Representative; Cafeteria Monitor. JONES, JOHN. Latin Club; Varsity Football; Varsity Baselxall; Varsity Wrestling. JONES, LINDA JONES. PAMELA. G.A.A.; F.B.L.A. JORDAN SANDRA. Pep Club; G.A.A.; F.B.L.A.; Red Cross Club; F.T.A.; F.H.A. Pom-Pom Girl: Junior Class Board. KADY, JAMES, French Club; World Events Club; Astronomy Club. KEITH, JANICE, Pep Club; Red Cross Club. KELLER. ALFRED, J.V. Footlgdl; Varsity Football; J.V. Track; Monogram Club. KELLEY, MICHAEL, J.V. Crew; Science Club. KELLY, ROBERT. Junior Class Board; S.C.A. Representative; Compass Staff, Sports Editor; Varsity Football; J.V. Football. Vanity Crew. KENDRICK, RALPH KENNEDY. BOBBI, V.O.T. KIEFERLE, ELIZABETH, G.A.A. World Events Club: French Club; S.C.A. Representative; Little Hatchet. Business Manager; Pep Club; Art Club. KIN NETT, STEPHEN, S.C.A. Representative; J.V. Football; Varsity Football. J.V. Basketball. KLONOWSKI, RICHARD. World Events Club. KNAPP, DONNA, Red Cross Club. Junior Class Board; D.E. Club, President. KNOERNSCHILD, PEGGY. S.C.A. Representative; Majorette; Red Cross Club; G.A.A.; Science Award. KOZEL. JOAN, Pep Club: Red Cross. World Events Club; S.C.A. Representative. KREBS, ISABELLE, Little Hatchet. Editor-in-Chicf; Surveyor; Compass, Ad Staff; World Events Club; Quill 6c Scroll. Si-cretary-Treasurer; German Club: French Club; Folk Music Club. LABATTE, STEPHEN I.APE, MARGIE. Clinic Worker. LAWSON, MAUREEN, S.C.A. Representative: Pep dub: F.T. A ., Pom-1 Girl; Red Cross Club; Sophomore Class Board; Junior Class Board; Choir: Treasurer; Girls' State; Advanced Girls' Chonis; Vice-President: Grounds Committee, Chairman. LAY, MARY. World Events Club: French Club. LEAVENS, KATHY. S.C.A. Representative; Surveyor Staff; Pep Club: G.A.A. World Events Club; Art Club; Junior Class Board. LESS. BETTY. F.B.L.A.. Treasurer: Red Cross Club; I.C.T. LIGCIO. DAVID, French Club; Folk Music Club, Secretary; Drama Club. LINDSAY. RON DA. Junior Class Board; F.B.L.A.; Pep Club. LONDON. SHERRI. S.C.A. Representative; Rid Cross Club; Junior Class Board; F. B.L.A.; Pep Club. LONGFELLOW, DAVID, Compass. Editor-in-Chief; Debate Club. President; Quill 6c Scroll; Drama Club; World Events (dub, Vice-President; National Forensic League; S.C.A. Representative; Senior Class Board; It’s Academic-NBC Student Program; Youth Wants to Know Panelist, Boys’ State. LOONEY, GREGORY LOVE, CALLIE. Folk Music Club; G. A.A.; Advanced Cirls’ Chonis, Vice-President. LUCAS, JEN, French Club; Art Club; World Events Club; Compass, Ad Staff; Quill 6s- Scroll. President; Drama Club; Pep Club; Little Hatchet, Poetry Editor. LUDLOW, JANET. S.C.A. Representative; Bible Club; Girls' Chonis; V.O.T. McCLINTOCK, MIKE, President. Student Council; Thespians. Vice-President; Quill 6c Scroll; World Events Club, Treasurer: National Forensic League; Compass Staff: Sports Editor; Debate Club, Vice-President; Harvard B x k Award; Senior Propliecy Editor; J.V. Crew; Varsity Tennis. McCOY, BARBARA 59McFADDEN, JUDITH, Pop Chib; World Ev»-nt% Club; S.C.A. Representative; Drama Club; Surveyor Staff; French Club; Com- 1 Staff; Majorette; F.II.A.. Vice i n Ml :it. F.N.A. MtGOWAX, JODY, Folk Music Club. Spanish Club; Pep Club; Drama Club; ('.iris' State. Alternate. McIntosh, saundra. Pep club. McKINNEY, BEVERLY, Red Cross Club; Pep Club; Cadets. McKNICHT, MARION, Bantl. McKNICHT, ROBERTA MACKELL. LOUIS. J.V. Track; Varsity-Track; J.V. Cross-Country; Monogram Club; Spanish Club; Spanish Honor Society. MARCINKUS. TONI. S.C.A. Representa-tive: Sophomore Clavs Board; F.B.L.A. MARKIN. JOHN, Latin Club; World Events Club; Drama Club; Pep Club; J.V. Crew. MARSH. LINDA. Pep Club: G.A.A.; Red CrosN Club; Hall Monitor; Advanced Cirls’ Chorus. MARTIN. JAMES. I.C.T. Club, Secretary-Treasurer; Latin Club; Freshman Football. MARTIN, NANCY. D.E. MATTHEWS. RICHARD MATTOX. RICHARD. I.C.T. Club. President: Pep Club; S.C.A. Representative. MEDLIX. KAREN. S.C.A. Representative; Pep Club; World Events Club; Latin Club; Surveyor Staff; Girls' State. MEITNER, RICHARD MILES, SUSAN MILLER, BEVERLY, F.B.L.A. Vice- President. MILLER. JON, S.C.A. Representative; T n; r Claw Board; J.V. Baseball. MILLER. TRYPHENE, C.A.A.; Folk Music Club; Pep Club; F.H.A.; Drama Club. MILTON, JOAN MI2UNO. KENNETH MOFFETT. LARRY, D.E. Club; J.V. Wrestling. MORAN. MARGARET. Drama Club; Bible Club: Latin Club; F.T.A.; Art Club; S.C.A. Representative; Junior Class Board. MORRIS. RICHARD, J.V. Track; Freshman Basketlsall. MORRIS, SANDY, S.C.A. Representative; Pep Club; Compass, Ad Staff; Best Typist Award. MOTOX. JOSEPH MULLINS, GWENDOLYN MYERS. DARLENE. Pep Club; F.II.A.; World Events Club. NALLS. ELLEN. F.B.L.A.; Drama Club; Fi- c Drum Corps; Compass Ad Staff. NELSON. MARCIA, F.B.L.A.; Choir. NEWBY. BILLIE. Pep Club. NEWCOMB. WILLIAM. I.C.T. NEWMAN, JAY, Varsity Track; P.E., Student Leader. NEWMAN. JUDY. Pep Committee; Pom-Pom Ctrl. NORMAN, FRAN NOVAK, LAN I, Tlu-spians, President; French Chib, President; Drama Chib, Vice-President; World Events Club, President; G.A.A.; Choir, Librarian; Folk Music Club; German Club; Pep Club; S.C.A. Representative; Junior Class Board. OLDFIELD, BAIRD, World Events Club; S.C.A. Representative; German Club. President; Quill Palm; Academic Letter; Boys' State; Varsity Baseball. O'NEIL, DORIS. I.C.T. O'NEIL, SUSAN, Certificate of Merit, Bookkeeping. ORSINT. BENITA. V.O.T.; F.II.A.; Red Cross Club; Certificate of Merit, Bookk -ep-ing. OSORIO, CARMEN OWEN, JOHN, Folk Music Club; Varsity-Tennis; Monogram Club. PACK, DARLENE, S.C.A. Representative; Junior Class Board; Pep Club. PALMER. BOB. I.C.T. PARKER. WILLIE PATERSON, NANCY. G.A.A.; Red Cross ('lub; junior Class Board; I.C.T.; Pep Club. PAUL. DEBORAH. S.C.A. Representative; Junior Class Board; Spanish Club, Secretary; Drama Club; Surveyor Staff; Red Cross Club, President. PAYNE. MARGARET. S.C.A. Representative; Debate Club; Junior Claw Board: Pep Club. V.O.T.; Girls’ State, Alternate. PEARSON, IREXPJ. Pep Club; Freshman Girls' Chorus; I.C.T.; Advanced Girls' Chorus. PERKINS, WILLIAM. J.V. Football; J.V. Crew. PERRY. MARSHA, C.A.A.; Reel Cross Club; I.C.T. PETERSON, CATHERINE. F.B.L.A.; Compass, Ad Staff; Certificate of Proficiency, Typing. PETTIT. PATRICIA. Pep Club; F.B.L.A.; S.C.A. Representative; Red Cross Club. PPTdP'P'. JANIF , Red Cross Club; Sophomore Class Board; Junior Class Board. Publicity Chairman: Chairman, Junior-Senior Prom; Girls' State. PFEIFF, MARGIE, S.C.A. Representative; Sophomore ('lass Board; Junior Class Board: Reel Cross Club; Surveyor Staff; Pep Club; Drama Club. PITTA. HAROLD, Latin Club; Freshman Football. PITTMAN, CURTIS, Latin Club; Varsity-Track. POLLARD. KAY, N.H.A.; Red Cross Club; Drama Club. POOLE, RICHARD. World Events Club; F'olk Music Club; Varsity Track; J.V. Track; Academic I at ter. POPADEN. JOSEPH POWERS, RONALD PRISAZNICK. KATHY PRITCHETT. EDWARD PROCTOR. LINDA. C.A.A.: Folk Music Club; Red Cross Club. PUGH, CINDY, Folk Music Club; G.A.A. PURDY. LYNN. S.C.A. Representative; World Events Club; Pep Club. RAILEY, CHRISTIAN RAMSEY. ELLEN. F.T.A.; Pep Club. RANDOLPH. GWENDOLYN, Cheerleader. Co-Captain; F'.H.A.; Pep Club. REAMY, GREG, S.C.A. Representative; Surveyor Staff. RENNER. WAYNE, Spanish Honor Society; Spanish Club; Bible Club; Compass Staff, Faculty Editor. REYNOLDS, ROBERT, Band; Latin Club; S.C.A. Representative; J.V. Track. RHODES. MARY, F.H.A.; Pep Club; Red Cross Club. RICE. JEANETTE, G.A.A.; Rod Cross ('lub; P'.T.A.; Pep Club; Vice-President, Senior Class; P'rench Club. RICHARDSON, HARRY, Varsity Football; Varsity Basketball. RILEY, DIANE, SC..A. Representative; I.C.T. RITCH IF). WAYNE ROBERTSON. MARIE. Red Cross Club; Pom-Pom Girl; Compass, Ad Staff. ROSS. GERALD ROSS, KENNETH RUPPERT, SHARON. F.T.A.; G.A.A. RUSH. DONNA. Red Cross Club; F.II.A.; F.B.L.A. RUSSELL. JANET SAKELL, MATF.NIA. S.C.A. Representative; F'rench Club, Parliamentarian; Thes- Iffarns, Secretary; Sophomore Class Board; unior Class Board; World Events Club; Choir, Vice-President; Pep Club; Drama Club; Girls’ State. SALZLXGI--R, FRED. Surveyor, Business Editor, Quill Scroll; Varsity Baseball; Freshman Basketball. SAMPSON, LINDA, S.C.A. Representative; Junior Class Board; F.T.A.; Science Club. SANDERS. DORA, F.B.L.A., Secretary-Treasurer; P'.T.A. Student Council; Pep Club. SANDERS. JAMES. Monogram Club; Var-sity Football; J.V. Basketball; Vanity Track; Varsity Gymnastics. SANDERSON. LINDA SASSOON, SANDY, Drama Club; Red Cross Club, Secretary-Treasurer; Pep Club; Art Club; Spanish Club, Program Chairman; F'olk Music Club. SCAFPTDO, FRANK, J.V. Track; Varsity Track. SCAP'FIDO, SANDY, Grounds Committee; Red Cross Club; V.O.T. SCHLAG, CHRIS. V.O.T.; Attendance Office Worker. SCHMIDT. WESLEY, Astronomy Club; Science Club, Treasurer; Debate Club; World Events Club; Drama Club; Pep Club; P.E., Students Leader; S.C.A. Representative; Junior Class Board; J.V. Crew; Varsity Crew; Monogram Club. SCHNETZLER, KAREN. S.C.A. Representative; World Events Club; Pep Club; F'.H.A.; Spanish Club; Home Economics Award. 60SCRIPTURE, NORMA, S.C.A. Representative; F.T.A., Secretary; Bible Club, Secretary President; Junior Class Board; Choir; Pom-Pom Girl; French Club; Surveyor, News Exchange Editor; Girls' State. SEAMON, GARY SEDBERRY, CAROL, World Events Club; Pep Club; Sophomore Class Board: Junior Class Board; Hall Monitor. SETTLE, MARVIN, Pep Club; S.C.A. Representative; Spanish Club; Bible Club. SHAFER, MYRON. I.C.T.; S.C.A. Representative; J.V. Cross Country. SHEPHERD, CHERYL, I.C.T. SHERIDAN. JOE, Varsity Cross Country. SHI PE. RONNIE. Band. President; Orchestra; Choir; Bible Club; S.C.A. Representative; Junior Class Board; Sophomore Class Board. SILLIMAN. JOANN. S.C.A. Representative; Pep Club; Red Cross Club; Junior Class Board; Library Assistant. SILLIMAN. SUSAN SIMPSON. MARION, F.B.L.A. Secretary. SLATE. ROBERT, Spanidi Honor Society; Spanish Club. Vice-President; S.C.A. Representative; Little Hatchet, Non-Fiction Editor; World Events Club; P.E. Student Leader; Boys' State. SMITH, AL, Band, Drum Major; Orchestra. SMITH. BERT. German Club. SMITH, CONNIE SMITH, DEBORAH, Cheerleader, Co-Captain. SMITH. JAMES SMITH. JOHN. Junior Class Board; Latin Club. SMITH. LINDA. D.E.; Choir; Advanced Girls' Chorus. SMITH. STEVE. Red Cross Club; Freshman Football; Freshman Baseball; Freshman Track. SMITH. NOVELLA. F.H.A.; V.O.T. SNYDER, LYNDA. Drama Club; French Club; Pep Club; S.C.A. Representative; Compass, Assistant Editor. SOLES, SALLY. S.C.A. Representative; Sophomore Class Board; Junior Class Board; Ensemble: Compass, Ad Stall; F.H.A.; G.A.A.: Bible Club; Red Crass Club; Drama Club; Drum Fife Corps. SPEER. RICHARD. Pep Club. SPICER. MALCOLM SPILL AN, WENDY, S.C.A. Representative; Junior Class Board; Advanced Carls’ Chorus. Secretary Treasurer; F.B.L.A. SPITTLE. GARY. S.C.A. Representative; Red Cross Club; World Events Club; F B L.A. STANFIELD. HERBERT STEWART. DALE. Art Club: Latin Club: Debate Club; World Events Club. Secretary: Orchestra: Drum Fife Corps; Letter of Commendation, National Merit Scholarship Test. STINNETTE. SHARON, S.C.A. Representative; D.E. Club. STUDDS, JOHN, ICT; Varsity Wrestling; J.V. Gymnastics. SUAREZ, MICHAEL. IVp Club; Spanish Club; J.Y Track; Varsity Track; J.V. Wrestling; Varsity Wrestling. SUPRISE, KATHLEEN SUTTON, LINDA, S.C.A. Representative; V.O.T. SWANELL, SUZANNE, Art Drama Club, Vice-President; Pep Club; Debate Club; Surveyor, Page Editor; Little Hatchet, Art Editor; Quill Scroll; Fife Drum Corps. SWEENY, BOB, Pep Club; Spanish Club; Varsity Track; Varsity Wrestling. SWEENEY, SARAH, German Club. SWEENEY. SHERRY SWISHER, WILLIAM THODOS, DIANA, s.c.a. Representative. THOMPSON, SIDNEY, Sophomore Class Board; Varsity Football; J.V. Baseball; Varsity Basketlmll; Monogram Club, President. TRULY. ANN. Spanish Club President; World Events Club; Secretary, Freshman Class; J.V. Cheerleader; Varsity Cheerleader; Head Cheerleader, Footkdl: Pep Club; S.C.A. Representative; Spanish Honor Society. TUCKER. VANCE. Rod Cross Club; S.C.A. Representative; World Events Club; Debate Club; C. •man Club; Folk Music Club; Science Club; J.V. Track. TURNER, BOBBY. German Club; Treasurer; Latin Club; National Junior Honor Society, Vice-President. TYLER, LAVERNE, Art Club; Pep Club; Red Cross Club. TYLER. PAMELA, Sophomore Class Board; World Events Club; F.B.L.A. VALOIS, GERRI, S.C.A. Representative; F.H.A.. Vice-President; Latin Club; Pep Club; Red Cross Club. VAN DYNE, DARRELL VAN DYNE, JACKIE VAN REUTH, LINDA, Grounds Com- mittee. Red Cross Club, Pep Club; Drama Club; F B.I..A. VAN SISE, RONALD. S.C.A. Representative; Spanish Club. Treasurer; World Events Club. VENEY. JAMES VICIAN. JANET. S.C.A. Representative; WOT.: Letter of Commendation. Merit Scholarship Test. WALKER. CAROLYN, F.B.L.A.; Pep Club; I H A Cadets; F B I A WALSH. JOHN WALTHALL. GREG, I.C.T. WANNALL. STEVE, J.V. Football; Varsity Football. Tri-Captain; J.V. Baseball; Monogram Club, Vice-President. WANZER, GALE, S.C.A. Representative; D.E. WARD, DANNY, Madrigal Singers; Pep Club; V.O.T. WARD. RONALD, Varsity Track; Varsity Gymnastics. WARREN. JOSEPH, Latin Club; Folk Music Club; Junior Class Board; S.C.A. Representative; Surveyor Staff. WARREN. KYLE. French Club; Art Club; Drama Club; Red Cross Club; Surveyor, Editor-in-Chief; Quill Scroll; Art Honor Society; Certificate of Commendation. National Merit Scholarship Test; Girls’ State. WATFORD, MARY, S.C.A. Representative; World Events Club; Pep Club; Surveyor Staff; Compass, Ad Staff: Red Cross Club; Art Club; Spanish Club. WATSON, JEANETTE, Pep Club; Art Club. WEBB. CHUCK. Varsity Baseball. WEBSTER, DON, World Events Club; SCA Representative; Latin Club; Art J.V. Track. WEDDING, CAROLINE. Red Cross Club; Drama Club; Folk Music Club; World Events Club; Little Hatchet, Poetry 6c Fiction Editor. WELCH. BRENDA. Spanish Honor So-F.B.L.A.: Shorthand Certificate; F.B.L.A. Spelling Certificate. WELLS, LUTHER WELLS, PHYLLIS, F.B.L.A.; I.C.T Science Club; World Events Club. W1LHOIT, BEVERLY, N.H.A.; Frei Club. WILKS. SUSAN, F.H.A.; President; F.T.A.; Pep Club; Red Cross Club. WILLIAMS, PATRICIA. I.C.T.; Red Cross Club; F.B.L.A., Secretary; N.H.A.; s Representative; Chorus; Drama Club; Cadet. WILLIAMSON, PATRICIA, Red Cross Club; French Club; Compass, Ad Staff; Spanish Club; Pep Club. WILLIS, WILLIAM WILLOUGHBY, ZILLA, V.O.T. WILSON, DIANE, C.A.A.; Pep Club. N.H.A.; French Club; F.B.L.A. WILSON. LARRY, S.C.A. Representative; Spanish Club; J.V. Wrestling; J.V. Cross Country. WILSON, PAULETTE. C., C.A.A.; Girls' Chorus; Science Club. WILSON, PAULETTE, C. WINSTON. GWENDOLYN. D.E.: Science Club; Band, Secretary; N.H.A., Secretary; F.B.L.A.; Pep Club. WOLFFORD. CHARLOTTE, F.T.A. Advanced Girls' Chorus; President; Pep Club; SCA Representative; Junior Class Board. French Club. WOODSIDE, PAMELA. SCA Representative; Sophomore Class Board; Pep Club; French Chib; JV.. Cheerleader. WOOLLS, GEORGE WOOLLUM, PUNKY, President, Senior Class; Vice-President, Junior Class; Vice-President. Sophomore Class; Treasurer. Freshman Class; Executive Committee. Student Council; Pep Club; Junior Class; Board; Sophomore Class Board; Certificate of Participation-Optimist Club Oratorical Contest; J.V. Ba ketball; Varsity Basketball. WORLEY, MARY, Pep Club; Drama Club; SCA Representative; Compass, Ad Staff: Art Club. WORTHY, BERNICE. Band; Cadets. WRIGHT. AQUANITA. Astronomy Club. F.B.L.A.; Pom-Pom Girl; Sophomore Class Board: Junior Class Board; Pep Club. WRIGHT. EDDIE. SCA Representative; J.V. Football; J.V. Basketball; Varsity Basketball. YATES, BOBBY YATES, WILLIAM, World Events Club. Debate Club; National Forensic League; j.v. Thick; J.V. Cross-Country. YEDNOCK, ROBERT, J.V. Baseball; Varsity Wrestling. YUHASZ. STEPHEN, S.C.A. Representative: I.C.T. ZUIDEMA, CARL, Varsity Track; Varsity Cross-Country. 81DYNAMIC JUNIORS SET, MAINTAIN,DIZZY PACE JACKY BERNIER President RALPH BARNETT 1st Vice-President IRVING SMITH 2nd Vice-President SUSAN GRIFFIN Secretary KEN WEST Treasurer JUNIOR CLASS SPONSORS, Mrs. Diamond. Miss Hall and Miss Currin discuss upcoming plans of the class. THE JUNIOR CLASS, as always, played an active part in the student Ixxly at GW this year. During the latter portion of September, class rings were ordered for those who wished them. Junior Class cards were sold by the representatives of Junior Board to raise money for the class. With these cards, a Junior could get into most Junior Class activities free or with a discount. A car wash and the annual I lolly I lop were also held to raise money. The highlight of the year was the Junior-Senior Prom held in the spring. MOP BOARD REPRESENTATIVES—Ffr«f Row: Dana Pettit, m: Su, Riducly, Rom-Marie Tessicr. -v •' Vr'r Hyh : . M ira Killclea, Linda Col crly, Sharon fc . Kawo Goldch M i Ann Bader. Third Row: Rav Hub bard, Boh Hicks, Ken Dean. Jim Burns, Ollie Westbrook. Stefank Annicchiarico. Fourth Row: Danny Jefferson, Ken West, Bill Kelly Mike Radciiffe. 62DONALD A1TCHESON SHARON RARER RONNIE RARNETTE CHARLES ALLEN LINDA RAKER RETTV RAZZLE SHELLEY ANDERSON BONNIE BALDWIN RAT BENNETT SAFFAN ANDOLSUN SHARON BANDER fACKY BERNIER STEFANIE ANNICCHIARICO CHARLES BARNES ANITA BERRY VERONICA BLACKWELL STEFANIE ROAZ PATRICIA BODDY WANDA BONNER JOHN BOYD CHARLENE BRADLEY MR. TOM LONCERBEAM, of the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce, expresses the importance of economic knowledge to the Junior class. 63SOCIAL EVENTS DOT BUSY ACADEMIC CALENDAR BEVERLY BRANCH PATRICIA BROOKS ALVINA BRUNSON ALICE BULLMAN KAREN BURGESS ANTOINETTE BURKE JAMES BURNS SHARON BURNS MARY CALLAHAN WILLIAM CHERRY RONNIE CLARK MICHAEL CLAY LINDA COBERLY LYNDA COBLE JANE COLEMAN MATTHEW COLLINS WILLIAM COMBS BONNIE COMER CHRIS CONEON GEORGE CONLON ALICE CORDELL TJUANNA COTTONTHOMAS COUFI.ES CHARLENE COURTNEY KENDA CRUM BERT DAVID TERRY DAVIS KENNETH DEAN WILLIAM DtAVALT STEVE DILLON VIRGINIA IX)MBROSKl MARCARET DRUMMOND SHARON DUNCAN MARY EDWARDS MARRIA EISEMAN DAVID ENDICOTT JANE EFFERI.Y KENNETH EUBANKS DAVID EVANS KATHERINE EXNER WILLIE FACONER BARBARA FANNING SARA FLESHER SHEILA FOOTE BETH' FOREST HANK FORTUNE "DO YOU SUFFOSE MY car will Ik- 10 feet tall .ifter the Juniors wash it?" asks Ralph Barnett.JANE FOX NELLIE FOXWELL EL AIN A FROMM CATHY FULWII.ER GINGER FULW1LER LINDA FUNKHOUSER LAURIE GARDNER CHARLOTTE GEE KAREN GINN PEGGY GOCHENOUR COLLEGE PLANS ASSUME ADDED IMPORTANCE KAREN COLDCHIEN ELAINE GOOD STEVE GOODMAN EMMA GOODRICH MARGARET CRAHAM JENNIE GREENE SALLIE GRIFFIN SUSAN GRIFFIN BOB CRIMES BARBARA HALEY HAROLD HANEY KAREN HANSBROUCH ROBIN HARBAUCH MICHAEL HARMAN PEGGY HARMAN LINDA HARRIMAN 66 SONNY BONNER AND MIKE KENTES Rive the once over to the inside of the ears at the Junior Class ear wash.GRAFTON HARRIS JANICE HARRIS NANCY HARRIS WILLIS HARRISON MARY HATTON RICHARD HAWES LUCILLE HAWKINS ROBERT HAWKINS RICKY HEDDINGER DAVID HESS ROBERT HICKS BRENT HILL MARCELLA HOLMES ROSEMARY HORC.AN RAY HUBBARD LINDA HI N r SCOOTER HUSBANDS KEN ill rCHISON PATTY IDLER FRANCES HUGHES JANIE HUGHES BETTY HUMPHREY CAROLYN HUMPHIES JENNIFER HYLTON JANICE IRBY DANNY JEFFERSON BETTI E JENKINSGYM PROVIDES BEAUTIFUL SETTING FOR PROM ADRIAKNE JOHNSON' BARBARA JONES CATHERINE JONES PATRICIA JONES CHRIS KELLEY WILLIAM KELLY MICHAEL KENTES JAMES KERLEY DIANE KERSHNER AMANDA KIDD MOIRA KILLELEA AUDREY KISER NICHOLAS I.AMPSHIRE LORNA LANGFORD CINDY LAVIXUS PAULA LEE CARL LEWIS PAT LUNCEFORD NANCY MACBRIDE BONNIE McCALEB MIKE McCONCIIIE WANDA McCULLEN SUE McQUINN STEPHEN McKNICHT LAURA McMENAMIN 68DEBORAH MAN ESS JOHN MEEHAN PATRICK MEEHAN JANE MILLER PAULA MILLER SHARON MILLER ALICE MITCHELL BECKY MONZUK CARY MOORE JOYCE MORGAN JAMES MORRIS LOUISE MYLECHRAINE SANDRA NASH WINTER BETTY NIXON MARY OLIVER PAMELA PARMAN MARIE PATRICK GEORGE PATTERSON LINDA PAUL GLORIA PEARSON DALE PEED JACK PEELE GREGORY PETERSON DRUCILLA PETTEY WONDER HOW MANY heads Mr. Lloyd will have to add to his collection after he finishes grading these tests?DANA PETTIT DAVID POSEY KATHY RADCLIFFE DORTHY PIPPIN MARY PRICE MIKE RADCLIFFE SHARON PITTARD DOUGLAS PROFFITT PATRICIA RAINES ROBERT PITTS JOHN PUDDY CLEVELAND RATCLIFFE CAROLE POLK STEVEN PUGH ROBIN READ CONNIE REAMY DAN’ID REEL JOHN RENZI SUELLEN RIDGELY VALERIE RIVES DONNA ROACH KAREN ROBERTS MARY ROBINSON 70STEP, SCAT TESTS CLARIFY SUBJECT STRENGTHS SCOTT ROGERS DEREK ROY IONA THAN RL'SKIN RUTH SALZINGER THOMAS SAMPSON ELLEN SANDERS JANET SAUNDERS KATHLEEN SCHILLING MARY SCHLAC PAT SCHLAC AUSTIN SCHMIDI-MARK SCHNEDL MILLARD SELF TOMMY SELF JOHN SHIREY STEVE SHOLTIS BRYAN SI BOLD JIMMY SLIVINSKI JENNIFER SPARKS STEVE SPRACUE PATTY STONE MARIA STRICKLAND IF I WATER IT a little more, ma; s Chris Lamboume.FINAL YEAR LOOMS ON HORIZON FOR JUNIORS BETTY STROCK STEVE SUTTON IOAN SWARTZ EULA TEASDALE ROSE-MARIE TESSIER CALVIN THORPE LARRY TROXELL LINDA TRUMBLE ROBERT TYSON LINDA UNDERWOOD C ■ . . a . .v I MIKE VALOIS FRANK VARGA ZAN1E VERNON JAMES wayland LAWRENCE WAYLAND STEFANIE ANNTCCHIARICO TALKS Patti Stone into buying a Junior Class Card. PEGGY WEBBER JOANNE WENDEROTH 72 SANDY WEST OLLIE WESTBROOK"APPARENTLY. IT PAID TO advertise the Junior Class car wash,” say Ralph Barnett, Carman Osorio, and Chris Lambome. SUSAN WHEATON JANET WILBURN WILLIAM WILBURN CHARLES WILLIAMS MARY ELLEN REBECCA WOODS WOODLEY DEBBIE WILSON BOB WINKLER PAUL WOOD JAN WRIGHT JAN YOUNG GLEN ZELLER JOANNA ZUIDEMA JACKY BERNIER CONDUCTS a Junior Board meeting to get plans for the Holly Hop organized. 