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Mr. Edgar Pruet IN MEMORIAM April 25, 1963; THE 1963 COMPASS STAFF PROUDLY PRESENTS.... y SENIOR EDITOR f. T- junior editor Z' FACULTY ED TOK SS '63 -S STANT EDITOR George Wash ncton High School Alexandria r Virginia Volume: 28 Q-OaulL Q ju Ed tcr-!N CM£F vio sux; nrcuM, nv TY Eowoftv PICTORE EDIToR kvi ERCLASS EOtTOfK SPoRTs Editor C tAots ARTEOITORVREFLECTIONS The 1 963 COMPASS is dedicated to the purpose °f °s a 9u'de for recalling happy memories of each students school days. The staff hopes that to each student this is a reflecting pond for memories. Your colorful, carefree high-school-days are represented by this setting at the Little Tea House; your high school days are as a fountain or source of knowledge, reflecting upon and guiding your whole life. The teachers here at GWHS have spoken not just words, but concepts, dreams and facts. We have tried to comprehend what our teachers were telling us and trying was the beginning of wisdom. Each of us came to GW curious, excited, and scared. Days, weeks and months have passed and we, somehow, after four years, belong and are, each, an essential part of GW. We have worked and progressed. The school songs became ours and we helped cheer our teams to victory. All our teachers, friends and experiences are mirrored here, in the 1963 COMPASS, to cherish and look back upon forever. DEDICATION It is with heartfelt thanks and warm appreciation that the graduating class of 1963 dedicates this COMPASS to Mr. Irving Lindsey. Mr. Lindsey is o native Alexandrian and attended the local elementary and high schools. He received his Bachelor of Arts Degree from George Washington University in 1923, mojoring in mathematics. He began teaching at the Old Alexandria High School. In 1927 Mr. Lindsey went to the University of Virginia where he received his Master's Degree with the distinction of membership in Phi Beta Kappa. He came back to Alexandria to teach another year but returned to the University of Virginia in 1929 where he taught for three years. He then decided that he "liked high school students better than college students" and came to teach again in the Old Alexandria High School. When George Washington was completed Mr. Lindsey came here, first acting as Assistant Principal, then as the Head of the Mathematics Department. Again we express our thanks to him for returning to the Alexandria School System and G.W. Besides being the Head of the Mathematics Department, Mr. Lindsey is a Senior Class Sponsor ond the Sponsor of the COMPASS Business Staff. When he was a boy he earned money by selling newspapers and shining shoes. Now he spends what spare time he has working in his vegetable garden. He also likes to listen to classical music. Another personal item, which up to now has been a closely guarded secret, is that Mr. Lindsey is somewhot fond of roses. When this class leaves G.W. such sounds as "Kamerad," "Bozo" and "Time out" will still ring in its ears. These sounds come from o much respected and much loved man— Mr. Irving Lindsey. MR. IRVING LINDSEY Mr. Lindsey carefully wraps a present to be given at the Senior Class Assembly on Senior Doy. ■1 ifaculty .... Those who foiled respect ' this Harvest" - 8uxbaunn Seniors______for what 0 r hopes but sle-nder ropes Fastened -to our drearns"-Bu '' UYV» % • juniors______H.tch Vjour wcxgon lo 6Sfar “ Emerson Sophomores... An investment in knovdedoe pays the best interest'’ — Franklin freshmen..." f reservoir of the h uman reserves that shape history "-Sa dbur activities.. NotVhng great v qS ever acV evedi without enthusiasm ' -Emerson sports.. " In clreams lnrough coartanc} camp he bore the trophiesc£ a conquerorfitz-Gree Hafleck ads .... " Lite. Las loveliness fo sell- A beautiful and Sp en dic( things —tensclale 5MR. EDGAR PRUET School Principal ADMINISTRATION Due to illness, Mr. Edgar G. Pruet has, unfortunately, been unable to perform his regulor duties as principal. As acting principal, Mr. Robert Garner has charge of the entire school program. All foculty members are responsible to him. Some of his duties have been assumed by Mr. Clay Estes. As assistant principal, Mrs. Tolbert acts as principal in the event of his absence. She plans oil extra-class activities. In addition, she is in charge of almost all school publicity. Mrs. Tolbert ond Mr. Garner meet in the principal's office to discuss the activities of a typicol school day.MISS LYNWOOD KINDER Guidonce Director MRS. ERNESTINE ALLPORT Guidance Counselor MR. WILLIS BOWMAN Guidance Counselor MR. CLAY ESTES Guidonce Counselor; Coach JV Foot boll, Vorsity Bosketboll GUIDANCE MR. DELBERT WILSON Guidance Counselor MRS. MARGARET BIBB Attendonce Office MRS. MARY TRICE Attendance Office Moin Office—Mrs. Trivctt, Mrs. Wharton, Mrs. McLanc.MR. DEUCALION GREGORY English, Dept. Head Co-Sponsor, English Closs Foculty Council MRS. EVA BORDEN English Journalism SURVEYOR LITTLE HATCHET MISS LOVE BRENDLE Reading ENGLISH ■■•R JONATHAN BRYAN English Fcculty Council v SS NINA BURDETTE English v SS ELEANOR CURRIN English C:-Sponsor, Freshman Closs Fcculty Council 1 MRS. MARY DIAMOND English Speech MR. R. DICKINSON ENGLAND English Lotin MRS. MARGARET FITZGERALD English MISS MARY GRESSER English v;SS EUNICE GUILL English v.RS MARITA HOLDEN English C-c —cn Cep end Gown Committee Sco-scr, Bible Club Spelling Club Foculty Council miss mary McKinney English Co-Sponsor, Sophomore Closs MRS. HELEN LEACH English Poetry in Forensic Contest MRS. BLANCHE MEADOWS English Co-Sponsor, Junior Closs MISS MARY SHEFTIC Dromo Sponsor, Drcmofics Club Speech Sponsor, Thespion Club MRS. MARY SNIDER English Superintendent's Advisory Council MISS SYLVIA SOMERS English Prose Reoding in Forensic Contest Superintendent's Advisory Council MRS. DOROTHY THOMPSON English Sponsor FTA ENGLISHRVING LINDSEY « c— ctics, Dept. Head I Soonsor, Senior Closs -- voncger, Composs MRS. ELIZABETH ALLPORT Algebro Geometry MRS KATHERINE APPERSON Algebra Geometry Ads. Composs Foculty Council General Mathematics MRS. ELIZABETH GENUNG Algebro Generol Mothemotics MRS. WAPELLA HOUCHINS Algebra Generol Mothemotics MISS HELEN I DOINGS Algebro Generol Mothemotics Geometry Sponsor, Student Council MISS THELMA MADDOX Algebro Generol Mothemotics Geometry r.c yN MONROE MRS. MILDRED MOODY • “ icoebra Algebro r; verhemotics General Mothemotics MATHEMATICS Mrs. Apperson explains o problem to onc of her attentive dosses. MRS. LILLIAN SANGER Algebro Geometry School Store MR. HOMER WILLIAMS General Mothemotics Generol Science Co-Sponsor, Composs Foculty CouncilMISS DOLLY CALLAHAN MR. PETER BABICH MISS KATHERINE BAUGH Social Studies, Dept. Head In Memoriam Social Studies Psychology Sponsor, World Events Club Sponsor, Dcbotc Foculty Council Sponsor, Quill ond Palm MRS. HELEN CAMPBELL Social Studies MR. SAM CAMPBELL Social Studies Coach, JV Bosketbcll Cooch, JV Footbcll MRS. RUTH ELGIN Sociol Studies Sponsor, Jr. Red Cross MRS. DORIS GRIFFIN Sociol Studies Co-Sponsor, Soph. Council Co-Sponsor, Student Council Superintendent's Advisory Council MR. DAVID LLOYD Sociol Studies Superintendent's Advisory Council Coach, Cross Country MISS GRACE PATCH Sociol Studies MISS ELISE SCHARF Sociol Studies Co-Sponsor, Junior Cess MR. LOUIS SCHREINER Sociol Studies Coach, Freshmon Basketball MRS. MERCEDES SIMPSON Sociol Studies Superintendent's Advisory Council COL. ELLSWORTH VAN ORMAN Social Studies Superintendent's Advisory Council Foculty Council MRS. MARY VAN ORMAN Sociol Studies Foculty Council••• LUAM HILLMAN MR. JAMES FORD Sc -ce, Dept. Head Biology MR. FRANK KAPRIVA Chemistry MR. JOSEPH MICHELITCH General Science Physics MRS. MARY MORELAND General Science Biology Co-Sponsor, Fresh. Closs MRS. BETTY SHULER Biology COL. STANLEY VOSPER Biology Faculty Council SS LULA WHITTAKER Generol Science I::"scr Astronomy Club - OMER WILLIAMS Generol Science - CLARENCE WOLFE BiologyMISS ALBERTA GRANT Language, Dept. Head French Fcculfy Council MRS SYLVIA BLICKSTEIN Art Crofts MR. R. DICKINSON ENGLAND Lotin MRS. NANCY FLOYD French MRS. SUE GIBSON Spanish MISS ISABELLE HALL Sponish Sponsor, Sociedod Honororio LANGUAGE AND ART MRS CLARICE LYNN Spcnish Sponsor, Spanish Club Ctoss Rings MRS. PAULA MOSS Spcnish MRS. HELYN BOST Latin MR. THOMAS DOWNING Art Patricio Dodson demonstrates her dexterity in modeling cloy. MR. CHARLES MOSSON Art, Dept. Heod Sponsor, Art Club MRS. MIRIAM STRIBLING FrenchMRS. WATKINS SMITH Business Education, Dept. Head Office Troining Shorthand Sponsor, FBLA MRS. SHIRLEY BROSIUS Shorthand Typing MRS. MARIE GILMORE Generol Business Typing Foculty Council BUSINESS w : I GRACE McGILVRAY Typing -‘i DOROTHY McGRAW Business Low Ge ercl Business Typing vRS. SANDRA MORRISSETTE Bookkeeping Business Arithmetic Typing MR. GENE NOEL Office Troining Sponsor, V.O.T. Club MISS PENELOPE RYERSON Bookkeeping General Business MRS. RUTH SCHULTZ Bookkeeping Generol Business Supervisor, School Bonk MRS BEVERLY STOKES General Business Shorthand Typing M SS JOAN SUMMERS Typing MISS JANE THOMPSON Notchand Shorfhond TypingMR. CHARLES DRURY Industrial Education, Dept. Heed Printing MR. GEORGE GROVE Woodworking Co-Choirmon, American Education Week MR. THOMAS HOLLIS Mcchonicol Drowing INDUSTRIAL ARTS Mr. Drury explains the operation of the school's Heidelberg Press. MR. FLOYD MASON Industrial Cooperative Troining Sponsor, D.O. Club MR. IRWIN PRICKETT General Shop Metals Sponsor, Cadaceus Club Foculty Council MR. HARRY RICER Electricity- ; -EN OSISEK - cal Education r oof bo 11 Cooch Vonogrom Club MR. SAM DIXON Physical Education Driver Education Foculty Council MR. ROBERT GREEN Physical Education MRS. PAT OBERHOFER Physicol Education Sponsor, G.A.A. : i DOROTHY OSTEEN .cal Educotion MRS. BARBARA SAUNDERS Physicol Educotion MRS. PATRICIA STAATS MR ELMO STANLEY Physical Educotion Physicol Educotion Sponsor, Cheerleaders Two girls ploy shuffleboord during Phys. Ed.MR. FRANK BARR Bond Orchestro Music Appreciation Sponsor, Music Club Superintendent's Advisory Council MISS JANE BIVENS Boys' Glee Club Ensemble Frcshmon Girls' Chorus Advance Girls' Chorus Foculty Council MRS. VIRGINIA CARR School Nurse Physical Education MUSIC, CLINIC, DRIVERS' EDUCATION, HOME ECONOMICS Mrs. Carr administers aid to Dcbby Lyons. MR. VERNON CLARKE Driver Education Physical Education MISS PHYLLIS TAYLOR Home Economics, Dept. Head MRS. MONNA RAY Home Economics Sponsor, FHA■fi VARY SEAY _ brorion MAINTENANCE—Front Row: David Mallory, Lewis Bigsby, Fred David, J. P. Pollord, Elmer Gardner. Second Row: Robert Haley, David Stompe, Archie Powell, Menuel Powell, Clarence Robinson, Williom Wesley.MRS. GRACE RODAHAVER Dietitian CAFETERIA STAFF—Front Row: Mrs. Nettie Locy, Mrs. Cary Marrinoff, Mrs. Juio Elverson, Mrs. Mory Wheeler. Second Row; Mrs. Ruth Seibert, Mrs. Hazel Tourart, Mrs. Mae Duty, Mrs. Dorothy Worrell. Mr. Landrum pauses briefly before continuing his duties os night wotchmon. BAKERS AND COOKS—Front Row: Mrs. Kathleen Hollis, Mrs. Cory Morrinoff, Mrs Maude Deoncr, Mrs, Edith Hall, Mrs. Elizabeth Smith. Second Row: Mrs. Dorothy Davis, Mrs. Blossom Scoffido, Mrs. Cory Lefler, Mrs. Lillian Morris. 20'• P'.ckctt exptoins the operotion of the drill press to one of his Elmer proudly displays his bicycle, sr oenr . Mr. Estes ond Mrs. Yockey lough over o mistoke mode in o student's schedule.seniorsSENIOR CLASS HISTORY "he class of '63 entered G.W. at the beginning of •r'her special year—the school's silver anniversary. - S-cdie Hawkins Dance was held in September for the freshmen so that they might become better accented with each other, for they faced four years of -c'king together. By their sophomore year, the members of the class - 63 hod become adjusted—more or less—to life of 3 .v and had begun to contribute to school life. The a=s carried on the tradition of helping Alexandria's -esdy families through gifts collected ot dances—the "--nksgiving Food Dance and the Christmas Toy Dance, "-e class also entered a float in the annual pep parade :r "'■“onksgiving Eve. 7 e class members turned mercenary in their junior and made a concentrated effort to earn all the -:-ey they could. But the money was for a worthy :; _se—the sending of selected members of the class to and Girls' State. To further the cause, the class - a two afternoon tea dances and the annual Holly - :c It also pushed the selling of class cards. The year not all work and no play, however. Many of the rss went on the trip to Jomestown and Williamsburg attended the Junior-Senior Prom. As the class entered its final year, the biggest events -T e vet to come. The first was the week-end trip to • r- York. This was followed by Senior Day. The yeor . — noted in the Senior Prom and, at last, graduation. The Senior Closs sponsors ore Mr. Koprivo, Mr. Gregory, Mr. Hillman, Mr. Lindsey, ond Mrs. Snider. Whatever Pete Bowman, speaker at the Senior Class's first meeting, said must hove been funny indeed; Mr. Lindsey is smiling.BETSEY ABERCROMBIE ANN ABRAHAM GILBERT ADAMS ROBERT ADAMS GORDON ADLER CYNTHIA ALLEN DANNY ANDREWS MARIA ANTHONY CHRIS APOSTOLAKOS JOHN AVERY CAROL AYRES KAY BAENJOHN BAIN JAMES BAIRD DELORES BAKER PAMELA BARBRE LINDA BARKER SHARON BARNETT CAROLYN BARRETT NANCYE BARRETT LINDA BATCHELOR CHERYL BATSON ROSALD BEAVERS BASS BERKOWKARETTA BROWNING SUSAN BRUCH JOSEPH BRUIN MARY BISCOE EVALYN BLAKEY TED BOOKER PETE BOWMAN HANNAH BRANDON SUZANNE BRAUN NICKY BRINKER ELIZABETH BROOKS AUDREY BROWNERICHARD BERN KENT BEUCHERT CHARLES BIELY DIEDRE BURCHFIELD SANDRA BURNS PATRICK BUTLER PATRICIA BUTT GEORGE BYRNE JOSE CALVINO JOSEPH CAMAC v CHAEL CAMPAGNA RCHARD CAPONSALLY CARLIN JAMES CARLTON DENNIS CATE JOHN CHAFFIN JULIAN CHIN EDWARD CHISHOLM PAM CLARKE WILLIAM COBB BARBARA COHEN NEAL COHEN BILL COLE SUE COLEvERRIANN COLLUM SUSAN COLVIN =RANCES COMBS CYNTHIA DARLING ROBERT DARNELL KIRK DARROUGHERNEST DAURAY STEPHANIE DAVIS EVELYN DEANE DAVID DYER WILLIAM EDMONDS GORDON El DEMDOUGLAS ELLISON SALLY EMBLEY BENJAMIN ENDICOTT MARY EWALD BRENDA FAGAN TERESA FANTACI ELIZABETH FEATHERSTONE SANDRA FEDDON BOBBI FERGUSON :rE? = EDLER -AV£S FIELDS Charles fisherCLAUDIA FLANARY ROBERT FLORENCE SANDRA FORMANDO ANITA FORNES BILL FOSTER DOLORES FRAVEL PAT FRINKS CHARLES FULLER BARBARA FULWILER NANCY GAINES ELLEN GAINEY WANDA GARLICKNANCY GARTRELL FRED GEARHART EDNA GEEHAN LYNDA GELMAN ROGER GOLT RUSSELL GOODRICH ANNE GORDON WILLIAM GORHAM VIRGINIA GOSNEYBARBARA HAGY ALLAIN HALE DORIS HALL JUDITH HALL JUDY HANCHAK JOHN HARBER JANET HARDING MARY JON HARRIS KAREN HASSMER MARGARET HAYDEN FAY HEATH BUDDY HEDDINGSARIE HEDRICK ANDREA HEFLIN ANN HENNESSY CHARLOTTE HERNDON LINDA HERRELL DOUG HEWITT DAVID HICKS DORIS HITT CAROLE HOFFMAN JANE HOGE ROBERT HOLMAN PATRICIA HUSTWAYTEWANDA JENKINS HARRY JORGENSON MARTIN KADY DENNIS KELLEY DAVID KIMMELL RITA KIRBY LYNN KIRTLEY KAREN KITE GERALD KNECHT BARBARA KNIGHT RONNIE KORMAN CHARLES KUNZRICHARD LACHINE SUSAN LAMPSHIRE DAVID LANGLEY ROBERT LARSON ALAN LAW GLORIA LAWHORNE CARROLL LAWSON PAMELA LEE WILLIAM LEMESHEWSKY = 3DON LENTZ EGBERT LESTER ANDREW LEWISPEGGY LYONS LEO McCarthy james McConnell tina McCurdy EMILY McLAIN DONALD McMENAMIN JOANNE LIVESAY JOHN LUMPKIN LINDA LYNT DONALD MADDOX CAROL MAINGUTH DAISY MARCUSEDWARD MARSHALL TOM MARTIN ANN MATTHEWS JOHN MAY CLAUDE MAYO LINDA MENGES PATRICIA METZGER REE MEYER BONNIE MILLER BARBARA MILLS ODESSA MITCHELL = TR!CIA MOELLERMARILYN MOFFITT LEO MOORE DARRELL MORIARTY MARY JANE MORRISON PATRICIA NAYLOR HELEN NUTWELL CRAIG NOWAK CHRIS NYBURG MARY O'CONNOR JOHN OLDFIELD CECELIA OLIVER MARSHALL OWENMARY OYLER JACK PACK PATRICIA PADGETT WILLIAM PALM KATHLEEN PARNELL FREDERIC PATRICK EDWARD PAYSON PATSY PEELE STANLEY PEI KINMARTIE PICKETT EDWARD PIERPOINT TERRY PLAMPIN VIVIAN PONTO ELLEN POPADEN RICHARD PRESTON BETTY PROFFITT SHIRLEY PROFFITT SANDRA PULMAN JOAN QUERTERMOUS ROBERT RAMSEY CAROL RANKINKAREN REYNOLDS ANNIE RHODES THOMAS RICKER ELAINE ROBINSON NIALL ROGERS WILLIAM RUNALDUE DONALD RUSSELL ARCHIE SABIN PATTI SAFFA ALICE SAMUELS FRANK SANDERS KATHY SCOTTDONALD SEEMULLER LARRY SELF JIMMY SEXTON DIANE SHANNON MARK SHAY ALICE SHERRY RANDALL SHOCKEY JOHN SHOLTIS SANDRA SILLEX CAROLYN SIMPSON BENJAMIN SIMPSON BARBARA SMITHBRIAN SMITH EARL SMITH ROBERT SMITH MICHAEL SNAPP NELSON SOUTHARD RICHARD STEELE JANE STODDARD FRANKLIN STRUDER MARY STURLAUGSON DONNA SULLIVAN LINDA SWAIM KATHRYN SWORDMARVIN TAYLOR JOYCE THURMAN DONNA TIMBERLAKE JOHN VAN BUREN ALAN VANDAM JAMES VERMILLIONDONNIE VOGT WILLIAM WADDELL MARGARET WALDMAN ULANA WALKER ANN WALLACE CONNIE WARD MARION WATKINS VICTOR WATTS LARRY WAUGH MARY WEBSTER STEPHEN WEED LYNDA WEISBRODTMARIE WELLS BETTY WHITE JOSEPH WILLIAMS RONALO WILLIAMS SHERRY WILLIS JACQUELINE WOLFORD VIRGINIA WOLFSOHN JANE WOOD CAROLYN WORKMAN DAVID YANCEY RICHARD YANCEY NANCY YATESSHIRLEY YEATTS CAROL ZUIDEMA G. W. sudcnts, on hond to see the televising of "It's Acodemic," cheer wildly for their teom.:-e criginolity is often disploycd in costumes which oppcor on Senior then the teachers see oil yeor in : csswork."Look, Don. I know you're thrilled that we were named Most Athletic, but don't you think this demonstration is carrying things o bit too for?" questions Kay Boon os she tries to dislodge Sccmullcr from his position. Joe Bruin and Mory Oylcr display the effervescence thot earned them the title of Best Personality. Cleopatra's got nothin' on Susan Lompshire," thinks Lorry Self, "and I'm pretty cute myself . . . Guess thot's why we were chosen Best Looking." The Most Intelligent boy and girl in G.W., John Lumpkin ond Virginio Wolfsohn, do intensive research in the school library. 