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S 4 mW 1. W cvf aww W' if 7f"L.4NLfgYJ,fJ1 j MMV? My ff Wm MQW! Q 2 ,Q mf A632 W W M3555 M Wig M WWW W wg My ...bx -is mi MQ 1 A r 1 A Xwibiz :Co ' JK Th Cnmpass, 1953 n :jj of . tj JI! George Washington A jp, 5 Q2 i High School Y A1 d 4 ' exan ria yt X Virginia A I i cv. Jlf'-'gg' QQW ' 5 QQ-'MA' 'xc T Q Pr 5 i wig E my Sk . QQEQQYJEW .f ,. Twpgf fff . fa .. - 1' . A . , ' 1- - A ' J: 'Y , ' ., ,, ' ' f . , n , -.W ,, E In Z W M A , .g 4. Qz- . -f.z . - - -- K K W .,,, 'Ni wif 'Q 4 JS- -2" " K . , , W My "Aw-Q 3 Y- fiff' "k ' - ., , 5 . m L " ff ' ' H - Y ' , wi,-1 , ,I 21,-:-: fr-ff-a s ,F-, N w mm i5YsmfSsmvssWfw':ffwv2:wrr W-WMvfvwfrwiwyffzxfN1W""h'w "'hL1 K -K vfffg - ffm-1-yr , ww ff-gfggisgggffg:r??fmqk'-fgfq, .ww K.wvfngfw:fQym: .- '-f. , f 1 -- ' ' 1 L , w g Q K ff,-QgkggfXg4v.'f V1 ffff1: fj1z1f7LEf1iSz wa - 7 ' i 'W ' if Q -M' 2-'fffiSEf- '- M, Y .:"'?' 1 , 'A H K ,Q 2 K , W 2133-1.25'f ,. K ' M- -'Wu 1 ' as 2 Ai 'X I wwix . gr KLVL 53 . NX x S 3 ': ez. 5 ik. ,, .5 Q2 W, . . . '-.f:..':,- .S '? ' , S 1' 4 ,, . Vw. B ,Q K fifia - 11 -. x. Q L W H V LW ,mm,, , ik ' ag. fsgif " ' Z 4 15:51 K 7? . T , t .. ,,gA . up ' , .. ' -I . E ::,. . , A , E In all mmom. . . And la . . . Y I 4 In all Wpef of work Umf G WHzgb .fchool zf Y 5 . . .A place for busy hands 1953 "COMPASS" Throughout the ages the hands of time moved ever forward, and behind the face of the clock we see the evidences of the skilled hands of the past, laboring in prayer, hoisting sails, raised in greetings to redmen, creating a new land, signing a Declaration of Independence, taking up arms, signing a Con- stitution, building a democracy, and a school-one of brick, honoring a great man whose hands helped shape our history. Into your hands we are placing this book. At your fingertips are pictures of your classmates, your teachers, clubs, and various organizations. This is a book for you to enjoy, a book full of memories of your high school days. When you thumb your way through it, you will remember the girl who al- ways had that certain twinkle in her eyes, or that handsome boy who sat in front of you. Oh, yes, and you'll also remember the teacher whose leading hands helped you over the many "humps" in the road. Our busy hands have worked to keep these memories clear and as sharp as the lines drawn by a compass. sgGTON GEORGE OUHOQ 'X 4? it :J E2 Uv 7 'f 52:55 if 'Z nm ol ,mm 4 SZ 32 . fo 65,' 47 . -7 OTP -QP 6 Foreword Dedication Seniors Underclassmen Administration and Faculty Cadets Sports Clubs Advertisements TABLE OF CONTENTS Page Here is a note from us to you in which we present the theme of the 6 "'53" Company. He is the one we hold in highest esteem. 8 At last the proverbial "stately seniors" are sitting on top of the world. 9 They are apprentices on the road of learning. 43 They hold the reins and keep G. W. running smoothly. 69 Their capable hands have helped mold our individual characters, and 69 they remain in our memories as being friends as well as teachers. Precision to the strains of "Marche Militaireu. 79 They are our acknowledged heroes, the pride of G. W. 93 "Variety is the spice of life", and thus the clubs of G. W. offer variety 115 to the regular schedule which is comparable to the "plum" in the "pudding". These are the "yellow pages" of the C ompau. 7 MR. PHILIP LESTER Our camera catches Mr. Lester giving his son Philip, jr., a lesson on the saxaphone. DEDICATION The Class of 1955 wishes to dedicate the "Compass" to Mr. Philip Lester, the second time this honor has come to Mr. Lester since his arrival at G. W. in 1951. Mr. Lester was born in Williamstown, Pennsylvania, and did undergraduate work with Jan and Ernest Williams. He then taught for a year and a half in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, before he came to G. W., and his excellent work with the bands and orchestra here gives evidence of his extensive musical background. Probably Mr. Lester's greatest contribu- tion to the school was composing the "Alma Mater" before he left in 1949, to work on his Master's degree in Hagers- town, Maryland. After an absence of one year he returned to continue his services at G. W. until last fall when he left to take a position with the Campbell Music Company. Mr. Lester feels that although he may have no official ties with our school, he will remember with pleasure his days at George Washington High. 8 Mr. Lester prepares to give us a solo on his favorite instrument, the trombone. f SENIOR CLASS HISTORY M53 Seniors or Fight!" This was our motto as we bustled into the auditorium to hear welcoming talks from the administration on a hazy September morning five years ago. Who were we? Why, very important people of course, because we heralded a new era in Alexandria education. We were the members of the first eighth grade class. Some of us were indignant at not being freshmen, and all were somewhat conspicuous with bright, new books tucked under our arms, but we managed to outlast the year and the teachers and became freshmen as a reward. At last we could achieve that nonchalant air as the tattered and mangled books of our predecessors fell into our hands. Oh, there was no stopping us then, and now we have reached the end of the five years that seemed like an eternity to us that long ago September day. To be able to look down the hazy lane that represents the past and to see all the events that crowd the bends in the road is an im- possibility, but some things do stand out clearly. Remember our first dance, the Sophomore Hop, on which we worked so hard, holding our breath all the while for fear the decora- tions would fall? They did, but we thought the dance pretty successful anyway. This cli- maxed the year, and the final reports made us upper-classrnen. Now on to new and bigger things. Christ- mas vacation brought one of Alexandria's worst snow storms on the very night of the 10 Junior Class Christmas Hop, but those hardy souls that did dare to venture out enjoyed a gay evening amid the spicy fragrance of pine boughs. For the Junior-Senior Prom we chose "Rhapsody in Blue" as our theme and turned the cafeteria into a real "Blue Heaven" with sparkling stars and "blue notes" twinkling from the ceiling. Again, however, the ele- ments were against us. It rained. Still, even this failed to dampen our spirits or halt our progress, and soon june exams, were a thing of the past and we were official seniors at last. This fact was not to be disputed and in recognition the school was ours for a day. We had recently won the second Old Oaken Bucket in our football career and we were as proud as peacocks. We really made the most of it! Bubble gum and caps were as noisy as the seniors while great quantities of candy disappeared from view. Right on the heels of Senior Day came the turn of the year and we were M53 Seniors" at last. A long weekend was ours at the end of the term with the celebration of the Inaugu- ration to set the spirit for exams. The January graduates took their final bow and the begin- ning of the end had begun. The days flew by and soon sunny dispositions vied with sunny weather. June arrived and with it the Senior Prom held at the National Airport. The following evening we took the longest, yet shortest, walk of our lives, and receiving our diplomas, we, the "r' 53 Seniors", passed into history. SEN1oR CLASS OFFICERS Witli officers like these, the Senior Class couldnt help being one of the friendliest ever. SEATED: Ann Lee, Secremryg Mr. Lindsey, Spomor. STANDING: Lester McMenamin, Pre.rifle1z!.' Tommy Eley, Vice-Premiefzt. MR. L1NDsEY The "Big Bossu, as Mr. Lindsey could appropriately be called, keeps the senior class from falling Qmomentarily speakingb by the wayside. Treasurer without question, his rapid calculations of the Hnancial status leaves us breathless and confused but he always manages to come out with the book balanced. LESTER MCMENAMIN and TOMMY ELEY Should you require the services of our class officers, just sing out for "Mac',, or Tommy, if you prefer. Either way, a tall good-looking guy with a dangerously contagious grin will answer your call. Right away you'll notice the friendly qualities that make him such a favorite at school and on the dance floor or the diamond, and it's a sure thing that his easy going manner will make him a friend of yours too. Lester MCM:-Bnamin, President Mr. Irving Lindsey, Spomm' , gal W aw ai W , 'Md X am.. . E Tommy Eley VfC9'PI'65ifI67Zf 11 Turn bade the handy of time JOYCE BILL MELVIN BILL DENIS RAYMOND AYRES DENIS AJ carefree at they come GEORGIA MAE BURKS GEORGIA Capable and eaptivaling Quill and Palm, Spanish Club, Double-Barred Cross, Student Council, Chairman Senior Class JOYCE ANN CONNER JOYCE Alwayf Jociable and rfniling Intramurals SU-won. Bus ,FZ7 A M QCD 12 IJ, X 'R '31 I-I IW, ' I JANUARY GRADUATES WILLIAM B. CUMMINGS BILL Tall, clark, and humorom Treasurer Latin Club, Chevrons Club, Saber Club, Music Club, Pep Club, Cadet Major MELVIN RANDOLPH GLASS MELVIN Wit and marie well combined Monogram Club, Mixed Chorus WILLIAM ROBERT HEFLIN B Alwayr a willllanal a way Honor Roll C25 BRUCE ANTHONY HUBBARD BRUCE Conxcientioax and congenial Dramatics Club, Student Council, Hi-Y, "Little Hatchet", "Compass" KAREN ROSE SEVERSON KAREN Spnrzr and rineerity, ber xpeeialliex President Y-Teens, G.A.A. BRUCE KAREN MARY ELLEN THOMAS MARY ELLEN f A winning way to brighten each day January grads pose on G, Wfs south steps. Row 1: Mary Ellen Thomas, Karen Severson, Georgia Burks, Joyce Conner. Row 2: jim Robbins, Ted Cameron, Bill Cummings, Bruce Hubbard, Louis Mensh. Row 5: Melvin Glass, Bob Harrison, Bill Hefiin, Denis Ayres. SUMMER SCHOOL GRADUATES WANDA CHEWNING CHINKIE Vivid, Jparkling, adorable JOYCE ELLEN TAYLOR President Sophomore Class, Dramatic Club, Roose- BIG JOYCE velt High School, 4-H Club, West Virginia A dmmdtic ,md bewngjgmg gay, Jr. Red Cross, Dance Club WAYNE EDWARD FEINDT WAYNE CHINKIE Confeientious, capable and considerate Vice-President Band DAVID MOSS DAVID A line wire-afwayt on the go Monogram Club, Varsity Track CHARLES CALVERT SMOOT CHARLIE Full of fan and fanny free Distributive Education Club, Cadet Platoon Sergeant WAYNE DAVID CHARLIE BIG JOYCE 1 3 key meal nr ar guinea pigs STU?igdll.NClL PRESIDENT President Shirley Ross smiles for the camera after finding out the election news, surrounded by her Vice-Presidents john McLane and Susie Richards. JUNE GRADUATES LENORE SUE ALEXANDER LENORE A creative mind, a generout heart, an enlbnriastic spirit Student Council, Vice-President Spanish Club, Spelling Club, Quill and Scroll, Quill and Palm, "Surveyor", Editor-in-Chief of "Compass", Honor Roll C45 DEAN KENT ALLEN DEAN A perronable lad with a good .tense of humor Latin Club, Hunting Club, Fishing Club, Camera Club, Intramurals, J. V. Basketball, Baldwinville, Massachusetts BERNICE WANDA LENORE DEAN BERNICE JANE ANDERSON BERNICE The bluebirrl of happiness, her companion Intramurals, Florida WANDA RICHARDS ARMSTRONG WANDA Tops the lift for real graeiouyners Dance Club, Spanish Club, World Events Club, President Double-Barred Cross Society, "Com- pass", Honor Roll C23 MAUREEN JOYCE BAILEY S A merry, miilcllaievour girl Dance Club PATRICIA ANN BARNES PATTI A Jparkling-eyed renfalion Music Club, Dramatics Club, F. H. A,, jr. Red Cross, Cheerleaders, Majorettes, G. A. A., Intra- murals, President Freshman Class, Hooks, Texas NOEL CLAUDEL BARTLETT CLAUDEL A fan loving gal, never teen with a frown Latin Club, Dramatics Club, Double-Barred Cross Society, Liwski Club, Girls' Rifle Team, Advisory Council, Cadet Captain, Honor Roll CID JOAN PATRICIA BARTLETT JOAN Blilhe and carefree Student Council, Booster Club, Cheerleaders, In- tramurals, Perfect Attendance 453, Honor Roll C37 SUE PATTI 1 4 CLAUDEL JOAN LUKE BETTY LUCIUS SCALES BEASLEY LUKE L.S.B.-well Liked, in Sporty, the Bert Student Council, Monogram Club, Football, Track, Baseball, Basketball BETTY LUCILLE BECKER BETTY Very earnest and exprerriee Correspondence Club, Latin Club, Dramatics Club, Double-Barred Cross Society, Mixed Chorus, "Compass", Perfect Attendance 125, Honor Roll C27 ROLAND G. BEHNY ROLAND A little nomeme naw and then Junior Board, Football REBECCA FRANCES BERRY BECKY Quiet and Jhy Liwski Club, Cadet First Sergeant MARLENE ELIZABETH BERTRAM MARLENE A smile to light her way Latin Club, Music Club, Senior Band, Honor Roll I 53 CLINTON DAVIS BLAKEY CLINT A rmile ar happy ax hir heart Dance Club, jr. Red Cross, F.B.L.A., Chevrons Club, Saber Club, Perfect Attendance CSD, Honor Roll C15 DAVE CHIEF ROLAND BECKY MARLENE CLINT DAVID TRENT BLOOR DAVE All 'round town with all 'round talent Art Club, Mount Vernon, J.V. Soccer DONALD WILSON BLOUNT CHIEF Warm and cheerful perronality Intramural Basketball, Football ! 0 J 9 A5 we were the jimi eighth grade ,JEFF CA ROLE Juue MAURY PHILLIP JEFFERY BOWER JEFF Intelligence and enllnuriarm Saber Club, Cadet, Intramurals, J.V. Football, Honor Roll C43 Perfect Attendance C15 CAROLE NYDA BRANNON CAROLE Quiet but caplivalirzg Spanish Club, Dramatics Club, World Events Club, Double-Barred Cross Society, Jr. Red Cross, G.A.A., Honor Roll C29 SUSAN BEV SUSAN ELIZABETH BRIGGS SUSAN Spirited and fureinating Latin Club, Dance Club, Etiquette Club, Double- Barred Cross Society, Jr. Red Cross, G.A.A. BEVERLY LEIGH BRISACH Bev All the beauty of 14 Drerden figurine Glee Club, Argyle Club, Towson, Maryland, Pep Squad, Spanish Club, Panama Canal Zoneg Intra- murals, Perfect Attendance 435, Honor Roll Q25 AIMEE JULIANN BROWN JULIE A competent blonde Hui Eleu Club, swimming, Honolulu, Hawaii, World Events Club, Jr. Red Cross, G.A.A., Honor Roll C55 RANDOLPH MAURY BROWNE, III MAURY Capable and cordial Boys' Leaders Club, Westport, Connecticut, Stu- dent Council, Quill and Palm, Monogram Club, Football, Rowing, Honor Roll 133, Perfect At- tendance i 15 SANDRA D. BUCH SANDY Lovely to look at Spanish Club, Spelling Club RAYMOND KENNETH CARNAHAN RAY Tull, uibletic, und ambitiour President Monogram Club, Football, Intramurals, Honor Roll CID, Perfect Attendance CID Harriet Compe and Sam McClintic pose happily after having been judged to be the couple with the best costume on Senior Day. 16 SANDY RAY JANE Viv ELET suv-VEl"'2 l 1 , l 1 1' si VIVIAN CARN EAL VIV Her life 4 kaleidorcope of happy limes Intramurals, Honor Roll Q25 BETTIE COLLINS BEITIE JANE A. CARNEALE N Ofewvrllvy terrific JANE F.B.L.A., Newspaper, Glee Club, Field Hockey, Friemilinefr, her chief duet Honor R011 435, Mt' Vernon H'S' F.B.L.A., Double-Barred Cross Society b ' HARRIET GREEN COMPE HARRIET A A model of good grooming Junior Class Reporter, Junior Board, Student Council, French Club, Dance Club, Cheerleaders, Intramurals, Honor Roll 419, Perfect Attendance JOSEPH LINCOLN CARTER - CU JOE Worldly wit and wirziom Spelling Club, "Surveyor", Saber Club, Chevrons Club, Honor Roll CIJ, Perfect Attendance 155 VIRGINIA LEE CARR GINGER A pleasing way with everyone Jr. Red Cross, Dance Club, Honor Roll CID GINGER JOE NANCY LEE CLARKE NANCY Ari ample ,riipply of pep and eriergy Etiquette Club, Sargettes, Intramurals, Honor Roll C25 JOYCE SYBIL CLEM JOYCE Lariguid radiizrzce Dance Club, Etiquette Club, Intramurals NANCY JOYCE BETTIE HARRIET 17 We were the pride of our mniiief Presenting a runner-up trophy to G. W. Captain Les McMenamin after the St. Anthony game is Mr. T. E. Rutter, Superintendent of Arlington County Schools. BETTY LOU CORSON BETTY LOU A grin to win any heart Glee Club, Arlington, Virginia, Intramurals, Honor Roll C15 JOAN PHYLLIS CRANE JOAN On the go, on the beam, and on lop French Club, Dance Club, New York City, Com- mercial Club, Mount Vernong Honor Holl 125, Perfect Attendance C25 CAROLYN ANN BETTY LOU JOAN CAROLYN JEAN CRIPE CAROLYN A prorniring leader in the world of bnfinery Dance Club, Correspondence Club, Commercial Club, F.B.L.A., Intramurals, Honor Roll C25 WILHELMINA ANN CRUPPER ANN Spriglytly and Joplaiyticated Secretary Dance Club, Dramatics Club, Vice-Presi- dent Double-Barred Cross Society, Junior Board, Jr. Red Cross, Intramurals SALLIE ANN CUNNING SALLIE A cute addition anywhere Spanish Club, Denver, Coloradog Honor Roll C63 PATRICIA MARIE CURRY PAT A friendly, Jrnifing manner SALLIE . PAT 18 Treasurer F.H.A., Intramurals, Honor Roll C15 JAMES MICHAEL DANIEL MIKE Tenpinr. len mooffr. ten rrnilef Spanish Club, "Compass", Honor Roll CZD, Per- fect Attendance Q35 JOANNE LEE DARNELL JODY Quiet loveliners President Liwski Club, Cadet Major, "Compass", Latin Club, Music Club, jr. Red Cross, Honor Roll C-43, Perfect Attendance Q29 MIKE JODY l l DAVE PECK ELLIS OAKES DAVIS DAVE A cadet, capable and competent Boys' Chorus, Debate Club, Gary, Indiana, Treas- urer Language Club, Biology Club, Highland Falls, New York, Cadets, Honor Roll C25 WALTER DAVIS PECK Doe: everything the "1far5ity way" Varsity Basketball DIANE MARIE DE LANE DEE A strawberry blond with lot.r of charm Secretary F.B.L.A., Double-Barred Cross Society, Intramurals, Honor Roll My ADELE WATSON DONALDSON ADELE Attractive and ambitiour World Events Club, Secretary Spanish Club, Con- testants Club, Dramatics Club, "Surveyor", Secre- tary and Editor "Little Hatchet" NANCY HAMILTON DONNELL NIKKI Ability and ambition to take her far French Club, Debate Club, World Events Club, Double-Barred Cross Society, Quill and Palm, ' Girls, Rifle Team, "Compass", Cadets ' CAROLE ANN DOWNIN CAROLE Fart, harmony, reliability Student Council, Library Club, Spanish Club, Correspondence Club, Mixed Chorus, Music Club, "Compass", Quill and Palm, Intramurals, Honor Roll C57 BILL GENE DEE ADELE NIKKI CAROLE JON WILLIAM DRAKE BILL That crazy, cool humor Boys' Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Varsity and Intra- mural Track, Detroit, Michigan EUGENE WHITFIELD DRURY GENE A good time, hir motto Astronomy Club, Monogram Club, Varsity Track 1 S S' , -'fflilaz' I I 2 K NNN, .wp ..:. 'X-f -, .taint . ND -1. 6 19 But the despair of the Seniors SONNY JERRY TOMMY BARBARA LEE CHARLES GODWIN PIERCE DUNN, JR. SONNY Mafter of muxic and math Music Club, Senior Band JERRY A. ELAM JERRY , A .rmile to match 4 wit Intramural Basketball WILLIAM THOMAS ELEY . A TOMMY Radiating enthutiarm and vimlity Vice-President Senior Class, jr. Red Cross. Boys' State, Chess Club, Dance Club, Senior Band, "Sur- veyor", Rowing, J.V. and Intramural Basketball, Honor Roll C45 , Perfect Attendance C19 L 6, 4 l vsvmum. X! 7 OFIMCE f A l:L 0 20 BARBARA JOAN ELLIOTT BARBARA Quiet and companiable Vice-President F.B.L.A., Lt. Red Cross, Honor Roll C D LEE EPES FEILD LEE A true daughter of song President, Vice-President, and Secretary-Treasurer Music Clubg Dance Club, World Events Clubg Secretary Mixed Chorus, A Cappella Choir, Quill and Palmg Honor Roll C65 CHARLES ROBERT FINN CHARLES Earycoming, eaxygoing Senior Band DOUGLAS LEE ELEMING DOUG A .rtar in :porn Monogram Club, Baseball, Basketball, Quill and Palm, Honor Roll CU PEGGY ANNETTE ELEMING P G AJ nice EJ can be Honor Roll CID, Perfect Attendance C55 DOUG PEG BILL BEV WILLIAM EMIIEAETT FLETCHER There's no denying that Joan Bartlett, Bill Cummings, G . . IZL . Blair Fornshill, and Margaret Tremain deserve their Spanish C1335'ffQ'I?ZO04iEi'i'E'i2'::amura1s, titles for the most original costumes on Senior Day. Washington, D. C. BEVERLY ANN FLINN JAMES ERVIN FRAZIER BEV JIMMY Naturally friendly and alluring Cheerleaders, F.B.L.A.g J.V. Basketball, Sacred Heart Academy, Honor Roll CZJ, Perfect Attend- ance C45 MALCOLM BLAIR FORNSHILL BLAIR Cheerful and reroarcefal Student Council, Booster Club, Dramatics Club, Latin Club, Library Club, Pep Committee, "Com- pass", "Little Hatchet", Honor Roll C27 BONITA LOUISE FORREST BONNIE joeialily at il: lie!! Secretary Double-Barred Cross Society, Distri- butors' Club, F.B.L.A., "Little Hatchet", Intra- murals JOEL MARSHALL FORTUNE I Fan where gil had him FRED WILLIAM FRAZIER, JR. FRED Always on the go Cadets, Varsity Track, Intramurals, Honor Roll CU, Perfect Attendance C29 Har a plootograpberk eye Boosters Club, Glee Club, Activities Club, Varsity Football, J.V. Basketball, Intramurals, Shenan- doah, Virginia, Honor Roll C35 SARA RUTH FULTON SALLY Create: a world of melody Correspondence Club, President Music Club, Sec- retary Library Club, Spanish Club, Mixed Chorus, Quill and Palm, Honor Roll C6J BLAIR BONNIE JOE FRED JIMMY SALLY 2 1 int we were fresh Trash" ul" 3 1 C, I-X f-1 1 ASHLEY SUZIE C - ALLEN ASHLEY FUTRAL, JR. ASHLEY Comedy, bi: caption Student Council, Yearbook, School Paper, West- bury, New York, Quill and Palm, Chevrons Club, Cadets, Honor Roll C45 SUZANNE GARNER JAMES JOSEPH GEEHAN, JR. JIM Perxeiferanee in a quiet manner Senior Band, Honor Roll C41 , Perfect Attendance C27 MARY VIRGINIA GIUSEPPE MARY Plearant and dependable JOHN MARTIN GORE JOHN Intelligence and :ineerity ,I.V. Track and Basketball, Intramurals, Perfect SUZIB Sophisticated pep Attendance ul Astronomy Club, Dance Club, Secretary Spanish HELEN ELIZABETH GOYNE Club, Mixed Chorus, Intramurals, Perfect Attend- LENNY M156 I-25 Paving her way with Junxhine F.B.L.A., Intramurals JIM MARY DREAMA EARLEE GRAHAM JOHN LENNY 22 A DEE Alwayx near when a friend if needed Spanish Club, Art Club, Mount Vernon, World Events Club, Dramatics Club, Intramurals, Honor Roll CID MEDA CASH GRIGG MIGGS Quiet, but oh .ro nice! Debate Club, Dramatics Club, "Little Hatchet", F.B,L.A., Speech Club, F.H.A.g Exchange Editor of "Sandspur", Hamlet, North Carolina, Honor ' Roll 165, Perfect Attendance C25 ' DEE MIGGS MUN MARGARET SONNY JOHNNY ARTHUR PRITCHARD GRIFFIN MUTT Earnett ami ayfable Intramurals, Perfect Attendance C19 MARGARET ELLOUISE GREGG MARGARET Our sweet, rerewed lar: Pep Club, Glee Club, Fairfax, Virginia JERRY FRANK HASKY SONNY Built for fame Intramurals SHIRLEY WINNIE JOHN LAWRENCE HAWTHORNE JOHNNY CHARLES RUFUS HIGGINBOTHAM Plearant draw! and plearing way CHARLES Intramurals, Honor Roll C13 ' b Always, ready for fun Ch Cl,Ch Clb,Sb Clb,Cd SHIRT-EYQ MAE HEFLIN ess uSecond?Yguienanlt, Rifle Club u 3 et HIRLEY Too Jweet to be forgotten Music Club, Library Club, Reading Club, Spelling Club, World Events Club, Honor Roll C65 WINAFRED POSEY HENDERSON WINNIE Marital feet, magical .rmile Jr. Red Cross GEORGE GRIFFIN HERRING GRIF Lively aml reliable Spanish Club, Dramatics Club, Tennis Smith and Joyce Taylor share pointers on GRIF CHARLES modeling at the Girls' Club fashion show. 23 And then superior tfolbhomoref MISSIE JU NE ANNE JOHNNY JEANETTE JEAN BARBARA LEE HOCKETT MISSIE Steaelfarl ami sophisticated Etiquette Club, President Mixed Chorus JUNE ELIZABETH HOFF JUNE Hands of healing Music Club, Library Club, F.H.A., A Cappella Having a hilarious time on Senior Day are the three most popular seniors, Les McMenamin, Joan Bartlett, and Ralph Kneeland. 