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LIBRARY OF THE UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA Virginia Hi School League L t k : " • : r ►- . . . Propertyof The Library of Virginia ' Richmond, VA ' • 3 ' . ' i George piaslimgtim tgl| cl|Ool Alexandria, Virginia poinme 2B EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Dixon Rollins ASSISTANT EDITOR . Margaret Jones PHOTOGRAPHER Fred Hanscom ART EDITOR Martha Sameth PICTURE EDITOR Karen Abramson SENIOR, FACULTY Karen Pfeiffer UNDERCLASSES and CADETS B raxton Moncure ACTIVITIES EDITOR Betsy Wanner SPORTS EDITOR Dave Katz FOREWORD 1 ■■ ' T ■ If George Washington could return to GW High and compare it with the same school of twenty-six years ago, he would observe many changes. What was then only an open field by the railroad tracks is today the site of GW ' s modern football stadium. The building itself has changed, too. A new wing was added in 1945 and now construction has started on the new Jack Tulloch Memorial Gymnasium. But the biggest surprise would probably come if George were to enter the school and observe the activities. Today GW offers a wide variety of activities in which a majority of the students participate. If George had en- tered an Astronomy Club meeting in 1935 he probably would have seen the club discussing one of the recent discoveries in the theory of the solar system, or, perhaps, listening to a guest speaker. However, today, the scene would be entirely different. The club would now be planning a trip to the Naval Observa- tory or viewing a technicolor movie about astronomy. George might then pass a chemis- try class in an experiment or the group study- ing mathematical analysis, hardly comparable to the same classes 26 years ago. One final contrast would be the wide variety of ath- letics in which the school now participates. In summary George Washington would find an entirely different school: different in size, different in appearance, and even more dif- ferent in spirit. DEDICATION The Senior Class of 1961 is pleased to dedicate this annual to Mr. Edgar G. Pruet who has guided our act ivities for the past four years, and the ac- tivities of the preceeding classes for a total of almost fifteen years. Mr. Pruet was graduated from the University of Alabama, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1928 and from Peabody University, Nashville, Tennessee, with a Master of Arts degree in 1938. Due to his accelerated university courses, Mr. Pruet had little time for athletics during his school years, but he served as both a football and a basketball coach in his early teaching jobs. Dur- ing these years, he says, he taught " everything but home economics. " He often taught as long as ten periods a day. For the seven years prior to coming to George Washington in 1946, he served as principal of Pulaski High School in Pu- laski, Virginia. Here, his duties include planning school policy, making the master calendar, and generally su- pervising operations of the school. He is not only the number one Prexie, he is also active in the community. He is a member of the Kiwanis club and a Sunday School teacher at the First Baptist Church. He is also on the Executive Committee of the Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools. His interest in tropical fish is well known to students of GW; we are less aware of his deep interest in landscaping the school, and his " do-it yourself " projects around his home in Fairfax. This dedication is only a small token of the gratitude which this class feels for its principal. 4 lahle of contents cla00C0 . faculty ♦ ♦ actittttte 0 tarfet 0 . . 0port0 ♦ . arf0 . . , page 6 page 70 page BB page 132 page 138 page 160 0 emor 0 tatt 0 ttc 0 page 194 7 Stanley Durkee PRESIDENT John Monroe VICE PRESIDENT SENIOR CLASS SPONSORS, Seated: Mrs. Snider, Mr. Lindsey. Standing: Mr. Gregory, Mr Hillman, Mr. Barr. SENIOR CLASS HISTORY During the past four years the graduating class of 1961 has exper- ienced many memorable occasions. As freshmen, the class of 1961 elected the class officers and par- ticipated in clubs and other extra- curricular activities. When they be- came sophomores, the class spon- sored the traditional toy and food dances. The class originated the " Bunny Hop. " When they became juniors, they were proud to be upper classmen. Class cards were sold to finance the sending of students Girls ' and Boys ' State. The class also held a " State " dance and a Christmas dance. The highlights of their senior year were the annual Senior Day, Senior Play, and Senior Prom. The receiv- ing of their diplomas ended their high school careers. " NOW THIS IS THE WAY TO RUN THINGS, " says Stanley Durkee to Jean Webster and John Monroe in the Executive Office on SENIOR DAY. Jean Webster SECRETARY ' llWn " AND HERE ' S A PRIZE FOR THE LUCKY COSTUME WIN- NER " exclaims Santa Ford to Robin Oyler and Joe Raison. Fun and Games at the Senior Day Party. " HEE, HEE, HEE; OUR DAY AT LAST ' soys Grandma Martha Leef as Jean Webster, Eileen Dunlap, and Vicki Vaughan agree. PHYLLIS ALLEN SULEYMAN ANDOLSUN DAVE ASHELFORD SALLY ATKINS CAROL AUSTIN SHARON AXTELL MARTIN BANTON JAMES BARRON ALLEN BARWICK PEGGY BAXLEY PATRICIA BAYLISS TRACY BAYLISS JOHN BEASLEY DOREEN BUCK JEAN CAMPBELL CAROLYN CARRELL LINDA CARY JOHN CHADWICK SHEILA CHIN RICHARD CLAYTON RAYMOND COOK JUDY COOPER JANET CORNWELL ROBERTA CORTILLA JACQUELINE COSBY JOHN CRADDOCK JANIS CROCKETT JOHN CUNNINGHAM ELIZABETH CUSTER " GALEN DANIS I JOAN DAVIS MARY LEE DENSMORE CONSTANCE DEVOL JIM DIAMOND ROBERT DODD WADE DODGENS LLOYD EDWARDS JO EIDEM GEORGE ELLMORE ANITA EVANS JOYCE EZZELL JAY FAIRFAX JENNIFER FAULDS BRIAN FENDRICK MICHAEL FERGUSON MARY ELLEN FILE GAYLE FLETCHER DAVE FONES RAYMOND FOOTE PAULINE FOX JAMES FREEMAN I JEANNE FREEZE LYNNE FROEHLICK BARBARA FROMM LEWIS FULWILER CHRISTINE FURR MARY GARNER JOYCE GARRIS PATRICIA GOINGS ROSLYN GOLDEN FRED HANSCOM JAMES HARRUP WILLIAM HAYDEN JOYCE HAYWARD CAROLYN HEALY PEGGY HEINTZELMAN ROBERT HEMPHILL ROBERT HENNESSY DEANNA HICKS KATIE HICKS MARY HOPE HOLLAND JAMES HOOE RICHARD HOUSER NANCY HOWELLS CAROL HOWARD JOY HOWSE BETTY HUDSON JERRY HUEFNER JOHN HUETTER ROBERT HUNGERFORD SHELLEY JACOBS DAVID JOHNSON MARGARET JONES DAVID KATZ LEE KOEPPING TERI KOZLIK MARCIA KUHL PRISCILLA LAINOF VIRGIE LANDRUM MICHAEL LEE HAPRIETTE LEEF LYNDA LAMM BEVERLY LANCASTER MARTHA LEEF JUDY LEFLER GEORGE LEMESHEWSKY I NANCY LESTER ELIZABETH LITTLE LYNDA LONDON ELIZABETH LYNCH BARRY LYNGARD MEREDITH McCullough CAROL McGOWAN MARGO Mcknight ROBERT MCLAUGHLIN I ALBERT McNETT i RANDY MANEY DENNIS MARSHALL , FRANCES MENSER MARILYN MILLER JAN MILLER CHARLES MONCURE JOHN MONROE LEWIS MOORE SIDNEY MOYER COURTNEY MUDD JUDITH MUMBOWER JOSEPH NAYLOR HELEN NEIL FRANK NORCOM LAURETTA NORTON FRANCIS NOWAK MONNIE O ' DWYER I PATIE OWENS ROBIN OYLER SANDRA PALMER DOROTHY PALMORE ANTOINETTE PENNAZOLI WILLIAM PERRY KAREN PFEIFFER GLENN REA CHARLES REED SANDRA RENSHAW i WAYNE ROBEY BETTY ROBINSON I STEPHEN ROBINSON JAMES ROCCA PEGGY RODDA CRAIG ROGERS LINDA ROLAND DIXON ROLLINS TONI ROSS JOHN SCOTT CAROLYN SETTLE BONNIE SHAFFER FRANCES SHARP JUDITH SLIVINSKI BETTY SMITH BRIAN SMITH SANDRA SMITH VERNA LEE SMITH WAYNE SOUTHARD RICHARD SPARKS ROBERT SPILLAN DONA SPICER ALAN SPRING JOHN SPRINGER SANDRA STAATS CAROL STEDfMN THOMAS STEPHENS SUSAN STOVER WAYNE STRUM RONALD STULTZ STERLING SUBLETT TONI SWAIN TERRY SWEATT DONNA SWISHER BERNARD TALLMAN PAUL TANGUAY PATRICIA THOMAS WILLIAM THOMAS JANET THURMAN CAROL TIMBERLAKE JAMES WALTERS BETSY WANNER GEORGE WARD JOSEPH WARD DIANNE WEAVER JEAN WEBSTER SUZANNA WEIMER SUSAN WHITE DIANNE WHITTINGTON KAREN WILLIAMS ROBERT WILLIAMS BRENDA WILTSHIRE JACK WOLLABER JUDY WOOD MARTHA WOOD MARGARET WOODS SANDY WORKMAN LAURIE YINGLING MALCOLM ZUIDEMA HOMECOMING The Homecoming contest- ants ore senior girls and are nominated by senior home- rooms. The student body votes on the nominees, and the top five names are voted on by the football team for the queen. The queen and her court are presented at the Homecoming football game. I i MOST ATHLETIC — Holding her own at this end of the rope is Lorraine Gott. BEST PERSONALITY — " Ain ' t we sweet? " says Jean Webster and John Monroe. MOST TALENTED — " I can do anything better than you can! " teases Dennis Marshall to Meredith McCullough. MOST INTELLIGENT — Looking smug about their high averages are Bonnie Shaffer and Bob Hemphill. T SCHOOL SPIRITED — Susan Whife and Walters have worked their fingers down MOST J irn , w. .w. - to the wrist MOST ATHLETIC — " It will be a cinch to win this tug-o ' war " , says Tommy Edwards. MOST TALENTED — " No you can ' t! I can do anything better than you! " says Micky McCullough. BEST ALL AROUND — " Wow, what a man, " says Robin Oyler to John Monroe. BEST LOOKING — " Mirror, mirror on the well, who is the fairest of them all? " says Toni Ross to Bob Hennessy. MOST POPULAR — " Once there was a boy, " thinks Meredith Cate. MOST POPULAR — " And once there was a girl ' ,, thinks Stanley Durkee. " THAT ' LL BE TWENTY-FIVE CENTS, " says Toni Swain to Pauline Fox. ’UM, UM GOOD, " says Bob Hemphill to Toni Torchia. " NEW YORK, HERE WE COME! " shout the seniors on their class trip. " CAN ' T WAIT TO GET TO SCHOOL, " shout GW enthusiasts. THE HOMECOMING DANCE IN THE GEORGE WASHINGTON CAFETERIA. " STRIKE UP THE BAND, " thinks this group as they wait for the band to begin playing at the Homecoming dance. SCHOOL SPIRIT shines as Brian Smith, Dennis Marshall, Sue White, and Georgeann Waggaman, work for the Grounds Committee. " NICE BIRDIE, NICE BIRDIE, " says Sally Atkins to Tom Turkey at the Thanksgiving Game. " THE WINNER IS " says Mr. Pruet as he announces the winners of the float contest in the Thanksgiving parade. " MONEY, MONEY, MONEY, " says Patt Bayliss as George Ward and Charles Knight deposit money in the student bank. JUNIOR CLASS MAC SEXTON BILL SIMPSON President Vice President BILL HALL Secretary SALLY STUKENBROEKER Treasurer The 1960-61 Junior Class was one of the most active in many years. The election of the officers and members of the Junior Board started things rolling. Once chosen and as- sembled, the representatives met every Tues- day morning in room 124 with the sponsors, Mrs. Meadows and Miss Guill. They pushed the sale of class cards as their first major activity. In October, the Juniors held the first Tea Dance. The annual Holly Hop was held with suc- cess in December as a means of making money for sending selected members of the class to Boys ' and Girls ' State. Shortly after- ward, the Junior Class sponsored a fun-filled and educational week-end trip to Jamestown and Williamsburg. February was the month for another after- noon Tea Dance. With " King Arthur ' s Court " as its theme, the Prom was held on March 24. 40 JUNIOR BOARD — Front Row: Helen McPherson, Susan Crispi, Wini Henson, Joy Hutzel, Mary Lyons, Vivian High, Alexandra Miller, Maureen Fitzpatrick. Second Row: Jack Browning, Bob Rankin, Andrew Butz, Larry Rosser, Ken Carlson, Bill Hall, Paul Freidson. Checking on things, Mrs. Meadows looks over the situation at the refreshment counter during the Holly Hop in December. Some members of the Junior Class taking the required math test in Mr. Lindsey ' s room. 41 Robert Adams Mary Adler Sharon Anderson Kathryn Armentrout Jane Monroe lives it up at the Junior Class Tea Dance. ' Carol Artz Catherine Bagot Mary Bailey John Bain Phyllis Balderson Patricia Bambling Vance Bartley Joanne Beaver Carole Bernheimer Pete Bernier Allene Bettis Dotty Black Pat Bonner James Branch Carol Brown Sandi Brown Wesley Brown Robert Browning Frances Bussard Andrew Butz Kenneth Carlson Jean Carr Robert Carroll Gladys Chin 42 Delores Chisholm Thomas Cloyd Bill Miller grapples with " ape-Man " Brian Smith on Senior Day. Caren Cogswell James Conrad Judith Cook I ' arshall Cook - 5 :-. Aik Bob Cooper Corinne Cooper Alfred Corfield Helen Cox Susan Crispi Victoria Dailey Ronald Daitz Julie D ' Albini Carlene Dallinga Ann Darnell Dana Daughtrey George Davis Hilton Davis Matthew Delane Leonard Devers Annette Donaldson Leila Donohue Diane Doty Annette Duff Mary Jo Durkin Earl Edwards Thomas Edmonds James Embrey Douglas Evans 43 Glen Evans Judie Farrall Linda Fera Maureen Fitzpatrick Ann Fletcher James Fletcher Willard Flockhart Eileen Foley Ronnie Fones Duke Ford Paul Freidson Carol Fritter Mac Sexton calls a Junior Board meeting to order as the secretary. Bill Hall,, gets ready to read the minutes. Virginia Gadonas Pat Gogon Albert Gailliot Jane Gardner Margaret Garner Edward Garten Ruth Gearhart Donald Gladstone Nancy Goldchien Maryle Goodnow Katie Green Patrick Griffith Helena Hall William Hall Tommy Hannum Donald Hanscom 44 Mary Hardy Nancy Harriman Hensell Harris Kenneth Hart Georgia Hartley Manuel Hartman Carolyn Harwood Donald Hatton Bernard Healy Virginia Hemphill Mary Henson Carl Herndon Vivian Harold High Hindman Pamela Carolyn Hoff Hoffman Dianna Janet Hooks Hooks It could be American Bandstand, but it ' s only the Sophomore Food Dance. Sherry Hulfish Francis Hunt Thomas Hunter James Hustwayte Joy Hutzel Monique Isham Carolyn Jennings Joseph Johnson Paulette Johnstone Pat Jones Rebecca Jones Grace Kay tl ri| ' 45 Tom Williams shows the Junior Board the 1960 Boys ' and Girls ' State Participation Certificate and the frame which he and Tom Hunter bought for it. Carol Keith Mary Kelley Harold Kerlin David Kerne Elmo Kerns Alice Kirby Carol Kirby Pat Kirby Katherine Kirk Kenn Lackey Wayne Lainof Mary Lane Manuel Lapura John Lathers Susan Lawhorne Donald Lawter Linda Lee Glenna Lewis Diane Locke Geraldine Lucas Phillip Lucas June Lucy Edward Lusby Mary Lyons Sandra McCaleb Denise McFadden Willard McGee Linda McGlothlin Jim McLaughlin Nellie McLein Virginia McMillan Hellen McPherson 46 Constance Martin John Maynard Kenneth Meadows Bronte Medlin Sandra Mellott Richard Mendelson James Merrill Frank Meszar Victor Mier Alexandra Miller Bonnie Miller Larry Miller " THAT WILL BE ONE DIME, PLEASE " says Miss Guill as she and Mrs. Meadows sell a coke to Jane Monroe at the Junior Class Tea Dance. Smiling in the background is Vivian High. Michael Manes Martha Marsolan Linda Miller William Miller George Milward Jane Monroe Clement Moore Linda Moore Brenda Morgan Carol Mullen Judy Mullins Gale Myers Nancy Myers Ruby Neese Lesle Neidich Philip Neisser Mary Newton Elle n Nixon Ticia Norton Nancy Nowak 47 Pat O ' Brien Robert Oehmann Sharon Palm Lewis Patterson Donald Pavell Robert Payne For both Juniors and Seniors, buying a class ring is a big event of the year. Here, Sally Atkins has her finger measured for one. Andrew Pellish Nancy Penland Christina Pfeiff Barbara Plaskett Alma Poet Jennette Poole Sally Porter Rebecca Price Ruby Puckett Kirby Quinn Robert Rankin Roberta Rasmussen Mary Roberts Charles Rogers David Romesburg Carlin Rose Charles Rose Nancy Rose Craig Ross Leith Ross Lawrence Rosser Linda Rubin Josephine Rust Samuel Sabin 48 Margaret Saunders Bill Schamberger Donna Schwitz Eric Scory Sandra Sein Charles Sexton Bruce Shaffer Philip Sharp Wanda Shifflett Kenneth Shirk Joan Simmons David Simon William Simpson Michael Slaymaker Irene Smallwood Marshall Smith James Smith Karen Smith Shelby Smith Becky Smoot Anna Lee Smyth Michael Snapp Thomas Somers Pat Southern Mrs. Morrissette dances with Johnny Williams at the Sophomore Food Dance. Frank Spencer Chandler Stalvey Edwin Stemler Pam Stevens Cheryl Stoneburner Sally Stukenbroeker 49 " MERRY CHRISTMAS " . . chuckles Santa Claus (Mr. Lloyd) as he and his helpers, Carolyn Hoffman, Vivian High, and Sally Porter, hand Mrs. Meadows a present at the Holly Hop. Kathleen Symonds Elizabeth Talbot Richard Talbott Robert Tansill Sylvia Taylor William Tesh Donald Thomas Anne Thompson Glen Todd Lynda 1 1 Toms Michele Tondow William Tothi ll Lelia Troup Carole True Jeanne Truesdale Mary Upchurh Patricia Valentine James Van Buren 50 Joan Van Buren George Vasquez Manuel Vasque Cindy Von Seth James Ward Carol Weddell Prudence Weed John Welch Judith Wenner Marty West Martha White Grace Wilkins Noralea Willoughby John Williams Thomas Williams Andrew Williamson Barbara Wolf James Wolfrey Mary Jane Woolls David Yancey Dennis Young Carolyn Yuhosz Edith Zeller ' ARE YOU SURE IT ' S THREE CENTS? " , asks Lindo Dowie of the cashier as Buffy Mechling looks on. SOPHOMORE BOARD — First Row: J one Morrison, Spiros Antnony, Nancy Gartrell, Nancye Barrett. Second Row: Buddy Mayo, Larry Self, Donnie Seemuler. Third Row: Bill Gorham, Don McMenamin, Eddie Chisholm. SOPHOMORE CLASS The Class of 1963 carried on the activ- ities of the Sophomore Class with vigor and enthusiasm. The class was organized early in the year with the help of faculty sponsors Mrs. Mary Butcher and Miss Mary McKinney. At the class ' s fall meet- ing the officers were elected and the year ' s activities outlined to the class. The sophomores held their annual Food Dance at Thanksgiving, and at Christmas held the Toy Dance for the student body. These dances were conducted to benefit Alexandria ' s needy families. The Sopho- more Class also entered a float in the pep parade on Thanksgiving Eve. SOPHOMORE SPONSORS — Mrs. Mary Butcher, Miss Mary McKinney. MICKEY OYLER %- ON GW — Spiros Anthony, Mickey Oyler, John May cheer from the Sophomore Float. HOMEROOM 110 — Front Row: Jo Ann Livesay, Vicki Boehm, Linda Menges, Crystal McMichael, Nancy Gaines, Nancy Yates, Kathy Sword, Rita Kirby, Pamela Neely. Second Row; Pamela Jean Barbre, Carol Zuidema, Carole Hoffman, Susan Bruch, Brenda Fagan, Sharon Barnett, Sherry Willis, Norma Henry, Nancy Gartrell. Third Row; Betty Gilkerson, Pat Metzger, Charles Roberts, Alan Vandam, Donald Durkee, Ed Payson, Glen Brown, Linda Dubois, Barbara Flight. HOMEROOM 112 — Front Row; Peggy Lyons, Carolyn Barrett, Jacque- line Huet, Pat Hustwayte, Carole Mainguth, Brenda Alford, Patricia Butt, Sue Drone. Second Row; Anne Glasper, Betty Jo Cline, Joan Quertermous, Lynne Ayres, Marijayne Gottfried, Mary Lee Webster, Susan Colvin, Barbara Knight. Third Row: Carroll Lawson, Frankie Struder, Francis Sanders, Danny Andrews, Dennis Cate, John Moton, Joe Williams, James Baber, Pat Butler. u i HOMEROOM 125 — Front Row: Connie Ward, Bobs Reichenback , Linda Moore, Lynda Manni, V ' irginia Gosney, Jane Wood, Ann Robin- son. Second Row: Jane Hoge, Judy Runion, Diane Shannon, Jane Warrick, Ree Meyer, Frances Combs, Charlotte Herndon. Third Row: Bill Johnson, Dick Browne, Dee Burchfield, Ulana Walker, Joe Bradley, Joe Antonacci, Tommy Peregoy. HOMEROOM 115 — Front Row: Judy Hanchak, Dolores Frauelf Evalyn Blakey, Delores Baker, Juanita Fitzgerald, Carolyn Workman, Rose- mary Lamb, Karen Hassmer, Marion Watkins. Second Row: Mary Jones, Koren Nelson, Claudio Heiskell, Dianne Disse, Ann Matthews, Nelma Hicks, Pat Padgett, Anita Fornes, Viola Diller. Third Row: Bill Coombs, Gilbert Atlee, Joe Daniel, Rose Phillips, Harriet Hurd,. Ben Simpson, Benjamin Bagot, Dennis Atkins. HOMEROOM 134 — Front Row: Fay Heath, Ray Vaitsas, Stanley Peikin, John May, Victor Watts, Nelson Southard, Donnie Maddox. Second Row: Jesse Tucker, Robert Courtney, Dick Capon, Cary Sinn, Craig Nowak, Donald Russell, Donnie Seemuller, Tom Calomeris. Third Row: Larry DeLander, Ernest Collins, Russell Goodrich, Gerald Van Antwerp, Bobby Holman, Jimmy Prevatte, George Byrne, James Lazarus. HOMEROOM 138 — Front Row: Cindy Gnash, Rita Steen, Pam Lee, Betty White, Lynda Powell, Stephanie Davis, Elsie Whidden, Mar- garet Hayden. Second Row: Fred Gearhart, Edward Runnels, Claudia Flanary, Delane Lambert, Mary Oyler, Cheryl Batson, Tommy Martin, Buddy Heddings. Third Row: Kenny Wright, Jim Garrison, Marty Griffin, Steve Weed, Bob Donnell, Kenny Bradfield, Charles Riley, Thomas Ricker, Clem Warrener. I |l i I i . B .. B t a 9 1 HOMEROOM 210 — Front Row: Karen Reynolds, Pat Frinks, Pam Kinnard, Carol Rankin, Gertie Collins, Suzie Braun, Karen Mueller, Nancy Jo McCarthey. Second Row: Bob Lester, Pete Bowman, Virginia Wolfsohn, Teresa Fantaci, Kay Costello, Elizabeth Long, Karen Kite, Richard Daulton, John Grisham. Third Row: Larry Self, Darrell Moriorty, Tommy Rinehart, Edward Pierpoint, James Jones, Joe Comae, Ronnie Williams, Archie Sabin, Roger Golt, Reece Coton, Andrew Lewis. HOMEROOM 144 — Front Row: Jo Ann Allen, Barbara Cohen, Ellen Popaden, Sandra Burns, Cynthia Darling, Barbara Hagy, Carolyn Simpson, Lynda Gelman, Michaele Lyndon, Noncye Barrett. Second Row: Sandra Dials, Doris Hall, Anita Babb, Maureen Kellogg, Drena Doughty, Billie Head, Elaine Robinson, Ellen Gainey, Kathy Parnell, Shirley Yeatts. Third Row: Leo McCarthy, Allen Snook, Raymond Gosney, Martin Turk, Rigdon Lentz, Ronald Fontaine, Jim Baird. 