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1950 rH E s ■ 1 V A geob« II ■ c 11 aLexaNDrIA %vas||,x SCII°° 1 VIRGIN 0 (,r° THE moMrs. Mary B. Snider 4Dedication The class of 1950 wishes to dedicate the Compass to one of our chief and most beloved directors. She has instilled enthusiasm in our actions, placed confidence in our thoughts, and established loyalty in our hearts. She has been untiring in her efforts to provide each performer with a stepping-stone to some greatly desired goal. Her teaching ability has equipped us with a better background for the drama of life, and her friendly manner and vivacious personalit) have created a feeling of sportsmanship and school spirit worthy of highest acclaim. In appreciation of her valuable assistance, we dedicate this annual to MltS. MaRY SNIDER.i it o i. o in v i: ■-• the world's a slope And all the men and women merely players. . . —Willi m Siivk» pk re The class of 1950 has been pla ing its part, though only a hit. throughout the past four ears. Now it is ready to step forth onto a much larger stage to perform before a more critiral audience, to compete with more experienced actors, and to look forward to both successes and failures. The production will l»e a difficult one, for each performer will be called upon to play new parts under new directors. s each of us must take a definite role during our lives, we feel that this portrayal of school life through drama is an appropriate theme for our 1950 Comjxiss. 6ttf. VTWVS V VN AM.Y V, VttOYAA.VAVS YUWVAVTOWS SU Y Summer SukV Suvvov ‘m« Cx Xww Comv vss Ac —CAu Av 2—S nVu De vavVme V Acl «V—SymvVs c V—Gadels Va'U.oc.vy. ,P R O D U C E R S Mr. Edgar G. Pruet, Principal 9Mr. Robert W. Garner Assisi an I l ri ncijtal in Charge of lioys (r u ill a nee Depn rtm en ! ft lo right: Mr. Raymond Sanger, Miss Jean White Mrs. Josephine Tolbert Assislant Hrincipal in Charge of Girls 10 MATH EM TICS DEPARTMENT Soiled, left to right: Miss Thelma Maddox. Miss Margaret Powell. Miss (Catherine Mchlroy. Miss Elizabeth Thrift Standing, left to right: Miss Lucy Williams. Mrs. Wapella Houchins. Mrs. Madeline Hill. Mrs. Elizabeth Allport, Miss Helen hidings, Mr. Irving Lindsey tltead of dept.) ENGLISH DEPARTMENT Seated, ell to right: Miss Eleanor Currin. Miss Sylvia Somers. Mis- Lucille Keeton 'head of dept.), Mrs. Elizabeth Chastka. Miss Margie Robertson. Standing, left to right: Miss Lynnwood Kinder. Mrs. Edwina Bachschmid. Miss Frances rniistead. Miss I nis Woodward. Miss Eunice Guill. Mr-. Edith Hussey. Miss Agnes Carieo. Mrs. Mary Snider. Mis- gnes Reynold- 11COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT Sealed, left r« right: Mrs. Jam Hustings, Mrs. Grace Montgomery, Mrs. Ruth Schultz, Mrs. Mary Butcher Standing. left to right: Mi" Naleeno Wright. Mr. F. Vaughan Pultz ihead of dept.), Miss Sue Hanunond. Mrs. Dorothy Smith SCIENCE DEPARTMENT Left to right: Mi" Lula Whittaker. Mr. Frank Kapriva. Mr. W illiam Hillman. Mr. Archer Millican thead of dept.). Mr. Roland Woodson. Mi" Christobcl Cates. Miss Mary Fogel;i acf. department ight: Mrs. Martha Smith. Mrs. Marian Van Saun. Mrs. Thelma Stanton. Miss Chat lone Kiracofe (head of dept.), Miss Frances Armistead SOCIAL ST I DIES DEPARTMENT Seated, left lt right: Mrs. Ruth Elgin. Miss Dolly Callahan «head of dept.). Miss (irate Patch Standing, left to right: Mrs. Virginia Dougherty. Miss Dorothy Torpey. Mr. Paul Mackey. Mis- Elaine Weil. Mr. Peter Bahich. Sliss Katheryne Baugh. Mr. Maurice Nichols 14LIBRARY STAFF Left to right: Mrs. Mary Seay. Mi-- Blanche Helm head librarian». Mr-. Nellie Clayton PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT Left to right: Mr. Albert Doran. Mr. Simon Painter. Mr-. June WilsOD, Mr-. Jane Gregory. Mr-. Polly Murray. Mr-. Elizabeth Eubank. Mr. Frank Marino. Mr. Jamr- FordHOME ECONOMIC' DEPARTMENT Left to right: Mis' Phyllis Taylor. Mrs. Mary Parker I head of dent.) DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION DEPARTMENT Left to right: Miss Marcella Troll now • head of dept.). Miss l al»-lh- McKnight OM MMIISIKNI MILITARY DEPARTMENT Lt. Col. George Pal rick 1617P. T. A. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Stated, left to right: Dr. C. H. Pals A ice Pre»idcnt and Program Chairman: Mrs. II. G. MiNtcr. Pre.-ident; Mr-. Zerclda McConnell, Ilo-pilality Standing, left to right: Mr-. »• ! Campirell. Puhlicily: Mi— Grace Patch. High School Faculty. Secretary; Mr. Edgar C. Prutt. Principal; Dr. Bruce SiIcox. Parliamentarian and Representative to Alexandria Council of P. T. A.-: Mr-. Audrey Motter. Meml er-hip Absent: Ai Baker. Sr.. Treasurer; Mr-. Alan Broun. Cultural Committee: Pill Duke. President of Student Council To the Students of Ckokgk Washington Mich School: Your Parent-Teacher A scoria (ion lakes this opportunity to thank you for your interest and assistance during the past year and to ask your continued co-operation in working together to improve our school. Every best wish is extended to the members of the class of 1950 as they go forth to carve their careers as upright and useful citizens. 18S TA It II I X I. MORTON BREGMAN President 19 DONNIE HAN BACK I ’ice-President JOE STROTHER January ChairmanTHE COMPASS 195 0 JEANETTE MARY BAI.DIGA Jean elle Atiraolive and lot?, of style ELIZABETH ANN BALLARD Hoots Will be a boon to any office RONALD BARLEY Ronald Takes life easy J MES JOSEPH BARRY Jimmy Happy-go-lucky MARY ELEANOR BECK Mary Pert and vivacious in her unassuming way MARGARET FRANCES BRENNER Marge Dusky hair and eyes that dance LOIS LOUISE BRIEL Lou A quiet, pleasant manner ROBERT LEE BRYAN Bob A wink and a smile for all the lasses DOROTHY ARLENE BURCH Dot A neat, bright package MANCIL BURNS Mancil Calm. cool, and collected 20JANUARY • GRADUATES MARY FRANCES CALLISON Mary Frances A bright future for thi cute and capablr la-' M ISON CARLTON CARTER Buck-y To live, laugh, and be merry — HOMER DVN-HT CHILICRS £ «i: R ANNE CLARKE Barbara : - i ;«epar. a charming ‘mile ANN A ELIZABETH CORBIN Anna ?Ii.«ENC£ MAT D AKIN H.UKAEET CRICHTON «ie LUCCLA Crichton Pretty and promising BERYL LORRAINE DILL Beryl A delightful and charming song bird DOROTHY JEAN DONLON Dot Kinetic energy behind each move JOYCE ELAINE DYAL Joyce A model for friendliness 21THE COMPASS 195 0 WILLIAM DILLARD FAIJNTLEROY mu Reward inevitable for this ambitious lad DOROTHY ELIZABETH FRANKLIN Dorothy Rales an “A" in every undertaking PHYLLIS ANN GEORGE Phyl A sleek lass with real eliarm THOM S WATSON GIBBS Tommy Abundant in wisdom, delightful in manner BELINDA DONOHOE GILHAM I.inda Full of vim and vigor LEONARD DONALD GOLDM N Leonard Will make a mark for himself DENNIS EDMOND GORDON Dennis A harem—hi' ambition HELEN I.Ol ISE GORHAM H elen Quiet, reserved, and true ELIZABETH MARCIA GREEN Marcia Gentle with winning ways JANE RANDOLPH II R Jane Keen, winsome, and sweet 22IANLARY GRADUATES DOROTHY MAE HAMILTON Dot Sparkling eyes lo accompany the friendliest of smile- ROBERT ALAN HARLOW Bob bright prospiTt for tliis future prospector BETH ROSE H TTON Betty Engaging way BARBARA SMITH HAYNES Barbara Jolly, sweet, and nice to have around MARGARET ALMA HEINE Peggy Friendly and sincere, liked by all CHARLOTTE LOl ISE HENDERSON Charlotte Overflowing with wisdom and charm JOHN Cl RT1S III MBHRIES. JR. Jack Our wonderman of the theater MARY I.OU KELLY Mary Lou Brisk and alive to every occasion BARBARA JOAN KNIGHT Joan An all ‘round gal W AN DA LEE KOACH (Panda Ever keen, amiable to all 23 nil: COMPASS 195 0 WARREN IK WIN KRANZ If arren An entrancing manner ROSE MARIE I.El TER 10 llosie Busy as a bee, sweet a honey JAMES ANTHONY LOWERS Jimmy Meets every situation with daring JOHN FRANCIS MeCl IRE Jack Possesses animation and inspiration JOAN MARTHA MAM AN Tickey Pep and skill galore JEAN ELLEN MARTIN Jean Stylish and popular—one of the best JOHN MARTINKOVIC John Diligent, capable—aims for the top JOAN ELIZABETH MEYER Joan Blonde hair and dancing feet MARTHA JAMS MILLER Janis Artistic and winsome BILLIE JOYCE MOON Joyce Anyone’s shining hour 24JANUARY GRADUATES DAVID RAYMOND MORGAN Boozie An A-l athlete and friend CAROL ANN MYERS Carol Ann Nothing lacking in this popular cal JEAN CLAUDETTE NIXON Jean AI way smiling—dainty and demure BETTY CATHERINE OVERALL Boo Ever friendly—ever dependable MARCIA ANNE PARKER Marcia A versatility hard to match PETER PALL PISTOLESI Pete Lucky the hip league who get him CHARLES KENNETH RICE Charlie A real live wire and cute too FRED ALBERT RICH At Always chipper and cheerful N'ANCIE AIKEN RIDEOUT Mancie The cream of the crop in all respect CARROLL KEMP RUSH. JR. Tody Keen and casual 25IIIE COMPASS 195 0 FRANCES COLLEEN H'i . Frances A lively colleen RITA MARIE S U TTERS Kiln lip-lo-lhe-minule always ROB I. SLOTKIN Hob steady guy with an irresistible smile BARBARA JEAN SMITH Sistie Completely sweet ami clear thinking JORDAN SMITH Jordan Born for success ROBERT PRESTON STEWART Hob The pride of his school ami an athlete through ami through LTER CRICCS STRANGE. JR. Pete Gay and good looking JOE CLAUDE STROTHER Joe A ready wit and keen mind to carry thi-handsome lad far STEPHEN ROSS SWARTZ Sieve Dapper and daring CAREY JEAN TAYLOR Carey Busy raising cam —and not sugar 26USUn GRADUATES AMT MAKlfc THOM itzie Dancing fret and a contagious 'aus UlLLUV GIFT'S TR ER % OK LliNL'I V RNER W ciw Carre r m i oytitian combined :• Fl GENE WADE Arnold Friendly and courteous JACQl KLINE MAE WEIL Jacqy rsatilr and attractive to the oomph degree RICHARD LEE WEST Dick Fun ami friends to fill hi - time ROBERT FRANCIS WHITESTONK Skippy G. W.’s smooth letterman NELSON EDWIN WOOD Nellie indispensable to the team as to his friendsTHE COMPASS 1950 BETTY JEAN ALEXANDER B.J. A good sport always—all ways JOHN MARSHALL ANDREWS Johnny Silent hut successful CHARLES DONALD APPERSON Don Shy ami reaervrd hut strong of will RALPH DONALD ARONOW Goolch Hot trumpeter—lives for his music DAVID HAROLD BAKER David One of the great senior wits LOIS ANN BAKER Skeeter A swell gal in anyone's language MARGARET BEATTIE Margot Tops in charm am! friendship BETTY EVELYN BEST Betty Personality and pulchritude well combined JAMES WILLIAM BLANCHARD. JR. Dvr Life of the crowd ANN ELIZABETH BOUCHARD Ann As gracious as dear 28IL'SF. GRADUATES BRUCE FARCE BOWER Bruce «juiet manner concealing many accomplishment DON LD X'sNE BOWIE Dm UTrlESIM 0€2jC ES BftECAK MORTON BRE«.M I forty W popakiriad capable class proxy MARJORIE VIOLA BROOKS Margie Ability- the symbol of her success RLEN FRANCIS BROWN Shaif Our television letterman DUANE H. BROWN Duffy l-oves to live SIDNEY I. BURKE Sidney Our efficiency expert LEONARD VLVIN Bl R Dusty Burn %ith enthusiasm and aspiration RUTH ANN Bl RRELL Ruthie Ambition and zeal—her first aid 29fHE COMPASS 195 0 EDNA M K HI TLER Edna Mae Rates high with teachers and friends alike ANNE VIRGINIA CAPORALETTI Annie pparel as pleasing as her disposition JAMES PHILLIPS CAROW Jimmy The touch of an artist a delightful smile LOI IS JOHN CAROW Jack Offers friendship to everyone CEORGI ELIZABETH CARR Gee Always on our minds JOHN ALLEN CARROLL Jack Ever looking on the sunny side of life PENELOPE CARTER Penny lively las- with an infectious laugh BENJ MIN NATH W CLARK. JR. Ben Ability plus personality CATHERINE ELIZABETH COFFM N Jackie Dark and delightful EVELYN KIRBY CONNER Evelyn Priceless her offerings 30JUNE 3f GRADUATES DEAN GRANT COOKSES Dean Stars in athletics and friendship FRANCES CHRISTIN CREKI Fran Her yells heard on the foothall field ELSIE JEAN Cl RRIER Jean Pretty, neat, and very sweet JOAN EARL DARLING Joan masculine favorite GEORGE W. DAVIS George ready smile, a companionable manner SHIRLEY DAVIS Shirley Rood sport with a reputation for making friends W ILLI M EDWARD DAVIS Fggic tall, shy chap with likeable ways LILLI N MARIE DEAN Rita A glowing personality M RGARET JEAN DODDS Jean Friendliness her chief asset ROBERT ALLEN DOl GLAS Dougie R.S.V.P. eyes 31THE COMPASS 19 50 JOANN DOW NE'i Jo Jo Smiles wreathed in radiance WILLIAM N. Dl DKOW Bill His aim—to leap to greater heights DAVIS W. DUKE BUI His words well spoken—his presence greatly desired W ALTER LOWELL ECKBRETH Halter A good looking note on any scale ROBERT BARRY EGGLESTON Barry High hopes for the future BARBARA JANE ENGLISH Barbara Little hut loved and full of fun SHIRLEY LEE ENGLISH Shirley One of the few who get along with everyone WILLIAM MYRON EVERETT Bill Likeable lad with likeable ways KENNETH FOWLER EVERLY Kenny Captivating eyes ALICE VIRGINIA FIELDS Alice Quiet and sociable 32IIJNE jf GRADUATES DOROTHY CAROLINE FINCHER Dot Ticking every minute WILLIAM HERBERT FLORENCE. JR. HUIv Talented in the art of mischief making W ALTER RAYMOND FLOWER- Spud treasury of humor and personality NORMA LYNNE FORI) ,Y orma A smile to delight her friends ELIZABETH EVADENE FOSTER Dene A tranquil nature, loads of fun JANET LORRAINE FOW LER Alex Will he twirling through life ALAN WOOD FREDERICK A! rtistic and fundoving VERNON LAN CAINES Alan K Bt'Kas. nice to know N AVIY LEX CANT ALLlSt C AUUSON Ftitmdh a»; p e» c2 t ivuow S3I HE COMPASS 195 0 MARA AW GARTH Mag Mrrry ami gleeful W SAR Gl W WORK A Inn A friend to Ik proud of ARTHIR LEONARD GILES Sonny Well-liked, well-groomed, ami always welcome KENNETH MARVIN GLASGOW K.G. A Hair for designing DONALD HIGH GORDON Donnie A gentleman of the first class ROGER LAWRENCE GORDON Roger Always has energy on hand BARBARA ELIZABETH GOSS