24 ANNE JOCELYN HORNE ANNE Sparkling with spirit President Correspondence Club, Vice-President World Events Club, "Surveyor" Circulation and Business Manager, Jr. Red Cross, Quill and Palm, "Little Hatchet", Cheerleaders, Latin Club, Intra- murals, Honor Roll C55 JOHN HATTON HYMAN JOHNNY A hearty rporlf entbusiart Intramurals JEANETTE LEE JACKSON JEANETTE Cate and full of pep Jr. Red Cross, F.B.L.A., Commercial Club, Intra- murals JEANETTE BLAIR JACOBS JEAN Sure to succeed Secretary and Treasurer Spelling Club, Secretary F.B.L.A., Intramurals NANCY JANE JOHNSON NANCY A radiant personality Student Council, "Surveyor", Cheerleaders, G.A.A,, Debate Club, World Events Club, Dance Club, Honor Roll Clj, Perfect Attendance C49 ADRIANN DENISE JOY DEN Star alan in ber gaze Spanish Club, President G.A.A., Student Council, Honor Society, Board of Control, Berkeley, Cali- forniag Honor Roll CIJ NANCY DEN ROSIE JUTSE ROSEMARY ELIZABETH KENDRICK ROSIE Gaiety and rnerrymaking at their bert Music Club, F.B.I..A., G.A.A., Intramurals JUDY BUSH KENNEDY JUTSE Serene, rineere, rociable Dance Club, F.B.L.A., Mixed Chorus, Intramurals, Honor Roll CID LORETTA MAY KESTERSON LORETTA A pretty-eyed perronification of pep Secretary Junior Class, Student Council, Quill and Palm, Junior Board, Jr. Red Cross, Booster Club, Cheerleaders, "Surveyor", F.B.L.A., Astronomy Club, Intramurals, Honor Roll 447, Perfect At- tendance C51 PATRICIA ANN KIDD PAT Blne skier and runny rrniler Commercial Club, Honor Society, Art Club, Mount Vernon High School, Honor Roll C65 , Perfect Attendance C23 RITA LOUISE KILROY RITA A zert for lining Student Council, Double-Barred Cross Society, "Surveyor", Dance Club, F.B.L.A., Mixed Chorus, Intramurals, Honor Roll CSD, Perfect Attendance C23 f PAUL ADAMS KINNEAR PAUL Sports, hir paftime World Events Club, Cross Country Team, Intra- murals ' MICHAEL RAYMOND KINSLEY MIKE Friendlinefr, that mdiater warmth Double-Barred Cross Society, F.B.L.A., Dramatics Club, Honor Roll 63D JEAN MAGDALENE KINZER ' JEAN Sweet and lovely-not eerily forgotten Public Speaking, Dramatics Club, Library Club, Mount Vernon High School, Honor Roll C3D LORETTA PAT RITA PAUL MIKE JEAN Z5 Next we were jubilant funiom' RALPHIE LEAPIE Two of the speakers who came during guidance week to represent their professions get in a little counsel- ing on the side to Dean Roos, who is seated, Adrian Joy, and Bill Drake. They are Mr. Armistead Boothe and Dr. Cliff johnson. RALPH EOLGER KNEELAND RALPHIE Outstanding in sports, oatxtanding in friendrhip Dance Club, Monogram Club, Student Council, Honor and Discipline and Executive Committees, Vice-President Astronomy Club, President Sopho- more and Junior Classes, Baseball, Football, Bas- ketball, Honor Roll C3P LEE ANN LEAPHART LEAPIE Verratility and charm, her claim to fame Secretary-Treasurer Student Council, President Quill and Scroll, President Quill and Palm, "Com- pass" Picture Editor, Latin Club, Dramatics Club, Honor Roll C69 ANNE ' DAN ANN THEONE LEE ANNIE Leaver behind a trail of happy memorier Secretary Senior Class, President French Club, Quill and Palm, World Events Club, Mixed Chorus, A Cappella, Honor Roll C47 DANIEL HUGH LEHMAN DAN An all-around .rtar Student Council, Dance Club, "Surveyor", Mono- gram Club, Quill and Palm, Quill and Scroll, Football, Baseball, Basketball, Honor Roll 145, Perfect Attendance C22 OLGA LEMESHEWSKY OLGA A Confirmed .rtenograplaer Double-Barred Cross Society, F.B.L.A., Intramurals CLAYTON LUTHER LESCALLEET SONNY OLGA SONNY 26 Amiable and eary-going Honor Roll CID, Perfect Attendance C21 LOUISE PATRICIA LEVINSON LOU Warm entbmiarm for jonrnaliun Dramatics, Debate Club, Correspondence Club, Spanish Club, "Surveyor',, Senior Band SUSAN JANE LEVINSON SUE A gay go-getter Dramatics Club, Senior Band, "Surveyor", Debate Club, Correspondence Club, Spanish Club LOU SUE FRANK ' LISHA FRANK LENDALE LEWIS FRANK - A camera bag with personality J.V. Football ANNE LEWIS LITSEY LISHA Heart of gold, :mile to match Vice-President and President Library Club, Presi- dent "Little Hatchet", Student Council, Dramatics Club, 'Compass", "Surveyor", Astronomy Club, Dance Club, Spanish Club, Quill and Palm, Quill and Scroll, Honor Roll C55 ' LORANE LLOYD LORIE Bells on her toe: President Double-Barred Cross Society, President F.T.A., Correspondence Club, F.H.A., "Little Hatchet", Hobby Club, Intramurals, Dramatic Club, 'Contestants Club, Jr. Red Cross, Honor Roll 15? JACQUELINE LEE LOGAN JACKIE Playful afixporition F.B.L.A. JO ANNE LOGAN Jo ANN A magnelic, charming personality Dance Club, Spelling Club, Pep Club, Intramurals, Honor Roll 162, Perfect Attendance C29 Y ADA SAM LORIE JACKIE Jo ANN JACK GORDON BOOKER LOGWOOD, JR. JACK Roll ou! a barrel of fan Chevrons Club, Saber Club, Cadet Captain, Intra- murals, Perfect Attendance Q15 ADA LILLIAN LONG ADA A genial grin Correspondence Club, Rifle Club, F.B.L.A., World Events Club, Perfect Attendance C35 NATHAN ROBERT MCCLINTIC SAM Soliil and Jtazmcla Latin Club, Football ' X A , XJR, L, 5 N La, 27 And nt lang sophisticated Seniors CATHE MAUREEN MAC CHET JANE -IOHNNIE CATHERINE EMILYN MCDERMOTT CATHE Warm at Junslaine and just at bright "Elmprint", Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania MAUREEN LOUISE ANN MCDERMOTT MAUREEN U nrnjiied and .verene THOMAS BENTON MCDONALD, III MAC True blue and terrihc Boys' Choir, Middleton, Pennsylvania, Track, J.V. Basketball, Intramurals, Honor Roll C3D, Perfect Attendance C15 28 CHESTER ALLEN MCINTOSH CHET Generous with friendxbip Distributive Education Club JANE LYON MCKINNEY JANE Dynamic debater Girls' Glee Club, Norfolk, Virginiag Mixed Chorus, Newport, Rhode Island, World Events Club, A Cappella, Dramatics Club, Spanish Club JOHN EDWARD MCLANE JOHNNIE Dream: etched in Jteel First Vice-President Student Council, Quill and Palm, Mixed Chorus, Senior Band, Football, Base- ball, j.V. Rowing, Intramurals, Beta Club, Glee Club, F.F.A., Band, Orchestra, Monogram Club, Wagener, South Carolinag Honor Roll QSD, Per- fect Attendance C25 LESTER EDGAR MCMENAMIN MAC An all-.flar in every Held Vice-President Freshman Class, President, Senior Class, Vice-President Monogram Club, Quill and Palm, Basketball, Baseball, Track, Honor Roll CSD DIANE LOUISE MAECHTLE DIANE Tops from any standpoint Double-Barred Cross Society, Latin Club, Astron- omy Club, Jr. Red Cross, F.H.A., Senior Band, Booster Club, Honor Roll CID MAC DIANE BYRD DECKY MANKIN DECKY Twin "Tir", track und talent Spanish Club, Track, Perfect Attendance C23 ALICE VIRGINIA MARSTON ALICE A real geniur in any field French Club, "Little Hatchet", Dramatics Club, Double-Barred Cross Society, Intramurals, Honor Roll C65 EVERETT COURTLAND MARTIN COURTLAND A hurinerr man through and through Dance Club, Library Club, Distributive Education Club, Cadet Corporal, Perfect Attendance C53 ELLEN ALICIA MEINTS PAL Wonderful spirit, winning wuyr Secretary World Events Club, Spanish Club, "Compass", "Surveyor", Quill and Palm, G.A.A., "Little Hatchet", Intramurals, Honor Roll C35 STEPHANIE MELLNIK STEVI The lovely seniors, who were in the football Queen's court, were the charm and spice of the annual W. L.- G. W. Turkey Day game. They are Ellen Meints, Georgia Burks, Gay Scott, Carolyn Young, Loretta Kesterson, Beverly Flynn, Marjorie Silcox, and Ann Lee. JULIA MEADOR MILLER JUDY Buoyant good humor Dance Club, Latin Club, G.A.A., Intramurals GITTA MILLS GITTA An urniuhle and umhiliour umhumzdor World Events Club, Public Speaking Club, Dra- matics Club, "Little Hatchet", Music Club, De- bating Club, Quill and Palm, Spanish Club, Dance Club, Honor Roll Qlj COURTLAND PAL Vivuciour, charming, delightful to know Secretary Dramatics Club, "Little Hatchet", Span- ish Club, Mixed Chorus, Contestants Club, Music Club, Latin Club, Jr. Red Cross, World Events Club, Debate Club, Quill and Palm, Honor Roll C63 JANICE EVON MESHKOFF JANICE Greare paint in her ueinf, glilter in her eye! President Dramatics Club, Student Council, Quill and Palm, Spanish Club, Latin Club, Jr. Retl Cross, Contestants Club, Etiquette Club, Honor Roll C43 STEVI JANICE JUDY GITTA 29 There were chemistry formulas for .rome ENG. 5' SKEETER BERG ' J WILLIAM F REDRICK MINTZELL SKEETER Dark and dapper Student Council, Intramurals JOHN MOORE BERG Alwagu welcome anywhere Bowling, Intramurals DICK BARBARA fbbddp !A!.Z-,f, RICHARD HILL MOORE DICK Man about town Senior Band, Junior Board, Mixed Chorus, Boys' State, Assistant Treasurer Junior Class BARBARA LEE MORGAN BARBARA Cate and companiable F.B.L.A., Double-Barred Cross Society SHIRLEY MAE MORRIS SHIRLEY MAE - A life to match her twirling baton Majorette Club WILLIAM E. MORTON BILLY Never miner in basketball or popularity SHIRLEY MAE BILLY 30 Monogram Club, Intramurals LARRY JOSEPH NARDINOCCHI NOOKI A gay and a half "R" Club, Roosevelt High School JOHN WHITAKER NEWELL JOHNNY Nimble wit and joviality Latin Club, Sports Editor and Business Editor "Compass", Quill and Palm NOOKI JOHNNY ,- , 1 , f- , L, I, 1. t J, Af . fri, Y,Y.4,.JtZ.idf , I-xf , ,, -,..JJl'7Mt v'ys.f'i ees . l N 'J CHARLIE BROWN COLLEEN 0 JIMMY JANE KINGSLEY NOEL CHARLIE BROWN A handle of fan and laughter President Latin Club, Student Council, Music Club, Glee Club, Cheerleaders, World Events Club, Dramatics Club, "Surveyor", "Compass", Honor Roll C35 COLLEEN PAYE NOLL COLLEEN Slim, trim, alwayr fan to he with Student Council, Honor Roll CZJ JAMES ROBERT NOWLAND GINGER BOB JIMMY Dark-haired and pleasant-a way with the girls JOHN WI1i1EiAM PECK Vice-President Junior Class, Secretary Sophomore Crmkerjack mlefman ,bat doe-mit need to jeu Class, Monogram Club, Junior Board, Varsity bimxelf Football, Varsity Track, Honor Roll C15 JAMES ROBERT O'MARA JIM A military manner and a plearing personality Saber Club, Cadet Lieutenant, Honor Roll C 35, Perfect Attendance C31 VIRGINIA RUTH O,NEAL GINGER Excitement plus Dance Club ROBERT GORDON PADGETT BOB Hi: writing ahility, hir road to Jncceyt "Little Hatchet", J.V. Basketball, Baseball, Intra- murals, Perfect Attendance C15 Treasurer Distributive Education Club JANE FRANCES PERHAM JANE A ffahle and artirtic Art Editor "Little Hatchet", Double-Barred Cross Society Sternberger of G.W. wins a much sought-after interview with Vice-Presidential candidate, BILL JANE Richard Nixon. 31 XE' ,V ' ,J time! fl ' Q14 ' il A. ,fafwf ' .4 fl, I, 1 'fVf'l. t f f!3'1",!s Anal Chaucer or all TONI HERKY RUSTY BARRY GEORGE DALLAS PEYTON HERKY Lively and fun-loving Student Council, Football, Rowing, Perfect At- tendance C65 MARY ELIZABETH POOLE RUSTY True uuzrmlh and erzthnxiamz BARRY RAMON PREBLE BARRY A delightful manner that ditplayy Jincerity Sports Editor "Surveyor", Intramural Basketball SHIRLEY SKIPPIE SHIRLEY ANN PRYOR SHIRLEY THOMAS LEE PERRY Full Of 80041 will TOM Pep Club, F.B.L.A., Intramurals, Honor Roll CID A mfifiwl iffffef ELEANOR ANNE PUTNAM Mixed Cl'lOILIS SKIPPIE A dancing delight Mixed Chorus RICHARD DONALD RANNEY IHCK A rhyrhmic rehel French Club, Dance Club, Senior Band, Honor Roll Clk, Perfect Attendance C I 3 ELIZABETH ANN RAY LIZ Aluwyx zbllij'--71Ell67' hlue Pep Club, Booster Club, F.B.I..A., Dance Club, Student Council, Jr. Red Cross, Advanced Chorus, Intramurals, Honor Roll C23 Winnie Henderson and Mr. Bill Hillman join in Senior Day festivities and earn the title of Dancers. DICK LIZ 32 JUNE EP. JUNE ELIZABETH REED JUNE Dainty and dernure Jr. Red Cross, Intramurals, Honor Roll Q25 EDGAR PAUL REGAN E.P. Winlom to guide lair ambition Track, Perfect Attendance C45 FRED HERBERT RENNER FRED Hearty living, work ana' play Latin Club, Debate Club ELIZABETH WRENN REYNOLDS BETSY Depth of Jpirit, warmth of friendship Correspondence Club, "Compass,', "Little Hatchet", Dramatics Club, Liwski Club, Perfect Attendance Q17 x X I f 5? QXMWQ ifsflooof lv fu' ' f-X Walk!- lex . fy C ,, wi. KERMIT DEAN ROOS DEAN A truly dynamic Dean Music Club, Intramurals, Perfect Attendance INGE RUTH ROSENBAUM INGE A cheerful writing enlhafiarl Dramatics Club, Dance Club, Spanish Club, Double-Barred Cross Society, News Editor and Fourth Page Editor "Surveyor", Intramurals, Honor Roll CID FRED BETSY SUSAN HERRON RICHARDS SUSIE Alwayx a winnirf, alwayt a gflllillfll, alzvayi a feelin' jine Second Vice-President Student Council, French Club, World Events Club, Latin Club, Quill and Palm, Intramurals, Honor Roll C55 JUDITH LOVING RIDGELY JUDY A mixture of lac! and lozfelineff Vice-President Library Club, World Events Club, Dramatics Club, Etiquette Club, Intramurals SUSIE JUDY DEAN INGE 33 A n all 1st, .1LLL,L, "Your taste buds aren't everythingf says Decky Mankin as he and Mary Ann Travers conduct an experiment on Ann Vadnais in psychology class. SHIRLEY CATHERINE ROSS SHIRLEY Our popular and capahle fmt lady President Student Council, junior Board, Sopho- more Board, Junior Class Treasurer, Secretary, Senior Band, Cheerleaders, Dramatics Club, Quill and Palm, Dance Club, 'little Hatchetu, Honor Roll C65 SALLY ANN SALTS SALLY A world fall of tact President F.H.A.g Student Council, Majorettes, Jr. Red Cross, Varsity Swimming, Oregon, Honor R011 429 LINDSEY GAY SHIRLEY LOIS 34 nails with finalit SHIRLEY SALLY RALPH LINDSEY SANTMIRE LINDSEY Sportf, hir .rpecialzy J.V. Basketball, Baseball GAY SCOTT GAY A .rparhling lovelinerr all her own A Cappella, Student Government, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania SHIRLEY AMY SENTELL SHIRLEY Twirling her way through .vaccerr Dramatics Club, F.B.L.A., Dance Club, Majorettes LOIS ANNE SHEETZ LOIS From dawn to clark, alufayr rarin' to go Double-Barred Cross Society, F.B.L.A., "Surveyor", Latin Club, Advanced Chorus FRED FRANKLIN SHELTON FREDDIE Strictly on the beam Vice-President Freshman Class, Glee Club, Dra- matics, Pep Club, 4-H Club, Football, Baseball, Basketball, Intramurals, Covington, Virginia, Per- fect Attendance C45 JO ANNE SHUMAKER JOE Love, laaghler, and lighthearted gaiety "Little Hatchet", Glee Club, Secretary Freshman Class, San Francisco, California FREDDIE JOE MARGE MAE MARIE MARJORIE RUTH SILCOX MARGE Her dayr, never blue Library Club, Correspondence Club, World Events Club, Debate Club, Vice-President Quill and Palm, Cheerleaders, French Club, Orchestra, Honor Roll C49 MAE MARIE SIMS MAE MARIE Can? help bein' happy FI-I.A. RICHARD LINDSEY SIMMS DICKIE Athletic and ajfable Monogram Club, Varsity Baseball, Varsity Foot- ball, J.V. Baseball JOYCE ANN SISSON SHAN Every day a holiday F.B.L.A. JANICE LELAND SLIGHT JANICE Prelly and alemure-always welcome Correspondence Club, Dramatics Club, "Compass,', "Surveyor", Double-Barred Cross Society, Honor Roll C21 LENA EFFIE SMITH LENA A Jweet smile and a friendly perronality F.B.L.A. MER SANDE DICKIE SHAN JANICE LENA GINCIE MARITA SMITH MER That air of gracious .terenity Student Council, Spelling Club, Reading Club, Devotional Group, President Contestants Club, Vice-President Latin Club, State Reading First place, Intramurals, Glee Club, Honor Roll C65 SANDRA MCKEE SMITH SANDE Classic beauty from the pager of "Madernoi.relle" Correspondence Club, Astronomy Club, Secretary Latin Club, "Little Hatchet", "Surveyor", "Com- pass", World Events Club, Quill and Palm, Jr. Red Cross, Library Club, Quill and Scroll, Cir- culation Manager "Surveyor", Co-Advertising Manager "Compass" Youxz BEST BETT 5 1-upcjrx COVNCIL RESIDENT 'lg D Zone ma E 35 But thofe college bound will renew their gen: TEX ARNOLD FRANCES i WHIT JEAN LITTLE JOYCE JANICE KAY SPARKS TEX A lender-hearted Texan Dramatics Club, "Little Hatchet", Student Council, Spanish Club, R.O.T.C., Fort Worth, Texas Honor Roll C4J, Perfect Attendance C41 ARNOLD MYRON SPRINGER FRANCES CAROL STEWART FRANCES A banille of reronreefnlnerr and winning way: President Latin Club, Senior Editor "Compass", Dramatics Club, Quill and Palm, Quill and Scroll, Astronomy Club, Junior Board, Library Club, Girls' State, Honor Roll C 65 WHITMEL BLOUNT SWAIN WHIT I Well liked and lively Student Council, Radio Club, Vice-President Span- ish Club, Treasurer Key Club, Science Club, Dra- matics Club, Newspaper, President Sophomore Class, Intramurals, Key West, Florida, Honor Roll CSD , Perfect Attendance CSD ALICE JEAN SWORDS JEAN Diinpleil mischief Creative Writing Club, Dramatics Club, Double- Barred Cross Society, F.B.L.A,, "Surveyor", "Lit- tle Hatchet", Dance Club. JOYCE ANNE TAYLOR LITTLE JOYCE Such life and animation F.B.L.A., Double-Barred Cross Society, Intramurals LYNN MARGERY THOMAS ARNOLD lol hLilI?lNIlE la - Hig ig te y ig Jpirits Afale"'e'1""'ilf0"ff'Z"1 newcomer Dramatics Club, Junior Cheerleaders, Coronado GCGCU High School, California, French Club, Debate Club, Newport, Rhode Island JOY LEE TITELMAN JOY fffs if A newcomer who liar walked into all our li12eJ fxd A Q sv 5' X ii S gp LYNNIE JOY 36 MARY ANN MARGARET MARY ANN TRAVERS MARY ANN Pleizxing, pleizmnt, and poixed Student Council, Dance Club, Astronomy Club, Booster Club, F.B.L.A., Intramurals MARGARET EDNA TREMAIN MARGARET Crixp curlr ami gypxy eye! Library Club, Quill and Palm, French Club, Stu- dent Council, Mixed Chorus, A Cappella, "Com- pass", "Little Hatchet", Honor Roll C45 SUZANNE TUCKER Suzi Wil and wlaimfey Spanish Club, Library Club, Dramatics Club, F.B.L.A., Honor Roll Q65 ETHELYN BRANN TURNER ETHEL Qimntitief of good qualifier Harmony Club, Science Club,.Latin Club, Clifton Forge, Virginia, Perfect Attendance C21 GENE CARROLL TURNER GENE Mighty neat, mighty nice Dramatics Club, Glee Club, Intramurals, Honor Roll 639, Perfect Attendance C49 DAVID MERRILL TYREE, JR. DAVE A whiz with the pen "Little Hatchet", IV. Football, Honor Roll f2j GENE DAVE ANN BOB We were the followers of yesterday sxt' f 2 ll I 'N fn lf f 0 '43 I by -d '51-.fy W Wflr JOAN MARION VAN SAUN JOANIE Endowed with every necerfary quality Spanish Club, Dance Club, Booster Club, G.A.A., Majorette Club, Intramurals, Perfect Attendance C57 9 K M D 7' K txt? ke WILLIAM CRAGG VIOLETT WEETSIE Swingx along in a carefree way Intramurals ROBERT STANLEY WADMAN ROB The .rtrong Jilent type President Spanish Club, Student Council Honor and Discipline Committee, Boys' State, President Freshman Class, J.V. Basketball, Tokyo ROB KATHY JOANIE WEETSIE KATHLEEN WALL KATHY Mirehief with an anderrianding hear! Dramatics Club, "Surveyor", "Compass", G.A.A., Dance Club, Mixed Chorus, Booster Club, Jr. Red Cross, Student Council, F.B.L.A., Double-Barred Cross Society, Tennis Club, Intramurals, Honor R011 429 CAROL ANNE WALLACE MISSY A5 refrefhing as a Jammer hreeze Latin Club, Modern Dance Club, Fencing, Mont- clair, N. J., World Events Club, Vice-President French Club, "Compass", Quill and Palm, Honor Roll C59 NANCY JANE WANNER NANCY A world, a Jrnile, and a cordial manner Latin Club, Co-Art Editor of "Compass", Quill and Scroll, Quill and Palm M1ssY NANCY 38 MARY KATHERINE WARTHEN MARY KATE Pleaiant manner and plearing voiee Dramatics Club, Spanish Club, Choristets, A Cap- pella, Honor Roll C65 BOBBIE DEAN WATSON BOBBIE A dernnre and delightful package of .raceers Spanish Club, Quill and Palm, Treasurer Quill and Scroll, Copy Editor of "Compass", Dance Club, Liwski Club, Student Council, Honor and Discipline Committee, Honor Roll C53 MARY KATE BOBBIE DORSEY DOTTIE PENNY BARBARA CHARLES DORSEY WEVER DORSEY Eary to lihe j.V. Baseball and Basketball, Honor Roll CID, Perfect Attendance C23 DOROTHEA GALE WHITING DOTTIE All-American girl: EUEVQIOHBIJ friend Intramurals, Blue Ridge School, Honor Roll MJ, Perfect Attendance Q15 MARIAN ELIZABETH WILKINS PENNY A wonderful girl in every way Secretary Quill and Palm, Vice-President Corre- spondence Club, Secretary French Club, "Com- pass", Mixed Chorus, Honor Roll C69 BARBARA FRANCES WILLIAMS BARBARA Cute and captivating Vice-President F.B.L.A., Kindler Club, Intramurals, Honor Roll 145, Perfect Attendance Q11 REYNOLDS MORTIMER WILLIAMS SONNY Winged heel: anal flying cinderr Monogram Club, Varsity Track, Cross Country Track, Intramural Basketball, Perfect Attendance C65 JAMES STEWART WILLIS STEW G. Wir general, gentleman, and .tcholar Cadet Lt. Colonel, Saber Club, Quill and Palm, Honor Roll C65 . Perfect Attendance C65 SONNY STEW CAROLE BARBARA WITT CAROLE Graceful lovelinerr Treasurer Sophomore Class, Dance Club, Intra- murals LIDA C. WOOD LINDA Well rapplieal with bright coneerfation Jr. Red Cross, Double-Barred Cross Society, G.A.A., Spanish Club, Intramurals CAROLE LINDA Godwin Dunn and Stephanie Mellnik learn the trials and tribulations of being a senior as they work on their term papers. 39 And the leadem' of tomorrow BEN JEAN GYP SY BENJAMIN HALSEY WOODBRIDGE, JR BEN Oulwardly quiet-but! Treasurer Quill and Palm, Monogram Club, Stu- dent Council, Boys' State, Football, Track, Honor Roll C39 ROSA JEAN WOOTEN JEAN Quiel, but winning in her way: Spanish Club, Advertising Staff of "Compass,', Double-Barred Cross Society CAROLYN YOUNG GYPSY A beautiful, vi-wzciour, gypry Cheerleaders, F.H.A., Music Club, Intramurals Honor Roll C35 A second look is necessary to see that these are Miss Etheridge, Miss Carpenter, Miss Blankenship, Miss Herde, Miss Hubbard, and Miss MacManus cheering at the Student Council-Faculty basketball game. 40 SENIOR SHIRLEY Ross Maintaining an excellent scholastic average, Shirley scored a major victory in Student Council history. Under her brisk "petticoat rule", the Student Council has had an extremely active year. STEWART WILLIS What more could be asked of a lieutenant colonel of the Cadet Corps than an apt combina- tion of brain and brawn? Stewart's destiny seems to be with the services, and his military inclina- tion is supplemented with an easy and courteous manner. JOAN BARTLETT Joan has served as secretary-treasurer of our class, and as her, title suggests, is chock full of fun. Although small in size, you'll find she has a large smile and a generous heart. RALPH KNEELAND, LESTER MCMENAMIN True popularity twins, Ralph Kneeland and Lester McMenamin, tied in three vote-offs for their joint title. Both boys have served as class prexies and both are outstanding in the field of sports. ELLEN MEINTS Ellen, "Pal" to her friends, lives up to her nickname most satisfactorily. Peppy, Athletic, and Lithe are adjectives that may well be used in describing this senior with the secret sparkle and the saucy curls. RAY CARNAHAN Ray is worth his weight in gold in friendships circle as well as in the "foul shot" circle. Easy going and fun loving, Ray can usually be found wherever harmless mischief is brewing. BILL CUMMINGS King of comedy and master of frolic, Bill has an Impromptu wit that seems to be his right-hand companion which can always turn a frown to a smile. MOST ATHLETIC: Ellen Meints, Ray Carnahaxn CELEBRITIES OUTSTANDING IN LEADERSHIP AND SCHOLARSHIP Shirley Ross, Stewart Willis. MOST POPULAR: Ralph Kneeland, Joan Bartlett Lester McMe-namin. W1'1"I'II2S'1': Joan Bartlett, Bill Cummings. SUMMER SCHOOL GRADUATES james Beall, Lester McWhorter, Wallace Newman, Bill Harlowe, Helen Stubbs, Warren Treger. On College Night, addressing a group of students who are interested in Mary Washington College is Dr. Warren Keith. 42 We uncfemtudied the tfeniom ' JUNIOR CLASS Once we, the 1955 Junior Class, put our hands to something, it really gets done. We proved this with the kind help of Mrs. Mary Snyder, our sponsor, by such successful events as the Member- ship Drive, the Christmas Hop, and the gay, color- ful junior-Senior Prom, which was undoubtedly our greatest success. Next year as seniors we shall try to accomplish as many things in an effort to get ahead. Jane Aldrich Martha Allen Norma Alpert 44 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS linker, Vice-P1feJide1zl,' Mrs. Mary Snyder , . r, Paul Sheridan, Preridentg David White- Trea.rzn'er,' Martha Turrell, Secretary. Arnold Anderson l Wilmer Anderson Jane Ashburn Nancy Aylor jerry Baker Becky Balderson Tommy Barry Daniel Barnett Bobby Barts Tom Beechy Anna Bettis David Bishop Howard Block Scott Blackwell Mike Borchevesky . Earl Bouligny Bob Bowen Jackie Bracey Richard Brady Sandy Bremner Barbara Brinkley jimmy Brirr Wesley Brooks Dolores Brown Marie Bryan Barbara Bryant Dee Bucha Marg Geraldine Butler Carolyn Carter Robert Caporletti Lynn Chedesrer Carolyn Childers Donald Clements Jimmy Clement Myrna Cohen Warren Colpe Ann Cook Mary Cooper Jackie Corbett Joan Councilor f Z Marna Coygalv' A y' Mari e Crme f ce ,cauff-Q -lv'v 1.4 -If M'- ,ff Lewis Craig 1 Bobby Cross 1 , Lucille Crowder? ' Bill Cunningham 'V' Virgilia Currie Carol Daehler Doris Ann Darneron David Daniels . 5' X OK y 4 -5, ,036 s Wknglfv 4'i:":fxi'?'K' 3? 