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5115 N Qi Q? kv Q5 S sis R x., ,I 'E .K I X- K., -f. XR n MW 4 S W M' 2 1 , S3 E MMM MM WM X15 Q kicjijgiwfr l 9 JM I V! YLMN5. fi ii AGM! w is Cl -f U ex- ' AW X Maw jj 555 5: 5 ,, - ' at I Xrlvdfkif C53 jay , MW I L Vi ? 134314-5572 Qxi"N'5N. W M csv Msgvlq xg 155354 EMM mm amy O2 LO ,MW ,Q WMM MM M ff? fwdffjwf' MQW ,,, QWM w5jiQjf5fWJjj6fW,5WW ZZYQ JW is gf -if 5 XS Q NY Mya ij Mylgylv f Ngi,-J f O J ' V' M W ml , f N fx, 4.965 l i Y 2 2 . ' X ' , v- I 3 . 4 . Published by the students of George Woshington High School Donville, Virginio Volume XXVI "All the way with L.B.J." and "ln your heart, you know he's right", accented by the "Great Society's" peace and prosperity -these were familiar phrases being tossed around the nation in the year l964. lt was truly a year of decision for American citizens and, more specifically, for George Washington High School students. G.W. Seniors, in particular, were concerned with the assimilation of their four years of pre- paration for the even greater challenge ahead. "My choice? I'm casting my vote for Mr. Christopher!" This teocher's answer was one with which all G.W. teachers would agree. Although spoken with tongue in cheek, the statement still carries a sin- cere implication ot respect for our leader, Mr. Joseph Thomas Christopher. We at George Washington are able to experience freedom and to accept its re- sponsibilities. The underlying principle of solutions to many national problems are CAVALIER 1965 found within one's own life. Realizing this truth, the people comprising G.W.'s faculty and administration provide the atmosphere for each individual to develop to his fullest potential, guiding him to consider with in- sight the problems of the world in relation to his own life. Among and in authority over those who lead us to truth in the classrooms, our principal, Mr. Christopher, looks forward with us to urge youth on to the challenge of truth and highest ottoinments. He sees what we do and knows what we can do. Because of this knowledge, we are led to know and live a more abundant life, en- riched with memories of George Washing- TOD. All times oren't serious - of course! Mr. Chris knows and exemplifies his staunch belief that having fun is a part of life, especially youthful life. He enjoys watching through loving eyes . . . Student Life . . , Spring I964 . ,. Summer ..., Fall ,.,,.... Winter ,....,. Spring 1965 .... Informal Learning . . Clubs and Activities Sports ....,...,. Formal Learning . . Administration .. Faculty ....... Departments . . . Classes ....,. Freshman .. Sophomore .. Junior ...,.... Senior .,....,,, Senior Statistics . . Advertisements .. Index .,...,. 3 wr M I A Instead ot a feeling of W sadness t h a t another school year was ending, tor the Class ot '65 last spring - "the spring that was" - brought happiness for Iii , "HOW MANY TIMES have I told you, Portia, not to leave Antonio's chariot in the driveway? said Cooper Norman to Joan Vincent. CCooper, the capricious Prince of Aragon, paid homage to the lovely Portia, portrayed by - Joan in the annual spring play n of the drama departmentl. a Q Spring's Thaw Awakens Minds with varied spring plea- sures with the antici- I potion of commencement activities which would be shared with the seniors, as they said good-byes. READY AND WAITING to strike out on their own, Charlotte Meadors, Joan Vincent, Melinda Agee, and Sara Nixon carried the G.W. banner to the Southern Interscholastic Press Association in Lexington last spring to bring back the newest ideas in journal- ism for the three student publications. "CLASSROOM SPACE IS really limited,"said Toni Martin. . HARD AT WORK on decorations, J' the juniors planned to provide a fun-filled evening for the seniors at the Jr.-Sr. Banquet. The , g J- Nc A theme of Treasure Island was -"Mig .Q carried out in the decorations, entertainment, and meal. . Q, . E. l N t M., If -'-' - . eps --A 2--.. . faqs-desi AND THE BAND played on! Mr. Stryker directed the concert band at the Fine Arts Festival. ,, M...-....s A 5 S t 3 i "GOT YA COVERED," said Jane Beale to Joyce Mays, Carter Jordan and Keith Allen, as they fought-it-out in a water- gun battle, favorite indoor sport of too many G.W. students with spring fever! is 2 - S K' A gs, 5 A , To Plays, Trips, Sports, Parties, Dances, Graduation JuNioRs AND sENioRs filled the auda- torium with sophistication, sadness, sentiment, and silence on Class Day. RAIN OR SHINE GW-ites wanted to be outdoors in the spring. Diane McGhee practiced her artwork on the back Campus. In a less serious vein, "Just can't do without mY weed," said Ronnie Layne to Junnie Walton. THIS MUST HAVE been the time when Tommy Slayton got his idea for the S.C.A. project, to keep G.W. clean! HEARTLESS, MERCENARY CHARACTER, Shylock, in the Merchant of Venice, "KEEP OFF THE GRASS" reminders were placed at every vantage point last spring, on completion of the new wing. The good stand of grass that appeared in short order attested to the con- sideration shown by GWites. THIS WAS FOR reall The faculty lounge had given way to students! Florence Ann Tompkins pointed up the crowded classroom situation, remedied last spring with the opening of the new A-wing, as she went into the English class held in the sanctum sanctorum. was portrayed by William Taylor in A ,, h - I h- h RT STUDENTS WENT Down by the :hi pgoigix Ear Riverside" for more scenic views dramctists. on which fo procllcf Ifhel' a ents. Kr If f, ,wks ,sq F gm. ,oi X fn. ,i....,, W x - ' 'V an 5,h,,,,,,,,, Mf'f'rQr423fIzfiQL'i -' i f "7de5?j,5?'f' f 4f1f'.'L"l' 5 T f ,gif 'PA 3 32 : E 6 IT WAS NOTHING BUT a big, roof-raising hootenanny as the students rehearsed for the Junior Class Talent Show. Happy hopefuls included: .lack Bagby, Seward Ander- son, Tom Shinkle, Charles Gentry, Ernie Dickens, Sid Wooding, Linwood Duncan, Joan Vincent, Susan Drew, Susan Clement, Phyllis McCubbins, Carolyn Ferguson, Melody Hilliard and Diane Thigpen. GOVERNMENT STUDENTS TOOK a break from the city tour for lunch. For the second successive year, u - 1, the History Department arranged for all govern- S p r' I n g T h W G S U n d ment classes to see, first hand, actual situations and departmental functions. This inspection of municipal government took up the major part of a spring day. Students Aviclly Working, Lazily Talking, Playing OVERDUE BOOK? MAKE that check payable to -. Librarians CMrs. Dollie Thompson and Miss Peggy Gibson? give Danny McFarling the eagle eye! ie E E mf Y "WHAT A WAY to end the summer!" bemoaned this class as they ponder' ed over their final exams lsummer, that isl. G W - I T E S USED MANY modes of transportation in coming to and from sum- mer school. Ob- viously, classes were in full swing when the photo- grapher came by. Activities Include Travel, Sports and School Duties Naming Summertime didn't find George Wash- ington dormant. The usual summer school session was held along with the addition of a non- credit driver edu- cation course. A t the close of t h e summer, all fresh- men and juniors re- turned to school for the SCAT and STEP tests. TOURING A.F.S. students visited G.W. in June on one of their many stops throughout the U.S. Mrs. Margaret Kushner,chairman of the local foreign exchange committee, and some of the visitors appeared undecided over the wide choice of desserts. V- in-tf f "VM INNOCENTX' WGS the DISCUSSING THE MAJOR issues of the plea of Larry Brooks as world lsuch as boys, girls, a new he looked at the sign which car, boys, girls, last week-end, lost its way from boys, girlsi, was a typical pastime as Broad Street. TURKISH BATH? NO, just the football team waiting for physicals. ln preparation for the football season, all potential football players reported to school early for a physical examination. GWites took a break during summer school. "HEY, WHERE DID l put my Danish dictionary?" queried Jerry Giles as he checked his suitcase before boarding ship for Denmark as an A.F.S. student for the summer. 9 l ...,..,..c,aM ,ummmmu--Vik .J -.,..,m....,,.t.. .V .Vtt. ,,t. s V. t .. the last season. NOSTALGIA PREVAILED AS students sang the school song at home game of the IT WAS A happy moment for Queen Dottie Cleft, with Tommy Slaytonl, and Sandra Barrick iescorted by Lawson Grantl, as final tense moments ended with the announcement of Queen XXVII and the presentation of flowers. The majorette smiling over the results was Becky Crutchfield. T Bonfire, alumni, football, pretty girls, school spirit - TERRY TOWLER LOOKED so sweet you'd think he was running for the Queen- ship instead of Mary Fuller McGlaughIin. Homecoming HALF TlME OF THE '64 Homecoming game brought announcement of "Queen Dottie Callahan and her court." The girls HOMECOMINGY The long week-end in fall, w h ic h ushers in the many varied ac- tivities associated with Home- coming, was eagerly antici- pated by GW-ites. Beginning with Wednesday or Thursday, graduates began dropping by the hallowed halls to see favorite teachers and o l d friends. The excitement of the football competition was only equalled by the suspense of wondering which beauties would reign at the Homecom- ing dance. "WALKING IN THE Homecoming Dance Wonderland" were Linda Oakes and her escort, Jimmy Walton. . Bonfires, Parades, Football Dances and their escorts were Lawson Grant, Sandra Barrick, first attendant, Tommy Second runner up Terry Towler Mary Slayton, Dottie Callahan, Homecoming Fuller McGlaughlin first runner up Ken Queen Xxvlli Bill SP0fkS, Klffy Rickman, Hopkins Bonnie Brown second attendant l0 Ll I 2 .5-.D- Ag MAD DASH OF Homecoming IN THE TRADITIONAL Homecoming weekend began with parade Dottie Callahan began her the rLJSl'1eCI decorating of cars Career qs Homecoming to the Friday afternoon Queen XXVII parade. Homecoming Queen Reigns at Game "RAH, RAH, RAH! Sis Boom Bah!" yelled former G.W. cheerleaders from several years back, at the halftime of the I964 Homecoming game. Meanwhile, it was a fair catch for Bill Setliff, manager, as he warmed the boys up to help them get in shape for a tough game. Bruce. I THIS WAS THE winning , smile--worn so charmingly I by Homecoming Queen Dottie Callahan, escorted by Tim "FUTURE TRASH COLLECTORS of America" or just members of the Monogram Club preparing for the bonfire? The hard workers were Ken Hopkins, Freddie Hughes, and Don Koplen. A brilliant bonfire personified the burn- ing enthusiasm of the G.W. student body at the opening event of the Homecoming week-end festivities. ll Fall inevitably arrived and with it throngs ot old and new students. Some looked forward to the football games, others eagerly anticipated the Homecoming Dance, the Harvest Hop, and the numerous open houses. As the year progressed, all fell into the routine of high school lite, but this season meant something special. PRACTICING FOR THE Senior Play, SO MANY GREAT Witness for the Prosecution, Linwood plays were up Duncan, Louie Goodson, Cooper Norman, Joel DeBoe's sleeve Bill Hyde, Terry Towler, and Bruce that he didn't have Kushner looked on as William room for his Taylor interrogated Joan Vincent in the arm! courtroom scene. Project Patriotism Spurs Allegiance "LET'S HURRY UP that Iine," Mrs. Cheney Lea repeatedly chanted as students came in to have their pictures made for the CAVALIER. "BRING ON THOSE gloves, it's cold," said Claudia Mitchell, who twirled the fire baton for Homecoming. l2 THIS CAPACITY CROWD illustrated the enthusiasm which followed the G.W. Cardinals through a fine football season. ACES HIGH AND so was the score for the Cards at the Martinsville game which took place after this pep rally, the first of the season. REALLY, TOM, DID you think you could fake off the Z librarians with that old I act? I 5 I fig? it ii' i 52 ' 95 OPERATION PATRIOTISM-W. C. IDANI Daniels warned G.W. students of the forces working to undermine our precious democracy as he spoke to the entire student body during the Veterans' Day Assembly. l 1 3 Q, -I V ,, , .Vx " J' s L2 f iirr K Vt, J . ii ig 'if we A i ,V X, ' , l , K -Y 1 K S t Q, LETTERGIRLS Florence Ann Tompkins, Sandra Barrick, Bonnie Brown, Carol Turner. VARSlTY BAND First Row: Mr. Stryker, David Cooper, Jerry Giles, Edgar Adams, Robert Dorr, James Barts, Darrell May, Cleo Fleming, Sam Stryker, Pat Everett, Barry Farmer, Scott Cowan, George Henderson. Second Row: Michael Hughes, Mike Turman, Richard Thompson, Daryl McGee, Sandy Taylor, Steve Cowan, Bob Hudgins, Roger Matthew, Jimmy Matthew, Randy Brooks, Hampton Wilkins, Alvin Petty, Judy B rown. Third Row: Doug Colbert, Jimmy Jeffress, Steve Willis, Ron- nie Pierce, James Boles, Willis Donelson, Ronald Davis, Bruce Hudson, Ken Wiles, Paul Brooks, Anita Foster, Dawn Evans, Harold Merricks, David Baker. Fourth Row: Kim Meeks, Dale Goss, Wayne Bryan, Dallas Riggan, Steve Simmons, Artie Edwards, Mike Hawkins, Bill Lewis, David Smith, Ricky Marilla, Robert Brann, John Holliday, Mike Godfrey, Larry Brooks. Fifth Row: Danny Adkins, Rod Snead, BAND OFFICERS Sitting: Burt Sparks, Keith Rimmer. Standing: Jerry Giles, Stu- dent Director, Wayne Bryan, Bill Cowley, President, Kitty Rickman, Jimmy Jetfress Vice-President, Dale Goss, Secretary, Donald Dameron. 1 Burt Sparks, Sherrill Farthing, Bill Cowley, Keith Rimmer, Odell Jarvis, Donald Dame- ron, Page Foster, Tommy Dorr, David Goode, Julius Boles, Bill Shelton, Edward Pinchback. Sixth Row: Linwood Duncan, Buddy Hall, Tommy England, Charles Zufall, Allen Furgurson, Bill Albright, Jim Paul, Robert Vasold, John Hornaday, Wayne Slone, Fred Pugh, Billy Payne, Bo Turner, Jerry Matherly. With spirit and determina- tion, the George Washington i-iigh School Varsity Band started rehearsals at the end of the summer and continued until the last football game. Adding extra enthusiasm as well as pleasing m u s i c al background at pep rallies and football games, the group participated i n Christmas parades in Danville, South Boston, and Chatham. 3? R81 . 1 'xx 5 ' ' . ,Q 'lv MU! 'Ely VQ'5?gQ:q. 5 :gt--.s-H., , tx A, . Y-Navi' 3. ,W W, -.hi ww , 11-falZ15ZwY ,gy . , mf Qwe- '5'?'-'Et .X ,Q . 1 .. - - Vg., i g ,M is-fm: .fi f 3,3 . . XM 'Elf + ltr? , Ziffletg' 'ZW E+ "E, ' In 1' 1' f 1 if 2,13 9' 'tg mi? , li 2 X , , t 4 2 Sr , - f Q-, . , K A, W ir ly wh Wa Q Wit viii Elia, rf M51 f 1' . gy, Pl C ,Lv . - fl , ' - it ? A . K . J4g?1441lXf 5225 . , ' R 32 , 't' if fx Te, '- ,gg gl s 15?g'?5??Ef: 4, V Ei .X .55 1, . 4, - . - gp X..-,.f" 'S' , . .I f aff' . ' , , W , we A TL Si M. K . -we Q I 'Y C354 ff it 5 if tt wav Q 'tvs' , my "T, M, ,,, K wises t ., ' Ei" " i A 1. A ,if 331 4 P1 Q, ti, gm Q5 J - ff K V, . 9, s 2 C . .fm t 1 Q5-Q., - ' W by R I 1- 'M view Jr F. ' -. - .- -?'i'1i l gi ,L L hp so ' it ,, O iff 'w i r-L Q .3 MAJORETTES Kitty Rickman, head, Becky Crutchfield, Claudia Mitchell, Hatsy Farth- ing. School Spirit Promoted by Band, Maiorettes, Letter- girls x , xl G.W. LETTERGIRLS AND MAJORETTES huddled before going onto the field at halftime to rouse the spirit of the fans. KILTIE KORPS Sitting: Susan Stroud, Claudia Hancock, Debbie Gibson, Janet Arnold, Janice Shelton, Corky Harris, Linda McDaniel, Peggy Sowers, Joyce Paul, Hall-Time Shows by Kilties Entrance Spectators While CONCERT BAND First Row: Jimmy Jeffress, Wayne Bryan, Dale Goss, Artie Edwards, Alvin Petty, David Goode, Julius Boles, Darrell May, Anita Foster, Wayne Slone, Bill Albright. Second Row: Jim Paul, Steve Simmons, Larry Brooks, Mike Hawkins, Kim Meeks, Buddy Hall, Daryl McGee, Dawn Evans, Sam Stryker, Jim- mie Fralin, Keith Rimmer, Allen Furgurson, Steve Cowan, Odell Jarvis, Robert Dorr. Third Row: Jimmy Barts, Dallas Riggan, Mike Tur- man, Robert Brann, Richard Thomson, Robert Vasold, Harold Merricks, Jimmy Matthews, Bruce Hudson, Paul Brooks, David Smith, Fred Pugh, Edward Pinchback, Willis Donelson, Randy Brooks, Hampton Wilkins. Fourth Row: Ronnie Pierce, Judy Brown, Ronald Davis, William Lewis, Donald Dameron, Doug Colbert, Linwood Duncan, David Cooper, Roger Mat- thews, Bob Hudgins, Page Foster, Tommy Dorr, Ricky Marilla, Barn' Farmer, Scott Cowan, Pat Everett, Michael Hughes, Bill Shelton, Jerry Giles. Fifth Row: Rod Snead, Edgar Adams, Tommy England, Cleo Fleming, Sherrill Farth- ing, Charles Zufall, William Turner, Jonathan Holliday, Jerry Matherly, Ken Wiles, James Boles, Mike Godfrey, John Hornaday, Burt Sparks, Bill Cawley, Billy Payne, George Henderson, Sandy Taylor. Pat Gammon, Joan Ricketts, Carolyn Hud- bright, Margaret Hancock, Billye Faye gins, Kitty Durham. Standing: Wanda Brothers, Suzanne Smith, Head, Angie Arthur, Lockie Roach, Beth Brown, Leslie Tompkins, Brenda Heady, Shirley Clifton, Waugh, Ann Fitzgerald, Betty Jean Al- Jeannie Cassada, Helen LeFevers, Pat Perry, Dianne Ledford. G.W.'s Concert Band Entertains Varied Audiences Bowtie, cummerbund and dress shirt converted the Va r- sity marching uniform into "real sharp" concert uni- forms. The concert band was one of the many organizations at G.W. which gave service to the school, and, at the same time, helped the student to develop his talent. Under the direction of Mr. Eugene Stry- ker, this band spared no ef- fort to present an enjoyable and worthwhile program, both to the student body and to the public. Kilt skirts were popular and so were the routines per- formed by the twenty-five members of the Kiltie Korps. Flashing pom-poms, carried by the girls, added color and variety to the entertainment presented by the band at each football game and in several parades. ff V , Students "LET ME SEE. l think I want the pink teddy- bear," said Lockie Roach as Freddie Hughes and Doug Scott looked on at the Danville Fair. THREE G.W. SENIORS, Marilyn Brooks, Barbara AWAITQNG THE BELL Harris, and Lindo Black, winch would Smrf paused in the Senior Lounge another day GW students H70 be 50Cl0ble-H l8 Take Time-out FOOTBALL SPIRIT PREVAILED as Kitty Rickman twirled fire at a G.W. game. 104 ff .. 