3ecause of their versatility—£ on is o nember of the Thursdoy Afternoon Sew-ng Circle and Mory Lee is o member of he New Frontier's Touch Football Team —Don McMenomin ond Mary Lee Web-iter were chosen Best All-Around. "Take this down. Miss Hossmcr," directs Bill Cobb. "Thank you, members of the Senior Class, for electing Korcn ond I Most Likely to Succeed . .Queen ond two members of her court, Mory Lee Web-end Sherry Willis, ore driven slowly post the crowded J?sr ds. Following the Queen's cor in the porode post the bleochers is the cor carrying Suson Lompshire ond Sue Pennington, members of the court.54JOHN KEMPER President J w KAY HARVEY CAROL D'ONOFRIO Vice-President Treasurer WALTER KIECHEL Secretary JUNIOR CLASS The goal ot the Junior Class is to send deserving Juniors to Girls' and Boys' State. The first step is to elect class officers and then homeroom representatives to serve on the junior board which meets on Tuesday mornings before school. The class raises money for State by selling class cords and giving tea dances. The class went on their annual trip to Williamsburg and Jamestown and returned home to present their Christmas dance, the Holly Hop. This third year reaches its social climax with the presentation of the Junior-Senior Prom. Miss Schorf and Mrs. Mcodows, sponsors of the Junior closs, ogree thot this book should never be on the book list. 53JUNIOR BOARD: First Row: Bill Abbott, Jimmy Sommert, Jo Anne Uhler, Jeon Anderton Second Row: Alon Polmol, Dick Tontill, Rutty Dowton, Stonly Rmo'do Third Row: Bor no by Rube. Winkill Bornett. Tom Roderick, Ed Ruh«. Fourth Row: Ann Stuken-broekcr. Bonny Davenport, Corol Hoot, Pom Fnnkt, Corolme Rust Fifth Row: Vicky Schoonover, Sue Wilburn, Ann Dots, Kothy D'Onofno. Sixth Row; Bill Pope, Lynn Nyburg, Mory Poollio, Fred Slight, Jim Worden, Geni« Duntton. "Vos, Miss Schorf, there is o Sonto Clous." "Hello there," greets Mrs. Meadows. 56"Hey, the ring reolly fits," soys Jerry Coberly os Juniors get their doss rings. KAREN AAGESON BILL ABBOTT JULES ABRAMSON DONNA ACREE "Eek—my tongue is in my shoe," screams Morty Dove. C r ca j 4k RICHARD ADAMS OORISLEE AKERS 57CHUCK AL8A BETH ALEXANDER TOM ALTIZER JEANNE ANDERSON JIMMY ANOREWS ROBERT ANDREWS CATHY ARNOLD ANDREW ATTILIIS RUSSELL AXELSON WAYNE AXTELL Q tit ROZEANNE BAER DIANNE BAILEY JOHN BAIR KENNETH BAKER MARY BALDERSON JOHN 8ALIS SARAH BANKS SHARON BARKSDALE VIRGINIA BARNETT WALLACE BARNETTE DIANE BARRETT DONALD BARRETT CHRISTINE BASELER DAVID BATCHELLER RICHARD BAYLISS CONSTANCE BEACH ANN BEAR GARY BEASLEY WESLEY BEDRICK JULIA BERGBETTY BERN JEANNE BERNIER SUE BIEIY LYNETTE BIRCHLER MACK BISHOP DOROTHY BOAZ VICTOR BONFIGLIO LONNIE BOOTH JANE BOUCHER DONALD BOZARTH JAMES BRADFIELD REBECCA BRAGG BILLIE BROWN KATHERINE BROWN PARKER BROWN BEATRICE BUCHANAN MARY ALICE BUCK MARY SUE BUCKNER SUSAN BURGOOFER MICHAEL BUTLER BRENDA CHAFFIN GAIL CHASE JOY CHASE SANDRA CHRISTIAN BEVERLY CLARK 59GERALD C08ERLY MARY COBERLY RICHARD COKER ERNEST COLLINS RAELENE COLOSANTO WAYNE COMBS SAM CONNER JENNY CONNORS DON COOK ERNEST COOK JANICE COOK JEAN COOK JOAN COOK SANDRA CORNNELL LINDA COWAN MARY ANN CREMINS NANCY CREWS MARTHA CROCKETT DIANE CUNNINGHAM SUSAN CURTIN BRUCE CUSTER BONNIE DAVENPORT DENNIS DAVIS EDGAR DAVIS GARY DAVIS GAYLE DAVIS LILLIAN DAVIS RICHARD DAWSON RUSTY DAWSON JUNE DAYMUDE 60 CAROL D'ONOFRIO KATHY D'ONOFRIO KENNETH DONALDSON ANN DOSS MARGARET DOVE REBA DOWDY BONNIE DUNCAN JOHN DUNMIRE GENIE DUNSTAN DONALD DURKEE SHARON DURRETT NANCY EASTHAM JANE EDWARDS JILL EMBLEY SHARON EMBREY MARGARET ENDICOTT CHARLES EVANS WINFRED EVANS TONI FANCHER ANNE FANTACI JANICE FERA JOHN FERGUSON PATRICIA FINCH THOMAS FITZGERALD JAMES FLETCHER 61TOMMY FLETCHER WILLIAM FORBES JANICE FORTENBERRY SALLY FRANKENBERGER SHELIA FRAZIER c PATRICIA GOLLADAY WAYNE GOMO DAVID GOUGH YVONNE GRANDJEAN PHILLIP GRAY HOLLY GREENLEE DONNA GROGAN SUSAN GRUITS CAROLE HAAS ROSE HAIRE ANNE HALCOME JANICE HALL RITA HANSBROUGH CATHIE HARACZ 62ROBERT HAYDEN JAMES HENDERSON JAY HENNESSY SANDRA HERBOUGH STANLEY HICKS SHIRLEY HAROUTUNIAN NANCY HARPER RICHARD HARRIS KAY HARVEY THOMAS HATCH DAVID HILL WELLMAN HOFF DENNIS HOOVER ANN HUDSON THOMAS HUDSON DAVID HUNNICUTT CAROLINE JACKSON BARBARA JACOBS BARBARA JARRETT DONNA JENKINS KIMBROUGH JENNINGS JEFFERY JOHNSON STEPHEN JOHNSON DIANE JONES SANDRA JORDON MICHAEL KARP RICHARD KASHURBA ROBERT KATZ THOMAS KELLEHER JOHN KEMPER 63MICKEY KENDRICK GWEN KICKUGHTER CHARLOTTE KIDD WALTER KIECHEL DON KIEFFER GLORIA KINZER MIKE KNOERNSCHILD GLORIA KOSTELAC .MARGARET KRETZSCHMAR ALLEN LACKEY GORDON LACKEY ANGUS LAMOND JEANETTE LANDRUM BETTY LANNING JOHN LAWRENCE STEPHEN LUSK MICHAEL LUTES DEBORAH LYONS ALEITHIA MocCALLUM Gayle McConnell 61BRENDA McCOY Patricia w.cdaniel JEAN MeDOUGAL CHARLES McFADDEN DOROTHY McGOWAN iti john mcintosh DAVID McKAY MARK McLEAN MIKE McLEAN PATRICIA McPHAILL CARLIE MAJOR CHARLES MARKELL EDWARD MARTIN CHARLES MAYNARD PHIL MEADE JOHNNIE MEADOWS JOHN MEDLIN DONALD MILLS LINDA MILLS CLAUDIA MINGUS JOHN MINTON HARVILEEN MOEBS LINDA MONTGOMERY SANDY MONTGOMERY SHEILA MOONEY RICHARD MOORE ROBERT MORAN LINDA MORIARTY FRED MOSS PAM MOUBRY 6-5LINDA MOYER BARBARA MURRAY THOMAS MYERS NANCY NEESE TERRI NEWMARK DEENA NOVAK LYNN NYBURG JOHN OGLESBY MIKE O'NEILL KAREN OWEN MARY PACILIO DAVID PADGETT ALLEN PALMORE JUDY PAULY DORIS PEARSON WILLIAM POPE ROGER POTTER RONDA POTTES CLINTON QUINN d:ana rabenold TRIEVA PEAY CARL PFEIFF RICHARD PHILLIPS JIM POLLITT WALTER POPADEN ERIC RABENOLD PATRICIA RADCLIFFE DIANE RAMEY RICHARO RAO BAR8ARA REA 66••ANCY REMARK BARNABY RUHE EDWARD RUHE : EVERLY RICHARDSON STANLEY RINALDO JEAN RISHERT THOMAS RODERICK ANN ROMESBURG SUE ROSE MARIAN ROY v'CHAEl RUDDERFORTH BECKY RUMMEL JOAN RUSSELL NEIL RUSSELL CAROLINE RUST ELIZABETH SANFORD TED SAUNOERS CAROLYN SCHOENWEISS VICKY SCHOONOVER KAY SEEBORG S-SAN SHAFFER CAROL SHOLTIS . NDA SHU HN SIRE ACELE SKELTON FRED SLIGHT MARY SLUSS SHARON SMITH FRED SMOLENSKY JAMES SOMMERS 67JANET SOPER ROBERT SPARKS MARK SPAULDING HARRY SPROUSE JOHN STALVEY FLOYD STANDLEY ELIZABETH STANFORD DONALD STEGALL MARCUS STETSON SHARON STONE PAMELA STONER 8ARBARA STOVER RONNIE STRICKLAND SANDIE STRICKLAND ANN STUKENBROEKER HAZEL TABLER JIM TALBOT WAYNE TANGUAY RICHARD TANSILL PRISCILLA TOMLIN PATRICIA TOMLINSON JO ANN TROBAUGH DAYNA TUCKER JEAN TURNBULL RICHARD TYNER JOANNE UHLER ELIZABETH ULLMAN SUE VANDAM ROBERT VAN KLEECK SHARON VAUGHN 68CLAUDIA VIA BRUCE VIERLING GEORGE VOUROS MARY VOUROS WILLIAM WALSH CLEM WARRENER NANCY WATFORD JAMES WAUHOP MARCIA WEADON PAULETTE WEDDELL JOHN WEEDEN WARREN WEIMER MEREDITH WEINER ALISON WHITE EDWARD WHITE Aik 4k 'HELP!' CURTIS WRIGHT KENNY WRIGHT SUE WILBURN MARGIE WOOD DOUG WOODLEY JAMES WORDEN BOGGS WRIGHT MAY YONEYAMA LINDA YOUNGsophon ores 70The closs of 1965 carried on the traditional activities of the sophomore closs during the 1962-1963 school yeor. Under the guidance of Miss Mary McKinney ond Mrs. Doris Griffin, the sophomore closs sponsors, the class held its onnuol food dance, toy dance, and bunny hop, the proceeds from which went to help some needy people in the GW high school area. The sophomore class consisted of nearly four hundred members. Sophomores Jeff Dowdy, Susan Troup, Moric Whitington, and Eddie Keller along with Miss McKinney proudly disploy some of the cons of food gothcred ot the Thonksgiving Food Donee. Allan Kidd Susan Troup 71 Jesse Wot sonLARRY ACKERMAN JAMES AMOS FRANCES ANDERSON RICHARD ANDERSON VIRGINIA ARNETT JOHN ARNOLD BETTY ATKINS DAVE BABER MINNIE BAILEY BEVERLY BAIN TERRY BAKER LINDA BANTON KENNETH BARNETT MARY BASKIN CAROL BATCHELLER JOANNE BATES JOHN BAZILUIK SUE BAZILUIK BUDDY BERMAN LINDA BETTY ARTHUR 8ETTIS SARA BIRD POLLY BLAIR NANCY BOOKER CAROLE BOOTH CONNIE BOWEN FRANIE MAE BOWLING HARRY BOWLING SUE BRANCH MARY BRECAR WILLIAM BRIDGEMAN ANNE BRINKER CHARLES BRINKMAN CAROLYN BROWN ROBERT BROWN PATRICIA BROWNING ROYAL BRUCE KENNETH BURNS SHARON BUTLER ELDON CAMPBELL MICHAEL CARON CHARLES CARLIN © It a dkdi FLOYD CARNEY CHARLES CARTER SHIRLEY CARTER SANDRA CARY LINDA CARTER MARCIA CASSIDY EVELYN CATONE CHANCELLOR 5— :.EY CLARK ::-S Clark «. R£n CLARKSON -••I CLATTERBUCK :.:an cobb _£». COCHRANE LINDA COCKERILLE JANET COFFMAN ARTHUR COGSWELL PETE COLASANTO JENNIE COLEMAN CORA COLBERT FRANKIE COMBS KA’HY COMER UnDRA COMER : C-ARD COMISKY R S BERT COOK • a'-ERINE COX v£S CRAIG : C-ARD CRAMER tAm mk Lit CLARENCE CREWS GARY CROWDER THOMAS DALEHITE POPE DANIEL BETTY DAVIS DELORES DAVIS CAROLYN DAYMUDE v£S DAYMUDE ROBERT DEACLE GLADYS DEETERS .ERRY DoLANE vAR A D ELIA ROBERTA DELISLE PAMELA DENIT DAVID DIXON GENE DODD LOUISE DODD BEVERLEY DODSON HOPE DODSON ROBERTA DOMBROSKI JEFFREY OOWDY PAT DOWNEY NORRIS DOWNS SANDRA DOWNS . EANNE DRUMMOND PAUL DUPRE Dane dussler RICHARD EARLY ft iLAURA ELLMORE SANDRA EMBREY DONNA ENNIS PEGGY ENNIS TOMMY ESSEX ANN EVANS BILL EVANS JODY EWALD THERESA EWING LARRY FAIR BETTY FERGUSON ELIZABETH FINELLI DANNY FLECK NANCY FOX JANICE FREDERICK GREGORY FREEMAN HOWARD FROEHLICK JEFFERY FROMM MARY FULWILER HARRY FURR GAIL GADDY GUY GARDNER FRANCES GARNER MARIAN GARNER MARILYN GARNETTE DALE GARRISON ANNIE GARTH ROBERT GIBSON RUTH GIBSON MICHAEL GOCKE WILLIAM GOOD JOHN GOODMAN JEAN GOODSON SARAH GORDEN LOIS GRADY NANCY GRADY ROBERT GREATOREX CHARLOTTE GREENE SHELLEY GREGORY JULIE GRIFFIN MATTIE GRIMES GALE GRIMSLEY CANDY GUTIERREZ GLORIA HAMILTON DEBRA HANKINS CHERYL HARDESTY MYRA HARLEY LINDA HARLOW KENNETH HARNAGE 74ELIZABETH HARRIS REBECCA HARRIS DANIEL HAUSER MIKE HAYDEN SUSAN HAYDEN JEANNIE HAZEL JEANNE HEDDINGS BETSY HERRON PAULA HICKMAN CAROLYN HICKS PATRICIA HIGDON GWEN HINKLE JUDY HITT GAIL HOBER FREDERICK HOFFER JOHN HOFFMAN GRETCHEN HOISINGER JOAN HOWARD PHILIP HOWARD GARY HUNT FRANK HUMBERT Ci PAT HYLAND CLAUDIA JENKINS FRANCES JESSEE BRADLEY JOHNSON SUSAN JOHNSON RONNIE JONES EDDIE KELLER TONI KELLY DAVID KENNEDY DELORES KERNS PAM KERVIN MARTIN KIDD BUDDY KING WILLIAM KING MARY KIRK HELEN KIRAKOW EMMA KISER TOMMY KLATKO MIKE KLIMKIEWICZ SHARON KNECHT SYLVIA KNIGHT GINNY KOCUR HARRIET KRETZSCHMAR LINDA LAPE LINDA LANGFORD CAROLYN LAVE PEGGY LAWSON MARGIE LAYMAN 75CLAUDIA LAMPSHIRE GAIL LEE JOHN LEE JOHN LENTZ LEROY LEPLEY MARSHALL LEWIS WILLIAM LYONS JULIE LUNDEEN KATHRYN LUNCEFORO PAMELA LUDLOW PAMELA LOUGH SETTIE LOPATIN BRENT LLOYD HARVEY LITTLEJOHN NANCYE LEWIS MARSHA MARCUS JOYCE MARTIN ROBERT MASON DON MATTHEWS BETTY MAY BONNIE MAYBERRY THERESA McCARTHEY BARBARA MCDONALD donna McGowan DAVID MclLWAIN MATTHEW MCINTOSH NANCY McLEIN JULIE MEANS MIKE MEEHAN MERRY MEIXNER GAIL MILLER PAUL MILLER RICKY MILLER SANDRA MILLER JAY MILLS THERESA MILON EDWARD MOORE JACK MOORE PAULA MOORE BEVERLY MORGAN REESE MORGAN DALE MORRIS RICHARD MORRIS SUSAN MORRISON TERRY MORTON DONNA MOYER BRUCE MUDD ROSELYNE MULLER LINDA MULLINS 76C EC I IE NAYLOR SUSANNE NEFEDOR CAROL NICHOLS LORAINE NILAND LESLIE NISEWARNER PATRICIA NIXON ELIZABETH NOLAN MICHAEL NOZER THOMAS O'DWYER SUZANNE OTWELL JUDY PACK KEITH PADGETT JUNE PALLANT NANCY PALLANT DREW PALLO DEBBY PALMER DIANE PALMER JOAN PARKER SUSAN PARSONS BRUCE PATRICK JOHN PATTERSON JOSEPH PATTERSON 80NNIE PAYNE LINDA PAYNE DAVE PENLAND MARTHA PETITT PAT PIPPIN DONALD PFEIFFER 8AR8ARA PLANT PAUL PLANT JAMES POLLEY JOHN PORTER 8ILLY POWELL MICHAEL POWELL CINDY PUGH MARGUERITE PULLEY JUDI PULMAN THOMAS RAMSEY JOYCE RANDALL RAYMOND RATCLIFFE ANNE REED FLOYD REEL TONY RENZI SHARON REXRODE CHRISTINA RICKER MARTHA RIETZ WAYNE ROACH RAYMOND ROBERTS GREGORY ROMANIASn LAWRENCE SCOTT DENNY SEAMON SANDRA SEATON ANNIE SEAY WARD SEGRIST SUSAN SELF RICHARD SHARP DALE WROBLESKI LINDA SNIDER SHARON SOLES THOMAS SOLTYS VICKIE SPAULDING SUSAN SPORE CHARLES SPRAGUE CHARLES SWISHER PAULA TAYLOR BEATRICE TAYLOR GAYLE TAYLOR ELIZABETH TEASDALE MARY TEMPLE TERI THIBODEAUX 78GAIL THOMASSON CATHERINE THORPE ••ORIS TOLOSA ROBERT TOMLINSON vaRGARET TRESSLER I-EAN TROUP ROCHELLE TURK CAROLYN TUTT JANE TWINE CHRISTINE TYLER DOLORES UNDERWOOD DARRELL VonDYNE VICKI VERNON GERRI VINCENT ROY WATFORD .ESSIE WATSON BRENDA WEAVER RICKY WEDDELL . NDA WEEKS PATTY WEEMS AOELE WEIDOW BETTY WELCH NANCY WELLS KEN WHEATON EDWARD WHITE MARGARET WHITTINGTON PAT WILKINS JOAN WILLIAMS PAT WILLIAMS JENNIFER WOLF ROBIN WOODS EDDIE WRIGHT JAMES XIDON DONNA YARBROUGH CHARLES YINGLING MARTIN YINGLING THERESA YONEYAMA MIKE ZINN The faces of Jeanne Hazel, Thom O'Dwyer, and Bonnie Poyne show the high level of intellectual achievement typicol of members of the Sophomore closs. 