George Washington High School - Compass Yearbook (Alexandria, VA)

 - Class of 1943

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George Washington High School - Compass Yearbook (Alexandria, VA) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Cover

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, v x ,-u... w ,f.n- . ..,4 f 4u.4 N V ar .- 'W .-J,--' -J ,MEL "' '--f - f 4-ff U" ,Su 'CI . 1 J':f"f .J' T- , xg!! ', -1 X-34-ilgw 'prugv F ff '.' N wx 4 E I ui: - , .-.i.., , - -H ---,,.,.,-,- Y-, - -- Qgyif ..,.-f-'Q Q ? ! '1 'ia-11 , -1 I , ,i..,-.....-...- ..V E - .. - . .... - tr.. Y. , ' V 4 J w N A 1 0 N u H - IC-:I Ss! . GW 9 l 1 l i L f' l ,, ' 1. ,':f'2.'. A, ' V gc' 'K Q E ?'f, ' . ', X . . .1 .w ' ' ' ' 243-if ' 395- mg . - 22 mi , w 51 Sf 2452545235255-sa.. 'F - 1 ff .f f 3' M V H ' MW' W '- ssifssirsifsi.. . .2 W,SffN':f""'f-Pi W ' - fiazfifz.: H" n -,,M-Jn THE IIUMPASS 1943 Published hy the Seninr Class nf W W Eenrqe Washinqtun High Sehnul i Alexandria, Virginia ,. . .. . . , , .".1.,LE..5fi ,,. , z-.15-ri-Q-vf,.f.', 5' ---iw - . HE I' f, f L V ? .' H Air , A patriotic American is al greari cl-ian is lforeveri It Paftloglsm is a but will live something we may xt awyay. E mir people 'are We all iilidroilsimd N R. ,Q-,,, l .2 ' N 'QE ak-vo , -N.. R ix' 41' 5 f' F I' A, " M v one III1 TE T5 Falzult and dministratinn Classes Activities ,-f:vfL'11-afyxqf C r Ny' A X I F P T' X N . P - - - f 'KJ 1 N4 -.g rus.4t,, 1 1 . 1 HKCILL L.: . ,1 :.,, " A W s'-' -...- 3 :il I kai I if L.. Y -41-' SM' " E 51,5 --W Q' A Egg? X S V i 'Q 1 V X ' 1 my Y .,:..YS2T i iff ' "qw-se , fl ii 1 I - v V i 5 I ..-.,fA.-v,I.'- v-'jizz "ET .L ' I ffg-:Q-' '-- -1 L I v M, Y U i W 1 w w J E J 1 Q e yr a I I, wp Y li' I v 4 ' w x 1 1 i L v w w gr ,. . , , , To one of G. W.'s finest teachers, MR. WILLIAM J. HILLMAN, this remembrance of a happy school year is affectionately inscribed. MR. WILLIAM J. HILLMAN A- fm .. - , Wa H W 1 Ma LL.,, E 4.-'N i R .-liv., A 4'4'II!. .- 'J T 'V' rg: , -V '. 1' , 'Z!,i':53:.i'1Yg '15 Rf. LP mi ,J"'L. X. 1, .YDS PHI IIIP I. MR. HENRY T. MONCURE B.A., M.A. VVILLIAM AND MARY COLLEGE Q.. s. fr.,-..-P ...,.. , - - , ,i,7.- ,..... --.T-......-.--. -v SSIST T5 MR. R. W. GARNER MISS EUNETA PRATT Assistant Principal in Charge of Girls. Assistant Principal in Charge of Boys- L 'F' w in K, JL 147' ,..- P9 CJ MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT Left to Right-1511 Row-Mrs. Mary R. Thomson, Miss Thelma Maddox, Miss Katherine McElroy. Standing-Mr. John H. Moore, Mrs. Elizabeth Allport, Miss Helen Icldings, Mrs. Erva M. Beebee, Mr. Irving Lindsey, Head of Department. SOCIAL STUDIES DEPARTMENT 1 Row-Mrs. Helen C. Chaney, Miss Grace W. Patch, Miss Harriet McClean. Standing-Miss Dolly M. Callahan, Head of De- partment, Mrs. Vera Maigret, Mrs. Ruth S. Elgin, Mrs. Eleanor M. Budge. rv ' ' ' iQ ' S ENGLISH DEPARTMENT Seated Left to Right Miss Mary A. Wwman Miss Lucille Keeton Mxss Stuart Jones Standing Left to Right Miss Sylvia Summers, Miss Emerald Bristow, Miss Unis Woodwar Miss Margie Robertson, not shown m picture ENGLISH DEPARTMENT Ist Row Seated Left to Right-Miss Anne Ratcliffe, Mrs. Inez Hart Jones Elizabeth Smith. Standing Left to Right-Miss Irma DeVaultg Miss Mary Dickinson, Head B. Carico. I i "1 U I il Lf. CLPSLD NX ec Nl: Newmark EYAY- NYENY s Ruby C CONWYE-R t Mxss Chaz t Mis Yxehn NBS ?aQme to xg De f Yulcz Th Row L2 Wagner He o r to Regt wk Y-616, Nbss ar? din Ld Gia ' ee 611 eebh ARTMENT . Cath- MUSXC DEP ' ector of Band, MIS Uescec, D11 l Directqf. ms.. :UN Mt. PNK? H. erine Niakme, Chow OR 0? NXSLYY ARS! SCXENCE CYXC5 QROEESS TA -CoX. Georg? acdck fyyf 4,4 LIBRARY STAFF - Mrs. Harold Harris, Assixtant Librariang Miss Blanche Helm, Librarian. ? FOREIGN LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT Mrs. Genevieve P. Brown, Miss Carmen Andujar, Head of Department, Miss Sylvia Sommers, Miss Charlene Kiracofe. . 69' " -Fi ,-dig. .A .v. gf L., Wa- ,. I Vi m L, ,v 1. N ff-sfff iii? . R s Q... --. '7 I ,, P-A+-. 'Lv Q I . 4 lr' '-sf x . - ..E..3W.,., 'S 9--a 'X' E ENGLISH DEPARTMENT Seated Left to Right-Miss Mary A. Wismm, Miss Lucille Keeton, Miss Stuart Jones. Standing Left to Right-Miss Sylvia Sommers, Miss Emerald Bristow, Miss Unis Woodward, Miss Margie Robertson, not :frown in picture. ENGLISH DEPARTMENT Ist Rmv Seated Left to Right-Miss Anne Ratcliife, Mrs. Inez Hart Jones, Miss Agnes Reynolds, Mrs. Elizabeth Smith. Standing Left to Right- B. Carico. Miss Irma DeVaultg Miss Mary Dickinson, Head df Department, Miss Agnes EK 2 Ch in qi- "1 1 11, ffi B' ,9- Lf-.-Col. Geo! Y , CSP5' DWARTMEPYY NY6le:, Mes. Ruby C. Newmark. CONMER Ro-rl Left to Rigbtfblfxss Chine Wagner, Heal of Department, Mrs. Hahn tmding L-fit to Rightfblk. Y. V. Yuki, NX115. Yaline . Gee, M355 Grace P-616, N559 Mary Thumw. if-RTMENT . Ca MUSXC DE? YAY- YYQBQ 14. Dscec, Director oi Band, NBS 91190 Nlahne, Choral Directqf. gasSov. of vkmiipski scxisce 'tp-cY1cS YRO ge ' ,ga 4,1 OFFICE STAFF 5x Left to Right-Mrs. Mildred S. Gay, Mrs. Miriam Carperiter, Mrs. Alice Larsen. 1:1.,,,, 'Q .1-.fic o-i" . .42 .. PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT Mr. Harry A. Lee, Mr. John H. Moore, Coach Albert E. Doran, Miss Ruth Trimble. 17 Today G. W. is greatly concerned with getting its students ready for the jobs they will soon be called on to do. It is here in our classes that we fulfill this job-5 it is here that we learn of America' s tradi- tions, and it is here that we may always remember our classes: Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior, which lead-us to success. Classes I8 MARINE Q, sy-ff X., ff!! Z AfN...,fN--f wir? S i CORPS NAVY 'X uf Am cum' WRST tau ARB , '. 3: :va I President EDWARD CONRAD , Z I Z: rv 7 I , if , , Vice-President Secretary ERNEST SULT EVELYN COX l Treasurer 20 Chairman of the Dance Committee STANLEY SCHERR ROBERT GRALTON 4 I SH 1 WILLIAM GORDON BELL Billy 7 ARTS MARJORIE RUTH BOWMAN M ar jorze SECRETARIAL WILHELMINA FRANCES BRUPFY Willy GENERAL VIVIA Viv ARTS 1 Fir,-. A-,Eff , E - -Y-,, Y ,.1r..- A .-.,- .. ,Env K , ,,,, vw '39 Dxmsx-rr GORDON CHASE Gordon GENERAL KATHERINE E. CI-IEEKE Katherine GENERAL DONALD JAMES COCKRELL Don SCIENCE ROBERT A. CUNNINGHAM Lucky GENERAL .N wg! Q .A V ,. -. a . - ' ' " 'N Y .Z v ii f' '.. 1" - f' ' ' ' gi? 3 , V xmxtgnfj GYM '!'!g A - w ' '- 'H' ff! ' "'-f - . '53 If I- . --'Zsii.L1'f",'f- f' V ' . fl 0 4,5j'-,'l.- ,gf J! ,I . 1 .-49 -E-r S v 9--Q . is-2 A . F ' A V 1, Y, 22 .E CATHERINE EL1zAEE'n-1 BURNELL Catherine SECRETARIAL LOLA LOUISE BUTLER Lola SECRETARIAL E, . 1 E . I EDITH MAE DAVIS Edie GENERAL EDWARD COURTNEY ELLIOTI' Eddie GENERAL , M , AE Il? 90' fa- ,.,.e , , , S EI . F:',N' .v , ' IAQ. , --' x7 el A -Ci Pi. 4 41, tx J 1- 23 A V, 4 wzgtn, -., I I EVELYNE LEIGH FITZGERALD Fi tzie ARTS FRANCES GUILL Shorty GENERAL QUINLAN HARRIS HANCOCK Quinlan GENERAL LAWRENCE A rmstrong GENERAL WORTH HATCH .y ., -H 7-4. JANE CRESAP KELLER june GENERAL JEANNE Ross Jeanne SECRETARIAL KETLAND BWI. lx" 01 f 24 MINNIE PEARL HUFFMAN Pearl GENERAL KATHRYN ANN JAMESON Ann GENERAL i ., Yr A lg CURTISS LEE LAMB C urtix GENERAL VIRGINIA M. LESCALLEET jinnie SECRETARIAL CHARLES E. LOCKHART Charles GENERAL MAR J oR1E Enm-I LUCAS Marjorie GENERAL ROBERT EARL MATTHEWS ' Bob GENERAL ELAI Ski ARTS NE MILLER , , 4.1.4 JOSEPH ALVIN MAs1ELLo Alvin ARTS HOMER LUDLOW MCINTURFF Pigeon GENERAL -fm' ' ' - A in r T, KARLE FAIRBANK PETERSON Kar ARTS ACOB HARRY POLADIAN, JR. Harry SCIENCE L. FL ' 'R-6 1 'EIT' LUCY MI,IRRlELI. MORAN M urrell GENERAL GARLAND KENNEDY NALLS Skin SCIENCE EDYTHE LORRAINE NOLAN Edytlve ARTS JANE ELIZABETH PALMER C1116 GENERAL .-E.,-fuer'-+I , L.. . 'J' UCC: 26 DORIS ANNETTE RUBIN Donnie GENERAL ANTHONY JOHN SADOUSKAS Tony ARTS NORMAN BERNARD SCI-IROTT Norman ARTS JAMES WILLIAM SIMPSON Jimmy ARTS 1 .0 -If - gm. OO? 'F IQ? . -f 'Q-5. hmH , "TIL :'? 'LA , I 7,5 is-t ,' ' +-EQII' 55 dl.-4, E ABL 27 X. ,.r. -I, Iv -, gf.-r, 3,7 , 'li I J - 8 . , I W5 - V '. :J ' JOI-IN K. SINGLETON, JR. I olm ARTS EVA DUVALL SMITH Ching ARTS MARVIN RANDOLPH SOLOMON Marvin GENERAL AUDREY A udrey GENERAL LEE STUDDS '.f.1'T"' ' 'Zn' uw. .--.L ,. 1255 -Q via I, JOEL SUTI-IERLAND Joel GENERAL PAULIINXE VIRGINIA TESI-I Polly GENERAL MARY VIRGINIA WATKINS Mary GENERAL DOROTHY JEAN WILFLEY Dorothy SECRETARIAL , ., N1 VVILLIAM DAVID ALLGOOD Billy SCIENCE HEDA AMORKY Hilda GENERAL JULIO ANDERSEN julie GENERAL BERNICE ANGEL A n gel GENERAL i J , , A .Eng , :.. qiajgl 'EMI .f"'t: -'v-'I w'l Lwf. . .J V. MAR JORIE ELIZABETH WOOHON Margie GENERAL MARY LORRAINE WORSHAM Lorraine GENERAL - -nf ' R, has v'- wx 1.- , Q. "Uh 3 1 If L 3 29 ff, ,Y - W- - . Zi E 55- L ' -,uw syyv' " 555.1 ' AUBREY S. BARNETT Charlie E ARTS ' ' 'W ' If ' N , , R, ,. M 1.19 .U R" EUGENE BARRY Gene GENERAL WILLIAM 'HENRY BECK, III Bill ARTS if GRACE LUCILLE BERRYMAN ' "ffl ' ' - Louie l is ,V ' GENERAL 30 SALLY ANN ARMSTRONG Sally GENERAL AUDREY BAKER A udrey GENERAL R'- MLLDRED ARLENE BIBB Arlene SECRETARIAL GERTRUDE BLACK Gumdrops GENERAL A 1 url! gg' A 'Ni' T 'x R UWM, --P 'L 52 31 4 Q us i' ""r':: -v' arg, un, 32: .' gt, - " Jam Qs: VVILNA CLENDENIN 'BLACKWELL Wilna 1 ARTS WILLIAM As!-my BLOXTON Gabby GENERAL VVILLIAM T. BOWES Willy ARTS JUNE LEE BRADFIELD I une GENERAL A 1 H Q I - SSE: ALBERT VICKERS BRYAN Albert ARTS SHIRLEY MAE BUNT Shirley V EOOKKEEPING I ROBERT BRAWNER Bob SECRETARIAL BEVERLY BRICK Bev ARTS t JEAN ELIZABETH BURCI-I jean ARTS DOROTPIY BUTLER Dorothy GENERAL BARBARA C. CAMPBELL Bobbie GENERAL CHARLES F. CAMPBELL C barley GENERAL 1 'iii' ' Q l -..