7 yet! u SJ .14 J , f ue! 4' Play? lW1POVt0lnt roles 0 OUT' UWW Y sl Gloria Davis ' Paul Davis joan Deane A i a N Cl rk Dill i W ii l 5 FREN! Louis Dixon XP X N Jean Donahue ' QM V xg V Judy Donnelly Xi 5-,N Connie Dougherty .Q 1' if ni 4 , ex a XA-X Mahlon Edwards L N ,VE is Pat Entwisle QW Lois Estes ,x YS ' afv l kb Liz Evans A ' Diane Fairchild Q, ' f Lois F 'rm ,- 3 K-M" Jaw ft. f ' lw'J1'f'l-1 " . , K! M, ., ,,,,l.,,uf4 A v I I F, un if 4, oger mtl O .1- bkyf 1 - 'ADororhy'F!nnegaX1 ' V ' W ,gsm W 4CaroI'Firzpatrick t- ai! ,' ' Barbarfldig, M 2 9- U gm x 5 Margaret Duke Wintermoyer Folk Ann Forrest Patsy Fortney Delbert Foster Nancy Frinks Larry Fulk Gail Gallahan Mike Gallagher ix Betty Garner Pat Giannandrea Lorraine Goepel Walker Goodrich 46 li Ray Goodwin Faison Gordon Josephine Gordon Pat Graham Barrett Greenland Judy Gregg Martha Haislip Joanne Hallman Andy Hamilton Jo Ann Hamlet Betty Hammill Marjorie Harris Martha Harris Chick Harrison Charles Harvey Phylis Hayes Clare Haygood Lisa Hearn Judy Hegseth Warren H Phylliss Hiester elwege Helen Herron David Hertig James Hightower Jane Housernan Pat Jacobs is Hughes Phyll Julie Hurd Nancy Hyde Robin Jamison Dorothy Johnson Doug Jones We gave oz colmj ul brzlftmm Hop jackie Jones Herbert Kahler 3 Marilyn Kapsch John Keen Fred Kemery Roberta Kern Barbara Kidd Milton Kidd Frank King Mary Kirkland Fred Koch Pat Lang Richard Langly Barbara Lanham Marilyn Lawrance Barbara Lee Lyn Leslie Roberta Loeb Margie Lucas Joan Mahoney Lillian Mahoney Nellie Mankin Paul Marshall Lucy Marston 48 Nancyanne Matter Marilyn May Barbara Mellor: Frank Myers Larry Myers Shelby Meyer Tommy Middlebrooks Edgar Middleton Donna Mueller Carroll Mooney Alton Moore Susie Moore Pat Moore Pete Moran Caroline Morgan Sandy Morrison Sue Mortensen jimmy Mottley Martha Moynihan Jane McClary Ginny McBride Linda McCracken Pat McCrae Allen McDermott Jean McConnell Mary Jo McEachern Earl McFarland Joanne McGowan Nancy McGuire Melen Macklin Katherine McMillan Dorothy McCuen Ann McWilliams Helen Naylor Peggy Needham Betty Newman Phylis Nelson Shirley Noell Frank Norvell Kenny Norris And the union'-tfenior Prom Patt O'Connell Virginia O'Donohue John Oliver John O'Mara Marjorie O'Neil Arnold Ostrolenk John Overall Mabel Owen Anna Papageorge Dick Parler Betty Paterson Pat Patrick Stanley Patton Sandra Peck Joe Perry Mary Ellen Peyton Allen Philippe Anne Phngstag Anne Powell Don Price Val Price Marvin Preis Phil Prisaznick Rosemary Puckett Jimmy Ramsey Cortes Randell Martie Reardon Gus Richards jean Richardson Gail Rinker Sylvia Robertson Betty Lou Rogers 50 Judy Rogers Louise Romani Dolores Rudy Tommy Runaldue Dolores Sabatini Betty Sanchez Kerrie Sanders Peggy Santmire Shirley Sapp Ann Schaefer Mary Schaefer Rosalind Schrott Charolette Semones Zenda Shirk Joan Slivinski Roland Simons f, X r' 6,1 Jeanne Simpson 'fr ' Betty Smith f' ' , Bill Smith 'fu' Glen Smith Fred Snyder Lois Snyder Larry Solomon Pete Somers Charlie Stewart Dirck Stryker Danny Sublett Marilyn Suthard John Sutherland Ann Sutler Bessie Sweares Shirley Taylor L V r , , Ano' tlom we looked toward to our Senior year Adrienne Thatcher Delores Thomas Rose Thomas Ann Tilley Martha Turrell jo Ann Varner Vernon Wade Nick Waln Berry Warts Bobby Warts Carole Webb Bill Weidner Joanne Wichert Rudolph Wilke Bib Willard Carol Williams David Williams Jack Williams Linda Williams Jake Willingham Sam Wellert Betsy Wienecke Kellene Wood Eddie Woods Shirley Woolls Gail Yarbrough 52 Ia W . ,,. Syl ni ", eiTi.Mif,,'.!,',r, i 3, 6 i! tr'fr,,ll.-Qlifafw :tl ii .ii ife cf Q if 51115, I X. X 1. " . P4 A, La., -. We have attempted broader and harder subjects 0 'Q F, 1 SOPHOMORE OFFICERS Row l: David Robey, Treafarer: Row 2: Ann Young, Seeretaryg Mrs. Mary Butcher, Spomorg John Cox. Prefi- dent: Doris Turner, Vice-Prerident. SOPHOMORE CLASS The Sophomore Class of 1953 has shown good school spirit not only by attending athletic events, but by participating in clubs and school affairs. Many of our class members were outstanding in athletics, assemblies, the student council, and clubs. We wish to thank Mrs. Mary Butcher, our class sponsor, under Whose guidance and leadership We progressed. Shop 1: Row 1: Charles Tucker, Tommy Meikle- john, Jack McCullough, Pat Eggleston, Douglas Mahoney, John Strother, Teddy Emigh, Ray Conard. Row 2: George Crim, John Sullivan, George Darley, Walter Seablom, Bill Ha- maker, Paul Showalter. Shop 4: Rout' I: Ronnie Bartley, Bob Hedrick, Ronald Williams, Billy Plott, Donald Kaus, Bert Nelbach. Ron' 2.' Ervin Dodd, Albert MacDonald, Buddy Elkins, Jimmie Godwin, Murray Milton, John Porter. Ram' 3: Lee Duncan, Curtis Adkins, Ray Peeler, Allen Sellers. 53 ut still weife had time for plemure Cafeteria T: Razz' I: Sylvia Dunn, Pat Custer, Lorraine 1 Harper, Barbara Clift, Joanne Annie Carter. Becker, Betty Creel, Mae Dowdy, Joyce Razz' 25 Betty Warren, Bonnie Jean Wickline, June Ruther- ford, Virginia Tesh, Dorothy Heflin, Julia Arnott, Judy Crown. Ron' 3: Carol Lee Senne, Paula Chittum, Wiltla Kesterson, Betty Frirter, Diane Harrison, Martha Seebode, Betty Moron. Room ll-4: Ron' If Ann Beach, Harriet Reback, Eliza- beth Van Roo, Diane Shug- rue. Ann Young, Phyllis ling- lish, Jeanie Rothgeb, Mar' garet Owen, Janet Hewitt, Charlotte Hale. Row 2: Bim Perry, Joan Boyd, Nancy Lee Washington, Janice Breckley, Doris Artz, Cora Tothill, Car- olyn Robertson, June Com- pher, Charlotte Jackson, Cath- erine Gibson, Aurelio Varela. Ron' 3: Eddie Reynolds, Arnould Scafidi, Willittnm Booth, Craig Morris, Danny Rowzie, William Zierdt, Paul Sameth, Kenneth Phillips, John Cole, Joseph Lloyd. ,., 6-L if t2i"if1! "l3t'i'l"2"' if-if if S is 5 Q Q as e tv Room ll5: Ron' l.' Fay Collie, Judith Kinert, Elizabeth Washburn, Barbara Jones, Martha Mullaley, Jo Est Price, Anne Moore, Judy Fisher, Ann White. Ruiz' 2: Warren Edwards, Harry Cross, Davis Hall, Con- nie Mead, Martha Lovelace, Barbara Hays, Lillian Lucas, John Herring, John Moore. Rau' S: James Hat- ris, Philip London, Arthur Severson, Terry Petrie, Sam Kelton, Tommy Caraballo, Pat Henry, Dave Robey, Clarence Garner. 54 lt , 2 A 2'A'A .,:. O , A Room 118: Row I: James Means, Carole Nixon, Dorothy Holden, Pat Harwood, Martha. Black, Betsy A Treiber, Craig Fox. Row 2.' William Duff, Charles Ginsberg, Richard Trice, Tracy Aitcheson, Sam P Xfl Butler, William Lynch, David Dallace. Ron' 3: Sonny Johnson, Bill Holland, Kenneth Allen, David Hibberd, Alan Reynolds, Charley Armstrong, Dickie Crompton, Charles Cupples. WQWQMW Room 120: Row If Carolyn Cole, Phyllis Evans, Evie Goldman, Pat Lietch, Nan- nette Williams, Floy Bullock, Rita Theimer, Gloria Grifhth, Rosemarie Gnueg. Row 2: Douglas Yates, Robert Hen- derson, Sam Tucker, Edwin Paulson, Mary Ellen Crowe, Betsy Taft, Jane Corey, Val Jackson, Al lnnamorato, James Hatton. Rott' 3: Billy Wade, Ronnie Florence, Jack Roub, Stuart Knight, Bob Koon, John Tomlinson, Cecil Carr, David Brown, Douglas Ryan, Robert Sillex. Room 126: Row 1: Barbara Martin, Clarice Godwin, Ethel Wolf, Shelby Johnson, joy Bateman, Anita Allison, Pa- tricia Scamdo. Rau' 2: Betty McConnell, Shirley Hart, Donna Jennings, Sada Weit- zel, Nancy Shirk, Betty Powell, Pat Hawthorne. Razz' 3: Nancy Poss, Eleanore Curion, Dorothy Herndon, 1 Pat siuex, Allie Crowder, 1 Margaret Wilburn, Beverly Toy, Marjorie Smith. l 55 K3 irq 12 C 1 tis., bien, ,gli g,f'f bw, ... eff? 4 , 1 w few, .Sgr We've worked bard to make this year success ul F.. r s- , f Q Room 140: Ron' I: Janet Kask, Joy M?X1hol'Ef, Ann MK1s,4,Margperite Mi1I'er,Myrtl.e Moore, Diane - Brown, Eloise Webster, Andree Spillersi Grag Jr hyllis LeHen" Row 2: Garland Qffhtmrnhill, Elizabeth 1 F1 Qi ane, Jean Fraser, Janet Hamilton, Louise ,Rodger Ann Gorman, Karen Alfer, James-McKinney, Bob Rid ' ' ell, Ron' 5: Frank Marshall, Rqbert Shoup,,Jer LaPiana, Ronnie Starlci, Daviii BrOwn,aRaymond Bar J J , rr, Kent Joynson, Jerry Lawter, james Cqlangelc A Mr' yr G , W i ii ii '. B J iii if l ' ,. l -A 3 3 - S f . L l A714 J 0 if .J 4 , r N ff g . , gi , i L 5 6 , 3 Room 212: Ron' I: Jane Bryant, Pat Pryor, Marlene Costello, Sheila Kennedy, Pa- tricia Comancloras, Nancy Rogers, Christine Carroll, Audrey Clem, Ann Harris, Jou Ann Farall. Rau' 23 Nor- man Pierce, Bobbie Autrey, Pat Bryant, Gail Saffell, Lou McDowell, Barbara Brenner, Sally Furr, Kathryn Fowler, Robert Crabill. Rim' 3: Bill Sykes, Bob Seeley, Al Porter, Bill Willis, Charles Pierpoint, William Newell, Jimmy Mor- gan. Room 2l0: Run' I: Doris Goldberg, Jucly Crone, Pam Wharton, Donna Burch, Betty Philyaw, Barclay Bell, Gretta Theis, Margie Patterson, Kar- leen Stein, Shirley Brandt, Judy Schultz. Row 2: Julian Thompson, Diane McBride, Marcella Painter, Sarah Der- renbacker, Janet Rush, Judy West, Caroline Potts, Eloise Ratcliffe, Rena Jane Joiner, Carlos McCullough. Rolf' 3: Roger Thornett, Roy Grav- atte, Elliott James, Morris Petitt, Donald Elliott, John Phillips, John Cox, Jimmy Conner, Larry Fleeger, Jere Patterson. Room 226: Rauf I: Mary Lou Gosorn, Kay Moore, Mar- jorie Swenson, Rosanne Lig- gio, Alice Wanner, Rozann Cohen, Joanne Anderson, Carolyn Holmes, Pat Hoffman, Priscilla Davis. R945 2.' Marcia Langley, Dorothy Biser, Nancy Pruet, Betty Stamps, Dianne Waldrep, Sylvia Jean Eversole, Lee Elli- son, Alice Rannells, Linda Howard. Rau' 3: Hop Arbo- gast, Tucker Gray, Edgar Franklin, Sidney Arthur, Wil- liam Rich, John Roberts, Den- nis Clarke, Mike Schultz. Room 228: Row 1: Hazel Bryant, Sue Nuesse, Carolyn Brawner, Ina Sue Ostrow, Betty Jones, Carolyn Spinks, Jean Sendlak, Jo Roselle, Nancy Carper, Joyce Ann Witt, Judy Gunn. Row 2: Harvard Schwartz, Teddy Sloper, Richard Putnal, John Bibb, Ruth Ann Marks, Bar- bara Conley, Nancy Beardslee, Mack Wray, Stuart Kerxton, Robert Kane, Okie Enright. Row 3: James Stewardson, Robert Hurd, Earl Young, Russell Mason, John Rinket, Joe Sipes, Mike Roth, Fred Sherman, John Barr, Dan Jones. , I V, ' - tt I, . e ' Q lf" K W ' ' ,V se., C .r W 1 C Room 240: Row 1: Charlotte Bunch, Esther Alexander, Barbara Kidd, Sylvia Chewning, Carol Hoover, Mary Ann Costello, Nancy Clark, Eleanor Bryant, Patricia Beavers, Betty Baumback. Row 2: Dolores Volt- mer, Sheila Beckwith, Mary Beatty, Barbara Silke, Joan Adams, Joan Johnson, Pat Geehan, Barbara White, Ann Austin. Row 3: John Neal, John Smith, Thereza Weiss, Margaret Jefferson, Ethlyn Brooks, Vicki Williams, Lambert Barnett, James Williams. b 57 ci And now ware lenockin on the fM7Zi01"J',6Z001' Room 242: Ron' 1: Gloria Baber, Betty Berry, Betty Berkes, lilerie George, Barbara Madison, Doris Turner, Jean Durand. Ram' 2: Barbara Williams, Eileen Ferrell, Caro- lyn Clark, Barbara Cohen, Janet Shifflette, Jean Plasketr, Betty Lee. Run' 33 Frances Fletcher, Charles Fadley, Stan- ley Lyons, Jerry Loftis, Carlin Proctor, Joyce Cockrell. Room 514: Ron' l.' Ann Sanders, Carol White, June Roberts, Audree King, Odessa Kirlcman, Louise Balliet, Bar- bara Whalen. Rau' 2: Donald Wasserman, Donald Miller, Russell Tyson, Mac Jones, Harold Smith, Charles Calf houn. Rolf' ,SJ John Knight, Tommy Heeter, Bill Woolf, Clay Burchell, Richard La Rock. Room 524: Ron' l.' Connie Le Fevre, Ann Hobbs, Joyce Baggett, Joan Owsley, Janet Moss, Joanna Crowe, Susan O'Driscoll, Ann Krummes, Carol Smith, Nancy Jones. Row 2: Jerry Cummings, David Richardson, John Layton, Carol Kurz, Jo-Ann Shade, Ann Schramm, Ailsa Mackenzie, Robert Willingham, Arthur Pierce. Row 3: Elvin Ligon, Billy Jones, Roy Poff, Villard Griiiin, Thomas Hunter, Lee Padgett, Mar- bury Seaman, Earle Mountcastle, Philip Jackson. 58 A We caught on guickb F RESHMAN CLASS The freshman class has been very active in promoting the spirit of G. W. Our hands clapped loudly at the football and basketball games and we took part in many other activi- ties. In fact our ability and energy kept the whole school stepping. Miss Elizabeth Thrift deserves a big hand for her leadership. The president of our class once said, "She has not only been a good sponsor but a good 'buddy' to all of us." FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Nancy Moore, Vice-Presfideng' Mar- shall Henderson, Prerizfeng' Miss Elizabeth Thrift, Spomorg Edward -f ffff Renner, Treururer: Sandra Smith, Setrelary. Shop 6: Rott' I: Jean Duncan, Penny Kinnard, Phyllis England, Virginia Carter, Jo Ann Hughes, Helen Pals, Rachel Newman, Dorothy Leach, Pat Pollard. Row 2: Thomas Edelen, Robert Gerber, johnny Hig- ginbotham, Edwy Reeves, Gus Williams, Donald Motley, Lewis Frinks, Robert Swords. Row 3: Philip Swenson, Stuart Evans, Robert Garland, joe Skillman, Ollie Henderson, Marvin Davis, Leon Hilburn, Gene Hale. Room 110: Row I: joan Williams, Phyllis Washburn, Mary Reedy, Bette Cox, Mary Etta Williams, Penny West, Joan Godfrey, Diane Pflieger, Mary Ann Britt. Row 2: jack Whitmer, Jerry Kauffman, Roslyn Steinbach, Janice Collum, Thelma Hall, Dana Brenner, Barbara Terry, Janet Blackwell, Clifton Bunch, Albert Schneider. Row 3: Bill Dowdy, Edwin Currie, Edward Goldberg, Hugh West, Donald Granlund, James Long, Robert Granlund, Lamar Smith, Charles Hill. 59 Wz'zb az lizzie haha Room 117: Row I: Pat Douglas, Barbara Avery, Marion Malcolm, Barbara Jones, Hilda Cockrell, Jacque- ine Buck, Lynne Harris, Laura Di Joseph, Evelyn Herron, Betty Jenkins. Row 2: Tommy Varner, Herbert Wood, Margie Garrett, Carolyn Kelton, Ethel Meeks, Peggy Berry, Susan Dabelsteen, Nancy Lamont, David Duke, Robert Waddell. Row 3: Jim Rothrock, Hammond Myers, Gordon Silcox, Ned Landis, Marshall Henderson, Zane Fulton, Bobby Proctor, Brice Hobbs, David Nelback, Randall Moore, Harry Wickline. i Room 124: Ron' I: Shirley Horner, Deanna Kendrick, Nancy Estep, Dorothy Alcorn, Ann Chamberlain, Carol Dixson, Nancy Bennett, Patricia Curran, Doris Ann Mooney, Betty Jo Hepburn. Rau' 2x Tommy Reese, Tom Dittmer, Melvin Cooperman, Carol Renshaw, Laura Lemon, Shirley Lillard, Ann Mclntosh, Barbara Di Salvo, Tommy Weadon, Jerry White, Clarence Milan. Row 3: Robert Diehl, Howe Brown, Walter Gray, Wayne Deavers, John Ginn, Allan Bugg, Jim Graham, Bill Zimmerman, Carl Castle, George Potts. Room 125: Row l.' Lois Entwisle, Deanna Major, Mary Catherine Berry, Jacqueline Gravatte, Evelyn Fau- cette, Mary Jewell, Gloria Brown, Nancy Coggins, Dorothy McClary. Row 2: Nancy McCauley, Faye Sutler, Patricia Pulley, Joyce Potter, Janet Edge, Joan Novak, Joan Waldvogel, Joan Fitton, Helen Hammersley. Row 3: Boyd Rucker, Marshall Leef, Francis Treger, Thomas Gore, Fred Staats, Robert Hardesty, Edward Pulman, David Miller, 60 Room 127: Row I: Lo Etta Ellison, Doris Smith, Nancy Moore, Patricia Ann South, Lois Parks, Lucy Smaler, Sherran Vierling, Josephine Rinaldo, Nancy Smith. Row 2: Ellen White, Peggy Wade, Carolyn Haislip, Nancy Davidson, Myrtle Lee Carpenter, Loretta Wells, Myrna Dodd, Mary Jean Yates, Jean Kennedy. Row 3: Oliver Crackett, Jr., Robert Milley, John Gipson, Dicky Wright, Wayne Robey, Jimmy Hines, David Rifle, Pat McNulty, Larry Gates, George Daniels. Room 156: Row If Trudy London, Jacquelyn Sullivan, Pat Elliott, Evelyn Edwards, Nancy Palmer, Joan Smith, Mary Alice Crump, Delores Long, Carol Beasley, Shirley Hall, Gloria Tolson. Row 2: Judy Nesbitt, Marie Williams, Karen Potts, Joan Sillex, Phoebe Greenleaf, Betty Burruss, Patricia Bell, Ann Garland, Janice Stewart, Mary Alice Benedict, Barbara Lane. Row 3: Billy King, Robert Blakemore, Francis Petitt, Terry Morgan, Leonard Cornelius, Frank Pratt, Robert Frederick, Dale Davies, Richard Chichester, Bob Macdonald, Tom Lane. Room 144: Rau' I: Al Boutin, Gene Beavers, Larry Mahoney, Eugene Kopp, Robert Bayliss, Eddie Ren- ner, Robert Lanham. Row 2: Jackie Loving, Bill Hogan, Robert Hill, Johnnie King, Michael Gibson, Roy Ratchford, Larry Goepel. Row 3: Warren Helwig, Melvin Leach, William Matthews, Jerry Godfrey, Charles Kerby, Eugene Gardner, Gordon Baldwin, Larry Bolton, 61 IJCIFIII W If ...VA . , Q -2+ B A 1 Pl 4' ur hope! are 'mired Room 202: Row 1: Marilyn Miller, Gayle Jamison, Diane Bowman, Dorothy Pugh, Lynn Lapsley, Bar- bara Munday, Betty Berry, Betty Madison, Barbara Thompson, Mary Sargent. Row 2: Edward Mills, Lewis Mayo, Patricia Deihr, Alice Sobotka, Molly Moore, Patsy Griggs, Joyce Mudd, Loretta Less, David Pope. Row 3: Jerry Lewis, James Simpson, James Cook, George Butt, James Wood, Robert Burn, Charles Snyder, John Seaman, Stephen Pye. Room 203: Row 1: Judy Sonosky, Jane Padgett, Kay Kampe, Carol Eblen, Eleanor Hill, Jean Fairfax, Carolyn Johnson, Mildred Weaver. Rott' 2: Tommy Hayden, Jim Yee, Carol Gauthier, Lillian Stewart, Marilyn Wood, Marlene Langley, Edward Wood, Tommy Parker. Row 3: Noel Janko, Dicky Leebrick, Wayne Stewart, Joe Sheldon, Franklin Payne, Russ Dunn, Jimmie Kidd, Charles Wade, Bernard Loeb. Room 225: Row I: Mary Louise Taylor, Sarah Campbell, Nancy Housum, Jo Etta Hill, Joyce Herndon, Judy Dunn, Dorothy Peterson, Barbara Spoone, Betty Tilley, Sharon Todd. Row 2: Sue Crommelin, Caro- lyn Nesselrodt, Beverly Barnes, Mary Jane Alcorn, Georganna Dellinger, Anne Bason, Sandra Seay, Re- becca Davis, Joan Burch. Row 3x Ben Millstein, Darrell Reynard, Robbie Fowler, John Robey, Pete Brown, Billy Shu, Ted Furchess, Carl Garrison, Bobby Dore. 62 if .XJ- I yt. , , , of Room 252: Row 1: Grit Blumenthal, Sadie Taylor, Sandra Cone, Gay Beckwith, Par Dee, Janice Stephens, Sandra Smith. Row 2.' Charles Baber, Doris Tucker, Carol Cochrane, Ruth Bartlett, Sally Ballance, Mike Downey. Row 3: Noel Walter, Anthony Antonioli, David Gladden, Paul Ritenour, Bruce Jones, Daniel Marston, Mike Gibbons, David Simms. Room 234: Row 1: Betty Hockett, Janet Lunceford, Grace Brooks, Betty Ezzell, Deloris Taylor, Shirley Briel, Shirley Toombs. Row 2.' Clay Lyons, Kenneth Lindsay, Warren Boland, Alan Bowdish, Charles Briel, Gregory Marsh, Tony Barentine. Row 3: Alfred Judd, George Coburn, Richard McKinny, John Bernhard, Billy Cleary, Walter Harrison. Room 245: Row 1: Helen Billet, Barbara Campbell, Martha Mawyer, Barbara Barnes, Nancy Batchelor, Eleanor Lucas, Elizabeth Johnson, Jean McDonald, Linda Walden. Row 2.' Peyton Latimer, Howard Meyer, Stjerna Wallace, Nancy Richardson, Margaret McGhee, Margy McDonald, Eugene Brisach, Frank Mahoney. Row 3: James Lampert, Peter Smith, Bill Davidson, Robert Graham, Bernard Williams, Philip Bolich, Charles McKinney, Bill McBride. 63 For em even better Sophomore year , Q,-is Room 244: Row 1: Mary Jane Ackor, Fay Nuckols, Roslyn Kleinman, Nancy Mesnig, Nancy Moncure, Doris Hughes, Barbara Churn, Pat Austin, Sally Reese, Nancy London, Elaine Woolf. Row 2: William Major, Ronald Sperling, Anthony Beale, Bobby Morris, joseph Jacobs, Earle Sims, Thomas Balliet, Russell Benhoff, Charles Odoroff, Stuart Sentz. Rau' 3: Bob Chapline, Raymond Poole, Charles Dunn, Monk Rey- nolds, john Gary, Donnie Lemon, Edward Sanderson, Robert Derman, john Metz, Cortez Leuterio. Room 510: Row 1: jean Jeffries, Frances Henderson, Sue Hite, Mary Ann Daniel, Carol Frost, Carole Ann Gonder, Patsy Hawkins, Sarah Walford, Nita K. Lyles, Shelby Creel. Rau' 2.' Bartley Gordon, Bobby Harris, Jeanine Mauck, Page Martin, Sue Smith, Mary Alice Bealke, Mary Franks, Leo Virant, Bill Schumm, Ron' 3: Charles Gravatte, Douglas Moffett, Bill Ramey, Herbert Costello, Robert Morgan, Richard King, Tom DeLa Fleur, Melvin Terry, LeRoy Burrows. Room 330: Row I: Barbara Brecar, Barbara Showers, Carol McClary, Lois Kidd, Frances Chamberlain, Bertha Willingham, Gretchen Young, Gloria Harris. Row 2.' james Poole, john McElroy, Albert Peacock, john Compton, Ann Briggs, Betty Richie, Wayne Burnett, joseph Bullman, Richard Burn, Kenneth Henry. Row 3: Joe DeLane, Ronald Aronow, Harry Putnam, Robert Clarke, David Uhler, William Bourne, Wilbur Smith, Stephen Wools, Thomas Mills, James Wilson. 64 Room 332: Row 1: Roberta jones, Barbara Hart, Harriet Grimes, Barbara jackson, Jane Finnegan, Sharon Hayes, Julie Dickens, Colleen Moseley, Earline Sisson, jo Milan, Ellen Burton. Row 2.' Barbara Ashburn, Peggy Gore, Hazel Keck, Shirley Baggett, Gaye Johnson, Gloria Goldstein, Deanna Plotzky, Marguerite Haynsworth, Martha jane Townes. Row 3: Lindsey Loving, Charles Winkler, Clarence Ludlow, Harry Arn- old, Warren Samuels, David Kerlin, Bernard Marshall, Whitey Maudin, Frank Carr. l Room 534: Ron' 1: Tucker Heitman, Eileen Simpson, Maren Mortensen, Corley McDonald, Marcia Por- terfield, Barbara Hamilton, Frances McLane, Patricia Rowles, Norma Mercer. Row 2: james Robinson, Michael Wright, Michael Tomalin, Richard Riley, Barbara Ann Gregory, Julia Chaszar, Albert Milster, John Borton, Robert Totten, William Staney, Darrell Rice. Row 3: Glenn Edmonds, Robert Mylechraine, Frederick Will, Warren Zimmerman, Robert Rogers, Charles McKenney, james Pitt, Dale Shaffer, William Needham, Robert Sisson. Shop 5: Row 1: Kendall Moffett, Frank Saffelle, Edward Snyder. Row 2: Merle DeLancey, Beverley Hall, Thomas Dodd, William Page, Donald Chauncey. 65 key la t uf bzlgh mm' dry EIGHTI-1 GRADE OFFICERS Allan Abramson, Preriderz-z.' Mrs. Edith Hussey, Spwzrorf Kay Noll, Vice-President. EIGHTH GRADE Note the youthful charm? Though we are pictured here as eighth graders, light- hearted and gay, our present status is that of high schoolers, burdened with responsi- bilities. Moreover, we were the last eighth grade group to appear at G. W., and we are the only class on record with not one member "put backu. CWhere would we go?D Now that we are here, whether "promoted, or "placed", we are proud to be members of the G. W. student body and we hope to make G. W. proud of us. Room 122: Ron' Z: Barbara Kidwell, Jean Penning ton, Gay Ann Bowman, Becky Knight, Elaine Martin, Sondra Kerr, Helen Paterson, Barbara Price, Barbara Flick, Kathryn Hall. Rout' 2: Katherine Pugh, Jean Rob- inson, Marjorie Morgan, Barbara Hoge, Stella Pridgen, Joyce Saunders, Phyllis Graves, Patsy Kirkman, Rhoda Amorky. Rout' 3: David Work, Michael Brown, Bernard Moses, James Cobb, Noble Smith, Jeff Aitcheson, Frank Ballenger, Jackie Brittain, Larry Bond, Oliver Beale, Christopher Walz. Room 200: Rau' 1: Patsy Spinks, Lois Finnell, Marjorie Lee Dodson, Delores Gerber, Elizabeth Gannon, Velma Cameron, Barbara Hyde, Pam Adcox. Row 2: Ralph Price, Frances Naylor, Jeanette Herbert, Frances Howard, Jean Monger, Thelma Bowles, Chris Leach. Row 3: Robert Ezzell, Raymond Glover, David Waltman, Grady Snapp, Donald Hinkle, Jimmie Farrall, Martin Bailey, Carol Adams. 66 Amon the Upperclmfmen Room 206: Row 1: Betty jarvins, Elsie Michelbach, Nancy George, Pat Howell, Katherine Reamy, Kath- leen Rodda, Betty Montgomery, Karen DeLance, Edna Gipe, Carol Taylor, Phyllis Vanover, Barbara Mars- ton. Row 2.' Theodore Young, Bruce Hewitt, French Zahn, Sylvia Seay, Eleanor Long, Barbara Purdy, Zella Mahoney, Jean Harrison, Joanne Gladden, Micheal Cohen, Jerry Corso. Row 3: Scott Hyre, Gary Baggott, Charlie Armstrong, David Burks, Donald Taylor, Wayne Rudy, Gilbert DiNicola, Malcolm Pev- erill, William Vaughn, Edward Dyson, Tommy Orndorff. Room 250: Row 1: David Holland, Margie Conari, Sally Jean, Bette Scott, Barbara Nolan, Grace Suth- ard, Anne Adams, Ruth Redmond, Barbara Stickel, Birbara McCarthy, Patricia Watts, Bobby Ramos. Row 2.' Robert Robinson, Curtis Guckert, Harry Mulkey, Carroll English, Douglas Butler, Hamilton Rothrock, Alvis Campbell, Alan Abramson, Robert Dickens, James Blankenbaker, Donald Sloper. Row 3: Pat Reese, Donald Dodd, William O'Neil, Phil Yates, Lyle Gannon, James Kerr, Gene Noll, joseph Arnott, Billy Entwisle, William Lyons, Cliff Webb. Room 236: Row 1: Van Slaymaker, Diane Knowless, Barbara Hatton, Frances Gaskill, Jackie Nece, Kay Noll, Iris Kern, Betty Ann Steele, Eugenia Pruitt, Robert Rasmussen. Row 2.' Dale Hoberg, Harry Demp- sey, Leroy Rutherford, Frank Fannan, Billy Elkins, Kenneth Barrett, Billy Dawson, Robert Agner, Robert Fox, Ross Hunt, Gene Ross, Matthew Middlebrook. Row 3: Bobby Foote, Glenn Miller, john Moore, Michael Ramey, Frederick Ritter, John Comber, Nelson Minner, Donald Carter, John Rudd, Ernest Lang- ley, Tommy Ramey, Douglas Sutton. 67 As parents explored the shop building on "Back- to-School Night", Mr. Miller explained auto shop to them. Here he points out a few things to Mr. and Mrs. Gustav Titman and Mr. Tracy Aitcheson, Mrs. Van K. Breckley and Mrs. Robert F. Fr-ost inspect the Home Ec. Departments new revolving cupboards on "Back-to-School Night." PARENT-TEACHER ASSOCIATION It is well for students to be careful when parents and teachers get together. In our school, however, the students really proht when the Parent-Teacher Association lends a helping hand. This year our P.-T.A., under the chair- manship of Mrs. H. E. Finnegan, has in- augurated the custom of joint meetings with the Faculty Council. At these meetings, par- ents and teachers talk over the problems of the students and possible solutions for them. The group insurance plan and Back-to-School Night were continued. Helping with the X-rays and furnishing transportation for field trips were other ways in which our parents and teachers worked hand in hand to help solve student problems. P.