79Sophomores swing out. Lorry Ackermon is being helped out of o rother sticky situotion by Wayne Tonguoy and Susan Gordon. Sophomores in one of Mrs. Campbell's dosses demonstrate their intellectual abilities. Santo wos good this year to sophomores Dole Morris ond Skccter Swift.Sophomore students of the English longuoge survey o rothcr historieol English structure. Sophomores Terry Morton, Mcribeth Mcixner, ond Beth Ann Swortout cccuire some knowledge in thof jungle of focts, the library. Ever studious sophomores exercise their abilities in the field of mechonicol drawing.Freshman sponsors, Mrs. Morelond ond Miss Currin. FRESHMAN CLASS The class of 1966 was welcomed to GW this year by acting principal Robert Garner in a special assembly at the beginning of school. The faculty ond the student council held orientation programs to familiarize these students with the school and to plan their tentative four-year high school schedules. The freshman class was under the supervision of Miss Eleanor Currin and Mrs. Mary Moreland, and by means of their help, the class became an active part of GW's student body. Freshmen perform of one of the oricntotion progroms. Bob Foster Steve Bornett Ann Truly Punky Wollum S3HOMEROOM 122—Front Row: Nancy Paterson, Corrie Dawson, Peggy Knocrnschild, Gwen Jennier, Adrienne McConnell, Saundro McIntosh, Geraldine Grotto, Patricia Dclk. Second Row: Miss Currin, Ronold Harrison, Carolyn Marks, Barboro Byrne, Bonnie Ginn, Elizabeth Kieferle, David Endicott, Lee Mojor. Third Row: Bill Hancock, Frank Varga, John Conner, Joseph Choutty, Lewis Snow, Jerry Hudson, Edwin Basham, John Baen. HOMEROOM 126—Front Row: Susan Bokcr, Mari Pettengill, Benita Orsini, Marie Braun, Betty Hudson, Susan O'Neil, Kathy Prisaznick, Kathleen Suprise. Second Row: Mrs. Roy, Joyce Dakin, Brenda Welch, Aquonito Wright, Sandro Coffey, Potricia Ann Williamson, Borbaro Coombs, Teresa Costillo, Donno Thacker. Third Row: Pat Gollogher, Noncy Thacker, Undo Shiflett, Carol Burnham, Desiree Castle, Ivey Clontz, Goil Cole, Sue Cash, Becky Giles. S4HOMEROOM 133—Front Row: Judie Deane, Katherine Dean, Zillo Willoughby, Sandy Furr, Susan Gordon, Ellen Wccden. Second Row: Mrs. Gibson, Sharon True, Linda Coflett, Linda Downs, Rita Grotto, Judith H. Gentry, Mary Watford, Richard Thompson. Third Row: Joseph Popoden, Dennis Hall, Lorry Harris, Bill Johnson, Steve Bornettc, Stephen Yuhosz, Kyirocos Anthony, Richord 8arnes. HOMEROOM 135—Front Row: Janet Adkinson, Sandy Baber, Betty Kreomer, Beverly Coppoge, Judy Barham, Marlene Ulbright, Linda Tyler, Anne Barry. Second Row: Miss Huffaker, Soundro Duvall, Jody McGowan, Diane Greenspon, Joon Kozcl, Frances Foron, Novello Smith, Diane Berry, Ellen M. Romscy. Third Row: Marvin Bryont, Rusty Truesdole, Steve LoBotte, Jomes C. Polk, Shown McAleo, Michael Powers, Croig Powell, Richard Meitner, Bobby Gibson.HOMEROOM 136—Front Row: Dione Register, Jeon Spaulding, Janet 8oxlcy, Joon Spaulding, Coroline Wedding, Louise Fornes, Sandy Scaffido, Ellen Nolls. Second Row: R. D. England, Jim Kady, Toni Gellner, Sandra Sprouse, Judy 8rown, Evelyn M. Beall, Sharon Ruppert, Terry Dovis, Danny Word. Third Row: Phil Jewell, James E. Gregory, Butch Horscmon, Ronnie Coker, Bill Perkins, Dougloss C. Stevens, Horry Gochenour, Neale Ainsficld, Larry Callan, HOMEROOM 142—Front Row: Virginio Kyle Worren, Sherry Sweeney, Lindo Sanderson, Morie Attiliis, Pom Tyler, Kothy Bernier, Sharyn Duling, Morgie Wilson, Mary Kothcrn Booher. Second Row: Mrs. Burdette, Lowrence E. Beavers, Ted 8oird, Johnny Studds, Lindo Von Reuth, Sandy Morris, Victoria Anne Foss, Gregory Walthall, Lorry Moffett, Dcloncy Moyo. Third Row: Tom Howley, Dennis Cordell, Colin Collins, Howard Otto, Joy Newman, John Young, Cecil Palmer, Stuart Smith, Charles Lumpkin.HOMEROOM 143—Front Row: Barbara Arthur, Shoron Stinncttc, Lccy Bowling, Darlene Pock, Morsho Allen, Susan Barnes, Morgie Pfeiff, Normo Scripture. Second Row: Mr. Bryon, Walter Botchclor, Karen Neff, Barbara Lucos, Janet Russell, Stella Moro, Ronnie Shipc, George Lindbom. Third Row: Bob Sweeny, Steve Flynn, Tim Meadows, Richard Poole, John Ellis, Vincent Hitt, Norton Bragg. HOMEROOM 203—Front Row: Jean Fronces Griffin, Kotherinc Carol Blackwell, Suzonne Rodman Swanell, Marie Robertson, Elsie Marie Nopicr, Mory Rhodes, Herbette Hoyes, Corol Sedberry Second Row: Mrs. Gcnung, Virginio Miller, Joann Silliman, Dana Toney, Linda Morsh, Brendo Edwords, Genevieve Elizabeth Holvin, Cathy Horinger, Joyce Lynn Burchom. Third Row: Clarence Wollum, Gregory Reomy, Wayne Grady, Leonard Kicklighter, Robert Barentine, Wilford Osborne, Kenneth Caryl, David Liggio, Richard Mottox, Cragg Bender, Michael Conner. 87HOMEROOM 228—Front Row: Joseph Warren, Fred Solzinger, Clinton Young, Morie Burnley, Mordo Stegoll, Susan Wilks, Mike Evans, Louis Mackall, Bert Smith. Second Row: Mrs. Moss, John Hoire, Tom Hawes, Ray Wright, Fred Rubright, Van 8unch, Gary Seamon, Lee Monroe, Michael Thomos. Tliird Row: Larry Lee Groseclose, Ted Maynard, Tommy Harrison, Wendell Gorrett, Bob Slate, Albert Creel, James Krothc, Keith Diamond. HOMEROOM 230—Front Row: Beverly Miller, Donna Gill, Audrey Bober, Gwendolyn Mullins, Sondy Morse, Barbara Frody, Kathy Leavens. Second Row: Mr. Wolfe, Jim Herlick, Barbara Zicgenfus, Lynn Purdy, Linda Reid, Mildred Steele, Charlotte Wolfford, Michael Suarez, Chris Roilcy. Third Row: Tony Fontoci, Morvin B. Settle, Jr., Buddy Touort, James Owens, Joe Soffo, Arthur Willoughby, Mike Fickinger, Tommy Abel, Jon Miller. SSHOMEROOM 240—Front Row: Jeannette Connor, Shirley Campbell, Morgie Lope, Bonnie Shelton, Cindy Costrovillo, Pot Robinson, Goil Gollohon, Jackie Von Dyne. Second Row: Mrs. Von Ormon, Ricky Nyburg, Mory Anne Harvey, Jone McIntosh, Shirley McGees, Suson Miles, Sherry Croylc, Kothryn Vaughn, John Brooks, Jerry Brooks. Third Row: Woyne Renner, Allen Hile, Malcolm Spicer, Patrick George Mawycr, Voughn Rees, Bob Foster, John Groves, Bill Yotes, Eugene F. Costrovillo, John D. Smith. HOMEROOM 243—Front Row: Lisa Dickson, Betty Lou Loving, Pat Deovcrs, Morion Turner, Lynn Gorth, Mory Jane Pfeiff, Ellen Kidwell. Second Row: Mrs. Diamond, Gene Stovall, Gordon Dalton, Peggy Francis, Lillian Greene, Jim Herbert, Stephen Hassmcr, Paul Harrup. Third Row: Richard Florence, Larry Ricker, Bruce Reynolds, Eugene Hughort, Victor J. Kelley, Herbert Messer, Richard Gardiner, Corroll Reed, Edword Chin. 89HOMEROOM 312—Front Row: Judy Carter, Betty Jone Cooper, Carolyn Ccckerille, Sherri London, Nino Breeden, Linda DeHort, Morsho Maxwell, Lynda Hill. Second Row: Mrs. Houchins, Pot Fleet, Andrea Birrell, Louise Fcogancs, Doris Ann O'Neil, Borboro Day, Gerry Ayres, Undo Moson, Toni MorcinkuS, Betti Griffith. Third Row: George E. Gollahon, Charles Allen, Miles Stepp, Low-rence Boothe, John Nunnolly, Gregory Dove, Gene Cooper, Jerry Kreomer, Robert Simmons, George Conlon. HOMEROOM 315—Front Row: Pam Woodside, Sherry Ann Foo, Sandi Hooks, Dionno Cook, Lindo Roy, Dole Stewart, Brendo Gol-lohan. Second Row: Mrs. Heetcr, Jim Hcmeon, Steve Kinnctt, Karen Moki, Marcello Young, Steve Goodmcn, Robert Yednock, David Lee Conard. Third Row: Froncis Miller, Chris Lamborne, Ralph Kendrick, Joe Moton, Dovid Longfellow, Roddy Pitto, Cullen Jones, Robert Yotcs, Ralph Daymude, Jr. 90HOMEROOM 325—Front Row: Jonet Vicion, Morio Lipinski, Morgorct Poyne, Lindo Dovis, Wilrrvo Mortz, Cotherinc Peterson, Suson Stoddord. Second Row: Miss Whittoker, Gory Pollord, Woyne Corter, Motenio Sokell, Morgoret Moron, Betty Less, Gcrri Volois, Linda Gorhom, Donald Brody, 8orry Cohen. Third Row: Jim Crichton, George Cox, Joseph Miles, Edword Pritchett, Jim Sills, Ron Dobson, Doryl Long, Clarence Reese, Lewis Kenneth Woyson, Myron Shafer, Ronald Powers. HOMEROOM 332—Front Row: Patricio Pettit, Janice Puryeor, Edith Sigmon, Marion Simpson, Bobbi Connelly, Darlene Myers, Jen Lucos, Lindo Sutton. Second Row: Mrs. Moreland, Mary Menser, Marsho Perry, Wando Meredith, Betty Barnett, Wendy Spillon, Marlene H. Morgan, Noncy Louise Thacker, Shirley Bateman, Parma Lee Compc. Third Row: Jimmy Dawson, Dennis Foley, Pot Lawcor, Anno Kiser, Rondo Lindsoy, Carol Bowmon, Noncy Mortin, Frances Boyle, Wilbur R. Clouse, Thomos N. Chinoult. 91HOMEROOM S-1A—Front Row: Elizobeth Hollowoy, Ann Truly, Sondro Dixon, Peggy Livesoy, Irene Pcorson, Emclio Marcellino, Beth Gruits. Second Row: Kothy Worley, Edith Courtney, Judy Jackson, Connie Leo MacCallum, Undo Smith, Chorlcne Athey, Christina Schlog, Patricio Simpson. Third Row: Karen Schnctzlcr, Sandy Sossoon, Claudette Hare, Lynn Browning, Betty Davis, Kristine Rasmussen, Lynda Snyder. HOMEROOM S-2—Front Row: Lorry Paul Wilson, Donald E. Corty, Ronnie Van Sise, Williom Swisher, James Baer, John D'Elio. Second Row: Mr. Hollis, Edward Souliere, Michael Bruce Erwin, Gregory Pogc Burner, Jon Bernhcimcr, Michael R. Kelley, William Coson. Third Row: Jim Florence, John Phillip Jenkins, Sidney Thompson, Williom Earl Payne, Williom Douglas Newcomb. 92HOMEROOM SHOP-9—Front Row: Lorry Cook, Tom Capon, Joseph Pohedro, Mike Dewitt, Luther Wells, Billy Webster. Second Row: Mr. Grove, Donald Frazer, Steve Coffmon, Billy Gorrctt, Jomes Gholson, Rickey Motthews. Third Row: Lump Keller, Von Cameron, Paul Suprisc, Nelson Groy, Cloy Bush. 93 Freshmen, John and Jerry Brooks admire o prize winning Christmas door.activities.. 94DON McMENAMIN President KAY BAEN 1st Vice-president BILL COBB 2nd Vice-president KAY HARVEY Secretory MISS I DOINGS Sponsor MRS. GRIFFIN Sponsor STUDENT COUNCIL Miss Iddings — Mrs. Griffin ... Library . . . Biggest and Best ever ... 85 members . . . representatives elected please come to order . . . President— Don . . . Honor above all . . . “don't mark on desks" . . . Honor card . . . Pep Committee . . . Rah! Rah! Rah! . . . cord section . . . Ya Team! . . . Vice-President—Kay . . . Executive Committee . . . Honor and Discipline Committee . . . 5th period . . . Grounds Committee . . . Don't tread on me . . . Have pride in your school . . . “Do you have a pass?" . . . Pep tags . . . tickets for games . . . Surveyor . . . Cafeteria . . . S.C.A. workshop . . . Support your team!!! . . . campaigns . . . skits . . . work, work, work . . . posters . . . Magic Marker . . . paper . . . speeches . .. I was elected!! HONOR AND DISCIPLINE COMMITTEE—First Row: Carol D'Ono-•rio, Kay Boon, Kay Horvcy. Second Row: Don McMenomin, John voy. Bill Cobb. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE OF THE SCA—First Row: Mary Lee Wcb-ttcr, Kathy D'Onofrio, Kay Harvey. Second Row: Kay Boon, Don vcM nomin, Bill Cobb, Alan Kidd.SCA REPRESENTATIVES: First Row: Mario Attiliis, Connie Beach, Gail Chose, Judy Pauly, Dolores Kerns, Joyce Strum Susan Gruits, Virginia Dixon, Beth Alexander, Janet Boxley, Peggy Francis, Sherry Croyle. Nancyo Barrett, Noncy Pollanf. Susan Gordon, Koren Medlin, Diane Barrett, Fronces Boyle, Lmdo Gor-hom. Second Row: Linda Shifletf, Nicky Brinker, Pat Naylor, Jessie Watson, Ann Matthews, Barbara Jarrell, Patsy Moeller, Mono Whittington, Sue Rose, Terry Morton, Charlotte Wolfford, Ann Doss. Sally Soles. Julie Griffin, Betty Brooks, Marsha Maxwell, Suzanne Otwcll. Third Row: Sandy Bober, Nina Korsch, Cynthia Allen, Charlotte Green, Lorry Stepp, Donnie Seemuller, John Kemper, Mike Krvoernschild, Bob Tomlinson, John Baen, Norton Bragg, Ellen Schaffer, Sara Bird, Koren Clarkson, Sandy Embrey, Jeanne Bernier Fourth Row: Dole Morris, Dcnlcy Lentz, Boggs Wright, Bill Pope, Stonley Peikm, Steve Craddock, Bob Ramsey, Ken Lemoy, David Hugtvort, Joe Murphy, Horley Swift, Don Frazer, Bob Stole Fifth Row: Woyne Grondy, Woltcr Kiechcl, Jock Johnson, Joe Brum, John Oldfield, Jim Armstrong, David Dixon. SCA ALTERNATES: First Row: Marla Anthony, Beo Buchonon, Margie Wood, Susan Shaffer, Pot Willioms, Theresa Yoneyomo, Pormo Lee Compe, Morgarct Dove, Ann Bear, Brenda Edwards, Motenio Sokell, Ruth Gibson, Beth Stonford, Susi Sloymoker. Second Row: Maureen Lawson, Sherri London. Carolyn Hicks, Jody McGowan, Becky Giles, Cathie Horocz, Goil Huber, Paulo Moore, Cloudto Lompshirc, Joy Hcnnessy, Elizoboth Kieferle, Kothryn Vaughn, Sue 8ronch, Jeon Rishert. Third Row: Robby Croddock, Suzanne Nefedov, Donna Yarborough, Mary Jon Harris. Chris Nyburg, Jenny Conner, Barbara Stover, Jane Hoge. Gem Vincent, Pot Nixon. Dottie Stevens, Barb Jacobs. Elaine Robinson Fourth Row: Susan Bornes, Mory Pocilio, John Lentz, Bob Scott, Tommy Fletcher, Bob Colvin, Bob Darnell, Jimmy Worden, Harvey Mcndclson, Richard Eorly, Richard Howotd, Jimmy Herbert. Fifth Row: Wcllmon Hoff, Donny Webster, Horry Gochervour, Robert Deacle, Lorry Self, Dick Tonsill, Arthur Willoughby. Colin Collins, Mike Thomos, Thomas Ramsey, Kyiraeos Anthony, Robert Brown. [I PEP COMMITTEE: First Row: Andreo Heflin, Soro Bonks, Evelyn Eaton, Linda Morsh, Herbette Hayes, Judy Newman, Roberta Delisle, Dcnno Moyer. Second Row; Karen Moki, Kathy Harrcnger. Sue Cobb, May Yoncyomo. Horvoleen Moebs, Sandy Sassoon, Kothy Gibson, Norito Taloso. Third Row; Gail Chose, Mary Anne Crlmlns, Kothie Hororc, Vickie $pouldmg, Jenny Conner, Thoroso Yonoyama, Julie Means, Mary Watford, Sue Downs Fourth Ro : Jonc Morrison, Linda Gorham, Nita Wright. Solly Em-blcy, Shirley Horcutunion, Lynn Nyburg, Menbeth Meixner. Fifth Row; Bob Sporks, John Moy, Don Word, Bill Pope. Bornoby Ruhc. BOUNDS COMMITTEE— Marge Krctxseh-Solly Embley, Shirley Horoutunion, • - Stanford, Toni Foncher, Dcnno Jen- irt - e Dunston expresses school spirit by - --3 o pep tog from Mary Lee Webster.CAROL RANKIN Secretory PATSY MOELLER Treosurer DON McMENAMIN President KAY BAEN Vice-President Observance of Notional Educotion Week holds o speciol significance to members of the Quill ond Polm, G.W.'s Notional Scholostic Honor Society. GORDON ADLER Porliomentorion CAROLYN BARRETT Historion HARRY JORGENSON Sergeont-of-orms MISS CALLAHAN Sponsor QUILL AND PALM Miss Callahan . . . Don McMenamin—president . . . Room 318 .. . every other Wednesday morning . . . Honorary ... 92 average . . . brain . . . good student . . . leaders . . . Dance . . . November ... $75 gift to deserving member . . . privilege . . . bookworm. Quilt and Polm Members; 1st row: Potsy Peete, Koren Hassmer, Linda Batchelor, Nicki Brmker, Donna Sullivon, Koy Boen, Betsy Abercrombie. Carolyn Barrett. 2nd row: Bill Lemcshewsky, Sally Carlin, Corel Rankin, Wondo Jenkins, Noncy Hennessy, Jane Hoge, Horry Jorgenson, 3rd row: Steve Weed. Potsy Moeller, Don McMenomin, Ginger Wolfsohn. Jane Morrison.and SCROLL—Firit Row: Karen Hawmer, Donno Sullivan, Potty Moeller. Second Row: :-«yama, Morion Watkint, Carolyn Barrett, Koy Sceborg, Bogg Wright, Ellen Gainey. CAROL RANKIN President PATSY MOELLER Vice-President QUILL AND SCROLL - rcr Society . . . President—Carol . . . bakesale ... we want a dance . . . . — strings? . . . initiation . . . Last Will and Testament . . . Prophecy . . . ; ::c nes . . . Vice-President—Patsy . . . Thursday meetings . . . pins . . . -c- n bracelet . . . initiation fee . . . jokes . . . candles . . . refreshments . . . ' . very "formal" initiation . . . "I_will that______" "and I ; .e_____" ... 13 members . . . Sponsor—Mrs. Borden . . . May elections mascot . . . KAY BAEN Secretary-T rcosurer - : i cnother cookie," invites Quill ond Scroll member Ellen •o Boggs Wright, a newly initiated member, ot the Quill ond -notion. Barbara Hagy, another member, receives a gloss of “ -'em Patsy Moeller, Vice-president of the Honor Society. NANCY HENNESSEY Editor, Last Will and Testament ELAINE ROBINSON Co-Editor, Prophecy MRS. BORDEN Sponsor DONNA SULLIVAN Co-Editor, Prophecy 99NICKI BRINKER President WALTER KIECHEL Vice-president KAREN HASSMER Secretory JAN DE WILDE Treosurer THESPIANS— First Row: Nicki Brisker, Korcn Hossmor, Borbora Jorrett, Happy Gordon. Second Row: Winki Wollocc, Walter Kiechol. Jon dcWilde, Bill Pope. MISS SHEFTIC Sponsor THESPIANS Miss Sheftic . . . Niki Brinker—president . . . Room 121 ... Thursdays ... 8:15 .. . musical . . . Bye Bye Birdie . . . Tournament . . . February . . . Spring plays . . . one act . . . dramatics . . . fun . . . Make-up . . . cold cream . . . Kleenex . . . props . . . scenery . . . paint . . . lights . . . Break a leg . . . Curtains going up! “We the members of the Conrad Birdie fan club ________________" The G.W. ployers rehearse for their production of Bye-Bye-Birdic.JANE MORRISON President CAROL RANKIN Vice-President ANN HENNESSEY Secretory JAN DE WILDE Treosurer MISS HALL Sponsor SPANISH HONOR SOCIETY i Holo! . . . Srta Hall . . . room 129 .. . Largest honor society . . . completed year and o half of esponol . . . Lo Presidente: Jane Morrison . . . initiation with lighted condles . . . three bears . . . scrapbook . . . speaker from Peru . . . meetings all in Spanish . . . 4th Tuesday of each month . . . B overage. SPANISH HONOR SOCIITY— Firsf Row Violo Oilier, Sue Drone. Beo Buchanan, Bonme Dovenporf. Morion Work m Second Row: Koy Boen, Mory tOu Doken, Mary Ann C'em n$, Pen' Clorke, Mory Ewold Third Row: Ge Chase, Robert Von K eeck, w em lemeshewsky, Dennis Cote. Don Me-Menomin.CAROL RANKIN Editor ELLEN GAINEY Assistant Editor COMPASS "Kick it around" . . . deadline . . . photos . . . editor—Carol . . . rubber bands . . . remember the past . . . who would like to write copy . . . hove a pass? Who me? . . . assistant editor— Ellen . . . you're the reason . . . dummy sheets . . . picos . . . Kleenex . . . art . . . WE NEED A TPYEWRITER! . . . you're behind schedule, activities! . . . working hard! . . . doily conferences ... "I suppose so_" . . . Horry's Model "T" . . . more snaps . . . Thanks, Fred . . . o blast . . . whot we go through to get a picture . . . what? No heads? . . ods—sponsor—Mrs. Apperson ... we need support . . . business—sponsor—Mr. Lindsay . . . are we in debt . . . thonk you everyone who contributed . . . Our Composs stoff being token for o ride. JOHN HARBER Faculty Editor KAREN HASSMER Senior Editor BARBARA HAGY Activities Editor JOE BRUIN Sports Editor CAROLYN SIMPSON Junior Editor JIM VERMILLON Under closs Editor CHRIS NYBURG Art Editor CAROLYN BARRETT Picture Editor KEN HARNAGE Photographer MR. WILLIAMS Sponsor STEVE WEED Business Manager MR. LINDSEY Sponsor 102MARION WATKINS Ad. Monogcr HELEN NUTWELL Ad. Monogcr MRS. APPERSON Sponsor COMPASS LITERARY STAFF—Priseillo Tomlin, Walter K.cchel, Curtis Wright, Scachcr, Genie Ounston. COMPASS AO STAFF—Front Row: Beth Stonford .Susan Gruits, Sue Cole, -ley Horoutmon. Marion V atkins, Second Row: Dons Hall, Solly Embley, a v. w.othews, Helen Nutwell, Barbara Stover. The Compass Staff busy at work designing pages of the yearbook. COMPASS BUSINESS STAFF—Seated: Donna Sullivon. Standing: Bill Lemeshewsky, Steve Weed, David Hill.NANCY HENNESSEY Editor ELAINE ROBINSON Assistant Editor Noncy Lewis admires the ten dollar check which Suzic Broun received for submitting the winning story in the Little Hatchet Literary Contest. Steve Johnson honds Dione Robenold o copy of the completed Little Hotchet while Elaine Robinson onld Noncy Gortrell hondle the typing. LITTLE HATCHET First period ... 