-W1 --.--.5 -. .-.W-.- -.-- TQ. , . , fi 4 ff" JEANNE CLARKE , Beanie GENERAL WILTON CLARKE Wilton GENERAL K.. DEARCEY CAMPBELL Dee GENERAL MABEL IRENE CARPER Mabel GENERAL 'If' 33 5' , J E H 'w -ga CURTIS G. CRDM Curtis GENERAL RUTH G. CURTIS Curt GENERAL 355 N.. ' i 1: 34 EDWARD S. CONRAD Eddie ARTS EVELYN BOLLING Evelyn ARTS ARTHUR CRATEN Artie GENERAL ELLEN A. CREEL Daisy Mae ARTS Cox MARY POTTLER DANNEHL Mary GENERAL JACQUELIN MARION DAVIS Jackie GENERAL MARY ISABELL DAvis M ary GENERAL NANCY Nancy ARTS MOIR DAv1s S Q: ' 1 ' ' I 2 'R Y RUBY DEAVERS Ruby GENERAL WILLIAM FRANCIS DEETON Billy GENERAL 35 I MARGARET BELLE DICKSON Margaret GENERAL EMILY LoU1sE DoNA1-IUE Emily SEGRETARIAL , E2 va, Q 1 ANN ELIZABETH DRISCOLL Ann SEC RETARIAL RICHARD Dick GENERAL VIA DUDLEY FRANCES DULL Frankie GENERAL MARTHA Marty ARTS DURDEN -if ' 5 41 T 1 MARGARET EMI-IARDT M ac ARTS VIRGIINIIA ENGLEBERG Ginny ARTS EUNICE EVANS Eunice COMMERCIAL MARJORIE VIRGINIA FAGAN Margie - SECRETARIAL 54' U fini' I he O- SAMUEL THOMAS EASTMAN Samuel ARTS IRVING ECKSTEIN i Irving GENERAL 'Ji-I av--' 'x x 37 GEORGE HARRISON FISHER Harrison ARTS GERALD RICHARD FLEMING Dick GENERAL HOBART FLEMING Pete GENERAL DELLA MAE FOSTER Della GENERAL IRENE FINCH Irene GENERAL JUNE B. FINKS june SECRETARIAL L A , S EVELYN GALLAHAN Evelyn GENERAL VIRGINIA Ginny GENERAL .JOSEPH ELMER GARDNER foe GENERAL JOHN CARL GARRIsoN, R Carl SCIENCE EVELYN MARIE Gnans Evelyn BOOKKEEPING DOROTHY Dot GENERAL '1T5:fl',C-2 ff ,, w-4. r,. . ., N . , 1, 51- ' .,,,. ,I 1 :I ' if 41 ROBERT M. GRAHAM Robert SCIENCE SYLV Silly ARTS VL?-Zur," ' ' IA MALCOLM GRAHAM Qhiff I ' J: -R.-if ,JC A5-F .Af ,Nu 1 -xx x ,Y NX I f I4 Y 'i I Q' . I. II , fy ""P'1Sa 15, ng qu-...Q 'ii 'if 40 ALLAN GLASS A ce GENERAL BEITY JEAN Goop Betty jean ARTS ,i.,4 JOHN ADAMS Hack SCIENCE WARREN Rosie GENERAL if GRAvEs ' GREAVER -we--v '- W BERRYMAN GREEN Bee E if ARTS fu- 1 Q.: V Q A . 'sv' " "' "L A , ALBERT GRENAD1ER ,I ,iff 5 I H Albeff Q .V Q A 'T-Wgf, P Q5 an ARTS fi A 'Af : , xi "', ' A ,4 ,. .. , J,-1 : FRANKLIN GRIFFIN . Frankie 'Y A G X1 'Dx ARTS Q-.4 ' x :fl 'Xi C- CONSTANCE AMELIE GRIFFITH Conme ARTS Q54 - Q A IIf'h z f i . GLORIA MAE GR1sso I , - I, Glorm I - I V I,-l GENERAL I ..f..... Ig M I Q H . 1 HOWARD GUILL Howard GENERAL 41 ,Z ,, I V , .. s l.?,'-1-5-ff !---2-fmxi I. fb ! Q my QI -gy NANCY HARRISON Nan ARTS 59' NEIL TALBERT HASLETT N eil N SCIENCE fin 4 42 'I PEGGIE HALLMAN Peggie GENERAL MARY HAPSAS Mary SECRETARIAL ROLAND ALFRED HARMON Dragon SCIENCE HAROLD Frenchie SCIENCE DOUGLAS HARRIS in -K QL a! BETTY ,LEE HAYNES Betty Lee ARTS DUDLEY LEROY HERNDON LeRoy GENERAL ALICE Louisa HERRLEIN Alice ARTS HENRY H. HORTON Henry BOOKKEEPING 1 Xl I ? Q,-' 1' A E53 'Fm 5 l I I J 1 'Q QA 15.,"Q Q-4 q' A QOL I QF' 43 AUDREY MARIE HOUCHENS Aud GENERAL Lols JUNE HOWARD Lois SECRETARIAL JAMES NELSON HUGHES jimmy SCIENCE KAREN Karen ARTS EVERMAN HUMPHREY 1l'ff ca. 44 1 '15 1? DORIS ELIZABETH JACOBS fake GENERAL JOHN WEBSTER JAMESON folm ARTS HARVEY M. JANNEY, JR. M ac GENERAL jon-IN STOREY JENSSEIX I zzie SCIENCE JUNE ALISON KENDRICK I une SECRETARLAL ROBERT PATRICK KENNEDH Lard GENERAL FRANCES KIIJD Frances ARTS OPAL ANN KIRTLEY Opal ARTS 101-IN ALBERT KELLEY Al GENERAL AUDREY VIRGINIA KELLY Audrey SECRETARIAL ' X . ,.2!!:L .uv - lu Li' up r 1 GENE LOGAN Gene GENERAL COURTNEY LYNCH Courtney ARTS OWEN MALCOLM Owen GENERAL JEROME ANTHONY MALLON jerry GENERAL ,A A1L Q-.RA 46 N. w,L Donor:-IY LENNON ' Dot GENERAL HELEN LINSCOTI' C bicken Feathers ARTS 1 'v ,. E L' J v ' "Twins-pr LEv1 MARLOW Levy ARTS RosE EMMA MATT Rose GENERAL jo:-IN MILLER John ARTS MARGERRETFE E. MELER Margie GENERAL SI-IELDON MILLER Lemon GENERAL VVILMA MARY M1LLER Willie SECRETARIAL Pulls. I W Y LY...-zz..-,-,.41 - ....Y..,,. ...YYY.Y,---...,-..- , .-- -L 16- M ' A JOHN MORGAN 'Q ri ' ' .0 --1+ 'i S--, .. W-.V W, BERNARD DELEWARE MILLS Bernard - GENERAL GARY DON MOOMAW G ary GENERAL folm ' ARTS MARION MAE MORTIMER Mannie GENERAL 'N J N N I I X I, R A L I I a I as ' I Ie 48 IL ROBERT LOUIS MURPHY Robert GENERAL AUSTIN DAVIS MURRAY, III Austin SCIENCE ROBERT CLYDE MCARTOR Dinky GENERAL VVLLLIAM MCCAUSLAND Bill GENERAL 'Um :K 1' 'VU' Y sei'-E TERESA MCDOUGALL Y M 9 ' y i., I.. E , g A Tessze rf.. ' GENERAL Sta. - COURTNEY LEONARD NALLS Cokie A SCIENCE ROSALIE NELSON Rosalie ARTS --4, Y... . -. LEO MCGUIRE M iclzey SCIENCE 49 ' L 1? fi-4 AN ,Ga EDWARD DONALD PAYNE Donald GENERAL NAoM1 PENN Naomi GENERAL 1,01 sl -nr" ,so 4 '73 A ANNE ARRINGDALE N Icx-1oLsoN Anne SECRETARIAL DONNA OFFENBACHER Donna GENERAL PHYLLIS W. PARR Phyllis SECRETARIAL DAVID LEE PAYNE David GENERAL 5 ni MAR JORIE ELEANOR PENNELL Marjorie GENERAL RAYMOND EARL PURCELL Percy GENERAL 'WILLIAM CHARLES PURPLE Bill SCIENCE WILLIAM PURYEAR Billy ARTS ,ax .hu 3 It ' M: 'gt' I ff E - In QQ .H 1- 'T' vu: .mwgf 5 51 CI-IILTON RAIFORD Chilly GENERAL JAMES REBOLD I im GENERAL l.,f-mr. ., - -- JOHN REBOLD folm GENERAL VIOLA RI-:INR Viola GENERAL P We I !. I . I ,, Ju 1 w Q4 -. --1-1 W E i, . 1 1 f H I Nqr MARGARET RIDINGS Maggie GENERAL BETTY RIvEs Berry Y GENERAL 'WH f -ug, xl 3 ' f 4?-1 , 7,wr'Ef3f1jg 1-,J '- 44. wg 7- ..,, . 'iii 7 1 5212?-A 'EL-'llfnk A 'Aix Q. r I Q 5 L 1 1 , b I A f sw R THOMAS JAMES ROBINSON Jimmie GENERAL I MARY COLEEN Room' Coleen GENERAL s f V X ,Ali . if A 9-1 ,f A GRG Z 'Tiff Eff -'ER , 1' LILLIAN ROMANI Linda GENERAL MARY ROMANI M ary GENERAL WILLIAM BLUEORD ROMINE Billy SCIENCE FRIEDA RosoFF F rimie GENERAL Ui 53 wi, Ii? GRAYSON ROGERS Grayson GENERAL Q: 1: - 1 A s L ROBERT ROLAND Bobby GENERAL . X M j- Q Y: .1 wwf. f.1 A , - U-2 H 1 - Ei! 1, ., T. u SHIRLEY ARENE RYAN Tabby GENERAL MARY ELTON SAUM Mary Elton ARTS MARIE SAVAGE Marie ARTS JANET janet ARTS MARGRET SAXER f W A JOEL NORMAN ROSSEN Norman ' SCIENCE Dolus RUT1-1V ROWLAND Ruth SECRETARIAL T227 ii 'fi 54 Fri- -1: STANLEY J. SCHEER S tan ' SCIENCE WALLACE A. SCRIVENEZR Wally GENERAL A: 419 55 ELIZABETH CAROLYN SHERMAN Carolyn ARTS l CHARLES KENNETH SHIPP ' Kenny ARTS KENNETH WALTER SHUT!-li Kenny ARTS GEORGE George SCIENCE J UNG SING , ,Lf q l . X T333 4: E I 7 'f P, PM 5? as 14- 1' , Q l,. A l ' 'Q ' , RH QE l' ROBERT Moomr SNAPP Snapper GENERAL BARBARA Barb ARTS STEWART E1 L , FLORENCE SMITH F lomie GENERAL MARJORY SMITH M argy GENERAL ,I I 1 1 5 0 MARY JEAN STocKToN M ary jean ARTS BETTY JEAN STROBECK Blondie GENERAL MARSHALL STRUDER Mickey GENERAL CRAIG I'I1EFER SULLIVAN Craig ARTS F1Tz1-IUGH THOMAS Fitz ' ARTS MARY Lou THOMSON Mary Lou ARTS , Ewan a. V WQH 4 115 57 , ,,-5. ' .Ra u-.3-f1,,gg,N 1 ERNEST PAUL SULT Ernie BOOKKEEPING MARION TAGGART Billie GENERAL Iii- 'Q' 1' ir ,. ii Y TWILA PAYE WALKER Twila GENERAL JOANNE WALSH Ian . GENERAL ,GH 'Q- 'x 58 L,- THELMA D. TRBGER Thelma SEGRETARIAL VIRGINIA ANNE TUCKER Virgiriia ARTS LYDIA ELIZABETH TURNER Liz GENERAL FRANCES VozzoLA Franny GENERAL ,br 9h I EDGAR W. VVAYLAND, Jn. Ed SCIENCE RANDOLPH EADON Randolph ARTS WANDA WEIXELDORFER Wanda GENERAL Lois CORNELIA Vlsus Lois GENERAL E' DORIS VVII-'LEY Doris GENERAL ANN VVILLIAMS Ann GENERAL Barry WMGHT Betty ' SECRETARIAL CLAUDE RUSSELL Buddy GENERAL YATES Baxrmcs E. WIS!-IARD Bea ARTS Dolus ANNEITE WOOD Doris GENERAL X if ' Sm . 1 I .3 I if W1 A - ' " f. 5 1 '11?rf"A':.-'23 ' i '-" in A -W ' Z TJ FQ ' 'l:f??fi?'f f My 5 fl 'f"" y K Q 5 ,E Q V win ! V' 1 ,, A O Q 'I X Q Y N' g . W9 ' 1 A 0 A x "fi iff- . , . I U' , ' g 'E . .1 my Ban J 459 "5 4212 'A U' Ru W ' . r 1 - . ' i K 'X' -I r 4 , uk A Q , vyf, . - ', J A ', .1 ' , N,-,J ,- , Xl Hx-iff' Y 4: .-.--- 'JE , '13 Qg H -'. a, H vm..-.4 - -. ,L-:M ,W-. 2. - L-. 4' h. :-515.3 --1, " . - .1 - J -is: - 9- 4 Y -2 we . .. ' 129--H , ., 5-'fa ' -L fa. - - " lu,.,.2c" FE. ,--v' EN' i e Lg .,- ,, -- .. 1 ,. . - .'-----' f -. - - - - mlm.. 3... fy, -gif ,Y E W 1 MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Wilma Blackwell Edward Corlrad MOST ATHLETIC Betty Lee Haynes Billy Bell 62 'Wk uk' 'k 'A' 'A' 41 + Senior 'A' 'k 'A' ir ir WITHEST Rosalie Nelson Berryman Green Y A 1 ir 'k 'k 'k if uk 'A' 'k Celebrities X- , rl., X- ir 'A' 'A' 'A' i' 'k if 'k BEST ALL AROUND Betty Rives Edward Conrad la Q BEST DRESSED Stanley Scheer Betty jean Good -,ll W . l MOST PATRIOTIC Vivian Burke Levi Marlow 63 V- vc-ag 'I fi X r-V53 Seated left to right: B. Bergman, D. Pettit, B. Berry, G. Livermore, M. Brenner, R. Partlow, C. Faulkner. Standing: Miss Andujar, Miss Rob4 ertson, C. Johnson, Miss Ratcliffe. OFFICERS PresidentM-,.......,..i---...l.,N....-----.---.,CHARLES FAULKNER Vice-Pre.vident.A--.,-..--...-n--.--- --- ,,..... W-,-BOBBY BREGMAN Secretary-Treasurer - H , ..,- - ...., ----..- .... -BEVERLE BERRY Sponsor - .......... ..-WMISS CARMEN ANDUJAR Junior ' ! , If 1 W Fi ,. if 5 l , 2. ,J E! n ng 1 X . .. .5 '. . b i v f !'!' ' .4 , ' 74 I R 9 f 1 6 I lg 'QQ 'X - - 15 J 9 Q .., , U, ,, 4 uh. , , ' 544 X, ...I Q 'Y I 1 ' 'n I L -lr -aw ' 1, C. Q S "' 'V' .r Q. 1'5- QE f ,M -5+m.,f,rf -9 ' xi 3 W 1:1 , Nga ii 53' Yaa 3 ia a E25 gm 'B b Q Kg: tn :iff fs V li' KQQQ' Ak 4 Q 5, '57 1 K Q ? iM ' -9? Y5 AQ t 4, U" 'Q' gf- ! :wi 'f ' T 5, N, A .3 '-fi .v H, N - 'Y S Q I f Suphnmnrn Class President ... - -- ,... - .. CAREY JOHNSON Vice-President -. .. -- --- ...... - W- ..... - ........ GLORIA LIVERMORE S ecretary-Treasurer-.-..