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 e » « u • o i ko IK r"' ? V v ju 0 ? t K» 5? Vb « ■£ 0 s £ S - Sr • -c -c jp 'S k 2' ' -4? - 5 s j 5 = J =s VJ° » ° g6 «eti: l| D 0] ni ALEXANDRIA fUBLlC SQUARE. N fIBOUT IQOO T 7i 4 T» t) '%y 7 0 0 C D i ft v S a o o ? V poo Q Q 0 o i° ° t)fl o 0 Q BOO JLU UL 111 1 JLU mu CAT1E RON STREET M — a. l “ sd rr b o - i r v (ttompass ’57 (Spurge pJasfymgton |39 (Alexandria, igl| cljool rgtnta Page Onetljis is g. 'flu. FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!— yell the cheerleader at an a ternooo pep rally. FOREWORD Time passes, but memories remain. Alexandria, with its rich heritage of tradition, has many such memories. The very ground you are stepping on has been trod upon by history-making figures from the eighteenth through the twentieth centuries. Are not these very walls named for a forceful hero of great repute? A school’s fame is based not only on its past, but also on its present and future. Each tomorrow is soon a yesterday. You and I are the history-makers for George Washington High School. THE FUTURE IS OURS! Page TwoPage Threesneak preimfa Classes ........... Page 6 Sports Page 116 Faculty Page 60 Cadets Page 136 Activities Page 74 Advertisements Page 146 "IN IT GOES"—At the bonfire and parade, Sue Mun-Kcr and Billie Howland, with other cheerleaders, help throw in the W-L dummy. A THRILLING MOMENT—for Queen Sue Hart while Martha Duke crowns her. Jean Pennington and Barbara Hyde look on. Page PourGeorge Washington High School’s Athletic Department has progressed a great deal since its beginning. In 1934, when it was first organized, the department consisted of two coaches and offered four sports, none of which had Jayvee squads. Today in 1957, there are ten coaches who manage football, basketball, cross-country, track, golf, crew, baseball and wrestling, which was added this year on a non-competitive basis, in addition to Jayvee squads. The Athletic Department, under the direction of A. E. Doran, has coached a number of champion teams. The Varsity Football team has been District Champion nine times since ’34. The crew has claimed the National Schoolboy Championship four times and the Basketball team has won the District Championship eleven consecutive times and the State Championship once. students' choice "OUR TEAM LOOKS GOOD”—says Mr. Ford (right) to Mr. Ricer, Doran, Mr. Tabor and Mr. Albany. In addition to Varsity sports, 250 boys participate in Jayvee and Intramural sports. Present G.W. coaches under the guidance of "Rasty” Doran, Director of Athletics in the city of Alexandria, are Steve Osisek, Varsity Basketball, Varsity Golf and Assistant Varsity Football; Jim Ford, Varsity Football, and Assistant Track; Bob Tabor, Varsity Track, Varsity Cross-Country and Jayvee Football; Louis Schreiner, Varsity Baseball and Jayvee Basketball; Frank Kapriva, Assistant Football; Harry Ricer, Jayvee Baseball; Tom Anderson, Wrestling; Julian Whitestone, Varsity Crew; Jack Franklin, Assistant Crew and Joseph Albany, Assistant Football. The Senior Class, therefore, chose to dedicate the 1957 "Compass’’ to the Athletic Department of George Washington High School. "WHAT'S YOUR OPINION?"—asks Mr. Kapriva. directing hi» question to Mr. Whitestone. Mr. Franklin, Mr. Anderson. Mr. Schreiner and Mr. Osisek wait for the answer.Page Six classesPage Seven"THIS IS YOURS!"—Mr. Lindsey hands to Barbara Sanchez her Senior stationery while Tommy Ramey looks on. in tfjese pages SENIOR CLASS HISTORY The 1956-57 school year was an active one for members of the Senior Class. However, in the midst of it all, they took time out to review the years spent at G.W. One memory that stood out was the first time they entered G.W. as Freshmen. The awe they felt for upperclassmen soon disappeared at the beginning of the Sophomore year. During that year, they sponsored a food dance and joined many clubs. Preparations for the Junior-Senior Prom found them as Juniors working hard for the Big Night. Then, at last, they were Seniors. After election of Senior Class officers, it was the seniors' pleasure at class meetings to vote class dues of two dollars per student; to dedicate the "Compass”; to sponsor a four hundred dollar scholarship to a worthy recipient; to donate a gift to the school; and finally to make preparations for the Senior Prom which was held at Arlington Towers. In the early spring, speakers for the commencement exercises were chosen from those seniors who competed on a basis of presentation of original speeches. "I WILL"—John Papagcorgc administers the Quill and Palm oath bara Hall. Bob Gibbs. Betty Gaines. Billy Fidlcr, Priscilla Davis, to Ruth Winters. Frank Reed. Jeanette Padgett, Sandra Nuhn. Bar- Danny Costello and Rhoda Amorky. Page EightSENIOR CLASS OFFICERS The Chief Executive of the Senior Class was Bob Garda. Setting up committees for different activities, presiding over the Senior Class meetings, and portraying Mr. Pruet on Senior Day were some of his duties. Bob was co-captain of the track and basketball teams, participated in football, and was Parliamentarian of the Quill and Palm. He was also a member of the Dance and Monogram Clubs, and Student Council. Bob Gibbs, the Vice-President, assisted the President in his responsibilities and presided over meetings in the Prexie’s absence. Bob participated in football and baseball, and was a member of the Dance and Monogram Clubs. Rose Barber, Secretary of the Senior Class, was appointed by the President and Vice-President. Besides keeping the Senior Class minutes, Rose was a member of the Quill and Palm, the Quill and Scroll, and Assistant Feature Editor of the "Surveyor”. She was also a participant in the Dance and Spanish Clubs. The January Chairman, elected by the January graduating class, was Rocky Rothrock. He presided over the commencement exercises. ROBERT GARDA ROBERT GIBBS President Vice-President ROSE BARBER Secretary HAMILTON ROTHROCK January Chairman SENIOR APPROVAL—Sarah Myers looks on as Mr. Gregory. Mr. Hillman, and Mr. Murdaugh, Senior Class Sponsors. advise Dave Martin and John Kahler. KEY TO ABBREVIATIONS Adjutant—Adj. Advanced Chorus—Adv. Chorus Assistant—Ass't. _ Association—Ass'n. Captain—Capt. Committee—Comm. Diversified Occupations—D.O. Editor—Ed. Executive—Exec. First—1st Freshman—Fresh. Future Business Leaders of America—F.B.L.A. Future Farmers of America—F.F.A. Future Homemakers of America—F.H.A. Future Teachers of America—F.T.A. Girls' Athletic Association—G.A.A. High School—H.S. Historian—Hist. January—Jan. Junior—Jr. Junior Varsity—J.V. Lieutenant—Lt. Major—Maj. Parliamentarian—Pari. President—Pres. Publicity—Pub. Second—2nd Secretary—Sec. Senior—Sr. Sergeant—Sgt. Sophomore—Soph. Treasurer—Trcas. Vice-President—V.Pres. • ine "SELECTED PREXIES"—The Senior Class officers arc Rose Barber. Sec.; Bob Garda. Pres.; Bob Gibbs, V. Pres.; and Mr. Lindsey. Sponsor.a storg unfolds EDWARD JEFFERSON AITCHESON Jeff Clubs: Dance; J.V. loot-ball; Intramurals RHODA DEANNA AMORKY Rhoda Clubs: Double • Barred Cross. Reporter F.H.A., Spanish. Pep; Honor Roll (5) LOUISE MARIE-ANTOINETTE BRESLIN Louise Clubs: Music; A Cappcl-la; Pres. Fresh. Class. St. Mary's Academy BUFORD LEON BROWN Leon Clubs: Sr. Band EDWINA DELL BARRETT Winni Clubs: Music. Dance; Adv. Chorus. A Cappcl-la; Student Council; Cheerleader. Head J.V. Cheerleader; Honor Roll (2) JOSEPH CA1RL BULLMAX Joe SAMUEL GERALD CORSO Jerry Clubs: Dance; Intra- murals CARROLL EUGENE COX Gene Track, Football MARCIA GRAY DALO Marsha Clubs: Art; Music. Holy Cross Academy; Library, Dramatics, St. Mary's Academy KENNETH BROOKE BARRETT Kenny Clubs: Quill Palm Dance. Latin. Monogram Basketball, J.V. Track Honor Roll (6) DAVID FULTON BURKS GENE ARTHUR BEAVERS Gene Clubs: World Events; "Little Hatchet”; J.V. Crew ROBERT STUART COHEN Bob Clubs: Quill Palm, V. Pres. Thespians: V.Pres. Dramatics: Art Ed. "Surveyor”; "Little Hatchet"; Boys’ State; Student Council; J.V. Crew, Track, Cross • Country; Honor Roll (2) Dave Crew JANUARY GRADUATES WILLIAM BOWKER DAWSON Billy Clubs: Dance, Monogram; J.V. Football, Baseball; Intramurals; Honor Roll (1) WAYNE DEAVERS Jim Clubs: Trcas. Music KAREN DIANE DeLANCE Karen Clubs: Quill Palm. Quill Se Scroll; Bible. Pep. ..Dance, World Events. Pres. F.H.A.; Cadet Ed. "Compass ; Stu-dent Council; Cadet 1st Lt., Cadet Advisory Council; Intramurals; Honor Roll (6)CHARGING THRU—Here corner football player Marty Zilmer as cheerleaders John Papagcorgc. Dick Moore, and Joe Maiden cheer on at the Football Frolic. EDWARD ERNEST DYSON Eddie Clubs: Dance, Mono- gram; Jr. Board; Student Council; Basketball, Co-Capt. Track; Honor Roll (4) CARI. RANDOLPH GARRISON Randy RITA CAROLYN EASLEY Reets Clubs: Dance, Pep; Adv. Chorus; Honor Discipline Comm. Student Council Sec.-Treas. Cheerleaders; Intramurals CHARLOTTE JOANNE GLADDEN Jo Clubs: Latin. Dramatics, Dance, Jr. Red Cross; "Little Hatchet"; Girls' Chorus; Intramurals CARROLL MATTHEW ENGLISH Huck Crew PAUL JOSEPH GOLDMAN Paul Clubs: Spanish, Mono- gram; Student Council; J.V. Crew, Football FRANK JOHN FANNAN Frank Clubs: Dance, Spanish; Student Council; Football; Intramurals; Honor Roll (1) ANN CAROLINE GORHAM Ann Clubs: Dance, Music. Dramatics. Jr. Red Cross; Adv. Chorus; Intramurals JAMES BERNARD FARRALL Jimmie Clubs: Pres- Adv. Chorus; Jr. Board; Student Council; J.V. Football; Honor Roll (1) PHYLLIS JEAN GRAVES Phyl Clubs: G.A.A.; Intramurals Page Elevenof memories foe gather MYRA KIM GRIFFIN Kim Clubs: Dramatics. World Events: Ad. Staff "Compass", "Surveyor”; Girls' Chorus ROSS FRANKLIN HUNT Ross Clubs: Latin. Dance: Student Council: Intramu- rals; Honor Roll (2) MARY KATHERINE HARRUP Mary BARBARA ANN HYDE Barbara Clubs: Dance: Soph. Board, Intramurals DONALD EUGENE HINKLE Don Clubs: Dance: Track; Intramurals SALLY LEE JEAN Sally Clubs: Spanish. Music. World Events. Dance, Pep: Sec. Adv. Chorus; Student Council; Pres. Cheerleaders BARBARA MAXINE HOGF. Ditty Clubs: Quill Sc Palm; Latin. Treat. Bible. Dramatics; “Little Hatchet”; Soph. Board; Student Council: Honor Roll (6) DOLORES ELIZABETH JONES Dec Clubs: Band, Orchestra; G.A.A.. Missouri PATRICIA ANN HOWELL Pat SONDRA LEE KERR Sondra Clubs: Dance. Y-Tccns; Intramurals; Honor Roll 2) SANTA'S HAT -Sarah Howard watches as Dick Kemper places the top on Santa's head while the Santa Clauses are made for the teachers' dining room tables.SANDRA ANNE KIDD Sandy Clubs: Dramatics, Jr. Red Cross. Music: Adv. Chorus; Soph. Board; Student Council; Majorette; Intramurals BARBARA LEE KIDWELL Barbara Clubs: Dance; Intramurals MARY ELAINE MARTIN Elaine BARBARA ANN McCarthy Babs Intramurals WILLIAM MATTHEW MIDDLE BROOKS Matt Clubs: Monogram, Pep; Baseball; Intramurals; Honor Roll (1) ROBERT WALLACE MILLER Arkie JACQUELINE ANN NECE Jackie Clubs: F.H.A.; Intramurals; Honor Roll (1) HELEN MARION PATERSON Helen Clubs: Latin. F.H.A., Y-Teens, Dramatics; Intramurals BARBARA ANN NOLAN Bobbie Clubs: Bible; "J-ittle Hatchet''; Intramurals JEAN FRANCES PENNINGTON Jean Clubs: Quill Palm; Dance. Music; A Cappel-la, Adv. Chorus; Trcas. Soph. Class; Soph. Board; Sec.-Treas. Cheerleaders NICHOLAS JOHN NOLAN Nick Clubs: Dance; Intramurals FRANCIS EUGENE PETITT Francis Intramurals SANDRA SUZANNE NUHN Sandy Clubs: Y-Teens, Latin. Sec. Bible; Exchange Ed. "Little Hatchet;" Speech. Alabama; Honor Roll (5) MALCOLM CLARKE PEVERILL Mac J.V. Crew THOMAS MUSE ORNDORFF Tommy Clubs: Pep; Sr. Band JOHN DAVID POPE Dave Clubs: Monogram; Mgr. Track; Honor Roll (2) Page Thirteenas fat climb JON MICHAEL RAMEY Mike Clubs: Monogram; Student Council; Crew, J.V. Football THOMAS ALLISON REESE Tommy Clubs: Pres. Sr. Band; ln-tramurals BARBARA ANN SANCHEZ Bobbi Clubs: Quill Palm; Spanish, Dramatics; "Surveyor"; Exec. Comm. Student Council; Capt. J.V. Cheerleaders; Honoi Roll (2) THOMAS CALVIN RAMEY Tommy LINDA LEE RION Linda Clubs: F.T.A., Pep: Chorus, Dance, Philadelphia; Honor Roll (3) EILEEN PATRICIA SIMPSON Pat Clubs: Hist. Majorettes, Dance; Girls' Chorus; German «: American Club, Germany ROBERT EMIL RASMUSSEN Rass Clubs: Dance, Spelling; J. V. Basketball. J. V. Track BARBARA ANN MARSTON ROBBINS Babs Honor Roll (I) GRACE DALE SUTHARD Grace Clubs: Jr. Red Cross, F.H.A., G.A.A. JANET LEE RAYNES Janet Clubs: Sec. Bible KATHLEEN ELLIOTT RODDA Kathy Clubs: F.H.A., Friend- ship. Dramatics. Pep. Latin. Pres. Y-Tccns; Intramurals RUTH IRENE REDMOND Ruthie Clubs: Jr. Red Cross. Art, F.H.A., Double-Barred Cross; "Surveyor"; Student Council HAMILTON IRVING ROTHROCK Rocky Clubs: Quill Palm; Spanish. Spelling; Picture Ed. "Compass"; Chair. Jan. Sr. Class; Football. Honor Roll (6) MELVIN LAWSON TERRY Melvin Clubs: Chevrons: Boys' Glee Club; Cadet Color Sgt. DAVID RICHARD WALTMAN Birdie Clubs: Monogram; Jr. Board; J.V. Basketball, Baseball; Intramurals; Honor Roll (3) CHRISTOPHER WALZ Kit Clubs: ArtLORETTA LEE GEORGE WEST JACK RANDOLPH PHILIP GORDON ARTHUR FRENCH WELLS George WHITMER YATES ZAHN Retta Clubs: Dance. Music. Jr. Red Cross; Adv. Chorus; Intramurals Jackie Phil Clubs: Dance. Monogram; Pres. Fresh. Class. Pres. Soph. Class. Treas. Jr. Class; Football, Basketball. Track; Honor Roll (3) French Clubs: Honor Discipline Comm. Student Council; J.V. Basketball; Intramurals SENIOR DAY RIOT—Charl« Baker and Ginger Mims display their costumes before Mrs. Van Saun. A BUTTERFLY EATING!—Portraying a butterfly on Senior Day is Edwinu Barred. Page Fifteentofaard our goals DAVID ARMSTRONG ABERCROMBIE D.i'i Clubs: Arc, Cadet. Dramatics; "Little Hatchet"; Cadet 2nd Lt. DORIS HOPE ABNER Hope Clubs: Quill Palm; Pres. Dramatics. Dance, Spanish; “Compass"; Student Council; Pres. Soph. Class, Southern Seminary; Honor Roll (6) CYNTHIA JEAN ABRAMSON Cindy Clubs: V. Pres. Music. Pres. Spanish; Student Council; Honor Roll (1) PATRICIA ANN ALBRITE Pat Clubs: Dance; Student Council; J.V. Cheerleader; Intraraurals DANNY ALEXANDER Danny Clubs: Cadet; Cadet Lt. FRANK JERRY ALEXANDER Jerry Clubs: Dance, Monogram; Student Council; Co-Capt. Football, Basketball. Track JAMES THOMAS ANDERSON Jim Clubs: Quill Sc Palm; Dance, World Events; Soph. Board. Jr. Board; Student Council; Golf; Sr. Band; Honor Roll (6) ROBERTA STALLWORTH ARMSTRONG Berta Clubs: Quill Sc Palm; French. Music; “Surveyor"; Student Council: Honor Roll (4) LORA DORIS ASH Doris Clubs: String Music. Dramatics. Dance; Orchestra: Jr. Board; Honor Roll (1) CECILIA ANN ASTORINO Cl Clubs: Art. French. Pum-sutawney H.S. JUNE GRADUATES SONGS OF YORE—On Senior Day the boys, during A lunch, take pare m reviving old songs.SUSAN BERENICE BAILEY Susie Clubs: F.H.A., Music CHARLES BRYANT BAKER Charles Clubs: Debate, Chevrons, Saber; Student Council; Cadet 2nd Lt. PATRICIA ANN BAKER Pat Clubs: Quill A Palm; Pres. Double-Barred Cross. Dance, Dramatics, Latin, Pep, Sec. Y-Tcens: "Compass", Co-News Ed. "Surveyor"; Student Council; Cheerleader; Intramurals; Honor Roll (3) FRANK LEE BALLENGER Frank Clubs: Music, Friendship. Art; Business Mgr. "Little Hatchet” ELLA DIANE BAMBLING Ella Clubs: Music, Art ROSE ALEXANDRA BARBER Rose Clubs: Quill A Palm. Quill A Scroll; Ass't. Feature Ed. "Surveyor"; Sec. Sr. Class, Jr. Board; Girls' State; Honor Roll (3) JEFFREY ROBERT BARNES Jeff Honor Roll (6) CAROLYN ANN BARTHOLOMEW Carolyn Clubs: G.A.A.. Jr. Red Cross. Narimasu, Japan; Honor Roll (1) ELIZABETH ANN BAUMGARDNER Liz Clubs: Music. Dramatics; "Surveyor"; Adv. Chorus; Honor Roll (1) ALICE JEAN BEACH Jean Clubs: Dance. Jr. Red Cross. Sec., V. Pres., Pres. Majorettes WILLIAM BENJAMIN DONNA JANE JOHN BEITZELL BERNASEK BOTELIS Ben Donna Bo Clubs: Latin, Dance; In- Clubs: Dance, F.H.A., tramurals Music; "Surveyor"; Stu- dent Council CONSTANCE RUTH BOWEN Connie Clubs: French. Music, Pep; "Surveyor”; » Cap-pella; Girls' State; Honor A Discipline Comm., Student Council; Sec. Glee Club. Art, Hawaii MARVIN MESCENA BEACH Gus Clubs: Music; Adv. Chorus; J.V. Crew GAY ANN BOWMAN Gay Ann Clubs: Bible Page Seventeenour course of studg DONAI.D EDISON BRAGG Don Track. J.V. Football. Cross Country; Intramural ; Honor Roll (2) MICHAEL DOUGLAS BROWN Mike Clubs: Hobby; "Com- pass” ORVILLE ROY BRANDT Junior SANDRA KAY BRUCE Sandy Clubs: Dance. Music. Bible; Cadet Capt. Adj.; Honor Roll (2) KATHRYN CECELIA BRASHEARS Kathy Clubs: Music. Astronomy. Dramatics. Dance; Honor Roll (2) RONALD DOW BUCKLER Buck SARAH JANE BRAUN Sarah Clubs: Spelling RUTH ANN BUCKNER Ruthie Clubs: Pres. Bible. Y-Teen . F.H.A.. Jr. Red Cross: Girls' Rifle Team, Cadet 1st Sgt.; Honor Roll 2) WILLIAM DUDLEY BRITTAIN Jack Clubs: Friendship, Dramatics; "Little Hatchet", Exchange Ed. "Surveyor"; Crew. J.V. Tennis BETTY JEAN COCKRELL BUNCH Betty Clubs: Sec. Majorettes. Music, Dance. Jr. Red Cross: Adv. Chorus; Intramurals; Honor Roll (1) ROGER FREDERICK BURBA Roger Clubs: Dramatics; Ass't. Sports Ed. "Surveyor"; Adv. Chorus; J.V. Football. Cross Country; Honor Roll (3) GAIL PATRICK BURCHF.LL Bushy Clubs: Quill Palm; V. Pres. Astronomy; Student Council; Football. J.V. Basketball. J.V. Track; Honor Roll (5) THOMAS DAY BURKE Tom Clubs: French. Pres. Fresh. Class. V. Pres. Soph. Class. Coronado. California MARILYN McCANTS BURNSIDE Marilyn Clubs: Quill Palm: French. Dance. Music. Dramatics. Double-Barred Cross. Bible; Make-up Ed. "Little Hatchet": Honor Roll (2) GEORGE WILLIAM BUSH George Clubs: Astronomy, Latin. Music; Sr. Band. Tokyo. Japan CAROLYN RUTH BUSSARD Carolyn Clubs: Dance, G.A.A., D.O.; Intramurals"YOU DON'T SAY"—An early morning gathering in the auditorium shows ardent scholars. Hope Abner. Ginger Mims. Roberta Armstrong. Mary Martin, Marty Lombard. Brooke Picot, Susie Muoger, and Sue Howard. JERRY GLENN BUTLER Jerry Clubs: Spanish; Master Sgt., Platoon Leader R.O.T.C., Golf. Tennis, Baseball, Honolulu, Hawaii STEPHEN CAINE Steve Clubs: Baseball. Color Guard, Winthrop High; Honor Roll (I) ROBERT DOUGLAS CALLANDER Spike Clubs: Cadet. Dance, Astronomy; Cadet Capt. Adj.; Golf; Intramurals; Honor Roll (2) VELMA ANN CAMERON Velma DAVID ALVIN CARL Dave Clubs: Monogram, Or- chestra; Sr. Band; Football. Crew, J.V. Basketball; Intramurals MARIAN LOUISE CARL Marian Clubs: Majorette, Dance GUNNAR CARL CARLSON Chic Clubs: Tennis. J.V. Basketball. Detroit. Michigan; Honor Roll (5) RICHARD MATHEWS CARTER Dick Clubs: Dance. Mono- gram; Football, Track; Intramural MARY LOU C.HUMBLEY Mary Lou BETTE JOYCE CLARK Bette Clubs: Sec. French, Spelling; Honor Roll (5) Page Nineteenis nob done KATHLEEN ANN CLARK Kathie Clubs: French: V. Pres. Jr. Class. Sec. Student Coun., Pres. Soph. Class. Ed. Newspaper. Cheerleader, Moroco JUDY LEE COHEN Vicki Clubs: Dramatics, Music. Dance. Spanish, Pep: "Surveyor"; Ireas. Adv. Chorus DOROTHY PATRICIA COCKRILL Dotty Clubs: F.T.A., Music: Intramurals GAIL COLLINS Gail Clubs: Music; Ass't. Page Ed. "Surveyor"; Cheerleader; V. Pres. Fresh. Class, See. Student Council, Germany; Honor Roll (1) PHYLLIS MAE COFFMAN Phyl Clubs: V. Pres., Pres. F.H.A.; Ad. Staff "Com-pas": Girls' Chorus. A Cappella: Soph. Board; Intramurals ELLEN BEAVERS COOK Ellen Clubs: Sec. Photography. Latin. F.T.A.: "Surveyor" BARBARA MARIE COFFREN Barbara FRANK ARTHUR COSIMANO Frank Clubs: MonoRram. Pres. Dance: Jr. Board; Student Council; Football, Track. J.V. Basketball. Intramurals HARRIET SEREPTIA COFUN Harriet Clubs: Maiorctte, Dramatics, V. Pres. G.A.A.; In-tramurals DANIEL SHERIDAN COSTELLO Danny Clubs: Latin. Astronomy. Dramatics; Jr. Board; J.V. Football. Blackstonc. Massachusetts; Honor Roll (4) "MR. PRESIDENT?"—Ask Rose Barber, portraying Mrs. Tolbert, and Bob Gibbs, portraying Mr. Garner, on Senior Day while Bob Garda acts as Mr. Pruct.DIANE BETTY COURBRON Diane Clubs: Dance, Pep; Intramurals BARBARA LOUISE CROMPTON Barb Clubs: Dramatics, Music. Dance; Ass't. Page Ed. Surveyor ; A Cappclla; Honor Roll (2) RUTH ANN DACEY Ruth Clubs: Majorette; Student Council JAMES EUGENE DAKEMAN Skip Clubs: Dance; Student Council; J.V. Baseball, J.V. Crew WILLIAM HENRY LOLA MAY DAI.KIN DANIELS Bill Lola Clubs: Dance, Mono- Clubs: Library, Pres, gram; Student Council; F.B.L.A.; Intramurals; Football, Crew; Honor Honor Roll (1) Roll (1) WILLIAM CHARLES DARR Bill Intramurals MICHAEL EDWARD DELNEGRO Mike Clubs: Dance. Mono- gram; Soph. Board; Student Council; Football, Basketball, Baseball; Intramurals PRISCILLA LEE DAVIS Pctie Clubs: Latin, Dramatics. World Events; Pep, Annual Staff. French, Paris; French. Woodrow Wilson II.S.; Honor Roll (3) JOHN CHESTER DcMARR John Clubs: Ass'c. Ed. "Surveyor" JOYCE ELAINE DAWSON Jo Clubs: Bible, Music NANCY SUE DEMPSEY Susie Clubs: Music PATRICIA ARLENE DEIHR Pat Clubs: V. Pres. Music. Dramatics, Dance, Double-Barred Cross, Treas. DO. WALTER COX DENSMORE Walt Clubs: Sgt.-at-Arms Quill Palm: Dance. Monogram, Spanish; Basketball. Baseball, Tennis, Golf; Honor Roll (2) BARBARA JEAN DELLA-ROCCA Bobbie Clubs: Latin; Business Mgr. "Surveyor”; Intramurals; Jr. Red Cross, Norvicw H.S.; Honor Roll (4) I.ENN EDWARD DERRENBACKER Lena Clubs: Astronomy, Pres. Chevrons, Sec.-Treas. Saber: Co-Capt. Rifle Team, Cadet Capt. Page Twenty-Onetlje Parted (jotters SHARON ROSE DEVOL Sharon Clubs: Music, Dance, Jr. Red Cross: Adv. Chorus; Student Council; Intramurals; Glee Club, Honolulu, Hawaii JACK CAI.VFRT DUMAS Jack J.V. Football ANTHONY DOI.D Tony Clubs: Dance CAROI.E NADINE DURRETT Carole Clubs: Dance, F.B.I..A.; Intramurals MARY ELEANOR DONNAHUE Mary Clubs: Dance. Dramatics; "Surveyor"; Intramurals SCOTT HALLETT EDSON Scott ic Clubs: Dance; “Surve- yor”; Track, Cross Country; Sports Ed. Newspaper. Beta Club. Key, Latin, French, Ozark, Alabama PEGGY ELIZABETH DOWDY Peggy Clubs: F.H.A.. Sec.-Treas. G.A.A.; Ad. Staff "Surveyor"; Intramurals MARION ANNETTE ELLIOTT Annette Clubs: Bible. Majorette; Co-Make-up Ed. "Little Hatchet"; Honor Roll (1) GWENDOLYN MARY DUFHRING Gwen Clubs: F.T.A., Dance. Li-brary; Honor Roll (2) EVELYN ANN EMBREY Evelyn Clubs: Dance, Jr. Red Cross; Student Council; Intramurals; Honor Roll (I) SAUNDRA LEE EMIGH Sandy Clubs: F.T.A., Music; Intramurals JAMES DUNHAM FAIRWEATHER Jim Clubs: Art: J.V. Crew; Spanish, Nevada; Honor Roll (1) WILLIAM JONAS FIDLER Billy Clubs: World Events; Ad. Staff "Compass”; Tennis; Honor Roll (6) GERALD BENNETT FILE Jerry Clubs: Dance, Monogram; Soph. Board; Football, Baseball, Basketball GAIL ANN FITZPATRICK Gail Clubs: Spanish. Pres. Music, Dramatics; A Cappclla; "Su -veyor”; Pres. Cheerleaders KEITH FLOYD Bucky Clubs: Bible, World Events; Crew; Intramurals; Student Council, Fairmont East HighRAGS TO RICHES—Jay Moreci and Ginny Rublcc arc crowned king and queen of the "Little Hatchet” sock hop. MELVIN DOUGLAS FORTNEY Mel Clubs: Monogram; Crew ROBERT LUCIUS GIBBS Bob Clubs: Dance, Mono- gram; V. Pres. Sr. Class; Student Council; Football, Baseball; Intramurals; Honor Roll- (6) NADINE FERN FULLER Nadine Clubs: Scribe Thespians; Music, D.O., See. Dramatics; Honor Roll ( 1) MICHAEL JAY GOLDBERG Mike Clubs French; "Surveyor"; Photography, Drama, Staunton Military Academy PATRICIA ANN FURR Ann Clubs: F.H.A., Bible; In-tramurals; "Compass”; Honor Roll (1 ) EDGAR CI.IFTON GOOD Buddy Clubs: Pres. Saber; Gidet Capt.; Pres. Fresh Class, Student Council, Jr. Honor Society, Fairfax H.S.; Honor Roll (2) BETTY FRANCES GAINES Betty Clubs: Latin, Bible. Music, World Events, Spelling; "Compass"; Intramurals; Honor Roll (• ) GEORGE PHILIP GOODMAN George Clubs: Cadet; Mgr. Rifle Team, Cadet 1st Lt. ROBERT ALLEN GARDA Bob Clubs: Quill Palm; V. Pres. Soph. Class. Pres. Jr. Class, Pres. Sr. Class; Track, Football, Baseball; Intramurals; Honor Roll (6) EMILY CHRISTINE GOODWIN Em Clubs: F.T.A., Dramatics. Music, Spanish; "Compass"; Honor Roll ( 1) Page Twenty-Threehaiie been ftum CECEI.IA ANNE GORDON C. Anne Clubs: Music SALLY MARIA GORMAN Sally Clubs: Dance, Music; Girls' Chorus, Adv. Chorus DaLYCE DAWN PHILLIP IRVING SARAH GULLEY HAI.E HALE Dawn Phil Sally Intramurals Clubs: Dance, Mono- Clubs: Quill Sc Scroll gram; Pres. Adv. Chorus; Pres., V. Pres. G.A.A. Student Council: Foot- French, Latin, Pep; Stu dent Council; "Survey ball, Track, Crew; Intra- murals or”; Publicity Mgr "Compass” JUDITH ANNE HALEY Judy Clubs: French; Annual, Newspaper. Home Ec„ Drama, London, England, Honor Roll BARBARA ANN HALL Barbara Clubs: Bible, Latin. Liwi-ski; Cadet 2nd I.c.; Honor Roll (6) EDWIN PLATT HALL Eddie Clubs: Astronomy, V. Pres. Chevrons: Cadet Lt. Col.; Honor Roll (3) JOHN RANDOLPH HALL John Clubs: Radio, B.P.I. EDNA JEAN HAMMILL Jean Clubs: A Cappclla: Sgt. at-Arms, Majorettes "MAKE MINE BLUE"—Bill Graves orders a class ring from Mr. Deck while Sandy Richardson and Jim Gadonas look on.OBIE LEE HARRUP Obic SUSAN MARILYN HART Susie Clubs: Quill Palm; Pep, Spelling, Dance, V. Pres. Latin; See. Jr. Class; Girls’ State; Scc.