George Washington High School - Compass Yearbook (Alexandria, VA)

 - Class of 1945

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I ,.5?1' f Wfg, J M ,JZXV1 1 'R1111 3,1 1x.1.11' ,r A ,- 1 ,1 ,Q 1,1 ,',, 1, 1, 1 ,,11,-1 111:,,1: 1, 11 1:1 1 ,1,,, , ,1,1,, M 1,1 1'111"1 , 1 ', ,111 .1,1,1,',,11g,1.11 .f11' 1 1 ,1,,1,, 1111111111 ,, 1, 1 "5 1 1111f1,,1,,,,f1,1,,Ig1, 1 , 3 ,- '1' 1 IK11111,,1'- 21 1., - -1,1111-1111 1,"',1111- 1 L- 13111 " 3 11 N 11, 11 ,x',11,',l14111:11,11111,s11, ""' ' " 1' ,. , 1 V ,,,11,1 11 111,,11, 11, X 1, 1,111 ,11,:1,1111,1.11,11,,11-L F1 11111, ,1,1" 1 1. V11 11,1 X1 11- 111',:g,1'1111-"gf'11g,1'f"111S15111111,1.u1'I1,,1,q1111,1'11 ,1,1, ,Y,1,111:,' 1 " 1 1 ,,, ,, , , 1 X 1 11,,1 ,1 11,1 1,,, 1,,,,1,1,,,1,1 H,1141,,.1 ,' ' M1-1: 1 ,,11 1 1 1111 11 . 1 1 1, 1 11 1 +,1',1,'f1Z11 1 111 1 'T 1 I IP S ' We ' AY I Q , K u if 4, wif? H' 9 :fri P.-: , . yin V -551 : an as ,xii .,-f , wa I , ,W if I .. 41 35 4 -W - '41 w ' '1 vf ' v- fm V24 , Y 1 + : A -, 1 .5r.,.x n 5. 'x ya.-W. ft l V uv Q ""'.w: I X . . l .N ffrf! -. . gf, If ', F yy., V. . 1,2 .,a 6 . F51 1.51. if I ,j,,-'Q . wwf. J 1. ' L""- z f.-. . ,. , M , . A 0' af-ilu 'ff . -" I' ..,. The 0772 955 1945 Tublished by the SENIOR CLASS CX. of .15 JI," 1 George Washington High School ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA JXWWW7 HIS is a memory book for us, the Seniors, of our last year of high school. In it are our teachers, our friends, our organizations, and our sports. It represents our Work and our play. For all of us senior high is a step toward the accomplishment of our goal. In our group are represented most of the states of the union and a few foreign nations. We have been brought together by the World conflict. We have Welded ourselves into one unit. May We, in the new world that is to come, go out with the ideas of friendship and understanding that will help us to point out the Way to a permanent peace for the future. fafzfmfx Fifflffniliatio Classes Activities -if MGM ffm In the hearts of each of us is a niche set aside for very special memories. Here We have reserved a space for one who will always remain dear to us, both as a teacher and as a friend. We sincerely appreciate the many services, great and small, which she has rendered us. Her helpful advice made it possible to solve many of the inevitable problems of high school days. We ap- I proached her not as we would a bystander curiously exam- ining our course, but as one honestly interested in our progress. A short conversa- tion with her would prove her sincerity, her many kind acts would convince us of her spirit of cooperation. In her everyday habits of fair- ness and good sportsmanship we found an example to fol- low. Her unceasing aid and encouragement inspired us to attain greater goals. She tried to make us better citizens of the world. It is with a great deal of pride and affection that we dedicate the CoMPAss to Miss IRMA DEVAULT. v There's a "man behind the scenes' in every undertaking and in this case the undertaking is George Washington High School and the man is Mr. Richardson. He has been especially interested in greater student participation in the COMPASS and has aided the staff in innumerable Ways. Thanks, Mr. R., for everything! 481- ASSISTANT PRINCIPALS MRS. JOSEPHINE TOLBERT AND MR. R. W. GARNER STUDENT ASSISTANTS AND OFFICE FORCE ATTENDANCE CLERK Sinmling left fo Tigl7fIMISS GIKACE BRENNER ANN LYNCH, MRS. MARGARET BIBB, AND AND MRS- IRMA RODDA- VIRGINIA HAITH. Svalczl: MRS. JOHN LARSEN. -19? N Q47 I . If N' i If 'iwr A Af AX f , nserirlitfg 5 LIBRARY STAFF Left to right: Mrs. Nellie S. Clayton, Assistant Librarian and Miss Blanche Helm, Librarian. l ENGLISH DEPARTMENT Seated, left to right: Miss Agnes Carico, Mrs. Elizabeth Smith, Miss Sylvia Somers, Miss Unis Woodward, and Miss Mary Waller Dickinson. Standing, left to riglof: Miss Stuart Jones, Miss Lucille Kceton, Miss Agnes Reynolds, Miss Irma G. De Vault, Miss Margie Robinson, Miss Eunice Guill, Mrs. Pearl Hart, and Mrs. Mary Kirkpatrick. "l10l' MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT Firxt row smtml, left to right: Miss Margaret Powell and Miss Helen Iddings. Svroml row stzzmliug, left to riglat: Miss Katherine McElroy, Mrs. Elizabeth Allport, Mrs. Christine Brewster, Mr. Irving Lindsey, Miss Thelma Maddox, and Miss Mary Thrift. I PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT First row seatvrl, left to right: Mr. Paul Mackey, Mr. Albert Doran, Mrs. Jane Gregory, Mrs. Sara Schider. Sefozlzl row xtzlmling, left to right: Mr. Ray Graham. 'llll' HOMEMAKING, MUSIC, AND MILITARY DEPARTMENTS Firsf row xr'ufr'11, leff to riglaf: Mrs. Mary Parker and Miss Margaret Huff. Sc't'om1 row sfamling, leff fo rigbf: Miss Efhe Winn, Col. George Patrick, and Mr. Philip Lester. I ARTS DEPARTMENT First row seated, Inf! to right: Mr. Charles Riddle, Mr. John A. Larsen, and Mr. Charles Dunn. Second row standing, leff fo right: Miss Elizabeth Eisenburg, Mr. Nelson XV. Coe, Mr. Charles W. Drury, and Mr. Hensel M. Miller. 'll2l" QW? COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT Firsf row sealed, left fo rigbf: Miss Mary Thurman, Mr. F. V. Pultz, Mrs. Grace Montgomery. Second row sfamling, left lo riglof: Mrs. Helen Newmark, Miss Edna Helm, Miss Margaret 1 xx Yr Il rf ' .I J xr T FX 'Il SCIENCE DEPARTMENT Firsl row seafed, left fo right: Miss Mary Fogel. Second row standing, Ieff fo right: Miss Lula- Whittaker, Mr. Williani Hillman, Mr. Archer Millican, Mrs. Leona Dorsey, and Miss Sue Florance. 'l13l' fC. 2 SOCIAL STUDIES DEPARTMENT Firxf mu! xrafcd, Icff fo rigbf: Mrs. Ruth Elgin, Mrs. Eleanor Budge, Miss Grace Patch, and Mrs. Mary Snider. SFITIIIII1 row 5ftll1tli17.Q, lvff fo Vigbf: Mrs. Catherine Malone, Miss Dolly Callahan, and Mr. John Hart. LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT First row seated, left fo right: Mrs. Carey Sentz, Miss Charlene Kiracofe, and Mrs. Marion Van Saun. Second row standing, left to right: Miss Margaret Jones, and Mrs. Talbot Sinclair. 'xl 14 l' ,?., ff if N GZTBASSZES K S It has almost become a tradition for Mr, Lindsey to be the sponsor of the Senior Class and this year, as always, he has helped to bring it through with flying colors. The duties of the ofhcers are rather well defined, but those of the sponsor are less definite. Mr. Lindsey has served as banker, advisor, and general handy man. With him, Billy, Herbert, Marilyn, and Harry have aided the class in carrying out its many activities. To these five the Senior Class owes much of its success. "l16l' FRANK PHILLIP ARMAN Akic STERLING I-I. ALBERT Sterling -lvl' MAIKILYN JEANNE ALLEN Twilcby FRANCES JEANETTE ANDERSON Frances GEORGIE VIIKGINIA ANTPIONY Georgie VIRGINIA H. APPERSON Ginny PYZ711f' gif X V CLAUDE NEWTON BALLENGER, JR. Claude HELEN WARD BARLEY Helm BARBARA TART BARRETT Tart PATRICK F. BARRY Pat LENA ANN ATT1L11s Lena ROBERT HAM PDEN AUMAN Bob 4181- IRIS JUNE BARTON Iris MILDIKEIJ ELIZABETH BEALL Millie J 191- VIRGINIA LOUISI3 BEALI. Bisbie ELIZABETI-I P. BENBOW Bvify PIIYLLIS GRAHAN1 BIZNDALL . Pbyl BEVERLEY BONNYCASTLI3 BENIJER Bev If If LUCY LANDON BLACK Lucy WILLIAM THOMPSON BLACK Zombie WILLIAM BLARELY BENJAMIN Bill JAMES HARRY BETTIS H arry v 201- GW' MARILYN BLACKWELL Marilyn BENJAMIN SAMUEL BLEIER Adolph LEWIS MCLUNG BOLEY Lvwis DUDLEY BOSWELL Dudley LORRAINE EDNA BRADY Rainy BETTY LEE BRAGG Bcfsy 1 rs! JESSIE JUNE BOUTCHARD func' PHILLIP J. BOWEN Phil 4211- BETTY LOUISE BRYANT Betty ROSE MARIE BURCHEIELD Tess GERALIJINE BRICK Geri PHYLLIS J. BROOKFIELII Phill MARGARET JEAN BROOKS Mzzrgay EDITH HELEN BRUIN Hvlcfn 422 SALLY-JO BURGHEIM Sally-Io BARBARA C. BURHANS Bzrrlmrzz LUTHER LEWIS BUTLER, JR. Bmldy RAYMONIJ BRADFORD BUTTS Raynmmf 4251" ELIZABETH CAMDEN Bcity REUBEN HENRY CAMPBEL1., JR Hank v JEANNE ELAINE CAMPTON Elaine DOROTHY LUCILLE CLARK Dottie 24 ROBERT C. CLARK Lunzjzy FRANCES ELIZABETH COATES Frances JAMES R. COATES Iimmir CLARA ANN COLANGELO Clara MARYJANE COOK Cookie LUCY COPPA Lucy MARY ANNE CORDER Mac ROBERT C. CRAIG Bob PARIS COLEMAN, JR. P1111 g y EDITI-I MAE CONANT Ezlifb 25 MARY JANE DAVIS juyne PATRICIA ANN DAVIS Pat JOHN E. DEBUTTS johnny HELEN M. DELK Helen JIMMY BRENT CREAL jim III 31 JAMES DAVENPORT Frvfklm 261' BETTY JANE DE SILVA B. I. DANA A. DIBREI,L Dana x 1 B. aj I : AREA. 533m W ' ' 3: "-F ':5.':'I 427? MYRTLE ANTONIA DIONN12 Myri DOROTHEA MARY DoB1soN Dopvy NORA A. DOLE Nora WALTER SCOTT DOWNS Walter V ANN PATTERSON DURR A1111 MINNIE MYRTLE DURNIAK Minnie ANN BURNETTE DRANEY A1111 LAUREL LEE DUNN Larry 281' WILLIAM HART DUVALL Bill JUNE CLOSE ECKELS 111110 VIRGINIA MAE EDELEN Skeeis JOAN LOUISE EHEART joan SYLVIA JUNE FINCH 171110 JUDITI-I MARIE FINLEY Indy GLEN FAXON, jk. Glen WILLIAM H. FIELDS Willie' 4291" 1 AARON E. FREEMAN Aaron JOYCE LOUISE FREEMAN Ioycc ELIZABETH HODGE F1scHER Bffffy HOWARD BARNES FITZGEIKALD Barnes NORLfIA YVONNE FOUST Norm JANE ELLEN Fox Izmir' -45050 RONALD EARL FULLER Earl GRACE GAIL GABRIELSON Amy JEXVIELL CAROLINE GALLAHAN Pllffffy CLAIRE JEAN GALLAHER jcanic' 312' PEGGY LoRRA1NE GANDY Pfxxn' RAYMOND LEONARD GAR'1'Ho1f1 Ray v FRANCES LEE GASSER Frances Lee HELEN GEARHART Len 'Ulf' KATHERINE GILMARTIN GEORGE Kuflaerine JOYCE GIBBS Gibby CHARLES EVERETT GIDDENS Bzulzly LUETTA CAROLE GILFILLAN Lou KATHRYN GOOD Pfszw FREDA GOLDMAN Freda ROBERT GOLDSMITH Bob NANCY LEE GOODS Nancy LAURA CHRISTINE GILL Laura MAIKGARET CSRISXVOLD Gl-ON'l2ll Margaret 4332, if VIRGINIA GREEN Ginny IRENE ELIZABETH GREER Rene JUANITA R. GRIFFITH juunita VIRGINIA ELIZABETH GUTHRIDGE Virginia JEANNE GRAVES jeunnc JOANNE GRAVES Irmnnc' 34 NORMA MAYE HALLMAN Norma HELEN HAMBLETON Helen -USE- DOROTHY JEANI2 HAMPTON Ivana WILLIAM CARLTON HANES Bill WILLIAM C. HARE, JR. Bill LOIS KATHRYN HART Lois V LEWIS DALE HARWOOD Dale EVERETT A. HELLMUTH, JR. Ev. ' -Iwi- EVELYN GERTRUDE HENRY Evelyn JACQUELINE ERSELLE HENRY jackie JAMES EDWARD HERBEIKT jimmy GRACE ALBERTA HERRLEIN Grace ELLEN DURKIN HOLMAN Nell-Boots MARGARET ELLEN HOOVER Tiny VELMA V. HOUCHENS Velma PRISCILLA FRANCES I-IUFFORD Frances MARY ANNE HEYDENREICH Mary Alllll' ROBERT L. HIGGINS Pinky -iv? GLORIA KIGER HUGHES Gee BETTY JANE HULMES Betty CHARLES ALLEN HUMMER Charlie JUNE KATHLEEN I-IYLAND june LOUISE A. HUFFMAN Louise BETTY M. HUGPIES Jayne -USE- VIVIAN MARIE IRBY Viv BETTY BURKE JANNEY Betty 39 CHARLES B. JENKINS Charlie CAREY K. JOHNSON ' Carey ELSIE ELIZABETH JOHNSON Elizabeth WILLIAM JOHNSON Bill CALVIN JUNG SING Calvin KATHARINE ANN KANE Kitty NANCY LEE JONES Nancy JEAN JOYCE JONES I can 40 DIKRAN VAHAN KAVALJIAN, J Dirlzic CHARLES KELLY Charlie MARY ELIZABETH KENNEDY Mary MARY ANN KIDWELL Mac CUEVAS