-T.A. Officers: Row I: Mrs. H. E. Finnegan, P1'eritle11t,' Mr. Edgar Pruet, Principal of GW.: Mr. Paul Tomalin, Vice-Prerlrlefzt. Roz1'2.' Mrs. Fred B. Kemery, Member-rlaip Co17zmittee.' Mrs. joseph Anderson, Council Repre5e1ztative.' Mrs. Benton G. Milster, Par'litzme11taria11,' Mrs. H, L. Cupples, Trearurery Mrs. Zerelda McConnell, Hospitality Committee: Mrs. john Borton, Claazbfmuw of Cultural C07?Z7VliZl66v,' Mrs. Mary Snyder, Secreta1'y,' Mrs. Josephine Tolbert, Clmirmmz of Publicity. Sttzalflifzgx Shirley Ross, Pre.rizle11t of the Student Council. 68 jficiall Speakin MR. EDGAR G. PRUET, Principal Hand in hand with progress and a democratic order of school life goes our principal, Edgar G. Pruet. To say that he is respected and distinguished is in- sufficient. This is indeed a cold descrip- tion of a man who is admired by all who know him. He has been here at G. W. for seven years and during that time has watched the perspective of the school enlarge along with the annual enrollment. Policies have changed and attitudes with them, but Mr. Pruet has retained his cheery manner and genuine friendliness through- out. Undoubtedly, these qualities influenced his appointment to the Richmond High Schools' evaluation committee. This com- mittee not only identifies deficiencies in the Thomas jefferson and john Marshall school systems, but meets throughout the year in order to submit workable sug- gestions for improvement. i We certainly hope that our good for- tune in having him as our principal will continue and that bigger and better things will not snatch Mr. Pruet away from G. W. for many years to come. Anal our Aniftant rincqmlf MRS. JOSEPHINE TOLBERT No one better personifies the "busy bee" than Mrs. Tolbert. She evidently thinks that "to work is a virtue" as she is always absorbed in solving the countless problems which confront her in the course of the day. In spite of this, she is never too busy to listen to your troubles or share in your happiness. MR. ROBERT GARNER Mr. Garner could easily qualify as the "rolling stone which gathers no moss"-as he is always on the go. Engaged in the hundred and one tasks that come his way, it is easy to see that his seemingly tireless energy is linked with efficiency and diligence. 70 Capabilit come to ine MISS JEAN WHITE - MR. RAYMOND SANGER Guidance Director, Fac- ,-Counselor, S t u d e n t ulty Council, ' College Council Co-Sponsor, Cap Night. and Gown Committee, Chaperon Committee, ' Athletic Committee, Col- lege Night. , GUIDANCE DEPARTMENT "Im graduating in June, and what shall I do next year, Miss White?" ask some of . G. W.'s seniors. While neither Miss White not any of the counselors can answer that question exactly, they can of- fer help in thinking through the problem or suggest ap- propriate colleges or future Occupations. ' In addition to the three of- fices oft the past,'there is now a fourth since Miss Stewart Jones entered the department and settled in a nook behind the filing cabinets across the hall. A MISS LYNWOOD KINDER MISS STEWART JONES- -- Counselor, College Counselor, Compasrlit- Night. erary Sponsor, College Night. MISS ETHEL BAKER, MRs. MARGARET BIEE. ' OFFICE Hard-working and cheer- ful secretaries, Miss Jones, Mrs. Baber, Miss Baker, and Mrs. Kennedy, keep the office running smooth- ly and efficiently while Mrs. Bibb and Miss Baker see that we attend regu- larly or know the reason why we don't. MRS. ESTHER KENNEDY, MISS HELEN JONES, MRS. MARY ELLEN BABER. 71 The three T fry w 'v Q i Top Razr. lefr ni 1-igbz: Mus. ELIZABETH ALLPORT, Mathematicsg MR. PETER BABICH, Social Studies, Athletic Committee, MR. GEORGE BAGBY, English Department Head, Contestants' Club Sponsor, Public Speaking Club Sponsor, Schedule Committee, MISS lVlILl7RED BANE, Music, Music Club Sponsor, MISS KATHERYNE BAUGH, Social Studies, Worltl Events Club Sponsor. Bfizmm Rani. lefz lo riglnz: Miss BETTY LEE BLANKENSHIP, English and Journalism, Quill and Scroll Sponsor, "Surveyor" Sponsor, MRS, MARY BUTCHER, Business, Sophomore Class Sponsor, Finance Committeeg MISS DOLLY CALLAHAN, Social Studies Department Head, Debate Club Sponsor, Quill and Palm Sponsor, Senior Frolics, Schedule Committeeg MISS BARBARA CARPENTER, English: MR. HARVEY CAUGHRON, Physical Education. THE ENGLISH DEPARTMENT The English Department is one of the busiest groups, charged with the responsi- bility of sponsoring yearly all literary ac- tivities. As in the other departments, the English teachers are constantly on the lookout for something that will improve the department and help our students to be better prepared for going to college, taking part in business, or simply enjoy- ing life. LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT The Language Department of George Wfashington High School offers to its stu- dents three years of work in French, Spanish, and Latin. Now that students are permitted to begin their language courses as freshmen, we hope eventually to be able to provide a four-year course in some, or all, of the languages taught in the department. From grammar to Shakespeare it's a busy life for English students. Shown here are Patsy Howell, jack Brittain, and Mike Cohen as they examine their peep boxes that illustate , "Evangeline". 72 SCIENCE DEPARTMENT Another department important to the students at G. W. is the Science Depart- ment. It strives to impart to the students a practical knowledge of everyday scien- tific principles. The department includes such subjects as physics, general science, biology, and chemistry. It has modern apparatus and is continually on the move to keep up with the latest developments. MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT The Mathematics Department is by far one of the most important in the school curriculum. The elements of mathematics aid the student in his work in both the business and scientific fields. The math . department includes all courses from. business math to trigonometric functions, all of which are expertly and efficiently taught by an adequate and able staff. Ray Carnahan, Bill Heflin, and Bob Moore have pleased faces when a tough physics prob- lem is linally solved. , A r Top Row, left in right: MISS NELLIE CLAYTON, Libraryg MISS ELEANOR CURIRIN, English, Double- Barred Cross Society Sponsor, MRS. VIRGINIA DOUGHERTY, Social Studies, Chaperon Committee, Faculty Councilg MR. CHARLES DRURY, Shop, Printer for "Surveyor" and "Little Hatchet", MISS 'ELIZAl3ETH,EISENBERG, Art, Bulletin Boards, 'fLittle Hatcher" Art Sponsor, Barlow Row, left to right: Mn. RUTH ELGINF, Social Studies, Chaperon Committee, MISS NATALIE ETHERIDGE, Physical Education, Cheerleaders' Sponsor, Miss SUE FLORANCE, Science, MR. JAMES FORD, Science, Football Coach, Monogram Club Sponsor, Student Awards, MR. ROBERT FUNESTI, Distributive Education, Distributors' Club Sponsor, Cap and Gown Committee, Faculty Council, Tennis Coach, Dance Chaperon, Social Dance Club Sponsor. 73 Relzkzbla reyourcqful Top Row, left lo righr: Miss C1-IRISTABEI. GATES, Science, Hobby Club Sponsor, MISS ALBERTA - -GRANT, French, French Club Sponsor, MR. RICHARD GREENE, Business, Athletic Committee, F.B.L.A. Sponsor, MR. GEORGE GROVE, Shop, Faculty Council, Athletic Committee, MISS ,EUNICE - GUILL, English, "Little Hatchet" Sponsor. . Bonom Row, left zo right: Mas. JANE HASTINGS, Business, Miss BLANCHE HELM, Library, Cap and Gown Committee, MISS EDNA HELM, Business, Cap and Gown Committee, MISS JEAN I-IERDE, Physical Education, Cheerleaders' Sponsor, MRS. MADALINE HILL, Mathematics, Class Rings. SOCIAL STUDIES DEPARTMENT American government and American history along with civics and occupations are the only required subjects in Social Studies. World his- tory, government, problems of government, and elementary psychology C a means of understand- ing oneself and his fellow menj are also of- fered. This department is concerned with a living and challenging world. INDUSTRIAL ARTS DEPARTMENT The Industrial Arts Department oHers to the student an education that is applicable to every- day living. In the shop building, courses are offered in electricity, auto mechanics, mechani- cal drawing, woodwork, and printing. The print shop has the responsibility of printing the "Surveyor" and "Little Hatchet". The auto shop students work on their own cars, thus applying the fundamentals they have learned. 74 "Maybe we don't under- stand it but we can try," says Roslyn Kleinman in this picture. Shown with her are Tito Leuterio and Carol Richardson. P MR. VVILLIAM ITILLMAN, Science, Faculty Council, Senior Class Co-Sponsor. Cafeteria Supervisor. Dance i'li:tpt-rori. Athletic Conimission. MRS. XVA1-'lCl.l.A Hoticu- INS, Mzttllcnizitics, Chap- cron Committee. Miss LORRAINE IIUBHARD. l'l1ysical Education, Cheer- leaders' Sponsor. G.A.A. Sponsor. MUSIC DEPARTMENT Anyone for music? Sure. Everyone who's had music at G. W. is really for it. The teachers are enthusiastic, and a variety of mu- sical groups are offered. They are the Senior, Reserve, and Junior Bands, A Cappella Choir, Advanced Mixed Chorus, and Boys' Glee Club. Some other melodious groups are the Girls' Ensemble, Boys' Quartet, and the Woodwind and Brass Ensembles. There's nothing like figuring out a good hard math problem. That's just what Billy Duff, jim Frazier, and'Gail Yarbrough are .trying to do.. HOME ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT The Home Economics Department is a vo- cational department in which the home project is important in each unit of work done at school. It gives the student a chance to prac- tice what she has learned at school. Under this program some of the group ac- tivities include a luncheon, prepared and served to the parents by the students, and a Christmas tea for the parents and teachers. Top Row, left to right: Mas. EDITH HUssEY, English, Eighth Grade Sponsor, Miss HELEN IDDINGS, Mathematics, Faculty Council, Student Council Sponsor, MISS BETTY JEFFERSON, English, Dramatics Club Sponsor, Assembly Committee, Student Awards, MR. FRANK KAPRIVA, Science, Athletic Committee, Cafeteria Supervisor, MISS LUCILLE KEETON, English. Bottom Row, left to right: MR. CHESTER KEMP, Science, Cafeteria Supervisor, Athletic Com- mittee, Miss CHARLENE K1RAcoFE, Language Department Head, Latin Club Sponsor, MR. JOHN LARSEN, Shop, Faculty Council, Athletic Committee, Schedule Committee, MR. PHILIP LESTER, Band, Assembly Committee, Athletic Committee, MR. IRVING LINDSEY, Mathematics Department Head, Senior Class Sponsor, "Compass" Business Sponsor, Student Awards, Faculty Council, Athletic Committee, Schedule Committee. 75 Anal 1'ewolwlz'n Mrs. Virginia Carr, R.N,-School Nurse Mrs. Anne Daniel-School Dietitian Helen Goyne and Mary Ann Travers inspect their mimeographed work with professional care. DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION DEPARTMENT Working with the merchants of Alex- andria and vicinity, Mr. Funesti has brought to D. E. students a worth-while program, and his friendly personality in- creases their interest in the work. In this fifteen hour a week course they are taught the principles of salesmanship and retailing and the technique of giving congenial service to employers and cus- tomers. BUSINESS EDUCATION DEPARTMENT Increased numbers of students enroll each semester in the business education courses. In this department courses that would profit anyone are general business, eco- nomic geography, business' arithmetic, of- fice practice, and business law. Typewrit- ing is a popular Course, as nowadays near- ly everyone knows how to type. Some of these subjects prepare students for of- fice positions while others furnish gen- eral information. Top Raw, lefz to fight: Mas. AGNES L1PscoMB, English, Spelling Club Sponsor, MRS. CLARICE LYNN, Latin and Spanish, Latin Club Co-Sponsorg MISS KATHERINE MCELROY, Mathematics, "Compass" Advertising Sponsor, Faculty Remembrance Committee, MRS. GRACE MCGILVRAY, Busi- ness, Majorette Sponsorg MRS. JOSEPH MCGOWAN, Shop, Athletic Committee. Bottom Row, lef! to right: MISS MARY MCKINNEY, English and Economic Gecgraphy, Faculty Council, MR. PAUL MACKEY, Social Studies, Athletic Committee, Cap and Gown Committee, Hall Supervisor, Miss ELIZABETH MACMANUS, English, "Little Hatchet" Sponsorg Miss THELMA MADDOX, Mathematicsg MR. FRANK MARINO, Physical Education, Intramural Athletics, Athletic Committee. RN 76 I l Top Rout, left lo right: MR. HENSEL MILLER, Shop, Devotional Group Sponsor, Athletic Com- mittee, MR. ARCHER MILLICAN, Science, Auditorium Supervision, Cafeteria Supervision, Athletic Committee, Hall Supervision, Schedule Committee, MRS. MARY MORELAND, Science, Dance Chaperon, Dance Club Sponsor, MR. STEPHEN OSISEK, Physical Education, Basketball Coach, MR. SIMON PAINTER, Social Studies, Hall Supervision. Bottom Row, left to fright: MRS. MARY PARKER, Home Economics Department Head, Hall Super- vision, Chairman American Education Week, F.H.A. Co-Sponsor, MISS GRACE PATCH, Social Studies, Faculty Council, MISS MARGA RET POWELL, Mathematics and French, Class Ringsg MR. F. VAUGI-IN PULTZ, Business Education, Finance Committee, School Treasurer, MR. HARRY RICER, Shop, Athletic Committee. ART DEPARTMENT Few better examples of our theme can be found than a visit to Miss Elizabeth Eisenbergs art classes during the day. Here you will find the art students lending their skillful hands to a variety of media and subject matter, from oils to pastels, and from realism to abstraction. The Art Department students illustrate the "Little Hatchet" and the calendar found in every classroom. Your visit to the Art Department will show you that G. busy artists are enjoying themselves thoroughly in addi- tion to accomplishing all these things. It's fun to dig into the paints and brushes as Shirley Toombs and Gene Drury prove by their happy smiles. 77 dqbewin their knowledge 1 78 Miss Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Miss Mrs. Mr. Mrs. Mrs. Miss Mrs. Miss Miss Dr. Mrs. Miss Miss Miss Margie Robertson, English, "Little Hatchet" Sponsor, Faculty Council, Open House Program. Lillian Sanger, Mathematics, Dance Chap- eron. Ruth Schultz, Business, Jr. Red Cross Sponsor. ' ' Mary Seay, Library, Library Club Sponsor. Jean Shaw, Orchestra. Mercedes Simpson, Social Studies. Roy Smith, Band. - Watkins Smith, Business Department Head, F.B.L.A. Sponsor, Faculty Council, Schedule Committee, F.T.A. Sponsor. Mary Snider, English, Junior Class Sponsor, Faculty Council. Sylvia Somers, English, Reading Club Sponsor, Dance Club Sponsor. Thelma Stanton, Spanish, Assembly Com- mittee. Phyllis Taylor, Mathematics, Caps and Gowns, Freshman Class Sponsor, F.H,A. Sponsor. Elizabeth Thrift, Mathematics, Cap and Gown Chairman, Freshman Class Sponsor. Dorothy Torpey, Social Studies, Assembly Committee, Faculty Council. Marion Van Saun, Spanish, Spanish Club Sponsor. Lula Whittaker, Science, Astronomy Club Sponsor. Lucy Williams, Mathematics. Unis Woodward, English, Faculty Re- membrance. . wr x . , if15'ef'w???' 'ns "'fT'T QQ " s 'ax ,- ,, . 1 Quai-W 3 2 '1 'V 1 x P ,E + Be. ,fx A .rf s 'H . N M ,. ' ' ' N 1 ' 4 .N.,.,,w- F' , 0 v,...,,, ,,,,-...., .,N4 W V , , xxlx 5 M 4- . A .A ' 2-'mf-mf, ,M-H' , --M . M I K '+"w-mwwwvwm.-.wmQ, ,WWW H Af' ' 1-..... ' Q X gn., 'F in 4,,w N, ,. 4, ,,:g3.v1-'SSSE ...- The 7313 rmrn COLOR GUARD Staff Sergeant Heeter, W. T.g Woolf, W. C.g De Veau, D. A.g Brooks, W. H. 80 COLONEL GEORGE PATRICK MRS. NAN PATRICK One of the things that this years corps will remember proudly is the winning of the trophy for the Best High School Cadet Corps in the George Washington Day Parade. Another is the colorful and exciting trip to Winchester. Many other varied activities made it a happy, industrious year. REGIMENTAI. STAFFAFIRST SEMESTER Lt. Colonel Willis, J. S.g Captain Blakey, C. First Lieutenant Friesz, L. L. Ds t ., .... p Q' .X i Q. ,L R... ..... E . , X, ,, 1,-..,.,,: 2. 3 Z. rf H' f "i' , j i i t ....,. u ,.,. I 51, N , L a- B A' W ""'i x i A V ,gg pp it . hp M. V ...... A , ..... ' . 5 ..,....... ,.,.,.,.,.,., l -' , ,. vnv' . """" 1 REGIMENTAL STAFF-SECOND SEMESTER Front: Lt. Colonel Blakey, C. D.g Rau' Z: Captain Bower, P. j.g Captain O'Mara, J. H.g Lt. Colonel Willis, J. S. FIRST BATTALION STAFF--FIRST SFIVIESTER FIRST BATTALION STAFF-SECOND SEMESTER Fmnf: Major Cummings, W. B. Ron' lx First Lieu- Major Logwootl, G. B., First Lieutenant Hall, W. S. tenant O'Mara, J. H., Second Lieutenant Hall, W. S. SECONU BA'rTAL1oN STAFF-SEcoNo S1zMEs'1'1f11 SECOND BATTALION STAFF-FIRST SEMESTER Frofzl: Major Darnell, J. L. Rott' If Second Lieu- Froizts Major Darnell, AI. L. Ron' I: First Lieutenant tenant Naylor, H., First Lieutenant Donnell, N. H, Cross, I. L., Second Lieutenant Johnson, D. R. Advisory Council: Row I: Captain Futral, A. A., Lt. Colonel Blakey, C. D., Major Logwood, G. B., Lt. Colonel Willis, J. S., Captain Carter, J. L. Rauf 2: Captain Bower. P. I., Corporal Witt, J. A., First Lieutenant johnson, D. R., Corporal Stamps, B. J., Captain Long, A. L., Captain Runaldue, T. J. Row 5: Corporal Dunn, T. R., Sergeant Ryan, D. G., Sergeant Caraballo, 1. T., Sergeant Henderson, C. R., Corporal Burrows, L. T. Row 4: Corporal Rowzie, E. D., Sergeant Woolf, W. C. S1 Calling the .flootf BOYS' RIFLE TEAM Rau' 1: Thornett, R. A., Enright, J. F., Ryan, D, G., Friesz, L. L., Mountcastle, B. E. Roll' 25 Blair, M. M., Blakey, C. D.g Sipes, 1. D., Caraballo, J. T. Row 3: Lignn, E. S., Norvell, F. C., Lemon, D. L., DeVeau, D. A., Wright, M. J. Row 4: Vail, R. B., Dill, C. D., Higginbotham, C. R., Hall, W. S. GIRLS' RIFLE TEAM Row I: Stamps, B. J., Long, A. L.g Bartlett, N. C.g Potts, K. E.g Heitman, T. Row 2: Waldrep, D. D.g Brcckley, J. C., Derrcn- lnacker, S. E., Wickline, B. J, Rflill 3: Sentllak, J. F., Donnell, N. H., Avery, B. D. :J La v A lil' L f ,..Qnl ..,, 82 Company "A"-First Platoon: Frozm First Lieutenant Carter, J. L. Ron' l.' Sergeant Blair, M. M., Corporal Dunn, T. R., Davis, E. O., Castle, C. R. Rau' 2: Corporal Payne, F. E., Lantlis, W. W., janko, N. R., Porter, A. B., Shoup, R. D. 1e0ll'3.' Corporal Lemon, D. L., Rhodes, G. H., Davis, B. D., Costello, H. C., Platoon Sergeant Dill, C. D. H 1 -A I 1 Company "AU Staff-First Se- mester: Frwzlx Captain Futral, A. A. Rua' l.' First Sergeant Sheridan, P. F., Corporal Rowzie, E. D. Company "A" Staff-Second Se- mester: FVOIIL' Captain Futral, A. A. Rrmf I: First Sergeant Norvell, F. C., Corporal Rich, J. W. Company "A"-Second Platoon: Frwzts Platoon Sergeant Norvell, F. C. Rout' I: Sergeant Sipes, -I. D., Corporal Willis, W. H., Morgan, R. A., Sergeant Burchell, W. C. Row 2: Corporal Franklin, C. E., Newell, W. D., Smith, J. L., Terry, M. L. Row 35 Corporal Rowzie, E. D., Bugg, C. A., Shelton, F. F., Roth, M. 83 Mdffhlillg Dfilllllilg and Shaolin J Company "B"-First Platoon: Ffwzfs First Lieutenant Bower. P. J. Roll' If Sergeant Caraballo, J. T.g Corporal Ramsey. J. B.: Pfc. Metz, J. R.g Gerber, R. B.: Morris, R. C.: Sergeant Barts, R. W. Ron' 2: Corporal Leef, M. M.: Plc. Ligon, li, S.: Gray, G. W.g Comlver, J. W.g Graham, J. K. Ron' S: Corporal Williams, J. B.g Plc. Porter. J. P.g Brown. J. Hg Platoon Sergeant Enright, J. F. -iaa. 'ttt J ..., ... ..': lomfwlllj' "HH L'uH1rm1l1lle'1' .Yi'i'r1f1ll .N'f'111l',rfi'l' llllflllllll K':urli-1.J. l.. l'oml'u11,v "IVV .N twill .M H11 .wfil lfirst Si-rgi-:int Yzill. R. ll. Ciomfizzry "ll" ,S'r'i'o1l1l .Yi'H1l'.rf1'f' lilliiloo f'o1'por:ll Port, C. R. 84 t'wvtf'i1z1,x' "lf" Firtrf .S'i'm1'.vlwr K iljlllllll l.ogwooil. li. ll. flmzfnrzij' "H" !"ir.rf .S'4'Hn'.if.'V lfirst Sergerllll llalmilloli. l.. A. l'or7zf'l1rr-x' "If" 1"r'r'.vl .Si'Hzi'.vIi'l' liuifloii l'or1vo1':xl llrornvti. R. .X. Company "B"-Secontl Platoon: Frouls Second Lieutenant Higginluotlmam, C. R. Ron IJ Sergeant Ryan, D. Gg Corporal Jones. W, Lg Plr. Colvlw, J, A.: Long, J. D4 Bowtlislw. A. l7.g Sergeant Mountcustle. B. E. Roz: 2K Corporal Thornett. R. A.: Pic. Pye, S. S.: Lampert. J. B.: Davitlson. W, W.g Pope, J. D.g Vail, R. B. Rm: if Corporal Poff, C. Rg Plc. Milam, C. V.1 Wriglut, M. J.1 Currie, li. B.g Graham. R. I.. xx l A la-3 9 F N7 N ..- Tueker, S. M.g Sergeant Perry, P. B. Ron' 2: Corporal Burrows, L. T., Plc. Corckett O. B., Thompson, J. H., Pfc. Weadon, A. T., Fox, R. E. Ron' S: Corporal Cooperman M. B., Pfc. White, J., Chichester, R. C., Parker, T. C., Platoon Sergeant Altcheson, A. T - Company C Second Platoon: Frofzrx Second Lieutenant Hertig, D. H. Rau' lf' sm. Sergeant Mackenzie I' F., Corporal Loeb, B. S.g Pfc. Blakemore, R. G.g Waddell, K. E., Tibbets J M Sergeant O'Mara, J. W. Rota' 2: Corporal Dove, R. Eg Herring, J. RJ 1 Hyre, J S Poole J C., Holland, D. C. Rout' Sf Corporal Latimer, P. R., Pfc. uuzz re' ff af ,. f 4' A . . . . -,a,......,a........ .... -.--- 1 s Sf 3 W' dm Q 4 ofllfwzlj' il. 4 mrrzzzlrnzlw' -f Swmrlrf .S'mm'.r!L'1' ravatte C M Mxlls E. W., Mayo, L. D.g Platoon Sergeant Wasserman, D. E. " T- Cznptnin Rlmzllfluc. 'l'. W - "" J ' at flnfiiljwlvlj' "fini .S'l't'w1ll ,S'f'Hzf'.vIt'1' lflrst St-lgefm' Mzrcltewftt-. lf lf. Ciflzffwfrx' "C " .Xurffllll .Si'H1r.viV1' llniflml lUn'pn1':ll lm:-lf. li. S. 85 Company "CU-First Platoon: Ffwms First Lieutenant Runaldue, T. J. Row 1. Sergeant Henderson, C. R., Pfc. Hoberg, D. M., Riddell, R. A., Stanley, W. E., erefr to the girly Company "G"-First Platoon: Fm11l.' First Lieutant Donnell, N. H. Ron' I.' Sergeant Peyton, M. E., Corporal Stamps, B. xl., Pte. Newman, E. R., Carroll, M. C., Sergeant Conley, B. L., Platoon Sergeant Wfoolls, S. A. Run' 2: Corporal Shirlc. N. J., Pfc. Le mon, L. A., Pritlgen, S. J., Novak, 1. Y., Jewell, M. B. Ron' 3: Corporal Wfaltlrep, D. D., Plc. Bertram, M. L., Bason, V. A., Godfrey, S. P. lett, N. C. Run' I.' First Sergeant Berry, R. F., Corporal Stamps. B. Al., Second Lieutenant l-layes, P. A. Second Semester: Frmifx Captain Bart- lett, N. C. Ron' 1: First Sergeant Berry, R. F., Corporal Stamps, B. J., First Lieutenant Finnegan, D. A. I Company "G"-Second Platoon: F7'0llf.' Secontl Lieutenant Finnegan, D. A. Rmz' I.' Sergeant Derren- backer, S. E., Corporal Davis, P. R., Pfc. McConnell, B. J., Knowles, D. B., Heitman, T., Kern, l. Rauf 2: Sergeant Brawner, C. L., Corporal livans, P, L., Pfc. Renshaw, C. R., Monrotus, S. A., Simpson, E. P. Ron' 3: Corporal Artz. D. A., Pic. Finnegan, J. E., Campbell, S. S., Mooney. D. A. 86 First Semester: Ffmztx Captain Bart- Company "H"-First Platoon: Front: First Lieutenant Cohen, M. S. Row 1: Sergeant Wickline, B. -Lg Corporal Ostrow, I. S.g Pfc. Todd, S. E., Bartlett, R. M., Avery, B. D., Sergeant Black, M. A. Ron' 2.' Corporal Kerbel, I. S., Pfc. Waltlen, L. E., Kendrick, P. D.g Carver, S. M., Potts, K. E. Rout' 3: Corporal McWhorter, J. A., Pfc, Williams, M. E., Lyles, N. K., Tucker, D. J., Platoon Sergeant Kern, R. First Semester: Front: Captain Long, A. L. Ron' If Second Lieutenant Nay- lor, Hg First Sergeant Reynolds, E. W. Razz' 2.' Corporal McWhorter, J. A. Second Semester: Front: Captain Long, A. L. Raw Z: Second Lieutenant Cross, I. L., First Sergeant Reynolds, E. W. Ron' 2.' Corporal Brisach, B. L. 1 ' ' ,r .V j. F., Corporal Witt, J. A., White, A. C., Brisach, B. L., Swenson, M. A., Brecar, B. E. Ron' 2.' Corporal Dixon, C. E., Breckley, 1. C., Flick, B. A.g jenkins, B. 1.1 Munday. B. J., Platoon Sergeant Sanders, A. L. Row 3: Corporal Owsley, B. J., West, P. R., Hawkins, P. A., Steele, B. A., Hall, S. M. 87 refentin the 6261619535 Saber Club: Row l.' Lieutenant Friesz, L. L., Captain Futral, A. A., Lt. Colonel Willis, J. S.g Captain Carter, J. L. Ron' 2: Captain O'Mara, J, H., First Lieutenant Hall, W, 5,3 Major Logwood, G. B4 Lt. Colonel Blakey, C. D.g First Lieutenant Hertig, D. H. Ron' 3: First Lieutenant Higginbotham, C. R.g Second Lieutenant Dill, C. D.g Captain Bower, P. J., Second Lieutenant Sheridan, P. F., Captain Runaldue, T. J. Most Military Best All-Around Wittiest Major Darnell, J. L. Captain Bartlett, N, C. Corporal Evans, P. L. Lt. Colonel Blakey, C. D. Major Cummings, W. B. Major Cummings, W. B. 88 Chevrons Club-Officers: Row I: Platoon Sergeant Brooks, W. H., Secre- tary, Color Sergeant Woolf, W. C., Treasurer, Row 2: Corporal Willis, W. H., Vice-President, Platoon Sergeant Blair, M. M., Vice-President. .. Chevrons Club: Rau' 1: Corporal Willis, W. H., Platoon Ser- geant Blair, M. M., Platoon Sergeant Brooks, W. H., Color Sergeant Woolf, W. C. Row 2: Sergeant Davis, E. O., Sergeant Sipes, J. D., First Sergeant Mackenzie, F. F., Sergeant Caraballo, 1. T., Sergeant Henderson, C. R., Corporal Loeb, B. S., Platoon Sergeant O'Mara, J. W. Row 3: Sergeant Batts, R. W., Sergeant Ramsey, J. B., Sergeant Ryan, D. Cv., Sergeant Perry, F. B., Cor- poral Dunn, T. R., Sergeant Burchell, W. C., Corporal Burrows, L. T., Sergeant London, P. E. Rau' 4: Corporal Lemon, D. L., Corporal Jones, W. L., Platoon Sergeant Wheeler, C. R., Color Sergeant DeVeau, D. A., Corporal Poff, C. R., Corporal Rowzie, E. D., Sergeant Franklin, C. E. Bill Hall prepares to tire while Larry Friesz, Captain of the team, and Clark Dill, Manager, await their turn. 89 I .Ja Worki , . s , I ,f 13' J xg -1 K T CY.