12 members . . . S-6 . . . purpose— to publish the GW literary magazine . . . editor— Nancy . . . "when is the Hotchet coming out?" .. . sponsor—Mrs. Borden . . . "we wont patrons" . . . assistant editor—Elaine . . . fun . . . stories . . . poems . . . fiction . . . WRITE . . . non-fiction . . . Support it . . . buy o Hatchet ... in debt . . . compose . . . contest winner—Suzie . . . ore you o writer? Let the Hotchet print it . . . desperate . . . we hove o beast . . . hurry or we will be lote to S-6 . . .I -- N. LITTLE HATCHET LITERARY STAFF— Nicki Brinkor, Ann Gordon, Etoine Robinson, hillip Groy, Kirk Darrough, John Lumpkin. KIRK DARROUGH Makeup Editor BARNABY RUHE Assistant Makeup Editor 'Now girls there arc only 34 characters per line," sighs Little Hatchet Editor, Nancy Hennesy, as the remaining staff looks on. PHIL GRAY Fiction Editor JOHN LUMPKIN Poetry Editor DIANE RABENOLD Exchange Editor MRS. BORDEN Sponsor STEVE JOHNSON Business Manager GINGER WOLFSOHN Art EditorPATSY MOELLER Editor KAY BAEN G. W. Students, Bob Darnell, Tom Roderick ond Eddie Keller, show Assistont Editor off with their school newspoper. The Surveyor. THE SURVEYOR Second period . . . pictures . . . deadline . . . Patsy— editor . . . "We print a newspaper every 2 weeks" . . . purpose—inform the student body of school activities and to serve as the voice of student opinion at G.W. . . . "We need subscriptions" ... 4 pages of news . . . sports-activities . . . they're on the job! . . .Kay—assistant editor . . . Buy a Surveyor . . . Sponsor—Mrs. Borden . . . fun but oh what troubles. . . "Do you have a picture of-------?" . . . supported by student body. SURVEYOR REPORTERS: Sally Embley, Moy Yoneyomo. Beth Stanford. Members of the Surveyor staff 0rc diligently ot work preparing to put o poper to press. IV.DONNA SULLIVAN News Editor KAY SEEBORG Feoture Editor BOGGS WRIGHT Editoriol Assistont CRAIG NOWAK Sports Editor : Neol Cohen, Sue Colo, Shirley Horoutunion, Borboro Monomer. SURVEYOR AD STAFF—Ad t Stover, Solly Embley, Ston Pc SURVEYOR PRINT STAFF: Dovid Stonlcy, Jerry Coberly, Richord Horris. RICHARD STEELE Sports Editor KITTY GIBSON Business Monoger NEAL COHEN Ad. Monoger STANLEY PEIKEN Ad. Monoger JOE DANIEL Art Editor VIRGINIA WOLFSOHN Art Editor MRS. BORDEN SponsorGINGER WOLFSOHN President ART CLUB Room 342 . . . members—30 . . . alternate Wednesdays . . . speakers . . . demonstrations . . . Sponsor— Mrs. Blickstein . . . possibly Art Carnival . . . President—Ginger . . . purpose — bring together students having a common interest in art . . . Vice-President — Ann . . . Rembrandt . . . Picasso . . . Mona Lisa . . . Christmas . . . float . . . fun . . . drawing . . . temperas . . . pastels . . . sketches . . . oils . . . block ink . . . cut outs . . . mistakes . . . erasures . . . holes in paper! . . . ART CLUB—First Row: Suzanne Swonell, Dale Stewart, Thereto Yoneyomo, Anne Holcombe. Second Row: Sandy Sossoon, Coro Lee Colbert, Noncy Grady, Adclc Weidow. Third Row: Dain-gerfield Ashton, Michoel Rodderforth. ART CLUB OFFICERS: G.nger Wolfsohn, President; Jon de Wilde, Secretory; Anne Holcombe, Vice-Pres'denf. Members of the Art Club practice chorcoal drowing.ASTRONOMY CLUB—First Row: Jules Abromson, Jeonne Anderson .Joanne - «r. Roberto Dombroski. Nancy Gortrell, Joe Williorm. Second Row: Loyd So beer, Boggs Wright, Wesley Schmidt, Bob Holman, Doryl Long, Fred Slight, Brent Lloyd, Jim Rollitt, Arthur Cogswell, James Xidon, Don Frozer, Burt Loveless. ASTRONOMY CLUB Miss Whittaker . . . Donna Sullivan—president . . . Room 325 . . . third Tuesdays . . . star gozers . . . observations . . . U. S. Naval Observatory . . . Tel-Star . . . lunar . . . Explorer 7 . . . Echo . . . picnic . . . Bell-haven . . . fun . . . Big Dipper . . . Gemini . . . Taurus . . . night . . . Mars . . . heavens! Astronomy Club member, Donno Sullivon, admires the accomplishments of other high school scientists. 4 CAROLYN WORKMAN President MRS. HOLDEN Sponsor Bible Club member Carol Doymude, gives the morning devotions before school BIBLE CLUB "Will you bow your head and say with me our blessing?" . . . morning devotions . . . picnic . . . Moy ... Oh Boy! . . . Mrs. Holden ... 20 members . . . President— Carolyn . . . Christmas caroling . . . films . . . scriptures . . . prayer . . . religious assembly . . . peace . . . faith . . . hope . . . charity . . . Bible . . . Genesis; Revelation . . . vice-president—Donna . . . New Testament . . . Christian-way . . . holy . . . life . . . virtue . . . Amen. BIBLE CLUB—Front Row: Norma Scripture, Rose Ann Hoire. Second Row; Bofty White, Carolyn Workman. Third Row: Mott.e Grimes, Janet Boxlcy. Fourth Row: Shirley Horootu-n cn, June Doymude, Solly tmbley, Jesse Tucker. Fifth Row: Carolyn Doymude, Ann Abrohom. Bible Club members investigate the religious courses of study offered ot various colleges.CAUCfUS CLUB MEM8ERS—Eiot Row: Koren Aogeson. Gwen Hinkle, June Doymude, CADUCEUS CLUB OFFICERS: Vice-president Jim very So'tlo. Mory Anne Harvey. Second Row: Fronces Jcssee. Corolyn Doymude, Joyce XkJon ond Secretory, Karen Owen Randall, Joonne Bate . Third Row: Jone Kiehl, Jim Xidon, Brent Lloyd, Koren Owen. CADUCEUS CLUB Mr. Prickett . . . Jone Wood—president . . . Room 227 . . . every other Wednesday . . . speakers . . . movies . . . field trips . . . tours . . . picnic . . . Spring . . . Medicine . . . blood . . . Type O . . . future nurses and doctors . . . scalpel . . . sponge . . . white . . . hospitol . . . candy stripers. EDWARD RUHE President MRS. ELGIN Sponsor JANE WOOD President MR. PRICKETT Sponsor JUNIOR RED CROSS Blood—a pint at least . . . Christmos cards for China . . . homeroom representatives . . . support . . . tape recording . . . Mrs. Elgin . . . President—Ed . . . adhesive tape . . . methylate . . . boxes to fill ... community services . . . volunteers needed . . . “Where are the bondages?" . . . Johnson and Johnson . . . ospirin—or does Anacin work faster? . . . Squibb . . . JUNIOR RED CROSS: First Ro»: Joonn Sillimon, Kathy Parntll, Koy Seeborg. Shirley Horoutu-mon, Morgie Pfieff, Sally Em. Bley. Second Row: Linda Dawns, Koren Molli, Mary Watford, Jon de Wilde, Edward Ruhe. Joon Spaulding. Corot Nicholos, Jean Spoulding, Suzie Broun, Corolyn Loue. Morge Kretzsch-mor. Third Row: Sue Downs, Julie Lundeen, Meribeth Mexi-ner, Shoron Smith, Hope Dodson.DRAMATICS DRAMATICS CLU8 OFFICERS — Parliamentarian: C nger Wolfsohn, Secretory: Koren Hoss-mer, Trcoiurer: Winki Woltoce, President: Nicky Brinker. Lights . . . camera . . . action . . . blue-green-yellow-red . . . costumes . . . Miss Sheftic . . . Bye Bye Birdie . . . make-up . . . rich . . . MEMBERS . . . break a leg! . . . president—Nicki . . . prayer . . . rehearsals . . . plays . . . monologues . . . try-outs . . . call backs . . . readings . . . Greek tragedies ... theater . . . "Modulate!" . . . "From the diaphragm" . . . "throw it to the balcony" . . . "your cue" . . . "same as Thespians!" ... not honorary . . . cast party. NICKI BRINKER MISS SHEFTIC President Sponsor .DRAMA CLUB—Sooted: Donna Moyer, Paulo Moore, Anne Brinker, Ann ,Gordon, Beth Stanford. Standing: Jonicc Frederick, Jonc Boucher, Marilyn .Gorrette, Steve Weed. Leslie Niscworncr, Jo Ann Trobough, Ann Wolloce .Sandy Sassoon, Nicki Brinker.Mr. Borr doesn't seem too pleased with the results during Bye Bye Birdie re-heorsol os he attempts o rother hosty exit. Walter Kiechel os Albert Peterson tells the press obout Conrod Birdie, the fine, upstanding American boy.DEBATE CLUB — Sitting: V.C Bcnfiglio, Noncy GortrelT, Edward Ruh«. Stonding: Porker Brown, Jon do Wilde. DEBATE CLUB Northern Virginia Group I . . . Monday night . . . Annandale . . . Tuesday afternoon . , . Two sections . . . Common Market . . , Juniors . . . Seniors . . . Intellectual . . . Smart, too . . . Competition . . . Highly organized, almost mechanical . . . Judges . . . Tournament . . . Negative . . . Affirmative. JAN de WILDE MISS CALLAHAN President Sponsor "Friendly Pcrsuosion" from G.W.'s debate team. Jon dcWilde brilliantly debotes the prospect of extending the school doy. Resolved: Thai Ue Sth®°l day be exVende J +0 .F.B.L.A. Sponsor—Mrs. Smith . . . typing . . . clerks . . . talent show . . . conventions . . . fun . . . valuable . . . competition . . . business world ... big club . . . increase interest in business activities of its members . . . gives training in business . . . carbon copies . . . master stencil . . . memo . . . ditto . . . PATRICIA HUSTWAYTE President MRS. SMITH Sponsor Suson Troup occomponies Sondy Seoton os she belts out a song for the FBLA Talent Show. F.B.L.A. OFFICERS—President: Pot Hustwoytc, Vice-president: June Doymude. Reporter: Michal Lute . F.B.L.A. MEMBERS—Lett to Right storting with the First Row; Pot Hustwoyte. Mchol Lutes. Koren Pussier, June OoymuOe, Borboro MeDonold, Comeron Sue Downs, Kathryn D'Elio, Evelyn Coton, Marilyn Moffitt, Linda Lewis, Nolon, Betty White.FHA—first Row: Mcribeth Mcixer. Second Row: Betty White. Third Row: Mattie Gnmes. Fourth Row: Elizabeth Teosdale, Sue Downs, Norvello Smith, Mary Lou Dokken. F.H.A. Sponsor—Miss Taylor . . . fashion show . . . material . . . thread . . . scissors . . . pins . . . tape measure . . . homemaking . . . girls . . . cooking . . . apple pie . . . pork chops . . . spinach . . . plates . . . fork . . . knife . . . spoon . . . glass . . . napkin . . . "coffee, tea, or milk?" . . . President — Linda Batchelor . . . Bake-A-Thon . . . contests . . . prizes . . . "Home, Sweet, Home" . . . F.H.A.—Meribeth Mcixner, Treasurer: Betty White, Historian: Mattie Grimes, Vice-president: Elizabeth Teosdale, Reporter: Sue Downs, Novollo Smith, Secretary: Mary Lou Ookkcn.PATSY PEELE President MRS. THOMPSON Sponsor F.T.A. OFFICERS—Shirley Haroutunion, Trcosurer, Moy Yoneyomo, Vice-President. F.T.A. Teachers . . . coffee hour. . . "Will you please come to order?" . . . President—Potsy . . . girls . . . Madison College . . . Mary Washington . . . English . . . math . . . one and one are two . . . two and two are four . . . Christmas Sharing Project ... 25 members . . . Room 308 ... an apple a day. I am a teacher ond a teacher is always right . . . sponsor—Miss Thompson . . . Purpose—to learn more about teaching as a profession . . . The Future Teachers of America officer May Yoneyomo cxploins the importance of consulting the dictionary for correct word usoge ond spelling. F T.A.—Seated: Sue Booth, ••■ay Yoneyomo Standing: Shirley Horoutunton, Hor-• ct Krctzschmar, Corotyn Schcenweijj, Susan Bruch.FRENCH CLUB—First Row: Betty For- e-s:n. Beth Stcnford, Suzonno Nefedov. Betsy Herroo, Kyle Warren. Second Row: May Yoncyama, Cora Lee Colbert, Lynn Nyburg. Nancy Lewis, Suzie Broun, S-fe Cobb. Third Row: Anne Fontoci, vary Jarrett, Julio Griffin. Susan Bruch, a son White. Fourth Row: Donna Sullivan. Er z Rcbeno’d, Phil Groy, Phil Howord, Wanda Jenkins. FRENCH CLUB Parlez-vous Francois? . . . Miss Grant . . . Assembly— December 12 13 . . . luncheon . . . scrapbook . . . Dites-moi . . . French life and culture . . . Miss Strib-ling . . . President—Walt . . . Bonjour . . . Room 228 . . . Initiation ... all in French . . . fun . . . scarey . . . Au Revoir. WALTER KIECHEL President MISS GRANT MRS. STRIBLING "CHerchez La Femme" An American tourist in Poris, Walter Kiechel, makes a pass ot o French girl played by Diane Rabenold during the French Club Assembly. Sponsors FRENCH CLUB OFFICERS—Seotcd: Potsy Pccle: Vice-Prcs.dent Standing: Woltcr Kiechel: President. Corol Zuidcmo: Secretary, Bill Popo: Treasurer.3«?h Alexander and Deeno Novok sell cokes to Morsho Perry and Gwen Jenonicn ot the GAA initiation coke porty. KAY BAEN President MRS. OBERHOFER Sponsor G.A.A. Gym . . . intramurals . . . basketball—Jan. . . . volley ball—December . . . Badminton . . . archery . . . Mrs. Oberhofer . . . "Let's go team"! . . . Ass't.—Miss Osteen . . . Tournaments . . . "Win!" . . . shuffleboard . . . bowling ... "I broke 210" . . . girls, girls, girls . . . encourage girls in P.E. . . . President—Kay . . . S-IC and gym . . . 100 members . . . softball . . . Vice-President — Beth Alexander . . . gym suits—white . . . great . . . Tuesday and Thursday morning— 8:00 . . . fair play . . . birdie . . . love . . . play boll . . . G.A.A. OFFICERS— Potty Weems, Point Recorder; Soroh Byrd. Sec.-Treos; Beth Alexander. Vice-President. G.A.A. MEMBERS— First Row: Sally Embley. Shirley Horoutunian, Bern ce Tres-sler, Donna Moyer. Koren Moki. Second Row: Beth Alexander. Potty Wee-ns. Cathy Hormoer, Anne Holcom-be, Roberto Ce se Third Row: Susan Hoyden. G»en Jennier, Linda Poyne. Sharon 8rown. Ruth Fourth Row: Marsho Perry. Elixofceth K eferie. Soro Bird. Bonnie Payne- Fifth Row: Sue Cobb. Donne Chancellor, Lynn NyburgMUSIC CLUB—Fint Row: Corolc Hoffmon, Ginger Wolfvohn, Suson Bruch, Keren Kite, Better Abercrombie. Rose Marie Phillips. Second Row: Wondo Jenkins, Suzie Broun. Winki Wollocc, Patsy Moeller, Mickey Ovler, Mary Alice Buck, Donslee Akers Third Row: Undo Botchclor, Sandra Burns, Bonnie Doven-port, Alison White, Saroh Bonks. Elaine Hedrick, Cor-olyn Workmon. Fourth Row: Bob Katz, Ronold Beavers. Steve Unroth, Don Durkec. Edgar Worren Davis, Jesse Tucker, Neil Russell, Jim Pollitt. BETSEY ABERCROMBIE President MR. BARR Sponsor . "We'll be famous writing our own music," cries Wondo Jenkins os she pounds Wild music seems to be issuing from the joint fiddling Ginger Wolfshon on the bock. The diligent composers ore Betsy Abercrombie, efforts of Karen Kile ond Wondo Jenkins. They are Karen K(lc Qnd Ljnd J Botchelor accompanied by Undo Botchclor, Betsy Abercrombie, and Ginger Wolfshon. MUSIC CLUB Bi-annual Music Club show . . . raise money to summer music camp . . . Massannetta and William and Mary . . . Scholarships for outstanding music students ... no officers . . . “Enrich musical experience of its members" . . . Above average music students and scholars.SPANISH CLUB MEMBERS: John Moy, Koy 8oen. John Horbcr discuss club ptons while wotting for o meeting to start. SPANISH CLUB Sponsor—Mrs. Lynn ... 