'gig From Busy Schedules lor Varied Amusements FOOTBALL SPIRIT PREVAILED os Claudia Mitchell twirled fire at a G.W. game. IT WOULD TAKE MORE than a Dr. Pepper to effect a recovery from the shock of this one. Astonished, Carmen Soto and Pat Pruitt took delight in some promising new material for "sensational gossip!" I GUESS WHO TREADED thin ice-odds were that somebody' did a quick about-face and headed for the office when you-know-who got an eye of this "happy hall hugging"l AS A HIGHLIGHT of the year, Eddie Rickenbacker, famous World War I hero, visited Danville and presented an inspiring talk at the City Auditorium. WARM WINTER WEATHER brought out Donald Mustain, Betsy Harris, A. B. Motley, Betty Martin and Sally Hoke to enjoy G.W.'s outdoor facilities. "SHOVELlNG" SNOW WAS one of the novel freetime occupations of G.W. girls. lllustrating were Caroline George and Aline Overton. The unusually mild winter was well suggested by the paucity of the white "dust". Semesters End Brings Headaches, Long Exams CHRISTMAS FOR MANY people was the idea at G.W as student musicians took their talents to o special Christmas program for Danville Senior Citizens f 20 'l With winter came a variety of enjoyable activities for G.W. students, ranging from Christmas parties and the annual parade to snowball- ing and sledding. As Christ- mas approached, GW-ites, amid t h e i r trolics, began thinking of others. The boys' and girls' chorus- es sang in special concerts and programs for the com- munity. The student body contributed food and pre- sents to Salvation Army families. Scout troops, made up of G.W. girls and boys, spread the Christmas spirit to younger children, and Y- teens supported the Empty Stocking F u n d . High-Y's visited the City Nursing Home. First Row: Carla Yates, Judy Cox, Susan Cox, Darlene McGuire, Linda Adkins. Second Row: Ann Farmer, Brenda Bous- man, Linda Lavinder, Joan Richardson, Rachel Hill, Martha Chenault, Sarah Young, Bracken Rush. Third Row: Ruth Francis, Marie Daniel, Nancy Watlington, Brenda Long, Myra Jackson, Sandra Mills. Fourth Row: JoAnn Flora, Mildred Cole- man, Ann Lovelace, Raynell Payne, Fran- cine Stanley. Conductor: Mr. Earl Greene. "GREAT CAESAR'S GHOST!" Or was it Banquo's? David Baxa had o problem which eluded the confining walls of E-l0l CEnglish Class, "Macbeth!"l FAVORITE FREE-PERIOD pastime of seniors in the lounge was gathering around the T.V. set, instead of reporting to a study hall like lowly underclassmen. Winter weather made this "indoor sport" A particularly appealing. 4, , mu M W Q GETTING READY FOR the annual Christmas faculty tea, Gale Reynolds, Peggy Anholt, and Shelby LEARNING TO DRIVE correctly, Dirk Booze made a varietY Lea demonstrated the use of the of Chfisimas decorations gas pedal and gear shift to his teacher, in Home EC- Coach George Carter. Go easy on that right foot! Winter's Chill Freezes But Not Activities At George Washington "ATQUE UT INDE oratio mea proficiscatur . . ." maybe Julie Greene, June Love and Jay Dorman were inspired by the Cavalier in the background, while studying in the library. MISS DANVILLE FAIR of I964, Sandra Barrick happily displayed her tiara and cup. Sandra also was Western District DeMolay Sweetheart and Sweetheart of the Danville Chapter of DeMolay for the post two years. Sw,-'K t,0" "POlNT THOSE TOES, girls!" yelled Director Gene Stryker to the Kiltie Korps during half-time activities. College Boards Come With Winter's Snow IT WAS BOOK report time again, and students looked for those hard-to-find books with the-fewest-number-of pages. "HOW MUCH LONGER do we have to wait?" was the cry of impatient students waiting for the bookstore to open. Needing last- minute paper land candy?J were Steve Weber, Beverly Stovall, Brenda Vaughn, Larry Smith, and Betsy Harris. "l NEVER KNEW literature could be so interesting . . . "mused Scott Cowan to Billye Faye Brothers. "WHO SAYS YOU can't teach an old dog new tricks?" said Rufus, exhibiting a bright out-look on life. "ACES HlGH?" THESE sophomores-Eddie Barrick and William Salmon- "wise fools", were often seen doing almost onything to get attention. 23 ......--1-f" EYE li ' lil ll "NOW, AS SOON as we can get all of us in the car, we will leave, too," said Bill Overton to Burt Sparks, Ann Whitehurst, and Becky Toler, dejected in the deserted parking lot. AS LATE SPRING gave way to early summer, seniors clad in academic gowns received the coveted diplomas. Misty-eyed with retreating memories, but fortified with fine training, the Class of '65 went forth to practice the good citizenship of high school in their community, their country. ALL THESE GIRLS needed were black leather jackets and they would have been ready to ride! Members of "the pack" were Nancye Scearce, Julie Greene, Susan Reed, Patricia Ferrell, Betsy Harris, and Judy Lewis. Seniors Don Caps, MOTHER NATURE PUT on her brightest clothes and spread about her best perfume as spring fever produced a devastating effect on G.W. students. Jimmy Jeffress has trouble on his trail-fourteen desperate girls: Pat Aron, Sandra Barrick, Bonnie Brown, Helen Whitt, Charlotte Meadors, Louise Norton, Jamie Clark, Pat Pruett, Betty Earles, Becky Crutchfield, Janice Mayo, Laura Powell, Melinda Agee and Meryl Townsend. TAKlNG A RELAXING rest during the first days of spring were Martha Fowler, Marilyn Brooks, Helen Whitt, Susan Lewis and Judy Lucado. l Q Traditionally spring brings May flowers, thoughts of love, lazy moments - so say --, the poets. Not so at G.W. Spring brought new honors for individual achievement, culmination of c o l l e g e dreams, FINAL final exams, ' farewells to hallowed halls and happy high s c h o ol habits. RELAXING WITH A good book, senior Beth Saul demonstrated her love of life, one of the attributes which led to her winning the D.A.R. "Citizenship" Award. l N as v. su XX t kt si scsgvxv lx x ' :sf .fri tl FX - . '-5.1. QS - X fs N .af "ARE YOU SURE that one'wilI fit you?" questioned Helen Whitt, as Linda Von Oot searched for her cop and gown for graduation. Gowns As Graduation Approaches TIGER OF THE English department, ESCAPE FROM A class lecture into the Miss Katherine Looney gives a big adventures of Sergeant Rocky afforded growl, victim of Madison Avenue's fall I8-year-old Lee Stilwell interesting and winter "Tiger" campaign. V ' ' ' ' Insight into his future. . Zgfifgir , ffl- "XL: I ij? QQ 1 Ye A sei. Students Note Through Playing Through participation in school or- ganizations, GW-ites learn to live. They find self-expression, com- radeship, exchange of ideas, and pleasure in the clubs which follow, their interests. They find the im- portance of sports in completing the education, in disciplining the mind. They find themselves. HE LOVES EXTRA-CURRICULAR ACTIVI- TIES FOR STRENGTHTENING SKILL AND CHARACTER. 1 e M H 1 2.21 img gg, FRESHMAN AND SOPHOMORE S.C.A. First Row: Gayle Crane, Jerry Haley, Cathy Gillespie, Nancy Cross, Carolyn Hawkins. Second Row: Ruby Huff, Anne Hughes, Marcia Lemly, Donna Newton, Robert Anderson. Third Row: A. B. Motley, Vickie Bowman, Betty Martin, Martha NO ONE COULD tell what Jerry Ferrell's ' poster said or meant as he campaigned C O U n Cl C O n C e r n e enthusiastically for his cause in S.C.A. elections. A MESSAGE FROM the Fearless Leader! Discussing new projects for the S.C.A. were Lee Stilwell, v.-pres., Beth Saul, sec., and Tommy Slayton, pres. Viccellio, Gayle Love, Mary Ann Reskins. Fourth Row: Jerry Marsella, Leslie Waugh, Debbie Holley, Nancy Williams, Susan Wiseman. Fifth Row: Rick Bendall, Steve Bass, Guy Johnson, Michael Dane Scearce, Dirk Lea. with Cleanliness "Operation Patriotism" was the idea adopted as the year's project by the S.C.A. This was in an effort to draw the stu- dent body closer together and to make its place in the com- munity. On Veteran's Day, the S.C.A. sponsored an assembly held in the gym featuring vet- erans ofthe past three Ameri- can wars. An emphasis was put on the importance of pa- triotism. During Christmas an un- precedented amount of food was collected for needy fami- lies and all the Council's rep- resentatives placed the food beneath the Christmas tree which had been festively dec- orated for the school assem- bly. S.C.A. Instills Democracy, Builds Toward Patriotism JUNIOR AND SENIOR S.C.A. First Row: Cathy Coleman, Linda Oakes, Linda Mc- Daniel, Salene Osborne, Helen Earle, Shirley Clifton, Roslyn Hancock. Second Row: Susan Drew, Jim Beaton, Becky Toler, Blair Johnson, Donna Giles, Judy Barnett, Melinda Agee, Judy Marsella, Beverly Keeling. Third Row: Lawson Grant, Mike Dishman, Jay Dorman, Beverly Barks- dale, Hodges Motley, Arthur Carter. Fourth Row: Dale Goss, Roger Beck, Steve Gaddy, Fred Hughes, Tom Zahrn, Miguel Rodri- guez, Dave Griffith. Fifth Row: Wayne Bryan, Bill Norton,Joel Deboe, Ed Reynolds, Robert Agee, David Baxa. 1 , I Y ---A N ,,... ' yay. f-if ,fr i f B 1 Nh 'IMI-5 ' " "OPERATION s PATRloTisM" APPEARED in , i l full swing as the entire student body of more than 2200 assembled in the gymnasium, for the first time, to show pride in being an American. PLEASED WITH THE response of their homeroom in the S.C.A.'s Christmas project, Kelly Furgurson and Vickie Bowman beamed with pride. - , I ' - -. A ,", h iya' .. My W, W 0 K -. ml rf ,Av , W... I . ,.,. . N N., ,.V,k . M - A V - , 'A , K -eer s . . err, I It ' I "-h' I - - 1 f i.'r H S ,.tt,i f , 'Z Irtt I I it . A LQ fi 1 Irli 1 1 In r trir I . ,- - ,1 K, V 51. K - rrrk H 1, if f -4639? Q M 2 ,Q- , 1 QM' , E j. S '1 -me we w. t I K .: . t W' -. ck .tr-N.,-ext . .. .. . Jfa.asafeksr-1s..::asf:.. I ' , ,,, " ',- .I .. , :-' K ' li ' "jg, if 5 ,VVL -'5" : sg,-1, , " '- ,. i ' "' 3 ' . . S' , 2 e- .V -12:2 EQ. ' S ' 5, ' tfri , ,J I ' I. i t I A ' S It S I Y ' 2 ' - ' -. 2 ' ' 'f i ' "'- " ier- f A eirit A , . ", . f J L J til I r n ,. , 323, 3, ,GAVA KVK Y V ,Vhi my M Wm V AV:ALl 3 1, gg I V j 2 x j 5 ,n g Q ." ', .,., "1" 4 -5' 1 2 fl Sa i' 1. T 'N I, ' , I . A W .3 . VZ Sw 5 . A I. .K .vf. Vrk : 11.15 . s I Tj It 1 in sr 1 f -we . L ' We if-1, S ,. F fa.. , I I k VM i . K , K 'X' , ' , . kt h S L' f 1 SEMI-FINALISTS FOR National Honor Society scholarships, as a result of their scores on PSAT this year, were Keith Allen and Tom Zahrn. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY First Row: Melinda Agee, Keith Allen, Sandra Bar- rick, Marilyn Brooks, Arthur Carter, Gwynn Chambers, Kathy Clark, Suzanne Clark, Rebecca Crutchfield, Mike Dishman. Sec- ond Row: Jay Dorman, Linwood Duncan, Mike Dykes, Betty Earles, Thomas Evans, Ronnie Fitzpatrick, Anita Foster, Martha Fowler, Brenda Gatewood, Donna Giles. Third Row: Mike Giles, Lawson Grant, Re- becca Gravett, Alice Harley, Barbara Har- ris, Judy Holmes, Sarah Hughes, John Lewis, Janice Mayo, Judy McBride. Fourth Character, leadership, serv- ice, and scholarship - these . were the ideals ofthe Nation- al Honor Society and the cri- teria for the selection of its members. To be eligible a person must have an average of 91 or over and must exhibit the other three qualities above. Induction ceremonies were held in November and in March, at which all juniors and seniors were present. Members of the National Honor Society passed among Row: Dianne McGhee, Mike McGowan, Claudia Mitchell, Peggy Moir, Sarah Nixon, Bill Norton, Linda Oakes, Harriett Par- ham, Woodrow Quinn, Terry Richmond. Fifth Row: Beth Saul, Steve Scearce, Ron- nie Searcy, Tom Shinkle, Tom Slayton, Vincent Smoral, Carolyn Sparks, Lee Stil- well, Angie Tompkins, Florence Ann Tompkins. Sixth Row: Ellen Turner, Linda Van Oot, Miller Vernon, Sandra Vernon, Cynthia Ward, Anne Whitehurst, Brenda Wimmer, York Winston, Tom Zahrn. those in the audience,tapping the new inductees who joined old members on the stage where they were officially in- stated. Numbering approxi- mately seventy - five, a I I eligible seniors were taken into the Society as well as twenty juniors. The Senior Class of 1965 had the larg- est number of people eligible for membership in the history of George Washington High School. In May the year closed with a banquet, with a full attendance. JUDICIARY First Row: Claudia Mitchell, Beth Saul, sec.-treas., Dottie Callahan, Linda Oakes, Cathy Coleman, Susan Wise- man. Second Row: Jerry Marsella, Jay Dorman, Mike Dishman, Lee Stllwell, v pres., Joel Deboe, Seward Anderson, Tom my Slayton, pres. National Honor Society, Judiciary, Inspire Students l,l33, . . . l,l34, . . . l.,l35 . . . Members ofthe Judiciary slaved over the tabulation of votes tromall school elections. An even more important func- tion ot the group was that of holding hearings involving cases of honor and breach of promise among GW-ites. Carrying out these tasks as members of Judiciary were tour seniors, tour juniors and two sophomores. Second se- mester the freshmen elected from their ranks two tempor- ary representatives. "GENTLEMEN PREFER BRAlNS" was the slogan cited as these National Honor Society officers-Keith Allen, pres., V Tom Zahrn, v.-pres., Claudia Mitchell, sec., and Peggy Moir, treas.- put on robes for a tapping ceremony. "FOUR HEADS ARE better than three" speculated George Washington, looking over the shoulders of Judiciary officers Lee Stilwell, v.-pres., Beth Saul, sec.-treas., and Tommy Slayton, pres. 31 Extracurricular Activities Consume Time For Multi-talented DEBATE CLUB Linwood Duncan, Suzanne Clark, Larry Smith, Bruce Kushner, Dirk Lea, Mike Giles, and Carlton Watkins. 'ttf' L gig EK at E-5 Agi- w QUILL AND SCROLL First Row: Linda Van Oot, Susan Lewis, Jamie Clark, Beth Saul, Judy Barnett, Ronnie Koplen, Anne Bateman, Arline Taylor, Cheryl Townsend, Linda Black, Brenda Barksdale. Second Row: Judy Lucado, Brenda Wimmer, Florence Tompkins, Suzanne Clark, Diana Hatcher, Sarah Hughes, Meryl Townsend, Joan Smart, Betty Earles, Sandra Vernon, Laura Powell. Third Row: Sara Nixon, Louise Norton, Dianne McGhee, Blair Johnson, Donna Giles, Janice Mayo, Peggy Moir, Becky Crutchfield, Melinda Agee, Jimmy Jeffress, Burt Sparks. Fourth Row: Helen Whitt, Kathy Clark, Marilyn Brooks, Jay Morris, Harriett Parham, David Baxa, Keith Allen, Crig Fulton, Carlton Watkins, Pat Pruett, William Taylor, Lawson Grant, Charlotte Meadors. G.W. Debaters, coached by Mr.Thomas Houser,defended their Western District cham- pionships and their third place finish Ctor the Negativel in the state. Suzanne Clark and Bruce Kushner, two-year veterans, anchored the squad, with Mike Giles, a one-year veteran, playing a prominent role. Bruce was a Western Dis- trict Champion and a compet- itor in state championships for two years, while Suzanne and Mike were district cham- pions and state competitors last year. Carlton Watkins, Dirk Lea, and Linwood Dun- can comprised the "brain- power" reserves. GW's aspiring writers were seen sporting Quill and Scroll pins or charms in the spring. Membership in this National Honor Society tor high school journalists, founded thirty- one years ago at the Univer- sity of Iowa, was accorded those who made possible for the entire student body a stu- dent magazine, yearbook and a newspaper. 32 GW-ites As Students Try Their Wings Shakespeare came to the campus in full glory last spring, as the Thespians went all-out to honor the Bard. As a vehicle tor a display of their varied talents and as a means of bringing honor to G.W., the outstanding dram- atists ot the school used Shakesperian plays for pres- entation to the public and in their district competition. Under the sponsorship of Miss Dorothy Fitzgerald, the Thespians functioned in con- junction with other members ot the organization which is national in scope, uniting teachers and students who are devoted to the advancement of dramatic arts in secondary schools. Only those who had made outstanding contributions to play production at GW. were eligible. STERN BUT HONORABLE, lawyers stood ready to begin a scene in "Witness for the Prosecution"-Louis Goodson, and Linwood Duncan. The clerk was portrayed by Bill Hyde. THESPIANS First Row: Louie Goodson, Kerry Campbell, sec.-treas., Billy Sparks, Suzanne Clark, Joan Vincent, v.-pres. William Taylor, pres., Robert Brooks, "l'AVE SOME LETTERS that's wot's l'avel" snaps Joan Vincent in a very dramatic scene from the Senior play "Witness for the Prosecution." Linwood Duncan and Robert Brooks seem slightly shocked but interested. Cooper Norman. Second Row: David Baxa, Carter Jordan, Linwood Duncan, Peggy Moir, Robert Moll, Tim Lewis. es ii,' , t Q I .Il f ff My 3 i I 3.7 N Qsijefi ft? ww at "W .1 4a " ', fi. i ,. .W , ..,'. ...W ,Tim . , . ,f effye tg . ,.. ,i.. . ff." ffm' ,Y ,X Q i gi vf 4 2 4, wi W 5 f 2 . i 42 r H i ,. ,. .... 2,591 we -uw 'fm 39' i :t a .. , ., i f f A VOT First Row: Brenda Gatewood, Caro- lyn Moore, v.