Barbara Always conscientious seldom demanding FLORENCE O'CONNER GRANT Pepper Full of pep and laughter MARJORIE ANN GHCKERT Margie small candle throwing a long llame ROBERT CALVIN II ITH Bobby itty and welcome a wonderful dancer 34JUNE GRADUATES CLIFFORD CARRINGTON HALL Cligie Sincere ami studious LEON 1. Bl LLETT HALL Leon Smart and smiling DON LI) LINDSAY H ANBACK Donnie Good looking guy. well-liked by all WILLIAM ALEXANDER HARLOW Rill A tenor delighting his friends ROBERT BRUCE HARRIS Rob Tall. dark, and reserved NORMAN EI.RICK HENRY Hank Half yard in football—a mile and a half in friends KENNETH FERGUSSON HEWITT Ken Handsome and then some WILLIAM HILL BUI A composed and deserving person MARTIN NEEL HODGES Marlin Quid hut dangerous REBECCA JANE HODGES Reeky A :■ turn cheer for this spirited and popular young lady 35IIIE COMPASS 1950 JOHN PAI L HUBER Johnny To see life through magic lenses KKLVIN HUGH HUNTER. JR. A Honor student, a nice guy to know DlANE JOHNSON Diane Attractive with a lilting laugh GEORGE GILMORE JOHNSON Sonny Liked by everyone ERWIN A. JONES Wimpy A pleasing combination of quality and quantity ROBERT EUGENE JORDAN Bobby way for making lasting friendships EUGENE FREDRICK KAPP Gene To capture the greatest value out of life Jl NE VIRGINIA KENNEDY June A smile to delight any heart LORETTA GRACE KOCH Webby Ouiet. good nalured. ami fun-loving SAMUEL KOFFLER Sam Sees something funny in everything 36JUNE GRADUATES RUTH VIRGINIA KOPP Ruth Always busy — never blue PATRICIA ANN LAMONT Pat Opporiunitv awaiting her CHARLES LUKE LARSON Char lit Smiles for everyone. a friend to all JUNE MARIE LEE June Bright eyes, delightful smile ALAN LEVINSON Alan Eyes sparkling with mischief JOAN BEVERLY LEWIS Bee Never seen with a frown LORETTA FRANCES LEWIS Loretta An artist—an object of art JOAN ELIZABETH LONG Joan Warm smile and flaming hair CECELIA KATHERINE LI H Cecelia Sophistication personified DAVID OLIVER MAECHTLE l)ai ill A definite stamp on the future THE COMPASS 1950 JOAN MARY MAGUIRE Joannte An asset to some lucky businessman DONALD B. MALCOLM Don Ability ami enthusiasm to bring him success JAMES MARLATT Jungle Jim A captivating soldier ELVA MARYE MARSHALL fee Dainty ami demure— a pleasing combination Rl'DOLPH WAILAND MAY Rudy Abundant power to attract many friends BETTY ANN MAYS Hetty Sprightly ami sociable VIRGINIA RAE MAYS Ginny Kindness indicating a true heart JAMES JOHN McCOART Jim Always full of fun and folly ELEANOR M RIE McKEE Shorty A wee, small maid but dear to all PATRICIA CARROLL McI.AUGHLLN Vat Mischief sparkling in her eyes 38JUNE GRADUATES MARVIS JI NK MEADOR Marta Personality ami friends galop- MARY SUE MEARS Susie Spontaneous laugh lik«- a refre hin_ GE0RG1 FR W- ES MIDDII »N Gee Gee Hidden gaiety in her tranquil manner GLORIA JUNE MILES Gloria A radiant smile to lit her "queenly” title JUSTIN ALBERT MILLER Jessie “Just in" extending his winning ways to all his friends THOMAS EDWARD MILLER Tommy Competence and character M RILYN WIEL MONCl RE Psycho Rhythm ami resolution JANET MAE MORRIS Janet Sweet as they come- well worth knowing ROBERT M KAY MORRISON Itol, His ability, his fortune: his personality. Ids fame PEARL III ELM MYERS Pear! A genuine “pearl" 39lilt COMPASS )f 195 0 SUE CATHERINE NEFF Sue Will go far in life NIT A LEE NELSON Nila Creates melody ami mirth BYRON BRUCE NEWELL B.B. Talent for writing, talent for making friends FRANCIS HEY WOOD NOW LAND Frank Tlu friendly type, witty and well-liked CAROLYN ELIZABETH OSBORNE Carolyn A majestic smile JACK HOWARD OWEN Jack A recent Imt valuable addition to G.W. JOHN TERRELL PACKARD Terry A successful future awaiting him MARIE AGNES PADGETT Marie A willing and warm-hearted friend ROBERT ELLSWORTH PATRIDGE Hobby Wisdom to guide his ambition EARLE FRANCIS PAYNE Earle A feminine attraction 40JUNE GRADUATES PHYLLIS ANN PETITT Phyllis Knjovs Iif«- ami her surroundings FRED EARL PEYTON Fred Dark eyes, dignified nvann ? HELEN N PEATON Heiex K 1»: a WLkrr aoTuauam JANET PIN Kl S Janet Pep—energy—personality KATHLEEN ONES PLACEMAN Kathy Kindly and companionable JOHN MIKE POLYCHRONES Johnny Refreshing and jolly in a special way IKRin HAROLD PREIS Jerry Strives to accomplish the best RODERICK AI.LEN QUAYLE Rod The winner at the sound of the bell ELIZABETH NNE REID Betsy I p to the minute, always in vogue NEVA ANN RHODES Neva Smiling eyes, graceful mien 41THE COMPASS 1950 DON LI) CK W FORD RICH ARDS Don Ituilt for fame HELEN FRENCH ROBERTS llennie Infectious warmth. fascination JEAN ELIZABETH KOREA Jean Small in size Imt almmlant charm ROBERT LOUIS ROHR Bob A smile that brighten the la Dl RWOOI) GARLAND RORIE Shorty Happiest when loafing ANN CATHERINE RtSSELL Ann A real southern gal ILLIAM DENNIS RYAN Denny miahle disposition and true dignity ROGER FR ANCIS RADER. JR. Frank A future big business man ROBERT GORDON ST. CLAIR Sinclair Ambitious and capable BARBARA SAUTTERS Barbara An engaging disposition •12IUNE GRADUATES SARA SCIILAKSTEIN Sara Overflowing with happine-- HARRIET I.EE SHAPIRO Lee A cult? trick personality plu- JOAN « IROL SHEFFIELD Joan Modest and serene JEANETTE SHIFFLETTE Jean etle Always on the go- in the midst of fun GEORGE RAYMOND SIMMS George Personality and progressive ideas PATRICIA LEIGH SIMPSON Vat Demure and genuine M RA LOl ISE SLIYINSKI Mary A sincere design on life l EXANDER MORRIS SMITH Sandv Ko»ist toward hi- goal DOYALD KLIOC SMITH TARO ILYA SOLOMONS Zddx Jr—j.propelled speech F 43 ■■THE COMPASS 195 0 PATRICIA SHANOIK STARKEY Bat A bundle of fun ami frolic MALVERN VANCE STEDMAN Malvern Loves pranks ami people MARY MERCEDES STEWART Mary Journalistic fame her ambition BETTY VIOLA STINNETT Betty A charming future homemaker BARBARA ANNE STRABA M elody Gliding along in a carefree way RAYMOND MARSHALL STRUDER Bay Boxing ami baseball bis accomplishments MARY ANN SWAN Suannie Sweet smile and gentle ways ROBERT EMMETT SYLVERSTE1N Bobby The past, his stepping 'tone; the future, his goal BEVERLY ELLEN TEETER Bet An explosive bundle of dynamite JAMES DAVID TELLER Jim Silver tongued and persuasive 44I IJ N E G FAD UAT E S BETTIJANE THOM S R.J. Just naturally friendly and alluring ALVA FORI) THOMPSON For die Carries responsibilities on the football field DON M.D M 1 ( nl M TREt.KR Don Big plan for ucce« and happinc BARBARA ALICE TRITF.S Barb A leader in more ways than one GUERDON S. TRUEBLOOI) Chick Versatility plus vitality DONALD WAYNE TUCKER Don A pood time, his motto JOHN MARSHALL TYLER John First rate friend JEANETTE MARGARET UTHENE Jeanne Lovely to look at JOSEPH BENJAMIN VALLARINO Ben Dark and dashing SALLY HUBERT WARD Sally Natural taste for classical way 45Mil: COMPASS 1950 VIRGINIA Lot 1SE 1WITERS0N WARD (tin tier Look', limelight, ami laughter Kt SSKI.L EDWIN W KRKN Rusty A mighty slugger, an ideal companion RVIN FRANKLIN WEAVER Doodles Our radio man—no static here SI ANNE W EBB Suzanne A personable ami popular newcomer ROBERT V. WHITE Bobby Perfection in his appearance CHARLES ADAMS WHITE Charles Rig man, big heart ROY CARL WILCOX Roy Possesses the ingredients necessary for his future ELIZABETH ANN W ILES .■Inn winning smile only one of her numerous charms CONSTANCE ANN W ILKINS Connie Charm to capture many hearts MILDRED LOTTIE WINCHELD Millv Shares her luck ami laughter 46JUNE GRADUATES NELLI K MW WIN GO Nellie Can't help In-in happy DVCIE JEANETTE WHEN Jenny A personality Iti Tribute to GEOKGK ALLEN BAUMANN 1933 -1949 who will always be remembered for bis integrity, zeal, and depth of thought 47WHO’S WHO Best All Around Nancie Hideout Bill Duke Most Talented Carol Ann Myers Bill Duke Most Popular Nancie Rideout Arlen Brown Most Likely to Succeed Beverly Teeter Joe Strother 48IN THE CAST Most Friendly Hose Marie Huiterio Donnie llanhaek Most Attractive Gloria Miles Bobby White 49SENIOR DAY 50REVIEW This was a happy, winning year. A year of fan am! glory: So lo relate tvlial we've been through. I ll write this little story. September was our football start. Mount l emon got a beating: October was the Horror Hop. And Seniors' first class meeting. November we had “Open House'' While parents met our teachers. Then Sadie I la whins had her dance: Corsages were the features. We non the “Bucket" Turkey Day: The team was in good form. We crowned our (liieert between the hair And heard our band perform. December brought our Senior Day, And school play with good cast. The Football Dance and Banquet next. And vacation time at last. The next month brought us basketball: We won our first big game. Mid-year exams the Senior From, And then Commencement came. February a busy month: We worked with all our might. In March we had our next school play. And then our College ight. In April was the Junior From, And everyone was there. The Senior Frolics came in Max: It was a large affair. In June we closed this happy year: Our Senior From ua fun. Then Graduation came at last: Our life had just begun. By Connie WilkinsMR. LINDSEY The stars of the east of "The 1950 Compass’ have been fortunate indeed to have someone like Mr. Lindsey to guide them along the path to playing more dillieult roles than they have ever played before. As production manager. Mr. Lindsey has helped the stars to overcome many problems which have arisen during the past year, so to him goes a “Thank you' from each ami every star of the cast. Alitsiail Score LMA M ATER We sing our praises to our school, George Washington its name: Her colors, blue ami gold, were meant to ever bring her fame. Anil when our days are ended here and memories draw nigh— We’ll not forget our school so dear, Hail G. W. High. —Piiii.ip Lkstkk. 52Summer Stock 53The first Summer School Graduates to In presented in their own production are the '49ers. An efficient and well-organized class, it performed its activities with enthusiasm and earnestness, under the leadership of its president. Leon Ruben. 54Summer Directors The small cast was ably directed and coached in this performance. The result has been gratifying, for each actor has gone on to more important scenes with plenteous experience and high ideals. 5556575859the Junior class Jl MOK CLASS OFFICERS President . Willard Scott Vice-President Fannie Mae Dixon Secretary.................. Pal Smith Treasurer Marc ia Ferguson Left to right: Patsy Smith. Fannie Mae Dixon. Willard Scott. Marcia Ferguson. Mrs. Stanton THE JUNIOR CLASS The Junior class is largely indebted to Mrs. Thelma Stanton, our inspiring and enthusiastic sponsor, for its achievements throughout this year. A firm foundation for the scheduled activities has been the Junior Board, which represented each Junior home room and carried out I lie business of the class. One act of the hoard was the acceptance of a budget allocating funds for the Compass, a gift to the school, and the Junior-Senior Prom. Among the activities of the class were the Membership Drive, Christmas Hop. Junior Class Pin Drive, and an outstanding event, the Junior-Senior Prom in the spring. e sincerely hope we w ill meet with similar success in our Senior year and do wish the best of luck to Junior classes to come. 60the Sophomore class SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS President Charles Mott ley I ice-President Joan Marsh Secretary-Treasurer Wallace Co 111 in Left tv rifiht: Joan Marsh. Mrs. Butcher. Charles Moll lev. Wallace Cofflin Although this year's Sophomore Class was the smallest C. V. has had for some time, it willingly participated in all school activities. Its officers, under the sponsorship of Mrs. Mary Butcher, backed up the second year class with 61 great enthusiasm.SOPHOMORE CLASS 6263 FRESHMAN CLASSthe Freshman class ERF.SHM . CLASS OFFICERS ’resident Jo« Grill- I ice.President Lt- t» r McMenamin Secretary Joan llarth-tt Treasurer Jane Noel Left to rgiht: Mi-s Thrift. Jain- Noel. J«m- Grill-. Lest«-r MeMenamin. Joan Itarth-u The Freshman Class is becoming moiv successful all of llie lime. Much of the credit for this is due to the effort and time our sponsor. Miss Kli ahcth Thrift, has expended in our interest. The Freshman Class still has its own clubs even though some of them have been expanded to school-wide activities. Members of our class have taken part in plays, assemblies, and sporting events. The class of 1953 hopes to participate in many activities during the coming year and improve its existing record of accomplishment. 