MARIE LATHAM Marie GEORGE C. LATSIOS George FRANCES J. KOLSHAR Fl'l1l1l'f'S MAIKY Lou LAMM Mary L011 41 HANS LEVY H ans DAVID FRANKLIN LINDSEY Dave WALTER LEMESHEWSKY Walter PHILLIP LEVERICK Phil 42 FRANCES ERLENE LITZERMAN Frankie GLORIA SHAW LIVERMORE Gloria JEAN B. LIVINGSTON Ivan JUNE ANNETTE LONG June FRANK P. LUDLOW, JR. Skippy DOROTHY ANN LYNCH Lyrzcbic THOMAS C. LOPER Tom 111 31 DAVID LEROY LOVING Leroy 43 Y JAMES HAROLD MAHONEY B0 HERBERT MANUCIA H Urbert RICHARD A. MEAGHER Dick BEss1E AT. MELETIS Bessie GRACE W. MATHENY Grace BETTY Lou MEADOIK Bcffy 'I44l' LILLIAN EI-IzABE'I'H MILLER Beth PATRICIA DORIS MILLER Pat HELEN S. MERRILL Penny AUDREY JANE MILLER Andrey 4452- RALPPI W. MILLS Ralph MARY LYNN MI1'CI'lELL Lynn NANCY LEE MORGAN Nancy HATT112 M. MORIRIS Pat J. NELSON MORAVITZ Nelson MARILYN MORGAN Marilyn 'MGI' WALTER ROSSER MUIR Rosscr BYRON MEREDITH MCBRIDE Barme GWENDOLYN ELIZABETH MCCLARY Gwen LAXVRENACE FRANCIS MCGAHEY Billy 1 ELIZABETH ALICE NALLS Elizabefb GEORGE EDWARD NALLS George WALTER PERRY MCINTOSH Mae KATHLEEN Jo MCKINLEY Katfy Io -I4-710 J V HONY'ARD STOCKER OLMSTED, JR. RCJ MARVIN OWENS M0 VIRGINIA LOUISE NASH Ginny CATHERINE MCLAINE NEWTON Cafbcrimf FRANCES WOODLEY NICHOLSON Patsy ROBERT M. O,BOYLE Bob 4148? if SHIRLEY VERNE PACRETT Shirley JOHN WESLEY PADGETT Wesley EUZABETH ANN PAISLEY Bcity Ann ASHBY JAVINS PARKER Ike 491, RALPH V. PARTLOW Bootie MONTRUE M. PAYNE Moniy DONALD LEE PECK Peck HELEN VIRGINIA PEELER Helen JEAN CATHERINE PETTI Jean GLORIA JANE ELLIOT PEYTON Gloria -4501- DUNCAN HAYES PIERCE Dzmmn JANET ELLEN PIERCE - janet ESTHER VIRGINIA RAISON Ezl CHARLES EDWARD RAMMEI. Cbarlie VIRGINIA ASHBY PLASKETT Virginia ELEANOR ELIZABETH Po1.lNG Eleanor WILLIAM M. POSEY Bill PAUL CARROLL PULZONE Pufzy Aifll' DAVID WELDON RICE Dave ELIZABETH A. RICE Betty OLIVER ASIIBY REAIIIJON, JR Ashby IRIS MARJOIIIE REIMAN jofmnic JOHN LELAND RENSf1AW Buddy JANET URQUHART REYNOLDS jinnie S2 SYLVIA LORRAINE RICHARDS Syl MARTHA LOUISE RIDDICK Mufflga IRMA MARNELLE RIGGS I rum EDNA ALVA RILEY Eddie 'UU' KENNETH C. RITTEIK Tex VVALTER CAMERON ROBEIl'l'S Cameron FREDERICK ROBERTS Fred MILTON EDWARD ROBEY Pete CORA LEE ROBINSON Cora CRAWFORD M. RODDY judge -If-+P LAWRENCE C. ROSENBERO Rosie HERBERT GRAHAM ROWE, IH Herb KATHLEEN SAVAGE Kafblcmz EDXVARD HENRY SCHIRMER Ezfdic' ELIZABETH BEDDOW RUSSELL Bvffy CHESTER LYALL SAILOR Cbecsie CHARLES RICPIAIRIJ SARLE Charlie EUGENIA SAVAGE Gene ssl- RICHARD DAVIS SCHOEN Richard MARY M. SCHOUDT Mary 5610 BARBARA ELOISE HEWITT SCHWAB Bobbie CLIFFORD WILLIAM SHAKELY Flijnjny LUCILLE MARGAIRET SIIAKELY Lzzric DAISY LORRAINE SHERWOOD Daisy DAVID GEORGE SKAGERBERG Dnwy EUGENE CALVIN SMITH Smiity GLORIA GOODING SMITH Gloria IIIVIN LEE SMITH Smiffy SADIE SIMPSON Smfir WILLIAM CAIITEI1 SINQLAIII Bill Q57 ROBERT COLE SMITH Smitty REGINALD VERNON SNYDER Peanut RAYMOND EARL STANLEY Ray CLARENCE M. STAUBS Clarence JOYCE FAITH SMITH joycc MARION T. SMITH, JR T0 111 7173! ssl'- EUGENE STEIN Gene PAUL LAWRENCE STEINBERG Brooklyn S92- FRANK BUSHROD STOVEII, JR Buckie DONALD E. STROBECK Don WILLARD JOHN SUITS, JR. Bill DON MICHEL SULLIVAN D011 V I RAYMOND FRANCIS SULLIVAN Ray NELLE FRANCES SUMPTER Fran 4601, ELEANOR MAY SUTHERLAND Eleanor ELLEN JUNE SUTHERLAND Glamour JUANITA SWEATT Immifa JEAN KATHRYN SWIGER Kafie MARY JOAN THIEBAUD loc ROBERT VERNON THOMAS Bob PATRICIA ANN TRAvERs Paf VIIKGINIA ELLEN TRIPLETT Trip NVILLIAM EARL TAN'l' Bill GLORIA JEAN TAYLOR Gloria 61 V IRENE MAY TYSON Irene ANNA CATHERINE WALTER Al WILLIAM MAYHEW WARD Bill DOROTHY ETHEL WASHBURN Dottie ROBERT LEE TIKUSLOW Bobby HUGH W. TURNEIK Hugh 462 PATRICIA WATSON Pnf CATHERINE BEATRICE WEADON Cl1fbl'l'iIIl' 46550 PEGGY JEAN WELLS Pvssy JACK LEE XVHEATLEY jack MAIRGUEIRITE VVILBURN Margnvrifc ARTHUR TYIOMAS XVILCLOX Arfbur HARRY EDWARD WILLIAMS Harry JANE DE MOTT WILLIAMS Iam' 4641" NELL WILLIAMS Nell DORIS GENEVA WILSON Doris JOY MAXINE WILSON 103' NOMA ELIZABETH WOOD Sborly JEAN PORTER YATES jean EDNA MAE ZINIMERMAN Edna Mae SARAH CAROLINE WITTEN Sally DOROTHY BYRD WOLFORD Doflic' -1565? , L Lgefzfa Most Likely to Succeed GLCJRIA LIVERMORE AND CLAUDE BALLENGER Wiftiest BOBBY CLARK AND MYRTLE DIONNE Most Athletic BILLY SINCLAIR AND MARGARET HOOVER "l66l' ekf Mies Most Atfraefive IIMMY CREAL AND ANNA CATHERINE XVALTERS Best All Around MARILYN MORGAN AND BILLY WARD IMI I Bes! Dressed JIMMY CREAL AND MARILYN BLACKWELL -1671- MN QQMQIQ Cx N4 Vb A.:?, SEK-71-fo bl 5 3 SUQLQXS Simi, awww LAWN 1 JB SUFIM ll SEJYLLSU close slucllew 9,5 N-TYUQS5 W Wi' lo vYYXl5S WMU QEJCXJJLS ai? f 2 Hisiigci. ua,-up Sfmimj move Oi QLQLLSL - -"'-gxCY:L9xfox'1 Qbbskgunlmvdwmpf I9 jjifw Gb JT 'Cf W5 ,, "'i'YLeu., 30 U CK0JVYlfJ 4 vi SQ, Z: figwwxuu Nassau! in C9509 X9-J bM cacmfvvxb ' "' . 4' Q r 9w0 W Ssfvwefu aim? my Duo., x5 COVOLEXJ cicunczb 1: 4 f E555 Bw. ao- 'AJ Qwlslimws 2X19'QlJCLOJfAS PN, -1681- O 'Peel GJ ' x5,xlQ,X1 EZLQIYYXS r , N 5 3, xt Xbixewwc-N J Hmm., QA, Erbcubuvodiww U 3552 d 5 190 Zjwfuzo W s J' aff bYYX.0.JLC,9'v Q, Covckilb dvofxfucfomxff DYO-CXJLCQN lib Qrvw ML plums bYYXwbc,9w Om' Eemian " s NX JJ 1 3 QXDQJVCLQAQ +V JUL QQ 250351, , N? SWTMMABLLU-QVQJS gf pjwmg Us , QUT jmck rNrYxiil'NhJl,Qsew Q6 15 Quill bwvmuakdvdwwooi A W LYYXMA afL,1Q,3x ffuwm, if 5 Q ad" f Qxwvxif N UYUMYNLJ PJLGWN VN ! kiligwvwb Ummdfmaliefm -'Iwi' N-'N ...,--' A Day at G. W funiar 611155 Officers Left lo right: Donna Stewart, Harold Hogan, Mrs. Sentz, Tommy Kelly, and Charles Kelly. CLASSES Exactly what is a high school? ls it a pile of bricks and mortar? No . . . It's much more. It's the place where love and disagreement, happiness andtears, and learning are found together. Ask any adult when were his happiest days! Practically all will say in high school, besides learning the 3 R's, they learned the first and dearest lessons of life. For didn't they have their first sweetheart, their first big dance, and other outstanding events? It was there they learned to cooperate with others and make friends and to go places. i Every year students come in to replace those who are being graduated. Those who are coming in have it all ahead of them, but those going out have only recollections. Many will go on to college with more school days, but more will go to work to make their own way and place in the world. They will be down to business then and theirs will be memories. The newcomers should work, because only by striving will they get the most out of the school. Only by working will they make their past efforts worth remembering in later years. No . . . A high school is not a mere structure, but an important chapter in the lives of all students. lvl' f W i E 1 Snphamvrc 611155 SHOP 2 First row, left lo right: John Dawson, Danny Dudley, Eddie Crane, Ashton Rush, Charles Tate, Harry Bair. Second row, loft lo rigbl: David Johnson, Jake Dohner, Bobby Hooker, Lee Hanback, Ronald Fulton, Robert Yates. Tfairfl row, left lo rigbl: John Hoskins, Lindsey Taylor, Brice Warthen, Charles Fields, Jack Buttgen. SHOPS 1 AND 8 Firxl row, lr-fl fo righf: Mamie Boltwood, Lucy Pugh, Sue Cohen, Joan Arnold, Rebecca Downs, Lorene Dyson, Nancy Thomas, Thelma Owens. Second row, left Io rigbf: Clifton Melvin, William Laynor, Peggy Sheppard, Barbara Walters, Patricia Snoots, Barbara Hedrich, Ray Hewith, Ryland Welch. Tbirrl row, lrfr to righl: Charles Moffett, Worden Hutchinson, James Clark, Richard Lester, Emery Brown, Flossie Gorham, John Blanchard, Edward Gaillios. Fourlll row, left 10 righlz Marshall Truslow, Linwood Gorham, Rodney Frantum, William Crowder, Jack Wallenfelz, Robert Palmore, Curtis Donald, Allen Grimm. HOMEROOM 107 AND SHOP 9 Fits! row, lcfl lo right: Joan Orr, Betty Webb, Evelyn Hicks, Mary Huffman, Dora Mae Brooks, Margie Korbe, Betty Lee Walter. Seronrl row, left I0 rigbl: Dorothy Baird, Mary Brill, Otha McGinnis, Betty Jo Ginn, Evelyn Wright, Freida Byers, Ada Pistolesi. Third raw, left to right: Horace Crump, Norman Ziegler, Ted Buschman, Billy Wood, Charles Langley, Ted Larsen, William Padgett. Fourfb row, left fo rigbl: Julius Coppa, Jim Downey, Thomas Violette, Robert Darley, Earl Johnson, Wayne Halvorson. SHOP 4-6 Fifi! row, lcff to right: Sylvia Callas, Margaret Hurst, Joyce Hare, Bobbye Jo Huskisson, Beverley Allen, Ann Lee Bettis, Ruby Daniels, Jeannette Everhardt, Dorothy Dove, Cath- rine Hoban. Second row, left lo riglol: Betty Jenkins, Lorene Brown, Margery Foard, Regina Caporaletti, Dorothy Hicks, Lauris McKee, Virginia Caporaletti, Jean Roberts, Ann Camden, Paula Corbin. Third row, lofi lo rigbl: Jack Avery, Francis Kicks, Valentine Smith, Elizabeth Dunn, Clara Jane Alspaugh, Peggy Jean Roberts, Beverly Sheads, Olive Hamlett, Henry Bryan. Fourlla row, lrfl lo right: John Owen, Boyd Carneal, William Griffith, James Waters, Robert Dobson, Robert Powell, Bill Jackson, Gene Clotfelter. 4771- -178 Seplwlnare HOMERGOM 2 2 0 First row, left to right: Katherine Holt, Dawn Hill, Marion Gordon, Carmen Williams, Beverly Beall, Mary Jane Cole- man, Mary Staubs, Jane Blackman. Second row, left to right: Katherine Stinnett, Peggy Wheelehan, Barbara Dobson, Dorothy Herring, Joanne True, Mary Lou Wilcox, Shirley Dugan. Third row, left to right: Bobbie Beaver, Clyde Baker, Donald Ralph Douglass, Carter Graham, William Gordon, Carleton Cotting, James Busick, Charles Harris. Fourth row, left to right: Christopher Davenport, Preston Lyles, Billy Rorer, George Garrett, William Allen, Donald Lee Douglass, Francis Lytle, Clyde Hampton, Lewis Zell. HOMEROOM 2 02 First row, left to right: Jean Galloway, Evelyn Watson, Donna Culbertson, Dolores Wilson, Valerie Monch, Ann Lee Nunn. Second row, left to right: John Skelley, Grace Sullivan, Betty Walker, Lois Wright, Hester Chalmers, Anne Pawley, Dolan Maulden. Third row, left to right: Donald Moore, Robert Haug, Bobbie Tucker, Julian Putney, Adam Holman, Richard Baechtold. Fourth row, left to right: William Tankersley, Marvin Kramer, Richard Smith, Edwin Conlon, Don Morgan. HOMEROOM 2 06 First row, left to right: Shirley Sumner, Virginia Patridge, Peggy Sellers, Joanna Lipson, Barbara Rubin, Betty Anne Owsley, Pauline Pervis, Patricia McDermott. Second row, left to right: Betty Bolton, Frances Bowman, Doris Dalrymple, Evelyn Burrows, Rosey Pistolesci, Norma Wood, Betty Lou Guckert. Joan Drischler, Bob Vranich, William Cox, Helen Volle, Pat Suits, Marjorie McLaughlan, Fred Gillum, David Davis, Paul Lechman. Third row, left to right: George Norton, Allison Hamilton, Leonard Murray, Bill Moriarity. Sam Rollins, Joseph Calla- way, Michael Palmer. HOMEROOM 1 14 First row, left to right: Gwen Thomas, Bonnie Jean Holman, Joan Williams, Elizabeth Raup, Mary Ann Foreman, Frances Alexander, Carolyn Riddick, Carolyn Camden. Second row. left to right: Suzanne Post, Jean Mason, Mary McCarty, Lucie Wilson, Freddy Hoddick, Mary Martin, Betty Jo Alexander, Bert Rothenberg. Third row, left to right: Charles Rohr, Eddie Pierce, Donald Simpson, Harry Tritapoe, Jack Topping. Jack Spencer, George Trayer, Harry Sanner, William Parkin. Fourth row, left to right: Buddy Nicholson, Donald Stillwell, George Pierce, Earl Payne, Bernard Smith, Emile Maigret, Charles Cripe. 