-" ,M 90 laozml having fun Liwski Club: Rau' I: Captain Long, A. L., First Lieutenant Cohen, M. S., Second Lieutenant Hayes, P. A., Second Lieutenant Cross, I. L., First Lieutenant Donnell, N. H. Row 2: First Lieutenant johnson, D. R., First Lieutenant Brinkley, B. A., First Lieutenant Finnegan, D. A., Second Lieutenant Naylor, H., Cor- poral Stamps, B. J., Platoon Sergeant Wickline, B. J. R011' S: Corporal Monrotus, S. A., Corporal Artz, D. A., Corporal Davis, P. R., Corporal McConnell, B. J., Corporal Waldrep, D. D., Sergeant Sendlak, J. F. Ron' 4: First Sergeant Berry, R. F., Sergeant Brawner, C. L., Sergeant Conley, B. L., Corporal Witt, j. A., Sergeant Derrenbacker, S. E., Platoon Sergeant Sanders, A. L. Liwski Club-Omcers: Second Lieutenant Hayes, P. A., Treas- urer, Major Darnell, J. L., President, Captain Long, A. L., Vice- President, Captain Bartlett, N. C., Secretary. Larry Friesz, Joyce McWl1cnrter, Tommy Heeter, and Dorothy johnson discuss the schedule for the bowling team, posted on the bulletin board. KJ Usher Squad: Razz' 1: First Lieutenant Hertig, D. H., First Lieu- tenant Johnson, D. R., Sergeant Woolf, W. C. Row 2: Bartlett, R. M., Corporal Kerbel, I. S., Pfc. West, P. R., Pfc. Hawkins, P. A., Cor- poral McConnell, B. J. Ron' 3: Pfc. Tibbetts, J. M., Chichester, R. C., Pfc. White, J., First Sergeant Mackenzie, F. F., Sergeant Henderson, C. R., Mills, E. W. Rauf 4: Platoon Sergeant Brooks, W. H., Cos- tello, H. C., Corporal Willis, W. H., Corporal Rowzie, E. D., Sergeant DeVeau, D. A. Usher Squad Officers: First Lieutenant Hertfg, D. H., First Lieu- tenant Johnson, D. R., Color Sergeant Woolf, W. C. Program Squad: Row 1: Kendrick, P. D., Captain Long, A. L., Steele, B. A. Rau' 2: Corporal Kerbel, l. S., Corporal McConnell, B. J., Platoon Sergeant Wickline, B. J., Bartlett, R. M. Rota 3: Pfc. Davidson, W. W., Gravatte, C. M., Corporal Davis, P. R., Pfc. Heit- man, T., Pfc. Hall, S. M., Holland, D. C., Pfc. Poole, J. C. Row 45 Corporal Riddell, R. A., Corporal Cooperman, M. B., Corporal Rich, J. W., Pfc. Bugg, C. A., Pfc. Wright, M. B., Sergeant London, P. E., Blakemore, R. G. 91 ifblif eye View i Larry Friesz and Joyce Vifitt beam proud- ly after having been elected the Cadet King and Queen. Jo Anne Darnell and Clinton Blakey proudly show off the trophy won by the corps in the George Washiiigton Birthday Parade. The popular music of Dave Richardson combined with Patsy Hawkins' snappy routine, made for one of those extra- special cadet assemblies, t xt :slips The Alexandria Fire Department braves the wintry winds to rescue the injured cadet Hag, K 'yLaif1Qw, X LX gig kywmbimz, mf' '4 l Y , ,. A y ,-f.:.V,4,V if .fifiqy . Q - S . 4- W sfykfwimvmr ,xxx A N, .A vig 3' at R 5 . :kj All fl if ' H1 Q 55053121 Q: xgwi,,mvf" Q1 V . gawk f F, H' iw? A up: M .U , , iii? ' V fffxiiga A k I QR Mfg? We Q wnffila 1 ..i mg , , ' , . , t Jai, ' Q 5 , , - X aw 5 F may Y' lfflfgk Y yt, V -5 . 55. fx? 55 ygj, , , NL. ,hp IV- X y Q' , , ..c 43: fs . . 1' K ,N I L L 'I' vs: N 3 ..--M W 1 Q' K xx Qvnxgiiiapu 'Y wx -xx w ,Q . .x ,, Qhyaffrfiw w, ,wx ik- ,,-if -w':f:"n"f'?'s mgrifw' F4 ' W W 1 5. lga",ms,,n,' we X 1. ,,asf xiii? iff? ,W E 1 uf N- 'ff' K n www ANN., ' xt' 'R . . .M U-Q x.s,,f'-N' 'Q' Nw xx y 0 W ag, , 1 5.15 'YQ J 6 E A r I .. n 1 'Q ' Plunging through the Ima ,ki 1 VARSITY FOOTBALL SCHEDULE AND SCORES 3 Wins-6 Losses-1 Tie G. W. Opp. 6 6 Woodrow Wilson 0 14 St. johns 0 52 Hopewell 0 14 Thomas Jefferson 0 6 Petersburg 7 0 Fairfax 12 6 Southern of Baltimore O 12 John Marshall 15 18 Mount Vernon 14 13 Washington 81 Lee 52 121 94 71.111 ff .., ff 4'Q.-rw 11,5 an l 3, fi 1,41 " ,ne Row 1: Lucius Beasley, Swinkie Bernhard, Ray Carnahan, john Cox, 'Aff Dickie Crompton. Row 2: Lee Duncan, Pat Eggleston, Bob Harrison, - .pf 4 I j rf LIL. W . .af GMM ' G 1,4 .-71,14-L6 54,4 G 2-if' Ralph Kneeland, Stuart Knight. Boiiomf Jerry Lawter. A, f -4,-,fi . JY 'P 'fl 25.52, ILC f Z!! - Uhligai 9 A 5,,.3y: 111: 'Za 7' Viei- fi "" f ., .J ig ,G 4 Llfu..-Q -5,7-256' 1: ,- -J 5 ,Q 4442, ek-, fvvifui.. f as Ralph Kneelantl is forced out of bounds by Bennet CID, of Fairfax. G. W. won the game 7-0. 1 Offs' Vgjzlf ii 'x 1,7 .Q 1 V , il H Ai f AWARDS At the annual football banquet, Harold Outten received the Dinky Scott Me- morial Trophy for outstanding play against Wilson. Lee Duncan won the most valuable player award from the Sportsmanls Club. Ralph Kneeland and Lee Duncan each received a trophy for his touchdown in the W. 84 L. game. Of the twenty-five Varsity letter win- ners, Duncan, Kneeland, Lehman, Eggles- ton, Beasley, Carnahan, and Harrison will not play next year. Beasley, Carnahan, and Duncan earned positions on All State teams and other area teams by their su- perior play this year. VARSITY FOOTBALL Although the George Washington Presidents were more experienced than last year, they managed to win only three of their ten games for head coach Jim Ford. Two of those wins, however, won the Northern Virginia football championship and our second straight "Old Oaken Bucket". The Presidents fielded a stron forward wall and g L a lightweight but powerful backheld. The starting lineup was weakened by several intermittent injuries, including those to Harold Outten and Pat Eggleston, two "All State" potentials. Coach Ford was ably assisted by line coach Frank Kapriva, and coach Harry "Red" Caughron, head trainer and backfield coach Steve Osisek, and J. V. coach Cy Painter. V G. W. Football Coaches CUpperD: Harry Caughron, Frank Kapriva, jim Ford, and Steve Osisek. Football Co-Captains CLowerD: "We've done it again and let's hope we always will." Luke Beasley and Harold Outten shake hands across The Old Bucket. Oaken Row 1: Dan Lehman, Frank Long, Larry McGuire, Tommy Meiklejohn, Robert Moore. Row 2: Harold Outten, Alan Reynolds, Dick Rinker, Francis Tregger, jimmy Whitestone. 95 Capturing our .fecond "0aken Bucketv WOODROW WILSON The Presidents opened their 1952 football season with a hard fought 6-6 tie with the Dis- trict Champions, Wilson Tigers. After three scoreless quarters, Pat Eggleston scored from the one-yard line for G. W. but Fritz Sandoz tied the game up shortly after- wards. Harold Outten was the game's outstanding player with his smashing tackles and defensive blocking. ST. JOHNS G. W. lacked an adequate defense against St. John's slick T-formation plays, and they lost their first game of the year I4-0. St. Johns powerful defense held the Prexies' offense ineffective throughout the game, and the two scores by Russelvyan and Hawkins in the last half were all they needed to win. HOPEWELL Hopewell thoroughly trounced G. W. 32-0 for their 54th consecutive victory in three years. The Blue Devils scored on the second play of the game and twice in the second and fourth quarters, mostly on wide open, long distance runs. The Presidents' offense was greatly improved, but they lost scoring chances because of a loss on a penalty. THOMAS JEFFERSON After missing on five golden opportunities, the Presidents lost to Thomas Jefferson 0-14. The Prexies' defense was excellent in this game, but their offense missed cashing in on five fumbles and a blocked punt that John Cox carried to T. jfs ten-yard line. The Jeffs scored twice in the last five minutes on a pass play and an end run. 96 PETERSBURG G. W. was shut out for the fourth straight game by Petersburg 0-6. Once again the Prexies were a potent of- fensive team except when they were near the goal. Petersburg's score was set up by a 90-yard kick-off return. Luke Beasley was outstanding on defense, recovering fumbles, blocking punts, and pre- venting another sure touchdown. Q Harold Outten C449 moves in to stop Lon Herz- brum 4339 behind the line, Jim Whitestone Cat rightj helped out. FAIRFAX The Presidents finally entered the win column by defeating Fairfax 7-0. After battling Fairfax to a standstill be- tween the 20 yard markers, G. W. scored in the last minute of play when Tom Meiklejohn threw a 40-yard pass to jim Whitestone. Dick Crompton was also outstanding on offense for G. W. SOUTHERN OF BALTIMORE In the Annual Mom and Dad Night game the Prexies defeated Southern I2-6. Even though Southern did score in the fourth period, first half scores by john Bernhard and Dick Crompton gave the Presidents a lead they never relinquished. G. W.'s offense was greatly improved by the return of Pat Eggleston as shown by the fact that the Presidents equaled the number of previous game touchdowns. Lehman is pulled down by a W. 8: L. lineman after he intercepted a pass. Beasley and Ebert f53J were too late for the play. JOHN MARSHALL G. W. played one of their best games but lost to John Marshall 0-12. Ralph Kneeland and Gerald McRae ran well on offense, but the Prexie offense bogged down again when they neared the goal. The game was closer than the score in- dicates for the Jaymen's second score came on the last play of the game. MOUNT VERNON The Mount Vernon Majors upset G. W. for the first time in history 18-13. G. Wfs first score was a pass play from Lee Duncan to Ralph Kneeland. The other touchdown was by Duncan, who ran off- tackle for ten yards. Mt. Vernon won the game in the second half when the Prexie defensefweakened. Two of the Majors' scores were by Roy Daniel and one by John Blunt. Beautiful and popular Loretta Kesterson is crowned Football Queen by Mr. Marshall Beverly while Beverly Eli nn, a member of her court, watches happily. WASHINGTON AND LEE For the sixth consecutive year George Washington defeated its arch rivals, Washington and Lee, in the traditional Thanksgiving Day Game, 14-13. The Presidents played their best game of the year in winning the second straight "Old Oaken Bucketn and the Northern Virginia football championship. Lee Duncan ran 33 yards and Ralph "Atom'i Kneeland 76 yards for the Presidents' touch- downs. Walter Johnson once again provided the winning margin this year when he kicked two very important extra point placements. Tommy Haln and Tom Houston scored Washington and Lee's touchdowns that were set up by a fumble and blocked punt. offense. The entire team clicked, hitting hard on all tackles and running well on Reynolds 1363, Eggleston 4423, Lehman, and Kneeland combine to bring down Sedg- wick of W. 8: L. after a punt. 97 x X sp MQ xx -x E. .x lb - Nag, . , 1 X s Nas fy. 3. WST? td sJ tj tw aj-'Ss C-M x x 3 sk N a, x A A G -. v ,+-1 1 ,f -QL 1 rqwlring Praipective Train' JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL 31,4 X Coach Cy Painter once again had an outstanding mf? X-.75 junior Varsity football squad. This year the Vice- ' U 'WZ 'iffy Presidents won five games, tied two, and lost only ', 'gf ,QQ one. 'Iliff' The jayvee's best game was against Washington 84 . 3, "J Lee, which they won, 7-6. 'Q- Mahlon Edwards, Warren Helwege, Jack McCul- 5 L lough, and Allan Reynolds were some of the team's - ' Outstanding players. f ,H A' 5- . 1 5- t,Q". , tx? Q4 MSM W . V, Kneekling: Tommy Varner, Rout' I: Bob Pauly, Jimmy Swan, Marshall Henderson, Joe Sheldon, Dan Jones, John Sutherland, Dave Beach, Richard Putnal, Mike Gibbons, Donnie Kaus. Row 2.' Jackie Mc- 'Cullough, David Hibberd, Fred Koch, Warren Helwege, james Maigret, Frank Mayers, Sonny johnson, Charles Armstrong George Grimm Malen Edwards Row 3: Robert Sisson, Lewis Craig, Paul Sheridan, M james Wilson, Par, Henry, Tommy lCaraballo, Louis'Dixon, john Oliver, Bill Sykes, Noel Walters, Wilbur Smith. Row 4: Earle Mountcastleg Mr. Cy Painter, coachg Andy Hamilton. 98 Shooting for the .timer Seafezf: Marvin Davies, Doug Yates, Butch Darley, Lester McMenamin, Doug Fleming, Billy Morton, Mr. Doran. Smmliug: Ralph Kneelantl, Wilmer Anderson, John McLane, John Phillips, Walter Davis, Stuart Knight, Dan Lehman, Jimmy Mottley. VARSITY BASKETBALL SCHEDULE 18 Wins - 7 Losses G. W. Opponent 74 McKinley Tech 53 , 59 Bladensburg 47 i 45 Bethesda 42 47 Thomas jelferson 39 35 Washington 81 Lee 29 36 Mount Vernon 25 61 Fairfax 33 50 Wilson 52 58 John Marshall 67 65 Petersburg 50 39 Bethesda 30 73 Lane 39 58 Gonzaga 54 39 Washington Sc Lee 58 59 Mount Vernon 40 68 Fairfax 47 82 St. Stephens 33 47 Petersburg 73 47 Thomas Jefferson 56 X63 Roosevelt 62 368 St. johnls 60 X50 St. Anthonys 52 'll as 57 Petersburg 47 I "' 'l'-45 Newport News 40 I 'H40 E. C. Glass 4l Doug Yates, quart t u ' ' ' , - . hoolt shot against lS7ti anB1ilFOlS4oi'l1tiiiVTr335mii'x1ct3i'e2s 3 Denotes Metfopollfan Tournament- in for a rebound. iz' Denotes State Tournament. 99 Tapping off center VARSITY BASKETBALL Lester McMenamin Captain and Center The 1953 Presidents finished their basketball season Bi11M0ft0n with an impressive record of 18 wins and 7 losses. Forward Coach Doran had a balanced team with Bill Morton Burg Iiifley and Doug Yates, forwards, "Butch" Darley and Doug D ua . . . oug Fleming Fleming, guards, and captain and center Lester McMena- Guard min. The Prexies had an impenetrable zone defense and an offense that averaged nearly 60 points again. Morton was high scorer, with a 16 point average and McMena- min runner-up, with a 10 point aver- age. Morton broke the individual scoring record with 38 points in the Gonzaga game. The Prexies gained revenge for last year's tournament loss, by defeating Tech in the opening game. Their vic- tory over W 8: L was Coach Doran's 500th win at G. W. Their highest score was against St. Stephens, with the second string playing over half the game. The Prexies had the distinction of never losing to the same team twice. Substitutes that saw the most action were Dan Lehman, Ralph Kneeland, and Clay Lyons. Lyons started several games at the beginning of the season. Doug Yates Forward From: Coach Steve Osisek. Bill Hamaker, Wayne Stewart, George Coburn, Gene Thomas, Bill Ziert, Chic Harrison, Frank Myers, Joe Sheldon, David Wallace, Charles Ginsberg, Buddy Allen. 100 Freshman and Eighth Grade Basketball: Row I: Robert Rasmussen, Ralph Price. Row 2x Hamilton Rothrock, Eddie Dyson, David Waltman, Bruce Hewitt, Phil Yates, Chris Leach, Bill Dowdy. Row 3: jacob Folk, Tito Leuterio, jimmy Conner, Craig Fox, Freddie Staats, Albert Peacock, Mike Downey, Warren Ed- wards, Coach Marino. Doug Fleming drops in two' points as Pollin C459 of Roosevelt defends. G. W. defeated Roosevelt 63-62. TOURNAMENT In the Metropolitan Tournament the Presidents were heavy underdogs, but they reached the finals by upsetting Roosevelt and St. Johns. St. Anthony's Cinderella Team then pulled an upset of their own by defeating us 52-50. The Prexies were also picked to lose early in the State Tourney, but they reachedthe finals by beating Petersburg and Newport News. We then lost to our old Nemesis, Glass High of Lynchburg. Morton and McMenamin were selected to be on the All-State team. They also were voted on All-Suburban teams, as were Fleming and Darley. JUNIOR .VARSITY BASKETBALL The Jayvees, directed by Coach Steve Osisek, had a record of 12 wins and 3 losses. The high scorers were Wayne Stewart and Chick Harrison. Their best game was their second against W. 81 L., which they won 36-34. Coach Osisek's squad had the distinction of hollding the only victory over Thomas jefferson. Coach Marino's freshman squad had a record of 6 wins, 14 losses, and his eighth grade team, 6 wins, 8 losses. The outstanding players were jim Conner and Bruce Hewitt. 101 Slzbiing loome with loonom' VARSITY BASEBALL The George Washington baseball team opened the season by walloping W. 85 L. 20-8. Doug Fleming and Mahlon Edwards each had three hits. Butch Darley relieved Tom Mieklejohn and was the winning pitcher. . . . i I Varsit co ca rains second baseman Dou Fleming and Coach Palmer looked forward to a greg , V - P , fa , , , first baseman Lester McMenamin, exchange a few pointers season with most of last ears American l ' ' Y Lurmg practice' Legion State Champs in his starting lineup that forced a twenty-game schedule. The other pitchers were Dick Simms, Eugene Thomas, Joe Perry, Wilmer Ander- son, and Bob Padgett. Lester McMenamin was at first, Doug Fleming at second, Mahlon Edwards at shortstop, and Ralph Kneeland in the hot corner at third. Lindsey Santmire was the utility infielder. In the outfield were Dan Lehman, Ray Carnahan, Wilmer Anderson, John Newell, and Bob Hedrick. Mahlan Edwards, short stop, Billy Morton, catcher, and Ralph Kneeland, third baseman, round out the All Star Prexie inheld. VARSITY BASEBALL Ron" I: John Newell, Lindsey Santmire, Ralph Kneeland, Mahlan Edwards, Billy Morton, Lester McMena- min, Doug Fleming, Wilmer Anderson. Row 2: Coach Painter, Bobby Robinson, Bob Hendrix, Dan Leh- man, Dickie Sims, Ray Carnahan, Joe Perry, Butch Darley, Tommy Gilkeson, Billy Dowdy. Row 3.7 Warren Helwig, Robert Padgett, Gene Thomas, Tommy Meiklejohn. 102 LY l"gx?jJ XV iv Y . ff? L I Nj V I P Q W .M 'W Row 1: Sonny Johnson, Sam Kelton, Pat Henry, Lambert Barnett, Larry Gates, Wilbur Smith, Noel Wal- ter. Row 2: Coach Ricer, Bill Shu, Tony Barentine, David Brown, Jimmy Kidd, Richard Brady, Nick Waln, james McKinney. Row 3.' Norman Pierce, Bill Plott, Jerry Loftis, Stuart Nalls, Charles Brill, Albert Pea- cock, Jimmy Dumas, Stuart Sentz. J.V. BASEBALL Coach Harry Ricer's jayvee squad has a regular schedule of eight league games plus a few others. The starting lineup was: Captain Lambert Barnett, catcher, Sonny Johnson, first base- man, james McKinney, second baseman, Noel Walter, shortstop, and David Brown, third baseman. In the outfield were Sam Kelton, Bill Shu, Wilbur Smith, and Pat Henry. Ricer's leading pitchers were Stuart Nalls and Pat Henry. Other infielders were Albert Peacock and Jim Dumas. Bill Plott, Larry Gates, Jim Kidd, and Jerry Loftus were the other pitchers. Noel Walter, short stop, and James McKinney, second baseman, were Coach Ricer's J. V. keystone combination. 1953 Schedule Mar. -W. 84 L ........... Home 3:30 April 27-Falls Church .Away 3:15 April -Bladensburg .... Home 3:30 April 29-W. Sc L .,.,.... Home 8:00 April -Episcopal .,.,.,. .Away 3:30 May 1-Bullis Prep ...,.. ..,.... A way 3:00 April -Fairfax .....,..,... Home 3:30 May 4--Fairfax ....... Home 8:00 April --Mt. Vernon ....... ....... A way 8:00 May 6-Mt. Vernon .,..., ....... A way 8:00 April -Falls Church ..,. Home 3:30 May 8-Falls Church Home 8:00 April -W. 8: L .,,...,,.... .Away 8:00 May ll-W. 84 L ..,.,...,.... ..,,,,, A way 8:00 April -McKinley Tech Home 3:30 May l5-Fairfax ........ .Away 8:00 April 22-Fairfax ............ .,.,... A way 8:00 May 18-Mt. Vernon Home 8:00 April -Mt. Vernon ..., Home 3:30 May 20-Falls Church .Away 3:15 103 " ating" athletic supremacy . TENNIS Under the sponsorship of Mr. Funesti, tennis, our newest sport, is fast becoming popular at G. W. This year's team, led by Grif Herring and a newcomer, Earl McFarland, had a full sched- ule of twelve matches. Other members of Mr. Funestis team were Dave Roby, Charles Harvey, Don Price, and Bob Willingham. Earl McFarland won theyyfall intramural tournament in a breeze with Elliot james finishing second and John lfletweltl Vthgdlr 1' 'Xxx i xy H ,di D 4" ' .a. 'i ' Q L X. ,., J 1 ' , ,," 4 Asst ' . , -len Xia Xxx, A ,yr N ta: ' ,,..,. . N, ,,,,.,,., V, ,.,,,,,,-,,..,,:,,, ask., I .-, 5, M , .,,,. if 9 - -:-::::::N , : 1-1-5 sw 4,-X W:-.,:, iz" ,.,.,. 1,1 Tennis Team: Ron' I: Arthur Pierce, jere Patterson, Pete Latimer. ' " "' '-'ff Ron' 2: Earl McFarland, Grill Herring, Bob Willingham, Mike Gallagher, Griff Herring, Tennis Captain. Dick Parler. Varsity Track: Rau' 1: Dean Allen, Manager, Rudolph Wilke, Richard Crompton, Ben Woodbridge, james Whitestone, Riley Nixon, Captain, John Cox, David Wallace, Alfred Judd, jerry Lawter, Reynolds Williams. Rott' 2: Donald Kaus, Holly Evans, Byrd Mankin, David Bloor, David E. Brown, Marshall Henderson, Thomas McDonald, john Gary, John Raymond, David Whitestone, Robert Shoup, Robert Wad- man. Row 3: Coach Caughron, William Zierdt, David Daniel, Ed Sanderson, Alan Reynolds, Charles Gins- berg, Edgar Regan, james Swan, William Drake, Dean Allen, Herb Kahler, William Holland, Lee Duncan. Rouf 4: Fred Koch, john Rinker, Robert Moore, Roland Symonds. ' 104 fa. W xx . 'We' ta-'la t- v 1 A X vgfjesf' 'K 01' i 'Q Y , ta' 1 ii ,fi if .va 4 . A A My ji F ' fa 1- mei' W' sp . , is A .J X 6 J' . .I .,, :X Q Junior Varsity Track: Ron' 1: Gordon Silcox, Raymond Poole, Warren Edwards, Davis Hall, Thomas Caraballo, William Schumm, Charles McKenny, Philip Burrows, Magruder Jones, Frank Attilus, Ralph Price. Row 2: Dean Allen, Manager, Frank Myers, Raymond Barrett, George Butt, Fred Shelton, Elvin Ligon, Elliott James, Daniel jones, Andy Hamilton, Richard King, Tucker Gray, Bernhard Titleman. Ron' 3: Robert Diehl, John Moore, John Roberts, David Winkler, William Moran, Joseph Lloyd, Mike Gibbons, Tracy Aitcheson, Donald Jenks, Fred Sherman, James Hines, Arthur Severson. Row 4: Coach Caughron, John Knight, Charles Armstrong, John Sutherland, Eldredge Rowzie, Robert Lynde, Mark Blair, William Hamaker, Cortes Randell, Curtis Adkins, Gene Hale, Ernest Langley. TRACK This year track reached the top in its climb from the doldrums to a major sport, Over one hundred twenty boys answered the call. to spring track. With a large group of boys returning from last year's fine squad and a number of promising newcomers, the 1953 track squad had more depth than any team in the last few years. Many of the milers and half-milers participated in cross country track last fall which was used as a con- ditioning rather than a competitive sport. The team worked hard and was in top condition for its first meet, the Alexandria Memorial Relays. Charley Ginsberg and Dave Brown in the mile and half-mile, Lee Duncan, jim Whitestone, and Gene Drury in the sprints and hurdles, John Cox in the weight events, and Dave Wallace in the high jump gave Coach "Red" Caughron many pleasant moments. R i l e y Nixon, track team cap- tain, clears a hurdle in a prac- tice sprint. Lee Duncan and Ben Woodbridge "get set" for a practice sprint. Track has once again regained its place as a major spring sport. 105 4 ff if ,, PM iqgvff f-Mei' 4' ye! L,,,f i 355:-2 Rowing high wide and handsome CREW Crew, a comparatively new sport, is fast becoming popular at George Washington. In seven years the rowing team has in- creased from ten men to fifty men who practice every after- noon on the Potomac. Last season G. W. made a good showing by capturing the North- ern Virginia championship and the Stotesbury Cup, which is emblematic of Eastern rowing supremacy, and taking third place in the schoolboy Nationals held in Washington, D. C. After the high school season was completed, seven of the Presidents' Varsity continued rowing for the Old Dominion Boat Club and won the National Championship for Intermediate Eight-Oared Shells. This year, coach julian White- stone and assistant coach Jack Franklin have eight returning hw, In the water and ready for action are left to right: Sandy Brernner, Curtis Atkins, Dick Rinker, Irvin Dodd, Harry Miller, Maury Browne, John Sullivan George Gross, George Peyton LL oJ I M, ' - . i K 157' Wfiliifi if WJ CU ,Crew f eam: -Rx -1.4 Allen Phillipe, john Moore, Gene Ross, F- John ef Bill makas, Gene Gardner, Andy Hamilton, Glenn lertermen, George Pffyf0HwJ0hHlP 1 Qigngas, overt arg naw uhief, Bill Woolf, Dick stfykef, Sullivan, Maury Browne, Haig? X ole Moore enny orris Irvin Dodd Row 2 Maury Browne Miller, Ervin Dodd, 10 IRjnkerMA George Peyton, jimmy Colangelo, Paul Sheridan, Sandy Morrison, Curtis Adkins C0X.W - X Tommy Hunter, Phil Burrows, Mike Ramey, John McLane, Sandy Sandy Bremner' - CW, ' Ildlremniri-Rifarren Colpe, Roy Gravatte, Curtis Atkins, Russ Dunn, - . arry 1 er. or 106 t .f,.. J gs Lx. Um 7 , f ,,. ,. .bf wi- fi .fi 6,91-Leiiii faiwffs? "' V!'