73LORENZO BARNES President PEGGY CORSO Vice President HILTON SETTLE DARLENE MILWARD Secretary Treasurer TIME AND EFFORT LEAD TO UPPERCLASS STATUS SOPHOMORE BOARD MEMBERS - Front Row: Emily Tumor, Brenda Breeden, Elaync Coppage, Alice Hudgins. Second Row: Debbie Scott, Laura Simpson. Sheila Miller, Don Krcamcr. Third Row: Don Mooney, Karl Smith, Marty Harvey, Howard Allen. MR. PADGETT Sponsor miss McKinney Sponsor Suddenly emerging as Sophomores with the opening of school in September, last year's Freshman class quickly discovered the added responsibilities of upperclass status. Class meetings and the election of class officers were the first order of business. The annual Sophomore Food Dances in November and the Toy Dances just prior to Christmas vacation provided added pleasure for members of the second-year class as well as joy to many of the needy in the community. Time literally flew by on the wings of mid-year exams, pep-rallies, the awards assembly (where many Sophomores were honored for outstanding achievements) and, in June, final examinations. All in all, it was a great year, and it was one long to be remembered. AT THE LAST moment Eddie Ross deflects a pass intended for Tom Brown. 74VASSIL ANTHONY ROBERT ANDREWS MARGARET BALDWIN STEPHANIE BASELER BARBARA BEIDELMAN BONNIE BATES STEFAN BONFICLIO ALAN BHADFIELD LOUISE BRASSEl'R ANDY BROW N DENNIS BROW N THOMAS ADAMS EDWARD ARTHUR SHELLEY BANDER LARRY BAXLEY RUSTINE JAMES BAZILUIK BOSTON DIANA BOWMAN RAY BRECAR BRENDA BREEDEN BRENDA HOWARD ALLEN ALEXANDER MARGARET BAIR CAROLYN ATKINS JAMIE BARRY LORENZO BARNES STANLEY BEASLEY ROSIE BEACH MICHAEL BOYD ROBERT BOVE CARLETTE JOHN BREEDEN BROOKS SALLY AKERS RITA ASBELL JILL BARATTA 75NEW GOALS PRESENT DIFFERENT HORIZONS SUE BURGESS VICKY CAMPBELL CAROLE CHESHIRE LUE CALLAHAN CHRIS CASTLE JULIAN CLARK KIE CAMPBELL DEBORAH CHAPMAN TERRY CLARKE CLYSTIE CLAUSEN JANE CLIFF THERESA CLOUSE DANA COBURN BUDDY COFFMAN ELAYNE COPPACE PEGGY CORSO SHARON COX LYDIA CROSS WILLIAM DAGEY REGINA DAVIS JUDY Dt-LAUDER CHARLES DeLISLE GAIL DELLINGER JOYCE DIGCS DIANNE DONALDSON WAYNE DONELSON KAY DOWDY DONNA DOWNS JANICE DOWNS CARY DRUMMOND 76JAMES EARLY JANET ENDERS LEROY EVERETT CORA EWINGS MARY FICKINCER EDDIE FORDHAM DONALD FRAVEL ALAN FRAZER LYNN FREEMAN ALLEN FURR MARY MARGARET GAINEY CHARLES CALLAHAN SHELIA CALLMAN SPENCER GARDNER MARCIA GARREN JAMES GORDON FAY GRIMES CHRISTOPHER GARRETT JOHN GREENE MARY HALTER PATRICIA GOLDEN WANDA GRIFFIN MARTHA HAMED JANELL HARDING ROBERTA HARRIS MARTY HARVEY COLBY HATCH BECKY HENSLEY JEAN HOLLIS JERRY HARRIS MARK HEDTKE MARGARET HOLLOWAY 77SOPHOMORES CREATE TIMELY CLASS IMAGE PAUL FEHR AND FRIENDS trip tlu light fantastic at the Food Dance that others might enjoy a happy Thanksgiving. JACKIE HAROUTTZ HENRIETTA CARRIE HOLMES HUTCHISON SUSAN HUGHES MATTHEW ELAINE JOHNSON JOHNSON ROSEANN HOWARD CAROL! N JACKSON BOR JOHNSON ALICE HUDGINS MARY JACKSON FRANCES JONES SANDY JENNINGS MARGARET JUAREZ KAREN KENDRICK WILLIAM KEARNEY WARREN KLUTZ KATHERINE KNIGHTING BRENDA JEWEL LARRY Ki i SI | STEVE KENNI DY PAULETTE KERCHENKO JANICE KNAPP KAREN KOZIOL 78DON KREAMER MADGE KREBS RONNIE VINCENT LEE MARILYN LEE HELEN LEWIS CATHERINE CARY MACANN LAWTHORNE NOREEN MASON OTIS McCLEES CAROLYN McKNlGHT LYNCH ALTON MARSTON SUAVE SOPHOMORES PASS SECOND SESSION KATHY McKNlGHT ATHOL MELLOTT SHEILA MILLER DARLENE M1LWARD GEORGE MONTI LOUIS MONZUK DON MOONEY CONNIE MOORE FRANK QUINN AND DIANNA JORDON enjoy themselves at the Sophomore Toy Dance . 79JAMES MOORE BETTYE NORMAN BOB PATTERSON ALICIA MORENO RICHARD NORRIS ROGER PAYNE JAMES MURRAY RICHARD NUHN GWENDOLYN PAYTON VICKI MYERS DANIEL NELSON RUTHANNE ANDREA ORSINI ED PACILIO NICHOLS VICKY PEEK CAROLINE PENN DOLLY PAINTER SHIRLEY PETERSON FERNANDO PEREZ DOROTHY PFEIFF RITA POLLARD MARTHA PROCTOR SCHERRY PUGH DEBORAH PULMAN SANDRA PUTMAN SHARON RAILEY FRANK RAMSEY BECKY RANDELL ELIZABETH REED BEV RHODES DONNA RICE WILLIAM ROBEY NANCY RODDA DEBBIE ROSS JEANETTE RUSS KAREN RUSSELL 80CLASS APPROACHES THIRD YEAR EAGERLY ROSEANNE SAITTA FRANK SCHEER JOHN SCOTT HILTON SETTLE NANCY SHANK KATHY SHUCK AMANDA SANDE1 MARK SCHILLING TOM SCOTT DIANE SELF GUINN SH1NCLETON GEORGE SIERS CHRISTOPHER SAUNDERS DEBBIE SCOTT FRANCIS SEIM MARGARET SHAPE MICHAEL SHOCKEY SHIRLEY SIERS LAURA SIMPSON DIANE SIRBERT GLENN SMITH STEWART SMITH JOYCE SOWA HILTON SETTLE DISCUSSES PLANS for the Easter Runny Hop with Sophomore Board members Steve Kennedy, Larry Baxley and Linda Stewart. WILLIAM SPILLMAN DIANNE SMITH JAMES SMITH PAMELA SMITH WILLIAM SMITH HAMMOND SNYDER JOHN SPEER LADONNA SPINNER 81JANET STANDLEY CAROL SULLIVAN PAT THOMAS LINDA VAUGHN ROBERT WESTBROOK BARBARA WORRELL JANET STANLEY MARI SULLIVAN SANDRA THOMAS PHILLIP WARREN GLORIA WICOLES WORTH MIKE WURTH NORMA STANLEY PAT SWISHER JACKIE TRENARY MARTHA WAUGH RACHEL WILKINS IMAM YAR BOUGH OCTAVI A STANTON JANE TAYLOR BILL TURNER JANICE WELLBORN DAVID WILLIAMS ROBERT YOUNG MILDRED STREET BEVERLY THOMAS COLENA TURNER JOYCE WEST IOYCELYN WILLIAMS MARY ZACK LUIS SUAREZ KENNETH THOMAS EMILY TURNER JANET WESTBROOK MARGARET WILLIAMS TERRY ZELLER 82. . AND DON'T FORGET you must have a can of food to lx- admitted to tlx1 Thanks-giving Dance," warns Sophomore Reporter Roseanne Saitta. SOPHOMORE GLIMPSES WE HAVE BEEN wondering about this picture for months. What do you suppose Mrs. Moreland is up to? WONDER WHAT MR. HILLMAN is doing? Do you suppose i.e's making out his Christmas list in September? "WHAT A BEAUTIFUL DAY. Why doesn't that hell ring?" dreams Boh Mullins at the close of school. 83TIME PASSES-FRESHMEN BECOME REAL PREXIES SUZANNE MILLER President BILL TURNER Vice-President SUSAN SANDERS Secretary ALLEN BATCH ELLER Treasurer "Room 527? It must lx- way over there." suggests Henry Ortiz to Martha Ortiz and Kevin McMichael as they enter George Washington High School for the first time as Freshmen. The TIME had. at long last arrived. It was early September. Almost six hundred new Freshmen trooped into the auditorium to hear Mr. Gamer explain the opening procedures at George Washington High School. Papers, directions and admonitions, seemed to descend on us from all directions. Yet. after a week of mild chaos, all the pieces suddenly fell into place and the ninth-graders slowly emerged as reasonable facsimiles of that which we would like to think of as genuine Prexies. A year has passed. To Ik sure some found the road a bit rocky at times. However, as Freshmen found themselves assuming their designated role in the great society we call school, an atmosphere of dignity and confidence became plainly evident. It was a wonderful year. FRESHMAN SPONSORS - Something funny must have just happened as Freshman Sponsors Mrs. Bird. Mrs. Moreland, and Mrs. Fleming map plans for the year ahead.HOMEROOM 121 — Front Row: Jane Snider, Nanci Sweeney, Rebecca Susan Swicegood, Rosie Stangcr, Olive Ann Smith, Bonnie Smith, Jan Smith, Sharon Stone, Patricia Tvler. Second Row: Vicki Steffey. Mary Alice Tablcr, Susan Slivinski, Jaimie Sue 'ennon, Betty Thacker, Brenda Varga, Lauren Rebecca Thomas, Charlettc Elois Stokes, Alecia Teel. Third Rote: Nlivs Danielson. Sharon Veeney, Debbie Smart. Patricia Starkey, Carolyn Steele. I ry Thomas, Deborah Thomas. Sandra Tolbert, Clenda Turk. Debbie Snider. HOMEROOM 125 — Front Row: Delmar Thomas, James Edward, Norman Tessier, David Underwood, Scott NVavland, Maris Tallev, Mark Thomann, Cleveland Teel. Jr. Second Row: Geoffrey Thomas, Ralph W'anzcr, Dennis Weaver, Joe Surkiewicz, Stillman Terry, Sandy Ward, Spencer Tibbs. Third Row: Mr. Woolf. John Wanener. N'cls Thomson, Dout Watts, Richard Tbnberialoe, Wayland Tayl -Greg Sullivan, Fred Taylor. 85HOMEROOM 132 — Front Row: Elizabeth Bonner, Cathy Braun. Annette Baker. Karen Almond, Hattie Brown. Ellen Britt, Sigrid Baker. Janet Allison. Second Row: Marvlinn Adams. Becky Black-well, Nlvra Addison. Linda Bragg, Diane Baxter, Denise Barbre, Debbie Barbre. Thelrecia Bullard. Third Row: Mrs. Fleming, Anita Allen, Dolores Bajusz, Jacquie Behrens, Beth Amcy, Vashti Boyd. Debby Brittain, Melanie Athey. NINTH GRADERS ADAPT READILY TO HIGH SCHOOL HOMEROOM 133— Front Row: James Hassmer, Jim Hawkins, Cordon, Norman Grav, Billy Hart, James Harris. Third Row: Mrs. Gordon Hanson. Dana Howard, Ray George, James Harrison. Bird. Walter Henderson, Cary Himes, Don Hines, Ossie Howard, Sccorul Row: Ham Hughe's, Bill Hottle, Charles Jackson, Mike Frank Hovcnnale. 86HOMEROOM 136— Front Rote: Connie Cox, Isabel! Davis, Cail Caryl, Diane Cox, Candy Cavanauh. Marian Deacle, Lenora Dean. Kathy Cummings. Second Row: Carolyn Clark, (Gloria Combs, Carol Chapman, Nancy Cassidy, Millie Coney, Betty Connor, Charlotte Comeil, Darlene Cooper. Third Row: Miss Sonosky, Shari Crum, Ernestine Craft, Patricia Crawford, Normc Copeland, Lois Carr, Judy Clarke, Patricia Cumming. HOMEROOM 140— Front Row: Patrick Riley, Mike Ratterrec, John Roberts, Cary Roach, Joe Rainsbergcr. Gary Roberts. Second Row: Billy Rav, Roger Reese, Gene Purdy, Earl Quash, Roy Rhodes, Phill Michael Reichenbach. Third Row: David Read, Thomas Powers. Bobby Pruitt. Bob Rempc, Donald Robinson. Freddy Allen Reckcr. Fourth Rote: Mr. Shiver, Chester Robinson. Clyde Robinson. Ronnie Rhoades, Stephen Ramos. Paul Phillips. 87INITIATIVE MARKS YEAR UNDER NEW SPONSORS IIOMKROOM 144— Front How: Amos Sims, Allen Sims. John Sims. Richard Strickland, I.arrv Shilling. Can Shilling. David Spittle. Karl Smith. Second How: Cecil Ross, William Squires, Frank Stephens, Glenn Shepherd. Kddie Steele, Matthew Scnnedl, Sid Stephenson, David Stetson, Michael Self. Third Row: Mrs. Pavno. Shelton Sanders. Jerry Struck. Mahendra Pal Singh, Charles Semonds. Roger Stovall. Steve Sibold, John Roy. IIOMKR(K)M 224 — Front How: Mike Anderson, Boh Mullins, Stephen Orndorff, Thomas Morgan. James Parker, Kevin Morgan. Second Hole: Alton Miller. Aaron Pearson, Jerry Patterson, Jimmy Aldridge. John Naylor, Mike Miller. Third How: Bobby Allen, Jerrv Motley, Robert A. Moses, Henrv Ortiz, I-cc Patterson, John Anderson. Fourth How: Mr. Herrod, James Oliver, Jem- Nelson, Gregory Miles, Roland Murphy, Mike Moore, Bryan Patrick. 88HOMEROOM 230 — Front Rote: Cathy Jones. Teresa Jennings, Stephanie Krvwieki, Becky Hoyle. Lvnne Keesee, Claudia Humphries, Diane Hummer. Second Rote: Sharon Johnson, Donna Jones, Lori Jorgenson, Karen Hutchinson, Darla Johnson, Dinell Irby. Mary Kennedy. Third Row: Marie Kelminskv, Joan Hyland. Marsha Lastie, Anna Lvnn Houchins. Gloria Isler, Mary Jones Shirley Kennedy. Fourth Row: Miss Watson, Lovenia Hylton. Dehra Hunnicutt, Bernice Jones, Rita Jarett. Jocelyn Jones. ACADEMIC TALENTS REVEALED IN BUSY YEAR “You lost your pass to the Freshman lounge? Well, go down this hall to the elevator, go up to the fourth floor and inquire at the information desk for the correct procedure to obtain another pass.” Aubrey Burton patiently explains to Lvnda Dossier. "Gee," sighs W e n d y Wende-roth. as she reaches for her locker combination. ”1 sure will he glad when I'm a Junior. Then my books will be thick enough for me to see my combination.” 89HOMEROOM 236 —Front How: Wayne Kuhl. David Kinnett, James E. Leonard, Frank Lefler, Kevin MeMichael, David Layman. Second How: William Lynch, James Lomax, Daniel Macklin, Phil McConchie, Lcaman Lewis, Russell Maness, David Jones. Third How: Terry Meccc, Andrew MeCavley, Roekv Major, Thelhert Lewis, John Marshall, Douglas Logan. Fourth How: Mrs. Van Orman. Jimmy Lesure, Stephen Killelea, (Jan- Mier, Marco Jones, Richard Klow. HOMEROOM 320— Front How: Susan Weintraub, Deborah Clare, Carla Whctzel, Pamela Wilkins. Frances Wise, Linda Watkins, Wendy Wcnderoth. Second How: Marie Wesley, Debby Wesley, Brenda Wilburn, Joanne Weaver, Mary Ann Yates, Robbie Wood-side. Third How: Mr. Jenkins. Leslie Vincent, Patsy Wilson. Kathy Yates, Dianne West, Linda Watson, Ruby Lee Worthy. 90CLUBS AND ACTIVITIES ACCENT BUSY FIRST YEAR HOMEROOM 325 — Front Row: Lvnn Mill, Suzanne Claab, Linda Hill. Reha Micks, Constance llopson, Sandra Green, Terry Geter, Debbie- Holmes. Second Rote: Miss Whittaker, Linda Sue Mitt, Janet Callahan, Ginny Callahan, Ronnie Higgins, Sue Hannan, Jeannette Gibson, Yolanda Galloway. Third Row: Barbara Hagan. Audi Graham, Jeannie Hooks, Charlene Goodrich, Shelby Haney. Julia Hoppe, Brenda Cochenour, Man1 Mile-. HOMEROOM .327 — Front Row: Vickie Ann McFctridgc, Catherine Miller, Chris Mitchell, Bonnie Miller, Carol Ix ng, Beverly Mickey, Thelma Lewis, Francinc Lewis. Second Row: Mrs. Wright, Brenda Mitchell, Carolyn Lewis, Suzanne Miller, Mary McConkey, Eunice Lisenbee, Dora Miller, Uene Moore-. Third Row: Gail Mac. Karen Mills, Susan McCowen, Margaret Markell, Marv Ellen Meehan. Betty Matthews, Vicky Lcfler. 91BIG BROTHERS AND SISTERS ASSIST FRESHMEN HOMEROOM 332—Front Ron: Stuart Ellis, Donald Dunaway, Alan Ellis, Roland Eaton, Mickcv Funkhouser. Gilbert Eiseman. Second Rote: Mrs. Moreland, Charles Frere, Billy Elliott. Melvin Eaton, Mike Edwards, James Fleslter, Cliarlcs Ferguson, Thornton Franklin. Third Row: Andrew Diggs, IJnwood Estes, tarry Fox, Ray Dunn, Mike Fitzgerald. Nathaniel Estes, Daniel Foxwell, Andrew Dodd, John Faulds, Alan Ferguson. HOMEROOM 340 — Front Row: Betty Denning, Susan Doyle, Lynda Dossier, Rebecca Dollins, Linda Fox. Second Row: Miss Thomas, Frances Dotson, Barlrna Dunn, Elizabeth Downer, Melody Foster. Third Row: Darlene Fischman, Vivian Louise Dewalt, Carolyn Evans, Teresa Foley, Linda DeLav, Linda Elliott. 92HOMEROOM .142 - Front Rote: Tex anna Patterson, Martha Ortiz, Dixie O’Neil, Cynthia Pollard. Brenda Parker. Third Row: Darlene ("indy Parent -, Lucy Orsini, Nancx- Pun ear, Roxann Ontko. Second Outten, Kathy Neff. June Mover, Penny Pavne, Lynn Palmer, Sarah Rote: Mrv Danford, Georgia Parker, Shirley Ottcns, Donna Neil, Peterson, Gracic Pendernross. HOMEROOM S-lA — Front Rote: Crain Zeller, Randy Worden. D n.dd White, Carl Willis. Second Rote: Mrv Iloehen. Donald jng. Charlie Floyd Threat, Dannv West, Robert Worthy. Third Row; Robert Zehrinj;, Davi l Whctzel, Tommy Younn. Gain Williams. 93HOMEROOM S-lC-Fronj Row: Phyllis Silcox, Jean Ricucci, Teresa Scott, Bobbie Skeens, Linda Inez Saunders, loan Riley, Susan Sanders. Second Row: Miss Lichtenberg, Carolvn Rogers, Christine Shilling, Patsy Roth, Kathryn Sanford, Anna Sands, Anita Roberts, Madonna Rumford, Bonnie Self. Third Row: Ilenc Schrott, Martha Ridgely, Barbara Shifflett, Susan Register. Gail Silliman, Carla Rice, Becky Seccuro, Carol Robey, La Verne Scott. HOMEROOM S-2 — Front Row: Harold Bruhn, Ruvsell Bywaters, John Coble, Ronnie Crablx-. Eddie Burton. Bernard Cash, Vernon C x»k. Second Row: Bennv Coffman, Tony Cooper, William Crouch, David Cyphers, Henry Coffman. Thomas Bvrd, Steve Clark. Third Row: Mr. Hollis, Charles Dennis, Perry Camplx-ll, Eddie Crews, Ray Brown, John Cassidy, Gerald Comiskv. 94HOMEROOM S-9 — Front Row: Frank Alexander. Calvin Bates. Charles Atkins. Ccorge Beall, James Bates, David Bonk, Kale Averv. Second Rote: Mr. Grove, Jim Asbell, Greg Bertschinger, Steve Branam, Steve Beavers, Ronald Baker. Third Rote: Paul Allen, Ken Titus Breeding, Marvin Beander, Joseph Brown, Cordell Bi-Ik, Tommy Asbell. FROSH DISPLAY ENTHUSIASM, AWAIT NEW YEAR HOMEROOM Cafeteria — Front Rote: Maria Downey, Effic Randolph, Diane Hatton. Shirley Ann Gibson, Lynn Mizuno, Charlotte Reed, Bonnie Louise Callan. Linda Reedv. Patricia Preslev. Second Rote: Mr. Ashley, Christine McClure. Paula Leonard. Roslvn Bell, Doris Boggan, Debra Callowav, Delsorah Bond. Terrv McCauley. Third Row: Lisa Deiderich. Mary Frazier. Annette Lowe. Sarah Jane Bostick. Virginia Eaton. Annie Cardan, Donna Raines. Laura Ferer. Rita Freeman. 9596With the increase in leisure TIME in American life, the extra-curricular program of the high school has, during the past couple of decades, been greatly expanded. George Washington High School has been one of the leaders in this trend. Clubs, plays, musicals and many other worthwhile leisure-time activities provide ample opportunity for all students to find their likings and aptitudes as they approach adult life. A C T I V I T I E S 97TODAY’S STUDENT EXECUTIVES ARE LEADERS PRESIDENT Mike McCUntodc FIRST VICE-PRESIDENT Steve Barnette SECOND VICE-PRESIDENT Karen Mcdlin SECRETARY Jacky Benner SPONSOR Mr. Gregory THE IMPORTANCE OF the Student Council of George Washington High School is widely recognized. Its activities have been greatly expanded recently. As a training center for students in self-government, it cannot be equalled. Its continual efforts to promote and encourage cooperation between faculty and the student body arc evident on every hand in the fine spirit and attitudes exhibited by the vast majority of students. Honor and good sportsmanship are promoted at every opportunity. Among the many activities sponsored by Student Council are dances. Key Club and Kevettes. The student director)' and regulation of class office elections also occupy important places on the Council’s agenda. MIKE McCLINTOCK SPEAKING to the student body at a pep rally. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE - Front Row: Peggy Corso. Betty Nixon, Susan Griffin, Karen Mcdlin, Jacky Bernier, Kathy Bernier. Back Row: Hilton Settle, Steve Bamette, Punky Woollum. THE HONOR AND DISCIPLINE Committee in session with Karen Mcdlin and Steve Barnette presiding.OF TOMORROW’S GOVERNMENT AND BUSINESS SENIORS — Front Row: Barbara Burton, Dcbby Paul, Judi Brown, Vicki Foss. Matenia Sakell, Mary Watford, Beth Oruits. Second Row: Bob Kelly, Jon Miller, J«xly Warren, Dennis Cordell, Fred Salzinger, Bill Swisher. Third Row: Don Frazer, Jini Herl)ert, Bud Alexander. JUNIORS — Front Row: Janie Miller, Jane Coleman, Sharon Thax ton. Audrey Kiser. Jan Young, Elaina Fromm. Second Row: Bob Hicks. James Wayland, Bettie Jenkins. Linda Harriman, Sue Ridgely, Betty Baz .le, Sonny Bonner. Third Row: Bert David, Nick Lamp-shire, Austin Schmidt, Larry Caldwell, Duane McMaster, Steve Pugh. SOPHOMORE — Front Row: Vicki Myers. Jackie Trenary, Debbie Scott, Jane Cliff, Brenda Alexander. Kay Dowdy, Karen Kendrick, Janet Stanley. Second Row: George Edwards, Don Mooney, Spence Gardner, William Turner, Howard Allen, Andy Brown, Stewart Smith. 