137 .. . President —Mary Ewald . . . Las Cucarachas . . . Largest language club . . . Purpose—give students a chance to use Spanish outside of class . . . Spanish customs, songs, traditions . . . Requirements—one year of the language and provide entertainment for senior members at initiations. MRS. LYNN Sponsor MARY EWALD President SPANISH CLUB OFFICERS: Mery Lou Ookkcn, Secretory; Jon de Wilde, Treasurer; Jone Morrison, Vice-President. SPANISH CLUB: Front Row; Anne Holcomb, M,orion Watkins. Second Row: Moy Yoncyomo. Ponno Moyer. Norito Toloso, Jcnct Coffmon Third Row: Mary Lou Dokken, Jone Morrison, Solly Emblcy, Mory Ewald, Roberto DeLis'e. Fourth Row: Robert Von Kleeek. Jon deWilde. Archie Scbin John Horber. Mortin Ylngling, Jules Abromscn.MARY EWALD President MISS BAUGH Sponsor WORLD EVENTS OFFICERS: Belly Abercrombie. Porliomentonon; Jon de Wilde, Treoiurer; Ann Gordon, Secretory; Ann Stukenbrockcr, Vice-prcvdent. A typicolly orderly World Events discussion where everyone is encouroged to express his views on current events. WORLD EVENTS 206 . . . Sponsor—Miss Bough . . . meetings— every other Thursday . . . members—60 . . . movies . . . speakers . . . discussion of current affairs . . . trips . . . conferences with other schools . . . President—Mary . . . purpose— encourage students to become better informed on current, national, and international problems . . . Vice-President—Ann . . . fun . . . of ter school . . . U. N. Contest ... a blast . . . Khrushchev . . . tax cuts . . . Kennedy . . . Castro . . . Pakistan. WORLD IVINTS CLUB: Fin Row: Sharon Durrette, Bett Ferguson, Suton Nevodof, Sand Emloy, Noncy Watford, Bet Stonford. Second Row: Coth Vough, Mary Watford Con Zudieno, Donnie Choncello Julie Gnlfen, Shorlie Frcemo Lynn Nyburo Third Row: Wolti Botcheller. Dorislee Aker , Woi do Jenkmi, Noncy Gertrell, Joi Boucher, Mory Alice Buck, J onn Ulher, Genie Dunstc Fourth Row: Joe Williams, W ter Kiechel, John Horber, B noby Ruhe, Vic Bonfilio, RiC Nyburg, Steve Monomer. Fit Row: Steve Johnson, Ned Brov Bill Forbes, Poul Dupres, I Pope. Don Frozer, Dick Copo Ronnie Beovers.PATRICIA NAYLOR President MR. NOEL Sponsor V.O.T. Vocational Office Training . . . attend school Vi a day . . . Banquet . . . very educational . . . work Vi a day . . . discussions . . . group and individual problems . . . earn money . . . Sponsor—Mr. Noel . . . office machines . . . secretary . . . stenographer . . . accountant . . . typist . . . V.O.T. OFFICERS: Alice Samuels, Treasurer; Ben Simpson, President; Joon Quertermous, Secretary; Mr. Noel, Sponsor; Pot Naylor, Vice-President. V.O.T.—First Row: Linda Mcnges, Marie Wells, Shirley Ycotts, Borboro Fulwiter, Alice Somucls, Jonet Hording, Wando Gorllck, Anita Fornes. Second Row; Vice-president: Pat Naylor, Mory Sturlaugson, Joon Quertcrmous- Sccrctary, Delores Ann Baker, Pot Dodson, Connie Word, Jocqui Wolford, Rita Kirby, Odessa M. Mitchell. Third Row; Mortic Mae P.ekett, Diane Shannon, Patricio Mctzaer, Mary Jon Harris, Linda Barker, Evelyn Deane, Cheryl Batson, Claudia Flanary.CAROLE MAINGUTH President MR. MASON Sponsor Long distoncc oporotor from G.W.'s D.O. works ot the C. P- Telephone Co. D.O. Diversified Occupations . . . Room 140... President— Carole Moinguth . . . attend school Zz a day . . . Vice-President—Herbert Heddings . . . state conventions . . . very educational . . . Banquet ... job problems . . . club picnic . . . District Conventions . . . work Vi a day . . . Bowling party . . . club meets first period each week . . . Thanksgiving parade . . . A.G.W. student through the D.O. program works ot cobi-net moking for the Alexandria Lumber Company. A. D.O. Student works os the photo-engrover for the Alexandria Gazette.D. O.—First Row: Carole Mainguth, Carlic Mojor, Lynda Gclman, Dottie E. Booz, Paulette Weddell, Linda Moricrty, Charlotte Phillip . Dinah Farifox. Second Row: Roy DeVoult. Marion Toylor, Buddy Heddings, Diane Cunningham, Judy Holl, Claudia Hestkell. Third Row: Donny Andrews, Pot Men er, Carroll Low-son, Jim Palm, Bo Lochin,, Douglos Ellison, George Byrne. Fourth Row: David Yonecy, Ben Endicott, Charles Rily, Ronnie Willioms, Rocky Daitz. An employee of Marlyn Beouty Shop os o cosmetologist got her 10b through the D.O. program at G.W. At the Atlantic Rescorch Co. o G.W. D.O. student works A printer at the Value Engineering Co. is o G.W. with electronics. D.O. student.MISS OSTEEN Sponsor MRS. STAATS Sponsor CHEERLEADERS Mrs. Stoats . . . Sue . . . football . . . new uniforms . . . gave roses to Homecoming Queen . . . new staff has 7 members ... 2 alternates . . . "Come on boys, let's go!" . . . Jane . . . Basketball . . . "Down the floor, look at them go . fight team . . . float . . . Thanksgiving . . . mums . . . megaphone . . . saddle shoes . . . cold for football . . . heavy uniforms . . . Blue Gold . . . "Spell out Prexies" . . . W-l-N-!!! . . . Cheerleader Alternate Jean Rishcrt. JR. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS—Left to right: Potty Weems. Donna Yarborough, Saro Bird, Susan Self, Polly Blair, Koren Clork, Sondy Embrcy. “Who do we oppreciote?" The cheerleaders leod G.W. students ot o pre-gome pep roily. "Go Prexies." Cheerleoder Jone Hoge during o tense moment of o G.W. football gome.MARGARET DOVE SUSAN LAMPSHIRE JANE HOGE Head Cheerleader—Boiketboll SUE PENNINGTON Head Cheerleader—Football JENNY CONNER BETH ALEXANDER VIRGINIA DIXONMR. BARR Sponsor G.W. Mojorettes sing selections from the musical, "Brigodoon," during holf time. MARCHING MAJORCTTCS: kneeling; So Drone , Sandy Miller. Standing; Margie Wood. Dotfie TW °.ry Sue Buckner, Carolyn Hick . Kay Boon, France Jc c«. °uarf, Harvy Littfejohn-drum major. MAJORETTES Prancin' Prexies . . . Mr. Barr . . . Kay Baen . . . Feature twirlers . . . Morched at all but three games . . . Marched in three parades . . . Thanksgiving, George Washington's, and Patrol Boy's . . . Made up and practiced routines on Tuesdoys and Thursdays . . . Ushered at "Bye-Bye Birdie" . . . Homemade tassles . . . Whistle . . . Short skirts . . . Turn . . . Stop . . . Drop baton . . . McLean plaid . . . Blue corduroy . . . Cold autumn nights . . . Boots. POM POM GIRLS — Lindo Young, Lindo Montgomery, Kathy Brown, Bonnie Mayberry, Betsy Ullmon, Rebo Dowdy, Virginia Borrnett, Jackie Ruppert.MONOGRAM CLUB Monogram Club . . . SWOON! . . . handsome . . . enormous . . . muscular . . . not organized . . . football . . . letter sweater . . . varsity . . . basketball . . . Sponsor—Mr. Osisek . . . crew . . . athletic ... Jr. varsity . . . track . . . hunks . . . where the boys are (or where the girls ore?) DON McMENAMIN President MR. OSISEK Sponsor MONOGRAM CLUB—Front Row: Robert Monni, 8ob tester, John Voy, Kenny Wright. Second Row: Woliy 8ornetfe, John Kemper, Pete Bowmon, Morty Griffin, Aton Kidd, Ken Lcmoy, Steve Weed, Angus Lcmond. Third Row: Croig Nowok, Den Kicffcr, Fronk Struder, Joe Doniel, Bob Darnell, Lorry Self, Phil Gray. Fourth Row: Dovid Dyer, Jce Williams, John Medlin, Allen Lackey, Bruce Vierling, Kirk Dor-rcugh, Wellman Hoff. Ronnie Koc-rron. Fifth Row: Horry Jorgenson, Tom Ricker, Archie Royscr Sobln, Ed Payson, Don McMenomin, Bill Cobb, John Oldfield, Bob Moson.BAND March and present show . . . majorettes . . . football games . . . different show every game . . . varied themes . . . mojor instrumental group of the school . . . sponsor—Mr. Barr . . . Thanksgiving Turkey Doy Parade . . . George Washington Birthday Parade . . . January and June Commencements . . . All-State Band . . . Festival . . . Music Clinic . . . "Concert under the Stars" . . . Assembly . . . one, two, three, march! . . . stay in step . . . HARVEY LITTLEJOHN Drum Mojor SENIOR BAND OffICERS: Wondo Secretory; Mr. Borr, Sponsor; One ond two ond The G W Senior Band practices for the Linda Botchelor. President; Ned Cavil, Treoiurer; Horvey Littleiohn, Drum Spring Festivol Motor. I RESERVE BAND—Seated: Debbie Honkins, Noncy Booker. Stonding: Chorles Dolton. Dovid Penlond. Donold Corty, Harley Swift, Bruce Reynolds.First Row: Carole Hoffman, Susan Bruch. Alison White. Second Row: Linda Batchelor, Wanda Jenkins. John Boir. Third Row: Jeffery Fromm, Martin Y figing, Lmda Killough, Virginia Miller, Walter Batchelor, JoAnn Livcsay. Fourth Row: Becky Rummel, John Lentz, Chris 8rondon, Ned Dovis, Mary Alice Buck, Ann Wolloce, Rigdon Lentz, Goil Miller. Fifth Row: Harvey Littlejohn, Victor Watts, Tommy Attiliis, Ken Donaldson, Pete Valentine, Eugene Costrovillo. First Row: Beth Alexander, Rebecca Bragg, Dolores Underwood. Second Row: Courtney, Stonley Hicks, Dale Morns, Pot 8utler. R.cky Miller. Third Row: John Conner, Mork McLean, Richard Florence. Fourth Row: Paul -c-rup. Stove Hossmer, Bmky Smith, Ronnie Shipe, Norton 8rogg, Robert Smith, Don Durkce. Fifth Row: Allen Hile, Ken HarnoQe, Paul Plant, Joe Chaufty, Arthur Griffin, Mike Asch, Warren Weimer, Ronnie Beovers, Bob Katz.ORCHESTRA Bye Bye Birdie . . . second period . . . 200-B . . . strings . . . Sponsor—Mr. Borr . . . SENATE . . . Music Clinic . . . Christmos Progrom . . . "Music under the Stars" . . . composers . . . conductors . . . borrowed percussions, brasses, woodwinds . . . Baccoloureote . . . commencements . . . rock 'n roll . . . "Conrad" . . . frequent visits to the Ensemble room . . . uniforms . . . count the beat . . . "All right let's ploy again until we get it right." Mr. Barr directs members of G.W.'s orchestro. ORCHtSTRA—First Row: Betsey Aber- crombie. Kenneth Carter. Koren Kite. Ginger Wolfsohn, Suzie Broun, Jutie Griffin. Second Row: Fronces Jessee, Dorislee Akers, Karen A age son. Dole Stewart, Bill Simpson, Kathy Parnell. Third Row: Corole Hoffman, Susan Bruch, Lindo Botshelor, Wondo Jenkins, John Bain, Wolter Batchelor, Horvey Littlejohn. Fourth Row: 8ob Katz, Mike Asch. Worrco Weiner Don Durkee. Mary Alice 8uck, Roger Potter.MICKEY OYLER President MISS BIVENS Sponsor ENSEMBLE OFFICERS: Mickey Oyler. President, ond Corolyn Workmon, Vice-P resident. ALLSTATE CHORUS: First Row: Soroh Bonks, Corolyn Workmon. Second Row Mickey Oyler, Gory Dovis, Mory Boldcrson Third Row; Neil Russell, Steven Unroth' ENSEMBLE AND CHORUSES Sponsor—Miss Bivens . . . 200-C . . . glorious second period . . . Bye Bye Birdie . . . music clinic . . . All-State Chorus . . . Christmas progrom , . . Northern Virginia music festivol . . . President of Ensemble—Mickey . . . come on, people, sing! . . . Advanced Chorus . . . Easter assembly . . . "Concert under the Stars" . . . come on basses, sing louder! . . . Purpose—to provide music for students so that they may both participate and appreciate it . . . Vice-President —Carolyn . . . meet during school . . . shipwreck . . . ENSEMBLE—First Row: Bco Buchonon, _c Booth, Soroh Bonks, Rose Morie 5- Ilips. Violo Oilier, Sondro Burns, Corolyn Workmen, Koren Hossmcr. Second Row: Morty Liiefz, Roso Ann -s ■« Eloind Hedrick, Gloria Lowhorne, • ft- Med!m. Pot Frmks, Charlotte E' en Gamcv Third Row: Corolyn - :ks Vo- n Gorrctte. Mickey Oyler, :;-c 2 Borbre, Jone Hooe. Mory Bol- Cvnth o Allen Fourth Row: Jim »: ‘t, Ste»e M.l'er, Jesse Tucker, ; .e unroth. Neil Russell, Ken Lemoy, F.tth Row: Bill woddell. Dove Rose. - Evans. Gory Dovis.ADVANCED GIRLS' CHORUS— First Row: Karen Dossier, Debbie Dale-hite, G'ctch Gol ir ger, Joyce Rond-all, Jackie Borkstrosscr, Gail Huber, Terry Morton. Second Row: lindo Berry, Sharon Smith, Kothy Luncc-ford, Susan Porsons, Saro Bird, Janet True, Billie Koy Brown. Third Row: Bonnie Davenport, Gladys Dccters, Sondy Cary, Corol Haas, Noncye Borrett, Sue Pennington, Sondy Embrey, Mae Bowling. Fourth Row: Anita Babb, Tori Thibodeaux, Borboro Plant, Marie Whittington, Claudia Lampshire, Nancyc Lewis, Jcom Howard, Sue Rose. CHORUSES Advanced Girls' Chorus . . . Boys' Glee Club . . . Girls' Chorus . . . Freshmon Girls' Chorus . . . Singing . . . 6th . , . School Spirit through song . . . rhythm . . . assemblies . . . Miss Bivens . . . harmony . . . BOYS' GLEE CLU8—First Row: Ted Baird, Marcus Stetson, Billy 8cavers, Michael Suarez, Neil Ricker, Danny Word, Lorry Moffett. Second Row: Jay Newman, Herb Messer, Eddie fiioshom, Ricky Gardiner, Ed Ruhe, Bob Foster, Stuart Smith. Third Row: Billy Powell, David Endicott, Gone Dodd, Joe Murphy, Kenny Wright, John Themos, Sam Conner. Fourth Row: Jim Talbot. Gordon Adler, Pot Mowycr, Darrell Moriorty, Bud Bronson, Jimmy Andrews, John Mcodows. Fifth Row: Tim Meadows, Larry Fair, John Lawrence, Roudy Shockcy, George Vouros, Winnie Evons, Charles Lumpkin. GIRLS' CHORUS—First Row: Judy Honehok, Carolyn Brown, Paulo Moore, Chris Tyler, Margaret Dove. Joonne Uhler. Ellen Schaffer. Evelyn Coton. Bernice Tress'er, Potricio Golladoy, Connie 8owen. Second Row; Gale Gnrmley, Adelc Skelton, Lindo Harlow, Terry Pollont, Betty White, Shelley Gregory, Linda Mullins, Sarah Gorden, Lys Feothcrstonc. Peggy Ennis Third Row: Myra Harley, Carolyn Tutt, Paula Toyloe, Joan Williams, Lynettc Birchler, Gail Thomosson, Margaret Kretzschmor, Cccelio Oliver, Koretto Browning. Fourth Row: Christine Merkle, Pom Clarke, Sheilo Dona Toney. Ruth Letkiewicz Ruby Woolls, Ann Romesburo, .badeoux, Dor,s Peorson. Fifth Row: Betty Dov.s, Bea Taylor, Jeon McDougal, Shoron Taylor, Linda Montgomery. Joan Cook, Martha Crockett. Shcrlie Freeman, Pot Higdon. Siith Row: Delores Kerns. Loura Ellmore. Lynda Wcisbrodf, Beverly Clork, Rondo Potter, Margaret Wold-man, Evie Bois'cy, Susan Morrison, Judy Hitt. Seventh Row: Vicky Schoonover, Marcia Weodon, Donna Jenkins, Shoron Soles McKoy, Teri Th FRESHMAN GIRLS' CHORUS—First Row: Emelia Moxcetlino, Dionno Gwm, Mary Kaye Booker, Maureen Lawson, Linda Mason, Lynn Purdy, Sondi Hooks, Charlotte Wolfford, Billie Newby, Lecy Helen Bowling, Irene Virgmio Peorson, Herbettc Hove Second Row: Morlene Morgan, Ellen Weeden, Caroline Weddmg, Carrie Dowson, Judy Jackson, Marsha Allen, Linda Morsh, Lynda Snyder, Bill Rose, Brenda Edwards, Marsha Maxwell. Third Row: Kathy Bermer, Linda Davis, Sherry Croytc, Carol Burnham, Gwen Jennier, Lmdo Lope. Margie Lope, Marlene Ulbright, Dione Berry, Connie MocCoMum Fourth Row: Elizobeth Holloway, Joon Kozel, Nancy Crockett, Catherine Dean, Sue Stoddord, Lindo Smith, Bobbi Connelly. Andrea Birrell. Lmdo Downs, Ivey Clontz Fifth Row: Wendy Spillon, Peggy Froncis, Moria Anderson, Kristine Rosmussen. Borbaro Frody, Betty Barnett Mane Aftiliis, Stello Moro. BOYS' AND GIRLS' STATE—Front Row: Joe Bruin, Potsy Moeller, Sondy Putmon, Carol Rankin, Jonc Morrison, Koy Boon, Pore Bowmon, Second Row: John Lumpkin, Joe Daniel, Bill Cobb, John May, Don McMenomm. Representatives of Boys' Stote ploy tug of wor with representatives from Girls' Stote. GIRLS' AND BOYS' STATE 5 girls ... 10 boys . . . Radford . . . V.P.I., Blacksburg . . . 17 miles ... 5 hours sleep a night (if lucky) . . . Bill Cobb, Boys' Nation . . . Governor's Boll . . . finger-snapping . . . July 8-14 .. . Anna Bell . . . Teddy . . . Wilson . . . Tyler, model city, Washington . . . 6-hour train ride . . . line up . . . time to get up . . . stop this giggling . . . orange, opple, candy in the dark . . . monorail . . . KNO . . . colisthentics . . . loud-mouthed Marine . . . Pobst (Pops) . . . trash-con, soccer . . . left, right . . . ADMINISTRATION HELPERS ATTCNDANCt OFFICE—Seated: Hudson, Mcrrionn Collum, Tino Curdy. Standing: Ann Matthews, Podoef. Joy Chose. Ann Me- PotGUIDANCE WORKERS—Front Row: Moy Yoncycmo, Ann Boor. Peogy Lyon . Second Row: Cloud a Vio. Ann Abrohorn, Caroline Rust, Suton Burster, Mory Ann Cremin , Ann adofe Dos . ADMINISTRATION HELPERS Clinic . . . Mrs. Carr . . . Thermometer . . . hot water bottle . . . aspirin . . . bandaids . . . excuses . . . blue slips . . . ailments . . . Hall Monitors . . . Mr. Prickett . . . lunch time . . . "Do you have a pass?" ... no wandering . . . juniors, seniors . . . School Store . . . Mrs. Sanger . . . before school . . . lunch . . . after school . . . paid . . . "That will be ten cents" . . . Bookroom . . . Mr. Millicon . . . second year for new location . . . counts books . . . dispense teaching aids . . . School Bank . . . Mrs. Butcher . . . mornings . . . Library . . . about 3 each period . . . check out books . . . "Is the book over due?" . . . Attendance office . . . every period . . . pick up attendance slips . . . Guidance . . . run errands . . . office workers . . . files . . . See me now. MR. GARNER AND MAIN OFFICE WORKERS — Front Row: Audrey Browne, Jeon McDougci. Bob Berkow, Joyce Thurman, JeO"ne Bernier, Second Row: JoAnn Trcfccugh, Corol Sholti , Sondro Burn . Cynthia Dori-ing, Andrea Heflin, Sue Anne Wilburn, Mary Jen Horris.CLINIC WORKERS— Front Row: Sherry Embrey, Decry) Novok, Roso Morie Phillips, Alice Sherry. Second Row: Sue Vondom, Solly Corlin, Redone Colosonto, Debbie Lyons, Sondy Sillex. HALL MONITORS: First Row: Leslie Sehumon, Mory Sue Buckner, Jane Hooe, Sheilo Mooney, Sheila Fro- ier, Dionc Borrett, Linda Hcrrcll, Koy Horvey. Second Row: John Lowrence. Steve Weed, Ed White, Roger Golt, Bob Darnell, William Lemeshewsky. Third Row: Tom Roderick, Doug Hewitt, Ernie Douray, Richard Preston, Andy Lewis, Alon Low. LIBRARY WORKERS: Sitting: Cynth o Allen, Maria Anthony, Virginia Dixon. Standing: Dee Burchfield, Patti Saffa, Chris Boseler, Pot Hustwaytc, Sue Cote, Jackie Ruppert, Patsy Peek?.SCHOOL STORE—Mary Lou Dokken. Sondic Chrittion, Terry Plompin, Jane Morriton, Morion Wotkin , Noncy Eotf-hom. SCHOOL BANK WORKERS—Jetvc Tucker, Ulono Wilkcr. PeflOV Jcoo Lawton, Patricio Gollodoy; tpontor, Mrt. Schulti. BOOKROOM WORKERS—Fred Mott. Pete Bowman, Fred Slight. 