64the Eighth grade EIGHTH GRADE OFFICERS President...............Janie? Mottlcy I ice-President Shirley King Left to right: Shirley King, James Moll ley, Mrs. Hussey Behold the class of '54! Now we are lowly eighth graders, hut four years hence ( with some luck and enough effort) we expect to he marching down the aisle to a diploma and the wide world, just like today’s lordly seniors. And our chance to make G. Y. history is still ahead of us! It is impossible to label all four hundred, but some of us will make a name; see if we don’t. 65666768STUDENT COUNCIL We of George Washington High an be just 1 proud that ur school has a successful student government. The Student Council has worked on several projects this year. new undertaking was the opening of the snack bar. The war orphan was again supported, as in previous years. Eighth grade representation on the executive committee was a new and important feature. The chartering of buses to athletic games away from Alexandria, the running of Jimmy Gibbens’ Country Store, and tlx annual Thanksgiving offering were other minor activities of the Student Council. Through the functions of the council during 1949-50. the students have learned to solve their own problems, work for the well-being of all. and most important fit themselves for active service in the community. STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS President. Bill Duke First I ice-President. Erwin Jones Second Tice-President. Beverly Teeter Secretary-Treasurer, Sue Foster 69STl DENT COl XCIL Sealed, left to right: Sue Foster. Erwin Jone . Mi » hiding'. Hill Duke. Beverley Teeler. first row. left to right: Judy Miller. Lynn Chedestcr. I lu May i.aynor. Ann Harr. Owen Polls Anlel Stewart. Shirley Richards. Jc an Hurlllet. Martha Jordan. Roberta McBride. Belly W arren. Second row. left to right: Jean Martin. Adrienne Thatcher. Mary Bushy, Janice Mishkof. Shirley English. Alice Field. Beverly Ballard. Ijee Evcritl. Mary Eli ahelli Tomlin, Loretta Kesterson. Pal Blanchard. Lucie Stcinliergcr. Third row. loft to right: Don Price. Bobby Walls. John Bradley, Jorge Wilkes, Cortez Kandall. Bill Alexander. Richard Draper, David Hall. Jimmy Carow. Lucille Crowder. Shirley King. Richard Brady. Ken Stout. Fourth rou. left to right: Jimmy Cravatte. Eddie Whitehurst. Kim McCully. Peter Miller. Joe Bell, Quentin Clark. Doc Blanchard. Terry Packard. Brine Newell, Dan Lehman. Lefty W illiams, Richard Daniel. Charles Wilson. Ray Rohinson. Tommy Ranaldo. STUDENT COUNCIL STUDENT COUNCIL HONOR AND DISCIPLINE COMMITTEE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE First row. left to right: Jean Marlin. Bill Duke. Beverley Teeter. First row. left to right: Roberta McBride. Beverley Teeter. Bill Duke, Erwin Jones. Sue Foster Erwin Jones. Sue Foster. Martha Jordan Second row. left to right: Joe Bell. Terry Packard, Doe Blanchard Second row. left to right: Cortez Randall. Bruce Newell. Dan Lehman 70Fir row, left to right dm Corbi acUni. Bob Bryan. Carol Ann Myers, Joe Strother, Charlotte Henderson. Bill Duke. E :ru Mj- B.: -r Second rou. to right la • •' r.uabrth Ba « hlaPtein. Joan Manian. Marcia Parker. Mary Frar.- . Eh ok I • ►.irl'-v English. Dorothy Fincher, Nila Nelson, Connie Wilkin . Be erl«- Teller. Third rou. let: :• • . • I ... - . .-.aid Malcolm. Bruce Bower, Bruce Newell, David Maechtle. Duane Brown. Ouill and Palm T V- •• '• P.-.. National Honor Society established the local chapter at - U a r.i:.zt..n High School in 1942. A '-miters of the Quill and Palm have given credit to our school bv their -- .. f f ur doirable qualities: citizenship, scholarship, leadership, and service. The activities of these members may be summarized in the following: Our services were offered to assist in the newly established club room. The Horror Hop and the Brains and Brawn Dance were given with the Monogram Club. The money raised from these activities was contributed toward a scholarship. In addition, the society has assisted in various national fund drives. New members are selected each semester according to their - tstic rating and student participation in school activities. President J Strother Vice-President Charlotte Henderson Secretary Carol Ann Myers Treasurer Bob Bryan 71Left to right: Jac«|y Weil. Carol nn Myer . Joe Strother. Dorothy Fincher. Irma Kosenherg Quill am Scroll I'lte Quill and Scroll Honor Society lias helped in many ways to further interest in the field of journalism. Organized on an international scale, the society has chapters in almost every section of tin world, thus creating a bond among the journalistic students in every country. Membership is based upon journalistic achievement and scholastic standing. Before being accepted into the society, those students who are eligible must submit some of their work to be read by a committee. Then the names must be approved before a national board. Members are installed in a candle-light ceremom in assembly. 72 President Vice-President Secretary■ Treasurer Carol Ann lycr Jac |y Wei! Dot Fincherhirst run, left to right; Donald Stewart. Blair Forndiill. Herbert Soul ligate. Loui- covin. Warren Kran , Bill Ackor. Second rote, left to right: Ann Gary. Mrs. Seay. .Neil Lcvcrcnz. Tommy Miller. Shirley Richard . Nancy McKee. Third rote, leit in right: Idia Vmlerson. Man nn l.itaker, Marjorie Silcox. Carol Downin. Arnold Wade. Bill U t, Harrison Simons. Lee Everitl, Shirley Nelson. Betsy Bear. Ida May I.aynor, Shirley Hetlin, Jo Eleanor Piper. Ann Dumas. Library Club I lie Library Club is composed of thirty-three members, some of whom are active student library assistants. Others are students who have been assistants at a previous time and intend to become active assistants again. Members of the club must work in the library three active semesters to receive honorable mention and four active semesters to receive an award for their services upon graduation. After working two semesters in the library, a member is eligible to receive a club pin. The Library Club is primarily social in nature, enabling the -tudents who work in the library to become acquainted with each other through parties pi« ni . ai 1 trips planned by the social committee. At the regular monthly n eetings. library problems are discussed by the club members and librarians. Thus, the dub i? an organization for both pleasure and profit. President --------------------------------- -----------Neil Leverenz ! . President Tommy Miller Secretary-Treasurer Shirley Richards S lion so r Mr . Mary Guill Seay. Assistant Librarian 73Utk Bin.i.irriNs— r». k a iM i« i - I aid b. |4.i.4 B F.T.A Council Ob cn«t Founder Doy February 17 | TV llrtMrli . PT A. rvvntil 4 lo p» PlWr. ‘«Oon T r |» i.mUob I oUMkr. l-Un .4 M« Ml ,hgnl TV ihrmr for lb M |V« M tw«a»boad • . )• •• ■ On. » Or | iMn ,4 anJ Trwkm. •‘tit'. .... lb rao. b.r . aM M M Mrwy IT. 1 7 M ' »• • inmin. Mbn Vlr- wi DC by Mrs »'.w l4cLrt» Hr ■■ u i b.a.(«.B4il ». O.b rr.ral a, vrl Vi tkao. .1.1 » I, »1 IHiU IlMnl Colli IsSch For Mo College town To More Aniae. TEN CENTS _ .. - Snack Bar, War Orphan And Thanksgiving r Roll | prjves Richmond Bus Trips Stand Out As 49-50 Student Council Achievements Mo«» Fut « B VfflMI Are C nt.dofd rKK ... .... r.... ’■ .4 Ou. «.. Imiwe b» «f T «M.s»€S I'nli.i.iiy, linrhi . •»••«• Wp M . Ivu4ituir 4 Trclunto In no. Workers on tin Stuff who. although not included in any department, are important to the progress of the paper are Rolfe Bagget, Photographer, Evadine Foster. Typist. Lowry Waring, ('.artoonist. and Anna Corbin. Typist. Fourteen Bond Me Moke Trip To W Competently managing the distribution of The Surveyor are Jane Warne. Circulation Manager, Joan Councilor. Carolyn Fletcher. Advertising worker, Ann Parr. Circulation Manager. Dick McKool. Distribution Manager, Bill Alexander. Advertising worker. Eddie Semonian. Bookkeeper. Charles White. Advertising Nfanager. and Irma Rosenberg, Business Manager. all of the CIRCULATION DEPARTMENT. M wflbfl «h b»r 1 N.«4 IW W )«r'i •••UM « , • « ... U P K nr,«M M •• • lb. rprbli r mb r • •» ib « e-H lb nm 1»V W itty MM Making up page in the shop are »taff members Elizabeth Mulkey. Mr. Charles Drury. Print Shop Advisor. Jane Haar. James Rudin. Durwood Rorie, Jane Warne, Boh Baechtohl. Roger (Gordon, and Mr . Beth Chaslka. Staff Adviser. Doon I W9m 11 wt V 74United Nations To Be Visited By Students All-Dor Trip Token To U.N. Ar lake Ssccctt The FEATI KE DEPARTMENT, busily preparing copy (or the next paper, consists of Roger Cordon, Feature Editor. Jan Pinkus. Feature Reporter, Kip I.ewi. . Reporter, Jane Haar. Feature Editor. Janie Kudin. Sixth I’age Editor, anil Pat Cable, Feature Reporter. Smiling over a “filler" joke are Nancy Antonio. Bob Baechtold. Assistant New Editor. Elizalteth Mulkey. Assistant Editor. Jan-V. arne. New Editor. Ro e Marie Leuterio. Club Editor, and Laura Milster. Assistant New Editor, all of the NFU DEPARTMENT. Iloss Winds Membership ith A Bong Cwnth. Ilir.liir. ,1| ftrhr. lit-,Ml In mio .we ihr ftA hr “«n I ii. r«w ih Thlw » o ».S I.M!J...| Mill WinUiM. Jchn mo. rihvn M I.1.V Willi— Mrvftrt Mih1.i «w. «rr'.y to Jtn. Wftnv. rrly I'allinl r hs Ihnrh.T. ntrM rwtfll. Hrt-y Hror. 1 ts X-rtt-d Pt»! . G. W. Sfudet Guidance Se Scanning a new copy of The Surveyor are Skip Ward, Assistant Sports Kilitor. Bruce Newell. Edi-lor-in-Chief, and Durwood Rorie. Sport Editor, who contribute to the SPORTS DEPARTMENT A'rrhrt total ttwhr II VVut II WWinr T r » It- in Atirhri III r Oonrtry I ItoVic, I or A e «■ IH I E- ,l»h IV C-wrrto I or » Bul«»y II or .V S « IV II WMi Bitty rl»« fW . Student! Frolick In Ficnth, 6ut Goin Many Pogei i Tu any KriM .hu luo Mi. I Smith rrlo.1 In !»«• ■ ■ larr .110 ol. • bft fond Mr . South «m«m Ctiqucttc Club Dvr to Ihr rri—l « Tniw el onv bft tt h ll r»i If, . kr. .i Iwt ».r» l rm. •- . .. -j-n Silnti;t»U Ml hr rUftft « n "or Wk Ur- • t W to . Antrim m .Soon ieraal . to "ter. roCOU" | teacher. hft, , n .i . .1. A ll 'I • ——-—------- - "rr rNilllll li irftrhrr hhrrr they ■«• • •' Vnr. M- |K. »v— .S Mre to tw r— , the W rhrr ha In Ihr fttheU foknrtn — .WrleO ■ Tbrjfr. til M hoptiy Vr» h !• ( fwo Trrr-I IXrethy I ---------1 Ihr vr.nO J on • Art j Or ton JuhUt !•" I t - r - Ctx-it Dor It Launched At G w ly Mr Sarnxtl tfMl cropbi Award Prints Vrr r i ,.U ,d In Library L ihr i 4 Xttiuul n .«r.,Uilr A.ftnl I •r» r,l o Ihr tonrr. •J -hr l-hUccmOft Ill hu t rWHr ot — lt |. " JS" Th pOrturr, -Mr .IlilM •ift in till- ■«•-«■ Krt—u Sir AUU . Aiwftl Unix —A l-uivrltl Ur y. IM m«nth 75EDITOR I L STAFF OF COMPASS Seated: Carol Ann Myers Standing, left to right: Connie ilkins. Bruce Newell. Rolfe Baggett. Joan liarton. Ann W ile?. Jean Marlin. Jacqy Weil. The Compass Behind the scenes of every production there are a number of workers whose tasks are important hut relatively unknown. So it is with the Compass. Among those who deserve recognition are Miss Elaine Weil and Miss I nis Woodwood, sponsors of the literary staff, and Miss Katherine McElrov, who is in charge of the advertising staff. Responsibility for the important task of financing the book rests with Mr. Irving Lindsey. Each staff member has given valuable time and effort toward the completion of this |H rformance. We wish to thank those who so willingly co-operated with us and hope that all G. W. High School students will be pleased with our efforts. Literary Staff: Editor-in-Chief__________ Associate Editors .______ Senior Class Editor...... Associate Senior Class Editor Junior Class Editor Sports Editor (girls)... Sports Editor (hoys). Senior Assistants Student Photographer----- Carol im Mur ..Margot Beattie. Jacqy Weil Inn V iles Jean Martin loan Wharton Charlotte Miller Brace Newell Nancie Rideout, Connie W ilkins Rolfe Baggett 76ADVERTISING STAFF OF COMPA Seated, left to right: Miss Katherine McElroy. Donald Malcolm. Standing, left to right: Kathleen Salmon !. Crichton de Luccia. Dorothy Fincher. Bruc V Bill Trayer. Charlotte Henderson. Connie Wilkins. Kveritt. Business Staffs: ■'subscription Staff Bruce Newell, manager; John Polvchrones Advertising Staff - ■ ertiaing editors; Lee Everitt, Charlotte Henderson. Connie Wilkin . Robert Morrison, Crichton deLuccia. Bill Travcr Kathleen Salmon ! EDITORIAL STAFF ASSISTANTS Lett to right: Miss Elaine Weil. Bettijane Thomas. Barbara Thomas. Carolyn Fletcher. Helen Peyton. Betsy Bear. Martha Jordan. Jimmy Kudin. Cathy Wall. 77 iDramatics Club laughs and spine chilling mystery ended the Dramatics Club's 1949 50 season. The play “Hamshackle Inn", a mystery farce that ran for several seasons on Broadway, broke several records here at C. W. II. S. The fall play “January Thaw", also a Broadway comedy, played to another record crowd. One other big event on the calendar was the one-act play contest to which the 0. V. Players played host in tin spring. The contest involved the five largest schools in the Northern District. Kveryone in the productions, from the stage managers to the bit players, had a great deal of fun and chalked this up as the best year the G. W. Players have ever had. Chairman for this year was Nancie Hideout. First rou left to right: and ' Blum. Jorj:'- NX ilke . Kip Lewi . Pat Moore. Peter Miller. Mary Kate Warthen. Shirley Sintell. Nnn NX i-l ar. Martha Mall. Second row. left to right: Tamara Schwartz. Gail Kaplan. Maria N i«l»ar. Sally Baker. nn William . Ann Snyder. Lee nn l.eaphart. Phylli Tucker. Suzanne Tucker. Penny (barter. Third row. left to right: Nancy Hyde, nnie Milstein. Lorraine Lloyd. Nancy Franks. Shirley Boss. Connie Wev, Martha Jordan. Bose Marie Leuterio. Jack Humphries. Jane Harr. Janice Meshkof. Fourth row, left to right: Mrs. Bachschmid. Virginia Pain, Carol Descry. Joyce Wilkinson. Betsy Bear. Lee Kvoritt. Sally Ward. Julie Hurd. Paul Davis. Constantine Polychrones. Fifth row. left to right: Nancie Bideoul. Carolyn Fletcher. Camilla McCurdy. Sue Welrb, Anne Solomons. Bruce Hunter. Kathy Nndre, Bill Cummings. Sixth row, left to right: Tommy Cleary, Mary Ann Hatcher. Jimmy Lirkin. Lowry Waring. Faina Brinton. Kim McCully. Frances Stewart. Joe Bell. Anne I.ilsey. Seventh row. left to right: illard Scott. Jack Dick. Harold Stone. 78DRAMATICS CLl 15 XCTION HOTS 1. Rehearsal Shot 2. Curtain Call 3. Murder ft» r Midnight I. "Well! What happened to hor? 5. "I hate olives.” 