99 FRESHMEN — Front Row: Bonnie Miller. Candy Cavan a .rh. Distance Hopson, Melanie Atliev, Glenda Turk. Roxann On!I Row: Frank Alexander, Susan Sanders, Rita Freeman. railings, Melody Foster, Robbie Woodside, Lynn Hill. Thr Mike Moore, Cairv Williams. Joseph Surkiewicz, Jimmy Crockett, Charles Jackson, Gary Mier, Don Dunaway. STEVE BARNETTE IS writing some hasty notes for a Student Council Meeting. BOB KELLY. BUD ALEXANDER, and Jim Crichton are preparing for a Student Council Meeting.SAFE DRIVING COMMITTEE—S Ming: Maureen Law. son and Joan Kozcl. Standing: Steve Barnette, Dennis Cordell and Ronnie Van Sisc. PEP COMMITTEE-LARGEST STANDING MEMBERSHIP IN THE SCHOOL. STUDENTS ENCOURAGE SAFETY AND SPIRIT The newly formed Safe Driving Committee was part of an ambitious Student Council program to improve students' driving habits. Chairman Maureen Lawson instituted plans for Safe Driving Week to lx held during the school year during which GW-ites would have an opportunity to demonstrate their skills and driving proficiency. Modeled on similar arrangements in other area high schools, the plan was suggested to Student Council leaders at a University of Maryland conference in September of 1965. The Alexandria Police Department and the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles have agreed to aid the high schools in their endeavors. CATHY HARINCER OF the Pep Committee, and Susan Gridin and Steve Barnette of the Safe Driving Committee begin a week-long emphasis of safety and good driving habits. The George Washington Pep Committee, which numbers over one hundred and fifty, and is responsible for publicizing games, organizating pep rallies, and planning Homecoming, meets on Wednesdays in the Auditorium. Chairman Susan Griffin and the sponsors have done an outstanding job of tapping the massive reservoir of spirit and energy that is the GW student body. Our fans and supporters owe their thanks for GW's outstanding seasons, at least in part, to the wonderful job the Committee has done. 100TEAM BOOSTERS SPUR CAGERS ON TO VICTORY SUNSHINE BOYS The George Washington Sunshine Boys, now in their third year, have continued to provide the outstanding displays of spirit and good sportsmanship that have led to the formation of similar groups in many of the high schools in Northern Virginia. The lx ys can boast the distinction of having attended every GW basketball game, away and home, since their conception. They were joined this year by the Prexyettes who added considerably to the overall impression of this dedicated and spirited group. With a wild clapping of hands and stamping of feet, the Sunshine Boys ami Prexyettes send their team onto the court with a fervored, “Go, go, go. go . . ." With the GW fans cheenr.g Ka oc. Ralph Barnette goes for a long 'hot during the T C- V:.‘ua game, getting the hall away over the outstretched arms of Milton Washington. SUNSHINE BOYS — Front Rote: Mike Kentcs, Aubrey Burton, Raymond Hubbard. Second Row: Tom Couples, Alan Griggs, David Evans, Steve Craddock, Bill Ray, Dennis Cordell. Mike Erwin. Third Row: Ollie Westbrook, Terry Green, John Smith, Don Frazer, Dick Poole. Joe Sheridan. Fourth Row: Charles Jackson. Joseph Parker, Carl Burba, Clay Bush, Paul Fehr, John D'Elia. Fifth Row: James Dooley, James Parker.Front Row: Stefan Bonfiglio, Wes Schmidt, John Ruskin. Second Third Row: Dave Longfellow, Mike McClintock, Mike Erwin, Jack Row: Octavia Stanton, Dale Stewart, Aubrey Burton, John Conner. Pcele, Nicki Croghan, Elinor Yates. PERSUASIVE ORATORS PRESENT ARGUMENTS IT'S ACADEMIC DEBATE CLUB WITH A DISPLAY of both negative and positive arguments that, at times, completely disarmed the oppositions statements, George Washington’s debaters enjoyed an unusually fine year. With carefully planned and presented discourses, they parried the contentions of their opponents with ease time after time and favorably impressed the judges with the clarity and conviction of their presentations. Front Row: Mike Erwin, David Longfellow, Richard Poole. Sec-in Ron. Moderator Mac McCarty of NBC Station WRC, Mr'. Blanche Meadows. “. . . AND, FURTHERMORE, WF. intend to prove beyond a doubt that the arguments of our opponents arc biased, misleading, filled with implications and based upon false premises." indignantly expounds John Conner as he prepares for a debate. 102SCHOLARS POINT TALENTS TOWARD COLLEGE QUILL AND PALM The qualifications for the National Honor Society present a challenge to the students. Each year GW seems to produce a large number. Not only do the mem-l ers have to maintain a 92 average or better, be in at least the second semester of their junior year, but they must possess outstanding qualities of character, leadership, and responsibility. To be a member of the club is indeed a high honor. MISS CALLAHAN TOM HAWLEY President DENNIS CORDELL JANICE CHAPPELL SEEMS to l c doing all the work while Dennis Cordell appears to be intent on more interesting things. o r B 7» a tihd MIKE ERWIN DON FRAZER BECKY CILES CAROL GRAHAM STEVE HASSMER JANICE CHAPPELL Treasurer STEVE CRADDOCK CATHY BARBARA HARINCER BURTON Secretary SANDRA DIXON CARRIE DAWSON SOME OF THE important provisions of the Quill and Palm Charter are being pointed out to Carol Craham by Don Frazer. BAIRD OLDFIELD KYLE WARRENOUTSTANDING WRITERS WIN COVETED HONOR, QUILL AND SCROLL The three publications of George Washington High School have, for many years, captured many honors. Credit for this must go to those who make up the staffs of the Surveyor, the Little Hatchet and the COMPASS. Quill and Scroll is the school’s way of recognizing students of these staffs who have been outstanding and, at the same time, have maintained an above-average scholastic record. JEN LUCAS President ISABELLE KREBS Secret ary-Treasu rcr JOYCE BURCHAM Vice-President DON FRAZER Membership Chairman I ,k i I iiiaiUffr STEF BOAZ CULLEN JONES VICKI FOSS DAVID LONGFELLOW QUILL AND SCROLL OFFICERS: Don Frazer, Membership Chairman; Isabelle Krebs, Secretary-Treasurer; Jen Lucas, President; Joyce Bttrcham, Vice-President. MIKE WAYNE RENNER AUSTIN SCHMIDT McCLINTOCK SUZANNE KYLE WARREN BOB SLATE SWANNELL TOM HAWLEY Cj ONE OF THE LITERARY publications of the Quill and Scroll is the Last Will and Testament. Here Stef Boaz and Tom Hawley censor the submissions.COLLEGE SETTINGS ENHANCE STATE SESSIONS WONDER WHAT PLEASANT memories were recalled by the program of last summers Bovs' and Girls’ State that David Longfellow and Cerry Ayres just happened to have when we snapped their picture? "GUESS MOM AND DAD have forgotten all about me," complains Steve Hassmer as he looks in vain for a letter from home. BOYS' AND GIRLS' STATE Ten girls and eight boys captured the highly-prized honor of representing George Washington High School at Boys and Girls' State, held at William and Mary and Radford early in the summer of 1965. With many opportunities to view, and participate in, the democratic processes as they are applied in the governing of the State of Virginia, the representatives were in unanimous accord upon their return home that this was one of the great experiences of their high school careers. Outstanding and well-known speakers in state offices spoke at many of the sessions and gave the delegates a much clearer picture of the state's operation than could he obtained in any other way. GIRLS' STATE—Front Row: Kathy Bernier, Karen Medlin, Maureen Lawson, Norma Scripture. Rack Row: Peggy Francis, Kylr Warren, Cathy Haringcr, Linda Gorham, Jane Pfeiff. BOVS’ STATE—Front Row: Don Frazer. Dennis Cordell, Steve Hassmer, Baird Oldfield. Rack Row: Mike Erwin, Bob Slate, Tom Hawley. 105PARTIES AND SPEECH HIGHLIGHT VIVID YEAR TOM HAWLEY President CATHY HARINGER Secretary DENNIS CORDELL Vice-President MIKE ERWIN Treasurer SPANISH HONOR SOCIETY In order to Ik a member of the Spanish Honor Society, each student must have completed three semesters of Spanish and maintained a “B" average in the course. This year they honored a visitor from the Embassy of Uruguay at their first meeting. At Christmas time a party was given for our foreign exchange student, Carmen Osorio. SUE CASH SALLY CUMISKY LOUISE FORNES DON FRAZER DIANE GREENSPAN STEVE HASSMER CHARLEY HAYWARD LOUIS MACKALL "NOT ENOUGH CHII.I sauce,” comments Carmen Osorio to Ann Truly and Jody NlcCovvcn at the Spanish Christmas party. 106 BOB SLATE ANN TRULYTHESPIANS MISS SHEFTIC Sponsor LANI NOVAK President Representing one hundred hours of work, ten points in acting and averaging a grade of 85, this group of talented students keep up the GW drama standards. Their purpose is to stimulate interest in the theatre through one act plays and the annual musical. PERFORMERS PROMOTE THEATRICAL INTERESTS THE STAGE HANDS PLAY a vital part in the production of any play. Elaina Fromm, Donna Rice and Tenia Sakell learn to operate the mechanisms. REHEARSING A SKIT, the group takes some helpful directing from Mike McClintoek. 7 • AH. DEMOSTHENES WHAT do I see on yonder Grecian hill?" inquires Donna Rice of Mike McClintoek MIKE McCLINTOCK Vice-President ELAINA FROMM TENIA SAKELL Treasurer DONNA RICE 107PRETTY GIRLS AND HORSE AND BUGGY QUEEN’S SENIOR ATTENDAN Beth Omits JUNIOR ATTENDAN Marie Patrick 108ADD GLAMOUR TO HOMECOMING PAGEANT NICKI CROCHAN SEEMS TO ENJOY driving Queen Kathy and her escort. Bob Kelly, on her appointed route. One of the highlights of the school year is the crowning of the Homecoming Queen. This year the coronation was enhanced by a horse and buggy used to convey Her Majesty on a tour of the stadium that her subjects might have a better opportunity to see her. CROWNED BY HER FATHER, Kathy accepts her bouquet and begins her reign as queen. 109 HOMECOMING QUEEN - KATHY BERNIER.CO-CAPTAIN JERRY HUDSON crowns Queen Sherry Croyle as her escort, Richard Sharp, and Captain Stove Wannall look on. WITH HER USUAL smile. Queen Sherry greets the football crowd as she rides around the stadium at halftime. WELFARE AND AID KEYNOTE RED CROSS YEAR RED CROSS 110SONG BIRDS CAP BUSY YEAR WITH MAY CONCERT CHOIR STUART ELLIS, STEPHEN McKNICIIT, Peggy Webber and Lani Novak try for the high notes. The choir members, meeting each day during third period, concentrate on developing a musical background. Among their activities this year was the dedication of T. C. Williams High School and their annual Christmas Concert, both in December. Working together with the other Alexandria high schools, the chorus attended a clinic in February. CHOIR OFFICERS — Left to Rieht: Matcnia Sakell, Vice-President. Janice Keith, Librarian; Paula Miller. Librarian; Norma Scripture. Secretary; Maureen Lawson, Treasurer; Sherry Croyle, President. CHOIR MEMBERS - First Row: Maureen Lawson. Sherry Croyle, Lani Novak. Peggie Webber, Paula Miller. Norma Scripture, Sally .Soles, Marcia Nelson. Second Row: Don Denison, Janice Keith, Jeanette Watson, Rustine Boston, Stef Boaz, Sheila Foote, Pat Lunceford. Third Row: Kenneth Ross. Mike Ashton. David Read. Ronnie Shipe, Stuart Ellis. Stephen McKnight. Fourth Row: Chris Coss, Ray Golden, Don Mooney, Larry Holmes.DAVID LONGFELLOW Editor-in-Chief LYNDA SNYDER Assistant Editor MR. WILLIAMS COMPASS Sponsor MRS. HOUCHINS COMPASS Ad Staff MR. TRUITT Business Sponsor CHRIS CONI.ON Typist WILLIAM DeWALT CINNIE Photographer DOMBROSKI Typist EL AIN A I-ROMM Art Editor MIKE IIARMAN Photographer THERESA HUTTLINGER Faculty Editor TIMES REFLECTED AND EXAMINED BY BUSY STAFF CULLEN JONES Senior Advisor BOB KELLY Sports Editor AUDREY KISER PAT LUNCEFORD MARIE PATRICK Junior Class Editor Freshman Class Editor Sophomore Class Editor JACK PEELE Senior Class Editor JOHN PUDDY Activities Editor WAYNE RENNER Faculty Editor SUELLEN RIDCELY Activities Editor EULA TEASDALE Activities Editor AS THEY PREPARE the index for the 1966 Compass, Ginnie Dom-broski and Chris Conlon appear to lx- amused by an unusual name. AD STAFF — First Row: Wendy Woodsidc, Barbara Byrne, Suzanne Miller, Marie Robertson. Sandy Morris, Bonnie Renshaw. Second Row: Mary Callahan, Rosemary Horgan, Catherine Peterson. Sally Soles. Chris Conlon, Stefanie Annicchiarico, Vicki Foss, Nickic Croghan, Carolyn Humphries.ANNUAL MIRRORS YEAR OF PROMINENT CHANGES COMPASS With several hundred students to T. C. Williams High School and many who formerly were enrolled at Parker-Gray High School taking their place, it was plainly evident when school opened last September that our school had experienced a major student personnel change. In the 1966 Compass we have attempted to display the story of this change in words and pictures in the best and most complete fashion possible. We wish to thank Stephanie Baseler and William Kearney for their help and assistance in completing many time-consuming details. CULLEN JONHS LOOKS off into the distance for an idea, as Jack Pcele really throws himself into the task of completing a difficult page layout. MR. PERRY SUGGESTS a world of colors for the yearbook cover, preferably blue and gold. IDENTIFYING INDIVIDUALS IN pictures proves perplexing for Pat Lunceford. JOHN PUDDY SEARCHES for a thought. Hula Teasdale ponders over an Activities question.YOUNG JOURNALISTS COVER GW NEWS BEAT SURVEYOR Under the direction of Mrs. Hochcn and Kyle Warren. this year’s SURVEYOR staff has compiled an amazing number of literary conquests. Memories of incisive editorials and uproariously funny cartoons on controversial subjects will go with the SURVEYOR'S many subscribers as they wander through TIME. Also, an integral part of such memories will l c SCAnoramas and Carmen Osorio's bi-weekly articles. It is a tribute to editors, reporters and sponsors alike that the SURVEYOR has passed the final test of a school publication: it has affected its subscribers lives and will 1)0 remembered by them. MOIRA KILLELEA. LINDA GORHAM and Fred Salzinger seem to lx enjoying themselves as they pound out a few more paragraphs of the SURVEYOR'S up-to-the-minute news. MRS. ELLEN HOCHEN Sponsor MR. CHARLES W. DRURY Instructor of Printing KYLE WARREN Editor STEFF BOAZ SARA FLESHER LINDA GORHAM TOM HAWLEY JIM IIEMEON MOIRA KILLELEA KATHY LEAVENS MIKE McCONCHIE DEBBY PAUL JANIE PFEIFF FRED SALZINCER SANDY SASSOON JOSEPH WARREN 114THE LITTLE HATCHET ALWAYS awards a ten dollar first prize to the winner of its short-story contest. This year, Isahelle Krebs presented the check to Mike Erwin, a Senior. AUSTIN SCHMIDT. THE EIGHTH member of the staff, is committing the unpardonable sin of spending valuable class time reading C.W’s OTHER PUBLICATION! STORIES, POETRY FILL SEMI-ANNUAL ISSUES LITTLE HATCHET The 1965-1966 LITTLE HATCHET, George Washington High School’s literary magazine, is one of the few student-produced and student-printed literary publications in Virginia. Its numerous examples of student talent and fine layout combine to make it an outstanding publication. Again this year it sponsored a short stop.’ contest. Through the years this has become a tradition to which many aspiring writers enter well-written and informative compositions. As usual, Mike Erwin, the winner of this year’s prize, displayed his fine talent in his winning essay. Because of the fine work included in the LITTLE HATCHET its circulation has increased noticeably. MRS. ELLYN HOCHEN Sponsor ISABELLE KREBS Editor VICTORIA FOSS DONALD FRAZER ELIZABETH KIEFERLE JEN LUCAS 115 ROBERT SLATE CAROLINE WEDDINGFRENCH CLUB MEMBERS — Front Row: Jon Ruskin, Elizabeth Reed. Susan Hughes, Madge Krebs. Jim llassmer, Carolyn Humphries. Second Row: Eula Tcasdak . Kathy Schilling, Mary Lay, Jeanette Rice. Jeanette Russ. Alv Moreno. Chris Conlnn. Third Row: Susan Wheaton, Suellcn Ridgcly, Beth Amey, Isabelle Krebs. Elizal cth Kieferle, Charlotte Wolford. Pam Woodside. Fourth Rote: Carl Ziegler, Drucilla Pettey. Martha Ridgely, Anita Allen. Jaelcv Bernier, Lani Novak, Jan Young. Fifth Row: Hilton Settle, Rick Xulin, Michael Miller, David I.iggio, Ruthanne Nichols, Mary McConkey, Jim Kady, Mark Schilling. FRENCH CLUB Interest in the activities of the French Club has increased noticeably in the past two or three years. With Paris and all of France now readily accessible, interest in the French language, people, their culture and government has assumed an important spot in the program of the language department. As in the past, the club made a scrapbook again this year for a French school. This scrapbook contained information on American schools. The club also, sponsored a foreign language assembly and had luncheon at a French restaurant in Washington, D. C. lie QUEL BEAU TABLEAU! dit Jeannette Rice. MABEL HULL admires a poster of Notre Dame cathedral in Paris. FRENCH CLUB OFFICERS - Sitting: Kyle Warren, President. Standing: Rosemarie Tessier, Secretary; Tenia Sakell, Vice-President; Cinnie Domhroski, Parliamentarian; Mary Ellen Woodley, Publicity Chairman; Elaina Fromm, Treasurer.LATIN CLUB PLAY BRINGS BACK GLITTER OF ROME "LATIN? WHO SAYS IT ISN’T interesting?” observes Stuart Ellis. LATIN CLUB Besides personal fulfillment, the purpose of Latin Club is the further encouragement in the study of Latin and to promote interest in the subject. Throughout the years the Latin Club has delighted the student body with its plays. This year was highlighted with another outstanding performance. Other activities that have taken place this year are the annual Latin Club picnic, Saturnalia, and a banquet. LATIN CLUB OFFICERS - Tinker Penn, Secretary; Roddy Pitta. Treasurer; Cullen Jones, Vice-President; Jody Warren, President. LATIN CLUB MEMBERS - Front Row: Margaret Moran. Cerri Valois, Dale Stewart, John Walsh. Second Row: Linda Van Reiith, Carol Graham, Becky Giles, Sally Cumisky, Robert Bruce Reynolds, Third Row: Bill Kelly, Stuart Ellis. John Jones. Curtis I.. Pittman. Fourth Row: Ray Jensen, John Smith, Don Webster.LINGUISTS CONCENTRATE ON CULTURE, SPANISH CLUB George Washington’s Iberian enthusiasts managed to cram a fantastic number of activities and projects into another school year. Among these were the annual Christmas party, complete with pinata, dance, and a movie, loaned by the llx rian Airlines. Student Council president, Mike McClintock, presented a talk on his 1965 summer trip to Mexico and Central America. The members and officers rounded out the year with the annual club picnic. Under the guidance of Mrs. Lynn, their sponsor, the students ran their meetings according to the rules of parliamentary procedure. ALICE HUDGINS PROUDLY locates the ol»scure hamlet of Muchas Charcos for the attentive club memlxTs. SPANISH CLUB OFFICERS - Sitline: Boh Slate, Vice President. Ann Tnilv, President. Standing; Debbie Paul, Ronald Van Sisc, Sandra Sassoon. SPANISH CLUB MEMBERS — Front Rote: Sandy Jennings, Rose-anne Saitta. Dianne Smith. Colhv Hatch. Second Rote: Alice Hudgins, Jane Cliff. Darlene Milward, Pixie Gainey. Third Rote: IX-hhic Scott. Bonnie Bates, Karen Burke. William Dacey, Charley I lays'ard. Fourth Rote: Pat l.uncvford. Janet Stanley. Margaret Graham. Wayne Renner. Fifth Rote: Tom Sampson. Sharon Bander, Bill Roy, Tony Suarez, Billy Combs. 