611155 HOMEROOM 132 AND SHOP 5 Firxl row, left 10 righf: Dorothy Simpson, Oneta Donley, Christine Harlow, Elise Johnson, Dorothy Crowder, Jane Robinson, Agnes Watts, Vivian Miller, Mary Sherwood, Anne Dunn, Srcoml row, lrff to rghl: Harriet Browning, Audrey Ferris, Helen Johnson, Elizabeth Savage, Carolyn Rogers, Jean Zimmerman, Mary de Murquiondo, Anna Smith, Robert Elliott. Third row, lcff Io right: Billy Nolan, James Breen, Margarett Gorry, Edwina Gates, Ruth Fleming, Helen McBride, Patricia Magness, Patricia Patterson, Stuart Anderson, Benny Bibb. Funrfh row, left io right: Roy Beck, Charles Lyons, Alfred Harkins, Walton Tulloch, William Davidson, Frederick Gunn, Russel Herman, Franklin Masiello, Robert Rebold, Mike Latella. Fiflh row, lvfl fo right: Ellison Barnes, Teddy Marinoff, Richard Albert, Frank Hoffman, Phillip Watts, Morton Ruben, Frank Gorham, Robert Warren, Tony Hermes, Kenneth Eberhart, Homer Hammersley. HOMEROOM 2 05 First row, lvff lo right: Evelyn Smith, Carol Tyler, Janice Quick, Lennie Vaughn, Mary E. Butler, Pauline Wimberley, Hilma Slotkin. Second row, left lo right: Ralph Moses, John Payne, Amelia Smith, Frances Smith, Geraldine Poling, Jerry Wallace, Allan Ballenger. Third row, lefl lo right: Robert Irenary, Joseph Smith, Jennings Mabrey, Hubert Clarke, Francis Burke, George Waters. Fourfh 7010, lrfl fo righl: Jerry Sare, Walter Pearson, George Sheehy, Philip Smith, John Drischler, Rae Arthur, Gus Souris, Jr. HOMEROOM 3 2 0 Firsf row, lrfl I0 right: Christine Bowling, Charrlette Ozment, Christine Di Nicola, Nancy Jacobs, Catherine Gorham, Doris Shaw, Martha McClain, Rosina Middleton. Second row, lr-ft io righl: Joyce Grimm, Ereline Glass, Dorothy Smitherman, Geraldine Hawkins, Louise Crim, Edith Nash, Ann Russell, Bobbie Taylor. Third row, Ivft to right: Margaret Miller, Betty Jean Stanley, Dorothy Moore, Katharine Campbell, Marie Richards, Estelle Kitterman, Ruby Kendrick, Evelyn Jones, Ann Martin. Fourth row, left io righf: Ralph Schwab, Jim MacCue, Gaylon Moemaw, Tom Kreiger, Jack Sanders, Herbert Theimer, Charles Newman. HOMERGOM 2 12 First row, lef! to right: Madeleine Barry, Sally Cox, Betty Rich, Katie Shelton, Ardeth Parks, Jacqueline Meyers, Lucille Hoge. Second row, left to right: Mary Jane Wall, Elizabeth Poss, Diane Miller, Hope Cushman, Ruth Meints, Rose Robertson, Marylin Wells. Third row, lrfl to right: Robert Purple, Edward Gates, Mary Wagner, Jean Belton, Donald New, Jim Upton. Follrlh 7010, lrf! fo right: David Noble, Robert Malcolm, Charles Cordcn, Ronald Quayle, Ralph Tully. -i79l' 'l30l' Sfreslzmarz HOMEROOM 102 First rout, left to right: Miriam Gore, Teresa Bartlett, Jean Frinks, Nadine Pierce, Virginia Wingfield, Mary Smith. Second row, left to right: Lewis Baker, Betty Harrison, Shirley Santulla, Dorothy Gardner, Joan Stevens, Audrey Chesire, William Hutchinson. Third row, left to right: Fred Baker, Walter Clarke, Allison Duncan, John Brookfield, William Draper. Fourth row, left to right: Billy Bolton, Amos Green, Reginald Vaughn, Jay Fairweather. HOMEROOM 3 14 Firxt row, left to right: Joyce Bowie, Barbara Allen, Elaine Bragg, Alvetta Arthur, Agnes Bayliss, Edith Allison, Doris Bowman, Shirley Van Epps, Betty Ballard. Second row, left to right: Sandra Smith, Frances Barbee, Martha Sanford, ,Ioan Bason, jean Boyd, Dorothy Barrett, Mary Baber, Sonia Bailey. Third row, left fo right: Robert Whitestone, Soloman Block, Jackie Barton, Frances Gardner, Burla Taylor, james Bibb, Miles Alexander, Harvey Buschman. Fourth row, left to right: Charles Atkin, Louis Whitestone, Gerry Berry, Robert Bayles, Nelson Bright, Don Atkins. HOMEROOM 124 First row, left to right: Iris Mitchell, Bettie Miller, Edith Mostyn, Mary Proctor, jean May, Barbara Millan, Patricia Harvey. Second row, left to right: Ann Montgomery, Betty Morris, Katharine Reeves, Nancy Mitchell, Thelma Martin, Jane Owen, Evelyn Keller. Third row, left to right: Peter Meletis, Raymond Carl Mellon, james Madaris, Dorothy Myers, Allison Cate, Marion Olds, Orie C. Myers, Harry Mensh, john Martinkovic. Fourth row, left to right: Francis Moore, Gerald Myers, Donald Moore, Augustine Morris, Frank Miller, Charles Nolan, Herndon Miller. - HOMEROOM 3 16 First row, left to right: Doris Duff, Anna Smith, Beverly Shaffer, Barbara Thorne, Sally Starkey, Betty Jean Smith, Marguerite Wallace. Second row, left to right: William Fredeking, Robert Keesecker, Lorraine Bullock, Phyllis Stryke, Nancy Jane Burchell, Herbert Jones, Richard Crump. Third row, left to right: Alvin Smith, Bill Wetmore, Clayton Wood, John Smith, Lawrence Dove, George Witbeck, Harvey Westbrook. Fourth row, left to right: Clarence Dowell, Clyde Hall, Ray- mond Anderson, Gilbert Feagans, Charles Mills. 611155 HOMEROOM 3 11 First row, left to right: Lorraine Fulks, Susan Hopkins, Lurilene Shepherd, jean Klein, Janith Robinson, Shirley Duval, Ann Congrove, Evelyn Bailey. Second row, left to right: Joan Barry, Barbara Coffey, Shirley Embrey, Norma Grant, Thelma Harlowe, Shirley Rolland, Catherine Koonce. Third row, left to right: Charles Winkleman, Chester Mills, Ronny Bouchard, Richard Duvall, Orrin Morris, Charles MacDonald. Fourth row, left to right: George Beach, Thomas Henderson, Duncan Banks, Whiteford Grimes, Robert Morris. HOMEROOM 104 First row, left to rigbt: Susanne Rowe, Rita Colangelo, Emily Madison, Patricia Tooker, Betty Joy Snyder, Rose Colangelo, Florence Silverman, Second row, left to right: Jack Smith, Mike Hoechstetter, Doris Hoffman, Arie Smith, Mary Caroll Lucas, Harriet Smith, Eliot Wells, james Tracy. Third row, left to right: Paul Potts, James Stewart, John Velke, Holt Verkerke, james Funkhouser, John Sutherland, Joseph Lamb, Philip Scott, Bobby Moore. Fourth row, left to right: Harold Parish, Billy Parker, Charles Meek, Herman Wright, Fred Meek, Alfred Vermillion, Allen Gershaneck. HOMEROOM 301 First row, left to right: Ruth Jordan, Pat Watson, Shirley McKlveen, Lorraine Scheulen, Betty Farence, Beverly Theimer, Carol Leef, Charlene Davis. Sefoml row, left to rigbt: Katherine Sadouskas, Charlotte Balder- son, Phyllis Drake, Frances Marks, Alice Ladd, Zena Kobernick, Sally Stark, Mary Ann Roberts. Third row, left to right: Robert Weston, Edward Johnson, Paul Riley, Unalane Carter, Margaret Ann Utterback, Terry Ramsay, Bobbie Ballenger, Donald Fitzgerald. Fourth row, left to right: William Polen, Charles Everly, Robert Wells, Edwin Gallahan, Bryce Fornshill, Alva McAden, William Shifflett. HOMEROOM 2 1 8 A First row, left to right: Kathryn Robey, Ann Ploeser, Betty Lou Riley, Sharon Phillips, Patricia Harryman, Anne Rixey, Anne Robbins. Second row, left to right: Richard Rawlett, Doris Pilkington, Mary Bagnelle, Eflie Reppert, jane Pollock, Martha Paisley, Juanita Riley, Rob Roy McGregor. Third' row, left td right: Thomas McGregor, James Pearman, Powell Roberts, James Riddelle, Thomas Rawlett, james Plasltett, Robert Payne, Fred Rich. Fourth row, left to rigbt: Park Dodd, Ted Potts, William Riley, Lawrence Couch, Daniel Pattishall, Dale Parker. Bl 822' Sfrestzmau STUDY HALL 2 First row, left to right: Bobby Mankin, Charles Van Houten, Carl Thorne, David Blankley, Eddie Schulen, Bobby Baker john Swisher, Earl Cornell. Second row, left to right: Douglass Nemier, james Simon, Mel- vin Warren, Edward Kidd, John Kelly, Edward Thompson, Robert Richards. Third row, left to right: Ray Cobean, Frank Wotten, Stanley Smith, Stanley Stearman, George Simpson, Jack Reese, Floyd Graves. Fourth row, left to right: Robert Brown, Eugene Recker, John Maigret, Gerald Halpin, Ray Parker, Joe Boaz. HOMEROOM 214 First row, left to right: Marian Block, Ida Mae Williamson, Barbara Elliot, Jean Pugh, Emily Grover, Patricia Burke. Second row, left to right: David Skelton, Robert Downs, Billy English, George Beach, Buddy Blake, Vernon Groves. Third row, left to right: Ronald Withers, William Clark, Earl Peyton, Robert Woolf, Richard Trevino, Earl Bayliss, Dick Wick, Donald Simpson. Ilourth row, left to right: Stanley Zell, Buck Jones, John Everhardt, John Hinsley, Larry Moore, Robert Finnell, Dorson Wilcox, HOMEROOM 3 07 First row, left to right: Louise Ritter, Mary Quinn, Marcia Murdock, Audrey Mays, Ruth Kimball, Joyce Reynolds, Margaret Caporaletti, Judith Sullivan, Nancy Williams. Second row, left to right: Betty Dove, Eugenia Liwski, Peggy Myers, Margaret Winterwerp, Margaret Reece, Betty Moroknek, Lorraine Hupper. Third row, left to right: John McLain, Herbert Cross, Jean Taylor, Robert Schoen, William Zehring, Tommy Smith, Cecil Robbins, Frank Simms, Bernard Sheridan. Fourth row, left to right: Joseph Schwab, Wallace Shipp, Frank Wooton, Frank Owens, Corky Fones. HOMEROOM 2 0 3 First row, left to right: Cynthia Burhans, Priscilla Burhans, Ethel Adams, Patricia Downs, Betty Pittman, Mary Ann Morgan, Gloria Toms, Bettye Estes. Second row, left to right: Barbara Davis, Mae Kathryn Lewis, Anne Harvey, Martha Dean, Shirley Lyons, Dora Dean Rhodes, Anna Polen. Third row, left to right: Anthony Daukas, Bruce Salmond, Bobby White, Henry Brill, Robert Madaris, Robert Downs, Charles Moore. Fourth row, left to right: Jack Atkins, James Cantrell, William Shepherd, Ashby Wood, Charles Treger. s 611155 HOMEROOM 2 1 0 First row, left io rigbl: Doris Hammill, Margaret Hammond, Lois Hale, Joyce Foster, Barbara Harkins, Mary Hayden, Judy Harding, Patricia Gaines. Seroml row, left fo rigblz Leon Hamilton, Evelyn Gaines, Mozclle Goods, Martha Booterbaugh, Martha Grimes, Mary Guiseppe, Ray Hamilton. Tbirif row, lrfl 10 righls Allen Haughwout, Larry Gore, Charles Green, Jimmy Bazmore, Arnold Levinson, James Groves, William Gulley, Alan Frederick. Fourth row, left fo right: Clarence Hammett. Robert Hall, Allen Brown, Dale Haygood, Charles Shealy, Thurston Goad, Joan Hansburgh, Jerry Harris. I-IOMEROOM 109 Firsl row, lvfl to rigbl: Marian Wiles, Barbara White, Lottie Thomas, Joy Van Meter, Jacqueline Graves, Kathleen Willis, Constance Taylor, Betty Jane Hirst. Seroml row, fefl Io rigbf: Virginia Thompson, Eunice Wells, Carolyn Mickelson, Eleanor Wetmore, Jean Wilson, Beverly Brooks, Betty Treger, Barbara Toms. Third row, lefl Io rigbf: Sam Thomas, George Toy, Rawleigh Tremain, Edward Burkart, Lloyd Waller, Charles Yates, Oliver True, Blake Cady. Fozzrlb row, Iefl lo right: Richard Weixeldorfer, Robert Walters, Joe Williams, Daniel Wells. HOMEROOM 112 Firxl row, lvfl lo righl: Joan Ludwig, Margaret Hubbard, Betty McKee, Anna May Kolshak, Patricia Davis, Barbara Bettis, Catherine Collie, Mary Ann Luh, Jean Kramer. Srroml row, Irff lo right: Betty Gantzer, Nancy 'Downs, Stella Latsios, Jane Graves, Ann Reid, Gene Macon, Betty Mc- Dermott, Marion Peyton. Tbinl row, lvfi to right: Andrew McDaniel, Billy Lawter, John McCrosky, Edith Laurie, Donald Jellison, Albert Lambert, Claude McFarland, Walter Loftin. Fourfb row, lrfl Io rigbl: Francis Ryder, John Lytle, Thomas Lovelace, Keith McDonald, Donald Knight, Andy Logan. HOMEROOM 103 Firxl rouf, If-ft Io right: Betty Lou Boley, Rosa Ann Lee, Ann Beattie, Janice McCloskey, Barbara Kimble, Margaret Letcher, Gertrude Gibson. Serum! row, lrft Io rigbl: William Hogan, Herbert Newman, Selma Margolin, Mae Buchanan, Nancy Landstreet, Lee Suthard, Teddy Katz. Third row, li-fl lo rigbi: Max Griffith, Claude Harris, Edward Parks, Angelo Meletis, David Rittenshouse, Robert Logwood. Fonrlh row, left fa rigbl: Jesse Hughes, Jack Duvall, John Anderson, Walton Sanford. 