!w:f1:f1 he ff K , rf ' , - .f Qe..1'efM'W'7 VKX fifefff W"'L"':1 I A59 , - sf '-Lin-1fn,2Z7v.7f X 4 . j L, 75. f IX-will Sweet Patootie Chorus Gracefully pointing their toes and making a smash hit .UH if A Coach Julian Whitestone are: Maury Browne, Dick Rinker, Harry Miller, and George Peyton, members of the Sweet Patootie Chorus, sponsored by the Crew Boosters' Club. Posing proudly for the camera are the 1952 rowing team champions as their coxswain, Sandy Bremner dis- plays the Stotesbury Cup: Coach julian Whitestone, Curtis Adkins, Dick Rinker, Irvin Dodd, Harry Miller, Maury Browne, John Sullivan, George Gross, George Peyton, Mr. Jack Franklin. S CREW BOOSTERS G. W. now has its own shell, purchased by the citizens of Alexandria through the G. W. Crew Boosters' Club, the main support for row- ing at G. W. The new shell, the "City of Alexandrian, cost about 532,300 Traveling expenses of the crew are covered by money from the Leap Year Follies, a variety show put on by the Crew Boosters, Club. The Prexie Eight, sporting their new shell and new uniforms, complete with jackets fur- nished by the G. W. Athletic Department, hope to gain national fame for G. W. this year at the Schoolboy National Rowing Regatta, held at Buffalo, New York. 107 Emfnin our letterr MONOGRAM CLUB The Monogram Club is composed of all the boys in George Washington who have earned a varsity letter in any sport. The club's purpose is to promote true sports- manship and a stronger fellowship among the athletes. Head football coach, Mr. jim Ford, is the club sponsor. Ray Carnahan was elected president, Jim Whitestone, vice- president, and Jim Nowland, SECICIHIY-IICHSUICI. Ray Carnahan The Monogram Club has several annual projects. Its P,m,ge,,, members sponsor a dance which is always a high light of . N I d the school social calendar. They also underwrite the .ath- Segf3m,2rV:eil?w,er letic banquet held each year at the end of the football season at which time trophies and awards are made to the Mf-ggilzinzfofd outstanding athletes of G. W. The club sells the programs at all the football games to help finance the club projects. Ron' I: Bill Dowdy, jimmy Nowland, Dick Rinker, Billy Morton, Maury Brown, Dan Lehman, Bob Pawly, Sandy Bremner. Ron' 2: Larry McGuire, Dick Crompton, Pat Eggleston, Tommy Meikeljohn, jimmy White- stone, Harold Outten, Gene Drury, Sonny Williams, Don Price, Jimmy Mottley. Row 3: Fred Koch, Doug Fleming, Butch Darley, Ben Woodbridge, Luke Beasley, Ray Carnahan, John Cox, Lester McMenamin, Fran- cis Treger, Gus Richards, Sonny johnson. 108 G.A.A. Officers-First Se- mester: Row 1: Betty New- man, President, Barbara Mel- lot, Recorder of Points. Row 2: Rosemary Kendrick, Ser- geant at Arms, Virginia Mc- Bride, Vice-President. Row 3: .Carol Williams, Secretary, 'Adrienne Thatcher, Treasurer. 1 Q' GIRLS' ATHLETIC A Assoc1AT1oN G.A.A. Ofhcers-Second Se- mester: Kneeling: Bobbie Mellott, Recorder of Points, Gail Rinker, Secretary. Stand- ing: Rosie Kendrick, Presi- dent, Ginny McBride, Vice- President. G.A.A. Bowling Trophy: It is a moment of triumph for Adrienne Thatcher, as she receives the G.A.A. Bowling Trophy from Miss Lorraine Hubbard. The Girls, Athletic Associa- tion represented George Wash- ington High in competition with girls' teams of other high schools in the vicinity. Among these rivals are Fairfax, Mt. Vernon, and Falls Church. The newest activity the Girls' Athletic Association undertook was bowling. The girls entered four teams in the Alexandria CCor1tinued on Page 1103 G.A.A.: Row I: Virginia McBride, Betty Sanchez, Barbara Mellott, Betty Newman. Row 2: Shirley Noel, Patsy Entwisle, Susan Briggs, Shirley Stodgel. Row 3: Linda Wood, Rosemary Kendrick, Gail Rinker, Judy Miller, Kathy Wall. Raza' 43 Ellen Meints, Didi Harrison, Joan Van Dorn, Adrienne Thatcher. Row 5: Marianne Crittenden, Lois Estes, Carole Williams. 109 tfle1te.amlz'nz'n our sporty CContinucd from Page 1091 Recreation League, and they all placed among the top teams. ln addition to basketball and bowling they also have a softball and a volleyball team. Both did very well and provided the girls with a lot of fun. To become a member of the Girls' Athletic Association, a girl must be rec- ommended by her physical education teacher. She must then gain one hun- dred points by performing certain stunts and participating in sports activities. Membership entitles her to be on the team she wishes and has ability for. The G.A.A. has an annual Christmas Party and beach party. G.A.A. Softball: Row 1: Virginia McBride, Pat Entwisle, Marianne Crittenden, Gail Rinker. Row 2: Barbara Mellott, Diane Maechtle, Susan Briggs, Lois Entwisle. Row 3: Rosemary Kendrick, Betty San- chez, Anne Krummes, Jo Ann Van Dornes. s Wk G.A.A. Volleyball Team: Seated: Gail Rinker, Barbara Mellott, Shirley Stodgel. Row I: Lois Estes, Betty Sanchez, Susan Briggs, Virginia McBride. Run' 2: Kathy Wall, Rosemary Kendrick, Betty Newman, Ellen Meints, Shirley Noel. 110 41. .. G.A.A. Bowling Team: K7ZG6lfllg.' Marianne G.A.A. Bowling Team: Kzzeeliwzgx Barbara Mel- Crittenden, Lois Estes, Shirley Stodgel. Sl6l7lltJi72g.' lott, Judy Miller, jo Ann Van Dornes. Snzmlingx Rosemary Kendrick, Betty Newman, Linda Wood, Pat Entwisle, Betty Sanchez, Ellen Meints, Ad- Carole Williams. rienne Thatcher, Virginia McBride. G.A.A. Basketball Schedule Where G' A' A' Opponents Played Home Team Opponents Miss Lorraine Hubbard, sponsor of the Girls' F21iffHX Ffiiffax ---'-"- 22 Athletic Association, coached the basketball Mt' Vernon G' W' ""' 5' J . Falls Church G. W. ,..., 17 16 team to a very successful season this year. They Geo- Mason G. W- tpult 31 27 won four of their seven scheduled games. Fairfax G. W. ..... 18 35 Mt. Vernon G. W. ..... 19 12 Falls Church G. W. ,..., , 24 25 G.A.A. Basketball Team: Razz' I: Virginia McBride, Gail Rinker, Betty Sanchez, Barbara Mellott, Betty Newman, Rosemary Kendrick. Razz' 2: Didi Harrison, Patsy Entwisle, Lois Estes, Shirley Stodgel, Carole Williams, Adrienne Thatcher. 111 Competing with friezrzdf Susan Briggs, Shirley Noel, and Gail Rinker practice for a G.A.A. basketball game. G.A.A. Volleyball Champs: Row I: Joyce Carter, jean- erre jackson, Adele Donaldson. Row 2: Jo Ann Hamlet, Barbara Madison, Jean Simpson, Lillian Mahoney. Row 3: Anna Bettis, Deloris Brown, Shirley Sentell, Susan Moore, Olga Lemeshewsky. 112 It's a great day for gymnastics when they're done by Shirley Srodgel and Virginia McBride. Seated are Barbara Mellott and Betty Sanchez. Standing: jo Ann Van Dornes, Pat Entwisle, and Carole Williams. "Not strictly according to the books, but fun." Say Judy Miller and Kathy Wall. Intramural Basketball Winners Softball Winners QI-Ippefj CLOWCID Row I.' Eileen Ferrell, Beverley Flinn, Elizabeth Ray, Eileen Ferrell, Marian Crittenden, Barbara Madison, Barbara Madison. Rout' 2.' Margie Lucas, Pat O'Con- Lois Entwisle, Joanne Hamlet. nell, Louise Romani, Marita Smith. INTRAMURALS The term Mintramuralsn pertains to the com- petition among the girls' physical education ,IQ4 "' ' classes. During the school year, teams are S14-Ll Zi chosen by the teachers in each of their classes QKSTEJ ' to compete with other classes. The captains tj' of the various teams are chosen by the mem- bers of the teams. p I Miss Hubbard's second period Won the bas- ketball competition, and her sixth period team Won in volleyball. The winning intramural fx team played the Girls' Athletic Association to determine the final championship. ' 113 U mu n g beraey l Left: Taking a moment of relaxation out of a hard day's work are two of our janitors, Elmer' Gardner and Louis Walker. New N as KY N X .s . ,,:.:, 5 .A S 5? E X W? v X Q 114 Above: Mr. Albert May, Custodiang Mr. Charles Barnes, Night Watchman. Cafeteria Staff QAbovej: Row I: Mrs. Sadie Heflin, Mrs. Carrie Marinoff, Mrs. Mary Wheeler, Mrs. Margaret Compton. Row 2: Mrs. Frieda Hall, Mrs.. Mary Hollingsworth, Mr. Arthur McClure, Mrs. Helen Wright, Mrs, Annette Dawson. . Cafeteria Help CLeftJ: Row I: Lulu-Strothers, Lillian Bensen, Kathryn Hugley, Lillian Jackson. Row 2: Dorothy Davis, Harryette Wood, Arthur Bailey, Mary Dunlop. J "S 'V , , 7.35, , s A R Wfirfwxrf' T HX .- wg. .. wfzvgivvi A S- ffg?T,atv2f Q55 'Fas 'i'fY?W?16f' 7 Qz5i::?'ffi-.fry -'-,N wg new M,-..,,, Q JMwM41h:wW.3!.im.Lafg5Lw' ..,. ma, ,fa s ,.. W , Q, 31 Leoldin the way STUDENT COUNCIL This year's Student Council really deserves a hand. At the beginning of the year they were hosts at a party given for the newcomers to G. W. Les Mac's Rhythm-Aires furnished the music. The Pep Committee, organized for better school spirit, made the arrangements for the W. 8: L.-G. W. football game, the bonfire, parade, and confetti party. You could also find the members of the committee, which is open to all the students, cleaning and polishing our treasured athletic trophies. Second semester students heard "music in the air" in the cafeteria as Student Council repre- sentatives spun records over the public address system. This arrangement was made possible by Mr. Pruet's opening his office three times a week for the purpose. Everyone also en- joyed dancing to the music of the Madrillon Orchestra at the Student Council sponsored dances after school. The amendment to the constitution gave the january graduates the opportunity, for the first . time, to run for president and vice-president. Shir16ydR0SS Dlvhfy MCT-H125 The return of the honor study halls marked Prem em F1fSfV1Ce-Pfel em another step in the Student Councils progress. Susie Richards Carole Webb Second Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Led by Shirley Ross, first woman president in eleven years, the Student Council has been at the core of a dynamic year. A 63 I .Q 2? O 9 47 Q, C, fix ,V fl 2 o lp fl e ' an 4 Q K7 O 3 6 5 fo -f fl 'Y S: C' 0 , 0 O04 92' 6 9 A 6 Q7 9 4 Row 1: Nancy Moore, Barbara Kidd. Dee Buchanon, Marita Smith, Yvonne Burns, Sheila Kennedy, f 0" Nancy Johnson, Shirley Ross, Carole Webb, Jean McDonald, Shirley Richards, Elaine Fately. Row 2: W ' Penny West, Trudy London, jo Ann Hamlet, Lynn Chedester, joan Councilor, Ann McWilliams, Georgia A CX Burks, Kay Kampe, Sandra Smith, Wilda Kesterson, Francis Chamberlain, Barbara Kidd. Row 3: Bobby Cohen, Ralph Kneeland, Michael Tomalin, Barbara Ashburn, Carolyn Clark, Molly Moore, Ann Young, Jo- UX anne Anderson, Mary Jane Alcorn, Mary Ann Travers, joan Owsley, Alan Abramson, Nick Waln, Ross QX Hunt. Row 4: French Zahn, Gordon Silcox, John Newell, John McLane, Ben Woodbridge, Maury Browne, Gus Richards, David Daniels, jack Roub, ohn Cox, Leo Virant, Tornm Caraballo, Mac McKinne . 9 V Y Y 8 . -'X fl 4 f A' 116 f .-1 1 .- it a ,., 1, I p LM t..,i.?o A !04'J: " V " .I . F .. f A 1 Cfbffs fic., we at , J' Executive Committee: Razz' I: Gordon Silcox, Susan Richards. Razz' 2: Shirley Ross, Wilila Kesterson, Carole Weblu, joan Owsley. Row 72 Nicky Waln, Maury Browne, Miss Helen llldings, john McLane. 'FLA -..:-:- ..L f-:--l1:--.. .,,l.:,L ,,.,L.. rw.. Luv, Honor and Discipline Committee: Ron' 1: Susan Richards. Row 2: Elaine Fately, Carole Weblo, Shir- ley Ross. Razz' 3: Ralph Kneeland, John McLane, Gus Richards, French Zahn, R010 4: john Cox. X 117 Honoring those Top Roux' Lee Ann Leaphart, President, Marjorie Silcox, Vice-President, Penny Wilkins, Secretary, Miss Dolly Calla- han, Sponsor. Bottom Raw: Ben Woodbridge, Treasurer, Maury Browne, Sergeant at Arms, Margaret Tremain, Parliamentarian. H :AL 11 2 a eww -r ,,fi H - f A U ' W ' i E ff it in A l W """' .... ' 1 I -i if :Iii-i::i31f"i ""' : A is 1, .1 VVV. r -v- ' N x QUILL AND PALM The members of the Quill and Palm Chapter of the National Honor Society gave a dance on November 7. The theme being "Comic Carnival", the students, dressed as their favorite comic strip char- acters, had a hilarious and colorful eve- ning. The purpose of the dance was to raise funds for the fifty-dollar scholarship awarded annually to an outstanding mem- ber selected from high junior and low senior classes on four basic points: scholarship, leadership, character, and service. ' Row I: Nancy Wanner, Sally Fulton, Carole Ann Downin, Lee Feild, Bobbie Watson, Frances Stewart, Shirley Ross, Susie Richards, Anne Litsey. Row 2: Carole Webb, Janice Meshkolf, Marita Smith, Carol Anne Wallace, jackie jones, Stephanie Mellnik, Ann Lee, Penny Wilkins, Marge Silcox, Loretta Kesterson. Row 3: Ralph Kneeland, Dan Lehman, Ellen Meints, Lee Ann Leaphart, Georgia Burks, Joanne Darnell, Lucy Marston, Alice Marston, jimmy Nowland. Row 4: Tommy Eley, john McLane, Stewart Willis, Ben Woodbridge, Lester McMenamin, Maury Browne, john Newell. 118 Wz'tk laurels proud! won Lee Ann Leaphart, Presidentg John Newell, Vice-Presidentg Ann Forest, Secretaryg Bobbie Watson, Treasurer, Miss Betty Lee Blankenship, Sponsor. QUILL AND SCROLL "We prophesy that . . Thus the members of the Quill and Scroll Honor Society swing into action. Selected twice a year on the basis of scholarship and journalistic service, the mem- bers combine their talents and Wit, go into a tailspin, and come up with the Senior Class Prophecy and the Last Will and Testament each semester. The highlight of the year is the Quill and Scroll Banquet held each spring. New mem- bers are initiated amid the sparkle of candle light on silverware, and the banquet concludes with speeches from prominent people in the world of journalism. John Newell Waylays Lida Wood and Diane Maechtle as they enter school, to sell them copies of the Last Will and Testament. Seafeffr Bobbie Watson. S!amliz1g.' Nancy Wanner, Lee Ann Leapharr, Ann Forest, Pat O'Connell, Lenore Alexander, john Newell. V 119 rerentin the .fm LENORE ALEXANDER Edilofeirz-Chief COMPASS This year the "Compass" sent representatives to two journalism conferences. One was journalism Day at American University, and the other was the S.l.P.A. Conference in Lexington, which three of the 1953 staff members attended in April. The two-day schedule of classes and discussions offered many pointers to help the staff improve the i'Compass,'. At this convention Ailsa Mackenzie accepted, on behalf of the 1952 "Compass" staff, the Trophy Award, which was presented for the best yearbook entered in the S.l.P.A. contest for schools having an enrollment over 1100. A little proud of our newly acquired skills in cropping and pasting page layouts and of last year's N.S.P.A. Hrst class rating, we of the "Compass, staff of 1955 will have considered our efforts worthwhile if you are as proud of and enjoy its contents half as much as we have enjoyed compiling it. S.I FHA, TROPHY Editorial Staff: Senfeflf Lee Ann Leaphart, Pirtnre Ezfitfm' Bobbie Watson, Copy Editor. Sm111H11g.' Nancy Wanner, Af! Co-Ezlitwg' Bruce Hubbard, Art C'o-Eclitfm' Nancy Donnell, Cadet Ealimrg john Newell, Sporty and Bu.ri11e.tJ Eziitorg Frances Stewart, Senior Editor. Jer' Business and Advertising Staff: Razz' If Penny Wilkins, Betty Becker, Janice Slight, Lucy Marston, Diane fairchilcl. Razz' 2: Mike Daniel, Jean Wooten, Marjorie Harris, Rosalind Schrott, Phyllis Nelson, Sande Smith, Blair Fornshill. 120 4' . 4. 4 A ' ,W ,E A an l ,V l as M A . . W ,, K 1 -' ' X ' 2 ,fm l 1 . A :J jr ,L .V , , P . I 6 0. It , . . - Q gl I ci wb , l, . A' ' fa, ,. ,' - . j 5 I ', ap- . - -. A H. L ' X - V . L . 1 an fb - ,A ae' ix f ! ' ,-' .' .Q 'y ' A , ti J , f - au, "' ' .. 9 , .. -ee , , l Literary Staff: Rau' 1: Elaine Woolf, Marcella Painter, Ann Hobbs, Jackie Jones, Penny Wilkins, Joanne Darnell, Carole Downin. Ron' 2: Carole Brannon, Dee Buchanan, jo Ann Anderson, Alice Wanner, Jane Finnegan, Carol Anne Wallace, Herb Kahler, Carole Eblin, Lynn Chedester, Caroline Morgan, Jane Houseman, Mary Kirkland, Mary jane Ackor. , 0 I K' Q 'M ' - , . A ' . 'N A '1fV,,Sg 5.4 ffffgff-,qy 1143.2 T Jn 'i "Thais what erasers are for," says Lee Ellison to Ann Hobbs, the kibitzer. Shown in a busy moment are Carole Downin, John Newell, Lee Ann Leaphart, Kathy Wall, and Carol Brannon getting ready for the picture rummage Sale. 121 Surveyzng the new THE SURVEYOR "The Surveyor" may not be "The Evening Star" or "The Washington Post", but it is just as important a part of G. W. as these publications are of the Nation's Capital. The staff members are handy with pen and seem to have an uncanny nose for news. If G. W. events are at all newsworthy, the reporters will ferret them out, and Ann Forest Editor, First Semester Nancy Johnson Editor, Second Semester its a sure thing that you'll see them in "The Surveyor". With the efficient advice of Miss Betty Lee Blankenship, and the pa- tience of Mr. Drury of the print shop to sustain them, the staff members started the fall semester with a bang. They were able to feature an exclusive interview from Vice-President Nixon during his campaign tour, much to the chagrin of the Washington papers and the pride of the staff. During the 1951-52 school year "The Surveyor" won first place in the Quill and Scroll International rating and an honor award from the Southern Interscholastic Press Association. The second semester staff took over with enthusiasm, and consequently "The Surveyor" took on a new sparkle, The old four-page paper was increased to six pages, new columns made their debut, and more items of interest ap- peared. The final issue combined all the joy of the coming months with the hectic activities of the closing school year, and was the perfect ending to a perfect "Surveyor" season. 122 Editorial Staff 6First Semesterbz Row I: Ann Forest, Nancy Johnson. Rau' 2: Marilyn Lawrance, Inge Rosenbaum, Barry Preble, Ann Sanders, Bill Cummings, Adele Donaldson. Editorial Staff fSecond Semesterb 1 Rott' I: Marilyn Lawrance, Nancy Johnson, Adele Donaldson. Row 2: joan Councilor, Sue Levinson, Lou Levinson, Ann Sanders, Joe Carter, Inge Rosen- baum. Business Staff Cliirst Semesterbz Run' I: Susie Moore, Frances Henderson, Janice Slight, Claudel Bartlett. Rout 2: Margie Lucas, Anne Horne, Molly Moore, Judy Donnelly. Rozzf 3: Sande Smith, Betsy Wienecke, Robin Jamison, Kerrie Sanders. Reporters 4First Semesterlz Rout' I: Andy Hamilton, John Newell, Herb Kahler. Row 2: Carole Webb, Lou Levinson, Sandra Peck, Sue Levinson, Dorothy Finnegan. Reporters QSecontl Semesterhz Rau' 1: Alice Sobotka, Joy Titelman, Helen Herron, Janice Slight, Claudel Bartlett, Rau' 2: Ann Vadnais, Lynn Leslie, Nancy Richardson, Carole Webb. Rmzf 3: Andy Hamilton, Business Staff fSecond Semesterjz Ron' 1: Stephanie Mellnik, Martha Haislip, Sarah Walford. Ron' 2: Betsy Wfienecke. Margie Lucas, Dorothy Finnegan. John Newell, Herb Kahler. 123 Inlcroducing G W3 literary genius N Directors and Officers: Rau' 1: Miss Elizabeth MacManus, Sponsorg Anne Litsey, Presidentg jane Perham, Director of Art. Rott' 2: Robert Padgett, Secretary-Treasurer, Stephanie Mellnik, Director of Field Service, Lorane Lloyd, Director of Proof Reading, David Tyree, Business Manager. THE LITTLE HATCHET EDITOR ......,............,.,.,,.,....,...,. Adele Donaldson ASSISTANT EDITOR ..,.............. ,... N ancy Pruet EXCHANGE EDITOR ,.... ..,. ......,,. M a rgie Lucas BOARD OF DIRECTORS President ....,........,....,....,..........,.......... Anne Litsey Vice-President ..,...,,..., .,.,..... P enny Kinnard Secretary-Treasurer .,,........ ,...... R obert Padgett Business Manager .,.,,..,....,... ..,.......... D avid Tyree ' Director of Field Service ........... Stephanie Mellnik Director of Make-Up ,..,.............. Marilyn Lawrance Director of Art .i,. ..,.....,.,..,.....,... ...., J a ne Perham Director of Proof Reading ,,,..,.,.......... Lorane Lloyd Director of Typing .4.......,..,.............. Virginia Carr FACULTY SPONSORS Editorial ........,,.,..,...,,.... Misses Margie Robertson, Eunice Guill, and Elizabeth MacManus Art ,........................,...,... Miss Elizabeth Eisenberg Typing .................,.....,,.,.... Mrs. Watkin C. Smith Printing ..,,... ,..,.. M r. Charles Whitheld Drury Editors: Adele Donaldson, Margie Lucas, Nancy Pruet. Run' l.' janet Kask, Adele Donaldson, Anne Litsey, Judy Donnelly, Margie Lucas, Betsy Wienecke, Lorane Lloyd, Nancy Moncure, Jan Sparks. Rout' 2: Marge Silcox, Nancy Pruet, Betsy Taft, Lyn Leslie, Stephanie Mcllnik, Lillian Lucas, Alice Sobotka, Pat Curran, Susan Dabelsteen, Judy Fisher, Eleanor Hill, Elaine Mosel, Lou Herron. Rmz' 3: Alice Marston, Jane Perham, Williani Rich, Robert Padgett, Blair Fornshill, David Tyree, Ruth Ann Marks, Carol Smith, Sue Nuesse. 124 Buildzh cithenrlogln WORD EVENTS CLUB The hands of the World Events Club reach around the world to pick up problems concerning political, economic, and social welfare. These problems are weighed in each member's mind ac- companied with such thoughts as "Stevenson or Eisenhower?" and "Living sure is costly!', or "What about the minority races and groups?" With these questions plus numerous others, the members attend meetings to seek the answers that disturb so many. The club under the sponsorship of Miss Kath- 0f5C0fS2 Judy DOHHCUY, Sfffefwlu' CHICK' Webb, eryne Baugh met every other Thursday. Con- Prerideutq David Roby, Vice-Prerirlerzt. ferences were held during the year with various ,, f' MM-MM-Wwma 3, is ,4,: high schools such as W. 84 L. and Fairfax. The , ' ' zzzn 'L A 'iii club has developed a growing interest in the 1 ,,,,: V -'::'::E .ir.1,...:: Q .f. , gf ,.,,,, ,,,, Q . . . 55-: ,,.,... .... . -b:.::,::-- A fig ,,-5f555: :.a .,, United Nations and sponsored a contest, the win- E52 t '--. Q Q5 ,,.... ' - F- '-:-.. ners of which received a trip to the United Na- , .,.. Q- , X Q ,.r- f tions Building in New York. KA f. 5 U rs. 4 1 fl 'T f - is , i sb , 1 5:-'is ,.:..1 4' S4 '. 5:5 :2:1 '-..,.,. 3 ,Nl i f sias i: 1:2:" f if i wsiglfiisirtiik ..., 1 ' T -f:.... - Right: Against a background of books, a few members A ' l of the World Events Club pose for us in their assembly V ..11, 'lzz ' A V i -:-' , ::"Q costumes. Left to right: Caroline Morgan, Lorraine V .:,:a zzzv ' H """ i Goepel, Paul Kinnear, David Roby, and Herbe Kahler. fi "::" 1 Q """ QQQA3 '," G z Row I: Jane McKinney, Roslyn Kleinman, Pat Graham, Dreama Graham, Joy Titelman, Gita Mills, Jane Houseman, Ann Lee, joEst Price. Row 2: Marjorie Silcox, Lee Feild, Julie Brown, Judy Donnelly, Betsy Wienecke, Sande Smith, Lynn Leslie, Lucy Marston, Caroline Morgan. Roll' 3: Richard Parler, Patil Kin- near, Pam Wharton, Carol Anne Wallace, Ann Vadnais, Pat O'Connell, Dave Robey, Davis Hall. 125 Improving our minds ' LIBRARY CLUB Look around for a student with green ink-stained fingers, and if you see one, you've found a member of the Library Club, as library assistants are the only Students eligible for membership. Stamping and filing cards are the chief duties, but one may also acquire a slight- ly cross-eyed look from watching the clock and signing passes at the same time. After two semesters of service, mem- bers may receive their pins, and upon graduation, those with three semesters of service receive honorable mention, while the ones with four semesters rate a special certificate. In addition to work in the library, year- ly activities include an annual picnic and field trip. Officers: Row I: Mrs. Mary Seay, Sponsor, Margaret Tremain, President, Sally Salts, Secretary-Treasurer, Marge Silcox, Vice- President. Row I: Sally Fulton, Marge Silcox. Row 2.' Diane Fairchild, Lois Fairfax, Sue Nuesse, Anna Papageorge, jane Houseman, Frances McLane, Corley McDonald, Anne Pfingstag, Nancy Moncure. Row 3: june Roberts, Judy Ridgely, Marjorie Harris, Bobby Watts, Joan Owsley, Carol Smith, Patty Wise. 126 443 J SJ GJ 'FQ 5 f , rm ,ss H 5 'U fs 7 ,Y . V 'Q 4 P 7 'J K s 'Q' 94 xo S li, X QQ 3 ii Q QQ: N earning declemion and conju ation ' C ' LATIN CLUB The Latin Club was reorganized last year and has apparently benefited by its period of quiescence since it boasts a roll call of seventy-hve members this year. Designed to furnish certain aspects of Roman life and culture to its members, the club presented a brief skit in the language assembly. V A A iiiill liiiii X Y Q f t 3 J f , Oflicersz Row l.' Susie Richards, Program Chairman, , . . l A , .fi Marita Smith, Vice-President. Row 2: Frances Stewart, 4 President, Lucy Marston, Secretary, Marge Lucas, Treasurer. Judy Miner and Billy Cummings made a good husband and wife team in the Latin Club assembly. Row 1: Frances Stewart, Judy Donnelly, Margie Lucas, Frances Henderson, Lee Ann Leaphart, Robin Jami- son, Dee Buchanan, Molly Moore, Jo Ann Anderson. Rauf 2: Pat O'Connell, Ann Vadnais, Lynn Harris, Betty Becker, Virginia Forward, Betsy Wienecke, Susie Moore, Nancyanne Matter, Barclay Bell, Lucy Mars- ton, Susie Richards. Ron' 3: Pam Wharton, Alice Wanner, Nancy Wanner, Peggy Gant, Carolyn Potts, Lillian Lucas, Caroline Morgan, Betsy Taft, Mary Kirkland, Sande Smith, Gayle Jamison, Elaine Mosel, Janet Kask. Row 4: Joyce Baggett, Nancy Rodgers, Dave Robey, Elliott James, Robert Willingham, Blair Fornshill, Phillip Jackson, Davis Hall, Linda Howard, Alice Rannells, Pat Comanduras, Dolly Shefheld. 