6. Family Portrait 7. Sleeping Beauty 3. Busy Little Bees 79First rote. left to right: Ellen Meintz. Elizabeth Tomlin. Dorothy Fincher. Beverly Teeter. Elizabeth Mulkev. Mi Katheryne Baugh. Second rou. len right: Camilla McCurdy. Barbara Trite . Carolyn Fletcher. Fat Tovtner. Ann William . Patricia Hen on. Jane W arne. Dorothy Franklin. Suzanne Webb. Joan Wharton. Critchton de Luccia. Third rou . left to right: John Lay nor. Bill Trayer. John Liw»ki. Neil Leverenz. Leon Hall. Tommy Knight. Billy Romo«cr. Joe Bell. Kim McCulley, Jerry Preis. World Events Club The World Events Club is an organization for the study and discussion of political, economic, and social problems of the world. We have undertaken many interesting projects never before enjoyed by G. W. This year the club gave a program on the U.N. during United Nations week. The League of Women Voters sponsored another trip to the United Nations, which many G. W. students enjoyed. Several members of the club went to Handolph Macon College for an all-day conference on international relations. We also enjoyed discussions with W. L. s group. The club has expanded greatly and created an interest in international affairs among G. W. students. President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer .... ........... Dorothy Fincher 80 Mary Elizabeth Tomlin - ...Beverly TeeterCorrespondence Club Did ou ever want to hear, first hand, how | eople in other countries live? Did vou ever want t« have personal snaj h- t and pictures of people who have become vour best friends through letter ? The h« and girls in the Correspondence Club rhi all this and more. B - id writ _• a: d r-—i ing letters, pictures, and postcards, the) find time to have j■:• • the nu tasies in Washington to give them clearer pictures of the diti - w h the bo and girls to whom they write live. It has been a highlv successful ear. with many new friends having been made, so we all sa . “Keep up the g - -d rk. G»n ;. r.ders!" President _______________ Vice-President_________ Secretary Treasurer _______________ Program Chairman Constitution Chairman Sponsors ............... __________________________Aaae Home Pmay Wilkin _______________________Lna Cbrdester _______________________Jean Ahumlfr ........................Anne Solomon ----------------Margaret Trrmain Mr . Edith Hussey. Mis Lynnwood Kinder First row. left to right: Anne Solomons. Martha Turn'll. Shelby Meyer. Jean Alexander. Penny Wilkin . Alice Paxson. Anne Horne, Marjorie Silcox, Lynn Chedeater, Adrienne Thatcher. Carole Downin. Beverly Butts. Second row. left to right: Betty Becker. Phylli Nel on. Ro-alind Schrott. Nancy Matter. irgilia Currie. Dorothy Pugh. Carolyn Hoflheins. Connie Dougherty. Mary Kirkland. Jean Richardson. Janice Slight. Cave Spencer. Thirtl row. left to right: Lorane Lloyd. Sylvia Spivey. Florence Moreland. Barbara Grover, (Jail Young. Gail Yarbrough. Juline Lar en, Sally Fulton. Sue Mortonson. Ida May Laynor. Fourth row. left to right: Mi - Kinder. Margaret Tremain. Susan Winters. Ada Long. Peter Sommers. Duane Herr. Donald Bishoff. Martha Seebody. Norma Alport, Martha Moynihan. Mrs. Hussey. 81Spanish Club “La Cucaraciia” 'l,a Cucaraciia.' sponsored b Mrs. Marion Van Satin, offers the Spanish student many opportunities to use the spoken language and to become better acquainted with our neighbors to the South. The members of the club arrange and present a Spanish Assembly each year. President Barbara Trite Vice-President Patsy Smith Secretary-Treasurer Sara Schlafetcin First row. left to right: Patsy Smith. Barbara Trio- . Sara S hlaf-tcin. Second rou left to right: Harriet Shapiro. Kathleen Salmon l. ■'alb Baker. France- ( reel. Carol I —cry. Dottir Fincher. Shirley Rodda. Gail Kaplan. Third row. lejl to right: llene Phillip-. Barbara Gos-. Rom Marie l.eiiterio. Mary mhler Moncure. Nellie Yingo, Julie DeMurgiando, Ann Pierpoint. Roberta McBride. Joyce Moon. Barbara Haynes. Fourth row. left to right: Mrs. Marion YanSaun. John Bayliss. Paul Roby. Vi alter F.ckbreth. David Maechtle, Dewey Stewart, Tommy Ford. Richard Mien. Harrison Simons. Justin Miller. Absent from picture: Richard Bcvis ami Sidney Burke. 82The Double-Barred Cross Society The Double-Barred Cross Society holds monthly meetings after school. The activities of tin- club consist of a three-fold program in the fight on tuberculosis, conducting the Christmas Seal Sale, making available educational material, and assisting with the x-ray clinic. The meeting!- are varied. Doctors are our guest lecturers, informational movies on the subject- are shown, and trips to Health Outers help to acquaint tin members with the importance of an intelligent attitude toward this communicable disease. The society works in conjunction with The Alexandria Tuberculosis Association in it- effort- to eradicate tuberculosis. “No home is safe from tulwrculosi- until all home- are safe from tuberculosis." President I ice-President Secretary-Treasurer Sponsor Barbara Trite Sidney Burke Richard Allen Mi— Eleanor C. Currin First ruu left to right: Marcia Greene. Barbara Trite-. Sidney Burk -. Mi— Ebir.or Currin. Second rote, left to right: Lynn Tenley. Mar) nn Swan. Lillian Carter. An: U ita Nel-.»n. Betsy Aldrich. Third roie. tejt to right: Kim MoCulley. Marion Kidd. June l. -e. Juli- I eMur ian lo. Hue Foster. Fat Henson. 8.3Music Club Tin Music Club was founded in October 1947 by Richard Hutchison, a (I. W. student. The main objectives of ibis club are to stimulate interest in music and to raise money through an annual musical production for a $100 scholarship. This scholarship is awarded to a senior who lias outstanding musical ability and wishes to continue bis musical education after high school graduation. Past scholarship winners have been Carolyn Cooper and Louis Saunders. The club sponsor is Dr. Dorothy M. Torpev. President Dorothy Franklin l ice-President Mickle Hume Secretary-Treasurer Ruthe Dooley Sergeant-at-Arms Joe Hell Historian Marcia Green Social Chairman ----------------------------------- riehi«n dr Luccia Ursl rou left lo right: Jae |y Weil. Joyce Leaner. Ruth Dooley. Dorolhv Franklin. Mis Dorothx Torpey. Micky Hulmc. Marcia Green. Crichton de Luccia. Joanne Eudy. Second row. left lo right: Lee Field. Nancy Maguire. Lenore Alexander. Jean Simpson, Neva Rhodes. Meryl Dill. Kim McCully. Joe Bell. Margaret Poates. Anne I’arr. Ruth Hailey. Joyce Moone. Marcia Ferguson. Mary Frances Callison. Shirley Heflin. Third row. left to right: Marvin Preis, Constantine Polychrome, Nina Teresi. Jackie Jones, Vnnahelle Hall, Marjorie Hrooks. Kip Lewi . Judy Bo«well, Hetty Briscoe. Katherine Hall, Janet Briscoe. Sue Foster. Judy Bearing. 84Seated, left to right: Mi Armi tead. Norman Herr. Richard Pawley. Jerry McCooh. Pete Sorer . Jerry Preis Standing: Lynn Tenlry. John Laynor. Donald Hibbard Chess Club The Chess Club was organized w ith the purpose of interesting students of G. . in the game of chess. We have our meetings every Wednesday afternoon in the teachers’ dining room under the sponsorship of Miss Frances Armistead. President John laynor I u e l‘n sident Secretary-Treasurer . Norman Herr The Astronomy Club The Astronomy Qul s : Laker. was organized in April 1949. to improve the knowledge of per --r.» interested ir. a tr- r.--:r. . It has ?r gressed greatly and now it own it own telescope. President_________________________Joe GriB Treasurer John Newell I'ice-President Ralph k neeland Program Ckarma Tboaa ® iil»aia on Seere:ar Ruth nn Pet -r on 1 tsistant Program Ckaitma Free Howe First rest. left to right: Dolore Brown. Shirley Fah me Maechtle. Ralph Kanhad, Hadley Neabk. Jam McCaoley, Jimmy Motley. Second rou. left to right: Ann Forre.t. Ann niil«-r. Ruth Ann Peterson. France Seevnr Lit ey. Judy Roger . Mildred Fisher. Tom Hollenbri k. K -nn Rhode. Third rou. left to right: Mi Whittaker. Ju«l Donnelley. Mar Bachman. Joaa Gooarilor Ha ky. Tommy illiam on. John Newell. JerTf Phiaasl . Fourth row, left to right: John Raymond. Lindtey Sant mire. . Geehan. Chari - Hottle. H.iiw ' Nil hul . Jim- (.rills, Rogei Finch, Willai I - 85First rou . leit to right: Mar Mari - im . irginia Heiman. Mary nn Miller. Second run. left • right: Mr-. Man Parker. Charlene Mellon. Frances Bassett, Betty Stinnett, K lna Mae Butler. Nancy (.ant. Mi— 1 liylli- Taylor. Ruth Culbertson. Charlotte Henderson. Third run. It'll to right: Joan Wiltshire. Dais) Gibson. Joan Marlin. Margie Rasimi — en. Marian Kiihl. Nellie Wingo. Nolle Flynn. Juanita Martin. Barbara English. Connie iur. Future Homemakers of America Dear Students: Our second year as a club h'gnn with a hang and hard work hut plenty of fun. As the year drew to a close, we found it increasingly hard to decide which should he considered the most outstanding event, so we have chosen to make a calendar to include them all. Octokkii: No i.miu.k: December: January: Febri ary : April: May: Ji NE: Initiated new members into the club. Ssli! That’s a secret. Got the Christmas spirit early by wrapping Christmas packages for Home Economics girls overseas. Sponsored the never-to-be-forgotten Sadie Hawkins Dance. Remember, hoys? Installed Edna Mae Butler as YicePresident of the I'WFA Federation at Fairfax High School our first officer in the Federation. Had Christmas Parly at Connie Yiar’s liou'C. complete with tree. Christmas stockings, and present' for all. Lots of fun. too! Took part in a Federation meeting at Herndon, devoted to folk dancing. Undertook the project of cleaning and polishing the school trophies. Had you noticed them? Began work on a club handlMiok and Junior Homemaking Degrees. Had a grand birthday party to celebrate the club's first birthday as a chapter in the national association of the Future Homemakers of America. Played hostess to the entire Federation here at G. Y. Program was a fashion preview of the new spring styles. Held our annual Mother-Daughter Bainpict which included the installation service for new officers, ami we chose our most outstanding girl of the year. Waved good-bye to our graduating seniors at a parly held in honor of them. Now you see why we could nol choose just one activity to include in the Compass and instead Itnd to list them all. The ( force Washington Chapter ok the Ftture Homemakers of America President Betlv Stinnett Pice-President Edna Mae Butler Secretary Frances Bassett Sponsor ............... Treasurer Charlene Mellot Federation Representative Nancy Gant Chapter Mothers Mrs. Gant, Mrs. Bassett Miss Phyllis Taylor 86The Etiquette Club The Etiquette Club was founded in the fall of 1949. It is comprised of a group of students interested in the study and practice of social amenities. Each meeting is devoted to a discussion of problems common in the life of high school students. Round table discussions are led by the president ami already a lively exchange of ideas has ensued on the following topics: 1. Dinner Parties la) A moving picture of a -emi-formal teen age dinner. hi A lecture on silverware by the sponsor. Mr-. Smith, at which five samples of good ami bad patterns of silverware were di-pla ed and discussed. 2. The Etiquette «»f the R» -taurant 3. The Etiquette of the .Movies 4. The Etiquette of a Formal Dam e 5. Appropriate Christmas card- and gifts 6. Popularity— • at five minute sound film on good manners in dating, tbt Discussion of how to d cline an invitation graciously. 7. A pros|H ctive assembly program. » rear Crichton de l.uccia (iarulyn (Kl.urm- ' - Donald Malcolm Anistant Sergeant-a:-Arms John laynor fim root. ten to right: John Laynor. Carolyne O-bornr. Crichton dr Lurcia. Nina TevesL Dorothy Franklin. Donald Malcolm. rmr. left to right: Barbara Th J«-an l.u«h . Norma Ford. Carolyn Fletcher. Bettijane Tboaa . Ckartetr Hmdertoa. Kathlem Salnood. nn «.ar . Florence (.rant. Third roar, ten to right: Dr. Martha Smith. Sandy Blum. Beverly Lewis. Ann Schilling. Mary ESmWtk T«mha. Ro—• Man - Leotrrio. M Bah iga. Pal Henson. Bar:«ara fourth rom. Un to nght: BUI Trayer. Irma R. • Kayi I ngquUt. Barbara Gill. Jalie Doncliv. Nancy larke. lean Gallager, Prtrr V IU 87The Dance Club The Dance Club, consisting of three groups, is one of the largest clubs at G. W. this year. Group I is taught by Mrs. Dane, Group M's instructor is Mrs. Wilson, and Group III is coached by Mrs. Moreland. We hold our meetings during club period in the gym with about 120 students attending. The purpose of the club is to teach ! eginners the correct way to dance, as well as provide instructions for those more advanced. President Cortez Randell Vice-President ork) Logue Secretary-Treasurer Jean Swords Joe Anders Wanda Armstrong David Baker Paul Barrett George Bcndall Bruce Bower Faye Bradham Al Brentner Elizabeth Brook Franklin Brook Marjorie Brook Aden Brown Norman Campbell Ginger Carr M.ason Carter Charles Clark Elaine Hark Betty Clayton Harriet Compe Dianne Coward Carolyn (.'ripe Lucille Crowder Marlene Currier Neal Davis I.ouis Dixon Joyce Duke Godwin Dunn Willard Edge Tommy Eley Julian Evcrly l-ois Fairfax Lee Field Dorothy Finnegan Joe Fortune Delbert Foster Nancy Frink Boyd Fuller Suzanne Garner Josephine Gordon Edwin Grayson Naomi Griffith Bobby Haith Donnie Hanback Pat Harrington Marjorie Harris Clare Haygood Helen Herran Jimmie Hightower John Hoffman Barbara Holly Tommy Hulfish Howard Jcllison Janet Johnson Nancy Johnson Jackie Jones Joe Karter Jedy Kennedy Kila Kilroy Patricia Lang Barbara Lee Corky Loguc Janies Lowery Linda McCracken Dorothy McCuren Jeanne McDonough Charles McNeil Ann Marsh Betty Marshall Jean