'IBN' 84? grestzlmm HOMEROOM 1 3 0 First row, left to right: Nancy Strong, Charlotte Keezel, Haro- lyn Hayman, Barbara Howard, Evelyn Herring, Betty Hogan, Barbara Heflin, Lena Stamper. Second row, left to right: Nancy Jordan, Mary Pettey, Harriet Helwege, Margaret Hunter, Shirley Henry, Daphne Hobson, Diane Hobson, Iris Hill, Norma Christenson. Thirel row, left to right: Charles Jennings, Francis Kavaljian, Louis Jacobs, Thomas Hyde, Raymond Kidd, John Haynes, Raymond Fahnestock, Madison Joyner. Fourth row left to right: Berkley Hodges, Billy Henry, Ramie Hooks, Jim Johnson, Gene Johnson, Richard Hobson, Phillip Hungerford. HOMEROOM 101 First YOIV, left to right: Betty Horseman, Evelyn Hawthorne, Helen Dixon, Barbara Bledsoe, Thelma Prince, Jeanette Mitchell, Dorothy Johnson. Seeoml row, left to right: Francis Fadely, Douglas Ferrell, Adelle Hockett, Ruth Franklin, Carolyn Loftis, Pauline Lambert, Ray Cobean. Third row, left to right: John Caporalctti, Frank Wootton, Robert Hoffman, Jimmie De Vaughan, William Gutridge, Craig Thompson, Bobby Haynes. HOMEROOM 12 8 First row, It-fl to right: Mary Allison, Betty Nancy Dickens. Jean Richardson, Mary Louise Fly, Dyer, Dianne Farrell, Sara Anne Fee, Second row, left to right: Clare Hammill, Nancy Kelly. Shirley Fletcher, Mary Lee Edge. Fowler, Betty Williams, Betty Jane Third row, left to right: Gilbert Rivenburg, Dale Murchison, Joyce Zimmerman, Ruth Grenadier, Gloria Thornton, Paul Kinsey, David Gates. Fourth rout, left to right: Robert Johnson, Bob Allen, Leon Kendrick, Milton Ferguson, Donald Beagle, Charles Loving. HOMEROOM 2 0 8 First row, left to right: Patricia Saunders, Wanda Sotenshek, Barbara Candler, Bernice Russell, Peggy Schwab, Edna Shelor, Peggy' Shafer. 7Sc'roml row, left to right: Allen Baggqtt, Polly Ann Swift, Evelyn Rudolph, Elaine Schrott, Genevieve Suits, Doris Bell, Patricia Young, James Sheppard. Third row, left to right: Buddy Shelton, Wallace Dedier, Bernard Russell, Bernard Rousseau, Dave Stewart, Robert Smith, Tex Smith. Fourth row, left to right: Teddy Shiflett, Clyde Hoover, Mike Davis, William Smith, Charles Simpson, Charles Emmons, Edward Sheridan, Denny Souris. 611155 HOMEROOM 106 First row, If-fl to right: Lois Davies, Marie Dalrymple, Ann Delancy, Larimore Echols, Betty Jean Nolan, Iva Osborn, Darla Lee Cullen, Diana Neel. Svcoml row, left to right: Jo Ann Williams, Mary Fisher, Joanne Fair, Roberta Davenport, Sarah Forbes, Judith Stearns, Meredith Wickes. Third row, left lo right: Edward Beall, Charles Dodd, Eugene Fleming, Douglas Janny, Lynwood Davis, Conrad Embrey, Jack Mitchell, Thomas Dickison. Fourth row, left to right: Buddy Ellison, Frederick Flynn, Robert Via, Clayton Ferris, Bill Neel, William Kuhn, Danny DeWitt, Tommy Daggit. HOMEROOM 105 First row, left to right: Mary Caporletti, Laquita Clark, Mary Brown, Anne Burke, Elizabeth Love, Joyce Crawford, Helen Carr, Irma Cornell. Seroml row, left to right: Joe Karter, Sue Briscoe, Carolyn Bradley, Betty Cook, Jeanne Conant, Ada Haines, David Skelley. Tbint' row, left to right: Donald Miller, John Carroll, Gray Campbell, Walter Chambers, Sidney Caldwell, Walter Cable, Louis Saunders, Richard Bushman. Fourth row, left to right: Philip Cockrell, Raymond Carr, Billy Catchings, Robert Calhoun, Calvin Carter, Willie Carneal, Charles Bibby. 'l8Sl' ggal' fl ' A ff 'EQ 510155 IE 457frmQ'fzz' aww f CHARLES RAMMEL President ,JY 1 l HERBERT MANUCIA MARILYN MORGAN Vice-President Secretary HERBERT ROWE HUGH TURNER JOHN BLANCHARD Treasurer Parliamentarian Sergeant-at-Arms 41882- Student Hazmcil ig QW First row, srateif, left to right: Herbert Rowe, Herbert Manucia, Charles Rammel, Marilyn Morgan, Hugh Turner. Second row, left to right: Agnes Fields, Virginia Nash, jean jones, Dean Shumaker. Barbara Walker, joan Ludwig, Edna Riley, Patsy Nicholson, Marilyn Blackwell. Third row, left to right: Walter Lemeshewsky, jack Atkins, james Callison, Jimmy Wade, Bobby Sipes, Claude Ballenger, Stanley Smith, Tommy Kelly, Kenny Eberhart, Peter Meletis. Fourth raw, left to right: Francis Burke, jack Sanders, Orville Myers, jack Du Valt, William Davidson, William Grimes, Dudley Boswell, Ted Larsen. Fifth row, left to right: Richard Smith. Not in picture: Raymond Garthoif. iS9l' Quill and Palm flrfmfr Szfcicfy First row, seated, lefi to right: Elizabeth Camden, Clara Colangelo, Joan Eheart, Mary Anne Heydenreich. Second row, left to right: Raymond Garthoff, Betty Hulmes, Ann Durr, Sterling Albert, Lucy Black, Richard Schoen. Third row, slanriing, left to right: Elaine Campton, Betty Ann Paisley, Nancy Lee Goods, Tommy Loper, Geraldine Brick, Dorothea Dobison, Sally Witten. President .,.. . . .STERLING ALBERT Vice-President . . , . .ANN DURR Secretary ,... ...,,.... L UcY BLACK Treasurer ..... . . BETTY JANE HULMES Parlia11zentn:'ia1z , . . . .RAYMOND GARTHOFF The Quill and Palm Honor Society under the guidance of Miss Callahan has witnessed a very successful year. We have established a library of college catalogues for the use of those students who wish to continue their education after graduation. We also have planned to enter the National Honor Society as soon as possible. The organization, composed of those students who have a high scholastic average, hopes that it will be a goal for the future seniors of George Washington. -1901- 5dif0riz1! Staff af Surzfcyrfr Svulmf, If-ft lo rigbl: Peggy Allen, Gloria Livermore, Claude Ballcngcr, Ann Durr. Svroml row, xiamfing, lvfl lo right: Plxyliss Brooklield, Dottie Hicks, Frccleriekn Hoddicla, Katherine Gcorgc, Margie Poling, Mrs. Kirkpatrick, Myrtle Dionne, Vivian Irby, Mary ,lane Davis, Lucy Black, Elaine Campton. Tbiril rozr, shxmling, lwfl lo righl: Bob O'Boylc and Harry Bettis. Advertising Staff af Szmfeyrfr Sealed, lrff Io rigbi: Luetta Gilfillan, Marvin Owens, Robert Goldsmith, Betty Ann Paisley. Shum'ing, left lo righf: Virginia Edelcn. Joyce Gibbs, Billy W'ard, Pat Davis, Edna Mac Zimmerman, Helen Bruin, Gloria Hughes, Mrs. Kirkpatrick. Sdiforitzl Staff af wzffzptzss , , Sealed, left lo right: Virginia Apperson, Geraldine Brick, Mary Anne Heydenrich, Virginia Nash, Herbert Rowe, Frances Hufford, Betty Hulmes. Standing, first row, left to right: Marilyn Blackwell, Catherine Newton, Edna Mae Zimmerman, Catherine Weadon, Gwen McClary, Betty Ann Paisley, Mary Jane Davis, Lucy Black, Ann Durr, Elaine Campton, Sally Wittep, Janet Pierce, Norma Foust, Iris Barton. Standing, second row, left lo right: Edith Conant, Beverly Bender, Janet Reynolds. if if ir Kampass Staff We have worked and we have slaved with only one thought in mind-to make our COMPASS OF 1945 the best ever. We hope you like it. 4925- Subscripfisn Staff sf Hvmpszss GLORIA LIVERMORE AND CAMERON ROBERTS Kompass Advertising Staff First row, scaled, left lo rigbl: Mary Schoudt, Margaret Brooks Srcoml row, xlnnding, lcft to right: June Long, Marie Latham. Third row, standing, left to right: Gloria Hughes, Patsy Nicholson, Ashby Reardon, Raymond Sullivan. 'l93 l' W, . .... .. ,,.. W. -..., Y-, , Lawrence Roscnburg, Edward Schirmer 4.-. Clze Open vrum First row, seated, left to right: Robert Malcom, Philip Leverick, Herbert Mzmueia, Frank Akman, Miss Dickinson. Second row, seated, left lo right: Marian Gorden, Madeline Barry, Donald Stillwell, Bill Eckles, Carlton Cutting, Ellen Holman, Irene Greer, Mary Mays. Third row sealed, left to right: Nell Irwin, Ellen Sutherland, Bobby Tucker, Marijane Cook, Geonge Outland, Adam Holman, George Sheihe, Glenn Faxon, David Skagerburg, Evelyn Wriglit, Phyliss Drake. President , . , . HERBERT MANUCIA Vice-President , . , .FRANK AKMAN Secretary-Treasurer . . . . , .PHILLIP LEVERICK The Open Forum Club is new only in the sense that it is a consolidation of the former Debate and Public Speaking Clubs. Its purpose is to encourage participation in public speaking and debating. 494i- Clze Krmfimr Writing glllb Smfrrl, lefl lo right: Nancy Downs, Madeline Barry. Sltlllllillg, left lo right: Mary Jane Wall, Elaine Campton, Gloria Livermore, Rosella Graham, Meredith Wicks, Marilyn Blackwell, Hazel Sherwin. The Creative Writing Club was formed early in October, under the guidance of Mrs. Elizabeth Smith, by a group of students interested in all phases of creative writing. Several book reviews, written by the group were published in The Surveyor. Competition for local prizes in creative writing has been very keen among the members. -1951- Offircrs af Dramafir 6 uh First row, seated, left to right: Marvin Owens, Dorothea Dobison, Thcla Henry. Second row, Seated: Harry Bettis. First row, left to right: Dorothea Dohison, Marvin Owens, Thela Henry, Harry Bettis. Second row, left to right: Shirley MeKelvin, June Long, Ann Burke, Alvelta Arthur, Dana Culbertson, Betty Benbow, Tish Suits, Hope Cushman, Margie McLaughlin, Mary Jane Davis, Geraldine Brick, Lurline Shepherd, Joan Liecling, Joyce Zimmerman, Tina Talbot, Diana Neel, Harolyn Hayman. Third row, left to right: Emily Humes, Dorothy Myers, Rosina Middleton, Margaret Miller, Ann Martin, Tommy Henderson, Robert Smith, Daniel Wells, Louetta Gilhllan, Louise Ritter, Laqueta Clark, Gloria Taylor, Amelia Smith, Francis Smith, Hilma Slotkin, Jane Polick, Beverly Bender. Fourth row, left to right: Nancy Williams, Elizabeth Russell, Bonnie Johnson, Kitty Kane, Lois Ann Wallerstedt, Orville Myers, Rockwell Schleifszteyn, Allen Thomas, George Knight, Evelyn Burrows, Betty Bolton, Unalaine Carter, Joyce Cranford, Nancy McKnight, Joanne Lipson, Barbara Rubin. Fifth row, left to right: John Valke, Marilyn Blackwell, Patsy Nicholson, Gloria Hughes, Peggy Myers, Donald Beagle, Billy Ward, Duncan Pierce, Dixie Ballantine, Margaret Caproletti, Phyllis Livingston, Judith Sullivan, Carol Leaf. Sixth row, left to right: Lois Hart, Mrs. Pearl Hart, Martha Grimes. -l 96 lr The Dramatic glllb This year the Dramatic Club, although it functioned only one semester, accomplished much. Our biggest achievement was the presentation of "Brother Goose" given at George Washington this December. Every member of the club worked for the success of this three-act play, gaining valuable experience in acting, directing, stage managing, business managing, publicity, make-up and costuming. We all have the satisfaction of knowing that because of our efforts and cooperation "Brother Goose" was a great success. fi if if af Stage Zfroducfiau Firsl row, xc'alc'a', left io right: Enos Hirst, William Padgett, James Downey, Mr. Larsen, Billy Wood, Earl Johnson. Sfcoml row, xtamling, Icfi fo right: Horace Crump, Julius Coppa, Robert Darley, Thomas Violette, Norman Ziegler, Charles Langley, Ted Buschman, Ted Larsen. -4 97 P , ..... M., ............ -f Y- ....-....,.....-..-.--4- -- N'--W i---,-...-.-.- W--M--fm +----'- -H--N --.-+A U15 Wrfigrz Kelafiaus gfllb Sealed, lofi I0 right: Barbara Burhans, Mary Schoudt. First row, left io rigbl: Dorothy Dean, Duncan Pierce, Nancy Morgan, Richard Williams, Dickie Kavaljian, Jean Gallagher, Raymond Garthoff, Ellen Sutherland. Seroml row, lefl Io rigbi: Mary Lou Lamm, Charles Harris, Eugene Stein, Hans Levy, Harold Mahoney, Jimmie Coates, Frank Ludlow, Austin Creel, Dorothea Dobison. President ...... , . .RICHARD WILLIAMS Vice-President . . . . . .DICK KAVALJIAN Program Chairman . . . . .DUNCAN PIERCE Secretary ..,,.... . . .NANCY MORGAN Treasurer . . . .JEAN GALLAGHER The Foreign Relation Section of the Silver Dollar History Club was reorganized in October under the sponsorship of Miss Callahan. The purpose of this club is to have interesting discussions on foreign relations and current events. "l93l' Vagabmd Hlub First row, seated, left to right: Edith Conant, Patricia Suits, Beverly Bender, Jean Gallagher, Virginia Nash, Virginia Green. Scroml row, xlunding, left fo right: Perry Ulingher, Margie Lyman, Jeanne Conant, Frederica Hoddick, Sally Burgheim, Peggy Lesser, Chester Sailor. Third row, slanding, Iefl I0 right: Lloyd Waller, Nicholas Coburn, William Suits, Blake Cady. -4993- Hialvgy 61116 Silling, lvfl lo righf: Dorothy Baird, Elisabeth Parsons, Herbert Cross, Alice Brown, Mary Ann Foreman, George Trayer, Walter Pearson, Janice Quick, Charles MCCordie, Geraldine Poling. Standing, left to righl: John McLain, Charles Cripe, Lenora Ladd, Pauline Vfimberlcy, Ted Larsen, Edward Knight, Ann Recker, Eddie Pierce, Jack Topping, Orville Myers, Miss Florance, Myron Rosenburg, Ann Horney, Marilyn Wells. The purpose of the Biology Club is to give the students interested in Biology more time for activity in the laboratory fields. 'll00lr Kem!! Zfnziuing Firxl lv1u', xml-lvil, luff fu rigfvl: Clarence Staulas, ,lane Williaiiis, Henry Campbell, Katherine George, Williillll Fields. Swami l'UIL', xliuzifing, Ivfl io rigbl: Donald Rainey, Marvin France, Virginia Edelen, Doris Fuller, Margaret Newman, Martha Boolerbaugh, Lillian Miller, Lena Arriliis, Ashby Parker, NValrer McIntosh, Sylvia Richards, Mrs. Crismond. Tfuiril row, Xfxlllilillgx Iafl In rigbf: Frank Hoffman, Harold Harrington, jerry Bayol, Byron Mcliridc, julius Cuppa, Morton Rubin, Audrey Miller. 4101? juniar C l6'. rfuucil i Firsl row, left fo rigbl: Bettye Estes, Jenn Vfilson, Mary Wagner, Patricia Harvey, Barbara Coffey, Peggy Schwab. Second row: Martha Sanford, Mary Butler, Mary Martin, Helen Bruin, Meredith Wickes, Betty Lee Walter, Phyllis Hicks. Third row: Lorraine Hupper, Bobby Taylor, Lois Gillum, Donna Culbertson, Jean Gallager, Leath Davis, Gwendolyn McClary, Nell Irwin, Paul Potts. Fourlb VOM!! Williani Gulley, Ann Durr, Mrs. Sara Scheider, Francis Lytle, Claude Ma:Farland, Joseph Callaway. Fiffb row: Benny Bibb, Richard Sloan, Russell Herman, Williain Echols. junivr 16:4 Zrzfss MA.. First row, left to right: Tina Talbot, Jean Richardson, Lois Hart, Dana Dibrell, Edna Mae Zimmerman, Ann Martin, Margaret Miller. Second row: Barbara Taylor, Shirley Fletcher, Betty Fischer, Mary Martin, Jane Blind, Lynn Potter, Linwood Naylor. Third row: Orville Myers, Bobby Allen, Bill Harrison, Charles Kelly, Billy Sinclair, Donald Moore, Bruce Anderson, Faurila row: Donald Heddings, Tommy McGuire, Billy Benjamin, Billy Rogers, Bob O'Boyle, Billy Ward. Fiflh row: Robert Smith, Eugene Smith. -1 102 1- Dance 61116 First row, lcfl to righl: Anna Catherine Walters, Marilyn Morgan, Dottie Hicks, Howard Futch, Mary Kennedy, Carol Schwab, Verlin Werth, Frederick Gillum, Francis Burke, Myron Rosenburg, Jane Ellen Fox, Jane Wallace, Mary Lee Fowler, Lou Ann Hennessee. Sccoml row, lrfl fo right: Jewel Gallahan, June Hyland, Betty Meador, Gloria Peyton, Lois Wriglit, Betty Dyer, Mildred Musselman, 'Mary Quinn, Lorraine Hupper, Ethel Adams, Billy Benjamin, Stewart Anderson, Paul Pulzone, Joseph Smith. Third row, Irf! Io rigbl: Joyce Wilson, Raymond Wells, James Duncan, Donald Strobeck, Joe MCGonigal, Paris Coleman, Bobby Sckelly, Marvin Owens, Bobby Clark, Bobby McKlveen. Fourila row, left' I0 riglvl: Lucille Shakely, John Rcnshaw, Billy Thomas, Dave Rice, Richard Carneal, Jimmie Crenl, Robert Downs, Jack Moody, Hugh Turner, Tommy McQuire, Bill Harrison. Fifih row, left lo rigbf: Bob Craig, Bster Raison, Grace Matheny, Helen Peeler, Frances Alexander, Donald Moore, Lynn Mitchell, Charles Kelly, Jean Philipps, Kitty Kane, Penny Rideout, Tommy Henderson. 41031- ...,....,.... . , ....,..,.............-.....,,........,,..,... .,.. .,. ., ...- -...,..- Yusfruufars of Dame 61116 Firxl row, xtamling, left io righl: Ann Lynch, Mary Allison, Virginia Triplett, Harvey Dove, Howard Futcli, Shirley Dyson, Lois Ann Wallerstedt. Seroml row, Ivf! fo rigbf: Miss Huff, Edgar Sims, Buddy Grisso, Claude Bnllenger, Beverly Sheads, Mason Saunders, Dean Shumaker, Miss Somers. 4104!- Hays' Glen' gfllb s l E lfirxl l'01l', xenirfl, Irfl fo rigbl: Howard Crumley, joseph Schwab, Iiclward Northrop, Clifford Shakley, Elaine Campion, accompanist, Frederick Gillum. Srrrlrlif row, sfulnfiflg, lvfl I0 rigfalz Duncan Pierce, Charles Habron, Robert Higgins, Reginald Snyder, Marvin Owens, Raymond Wells, Allen Thomas, Dudley Boswell, Buddy Butler. Third l'01L', xfumling, If-ft io righf: John Velke, Arthur W'ilcox, George Knight, Hans Levy, Mr. Lester, Elmer Horseman, Paul Steinburg, Charles Kelly. Girls' Glen' gfllb lfirxl row, xmlml, If-ft lo rigbi: Mary De Murguiondo, Dorothy Crowder, Frances Sumpter, Dorothy Dean, Shirley Dugan, Doris Hammill. Srromf row, si'am1ir1g, Iaff I0 rigbl: Warxda Sotenshek, Alice Ladd, Betty McKee, Norma Christiansen, Rosemary Barry, Sally Cox. Third row, xlamfing, lrfl fo rigbl: Ann Congrove, Pat Patterson, Phyllis Bendall, Carol Wclirxveiim, Agnes Feild. Elzvml ,Musiv Klass First row, slumling al piano: Gloria Trevino. Second row, left lo rigbf: June Hyland, Daisy Sherwood, Joyce Hare, Jean Cline, Gloria Peyton, Ellen Holman, jean Jones. Third Wow, Inf! to right: joy Wilson, Barbara Dobison, Elizabeth Rice, Edna Kiley, Virginia Patridge, Lois Hart, Lynn Mitchell, Dean Shumakcr, Fourlb row, Ivfl Io right: Allen Thomas, Raymond Wells, Verlin Wcrrh, Arthur Wilcox, Buddy Grisso, Al Barker, Charles Kelly, Marvin Owins. ,4 cappella Scaled, left to right: Ellen Sutherland, Patricia Magness, Barbara Dobson, Virginia Grimes, Anne Pawley, Evelyn Hicks, Frances Coats, Ann Wilson, Miss Winn. Firxl row, stalidifzg, lvfi lo riglaf: Eleanor Sutherland, Ann H. Dunn, Joan Drischler, Norma Hallman, Laura Gill, Eugenia Savage, Betty MCClung. Second row, xlaudiug, If-ff to right: Lucille Shakely, Virginia Buntin, Lois Hart, Hope Cushman, Mary Lou Lamm, Alice Russell, Evelyn Burrows. -110610 Girls' Serie! Lvff fa rigbl: Patricia Migneas, Ann Dunn, Ann Pnwley, Helen Peeler, Betty M:Clung, Virginia Grimes, Evelyn Hicks. Hays' Dvuble Quartet First row, Ivfl lo riglal: Duncan Pierce, Fred Gillum, Joseph McGonigle. Srcoml row, Ivff lo rigbl: Percy Uhiinger, Joe Schwab, Lindsey Bergen, Arthur Wilcox, Dick Meagher. -11071, i i 0 High Selma! Orchestra Firsl row, rmfrd, lvff lo right: Avis Baber, Ruth Meints, Jane Wallace, Eleanor Sutherland. Sr'4fal1r1 row, xfzzlfrf, Ivfl fo rigbl: Kimball Nedved, james Johnson, Virginia Guthridge, Buddy Butler. Third row, Xffllltlfflg, lvff lo rigbf: Verlin Wcrtli, Laura Gill, Mike Latella, Paul Steinberg, Mr. Lester. Dance Orrlzesfm lfirxl row, .m1lm1', ul piano: Ivan Yonee. Srroml mzv, xeaIm1', lr-fl lo riglwl: Bob johnson, Gerald Swisher, Dave Lindsey, Paul Steinburg, Dave Livehak, Allen Thomas, Betty Jean Stanley, Bob Auman, Dan Livehak, Bob Spangler, Tony Wells, Buddy Butler. Third' row, xhum'iug, lvff I0 rigbl: Jean Hampton, Mr. Lester, Snookie Beavers, drummer, Bobby Sipes, manager, Clyde Hampton. N01 in pirrlzfrc: Richard Smith. We've really heard some "solid', music from the dance orchestra this year. They have played for the students at an assembly and provided the "beat" for the Senior Party. -410810 junior Baud Fits! row, kllfflillg, Ivft fo right: Betty J. Stanley, Betty Riley, Ann Robbins, Lucille Hoge, Ralph Schwab, Jean Phillips, Pat Watson, Peggy Schwab, Bobbie Taylor. SKTOIHI row, left to rigbf: Marion Mendler, Betty Gantzer, Mary Ann Luh, Phyllis Goodson, Evelyn Wright, Orrin Morris, Robert Stewart, William Riley, James Clark, Edward Gailliot, Earl Bayliss, Julian Putney, Shirley Embrey, Geraldine Poling, Louis Saunders, Francis Ryder, Doris Wilson. Third row, left to right: Jack Smith, Joe Kadter, Jean Macon, Joyce Foster, James Stewart, Val Smith, Richard Hollard, Lee, Suthard, Jack Sutherland, Dale Parker, Joe Goss, Benjamin Krick, William Kuhn, John Kelly, Philip Hungerford, Bernice Meeks. 