118PEDAGOGUES-TO-BE TOUR TEACHERS COLLEGE GERMAN CI.t'B OFFICERS - Sitting: Baird Ol-fidd, President. Standing: Debbie Chapman, Liz Holloway, Cathy Ifaringcr. F.T.A. OFFICERS — Sitting: Sharon Pittard. President; Standing: Eula Teasdale, Vice-President; Sue McCuinn, Treasurer; Nonna Scripture, Secretary. GERMAN PRODUCTIONS TRULY “WUNDERBAR” GERMAN CI.t'B — Front Rnu. Sarah Sweeney, Christine McGinn-. i .mi Novak. Cathy 1 nes Roto; Rose-Marie Tessicr, Jacky Bernier, Isa bell K s. M Braun. Third Roto: Neale Ain field, Bert Smith, Paul Fredctte. Vance Tucker. 119 Those GW-ites who aspire to filling the old and nohle occupations that are teachers’ could find at least partial fulfillment in the activities of the Future Teachers of America, who met in room 343 every other month. The year was highlighted by the traditional faculty-coffee hour and the annual trip to a nearby college to study the teaching procedures at that level. F.T.A. CLUB MEMBERS - Front Row: Karen Russell. Janice Downs. Second Row: Sharon Ruppcrt, Stephanie Basclcr. Pat Lunceford. Third Row: Diane Greenspan, Sandy Jordon, Sheila Foote. Fourth Row: Joyce Dakin. Margaret Moran.ASTRONOMY CLUB MEMBERS—Front Row: Scott Wayland, Jon Melody Foster, Catherine Miller, Bonnie Higgins. Third Row: Buskin, Marsha Lastik, Audi Graham. Second Row: Charlotte Gee, Carol Robey, Carole Folk, Susan Sanders. SKYGAZERS KEEP PACE WITH TITANS, ASTRONOMY CLUB AGENAS, MOON GWs most air-minded club found much to discuss and praise in what national news media termed the U.S.’s "most dynamic year in space since Sputnik”. As our astronauts conquered the problems of "walking” in space, mid-orbital rendezvous, and accurate photography of the wonders of the universe, the Astronomy Club followed and studied developments with professional interest. Under Miss Whittakers guidance, the members soon boasted familiarity with the many mysteries of space. CLUB OFFICERS Cinnic Dombrcski, President; Steff Boaz, V. Pres.; Sue McCtiinn, Secretary; and N'ita Wright, Treasurer, demonstrate the understanding of scientific techniques and principles that led to their election. WE HAVE NEVER ceased to he amazed at Jon Ruskin's ability to inform and astound other members, such as Andi Graham, with little more than a pencil and an “USAF Lunar Reference Mosaic."PREXIES HONORED FOR PERSUASIVE ARGUMENTS, FORENSIC ABILITIES GW’S RADIO PERSONALITIES. Mike NlcClintock and Dave Longfellow seem little the worse for wear after completing their individual appearances on WWDC Radio’s discussion program, "Our Two Cents.” THE NATIONAL FORENSIC LEAGUE, GW’s recently established fifth honor society, now boasts five members who have reached the necessary point total for the Degree of Merit; from the left: Steffan Bonfiglio, Mike Erwin. Mike McClintock, Dave Longfellow and Aubrey Burton. KATHY IIARINGER (left) and Steve Hassmer excelled in individual oratory as they placed second in the Veterans of Foreign Wars — Voice of Democracy Contest and first in the American Legion City Oratorical Contest, respectively. DAVE LONGFELLOW WAS just telling us about the experience he and Mike Erwin shared in winning the "distinguished" rating at the U. of Va. Conference on Current Affairs when we snaped this picture. 121MR. DORSEY AKERS, President of George Washington High School P.T.A., goes over his speech notes as he opens American Education Week by urging students to make the most of their educational opportunities so as to lx better prepared to take their places in tomorrow's world. DR. JOHN ALBOHM, Superintendent of Schools, spoke on the worth of investing one’s early years in getting a good educational foundation for a happy adult life. He urged students to remain in school and graduate. COMMUNITY LEADERS SALUTE EDUCATION WEEK MR. FRANK MANN (seated), mayor of the City of Alexandria, is briefed on program plans by Mrs. Van Orman, school chairman for American Education Week; Mike McClintock, president of Student Council, and Mr. Gamer, just Ixfore speaking on the relationship of a dynamic community and its schools. FORMER CRADUATE, Mr. Norman Schrott (standing left), successful local business man, returned to George Washington High School to explain that one’s education does not end with graduation from high school. Mr. Gamer (seated), Mrs. Van Orman and Mike McClintock go over American Education Week plans with Mr. Schrott. American Education Week in November was, again, marked by a display on the school lawn as well as posters throughout the school. The theme for this year was "Invest in Learning”. A subject to which this general theme referred was discussed during the opening exercises each morning. Among those who spoke on successive days were Mr. Dorsey Akers, president of George Washington High School P.T.A., Dr. John Albohm, Superintendent of Schools, Mr. Norman Schrott. member of the School Board and Mayor Frank Mann of the City of Alexandria. 122DOMESTIC ISSUES HEAD WORLD EVENTS SLATE WORLD EVENTS CLUB In the midst of an era of world-wide strife, space exploration and valiant efforts on the part of the United Nations and other peace organizations to bring about some semblance of order in a war-torn world, the World Events Club has consistently presented a worthwhile, as well as a constructive, program. As might lx expected, current affairs, both national and foreign, have claimed the attention of the meetings which arc usually attended hv thirty to fifty memlxTS. In addition to outside speakers, trips to embassies and government agencies, the club also cooperated with the American Foreign Service organization. The year was closed with a picnic. THE OFFICERS AND SPONSOR of the World Events Club complete their plans for the clfib year. I-eft to right, Cathy Har-ringer, Treasurer; Steve llassmer, Vice-President; Lani Novak, President; Miss Baugh, Sponsor; Cinnie Doinbroski, Parliamentarian and Dale Stewart, Secretary. IT WAS ONE OF laini Novak’s pleasant duties as president to welcome her father when Colonel Novak appeared In-fore the World Events Chib to discuss the growth of Communism throughout the world. VIETNAM, AND NATO, DEFENSE DOMINATE DISCUSSIONS WORI.D EVENTS CLUB—First Row: Tim Warren, Jim llassmer. Carmen Osorio, Chris Conlon, Carolyn Humphries, Carol Sedln-rry, Mary Watford, Eula Teasdale. Second Rote: Nicki Croghan, Joyce Burcham. Matenia Sakell, Sally Akers, Sally Criffin, Liz Holloway. Jacky Bernier, Mary by. Third Rote: Susan Wheaton. Joan Kozel, Donnie Webster, Mark Schilling, Liz Kicferle, Isabelle Krebs, Sandy Sassoon. Fourth Rote: David Longfellow, Cullen Jones, Sue Cash, Judy McFadden. Wesley Schmidt. Ronnie Van Sisc. Fifth Row: Ruthanne Nichols, Charles Simonds, Mike Miller. Mike Erwin, Jim Kady.NEW TALENT BRIGHTENS STAGE PRODUCTIONS EVE-SHADOW AND grease paint attract Doug Steven’s attention as Cathy Jones makes up for a play. DRAMA CLUB MEMBERS—Front Row: Liz Dickson, Karen Schnctzlcr, Ellen Nalls, Elaina Fromm, Kathy Worley, Matcnia Sakcll. Second Row: Susan Wheaton, Margaret Moran, Linda Van Reuth, Cathy Jones, Barbara Byrne, Caroline Wedding. Third Row: Lynda Snyder, Suellen Ridgely, Mary Watford, Valerie Pellard, Sally Akers, Karen Koziol, Lani Novak. Fourth Row: Stef Boaz, Ted Smith, John Markin, Judy Mc-Fadden, Sandy Sassoon, David Liggio. Fifth Row: Mike Me-Clintock, Dave Longfellow. REMORSE AND REGRET show plainly on Sally Soles' face as she rehearses for a serious dramatic role under Miss Rascoe’s tutelage. 124AS ‘BELLS ARE RINGING’ CLOSES GREAT SEASONS DRAMA CLUB With new talent coining to the fore with each succeeding production during the past year, the Drama Club closed another most successful season with the great presentation of “The Bells Arc Binging". With many hours of rehearsals and extensive and varied backstage work behind them, the members of the club presented several other equally outstanding performances throughout the year. Some diffculty was anticipated as longtime sponsor Miss Sheftic left GW at the end of the first semester. Such fears soon proved to be groundless as the new coach, Miss Rascoc, skillfully took over where Miss Sheftic’s influence ended. The club's influence spread far beyond its own province as highly skilled student actors exercised their talent in every conceivable facet of scholastic productions. Members appeared in the FBLA Talent Show and “Echo”. Learning to smear grease paint isn’t as simple as it might seem. Costumes, make-up. directing and plain hard work, mixed with liberal portions of anxiety, all go into successful performances. NINETY PF.R CENT of every production is the memorization of lines. Sally Akers and David Lig-gio take a final glance at the script before rehearsing a skit for the annual Drama Club play. "CANT YOU SEE that this a a very serious situation in the play?” Miss Rascoc reminds Rick Ellis and Karen Koziol. Caroline Wedding listens attentively in the background. 123HOME PLANNERS LOOK AT FUTURE SUBURBIA F.HA. In this TIME and age when some young girls lack knowledge in basic homemaking, FHA members .are increasing their knowledge of culinary and womanly talents. In order to further interest in home economics and good family relations, the Future Home Makers of America sponsored Bakc-a-Thon and Spring Fashion Show this past year. Hoping to improve their talents in home making, they continued to sponsor activities that promoted a growing appreciation of home making. Attendance at national conventions is also important in producing a well-rounded future home maker. "WHO SAYS THIS IS wash'n wear?” demands Wilabc Harrison as she solves some pressing problems. FHA OFFICERS—Betty Hudson, Treasurer; Sue Wilks, President; I.ouisc Facgans, Reporter; Berric Valois, Vice-President. SUE CASH CHOOSES her next project from a Simplicity catalogue. FHA MEMBERS—First Row: Karen Coldchien. C.ail Caryl, Saundra Du Vail, Peggy Webber, Joann Jackson. Second Row: Dcloris Craft, Nancy MacBridc, Charlette Brooks, Gloria Islder, Mary Rhodes. Third Row: Sue Cash, Annette Baker, Wilabc Harrison, Paula Lee. 126FBI.A MEMBERS— Front Row: Nancy MncBride, Sara Flesher, Shirley Ottens, Beverly Miller, Ellen Nalls, Marion Simpson. Second Row: Karen Roberts, Sandy Baber, Beckic Swiccgood, Sharon Bat cr, Joanne Jackson, Dcloris Craft. Third Row: Margaret Logan, Becky Ilayle, Toni Marcinkus, Linda Gorham, Judy New- COMPUTER, LEDGER CAPTURE ATTENTION F.BLA. The Future Business Leaders of America projects a business attitude among its members. By such things as the F.B.L.A. Talent Show, competitions and conventions, it has promoted more business understanding among George Washington students. One of the more important functions of the F.B.L.A. is to give business training to its members in an era of computers and programmers. This year, as in previous years, the F.B.L.A. came up with another marvelous talent show. Clubs of this nature prove how much untapped business ability there is in high school. FBLA OFFICERS-Front Row: Beverly Miller. Linda Gorham, Cars- Spittle. Second Row: Mr . Morrisettc, Judy Newman, Toni Marcinkus Marion Simp on. man, Wendy Spillan, Linda Funkhouser. Fourth Row: Gary Spittle, Pat Doss, Carol Burnham, Saundra Duvall, Diane Self, Bonnie Self. "WE MAY BE HOBOES, but we’ve got each other,” harmoni c Lnni Novak and Nick Lampshirc at the F.B.L.A. Talent show 127FOLK MUSIC CLUB MEMBERS—Fronf Row: Candy Cavanagh, Marsha Lastik. Rose-Marie Tessier. Second Row: Cathy Jones, Fay Crimes, Janell Harding. Alice Hudgins, Darlene Mihvard. Third Row: Lisa Deiderich, Chris McClure, Elizabeth Downer. Fourth Row: Kathy Neff, Drue ilia Pettey, Linda Proctor, Steve Branam, Ray Dunn. Car ’ Roach departs a bit from the traditional concept of the folk singer and his guitar, as he works out a number for presentation in the Hootenanny. He hopes, apparently, to rival Ringo in both skill and hair. SINGING AND DANCING BRIGHTEN ANNUAL SHOW FOLK MUSIC CLUB The Folk Music Club meets afternoons in Mr. South’s room and students leaving late in the day can often catch strains of their earnest efforts when passing. As it often is, the Club Show was one of the highlights of the 1965-66 school, and GW-itcs will no doubt remember it for some TIME to come. Boh Parkinson and Jim Nabors of WEAM Radio agreed to serve as masters of ceremonies. Among the feature groups was The Wanderer. Further contact with the “music of the American people” was provided in the annual Hootenanny, held to raise funds for the acquisition of a foreign exchange student for the coming school year. The last organized event of the season was the Club Picnic, which brought the schedule of meetings and performances to an auspicious close. Just as the formation of the Folk Music Club did not put an end to individual shows at parties or other activities. neither did it limit the members repertoire to nothing more than the traditional folk songs. A carefully chosen selection of popular music and folk-rock has been presented at every show this year. 128 OFFICERS—Sitting: Mary Ann Dcaclc. Standing: Bill Roy, David Liggio, Bill Combs.NEW CAPS AND GOWNS ACCENT GRADUATION For countless years past, the carved stone eagles that roost securely above GW’s South Door have surveyed the solemn procession and ceremonies that signify the end of four years at C V for hundreds of Seniors. In recent years, the once dignified ranks of June graduates have become, unfortunately, the "Old Gray Line”, attired in robes that showed the ravages of both time and heavy use. The traditional garments had faded and additional purchases and replacement had altered the formerly gray masses to a potpourri of varying shades and textures. At the start of the 1965-66 school year, the sponsors of the Senior Class decided in secret to bring the state of graduation into keeping with its traditional beauty and solemnity. Through the dedicated efforts of Mrs. Houchins, new arrangements were ready to be announced to the Class in January. The old robes (right; modelled by A1 Smith and Gallic Love) and their medieval mediocrity were gone. In their place were new black robes for hoys and white for girls, to be used at the June Commencement. The new robes (above; modelled by Don Frazer and Vicki Foss) featured shorter design and honor stoles of blue and gold for distinguished graduates. Needless to say. Seniors were ecstatic. 129GIRLS CHORUS—First Row: Elaine Johnson, Dora Hunt, Anita Berry, Diane Smith, Kay Dowdy, Gloria Scott. Second Row: Karen Burgess, Janice Harris, Janet Saunders, Janice Irby, Andrea Orsini, Donna Downs. Third Row: Linda Hunt, Tryphene Miller, Linda Morgan, Pamela Jordan, Terry Clarke, Scherry Pugh. Fourth Row: Eva Williams, Charlene Harris, Diane Dickerson, Jeannette Carr. Dcvorah Clay. GARY ROACH KEEPS TIME and succeeds in making sounds palatable to even a teachers ear. BOY’S GLEE CLUB—First Row: David Stetson, Matthew Schnedl, Alan Batcheller, Jim Hassmcr. Second Row: Harry Richardson, Dennis Weaver, George Siers, Alan Ellis. Third Row: Willie Fa-coner, John Birchfield, Gary Roberts. Fourth Row: Bill Perkins, Richard Morris, Clifton Drummond, Charles Keller. FRESHMEN GIRLS CHORUS-F rrf Rote: Linda Dossier, Lynn McClendon, Wendy Wendcroth, Janet Allison, Shirley Ottens. Mary Linn Adams. Second Row: Frances Wise, Marsha Lastik, Brenda Parker, Reba Hicks, Deborah Barbre. Third Row: Jeannette Gibson, Janet Callahan, Donna Raines, Denise Barbre, Beth Amey. Fourth Row: Susan Harmon, Virginia Callahan, Mary Meehan, Sarah Peterson, Rita Jarrett, Sarah Bostick.SINGERS BRING FUN, EXCITEMENT TO SCHOOL LIFE CHORUSES Pleasant sounds often filled the corridors during the past year as the various choruses prepared future programs for assemblies and other public appearances. Miss Bivens constant admonitions to students will remain fond memories for years to come. “Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La. Ti, Do. Who made that flat note? Let’s try again". How familiar these phrases must sound to those who have gone through what seemed like endless rehearsals. The Christmas program of appropriate and traditional seasonal numbers, presented on successive mornings just prior to the Christmas recess in the Lindsey Memorial Auditorium, would, most certainly, rank among the finest to be seen and heard anywhere. MR. BARR DEMONSTRATES the beauty in music while play-ing the school organ. ADVANCED GIRLS CHORUS-F rsf Rote; Roseannc Saitta, Jennifer Hylton. Given Winston, Barlsara Haley, Ellen Ramsey, Vicky Campbell. Second Row: Paula Lyles, Devorah Thomas, Lucille Hawkins. Karen Rolx-rts, Jane Coleman, Sandra Burns. Kathy Ber-r Third Row: Nancy MacBridc, Peggy Harmon, Wendy Spillan, Charlotte Wolfford, Peggy Francis, Linda Marsh. Fourth Roiv: Marti Waugh, Judy Weekly, Nancy Rodda, Colena Turner, Judy Brown, Callie Love, Connie Reamy. UP AND DOWN anti up and down go live pedals of the organ with the express help from Mr. Barr. FRESHMEN GIRL'S CHORUS-First Row: Kay Scaffido, Claudia Humphries, I.enora Dean. Linda Saunders. Marian Deaclc, Francine Lewis. Second Row: Ellen Britt. Madonna Rumford, Debbie Wesley, Lauren Thomas, Betty Connor Jean Ricucci. Third Row: Becky Seccuro, Sharon Vceney, Linda Watson, Deborah Bond, Sharon Johnson, Doris Boggan. Fourth Row: Stephannic Krywicki, Lyncll Palmer, Kathy Nett, Bonnie Callan.MUSICANS SET TEMPO AT SCHOOL AFFAIRS ORCHESTRA The George Washington High School Orchestra has contributed much to the cultural side of school in the past year. During third period, under the direction of Mr. Barr, this group conscientiously applied its talents to maintain GW standards. Without the background music supplied by this group, many of the programs would have lost that final touch. Together with the choir, the orchestra gave its annual Christmas Concert, held in the Lindsey Auditorium. Carols and other selections added spirit to the Christmas season. They also performed in their usual polished style at graduation, and participated in the musical. THE FIDDLERS THREE-Top to bottom: Sally Griffin, Jean Griffin and Henry Coffman. NO MATTER WHAT shape your stomach’s in.” (??) ORCHESTRA—Le f to Rifiht: Jean Griffin. Henry Coffman, Cerri Avres, Sally Griffin, Jack Buns. Dale Stewart. Standing: Binky Smith, Stanley Greene.POM POM GIRLS—First Rote: Sherry Wood. Alice Pullman. Marie Robertson. Second Row: Debbie Barbre, Roba Hicks, Sandy Jordan, Denise Barbre. POM POM GIRLS—First Row: Linda Underwood, Linda Tnimble Linda Gorbam. Maureen Uwson. Second Row: Judy Newman. Becky Dayle, Linda Procter. HALFTIMES GLAMORIZED BY TALENTED GIRLS WITH THE IMPORTANCE of the halftime program, especially the football games' the majorettes have displayed their talents and contributed their time to achieve a tasteful intermission. In their brilliant outfits, these girls add glamour to the marching band, and stimulate interest in skills needed by majorettes. MAJORETTES- to «•« «t: Kay Scaffido, Becky Scaffido. Bev. erly Thomas, Chris Mitchell. "I'm GLAD I brought along my umbrella," comments Drum Major Binky Smith. “It looks like rain” 133THE CHILL IN THE air seemed to spur the marching band on to greater performances as it prepared the intricate maneuvers displayed at the Thanksgiving morning game against Washington and Lee. The George Washington High School hand has outdone itself again. One of the major activities of the year was the visit of the Fife and Drum Corps to George Washington University. The band also played for the George N ashington University Colonials. Some of the hand members played in the annual All-State Orchestra Concert that was held here. THE GEORGE WASHINGTON BAND was spectacular at the battle against Wakefield, which GW won 7-0. opening day game, cheering the team on to victory in the gridiron 134SPIRIT OF 76 MARCHES DOWN THE HELD AT GW BAND The band had another great year under the capable leadership of Mr. Frank Barr. School spirit increased with the tempo of the marching musicians. The Thanks giving game halftime program was easily the highlight of the football season. The Fife and Drum Corps was organized this year. From early September students worked long and hard to make their appearances at football games outstanding. The result of this was plainly evident whenever they marched on the playing field. ( NELS THARESON, NORTON BRAGG, and Paul Allen sound off in brass. STEVE HASSMER AND ROBIN READ strike up the band, showing great enthusiasm. DUE TO THEIR SKILL, our majorettes can easily keep time while twirling their batons with precision. DRUM AND FIFE CORPS MEMBERS-Firsf Row: Michael Harman. Suzanne Miller, Cathy Jones. Jean Griffin. Dclxrrah Chapman, Delmar Thomas. Second Row: Peggy Wcbljer, Margaret Grahamn, Moira Killclea, Dale Stewart, John Green. Third Row: Jim llemcon, Sally Soles, Joyce Burcham. Lynda Snyder, Sally Griffin. Fourth Row: llonrv Coffman. Will Kearney, John Green, Robin Reed. David Reed. Fifth Row: Jack Burns, John Nelson. 