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,i...- 4.-44" V ..,.---f-,jf X '4-.:..z... J? ,.,.J iff, ,zfffff IX, X '- Xxx - X 1?- L".-lf 1...- Xu N presenting fs' John SpiHle, Subscripfion Manager George Giammirrorio and Paul Lipps, Advedising Managers Roberf Marshall, Edifor-in-Chief J W jf. J "57ff". WJ the compass nineteen hundred and thirty-eight 8 foreword All accomplishmenfs in life are made fhrough cooperafion -labor wi+h capifal-church wi+h s+a'I'e-iudiciary wifh legis- lafure-and pupils wi+h faculfy -in +his boolr, +he yearbook of George Washingfon High School, l938, we show hands- +he hands whose careful guid- ance, whose unfiring helpfulness and inferesi' lead us ever 'For- ward-we show fhe ideals and ambifions, fhe spirif of G. W.- our high school grows! the contents our building evolves to the administration the seniors depart climbing with the underclassmen the school works play ball see our advertisers cadets on the march wi? by . Iugw. I i , 2 'V 'fa 1:1 W j4fQ,Q ' 37,65 72 5' There she sils-a small, cheerful, busy liHle woman-surrounded by a class of s+uden+s, each of whom loves her for some- Jgfiroes ficklin if K, 'lhing differenf-one for her sincere, ready smile: anoiher 'For lhe friendly greefing wi+h which she meeis everyone: sfill anofher for her democrafic spirif fowardiall. She has laugh? over 'for+y years, and her loyalfy fo fhe school is anofher of ihe char- ac+eris+ics for which we love her. She began 'leaching in a girls' school and for dedication sevenlfeen years was in fhe elemenfary deparlmenf. Then she took up a posifion in fhe high school deparlmenf. She laughl' also in fhe old Alexandria High School, which her uncle eslablished. She sfudied af ihe Ml. Vernon lnslifule and lafer af fhe Berlih School of Languages. The pupils of her English 6 class lSep1ember, '37-February, '38, will remember a conver- safion in I+alian held with one of 'the pupils. . . . She oblained boih her B. A. and M. A. degrees a+ George Washing+on Universi+y. Her frip abroad fhe summer of I927 has furnished many inieresling discussions in classes wilh "firsthand" knowledge. Dur- ing her years of leaching she has coached plays and sponsored lhe well-lmown Theo- dore Ficlrlin Liferary Sociefy lnamed for her fafher and fhe oldesf club in fhe Schooll, and has also headed lhe English Deparlmenl. We are proud lo dedicafe our l93B Compass lo her - our leacher, helper, friend-Miss Kroes Ficlrlin. what goes to make up your annual "The layouT"--Tiring work since iT musT be almosT painTully exacT-each page musT be as iT will be when iT comes Trom The prinTing press- accuraTe measuremenTs made-careTul skeTches showing The placemenT oT wriTe ups and picTuresl Qne hundred TiTTy pages-each one carefully laid ouT and The picTures drawn in. TypisTs worked on seemingly endless page wriTe ups and layouTs-Tingers were liTerally worn To The bone on The keys oT The TypewriTers-and slill The pages camel AlmosT TiTTy Thousand words were wriTTen-making Three hundred Thousand Times ThaT Tingers Touched The keys. Two hundred dollars Tor phoTographs, which by The way, were almosT enTirely done by The sTu- denTs-one Thousand Tour hundred eighTy dollars Tor Tiye hundred TiTTy copies prinTed-a grand ToTal oT one Thousand six hundred eighTy-nine dollars Tor a book whose selling price oT Two dollars is lower Than iT's ever been beTorel This money was collecTed in TiTTyfcenT insTallmenTs, and you can imagine The Time which was spenT Tor counTing and collecTing. ClaTTer and drone-you mighT as well noT Talk in The presence of a prinTing press-you'll never be heard! Day aTTer day They roared on, while bales oT paper were presenTed To iTs maw, To emerge inTo pages and pages and pages oT The Compass - '38l The priming was done by Newell and Cole PrinTing Company in collabora- Tion wiTh The WashingTon Planograph Company. R-Marion Fulfon, Louis Porler, Vernard Bond, Paul . Lpps, Llewellyn Kendricls, George Giammiflorio, Ellen R mel. Each elemenf in a chemical compound plays an individual parT in The forrnaTion of ThaT compound-careful worlc is necessary lesf The whole experirnenf be ruined, Each secTion of The Annual was as carefully com- bined by The worlcers as The required parTs of a delicafe chemisTry experimenf. OUT- sfanding for Their worlf were: The Business Sfaff-lfs chiefs, John SpiTTle and Paul Lippsg iTs adviser, lvlr. Lindsey, and The many assisTanTs who helped in The soliciT- ing of ads and The counTing of The subscrip- Tions-The school owes Them a debT of grafifude. WiThouT The business sfaff There would be no adverfising. no subscripTions,- in shorT, no annual. The EdiTorial Sfaff-wiTh RoberT Marshall, who was here, There and everywhere, in all Three secTions, paTienT wiTh The slow ones, h . helpful wherever so IST ROW-Bob Shumway, Margo Sellers, Peier Drury, Elizabefh Jones, Russell Kransfelder, Pierce Ellis, Henry Clark, Helen Prisaznicl, Roberi Marshall, William Whifney, Elwood Mervine, Edyih Cuson. IND ROW--Neville Morgan, Doris Padgeil, Befsy Liiaher, Mlllrcsnf DeBuHs, Nell Wolford, Franl Luclerf. deslc covered wiTh layoufs every affernoon- Edifh Cuson, who puf The spirif and drive and acfion of CadeTs inTo words-Pefer Drury, who broughf The aThleTic field inTo The aTh- leTic secTion wiTh his sporfs Tallc-Bob Shum- way, who prowled around wiTh his magic blacl: box, snapping picfures of unsuspecTing people wiTh unholy glee-l-lelen Prisazniclc, Helen Papiroslci, BeTsy Lifalcer, Eleanor King, who Typed endless copy-MarTha Alexan- der, Franli l.uclceTT, and Russell Kranzfelder, who Transferred undergrad life To paper so vividly-Janice MaTheny and ElizabeTh Jones, whose liTerary efforTs helped fill The pages-Neil Wolford and William WhiTney, whose magic pencils beaufified The cover and pages of The Annual. Miss Bufzner-rushing around wiTh a handful of copy in one fisT and a sheaf of phofographs in The oTher-Miss Rawls proof avlng a hard in grueling could be siTTing aT a nr Time-Margo Sellers, hours ediTing club seen wiTh a pencil l Making The Layou'l's reading and rewrifing none Too exquisiTely clean papers-Mrs. Varner and her journal- ism classes, busily collecfing Senior wrife-ups. Thai' Malre The Wheels Go 'Round, In Conference X Hands-hands sfrong and muscular-grimy hands working wirh briclcs and mor'l'ar 'I'o bring fo complefion +he building whose plan shaped ifself under fhe sensifive fingers of an archi- +ec1'-fhe calloused palms of 1'he rivefer-fhe painl'-fleclced hands of l'he painler-'l'he hand of lhe cons+ruc+ion engineer - fhe hands of all lhese, and many o+hers, who worlred so fha? fhe hands of fufure men may be laughl' fhe slrill and dex+eri'I'y which +he world so needs foday. he our building evolves SunIigh+ sif+s +hrough fhe long windows of fhe audi+orium- fr' 7 And ouflines sharply 'Hue desks and fables of fhe school room- Lends an aura of newness +o fhe iob of fypewrifing- u1uyun "Whi+ewashes" 'I'he parapef of fhe Sofiens 'Phe hand desks and bullefins- While H' fransforms +he com- monplace "lab." approach- ouilines of Ep xte- i l A lighf abou? +he door-and many lighfs wifhin-'rypical of The guiding and enlighTening spirii' of educafion in our high school. X Our facul+y-in whose hands lies our educa+ion, whose sure guidance gives us lhe confi- dence we need in fhe world foday-hands 'thai' have han- dled fexfboolcs many years, and hands new fo chalk and eraser- lcind hands, ready 'ro help af every furn-willing hands, hands +haf give fheir services indefa+- igably-confidenf, sincere, fair and square in everyfhing- hands in which we may safely lay our hopes, our ambi'I'ions, our ideals-secure in fhe knowledge fhaf fhey are in fhe sfeadfasf care of our 'Friends and helpers. - ,, to the adminis tration Superinfenclenf T. C. Williams school board H. W. Reid Leonard C. Knighf Orlando H. Kirlr Leroy S. Bendheim Ar'l'l1ur King C. Page Waller Chairman Lynde Crocker Clerk . Henry T. Moncure Principal Mr. Moncure, The "man behind +he voice" of George Washingion High School, was born in Williamsburg, Virginia. He received his educaiion in Miss Hensley's Privare School and laier a+ Maihew Whaley public school. He received his B. A. and M. A. ai William and Mary College. The war came aboui lhis Time, and he joined The R. O. T. C. in college. He ihen 'raughi uniil l924, when he became principal of Jefferson School. ln l925 he was made principal of Alexandria High School, and in l935 of George Washingion High School. In reference io educafion he makes +he following siaremeniz "lf America is 'lo go forward, educafion musl be given modern 'l'ools. If ihe 'iruih is everywhere ihe same,' Alexan- dria's children should be given an equal opporiuniry 'fo discover if." Mr. Orville W. Addinglon "Now, lhal's righl, or is il?" is lhe usual query ol Mr. Addinglori aller wriling a problem on lhe board. When asked his opinion ol assemblies, he said, "l lhink lhe assemblies have been good and bad, moslly good. They have been inslruclive as well as inlereslingf' Mr. Addinglon al- lended Emory and Henry College. Mr. Orville W. Addinglon Miss Adele Aichelman Miss Carmen Anduinr Miss Adele Aichelman "Tomorrow, class, have your unils on Greece finished," slales Miss Aichelman, a hislory and civics leacher. She was educaled al Barnard College, Columbia Universily and Juanila Col'ege. Allhough she has laughl English, she says her lavorile is l-lislory. Miss Aichelman slaled lhal lhe principles ol lhe sludenl governmenl should be more lirmly in the lreshman's mind. Miss Nancy Buhner Miss Dolly Callahan Science l-lislory Miss Margarel Cox "l like G. W. beller lhan any place l've ever laughlf' says Miss Cox lrom Randolph Macon Women's College. She has laughl al Lynchburg and al Jellerson School. She plans lo go lo George Washinglon Univer- sily lhis summer. l-ler lavorile subiecl is malhe- malics, lhus her main ambilion lo be a slalislician. Sergeanl Marlin Case Sergeanl Case is lrom Ohio and has served in lhe Army lor lhirly years. l-le has been slalioned al Forl Belvoir, bul relired lasl year. Sergeanl Case saw service in lhe World War, lhe Philippines, and in Mexico. He has no special hobby, excepl lhal of lraining lhe boys and girls ol our Cadel Corps. Malhemalics Hislory Spanish Miss Carmen Ancluiar "Mas vale saber que haber," says Miss Anduiar, lhe quainl Iillle Spanish leacher. This means "Knowledge is beller lhan weallhf' She was born in Mayaguez, Puerlo Rico. She allended lhe Uni- versily ol Puerlo Rico, Radford Slale Teachers' College, Columbia Universily, and George Wash- inglon Universily. She has laughl in Alexandria lor eleven years. Miss Nancy Bulzner Miss Bulzner should be iuslly proud ol lhis book, because much ol lhe credil should go lo her as lacully adviser. Vivacious, and wilh an endless amounl ol energy, she "gels lhings done." She has been leaching for lour years, and has a mosl inleresling hobby-being wilh people and sludying lheir reaclions and emolions. Miss Dolly Callahan "Ohl l could bal your heads in," says Miss Calla- han lo her civics sludenls. She has been leacching lor nineleen years and is a graduale ol George Washinglon Universily. ll she could gel lhe pupils oul ol lhe back row seals, il would be a greal accomplishmenl. Miss Ruby Crumley Miss Crumley has a pleasing personalily and can "lake a joke" and because ol lhis, she is lrequenlly leased by her sludenls aboul being lrom lhe moun- lains ol Tennessee. Since she has been here, she has sponsored lhe Commercial Club and paper besides leaching Shorlhand and Typing. S,,-guns Marfin Cu, Miss Marque! Cox Miss Crumloy Cadels Commercial Commercial Mrs. Rulh Elgin Mrs. Elgin, who was born in Roan- olce, Virginia, allended George Washinglon Universily, Universily ol Virginia, and Harrisonburg Slale Teachers' College. She began leach- ing al lhe age ol eighleen in a rural school of one room. l-ler lavorile subiecls are hislory and civics. She slaled lhal lhe pupils in lhis school are good all-around sludenls. Miss Mary Waller Dickinson Miss Louisa Dinwidclie Mrs. Rufh Elgin English Librarian Hislory Miss Mary Waller Dickinson Miss Dickinson, a member ol lhe Business- Prolessional Women's Club, has been leaching in Alexandria lor seven years. She received her B. A. degree from Fredericksburg Slale Teachers' Col- lege, and her M. A. from lhe Universily ol Virginia. She spends her spare lime in school preparing lhe Conleslanls' Club members lor lhe slale conlesls al Charlollesville. Miss Kroes Ficlrlin Miss Ficlclin is a nalive ol Alexandria. She is now compleling her lorly-lillh year as leacher in lhe schools of Alexandria. She loves lhe oul-ol-doors which explains her hobby ol picniclcing around a camplire. Miss Ficlclin is leaving us in June, and we wish her good luck always. Miss Sue Florence "ll you don'l slop pulling lhal snake clown lhal girl's baclc, l'll lake il away lrom you," warns Miss Florence. She was born in Alexandria, where she allended Sl. Mary's Academy. She also sludied al lhe Universily ol Virginia, George Washinglon Universily, and William and Mary College. l-ler hobbies are nalure, reading, and music. Mrs. Margarel Forshee Mrs. Forshee, who has laughl in Alexandria lor lhirleen years, allended lhe Universily ol Virginia and Miami Universily. She enioys lhe Marionelle Club, her hobby, because lhe sludenls lalce so much inleresl in il. She lhinlcs lhe Sludenl Council is wonderful because il gives lhe sludenls an oppor- lunily lo express lheir opinions. Miss Louise Dinwiddie Miss Dinwiddie, who is usually saying, "Please be quiel in lhe library," is lhe school Librarian, She has lived in Alexandria all her lile. She allended lhe Alexandria High School and laler allended Weslhamplon College and lhe Universily ol Vir- ginia. She wriles for numerous papers and journals. Miss Kroes Ficllin Miss Sue Florence English Science Miss Margarel Gambrill Miss Gambrill allended lhe Harrisonburg Slale Teachers' College and lhe Universily ol' Virginia. Belore coming lo G. W. she laughl al Cenlral High School in Alleghany and al Covinglon l-ligh School. ll would give her greal pleasure lo see lhe Con- leslanls' Club win all lhe conlesls al lhe Universily ol Virginia. Mr. Roberl Garner Mr. Garner has been a member of lhe Alexandria lacully lor lour years, and has been a leacher lor lhe pasl lilleen years. l-lis lavorile sporl and hobby is lennis. His lavorile subiecl is English. Mr. Garner is now Alh- lelic Publiciry Direclor ol lhe G. W. l-l. S., besides leaching English and Malh. Mrs. Margarel Forshes Miss Margate? Gembrill Mr. Roborl Garner English Hislory English 'V Q Mr. Maurice Given Mr. Given, who has been Athletic Director tor seven years, up until last February, came here trom Vinton High School. He attended Roanoke College where he obtained his degree. Dur- ing his stay in Alexandria Coach Given has produced on the average ot at least one championship team a year. Mr. Maurice Given Mr. Leslie Grover Col. Alvin Guiensohn PhyS-cal Edufalif-n C?mr?rc Cadets Mr. Leslie Grover Mr. Grover was born in Maryland and was edu- cated at Western Maryland College, John Hopkins University, and American University. He has been teaching tor tive years. As a hobby he likes to play tennis. When asked his opinion on some phase ot school lite, he said that the Student Council seems to ,work very ettectively. Mr. William J. Hillman Miss Lucy Haus n Science Physical Pducalii .Jil iq Miss Garnett Hundley Between intervals ot directing a play and coache ing cheer leaders the diminutive Miss Hundley said. "The absentee and tardy checking system ot this school is splendidly planned and executed." She attended Lynchburg College, University ot Virginia, and William and Mary College. Betore coming to our school, Miss Hundley taught in West Virginia. Miss Laura Humphries "All my lite l've hoped l would either become a nurse or a teacher," drawled Miss Humphries, who comes trorn North Carolina. She has taught Home Economics tor two years at G. W. Her hobbies are Crocheting, knitting, and the movies. Her ambition is to achieve a Master's Degree at Columbia University. Col. Alvin G. Gutensohn "l think the Cadet Corps and Band are made up ot as time a group ot young people as it has been my pleasure to meet," said Colonel Gutensohn, present P. M. S. and T. He is a graduate ot Vifest Point, and has been in the army tor a period ot thirty-one years. His hobby is woodworking. Mr. William J. Hillman Mr. Hillman, instructor and Student Council sponsor, is a graduate ot Emory and Henry College. When asked to give his opinion of the Student Council, he said, "I think it is a very capable organi- zation. lt is obvious that it is more etticient than anything the taculty could devise." He has been teaching in Alexandria since l932. Miss Lucy Houston Atter graduating trom the Alexandria High School, Miss Houston attended the Fredericksburg State Teachers' College, and the University ot Wisconsin. She is completing her tourth year ot teaching in Alexandria schools, having taught in Winston-Salem betore. She thinks there are a lot ot things yet to be done here, but with so tine a group to work with, one should not tind it ditticult. Mrs. Adelaide Hutto "Why don't you study your lesson?" asks Mrs. Hutto, to her Latin pupils. She has been teaching tor seven years. Her only and tavorite subject this past semester is Latin. As a hobby Mrs. Hutto enjoys housekeeping but says it takes a great deal ot her time. Miss Laura Humphries Miss Garnett Hundley Mft- Adulaidli Hutio Home Economics English Latin k.-c- - G. C.. .ggi 'T ' ' if f K'.J.k1.i V -I Mrs. Ellen Ticer King Mrs. King has been Teaching Tor seven years. I-ler TavoriTe subiecTs To Teach are English and I-IisTory. She has Two Things To accomplish, ThaT is To learn how To lceep house and how To Tish. She said she had To learn The laTTer in sell deTense. We Take iT ThaT Mr. King is a Tisherman. Miss Helen lddings Miss Evelyn Jones Mrs.-Ellen Ticer King Malhernalics Science English Miss Helen lddingsi - - Miss lddings aTTended lrlanover College in Indiana and The UniversiTy oT Iowa. I-Ier TavoriTe subiecT is maThemaTics, which she has been Teaching Tor a number oT years. BeTore Teaching here she TaughT in Illinois and CliTTon Forge. I-ler hobby is Travelling in her car. Miss Charlene Kiracofe "GeT ouT oT my way," barlred Miss Kiracofe as I began my deIighTTul inTerview. l-Ter TavoriTe subiecT is LaTin, alThough she Teaches English. ' She is usually remembered Tor a characTerisTic remark, "GeT me a ride home This aTTernoon." Mr. Irving Lindsey Mr. Lindsey, hosT oi The daily "Tea parTy" aT G. W., was born in Alexandria. I-le aTTended George WashingTon UniversiTy and The UniversiTy of Virginia. Besides MaThemaTicS, his hobby is reading boolcs on Philosophy, which he IaTer Tries ouT on The sTudenTs. I-le says, "All Things con- sidered, I Thinlc The STudenT Council is doing a greaT iob." Miss DoroThy McDaniel Miss McDaniel, head oT The Commercial Depar-T- men+, was born in Lynchburg, Virginia. She aTTended The F riclesburg STaTe Teachers' College, Bowling Green usiness UniversiTy, and The UniversiTy oT Virgin . She has been Teaching in Alexandria Tor six y rs. Miss Doroihy McDani:l ' Mrs. Cafherine Malone Cgpfain John McKdn1ie Commercial English Cadeis Miss Evelyn Jones Miss Jones, who combines Science and DramaTics, was born in lrvingTon, Virginia. She was educaTed aT The Fredericksburg STaTe Teachers' College and aT The UniversiTy oT Virginia. She Thinlcs The STudenT Council aT G. W, is exceIlenT. She said iT is The only organizahon in The school ThaT is acTualIy governed by The sTudenTs. Miss Charlene Kirecofe Mr. Irving Lindsey English MaThemaTics Mrs. CaTherine Malone "Come in here!" Trills Mrs. Malone in high sTac- caTo, To her Glee Club people, "and sing your do, re, mi's." Our singing lady wenT To The UniversiTy OT Nebraska and has TaughT Tor Tive years. Music is her hobby, and iT is reporTed ThaT she would raTher wave a baTon aT a Glee Club meeTing Than anyThing else. Ca pT. John McKenzie CapTain McKenzie, who was wiTh us Tor only one semesTer, was P. M. S. and T. of The CadeT Corps. T-le was TacTical OTTicer aT ST. John's MiIiTary Academy and aT Georgia MiIiTary Academy, and As- sisTanT CommandanT aT WesTern MiIiTary Academy and aT MarisT College. 