-pres., Judy McBride, Rosalind Jeffries, Judy Tate. Second Row: Mary Setliff, Brenda Rust, tres., Donna Bond, Elizabeth Denny, sec. Third Row: Miss Annie Mae Williams, Brenda Talbolt, Candy Stroud, Joyce Hodges, and Linda Phillips, pres. For three years, the lndus- trial Cooperative Training program has offered a diver- sified vocational training pro- gram for G.W. juniors and seniors. Among the skills of- fered were training in me- chanics, electronics, nursing, dental assistance, architec- ture, and many more. The coordinator, John Lin- kous, supervised a two-year program in which students re- ceived classroom instruction and also a fifteen hour week of on-the-job training. Al- though the program offered many skills, the students were trained in only one specific area. The l.C.T. program at G.W. was one of seventy-six such p r o g r a m s affiliated with the state-wide organization, Through participation in this program, the students were able to obtain a better under- standing of working condi- tions today, as well as to be- come a trained worker and a credit to our community. Students Learn On-the-job training was one of the advantages enjoyed by students who took Voca- tional OfficeTraining at GW. The V.O.T. club was com- posed of business students who created better co-opera- tion and understanding be- tween the student body and the employers of the com- munity. Meeting once a month with local business leaders, the members discussed the many different phases and oppor- tunities offered in today's modern society. An annual Christmas party and employee-employer ban- quet were among the activi- ties enjoyed by the V.O.T. Club. Varied Business Precedures Thru Practical "Cn the Job" ICT First Row: Mr. Linkous, Donnie Ad- kins, Donnie Crane, Linda Spicer. Second Row: Lacy Bridges, Lynne Drewry, Ronnie Adkins, Hubert Haley, Angeline Vicks. Third Row: Tony Ledford, Allen Wilkerson, Tenry Eanes, Richard Payne, David Young. Training D.E. CLUB First Row: Dale Cumbo, Jerry Daly, Charles Shepherd, Jane Rawley, Sandra Beamon, Deanna Wade, Pat Wann, Jean Scearce, Brenda Talley, Joan Wilker- son, Susie Parnell, Phyllis Cox, Linda Circle, Ernest Tate, Dwain McGregor, Jes- se Wilson, Robert Barber, Leon Jones. Second Row: Bill Haley, Burley Anderson Roger Hutson, Linda Guthrie, Jo Ann "Did you ever dream of leaving school early every- day?" That was a unique privilege of members of the Distributive Education Club who daily reported to their jobs at mid-day. As a professional project the club conducted a follow- up survey of D.E. students who had graduated from GW. George Washington's D.E. Club hosted the district con- vention in late February. Del- egates participated in con- S T U D E N T SECRETARIES First Row: Cheryl Holley, Mary Ann Phelps. Second Row: Frances Huff, Vickie Morgan, Handy, Annette Clark, Linda Clayton, Patsy Glossan, Glenda Brizoski, Janice Parrish, Gayle Payne, Gloria Reynolds, Becky Davis, Kitty Salzman, Thomas Mc- Gregor, Donald Chaney. Third Row: Charles Roach, Jerrie Snead, Ann Crowder, Nancy Hughes, David Ingram, Dovie Hancock, Louise Knick, Margaret Keatts, Bonnie Warren, Lena Slaughter, Wanda Burton, tests and workshops. Financed by a fund raising drive, the annual banquet for the students and their em- ployers was held in the spring. Competing for selection as outstanding club in the state, the local club worked to earn points toward Honor Club Awards. "Efficiency" was the motto of the group of girls who worked as student secretaries. When they volunteered in the fall, they each were assigned Rebecca McBride, Sandra Slade. Third Row: Miss Annie Mae Williams, sponsor, Gwen Hill, Sharon Wann, Brenda Harris, Betty Dalton, Coral Gilley, Jimmy Payne Jimmy Lane. Fourth Row: Ronnie Wyatt, Billy Clay, Donald Adkins, Wayne White, Michael Rick, Oscar Braswell, Don Brown, Lewis Gibson, Frank Carter, Troy Lewis, Ken Tillison, Larry Payne, Billy Boulware, Roger Testerman, Jerry Ferrell. to one teacher and thereafter helped him with the office work. Although they did not type up tests, they typed study sheets and did other routine clerical work for the teacher. These secretaries worked dur- ing their study hall and re- ceived credit only if they lacked one-fourth of a credit to graduate. The group was sponsored by Miss Annie Mae Williams, teacher in the department. Carolyn Kirby, Nancy Carter, Carolyn Long, Nancy Hall. J 9 fl .at l l x I Model T'S Cultivate Charm, Social Graces, Grooming MODEL T'S Seated: Bonnie Brown, treas., Sandra Barrick, pres., Harriett Farthing, v.-pres., Judy Barnett, sec. Standing: Beth Model T stands for "model teenager", and, in trying to live up to this overwhelming title, the girls involved in this organization attempted to re- member the club's maximum, "Your personal appearance is the external representative or promise of what the real you is like." The club was com- posed of about fifteen junior JUNIOR UNIVERSITY WOMEN Sitting: Sara Louise Nixon, Dianne McGhee, Claudia Mitchell, Kathy Clark. Standing: Saul, Mary Drake Booth, Kitty Rickman, Anne Moore, Angie Thompkins, Dottie Callahan, Lindsay Robertson, Aline Over- and senior girls who were in- terested in making the most of their attributes. Sponsored by Mrs. Annie Laurie Sayers, the group met once a month in the homes of members. At each meeting a speaker presented interesting information concerning poise, grooming, tips on the latest fashions, and modeling tech- Suzanne Clark, Donna Lee Giles, Ronnie Fitzpatrick, Judy Holmes, Alice Harley, Melinda Agee. ton, Judy Williams, Mary Fuller Mc- Glaughlin, Absent when picture was taken: Martha Jo Dunn, reporter. niques. ln addition to participation in the Christmas parade, the girls also modeled occasion- ally for local department stores. As a surprise on Mother's Day, the girls enter- tained their mothers at a din- ner and fashion show. New members were elected in the late spring. In recognition of scholastic achievement, the ten girls ranking at the top of the sen- ior class were cited as Junior UniversityWomen.Announce- ment of selections was made in February by a committee of the American Association of University Women, spon- sors. At a special spring meet- ing of the girls, the A.A.U.W. honored them with initiation ceremonies. A small gift was presented each student as a symbol of her honor. T h e s e girls represented the scholastic ability, high ideals, and excellent perform- ance - accelerated by hard work and determination - necessary for good collegiate performance. 5 Weekly meetings, debates, humorous skits, films, and recreational meetings made up the agenda of the Youth for Christ as the group con- sidered p r o b I e m s facing young people in life. The c I u b , interdenominational, was commended by the minis- ters of Danville as it worked toward opening avenues of spiritual fulfillment for the students. As a money-making religi- ous educational project, the club sponsored a full length film entitled "God's Country" in the fall. The annual Sweet- heart Banquet was held in February, climaxed by the crowning of a Sweetheart Queen. Attending regional and national conventions, local members of the Youth for Christ were given oppor- tunities to learn about and exchange ideas with other young people from the entire country. E THERE'S SOMETHING BESIDES darkness in deepest Africa! Nancy Hankins is describing her plans to be a missionary in Africa to Youth For Christ members, Johnny Raines and Wayne Hilliard. ff! Y.F.C. Concentrates on Spiritual, M YOUTH FOR CHRIST First Row: Brenda Newman, Deborah Moore, Martha Chen- ault, Sarah Young, treas., Judy Gravett, Shirley Martin. Second Row: Linda Mercer, Amy Elliott, Carolyn Farlow, Mellinda Gates, Vivian Dalton, Sherrill Andrews, Tony Abernathy, Mike McGowan, Mike Raines, Mike Owens, Ed Black, v-pres. Third Row: Becky Gravett, Kinny Middle- ton, Jo Ann Fisher, Dale Evans, Jimmy McKinney, Johnny Raines, pres., Arnold ,W TIPS ON POISE are the order of the day as Mary Fuller McGIaughlin shows David Baxa how to gracefully achieve an exit. Martha Jo Dunn lrightl finds the lesson an amusing one. ental Development Smith. Fourth Row: Dianne Thigpen, Melody Hilliard, first v-pres. Judy Dalton, Carleen DuBose, Lacy Van Allen, Vickey Moore, Miss Annie Swann, sponsor, Mr. Bob Carpenter, Y-F-C Director. ,Amen J .. ' .,+v sl S sv ,QQ gyms X ' kj- Ez, it ' A 4. .C . r , sg-.W Y TMS? 37 :Fixx GENERAL MUSIC lSN'T all formal learning! Enjoying a jam session are Vance Yarborough, Craig Jones, JoAnn Willis, Martha Chenault, Billy Sparks, Judy Tate, Smokey Chattin, Judy Quisenberry, Ronnie Glass, Judy Gravett, and Boscoe Fulcher. The halls were alive with the sound of music. This was a true story because of the varied Choral program for G e o r g e Washington. A t Christmas the G.W. gym re- sounded with such familiar ,tunes as "Jingle BelIs" and "Joy to the World", as the sundry choirs led the student body in song. The Concert Choir performed t h e re- nowned "Christmas Story" by Heinrick Schultz. The Mixed and Girls' Choruses as well as the concert choir perform- ed for many clubs during the Yuletide season. The Madrigals, a highly specialized group who sang literatures from the golden era of Elizabeth, were heard throughout the community and the school. The Concert Choir, the Madrigals, and the Mixed and Girls' Choruses truly "showed their stuff" at the perennial spring concert. The Concert Choir performed a very special number, Schu- bert's "Mass in G." To end a very successful year, chorally speaking, the Concert Choir sojourned to the District Festival. Varied, Efficient Choral Groups Boast Representatives GIRLS' CHORUS Seated: Virginia Brown, v.-pres., Judy Cox, treas., Joan Richardson, assoc. sec., Margaret Hancock, sec, Ab- sent: Bracken Rush, pres. First Row: Judy Atkins, Betty Warren, Jo Ann Flora, Vickie Hawkins, Sandra Mills, Brenda Long. Second Row: Francine Stanley, Ann Farmer, Darlene McGuire, Myra Jackson, Rachel Hill, Linda Lavinder, Susan Cox, Nancy Corn, Rachel Atkins. Third Row: Pam lsom, Mildred Coleman, Linda Adkins, Nancy Watlington, Marie Daniel, Brenda Bouseman, Cindy Carter, Ann Lovelace, Millie Holton, Martha Chenault, Ruth Francis, Sarah Young, Carla Yates. csggggrw, :eff-mlwwfassiseiwazmnwgws Q- sap qxmmmswwmwfwwmmmmmrwwrWe-Mwmefvs,VWWWVMW ,, ,,,,. W ,.,, ,,t.,.,,,.,,, MN., brou h res. Mar Ellen Johnson treas MIXED CHORUS Seated: Dale Rakes, sec., Dale Davis, v.-pres. Vance Yar- , 9 1 P I Y I -I Linda Matkins. First Row: Pat Neathery, Judy Carter, Vickie Perkins, Mary Eliza- beth Taylor, Charlene Hankins, Selma Baker, Sue Crawford, Cynthia Casper, Nancy Reynolds. Second Row: Becky Huff- man, Susan Overby, Vickie Morgan, Alison Scarboro, Kathy Hilliard, Diane Perkins, Robert Moll, Steve O'Neil, Sidney Allgood, Sam LaRue, Rick Third Row: Betsy Dodson, Melinda Sherrill Andrews, Scearcey, Edwin Turner, Donald Pollard. Craig, Susan Hall, Pat Gates, Susan Holland, Allen McDowell, Bevill Denson. Fourth Row: Margaret Turner, Mary DeHaven, Lisa Ferguson, Glenda Carter, Kathy Crawford, Linda Williams, India Carter, Charlotte Davis, Vickie Scearce, Alice Meadows, Anita Foster, Brock Abernathy, Ronald Lay, Glen Price, David Cooper. Fifth Row: Jo Ann Fisher, Jeff Gosney, Butch Meadows, Jerry Clifton. With All-State Rating and Splendid Community Spirit CONCERT CHOIR First Row: Eddie Wil- lis, Johnny Raines, Martha Wetzell, Angie Tompkins. Second Row: Libby Heffinger, Linda McDaniel, Anne McBrayer, Tory Allen, Amy Furgurson, Pat Aron, Carolyn Fergurson, Phyllis McCubbins. Third Row: Judy Dalton, Nancy Hankins, Tonia Meadows, Joan Vincent, Ellen Turner, Bonnie Dalton, Martha Tennant, Judy Tate, Genivieve Green, Rhoda Betterton. Fourth Row: Irvin Hall, Robert Hawkins, Ken Middleton, Darryl Cox, John Roberts, Danny Raines, Ken Talley, Bill Sparks, Robert Coffey, Sterling Carter, Keith Riddle. l DUCKS OF A feather flock together, just like these CAVALIER staff members, Bonnie Brown, Laura Powell, Crig Fulton, and Jane Beale. iGet the joke?i IN CAVALlER EVERYTHING was a group project - even when everybody was doing something differentili as shown here by Tom Shinkle, Linwood Duncan, Louise Norton, WHAT DO YOU mean How do you spell CAVALlER?' " Betty Earles asked Linda Black. Cavalier Cops Coveted trophy of S.l.P.A. was awarded the '64 CAVA- LIER at the spring Lexington convention. Following up this and the national rating of "First Class" iscoring some fifty points in excess of the minimum requirements for this high honor under Colum- bia Scholastic Press Associa- tion standardsj was a diffi- cult feat to top. The i965 yearbook staff experimented in some new ideas in journalism for a "bet- ter than ever" book. Some of the changes in the '65 CAVA- LIER included a more modern three - column layout, darker type and more and more and more pictures! Also, an un- precedented number of stu- Corjfon Wqfkjnsl Gjendc Raines' and CAVALIER BUSINESS STAFF First Row: Jimmy Jeffressl Beth Saul, Jo Ann Holland, Dianne Boy, Melody Lambert. Second Row: Sandra Ab- Top Honors With dents were pictured in the book: 92 per cent of the seniors, 88 per cent of the juniors, 82 per cent of the sophomores, and 8l per cent of the freshmen. The goal of the CAVA- LIER was to compile a book of real meaning for the whole student body and faculty, not just for seniors. The Business Staff, under the supervision of Miss Jose- phine Estes, undertook ac- tivities beyond the usual ad- selling for the l965 CAVA- LIER. Their biggest project this year was the distribution and sale of class pictures. As a final project, they sponsored the sale of plastic yearbook covers in the spring. bott, Angie Tompkins, Keith Allen, Brooks Greene, Mike Dishman, Kitty Rickman. St r Z mg-1. - . M W .. . t if tt.. t. I., is, - A. mm. " It sg isis... f turf,-J Qi' , A REACHING FOR RECORD Percentages in total students Pictured for the CAVALIER, Jamie Clark, Helen Whitt, and Jay Morris stressed the importance of having everyone's photograph in the yearbook. another roll," said photographer Chip "LOOKS LIKE WE'VE flubbed CAVALIER Calisch to Bill Overton, -fzrwrw WORKING INDUSTRIOUSLY AT the BOOK, Melinda Agee, Becky Crutchfield Cheryl Colu m bio, S.l.P.A., Students T0W"SESf.ad2i'2.,SH2Z Charlotte Meadors Jay Morris Beth Saul Keith Allen Helen Whitt Burt Sparks Marilyn Brooks Melinda Agee Becky Crutchfield Betty Lou Earles Pat Pruett Kathy Clark Sandro Vernon Harriet Parham Louise Norton Brenda Wimmer Judy Lucado Brenda Barksdole Jamie Clark Cheryl Townsend Meryl Townsend Diane McGhee Linda Black Miss Josephine Estes Mrs. Cheney Lea Editor-in-Chief Managing Editor Business Manager Assistant Business Manager Brooks Greene Kitty Rickman Angie Tompkins Donnie Koplen Photography Editor Bill Overton Chipper Calish York Winston Sports Editor Assistant Sports Editor Linda Van Oot Copy Editor Assistant Copy Editor Florence Ann Tompkins Crig Fulton Carlton Watkins Composition Editor Janice Mayo Jimmy Jeffress Co-Club Editors Faculty Editor Co-Class Editors Student Life Editor Susan Lewis Laura Powell Co-Senior Statistics Editor Index Editor Technical Editor Tom Zahrn Co-Typing Editors Staff Artist Secretary Business Advisor Editorial Advisor Senior Assistants: Torn Shinkle Linwood Duncan Sandra Barrick Bonnie Brown Martha Fowler Glenda Raines Photography Assistants: Carla Yeatts Barbara Harris Alice Harley Jane Beale Sandra Haskins Judy Howard Vickey Dryman Sarah F. Hughes KEEPING UP WITH the Joneses as well as with every other kind of name that fills the class rolls of G.W., are CAVALIER editors Sandra Vernon, Brenda Barksdole, and Harriet Parham. FROM THE SMILES on the faces of Meryl Townsend, Miss Estes, Marilyn Brooks, and Mrs. Lea, the CAVALIER was a sound financial proposition. creative talents to their task, A MEETING OF minds -CAVALIER Staff ZSQIWYQEIQECZRE-,Z ZVRONG members Kathy Clark, . u ui u - cAvAi.iER staff members B'e,?f,1t:N flgefouffg Janice Mayo, Sandra ' Norton' Barrick, Linda Van Oot, and Charlotte Meadors. X s 'iv' "lSN'T THERE SOMEWAY we can raise a little money?" Things weren't really that bad-as could be seen from the look on the face of Chatterbox advisor, Guy Yeatts. CHATTERBOX BUSINESS STAFF Sadie Irwin, Sharon Coggins, Arline Taylor, Ann Mitchelle, Judy Meadors. -,N ,f-5 yd is rm H UWHATCHA READING, MARY Fuller?" These Chatterbox staff members seemed to enjoy their work. Sitting: Nancy Grubbs, Mary Fuller McGlaughlin, Judy Clark, Chatterbox Reflects Journalists' Ability Q i ' so , -s'o cHA1'rERBox BUSINESS A STAFF Dianna Hatcher, Ann Bateman, David Baxa, Susie Jones, Betsy Mast, Nancy Wilson. Wm ., 1964-1965 CHATTERBOX Staff Editorial Staff Co-editors Peggy Moir, Sara Louise Nixon Managing co-editors Judy Barnett, Ronnie Koplen Assistant managing editors Ca thy Coleman, Jean Kossoff Business Manager David Baxa Picture Editor Sherrill Andrews Exchange Editors Carol Turner, Beth Winstead Club Editor Susan Halperin Sports Editor Lawson Grant Sports Writers Charles Perry, Bill Wentz Columnists Sara Blank, Betsy Tipton News and Feature Writers Roger Beck, Janet Buettner, Judy Gravett, Nancy Hankins, Sue Jones, Patsy Lewis, Mary Fuller McGlaughlin, Robin Mustain, Carmen Soto, Carolyn Sparks, William Taylor Art Editor Becky Smith Photographers F r a n k i e Feibelman, Frank Glass, Mike McGowan Typists Bonnie Andrews, Anne Bateman, Suzanne Jones, Betsy Mast Copyreaders Judy Clark, Martha Jo Dunn, Nancy Grubbs, Brenda Harris, Sarah Ford Hughes, Linda Jones Vain Martha Jo Dunn, Susan Halperin, Becky Smith. Standing: Frankie Feibelman, Roger Beck, Sarah Ford Hughes, Bill Wentz and Frank Glass, PLANS SEEMED TO be well under way for the next issue of Chatterbox. Staff members working ferociously l were Ronnie Koplen, Judy Barnett, Dave Griffith, Sara Blank, Betsy Tipton, William Taylor, Jean Kossoff, and Cath Y Coleman. To Win Student Praise, Judges Winning the medalist rat- ing at C.S.P.A. and S.l.P.A., the Chatterbox continued its successful career. "Newness" was the byword in O-2l, the Chatterbox of- fice. The publication received two major innovations be- sides the customary changes in editorships. Th e first change was a new sponsor, Mrs. Suzanne Golden, and the second was the new of- fices located on the second floor. During the year the Chatterbox sponsored, among other things, a bake sale, a Christmas party, and an Open House after the G.W.