Martin Billy Martini Thomas Middlehrook Gloria Mile Ju tin Miller Dorothy Mitchell Pit Moon Robert Moore Kathy Murphy Shirley Noel George Nolan Frank Nowiund Skippy O’Neil Virginia O’Neil Virginia Pain Betty Patterson Robert Pauly Billy Peters Fred Peyton Ralph Philips Richard Pope Sue Purvis Harry Putman Cortez Randell Dick Ranney Don Richards Nancie Rid«-out Shirley Ross Marian Scaffido I-ec Schultze Jeanette Shifflette Sue Shifflette Pat Smith Jimmie Stancil Charle Stewart Winifred Stockes Jean Swords Carey Taylor Henry Thomas Elliott Thompson Fordie Thompson Ronald Walden Kathy Wall Pete Wedel Jac«|y Weil Carol White Ellen W hite Skippy W bite-tone Jorge W ilkes Carl W interwerp Carole Witt Nelson Wood 88First Row. left to right: Leonard Burn . Loui Caron. William Da«i . Walter Eckbreth. Civile Spray. Jame. Reynold . (Charlie Rice. Maurice Jenning . Robert Stewart. Jinum Lowery. Don Tucker. Letter Scott, George l)umhrow ky. Second Ron. felt to right: Fete Fi tole i. Bobb) Haith. Fete Wedel. Robert llamletl. Dennis (.onion. Frank Nowland. Lawrence ('.rime . W iilian Marlowe, Jame Kryden. Guy Beattie, Donald Bowie. George Nolan. Boys ’ Glee Club The boys look part in the Vesper Concert at Christmas as well as an assembly in May. In addition, they sang in a Spring Concert with some of the other music groups. The Girls Glee Club The Girls’ Glee Club is one of the most popular music groups in our school. The girls sang in the Vesper concert at Christmas time, and also participated in several other special programs and activities. The group does three-part singing and is graded on the basis of its ability and interest in music. First Rou, left to right: Joan Wood, Gloria Miles. Mary Ann Miller. Marie Pagett, Jeanne Lusby. Dorothy Burch. Betty Briscoe. Catherine Haugh. JoAnne Fudy. Joanne Farkins. Pauline Love. Second Rou left to right: Anne Pusey, Margaret Heine. Joan Schefticld. Ruth Shelton. Janet Briscoe. Janet Shifflett. June Jugg. Joan Darling. Joyce Moon. Dorothy Donlon. Third Row. left to right: Janet Wade, Mildred McClary. Margaret McGregor. Betty C.happelle. Mary Beck. 89First Row, ten to ripht: Fannie Mae Dixon. JoAnne Downey. Joan Scott. Marcia (»reen, Joan Maguire. jac«|ueling Ro e. Hulti IJailev. Rita Suiter. Edith Potter. June l.verlianlt. S eft to right: Wallace Newman. Melvin Greene, Larry Core, Herman Hammer. Alan Gain -. I accompanist . Choral Music Choral music is offered as a c la - to all students interested in voice development and harmony. This ear. a a result of enduring practice, the) gave commendable performances in the Armistice Da Asscmblx and the Christmas Vesper Service. The Eighth Grade Glee Club The Cighth Grade Glee Club provides the “small fry with an opportunity to get some preliminary experience at group smging in preparation for more selected music classes later on. Like other music groups, the Kighth Grade Gl-e Club participates in school music programs. First Row, left to ri iht: Robert Watts. Bertha Hall. Peggy Lane Roberts. Carole Webb. Carol Feldmann. Roberta I.oeb. Valeric Price, Marita Smith. Alice VS illiams. Joan Deane. Kranci-Fletcher. Barbara Kidd. Betty llammill. Ruthie Hillard. Paul Davis. Second Row. letf to rifthi: Dorotbv Crow!her. Karen EngMrom. Betty Dunn. Pat Kaufman. Carol Fit patrick. Jean McConnell, Elenore F.lliott. Carol W illiams. Mary Kirklan.l. Gail Yarbrough. Corrine Rucker. Carol White. JoAnne Hammlett. Mr. Schofield. 90First Rou left to right: Barbara Gill. Beverly 1 m I .- a Rhodes. Sue Fooler. Vnnabel Hall. Roberta Mark . Kaye Kiiji«|ui-i. Barbara Baii Toeity Overall. Mr. Schofield. Second Ron'. Icit to right: Jeanette Sbifllet. Betty Howell. Mickey llulme. Kibe Kelly. Beryl Dill. Marjorie Brooks. Katherine l.awborne. Judy Roswell. V ivian (j’Neil. Betsy Mdrieli. Pat Henson. A Cappella Choir A Cappella Choir, selected f«»r fine musicianship, has done much l«» maintain the high music standards set at G. W. Its line radio and public | crformanccs reflect the caliber of the group. Membership is by audition only. The Choristers I he Choristers, a new In organized music group, was formed to satisfy the d 'ir» of the Boy s' Octet ami the Girls' Madrigals to do some mixer! singing. This extracurricular activity does a wide variety of numbers ranging from novelty to the fi selections in music. Front Ron. left to right: JoAnne Kucly. Neva Rhodes. Carol Fitzpatrick. V ivian O'Y K Lawliorne. Judy Boswell, Beverly Teeter. Beryl Dill. Mary Kate V arth.-n. 1 B; Betty Overall. Field. .'cron I Rou left to right: Tom Boherg. Walter Eckreth. Dewey Stewart. Jar - - Marlowe, Donald Bowie. Ben Clark. Donald Tucker. Vccompanist: Mien (Baines. 91First Row. left to right: Kim McCully. Connie Wilkins I a id Hurl if:, Mildred Wingfield, h ranees Chandler. Scott lllarkwrll. Second How. left to right: Herman Hammer. Godwin Dunn. Betty Overall. Phyllis Jones, Mary Frances Calli-on. Sir. Lester. Third Row. lett to right: Nila Nelson accompanist). Phil HofTman. Ralph Aronow. Gi-orge Rendall. Orchestra The orchestra provides an outl-t for all students studying string instruments in the high school instrumental program. One period during the week is devoted to the string section alone and one for stud ing elemental harmorn and appreciation of the classics. The orchestra serves the school b plaving at various assemblies and usuallx takes part in the District Festivals in the spring. Candidates for admission must have some previous training on their instrument and private instruction outside of sc hool is especially encouraged. Senior Band The Senior Band is essentially a marching hand for the first nine weeks of the fall semester. It presents half-time shows at all football games and takes one road trip with the team. The hand presents an assembly of Christmas music annually. In the spring semester the hand becomes a concert band in preparation for the District Festivals. Soloists are chosen for the band for this event in addition to small instrumental ensembles. The hand serves as an escort to the Cadet Corps in the Winchester Apple Blossom Festival and presents its last public concert on Mother’s Day in May. Front How. left to right: Joanne Parkins Belly Overall. Ann Parr. Barbara Triles. Franei Creel, Nancy Nevin. Ann Dumas Second How. left to right: Rolpli Raggett. Pal Faegan. Charlie Foote. Virginia Heines. Gloria Porter. Dianne Stephen? . Ruth Dooley. Chick Trueblood. Richard Rauney. Godwin Dunn. Third How. left to right: Phillip HotTman. Robert Farr. Rarhara Fitch. Evadene Foster. Joan Meyer . Nancy verill. Joan Wood. Ruth nn Peterson. Laura Mil-tor. Warren (.rant. Richard Draper. Fourth How. left to right: Walter Eckhreth. Charlie Wilson. Neil Leverenz. Herbert Southgate, Jordan Smith. Janet Fowler. Da id Krickler. John McConnal. Renjamin Clark. Ronald Hurlev. Bill Duke. Fifth How. left to right: Richard Pawley, Bobby Silver-loin. Joe Karter. W i I la nl Scott. Mr. Letter. Franklin Brooks. Richard Daniel. George Rendall. Guy Beattie. Ralph Aronow. 92First Row. left to right: Mex Hrcmmer. Hurol l Outteu. Diane Maechlle. Connie Hei-lup. Marlene Bertram. Vivian O’Neil. Joanne Levin-on. Peggy Carter. James Geelian. Janie Somers. Second Rou. left to right: James Godwin. Daniel Bragg. Joe Colangelo. James Means. Wayne Compton. David Hall. Fred Kemery. Tom Middlehrook . lister McW barter. (Gordon Seaward. Third Row. left to right: Man Helwig. John Anderson. Quentin Clark. Tommy Eley. Joe Rodgers. Arnold Anderson. Pat Moore, Kiehard Moore. Hank Parkins. Calvan Pals. Junior Band Junior Band is open to anyone able to play easy grade band music and who has had at least one year of training. Students are instructed in marching fundamentals, appreciation, theory as written and applied to their instrument, and are required t- pass the first preparatory exercises before being promoted to Senior Band. Beginners Bund O Beginning Band class,., are open to all student- who wish to study a band or orchestral instrument provided he has his oyvn or a school instrument available. No previous training is necessary, hoyvever. eighth grade -tudents and freshmen are given preference in these classes. Music theory and fundamentals are taught along with the instrument and students are usually promoted to junior Band after two semesters training. First Row, left to right: Donald BishofT. Sandra Peck. Barbara Kidd. Betty Hammill. Margaret Poates. Shirley Ross. Kenneth Rhodes. Second Row. left to right: Edwin Lester. Clare Haygood. Mary Jane Gandy. Janet Kurtz. Dorek Adams. James Crompton. Dalton Carter. Charles Stewart. Third Row. left to right: Kent Stout. Richard Kidd. Charles Rice. Sondra Buch. Rob-rt Bov .: Gary Coutry. Sam Harding. 93First How, left to right: Sue Neff. Janet Morris. Second How: Franklin Paine. Alice Shumway, Hetty Reiss. Third How: Barbara Blunkcnliaker. Joyce John-on. Earl Culilwise. Kolwrt Jordan. Fourth How: Pat Corcoran. Shirley Iuineaster. Phy lli- Pel it I. Wendell Sander-. Jake Kircliner. Fifth How: Georg - Bendall. Arvin Weaver. Stanley Valentine, Mr. K ' align Pultz. Robert (.oodwin. Bookkeeping is the huh of tin business course offered in our high schools today. It can Ik used as a stepping stone to public accounting or to business management. The student learns how to record transactions, to post to the proper accounts in the ledger, to take a trial balance, to make financial statements and to close the books at the end of a fiscal period. In advanced bookkeeping the student learns how to keep the records for partnership and for corporations, and is introduced to cost accounting and budgetary control. First How, left to right: Jordan Pierce, Shirley Davis. Second How. left to right: Jacqueline Rose. Barbara Ballad. Jean Nixon. Third How, left to right: Leonard Goldman. Jack Goldman, Lois Briel. Barbara Smith. Fourth How, left to right: Barbara Sautter . Jo-cph Smith. Barlrara Dove, Florence Dakin. Billy Breen. Fifth How, left to right: Inez Shirk. John Polychrone . Bobby Collie. Joe Cornnell. Act II — Special Departments 94i In alphabetical order): Pally Baker. Peggy Carter. Ernest Dakin. Florence Dakin. Joyce Daweson. Rita Dobi«on. Barbara liayne . Virginia llenmann. Lorella Koch. John Martin Kovic. Mary l.ennon. (.onion Lamlnlm. Joe Mozingo. Nancy Myers. Vi ian O’Neil. F’rances Ryan. Naomi Showaller, Joan Swarthout. Anila Thomas Connie Wev. Robert Whitestone. Mina Elizabeth Kisenlierg (teacher). Art Department Art classes are among the most interesting offered at G. W. These embryo artists contribute to the success of school functions through publicity for plays, dances, and sports events. The Distributor's Club The primary purpose of the Distributors" Club is the development of leaders who will be capable of handling important responsibilities in the field of distribution. The club lavs emphasis on putting into practice the philosophy that in receiving money for services, merchandise or ideas, each member will give of his l est in time and effort. President........................................................James McCoart Patsy Starkey Sponsors Marcella Trottnow. Isabelle McKnight An alphabetical order): Rill Bendall. Dave Bradley. Delores Brecar. Billy Breen. Marie DiFelice, Bobby Fitton, Anna Ginnandrea. Ann Henderson. James McCoart. Elizabeth Pugh. Rita Romani. Frank Ryder, Patsy Starkey. Isabelle McKnight (Coordinator). Marcella Troll now (Supervising Coordinator). 95Distri but i) e Edneat ion Distributive Education is a work-training program made up of two sections. The first group is composed of sophomores, juniors and seniors who take a course in practical economics. It gives them a general knowledge of purchasing, social security, insurance, budgeting, transportation, housing, planning a wardrobe, etc. The second group is the co-op class which is made up of those seniors who are interested in retailing as a profession. The classroom instruction is followed by at least fifteen hours of practical experience in the store each week. Not only does the student receive this valuable training, but he also receives the same rale of pay as part time employees who are regularly employed plus an extra credit in school. Consumer Education max In started in either semester and carries one unit of credit. Retail training is started in September and is taken the entire year for two units of credit. One hundred and eighty-five students were given part-time training this year and placed in holiday positions. The retail training students have charge of operating the school supply store. Displays made up of merchandise borrowed from local stores are used in practicing this phase of the work and also make the display equipment appear more attractive. Classes arc also made possible for veterans who are on-the-job training employees. They receive a seal on a Certificate of Credit for the completion of a twenty-hour course. RETAIL TRAINING Seated, left to right: First How: Alvin Hawthorne. Fred Peyton. Jerry Pries. Second How: Pat Lamont. Kelly Mays, Joanne Stutler. Billy Spittle. Third How: Jean Miles. Kathleen Salmond, John Tyler, Charles Kappel. Fourth Row: Daisy Gihson. Mary Joyce Tully, Sue Mean. Standing. left to right: Jean Simpson. Miss McKnight. Rax Robinson. Charlie Sillex. Jim McCoart. Frank Ryder. Mary Ann Pendergast. Peggy Lawler. Mary Jane Simms, Jean Robey. Janet Fowler, Joan Whiting. Miss Trottnow. 