127 Ci0lZ2!67'.fi7fl South-of-the-Bowler style Row I: Sally Fulton, Carole Ann Downin, Phyllis Nelson, Rosalind Schrott, Stephanie Mellnik, Janice Meshkoff, Anne Litsey, Adele Donaldson, Jane McKinney. Rau' 2: Gail Rinker, Jackie Corbett, Jean Wooten, Marilyn Lawrance, Jean Richardson, Lynn Chedester, Joan Councilor, Kerry Sanders, Lucy Marston, Sondra Buch, Nancy Jones, Mary Jo McEachern. Row 3: Decky Mankin, John Haines, Herb Kahler, Mary Kate Warthen, Sue Levinson, Robin Jamison, Adrienne Joy, Georgia Burks, Lou Levinson, Edwin Paulson, Aurelio Varela. Row 4: Bob Pauly, Frank Norvell, Cortez Randall, Harry Miller, Arnold Ostrolenk, Mike Daniels, jim Clements, Grilf Herring, Doug Jones, Rob Wadman. SPANISH CLUB The year began on a sad note as the traditional burro retired after a farewell in the club's assembly, but things brightened up as plans were made for the dance held on November 26. Appropri- ately called the "Cucaracha Stompu, it was followed by the language assembly skit and the Christmas party, a fiesta of fun. Filling Easter baskets for a needy family climaxed a successful year. 128 Officers: Rau' 1: Adele Donaldson, Secretary lst Semester, john Haines, President lst Semester, Rob Wadman, Presi- dent Znd Semester, Lynn Chedester, Vice-President Znd Semester. Rout 2: Kerry Sanders, Secretary 2nd Semester, Mike Daniel, Treasurer lst Semester, Arnie Ostrolenk, Treasurer 2nd Semester, Joan Councilor, Sergeant at Arms 2nd Semester. Absent from picture: Lenore Alexander, Vice-President lst Semester, Lefl: Dancing, not stomping, prevailed at the gay and colorful Cucaracha Stomp. Shown here are: Cortez Ran- dall, Georgia Burks, and Adrienne Joy. Acquiring 61 olririan air THE FRENCH CLUB The French Club seeks to enlarge the students' knowledge of France and its culture in a manner not possible in the classroom. It shares with the Spanish and Latin Clubs the responsi- bility of presenting an annual assembly program. Anyone taking French, as well as students who have formerly taken it, is eligible for membership. Officers: Row I: Helen Herron, Treasurer, Penny Wilkins, Secretary, Ann Lee, President. Row 2: Liz Evans, Sergeant at Arms, Carol Anne Wallace, Vice-President. Surprised but gleeful are the ex- pressions of the characters in this scene of the French Club as- sembly: Row I: Sandy Morri- son, Diane Shugrue, Tucker Heit- man, Liz Evans, Row 2: Craig Morris, Tommy Caraballo. Row I: Andree Spillers, Diane Shugrue, Eloise Webster, Tucker Heitman, Penny Wilkins, Helen Herron. Rout' 2: Nancy Richardson, Sandra Peck, Judy Hegseth, Alice Marston, Liz Evans, Ann Lee. Row 3: Mary Ellen Crowe, Julie Hurd, Tommy Caraballo, Carol Anne Wallace, Martha Haislip. 129 Rqweyenting our scholastic Jtandardf Marge Silcox, Vice-Pretidefzn Mr. George Bagby, SP07ZJ'07',' Marita Smith, Prefizlenl. CONTESTANTS' CLUB The Contestants' Club is made up of smaller clubs which include the Spelling, Prose and Poetry Reading, Creative Writing, Public Speaking, and Debating. Throughout the year the students in the respective clubs enter the district and State contests. A On a tour around the school to visit the different clubs we started on the first floor in room 118. Here we sat in on a spelling bee participated in by mem- bers of the Spelling Club. Mrs. Lipscomb is the sponsor of this club and coached the State winner, Don Price. We then went to room 210 and saw Miss Somers, the sponsor of the Reading Club, listen- ing to the State winner in prose reading, Marita Smith. In room 317 Miss MacManus was comment- ing on the work of some of the staff members of the "Little Hatche-t'. After stopping to say hello to Mr. Bagby, who sponsors the public speaking sec- tion and also the entire club, we went to room 318 where Miss Callahan was giving out the assignment for the next debate. 16:52 LSE E it 1 5 ii! f"x'.?'3,h Row 1: Frances Naylor, Carole Webb, Sue Nuesse, Carol :Smith. Row 2: Milton Kidd, Anne Litsey, Meda Grigg, Eleanor Hill. Row 3: Bill Dowdy, Robert Padgett, Pat Moore. 130 X . 'ff' 'xx or R Row I: Elaine Mosel, Adele Donaldson, Margie Lucas, Betsy Wienecke, Sande Smith, Stephanie Mellnilc, Judy Donnelly. Rout' 2: Marita Smith, Nancy Moore, Mary Alice Benedict, Margie Silcox, Janice Stewart, Pat Comanduras, Joyce Baggett, Lyn Leslie. Row 3: Lorane Lloyd, Nancy Pruet, Robert Padgett, David Tyree, Betsy Taft, Nancy Richardson, Mary Jane Ackor. 0 If 7' QU B ' r , acc, svetu ,, :Q com The Contestants' Club has interesting mem- bers as well as activities. Seutezfx Marita Smith and Pam Wharton. Smrzrfifzg' Stephanie Mell- nik, Nancy Johnson, and Don Price. 131 Bound for roadway THE DRAMATICS CLUB Witli a roll call of one hundred, the Dra- matics Club began its year's activities under Miss Betty Jefferson. Members soon started work on the fall play. Donned in jeans and old shirts, the stage crew gathered in their favorite meeting place, the courtyard. After scrubbing, painting, and rewiring the stage and props from top to bottom, it was ready for capacity. Practicing for the spring play, "Melody Jones", on the "stage" in Miss JeHerson's room are: Tom Beechy, Roslyn Kleinrnan, and Shirley Ross. Ellis Davis, Lynn Thomas, Milton Kidd, Patty Barnes, and Tom Beechy brightly pop up from behind the furniture to surprise Don Wasserman during practice for the spring play, "Melody Jones". the fall production, "Beauty and the Beef", a teen-age comedy. November Zl, found the auditorium filled to The curtain opened on a heart- warming yet sparkling comedy which proved to be a smash-hit. To celebrate this success, two big parties for the cast and entire crew were held. In January and February the club was busier than ever in preparation for March events. Two productions were in progress, the Literary Con- test play, which was an intense drama, "The Bond Between", by Mae Howley Barry and the annual three-act play, "Melody Jones", presented later in the season. And so, a wonderful year in drama, the busiest and best since the club was founded, came to a close. Row 1.' Iris Kern, Marilyn Trent, Pat Entwisle, Janice Meshkofl, President, Stephanie Mellnik, Secretary, Roslyn Kleinman, Treasurer, Nancy Carpet, Helen Herron, Jane McKinney. Ron' 2: Sharon Vierling, Caro- lyn Robertson, Pat Ferguson, Judy Crone, Rosalind Schrott, Phyllis Nelson, Sue Nuesse, Jean Richardson, Carol Gauthier, Janet Reagan. Row S: Gail Gallahan, Jimmy Cobb, Betsy Reynolds, Roberta Kern, Dorothy Finne- gan, Diane Fairchild, Marjorie Harris, Alice Wanner, Michael Cohen. Rau' 4: Linda Howard, Nancy Pruet, Dick Brady, Tom Beechey, Milton Kidd, Joanne Wichert, Barbara Ashburn. 132 Roux' I.' Roseanne Liggio, Elaine Mosel, Dreama Graham, Pat Graham, Pam Adcox, Shirley Ross, Jan Sparks, Marilyn Lawrance, Lucy Samler. Row 2: Barrett Greenland, Barclay Bell, Pam Wharton, Joyce Baggett, Floy Bullock, Diane Shugrue, Eloise Webster, Anne Litsey, Evelyn Herron. Row 31 Lois Fairfax, Dorothy Biser, Dolly Shefheld, Mary Alice Benedict, Bib Willard, Janice Stewart, Barbara Price, Anne Pfingstag, Bobby Cohen. Row 4: Alice Marston, Judy Dunn, Nancy Rogers, Alice Reynolds, Pat Moore, Hop Arbogast, Lynn Thomas, Nancy Beardslee, Jane Houseman, Betsy Taft, The successful contest play required weeks of plan- ning as Lenore Alexander, Betsy Reynolds, Diane Shugrue, and Meda Grigg will readily admit. Lois Fairfax, Dave Richardson, and Phyllis Nelson anxiously await a cue in the fall play. r A tense scene in the fall play is enacted here by Hop Arbogast, Janice Meshkoff, Stephanie Mellnik, and Pat Moore. 133 ending n banning band 'l V J L2 '1', ' Ag? 1 If 'v lil ll , , it d f " ' f Senior Council: Run' 1: Judy Schultz, Mrs. Ruth Schultz. Row 2: Karhv Wfall, Ann Sanders. JUNIOR RED CROSS In our school we have a miniature of the great National Red Cross, the Junior Red Cross. This year the Junior Red Cross is composed of a Junior Council, comprised of representa- tives from each home room, and a Senior Couri- cil of members who are willing to take the responsibility of the leadership of the club. The two main objectives of the Junior Red Cross are to conduct a membership drive and to fill Christmas gift boxes to be sent to chil- dren in foreign countries. Their infectious en- thusiasm inspires the G. W. student body to lend a hand in making a bright Christmas for boys and girls less fortunate than themselves. Ron' lx Jane Hoouseman, Carolyn Cole, Sylvia Dunn, Barrett Greenland, Stephanie Mellnick, Sheila Kennedy, Kay Noll, Mary Alice Benedict, Esther Alexander. Rrmf 2: Kathy Wall, Martha Moynihan, Dorothy Lead, Julie Brown, Diane Shugrue, Sara Walford, Joan Novak, Charlotte Bunch, Ann Sanders. Razz' 3: Diane Maechtle, Carolyn Browne, Lynn Leslie, Nancy Shirk, Lorane Lloyd, Stella Pridgen, Marjorie Harris, Nancy Landon, Doris Goldberg, Judy Schultz. 134 Keqbing cz watch on health Row I: Wanda Armstrong, Carole Brannon, Jean MacDonald, Diane Maechtle, Corley McDonald. Row 2 Betty Becker, Janice Slight, Claudel Bartlett, Jane Perham, Jean Wooten, Lida Wood. DOUBLE-BARRED CROSS SOCIETY Our civic interest is revealed through some of our Clubs such as the Double-Barred Cross Society and the junior Red Cross. The former is made up of those who are interested in the care and control of tuberculosis. The club's main function is to further the progress in solv- Ofiicers: Lida Wood, Secretary: Wanda Armstrong, Prefi- demg Diane Maechtle, Vice-Preiidenl. ing community health problems. Believing that "no home is safe from tuber culosis until all homes are safe", the members helped out during the X-ray surveys at school by lending capable hands to such jobs as typing the name cards needed for the records. a Z X 0 0 S X-RMS da, , vfeae -7 135 tftqv, clara .ftqp DANCE CLUB G. W.'s Dance Club is probably the most carefree of all our clubs. Under Mrs. Moreland's enthusiastic leadership the club has progressed to the point where membership now has to be limited. Although it is possible to learn almost everything from the soft shoe to the minuet, most folks stick to the waltz, jirterbug, and other popular dances. The purpose of the club is to give its members poise along with good manners on the dance floor. Olhcers: Ron' 1: Mrs. Moreland, Sponsor, Annie Mae Dowdy, Secretary-Treasurer. Razz' 2: john Cox, President, janet Regan, Vice-President. Many a happy time awaits members of the Dance Club accord- ing to Sylvia Dunn as she waltzes with Phil Yates. Judy Crone and Dick King watch from the side lines. Ron' 1: Barbara Kitlwell, Judy Nesbitt, Judy Crone, Pat Rowles, Sylvia Dunn, Annie Mae Dowdy, Faye Nuckels, janet Regan. Ruiz' 2: Charles Hill, Garland Thornhill, Betty Burress, Gloria Goltlstern, Gertrude London, jean Kennedy, Sheila Kennedy, Nancy Landon, john Bibb, Lyle Gannon. Ruiz' 3: Bruce Hewitt, Phil Yates, john Tomlinson, Kenney Barrett, john Cox, Dick King, jimmy Hines, Dennis Clark. M 1 K 136 Cloming the blues away Rauf I: jane McKinney, Sara Fulton, Lee Feild, Shirley Horner, Lucy Samler. Razz' 2: jackie Jones, Helen Herron, Joyce Baggett, Pam Whartcsn, Lorane Lloyd, Carolyn Holmes. Razz' 3: Nancy Pruet, Paul Davis, Carol Anne Wallace. MUSIC CLUB "I hear music, I hear melodies." Yes, no doubt you do for music resounds continuously throughout the halls and chuckles in the lockers. Wl1o's responsible? Well, perhaps itis the chorus, and maybe itls the band, but it's a sure thing that some- where between jazz and Bach you'll find the Music Club, It makes no difference if you warble like a nightingale or a tree frog. If you have any interest in music, the Music Club is made to order. If you don't choose to take a place in front of the footlights, you can have 21 high time behind the scenes. and we guarantee that youlll enjoy being in the Music Club. Sally Fulton, Preridefflg Paul Davis, Vice-Prerizfentg Lee Feild, Sec1'eta1'y-T1'eaw1'er. 137 Gazing at the starr ASTRONOMY CLUB Have you ever watched a meteor cross the sky or heard about the canals of Mars? Wfould you like to learn about such things? If so, the Astronomy Club is just the one for you! Among the highlights of this year have been the trip to the Naval Observatory and the trip to Scooterls Hill to "star gaze, with home made telescopes. These telescopes, made from wood, brick, steel, twine, and the cardboard tubing from in- side mother's rugs made "The Star" for the Astronomy Club. OHiCerS: Sada Weitzell, Program Chairman, john Layton, Arrl. Progmm Clmirmau, Gordon Silcox, Vice-Presizfefztg Miss Lula Whitaker, Spomorg John Roberts, T1'ea.rzm'e1'g Nancy Beardslee, Sec1'emry. Absent from picture, Sidney Arthur, Prerirlevzl. Nancy Beardslee, makes an astounding astronomical observa- tion on old brother Neptune to Michael Tomalin and Villard Grithn. Row 1: Audrey Clem, Sada Weitzell, Nancy Beardslee, Judy Gunn, Margy McDonald, Eloise Radcliffe, Lucy Samler, Sharon Todd. Razz' 2: Arthur Pierce, Howard Schwartz, Billy Schumm, John Roberts, Michael Tomalin, Gordon Silcox, Herbert Wfood, Robert Crabill, Ben Millstein. Row 3: john Layton, John Metz, Paul Sameth, Danny Rowzie, Villard Grihin, Robert McDonald, John Seaman, Sam Tucker. 138 rqnarin for tomorrow FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA 222293225 asian weasgg gas-Q Hn.3:'Do.cfvzm-.v-imDof1:m:1m,LD,Dd5 Dj-I 5 - 'E-,,mD'U 'Q,:,.E:b.-U27-,E-D-p,UcH,D ,DT,:j',-, gsaawem 3 ag-sac, :Haggis :ew mv-xCq,D'v-17-1"' ,...,-.,--v1f'1'j' ,--r ella' Q,'f'a5g 39H',SE,e++1w5'aw5E",ge, 321' :ftiaurnlfrgny-I Bu, ,mm ,-DQ,:J,g-,.,g:g ecng' E CQ., lm Q Dr-vr-x .PU :juf'DfD2'nQ,., Q1-,ua,-SD..,,'E5fl-PU r-rv-x:'gEv:ifD UQFD t-U CQ, v-H-1 :em FDFDD- ,,"T"'Q.'2 :T C H OB 'Uz:1.::,'2 L. 3230?-Semsag? 33-:fvUEt4w fn :E 2:3-T egsazfze. ft Qaataivmgs' agar: 5.-f"'fDvv':sg,., tg QQ! 355.6-3 'A O-F are U--so-HO-mc ,Ugg-io' F iw R' H522 mmgg4Owg:-, O,,,OdwgQ:s"Q,3Ovv'g r'o,,"'m O'3:.wna. Q "' f1'U- 5""'5:.w,,,f-v-,J-'f-vsCJ'2 Orb "' P-7w" '1 ,-, P--rn - 4 v-1 v-at-:CU :fm-:.Dfr::9, M4 CO he D-D O on -O 94.,D9:,,O2'S,, :E5T-.5:1?,,cgQ5: gvgi enoQQT'c2mo.o T'T'm:s'Tc.T'mT'vflU .TNF ll- I ff l ,f fe 1 Y P i . H J fl l ll, Row 1: Floy Bullock, Carolyn Holmes, Doris Goldberg. Row 2.' Lorane Lloyd, Marjorie Harris, Virginia Forward, Valeria Price. Row 3: Eddie Goldberg, Peggy Grant, Mrs. Smith. An impressive candlelight service was held in the club room, during which Miss White presented the club's charter to Lorane Lloyd, President. She also appeared before the April meeting of the Alexandria Education Associa- tion to thank them for the in- terest which they have shown in the club this year. Several members attended a tea given by Delta Kappa Gamma, National honorary fraternity, at Fairfax High School on Sunday, April 19. Marjorie Harris, Secretaryg Carolyn Holmes, Trenrrzrerg Floy Bullock, Vice-Preridenfg Lorane Lloyd, Prerident. 139 zlrhin up the hes! Mildred Weaver, Vive-President, Mrs. Parker, Co-Spomorg Kay Kampe, TreaJu1'er,' Sally Salts, Preridenlg Pat Austin, Hirtoriang Miss Taylor, Co-Spomorq Pat Ferguson, Secrelrwy. We are the Future H omemaherrr of America. We face the future with warm courage ami high hope. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA CLUB Thirty-six strong are the members of the F. H. A. here at G. W. They are strong because of their many activities, each of which is planned with the eight F. H. A. purposes and their motto, "To- ward new horizons", in mind. The club is proud of Kay Kampe who was elected treasurer of the Martha Wasli- ington Federation, of the two girls, Martha Fulcher and Sally Salts, who have captured the district "Miss F. H. Af, for the past two years, and of their mem- bers, who qualified for the Junior Home- maker F. H. A. Degree. The activities were many and varied. On Election Day in November, they sponsored a student Presidential Election. They sponsored a bake sale for extra funds and also held their yearly Christmas party for the ladies at the Anne Lee Me- morial Home. There was a spring dance and in May, a reception for parents and teachers at which the new F. H. A. of- ficers were installed and the "Outstanding Girl" award was presented. Ron' I: Deanna Kendrick, Charlotte Semones, Pat Austin, Mildred Weaver, Sally Salts, Becky Davis, Kay Kampe, Pat Ferguson, Mae Marie Simms. Rauf 2: Carol Gothier, Jane Paget, Helen Pals, llsa Kerlvel, Catherine MacMillan, Patsy Hawkins, Penny West, Ollie Crowder, Regina Burton, Nancy Shirk, jackie Gravatte. Rott' 3: Lillian Stewart, Jackie jones, Lorraine Goepel, Carol Cochrane, jackie Nece, Karen De- lance, Lou McDowell, Kathryn Gibson, Dorothy Beach, Sandra Cone. 140 Pausing amid the sewing and cooking, Barbara Elliott and Becky Davis, cast their vote for Eisen- hower or Stevenson in the school elec- tion. Posing for the cam- era are four of the eight candidates competing for the title of "Shamrock Queen": Lynn Che- tlester, Nancy Moore, Ann Lee, and Eve- lyn Goldman. Slymfing our l.1ZlL61"6.ff.f Rau' If Carroll Bennett, Judy Crone, Ronald Sperling. Ron' 2: Peggy Grant, Bobby Cotton, Miss Christobel Gates. Razz' 3: Douglas Butler, Dick King, Donald Elliott. THE HOBBY CLUB The Hobby Club is one of G. W.'s finest and may now certainly be considered estab- lished and few other clubs better illustrate our theme or carry out the ideas set forth in the foreword. Members spend leisure hours sharing their hobbies and many active ones doing constructive work in the interests of others. For instance, a call went out short- ly after Christmas for Christ- mas cards. These cards were made into scrapbooks which are now providing a spot of color in hospitals somewhere in the United States. The Hobby Club is a grab bag of fun. Should you reach in, you might pull out one of any number of interesting hobbies: photography, model making, collections of all de- scriptions, magic, and raising pets. For this reason, you will find that the Hobby Club is an excellent place for the young set of G. W. 141 Mz'ndz'n our I9u,fine.f.r Jeanette Jacobs, Secretary' Barbara Kidd, Treuxufen' In addition to plenty of Work, the F. B. L. A. en- Mr. Green, Sp07ZJU1',' Rosemary Kendrick, Preridefztg courages a feeling of companionship among its mem- Barbara Williams, Vice-Prerident. bers. Martha Moynihan, Meda Grigg, and Faye Collie. FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA G.W.'s Future Business Leaders of America is a branch of a nationwide organization planned for students in business education. One of the club's most successful projects con- tinued from last year is the student bank, super- vised by the business education teachers and run by the students. Any G.W.ite may deposit money in the bank any day during the school year. On the lighter side, the F. B. L. A. sponsored a dance and a bake sale and worked hard to make their year a successful one. Row 1: June Reed, Shirley Pryor, Barbara Kidd, Carole Brannon, Jeanette Jackson, Barbara Elliott, Judy Kennedy, Joyce McWhorter, Gloria Gridfith, Barbara Williams, Betty Philyaw, Gay Beckwith. Row 2: Nancy Clarke, Mary Ann Costello, Betsy Sweares, Diane DeLane, Jane Carneal, Lois Sheetz, Rosemary Ken- drick, Evie Goldman, Jean Durand, Helen Goyne, Faith Dennis, Pat Geehan, Pat Leitch. Row 3: Elizabeth Ray, Loretta Kesterson, Winkie Pryor, Marlene Costello, Donna Burch, Jean Duncan, Marna Coverdale, Martha Moynihan, Betty Berkes, Joanne Hallman, Marjorie Patterson, Joan Crane, Joan Johnson. Rout' 45 Barbara Kidd, Ethlyn Brooks, Ann Austin, Jane Bryant, Sheila Kennedy, Rita Kilroy, Barbara Foldi, Joyce Taylor, Peggy Lane Roberts, Joan Dean, Betty Berry, Carol Hoover, Jeanette Jackson, Barbara Morgan, Bar- bara White. 142 Serving the students THE DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION CLUB Members of the club are those that are en- rolled in the retail training course. The club proposes to teach leadership and cooperation among the students and furnish entertainment for those who work after school and who wouldn't otherwise be able to participate in extracurricular activities. In addition to the regular dances, hayrides, parties with neighboring' Distributive Educa- tion Clubs of Virginia, and an Employer and Employee Banquet, the club sponsored a unique series of dances on November 25 and Novem- ber 26. The dances were held in the cafeteria during the activities periods. As the purpose was to lend a helping hand to needy families of Alexandria, the price of admission was one article of non-perishable food per person. Members were in attendance at the Northern Virginia Distributive Education Clubs, conven- tion held in Winchester in February, and in March a member of the club attended the State convention in Richmond. Eiillr Peck, T1'eu.vurer,' Mr. Funesti, Sponsor: Joe Dodd, Vice-Pre.rizZent,' Shirley King, Pl'E.ff!2lE72!,' Sandra Young, Secretmfy. A big event of the year, choosing the most popular football player, seems to be enjoyable for Ethlyn Turner, Sandie Young and Bill Peck. Candidates were elected by placing cans of food in baskets, eventually contributed to the needy. Row 1: Carolyn Young, Volga Antonioli, Ethelyn Turner, Sandie Young, Louise Romani, Barbara Simms, Judy Rodgers. Row 2: Joe Dodd, Bill Peck, Dan Sublett, Mr. Funesti, Charles Smoot, Shirley King, Jack Sutton. 143 v Rdbllflllilflg pap and .spirit Harriet Compe, Loretta Kesterson, Joan Bartlett. l nuff 51' . f n at Martha Turrell, Carol White, June Roberts, Doris Turner. 4 t 1 if junior Cheerleaders: Row 1: Marcella Painter, Lynn Chedester, Elaine Fately, Nancy johnson, Val jack son, Susie Moore, Barbara Lanham, Shirley Ross, Wilda Kesterson. Row 2: Beverly Flinn. 144 CHEERLEADERS CLUB Full of life and vigor, the Cheerleaders Club had a very successful year under the sponsorship of Miss Herde and Miss Etheridge. They spent long hours practicing new cheers and songs and improving old ones so they could lead them at football and basketball games. Our cheer- leaders followed the band and team to games as far away as Petersburg and Richmond, as well as to various others not played on our own court. There are two squads of cheerleaders, the varsity and the junior varsity, and both work hand in hand with the Pep Club to promote school spirit at all games. J. V. Cheerleaders are chosen every February on the basis of their ability to cheer, moral standards, personal ap- pearance, and coordination. After one year, they are eligible to become varsity cheerleaders if they show the necessary ability. l Marge Silcox, Mary Kirkland. Becky Balderson, Jo Ann Hamlet. Ann Horne, Patti Barnes. 