-Flem- ing basketball game. ln the spring came the annual "Green Duck Day" at Thal- himers, which was the focal point of the year. Spring al- so brought with it recognition for the Chatterbox as one of the outstanding school news- papers in the state. CHATTERBOX STAFF MEMBERS, hard at work, were Judy Gravett, Sheryl Andrews, Joan Broome, Robin Mustain, Sue Jones, Carmen Soto, Alan Johnson, Janet Buettner, Beth Winstead, Carol Turner, and Mike McGowan. "WAlT A MlNUTE," exclaimed Lawson Grant to Sarah Nixon. "l'd rather do it myself." Peggy Moir added a few changes, too, with the help of Mrs. Suzanne Golden. Bruce Kushner and Donna Giles conferred with Mr. Miller on one of their award- winning editions. C.T.S. Seated: Hatsy Farthing, Anne Moore, Linda Oakes, Joan Garrett, Blair C.T.S. Editor: Suzanne Clark Associate Editors: Blair Johnson Donna Lee Giles Business Manager: Seward Anderson Linda Oakes Lee Dix Beverly Barksdale Anne Moore David Womack Joan Garrett ff' Art Editor: Diane McGee Art Staff: David Haywood Hatsy Farthing Advisor: Kenneth M. Miller Business Staff: Editorial Staff: Furthering its goal of re- cognizing promising GW authors, the Cardinal Talent Scout statt,top-ranking in the nation, published two issues ot student writing consisting ot poems, essays, and short stories, illustrated by dis- tinguished art work. Greater ettort was made to glean work tram the entire spec- trum of student lite, retlect- ing various interests and tal- ents. ln addition, the humor section was expanded to in- clude more prose and poetic contributions. More students Johnson, Suzanne Clark, Dianne McGhee, David Haywood, Beverly Barksdale, Lee saw their work in print, re- presenting GW's creativity. Complementing the actual publication of the magazine were other projects. The Thanksgiving highlight was the annual l-larvest l-lop Twirp Night, the CTS tund- raising project. Students al- so attended the Columbia Scholastic Press Conference in New York and the South- ern interscholastic Press As- sociation Conterence in Lexington, Virginia to share various ideas and improve- ments tor the magazine. Dix. Standing: Mr. Kenneth Miller, David Womack, Bruce Kushner, Donna Giles. .WW -- , I - TWO ARTISTS on the C.T.S. staff, Diane "SAY HATSY, DO you think we could get Kushner as they formulated another devil- McGhee and David Haywood, looked over to Florida on this much?" asked Bruce ish scheme. the finished product of the cover for the literary publication. Students Display Talent in C.T.S. To Set High Rating CTS ASSEMBLY line took shape as Mr. Giles, and Blair Johnson readied the pro- duct of their active minds for distribution Kenneth Miller, Suzanne Clark, Donna to the homerooms. Co-operation marked the year's activities tor Cavalier, Cardinal, Capitol, and Con- 'tederate Hi-Y's. Coordinat- ing projects was an lnterclub Council composed ot otticers and sponsors ot all tour clubs. Since promotion and main- tenance ot high standards ot Christian character in home, school and community were goals, functions for the year were geared with these ideas in mind. A basketball league was formed and the various l-li- Y's tested their court ability against each other through- out the winter months. A joint tund-raising campaign was conducted through the selling ot family-packs at toothbrushes. Proceeds were used tor the l-li-Y's annual Christmas Dance. Also in connection with Christmas, a party was given at the Dan- ville Nursing l-lome by the CONFEDERATE HI-Y First Row: Jimmy Goss, Larry lsorn, John Bailey, Robert Dorr, C0n'1bir1ed grgups, Ray, Woody Traylor, Jim Smith, Roger Robert Friedman. Ajthou h -1, d - Pedigo, George Morris. Second Row: Dale A Q un' e lin xnony projects, the tour l-li-Ys re- mained independant ot one another in many fields. Each had individual programs, parties and projects in ad- dition to vieing tor the highest award tor the Hi-Y's, the Ace rating. CAVALIER HI-Y Seated: Allen Furgur- Beverly Barksdale, Bob Loramore. Stand- son, Jerry Marsella, Tommy Slayton, Kelly ing: Seward Anderson, vice-pres,, Mike Furgurson, Bill Turner, Lawson Grant, pres. Giles, sec., David Womack, treas., John Seated-Second Row: Richard Evans, Hamlin, and Don Mustain. 46 Hi-Y's Plan For Constructive Fun With Programs 'ck X- QM? mm We- RECEIVING THE OPTIMIST Club Award, "Youth of the Year" from Mr. Chet Smoral, Miller Jones, a member ot Cavalier Hi-Y, exemplifies the high ideals toward which Hi-Y aims. CAPITOL HI-Y Seated: Bosco Fulcher, Gene Saunders, Smokey Chattin, George Evans. Standing: Harry Gentry, treas., Jerry Clifton, Eddie Barrick, Bruce Kushner, Don W Q25 R ,-M., Q-1 Koplen, Steve Goddy, v.-pres. Not Pictured: Bland Aaron, pres., and Bill McCubbins, SSC. .A-.4 CARDINAL HI-Y First Row: Tim Bruce, John Lewis, Rusty Lester, Steve Bradford, Dave Griffith. Second Row: Tom Zahrn, Miguel Rodriguez, Bill Cawley, Charles Perry, Doug Scott, Reid Taylor, Freddie Hughes. Third Row: Jay Dorman, Don Pratt, Bob Echols, Bobby Willetord. Fourth Row: Mike Dishman, Ken Parris, Ken Hopkins, Lee Connor, Bill Hankins. W , 'S SENIOR Y-TEENS First Row: Sandra Vernon, pres., Kathy Clark, v.-pres., Judy Holmes, sec., Joyce Mays, treas., Joyce Whittaker, v.-pres., Joan Broome, social chairman. Second Row: Connie Waddell, Carolyn Ferguson, Phyllis Ryan, Sandra JUNIOR Y-TEENS First Row: Becky Toler. Second Row: Beth Sours. Third Row: Bonnie Morgan, Patsy Brown, Donna Ferguson, Joan Meyers. Fourth Row: Julie Greene, Nancye Scearce, Anne McBrayer, Francine Stanley. Fifth Row: Joan Garrett, Frances Huff, Beverley Hardy. Sixth Row: Brenda Long, Liz Giles, Allison Scarboro. Hoobler, Carmen Soto, Donna Dodd, Pat Pruett, Linda Williams. Third Row: Judy Meadors, Ann Kello, Anna Kello, Beth Winstead, Billye Faye Brothers, Foye Smith, Charlotte Davis, Betty Earles, Marilyn Brooks. Fourth Row: Melinda Agee, Linda Haymes, Judy Howard, Janet Clifton, Ellen Turner, Angie Tompkins, Becky McBride. Fifth Row: Frances Bridges, Carlton Watkins, Judy Buettner, Pat Howard, Pat Franks, Kerry Campbell, Sadie lrwin, India Carter. STRAINS OF "The Stripper" filled the air while Senior "bubble-dancers" Janet Clifton, Carlton Watkins, Billye Faye Brothers, Joyce Whittaker, and Peggy Bercaw entertained the Y-Teens at their annual Membership Kick-off Party in the fall. l 4 8 Beginning the l964-65 ses- sion with a new Teenage Pro- gram Director, Mrs. Dodson Bennett, Y-Teens set out with renewed spirit in pursuit of their goals. As teenage mem- bers ot the Young Women's Christian Association, Y- Teens followed the principles ot love tor God and all man- kind in service and social pro- jects, within the Y.W.C.A. and throughout the com- munity. The Y-Teens, an organization open to all girls of high school age, featured programs ranging f r o m dances and parties to potato chip sales and conventions. Y-Teens Cftered Fine SOPHOMORE Y-TEENS First Row: Phyl- lis Tolbert, pres., Susie Starkey, v.-pres., Phyllis Murphy, 2nd v.-pres., Pat John- son, sec., Judy Allen, treas. Second Row: Linda Scearce, Audrey Turpin, Marie Hardy, Pat Boyter, Judy Brown, Eva Mor- ris. Third Row: Carolyn Hawkins, Mary Jane Myers, Sandra Haskins, Leslie Whit- Opportunity To Grow As Individuals in Fun, Friendship, Fellowship Y-TEENS INTERCLUB COUNCIL First Row: Angie Tompkins, pres., Carlton Wat- kins, Ist v.-pres., Billye Faye Brothers, 2nd v.-pres., Cathy Coleman, sec., Ann aker, Ann Farmer, Ava Ireson, Diana Henderson. Fourth Row: Sheila Still, Car- Ieen DuBose, Brenda Humble, Linda Fowler, Mary Jac Mills, Peggy Wilson, Jo Ann McGregor, Nancy Spencer. Fifth Row: Dana Turner, Nancye Barbour, Donna Rigney, Shirleye Wann, Jan Squires, Linda Richardson, Eva Kitchen. FRESHMAN Y-TEENS First Row: Ellis Hodge, lst. v.-pres., Sandra Roberson, 2nd v.-pres., Ruby Huff, sec., Linda Marie Wells. Second Row: Bettie Somay, Cathy Loving, Mary Bumgarner, Carolyn Hudgins, Nancy Drumwright, Carol Howerton. Third Row: Marcia Lemly, Nancy Hines, Janet Marlow, Anne Lewis, Peggy Sowers, Fourth Row: Cathy Copeland, Nancye Bowling, Virginia Jones, Sandra Sparks, Deborah Moore, Faye Morris. Fifth Row: Marge Bolen, Ellen Henderson, Carolyn Mayhew, Betsy Craig, Susan Albright. x 1 Q i mis, Farmer, treas. Second Row: Carmen Soto, Sharon Coggins, Beth Sowers, Becky Toler. Third Row: Ellis Hodge, Pat Boyter, Pat Johnson, Rose Marie Petty. Fourth Row: Ellen Turner, Sandra Vernon, Phyllis Tol- bert, 49 CIVICS CLUB First Row: Lawson Grant, pres., Peggy Moir, v.-pres., Joan Vincent, sec. Second Row: Bob Laramore, Jerry Mar- sella, Kitty Rickman, Sandra Barrick, Rusty Lester, Judy Barnett, Beverly Barks- dale. Third Row: Eddie Barrick, William Taylor, Anne Whitehurst, Donna Giles, Suzanne Clark, Seward Anderson. Fourth With the twenty-five mem- bers of the l.R.C. as a nucleus, students were chal- lenged to consider at least one international issue, to gather the facts, and to form an opinion. An informal poll was taken on the general at- titude of the student body towards action the U. S. should follow on certain prominent e v e n t s. Articles were written by various l.R.C. members for th e school paper, and a column was started in the local news- IRC First Row: Miller Jones, Kitty Rick- man, Claudia Mitchell, Lawson Grant, v.-pres., Dottie Callahan, sec., Seward Anderson, pres., Beth Saul, Ronnie Koplen, Mrs. Evelyn Miller, and Mr. Kenneth Miller. Second Row: Tommy Slayton, Judy Barnett, Peggy Moir, David Womack, Row: Judy Williams, Susan Wiseman, Cathy Coleman, Dave Griffith, Vickie Bowman, Jay Dorman, Anne Mitchell. Fifth Row: Linwood Duncan, Mike Dishman, Ken Parris, Tommy Slayton, Charles Per- ry, Miguel Rodriguez, Mr. Ward. Not pictured: Dottie Callahan, treas. paper. The club was composed of seniors holding a "B" average in social studies for one semester, juniors with an overall "B" average. Meet- ings were held once a month in members' homes. Programs included films on foreign countries and guest speakers who presented and discussed international af- fairs with the club. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Miller were sponsors. Judy Williams, Alice Dibrell, Angie Tom- pkins, Sandra Barrick, Linda Van Oot. Third Row: Miguel Rodriguez, Freddie Hughes, Harry Link, Tim Bruce, Lee Con- ner, Don Pratt, Aline Overton, Jerry Giles, and Buck Wiseman. Operation Patriotism was the theme carried out by the Civics Club in conjunction with the S.C.A, To achieve this goal, the groups spon- sored a mock election, en- couraging interest in the national campaigns and elections of l964. At monthly meetings, pro- grams promoted better citizenship and made the club members aware of var- ious phases of politics and trends in government. Mr. John Carter, Danville lawyer, spoke to the club on the current political situation. Mr. Charles A. Womack, city councilman, who spoke to the club on the importance of re- cognizing facts and facing reality, was another of the guest speakers. Sponsored by Mr. Marion Wa rd and Mr. Richard l-larold, the club of thirty- five seniors, juniors, and sophomores with an overall average of eighty -five or better. l.R.C., Civics Clubs Encourage Independent Political Thinking Selecting its membership on the basis of outstanding citizenship, character, and loyal service, the Key Club was composed of sophomore, junior and senior boys. Their "parent" club, the Kiwanis Club, acted as their sponsor. Films and slides of various countries were shown at their monthly meetings. Mr. Ken- neth Miller, sponsor, and Mr. Bob Jones shared their ex- periences in Europe and Rus- sia respectively, while Law- son Grant showed a film ofa hunting expedition to Alaska. Free Lunch and a smiling but firm walk-out, even from math! These were just a few of the privileges extended to the Junior Rotarians of '64- '65. Eighteen outstanding senior boys were selected by the administration to receive this honor. Each month two boys were chosen for this title. Nominess were ranked as superior in the fields of athletics, foren- sics, band, chorus, dramatics, or publication. The two, who were cited for a particular month, attended the weekly Rotary Club gatherings. Not only were they treated to lunch at the regular Tuesday meeting but also they were privileged to observe the Rotarians in action. As a special guest, foreign exchange student, M i g u e I Rodriguez, was selected as an honorary member. KEY CLUB First Row: Jerry Marsella, Bob Feldman, Eddie Barrick, Dave Grif- fith, Bill Turer, Donnie Koplen, Keith Allen, Mr. Kenneth Miller. Secon-d Row: JUNIOR ROTARIANS First Row: Mr. J, T. Christopher, Robert Dorr, Tommy Slay- ton, Lawson Grant, William Taylor. Sec- ond Row: Ken Parris, Tom Zahrn, Keith Allen, Louis Goodson, David McMann, Joel Seward Anderson, Lawson Grant, Jerry Giles, York Winston, Johnny Hamlin, Kelly Furguson, Bob Laramore. Third Row: Don Pratt, ,Jay Dorman, Richard Evans, Lee DeBoe. Third Row: Lee Connor, Linwood Duncan, Ken Talley, Lee Stilwell, Ken Hopkins, David Baxa, Jimmy Hall, Leonard Fulcher. Boys' Groups Enjoy Citizenship Growth Connor, Steve Gaddy, Tommy Slayton. Fourth Row: Beverly Barksdale, Mike Dish- man. I, zf- . 4 I ' li lik I , K V .f X fr ,I W f we .V , M. .,,..,s 9 , ,. , , if -,f C2 ,s I tl W., - .. fy U A .. f f + ,,,., pw,-,: if' f X--k f I ,,.. - '7f'f"" L ' f I i s f 3 :qi fgggffigs, , ,.,. . , ' " ' - 'ff " ' ""': s w .rf -Q-- ' xi if I wt?-4 - 34' + 12 Q. , i f ,,,.. ' Y I' -is- It I L,,h .iq KA I k,V.7k , ,.h, 'I " iz' ,f ,L ' IV " Ml' 2', ,, ' - . ',m,' - -eI.r f WVAhV L.VV , . -. 1 ., .- "" I V 1 , ,Z My Us 3 2' . V' '77 ,k'f., if g A I ll ' Zia I ' I 2 ,,' ' . ' if f I- J, Nwffxk, Q I :LQ V, WHO KNOWS WHAT this masterpiece of combined talents will turn out to be! lWe'Il never tellll This group of students could be cooperating with OR enjoying themselves in spite of the ICC clean-up campaign. Plotters in the circle included Steve Pugh, Wayne Jackson, Terry Minnow, Calvin Mays, Wayne Campbell, Nancy White, Sue Luther and David Crider. ICC First Row: Bland Aaron, Melinda Agee, Keith Allen, Seward Anderson, Sandra Barrick. Second Row: Anne Boggs, Marilyn Brooks, Bill Cowley, Suzanne Clark, Joel Deboe. Third Row: Lawson Grant, Brooks Green, Charlotte Meadors, Peggy Moir, Jay Morris. Fourth Row: Sara Nixon, Sandra Pruitt, Johnny Raines, Tom- my Slayton, Barbara Snead, Carmen Soto, Angie Tompkins. ALL CLUBS AND the S.C.A. observed 'clean-up, paint-up" routines. Seems as though this familiar school route was part of the picture! CCanterbury Road may look like this from 9AM. until 3:20 P.M., but BEFORE nine and AFTER three, look out, here come GW-itesll I.C.C. Works to Promote Better Relations For All Clubs li, "Big wigs" of the various extra - curricular organiza- tions, editors ot the school publications, and the S.C.A. officers composed the Inter- club Council. In an attempt to create school-wide co- operation, the Council had authority over all school-re- lated activities. Chartered by the S.C.A., the I.C.C. also endeavored to foster better relationships be- tween the individual school organizations. Members ot the I.C.C. worked with the S.C.A. to make the "Clean- Up Campaign" a project ot all clubs. "Stash trash" was taken more seriously and stu- dents worked with enthusiasm to improve the appearance in and around the school build- ings as well as in the campus area. "Repetez, s'il vous plait." Coming from the mouth of a thoroughly baffled student, these words were often heard during discussions at meet- ings ofthe French Club. This organization, which was open to all students of French at G.W.l-l.S., had for its objec- tive the stimulation of an interest in the French lan- guage and culture. With lec- tures and films the members were able to supplement their knowledge of France. Led by Melinda A g e e, president, Beverly Barksdale, vice-presi- dent, and Cathy Coleman, secretary - treasurer, a n d sponsored by Mrs. Page Wa r- ren and Mr. Robert Goard, the club's activities this year included a "petit dejeuner" or French breakfast a n d caroling at Christmas. lts in- creased membership was evidence of the French Club's widening appeal. C'EST UN BON soir! This is easy to see in the faces of French Club officers Cathy Coleman, sec., Beverly Barksdale, v.-pres., and Melinda Agee,pres. and sponsors, Mrs. Page Warren and Mr. Robert Goard. CRight,Mayo?l Students Become Proficient in French, Spanish Lingo HREPETEZ APRES MOI" ordered the taperecorder as French students Tom Zahrn and Kathy Clark took an extra minute to go over their lesson. SPANISH STIMULATES STUDENTS!! Mrs. Libby Hodge, center, aids Dennis Jones, Anna Kello, Elaine Francisco, and David Griffith, in their ability to translate. -ibera Arts, Roman Heritage Augment Study of Latin SING ALONG WITH Jerry and the gang . . . lt was Christmas carols, in Latin this time. Strange sounds from any viewpoint, for the Latin class- room is usually more quiet in tone, and "Jingle Bells" is usually more easily understood by a casual listener. The singing gang included First Row: Jerry Giles, Helen Whitt, Marilyn Brooks, Arline Taylor. Second Row: Brenda BarksdaIe,Sandra Barrick, Carlton Watkins, Jamie Clark. Third Row: Harriet Parham, Laura Powell, Tom Shinkle. LATIN CLUB First Row: Jay Morris, dictator, William Taylor, pro-consul, Law- son Grant, pro-consul, Helen Whitt, quaestor, Brenda Barksdale, scribe, Laura Powell, aedile. Second Row: Mike Giles, Sandra Barrick, Jamie Clark, Alice Harley, Linda Black, Sandra Harrison, Judy Grav- ett, Carlton Watkins, Walker Lea, Crig ALEA IACTATA EST f"The die is cast", in case you d-idn't knowll as fourth year members of the Latin Club lend a helping hand to Cicero students in distress. Rallying 'round are Judy Miller Vernon, Lawson Grant, William Taylor, Helen Whitt, Jay Morris, and Robin Mustain. Fulton. Third Row: Tom Shinkle, Kitty Rickman, Susan Lewis, Arline Taylor, Brenda Wimmer, Roslyn Hancock, Nancy Grubbs, Patsy Lewis, Jerry Giles, Anne Whitehurst, Pat Pruett. Fourth Row: Vince Smoral, Marilyn Brooks, Sandra Vernon, Harriett Parham, June Love, Jennie Samuels, Linda Mercer, Julie Greene, Jo Williams, Brenda Ba rksdale, "Quo vadis?" . . . Ovi Capita, G.W.'s Latin Club open to third and fourth-year students, served as a link be- tween the grandeur of ancient Rome and our modern culture. Emphasis was placed not merely on the original Latin, but also on the day-to- day application of the philo- sophical principles taught by Cicero and Vergil. During monthly meetings, the club stressed special ap- preciation of the Latin as a basic vocabulary - building language. Contests involving studies from the Reoder's Di- gest and Latin crossword puzzles were held. Other ac- tivities included two picnics, Christmas caroling, and a pin sale. Guest speakers during the year for the four major meetings included Mrs. Henry R. Bourne, former Latin teacher at G.W., Dr. Hugh Moomaw, president of Strat- ford College, and Mrs. George Rumney, former supervisor of Latin teachers in Baltimore. A concerted effort was made to interpret the value of Latin not only with refer- ence to club members for ful- ler understanding and enjoy- ment, but also with considera- tion of junior-high students who might be contemplating a study of the classics. Ann Holland, Robin Mustain, Betty Earles. Fifth Row: Bob Bendall, Tom Moran, Steve Webber, Roger Beck, Hodges Motley, Aline Overton, Becky Towler, Beverly Foster, Jean Kosoff, Judy Williams, Nancy Wilson. Sixth Row: Edward Martin, Johnny Raines, Jimmy Beaton, Mike Dishman. GERMAN CLUB First Row: Jimmy Mat- thews, Frank Feibelman, Jim Smith, Florence Ann Tompkins, Karen Marien- feldt, Anita Foster, Doris Chappell, Linda Mercer, Glenda Raines, Betty Albright, William Seeley, Mrs. Margaret Kushner. Second Row: Steve Scearce, Terry Rich- mond, Keith Allen, Brooks Greene, Michael Solomon, Jimmy Ray, Hodges Motley, Joel Deboe. Third Row: Joe Merchant, Pete Hilliard, Linda Van Oot, Carolyn Garrett, Pam Hays, Suzanne Clark, Pat Robinson, Becky Gravett, Larry Heldreth, Ed Mar- tin, Miller Vernon. Fourth Row: Andy Wilson, Michael Kelly, Nathan Stephens, Patrick Gould, Louie Goodson, Jon Wash- burn, Sam Stryker, Ken Middleton, Buck Wiseman, Dane Patty, Tommy Dickens, David Baxa, Woodrow Quinn. German Students Learn Culture, More of Deutschland "Gesundheitl Danke schonl" Two German spies? No, only a conver- sation between two German scholarsl Under the sponsor- ship of Frau Margaret Kush- ner, the German Club was composed of all German clas- ses. Their programs were tailored to enrich knowledge of the German people and their customs. At the banquet, the high point of the year, members partook of German dishes and conversed in their "native" tongue. "TAKE THE PICTURE QUICK! l can't hold this up much longer . . ." Puffed Bill Overton and David Baxa as Glenda Raines offers to help them. THE GERMAN CLUB raked in the pennies at their Christmas- time post- office. Bland Aaron and Dave Griffith smilingly oblige with their "two-cents worth". Linda Van Oot and Brooks Greene man the station. 