-Trcas., 2nd V. Pres. Student Council; Capt. Cheerleaders; Honor Roll (6) CAROL LF.E HARVEY Carol Clubs: Spanish, Y-Tcens. Liwiski, F.T.A.; "Surveyor"; Cadet Platoon Sgt.; Honor Roll (5) THOMAS LEE HEII.IG Tommy Clubs: Saber; Cadet Sgt. Maj.; Honor Roll CHRISTINE GRACE HIGGINBOTHAM Crissi Clubs: Spanish, Dance; "Surveyor”; Magazine, Yearbook, Girls' League Gazette, Newport, R. I.; Honor Roll (1) SUE ELLEN HOWARD Sue Clubs: Dramatics, Dance; Sec. Quill Scroll; Student Council; Copy Ed. "Compass”, "Surveyor"; Honor Roll (1) WILLIAM ALBERT HILL Bill Clubs: Cadet; Cadet 1st. Sgt. HORACE EDWIN HOWERTON Pete (1) CHARLES RAYMOND HOLMAN Charlie Clubs: Dance. Latin; J.V. Crew; Intramurals BILLIE CATHERINE HOWLAND Billie Clubs: French, Drama- tics; "Surveyor": Student Council; Head Cheerleader; Honor Roll (6) BEVERLEY ANN HERBERT Bev Clubs: Dance, Latin, Dramatics, Pep, Jr. Red Cross; Jr. Board; Reporter F.B.L.A.; Intramurals KAREN ELAINE HOLMES Karen Clubs: Dramatics, Double-Barred Cross. Library. Spanish. Dance, Spelling, Jr. Red Cross; "Surveyor”; Student Council; Honor Roll (1) JAMES HOWARD HUDGINS Butch Clubs: Dance; Adv. Chorus; Mgr. Football EL WOOD WALTER HIBBFRD Woody Clubs: Dance; Intramurals WANDA HELENE HOROWITZ Wanda Clubs: See. Student Council, Capt. Cheerleaders, Stamford, Conn.; Sec. Fresh., Soph. Classes, Capt. Majorettes. Mount Vernon H.S. ALICE CAROL HUMPHREY Alice Clubs: Quill Palm; Pres. Latin. Scc.-Trcas. Debate; Girls' State; Honor Roll (6) Page Tu enty-Fivesenior dag faas fun JEANNE SCOTT HUMPHREY Jcannic Club): Dance, Majorette; Girls’ Chorus; Intramurals; Dramatics. Music, Port Dickinson Jr. High EVE CHRISTINA JENSEN Eve Clubs: Quill Palm; V. Pres. French, Music, Debate. Sec. Astronomy; "Surveyor”; Newspaper, Paris; Honor Roll (6) CARWIN ALAN KEMPER Carwin Clubs: World Events. Art; Cadet Platoon Sgt. MARGOT GILLASPIF. HUTCHESON Margot Clubs: French, F.T.A., World Events; Honor Roll (I) JUDITH ELLEN JOHNSON Judie Clubs: Assembly Comm., Sec. Annual. Tehran. Iran VIDA CARMEN KENK Vida Clubs: Quill Palm, Thespians; Girls’ State; Pres. Debate, Pres. World Events; Outstanding Jr. Girl; Honor Roll (6) MARY ELIZABETH HYNSON Betsy JOHN STRIF.TER KAHLER Johnny Clubs: Quill Palm: Dance. Spanish. Monogram; Subscription Mgr. "Compass"; Track; Honor Roll (6) LEO JOHN KERBF.L Lee Clubs: Dramatics; Tennis ANN RAWLINGS JACKSON Ann Clubs: Journalism. Art. Knitting. Newspaper. Va. Beach H.S.; Honor Roll (2) MORTON DICK KATZ Morty Clubs: Cadet, Dramatics; Cadet 1st Lt., Rifle Team JANICE CAROL JEFFERSON Janice Clubs: Music, Y-Teens; A Cappclta JANICE EDITH ANN KEEL Janice Clubs: Sec.-Treas. Liwi-ski; Capt. Rifle Team, Cadet Capt. WARREN DAVID KERLIN Dave Clubs: Dance; Football, Track PHYLLIS EDRUTH KERSEY Phil Clubs: Dance, Debate, Art, Trcas. Y-Tccns LEAH ANN KILROY Leah Clubs: Treas. F.B.L.A., Dance; Student CouncilITS UP THERE!—Alice Humphrey points to the top of the tree ns Miss Baker looks on. ELLEN ARCHER KING Bunny Clubs: Ed. Last Will Testament, Quill Scroll; Pres. Thespian; Sec. Dramatics: Co-Ed. Picture Staff "Compass" IMA JEAN LAEL Ima Clubs: F.H.A., Bus Pa. trol. Hall Patrol. Library, Basketball, Garfield H.S. REBECCA LEE KNIGHT Becky Clubs: Dance MARTHA ULF.EN LANNING Rossie Clubs: Dance PETER KNOWLES Pete Clubs: "Surveyor"; Crew DIANNE FRANCES LAW Dianne Clubs: F.H.A., Drama- tics. Music; Adv. Chorus ALEX BERNARD KOMOROSKE Alex Clubs: Honor Society, Student Council, Kuba-saki H.S.; Honor Roll (6) MARJORIE ANN LEE Margie Clubs: Dance, Drama- tics. Pep. G.A.A., Library; Ad. Staff "Compass"; Intramurals MARILYN KRUEGER Marilyn Clubs: Music. Dance, Latin: Student Council: Intramurals; Honor Roll (5) DAVID LLEWELLYN LEHMAN Dave Clubs: Pres. Quill Scroll, Quill Palm; Boys State; Co-Ed. Sports Staff "Compass;” Basketball, Baseball; Honor Roll (5) Page Twenty-Sevcnfotsl| foe could tjaiie ANDRE MAURICE MARIANNE PICCOLA GLORIA JOYCE JOAN ELIZABETH MARY LOUISE LEVESQUE LEWIS LIGGIO LILLARD LITTLEPAGE Andy Marianne Gloria Joan Mary Lou Clubs: "Surveyor”; "Sa- Clubs: Dance, French; Clubs: Trcas., Pres. Maj- Clubs: Music, Intramu- Clubs: Sec. F.B.L.A. ber", Cadet Chorus, Rifle Squad, C.S.M.C, St. John’s College "Surveyor”; Honor Roll (4) orette; Girls Chorus; Head Majorette; Intramurals rals Dance NANCY ANNE ROBERT ERLING MARTHA ZELLA DELORES JOSEPH CARTER LLOYD LOGAN LUMBARD MAHONEY MAIDEN Nancy Clubs: Majorette. Dramatics; Girls Chorus; Intramurals ’ Bob Crew Marty Clubs: Quill Palm; Scc.-Treas. Dance. Sec. Astronomy. Spanish, Pep; Ass't. Ed. "Compass"; Cheerleader; Honor Roll (5) Zella Joe Clubs: Hist. Quill ifc Palm: Boys' State; 1st V. Pres. Student Council; Outstanding Jr. Boy; Sr. Band; Honor Roll (6) REFLECTIONS IN THE MIRROR—At the "Compass" party, Meg Walker, Hope Abner, Millie Borchevsky, Mamie Stricbcr, Linda McSpaddcn and Joyce Knill relax with a coke.NANCY ANNE MANKIN Nancy Clubs: V. Pres. G.A.A.; Intramurals NANCY JANE MARS Nancy Clubs: Latin, Music, F.H.A., Spelling; A. Cappclla, Adv. Chorus; Honor Roll (2) JOHN DAVID MARTIN Dave Clubs: Quill Palm; Astronomy, Sec. Chevrons; Cadet Maj. Rifle Team; Honor Roll (5) MARY BONNIE MARTIN Mary Clubs: Pres. F.T.A., World Events, Dramatics. Debate. Double-Barred Cross: ''Surveyor' ; Honor Roll (2) PATRICE MARY McCarthy Patrice Clubs: Quill Palm. Ed. Prophecy. Quill Scroll; Program Chair., Latin, French: Art Ed. "Compass"; Honor Roll (6) REBECCA SUE McCRICKARD Becky Clubs: F.B.L.A., Double-Barred Cross. Music. Dance; Glee Club, Northfork H.S. SANDRA LYNNE McCullough Sandy Clubs: G.A.A., Reporter D.O.; Jr. Board; Intramurals; Honor Roll (2) BARBARA JEAN MILLS Barbara Intramurals; Honor Roll U DOUGLAS RIPLEY McDaniel Doug Clubs: Cadet Sgt.; Tennis. Golf, Marion Institute VIRGINIA ANN MIMS Ginger Clubs: Spanish, Pep. Music, Dance: Ass't. Mgr. Ad. Staff "Surveyor"; Scc.-Trcas. Cheerleaders PATRICK HARRY MECHEM Pat Clubs: Treav F.T.A.. Debate: Ensemble, Glee Club. Caesar Rodney; Boys' Chorus, Foreign Language, Rantoul GERTRUDE BABE MIZE Babe Clubs: Jr. Tri-Hi-Y, Cairo; Photographer G.A.A., Dance, Pep. Cheerleader, Stuttgart, Germany GRACE ANNE MERCER Grace Clubs: Y-Teens; Orchestra; F.T.A.. V. Pres. French. Treas. Fresh. Class. Scholarship, Ox-nara Union H.S. LINDA ANNE MOLER Linda Clubs: F.H.A., Pep. Music JOSEPH BRADLEY MIDDLETON Joe Clubs: Adv. Chorus; Football: V. Pres. Soph. Class. J.V. Basketball. Rochefort H.S. RICHARD STEPHEN MOORE Dick Clubs: Quill Palm; World Events. Monogram, Music; "Little Hatchet”; Sr. Band, Orchestra; Crew; Honor Roll (6) Page Twenty-Ninehud another one GERALDINE GLADYS MORAN Gerry Honor Roll (5) REVONDA CECILE MUTERSPAUGH Judy Clubs: Arts Crafts. Bible. Tri-Hi-Y, Wakefield H.S. DAVID CLARE NIMMER Dave Clubs: Spanish, World Events, Debate, Chevrons, V. Pres. Saber; Rifle Team, Cadet Capt. JOHN LINDEN MORECI Jay Clubs: Dance: Sports Ed. "Surveyor”; Soph. Board; Intramurals; Student; Council: New Orleans, Louisiana SARAH LYNN MYERS Sarah Clubs: See. Bible, Honor Roll (1) JOAN MASON NORTON Joan Clubs: Dance. Dramatics, Pep; "Surveyor" ANNE VERBRYCKE MORGAN Anne Clubs: Sec.-Treas. Thespians; Dramatics, Astronomy FRANCES KATHRYN NAYLOR Fran Clubs: V. Pres. F.H.A.. French CARLYN VIRGINIA OAKES Carlyn Clubs: Quill Palm; F.H.A., Music; Adv. Chorus; Honor Roll (2) MARY BOND MUENCH Mary Clubs: Dance, Pep, Dramatics. Latin; Co-News Ed. “Surveyor”; Honor Roll (2) PATRICIA ANN NEHER Patsy Clubs: Y-Tcens; Girls Chorus MARY SUSAN MUNGER Susie Clubs: Quill Ac Palm; Sec. Dramatics, Spanish, Latin; Student Council; Cheerleader; Honor Roll (6) JOAN CAMERON NICHOLSON Joan Clubs: Majorette, Drama-tics; Sr. Band; Choir, F.H.A., John A. Wilken-son; F.T.A., Allied Youth, Wilson, North Carolina JOHN WAYNE OEHMANN Wayne Clubs: Rifle Team SUZANNE MAY OLCOTT Sue Clubs: F.H.A.; Teen Age Traffic Ass'n, New Mexico THOMAS FRANK OSTENBERG Tom Clubs: Dance; Basketball; J.V. Football, Basketball, J.V. Track, Tennis, Germany; Honor Roll (2)BOYS AND GIRLS PARTICIPANTS—John Papageorge. Rote Barber, John Welch, Vida Kenk, Connie Bowen. Joe Maiden. Dave Lehman, Mike Willingham. Sue Hart, and Chuck Torpy were selected to be participants at Boys and Girls' State for 1996. HELEN JEANETTE PADGETT Turtle Clubs: Dance, French; Adv. Chorus; Intramu-rals; Honor Roll (5) JOAN ANN PALUMBO Joan Clubs: Jr. Red Cross; Dramatics, Bible, News-per. Intramurals, Mary uit Academy JOHN GEORGE PAPAGFORGE Johnny Clubs: Pres. Quill Palm; Treat. Spanish; Dance; Sec. Soph., Boys' State; V. Pres. Jr. Class; Pres. Student Council; Honor Roll (6) JOHN LEWIS PARKER John Clubs: World Events; Basketball; Art. Football, Track, Basketball, Ohio; Pres. Lcttcrman's Club. Pres. Jr. Class. Germany JOSEPH PATTERSON Joe HENRY MARSHALL PAYNE Henry JOAN ARLENE PEIKIN Joan Clubs: Sec. Library. Dramatics, Dance. Treat. Music, Spanish; "Compass"; Student Council WARD GARY PETERSON Ward Clubs: Astronomy; Baseball, J.V. Football; J.V. Football, Baseball, Homecoming Comm., Oregon CATHERINE RENEE PHILIPPE Tink Clubs: Symphony. Lat- in, Music; Orchestra, Sec.. Treat., Student Director, V. Pres. Sr. Band; Honor Roll (6) JOHN WILLIAM PHILLIPS Jack Clubs: Monogram; Crew Page Thirty-Onethe senior play came last MARIE LUCILLE PICCIOLO Marylou Clubs: French: Honor Roll (4) BARBARA KATHLEEN PRICE Barb Clubs: Dramatics, Music, Dance; Student Council; Ad Staff "Surveyor” MARY BROOKE PIOOT Brooke Clubs: Quill Palm. V. Pres. Quill A: Scroll: Picture Ed.. Ed-in-Chicf "Compass”; Sec. Latin. V. Pres. Library; Honor Roll (6) CLARA NELL PRICE Clara Nell Clubs: E.H.A., Dance; "Surveyor”; A Cappella LORA LINDA PIER POINT Linda Clubs: Art. Jr. Red Cross. Dramatics; "Surveyor", "Compass": In-tramurals; Honor Roll (2) JOHN ARTHUR PRITCHARD John J.V. Tennis; Honor Roll (5) BETTY JEAN POATES Betty Clubs: F.H.A., Dance ROSEMARY PUGH Rosie Clubs: E.H.A., Drama- tics; Honor Roll (6) GEORGE EDWARD POOLE Bucky Clubs: Monogram; "Surveyor”; Soph. Jr. Boards; V. Pres. Fresh. Class; Student Council; Co-Capt. Football. Track, Basketball BARBARA ANNE PURDY Bobbie Clubs: Friendship, Art AROUND THE POLE!—Ginger Mims winds crepe paper around the pole as Sally Jean, Julie Anderson and Sandy Richardson look on.LISA ANNE PUTNAM Lisa Clubs: Lada; Intramurals; Honor Roll (3) RAYMOND BENJAMIN QUINN Ray Clubs: Football; Lcttcrman's, Shawans H.S. FRANK LEE REED Frank Clubs: Soph. Board; J.V. Football, J.V. Tennis; Honor Roll (4) LLOYD LaVERNE REISER Lloyd Clubs: Music; Band ELLEN LOUISE RENNER Louise ROBERT BARRY ROBERSON Barry Clubs: Dance, Astronomy; Crew; Intramurals; Honor Roll (I) WILLIAM DEAN ROBERSON Roby Clubs: Dance, Mono- gram; J.V. Track, Crew, Football; Intramurals VIRGINIA RUBLEE Ginny Clubs: Astronomy, Sec. Latin, Dance, Double-Barred Cross, Pep; Soph. Board; "Compass" FLORENE FLEETA RODGERS Flo Clubs: Music, Dramatics, Dance, Pep; 6th Page Ed. "Surveyor", Ed. "Little Hatchet"; Student Council; Intramurals MARTHA SUE RUSSELL Susie Clubs: Music, Double- Barred Cross, Y-Tcens; Honor Roll (I) FRANCES CAROLINA ROGERS Frances Clubs: Dance NANCY LEE RUSSELL Nancy Clubs: Double • Barred Cross, Sec., Hist., F.H.A. MILTON BARDSTOWN ROGERS Milt Clubs: Dance; Track. Football MARY JOHANNA SCHEER Mary Jo Clubs: French; Honor Roll (1) EUGENE OSCAR ROSS Gene Clubs: Dance, Mono- gram; Student Council; Football Crew, J.V. Track WILLIAM SCHOECH Bill Page Thirty-Threea fitting climax PETER HOTCHISSON SCHULTZ Pete Clubs: D.incc, Mono- gram; Co-Capt., Capt. Cross Country. Track; Intramurals; Honor Roll (1) SYLVIA ELIZABETH SHEFFIELD Sibby Clubs: Dance. V. Pres. D.O.; Girls' Chorus; Student Council JOSEPH LINDSEY SCHWARZMANN Lindsey Cadets, St. John's MARJORIE ANN SHEPARD Margie Clubs: Art. Double-Barred Cross. Jr. Red Cross; Mgr. Rifle Team. Cadet Maj.; Honor Roll (2) SAUNDRA LEEANN SCOTT Sandy Clubs: Pres. Liwski; Exec. Officer Cadets; Honor Roll (1) DEANNA CATHERINE SHUNK Dec Clubs: Chaplain F.H.A., Library. Bible; Intramurals SANDRA KAY SEAY Sandi Clubs: F.H.A.; Intramurals CHARLES EDWIN SIMPSON Mickey Crew SALLY MADELAINE SHEALY Sally Clubs: Music. F.H.A., Spanish; Adv. Chorus ROBERT LEWIS SINN Bob Clubs: World Events. Latin; Cadet 1st Lt.; Honor Roll (1) JANET CAROL SPITTLE Bootsic Clubs: See., V. Pres. Double-Barred Cross, Dance, Music; Ass't. Page Ed. "Surveyor"; Cadets; Honor Roll (2) RICHARD ARTHUR STANLEY Richard Clubs: Pres. Astron- omy, French. Debate, Pari. World Events; Cadet 1st Sgt.; Honor Roll (4) EVELYN NORMA STEARNS Ev Clubs: Pres. French, Debate. Music, Dramatics, World Events; Honor Roll (5) JAMES COLVIN STEELE Jim JAMES BECKHAM STEWART Jim Clubs: Dance, Monogram; J.V. Track. Crew, Football; Intramurals ROBERT ESKER STOY Skip Clubs: Monogram; Football, Crew; Honor Roll (3)PLANTING TREES—Connie Bowen. Grounds Committee Chairman, plants another tree with Danny Costello's help. NANCYE ELLEN STRAUSS Nancyc Clubs: Latin. Dance: Intramurals; Honor Roll (1) MARGARET ELAINE THEIMER Lanic Clubs: See.. V. Pres. Majorette, Dance: A Cap-pclla; Honor Roll (2) DAVID HEASLIP STRYKER Dave Clubs: Quill Palm; Spanish. Dance, Astronomy: Student Council; Co-Capt. Track; Honor Roll (6) LESLIE SHEPPARD THOMAS Leslie Clubs: Dramatics, Music; Adv. Chorus ANN ELIZABETH STYLES Ann Clubs: Latin: Spanish, N.F.A., Intramurals, Rhode Island WALTER DENNIS THOMAS Walt Clubs: Dance: Treas. F.F.A., Central H.S. BARBARA TEDFORD Bobbie Clubs: Symphony. Music, Dance; Ad. Staff "Compass”; Orchestra, All-State Orchestra; Intramurals JANET THOMPSON Janet Clubs: Spanish; See. Bowling, Germany; Honor Roll (• ) MARY MARGARET TF.RESI Mary Margaret Clubs: F.H.A., Music; In-tramurals WILLIAM BERTRAM THORNETT Bill Honor Roll (4) Page Thirty-Fivefor t{ t cast JOHN DUERSON TIMBERLAKE John Clubs: Monogram; J.V. Basketball, Football; ln-tramurals JULI GIBSON-UNDER WOOD Juli Clubs: F.H.A.; See. Current Events. V. Pres. Modeling. F.H.A., Wakefield H.S. NANCY LEE WASHBURN Nancy Clubs: Jr. Red Cross, Sec. F.T.A.; ‘'Compass' ; Intramurals; Honor Roll (2) MARTHA CATHERINE TODD Marti Clubs: Quill Sc Palm; Quill Scroll; Sec. Spanish, Dance; Ed.-in-Chief "Surveyor”; Honor Roll (3) WILLIAM GARNETT VAUGHN Woody LINDA MAE WATKINS Linda Clubs: Library. Dance, Majorette; "Surveyor” CHARLES RAY TORPY Chuck Clubs: Dance. Pres. Monogram; Boys' State; J.V. Track. Football, Crew; Honor Roll (5) JIMMY WALKER Jimmy Clubs: Student Council; Football; Dramatics, Leavenworth. Kansas KARL JOHN WATTS Karl Clubs: Astronomy; Football MARIAN TRENIS Marian Clubs: V. Pres.. Pres. G.A.A.; Intramurals MARGARET JEAN-WALKER Meg Clubs: Sec. Quill Palm: Dance, F.H.A., Music; Sr. Ed. "Compass”; Jr. Board; Student Council; Intramurals; Honor Roll (6) BARBARA ANN TURNER Barbara Clubs: Liwski, F.H.A., Bible; Cadet 1st Sgt.; Honor Roll (2) SYLVIA CAROL WALKER Carol Clubs: Y-Teens, Dramatics. Woodrow Wilson H.S. JOHN HERMAN WELCH John Clubs: V. Pres. Quill Palm, Trcas. Quill Sc Scroll; Dance Monogram; Co-Ed. Sports Staff "Compass": Jr. Board; Boys' State; Honor Sc Discipline Comm. Student Council; Football, Basketball, Baseball; Honor Roll (6) WILLIAM EUGENE WEST Skip Clubs: Soph. Board; J.V. Football. Crew; Intramurals PAUL ETTORE WHITE Paul Clubs: Music; Pres. Sportsman Congress, Paul Jr. HighMICHAEL GLENN WILLINGHAM Mike Club : Quill Palm, Quill Scroll; Latin. Dance, Spanish; Ad. Ed. "Compass"; Student Council; Tennis, Golf; Honor Roll (6) JAMES ROBERT WOOD Jimmy Clubs: Glee Club; Basketball MICHAEL GARY WITT Mike Clubs: Dance; Intramurals BARBARA ANN YUHASZ Barbara Clubs: Pres. Y-Tccns, F.H.A. JOHN BARRY WOLF Barry LAURA ANN ZAKRZF.WSKI Zak Clubs: Dramatics. De- bate; Student Council. Austria; Swimming and Diving Team, Monterey, California DAVID MILES WOLFFORD Dave Baseball, J.V. Football MARTHA LOIS ZILMER Marty Clubs: Quill Palm; Dance. Dramatics, Music; "Surveyor”; Adv. Chorus; Student Council; Intramurals; Honor Roll (4) LUCKY WINNERS—Miss White congratulates Sue Howard and Jack Brittain upon winning the prize for Senior Day costumes. cce $ttjen finally graduation DOUGLAS HOWARD BUTLER Doug Clubs: Pres. F.B.L.A., DO. JOHN BEESLEY MOORE John Clubs: Pres. D.O.; Track GARY FOXWELL JAMES Gary Clubs: Pres. Chevrons; Rifle Team, Cadet 1st Sgc. LARRY EUGENE FISHER Larry Clubs: Dance: Student Council; J.V. Basketball, Bacsball; Intramurals DAVID ROBERT RIFE David SUMMER GRADUATES JAMES JOHN GADONAS Jim JO ANN SMITH Jo Clubs: V. Pres. Music, Dance; A Cappclla; Sec.-Treat. Fresh Class; Honor Discipline Comm., Co-Chair. Pep Comm., Student Council; Honor Roll (3) "LOOKING BACK"—Loretta Wells and Mike Witt were voted the wittiest couple of the Senior Class. TOPS IN POPS—John Papagcorgc talks with Sharon Devol after being selected the Most Popular from the Senior Class. SENIOR CELEBRITIES The Senior celebrities were elected for those honors by members of the Senior class at various times during the year. Those seniors elected were June and January graduates. The most popular boy and girl were Sharon Devol and John Papageorge, who were chosen for best all-around characteristics. Hope Abner and Jim Anderson were elected the most scholarly; while the wittiest couple was Mike Witt and Loretta Wells. Noted for outstanding athletic ability were Sally Hale and Bob Garda.WATCH OUT!—Chosen Most Athletic. Sally Hale and Bob Garda demonstrate their skill. popularity l]igt{Hgl]t! SCHOLASTICALLY HIGH—Hope- Abner and Jim Anderson were voted Most Scholarly by the Senior Class. Page Thirty-NineTtlork excursion PROGRESS REPORT—Discussing Junior Claw business are ihe officers Dick Kemper. V. Pres.; Buddy Elliot, Trcas.; Jack Flowers, Pres.; I oug Crupper. Pub. Chair.; and Graham Dunstan, See.; while the sponsors Mrs. Snider and Miss Guill give advice. JUNIOR CLASS The junior year was a year of activity for the students in this class. The selling of class cards, for the purpose of raising money, was the event that started a whirl of work. A hop was held at Christmas with a special visit by Santa Claus, who gave out the various door prizes. The class also sponsored a trip to New York for all those who cared to go. The highlight of the year’s work was the Junior-Senior Prom. ' Wy n tit n V p ' y 4 kd Sf i Edward Abramson Marilyn Adams Richard Allen Jackie Allison Julie Anderson Robert Anholt Paul Appcrson Barbara Armistead Theodore Arthur Nanccc Baber ll George Barnes Harry Barnett Sondra Beach Deena Berliant Joyce Berry Barry Boose Millie Borchevsky James Borton Susan Bostwick Karen Bozarth James Briel Monroe Bryant ITS A DEAL!—Dick Kemper and Grnham first Junior Class card to Carol Itschner. Dunstan sell the Richard Burn Nora Burns Gay Camerpn Robert Carroll Mary CarterAnita Judy Conrad Emily Barbara Cary Cator Chadwick Chew Christian Sarah Kay Margaret Frederick Glenn Clark Collins Collum Con Ion Conner YEAH TEAM!—The cheerleaders, Edwina Barrett, Billie Howland, Rita Easley, Sally Monroe. Bobbie Sanchez, Pat Baker, Jean Turrcll, Sue Munger and Marty Lumbard cheer in the Bonfire Parade as Flo Rodgers and driver look on. Barbara Cook Windsor Demainc Albert Elliott Gwen Fogle Douglas Cross Sandra Devine Nancy Elliott Lois Foust Doug Crupper Naomi Diehl Robert Daniel Donald Dill Nan Darling Larry Dohncr Betty Davis Janet Downs Shirley Daymudc Graham Dunstan Marcc Deaton Joan Durrctt Rcnny Della Rocca Norberto Echegoyen Janet Enoch Clifford Francis Roland Eutslcr Sonya Francis Mary Fairbanks Thomas Frazier Robert Feaganes Sandra Fry Marie Fisher Thomas Galbraith Mary Fleetwood Lyle Gannon Jack Flowers Mary Aon Garrett Page Forty-OneJunta's Christmas l|op fA kL ' ft i n it r P' S r icih £ t ft a, A ft ft § ti ■::-A -- bah Cl Pi - r? » k ft r f Katherine Thomas John James Leonard Kay David Wayne Lynn George Glaze Glover Gobbcl Goldstein Golt Gootcc Grimes Gruits Florence Kathryn Faye Richard Evelyn Robert Lois Sylvia Ann Hall Hall Harlow Harman Hartman Haugh Hawk Hayes Helwig o ft ft ft • 4tb4stiAi r ft c ft William Michael Robert Peter Ruth Adam John Margaret Lanny Henderson Henry Herr Hershfield Hottlc Hubbell Hughes Hyland Ingvoldstad Carol Barbara Edith Barbara Gwen Evelyn Lacy Philip Karen Itschner Jacobs Jacobson Jenkins Johnson Jones Jones Jones Jorgensen Peter Dick Carmen Patsy Wilson Frank Gwen Gail Brenda Jorgensen Kemper Kennedy Kerns Kirby Knill Kobcrnick Krcmer Lancaster Louise Edwina Robert Buzzy Annette Joyce Mary Ann Stuart Joy Landis Lawhornc Lawrence Lefevre Less LcVelle Long Long Louis Page Forty-TwoRobbie Jane Lowman Lucas Joan Marty Madison Mann Kaye Anne Marson Martin Pat Thomas Warren Martin Martin Martin Elizabeth Louis Mason May James Mays Sidney Edward McCauley McClain Margie Jo Jean Edward McConnell McCoy McDonald Myra McGee Gordon Miller William Marcus Judith Miller Montgomery Mooney Charlotte Moore John Moriarty John Munson Jane Margaret Murray Nolan Diana Carl Ncidicb Oliver Elmer Oliver Wilmer Pallant Mary Palmer Guy Partridge Peter Raymond Partridge Pavone Kenneth Poff John Kay Roy James Phillips Phillips Pierpoint Pope Betty Pouzenc Jean Pugh Joan Pugh Raymond Dennis Pulley Ramsay Darlene "WE'RE ON OUR WAY”—Print shop students leave on a Reed field trip to Ft. Bclvoir.{ M a prom m Uag Margaret Reed Carole Russell Wanda Reed Lezley Rnmdl Jo Jean Reynolds Sandra Rutherford Sandy Richardson Barbara Salraond Peggy Richter Sue Salter Carlin Ridgely Lynne Seaton Norma Rife Henry Stiff Lee Rowley Alice Shaw Peggy Rudd Shirley Simms Stanley Slivinski Ewing Smith Gail Smith Diana Spiller Tony Stanley Nancy Suder Pete Sushka Gary Swaim Wendell Swain Linda Thompson Ann Tothill Phil Trcmain Aloha Tubbs Chandler Van Orman Barbara Wade Wayne Walker Dolores Warren Jim Wenzkc DO OR DIF.—Peggy Dissc watches tends to kill Don McDonough in lion of "The Other Wise Man." as Joe Turner a Sophomore . soldier, pre-Class produc Raymond West Peggy Wilkins Patricia Whalen Margaret Williams Harry White Margaret Wingfield Ben Whitchouse Janice Wood Sandra Wilbur Nelda Wooda rH L •zr 1 r 1 A i n Charlie Charlotte Marilyn Delores Theodore Woollum Wydra Wright Young Young "CARF. TO DANCE”—Andy Apperson. Lois Murray. Ann Page Blair, and Tom Richman dance at the Freshman Class record hop. JUNIOR BOARD—Seated: Buddy Elliott, Betty Pouzcnc, Richard Kemper, Carol Itschner, Nan Darling. Standing' Judy Cator. Doug Crupper, Jack Flowers. Graham Dun-stan, Barbara Jenkins. Jim Pope. Chandler Van Orman. Page Forty-Fit etfje sop(|0 SOPHOMORE CLASS CHARTING THEIR COURSE—The Sophomore Claw officer . Jean Turrcll. Pre .; Dennis Shaw, V. Pre .; and Phil White. See.