1 HOMEROOM 234 — Front Row; Maria Anthony, Merriann Collum, Sue Pennington, Joy Willoughby, Tina McCurdy, Terry Rhodes, Linda Herrell, Stephanie Lyngard. Second Row; Quincy Miller, Doug Hewitt, Kent Beuchert, Lynn Kirtley, George Bond, Wayne Haw- thorne, Steve Wackow, Donnie Barrett. Third Row; Gerald Atlee, Don Dowy, James Carlton, Eddie Chisholm, John Crawford, Bill Edmonds, Robert Kicklighter, Donnie Mills. HOMEROOM 244 — Front Row; Lena Clunn, Helen Nutwell, Ann Wallace, Bobbi Ferguson, Carole Morris, Hannah Brandon, Kathy ( Scott. Second Row; Leon Pack, Mary Orr, Kathleen Hurst, Shirley Proffitte, Ann Abraham, Martie Mae Pickett, Betsy Abercrombie, ’ Melle Mcliwain, John Avery. Third Row; Patrick Perry, Kirk Dar- ‘ rough, David Kimmell, Randy Shockey, Clark Miller, David Langley, Peter Gregory, John Oldfield, Bill Waddell. I HOMEROOM 316 — Front Row: Sharon Clork, Marian Bolton, Pat Luckett, Linda Arrington. Second Row: Bill Fawcett, Donnie Up- church, Sam Pomeroy, Bo Lachine, Thomas Owen, Dennis Gemley, Arthur Griffin. Third Row: Bill Cole, Michael Gorham, Larry Waugh, Jimmy Christian, Danny Bradley, Dennis Kelley. HOMEROOM 318 — Front Row: Teresa Thomas, Sarah Downs, Bar- bara Mills, Dee Croyle, Peggy Ransdell, Carol Gorham, Ruth Hunt. Second Row: Spiros Anthony, Niall Rogers, Annagail Hamilton, Cecelia Wyman, Patsy Moeller, Barbara Lahusen, Michael Hall, Edward Albano. Third Row: Ray Menser, Bob Ramsey, Ronny Sykes, Mike Coleman, John Evans, Glenn Ruby, Edward White, Danny Lewis. HOMEROOM 324 — Front Row: Susan Lampshire, Patsy Peele, Veronica Breslin, Linda Swaim, Donna Sullivan, Sandi Hawkins, Linda Batchelor. Second Row: Donnie Vogt, Charles Kunz, Betty Brooks, Daisy Marcus, Winnie Perkins, Buddy Mayo, Jim Vermillion. Third Row: Joe Bruin, Bill Clark, Gordon Adler, Wayne Lainof, Timothy Arbogast, Carl Currin, Charles Cochran. HOMEROOM 345 — Front Row: Sally Carlin, Elaine Hedrick, Carol Rowles, Pat Loftis, Ruby Puckett, Diane Gussie, Joyce Thurman. Second Row: Wayne Johnson, Bill Gorham, Wanda Jenkins, Ruth Ann Vincent, Beth Freeman, Chuck Biely, Bruce McCullough. Third Row: Michael Riley, Kenny Hilburn, George Remley, Dave Rose, Neal Cohen, Leonard Raglond, Henry Doss. HOMEROOM Shop 1-D — Front Row: Julie Shorratt, Anne Gordon, Pot Dodson, Pat Saffa, Linda Lynt, Sue Cole, Odessa Mitchell, Jeannette Whitt, Janet Harding. Second Row: Elaine Costello, Mary Bisco, Susan Trumble, Audrey Browne, Judy Hall, Alice Samuels, Charly DeWitt, Cynthia Allen, Donna Timberlake, Jane Morrison. Third Row: Julia Hightower, Evelyn Deane, Doris Hitt, Cecelia Oliver, Sandy Pulman, Sandra Sillex, Ann Hennessy, Penny Ponto. HOMEROOM Shop 1 B—Front Row: John Harber, Buddy Ricucci, Steve Wilson, Wayne Leake, Richard Snyder, William Runaldue, Ronnie Taylor. Second Row: Jose Calvino, Larry Dowdy, Skip Bowler, Robert Combs, Dennis Insco, James Carter, Gerald Cherry, Fred Ebhardt. Third Row: Ronnie Wilson, Tom Flynn, Brian Smith, Bill Seward, Larry Thompson, William Pitt. HOMEROOM Shop 2 — Front Row: Waldo Albrite, Bobby Florence, David Hicks, Ronnie Beavers, Louis Gee, Terry Plampin, Second Row: Richard Steele, Gilbert Adams, Jerry Robbins, Tommie Daniels, Don McMenamin, John Sholtis. Third Row: Bill Lemeshewsky, Gerald Knecht, Tommy Gray, David Dyer, Richard Bern. HOMEROOM S-5 — Front Row: Mark Shay, Robert Smith, Jimmy Palm, John Charuhas. Second Row: Neil Russell, Marshall Owen, Gorden Lackey, Calvin Grady, Herbert Phillips. Third Row: Ben Endicott, Ernie Dauray, Skip Ward, Peter Fiedler. FRESHMAN CLASS GW ' s largest class was welcomed to the student body at the outset of school by Mr. Pruet in a special assembly. Soon after school started activities were held to acquaint the newcomers with the school. Student Council members acted as Big Brothers and Big Sisters for the Freshmen homerooms. With the help of Mrs. Mary Moreland and Miss Eleanor Currin, the class was soon a function- ing part of GW. 1 THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL — Seniors Jerry Ainsfield and Robin Oyler help Susan Biely find her classrooms. FRESHMAN SPONSORS — Mrs. Moreland, Miss Currin. HOMEROOM 122 — Front Row: Linda Mills, Paulette Wed- dell, Kay Seeborg, Ruth Letkiewicz, Carol Lavarine, Carol Murray, Sharon Lewis, Joan Russell. Second Row: Wayne Gomo, Vivian Greene, Pamela Creel, Joann Mc- Phaill, Sandra Tar- ditt, Aleithia Mac- Callum, Pam Mou- bry, Wayne Axtell. | Third Row: Stephen Lusk, Charles Polk, Charles Montgomery, Bob Sparks, John j Doyle, Joe Murphy, Dennis Webb, Richard Adams. HOMEROOM 126 — Front Row: Patricia Golladay, Joanne Uhler, Natalie Loftis, Connie Beach, Gloria Kinzer. Second Row: Alma Camerson, June Daymude, Mary M e I I o 1 1 , Gloria Kostelac, Bonnie Davenport. Third Row: Mary Balder- son, Edna Geehan, C a r a I y n Griffith, Sharon Cole. HOMEROOM 142 — Front Row: Beatrice Buchanan, Alison White, Genie Dun- stan. Jay Hennessy, Pam Frinks, Michal Lutes, Elizabeth Stanford. Second Row: Albert Delucian, Bill Forbes, Judy Lackey, Sue Wilburn, Linda Moriarty, Margaret Endicott, Laurent Burea, Robert Katz. Third Row: Doug Canard, John Luton, David Hill, Donald Bozarth, David McKay, Christopher Cooper. 1 I HOMEROOM 143 — Front Row: Bob I Compton, Jack Band- er, Richard Apple- ton, Kenneth Lemay, i Jimmy Dodson, j Richard Rao, Richard I Kashurba. Second Row: George Wil- liams, Jimmy I Henderson, Roger O ' quinn, Michael Rudderforth, Angus Lamond, Tommy At- filils, Robert Andrews, Jay More- house. Third Row: Harry Sprouse, George Vouros, Kinsey Miller, John Oglesby, Clinton Quinn, James Quinn, James Childress. 1 1 • jjkjm HOMEROOM 202 — Front Row: Sarah Banks, P a t r ic i a Brocklebank, Dianne Birge, Patricia Bal- lard, Jo Ann Bray, Meredith Weiner, Ann Doss. Second Row: Beaufort Barron Clark, David Robson, Charles Berwick, Sue Burgdofer, Dianne Sullivan, Bill McDon- ald, Bill Leimbach, Gary Beasley, Third Row: Nelson Ennis, George Kreamer, David Padgett, Phil Gray, Gerald Coberly, Fred Slight, Alan Gil- les, Wayne Tanguay. HOMEROOM 203 — Front Row: Sharon Vaughn, Linda Moyer, Rose Marie Wilson, Claudia Via, Christine Melton, Marion Bankston Judith Pauley. Second Row: Sharon Durrett, Kathe Jacobs, Nancy Harper, Martha Croc- kett, Patty Thomas, Mary Arms, Barbara Barnett. Third Row: Dennis Hoover, John McIntosh, Kenneth Cory, Michael Phelps, Larry Lahusen, Tony Jarrell, Michael Os- borne, Barnaby Ruhe, Clement Bain. HOMEROOR 215 — Front Row: Roger Corder, Lynda Rout- zahn, Beverly Clark, Joy Cheese, Berna- dette Castel, Jane Woody, Diane Disse, Stanley Rinaldo. Sec- ond Row: Russel Axe Is on, Frank Young, Bill Peyton, Pat Tomlinson, Ken- neth Baker, Ted Saunders, Ralph Lowe, Thomas Hud- son. Third Row: Michael Betler, Allen Lackey, Freddy D ' OI- bini, Paul Carey, Ranee Spellman, Bruce Vierling, Paul Graham, Bobby Flo- rence, Bruce Custer, Donald Reamy. HOMEROOM 225 — Front Row: Nancy Watford, Kathy D ' Onofrio, Leslie Schu- man, Nancy Crews, Dorislee Akers, Mary Alice Buck, Dolores Gray, Beth Alexander, Mary Coberly. Second Row: Thomas Rawl- ings, Bob Thompson, Joan Cook, Christine Baseler, Jean Cook, Harvileen Moebs, Walter P o p a d e n, Roger Patter. Third Row: Tom Roderick, Stanley Hicks, David Batcheller, Tom God- dis, Parker Brown, Bob Kimmell, John Phelps. HOMEROOM 226 — Front Row: Maria Rozsa, Marcia Litsey, Elizabeth Hayes, Sheila Mooney, Nancy Peterson, Anne Fantaci, Toni Ranch- er. Second Row: John Minton, Steward Gos- ney, Carl Pfeiff, Don- ald Kieffer, Lloyd Scheer, Michael Wiener, John Medlin, Eric Bolten, Carl Hayden. Third Row: Wilbert Morris, Fred Byrne, John Sipe, Walter Provance, Richard Wenzke, Harry McGrath, Donald Stegall, Lawrence Booth, Carl Hatch. HOMEROOM 227 — Front Row: Sandra Formando, Nancy Neese, Marion Roy, Dinah Fairfax, Janice Moon, Gloria Law- horne, Carolyn Can- ning, Elaine Eason, Barbara Simpson. Second Row: Linda Carty, Barbara Watson, Linda Lee McCale, Ruby Woolls, Delores Weston, Lin- da Ann Brown, Alice Sherry. Third Row: Drexel Betts, Steven Scott, Pauline Arring- ton, Shirley Wells, I Barbara Coffey, Benny Letkiewicz, Tom Grimes. Will ■ 111 ■ •■S liiia ■ ■ 1 ■ ilL Mil ■ iff W ■ ■U ■HU L 4 ' T « « T J i •• i HOMEROOM 230 — Front Row: Mary Pacilio, Dayne Tuc- ker, Annie Holley, Carole Haas, Raelene Colasanto, Adele Skelton. Second Row: Tommy Myers, John Throckmorton, George Cornwell, Robert Kleeck, Bill Reynolds, Denny Attiliis, Ned Dovis. Third Row: Jim Shearer, Rusty Dawson, Winnie Evans, Mike Young, Richard Harris, Roger Bragg. HOMEROOM 240 — Front Row: Judy Scory, Rose Ann Haire, Ann Hudson, Jeanne Bernier, Mar- garet Kretzschmar, Virginia Dixon, Rita Hill, Jane Wallace. Second Row: Kathy Brown, Carol Sholtis, Susan Biely, Susan Van dam, Cheryl Strother, Carol Clark, Mary Vouros, Sheila Frazier. Third Row: Raymond Maxwell, Donald Cook, Walter Kiechel, Ernest Cook, Philip Keller, Marcus Stetson. HOMEROOM 312 — Front Row: Barbara Rea, Margaret Dove, Ann Stukenbroeker, Marjorie Wood, Eliza- beth Smith, Donna Jenkins, Rebecca Rum me I, Patricia Finch, Priscilla Getz, Mary Lou Dokken. Second Row: Barbara Jacobs, Joann Turn- bull, Ann Romesburg, Sandra Peek, Gayle Davis, Kay Harvey, Terri Newmark, Nina Korsch, Nancy East- ham, Kathleen Gray. Third Row: Douglas Woodley, Harry Pey- ton, Richard Tyner, Dave Gough, Charles Markell. HOMEROOM 314 — Front Row: Diane Barrett, Elma Major, Jean Dodgens, Peggy Leavens, Linda Wood, Charlotte Phillip, Mary Huetger, Susan Fairfax, Barbara Smith. Second Row; Roger Hall, Cathy Walker, Sandy Fed- don, Pat Naylor, Sandy Christian, Judy Burnes, Janet Harvey, Jim Sommers. Third Row: Eddie Call, Dale Dawson, Kenny Sier- rer, Jimmy Worden, John Roberts, Eddie Martin, Mickey Kend- rick. I HOMEROOM 317 — Front Row: Emily Al- brink, Jean Anderson, Amelia Barnett, Sally Frankenberger, Caro- line Jackson, Susan Gruits, Sandi Streick- lond, Luisa Stough- ton. Second Row: Jane Boucher, Susan Curtin, Shirley Harou- tunian, Carol D ' Ono- frio, Betsy Ullman, Rebecca Bragg, Irene Gelman. Third Row: Richard Wilcox, Den- nis Jones, Boggs Wright, Richard Bay- liss, Gary Davis, Robert Moran, Wil- liam McConville. HOMEROOM 325 — Front Row: Gwen Kicklighter, Carol Love, Bridget Gee, Rozeanne Baer, Sue Rose, Barbara Calder, Karen Owen. Second Row: Edward Ruhe, Ronnie Strickland, Buck D ' Albini, Jim Hill, Diane Ramey, John Thomas, John Wans, Burt Loveless, Richard Moore. Third Row: Mack Bishop, Sammy Connor, John- nie Meadows, Mike O ' Neill, Charles May- nard, William George, Randy Powers. i HOMEROOM 327 — Front Row: Pat Rad- cliffe, Janice White, Sheila McKay, Sharon Kelly, Susan Shaffer, Barbora Jarrett, Betty Bern. Second Row; Glen Hagreen, Phillip Meade, Jane Edwards, Barbara Stover, Robert Freear, Fred Moss. Third Row: Warren Weimer, Steve Press, Wellman Hoff, Bill Walsh, Mike Asch, Ralph Angel, John Baziluik, Donald Wyman. HOMEROOM 332 — Front Row: Mary Ellen McGhee, Sandra Jordon, May Yone- yaua, Nancy McLein, Billie Brown, Rita Hansbrough, Judy Sullivan. Second Row: James Tread, Tommy Fletcher, Ola Bell, Martha Richard, Carolyn Marston, Lynn Kidd, Mike Knoernschild, Dennis Davis. Third Row: Donnie Knight, James Pollitt, Billy Wilkins, Edward Hawkins, James Holley, Gre- gory Embrey. HOMEROOM 343 — Front Row: Priscilla Tomlin, Gail Chase, Minnie Bailey, Ronby Wilson, Mary Buck- ner, Sandra Haw- thorne, Pamela Nel- son, Donna Grogan. Second Row: Frank Stoneburner, Tom Al- tizer, Claude Seay, Tom Fitzgerald, Rick Hennessy, Tom Kelle- her, Thomas Sisson, John Bryan. Third Row: Curtis Wright, John Grimes, Charles Evans, Hunter Moore, Clark Forkel. HOMEROOM Cofe-M — Front Row: Janet True, Kathy Gilbert, Betty Jo Parman, Evelyn Thodos, Ann Bear, Janet Jennings, Dottie Boaz, Karen Aageson. Second Row: Ann Halcombe, Linda Montgomery, Carolyn McKay, Kathy D ' Elia, Bar- bara McDougal, Jo Anne Fisher, Virginia Barnett. Third Row: Kathy Haracz, Kathy Green, Mary Jane Ty- ree, Reba Dowdy, Sharon Embrey, Ly- nette Birchler, Linda Cobb, Jenny Conner. HOMEROOM Shop 1- A — Front Row: Linda Shu, Janice Fera, Beverly Appleton, Janice Fortenberry, Caroline Rust, Char- lene Woodall, Su- zanne Harmon, Cath- erine Arnold. Second Row: Linda Alexan- der, Connie Conklin, Janice Hall, Diana Cunningham, Dottie Pegram, Sharon Smith, Linda Robey, Betty banning. ' Third Row: Sandy Hall, Lo- retta Sluss, Linda Lewis, Margaret Tier- ney, Trieva Peoy, Bunny Davis. HOMEROOM Shop 9 — Front Row: Bill Broadfoot, Barry Pat- tison, Wayne Combs, Bob Colvin, John Kemper, Dennis For- tune, Harry Brenner. Second Row: Dennis Graham, Kenneth Donaldson, Ralph Lacy, Bobby Buckler Nelson Meredith, Gor- don Eidem, Brad Pitt- man. Third Row: Ron- nie Korman, Roy Diamond, Steve Powers, John Van Buren, Bill Whitlock, Robert Hanrahan, Billy Foster. 71 MR. EDGAR PRUET School Principal Assistant Principals: Mrs, Josephine Tolbert, Mr. Robert Garner. THE ADMINISTRATION The Administrator of Girls, Mrs. Josephine Tol- bert, has been at George Washington High for seventeen years. Previous- ly, she taught Mathematics in Hannibal, Missouri. She is a member of the Down- town Methodist Church, and the National Associa- tion of Secretary Schools and principles. The Administrator of boys, Mr. Garner gradu- ated from Randolph-Macon at Bedford in 1922. He then taught at Bedford for ten years. Afterwards he entered the public school system and taught English and Latin at Herndon High. He came to the Old Alexandria High School in 1933. He coached track and taught the Cadet Corps at George Mason High. Later he came to GW as a Social Studies, English and Latin Teacher, and later went into administra- tive duties. MISS LYNWOOD KINDER Guidance Counselor; V. Pres., Virginio Personnel and Guid- ance Association MR. WILLIS BOWMAN Guidance Counselor MR. CLAY ESTES Guidance Counselor; Coach, J. V. Foot- ball, V. Basketball GUIDANCE The Guidance Department of George Wash- ington High School is headed by Miss Lynwood Kinder. It consists of four guidance counselors, one for each class. Miss Lynwood Kinder is re- sponsible for the seniors, Mr. Willis Bowman and Mrs. Dorothy Murden are in charge of the juniors and the sophomores respectively; and Mr. Clay Estes, formerly of Francis C . Hammond High School, is responsible for the freshman class. The Department is concerned with many re- sponsibilities. The counselors give vocational, educational, and personal advice to the students. They are in charge of planning the curricula of the students, and they also administer various types of tests. MRS. DOROTHY MURDEN Guidance Counselor MRS. MARGARET BIBB Attendance Clerk Miss ETHEL BAKER Attendance Clerk MAIN OFFICE — Sitting: Mrs. Barton, Miss Darnell. Standing: Mrs. Trivett, Mrs. Lunceford, Mrs. Taylor. MR. DEUCALION GREGORY English, Dept. Head; Faculty Council; Co- Sponsor, Sr. Class; Choir., Assembly Comm.; Co-Sponsor, COMPASS; Superin- tendent ' s Advisory Council MRS. NINA BURDETTE English; Sponsor Fresh. Class Creative Writing Group MISS ELEANOR CURRIN English; Sponsor, Fresh. Class MISS JOYCE FOOKS English, Journalism SURVEYOR; LITTLE HATCHET; Quill and Scroll MISS JANET GARRISS Dramatics; Speech; Sponsor Thespians; Sponsor, Dramatics Club MISS EUNICE GUILL English; Co-Sponsor, Jr. Class MISS MARY McKinney English; Sponsor, Soph. Class; Faculty Council MRS. BLANCHE MEADOWS English; Co-Sponsor, Jr. Class MR. JOHN MURDAUGH English MRS. MARITA HOLDEN English; Chair., Caps Gowns; Sponsor, Bible Club; Spelling Contestant MISS PATRICIA HUNDLEY English MISS HELEN JOHNSON English; Sponsor, Future Teachers ot America; AEA Social Comm. MR. DON NILSON English, French MISS ELSIE SCHARF English MRS. MARY SNIDER English; Co - Sponsor, Sr. Class; Sr. Play and New York Trip; Award Comm. MISS SYLVIA I SOMERS ) English; Reading I Coach, State Foren- sic Contests MRS. DOROTHY THOMPSON English MISS UNIS WOODWARD English; Died FebrU ' ary 8, 1961 ENGLISH The students of George Washington High School were encouraged through the supervision of GW ' s English staff, which consists of eighteen teachers, to enlarge their reading, spelling, writing and oral abilities. The studies of an English student never ceases. He carries on his abilities and knowledge through trial and error when conversing, writing letters and in almost every phase of I everyday life. There is always room for i improvement in the use of the English j language. MR. IRVING LINDSEY Mathematics, Dept. Head; Algebra, Geometry, Trigono- metry; Co - Sponsor, S r . Class; Bus. Sponsor, Ticket Comm., COMPASS MRS. ELIZABETH ALLPORT Algebra, Geometry, Gen. Mathematics; Faculty Council MRS. KATHERINE APPERSON Algebra, Geometry; Ads, COMPASS ONCE IN A WHILE THINGS JUST WON ' T WORK, says Crystal McMichael to her Moth teacher, Mrs. Sanger. MATH The math department presents stu- dents a varied course of studies. One full year of mathematics is required for graduation, but enough math sub- jects are offered for students to enroll in mathematics subjects each year. Among its subjects, the math depart- ment offers refresher math, business arithmetic, plane and solid geometry, trigonometry, and mathematical an- alysis. There are nine teachers in the math department. Under the supervision of the department head, Mr. Irving Lind- sey, the classes are properly planned and co-ordinated to run smoothly. MRS. ELIZABETH GENUNG Algebra, Gen. Mathe- matics; Extra - Cur- ricular Activity Comm.; Sec., P.T.A. Boa rd MRS. WAPELLA HOUCHINS Algebra; Gen. Mathe- matics MISS HELEN IDDINGS Algebra, Geometry; Sponsor, Student Council MISS THELMA MADDOX Algebra, Geometry; Assembly Comm. MRS. EVELYN MONROE Algebra, Gen. Mathe- matics MRS. LILLIAN SANGER Algebra, Geometry; School Store MISS DOLLY CALLAHAN Social Studies, Dept. Head; Psychology; Sponsor, Debate; Sponsor, Quill Palm MR. PETER ! BABICH I Social Studies I I I MISS KATHERINE BAUGH Social Studies; Sponsor, World Events Club; Superin- tendent ' s Advisory Council MRS, RUTH ELGIN Social Studies MR. CHARLES KREPCOE Social Studies; Ad- visor, Fresh. Class SOCIAL STUDIES The Social Studies De- partment of George Wash- ington High School consists i of eleven teachers, and is 1 supervised by Miss Dolly Callahan. Four years of so- cial studies are offered to the students, but only two years of the subject are re- quired for graduation Be- sides the regular courses of- fered by the department, additional courses are in- cluded in their curriculum. They are: economic geo- graphy and consumer educa- tion. MR. DAVID LLOYD Social Studies MISS GRACE PATCH Social Studies; Read- ing MISS ELISE SCHARF Social Studies I MR. LOUIS SCHREINER Social Studies; Ass ' t. Basketball Coach, Var. Baseball Coach MRS. HELEN SIMPSON Social Studies MRS. MERCEDES SIMPSON Social Studies, Con- s u m e r Education; Sponsor, Caduceus Club MR. ARCHER MILLIGAN Science Dept. Head; General Science; Supervision MISS SUE FLORENCE Biology MR. JAMES FORD Biology MR. NICHOLAS GARNER Biology, Physics MRS. MARGARET SYKES Biology MR. WILLIAM HILLMAN Chemistry; Co-Spon- sor, Sr. Class Ticket Comm. DON ' T KNOW MUCH BIOLOGY says Miss Whittaker to her students. SCIENCE The Science Department has been under the supervision of Mr. Archer Millican since the opening of GW in 1935. It includes nine teachers of general science, biology, chemistry, and physics. Four years of science are offered to all students, but only one year is necessary for graduation. The Annual Science Fair is planned and presented by the department in the spring. Participants may