135MEGAPHONES AND NOISE BRING VICTORIES- The Varsity, Junior Varsity, and Freshman cheerleaders play a huge part in the activities’ program. They have the responsibility of keeping school spirit high during basketball and football games. At the opening of each football and basketball season, they bring the gymnasium roof down with resounding cheers such as, 'Two bits, four bits, six bits, a dollar, everybody for GW, stand up and holler! Oskewow wow, skinuwow wow, skin Hammond, WOW!” exlaims the student IkkIv. "On GW, on GW, fight hard for that line, run the ball around the opponents, touchdown sure this time. Rah, Rah, Rah!” JAYVEE CHEERLEADERS ROSEANNE SAITTA FROSH CHEERLEADERS SUSAN KENNEDY ROX w OLTKO WENDY WEXDEROTH CHARLETTE STOKESrARSITY YELL-LEADERS ORGANIZE CROWD SPIRIT ELA1NA FROMM DIANNA OWIN'N KAREN BURKI- VARSITY CHEERLEADERS MARIE STRICKLAND MARIE PATRICK CONNIE BEAMY 137CAA MEMBERS—Front Rote: Patricia Presley, Donna Jones, Cathy Braun, Theresa Clouse, Bettv Lou Adkins, Karen Russell, Debby Chapman. Second Rote: Marie Braun. Denise Valois, Sharon Stone, Sally Soles. Mary lo Jackson, Dora Miller, Jeanette Rice. Third Row: Pat Brooks, Brenda Cochenour, Joyce Sowa, Joyce Burcham, Peggy Cochenour. G.A.A. The Cirls Athletic Association is one of the more important parts of school participation at George Washington. The G.A.A. promotes more girl participation in their full program of activities, including volley ball, tennis, and archery. GAA OFFICERS—Audrey Baber, Sharon Baber, Joyce Sowa, Pat Brooks. SPORTS EXCELLENCE AIM OF GAA. AND LEADERS ATHLETIC LEADERS BOB FOSTER (20) and Ronnie Coker (42) block the attempted pass of Dour Campbell of the T. C. Williams High School Titans. ATHLETIC LEADERS The Athletic Leaders were formed for the purpose of assisting the Phys. Ed. teachers. These boys have to be athletically gifted and to have a good grade average to achieve this honor. All the boys play an important role in training of other students by demonstrating the gymnastic equipment and new procedures in athletics. ATHLETIC LEADERS—Front Row: Jim Crichton, Jay Newman, Stanley Greene, Raymond Hubbard, Ken Smith. Second Row: Keith Diamond, Donald DiCicco, John Rcnzi, Bob Foster, Michael Suarez. Third Row: Terry Greene, Bud Alexander. Alan Griggs, Raymond Golden, Irving Smith. Fourth Row: Paul Sunrise, Jim Herlick, Dannv Jefferson. Clifton Drummond, Clay Bush. Fifth Rote: Edward Wrignt, William Swisher. Jim Florence, Mike Kentes. 138LETTERS SIGNIFY ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS MONOGRAM CLUB Keynoted by determination, the Monogram Club continued to stress interest and participation in athletics. Maintaining the highest ideals of sportsmanship was the prime objective of each varsity letterman this year, as always. Honoring the football team and cross-country squad at its annual fall sports awards banquet was the main activity of the Monogram Club this past year. Several Monogram Club meml ers, who displayed the highest quality in individual achievement, were honored at the banquet. Bert David, John Jones, and Jimmy Herbert were among those honored. GEORGE WASHINGTON'S DEFENSE sparkles as Sid Thomp-son (44) and Ralph Barnette prevent Fort Hunt from petting anotht-r basket. MONOGRAM CLUB MF.MBERS-Fronf Rote: Tern Greene. Rol ert Burton, Raymond Golden, Irving Smith. Steve Craddock. Second Roic: Louis Mackall, Maurice Adams, Kenny lohnson. John Jones. Third Rote: Jim Hcnteon. John D'Elia. John Brooks. Dannv Jefferson, Curtis Pittman. Fourth Row: John Hall, Randy Worden, Mike RadclifTe. RAY GOLDEN, NEW MEMBER of the 1966 Monogram Club, skirts around end for a fifteen yard gain in the annual Thanksgiving Day battle against Washington and Lee.I.C.T. BOOMS WITH EXCITEMENT AND ASPIRATIONS FIREMAN TRAINEE, Michael Conner polishes the brass on one of the hook and ladder trucks of the Alexandria Fire Department. THE QUEEN'S COURT and escorts composed of Pat Gallagher and Steve Coffman, and Betty I .ess anti William Cason ride by in the Thanksgiving parade at C V. I. C. T. CLUB-Fronf Rote: Mike Conner, I.inda Baker, Irene Pearson, Cragg Bender. Second Rote: Darrell Van Dyne, Pam I.C.T. The Industrial Cooperative Training program is intended for students who wish to learn a trade while still completing high school. As nearly as possible, students are assigned for training in vocations of their choice. By so doing, these students can determine whether or not they have an aptitude for the trade of their choice and, at the same time, develop skills while at work. With the cooperation of many of the business men of Alexandria, this program has, for several years, given many students of George Washington High School, who otherwise might not benefit from a purely academic program, a chance to prepare for a worthwhile job as they look forward to graduation. PAT GALLAGHER PUTS one of her customers under a hairdryer at the Alexandria Beauty Academy. Pannan, Bonnie Comer. Diane Chambers. Third Rote: Pat Bennett, Diane Riley, Betty Less, Jeanette Jacobs, Joyce Hitt.VALERIE RIVES DISPLAYS a golden smile as I.C.T. Queen in the Thanksgiving Day Parade in George Washington High School stadium. AS AN APPRENTICE PRINTER at the Alexandria Printing Company, William Cason operates a printing press. JAMES BOULER PREPARES to change the oil in a car under the watchful eye of an experienced mechanic at Aero Chevrolet Company. 141 CARY SEAMON (extreme right) poses with his co-workers at the Alexandria Barber Academy. TRADE TRAINING PROGRAM DEVELOPS USEFUL SKILLS HELPING TO MAKE A CABINET. Mikt DcWitt fits a piece into place at the Alexandria Lumber Company shop.STUDENTS PREPARE FOR FUTURE BY EXPERIENCE DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION OFFICERS - President. Donna Knapp; Vice-President, Loma Langford; Treasurer, Charles Williams; Parliamentarian, Keiula Crum; Sergeant-at-Anns, Joe Flynn. DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION The Distributive Education program provides an excellent opportunity for young people to have a look at the business world through actual experience. The members enjoy discussions about the problems that confront them in their search for a career. Experience is the best teacher, and these young people have come to know this fact. Many of our citizens are concerned about the future of our city. Their concern has promoted the availability of jobs for young people for they are the future of our city and our nation. These young people have skill that can Ik profitable to our society if put in use. This program provides such an opportunity for them. In order to succeed in our society, each person must give his lx st and if possible, a little more. In this program, the student learns how to function in the business world and how to Ik worthwhile. DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION CLUB-Fronf Row: Zante Vernon, Diane Davis, Nancy Harris, Charlene Bradley, Mildred Lloyd, Calc Wanzer, Gwendolyn Boyd. Second How: Lorna Langford, Donna Knapp, Nancy Marlin, Gerry Grotto, Mary Monzuk, Shirley Bateman. Third Row: Steve Flynn, Allen Meadows, Willie Parker, I-arry Molfett, Steve Wools, Calvin Thorpe. Fourth Row: Gary llodgcs, Alan Griggs, Ronnie Clark, Frank DelChamp. DONNA KNAPP AND NANCY HARRIS watch as Mayor Mann, of Alexandria, signs a proclamation declaring the week of November 7-14, 1965 National Distributive Education Week. 142DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION CLUB - Front Rote: Diana Bern, Sharon Stinette, Peggv Livesay, Amanda Kidd, I.inda Smith. Peggy Knocmschild. Second Row: Francis Halev, David Hess. Paul Moldovan, Randy Major, Carv Moore. Third Row: Kenneth Dean, Calvin Jones, James Henry, Frank Scaffido. SHARON STINETTE, OF CEORC.E WASHINGTON, and Jackie Fader of Hammond, while attending a conference of Distributive Education officers of the Alexandria area, smile approvingly at a club display. ALAN GRICCS DRIVES the Distributive Education Homecoming Parade Entry, as Queen Amanda Kidd. Kcnda Crum, and Ixtrna Langford smile from the backseat. 143AS THE SCHOOL DAY ends, students Linda Snyder, Cail JANET BAXLEY, LARRY HURST and Sondra Phillips prac- Co!e and Barbara Coombs acquire that serious countenance which lice typing with eyes on copy, is the opposite of morning gaiety. STUDENTS CHOOSE THEIR FUTURE VOCATIONS V.O.T. Vocational Office Training’s main purpose is to orient students with office work and other related fields. The year has been filled with interesting speakers, discussions and dynamic activities. One of the highlights of the year was the VOT banquet. Another thrilling event was the annual Valentine's Day coffee hour for the faculty. Ilow to be successful in business is an important question. The members know neatness, a friendly smile, and good organization all help to acquire a business position. Knowledge of the basic fundamentals is vital to those who wish to succeed in any vocation. This worthwhile program helps to develop the individual for these skills and helps to provide self confidence. Everyone realizes that progress takes away jobs, but it also helps people to bring out their utmost and reach for a higher goal than before. MARGARET PAYNE WHIPS up copies the easy way with a mimeograph machine. SMILING BROADLY, Barbara Kennedy, Linda Coberly and Carol Bowman finish their jobs on time in typing. MR. ASHLEY INSTRUCTS students Genevieve Lawson and Linda Petart in the use of new computer equipment in the business department. 144STUDENTS HELPFUL IN SCHOOL OFFICE WORK SCHOOL BANK WORKERS Nancy Crockett and Roger Buckner total receipts as Mrs. Morrissette supervises their work. MAIN OFFICE WORKERS Carol Burnham. Betty Cooper. Stephen McKnight and Mary Lay run through office procedures in the main office with their usual efficiency. OFFICE WORKERS This year, assuming great responsibility, school office workers ran errands, did extensive paperwork, and in general assisted the regular office staff. Performing ?! ir tasks effectively, they added a special zest to that part of our TIME spent in school. A part of school life, they checked on absentees and attendance errors. Running errands and making themselves generally useful was all part of their daily routine. They too, profited, gaining more for their TIME than sore feet. From association with the school administration, they learned that not everyone in school above age twentv-fivc is a monster. Instead, they quickly came to realize that teachers are among the most sympathetic people to be found anywhere. BOOKROOM WORKERS—Front Rote: Jim Baar. Karl Smith. Bo b Cihson. Second Row: Fred Sal ingcr, Ted Maynard. Joe Popadcn. 145GUIDANCE, CLINIC, AND LIBRARY ASSISTANTS ATTENDANCE OFFICE WORKERS—Mary Kay rrice. Cindy Himes, Honda I.indsay, Stephanie Annicchiarico, Mary Arnett. LIBRARY WORKERS - Sheila Foot. Helen Lewis, Toni Marcinkus (standing), Charlene Athey, Debbie Wilson, Jane Fox. CLINIC WORKERS—Alice Bullman, Marian Simpson, Frances Norman, Marjorie Lape, Jo Ann Wcnderoth. 146 MRS. DRURY CHECKS out a book with the usual admoni tion, “Don’t forget to bring it back on time." HALL MONITORS—Front Row: Robin Harbaugh. Jackie Bcrk-stresser, Jody McGowan. Second Row: Donnie Webster, Barbara Byrne, Carolyn Wrcnn. Third Row: Jimmy Slivinsky, Bill Roy, David Liggio.AND HALL MONITORS KEEP SCHOOL EFFICIENT SCHOOL STORE—Ruth Salzingcr, Mary Ellen Woodley. Patrick Meehan, Pat Lunccford. GUIDANCE OFFICE WORKERS-Front Rote: Peng)1 Francis. Kathy Worley, Rosemary Morgan. Charlotte Wolford. Second Rou. Darlene Myers, Cary Spittle, Sally Cumiskey, Darlene Pack. 147 HALL MONITORS—Fronf Row: Bob Hicks. Ronnie Harrison. Second Row: Drucilla Pettoy, Carol Scd berry, Barbara Day.With the passage of TIME, the term “Sports” has come to cover no fewer than eight separate divisions of athletics; all of which field varsity and junior varsity teams. In many ways, the 1965-66 season was outstanding, with spectacular showings in track and basketball. Both coaches and players, in their determination and conduct, added several chapters to GW's tradition of victory and sportsmanship. S P o R T S 149VARSITY GRIDDERS GRIND OUT WINNING SEASON VARSITY FOOTBALL - Front Row: Ronald Barefoot. Ollie Westbrook, Robert Kelly. Aubrey Burton. Ronnie Barnett, Robert Burton. Eddie Basham. Bobbie Gibson, Steplien Kinnctt, Bob Foster. Richard Jenkins. Sonny Bonner. Second Row: Sylvester Hammond, Lionel Smith, Ronnie Coker, Alfred Keller, Raymond Golden, John Jones, Steve Wannall, Sidney Thompson, Jim Herbert, Jerry Hudson Stanley Green, Don Moffitt. Third Row: Terry Green, Jimmy Gricfa ton, Ronnie Rease, Kenneth Johnson, Tom Johnson. Richard Fehr Tom Hawley, Hugh Alexander, Ronald Harison, Steve Craddock Bill Cason. SEASONS RECORD GW 14 8 13 0 0 26 6 13 28 6 Wakefield Edison Mount Vernon I Iatmnond Fort Hunt Lee Fairfax Woodson Croveton Washington-Lee OPPONENT 13 6 0 20 19 7 46 35 6 0 POTENT OFFENSE ACCENTS ROCK-LIKE DEFENSIVE EFFORT The 1965 George Washington Varsity Football Team was an outstanding one. Defying gloomy pre-season forecasts, GW posted a 6-4 record, showing poise and determination in turning back Northern Virginia's perennial powers. The season was off to a fast start when the Prexies trounced Wakefield, Edison, and Mount Vernon. Despite disappointing losses to cross-town rival Hammond, and Fort Hunt in league play, GW exploded against Lee, Croveton, and traditional Thanksgiving Day opponent, Washington-Lee. The last was our crowning glory; the first win over W-L in eight years. Contributing to the season success were, of course, the coaches Mr. Dixon, Mr. Blair and Mr. Carter. Team standouts were Bobby Gibson, Steve Wannall, Tom Johnson, Don Moffett and All-District selections Bay Golden and Sid Thompson. The student body was justly proud of the 1965-66 team, which was truly the dark horse of the season, coming from behind to seize the number two spot in the Alexandria District. 150STEVE KIN NETT (87) AND Danny Jefferson (27) converge to bring down a Lee ball carrier short of a first down. DANNY JEFFERSON (27) BREAKS up a pass about to be grabbed by Danny Seaton (88) of Hammond as Steve WannaD 61 moves in for the tackle. PREXIES DEFY ALL PRE-SEASON PREDICTIONS RONNIE BAREFOOT (28) LUNGES at the last moment to break up a pass intended for Bamcc Price (22) of Hammond. THE PREXIES ARE LED on to the gridiron by Bobby Foster (20), Steve NVannall (61). Rick Jenkins (23), Bill Cason (29 Olbe Westbrook (62), Don Mooney (65) and Kenny Smith (47) in the season's opener against Wakefield.PASSES ON TARGET PUT PREXIES ON TOP »- ♦ AFTER A BRILLIANT CATCH. Stan Grttik- (49) sidesteps Chuck Eakes (25) of Wakefield for a first down. Bobby Foster (20) provides cover. BRUCE BARRETT (S3) of F‘t. Hunt is a little too late as quarterback Bobby Cibson (10) of Ccorge Washington unleashes a pass for long yardage. RONNIE BARNETTE (11) scampers clear of Dave French (88) as Sid Thompson (50) moves in.ONE DOWN, TWO TO GIBSON TO MOFFETT ENDS W-L'S REIGN OF TERROR For ten long years, Washington-Lee of Arlington held a magic spell over GW. Suddenly, on Thanksgiving Day in 196-5, Princes Charming in guise of the 1965 Varsity football team broke this spell. It was a combination of a tough defense, which held W-L to 21 yards and an inspired offense which rolled up 193 yards. A 70-vard pass play from Bobby Gibson to Donny Moffett put the icing on the cake and GW came home with a 6-0 victory. GO FOR THE BUCKET ALL-DISTRICT SELECTION RAY GOLDEN (48) turns on the speed to elude Fete Gaymond (66) of W-L. SPLIT END RAY GOLDEN (48) snagi -i pass and sprints for a long gain as Lucky Gant (34) of Wakefield attempts to cut his yardage.FIGHTING JAYVEES DERAIL POWERFUL FOES JUNIOR VARSITY OFFENSIVE TEAM—Front Row: Bill Ami-Nlrong, Kyo Campbell, John Rcnzi. Rodney Vernon, Kennv Smith, Eddie Fordham. Second Row: Dennis Jennings, Billv Turner, Don Mooney, Clav Mills, Dick Hawes, Don Young. Third Row: Allen Furr, Bill Smith, Salfon Andolsun, James Durham. Thomas Brown. JUNIOR VARSITY DEFENSIVE TEAM - Front Row: Terry cilery Ronny Smith, Steve Kennedy. Martv Harvev, Bob Hicks, Charles Hall, Kenny Carter. Second Row: Rosier Burek, Spence Gardner, lames Chavais, Chris Castle, Herb Thomas, James Murray, Larry Caldwell, Louis Webster. Third Row: Lawrence Smith. John Webster, Charles Edwards, Rav Brown, Joe Bellfield, Creenfair Moses, Gan- Drummond. FULLBACK KENNY SMITH BULLS HIS WAY through a host of Edison tacklcrs as Don Mooney (65) helps clear his path. THE ’65 JUNIOR VARSITY football season was a great one. An outstanding 5-1-2 record, including wins over Edison, Hammond and Fairfax accented the powerful attack of this star-studded aggregation. After losing their opener to T. C. Williams High School, the J.V.’s mowed down opponents in a monotonous and convincing fashion, week after week. A stout defense was the mainstay of the team’s play. This, coupled with a consistent passing and running game, provided the necessary spark for a victorious season. SEASONS RECORD CW OPPONENT 0 T. C. Williams 2 12 Edison 7 6 Mount Vernon 6 7 I Iammond 0 14 Fort Hunt 7 6 Lee 0 12 Fairfax 6 12 Woodson 12 JUNIOR VARSITY COACHES - Mr. Donaldson. Mr. Stanley.FRESHMAN FOOTBALL TEAM - Front Row: Cone Purdv, Bruce Brunson, Bol Mullens, Vince Manni, Don Roberts, Alan Holmes. Cars- Meyer, W .is land Tax lor, Carl Willis, Ralph Wanzer. Second Row: Eddie Crews, Bill Turner, Tom Morgan, Doug Watts, Paul Allen, Jim Crockett, Charles Cordon, Cars- Himes, Ray Brown, Harry Hughes. Andy Dodd. Third Row: David Kinnett, John Roberts. John Swisher. Ray Menke. Cary Slack. Carv Branam, Dannv Macklin. Jeff Kelley, Richard Klow, Paul Phillips. FRESHMAN FOOTBALL TEAM - Front Row: Lee Hooks. Allan Holmes, Lcainan Lewis, Henry Ortiz, Tom Shank. Jim Brown. Frank Alexander. Second Row: John Smith, Craig Zeller, Charles Frere, Richard Hughes, Billy llottle, Dannv West. BABY PREXIES PILE UP POINTS AND OPPONENTS THE ’65 FRESHMAN football team held fast to tradition in piling up a 6-1 season. The Freshman offense racked up 134 points while a stout defense held opponents to a total of 32 points. Wins came against annual powerhouses Episcopal, Lee and Hammond. The lone loss was to a fired-up Fairfax team. With stars coming of age, future Varsity teams should have a wealth of talent. FRESHMAN COACHES - Mr. Donaldson. Mr. Fox. Mr. Johnson. SEASON S RECORD GW OPPONENT 24 Mount Vernon 0 26 Episcopal 7 14 Fort Hunt 7 12 Lee 0 26 T. C. Williams 0 12 Fairfax 18 46 Hammond 0 HARD-CHARCINC RA BROWN (26) drives up the middle for a fine gain against Lee. 155PRESIDENTS RETAIN ’65 SCORING MOMENTUM BOB