4 CapTain McKenzie aTTecTecl The or- ganizaTion of The band aT G. W. Mr. Archer Millican Mr. Millican, befler known lo lhe sfudenls as "Pop," allended Ran- dolph Macon College and John Hop- kins Universily. l-le has been leach- ing for 'rwenly-one years. When asked abou? lhe "Big Apple," he slaled lhal if was a poor excuse for a good lime. l V vf Miss Corinne Morecock Miss Morecock comes irom Norlh Carolina. She has been leaching for seven years. l-ler lavorile subiecls are French and Business Praciice. l-ler hobby, horseback riding, will be pul io good use lhis summer al her home in l-laliiax, Norlh Carolina. li Mrs. Mary Parker Miss Eunela Pralf Home Econ'-rnirs Hislory Miss Mary Thomas Rawls Thai smiling lace in Room 303 is lhal ol Miss Rawls, our new malh leacher, who was born in Ivor, Virginia. She is a graduaie ol Earmville Slale Teachers' College and did graduale work ar William and Mary College. She helped wilh lhe publicalion of lhis book and slaled lhal she lhoroughly enjoyed lhe work. Mr. F. Vaughan PUliZ "l don'l look like l have a sense of humor, bul when you gel lo know me, you will lind our." Mr. Pullz has been leaching for 'rwenly-six years. The subiecls he likes besf are bookkeeping and business arilhmefic. Mr. Pulfz Thinks lhal G. W. has a well direcled sludenl council. Science Commercial French Miss Genevieve Park "Quelle personalilel' Elle esl pelile, be'la el aim- ablel l+'s now our lurn +o "di+"-so we say. Miss Park wenl lo lhe Universily oi Alabama and fhe Sorbonne Universily in Paris. She has been leach- ing ior six years, and her lavorile subiecl is French. l-ler hobby is swimming. This summer she plans lo four' California and Mexico. Mrs. Mary Parker Upon asking Mrs. Parker aboul' her favorile hobby, she replied, "There's nolhing bell-er fhan a good book on a rainy day." This good-nalured, auburn-haired feacher has been leaching lor nine years. l-ler lavorile subiecls, enioyed by lhe girls of her classes as well. are cooking and sewing. Miss Eunela Praff Miss Prall, who is quick lo 'rhink and acl, is lhe sponsor ol lhe Pep Club, as well as The feacher of American l-lislory. She was born in Norlh Carolina where she allended l-ligh Poinl l-ligh School. She also af- 'rended Greensboro College and George Washing- 'ron Universily. She has many hobbies, one of which is collecfing Chinese fans. Miss Agnes Reynolds Miss Reynolds, who leaches English and l-lislory, as well as sponsors lhe Spelling Club, was educaled a+ Georgia Srale College land she slill has an accenlll, George Washington Universily, and 'rhe Universily of Virginia. l-ler hobby is oil painling. Mr. F. Vaughan Pulh Miss Mary Rawls Miss Agnes Reynolds ii 1- Commercial Malherrialics English Mrs. Harriel Shiek Miss Dorolhy Snedegar Commercial Malhemalics Miss Mary Thurman "Be sure lo cover your lypewrilers belore you leave." These are lhe words ol Miss Thurman, lhe new lyping and shorlhand leacher in G. W. She was born in Kenlucky and received her eclucalion al lhe Universily lhere. When asked whal she did wilh her spare lime, she remarked, "When l'm in Kenlucky, I go horse- back riding." Mr. George W. Tyler Mr. Tyler, who has acled as ioinl -coach since February, has been leaching al our school lor only a year: he received his B. S. degree al Emory and Henry College and his M. A. degree al Dulce Uni- versily. When asked whal his hobby is, he al once said sporls. He enjoys leaching Malhemalics beller lhan any olher subiecl. Mrs. Mary Rows Varner Mr. Frank Williams Journalism Physical Educalion Mrs. Harriel Shielr Mrs. Shielc, who came from Clearwaler, Florida, was also wilh us lor only one semesler. Before leaching here she laughl al Gunslon Hall. She allended college in Nebraska, and laughl in lhe Commercial Deparlmenl ol our school. Miss Dorolhy Snedegar Aller gradualing lrom high school in Roanoke, Miss Snedegar allended Farnville Slale Teachers' College and Duke Universily. She said lhal allhough lhe allilude al alhlelic conlesls has been greally improved, il can be improved even more. Playing lennis and collecling poelry are Miss Snedegar's hobbies. Miss Mary Thurman Mr. George Tyler Commercial MalhemaliCS Mrs. Mary Rowe Varner Mrs. Varner was born in Fredericksburg, Virginia, where she allended lhe Slale Teachers' College. Since her hobby is newspapers, her favorile subiecl is iournalism. She spends mosl ol her spare lime looking for news lor lhe'school page. She slaled lhal G. W. sludenls are lorlunale in having such a modern school wilh excellenl equipmenl. Mr. Frank lJelTl Williams "Come on and gel around lhe lrack lwice," yells Jeff, former Universily of Richmond loolball slar. Jell, a nalive ol Alexandria, became assislanl coach al' G. W. in I936. His leisure hours, since lhe age ol six, have been lilled by playing baskelball-now professional. His summer will be spenl al lhe Universily ol Richmond. , Ml,7y16l,,f,f!Af li,7.f,,f .Elllllu x?l3xll.'Cl CxlllI'li - - 46arAn'rz P 'Al ll 6:n'0r Presenling fhe Seniors-one by one-hand in hand lhey as- cend +he srairway +o 'lhe lop- fo wear a cap and gown-+o ob+ain a diploma-loo soon +o experience life as in a diFFeren+ world-fo worlc hand in hand in cooperafion wi+h newly made friends-+o leave behind 'rhem +he happies+ days of +heir life- and fo learn 'l'ha+ fheir life is whai' fhey make if. James Lfqqd Keffg Gharles Willard 'Uetter .www Ca fiom: fffzqfqfdf the seniors epart George GiammiHorio Senior ofiiu-rs Presidenf Vice-Presicieni Secg'e+ary Hisforian Sponsor , in llll'lll0l'illlll Janice Maiheny Esfher Leachman George Giammifforio Janice Ma+heny , Esfher Leachman Doris Padgeff Mr. Lindsey Douglas Peyion Carrer, a classmaie of ihe Seniors of rhis year, was born on April 3, l92O. l-ie was an ambirious and infelli- genl boy, irying hard lo achieve The higher Things in life. Cn Ociober l4, I937, he died in 'rhe Emergency l-iospiial wirh a 'rumor on rhe brain, having been operaied on a few days before. Cn This day he lefr his many friends and classmares who srill mourn his pariing greaily. ' Domus ALLEN To Be Sfenographer Doris was one ol our mos? inlelligenl siudenls. She look a very acfive parl in Ihe Spanish Club and was a member ol +he Cadel Corps and Commercial Club. JAMES WILLIAM ALLEN AmbiIion To Be Accounlanl' James, who has blue eyes and brown hair, plans Io al- 'rend Wood's Commercial School wifh +he arnbilion of becoming an accoun+an+. VIRGINIA HENDERSON ALLEN To Be Typisf Virginia, who has blond hair and blue eyes, plans fo gradua+e in February. Affer gradualion she expecls Io enfer a business school and lurlher her ambilions of be- coming a Iypisfg we hope she is successful in her aims. Allhough she indulged in few acfivilies, her quiel charm was well liked and remembered in fhe school. ELWOOD LEE ARMSTRONG Anofher Babe Rufh We shall all miss Elwood's playing on lhe looiball and baseball teams, and if work in high school can be used as a slandard, we imagine Ihal' he will soon fulfill his ambi- lion of becoming a Big League baseball player. I-le plans Io aliend a Prep school ailer gradualion from G. W. DAVID BISHOP ARNOLD, JR. To Be Accounlanf David plans alfer gradualion Io aflend Ihe Benjamin Franklin School of Accounfancy. lr-lis ambilion is lo be an accounlanf, which is his la+her's profession. He has been aciive in Ihe Pep Club and Cadeis and is a very good singer wi+h +he Glee Club. l-'le has brown eyes and hair and is a very affraclive member of lhe senior class. PENELOPE ANNE BARTON To Aliend S+. Mary's P Penelope, a preily blonde, who has Iaken a College Preparalory Course in high school, has been aclive in Ihe Pep Club, Lalin Club, and Cadefs. She plans fo arfend SI. Mary's Academy, bul her voca- lion is as yel indefinile. 'F l HAZEL LOUISE BAKER Ohl To Be A Teacher Hazel, who was valediclorian of rhe February Class, olans lo secure a posifion when finishing school: ihen she is going lo be a leacher. Hazel, who has blue eyes and brown hair, is a very inlelligenf young lady. During her high school career she has been ac+ive in lhe Reading Club. EDWARD LEE BOYER To Enfer Engineering School Edward, who graduafed in February, has brown hair and brown eyes. Edwardis ambifion is fo receive an engineering degree and To become an engineer of nofe. During his high school years he l'OOlt a general school course. HELEN LOUISE BUTLER To Alfend Business School Helen's ambifion is +o become a really good slenog- rapher +o some imporfanf man: To iur+her fhis ambilion she is planning To a++end Wood's Commercial School in Washingfon. She has blond hair and gray eyes: she was a member in various school acfiviliesg among fhem are fhe Glee Club, French Club, Spelling Club, Cadefs, Presi- denf oi Home Room, and Pep Club. JOHN JARVIS BUTLER, IV Ambitious To Become A Doctor A docfor wifh red hair-fha? is whal Jarvis infends lo be. Alier alfending U. M. D. and 'rhe Universify of Vir- ginia, he will begin a medical career. During his high school years, he has been acfive in fhe Caclef Corps, Thriff Club, Lafin Club, Spanish Club, and Dramalic Club. He is now compleiing The college preparalory course. EDWARD REMINGTON CLARK. JR. Choice Of Engineer Or Journalisl' Edward, a blue-eyed and brownfhaired senior, has lhe ambifion 'ro become eilher an engineer or a journalist He has been acfive in such school organiza+ions as fhe Spanish Club, on +he Surveyor Sialif, Associafe Edifor of Surveyor, and fhe Radio Club. LYDIA MABEL CLARKE Hopes To Be A Pianisf Someday we shall be hearing a greal' pianist a grad- uale of our own school, for fhal' is The ambilion of Lydia. Lydia has been a member of fhe Silver Dollar His+ory Club, Lafin Club, Library Club, and Pep Club. Affer graduaiing she plans lo affend S+rayer's Business College. BERNARD GIBSON CLINE, JR. Grid Sfar To EnTer R. U. Bernard, known on The TooTbaIl Tielcl Tor The pasT Three years, wishes To aTTend The lJniversiTy oT Richmond aTTer graduaTion, Besides his TooTball playing, he has been a member of The CadeT Corps, Pep Club, ThriTT Club, Civics Club, Colonel Deern's Sabre Club, Glee Club, Rifle Team, French Club. Surveyor STaTT, BaskeTball, Track, and Base- ball Teams. MARY ELIZABETH COFLIN Ohl To Wear A WhiTe Smock Mary, who has brown eyes and brown hair, plans To go in Training aT Providence Hospital. During her high school career she has been acTive in cadeT work and The LaTin Club. MARION VIRGINIA CRAGG Former Graduaie To Be R. N. Marion, a Commercial sTudenT and a member oT The February graduaTing class, has ambifions oT becoming a nurse. She plans To geT a job aTTer graduafion. Marion was acTive in The Commercial Club. THOMAS BERNARD COOK InTeresTed In MiIi+ary Tacfics Bernard Cook, beTTer known as "Cookie" To his Triends, graduaTed from high school February, l938. I'-le was very acTive in sporTs and received honorable menTion on The AlIASTaTe Foofball Team during The I937 season. I-Ie was LieuTenanT Colonel in The CadeT Corp. I-le hopes To Tur- Ther himselT in miliTary TacTics. WILLIE DEVERS To Be Business Man Willie is anoTher blueeeyed, brown-haired senior who plans To be a big business man some day. I-le has Taken a general course and will go To work aTTer graduaTion as a sTarT To going To The Top in The business world. ERNESTINE NELSON DUFFEY To Be Commercial ArTisT AIThough blue-eyed, brown-haired FrnesTine has no plans aTTer graduaTion, her ambiTion is To be a commer- cial arTisT. Since she has been in high school, she has belonged To The Glee Club, Library Club, and Pep Club. l X " p 1' 'l,, K' .-T, wav 'il ! ' V ff Q cg! J. WARREN KERRIGAN EDWARDS To Be A "Successful Business Man" Warren plans +o become a clerk and affend nighf school in Washingfon. He has gray eyes and brown hair, and an ambilion fo go To Beniamin Franklin Universiiy and become successful in business. HAROLD BERNARD FAGELSON Auclioneer The Business World Harold expecfs 'ro become a famous business adminis- frafor or perhaps a lawyer. During his high school career he has been very aciive in school organizafions. To lis+ Harold's various ac'rivi+ies would 'rake up a page, buf he was oufsfanding in "Where lhe Cross is Made" and fhe "Thir+eenfh Chair." He was also known in cadefs, newspaper work, and was aucfioneer and Tralllc Direcfor for fhe Sfudenf Council. JOHN UNDERWOOD FIELDS Success Comes To Those Who Wail' So says John Fields, who received his diploma in June. John's only comment oiher 'rhan he will accepf any iob wifh a fulure, was fhaf fhe firsl four years were 'the hard- esfg also he s+a+ed he would luriher his educarion af night school. John may be remembered by Spanish siudenls for his parficipaiion in ihe Spanish Club I934 and l935. He 'took a general course. JOSEPH CLAYTON FINEGAN Plans To Be A Joumalisf Joe, a commercial sfudenf wifh dark brown hair and green eyes, plans fo be a journalist We wish him much success in his field, and we expeci big ihings from him. JOSEPHINE MYERS GARNETT Horses Aflracf Jo Jo Josephine, who has been acfive in fhe Pep Club, Girl Reserves, Library Club, Silver Dollar l-lisfory Club, and Dramafic Club, will afiend college afier her graduafion. Josephine fakes much in+eres+ in riding and expecfs 'ro be an experf horsewoman some day. ELWOOD HUNTER GRIMM To Enfer Wesf Poini Elwood "Grizzly" has been acfive in his high school career in +he Pep Club and on fhe foofball squad, on which he was oufsfanding in '35, '36, '37. He will fulfill his greafesf ambifion by enlering Wesl' Poinr offer he graduafes. l i MARIE LOUISE HALL Wenredz Posiiion As Sfenographer Marie, who has brown hair and eyes, has Ialcen a com- mercial course in hi h school and wan+s +o be a sleno 9 Q' rapher. Much luclc To anolher ambifious slenographer. CHARLES HOWARD HARVEY "Puck" To Be A Farmer "Puck," as he is beffer lcnown lo fellow sfudenls, plans +o arfend business school. Puck is known for his baslcelball playing because he has played for fhree years on The varsify Team. His ambifion is fo become a manager ol a large farm. Imagine Puclc as a farmer! WEN DALL CLARK HODGES Skilled Accounianf In Malling Wendall, an oufsfanding member of fhe Sfudeni Coun- cil, eller his graduaiion plans To become an accounianf. This brown-eyed and blaclc-haired senior has lalcen a com' mercial course as an aid 'ro his lufure slrilled job. ROBERT WILLIAM JOHNSTON Plans To Be A Chemisf Roberi, who has blue eyes and blond hair, plans +0 enfer college upon his graduafion in February: he has am- bifions fo be a greai chemisf. He was a member of fhe Spanish and The Spelling Clubs. We can iusf imagine him in while, being success' ful wifh liquids and gasses. LILLIAN FRANCES MCANALLY Singing Nurse Frances, who has green eyes and Iighf brow hair, plans ro become a radio singer. Frances plans Io go info rraining for nursing alfer grads uafion. She has falien an acfive par+ in fhe Pep Club and 'rhe Glee Club. We'II remember her singing and loolc forward lo hearf ing her on Ihe radio some day. EDWARD JOSEPH MCCULLOUGH Edward was a hall monilor for ihe Sludenl' Council, rep- resenfafive of fhe Library Club fo fhe Student Council, and he fool: an acfive par? in sporfs. 1. , vwb cfi 'T L- fl A . S xg 2 nv,- 1 .MVN fs 9 4 7' , if-X 'C3' I 15- I1-Q . ... ' Fw GEORGE EDWARD MINNIGH Sludenl Undecided On Fu+ure George, who has blond hair and blue eyes, is an aclive member ol 'he Cade? Corps and lhe band. I-le has noi, however, decided definitely aboul lulure plans. EVELYN RUTH MURPHY To Become Singer "My main ambilion is lo sludy hard and lo become a singer. Il' I don? achieve lhis, I wan? fo be a really good secrefaryf' says Evelyn. She has been acfive in fhe Glee Club, Commercial Club, and Reading Club. Evelyn also has a lovely spealc- ing voice. VIRGINIA MAE NAYLOR Secrefarial Work, Admils Virginia Upon her graduaiion in February, Virginia inlends To falce a course in shorfhand and follow rhe career of a privafe secretary. She was a prominenl club member ol borh Ihe Theodore Ficlclin Lilerary Sociely and fhe Glee Club. HELEN HOPE PARKER To Be Nurse A Iillle hall-pinl graduale, I-lelen wanls lo be a nurse. She has been acfive in many school acfiviries and plans To go fo Richmond Universily Medical School aller grad- uafion. BEATRICE ELLEN PERRY Hopes For Commercial Success Bealrice, a member of lhe Biology Club, plans aller her gradualion lo allend Slrayens or Woods Commercial School. Beafrice lilces commercial work and hopes Io find a po- sifion in lhis field. WINIFRED RUBY PEYTON No Fufure Plans Winilred is 'fall and has blue eyes and blaclc hair. She was a member of fhe Spanish Club, Pep Club, and lhe Theodore Ficlclin Liferary Sociely. She fool: a general course and graduafed in February I938. She has made no fulure plans al fhis lime. ANGIE RAY POTZ To Become Emcienl' Housewife "Pafsy's" brown hair will soon be Covered wilh fhe head gear ol a lelephone operafor if lhey need an eflicienf operaror. Her highesl ambilion, however, is To become an ellicienf housewife. Good ambilions, we say. HELEN ALEASE POWELL Plans Undecided Helen graduafed wifh a commercial course in Feb- ruary l938. She affended high school for four years in Alexandria and sfood high in her class. JOHN ROBERT PULLMAN Playboy Enfers Business World Johnny revealed Today fha? upon his gradualion he would enfer lhe business world as an experf boolclceeper. He may be readily recognized by his brighf sayings and good humor. Affer gradualion lool: for Johnny on fhe financial pages of your favorire newspapers. Somehow we suspecf fhaf Johnny's favorile color is red, especially in hair. LINWOOD EDWARD REED, JR. "Doobie" Goes To College "Doo+sie" has blue eyes and short blond hair. Through- ouf his high school years he played foofball. Taking the college preparafory course, he expecfs fo go To some college fo sfudy law nexl year. Well known for his alhlefic abilify, he will also be long remembered for his falenl wilh his drums. HAL THOMAS ROSE U. S..Army Officer ln Malring Hal plans To affend Wes? Poinf alfer gradualing from G. W. Hal is faking a college preparafory course and was acfive in The Pep Club and lhe French Club. Waich oul' for fhe brass buflons, girlsl MARY VIRGINIA ROWLES G. W. Sfudenf To Be Secreiary Virginia, a gray-eyed, brown-haired commercial sfudenl, plans fa gel' a posifion as a sfenographer in order +ha+ she may become someone's secrefary. She is a February graduafe who has been a member of such oufslanding clubs of lhe school as 'rhe Commercial, Reading, French, and Glee Clubs. 336 Q.,- . s 'g7"4" 1.6 PAUL BERNARD SCHOUDT To Be An Accounfanf Paul Schoudr, who has raken an aclive parr in Pep Club and in school plays such as "Seven+een" and "The lhirreenrh Chair," wishes lo be an accounranr and plans To enfer Beniamin Franklin Universiry nexf fall. l-le also played Jayvee loolball. LILLIAN BELLE STARK Lillian has been a member ol lhe French Club, Sludenf Council, Pep Club, Cadel Corps, Glee Club, Freshman Dance Club, Commercial Club, and has served on fhe Adverrisinq Sfaff of lhe Annual. Lillian, wifh her blue eyes, auburn hair, and sweel disposifion should be a suc- cess in The vocalion she has chosen, which is lo be a coiffeuse, CATHERINE ELIZABETH STOMBACK Anofher Fufure Nurse Cafherine, who has blue eyes and liqhf brown hair, alrer graduafion experfs ro go in ?raininq fo become a nurse. She belonged lo rhe Commercial Club and Spell- ing Club. MARY LOUISE STROBEL A True Arfis? Mary Louise, who is a "browneHe" wilh dark brown eyes, was presidenf of +he Arr Club. She also parfici- pared in acrivifies of fhe Spanish, Pep, Dramafic, Spell- ing, Commercial, Confesfanfs' Clubs, and fhe Cade? Corps. She will work hard in order ro alfain her goal, rhar of being a grear arfisf. EVELYN MAY SMITH Ambi+ion Undecided Evelyn, one of fhe mosr quiel' sluden+s, was very popu- lar wifh her fellow-sfudenfsf She, however, has nor cle- cided whaf she would like fo do afler graduafion. CHARLES BROWN SULLIVAN Charles To Be M. D. Charles, who served on lhe Sfudenr Council, school paper, and who has been a member of fhe Public Speak- ing Club, has ambifions fo be a docfor. He has 'raken a college preparafory course +0 prepare him for rhe Uni- versify of Virginia, which he will allend affer graduafing. RUBY MAE SULLIVAN To Excel As Secrelary Ruby, who has been aclive in rhe Glee Club and Pep Club, plans lo gel a posilion as secrelary in a govern- menl office. Her ambilion is lo excel in lhis worlc. Ruby has brown eyes and brown hair, has a quief dis' posifion and a pleasing personalify. JACQUELYN FAIRFAX DAVIS VINCENT Plans To Aflend A Business College ' Jacquelyn, salufarorian ol lhe February class, expecls 'fo allend a Business College alfer graduafion. ln Seplember she will arfend college and sludy jour- nalism. She has been oclive in +he Cadels, Glee Club. Public Speaking Club, Lafin Club, and Library Club. WILLIAM WATSON WALTERS Accounfing, Wafson's Vocalion Wafson will conlinue his educa+ion a+ The Benjamin Franklin Universify where he will sfudy lo become a cerli- lied public accoun+an+. Wafson has been aclive in +he Cadel Corps, lhe Spanish Club, Ar? Club, Chevrons Club, and The Sabre Club. He is compleling a general course. JEAN JOHANNA WELCH LiHle Girl Grows Upl "The lifllesl girl" to enier high school has grown a lew inches in fhe las? lour years. Jean has been a member of a number of clubs, including fhe Pep Club, Commercial Club, and Glee Club. Aller graduafing her ambifion is 'ro find a posifion as a slenographer. NORMA ELAINE WHITE Acfive During School Career Norma was one ol The mosf ac+ive girls in high school. While here, she was a member of fhe C-irl Reserves, Cade? Corps, baslcefball manager in I936, Glee Club, Pep Club, Aclverlising Sfafl, and Pep Club pianisf. ROBERT LYNWOOD WILLIAMSON "Lyn" To AHend V. P. I. "Lyn" has been aclive in fhe Cadefs, Silver Dollar l-lis- 'rory Club, Glee Club, foofball and on Ihe Compass Slall in high school. Alfer gradua+ion he plans fo alfend V. P. I., where he will sfudy Chemical Engineering, We shall miss his urg- ing homeroom agenfs lo gel more subscriplions! -Y' ,,,-A., NJ 36 Gy L- CATHERINE HELEN WILTSHIRE Anofher Commercial Sfudenl Cafherine plans To be a sfenographer affer affending Sfrayens College. She is anofher one of fhe many fhaf are in fhe Commercial Class. Cafherine has been a member of fhe Spanish and fhe Silver Dollar l-lisfory Clubs. RUBY ELIZABETH WORSHAM Picks Journalisl Career "Big fhings come in small packages." Jusf look af Beffyl She has been acfive in The Aff Club, Cadef Corps, Dramafic Club, Pep Club, Spanish Club, and Glee Club, and has made big plans for fhe fufure. Her dark hair, which marches her sparkling brown eyes, should aid her in fulfilling her ambifion of becoming a iournalisf or a secrefary. AN ELEGY Wifh Apologies fo Thomas Gray and fhe English Deparfmenf Commencemenf folls fhe knell of high school days. The Seniors wind slowly from fhe room, Mr. Lindsey follows fhem wifh fears of praise. And leaves fhe place fo "Shor+y" and fo shadowy gloom. Now fades fhe glimmering school day from fhe sighf, Buf yef a new class sfill our memory holds, We leave fhe spirif of an ever-ready fighf To fhose who've yef fo make fhe goal. Yef, af fhe fime of fhe six weeks' reporf, The moping sfudenfs will fo fhe feachers reforf Such fhings as "Why fhis grade or fha+?" And again fhe feachers will all sfand paf. Beneafh 'rhose rugged walls, fhaf fIagpoIe's shade. Where heaved a sigh, many a sfruggling lad and maid Each in i+s narrow cell forever laid The memory of fhe seniors sleeps. For Them. no more The cheerTul bells shall ring Nor assembly brighTen The long, hard day. Nor The home room songs They used To sing Follow Them on Their weary way. The breezy call oT Mr. Moncure's voice, The swallow TwiTTering of Alma's calls, The radio's shrill clarion, which was The source Of raising sTudenTs Trom The darkened halls. LeT noT ambiTion mock Their youThTul ways, Their homely ioys. and worldly gains: BuT 'Til The end of Time, leT Them say, l wish I mighT reTurn again. The boasT oT Teachers, The praise oT friends, And all ThaT sTudies, all ThaT work. e'er gave. AwaiTs The ineviTable Trend, When knowledge. saTisTacTion To The mind will send Full many a gem of dramaTic abiliTy, Has played iTs role upon our sTage: Full many a Tlower is born To agiliTy, A Tine piece of work To The very lasT page. The applause of The crowded audiTorium Will linger in our ears. From our many plays and perTormances ThroughouT The TuTure years. OTT did The Teachers drive us To Their will, Their Tury made us answer The call. And The memory will linger wiTh us sTill, BuT yeT we love Them one and all. Assembly morn, you'll miss "Bill" on The sTage. In The halls and aT crowded meeTings. Too: AnoTher will sTand There To calm The rage, AnoTher as Triendly, and iusT as True. T Miss Dickinson. our English Vlll Teacher, we leave behind WiTh her love Tor Tlowers and deTesT Tor gum, An old maid she is, buT doesn'T mind Because she knows ThaT in The pasT she was loved by some Many Teachers oT puresT manners and ways, Have labored To help us o'er hurdles so high, Some have deparTed. buT many have sTayed. To each and all. many Thanks. and good-bye. Class l'l'5+0r'6n CORNELIA WOOLFOLK ALFRIEND Cornelia To Plan Diels Cornelia, aller gradualion, plans Io malce beller mea's lor me public. She plans lo lake a business course upon rgfadualion, ialer on fo be a dielilian. Well known, wilh a gay smile and brown hair and ey6S. Cornelia! aclivilies have included Ihe Cade? Corps, Con- iesranls' Club, Spanish Club, Reading Club, and One-ACI Play group. MARY FOX ALLGOOD Wanfs To Find New Things To Do Mary, who has blond hair and blue eyes, wanls "Io find a lol ol new Ihings Io do." She, however, plans Io go Io college aller graduation. She was a member ol The Dramalic Club, Library Club, Girls' Glee Club, and secre- lary ol lhe Lalin Club. MARVIN ROLAND ANGEL Marvin To Become Engineer Marvin, a June graduale wilh blue eyes and lighl' brown hair, is planning lo be an engineer alfer allending college. I-le has parlicipaled in a number of Ihe school acfivifies, such as the Sludenl Council and loolball: he was also presidenl ol the Sophomore Class '35-'36, VIRGINIA RAY ASTRYKE Dancer To Be Secrefary Virginia Ray inlends lo fulfill her ambilion ol becoming a secrelary by enlering a business college. During her high school lile she was aclive in Spanish, Arr, Pep, Dra- malic, and Commercial Clubs. She is also well known for her dancing, in which she is lhe "l'ops." GENEVIEVE BAKER To Be Teacher Genevieve, who has only been in our school a shorf lime, is very lalenled. She is a skilled arlisl and wriles very well. I-ler pleasing manner has made her popular and well-lilced. VIRGINIA ROBERTS BAKER Secreiarial Worlz Affracfs Virginia Virginia has been acfive in Ihe cadel corps, Commer- cial Club, and fhe Pep Club during her high school life. Aller gradualion Virginia plans fo go lo lhe Washing- lon School lor Secrelaries and hopes some day Io become a privale secrefary. ELEANOR LUCILLE BARN ETI' To Be Nurse A liny package of lun and humor, Eleanor wanfs 'lo be a nurse. She has 'raken a Commercial Course and been an aclive member of lhe Library Club, Commercial Club and Cadeffes. MADlE ANN BERRY Medie To Be R. N. Since her main ambilion is lo be a nurse, Maclie p'ans lo lake a nurse's course. She was an aclive member ol 'rhe Lalin Club and Pep Club in her high school career. COLUMBUS SHRIVER BEVERLEY Columbus Beverley To Be Naval Ogicer Cade? Columbus Shriver Beverley plans lo allend eifher Annapolis or V. P. l. aller gradualion. His ambifion is lo become a naval officer. Columbus, while in school, was in 'rhe Cadel' Corps for lhe four years of his high school life. l-le is also a member ol fhe Chevrons Club, Silver Dollar Hisfory Club and lhe French Club. Good luck 'ro you, Cade? Beverley! We expecl 'rhal you will be sailing on fhe seas some day. GEORGE WILLIAM BIRRELL Well-Known Senior To Become Lawyer Billy, well known for his speeches abouf +his book, has blue eyes and brown hair. Billy hopes fo become a promi- nenf lawyer affer allendinq a law school. l-le parlicipafed in such aclivilies as Cadels, Sludenf Council, Presidenf of Chevrons Club, Vice'Presiden+ of Sabre Club, Vice- Presidenl of Public Speaking Club, and Debafing Club. DOROTHY AGNES BOLTWOOD Inferior Decorafing-Ambition Dorolhy, who has lighl auburn hair and brown eyes, plans lo alfend an arf school aller graduafing from G. W,, wilh fhe ambilion of becoming an inferior deco- rafor. She has been acfive in fhe Cadels, Dance Club, Spanish Club, Domesfic Science Club, Pep Club, and 'fhe Dra- ma+ic Club. VERNARD FRANKLIN BOND, JR. Medicine lnieresis Vernard The infriguing life of a doclor allracfs Vernard, who graduales in June. Vernard, who is faking 'rhe college prep course, was a member of 'rhe Lalin Club and also an acfive worker on 'rhe Subscriplion Sfalil of lhe Annual. l-le plans fo lay fhe lounclafion for his praclice of medi- cine al eifher George Washingfon Universily or lhe Uni- versify of Maryland. ba Qffiyo 64.aA6'vff4"44r6f Wie u .111--1 1-iii-1 1.1111- . fiwfzyvwu. 