be from GW High School, Francis C. Ham- mond High School, or Jefferson Junior High School; and entries may include any branch of science. MR. FRANK KAPRIVA General Science, Chemistry; Sr. Ac- tivities Ticket Comm. MRS. MARY MORELAND Science; Co-Sponsor, Fresh. Class; Com- mencement Super- visor for Girls MISS LULA WHITTAKER General Science; Chair. Science Fair; Sponsor, Astronomy Club MISS CHARLENE KIRACOFE Language, Dept. Head; Latin MISS ALBERTA GRANT French; Sponsor, French Club MRS. MARITA HOLDEN Latin MRS. CLARICE LYNN Spanish; Class Rings MRS. MARIAM STRIBBLING French MRS. MARION VAN SAUN Spanish; Sponsor, Spanish Club; Re- memberance Comm. LANGUAGE The Language Department, headed by Miss Charlene Kiracofe, consists of six lan- guage teachers. The Department ' s newest additions are Miss Marion Stribling and Mr. Donald Nilsen. Three foreign languages are available to the students of George Washington High School, and they are French, Latin, and Spanish. Three years of each language are offered, but only two years are required in order to receive a college credit for the course. This year the department sponsored an assembly which was given by the Latin students. They also sponsored the French club and the Spanish club. MUSIC ■■■I Music courses are an important part of GW ' s curriculum. Extensive instruction in choral classes as well as band and orchestra are offered to interested students. Mrs. Mil- dred Mahoney is director of all choral music. Boys ' glee club, girls ' chorus, advanced girls ' chorus, and ensemble are classes given. Mr. Frank Barr instructs the bands and orchestra. The music department gives several concerts during the year. CLINIC The clinic, supervised by Mrs. Virginia Carr, R. N., is a haven for the sick or injured stu- dents of GW. Two assistants help in the clinic each period as a substitute for Phys. Ed. MR. FRANK BARR Instrumental Music; Sponsor, Music Club; Bond, Orchestrol; Sponsor, Majorettes; Sponsor, Sr. Class MRS. VIRGINIA CARR School Nurse MRS. MILDRED MAHONEY Coral Music; All- State; District Festi- vol; Music Clinic; Commencement Music i! MRS. WATKINS SMITH Business Education, Dept., Head; Office Training, Typing MRS. MARY BUTCHER General Business, Bookkeeping, C o - Sponsor, Soph. Class; Supervisor, Student Bank MISS JOYCE CALLAHAN General Business MISS EDNA HELM Typing MISS DONNA HOULT Shorthand, Typing; Co-Sponsor, Future Business Leaders of America MRS. DIANNA McCRAY General Business, Business Arithmetic, Typing MRS. GRACE McGILVARY Typing; Faculty Council; Majorette Club MRS. DOROTHY McCRAW Business Law; Typ- ing MRS. SANDRA MORRESSETTE General Business, Ty- p i n g. Shorthand, Business Arithmetic MR. EUGENE NOEL Office Training; Sponsor V.O.T. Club MRS. RUTH SCHULTZ Business Education MISS JANE THOMPSON Typing, Shorthand; Sponsor, Future Bus- i n e s s Leaders of America MR. CHARLES DRURY Industrial Education, Dept. Head; Printing; V. Pres., Alexandria Education Association MR. GEORGE GROVE Woodworking MR. THOMAS HOLLIS Mechanical Drawing BUSINESS EDUCATION I The Business Education De- I partment, headed by Mrs. 1 Watkins Smith, offers various ! courses in order to prepare j those students who wish to j work in business offices. The I department offers such courses ' as shorthand, typing, book- keeping, and office training. ; Throughout the year guest ' speakers were invited to speak to the business classes ' on dif- ferent phases of business. I INDUSTRIAL ARTS, VOT, DO Heads of the Industrial Arts, Vocational Office Training, and Diversified Occupations Departments are, Mr. Charles Drury, Mr. Eugene Noel, and Mr. Floyd Mason respectively. V.O.T. students attend their first three periods and work the remainder of the day D O. students work in much the same manner attending school for three periods and proceeding to their jobs the re- mainder of the day. Industrial Art classes are held in the shop and teach metal, printing, drawing, elec- ! tricity, and wood shops. I ' M JUST A HANDYMAN, says Ken Dawson to Eddie Mora as he fixes the drill press. MR. FLOYD MASON Diversified Occupa- ' tions. Sponsor D. 0. Club MR. IRWIN PRICKETT Metals; Coduceus Club MR. HARRY RICER Electricity: Coach, J. V. Baseball CADETS Under the supervision of Mr. John Murdough var- ious changes were made that were beneficial to the Cadet Corps. To enable the members the Corps to participate in athletics, they met one period a day. Girl Cadets were abolished this year. The uniform was changed to the regular Army fatigue and combat boots. Class " A " uniforms were worn once a week. The Cadets marched outside when they were not studying military weapons. The actual weapons are being donated by the National Guard Armory to the Corps. The Cadet Corps was the color guard in September when the American Legion presented the American Flag to GW. MR. JOHN MURDAUGH Cadets MR. STEPHEN OSISEK Physical Education; Head Var. Football Coach MR. RICHARD CLAYPOOL Physical Education; Ass ' t. Football Coach PHYSICAL EDUCATION The Physical Education De- partment this year started a new and varied program from previous years. Under the gui- dance of Mr. Stephen Osisek, the department covers tumb- ling, modern dancing, health, first aid, and other sports and activities. Physical Education courses are offered to every class, but only the freshmen and sophomores are required to take it. The department also sponsors three athletic clubs. They are the cheerleaders, the G.A.A. and the Monogram. MRS. SANDRA DAMERON Physical Education; Co-Sponsor, Cheer- leaders; Advisor, Pep Comm. » MR. SAM DIXON : Physical Education MR. ROBERT GREEN Physical Education, Var. Track; Ass ' t Football Coach MRS. PATRICIA LAWRENCE Physical Education; Sponsor, G.A.A. MISS PATRICIA MARTIN Physical Education; Co-Sponsor, G.A.A.; Majorettes MISS SUE ROSSETER Physical Education; Sponsor, Cheerleaders I MR. JOSEPH ALBANY Driver ' s Edueotion; Intromurais MRS. MARY MOORE Home Economics, Dept. Head; Co- Sponsor, Future Homemakers of America; American Education Week Comm. MISS PHYLLIS TAYLOR Home Economics; Sponsor; Future Homemakers of America; Chair., Fac- ulty Council DRIVERS ' EDUCATION For the fourth consecu- tive year, Drivers ' Educa- tion, under Mr. Joseph Albany, taught the prin- ciples of good driving to students. The course was offered in place of Phy- sical Education. HOME ECONOMICS The Home Economics department is composed of two teachers, Mrs. Mary Moore, the depart- ment head, and Mrs. Phyllis Taylor. This year Home Econo- mics was offered to the students as an elective course. The girls were 1 taught the fine arts of ! cooking. ART Art classes are held twelve periods a day in i order to fulfill the stu- , dents ' desire to study the P fine arts and art instruc- j tion. These classes help to introduce to the stu- i dents a love and ability to ;i enjoy one of the great j cultures of our country. OUCH! screams Lynn Froehlick as she receives a dreaded shot from Mrs. Carr. MRS. SANTINA MYRICK Art, Depf. Head MR. CHARLES MOSSOM Art MR. THOMAS DOWNING Art MISS BLANCHE HELM Librarian, Cap and Gown Comm. MRS. MARY SEAY Librarian MRS. SORCAS DRURY Librarian LIBRARY Shelves filled with hundreds of books gave GW o very adequate lib- rary. This year many additions were made to it through the purchase of new books. The library had many dif- ferent types af material available to the student. This material included biographies, autobiographies, novels, references of many kinds and maga- zines. The library also had a browsing section. " ALL WORK NO PLAY " think Mr. Bowman and Mrs. Murden as they work on student schedule sheets. MAINTENANCE, Front row: Louis Walker, Alvan Gardner, John Powell, Clarence Robinson. Second row: John Pitison, Archie Pal. MRS. GRACE RODAHAVER Dietition MR. WILLIAM LANDRUM Night Watchman MR. HARRY CHILD Building Engineer I i i KITCHEN HELP, Left to Right: Dorothy Davis, Maude Deaner, Julie Elverson, Ethel Hochens, Myrtle Moyer. Blossom Scaffido, Lilian Venson, Cary Lefler, Lillie Meyers, CASHIERS, BAKERS, COOKS, Front row: Mrs. C. Marinoff, Mrs. Second row: Mrs. E. Hall, Mrs. H. Wright, Mrs. M. Duty. M. Lacy, Mrs. R. Sibbert, Mrs. S. Heflin, Mrs. M. Wheeler. 3 V Mi f ilIrlllTi IfUll r i — — . — 1 1 li 1 n j: j ' ' 1 ' ■ mi ' -— JSS B w warn mmm MO to BS — _ _ SM a» 4MM »= OTwaioa H Actibities JOHN HUETTER President JOHN MONROE First Vice-President DENNIS MARSHALL Second Vice-Presi- dent EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE, Sitting; Sally Porter, Helena Hall, Mary Webster. Standing: John Huetter, Stan Durkee, John Mon- roe, Dennis Marshall. STUDENT COUNCIL During the past year the Student Coun- cil strove to develop good relations be- tween the student body and faculty. Included in the activities of the Stu- dent Council was the selling of pep tags and tickets for football and basketball games. They also sponsored several as- semblies during the course of the year. Among these were the assembly for can- didates for President of the Student Council and the awards assembly in the spring. Freshman Orientation Program was held in September. The S.C.A. also helped to sponsor GW ' s first Homecom- ing Dance. To be a representative a student must be elected by his fellow students. STUDENT COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVES, Front row: Jane Doucher, Elizabeth Hayes, Janice Fortenberry, Jean Rishert, Carol Clark, Han- noh Brandon, Carole Mainquth, Juanita Fitzgerald. Second row: Ann Stukenbroeker, Sherry Hulfish, Laurie Yingling, Sue Penning- ton, Judy Sullivan, Betsy Wanner, Dianne Disse, Ann Doss, Ann Bear, Rita Steen, Robin Oyler, Ayshe Andolsun, Audrey Browne, Joanne Uhler, Pam Moubry, Marion Pott. Third row: Rigdon Lentz, Bill Simpson, Hilton Davis, Anne Thompson, Sally Stukenbroeker, Dolores Weston, Phyllis Allen, Martha Leef, Jane Monroe, Jackie Cosby, Linda Dowie, Carolyn Hoffman, Pamela Barbre ' , Bicky Wood, Corrine Cooper, Beth Kelley, Linda Swaim, Ree Meyer, Sondie Christian, Debbie Lyons. Fourth row; Jeff Morehouse, Jim Hill, Edward Garten, Stanley Peikin, John Kemper, Duke Ford, Andrew Butz, Don McMenamin, John Lawrence, Larry Rosser, Mac Sexton, Bill Seward, Wallace Barnette, Bill Pope, Pete Bow- man, Tom Roderick, John Grimes, Bill Thomas, George Remley, Ted Bartley. 88 HELENA HALL Secretary-T reasurer EXECUTIVE AND HONOR, DISCIPLINE COMMITTEE One of the main committees of the Student Council is the Executive Com- mittee. The purpose of this committee is to look into matters brought up by the homeroom representatives and act upon these matters. This group also has to vote on all money which is to be paid out. Another important committee of the Student Council is the Honor and Disci- pline Committee. This committee en- forces the honor code. These committees consist of a repre- sentatives from each class. The represen- tatives are chosen by their fellow students to serve for a year. They meet during sixth period. MISS IDDINGS Sponsor MR. MASON Sponsor HONOR AND D|SCIPLINE COMMITTEE, Sitting: Jean Webster, Helena Hall, Vivian High. Standing: Dennis Marshall John Monroe, Joe Bruin, John Huetter. STUDENT COUNCIL ALTERNATES, Front row: Janet True, Sue Rose, Kaaren Gearhart, Susan Cirspi, Nancy Lester, Carole Bern- heimer, Sandra Pulman, Mary Lyons, Karen Pfeiffer, Toni Ross, Joyce Garris, Pat Loftis, Brenda Morgan, Susan Gruits, Janice Moon, Rosemary Lomb, Carolyn Simpson, Ginger McMillan, Leila Dono- hue. Second row: Dixon Rollins, John Medlin, Dick Taiboft, Jane Hoge, Betty Brooks, Jo Paige Rust, Merriann Collum, Becky Price, Judy Mayer, Susan White, Marguerite Pulby, Betsy Aber- crombie, Susan Braun, Cindy Von Seth, Linda Routzahn, Kathy D ' Onofrio, Kay Baen, Mary Buckner, Nina Korsch, Alma Camer- son. Third row: Paul Freidson, Spiros Anthony, Terry Plampin, Ray Vaitsas, Larry Dowdy, Jim Walters, Charles Carmalt, Richard Tansill, Richard Houser, Ronnie Dowdy, Frankie Struder, Jimmy Worden, Manuel Lapura, Jeffrey Johnson, Jimmy Andrews, Tommy Fletcher, Stephen Lusk, Walter Kiechel, Beau Clarke. 89 ROBIN OYLER President MARTIN BANTIN Vice-President MISS CALLAHAN Sponsor MARGARET JONES Secretary MEMBERS, Front row: Jane Vogt, Sue Bowman, Sharon Axtell, Karen Abramson, Jud ' Mumbower, Jan Miller, Betsy Wanner, Kay Brooks, Martha Leef. Second row: Marion Pott, Bicky Wood, Jackie Cosby, Martha Sameth, Bonnie Shaffer, Judy Mayer, Nancy Simpson, Janet Thurman. Third row: Bob Hemphill, John Huetter, Jeff Morehouse, Wayne Southard, Dave Katz, Barry Lyngard, Ray Foote, Carol Austin. QUILL AND PALM The purposes of the Quill and Palm are to create an enthusiasm in scholarship, to stimulate a de- sire to render service, to promote worthy leadership, and to encour- age the development of good character among its members. DENNIS MARSHALL Treasurer The society sponsored a dance in the fall and a bake sale in the spring. The proceeds from these events helped the society toaward a scholarship to one of its mem- bers. LAURIE YINGLING Historian BETSY WANNER Parlimentarian STANLEY DURKEE Sergeant at Arms JUDY MAYER President MARGARET JONES Vice-President MISS FOOKS Sponsor I I i KAREN ABRAMSON Secretory-T reosurer Members, Front row: Judy Mayer, Karen Abramson, Margaret Jones. Second row: Nancy Simpson, Dixon Rollins, Janet Thurman, Sue Bowman. DIXON ROLLINS Editor of Lost Will and Testament QUILL AND SCROLL The Quill and Scroll is an honor society for high school journalists. This society tries to promote good journalism among high school students. The society published two issues of the " Last Will and Prophecy " for the January and June graduates. For a person to become a member of the Quill and Scroll he must have done out- standing work on a publication for one year if a junior and two years if a senior. The initiation of new members was held in April. The initiation consisted of a din- ner and ceremony for the new members. I JOHN HUETTER Co-Editor of Prophecy NANCY SIMPSON Co-Editor of Prophecy DENNIS MARSHALL President SUE WHITE Vice-President MISS GARRIS Sponsor LYNDA LONDON Secretary THESPIAN SOCIETY The Thespian Society is a National Honor So- ciety whose purpose is to promote dramatic inter- est and give the students o chance to express their talents. Every member is re- quired to earn ten points or its equivalent of one hundred hours. These points were earned by playing the port of o ma- jor character, prompter or stage manager. For each additional ten points earned a star was awarded. MEMBERS, Front row; Phyllis Allen, Anne Gordon, Ann Wallace, Mary Lane, JoAnne Ruhe. Second row: Charles Carmalt, Han- nah Brandon, Kathy Scott, Georgeann Waggaman, Jim Ver- million. THESPIAN PLAYERS Ann Wallace, Anne Gordon, and Dennis Marshall check their makeup before a production. JUDY MAYER Editor LITTLE HATCHET The LITTLE HATCHET is entire- ly a student publication. The mag- azine is the combined effort of the English, art, and printing depart- ments. Students turn in manuscripts to their English teachers. From these works the best are chosen and sent to the HATCHET staff. These works are then typed by student typists. The art work for the magazine is done by advance art students. After the magazine has been completely assembled it is sent to the print shop to be printed. Each article in the magazine gives the author ' s name and the class of which the author is a mem- ber. The magazine is published twice a year, in the spring and fall. EDITORS, Sarah King, Exchange Editor; Mary Lane, Make-up Editor; Nick Walsh, Fiction Editor; James Rocca, Non-Fiction Editor; Chip Nowak, Circulation Man- i ager. LITERARY STAFF, Sitting; Mary Lane, Make-up Editor; Anne Lee Smyth, Typist; Terry Sweatt, Art Editor; Sarah King, Exchange Editor. Standing; Andy Butz, As- sistant Make-up Editor; Chip Nowak, Circulation Monager. COPY STAFF, Margo McKnight, Charles Carmalt, Bonner. Pat BETSY WANNER Activities Editor MARTHA SAMETH Art Editor BRAXTON MONCURE Junior Editor KAREN ABRAMSON Picture Editor KAREN PFEIFFER Senior and Faculty Editor DAVE KATZ Sports Editor FRED HANSCOM Photographer MR. GREGORY Sponsor COMPASS STAFF GW ' s twenty-sixth annual was produced by a staff smaller than in previous years. It was headed by Dixon Rollins, Editor-in-Chief, and Margaret Jones, Assistant Editor. Under the supervision of Mr. Deucalion Gregory, the COMPASS staff met daily during sixth period. Editors of the different sections worked with each other to lay out the book and write the copy. This year ' s larger senior section and fac- ulty section were edited by Karen Pfeiffer. Braxton Moncure headed the work on the Jun- ior and underclassmen sections as well as the cadet section. Activities editor Betsy Wanner compiled the COMPASS ' S largest section. Un- der sports editor, Dave Katz, the COMPASS showed the progress of GW ' s athletes. As- sisting all the editors in their layout of the I book was Martha Sameth, art editor. Pic- tures editor Karen Abramson scheduled and i cropped the annual ' s photographs. The COM- I PASS pictures were taken by Fred Hanscom. LITERARY STAFF, Sitting: Peggy Baxley. Stonding Ken Carlson, Mary Lou Lyons. ADVERTISING STAFF, Front row: Sandra Watson, Marilyn Miller, Sue Bowman, Martha Leef, Helena Hall, Sally Porter, Eftalia Vouros, Mary Adler. Second row: Jane Monroe, Katie Green, Mary Jo Durkin, Janet Thurman, Dorothy Palmore, Caren Cogswell, Mary Hardy, Bicky Wood, Ticia Norton, Margo McKnight. Third row: Julie D ' Albini, Jane Hoge, Jo Paige Rust, Nancy Nowak, Judy Sli- vinsici, Cindy Von Seth, Pam Fry, Carolyn Harwood. BUSINESS STAFF Sponsored by Mrs. Katherine Ap- person, the COMPASS od staff sold pages of the annual to local merchants in order to finance the book. Co- business managers Caren Cogswell and Sue Bowman helped a staff of about twenty organize the COMPASS ' S ex- panded ad section. Another integral part of the an- nual ' s staff was the subscription staff. The members took student subscrip- tions throughout the year. John Mon- roe was subscription manager. The subscription staff was assisted by Mr. Irving Lindsey, who handled the fi- nances of the yearbook. MRS. APPERSON Sponsor of Ad Staff COMPASS staff eagerly awaits the bell. MR. LINDSEY Business Manager SUBSCRIPTION STAFF, Sitting: Bob Hemphill, Stan Durkee, Pete Bernier. Standing: John Monroe. 