-Treat., plan future activities with the help of the Sponsors, Miss McKinney and Mrs. Butcher. The Sophomore Class elected a representative from each home room to attend meetings of the Sophomore Board. Here the class activities for the year were suggested, planned and put into action. At Thanksgiving, a dance was held in the gymnasium during activities period. The entire student body was invited to attend, and a can of food was the admission price. This food was divided among the charitable institutes in this district and the needy families in Alexandria. A similar dance was held at Christmas to collect toys for underprivileged children. Each student attending the dance was expected to bring a new or used toy that was still in fairly good condition. The class planned a trip to Walter Reed Hospital at Easter. Any sophomores interested in going were to visit the patients confined for a long period. Page Forty-Six SOPHOMORE BOARD—Front Row: Sarah Webster. Barbara Hughes. Jean Turrcll. Mary Anne Ramsey. Setond Row: Ernest Loomis. Phil White, Ed Coppage. Dennis Shaw.SHOP 2—Front Row: David Boland, Kai Ian Lee, Jimmie Dixon. Rockic Fera, Carl Greenwood. Bill Pcttcy, Garland Ncoe, Thomas McCaffrey. Second Row: Wayne Harris. Norman Edwards. Eddie Garvey. Freddie Gaddy. David Foncs, Paul Rider, Earl Roberts. Jr.. Bruce Baade. James Hitt. Third Row: Charles Acton. Martin Clayton. Early Donald. David Ross, Gilbert Fletcher, Robert Simms, Frank McGurgan, Earl Carr. ROOM 126—Front Row: Ann Humphries. Judy Britt. Jean Turrcll, Phyllis Thompson. Loretta Spinks. Jean Spinks. Ellen Dawson. Second Row: Delores Roach, Beverly Mellon, Pat Harriroan. Joaa Griffith. Betty Sorrell. Gladys Tabler. Third Row: Joyce Morgan. Joan Cooley, Julia Miller, Joy Harrington, Ellen Vaughao. Page Forty-Sevennext in line ROOM 242—Front Row: Carol Fletcher, Ann Spittle, Janice Beach, Carol Pulley, Judith Crabill, Mary Elizabeth Baer, Brenda Johnson. Myrtle Bullman. Second Row: Gary Butcher. Al Pasquali, Gilbert St. Clair, Frank Hall, Larry Sorensen, Bill Dempsey, Claude Cheat- ham, Charlie Altizer. Third Row: Gerald Hicks. Nelson Yearjein, Terry Parker, John Boswell. John Pennington, Dave Knowles, Walter Hite, Hernando Mora, Lewis Wool Is. ROOM 345—Front Row: Helen Shifflett, Sally Emigh, Betty Fau-cette. Patricia MeGrady, Susan Dykstra. Alice Wright. Elaine Loveless, Gail Langley. Mary Weston, Susan Lumbard. Second Row: Don Wbitestonc, Dennis Shaw, Gwen Langford, Betty Lou Purdy, Con- nie Poet, Beverly Anne Smith. Barbara Hughes. Libby Litscy, Robert Apperson, Dick Williams. Third Row: Stanley Moyer, Richard Hall, Fred Holland, Tom Leith, Bill Sweeny, Joe Miller, Ronnie Robertson, Jim Booth. Pdge Forty-EightROOM 110—Front Row: Mary McBride. Pat Moore, Sidna Flee-man. Joyce Burgess, Mary Via, Jean Leitch, Deanna Denning, Sandra Frommer. Kathy Hartman. Second Row: Susan Johnson, Judy Munday, Kay Thomasson, Diana Howell, Barbara Bolton, Sheila Brccar. Pat Hampson, Roberta Dawson, Betty Lyons. Martha Bennett. Third Row: Harold Jones, Dale Henderson, Tim Britt, Robbie Suit, David Parker, Peggy Hurst, Walter Seay, Dan Line-berger, Llewellyn Gillum. ROOM 114—Front Row: Sara Lee Flemming, Sue Sumpter. Rosemary Klatko. Candy Walford, Betsy Schambcrger, Sandy Moore, Judy McKincry. Second Row: Hal St. Clair, Ted Andrews, Lesley Vos, Becky Wade. Sally Mcchcm, George Arnold, Michael Pier- point. Third Row: Wayne Lancaster. Jackie Barentine. Jan Garwig, Steve Dunlap, Francis Kirby, Al Hancock. Fourth Row: Roger Williams, Roger Craddock, Henry Langhaim, Edward Whitman. Page Forty-Ninelooking to tl]£ fore ROOM 116—Front Ron-: Shirley Veit. Gladys McDaniel. Randy Flynn. Sheila Chin, Louise Moyer. Joyce Heflin. Connie Ward. Second Row: Dave Murray. Gary Willey. Tony Burke. Sibby Corbin. Barbara Slate, Karl Klliott. Marty Gensmer, Ronald Phelps. Third Row: Johnnie Sims. Tom Mobley. Robert Scott. Dan fern-ley. Charles Weathcrhcad, Larry Bracey, Patrick Clark. Frank Winkler. Fourth Row: Martin Brula. Douglas Rhoades, Joe Ritcnour. ROOM 134—Front Row: Edward Boyle. Ernest Loomis. Andy Lomp. Tommy Surlcs. Kurt Andolsun. Second Row: Edgar Wright, Bob Spivey, Jeff Wolford, Kenneth Shepard, James Rich, Richard Ewald. Third Row: George Lamont, Phil I.aBattc, Jesse Orrick, Charles Adams, Burt Bostwick, Robinson Duncan. Page FillyROOM 143—Front Row: Shirley Pinkston. Janet W aldvogel. Sandy Fortenberry, Joan Critzer. Gwen Gi.inniny, Fthel Thomas. Carolyn Scott. Second Row: Julia Myers, Charlotte Diltz, Nancy Rogers. Cynthia Fulwiler. Betty Smith. Carolyn Downs. Pat Arnold. Third Row: Lois Gladden. Polly Monrotus. Mary Komoroske, Sharon Co-bel. Carolyn Russell, Mary Gay Doman, Jeanne Jefferson, Pat Hobbs. ROOM 228—Front Row: Geraldine Cerny. Sherry Mitchell, Judy Durrett, Mary Tafarella. Joan Y'oung. Karen Shay. Mary Anne Ramsey, Mary Parsons. Peggy Thomas. Second Row: Charles Mason. Allen Wheeler, Alice Tarnay, Pat Greene, Mamie Stricbcr, Carolyn Barnick. Cherry Prado, Wayne Coakley, Fmmett Trice. Third Row: Harry Shaffer. Ronnie Pitt. Al Parnell, Lynn Bowman, Bill Wood Braxton Cash, Billy Burruss, Ken Dichtenmucllcr, James Webb. Page Fifty-OneRaping far mare ROOM 243—From Row: Bony Francis. Lynda Allen. Pamela Page, Janet Kodda, Jane Goodman, Marian Carter. Panic Upchurch, Mary Ellon Napier. Second Row: Judith Ross, Bonnie Oylcr. June Costello. Linda McSpaddcn, Barbara Bowling, Beverly McKinney, ROOM 324—From Row: Joyce Knill, Nancy Scott. Judy Adams. Jo Ann King. Judy Rawic. Emily Rao. Sharon Van Site. Martha Sanderson. Second Row: Terry Walz, Carl Gracfcnttcin. Sue Avery. Linda Gilly, Peggy Hicks, Liz Clements, Christiana Watford, Richard Shirley Rutherford, Julia Nolan. Third Row: Tom Ortenburger, Wayne Nolan. Walter Schwartz. John Craig. John Garten. Eddie Coppagc. Jimmy O'Neill. Fourth Row: Don McDonough. Steve Fields. Bobby Clorc, Tommy Bettis. Court Warfield, David Bennett. Lyngard. Michael Corgan. Third Row: James Steele. Fred Pinker ton. Robert Cramer. Fred Reiser. Lewis Roth, Phil White. Garnett Kiser. Fourth Row: Jack Bush. Jay Jennings. Donald Waybright, Bob Crum, Gordon Johnson. Rick Whitman. Clyde Willoughby. Page Fifty-TwoROOM 312—Front Rote. June Lafragiola, Sandra Schillingcr, Hlainc Creel, Emily Wauon, Sarah Webster, Pat Warfield. Sandra I.oftis, June Cohen. Second Row: Eddie Stephenson. Pete Mayer. Ray Duvall, Grace Smoot, Sheila Yancey, Allan Reed, Tommy Van Buren, Richard Lopez. Third Row. George Shirk, Jerry Barnes, Eddie Me-Clay, William Peterson. Jack Phelps, Gene Holsinger, George Lucas, Donnie Strother, George Newton. "WHERE'S THE CAN OPENER?”—Sandy Fortenberry and Barbara Bolton package food for the Sophomore Class to give to needy persons. Page Fifty-ThreeFRESHMAN CLASS l|eg, frosts! The Freshman Class of G.W. High School spent a busy year in acquainting themselves with the school and its activities. They were encouraged to join certain clubs and to participate in the Student Council. The first activity of the Freshman Class was the election of their officers. Under the supervision of the class sponsor, this was successfully accomplished. In February of 1957, a dance was sponsored by this class. It was one of the rare occasions when a new class organized and supported an activity of this sort. The dance was titled "Sadie Hawkins,” and was held after school in the cafeteria. DRAG A STAG—Admiring the posters for the Sadie Hawkins Dance arc the officers of the Freshman Class, Billy Worley, Pres.; Bonny Dodd. Sec.: Tommy Kichman, V. Pres.; and Tommy Morrison, Trcas.; with Mrs. Moreland and Miss Currin. SHOP 4—Front Row: Elmer Rem-son. Lloyd Conner, Douglas Pugh, David Gray. Dennis Sullivan. Second Row: Chester Burke, Tommy Crockett. Norris Edmonds. Rolf Clemens. Bobby Pratt. Robert Rhodes. Third Row: Ronald Jcnnier, Franklin Gootcc. ROOM 234—Front Row: Joyce Rowles. Barbara Krueger, Anne Martin, Loretta Mac Lacy, Nancy Dodd, Eva Peregoy, Beverly Weller, Joan Fairbanks. Second Row: Robert Norvcll. William Conard, Bill Putnam. Bryant Hayes. Patricia Bowman, Richard Rocpke. Tommy Pullman. Leonard Coopcrman. Third Row: Ronald Shipplett, Ronald Cross. Barry Lastik. Bill Mittcndorf, David Heflin. Tom Newell, Donald James, Ronald Rubin. Pago Fifty-FourROOM 244—Trout Row. Susan Woolf, Barbara Jones. Norma Rider. Sandra Mallard, Charlotte Wei-mer, Sandra Sandy Seward. Second Row. Rodger Goings, Barbara Garner. Donna Hammer-slcy, Gladys Career. Barbara Miller. Sue Garrett. James Arthur. Third Row. Bobbie Brown. Fred Parish. Richard Dodson. James Dunn. James Garwood. Ted Fields. Eric McCullough. Fourth Row. Johnny Johnson. Jimmy Murphy, Howard Wiltshire, Joe Hilburn. ROOM 312—Front Row. Ann Jones. Julia Simmons. Jean Edwards, Karen Butler, Eva Acton. Sally Monroe, Judy Cowart. Second Row. Robin Robinson. Larry Vicrling, Harold Maditon. Joyce Rodgers. Catherine Rasmussen, Charlie Hawkins. Jim Padgett. Third Row. David Agner, Jack Simpson, John Severson. Charlie Shelton. Ray Houser. John Huntt. Johnny Davis. Malcolm MacCallum, Kit Irion. ROOM 330—Front Row. Margie Dake-man, Brenda Pallant, Bessie Gority, Donna Windsor, Jo Ann Samuels. Sue Jordan. Jean Paterson. Second Row. Wanda Hcis-ton, Carolyn Thomas. Kathy Didszoncit. Lottie Marie Gutridge. Jo Anne Phillips. Betty Welker, Pat Sullivan, Janet Riley, Delores Steele. Third Row. Robert Lee, David Ochm, Andrew Tressler, Carl Hegge, Boyd Spellman, Roy Fcwell, Don Levinson. Carroll Smith. Kenneth Gladstone. Page Fifty Fiteno lime la slip ROOM 127—Front Row: Barbara Weis-man, Peggy Disse. Betsy Loving. Vivian Griffith. Diane Booker, Carolyn Dunn. Janet Lambert, Ruth Auerbach. Second Row: Linda Finncll, Viola Diehl. Dorothy Lucas. Connie Devol, Kathy McLaughlin. Margaret Young. Carol Chase. Carolyn Hankins. Third Row: Carolyn Martin. Sheila Goldberg. Susie Herron. Ashley Miller, Dorothy Bidgood, Delores Davis. Phyllis Evcrsole. Fourth Row: Carolyn Matthews Phoenicia Brown. Lenora Craig, Ann Gary, Dawn Granbcrry. ROOM 138—Front Row: Elaine Mueller, Katy Fancher. Linda Brown. Bette Beagle, Cynthia McClain. Margaruitc Sims, Susan Jacobson. Audrey Fendrich. Second Row: Jean Biscoc, Mary McCoy. Rose Mary Conner. Roberta Pritchard. Diane Beuch-ert. Nanci Bain. Sandra Costinctt. Marilyn Washburn. Third Row: John Schwarz-mann, Alan Arcy, Harold Alexander. John Pennoyer, Rusty Dillon, Louis Bourne, Richard Blanton. Brian Rogers. Fourth Ron : Andy Apperson, Douglas Garthoff. Eddie Boland. Tommy Richman, Steve Rice. Emile de Planquc. ROOM 144—Front Row: James Ritchie, Charles Arnason. John Pope, Bobby Hawthorne, Richard Clayton. Herbert Boulanger, Thomas Bryant. Lynwood Moore. Second well. Deward Benton, Gregory Row: John Morrison, Douglas Cald-Huynes. Mike Sweeney, Robert Crosby, David Prisaznick, John Fueg. Third Row: Darrell Hauer, Tracy Bayliss. Mike Zcrbe. Jim Barnes, Leonard Chisholm, A1 Boland, Bill Nccc. Fred Purcell. Fourth Row: Doug Evans, Roger Russell, Dick Edgar, Tommy Morrison, Douglas Beck. Page Fifty-SixROOM 203—Front Row: Janet Prisaz-nick, Carmita Fisher, Nancy Stambaugh, Judy Mcchcm, Helen Holden. Delia Sue Lyons, Joan Phillips. Jeanette Dodson. Second Row: Caroline Greenland. Kathleen Hile, Sharon McDonald, Linda Craig. Delores Jones. Sharon Sexton. Patricia Suran, Barbara Kelly. Third Row: Norman Morgan, Jerry Baxter, Tommy Briel, Jimmy Arnold, Louis Battaglia, Bill Scemuller, Raymond Stockes. Fourth Rote: Michael Lee, Edward Kellehcr. George Motley, Keg Bours, David Phillips, Bruce Byrnes. ROOM 225—Front Row: Joan Carol Frcidson, Christine Kidd, Gloria Van Burcn, Rita Mac Vest, Cathy Parsons. Roberta Runalduc. Barbara Scott, Dianne Omits. Claudia Cheatham. Second Row: Janice Jones. Jo Ann Vennon, Bonnie Herzig, Janice Noakes, Carol Joan Rutherford. Rosemary Telford, Carole Hall, Sarah Howard. Third Row: Robert Picrpoint. Jim Timbcrlakc, Mickey Kellehcr. Stevie Reynolds. Jack Carver, John Saunders. Phil Schonbcrgcr. Fourth Row: Billy Worley, Richard Tyson Wood. ROOM 22"—Front Row: Fstelle Vaughn. Loretta Call. Margie Brink-ley, Carolyn Weaver. Michele Gus-sie. Judy Kruse. Rosa Allen, Faye Avrett. Second Row: Sharon Robbins. Lois long. Olivia Hill, Sondra Jackson. Barbara Jean Long. Adelaide Borton. Bonnie Harrison. Virginia Mankin Third Row: Lawrence Pallant. George Riley, Tom Kenny. Rocknr Blakcy, Arthur Latham. Bob Padgett. Jimmy Daw-son. Fourth Row: Fred Hanscom, Robert Whitehead, George Ellmore. Skip Morris. Page Filly-Sevensophomore-sipp ROOM 230—Front Row: Suzanne Dasse, Pat Nichols, Sandra Diamond, Ethel VaiiKhn, Jeannette Donnelly, Lois Murray, Shirley Moore. Second Row: Pat Milward. I.oi Dameron, Sandra Griffith, Alice Grave , Phoebe Plant, Martha Fickling. Ida Mac Edward . Cathy Smith. Third Row: Jimmy Richardson. Benny Middleton. Martin May. Hal Hegwer, Wayne Bryant. Donal Endsley, Erne t Casio. Fourth: Row: Jimmy Napier, Jerry Burg-dofer, Luther Palmer, Douglas Groves, David Ingvoldstad. ROOM 240—Front Row: Barbara Campbell. Patricia Ring. Ann Wynne. Peggy Mile. Barbara Maiden. Barbara Haas. Joyce Phillips. Ann Herrell Second Row: Sharon Freeman. Rita Thoma . Pat McCurdy, Annabclle Collins. Carol Ax-elson. Pat Gorham. Alberta Clark. Donna Lee Fortune. Third Row: Paul Klassett, Phillip Shay. Norris Conrad. Asa Ben Gibb . Joe Booth. Stanley Russell, Carlin Rose. Fourth Row: Wayne Shifflett. Richard Neil. Marlin Potter. Edward Chaszar, Rainer Olbrich, Robert Young. ROOM 314—Front Row: Bonnie Dodd. Carolyn Morris. l orothy Hancock. Barbara Grubc. Joyce Clark. Gertrude Snyder. Cora Tayloe. Joyce Vczina. Second Row: Jill Neisser, Billie Waugh. Rita Thompson. Julia Bright, Sarah Lowey. Deanna Bern-hard, Sylvia Cherry. Kathy Taylor. Third Row: Bobby Jefferson. John Cotter. Lee Rogers, Bobby Nuckols. Butch Shunk. Tim Arbogast, Robert Telle. Lee Koepping. Fourth Rou : David Kirby. Lewis Power. Elmo Kerns. Jr., Harold Logan, Wallace Hoy. Billy Ovcrhulser. Page Fifty-EightROOM 332—Front Row: Franco Mvnter. Helen Stout. Pat Pinkston, Dixie Lilly. Carol Wright. Jane Britt. Nancy Tregcr. Brenda Mills. Jane Merrill. Second Row: John Woods. Josctte Batchelor. Doris Ballinger. Robin Ream. Judy Hunt. Ellen Bustard, Judy Hottle. Johnny Bryan. Third Row: William Johnson. Robert McDonald. Billy Hodges. Adrian Wall. Ralph Stone. Cary Steele. Jimmy Johnson. Fourth Ron : Warren Mattox. Bud Rupert, Paul Jones, James Finney. Mike Ross. ROOM 3-40—From Row: Ann Blair. Joan Wicker, Suzanne Hensley. Mary McPherson, Mary Lou McCullcn, Diane Babineau. Peggy Cockrill, Grace Wallace. Second Row: Phyllis Waltman, Karen Yancey. Carol Russell. Fvon Barry, Betty Robinson. Betty Baker. Sandy Cooper. Helynn Smith. Third Row: James Hoot. Peter Todd. Francis Gorman. Robert Johnson. John Hess. William Knight. Ronald Schwitz. Michael Mylechraine. Fourth Row: LaVcrn McConnell, Dave Ashelford. Rodolph Wag-gaman, Herbert Bethel. Julian Bettis, Doug Cockrill, Guy Shepard. ROOM 343—Front Row: Sara Black, Nancy Churn. Sandra Grogan. Bonnie Sweeney. Jeannine Lachine. Nancy Harvey. Barbara Whitaker. Carol Self. Second Roti : Pete Bostwick. Nancy Herndon. Ann Row-Icy. Della, Bruin. Nancy Pugh, Suzic Drumheller, Doris Hilburn. Joe Turner Third Row: Jack Loftis. Jonathan St. Clair. Joe Letkiewicz, James Colasanto. Frank Simmons. Ronny Ginn. Woody Johnson. Fourth Row: Wayne Henry. Ennis Meadows, William Purvis, Jon Bradley, Barry Peregoy. Page Fifty-Sine(£l pi s oftm MR. EDGAR G. PRUET THERE IT IS!—Mr. Pruet, principal, observes how his aquarium is doing. Mr. Edgar G. Pruet, Principal of George Washington High School, is active in many organizations in the school and community. Mr. Pruet is responsible for the smooth-working faculty and for supervising the activities of the school. He also constructs the master schedule for class and teacher assignments, including the preparation of the school calendar. Problems are brought before him that could not be solved elsewhere, some of which concern disciplinary matters and grade transcripts for college entrance purposes. Mr. Pruet belongs to many community groups and participates very actively in them. Ele is a teacher in the educational division of the First Baptist Church, and serves on various committees in the church. Mr. Pruet served as a board member of the Kiwanis Club. He is also a member of the Executive Committee of the Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary School and is state committee chairman. Assisting Mr. Pruet with his many responsibilities are Mr. Robert W. Garner, Dean of Boys, and Mrs. Josephine Tolbert, Dean of Girls. These assistant principals regulate discipline and other school affairs. MR. EDGAR G. PRUET Principal MRS. JOSEPHINE TOLBERT Assistant Principal in-ebarge-of Girls MR. ROBERT W. GARNER Assistant Principal in-charge-of Boys Page Sixty-TwoGUIDANCE DEPARTMENT guiding lights The Guidance Department was under the direction of Miss Jean White. A guidance official was in charge of each class, and gave counseling and advice when needed. Those officials were: Mr. Mackey, Freshmen Counselor; Miss Kinder, Sophomore Guider; Mr. McGowan, Junior Helper; and Mrs. Murdcn, Senior Counselor. They also administered vari- MISS ETHEL BAKER MRS. MARGARET BIBB MISS HELEN JONES , Attendance Clerk Attendance Clerk Head Clerk OUS types Ox tCStS. FACULTY The faculty of George Washington High School was the key factor in maintaining the school’s high academic standards. Fifteen additional teachers joined the faculty this past year. The faculty was divided into twelve departments. These departments were: Art, Business Education, English, Guidance, Home Economics, Language, Mathematics, Music, Physical Education, Science, Shop, and Social Studies. Each department was under the leadership of a departmental head. These heads were responsible for the activities of their respective departments. Each department at regular meetings discussed the various methods of teaching and the outlines to be followed in the courses of instruction for the year. KNEW IT WAS HERE SOMEWHERE!—Miss Jones. Mr . Lunccford, Trivcic, and Mrs. Williams locate the students' schedule cards. MISS LYNNWOOD KINDER Guidance Counselor. College Night MR. JOSEPH McGOWAN Guidance Counselor. Faculty Council MR. PAUL MACKEY Guidance Counselor. College Night. Faculty Council. Cap and Gown Comm.. Student Council MRS. DOROTHY ML'RDEN Guidance Counselor. College Night. Faculty Council MISS JEAN WHITE Guidance Coordinator for City Schools. College Night. Head of Guidance Dept. Page Sixty-Tbreegoals of grammar MR. GEORGE BAG BY English, Coordinator Forensic Activities, Dir. Srs.' Symposium, Schedule Comm.. Head of English Dept. MISS EUNICE GUILL English. Jr. Class Co-Sponsor MISS ELEANOR CURR IN English. Alexandria Education Assn. Bulletin Staff. Cafeteria Supervision, Fresh. Class Sponsor MISS HELEN JOHNSON English, Jr. Y-Tccn Sponsor MRS. BETTY GILBERT Journalism. "Surveyor" Sponsor. "Little Hatchet'" Sponsor. "Compass” Sponsor, Quill Scroll Sponsor MRS. AGNES LIPSCOMB English, Spelling Contestants Sponsor SONS OF AMERICAN REVOLUTION ’—This was the title of Roger Burba's speech for the District Competition which Mr. Gregory approvingly checks over. "HERE IS THE MISTAKE”—Explains Miss Somers as she shows Herbert Bryant and Gary James the correct sentence structure. MR. DEUCALION GREGORY English, Chair. Assembly Comm., Treas. P. T. A.. Co-Chair. Sr. Class. Faculty Council. Supts." Advisory Comm.. Sec. Language Arts Teachers of Northern Va. MRS. EVELYN MONROE English, MathematicsENGLISH DEPARTMENT The main purpose of the English Department was twofold: to give college-bound students a varied background in literature and grammar for their higher education; and to aid all students to derive pleasure from the various methods of communication. The English Department supervised the publication of the "Surveyor,” "The Little Hatchet,” and the "Compass,” plus journalism classes. Indirectly, they were responsible for the Dramatics Club plays, since they handled all the Dramatics and Speech Arts classes. The English Department encouraged participation in yet another project— the forensic events. MR. JOHN MURDAUGH English, Cafeteria Supervision. Dante Club Co-Sponsor. Radio Club Sponsor MISS SYLVIA SOMERS English, Reading Couth for Forensic Contests. Dance Club Co-Sponsor MISS MARGIE ROBERTSON English MISS JO ANNE UZFI. English. Drama. Speech Arts, Thespian Sponsor, Dramatics Club Sponsor MRS. MARY SNIDER English, Jr. Class Co-Sponsor. Student Awards Comm. MISS UNIS WOODWARD English. Chair. Remembrance Comm., Faculty Council 5 COL. PAUL MAHONEY MR. JOSEPH ALBANY Military Dept., Driver Education. Saber Club Sponsor. J.V. Football Assistant Chevron Club Sponsor. Liwiski Club Sponsor INSIDE STORY—Mr. Albany explains to Steve Dunlap and Mike Conlon the inside of the car engine. CADET DEPARTMENT The Cadet Corps was headed by Col. Paul Mahoney. Its purpose was to give students experience in military training. It was a Physical Education substitute. DRIVERS EDUCATION One of the new courses offered at G.W. this past year was Driver’s Education. It was instructed by Mr. Joseph Albany. Only boys were eligible to take this course. Page Sixty-Fiie■splitting tt t atom MISS SUE FLORANCE Biology MR. JAMES FORD Biology, General Science. Head Football Coach, Am'i. Track Coach. Monogram Club Spontor MR. WILLIAM HILLMAN Chemistry, Faculty Council, Ticket Comm. MR. ARCHER Ml LI.ICAN Physics. General Science. Head of Science Dept., Gcacral Supervision MRS. MARY MORELAND General Science. Co-Sponsor Fresh. Class MISS LULA WHITTAKER General Science. Astronomy Club Sponsor SCIENCE DEPARTMENT ROGER BOOM—Dan Dowing, Lois Foust. Dee Mooney. Barbara Salmond. Graham Dunstan. Mr. Hillman, and Charlie Holden watch Pete Sushka conduct an experiment with sulfur in the lab. Is not life sometimes a mystery? The study of science opened the doors to many mysteries for us. But science alone cannot do it. There will always have to be teachers to explain the developments in nature to us and to guide us. The G.W. Science Department was headed by Mr. Archer Millican. Departmental meetings were held and teaching methods were discussed. This year, for the first time, a Science Fair was planned by the department. The success of this first fair may de- MRS Virginia mrs. anne Daniel termine whether or not G.W. will have future ones. £££!!’ School Dictman CLINIC The School Clinic was headed by Mrs. Virginia Carr, R.N. Two students each school period assisted in regular clinic duties. CAFETERIA Mrs. Anne Daniel, the school dietitian, was in charge of providing enjoyable lunches for the student body in the cafeteria. Page Sixty-Sixslate of figures ART DEPARTMENT The Art Department introduced various expressions and media of art. Besides sculpturing, painting, and drawing, linoleum cuts were designed for "The Little Hatchet.” This year an art carnival was held. MATH DEPARTMENT The Math Department, headed by Mr. Irving Lindsey, was one of the largest in the school. Eight teachers offered courses in mathematics, algebra, geometry, and trigonometry. One year of math was required for graduation, but a total of five years was available. SCHEDULE SIGNING—Mis Me E lory signs Carolyn Weaver into one of her classes. MRS. ELIZABETH ALLPORT Mathematics. Ticket Comm. MR. IRVING LINDSEY Mathematics. Head of Mathematics Dept., Sr. Class Sponsor, "Compass" Business Sponsor MRS. ELIZABETH GENUNG Mathematics, Hall Supervision, Chair. Cap and Gown Comm.. Professional Relations Comm. of A.E.A. MISS THELMA MADDOX Mathematics. Assembly Comm., Advisory Council MRS. WAPELLA HOUCHINS Mathematics MISS KATHERINE McELROY Mathematics, "Compass" Ad. Staff, Remembrance Comm. MISS HELEN I DOINGS Mathematics, Student Council Sponsor MRS. LILLIAN SANGER Mathematics, School Store Sponsor MRS. MARILYN ARTHUR An, An Club Sponsor Page Sixty-Sevitjistorg made MR. PETER BABICH Social Studies MISS KATHERYNE BAUGH Social Studies. Faculty Council, Citizenship Comm., World Events Club Sponsor MISS DOLLY CALLAHAN Social Studies, Head of Social Studies Dept., Quill and Palm Sponsor, Debate Club Sponsor MRS. RUTH ELGIN Social Studies. Faculty Council MRS. BLANCHE MEADOWS Social Studies, English MRS. AUGUSTA MORGAN Social Studies, Bible Club Sponsor MISS GRACE PATCH Social Studies, V.E.A. Delegate MR. LOUIS SCHREINER Social Studies, J.V. Basketball Coach, Baseball Coach MRS. MERCEDES SIMPSON Social Studies, Double-Barred Cross Sponsor FLYING FINGERS—Frances Naylor types a letter as part of her "on-the-job" training for D. O. SOCIAL STUDIES DEPARTMENT The Social Studies Department was headed by Miss Dolly Calla-han. Assisting her were seven teachers. The department instructed a total of eight semesters of history, civics, and government this year. Psychology was also included under this department, since it dealt with people and their reactions. In the Freshman year, one semester of civics was required. Junior and Senior social studies, which consisted of American and Virginia history and American and Virginia government, respectively, were required subjects. Elective classes were courses in World Geography and in World History. "IN THESE CARDS"—Mis Callahan shows some information to Eve Jensen, Vida Kcnk and Barbara Hall. Page Sixty-Eight"read it back” BUSINESS EDUCATION DEPARTMENT Modern efficiency was precisely what the Business Department had set as the sign of "teaching success.” Containing the largest elective department in all the school, the Department of Business Education offered twenty-five subjects all totaled. That included General Business; Typing; Bookkeeping; Economic Geography; Consumers Education; Office and Business Training; and Business Arithmetic. DIVERSIFIED OCCUPATIONS DEPARTMENT Another new course offered to G. W. was Diversified Occupations. Students participating in this course attended school and worked for half a day. TYPING EXERCISES—Miss Thompson supervises students in her typing class. From Row: Eddie Garvey. Eddie Boyle.Second Row: Eddie Trcger, Joyce Heflin, Mary Weston. MRS. KATHERINE MRS. MARY MISS EDNA HELM MRS. GRACE BLAIR BUTCHER Typing McGILVRAY Shorthand, F.T.A. Bookkeeping, Typing, Business Arithmetic, Typing. Faculty Council, Supts.’ Advisory Council Finance Comm., Co-Sponsor Soph. Class Majorette Club Sponsor MRS. DOROTHY McGRAW Typing, Business Law. General Business MISS MARY McKinney Consumer Education, Economic Geography, Co-Chairma Co-Chair. Soph. Class MRS. RUTH SCHULTZ Bookkeeping, Shorthand, General Business, Jr. Red Cross Sponsor MRS. WATKINS SMITH Office Training, General Business. Schedule Comm., F.B.L.A. Sponsor MISS JANE THOMPSON Typing. General Business MR. JOHN NICHOLS D.O.. Coordinator, Cafeteria Supervision, D.O. Club Sponsor Pjge Sixty-Sine3[mtcl] seamstress LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT The Language Department, headed by Miss Charlene Kiracofe, offered courses in three foreign languages this past year. Those languages offered to G.W. students were French, Latin, and Spanish. Upon completion of the customary two years’ study, many students continued to take the third year of one of the languages. Clubs were organized to represent each language. These clubs furthered the interest of the members. MISS ALBERTA GRANT French. French Club Sponsor MISS CHARLENE KIRACOFE I-atin, Head of Language Dept., Latin Club Sponsor MRS. CLARICE LYNN Latin. Spanish. Cap and Gown Comm., Class Rings Chair. MRS. MARION VAN SAUN Spanish, Faculty Council, Spanish Club Sponsor SPANISH STRUGGLES—Mrs. Lynn. Spanish teacher, helps Carol Chase with her Spanish. HOME ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT The Home Economics Department instructed students in the proper care of home facilities. These courses included child care, cooking and sewing. "WELL DONE"—Janet Spittle and Carol Harvey inspect the ham they have cooked for the National Association of Secondary Principals' luncheon. MRS. MARY PARKER Home Economics, Head of Home Economics Dept., American Education Week Chair., F.H.A. Co-Sponsor MISS PHYLLIS TAYLOR Home Economics. Home Management, College Night, F.H.A. Co-Sponsor Page Seventyliberal arts plus books MISS BLANCHE HELM Librarian MRS. NAN PATRICK Librarian MRS. MARY SEAY Librarian, Library Club Sponsor LIBRARY DEPARTMENT The G.W. library staff was composed of three librarians and approximately twenty-four student assistants. The library contained twelve thousand books ranging from biographies to autobiographies to novels and to reference works. PASTE AND PATIENCE—Karen Holmes. Ann Tothill and Patsy Kerns prepare new books for the library. MUSIC DEPARTMENT The Music Department, under the supervision of Miss Mildred Bane, offered many musical courses to the G.W. students. The singing groups open for student participation included the A Cappella, Girls’ Chorus and Advanced Chorus. The Music Club was organized to encourage musical students. "FOLLOW THE LEADER"—Mr. Watson leads the band members as they practice. MISS MILDRED BANE Music. Head of Music Dept., Music Club Sponsor MR. MARSHEL O'SHIELDS, JR. Orchestra, Music Appreciation MR. ROBERT WATSON Band Page Seventy-Oneexercised mechanics MR. THOMAS MR. CHARLES MR. GEORGE CHENF.Y DRURY GROVE Mechanical Drawing Priming. Pres. Northern Va. Industrial Education Club, Chair. American Education Week, Executive Board of A.E.A., Head of Ind. Art Dept. Wood Working MR. ERWIN PRICKETT Gen. Metal MR. HARRY RICER Electricity, J-V. Baseball Coach SHOP DEPARTMENT The building across from the main part of the high school is the G.W. Shop. Here the students were given a background in mechanics and some phases of engineering. The various shop courses offered were mechanical drawing, printing, auto mechanics, metal, electricity and wood cutting. These could be taken as vocational or regular subjects. The building, costing over $80,000, has many times proven its worth to the taxpayers of Alexandria. MISS JANICE CRABTREE Physical Education. G.A.A. Co-Sponsor, Cheerleader Co-Sponsor MR. FRANK MARINO Physical Education, Fresh. Basketball Coach, Basketball Intramural Director MISS MARY ANNA HOLLOMON Physical Education, G.A.A. Co-Sponsor MR. STEPHEN OS1SEK Physical Education, Golf Coach. Basketball Coach, Ass't. Football Coach, Dance Club Co-Sponsor MISS MARION PRESCOTT Physical Education. Driver Education, Cheerleader Co-Sponsor MR. ROBERT TABOR Physical Education, Track and Cross-Country Coach, J.V. Football Coach. Head of Physical Ed. Dept. "TO ILLUSTRATE MY POINT’—Miss Prescott shows Carol Hewitt. Roberta Dawson, Ethel Thomas and Sharon Van Sisc the way to go about playing soccer. PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT The Physical Education Department provided a well-balanced programs of activities for all students participating. While the boys tackled the five point track program, touch football, and softball; the girls enjoyed soccer, speedball, horseshoes, teth-erball, and softball. The department consisted of six adults trained to give G.W.ites a varied program in physical education.mainstays CAFETERIA STAFF—Mrs. Julia Elvcrson. Mrs. Thelma Scott, Mrs. Lola Combs, Mrs. Mary Hollingsworth, Mrs. Myrtle Moyer. BAKERS—Mrs. Carrie Mamioff, Mrs. Helen Wright, Mrs. Edith Hall. Mrs. Mary Dunlop. CASHIERS—Mrs. Sadie Heflin, Mrs. Margaret Compton, Mrs. Elizabeth Hammill, Mrs. Mary Wheeler, Mrs. Ruth Silbert. JANITORS—Standing: Elmer Gardner. Archie Powell, John Pollard. Seated: Stanley Armstead. Louis Walker, Clarence Robinson, John Patterson. MR. HARRY CHILD Building Engineer MR. WALTER McCRICKARD Night Watchman Pdge Seventy-ThreePage Seventy-Four actiirittesPage Seventy-Fiveof Burgesses Front Row: Cynthia Abramson, Karen Mahefky, Mary Parsons, Julie Anderson, Billie Howland, Sue Howard, Judy Britt. Second Row: Cathie Dove, Penny Mason, Millie Borchevsky, Martha Bennett, Dawn Cranberry, Barbara Slate. Third Row: Ann Tothill, Charlotte Weimcr, Bill Mittcndorf, Charles Adams, Marion Poff, Billie Waugh. DON'T GET CAUGHT!—members of the Honor and Discipline Committee—Seated: Graham Dunstan, Sue Hart. Standing: Joe Maiden, Jeanne Turrell, Phoebe Plant, John Papageorge, Connie Bowen, Julie Anderson, Phil White. IN IT GOES!—Jane Lucas drops her ballot for President into the box held by Sarah Howard as Sue Lumbard, Dick Kemper, Gruhum Dunstan and Julie Anderson look on. Page Seventy-Six Front Row: Sharon Dcvol, Jane Merrill, Barbara Long. Sarah Howard, Ann Wynne, Phoebe Plane, Ann Blair, Sally Monroe, Shirley Pinkston, Ruth Daccy. Second Row: Roy Pierpoint. Gene Row. David Row. Frank Knill, Gail Burchcll, Donald Waybright, Ed Coppage. Wayne Henry, Tommy Richman, Tom Morrison. Third Row: John Monroe, Roger Craddock, Donald Dill, Larry Fisher, Bill Dempsey. John Welch, Bob Garda, Jerry Alexander, Bill Dalkin, Chandler Van Orman. LAW MAKING BODY—members of the Executive Committee—Sealed: Julie Anderson. Standing: Ed Coppage, Rockie Fera, Dave Lehman. Joe Maiden, Sue Hart, John Papageorge, Dick Kemper. STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council at G.W. is a well-known organization supported by the school’s faculty and the student body. The students elect a president, first vice-president, and second vice-president each spring from the Junior Class for the coming year’s officers. The purpose of the Student Council was to train the elected officers in self-government and to promote co-operation between faculty members and student officers. The Student Council sponsored many different activities throughout the school year. Among some of the special activities for this year were the "Mock Presidential Election” and publication of a handbook called the "Guideline”. Every year delegates were sent to the District Convention and the State S.C.A. Convention. The Bi-Community Council was a new project for G.W. This year they erected a new bulletin board, provided music in the cafeteria, and supervised the bonfire. STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS JOHN PAPAGEORGE JOSEPH MAIDEN SUSAN HART JULIE ANDERSON President 1st Vice-President 2nd Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Page Seventy-Sevenfor it era, authors all "IT'S ONLY A QUARTER"—Mike Willingham sell the "Prophecy" to Jim Fairweathcr. HAPPY MOMENTS FOR DECEMBER INITIATES—Mike Willingham, Carl Oliver, Karen Delance. Graham Dun-Man, Dave Lehman, Pres.; Rose Barber, Marti Todd and Sally Hale. QUILL AND SCROLL The Quill and Scroll, G.W. High’s International Journalistic Society, honored outstanding workers in the field of journalism. Membership to this honor society was granted to those students having two years of outstanding work on one of G.W.’s three publications, plus having the scholastic average to meet the requirements. The student journalists were inspired by the initiation ceremony as they took oaths of TRUTH, LEADERSHIP, and OPPORTUNITY. The Quill and Scroll edited the "Last Will and Testament” and "Prophecy”. In the "Last Will and Testament” each Senior bequeathed his likes and dislikes to friends. The "Prophecy” gave a brief resume of Seniors' future hopes. David Lehman President John Welch Treasurer Brooke Picot Vice-President Bunny King Editor, Last Will and Testament Sue Howard Secretary Patrice McCarthy Editor, Prophecy top of t[ t mark QUILL AND PALM In order to qualify for this national honor society, you must have an average of at least ninety-two, along with outstanding qualities of character, leadership, and scholarship. The giving of the semi-annual invitations for new members of the Quill and Palm was looked forward to by all who were eligible. Annually at Thanksgiving time, the Quill and Palm sponsors a dance to raise funds for their treasury. The "Football Frolic", as this year’s was called, was held in the cafeteria after school. The program was high lighted by the girls dressed as football players and the boys dressed in the cheerleaders’ uniforms. Also to raise money, the club sponsored a bake sale at Farmers’ Market that proved very profitable. The money raised went towards providing a fifty dollar scholarship. The scholarship was awarded to the member most deserving. JOHN PAPAGEORGE President JOHN WELCH Vice-President MARGARET WALKER Secretary DAVID LEHMAN . Treasurer JOSEPH MAIDEN Historian WALTER DENSMORE Sergeant at Arms ROBERT GARDA Parliamentarian Front Rou-: Pat Baker. Carlyn Oakes. Vida Kcnk, Marti Todd, Susie Munger. Sue Hart. Tink Philipc, Roberta Armtsrong, Jean Pennington. Hope Abner. Second Row: Bobbie Sanchez. Karen De-Lance, Barbara Hoge, Patrice McCarthy, Rose Barber, BrooKc Picot, Marty I.umbard, Alice Humphrey. Eve Jensen. Marti Zilmer. Third Row: John Kahlcr. Gail Burchcll. David Stryker, Richard Moore. Jim Anderson. Kenny Barrett, Rocky Rothrock, Mike Willingham. Bob Cohen, David Martin. Page Seventy-Sinethe gazetteers BROOKE PICOT MARTHA LUMBARD Editor-in-chief Assistant Editor COMPASS The "Kompass Kids’ ” main purpose, in working the year long on one subject, was to put out the G.W. yearbook. The yearbook will enter in State-wide competition, and after being studied for a three-day period, will receive a rating. After the appointment of the new editors for the following year, a course at Catholic University was extended to the students in order to assist them in the technicalities of editing a yearbook. The course lasted for a three-day period of instruction and advice on the details of a yearbook. In recognition of the Christmas holidays, the staff adopted two elderly ladies. Presents were wrapped at the annual Christmas party for presentation to them. For relaxation, the staff held a picnic in May. Also, around that time of the year, the "coming out” party for the 1957 "Compass” was held. EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: Brooke Picoi ASSISTANT EDITOR: Marty Lumbard PICTURE STAFF: Bunny King. Co-Editor: Rocky Rothrock, Co-Editor; I.ynn Gruits, Diana Neidich. Ginny Rublcc, Pete Sushka, Nancy Washburn. Susan Woolf. COPY STAFF: Sue Howard, Editor Graham Dunstan, Emily Goodwin, Sarah Howard. Carol Itschner, Joyce Knill, Linda McSpadden. Mamie Sirieber, Pat Mechcm. ART STAFF: Patrice McCarthy. Editor Mildred Borchcvsky. Judith Mooney. Pat Baker. Linda Picrpoint. SENIOR STAFF: Meg Walker. Editor Hope Abner. Deena Berliant, Jane Lucas. Susie Lumbard, Gail Smith, Candy Walford. SPORTS STAFF: Dave Uhman. Co-Editor John Welch. Co-Editor Jim Borton. CADET STAFF: Karen DeLance. Editor Tom Richman. Marilyn Wright. Nan Darling. TYPISTS: Ruth Winters. Jane Murray. BUSINESS STAFF: John Kahler. Manager; David Martin. Dave Stryker, Alex Kormoroskc. ADVERTISING STAFF: Mike Willingham. Manager: Phyllis Coffman, Ann Furr. Betty Gaines, Faye Harlow. Edward Abramson. PUBLICITY: Sally Hale. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATORS—Dave Martin. John Kahler. and Alex Komoroske watch Dave Stryker file "Compass" subscription cards. Patrice McCarthy Dave Lehman Rocky Rothrock Meg Walker Carl Oliver Sue Howard Karen DeLance Mike Willingham John Kahler John Welch Bunny King Sally Hale f . la Aik Page EightyLITERARY STAFF—Sealed: Hope Abner, Ginny Rubloe, Lynn Gruits. Nan Darling, Linda McSpadden. Standing: Janie Murray. Sarah Howard. Carol Itschner, Joyce Knill, Mamie Sirieber, Nancy Washburn, Sue Woolf, Pat Baker, Joan Pcikin. LITERARY STAFF—Sealed: Sue Lum-bard, Jane Lucas, Deana Netdich, Graham Dunstan, Pete Sushka. Standing: Guy Partridge. Tommy Richman, Dennis Ramsay, Dec Mooney, Linda Pier-point, Millie Borchcvsky, Candy Wal-ford, Emily Goodwin. ADVERTISING STAFF—Edward Abramson. Faye Harlow. Betty Gaines. Ann Furr. Phyllis Coffman. Page Eighty-OneEXTRA!—Joe Maiden. V. Pres, of the Student Council, breaks the news to Sue Hart while Alice Shaw looks on. MARTHA TODD EtHlor-in-Chicf JOHN DeMARR Assistant Editor REPORTERS—Front Row: Ann Page Blair. Barbara Jean Long, Bonnie Oyler. Grace Wallace. Billie Howland, Connie Bowen. Joyce Rodgers. Hack Rots-: Cathy Clark. Mary Martin, Nancy Rogers. Ann Wynne, Diana Neidich, Alice Tarnay, Deena Berliant. Front Rote: Gail Collins. Ginger Mims. Pat Baker. Mary Muench. Second Row: Francis Rich. Rose Barber. Barbara Crompton, Jackie Brittain, Jay Moreci. totun crierFront Row: Karen Holmes. Emily Chew. Sandy Fortenberry. Betty June Frances. Laura Zakrewskl, Pat Nichols. Lois Murray. Second Rou: Christine Watford. Sue Howard, Marilyn Wright. Faye Harlow. Lee Rowley. Jane Murray. Third Row: Barbara Slate, Marty Zilmer, Ann Martin, Carol Harvey, Cynthia Ful-wiler, Nancy Elliot, Sally Hale. SURVEYOR In the past school year, the "Surveyor,” G.W.’s thirteen year-old newspaper, stood for work and achievement. The editor-in-chief and assistant editor w'ere in charge of a diversified staff of students, namely: sports, M NUlcnch news, advertising, and feature editors, and also re- P« Baker porters. If a student’s original assignment filtered through all the channels successfully, it was typed and proofread. After being proofread, the paper was sent to the G.W. Print Shop and rolled off the press. Published bi-weekly, the united "Surveyor" staff circulated sixteen issues during the year. Graham Dunstan Flo Rodgers EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: Martha Todd ASSISTANT EDITOR: John DcMarr NEWS EDITORS: Mary Mucnch, Pat Baker FEATURE EDITOR: Graham Dunstan ASSISTANT FEATURES EDITORS: Rose Barber. Gail Smith. Flo Rodgers. Barbara Crompton, Gail Collins. BUSINESS MANAGER: Barbara Della Rocca ADVERTISING MANAGER: Lynn Gruits ASST. ADVERTISING MANAGER: Ginger Mims CIRCULATION MANAGER: Judy Cator EXCHANGE EDITOR: Ellen Bustard ART EDITOR: Jim Fairweathcr PHOTOGRAPHER: Jim Rich REPORTERS: Sue Howard. Christiana Walford. Jensen, Marty Zilmer, Bonnie Oylcr, Kathy Clark. Barbara Slate, Billie Howland, Ann Blair. Gail Smith Judy Cator Carl Oliver Lynn Gruits Page EightyFRANK BALLENGER liutinets Manager ctf rry tree escapade LITTLE HATCHET "The Little Hatchet" staff combined the best material from the four classes at George Washington this year and printed two issues of the literary magazine. All the stories, poems and essays were written by students and submitted to the "Little Hatchet" staff who selected the most suitable ones. They also held a sock hop to raise money. FLO RODGERS Editor Seated: Ruth Mo !cy, Carolcnnn Russell, Sandra Nuhn, Adam Hubbell. Standing: Bob Cohen, Roger Craddock, Bonnie Oylcr. Seated: Suun Bostwick. Marilyn Burnside. Annette Ellion, David Aber- "STEP ON EM apily describe the Little Hatchet crombie. Margaret Myiand. Standing: Frank Ballengcr. Flo Rodgers. sock hop. Lafagette’s language VIEW OF PARIS—The officer of the French Club are: Bette Clark, Sec.; Evelyn Hartman. Trea .; Mi Grant. Sponsor; Henry Seiff. V. Prc .; Evelyn Stearns. Pres. Front Row: Cherry Prado. Evelyn Stearns, Vida Kenk, Mary Parsons. Roberta Armstrong, Evelyn Hartman, Kathie Clark. Second Row: Lois Foust, Marianne Lewis, Margot Hutcheson, Judy Haley, Sally Clark, Bonnie Hcrzig, Libby l.itsey. Third Row: Mary Jo Scheer. Bette Joyce Clark, Marilyn Burnside. Sherry Mitchell, Annabelle Collins. Patrice McCarthy. Fourth Row: Henry Seiff, Billy Burruss, John Munson. "HEY, PARTNER"—Sally Clark as Joan of Arc poses for the French Club assembly while painter Bryant Hayes and John Dobson look on. FRENCH CLUB The French Club was exactly what its name implied, an organization for G.W. students who were taking, or had at some time, taken French. Anything pertaining to France, its people, its language or customs, was the subject matter of the meetings. All subjects ranging from art and biography to slides and movies were discussed, provided that they were associated with France. The French Club hoped that through the many activities of the year, they had shown French habits and customs to those G.W. students who were interested. The French Club sponsored an assembly every third year. This was worked in cooperation with other language courses. Also a scrapbook was sent to Carcassonne, France, this spring. Twenty members totaled the French Club enthusiasts. Page Eighty-Five Roman renttnsces LATIN CLUB The members of the Latin Club enjoyed portraying life as lived in Roman days. The highlight of their activities was a Roman dinner typical of the locale. A visit to the mythology collection at the National Art Gallery in Washington was one of the club’s excursions. This activity was just an example of the many functions that explained and put into actual use their purpose: "To further the interest of Latin students, enlarge the students’ background in Latin, and for the enjoyment and pleasure of the Latin classes.” In an effort to raise more money to put into the treasury of the Latin Club, the members held a bake sale at Farmers' Market in Alexandria. "FRIENDS. ROMANS. AND OFFICERS — The officer of the Latin Club. Ginny Rublev. Sec.; Graham Dunttan. V. Pres.; Vida Kcnk. Prog. Chair.; Alice Humphrey. Pre .; and Peter Partridge, Treat.; hold an executive meeting. From Rou : Ann Helwig. Lynn Smith, Nance Bain. Lisa Putnam. Vida Kcnk. Ginny Rublcc. Second Rou -. Barbara Salmond, Marilyn Wash burn, Graham Dunstan, Faye Harlow, Pris cilia Davit. Barbara Hall, Alice Humphrey. Third Row: Nelson Yeargin, Tom Frazier, Tommy Morrison. Charles Adams. Robert Sinn, John Craig, Peter Partridge. VENI, VJDI, VICI—The Latin Club entered this float in the bonfire parade. Page Eighty-Sixiria jHextco SPANISH CLUB To qualify for membership in the Spanish Club, a G.W. student must have had at least one year of Spanish. New members, upon their initiation, were expected to provide some manner of entertainment for senior members. Meetings were conducted predominantly in Spanish. Once a year the club holds a "Pinata Party.” At their last fiesta, the club had a genuine pinata filled with candy, peanuts and gum for blindfolded contestants lucky enough to break it. Another activity of the Spanish Club was decorating a float for the Thanksgiving Parade. SPANISH SOMBREROS—The officer! of the Spanish Club arc Marti Todd, See.; Dave Lehman, Pres.; John Papagcorgc, Treas.; Cynthia Abramson, V. Pics. HIT HOME!—Karen Holmes breaks the pinata at the Spunish Club fiesta. front Row: Gail Fitzpatrick, Joan Peikin, Susan Munger, Chris Higginbotham, Ginger Mims, Sally Jean, Gail Smith, Anita Cary. Second Row: Rose Barber, Christine Cate, Marty Lombard, Dec Mooney. Diana Ncidich, Barbara Armistead, Margaret Young, Diana Spillcr, Millie Borchevsky. Third Row: Bobbie Sanchez, Caro lea nn Russell, Betty Gaines, Hope Ahner, Lynn Gruits, Sally Shealy, Anne Martin, Penny-Mason, Mary Komoroske. Carol Lee Harvey. Fourth Row: Paul Goldman. Peter Schultz. David Stryker, David Nina-mcr, Fred Reiser, Jim Gobbel, Johnny Kahlcr. Fifth Row: Walt Densmorc. Carl Oliver, Phil Jones, Rocky Rothrock, Mike Willingham. Page Eighty-Seventheatrical ttagabtmds DRAMATICS CLUB Do you have stardust in your eyes? In case you do, the Dramatics Club is for you. The Dramatics Club tried to promote dramatic interest at G.W. and to acquaint students, who are interested in drama, with all the aspects of the theater needed for the production of a play. The club experimented with the presentation of different plays for the purpose of G.W. students’ reactions. "Stardust," a three-act comedy, was a winter production of the club. This production was directed by a student, who was chosen by the teacher sponsor. The dramatists also planned a spring production with all members participating in the acting, producing, or the business arrangements necessary to a play. During regular meetings of the club, students gained experience by presenting original skits or excerpts from well-known plays. Front Row: Joy Louis, Barbara Jacobs, Nancy Churn, Gwen Gianniny. Susan Lum-bard, Sandy Richardson. Second Row: Graham Dunscan, Sally Clark, Julie Anderson. Lynn Smith, Louise Landis. Third Hou r Marilyn Wright, Caroline Greenland Jane Lucas. Pat Baker, Sue Howard. Fourth Row: Bill Brittain. Libby Litsey, Mike Zerbc. Mike Goldberg. THEY’RE BROADWAY BOUND!