55 li "DUCK THAT DlPPER for me one more time!" Home economics students Shelby Boaze, Doris Williams, Carol Finley, Margaret Hancock, and Anne Hyler came back for seconds at the faculty tea. F.N.A., F.H.A. BRIGHT-EYED AND beaming, F.H.A. of- ficers planned for a new year: Carol Finley, pianist, Rosemary Smoot, Martha "WHAT'S COOKING TODAY?" Wonder if Susan Reed and Barbara Hyde knew for sure? "Citizenship Off To A Good Start Through Home- making" was the '64-65 theme of the Future Home- makers of America. The George Washington F.H.A. helped set up edu- cational exhibits and partici- pated in the annual fashion show which was centered around the election year. ,Serving as hostess to the Federation meeting, they acted out skits on citizenship. ln the fall, they served coffee at the Civics Workshop. On the two "Stop Polio" Sundays these young home- makers, were found display- ing their good citizenship by serving the citizens of Dan- ville. Highlighting the year was the Christmas tea held for the teachers and the annual mother-daughter banquet in February, when members modeled fashions they had made during the year. Individual work was also done on the degree of achievement on local and state levels. Prepare Students for Future Careers Tennant, song leader, Sandra Hoobler, sec., Ann Boggs, pres., Becky Scruggs, v.-pres., Anna Calos, historian, Sandra Slade, treas.,Janet Yarborough, parliamen- torian. -if If me if ' iw, i f H . J 56 'JQV4 .' if gg 4x.gialu'. i New ,, 1-if F.N.A, Standing: Pam Taylor, Linda Mercer, Kerry Campbell, Sue Williams, Frances Howell, Alison Scarboro, Anna Calos, Cathy Calish, Darline McGuire, treas., Susan Snead, v.-pres., Barbara Snead, pres., Mrs. J. M. Milam and Mrs. Wayes Harrison, sponsors. First Row: Betty Shelton, Betty Robertson, Sandra Maynard, Nancy Watlington and Gayle Crane. TOP BRASS OF the F.N.A. bone-up on practical techniques. Barbara Snead, pres., and Susan Snead, v.-pres. E 5.7 .. .Me X . i E E il ls - Q r Darlene MacGuire, treas., Second Row: Anna Evans, Linda Knowles, Brenda Parrish, Brenda Dameron and Linda Beaver. Not pictured: Cindy Carter, sec. Of all clubs at G.W., the F u t u r e Nurses of America was considered the least-ap- pealing to those with a fear of illness! Organized for the benefit of those interested in the nursing profession, this club acquainted its members with hospital procedures and various aspects of private nursing. Under the sponsorship of Mrs. John Hooker, the F.N.A. engaged in many interesting and informative activities, in- cluding visits to Memorial Hospital, Roman Eagle Nurs- ing Home, and City Nursing Home. Members held a recep- tion at the City Nursing Home and presented gifts to the patients at Christmas. Exploring the possibilities of a school nurse for GW. was the club's main project during the year. Many of the Future Nurses participated in a Red Cross course in First Aid to increase their practical knowledge. MAKING PLANS FOR "the greatest" year were members of the Future Teachers of America, June Love, Judy Barnett, Carmen Soto, Patsy Lewis, and Ronnie Koplen, with their sponsor, Miss Annie Swann. LOOK OUT, ROANOKE-here they come! Ronnie Koplen, sec., Miss Mary .lo Davis, sponsor, and Carmen Soto, pres., prepared to leave as representatives to the State F.T.A. Convention. Future Teachers View Aspects of Profession ln Programs, Projects "Who will be the teacher of the year?" This question was pondered by all students except F.T.A. members. This group nominated and elected the winner of this title. At the October meeting Mrs. L o r r a i n e Robertson spoke to the club about a little known aspect of edu- cation - the visiting teacher. ln November, a film depict- ing the advantages of teach- ing was shown. Later in the year, a program detailed ex- periences of a s t u d e n t teacher. A trio from the Danville club went to Roanoke for the state F.T.A. convention. They spent two fun-packed days at the plush Hotel Roanoke. Spring brought the Senior tea and installation of of- ficers. With an eye to the future, the group started a scholarship fund. AFTER ONE OF the F.T.A.'s most informative programs on opportunities of a teaching career, given by Miss Margaret Harmon of the Guidance 'Qs vi!! Department, Roslyn Hancock and Brenda Harris discuss future college plans with her. it -in E is it Ee S Q 1 R t t S' - , "Au H20" meant more .than the political aspirant to the members of the Science Club. Under the supervision of Mr. Fred Beyer, the club furthered the interests of its members by taking such trips as one to North Carolina State College at Raleigh, N. C., to see the nuclear reactor, to Elon College and Carolina Biological Supply Company. Other field trips included one to the Planitarium at Chapel Hill, N. C., and to the Bell Telephone Exchange in Dan- ville. After school, informative Bell Telephone films such as "The Thread of Life" and "Hema the Magnificent" were shown to members and other interested students. Would-be Scientists Explore Modern Methods, Discoveries COULD A "SOUP" job be in the making as SCIENCE CLUB First Row: Alice Harley, Sandra Harrison, Dawn Evans, Nancye lsenhour. Second Row: Becky Gravett, Mary Bumgarner, Betty Robertson, Pat Armes. Third Row: Joan Scearce, Ronald Boykin, Dale Evans, David Price. Fourth Row: Brooks Greene, pres., Joyce Scearce, Milton Mabe, Waldemar Kowitz, Bill Over- ton. Not Pictured: Nancy Hulin, v.-pres., Helen Earle, Sec. Walker Lea and Bill Payne study the HI CAUGHT HIM I.k h. functions of this engine? I e t is . . .", explains Mr. William Pergerson, head of the Science Department, to Wallace Wade during a biology field trip. Girls' Athletic Association Builds Goo LET HERTZ PUT you in the driver's seat! Judy Cox demonstrated the "pike," along with th t' k O er ric y trampoline stunts during Circus Capers. Bonnie OS "STICKS" YELLED THE referee, GOOD TIMES IN gymnastics class seem to have Morgan flipping. ?iQ. l freshman and sophomore girls competed in G.A.A. hockey. 60 d Sportsmanship Guided by a newly organi- zed council, the Girls' Ath- letic Association r e v i v e d leadership in all recreational activities for girls at G.W. This council was composed of representatives from each freshman a n d sophomore Phys. Ed. class along with four representatives e a c h from the junior and senior class, elected at large. Promoting an interest in sports, the G.A.A. sponsored such intramural sports as hockey, volleyball, and bas- ketball during the first semes- ter. ln the spring, bowling and softball were treated in much the same way, with teams competing for the champion- ships in these fields. The winning teams not only re- ceived awards for each of their members, but also made it possible for each girl to earn points, with forty points as the ultimate goal for first place awards. The G.A.A. was also the guiding force behind the gymnastics group, which met on Monday nights. As money making projects, the girls worked on a hat and coat check at the home bas- ketball games and held an open house after one of the games. Sponsored by the four gym instructors, Miss Louise Wal- lace, Miss Susan Coe, Miss Mattie Beale, and Mrs. Clara- lee Ripley, the Girls' Athletic Association held as its guid- ing principle good sportsman- ship through all facets af ac- tivities. U W Q, W ln Dainty GW-ites "BUT I DON'T want muscles in my arms!" complains Sandra Jones as she is urged onward by her teacher. sewn-1--W -Y K I i l , s G.A.A. First Row: Marilyn Brooks, pres., Barbara Moore, Nancy Newlin, Gail Law- ton. Second Row: Nancy Baugher, Shirley Jarrett, Joan Ledford, Carol Lucki. Third Row: Anna Calos, Ann Kello, Juniece Vandergrift, Anna Kello, Lindy Koplen. Fourth Row: Ruth Leonard, Nancye Scearce, Julie Greene, Mary Ellen Johnson. Fifth Row: Nancy Williams, Nancy Fitz- gerald, Pamela Hays, Anne McBrayer. Sixth Row: Tonia Martin, Kerry Campbell, SMACK, WHACKY WENT the hockey sticks at the P.E. Carnival in a spirited demonstration. WILL THE ARROWS hit the bull's-eye? These girls sure hope so, because it would add up to a victory for their team in the annual G.A.A. archery competition. 61 ATHLETIC HONOR SOCIETY First Row: Seward Anderson, David Baxa, Richard Bridgeforth, Lee Connor, Joel DeBoe, Mike Dishman, Jay Dorman, Tommy Evans. Sec- Spring brought with it the long-awaited recognition of G.W.'s star athletes, as mem- bership cards went out to those boys who had combined athletic prowess with schol- astic achievement. Often considered the para- mount goal for athletes, the Athletic Honor Society held as qualifications for member- ship these specific require- ments: one must have lettered in one major sport or two minor sports and held said letters for a minimum of three semesters. An overall scholastic average of 88 or better must have been main- tained for this same period. Founded in i962 and sponsored at G.W. by Coach Harold Lakey, the society's cardinal purpose was the establishment of strong minds and strong bodies function- ing to provide G.W. with top- caliber students. ond Row: Lawson Grant, Mike Giles, John- Third Row: Don Pratt, Tommy Slayton, Lee ny Hamlin, Ken Hopkins, Rusty Lester, Stilwell, Charles Taylor, Larry Vicks, York John Lewis, Donnie Koplen, Jerry Marsella. Winston, David Womack. A BOOK SEEMS to be just the thing for relaxing before an important, tension-filled game. Jay Dorman illustrates the athlete who realizes scholastic importance. Athletic Honor Society With Hard work and long hours of practice designated the athletic prowess of members of the Monogram Club. Promoting better school spirit and sportsmanship, the Monogram Club was com- posed of boys who had earned a varsity letter in various sports at G.W. Much fun as well as hard work went into the sponsoring of the Homecoming weekend. With a blaze of success the bonfire ushered in the parade and the thrilling Homecom- ing game with John D. Bas- sett, followed by the Home- coming dance honoring the queen and her attendants. Sponsored by C o a c h e s David Brown and George Carter, the members sold pro- grams before football and basketball games. Other ac- tivities included the sponsor- ing of the Student- Faculty game, an open house, and the annual spring picnic. MONOGRAM CLUB First Row: Mike Giles, v.-pres., Seward Anderson, treas., Lawson Grant, sec., Ken Parris, sgt-at- arms. Second Row: Rodger Hudson, Dennis Gilley, Reid Taylor, Tommy Slayton, Jer- ry Marsella, Richard Bridgeforth, Miller Jones, Dane Patty, Fred Hughes, Gene Eastridge, Jim Hall, Burt Sparks, Bill Set- liff. Third Row: Guy Johnson, Lewis THIS WAS NO ceremonial rite! lt was only GW.'s annual bonfire during Homecoming, with fiery crosses being enthusiastically and hopefully flung into the fire. Monogram Club Recognize Outstanding Athletes Adams, Jay Dorman, Sherril Farthing, Jim- my Crowder, Harry Link, Ken Hopkins, Rusty Lester, Fred Pugh, Buddy Hudgins, Dan Clifton, Richard Evans. Fourth Row: Tommy Burks, Charles Perry, Bill Turner, Bland Aaron, Mike Hughes, York Win- ston, Bill McCubbins, Ricky Mitchell, Bill Scott. Fifth Row: Philip Smith, David Womack, Larry Barbour, Tim Bruce, Lee Conner, Syd Wooding, Nathan Stevens, Donald Mustain, Donnie Koplen, Paul Salmon, Tommy Share, Roger Freeze, David McGuire, Dave Griffith. Sixth Row: Robert Lewis, Larry Vicks, Tommy Evans, Mike Dishman, Lee Stilwell, Ken Talley, Don Pratt, Tommy Currier, Terry Towler, John Hornaday, David Baxa, John Lewis, Langston Denny. 63 HHQW .. Q .,:.' , S K K g ,,... 539351 BIG MEN IN the backfield were Mike Giles, Larry Patton, Reid Taylor Charles Perry, Freddie Hughes, and Joel Deboe. Varsity Football Team Roars to Exciting Victories ' -can OFFENSIVE TEAM Front: Jimmy Hall, Standing: Reid Taylor, Charles Perry, Joel Ken Parris, Syd Wooding, Nathan Stephens, Deboe, Freddie Hughes. Bland Aaron, Ralph Raines, Lee Stilwell. "BlG" LITTLE man was Larry Vicks, offensive and defensive halfback. HlTTlNG THE LINE HARD for a few ards in earl Y Y game action with Martinsville was Jim Hall. 64 Min fa Wy, VARSITY FOOTBALL First Row: Don Seward Anderson, Mike Hughes, Joel Baxa, Ernest Lynch, Larry Barbour, Syd Pratt, Tommy Burks, Tommy Underwood, Deboe, Mike Dishman. Third Row: Freddy Wooding, Melvin Mason, Wayne Davis, Vince Smoral, David Haywood, Bill Turner, Stevens, David Ingram, Dennis Gilley, Bobby Echols, John Lewis. Fifth Row: John Hornaday, Donald Mustain. Second Gene Eastridge, Ken Parris, Bobby Bryant, Jimmy Hall, Ralph Raines, Guy Johnson, Row: Larry Vicks, Nathan Stephens, Fred- Jimmy Henderson, Reid Taylor, Jay Dor- Mike Giles, Bland Aaron, Bill McCubbins, die Hughes, Larry Patton, Charles Perry, man. Fourth Row: David Womack, David Lee Stilwell, Tim Bruce, Tommy Evans. Pleases Competent Coaches and Ecstatic, Loyal Fans RADIO COVERAGE relayed action to radio fans about G.W. and Martinsville. Nl l INSTRUCTION TO THE TEAM SPARKS THE OPENING GAME WITH THOMASVILLE, WITH COACHES CALLING THE PLAYS. I BIG CROWDS TURNED out to support the Cards on their home field. . G.W.--Opponent Sept. 5 12-28 Thomasville Sept. 1 1 7-13 Andrew Lewis Sept. 19 38-7 Jefferson Sept. 25 26-13 Halifax County Oct. 2 13-0 Martinsville Oct. 10 6-7 E. C. Glass Oct. 17 0-0 Oct. 23 7-26 Lane 38-13 Patrick Henry Bassett Oct. 30 Nov. 6 6-14 Wm. Fleming FAKING, FIGHTING, AND flying around the ends, G.W. football team gave the fans plenty of action. Varsity football squad, under new head Coach Alger Pugh, opened the 1964 sea- son a g a i n s t Thomasville High. W Led by honorary captains Ken Parris and Lee Stilwell, the Cardinals, picked to win only two games, compiled an overall record of 4-5-1 and a record of 2-3-1 in the West- ern District. Despite a losing season, the Cardinals outscored their opponents, 153-121. This was made possible by a strong of- fense, featuring the passing of Joel Deboe and Mike Giles to Jimmy Hall and Lee Stil- well, and a running attack led by Freddie Hughes and Charles Perry. The staunch defense was YR Victory Cry Resounds spear-headed by seniors Lar- ry Barbour, Bland Aaron, Syd Wooding, Ken Parris, Lee Stilwell and Tim Bruce. In post-season honors, 38 boys received letters. ln ad- dition, Joel Deboe and Ken Parris were voted "Outstand- ing Back" and "Outstanding Lineman", respectively, by their teammates. Jimmy Hall, star end for G.W., received a rating for All-Western District Honors and All-State second team. Joel Deboe, Ken Parris, and Lee Stilwell made Western District second team, and Charles Perry, Ralph Raines, Nathan Stephens, and Larry Barbour were awarded honor- able mentions in the district. ti Hx? riigi ,fir Q 5:55 IC Dim if is ns? M 'D 1 it SPSPY, TALKiNG OVER THE strategy were G.W. coaches Ben Kendall, Mike Lassiter, Harold Lakey, Alger Pugh, Craig Barbrow, Bob Reed, Sonny Wall. IN PREPARATION FOR a successful season, Mike Giles was checked over by Dr. Sam Atkins. G.W. GRIDDERS GROVEL in the hot summer sun for a hard pre-season warm-up. TAPE AND TALK are used by Coach Sonny Wall as he prepared Tim Bruce's hand for another gridiron session. Stands Spark Stars with 'First and ten, do it again' RETURNING A PUNT, Joel xx . Deboe sprinted for extra yardage. , il li M mm? I Q 1'1 5 ' ,. 1 1.1. 