1'-L'1ll'flJ row, left to rigbl: John I-Iinsley, Virginia Thompson, Marie Dalrymplc, Martha Fair, Don Morgan, John Velke, Mr. Lester CDirectorJ, Irene Greer, Dan Pattishall, Rosina Middleton, Jean Wilson, Peggy Shafer, William Catchings, Frank Miller. cuiar Hand VERLIN WERTH, Drum Major Muiorclfrx, left fo right: Shirley Leake, Dorothy Wolford, Joyce Freeman, Eugenia Savage, Anna Walter, Esther Raison, Edna Zimmerman, Lou Ann Hennessee. Surgeltrs, at xizlrs: Betty Farence, Katherine Holt, Shirley Dyson, Lois Yowell, Lois Wallcrstedt, Virginia Patridge, Dorothy Johnson, Betty Horseman. Second rgw, left io riglat: William Davidson, John Wilson, Edwina Gates, Elinor Schultz, June Eckels, Eleanor Sutherland, Robert Sipes, Jimmy Wade, Edward Beavers, Irvin Smith, Tom Walsh, Robert Spangler Qpresidentj, Robert Morris, Jean Zimmerman, Guylene Love, Geraldine Hawkins, Mary Jane Cook. Third row, lrfl Io rigbl: Jimmy Busidk, Ray Parker, Michael Latella, Paul Steinberg, William Johnson, Ray Arthur, Ivan Yonce, Earl Payne, Bob Auman Cvice-presidentj, James Johnson, Buddy Butler, Joe McGonagle, Ruth Meints, Peggy Gandy. Fourlb row, left fo riglat: Laura Gill, Ethel Moran, Jean Yates, Charles McCordie, William Posey, Robert Johnson, John Brookfield, Gerald Swisher, Robert White, Carr Ferguson, Virginia Guthridge, Tony Wells, Robert Purple, Edward Gates. ' On flip step: Laurence Moore, P. H. Lester fdirectorj, and James McArt0r. -1 109 I- , -...... ,,,...a,.,-.,--,. . ....--........,, ,.- ,.....,...,. ..,....., Hvlar Quan! Left lo right: Cpl. Charles Langley, Staff Sgt. james Hayman, Staff Sgt. Howard Olmsted, Cpl. Thomas Violette. As the Cadet Corps found it difficult to operate properly under last year,s split period system, the schedule was changed so that the entire Corps meets the sixth period. This makes it easier to carry on with competitive drills and ceremonies. A new system of competitive drills was inaugurated this year. Each week a different drill was held, and the drills were repeated monthly. The first week of the month, squad drill was held. The next week platoon drill was held, and the third week, company drill. The prizes were red, white, and blue streamers for the winning squad, platoon, and company, respectively. These ribbons were tied to the company guidon. The first battalion started the year with the wooden training rifle used last year, but before the end of the first semester, were issued Eniield rifles. The wooden rifles were passed down to the second battalion, where training will now include the manual of arms. The yearly competitive drills will be held this year. Last year's winners were: Suits, W. ............. Captain, Co. A. ....,..... Best drilled boys' Co. Dobison, D. M. ..,, ,... C aptain, Co. G. .... . . .Best drilled girls, Co. Rammel, C. E. .... .... C orporal, Co. B. .... . . .Leader best drilled squad Qboyj Latham, C. M. ..,. ..., C orporal, Co. G. .,.. . . .Leader best drilled squad fgirlj Cowles, F. L. .,..,. .... P rivate, Co. C.. . . . . .Best drilled boy cadet Huskisson, B. J.. .. .... Private, Co. G. ..... ...Best drilled girl cadet 4 110 lf- ,441 lfisory 60111401 FIRST SEMESTER I 1 Firxi row, lrfl to right: Lt. Col. Eugene Smith, Lt. Col. Patrick, PMSBLT, Major Claude Ballcnger. Srcoml row, left Io right: Capt. Don Sullivan, Capt. William Ward. Third row, Inf! lo riglat: Sgt. William Harrison, Sgt. Clara Colangclo, Capt. Juanita Griiiith, lst Sgt. Jean Petti, Capt. Helen Dclk, Sgt. james McCauley. F0llffl7 row, left Io right: Capt. Lawrence McGahcy, Major Catherine Wcadon, Capt. Raymond Sullivan, Sgt. Richard Sloan. SECOND SEMESTER First row, Icft to right: Lt. Col. Raymond Sullivan, Lt. Col. Patrick, PMSSLT, Major William Ward. Second row, Irft to right: Capt. Lawrence Rosenberg, Capt. Cameron Roberts. Third row, left to right: Capt. Lawrence McGahey, Capt. Catherine Newton, Pvt. Frances Alexander, lst Sgt. Isabelle Poladian, Capt. Virginia Apperson, lst Sgt. Robert Payne. Fourfb row, left to right: Sgt. Dewey Noland, Capt. Raymond Garthoff, Cpl. William Grimes, Staff Sgt. Edward Brenner. -1 111 If Kegimcnfal Stuff Hrs! lfaffalivn SMH First row: Lt. Col. Eugene C. Smith. Left lo right: Lt. Adjutant Harry Bettis, Sfcornl row, If-ft to right: Capt. Adjutant Raymond F. Major Claude N. Ballanger. Sullivan, Capt. Willard J. Suits, Lt. Lawrence Rosen- berg, Lt. Edward H. Schirmer. Thin! row, left fo right: Sgt. Dewey Noland, Cpl. Hugh Turner. SECOND SEMESTER Firxl row: Lt. Col. Raymond Sullivan. Lvfl to right: Lt. Adjutant Ashby Rear- Secoml row, left lo rigbl: Capt. Adjutant Raymond Garth- don, Major William Ward. off, Capt. Willard J. Suits. Third row, left to right: Cpl. Burton Galyon, Staff Sgt. Bert Rudin, Staif Sgt. Calvin Jung Sing, Staff Sgt. Edward Brenner. Fourth row: Cpl. Thomas Violette. -1112? If JJ Gampany ,4 FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER Lrft I0 rigbf: Lt. Raymond Garth- Lvff lo rigbl: Lt. Charles Rammel, off, Capt. Lawrence McGahey, Capt. Lawrence McGahey, lst Ist Sgt. Ashby Reardon, Guidon Sgt. James McCauley, Guiclon Sgt. Jack Elliorr, Sgt. Philip Smith. FIRST PLATOON 1sT LT. CHARLES RAMMELL, Commander SECOND PLATOON ZND LT. JAMES R. COATES, Commmzder 4 113 ff .......-- ..................-.-...-. .. ,,.. .......... ............ 4..- .gampdny agp: FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER Left to right: Lt. Daniel Kelly, Left to right: Lt. Clifford Shakley, Capt. William Ward, lst Sgt. Capt. Cameron Roberts, lsr Sgr. Kenneth Ritter, Guidon Sgt. Fred Rockwell, Guidon Sgt. Harvey Dove. William Kuykendall. FIRST PLATOON 1sT LT. CAMERON ROBERTS, Commamler SECCND PLATOON ZND LT. CLIFFORD SHAKLEY, Commander Qi 114 I- Zvmpauy '6 I JI FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER Left fo right: lst. Lt. Clarence Left to right: Ist Lt. Everett Hell Staubs, Capt. Don Sullivan, lst muth, Capt. Lawrence Rosen Sgt. Fred Rockwell, Guidon Sgt. berg, lst Sgt. Richard Payne Austin Crcel. Guidon Sgt. Richard Sloan, FIRST PLATOON 1sT LT. CHARLES HUMMER, COIIIIIZHWIIIIFI' SECOND PLATOON I ZND LT. EVERETT HELLMUTH, Co1n111andc'r 411151, Saber gfllb 5 Oiicrrs, first row, lefl lo right: lst Lt. Harry Bettis, president, Lt. Col. Eugene Smith, vice-president. Second row, left to right: Major Claude Ballenger, Capt. Raymond Sullivan, Capt. Lawrence McG.ahey, Capt. Willard Suits, Capt. Don Sullivan, Capt, William Ward, Lt. Edward Schirmer. Third row, left to right: Lt. Clarence Staubs, Lt. Raymond Garthoff, Lt. Charles Rammel, Lt. Cameron Roberts, Lt. Charles Hummer, Lt. Daniel Kelly. Fourth row, left to right: Lt. Clifford Shakley, Lt. James Coates, Lt. Everett Hellmuth. ul ll6 lb Kheerons 6' uh 1 Ojfcvrx, firm' row, left fo righl: Sgt. William Harrison, Sgt. Samuel Green, Sgt. Calvin Jung Sing, Sgt. James McCauley. Seromi row, Ivfl lo righi: David Davis, George Brenner, Kenneth Brooks, Fred Rockwell, Richard Sloan, Robert Payne, Dewey Noland, William Frasca, Thomas Violette, james Callison, Myron Rosenberg, joseph Calloway. Tbinl row, lef! lo right: Frederick Gillum, Edwin Pierce, Marvin Kramer, Hugh Turner, Jackson Elliott, Frank Gorham, Russell Herman, Philip Smith, William Allen, Bert Rudin, Lewis Clarke. Fourlh row, left lo right: Bernard Noland, Burton- Galyon, jack Raum, William Kuyendall, W'illinIII Hare, Gustave Souris, Howard Olmsted, Brice Warthen, Kenneth Ritter, George Waters. President .... . . .SGT. WILLIAM HARRISON Vice-President ., .,.. SGT. SAMUEL GREEN Secretary ,... . . SGT. CALVIN JUNG SING Treasurer . . . . SGT. JAMES MCCAULEY 4117:- Wag Demi! Left to riglal: Cpl. Frances Litzerman, lst Lt. Catherine Newton, Lt. Clifford Shaklcy, Pvt. Howard Futch Sgt. Marie Latham. Second Battalion Staff FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER First row: Major Catherine B. First row: Major Helen Delk. Weadon' Srcond row, left fo right: Capt. Second row: Capt. Dorothea M. Sylvia Finch, Capt, Adjutant Dobison, Capt. Adjutant Hattie Hattie Morris. M. Morris. -If 118 If 11 JI wmpauy 6 FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER E 1 Lrft lo right: Ist Lt. Gwendolyn Lzffl I0 rigbi: lst Lt. Marilyn T. E. McClary, Capt. Sylvia J. Morgan, Capt. Catherine M. Finch, lst Sgt. jean A. Rubin, Newton, lst Sgt. Alice P. Doyle, Guidon Cpl. Barbara A. Buck. Guidon Mary J. Davis. SECOND PLATOON ZND LT. IRMA M. RIGGS Conznzamfvr FIRST PLATOON 1sT LT. MARILYN E. MOIKGAN Commander 41191- fl JI Hompauy ff FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER Left fo righi: lst Lt. Catherine M. Left to rigbl: lst Lt. Eleanor E Newton, Captain Juanita R. Poling, Capt. Gwendolyn E Griffith, lst Sgt. Jean C. Petti, McClary, PI. Sgt. Nancy L Guidon Sgt. Nancy L. Jones. Jones, Guidon Sgt. Edith M Nash. SECOND PLATOON 2ND LT. ELEANOR E. POLING Commanrlvr FIRST PLATOON PL. SGT. ELIZABETH E. JOHNSON Second-in-Command 1sT LT. VELMA V. HOUCHENS Commander fNot in picturej 120 If J! Cfvmpany FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER Left to right: lst Lt. Virginia H. Left to right: lsr Lt. Laurel L. Appcrson, Captain Helen M. Delk, 1st'Sgt. Judith Finley, Guidon Sgt. Frances Litzerman. Dunn, Capt. Virginia H. Appet- son, lst Sgt. Isabelle Poladian, Guidon Sgt. Ann Russell. FIRST PLATOON lsr LT. LAUREL L. DUNN Commamler SECOND PLATOON 2ND LT. EVELYN G. HENRY Commander 41212- f V fiufski 61116 Ojfccrs, fin! row, left to right: Capt. Juanita Griffith, Vice-President, Capt. Dorothea Dobison, Treasurer, lst Lt. Catherine Newton, Secretary, Sgt. Marie Latham and Sgt. Edna Riley, Sgts.-at-Arms, Major Catherine Weadon, President. Second row, left io right: Barbara Buck, Helen Delk, Virginia Apperson, Hattie Morris, Sylvia Finch, Irma Riggs, Evelyn Henry, Marilyn Morgan, Gwendolyn McClary, Eleanor Poling, Laurel Lee Dunn, Nancy Jones. Third row, left to right: Jean Rubin, Jean Petti, Judith Finley, Noma Wood, Elizabeth Johnson, Marilyn Allen, Clara Colangelo, Alice Doyle, Joyce Smith, Eloise Johnson. Fourth row, left io right: Mary McCarty, Grace Sullivan, Lucy Wilson, Suzanne Post, Nora Dole, Ruby Beavers, Elizabeth Nalls, Mary Merchant, Jean Belton, Phyllis Brookfield. Fifth row, left to right: Ann Russell, Bonnie Holman, Betty Owsley, Dora Brooks, Ann Bettis, Beverly Allen, Bobbye Jo Huskisson, Ann Nunn. Sixth row: Frances Litzerman. ol 122 in Hays' Rifle Zeam A i . Ojirrrs, first row, left lo righl: Capt. Willard J. Suits, Captaing Cpl. Burton Galyon, Vice-Captain. Girls' Rifle Ceam Officers, firsl row, left lo righl: lst Lt. Velma Houchens, Cap taing Cpl. Suzanne Post, Vice-President. 41231- , ff' - P Kiflc 5511144 First row, left to right: Lawrence McGal1ey, Clifford Shakley, Raymond Garthoff, Dorothea Dobison, Helen Delk, Vice-President, Catherine Weadon, Catherine Newton, Velma Houchens, Secretary- Treasurerg Don Sullivan, Edward Schirmer, Howard Olmsted. Second row, left to right: Dewey Noland, Fred Rockwell, Wilbur Harrison, Phyllis Brookfield, Nora Dole, Marilyn Allen, Barbara McFarland, Frances Litzerman, Nancy Jones, Lewis Clarke, Bill Hare, Jackson Elliott. Third row, left to right: George Brenner, Burton Galyon, Executive Officer, Hugh Turner, Lucy Wilson, Suzanne Post, Bill Suits, President, Ann Russell, Barbara Buck, Russell Herman, Billy Thomas, Calvin Jung Sing. Fourth row, left td right: jack Sanders, Howard Futch, Lindsey Bergan, Reginald Vaughn, Gustave Souris, Frank Gorham, James LeCroy, Marvin Kramer, William Moriarty, Brice Warthcn, James Hoskins, Douglas Nemier, Robert Vraniek, Beverly Sheads, Raymond Wclls, Donald Beagle, Joseph Callaway, David Davis. WILLIAM RANDOLPH HEARST TROPHY NATIONAL R.O.T.C. RIFLE MATCH 1942. 