139The closs of '63 rehearses for the senior closs ploy. The clcon-up crew from ANTIGONE scrubs the white shoe polish from the stage after performance. Cheerleaders Beth Alexonder, Sue Pennington, ond Virginio Dixon and Bond Icodcr, Mr. Barr, wotch o tense moment ot o G.W. football game. Don McMenomin, S.C.A. President, ond the school's friend, Louis, joke around between classes. There's never a dull moment in Mrs. Snider's English closscs. "We the future citizens of tomorrow . . Seniors clown on Senior Doy. Graduation ot lost!Language Students concentrate in the Lingua-Van. Bill Edmonds, senior, demonstrates his project on orgonosilieon Intermediates Silicone Elostomcrs of the onnuol Science Fair. Chow Time! The Hokey Pokey's perform at the 1963 Crew Follies. The Follies is o show produced to roisc money for the G.W. and Hammond crew teams. G.W. students build o float for the onnuol pre Turkey doy gome parade. Hollie Musick proudly displays the winning door 234 for the commercial cotegory ot Christmas. 141142VARSITY FOOTBALL— Row: Wolfer Popoden. Mike Butler; Ken LeMoy A loo Kidd; Croig NjRg. F,“nk. Sfrudei • Robert Moon., Bruco Vierlmg. Horry Jorgcnton; Fred J otfick Second Row: Jon Dovdvoo. ;o« Don Wo I loco Bornett; t on Kmghf; Jilt Windorf; Don Soowvullor; Lorry Self; John Kemper. Buddy MOVO.AI Ferguson; Fronk Sanders; Bill Gorhom Bock Row: Bob Oomoll. Oouo T.bbot». Morl«y Swift. Woyno Tonguoy. Bill Wilk.n,. CWrn Wom»: ‘pj, Ke" ,; 8,11 Ron Mormon; Dov« Dyer. The George Washington High School Presidents completed their most successful season in many years. The Prexies closed their competition with eight wins and only two losses. Coached by Mr. Stephen Osisek, and assisted by Mr. Robert Green and Mr. Jim Ford, two of the most impressive victories were the Presidents defeat of Annandale, 26-6, and their archrival Hammond, 13-3. DON SEEMULIER Tri-Coptoirt Front Row: Mr Sfonley. cooch; Mr Osisek, Vanity Football Cooch; Mr. Green. Ant. Vanity Coach Bock Row: Mr. Ford. Ass . Von ty Cooch; Mr. Clorke, Freshman Football Cooch; Mr. Wilton, Aitr. Freshman Football Cooch; Mr. Compbell, Aitt. J. V. Cooch; Mr. Dixon, Head J. V. Cooch. OON RUSSELL JOHN KEMPER Tn-Coploin Tri-CoptoinFRANK STRUDER BILL GORHAM RONNIE KORMAN CRAIG NOWAK ED KELLER DOUG TIBBETTS JOE DANIEL FRED PATRICK KEN Lc MAY GW ROMPS ANNANDALE, 26-6 George Washington High School's Presidents turned three long drives into touchdowns to successfully open the 1962 season with a 26-6 win over Annandale before 9,000 fans in our stadium. The Prexies moved 71 yards from the opening kickoff with Quarterback John Kemper scoring from the one. In the second period Fullback Eddie Keller powered over from the one, climaxing a 58-yard drive. Halfback Fred Patrick ended the third long drive, 62 yards, with a 10-yard touchdown run. Defensive Halfback Lorry Self ended the GW scoring with a 20-yord return of a pass interception in the third period. GW OBLITERATES OSBOURN, 39 0 Halfback Donnie Seemuller raced for three touchdowns and scored another on a pass as George Washington shut out Osbourn 30-9. Seemuller ran 84, 93, ond 46 yards for touchdowns and took a seven-yard pass for another score in the Northern Virginia game. The 185-pound senior speedster took full advantage of good blocking in the line for his long gains. Osbourn mode only one threot, but was stopped on the six yard line. For GW it was the President's record victory. Fred Patrick goes over for o first down. G.W. Prexie, John Kemper, breaks owoy from charging Rebels. Fronk Struder, 63, goes to his defense. GW DEFEATS FAIRFAX, 20-6 George Washington High's John Kemper beat Foirfox olmost single handedly as he gained 31 yards on the ground, threw passes and intercepted three Fairfax aerials as GW romped 20-6 on the Fairfax field. GW gained 363 yards for the night, with Halfback Don Seemuller ond Eddie Keller accounting for most of them on the ground. Alon Kidd, 28, goins yardage for the Presidents with the help of Buddy Mayo, 12HAMMOND-3 GW-13 The George Washington High School Presidents registered a 13-3 victory over crosstown rival Hammond before a crowd of 12,000 excited students at GW stadium. Donnie Seemuller sparked the attack with two touchdowns on doshes of one and four yards. Donnie Sccmullcr scores TD for the Prexies during the G.W.-Hommond gome. 12,000 SEE G.W. BEAT HAMMOND 13-3 Mr. Gorncr rings the Bell of Suprcmocy which G.W. won from Hommond for the first time. STUART ASTONISHES GW—3-0 Stuart's Fred Fining, a second-string Senior halfback kicked a 20-yard field goal and with the ball went GW's undefeated season and first place in the N. Va. League as the Raiders upset the Presidents 3-0. The winning points were set up midway in the third quarter when Stuart's Jim Guy blocked a GW punt and a host of raiders pounced on the ball at the President's 30. George Washington's defense rose to the occasion ond three times stopped the Stuart thrusts, but on the fourth down, Fenning did the trick.GW-12 WAKEFIELD-7 The GW Prexies stopped the Warriors on their war path with a 12-7 win. The victory over Wakefield brightened the spirit of the Prexies after their defeot by McLean. John Kemper struggles ogoinst the Wakefield Warriors os he works his way to the gool line. Our ployers olwoys hove the defensive team on the run os shown here during the McLcon gome. GW-13 McLEAN-19 GW's game with the McLean Highlanders was our second and lost loss of the season. The disheartening game, was brightened by the crowning of the football Queen, Cynthia Allen. GW HIGH SLITHERS PAST MT. VERNON, 6-0 George Washington, upset the last two games by Stuort and McLean, rebounded to win over Mt. Vernon 6-0. Donnie Seemuller scored the President's only touchdown with a handoff and a two-yord run in the second period. GW fumbled only once in the extremely muddy field. Mt. Vernon lost the ball a half-dozen times. Frank Struder, 63, ond Bill Cobb wotch from the sidelines os G.W. Slithers post Mt. Vernon with o 6-0 victory. G.W.'s defensive team proves valuable in mud, also. vG.W. TIES W.L.—0-0 A record crowd filled the Memorial Stadium at Washington-Lee High School to view one of the most exciting of Thonks-giving Doy games. The George Washington High School Presidents held W.L. to a 0-0 tie. An inspiring holf-time show traced the history of the American flag and its growth from thirteen to fifty stars. Fred Potrick breaks owoy from o W-L defender during the Thonksgiving Doy gome. "I'm going to kiss her first," remarks Don Russell os be ond John Kemper wait to crown the Homecoming Queen at the McLean game.First Row: Robert Deocle-Monoger, Danny Fleck, Phil Jewell, Pete Colosonto, Mark McLean, Joe Flynn, Ray Roberts, Ronnie Wcover, Jim Policy, Bornoby Rhuc, Charles Spogue, Ricky Miller. Second Row; Jim Armstrong .Bob Thompson, John Tbomos. Gordon Bowen, Morshol Lewis, Robert Brown, Gory Silver, David Dixon, Richord Trcgor, Ronnie Ramsey, Charles Montgomery, Mike Phelps, Charles Petty, Ken Barnett, Pope Daniel, Mickey Kendrick. Third Row: George Vouros, Bobby Moron, Don Mathews, Mike Klemleiewicz, Dovid Huohort, Dole Morns, Jim Andrews, Jim LcMay, Jim Xidon, George Waldron, Gory Crowder, Mike Evans, Bueky Sutton, Bill Walsh, Roy Gorham Foy Watford, D. W. Robertson, Howord Modntycr, Bobby Grimes, Gory Struder, Mike McLean. The 1962 Freshman football ream completed its season with a record of 5 wins, 2 losses, and 1 tie. The team, coached by Mr. Vernon Clarke and Mr. George Wilson, the powerful team was comprised of G.W freshmen and eighth-graders from Jefferson School. The boys proved that another successful J.V. team is in the making. Mr Oo'ke. Freshman Cooch; Billy Foster ond Donne Moffit. Freshman Cop to ms; Mr. Wilson Asst Cooch FRESHMAN FOOTBALL J.V. FOOTBALL The Junior Varsity football team of 1962 ended its season with a record of twelve wins ond only 2 losses, a gain of one win over last year's team. The team's record displayed its readiness ond ability to take over from the Varsity next year. The team was coached by Mr. Sam Campbell ond Mr. Sam Dixon. The co-captoins were Pope Daniel and Ricky Miller. Front Row: Pop Daniel, J. V. Coptain; Ricky Miller, J. V. Coptain Bock Row: Mr. Campbell, Asst. Cooch; Mr. Dixon, Head i. V. Cooch. First Row: Don Conrod, Lee Monroe, Donnie Moffitt, Jim Chr chton, Kenny $!-•• R-nn e Bo'nette. J on Miller, Bobbe G'bscn, Jim S s Rcmne Von S se Con Burbo. Lynn Daniels, Soffon Andolsum, Robert Willis Second Row: Denis d Co'ty, Jim Sellsy. Neale AinsfiekJ, Jim Herbert, Steve Flynn, Rod Pina. Tony Fontosi. Bobby Foster, Herby Krothe, Stewart Smith, Mo'com Sc ce . J mmy Dawson, Tom Copon, Bob Yednock, Rusty Trusedale, Melvin Meodcws 8 Ashby, Steve Sutton, Chris Brandon Third Row: Ken Morfin, Bobby nlghes Alfred Keller, Mike Rodcliffe, Shown McAleo. Tim Meadows, Sidney Thompson. Tom Hawley, Bruce Reynolds, Greg Dove, Bill Coson, Buddy Hitt Gerry Hudson, Jim Florence, Phil Jenkins, Steve Dillon, John Trusedole, ee-r Agner. Lorry Woylond, not pictured Ronnie Horrisen.CROSS COUNTRY — First Row: John Boon, Erie Schnitzlor, Jim Hemeon. Tox Roe«r Premier, Ed Ruhe Steve Wood Third Row: Woody Moll, Guy Gordon, Wilton, Bill Yolo . Myron Shoellcr Second Row: Torry Plompin, John Moy, Riehord Pretton, Howard Olio, Don McMrnamm, Mr. Bryon. CROSS COUNTRY The Cross-Country team, under new leadership, coach Lloyd, had one of its largest turnouts this season. Coached by Mr. Lloyd, and led by co-captain John May ond Steve Weed, the team met in competition against schools as Episcopal, Wakefield, Washington-Lee, Ham- mond, and Annandale. The team, with many new members, had a foir season ond gained valuable experience for next year. The outstanding members of the crosscountry team received monogram at the annual Fall sports banquet. Mokino it to the finish line is pretty strenuous, these four competitors prove during o meet ot Ep.scopol High School. Don Scemuller make o mighty Imp ot on. of th. trock meet,. Left hope he looked first.VARSITY BASKETBALL—Front Row: John Lumpkin, Croig Nowok, Don Cooch Wilson, Jim Tolbot. Jim Worden, Ed Chisholm, Rick Wen ke, Leo V.cMenomm, John Kemper, Mike O'Neill, Jim Fred Potrick. Second Row: McCorfhy. Dick Tontill, Skcctcr Swift, Cooch Cloy Estes. G. W. VARSITY BASKETBALL G. W. VARSITY SCHEDULE G.W. 37 Washington-Lee 41 74 . . . . Falls Church 54 68 Madison 40 38 Wakefield 37 68 Hammond 49 90 Osbourn 37 73 Lee 47 71 Annandale .. 52 46 McLean . 48 59 Foirfox .. 60 50 . . . Yorktown 72 75 . . Mount Vernon .. 53 61 . . . Stuart .. 59 66 . . Groveton 57 District Tournament 64 Wakefield 47 41 . . Washington-Lee . . 43 The George Washington High School Presidents finished their basketball season holding fourth place in Northern Virginio competition. The Prexies had a record of 10 wins and only 4 losses in league play. The team, under the leadership of Coach Clay Estes, showed continued strength and ability. The G.W. cagers went into the Northern Virginia Group 1-A tournament as the strongest contender to defeat unbeaten W-L The team defeated Wakefield by o smashing victory of 64-47, and by disputable circumstances came within two points of defeating W-L Dick Tontill goes to the aid of Jim McConnell, 13, tropped by Joquor cogers.Prcxic cogers fight Wokefield for on importont rebound Leo McCarthy, 3, ond Rick Wenzkc bottle a Worrior for control of the Ed Chisholm goes up for o rebound os Leo McCarthy ond John Kemper look on,G.W JUNIOR VARSITY SCHEDULE G.W. 28 Washington-Lee .. 28 49 . . ... Yorktown 29 46 . Hammond .45 50 . . . Wakefield . 43 44 Washington-Lee .... 26 56 Falls Church . 30 67 . . . . Madison 20 51 . . . Wakefield 45 64 .. Hammond 38 88 Osborne 40 48 Lee 24 59 Annandale 29 67 McLean . . . 50 65 .. Fairfax 24 56 Yorktown 40 58 Woodson V. . . 34 69 Mt. Vernon 35 47 . . Stuart 36 44 ... Groveton 42 J. V. BASKETBALL The G.W. Junior Varsity basketball team came through the year with an undefeated season. Coached by Mr. Som Campbell, the teom defeated oil opponents, most by very convincing scores. The teom ployed together as a unit, consequently, few ployers stand out above the rest. However, Phil Jewell proved to be one of the finest J.V. bock-court players in the area. Jeff Dowdy was one of the best of the tall J.V.'s around, ond John Medlin held his own os o steody ball player. The J.V. team defeated W.L. in the District Tournament by a score of 60-33 to become Northern Virginia Champions. The J.V.'s technique shows why they hod on undefeoted sco son.From left »o right: First Row: Horry Gochcnour-Monoger; James Selby, Ronnie Voncisc, Bobby Gibson, Miles Stebb, Punky Woolum, Ronnie Bornett, Cloy Bush, Fred Solzingcr, MonoQcr. Second Row: Cooch Oixon, Jockey McCoy, FRESHMAN BASKETBALL The Freshman basketball team, under the leadership of Louis Schreiner and Sam Dixon, completed one of its most successful years. The Frosh collected a record of twelve wins and one loss. The sole loss was Gonzaga by one point, and the team later defeated Gonzaga by twenty points. The Freshman also beat Hammond three times, including their final game of the season. Many stars proved to be prime prospects for next year's J.V. and future Varsity squads. Sidney Thompson was the team's leading scorer, with 238 points over 13 games, for an 18.3 average. Court leadership was provided by playmaker Bobby Gibson. Bobby Foster was also a leading scorer with a 12.8 average. Ken Bornett goes up to block on opponent's shot os Eddie Wright looks on. Ronnie Horrison, Bob Foster, Stuort Smith, Gd Thompson, Dennis Hall, Ronnie Wegner, Keith Diamond, Cooch Shriener. Leo McCorthy ond Ed Chisholm prove involuoblc to the Prexie team.1 First Row: Don Provonce. Ted Sounder . Don Seemuller. John Moy, Allen Wcit Bedcnck. Joe Hotch. Third Row: Bill Cobb. Leo McCarthy, Clem Warner. Lackey, Wellmon Hoff, Steve Weed Second Row: Alfred Keller, Phonom Gary Crodder. Richord Weimer, Steve Miller, Mark McLone, John Dunmyer. Montgomery, Charles Sparguc, Richard Early, Terry Plompm, Mike McLone, SPRING TRACK Spring track, coached by Mr. Bob Green, had a large turnout this season, shouting their strength so well known in Northern Virginia. Those returning trackmen outstanding in their particular fields were Allen Lackey, high jump; Don Seemuller, sprint and hurdles; John May and Steve Weed, distance; Woody Hoff hurdles; Clem Warner, shot put. The track team elected as their tri-captains, John May, Don Seemuller, and Allen Lackey. Captain Don Seemuller, Allan Lackey, John Moy, and Cooch Bob Green Don Seemuller proves unbeotoble in the hurdles.WINTtR TRACK — Flr»t Row: Ted Sounder . Don Scemuller, John May, Allen Lockey, Wellman Hoff, Steve Weed Second Row: Phonom Montgomery. Chorle Sprague. Richord Early, Terry Plampm, Mike McLone, Wett Bedenck, Bill Hatch Third Row: Clem Worner. Gory Crodder. Richard Werner. Miller. Mark McLone WINTER TRACK The George Washington High School 1962-1963 track season was a prosperous one for the team. Coached by Mr. Bob Green, the team met rival teams such as Episcopal, Wakefield, Hammond, Annandole, and others. The team was able to practice steadily and toke best advantage of their talent with the facilities of the new gym. The team elected Don Seemuller, John Moy, ond Allen Lackey as their Tri-captains. Steve Weed bring jn points for G. W. os he crosses the finish line first. Wellmon Hoff will be o voluoble osset to next year's teom, olso.First Row: Chuck Albo, Ronnie Weaver, Larry Self, Don McMenomm, John Kemper. Allan Kidd. Robert Mourn Second Row: Monagcr, joe Murphy. Bill VARSITY Varsity baseball began practice on March 13 under the able leadership of coach "Nubby" Schreiner. The turn out was quite good, with returning lettermen, Don McMenamin, John Kemper, Roy Diamond, Larry Self, Kenny Wright, John Medlin, and Joe Murphy. The first team consists of Kenny Wright, pitcher (catcher); Don McMenamin, first base; Roy Diamond, Peyton, Jimmy Andrews, Fred Potrick, John Medlin, Al Polmore, John Boy liss. Kenny Wright. Roy Osmond, cooch Schreiner. BASEBALL second base (John Bayliss); John Kemper, third base; Lorry Self, short stop; Fred Potrick, catcher (pitcher); Alan Kidd, left field; Joe Murphy, center field; John Medlin, right field; who met Wakefield in their opening game. The teams tri-captains elected by the players were, Larry Self, Don McMenamin, and John Kemper. Cooch Schroiner, Kemper. ond tri-coptains Lorry Self, Don McMcnomm. ond John Starters—Don McMenomm, John Medlin, Al Polmore, Fred Potrick Wright, Joe Murphy, John Kemper. Lorry Self, Roy Diamond.