1 ,gfwwwgx rf"""M'2 ' if 'V 4 Mf'We?'M' . r' ,, A , I I .Q 1, .4 ,lf . HW - , , . , 1 , ,, , , Hy. Af gum , ,rf ,, Y ' '- K ,.f Y WY , A!MYl5L 1 , , V it i gina. 1 1 li W1 J.V. FOOTBALL Front Row: Jimmy Ray, William Salmon, Luther Griffin, Bobby ford, Bruce Deal. Fourth Row Gene Mau Gerald Wrenn, Jerry Quesenberry, Ed Willeford, Kenny Bohanon, Dave Sage. rakis, Hampton Wilkins Paul Brooks John Temple, Bobby Echols, Tony Nolan, Danny Third Row: Kenny Foster, Don Meadors, Hall, Lacy Lowe. Crumpton. Second Row: Chuck Alverson, Kenny Wiles, Billy Jeffries, Glenn Luns- J. V. Attains Higher Goals with Excellent Performance J. V. Football team, headed by Coaches David Brown and Bob Reed, and captain, Bob- by Willeford, ended their season with a 2-4-l record. The highlight of the season was the team's 7-6 victory over William Fleming, which Hampton Wilkins, center, Bobby Willeford, end, and Jimmy Ray, end. J. V. scor- ing was led by quarterbacks Bobby Echols and Gerald Wrenn, halfback Tony Nolan, and fullback Jerry Quesen- berry. G.W.-Opponent marked a turning point for Although theJ.V.'s did not Sept' 0-25 the J. V. Cards. have a winning season, their Outstanding players in- fighting spirit will be a great Sept' 042 cludedlinemen: BillyJeffress, help to next year's varsity Sept 6-25 tackle, Ken Wiles, guard, squad. Sept, 26 7-6 Wm' Hemmg L Oct. l 6-'I4 Halifax Oct. 8 13-'I 3 Roxbo ro Oct, 29 'I4-6 Halifax HOT PURSUIT OF a Patrick Henry back is the goal of Hampton Wilkinsl5lJ and Don Meadorsl527. i1 , 'E M" "M'i .. tl '- 'I . '1 ' .- .- -- N ., 1 Babies' No Less Successful As Top Contestants, Trai Coaches Michael Lassiter and Ben Kendall guided the freshman football t e a m t h r o u g h an outstanding season this year, with a 6-l -l record. The Baby Cards lost only to Patrick Henry. Star players for the fresh- man team were fullback Andy Huffstetler, halfback Mike Scearce, halfback Carl Willis, and quarterback Joe Giles. Big linemen for the little team included ends Mike Heldreth and Halton Vaughn, and guards Julius Parris and Dan- ny Saunders USGS FOR A FIRST down against Halifax County freshmen, Joe Giles swept left end. G.W.'s JV Cards closed in on Patrick Henry in a contest on the home field G.W.-Opponent Sept. i6 6-'I8 Patrick Henry Sept. 24 26-0 Halifax Oct. 3 27-0 E. C. Glass Oct. lO 20-7 Wm. Fleming Oct. l 7 26-6 Halifax Oct. 22 0-0 Reidsville Oct. 28 26-0 Dan River Nov. 4 39-7 Roxboro FROSH FOOTBALL First Row: Andy Huffstetler, Danny Saund- ers, Michael Heldreth, Michael Scearce, Halton Vaughn, Marion Setliff, Bob Smith. Second Row: Chuck Rowley, Mike Jeffer- son, Julius Parris, Mike Aaron, Barry Clifton, Mike Weadon, Bill Drew. Third Row: Coach Kendall, Billy Hoover, Ralph Scearce, Albert Payne, G. W. Willis, Drew Whittle, Carl Willis. Fourth Row: Bobby Short, Patrick Newman, Patrick Dee, Al- len Payne, Jimmy Tompkins, Kenny Scearce. 'K . Wx 55 X xi X HOISTING THE BIG bird requires SYMBOLS OF TRUE school spirit and energetic efforts of varsity cheerleaders enthusiasm, Joan Garrett, Peggy Moir -Nancy Grubbs, Anne Moore, tsittingl, Linda Oakes, and Mary Cathy Coleman, and Martha .lo Dunn. Fuller McGlaughlin stand guard over the honored bell. School Enthusiasm Reflects Cheerleader Activities Q J.V. CHEERLEADERS Kneeling: Debbie Ruth Leonard, Susan Wiseman, Nancy Wil- Holley, Nancy Fitzgerald. Standing: Susie Iiams, Vickie Bowman. Wyatt, Beth Farley, Pam Hays, Gayle Love, 70 CHEERLEADERS COME IN small and large sizes! Janice Mayo and Dottie Callahan willingly gave mascot Lisa Buettner some good pointers which may help her in about ten years! "Put a tiger in your tank" was the cry ringing through the halls of G.W. on numer- ous occasions this past year. Truly this is what the George Washington cheerleaders ef- fected i n s c h oo I spirit throughout every phase of sport activities. Under the guidance of Mrs. Mary Bacon, the Varsity cheerleaders supported the Cardinal athletes not only by cheering but also by "adver- tising" t h e forthcoming games with attractive posters and show cases. The squad executed services such as planning and decorating for the Homecoming weekend, decorating the football field, sponsoring trips for all out-of- town games, advertising all games over WBTM radio station, and organizing pep- rallies. The J. V. and Freshman cheerleaders began practice last summer, as did the Var- sity squad. These squads cheered at all their respective games and publicized the games widely throughout the school. They also helped the Varsity in support of such things as pep-rallies, parades, and decorating the field. , .,., """l CARDINALS ARE MODEST! The Varsity Cheerleaders check the inverted V in the card flap. Only G.W.-ites know for sure that V stands for victory. Varsity, J. V., and Freshmen Combine For Boosting "lT'S CHRISTMAS TIME in our city," as G.W. cheerleaders parti the Christmas parade. cipate in 7l Fl . DURING A TIME OUT huddle, Coach Ben Kendall urges Lets hustle boys this is a must ICoach David Brown is worriedli Inner Circle: Reid Taylor Steve Gaddy Johnny Hamlin Ken Talley Jimmy Hall Ken Hopkins Miller Jones Rusty Lester. Outer Circle Bob Clair Richard Evans Lee Stilwell Wayne Cook. Fans Fill Bleachers Cheering GW Basketmen To Top District Spot VARSITY BASKETBALL Robert E, Lee Staunton 44 Roxboro E. C. Glass Roxboro Patrick Henry Martinsville William Fleming Halifax Andrew Lewis Staunton E. C. Glass Patrick Henry Jefferson Sr. William Fleming Martinsville Halifax Andrew Lewis Date Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Jan Jan Jan Jan .Ian Jan Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb KEN HOPKINS REACHES to put another "two" on the board VARSITY BASKETBALL Front Row: Reid Bob Clare, Richard Evans, Wayne Cook. KEN TA - ff Ta lor, Miller Jones, Johnny Hamlin, Third Row: Lee sialweii, Ken Toile , Ken f,OEf'e.lQ,Q?,lQOf,O ,dctfe Y Rusty Lester. Second Row: Steve Gaddy, Y Hopkins, Jim Hall, Coach Ben Kendall Individual, Team Performances Soar Championship of the Dis- trict came to the cards! With a pre-season roll pre- dicting that the Cards would again finish strong in the state, Coach Ben Kendall pre- pared his experienced team of six returning seniors Call lettermenb to cope with this prediction. Starting the long, strenuous season with nine wins out of their first ten games, the Cards lost only to E. C. Glass, 56-5l. Highlights were wins over Roxboro, 8l-45, and, 65-46, Patrick Henry, 9l-44, And- rew Lewis, 89-73, and Wil- liam Fleming, 72-4l. ln the following eight games the Cards won six of seven, losing to Patrick Henry, 75-66, and Martinsville, 60-64. They won big games over E. C. Glass, 48-44, and Jefferson Senior, 84-51. Closing the season with an overall season record of l5-3, the Cards traveled to the W e s t e r n - Southwestern Regional Tourney ceded high in the standings. Staring for the Cards were Miller Jones, Ken Hopkins, Ken Talley, Jim Hall, and Lee Stilwell. Strong bench work was supplied by John Hamlin, Reid Taylor and Wayne Cook. 73 PCI JV BASKETBALL Opponent GW Date Roxboro 31 42 Dec E. C.'Glass 49 29 Dec Roxboro 32 46 Dec Patrick Henry 51 57 Dec Jefferson Sr. 50 73 Dec Martinsville 46 61 Jan William Fleming 51 49 Jan Halifax 59 62 Jan Andrew Lewis 44 51 Jan E. C. Glass 56 36 Jan Patrick Henry 64 41 Feb Jefferson Sr. 60 48 Feb William Fleming 65 51 Feb Martinsville 47 51 Feb. Halifax 57 52 Feb. Andrew Lewis 49 63 Feb JV BASKETBALL First Row: Bob Feld- man, Paul Siddle, Eddie Barrick, Mike Richardson, A. B. Motley. Second Row: Gerald Wrenn, Kelly Ferguson, Jim Raper, John Borden, Jimmy Jones. Third Row: Don Griffith, Bobby Willeford, Bobby Echols, Guy Johnson. Basketball 'Trainees' Build Backing and Own Prestige Sparked by the spirited coaching of Mr. David Brown, the J.V. Cards had a success- ful season, winning 9 and losing 7. The J.V.'s gave promise of a good record from the start, as they rolled to 7-2 mark after the first nine games, losing only to E. C. Glass, 49-29, and William Fleming, 51-49. A f t e r a n intermission, while the Varsity met Staun- HOME ACTlON PROVES exciting for JV fans as Paul Slddle arches toward the net. FLYING AFTER THE ball, Gerald Wrenn bounces in the battle. 74 ton, the Cards began to run into trouble by losing five of the next six ballgames, win ning only to Martinsville, 51 47. Starring for the J.V.'s were Paul Siddle, Eddie Barrick Guy Johnson, and Don Graf fin. Excellent performances were given by Gerald Wrenn Bob Feldman, and A B Motley. Boasting a 6-2 for their final record, the Frosh netters started the season off slowly with two straight losses to Halifax, 40-35, and Yancey- ville, 44-31. They bounced back with six straight vic- tories over such rivals as Rox- boro, 43-34, and 47-34, Har- grave, 57-20 and 81-22, Hali- fax, 33-3l, and Yanceyville 46-4l. Staring for the Frosh were Carl Willis, G. W. Willis, Ray Jackson, Jack Huff, and Mike Heldreth. These boys will add experience and spirit to the J.V. team next year. ..., lf' 9 i ' l I iiffif K' y 1 'r ,i,f . t 'rriiii ' ---- ' i"i .J V 1 ,,:. I . - J . iiri . . ',',i i5?iji,"5Q'f,, U Ht-3 . ,",,s.-- . i ,.,i f Kwik 3 Jack Huff arches one toward the boards for two more. FROSH BASKETBALL Opponent GW Date Halifax 40 35 Dec. l5 Yanceyville 44 31 Dec. l 6 Roxboro 34 43 Jan. l l Hargrave 20 57 Jan. l2 Yanceyville 4l 46 Jan. 25 Halifax 3l 33 Feb. 2 Roxboro 34 47 Feb. 8 Hargrave 22 81 Feb. l 5 .V R S wins the tip. ,.,, -Mnwwqnwm if Z' 5. IN FROSH GAME action with 4 i , Roxboro, Mike Heldreth .x r is .- g C. tx, f tw nf". ,- - N I i,-in Y - 1 1 Q 0.5 Freshmen Find Practice Stimulating andilliewarding FRESHMAN BASKETBALL First Row. G. W. Willis, Gordon Bendall, Jack Huff, Richard Bendall, David Boy. Second Row: Jim Zahrn, Carl Willis, Mike Jefferson, Danny Saunders, Halton Vaughn, Ray Jack- son. Third Row: Mike Heldreth, Mike Baker, Eddie Booth, Arthur Lawson, Wil- liam Pellinger. WRESTLING First Row: Chuck Rowley, ner. Second Row: Donald Mustain, Na- Jerry Marsella, Roger Freeze, Bobby Kello, than Stephens, Claude Owen, Seward An- Eddie Pinchback, Donnie Koplen, Bill Tur- derson, Sid Wooding, Ken Parris. George's Mighty Moes Flex Biceps and Adjust Poundage Backed by the experience THE "Bic Two", Ken Parris of many fine returning wres- and Sid Wooding, showed top form for the 1-Ie'-S and -the expert Coochimg photographer. ot Mr. Michel Lassiter, the Cardinal Matsmen prepared to rack up another big season. Their schedule a p p e a r e d tough enough as they were pitted against such strong teams as William Fleming, Blacksburg, North Side, and lot course!! Applachian High School of Boone, North Caro- lina. Rolling to tive straight victories, t h e Cards were stopped suddenly as the al- ways - powerful Applachian team won 30-l 6. Then, winn- ing tour more lincluding Blacksburg, 32-l l, and Wil- liam Fleming, 4l-l3D, the Cards were a g a i n stopped short by the Western-South- western Regional C h a m p S from North Side, 3l-ll. Travelling next to t h e State finals, the Cards were placed second in the Western- S.-Western Regional Tourney and ended the season with an overall season mark of 9-2. 76 WRESTLING Opponent GW Date Reidsville 5 42 Dec 3 Patrick Henry I7 34 Dec 8 Jefferson I8 38 Dec. I5 William Fleming I8 34 Dec I7 Hargrave 6 40 Jan 7 Appalachian 30 I6 Jan I6 William Fleming I3 4I Jan 27 Hargrove I5 3 I Feb. 3 Burlington I O 4I Feb. 6 Blacksburg I I 32 Feb. 9 North Side 3I II Feb. I2 While A LOT OF points for the wrestling team were supplied by Bill Turner Don Mustain, and Jerry Marsella Looking Forward to State Wrestling Championship JULIUS PARRIS TANGLED with his opponent in J.V. action. CLAUDE OWEN'S OPPONENT from Hargrove hollered for help, but fell to our once beaten grappler. My .,,,- K g STAR CARDINALS Burt Sparks ileftl and Joel Deboe seem utterly relaxed and confident as they await the "Play ball!" of an important game. Opposing Coaches Go LEE CONNOR STEPPED to the plate as Coach Lakey flashed the sign. 'Y' Coached by Harold Lakey, the G.W. Diamondmen strug- gled through what finally ended in a successful season. The Cards had returners Ed- die Mise, Burt Sparks, Mac Taylor, Bobby Atkins, Bill Scott, and Sherrill Farthing to help with the chores. Getting off to a bad start, the Cards lost five of the first six games, winning over Cobb Memorial 7-3. Then they started to move. Splitting a double header with E. C. Glass 4-O and 2-7, the Cards fol- lowed up the rest of the season by winning seven of their last eleven games, in- cluding a double - header sweep with Patrick-Henry 6-3 and 5-2. Ceded fourth in the West- ern District Tournament, the Cards beat top-ranked Hali- fax in extra innings with two singles by Joel Deboe and Burt Sparks and a game- winning h o m e r b y Mac Taylor. In the finals the Cards lost a tough battle to E. C. Glass 6-3 to capture a second place in the Western District. This closed the season with a 9-lO overall record. 'Batty', Lose Track of Their Wits G.W.-Opponent April 2 3-'I0 Drewry Mason April 3 7-3 Cobb Memorial April 9 3-4 Martinsville April l l 0-3 Fleming April ll 8-'I9 Fleming April l5 'l0-'l'l Halifax April I8 4-0 Glass April 18 2-7 Glass April 2l 2-'I7 Halifax April 25 9-1 Jefferson April l l 6-0 Jefferson April 28 'I-3 Yanceyville May 6 2-'I Martinsville May 7 1-2 Drewry Mason May l l 6-3 Patrick Henry May l l 5-2 Patrick Henry May i4 8-3 Yanceyville Western District Tournament May l 6 4-2 Halifax 3-6 Glass 'N ""YNKW"'A"N "" 'A MT ""m-sw W- f . .. . .,.. .. . W BASEBALL Front Row: Joy Arnold, Reid Scott, Larry lsom, Don Pratt, Sherrill Forth- Robert Lewis, Bill Setliff and Dusty Pugh Taylor, Jay Dorman, Gene Eastrich, Lorry ing. Third Row: Coach Lakey, Steve Powell, managers, Burt Sparks, Joel Deboe. Haulsee. Second Row: Lee Connor, Bill As Balls Fly Higher into Batmen's Ever-present Mits IT WAS TALENT like this, by Coach Lakey, that led the Cards' "Diamondmen" to a second place Western District rating. 79 LOW HURDLES CHALLENGE NEAL COCHRANE BUDDY CLAYTON AND FREDDIE HUGHES. Cinders Scatter Far and Wide lor Track Team in Spring Through the prowess of the team and the skills ot Coaches Bob Reed and David Brown, G.W. trackmen com- piled a strong 6-4 record for Spring l964. Led by Neal Cochrane, winner of the "Most Out- standing" track award, the Cards defeated such teams a s Martinsville, H a I i ta x County, and Drewry Mason. Other outstanding boys were Buddy Clayton in the high jump, Jimmy Crowder and Charles Perry in the broad jump. Steve Brincetield in the pole vault, and John Spessard in shot-put and dis- cus. Runners included Fred- die Hughes, Mike Giles, Neal Cochrane, Seward Anderson, David Womack, and Dan Clifton. G.W.-Opponent April 4 28-85 April 8 39-74 April I4 73M April 2I 45M April 22 45M April 24 71m April 24 TIM April 30 71M April 30 71M Moy 5 45-67 Fleming As Runners, Jumpers, Hurlers Prove Their Competence TRACK TEAM l'63-'64l First Row Fred Ray Tom Evans Jerry Elliott Second David Womack Coach Reed Third Row Pugh, Mgr., George Smith Steve Brince Row Coach Brown Donald Wynn John John Lewis Robert Agee Keith Rlmmer field, Buddy Clayton, Freddie Hughes Sew Spessard Buddy Hudgms Wayne Phillips Doug Scott Neal Cochrane Neal Fleming ard Anderson, Lawrence Williams Jimmy Tim Bruce Charles Perry Jimmy Crowder Mike Dlshman Dan Clifton Z X I K G.W.H.S. TENNIS team prepared for a match at Ballou Park: Coach Kendall, Rusty Lester, Richard Evans, Branson lsley, Lawson Grant, Larry Salmony, Dane Patty, and Peter Mason. THAT OVERHAND SMASH, typical of Dane Patty, sure had 'em looking! G.W.-Opponent April i 8-'I V.E.S. April 3 2-7 Patrick Henry April l l 'I-8 Glass April l4 8-1 Halifax April i7 4-5 Andrew Lewis April 2l 9-0 Halifax April 24 0-9 Glass April 28 6-3 V.E.S. May l 1-8 Patrick Henry Racket Squad Swings Into Spring with Lanky Linksmen Tee With returning lettermen for the '64 spring season, rookie Coach Ben Kendall prepared his team for a gruel- ing schedule. After an open- ing win over V.E.S., 8 to l, the Racketmen had a hard road ahead of them. They lost to Patrick Henry, 7 to 2, and to E. C. Glass, 8 to l. Next they traveled to Halifax where they won, 8 to i. After losing again to E. C. Off to Successive Glass, 9 to O, they came back with two straight wins, 6 to 3, over V.E.S. ancl, 9 to O, over Halifax. The remainder of the season saw the Cards lose to Patrick Henry, 8 to l, and Andrew Lewis, 5 to 4, end- ing the season with a 4-5 record. Outstanding players for G.W. were Rusty Lester, Dane Patty, Richard Evans, Lawson Grant, Larry Salmony, and Branson lsley. 