0771 i ' ANNE REBECCA BOURN A Lady M. D. Anne, who has brown hair and blue eyes, is undecided as lo wha? she will do aller graduafion, bul she hopes fo become a docfor. She was a member ol fhe Pep Club and lhe Spanish Club. We can imagine her wifh a pro- fessional air and a slelhoscope. LUCY LOUISE BRADFIELD To Be Secrefary Lucy, anolher blue-eyed girl wilh blond hair, was born July IO, l92I. She has laken fhe commercial course al G. W., and her plans aller finishing al G. W. are lo go fo work. I-ler ambifion is lo become a secrelary for some big business firm. She has laken par? in Ihe Glee Club and lhe Pep Club. She will also graduaie in June. I-lere is anolher secrelary in 'rhe making. MELVIN CECIL BRADFIELD Will Aflend Nighf School Melvin will confinue his educalion af nighl school aller graduafing wilh a general diploma. I-Ie has blue eyes and brown hair and is arnbifious +o become a Cerfilied Public Accounranl. JUDITH MARIE BRADLEY Local Girl Goes To Hollywood "Judy," a June graduare, plans lo do some work when she finishes school: ihen she plans lo be an acfress. She was voled a HSWSSIIIGGVIH in fhe Popularify Conlesl, and she should make good in The dramafic world. During her high school she has been acfive in fhe Dramalic Club. Spanish Club, Pep Club, and lhe Glee Club. JANETTE CARLTON BROWN Janelle To Be Secrelary Janelle is a college preparalory sludenl, and, since her ambifion is lo become a secrefary, she plans to aHend business college aliler June gradualion. In exlrafcurricular acliyifies Janelle has also been very aciive, and she can boasliol membership in fhe Lalin Club, The Glee Club, The Public Speaking Club, Pep Club, and Dorneslic Science Club. MARY ETTA BRYAN Compfomefry Course Planned Mary Ella, grey-eyed blonde, plans lo affend a compe fomefer school upon graduafion, Taking a general course, she has been acfive in The Pep Club, fhe Cade? Corps, and fhe Junior Red Cross. DORRIS VIRGINIA BURTON To En'l'er Universily Hospiial Dorris has hazel eyes and blond hair. During her high school career she belonged 'ro fhe Pep Club, lhe Spanish Club, Arr Club, and Cadel Corps. l-'ler ambiiion is lo be a nurse, and she is planning lo go 'ro ihe Universily of Virginia I-lospilal. FRANK DUDLEY CAHILL Fufure Plans Undecided Frank was a member of +he Jayvee foofball squad For Iwo years and was aclive in many school clubs, including lhe Cadels, Lafin Club, Chevrons Club, and Pep Club. I-le will noi' fell us his fulure plans, buf we have a suspicion fhal he will enier college, judging from his college pre- parafory course here. JEAN CHARLOTTE CAMPBELL Will Aid The Sick Jean had a very acfive career while alfending George Washingfon and has lalcen par? in lhe following organi- zafions: Pep Club, Girls' Baslcelball Team, and Ihe Liferary Socie+y. Jean's ambiiion is lo become a nurse. She is well quali- fied for fhis job since she is paiienl and kind. DORIS ANN CARROLL Ohl A Porhaif Painler This girl wilh brown hair and hazel eyes, who goes by fhe name ol Doris, will be a porlrail painfer. Doris has had an inleresling four years in high school: she iransierred +his year fo G. W. from a California school. The Public Speaking Club has found her an aclive member here. BARBARA ANN CARTER Capfain's Plans Undecided Barbara, who was capfain of The G-irl's Baslcefball Team, belongs lo +he Cadels, Pep Club, and Monogram Club. She is lalcing a college preparaiory course and expecfs lo graduafe in June. She hasn'+ made up her mind abour fhe iulure or her plans afler gradualion. BEATRICE CHADEKEL CommerciaI ArI'isI', Maybe? . Beafrice's ambifion is 'ro become a commercial arlist or government employee. She has brown eyes and hair. She has been aclive in fhe Cadels and plans 'ro go lo college affer gradualion. I 1 X 1. . ,. 'Q Vffsgf "xg, N, .VI v We f " f i ,SA HENRY MASTEN CLARK, JR. Acfor To Become Foresier We shall all miss Henry for his work in The Pep Club. Dramaiic Club, Cade? Corps, Glee Club, Track Team, Silver Dollar Hislory Club and Chevrons Club. He will graduale in June, buf we shall always remember his cheer- leading and his acring abilily. He hopes lo be a foresler. VERNA ADELLE CLAWSON Verna Has High Ambifions Verna, who has black hair and grey eyes, has taken par? in many achvihes, among lhem are Glee Club, Pep Club, and the Cadets. Verna is Taking a commercial course and alrer graduafion expecis lo enfer fhe business world. Her ambihon is lo be a Cerlilied Public Accounianf. ROBERT CLINTON COOKSEY Accouniing AH'rac'rs Roberi Robert a June graduaie, has been aclive in The Cadeis, Pep Club, T. F. T. S., Baseball, Track, Afhleiic Club, and Cader Club: he has a greal ambilion To be a Ceriified Public Accounfanf af+er he afiends college. Roberi hopes fo alfend George Washington Universily or Benjamin Franklin in preparalion for his ambifion. WILLIAM ANGELO COPPA To Afiend Business College Bill came fo us from lhe Xaverian Brofhers School. He is rafher a quiei, reserved person, and is well liked by all who know him. Aifer graduafion in June he plans lo al- fend a business school. RUSSELL LEE CRAIG, JR. To Be Lawyer "UFla" Craig is fall, wifh sfraighf black hair, brown eyes and a sfrong mania for dancing. He has been very prom- ine-nf in school affairs. His arnbilion is ro be a lawyer. He plans lo aflend fhe Universily of Virginia +o sludy law. He has belonged To many clubs in his school life. PAUL NOYES CROCKER Going To Virginia Paul, who has brown eyes and black hair, plans lo go fo lhe Universiry of Virginia aifer graduafion. Paul, who was a member of lhe varsily foofball and baskelball reams, will probably confinue his alhleiic provlie ess in ofher fields. ix He was a member of lhe Public Speaking Club and 'rhel Spanish Club. X HELEN HALSEY CRUIKSHANK News Hawk Or SecreTary Helen, who has brown hair and eyes, plans To geT a iob alTer graduaTion, buT her greaTesT ambiTion is To be a newspaper reporTer. She is a member OT' The ArT Club, Pep Club, Reading Club, DramaTic Club, Library Club, French Club and T. F. L. S. MARY JANE CUNDIFF To Become ReporTer Mary Jane, an aTTracTive girl wiTh hazel eyes and brown hair, was a member of The ConTesTanTs' Club, The Pep Club, and The DramaTic Club. ATTer graduaTion she expecTs To Tollow some phase oT iournalism and carry ouT her ambiTion, which is To become a TeaTure wriTer on a newspaper. WiTh her high ambiTions and aTTracTiveness, we predicT Thai' she will go Tar in The newspaper world. JAMES FREDERICK CUNNINGHAM Sfill Undecided A Tall, lanky lacl wiTh a subTle wiTl Fred has Taken a business course buT his ambiTion is as yeT undeTermined. JOHN WALDON CURTIN Plans To Become A Professional Musician John, who has blue eyes and lighT brown hair, plans, afTer finishing school, To go To work. His ambiTion is To become a professional musician. l-le has Taken parT in The following acTiviTies: The Pep Club, Glee Club, Silver Dollar l-lisTory Club, School Band, Drum and Bugle Corps, and ThriTT Club. EDYTH SPICER CUSON Off To A Flying Sfarf EdyThe has really high ambiTions, and we hope ThaT she will come Through wiTh flying colors. She has been an acTive member oT'such organizaTions as The French Club, DramaTic Club, CadeT Corps, Spelling and Reading Club, Monogram Club, and Rifle Team. She plans, aTTer graduaTion, To sTudy dancing in order To carry ouT her ambiTion of becoming a dancing Teacher. BuT blue-eyed, brown-haired EdyThe has anoTher ambiTion. She will do a liTTle flying on The side. MILLICENT WELBY DE BUTTS Anofher Girl ln Whife MillicenT has been an acTive member of The Glee Club, LaTin Club, Library Club, Public Speaking Club, and The STudenT Council. She is Taking a college preparafory course. She should soon rise To The Top in her chosen pro- Tession. iiMii,wfiiuii,,Lq ANNE PAULINE DECOSS Anne To Teach Math. Ann, who has hazel-blue eyes and black hair, has Taken carl in many oT The school acTiviTies: Pep Club, Spanish Club, T. P L. S., Debahng Club, One-ACT Plays, STudenT Council, CadeTs, and RiTle Team. Ann's ambihon is To be a maTh. Teacher. She is going To Harrisonburg STaTe Teachers' College aTTer graduahon. HUBERT SHERMAN DOLLINS To STudy Foresfry l-luberT is well-liked by his schoolmates and has been very acTive in school liie as is evidenced by his member- ship in CadeTs, Glee Club, RiTle Team, Pep Club, FooT- ball, Surveyor STaTT, Dramahc Club, and Track. l-luberf expecTs To go To Clemson To sTudy ToresTry. MARIANNA DORNBERGER WanTed: PosiTion As Privafe Secrefary Marianna, a blonde, blueeeyed girl, plans To become a privaTe secreTary. She has been acTive in school organi- zaTions, having been in The Pep Club and in The Spelling Club during her high school career. ATTer graduahon she plans To go To business school and TurTher her commercial educaTion. CHARLES EDWARD DOVE "Dovie" Shall Score Eddie, who was ouTsTanding in aThleTics, was a member of The varsiTy Toofball, baskeTball, and Track Teams. l-le was a cadeT, also a member of STudenT Council in IQ34 and DramaTics Club. l-le has made no Tufure plans buT is hoping Tor an aThleTics scholarship. Whafever he decides To do we know he shall score! THURSTON S. DRAKE AnoTher STrayer's Sfuden+ ThursTon, who has blue eyes and black hair, was a mem- ber oT The Pep Club and a TooTball player. l-le is going To aTTend STrayer's Business College, where he will sTudy bookkeeping. GEORGE FRANCIS DuFRANE, JR. Law Beclrons To DuFrane Upon his graduaTion in June George plans To aTTend nighT school unfil he can pass The bar exam, l-le has been here only one year and has been a member oT The Come mercial Club. l'-lis blue eyes and brown hair will be a con- sTanT ThreaT To The ladies of The iury. CHARLES ALVIN DUNN Alvin To Be An Acounlanl Alvin, who plans lo allend Benjamin Franklin Universily upon his graduafion in June, has an ambilion lo be a Cerfilied Public Accounlanl. Tall, with brown eyes and black hair, his various school acfivifies have included cadet work fhroughoul his high school years and membership in lhe Chevrons Club. FRANCES BURKE EAGLE To Be Designer Frances, who has blue eyes and brown hair, plans lo sludy designing and commercial arl in Washinglon or Chi- cago aller gradualion. To enumerale her many aclivilies would lake lhe enfire page, so we hope il' will be sullicienl lo say lhal, besides her work in lhe Dramaiic Club, she has worked on lhe paper and Annual sialls and has been a member ol the Commercial, French, and Conlesfanls' Clubs. ADA BARBARA EASTMAN Barbara To Be Fufure Librarian Barbara plans lo become a librarian alfer alfendin Q Lynchburg College. Barbara has been very acfive in club work. She was a member ol lhe Lalin Club, Library Club, and ihe Silver Dollar l-Iislory Club. JOHN COLLUM EINBINDER Anofher News Hawk John, alfer gradualion, plans lo secure a iob wilh lhe governrnenl, allhough he hopes lalcr lo become lhe man- ager ol a newspaper. John, who has blue eyes and brown hair, was a member ol lhe Cadel Corps. EDWIN WILLIAM EMBREY To Become Business Execuiive Edwin, who has blue eyes and brown hair, plans lo be a business execulive aller going lo a Business College. I-le belonged lo lhe Ari Club. We can iusf see Edwin al a big desk some clay, giving orders. ROSIE ESTELLE ENGLISH Plans For Business Educafion Rosie, wilh blue eyes and brown hair, was an aclive member ol The Pep Club, Cade? Club, and Cade? Corps. She is Taking a general course and plans Io go fo a Busi- ness School affer gradua+ing from G. W. L 19 , . pw-a.,q-,Cf 5' 1 9 Q X, ill i Q, ARVEY NELsoN Fn'roN U j Plans lncomplefe L V ri i rvey, who has green eyes and blond hair, has no iniie plans as lo lhe lulure. He was a member of the Cadel Corps, Dance Club, Ari Club, Silver Dollar History Club, Chess Club, and Commercial Club. ROBERT CLAYTON FITZGERALD To Alfencl College Roberl Filzgeraid, one ol our mosl' aclive seniors, was in the Cadels since lhe 7+h grade. He was Isl Lieul. ol Co. B al lhe lime ol his gradualion. He was a mem- ber ol fhe Spanish Club for 2 years and also ol lhe Saber Club lor I year. He was Assislanl Business Mane ager ol lhe I938 School Annual. He hopes lo affend eilher George Washingfon Universily or lhe Universily ol Virginia. CARL EDWIN FLETCHER Cadel To Become Accounfanf Carl, who has brown eyes and hair, plans 'ro alfend Sfrayer College wifh high ambilions of becoming an ac- counlanl. He has faken lhe college preparalory course and has been a cadel for The pas? lour years. WARREN HARDlNG FLETCHER Warren To Be Enlomologisl Warren, who has blue eyes and brown hair, wanfs lo be an Enlomologisl lsfudy bugsj. He was a member ol fhe Public Speaking Club. JOHN ANDREW FOX California Lures John John plans lo go lo work aller his graduafion. He ex- pecls lo 'rake a long lrip +o fhe golden land of California when he has saved enough money. John, who has brown eyes and brown hair, look a general course while in schoolg he is well liked by all lhe sfudenfs. MADENE LA RUE FULTON To Become Porlial Madene, who expecls lo graduafe in June, wishes +0 aHend law school and lo become a lawyer. She has been acfive in 'rhe Pep Club and Spelling Club for lhe pas? +hree years. We expecf lo hear of her success. She should win over any iudge and iuryl MARIAN FRANCES FULTON Secrefaryship ls Marian's Ambiiion Marian, who was a reporfer lor The "Surveyor," is aclive in fhe Glee Club, Sewing Club, Pep Club. and in The Cadel Corps. Brown-eyed wifh brown hair, she hopes To realize her ambilion of becoming a secrelary and To furlher These plans, she is going To a Business College nexi year. MARY MARGARET GAILLIOT To Be Sfenogrepher Mary, who has brown hair and eyes, wanfs 'ro be a sienographer. She was a member ol fhe Spelling Club. Commercial Club, Girl Reserve, Dance Club, Spanish Club, Domeslic Science Club, and Pep Club. MARY EVELYN GEMENY To Become A Sienographer Mary, a "finy" graduaie who has parlicipaied in The Cadefs, Pep Club, Spanish Club. and has been vice- presidenl of The Spanish Club, has The ambifion lo sil' in someone's office and be a slenographer. Mary has big blue eyes and sandy blond hair: she plans 'ro aflend Srrayer's Business College afrer her graduafion. GEORGE MARVIN GIAMMITTORIO Champion Debaler To Be Lawyer George, who is presidenf of fhe Senior Class ol' '38, plans 'ro enfer George Washingfon Universily, where he will sludy law alfer gradualion. l-le was one of The champion debaiers of The siare in '37, He was an acfive member of The Sfudenf Council. Debafing Club, Silver Dollar l-lisfory Club, and presidenf of fhe Public Speaking Club. George, wifh his brown wavy hair and darlc brown eyes, should be able +o persuade rhe ladies of 'the jury +o agree wiih him on any quesfionl MARTHA LOUISE GIBBS Furure Journalisf Martha enjoys work connected wi+h +he newspaper field. Marfha is a prelfy brunelie wifh gray eyes, is very friendly To everyone, and will be a decided assef fo The cold world of journalism. She expecfs +o be a reporler and hopes some day +o have a newspaper of her own. Then we will all subscribe. GEORGE EDWARD GOMPF Vice-Presidenl' Of Sfudeni' Council To Be Aeronaufical Engineer George, a member of The Sludenf Council and Cadefs since eniering high school, is oufslanding in bolh. A cap- fain in The Cadefs and vice-presidenl of 'rhe Siudeni Council, he plans +o enfer Massachuse++s lns+i+u+e of Tech- nology. His ambilion is 'ro become an Aeronauiical Engi- neer. He also has been acfive in lhe Biology Club, Spanish Club, Track Team and Junior Birdmen Club. we Q J " wk QW 3 VIRGINIA RUTH GOULD California Lass In Our Midsf Virginia, slriking brunelle, who came lo our school lhis year lrom Calilornia, has been very aclive in lhe Public Speaking Club and Reading Club. She has laken a general course and plans 'ro enler William and Mary, where she will sludy lo be a leacher. Well known allhough here lor only a shorl lime, and well liked, she hails lrom Quanlico. VIRGINIA EILEEN GREENWOOD Anolher Girl In While Eileen's ambilion in lile is To Train al lhe Alexandria Hospilal and become a lirsf-rale nurse. She has blue eyes and brown hair. She will complele her general course in June and will begin irnmediale praclice 'lor her nursing profession. She has been aclive in The Cadel Corps and lhe Pep Club. CHARLES FREDERICK GROVER Engineering Aflracls Fred Fred, anofher brownfeyed, brown-haired senior, hopes lo go lo some college To sludy engineering. He has been aclive in The Lalin Club and lhe Pep Club. His ambilion is lo become a famous engineer. DOROTHY HARRIS Has A Vivid Imaginalion Dorothy look a general course in high school. She is original and has a very vivid imaginalion. She is, also, very quiel and reserved, and will be a success in anylhing she underlakes lo do. KENNETH HARRIS School Musician Wanis To Be Befler "Kenny," who has grey eyes and brown hair, expecls lo work lor his lalher aller graclualion. He is one ol Jimmy's Rhylhm Boys, and his ambilion is lo become a very good musician. He has been a member ol lhe Pep Club, Silver Dollar Hislory Club, Cadels and was lhe Direclor ol 'rhe Audi- 'rorium in lhe Sludenl Council during his school years. WILLIAM BAXTER HARRIS Engineer In The Making William, a blue-eyed senior, plans lo go lo work aller gradualion. He is now faking a College Preparalory Course and has lhe ambilion of being an eleclrical engi- neer. He is a member ol the Spanish Club. V-.Qr DAVID HARRISON To Be Lawyer David, who has brown hair and eyes, plans 'ro sludy law af V. M. l. and iurlher his ambilion of becoming a lawyer. He was a member of the Spanish Club, Library Club, Pep Club, Silver Dollar l-lisfory Club, and Cadef Corps. MARY ELLEN HAYDEN Brown-Eyed Senior To Be Nurse Mary plans lo lake a pos+ graduale course af G. W. High and Then fo allend George Washinglon Universily affer gradualion and furlher her ambilion of being a regisfered nurse. She was a member of The Pep Club, Spelling Club. Silver Dollar Hislory Club. Cadel Corp and 'rhe School Orcheslra. ' VERNON EARLE HEATON To A'l'+end Engineering School Vernon, afler gradualion in June, plans lo allend an engineering school. His ambilion is 'ro be a Civil Engi- neer. Vernon was a member of +he Spanish Club, and also belongs lo +he Pep Club. Maybe we will ride over bridges which he helped conslrucf, some day. VIRGINIA LEE HELTON Anoiher Girl In While Virginia, who has blue eyes and lighl brown hair, has been aclive in lhe Pep Club and Cadef Corps. She hopes fo enler 'rhe nursing profession. Won'+ she loolc prelfy wi+h a while cap on! HARRIET HERNDON Hopes To Be Dad's Secrelary Harrier plans 'ro allend boarding school for a year, fhen go lo college. She has been a cheer leader, a member of lhe Sludenl Council and lhe Cadel Corps, She also belonged fo lhe Dramalic Club, Glee Club, Pep Club, and Spanish Club. Three cheers for Harriel and much luck! BERRYMAN LEONIDAS HICKS Undecided As To Fufure Plans Berryman's grealesl ambifion is lo become a lawyer. He is undecided aboul' his plans afler graduafion in June. He was a member of The Cade? Corps, Pep Club, G-lee Club, and Laiin Club. ,. wif! li l i . - - Mwjfiosenr Hoi.DERNEss To Be An Accoun+an+ Z who has brown eyes and blond hair, has only been al G. W. since lasl February. He worked wifh 'rhe Debal- ing Club. He has added much Io our school wifh his allraclive manner and appearance. ELLEN HUNTER Aclress To Be Secrelary A leader in dramalics, Ellen has been in many ol our mosl successful plays. She was selecled lor lhe leading lady in fhe conlesl play, "The Boon" "The Ghosl Train" and "The Scandal." Ellen has parlicipaled in ofher school aclivilies, including lhe Spanish Club, Pep Club, and Commercial Club. She plans lo be a secrelary. PHYLLIS VIRGINIA IRBY To Be Nurse One of G. W.'s mosl popular sludenls, Phyllis is known for her sporlsmanship, dancing, and pep. She has been c member ol lhe Senior Cheerleading Squad and Ihe Pep Club Council. Phyllis has been a parficipanl in many olher school aclivilies and was voled The williesl girl in school. Alfer gradualion Phyllis wanls lo sludy 'ro be a nurse. NORMAN WELFORD KARRIKER Desires "To Be Somebody" Wellord has no delinife plans ailer gradualion in June ofher lhan fo acquire a job and make Hsomelhing of him- self." He may also be remembered by his work in lhe Span- ish Club. CAROLINE MARIE KAST Riflewoman To Be Secretary Caroline, who has brown eyes and dark