----rL. Ed o,H°o: lronk P G,bt 50- 6,11 KfOM. Woyne Storkoy, David O.xoo Wword Boihom, W« ky Barons, Pop Domols. Phil Jewell Second Row: Bert J.V. BASEBALL The Junior Varsity baseball team is coached by Mr. Harry Ricer. The J. V. team, made up of Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors, make up the backbone for next year's varsity squad. The J. V. baseball team plays a schedule similar to that of the varsity team. "All right, pitch it—high, ,ow' inside- outsid —we'll hit it.1 "Here it comes," yells Lorry Self os he winds up. J. V.'s worm up before practice. tMVARSITY », Uft to Right: Dick Copon, Horry Jor®cn on. K.rk Dorrouflh, Ston Hick , Aloo Vondom, 8ob Holmon, Jim Corlfon, Edword Poyiort, Coxjwoin Martin Ymgling. VARSITY CREW SCHEDULE April 9 Navy Plebes, Annapolis, Marylond April 13 Hammond, W. L., Old Dominion Boat Club April 20 Hammond, W. L., Potomac Boot Club April 27 W. L., 1st and 2nd 8's All other crews: W. L., Old Dominion Boat Club May 4 Northern Virginia Championship Regatta, Potomac Boat Club May 1 1 City Championships, Old Dominion Boot Club Moy 17, 18 Stotesbury Cup Regatta, Schuylkill River, Philadelphia May 24, 25 Schoolboy Rowing Championships of America, Lake Carnegie, Princeton, New Jersey JV CREW This year's lightweight crew, for boys weighing 135 lbs. and under, which has received notional recognition for about five years, and all other crews up to the third eight have been coached by assistant coach Louis "Sonny" Weiners. These crews provide an opportunity for all lightweight and inexperienced boys to participate in a demanding sport. These crews provide, also, the mokings for future, successful varsity crews. It is the job of Coach Weiners to teach these boys the fundamentals of rowing. Ltft to Right: Pete Bowmon, Eric Rabenold, Horvcy Littlejohn, Wayne Tonguoy. Walter Keichel. Charles Corlin, Fred Smolensky, Ronnie Ramsey, Coxswain David Hill.LIGHTWEIGHT CREW, Left to Right: Foy Wofford, Bob Hick , Joe Ultmon, Bruce Torquay, Motthew McIntosh, Howard Froehlich, Martin Yingling, Pal Hylond, Coxswain Ricky Evons. "Row, Row, Row your boot gently down the stream," sings the crew. The varsity eight prepares to push off from the dock for onothcr practice •Print- The vorsity eight ond the lightweight crew sprint down the Potomac River.X S',IV' U,t t? Rt«ht: Dennis Cote. Craig Nowok, Archie Sobin. John Morty Y.ngling corries hit shore of the food ot the Vorsity eight bring in Oldfield, Cox two m Bob Letter. the shell. VARSITY CREW G. W.'s crew began its seventeenth year with few returning oarsmen but high hopes and enthusiastic support. As usual the boys started practicing in the rowing machines, then went on in the barge ond when they became proficient enough were promoted to rowing in the shells. The Varsity Crew, coached by Julian Whitestone, made its first appearance in competition on April 9, racing the Navy plebes ot Annopolis. Other races against Hammond and W. L. were held at the Old Dominion ond Potomac Boat Clubs. On May 17 and 18 the crew traveled to Philadelphia to compete in the annual Stotesbury Cup Regatta. Ltn to Hignr: Kogcr guoy. Coxswain Woyne Axtell. But why con't we stop ond rest?" otkt Bill WoddtH of the coxswain."Careful of the fingers there, boy.‘ Okay, boys, "On the count of three we throw it in the river.' "Just try to take it owoy from us, just try.' 'The rest of you guys keep your shirts on and now!'Congratulations To Each Of You Of The Graduating Class of 1963 We are very grateful for the privilege of being of service, as your official portrait photographers, toward making this year’s “COMPASS” a grand success. The splendid cooperation given us by the editors, faculty, and student body was highly commendable and sincerely appreciated. GERALD R. TURNER TURNER STUDIO PHOTOGRAPHERS Est. 1939 “77 £ HOUSE OF PORTRAITS” KI 9-3059 815 South Washington Street Northern Virginias Largest and Most Modern Photography Studio Specializing In Glamour, Wedding and Lifelike Portraits. 165CHARTER AND GROUP SIGHTSEEING A. B. W. TRANSIT CO. SERVING NORTHERN VIRGINIA DEPENDABLY FOR OVER 40 YEARS INFORMATION 166 SCHEDULED SERVICE K1 9-7800 CHARTER DEPARTMENT TE 6-4500TO THE GRADUATING CLASS: A Message of Congratulations from Virginia’s Oldest National Bank Although First Citizens Notional Bank of Alexandria is the oldest Notional Bonk in Virginia, founded in 1864, we dedicote ouselves to the future. This year finds graduates at the threshold of tomorrow—entering a new and better world, with more challenges and more rewards than ot any time in history. We of the First Citizens Notional Bank share with you every confidence in this future. Many of you, we ore sure, will come to know First Citizens National Bonk personally in the years ahead. We look forword to the pleasure of serving you, os o financial counselor, os a neighbor, ond os a fellow citizen. We pledge to serve you well. Our heartfelt congratulations to each of you. Firsts Citizens National Bank of Alexandria Facilities at Fort Belvoir and Gravelly Point • Member FOIC • Telephone King 9-3000 VIRGINIA'S OLDEST NATIONAL BANK Main Banking Office 531 King Street Main Branch Trust Building 507 King Street Northeast Branch 701 North St. Asaph Street Mt. Vernon Ave. Branch 2809 Mt. Ver-%o" .e Uptown Branch 1827 King Street Bradlee Branch 3600 King Street 167Compliments of “The Bank of Friendly Service” LEXANDRIA National BANK 7 Locations King 8-1500 330 North Washington Street (main office) 833 South Washington St. Shirley Duke Shopping Center King and Royal Streets Fairlington Shopping Center Terminal Bldg., Natl. Airport King St. at S. Walter Reed Dr. Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation mVO CM, AND LONG DISTANCE Since 1880 DUNCAN TRANSFER, INC. Palletized Storage and World Wide Movers 169 548-6344 400-410 N. Columbus St. Alexandria, Va.WILLIAM DEMAINE SON FUNERAL HOME 520 South Washington Street Alexandria, Virginia Since 1841 “One of the South's Oldest and Finest" REAL ESTATE and INSURANCE Since 1912 THE M. H. BARRY Ca Realty Administrators Phone Kl 9-3630 2206 Mt. Vernon Avenue ALEXANDRIA, VA. “The Old Reliable Office” 170For Complete Real Estate Services HICKS REALTY, INC. (Realtors) Sales, Rentals, Multiple Listing 3706 Mt. Vernon Ave., Alexandria, Va. 2303 S. Arlington Ridge Rd., Arlington (Branch) KI 8-3111 OT 4-6040 Serving Northern Virginia since 1946 1849-1963 114 Years of Service Compliments of Everly-Wheatley Funeral Home 1500 V. Braddock Road KI 8-9200 KI 9-0035 171TURK SAYS CONGRATULATIONS Smartly Styled Clothes at Low Prices Featured in Our "Alumni Shop" only at w m mm » TUXEDO RENTALS 2402 Mt. Vernon Ave. The Only Men’s Store in Del Ray KI 8-5067 King 8-6853 ROBERT J. COMBS REGISTERED PLUMBING HEATING 2014 Mt Vernon Ave. Alexandria, Va Hadeed Rug Carpet Co. 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Vernon Ave. Alexandria, Virginia TE 6-0100 ond TE 6-0101 174 OIL BURNERS SALES - SERVICE RADIO DISPATCHED EQUIPMENT BUDGET PAYMENTS Aitcheson Fuel Company, Inc Established 1882 205 South Strand Street XATIONAL-U. S. RADIATOR HEATING COOLING SYSTEMS LENNOX HEATING AND COOLING SYSTEMS COAL HOT WATER HEATERS AUTOMATIC GAS OIL FUEL OIL LIQUID LAWN FERTILIZER Plant: 205 South Strand Street Alexandria, Virginia Phone: KI 9-2214 BIALEK'S MEDICAL ARTS PHARMACY 312 S. Woshington St. (In Alex. Medical Bldg.) Professional Pharmacists CAPITAL LIGHTING SUPPLY, INC. Lighting Fixtures Show Room 1505 Prince St. TE 6-8845 Alexandria, Virginia______ DEL RAY HARDWARE "Visit" ROBERT'S BARBER SHOP 522 King Street Alexandria, VirginiaFUEL OIL FANNON’S ... Your Dad and Mother know us well. Long before the Washington Monument was completed we were serving the people of Alexandria and Fairfax County with Fuel. Graduation time is near and to all those who have succeeded in meriting the coveted award of “BEING GRADUATED” we extend our best wishes. We earnestly hope that each George Washington Graduate will measure up to the Golden Opportunities that lie ahead. COAL—AUTOMATIC HEAT—FUEL OIL Thomas J. Fannon Sons DUKE and HENRY STREETS ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA BURKE'S AMERICAN SERVICE Mt. Vernon At Broddock Road Alexandria, Virginia Kl 9-1233 THE FLOWER MART 2004 AAt. Vernon Ave. Alexandria, Va. Flowers whisper what words can never say Phone TE 6-0800 T. E. Carneale Owner HERBERT LYLES SHOE REPAIR 502 King Street Kl 8-1247 SHAEFFER'S CUSTOM UPHOLSTERING FABRICS 407 E. Braddock Rd. Alexandria, Va. 176Congratulations and a Reminder .... to the 1963 Graduates of George Washington High. “Lives, homes, and countries; like tall sky scrapers, to endure, must he based upon a strong foundation. Often times this foundation is found within the person himself. The future is yours. Handle it firmly but gently, and guide it wisely with your compass; which is your skill, your knowledge, and your understanding.” We, at Hopkins Furniture, hope to serve you in the Future as we have served your Parents in the Past. 4 COLONIAL SERVICE CENTER 500 S. Washington Street OV 3-9851 HOWARD JOHNSON 825 N. Washington St. WELLINGTON HOUSE Furniture and Decorations 809 South Washington Street King 9-5800 M. J. MANNING Real Estote — Loons — Insurance Fire — Automobile — Liobility — Bonds Member Alexandria, Arlington and Fairfox Real Estate Boards 2401 Mt. Vernon Ave. Alexandria, Va __________ King 9-1042Phone Kl 8-4747 EUDY'S AMERICAN SERVICE All Types Auto Repoirs 4211 Mt. Vernon Ave. Alexandrio, Vo. Courtesy of Richard T. Eudy, Mgr. J. C. Penney Company SECREST REALTY CO. “Alexandria’s Most Complete Compliments of Bernard Cohen Department Store” MONTICELLO DELICATESSEN ONE STOP SHOPPING 2304 Mt. 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(Old) Glebe Road — Next to 7-11 Compliments of SOUTHERN BARBER SHOP "A Clean Car Rides Better and Lasts Longer" FLAMINGO CAR WASH Washing, Polishing Steam Cleaning Kl 8-8550 3407 Mt. Vernon Ave. Corner West Glebe Road THE REMEMBRANCE SHOP Fine China—Crystal—Gifts—Bridal Registry 3670 King Street Bradlee Shopping Center Alexandria, Virginia Phone: TE 6-8338 WARWICK CLUB Recreation for All Ages All Year Around OLYMPIC SIZE POOL BENDALL PONTIAC Home of the Wide Track PONTIAC and TEMPEST 1625 Prince Street Phone: Alexandria, Virginia OV 3-1600 184TEmple 6-1111 SERVICE NEON SIGNS INCORPORATED 1210 First Street Alexandria, Vo. Compliments °t CUNNINGHAM FUNERAL HOME, INC WILLIAM W. CUNNINGHAM W. BEVERLY MOUNTCASTLE Where you save does make a difference LILLIE V. CUNNINGHAM First Federal Savings • A. K. ROYSTON Loan Association For Alexandria 119 N. Washington Street, Main Office Cameron and Alfred Streets 3624 King Street, Bradlee Branch 2000 Richmond Highway, Groveton ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA Branch KI 9-1800 Accounts insured up to $10,000.00 TE 6-8900 Town Country Compliments of THE HOLLYWOOD GRILL Properties, Inc. Realtors Multiple Listing Members Before and After the Game Visit VALENTINE - BURCH - BAGGETT BARBER SHOP THREE OFFICES TO ASSIST YOU: Your business is appreciated 549-3216 105 S Alfred Sr 3807 Mt. Vernon Ave. Alexandria, Virginia Alexandria, Va. HODGE'S GULF SERVICE TE 6-8915 2301 Commonwealth Ave , A exc-C' c 5165 Lee Highway Phone Overlook 3-0802 Complete Auto Service Arlington, Virginio J. B. Hodges, Prop Kb 6-6yUU 9619 Columbia Pike City Club Danie Green . e.e S eps Annandale, Virginia ELLIS SHOES, INC. 518 King Street CL 6-9100 Alexandria, Virginia King 9-4870 Wesboro Weather Bird Vitality 185If it's from Barnes It's Beautiful! FURNITURE, RUGS, DRAPERIES AND Arrwom. U "'CCESSORIES FOR EVFRY HOME. TREMENDOUS SELECTION TO BLEND WITH ANY T ! OF DECOR. COMPLETE SERVICE BY OUR OWN TRAINED EXPERTS Our 22nd Year Barnet Fashions in Furniture ALEXANDRA 2525 MT. VERNON AVENUE . OV 3-4330 I N’orthc. v nUY MANASSAS 936 CENTREVILLE ROAD • EM 8-2147 I Latest ■ furniture Stores Levinson Clothing Co. OUTFITTERS FOR MEN 424-426 King Street Alexandria, Va. Phone KI 9-0829 186ALEXANDRIA DAIRY All of Our Milk Is From Our Own Farms and Dairy Herds — Assuring You of Consistent Quality Control From Virginia Farms to Virginia Families Serving ALEXANDRIA ARLINGTON FALLS CHURCH FAIRFAX VIENNA PRINCE WILLIAM CO. LOUDOUN CO. FAUQUIER CO. QUALITY DAIRY PRODUCTS FOR OVER 30 YEARS ALEXANDRIA, VA. Kl. 9-2525 334 N. Pitt St. For HOME DELIVERY CALL: MANASSAS, VA. 703-EM. 8-2151 1STA CAREER With A Future! If you like science and mathematics consider engineering for your career! Engineering is the field of today and tomorrow. Progress is fast. New jobs are opening up every day. Plan for a job with a future—plan to be an engineer! VIRGINIA ELECTRIC AND POWER COMPANY 188SENIOR STATISTICS BETSEY ABERCROMBIE: Pori., Treos.; World Events; Pres., Music; S.C.A. Alt.; French; Quill ond Palm; Concert Mistress, Orchestra; Honor Roll 3). ANN ABRAHAM: Treos., Bible; Sponish; Pep. GILBERT ADAMS: Girls' J.V. Football; Vor. Track; J.V. Crew. GORDON ADLER: Gordy; Pori., Quill ond Polm; Dromotics; Lotin; Student Council; SURVEYOR; Boys' Glee Club; Ensemble; Honor Roll (6). CYNTHIA ALLEN: Student Council; Pep; Sponish; Red Cross; Vor., Alt. J.V. cheerleader; Dromotics; Jr. Board. DANNY ANDREWS: Coduceus; DO.; Vor., J.V. Rifle Team. MARIA ANTHONY CHRIS APOSTOLAKOS: J.V. Football; Vor. Intramural; J.V. Crew. THOMAS AREHART: Pres., Vorsity Club; Pres., Boys' Chorus; Vor., J.V. Football; Vor., J.V. Baseball; Vor., J.V. Bosketboll; Hammond. JOHN AVERY LYNNE AYRES: F.B.L.A.; V.O.T. ROSEMARY KAY BAEN: Koy; First V. Pres., Student Council; V. Pres., Quill ond Polm; Pres., G.A.A.; Sec.-Treas., Quill ond Scroll, Co-Choir., Pep; V. Pres. Red Cross; Asst. Ed. SURVEYOR; Spanish Honor; Girls' Stote; Head Mojorette; Honor Roll (4). JAMES BAIRD: Jim; Intramural. JOHN BAIN: World Events; Lotin; Vor., J.V. Crew. DELORES BAKER: Dee; V.O.T. PAMELA BARBRE: Pom; Dromotics; Astronomy; Pep; Honor Roll (2). LINDA BARKER: V.O.T. CAROLYN BARRETT: Pep; Quill and Scroll; Historion, Quill ond Palm; French; Dromotics; Picture Editor, Typist, COMPASS; Honor Roll (3). NANCYE BARRETT: Student Council; Sponish; Soph. Board; J.V. cheerleader; Pep; Adv. Girls' Chorus. SHARON BARNETT: Pep; Honor Roll (5). LINDA BATCHELOR: Sponish; Quill ond Polm; Orchestra, Pres., F.H.A.; Astronomy; Sponish Honor; Music; Pres., Sr. Bond; Honor Roll (6). CHERYL BATSON: V.O.T. RONALD BEAVERS: Ronnie; Bond Orchestra; World Events; Intramural. RICHARD BERN: Feet. BARBARA BERKOW: Bobs; Historion, Scorpionettes; Point Chairman, G.A.A.; F.T.A.; F.H.A.; Sponish; California; Honor Roll (2). KENT BEUCHERT: J.V. Track. CHARLES BIELY: Chuck; J.V. Football; Intramural. MARY SUE BISCOE: Sue; Coduceus; Bible; G.A.A.; F.H.A. EVALYN BLAKEY: G.A.A.; F.B.L.A.; Pep TED BOOKER: Agri.; Ind. Arts; Vor. Football; S. Cor.; Vor. Track; N. Cor. SUZANNE BRAUN: Suzie; Red Crass; Art; French; Honor Roll (1). JULIAN BOWMAN: Pete; Jr. Boord; Boys' Stote; Student Council; Co-Choirmon, Pep. NICOLE BRINKER: Nicky; World Events; Pres., Dromotics; Sec., Pres., Thespian; Quill ond Polm; Not. Forensic League; Honor Society; Pep; Oklohomo. AUDREY BROWNE: Student Council; Pep; Dromotics. KARETTA BROWNING: Thespian; Drama, Hc 'ood, Let -Spanish; Pep; Biology; Art; Vor. J.V. Bosketboll Softboll; Lee SUSAN BRUCH: French; F.T.A.; Orchestra, Bend. Ler.n Music, Honor Roll (4). JOSEPH BRUIN: Joe; Sgf.