—Hope Abner. Pres.; and Julie Anderson. Treas.; perform for Miss Uzcl. From Row: Judy Rawie, Ethel Thomas. Cathy Parsons, Sandy Fortenberry, June Cohen. Geraldine Ccrny. Second Row: Pat Whalen. Mary Ramsey. Mary Parsons. Susie Herron. Pat Nichols, Mardic Reed. Third Row: Sue Salter. Peggy Hicks. Linda McSpaddcn, Nan Darling. Hope Abner, Carol Axelson. Fourth Row: Bunny King. June Costello. Alice Tar nay, John Munson, David Abercrombie."WHAT'S GOING ON?"—Libby Litsey asks Paul Appcrson. Lynn Smith, June Costello, Penny Mason, John Garten and Jack Brittain, members of "Stardust," what they are doing. “HOLD STILL"—Jack Brittain deftly applies make-up to Marilyn Wright for "Stardust." Front Row: Dee Mooney, Susan Munger, Martha Sanderson, Vida Kcnk, Nancy Elliott. Anne Morgan. Second Row: Emily Chew, Millie Borchcvsky, Annabelle Collins. Mary Jo Schecr, Christiana Walford, Bonnie Oylcr. Third Row: Lynn Gruits, Priscilla Davis. Bonnie Hcrzig, Carolyn Barnick, Sherry Mitchell, Nancy Rogers. Diana Neidich. Fourth Row: Guy Shepard, Terry Walz, Penny Mason. Barbara Whitaker, Wanda Drumhellcr. Fifth Row: Douglas Caldwell, Dan Costello, Bob Cohen, John Garten.sampler sefner FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA The Future Homemakers of America enjoyed helping G.W. in its festivities. The members baby-sat for the Parent-Teachers’ Association, sponsored the Shamrock Hop, helped with the clean-up, paint-up, fix-up school project and family night. The club encouraged democracy in home and community life, and hoped to promote international good will. The Future Homemakers of America fostered the development of creative leadership, and furthered the interest of the students in home economics. “BETTY CROCKER DOES IT THIS WAY"—mji Miss Tay-lor to the officers of the F.H.A.. Barbara Armistcad. Rep.; Frances Naylor. V. Pres.; Phyllis Coffman, Pres.; Margaret Williams, Sec.; Annette Less, His.; and Judy Cator, Treas. TIE IT TIGHTLY—Sue Olcott, Sheila Chin. Phyllis Coff-man, Juli Underwood and other members of the F.H.A. watch as Miss Garner demonstrates how to wrap packages. Left to Right, Front Row: Linda Finncll, Sue Olcott, Rhoda Amorky, Janet Rodda. Maxine Nuckols. Gwen Kobernick, Barbara Yuhasr, Juli Underwood. Janice Noakes. Second Row: Rosemary Klatko. Helen Paterson, Kathleen Rodda, Bette Williams, Patricia Martin, Judie Cator, Sheila Chin, Phoenicia Brown, Janice Jones, Carolyn Weaver. Third Row: Barbara Turner, Barbara Armistcad, Betty Robinson, Carol Russell, Betty Poates, Joan Cooley. Sally Shcaly. Mary Gay Domun, Marion Carter, Sandra Griffith. Fourth Row: Frances Naylor, Phyllis Coffman, Annette Less, Karen DeLance, Grace Suthard, Mary Margaret Teresi.tomorrofa’s merchants! FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS SHOWING AWARDS—Betty Faucctce look at F.B.L.A. awards shown by Bcv Herbert and Deanna Denning. Front Row: Rebecca McCrickard. Nclda Wood, Shirley West, Mary Ann Long. Sandra Frommer. Deanna Denning. Jo Ann Brannon. Second Row: Leah Kilroy, Barbara Jenkins. Betty Faucette. Peggy Thomas. Carole Dur-rett, Beverley Herbert, Ann Tothill. Mary Lou Littlepage. Sharon Hayes. Third Row: Douglas Butler, Carol Barnick, Lola Daniels, Kay Golt. Bennett Marshall. Charles Mason. OF AMERICA The F.B.L.A., or Future Business Leaders of America, tried to acquaint the members of the club with the responsibilities they have to face in the business world. The F.B.L.A. hoped that the activities they participated in gave the students a better knowledge of business and business conditions. The Future Business Leaders took part in the Regional F.B.L.A. Convention as well as the State F.B.L.A. Convention. Many hard workers participated in the two yearly conventions. The club invited people to speak at their meetings, and to show movies. PARTY TIME—Officers of the F.B.L.A. arc: Seated: Lola Daniels, Pres.; Bennett Marshall, Pari.; Mrs. Smith, Sponsor; Bcv Herbert. Reporter; Mary Lou Littlepage, Sec.; Leah Kilroy, Treas; Nclda Wood, Hist. Stand• iug: Carol Barnick, V. Pres.paint box faorld ARTISTIC TOUCH—The officer of the Art Club are Penny Mason. V. Pre .; Kay Collins. Sec.: Nor-berto Echcgoyen, Pre .: and Mr . Arthur, adviser. "THE FINAI. TOUCH”—Frank Ballenger makes thi comment to Windsor Dcmainc as they prepare pre» ents for the Christmas still life. ART CLUB The Art Club helped G.W. students to further their interest in the different forms of art. The club offered the opportunity for members to learn about the various artists and also an appreciation of art media. The students also learned how to work with art media. In the fall the Art Club took a trip over to Washington to visit the National Gallery of Art. The members also hoped to visit the Gallery again in the spring. The club had, in preparation for the trip, slide lectures concerning art. An Art Carnival was sponsored by the Art Club for the first time this past year. Students’ pictures were entered and judged upon popularity and artistic achievement. Front Row: Sally Monroe, Pat Lewis, Susan Dykstra, Linda Me- Row: Jim Fairwcathcr. George Newton, Raymond William . Donnie Spaddcn, Marcia Dalo, Kay Collin . Ruth Mosley. Srcond Row: Scroihcr. Gerald Hick . Kit WaU, Windsor Dcmainc, Frank Bal Jim Hooe, Eddie Stephenson. Gale Conner, Grace Smoot, Penny lenger, Norberto Echcgoyen. Mason, David Abercrombie, Carwin Kemper, Robin Duncan. Thirdmoon glofa ASTRONOMY CLUB The Astronomy Club hoped to increase the knowledge of students interested in astronomy. This was accomplished by bringing members into contact with others who had an interest in astronomy. The club was connected with Science Clubs of America. The members enjoyed observations from the Fort Belvoir Planetarium, the Naval Observatory, and Shooters’ Hill. During the summer, a representative was sent to the Tenth Annual Convention of the Astronomical League held in Miami, Florida. Another member of the Astronomy Club visited the Hayden Planetarium in New York. The club also attended the program titled "Skies Over Washington” which furthered their interest in Astronomy. HEAVENS TO BETSY!—Richard Stanley. Prc .; Eve Jensen, Sec.; Tom Martin. Treat.; and Gail Burchell. V. Pres.; look on as Miss Whittaker explains some of the fine details of astronomy. STAR BRIGHT—Asa Ben Gibbs holds the star for the Astronomy Club float while Mike Ross. Bruce Byrnes, and Tom Richman ride with him on the float. Front Row: Tom Martin, Anita Cary. Marilyn Wright, Anne Martin. Eve Jensen, Susan Bostwick, Nan Darling, Diana Spiller, Emmett Trice. Second Row: Charles Altizcr, Henry Sciff, Larry Vicrl-ing, Ellen Bussard, Richard Neil. Butch Gibbs. Richard Blanton, Louis Bourne, David Ingvoldstad. Third Row: Karl Watts. Eddie Hall. John Pennington, John Boswell. Edward Abramson, Gail Burchell. John Munson. Walter Schwartz. Edward Boyle. Fourth Row: Danny Costello, Richard Stanley, Robert Callander, Billy Callan, Jack Phelps, Andy Lomp, Warren Mattox. drama at its best Bunny King Robert Cohen President Vice- President Anne Morgan Secretary-Treasurer Chandler Van Orman Scribe Seated: Anne Morgan. Mardic Reed, Nadine Fuller, Vida Kenk, Mr. Bagby, Bob Cohen, Bennett Marshall. Standing: Jack Flowers, Marilyn Wright, Bunny King, Chandler Van Orman. REHEARSE THOSE LINES AGAIN!"—Miss Urel asks Sheila Yancey and Vida Kenk to repeat their lines for one of the Spring Plays. THE THESPIAN CLUB "Soften those lights! Pull the curtains! Put more life into your part!” Those were some of the commands you might have heard at one of the meetings or rehearsals of the Thespian Club. The Thespians promoted student directing and encouraged the advancement of Dramatic Arts. They prepared and enacted in public an original play. The Thespian Club is a National Honor Society and the ruling body of the Dramatics Club. In order to become a member of this group, a student had to earn a hundred hours or ten points. These hours or points were gained through the Dramatics Club, by working on the make-up, scenery, painting, props, publicity, lights or costume-making committees. Page Ninety-Fourpro or con SPELLING CLUB The Spelling Club members were contestants in many "spelling bees.” They competed in District and State-wide competition with students from various high schools. SPELLING CLUB—Sealed: Gail Smith. From Row: Judy Kruse, Pat McGrady, Geraldine Ccrny, Carolyn Matthews. Sherry Mitchell. Faye Avrett, Barbara Cook. Second Row: George Vincent. Skip Morris. David Abercrombie, Richard Stanley. Dave Stryker, Mamie Stricber. "I SPEAK FOR DEMOCRACY”—Rose Barber rehearses her winning speech on "I Speak for Democracy." DEBATE CLUB The Debate Club’s one objective was to foster the interest in debating among the students. The members met after school, when lively debates took place. G.W. sent teams to the District meetings, held every two weeks. Here the teams met and debated with teams from other schools located in the District. The club looked forward to participating in the Northern Virginia Debate Tournament. DEBATE TEAM—From Row: Mary Martin. Eve Jensen. Vida Kenk, Alice Humphrey. Alberta Clark. Second Row: Charles Baker. David Simmer, Sally Clark. Evelyn Stearns. Barbara Hall. Third Row: Richard Stanley, Patrick Mechcm. Page Ninety-Fiveteenage topics LEADERS—Officers of the Y-Teens arc Ststed: Mary Palmer, V. Pres.; Nancy Sutler, Corres. See.; Barbara Yuhasz, Pres.; Pat Moore, Treas.; Peggy Richter, Sec. Standing,: Alba Rosa, Corres. Sec.; Judy Kruse, Treas.; Linda Finncll, Pres.; Miss Thompson. Mrs. Newton. Pat Melward. See.; Phyllis Waltman, V. Pres.; Faye Averett, l.CC Rep. Front Row: Mary Palmer, Nancy Suder, Barbara Yuhasz, Pat Moore, Peggy Jean Richter. Second Row: Sue Avery, Sandy Seward, Roberta Runalduc, Barbara Salmond. Pat Sullivan. Barbara Slate. Mary Tafarclla. Janet Rodda, Pat Warfield. Sharon Cobcl, Sheila Louise Yancey, Grace Mercer. Front Row: Alba Rosa, Judy Kruse, Linda Finncll, Phyllis Waltman, Pat Melward. Second Row: Janice Jones, Annabelle Collins, Libbic Hill, Margie Brinkley. Carol Chase. Faye Avrett, Bobbie Maiden. Y-TEEN CLUB The G.W. Y-Teen group was one of the most active organizations in the school. At the beginning of the new school year, the group visited the Tower House, where an officers’ training conference took place. Following this, several members were chosen to represent the G.W. Y-Teens at a State Conference in Richmond, Va. Included on the busy agenda for this group was a three-day trip to New York in March. Also, a fashion show was sponsored by the members, and was held in the school auditorium. The clothes for the show were provided by Flay man’s and Cohen's Shops. Page Ninety-Sixfee sertie Front Row: Kaye Marion, Janet Spittle. Mary .Martin, Donna Bcrnasek, Karen Holme - Second Row: Faye Harlow, Marty Mann, Ginny Rublee, Charlotte Diltz. NEW METHODS—Mr . Simpson. Double-Barred Cross sponsor, explains the new methods to Karen Jorgenson, See.; Pat Baker, Pres.; and Lynn Gruits, Treas. DOUBLE-BARRED CROSS The Double-Barred Cross hoped to instill in its members the knowledge of the prevention of tuberculosis and its symptoms. The members of this club, who were interested in nursing, made trips to sanitariums and hospitals. Here they learned more about major diseases through observation. They also gained additional information at their monthly meetings, when speakers were invited to tell the Double-Barred Cross more about the nursing profession. This year, for the first time, the club sponsored the "Double-Barred Cross Day." Pamphlets explaining the club’s activities were given to each student at G.W. This was part of a program to inform the students about tuberculosis. The members of the club performed another service by typing out forms for the chest x-rays. Front Row: Lynn Gruics. Pat Baker, Roberta Armstrong. Sally Hale, Patricia Ring. Second Row: Karen Jorgensen, Polly Monrotus, Rhoda Amorky. Dee Mooney, Millie Borchcvsky, Sharon Robbins, Judy CrabilLgou foere tfyere WORLD EVENTS CLUB "IN THIS COUNTRY"—Ac the World Event's assembly. Jim Gobbel interviews Carol Itschncr while Joy Louis and Sue Herron look on. What in the world is going on? This very question was one main topic of the World Events Club discussions. With all of the many world situations this past year, the members of the World Events Club never lacked a topic of discussion. The club hoped to encourage the students in world affairs as well as current events. Members from the World Events Club attended a conference at George Washington University to discuss and resolve the United States’ policy for disarmament. The students also participated in a United Nations’ Assembly. WIDE WIDE WORLD—Vida Kcnk. Pro .; Richard Stanley. Mis Baugh. Sponsor; Chuck Adams, Trcas.; Henry V. Prc .; and Graham Dunstan. Sec. make plans for world Events Club program. Seated’. Candy Walford. Lynn Gruits. Joy Louis. Deena Bcrliant. Diana Ncidich. Sue Herron, Sally Clark, Karen Jorgensen, Susan Bose wick. Pctie Davis. Standing: Edward Abramson. Robert While-stone. Terry Walz. Jim Gobbel. William Henderson. Ashley Miller. Lynne Smith, Sherry Mitchell, Evelyn Hartman. Adelaide Borton, Jack Simpson. Osman Andolsun, Carwin Kemper, Robert Sinn. David Nimmcr, Hal Hcgwcr.banks and sentinels ON THEIR GUARD—The hall monitors are: John Munson, Mary- Donnahuc, Ellen Cook and Gene Ross. BOOK ROOM The bookroom supplied the entire student body with an average of six books per student. Under the supervision of a faculty adviser and with the help of the student assistants, all of the 9 600 text books were counted and distributed. "BOOKKEEPERS' —Miss Whittaker. Mrs. Drury. Mardic Reed and Marty Lumbard. LIBRARY CLUB A Christmas party highlighted the yearly activities of the Library Club. Students who participated in the Library Club were all library assistants. Their duties included checking books, both going out and coming in, arranging the shelves, and being, in general, apprentice librarians. In order to become fully acquainted with all aspects of library work, the members rotated the different duties. At irregularly scheduled meetings, the club discussed new books. LIBRARY ASSISTANTS— From Row: Bette Clark. Marianne Lewis, Ann Tothill, Kay Golt. Patsy Kerns. Lola Daniels. Second Row: Evelyn Jones. Margaret Nolan. Karen Holmes. Gwen Duchring, Nancy Scott, Cynthia Fulwiler, Peggy Dowdy. MONITORS The G.W. monitors were members of the Junior or Senior classes. The twelve monitors volunteered for this duty as a substitute for physical education. During lunch periods, the monitors were charged with the responsibility of keeping those floors in the building clear where regular classes were being conducted. Page Ninety-Nineapprentices CLINIC ASSISTANTS—Mary Muench, Mary Jo Schecr, Linda Pierpoint, Ruth Daccy. Sandy Richardson, Carol Lee Harvey, Barbara Turner. Margaret Wingfield, Sue Howard. GUIDANCE ASSISTANTS—Front Row: Gin-ny Rublec, Mary Katherine Harrup, Barbara Armistead, Ruth Ann Buckner, Marilyn Krueger. Second Row: Eve Jensen, Rhoda Amorky, Evelyn Stearns. Linda Rion. Sandra Nuhn, Diana Spiller. ATTENDANCE ASSISTANTS—Ironl Rou: Kathy Brashcars. Clara Nell Price. Nancy Elliott, Alice Humphrey. Ginger Mims, Jo Smith. Carolyn Bartholomew. Second Row: Marylou Picciolo, Dee Mooney. Sondra Kerr, Barbara Hogc, Rose Barber, Annette Less, Fay Harlow, Anne Martin. WORKERS FOR MRS. TOLBERT AND MR. GARNER—Front Row: Barbara Mills. Joan Peikin, Gerry Moran, Jean Pugh, John Pugh, Winni Barrett. Second Row: Pat Albrite, Margot Hutcheson, Barbara Hall. Nancyc Strauss, Jeanette Padgett, Carlyn Oakes. Janet Rayncs, Penny Mason.ti fat beltoe MORNING DEVOTIONS— Margaret Nolan, after giving the daily devotions, watches Jim Borton give the morning announcements. OLR CREED—The Bible Club officers Barbara Hogc. Treat.; Mrs. Morgan, sponsor; Jack Flowers. Pres.; Sandra Nuhn. Sec.; and Joyce Berry. V. Pres, lead the members of their club. BIBLE CLUB Throughout this past year, members of the Bible Club have striven hard to fulfill their purpose, "to promote Christian fellowship among the students.” Each morning a club member led the student body in devotions over the public address system. This year the club wrote its first constitution. Other projects of the club included helping various charities at Thanksgiving and at Christmas time, and studying the great religions of the world. Front Row: Joyce Ann Berry, Annette Elliott. Betsy Jane Schambcr-gcr, Betty June Francis. Louise Landis. Barbara Hogc. Sandra Nuhn. Betty Gaines, Sandra Bruce. Charlotte Wcimer, Ann Herrell. Shirley Daymudc. Second Row: Donna Windsor, Marilyn Burnside. Sue Jordan. Gladys Carter. Jo Ann Samuels. Elizabeth Marie Clements. Emily Rao, Deanna Shunk, Barbara Jones. Joyce Phillips. Mary Palmer. Soodra Beach. Janet Waldvogcl. Third Row. Gordon Mil- ler. Joyce Dawson. Karen Bozarth. Mary Dale Carter, Carolyn Thomas. Judy Hcmby. Lynn Gruits. Roberta Dawson, Barbara Slate, Patricia Warfield, Ruth Ann Buckner, Mary Anne Ramsey, Barbara Cook. Ted Andrews. Fourth Row: Jack Flowers. Obic Harrup. Don McDonough, Mary Via, Julia Myers, Margaret Nolan, Sarah Myers. Julia Nolan, Patsy Kerns, Ernest Loomis. Philip Jones, Jim Gobbcl.old time spirit Sue Han CHEERLEADERS The cheerleaders for this year were chosen during the preceding spring for their enthusiasm and ability to lead the students in cheers. The varsity squad consisted of ten girls who cheered at all of the Prexics’ football and basketball games, including the games that were played at other schools. They did much to promote pep and good sportsmanship, and to encourage the players. The cheerleaders also participated in pep rallies during the year. In order to raise money for the Cheerleaders’ Club, a fashion show was held after school. The models were G.W. students who had had previous experience in modeling clothes. Another project was the selling of tags, with such sayings as "Beat Mt. Vernon,” during the lunch period for all the Presidents’ football games. A bake sale was held also to enhance the treasury. A LITTLE MORE TO THE RIGHT—show the way Sondra Kerr models a dress for the Cheerleaders' fashion show. Page One Hundred TwoFront Row: Susie Lumbard, Joyce Rodgers, Gail Collins. Ann Gorham, Sandy Richardson. Second Row: Pat Baker, Julie Anderson, Barbara Sanchez. Marty Lumbard, Sharon Van Sisc. CHEER!—Ginger Mims. Sec.-Treas.; Billie Howland, Head Cheerleader; and Gail Fitzpatrick, Pres, smile at being the newly elected Cheerleader officers. Susie Edwina Jean Billie Rita Munger Barrett Pennington Howland Easley Page One Hundred Three"minuet, anyone?” DANCING ENTHUSIASTS— Members of the Dance Club danced 10 records such as "Young Love.” "IN THE STILL OF THE NIGHT”—The members enjoy dancing to a slow tempo. "IS THIS ONE ALL RIGHT? —says Marty Lumbard. Sec.-Treat, of the Dance Club to Miss Somers and Mr. Mur-Jaugh. Club Sponsors, while Frank Cosimano, Pres., and Bob Gibbs. V. Pres, look on. DANCE CLUB "Would you like to dance?”, was one of the most popular questions heard in the G.W. gymnasium on club days. Jitterbug records were enjoyed by everyone, although only a few cared to exhibit their skill on the dance floor. The majority of the members seemed to prefer the slower records, such as "In the Still of the Night” and "True Love.” The Dance Club, which was purely a social organization, provided a temporary escape from the worries of school work, and a chance to talk with friends.letter go MONOGRAM CLUB MEMBERS—Front Row: David Wall man, David Wolford, George Stewart, Bob Garda, Carl Grafen-stein. Bob Gibbs, Joe Ritenour, Bill Roberson. Second Row: David Stryker, Phil Yates. Gerald Jacobs. John Garten. Doug Crupper. Chuck Torpy, Bill Dalkin, Bucky Poole. Third Row: John Kahler, Matt Middlebrooks, Dick Carter. Jerry Alexander. Mike Delnegro, Frank Cosimano. Scott Kdson. Fourth Row: Dick Moore. Gene Ross. Walt Dcnsmore, Kenny Barrett, Carlin Ridgely, Buddy Elliott. Front Row: Bob Stoy, Phil Hale, Dave Carl, Skip West, liwing Smith. Buddy Bryant, Charles Simpson. Dave Pope. Second Row: Mel Fortney, John Welch, Robert Logan, Jerry File. Windsor Dc-maine, Pete Shultz, Dave Lehman. Third Row: Milton Rogers, John Juliano. Jack Phillips. Eddie Dyson, John Timbcrlakc. Paul Goldman. Fred Bernhard. Fourth Row: Mike Ramey. Pete Knowles. HEAD LETTERMEN—The Monogram Club officers. Bob Gibbs. V. Pres.; Chuck Torpy, Pres.; and Lynwood Hodges. Sec.-Trcas. meet to discuss plans for the club dance. MONOGRAM CLUB Fridays were Monogram Days! If you saw an athlete walking around the G.W. halls on Fridays, sporting a varsity letter sweater, you knew that he was a member of the Monogram Club. A varsity letter must have been earned in some one of the many sports offered at G.W. in order to obtain membership in this club. The different sports represented included football, basketball, baseball, crew, and track. An annual Monogram Banquet was sponsored by the club, at which time all lettermen were honored. At the banquet special awards to outstanding football players were presented. Football monograms were awarded to all participants in the sport, whether varsity, athletic association, junior varsity, or freshman letters. Pctge One Hundred Vivestep it up BATON TWIRLERS—The Marching Majorettes. Elaine Theimcr. Jean Beach, Sue Woolf, Wanda Reed, Sandra Schillingcr and Beverly Weller, entertain during half-time at games. "ATTENTION!”—Drum Majorette, Alice Shaw, calls together the band when marching. TWIRLERS—Officers of the Majorette Club are Alice Shaw, Pub. Chair.; Pat Pinkston, Sgt. at Arms, 2nd semester; Charlotte Diltz, Trcas.; Elaine Theimcr, V. Pres., 1st semester; Ruth Dacey, Sgt. at Arms. 1st semester; Gloria Liggio. Pres., 1st semester; Jean Hammill, Sec., 2nd semester; Betty Bunch, Sec.,-1st semester. MARCHING MAJORETTES The marching majorettes participated in a variety of activities this year. Besides presenting a spectacular halftime show at each football game, the marching majorettes ''strutted their stuff” in the George Washington Birthday Parade and in the Apple Blossom Parade in Winchester. Several new twirls, steps, and novelty routines were added to the majorettes’ repertoire. Stunts were added to the entertainment, also. Page One Hundred SixMAJORETTE CLUB The Majorette Club sponsored many activities this year. The first was its annual Valentine Day Dance. This club, in cooperation with the Grounds Committee of the Student Council, helped towards the beautification of the school grounds. Bake sales were frequently held to raise money for the treasury of the Majorette Club. Besides being interested in marching, the G.W. students, in order to be members of the club, must know four basic twirls. A booklet containing the reasons the student wished to become a majorette was also required. PRECISION PLUS—Head Majorette, Gloria Liggio, demonstrates a new step routine for the marching majorettes. Front Row: Susan Woolf. Jean Hammill, Shirley Moore. Phyllis Katherine Diltar, Sheila Louise Yancey. Third Row: Joyce Knill, Waltman, Wanda Reed, Alice Shaw. Dorothy Lucas. Beverly Weller. Lois Hawk. Jean Beach. Joan Nicholson, Ruth Daccy, Gloria Sandra Schillingcr. Second Row: Pat Pinkston, Mary Lou McCullcn, Liggio, Elaine Theimer. Peggy Jean Richter, Linda Watkins. Joscttc Batchelor, Charlottebusiness teachers DIVERSIFIED OCCUPATIONS Diversified Occupations, or D.O. as it was better known, was a new addition to G.W. It was one of two new courses being offered by the school. The club provided a means to gain an insight of and appreciation for opportunities and responsibilities of students in D.O. courses at other schools. It encouraged students to maintain high standards of citizenship. Seated: Pat Dcihr, Sylvia Sheffield. John Moore. Sandy McCullough. Stand-tag: Joyce Lc Vclle. Carolyn Bussard, Douglas Butler, Bobby Hill, Bill Graves. Wayne Oehmann. John Hughes, Mary Lou Fleetwood, Gay Ann Bowman. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA The Future Teachers of America, or F.T.A., was a club open to any G.W. student interested in teaching. They studied and identified qualities, traits and aptitudes related to successful teaching. The club enjoyed guest speakers and panel discussions on the history and objectives of education. Included in the F.T.A. objectives for the year was the study of the fundamental purpose of public schools. The members secured accurate information on vocational opportunities in education and participated in pre-vocational activities that were explanatory in nature. Seated: Gail Smith, Patrick Mcchcm. Mardic Reed. Mary Martin. Call, Suzanne Hensley, Carol Lee Harvey, Cathy Smith. Standing: Margot Hutcheson, Ellen Cook, Margie Brinkley, Lorettalyric lane Front Row: Evelyn Jones. Karen Yancey. Ginner Mims, Betty Pouzcnc, Sandra Wilbur, Joan Pcikin. Dorothy Cockrill. Cynthia Abramson. Leslie Thomas, Sally Jean. Second Row: Carmen Kennedy. Jeanne Jefferson, Lynda Allen. Cecelia Gordon. Gail Fitzpatrick. Delores Steele. Susan Bailey, Gail Collins, Gay Cameron, Catherine Philippe. Third Row: Nancy Mars. Loretta Wells. Wanda Hciston. Marty Zilmer, Donna Bernasck, Connie Bowen, Dianne Law. Evelyn Stearns. Nancy Sudcr, Sharon Robbins. Fourth Row: Marvin Beach, Gary Butcher, Tony Burke, George Bush, Guy Partridge. Adrian Wall. Front Row: Janet Spittle. Norma Rife. Vicki Cohen, Christine Cate. Joyce Rodgers, Kathy Brashcars. Second Row: Nancy Dempsey. Emily Goodwin. Joan Lillard, Peggy Collum, Catherine Rasmussen. Pat Sullivan, Linda Molcr. Third Row: Terry Parker. Judy Crabill. Sharon Devol. Marilyn Adams, Louise Breslin. Janice Jefferson. LaVern McConnell. Fourth Row: Wayne Deavcrs. Pete Jewell, Charlie Shelton, Lloyd Reiser. LISTENING TO THE MINUET—The Music Club of-ficers. Joan Pcikin. Treas.: Cynthia Abramson. V. Pres.; Gail Fitzpatrick, Pres.; Gay Cameron, Sec.; and Miss Banc, Sponsor, enjoy listening to records. MUSIC CLUB The members of the Music Club were considered quite versatile. They met on Wednesday mornings and each member had a chance to demonstrate his talent in a special field. At many meetings, club members were entertained by a personality outside of G.W. who showed a particular talent. The varied talents of members were put to use in presenting the Music Show for the students. Page One Hundred Sinemusic makers •OOWKUtD C lOTSIROP Iront Row: Sally Gorman, Polly Monrotus, Ann Gorham. Sally Jean, Gail Collins. Nadine Fuller, Cynthia Abramson. Vida Kenk, Carman Kennedy. Sue Russell, Wanda Reed. Leslie Thomas, Joyce Berry. Second Row: Mary Dale Carter. Carlyn Oakes. Liz Baumgardner, Sally Shealy, Julie Anderson, Paula Anderson, Janet Enoch, Loretta Wells. Barbara Krueger, Emily Goodwin, Sue Salter. Margaret McConnell. Louise Landis. Vicki Cohen, Phyllis Evcrsole. Third Row: Lynne Seaton, Marty Zil-mer, Gus Beach. Raymond Williams, Ernest Loomis. Dennis Ramsay, Phil Hale, Mike Witt. Joan Madison. Paul Goldman. Bart Reid, Pete Howerton, Mary Martin, Linda Rion. Betty Bunch. Diane Law. Fourth Row: Bobbi Sanchez. I.ouisc Renner. Robert Rasmussen. Jimmy Farrall, Gene Cox, Phil Yates, Pat Mechem, Pete Jewell, Bill Fidler, Jerry Evans. Joe Middleton, Walter Hite, Jack Flowers, Jimmy Hudgins, Bill Wood, Jeannette Padgett. Page One Hundred Ten Sitting: Adam Hubbell, Ruth Averbach. Ann Rowley, Barbara Ted ford, Frank McGurgan, Sandra Gagon. Standing: Grace Mercer. "HERE THEY COME"—'The GW. Marching Band appeared in the George Washington Day Parade.fyarnumy ORCHESTRA During this past year, the G.W. orchestra had a very limited membership. The entire group was composed of only two flutes, two violins, one clarinet, one cornet, one cello, and one string bass. Despite the lack of members, due to the new Alexandria high school, they accomplished much under the guidance of their new director. This was the year, for the first time, orchestra was a fully accredited subject, and a student was allowed to take it as a subject or a substitute for physical education. The orchestra hoped to combine with the Hammond High orchestra to present a program at the Music Festival. This festival, held in May, was a greatly anticipated event. CHORAL LEADERS—Section leaders and officers of the mixed chorus are: Front Row: Leslie Thomas, Cynthia Abramson. Sally Jean. Second Row: Vicki Cohen. Lynn Seaton. Mary Dale Carter, Loretta Wells. Third Row: Dennis Ramsay, Jimmy Farrall, Dianne Law, Jack Flowers, Marvin Beach. MIXED CHORUS The Mixed Chorus was composed of sixty two students interested in music. The enjoyment of their blend of voices was further enhanced by their stage appearance. Throughout the year, the group sang at numerous school functions. At the Thanksgiving Assembly, they presented a program of songs associated with that season. Another activity was singing at the Baccalaureate Services for graduating Seniors. The chorus also sang at the Founders’ Day P.T.A. Council meeting held in Hammond High School. However, the members’ main objective for the year was performing at the District Music Festival. Page One Hundred Elevenangels in tl|e skg MARY AND JOSEPH—Portraying Joseph for the Christmas assembly is Jack Brittain. Mary u Anne Morgan and the wise men arc Mike Willingham. Melvin Terry, Leslie Russell. Bob Cohen and John Carten. COMPETITION!—The All-State Music Chorus consists of: Front Row: Nadine Fuller. Cynthia Abramson. Second Row: Dennis Ramsay, Connie Bowen, Nancy Mars. Gus Beach. Third Row: Pat Mcchcm and Jack Flowers. A CAPPELLA The A Cappella was one part of G.W.’s large music program. This year it consisted of twenty girls who took this course as a regular subject. An audition was required of each student interested in singing with this group. The members worked hard on various programs to be'presented during the year. The A Cappella sang appropriate selections for the student body at the Christmas assembly, as well as at the District Festival. The members appeared on a radio program concerning the Music Department of the school and entertained at meetings of the Business and Professional Women’s Club in Alexandria. The group also sang for church groups and at both of the graduation ceremonies in January and June. Front Row: Jean Pennington. Second Row: Fdwina Barrett. Evelyn Jone . Third Row: Jean Hammill, Kathy Brashears. Martha Dalo. Kay Collins, Janice Jefferson. Fourth Row: Nancy Mars. Gail Fitz- patrick. Lois Foust. Clara Nell Price. Louise Breslin. Mary Ramsey. Filth Row: Elaine Thcimer, F.mily Chew. Peggy Collum, Phyllis Coffman, Doris Ash. Barbara Crompton, Connie Bowen.rambling rtjgttjm RESERVE BAND—David Agncr, Rebecca McCrickard, Guy Shepard, Adrian Wall, James Webb. RESERVE BAND The Reserve Band of George Washington High School is a regular part of the Music Department of the school. It is under the leadership of the Senior Band director. The Reserve Band is an organization of music enthusiasts devoted to the training and teaching of future members of the Senior Band. The present membership of the Reserve Band numbered fourteen students. The members selected for the band could be any student belonging to the Freshman through the Senior classes. The Reserve Band members worked long and hard towards the achievement of their goal. When they had attained their goal of becoming members of the Senior Band, they then were able to participate in all band functions. SONGSTERS—Members of the Ensemble arc Front Row: Nancy Mars, Evelyn Jones, Marvin Beach. Second Row: Phyllis Coffman, Clara Nell Price, Gary Butcher, Dennis Ramsay. Third Row: Bobbi Sanchez, Pat Mechem, Paul Goldman.htgl] faintin' Irfaerfahm SENIOR BAND The G.W. marching band is better known as the Senior Band. Under the guidance of a new director, the Band entertained the student body numerous times. The Band was always seen at the football games for a half-time show. They played at all the home games and also at the Lynchburg game held in Lynchburg, Va. The Band participated in the George Washington Birthday Parade and in the Apple Blossom Festival held in Winchester, Va. Try-outs were held for the All State Music Festival, and those best qualified represented the Band on that occasion. One of the highlights of the school year was the concert held in the spring, presented in the school auditorium. •■BLOW THAT HORN"—V. Pres, of Sr. Band. Catherine Philippe; and Sec.-Treas.. Marilyn Adams; exclaim as Pres. Tommy Reese blows forth a melody. DRUMMERS—Kneeling: Jim Padgett. Standing: Tom Orndorff, Chandler Van Orman, Mamie Stricbcr, Dave Gootcc. CLARINET PLAYERS—Kneeling: Tink Philippe. Seated. Karen Shay, Mary Gay Do man, Dianne Gruits, Joan Nicholson, Alice Shaw. Standing: Leonard Goldstein. Bob Garda, Jim Anderson, Bryant Hayes, Doug Cross, James Bricl, Pete Sushka. Page One Hundred FourteenTRUMPET PI.AYFRS—Seated: Leon Brown. Barry Lee Perc-(toy. Skip Cheatham, Tommy Reese. Standing: Cary Steele, Lloyd Reiser, Roger Craddock, Jack Flowers. Keith Floyd. SAXOPHONE PLAYERS—Sealed: Frank Knitl. Dick Moore. Gale Conner, Pat Mcchcm. Standing: John Pritchard, Marilyn Adams, Eve Jensen, Barbara Maiden. BRASS PLAYERS—Stated: Ernie Loomis. Obie Harrup, Charles Arnason, Richard Harman. Standing: Ken Poff, Phil White, John Dobson. HORN SECTION—Seated: Carolyn Russell. Guy Partridge. Phil Tremain, Phil Shay. Standing: Jim Steele, Clyde Willoughby, Francis Gorman.Page One Hundred Seventeenfyere’s our tram VARSITY BACKS AND ENDS—From Row: John Welch. John Timbcrlake, Frank Cosimano, Bill Dempsey, Dick Career. Second Row: Bob Gibbs, Phil Yates. Buddy Elliott, Joe Middle-ton, Milton Rogers. Jimmy Walker, Rocky Rothrock. Third Row: Manager Wayne Coaklcy, John Juliano, Geo. Stewart, Co-Captains Bucky Poole and Jerry Alexander, Bob Garda, Mike Delnegro, Manager Eddie Boyle. VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM LEADERS—Two year veterans, Bucky Poole (left) and Jerry Alexander, were elected co-captains by last year's football team. Although last year’s record of six wins and four losses did not rate as high as the preceding year’s 7-3 record, the 1956 edition of the G.W. Presidents made up for it with a good brand of football consisting of many exciting moments. For the first five games the defensive team excelled, holding the opponents to a mere two points; but then the turning point of the season came. The Prexies entertained Wakefield and had the roof fall in on them as the Arlington team won 27-19. The Presidents suffered two more defeats, both on muddy fields, before their next victory. Then they regained their winning form just in time to play one of the best games in the history of the rivalry between G.W. and W.L. VARSITY LINEMEN—From Row: Bill Dalkin, Chuck Torpy. Jerry chell, Tom Leith. Jimmy Stewart, Chandler Van Orman, Fred Bern-Filc, Windsor Dcmainc, Gerald Jacobs. David Carl, Lynwood Hodges. hard. Third Row: Joe Ritcnour, Ray Quian, Bill Roberson, Jim Second Row: Larry Dohncr, Frank Fannon, Gene Ross, Gail Bur- Booth, Dick Kemper, Phil Hale. Page One Hundred EighteenVARSITY FOOTBALL SCHEDULE WINS—6 LOSSES—♦ GW OPPONENTS 27 Annandale 0 7 Bladensburg 0 6 Fairfax 0 18 William Fleming 2 6 Thomas Jefferson 0 19 Wakefield 27 13 Portsmouth 20 13 E. C. Glass 26 39 Ml. Vernon 6 0 Washington-Lee 3 LETS TRY THIS—Head football coach Jim Ford (left) explain some strategy to his assistants, from left to right, J.V. and end coach Bob Tabor, line coach Frank Kapriva, and backfield coach Steve Osisek. toucl|dohm bound G.w.—27 Annandale—0 The Prexies rolled over the Atoms for their first victory of the '56 season as predicted. Quarterback Mike Delnegro's fine offensive work, and a sterling defensive unit led by Bob Gibbs and Lynwood Hodges spearheaded the attack. G.W.—7 Bladensburg—0 G.W. played rugged football in winning its second straight game. The Prexies failed to score on three opportunities, but Mike Delnegro’s second period tally was enough to beat the Mustangs. The stalwart G.W. line kept the Bladensburg backs in the shadow of their own goal throughout the game. G.W.—6 Fairfax—0 In a slow rain and mud battle, the injury riddled Presidents edged the stubborn Rebels to remain unbeaten and unscored on. Frank Cosimano, who scored the game’s lone T.I). on a line plunge, was the offensive standout. UP IN ARMS—Joe Schlusser (19) of Bladensburg knocks DON’ T PEEK—Annandale's Bruce Hewitt pokes a finger in Mike Delnegroi a pass out of the hands of Frank Cosimano. O' - 11 he halts him short of pay dirt in the second quarter. Page One Hundred Nineteen"dofrm tljat field” GRRRRR . . . —Prcxie linebacker Joe Middleton (32) moves in for the kill us Frank Cosimuno hitches a ride on Charles Teefey (23) of T.J. OOOF!—Frank Cosimano knocks the wind out of Wm. Fleming's Bob Aveson as he picks up a first down. G.W.—18 Wm, Fleming—2 The Presidents came up with a great running attack to defeat William Fleming of Roanoke for their fourth straight win. Jerry Alexander and Frank Cosimano scored the first two touchdowns and quarterback Mike Delnegro scored from half a yard out for the final tally. G.W. was scored on for the first time during the season when a William Fleming end blocked Bob Garda’s punt in the end zone for two points. DOWN YOU GO—Fred Bernhard (46) and John Timbcrlakc of G.W. combine their efforts to halt Woody Wood of Wakefield. G.W.—6 Thos. Jefferson—0 The Prexies turned in one of their best defensive efforts of the year as they turned back a strong T.J. team from Richmond. In the fourth quarter T.J. made their lone drive, but it was halted on the G.W. two. Jerry Alexander scored the only tally on a six yard run. G.W.—19 Wakefield—27 A fired-up Wakefield team led by quarterback Woody Wood outclassed favored G.W. to hand the Prexies their first defeat. The Mike Delnegro to Bob Garda passing combination kept the score close by clicking for two T.D.'s. G.W.—13 £. C. Glass—26 The Prexies traveled to Lynchburg seeking their sixth win but came back empty-handed. It was a case of too much All State back, Ronnie Ballard, who personally made Glass’s powerful single wing attack work. G.W.—13 Portsmouth—20 Playing in a constant downpour and on a field of mudpuddles, the Prexies bowed to defeat in the last minute to a persistent Portsmouth eleven. The game was tied at 13-13 going into the last two minutes when a Portsmouth linebacker intercepted a Mike Delnegro pass and ran 60 yards for the winning score. Page One Hundred Twenty"block ttfat kick” G.W.—39 Mt. Vernon—6 For the third consecutive year, G.W. romped over Mount Vernon. The Presidents bounced back from their downstate loss as Bob Gibbs scored twice in the first half to give them a 12-0 half time advantage. From there the Prexie substitutes took over against the tired Majors. Frank Cosimano, Jerry Alexander, Bob Garda and Billy Dempsey scored in the second half for the victorious Presidents. G.W.—0 W-L—3 For the past years the annual Thanksgiving Day clash between G.W. and W-L has been a close, evenly-matched ball game. This year was no exception. W-L, after nine straight victories, had the State Championship at stake and were heavy favorites over the Prexies. But it was G.W. that looked like the State Champs as they consistently held W-L and moved the ball well on offense only to be stopped several times deep in general territory. This mastery lasted until the final seconds of the game when W-L’s Wayne Ballard kicked a field goal from the 32 yard line that hit the crossbar, bounced high and fell over to win the game 3 to 0. Although G.W. lost this game, the hard running of the backs and the explosive line play produced a true team effort. OPEN WIDE—John Timberlake performs some dentistry on Mt. Vernon halfback Mike Hicks as the speedster skim end. QUEEN FOR A DAY—Last year's queen Martha Duke (left) ushers this year's queen Sue Hart through the G.W. cadets’ saber arch. NO GO—Prexie linebacker Lynwood Hodges brings down "HOLD ON DERE AMOS"-—Mike Dclnegro, G.W. quarterback, is tripped W-L's Freddie James as Steve Reid checks the footing up as Gene Sherman of W-L awaits him with open arms. closely. Page One Hundred Twenty-Oneteam1 tops JUNIOR VARSITY- Front Row: Ted Burnell. Captain Donald MunuKcr Andy Apperton. Nclvon Ycargin. Jack Buth, Ed Coppage, Dill, Roicer Williams, Jay Jenningv. Bo Wiltshire, Donald James. Bob Hamilton, Dave Knowles. Bobby Herr. Bob Spivey. Al Parnell, Gene Holtingcr, Harry While, Walter Hite, Jack Phelps. Second Norman EJwards. Bobby Lawrence. Bill Anholt, Jerry Barnes, Eddie Row: Bobby Daniel, Dave Boland. Ronnie Leoni. Dennis Shaw. McClay. Bill Worley. Manager llarry Shaffer. Fourth Ron: John Dave Ochm, Bobby Clorc, Jeff Wolford. Billy Miller. Donald Boswell, Tracy Bayliss. Bobby Whitehead, Eddie McClain. Frank Whilesione, Phil While, Jim Arnold. Ralph Stone. Third Row: Hall. Bun Bostwick, Tom Kenny. Garneii Kiser. John Pennington. JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL The Vice-Presidents had a rough go of it in their second year under coach Boh Tabor. They scrambled through their five game schedule with but one victory. However, that was enough to overshadow their four defeats as it was a 12-7 win over the highly respected Little Generals of X'-L. Their four losses were to the Hammond ATOMIZER—Mike Delncgro receives the Dinky Scon Trophy for his fine play in the Annandalc game from Harold Payne. varsity, and the J.V. squads of St. Johns, Episcopal, and Mt. Vernon. Jeff Wolford was the standout offensive performer as he scored all of the team’s three touchdowns. Don Dill was elected team captain at the close of the season for his fine all around play. AWARDS Several boys received awards throughout the year for their outstanding play on the gridiron. The annual Dinky Scott Trophy for the most outstanding player in the first game of the year went to quarterback Mike Delnegro. End Bob Garda, three year varsity letterman, was voted the Most Valuable Player by his teammates. As a team, the Presidents won the Sportsmanship Trophy by trouncing the Mt. Vernon Majors 38-6. However, they failed to gain the ail important third leg on the Old Oaken Bucket and had to give it to W-L. Although they received no specific award, the sterling defensive play of linebackers Joe Middleton, Lynwood Hodges, Moose Jacobs, and Chuck Torpy was highly praised throughout the year. Those Prexies mentioned on the All Northern Virginia teams were Bob Garda and Fred Bernhard, first team, and Jerry File, second team. Garda and Bernhard were also named on the All State Team. Page One Hundred Twenty-Twolong distance CROSS COUNT RY—Front Ron : Roger Barba. Doug Cockrili. Carlin Ridgcly, Pete Schuler. Dave Gootcc. Kay Pavonc. Snoid CROSS COUNTRY The cross country team, under its new coach Bob Tabor, had another successful season. It was led by team captain Pete Schultz, a returnee from last year's squad. Carney Ridgcly had the best time for the season while Schultz, John Garten and Scott Edson were consistent front runners. Rou : Manager Edgar Wright, Mike Sweeney. Bob Cramer. Ronald Sciiwitz. Jim Barnes, John Garten. Scott Edson. Manager Dave Pope. CROSS COUNTRY SCHEDULE G. W. OPPONENTS 27 Baltimore Poly 28 26 Washington—Lee 31 36 Wakefield 24 Placed 3rd Wakefield Invitation Placed 3rd Northern Virginia Meet Placed 4 th State Meet Low score denotes winner. KICK IT IN—Captain Pete Schultz strains to the finish line. AND THEY'RE OFF—Presidents ( ..- to right in ubilf) Lynn Kirby. John Garten, and Scott Kdvon take off across country in their third meet of the season against Wakefield on their home course. Page One Hundred Tu-enty-Threelap tl off center VARSITY CAGLRS—From Row: Mike Dvlnvicro. Carlin Ridgely, Butky Poole, Doug Brown, Doug Crupper, Kenny Barrett, Co-capt- Larry Fisher, George Stewart, Dave Lehman, Eddie Dyson. Tom ain NX alt Densmore. John Parker. John Welch, Co-captain Bob Ostenburg. Second Row: Managers Tom Ryan and Paul Apperson. Garda, and Coach Sieve Osisek. VARSITY BASKHTBALL The G.W. basketball squad compiled an outstanding 22-2 record for the 1956-57 season which was the second best record in G. W. history. This included a tremendous string of 21 victories. Coach Steve Osisek considered this year’s team to be the best he has coached, as they had depth and fine team spirit. Behind the top-flight play of three returnees from last year’s first team, high scoring co-captains Walt Densmore and Bob Garda, Mike Delnegro and two transfer students, Doug Brown and John Parker, the Presidents were undefeated in Northern Virginia play. Densmore finished with an overall average of 23 points and set the school’s record for one season with 506 points. He was on the All-Northern Virginia first team along with Garda, and Delnegro was on the second team. CO-CAPTAINS AT WORK—Wall Densmore (35) and Bob Garda (25) fast-break against W-L (or two drive-in lay ups as Bucky Poole (21) and John Welch (32) look on with approval. Page One Hundred Twenty-FourVARSITY BASKETBALL SCHEDULE dribble dofrm tfje floor 22 WINS 2 LOSSES GW. OPPONENTS 56 Bullis Prep 81 63 Thomas Jefferson 47 71 Mount Vernon 56 45 Washington-Lee 39 59 Falls Church 43 SO Annandale 54 76 McLean 46 84 Episcopal 53 81 Hammond 45 58 Wakefield 52 88 Mount Vernon 48 72 Washington-Lee 30 82 Falls Church 55 52 Bullis Prep 49 66 McLean 53 58 Wakefield 50 93 Fairfax 72 Thomas Jefferson 73 17 Hammond 11 78 Mt. Vernon 35 Annandale 50 57 Wakefield 55 61 Bristol 68 65 Lynchburg 63 LFFTIE—Prexic John Parker (24) goes JUMP SHOT ARTIST- Bob Garda scores up for a two-pointer against Annandale. on his patented jump shot against W-L. TOURNAMENTS The Presidents romped over Mt. Vernon and Annandale and squeezed by Wakefield in a double overtime to win the Northern District Tournament and go to the State Tourney. Their first game in Richmond was an overtime loss to red hot Virginia of Bristol, and the second a two-point consolation victory over E. C. Glass. BROWN HITS—Doug Brown. G.W. guard, gets off NEED A HAND?—G.W.’s hustling playmakcr Mike Dclnegro seems to be a shot between Tom Scott (43) and Bob Lewis (45) well armed as he fights for a loose ball against the Falls Church Jaguars, of Hammond. Page One Hundred Twenty-fiveentity on, |3rext£s j V. BASKETBALL Front Ron: Sieve Field . Jeff Wolford. Her- Waller Seay. Dave Gootcc, Bob Clore, Jestc Orrick; Coach Louis man Riley. Dick Kemper, George Barnes. Charlie Woollum. Gilbert Schreiner. S«. Clair. Second Row: Manager Reg Hour , Pal Clark, Bill Wood, JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL Coached by Mr. Louis Schreiner, who was in his first year as J.V. basketball coach, the junior varsity compiled a good 12-5 record. Herman Riley was their leading scorer with an average of 11.6 while Dick Kemper, Bob Clore, George Barnes, Dave Gootee, and George Seay also played top flight ball. Their most thrilling victory was an overtime win over Hammond's Vice-Admirals in their second meeting. G.W. 59 55 56 66 54 45 45 39 48 37 35 58 46 36 37 45 43 J.V. BASKETBALL SCHEDULE 12 WINS 5 LOSSES OPPONENTS Groveton 32 Mount Vernon 27 Washington-Lee 67 Falls Church 31 Annandale 23 McLean 26 Episcopal 22 Episcopal 35 Hammond 47 Wakefield 42 Mount Vernon 50 Washington-Lee 44 Falls Church 27 McLean 25 Wakefield 54 Fairfax 52 Hammond 35 THE BIG BOY SCORES—High jeoring Prcxic pivotman Walt Densmore drives between Wakefield's Gar Schwcickhardt and Dennis Hill for two. Page One Hundred Twenty-Sixraise tfyat score FRESHMAN BASKETBALL—froni Rou : Bill Necc. Robert Nuck-ols, Ralph Stone. Co-captain Jimmy Arnold. Matthew Johnson. Robert Philyaw, David Ingvoldstad. Stcoud Rou : Manager Pete Bostwick Doug Cockrill. I oug Garthoff. Tom Morrison. John Chadwick. Co-captain Bill Worley. Coach Frank Marino. FRESHMAN BASKETBALL The freshman team played a rugged 16 game schedule which included games with the J.V.’s of Montgomery Blair, B.C.C., and Wilson. They won four behind team Co-captains Jim Arnold and Bill Worley who were consistently in the double figures. GET UP DEL—G.W. guard Mike Delnegro (22) goes up for a REBOUND—John Welch (front). John Parker and Mike Dclncgro jump ball against Hammond's Bob Mitchell (•(•() at mid-court. (22) reach for the ball as Doug Brown 03) looks on. Page One Hundred Twenty-Sevenon deck VARSITY BASEBALL TOP MEN—Jerry File and Mike Delncgro. Co-captains of the baseball team, get instructions from Coach "Nubby" Schreiner. The baseball team, as many other Prexie teams this year, has an unusually large number of returning lettermen. With an experienced ball player at every position, G.W. is a sure bet to better its fair 6 win and 9 loss record of the 1956 season. Coach Louis Schreiner feels that with some improved pitching and hitting they will be in good shape. VARSITY BASEBALL SCHEDULE DATE April 2 April 5 April 9 April 12 April 16 April 18 April 23 April 25 M ay 3 May 7 May 10 May 14 May 21 May 24 May 28 May 31 OPPONENT Hammond Mr. Vernon W-L Falls Church Annandalc McLean Wakefield Episcopal Hammond Ml. Vernon W-L Falls Church McLean Wakefield Fairfax Grovecon PLACE Away Home Away Home Home Away Home Away Home Away Home Away Home Away Home Away VARSITY BASEBALL— Fro» Rote: Dave Lehman. Wendell Swain, Delncgro, IV Buddy Elliott. Larry Fisher. Jerry Evans. Herman Riley. Second Carl Gracf..