GIBSON RALPH BARNETT RONNIE COKER BOB FOSTER CUFF DRUMMONDAS NEW STARS SHINE As football season closes! last autumn, the local experts began to make their pre-season picks of top ba kctl»a!l teams. Annual powerhouses, including Washington-Lcc, Wakefield. Edison and Woodson, were predicted to lead in their respective districts. George Washington was rated as an "underdog", a team that was undergoing a “rebuilding year”. Edison was a widespread favorite for the number one spot in GW’s Alexandria District. Cone were Skeeter Swift. Boh Mason, Jay Mills and Ken Barnett of the 65 Championship team. The Job of rebuilding was going on with l oys like Sid Thompson. Bob Gibson and Ralph Barnett, all veterans of last year’s hard-fought schedule. Bob Foster, Steve Kinnett, Ronnie Coker, Keith Diamond anti Funky Woollum were up from the Jayvccs, and Parker-Gray provided us with the services of such outstanding players as Irving Smith, Clifton Drummond. Harry Richardson, and Bo Moultrie. These boys practices! and gained cohesion under the steady eye and hand of Coach Clay Estes, who, in the words of another coach, could take any five boys and “have a championship team”. The season’s record would reveal that GW was less an underdog and more a dark horse in the long battle for final honors. GW opened the season by trouncing Groveton 68-59. The following night the Proxies faced the defending Northern Va. Champs, the Wakefield Warriors, and 'beat them in overtime. We continued to roll up victories and brought an undefeated record up against the state's ace defensive unit, the W-L Generals. Our own fine defensive effort and some fancy shooting handed our Arlington rivals their first loss. GW joined two other teams for the distinction of being undefeated after four games, A few weeks later, GW met Woodson at a home game and cut the undefeated teams to two. The Richmond Timcs-Dis))atch however, was rating the Presidents the number one group in the state of Virginia. Edison administered a stern defeat a few nights later and there seemed to be little doubt that CW would have to l c satisfied with second place. Not stopping to sulk, the Proxies turned in four straight wins ami met Edison a second time Indore a capacity crowd. Improvement showed and wc clenched the distinction of being the only school to clip the high-flying Eagles, 67-50. It went right down to the wire and a battle royal for the state ! erth from the Alexandria District. At the end of the regular season, George Washington High School tied with Edison for the honors of the District, the second time GW had placed first in three years. GW’s hopes for going to the State Tournament ended in the finals of the District Tournament held at T. C. Williams High School on March 5, 1966. In a hard-fought game that provided what was perhaps the ultimate in spirit and basketball skill, the Edison Eagles eked out a victory over the Prexie five, 53-18. The 1966 Team defied predictions, kept a record of sportsmanship unblemished, and led its school and fans to the heights that have come to be expected of such teams. The 1966 COMPASS salutes them all. IN WINNING SEASON VARSITY RECORD CW OPPONENT CW OPPONENT 68 Groveton 59 53 Edison 69 65 Wakefield 62 76 Mt. Vernon 49 63 T. C. Williams 38 68 Fort Hunt 3S 58 Wasliington-Lec 54 56 Groveton 51 67 Fort Hunt 39 79 Hammond 53 91 Lee 49 67 Edison 50 61 Woodson 58 62 T. C. Williams 42 72 Hammond 52 67 Lee 42 69 Yorktoxvn 38 68 Mt. Vernon 49 TOURNAMENT 70 Mt. Vernon 51 72 T. C. Williams 55 48 Edison 53 WITH TWO MINUTES TO CO. Coach Estes gives Bob Foster (20) a well-deserved pat on the back for his outstanding floor play in the Edison game. Final score: CW 67-Edison 50. VARSITY BASKETBALL MANACERS - Ted Smith. James Baziluik, Buddy Ward. 157GOING UP FOR TWO points is GW's Bobby Foster (21) as Dan Rich (22) and John Weathers (42) of Fort Hunt try in vain to stop him. DESPERATELY ATTEMPTING TO drive in for a score. Bert Readyhough (35) of Fort Hunt finds his way effectively blocked by Irving Smith (35) of George Washington. LEAPING ABOVE THE outstretched reach of Phil Jewell (23) and Bob Lowe (35) of Edison, Ralph Barnett (12) goes up for a layup. RON COKER (42) of GW bounds high to pull in a rebound as Mt. Vernon players look on helplessly. BOB GIBSON (10) battles Milton Washington (11) of T. C. Williams High School for the ball as the Proxies whipped the Titans, 63-37.BOB FOSTER (20) lets go with a long shot as Wayne Johnson (35) of the T. C. Williams Titans hinges desperately to prevent the score. SKILLFULLY HOOKING a left-handed shot over the hand of Phil Jewell (23) of Edison, Bobby Gibson (10) scores again. SURROUNDED BY Ralph Bamctt (12) and Irving Smith (35). Bert Readyhough (35) and another unidentified Fort Hunt player battle the Prexic cagers for a rebound. GW's IRVING SMITH (30) gets off one of his jump shots despite the defensive effort of Bud Wanzcr(41) and another unidentified T. C. Williams player. Bob Foster (20) and Bob Gibson (10) prepare to take the rebound, if necessary. SID THOMPSON (44), big Prexic 0-2 center, scores a quick basket as Phil Stringer (5) of Wakefield is effectively blocked out of the play by Bob Foster (20) of George Washington.A new coach and a wealth of talent provided GW with a highly successful Jayvec basketball team. Stepping into the shoes left by Coach Campbell, Coach Blair worked a group of unknowns into regular season District Champions, by chalking up wins over annual rivals W-L and Wakefield and the new Alexandria District rival, Edison. Coming under the spotlight were Lorenzo Barnes. Bobby Jones, and Ronnie Carter, all standouts on a great team. Winning the regular season Championship with a 15-3 record. Losses to T. C. Williams, Fort Hunt and Yorktown marred this otherwise unblemished record. The GW Jayvees went into the Tournament quite hopeful. Using Mt. Vernon and Edison as stepping stones, they advanced toward the tournament finals where they lost a heartbreaker to a fired-up T. C. Williams team. With these Ixjvs as a nucleus, C»W can look forward to a fine varsity next year. JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM—First Row. Boh Pitts, Ronnie Jackson, Andrew Diggs. Warren Klutz, Hilton Settle. Second Row: Lorenzo Baines, NVavcrly Brown, Ronnie l-ambort. Bob Jones, Ronnie Carter. JAYVEES, 17-4, CAPTURE DISTRICT CHAMPIONSHIP BOBBY JONES (42). HILTON SETTLE (20) ami Ronnie Lambert (40) combine to bring down a rebound against Mt. Vernon. SEASONS RECORD GW OPPONENT GW' OPPONENT .53 Croveton 3-1 35 Edison 29 •17 Wakefield 27 36 Mt. Vernon 14 57 T. C. Williams 45 49 Ft. Hunt 32 43 Washington-Lee 12 33 Croveton 11 31 Ft. Hunt £1 63 I lammond .50 49 Lee 38 45 Edison 43 44 Woodson 23 57 T. C. W'illiams 62 53 I lammond 46 44 Lee 32 42 Yorktown 43 37 Mt. Vemon 30 TOURNAMENT 37 Mt. Vemon 36 36 Edison 34 33 T. C. Williams 43 COACH BLAIR SURVEYS a hard workout. 160What speaks better for a team than its record? The ls66 Freshman basketball team proved this with a 10-1 record. Under Coach Wriston, the Baby Proxies displayed j. sterling defense coupled with a potent offense that • lied up victories over rivals Hammond and Edison and revenged an early season loss to T. C. Williams. These _ mes being the training ground for future Varsity players, GW can look forward to fine Varsity teams in the future. SEASONS RECORD CW OPPONENT 44 Fort Hunt 32 39 Grovcton 26 44 Hammond 26 52 Lee 35 2S Edison 24 39 Mount Vernon 26 65 Hammond 47 39 T. C. Williams 40 47 O’Connell 40 34 Groveton 33 51 T. C. Williams 42 FRESHMAN BASKETBALL TEAM—Ffwf Row: Shelton Saunders. Douglas Logan, Ronnie Jimincz. Cordell Belk. Phil McConchie. Dennis Lumpkin. Jacky Ross. Second Rote: Earl Squash, Paul Allen, Andy Dodd, Greg Sullivan. Jerry Surratt. David Underwood. Dennis Weaver. FROSH CAGERS POST BEST RECORD IN DISTRICT FRESHMAN COACH, MR. WRISTON. points out the errors during halftime. CORDELL BELK (20) COES UP for two pornts as Cre? Sullivan (32) moves up behind. 161FLEET PREXIE HARRIERS OUTDISTANCE FOES CROSS-COUNTRY SEASON'S RECORD DATE RESULTS Sept. 21 Yorktown—GW—George Mason Sept. 28 GW—Langley Oct. 5 GW—Hammond Oct. 12 Fort Hunt-CW Oct. 19 Marshall—Edison—GW Oct. 26 T. C. Williams—GW Nov. 2 O’Connell—Edison—GW JUNIOR VARSITY—Tap Row: Mike Clay, Neal Zaremba, Tom Adams, Wesley Schmidt, Austin Schmidt. Bottom Row: Cuoron Cowan, Randy Worden, Allen Bradficld, Charlie Brown, Tom Morse. VARSITY—Left to Right: Don Frazer, Louis Mackall, John Brooks-Captain, Jerry Brooks, Mark Hcdtke, Carl Zuidcma. MR. LLOYD. CROSS COUNTRY coach, looks with satisfaction and considerable pride at the statistics of Varsity and Junior Varsity teams. ALAN FRAZER AND AUSTIN SCHMIDT dash to seize first and second places for C V in our meet with Yorktown and George Mason. Mr. Siders, the George Mason coach, times the race. 162'V WRESTLING—Front Row: James Hassmer, Wayne Kuhl, I-any Holmes, Andy Brown. Iceman Lewis, Edward Crews. Second Row: Tom Adams, Nick Lampshirc, James Carter, Mike Radcliffe, Otis Fjggins, James Hooper. OTIS FIGCINS HAS Mike Radcliffe pinned in a practice V -1 :t as Coach Ralph Fox of the GW Wrestling Teams senes in a dual role as instructor and referee. SEASON'S SCHEDULE Dec. 3 Groveton 22 Hammond 11 Fort Hunt 29 Falls Church 18 Edison Feb. 1 Saint Stephens 21 McLean 4 Lee Jan. 7 Marshall 12 Mount Vernon 11 Woodson 18 Northern Vir. 14 Madison 19 Tournament 18 Jefferson 25 State 26 Tournament Dec. 3 Williams Jan. 7 Washington-Lee 11 Fort Hunt 22 Hammond 18 Edison Feb. 4 Lee 12 Mount Vernon VARSITY WRESTLING—Front Row: Tommy Morse, Wayne Lewis, Saffan Andolsun. Larry Wayland, Michael Suarez. Second Row: Eddie Chin, Paul SuPrise, Stanley Greene, Fred Taylor, John Jones. Herbert Thomas. Third Row: Kenneth Eubanks. Charles Hall, Ken Johnson, Alan Furr, Matthew Johnson, Bob Mullens. PREXIE M ATMEX PIN FOES, SUPRISE GOES TO STATE MEET GW'S PAUL SUPRISE advances in the State Wrestling Tournament, held at W-L this year, as he prepares George C. Marshall's Magdan for a take-down.GYMNASTICS AND TENNIS TEAMS ADDED TO VARSITY TRACK—First Rote: Buz Johnson. Creg Zeller, Randy Worden. John Brooks, John D'Elia, Clyde Robinson, Alan Holmes. Second Row: Carl Zuidema, Louis Mackall, Bob Branham. Aubrey Burton, Fred Taylor. Third Rote: Ctirtis Pittman, James Dore, Roln-rt Burton, Don Frazer. Fourth Row: Ronnie Ward, Tom Johnson, Ronnie Harrison, Austin Schmidt. VAULTER RONNIE WARD easily clears the bar for CW in one of the season’s top meets. TENNIS TEA SI—First Row: Howard Allen, Cooper Barnett. Second Roiv: Charles Simonds. Ashby Lowry. RICHARD POOLE STRAINS as he puts forth a great effort in a winter meet. CHARLES SIMONDS PREPARES to receive. lWTRACK IN EXPANDED ATHLETIC CALENDAR VARSITY GYMNASTICS—Firs Row: Alan Holmes, Oliver Coleman, Ronnie Smith. Steve Wilson, Kenny Smith. Alan Frazer. Second Row: Hammond Snyder, Ollie Westbrook, Ted Bonk. Danny Jefferson. Glenn Smith. John Boyd. Larry Hurst, Larry Holmes, manager. LARY HURST SHOWS hard-to-find form as he executes a handstand on the parallel bars. COOPER BARNETT PREPARES to serve, during a practice match. TENNIS TEAM—F rsf Row: Jack Peele, Herb Thomas. Second Row: James Cordon, Scooter Husbands. BOB WESTBROOK COMPLETES an intricate maneuver on the high bar. 165BATTERS, FIELDERS BRIGHTEN BASEBALL HOPES. SEASONS SCHEDULE DATE OPPONENT April 1 Crovcton 2 Wakefield 5 T. C. Williams 12 Washington-Lee 15 Fort Hunt 19 Woodson 22 Hammond 23 Yorktown 26 Edison 29 Mount Vernon May 3 Lee 6 Hammond 7 Fort Hunt 10 Lee 13 Crovcton 17 T. C. Williams 20 Edison 24 Mount Vernon 26-27-28 Tournament VARSITY BASKBALI. TEAM—Fronf Row: Bohlw Cihson, Rick Jenkins, JoJin Jones, Eddie Basham. Bert David, Jerry Gregg. Second Row: Ronnie Lambert. Bonnie Barnette, Ronnie Harrison, Steve Antonacci, Clen Zeller. Danny Jefferson. Third Row: Keith Diamond, Kenny Johnson. Mike MeConchie, David Evans, Lionel Smith, Boh Ycdnock, Ronald Baker, Manager. In baseball, as in the other major sports, the old Northern Virginia League was broken into three smaller ones, and GW began a long fight to top such pre-season favorites as Edison and Lee. As always, the Prexies would face hard fought games against powerhouses like W-L and Hammond,and coaches and team looked forward to their first contests with the new T. C. Williams Titans. GW’s main spring sport was ready and waiting with a stellar aggregation of fielders, hitters and pitchers by their opening game in April. PREXIE POWERHOUSE BOB GIBSON unleashes a powerful line drive into left field during Spring Practice.SEASON'S SCHEDULE DATE OPPONENT DATE OPPONENT April 5 T. C. Williams April 26 Edison 12 Washington-Lee 29 Mt. Vernon 15 Fort Hunt May 3 Lee 19 Woodson 6 Hammond 22 Hammond 13 Crovcton 23 Yorktown 17 T. C. Williams With several new faces from Jefferson Middle School in the line-up, the Junior Varsity baseball team of 1966 was a more formidable aggregation than any in recent years. As always, the team would have to fight to overcome the loss to the Varsity of last year’s star players and what was, by any standards, a rugged schedule. Greatly improved batten.’ strength and the acquisition of several long-ball hitters who displayed their fence-busting ability in spring practice, made the prospect of a winning season more promising than ever. As March draws to a close, a grueling season lies ahead of the Junior Prexies. THOMAS MORGAN warms-up pitchers in a preseason work-out. AN IMPRESSIVE ARRAY of hooks and sliders gained a In-rth on the JV squad for Kenneth Thomas. JAYVEE PITCHERS SHINE, FIELDERS WIELD SOLID BATS Junior Varsity Baseball Coach Mr Harrs- Ricer. JUNIOR VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM—Froaf Rou: Billy Wilburn. Warren Klutz. Can Himes, John Roberts. Ronald Smith. Second Rou.: Greg Zeller. Thom.»» Morgan. .Alton Marston. George Edwards M :.r Ortiz, Ted Smith. Third Rou. Dennis Lumpkin. Phil McConchie, Joseph Bellcfield, Dennis Weaver. Kenneth Thomas. Ste e Kennedy. Paul Allen.CREW FIRST EIGHT Left to Right—Leaman Lewis, Nick Lampshirc. Mike Haynes, Bill Perkins, Bob Kelly, Joe Sheridan, Wesley Schmidt. Front Ron;—Bob Hicks, Jim Crichton. LIGHTWEIGHT CREW Left to Right— Andy Brown. Pete Schmidt, Bob Haynes, Mike Anderson Danny Mack-lin, Matthew Collins, Kic Campbell. Front Roto —Jim Hemcon, Jerome Brooks. SECOND EIGHT Left to Rig if-Bill Roy, Mark Schilling, Bud Alexander, Jim Herlick, Chris Kelly, Austin Schmidt, Jerry Comisky. Front Row-Tom Adams, Geoff Kelley.FIRST FOUR Left to Right—Richard Timberlake, Stove Craddock. Jim Dooley, Spence Gardner. Kneeling Front— Hammond Snyder. THIRD FOUR Left to Right—John Kotulick. Charles Frere. Alan Frazer. John Coble. Kneeling Front—Tony Suarez. SFCOND FOUR COACHES Mr. Bobby Jenkins and Mr. Sonny Weiner check the schedule of upcoming races during practice one Saturday morning. Left to Right—Mike Miller. Ccorgc Monti, Clay Mills John Srw Kneeling Front-John Meehan. ' n peer' TWO GW SHELLS, silhouetted against the Woodrow Wilson Bridge, slice through the murky Potomac during one early-morning practice session.The 1966 COMPASS owes a considerable debt of gratitude to a continual aspect of the changing TIMES. As have many factors, the representatives of our free enterprise system, our advertisers, have contributed no small amount to the production and presentation of this book. We thank them. A D V E R T I S E M E N T S 171HARRIS and EWING 1304 G Street, N.W. NA 8-8700 WASHINGTON, D. C. For many years the nations most important people have relied on the expert photographers at HARRIS and EWING for portraits for every occasion. Here Mary Callahan and Sharon Railcy admire the excellent craftsmanship of both photographer and artist to bring a portrait to life. Wc arc proud to have served you in the capacity of OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER for 1966 and wish each and every one of you success and happiness in your chosen field be it COLLEGE or BUSINESS.QuxinMieed y JEWE«- 0 W ! TOWING 4 0 MT. VERNON REC. ROOMS - DORMERS MOBIL SERVICE ROOM ADDITIONS - CARPORTS Any Type of Home Remodeling 317 EAST BRADDOCK ROAD Alexandria, Va. UP TO 20 YEARS TO PAY FIIA FINANCING J. C. LOCKWOOD, Nite KI 9-8327 CAPITOL REMODELING, INC. 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Cooms 174 Robert’s, Ltd. 185 Roger’s Men’s Wear 179 R 6c R Venetian Blinds 186 Security Savings and Loan 179 Shertle Galleries, Inc. 1SS Steven-Windsor 174 Timbcrman’s Drug Store 1SS Turk’s Men’s Shop 1S6 Village Cleaners 1SS Virginia Business Machines 1SS Wellington House 1S5 William Dcmainc 6c Son ISO Young Fair 1SS A. B. 6c W. Transit Co. ITS Aitchcson Fuel Co. 1ST Alexandria Drafting Co. 173 Arlandria Drive-In Cleaners 177 Alexandria Gazette 177 Alexandria National Bank 1S9 Alexandria Piano 6c Organ Service 176 Alexandria Rambler 175 A l's Steak House 177 Apperson and Dent, Inc. 177 Arlandria Barber Shop 179 Arlandria Finance Corp. 173 Baldwin’s Quality Cleaners 179 Ballance’s Drug Store 176 Barney’s Delicatessen 177 Big Ed’s Speed Shop 1S2 Bradlce Florist 174 Brookville 1S3 Burger Chef ISO Burke’s American Servicenter 1SS 191 Capitol Remodeling, Inc. 1731XDEX Adams, Bessie: 29 Adams. Man-linn: 86, 130 Adams. Maurice: 139 Adams. Thomas C.. Jr.: 75, 162. 163. Adkins. Betty: 138 Afmer. Bert: AinsSeld. Seale: 29 AUcheson. Donald: 63 Akers. Sally: 75. 123, 124, 125 Akins, Audrey: 29 Albisu. Casan: Albisu, Luise: Alexander, Brenda: 45 Alexander, Frank: 95. 99, 155 Alexander. Hugh: 29. 99, 138, 159, 16f Alexander, Yulanda: 29 Allen, Anita: 86 Allen, Charles: 29, 63 Allen, Charles V.: Allen. Howard: 74, 75, 164 Allen. Malinda: Allen, Marsha: 29 Allen. Paul: 95. 135, 155, 161 Allen, Robert: 88 Allison. Janet: 86, 130 Allison, Lynn: 174 Almond. Debbie: Almond, Karen: 86 Altizer, Al: Amev, Elizabeth: 86, 130 Anderson, Jay: 29 Anderson, John XV.: 88 Anderson. Shelley: 63 Andolsun, Saffan: 63, 154, 163 Andrews, Robert: 75 Annkchiarico, Stefanie: 62, 63, 112, Anthony, Kyineos: 29 Anthony, Vassill: 75 Antonacci, Stephen: 166 Armstrong. Dennis: 29 Armstrong, Susie: 29 Armstrong. Theresa: Armstrong. William: 154 Arnett. Mary: 29, 146 Arthur, Barbara: 29 Arthur, Edward: 75 Asbell, James: 95 Asbell. Kitty: Asbell. Rita: 75 Asbell, Thomas: 95 Ashton. Michael: 111 Athey. Charlene: 29, 146 A they. Melanie: 88, 99 Atkins, Carolyn: 75 Atkins, Charles: 95 Avery. Hulsert: 95 Ayres, Gerry: 29, 105 Ayres, Mehina: Baber. Audrey: 29, 138 Baber, Sandra: 30, 127 Bal)cr, Sharon: 63, 127, 138 Bader. Mar}’ Ann: 62 Baer. James: 30 Bailey. Patrick: Bair. Margaret: 75 Bajusz, Dolores: 86 Baker. Leroy: Baker, Linda: 63, NO Baker. Ronald: 95, 166 Baker, Sigrid: 86 Baldwin, Bonnie: 63 Baldwin. Margaret: 75 Bander, Cragg: 30 lander, Sharon: 63 lander, Shelley: 75 anks, Clara: inks, Patrick: ratta, Jill: 75 rbre, Deborah: 86, 130, 133 'bre, Denise: 86, 130, 133 cfoot, Dennis: ‘ oof, Ronald: 150, 151 ntine, Robert: 30 er, Archie: M. Charles: 63 . Doug: s, Lorenzo: 74, 75, 160 ff, Cooper: 164, 165 Barnett, Ralph: 62, 65, 73, 156, 158, 159 Barnette, Ronnie: 63, 150, 166 Barnette, Stephen: 30, 34, 57, 99, 139 168 Barry, Jamie: 75 Baselcr, Stephanie: 75 Ba.vham, Edwin: 30, 150, 166 Batcheller, Allan: 84, 130 Bateman, Shirley: 142 Bates, Bonnie: 75 Bates, Calvin: 95 Bates, James: 95 Baxley, Larry: 75. 81 Baxter. Diane: 86 Bazihiik, James: 75, 157 Bazzle, Betty: 63 Beach,Rosalie: 75 Beall, Evelyn: 30 Beall, George: 95 Beanarick. Kenneth: Beandcr, Marvin: 95 Beasley, Tucker: 75 Beavers, Stephen: 95 Beck. George: Behrens, Jacquelin: Beklelman. Barbara: 75 Bclk, Cordell: 161 Bell, Roslyn: 95 BcIIficId, Joseph: 154, 167 Bender, Cragg: 140 Bennett, Pat: 63, 140 Berg, Margarete: Berks! resser, Jacqueline: 30, 146 Bernier, Jacquiline: 62, 73, 123, 163 Bernier, Kathy: 30. 