1 TONI ROSS News Editor SURVEYOR GW ' s student - produced newspaper, SURVEYOR, keeps the student body in- formed with eighteen issues during the year. Editor-in- Chief, Nancy Simpson, was assisted by Associate Edi- tors, John Springer and Bar- ry Lyngard. News Editor Toni Ross kept the SURVEY- OR stocked with school events. Joy Hutzel, Sally S t u ke n b roe ke r, Lorraine Gott, and Pat Tishman ed- ited feature stories. Sports Editors Jerry Cohen and Wayne Strum reported on GW ' s athletes. The photog- raphers were Fred Hanscom and Warren Mattox. Man- uel Vasquez was Art Editor. REPORTERS, Front row: Noralea Wil- loughby, Patsy Moeller, Kay Baen, Car- olyn Simpson, Virginia Gadonas. Second row: Gordon Adler, Craig Nowak, Jim Vermillion, Betsy Abercrombie, Nancy Nowak, Judy Runion, Donna Sullivan. SALLY STUKENBROEKER Feotur Editor CHIP NOWAK Circulation Manager HENSELL HARRIS Business Monoger MANUEL VASQUEZ Art Editor MARY LU NEWTON Advertising Manager I FEATURE STAFF, First row: Joy Hutzel, Lorraine Gott. See- I ond row: Joan Davis, Bill Swan, Pat Tishman. EXCHANGE EDITORS, Sharon Philippe, John Maynard. WARREN MATTOX Photographer FRED HANSCOM Photographer ADVERTISING STAFF, Carolyn Settle, Mary Lu Newton, Patricia Norton. MEMBERS, Front row: Jane Gardner, Virginia Wolfsohn, Teresa Fantaci, Barbara Tomlinson, Margo McKnight, Dona Spicer, Judith Slivinski. Second row: Monique Isham, Georgeann Waggaman, Laurie Norton, Judy Cooper, Joanne Beaver, Karen Williams, Ticia Norton, Diane Ramey. Third row: Ann Hamilton, Martha Someth, Tom Cloyd, George Vosquez, John Evans, Sterling Sublett, Paul DuMond, Sydney White, Joan Russell, Ola Bell. ART The Art Club held meetings ev- ery other Wednesday afternoon aft- er school. It was sponsored by Mrs. Myrick; and at the meetings a va- riety of films and speakers were in- troduced. Art workshops were also sponsored by the club and were held on alternate Wednesdays. It was in these periads that the members could perfect their artistic skills with the advice of the club sponsor. The Club sponsored the annual Christmas Door Contest and the Carnival. OFFICERS, Joy Howse, Vice President; Roslyn Golden, Secretary; Manuel Vasquez, Treosurer; Alexandra Miller, Pubiclity Chairman. Betsy Russell and Roslyn Golden smile as they decorate the bulletin board in the front entrance. Mr. Schreiner peers up at his image while shooting for the basket. This was one of the doors in the Christmas door contest which the art club spon- sored. STAN DURKEE President OFFICERS, Left to right; Karen Abramson, Secretary; Dixon Rollins, Vice-President; Barry Lyngard, Treasurer. ASTRONOMY CLUB m Sponsored by Miss Lula Whitta- ker, this year ' s Astronomy Club par- ticipated in the Pep Parade and held picnics to augment the club ' s films, discussions, and lectures during the monthly meetings. The Astronomy Club sponsored observations at var- ious times to view the constellations and attempt to sight some of the re- cent satellites. As an effort to promote interest in Astronomy, the club showed a film to the B assembly about new scientific developments in commu- nications in space. The members of the club pose for the camera at their picnic. MEMBERS, Front row: Linda Batchelor, Carolyn Simpson, Wini Hen- James Pollitt, Jim Hill, Sue White. Third row. Burt Loveless, Wayne son, Donna Sullivan, Nancy Gartrell, Sherry Willis, Sandra Feddon. Strum, Russell Goodrich, Terry Plampin, Andrew Butz, Warren Mad- Second row: Ann Gordon, Joe Williams, Pat Butler, Don Hanscom, dox, Lewis Moore, Rae Edmonson. MEMBERS, Front row: Bea Buchanan, Jackie Ruppert, Carol Zuidema, Elaine Hendrick. Second row: Carolyn Workman, Peggy Baxley, Barbara Plampin, Ann Bryant. Third row: Viola Diller, Jesse Tucker, Dan Lineberger, Joyce Garris. OFFICERS: Linda Swaim, Vice-President; Donna Sullivan, Secretary; Mac Zui- dema, Treasurer. BIBLE CLUB Christmas caroling in the Alexandria Hospital was one of the many activities performed by the members of the Bible Club this past year. Some of the other activities carried on during this year con- sisted of reading the morning devotions and lead- ing the blessing at lunch. The members of the club also held their annual picnic and raised funds through bake sales. One of the duties of members is the memorization of the books of the Bible. The purposes of the club are to study the Bible, teaching the principles of good citizenship and to witness to others peace, faith, charity, and love. Members believe in having respect for all religious sects or creeds, provided that they are based on monotheism. The morning devotion is being read by Kathy Hurst over the public address system. I I 1 1 1 DONALD GLADSTONE MR. PRICKETT President Sponsor OFFICERS, Front row: Lynne Froehlich, Vice-President; Barbara Hagy, Secretary; Ginger ' McMillan, Treasurer. CADUCEUS CLUB MEMBERS, Front row: Judy Sullivan, Warren Mattox, Nancy Gartrell, Ann Hennessy, Lynn Poole, Karen Kite, Second row: Lorraine Gott, Tony Fancher, Michele Tondow, Mary Sue Biscoe, Veronica Brestin, Jay Hennessy, Virginia Dixon, Susan Gruits. Third row: Kathy Parnell, Courtney Mudd, Stanley Peikin, Wayne Lainof, Donald Bozarth, Robert Thompson, Bonnie Shaffer. CADUCEUS CLUB The aim of the Caduceus Club this school year was to interest and inform the students in the medical field. This was accomplished by the use of medical films, slides and well-informed guest speakers. The activities of the club this year were many and varied. In order to help health drives, the club stuffed envelopes and collected donations. A social serv- ice project was also given in October, and a field trip to the National Institute of Health was also taken. This year the club was under the capable leadership of Mr. Irwin Prickett. A Red Cross Volunteer shows members of the Caduceus Club information about blood donation. SALLY ATKINS MAUREEN FITZPATRICK VIVIAN HIGH MARTHA LEEF MISS ROSSETER Sponsor OFFICERS: Karen Pfeiffer, President; Helena Hall, Secretory; Vivian High, Treasurer; Jo Paige Rust, Porliomen- torion. ROBIN OYLER Head, Football JV CHEERLEADERS, Front row: Linda Lynt, Betty Swann, Barbara Donna Sullivan, Cynthia Allen, Susan Lampshire, Becky Smoot, Mary Cohen, Head of JV ' s; Nancy Barrett, Sue Pennington. Second row: Lou Lyons. E - Y . MEREDITH McCullough ’ I l KAREN PFEIFFER I JO PAIGE RUST VICKI VAUGHN HELENA HALL Heod, Basketball CHEERLEADERS Workjng as one unit this year, the Varsity and J.V. squads promoted greater school spirit by encouraging sportsmanship and increasing student participation in activities. In addi- tion to cheering and selling pep tags, each cheerleader was required to participate in the Pep Committee. The two groups worked as one unit, planning pep rallies, skits, card sec- tions, publicity, and other game festivities. The J.V. ' s sold football programs at the Var- sity games and sat together as a pep group. Under the leadership of Miss Rosseter, the Club was a success. MRS. DAMERON Co-Sponsor : T- I OFFICERS: Galen Danis, Vice-President; Paulette Johnstone, Secretary-Treasurer; Brian Smith, Parliamentarian. DEBATE The debate club, under the supervision of Miss Dolly Cal- lahan, met once a week. De- bates were held with other schools. These schools were all members of the Northern Vir- ginia Debate League and in- cluded Hammond, Groveton, Wakefield, Mt. Vernon and Lee High Schools. Topics of general and national interest were also held by the club for practice debates. The club also participated in various compe- titions, the main one being the District Forensic competition. MEMBERS, Front row: Paulette John- stone, Mary Lane, Pat Bonner, Melle Mcliwain. Second row: Larry Rosser, Ga- len Danis, Brian Smith, Mac Sexton. Melle Mcliwain plays Khrushchev as Mac Sexton, Mary Lane, and Pat Bonner dis- cuss world problems during a meeting of the Debate Club. 104 PUBLIC SPEAKING At press time, only one GW public speaker hod appeared before the pub- lic. Phyllis Allen repre- sented our school in the " Speak for Democracy " contest. Subsequently, a speller, speakers and prose and poetry readers were entered in competi- tion with students from other Northern Virginia high schools. " SPEAK A LITTLE LOUDER, " Phyllis Allen is reminded by Miss Garris. I 1 ! I MEMBERS, Front row: Martha Sameth, Paul Freidson, Kathy Hurst, Gayle Davis. Second row: Tommy Sommers, Nancy Nowak, Nancy Pendland, Barbara Smith. Third row: Beatrice Buc- hanan, Louisa Stoughton, Cindy Darling, Mary Sue Biscoe. MARTHA SAMETH MRS. ELGIN President Sponsor JUNIOR RED CROSS This year the Junior Red Cross initiated a program lead- ing toward volunteer work for the Red Cross in the summer. The club led a collection drive in the early fall. In the spring the homeroom represen- tatives filled boxes to send over seas with gifts brought in by their homerooms. 105 OFFICERS, Standing: Wayne Cunningham, Chaplain; Judy Wood, Secretary; James Van Buren, Reporter. Sitting: Charles Herndon, Vice-President; Joe Ward, Parlia- mentarian; Dave Ashelford, Sgt. at Arms. DIVERSIFIED OCCUPATIONS The Diversified Occupations pro- gram of George Washington High School was designed to give voca- tional training to the students who worked under this program. Their training included classroom and on- the-job instruction in the field of their choice. Many students decided to stay in the same field of endeavor after graduation. Some of the activities of the D.O. Club were the annual employer banquet, the Thanksgiving parade, the District Convention, the State Convention and the annual picnic. MEMBERS, Front row: Carol Weddell, Grace Kay, Margaret Woods, Third row: Carl Herndon, Charles Rose, Patrick DeLane, Wayne Bry- Toni Penazoli, Annette Donaldson, Barbara Wolf. Second row: Eric ant, Patrick Griffith. Scory, Francis Hunt, Wesley Brown, Johnson White, William Hayden. 106 BOOKROOM, Sitting; Mr. Milllcan, Sponsor. Standing; Ronnie Dowdy, Janet Thurman, Courtney Mudd, Judy Cooper, Dorothy Palmore. I I I CLINIC, Front row; Dianna Hooks, Peggy Heintzelman, Susan Simmons, Lynne Froehlich. Second row; Jackie Cosby, Bicky Wood, Carolyn Hoffman, I Jane Vogt, Brenda Morgan. Third row; I Cathy Bagot, Betty Watkins, Judy I Slivinski. HALL MONITORS, Left to right; Sandy Renshaw, Gale Myers, Sue White, Patt Bayliss, Jim McLaughlin, Bill Thomas, Tom Williams, Mary Jo Durkin, Janet Hooks, Eileen Foley. L 107 DRAMATIC CLUB OFFICERS, Sitting: Jennifer Faulds, Business Manager; Phyllis Allen, Secretary. Standing; Hannah Brandon, Treasurer; Susan White, Vice-President; Dennis Marshall, President; Karen Hassmer, Publicity Chairman. DRAMATICS The purpose of the Dramatics club is to give students a chance to participate in school ploys and learn the different phases of play production. Any student was eligible for membership in the Dramatics club and could eventually, with a great deal of work, obtain membership in the National Thespian Honorary Society. The club produced Blithe Spirit in the fall and three one act plays in the Spring. They were The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, The Boor, and Workhouse Word! They also presented a one act play for the Virginia State contest. The club also went to see a play entitled Little Moon of Alban at the National Theater. MEMBERS, Front row: Monique Isham, Laurie Yingling, Laurie Norton, Barbe Fromm, Barbara Tomlinson, Lynda London, Terry Sweatt, Sharon Philippe, Eileen Dunlap. Second row: Sandra Feddon, Ellen Gainey, Kathie Hurst, Kay Baen, Ginger Wolfsohn, Sally Stukenbroeker, Lynne Froehlich, Sarah King, Pamela Hoff. Third row: Craig Nowak, Jim Vermillion, Charles Carmalt, Paul Tanguay, Gordon Adler, Bill Cole, Bill Pope. 108 Lynne Froehlich knows that a stitch it time saves a scene as she works on the costume of Hannah Brandon. MEMBERS, Front row: Betty Counts, Carol Zuidema, Michele Ton- dow, Tommie Vincent, Karen Smith, Beth Kelley, Kathy Scott, Mau- reen Fitzpatrick, Janet Harding. Second row: Allison White, Lynda Gelman, Carolyn Simpson, Julie Sharratt, Sue Cole, Sheila Frazier, Players in the Ancient Mariner, a play put on by the Dramatics Club. Anne Gordon, Jane Wallace, Sarah Banks, Susan Gruits, Louise Stoughton. Third row: Genie Dunstan, Elaine Costello, Cindy Von Seth, Ann Wallace, Pamela Barbre ' , Nancy Gartrell, Donna Schwitz, Nancy Simpson, Ann Krumrein. 109 KEN CARLSON President MISS GRANT Sponsor FRENCH CLUB Le Cercle Francois this year, under the guidance of Miss Alberta Grant, held a series of varying programs suited to the club. Films on France were shown, and members brought in articles from France for display. A Christmas party was held; and in the spring a luncheon was scheduled for a French restaurant in Washington. The main project of the year was the construction of a scrapbook to be sent to a school in France. The scrapbook showed the different phases of life at GW and was sent through the Red Cross exchange program. The purpose of the club was to acquaint the members with French life and customs and to achieve its goals through a program of entertainment and club projects. The club pro- vided a more informal atmosphere in which to study France than did the classroom. Members were required to have had at least one semester of French as the initiation was held in that language. MEMBERS, Front row: Terry Sweatt, Charlotte Kirschbaum, Ann Stu- kenbroeker. Pot Bonner, i Leila Donohue, Margaret Dove, Susan Gruits. Sec- ond row: Sherry Willis, Nancy Gartrell, Karen Kite, Annalee Smyth, Winnie Perkins, Victoria Dailey, Bonnie Shaffer. Third row: Harriet Hurd, Nancy Simpson, Jim Ver- milion, Bill Swan, Dick Doulton, David Hill, Jen- nifer Faulds. i MEMBERS, Front row: Jane Gardner, Carolyn Barrett, Jay Hennessy, Wanda Jen- kins, Patsy Peele, Susan Lowhorne, Judy Runion. Sec- ond row: Jo Eidem, Jenny Conner, Genie Dunstan, Carol Zuidema, Barbara Stover, Elizabeth Hayes, Pam Ste- vens, Helena Hall. Third row: John Milton, Martha Marsolan, Ann Fantaci, An- drew Butz, Bill Pope, Sue Bowman, Susan Stover. FRAN OFFICERS; Joanne Beaver, Trea- surer; Martha Sameth, Secretary; Mac Sexton, Vice-President. " ANY VOLUNTEERS? " ask Mac Sexton at a meeting of the French Club. •- ' . W ■ ' ' 4 L )i V LIBRARY CLUB MEMBERS, Front row: Sandra Watson, Judy Mumbower, Gere Coakley, Phyllis Allen, Doreen Buck, Mary Lee Densmore, Lynda London, Second row: Eileen Dunlap, Laurie Norton, Ticia Norton, Lauraine Kelly, Barbe Fromm, Janet Cornwell. Third row: Kay Brooks, Diana Hicks, Julie D ' Albini, Joan Davis, Lorraine Gott, Helen Neil. Ill I THE FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA The purpose of the FBLA, through its varied activities, is to develop com- petent, aggressive business leader- ship, strengthen the confidence of young men and women in themselves and their work and ta create more in- terest and understanding of business. The members went to Washington, D. C., in order to visit some offices. Speakers came from the stock ex- change and insurance companies. The club had fun at a Christmas party and went on a picnic. Some of the members attended Regional and State Conventions. W ‘t « I r 1 1 ' ■ F.B.L.A. OFFICERS, Front row: Sharon Axtell, Vice-President; Anita Evans, Secretory. Second row: Glenno Lewis, Treasurer; Diane Locke, Historian; Pat Tishman, Parlia- mentarian; Tommie Vincent, Reporter. I Judy Mumbower and Sharon Axtell sell cokes at a coke party put on by the club. MEMBERS, Front row: Pamela Moubrey, Jo Ann Bray, Gayle McCon lia Vouros, Gale Myers, Mary Lu Newton, Dianna Hooks, Mane Wells, nell, Becky Smith, Sharon Lewis, Betty Lanning, Susan Trumble, Joy Third row: Ann Darnell, Barbara Lahusen, Barbara Flight, Frank N Howse. Second row: Frances Foster, Helen_Cox, Peggy Ransdell, Etta orcom. Buddy Heddings, Pamela Hoff, Drena Doughty, Jo Eidem. 112 OFFICERS, Front row: Linda Wells, Vice-President; Patricia Padgett, Secretary; Sandy Mellott, Treasurer; Jean Bowling, Reporter; Carolyn Jennings, Historian. Some of the members of the Future Homemakers of America are working on a Christmas project. KAREN SMITH President MISS TAYLOR Sponsor FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA There are eight main purposes of the FHA. They include: ap- preciation of joys and satisfac- tions of homemaking, the im- portance of home membership, democracy in home and family life, promotion of good will, devel- opment of creative leadership in the home and community life, wholesome recreation, good family and community life, and the last and most important one, interest in home economics. The Club ' s activities included a fashion show and a bake-a- thon. MEMBERS, Front row: Mary Coberly, Mary Dokken, Nancy Watfo rd, Carol Sholtis. Second row: Denna Novak, Tommie Vincent, Prudence Weed, Nancy Gaines, Linda Batchelor. i 113 " WOULD YOU LIKE CREAM AND SUGAR, OR SUGAR AND CREAM? " asks Shirley Haroutunian of Mr. Groves, as Eileen Dunlap looks on, at the " coffee " for the teachers. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA The members of the Fu- ture Teachers of America are students who are in- terested in entering the teaching profession. The club had as its purpose to explore the teaching field and to cultivate qualities of leadership, character, and scholarship among the students. Among the activities of the F. T. A. were a cof- fee hour for teachers and the presentation of a pro- gram after announce- ments during American Education Week. The club also sponsored a dance every Friday morning in the club room. II MEMBERS, Front row: Bee Anne Buchanan, Eileen Dun- lap, Rebecca Rummel, Wan- da Jenkins, Mary Yoneyoma, Betsy Ullman.; Second row: Charlene Woodall, Bonnie Davenport, Suzanne Har- mon, Meredith Weiner, Mar- garet Kretzschmar, Donna Jenkins. Third row: Glorie Kostelac, Lorraine Gott, Jo Ann Ruhe, Day Golt, Janis Crockett, Patsy Peele. I r 9 GIRLS ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION The Girls Athletic As- sociation hod o vigorous program this year. The large group of girls par- ticipated in various sports such os basketball, volley- ball and hockey. They went bowling and were in- structed in modern danc- ing. The purpose of the club is to develop healthier bodies and personalities MISS MARTIN Co-Sponsor OFFICERS: Carolyn Harwood, Vice-President; Maureen Fitzpatrick, Treasurer; Kay Baen, Point Recorder; Jo Paige Rust, Secretary. MRS. LAWRENCE Sponsor LORRAINE GOTT President through taking port in the wholesome recreation of sports. MEMBERS, Front row: Caroline Rust, Kathryn D ' elia, Judy Sullivan, Ann Halcome, Jane Wood, Lorraine Gott. Second row: Michele Tondow, Beth Alexander, Nancy Peterson, Jo Ann Mc- Phaill, Mary Coberly, Carolyn Harwood. Third row: Jane Monroe, Jo Paige Rust, Mary Alice Buck, Carol Clark, Margaret Endicott. A BASKETBALL DIAGRAM is explained to Mary Coberly, Harvileen Moebs, and Margaret Endicott by Mrs. Lawrence. GRACEFUL ARMS are important in Mo- dern Dancing agree Jane Wood and Miss Martin. SUSAN SIMMONS President MRS. McGILVARY Sponsor MAJORETTE OFFICERS, Front row; Linda Dowie, Secretary; Judy Slivinski, Historian. Second row: Carolyn Yuhasz, Treasurer; Katie Hicks, Vice-President. MAJORETTE CLUB The main objective of the Maj- orette Club is to enable inter- ested girls to learn how to be- come proficient in the skills needed by majorettes. The majorettes held their an- nual tea for majorettes as one of their main activities. The club also held a Valentine Dance at which a Valentine Queen was se- lected. MEMBERS, Front row: Sue Drone, Charlene Trenary, Betty Smith, Jean Rishert, Diane Birge. Second row: Eftalia Vouros, Ayshe An- dolsun, Sylvia Wallace, Sandi Brown, Gwen Kicklighter. Third row: Jean Carr, Prudence Weed, Tish Ballard, Priscilla Tomlin, Kay Baen, Lynda Routzahn. ! MARCHING MAJORETTES The marching majorettes performed their routines dur- ing half-time shows at football games. They also participated in the Thanksgiving Pep Pa- rade, the George Washington Birthday Parade, various other parades, and the Annual Crew Follies. Twelve girls, under the sponsorship of Miss Patricia Martin, shared this opportun- ity. Linda Dowie Susan Simmons THE GEORGE WASHINGTON PARADE is the scene of the majorettes marching snappily along. Sue Drone Judy Slivinski Katie Hicks Dianne Whittington Carolyn Yuhasz Ayshe Andolsun Charlene Trenary - Sylvia Wallace Kay Baen Betty Smith OFFICERS: Steve Vermillion, Vice-President points out one of GW ' s many trophies to Wayne Williams, Secretary. AT THE FOOTBALL BANQUET, members listen to Mr. Doran. MONOGRAM CLUB The Monogram club, comprised of all varsity monogram winners, was active throughout the year, sponsoring GW ' s first Homecoming dance, holding athletic banquets, and helping everyone to raise school spirit. The club was sponsored by Mr. Osisek, who gave the of- ficers valuable assistance in organizing the club ' s activities. MEMBERS — Front row: Bob Hungerford, Wayne Cunningham, Donnie See- muller, Bobby Cooper, Glenn Ruby, Jerry Ainsfield, Mike Lee. Second row: Bob Tansill, Bucky Stephens, Joe Naylor, Freddie Kerlin, Earl Edwards, Chip Nowak, Joe Letkiewciz, Jack Wolla- ber. Third row: Frank Hicks, David Aageson, Bill Marsh, Andy Andolsun, John May, Paul Blackmer, Ken Carlson. I MR. BARR Sponsor OFFICERS; Wanda Jenkins, Secretory-Treosurer; Betty Swann, Vice-President. MUSIC The Music club was formed late in the year and was un- der the sponsorship of Mr. Frank Barr. Betsy Abercrombie was the president. The main purpose of the club is to further the discussion, and the understanding and enjoyment of music. ■ BERNSTEIN HEAR YE! HEAR YE! Bernstein will play! Brian Smith, Jean Carr, and Carole Hoffman advocate hearing him. MEMBERS, Front row; Karen Kite, Betty Swann, Linda Batchelor, Melle Mcliwain, Betsy Abercrombie, Eliza- beth Long, Jeanne Trues- dale. Second row; Susan Braun, Becky Smoot, Patsy Moeller, Jean Carr, Harriet Hurd, Wanda