-of-orms; World Eve- s Student Cc-un-cil; Honor Disc.; Pub. Choir.; Jr.; V. Pres.; Let - -icn©r R: 1 DEIDRE BURCHFIELD: Dec; Pep; Student Ccunc SANDRA BURNS: Sondy; Pres., Sec.; Bib’e. Ensemble PATRICK BUTLER: Pot; Astronomy; World E.e-’s S' z-z-c Orchestra; Var.; J.V. Crew. PATRICIA 8UTT: Pot; Pep; F.B.L.A. GEORGE BYRNE: D.O. JOSE CALVINO: Joe; J.V. Football; J.V Track Vc- Ce- JOSEPH CAMAC: Joe; J.V. Baseball; J.V. Bcske-cc MICHAEL CAMPAGNA: Mick; SURVEYOR. Current S r-- !•»- ish; Dromotics; Mt. Vernon; Vorsity Club Spc' ir J.V. Footboll; Intramural; Vor. Track; Vcr Wr«s- RICHARD CAPON: Dick; World Events, Moncgra— Vor.; J.V. Crew; Intramural. SARAH CARLIN: Solly; Sec., Astronomy, Qv. sr ; - z — :r; Sponish; Honor Roll (4). JAMES CARLTON: Jim; Var.; J.V. Crew DENNIS CATE: Sponish Honor; Vor.; J.V Cre- JOHN CHAFFIN: V. Pres.; Hi-Y; Mcncger. Focrae Bw» W. Vo. JULIAN CHIN PAMELA CLARKE: Pom; Spanish Honor pep. •••: : :-r--1 -League; Student Council; Oregon; Honor Roll WILLIAM COBB: Bill; 2nd V. Pres., Studer- C:-r: : I Exec.; V. Pres., Senior; Monogram; Vers . C “ : Vor.; J.V. Footboll; J.V. BoscboM, Vor -rro« a». Boys' Stote; Boys' Notion; Pres., Northern V: -sorer Roll (3). BARBARA COHEN: Student Council, pra Scc • cheerleoder. NEAL COHEN: Student Council; Pep Mrrog-s- Ac Mcrope-SURVEYOR; Vor. Track. SUE COLE: Grounds; Ad, SURVEYOR. pe= - : Events. WILLIAM COLE: Bill; SURVEYOR Drama- s MERRIANN COLLUM: Merri; Stude-C:---c J : : - Pep; Honor Roll (1). SUSAN COLVIN FRANCES COMBS: Pep. WANDA COMBS: Bond; Bible; e- uc« - WILLIAM COOMBS: Billy; Vcr intra--r= ELAINE COSTELLO: Thesp ons Dwx--: r RONALD DAITZ: Rocky; Sfude" Cc- c :: : : DEBORAH DALEHITE: Debt e Apv Sr: JOE DANIEL: Monogram; Ar . Baseball. CYNTHIA DARLING: Cine. M C-» Srarrara %Aj . Lotin; Honor Roll (3). ROBERT DARNELL: Bob. Student CcmhcJ - - Footboll; Vor. Track, 189TRUMAN DARROUGH: Kirk; HATCHET; Debate; World Events; Vor. Crew. ERNEST DAURAY: Ernie. JOHN DAVIDSON: Vor. Footboll; J.V. Boskctboll; Lettcrmen's; Rep. to Inter-club Council. STEPHANIE DAVIS: Snuffy; Pep. EVELYN DEANE: V.O.T.; Honor Roll (4). CHERYL DE WITT: F.H.A.; Pep. SANDRA DIALS: Sandy; World Events; Red Cross; Caduceus; Honor Roll (I). VIOLA DILLER: Bible; Music; Spanish Honor; F.B.L.A.; Spanish. PATRICIA DODSON: Pot; V.O.T. SUE DRONE: Spanish Honor; Majorette. KAREN DUSSLER: F.8.L.A.; French; Newspaper; New York. DAVID DYER: Vor., J.V. Footboll; Vor. Intromurol. WILLIAM EDMONDS: Bill. GORDON El DEM: Bert; Pep. DOUGLAS ELLISON: Doug; Bond; Music; J.V. Footboll; J.V. Track; Vor. Crew. SALLY EMBLEY: Dennie; F.T.A.; Bible; G.A.A.; Pep; Grounds; Ad, COMPASS; Ad, SURVEYOR; Pres., Spanish; Young Democrats; F.H.A.; Texos. BEN ENDICOTT: D.O. MARY EWALD: Pres., World Events; Pres., Sponish; Spanish Honor; Honor Roll (1). BRENDA FAGAN: Pep; Treos., F.H.A.; Quill and Palm; Honor Roll (4). TERESA FANTACI: Terry; Art; Red Cross. ELIZABETH FEATHERSTONE: Lys; Art Ed., Yearbook; Literary Mogozine; St. Agnes. ROBERTA FERGUSON: Bobbi; Pep. CHARLES FISHER: Red Cross; Vor., Intromurol. CLAUDIA FLANARY: Librory Club; Dungannon. Vo.; Pres., 4-H Club; Ft. Blockmorc, Vo. ROBERT FLORENCE: Bob. SANDRA FORMANDO: Sondy; Pep. ANITA FORNES: V.O.T.; F.H.A. JAMES FOSTER DOLORES FRAVEL: Ad, SURVEYOR; Sec., F.B.L.A.; Honor Roll (2). PATRICIA FRINKS: Ensemble. BARBARA FULWILER: G.A.A.; Intramural Bowling. NANCY GAINES: F.H.A.; Pep. ELLEN GAINEY: Quill ond Scroll; Asst. Ed., COMPASS; Dro-motics; Pep; Alt., Jr. Board; Ensemble; Adv. Girls' Chorus. WANDA GARLICK: V.O.T. NANCY GARTRELL: Sec., Astronomy; Dramotics; Hist., Thespions; French; Treos., Caduceus; Pres., Lotin; Debate; World Events; Majorctto; Pres., Thespions; Anchor Service Club; Latin; Florido. FRED GEARHART: J.V. Footboll; Vor. Intromurol; Fresh. Football. EDNA GEEHAN LYNDA GERMAN: Dramotics; DO. ROGER GOLT VERNON GOODRICH: V. Pres., Astronomy. PHEBE ANNE GORDON: Hoppy, Hist., Thespions, Sec . World Events; Sgt.-ot-orms, Dramotics; Astronomy; COMPASS; HATCHET; Mich. All-Stote H.S. Orchestro; Honor Roll (2). WILLIAM GOSNEY: Roy; Monogram; Vor. J.V. Footboll; Vor J.V. Boscboll; Honor Roll (2). THOMAS GRAY: Var. Intromurol. ARTHUR GRIFFIN: Art; Jr. Board; Student Council; Sr. Bond; Boys' Stotc; Honor Roll (2). BARBARA HAGY: Student Council; Sec., Caduceus; Dromotics, Thespions; Quill and Polm; Act. Ed. COMPASS; World Events; Pep; Debate; French; SURVEYOR; Honor Roll (3). DORIS HALL: Dottie; Pep; Dromotics; Ad., COMPASS; Honor Roll (2). JUDITH HANCHAK: Judy; Girls' Chorus. JOHN HARBER: World Events; Spanish; Forensics. JANET HARDING: V.O.T.; Dromotics; Pep. MARY JON HARRIS: Jonnie; Alt., Student Council; Treos., World Events; Pep; V.O.T.; Lotin; Cheerleader; Kansos. KAREN HASSMER: Sec., Dramotics; Sec., Thespions; Quill and Palm; Quill ond Scroll; Sr. Ed., COMPASS; Ensemble; Honor Roll (5). MARGARET HAYDEN: Morgie. FAY HEATH HUBERT HEDDINGS: Buddy; F.B.L.A.; V. Pres., DO.; I.C.T. MARIE HEDRICK: Eloine; V. Pres. Caduceus; Pep; Bible. ANDREA HEFLIN: Andy; F.B.L.A.; Art; SURVEYOR. ANN HENNESSY: Nancy; Sec., Sponish Honor; Ed., HATCHET; Quill and Scroll; Quill ond Polm; Sec., Caduceus; Pep; Lotin; Grounds; Dramotics; Honor Roll (3). DOUGLAS HEWITT: Doug; Var. Footboll; J.V. 8oseboll; J.V. Trock. DAVID HICKS: Sponish; Astronomy. DORIS HITT: Pep. CAROLE HOFFMAN: Dramatics; Pep; Sr. Bond; Music. JANE HOGE: Quill ond Polm; Ad., COMPASS; Pep; Jr. Board; Alt., Student Council; Sec.-Treos., Ensemble; Vor., J.V. Cheerleader; Honor Roll (5). ROBERT HOLMAN: Bobby; Monogrom; Caduceus; Astronomy; Ad., COMPASS; Vor. Intromurol; Vor., J.V. Crew. PATRICIA HUSTWAYTE: Pot; Pres., F.B.L.A.; Ad., SURVEYOR; Alt., Student Council; Adv. Girls' Chorus; Honor Roll (I). JOYCE JENKINS: Wondo; Treasurer, Future Teochcrs of Americo; Sec.-Treos., Music; French; Pep; Caduceus; World Events; Junior Red Cross; Sec., Senior 8and; Quill and Polm; Honor Roll (6). HARRY JORGENSON: Sgt.-ot-orms, Quill ond Polm; Vor. Footboll; Trock; Vor. Crew. MARTIN KADY: Intromurol. DENNIS KELLEY: Mgr., J.V. Footboll; Mgr., Vor. Bosketboll. DAVID KIMMELL RITA KIRBY: F.H.A.; V.O.T. ELWOOD KIRTLEY: Elwood; Vor., Footboll; J.V. Bosketboll. KAREN KITE: UN Committee Choirmon, World Events; Quill ond Polm; Orchestro. GERALD KNECHT BARBARA KNIGHT 190RONALD KORMAN: Red Cross; Pep; J.V. ond Vor. Football; In- tromurol. RICHARD LACHINE: Bo; Alt.; Student Council; Sophomore 8oord; I. C.T. SUSAN LAMPSHIRE: Orchestro; Vor. Cheerleader; French. DAVID LANGLEY: J.V. Baseball; Intromurol Bowling. ROBERT LARSON ALAN LAW: Intramurals; Ohio. GLORIA LAWHORNE: Ensemble. CARROLL LAWSON: Orchestro. PAMELA LEE: Pep. WILLIAM LEMESHEWSKY: Bill; Quill ond Polm; Sponish; Spcnish Honor; Hall Monitor; Business Staff, COMPASS; Jr. Board; Honor Roll (7). RIGDIN LENTZ: Rig; Chairman, Debate; Var. Crew. ROBERT LESTER: Monogram; Astronomy; World Events; Var. ond J. V. Intramural; J.V. Track; J.V. and Var. Crew. ANDREW LEWIS: Andy; Spanish; Art; Student Council; Pep. JOANNE LIVESAY: Bible; Bond; Orchestra; Sec., Print Shop. JOHN LUMPKIN: Vor. Golf; Vor. Mgr. Football; Pres., Latin; Letterman; Student Council; Tennessee; SURVEYOR; HATCHET; Quill ond Polm; Boys' State. LINDA LYNT: Dramo; J.V. Chccrleoder. PEGGY LYONS: Pep; Cheerleader; Art; Soph. Boord; Ad. Stoff. SURVEYOR; Red Cross. LEO MCCARTHY: Monogrom; Spanish; Var., J.V. Bosketball; J.V. Trock. JAMES McCONNELL: Jimmy; Student Souncil; World Events; J.V. Baseball; Var., J.V. Basketball; J.V. Track; Hommond. BRUCE McCULLOUGH: Var. Intromurol. MARY McCURDY: Tino; Pep; Jr. Boord; Red Cross. EMILY McLAIN: Beth; F.H.A.; Student Council; Dromotics; Alabama; Adv. Girls' Chorus. DONALD McMENAMIN: Pres., Student Council; Executive; Monogram; Pres., Quill ond Polm; Sponish Honor; Spanish; Var. Bosc-ball; Vor. Bosketball; Cross-Country; Boys' State; Honor Roll (5). CAROLE MAINGUTH: Sgt.-ot-orms, Pres., D.O.; Student Council. VINCETA MAJEWSKI: Lillian. DAISY MARCUS: Music; Red Cross. EDWARD MARSHALL: Eddie; Vor. BoseboU; Soccer. THOMAS MARTIN: Tom; Honor Roll (1). SARA MATTHEWS: Ann; Student Council; Pep; Jr. Board; Ad, COMPASS. Red Cross; G.A.A., SURVEYOR. JOHN MAY: Honor Disc.; Student Council; Pep; V. Pres., Soph.; Sec., Junior; Sponish; Monogram; Var. Track; Cross-Country. LINDA MENGES: F.B.L.A.; V.O.T. PATRICIA METZGER: Pat; DO.; V.O.T.; Quill ond Polm; Honor Roll (4). FLORENCE MILLER: Bonnie; Honor Roll (4). ODESSA MITCHELL: Bible; V.O.T.; Honor Roll (3). PATRICIA MOELLER: Patsy; Trcos., Quill ond Palm; V. Pres., Quill ond Scroll; Ed.-in-Chicf, SURVEYOR; Sec.-Treas., Latin; Music; Honor Roll (7). MARILYN MOFFITT: Red Cross; F.B.L.A. DARRELL MORI ARTY: Var., J.V. Football; J.V. Basketball. MARY MORRISON: Jane; Del. to House of Rep., Girls' State; Pres., Sec., Spanish; Honor; V. Pres., Spanish; Quill ond Polm; Choirmon; Pep; Art; Soph. Jr. Boord; Honor Roll (5). PATRICIA NAYLOR: Pot; Student Council; Pep; Red Cross; Ad., SURVEYOR; Dramatics; V. Pres., V.O.T. PAMELA NEELY: Pom; HATCHET; Sponish; Dromotics; Honor Roll (I). CRAIG NOWAK: Jr. Boord; Spanish; Monogrom; SURVEYOR; Dramatics; Var. Football; Var. Intramural; Vor. Basketball; Var. Crew; Wrestling; Honor Roll (1). HELEN NUTWELL: Ad. Mgr., COMPASS; Pep; Dramatics; Honor Roll (1). CHRIS NYBURG: Pep, Art; Longuogc Fed.; Pub. Chair., Honor Society; Art. Ed., COMPASS; World Events; French; Pep; Honor Roll (4). CECELIA O'CONNOR JOHN OLDFIELD: Lotin; Gonzogo; J.V. Bosketball; J.V. Track; Var. Crew. CECELIA OLIVER: Ce. MARSHALL OWEN: Intromurol. MARY OYLER: Mickey; Student Council; Spcnish; Sec., Soph.; Pep; Pres., Ensemble; Jr. Bocrd; Red Cross; All-State Chorus. LEON PACK: Dromotics; Lotin; W. Va.; Trees., Key Club Intromurol. PATRICIA PADGETT: Pot; Pep; F.H.A.; Red Cross. WILLIAM PALM: Jim; D.O. KATHLEEN PARNELL: Kathy; Caduccus; Spanish; Sec.-Treos., Red Cross; Music; Orchestro. FREDERIC PATRICK: Fred; Monogram; Germany; Pres., Fresh.; Pres., Soph.; Student Council; Vor. Football; Var. Baseball; Var., J.V. Basketball; Vor. Trock; Honor Roll (2). EDWARD PAYSON: Ed; Monogram; Intromurol; Vor. Crew. PATRICIA PEELE: Patsy; Quill and Polm; Pres., V. Pres. French; Pres., V. Pres. F.T.A.; Trcos., Soph.; Co-Choir., Pub., Jr.; Student Council; Libr., Ass't.; Music; Honor Roll (6). STANLEY PEIKEN: Stan; Student Council; Jr. Board; Sponish; Pep; Intromurol; J.V. Crew. SUE PENNINGTON: Quill ond Polm; Head, Vor. Cheerleader; Spanish Honor; Student Council; Spanish; Head, J.V. Cheerleader; Pep; Honor Roll (2). HERBERT PHILLIPS: Herb; Intramural. ROSEMARIE PHILLIPS: F.B.L.A.; Pep; Adv. Girls' Chorus; Grounds; Ensemble; Dromotics; Clinic. MARTIE PICKETT: V.O.T.; St. Agnes; Student Council; Guild. EDWARD PIERPOINT: Ned; Spanish; Intramural. TERRY PLAMPEN: Treos., Astronomy; Vor., J.V. Trcck; Honor Roll (2). VIVIAN PONTO: Penny; Dromotics; Caduccus; Lotin; Pep; Girls' Chorus; Honor Roll U). ELLEN POPADEN: Art; Pep; Honor Roll (2). RICHARD PRESTON: Dick. 191BETTY PROFFITT: F.H.A.; 4-H Club; Red Cross; Nelson County, Vo. SHIRLEY PROFFITT SANDRA PULMAN: Sondy; Sponish; Dromotics; Pep; Jr. Boord; Girls' Stotc. JOAN QUERTEMOUS: Sec., V.O.T. CAROL RANKIN: Pep; Jr. Boord; V. Pres., F.H.A.; V. Pres., Span-ish Honor; Sec., Quill and Palm; Pres., Quill and Scroll; Sec., Sponish; Ed., COMPASS; Girls' State; Honor Roll (2). KAREN REYNOLDS: Red Cross; Honor Roll (3). THOMAS RICKER: Tom; Monogram; Mgr., Vor. Football; Mgr., Var. Track; Mgr., Cross-Country. CHARLES RILEY: DO. ELAINE ROBINSON: Ass't. Ed., HATCHET; Ed., Lost Will ond Test. WILLIAM RUNALDUE: Bill. EDWARD RUNNELS: Ed; Lotin. DONALD RUSSELL: Don; Vor., J.V. Football. ARCHIE SABIN: Spanish; Monogram; J.V. Footboll. PATTI SAFFA: Pep; Art; Dramatics; F.B.L.A.; Red Cross; Jr. Board. ALICE SAMUELS: Treos., V.O.T.; Honor Roll (2). FRANK SANDERS: Var., J.V. Footboll; Vor., J.V. Trock. KATHLEEN SCOTT: Kothy; Dromotics; Honor Roll (2). DONALD SEEMULLER: Donnie; Soph. Board; Student Council; Monogram; Honor-Disc.; Pres., Ensemble; Capt., Vor., J.V. Football; Vor. Intromurol; Copt., J.V. Basketball; Copt., Vor. Trock. LARRY SELF: Pres., Senior; Soph. Beard; Vor. Footboll; Vor. Baseball; Var. Intromurol; Var., J.V. Track; Honor Roll (3). JAMES SEXTON: Jimmy. DIANE SHANNON: Dee; V.O.T. MARK SHAY RANDALL SHOCKEY: Randy; Ensemble; Intromurol Footboll. JOHN SHOLTIS: Johnny; Student Council; Vor. Intromurol. SANDRA SILLEX: Sondi; F.B.L.A.; G.A A.; Red Cross. BENJAMIN SIMPSON: Ben; Pres., V.O.T.; Var. Intromurol; Vor. Trock; Honor Roll (1). CAROLYN SIMPSON: Corolc; Art; Astronomy; Lotin; Dromotics; Thespians; SURVEYOR; J.V. Cheerleader; Picture, Jr. Ed., COMPASS. BARBARA SMITH BRIAN SMITH: Vor. Footboll; Vor. Intromurol. ROBERT SMITH: Bobby; Sr. Bond; J.V. Baseball; Vor. Intromurol. MICHAEL SNAPP: Woyne; J.V. Boseball. NELSON SOUTHARD: Monogram; Vor. Intromurol; Var. Track. RICHARD STEELE: Wicky; Sports Ed., SURVEYOR; J.V. Footboll; J.V. Trock; Vor. Intromurol; Honor Roll (I). JANE STODDARD: G.A.A.; Pep. FRANKLIN STRUDER: Frank; Student Council; Monogrom; Vor., J.V. Football; Var., J.V. Boseball; Vor. Intromurol; J.V. Track. MARY STURLAUGSON: Glee Club; Citizenship Honor Roll; Colif.; V.O.T. DONNA SULLIVAN: V. Pres., Sec., Bible; Pres., V. Pres., Astronomy, News Ed., SURVEYOR; J.V. Cheerleader; Sub. Stoff, COMPASS; French; Pep; Student Council; Quill ond Palm; Quill and Scroll; F.T.A.; Co-ed., PROPHECY; Lotin; Honor Roll (4). LINDA SWAIN: V. Pres., Bible; DO.; G.A.A.; Honor Roll (2). KATHRYN SWORD: Kothy; Pep. MARVIN TAYLOR: Sgt.-ot-orms, DO.; Bond; Honor Roll (2). JOYCE THURMAN: Student Council; Soph. Boord; Pep; Dromotics; Sponish; Honor Roll (1). DONNA TIMBERLAKE JESSE TUCKER: Treos., Bible; Head Teller, School Bonk; Music. MARTIN TURK: Marty; Alt, Student Council; Var. Intramural. STEVEN UNRATH: Pres., Bible Club; Groveton; V. Pres., Auto Club; Mt. Vernon. RAY VAITSAS: Astronomy; Pep; Sponish; Intromurol; J.V. Trock; J.V. Crew. GERALD VAN ANTWERP: Jerry; J.V. Crew. JOHN VAN BUREN: Intromurol. ALLAN VANDAM: Skip; Monogrom; J.V. Footboll; Vor., Crew. WILLIAM WADDELL: Bill; Ensemble; Vor. Crew. MARGARET WALDMAN: G.A.A.; Girls' Chorus. ULANA WALKER: Ass't. Banker, School Bonk. ANN WALLACE: Winki; Treos., Dromotics; Pori., Thespian; Debate; World Events; Honor Roll (1). CONNIE WARD: V.O.T. MARION WATKINS: Sponish Honor; Sponish; Co-Monoger, Ad Stoff, COMPASS; Honor Roll (4). VICTOR WATTS: Vic; Art. KENNETH WAUGH: Lorry; Monogrom; Vo.. J.V. Footboll; Vor. Intromurol; Vor. Crew. MARY LEE WEBSTER: Sec.-Treos., Student Council; Exec. Comm.; Pres., Junior; Honor Roll (2). STEPHEN WEED: Steve; Pep; Business Mgr., COMPASS Business Stoff; Monogrom; Quill ond Polm; Dromotics; Honor Roll (7). LYNDA WEISBRODT: Pep; F.H.A.; Glee Club; Kansos. MARIE WELLS: G.A.A.; F.B.L.A.; V.O.T. BETTY WHITE: Treos., F.H.A.; Bible; F.B L A. EDWARD WILLIAMS: Joe; Astronomy; World Events; Monogrom; Vor. Intromurol; Vor. Crew; Cross-Country. RONALD WILLIAMS: Ronnie; DO. SHERRY WILLIS: Red Cross; Astronomy; Pep; Dromotics; J.V. Cheerleader; Honor Roll (3). JACQUELINE WOLFORD: Jockie; V.O.T. VIRGINIA WOLFSOHN: Ginger; Pres., Art; Pori., Dromotics; Art Ed.. HATCHET; Cortoonist. SURVEYOR; Quill ond Polm; Thcs-pion; Music; Orchestra; Honor Roll (7). CAROLYN WORKMAN: Pres., Bible. WAYNE YANCEY NANCY YATES: Pep; Art; Astronomy; Honor Roll (1). SHIRLEY YEATTS: Dromotics; F.B.L.A.; V.O.T. CAROL ZUIDEMA: World Events; Sec., French; Bible. 192

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George Washington High School - Compass Yearbook (Alexandria, VA) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


George Washington High School - Compass Yearbook (Alexandria, VA) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


George Washington High School - Compass Yearbook (Alexandria, VA) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


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