„.VK- Brown, jn- p. , , „ Row: Doug Crupper, David Wolford. John Welch. Jerry File. Mike FI wood H;i,. tc,.n Bobby pi,j|v 0Iuri Gibbs. I bird Row: r‘ibbcrd, George J°C Middleton. Harry White. Barnes. Ronny Leoni. Richard Neil. Page One Hundred Twenty-Eightfull count JUNIOR VARSITY BASEBALL—Front Row: Charlie Woollum. keeper. Charles Hawkins. Ronny Robertson. Jesse Orrick. Third Bill Worley. Jack Carver. Garnett Kiser, Jimmy Arnold. Roy Pier- Row: John Cotter. George Riley. Bill Wood, Phil LaBatte, Ralph point. Second Row: Pat Clark, Steve Fields. Bo Wiltshire, James Stone. Leonard Chisholm, Coach Harry Riccr. JUNIOR VARSITY BASEBALL Under the direction of Coach Harry Ricer, the J.V. baseball team should again be a strong squad. He has some 50 freshmen and sophomore candidates from the Junior Major League from which to choose. GET ONE—Coach "Nubby” Schreiner hits infield practice as Leon Jewell looks on. THUD!!—Catcher Doug Crupper receives a Jerry File fast ball as he warms up. SI REICH—Third-satkcr Dick Kemper leaps up to haul in a line drive. Page One Hundred Twenty-Ninethe speedsters TRACK TEAM—Front Row: John Garten. Buck) Poole. Co-captain O'Conner. Terry Parker. Second Row: Ewing Smith, Ernest Loomis. Bob Garda, Scott Edson, Jack Phelps, Roger Craddock, Denis Carlin Ktdgely, Don Bragg, Ed Wright, Jerry Alexander, Phil Hale. POLECAT—G.W.’s top pole vaulter, Phil Hale, who hopes to break the school record this year, clears 10 feet in practice. VARSITY TRACK SCHEDULE DATE OPPONENT PLACE March 29 Hammond, Falls Church Home April 1 Hammond, Me. Vernon Home April 6 Memorial Relays Home April 11 Episcopal Away April 13 V.P.I. Relays Away April 16 Bethcsda-Chevy Chase Away April 23 Wakefield Away April 26 Wakefield Invitational Away May 3 Washington-Lcc Home May 7 Hammond Home May 10 Northern Virginia Meet Home May 18 State Meet Wm. Mary Page One Hundred Thirtyon gour mark TRACK With Coach Bob Tabor taking over the reins of the track team from Harry Caughron, the Prexies will have at least one experienced man in every event. Co-captains Dave Stryker and Bob Garda will be G.W.’s front line men in the dashes and the high and low hurdles respectively. Bob was second in the high hurdles in last year's State Meet and is a good prospect to win it this year. Scott Edson, a transfer student will be running the 440 while Carlin Ridgely, John Garten, and Pete Schultz will be entered in the long distance events. Phil Hale in the pole vault and shot put, and Bucky Poole in the discus are the Presidents’ best bets in the field events. Depth will be the main problem for the Tabor-men, who last year won the Memorial Relays as well as being undefeated in dual competition and finishing third in the State Meet. TRACK TEAM—Front Row: Bob Cram- Demaine, Chandler Van Orman. Done cr. Jim BarncS, Mike Sweeney. Dave Bo- Cockrill, Jay Jennings. Co-Captain Daw-land. Second Row: Fete Schultz, Windsor Stryker. GET SET—Bob Garda (left) and Dave team, practice getting out of the starting Stryker, co-captains of the 1957 track block, prior to a big meet. Page One Hundred Thirty-Onesljell foe rofo STROKE . . . STROKE—One of the junior varsity eight-oared shells works out on the "beautiful” Potomac. FIRST "FIVE”—Jim Stewart. Mel Fortney. Chuck Torpy. Bill Roberson, and Bill Dalkin are returnees from the '56 varsity. VARSITY CREW SCHEDULE DATE OPPONENT PLACE April 6 Lower Merion Home April 13 W-L Home April 20 Navy Plebes Away April 27 Hammond Home May 4 Northern Virginia Home May 11 Spring Regatta Away May 18 Stotesbury Away May 25 National Championship Away RETURNING OARSMEN—Front Row. Jimmy Stewart. Milton Rogers. Ronnie Pitt. Buddy Bryant. Melvin Fortney. I)ave Car . Bill Roberson, Micky Simpson, Don Dill, Marvin Beach, Chuck Torpy. Second Row. Pete Jorgensen, Ed Coppage, A1 Parnell, Ben £?StCIh™ iv L s,° - Stuart long. Barry Roberson. Z i ?'{ , u°°,tc', L?rry I ohner. Marty Gensmer. Roger Williams. Jeff Wolford. Jack Phillips. Jim Borton. Bill Dalkin. Page One Hundred Thirty-TwoRational (3H|antps FIRST YEAR CREWMEN—Front Row: Eddie McClay, Jimmy Hite. Frank Hall, John Monroe, Nelson Ycargin, Norman Edwards, Richardson. Tom Kenny, Norman Morgan, Jerry Baxter. Bill Way- Joe Hilburn, Holsinger. Rod Waggaman, Tom Richman, Tom lctt, Brian Rogers. Robert Pierpoint. Wayne Lancaster, Karl Watts. Morrison. Rudy Wright. Second Row: Bill Peterson, Wayne Henry, Don Waybright, Walter VARSITY CREW Things look good for Coach Julian Whitestone and his Prexie crew this year with five boys. Bill Roberson, Chuck Torpy, Jim Stewart, Bill Dalkin, and Mel Fortney, returning from the 1956 varsity eight oared shell. There will be several upperclassmen going out for the team for the first time and are large enough to give the crew added strength. Nevertheless, it will still be difficult to match last year’s record when they won the Stotesbury Cup and the coveted National Championship. Although the future looks bright for the varsity eight, some of the J.V. crews are a question mark since many experienced boys are now at Hammond. WORKING HARD— Bob Logan. Milcon Rogers. Buddy Bryant, and BIG SHOT—Bill Dalkin receive hi typhoid hot. Barry Roberson clean up a shell before taking to the water. which is given free to crew candidates, from Mrs. Carr. Page One Hundred Thirty-Threetee for tfoo VARSITY GOLF— Front Row: Bob Spivey. Larry Vicrling. Second Row: Jerry Butler, Pete Jewell. Jim Anderson, Walt Densmore. Spike Callander, Tom Ryan, Charlie Holden, and Coach Steve Osisck. PUTTERING AROUND — Tom Ryan, using his trusty putter to his best advantage, sinks a long putt as teammate Spike Callander holds the pin and looks on with great admiration. IRON MAN—Two year veteran, Jim Anderson, blasts out of a sand trap during a late afternoon practice round at Belle Haven Country Club, the home course. VARSITY GOLF SCHEDULE DATE OPPONENT March 29 Grovcton April 5 Annandalc April 12 Falls Church April 29 Herndon May 6 Hammond May 10 Wakefield May 17,18 State Tournament May 20 Me. Vernon May 24 W-L May 31 McLean GOLF Going into its third year of existence, the golf team coached by Steve Osisek is expected to better its mediocre record of 1956. Led by lettermen, Charlie Holden, Jim Anderson, Tom Ryan, and Walt Densmore, they will play a nine match schedule consisting of all Northern Virginia schools. Holden, only a junior, has been on the team two years and will probably be the number one man. If things go well and they win the district championship, they will have the right to represent the area at the State Tournament. Page One Hundred Thirty-Fournot quite croquet Front Row: Barbara Carncr. Barbara Miller. Joyce Heflin. Barbara Naomi Diehl. Lois Gladden. Karen Jorgensen, Peggy Dowdy. Bolton, Karen Butter, Marian Treni . Second Rou : Sally Hale. Phyli Graves. Robbie Suit. ABLE ATHLETES—The officers of the G.A.A. are Peggy Dowdy. Sec.-Treas.; Karen Jorgensen. Pres.. 1st semester; Miss Holloman, sponsor; Joyce Heflin, recorder of points. 2nd semester: Sally Hale, recorder of points, 1st semester; Naomi Diehl, Vice President; and Marian Trcnis, Pres., 2nd semester. "ITS MINE!"—Kathy Taylor. G.A.A. member referees sophomore girls Sharon Van Sis$, Connie Ward and Mary Komoroskc in basketball during 6th period. GIRLS ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION The Girls’ Athletic Association, or G.A.A. as it was better known, encouraged all girls to participate in sports. In the fall, there was a bowling tournament which was held at the Alexandria Bowling Alley every Wednesday afternoon. During the winter, the G.A.A. sponsored intramurals and participated in interscholastic basketball games. In the spring, there were wisket and softball intra-murals along with softball games with various other schools. The G.A.A. had a Christmas party where gifts were exchanged. In order to meet G.A.A. requirements, a prospective member had to earn a set number of points. Page One Hundred Thirty-FivecadetsPage One Hundred Thirty-Seven t marching corps COLONEL PAUL 1IHNRY MAHONEY Colonel Paul H. Mahoney, military science teacher at G.W., has an excellent background for his position. After his graduation from West Point, he served in the Army continuously from then until his retirement in 1953- He taught an ROTC course in a private school in Wisconsin. He organized and supervised the gold movement from New York to Fort Knox. He also served in the Philippines. COLOR GUARD: Color Sergeant Moyer, S.F.; Color Sergeant Terry, M.; Color Sergeant Jones, L.R.; Color Sergeant Francis, C.L. Cadets were taught marksmanship, weapons, leadership, drill, ceremonies, inspection, physical training, small unit tactics and formation. The corps marched in battalion parades and the George Washington Birthday Parade. Freshmen cadets studied courtesy and customs of military organization, hygiene, first aid and individual equipment. While sophomores learned map reading and field sanitation, juniors learned the teaching methods, map and aerial photographs, and the different branches of the Army. The seniors were taught the rudiments of military tactics. PLAN AHEAD—Discussing plans for the Usher Squad arc Captain Sandra K. Bruce and Sergeant Ken Shepard, Usher Squad leaders. Page One Hundred Thirty-Eightlieutenant Colonel Hall, E. Captain Adjutant Callander. R. D. Second Lieutenant Baker, C. B. Ordnance Sergeant Roth, L. Major Battalion Martin, J. D. Captain Adjutant Heilig. T. L. Major Battalion Shepard, M. A. Captain Adutant Battalion Bruce, S, K. Sergeant Major Battalion Wright, M. J. USHER SQUAD: Front Row: Private First Claw Jacobson, S. E.; Private Koepping. I.. T.; Private First Class Cooperman. I.. J.; Private Bradley. J- W.; Private First Class Trice, B. E.; Private Myle-chrainc. M. K-: Private First Class Luke. B. R.; Private Casto, E. E.; Sergeant Jacobson. E. E. Srcond Row: Corporal Francis. B. J.; Sergeant Shepard. K. L.; Private First Class Wheeler. A. T.; Corporal Corgan, M. T.: Sergeant Glover, J. V.; Second Lieutenant Baker. C B.; Sergeant Roth. L: Private Sullivan. D. K.; Private Fortune. I). L.; Private First Class Hottle. J. A. Third Row: Captain Adjutant Bruce, S. K.; Sergeant Langford, G. D.: Corporal Mason, C. H.: Private Hanscom. F. R.; Private First Class Peterson. W. D.; Private Ashclford, D. J.; Private Meadows. E E.; Private First Class Simpson. J. C.; Private First Class Carter. «» I.; Sergeant Hottle. R. E. Page One Hundred Thirty-Nine"lag doftm gunr arms!" Captain Good, E. C. First Lieutenant Katz, M. D. Second Lieutenant Hitt, G. F. First Sergeant James, G. F. FIRST PLATOON COMPANY "A": Front Rou-: Sergeant Phillips. J. F.; Private Meadows. E. E.; First Lieutenant Katz, M. D.; Private Hegwer, L. H.; Sergeant MeGurgan, F. P. Second Row: Corporal Callan, B. G.. Private Richman, T. N.; Private Shipplett, R. P.; Sergeant Fox. R. E. Third Row: Corporal Fletcher. G. W.; Private Peterson. W. D.; Private Johnson, W. L.; Private Purvis, W. D. SECOND PLATOON COMPANY "A”: Front Row: Platoon Ser- geant Kemper, C. A.; Private Hanscom. F. R.; Second Lieutenant Hitt, G. F.; Private First Class Ross. M. P.; Private First Class Simpson, J. C. Second Row: Private Logan, H. A.; Private Ash-elford, D. J.; Corporal Sweeny, H. W. Third Row: Private Cross, R. G; Private Phillips, D. L; Private First Class Colvin, D. R.; Corporal Langhaim, H. A.FIRST PLATOON COMPANY "B”: From Row: Platoon Sergeant Car-roll, R. F.; Corporal Mason, C. H.; First Lieutenant Sinn, R. L.; Private First Class Wheeler, A. T.; Private Duncan, R. M. Second Row: Sergeant Mays. J. A.; Private Duvall, R. E.; Private Davis. J. C.; Private Byrnes, B. B. Third Row: Corporal Haugh, R. C.; Private First Class Rider, P. L.; Private First Class Willey. E. G-; Private Crockett, T. R. SECOND PLATOON COMPANY 'B": From Row: Sergeant Glover, J. V.: Sergeant Lemlcy, D. C.: Second Lieutenant Abercrombie, D. A. Corporal Rhodes, R. R.; Private Reynolds. S. L; Private Blakey, C. R. Second Row: Sergeant Hurst. C. R.; Private First Class I.yngard, R. J.; Private First Class Bradley, J. W.; Private Johnson, W. H. Third Row: Private First Class Henderson, W. C.; Private Bryant, W. B.; Private Bryant, T. S. Captain Nimmer, D. C. First Sergeant Stanley, R. A. Second Lieutenant Abercrombie, D. A. First Lieutenant Sinn, R. L. Page One Hundred Forty-Onedutg fell performed Captain Derrenbacker. L. E. First Lieutenant Goodman. G- F. Second Lieutenant Alexander, D. First Sergeant Hill, W. A. FIRST PLATOON COMPANY "C": Front Row: Sergeant Shepard, K. L.; Private Whitcstone, R. C.; Second Lieutenant Alexander, D.; Private Telle, R. E.; Private First Class Luke, B. R.; Private Koep-ping, L. T. Second Row: Sergeant Culticc, }■ M.; Private Sullivan, D. K.; Sergeant Newton, G. H.; Corporal Irion, C B.; Private Rogers. B. A. SECOND PLATOON COMPANY "C": Front Row: Platoon Sergeant Moriarty. J. M.; Sergeant Surles, T. B.; First Lieutenant Goodman, G. P.: Private Mylcchraine, M. R.; Private First Class Trice, B. E.; Private Roepke, R. A. Second Row: Private First Class Coopcrman, L. J.; Corporal Altirer, C. R.; Corporal Phelps, R. W.; Private Sorensen, L. B.; Private Corgan, M. T.FIRST PLATOON COMPANY "E": Front Row: Sergeant Slate, B. J.; Corporal Long, L. L.; Private First Class Tubbs. A. W.; First Lieutenant Smith, B. A.; Private First Class Hurst, P. J.; Private First Class Cobcl, S. K. Second Row: Sergeant Sullivan, P. J.; Corporal Purdy. B. L.; Private First Class Carter, G. J.; Private Bright. J. P.; Private Clark, J. W. Third Row: Sergeant Langford. G. D.; Corporal MeSpad-den, L. J.; Private First Class Yancey, S. L.; Private First Class Hot-tle, J. A.; Platoon Sergeant Sorrell, B. L. SECOND PLATOON COMPANY "E": Front Row: Sergeant Hot-tic, R. E.; Corporal Francis. B. J.; Second Lieutenant Thompson. L. J.; Private First Class Steele, D. C.: Private Kelly, B. A.; Private First Class Smith, L. Second Row: Sergeant Jacobson, E. E.; Corporal Kobernick, G. G.: Private Fortune. D. L.; Private Hall, C. V. Third Row: Sergeant Munday, J. A. ; Private Pirst Class Schamberger. B. J.; Private First Class Jacobson. S. E.: Private Grube. B. S.; Platoon Sergeant Long, M. A. Captain Keel, J. E. A. First Lieutenant Scott, S. L. Second Lieutenant Smith, B. A. Second Lieutenant Thompson, L. J. First Sergeant Wood, J. E. Page One Hundred Forty-Threetn guard SABER CLUB: Front Ron■: Captain Nimmer, D. C.: Captain Good, E. C.; Captain Derrenbacker, L. F. Second Row: Captain Adjutant Heilig, T. L.; Second Lieutenant Baker, C. B.; Second Lieutenant Hite, G. F.: First Lieutenant Katz. M. D.; First Lieutenant Goodman, G. P.; Second Lieutenant Alexander, D. CADET CLUBS The Saber Club sold programs at football games, and also helped with the Cadet Ball. The membership of this club consisted of only the male officers of the Cadet Corps. The organization of a security guard force came under the jurisdiction of the Chevrons’ Club. This club took the cadet popularity poll, and it was sponsor of the usher squad. The Liwiski Club was composed of female officers and the non-commissioned officers. They were the sponsors of a bake sale and a Christmas party. They also took an active part in planning the Cadet Ball. LIWISKI CLUB: Front Row: First Lieutenant Scott, S. L.; Second Lieutenant Thompson. L. J. Second Row: Sergeant Jacobson, E. E.; Platoon Sergeant Sorrell. B. L.; Second Lieutenant Smith, B. A.; Sergeant Hottle, R. W. CHEVRONS CLUB: Front Row: Corporal Culticc, J. M.; Corporal Sweeny, H. VC'.; Sergeant Glover. J. V.; First Sergeant James. G. F.: Color Sergeant Jones, L. R.; Color Sergeant Moyer, S. F.; Second Row: Sergeant Shepard, K. L.; Ordnance Sergeant Roth, L.; First Sergeant Hill, W. A.; Sergeant Lemlcy, D. C.; Sergeant McGurgan. F. P.; Color Sergeant Terry. M.; Sergeant Rhodes, R. R-; Corporal Phelps, R. VC'.; Sergeant Surles, T. B.pass l t ammunition BOYS’ RIFLE TEAM: From Row: Sergeant Shepard, K. L.; Fir»t Lieutenant Katz. M. D.; First Sergeant James, G. F.; Captain Derrenbackcr, L. E.; Executive First Lieutenant Goodman, G. P. Set on J Row: Capt-tain Nimmcr, D. C.; Private First Class Wheeler. A. T.; Major Martin, J. D.; Color Sergeant Jones, L. R.; Color Sergeant Francis. C. L.; Color Sergeant Moyer, S. F. GIRLS’ RIFLE TEAM: Sergeant Sullivan, P. J.; Sergeant Langford, G- D.; Sergeant Jacobson. E. E.; Corporal Francis. B. J.; Captain Keel. J. E. A. RIFLE TEAMS Opposition became sharp when the George Washington High School Cadet Corps’ rifle teams entered in shooting matches against other high school rifle teams. This included both the boys’ and girls’ rifle teams. The rifle teams represented the Cadet Corps of George Washington High School in the many matches where they displayed their shooting abilities. The G.W. rifle team won its big match against Northwestern High School. They went down in defeat in a match against Randolph Macon Military Academy, although they placed well in the final results. The team also shot a match against the Naval Academy’s plebe rifle team. Only superb marksmen qualified for positions on the rifle teams. Members of the teams were working towards obtaining distinguished and expert ratings. Many of the members have received these ratings. ROYAL PAIR—Edgar Good and Marjorie Shepard were King and Queen of (he Cadcc Ball.Page One Hundred Forty-SixBH Page One Hundred Forty-SevenTURNER STUDIO LIFELIKE PORTRAITS 108 North Washington Street ALEXANDRIA VIRGINIA King 9-3058 and King 9-3059 We are very grateful for the privilege of being of service, as official photographers, toward making this year's "COMPASS" a grand success. The splendid cooperation given us by the editors, faculty, and student body was highly commendable and sincerely appreciated. vr ief One Hundred Forty-EightCONGRATU LATIONS 'j To You Graduates! We wish you every success and happiness As you are going to be the homemakers of tomorrow . . . We look forward to serving you in the years to come ALEXANDRIA 2525 Mt. Vernon Avenue Overlook 3-4330 ARLINGTON Corner North Highland St. ot Fairfax Drive FALLS CHURCH Lee Highway and Washington Boulevard JEfferson 3-1400 -------i Page One Hundred Forty-Nine"7 pflxion vfln lints, inc. "SERVICE is our most important PRODUCT" member ATLAS VAN LINES, INC. A NATIONAL SYSTEM One of the World's Largest Movers Modern Storage Facilities Kl 8-2233 Local Moving Kl 8-6400 Page One Hundred FiftyTHf fiRST m cum mm m ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA Oldest National Bank in Virginia MAIN OFFICES 531 King St. 507 King St. BRANCHES Mount Vernon Ave Uptown Northeast Brodlee Branch 2809 Mt. Vernon Ave. 1827 King Street 701 N. St. Asaph Street 3600 King Street Drive In Windows at Each Branch Free Parking Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Page One Hundred Fifty-One- Compliments of THE BURKE AND HERBERT BANK and TRUST COMPANY OLDEST BANK IN THE OLD DOMINION MAIN OFFICE: CORNER KING and FAIRFAX STREETS BRANCH: 306-8 EAST MONROE AVENUE Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation "We will gladly take care of your special events'' COCA-COLA — FAVORS ICE — COOLERS CALL The Coca-Cola Bottling Company 1500 King Street King 9-0452 Alexandria, Virginia 4 HODGES GULF SERVICE 2301 Commonwealth Ave. Phone Overlook 3-0802 Complete Auto Service I. B. Hodges, Prop. P. L. Jacobs, Mgr HADEED RUG CLEANING CO. Oriental Domestic Phone Kl 9-1604 1502 Mt. Vernon Ave. Alexandria, Virginia Page One Hundred Fifty-Two Phone Kl 9-8500 Office Kl 9-0500 Member F.D.S.—Flowers Wired Everywhere KIRCHNER’S FLORIST CUT FLOWERS WEDDING FLOWERS CORSAGES FUNERAL DESIGNS Alexandria's Leading Floral Designers Open: 9 a.m.-8 p.m. Daily 9 a.m.-3 p.m. Sunday 1617 Duke Street Alexandria, Virginia WALTER C. DAVIS and SONS, INC. ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR 1509 Prince Street Alexandria, Virginia 1 “We Build for Tomorrow By Service of Today" 1 Kl 9-2092 OV 3-2486 ARLANDRIA BARBER SHOP Across from Giant Food Store 3838Mt. Vernon Avenue JOHN'S BLUE RIBBON SHOE REPAIR 1000 King Street Alexandria, Virginia Compliments of FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS LOAN ASSOCIATION OF ALEXANDRIA 119-121 N. Washington Street Alexandria, Virginia Pdge One Hundred Fifty-ThreeCo ents of -fVob hone Ki estate9 8'80's loans PROPERTylJI,ANC£ «anasement South WcrK' «—Cas. - chappel huhn 7?S m nvd:,,Q' v'r9'n'o 25 N Washington St King 9-3853 v-ameron Henry Sts ....... King 8-1279 THE congress barber shop Powhatan Shopping Center H ou don't know chit shop get next” Kl 8-8090 Alexandria, Virginia CHANNEL'S T-V 2303 Mt. Vernon Avenue Phone Kl 9-0151 Alexandria, Virginia MARU'S2STUDIO ol Classic Donee Attd.bByaX- D-ohcs Arlington, Virginia "Home of Chcrncrizcd Cars" CHERNER-SHIRLINGTON MOTOR COMPANY FORD - MERCURY - LINCOLN Sales Service 2790 Arlington Mill Drive Arlington, Virginia OV 3-4000 Rust Craft Greeting Cards E. M. BRYAN COMPANY OF VIRGINIA 1021 King Street Alexandria, Virginia OV 3-4500 ART SUPPLIES SCHOOL SUPPLIES Compliments of CUNNINGHAM FUNERAL HOME, INC. WILLIAM W. CUNNINGHAM W. BEVERLEY MOUNTCASTLE LILLIE V. CUNNINGHAM A. K. ROYSTON Cameron and Alfred Streets Alexandria, Virginia King 9-1800 TEmple 6-4580 nHundred l iftyl ourr " Compliments of j THE DIME STORE HERFF-JONES 1906 Mt. Vernon Avenue Alexondrio, Virginia COMPANY Neighborhood Variety Store School Supplies Manufacturers of GEORGE WASHINGTON HIGH SCHOOL PAUL PASQUALI Mount Vernon Shoe Repairing CLASS RINGS AND COMMENCEMENT ANNOUNCEMENTS Adjacent to Vernon Theatre Virginia Representative JAMES L. DECK It Pays to Look Well CECIL'S BARBER SHOP 1604 Mt. Vernon Avenue Alexandria, Virginia Cecil Coffman, Mgr. Phone TE 6-6693 3110 W. Marshall Street Richmond 21, Virginia Best Wishes J. H. AITCHESON INC. The Dixie Pig PLUMBING and HEATING DISTRIBUTORS Powhatan Street ! and Bashford Lane TE 6-9483 LOOK RADIO TV SALES SERVICE 1318 Powhatan St. Kl 8-2288 Alexandria, Virginia J. R. MARLOWE C. B. SMITH CYCLONE FENCE American Steel and Wire Division United States Steel Corporation 565 Jefferson Davis Highway Telephone OTis 4-7992 Arlington, Virginia ——— —— j Page One Hundred Fifty-Five zmaLm Son SDuntxaC cHomc 520 SOUTH WASHINGTON STREET ALEXANDRIA. VA. Since 1841 "One of the South's Oldest ond Finest" J LAUNDROMAT OF ALEXANDRIA Family Wash Slip Covers Shag Rugs Washed Fluff Dried We do Cotton Rugs, 9 x 12. over 2307 Mt. Vernon Ave. Kl 9-8668 ALEXANDRIA BUSINESS SCHOOL State Accredited School For Men and Women ENTRANCE AT ANY TIME Speedwriting Shorthand Gregg Shorthand Touch Typewriting - Bookkeeping Accounting. - Indexing - Filing Clerical Payroll Mrs. Lillian B. Protheroc, Instructor is on Authorized teacher of Sp:ed-writing Shorthand with 21 years experience and was a student of the originator. Mrs. Emma B. Dearborn Individual Instruction Intensive Troining CALL Kl 9-3745 106 N. Columbus St. Alexandria. Virginia "A Course for Every Business" Page One Hundred Fifty SixBELL MOVING AND STORAGE PHONE Kl 9-0777 715 N. ST. ASAPH STREET ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA AGENT NORTH AMERICAN VAN LINES JESSE L. BELL COLONY SPORTS SHOP A. G. Spalding Bros. Kl 9-3339 1543 Quaker Lane Alexandria. Virginia Compliments and Best Wishes LEROY S. BENDHEIM Mayor Typewriters and Adding Machines New and Used Kl 9-7444 ART'S TYPEWRITER SALES AND SERVICE 2405 Mt. Vernon Avenue Del Ray, Alexandria, Virginia PORTABLE Headquarters SALES - RENTALS - REPAIRS Compliments of JULIAN T. BURKE, INC. Mutual Insurance Phone Kl 9-0744 218 King Street Alexandria, Virginio COX'S ESSO SERVICENTER Duke St. Diagonal Road Phone Kl 9-2218 Alexandria, Virginia Page One Hundred Fifty-SevenPETE'S BARBER SHOP Pete Anderson, Prop. Treot Yourself to the Best ARTISTIC HAIR CUTTING 1501 King St. Alexandria, Vo. Kl 9-9571 Del Ray Linoleum and Shade Shop Asphalt - Linoleum - Rubber - Plastics Formica Counter Tops - Supplies Window Shades - Venetian Blinds 2305 Mt. Vernon Ave. Kl 9-1440 Alexandria, Va. Hi-Test Gas for Less COLONIAL SUNOCO SERVICE Kl 9-9043 Alexandria 801 N. Washington St. i FAIRLINGTON BARBER SHOP Eight Barbers to Serve You QUICK SERVICE—NO WAITING POTOMAC THE FLOWER MART STEEL AND SUPPLY INC. 2005 Mount Vernon Avenue Phone 6-9464 Alexandria, Va. 2416 Oakville Street Ruth Burnett "Doc" Carneale Alexandria, Virginia Designer Prop. S C RADIO and TV SERVICE Compliments of 2400 Mt. Vernon Avenue Alexandria, Virginia DR. CARL T. DREIFUS J. W. MYERS J. W. CULLEN Overlook 3-4111 — DWYER, Inc. BALLANCE'S DRUG STORE PLUMBING HEATING 3925 Mt. Vernon Avenue AIR CONDITIONING Alexandria, Virginia KITCHENS Prescriptions Called For and Delivered 310 N. Fairfax Street Kl 9-8080 Alexandria, Va. TEmple 6-4444 — Compliments of MONTICELLO DELICATESSEN TE 6-9718 2304 Mt. Vernon Avenue GORE'S ESSO STATION 703 N. Washington Street Alexandria, Virginia Compliments of JIM GORE TOM CORE DAVIS IRON and METAL CO. OT 4-7400 Page One Hundred Fifty-Eight Telephone King 9-3600 J'Jatjman 3 Sa 3 It ion Slop Alexandria Furniture Company, Inc. Buy, Sell and Trode-ln Furniture 1004-1006 King Street Alexandria, Virginia 530 King Street King 9-1881 PRESTO VALET Two Floors of Famous 1 HOUR CLEANING Fashions for the Junior Shoe Repair — Laundry Miss and Half-Size —-— —- i Springfield, Virginia Fairlington, Alexandria, Virginia FL 4-6644 — - GARDEN PHARMACY The Friendly Store Fine Quality Food Real Italian Spaghetti 710 South Washington St. Alexandria, Virginia STEVE'S RESTAURANT U. S. Highway No. 1 at Potomac Yards G. W. DELICATESSEN Alexandria, Virginia and BAKERY Phone TE 6-9739 SOFT DRINKS STEVE and MARGIE SCHOOL SUPPLIES 24 Hours 1310 Mt. Vernon Avenue rr FAIRFAX IRON WORKS TEMPLE MOTOR COMPANY 1900 Jefferson Davis Highway Alexandria, Virginia 1912-1914 Diagona 1 Road Overlook 3-1919 Alexandria, Virginia Ornamental Iron for Your Home King 8-4800 King 8-8065 Page One Hundred Fifty-NineCompliments of Alexandria Amusement Corporation VIRGINIA REED RICHMOND King 9-6133 King 9-3443 King 9-6566 and the Shirlington Amusement Corporation SHIRLINGTON CENTRE Overlook 3-2500 TEmple 6-1000 Motion Pictures Are STILL Your Best Entertainment GAINES FURNITURE 907 King Street King 9-3583 J. C. GAINES -------------------------- Compliments of COHEN BROTHERS JEWELERS Serving Northern Virginia for over a Quarter of o Century 1121 and 1123 King Street Courtesy of J. C. PENNEY COMPANY "Alexandria's Most Complete Department Store" ONE-STOP SHOPPING FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY!FANNON'S . . . Your Dad ond Mother know us well. Long before the Washington Monument was completed we were serving the people of Alexandria ond Fairfox County with Fuel. Graduation time is near and to all those who have succeeded in meriting the coveted award of "'BEING GRADUATED" we extend our best wishes. We earnestly hope that each George Washington Graduate will measure up to the Golden Opportunities that lie ahead. COAL — AUTOMATIC HEAT — FUEL OIL THOMAS J. FANNON AND SONS Duke and Henry Streets Alexandria, Virginia Specializing in Men's, Women's and Children's Hair Cutting ED'S BARBER SHOP Barber Science Graduate King 8-7744 ED COLLINS 2705Vi Mt. Vernon Ave. Alexandria POTOMAC ESSO SERVICE 2300 Jefferson Davis Highway Alexandria, Virginia Washing — Lubrication Batteries — Accessories Kl 8-6695 OV 3-5357 Phones Kl 9-0041 ond Kl 9-4180 R. E. KNIGHT SONS We Sell Something of Most Everything 621-25 King Street Hardware — Sporting Goods Sherwin Williams Paints and Oils Household Goods ----------------------------------j THRIFT AUTO STORE j 821 S. Washington Street Kl 9-2300 Auto Supplies Air Conditioning Toys TV Bicycles i i I Pag One Hundred Sixty-OneM. J. MANNING Real Estate—Loans—Insurance 2401 Mt. Vernon Avenue Alexandria, Virginia r — ——— —- Compliments of CHARLOTTE ELIZABETH MUNSON PIANO STUDIO Beginners — Advanced Students National Guild of Piano Teachers (Chairman Northern Virginia Division) J r . r ., ....... - Phone King 9-4000 METROPOLITAN FOOD PLAN, INC. 800 N. Henry St. Alexandria, Va. Modern Up-to-Date Restaurant NEW MAJESTIC CAFE J. D. GADONAS, Prop. Steaks — Seafood — Chops Full Course Dinners Overlook 3-1425 911 King St. C. H. MASON Overlook 3-3100 General Manager King 9-3100 MT. VERNON MOTORS Sales Service 1930-38 Diagonal Road Alexandria, Virginia FRANK MICHELBACH, INC. Fine Virginia Furniture Since 1908 814-816 King Street Alexandria, Virginia Kl 9-0405 Kl 9-0406 Compliments of METAL DISTRIBUTING COMPANY INCORPORATED 435 Calvert Ave. OV 3-2368 Alexandria, Va. OV 3-0161 "Alexandria's Only HELEN'S" Cakes - Pies - Pastries Wedding and Birthday Cakes made to order In the Del Ray Section 2302 Mt. Vernon Ave. King 8-3361 Alexandria, Va. PERRINE BROS., INC. Virginia Inspection Station No. 140 1836 West Braddock Road Alexandria, Virginia We give S H Green Stamps Gifts THE REMEMBRANCE SHOP 1533 N. Quaker Lane TEmple 6-1456 ROSENBERG'S DEPARTMENT STORE Outfitters for the Entire Family 411 King St. OV 3-9871 L. G. HOGE COMPANY, INC. Garden and Lawn Supplies Dog Food Headquarters 511 N. Fayette St. Alexandria Page One Hundred Sixty-TwoVANITY BEAUTY SALON 1609 Commonwealth Avenue Alexandria, Virginia Dora M. Shacklctt, Owner Phone King 9-7939 ——— -— —- UNIVERSAL EQUIPMENT, INC. Steel Shelving—Lockers King 8-9100 2420 Oakville Street Alexandria, Virginia -rr- WELLINGTON HOUSE Furniture and Decoration 809 S. Washington Street King 9-5800 Ying CLEANERS AND LAUNDERERS 1611 King Street Alexandria, Virginia King 8-4835 Zl PCO Home of Fine Dinettes LOWEST PRICES IN TOWN 1125 King Street King 8-0411 TRADE SUPPLY CO. 401 Swann Avenue PAPER JANITOR SCHOOL SUPPLIES TEmple 6-9300 Compliments of ROBINSON TERMINAL WAREHOUSE CORPORATION Phone King 9-2100 P. O. Box 550 Alexandria, Virginia Agent: Markland Shipping Co. Montreal Shipping Co. THE SCOTT SHOP Our ropid growth is based on a simple formula. Great Names in American Fashion ' Creative Styling and Lasting Qualities J in Apparel L'Aiglon - Leslie • Fay - Petti Jonathan Logan Catalina - Jantzen 2308 Mt. Vernon Ave. Kl 9-6060 Alexandria ! Compliments of SHIRLINGTON GULF SERVICE Compliments of J. F. THOMAS CO. Hardware Housewares Paint Artist Supplies 2 76-2778 S. Randolph ; t. Shirlington, Va. VIRGINIA PACKING SUPPLY CO. Division of Commercial Services Co., Inc. Overlook 3-5700 1217 First Street Alexandria, Virginia VIRGINIA ELECTRIC SUPPLY CORP. THE ELECTRIC STORE Television — Radio Appliances Sales Service 917 King St OV 3-3345 Alexandria, Virginia Page One Hundred Sixty-ThreeFishing Tackle Guns Ammo Boats Evinrudc Motors ALEXANDRIA SPORT SHOP, INC. BILL HOUSLEY 1446 Duke St. King 9-6554 Alexandria, Virginia ALEXANDRIA FLORAL CO. THE TERESI'S FINEST FLOWERS FROM Alexandria's Only Greenhouse Phone King 9-2666 1600-20 Prince St. ------------—----------------- Compliments of The Alexandria Gazette "AMERICA'S OLDEST DAILY NEWSPAPER" Established 1784 C. C. Carlin, Jr., President Page One Hundred Sixty-FourTURK SAYS Congratulations Smartly Styled Clothes At Lowest Prices Only at TOWS G« 2402 Mt. Vernon Avenue Corner Del Ray Avenue THE ONLY MEN'S STORE IN DEL RAY LEVINSON CLOTHING COMPANY --- ☆ --- Headquarters for G.W. Cadet Uniforms and Caps --- ☆ --- 424 King Street Alexandria, Virginia King 9-0829 GW SUGAR BOWL Gifts and Cosmetics 1302 Mt. Vernon Ave. Alexandria, Virginia GRAND STAR VALET 1901 Mt. Vernon Ave. Alexandria, Virginia While U Wait Shoe Repair OV 3-1200 Hats Cleaned Blocked Kl 9-9306 Page One Hundred Sixty-Five1 1 1 ! 1849 - 1957 108 YEARS OF SERVICE BALDWIN’S Compliments of QUALITY ! WHEATLEY | FUNERAL HOME CLEANERS ODORLESS CLEANING Cleaning for the Particular J. S. Everly 805 Bashford Lane Alexandria, Virginia King 8-3031 COLLINS MILLWORK CO. MUTUAL LUMBER — MILLWORK BUILDERS' SUPPLIES ICE COMPANY King 9-2847 315 N. Fairfax Street Alexandria, Virginia Serving Alexandria Since 1873 MICO PARTY ICE . . . . . . ESSO HEATING OIL TIMBERMAN'S DRUG STORE "The Fueling Is Mutual" 106 North Washington St. Alexandria, Virginia F. H. Nugent, Prop. King 9-0091 Page One Hundred Sixty-SixALEXANDRIA NATIONAL BANK AIRPORT FACILITY WASHINGTON NATIONAL AIRPORT WEST END BRANCH SHIRLEY-DUKE SHOPPING CENTER SOUTH WASHINGTON STREET BRANCH 831 SOUTH WASHINGTON STREET ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA MAIN OFFICE KING AND ROYAL STREETS King 9-0124 NORTHWEST BRANCH FAIRLINGTON CENTRE King 9-4968 Page One Hundred Sixty-SevenCongratulations from AUTO ACCESSORIES COMPANY, INC. BENDALL PONTIAC Your Local Pontiac Dealer OPEN ALL DAY SATURDAY FOR SALES SERVICE Used Cars Guaranteed One Full Year We Service All Makes of Cars 1625 Prince St. Alexandria ROSEMONT PARK MARKET 2 East Walnut Street Alexandria, Virginia Phone TEmple 6-6545 Shop Wards and Save MONTGOMERY WARD CO. 906 King St. Phone Kl 9-1900 ARTCRAFT FLORIST "Flowers whisper what words can never say" 2213 Mt. Vernon Avenue Alexandria, Virginia C. O. LENARD For Courteous Service and the Best in Dry Cleaning it's COLONIAL VALET 531 First St. Alexandria Virginia Theater Building CONKLYN'S, INC. FLORIST 518 S. Washington St. Kl 9-6112 923 King St. Kl 9-7177 Jack Teoter, Manager Alexandria, Virginia R. L. KANE, INC. REAL ESTATE — INSURANCE 311 S. Washington St. King 9-2800 THE HOBBY HORSE SUB-TEEN — TOTS 127 N. Washington St. King 9-8585 POLK MOTOR CO., INC. YOUR DeSoto-Plymouth Dealer 1646 King Street Alexandria, Virginia King 9-0567 TEmple 6-3131 Page One Hundred Sixty-EightCANNON BALL TRANSIT COMPANY, INC. L "EST. 1922 I. C. C. NO. 94146 NO TRANSFER ENROUTE TO FAST SERVICE FLORIDA LOCAL-LONG DISTANCE MOVING COVERING ENTIRE METROPOLITAN AREA King 9-7350 — 523 E. Windsor Avenue NIGHTS, SUNDAYS, HOLIDAYS TEmple 6-3769 — Alexandria, Virginia Member Independent Movers and Warehouse Assn. Tariff Page One Hundred Sixty-NineLET US SERVE YOU YOUR DAIRY PRODUCTS At Your Door . . . . . . Fresh and Pure For Better Health Drink Better Milk From Virginia Farms To Virginia Homes Alexandria Dairy Products Co., Inc. CORNER PITT AND PRINCESS STREETS ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA Page One Hundred Seventyfat sing our praises to our school SENIOR INDEX ABERCROMBIE. DAVID—16. 84. 88. 92. 95. 141 ABNER. HOPE—16, 19. 28. 39. 79. 81. 87. 88 ABRAMSON. CYNTHIA—16. 87, 109. 110. 111. 112 AITCHESON, EDWARD—10 ALBRITE, PATRICIA—16. 100 ALEXANDER. DANNY—16. 142. 144 ALEXANDER. JERRY—16. 76. 105. 118 AMORKY. RHODA—8. 10. 90. 97. 100 ANDERSON. JAMES—16. 39. 79. 114. 134 ARMSTRONG. ROBERTA—16. 19. 85. 97 ASH. DORIS—16. 112 ASTORINO, CECILIA—16 BAILEY. SUSAN—17, 109 BAKER. CHARLES—15. 17. 95. 139. 144 BAKER. PATRICIA—17. 79. 81. 82. 83. 88. 97, 103 BALLENGER. FRANK—17. 84. 92 BAMBLING. ELLA—17 BARBER. ROSE—3. 9. 17. 20. 31. 78. 79. 82. 87, 95. 100 BARNES. JEFFREY—17 BARRETT. EDWINA—10. 15. 100. 103, 1,2 SENIOR DAY ANTICS—Underclassmen crowd to the third floor on Senior Day to watch Kaily attired Senior parade around. (Beorge Washington its name THREE DOORS TO THE LEFT'—explain Billie Howland to new freshmen, Betty Baker and Ann Page Blair. Page One Hundred Seventy-Onefyer colors, blue and gold, foere meant BARRETT. KENNETH—1. 10. 79. 105. 124 BARTHOLOMEW. CAROLYN—17. 100 BAUMGARDNER. ELIZABETH—17. 110 BEACH. JEAN—17. 106. 107 BEACH. MARVIN—17. 109. 110. 111. 112. 113 BEAVERS. GENE—10 BE1TZELL, WILLIAM—17 BERNASEK. DONNA—17. 97. 109 BOTE LIS. JOHN—17 BOWEN. CONNIE—17. 31. 35. 76. 82. 109. 112 BOWMAN. GAY—17. 108 BRAGG. DONALD—18 BRANDT. ORVILLE—18 BRASHEARS. KATHRYN—18. 109. 112 BRAUN. SARAH—18 BRESLIN. LOUISE—10. 109. 112 BRITTAIN, WILLIAM—18. 37. 82. 89. 112 BROWN. BUFORD—10. 115 BROWN. MICHAEL—18 BRUCE. SANDRA—18. 101. 138. 139 BUCKLER. RONALD—18 BUCKNER. RUTH—18. 100. 101 BULLMAN. JOSEPH—10 BUNCH. BETTY COCKRELL—18. 106. Ill BURBA. ROGER—18. 123 BURCHELL. GAIL—18. 76. 79. 93. 118 BURK. THOMAS—18 BURKS. DAVID—10 BURNSIDE. MARILYN—18. 84. 85. 101 BUSH. GEORGE—18. 109 BUSSARD. CAROLYN—18. 108 BUTLER. DOUGLAS—38. 91. 108 BUTLER. JERRY—19 CAINE. STEPHEN—19 CALLANDER. ROBERT—19. 93. 134. 139 CAMERON. VELMA—19 CARL. DAVID—19. 105. 118 CARL. MARIAN—19 CARLSON. GUNNAR—19 CARTER. RICHARD—19. 105. 118 CHUM BLEY. MARY—19 CLARK. BETTE—19. 85. 99 CLARK. KATHLEEN—20. 82. 85 COCKRILL, DOROTHY—20. 109 COFFMAN. PHYLLIS—20. 81. 90. 112. 113 COFFREN. BARBARA—20 COFLIN, HARRIET—20 COHEN. ROBERT—10. 79. 84. 89. 94. 112 COHEN. VICKI—20. 109. Ill COLLINS. GAIL—20. 82. 103. 109. 110 COOK. ELLEN—20. 99. 108 CORSO. GERALD—10 COS1MANO, FRANK—20. 104. 105, 118. 119, 120 COSTELLO. DANIEL—8. 20. 35. 89. 93 COURBRON, DIANE—21 COX. EUGENE—10. 110 CROMPTON. BARBARA—21. 82. 112 DACF.Y. RUTH—21. 76. 100. 106. 107 DAKEMAN. JAMES—21 DAI KIN. WILLIAM—21. 76. 105. 118 DAI.O. MARCIA—10. 112 DANIELS. LOLA—21. 91. 99 DARR. WILLIAM—21 DAVIS. PRISCILLA—8. 21. 86. 89. 98 DAWSON. JOYCE—21. 101 DAWSON. WILLIAM—10 DEAVF.RS. WAYNE—10. 109 DEIHR. PATRICIA—21. 108 DeLANCE. KAREN—10. 78. 79. 80. 90 DELLA ROCCA. BARBARA-—21 DELNEGRO. MICHAEL—21. 105. 118. 119. 121. 122. 124. 127 Dr.MARR. JOHN—21. 82 DEMPSEY. NANCY—21 DENSMORE. WALTER—21. 79. 105. 124 DERRENBACKER. LENN—21. 142. 144. 145 DEVOL. SHARON—22. 38. 76. 109 DOLD, ANTHONY—22 DONNAHUE. MARY—22. 99 DOWDY. PEGGY—22. 99. 135 DUEHRING. GWENDOLYN—22. 99 DUMAS. JACK—22 DURRETT. CAROLE—22. 91 DYSON. EDWARD—11. 105. 124 EASLEY. RITA—II. 103 F.DSON, SCOTT—22. 105. 123 ELLIOTT. ANNETTE—22. 84. 101 EMBREY. EVELYN—22 EMIGH. SAUNDRA—22 ENGLISH. CARROLL—11 FAIRWEATHER. JAMES—22. 92 FANNAN. FRANK—11. 118 FARRALL. JAMES—11. 110. Ill FIDLER. WILLIAM—8. 22. 95. Ill FILE. GERALD—22. 105, 118 FISHER. LARRY—38. 76. 124 FITZPATRICK. GAIL—4. 22. 87. 102. 103. 109. 112 FLOYD. KEITH—22. 115 FORTNEY, MELVIN—23. 105 FULLER. NADINE—23. 94. 110. 112 FURR. ANN—23. 81 GADONAS. JAMES—38 GAINES. BETTY—8. 23. 81. 87. 101 GARDA. ROBERT—9. 20. 23. 39. 76. 79. 105, 114, 118. 124 GARRISON. CARL—11 GIBBS. ROBERT—8. 9, 20. 23. 104. 105. 118 GLADDEN. JOANNE—11 GOLDBERG. MICHAEL—23 GOLDMAN. PAUL—11. 87. 105. 111. 113 GOOD. EDGAR—23. 140. 144. 145 GOODMAN. GEORGE—23. 142. 144. 145 GOODWIN. EMILY—23. 109. Ill GORDON. CECELIA—24. 109 GORHAM. ANN—11. 103. 110 GORMAN. SALLY—24. 110 GRAVES. PHYLLIS—11 GRIFFIN, KIM—12 GULLEY. DAWN—24 HALF. PHILLIP—24. 105. 110. 118 HALF. SALLY—3. 24. 39. 78. 80. 83. 97. 135 HALEY. JUDITH—24. 85 HALL. BARBARA—8. 24. 86. 95. 100 HALL. EDWIN—24. 93. 139 HALL. JOHN—24 HAMMILL. JEAN—24, 106. 107, 112 HARRUP. MARY—12. 100 HARRUP. OBIE—25. 101. 115 HART. SUSAN—4. 25. 31. 76. 77. 79. 82. 83. 102. 121 HARVEY. CAROL—25. 83. 87. 100. 108 HEILIG. THOMAS—25. 134. 139. 144 HERBERT. BEVERLY—25. 91 HIBBFRD. ELWOOD—25 HIGGINBOTHAM. CHRISTINE—25. 87 HILL. WILLIAM—25. 142. 144 HINKLE. DONALD—12 HOGE. BARBARA—12. 79. 100. 101 HOLMAN. CHARLES—25 HOLMES. KAREN—25. 83. 87. 97. 99 HOROWITZ. WANDA—25 HOWARD. SUE—19. 25. 37. 76. 78. 80. 83. 88. 100 , HOWELL. PATRICIA—12 HOWERTON. HORACE—25. HI HOWLAND. BILLIE—1. 25. 76. 82. 103. 171 HUDGINS. JAMES—25. Ill HUMPHREY. ALICE—25. 27. 79. 86. 95. 100 HUMPHREY. JEANNE—26 HUNT. ROSS—12 HUTCHESON. MARGOT—26. 85. 100. 108 HYDE. BARBARA—1. 12 HYNSON. MARY—26 JACKSON. ANN—26 JAMES. GARY—38. 140. 144. 145 JEAN. SALLY—12. 32. 87, 102. 109. NO. Ill JEFFERSON. JANICE—26. 109. 112 JENSEN. EVE—26. 79. 93. 95. 100, 115 JOHNSON. JUDITH—26 JONES. DELORES—12 KAHLER. JOHN—9. 26. 79. 80. 87. 105 KATZ. MORTON—26. 140. 144. 145 KEEL. JANICE—26. 143. 145 KEMPER. CARWIN—26. 92. 98. 140 KENK. VIDA—26. 31. 79. 85. 86. 89. 94. 95. 98. Ill KERBEL. LEO—3. 26 KF.RLIN. DAVID—26 KERR. SONDRA—12. 100. 102 KERSEY. PHYLLIS—26 KIDD. SANDRA—13 K1DWELL, BARBARA—13 KILROY. LEAH—26. 91 KING. ELLEN—19. 27. 78. 80. 88. 94 KNIGHT. REBECCA—27 KNOWLES. PETER—27. 105 KOMOROSKE. ALEX—27. 80 KRUEGER. MARILYN—27. 100 Page One Hundred Seventy-Twoto ettrr bring f|er fame LAEL. IMA—27 LANNING. MARTHA—27 LAW. DIANNE—27. 109. Ill LEE. MARJORIE—27 LEHMAN. DAVID—3. 27. 31. 77. 78. 79. 80. 87. 105. 124. 175 LEVESQUE. ANDRE—28 LEWIS. MARIANNE—28. 85. 99 LIGGIO. GLORIA—28. 106. 107 LILLARD. JOAN—28. 109 LITTLEPAGE. MARY LOUISE—28. 91 LLOYD. NANCY—28 LOGAN. ROBERT—28. 105 LUMBARD. MARTHA—3. 19. 28. 79. 80. 87. 99. 103. 104 MAHONEY. ZELLA—28 MAIDEN. JOSEPH—II. 28. 31. 76. 77. 79. 82. 83. 175 MANKIN. NANCY—29 MARS. NANCY—29. 109. 112. 113 MARTIN. DAVID—9. 29. 79. 80. 139. 145 MARTIN. ELAINE—13 MARTIN. MARY—19. 29. 82. 95. 9'. 108. Ill McCarthy. Barbara—13 McCarthy, patrice—3. 29. 78. 79. 80. 85 McCRICKARD. REBECCA—29. 91. 113 McCullough, sandra—29. 108 McDaniel, douglas—29 MECHEM. PATRICK—29. 95. 108. 110. 112. 113. 115 MERCER. GRACE—29. 96. 110 MIDDLEBROOKS, MATT—13. 105 MIDDLETON. JOSEPH—29. HI. 118. 120 MILLER. ROBERT—13 MILLS. BARBARA—29. 100 MIMS. VIRGINIA—15. 19. 29. 32. 82. 87. 100. 103, 109 MIZE. GERTRUDE—29 MOLER, LINDA—29. 109 MOORE. JOHN—38. 108 MOORE. RICHARD—11. 29. 79. 105. 115 MORAN. GERALDINE—30. 100 MORECI, JOHN—23. 30. 82 MORGAN. ANNE—30. 89. 94, 112 MUENCH. MARY—30. 82. 83. 100 MUNGER, SUSAN—4. 19. 30. 79. 87, 103 MUTERSPAUGH. REVONDA—30 MYERS. SARAH—9. 30. 101 NAYLOR. FRANCES—30. 90 NECE, JACKIE—13 NEHER. PATRICIA—30 NICHOLSON. JOAN—30. 107. 114 NIMMER. DAVID—30. 87, 95. 98. 141. 144, 145 NOLAN. BARBARA—13 NOLAN, NICHOLAS—13 NORTON. JOAN—30 NUHN, SANDRA—8. 13. 84. 100. 101 OAKES. CARLYN—30. 79. 100. 110 OEHMANN, JOHN—30 OLCOTT, SUZANNE—30. 90 ORNDORFF. TOMMY—13. 114 OSTENBERG. THOMAS—30. 124 PADGETT. JEANETTE—8. 31, 100. Ill PALUMBO. JOAN—31 PAPAGEORGE. JOHN—8. 11. 31. 38. 76. 77. 79. 87, 175 PARKER. JOHN—31. 124. 127 PATERSON. HELEN—13. 90 PATTERSON. JOSEPH—31 PAYNE. HENRY—31 PEIKIN. JOAN—31. 81. 87. 100. 109 PENNINGTON, JEAN—4. 13. 79. 103. 112 PETERSON. WARD—31 PF.TITT. FRANCIS—13 PEVERILL. MALCOLM—13 PHILIPPE. CATHERINE—31. 79. 109. 114 PHILLIPS. JOHN—31. 105 PICCIOI.O. MARY LOU—32. 100 PICOT. BROOKE—19. 32. 78. 79. 80 PIERPOINT, LINDA—32. 81. 100 POATES. BETTY—32. 90 POOLE. GEORGE—32. 105. 118. 124 POPE. DAVID—13. 105. 122. 123 PRICE. BARBARA—32 PRICE. CLARA—32. 100. 112. 113 PRITCHARD. JOHN—32. 115 PUGH. ROSEMARY—32 PRITCHARD. JOHN—32. 115 PUGH. ROSEMARY—32 PURDY. BARBARA—32, 143 PUTNAM. LISA—33. 86 QUINN, RAYMOND—33. 118 RAMEY. MICHAEL—14. 105 RAMEY. THOMAS—8. 14 RASMUSSEN. ROBERT—14 RAYNES. JANET—14. 100 REDMOND. RUTH—14 REED. FRANK—8. 33 REESE. THOMAS—14. 114, 115 REISER. LLOYD—33. 109. 115 RENNER. LOUISE—33. 110 RIFE. DAVID—38 RION. LINDA—14. 100. Ill ROBBINS. BARBARA—14 ROBERSON. BARRY—33 ROBERSON. WILLIAM—33. 105. 118 RODDA, KATHLEEN—14. 90 RODGERS. FLORENE—33. 83. 84 ROGERS. FRANCES—33 ROGERS. MILTON—33. 105, 118 ROSS. EUGENE—33. 76. 99. 105. 118 ROTHROCK, HAMILTON—9. 14. 79. 80. 87. 118 RUBLF.E. VIRGINIA—23. 33. 81. 86. 97, 100 RUSSELL. MARTHA—33. HI RUSSELL, NANCY—33 SANCHEZ. BARBARA—8. 14. 79. 87. 103. HO. 113 SCHEER. MARY—33. 85. 89. 100 SCHOF.CH. WILLIAM—33 SCHULTZ. PETER—34. 87, 105. 122. 123 SCHWARZMANN, JOSEPH—34 SCOTT. SAUNDRA—34, 143, 144 SEAY. SANDRA—34 SHEALY, SALLY—34. 87. 90. 110 SHEFFIELD. SYLVIA—34. 108 SHEPARD. MARJORIE—34. 139. 145 SHUNK. DEANNA—34. 101 SIMPSON. CHARLES—34. 105 SIMPSON. EILEEN—14 SINN. ROBERT—34. 86. 98. 141 SMITH. JO ANN—38. 100 SPITTLE. JANET—34. 97. 109 STANLEY. RICHARD—34. 93. 95. 98. 141 STEARNS. EVELYN—34. 85. 95. 100. 109 STEELE. JAMES—34. 115 STEWART. JAMES—34. 118 STOY. ROBERT—34. 105 STRAUSS. NANCYE—35, 100 STRYKER. DAVID—35. 79. 80. 87. 95. 105 STYLES. ANNE—35 SUTHARD. GRACE—14. 90 TEDFORD. BARBARA—35. 110 TERESI. MARY—35, 90 TERRY. MELVIN—14. 112, 138. 144 THE1MER. ELAINE—35. 106. 107, 112 THOMAS. LESLIE—35. 109, 111 THOMAS. WALTER—35 THOMPSON. JANET—35 THORNETT. WILLIAM—35 TIMBERLAKE. JOHN—36. 105. 118. 120. 121 TODD. MARTHA—36. 78. 79. 82. 87 TORPY. CHARLES—31. 36. 105. 118 TRENIS. MARIAN—36. 135 TURNER. BARBARA—36. 90. 100 UNDERWOOD. JULI—36. 90 VAUGHN, WILLIAM—36 WALKER. JIMMY—36. 118 WALKER. MARGARET—28. 36. 79. 80 WALKER. SYLVIA—36 WALTMAN. DAVID—14, 105 WALZ. CHRISTOPHER—14, 92 WASHBURN. NANCY—36, 81 WATKINS. LINDA—36. 107 WATTS. KARL—36. 93 WELCH. JOHN—31. 36. 76. 78. 79, 80. 105, 118. 124. 127 WELLS. LORETTA—15. 38. 109, 110. Ill WEST. GEORGE—15 WEST. WILLIAM—36. 105 WHITE. PAUL—36 WHITMER, JACK—15 WILLINGHAM. MICHAEL—31. 37. 78. 79. 80. 87. 95. 112 WITT. MICHAEL—37. 38. 110 WOLF. BARRY—37 WOLFFORD. DAVID—37, 105 WOOD. JAMES—37 YATES. PHILIP—15. 105, 110. 118 YUHASZ, BARBARA—37. 90. 96 ZAHN. ARTHUR—15 ZAKRZEWSKI. LAURA—37. 83 ZILMER. MARTHA—11, 37. 79. 83. 109. 110 Page One Hundred Seventy-Threeand foljrn our dags are ended tjere GENERAL INDEX Advertisement 146 Art Club 92 Assistants 99 Astronomy Club 93 Bands 113 Bible Club 101 Cadets 136 Cheerleaders 102 Contestants' Clubs 95 Dance Club 104 Dedication 5 Diversified Occupations' Club Double-Barred Cross Dramatics Club Faculty 108 97 88 60 54 Freshman Class 91 F.B.L.A. F.H.A. 90 F.T.A. 108 Junior Class 40 Language Clubs 85 Majorette Club 106 Monogram Club 105 Music Section 109 Publications 80 Quill and Palm 79 Quill and Scroll 78 Senior Class 8 Sophomore Class Sports Student Council Thespians World Events Club Y-Teens 46 116 76 94 98 96 THE LATEST HIT—Mitt Iddings watches Paul Apper-son and Tony Stanley play music during lunch. "NOT TOO MUCH!"—Frank Knill relented to have make-up put on for the Leap Year Follies by Lynn Torpy. Page One Hundred Seventy-Fourand memories drain ntgl{ SNOW BOUND—A view of the school after a snowfall makes a picturesque scene. "YOUR FUTURE DEPENDS"—Mr. Joe Phillips of the Rotary Club, talks to a group of Freshman boys about their future careers. foe’ll not forget our school so dear ROCK PRETTY BABIES—At the Football Frolic Frank Knill, John Papageorgc. Joe Maiden and Dave Lehman sing and display talents. Page One Hundred Seventy-Fivefail %. P-(D Market House la) fold Meeting House (3) Courthouse M . Old Police Station and Jail (5) iNtfian Queen ’Tavern (6) first Hotne of BanK of flier andia (7) Home of John Dalton 50 Corlyle House (?) JJdaM Lynn's Horne (10) Tavern Horne of 'William and Jhm B ms ay jo a o. o a o a a 22 a ca o •m ao oa oo a pcoo a OOP ODD IDO y oO(]Oon Alz mi £JEJ unLi royal jtreb: DrmVh By Uf. UJ. Bo 6 erfi W redrawn f°r Cor»pa S By ' FAIRFAX j 5 o 5 i ■ "O ,W V c 5 5 ALEXANDRIA PUBLIC SQUARE N flBOUT IQOO 0 D c n R » a o o p 0 0 fl q a 0 0 1° 0 DO 0 0 0 D 0 0 JUu UL .111 ■’ll0 1 JL1 Jim cahfron w STREET

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