Jenkins. L. SPANISH CLUB i I The Spanish Club offers a student an opportunity to speak and further develop his abilities in the language. The club acquaints its members with Spanish speaking countries across the globe by concentrating on their cus- toms, music and traditions. The club met on the first Tuesday of each month and two initiations for new members were held: one each semes- ter. They also entered a float in the Turkey Day Parade. JOHN HUETTER MRS. VAN SAUN President Sponsor OFFICER: Karen Abramson, Vice-President; Bobby Hungerford, Trea- " GOT IT! " John Huetter hits the Pinata at the Spanish Club Christ- surer; Mickey McCullough, Secretary. mas Party. MEMBERS, Front row: Betty Watkins, Marilyn Miller, Margaret Jones, Sue Drone, Sharon Phillippe, Jane Morrison, Elizabeth Long, Susan Simmons, Donna Swisher, Jane Vogt. Second row: Jo Paige Rust, Fran Bussard, Mary Lee Densmore, Carol McGowan, Jackie Cosby, Julie D ' Albini, Georgeann Waggaman, Phyllis Allen, Martha Leef, Carolyn Harwood, Kathy Parnell. Third row: Stanley Peikin, Jerry Huefner, Leo McCarthy, Dennis Cate, Braxton Moncure, Allen Berwick, Tommy Somers, Paul Friedson, Pete Bowman. EL TORO is featured in this poster which Spanish students Fran Bussard, Jeanne Garnett, and Braxton Moncure study. DUNCE: So Tommy Sommers is crowned by Laurie Yingling Paul Freidson approvingly looks on. MEMBERS, Front row: Frances Foster, Marion Watkins, Joyce Thurman, Nancye Barrett, Sue Pennington, Sandy Pulman, Meredith Cate, Maureen Fitzpatrick, Jean Garnett, Kathy Armentrout. Second row: Betty Counts, Laurie Yingling, Judy Mayer, Merriann Collum, Pott Bayliss, Sylvia Taylor, Mary Hardy, Caren Cogswell, Sally Stukenbroeker, Cynthia Allen, Linda Batchelor. Third row: Steve Welsch, Frank Spencer, Tommy Rinehart, Edward Pierpoint, Duke Ford, Don McMenamin, Russ Perry, Marty West, Craig Nowak, James Lazarus, John Harber. V. O. T. S iM GEORGE WARD President MR. NOEL Sponsor The Vocational Office Training Club has as its purpose to bring all V. O. T. members together so that they may know each other. Another purpose of the club is to discuss group and individual problems. The Vocational Office Training Club has been active at GW for the past few years. This year as in previous years it held a banquet. Students participating in Vocational Office Train- ing attend school for the morning classes and then work during the afternoon. This affords them the opportunity to further their education and earn at the same time. MAY I HELP YOU.’ asks Carol Austin learning to be a Girl Friday. OFFICERS, Sitting; Pattie Owens, Vice-President. Standing: Carol Austin, Secretary; Constance Deval, Treasurer. I I MEMBERS — First row: Brenda Wiltshire, Jan Cator, Carol Rapp, Jane Rawlings, Beverly Lan- caster. Second row: Joyce Ezzell, Elizabeth Custer, Kathy Morgan, Peggy Rodda, Sandy Workman, Carolyn Healy, Gayle Fletcher. OFFICERS — Toby Kirschner, Vice-President; Kay Brooks, Secretary; Laurie Norton, Parliamentarian. " BUT I ' M FOR NIXON, " states Braxton Moncure as he listens to Mr. Stanley Bregman from the Democratic party. MARTY BANTON MISS BAUGH President Sponsor WORLD EVENTS Keeping the students informed on current world situations has been the purpose of the World Events club. In the club ' s bi-weekly meet- ings, the members discussed major news making events, viewed movies, and heard guest speakers. This year the group heard speakers from the Democratic and Republican Parties. The club also participated in the Northern Virginia Discussion League and arranged exhibits for United Nations week. They took various educational field trips, and they also entered a float in the pep pa- rade before the Thanksgiving Day Game. MEMBERS — Front row: Jane Gardner, Betty Jane Counts, Maria Rozsa, Ann Gordon, Jane Wallace, Sandra Watson, Leith Ross, Doreen Buck, Hariette Leef, Lorraine Gott, Tommie Vincent. Second row: Ann Wallace, Prudie Weed, Pat Bonner, Mary Jo Durkin, Wini Henson, Anna Lee Smyth, Sally Stukenbroeker, Pam Stevens, Caren Cogswell, Jules Abramson. Third row: Betsy Wanner, Alexandra Miller, Ann Hamilton, Janis Crockett, Beth Kelly, Joy Hutzel, Bicky Wood, Sheila Frazier, Mary Lane, Allen Barwick, Clement Bain. Fourth row: Spiros Anthony, John Maynard, Charles Barwick, Paul Friedson, Joe Bruin, Mac Sexton, Pete Bernier, Tom Williams, Russell Axelson, Courtney Mudd, John Harper. Fifth row: Val Rozsa, John Scott, Glenn Todd, Larry Rosser, Dennis Cate, John Bain, Jim Walters, Bill Swan, Ricky Mendleson, Mac Zuidema, James Freeman. L A ■I €:: U . ' ' IW ATTENDANCE WORK- ERS — Front row: Sandra Staates, Lynn Poole, Meredith Cate, Danise McFadden, Anita Evans. Second row: Barbara Plaskett, Sondi Brown, Jan Miller, Verna Smith, Roberta Rasmussen, Mary Hardy. Third row: Peggy Baxley, Carol True, Nancy Penlin, Pat Jones. I GUIDANCE HELPERS— Front row: Barbara Tomlinson, Sharon Ax- tell, Diane Locke, Cheryl Stoneburner, Glenna Lewis, Carolyn Carrell, Vivian High. Second row: Pat Gagon, Jean Garnett, Betty Hudson, Carlene Dal- linga, Katie Green, Carolyn Harwood. i f ’ MR. GARNER ' S WORK- ERS — Front row: Carol Keith, Carolyn Settle. Second row: Priscilla Lainof, Carol Duff, Pat Loftis, Beth Kelley. BOYS ' GLEE CLUB— Front row: James Tread, Jack Bander, Tony Torchia, Vice- President; Bob Lester, Kenny Lemay. Second row: Russell Axelson, Billy Peyton, Bobby Moran, Nelson Ennis, Roger Corder, Bob Carroll. Third row: William Waddell, George Sottiriou, John- nie Meadows, William Pope, Larry Waugh. Fourth row: Richard Houser, Secretory; Tom Martin, Sterling Sub- lett, John Chadwick, President; Hilton Davis, Jimmie Andrews, Pat Kirby, Mike Manes. ADVANCED GIRLS ' CHORUS — Front row: Dona Spicer, Susan Simmons, Secretory; Charlene Trenary, Librarian; Katie Hicks, Vice- President; Ayshe Andolsun, Shelby Smith, Dianne Whittington. Second row: Marcia Kuhl, Pat Frinks, Teri Koziik, Margo McKnight, June Lucy, Carolyn Settle, Pam Kinnard, Monnie O ' Dwyer. Third row: Ann Bryant, Drena Merritt, Carolyn Workman, Rose Phillips, Carol Keith, Jeanne Truesdale, Betty Swann, Cynthia Allen, Vicki Vaughan. Fourth row: Eftalia Vouros, Mary Woolls, Carol Fritter, Jeniffer Faulds, Irene Smallwood, President; Daisy Marcus, Sandi Brown, Carol Duff, Jeannette Poole, Kathie Hurst. 125 i FIRST PERIOD GIRLS CHORUS — Front row; Virginia Hemphill, Elaine Eason, Judy Hanchak, Sue Evans, Barbara Richenbach, Anne Thompson, Joy Howse, Nancy Rose, JoAnn Allen, Mary Roberts, Elaine Hedrick, Diane Barret, Monique Isham. Second row: Carol Howard, Sharon Palm, Carol Morris, Linda Dowie, Barbara Flight, Marshall Smith, Karen Smith, Linda Swaim, Phyllis Balderson, Theresa Thomas, Sue Weimer, Sandra Burns. Third row: Becky Jones, Wanda Shifflet, Sarah Downs, Diane Shannon, Phyllis Allen, Ellen Gainey, Lelia Troupe, Jo Paige Rust, Gloria Lawhorne, Amelia Barnett, Jane Wood. Fourth row: Pat Ring, Roberta Ferguson, Pam Stevens, Sandra Poet, Virginia Gosney, Judy Slivinski, Sandra Palmer, Jayne Liebman, Ruth Ann Vicent, Pauline Arrington, Barbara Coffey, Sylvia Taylor, Cindy Van Sefh, Ruby Woolls, Judy Hightower. FRESHMAN GIRLS CHORUS — Front row; Sharon Smith, Rose Marie Wilson, Adele Skelton, Dorothy Boaz, Bea Buchann, Becky Smith, Dona Jenkins, Janet True. Second row: Janice Hall, Sharon Lewis. Lee McCollum, Diane Birge, Linda Montgomery, Martha Crockett, Margie Wood, Billie Kay Brown, Carol Hass, Pat Ballard, Suzanne Harmon. Third row: Betty Canning, Mary Lou Upchurch, Susan i Fairfax, Carol Timberlake, Barbaro Stover, Marguerite Pulley, Kay Harvey, Delores Woody, Carol Braddock, Jean Peyton, JoAnn Bray, Cathy Arnold. Fourth row: Lynda Routzahn, Dana Tucker, Sharon Cole, Cathy Greene, Cherie Embrey, Lynn Kidd, Lynette Birchler, Carol Griffith, Virginia Barnett, Pam Moubry, Sue Rose. I 126 ENSEMBLE ENSEMBLE OFFICERS — Sitting: Robin Oyler, President; Jackie Wollaber, Vice-President. Standing: Betty Smith, Librarian; Jerry Ainsfield, Librarian; Jeanne Freeze, Secretary-Treasurer. ENSEMBLE ALL-STATE— Front row: Maureen Fitzpatrick, Robin Oyler, Jeanne Freeze, Betty Smith. Second row: Jim Walters, Jerry Ainsfield, Charles Hall, Jack Wallaber. The Ensemble, under the direction of Mrs. Mahoney, is a small group which sings at school and in the community. The twenty- one members plus accompanist practiced many hours to perform for GW students at the Christmas and Easter Assemblies, Com- mencement and Baccalaureate. They sang on radio, television, and for the Rotary at Christ- mas. Some of the members went to the All State competitions, and the whole group competed in the Choral Music District Festival. Here they achieved the top rating of the standard of excellence used to grade contestants. ENSEMBLE— Front row: Meredith McCullough, Mary Newton, Jeanne Freeze, Betty Smith, Fran Sharp. Second row: Maureen Fitzpatrick, Donna Switz, Sue Stover, Robin Oyler. Third row: Bettie White, Linda Cary, Mary Ellen File, Micky Oyler. Fourth row: Paul Tanguay, Tommy Edwards, Jack Wallaber, Bobby Cooper. Fifth row: Jim Walters, Jerry Ainsfield, Charles Hall. Sixth row: Patsy Moeller, Bobby Hunger- ford. IL 127 1 ORCHESTRA Taking part in the Baccalaureate Services for both the mid-year and spring graduations was one of the numerous functions of the Orchestra. The Orchestra also played for the student production, Chimera. The Orchestra, which met as a class, was open especially to those students who could play string instruments. Volunteers partici- pated in an inter-school orchestra with Ham- mond and Jefferson students. RESERVE BAND — Brass and Percus- sion — Front row: Bobby Smith, Donald Durkee, Tommy Edmonds, Bob Carroll, Kirk Darrough. Second row: Tommy Attiliis, John Von Buren, Billy Whitlock, James Childress, Roger Bragg, Edward Collum. BAND The student ' s goal in Reserve Band was to acquire the necessary training to be promoted to the Senior Bond. The students who par- ticipated in this course hod hod previous in- struction in the musical field. If a student was not qualified for Reserve Band, he took Beginners Band where they strived to improve the musical abilities. Both bands played for the J.V. football games. BEGINNER BAND — Front row: Rita Hill, Barbara Hagy, Jerry Robbins. Second row: Christopher Cooper, John Welch, Arthur Griffin, Joe Johnson. Third row: Marvin Taylor, George Hensley, Hamlin Salter. I RESERVE BAND — Woodwinds — Front row: John Bair, Rebecca Rummel, Sharon Kaye Durrett, Beth Alexander. Second row: Betty Workman, Rebecca Bragg, Donald Hanscom, John Scott. SENIOR BAND The major instrumental group of the school during the past year was the Senior Band. One of the main activities of the band was marching at football games. At each game the Senior Band put on a different half-time show. Other activities at which the band played were the Thanksgiv- ing Pep Parade, and the George Washington Birthday Parade. The Senior Band also played at the February and June commence- ments. Skilled bond members repre- sent GW at the annual All State Band. Mr. Barr watches tensely at one of the football games Lt. Murdaugh, head of the GW Military Department, inspects the rifle of Pvt. Roger Potter. CADET CORPS Under the leadership of a new comman- dant, Lieutenant John Murdaugh, GW ' s Ca- det Corps underwent extensive reorganiza- tion from top to bottom. The Cadets be- gan wearing o new uniform which con- sisted of army fatigues. These fatigues will eventually replace the formal dress uniforms. Lieutenant Murdaugh has also helped the Corps acquire a veriable ar- senal of weapons, which includes machine guns, pistols, a bazooka, mortar and other pieces of equipment. The forty Cadet members were instructed in the uses and handling of these weapons. The Cadets performed several duties at GW. They raised and lowered the flag ev- ery day before and after school and served as the color guard for the pledge of alle- giance during assembly. Marching in the George Washington Birthday Parade also highlighted the year. One of the biggest Cadet events will be a field trip to Fort Meade in late April. The Cadets will practice field maneuvers there. One of Lieutenant Murdaugh ' s most important objectives is to bring the Cadets closer in line with the regular United States Army. I 134 MRS. YOCKEY, Lt. Murdaugh ' s secretary, clowns with Cadet Lieutenant Frank Spencer in the office. CADET SECRETARY Mrs. Yockey, now in her fifh year in the capacity of cadet secretary, keeps track of all the accomplishments of the many cadets and records their promotions. She is assisted in her work by students Helen Cox and Barbara Flight. THE CADET CORPS passes the reviewing stand while marching in the George Washington Day Parade. Lt. Murdaugh shows Squad Corporal David Yancey the fine points of a German automatic pistol. 135 DECORATED CORPORAL — Color CPL. Danny Andrews and Pvt. Bruce Shaffer select their rifles. FIRST SGT. — Richard Sparks reports in followed by guidon Bearer Don Kieffer. RIFLE TEAM This year ' s Cadet rifle team was composed of two squads of five mem- bers in each. The first squad was composed of the top five marksmen in the team. On the first squad were Steve Peliish, Don Kieffer, Ben Bagot, Dan Andrews, and Marty Devers. The team planned many matches, but saw most of them canceled due to snow or exams. The two matches which were held were those against O ' Connell, which GW won, and a prac- tice match against W-L. The ten members of the rifle team meet for practice every day during sixth period. The team shoots with high accuracy .22 caliber rifles. 136 SHARPSHOOTERS Andy Peliish and Don Kieffer pose at the firing line in the Armory. Andy and Don were the leading marksmen of the rifle team. CADETS DRILL ON FOOTBALL FIELD — Lieutenant Frank Spencer and standard-bearer (Don Kieffer) lead the corps of cadets in an outumn marching practice. SURPRISE — John Minton, Charles Fisher, Fred Moss, and Albert DeLucien show various emotions during a grenade demonstration. CADETS RELAX — First Sgt. Richard Sparks, Supply Sgt. Albert Benfield, Lt. Frank Spencer, Color Corp. Danny Andrews, and Pvt. Bruce Shaffer enjoy spending some leisure time in the armory. 137 1 ( i 1 ' A i 139 Front row; Tom Buckler, Jock Wollaber, John Huetter, Ed Lusby, Cunningham. Third row; Frank Saunders, Bill Flockhart. Fourth row; Galen Danis, Jerry Ainsfield. Second row; Frank Hicks, Ronny Ronny Wilson, Vic Mier, Andy Andolsun, Marshall Cook, Ronny Dowdy, Nick Walsh, Bill Marsh, Joe Naylor, Phil Miller, Wayne Stultz, Frank Struder. VARSITY FOOTBALL This year Steve Osisek became the new head football coach. His assistants were Bob Green and Dick Claypool, the former JV and freshman coaches, respectively. The Presidents played an extremely rough schedule facing many top-ranked teams in the Washington Metropolitan area. Aft- er poor showings in the first three games, the GW offense began to move; and the result was strong second halves against Hammond and Epis- copal. The Prexies lost a heartbreaker to Wake- field but then defeated Stuart 20-13 for their | first win of the season. A close loss to Mt. Ver- | non was followed by a 26-0 shutout over Grove- 1| ton, which was GW ' s top game of the season. On Thanksgiving Day, five fumbles and three inter- ' ' ceptions proved to be the story of the game as the Generals won and by the victory became state champions. Nick Walsh closes in on Joe Price of Annandale. k I !« VARSITY FOOTBALL li SCHEDULE || WINS— 2 LOSSES— 8 GW OPPONENTS 0 Annandale 26 0 McLean 25 6 Fairfax 29 13 Episcopal 45 7 Wakefield 12 20 Stuart 13 0 Mt. Vernon 6 26 Groveton 0 0 Wash. -Lee 40 140 Bill Simpson plows into the Generals ' Barry Crawford. VARSITY FOOTBALL Front row: John Kemper, Donnie Seemuller, Bill Simpson, Glen Ruby. Second row: John Craddock, Mickey Watts, Bobby Cooper. Third row: Danny Clark, Wayne Williams, Don Lawter, Don Shuman. Wayne Williams picks up 20 yards on a pass against W-L. Award winners Wayne Cunningham, Tommy Edwards, and Mickey Watts. AWARDS The Annual Fall Awards Banquet was held for the members of the varsity and junior varsity football squads and the cross-country team. The guest speaker was the backfield coach at George Washington University. Wayne Cunningham, end, received the Dinky Scott Trophy for his outstanding play in the Annandale game. Tom Edwards, guard, was chosen by his teammates to receive the Most Valuable Player Award. Mickey Watts, a junior quarterback, was presented with the Most Improved Player Award. ANNANDALE 0-26 Once again the Prexies apened their season against Annpndale, this year the defending North- ern Virginia champions. The Atoms scored early in the first period, but the rest of the half was fought on even terms. However, in the second half Annandale ' s greater depth proved significant as the Atoms emerged victorious. McLEAN 0-25 In its second game, GW entertained McLean ' s Highlanders, a dark-horse candidate for the North- ern Virginia championship. In a hard fought con- test, McLean ' s fine block and rock-ribbed defense proved too strong for the Prexies, and the High- landers won 25-0. FAIRFAX 6-29 The Prexies now journeyed to Fairfax county where they played the Rebels of Fairfax High. Although trailing 13-0 at halftime, GW fought back and scored its first touchdown of the year early in the fourth quarter on a four yard run by Steve Vermillion. Prexie fullback Bucky Stephens was the game ' s leading graund gainer. Bucky Stephens picks up a first down against Wakefield. Steve Vermillion speeds past Episcopal ' s Fred Cole. HAMMOND 6-26 Despite a fine second half comeback in which they outscored the Admirals, the Prexies lost to cross-town rival Hammond in the battle for the " Bell " trophy. With fine running and blocking, Hammond surged to a 26-0 halftime lead; but it met an inspired GW team in the second half and was blanked for the, remaining two periods. The Prexies scored on a 60 yard pass play from Steve Vermillion to Wayne Cunningham. EPISCOPAL 13-45 The Maroons of Episcopal were GW ' s next opponent. Led by halfback Max Chapman, the Maroons mounted an early lead; hawever, the Prexies again came back strong in the second half and scored two touchdowns. Both scores came on passes by Steve Vermillion, one to Donnie Seemul- ler, and the other to Wayne Williams. WAKEFIELD 7-12 In a heartbreaking defeat, the Prexies lost to Wakefield 12-7. After the Warriors held a 6-0 halftime lead, GW went ahead in the third quar- ter, 7-6; Donnie Seemuller scored the touchdown, and Bill Marsh added the PAT. The score remained 7-6 until the last three minutes of play when Wake- field pushed over the winning touchdown. Tommy Edwards played a standaut defensive game for the Prexies. STUART 20-13 The GW offense finally jelled, and the result was a 20-13 win over Stuart. After GW had halted a Raider drive on the one half yard line, Donnie Seemuller took a pitchout from quarterback John Craddock and raced 100 yards down the left side- line for a score on the Prexies ' first play from scrimmage. With Stuart holding a 13-7 lead near halftime, GW tied the score 13-13 as Seemuller scored again, this time on a one yard plunge. The game remained tied until mid-way in the final period when the Prexies scored on a sustained march of 84 yards. Billy Simpson climaxed the drive by bucking ten yards over tackle for the win- ning touchdown. MT. VERNON 0-6 In a hard-fought defensive battle, the Prexies lost to Mt. Vernon 6-0. This was the first time since 1952 that GW had lost to the Majors, and the Jack Tulloch Memorial Trophy was returned to Mount Vernon High. After three scoreless per- iods, Mt. Vernon pushed over a touchdown with three minutes remaining to win. GROVETON 26-0 GW ' s homecoming game was a 26-0 shutout of Groveton. The Prexies opened their scoring early in the first quarter when John Craddock passed to Glen Ruby, who raced 57 yards for a score. Later in the period Donnie Seemuller scored on a short plunge, and GW led 12-0. Midway in the second quarter Ruby again scored, this time on a 40 yard run. Bill Simpson closed out the scoring in the third period with a