82 GRIN OF VICTORY is worn by Mike Tucker of the golf team. Coach George Carter, Terry Towler, Mike, Paul Salmon, and York Winston put the bags in the back as they pack for a match with Halifax County. Resounding Bang Successful Season Cardinal linksmen led by Coach George Carter placed first in Group lA Western District Play with a remark- able record of lO wins and no losses. Highlighting the victories of the season were wins over G-W--OPPOHGM April 23 23W Patrick Henry, HM, EM, and April 2 21-6 Moi 19-9 gauge 32215 grill' E1 April 7 18M-8M Patrick Henry Mar 23M William Fleming, 18,9 cmd April lO 'ISM-'I'lMWm. Fleming Mar. 8 18M 15M-SM. G u April l7 22V1-4V2 Halifax Mai 17M WCS? 5l?e"3LTfi1 v?fTnZlZ.i,fF5FI ADH' 25 'W- ry Towler, Mike Tucker, and Paul Salmon who competed in the State Group l-A Golf Tournament at Bow Creek, Norfolk, and placed l7th in the state. - A , mil' "PLEASE, TERRY, l'd rather do it myself!" Mike Jones retorted to his ever faithful onlookers. PRACTICING ON THE putting green were Terry Towler and Paul Salmon. V . . .N .N - . ,.,W-.,v.,-,-,,.s.. ,,l5.,. Students Know Through Learning Enjoying o class is no task for the G.W. student. Informed teachers perk up traditional courses, and new programs enrich the well- developed curricula. As students seek to answer the myriad ques- tions ofthe universe, they may dis- cover an answer to life itself. HE SETS HIGH STANDARDS AND ORGANI- ZES EVERY PHASE OF G.W.H.S. WITH FIRM- NESS AND GOOD PLANNING. w--...Qc :g:':i:Q::g:':4 if "REALLY GIRLS," said Mr. Yeatts to Melinda Agee and Sandra Vernon, "don't you think those captions are a little risque?" .ad Administration, Faculty Plan Dedicated to giving G.W. students the b e s t possible education, the School Board, administration, and faculty worked to realize this goal. As they looked forward to the time when all the wo rld would belong to the educated man, ever mindful that a sound education would be the best hope of the free world, they exhibited a genuine en- thusiasm for education. COULD MR. CHRISTOPHER have been asking for a raise? He seemed to have grown another hand for this occasion! Mr. Bonner says, "no I comment!" A new student scheduling process relieved teachers of many homeroom responsibili- ties which were time-consum- ing and not related to teach- ing skills. The records of all two thousand, one hundred and eighty-one students were centralized in the Guidance Department, and program- mers planned student sche- dules. Mr. Guy Yeatts, Mr. Bernard Ladd, Assistant Principal Assistant Principal M,Ed., Duke University, M.A., Peabody College B.S., Richmond Professional Institute Graduate Work, Duke University Mr. W. Townes Lea Mr. Frank Talbott, lll School Board Chairman School Board Vice-Chaiman B6 , For Molding Minds, Morals, and Muscles l Mr. J. T. Christopher Principal , B.S., College of W. and M. i M.A., Columbia University i Graduate work, U. Va. i and Columbia University O. T. Bonner Ernest G. Baxa W. C. Overton Superintendent Administrative Assistant General Supervisor Danville Schools Director of Research .uQ Dr. Jefferson D. Beale Hosea E. Wilson Mrs. C. J. Schollenberger J. R. Denny, Jr. Leonard M. Thompson 87 "THERE WILL BE no talking in this classl" Could Mr. Christopher have been calling down some teachers during pre-school planning? if Mrs. Page Allen Business Education B.S., R.P.l. D.E. Club Miss Ann Andrews Foreign Languages A.B., Randolph-Macon E x y? fgfw QQ x f X 7 Mrs. Mary Bacon Language Arts B.S., Madison College Cheerleading ' 'ii ' . Mr. Roland Bacon ,,f3f"l Practical Arts i A ,,,, gfqf, -rs, ' KJ 'iff . 2-K' '- M.Ed., N.C. State College M V " V- ',,"','-- Shop Supervision, Head gf V 5 MN7f:.fjf gf' ilsiywl if "iV' . -i'i"' W' THE VARIOUS EXTRACURRICULAR activities open to G.W. students were presented to freshman Richard Harlow by Mrs. Ethel Barker, guidance director. Mr. Craig Barbrow Physical Education B.Ed., Emory and Henry Mrs. Ethel Barker Guidance, A.B., UNC. Woman's College Jr. University Women Service, Curriculum Expand, Record THE LIBRARY IS a storehouse of knowledge for the entire school. Miss Mattie Beale Phys. Education, G.A.A B.S., East Carolina Miss Mary Belcher Language Arts B.A., Agnes Scott V5 'fs X N, ., sfss. KRS-A Mr. Fred Beyer Natural Science B.S., N. C. State Science Club Mr. Richard Bliss Mathematics B.S., V.P.l. Mrs. Fonda Boatwright Social Studies M.A.T., Duke Mr. Robert Boragine Practical Arts M.A., E. Tenn. State U 'w.,,.,, " t Miss Mary Bourne Business Education B.S., Radford College Mrs. Patricia Brackman Mr. David Brown Mr. Hugh Brown Miss Dianne Buckley Language Arts Physical Education Business Education Language Arts B.A., W. Maryland College B.S., W. Va. Wesleyan M.Ed., V.P,l. M.A.T., Duke D.E. Club "l FEEL NAKED without my guns on!" remarked G.W.'s own, Wyatt Earp-Mr. Griffin. fQs,,,1ms5, mn, an . f .,., , . Q , , ilgifi 5 , , 'krg , I5 V I W T123 li' Q .,,, .52 ,,,, A .ri 'i':1 2 ..' ,"' ilii , l. , Mr. George Carter Miss Susan Coe Miss Mary Frances Couch Phys. Education, Golf Physical Education Foreign Language 1 M.A., Appalachian S.T.C. B.S., Longwood B.A., Greensboro College ,, .5 il Q3 , an Number of Teachers Make Up Faculty ll ll ' V Miss Phyllis Covington Vi Natural Science ' ,V ' B.S., Longwood f Miss Nancy Crouse ,::.A.' 5 I Mathematics V B.S., Florida State U. 9690 Mrs. Betsy Curry Business Education B.S., East Ky. State Mrs. Mabel Davis Guidance, B.A., Westhampton College Miss Mary Jo Davis Guidance, F.T.A. M.Ed., Wm. and Mary 89 sets Af' 415 '53 M....,w,,,,.ys Miss Josephine Estes Miss Dorothy Fitzgerald Mr. William Floria Miss Ethel Forehand Mr. William Gabbel Language Arts Language Arts Language Arts Mathematics Business Education AB Randolph-Macon A.B., Randolph-Macon B.A., Wheeling College M.A., Columbia University M.Ed., U. Va. Forensics CAVALIER Thespians Summer Sessions Find Faculty Testing Techniques ogy COULD THIS HAVE been a report on "going steady" by Linda Oakley? Whatever it may have been it seemed to arouse interest in the Home Ec class taught by Mrs. Elizabeth Moseley. Listening are Carter Jordan lback to cameral, Nelly Cox, Barbara Harris, Brenda Oakley, Judith Adkins, Millie Holton, Sandra Slade, Susan Moon, and Barbara Snead. LANGUAGE STUDY-English, French, German, Latin, and Spanish-enriches minds and horizons. This enrichment makes for better citizens of one's school and country. Symbolic of George Washington's theme of "Operation Patriotism" was Linwood Duncan's award-winning essay on the Challenge of Citizenship in the annual "Voice of Democracy" contest. Miss Betty Giles Language Arts, M.A,T., University of N.C. Freshman Cheerleaders Mr. Robert Goard Foreign Languages M.A., U. of Wis. French Club Mrs. Suzanne Golden Language Arts B.A., Mary Washington Chatterbox, Quill and Scroll Mr. William H. Gooch Social Studies M.A,T,, University of N.C Miss Laura Gough Mathematics B.S., Madison College Q Mrs. Carolyn Graham Mr. Earl Greene Mr. Bennie Griffin Mr. Jesse Gusler Mr. Norman Haar Business Education, B.S., Fine Arts, B.M.E., Mathematics Social Studies Natural Science Woman's College, U.N.C. Shenandoah Conservatory B.S., E. Carolina College A.B., High Point College M.A., Duke University Teachers Add Extracurricular Activities As Sponsors HOV' Miss Evelyn Hair Miss Jeanne Ham Mr. Joel Hampton Mr. Dave Hardin Miss Margaret Harmon Mathematics Natural Science Practical Arts Mathematics Guidance M.S., M,Ed., U. Va., B.A., Winthrop College B.S., E. Tenn. State U. B,S., Guilford College B.S., Wm. and Mary M.T.S., Wm. and Mary Mathematics, Head Mr. James Harris Mr. Richard Harrold Mrs. Elizabeth Hodge Mr. Thomas Houser Mrs. Joy Howard Natural Science Social Studies Foreign Language Social Studies Mathematics, B.S. M.T.S,, Wm. and Mary A.B,, Marshall University A.B., Bridgewater M.A., U. of N.C. New Mex. Highlands U. Civics Cub Head, Social Studies M Forensics, Debaters ,wth nwiLf70f'M lilabaivlr UAW' "WHAT DID l do to deserve this?" exclaimed Mrs. lnez Anderson as she was confronted by Linda Black and her cohorts-Marilyn Brooks, Pat Pruett and Louise Norton. "NOW BOYS, IF we had one basket and Jones made another, how many points would we have? One can only guess what Coach Kendall said to the team as they rested' during a timeout. Miss Betty L. Jefferson Natural Science M.T.S., Wm. and Mary Student Government Inter-Club Council Judiciary Miss Elizabeth Jones Language Arts M.A.T., Duke University Mr. Ben Kendall Physical Education M.A., E. Carolina College Basketball, Tennis Fr. Football Mrs. Margaret Kushner B.A., W.C., U.N.C. Chm,, Foreign Language German Club Mr. Harold Lakey Physical Education M.A., Appalachian S.T.C. Football, Baseball Athletic Honor Society Head, Physical Education Mr. Michael Lassiter Social Studies B.S., Appalachian S.T.C. Fr. Football, Wrestling Class THIS ATTRACTIVE BULLETIN board which invited members of Home Economics class to join F.H.A. inspired 0 smile from Mrs. Elizabeth Mosely, co-sponsor of the club. rooms, Faculty Mrs. Cheney Lea Foreign Language A.B,, Randolph-Macon CAVALIERQ Ovi Capita Mrs. Bonnie Lindsay Mathematics B.A., Lynchburg College Mr. John Linkous Practical Arts B.S., V.P.I. I.C.T. Miss Katherine Looney Language Arts B.S., Wake Forest College Mrs. Virginia Looney Mathematics B.S., Longwood College Miss Jean McCurdy Language Arts B.A., Agnes Scott College Miss Dianne McSwain Natural Science B.S,, Greensboro College Mrs. Evelyn Miller Mr. Kenneth Miller Mr. Robert Mitchell Mrs. Elizabeth Moseley Language Arts, l.R.C. Language Arts Social Studies Home Economics B.A., W.C., Furman Univ. M.A., Duke B.S., E. Tenn. State B.S., Madison C.T.S., Key Club, l.R.C. Head, Home Economics F.H.A. Mr. Matt Nelson Mr. Vincent Oglesby Mrs. Eleanor Pender Business Education Social Studies Mathematics B.S., V.P.l. M.A., E. Carolina College B.S., E. Tennessee State University Increase To Fit Expansion Mr. Marshall Pender Natural Science B.A., Mary Washington Mr. William Pergerson Natural Science M.S., E. Carolina Head, Natural Science Mr. S. H. Perkinson Language Arts M.A., U. Va. Head, Language AHS Forensics M.A.T., Supervisor MAYBE JAMES THURBER was right. Maybe Macbeth didn'l- do it. ls Mr. Miller trying to say that the "Old Man" did it? Miss Annie Lee Ponds Natural Science B.A., Winthrop College Mr. Alger Pugh Social Studies B.S., V.P.I. Football, Track 93 we z Mr. Robert Reed Mrs. Clara L. Ripley Mr. lvey Rogers Mrs. Annie L. Sayers Physical Education Physical Education Guidance Home Economics A.B., Marshall University B.S., Longwood College B.S., University of N.C. B.S., Radford College Track, JV Football Model TIS! F-l'l-A' Miss Linda Sutherland Miss Annie Swann Mrs. Polly Temple Mrs. Hazel Tennant Business Education Mathematics Social Studies, B.S., Language Arts B.S., Radford College M.Ed., U. Va. Mary Washington College A.B., Davis'Elkins College F,T.A., Y.F.C. Forensics Mr. Eugene Stryker Fine Arts, M.E. UNC Assemblies and Plays, Band, Kiltie Corps, Majorettes Teacher's Happiness-No Disciplinary Problems 'WN -' L L . . . . gf: , f5": 's L Miss Roslyn Troth Natural Science B.A., Agnes Scott College Mr. Ralph Wall Social Studies B.A., Emory and Henry Football Miss Patricia Wallace Physical Education B.A., Lynchburg College Intramurals, G.A.A Miss Lucile Walton Fine Arts M.A., U. Va. Chairman, Fine Arts Guidance, N.H.S. Mr. Marion Ward Social Studies B.A., U. of Richmond Civics Club Mrs. Page Warren Foreign Language A.B., Wm. and Mary French Club Mrs. Mariellen Weakley Foreign Language B.A., Denison Univ. is l Miss Annie M. Williams Miss Elizabeth Worley Miss Carolyn Wright Business Education Business Education Social Studies B.S., Longwood College B.S., Longwood College B.A., Limestone College Chairman, Business Ed. J.V. Cheerleaders V.O.T.g Student Sect. Miss Martha Billmaier Office Secretary Mrs. Inez Anderson Mrs. Evelyn Barker Office Secretary Textbook Rental G.W. Stall-Quantity And Quality 4iyyt yi ii yy, V M AK! Z-'ir Z war' M 6 Z ., ,,,.. U . WW if 95 l ENJOYI NG A SHORT rest, Mr. Calvin Mays and Mr. Harper Williams failed to see Julie Greene on her way to tell them fo get back to work. Mrs. Ruth Burrell Cafeteria Staff Miss Elizabeth Copeland Office Manager Mrs. Celia Dishman Office Secretary Mrs. Nelle Evans Cafeteria Staff Mr. Joe Ferrell Custodian Staff, Head Miss Peggy Gibson B.S., Radford College Library Science Miss Louise Neal Cafeteria Staff Mrs. Sara Pearson Cafeteria Services Director Mrs. Lorraine Robertson Visiting Teacher Mrs. Dolly Thompson Library Science B.A., Marshall Univ. Wim "BUT KEITH, YOU forgot that y is equal to the square root of one minus x to the two-thirds power CUBED!" Fundamentals of Freshman math college style -was the concern of Judy Holmes, and Keith Allen. THIS SMILING PROF has just graded a set of all-A math papers. True, Mr. Dave Hardin? Experimental Courses Offered to GW-ites With Results "THE DIAGONAL OF a cube is equal to the sum of the sides . . . or maybe it's the product of the hypotenuse and the ., . . well, how about the . . .?" Sandra Vernon explains solid geometric calculations to Miss Evelyn Hair. 96 To supply the needs of pupils with diverse mathe- matical backgrounds and abilities, the Mathematics Department implemented special programs. Program- med courses in second-year algebra, trigonometry, and solid geometry were avail- able. Fused geometry lwhich in- cluded plane, solid, and co- ordinate geometryl was taught to two sections of selected students. A college level course in introductory mathematical analysis was offered students who desired a fifth-year of math to pre- pare themselves for a standard course in calculus. For freshman having had at least one yeor's work in modern math during junior high school, a course in modern algebra was added to the curriculum for i964- l965. "l STILL THINK this is the North Pole, Mr. Hauser," said Mr. Richard Harrold, history teacher, assuming the role of inquisitive Q7 student! Mr. Thomas P. Houser this fall assumed duties as head of the History Department. World Problems Challenge Alert, Conscientious Minds In Up-to-date Curriculum In a first-time offering, Twentieth Century History served to implement t h e knowledge gained by stu- dents in both American and World History c o u r s e s. Taught by Mr. Richard Har- rold, the two-semester course fe a t u r e d ci chronological treatment of twentieth-cen- tury history, the first semes- ter, and a study of world pro- blems, the second. Students could take either one or both semesters of the course. The"New Look"Sociology- Economics course, taught by Mrs. Fonda Boatwright, re- placed the old Sociology course offered at the tenth- grade level. Sociology - a study of man's relationship to man - was taught the first semester. The study of Econo- mics was undertaken the second semester. ALL WAS QUIET on the western front as the librarians ride herd on these hard- working students in the library, mecca for the history students. 97 Homemaking, an impor- tant way of life, has a vital influence on the individual's life. The main goal of the H o m e Economics Depart- ment was to develop a good conception of home and family living in the mind of the students. The program was geared to help girls work toward a higher degree of performance, t o a c c e p t greater personal responsibili- ty as a family member, and to acquire higher moral standards and ideals. Realizing that the homes of tomorrow will be in the hands of today's youth, the department has constantly strived to meet the needs of our changing world and still to maintain the highest de- gree of wholesome family I e. New techniques in house- keeping, creative activities, c l o t h e s construction, and food preparation were taught. Class discussions were con- cerned with the problems of working wives, early mar- riages, and h e alt h and money management. Today's Lessons Mold Tomorrow's Homemakers SYNDICATED COLUMNIST ASPIRING BETTY CROCKERS- Susan Hall and Katie GQN Snown gmgylggpiglcrmwgilne McBurney-seemed bent on c ose as g , . cleaning as well as cooking. AN AWED, WARY parent looked on as Roger "YOU PULL THIS lever down, Purgason demonstrated and the drill goes round and his industrial artistic round . . ." Mr. Roland ability at the drill press. Bacon demonstrated one of the tools of his trade. Builders of Tomorrow Use Modern Equipment For Furthering Skills DEMONSTRATING THE DEFT skill of cutting a leg Ctable legs, that isli are Industrial Arts students Danny Moore, Larry Justice and Art Marshall. W i t h expert instruction and modern equipment, the Industrial Arts students were drilled thoroughly in the skills so necessary to compete ef- fectively for the jobs of the future in an industrialized society. ln addition to his regular work, each student planned and constructed a project in the field of his choice, using machinery to gain valuable experience. Seve ral new machines were received for use in the general metals laboratory. Plans for an ele- tronics lab were considered. 99 Eu ,quam WITH GOOD STUDENT assistance from Meryl Townsend, Judy Barnett and Seward Anderson attempted to perfect their French pronunciation under the watchful eye of new French instructor, Mr. Robert Goard. ln Any Land lt's Meaningful . . Vere, Ja, Oui, Si,-Yes! "A MAN'S WORK is from sun sun, but a teacher's work is never done,"Miss Ann Andrews new Latin teacher, chanted in Latin as she left for home to 1 "THEN LITTLE RED Riding Hood said to the Wolf--." Phyllis Ryan was intrigued by the latest edition of Grimm's tales-in French prepare tomorrow's lesson ttests?J. Of Spflnlsh? . 3 P r V .Si-.E-1S11Ti'1'15i2f. -i.:9vff'f5fa L. ,rr.,, ... 