56. 57, 105, 131 Berry, Anita: 63, 130 140 Berry, Diane: 30, 143 Berry, Linda: 30 Bcrfschingcr, Greg: 95 Birrell, Andrea: 30 Blackwell, Rebecca: 86 Blackwell, Veronica: 63 Blundon, Kennth: Boaz, Stephanie: 63, 104, 111, 114, 120,124 Boddy, Patricia: 63 Boggan, Doria: 95, 131 Bolar, James: 141 Bonamarte, Cindy: Bond. Deborah: 95. 131 Bonfiglio, Stefan: 75. 102, 121 Bonner, Elizabeth: 86 Bonner, Sonncr: 66, 150 Bonner, Wanda: 63 Boster. Cuy; 64 Bostick, Sarah: 95. 130 Boston, Rustinc: 75, 111 Bottle, David: 95 Bottle, Theodore: 30, 165 Bovc, Robert: 75 Bowen, Richard: Bowles, Edward: Bowman, Carol: 30. 144 Bowman, Diana: 75 Bovd, Gwendolyn: 30, 142 Bovd. John: 63. 165 Boyd, Michele: 75 Boyd. Vashti: 86 Boyett. William: Boyle, Frances: 30 Bradfleld, Alan: 75. 162 Bradley, Charlene: 63, 142 Bragg, Linda: 86 Bragg, Norton: 31, 135 Branam, Cary: 95. 129, 155, 164 Branch. Beverly: 64 Branch. Jo: Brasscur, Eileen: 31 Brasseur, Louise: 75 Braun, Catherine: 138 Braun. Marie: 31, 138 Brecar, Ray: 75 Breeden, Brenda: 74, 75 Breeden, John: 75 Breeden, Nina: Breeding, Ken: 95 Breedlove, James: Bright, Stanley: Britt, Ellen: 86, 131 Britton, Debby 86 Brockcrs, Barbara: Brooks, Carlettc: 75, 126 Brooks, Jeanette: Brooks, Jerome: 31, 162, 168 Brooks, John: 31, 139, 162, 164 Brooks, Patricia: 64, 138 Brown, Charles: 75, 162, 163, 168 Brown, Charles N.: Brown, Dennis: Brown, Dennis V.: 75 Brown, Clenn: 31 Brown, Jim: 155 Brown, Joseph: 95 Brown, Judy: 31, 99, 131 Brown, Lawrence: Brown, Patricia: 86 Brown, 0» nton: Brown, Bay: 94, 15-1, 155 Brown, Thomas: 154 Brown, Wavcly: 160 Bruhn, Harold: 94 Brunson, Alvina: 64 Brunson, Bruce: 155 Bryant, Alicia: Bryant. William: 31 Buckner, Roger: 145 Bullard, Thelrecia:86 Pullman, Alice: 64, 133, 146 Bunch, Van: 32 Buns, Jack: 32. 132 Burba, Carl: 101 Burgwald, Jennifer: 174 Burcham. Joyce: 32, 104, 123, 135, 138 Burchfield, John: 130 Burgess, Karen: 64, 130 Burgess, Susan: 76 Burke, Antoinette: 64 Burke, Geraldine: Burke, Karen: 32 Burke, Rosier: 154 Burks, Pauline: Burling, Donald: Burner. Gregory: Burnham, Carol: 32, 127, 145 Burnley, Carol: 32 Burnley, Marie: Bums, James: Bums, James E.: 62, 64 Bums, Sharon: 62 Bums, Sharon Lynn: 64 Burton. Aubrey: 89, 101, 102, 121, 132, 150, 164 Burton, Barbara: 32, 99, 103 Burton, Edward: 94 Burton, Robert: 132, 139, 150, 164 Burls, Glenda: Bush. Clay: 101, 138 Byrd, Thomas: 94 Byrne, Barbara: 32. 112, 124, 146 Bywaters, Bussell: 94 Caldwell, Larry: 154 Callahan, Benjamin: Callahan, Lue Ann: 76 Callahan. Mary: 64, 112 Callan, Larry1: Cameron. Van: Campbell. McKee: 76, 168 Campbell, Vicky: 76, 131 Campbell, Warren: 94 Carr, Hazel: 32 Carr, Jeannette: 32, 130 Carr, Lois: Carrol, Steven: Carter, Jimmy: 163 Carter, Judy: Carter, Kenneth: 154 Carter, Ronald: 100 Carver, Timothy: Caryl, Gal: 126 Caryl, Kenneth: 11, 32 Casey, Pamela: 32 Cash, Bernard: 94 Cash. Sue Ann: 33, 106, 123, 126 Cashc, Christopher: Cason, Robert: Cason. Bill: 33, 150, 151 Cassidy, John: 94 Cassidy, Nancy: 192Castle. Chris: 76 Castrovillo. Cindy: Castrovillo, Eugene: Cavnnagh, Candy: 87. 99. 128 Chambers, Dianne: 33, 140 Chapman. Carol: Chapman. Deborah: 76, 135, 138 Chappell, Janice: 103 Cheshire, Carole: 76 Chavis, James: 154 Cherry, William: 64 Chin, Edward: 33, 163 Clare, David: Clare, Deborah: 90 Clark, Carolyn: Clarke, Judy: Clark, Julian T.: 76 Clark, Ronnie: 64, 142 Clark. Steve: 94 Charles, Dennis: Clarke. Terry: 76. 130 Clausen, Clystie: 76 Clay, Deborah: 130 Clay, Jo-An: Clay, Michael: 64, 162 Clayton, William: Clilf, Jane: 76 Clifton, Gerald: Cloninger, Ronnie: Cloud, Etouise: 33 Clouse, Theresa: 76, 138 Clouse, Wilbur: Coberly, Linda: 62. 64, 144 Coble. John: 94, 169 Coble, Lynda: 64 Coburn. Dana: 76 Cockerell, Carolyn: Cockcrillc, Carolyn M.: 33 Coffey, Sandra: 33 Coffman. Benjamin: 94 Coffman. Buddy: 76 Coffman, Henry: 94, 132, 135 Coffman. Steve: 33, 140 Coker. Ronnie: 138, 150, 156. 158 Cole. Gail: 33. 144 Coleman, Jane: 64, 131 Coleman, I.inda: 33 Coleman. Oliver: 165 Collina, Matthew: 64, 168 Combs, Gloria: Combs, Linda: 33 Combs. William: 64. 128 Comer. Bonnie: 64. 140 Comisky, Gerald: 94, 168 Coney, Millie: Conlon, Chris: 64. 112, 123 Conlon, George: 64 Conner, John: 102 Conner, Michael: 21, 33, 140 Connor. Darlene: 33 Cook, Diana: 33 Cook, Lloyd: Cook, Vemon: 95 Coombs, Barbara: 33, 144 Cooper, Anthony: 94 Cooper, Betty: 34, 145 Cooper, Dwight: Cooper, Lavem: Cooper, Michael: Cooper, Randall: Copeland, Fanny: Copeland, Norma: Coppage, Beverly: 34 Copnage, Elayne: 74, 76 Cordell. Alice: 64 Cordell. Dennis: 34, 99. 101, 103. 105, 106 Cornell, Charlotte: Cornell. Jo Ann: Corso, Marguerite: 74, 76 Cortese, Barry: Cortese, Tony: Cotton, Tjuanna: 64 Couples, Tom: 65, 101 Courtney, Charlene: 65 Cowan, Cueron: 162 Cox, Connie: Cox, Diane: 87 Cox, Ccorge: 21, 34 Cox. Sharon: 76 Crabblo. Ronald: 94 Craddock, Steve: 34, 101, 103, 139, 150. 169 Craft, Deloris: 34, 126, 127 Craft. Ernestine: 87 Crawford. Pat: Creel, Albert: Crews, Edward: 94, 155, 163 Crichton, James: 99, 138. 150, 168 Crockett, James: 99, 155 Crockett, Nancy: 145 Croghan. Monica: 35, 102, 112, 123 Crouch, William: 94 Croylc, Sherry: 35, 57, 110, 111 Crum, Kenda: 68, 142, 143 Crum, Shari: Culp, Russell: Cumiskey, Sally: 106, 147 Cummings, Kathy: Cummings, Patricia: 87 Dakin, Joyce: 35 David, Bert: 65, 166 Davis, Charles: Davis, Dianne: 35, 142 Davis, Easter Regina: 76 Davis, George: Davis, Hattie: Davis, Isa bell: Davis, John: 35 Davis, Mary Linda: Davis, Terry: 65 Davis, Verlette: Dawson, Carrie: 35, 103 Day. Barbara: 35, 147 Deacle. Marian: 128, 131 Dean, Catherine: 35 Dean, Kenneth: 62, 65, 143 Dean, Lenoia: 131 DeHart, Linda: Deiderich, Lis: 95 DeLauder, Judy Ann: 76 DeLauder, Mike: Delay, Linda: DelChamp, Frank: 142 D’Elia, John: 35. 101, 139 DeLisle, Charles Wayne: 76 Dellinger, Gail: 76 Denning. Betty: Dennis, Charles: 94 Dewalt. Vivian: DeWalt. William: 65. 112 Dewitt, Mike: 35. 141 Diamond. Keith: 35. 13S. 156. 166 DiCicco. Donald: 35. 138 Dickerson. Diana: 130 Dickerson. Hilda: Dickson. Elinor: 35. 124 Diggs. Andrew: 160 Diggs, Ann Jovce: 76 Diggs, Michael: Dillon, Steven: 65 Dixon, Sandra Lee: 35, 103 Do! son, Ronnie: Dodd, Andrew Jesse: 93. 153, 161 Dodd, Sandra: 35 Dodson, Donald: 111 Doll ins, Rebecca Dombrowski. Virginia: 112. 120. 123. 163 Donaldson, Dianne: 76 Donelson. Wayne: 76 Dooley, James: 101, 169 Doonis, Carol: Dore, James: 164 Doss, Patricia: 36, 127 Dotson. Frances: Douglas, Anne: Douglas, Jones Marco: Dowdy, Kay: 76. 130 Downer, Chris: Downer. Elizabeth: 93, 128 Downey, Maria: 95 Downs, Donna Lee: 76, 130 Downs. Janice: 76 Doyle. Susan: Drummond, Clifton: 130, 138. 156 Drummond, Garry: 76. 154 Drummond, Margaret: 65 INDEX Duxaway, Donald: 99 Dunbar, William: Duncan. Sharon: 65 Dunn, Barbara: Dunn. Raymond: Dupree, Shelby: Durham. James: 154 Dussler, Lynda: 89. 130 Duvall, Saundra: 36, 126. 127 Dykes, Elizabeth: Dykes, William: Dykes, Helen: Early, James: 77 Eaton, Melvin: 93 Eaton, Roland: Eaton, Virginia: 95 Eaves. Paul: 12. 36 _ Edwards, George: 167 Edwards, Leonard: Edwards, Mary: 65 Edwards, Michael: 93 Eiscman, Gilbert: 93 Eisman, Marria: 65 Elder, Odessa: Elliot, Charles: 93, 154 Elliott, Linda: Elliott, Robert: Ellis. Alan: 93. 130 Ellis, Stuart: 93. Ill Ellis, Rick: 36._125 Enders, Janet: 77 Endicott. David: 65 Epperly, Ella: 65 Erwin, Michael: 31. 36. 101. 102. 103. 105. 106. 115. 121, 123 Estes, I. in wood: Estes, Nathaniel: 93 Etter, Lillian: Etter, Mary: Eubanks. Elsie: Eubanks. Kenneth: 65. 163 Evans, Caroline: Evans. David: 65. 101. 166 Evans. Mike: 36 Everett. Leroy: 77 Ewing. Danny: Ewings. Cora: .. Exner. Katherine: 65 Faconer. Willie: 65. 130 Fanning. Barbara: 65 Fantaci. Tony: Farris. Joan: Faukls. John: 21. 93 Feaganes, Louise: 36 Fehr. Paul: 36. 7$. 101. 150 Feltner. Randy: Fergueson. Alan: 93 Fergueson. Charles: Ferguson. Clara: Ferguson, Jim: Ferguson, Regena: Ferer. Laura: 95 Ferrell. Sandra: 36_ Fickinger, Mary: 77 Fickinger. Michael: 36 Figgins. Otis: 163 Figgins, William: Fischman. Darlene: Fitzgerald. Michael: Feescher, James: 93 Flesher, Sara: 65, 114, 127 Florence, Jim: 21, 36, 138 Foley, Dennis: 36 Foley, Teresa: Foote. Sheila: 65. Ill, 146 Flynn, Joseph: 36. 142 Flynn, Stephen: 36 Foran. Frances: 11. 36 Fordham, Eddie: 77, 154 Forest. Betty: 65 Fomes. Louise: 36, 50. 106 Foss. Victoria: 15. 37, 99. 104, 112, 115. 129 Fortune. Henry: 65 Foster. Bob: 37. 43, 57. 138, 150, 151, 156. 157, 158, 159 Foster, Melody: 120 Fox, Jane: 66, 146 193INDEX Fox. Lawrence: Fox. Linda: Foxwcll. Daniel: 93 Foxwcll, Nellie: 66 Franklin. Thornton: Fravel, Donald: 77 Frazer. Alan: 77. 97, 165, 169 Frazer. Donald: 37. 99, 101, 103, 104 105 106. 115, 129. 162, 164 Frazier. James: Frazier. William: Frcdette. Paul: 37 Freeman. Gregory: 37 Freeman. Lynn: 77 Freeman. Rita: 95 Freeman. Sharlie: Frere. Charles: 169 Frere. John: 155 Fromm. Elaina: 62. 66. 112, 124. 185 Franti'. Peggy: 37. 105, 131, 147 Fulwiler, Catherine: 66 Fulwiler. Virginia: 66 Funkhouser, Dennis: Funkhouser, Linda: 66. 127 Funkhouser, Michael: 93 Furr, Allen: 77, 154, 163 Cainev. Mary Margaret: 77 Gaither, Thomas: Gallagher. Pat: 37, 140 Callahan, Charles: 77 Callahan, Janet: 91. 130 Callahan, Vikki: Callahan, Virginia Esther: 91, 130 Gallman, Shelia: 77 Cullman, Willie: Galloway, Debra: 95 Galloway, Ronald: Galloway. Yolanda Johnice: 91 Gardner, Laurie Frances: 66 Gardner, Lee Spence: 77, 154, 169 Garren. Marcia: 77 Carth. Lynn: 37 Garnett. James Chris: 77 Gee. Charlotte: 66, 120 George, Ray Hope: 86 Geter. Terry: 91 Gholson. James: 37 Gibson, David: Gibson, Jeannette: 91, 130 Gibson, Michael: Gibson, Rol»ert A.: 57. 139, 150, 152, 156, 158, 159. 166 Gibson, Shirley: 95 Gilbert, Othernile: Giles. Becky: 37. 48. 103 Ginn, Bonnie: 37 Ginn. Karen: 66 Gioscio. Dennis: claal, Cheryl Suzanne: 91 Gladney, Marsha: 37 Gochenour, Brenda Lee: 91. 138 Cochonour, Harry: 37 Gochenour, Peggy: 66, 138 Goldchien, Karen Sue: 62, 126 Golden. Patricia: Golden. Raymond: 111. 138, 139. 150, 152 Good, Elaine: 66 Good. Teresa: Good. Wayne: Goodman, Steve: 66, 125 Goodrich. Emma Lou: 66 Goodrich, Mary Charlene: 91 Corden, Charles Michael: 86, 155 Cordon. James: 77, 165 Gordon. Mike: 86 Gordon, Susan: 37 Gorham. Linda: 38. 105. 114, 127, 133 Govs. Christopher: 111 Graham. Andrea: 91. 120 Graham. Carol: 28, 103 Graham. Margaret: 66. 138 Cray, S. Nelson. Jr.: 38 Gray, Norman Milton: 86 Green, Jennie: 66 Green, Jerry: Greene. John: 77, 135 Green, Lana: 38 Greene, Leon: Green, Sandra: 91 Greene, Stanley: 38, 132, 150, 152, 163 Greene, Terry: 38, 101, 139, 150 Greenspan, Diane: 38, 106 Gregg, Jerry: 166 Gregory, Jay: Grief, John: Grief, Martin: Griffin, Jean Frances: 38, 132 Griffin, Sallie: 66. 123, 132, 135 Griffin, Susan: 62, 66 Griffin, Wandra: Griffith, Paul: Griggs, William: 38. 101, 138, 142. 143 Grimes, Bob: 66 Grines, Fay: 77. 128 Grotto. Gerri: 142 Cruits, Beth: 38, 57, 99 Cutridgc, Charles: Gwin. Dianna: 28, 38, 56 Hagan. Barbara Ann: 91 Hagerty, Patrick Hagreen, Kenneth Haley, Barbara: 66, 131 Haley, Francis: 143 Hall. Charles: 149, 154, 163 Hall, Dennis Hall. John: 139 Halter, Mary: 77 llamed, Martha: 77 Hamilton, Andre: 38 Hammond, Sylvester: 150 Haney, Harold: 66 Haney, Shelby: 91 Hansbrough, Karen: 66 Hanson, Douglas: Hanson. Gordon: 86 Harbaugh, Robin: 66, 146 Hardin, Ann: Harding. Janell: 128 Hare, Claudette: 38 Haringcr, Cathy: 39, 57, 103, 105, 106, 121 Harlowe, Lester Harman. Linda: 91, 130 Harman. Michael: 66, 112, 135 Harman, Peggy Ann: 66, 131 Harriman, Linda: 66 Harriman. Phil: Harris, Charlene: 130 Harris, Edward: 86 Harris, Grafton: 67, 125 Harris, Janice: 67, 130 Harris, Jerry: 77 Harris, Lillian: 39 Harris, Nancy: 67, 142 Harris, Rol erta: 77 Harris, Terry: Harrison, David Wayne: Harrison, James: 80 Harrison, Ronald: 39, 147, 150, 164, 166 I larrison. Thomas: Harrison, Willie: 126 Harrison. Willis: 67 Hart, William: 86 Harvey, Kenneth: 74, 154 Harvey, Mary Anne: 39 Haskins, James: Hassmer, James: 86. 130 Hassiner, Stephen: 103, 105, 106, 121, 123, 135, 163 Hatch, Colby: 77 Hatton, Diane: 95 Hatton, Mary Jane: 67 Hawes, Richard: 67, 154 Hawes, Tom: 37 Hawkins, James: 86 Hawkins, Lucille: 67, 131 Hawkins. Roln-rt: 67 Hawley, Tom: m3. 104. 105, 106, 114, 150 Haydukiwecz, John: Haynes, Michael: 168 Haynes, Bob: 168 Hayward, Charles: 106 Heildinger, Ricky: 67 Hedtke, Mark: 77. 162 Heislcy, Tony: Ilelsley, Genevieve: Hcmcon, James: 39. 114, 135, 139, 168 Henderson, Walter: 86 Hensley, Becky Ruth: Hensley, Maureen: 39 I lensley, Ronnie: 39 Herbert, James: 39, 99, 150 Herlick. Jim: 39, 138, 168 Hess, David Bryant: 67, 143 Hicks, Rcba Marie: 91, 130, 133 Hicks. Robert: 68. 147, 154, 168 Higgins. Bonnie: 91, 120 Hilc, Allen: Hile, Brenda: Hill, Anna Lynn: 91 Hill, Brent: 67 Hill, Linda: 91 Hill, Mary: 91 Hill, Pamela: 91 Himes. Cary John: 86. 155. 167 Himes, Cindy: 39, 146 Himes, Donald: 86 Hitt. Joyce: 40, 140 Hitt, Linda Sue: 91 Hodges. Cary: 142 Hollis, Jean: 77 Hollis, Thomas: Holloway, Elizabeth: 40, 123 Holloway, Margaret:77 Holmes, Alan: 155, 164, 165 Holmes, Carrie: 78 Holmes, Delxuah: 91 Holmes, I-arry: 163. 165 Holmes, Marcella: 67 Holter, Mary: Hooks, Barbara Jean: 91 Hooks, Lee: 155 Hooks, Sandra: Hooper, James: 163 Hoppe. Julia Louise: 91 Hopson, Constance: 91, 99 Horgan, Rosemary: 67, 112, 147 Horowitz. Jackie: 78 Hottle, Edward: 86. 155 Houchins, Anna: Houchins, Anna Lynn: 89 Hovermale, Franklin: 86 Howard, Brenda: Howard. Dana Edward: 86 Howard. I.eslie: 40 Howard, Ossie Francis: 86 Howard. Roseannc: 78 Hoyle, Rebecca: 89 Hubbard, Raymond: 62, 67. 101, 138 Hudgins, Alice: 74, 78, 128 Hudson, Betty Anne: 40, 126 Hudson. Jerry: 40, 110, 150 H«.n. Mable: 40 Hughart, Jackie: Hughart, Tommy: Hughes, Frances: 67 Hughes, Harry: 86, 155 Hughes, Janie: 67 Hughes, Richard: 155 Hughes, Sharon: Hughes, Susan: 78 Hummer, Diane: 89 Humphrey, Betty: 67 Humphries, Carolyn: 67, 112, 123 Humphries, Claudia: 89, 131 Hunnicutt, Debra: 89 Hunt. Dora: 40. 130 Hunt, Linda: 67, 130 Hunter, Frank: Hurst, Lawrence: 40, 144, 165 Husbands, Claude: 67, 165 Hutchinson, Henrietta: 78 Hutchinson, Karen: 89 Hutchison, Kenneth: 67 Hutchinson, Ludie: Hutchison, Sandi: 40 Hutchison, Sharon: 40 Huttlinger, Theresa: 112, 200 Hyland, Joan: 89 Ifylcr, Patty: 67 Hylton. Jennifer: 62. 67, 131 Hylton, Louenia: 89 Irby. Derell: 89, 130 Irby, Janice: 67 Islcr, Gloria: 89, 126 194IXDEX Jackson, Carolyn: 78 Jackson, Charles Henry: 86, 99, 101 Jackson, Joann: 40, 126, 127 Jackson, Judith Lynn: 40 Jackson, Larry: Jackson, Margarite: Jackson, Mary: 78, 138 Jackson, Michael: 41 Jackson, Ronald: 160 Jacobs: Jeannette: 41, 140 James, Roy: Jarrett, Rita C.: 89, 130 Jefferson, Danny: 62-67, 138, 139, 151, 165, 166 Jenkins, Rettie: 67 Jenkins. Richard: 150, 141, 151, 166 Jennings, Dennis: 154 Jennings, Sandra: 78 Jennings, Teresa B.: 89 Jenson, Ray: 41 Jewell, Brenda: 78, 97 Jiminey, Ronnie: 161 Jivens, Ray: Johnson, Adrianne Marsha: 68 Johnson, Boh: 78 Johnson, Carl: Johnson, Darla A.: 89 Johnson, Elaine: 78, 130 Johnson, Kenneth: 139, 150, 163, 166 Johnson, Lcdin: Johnson. Mary: 41 Johnson, Matthew Neil. Jr.: 78 Johnson, Sharon D.: 89. 131 Johnson, Sylvia: 41 Johnson, Terry: Johnson, Thomas: 150, 164 Johnson, Vickie: Johnston. Shelia: Jones, Barbara: 68 Jones, Bernice: 89 Jones, Calvin Mayo, Jr.: 143 Jones, Catherine A.: 89 Jones, Catherine C.: 68. 128, 124, 135 Jones. Cullen: 41, 10-1, 112, 113, 123 Jones, David: 90 Jones, Donna: 89, 138 Jones, Frances: 78 Jones, Jocelyn: 89 Jones, John: 139, 141, 150. 166 Jones, Linda: 41 Jones, Marco: 90 Jones. Mayo: Jones. Michael: Jones Pamela: 41 Jones, Patricia: 68 Jones, Raymond: Jones, Roliert: 160 Jordan. Dianna: 79 Jordan, Pamela: 130 Jordan, Sandra: 41. 135 Jorgenson. Grace: 89 Juarez, Margaret: 78 Kady, James: 41, 123 Kaines, Jerry: Kay, Frank: Kearney, William: 78, 135 Keeler, Win: Keesee, Dale: 78 Kcesee. Edith: 89 Keith Janice: 41, 111 Keller, Alfred: 141.150. Keller, Charles: 130 Kelley. Christopher: 68, 168 Kelley, Jeff: 155, 168 Kelley, Michael: 41 Kelly. Robert: 99, 150. 141. 112, 168 Kelly. William: 62 Kelminsky, Marie: 89 Kemp, Bernard: Kendrick Karen: 78 Kendrick, Ralph: 42 Kennedy, Barbara: 42, 144 Kennedy, Marie: 89 Kennedy, Shirley: 89 Kennedy. Steve: 78, 81, 154, 167 Kcntes. Michael: 66. 68, 101 Kerchenko, Paulette: 78 Kerley, James: 68 Kicklightcr. Leonara: Kidd, Amanda: 68, 143 Kidwell Dorthy: Kieferle, Elizalxth: 42, 115, 123 Killelea, Moira: 62. 68. 114, 135 Killelea, Stephen: 90 Kinnett, David: 90, 42, 155 Kinnett, Stephen: 142, 150, 151, 156 Kiser, Audrey: 68, 112 Kitts, Corabelle: Klonowski, Richard: 42, 187 Klow, Richard: 90, 155 Klutz, Warren: 78, 160, 167 Knapp, Donna: 42, 142 Knapp. Janice: 78 Knighting. Katherine: 78 Knoernschild, Peggy: 42, 143 Kotulick, John: 169 Kozel. Joan: 42. 123 Koziol, Karen: 78, 124, 125 Kreamcr, Betty: Kreamer, Donald: 74, 79 Krebs. Isabelle: 42. 104. 115, 123 Krebs, Margaret: 79 Krywicki, Stephanie: 89, 131 Kuhl, Wayne: 90. 163 Kohl, Willard: 90 Kuslmer, Diane: 68 Kyer, Kenneth: LaBattc, Stephen: 42 L’Ablie, Mark: Lambert, Ronnie: 160, 166 Lamltorne, Chris: 71, 73 Lampshire, Nicholas: 68. 127, 163, 168 Lane. Edward: Langford, Lorna: 68. 142, 143 Lape, Marjorie: 42. 146 Lastic, Marsha: 89. 120, 128, 130 Lavinus, Cynthia: 68 Lawson, Maureen: 42. 99. 105, 111, 113 Lawter, Judy: Lawthorne, Ronald: 79 Lay, Mary: 42, 123, 145 Layman, Eugene: 90 Lea, Emily: Leasure, James: 90 Lcasurc, Linda: Leavens, Kathy: 42, 114 LeBlanc. Thomas: Lee, Marilyn: 79 I.oe. Paula: 68i 126 Lee. Vincent: 79 Lefler, Frank: 90 Lefler. Victoria: 91 Leonard, James: 90 Leonard. Paula: 95 Lepler, Frank: 90 Lerch. Peggy: Less, Betty: 42, 140 Lewis, Beverly: Lewis, Carolyn: 91 Lewis, Francine: 91, 131 Lewis, Helen: 79. 146 Lewis, Leaman: 90. 155, 163, 168 Lewis, Thcll ert: 90 Lewis, Thelma: 91 Lewis, Wayne: 68, 163 Liggio, David: 42. 124. 125. 128, 146 Lindsay, Ronda: 43. 146 Lisnebee. Eunice: 91 Little. Richard: Littlejohn. Eliz;.beth: I.ivesay. Peggy: 143 Ix gan, Douglas: 90, 161 Logan, James: I.ogan, Margaret: 127 Lohr, Mary: Lomax, James: 90 London, Sherri: 43 Long, Carol: 91 Longfellow. David: 43, 102, 104, 105. 112, 121. 123, 124 Looney. Greg: 43 Love, Gallic: 43. 129. 131 I-owe, Annette: 95 Lowe, Bobby: la)we, Richard: Lowry, Ashby: 164 Lucas. Jane: 43. 104, 115 Ludlow, Janet: 43 Ludlow. Roger: Lumpkin. Dennis: 167 Lunceford. Patricia: 68. 111. 112. 113. 147 Lyles. Paula: Lynch. Catherine: 79 Lyons, Charles: MacBride. Nancy: 68. 123, 126. 131 McCalcb, Bonnie: 68 McCauley, Andrew: 90 McCauley, Terry: 95 McClay, Carl: McClees, Otis: 79 McClendon, Mary: 130 McCliutock. Michael: 34. 43. 57. 96. 102. 107. 121. 122. 124. 185 McClure, Christine: 95. 97, 128 McClure, William: McConchie, Mike: 68. 104. 114. 166 McConclne. Phillip: 90. 161. 167 McConkcy, Mary: 91 McCoy, Barl ara 43 McCullcn, Wanda: 68 McFaddcn, Judith: 43. 123, 124 McFctridgc. Vickie: 91 McGee, Arthur: McCowcn, Joanna: 44. 106, 146 McGowan, Susan: 91 McCuinn, Emma: 68. 120 McIntosh. Saundra: 43 McKay, Helen: McKinney, Beverly: 44 McKnight. Carol: 79 McKnight, Kathy: 79 McKnight, Marion: 44 McKnight, Rolx-rta: 44 McKnight, Stephen: 68, 111, 145 McMaster, Duane: McMaster. Dwight: McMenamin, Laura: 68 McMichacI, Kevin: 84. 90 Mabry. Patricia: Maekall, Louis: 44. 106, 139. 162, 164 Mackcll. Margaret: 91 Macklin. Daniel: 90, 155. 168 Magann. Gary: 79 Major, Lambert: 90 Major. Lee: 143 Maness, Deborah: 69 Maness. Russell: 90 Mangum. Hattie: Mankin. Lindsey: Manni. Jince: 155 Marcellaro, Robert: Marcinkus, Toni: 44, 127, 146 Marcus, William: Markin, John: 44. 