96979899 100 Seated, left to right: Tommy Eley. Jimmy Mull ley. Dan Lehman (managers). hirst row. left to right: Fordic Thompson. Rohhy Stewart. Nelson Wood. Tuhhy Dixon. Donnie Hanhack. I Philips. George Nolan, rlen Drown. Lolcr Seoii. Shady Shelhorn. I’rir Wetlel. Mr. Kapriva. Second row. left to right: Mr. Painter. Lucius Beastly, Frank Nowland. Julian Everly. Dick Pope. Monk Reynolds. Etl Sloper. Don Richards. Dean Cooksey. Norm Henry. Gene Guess. Erwin Jones, Mr. Woodson. Third row. left to right: Mr. Sanger. Karl Payne. Jake Kirehner. Glenn Heilman. Jack (Jarow. Jerry Peiry. Denny Gordon. Sonny Fowler. Charles Rice. Boh Hensley. Taylor KuoM. Chuck Mollley, Mr. Ford. Fourth row. left to right: Clyde Spray. Morris Jennings, William Saunders, Willie Overhol .er. Jack Simpson. I-efly Williams. Ogden Clements. Mike McCord is. William Gulley. Dickie Bolton. Malvern Sledman. manager. Fifth row. left to right: Billie Stewart. Eddie Manger. Richard Scot I. Warren Saffel. Eddie Knight. Ted Cook. Armando Raymond. .ha ■Football With a host of rookies and under a new coach. “Plies" Woodson, the 1949 G. NX. football team somewhat shakily embarked upon one of its roughest schedules. When tin gridiron dust had cleared, the local lads had completed their greatest season since 1935. They won nine of their ten games, took second place behind Hope-well in the Virginia State League with a 6-1 record, won the Northern Virginia State Championship for the third straight year, extended their record on the G. . home field to 21 straight wins, and best of all won the “Old Oaken Bucket" for keeps. MT. VERNON Seemingly plagued by first game jitters, tin Presidents had to wait until the closing minutes of the contest before earning a close 15-13 decision over their neighbors from Mt. Vernon. Nelson Wood led the attack, scoring both touchdowns and adding an extra point. Donnie Hanhack clinched the game for G. W. when he scored two points on a safety. LANE In their second encounter, the local lads overcame a twelve point deficit to whip their rivals from Charlottesville. 19-12. Jack Carow. replacing injured wing back George Nolan, and Dean Cooksey shone in the Presidents’ back field while the line behind “Tubby " Dixon and Lester Scott stopped the Lane boys cold. COACHES Left to right: Mr. Frank Kupriva. Mr. Simon Painter. Mr. Roland Wood-on. Mr. Raymond Sanger. Mr. James Ford. CO-CAPTAINS Left to right: Ralph Phillip-. Donnie Hanhack. MORRISON I he G. . squad, minus three of their first team linemen fought a stubborn battle throughout their third game but ended up on the short end of a 13-16 score. Bub Stewart. Pete edel. Dean Cooksey and Earl Dixon all played great ball in a losing effort. THOMAS JEFFERSON Next, after seven years of continued losses, the Prexies finally turned the table-on a tough T. J. team, whipping them 20-13. The G. W. line played as never before and the T. J. boys could go nowhere. FAIRFAX Traveling to Fairfax, the great squad from G. W. met the Rebels in a sea of mud. The staunch Prexie line allowed them to gain a scant five yards from scrimmage throughout the entire contest while the flleet backs rolled up a 17-6 victory. GONZAGA The Presidents next downed Gonzaga's Purple Eagles. 6-0. in one of the greatest contests ever played on the G. . home gridiron. Both teams played outstanding ball. “Tubby" Dixon. Tee Phillips. Shady Schelhorne. Lester Scott. Don Richards, Gene Guess. Pete Wedel. and Donnie Hanhack. G. W. Linemen, played sensational defensive games. Bob Stewart scored the only touchdown. BALTIMORE CITY COLLEGE Treking to Baltimore, the local lads made it four in a row as they squashed a helpless Baltimore City College team 21-6. Arlen “Shad" Brown scored two of the Prexies three tallies, Nelson Wood scoring the other. “Tubby" Dixon dropped three perfect placements through the uprights. 101JOHN MARSHALL With about as many Alexandrians in the stands as Richmonders, the Prexies next rolled over the John Marshall Justices in Richmond, 25 7. The game was well played by both teams and the line play was an outstanding feature throughout the entire contest. George Nolan, Arlen Brown, Pete Wedcl, and Jerry Perry each tallied once for G. W. EPISCOPAL Resuming relations with Episcopal High School, the Presidents prompt!) dumped their Alexandria neighbors 32-7. as the) prepared for their annual I'urkey Day clash with W-L. Our lads passed and ran rings around their Alexandria neighbors. W L With their first chance to win the “Old Oaken Bucket" for keeps l way of 32 7, and 16 0 w ins in 1947 and " IB. tin Prexies faced the Little Generals of Washington and l-ee. Coming from behind twice, the “Woodsonites squeezed by their rough rivals from Arlington in a 13-12 thriller. It was a great battle all the way with G.W. emerging the winner of the game complete with “Bucket." Nelson Wood scored both Prexie touchdowns in this, the final game of the season, just as lie luul scored both tallies in the initial game. Earl Dixon provided the winning margin when lie kicked his eleventh extra point of the season. AWARDS Nellie Wood received the Dink) Scott Troph) for bis outstanding pla in the Ml. Vernon game, while Tee Phillips was presented the "Most aluahlc Pla)er I rophy. Tubby Dixon was chosen for the second straight year on the Virginia All State learn, and many of tin other players were honored by receiving berths on the various other all-star teams. •OUR FOOTBALL Ql KKN" Mr. 'I'. G. Williams crowned G.W.'s choice for Koolhall Ouecn of 1 00. Gloria Miles. Popular and altractive, slu- received her honors during half-time al the Turkey Day game. Members of her court were: Belly Jean Alexander. Belly Best. Dot Burch. Rebecca Hodges, Rose Marie l.euterio. Joan Meyer. Nancie Hidroul. and Jacqy Weil. . 102 4FOOTBALL ACTION SHOTS 1. J. V.—First Down 2. Our Big IVp Kally ami Bonfire 3. "Try anil stop me” •I. "We sing our praises to our school” 5. "All together -team. team, team-” 6. J. V. Dynamite 7. "We was robbed!” 103BASKETBALL ACTION SHOTS 1. Fordie fool 0111! 2. Star Tournament Cheering Section 3. Itehound Blues 4. 23 Skid-duo 5. “Who's got I lie ball?" 6. “Everybody from C. W. stand up and holler!” 104VARSm BASKETBALL Holding ball: Wally ('ofllin. First rou. seated, left to right: Donnie- Hunhack. Koder. Smiley Moor -. Mr. Dorgan. Erwin Jone?. Sonny Spittle. Second rou. standing, left to right: Fordie Thompson. Bugs Oliver. Chuck Molth-y. Tommy Monahan. Lester McMenamin. Crenshaw Hardy. Pete Wcdel. John Hoffman. Melvin Green. Basketball The 1950 edition of the George Washington hoopsters wound up the season with an impressive 18-8 record. They captured their eighth straight Northern irginia title with an 8-0 record and took consolation honors in both the Virginia State and Metropolitan Star Tourneys. With veterans. Don Hanback. Erwin Jones, and team captain “Smiley" Moore, paving tin wav. the team, after a shaky start, settled down into winning ways. Tliev ran their home victory skein to twenty-five straight before Glass High sneaked by them 41 33 late in the season. By this time, newcomers “Sonny" Spittle. Bob Kessler, and “Buggs" Oliver had gotten their spurs well into the hardwood and were dumping them in with regularity. The regular season finished all too rapidly. with the locals sporting a -14-6 record. Relinquishing their crown a Metro Champs was perhaps the saddest part of a great season to the Presidents, ftrr bouncing Hvattsville 43-26. they lost a heartbreaker to McKinle) Tech 42-41 but came back the next night and beat Eastern to take third place. 105Traveling to Richmond, ihe locals promptly dumped Woodrow Wilson 60-44 to advance to the semi-finals of the State Championship playoffs. Grarnby spoiled the Prexies’ dream of becoming State Champs 51-46 and then went on to capture the state title. The Prexies made it a great season, nevertheless, as they whipped a supposedly invincible Roanoke team. 52 48. to take consolation honors. I he squad will lose three great regulars when Jones. Moore and four-vear veteran llanhack graduate. Kessler. Oliver, and Spittle will In hack, however, with Crenshaw Hardy. Ix s McMenamin. Pete Wedel, Tom Monahan, ami Chuck Motely. Kach received much valuable experience as members of the J. V. and varsity squads this year and will provide Coach Doran with good material next season. 1950 BASKETBALL SCHEDl LE DECEMBER 1 • _ . _ _ It I 27. Petersburg 28. Lynchburg Away 7 8 Awa 7 H In. Montgomery-Hlaii 23. Gon atta • 1 line» JANUARY •1. Wilson Home 3:30 Away 7:15 .. Away 3:30 31. McKinley Tech FEBRUARY 5. Lynchburg - - I. Petersburg . Away 3:30 Home 7 8 Home 748 6. Thomas Jefferson Home 7 8 8. Central Home 7 8 11. Western Home 3:30 10. Lane " .i' 7 8 13. Wa»hington-Lee Home 7 8 11. W il-on Home 3:30 17. Mount Vernon Home 7 8 17. Wa»hington-Lee Away 7 8 20. Fairfax Home 7 8 21. Fairfax Away 7 8 25. Thoma Jefferson Away 7 8 24. Mt. Vernon Home 7 8 February 27. March 2. 4— Star Tournament March 9. 10, 11—State Tournament JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL In front: Wally CofRin. Seated, left to right: Hill Grecnhalgh, Hobby Harry. Sktppy Evan . Coach Wood«on. Franklin Brooks. Monk Reynolds. Standing: Wayne Miller. Sam Hartman. I.ind»ey Santmire. Lucius Beasley, Lawrence Grimes, Eddie Manner. Paxton Tittle, Tommy Eley. 106 ■■ BASEBALL TEAM First rote, left 10 right: Bug Oliver. Jake Kirschncr. George Nolan. Fonlie Tliomp-on. Don Richards. Chuck Motley. Maurice Jennings Billy Breen. Second row: Sonny Sheffield. Robert Sillex. Letter Scott. Charlie Sillex. Kay St ruder. Tommy Monahan. Boh Kessler. Jimmy Motley. Manager. Third row: Coach Sanger. Boh Hensley. Buster Terry, Donnie llanhack. Skippy Kvans. Julian Everly, John Everly. Baseball The Presidents’ baseball team lost a tough 21 contest to the Little Generals of W.L. last year in the Northern Virginia play-offs. .L. went on to take the State title. In their opening games this year they lost a close 11-10 decision to Gonzaga High and then came back the following week dumping Episcopal 8-0. Veterans Willie Zehring. all-state pitcher for the Prexies last year, and rookies Hay Struder. Sonin Sheffield. Harry Terry, Julian hverly. and Hobby Kessler made up Coach Hay Sangcrs mound staff while Buggs Oliver, lorn Monahan, and Bruce Bower played behind the plate. Don Hichards. Bill Breen. Charlie Sillex. and lister Scott, all veterans, saw steady action in the infield while last season regulars. Fordie I hompson and George Nolan roamed the outfield. Veteran outfielder Don llanback was out in the early part of the season with an injury suffered in a track meet. Bob Hensley and Skippy Kvans also saw action outside the infield. The team played ten Northern Virginia Group I games against W.L.. Mt. Vernon, and Fairfax. This year, unlike previous vear . there was no State Championship round robin in Portsmouth. Of their nineteen scheduled games, the team played twelve home games in Alexandria's Municipal Stadium. 107M’KII. 1950 BASEBALL SCHEDULE Home 3:30 Home 3:30 Home 3:30 Away 2:00 Home 8:00 Home 3:30 Away 8:00 Home 8:00 Away 3:30 Home 8:00 Indicates leagues games. M Y •1. Mount Vernon Home 8:00 3. Roosevelt Home 3:30 •5. W ashington-Lcc Away 8:00 8. Eastern Home 8:00 10. (Central Home 3:30 12. Fairfax Away 15. Mount Vernon Away 8:00 17. McKinley Tech Home 3:30 19. Washington-Lee Home 8:00 3. Gonzaga 5. Wilson (Washington! 12. Episcopal 11. Washington-Lee 17. Mount Vernon 19. Falls Church ''21. Mount Vernon ■ 24. 26. Falls Church 28. Fairfax READY FOR THE GAME Rowing O A recent addition to G. Y. sport- activities is our rowing team. Although their accomplishments are not as well known as those in other sports, the future definitely holds advancement and heightened interest for them. The) raced against such teams as the Navy Plebes, Lower Morion. John Marshall, and W.-L. this season and competed in the Eastern Scholastic Rowing Championship Race in Philadelphia. Mr. Julian Whitestone has coached both the varsity and tin two junior varsity crews for the past season and will eventually have expert teams. VARSrn ROWING TEAM Ronnie Bolton. Alexander Smith. Will'- Overhot h er. Bohhy Sylverstein. Ed Sloper. Sonny Blackwell, “Ponchy” Bolton. Louis- Bell, Cockswain—Chick Truehlood. JUNIOR VARSrn ROWING TEAM Melvin Kinder. Erwin Dodd, Spud Flowers, Curli Atkin. Lowell Southard, Jim Honeycutt, Paul Rohey. Billy Bennett. Ben Taly. Cockswains— Bohhy Partridge, Carl Burns. 108Top-left: G. W. Hurdle Champs. Right: Bottom—left: Haine worth hurls through the air. Did he make it? Right: Tense moment. 109TRACK TEAM First rou Ifft to right: Tommy Holmes. Tommy Williams. Gordon I mlxlin. Fordie Thompson. Dick Pope. Jerry Perry. Dean Cooksey. Norm Henry. Gene Gu -». Pete Wedd. Shady Slielnorn, Donnie Hanhaek. Second row: Doc Hlanchanl. Hugh Hainesworth. Hill Cohlenlz. Sidney Wedding. Gene Drury, Clyde Spray. Karlc Payne. Mike McCordic. Charlie Jones, Skip Ward, Armando Raymond. Third row: Gumpy Spittle. Hruce Perry. Derrick Glams. Riley Nixon. Jimmy l irkin. John Bradley, Deekie Mankin, Neil L-verenx, Hershey Williams, nthony Picciolo, Henry Davenport. Fourth row: Donald Marlow, Hen Woodbridge, Melvin Glass, Harold Outen. Terry Packard, Coach Ford. Track Under a new coach. Mr. John Ford, and minus the might) Bobby Jones who took up track at North Carolina State under former track coach Tom Fitzgibbon. the G. W. Thinclads opened the track season with several impressive victories in the two-mile cross country grind. tad by Tom illiams and Gordon Lambdin who both bested the old record in the Virginia State Cross Country Meet, the harriers dum| cd Wilson. Anacostia. and W.L. Highs, while they placed three points behind Hampton High to take second place honors in the State Meet. After a rough indoor season in which the tracksters relinquished their State and Southern Conference titles, they faced their coming outdoor meets rather gloomily. Hope sprang anew, however, as they whipped Anacostia. 