-...............i ..... ------- .... -- ..... -RALPH PARTLOW Sponsor..i..-----ir-----.....-...----- .... -MISS ANNE RATCLIFFE ' 1 .2 : W 4 Freshman Class OFFICERS President..- ..,...... Fw...0...--.-..--.---........-,..lVIARJORIE BRENNER Vice-President -- --- ...,.I-, ------- - JIMMY WEAVER Trea5urer....-,----...,.....--, V......... -,--,---,--.-.--,,-----......--,DAV1D PETTIT Sponsor.- --.--M-,-,--I-I--.-.,--,-, ..,... W- ,......... MISS MARJORIE ROBERTSON g xx 5' 1 .4 H B?????"i?' R51-,Q-R25 ' if SQ S51 th I - f' - 1 av v 4 V- - f 1 N., 4 ', ,,, Siva A - Q ' "' Q. h r, i. 1 ' r Q- .. ft 2 - ' 2 5, n'."' "4 1' -, L ' f 5 7221-rf -,-2 ' ' '-' s '. ' i Q Vx ."l .' K ' T - L - ' asf- - ' ". 2-v -H -1 ,. , .W im- . .V V-ggmm Z 305 1 . I 1 4 , up Q-1 , f+-vw-pu:-4.:.,Y-.g,. ' "'-- "- A1 ' .. !'4""1"f" ' :as ' ...v. HM..-1.1 1 J, ,T ,.,,,,.,., ,, V Qu. I qnxfi til 'iam Q. g Q -X 'E 1 , , .,,......., .... -.v-.1--.AAQI---"" - -Quietly, Modestly, G. W. has for the past few months combined its activities with war work. On the athletic field the boys and girls of today prepare for physical adjustment which makes them men and women of tomorrow. The military field is helping to uphold its place by training cadets for future soldiers, and the clubs are doing their part by helping with enthusiasm and untiring effort on the home front. ati ities .T L., -. Ifl L: J N., L... -2. gQi if 6 . I i' 'K' President ,I , ,,,, FALL OFFICERS Vzre-PreszdenL.--..-....I.,,.-....,.--,,.--I,,.,,,,,., ,..,,, S ecretary...---,I...-.,.,,,,N--..,,.. Treasurer... .... .,....... M - .,.... , .,.. .,.. I .A.,,. Parl1amentarzan-----L--, ..,. ,,..,---- ,..., ---.-.-.-. Sergeant-at-Army- ........, .,.. -.-- Secretary of Honor and Discipline., .- - ..... L .,....... ...,..... B ILL PURPLE LORRAINE WCRSHAM ANN DRISCOLL .--. ANNE WILLIAMS ., , CALVIN SING ...,.r...BEVERLE BERRY Student The Student Council of George Washington is proud to help in the war effort by sponsoring the yictory Corps. This Council is the important organization of the school as it provides for student government. 74 Vice President of Student Council A ' BILL PURPLE ,M .- e .il ,1 ,iw 5 U ' '?z:., Q Preszdent of Student Counczl LEVI MARLOW aw-.I JX W D SPRING OFFICERS ' I President--..-..L----L-.- ........ ---.- ......,.,.. - ..... W.- ..... - ........ L .............., ----LEVI MARLOW VifefPfefidenf.-- ..... -M,..--L,,--,,,,.- .....,.. L- ,M ..,,,,,...A,.,. -,L-,.,,,,, ,,,, -WVBILL PURPLE SeCretary---...,...---1-.. ....... .. ,..,. L- ...,,-.--.....--..--.--ANN DRISCOLL Treasurer...-,----,------..----. .. .......... e........... C ARL GARRISON Parliamentarian---..-......-...- ............. L .... -.- ,,..,. ..e......,...e.... - ..,, , , , ..... JIMMY DODGE Sergeant-at-Arm.L.... ...... ---.-,-- ...... ---,-,-..- ....... - ....,,........ CHARLES CAMPBELL Secretary of Honor and Discipline .... .... - .......,.. - BEVERLE BERRY Uuill and Palm llnnm' Emziet President ..,......,....... ,L ,LIE2 . 'Al ,. EDWARD CONRAD Vice-Presidente.- ....., ,.,....,...,.. A LBERT BRYAN Secretary.- ....... ...,.. .....,. ...... . , . ,.---. .D., .,,.....,. ......,, - . BILLY PURYEAR Treasurer-.- ..... ....... ..,........,........,...D......,.......,,...,....,. .,,.,. - - N ORMAN ROSSEN Hzstorzan-....--....- .... .. ..... ... D... -.---.. ....... -. ..--RO'SALIE NELSON Parliamentarian-...-...---- .......... ----.. ,....... - .................,.. - -......VIVIAN BURKE The Quill and Palm Honor! Society selects for its members those students who, no only have a high scholastic average, but who in the estimation of the faculty have con- tributed most to the welfare of the school. Moreover, the organization is contributing much to the war effort by preparing its members to be better citizens after the war. By setting the rigid standards mentioned above as entrance requirements, the club is assured of getting only those students who will take an active part in its functions. By setting the club up as a goal toward which the freshmen and sophomores can work, we are helping to make them better students, and in later life, better citizens. - 76 Co-Cbairmenn-, ,...... ..-..-...---,-,,- -e.-.TWILA WALKER, GEORGE HALL Secretary..Q..,..-.---., .... ----... .... .- ....... --- ......... -.PAULINE DUNBECK Treasurer--- ......... ------...----,..- ............. -- ........... -.---MARILYN MORGAN The Library Club of the George Washhmgton High School is oneLof the older clubs of the school. It was originally organized in 1934 and has heenan active club since then. It differs from other clubs in that it is an active club. Tliat is, the members spend part of each day in the mecha.nica.l and clerical routine necessary in the library, and in unpacking, checking, and stamping new books. Lihrar Eluh Li,,7,1, WN Jig ET Compass gf I . -, beef. Winifred . kwell, Echwpm C . T . , Wikia BlaC L ft to Right. Catherine Weadon, Bea Wu'-hard, YP1sc e . . n. Zuchelli was absent when Picture was take Editor-in-Cbief...........,.-.... ....... ...WILNA BLACKWELL Assistant Editorl...-.-.-....W1l.LOUGI-IBY NEWTON The COMPASS Staff has had an interesting and successful year under the guidance of Miss Woodward, Miss Maddox, Mrs. Thomson and Mr. Lindsey. We hope that as the years go by and the pages of this book are turned, memories bf a year which is bringing us closer to victory will b e remembered. 78 Staff . 3 N 1-rf S lvia Graham, Ju" ' . - Weadm, Y d Left F0 R'S"': C?", Marv Jane Bon ' Wishardv Wana Ist row lefl' to right: E. Levy, M. Smith, M. Savage, N. Davis. I ' ' Zmfmiv lcfflo right: E. Conrad, L. Berryman, G. Sing, G. Black, B. Purple. 3rd raw left 'to right: H. Linscctt, B. Neabit. V . -Mr 'A .4--W - lfnntestants Eluh lf?",l'J'Q' 7577" TI! A .E'Pq2'ref', j Q., 531, . ,mf .. . rf' .,:, - 4.2. .Q A '?vL:lt:--fg.1,, ' S. . Left to right: L. Ellison, J. Hulfish, R. GarthoH:, E. Rose, S. Bunc, E. Helmurh, J. Kendrick, B. Sult, E. Bragg, A. Herrlein, J. Saxer, C. Sherman, J. Taylor, L. Black, P. Brown. -1+----at - n ---- -- f- - -- f- -----.5 1 llehate Eluh r President.....................,.....e.---.--.- .--.. .... CAROLYN SHERMAN Vice Pre'sident....,........-...........--...-. ....... .. ...... - ...... - ........ JAMES TAYLOR Secretary-Treasurer f ,..... f V f rz.. - -..WALICE HERRLEIN The purpose of the Debate Cluh is to prepare the debater for the interscholastic de- bates. This year, the question-resolved: "A federal world government should the estab- lished," is one that will have to he solved after this war is overg one that everyone should be interested in now. We hope that, through our debates, we have created more interest in this all-important question. A 83 Mantua YW' President .. ...... -- --.- ,.... -JANET SAXER Vice President .. 4. eoooo ,. ....-..- -..CAROLYN SHERMAN Secretary-Treasurer , .. ,-..--CONNIE GRIFFITH "Reading maketh 4 full man." The world is now at war. We in America are lighting to maintain freedom, partly that we may read what we please. It is America's honor to help carry the torch for this privilege. ' To learn to read with understanding is the chief aim of the Reading Club. 84 1' if 1 mf' 1,11 ' :pf-. X 'f ,Q ' .CJ .Q Wx e sf . .4 5. 1 , , v Jinx, g F' ,Jim 'V .qrflf T: Q' or V - , 4 .,L f 3 ,wg Sv 'NF' ' 1 n-ml ,- 91:51 P ' W 45' ' i nay . ' . 71,1 'F ' ?f .Vx a ' A ' Q X o X N l H H ,545 55 ,F '. if.. fff"+ sv: ' :hx E1 A , . - I 1 . rg- f E X-41114 4 5 Y el '1r"1EJ?" 4- ?' A sd-Q 6 r ri-B QM liz. v,:' Y -3,-L, .. , Tu A t-I ...4 x "PTT" lr , ",'1'-, 1 .V " 1- , .1 I W dw:- " 4' f'i2zTf?'3 if 'fn Q 41 'qw Y , L3 'I U b Y 'Ai ... -we-SM . . ,.' lu V , I, ,:?L'.'f,gQ, , If . ' f .P 1. -T'f".Q-1-2 :-x ,-fs :- 1 1 1+ . ... Q' '54 "4'.,1-E, ' .. --1 -' , 1 TVN- ,wp with' I- :Ei H1 ik. 1' UA .,..3 1 -Jw' ,b .5 A. .rg ., .-,,.. uf, .. . mi 45:1 it . ' gg.. N-- fi 1 ' L 1' , ' u, f--51, ' " s L' "',. 5 'QL . 235371. jj.,-553 3551, ,gg , .Q'ffJ.'ffii'5'1L -1 , rg-iff 4. N fi , " f V: A A'-" if ---ffl lf. . HA132 A. :P A N z +11Liffi .r.-3' .5 1 -1' U - d- 1 .V W if- 'j fs-Q., 7 Q J , . .Y Y' - ,. '43 , Z beef" '- 1 n - ' . ' -1. ' ' ' - . . L' L' 'lf' -- "- .-- - f"- 'ff .- ff 5 '51 E15 ' ,' E lt' :."."ff if ' .1 A Kfr " :FN Vw 1 LW' 174 f Y 2 -5. V -5, if . f-. Q .m 34-Eff., 5 ,-"gi-if .5 2,4 4- i4.Sff ,i - L- "QQ -1'4 " -'4i'....'- fa ' . 'as I -. f' 12 um 'ELL N155-9??ii 'f . :Lg-iafi "' L yu "sw",-4,:' .A - ' U 1-fam. Spelling Illuh President .... ............... ........... .... ............ .. -..- ........ -EVELYN ROSE LORRAINE ELLISON Vice Pre.s'xblerxt.................................-...... .... ..-.-.. ...... .. Secretary-Treasurer....................--.----.. .............................. JOAN HULFISI-I "All the things that ever get done in the world, good or bad, are done by words." If this be true, the Spelling Club contributes its part toward an all-out effort on the educational front, for the program of the club includes an intensive and an extensive study of words. 82 Dramatic Club President-....---.-....,... ........ -.. .... - .... -------...ERNEST SULT Vice President.. .... ........--... .......--....--..a .... ERNEST BRAGG Secretary-......-..- ...... --...... ........ JUNE KENDRICK Tre4.rurer.......-... .... --..... .......... -.... ................ PHY LLIS BROWN The Dramatic Club gives its own members training and recreation and aids the war eEort, too, by building morale. The public feels free to call upon this organization for entertainment. Dickens' "Christmas Carolniwas given at the USO and was well received by our servicemen. The Speech Art Class, which is an integral part of the club, became the Speech Bureau of the Alexandria Tubercu- losis Association and made speeches at the leading Alexandria clubs. 85 .. I in ,, ... ..--mem..--... . . .1 ,, The Christmas Carol by Dickens has become traditional at George Washington. The students play the sameparts until they graduate or outgrow the part. ,v April 16, 1943 another set of one-act plays were produced. These pictures were made directiy after the Casts were chosen therefore the actors are DOI in costumes. In each picture the student director was ready to prompt or direct. The plays were "Where the Buffalo Ream", "Auf VViedetsehn", and "The Robbery." 86 December ll, 1942 three dne-act plays were produced. These pictures were taken ag che dress rehearsal of "Sugar and Spices," "Figurehead," and "Elmer and the Lovebugf' 15 87 1 ' 1svs:-ag5fg' .-f -- A .A 5 ff-W 1 35 5' 5117 .,,. : -5' ,. L ,,,, . C., -- , ,Y....jk f 'V A9 Creative Writing Eluh President ....,....... C .,,. -..-..- .,..,, - ..., 4 .... GLORIA LIVERMORE Secretary-Treasurer..--..---.-..- .... --.....-...-LUCY BLACK "Writing maketh an exact man." The Creative Writing Club was organized for the purpose of allow- ing pupils to display their literary talents. The club is divided into three groups-those interested in writing essays, those interested in the poetry section of the club, and those partici- pating in short story writing. 88 A x Spanish Eluh I President- - - -. .. .......---..JACK GORE Vice Presidentgi... .... --......-.. ........ ..-wwe ......,. ..-----GEORGE SING Secretary-Treasurer.-........--.. ,... ...--- .... ..-MBIRCHERD DE WITT . The Good Neighbor Policy, so important to the welfare of the Western Hemisphere, is the topic of discussion in the Spanish Club this year. In accordance with a similar national movement, the Spanish Club has undertaken to learn more about the social and economic problems of the Latin American republics. A knowledge of the language and a study of the background and culture of our southern neighbors will prove very instrumental in pro- moting the policy of "los buenos amigosf' 89 Latin Club ' ., ' A Vi it 1 in mix' 1 . J :lN a- N 5-J-1 W - . . -. Y , 1.5 I 414. .Q .- . J .1,, Y, W - 'P-I -fi" i:1A,7-p-sg:f1L,-- -e - f J.. President..---....---..--a---- ....,.....,. ......... A LBERT BRYAN Vice President .... .1 ..M- .. ....... - ................ -EVELYN COX Set-retary..-..-.......- .... ..- ....... -. W -- ,.... SYLVIA GRAHAM Trea5urer..-,......,...-...--... ........ - ...... .. .N.. W- ............ ---... .... --.LOIS DUVALL The Latin Club realizes that with a club of this nature it is impossible for its activities as such to be related to the war effort. The members feel that they do not wish to disbancl their club and they are sincerely willing and eager to contribute their share. A committee has been appointed which will hold itself in readiness to participate in any war afctivity which the school may propose. 90 in 00 fs 1 it.. -A 4-L '3' ,AEnx1...f'., 4g1,Z Pre5ident,-- ..----- .... -------.NANCY LEE GOODS Secretary and Treasurer...Qi....-...--..W.- .............. CLAUDE BALLINGER The Biology Club has been contributing to the war effort in the following ways: Meet- ings have been devoted to chemical gardening, and discussions have been held on the cur- rent nutritional problems. Much of our information is taken from the "Science News Letter," a weekly digest of current science facts which brings out the latest authentic news on science, day by day. At a request of the membersg the meetings have been increased from twice a month to once a week. This gives the members more time in which to study science. One meeting a month has been devoted to first aid. 91 57115 Silver fllnllar w l FOREIGN RELATIONS SECTION President-.... ..-...--..--KENNETH SI-IIPO Vice Prenklent .... -..-..--..-c- ...J.. - ...... ROBERT RENO Secretary-Treasurer-,,,,.,....--n..,- .... -----.ELAINE MILLER The Foreign Relations Section is busying itself with making an effort to keep up with foreign lands, their customs, problems, and aspirations. Conditions that existed before the war have been discussed by a great speaker who is familiar with the situations in question, thus afording the students the chance to make comparisons. Also these students are making a study of Latin American relations. CULTURE SECTION n President MARY MAYS Vice President JEAN PHILLIPS Secretary-Treasurer KATHERINE BRAWNER In the Culture Section of the Silver Dollar History Club the stu- dents are endeavoring to be useful . th . in eir own homes, to help in the war effort and also to give a hand to any neighbor who may need his as- sistance. In some instances it actu- ally results in some members' doing h ouse chores for busy employed housewives. --- -+1-fr. -7:-we-w-11 Histnr Club 1 w l DEMOCRACY SECTION 'G President--- .,........, ,... , -----NANCY LEE GOODS Vice Pre5ide11L-.--....e- ..,.... -...- ...... JAMES CALLISON Secretary-Treasurerwa ...,.. O ...,.,.......... -.-..-,...JOAN ERI-IART E The Democracy Section has been studying war problems and also has'macle a study of military tactics, maneuvers, ranks and insignia. 9 NI-IOME FRONT SECTION ' President THELMA BROWN Vice President BOBBY SMITH S ecretary-Treasurer ALICE I-IERRLEIN The Home Front students are ap- l ' their efforts this year to Red PYHTS Cross work and have also clone some work for the USO. K ...rf-i., - Y 555235 Wi" Art Illuh President..--i---.- .... ,--A--.--.I-IELEN LINSCOTT Vice President....--..--.-...,,.. ....,,,.. -JANET REYNOLDS Secretary-Treasurer..--..-...e..--.,MARGARET GLOVER All during they year we have been ,at work picturing George Wash- ington High Schoo1's part in the war effort. We made posters to add enthusiasm to our drive for scrap and metalg for better health through proper rest, exercise and nutritiong for larger enrollment in the cadet corpsg and for buying more War Stamps. Some of these posters went to a state-wide exhibition of "Schools at War Posters" in Richmond in November. 94 I r E 4 Hnmemaliinq Eluh iiiii i President.. .,.. -...--- ......... - ..... .. .... - ............ FRANCIS BECK Vice President-.......---.-- ..... -.MARY JANE DUGAN Secretary..-.-...... .... -Q.---.......... .... BETTY JO I-IENNESSEE Treasurer....................--....-...-.. .... .. ..... ----ANN BRISCOE In the Homemaking Club there are many ways in which the mem- bers have a chance to aid the different war eflorts. Of the many courses the club ofers, the most important are those in knitting and sewing for the Junior Red Cross,-- the study of nutritious foods as well as its conservation, and the course in Home Nursing. In participating in this club we not only help our country but we also broaden our knowledge of these subjects. l 95 Enmmercial Illuh s Tj' 9 I fl 1 ' ' 7 I President-..............---..MARJORIE BOWMAN Vice President..-,.....i,.,..-.,....,,-..,FRANCIS GU'ILL Secretary-Trea.vureri......-...-..LOLA BUTLER The Commercial Club is planning its program along the lines of in formation that will be most helpful to the members who are expecting to take their places in the business offices upon graduation. New books have been qrdered for study, and a number of stenographers' manuals are being used in broadening the scope of work being done by the Club In addition, the Club is 100 per cent in its purchase of War Stamps Students are assisting the Tuberculosis Association during its drive, and have offered their services to other organizations if they are needed 96 President ..-1 .....----..-..STEPI-IEN CI-IALMERS Vice Preshlent N TOMPKINS Secretary-Trearurer-.........4...lROBERT RUSH The Skyscraper Club, sponsored this year by Mr. Larsen, has directed its entire program to the Victory theme. To this end, boys are building scale size reproductions of airplanes, both enemy and friendly, as re- quested by the War Department. These models serve many vital needsg a means whereby civilian spotters may learn to recognize all types and kinds of planesg a means whereby the armed forces may also learn to recognize planesg and a means whereby the armed services simulate flying formations and positions to aid in target practice. Certiiicates of recognition for such aid are issued to each boy who satisfactorily completes a model. The Sli scraper llluh '97 -rm -V g L-,T,:, -5 ,-H . 4.41155 sv' Dance 1 G . ut Tofpli 6004? E. 1,-5nkeXa md fe: Q. ' A f0W' bb. '51 E. We UCYQR5 . QANCE XNSTR h M. p,xxasvWBCQJQi:ee5' 6550, 5. gergliztsghgjgix Zuchexxx, President ......---- .,,.. -......--...- ............ STANLEY SCHERR Vice President ..-N....---.... ........... WGLORIA GRISSO Secretaiy Treasurer -----.-.. ........ ...TI-IELMA TREGER 98 ll 11 Naturally, a cluh of this type could not possibly have a direct hear- ing on the war effort, however, it does iridirectly help in this manner: it boosts the morale of the students, clears their minds hy good clean fun, and makes them look on school as a place of pleasure, not one of drudgery. A cluh of this type induces friendships and gives the right touch to the job of learning. Q my l President Secretary i Capella LYNN MITCI-IELL VIVIANBURKE Librarian -..,, EDYTHE NOLAN Brown, Phyllis Burke, Vivian Farrar, Barbara Pinks, june Griith, Connie Haslitt, Joan Jones, Jean Lewis, Betty McCullough, Jane Mortimer, Marion Mostyn, Ruby Myers, Pauline Nash, Virginia Nolan, Eclythe Youry, Lillian Bn s' Glen Eluh F Allen, Vivian Brown, Frank Brown, Robert Cockrell, Donald Foster, Jimmie Greaven, Warren Grenadier, Albert Janney, Mac Kennedy, Melvin Newton, Willoughby Lockhart, Charles Nalls, Garland Roberts, Cameron Rowe, Herbert Shure, Kenneth Snapp, Robert . Tanner, Thomas , Stein, Eugene Wells, Raymond y Walp, Charles Fife, Winston McCausland, William Raiforcl, Chilton Turner, Hugh Payne, Montrue Mitchell, Lynn Rufner, Katherine Shalcely, Lucille Sumpter, Frances Unhollz, Aubyne Wells, Peggy Jean OFFICERS , President ..................-.-...., ...... ...--.........JAlV.lES FOSTER Vice President ..--.....-...............GARLAND NALLS Secretary ......, .Q 7 V... ROBERTSNAPP Sextntte Marjorie Pennell Ruby Mostyn jean Jones, Pianist Marion Mortimer Vivian Burke Eclythe Nolan June Finks Girls' lilac Eluh Pfefidenf -g--- --.L -- , ,JOYCE DAVIS Secretary .... Mm- ....... - ..... -- ................ me .... W .......................... VIRGINIA BUNTIN Librarian - ..... -.-- ...... ----?..........-.. .... BETTY JO HENNESSEE Barry, Rosemary Bennett, Beverly Bourcharcl, June Buntin, Virginia Burns, Elinor Burhans, Barbara Carroll, Jean Davis, Joyce Dickson, Margaret Ellison, Lorraine Grimes, Virginia Hart, Lois b Hennessee, Betty ,lo Jones, Burness Levy, Ellen Lewis, Nancy Lee Mankes, Tema Nelson, Dorothy Paul, Imogene Porter, Betty Ragland, Lorraine Riddick, Martha Taylor, Gloria Taylor, Lois Thomasson, Dorothy Thompson, Ruth Williams, Aline ng Urlzhestra VIOLINS: P. M r I-I. A ye s, ndrews, A. Baber, LeCroy, K. Neclved, B. Wlhittington P. Brookfield, M. Dennecly, G. Weeks, K. Gilmartin, McCullough, H. Delk J.'HUlf.Sh. VIOLA: D. Skagerberg. CELLO: Vaughn, E. Poling. BASS: R. Bozzola, M. Moran, L. Moore, Hamptqn, J. Foster. TRUMPETS: J. Creal, C. Gates, J. Wuson. TROMBONE: R. Glass. FLUTE: S. Waucer. CLARINETS: E. SAXOPHONE: B. Butler. PIANO: J. Jones, E. Sutherland. DRUMS: I.Smith. Purcell, N. Rosseu, G. Brenner. 102 I I Senior Band 4 iam The Sen.ior Band consisting of Hfty playing members, four majorettes and twelve sargettes, is the organization which supplies the entertainment ar football games throughout the season. Perhaps the most oustanding event of this year was its appearance on a state- wide radio program, supplying the musical end of a Victory Corps program with Governor Darden, Jimmy Vifallington, and oHicials. Members of the Junior Band are advanced to the Senior Band when their progress justifies the promotion. ii d J' Q i Q , ! -" l, q f x ri ' ,N wp., 1 it ' Auf R. .Iuniur Band Q Retail Training President --- ,.,. .-.. - ,-,.,-..-,,,,,,,-,-,--W-,,,,,.-,.,,jACK DANIELS Vice President --.------ 1 --- --.e e a -.-- e ...,BE'ITY MEADOR Secretary-Treasurer .......... ,M .... - .... a .,....,., -.. ..., ...i , ,,,,, , DOROTHY BUTLER Today we are at war and we need all the help we can get. Our merchants are having a labor shortage and the Retail Training Club is helping them. The Virginia .lunior Retailers Club fAlexanclria Chapterj has thirty-five members who are taking part in the wan They are Elling the positions of men and women who can take a more direct 'piauc in the services. Retail Training is a successful step toward victory. Iiunsumer Bu inq Consumer Buying is a course which helps us to understand our present economic system. It should help us to keep clown inflation and to ' put both economically and patriotic- ally. We should use our informa- tion concerning clothing, food, and shelter so that we can contribute all our time, money, and energy to the war can contribute all our time, war eEort. Remember the small contributions all go to make up the large ones. L. Marlow, B. L. Haynes, M. Stockton, C. Lynch, M. L. Thom- son, A. Umholtz. , 3 ' ' 1 Cheerleaders 511' Wg! SENIOR CHEERLEADERS Ist raw-left to rigbfz Marlow, B. L. Haynes, M. J. Stockton, C. Lynch, M. L. Thompson, A. Umholrz. 2 I Y an ' l,."' fl 1 9 A , ,A Znd row: B. Layner, D. Thompson, E. Sublert,PA. Craig, B. Rush, K. Ruffner, R. Hansborough. 3rd TCW: W. Shisler, R. Easlce, B. Porter, C. Vvilliarns, J. Fleegal, B. Buchanan, P. Feltner, M. Colangelo, A. Wilson, E. Butts, B. Hedrick, B. Beall, H. Zemmennan, H. Peeler. 4tb row: J. E. Fox, C. Duty, J. Covington, V. Tripletg, V. Grimes, J. Elliot, J. Tully, D. Phillips, B. McClung, B. Knauss, F. Campbell, B. Moore, M. Randall, J. Wdghr. Spunxorcd by Miss Claire Miller ,i X s...r , n. ezf..--WH .W Y -, -fl I l f, Q Captain of Football Team..MARTY FOLTZ arsit Fnnthall The 1942 Blue and Gold gridsrers racked up -one of the best records in years, winning seven of the eleven games played. Chief mentor Al Doran was assisted by Harry Lee, and together they whipped the Presidents into one of the most powerful little clubs in the state. George Washmgton dropped the "Turkey Day" clash to W. 85 L. 33 to 6 after giving the undefeated "Little Gen- erals" all they could handle for the first three quarters. Some G. W. backers say this might have been a differ- ent story had it not been for the absence of Captain 'Marty Foltz who had given such a brilliant performance the week before in scoring 25 points against Hopewell High School. Foltz was called up for duty with the Coast Guard the week before Thanksgiving. 4 . The past campaign was a successful one, but we look for a better one in '43 and undisputed possession of the "Ole Oaken Bucket." Maury ... ,,,,,,,, 19 V , G. W. W 6 Petersburg -.........40....G. VV.-.................,........ 0 Charlottesville 0 G. W. 14 Fredericksburg -....25.....G. W.---...- ......--.... 0 Salem 0 G. W.- ,,,, .. 7 U 0 Fairfax . 13 G. W. --,.. ,r,, . ..-19 U. of Md. Commandos ..-O -....G. W....-...- .... -...---...... 6 John Mamhall .....Z5.........G. W7........-...,--......--.....13 Hopewell ....-...6 ..-G. W...-.- ...... .-.----M...-25 W. EL L. ,, 33 G. W ...,, .-... 6 D MANAGERS lx XGHY C-LOACHESQJEY1 Nxo0g2etCoac s 2 ' LEFT To Rflishera ileaadgehernaont Man Hafflson ki L-063 C035 Dmfan' I ' lf- Pts VARSITY SQUAD lst ron'-left to right: Spittlef Robertg Vailey, Marshall, Kirby, Curtis, Bailey, Calvin, Boteler, George, Hensley, Joe, Becker, Eugene, Webb, Frank. znd row-left to right: Herndon, LeRoy fmgrjg Coach Lee, Campbell, Charlesg Johnson, Richard, Beach, Jack, Foltz, Martyf Capt.lg Thomas, Fitzhughg Thompson, Daveg Bell, Billy, Coach A. E. Dorang Fisher, Harrison fmgrj. 3rd row-left to right: Rivenburg, Howard, Campbell, Dee, Payne, David, Kennedy, Robert, Lanum, Henryg McGuire, Leng Dole, Richard, Grenaclier, Albert. 4th row-left to right: Bonamarte, Eugene, Chalmers, Steve, Murhead, Bob, McCausIa.nd, Bill, Killian, George, Meager, Dich. . . linuthall Coach More's J. V. charges had a highly successful season, and some potential varsity material was discovered. We have a junior varsity-football team not only for the purpose of developing varsity material, but also to provide the opportunity for lighter and younger boys to show their ability and enjoy the game. JUNIOR VARSITY SQUAD Ps Center front: Arthur Lester Brirtain, Carly Higgins, Robert, Bloxton, Ashby, Smith, Adrian, Lindsey, Vang Zell, Lewis, Cornell, David. 2nd raw-left to right: Coach Moore, J. H.g Coppa, Julius, Logan, Geneg Reed, John, Langley, Chas., Gorham, Melving Johnson, Carey, Cardinal, E413 Wheatley, Jack, Hans- horough, John. 3rd row--left to right: Myers, Orvilleg Latios, Georgeg Barnett, Auhreyg Horseman, Elmerg Strobeclc, Donald, Spittle, Chesterg Pulzone, Paul. lst.1ow-left to right: Wilhams, Richardg Knight, Edwardg VARSITY BASKETBALL SQUAD lst row left to right: A. Glass, Hensley, Captain C. Bailey, D. Campbell, C. Raiford. 2nd row: Coach Doran, B. Roland, W. Scrivener, E. Barry, H. Fisher. Basketball This record speaks for itselfg'24 games played, 21 games won. ' This year's team was undoiibtedly one offthe finest ever to represent the Blue and Gold. Captain Calvin Bailey and center Joe Hensley both were mentioned on All-Stare and All-Metropolitan Eves. The Presidents had a jinx for losing, out in semi-linals. The Metropolitan Tourney semi-inal was dropped by a single goal 'to Eastern. N E The-semi-final battle for the state crown was lost to Newport News lay a whisper in the closing seconds of play. Still, no one will ever deny that in the year of 1943 George Washington High School really had a basketball team. ll 108 G. W. 26-........Eastern High School 40..H.--Woodrow Wilson High School 28......H..HCa1vin Coolidge High School..- 3 Eastern High School - - 37 umni .. 33...H...Bullis Prep School 37 cKinley Tech High School...- 45-.Hi--James Monroe High School...-- 55H,...-Fairfax High School.... 38.....-H.....VVashington-Lee High School..l .29 arylaud Fresh ... S45?....--..Richard-Montgomery High School. -38...--..Calvin Coolidge High School.......... 45...........MaryIand Park High School 501H...HRicharcl-Montgomery High School... 44. Charlotte Hall Military Academy 4Z......-....W'ashington-Lee High School... 47.H...,...Fairfax High School , 3 t. John's High School-.....-1. '34-........iEastern High School .. W 30.Q..i.......Newport News High School........ 5 2............... James Monroe High Schoolc ,, .Iuninr garsit Basketball Due to war-time transportation diECl.llClBS, the V team was able to schedule only three games this year. They tool: two of these and played good basketball among themselves and within G- 'W- . Opponent 25..............H. ' .