hair, is faking a commercial course in order fo assisl her in her ambilion lo become a secrelary. Afler finishing school in June she will allend S+rayer's Business College lo beller lil her for lhis posilion, Caroline look an acfive parl in lhe organizalions in lhe school, having held membership in The Monogram Club, Cadels, and Rifle Team. Beware, employers! She's"'handy" wilh a gun. JAMES LLOYD KELLY Will Sfucly To Become C. P. A. James, who has brown hair and sparkling blue eyes, has laken aclive parf in school organizalions al George Wash- inglon High School. He was a member of +he Arl Club, and he parlicipaled in Ihe Pep Club. Afler gradualing in June he expecls lo receive o governmenl posilion. Laler he will allend Slrayer's Col- lege, where he will sludy lo become a Cerlilied Public Accounlanf. MARGARET LEE KIDD To Be A Diplomafic Secrefary Margaret very shy and blonde, in her high school career has been a very aclive member of 'rhe Library Club, Glee Club, French Club, Domesric Science Club, and Silver Dollar l-lislory Club. Afrer her gradualion she plans ro aflend some business college in preparafion for a Diplomaric Secrefarial posifion. BETTY LOUISE LAKE Anofher Girl ln While Berfy, who has brown hair and blue eyes, wanrs fo be a nurse. She was an acrive member of 'rhe Caclel Corps, French Club, Pep Club, and Girl Cade? Club. Much luclc To anorher girl in whifel ELIZABETH LEACHMAN To Teach Piano Lessons Elizaberh, who has brown hair and eyes, plans lo srucly piano in a Washingron music school affer gradualion. l-ler ambifion is ro play fhe piano well and 'ro be able fo +each if. She was a member of lhe Cade? Corps, Pep Club, Home Economics Club and Biology Club., ESTHER GAYNELLE LEACHMAN "Gay" To Be Secrefary "Gay" plans fo affend a business school affer gradua- 'rion. Her ambition is +0 become a secrerary or book- lceeper. She was a member of the Pep Club, Silver Dollar Hisfory Club, Dramafic Club, G-lee Club, and 'rhe Cadefs DE FOREST SALVADOR LEWIS f' -ax ST Ty cl F zfb- To Be Naval Officer ,S "QQ N f DeFores+, who has brown'hair and grey eyes, plans +o affend Annapolis afler gradualion and furlher his ambi- fion of becoming a naval officer. l-le was an oulsfanding debafer and a Cadef for four years. l-le was a member of the Sabre Club, Chevrons Club, Spanish Club, Silver Dollar l-lislory Club, and fhe Pep Club. ROBERT PAUL LIPPS Business Manager To Be Lawyer Paul during his high school days was vice-presidenf of The Freshman Class, and was acfive in fhe Pep Club, Pub- lic Speaking Club, Theodore Ficlclin Liferary Sociefy, Span- ish Club, and Srudenf Council, and as Adverfising Man- ager of 'rhe Compass. l-le plans fo affend the Universify of Virginia and luriher his ambifion in law. ,-I BETTY CALDWELL UTAKER To EnTer Business World "BeTsy," whose ambiTion is To be a privaTe secrelary. has Taken a commercial course in high school and inTends To enTer STrayer's Business College alTer gradualion. Blue-eyed BeTsy has been busily engaged in many ac- Tivilies, ArT Club, Spanish Club, CadeTs, Pep Club, Come mercial Club, and Compass STaTT. JAMES FRANKLIN LONG. JR. Jimmy Plans To Be Engineer Jimmy expecTs To go To The Bliss Eleclrical School lor Training aTTer his graduaTion from high school. During his high school days he Took parT in The Public Speaking Club. l-le is Taking a commercial course, and his ambiTion is To become an elecTrical engineer. RICHARD SAMUEL LUCKETT, JR. Richard Won'T Reveal AmbiTion Richard, Jr., plans To aTTend Randolph-Macon alTer graduaTion in June. l-le has been a member of The T, F. L. S., ConTesTanTs Club, Debaling Club, and Compass STaTl. l-le won'T Tell us his ambiTion, buT we wish him success in whaTever he underTakes. ROBERT CREEL MARSHALL Bob Marshall Fufure General Bob has been in our school only since lasT February. Formerly he aTTended high school in Albany. Bob is The ediTor ol This book called The "Compass" and has done a very able iob, don'T you Think? ln The shorT Time he has been here he has been acTive in The French Club, Camera Club, and The Public Speaking Club. AlTer graduaTing Trom high school he probably will aTTend a prep school Tor a year and Then aTTend WesT PoinT. l-lis ambiTion is To be an army officer wiTh brass buTTons, braid and every- Thing. JANICE ADELE MATHENY Miss G. W. To Be AThleTic InsTrucTor Janice, vice-presidenT of The Senior Class, plans To aT- Tend college. Janice, an aTTracTive girl, represenTed G. W. as Miss 6. W. aT The Annual Foolball Banquet Janice, alTer Taking parT in baskeTball since she enTered school, is going To college To Turlher her sludy of aThleTics in order To become an aThleTic insTrucTor. She was acTive in The Pep Club, on The Surveyor STaTT, Monogram Club, SecreTary of Junior Class, Cheer Leader, Spanish Club, and The Annual STaTl. MARY ADELAIDE MCEWAN To Be Accounfanl' Mary, who has green eyes and dark brown hair, wanTs To be an accounTanT. To TurTher This ambiTion she will aTTend a business college afTer graduafion. She was acTive in The l.aTin Club, Reading Club, and Spelling Club. ROBERT MCGOWAN To Be Consfruclion Engineer Roberl, who has blue eyes and brown hair, plans 'ro go lo college aller graduating and lurlher his ambifion ol be- coming a conslruclion engineer. He was aclive in lhe Pep Club, Lalin Club, Chevrons Club, Cadels, and presidenl ol lhe Silver Dollar Hislofy Club. LUCILLE EVA MILES To AHencI SIrayer's Blue-eyed Lucille plans fo sfudy al SIrayer's nexl year. Lucille was acfive in lhe Pep Club and Silver Dollar Hislory Club in her high school years. Her ambilion is 'ro be a good slenographer. Good luck, we say! EDITH VIRGINIA MILLER Blue-Eyed Nurse Edilh, who has blue eyes and brown hair, plans lo be a nurse aller gradualion. She inlends To enler a hospilal fo fulfill 'rhis ambifion, She was made honorary member of fhe Lalin Club and was a member of +he Cade? Corps. DOROTHY GRACE MINGIN Ano+her Secrefarial Career Planned Dorolhy, who has lighl brown hair and brown eyes, has lalcen a lour-year commercial course and plans To allend a business school. She has been an aclive member in fhe Pep Club, Eliquelle Club, and Spanish Club. Her ambilion is lo be a really good secrelary. DOROTHY EUNICE MONAHAN Ano+her Do Re Me Girl Dorolhy plans, alfer gradualion, fo false up music and Ihen lo give music lessons as a vocalion. She is now falcing a general course and will graduale in June. Doro- fhy is a blue-eyed girl wilh blond hair, and we all like her. ABIGAIL REBECCA MONROE Chooses Nursing As A Profession Rebecca, a brunelle with gray eyes, expecls lo gradu- are in June, '38, wilh a commercial diploma. Her ambi- fion is to become a nurse. JAMES MONROE Jimmy To Fly Tail, blond Jimmy is going To be an aviaTor, and in order To achieve This, he will enTer eiTher Annapolis or The UniversiTy or' Maine in rhe Tall. He graduaTes in June wiTh a college pre-oaraTory diploma, and has been acTive in The LaTin Club and Reading Club. MABEL LEE MORGAN Anolher Secrelary Mabel, who has brown eyes and chesTnuT hair, plans To worlc as a secroTary aTTer graduaTion and To be a "good" one is her arnbilion. She has been aciive in The Glee Club and CadeTs. WILLIAM MINOR MORIARTY High School STar To Be Pro To be a proTessional aThleTe-ThaT's BiIl's main ambi- Tion. Well known Tor his work in TooTball, baseball, and Traclc Teams, Bill will graduaTe in June wiTh a general diploma. The Spanish Club, Pep Club, and Monogram Club have also had him as a member, and we say "good luclr To a iuTure prolessionalf' SARA JEAN MOSS Wanfs To Have Everylhing Sara Jean, who has lighT brown hair and blue eyes, wanTs To go To college. I-Ter ambiTion is "To have every- Thing I wanT-clofhes, cars, horses, eTc." e was an acTive member oi The Dramalics Club and peared in such plays as "Simon Pure SimpleTon," 'I-Toney," and "The ThirTeenTh Chair." She was also manager ol The Commercial Club paper and presidenT ol The Junior Red Cross. BOYD CARSON MYERS OpporTuniTy Of Elecfrical Engineering Knoclrs The promising career oi an elecTrical engineer awaiTs Boyd, He inTends To prepare himseli Tor This Tield aT V, P, l. I-le is very acTive in clubs and belonged To The Spanish Club, Silver Dollar HisTory Club, and Pep Club. Boyd was also acTive in s'porTs, Talcing up TooTball and Traclc, I-le is The Treasurer and member oT The Discipline and l-lonor CommiTTee ol The STudenT Council. MARY ELIZABETH NALLS Local Girl Plans Business Career Mary Elizaberh plans To go To business school in The hope oT becoming a successiul boolclceeper or secreTary. Mary has been a member in The Tollowing clubs during her high school career: CadeT Corps, Pep Club, T. F. L. S,, Spanish Club, and The Cade-T Club. We are expecTing big Things Trom This hazelreyed sen'or RHEA ANNETTE NALLS Will Aflend Typing School Rhea, a June graduafe faking lhe general course, has hazel eyes and blonde hair. Throughouf her four years of high school she belonged fo fhe Pep Club and Ihe Spanish Club. Rhea's ambilion is Io be an experf Iypisl' and nexf year hopes +o be allending a good Iyping school. LESTER NORTON Cheerleader To Be Bookkeeper Allhough a dancer, cheerleader, member ol lhe Boys' Glee Club, and manager of our baslcelball Ieam, Les+er's 'rrue inleresl lies in bookkeeping, which he will confinue Io sludy af Columbia Universify. yy King Of AII Sporls "Beano" O'NeiI, "+he man wonder!" His loolball abil- ify is above lhe resl. His middle name, King, is char- acferislic of his abilify lo be a leader among boys. He is also a Iraclc and baseball man, wifh membership in fhe Pep Club. Spanish Club, and Cadel Corps. "On 'ro G. W. U.," is 'the mollo of lhis blue-eyed blaclc-haired boy. WARREN KING o'NEn. JAMES WALTER O'NElL To Be Lawyer Jimmie alfer gradualion plans Io alfend lhe Universify of Virginia. Jimmie, who has brown eyes and hair, has been an acfive member ol fhe Cade? Corps for Iwo years. His ambifion is to become a member of 'rhe bar. LOUISE MARION OPPENHEIM To Be Musician Louise wanls "Io Ialce up arl and music" eller leaving school, and wifh her abilify and persislence, she will succeed! She was a member of The Band, Pep Club, Commercial Club, and Spanish Club. DORIS IRENE PADGETT Doris To Be Comp+ome'Iris+ Doris has been very acfive in her school work, as she has worlzed wifh Ihe following organizafions: Ar-I Club, Lalin Club, Lieufenanl' in Cadels, Pep Club, Commercial Club, and Ihe Sludenl' Council. Af+er graduafion she hopes +o affencl S+rayer's Business College, where she will 'false a course in compfomelry. Afler complefing lhis course, Doris expecfs 'ro be aprivale secrefary. 'a 'Le full 1-- f-.' Mba? 40, I KMA, 0- bciuudv B7 if' Nuff? ff' HELEN PAPIROSKI To Be STenographer l-lelen wanTs To be a good sTenographer, She has Taken a Commercial Course and been an acTive member OT The Commercial Club. Helen also Typed and helped wiTh The Annual. Nj MARGARET LEE PARKER Wir? me ry!! Car Owner Her Ambifion QP MargareT's ambiTion is To have an auTomobile of her ownl She is a very preTTy girl, is Triendly and liked by all. We wish her luck abouT geTTing The auTomobile and success aT Fredericksburg STaTe Teachers' College, which she will aTTend aTTer graduaTion. EDGAR FRANCIS PETERSON, JR. Edgar Will Sfudy Law Edgar, grey-eyed, brown-haired, young Tellow, plans To conTinue sTudying aTTer graduaTion in order To become a lawyer, buT has noT selecTed his school as yeT. l-le was a member oT The Commercial Club and has Taken a Commercial Course. WILLIAM PETERSON Plans To Be C. P. A. William, who has blue eyes and brown hair, was a mem- ber oT The Commercial Club. l-le plans To aTTend STrayer's Business College aTTer Tinishing school. l-Tis ambiTion is To become a CerTiTied Public Ac- counTanT. ENNA MAE PETTINGILL lnTeresTing AmbiTion Erma, who has Taken an acTive parT in The Pep Club, Commercial Club, and The CadeT Corps, has an unusual and inTeresTing ambiTion-ThaT oT becoming an under- Taker. ln order To carry ouT her plans, she will aTTend an embalming College in Philadelphia. MARY DOROTHY PILKERTON Plans To Be Sfenographer DoroThy, who has grey eyes and brown hair, has noT made plans To aTTend anoTher school aTTer graduaTion. A member oT The Commercial Club and The Pep Club, she is Taking The Commercial Course, and when she gradu- aTes, she plans To be a slenographer. .Kes LEWIS GORDON PORTER. JR. Lewis Will Affend M. I. T. Lewis Porler, who has brown eyes and lighl hair, has been aciive in lhe Cadels, Pep Club, Camera Club, Chevrons Club, on +he Adverlising Sfaff of fhe Compass, and has worked on lhe sfage crew of 'rhe Dramalic Club. Lewis has 'rraveled widely and lasl summer speni several monfhs abroad. Affer graduafion he plans lo allend Massachusells lnslilufe of Technology, buf has no ,deiinile ambilion. - ' HELEN FRANCES PRISAZNICK "To Be A Good Secre+ary" Helen, grey-eyed and brown-haired young lady, who plans fo become a good secreiary aiier alfending college, has been quile busy during her high school career. She has held membership in fhe Spelling Club, Reading Club, Public Speaking Club, Spanish Club, and has been a fypisi for "The Compass." She has also served as assisl- anf in fhe library and office. LOUIS WESLEY PRISAZNICK To Be Elecfrical Engineer Aller graduafion Louis, a popular senior, expecis lo sludy elecfrical engineering in order 'ro become an engi- neer and lhus lo realize his ambilion. A brown-eyed, dark-haired young man, he is complefing a general course in high school. LESLlE CARLTON RAIFORD Anofher Fufure Lawyer Carlfon, a member of lhe June graduafing class, has falcen a general course and plans lo enler George Washinglon Universily in lhe fall. He will sfudy law and laler will follow his ambilion fo become a lawyer. He has been acfive in fhe Lalin Club and Pep Club. ' LINWOOD THURMAN RAIFORD, JR. "To Be A Successful Booklueeepern Thurman, beller lcnown as "Raffle," wanfs 'ro be a suc- cessful boolrlceeper. He was a member of lhe Cadel Corps during his high years and rose lo lhe rank of Caprain. Thurman was also presidenf of the Boys Glee Club and a member of lhe Pep Club. ELLEN ROBERTS RAMMEL Ellen ls Undecided Ellen, who is affraclive, wilh brown eyes and hair, plans 'ro go lo college aller graduafion. She has noi, however, chosen her vocafion. She was secrelary of fhe Public Spealcing Club, secre- fary of fhe Library Club, a member of 'rhe Silver Dollar Hisfory Club, French Club, Adveriising Sfalif of Compass, and direcfor of Healfh and Sanifafion. J- XJWW frwyfw' li eww - - J, K Longs For While Uniform REBECCA FLORA RECKER Will Train To Be Nurse Rebecca, who is a member of lhe Commercial Club and who was for lwo years a member of 'rhe Cadel Corps, hopes lo lulfill her ambilion fo be a nurse by going in lraining. A blonde wilh pre-Hy brown eyes, Rebecca is lalcing 'rhe Commercial Course. EVELYN LOUISE REDMAN Movie Scoufs Aflenlionl Flash! Evelyn Redman, former G. W. sfudenr who received her diploma in June of l938, has been discovered as real movie lalenl' by Hollywood scouls. Afler finishing her high school worlc she plans io sludy af Sfrayer's College and Then become a slenographer in a well-lcnown Wash- inglon law firm. She may be remembered by her high school males for parliciparion in fhe Cader Corps and The Pep Club and as Miss Hamplon of I937. lx - V' li Y' if gf 4 HAZEL OPHELIA RIDDELLE i Hazel, blue-eyed blonde, a June graduale, plans to be a regislered nurse. Hazel is compleling a general course and has been aclive in fhe Cadef Corps, Dance Club, and fhe Pep Club. To all rhose who are sick, call,on Hazel, R. N. NORMA MAE ROBERTS Plans Undetermined Norma, a cule girl wilh brown eyes and brown hair, is The daughler of a well-known Mefhodisr Minisler. Norma graduafes in June buf has nol decided whal she wanls lo do. We hope lhal she will choose a worlhwhile and helpful field of worlc. JOSEPHINE CALVERT ROBINSON To Manage Dad's Business Jo, who has blonde hair and blue eyes, plans lo go 'io William and Mary College affer graduafion. To manage her fa+her's business well is her ambifion. She was a member ol lhe Swimming Club, T. F. L. S. and fhe Larin Club. MARVIN THOMAS ROWLEY Fufure Rubinoff Marvin, who has grey eyes and brown hair, plans io be a musician. During his career in high school he has been acfive in Cade? worlc and has reached lhe rank of Caplain, and he has been in +he Pep Club. P GEORGE PHILIP RUSHII kx Maeslrp To Become RadiorEnglbJ6r ll Jack lMaesfrol Rush has ha X an adive life i EG. W. He parlicipafed in such aclivi ' s fs. IFA Pep' CI , G! e Club, Band, and Cadefsq Afrer graduafing Jack fs louxllemll nivegisy is of Richmond. I-le is ingr sled in radio ork, ' ambilion is fo becomelp Radio Engineer. X R' DOROTHY VIRGINIA SCHELHO Virginia Schelhorn To Be Libra ' Virginia. an affraclive brunelfe, has en aclive in fhe Pep Club, Dramafic Club, and Library Club during her high school life. Aller gradualion s e plans 'ro enler Mary Washingfon College where she will sludy +o be a librarian. We shall look forward 'ro visiling her place of business in lhe fufure, and lo borrowing her books. emnvs Louise sci-IELHQRN ' ,I Fufure G. W. U. S+uden+ Gladys, one of lhe dark-haired, brown-eyed beaulies of fhe school, plans 'ro alfend George Washingfon Univer- sily offer gradualion. Here she will sludy lo fulfill her ambifion of becoming a "school marm" in a grammar school. I-ler days in high school have been very aclive as she has belonged fo fhe Pep Club, 'rhe Cade? Corps, The Conrad Johnson Mililary Club, and fhe Spelling Club. LILLIAN ESTELLE SCOTT Poelry-Real Ambilion Lillian, anolher blonde, plans lo work wilh her falher al his place of business as bookkeeper afler gradualion. During her years in high school she has been acfive in Cadef work, Pep Club, Dance Club, and was an oulsfand- ing player wifh fhe baskefball leam. Wifh blue eyes sparkling, Lillian admilled lhal her real ambifion is 'ro wrile poelry. So don"l' be surprised lo see a new volume of poems some day. IDA MARGARET SELLERS To Be Airplane Hos+ess Margo, who has black hair and brown eyes, plans lo go fo Ohio Sfafe Universily aller gradualion. I-ler ambilion is +o be an airplane hosfess. She is assislanl' edilor of fhis book! She was an acfive member of fhe Dramalics Club and appeared in such plays as "Honey," "Ghos'l Train," and "Simon Pure Simple+on." She was also a member of 'rhe French Club, Girls' Glee Club, Reading Club. Junior Red Cross, and Home Economics Club. AUDREY LORRAINE SHEPHERD Sfar Afhlere To Be Typisl' Who said lhaf lilrlle girls could no'r play baskelball? Look a+ fhis forward! Audrey, who is one of lhe school's oulslanding baskel- ball players, belongs +o fhe Cade? -Corps, Pep Club, Spanish Club, and Monogram Club. Affer gradualion Audrey plans lo become a 'rypisl for some business firm. EARL C. SHERERTZ To Be Elecfrical Engineer Earl, beffer known as "Buddy," wan+s fo be an eleclrical engineer and wilh his common sense and experience he will soon be figuring in kilowaifs. He was a member ol ihe Public Speaking Club and Debaling Club. KATHERINE OLIVIA SHERERTZ Wanied: Office Job Kalherine, who has grey eyes and brown hair, expecfs lo gel a iob as a slenographer. Kafherine has been a member ol fhe Theodore Ficklin Liierary Sociefy and o member of fhe Pep Club. ANITA RUTH SHIFLETT From S1rayer's To S+enography Anila, who was a member of 'rhe Cade? Corps, plans 'ro enier S+rayer's Business College. Her ambiiion is 'ro become a slenographer. MARY ELLEN SIMMONS Who Needs Privaie Secrefary? Wifh green eyes and brown hair, Mary Ellen should go lar in lhe commercial world, where she will find her fuiure vocarion. She expecls lo enfer governmenl service as a priva+e secrefary affer graduahon, She has been an acfive member of fhe Library Club and has Taken The Commercial Course. MADGE LEE SIMMONS Ax V. To Enfer Governmenf Service 5 'I s ' l ' A hazel-eyed, auburn-haired girl, who has been 'raking a commercial course, plans fo enfer governmenl service upon graduafion, where she hopes fo become a privafe secrelary. She has been in many school acfivilies and was Red Cross Home Room Represenfafive in l937. Her charm- ing manner and appearance should help in furfhering her ambifion. FRANCIS LOUISE SIMMS Red-headed Sfenographer Prefly, blueeeyed, red-haired Frances plans fo afiend S+rayer's affer gradualion. She hopes fo become a sfenographer, and aren'+ all red-haired sienographers successful! She will be remembered for work in ihe Cadef Corps. The Pep Club, Lafin Club, and Red Cross Club. TM, ROBERT WEIGLEY SNYDER Ace Will Slar Roberl, beller known as Bob, look a general course while in high school. He was oulslanding in alhlelics, especially loolball and lrack. We will miss Bob because ol his good nalure and wise cracks. He was also a member ol The Spanish Club. JOHN JULIAN SPITTLE Business Manager To Be Admiral John, who has worked so hard as business manager ol lhis book lhis year, longs for a sailing lulure, and 'ro allain lhis, he will enler 'rhe Naval Academy. He was aclive in fhe Pep Club, Spanish Club, Thrill Club. Cadel Corps, and Direclor of Traffic for lhe Sludenl' Council, and he goes 'ro Charlollesville as our represenlalive from +he Public Speaking Club. ELIZABETH GRACE STROTHER "La Grande Ar+is1'e" "Libby" is one of our beHer-known sludenls, aclive in dramalics, lhe Glee Club, French Club, and lhe Public Speaking Club. She has represenled G. W. al Char- loffesville rwice. She was presidenf of lhe Conleslanls' Club in her senior year. Her arlislic lalenls will perhaps lead her +o a career in rhe esfhelic lield. HAVEN CHARLES STEWART Wanfs To Be Millionaire Haven, who was an oufslanding member of lhe debal- ing feam, wanls fo be a millionaire: he will probably go lo college aller gradualion. He was a caplain in lhe Cader Corps, also a member of The Chevrons Club Sabre Club n Conlesranls' b adm Lua ,iliraf AUDREY SULLIVAN To Marry Boss A Audrey is nolable for her deep voice and laugh. She has been acfive in fhe Cadef Corps, 'rhe French Club, and lhe Pep Club. Taking a commercial course, she will no doubf "marry her boss" when she becomes a secrelary. PAUL DEWITT THOMAS To Be Governmenf Clerk "Podgie" wishes fo become a governmenl clerk afler gradualion. He is 'raking a general course and plans lo go lo work afler graclualion. "Podgie" was a member of 'rhe Cadef Corps, Chevrons Club, and reached 'rhe rank of Sergeant RUTH BEATRICE THOMAS To Be Dress Designer Rufh, who is faking a general course, wanis 'ro be a dress designer. She has been a popular member of 'rhe siudenf body and has parficipaled in many school aclivilies. ANN WALLACE TINKLEPAUGH G. W.'s Loss Is The Arfs' Gain Ann was a member of ihe Pep Club, Spanish Club, Silver Dollar I-lislory Club, Cadeis, and was on The Surveyor Adverlisinq Sfall. She plans 'ro afiend Fredericksburg Slaie Teachers' College alfer graduaiion. Her ambifion is ro become a model. VINCENT VERMILLION Anofher "Babe RuIh" Vincen+'s greaiesi ambifion is To become a professional baseball player. He has blue eyes and dark brown hair. I-Ie is Taking a general course and expecls io qraduale in June. WILLIAM HERMAN VOGLER Anchors Aweigh, Vogler Bill, an oufsfanding sludenf and Presideni of lhe Siudeni Body, is also a member of ihe Public Speaking Club. I-le plans fo affencl The Naval Academy af Annapolis or Lalayefie alfer graduafion. His highesf ambifion is fo become a naval officer. Wafch our, girls. William plans io wear a uniform! JOHN FREDERICK WALLACE To AI-lend Cifadel Jack, who was made Lieufenanl-Colonel of lhe Caclei Corps, was also a member of fhe Chevrons Club, Sabre Club, Spanish Club and Pep Club. I-lis ambifion is fo aflend Ciiadel College. MARGARET LAURA WATKINS Hopes For Ari Career Laura, who has brown hair and blue eyes, has been acfive in fhe Pep Club, Cadefs, Commercial Club, and rhe Arr Club. I-ler ambifion is fo become a commercial arlisf and decorafor. If fhis cannoi be done, she expecfs fo secure a secrefarial job. MARY BLANCHE WHEATLEY Mary To Be Compfomefer Operafor Mary, blue-eyed senior, wilh blonde hair, will become a complomeler operalor aller her graclualion. ln prepara- lion lor lhis work she has Taken a general course in high school and will affend a business school aller gradualion. THELMA JANE WHITTEMORE A Prospeclive Secrelary Where is lhere a lamous lawyer who wanls a secrelary? Thelma is wailing for jus? such a person, or al leasl she will be aller she finishes her course al Slrayer's where she will go afler graduafion. Acfive in numerous school clubs and in 'rhe Cadel Band, she is an alfracfive young miss with blue eyes and brown hair. JAMES ROBERT WOOD Plans Undecided James, beffer known as "Bobby," was a member of fhe Cadefs-'36-'37-'38. l-le look aclive parls in lhe Theo- dore Ficklin Lilerary Sociely during '37 and '38. l-le was also a member ol The Silver Dollar l-lislory Club. '37 and '38, as well as an excellenl' hislory sludenl. Bobby isn'l afraid ol school work, and l'm sure he will be successful in whalever he under-lakes. SARAH JEMIMA YATES Wanls To Be Spanish lnferprefer Sarah, a black-haired, brown-eyed senior, has been a very aclive member ol lhe following organizalions during her high school career: Cadels. Pep Club, Glee Club, Sfudenl Council, Conleslanls' Club, Public Speaking Club, One-Ac? Plays, Spelling Club, Secrefary-Treasurer and Sludenf Council Represenlalive of Spanish Club. Alfer gradualion she plans lo allend George Washing- fon Universily where she will sludy Spanish and lurlher her ambilion of becoming a Spanish inlerpreler. l 'Y FRESHMEN-wi+h hands reaching eagerly for new knowl- edge -- Sophomores, already bored wi+h high school roufine -Juniors, busy, bu+ dreaming of Senior glories ye? fo come- each one an individual person- aliry, inferesied, bored, dream- ing rhough ihey be-in whose hands The Seniors who graduare leave +he ambirions, rhe hopes, rhe ideals 'rhey have for George Washingfon High -+he ever- changing life of high school moves onl climbing with the under- graduates Y .1 -. W , Room IOI Room I03 Allen. C.:Clarl1 J : Cvwlrscy H: Cfzss 5.1: Lives .l.: Duffle.. .l.: 309, ll- Qf:,f,: .l- EV Wm-V Ry Faqzms. ll: Flsflvwavv, M.: Henery. W.: Hundmm J : Klglr-lgldfr J' Llndssy W.: Lucluefh F.: GOWN., Ky- q3.,.,1 Q P l fafwmw-wud C.: Hfaynos. C.: Hulphisan. Mac Lean J: Ml-lm R- Payne E- Pew C.: Rdlvqwb W.: SPWL. Ny. LVM! K- MAF- V- M Rwv-sas. C: Slvarwan l.: Sfmder. l.: W.: Sellers. R: Wll fe C. Wlllcr. 