1943. 1944, 1945. G. W, G.W G.W Place . . .,.. 9th 7th .. .... sth Score 1261 . 1272 1240 Score . .. ...474. .462. Team Score High Indiv ...804.., .....170 ...827... ...171 ...837... ..,181 ...184 BOYS, TEAM Score . . . . . .Potomac Rifle Club 1246 ...St.J0hns .... 1303 ........,,..MinuteMen.. 1204 GIRLS' TEAM Score . . . .... McKinley Tech . . .483 . . . .... McKinley Tech . . .481 41241, idual Senivr Cflzeer leaders LUCILLE SHAKLY, Head Cheer Lmzfer' Kneeling, It-fl to right: jane Ellen Fox, Mary Kennedy, Montrue Payne, Dottie Hicks. Slrzmfingz Lucille Shakly. The cheer leaders have given us a many "ray-rah-team" in every kinclfof weather this year, showing up at every home game and those away too. They' have proved the spirit at G. W. is "super." Wear leaders Kflfflfllg, If-fl fo rigbl: jane Ellen Fox, Mary Kennedy, Lucille Shakly, Montruc Payne, Dottie Hicks. Slumfing, iff! fo rigbi: Ann Campton, joan Ann Flecgil, Betty Moore, Frances Alexander, Betty McClung, jimmy Clark, Catherine Hoban, Frances Campbell, Iris Mitchell, and Darla Cullen. -1125? Girls' Athletic Assaciafian First row, left to right: Norma Foust, Lynn Mitchell, Gloria Livermore, Margaret Hoover, Lucy Coppa, Janet McCausland, Grace Matheny. Second row, left to rigbl: Virginia Nash, Gail Gabrielson, Frances Campbell, Betty Benbow, Elaine Can-apron. Third row, left to right: Mrs. Gregory, Kathleen Savage, Ann Durr, Virginia. Green. A 41261- ,flflauagnzm 51116 Firxf row, xedlml, If-ft to rigbl: Herbert Manucia, Charles, Sarle, Louis Zell,-David Rice, Edgar Sims, Milton Robey, William Harrison, Orville Myers. Second row, left fo rigbl: jack Wheatley, Al Harkins, Ralph Partlow, Charles Giddins, Tommy Loper, Bobbie Powell, Calvin Gorham, Bernard Bleir. Thin! row, left lo right: Bob O'Boyle, Gene Recker, Richard Williams, Carey johnson, Coach Doran, Dick Meagher, Herbert Rowe, Bill Sinclair, Hans Levy, John Renshaw, Kenny Eberheart. ar 4- -1127? ...,. MILTON ROBEY, Captain Hatha!! Things looked pretty bright at the start of the season for Coaches Doran, Mackey, and Graham with ninety-seven recruits turning out in September and the season got off to a banging start with a 19 to 0 victory with an outweighed team from Mt. Vernon. Then after a sojourn to Richmond to face Thomas Jefferson, the fellows returned on the short end of a 13 to 6 score. The next game was a battle against the black and orange of Lane High that ended in a 13 to 13 tie. Bounding back in the winning column with three straight wins against Devitt Q19 to 6j, Fred- ericksburg f12 to OJ, and Fairfax C37 to OJ, the boys looked pretty happy. Playing a rugged and determined team from Gonzaga, the Blue and Gold bowed with a score of 19 to 6. With injuries to slow them down and more to come in the game, we took on the "Newsboys', from Newport News who came out on the top side with a 27 to 6 score. The following weekend, however, John Marshall High of Richmond bowed to our colors C12 to 61 in a terrific game that had "all ln ever'thing." Another game against Mt. Vernon showed their sportsmanship, but the Blue and Gold still outmanned them and they took a 19 to 6 licking. Winding up a good season with six wins, three losses and one tie, the Presidents once again took to the gridiron against W-L in the annual Turkey Day game. But a hard battle on a field covered with mud ended the season with the score at the fourth quarter 6 to 6. With many of this year's players coming back and with the new fellows that turn up, the "Presi- dents" will be a team to be reckoned with next season. H., ,.. ., ,.., Varsify Qzwfball , G First row, lvfl I0 rigbf: William Tyler, Richard Williams, Calvin Gorham, Dick Meagher, Coach Mackey, Coach Doran, Milton Robey, Jack Whorton, Jimmy Breen, John Saunders. Svroml row, left lo right: jimmy Herbert, Walter Schacht, Dudley Boswell, Willie Fields, Carey johnson, Bob O'Boyle, Dick Kavaljahn, Billy Sinclair, Gene Recker, Raymond Stanley. Third row, lcfl lo right: Henry Grimm, John Blanchard, Bill Harrison, Edgar Sims, Tommy Maguire, Kenny Eberheart, Lee Hanback, "Corky" Fones, James Dwyer. Faurlb row, loft lo right: "Huck', Thomas, Boyd Carneal, Walton Tullock, John De Butts, Buckic Stover, Louis Zell, Paul Pulzone. juuiar Varsity Firxf row, left fo righf: George Latsios, Prentice Rideout, Francis Kick, John Reed, Eugene Columbus, Alfred Harkins, Bill Moriarity, Bobby Clark. Svroml row, lef! to righl: Bernard Smith, joe McGonagle, Donald Strobeck, Billy Eaken, Coach Doran, Dickie Gallahan, Lindsey Taylor, Billy Rogers, Robert Stewart, 41291- DAVE RICE, Cajzfain GEORGE WASHINGTON FTIGH SCHOOL,S Hask vim!! Svlzwlulc DATE Dec. 12 Dec. 19 Dec. 20 Jan. 5 Jan. 9 jan. 12 Jan. 16 Jan. 19 Jan. 20 Jan. 23 Jan. 26 jan. 30 Feb. 2 Feb. 6 Feb. 7 Feb. 9 Feb. 16 Feb. 20 Feb. 23 Feb. 27 March 2. March 6. March 9. SEASON 1944-'45 STATE CHAMPS SCHOOL WE .Maryland Park High U48 Eastern High ,,....,.. 28 Harrisonburg .... ,.,. 3 3 .Fairfax ....... .... 3 6 Eastern ......., .... 1 6 .Washington-Lee ..... 37 .Wilson ,..... .... 3 1 .Lane ......, ,... 2 6 .Episcopal ... . . . .30 .Roosevelt . . . . . , . 31 .James Monro: . . , . . . .44 .Tech ..,..... .... 3 3 James Monroe . . . . . . .19 Wilson ....,,........ 36 Maryland Park High . . 38 Waynesboro .......... 39 Lane ....... .... 4 4 Fairfax ....... .... 3 2 Washington-Lee ...... 38 Devitt ,............. 35 Tech cSI31'TOU1'DLlH1CDfJ 28 Salem QState Play-offsj 35 Thomas Jeff. QState F'lsj 44 Total .......,.. 781 WON... .... 17 LOST .... THEY .....32 42 36 15 39 ...34 .....24 .....25 ....26 .....27 .....20 .....37 .....23 .....30 ....24 .....35 .....28 ,....12 .....34 .....32 ....56 ....30 ....38 ...727 ....6 Varsity l6'zzsk dba!! Umm First row, lefl lo rigbl, -'smlra': Robert Brown, Ralph Partlow, Dave Rice, Robert O'Boyle, Percy Uhlinger. Second row, lvfl to riglof, XfL111l2'i1IgI Manager joe MeGonagle, Huck Thomas, Carey Johnson, Edgar Sims, Charlie Giddens, Milton Robey, Coach Doran. The most spectacular season in many a year was played by a hard hitting team, captained by Dave Rice. They opened with a 48-32 victory over Maryland Park High on December 12 and from there they fought their way to the finals for State Championship. Coach Doran's husky five set out to win for "ole" G. W. On Friday, March 9th, Rice, Brown, Partlow, Sims and Johnson won the glory for the blue and gold. They held top honors that night with a 44-38 score over Thomas Jefferson of Richmond. For a number of years, the able teams coached by Al Doran have won up to the finals and then w-ere set back to take second place. The boys deserve much credit for bringing this honor to G. W. V NIGHT junior Varsity Kask cfm!! Umm First row, left to right, seated: Earl Johnson, Alfred Pettit, Dale Steward, Tommy Kelly, john Foley. Srfcoml row, left to right, standing: Charles Yates, Jimmy Breen, Gerald Halpin, Harold Mahoney Kenneth Ebcrhart, Coach Mackey. THE BASKETBALL TEAM IN ACTION -51321, Baseball r Umm 1-if First row, left to right: Walter Schacht, Robert Palmore, Robert Higgins, jack Whorton, "Huck" Thomas Johnny Blanchard, Edward Knight. Second row, left to right: Alton Petit, Ralph Partlow, Melvin Knight, Kenny Eberhardt, jimmy Breen Qharles Langley. Thin! row, left lo right: Boyd Carneal, Jack Kindle, Jack Wheatley, Jimmy McCue Robert Dine-alt johnny Saunders, Errol Johnson, manager. BASEBALL Under the able direction of Coach Paul Mackey a green team will probal: y do a pretty good job for the Blue and Gold this year. Perha s four men will return for this ear's team-Partlow-shortsto with Sms P Y P holding down first, Eberhardt playing third and Wheatly being one of the nost spectacular pitchers ever to hit the old school. April 13 . . April 17 . . April 18 , . April 20 . . April 24 . , April27 ., May 1 . . May 4 .. May 8 .. May 11 .. May 15 .. May 18 .. May 25 ., 4133!- .. Mt. Vernon , . . . , Central . , . Episcopal . . Mt. Vernon ,......Eastern ...... Fairfax Washington-L-ee ........Western ...... Central . . , . . .Gonzaga Washington-Lee ,...., Eastern . . . .Fairfax Crack TRACK SCHEDULE February 17. . ........,........,., State Meet March 31 . . . ,... Thomas Jefferson April 6 . . ........., Eastern April 13 . , .... Washington-Lee April 20 ,... . , , ..,............ Fairfax April 27 .... ..,...,,...... N orthern Virginia May 4 ,... McKinley Tech, Wilson, and Fairfax May 11 , . . . ....,....,... Metropolitan Meet May 18 . . , ."C', Club Meet HERBERT Rowe, Captain May 25 . . , ,.... . ,..., . . .Maryland Games This year's track team promises to be the best that G. W. has had in many a day. With eleven returning lettermen, Coach Doran will have an abundance of material from which to draw. Then along with the boys who showed promises last year and with the new material that is to come out, it will take a team of Gargantua's strength to pull us under. The 17th of February the team will travel to Charlottesville for the State indoor meet. The latter part of April we will journey to W. and L. for the annual Northern Virginia meet. Sometim-e in May, we are scheduled to go to Woodrow Wilson for the annual All- Metro meet and to the "C" Club meet at Central High where we shall compete with the best high school material that the East Coast can muster together. TRACK TEAM First row, left to right: Coach Fitzgibbon, Tommy McGuire, Dick Kavaljian, John Renshaw, Wilbur Harrison, Buddy Grisso, Bob Auman, Bobby Powell, Bill Sinclair, Herbert Rowe, Tommy Loper. Second row, left to right: Donald Stilwell, Dick Meagher, Walter Schacht, Herbert Manucia, Bob O'Boyle, Dave Rice, Bill Black, Al Barker, Stewart Anderson. Third row, left to right: Henry Davenport, john Owens, Howard Futch, Harry Tritapoe, Rachmill Schlaifszteyn, Donald Moore, Ted Larsen, Walton Tulloch, Hans Levy, Kenneth Christianson. Fourth row, left to right: William McKinney, Fred Rockwell, Bob Haug, Francis Kick, Bill Thompson, Bobby Beavers, George Garrett, Bryan McBride, Edward Johnson, Buddy Beall. Fifth row, left to right: William Hutchinson, Tommy Harrison. -41341, X Weld F . 