-..-.. .- the school. P Fredtxcltshurg Z4...-.......--Freclricksburg lst rmv-left I0 right: D. Thomas, M Boaz S Chalmers R Higgins, F McNeer Znd row: S. Scherr, D. Payne Coach Moon C Yates, J Ortega GW rs YI 1 GW' -gf" Y arf- -fs, ,f" 1:5 rmv-left to right: Coach Graham, Leef, W., Wagermann, 1.3 Glass, R., Hinlcel, E., Manucia, H., Tanlcersley, B., Dodge, 1.5 Raiford, C., Glass, A., Reid, 1.3 Weatherwax, 1.9 Campbell, D., Coach Doran. 2nd row-left to right: Sarle, C.g Sinclair, B.g Schlaifszteyn, R., McArtor, R., Wright, 1.5 Powell, R., Meyers, 1.5 Singleton, M., McGuire,'L.g Rowe, H.5 Leyman, D. 3rd row, left to right: Hutt, B., Simms, E.g Levy, H.g Wilson, B., Harrison, W.g lVlcCausland, B., Meagher, R.g Allen, B., Romine, B.g Stewart, D. 4th row, left to right: Campbell, C.g Fisher, H., Mgr.g Renshaw, 1. Track and Field The track squad is composed of all new boys except a few who were out last year and two returning letter-men, Chilton Raiford and Allan ,Glass who are co-captains this year. Coach Doran has plenty of material to choose from because about fifty boys turned out to try,to gain a berth on the team. In this number there is an abundance of sprinters, distance runners, hurdlers, and weight men. Track at this time is the most important sport because it is the best conditioning one and it trains the boys for future servce in the armed forces. The squad has seven meets scheduled at the present timeg three meets at home and' ,four meets away. SCHEDULE April 16th-Triangular meet. Washington 8: Lee, Central, G. W. at Central April 27th-Duel meet. Washington 8C Lee, G. W. at G. W. April 30th-Duel meet. Eastern, G. W. at G. W. May 4th--Duel meet Fairfax, G. W. at G. W. May 7th-Woodrow Wilson, G. W. at Woodrow Wilson. May 14th-"C" club meet at Washington, D. C. May 12th-Triangular meet Wallington G! Lee, Fairfax, G. W. at Washington 61.1 . 521. 's ...L-.1 ug A TRACK co-CAPTAINS Allan Glass Chilton Raiford fe-A 1-nr -J-----, .U-1. .-e-N..-. . ---.rf .-.-1-vw f - -1- -2-S---,W v- . V '. Y 6 Baseball Fifteen players were to he chosen out of a group of thirty-eight candidates who answered the call to the diamond. This was the problem facing Mr. Lee, our newly appointed baseball coach. Out of this group there were only live lettertnen: Bobby Bregman, Stanley Scherr, Wallace Scrivener, Calvin Bailey, and Curtis Kirby. Bailey, being the only pitcher who had had previous experience, gave Coach Lee the problem of developing a smooth running organization. With plenty of practice he rounded up a good pitching staff consisting of Calvin Bailey, Wally Scrivener, Charles Giddens, Jack Wheatley, Joe Hensley, and Robert Dienelr, the only southpaw of the bunch. Bregman was placed behind the plate, Hensley when not pitching played hrst, Boteler at second, Scherr held down short, and Kirby at third. The outfield consisted of the remainder of the pitching staff and Marshall Boaz. Some of the other players are as follows: Carlton Haynes, Eddie Conrad., Donald Payne, and Albert Grenadier. LeRoy Herndon was manager, and Billy Nolan chased the balls. BASEBALL TEAM lst row, left to right: Kirby, C.g Haynes, C.g Scrivener, W.g Bailey, C.g Bregman, B.g Boteler, G.- Boaz, M. l Znd row, left to right: Herndon, L. fm ,lg Wh rl , J., S 11 , S.g H 1 ,5 G d' A. Dienelt, R.: Giddens. C.g Coach Lees: ea ey I C err em ey, J una let' ll Ill Q This year finds the George Wfashington School Corps of Cadets with one of the largest enrollments in the history of the school. The first semester ended with 197 boys and 100Xgirls. The second semester opened with an enrollment of 265 boys and 176 girls. This year we also have a new Professor of Military Science and Tactics. He is Lieutenant Colonel George A. Patrick, United States Army, Retired. Colonel Patrick has had considerable experience with the civilian components of the Army having served four years with theNNational Guard and four years with a Senior Reserve Oihcers Training Corps unit at the Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina. This year also saw the Corps start out without service rifles, they having been withdrawn for the use of the Army. However, through the eiforts of Mr. T: C. VVilliams, Superintendent of Schools, two hundred training riiies were pur- chased for the use oflthe boy cadets. ' During the first semester the Corps was organized as a battalion with three companies of boys and two companies of girls. During the second semester the Corps was reorganized into a regiment with four companies of boys and three companies of girls. ' A - Something new this year was the organization of the Cadet Advisory Coun- cil which is composed of the Regimental Commander, the two Battalion Com- manders, each Company Commander and one non-commissioned ofiicer or private elcted by the members of each company. The Advisory Council functions to make recommendations on matters of policy affecting the Corps of Cadets. Chevrons of gold braid formerly worngon the uniform not being ohtainahle, a change has been made to a type of chevron worn by cadets at West Point and othersmilitary colleges throughout the country. This year also saw the organization of a Riiie Club aHiliated with-the National RiHe Association of America. The Club is composed of approximately 100 cadets and within the Cluh there has been organized a boys rifle team and a girls riHe team. Firing on the school indoor gallery is carried on under rules and regulations prescribed hy the National RiHe Association. All in all this year has been one of expansion and growth and we all look forward to a bigger and better Corps of Cadets in the future. 112 Ilnlur Guard i ' fLeft to rigbtj cpl. Duvall, WH5 xSt. Sgt. McArtor, RC, sf. sgf. Bell, EW, Cp1.Ly1es, Cadet Chazrrna11..--......-i------ Recorder , -- dvisnr Euumzil ..---.. ..... .LT. COL. PATRICK, GA ......LT. COL. BRAWNER, RP e CAPT. GRENADIER, AH Capt. Snapp, RM. Capt. CK Capt. Johnson, I-IC lst Sgr.jTanner, TL Cpl. Gore, TJ Pl. Sgt. Thomas, F Capt. B-ruffy, WF Capt. Bibb, MA Pl. Sgt. Delk, HM Pl. Sgt. Dobison, DM For the Hrst time in the history of the Cadet Corps, a Cadet Advisory Council has been formed. It is com- posed of the Regimental, Battalion, and Company commanders, and one private or non-commissioned oicer ,elected by each company. The duties of the council are to recommend to the P. M. 'S. 86 T. any matters which, in their opinion, will have as its purpose the improvement of the Corps of Cadets, the elimination of any activities which in their opinion are detrimental to the Corps of Cadets, and hear complaints and recommend suitable discipli- nary action in cases of serious infractions of orders or custom which may be referred to the Council by the P. M. S. 86 T. Andrews TH Fig.-W, YV- , , ,,,4.-.:mx1:.,:L. W T-at ah l ...MDF Capt Johnson HC lst Lt Murphy, RL znd Lt Davxs, CD lst Sgt Faulkner, CC Pl Sgt Kelly, DM Rtdeout, JM gt: Dole, RW Sullivan, RF Cp 1. Akman, FP Gore TJ , Langley CL Sims E Suits WJ ackson, A Worthington WR Battallnn Staff Front rov Lt Col Brawner RP Battalion Commander Second row fleft to rxghtj Capt Grenadler AH Adjutant lst Lt Garrzson JC Supply OfHcer 2nd Lt Struder GM Intelllgence OHicer Third row fleft to nghtj StaE Sgt Bragg EC Sgt Major Staff Sgt Bell EW Color Sgt, Staff Sgt McArtor, RC Color Sgt Staff Sgt Payne DE Supply Sgt Cpl Lyles CK Color Cpl Cpl Duvall WH Color Cpl Ilnlnpan Pvt: McGuire, TJ Melton CT Beggs DE Bergen Brown Burleson HB Calhoun AS Coates JR Craig RS Crom, CG Curus Duncan M Elhotr JD Follansbee CG Gahan DH Gillurn PC Gorham CR Graybill JR Grimmig AE Hawes RL Jenkins CB LeCroy JF McCauley, A Morgan JM Northrop ED Reardon, OA Roll RE Row AA Schoen RD Smg CJ Thomas WE Toms GW Turner HW West, GR Wheatley RN Williams RP Wilson EJ Barrett CG Bennett JT Cook LE Lemeshewslcy WP McDonald TA Pettit LW Van Slylce AH Wells LC F7 Captain SHIPP, CK , V lst. Ll. BAUMANN, CS Znd. Lt. BARNETT, AS lst. Sgt. SLOAN, GJ Pl. Sgts. OLMSTED, HS THOMAS, F Sgfs. I-IILE, JC WHEATLEY, Capt. SNAPP, RM lst Lt. SING, GJ Znd Lt. WEADON, WRs lst. Sgt. TANNBR, TL Pl. Sgts. ANGUS, RB DREIFUS, RB Sgts. KIGER, JJ Um l-JU llumpan B Cpls. Drewry, EW BALLENGER, CN Dunn, PT BUTTGEN, L Frasca, WH GARTHOFF, RL Furness, RM HANES, WC D Gallagher, BH MOORE, LS Galyon, GB ROBERTS, WC Greenwood, RV WARD, WM Hare, WC ' Pvts. Harrison, WB Allen, HR Hayman, JN Anderson, JL Joiner, SA Barry, PF Eng, DD Chase, 'N Q cKenney, WL Crumley, HL McKlveen, RE DeWitt, RA Moore, HC STAUBS, CM Barry, JJ Brenner, GE Cpls' Callison, JC Dove, HT Clarke, LL Hellmuth, EA ' Cline, WD McGahey, LF C0l9l-lm, NW Neuman, AR COX, HM Ritter, KC Creel, AB Rosenberg, LC DeWeYs JF schifmef, ar-I Elliott, CM Schonberger, B Fimihs JC Fitzgerald, HB PWS- Foster, WD Adams, AF Gelfand, J Barnes, JE Forman, RL Morgan, DT Naylor, LR Noland, DH Padgett, JW Raum, JR Rogers, WB Rollins, SH Rosenberg, MC Rudin, BM Sachse, VA Shalcley, CW Sheads, BS Slcagerberg, DG Smith, EC Smith, JC lf. Green, SG Grimes, TW Hewitt, JR Hogan, H Hummer, CA Laynor, WA McAlister, CW Markham, EM Moffett, CA Moore, DP Palmer, DR' Paschal, DR Pavone, RC Payne, RC Rider, HD 5. Stein, E Sutherland, JA Swisher, GW Taylor, KM Truitt, WB Weaver, JS Wells, RN Brown, EA Dionne, RB Downs, JF Moore, GG Neclved, K Petty, JB Rammel, CE Wfatts, PG Rockwell, FG Roland, CC Rush, RH Sloan, RA Sullivan, DM Warren, RJ Weaver, HR White, PT Beavers, ER Manucia, HL Moore, CR Peyton, RD Sailor, CL Truslow, MB Weston, DE 'W "1'Z1"' 1 "-747 Wi... Sabre Eluh President..