5' VVVS-r' W.: Allen: A.: TLVWBS pg 1 'f.Y.,... W: Vv'.1.,lnrrl H: Wf-sl B.: Vxffwd. R.: McCon- Buclwanan. R.: Dl FQ- fo A- 'Xrim H.. Gldoms. H: CL.:eN E.. Bake. J, gawk Q1 Cave-r. R.: Dfwcfs A: Enqelklnq. J.: Gilfillan. J.: Grlq-gs. J Harlf-we: P: M.lf'S lf M -nrfw H.: Owe-vs. Mawr L 7 Psy... M: l-wdwlfa l : HMI. J- Hudsrm. U.: Kelly. EJ V.: Peyfon. R.: Prmzc M.: R-vt-'nsfr C.: Rfwlg---s J.' Slvmnlg-f. S.: Kgllvv JV. Mmjm fgl- P.,W,.q M.: Re-rw R.: Roylor-,A:Tl1OVY1dS. M.: Vlolelfe. M.: Wood. P. Umbffvz: A. Room I02 Room I04 Pefrello. H.: A"er E:TUf.lwf N: l-lawflwfw E'Clavl:. C : S mp. Bryn. V:-. Ca 5- Cqff' : .l Clvlsclw L.: Uewfnc.W.Zl2lelcl1el'. Son, H.: Hafglw N: Dlgluffsfrv B- Rfmslww C' Wasl-"-:lrr l.: M: Fmlwy H Hoosvr H Kvkrrw H: Llndsay. U.: Lyons. Sf Wells. J: Rlcldlrk E: Hwffvmn N: Hurvml-11-m. M.: l'ar'lcw: J: MU:-Cr A- P,qK.f,,k. l - Pmf, ':SlnQ'f: A : S'a:'lx A : Tlwiqpen. 6. Dameron. C.: Slle-Mn J: Wall'-v J. Yfm-s li: W4-lls C: Sgwlwe. A':fllQgfvn N- Allallr Il-,3 Cf-rl-ell. M.: Crowe. B. M.: Wood H.: Sl udor L.: Mffrls H- P--aw ". Q: Fl'-mme J.: Dunn H: Umm-rv L' lll.f'. M: Ffvvcflvaw' M: Glllum. C.: GOI'- Hufl. J.: Slevens N.: Bryarl M. Rall:-Cl C: Y F: FlaFefVv. Lu-yr' C- Kg-'wily B: Klr lv-fr. Madarls F.: MCL-'-ln C: Morgan R.: Slmms. H.: Massey. G: l.lis"'- '.- mn. D Ayws l:x Ml: Ngwbcn M- Nflfv: G5 MN? L: Slvanlm A.: Slwllver. J. Warren. G. .N J Wllle+l. M. Room '05 Room 107 Albriqlwl. R: Amkmso E.. Bmw J- Cfqm l.: Cumg L: Bmflclf L.: Boqle. H.: Dwgffn. J: Edolns J: H.1l. J.: Melwl, R.: Davis. P.: Emerey R.. Fafvw' M' Gallal-wav F' Gcrveff F.: OFlal'verly. LJ.: Uwen. S.: Pd-nm' Gy Pg--mflll R.: Barllelf: A.: Green. E-Y Hnlmvl KI K'3PP':l lb' L"""fV'l ,fl-1 lVl-ivhwlll M-T Blondlvfe'-'v U: Bollvwwd F: Qmdlf-y I.: Carlur M: Cerfer. M.: Malcolm. M.: Pelw. F: Srrvln M- R01-ff N- Rnd G.: Vmfqlvr U: Uawsrrn. S.: Dev. M. A: Hflfw E.: Hlxllmfm M.: Hurd. B.: Vauqlm. M.: Wcrvhinqlfn. R : Alfllls A- Bwllef. F.: Brwlard. S.: Hursv, H: FUN-'sf-r-. H: Slwarllovl. D. Corlon: J.: Denlvo M.: Fwnlflv usel M- Gals-ls. W.: l.fl'w1sPQwslw. A.: Morgan. E.: Nelson M Pfeezud. R: Pwmll E: Rlefe D.: Chl: A -7 PaYf1e. H.: Robe-vs. M.:Tllfvva1ssld l.: Va'-M lvn H. J N Room IO6 Room I08 Anfon. L.: Buvllnq: F.. Crf-ffl L- C.s'f v: IH-V-1 l'l: BMS. Si Hclfgvseo L.: Wwe K.: LV'-wvvs D.: lfwlmarv J.: Gearlmrl. F.: Dickerson. M.: Gilellu U: Hfl- A: H'-lxmn J.: J frsfn. MJ llfrber: A: Hwvmar A.- Cusfzm. S: PML My llwmnlis li.: Groves. Klng. F.: Kendriilw K.: Kendwk L.- Lwmm B: N'r+-rv. L.- Part'-w. J.: Jcnr-s. L.: Law:-one J.: Kmn M.: luqiff J.: Hfff. J.: Hayes: R.: B.: Slack. B.: S0519 C.:Wll.lfwfnwslny.E,WIlmrs.E.:M:-1-' Cw'ls: Todd. D- Wilson K.: Blu.: M: Pf-Per: Jg A'l,.,, Q.: Kmbex J. Bradlleld. C.: Broxfon: W' Cmfl-l lf: lllfkv-sf vw R.: Fw-l M.: Moms. S: Marlir' L.: Saw: V ' GJIIU2. G.: Swafy H.: Somwxg-rg R.: Gardner G.: Gwen M: HMS M 1 K W. M.: KM "'- ff L.: MGH' C1 5uTlef. H.: Ffwer. C: Fenner-s J.: Mwrf- W.: Bfqdley: W.: Mills E.: MCCMQSU M.: R -." y rwfris. M: VVM-llfg vw N: W"l.lm+ Kldd. R.: Miller: S.: Sflwf-lr-f B.: Boil-and-v R. son. A. 1 fr' Room IO9 Brul'ly, D.: Finch, H.: Fleel, C.: Goodrich, D.: Hancock L.: Hen cock, M.: Hullman, LeF.: McCauley, B.: Mclnline, V.: Norlon, D.Z Purcell. C.: Sullivan, D.: Sommers, W.: Soloman, M.: Thomas. C.: Hinsley, P.: Auslander, F.: Brigqs,AA.: Guiseppe. E.: Hu'dson, C.: Jones, M.: Lehman, S.: Lewis, F.: Mercer. G.: Merchanl, M.: Morioriiy, M.: O'Briene, B.: Osborne, E.: Sellers. S.: Solomon, M.. Swealh, E.: Schullz, B. M. Room ll0 Beasley, V.: Babb, E.: Callahan, M.: De Planla, M.: Hall, V.: l-lame mill. L.: Harlowe, J.: Hough, J.: Johnson, l.: Mahoney, E.: Meador, B.: Mills, J.: Moon, E.: Morenus, L.: Myers, N. L.: Nichols, L.: Salomomsohn, M.: Towsey, A: Widdilield, D.: Wilson, l.: Wingale. M.: Angel, W.: Beall, E.: Blunf, C.: Caparolelli, L.: Crouch, C.: Farrish, E.: Fleming, LeR.: Gorham, A.: Gorham, T.: Guill, J.: Ham- mill, R.: Hughes, B.: Jackson, G: Jordan, W.: Korbe, H.: Marinoll, J.: Mallhews, R.: Sullon, J.: Walker, S. Room ll4 Brully, N.: Cliff, A.: Cross, J.: Crim, C.: Dickson, Hz: Downham R.: Eckslein, C.: Feagans, A.: Frazier, H.: Goodwin, H.: Harp. J. J.: Campbell, L.: Chilcolle, A.: Dixon, M.: Easlman, J.: Evans, M. K. Evans, N.: Goodrich, N. M.: Haney, M.: Kerland, M.: Lalsios, B. McCracken M.: Rileyj M. L.: Schullz, L.: Turner, V.: Uron, C. Wells, N. Room II6 Allen, E.: Cockrille, C.: Gallahan, C.: Hyland, L.: Jewell, C. Johnson, G.: Lennon, L.: Madaris, J.: Nelson, R.: Page, J.: Phillips L.: Row, T.: Runaldue, J.: Summers, G.: Summers, T.: Thomas, T. Tregor, W.: Walker, D.: Barnes, T.: Barnhill, K.: Brown, M.: Cum- ming, C.: Fullon, N.: Gibbs, R.: Herrell, M. L.: Hinsley, C.: Hudson E.: Kniqhl, C.: McCauley. R.: Moss, B.: R nzi, R.: Soufherland. V.: Taggerl, T.: Thomas, M.: Weiner, A, Hile, D.: Knighf, R.: O'Brien, P.: Pugh, R.: Redmiles, J.: Rasoll, P.: Schlag, W.: Spillle, D.: Sumner, R.: Werlh, R.: Brown, E.: Burgess. Room lll Brooks, C.: Dove, D.: Hicks, R.: Jenkens, C.: Jesler, R.: Leverich P.: Lovelace, W.: Marlin, H.: Mills, H,- Mills, J.: Moy, H.: Parsons, G.: Phillips, B.: Price, N.: Ross, J.: Savage, E.: Croy, D.: Dawson, D.: Duncan, C. M.: Hammegsly, J.: Kendrick, D.: Kimmel, B.: Norlhrup, H L.' Peecl, F.: Phillips. G.: Powell, D.: Prisaznick F.: Pullman, .1 Shanks, L.: Sommers. C.: Slephens, N.: Taylor, V.: Thomas, H.: Thompson, V.: Wells, G.: Werner. M. L.: Williamson, O.: Yales, M.: Zuchelli, J.: Wells, A. Room ll2 Hammersley, W.: Harrison, J.: l-lorlon, D.: lrby, E.: Jenssen, S. Kirkman, J.: Kranzlelder, R.: Lowe, C.: Marsh, F.: Milchell, F.: Owens, H.: Pallanl, L.: Payne, W.: Pulzone, J.: Reid, J.: Russell, H.: Shepherd, A.: Thomas, D.: Truslow, W.: Thompson, R.: Welch, D.: Alves, M.: Cline, M.: English, M.: Hall, K.: Nalls, F.: Pulzone. F.: Randall, D.: Reclor, L.: Riddle, K.: Shererlz, G.: Sfudds, M. J.: Sulli- van, H.: Taggarl, E.: Taylor, G. Room 20I De Silva, B.: Dodd, D.: Draper, N.: Fones, M.: Hardesler, W.: Jacobs, R.: Jacobs, E.: Jordon, W.: Minnigh, L.: Parker, V.: Burlon, M.: Carll, E. M.: Cheeke, H.: Dodson, M.: Fones, M. J.: Hancock, R.: Hough, V.: Johnson, A.: Jones, H.: Marlin, M.: Moser. B.. Nalls, M. L.: Noble. M.: Osborne, V.: Pearson, M.: Powell, J.: Rawl- ings, E.: Runaldue, C: Skeel, E.: Simpson, M. L.: Thomas, R.: Travers: K.: Whilehead, K. Z. Room 20 W gall!!! Cobean, J.: Collin, S.: , .: Fiel, R.: Grimm, G.: Lamm, J.: Larcombe, N.: Ma ' ., wann, B.: Drewry, M.: Jones, C.: Jones, V.: Robey, H.: fan, M.: S lh, B. A.: Simpson, M.: Tanner. A.: f' Watson, G. KJV Alwfl Mx vrwfil. Bollon, L.: Cunningham, C.: Daniels H.: Dove, J.: Francisco, A.: Room 203 Andersen A Eihz L. C F' ' L' "1 I- 'Z '1 V' R iwgw'-' mann, L Haydfn Li Hf- IM " 'J L" fi A MMU U C7 MCCuiLen, W' M 'cw J pf' A 'W W LH" ' L' SW fb Siewjxrr N, Sm .J wow- M W ff--A VW '- B. J.: Bead, M: Bafdf J' amp- E :ir iw. f Une" L Cruiksnank L: Farw A' Gr 1,-f r le f Wi K L ' MW" M p::L.Qfifa E. Rfyf-i J Q'--ai, yvvw 1 rv 5 -- Tr- H- ' Room 205 BoHaye' L.: Eff-and f',- P' favs C- f 15 Q L T. Davis, F: Graves J H1-fs-H ".- H or-af r: iflff-:-gym My Kerv1pe',N'MarLw.- E M Lwfinw R. M-rr Pfizn- LJ- Par-ff E.: Riddick J.- Riley J- Sf-f1,ir..fif- 43- S W: 5,,,-0,-5., Mary, Tmer J.: Turn-r NV, Lvi' Moo- 5 C' Vv'i'3'd M Wood. Cy Wnndscm J. Arr-irq Q L 1,ffr, A. Egmayer M. Dove, E:Ga1iahan A g Hai . N. F '-4 ir- s ' --1f.LsL", J: K ng B.: McDerrno1', A.: Mg'-if-r S' M .1 M' N an 1' Room ZIO Ashyke C: Bavtiay J.: Eine'-s A Ee-' J'-" Q' 3 wr' J Bvrd, W: Cairnw L Vimfkr- W- G- r'-s fr C.. si-ru A: Hd' rinqfsn, M. Har inqvf-r' S Harrnxz' r 'i Ki- AZ LCVSVFS VN Mahcwy C.: Mifwiml it M' L Fw'-'S D' M' PVLIS C.: Rurnsey W.: Ronsnav. P' S- rr-ri rs , UN' 'Y A: Cf'-v G Feaqens, H: HeLfon If Lp n M, 1 M r-n Mfur'n J, McDr:naLd, M: Mfzrrfa, ix: Mais G VV'-"f' NV' P""'2LC- P- Srniin, A: W Lfsiifre F, Room 2l I-Miss Thurman Ca-'npDeLL W.: L.1.'fs"' L' M ffna C' Mn ' R.: N' 'ir' P Privckeif T.: Richards-.r J SNA' ' L-V Lf' F' .Arnrfr J, Bafes E: Beace Hg Bras' -1, A,-f1"'L, -L M Cm?-n M Cover, M9 Erv-rf-y 6, FH- A- LHYJR D a-amen H : GFS, A. Gooch, M. Herndw- A- VD-,.5 Llalfmlf K' ly vs Y.: Mi!.s, VJ. Nans B.: QW.. M- PWM Q ,. W,-10 'xr-wo C.: M-'M-i. O. gwsam, Af gzwf, O- Smgganfyd Wm---5 L- Vwwi. G Worden, L: Wrircbn M. xy D 3 X Y V' Room 207 V I ALI Q Anfwi VV., Bmwn A: W.: Dorfbrcsky, C: Finch, Hnwiway, G.: Harmw- L' Hof-ard, P.: Hufcninsnn, W.: Jones, C.: Parker, J: Spilnan, R A.-ery F: Burznfidd, L.: Cf:poraLeHe. E.: Cimk M: Chy'-in L.: Uzkens H.: Dobson G: Garfen, M.: Gwseppi, R: Heamn, R. Kasi K: K qer. B: Knignh P.: Loifen, E.: Madison F? Marty-le' C.: Mrccoy G.: MQCULLM1, V: M1Lian, V.: Mi?Lf:r, B. A. Mrrr-s J,' Mess L.: Newman, L.: OerTeLi, P, J.: Posey L.: LJr::.nurgn L. Waiker, K. Room 209 CCGL, R.: Defi, J F:1deLy', E.: Herninq, R, Gardrwr, D.: GOI'- nan C.: Hayes. LJ. Hygar U.: Keeier, LX- McFadden R. MiLIs, A.: Mfzweryg J , Muinanc, J : Opporviieirn H.: TripLeM, W.: Waring, D.: Worzds, S. Adarns L.: Brad'ey', F' Burke, Dy Chosen, B.: CLork, E.: Dawson, C, UeMLJ-, M, Dwntzerger L.: EHOH D.: Fleming, E.: Gregory, W: Gr. ve L ' Harwwa, V' Hedges, E.: Ladue, D.: Lanurn, V.' Mercnarv, J : Monroe, D5 Moody,J.:Orr15Tnd ll: Rumsnir1,A,: Toms Us Toorncs L: Caiianan, J. T. R.-Miss Anduiar Dcod S Liirlins R His, P: Gaivaqan, R.: Hawks, J.- Hennaqe. W.: Lynfn J Mavrvcws L: Mriifnnoy, N.: Parker, P: Russeil, R.: Barron R: Grin-rr L Hofe D. House M.: Huqhes D.:Leacl'1- rfan, A- Lor-I U. Lirlf, G.: Mmrqar. En Peyion, Z: Wi!burn, A. Room 2 I 2-Mr. Grover Arrnsvfanq, T5 Psvcr J.- Frinks. M.: Gardner, J.: Gorham, W.: HarLfw E. Herrfi G' Hifks, Hp Hufdmson, H.: Luckefi, W.: Midweiiiadr. J,: Nrrfrn R5 Owens, D.: Payne, H.: Payne, J.: Przrfer. S.: Rome VV. Rfnardson. N.: Sirnpscn B9 Sfudds, H.: Tfxcvwas, K,: VVi'i'nPy, W: WoLford, N.' Wood. B.: Apperson, C.: Br.rr' M' CaporLeNi, My Crafen A.: Dofvvbrriwsky, M.: Fuich Li' Griffin, M: Lfudm E: Larnn, A.: Leonard, J: London, B P :cr L.' Snyder H ' Spcrir-ird, E.: Toy, L: Via, M. Ay 1 i illllilll' l'0fl0l3ii0llS MarTha Alexander President . . . . . Harold Shaw Vice-PresidenT - .. . . Sammie Meeks Treasurer Ed Snyder Sponsor. . . . , .. Well, here we are, all ready To sTep in and Take our places as seniors. The dear old senior class doesn'T know whaT inTeIIigenT and TaIenTed juniors iT's geTTing, or does iT? While wandering around The halls Today, I saw The sweeThearTs oT The school sTroIIing hand in hand, and They were no oTher Than Vera BarreTT and Billy Meeks. Billy seems To have lived up To The saying of "In The' Spring a young man's Tancy-" i'g.s , ......,Miss C.Anduiar good naTure, To say no+hing oT his good looks which have been Tound ouT by mosT oi The Junior girls, is Telling us j1:?sT we have a in I-Iarold. , Oy. Will I ever Torgi y ' ass when Thelma Murph , I or Ki n I saT and wondered how op v vyvvfihwedals Tor Typingl Thel is nge in Town Trom way up norT . A n erner in The crowd, huh? r or , Thelma has become a And There was ThaT NorTh Carolina boy. bumming chewing gum again. There's no school wiThouT Jimmy Lowe running around wiTh his ups and downs. As I was on The verge of organizing a searching parTy To see if They mighT discover my hisTory book somewhere in my locker, up Comes our own IvIiITon IDavyI Davenport And say, is he growing upl BeTore we know iT, he's going To be anoTher RoberT Taylor -or someThing. AT Junior class meeTing The oTher day The president Harold Shaw, presided. I-Iarolcl is gaining The Top rapidly. I-Iis ease and Triend To all and even increased The TaIenT in our band by lending her own musical abilify To iT. And could we ever TorgeT our besT all around girl? Eleanor can shine in a game or in a dance, and we all know iT. She can always be Tound cheering up someone, or laughing aT our jokes-Tunny or noT. She's our own Sun Shine Girl. And There's The sTar of The Team-Mrs. Dove's son, Eddie. holding up The wall. WiTh him is a IiTTIe souThern girl whom her moTher calls Brownie Varnell. Now I ask you. can you blame Dovey for being IaTe? I sTopped around back of school To waTch our 'Track Team and as usual There was Charles "Dinky" ScoTT coming in TirsT. Dinky wanTs To maior in sporTs and we really believe he's going To do iT. I-Ie has made a name Tor himseIT'in TooTbaII, baske+baII and Track. One of These days he'll come back wiTh so many medals we won'T know him. Running down The sTeps I nearly Tell over Alan Brown who was having a hard Time making his TeeT behave. Since Alan has become The Fred AsTaire oT G. W., we can hardly expecT him To resisT going inTo his dance or going inTo someThing. Tearing around The corner in a Ford was Mary Lee CarTer. Mary Lee can always be seen Tearing around some corner in some Ford, aT someTime wiTh somebody-or someThing. My ThoughTs wander To our grand dance, glanced around The room, and who should I see buT The sheik of The school in Jimmy TayIor's cIoThes. Jirnmy's going To be in All STaTe iT he keeps going aT This raTe. Seeing The resuITs of The rifle meeT posTed on The bulIeTin board, I glanced aT The Top and saw Donald O'Neil's name sTanding There. Donald surely is going places-wiTh ThaT gun of his. BeTore long he'll probably be going To Africa and coming baclf as Donald O'Buck or someThing like ThaT. Glee Club meeTing before The Norwich Club ConcerT Turned ouT Tb be a rioT when plans Tor The Club Tea Dance were being discussed. As usual, The boys showed Their ignorance and wondered how They were expecTed To dance wiTh cups of Tea in Their hands and "why couldn'T we have a beer dance, anyway?" Well, as long as They are boys I suppose There is an excuse. ' c o I peeped in The gym aTTer s h ol and and I can clearly see Jimmy's OrchesTra making The dance a success. You know Jimmy really has loads oT TaIenT in his orchesTra. I-Iis new vocaIisT, Judy Bradley. has made us all siT up and Take noTice. And There's I.udy Minnigh crooning soTTIy and Jimmy causing hearT Throbs wiTh his voice: and oT course There's no orchesTra wiThouT Lindwood "DooTsie" Reed singing as he beaTs his way To Tame on his drums. AITo- geTher, Jimmy has one grand orchesTra and we shall never TorgeT how proud we are oT iT. AT lunch Time as I saT wondering why we have GeomeTry and also if my hoT dog was quiTe dead or iT I was slowly murdering iT, I 'U -ii? s. wondered why we weren'T STaTe Champions wiTh such a Tine Team. Ed Snyder was really shooTing Them. Ed's anoTher norTherner in our midsT. The norTh musT be moving souTh, buT we don'T mind as long as They can play basIceTball like Ed. And of course, I saw Archie Thommasson because Archie is anoTher one who is going places. I-le plays baske+baII and baseball iusT as well as anyone and ThaT's some playing. Well, as I yawn and climb inTo bed, I wonder if The nexT Junior Class will be as proud of Their Juniors as we are of ours. 1 i i- 1-71 .ll il-11i among the sophomores Russell Kranzfelder PresidenT , Vice-PresidenT SecreTary ,, Sponsor. . , As a good many Sophomores are, BeTTy Kiger is very enThusiasTic over The iazz hiT, "The Big Apple." Many aTTempTs To "Susie O" and "Truck" have been seen beTween classes and during lunch period. Sophomore parTies consider The "Big Apple" one oT The main amusemenTs. AbouT baskeTbaII. Jack Davis and Rich- ard Owens are Two greaT sTars. They parTici- paTe in local division games and They raTe champs of one division. Music IaTTempTedI is enjoyed by a cerTain Sophomore class when The Teacher is noT in. Warren Iharmonicaj Payne and Fred IPaZ- . . . H Jessica Calahan . , Jack Richardson . Ryland Dodge . ,. , Miss D. Calahan her on daTes3 she has a yen Tor sweeT Things. Too. Besides The hard work and concenTraTion required, algebra also has a romanTic side. AT IeasT iT appears ThaT way when WaI+er Angel and DorThy Brian geT Their heads TogeTher supposedly over algebra answers. While waiTing Tor The bell which will signify The beginning oT I-TisTory class, Willie TripIeT amuses himself running around wiTh girls' pockeTbooks while Ralph Fleming imi- TaTes airplanes over The venTilaTor wiTh a rubber band. 1 Douglas Wp njhaT Sophomore of many I zocal Marsh are The musicians. They have a varieTy of arrangemenTs which secures The aTTenTion oT The class. Lazy people play a parT in almosT every field oT IiTe as They musT in The Sophomore Class. David KeeTer probably has a good deal To do wiTh The lazy parT oT The Sopho- more Class aIThough quiTe a Tew oThers aid him. One of The mosT popular girls in The Sophomore Class is Kile Barnhill, aT IeasT Jack Kirkman, RoberT BoITwood. and Edward Irby seem To Think so. David Gardner is Trying hard To geT a daTe. RoberT Sellers seems To be making a hiT wiTh BeTTy I-Iedgesg he makes Tudge Tor monThs, was probably The mosT Trozen in The Three-day Treeze which hung over G. W. ThaT week in March. I-Ie came inTo home room looking as if he had escaped Trom a sanaTorium. The halls oT G. W. serve a suiTabIe place Tor exchanging ideas and having shorT chaTs beTore and beTween classes. Jean EasTman and Richard Owens, Douglas Welch and Jane I-IUTT, Warren I-IardesTer and RuTh EaTen. and many oThers Take advanTage oT This TacT. In closing I wanT To say ThaT I have Tried my besT To gaTher and express diTTerenT ThoughTs wiTh The snap shoTs and brieT evenTs which we Sophomores will surely remember. I 1.i...l-l l. 1 -.-1-1 .l- ....l.11 -1 1l.. freshnlan keyhole Frank LuckeTT PresidenT ..,.,... .....v,, ,.... ...,,. R o berT Wood Vice-Presidenfu-.- .....,.v David Thomas SecreTary ,..... Y- ,........,v,, W-- ......o,,AY..... -Genevive McCool Sponsor oov,o ..... . .,,.o7,o. .........,, . ..,o,oo... - ,..,.,o M i ss C. Morecock l-li! l-lo! anoTher year Tor The pasT Fresh- men and hopeful Sophomores. Looking inTo The TuTure we see dances, preTTy girls, and much Tun. AT The Freshman parTy TalenT was shown and amusemenT provided Tor over 7g,lUdenTs. AT The parTy Lewellyn K d c , masTer oT ceremonies, inTroduced ,Eg arious members oT The class Taking parT I ' e program. The program was a greaT success, and Miss Morecock, The sponsor. s y To hear The Tune oT some TorTy od dollars pouring inTo The Freshman Rnfelkasury. Here we go wiTh a keyhole view oT The l938 G. W. Freshmen now proudly boasTinq an escorT. Nancy AiTcheson and "Corky" Gorham, cheer leaders, hope when Seniors, To cheer The PresidenTs To vicTory and Tame. Warning! WaTch your sTep in The halls or you may Trip over a small sTump of per- sonaliTy. l-le is none oTher Than Benjamin Alvin Williamsowsky. Wow! whaT a name Tor a boy noT bigger Than Tour TeeT fall, buT Ben is noT handicapped. ln TacT, he raTes wiTh The Toppers in populariTy. Peeping inTo 3OI we see Marion Prince as usual. WhaT Tor This Time, Marion? A curly brown-headed, hazel-eyed boy The sophisTicaTion of Sophomores. Oops! We caughT you This Time-Shirley STrickler ignoring The bell To chaT wiTh "TweeTise" Chisolm. There goes Frank King and Russell Miller To a dancing school. Are They preparing Tor The Sophomore girls? Say! WhaT's The aTTracTion down The hall? Yep, you guessed iT. ThaT roller coasTer wave in The blond hair oT ChilTon "Chilly" RaiTord has all The girls' eyes Travel- ing in circles. NOT only This, buf his person- aliTy has made him very popular wiTh all The boys and girls. Jane l-luTT and Virginia Taylor seldom walk home, buT when They do, They always have whom we all call Jack Crump, is no excepTion by any means To The G. W. l-liT Parade. ln TacT his one hundred and some odd pounds oT muscle have made him a general hiT aT our baskeTball and TooTball games. Besides being an excelIenT TooTball player, Jack can also handle a baskefball very eTTecTively. lT you ever wonder how The aTmosphere is above you, ask RoberT Wood. RoberT can easily Top 5 TeeT IO inches and, man, ThaT's heighT. RoberT is The PresidenT oT our Freshman class if you didn'T know iT and has done some Tine work in conducTing iTs meeTings. Aw, now! Someone has plugged our keyhole! l K Hands ar worlx, hands a+ play s+ron ca able hands on "' 9- P horn-pan balance and scales- hands in applause, spon+aneous or laclcadaisical-hands on +he well-worn iaclcei' of a book- eager hands, reaching for a fa- vori+e desser+ on lhe cafe'reria counrer. Sunlighl' aslanl on skilled fingers on lhe lceys of a piano - painl-sfained fingers +in+ing +he walls of a paiio in Soulhern California. A sfrong hand gripping a pen, racing over while paper, leaving a sable +racery of words behind. A fin- ger poised over ihe shuHer of a camera. A careful hand on lhe adius+or of a microscope, capa- ble, ariislic, scien+ilic. N ! Q William Vogler George Gompf Millicenl de Bulls officers of the student council Presidenl' H- .,,, - ,William Vogler Vice-Presidenf nn ,-,.,-, George Gompf Secrefary,,-,- .l.g -,.