60-58, in their opening meet. The Presidents wound up ninth out of nineteen entering schools in the third annual Alexandria Memorial Belays held here at G. W. 110Several hoys promised points in future meets by their impressive showings early in the season. Tommy Holmes. Crenshaw Hardy. Pete Wedel. and Karle Payne stood out in their respective field events: the pole vault, the high jump, the shot put, and tin discus. Lamhdin and illiams provided good distance material while veterans Dean Cooksey and Jerry Perry should help the team take several firsts in the relays as well as win their respective specialties: the quartennile and the dashes. Don ilanhack. shooting for his fourth varsity letter in 1950 should add a good many first places in the low hurdles. In their initial meets this season the thinclads proved exceptionally strong in the field events, something they have failed t - do for mam seasons past. This spelled the difference between victory and defeat in many meets. It takes many second and third places as well as first places to win a track meet, and those names mentioned above constitute only a few of the many hoys it took to provide G. Y. with a winning track team. CROSS COl'NTRY TR ACK TF.AM First row. leit to right: Ben Woodbridge. Skip Ward. Tommy William-. Gordon Lambdin. Charlie Jones. Second row: Doc Blanchard. Wade Marlin. Henry Davenport. Coach Ford. IllFirst rvu left to right: Wade Martin. Gene Guiss. Fori lie Thompson. Clifford Caplan. Don Richard . Bob Stewart, Norm Henry. Nelson Wood. Bill Dudrow. Monk Reynolds, Tubby Dixon. Pete Wedcll. Chick Trueblood. Second row: Mr. Sanger, Sonny Fowler. Dick Pope, Krwin Jones. Bill Coblentz. Frank N'owland, Dean Cooksey, Kenny Hewitt. Skip Ward. George Nolan. Bobby Sylvcnttcin. Gordon Lambdin. Henry Davenport, Warren Moore, Mr. Ford. Third row: Mr. Doran. Buggs Oliver. Jerry Perry. Charlie Sillex. Billy Breen. Jack Carow. Ed Sloper. Doc Blanchard, Billy Bennett. Tommy Williams, Hersehel Williams. Donnie Hanback. Mr. Woodson. Fourth row: Louis Bell. Bobby Hamlet. Shady Schelhorne. Melvin Stcdman, 1-estcr Scott. Puddin Dombrowsky, Dick Bolton, Bobby Douglas, Charles Jones, Robert Silicx. The Monogram Club The Monogram Club under the direction of their new sponsor, head football coach Phess W oodson, this year had the largest membership in the history of the organization. Fifty athletes took part in the club's activities. The annual Football Banquet and Dance was once again a tremendous -uccess as over 180 attended the festivities in the school cafeteria. Few people realize that this club is an independent organization which raises its own money by selling programs at the athletic events here at school. Much credit should be given the G.A.A. for the big part that they played in the sales. President Donnie Hanback Vice-President Pete Wedel Secretary-Treasurer .. ..... Dean Cooksey Scrgeanl-at-Arms ............................ George Nolan 112Above i- displayed ihe Old Oaken Bucket and the other award' presented at the Football Banquet. G-W i« now in permanent pO'session of the bucket, having won the Thank -gi ing Day Classic three year in succession. Tlie following awards were also presented: Nelson Wood. Dinky Scott Trophy; Tee Phillips, most outstanding player of year: and to the Presidents. The Memorial Day Trophy. Head football coach Phess Woodson is shown presenting 220 pound tackle Karl Dixon with his second all-state certificate. The Presidents’ team also placed Dean Cooksey and Tee Phillip' on the honorable mention list. 113First row. left to rifiht: Belly Hamilton. Kyra Mosel. Dyan Wil-on. Mary nn Swan. Harriett Eubank. Florence Rahiiga. Marcia Ferguson. Second rou: Lila Kimball. Fat England. Dot tic Donlon. Joanne Little. Mary Bibb. Fannie Mae Dixon. Mac Rodrigue . Third row: Charlene Mellon. Peggy Kavaljian, Pat»y Starkey. Charlotte Miller. Joanne Allen. Joan Knight. Joan Manian. Betty Jean Alexander. Mary Lou Kelly. Girls’ Athletic Association The G.A.A. is an association for G.W. girls who are interested in sports. The organization is led by Mrs. Jane Gregory, the head of the Physical Education Department. In order to belong to the Girls' Athletic Association one must earn 100 points by swimming, skating, or participating in other sports. All girls in the G.A.A. receive their letters in their senior year. G.A.A. OFFICERS—Filt r SEMESTER Kneeling: Mary Ann Swan. Standing: Betty Jean Alexander. Joan Manian. Fannie Mac Dixon. G.A.A. OFFICERS—SECOND SEMESTER Kneeling: Mary Ann Swan. Standing: Peggy Kavaljian. Fannie Mae Dixon. Marcia Ferguson. 114First row, left to right: Mary Ann Swan. Mary I.ou Kelly, Peggy Kavaljian. Betty Jean b-xander. Marcia Ferguson, Mary Bibb. Second row: Betty Hamilton. Charlotte Miller. Mac Rodriguez. Patsy Starkey. Fannie Mae Dixon. Florence Baldiga. Third row: Charlene Mellott. Dyan Wilson. Dottie Donlon. G.A.A. Volley Ball The volleyball team, under the supervision of Mrs. Gregory, had a w inning season playing in the city league under the name of the Clowns. All members of the team received small gold voile) balls with "(». . . Champs" inscribed on them, and certificates from the Recreation Department.G.A.A. Basketball The basketball team has had limited practices this semester because of its inability to use the gym. Consequently, it has not been so successful as was expected. This year’s team has only two of the regulars from last year. Peggy Kavaljian and Mary Ann Swan. A different girl is appointed as captain by Mr. Gregory for each game. This gives them an opportunity to show how they would react when put in charge of the group. First row, left to right: Peggy Kavaljian. Joanne Allen. Betty Jean Alexander. Marcia Ferguson. Second row: Fannie Mae Dixon. Maclovia Rodriguez, Joanne Little, Mary Ann Swan. Harriett Eubank. Florence Kaldiga. 116First rou. left to right: Mary Lou Kelly. Mary nn Swan. Peggy Ravaljian. Betty Jean lexamler Fannie Mae Dixon. Second rou: Mary Bibb. Jean Knight. Dottie Donlon. Harriett Eubank Mac Ro.lri-tuez. Moreno-Baldiga. Marcia Ferguson. Charlotte Miller. G.A.A. Softball Last year’s team had some hard luck, hut we are sure that this year's team will hold up to its usual standards. Some of our opponents were W. and L.. Mt. Vernon. Falls Church, and Fairfax. 117Seated, left to right: Pal Entwi le, Jean Lu»by. Belly Sanchez. Standing: June Everhart. Lorella Kesler on. Charlotte McDowell, Katherine Lawhorne. Betty Miller. Mary Ann Travers. INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL WINNERS First rou. left to right: Rosemary Kendrick. Elizabeth Ray. Lorella Kesterson, Inge Rosenbaum. Shirley Pryor. Second rou. left to right: Jackie Stralton. Judy Ridgely, Pal llardesly. I.oui-e Romani. Jean McConnell. Diane Delaine. 118I NTH AMI R M. SOFTBALL WINNERS Seated, left to right: Joan Busby. I.ila Kimball. Standing: Inge Rosenbaum, Shirley Ryder, Gloria Miles. Mary Ann Hatcher. Jean Lusbv. June Everhardt. PHYSICAL K.IM CATION CLASS IN THE GYM 119Dramatic Kntrance of Our Pep Court "Two bits, four bits, Six bits, a (foliar— Everybody from C. W. Stand uj and holler." From top: Donna Strike, fasten Creel. Sally Baker. Nila Nelaon, ally Cofflin. Man Jane Compe. 120Jl MOR CHEERLEADERS First row. left to right: Briny Bear, Martha Jonlan. K ra Mosel. Johnnir Ann LrCompte, l.rr Evrrill. Secoml row: Pal Harrington. June Tuckrr. Third row: Shirley Kodda. Nancy Paxt-on. Cheer Leaders The cheerleaders have been very active this year under the successful direction of Mrs. Marx Snider. These jteople have f nl many hour practicing and working out new cheers. Their excellent { erformance has inspired our victorious teams and has contributed greatly to school spirit. Left to right: Jran Wiley, Dori- Durrell. Pat Smith. Roberta Marks. Also, pictured at beginning of sports section, clockwise: Mary McLarnon. Elva Marshall, Brcky Hodges. Helen Peyton. 121Top left: Over the lop. Might: What a play! Bottom left: 'Hay for our side! Bight: Carow on the Rampage. Th-- President »f the 1‘nited State attend?-a college football game at our ow n G. W. stadium. Courtesy Bobcrt Porterfield 122A SCHOOL Pictured above is our “Cadet Flag" which was the winning design in a contest held in 1947 to design a "Cadet Flag." Act IV — Cadets 123FIRST SEMESTER Regimental Staff Ll. Col. lineman 1.1. Col. luiynor ('apt. Varner Ll. Ryan SECOND SEMESTER Regimental Staff Ll. Col. Itregman I.t. Col. Lavnor (.apt. Miller I.t. Mill I.t. Bradley Sgl. Polychrones First Battalion Staff First Battalion Staff Major Bryan Capt. Burke Major Smith Capt. Vallanno Second Battalion Staff Major Parker Capt. Dean Second Battalion Staff Major Morris Capt. Field 124COM PAM First Fin toon 1st Li. Smith First Semester Capt. Humpheries 1st Sgl. Barrett Cpl. Hunter Second Semester Capt. Gaines l t Sgt. Barrett Cpl. Boberg 125 Second Platoon 2nd Lt. JohnsonCOMPANY B First Platoon 1 s-t Lt. Swartz First Semester Capt. Slotkin l t "gt. Hrrr CpL Romo‘- r Second Semester Capt. Ryan Nt Sgt. Herr CpI. Perkinson Second Platoon 2nd Lt. Miller 126i , ai I COMPANY C First Platoon 1st I.t. May fir Stnestrr Capt. Fauntlrroy l t ''it. KeDj CpL Moore Capt. May -• "ft K'Ui Cpl. Polychrom-s 127 Second Platoon 2nd Lt. MartinkovicCOMPANY O First Platoon 1st Lt. Luh First Semester Capt. Field l»t Sgt. Cri?p Cpl. Hall Second Semester Capl. Luh 1-t Sgt. Sullivan Cpl. Hall Second Platoon 2nd Lt. Tenlcy 128COMIMN II First I‘latoon 1st l.t. DodtU First S fin ester Second Semester Capt. Morris I'l S“i. Smilii CpI. Damcron Capl. Doan l«l SrI. Smilii CpI. Johnson 129 Second Platoon 2nd Lt. LitakerRIFLE TEAM Clement?. Harris Slotkin. Shutt. Huntt. Richards Strange, Barrett, Stone, I’crkinson, Noland. Mangum, Hunter, Valantine, Moore. Bliss, Flowers Steinberger, White. 130 COLOR GUARD Briggs Myers, Stout. R.K.. Stone. Stout. K. S.USHER SQUAD Burke. Howell. Darnell. Harris. Logue. Johnson. Miller, Kurtz. Long, Kern. Steinburger. Mapes. Dodds, Crompton, '■•tout. K. S., Blakey. Jacobs. Romoser, Bcvis. Stout. R. K.. Duvall. Perkinson, Slum. ADVISORY COUNCIL Bregntan. Morri«. Bryan, 'arner. Slotkin. Hall. Miller. Fauntleroy, Humphries. Herr. Harris. Lull. Yost. Laynor 131SABKR Cl.I B Humphries. Bregman. May Bryan. Varner. Slolkin. Faiintleroy. Ryan. Burke. Start inkohic. Miller. Laynor. Johnson, Smith CHF.VRONS Cl.1 B First row. left to right: Scot I, Harris. Valintine. Kelly. Second row. left to right: lieller. Remoter. Blakey. Irons. Richards, Duvall. Flowers. Birney. 0‘Marrovv. Third row. Icit to right: Mare. I'reis. Cornell. Collins. Hunter. BaechtoKI, Fairweallier. Apperson. I’olychrones. illis. Fourth rou. left to right: Herr. Gregory, IVrkinson. Brvis. (Glasgow. Barrett. Clements, l.iviski. Bragg. Cleary. Fi'th row. .-it to right: Bower. Bradly, I .finnan. Caine-. Carol. While. Strange. Mangum. Vallarino. 132LIWSKI CLl K First run-: Morris , Lull. Second row. left to right: Tenley, l.itakcr. Dodds, Dean. Keldmunn. Third row. left to right: I'hillips, I .a ranee. Smilli. Clayton. Cliappelle, Sullivan. Fourth row. left tv right: Howell. Crisp. Shirk. Hillard. Hall. Itready. SealTido. Fifth row. left to right: MeKenny. I.ove. Donnell, l.o-Mie. Henderson. Sliowalter. Bartlett. Daineron. Sixth row, left to right: Watson, Hrannon. I laugh. 