-.,,..LT. COL. BRAWNER, RP Vice President -... CAPT. SNAPP, RM se.-fef.ffy..1..1sT LT. SING, GJ The General Deems Sabre Club is an organization composed of the ofiiqers of the lst Battalion. It has as its purpose, the advancement of the Corps from a social standpoint, as well as military. It meets weekly with a View toward solving problems of the Corps. Left lo right: lst Lt. Baumann, CSQ lst Lt. Murphy, RLg 2nd Lt. Wmdon, WR? 15: Le. Garrison, JCs Capt. SMPP, RM: Capt- Johnson, HCS iff- C01- BfaYf1e', RPS Capt, Shipp, CKg Capt. Grenadier, AHg 1st Lt. Sing, GJ5 Znd Lt. Strudet, GM3 Zncl Lt. Davis, CD5 2nd Lt. Barnett, AS. H6 llhuvrljlls Elilh The non-commissioned ollicers of the Boys Battalion have formed an orgamzatlon which is known as the Chevrons Club. The purpose of this club is to promote good fellowship and frxenclshxp among the non-commissioned oilicers of the Cadet Corps. President ,,., ,,,,,,,.-,- ..,,. ..... .... -........ST. SGT. BRAGG, EC Vice-President...--.-..i---..i1ST SGT. SLOAN, GJ Secretary-Treasurer ..,. .....e .... - - .......---- .... CPL. SIMS, E Sergeant-at-Arms ....... -..x-.-1 .... S GT. SULLIVAN, RF I lst Sgt. Faulkner, CG CPI, Duvall, WH gf Ser- ETJZWTL cpl. Garcl-mE, RL t. gt. e , ' 1. G, T sf. Sgr. Mmm, RC ggi- H225 QVC S'- SS" Payne, DE cpl. Hellmlxth, EA Pl. Sgt. Angus, RB , C I Lan le CL Pl. Sgt. Driefus, JA P ' 3 -Y' Pl. Sgt. Kelly, DM Cpl. Lyles, CK Pl. Sgt. Olmsteacl, HS CPI' MCGHMY, LF Pl. Sgt. Rideout, JM 291- 15001391 I-'SAR PI. Sgr. Th , F p eumah, Sgt. Dole, W Cpl. Ritter, KC Sgt. Kiger, JJ Cpl. Roberts, WC Sgt. Stauhs,CM Cpl. Rosenberg, LC Sgt. Hile,JC Cpl. Schirmer, EH Sgr. Whearleygg aging WJ Cpl. Akman, p. ar , WM Cpl. Ballenger, CN CPI- .lHCk50Ua A CPI, Buffgen, L Cpl Worthington, WR Cpl. Dove, HT Cpl Schonberger, E' r !u I I-I rs! 3llu!L,..,,,,1.,.,-,.-,,, -1gk.-..:,Y 1 1 1 1 Buys Rifle Team 1 ,g 1C dptain 1' LT. COL. BRAWNER, RP 1 g Manager W 1ST LT. BAUMANN, CS E Front row, left to right: Capt. johnson, 1 HC5 Cpl. Suits, Wjg Cpl. Gore, ' ' f TJ- ' b Back row, left to right: Sgt. Dole, RWQ 1 lst Lt. Baumann, CS3 Lt. Col. K Brawner, RPQ lst Lt. Sing, GJ. l i 1. 1 J, Y I i 1 11 W1 11 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 I --aura ..., H8 Cadet Rifle llluh For several years interest in rifie shoot- ing seems to have been on the wane but this year it has been aroused again and a. riiie club composed of both boy and girl cadets has been organized This club is ailiated with the National Rifle Association of America and the boys and gir1s"l1ave each organized a rifle team. Shoulder-to-shoulder riiie matches with local clubs 'is one activity of the club. The following oflicers were elected for the spring semester: President, lst Lt. George Singg Vice President, Capt. Charles Baumanng Secretary, Ist Lt. Catherine Weadong Treasurer, Major Robert Snappg Executive Officer, Capt. Haywood Johnson. 1, . "" napr- liirls Rifle Team Captain PVT. HEYL, BT Manager IST LT. BUTHRIE, MN Left to right: Cpl. Sublett, EA5 Pvt. Schooley, Ejg lst Lt. Guthrie, MN3 Pvt. Hulish, JSQ Ist Lt. jones, BLQ Pvt. Heyl, BT5 2nd Lt. Weadon, CB3 Sgt. Braddock, ML. Not shown in picture: Pl. Sgt. Finch, SJ. C apt. BRUFFY, WF lst. V Lt. J ON ES, BL Znd. Lt. WEADON, CB lst Sgt. NEWTON, A Pl. Sgts. DELK, HM McCLARY, GB COMPANY Capt. BIBB, MA - lst Lt. GUTHRIE, MN Znd Lt. WHALEN, BA -lst. Sgt. GRIFFITH, JR Pl. Sgt: DOBISON, DM FINCH, SJ Cum-pan E W 1- "H - , '- asf' .-- 7 , , ,iv ,,,.,,, ,, L, 1 fe H , --I in Sglf. G, Heyl, -BT .RIGGS, ,IM I Pwr- Hinken, MT SHEPHBRD, MA fBa11ev, MB Hulfwh, .JS C I Bolton, JM Johnson, .DW ' -P 5' Bfonkfieldy PJ iMcFarland, BA FINLEY, JM Campbell, IIVI McGhee, BJ FOX, .TB Daszir. EM Merchant,-ML GORHAM, VM Dawson, BL Myggg, BL Doyle! Nalls, WOOD, NE Dugan, SI Northrop, -HC HENRY, EG Edge. BJ Pistolesi, AP PBTTI1 JC Fl'0Cl0U9, AM Robertson, BJ Moruus, HM Pyts. Pours, VM Sgts. Beach, BA Giles, 'LA BRADDOCK, ML Beaver, RE Graves, HJ GILFILLAN, LC ' Cpls. Apperson, VH Houchens, VV Johnson, EE Kennedy, ME Rhodes, CF Rubin, HJ Chason, HE Buck, BL Callahan, RE Dawson, PA DiNicola, CA Downs, RJ Drumheller, 'SM Dunn, LL Easlce, RM Fleming, ME Johnson, BL Johnson, JM Lirzerman, FE McClpry, ML McIntyre, ,FM Miller, VA Pmir, DVR Phillips, BJ Pugh, LE Roddy, Mc Rubin, JA Schooley, EJ Shelton, TA Smith, .JF Trenary, LM Beazley, LF Gorham, JA Lane, CF Morgan, MT Poladian, SI Trevino, GP Robinson, BM Shapiro, ,F Starkey, AE Suthartl, CV Toms, VA Weeks, OE Atkins, FM Hall, DA Lynch, DA Sherry, DM Smith, GG Terry, MF -35. ' ' " "'v"' 7"' 'W ' K""dTL1Q: " KH""'4"""' 'i" ugfgxff - - f 2 - Q: ., :-,,..4: ,Eli-...rv-f y? E Liwislii Eluh The Capt. Liwslci Club is composed of all officers and non-commissioned oflicers of the 2nd Battalion. The main purpose of the Club is to increase the "Esprit de Corps." D E.,a.a..... . 1-rf, r 'V S I.-,E X. LIWSKI CLUB Pre.rident............-...-......-.... ,,... - ..., CAPT. BIBB, MA Vice President....-,.....-.....-.--.-2ND LT. WEADON, CB Treasurer..---.-..-... .... L .... -....., ....,..... L...,SGT. FINCH, SJ Secretary.- ...., -.......,........-.,.,...1ST LT. GUTHRIE, MN Sgt. at A1ms..-.-- .. ..... ee.......2ND LT. WHALEN, BA Front row, left' to right: 2nd Lt. Weadon, CBQ lst L. Jones, BL, Major BruEy, WFg Capt. Bibb, MA, lst Lt. Guthrie, MN, 2nd Lt. Whalen, BA. Back row, left to right: Cpl. Sublett, EAg Cpl. Rubin, HI-lg Sgt. Shepherd, MA, Cpl. Poling, EEg Cpl. Houchens, VVg Cpl. Wood, NE, Pvt. Heyl, BT, Cpl. Henry, EG, Sgt. Riggs, IMg lst Sgt. Newton, CMQ Sgt. Gillillan, LC, Sgt. Finch, Sjg Cpl. Gorham, VM, Cpl. Finley, JM, Pl. Sgt. McClary, GE, Sgt. Braddock, ML, Cpl. Fox, JE, Cpl. Johnson, EE, Cpl. Apperson, VHg Pl. Sgt. Dobison, DM, lst Sgt. Griith, JR, Cpl. Kennedy, MN. MEMBERS NOT SHOWN IN PICTURE Pl. Sgt. Dellc, HM, Pl. Sgt. Morris, HMQ Cpl. Chaaon, HE3 Cpl. Rhode, CFQ Cpl. Petri, JC. S Wo' .... ' W' ,.-.': I'-I-K f will EW ' 4.-1 A 2 .N 1 N x x 'Sr -ii .Y '2 , W 8 'UR '07 r ""'l 1-. fi I :L 1:3-1 5,4 K ,K 1, . cu' s luv P 1' -Q I i K N , Q , ,if A .X g - ,, ' -. f--fa' N N . 9 P J - I l ' s 1 . , it Q. I 0 I . , - -.... g - .- 1 -ff' ' " N x l Mi -X sr x --,. 'fi' is-f V . " . gs X l -Q4-4' '4' j fa! 'HWS rl was-o 5 'JW 'Y-f?' 4' !i's'Ea"-1,"1s.1d w I , ' 1 H C X . -f sh- 9-5: , E x Wi' 2 gl 5. fix all f' 15 . W l l . f 1 I '1:r:g,? a P 'i -:' f"f in if M-t Y, W " R, W- f Q!?'?i4 -E gr I 51 m ,l sk: ni ky r. - 6 I 4 I , . fini: .4 1 Q4 3' K- if QQ ', f " D, by ' Y' -- ' ' ' if N 9 , ,1 bu' . 5 gr-7, K, 2 L11 fi 'V ,t-. I . - , QM., .-2 . 1 "iw . 19' rf, :J-,. 7 W ,- ii2Qz"f'f,?+'f' s3R5'b Mis" 9"'4g.4f,j2?,gQ:f S, ' -5:9 Q52 iq fx. ff I! bp 'll 1 1 fy 7 I 4-6 Y id 1' af' i.... W r-- . QGA.,...-.,,n, g ,K -fl A 23 Q N F Y ,..s-x?- fs? N4 9 nv V -P - ,if 'f f ' ,. 4 l N4 -Q lu 'Y ,4, NX . 's 1 . f:f1f9 . I! ,,.....A ' , 'c!l"' 'F' C 1 , fx ' 1 5. 1 V 5 ' L . f . A,-j . 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F 3 -'I 55' .1 ,,,. 1 lf, V Li2g.iL , -w.,.L '-01 -----.- W,-Y, .1-,-.Y .1 .Q , , , J, ,. L" W1i5sl' 3 p 2' -I U' X 'fi . -va r Q ' an x ' A . l?7F?"I2'Eii Ei: l"' ', F 1 -' 7 1 M: Qfiv fgsgg -Irill . Z .H Jgxiil 93? - 1 , .A n K -- I I , -Tl 'QI 1' 'iff' ' wr Im 'AL . , . , ' M, - rbi 1- ' . ,. - Pm WI pivj W' K V .,,. ,b , Q -Lil J 'wx Z, " . """ , Q- A . 1 f 1 1 P VA ws: 'W 1 x '+f":" ""'3"'fl"'f -'.'1':,f., ,' .' ' :- 3-"f'.",f-.HA-5 ,r-,"1s:.' 1 "' ' Q ,f 4+ vw-:..., L. 1 , vg,1'.sC.'s-'L'Ix.'.' i'3,1..'f"-11'-HQ.. ,',- V' V -12 :LUV-5 . ' T, 1. ka .1 . f . rg ' -W ' -gl YT - . - ,gt.f:2s. f:-'safe-z '.3r:':,.g.'gf:ff' .- ., ik - J L "- 'W -' -f -A , I ' -fu-'wwf ?"' "ZA V" lf-' .5 312 I E ,Qt .1 M M I il '- i , X I -,F ..,,f .-, Q-tfghlxgg. ' ---JV - -- V-BMX,-. an . MT-, 1 L 3 - if 4- . N fr ' 4 "C 2 5 1 b M-. , .,. A .,-f.:,r3.., 03253: -32,5 .-1' " '-ff' E+- : I 'st "- Q E3 'A uh 3m 1 ' A ' c n X, X XX A F : - H "3 '- 'V ' " '- ,. .. - N ,, Q , - A X , Q, ..,... 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We extend to the faculty and 'student body our thanks for their most welcome and helpful co-operation in assisting us to make this year's Coivumss a grand success. A C OMPLIMEN TS OF AHRE'- I ALEXANDRIA OPEN AIR MARKET LOW PRICES FREE DELIVERY - Alex. 9589 EASY TERMS Open From 7 A.M. - 12 P.M. EVEIYDAY--7 Days a Week HOPKINS FURNITURE CO. 810-812 KING STREET CHAUNCEY'S MARKET ALEXANDRIA, VA. "Fine Foods" 904 KING STREET -efglaw ALEXANDRIA, VA. 129 THE . . Patfronize A Local Institution . . . REAL ESTATE ANYKIND ANYWI-IERE IN ALEXANDRIA CITY Established Since 1912 2206 MOUNT VERNON AVENUE Phones: Alex. 0078 Temple 2442 "The Old Reliable Ojfictv COMPLIMENTS OF R. REYNOLDS BLACKWELL .3- .4 130 M. I-1. BARRY CE I W fSer'vice Cleaners, SOUTHERN Dry Cleaning Co. Protect your valuable Furs and Wh1ter Garments in our Modern Cold Storage Vaults Expert and Dependable Service Telephones: Alex. 0060 Ivy 13-000 223 N. PAYNE STREET ALEXANDRIA, VA. I Holden and Company, Inc. GENERAL INSURANCE 106 N. ST. ASAPI-I STREET Dial Alex. zzoo C OM PLI MEN TS OF FREDERICK L. FLYNN Levinson Clothing Company . Q V OUTFITTERS Fon E W. A. BARN ETT'S SONS MEN. and BOYS 115 KING STREET 6 ALEXANDRIA, VA. 424 KING STREET ALEXANDRIA., VA. X Wholesale Confectioners COMPLIMENTS OF . w H EA 1' L E Y X E FUNERAL HOME Paper Bags-Stationery-Fireworks J. s. EVERLY 131 COMPLIMENTS