--,Millicen+ cle BuHs Treasuror ..,.., .. ,.,, . , , ,,.,, Boyd Myers Sergeanf-af-Armshn W ,. . ,Jack Ticer Boyd Myers Jack Ticer meeting of the council W WW STANDING: Miss Park, Nancy Sulliva Jean Powell, Charlene Topping, John Madaris, R. Owens, Evelyn Brooks, Anne Decoss, Doris Padgeff, Carlyle Maier, Jacl Ticer, John Spilfle, Warren O'Neil, William Dunlrel, George Giamillori, Mr. Hillman. SEATED: Jane Baker, George Gompf, William Vogler, Millrcenf de Buffs, N y L T li J e C II h B b PH d H d Boyd Myers, cnc ee uc er, essi Hoddiclr. a a an, ar ara i , an awar Sfudenf Council, Direcfed by William Vogler, Comp.e+es Successful Year The Sfudenf Council of George Washing- fon l-ligh School has complefed anofher good year's work under William Vogler who foolc office in May, I937. As presidenf he presided af fhe weekly assembly and acfed as ex-officio member of fhe sfancling com- miffee of fhe council. The council, composed of fwenfy-fwo members who represenf The various clubs and organizafions of fhe school, affempfs fo increase sfudenf responsibilify in school acfivifies. Any oufsfanding acfivify or funcfion of fhe sfudenfs affer school hours has fo be aufhorized by fhe council. If handles fraffic, sanifafion, discipline. and honor problems wifh fhe advice of fhe faculfy sponsors, Miss Parlc and Mr. Hillman, and fhe principal. The l-lonor and Discipline commiffee, composed of Millicenf de Buffs, George Gompf, Boyd Myers, and William Vogler, is fhe mosf responsible commiffee of fhe coun- cil. Any person disregarding fhe sfandarcls of honor and discipline is broughf before This commiffee. Affer careful considerafion of fhe case, fhe commiffee malces a recom- mendafion as fo fhe punishmenf. The sfu- denf in quesfion is given opporfunify fo defend himself and if, in fhe opinion of fhe commiffee, he iusfifies his acfions, fhe case is dismissed. John Spiffle, as chairman of fhe Traffic Commiffee wifh Billy Came, assisfanf, has efficienfly handled fhe manifold fraffic problems fhaf an enrollmenf of l,4-OO sfu- denfs presenfs. Under fhe direcfion of fhe 'rraffic commiffee a fhousand sfudenfs can be seafed in fhe audiforium in approximafely fhree minufes. In fhe four minules alloffed fo fhe changing of classes fhe sfudenf body moves fwo floors wifh liffle congesfion. Cooperafing wifh fhe Cify Police Deparf- menf fhe commiffee has affempfed fo puf a sfop fo sfudenfs' hifch-hiking from school. zwswgfff student counq-il Losl and found arficles are reporled lo lhe Losl and Found Cornmillee ol fha council, headed lhis year by l-lazel Pidelle. For some lime lhese arricles are lepl and can be claimed by lhe owners. ll, aller a reasonable lenqlh of lime rhey are nor claimed, an auclion is conducled by lhe commilfee. Receipls from lhe auclion go info a lloalirq fund for The QC'1GViil use ol rhe Sludenl Council. The Caleleria commillee, Richard Burrell, Chairman, ralies Charge of 'rhe Qaleleiia dur' ing lhe four lunch periods. ll encourages lhe sludenl body fo conducl ilsell in an orderly way in order lhal lhe caleleria may accommodale a maximum number of slu- denfs salislaclorily, The Sanihdlion commil- fee, composed ol Ellen Rammel and Warren Flelcher, worlcs wilh lhe Caleleria commil- lee in lceepinq 'rhe fables and halls free from lrash. Al announcemenls or adyerlisemenls pul on lhe bullelin boards musf lirsl be olcayed by Sarah Yales who has been in charge of 'rhal phase ol council aclriyily. By means of this censorship all unnecessary nolices are eliminaled and the bullelin boards calch 'rhe casual eyes of The passers-by. Due lo lhese acliviries of lhe Siudenl Council, our school lile has been improved. ll'-e school should recoqnize lhis excellenl worlc and cooperalion and should conqralu- lale The members of lhis orqanizalion. The mechanism of flwe Sludenf Council in aclion-moniloring 'flue cafeferia, supervising s:l'1ool's sanifalion, and direcling flue assembly fraffic. latin club Ave ATque Vale! SodaliTas LaTine-socieTy in LaTin-has had an excepTionally good Time This year. Reor- ganized under The supervision oT Mrs. l-TuTTo, iTs sponsor, iT now has Tour secTions. The ArTs and Models secTion has been occu- pied in TransTorming clay inTo miniaTure models of The Roman household uTensils. One member of This secTion, Anna Fagelson, has Turned in several pieces oT soap sculpTure-one, a model oT Hercules holding up The world Tor ATlas. The CloThing secTion dressed dolls in The Tashions worn by Romans during The heighT OT The Roman Empire. Some of The group Tried Their hand aT armor. The ConsTrucTion secTion builT a model Roman home wiTh The aTrium and perisTyle as seen in every Roman house and imiTaTion mosaics on The walls. The Miscellaneous secTion handled The busi- ness oT The club and planned Tield Trips. AlTogeTher, The "T'raTres eT sororesu have Tilled Their calendar wiTh all sorTs oT inTeresTing acTiviTies. Vera Ban-eTT , , , ,. , Presidenf MilTon DavenporT ,, Vice-Presidenf Mary Fox Allgood . . . . . Secreiary-Treasurer Slarfing firsT'row from lefl' To riglih D. Harrison, H. Croclelf, B. Carfer, F. Cornell, P. Hoffman, Wm. Taylor, M. L. Carfer, M. Davenporf, V. Berreif, R. Bonarnarfe, J. Klienfelcler, J. Ticer, D. Moon, J. Cobun, D. Waring, S. Williamosly, E. Beary P. Orr, F. Good, E. Herndon, B. King, M. Sandberg, E. Porier, M. Prince, K. Barn hill, E. Dove, N. L. Tucker, D. Wade, N. Hall, L. Mills, J. Robinson, J. Woodson J. Riddick, B. Gahagan, F. Auslander, L. Dornberger, J. Easfman, D. Burlie, P. Avery L. Mess, B. Kiger, B. Lanham, G. Hollevay..N. Kemper, C. Pulzone, S. Mercer E. Greenen, B. J. Godbey, B. Pills, A. Fegelson, D. Ninnemen B D. Caslle, M. Jacobson, Wm. Smilh, B. McLeacl, V. Jones, H. Fisher. french club Le Cercle Francais Presenfed Original Play Presiden? Charles Biondi Vice-Presiden+ Jacl: Aiicheson Secrefary Howard Hoddick Treasurer Winifred Gregory Sponsor Miss Park The members ol The French Club spenl guile a lime frying fo decide on an insignia for The Club. Afler some deliberalion They chose rhe Fleur-de-Lis, The nalional symbol of France. Nexl They wenl lo worlr lo secure corre- spondenfs abroad. They have Them in Belgium, France, and French Colonies. All correspond- ence is carried on in French. The lalier parl of April Miss Parlc presenied an original French play wriifen by Edirh Cuson. lf was The slory ol a doling lalher and his only child, a pampered girl, Adoree. The girl 'Tell in love wirh a school Teacher, Pierre. Papa seri- ously obiecled because Pierre was so poor, and he gave Pierre The "Never darken my door" speech. Pierre, affer being pul our, soon relurned wirh The informaiion fhal he had won an academy award. lmrnediarely, Papa accepfed him as a sonfin-law and all ended blissfully. The play was presenled eniirely in French. The masrer ol ceremonies lranslaled if. ,N llll RPk C C ' ' ar . uson, . Maigrel, M. de Bulls, H. Hoddicli, K. Clark, W gory, J. Burgess, R. Phillips, J. Aifchescn. C. Biondi, A. M Dermolf, J. Jackson, Mis: Farlis, E. Sheads, M, Sludds, R. Miller, V Gompf. r- N , fs ,,4,gi.,,,,,,,4 4- ,,,..... i C-L,.l,. .... L: n ni...i..J A c....L., c F'-71:11. jr - - if - spanish club S. Yalas, A. DeCoss, T. Whiflemore, M. Owens, A. Gills, B. Weadon, R. Nalls, J. Bradley, C. Topping, D. Tolberf, E. Simpson, R. Mandelson, A. Bourn, N. Sullivan, M. Gemeny, L. Bowman, D. Bellwood, T. Murphy, W. Karricker, S. Meeks, B. Harring- lon, W. O'NeiI, H. Snyder, B. Brown, C. Dodd, D. Lewis, E. Mervine, J. Spiffle, J. Morris, G. Welch, D. O'NeiI, P. Ellis, B. Kalland, C. Saum, R. Filzgerald, D. Ham- mond, D. Harrison, Wm. Harris. SPANISH CLUB WINS FIRST PRIZE WITH "SCANDAL" Yes, for once a scandal comes in for lirsi place. "The Scandal" was a slci+ presented by Ihe Spanish Club al Sfunl Nighf. I+ was a very clever ski? and look lhe prize of five dollars, Thus 'rhe club slarled off on a roundof acfiviiies equaled by few ofher clubs in school. Jusl before Thanksgiving Ihe club gave a Bingo Parry and a Turkey was won by a high school sludeni, Dick English. Ofher luscious looking cakes and pies were given. Every spring the Spanish Club has a picnic. The s+uden+s always look forward fo Ihe picnic, because if is a pleasanl surprise as fo where 'rhey will go and wha? Ihey will do. The Spanish Club rneelings have unusually well- balanced programs. Spanish songs are sung, Spanish cusloms and manners are discussed, wiih The inieni of sfimulafing inleresi in Spain and Ihe sludy ol Spanish. Every year ihe Spanish Club sends siudenis io pariicipafe in Ihe siaie confesl held for high school siudenls' abilify in speaking Spanish. OFFICERS Firsf Semesler Presidenl ..,,....,... .. ....., Vice-Presidenf Secreiary-Treasurer Sfudenf Council Represenfafive Second Semester Presidenf .. ,. . Vice-Presidenl , , , Secrelary ,, .. , , . Treasurer . .,,. . , Sluden? Council Re presenlalive Sponsor ..,...,,, , .. ,, Warren O'NeiI Donald O'NeiI Sarah Yales Anne DeCoss Warren O'NeiI Jimmy Michelbacli .. Sarah Yale: ,, . .. .Pierce Ellis Anne DeCoss , .. . Miss Anduiar X silvor dollar history club XXXX Silver Dollar Hislory Club Enriches Classes George Washinglon really slarled some- 'rhing when he lhrew lhal "Silver Dollar" across lhe Rappahannock. This "deed ol daring" was The inspiralion lor lhe name ol a club com- posed ol sludenls ol l-lislory Seven, Hislory Eight or Polilical Civics. ll was organized as an enlerlaining yel educalional parallel To 'lhose classes. The club programs have been devoled lo lhe life, music, lileralure, enlerlainmenl, and occupalion ol lhe American people, beginning wilh The lndians and conlinuing lo lhe presenl day. Nor only has lhe Silver Dollar l-lislory Club been aclive in lhis way, bul' il has been aclive in olher aclivilies around school. They parlici- paled in Slunl Nighl, securing honorable menlion for lheir slunl. l X l l OFFICERS Preiidenl Roberl McGowan VlCe-PI'eSldehl' Burrell Secrelary-Treasurer Agnes Henderson Sponsor .. Mrs. Elgin l ll X A. Henderson, E. Sheads, M. Kidd, O. Pullman, M. Cope, M. Alexander, E. Hudson. A. DeCoss, P. Orr, F. Good, C. F I E R I D. O'Neil, Mrs. Elgin, K. Jacobs, V. mpf, W. rd, Wm. B ll D H J. Lowe, J. Allen, S. Meelzs, R. cGowan, . Ayers,iJ. Mil lv II E M B. Hennage, A. Jefferies. , ' K1 V I I X l 5 l tlleodore ficklin literary society llll Hs, D. Ayres, A. DeCc:s, Miss Ficilin, A. Chichesier. M. Thomas E K g D H on, R. Luclreff. Jr., A. Brayshaw, A. Fagelson, J. Lowe, R. Mendel h S Meek A. Brown, R. McGowan, E. Mervine. The Theodore Ficlrlin Li'I'erary Sociefy Dafes from I9I I The Theodore H. Ficlclin Lilerary Sociefy has been in exisfence almosf from +he lime- of 'rhe organizalion of lhe old Alexandria High School in'l9l l. ln ifs galaxy of membership have been many of fhe brighfesf slars in 'rhe High Scl1ool's lirmamenf. I+ has always sfood for culfure and +he besf lhings in school life. Acquainlance wifh lhe besl in lileralure has been ils aim, while occa- sional debales, slcils, and liferary sfudies of an amusing nalure have lighfened fhe deeper 'rones of rhe programs. Always eagerly anlicipafed and enfhusias- 'rically parficipaied in have been, the spring and fall picnics wifh Miss Kroes Ficlclin af "Ficlelia," her liHle place on The Pofomac. This is Miss Ficlrlin's lasl' year as sponsor, as she refires from lhe 'reaching profession al' +he close of lhis session. She has been l'he club's menlor and guide for many a year. Club Officers Keeling Jacobs ..,.,,. ,,,,,..,,,,..........,, .,...,,.... P residenf Richard LucIreH.., ,,..,,..,, ,..., ...,.,,,,. ..,... V i c e-Presideni' Ann DeCoss ,,,,..,,,,, ,,......... S ecreiary-Treasurer biology club Flowers, Flowers! The Biology Club is ouT To beauTiTy The school. They have sfarfed a garden in The rear oT The school. They have pIanTed hardy peren- nials ThaT won'T have To be loolced aTTer during The summer. BUT This is noT The Tull exTenT of The Club's acTiviTies. lTs work runs parallel To The Biology Classes oTTered in school. SomeTimes The sTu- denTs go more deeply inTo a subiecT Than They have Time Tor in classes. All The maTerials in The Biology deparTmenT are aT The Club's dis- posal, Thus iT is enabled To do advanced work. Officers President ,, , ,, , ,,,, .,,,,, , , , Rosemary Phillips Vice-PresidenT , , , ,,,, Bobby Gahagan Secrefary, , , , ,, , Elizabeih Leachman SergeanT-aT-Arms ,, u..,, ,..PeTe McConnell Sponsor ,, , , , , ,, Miss Florance C. Van Middleswodh, S. Mercer, B. Galuagan, A. Gallallan, W G g y R son, E. Caporalaffi, M. J. Jonas, A. Bohlayer, V. Wright A. K d H. Russell, R. Kransfelder, F. Gearharf, J. Cobean, E. Leachma M Will d xxxx T commercial club W- . ,A we-P , A .,S"' vm.. f.- ,Si 'i .f 5 li rokki' ', ",:w i:,,,g,7.i:'s-,f 1 sm 1'-llfjli gs .aw-g,i.r ff. me A feat.: gdztqzflyigr i THE COMMERCIAL CLUB DOES MUCH OF SCHOOL CLERICAL WORK The Commercial Club is one of lhe newesl of G. W. H. S. I+ is composed oi abou? for-ly members of rhe Commercial Deparlmenf and is sponsored by Miss Ruby Crumley. The club meels fwice a monlh in Room ZI4, wi+h lhe following officers presiding: Presidenl' .,,,..,,,,,,,,,,,,, A ,,,.,,,,,,,..,,,,,,,,,.,,.,.s,, Doris Padgell Vice-Presidenl' , ,,..,,,, ,,,.,,, . ., .,,,.... Ellen l-lunier Secrefary-Treasurer ,,,,,. ,.,,....,.,.,,,,,,.,...,,...... B elsy Lilaker The purpose of 'rhis club is To acquainl lhe commer- cial sludenfs wilh The ways and means of rhe business world. This purpose is carried our by 'rhe program commillee al' each meeiing. The program commiiiee infroduces various spealcersg such as Mr. Ellioll of Sfrayer's College and ihe cham- pion lypisi, Mr. Soucelr. Shori slciis are given lo show 'rhe correcr and incorrecl way 'ro apply for a job. Various sfudenls give shorl iallcs on The ways and means of The business world, wha? a good secrelary musl know and clo, and lhe advanlages of faking a business course. The club has cerlain duiies, alfhough ihey are classi- fied as dulies oi 'rhe Commercial Deparlmenl. The sludenls do all The ryping for lhe journalism classes, scripls for plays, and various reporls of differeni' deparlmenls. The mos? imporlanl aclivily of fhe club is 'rhe edifing of rhe Commercial Club Paper every monfh. The paper conrains news of inferesl lo lhe business depart- menl and records of lhose who have passed business accomplishmenl resfs. The srafi includes: Edilor ,,.,.,,,,,,.....,.....,,. .,,.......................,.... B ersy Lifalrer Assisfanf Ediior .,... ............. D oris Padgeff Manager .............. . ,..... ..Sara Jean Moss home econolnics club X X X X Home Economics Club Wishes fo Befier Social Conditions The l-lome Economics Club was organized al lhe beginning ol The sernesler under lhe sponsorship of Mrs. Parker, rhe sewing reacher. The obieclives for The year as sialed by lhe secrefary, Marsland Penn, are as follows: I. The club will have lhree sub groups. Namely, lhe knilling, crocheiing. and sewing groups. 2. A chairman appoinied from each group will worlc wilh Mrs. Parker. 3. Once every lwo mon+hs all The groups will gaiher for a program wiih +he enleriain- menl cornmiflee in charge. 4. The lcnilring and crocheiing groups will meel on Tuesday and The sewing group on Wednesday. The Clubs rnain desire is ro promore belier social condilions. The Sewing Club presenled a very original and novel s+un+ for Slunl Night I+ was enfifled The Dance of ihe Dolls. They were luclcy in 'raking second place-a prize of 52.50. Officers Presidenl ,, JaneHe Brown Vice-Presidenf , , , India Walkin: Secrefary-Treasurer Marsland Penn Sponsor , Mrs. Parker The Club in various acfiviiies. the library club Officers . Georgie Embrey ,A,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,A,A Presidenf Charlofle Spiflle ...,.....,,...,, Vice-Presidenl' Mhrvis DsMoll ....,.,. Secretary-Treasurer Jessica Callahan, ,Represeniaiive io S+udeni Council M. L. Dinwiddie . Librarian-Sponsor i The Bookhounds, ihe Library Club of 'rhe George Washingion High School, is ihis year four years old! The club was organized in I934, in fhe former Alexandria High School. The aim and purpose of 'rhe organi- zaiion is: "To cooperaie aciively and assisf in ihe library . . . +o familiarize all siudenfs wiih fhe library and iis services, and 'ro add fo 'fhe volume and conienf of fhe library ihrough beneficiary ac'rivi+ies." Sfudenl' assisianrs are in lhe library ai regular hours +o learn rouiine work. The library and club aciivilies are publi- cized by siudenf reporfer, and by ariicles on 'fhe school page of ihe local paper. Club Finishes Firrl' Semesier Wilh ihe growing curreni enfhusiasm in 'rhe ar+ of phofography, a need was fel? for a Phoiography club in +he school aciiviiies. This club, now finishing i+s firs+ semesier of organizafion, has purchased equipmeni and sei up a dark room for piciure developing and had guesf speakers on various subiecfs. Working wiih 'rhe foundaiion knowledge acquired +his ferm, 'rhe club hopes fo go info more 'rechnical phoiography, and io serve The school in collaborafion wilh 'rhe "The Compass" and ihe school paper. photography club Oliicers Plreiidenfg. .,...,.....,,,, ,.,., R oberi Shumway Vice-Presldenl' ....,,,o,u,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Pierce Ellis S8Crelary-Treisurer ..,...,,,,,,,, Lewis Porler Spbnior ......,,,....,,...... .......... M iss Buhner mx ' . ViCe-P,-esidenf Secreiary Treasurer JGHICG Cha,-le, SCOH- , Eleanor King Harrief Herndon f x 4 ff' Qgfy ,CX ML W' M p X tl L X Nd, if Q VH ,UV I j I YI, x - J ' 7,1 . lwf 4, 1, J I" fu pcji 1-lull vnu nril C. ScoH L arlrer Worden, H. Clark, E. King, M. Worden, J. Maiheny, R. Craig. B Varnell, J. Lowe, A. Brown, P. Irby, H. Herndon, D. Mmgm, J. Huff. XXXX of rg, :Q ,T Fu J. F - D x Xl ,lx 1591 jg? . ,sux xl v ,- X -Jnyi TB! 44, u INN? r .WM l , w I f" E sc K KX M ...,,..,...., gy W I I I I Janice Mafheny as"'Miss G. W. High" Pep Club Puncfuafes Year Wiih Many Brillianf Acfivifies WiTh "Arch" McDonald, sporTs commenTaTor of WJSV, as ToasTmasTer and WalTer Johnson of baseball piTching Tame as guesT speaker aT The annual TooTball banqueT held in December, The Pep Club climaxed a fall of brillianT acTiviTy. ATTending The banqueT were The TooTball squad, school board. council, TaculTy and special Triends of The Team which ToTaled over Three hundred people. Mr. Ma kie and his cohorTs wiTh a memorable Turkey dinner sTarTed The ball rolling. Near The close of The banqueT Mr. Page Waller, chairman of The school board, presenTed The squad members wiTh monogrammed sweaTers. As The Tinal TeaTure Jimmy Michelbach's orchesTra broke inTo The Tamiliar sTrains OT "SweeT VarsiTy Sue." AT The wesT end of The caTeTeria gaThered The pick of G. W.'s pul- chriTude and populariTy, six girls, each represenTing an ouTsTanding Virginia Class A fooT- ball Team. These six girls had been selecTed by a school ballot The one wiTh The largesT voTe To be Miss G. W. l-ligh. Evelyn Redman, Eleanor King, Norma WhiTe, Judifh Bradley and ElizabeTh Jones, each represenTing an opponenT of our Team lasT season sfeppecl for- V Walfer Johnson speaking To The guesfs aT A crowd wiTl1 S6I'i0US lf1lef1fi0nS if The fooTball banquet Mr. Malkie's Turkey dinner. the pep club x x x X Pep Club dance following The fooTball banquet ward as The Boys Glee Club sang. As The Glee Club came To The Tinal score oT The melody Janice MaTheny appeared as "Miss G. W. l-ligh" carrying yellow chrysanThemums and smil- ing aT The applauding audience. The bangueT was Tollowed by a dance in The gym. Those aTTending sTunT nighT on November 5, anoTher Pep Club program, recall iT wiTh pride as The besT organized and mosT enTerTaining one on record. The packed audiTorium was royally enTerTained Tor Three hours. The Spanish Club skiT won TirsT prize and The Economics Club second. And sTill anoTher occasion under The sponsorship oT Miss PraTT's crowd was a sporTs dance Tollowing The NewporT News TooTball game. WiTh The guesTs coming in Trom The game in sweaTers and sporT cloThes, The inTorrnaliTy Turnished a genial aTmosphere. The NewporT News boys reporTed back home They had never beTore been accorded such hos- piTaliTy. Then, There was a snake dance and rally The nighT beTore Thanksgiving. G. W. High will noT soon TorgeT The epidemic oT blue and gold skull caps wiTh which The Pep Club inoculaTed The sTudenT body in The Tall. WiTh hundreds oT bobbing caps and wav- ing banners and brighT chrysanThemurns The cheering secTion was The nucleus oT more real pep and school spiriT Than was ever known. This mighT well be considered The club's mosT noTeworThy accomplishmenT. ki, I 1 . ,. . f - The w,,.,ne,., of me Mm 5 1 , " ' Mr. Waller presenfing The covefed "G.-W.' confesfn r f 4 I ' To The foofball squad. K' ff' 'fi x 1 1 ' K 0 Cheer Leaders Play Big ParT in 6. W. Pep A sharp, crisp dayl Crowds cheering! Miss l-lundley huddled up on The end oT a b h . . . Henry Clark, head oT The enc cheerleaders, running To Miss l-lundley Tor . . d direcTions . . . linernen running up an down The sidelines . . . buT above all The h rleaders in Their crisp whiTe uniTorms c ee and whiTe sweaTers wiTh Their blue and gold G. Wfsl All during The TooTball season The cheer- leaders could be seen like This. BuT They didn'T sTop here. They could be seen again all during baskeTball season leading cheers beTween halves. T uTs were held aT The beginning oT ryo The year Tor cheerleaders. So many ' d h ve Turned ouT ThaT They decide To a Senior, Junior, Sophomore. and Freshman ou s Six were chosen Tor The Senior gr p. group-Eleanor King, Janice lvlaTheny, ' 'l B , l-lenry Harr1eT l-lerndon, Gai rown Clark, and MilTon DavenporT. Miss l-lundley Trained The Senior cheer- ll d leaders. They composed new ye s an erTecTed old ones. Each Senior cheer, lgader in Turn was puT in charge oT a grougyy e l n The groupyfas oT The lower cassme . Q ' 'l JN whole worked TaiThTully and neypf! are To show up Tor a game. fbr tl' LA if "HiT Highl" Sophomore c eer ee ers. l "P R E S-I-D-E-N-T-S Cheer and more cheerl The whole squ Thal' final word from Miss Hun y in "Come seven-come eleven!" Freshmen h l 'N if Q we A, dramatic club Wi Presidenf S. Meelrs Vice-Presidenf S. J. Moss Drama+ic Club Calendar Marked by Many lnnovalions Aciiviiy wiih a red leller "A" mighl well describe 'rhe Dramaiic Club during 'lhis session. Hs accomplishmenfs fall inio fhree lieldsg namely acling, s+uden'r diredinq, and scenery de- ' ' ur on - ' " " igning. lls calendar shows lo 'Wisdom Teeih " "Dioqenes F 6 eacl play produciuons, Where ihe Cross ls Made, fo " " " - Secreiary and The Boor, and Two 'rhree acl . l. plays, "Grin and Bear I+" and ' Miss Jones and Miss one of fhe Three-acl plays "The Boer" which was C loifesville. Nancy Payne Under Mrs. Ellen charge of all gralulaied on lhis Gilleiie, and Peier Shylock Biondi ol? TE Train." harge of produciion, each one direciing Jarvis Builer direcled Anfon Chelchov's play io enier The Sfaie Con+es1'ai'Char- comedy, 'Wisdom Tee+h." 71 C igned and execufed ihe building of se+s, +oolc d eiclecis. The siudenls who should be con- Joseph Williamowslcy, William Dunclcel, Roberr "Grin and Bear I+."