four yard touchdown run. Phil Miller, Andy Andolsun, Tom Buckler, Jerry Ains- field, and Vic Mier anchored the strong GW defense Quarterback Mickey Watts rolls out against Groveton and picks up ten yards. W-L 0-40 Optimistic with their second win of the year, the Prexies invaded W-L ' s War Memor- ial Stadium for the twenty-sixth annual Thanksgiving Day game. The Generals re- covered six Prexie fumbles, which told the story of the day. A fumbled pass from center gave the W-L team their first of three scores in the initial period. Behind 26 to nothing at the half, the Presidents played good ball in the third quarter, holding W-L scoreless. They also mounted their best offense of the game, driving inside the thirty. However, the Gen- eral defense held the Prexies scoreless, as W-L went on in the fourth period to down GW by the second 40 to nothing score. Coaches Claypool, Dixon, and Osisek talk strategy with John Kemper during a timeout in the Stuart game. Front row: Nick Sabin, John Kemper, Jose Calvino, Darrell Moriarty, Gilbert Adams, Joe Daniels, Donald Thomas, Doug Hewett, Wickie Steele. Second row: Mgr. Steve Powers, Marty Griffin, Frank Sanders, Mike Coleman, Frank Struder, Bill Gorham, David Simon, Fred Hughes, Clem Warrener, Don Russell, Mien Van Dam, Mgr. Bill Coombs. Third row: Jim Jefferson, Bob Tonsil, Buddy Mayo, Don Mills, Larry Waugh, Marty Deavers, Bob Darnell, Ronny Korman, Marshall Cook, Dick Browne, Bill Hall, Tom Hunter, Richard Wenzke. JV FOOTBALL JV FOOTBALL SCHEDULE Under a new head coach, Clay Estes, the JV ' s played an 8-game schedule which included the Yorktown and Flint Hill varsities. They com- piled a record of two wins and six losses. The two victories were a 40-0 triumph over Flint Hill and a 19-6 win over Lee. Most of the team ' s losses were hard-played games, such as the ones with W-L and Hammond. The co-captains for the season were Bill Gorham, end, and John Kemper, halfback. Sept. 16 Yorktown A Sept. 22 Annandale H Sept. 29 W-L A Oct. 6 Hammond H Oct. 13 Flint Hill H Oct. 20 Episcopal A Oct. 27 Lee H Nov. 3 Wakefield A Co-Captains Gorham and Kemper. Fullback Don Mills rounds end against Flint Hill while Don Russell follows. JV coach Clay Estes. Freshman coach Jerry Morris. Co-captains Murphy and Thompson. FRESHMAN FOOTBALL Sept. 29 Hammond H Oct. 6 Episcopal A Oct. 1 5 Woodberry Forest A Oct. 20 Hammond H Oct. 27 O ' Connell H Nov. 5 St. Stephens H Nov. 1 1 Flint Hill A FRESHMAN FOOTBALL The 1960 freshman football team had a win- ning season, compiling a 3-2-2 record. Under the guidance of Coach Jerry Morris, the team gained valuable experience for future JV and Varsity football years. Co-captains for this year were Joe Murphy and Frank Thompson. The season was highlighted by a 21-7 victory over Woodberry Forest. Front row: Pope Daniel, Tommy Sisson, Wallace Barnett, George Cornwell, Joe Murphy, Stephen Press, Barnaby Rhue, Thomas Fletcher. Second row: Dick Harris, Mickey Kindreck, Rusty Dawson, John Ferguson, Mike Butler, Donnie Knight, Walter Kiechel, Bill Foster, Danny Provance, Frank Thompson, Mgr. Joe Thompson. Third row: Bruce Vierling, Winford Evans, Eddie Keller, John Throckmorton, Arthur Willoughby, George Vorus, Richard Trigger, Bill Walsh, Charles Clark, Phillip Gray. Kneeling Wellman Hoff, Joe Bruin, John May. Stonding: from picture; Jeff Morehouse, Paul Tonguay. Steve Weed, Dixon Rollins, Mac Sexton, Pete Bernier. Absent CROSS-COUNTRY The cross-country team hod a mediocre sea- son, winning but one meet, a triangular meet with Saint Stephen ' s and Episcopal. The squad was unable to capture any victories against the other Northern Virginia schools. In addition to the dual meets, the cross-country team also entered the annual Wakefield Invi- tational and the Northern Virginia Meet. In the last meet of the year the team traveled to Wil- liamsburg for the State Meet. The team received monograms at the Fall Sports Banquet. Steve Weed was chosen to captain next year ' s team. John May leads going into the first turn against Hammond. CROSS COUNTRY Sept. 26 Yorktown Oct. 7 At Annandale Oct. 11 At Wakefield Oct. 15 Wakefield Invitational Oct. 20 Hammond Oct. 25 At Episcopal Nov. 1 At W-L Nov. 5 Northern Virginia WINTER TRACK WINTER TRACK SCHEDULE Episcopal Dual Meet Evening Star Games Episcopal Junior Dual Meet Northern Virginia Junior Meet Virginia State Meet North Virginia Meet Although many meets had to be postponed because of bad weather, the Prexie Win- ter Track Team experienced a successful season. Both the Varsity and Junior teams were undefeated in dual competi- tion, and the latter won the Northern Virginia Champion- ship. GW was led by Bill Sew- ard in the high jump, John Craddock in the hurdles, Phil Miller in the dashes, and Jerry Ainsfield and Ed Lusby in the shotput. Others who contrib- uted to the successful season were Vic Mier and Mac Sexton in the 440, and Wayne Strum in the hurdles. Coach Bob Gre.en was quite satisfied with the season and looked forward to another successful one next year. Fir st row: Stephen Weed, Allen Lackey, Vic Mier, Larry Self, Lusby, Jerry Ainsfield, Bill Seward, Bob Tansill. Fourth row: Wellman Hoff. Second row: Neal Cohen, Danny Ferer, John May, Curtis Wright, Terry Plampin, Bill Flockhart. Wayne Strum, Nelson Southard. Third row: Mac Sexton, Ed 147 Sitting: Monager Billy Coombs. Kneeling: Co captains Bob Hunger- ford and Jim Diamond. Standing: Bobby Philyaw, Mickey Watts, Jim Conner scores over Dave Lipp of Falls Church VARSITY BASKETBALL The George Washington High School Basketball team for the 1960-61 season compiled a mediocre record of 5-15. The team was plagued by lack of experience and height along with the disability of not having a home court to practice on regularly. The squad, under the guid- ance of new coach Clay Estes, progressed as did the season. After a slow start, winning but two of their first thirteen games, the Prexies came to life in Feb- ruary, winning three straight. Only three lettermen returned from the 1959-60 season. Bob Hungerford, Jim Diamond, and Bobby Philyaw; and they were called on for leadership during the course of the season. During the winning streak. Coach Estes began experimenting with an all junior starting team; and as the season ended, prospects for the follow- ing year were bright. Rick Stultz, Ken Carlson, Tom Hannum, Mike Milward, and Al Corfield. Absent: Jimmy Conner. VARSITY BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Tom Hannum drives for two points agonist Wakefield. GW OPPONENT 45 Stuart 64 45 Groveton 65 58 Lee 55 35 Falls Church 38 44 Mt. Vernon 61 68 Madison 58 32 Hammond 66 53 McLean 64 59 Annandale 90 55 Stuart 67 43 Wakefield 61 26 W-L 50 63 Groveton 56 69 Fairfax 43 33 Episcopal 53 75 Osborn 39 52 Mt. Vernon 77 46 Hammond 52 62 Annandale 63 43 Lee 48 First row: Lynn Kirtley, Mgr, John Luton, Terry Davidson. Second row: Roy Diamond, John Kemper, Bill Gorham, Donnie Seemuller. Third row: Leo McCarthy, Joe Comae, Don McMenamin. John Kemper scores on a driving layup against Mt. Vernon. JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL Coach " Nubby " Schreiner led the GW JV ' s to their fifth consecutive winning season in junior varsity basketball this year. The Prexies, led by the high-scoring of John Kemper, who hod a four- teen point overage, and Don McMenamin, won eleven games and lost ten. Eddie Chisolm proved himself to be a valuable scorer and rebounder. Bill Gorham, Don Seemuller, and Joe Comae also per- formed well throughout the season. GW OPPONENT 57 Stuart 47 57 Groveton 36 47 Lee 54 45 Yorktown Var. 46 55 Falls Church 1 4 40 Mt. Vernon 62 78 Madison 49 37 Hammond 57 56 McLean 53 46 Annandale 49 58 Stuart 35 55 Wakefield 45 38 ■ W-L 51 41 Episcopal 26 49 Groveton 64 70 Fairfax 32 52 Yorktown Var. 55 46 Episcopal 45 70 Osburn 31 57 Hammond 68 45 Lee 54 FRESHMAN BASKETBALL SCHEDULE GW OPPONENT 25 Yorktown J.V. 24 26 Hammond 27 41 O ' Connell 45 61 St. Mary ' s 44 35 Hammond 29 33 Episcopal 32 31 Hammond 32 41 Episcopal 34 39 Mt. Vernon 26 34 Yorktown J.V. 61 44 St. Stephen ' s 38 37 Annandale 42 27 Hammond 33 FRESHMAN BASKETBALL The 1960-61 Baby Prexies were once again coached by Jerry Morris. In a schedule which in- cluded several area junior varsity teams, GW com- piled a 7-6 record. Jimmy Worden led the team in scoring with a 14 point average; Fred Slight, Jeff Dowdy, Winky Barnett, and John Talbot rounded out the starting team. The top month of the season was January in which the Baby Prexies won seven out of eight games, including victories over cross-town rivals Hammond, Episcopal, and Saint Stephen ' s. Fred Slight goes up for two points against Annandale. First row: Bob Freer, Mgr. Doug Woodley. Second row: Winky Barnett, Tom Altizer, Mike O ' Neill, John Medlin. Third row; Jim Worden, John Talbot, Jeff Dowdy, Fred Slight, Jay Morehouse. SPRING TRACK Varsity Spring Track — First row; Danny Ferer, Wayne Strum, John May, Tom Ricker, Ed Lusby, Jerry Ainsfield, Ken Carlson. Second row: Rickie Wenz- kie, Vic Mier, Nel- son Southard, Allen Lackey, Neal Cohen, Francis Sanders, Bill Seward, Third row; Larry Self, Stephen Weed, Don Seemul- ler. Bob Tansill, Bob Kicklighter. ( i I As workouts began, coach Bob Green seemed optimistic about the coming spring track season. Be- ginning with the G.W. sponsored Memorial Relays on April 8, the Prexie thinclads started a rugged twenty meet schedule. Things looked good for G.W., as Coach Green had twelve lettermen returning. The team looked strong in the sprints and middle distances, but with only Glen Ruby returning in the mile could have used some more strength there. The field events provided much optimism, as Ed Lusby and Jerry Ainsfield returned to the weights and Bill Seward came back for the high jump. Captain of the Co-captains Jerry Ainsfield and Ed Lusby. Prexies for the 1961 season was Larry Self an the low hurdles. Jerry Ainsfield. SPRING TRACK SCHEDULE March 24 D. J. O ' Connell H April 1 Episcopal A April 4 Lee H April 6 Episcopal J. V. A April 8 Memarial Relays H April 1 1 W-L A April 13 Episcopal- Hammond A April 14 Groveton H April 18 Annandale H April 19 Wakefield-Lee A April 26 Fairfax-Stuart H April 27 Yorktown J. V. H April 29 Wakefield Invitational A May 3 St. Stephens H May 6 Hammond H May 1 0 Stuart H May 1 3 Northern Virginia A May 1 6 Wakefield J. V. H May 1 8 Northern Va. Jr. A May 20 State Meet J. V. SPRING TRACK: George Vouros, Edward Keller, Bill Whitlock, Frank Gailliot, Ted Saunders, John Jorgenson, Charles Kunz, Dan Provance, Woody Hoff, Terry Plampim, Tom Early, Bill Flockhart, Jim Worden. VARSITY BASEBALL With the six returning varsity letter- men, George Washington ' s baseball team, under coach Nubby Schreiner, looked forward to a successful season this year. These lettermen were part of the team which enjoyed an impressive 15 and 4 record last year. Among them was short-stop Jim Diamond, who was chosen to the All-Metropolitan High School Team of 1960. Out for another varsity season also was pitcher Fred Ker- lin, the only returing hurler. Other var- sity returnees included. Bill Gorham, Dan Clark, Al Corfield, and Bucky Stephens. Baseball practice began on March 6 with drills in the gymnasium. The Prexies had about a month of practice before their first game against Stuart on April 4. The season lasted until the W-L game on May 16. With determined playing, GW stands a good chance of winning enough of its fifteen games to enter the Northern Virginia Baseball Tournament, May 19-20. Mickey Watts scores the second run against Stuart. VARSITY BASEBALL — Kneeling — left to right: Jimmy Conner, Fred Kerlin, Billy Johnson, Bob Combs, John Kemper, Bob Payne, Don Hanscom, Bill Gorham. Standing — left to right: Co-captain Bucky Stehens, Danny Clark, Don McMenamin, Ted Bartley, Mickey Watts, Al Corfield, Co-captain Jim Diamond, Bob Cooper. Co-captains Jim Diamond and Bucky Stephens. BASEBALL SCHEDULE I i Apri 4 Stuart H Apri 7 Mt. Vernon A Apri 8 Episcopal H Apri 1 1 Fairfax A Apri 14 Hammond H Apri 18 Madison A Apri 21 McLean H Apri 25 Osbourn H Apri 28 Lee A May 2 Wakefield H May 5 Grove ton A May 9 Falls Church A May 12 Annandale H May 13 St. Stephens H May 16 W-L A Prexie hurlers Conner, Gorham, Kerlin, and Combs. Danny Clark swings in batting practice before the Episcopal game. Co-captain JIM DIAMOND— If AL CORFIELD— Of Co-captain BUCKY STEPHENS— Of MICKEY WATTS— Of FRED KERLIN— P DANNY CLARK— If JOHN KEMPER— If JIMMY CONNER— P JUNIOR VARSITY BASEBALL SCHEDULE TRI-CAPTAINS — Frank Struder, Joe Doniel, Winky Barnett. April 4 Episcopal A April 14 Hammond A April 18 Madison H April 21 McLean A April 25 Osbourn A April 28 Lee H May 2 Wakefield A May 5 Groveton H May 9 Falls Church H May 1 2 Annandale A May 13 Yorktown H May 1 6 Wash. -Lee H JUNIOR VARSITY BASEBALL Opening the season on April 5, the junior var- sity baseball team easily defeated Episcopal, by the score of 16-4. This victory was very encourag- ing, and Coach Ricer thought he had good reason to look forward to a successful year. The schedule included eleven more games after Episcopal, the season terminating on May 16 in a game against Washington-Lee. Heading the list of players this year were Frank Struder, third baseman, John Medlin, second base- man, and Ronny Wilson, left fielder. The pitching staff included Don Maddox, Wickie Steele, and Dave Rose. Bottom: Donny Maddox, Stan Renolder Jr., John Medlin, Winky Frank Struder, John Oglesby. Top: Larry Dowdy, Wm. Gosney, Wayne Barnett, Doug Heurtt. Second: Joe Daniel, Bob Smith, Richard Steele, Johnson, Dave Rose, David Langley. m JSk -A RETURNING OARSMEN — Kneeling; Hensell Harris, Gilbert Adams, Standing: Bill Hall, Donald Thomas, Dave Katz, Tom Hunter, Ed Pat Butler, Stan Durkee, Barry Lyngard, John Springer, Dixon Rollins. Payson, Jim Carlton, Earl Edwards, John Bain. VARSITY CREW With thirteen varsity lettermen returning, coach Julian Whitestone seemed optimistic about the 1961 rowing season. Most of these oarsmen came from last year ' s junior eight and junior four which finished third and second, respectively, in the National Championships. The 1961 schedule will feature races at Navy and Rutgers, the Stotesbury Cup Regatta in Philadelphia, and the National Championships in Washington, D. C. The Potomac River was frozen when crew began on February 1 8, and the first workouts were the eight rowing machines given to GW and Hammond by Colum- bia University. The ice broke up in a week, and crews began rowing in the barge. In another two weeks, crews were in shells, preparing for the first races on April 8. THE VARSITY EIGHT; Left to right; Bow, John Springer; No. 2 John Bain; No. 3, Chip Nowak; No. 4 Stan Durkee; No. 5 Dixon Rollins; No. 6 Dave Katz; No. 7 Earl Edwards; Stroke, Bob Ramsey; Coxswain. Jim Merrill. ) THE J. V. EIGHT: Left to right: Bow, Tom Williams; No. 2 Jose Smith; No. 6, Barry Lyngard; No. 7, Bill Hall, Stroke, Tom Hunter; Calvino; No. 3, Jim Carlton; No. 4, Donald Thomos; No. 5 Stan Coxswain, Duke Ford. VARSITY CREW SCHEDULE April 15 Rutgers April 22 W-L, Hammond April 29 Philadelphia High Schools May 6 Northern Va. Championships May 13 City Championships May 19-20 Stotesberry Cup Regatta May 26-27 National Championship Regatta Potomac Boot Club, Wash. D. C, Old Domonion Boot Club, Alex Philodelphio, Po. Old Domonion Boot Club, Alex. Old Domonion Boot Club, Alex. Philadelphia, Pa. Washington, D. C. THE J. V. FOUR: Left to right: Bow, Steve Waskow; No. 2, Craig Nowak No. 3 Larry Cameron; Stroke, Bob Hollman; Coxswain, Paul Freidson. ' k . V Ok P NEW OARSMEN: Kneeling: Angus Lomond, Rigdon Lentz, Stan Hicks, Don Gladstone, Pete Bowman, Tom Roderick, Duke Findley, Mike Settles, Wayne Tanquay, Richard Bayliss, Tom Mechling, Bob Katz. Standing: Fred Hughes, Larry Waugh, Bob Rankin, John Oldfield Stan Smith, Pete Beinier, Tom Williams, Dick Capon, Alan Vandam, Phil Neisser, Harold Hindman, Tom Waskow, Richard Tyner, Ronnie Ramsey. J. V. CREW The Junior Varsity crews are made up of the eights below the second eight and the 1 35 pound lightweight crew. Coached during the season by Sonny Weiners, the crews race the corresponding Hammond and W-L crews weekly. The Junior Varsity Four leaves the side floor. Coach Sonny Weiners supervises one of the crews. The highlight of the year for the Junior Varsity crews is the Northern Virginia Championships, held this year at W-L on May 6. The boys can move up in the boatings to the higher crews by making a good showing in the lower boats. THE VARSITY FOUR: Bow, Paul Tanguay; No. 2, Sam Sabin; No. 3, John Huetter; Stroke, Jeff Morehouse. Congratulations To Each of You of The Graduating Class of 1961 We are very grateful for the privilege of being of service, as your official portrait photographers, toward making this year’s “COMPASS” a grand success. The splendid cooperation given us by the editors, faculty, and student body was highly commendable and sincerely appreciated. GERALD R. TURNER TURNER STUDIO PHOTOGRAPHERS Est. 1939 “THE HOUSE OF PORTRAITS” KI 9-3059 815 South Washington Street Northern Virginia’s Largest and Most Modern Photography Studio Specializing In Glamour, Wedding and Lifelike Portraits. 