145 flqynin out in .ft le M a r c h i n g Majorettes: Martha Duke, 1 a nic e Stephens, Shirley Mae Mor- ris, Betty Sanchez, Delores Sabatini, Shirley Sentell, OHicers: Ron' 1: Janice Stephens, Presizfefzt. Row 2: Shirley Sentell, Public Rglllfillfijf Delores Sabatini, Vine-l'1'eJidenz,' R o s a n n e Liggio, Hisloriang Betty Sanchez, Secretary. R010 Sf Martha Duke, T1'ea.fure1',' Katherine Fowler, Sergeant at Army. MAJORETTE CLUB Under the able leadership of Mrs. Grace McGilvray, the Majorette Club has come a long way since it was organized at the be- ginning of last year. The club consists of about thirty girls who are interested in be- coming majorettes. They meet once a week for practice sessions and every club morning for a business meeting. The club's interest in school activities has sparked many plans. A few of these were a junior corps, who will take the place of the marching majorettes when they gradu- ate, an exciting Valentineis Day Dance, and brand new uniforms for the marching majorettes. Row I: Martha Duke, Carolyn Holmes, Rosanne Liggio, Anna Bettis, Betsy Treiber. Row 2: jo Milam, Dorothy Alcorn, Nancy Batchelor, Ann Hobbs, Pat Hoffman, Pat McCrae. 146 Blending in lonwnony rf SCI: .D I J, A CAPPELLA CHOIR The A Cappella Choir, with an approximate membership of twenty-five girls, sings for school assembly programs as well as special community gatherings. The Girls' Ensemble, a smaller group of girls with just nine members, has sung in the Crew Booster Show and in an April recital. Ninette: At Piano: Ann Schramm. Standing: Peggy Roberts, Shirley Heflin, Margaret Tremain, Margaret Bush, Carol Fitzpatrick, Mary Kate Warthan, Margaret Duke. A Cappella: Row I: June Hoff, Margaret Tremain, Ann Lee, Barbara Williams, Lee Feild, Sally Fulton. Row 2: Gay Scott, jane McKinney, Lynn Thomas, Shirley Heflin, Phyllis Evans, Faith Dennis, Judy Kennedy, jackie jones. Row 3: Becky Balderson, Bib Willard, Ann McWilliams, Mary Kate Warthen, Carol Fitz- patrick, Virginia O'Neal, Maggie Bush, ' 147 Zllmfclrzhg in muyical wzdence Senior Band: Razz' I: Carolyn Carter, Betty jones. Mirlene Bertram, Ann Austin, Tom Crabill, Willy Head- ings. Ron' 2: Shirley Ross, Marcia Porterrieltl, Sandra Peck, Barbara Kidd, Michael Tomalin, Godwin Dunn. Ruiz' S: Paul Davis, Pat Moore, Dick Ranney, Marilyn Wcucid, Tommy Eley, Charles Dunn. Ron' -if Mary Alice Benedict, David Burkes, Gordon Silcox, Albert Milsrer, Dickie Moore, Bob Lyntle. Ruiz' 5: jack Williiinis, Tommy Mitltllehrooks, Carole Gontler, john McLane, Fred Kemery, Jack Roub. Reserve Band: Ron' 1: Louise Rogers, Helen Peels, Regina Burton, Katherine Gibson, Phoebe Green- leaf, Marilyn Trent. Rota' 2: Darrell Rice, Frank Marshall, Kenneth Philips, Barbara Barnes, Karen Alter, Phyllis Lefler, Delores Taylor. Row 3: Mr. Smith,jarr1es Pitt, john Moore, Noble Smith, Dale Schaffer Bobby Autry, Rog Bragg, Betty Hurnmill. ' 148 1 Senior Band: Razz' I: jimmy Godwin, joe Fortune, Dirk Stryker, Bobby Watts, Claire Haygood. .Razr 2: Milton Kidd, Ethlyn Brooks, John Tomlinson, Pat Fergerson, Sheila Beckwith, Carolyn Spinks. Rota' 31 Sandy Bremner, Doug jone, Ronnie Stancil, Ray Goodwin, Charlie Hill, Peter Somers. Ron' 4: William Booth, john Overall, Lyn Leslie, Billy King, Tommy Edlin. Rota' 5: Bob Bowin, john Cole, Francis Dudley, Russel Tyson, Fred Schneider, Charlie Stewart. SENIOR BAND The George Wasliington High School Band has come a long way since its beginning in 1937. Mr. Smith became our conductor in December of 1952. The band has achieved many goals of which we can all be proud, Each year, its member- ship of approximately seventy participates in many musical ac- tivities. Some of these are: foot- ball games during the fall se- mester, the annual Apple Blos- som Festival at Winchester, school assemblies, parades, and an annual Spring Concert. Also the band participates in the an- nual District Festival, held at various cities in the area, and at which our band is graded by expert musicians as to its interpretation of different grades of music. Their musicianship is also a factor in this grading. To quote the mutual feeling of all the members of our Band, "We are all one, big, happy familyf' Dickie Moore, Carolyn Spinks, Dalton Carter give us a little "Sweet Harmonyi' in a spare moment. 149 ndemtudying the 'Bzlg Bmfrj' junior Band: Row I: Al Schneitler, Sue Smith, Charles Arm- Music, the universal language, provides strong, Tommy Orndorff, Frank Ballenger, Van Slaymaker. Ron' a little Conversation for jimmy Cobb 2.' Paul Sameth, Warren Zimmerman, Harry Cross, Philip jackson, and Marilyn Trent, Robert Seely, Mike Cohen. Rau' 3: Bob Williams, john Gibson, Mr. Smith, Nanette Williams, Jimmy Means. Orchestra: Rau' 1: Bob Lynde, Iris Kern, Marlene Bertram, Marilyn Trent, Charles Finn, jimmy Cobb, Scott Blackwell. Ron' 2.' Marjorie Silcox, John Overall, Lynn Leslie, Dalton Carter. Ron' 3: Miss Jean Shaw, Marcia Porterlield, Phoebe Greenleaf, David Work. 150 MIXED CHORUS The Girls' Chorus and the Boys' Glee Club are conducted as general music classes. In- f? . . Q formal discussions on the to ics of current mu- P . ,X sical interest, the study of the works and lives C. .-I -X of modern composers, and actual participation ' V in singing offer a stimulating and varied pro- ' gram designed to develop musical appreciation. G. W.'s Mixed Chorus, composed of sixty . boys and girls with an advanced musical back- ground, performs for special .civic affairs and many school assemblies. Their singing season XMI ' V, was high-lighted last December when they 4 ' 1 ' 14.1 A y formed a joint chorus with a vocal group from 1 , 7,7 "' - A Washington and Lee High School, and under 81-6 the direction of Dr. Harry E. Wilson presented 1 Th a Chorale for Christmas. More recently the R LAN X Mixed Chorus has appeared on the Jim Gib- - bons' Television Show, taken part in a musical festival in Fredericksburg, Virginia, and broad- casted for a radio show in the Alexandria Roller Skating Rink Arena. Mixed Chorus: Row 1: Phyllis Heister, Suzanne Garner, Rita Kilroy, Susan Briggs, Judy Schultz, Carole Webb, Margaret Tremain, Carole Ann Downin, Peggy Roberts, Sally Fulton, Grace Whitesell, Charlotte Hale, Martha Haislip. Row 2.' Eleanor Putnam, Judy Kennedy, Margaret Duke, Anne Plingstag, Joy Titel- man, Stephanie Mellnik, Penny Wilkins, Faith Dennis, Frances Curion, Lee Feild, Sandra Peck, llsa Kerbel. Row 3-' Patti Barnes, Betty Smith, Ann Schramm, Elizabeth Evans, Margaret Bush, Sally Davidson, Linda Williams, Jean McConnell, Betty Becker, Jean Donahue, Barbara Hockett, jimmy Whitestone. Row 4: David Beach, Ray Barrett, Melvin Glass, Francis Dudley, Milton Kidd, William Potts, Dean Roos, Charlie Garris, Charles Wade, jim Frazer, Gene Turner, Paul Davis, Roy Bragg. 151 ezfelin in music AWE , .U it all fm JUNIOR CHOIR The George Washington High School Junior Choir is composed of approximately twenty-five girls. Under the direction of Miss Elizabeth Bane they took part in the enjoyable Thanksgiv- ing Day Assembly. Junior Chorus: Rau' If Helen Patterson, Lucy Samler, Lynn Harris, Shirley Horner. Row 2.' Francis Naylor, Nancy Richardson, Carol Gonder, Jackie Gravarte, Ron' 3: Bob Riddel. Karen Delance, Lynn Steinbach, Tommy Parker. Ben Milstein, Mike Cohen, Mary Jane Ackor, Grace joy, and Nancy jones go autograph hunting at the Compass signing party. Their smiling victim is Shirley Ross, Student Council president. The Compass staff hopes that the successful signing party will become an annual spring event. Marcella Painter, Joan Owsley and Nancy jones inspect one of the prizes at the African violet display in the library. The show was the first of that kind at G. W. and was sponsored by the Science Depart- ment and the library. 152 5 Y - l l 1 I 1 l IO8 North Washington Street ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA Jingle porfraifa KI ng 9-3059 We are very grateful for the privilege of being of service, as oHicial photographers, toward mak- ing this year's "COMPASS" a grand success. The splendid cooperation given us by the editors, faculty, and student body was highly commend- able and sincerely appreciated. gefay Q jllfllef 1 l 1 i I in CONGRATULATIONS To You Graduates ! -.l.l.1.11- We wish you every success and happiness AS YOU ARE GOING TO BE THE HOMEMAKERS OF TOMORROW - - WE LOOK FORWARD TO SERVING YOU IN THE YEARS TO COME C113 BARNES 81 KIMEL Co. omance urnifure ALEXANDRIA ARLINGTON 2525 Mt. Vernon Avenue 1916 Wilson Boulevard Overlook 3-4330 Jackson 4-1500 FALLS CHURCH Lee Highway and Washington Boulevard Jefferson 3-1400 Q S I I 1 l i l L Compliments of Ph DAVE'S one OVerl0ok 3-1425 JOHN D. G.-XDONAS. Pron. Smurf moderntmy-fo-mafe perifauranf . . ff ill DWSZDS A 6:25 i -D DT an wearing aloloare or e Wew 3 6a e oung moo arts! 5f6I' J 911 KING STREET ALEXANDRIA, VA. STEAKS CHOPS SEA FOOD FULL COURSE DINNERS 604 King Street we .S?t0l'2 fo jrom Walter C. Davis C0,,,pg,',,,,,,,,, Electrical Contractor 1 1509 Prince St. 0 Alexandria, Va. R. E. KNIGHT 8. SONS "We Blllyll for Tomorrow B y Xervico of Today" 621-623 King Street KI. 9-2092 OV. 3-24-86 Alexandria, Va. Hotel George Mason 'KMA sgeffxgometlling Northern Virginiak Leading Hotel of WOM difer-gfAing" CHAS. E. SLAGLE Managing Director 56 TIRES e APPLIANCES 0 TELEVISION SERVICE TIRE CORP. Cmefifflfffffvf The Fairlington Delicatessen 1609 King Street Alexandria, Va- Located ln the lairllngton Shopping Center Professional Dry Cleaners AND SHIRT LAUNDERERS Virginia Electric Supply Corp. TELEVISION 1308 Mt. Vernon Ave.-Alexandria, Va. Sales-RADIOS G APPLIANCES-Service .H DRY CLEANING SERVICE 917 King Street Alexandria, Va. Rcsiulur 3 Days - Sncciul 1 Day GA THE RElXlElXi1BRANCE SHOP 1 527 Seminary Roald, Alexandria, Virginia 'I'EI!1plC 6-1456 Records Largest Stock Sheet Music RADIO HOSPITAL MUSIC SHOP KI. 9-4544 703 King Street Office Phone OV. 3-5900 Branch Office 99 Hillwood Ave., Falls Church, Va. .IE-3-8300 J.T. oton Realt ,lnc. Maiiz Office 2415 MT. VERNON AVENUE ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA X ales Insurance Rentals Property Managenzent 7 Home of Fine Furniture C U N N I NG HAM FUNERAL HUMEJNC. 'im Cameron and Alfred Streets , Frank Mlchelbach Inf H I+-820 King Street Alexandria, Virginia KI. 9-1800 TE. 6-4580 .. KI- 9-0405 Phones. KL 9-O-L06 ALE XAN D RIA NATI O NAL BAN K ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA MAIN OFFICE: NORTHWEST BRANCH: KING AND ROYAL STREETS. FAIRLINGTON CENTRE Klng 9-0124 Klng 9-4968 AIRPORT FACILITY: WASHINGTON NATIONAL AIRPORT Mernber Federal DLPUSIT Insurance Corp. 8 112 Years of Service Congratulations Lbemaine wo A junerafjome from A 520 S. Washington Street Alexandria, Va. CO ., IN C . Klng 9-0074 I1 THE FIRST NATIUNAL BANK or ALEXANDRIA Oldest National Bank lil Virginia MAIN OFFICE: 507 KING STREET NORTHEAST BRANCH: 701 NORTH ST. ASAPH STREET Menlber Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 160 ,dlmmclrfa f,7Z,mf Cn. AL BAKER ff SONS, INC. The Teresi's P1zEsEN'1'1NG FLOWERS OF D1s'r1Nc'1'1oN 116 501101 Sf- Asaph Sf- AlCXHndria,VH- From Greenhouse to You KI 9 6644 TE 6 7343 Phone KI. 9-2666 1600-20 Prince sr. ' ' ' T V DRY CLEANING LAUNDRY BEVERLY PLAZA VALET 2303 MT. VERNON AVENUE SERVICE Phone KI. 9-0151 Alexandx-ia,Va. 3915 Mt-Vernon Ave- - TE' 64422 ALTERATION SHOE REPAIRING Compliments of MASONIC VIEW SERVICE STATION ALEXANDRIA SPORT SHOP INC. 1218 KING STREET Phone KI. 9-6554 Alexandria, Va. Fishimi Tackle-Guns-Ammunition BILL HOUSLEY. Manager CONGRATULATIONS FROINI A. B. 8.1 W. TRANSIT CO. ALEXAND RIA, VA. IM go cz Jong way jo Wage .grienvld DIAMOND CAB .722 6f!5ZQ5,vl52y62v1ya1y 1500 King St. KI. 9-0452 ALEXANDRIA'S LEADING FLORIST CO' yimmg 91945, jAl,UQI'5 INC. Phone OVerlook 3-4600 K - 2 Ing 9 6 905 King Street Ft. Belvoir Belle View HELEN'S PASTRY SHOP CaLe5-neo-parfied llfibalding ann! Midday CaLe.4 Wacle fo Orcler 2302 Mt. Vernon Ave. KI. 9-9581 Camplimmrf of THE DIME STORE IQO6 Mt. Vernon Avenue Alexandria, Virginia. Neighborhood Variety Store Srhaol Suppliu COMPLIMENTS OF YOUR 9 DEALER Winchester, Inc. 1810 King Street Alexandria, Va. Established 1844 WORTH HULFISH EQ? SONS Incorporated 311-313-315 Kina St. Alexandria. Va. Retail and Wholesale Hardware OVIR A HUNDRED YEARS OF CONTINUOUS SERVICE THRIFT AUTO STORE Headquarters for TIRES-SEAT COVERS-BICYCLES DIAMONDS RELIGIOUS ARTICLES TERLECKY J EWELERS 1707 King Sn- Reed Theatre Bldg. Telephone OV. 3-2277 FINE .IEVVELRY John C. Terlerky, Prop. VVA'IlCHES Phone KI. 9-3583 GAINES FURNITURE 907 KING STREET J. C. Gaines ALEXANDRIA. VA. OVerIook 3-5400 Sairgnffon Cjoolaerafiue J The E. A. FILENE Dept. Store .sxirgngfon guaineaa genfer Arlington, Virginia WHITE CROSS CLEANERS - Fur Storage -- Allexafzdria 'J F inert M ell 'f W ear S t0reJ ' Arrow Shirts ' Stetson Hats ' McGregor Sports Wear 0 Botany Products ' Varsity Town Suits ' Bostonian Shoes Coh IEIISS Quality Shop 1104 King St. - Fairlington Center Second Floor Varsity Shop Your Hart, Sflzajrzer 6-9 Marx Dealer Congratulations from Clarke, Richard and Moneure Attorneys Thompson's Delicatessen I-Iersheyk Ice Cream 2605 Mt. Vernon Avenue Del Ray, Alexandria, Virginia W ELLINGTON HOUSE FURNITURE 3 DECORATION 809 SOUTH VVASHINGTON STREET CMt. Vernon Memorial Boulevard? ALEXANDRIA. VIRGINIA DERRINE BROTHERS ESSO Service and Garage BRADDOCK AND KING STREETS Klng 9-2929 TEmpIe 6-9712 ROBERTS BARBERS fFormerIy INMAN'Sj - Barber Shop - 522 King Street, Alexandria, Virginia A UNION SHOP TEmple 6-960-6 Klng 9-0567 TEmple 6-3-131 HERBY'S, Incorporated 1600 Duke St. Alexandria, Va. Your Friendly FORD Service Dealer KI. 9-0374 TE. 6-3768 Phone KI ng 9-8585 THE HOBBY HORSE INFANTS' APPAREL Children 's Clothes and Toys 1701 King Street All the smart fashions you see in Vogue, Bladenioiselle and I-Iarper's .fggxanclriah Wang SQL genfer WINDSOR MEN'S SHOP Bazaar 1017 King Street TEmple 6-4275 YOU SCC at .IOI'IN'S BLUE RIBBON 3 ma nf SHOE REPAIR 530 King Street Alexandria, Va. 412 King Street A19X21Ildl'iH, V3- ARTCRAFT FLORIST FLOWERS FOR EVERY OCCASION Corsaiies Weddinii and Funeral Arramiements Clnud Lenard and Lee Hancock TE. 6-0800 TE. 6-9464 2008 Mt. Vernon Ave. - Alexandria, Va. WASHINGTON EG? KANE REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE 1615 King Street Alexandria, Va. Compliments of JOHN W. BOHLAYER REAL ESTATE - INSURANCE 105 South Royal St. Alexandria, Va FRANK B. HOWARD Fancy Groceries, Fruits and Vegetables ' Fresh Meats and Pork Products 525 King Street Klng 9-1477 Mill End Shop, Inc. Imported and Domestic Fabrics 4031 South 28 th St. Arlington, Va. SHIRLINGTON BUSINESS CENTER OVerl00k 3-6795 X lip Co vers and Draperies PENNEYS .1.c.PENNEY co.,1Nc. 615-619 King Street KI. 9-0800 Alexandria, Virginia The store Where Quality, Faxlzion and Price Unife to give you the most for your money. TED LOUIS SHOP "Fine Men 's Wear" Shirlington - Arlington, Va. GRAHAM Ee? OGDEN, Inc. Realtors, I71Sll7'll7ZC6, Bowling, Infcestmeilts 803 King Street 0 A1exandria,,Va. KI.9-1300 TE. 6-1300 Compliments of Monticello Delicatessen 2304 Mt. Vernon Avenue T Emple 6-9718 There's something about J E L L E F F' S The service, the merchandise, the prices, and always an atmosphere of friendliness J E L L E F F ' S 6?35Jii,T.lLi.Si0S'353S Henderson's Drug Store 710 S. Washington St. OV. 3-6633 HUN'l'lNG TOWERS PHARMACY 1200 S. Washillgton St. KI. 8-1111 EAT Krispy Kreme Doughnuts 1400 Prince Street TEmple 6-3260 C' 1 1 - -151-E149-Egg suxmnu mw f jgihjjjgjxj 5,5935 K F Y JILruii4Accif-yiriiiwifi wmirwwm V Fi IJ im jQ , D 5 0 ' 5 un 'LE f T 7 " . 2 ' - 5 . .-- - ra- L W1 , f fi .11 .715 ' I 3551 5 "V -'-J, a',,'i i li , if . ni ,,,. WA .. 4.-Q v i -m -1-. in if r fm FANNON'S . . . Known for years to your parents . . . again extends to the graduates of 1953 BEST WISHES for a life rich in successful achieve- ment, and filled with the opportunities that have made America great . . . opportunities that CAN make your education at G.W. fruitful! THOMAS J. FANNON 84 SONS Coal - Automatic Heat - Fuel Oil Duke Ed Henry Sts. Alexandria, Va. 4 COCKERHAM Ed HUDSON SHIRLINGTON CLEANERS SHIRLINGTON BUSINESS CENTER Karger! D131 Cleaning Same Day F i Shirt Launderiizg Special Service 1524 KING STREILT shoe Repairing while-U-wait 'UT 9,'33?2 , , SHELTON BROS. jazrlzlzgfoiz Thofographzi' S india Q Q I'OR'1'RAI'1'S OF DISTINCTION JEWl2LhRS 1705 CENTRE PLAZA Fairlinziton SIIODDIIIQ Center PHILIP H. RICH ALEXANDRIA, VA. OV. Seminary Road King Wallpaper E? Paint Co. Holeta--ALKYD-Flat Washahle-Oclorlcss-One coat covers any surface 1012 King Street KI. 9-7209 Shirlington Hardware Co. 2770 South Quincy St. Arlington 6, Va. TE mple 6-3906 Hardware - Paints - Housewares L E N S O CLOTHING COMPANY -QAT- Headquarters for G. Wf Cadet Uniforms and Capes -'itX7'- I 424 King Street Alexandria, Virginia aaafvafzdsifffafa be fashionwlse . . . clockwise with up-to-the-minute apparel from our fashion-conscious Fourth Floor. Lei Miss Warren, our V School Outiilting Coun- selor advise you A ii O and help solve your fashion problems. Q j0l" iel" lbring Efffer .xddxanclria .ibairg PRODUCTS COMPANY Bendall Pontiac Invites the grads of GCOTgCXx71lShlDgIOH High School to investigate a career in the automotive Held BENDALL PONTIAC 1625 PRINCE STREET Hunting Terrace Beauty Shop BASEMENT - H BUILDING 1200 South Washington Street Phone KI. 9-9509 GARDNER CONSTRUCTION COMPANY 3834 Mt. Vernon Ave. Phone OV. 3-1115 THE SCOTT SHOPPE 2308 MT. VERNON AVENUE Alexandria, Va. F airlington Barber Shop CENTRE PLAZA Phone KI. 9-9453 George Washington High School CLASS RINGS Furnished by JAMES L. DECK 300 E. Main St. Richmond, V 8 Compliments of ROCKY STONE 166 1849-1953 G. C. Murphy Co. 104 YEARS OF SERVICE Complimenls vf W H EAT LE Y Funeral Home J. 5. EVERLY Telephone TE. 6-5400 EQ Co., Inc. Ch:1s.G. S STAT IONERS-OFFICE OUTFITT ERS WEBER ART SUPPLIES ARTMETAL OFFICE FURNITURE SINCERE Sewing Machine Co. 924 KING STREET ALEXANDRIA, VA. SALES-SER VICE-R EPA IRX New and Used 14406110103 Phone OV. 3-2121 KING AND WASHINGTON Weef your jrienJ5 af Wurpgg B 'I'HE FRIENDLY STORE For Xmarl Wl?UflTIg Apparel " Tonzorro W 5 F6SiIlYIIlS Today " f'wnpli1mwf.v of 1420 Prince Street Ale xundriu, Vu. Phone KI. 8-8015 REAL ESTATE LOANS INSURANCE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT 7 Specializing in liiens, VVomens 8: Childrens Hair Cutting ED'S BARBER SHOP Complimefzts of COLONY SPORTS SHOP Barber Science Graduate 1543 Seminary Road Alexandria, Va. KI. 8-7744 2705n Mt. Vernon Ave. AIexandria.Va. Compliments of CANNON SHOE STORE 603 King Street 0 Alexandria, Va. :islam Zu' fde gnfire jamifyii HENRY A. CHESHIRE B UILDER-COIYY 'RA CTOR 3834 MT. VERNON AVENUE Alexandria. Viriiinia Klnii 9-6663 Cieneral Hardware Pittsbul-gli Paints and Olass I lumbmg Supplies Valspar Paints and Varmshes Westinghouse Products T- E- CARNEALE, PYOP- GAINES BROS., INC. 107-109 Daingerfield Road. Alexandria, Virginia Telephones: KI. 9-6151 KI. 9-6152 Reg. No. 7289 Phone Klng 9-0677 2.004 Mt. Vernon Avenue Del Ray, Alexandria, Virginia CENTRE SHOE STORE -'IN THE FA1RL1NG'roN CENTRE" 1539 Quaker Lane Alexandria, Va. OVerlook 3- 1665 DEL RAY LINOLEUM Ei SHADE SHOP Bill Mirhelbarlz, Prop. Phone KI ng 9-1440 zoz East Oxford Avenue COMPL IMEN TS OF BAN THE CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK Alexandria, Virginia THREE CONVENIENT LOCATIONS MAIN OFFICE 513 King Street UPTOWN OFFICE 1827 King Street MT. VERNON AVENUE OFFICE 2809 Mt. Vernon Avenue 68 Beverly Plaza Watch Shop L. W. MORRIS 3923 Mt. Vernon Ave. Alexandria, Va Compliments of M. S. GINN E-3 COMPANY SCHOOL AND ART SUPPLIES KI. 9-0278 420 King St. Alexandria, Va HOPKINS FURNITURE CO. 810-812 King St. Alexandria,Va. Compliments of Kloman Instrument Co. HOSPITAL AND PHYSICIANS SUPPLIES AND EQUIPMENT Phone KI. 9-0875 KI. 9-2840 Fran Barnes FRAN'S BEAUTY SALON 21 11 Mt. Vernon Avenue Alexandria,Virginia HICKS REALTY COMPANY REALTORS AND 1NSU1e ORS 3706 MT. VERNON AVENUE Alexandria. Virliinia Kimi 9-1600 Storm Wil1dows Lennox Warm Air Automatic Cas Hot Water Heaters Automatic Heating Equipment Toro Lawn Mowers American Coolair Fans Aitcheson Fuel o., Inc. 500 King Street W COAL FUEL OIL WOOD PLANT-SOUTH STRAND STREET Between Prince and Duke Streets Phones: KI ng 9-2214 - TEmple 6-4969 16 , , , I i I i I I I I Stauffer System of Virginia, Inc, W. A. BARNETT'S SONS 4035 South 28th Street Arlington, Virginia wAoL5a4 Conkcfionera Schrafm CAocofafe4 JULIAN T. BURKE, Inc. mlltlldf .gllzfllfllllfe 218 KING STREET 115 King Street Phone Klng 9-0496 Alexandria. Virginia Alexandria, Va. G. Anderton Burke. E ti V P d t David M. Burke S 1 R t t PRI TI ENGRAVING Sc BOOKBINDING . . .70r Over zz Third ofa Centzcry Trinterf of l The COIIIPHJJ m 21'-af' .J N EVVELL-COLE COMPANY Telephone K I ng 9 -O16 2 2 I2 King Street Alexandria, Virginia 70 For Service and Savings Stop at the AMDCO Sign of Greater Values Telephone K1 ng 9-3600 ALE XAN D RIA F U RN ITU RE CO., Inc BUIC SELL AND EXCHANGE FURNITURE 1004-1006 KING STREET ALEXANDRIA, VA. BALLANCE'S R DRUG STORE 3925 Mt. Vernon Avenue AMERICAN OIL CO. From Maille to Florida Alexandria, Virginia Phone TEmpIe 6-4444 ea! IUMJAQA 0 IRVIN T. DOMSKY, D.S.C. CONRAD L. GOSSELS, M. D. MILTON R. STEIN, M. D. A FRIEND A FRIEND fo fl.. Q'm0!.,.afe. I 953 DENIS R. AYRES RALPH LUCIAN PAYNE JOSEPH P. SMYTH EARL F. WAGNER WALTER I. YOUNG Attzzrzwys at Law LOCAL and Since1880 M LONG DISTANCE N G I.C.C.Cert.93641 On Moving Day Move the Duncan Wa y 4. O-410 N. Columbus Street Alexandria, Va. KT ng 9-0417 ongrafufafionfi MAY THE FUTURE BE BRIGHT The V. L. MARCUM REALTY CO. caters to the future needs of the young citizens of America and those present needs of Alexandrians. For its foresight and business methods, the V. L. Marcum Realty Co. is to be congratu- lated on keeping up with the times. V. L. arcum Realty Co. "REAL TURY' Complete line of Real Estate - Insurance Klng 8-8600 5 .xx 015. ,T we 'vglgf , E -5,46-'Q A ,-', 1, ,X W 1. , ,- 4, , . f 'FQ ' f elf ,wf.f9h'i Wi L3 4 523,55-21945 33938 5 .fr .,.,,w. 5 2. . . A Q. 'J-6-QVMQQA r,'52v?1'Si1ffi?'1ijii'FQ?f'f'g9 u.ig,i-545339 A ig if rrzif f 5 ws- ,ff -ri -J' Af ,W ' ,.A . x, kEfuW6Q'Qp.M 3,5 , I Q 1' 'Zhi -f::"' ii r ' '5.' 2l, Eb ' 5 - " - F9 if ' " Y I1 X 59' 'i . 'ik' , 5, wf2'e: - Lakai., 1 , f E fffiiti: ,f 1 4- 5 HT ' xl 'Mfg C wil inf:--ra Jn- 1 44- i rn. 1eff1ifi- 2 riff m gfwflffl if -f9?'rii '5 Ri. H' E'f71?'V' 5 " i l ' Q f WM if .iii.,m' T' , H a:e:'i?i1 ,.. . - ' ' fig, I , 5 ..f' T- , - 5 :-u . Agaw ij.: H----4795 W if -5-L-K 4 Treat Jiffother' and To Uinner exft THE OLD CLUB TEAHOUSE fOncc George Washingtoifs Clubhouse, effny Evening of Sunday 555 South VVashington Street Alexandria, Virginia Cl o 7 Clblfa, C3128 .glllfliej Oll, , 74 In memory we can join band! with our clau- mcltef af we unite in our. . . George Washington High School Alma, Mater ' Words and Music by PHILIP LESTER Intro. Moderato A7 D9 G7 G.7 c7+s F I 5 I ' I I ' I4 S I I VI? e I I I I li I EAI I In I i I ' I 3 - I P I I I . I EI IQ ij I V tr 8 I' I 3 4 I I I Fl Aiadim. Gmi7 C7 Gmi7 C7 SIL: F A7 I, F I t I .B I-21 I, I I J I sin our rais-es to our schoo1,Geor eWash-in -ton ifs nameg Her col - ors,blue and E P E 8 zf.- . I 'A ' , . ' , :: : . I -'ns li. I 1:7111 li 0 I1 - , : : .J 1.P'-11- 'Q I I ' II ' nu -...I-I ' 5 Id Z vas- --52: I Q I 6-I ' -'M . -D . C7 . . I Dmi I L5 G7 C7 aug. F AIIdIm. Gmi7 C7 Gmi7 C7 BII7-+6 1' I ,I I I , I ' . I 7'-T' 4 4 4 5 ,E ,Eg FIQIIQIPII fold were meantto ev- er bring her fame And when our da 's are end-ed here and mem - 0-ries draw Q1 I ! I I I I I ' I, ' I ' 'fi - : 'A . I . If. QI I E I. ,U I I' I A? no GT Gmi7 cvfs ILP' 2'F I EJHEQI. 553- Q In -Q nigh, We'!1 noi for-get our school so dear, Hail! G. W High! We High! ...L I, : I I : I I.. : . . : . gg Ili? . I '--gf IIE ,SE ' 522: I5-55 . SI-1 I . . , , I ni-I El 5 E!l.. :si-:--:si I ' 'U' ' Copyright 1947 by Arlington Music Publishing Company. Program rights assigned to B. M. I. All rights reserved. 17 5

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