OF RICHARD L. RUFFNER COMPLIMENTS OF DR. L. C. MAJOR W. F. CREIGHTON 8: CO. COURTESY OF DRUGGISTS LADY LOIS SHOP . Smart Wearing Apparel COR. KING and ROYAL STREETS 702 KING STREET A121 0022 Telephone: 2666 ALEXANDRIA, VA . Gaines Variety Bedding Goon Bnnnmc, AND FURNITURE LUCKETT'S HARDWARE PAINTS and HARDWARE Phone: Alex. 0086 J- C- GAINES KING and ROYAL STREETS 1225 KING ST. Phone: Alex. 3583 ALEXANDRIA, VA. -QQXBP ALEXANDRIA AMUSEMENT Corp. REED I RICHMQND INGOMAR AL. 3445 AL. 9226 AL. 9270 "Motion Pictures Are Your Best En'rertcJinmen'r." -'HREF I 132 J. C. PENNEY INC. Department Store 0 Alexondrids Leoding Depo rtment Store 9 "Where Savings Are Greaf' 615 KING STREET Phone: Alex. D046 J. V. MULLIGAN 0 College, School ond Fraternity Jewelry O mo F STREET, Nw. VVASI-IINGTON, D. C. Phones: Alex. 2525 and 2526 Alexandria Dairy Products Co. IHC CORNER PITT and PRINCESS STREETS ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA Homogenized Vitamin D and Golden Guernsey A Grade A Pasteurizecl Milk and Cream Gilt Edge Butter-Eggs-Cottage Cheese l33 Hume 1860 Alex 1861 Phone 1860 Ala. 131 QUALITY-PRICE SERVICE CHAUNCEY PROVISION CO. 115-117 N. ROYAL ST. JOSEPH E. CI-IAUNCEY, Mgr. Pllme:Alex.l2I5 PALACE CLEAN ERS GLBANING, Pmasma Drnmji, Rmmmma O PRINCE and ROYAL STREETS ALEXANDRIA, VA. Bohlayer 81 Pulman, Inc. REALTORS - LOAN - INSURANCE Plmne: Alu. 2422 105 S. ROYAL STREET l.. L. BUTLER "Fancy Groceries and Meat? IW. ALEXANDRIAAVE. Alu.Z800 M. J. MANNING Realtor Real Estate , V Loans I Insurance FIRE M AUTOMOBILE LIABILITY BONDS 2403 MT. VERNON AVENUE Ala. 1042 ALEXANDRIA, VA. COMPLIMENT S OF DEL RAY DRUG STORE 603 MT. VERNON AVENUE ALEXANDRIA, VA. OSSIE 81 ODESSA .SHOP 1125 KING STREET "Laclies' Ready-m-Wear Apparel" GRAHAM dllcl OGDEN, lllc. REALTORS, INSURANCE, RENTALS 803 KING STREEI' ALERCANDRIA, VA. Phone: Alex. 1300 MONROE HARDWARE 1515 MT VERNON AVE A1 8697 AND sPoRTs CENTER Q BL I .:.:'R-..- ' , C OMPLIMEN TS OF WALTER I. YOUNG ATTORNEY HELEN'S PASTRY SHOP 2302 MT. VERNON AVE. Phone: Alex. 9581 -. Le 134 R. E. Knight 59' Sons 621-623 KING STREET ALEXANDRIA, VA. HARDWARE on d ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT "We Sell Something of Most Everything" ROSEMONT MARKET No.2 EAST WALNUT ST. Phone: Alex. 2498 FOR COMPLETE TABLE SUPPLIES and Prompt Delivery C OMPLIMEN TS OF ALEXANDRIA HAY 81 GRAIN CO. COMPLIMENTS OF ROBINSON MONCURE COMPLIMENTS OF CARL BUDWESKY C OM PLIM EN TS OF Auto Accessories Co., Inc. KING and COMMERCE STREETS MICHELBACH'S HOME OF FINE FURNITURE Established 1908 ALEXANDRIA, VA. 135 SUNSHINE MARKET Where You Get the Most For Your Money SERVICE or SELF-SERVICE 601 NORTH COLUMBUS STREET Phones: Alex. 2659 and 2660 We Deliver Within a Ten-Mile Radius ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA 711 KING STREET DOES IT ALL "We Serve-Others Promise" ' EFFICIENT LAUNDRY SERVICE ' DRY CLEANING SERVICE ' SHOE REPAIRING SERVICE ' RB-TVEAVING SERVICE ' PRESSING WPHLE-U-WAN ' SI-IoE SHINING SERVICE ' FUR COAT REPAIRING ' COMPLETE TAILCRING SERVICE "ALL SERVICES ARE GUARANTEED" ALEXANDRIA CLEANERS 711 KING STREET Phone: Alex. 2536 ALEXANDRIA, VA. Mount Vernon Florist 4 "Flowers For All Occasion? Phone: Alex. 0114 806 KING STREET ALEXANDRIA, VA. Monticello Delicatessen 2304 MT. VERNON AVE. ALEXANDRIA, VA. OPEN TILL 11 P. M. COMPLIMENTS OF H E L E N E ' S R. ALWAYS 'rr-IE NEWEST IN WEAMNG APPAREL Manager VVoo1worth's 5 66 10 Cent Store 712 KING STREET P ALEXANDRIA, VA. ALEXANDRIA, VA. HERBERT BRYANT, Inc. Dealer in FARM AND LAWN SEEDS MANUFACTURER OF FERTILIZER ALEXANDRIA, VA. FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS ond LOAN ASSOCIATION of ALEXANDRIA FIRST MORTGAGE LOANS SAVINGS INVESTMENTS SHARES INSURES UP TO Ssooo CURRENT RATE OF DIVIDEND- sw If 136 -, .. ..Y...,.,, . ii: T. 10 559. X 'VQPETJQKQQ f '11-11. T .1-skf 'T AME! -Magi? 1- N T' V- I. T" F C OMPLIMENTS OF 49' ' ' ' ' Al BI 8 WI is TRANSIT coMPANY -..qgfxigew SUMMER COURSES Begin June 1 21 July 5 4 d rthd W COLLEGE OF SECRETARIAL TRAINING S 11 N I 48 ,IN h 1 0 Colle aah shsndards an business educahon Q Gra uafion from high school required for admission. Q Special B and I2 week courses for college s on . . I .- Q I9 3 courses adjusie fo War Emergency , demands. Q Accelerafed programs in Shu an and Typewrifing. Q Visifors welcome. rife or call for caialog or Summer Bullefin. 05. fi: The mn .na F s+ arf MTW ' 1 'W.:, T9 fi.-'F Afiona I7 I Q' Was ingfon, D. C. QY4' ' X: ' - 'HEEL :WA QW T M ggi TSW +V . 5 ' . --rm I7 'tn , . 'f 1- Gwyn' juli. Xyifxxm jx KWQA W f K1 C OMPLIMEN TS OF CHARLIE WALP 81 ORCH. JOHN IMCCUEN 81 CO. Founded by Jolm McCuen, 1915 MARTIN MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS Phone: Alex: 0708 1121 KING STREET ALEXANDRIA, VA. QUALITY SHOE STORE ABE ROSENBERG, Prop. 431 KING STREET HEADQUARTERS Ren Goose SHOES Fon Boys AND GIRLS COMPLIMENTS OF Rosenburg's Dept. Store 409-411 KING STREET The Beauhgeiie Shoppe 1619 KING STREET COMPLETE BEAUTY SERVICE Specializing in Permanent Wavmg Phone: Alex. 1086 C OMPLIMEN TS OF George K. Bender 81 Sons GROCERS 1401 KING STREET Phone: Alex. 0935 COMPLIMENTS OF S. S. KRESGE COMPANY J. I-I. OLMsrnAn, Manager ALEXIANDRIA, VA. I MendeIson's Hardware HARDWARE AND PAINTERS, SUPPLIES 1100 KING STREET AL RIA, VA. Dial: Al. 0766 137 is BOWL OFTEN Bowl Bowl EE mow Health i Fun 2419 MOUNT VERNON AVENUE Phone: Alex. 3148 v. A. APPLIANCE J. KENT WHITE 8. SERVICE CO. EVERYTHING ELECTRICAL Oux Business is Selling Better Electrical Appliances RCOIVIZPLBTE Lnsnz ov Housar-IoLn GADGETS AND GIFTS,, 502 UI IG STREET Phones: Te. 3365, AL 0333 Phone: Alex. 0002 For Our Services CUNNINGHAM FINEST FUNERAL HOME 5-"-' I IN NORTHERN VIRGINIA LADY EMBALMER ALL PACKARD EQUIPMENT Telephones: Alexandria 1800-Temple 4580 O W. C. CUNNING1-IAM W. W. CUNNINGI-IAM . LESLIE V. CUNNINGI-IAM . 138 C OMPLIM EN TS OF EDGAR WARFIELD, Jr A DRUGGIST "Always First With the Latest" THE SCOTT SHOPPE 2308 MT. VERNON AVE. COMPLIMENTS 'OF BEVERLY PLAZA VALET SERVICE Established 1844 A WORTH HULFISH 8: SON I N CORPORA TED HARDWARE 313-315 KING STREET ' ALEXANDRIA, VA. Phones: Alex. 0106 and 0104 COMPLIMENTS OF GLENN ULMAR RICHARD COMPLETE E , ,1,1 1 CLEANRUEQIIEIRLNG WASHINGTON and KANE STQRAGE REALTORS - LOANS - INSURANCE SERVICE Phone: Alex. 1621 Te- 4422 1615 KING STREET 3915 MT. VERNON AVE. ALEXANDRIA, VA. -'+2f0l9"f'- VERNUN AMUSEMENT GURP. VERNON THEATRE PALM THEATRE 3707 MOUNT VERNON AVE. 2402 MOUNT VERNON AVE. Phone: Alex, 2424 Phone: Alex: 0767 -430194 . 139 MILLER'S 800 KING STREET Phone: Alex. 1157 HARDWARE Sporting Goods - Garden I nriplements - Window Gloss Gifts HOUSE FURNISHINGS Solopin Quality Point We Deliver II ALEXANDRIA 'STUDIO 418 KING STREET Phone: Alex. 0491 Alex. 2430 LYLES FLORIST "Exclusive but not Expensive" M. LOEB, Proprietor JIMMY LYLES 90 KIN Studio and Home Portraits a Specialty 5 G STREET ALEXANDRIA, VA. ALEXANDRIA, VA. COMPLIMENTS OF COLONIAL 5 81 10: STORE JUNG SING LAUNDRY 1229 KING STREET 2306 Mt. Vernon 523 23rd St., S AL VA Alexandria, Va. Arlington, Va. RIA' ' COMPLIMENTS OF ROGER C. SULLIVAN CITY TREASURY Phone: Alex. 4100 MERRILL C. LYNCH DRUGS REED THEATRE BUILDING I40 Set a Straight Course to Wll0llWAllll8i lllTHllllP For Smooth Sailing in Your Selection of School Apparel Contzet Miss VVa.rren, "Skipper" of our school ouditting service, who will give you a good steer toward the right clothes for the right moments . . . and for many seasons of wear. Her every suggestion is keyed to maintain shipshape order on that limited clothes allow- ance, too. You will find Miss Wann "on duty" each day on our fourth floor of Young Fashions. l4l THE FAMILY MART' ' We SPCCIKIIIZC In SPORTSWEAR SPORT SHOES FDR G.W. STUDENTS 518 KING STREET DRESSES - Surrs - SKIRTS - BLOUSES SWEA-rERs and PLAY CLDTI-:Es Alex. 4107 Sizes 9 to 20 COMPLIMENTS OF REED THEATRE BUILDING Alex. 3512 1707 KING STREET DR. NELSON GRAY Open Evenings 4 du 8 Phone: Alex. 9471 I VIRGINIA GRILL Speciqlizing in SEA FOOD and OLD VIRGINIA COUNTRY HAM D S SMITHFIELD I-IAMS STEAKS CI-tops BEVERAGES Beer and Wine to Take Out Corner King and Washington Streets ALEXANDRIA, VA. COMPLIMENTS OF I I GARDNER L. BOOTHE 108 N. sT. ASAPI-I STREET CHARACTER FURNITURE BY BARNES 8:1 FORD ALEXANDRIA, VA. 1 C OM PLI M EN TS OF G. C. MURPHY 81 CO. 5 ac 10 CENT STORE 618 KING STREET TYPEWRITER REPAIRS S. F. DYSON 81 BRO. 420 KING Phone: Al. 0278 ' COHEN BROS. LEADING CREDIT JEwELERs IN NORTHERN VIRGINIA Home of Perfect Diamonds Alexandria 9580 1123 KING STREET ALBXANDRIA Chestnut 7500 2510 COLUMBUS PIKE ARLINGTON' TWO STORES TO SERVE YOU Authorized Dealers for HAMILTON, GRUEN, ELGIN, BULOVA WATCI-:Es A L B E R 1' w ELI 1. REGPHARMACIST -Prescripjions- Pam: Al. 1319-Al. 9392 1501 KING STREET ALEXANDRIA, VA. BEVERLY PLAZA 5 8110 up zoos MT. VERNON AVE. BIG SELECTION IN BABY Gooos AND Gnfrs PeopIe's Expert Shoemakers JOHN' PETTI, Proprietor 114 E. DEL RAY AVE. 2 7213 614119455 -Q oQm0n5tMfZ0n of Me jbtinteol deduty mmf poufez of Mfmtone - Me mod! mooQtn of Me awjadic -Q23 lazoceddej Produced By H. G. ROEBUCK 8- SON 1197121 West Mulberry Street Baltimore, Maryland 143 In , A . ' W ,. L, ' 1' HHI U1 I 'I If 1 I I I Jia- I ! 141: .wg 1 I I I I . i, I SEIU, 1 , III XV I I I I , I 4 11, . Sw ,LI L. ,,,..,4nJll'f-.' 794' ' .,..-svr- .,.-. T 1 4- 1 1 l I I 1 s ,....-r- ,,.....--P-.-r' ,,,..-ev" IK'

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