162 TO THE GRADUATING CLASS: A Message of Congratulations from Virginia’s Oldest National Bank Although First Citizens Notional Bonk of Alexandria is the oldest National Bank in Virginia, founded in 1864, we dedicate ouselves to the future. This year finds graduates at the threshold of tomdrrow — entering a new and better world, with more challenges and more rewards than at any time in history. We of the First Citizens National Bank share with you every confidence in this future. Many of you, we are sure, will come to know First Citizens National Bank personally in the years ahead. We look forward to the pleasure of serving you, as a financial counselor, as a neighbor, and as a fellow citizen. We pledge to serve you well. Our heartfelt congratulations to each of you. in . . lets jet ajuainte First Citizens N ATioNAL Bank VIRGINIAS OLDEST NATIONAL BANK OF ALEXANDRIA 163 DAVIS-RUFFNER TITLE CORPORATION 123 South Royal Street Alexandria, Virginia GRAND STAR VALET 1901 Mt. Vernon Ave. Alexandria, Va. John ]. Kelley, ]r. Phone OV 3-1200 Class of ’49 KI 9-9306 Insurance Incorporated Bonds Incorporated Life Incorporated Edward Alfriend, IV., President Gardner L. Boothe, ]r., Vice-President Insurance Building 618 North Washington St. Phone: King 9-1223 Alexandria, Va. 1849 - 1961 112 YEARS OF SERVICE Compliments of Everly-WheaHey Funeral Home 1500 W. Braddock Road KI 8-9200 KI 9-0038 H. CLIFTON KAUFMAN ROYAL TYPEWRITERS P. O. New and Used Typewriters Sales - Service - Rentals 1414 King Street Box 342 KI 8-0500 Alexandria, Virginia ALEXANDRIA Y. M. C. A. Corner Leslie and E. Monroe Ave. Alexandria, Virginia KI 9-9254 164 the store with the summertime spirit . . . forever fresh, young, olive with exciting new merchandise and invigorating ideas to serve you. WASHINGTON 13, D. C. also Chevy Chase, Wheaton Plaza, 7 Corners, Alexandria Wilson— Sports Equipment— Spalding CITY SPORT SHOP UNIFORMS - TROPHIES ARCHERY -GOLF Special Price to Teams King 9-1268 I5I0-I2 King Street Alexandria, Virginia FRANK MICHELBACH, INC. 814-820 King Street Alexandria, Virginia FINE FURNITURE Since 1908 KI 9-0405 Visit Us for All Your Needs H. L. GREEN CO. 3821 Mt. Vernon Avenue Arlandria, Shopping Center Your School Supplies Headquarters From Kindergarten to College Compliments of THOMAS A. MICKLER Afternoon iind Evening Classes THE SLIVINSKI SCHOOL OF BALLET 18 E. Monroe KI 8-5923 NICK ' S RESTAURANT DELICATESSEN 521 1st Street Ne.xt to Virginia Theatre 165 WILLIAM DEMAINE SON FUNERAL HOME 520 South Washington Street Alexandria, Virginia Since 1841 “One of the South’s Oldest and Finest” BEST WISHES J. H. AITCHERSON, INC. Plumbing and Heating Distributors Don 2754 SHIRLINGTON FLORIST We Deliver to the Entire Metropolitan Area and Lou Kistler OVerlook 3-4641 S. Randolph St. Arlington 6, Va. HENRY ' S WAREHOUSE FURNITURE 225 North Fairfax Street Alexandria, Virginia 166 FOR MISS CO-ED IT’S; ‘for college fashions’ 702 King St. Alexandria, Va. Next to corner of Washington St. Compliments of DANIEL F. KEAY Telephone: King 9-1501 MARVIN L. WILSON Competent and Efficient Insurance Service 200 Doniphan Bldg. 167 Office Kl 9-0500 Phone Kl 9-8500 Alexandria ' s Leading Floral Designers ner CUT FLOWERS— CORSAGES WEDDING FLOWERS FUNERAL DESIGNS Open 9 A M. - 6 P.M. Except on Sundays 1617 Duke Street King 8-2288 LOOK RADIO AND TV SERVICE 1318 Powhatan Street Alexandria, Virginia CHANNEL ' S TV 2303 Mt. Vernon Avenue Phone: Kl 9-0101 Alexandria, Virginia KLINE BROTHERS, INC. Furniture Corner House of Values West, Prince and Commerce Streets Phone; Kl 9-4030 Alexandria, Va. “Alexandias Only HELEN ' S " Cakes —Pies — Pastries WEDDINC AND BIRTHDAY CAKES made to order Mt. Vernon Ave. Near Monroe 1504-B Mt. Vernon Ave. Kl 8-3361 Alexandria, Va. 168 Compliments of THE BURKE AND HERBERT BANK AND TRUST COMPANY OLDEST BANK IN THE OLD DOMINION Main Office Corner King and Fairfax Streets Branch: 306-8 East Monroe Avenue Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation BALLANCE ' S RX DRUG STORE 3925 Mt. Vernon Ave. Alexandria, Virginia Compliments of R R VENETIAN BLINDS Wdien You Tliink of Hardware and Paints Think of GAINES BROTHERS INC. THE SCOTT SHOP LADIES’ AND JUNIOR APPAREL Champion Award Winninp, Retailer Great Rrand Names of American Fashion Jantzen, Catalina, Sacony, Petti, Joan Miller, Retty Rarclay, Century, Ship n’ Shore, Jonathan Logan 2308 Mt. Vernon Ave. KI 9-6060 Alexandria, Virginia 169 FUEL OIL FANNON’S . . . Your Dad and Mother know us well. Long before the Washington Monument was completed we were serving the people of Alexandria and Fairfax County with Fuel. Graduation time is near and to all those who have succeeded ’n meriting the coveted award of “BEING GRADUATED” we extend our best tvishes. We earnestly hope that each George Washington Graduate will measure ap to the Golden Opportunities that lie ahead. COAL— AUTOMATIC HEAT— FUEL OIL Thomas J. Fannon Sons DUKE and HENRY STREETS ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA Compliments of JULIAN T. BURKE, INC. MUTUAL INSURANCE Phone KI 9-0744 21S King Street Alexandria. Va. King 9-58.5.5 VIRGINIA AUTO UPHOLSTERY CO. Complete Auto, Marine and Aircraft Upholstering 177 N. Fairfax St. Alexandria, Va. More People Ride on Goodyear Tires Than on Any Other Brand GOODYEAR SERVICE STORES 1202 King St. King 9-.5911 Alexandria, Virginia . ■ c 0 i L ( 4 «- Q m ■ !i M 1 i 1 A Clean Car Rides Better and Lasts Longer FLAMINGO CAR WASH Washing, Polishing Steam Cleaning KI 8-85.50 3407 Mt. Vernon Ave. Corner West Glebe Road PARKWAY TEXACO SERVICE STATION 700 Slaters Lane TE 6-9677 170 OIL BURNERS SALES - SERVICE RADIO DISPATCHED EQUIPMENT BUDGET PAYMENTS Aitcheson Fuel Company, Inc Established 1882 500 KING STREET NATIONAL-U. S. RADIATOR HEATING COOLING SYSTEMS LENNOX HEATING AND COOLING SYSTEMS COAL EUEL OIL HOT WATER HEATERS LIQUID LAWN AUTOMATIC GAS OIL FERTILIZER PLANT South Strand Street Between Prince and Duke Streets ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA Phone KI 9-2214 - TE 6-4969 WHITE CROSS CLEANERS Our HAT is off to the Class of ’61 MARIETTA HAT SHOPPE Fairlington Shopping Center Compliments of The finest in roofing R. C. McMILLIAN and sheet metal Shell Gas Station VIRGINIA ROOFING West Glebe Road CORPORATION City Club Velvet Steps KI 9-3700 ELLIS SHOES, INC. 600 N. HENRY STREET 605 King Street Alexandria, Va. Wesboro Weather Bird Vitality Alexandria, Virginia 171 THE BIG THING WOULD BE FAMOUS MAKE FASHIONS Featured in Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Mademoiselle and Glamour Magazines Hayman’s 530 King Street ALEXANDRIA ARLANDRIA ARLINGTON MANASSAS PETE ' S SNACK SHOP Gorner of Dangerfield and Diagonal S ts. JAMES M. DUNCAN, JR. Associates, Inc. Realtors Insurers 122 N. Alfred St. KI 8-8400 GAS APPLIANCE SERVICE CO. Furnace Gleaning and Repairs “Oldest Exclusive Gas Repair in Northern Virginia” 1609 King St. Alexandria, Va. KI 8-6900 Compliments of GRACE POWELL Complete Line of Men’s Shoes for Dress Work ALSO EXPERT SHOE REPAIR TEMPLE SHOE STORE 1212 King Street Alexandria, Va. Helen B. Lemeshewsky Arthur Lemeshewsky King 9-7315 HUNTING TOWERS Mt. Vernon Boidevard Alexandria, Va. APARTMENTS FURNISHED AND UNFURNISHED KI 8-8484 172 HODGE ' S GULF SERVICE 2301 Commonwealth Ave. Alexandria Phone overlook 3-0802 Complete Auto Service ]. B. Hodges, Prop. Temple 6-4792 GRACE L. SMITH Sewing, Alterations and Repairing on Men’s and M’omen’s Clothing 209 East Delray Ave., Alexandria, Va. PERRINE BROS., INC. 1836 Braddock Road Alexandria, Virginia KI 9-2929 Compliments MRS. MAYBELLE LUCKETT and MISS PATRICIA LUCKETT LEVINSON CLOTH INC COMPANY Headquarters for G. W. Cadet Uniforms and Corps 424 King Street ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA King 9-0829 Compliments of THE COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY KI 8-0125 1500 King St. Ale.xanchia, Virginia GEORGE WASHINGTON HIGH OFFICIAL CLASS RINGS manufactured by HERFF JONES COMPANY Furnished through JAMES L. DECK P. O. Box 4735 Richmond 29, Virginia 173 CAPITAL COURTESY OF LIGHTING SUPPLY J. C PENNEY LIGHTING FIXTURES SHOW ROOM COMPANY 1505 Prince St. TE 6-8845 Alexandria, Virginia “Alexandria’s Most Complete Department Store ONE STOP SHOPPING For Compliments of THE ENTIRE FAMILY SOUTHERN BARBER SHOP Gharge Accounts Now Available ONE HOUR MARTINIZING The Most in Dry Gleaning Laundry Service 1632 King St. OV 3-0783 H. Iroff Alexandria, Va. Self-Service Dime Laundromat 1037 W. Glebe Road ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA WASH-20C DRY-lOc Never Glosed Glean Gonvenient 174 Compliments of THE DIME STORE 1306 Mt. Vernon Ave. Alexandria, Virginia “Xeigliborhood Variety Store” School Supplies King 8-2128 MARGUERITE Hair Stylist Marguerite McCloskey 910 King Street Alexandria, Va. DIXIE PIG Barbee-Que POWHATAN and BASHFORD LANE REAL ESTATE Sales — Rentals — Insurance Appraisals Property Insurance JAMES H. L. JACOB Incorporated REALTORS and INSURERS 416 Prince Street KI 9-8110 Alexandria, Virginia ICE Serving Alexandria Since 1873 MICO PARTY ICE . . . . . . ESSO HEATING OIL “The Fueling Is Mutual” 175 WELLINGTON HOUSE Furniture and Decorations S09 South Washington St. King 9-5800 Phone TE 6-9567 ANTONY ' S TEXACO SERVICE Mt. Vernon Hume Commonwealth Aves. Te.xaco Firestone Products Minor Mechanical Work Alexandria, Va. Phone: King 9-3525 DEL RAY HARDWARE Electrical Supplies— Glass— Paints Garden Supplies 2107 Mt. Vernon Ave. Alexandria, Va. Best Wishes and Compliments of LEROY S. BENDHEIM, Mayor City of Alexandria, Virginia REAL ESTATE - INSURANCE SALES-RENTALS-APPRAISALS MANAGEMENT - LOANS 322 S. Washington St. Alexandria, Va. COLONIAL SUNOCO SERVICE 801 N. Washington Street Alexandria, Virginia KI 9-9040 Compliments of GAINES BRUIN AGENCY Insurance for Home— Auto— Business 200 South Pitt Street Alexandria, Virginia Compliments of The Alexandria Gazette “AMERICA’S OLDEST DAILY NEWSPAPER” Established 1784 C. C. CARLIN, JR., President KI 9-0004 176 The First Stop for The Young Mon on His Way to Success at COHEN ' S Quality Shop 1104 King Street K1 8-6206 1 Hour Service ARLANDRIA DRIVE-IN CLEANERS LAUNDERERS 2 Drive-in Service Windows 4125 Mt. Vernon Ave. Alexandria, Va. KI 9-3100 OV 3-3100 MT. VERNON MOTORS, INC. Chrysler — Dodge — Lancer 1930 Diagonal Road 1831 Duke St. DUANE SHOES For the Family 2776 So. Randolph Arlington, Virginia 12 Month Air Conditioning THE KRAFFT COMPANY 3850 So. Four Mile Run Drive Arlington, Va. |A 2-1178 We Pick Up and Deliver “Satisfaction Cuaranteed” VILLAGE CLEANERS Cleaning, Shirts, Laundry Rugs Mt. Vernon Ave. and Herbert St. E. Y. Walter Kl 9-1555 ALEXANDRIA FLORAL CO. The Teresis’s Finest Flowers From Alexandria’s Only Green Houses Kl 9-2666 ' 1600-20 Prince St. Bus.: Kl 9-3577 EUDY ' S AMOCO SERVICE Tires— Batteries— Accessories Lubrication— Car W ' ash— Road Serx ice Minor Repairs— Richard T. Eudy, Mgr. 4122 Mt. Vernon Ave. .Alexandria, Va. 177 MANASSAS ALEXANDRIA 33isfiions in 3uvnituve To Fit Every Home and Every Budget ‘Convenient Budget Terms ‘Carpeting and Accessories ‘Shop in the Home Service ‘Overlook 3-4330 Open Every Evening ' til 9 p.m. - Sots, ' til 6 ROBERrS CUSTOM TAILOR Custom Tailoring for Ladies and Gentlemen ALTERATIONS 107 South Royal Street Alexandria, Virginia ROSENBERGS Since 1913 Outfitters to the Entire Family OV 3-9871 409-411 King St. Alexandria BURKE ' S AMOCO SERVICE Mt. Vernon at Braddock Road Alexandria, Virginia KI 9-1233 HERBY ' S INC. Your Ford, Falcon, Thunderbird Dealer 1600 Duke Street Phone: KI 9-0374 178 ‘‘Greater Convenienee for a Greater Alexandrkr Alexandria A National BANK To reach any of our 5 convenient locations Dial Kl. 8-1500 King and Royal Streets (Main Office) 833 S. Washington St. • Terminal Bldg., Wash. Nat’l Airport Fairlington Shopping Center ♦ Shirley-Duke Shopping Center ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporatio “Opening Three New Bank Buildings in 1961” Virginia Butler, Prop. KI 9-1012 DONIPHAN BEAUTY SALON Specializing in Fine Hair 101 N. Columbus St. Alexandria, Va. LITTLE CARRY GUT SHOP T. A. Gryder CHICKEN SEAFOOD BOXES All food cooked to order while you wait or Delivered Free 6:00 P. M. - 11 P. M. No Delivery on Sundays 602 S. Patrick Alex. KI 8-6099 « COMPLIMENTS OF DAVID R. NIMMER 179 DUNCAN TRANSFER, INC. Dependable Since 1880 LOCAL AND LONG DISTANCE MOVERS 400-410 N. Columbus Street King 9-0473 Alexandria, Virginia SHIRLINGTON GULF STATION Shirlington Shopping Center 2817 S. Quincy St. Arlington, Va. A. L. R. B. Thompson OV 3-9897 Telephone King 9-2616 V. WARD BOSWELL, INC. Real Estate — Remodeling 220 S. Washington St. Alexandria, Va. “Shoes for Entire Eamily” at Great Savings OUTLET SHOE CENTER 801 King Street — 1009 King Street KI 8-7773 Alexandria, Va. COLONIAL CLOTHING APPLIANCE Jewelry and Eurniture 1203 King St. 1229 King St. KI 8-3066 180 CONGRATULATIONS TURK SAYS Smartly Styled Clothes at Lowest Prices Only at TWI SsaiSfl ISW TUXEDO RENTALS TWO LOCATIONS 2402 Mt. Wrnon A enue The Only Men’s Store in Del Ray KI 8-5067 SHIRLINGTON, VIRGINI Shirlington Shopping Genter KI 9-3077 LET US SERVE YOU YOUR DAIRY PRODUCTS AT YOUR DOOR . . . . . . FRESH AND PURE EOR BETTER HEALTH DRINK BETTER MILK Erom Virginia Earms to Virginia Homes KI 9-2525 Gorner Pitt and Princess Streets Alexandria, Virginia ARNA VALLEY ESSO SERVICE CENTER Atlas Tires and Batteries Bill Mittendorf OTis 4-6616 2720 South Glebe Road Arlington, Virginia DUKE STREET BARBER SHOP Across Erom Grand Union Herby ' s 1705 Duke St. Alexandria, Va. Hours: 9-7 — Sat. 9-6 181 Compliments of ROBINSON TERMINAL WAREHOUSE CORPORATION ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA MOUNT VERNON FLORIST EXPERT FLORAL DESIGNING FOR EVERY OGGASION 3830 Mt. Vernon Ave. Phone: KI 9-7433 KI 9-7432 Rudy Vozzola, Prop. THE REMEMBRANCE SHOP Fine Ghina—Grystal— Gifts 3670 KING STREET Bradlee Shopping Genter Alexandria, Virginia Phone TE 6-8338 182 New Furnituie Bedding Lamps Carpeting Aeeessories Lighting Fixtures Bars 3 Room Apt. Speeial Allowanees T rade Diseounts Liberal “We Can Furnish Unusual Items fur Any Special Decor” CONTEMPORARY MODERN EARLY AMERICAN TRADITIONAL NAOMI TOTTEN urnilure 3801 MOUNT VERNON AVENUE • ALEXANDRIA, VA. KI 9-7172 In Alexandria, next to Vernon Theatre — Open Evenings GORE ' S ESSO STATION 703 N. Washington St. Alexandria, Virginia Before and After the Game Visit VALENTINE and BURCH BARBER SHOP Your Business Is Appreeiated 105 S. Alfred St. KI 9-9312 Alexandria, Va. Trust in the T.ORD with all thine heart, and Jean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy path. Prov. 3:5-6. R. L. KANE, INC. REAL ESTATE INSURANCE 311 S. Washington St. KI 9-2800 183 OLD DOMINION MARINE SUPPLIES, INC. Division of CONSOLIDATED MARINE INDUSTRIES, Inc. Area’s Largest Marine Dealer 833 N. Pitt St. KI 8-4200 Complete Marine Supplies BOATS MOTORS TRAILERS ALEXANDRIA ORTHOPEDIC CO. 3015 Washington St. TE 6-8686 Elastic Goods - Invalid Equipment Back Supports - Maternity Supports Elastic Stockings Compliments of ALBERT SMOOT Batteries Accessories Tires GARVEY ' S TEXACO SERVICE STATION King Street and Braddock Road ROAD SERVICE OV 3-9847 KI 9-2489 184 Telephone KI 9-6418 BRADHAM Auto Electric Service Generators - Starters - Ignition Carburetors - Speedometers Motor Tune Up 220 North Henry St. Alexandria, Va. HOME STITCH SHOP Shirlington Business Center 4082 S. 28th St. Arlington, Va. KI 8-5533 “Everything for the woman who sews” Curtains Draperies Eabrics Patterns Notions ALEXANDRIA FURNITURE COMPANY, INC. Budget Home Furnishings for Young Homemakers 1004-1006 King St. Alexandria, Virginia HOUSE OF BEAUTY DISTINCTIVE HAIR STYLING EXPERT TINTING 3856 Mount Vernon Ave. Alexandria, Virginia Open Wednesday and Thursday Evenings Until 9:00 King 8-5050 AMPLE PARKING 185 FOR YOUR PROM I have a shop full of the prettiest party dresses and prom gowns you’ve ever seen. ALTERATIONS ARE FREE I’m looking forward to seeing you CHARLOTTE BARRY BRIDAL MART ST 3-0022 515 Eleventh St. N. W. just down from F st. “Murder Is Our Business” H. H. SERVICE CO., INC. General E.vterminating Termite Control 3802 Mt. Vernon Ave. Ale.xandria, Va. overlook 3-1193 Florence Barencshee FOR THE BEST OFFICE POSITIONS IN THE ALEXANDRIA AREA VISIT POTOMAC EMPLOYMENT AGENCY 911 King Street ALEXANDRIA KI 9-5055 ARLANDRIA BARBER SHOP Arlandria Shopping Center 3838 Mt. Vernon Ave. Alexandria, Virginia HAIRE PRINTING COMPANY Printers — Stationers 206-8 Cameron Street Alexandria, Virginia SECURITY SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Arlandria 4115 Mt. Vernon Ave. Alexandria, Virginia 186 VARIETY RECORDS ROCK ’N’ ROLL CLASSICAL POPULAR 3622 King Street — Bracllee Hours: 10-9 King 8-6838 TICKEL ' S INC. Automotive Parts and Service 1800 Diagonal Road Alexandria, Virginia Compliments of F. W. WOOLWORTH ' S KIRK BROTHERS, INC. Realtor — Insurance 500 King Street KI 9-0135 P. O. Box 328 Alexandria, Virginia POLK MOTOR COMPANY, INC. 1646 King Street Alexandria, Virginia KI 9-0567 Studio: Kl 8-5060 Residence: OV 3-0021 WILLIAM C. ARNOLD PHOTOGRAPHER 201 South Washington Street Alexandria, Virginia MT. VERNON SERVICE PHARMACY “Service at Its Best” . . 1515 Mt. Vernon Ave. Alexandria, Virginia TE 6-0100 and TE 6-0101 S II Green Stamps Shoe Repairing FIESTA CLEANERS SHIRT LAUNDERER Specializing in Tailoring Phone: King 9-9480 187 JIMMY ' S FLOWERS Phone OV 3-4600 111 S. Alfred St. Alexandria, Virginia Ft. Belvoir Ext. 2-2243 Special Discount to Students Studio TE 6-1415 Residence OV 3-0319 TOWN COUNTRY REALTY CO. 3806 Mt. Vernon Ave. Alexandria, Virginia Compliments of CUNNINGHAM FUNERAL HOME, INC WILLIAM W. CUNNINGHAM W. BEVERLY MOUNTCASTLE LILLIE V. CUNNINGHAM A. K. ROYSTON Cameron and Alfred Streets ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA KI 9-1800 Compliments of THE VERNON THEATRE 3707 Mt. Vernon Avenue KI 8-3031 BALDWIN ' S QUALITY CLEANERS LAUNDERS W’e Call for and Deliver 805 Bashford Lane Alexandria, Va. TAILORING -SHOE REPAIR FURS - STORAGE KIn ' 8-7614 Free E.stimates ALEXANDRIA WOODWORKERS Complete Carpentry Service — Porclie.s CaraRe.s—Carport.s— Attics— Cabinets— Siding No Job Too Small— No Job Too Large Jack Leach, Owner 1305 King St. Alexandria, Va. GRAHAM OGDEN, INC. Realtors, Insurance, Bonding and Investments 803 King Street Alexandria, Va. King 9-1300-1301 TEmple 6-1300 188 High School Men and University Classmen Once you visit our UNIVERSITY CLUB (a shop within a shop) you’ll know at once it’s The Apparel Shop for You! You may feel a bit pampered because our University Club has been created as a place where your taste will be understood . . . and provided for. PLEASE DROP IN Your charge account invited TED LOUIS SHOP Shirlington Business Center OV 3-1411 ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA Seat Covers Tops General Auto Upholstery Repairs Mufflers Specializing in Insurance Work SEATCO CENTER Corner Peyton Prince Streets Austin ]. Edison OV 3-5670 Compliments of DEL-RAY BARBER SHOP Alexandria, Virginia 2016 Mt. Vernon Ave. W. T. Wood, Prop. Compliments of ALBERrS RESTAURANT 1806 King Street .Alexandria, Virginia 189 “Specialists in the Real Estate Profession” Ebner R. Duncan Company, Inc. King 9-3530 916 PRINCE STREET Alexandria, Virginia ALEXANDRIA WATCH HOSPITAL All Work Done on Premises and Guaranteed Jack 1211 King Street The Watchmaker Alexandria, Va. WALTER C. DAVIS AND SON, INC. ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR 1509 Prince Street Alexandria, Virginia “We Build for Tomorrow By Service of Today” KI 9-2092 OV 3-2486 Clothiers Haberdashers ROGER ' S MEN ' S SHOP “The Store of Top Brands” 3901-B Mt. Vernon Ave. TE 6-1221 Alexandria, Virginia Phones; KI 8-9046 KI 8-1374 DELL RAE USED CARS New and Used Cars— Bought and Sold Represented By 3501 Mt. Vernon Ave. L. L. Medlin Ale.xandria, Va. HADEED RUG CLEANING CO. Carpet and Rug Sales ORIENTAL DOMESTIC 1502 Mt. Vernon Ave. KI 9-1604 Alexandria, Virginia Compliments of THE CIRCE HOUSE Eairlington 190 191 VIRGINIA ELECTRIC AND POWER COMPANY Your Ideal Solution To Group Transportation Deluxe air-conditioned, reclining seat cruisers for your distant trips A. B. W. TRANSIT CO. Regular city type Buses for your local trips Serving Virginia dependably for over 39 years TE 6-4500 Charter Dept. Sclieduled Sen’ice 192 CALL One of the World s Largest Movers «9«ncy 99pr0» VHtWitK m «iif»«iii«ii , Hk» w»rfd„ AittitT % fAXTON ' fP i Paxton ' s complete, per- sonally oHended services include: • moving • crating • shipping • export • storage packing IF YOU’RE MOVING SOMEPLACE Paxton van lines, 327 N. FAIRFAX STREET, ALEX., VA. Phone King 8-6400 Members: Movers ' Ji Warehouseman’s Association of America. Ino. INC 193 mior Statistics DAVE AAGESON: Var. Football; JV Crew. LYNN ABRAHAM: Student Council; Pep; Bible; Library; Jr. Red Cross; Honor RolKl). KAREN ABRAMSON: Student Council; Sec., Trees., Quill Scroll; Quill Palm; Picture Ed., Asst. Ed. Advertising, COMPASS; SURVEYOR; V. Pres. Spanish; Sec. Astronomy; Pep; Grounds; Latin; Dramatics; Honor Roll(3). IRWIN AINSFIELD: V. Pres., Junior Class; Monogram; Donee; Ensemble; Var. Football; Var. Track; Intramurals. URSULA ALEXANDER: Spanish; Guidance Ass ' t; Honor RollO). GILBERT ALLEN: Var. Golf, Intramurals. PHYLLIS ALLEN: Student Council; Mayor of City, Girls ' State; Junior Board; Sec., Dramatics; Spanish; Pep; F.T.A.; Bible; Girls ' Chorus; Library; Red Cross; Honor Roll(2). SULEYMAN ANDOLSUN: Var. Football; Honor RolKl). DAVID ASHELFORD: Student Council; Sgt. at Arms, D.O.; Pvt., Cadets; Monogram; F.B.L.A.; Driving; Crew. SALLY ATKINS: Cheerleaders; F.B.L.A.; Dramatics. CAROL AUSTIN: Quill Palm; Soph. Board; Sec., V.O.T.; Astronomy; Library; Intramurals; Honor RollO). SHARON AXTELL: Student Council; Quill Palm; Jr. Board; Pres., 2nd. Vice Pres., Pari., F.B.L.A.; Sr. Band; Honor Roll(7). MARTIN BANTON: V. Pres., Quill Palm; Boys ' State; Pres., V. Pres., World Events; Latin; Sgt., Cadets; Honor R0IK6). JAMES BARRON: JV Football. WILLIAM BARWICK, JR.; Spanish; Astronomy. PEGGY BAXLEY: Student Council; Typist, COMPASS; Bible; Attendance Ass ' t. PATRICIA BAYLISS: Student Council; Jr. Board; Spanish; Adv. Girls ' Chorus; Girls ' Chorus; Monitor; G.A.A.; Jr. Red Cross; Honor RolKl). TRACY BAYLISS: Driving; Art; Var., JV; Football. JOHNNY BEASLEY: Honor RolK2). THOMAS BERN FRANCES BERRYMAN: G.A.A. PAUL BLACKMER; Dance; Var., JV, Football; Var. Wrest- ling; Var. Track; Intramurals. MARY BLAIR: W. Va., Student Council; Treas., Class Officer. JEAN BOWLING: Ass ' t, Ad., Ad., Mgr., SURVEYOR; Ad, COMPASS; Reporter, F.H.A.; V.O.T.; Fed. Officer, F.H.A.; Music; Pep. SUSAN BOWMAN: Quill Palm; Quill Scroll; Ads., COM- PASS; French; Groveton, Va.; Student Council; Yearbook; Pep; Latin; Honor R0IK6). SANDRA BRECAR: F.H.A.; F.B.L.A. THOMAS BRIEL KAY BROOKS: Quill Palm; Pres., Library Ass ' t.; Sec., World Events; Honor R0IK6). GUS BROWN: Driving; Sr. Band; Intramurals. ANN BRYANT: F.B.L.A.; Bible; Adv. Girls ' Chorus. THOMAS BRYANT: Pres., D.O. DOREEN