-Scenes from "The Ghosf Train." .L "Grin and Bear ll" Resume: A comedy dealing wilh unsophis- licaled youlh as il llullers uncerlainly on lhe wings ol sixleen. George and Terry Mclnlyre as played by Charles Biondi and Nancy Payne are lhe problem children who logelher wilh lhe olher members ol lhe casl provide momenls ol lenseness as lhey work oul lheir adolescenl problems. Belly Worsham again lurns in a delighllul performance as Prudence, lhe vamp, who lells George he is loo young. Fealure: Oulslanding lor lwo lhings-lhe consislenl line acling ol Charles Bioncli and lhe lovely sels made by Mrs. Ellen King. Casl: George Mclnlyre ..,.,,,, ,,......,, C harles Biondi Terry Mclnlyre .,,.,,,,.,,......,.,.,,.,,, Nancy Payne Prolessor Mclnlyre ,,,,..,,,....,,,,,....,, John Walker Mrs. Mclnlyre ,,,,,,s,..,,,..s,,.,.. Mary Eox Allgood Prudence Darling .,.,......,,,.,.,..... Belly Worsham Olhers in lhe casl were lmogene Shepp- herd, Judilh Bradley, James Baker, Dick English, Brownie Varnell, Burder Alhey, Henry Clark, Jarvis Buller, Eslher Leachman, and Jack Craddock. "The Ghosl Train" Resume: The lale ol lhis famous myslery- comedy is woven aboul an old legend ol a phanlom locomolive lhal comes sweeping lhrough lhe nighl quiel ol lhe peacelul village ol Rockland, Maine, leaving dealh in ils wake. Suspense predominales in lhis weird lale ac- companied by plenly ol lun supplied chielly by Charles Biondi in lhe seemingly ridiculous role ol an Englishman who proved lo be a Scolland Yard deleclive. Cornelia Alllriend lurned in anolher excellenl comedy porlrayal as Miss Bourne, lhe spinsler. Oulslanding among lhe resl ol lhe very good characleriza- lions were William Dunckel as lhe old slalion masler and Ellen l-lunler as a very dramalic member ol a dope smugglers' ring. Fealure: The almosl perlecl coordinalion of aclors, sound ellecl men, eleclricians, indeed everyone who was connecled wilh lhe play. Casl: Teddie Beaken ...,.,.. Saul Hodgkin ......,,.. Miss Bourne .....,,,.,..... , Peggy Murdock Charles Murdock ,,,.... Elsie Winlhrop .......,,,. Richard Winlhrop .,.,..,.. Julia Price ...,......., Herberl Price ,,,....., .... John Slerling .,...,. Jackson ............. ,.,.,..Charles Biondi .,....,,William Dunckel .......Cornelia Alllriend .....,.......,.Edi+h Cuson ...,....,.s..Sam Meeks .......,.Margo Sellers ,,,,,,.John Walker .,..,,..........Ellen l-lunler .........,.....,.James Rixey Claude Van Valenburg ...............Neil Richards Two slloh from "Gr'ln and Bear ll. Www Mya ce' X i K K contestants' club l Miss Diclinson, M. CoHer, J. Powell, M. Wolcofi, V..WrigM, V. Gompf, E. Jonas. E. Sfrofher, F. Ea le . uson . risnnic . imm ' ' ' g , E C , H P l, B K el, Miss Gambrill, Miss Reynolds, G. Brown, D. Caroll, J. Brown, T. Summers, M. de Buffs, M. McEvan, W. Vogler, H. Siewaif, L. Johnson, B. Bond, E. Shereh, G. Giamrnafforio, W. Burrell. D. Lewis, J. Foster, R. Marshall, J. Monroe, S. Meals E. Rarnmell, V. Gould. Confesfanfs' Club Composed of Six Deparimenfs The Confesianis' Club is one of ihe older of The school's aciiviiies. The spiril oi com- peiiiion is one of man's oldesi characleris- lics, and if is well represenied in G. W.l There are six seciions in 'rhe Club. Each one is a beehive of aciiviiy when coniesi +ime approaches, for ihere are preliminary and eliminary coniesis 'ro be passed before The winning conieslani or ariicle may be semi' 'ro Fredericksburg or Charloiiesville. The Spelling Club mei every single Tues- day land somefimes Fridaysll and spun our words and words and words,-long ones, shorf ones, caichy ones, and Ediih Cuson won and was seni io Charloiiesville. The Public Spealcing Club declaimed meriioriously, and John Spirlle and Elizabeih Sfrofher were senf +o Charloiiesville. 418' The Debaiing Club argued furiously, "wi+h commendable a++en+ion" 'ro expression and siance. Lynnhursf Johnson, De Fores+ Lewis, and William Birrell - aiiirmaiive - and George GiammaHorio, Haven Siewarf, and Vernard Bond-negaiive. The Reading Club wem' aboui wifh mys- ierious boolcs, and read in low underiones aboui everyfhing. Readers Virginia Gould and James Rixey were selecled as ihe year's prize readers. Sheri siories and poems flooded Miss Kiracofe's deslc from all poinis fill she could be seen af lunch 'rime vaguely waving a manuscripl in one hand and a sandwich in ihe ofher. Virginia Gould won fhe shori s'rory coniesf wiih a Chinese siory enfifled 'Goong-Shi-Fai-Se," and Elizabeih Jones won ihe poeiry coniesi' wiih "May," contestants' club G . ff 5 3 ri Winners wifi! ,kj X Sfancling: G. Giammafiorio, W. Birrell, L. Johnson, V. Bond, H. Sfuarf, D. Lewis ' Q Debaiing. Sealed: J. SpiHle, Public Speaking: E, Sfroflier, Public Spealingg E. Jones 5 dy Poshyg E. Cuson, Spelling: V. Gould, Reedingg J. Rfxey, Reading. 52,4 gl .2 ii of Differenf Seciions Sfending: B. Birrell, L. Johnson, E. Sfrofher, V. Bond, G. Giammaiiorio. Soahd: V. .Gould E. Cuson, E. Rammel. ,Al -' girls' glee club ,.. Y' Pres.-M, Sellers V.-P.-Eslher Leachman Sec,-U. Ban-eH Trees.-M. L. Carle: . 'vmzreva' an lo-4 0 avaff 'UAV -vdfflag G. W. Glee Clubs Prove Popular The Girls' Glee Club meelings held lwice a weelc, on Tuesday and Thursday during 'rhe lasl half ol lhe lour+h period, have been enlhusiaslically aflended. Many classical and popular songs have been learned for fhree- parl singing. The Norwich Glee Club of Vermonl honored 'rhe G. W. l-ligh Glee Clubs by appearing here al G. W, while on fheir annual four. The Norwich Universily Glee Club presenfed a concert and laler in lhe allernoon a Tea Dance was given by lhe Universily Orcheslra. The money raised was used lo help pay lor The concerl grand piano. The Glee Clubs were inviled lo parlicipale in a radio program sponsored by lhe Alexan- dria Chamber ol Commerce. The boys sang lhe ever popular favorile, "Tramp, Tramp, 9'Trarnp," and The girls sang, "On Vlfings ol q.9x Song." Broadcasling was a novel experience. Lasl Chrislmas fhe Glee Clubs went carol- ing. They sang al lhe Anne Lee Memorial Horne: af Mr. William's, Superinlendenl of School: al Mr. Waller's, Chairman ol lhe School Board, This was lhe Tirsf year The Glee Clubs had done This. Menfion should go lo Anile Herndon, The able and willing accompanisl of bofh Glee Clubs. ,yoZJ'Af,5M4rtA ffwfww 8 - M' TV' 'WS' 2lsff:ff:'!'!1,,, i Q W y Boys' Glee Club Makes Many Appearances The Boys' Glee Club meT every Tuesday and Wednesday during l-lomeroom period. There were abouT TorTy-six members in all. They sang Tor assemblies and oTher special occa- sions. They were always well accepTed and somerimes They were even liked more Than The Girls' Glee Club and ThaT is saying some- Thingl One oT The TirsT places The boys sang This year, ThaT is ouTside OT school, was ChrisT Church, Tor a supper given There. lT is ThoughT ThaT a number oT people came iusT To hear The boys. Well, aTTer This They enTer- Tained aT one place aTTer anoTher: There was no end To iTl The Boys' Glee Club sponsored The "SweeT- hearT ConTesT." .They charged a penny a voTe and iT didn'T appear To be Too high a price Trom The number of voTes casT. They were inviTed To sing aT The FooTball BanqueT. They surprised everyone by singing a song several members of The Girls' Glee Club had wriTTen To The Tune oT "SweeT VarsiTy Sue." The boys are one sTep ahead oT The girls- They have a quarTeT and a very good quarTeT iT is! The members are RoberT Field, Jimmy Michelbach, Llewelyn Minnigh, and Waller Dudley. These boys sang aT The February graduaTing exercises. They sang TirsT a classi- cal number in keeping wiTh The TormaliTy oT The program, and Then They sang The TavoriTe oT This pasT year, "Bei Mir BisT du Schoen." , r -c U . QA. 'V-DVQ ujK. MQW -.. 'if 1, - ev PresidenT T. Raiford Officers IsT SemesTer PresidenT ,.,. .,,., ,,., , Thurman Raiford Vice-PresidenT , . , , ,,,, ,, Nick Cover 2nd SemesTer PresidenT . ., Jimmy Michelbach Vice-Presidenl ..,,. ..,,. . ,Harry Enfwisle Sponsor ................ Mrs. Malone junior glee club l Pres.-N. l.. Tucker V.-P.-S. Williamowslry Sec.-A. Williamson Accompanisl' of Glee Clubs-A. Herndon Junior Girls' Glee Club Newly Organized The Junior Girls' Glee Club is a newly organized one. The members of lhe Freshman and Sophomore classes had been complaining because They were noi allowed io ioin lhe Senior Girls' Glee Club. Mrs. Malone decided she would have lo do sornelhing aboui il, and as a resull lhe Junior Girls' Glee Club was organized. These girls are prepared for 'the Senior Glee Club. They do lwo and lhree par? singing. They are 'raughl 'rhe fundamenrals of singing, principally lo read noles, give proper expression, and 'ro brealhe correcrly. Songs lhey have learned +his pasl semesler include: Brahms "Lullaby," "By lhe Bend ollhe River," and "Coun- 'rry Gardens." Officers Presidenlc .A,.. ,,,.,A,, ..,,, N a ncy Lee Tuclrer Vice-Presidenl ,,,,,,.,, ,--Sara Williamowslry Treasurer . ,..., Alla Williamson Sponsor - .,c. ,, nn Mrs. Malone This Poem Was Selecied As The Besi' From ihe English Deparfmeni This Year May Peach-frees liff rosyrpeialed, sweei bouqueis Toward a blue and siainless dome of slcy. A faini breeze siirs among +he blossom sprays. Lilacs, cool, while and purple. iower high O'er shy primroses sheliered in +he grass. A whisper of fhe fragrance shimrners by And mel+s away, as dainiy perfumes pass Info 'rhe clear-as-crysial morning air, A dreaming couple, lad and genile lass, Turn happy faces, knowing all is fair- All life, all ioy, all love surpassing gay. The lirile winds bear laughfer on The air. Oh, whai' a lovely monih is blooming lviayl . . . Elizabeih Jones W lyflf A- - U Jaclc Parlrer Y A Plnylis lrloy WIHies+ 'l 1- WiHies AV My ll Q., L- ' V ,. W lfclvbrilivs oi' X lil? 5 x S Allan Brown and Elenor King Russel Craig Evelyn Redman BSS? DSHCHS Besi Dressed Bes+ Dressed ii Eddie Nowland Millicen+ de BuHes William Vogler M ,l Popular- M 5l Alhlellc Mosl' lnielligeni Mos? lnifelligenf f . IQ l 154,510 faivf the 'cllool I-. 1 Barbara Carier Mos? Aihlelic Jimmy Taylor Janice Maflmeny Besl Looking Mosl Popular, Bes+ Looking .X ,Ms around thc dial "Thai scene of 'The Boor' was well done, Jarvis." 9 A. M. "Shand by, please, for The announcement." 9:20 Thursday, "-a Home in fhe hear? of fhe hills-." l2:20 "ls fha! 'ScoHie' coming?" 3:10 in 309, "And iusf hundreds of wrifeups yef fo doin 9:30 P. M., "May I cu? in, please7 Wa nugr 'W' - . 1 J r. Tyler Mr. Given Mr. Williams of Bdiebdll Coach of Foofball and Baskeiball Coach of Baslre+ball and Track G. W.'S ATHLETIC STAFF Mis Cox Miss Snedegar Assishnf Coach of Girls' Baslreiball Coach 'if GHS' Bafkefbdl i x play hall Young hear+s eager, young bodies pressing forward-aL ways 'Forward-+o carry fhe ball over l'he line-slrong brown hands clenching il, lussling, husf- ling. Gleam of lighl' as il' s'l'rilces a sphere of brown lealher pre- cariously poised on fhe baslce+'s edge. Flashing eyes filled wifh inferesr, pulsing +hroa+s roaring a keen challenge fo ihe oppos- ing feam. Fair play. The sharp craclz of a bel' on fhe begrimed hide of a ball Thai' leaps spinning inl'o space. Rifle Team Firsl' Row: Roberf Thomason, Elwood Mervine, Ernesf Harlow, Edyih Cuson, Capfain Girls' Teamg Jacl Wallace, Caplain Boys' Team: Frank King, Edwin Bohlayar. Charles Van Midellesworflu. Second Row: John Barclay, Foresr Hunfg Albert Kinney, Frances Simms, Anna Fagelson, June Wells, Viola Gompf, Genevieve Sliererh, Richeni, Dollins, Burton Keiland. Girl Recruiis Firsf Lieu+enen+ , ,,,, , ,,,,,,, ,,,,,, , A ,. Marguerile Simpson Second Lieulenanl , ,,,, ,,,, ,,,,,,,, . , Zora Peylon Privafes Gloria Wells Mar-llwa Me.:l1anl Julia l-larlowe Dorollwy Dawson Norma Sleplwens Frances Peecl Lucille Jones Janel' Groves Corinne Dameron Mildred Carler Helen l-lursl Maiorie l-lollman Pauline Wood Dorra Widdilield lyella Johnson zaiwgg.. Drum Corps Francis Cornell, Harry Korbe, Charles Woodruff, James Haier, Haven Sfowarl, William Simpson, Virginia Pofhr, Elizabo n, MerriHe Pais, Huberf Oppon- lieirn, Bsify Logan, Edward Morgan, unius Cobean, Joe Thcimrr, Pefer McConnel. Firsi Lieufenani' Recruii lnsfrucior .,,,., , Alberi Kenney John Barclay Roberi Ayers Richard Summer Billy Payne Cleveland Jenlrins Foresi Hun? Boy Recruiis Privaies , Burion Keiland Roberl Meld Eugene Beall Daniel Downs Sigwald Jevesen Donald Walhi Charles Gallahan Charles Eclcsiein Company B Company Caplain-Gladys Schelhorn Firsl Lieulenanl-Rosie English Second Lieulenanl-Enna Pellengill Roll: Vivian Blake, Lucille Toombs, Margarel Robinson, Marguerile Bass, Elixabelh Morris, Barbara Mounl, Morse Sheppard, Thelma Taggarl, Annelle Rumshin, Belly King, Susie Mercer, Hazel Robey, Kyle Barnhill, Dorella Burle, Hazel Kirchner, Elsie Brown, Minnie English, Eslelle Robey, Vivian Millan, Jean Easlman, Virginia Hall, Muriel McCracken, Thelma Taggarl, Calherine Mills, Violel Lannon, Cafherine Dawson, Lois English, Jerry Reed, Jeanelle Florence, Doris Elliol, Marguerile Fisher, Virginia Owens, Margie King. Parades and clubs and special aclivilies, line as lhey are, are nol lhe chiel obieclives ol lhe Cadel Corps-lar from il. The mosl imporlanl lealure is lhe ordinary daily drill. There lhe cadels meel and become lnnil inlo one. From lhere comes lhe loyally ol lhe corps lo ils slandard ol unily. There humans, being molded inlo individual personalilies, meel and are broadened by lheir meeling. Their characlers are slrenglhened, lhey become sell-conlidenl, lhey acquire poise and heallh-slraighler shoulders, a well-delined gail, a clearer eye. There lhese humans come lo lcnow a hundred limes beller lhe rules ol Iile, and lhey gel a hundred limes beller chance lor a level oulloolc on lhose rules. For lhey are well and correclly laughl lhal, in order lo give orders, one musl lirsl learn how lo lake lhemy lhal, lo make a smoolh-running machine, all lhe parls musl coordinale willingly and wilh- oul heslilalion or lricliong lhal lhe way lo gel along in lile wilh lhe mosl ease and happiness is lo lind lhe besl melhod ol filling one's sell inlo lhe world wilh one's fellow-men, and lo hold lo lhal melhod, lorever. M' CompanyA Company Caprain-Edylll Cuson I Firsr Lieuhnanf--Doris Padgeff Second Lieulenanf-Mary Nalls Roll: Doris Hooe, Mary Hayden, Nancy Payne, Helen Gallalsan, Franc ' Lucille Humes, Elilabefh Kirchner, Anna F-agleson, Frances Andrews, ufh Afhey, Doroflly Toms, Grace Anderson, Madeline Cline, Muriel Dennis, Iona Newton, Cafllerine Bryanr, Nancy Wells, Marguerife Noble, Margaref Haney, Lois Pelifl. Barbara Chasen, Helen Shanks, Bernice Moss, Gloria Tucker, Rachel Embrey, Pearl Dawson, Rose Hayes, Clara Uron, Barbara Keppel, Gwendolyn Noland, Frances Pulzone, Kafherine Wine, Clara Robinson. A well-Trained, healThy, and clean body is simply an index To The mind and characTer oT The man lor The womanl. Under The miliTary sysTem of Training aT G. W., much care, ThoughT, and Time are spenl' upon men+al as upon physical developmenT, To The end ThaT The cadeTs OT The school may possess a quiclc command of every TaculTy, an orderly and logical meThocl OT ThoughT, a manly recogniTion of proper auThoriTy, and The willingness To accepT responsibiliTy. As The raTher worn phrase goes, "virTue is iTs own reward," for Those who respond besT and mosT in+eIIigenTly To The Training received become oTTicers, wiTh The privilege of Training and commanding oThers. CadeT drill is inTensely inTeresTing To Those who Talce iT wiTh The proper aTTiTude and Throw Themselves wholehearTedly inTo The process oT Train- ing. IT becomes a real hardship Tor Them To Tear Themselves away. ParTicipaTion in parades and oTher such acTiviTies is anoTher source OT inTeresT To The cadeT, Tor who can deny The Thrill of being a parT oT a parade? Under The eyes oT Thousands, wiTh The sTirring music of bands and The rhyThm of marching TeeT, who can help having a springy sTep and a lighT hearT in Tune wiTh iT all? Company B Company Capfain-Charles Woodruff Firsi Lieufenani--Richard Jackson Second Lieufenanf-Roberf Fihgorald Roll: C. Major, N. Hall, R. Vincenf, E. Mervine, J. Ticar, W. Hardesfer, D. Gardner, L. Mills, V. Single, J. Behr, W. Linsey, W. Rurnsey, l.. Lennon, J, Shelron, F. Davis, B. Marlow, W. Smifh, F. Michel, A. Muller, E. Harlow, C. Siine, F. King, E. Bolayer, J. McLean, B. Parrlow, J. Riddicl, W. Rofhgif, F. Becker, S. Owen, B. McCauley, P. Levaricl, S. Miller, E. Savage, J. Duron. The Rifle Team is one of fhe mosf inferesfing phases of cadef life. Members are insfrucfed in fhe pracfical mefhods of shoofinq and offen become developed fo an unusual degree of accuracy in fhe course of insfrucfion. Cornpefifive rnafches are held wifh ofher fearns, and leffers are awarded af fhe end of fhe year. The Sabre Club is composed of fhe boy officers who con- ducf bofh serious and lighf business af Their meefings. To fhe Cadef Council, made up of caclef officers appoinfed by fhe P. M. S. 81 T., is enfrusfed fhe upholding of fhe honor and spirif of fhe Corps and fhe cusforns and fradifions of fhe school. Disciplinary maffers are frequenfly referred fo fhe Council for invesfigafion and recommendafion. ,1 ,- gf ' fvfcllwig, L gr- Company A Company Clpfain-Thurman Raiford Firsl LieuTananT-Robsrf Thomson Second Liaulananl-William Bonh Roll: Barbour Apperson, Gaorga Sclnlhorn, Nevallo Morgan, Robsrf Field, Milion Davenporf, Howard Hicks, Walhr Sanford, Wallnr Dudley, Dicl Moon, R. Downliam, P. Hoffman, D. Hammond, A. Mills, W. Pafferson, C. Curiin, B. Voss, R. Sisk, R. Dollins, C. Lowe. William Taylor, Courfnoy Jewell, William Fosiar, James Gardner, J. Carroll, J. Turner, W. De Sllva, J. Woodson, N. Bruffy, B. Flalierfy, C. Gorham, K. Kopp, C. Van Midcllasworfh, J. Moore, J. Waller. The CadeT Corps oT G. W., besides The main Corps, is divided inTo branches, including The Band, The Bugle Corps, The Rifle Team, The Sabre Club, and The CadeT Council. The Band, organized by CapTain MacKenzie and led by BandmasTer James Michelbach, has noT only become one oT The mosT aTTracTive TeaTures oT school liTe, buT has enlivened The more sober mass of The Corps wiTh iTs colorful presence. The Bugle Corps Talces care oT The ceremony OT raising and lowering The Tlags every day, and adds greaTly To The cere- mony oT The occasion in doing so. rgfiik . ,MMM , qAkL,.-.J-4.-7pl i .1 Lil Cade+ Oflicers I -K 'L il i Lieufenanf Mary E. Nalls, Lieufenanf Doris l. Padgeff, Lieufenenf Rosie E. English, ' , X X Cnpiain Dorofhy A. Bolhvood, Lieufenuii Enna M. PeHengiIl, Capfain Edyfh S. Cuson, . ' ik Lisufenanf Adiufanf Evelyn M. ljigginr Capiain Gladys L. Schelhorn, Lieufenanf l l 'l K ' Marguarife M. Simpson. - -- ', Addifional officers: Lieufenanl Zora C. Peyfony Capfein Ann A, Carr. X Our Direcfor Forward March Shadow and Subsfance The advanlages of military fraining and discipline have been lcnown for cenfuries. The Sparlens of ancien+ Greece were noled for rheir rigid rules of army and civil life-much more sfricl and berler-obeyed Than lhose of modern diclalor- ships, which fry now +o impose These rules on an unwilling populace. For +ha+ is one of +he main poinls of discipline-if musl be nof only obedience, buf willing obedience. I+ is only human for people fo fry io gel by wifhoul doing Things, rhough fhey are afraid lo disobey. I+ worlcs lhe ofher way, +007 'rhey will malce a much beiler job of if when They are wholehearledly inleresled and desirous of cooperaling. fl'r!ffLi4-M"'Q' , Cade? Officers Lieufenanf Reber? L. Thomson, Capfain Charles E. Woodruff, Lieulenanf William H. Heflin, Capfain Thurman G. llalford, Maior of Ordnance Francis Cornell, Liaulenanl- Adiufanf Carlfon McCauley, Lieufenanf-Colonel Jack Wallace, Lieufananf Reber? C. Fihgerald, Capfain-Adiufanf Charles A. Dunn, Maier Charles E. Gompl, Capfain Haven C. Sfevlarf. Addifional officers: Lieuhnanf William H. Bonh., Lieulenanf lurdor Afhey, Lieulenanf Esca H. Crewes, Caphin of Ordnance Billy Simpson, Liaufenanf Arnold Cover, Caplain Marvin Rowley. ln 5e""'e'l Rank' Saber Drill ln Proud Array For praciical inslrucfions in drills and ceremonies, +he Cade? Corps is organized info a baffalion of boy cadefs and a balfalion of girl cadeHes. - The organizafion is under +l1e immediafe command of fhe Professor of Mililary Science and Taclics. or P. M. S. 8: T.. who is responsible +o fhe Superinfendenl' and Principal for fhe fraininq and discipline ol flue Corps. The Cadei' officers and non-commissioned officers, who are nexf in line of command, are selecled for fheir sclwolasfic sfandinq, soldierly bearing. good conducf, and efficienl per- formance of duly. Qi .1 . -E - U Cadel Band Bandmasler-James Michelback Roll: Rulh Hancock, Charloffe Hinsley, Lillian Schulh, Frances Harlow, Jacl Rush, Ludy Minnigh, Huber? Oppenheim, Belly Moran, Billy Logan, .lunius Cobean, Alice Johnson, Viola Woods, Marion Kefland, Marrirle Pafe, Jacl Kirlcman, June Walls. Edward Jordan, Rosema,, Renzie, Balgh Pagg Reber? Moran, Elizabeth Sampson, Emily Freddelh, Vernon Cuson, Virginia rug 0, Virginia Porfer, Edward Morgan, Dororhy Ninneman. Peler McConnel, Sam Harringfon, Slanley Heflin, Harold Barlow, Hammond Snyder, Genevieve Sharerfz, Roberl Peabody, Bill Schlag, Dabney Waring, Dorofhy Lee Wada, Thelma Murphy, William Lovelace, Randolph Jesler, Nancy Evanx, Bernard Schaffer. Douglas Bruiy, Louise Oppenheim, Paul Hinsley, Anna Javuey, Jeanne PoHer, Virginia Baaslay, Eddie Moore. lm i V k 4?-F' .il Color Guard R. Ramsey, B. Kefland, C. Van Middlesworlh, H. l-liclcs 09' xi Lieuienanr-Colonel Alvin G. Gufensohn Professor of Milirary Science and Tacfics c0Pf4i" JUN' B- M5CK"'1i0 Mesfer Sergeanr Marfin H Cue P. M. S. and T. and Band lnsfrudor A,,i,f,,,y P, M. S. and T Second Semesfer Fifi' Semlffff Second Semesfer 14 L... cadet staff To 'rhese musf go rne creclif, for Hwe Cadef Corps, looking 'ro +heir leodership and guidance, has come To wha? I+ is +oday. Cade' Lieufenan?-Colonel Bernard Ccoi Firsf Semesfer C0307 M-'io' Frances M. Simms Cade! Lieufenanr-Colonel Jack Wallace E+? Y Y Second Semester 3 n X Flash of whi+e gloves and clicl: of heels in +he mili+ary salufe-flue gripping rl1y+l'1ms of marching feef-silver-sfrealxing sabres-line upon line of evenly filfed ri'FIes-gli'H'ering buH'ons, shining equipment spofless, blue-gray uniforms-voices of command-gloved hands swing- ing in coordinafed movemen'r- shoulder sfraps. around the dial lO:30 P, M., "Take a bow for 'The Ghosf Train,' Miss Hunclleyf' I2:IO, Mr. Lindsey: "YOU here again?" Ihr 9:20, Thursday, "Now l buy all my lace in Paris!" lu. 3:30. "le+'s vesi a minu+e!" l2:l0, Cafe: "Gee, bul l'm hungry, Bulchf' 3:lO P. M., "Whaf are you doing wifh 'rhal camera? Oh, go away!" .W ......,., .W ......,, G.W G.W G.W G G.W G 6 .W ......... G.W .....,,.. G.W G.W ......... II'Ik WHOLE CREW',I,I,., Anxbolv' Boch Row: Cahill, Hernholm, Thomas, Zimmerman, Carne, GraumR0AlTen, ms, Murnane, Lacy. Third Row: Myers, Angel, Drake, Bourn, McDormof+, Berlrow, Crews, Edmonds, Newland. Second Row: ScoH, Schelhorne, Garfh, TuH, Heflin, R. Snyder, Enhvisle, Crocker, Grimm, Armlfrong Froni' Row: Read. Tull, Waller, Moriarfy, J. Payne, Robinson, Cline, E. Snyder, Bonh, O'Brien. Final Slandings in Sfafe Race Foofball Resul+s School Won Losr Tied 6 John Marshell . .. .. 