5 11614 is f r 108 North Washington Street of Ofibpprizuib ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA AL. 3059 ik! We ARE VERY GRATEFUL FOR THE PRIVILEGE OF BEING OF SERVICE, AS OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS, TOWARD MAKING THIS YEAR'S "COMPASS" A GRAND SUCCESS. THE SPLENDID COOPERATION GIVEN US BY THE EDITORS, FACULTY, AND STUDENT BODY WAS HIGHLY COM- MENDABLE AND SINCERELY APPREC- IATED. gem!! JZ. jnzffzcr 41362, COHEN BROS. LEADING CREDIT IEWELERS in Northern Virginia Home of Perfect Diamonds IOHN B. HENDERSON 116 N. St. Asaph St. PLUMBING and HEATING Alexandria 9580 1123 King Street ALEXANDRIA DEL RAY SPECIALTY SHOP chesmm 7500 2510 Columbus Pike ARLINGTON CHILDRENS and INFANTS' WEAR 2300 Mt. Vernon Avenue ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA TWO STORES TO SERVE YOU Auihorized Dealers for Hamilton. Gruen. Elgin. Bulova Watches Compliments of ,4 9rie1f1d C U N N I NG H AM FINEST FUNERAL Hom IN NORTHERN VIRGINIA Lady Ernbalrner All Packard Equipment Telephones: Alexandria 1800 Temple 4580 W. C. Cunningham W. W. Cunningham L. V. Curminqham E 41371- Q...- r N 1 1 CAREER CUURSES STRAYER offers business training on the college level. Graduates secure positions as secretaries, accountants, and executives. Special 8-week Summer Courses in Shorthand and Typewriting. B.C.S. degree conferred on graduates of Business Administration course majoring in Accounting subjects and Business Law. Summer Classes-Iune 25 and Iuly 9 Fall-Term Classes-September 10, 17, 18 Ask for Secretarial or Accounting Cataioq TRAYER Compliments of ALEXANDBIA REFRESHIVIENT COMPANY EMMA and FRANK VAN ELSEN Operating the Soda Fountain ate- GIBSON'S DRUG STORE KING and ALFRED STS. Phone TE. 9775 M. C. LYNCH DRUG STORE REED THEATRE BUILDING COLLEGE OF COLLEGE OF ACCOUNTANCY W SECRETARIAL TRAINING Reed Theatre Building 13th d F, N. ., W h' t 5, D. C. Cm NA wif' mg OH Phone TE. 9644 LOCAL AND LONG DISTANCE MOVING DIAL AL-0473 D U N CAN'S TRAN S FE R ALEXANDRIA'S LARGEST MOVERS 413911- -0-f-4v...,. ...... . ., ,. H ..5..... -1IWooDWARD 53 LQTHRQP 1- IOII1, 111171, 1: and G Streets, N. W. WASHINGTON 13, D. C. A STORE WORTHY OF THE NATION'S CAPITAL OF L'N2t,z:s:,tr,2,tS0N 1111111 11 11 1 11 K N AUTOAIIQISIIEAQEPPLESI 811 King Street COMPLIMENTS OF THE LINDA LEE SHOP "First In I:'c1s11ions" 901-03 King Street ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA A Complete Line ef LADIES' READY-TOiWEAR COMPLIMENTS OF F 0 R D'S FURNITURE sromz 41401- raduatin classes have completed their academic preparations and gone forth into the World of business, the profes- sions, the arts, and to the glory that is American citizenship . . . since the day away back in 1873, the nucleus of our own business was formed. ears of service have emanated from our firm . . . service to those graduates of so very long ago . . . and to their families and friends down through the years. To you young people today, as to your predecessors, We Wish every success. utual lee Compan -21411, W. A. Barnett's Sons 115 King Street ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA LOW' PRICES EASY TERMS Hopkins Furniture Cu. ir 810-812 King Street Wholesale Confectioners ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA f 0 SCHOOL SUPPLIES C 0 U R T O U S SCHRAFTS' CHOCOLATES T R E A T M E N T Alexandria's Finest Men's Wear Store 9 Arrow Shirts ' Stetson Hats ' McGregor Sports Wear ' Botany Ties ' Varsity Town Suits COHEN'S QUALITY SHOP 1104 King St. Phone: Alex. 0656 YOUR HART, SCHAFFNER G MARX DEALER COMPLIMENTS For RICHARIJIL RUFFNER Phone: Alex 4100 MERRILL C. LYNCH D R U G S Reed Theatre Building BOHLAYER 6: PULMAN. Inc. REALTORS - LOAN -- INSURANCE Phone: A1eX 2422 105 S. Royal St. ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA COMPLIMENTS OF G. C. MURPHY 5: CO. 5 and 10 CENT STORE 618 King Street DAY AND NIGHT SERVICE RANDOLPH FLOWER SHOP Flowers For A11 Occasions Phone: Alex. 0537 "SAY IT WITH FLOWERS" 1015 King Street Alexandria, Va. FLOWERS BY TELEGRAPH -11421, IVIT. LAKE OTEL MT. LAKE PARK, MD. In the Shadow ot the Great Back Bone-3,000 Feet A COMFORTABLE AND HOMELIKE INN DELIGHTFUI.. ATMOSPHERE--RESORT-SPORTS I SOUTHERN COOKING Write For Rates THE BETTER MUUSETRAP ll0 S. PITT STREET New Ideas In Stationery CARDS -- BOOKS - GIFTS BBBKERHAM'S BARBER SHUP l524 King Street If your hair isn't becoming to you you ought to be corninq to us CLAYTON L. BOWMAN G- RAYMOND GAINES Mt. Vernon and Peyton Aves. GQtfEASCfg'11EiiA,Of Phone Alex. 0892 Alexandria, Va. Alexandria, Va. Tel. AL. 0914 DEI RAY RADIO SERVICE HOME and AUTO Radio Service 2109 Mt. Vernon Ave. ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA PETE ADAMS - AL. 8717 COMPLIMEN TS OF DEL RAY Linoleum and Shade Shop 202 E. Oxford Avenue ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA COMPLIMENTS OF DAVEIS CDAVID SCHROTTI Smart Wearing Apparel 422 King Street ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA L. L. BUTLER Fancy Groceries High Grade Meats and Vegetables Phone AI.. 2800 e-- We Deliver No. l West Alexandria Ave, 41441-f WORTH HULFISH 81 SONS, lnc. HARDWARE. PAINTS, BUILDERS' SUPPLIES 1844-101 Years Continuous Service-1945 311-313-315 King Street ALEXANDRIA, VA. Always First With The 'Latest THE SCOTT SHOPPE COMPLIMENTS OF SINGER'S JEWELERS 719 King St. - Telephone TE. 8539 ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA DIAMONDS - WATCHES -GIFTS PEOPLE'S EXPERT SHOE REPAIRING 114 E. Del Ray Avenue WHELAN'S DRUG CO. "Where Service Counts" 700 KING STREET Best Material - Guaranteed Work P ' Proprietor: IOHN PETTI hone' Temple 1709 CQMPLIMENTS OF- rHos. M. IONES, IR. A1excgndgaB?lge5g Sgrvlce Co' Cloihier - Hatter - Haberdasher . . , wner 1006 King Street Alexandria, Va. Phone 2257 517 Kmq St' Telephone Alexandria 2075 ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA THEMACCABEES I THOMAS C. GRAHAM Virginia State Manager COMPLIMEN TS OF ROSENBERG'S DEPT. STORE I AL. 9271 Alexandria, Va. Ill N. Washington St. "OUTFITTERS" AL. 3897 Alexandria, Va. For The Entire Family 4145? IE M. I-I. BARRY fi? Esfublisfoed Since 1912 REALTY ADMINISTRATORS 2206 Mt. Ve1'1'1or1 Avenue ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA "The Old Reliable Office" COWHIG'S NEWS STAND HO ME O F Local and out-of-town Newspapers and Your Favorite Magazines ALEXANDRIAS LARGEST NEWSDEALER 719 King Street -61462, Phone 1860 QUALITY-PRICE Phone 1860 Alex. 1861 SERVICE Alex 1861 CHAUNOEY PROVISION COMPANY 115-117 N. Royal Street IOSEPI-I E. CHAUNCEY, Mqr. LUCKETT'S HARDWARE PAINTS and HARDWARE King and Royal Streets COMPLIMENTS OF THE A MARTHA WASHINGTON BEAUTY SALON HOURS: 9 AM. - 8 P.M. Phone: Alex. 0086 Alexandria, Va. L E N S O N W S HISDIGIITCIII HTBRAINZESER CO CLOTHING COMPANY ' I , I I Operatmq OUTPITTERS FOR MEN and BOYS Alexandria Transfer and Storage Co. 111-117 S. Pitt St. Phone AI..ex. 1064 ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA I' 0 Movmo 0 PACKING 424 KHIQSIIPPI 0 sToPAGE 0 SHIPPING ALEXANDRIAI VIRGINIA A Careful, Reliable Service R. E. KNIGHT 81 SONS 621-623 KING STREET ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA HARDWARE AND ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT "We Sell Something of Most Everything" . ,-, .. ....-4.....--..,,I..- 4147!- . , MN- of . .......-........ K ....-....., . 4. W. F. CREIGHTON 61 CO. Compliments of PR U G G I S T S AUTO ACCESSORIES co., Inc Cor. King and Royal Streets g ALEX. 0022 King and Commerce Streets KING CLOTHIERS Newest Fashions Always LADIES' WEARING APPAREL Telephone TE. 3530 417 King Street MICHELBACH'S Home of F ine Furniture Established 1908 ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA COMPLIMENTS OF W H E A T L .E Y FUNERAL HOME I. S. EVERLY COMPLIMENTS OF ANDREW W. CLARKE GLENN lllMAR RICHARD R. L. KANE, President R. S. KANE, Vice-President HELEN K. HUMPHREY, Secretary-Treasurer R. L. KA N E INC. REALTORS Rents - Loans - Insurance Telephone Alex. 3013 101 S. Washington St. Alexandria, Va. TRUST IN THE LORD with all thine heart and lean not unto thine own understanding. IN ALL THY WAYS ACKNOWLEDGE HIM AND HE SHALL DIRECT THY PATHS. Prov. 315, 6. COMPLIMENTS OF R. L. KANE. INC.. REALTORS 4148!- HRROWSMITH'S SPORTSWEAR COMPLIMENTS QF Dresses-Q Suits - Skirts - Blouses Sweaters and Play Clothes Sizes 9 to 20 REED THEATRE BUILDING Dr. LI- C. J Alex. 3512 1707 KING STREET Open Evenings Until 8 TYPEWRITEIIS REPAIRED JOHN MCCUEN 6- C0- Founded by Iohn McCuen, 1915 S, F, DYSON gt BRO, MARTIN MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS , I Phone: Alex. 0708 420 King Street Phone. AL. 0278 1121 King Street A1 ex G H drier' VG MT. VERNON MOTORS C. H. MASON. Proprietor mpIgfTFIlii.2lI1flEET MUNTlUEll0 HUTEL COMPLIMENTS OF lVIlLL.ER'S "The Friendly Store" 800 KING STREET PHONE: ALEX. ll57 H A R DWA R E Sporting Goods - Garden Implements - Window Glass GIFTS HOUSE FURNISHINGS Sapolin Quality Paint WE DELIVER 4149? 1. V. MULLIGAN ' i COMPLIMENTS or Q GORE'S ESSO STATION S. Washington ond Wilkes Sis. College, School l- ' ond Fraternity A ' Iewelry . Our Business is Selling Better ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES 1ll0 F Sireei, N. W. 502 King Street W A S H l N G T O N , D . C. Phone Alex. 0002 for Our Services ir COMPLIMENTS OF A. B. 8g W. TRANSIT COMPANY ,, ir 41501- if Phones: Alex. 2525 and 2526 Alexandria Dairy Products Co., Inc. CORNER PITT and PRINCESS STREETS ALEXANDRIA. VIRGINIA I-Iomoqenized Vitamin D and Golden Guernsey Grade A Pasteurized Milk and Cream Gilt Edge Butter-Eggs-Cottage-Cheese if . 41511- 5 J . C. PENNEY, Inc. .- Depqrtrnent , '-'Store " 5 ' ' 'ff ,. . n f - . KService Cleanersi ' SOUTH'ERQNf-ff Dry Cleaning Coil ."' .'v'- - AM. Protect Your Valuable Furs and ' . , Winter Garments in our Modern 49254 ' . ': 1 - -Q - I . , 1 u 1 . - . ' 0- .A .", - .- .' Cold Storage 'Vaultsw . A1 I. . ., l I . . V, e2Q1I1dF1C1.ff.,A, , 4 N .. -A . 0 Leading?'Qepa1'tm.ent . . . Epipei-t find . .' :Store ' ,L-. . ..- ' Q?wvfpfDGI5C,HdQbiG.'. ' ' fr .' .1'.Q ' ' ' 1.0 '?",5vTi:' ' 1 ' 'Sri ' G 2 ' . -'fn t Servucez. ' 'W' -A ' ' ' -A " ' . F 'fErEPHoNEs ,. , . "Where Savings Are Graft" ' . I 1 615 KING STREET Phone: Alex. 0046 ' ',A-LEX. 0000"1 IVY 13-000 . 223 N. Payrie Street ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA i ' - o 1 . .'- . 1 . ALEXANDRIA AMUSEMENT coRPoRATloN 9 REED RICHMGND INGOMAR AL. 3445 AL, 9226 . PIL. 9270 "Motion Pictures Are Your Best Entertainment" af H u u , , 41521- 'nw -- gm 'Q ,, . ,N Y , Y -, X ,MN Q X,-1. " V' ',"' X JY-AU',' Y 1 ,iI"fl.'fwa'1' U-WI1"'1. . Q M ,, 9 , , " X 'Y-ww"ww-1'.:1,' .1 N 1 ',T,vk,,1 ,Q ,M xg ,fu wi ' ' , ' ,j,f',1,'w'-X , A Y-,W -, ,,,, Q Y ,. V.. ww- wg -1 , ,M -- ' N. -, -,fam ,. W W,!!, ,,.., ,,,., ML, 1 ' f 'l

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