124 Marks, Herbert: Marsh, George: Marsh, Linda: 44, 131 Marshall, John: 90 Marston, Alton: 79, 167 Martcz, Wilma: Martin, Nancy: 44, 142 Martin, Delores: Martin, James: 44 Mason, Noreen: 79 Matthews, Richard: 44 Matthews, Betty: 91 Mattox. Richard: 44 Max, Cail: 91 Maynard. Ted: Mayo, Claude: 19 Meadows, Allen: 142 Meadows: Melvin: Meadows, Timothy: Medlin, Karen: 44, 56, 105 Meece, Terry: 90 Meehan, John: 69, 169 Meehan, Mary: 91, 130 Meehan, Patrick: 147 Meitner, Richard: 44 Mcllott, Athol: 79 Meltcher, Esther: Melton, Carolyn: 195IXDEX Mcnke, Ray: 155 Metzger, Robert: Meyer, Cary: 155 Mickey, Beverly: 91 Micier, Mike: 88 Mier, Cary: 90. 99 Miles, Gregory: 88 Miles, Joseph: Miles, Robert: Miles, Susan: 44 Miller. Alton: 88 Miller. Beverly: 44, 127 Miller. Bonnie: 99 Miller, Catherine: 91, 120 Miller. Dora: 91. 138 Miller. Genrietta: 69 Miller. Jon: 45. 99 Miller, Maty: Miller. Michael: 88. 123, 169 Miller, Patrick: Miller. Paula: 69. Ill Miller. Reginald: Miller, Sharon: 69 Miller, Sheila: 74. 79 Miller, Suzanne: 84. 112, 135 Miller, Tryphenc: 45. Ill, 130 Mills, Clayton: 154, 169 Mills, Jay: Mills, Karen: 91 Milton, Joan: 45 Mil ward, Darlene: 18, 74, 79. 128 Mines, Sylvia: Mitchell. Alice: 69 Mitchell, Brenda: 91 Mitchell. Chris: 91. 133 Mizuno, Kenneth: 45 Mizuno. Lynn: 95 Moffett, Larry: 45. 142 Moffitt. Donnie: 54, 150, 152 Monti. George: 79, 169 Monzuk. Ann: Monzuk. Becky: 69, 142 Monzuk. Louis: 79 Mooney, Donald: 74, 79, 111, 151, Moore, Connie: 79, 97 Moore. Dennis: Moore, Cary: 69, 143 Moore, Hubert: Moore. Ilcne: 91 Moore, James: 80 Moore. Mike: 88. 99 Moreno, Alicia: 80 Morgan, Margaret: 45. 124 Morgan, Joyce: 69 Morgan, Kevin: 88 Morgan, Linda: 130 Morgan, Thomas: 88, 155, 167 Morning, Barbara: Morris, Beverly: Morris, James: 69 Morris, Richard: 45. 130 Morris, Sandra: 45, 112 Morrison. Bruce: Morse, Terry: Morse, Tommy: 162, 163 Moses, Crccnfair: 154 Moses. Rol ert: 88 Moton, Joseph: 45 Motley, Gerald: 88 Moultrie, Fredrick: Moultrie, James: 156 Mover, June: 93 Mullins. Bob: 83 Mullins, Gwendolyn: 45 Mullins. Roliert: 83. 88, 155, 163 Murphy, Roland: 88 Murry, Gregory: 80. 154 Myers, Darlene: 45. 147 Myers. Vicki: 80 Mylechrainc-Tuylor, Louise: 69 Nalls, Ellen: 45, 124, 127 Xapper, Charles: Napper, Leonard: Xashwinter, Sandra: 69 Naylor. John: 88 Neff, Kathy: 93. 128. 131 Neil, Donna: 93 Nelson, Daniel: 80 Nelson, Donald: Nelson, Francis: Nelson, Jerry: 88 Nelson, John: 135 Nelson. Marcia: 45, 111 Newby, Billie: 45 Newman, Jay: 45, 138 Newman. Judith: 45, 127, 133 Newcomb, William: 45 Newton. Elizabeth: Nichols, Ruthannc: 80, 123 Nixon, Betty: 69. 96 Norman, Bettye: 80 Norman, Fran: 46 Norris, Richard: 80 Novak. Lani: 38. 46. 107, 111, 123. 124, 125. 127. 185 Nunn. Richard: 80 Nunnllv, Carole: Nunnally, John: O'Conner, John: Oldaker, Richard: OKI field. Baird: 46. 103, 105 Oliver. James: 88 Oliver. Mary: 69 O'Neil. Dixie: 93 O'Neil, Doris: 46 O’Neil, Susan: 46 Orndorff, Stephen: 88 Orsini. Andrea: 80 Orsini, Benita: 46 Orsini, Lucia: 93 Orsino. Carmen: 34. 46. 73. 106, 123 Ortez. Martha: 84. 93 Ortiz. Henry: 84. 88. 155. 167 Ottens. Shirley: 93. 127. 130 Outko, Roxann: 93, 99 Owen, John: 46 Pacilio, Edward: 80 Pock. Darlene: 46. 147 Painter. Dally: 18. 80 Palmer, Bob: 46 154 Palmer. Cecil: Palmer. Lynell: 93. 131 Parente. Cynthia: 93 Paris. Rol ert: Paris. Tommy: Parker, Brenda: 93, 130 Parker, George: Parker. Georgia: Parker, James: 88, 101 Parker. Joseph: 101 Parker, Mary: Parker. Willie: 46. 142 Parman, Pamela: 13. 69, 140 Paterson. Nancy: 46 Patrick, Bryan: 88 Patrick. Marie: 62. 69. 112 Patterson, Bill: Patterson. Carolyn: Patterson, George: 69 Patterson, Jerry: 88 Patterson, John: Patterson, Lee: 88 Patterson. Robert: 80 Patterson. Texannah: 93 Paul. Deborah: 38, 46, 99. 114 Paid, Linda: 69 Payne, Margaret: 93 Payne, Margaret: 46, 144 Payne, Roger: 80 Payton, Gwendolyn: 80 Pearson, Aaron: 88 Pearson, Gloria: 69 Pearson, Irene: 46, 140 Pcay, Jewell: Peed, Dale: 69 Peek. Vicky: 18, 80, 97 Peele, Jack: 69. 102, 106, 112, 113, 165 Peagues, Roger: Peltier, Keith: Pence, James: Pence, John: Pendergrass, Grade: 93 Penn, Carlton: Penn, Caroline: 80 Perez, Fernando: 80 Perkins, William: 47, 130, 168 Perry, Henry: Perry, Larry: Perry, Marsha: 47 Perry, Philip: Peterson, Catherine: 47, 112 Peterson, Gregory: 69 Peterson, Sarah: 93. 130 Peterson, Shirley: 80 Pettey, Dmcilla: 69. 128. 147 Pettit, Dana: 62. 70 Pettit, Patricia: 47 Pfeiff, Dorothy: 80. 114 Pfeiff, Margie: 47 Pfeiff, Mary Jane: 47. 56. 105 Phillips. Paul: 87. 155 Phillips, Sharon: Phillips, Sondra: 144 Pippin. Dorothy: 70 Pitta, Harold: 47 Pittard, Sharon: 70 Pittman. Curtis: 47, 139. 164 Pitts, Robert: 70. 127. 160 Polk. Carole: 70. 120 Pollard, Cynthia: 93 Pollard, Kay: 47 Pollard, Rita: 80 Poole. Richard: 15. 47. 101, 102, 164 Popaden, Joseph: 47 Posey, David: 70 Powers, Mike: Powers, Ronald: 47 Powers, Thomas: 87 Presley, Patricia: 95. 138 Price, Basil: Price, Mary: 70. 146 PrLsaznick, Kathy: 47 Pritchett, Edward: 47 Proctor, Linda: 47. 128, 133 Proctor, Martha: 80 Proffitt, Douglas: 70 Pruitt, Bobby: 87 Puddy, John: 70, 112, 113 Pugh, Cindy: 48 Pugh. Schcrry: 80, 130 Pugh, Steven: 70 Pulley, Walter: Pulman, Deborah: 80 Purdy, Donald: Purdy, Donna: Purdy, Lynn: 48 Purdy, Richard: 87, 155 Purycar, Nancy: 93 Putman. Sandra: 80 Quash, Earl: 87 Quash, Sheila: Quinn, Linwood: 79 Quinn, Virginia: Radcliffe, Kathleen: 70 Radcliffc. Mike: 62. 70, 139, 163 Railey, Chris: 48 Railey, Sharon: 80 Raines, Donna: 130 Raines, Patricia: 70 Rainsbcrgcr, Joe: 87 Ramey, Carlenc: Ramos, Stephen: 87 Ramsey, Ellen: 48, 131 Ramsey, Frank: 80 Ramsey, Thomas: Randcll, Martha: 80 Randolph, Effic: 95 Randolph, Gwendolyn: 48 Ratcliffe, Cleveland: 70 Ratcliffc, Cleland: Ratterrec, Michael: 87 Rawlings, Robert: Ray. William: 87, 101 Read, David: 87. Ill, 135 Read, Robin: 135 Reamy, Connie: 70, 131 Reamy, Greg: 48 Rease, Ronnie: 150 Recker, Frederick: 87 Reed, Charlotte: 95 Reed, Elizabeth: 80 Reedy, Dennis: 97 Reedy, Frank: Reedy, Linda: 95 196INDEX Reel, David: 70 Reese, Royer: 87 Reeves, Barham: Register, Diane: Register, Susan: 91 Reichenback, Phill: 87 Rempc, Lawrence: Rempe, Rolx-rt: 87 Renner. William: 48, 104, 106, 112, 113, 200 Renshaw, Bonita: 112 Renzi. John: 70, 138, 154 Reynolds, Bruce: 48 Rhoades, Ronnie: 87 Rhodes, Beverly: 80 Rhodes, Mary: 48, 126 Rhodi , Hoy: 87 Rice, Carcn: 94 Rice, Donna: 80, 107, 185 Rice, Jeanette: 28, 48, 50, 138 Rich. Phil: 21 Richardson, Harry: 48, 130, 156 Richey, Towanna: Ricucci, Jean: 94, 131 Ridgely, Martha: 94 Ridgely, Snellen: 62. 70, 112, 124 Riley, Diane: 48, 140 Riley. Joan: 94 Riley, Patrick: 87 Ritchie, Wayne: 49, 187 Ritter, Patricia: Rives, Valeric: 70, 141 Roach. Donna: 70 Roach, Cary: 87, 130 Roberts, Anita: 91 Rol erts. Gary: 87, 130 Roln-rls, John: 87, 155 Rolx-rt%, John: 167 Rolierts, Karen: 70, 127. 131 Robertson. Marie: 49. 112, 133 Robev, Carol: 91. 120 Roliev. Bill: 80 Robinson, Chester: 87 Robinson, Clyde: 87, 164 Robinson, Donald: 87 Robinson, Mary Ann: 70 Rocchio. Victoria: Rodda. Nancv: 80, 131 Rogers, Carolyn: 94 Rogers. Geraldine: Rogers. Scott: 71 Ross, Cecil: 88. 161 Ross, Debbie: 80 Ross. Eddie: Ross, Gerald: 49 Ross, Jeanette: Ross, Kenneth: 49. Ill Ross, William: Roth. Patricia: 91 Roy, Bruce: 71 Rov: Etta: Roy, John: 88 Roy, May: Roy, William: 128, 146. 168 Rumford, Madonna: 131 Ruppcrt. Sharon: 49 Rii'h. Donna: 19, 49 F 'km. Jonathan: 71, 102 120 Fu". Jeanette: 80 Russell. Dorena: Russell. Janet: 49 Russell. Karen: 80, 138 Saitta. Roscanne: 81, 83 131 Sal-II. Matenia: 49, 99, 107 111 123 124. 185 ... S.dzmger. Fred: 40, 49, qq 114 .dzinger, Ruth: 71, 147 S..mpson. Linda: 49 Sampson. Thomas: 16, 71 Sanders, Amanda: 81 Sanders. Dora: 49 Sanders. Ellen: 71 Sanders. James: 49 Srs. Susan: 8-1, 94, 120 Sa:.d r on, Linda: 49 Sands. Anna: 94 Sanford. Kathryn: 94 Santa Cruz. Toni: Sassoon. Sandy: 49. 106. 114, 123, 124 Saunders, Christopher: 81 Saunders, Janet: 71. 130 Saunders, Linda: 94, 131 Saunders, Shelton: 88, 161 Sawer. Sally: Sawer, Sue: Scaflido, Becky: 133 Seaffido, Frank: 49, 143 Scaflido, Mars- Katherine: 131, 133 Seaffido. Sandy: 49 Scales, Everett: Scales, Richard: Schcer, Frank: 81 Schilling. Kathleen: 71 Schilling. Mark: 81, 123. 168 Schlag, Allx'rt: Selling, Christina: 50 Schlag, Mary: 71 Schlag. Pat: 71 Schmidt. Austin: 71, 104, 115, 162, 164, 168 Schmidt, Pete: 168 Schmidt. Wesley: 50. 54, 102, 123, 162, 168 Selmedl, Mark: 71 Schncdl, Matthew: 88, 130 Schnitzler. Karen: 50, 124 Schrott, I lone: 94 Scott, Deborah: 74, 81 Scott, Gloria: 130 Scott, John: 81 Scott, Laveme: 94 Scott, Teresa: 94 Scott, Thomas: 81 Scripture, Norma: 50, 105, 111 Seamon. Gary: 50, 141 Seccuro, Rebecca: 94. 131 Scdl crry, Carol: 13. 50. 123. 147 Segrist, Ward: Self, Bonnie: 94, 127 Self. Diane: 81. 127 Self, Michael: 88 Self, Millard: 71 Self, Tommy: 71, 88 Seim, Frances: 81 Semonds, Charles: 88 Settle. Hilton: 74. 81, 160 Settle, Marvin: 50 Settle. Wayne: 21 Shafer. Margaret: Shafer. Myron: 50 Shank. Nancy: 81 Shank. Tom: 155 Shape. Margaret: 81 Sharp, Richard: 110 Shelton, OlaMae: Shepherd. Cheryl: 50 Shepherd. Glenn: 88 Shepherd. John: Sheridan, Joseph: 50 Shieling, Christine: 94 Shifllett, Barbara: 94 Shilling, Gary: 88 Shilling, tarry: 88 Shingleton: 81 Shipe, Ronnie: 50, 111 Shivey, John: 71 Shirty, Ralph: Shockey, Michael: 81 Sholtis, Steve: 71 Shuck. Kathy: 81 Sihold, Bryan: 71 Sihold, Stephen: 88 Siers, George: 81, 130 Siers, Shirley: 81 Silcox, Phyllis: 94 Silleman. Linda: 94 Silliman, Joann: 50 Silliman, Susan: 51 Simonds, Charles: 123, 164 Simpson. Laura: 74, 81 Simpson. Marion: 51, 127. 146 Sims, Allen: 88 Sims. Amos: 88 Sims, John: 88 Singh, Mahendra: 88 Sirbert, Dianne: 81 Skeens, Bobbie: 94 Slack, Gary: 155 Slate, Robert: 48. 31. 104. 105. 106 115 Slivinski, Bruce: 71. 146 Slivinski, Susan: 85 Smalling, Walter: Smart, Deborah: 51, 85 Smith, Alfred: 51, 129. 132. 133 Smith. Anthony: Smith, Bert: 51 Smith, Bumicc: 85 Smith, Connie: 51 Smith, Deborah: Smith, Diane: 130 Smith, Dianne: 81 Smith, Dominic: 51, 101 Smith, Earle: 88 Smith, Glenn: 81. 165 Smith, Herbettc: Smith. Irving: 62. 138, 139. 154 156 158, 159 Smith, James: 51, 81 Smith. James M.: Smith, Jan: Smith, Jim: Smith, Johnny: 155 Smith, Karl: 74 Smith. Kenneth: 138. 151. 134. 165 Smith, Lawrence: 15-1 Smith, Linda: 51. 143 Smith. Lionel: 150, 166 Smith, Novella: 51 Smith, Olive: 85 Smith, Pamela: Smith, Ronald: 154, 167 Smith, Ronald: 165 Smith, Steve: 51 Smith, Stewart: 81 Smith, Ted: 157, 167 Smith, William: 81, 154 Smoot, Paul: Snider, Darida: 85 Snider, Jane: 85 Snyder, Hammond: 81. 165. 169 Snyder, Lynda: 51. 112. 124. 135. 144 Soles, Sally: 51. 112. 114. 124. 135. 13' Sown, Joyce: 81, 138 Sparks, Jennifer: 71 Speer, John: 81. 169 Speer. Richard: 51 Spicer. Malcolm: 51 Spillan, Wendy: 52. 131, 127 Spinner, LaDonna: 81 Spittle. David: 88 Spittle. Gary: 32, 127, 147 Spillman. William: 81 Sprague. Steve: 71 Squash. Earl: 161 Squires, William: 88 Standlev, Janet: 82 Stanfield. Iferlicrt: 52 Stanger, Rosemary: 85 Stanley, Clifford: Stanley, Janet: 82 Stanley, Norma: 82 Stanton, Octavia: 82, 102 Stapleton, Calvin: Starkey, Patricia: 85 Steele, Carolyn: 85 Steele, Edward: 88 Steele, Linda: Steele, Mildred: StefTry, Vicki: 85 Stephens, Frank: 88 Stephens, Randolph: Stetson, David: 88. 130 Stevens, Douglas: 124 Stevenson, Sidney: 88 Stewart, Charles: Stewart. Dale: 3S. 52. 102. 132. 135 Stewart, Linda: 81 Stillman. Terry: Stiltner. Sandra: Stinnette. Sharon: 52. 145 Stocks, Martha: Stokes. Charlette: 85 Stone. Patricia 64. 71 Stone. Sharon: 85. 138 Stovall. Eugene 197INDEX Stovall. Roger: 88 Street, Mildred: 82 Strickland, Maria: 71 Strickland, Richard: 88 Strock, Betty: 72 Strock, Jerry: 88 Strong, John: Stnisa, Linda: Studds, Harry: Studds, John: 52, 187 Suarez, Tony: 82, 169 Suarez, Michael: 52. 138, 163 Sullivan, Carol: 82 Sullivan, Gregory: 85, 161 Sullivan, Mary: 82 SuPrise, Kathleen: 52 SuPrise, Paul: 138, 163 Surkieivics, Joseph: 85, 99 Surratt, Jerry: 161 Sutton, Linda: 52 Sutton, Patricia: Sutton. Steve: 72 Swanell, Suzanne: 38, 52, 104 Swartz, Joan: 72 Sweeney, Nancy: 85 Sweeney, Sarah: Sweeney, Sherry: Sweeney, Robert: 52 Swicegood. Rebecca: 85, 127 Swisher, John: 155 Swisher. Patricia: 82 Tabler, Mary: 85 Tabor, Mary: Talley, Maris: 85 Tarbox, William: Taylor, Bobby: Taylor, Fred: 85. 163, 164 Taylor, Jane: 82 Taylor, Lanry: Taylor, Wayland: 85, 155 Toasdale, Eula: 72, 112, 113, 123 Teel, Alicia: 85 Teel. Cleveland: 85 Teel, Ray: Teller, Fred: 149 Terry, Stillman: 85 Tessier, Norman: 85 Tcssier, Rose-Marie: 62, 72, 128 Thacker, Betty: 85 Thaxton, Sharon: Thodos, Diana: 52 Thomann, Mark: 85 Thomas, Beverly: 82, 133 Thomas, Deborah: 85, 131 Thomas, Dclmar: 85. 135 Thomas. Geoffrey: 85 Thomas, Herbert: 15, 154, 163, 165 Thomas, Ivory: 85 Thomas, Kenneth: 82, 167 Thomas, Lauren: 85, 131 Thomas, Michael: Thomas, Pat: 82 Thomas, Sandra: 82 Thompson, Grant: Thompson, Sidney: 53, 97, 150, 156, 159 Thompson, William: Thoreson, N'els: 85, 135 Thorp. Rolsert: Thorpe. Calvin: 72, 142 Threat, Charles: 93 Timbcrlake. Richard: 85, 169 Tolbert. Sandra: 85 Tolosa, Felix: Tosart, Foster: Tibbs. Spencer: 85 Trenary, Jacklyn: 82 Troxell, Lawrence: 72 Troy, Maggie: Truly. Ann: 53, 57 Trumble, Linda: 72, 133 Tucker, Vance: 53 Turk. Glenda: 85. 99 Turner, Bobby: 53 Turner, Bill: 84, 155 Turner, Colena: 82, 131 Turner, Emily: 74. 82 Turner, Larry: Turner, Raymond: Turner, William: 82, 154 Tyler, LaVemc: 53 Tyler, Pamela: 53 Tyler, Patricia: 85 Tyson, Robert: 72 Underwood, Crystal: Underwood, David: 85, 161 Underwood, Linda: 72, 133 Valois, Denise: 138 Valois, Gcrri: 53 Valois, Michael: 72 Vanderwarker, Carol: Van Dyne, Darrell: 53, 140 Van Dyne, Jackie: 53 Van Meter, Alison: Van Rcuth, Linda: 53, 124 Van Sise. Ronald: 53, 123 Varga, Brenda: 85 Varge, Frank: 72 Vaughn, Linda: 82 Vecney, Sharon: 85, 131 Vcney, James: 53 Vennon, Jaimie: 85 Ventura, Robert: Vernon, Rodnet: 154 Vernon, Zanic: 72, 142 Vicent, Leslie: 90 Vician, Janet: 53 Vincent, Margaret: Waldman, Bryon: Walker, Carolyn: 53 Walker, Charles: 97 Walker, Mary: Walker, William: Walsh, Elizabeth: Walsh, John: 53 Walthall. Greg: 54 Wannall, Steve: 54. 110, 150, 151 Wanzer, Gale: 54, 142 Wanzer, Margo: Wanzer. Ralph: 85. 155 Ward. Charles: 157 Ward. Danny: 54. 164 Ward, Marion: 85 Ward, Wayne: 54 Warren, Joseph: 54, 99, 114 Warren. Kyle: 54. 103, 104, 105, 114 Warren. Philip: 82. 97 Warren, Timothy: 123 Warrener, John: 85 Watford, Mary: 54, 123, 124 Watkins, Linda: 90 Watson, Jeanette: 54, 111 Watson, Linda: 90, 131 Watts, Clay: Walts. Douglas: 85. 155 Waugh, Martha: 82, 131 Wayland. James: 97 Wayland, Lawrence: 72, 163 Wayland. Scott: 85. 120 Weaver, Dennis: 85, 130, 161, 167 Weaver. Joanne: 90 Webb. Charles: 54 Webber. Peggie: 72. Ill, 126, 135 Webster, Don: 54. 123, 146 Webster, John: 154 Webster, Louis: 154 Webster, William: Wedding. Caroline: 54, 115, 124, 125 Weekly, Judith: 131 Weintraub, Susan: 90 Welch, Brenda: 55 Wellborn, Janice: 82 Wells. Luther: 55, 187 Wells, Phyllis: 55 Wenderoth, Joanne: 72. 146 Wcndcroth, Wendy: 89, 90, 130 Wesley, Deborah: 90, 131 Wesley. Marie: 90 West, Charlotte: West. Daniel: 93, 155 West, Joyce: 82 West, Kenneth: 62 West. Sandra: 72 Westbrook, Janet: 82 Westbrook. Ollie: 62, 72. 101, 148, 150, 151, 165 Westbrook. Robert: 82, 165 Wheaton, Susan: 73, 123, 124 Whetzal, Carla: 90 Whetzei. Harold: 93 White. Donald: 93 Whitt, Candy: Wigglesworth, Gloria: 82 Wilbam, Brenda: 90 Wilburn, Janet: 73 Wilburn, William: 73, 167 Wilhoit, Beverly: 55 Wilhoit, Ronald: Wilkins, Pamela: 90 Wilkins, Rachael: 82 Wilks, Susan: 55, 126 Williams, Charles: 73 Williams, Claude: Williams, David: 82 Williams, Dianetta: Williams, Eva: 130 Williams, Gairy: 93, 99 Williams, George: Williams, Joycelyn: 82 Williams, Margaret: 82 Williams, Vcinell: 55 Williamson. Pat: 55 Willis. Carl: 93. 155 Willis, Robert: 97 Willis, William: 55 Willoughby, Zilla: 55 Wilson, Debbie: 73, 146 Wilson, Diane: 55 Wilson, Elliott: Wilson. Larry: 55 Wilson, Patsy: 90 Wilson, Paulette: 55 Wilson, Steve: 165 Wilson, Ted: Winkler. Bob: 73 Winston, Gwendolyn: 55, 131 Wise, Frances: 90, 130 Wolfford. Charlotte: 55, 131, 147 Wolfrey, Eugene: Wood, Cheryl: 133 Wood. Paul: 73 Woodley. Mary: 73, 147 Woods, Craig: Woods, Rebecca: 73 Woodside, Pamela: 55 Woodside, Roberta: 90 Woodside, Wendy: 15. 112 Wools, George: 56, 142 Woollum, Clarence: 28, 31, 56, 57, 156 Worden. Randall: 93. 139. 162, 164 Worley, Kathy: 56, 124, 147 Worrell, Barbara: 82 Worthy, Bernice: 56 Worthy, Robert: 93 Worthy, Ruby: 90 Wrenn, Carolyn: 146 Wright, Aquanita: 56, 150 Wright, Eddie: 56, 138 Wright, Emest: Wright, Jan: 73 Wurth, Michael: 82 Wyman, Cynthia: Yarbough. Penny: 82 Yates. Elinor: 102 Yates, Kathy: 90 Yates, Margaret: Yates, Mary: 90 Yates, Robert: 56 Yates, William: 56 Yednock, Rol crt: 56. 166 Young, Donald: 93, 154 Young, Jan: 73 Young, Robert: 82 Young, Tommy: 93 Yuhag, Stephen: 56 Zack, Mary: 82 Zaremba, Neil: 162 Zehring, Robert: 93 Zeller, Glen: 73. 97, 166 Zeller, Greg: 93, 155, 164. 167 Zeller, Terry: 82, 154 Ziegler, Earl: Zucker, Marsha: Zuidena, Carl: 56.J62, 164 Zuidcma, Joanna: 73 198GENERAL INDEX Academic Team 102 Administration 9 American Education Week 122 Art Department 11 Astronomy Club 120 Attendance Department Assistants 147 Bands 134-135 Baseball, Varsity 166 Junior Varsity 167 Basketball, Varsity 156-159 Junior Varsity 160 Freshmen 161 Board of Education 8 Book Department 22 Boys’ Athletic Leaders 138 Business Education Department 19 Building Custodial Staff 23 Cafeteria Staff 22 Cheerleaders 136-137 Choirs 111 Choruses 130-131 Classes, Freshmen 84-95 Juniors 62-73 Seniors 28-57 Sophomores 74-83 Clinic, Nurse 21 Compass 112-113 Council, Student 9S-99 Crew 168-169 Cross Country 162 Debate Club 102 Distributive Education Club 142-143 Drama Club 124-125 English Department 12-13 Folk Music Club 128 Football, Varsity 150-153 Junior Varsity 154 Freshmen 155 Foreign Language Department 18 Forensics 121 French Club 116 Future Business Leaders of America 127 Future Homemakers of America 126 Future Teachers of America 119 German Club 119 Girls’ Athletic Association 13S Guidance Department 10 Guidance Department Assistants 147 Gymnastics 163 Homecoming 10S-I09 Home Economics Department 11 Index, Seniors 58-61 Industrial Cooperative Training Club 140-1-41 Latin Club 117 Library 21 Little Hatchet 115 Majorettes 133 Mathematics Department 14-15 Monogram Club 139 Music Department 11 Office Assistants 145-146 Orchestras 132 Pep Club 100 Physical Education Department 20 Quill and Palm 103 Quill and Scroll 104 Red Cross Club 110 Safe Driving Committee 100 Science Department 16 Social Studies Department 1" Spanish Club 118 Spanish Honor Society 106 State. Boys' and Girls’ 105 Surveyor 115 Tennis 165 Thespians 107 Track, Winter and Spring 164 Vocational Office Training Club 144 World Events Club 123 Wrestling 163 TYPE STYLES AND PAPER-66 COMPASS Cover Colors—Benzcdinc Yellow and Process Blue Heads—24 point Caramond Bold Subheads—18 point Caramond Bold Body Copy—10 point Caledonia Captions—8 point Caledonia Paper—Dull Enamel 199The anticipation . . . GRADUATION It is not really until Graduation, the last few moments of our four years at GW, that we realize that we eannot stop or turn back TIME, and that we can only remember, never re-live, the events that made up these last twelve months. As always, this moment is an end and a beginning. It is the obligation of a yearbook to record the faces, names and happenings of a period of TIME. It is the 1966 COMPASS’s pleasure to thank the students whose efforts made it more than a simple assembly of days, hours and minutes. Finis. ONE SPECIAL TIME 200 Finishing touches . . . 

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