BACK: Library; World Events; Honor RolKl). THOMAS BUCKLER: Monogram; Var. Football; Var., JV, Basketball; Var. Track; Honor RolKl). WALT BURKE: LITTLE HATCHET. JOHN CALLAS, JR.: Caduceus; Orchestra; Sr. Band. JOHN CALOMERIS LAWRENCE CAMERON: Cross-country; Crew; Intramurals. JEAN CAMBELL: Reporter, F.H.A.; F.T.A.; Girls ' Chorus; Sr. Band. CAROLYN CARRELL: Guidance Ass ' t; Colorado, Pep. STEPHEN CASTLE: JV Crew; Ohio, Astronomy; JV Foot- ball; JV Baseball; JV Basketball. MEREDITH CATE: Student Council; Pep; Ads, COMPASS; Spanish. JANICE CATOR; V.O.T.: Girls ' chorus; Jr. Red Cross. JOHN CHADWICK: Student Council; Dance; Driving; Var. Cross-country; Var. Basketball; Var. Track. RICHARD CLAYTON JAMES CLEVENGER GERE COAKLEY: Student Council; Library; Honor RolK4). KAY COCKRILL; V.O.T. JERALD COHEN: Sports Ed., SURVEYOR; Latin; JV Crew. JAMES COLASANTO: JV Football; JV Track. PATRICIA COMER; F.H.A. 194 DONALD COOK; Spanish, Art; Honor Roll(2). ANITA EVANS: Sec., Freshman Class; F.B.L.A. JUDITH COOPER: Art; Bookroom; Rifle; 2nd Lt., Liwiski, Cadets. LYNDA EVANS: Thespians; Dramatics; West Va.; Thes- pians; Yearbook; Pep; Tri-Hi-Y. JOYCE EZZELL: F.B.L.A.; V.O.T. JANET CORNWELL: Rhode Island; Pres., Horse; Future Nurse. JAY FAIRFAX: World Events. ROBERTA CORTILLA: Orchestra. JACQUELINE COSBY; Student Council; Quill Palm; Jr. Board; Pep; Honor RolKS). JENNIFER FAULDS: Historian, Thespians; Quill Palm; Poetry Ed. LITTLE HATCHET; World Events; French; Dra- matics; Adv. Girls ' Chorus; France; Pres., Jr. National Honor Society; Treas., Art; Newspaper; Yearbook; Pep; Honor RolKS). JOHN CRADDOCK: Student Council; Boys ' State; Treas., Soph. Class; Jr. Board; Monogram; Pep; Sr. Band; Var. Foot- ball; Var. Track; Intramurals; Honor RolKl). BRIAN FENDRICK: Student Council; Sports Ed., SURVEYOR; World Events; JV Football; JV Track; Intramurals. JANIS CROCKET: Pub. Man., Majorette; Sec., Spelling; Honor Roll(2). MICHAEL FERGUSON: Honor Roll(4). JOHN CUNNINGHAM: Chaplain, D.O.; Var. Football. MARY ELLEN FILE: Soph. Board; Dance; Music; Caduceus; Adv. Girls ' Chorus; Ensemble; Jr. Red Cross. ELIZABETH CUSTER: V.O.T.; Virginia; Student Council; Beta. GAYLE FLETCHER: V.O.T. DAVE FONES GALEN DANIS: Monogram; Debate; Driving; Var. Football; JV Track; JV Crew; JV Wrestling. JOAN DAVIS: SURVEYOR; World Events; Library; Honor RollO). RAYMOND FOOTE: Student Council; Quill Palm; Boys ' State; Soph. Board; Jr. Board; Pres., Reporter, F.B.L.A.; Boys ' Glee; Advanced; Honor RolKS). MARY LEE DENSMORE: Student Council; Pep; French; As- tronomy; Dance; Library; Jr. Red Cross. PAULINE FOX: Ads. COMPASS; Ads., SURVEYOR; Pep; Art; Monitor. CONSOTANCE DEVOL: Treas., V.O.T.; Girls ' Chorus; Tail- P r- JAMES FREEMAN: Washington, D. C. Wvjii, rcjJ. JIM DIAMOND: Monogram; Dance; Boys ' Glee; Var. Bas- JEANNE FREEZE: Student Council; Sec., Treas., Ensemble; Spanish; Dramatics; Adv. Chorus; Music; Sr. Band. ketball; Var. Baseball; JV Football. ROBERT DODD: JV Football; JV Track. LYNNE FROELICK: V. Pres., Sec., Treas., Caduceus; Latin; Pep; Clinic; Jr. Red Cross. WADE DODGENS BARBARA FROMM: French Pep; Astronomy; Library. LEWIS FULWILER: JV Football; JV Crew. RONALD DOWDY: Student Council; Soph. Board; Mono- gram; F.B.L.A.; Pep; Jr. Red Cross; Bookroom; Var. Football; JV Football; Var., JV Baseball; Var. Wrestling; Intramurals. CHRISTINE FURR EILEEN DUNLAP: Ads. COMPASS Pep; F.T.A.; Library; Jr. Red Cross. MARY SUE GARNER: Sec., G.A.A.; Pep; Racket Squad; Honor RollO). STANLEY DURKEE: Ex. Comm., Student Council; Boys ' State; Sgt.-at-Arms, Quill Palm; Pres. Sr. Class; Treas. Jr. JOYCE GARRIS: Student Council; Bible; Honor Roll(2). Class; Pres., .Astronomy; Grounds; Var., JV Crew; Intramur- als; Honor Roll(4). PATRICIA GOINGS: World Events; Bible; Jr. Red Cross; Honor RolK2). RAYMOND DUVALL ROSLYN GOLDEN: Historian, G.A.A.; Art; Majorette. RAE EDMONSON: Caduceus; Astronomy; Orchestra; Sr. Band. -THOMAS EDWARDS: Monogram; Dance; Var., JV Foot- ball; Var., JV Baseball. DAY GOLT: Student Council; Ads SURVEYOR; Jr. Board; Pep; F.T.A.; Music; Girls ' Chorus; Dramatics; F.B.L.A.; Hon- or RolK2). JOSEPHINE EIDEM: French; Pep; F.T.A.; Dramatics; Na- tional Fraternity of Student Musicians; Fla.; Cheerleaders. LORRAINE GOTT: Page Ed., SURVEYOR; Pres., Sec., G.A.A.; F.T.A; World Events; Caduceus Dramatics; Library; Intramurals; Honor RolKl). GEORGE ELLMORE: Honor RollO). CHRISTINE GRAHAM: Sr. Band; Jr. Red Cross; Virginia; Sec., 4H; Pres., Science. 195 DANIEL GRAVES; Honor Roll(3). JUDITH GULLEDGE: G.A.A. BETTY HALL: G.A.A. ; V.O.T. FRED HANSCOM: Photographer, COMPASS; Photographer, SURVEYOR; Cadets; Rifle Team; Var. Crew. JAMES HARRUP: Bible; Band. WILLIAM HAYDEN: Dance; D.O. JOYCE HAYWARD: Bible; New York; Booster Club. CAROLYN HEALY: Intramurals; V.O.T.; Honor R0IK6). PEGGY HEITZELMAN: Oregon; Student Council; Career Council; Var. Swimming. ROBERT HEMPHILL: Quill Palm; COMPASS; Latin Crew; Ass ' t Ed. LITTLE HATCHET; Japan; Student Council; Honor R0IK6). ROBERT HENNESSY: SURVEYOR; Monogram; Pep; Foot- ball; Var. Baseball; Var. Crew; Phillipine; Student Council; Okinawa; Football; Baseball; Basketball; H onor Roll(2). DEANNA HICKS: Student Council Ads., COMPASS; Dra- motics; Bible; Caduceus; Intramurals. DIANA HICKS: Pres., F.T.A.; Library. FRANK HICKS: Var., JV Football; JV Baseball; JV Track; Intramurals. JANE HICKS: F.B.L.A. KATIE HICKS: Pres., Historian, Marching Majorettes; Pres., Adv. Girls ' Chorus; Pep; Ensemble. MARY HOPE HOLLAND: Sec., Treas., Lewiski; Spanish; Li- brary; Sgt., Cadets. JAMES HOOE: Art. RICHARD HOUSER: Student Council; Jr. Board. NANCY HOWELLS: Correspondence Ed., SURVEYOR; Dra- matics; F.B.L.A. JOY HOUSE: SURVEYOR; Arts; Girls ' Chorus; F.B.L.A.; Honor Roll(2). BETTY HUDSON: Virginia: Var. Cheerleaders; F.H.A.; Monogram. GERHARD HUEFNER: World Events; Sr. Band; Spanish; Virginia; Spanish. JOHN HUETTER: Pres., Student Council; Quill Palm; Quill Scroll; Boys ' State; LITTLE HATCHET; SURVEYOR; Soph. Board; Pres., Spanish; Var., JV Football; Var., JV Crew; Kansas; V. Pres., Student Council; Newspaper; Columnist; Pres. Spanish; Pres. Science; Honor Roll(3). ROBERT HUNGERFORD: Tr eas., Spanish; Bays ' Glee Club; Ensemble; Monogram; JV Football; Var. Baseball; Var. Bas- ketball; Intramurals. SHELLY JACOBS: Germany; Treas., Soph. Class. DAVID JOHNSON MARGARET JONES: Executive Comm., Student Council; Pep; Sec., Quill Palm; Vice Pres., Quill Scroll; Girls ' State; Assistant Ed.-in-Chief, COMPASS; Spanish; Dance; Hon- or Roll(4). DAVID KATZ: Student Council; Pep; Quill Palm; Sports Ed., COMPASS; Latin; Monogram; Dance; JV Football; JV Basketball; Var., JV Crew; Honor R0IK6). ARTHUR KAY LAURAINE KELLY: Pres., Caduceus; Bible; Jr. Red Crass; Library Ass ' t.; Intramurals. BETTY LOU KILROY: Student Council; Pep; SURVEYOR; Caduceus; F.B.L.A.; Adv. Girls ' Chorus. SARAH KING: Student Council; Exchange Ed., SURVEYOR; French; Bible; F.H.A.; Honor Roll(3). CHARLOTTE KIRSHBAUM: French; Spanish; Music; Library Ass ' t. TOBY KIRSCHNER: Girls ' State; Pres., Treas., F.T.A.; V. Pres., World Events; Honor R0IKI). LEE THOMAS KOEPPING: V. Pres., Cadets; Sgt., Cadets. TERASA KOZLIK: Majorette; Pari., D.O.; Girls ' Chorus; Adv. Girls ' Chorus; Francis C. Hammond; Treas., Majorette; Camera; F.H.A.; V. Pres., Art; Morning Watch. MARCIA KUHL: Adv. Grils ' Chorus; Penn., Drama; Senior Chorus; Latin; A B Honor Club; Honor Roll(2). PRISCILLA LAINOF: Pari., Thespians; Spanish; Dramatics; Honor Roll(2). LYNDA LAMM: G.A.A.; Oklahoma; Pep. BEVERLY LANCASTER: Caduceus; V.O.T.; Y Teens. VIRGIE LANDRUM: South Carolina: Latin; F.H.A. MICHAEL LEE: Student Council; Monogram; Astronomy; Var. Football; JV Crew; Intramurals. HARRIETTE LEEF: Honor RolKl). MARTHA LEEF: Student Council; Quill Palm; SURVEY- OR; Ads., COMPASS; Pep; Grounds; French; Dramatics; Span- ish; Treas., Cheerleaders; Jr. Red Cross; School Store; Honor R0IK6). JUDITH LEFLER: V.O.T.; Virginia; Tri High Y; Science; Treas., G.A.A. GEORGE LEMESHEWSKY NANCY LESTER: Student Council; Ass ' t. Ad. Man., SUR- VEYOR; V.O.T.; Girls ' Chorus; P ep; Art; Honor RolKl). ANN LITTLE: Treas., G.A.A.; French; D.O.; Library; North Carolina; Glee Club; Honor Roll(2). 196 LYNDA LONDON; Sec,, Hist., Thespians; Dramatics; F.T.A.; Library Ass ' t. ELIZABETH LYNCH BARRY LYNGARD; Student Council; Quill Palm; Ass ' t. Ed., Sports Ed.., SURVEYOR; Treas., Thespians; Junior Bd.; Lotin; JV Crew; Honor Roll(4). MEREDITH McCULLOUGH: Pori., Cheerleader; Sec., Span- ish; Librarian; Ensemble; Pep; Dramatics; G.A.A. CAROL McGOWAN; Spanish. MARGO McKNIGHT: Student Council; Pep; Ads., COM- PASS; LITTLE HATCHET; Art, Dramatics; Astronomy; Adv. Girls ' Chorus. ALBERT McNETT: Orchestra; Senior Band. JOHN MANEY: Spanish; JV Football; Var., JV Basketball; Var., JV Track; holy; Soccer. DENNIS RONALD MARSHALL; 2nd V. Pres., Student Coun- cil; Boys ' State; Pub. Char., Jr. Class; Treas., Quill Polm; Pres., V. Pres., Thespians; Ass ' t. News Ed., SURVEYOR; Pres., V. Pres., Dramatics; Spanish; Honor RolKS). THOMAS MARTIN; Student Council; All-State Band; Boys ' Glee Club; Dance; Intramurals; JV Crew. CLIFTON WARREN MATTOX; Pres., V. Pres., Debate; As- tronomy; World Events; Caduceus; Photographer SURVEYOR; COMPASS. JUDY MAYER; Pres., Quill Scroll; Quill Palm; Jr. Board; Ed.-in-Chief, LITTLE HATCHET; Ads., COMPASS; World Eevents; Spanish; Pep; Intramurals; Honor RolKS). FRANCES LEE MENSER; F.B.L.A. JAN MILLER; Quill Palm; Treas,, Music; F.T.A.; Pres., Orchestra; Honor R0IK6). MARILYN MILLER; Ads., COMPASS; Spanish; Girls ' Chor- us; Honor RolKS). BRAXTON MONCURE; Ed., Classes, COMPASS; Treas,, World Events; Sponish. JOHN MONROE; 1st V. Pres., Student Council; Honor and Discipline; Student Council; Boys ' State; V. Pres., Freshman Class; Pres., Soph. Class; Pres., Junior Class; Most Outstand- ing Junior Boy; Pres., Treas., Spanish; Monogram; Dance; Football; Track; Crew; Wrestling; Intramurals; Honor RolKl). LEWIS MOORE; Astronomy. JEFFREY MOREHOUSE; Student Council; Quill Palm; Monogram; Jr. Red Cross; Crew; Cross-Country; Honor Roll(4). KATHLEEN MORGAN; Liwiski; V.O.T.; Platoon Sgt., Cadets. JAMES MORRISON; Honor RolK2). SIDNEY MOYER COURTNEY MUDD; Caduceus; World Events; Pep; Platoon Sgt., Cadets; Track; Honor RolK4). JUDITH ANN MUMBOWER; Quill Palm; Pres., F.B.L.A.; Library Ass ' t,; Spain; Student Council; Sec., Spanish; G.A.A.; Honor R0IK6). JOSEPH NAYLOR; Student Council; Jr. Board; Monogram; Spanish; Var., Football Var., Basketball; Var., JV Crew; JV T rack. HELEN NEIL; Spanish; Pep; F.B.L.A.; Library. FRANK NORCOM; F.B.L.A.; Sr. Band. LAURETTA NORTON; Ads., COMPASS; SURVEYOR; Pari., World Events; Pep; Library. FRANCIS NOWAK; Student Council; Subscription; Circula- tion, Mgr., SURVEYOR; LITTLE HATCHET; French; World Events; Pep; Art; Dramatics; Monogram; Astronomy; Cadu- ceus Boys ' State; Var. Crew; JV Football; JV Intramurals; Honor R0IKI). MONICA O ' DWYER; Jr. Board; Francis C. Hammond; Adv. Girls ' Chorus; Student Council. PATIENCE OWENS; V. Pres., V.O.T.; Treas., F.B.L.A, ROBIN OYLER; Exec., Student Council; Pres., Quill Palm; Ads., COMPASS; Pres ., Ensemble; Head Var., Sec., JV Cheer- leader; Pep; Dance A Capella; Mixed Chorus; Honor RolK4). SANDRA PALMER; Student Council; Quill Polm; Jr. Board; Pep; Music; Girls ' Chorus; Adv. Girls ' Chorus; Honor RolKS). DOROTHEY PALMORE; Student Council, Ads., COMPASS; Pep; F.B.L.A. ANTOINETTE PENNAZOLI; Cadets; D.O. RUSS PERRY; Spanish; California; Squires. KAREN PFEIFFER; Student Council; Sr. Ed., Ads., COM- PASS; SURVEYOR; Sec., Soph. Class; Soph. Board; Pres., Sec., Var., JV Cheerleader; Pep; Spanish; Latin; Grounds; Guidance Ass ' t; Honor RolKl). SHARON PHILIPPE: Student Council; Exchange Ed., SUR- VEYOR; Pep; Spanish; Caduceus; Dramatics; Music; Band. ROBERT PHILYAW: Student Council; Pep; Monogram; Dance; Boys ' Glee; Var, Baseball; Var., JV Basketball; JV Football. BARBARA PLAMPIN: F.H.A.; V.O.T. SANDRA POET MARION POFF: Student Council; Ads., COMPASS; Quill Palm, Pres., Sec., Sr. Band; F.B.L.A, Honor RolKS). LYNN POOLE: Northern Va. Discussion Leogue; Wo rld Events; Spanish; Caduceus. PATRICIA PULMAN: F.B.L.A.; Honor RolK3). JOSEPH RAISON: JV., Var., Football. STUART RATCLIFFE: Virginia; Student Council. 197 JANE RAWLING: V.O.T. GLENN REA: Honor Roll(2). CHARLES REED SANDRA RENSHAW: Soph. Board; Pep; Music. BUDDY RENZI PATRICIA RING WAYNE ROBEY: Donee; JV Crew; Intramurals. ELIZABETH ROBINSON: F.H.A.; Art. STEPHEN ROBINSON: Student Council; Jr. Red Cross; JV, Vor., Baseball; Intramurals. JAMES ROCCA: SURVEYOR; Non-Fiction Ed., LITTLE HATCHET; Jr. Board; World Events; Latin; Honor RolKI). PEGGY RODDA: Student Council; Pep; V.O.T.; French; Hon- or Roll(4). CRAIG ROGERS LINDA ROLAND DIXON ROLLINS: Student Council; Ed. of Lost Will; Quill Scroll; Ed-in-Chief; COMPASS; V. Pres., Trees., Astronomy; Pep; Monogram; Var., Track; Vor., Crew; Var., Cross Coun- try; Honor RolKl). TONI ROSS: Student Council; Girls ' State; Sec., Jr. Class; News Ed., SURVEYOR; Ads., COMPASS; Pep; Honor Roll(2). BALINT ROZA: Honor Discipline; Student Council; Dance; JV Track. JO ANNE RUHE: F.T.A.: World Events; Norfolk; Student Council; R. I., Cue; Photog.; Student Council; Conn., French; Foreign Rel.; Honor R0IK6). RICHARD RUMSEY: Dance; JV Track; JV Crew; Intro- murals. BETSY RUSSELL: Sec., Art.; Coduceus. MARTHA GAIL SAMETH: Quill Palm; Art. Ed. COM- PASS; SURVEYOR; V. Pres., Latin; Sec., French; World Events; Art; Dromatics; Pres., Jr. Red Cross; Honor R0IK6). JANE ALLISON SAMUELS: Virginia; Pres., Honor Society; Sec., Debate; Cheerleaders; Yearbook; Newspaper; Honor R0IK6). JOHN SCOTT: Student Council; Quill Palm; Soph. Board; Beginners; Intermediate Band; World Events; Astronomy; JV Crew; Honor Roll(4). CAROLYN SETTLE: Ads., COMPASS; Ads., SURVEYOR; Pep; Grounds Comm., Adv. Girls ' Chorus; Jr. Red Cross; F.B.L.A.; Office Ass ' t. BONNIE CAROL SHAFFER: Quill Palm; French; Cadu- ceus; Sr. Band; Penn., F.T.A.; Band; Science; Newspaper; Y-Teens; Honor RolKS). FRANCES SHARP: Exec. Comm., Student Council; Sec. F.T.A.; Adv. Girls ' Chorus; Spelling; Dance; Ensemble; Pep; Jr. Red Cross. PATRICIA ANN SHIFFLETT: V. Pres., G.A.A.; V.O.T. DONALD SHUMAN: Var., JV Football; JV Baseboll; In- tramurals. FRANK SIMMONS: Senior Band; Orchestra. SUSAN SIMMONS: Pres., Sgt.-at-Arms, Mojorettes; Sec., Treas., Adv. Girls ' Chorus; Girls ' Chorus; Marching Majorette; Music; Spanish; Dramatics; Coduceus; Clinic Ass ' t. NANCY SIMPSON: Co-ed. of Prophecy; Quill Scroll; Quill Palm; Ed.-in-Chief, Ass ' t. Feature Ed., SURVEYOR; Pep; World Events; French; Latin; Dromatics; Honor RolKS). JUDITH SLIVINSKI: Ads., COMPASS; V. Pres., Girls ' Chor- us; Historion, Majorette; Marching, Majorette; Pep; Dramat- ics; Music; Adv. Girls ' Chorus; Intramurals. BETTY SMITH: Sec., Majorette; Marching, Majorette; Pep; Adv. Girls ' Chorus; Ensemble; Librarian; Jr. Red Cross. BRAIN SMITH: Student Council; Pres., V. Pres., Sr. Band; Driving; Var. Cross Country. SANDRA SMITH: Pep; Coduceus; Music; Dance. VERNA LEE SMITH: Music; G.A.A. WAYNE SOTUHARD: Quill Palm; Honor Roll(4). RICHARD SPARKS: Chevrons. ROBERT SPILLAN: Student Council; Dance; Boys ' Glee. DONAPHINE SPICER: Student Council; Pep; Music; Art; Adv. Girls ' Chorus; Jr. Red Cross; Office Worker. ALAN SPRING: Sr. Band; Cross Country; Honor Roll(4). JOHN SPRINGER: Student Council; Associate Ed., SUR- VEYOR; Jr. Board; Monogram; Jr. Red Cross; Var. Crew; Mgr., Basketball. SANDRA STAATS: Student Council; Pep. CAROL STEDMAN: Sgt., Cadets. THOMAS STEPHENS: Pres., Freshmon Class; V. Pres., Boys Glee; Monogram; Dance. SUSAN STOVER: Student Council; Jr. Boord; Ensemble; Adv. Girls ' Chorus; Pep; French; Dramatics; Music; Sr. Band; Hall Monitor; Honor(3). WAYNE STRUM: Student Council; Co-Sports Ed., Reporter, SURVEYOR; Astronomy; Vor., JV Cross Country; Honor RolKl). RONALD STULTZ: Ohio; Treas., Jr. Class; Virginia Beach; Reporter; Boys ' Athletic Club. 198 STERLING SUBLETT: Boys ' Glee; JV Football; JV Trock. TONI SWAIN: Student Council; Ads., SURVEYOR; COM- PASS; School Store. TERRY SWEAT: Art Ed., LITTLE HATCHET; Pep; French; F.T.A.; Majorette; Groveton; French; Pep; Vor., Majorette; Honor Roll(2). DONNA SWISHER: Jr. Board; Dramatics. BURNARD TALLMAN: Sr. Band. PAUL TANGUAY: Astronomy; Monogram; Ensemble; Boys ' Glee; JV Football; Var., Track; Cross Country; Vor., JV Crew; Intramurals; Honor Roll(3). PATRICIA RAE THOMAS WILLIAM E. THOMAS: Student Council; Monitor; JV, Var., Baseball; JV Football. JANET LOUISE THURMAN: Student Council; Quill Palm; Quill Scroll; Mgr. Ads., COMPASS; Dramoties; Pep; F.T.A.; Honor Roll(6). CAROL TIMBERLAKE: Pep; Girls ' Chorus. JAMES TIMBERLAKE: V. Pres., Drivers; Boys ' Glee; Var., Football; JV Track; Var. Crew; Var. Wrestling; Intramurols. PATRICIA TISHMAN: Student Council; Pori., F.B.L.A.; Hon- or RollO). BARBARA TOMBLINSON: COMPASS; Pep; Art; World Events; Majorette; Red Cross; Honor RolKl). ANTHONY TORCHIA: Honor R0IK6). CHARLENE TRENARY: Jr. Board; Treas., Hist., Majorettes; Marching Majorette; Pep; Mr. Garner ' s Office; Adv. Girls ' Chorus; Jr. Red Cross; Honor Roll(4). VICTORIA VAUGHAN: Ads., COMPASS; Vor. Cheerleoder; Pep; Spanish; Girls ' Chorus; Adv. Girls ' Chorus; G.A.A.; Rhode Island; Pep Night; Rifle: Taiwan; Dance; Glee; Honor Roll(2). STEPHEN VERMILLION: Soph. Board; Dance; Monogram; Var. JV Footboll; Intromurals; Honor RollO). GEORGE VINCENT: Student Council; Monogram; Spelling; Var., Football; Var., Crew; Intromurals. TOMMIE VINCENT: Reporter; F.B.L.A.; Dromotics; Mortins- burg, W. Va.; Pres., JV Band. MILDRED VOGT: Student Council; Quill Palm; Dramatics; Pep; Honor Roll (5). EFTALIA VOUROS: Ads., COMPASS; Majorette; Adv. Girls ' Chorus. GEORGEANN WAGGAMAN: Co-Chair., Grounds; Spanish; Art; St. Marys ' Academy; Dramatics. SYLVIA WALLACE: Pub. Man., Majorette; Marching Majorette; Pep; World Events; Spanish. NICHOLAS WALSH: Fiction Ed., LITTLE HATCHET; Spanish; Maryland; Latin. JAMES WALTERS: Student Council; Governor, Boys ' State; Char., Pep; Pres., V. Pres., World Events; Debate; JV Track; JV Football; Honor RolKl). MARY WANNER: Student Council: Quill Polm; Act. Ed., COMPASS; Co-Char., Pep; World Events; Grounds; Intra- murals; Honor RolKS). GEORGE WARD: Honor Discipline, Student Council; Pres., V.O.T.; Cashier, Student Bank. JOSEPH WARD: Pari. D.O. DAVID WASHBURN: World Events; Astronomy; Honor Roll (1). ELIZABETH ANNE WATKINS: SURVEYOR; Spanish; Music; Honor Roll(2). SANDRA WATSON: Ads., COMPASS; V. Pres., Library; Pub. Chair., World Events; Pep; French; Honor RolKl). DIANNE WEAVER: V.O.T. JEAN WEBSTER: Sec., Treas. Honor and Discipline, Student Council; Sec., Sr. Class. SUZANNE WEIMER: Student Council; Honor RolK4). LINDA WELLS: South Carolina; Pres., Home Ec. Boaster. JOHNSON WHITE: D.O., Var., JV Crew. SIDNEY WHITE: Band, Var., Crew. SUSAN WHITE: Student Council; Girls ' State; Grounds; Pep; V. Pres., Thespians; Dramatics; French; Astronomy. DIANNE WHITTINGTON: Student Council; Adv. Chorus; Sgt. of Arms; Majorettes, Marching, Majorette; Pep; Girls ' Chorus. KAREN WILLIAMS: Sec., F.H.A.; Pep; Art; G.A.A.; At- tendance Ass ' t. ROBERT WILLIAMS: Student Council; Honor RolK4). BRENDA WILTSHIRE: Student Council; V.O.T. LYMAN WOLLABER: Student Council; V. Pres. Ensemble; Boys ' Glee; All State Chorus; Monogrom; Vor. Football; JV Crew; Var. Intromurals. JUDITH WOOD: Sec., Pari., District Reporter; State Reporter; D.L.; F.H.A. BICKEY WOOD: Student Council; Quill Polm; Ads., COM- PASS; Pep; World Events; Latin; Bible; Dramatics; Caduceus; Adv. Girls ' Chorus; Library Ass ' t; Clinic Ass ' t Honor R0IK6). MARGARET WOODS: D.O.; Virginia A.A.A. SANDRA WORKMAN: Pres., Bible; Pres., G.A.A.; V.O.T.; Mixed Chorus; Ensemble; All Stote Chorus; Jr. Red Cross. LAURIE YINGLING: Student Council; Quill Palm; Pep; Latin; Spanish; World Events; Dramatics; Honor RolK4). MALCOLM ZUIDEMA: Treas., Bible; World Events; Boys ' Glee; Mgr. Football. 199 irfograptjs 333 INDIANA AVENUE WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. THE LIBRARY OF VIRGINIA 1000755395 L •V-

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