6 Pefersburgh High School . ,, ,, . 7 0 0 I3 Lane High School ,. , 0 Thomas Jefferson lllichmondl . ,, , . 4 2 0 0 Pehvrsburg .. 32 George Washingfon lAlexandrial , 3 2 I 72 Nelional Training........ 0 Andrew Lewis lSeleml , , 3 2 0 59 lloosevelf 0 John Marshall lllichmondl .. ,. . 3 3 l 7 Newporf News 0 Thomas Jefferson llloanolrel . , ,, 3 3 0 6 Hamplon , , 0 Glass High lLynchburgl . 3 3 0 0 Hopewell ,, 20 Hopewell High School.. .. . 3 3 0 0 Fredericksburg . ,, . I4 Maury High lNorfollml . 3 3 0 6 Washinglon 8: Lee.,.... , .. I9 Hampfon High School ,, . , 3 3 0 --- - G. Washingfon lDanvillel 2 2 0 H19 YI W. Wilson lPorIsmoufhl , . 2 4 0 Newporf News High .. . 0 3 2 Lane High lCharloI'fesvillel . .. O 6 0 Managers Caphin Ticer and Worden Warren "Beano" O'NeiI ew Dove Afound End Heflin Boofing One Againsf N. T. S On 'rhe lirsr of Seprember lorry odd candidales, among whom were 'rhe leftermen from lasi year's Team, numbering an even dozen in all, and fourreen members of an excepfionally good "Javee" eleven, reporfed To Coaches Given and Williams, eager 'ro begin 'rraining for fhe mosf difliculf schedule which any foolball 'ream bearing rhe Blue and Gold of G. W. has ever underralcen. These boys engaged in 'rwof 'ro lhree-hour worlc-ours rwice a day unril The opening of school on rhe ninlh of Seprember. ln 'rhis way The boys were in "A"-one condilion when rhe whisrle blew for fheir opening game wi+h 'rhe John Marshall Jusrices in Richmond on The fwenry-liffh of Sepfember. During rhese early drills if was quire evidenl 'rhaf we would have a ream which could hold ils head high in any company. The new members were filling fhe holes lefr in rhe line-up by graduarion unfil if was evidenl' lhar we had moulded fogefher a winning combinarion. The "Presidenrs" opened fhe season by earning a 6-6 lie wifh 'rhe highly 'fouled John Marshall eleven of Richmond. This game was one of 'rhe besf exhibirions of loolball displayed by rhe George Washingfon aggregarion all year and really boosfed Their sfoclc as dangerous con- Tension in fhe Line Lacey Takes a Spill ln-an l I ' Burrell Ready To Receive One from Cenler Tenders Tor The sTaTe TiTle held b HampTon High School. Alexandria TirsT saw The PresidenTs in The newly consTrucTed aThleTic Tield, under arc lighTs, and before an esTimaTed crowd oT 6,500 deTeaTed a sTrong Lane High Team Trom CharloTTesville, I3-O. The TirsT deTeaT of The season was suTTered aT The hands of The power- Tul "Crimson Wave" Trom PeTersburgh High School by a score of 32-O. lncidenTally, The Pefersburgh conTingenT laTer won The Class A TiTle wiTh- ouT The loss of a single game. The Team scored iTs mosT decisive margin oT vicTory Tor This and any oTher year in The hisTory of The school aT The expense of The NaTional Training School-72-O. The Blue and Gold conTinued Their winning ways wiTh a 59-0 deTeaT over RoosevelT High School of WashingTon. The PresidenTs goT back in The sTaTe race wiTh a 7-O vicTory over The shipbuilders of NewporT News High School. The defending champions oT The sTaTe TiTle, The HampTon High "Crabbers." were The nexT vicTims oT The PresidenTs by The close score of 6-O. OT The Three games remain- ing on The schedule. all were dishearTening losses-TirsT aT The hands oT a decided underdog, The "Blue Devils" oT Hopewell High, by a score oT 20-O. The Yellow JackeTs of Fredericksburg High sTung The PresidenTs To The Tune oT I4-O, and lasT, our old rivals, The "LiTTle Generals" oT Wash- ingTon G Lee High, Took The Given-coached organizaTion inTo camp by a score of I9-6. ln all 'Fairness To The Team. iT should be said ThaT This Team had one oT The hardesT schedules OT any Alexandria school which has ever Taken To The held. And in The games ThaT really counTed-games againsT sTaTe opponenTs-our boys usually came ouT on Top. They won undispuTed possession of Third place among The TourTeen Class A Teams compeTing Tor The Championship of The STaTe. Packed STands and 60 MinuTes of Thrills and Spills Againsf W. and L. l.,e.. Top Row: Norion, Drale, Allen, Grauman, Murrnana, Crews, Bourn, .I. Moser, Reed, Coach WI lmms. Boffom Mc Row: Williams, Myers, Tull, Fisk, B H Came, Mesh, Dormif, Cahill, Fngelson, Harnlnolm. "Jayvees" The George Waslwinglon Junior Var- sily, or "Vice President" under Hue capable fufelage of "Jeff" Williams, played iusf flwree games-bea+ing +l1e Waslwinglon 8: Lee Javees I8-O and los- ing To lhe Episcopal Javees lwice by llwe respec+ive scores of 2-O and I2e7. Mos? of "JeFf's" malerial was raw and unlilce flue experienced and undefeafed feam of +l1e preceding year. However, some of flue boys showed real prospecf and gave promise of developing info an unbearable +eam of '38. A Mud-Smeared Hudclle. Taylor Cafches +l1e Winning Pass Againsl Newporl' News. 7 ,,,,,,,..i ...L As flue Quarferbaclr Sees If The Calre Team A new precedenf was esfablislwed af G. W.-flue forming of a "Cake" or l I5-pound leam under 'lhe direcfion of Mr. George Tyler, former Emory and Henry College aflnlefic slandouf. The locals lurned in lhe besf record of any feam To represenf G. W. on 'lhe fool- ball field-winning 3, losing l and lying l as a record in games. Taylor, Crump, Singelfon and Daniels were impressive for 'the locals during 'l'l16 campaign. Croclrer Scores. I I5-POUND TEAM Top Row: Read. Gordon. Lnmm, C fl Bo C h McLeod. Hudson. Summ Bob! R Sul? om ow: , Rhode Taylor, Crump, Sfunrl, McDona Mu.f,n ll Sglf n I Id As rlwe familiar slrains of "Gm G. floal across flwe allwlefic field, cheers echo and re-eclwo-eyes Follow llie soaring arc of lhe foolball carepulfed info flue crisp air-a fypi- cal scene 11+ my G, W. qemel Boys and girls will long remember even eller +l1ey've lef+ i n Ci 17 1..--f'f Pj, el .O W 1 ,ve g," f Hwis Alma Maier fhe brillianf line work of Crocker af cenfer, Grimm for his playrwrecking abilify, Bonfz as The immovable obied, Taylor's devas+a+ing speed, Reed's unsfopabie power and Thar gambling play-wrecker, Eddie Nowland. Q Ca Top Row: Assisfanf Mgr. Fagalson, Cliff, Nowland, Flick, Burrell, Mgr. Norfon. Boffom Row: Tluornasson, Scarf, Williams, Heflun, Snyder, Payne. For flue second fime in as many years G. W.'s Varsify baslcefball feam dropped below flue 500 per cenf mark, winning only 9 and losing I3 games. Tluis came as a mild surprise fo flue followers of flue Blue and Gold, as 6 leffermen refurned, and fluey were bolsfered by 5 promising candidafes fo fll in flue vacancies of graduafion. Probably flue mosf encouraging assef of flue campaign was flue play- ing of Eddie Nowland, All Sfafe forward, wluose season's average of l2.3 per game is believed fo be among flue besf, if nof flue besf, in scluolasfic circles. Credif is also due flue fine defensive worlc of Capfain Sfan l-leflin and Dicl-L Burrell. Capfain Heflin Manager Norfon f ..-WF' "Jayvee" Baskeiball Top Row: Assislani Mgr. Fagelson, Tull, Rixey, Bloci, Crocker, Mgr. Norlon. Fronf Row: Johnson, Lafsios, Carne, Waller, Lipps, Dove. G. W. Opponenh 30 Geo. Waslrirwqfon Froslw 37 33 Dr, Pepper , 32 23 Geo. Washlnglon Ffrwslw 42 35 Maryland Frosll 52 22 Thomas Jeflerson .42 35 John Marshal! 22 I7 Fredericksburg . 23 60 Farm Credll Adminlslrallcn 22 ' I8 Washington 81 Lee 27 60 Shenandoah Mllilary Academy 36 48 Pelersburg 27 4l Georgefown Frosh , 49 20 Flashes , . . 32 Newland Slwoofs from 'Hue Foul Line , . qt G. W. Opponenfs 45 Hopewell , .. , 43 30 Easfern . .. .. 45 I9 Pelersburq ,. .. .... . 24 28 Hopewell , ....,.,..... .,... 4 8 3l Waslwinqlon 81 Lee 33 29 John Marslvell , ., 25 28 Thomas Jefferson ., IB 32 Roosevelf ., 2l 20 Frederlclcsburg , 27 704 . ,.... Poinis Scorecl . , .,... 727 Tapoff Againsl' lhe G. W. Frosh Cenhal Dis'rric+ Resulis Tllornas Jelle Hopewell George Wash Jsrn Mafslva l Pefersbwq rscn lnqfcrl Won Losf 7 I 6 2 . 5 3 2 6 I 7 aww Girls Varsify Back Row IL. fo RJ: Shickler, Worden, Mgr. Lafsios, Shepherd, Williard. Fronf Row fl.. fo R.l: Haynes, Mafheny, Carier, King, Varneil. G. W.Ns Varsiiy sexfe+ opened His baslcefbaii season wi+h a dazzling arrav of +aien+ againsr Noicesviiies Feminine afhlefes. The score a+ rhe end of fhirry-+wo minufes of reai piaying was 25-7, in favor of The locais. Qfher games piayecf were wifh fhe aiumnae six a+ rhis school, ending 9-IO-a B'ue and Gold vicrory: Lee Jackson was nexr on rhe doclrer, and 'rhey were upsei ro The rune of 25-7. Bur iafer, ar Fredericksburg, ihe iocais were rrimmed ro rhe Tune of i0-5. Again wirh an upse+ our repre- senhafives were foiied ai Befhesda, i4,25. Buf +hese losses were 'Few and far berween, as in rhe case of Sherwood vs. G. W., wi'rh fhe former cop- ping rhe game by fhe impressive score of 20-2. Some ofher flashy dis- s QM Ca pfain Carier Manager Lafsios .J,1 vi .., 1s5frW Mi M a+MWW .p1,.,1wfl71,,,4 ,, J Junior Varsify Bach Row lL. Oo RJ: Herrell, Worden, Pearson, Scoff. Froni Row IL. lo RJ: Broadwell, Huff, Wells, Devers. plays of lalenl were unearlhed againsl +he reams of Lee Jaclcson, wilh lhe larfer on fhe fail end of a 22-8 score, and in lhe game wirh S+. Agnes, who also wenl home emply handed, leaving 22-IO decision behind fhem. As The opposing sexfel were far from selups, 'rhe merirs of our aggregafion may well be realized. And so our girls closed a reasonably successful season: Nine games were won and seven losl. Two hundred lorry-one poinfs were made by rhe girls oi G. W. and Jrwo hundred lorry-nine by 'rhe opposifion. The Junior Varsiry, playing lwo games, were 50 per cenl winners, as fhey bear S+. Agnes, here, 24-4, and losing 'ro Lee Jacksons Junior Varsify, 8-24. Carler Ge+s ihe Jump Shepherd AH'emp+ing a Free Throw Agalnsr 'Phe Alumni Back Row lL. lo R.l: Assf. Mgrs. Ticer and Garlh, Lacey, Newland, Bonh, Mgr. Clarll. Coach Williams. Fronl Row lL. fo R.l: Dove, ScoN, Williams, Dollins, Tull, Snyder, Bourn. rMW" WW Ca plain Burrell 4+ at -xv. -k As lhe rnalerial lor lhe annual goes lo press belore any ol our scheduled rneels are held, we can only predicl lhe oulcome ol lhe coming lraclc season, Wilh live lellermen relurning lrom lasl year's line learn, including Diclc Burrell, our polenlial Slale high and low hurdle champion and Caplain ol lhis year's leam. plus lhe services ol Eddie Williams, l-larvy Bourn, and lrving Lawson. ll's no wonder lhe Williams-coached aggregalion is giving lhe opposilion a greal deal lo lhinlc aboul. Coach "Jell" Williams has carded nine meels. lour dual, one quadranguler, one lriangular, lwo dislricl allairs, and lhe big Slale lvleel al Char- lollesville. -- --'ii Track Schedule Gonzaga, Woodrow Wilson, Roosevelt. . . ,.., Waslnnngfon 81 Lee ..w,.,....w....,. Fredericksburg, Wesfern e,,...Y Cenfral Disfricl' ...,,,..,.,,,..,,.,,., Woodrow Wilson... .. . Sfafe Meel. ,..,,.....,. ...... . Roosevell ..... r...... ,.,,.............,. Cenfral "C" Club Meef, Episcopal ........,....................... Roosevel+ l-l. S Alexandria A'exandria Richmond Alexandria Charloffesville Alexandria Cenfral H. S. Episcopal Burrell Running We Hien Hurdles run Clears fhe Bar .+ no P+ a ln icyzw wivf',lf"o X, 46735, fn 1 V V' f DUQI VN! Baci Row IL. fo RJ: Mgr. Carrie, Cliff, Hayes, Lacey, Newland, Lipp Burrell, McDermoH, Bbnamarie, Mr. Tyler. Fronf Row lL. lo R.l: Saffelle, Frcnls, Murnane, Thomasson, Moriariy, Heflin, Porfer, Payne, Scoif, Robinson, Parker, Verm II n. Baseball Schedule Georgefown Prep llO- Il 7, Devil? Preph .cc.cccc .cccc cccc , , Peiersburg ,,,, .,,, , S+. Albans ,,,,c a , Fredericksburg ..A, ,, e, April 5 April I2 April is April 20 April 26 ,,.......There e. ,,,.,,.,.... There Alexandria Alexandria , , ..,.,,,..,,, There Pefersburg ,,,,, .... . April 29 , ,,V,,,,,, There Thomas Jefferson April 30 T A,,,e,e,, There Maryland U. Frosh May 3 , ,,,,,,V,,.,,,,, There Washinglon 81 Lee. , May 6 , Alexandria Roclcvillen, A May I2 , , .. Alexandria Devil? ..,,. ...,.,,, 7 May I7 . ,, , Alexandria Thomas Jerferson T May 20 , .. .,,, A Alexandria FF6dEIiriCl4SlDUrq, ., lv1ay24 ,,,, ,,,,, H Alexandria Was ingion CS Lee, A.. May 27 , ee,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,VV V ,There ?0v6f.1,'c14A1 1 f, ff 5W+'L'r as . f ii? , fl ' ' y U ji, R .53 ilu Co-Caplains Heflin and Manager Came Newland Af+er several warm-ups or preliminary games, in which fhe locals showed real promise on fhe diamond, fhey opened fheir scheduled season wifh a lop-sided vicfory over Georgeiown Prep of Washingfon, IO-I. Sfuarf "Duck" Porfer pifched no-hir ball, and 'rhe Prepsfeirs' only run was scored on an error, depriving "Duck" of rhe goal 'lhal' all pifchers wish 'ro aHain-a no-hif, no-run game. This being fhe firsl' game of fhe season and under 'rhe capable direc- +ion of Coach Tyler. The members of 'rhe feam and lhe sfudenfs are loolc- ing forward fo a greai campaign. Wifh fhree leffermen refurning from lhe sfanclouf nine of '36, and such excellenf performers as Paul "Snul:fy" Lipps, Sian Heflin, Charles "Dinlcy" Sco'r'r, and Wilbur "Bo" Robinson. our prospecfs are unusually brighf. As fhe annual goes fo press. fhe Presidenfs have only parficipafed in one game. 'Shag" Newland Siops a Hof One Siuarf "Duck" Porfer, Ace of ihe Slab Sfaff they have made possible this hook Wilhoul lhe wholehearled supporl of The following adverlisers, our annual could never have been pub- lished. We hope lhal lhe sluclenls of lhis school, realizing 'rhis fact will palronize These merchanls, and when doing so, will menlion "The Compass." 'ZA4 ZAI4-nb,.f-4,0--1,--vC,Zag4,4,-c ML? A4"4"5-'0i4,n4. anna, "air" QW see our advertisers a N OFFICERS PR - . C vu - SE - TR OBJECTS or HIGHSCHOOL AssoclAnoNs WELFARE OF YOUTH To promo+e Ihe welfare of youfh in fhe home, school. church. and communify. THE HOME To raise Ihe s+andards of home life. LEGISLATION To secure adequafe laws for Ihe care and prolecfion of youfh. HOME AND SCHOOL COOPERATION To bring in+o closer relafion fhe home and 'rhe school +ha+ parenfs and Ieachers may cooperafe infelligenfly in 'rhe guidance of you'Ih. COMMUNITY COOPERATION To develop befween educafors and 'rhe general public such unifed efforfs as will secure for all youfh Ihe highes+ advanfage in physical. menfal. moral, and spirifual eclucafion. GEORGE WASHINGTON HIGH SCHOOL PARENT-TEACHER ASSOCIATION Phone Alex. 3603 Alexandria Beauty Shoppe swr:l.i.lNu. Pron. 1011 King Street Alexnndria,Vn. lfonzplimenis of ALEXANDRIA CLEANERS Palace l.aundr1v Agency 711 King Street Cumplinwutx nf J. W. AYERS JWf1rn1gvr', IIY1I0l'IU0!'llI ff S G IU I.'1'll!.S'mn' Alexandria, Vu. SENATOR FLOUR f'on1pli1uw1f.v o f INMAN'S BARBER SHOP 719 King Street Alexnndria,Va. Lehman's General Market Good Food Delivered 426 Hume Ave. Phone 1977-J LIPP'S LUNCH OPEN ALL NIGHT LUCKETT'S HARDWARE PAINTS HARDWARE GLASS 721 King Street Alexnndria,Va. Phone A167586 King 6 Royal SIS' ALEXANDRIA.VA. x Phone Alex' 56 f '0IlIf?fl1lIt'llfJ' of MERRILL C. LYNCH Drugs MONCURE Gi DAVIS REED 'l'HEA'l'RIi HUILDING Monticello Delicatessen NEW VIRGINIA MARKET Open Evenings and Sundays IFAALQELSQQN 3303- Phone Alex. 2553 Fancy Groceries Gi' Meats 904 Mt.Vemon Ave. Alexandrla,Va. Phone Alex. 1031 1221 King St' C0lIlP!lmt'Ilf.f of J. H. POLADIAN Engineer Cb' Builder Khlllfffllllfllff of A FRIEND QUALITY SHOE STORE Am: Rosi:Nm1kG.Pmn. -131 King Street Headquarters-Red Goose Shoes for Boys 8 Girls ROYAL MEAT MARKET Prompt Free Delivery Phone Alex. 2520 300 N. Patrick St. + -I Complimentx of DR. PEPPER R. E. KNIGHT Ed' SONS BOTTLING CO. ALEXANDRlA.VA. Drink a Bite to Eat at 10, 2 ff 4 oklock Afhlef1CEf1w11menf Good for Life 621-623 King St. Alexandrin,Va. ARROWSMITHS Women 's Sport Shop Smart Clothes Sizes 11 to 20 PRINTING As you like it . . . When you want it! Phone Alex. 6 Alexandria Print Shop Gazette Building Alexandria,Va. J. A. LOGAN Plastering Contractor Phone Alex. 980-w AITCHESONS, Inc. WOOD Eat COAL FUEL OIL 500 King Street Phones. Alexandria 1460 ' Clarendon 2000 Compliments of GIBSONS DRUG STORE "The man who gives in when he is wrong," said the orator,"is the wise man, but the man who gives in when he is right is-" "Married," said fl weak voice in the audience. Angry neighbor: Didn't you hear me pounding on the floor last night? Downstairs: Oh, that's all right, we were making a lot of noise ourselves. Phones Alex. 1525 and 2526 Alexandria Dairy Products CO., Inc. Corner Pitt and Princess Streets Alexandria, Virginia Ufrz .f4ffrlz'1fi0r1 to the Northern 'Uirginia Dairy Industry Grade A Pasteurized Milk and Cream Gilt Edge Butter Eggs Cottage Cheese TUDY AN REPARE FOR EMPLOYMENT AND PROMOTION i 2 Y 1 AQ Secretarial Courses planned for Academic, General, and Commercial High School graduates and for college stu- dents. Intensive courses in Short- hand and Typewriting. Review Classes in Shorthand, Dictation, and Typewriting. Strayer College of Account- ancy offers B.C.S. and M.C.S. degree courses, including C.P,A. preparation. Day and Evening Sessions. Ask for Secretarial or Ac- counting Catalog. STRAYER training qualifies high school graduates and college students for Secretarial and Account- ing positions in business and govermnent. Specialized training is necessary both in making a favorable start and in winning advancement. THE '1'IME TO BEGIN Summa: Tenn, July 5 Fall Tenn, September 12 and 19 Shorthand and Typewriting in high school and some college subjects may be counted as credit toward diplomas or degrees. Superior Employment Service assists graduates in obtaining positions, Over 1400 employment calls were received during the past year. STRAYER QQLLEGI: Thirhonth and F Shoah P. I. Harman NAQionul 1748 Dincto X2 VIRGINIA MAID ICE CREAM Queen of All SUNSHINE MARKET Select Meats Groceries and Vegetables 600 North Columbus Street SHUMAN ICE CREAM CO. Phones Alex. 2659 and 3673 119 King St. Phone Alex. 273 We Deliver R2 Alexandria, Va. Q Q fe 2 I .'omplimw1fs of J. C. Penney, Inc. The Department Store Hpilflfft' SH'U1.77gf :Are Qrvaf " 2 Business C99 Professional Women is Club of Alexandria Virginia 9: H fe Compliments of Carter Motor Company Your Ford Dealer W arch llie 7ord.f Q0 By Wm. A. Moore 110 N. St. Asaph Street Fire, Auto, Life Ca' Income INSURANCE MUTUAL ICE CO. Levinson Clothing Company ALEXANDRIA,VA. Refrigerators-Water Coolers Ou tfltters for Men cg? Boys Phone Alex. 51 424 King Street Alexandria, Va. Metropolitan 1681 Phone Alex. 1206 Palace Cleaners H. M. Wagner 6? Co. INCORPORATED Hotel, Bakery 6? Institution Washington, D. C. M. D. Fitzgerald 120 L St. N. E. Cleaning, Pressing Dyeing, Repairing Prince and Royal Streets ALE XAN DRIA, VA. M.J.MANNING Real Estate, Loans Cf Insurance Phone Alex. 1042 1003 Mt.Vernon Avenue Potomac, Alexandria,Va. J. Kent White Dealer in Radio Automobile Cap Electric Supplies 502 King Street 1 R .Q ig! Qt THOS. M. J ONES,Jr Clothier, Hatter, Haberdasher'rssN KING s'r1u:r:'r Phone Alex. 2257 Alexandria,Va SOUTHERN ARLINGTON Dry Cleaning Co. Coal Ed' Lumber Co. Expert and All kinds of - Dependable Coal, Lumber Ce' Millwork Service at reasonable prices Alex. 60 or 61 and Ridge 13-000 223 N. Payne St. Alexandria, Va. Phone Alex' 72.000 NEWELL-COLE COM PAN Y 212 KING STREET ALEXANDRIA,VA. H H 'Q PRINTING ENGRAVING T4 BOOKBINDING Ein PHONE ALEXANDRIA 162 H H H Use Your Local Bus Company For Clzarfered Trips 9:55-ta Special Prices for Schools A. B. 69" W. Transit Company Phone Alex. 1053 'ik Geo. H. Robins0n's Sons 128 S. Lnwn st. Al exan dna, va. Phone Alex. 21 BUILDING MATERIAL COAL. FUEL, OIL SAND AND GRAVEL fl? J V Thrift Auto Store Tires-Batteries-Radios am goo King Street College Ufslc About Our Bugdcl 79lan School 6? Fraternity Jewelry R561 1110 F STREET NORTHWEST WASHINGTON. D. C. Complimcn ts of DR. J. C. MAJOR THE BEAUTYETTE SHOPPE BELLE HAVEN GARAGE 1619 KING STREET A Hotel for Automobiles 24 Hour Service All Lines of Beauty Service phone Alex, 1022 Onen every Eveninxl until 9 n.m. Ph 1086 p 9 I. f st Al d V Compliments of SONIA BEAUTY SALON Compliments of GARDNER L. BOOTHE los NORTH sT. ASAPH STREET COHEN'S QUALITY 31-10p Harry's Economy Meat Market 1104 KING STREET Quality Wlercharzdise at Economy Prices Alexandria's Finest Mcn's Wear Store WE DELIVER I-Inrl Srlmffner Cf' MIITX Clnflwx Ph ne Ale 1700 or 401-J 201 Hume Aven Compliments of a Friend The Pause That Refreshes- Coca-Cola Bottling Works Compliments of DEL RAY DRUG STORE 603 Mt.Vernon Ave. Alexandria,Va. Compliments of L. F. HAMILTON Compliinents of BRADSHAW'S SHOE STORE 510 KING sT. Al.ExAND1uA.vA. Compliments of a Friend Compliments of a Friend Compliments of C.PONNET 6-Y CO. Florists 1019 KING ST. ALEXANDRIA VA Compliments of DR. ABRAMSON Give our graduates a lucky break CRITIC PUBLISHERS 610 Mt. Vernon Avenue Cafnplimcnts of Qfflexantlria Tlloman if Club Herbert Bryant, Inc. .0- Dealer in Farm f'9pLdw1l Seeds Manufacturer of Fertilizer -0- ALEXANDRIA,VA. ALBERT WEIL Pharmacist N XV. CORNER KlNG Sc PEYTON STS. Phones Alex. 1319 and 1322 Alexandria, Va. Virginia Roofing E? Sheet Metal Co., Inc. ALEXANDRIA, VA. Tin, Slate, Tile, Built-up Roofing Sheet Metal Work-Repair Work 1210 Queen St. Phone Alex. 3700 W. A. BARNETT 69' SONS Wholesale Confectioners ll5 King St. Alexandria, Va. Paper Bags, Smlioricry, 1"irv1c'01'k.v W. A. SMOOT E6 Co. INCORPORATED Coal, Lumber, Millwork ALE XAN DRIA, VA. it V' 'Em l 'LQ 5, ww' 'sl nu offyffmf MPA Ole: Well, tell me your story. Ancient Mariner. Salt: So, once we drifted on and on-had to eat our belts and shoes to live. Ole: No! Salt: Yes, then the boat tumed turtle and we lived on that for six days. STARK Ei SLAGLE f'omp!imcnt.v of c 1 ef W d M 00 ROGER C. SULLIVAN Phone Alex. 889 North Henry St. Compliments of Woody's Service Station Mt. Vemon Avenue Portable Typewriters S. F. DYSON Ed BRO. 420 King St. Phone Al ex. 27 Complimentx of NANCYE FLEMING SHOP Alexandria, Va. Little Jane: Ito policeman on the comer! Have you seen a lady without a little girl that looked like me? The coroner pronounced it suicide. How would you pronounce it? Miss Dickinson: "Lynhurst, that is excellent work!" Lynhurst: "Please stop flat- tering me, Miss Dickinson." Voice from the rear: "That's not flattery,that's sarcasm." ,11- F7 file WASHINGTON PLANOGRAPH C'O..4nc ESTABLISHED SINCE 1919 1220-22 NORTH CAPITOL STREET o WASHINGTON, D. C MEtropo1i1cn 0224 X XX X The shadows lemgfhen as The evening falls,- We bid goodbye To old G. W.'s halls." r DUGK 51q'7f2 yadr' HOj,f,,7 henr be lv 0 ,-f XX fl sr. , A 3 W7,c,6002,e,.429 X79-'rw-If -! ,,9!f?A, gn 'Z Q- ',. xyfp' I 1 1 'VlfQ., - XM 8'f5'Oi Ldhbw' nm' ijjc yiaff-:ff-1-J 9?-1,0-QQ! f6'd.,.IZ'2,Vfg, 79LQ Q1 w - - 41 5 K Jw N ,. O YK 3 YC 5 OA, flip X X X 4.,MQ,gg4xA- ,ff fy N riff? fig I., 5,,,,,....... C.,- l 5 F,-,,,.. . ,.-f"' 551

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