133Epilogue Thus ends the record of our performance. It is hoped you have enjoyed our triumphs and have overlooked our mistakes. The class of 1950 may not always play to a full house, hut when the curtain falls on the last act. may most reviews agree that it was a performance well done. A cknon iedgment We. wish to acknowledge the untiring efforts and helpful cooperation of Turner Studio, Newei.l-Coi.e Printinc Company, and Lanm w Kncraving Company, with special credit to Mr. Joe Morrison.TURNER STUDIO 108 North Washington Street ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA We arc very grateful tor the privilege of being of service, as official photographers, toward making this year’s “COMPASS” a grand success. The splendid cooperation given us by the editors, faculty, and student body was highly commendable and sincerely appreciated. urner 135Congratulations To You, the Future Citizens of Alexandria WE WISH YOU EVERY SUCCESS AND HAPPINESS AS YOU ARE GOING TO BE THE HOMEMAKERS OF TOMORROW — — WE LOOK FORWARD TO SERVING YOU IN THE YEARS TO COME Barnes Kimel Co. In £ omancc In ARLINGTON ALEXANDRIA 1916 Wilson Boulevard 2419 Mt. Vernon Ave. GLebe 2022 Overlook 4320 OPEN EACH EVENING UNTIL 9Trust in the Lord sc ith all thine heart. •ylnd le.:n not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths. R. L. Kane, Inc. REALTORS INSURORS King and Washington Streets AL 3013 Alexandria, Virginia Get the BEST Dry Cleaning, Compliments “SOU-TEX” — it costs no more — yet stays clean longer — — Temple Motor Company " «.' Semen Cleaners" 191 2-191 4 Diagonal Road SOUTHERN Alexandria, Virginia DRV CLEANING COMPANY 223 N. Payne St. Alexandria 0060 OYcrlook 5020 Phone ALex. 35S3 GAINES FURNITURE 907 KING STREET OLD CLUB TEA HOUSE J. C. Gaines ALEXANDRIA. VA. 555 South Washington Street Established 1841 WORTH HULKISH SONS Incorporated 311.313-315 Kintt Street Retail ami Wholesale Hardware 100 Years of Continuous Service “Laura Lee” GRAHAM OGDEN, INC. Real Estate • Insurance Bonding and Investments Invites You 803 King Street Alexandria, Va. LYNCH DRUG STORE 1705 King Street ALex. 4100 137At Your Door . , Fresh and Pure Homogenized Vitamin D Golden Guernsey Grade A Pasteurized Milk and Cream Gilt Edge Butter-Eggs-Cottage Cheese Alexandria Dairy Products Co., Inc. Corner Pitt and Princess Streets Alexandria, Virginia Phone AL 2525 - 2526 or 'PE 5390 13$Northern Virginia's Largest Home Store W. A. BARNETT’S SONS 115 King St. Phone AL 0496 Alexandria, Va. - FRIGIDAIRE - REFRIGERATORS WASHERS DEHUMIDIFIERS RANGES DRYERS AIK CONDI HONING FREEZERS 1RONERS GAS APPLIANCES WATER HEATERS KITCHENS TELEVISION — RADIOS SID CARROLL APPLIANCE CO. 1125 King Street Compliments of R R Venetian Blinds 211 King Street Alexandria, Va. ALcxandria S000 P. J. Nee Co. Dream House 'furniture 215-217 King Street Phone ALcxandria 6497 Alexandria's Ftnest Men's I Tear Stores • Arrow Shirts • Stetson Hats • McGregor Sports Wear • Botany Products • Varsity Town Suits • Bostonian Shoes Colien n ji I i I Shop i 104 King St. — Fairlington Center Second Floor Vanity Shop Your Hart, Sehafner Marx Dealer Beverly Plaza Watch Shop — The Hou e ol Time — 3907 MT. VERNON AVENUE TEmplc 6162 Alexandria. Va. DEL RAY LINOLEUM SHADE SHOP Bill Mtehelbaeh, Prop. Phone AL 1 440 202 Hast Oxford Avenue DEL RAY SPECIALTY SHOP 2200 MT. VERNON AVENUE INFANTS’ AND CHILDREN’S WEAR AL 7978 DEL RAY RESTAURANT 2117 Mt. Vernon Avenue Alexandria. Virginia TEmplc 9599 We Now Serve the Old English Dish Fish and Chips at the popular price of 55 cents G. P. PAPAGEORGE—Mar. 139A1 Baker Son, Inc. • Realtors • Appraising • Insuring • Financing 116 So. St. Asaph St. IJ.ik« r AL 664 4-15 _________Kvniings TK 44 7 The Cjift Shop At The I loinestead 728 South Washington Street Al. 1995 Ample PurkinU ARROWSMITH’S DRESS SHOP 1701 King Street KEEI) THEA TRE Bl ILDING ALexandria 3512 Open Fridays Until 9 Compliments of NANCYE FLEMING 1512 King Street Alexandria, Va. A Lex. 2940 T. J. Gore J. A. Gore Compliments of CORE S ESSO STATION SOUTH WASHINGTON and WILKES STREETS Compliments °f Channel’s Radio AND Television Company 2405 Mt. Vernon Avenue Phone AL. 0151 “Everything in Sports” City Sport Shop 1501 King Street ALEXANDRIA. VA. AL. 1268 The Tcrcxi's Presenting Flowers of Distinction From Greenhouse To Vou Phone AL. 2666 161S-20 Prince Street Alexandria, Va. Flowers By Wire — Bonded F. T. D. Member 45-Minute Dry Cleaning Cleaning — Pressing — Shoe Repairing Hats Cleaned and Blocked WHILE-U-W AIT SERVICE Grand Star Valet “Complete I'a et Service' ’ 2007-09 Mt. Vernon Avenue Alexandria, Virginia Call Overlook 1200 lor FREE Pick Up and Delivery 140Compliments of Your Bank The Citizens National Bank of Alexandria, Virginia I WO CONVENIENT! LOCATIONS 531 King Street 2018 Mt. Vernon Ave. Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. three lime Winner . . . A.B. W.’s three successive years of winning the American Transit Association’s award for being the safest transit company in its category in the United States and Canada assures tiie parents and children of this community the maximum safety of transportation. A. B. W. Transit Co. Compliments of BENDALL PONTIAC 1625 Prince Street ALEXANDRIA, VA. OVcrlook 1600 141JULIAN T. BURKE, Inc. WuluJ Snsura nee 218 KING STREET Alexandria. Virginia G. Anderton Burke. Executive Vice-President David M. Burke. Sales Representative A Great Name On the Road A Great Name In the Home AMERICAN OIL COMPANY Phones: AL. 2214 TE. 4969 Cjcneral fectric Oil Burner Ventilating Fans Oil Furnace Air-Conditioning ESTABLISHED 1SS2 AITCHESON INCORPORATED Branch Office—500 King Street COAL-FUEL-WOOD Special Coal For Open Fire Grates MAIN OFFICE AND YARD 205 SOUTH STRAND STREET Heating Equipment 142TOMORROW'S FASHIONS TODAY" 710 KING STREET - ALEXANDRA 726.4 Home of Fine Furniture Compliments of YATES GARDENS BEAt’TY SALON Weadon Printing Service Frank Michelbach, Inc. Alexandria, Virginia 814-816 King Sr.—323 Cameron Sr. Phone AL 1667 104 North Koynl St. Schreiner's rjCittfe Store 1504 MT. VERNON AVENUE UJonr 7:30 n. m.—10:00 p. m. l jonr SchoolS c AL 7720 Phones AI.exandria 0405 - 0406 - 0747 Compliments of Ray’s Jewelers 143 106 North Koval Street Overlook 9843Compliments of Virginia Theater Barber Shop 525 First Street Hardy Richardson Motor Sales Exclusive Studebaker Dealers Alexandria, Va. 611 Wilkes Street Overlook 3100 Phone TEmpIc 9718 John I). Gadonas. Prop. Modern Up-To-Date Restaurant NEW MAJESTIC CAFE Steaks — Chops — Seafood — Full-Course Dinner 911 Kina Street Alexandria. Va. Compliments of GORDON SHEET METAL CO. Groveton, Va. Overlook 3961 Little Giant Donut Shop “Where Young Folks Meet” ALICE ROBINSON. Mgr. Fortner Home Economies Teacher 900 King Street School Supply Store Room 130 For All Your School Needs M A RCELLA TROTTNOW Supervising Coordinator Faculty Advisor or Sponsor ALex. 7209 King Wallpaper and Paint Co. 1012 King Street Compliments of SAUNDERS and SON — Jewelers 629 KING STREET J. V. MULLIGAN COLLEGE, SCHOOL and FRATERNITY JEWELRY ■ - • 144 1110 F Street N. W., Washington, D. C.LEVINSON CLOTHING COMPANY — ☆ — Headquarters for G. W. Cadet Uniforms and Capes — ☆ — 424 King Street Alexandria, Virginia Thompson’s Delicatessen Hers hey $ Ice Cream 2605 Mt. Vernon Avenue Del Ray. Alexandria. Virginia Timberman’s Drug Store F. X. NUGENT. Prop. 701 King Street. Alexandria, Va. l»honc ALcx. 0091 THE SCOT!' SHOPPE 2508 MT. VERNON AVENUE Alexandria, Va. ROBERTS (Formerly INMAN’S) — Barber Shop — 522 King Street. Alexandria. Virginia A UNION SHOP T Em pie 9606 N. M. ROBINSON Plumbing and Heating Repairs and Remodeling OVerlook 5840 Compliments of ROSENBERG’S Department Store •109 KINO STREET 145Mt. Vernon Service Pharmacy Prescriptions called for and delivered T Em pie 0100 Free Fust Delivery John McCuen SCHOOL SUPPLIES 1121 King Street Alexandria, Va. Telephone AL. 2234 Roll Fast Black Beauty Martie's Bicyi rs, Sporting (iooris, oys J. B. Martic 103 M. Alfred St Compliments of MONTICELLO DELICATESSEN TE 9718 LOCAL and LONG DISTANCE Since 1880 M OVI N G I. C. C. Cert. 93641 On Moving Day — Move the Duncan Way 400-410 N. Columbus Street Alexandria, Ya. Com pitmen ts of rJLee £luerilt AND oijce lAJilhinion M. J. Manning Real Estate, I»ans and Insurance Specializing in I lomes and I (omesites 2401 Mt. Vernon Ave. Phone AL. 1042 146Compliments of THE DIME STORE 1906 Mt. Vernon Avenue Alexandria, Virginia Neighborhood Variety Store School Supplies Compliments of SOUTHERN IRON WORKS Engineers, Fabricators, and Erectors Alexandria. Va. Carlyle R. lioduess. President Smitty's Corner Drug Store 1 East Walnut Street TEmple 9533 — TEmple 9431 Compliments of Davis Texaco Station 3700 Russell Road Alexandria, Va. TEmple 9654 Watch Repairs — Complete Factory Overhaul Mt. Vernon Watch Shop 102 South Alfred Street Alexandria. Va. All Work Electronically Adjusted and Guaranteed One Full Year All That’s Fine in Gifts Silver, ( old, and Jewels Silver (‘luIts Invited Trophies — Emblems SIX Expert Barbers Working Under The Most Sanitary Conditions AIR CONDITIONED Fairlington Shopping Centre 147Woodward Lothrop Washington i3. D. C. t ac TZm. -but first to Woodies for the clothes that give you an impressive beginning, a pleasant stay, a confident air. Choose yours soon on our Young Fourth Floor - J allfei -n in di- ll'mi nine Fashions ami Accessories 1629 Seminary Road Alexandria. Virginia Fairlington Shopping Centre Specializing in Mcn , omen Children Hair Cutting COLLINS BARBHR SHOP Harber Science (irnduale 2419 Mt. Vernon Ave.. I’hler Ave. Entrance Compliments of 1500 King Street, Alexandria, Va. Phone TK 6693 CECILS BARBER SHOP 1604 Mt. Vernon Avenue Cecil C. Coffman, Mgr. Alexandria, Va. Compliments of the M. H. BARRY org. established Since 1912 id min isl ration 2206 Mt. Vernon Avenue Alexandria. Virginia I lonrv I.. 1 lammer, Gen. Mgr. OVcrlook 1000 “ V Serve while others promise ” Alexandria Clcancrs-Laundcrcrs 604 Montgomery Street Tailoring — Shoe Repairing — Furriers Storage — BRANCHES — 803 S. Washington St.. 3803 Mt. Vernon Ave. 711 King Street 1000 Queen Street Alexandria. Virginia (Compliments of First National Bank 148The Class Of ’50 Will Be Our Citizens of Tomorrow Let the Class Be Proud of You Mutual Ice Company Fuel Oil • Fuel Oil Burners 615-619 King Street AL 0800 Alexandria, Virginia The store where Quality, Fashion and Price Unite to give you the most tor your money. Choice Meats - Fancy Groceries- Fresh Vegetables Daily ROSEMONT MARKET Member D.G.S. Inc. Free and Prompt Delivery 2 East Walnut St. Phone )V. 1101 and OV.HOO Virginia Electric Supply Co. "The Electric Store" ‘ 17 KING ST. ALEXANDRIA. VA. R.C.A. VICTOR TELEVISION 149Office Phones Home Phone OV. 2895 - A Lex. 0161 ALex. 4222 SNYDER CORPORATION REALTORS :: IN si R N CE Nelson '1'. Snyder, Jr. 122 S. Patrick St. President Alexandria. Va. COMPLIMENTS OF S. S. KRESGE’S 1849 — 1950 101 YEARS OK SERVICE Compliments of WHEATLEY Funeral Home J. S. EVERLY R. E. KNIGHT SON 621-623 King Street Alexandria, Va. Hardware and Athletic Equipment “UK Self Somel uu 9f 150Compliments 1jour Jriendfy of The Alexandria Gazette •America's Oldest Dai It Xeaspaper Service afer SCHOOL SUPPLIES HERBY’S 1 X COR 1 0 RATE D “Northern Virginia's Leading Stationer" TWO BIG LOCATIONS WM. E. LEE CO., INC. 1600 Duke Street Stationery — Office Supplies 113 North St. Asaph Street 1642 King Street TEmplc 400 Alexandria, Virginia Phone ALex. 0374 Alexandria, Virginia HAYMANr Henderson's Drug Store 710 South Washington Street 530 King Street OV. 6633 V. Seldvn Washington Kpim !)• Kane Cordially Invites You to Visit Our Fashion Store Washington Kane Realtors — Loans — Insurance Phones: AL. 1621 AL. 5078 1615 Kinti Street Alexandria. Va. Featuring Compliments of Two Floors of Nationally Famous Fashions Warfield's Drug Store 501 King Street Alexandria. Virginia Dresses — Coats — F urs — Lingerie Compliments of A. R. CALHOUN Hose — Sportswear — Accessories Local Representative of PEOPLES LIFE INSURANCE 151Office Portable TYPEWRITERS' SALES—REPAIRS THE DIXIE MART ii 2 N. Pitt Street ALex. 2900 Across from Hus Terminal Compliments of Auto Accessories Co., Inc. KING AND COMMERCE STREETS “■ «€ n€W€R. Jelleffe 1214-20 f Sir. ! Compliments Phone ALex. 7369 of CLARKE, RICHARD. BACKUS AND MONCURE Dixie Sporting Goods Company «.Attorneys Hull L ne Hunting and Fishing Equipment DEL RAY DRUG STORE 1201 King Street T. E. CARNEALE. Prop. Alexandria, Virginia Red. No. 7289 Phone ALexandria 0677 Russell Davis. Manager 2004 Mt. Vernon Avenue Del Ray, Alexandria, Virginia Bowman’s Drug Store 2215 Mt. Vernon Avenue Specializing in Prescriptions Hotel George Mason Medicine and Sick Room Supplies AL 0892 Northern Virginia's leading Hotel Jrent's Beauty Salon Distinctive and Individual Beauty Service CHAS. E. SLAGLE Spec i-ili ing in Oil Permanent , Scalp Treatments Manadind Director and Dcrmetric Facial; ALexandria 2810 Frances Barnes. P.W.P. 2211 Mt. Vernon Ave. Evenimts by Appointment 152EMPLOYMENT and PROMOTION FOR ACCOUNTANTS AND SECRETARIES H igh school graduates and college students choose STRAYER training because they save time, save money, and begin professional careers earlier. St raver Employment Service secures superior positions for graduates. Professional degrees, B.C.S. and M.C.S., arc conferred on completion of business Administration and Accounting courses. Guidance counselors recommend secretaryship as a career field offering many fascinating employment objectives. O HP T3 A 'V7 T? College of Accountancy O X It ± . X 1J Xl College of Secretarial Training Thirteenth and F Streets, Washington 5, D, C. NAtional J748 Phone: Alexandria 1157 Miller's Hardwa re Houseware — House Furnishings Paints 800 KING STREET risliiml Tackle — EVINRUDE Outlxxml Motors Rod and Reel Repairs ALEXANDRIA SPORT SHOP INCORPORATED A L. 6544 1218 King Street Alexandria, Va. Alexandria. Virginia Shelton Bros. Jewelers 1)1 AMOSDS — WATCHES — JEWELRY SILVERWARE 1531 Seminary Road Alexandria, Va. I'airlintfton ShoppinU Center Overlook 1757 153njf. a ompcuiLj Engraving PRINTING Bookbinding Phone ALexandria 0162 212 KING STREET ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA WjcQuinn £? dCenarJ • YOUR FLORIST" 2621 Mt. Vernon Avenue Overlook 6010 Alexandria, Virginia Compliments of M cG i Hi n - Dcm a i ne F1 owe rs 518 South Washington Street ALexandria 6112 — TEmple 8787 Compliments of R. L. Rand Service Stations Washington. I). C. and Alexandria. Virginia Model Airplane • Train Boat Georges Model Craft and Hobby Shop 1316 KING STREET • ALEXANDRIA. VIRGINIA Telephone TEmple 7707 Northern Virginia's Leading Hobby Shop Shell Craft • Textile Color • Dek-All 154

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George Washington High School - Compass Yearbook (Alexandria, VA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


George Washington High School - Compass Yearbook (Alexandria, VA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


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