100 Four years of Latin and French and three years of German and Spanish were of- fered foreign language stu- dents. ln every area of in- struction efforts were con- stantly being made to im- prove teaching through utili- zation of the up-to-date lan- guage laboratory and modern methods of presentation. Top ratings won by Latin students in the State Latin Contest and the superior placement attained in col- leges from Maine to Florida by G.W. graduates attested to the high quality of in- struction. With a view toward en- hancing the study of the Latin classics and also build- ing English vocabulary and comprehension, special em- phasis was placed on word study in all four levels of learning. Relating the pro- blems and customs of Anci- ent Rome to everyday situ- ations was also an integral part of the classroom proce- dure. Classified i n academic sections designed to parallel the level of each individual, GW. English students were given the opportunity to do advanced work according to their own ability. Many stu- dents will follow this two- track plan of classification until they reach college. Students were also given the opportunity to show their interest and initiative in the study of English by entering the Voice of Democracy and Hire the Handicapped essay contests, providing further recognition for achievement and advancement. Additional study aids offered by the English department this year included the use of audio- visual materials and selec- tions for reading from college book lists. The department re- emphasized the use of paper- backs for required reading. G.W. students read more and better books. This year GW. students bought about 7,000 paperbacks, many of which will form a nucleus for stu- dents' personal libraries. This year the English de- partment operated its own detention hall. Good use was made of the new English of- fice, which is centrally lo- cated in the new wing. On any given morning by 8:l5, a half dozen or more English teachers may have been seen cutting stencils, using the duplicator, c h e c k i n g out record p l a y e r s , doing re- search, ar conferring with each other or "Mr. Perk" con- cerning the day's activities. The office was open for teachers' use each period dur- ing the day. E "THE GUM GOES in the trash can first!" Miss Jean McCurdy pointed t n En lish student ou as a eager g volunteered to answer a hard question. Paperback Lit Clicks "SHOULD WE LET the students see PAUSING IN A iecfufs, Miss Josephine WS?" ,mused "M" Pak" 'Wd of The Estes sighed as she thought of English Department, to Misses Mary tomorrow, and tomorrow and tomorrow, Belcher' Mary Lou Hollowell' lShe recalls the Shakespeare she taught the students!! lOl Mastering Moving Machines Adiusting to Business Life MISS WILLIAMS INSTRUCTED these girls in the operation of business machines during the office practice course. "THIS IS THE way to do it," suggested Mrs. Betsy Curry as she instructed Dawn Drye and Patsy Barker in the art of typing. THE DEVICE DEVELOPED by this harassed CAVALIER typist during the hectic pre-deadline rush did not originate on the pages of a Business Education Department manual but proved effective, nevertheless! l02 , Continuing in its endeavors to keep abreast of new trends in business, the Department of Business Education was de- signed to give a college back- ground for students wh o wanted to go further in busi- ness and to give useful in- formation for everyday life. Actually, two vocational programs were emphasized: The Distributive Education program and the Vocational Off i c e Training program. These courses provided a work experience program in which students received not only vital classroom instruc- tion but also "on the job training" with pay. Our newest addition was Business Law, which pro- vided subject matter t h a t stressed the purposes and logic of law, stressed the im- portance of law as an instru- ment of social justice, and gave an accurately docu- mented treatment of legal rules and principles. DO NCT With consideration for the increased scientific interest of G.W. students, a total of fifty classes were offered by the Science Department. Of the seven different courses offered, the newest was the one entitled Chemistry Study. Two levels, one designed for the college-bound student and the other for non-aca- demic student, were taught in general science, biology and chemistry. Accompany- ing the increased interest w e r e many new additions such as a chemistry lab, general science I a b a n d stockrooms for new equip- ment. The faculty of the Science Department numbered eleven, with five of them en- rolled in advanced studies at Duke University and the Uni- versity of North Carolina at Greensboro. Chemistry, Physics Afford Challenge to Avid Students STAR THESPIANS Brooks Green, Billy Sparks, Cooper Norman, William Taylor, Joan Vincent and Linwood Duncan paused triumphantly for a picture following their "superior" rated performance of "Taming of the Shrew." "DOUBLE, DOUBLE, TOIL and trouble." A twentieth century Hecate, Mr. James Harris, showed "witches" Bill Hyde and Mike Dykes how to mix their brew. Expanding to meet every possible need, the Fine Arts Department ran the gamut of entertainment and interests this year. On the dramatics end, t h e stage heralded Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice, Macbeth, and a se- quence from the Taming of the Shrew. Music - wise, the n o t e s flowed from the band, not only in sports events and parades, but also in concerts. Programs offered something for every age and taste. The choral division pro- vided unlimited opportunities for vocalists to display their abilities. There were or- ganized offerings in several types of choruses. The Art Department added a new course which enabled students to further their tal- ents. Using charcoal, oil, and water color, their creative minds were challenged to de- velop both three dimensional and abstracts themes. Stu- dents began to experiment in sculpture. With numerous ex- hibits and awards in the of- fering, the artists had the needed impetus for outstand- ing creativity. SOPHOMORES PERFORMED SOME reel QD Virginia folk dancing at the Circus Capers. A RECORD WAS in the making as Brenda Adams. ran for her life! l04 ONE, TWO . . . ONE TWO . . ., Bonnie Gover did her pull-ups physical fitness tests. for the gym ln line with a nation-wide concern, the Physical Edu- cation Department strived to meet the need for increased attention to a physical fitness program for our youth. Co- operating with the state, phy- sical fitness tests were ad- ministered once in the fall and again in the spring. Scores were determined by standards set by the state, with a student needing to place in the 50-90 percentile for a passing grade. The scores were used to determine the effectiveness of each school's program and did not affect his Physical Education grade. The Girl's Athletic As- sociation and classroom pro- gram also emphasized physi- cal fitness throughout the year. 3 E Q 3 i I f GLENN APPLE, Mike Dishman, and Butch Meadows displayed prowess in gym activities. Mike watched intently as Glenn showed off for the grandstond! Physical Fitness Tests i DURING CIRCUS CAPERS, Billy Smoot nd T S k d t t d P I G g U e P . E . C I G S S e S thgir otliigllirclyablaitry Sin egnxrvrisalscliss. ONE-AND-TWO-and-three was the overall cry of the students who demonstrated exercises in the Circus Capers. l05 Students Grow Through Living Challenging memories of t h e i'r meaningful world at George Wash- ington tend to help students make ot every-day lite a better world. They live the active life, ever mind- ful that outward endeavors can never capture the spirit within. HE SEES EACH STUDENT AS AN ENTITY AND RECOGNIZES THE FUTURE POTENTIAL OF THE lNDlVlDUAL. o wh f 4.14 ' '44 39: J' 5 V f ,j Jzjhe 1-5 i"f"Yx ag, 4 - f K S. , - fv 4 1 'vm ',Sfv.:,. .g vrf 1 2 , , 'A ff,-Q f , V K, J 1,f,f S. fig ia fffki , ,cb ,-', 4 ,fu fi. , 53 . 1 f k . Q fy f 5 Q L fsxf, ,fu .H ,.A,,, I 5 f 1' K 1 f :'rJ' 4- V .L , s ,f "f'V"' 'Jn ' 'aj' -1 M? df ' ,, 'X f'Zff,"7?7t,-'fvf"i3' 'X' 4? ,,. 'R if 'L-L z. yum' if " Q A ' 1 f ,,.fl3zi5'h,f.f-f3,,u'ff f LM Q , ,GQ 1 Y ,,':Q .ff-, ff-ri, Q.. g Ni 'HA Freshman AGPCOH Frosh Cram for Hours Sacrilicing Sleep FRESHMEN CLASS OFFICERS Rick Bend- all, lcenteri pres.g Robert Anderson, v.- pres.p Gail Lawton, sec.-treas. Michael Aaron Brock Abernathy Wanda Adams William Adams Yvonne Adams Dale Adkins Michael Adkins Patricia Adkins Wayne Adkins Woodward Aichner Susan Albright Clyde Alderman Douglas Alderson Randy Alderson Karen Allen Ramona Anderson Robert Anderson Peggy Astin Betty Bakas Mike Baker Pam Baker Selma Baker Vikki Baker Shirley Barker Joyce Barksdale Ruth Barksdale Nancy Barnes Glenn Barts Nancy Baugher Robbins Beale Betty,Bean Linda Beaver li' '..i 9 Gordon Bendall - Richard Bendall Margaret Berkley Ray Berkley E 2 ,J it ' ' A pa i'-wif in f A hi r ,. - I . i . 5 -m f, ' ' , Ii , ' -E! Q . lssis is TE , .,r, b QW ssil W L X i.i : ,,-iii 3 . ..., DID SHE GET A new car? No, Gail Lawton is just illustrating the enthusiasm with which cheerleaders and fans supported the district-winning team. Like a lion, the class of '68 came roaring into the halls of G.W., but the blusterings were soon quieted to a timid, be- wildered whimper. For, once in- side the front doors, the neophy- tes were confronted with a maze of corridors and room numbers JN Cwhich resembled serial numx Q bersll. From every side could be heard the plointive cries of "Where's the gym?" and "ls the cafeteria in the East wing?" This year's "Baby Cards" fared better than many of their predecessors. Within a few days they had become acclimated to the "big time" and were literally into everything! On field and court t h e y showed promising athletes to fill vacancies in the coming year. ln the classroom, too, their as- tute little minds were gleaning all the knowledge they could, their one goal being to become lordly sophomores. ln this role they anticipated looking down on and tricking unsuspecting freshmen of another year. l FRESHMEN ADVISORY COUNCIL First Row: Linda Pruitt, Sydney Sager, Maureen Love, Linda Joyce Wells, Miss Betty Lou Giles. Second Row: Pat Haley, Ruby Huff, Kay Jones, Nancy Powell, Jim Zahrn. Third Row: Debra Moore, Martha Hudson, Barbara Hall Pam Baker. Fourth Row: Betty Lawrence, Melanie Raper, Janet Whittaker. Fifth Row Mike Fitzpatrick, Richard Greene, Billy Coggin, Richard Anderson. Dennis Blalock John Blalock Karen Blalock Vickie Bohannon Mary Bolen Fredia Bolt Edward Booth Susan Bourne Richard Bowers Donna Bowles Nancy Bowling David Boy Gaynell Boyd George Breedlove Andrew Bridgforth Gerald Brooks Joann Brooks Linda Brooks Randolph Brooks Ginger Brown Sheryl Brown Tommy Brown William Brown Kay Brumfield Patsy Bryant Danny Buckner Mary Bumgarner David Burch Ronnie Burch Robert Burchett Rebecca Burchett Fredrick Butts Henrietta Byrd Priscilla Cain Steve Calos Cynthia Calvert Sally Comm Stephen Camp Penny Campbell Barbara Cannon S In lf ' 'fits may 559, , ,iw N V W , ,, ,X X 5 me .W e l K L 4 i r,,,, may , , 6 ,S ,., ig, ,.i' M Q, , f x ""' , , l l l .sf l' 47 'Q' U H EK WY .wi f , W is f 0 S jf W Wag, r B552 y 1 wwf W --- I te X in tw ,g g ,V iw , f M 'W 5 get i -- f-wtf, 6 ii 9 1 K s 3 T215 1 1 S, Z Q- 4 1 ,,,-,,,,,,f,, - , .,,, . i t ,-sg-g -f iff ' , r f 'j g ' ' ' rem EMM? , I' 3. Ba lt 1 A ' fk-25 ' I 9 , vii 2 we, -4' I EZ f s MQW 'Qc ti , 'Wm 1 6 - 'Zz' 1 gl , '. f V , ' ,,,,r jf , , . or -.Q 'gf st. Q e A tv 5 s Freshman Car - Eme if .2 , ,. X T , . HKS 3. tr Raymond Carson Elaine Carter Katherine D. Carter Katherine E. Carter Susan Carter Barry Casey Cynthia Casper Arvin Cassada Patsy Chandler William Chavis Delores Chattin John Clark Rebecca Clark Susan Clark Judy Clayton Barry Clifton Anna Cobb Robert Coffey William Coggin Rodney Coleman Myra Conner Catherine Copeland Curtis Cooper Freddy Corbin Sandra Corum A s "mf ff! It -nf as ,I . . 0, I .if www- A Puzzled 'Youngsters' Wander Thru Maze ol Corridors "WHILE YOU'RE UP, GET ME A . . " E' H ,, bfi: -N if rg tf"U4-Www sy.e sas lg? R ., fag eff of ' Samuel Cox i l ii Betsy Craig ' ' " V 13, C l I Linda Crane '- Kathy Crawford A Sue Crawford " Ze n : '--' - - A A A Vivian Crawley Kenneth Dickerson Tony Dix Danny Dixon Barry Dodd Richard Doss William Douglas Bill Drew Nancy Drumwright Rickey Drumwright Frosh Flounder but Remain Afloat iw an V 'ew-1 My in , 1, ,, 8 tx ff, " JSA if - liiffiiiigfil ' 7:1 5 .V ,,,,. M r ,g VII V ,,..,l: 9 ,, , C cm? SL 1 A .v K A Z jr Elbert Creasey David Crowder Edward Crowder Jerry Crowell Jo Ann Cudworth Mike Dalton Brenda Dameron Dale Davis Donald Davis Gary Davis Joseph Davis Thomas Davis William Davis Earnest Dawson Sheryl Dawson David Deal Barbara Deaton Patrick Dee Billy Dellinger Anthony Denson lll , 1' 'R dl .nfs NR 'Y 'Z' lllll ll ti :,:. h -i im rr- f -r I-.w.s.- 73 ,, 1, ,, will lggigsmgi fig, , l lftqhr rr W' an sf, -rt, an Y, Ugrx , James Dryden Kitty Durham Larry Eanes Lester Eanes I . .. n o h ylaf. r A ,,. C 'f' lly wav - , gy ' Sw W A I l L 1 ,M 9 Q ,K A ' ' rw M y A 'V' . 'v si f E , M' , Q W WAI. is, ii Pamela Earles Roger East A -"-, ' I . Joey Edwards ' ,Ib mi Amy Elliott Eg' ' A I ., .Wy 3,4 Harold Emerson V :'VV " ' V i Nancy Emerson h AN INFLICTION OF the left toe itch? No, it's just a physical education class demonstrating an exercise V , 1 Freshman Eva - Hut :-. ,eg 2- ' , . m f 'fl ' ei?- .1 ,T ,fm r , ZE, ' fav in 3 L fi 'ij J . J J ,J gin , wg . , f M., Q, 2. .iii ' lists- sa ,ft W Q2 5 ' J 17' 2 153,25 K y ',Vg 1 l 5, , ,. t , , K ,wr .Miss , .. , g ,.,-sf ft . , 1 si ,ir W 5 - ,il , I . ,ll if , f' sid wi. 5 E. is , f if fs ,star ,:. -,, ' ,J ' 13.3 , ' f z wsg, , Q f , 49 f f sf V, .... , , H Darrell Evans Joan Evans Susan Falk Carolyn Farlow Libby Farthing Sandra Farthing David Ferguson Karen Ferrell Randy Ferrell Robert Ferrell Tommy Fitts Mike Fitzpatrick ff ,. ,. ., 4, 1 i 2 as Mfg? 2 r 1 S1 aw? e iii, Patricia Floyd Susan Floyd Carol Flynn Cheryl Fowler Marie Freeze Katherine Fuller David Gains Cathy Gambrell Allan Garrett "WHAT DO YOU mean, 'Wh0's the guy in the picture?"', quips Principal K' 'YZ 5 S J. T. Christopher John Garrison Melinda Gates Stephen Gerringer Susan Gibbs Pam Gibson Joan Gilbert Steve Giles Sue Glidewell Steve Goodson Sharon Gore Carolyn Gosney Judy Gosney Alan Gourley Kent Gourley Janis Grantham Carol Gravely STRAINS OF "l'M on the outside looking in" arise from four intrigued students, marvelling over the strange resemblance of this campus power fixture to an elaborate mechanical bird house. i C C35 X 1 f"K X, A If im D li as wi "F x S. fl ?a Xia- :- C Kc, 5- X 'Qi' 5:16 Lh' M, ,Q - N93 n as . jf Richard Greene Sam Green gl ZZ5' Z ' .,, f i f ' 'r,. Q, Bobby Gunnell . Pal' HUIGY f . , "V rf -""' ' ' Barbara Hall ' 1 ' ' Harold Hall lda Hall Luther Hamilton Roy Hammock James Hancock Michael Hancock Pat Hankins Charleen Hankins Bonnie Hardy Sandra Hardy Richard Harlow Diana Harvey Delilah Harville Brenda Hayes Pat Haymore Norma Haymore Emmett Haynes Susan Haynsworth Mike Heldreth Ellen Henderson Marsha Henderson Jonathan Hicks Ann High Ricky High Lucy Hill Nancy Hines Ellis Hodge Barbara Hodge John Holcombe Mary Holder Susan Holland 'll3 ENTHUSIASTIC FRESHMAN CHEERLEADERS emit throaty cheers at a pre-game pep rally. Margaret Holley Bill Hoover Cynthia Horsley Kenneth Howard Thomas Howard Frances Howell Carol Howerton Carolyn Hudgins Donnie Hudgins Deanw Hudson Qgrsgxl Ma rtha Hudson Jack Huff Ruby Huff Rebecca Huffma ,,.. - 504 Y if " ,,i' A , . i , fx V ' 1 N ' 4.3 3 n : ' . . Freshman Huf Nea , S A Q . ,... an ', gases 3349 qv M ' s .35 ..,.. A A,.,. Kiki -17 'i Andrew Huffstetler Anne Hughes Esther Hulin Lewis Hulin Clarence Humphrey Frank Hundley Mitchell Huppert Barbara Hyde Barbara lreson Nancy lsenhour Jackie Jackson Raymond Jackson COULD THESE BOYS be planning a school? This mechanical drawing class includes First Row: David Patterson, Bill Brown Second Row: Bill Douglas, Steve Giles Ralph Scearce. Third Row: Ray Jackson, Mike Jones. Fourth Row: Bill Setliff, Ken Talley. Bonnie Jordan Alice Julian Larry Justice George Kellis Jonathan Kirby Kathy Kirby Robert Kitchen Danny Klein Jean Knick Lindy Koplen Waldemar Kowitz Bonnie Kushner Donna La Fevers Frances LaPrade Esther Langford Regina Lavinder Susan Jackson Wayne Jackson David Jamison Shirley Jarrett Clinton Jefferson Gregory Jefferson Michael Jefferson Patsy Jeffries Barbara Johns Richard Johns Alan Johnson Pamela Johnson Betty Jones Cathy Jones David Jones Joanne Jones Kay Jones Michelle Jones Ray Jones Tommy Jones ,X Gulf 'i .. up X F x '33 J is wir S 5 J E sw' 3 is V I F .1 ,Q sm, as K sr . f C so u es? : rzrr r --Q A fs. as g N E .gi . .,,,q, gg , - x .. e 'af' fy .gf . Eiga , l l 364 l X A 1 gl lx L fi b ' First Yearers Smile Arthur Lawson Gail Lawton Joan Ledford Marcia Lemley Brenda Lewis Judy Gayle Lewis wwf ,i, A , A as A 'ff fe- L". T A ', '66 E: 7 E ll4 9f rf' 1 AV ,, W- - 9'-qw! -2' , FP-"1 0 at Pranks I Q ' 1 7-2, 'lu rw . . vb,,.,., its is is il ' A' .. Lit ,L , i .. if . J ii 'y i f. A f z V. . Walter Mays Bonnie Merricks Larry Mills Earl Minter Terry Minter Dianne Mitchell Deborah Moore Lavonne Moore Bill Moore Vickie Moore Vickie Moorefield James Morgan Judy Morgan William Morgan Faye Morris Donna Moss Faye Motley Vickie Mullis Linda Mumpower Danny Mumpower Sammy Munford Michael Murphy Cheryl Mustain Patricia Neathery Anne Lewis Brenda Lindsey Kathy Little Linda Long Thomas Long Maureen Love Kathy Loving Carol Luckie Sue Luther James Lynch Carolyn McCune Frank McDaniel Allen McDowell Danny McFarling Sue McGhee Linda McHaney Ruth Mclvor Dana Mabe Milton Mabe Janet Marlow David Marshall Regina Marshall Bruce Mathews Steve Martin Linda May Carolyn Mayhew Donnie Mayhew fi if -J, I mar , if M 79. Nw. ""' vfiffsisiiif -fsz w I 11E'EL1mif-i J ,..g.. ,,vf:f:f1Q-we za-. zz- . 'seize- 'a w .: ,J , ,, sf' '-' :fwiff may . ' Y. 4 w i, Y 4- fu fl' 3 N .ae I 4 w,m,1,1 'trii J , i"1 - J J l ' -fryi , illit .. L, CE: , ,V VLZ h y , J AS GENTLE SPRING breezes blow, some G. W. students are still industrious. ' A V , J ' N .5 V ' 2 'i', , 1, H A ,V,, r A AV f .. ,J fii' 4- " U .,..' , . V, V , ., in J g my ,JJ J Q s s , fg , L , K H5 F'eS""T"" Novices Pursue TV Science, Latin, Languages New Sm: Bonnie Newman Patrick Newman Anderson Newman Tony Nix Cathy Norris James Norton Brenda Oakes Carolyn Oakes Ken Orrell Letty Owen Peggy Owens Ricky Owens Harry Parker Larry Parker Julius Parris Brenda Parrish David Parsons Anne Patterson David Patterson Dennis Patton Albert Payne Bruce Perdue Diane Perkins Marvin Perkins Perry Perkins Tommy Lee Petty Nancy Phelps Dallas Phillips Ronnie Phillips Henry Pinekenstein Donald Pollard Gail Powell A dy fiwww 13,8 , if I I ,,,, W y r A A it 'is ,VV21 i 42: r' .,i. iii I .P J 7 f Je "" ff., Q' 9 'We f R isrs J L , ,s , . '-' 7' A clss - L THESE GIRLS REALLY aren't running to the lunch line, but, rather, their sprinting shows the physical fitness of the lively frosh. Nancye Powell Peggy Powell Earl Presley David Price Linda Pruett Phyllis Pruitt Rebecca Pruitt Claude Pugh Sandra Pulliam Kenneth Purgason Jane Queen Tommy Ragsdale Michael Raines Melanie Roper Charles Rowley Ann Ray Walter Reeves Capsen Reynolds Diane Reynolds Gail Reynolds Nancy Reynolds Benjamin Rippe Jerry Roberts Veronica Roberts Sandra Roberson Phyllis Robertson Cynthia Rowland Patsy Rowland Janet Rumney Marvin Rust Nadara Rust William Rust Sydney Soger Freddie Salzman Pamela Sater Linda Satterfield Danny Saunders Julene Saunders Richard Sounders Brenda Scearce Cheryl Scearce Dennis Scearce Steven Scearce Kenneth Scearce Linda Scearce Michael Scearce Ralph Scearce Virginia Scott Everett Scruggs Bevill Searcey Marion Setliff Vickie Setliff Paula Shelton Bobby Short Marvin Sigmon Paula Sigmon ,Q xii 4 , me-1 K T . "" f C " ? . i C I li iii ' T A ll I llll I my E V ? , I . I ilij 1 'W' 'Q'i, o n i , it 1 f f . . ,.VEE: E, 1 . ,W , lk' Loretta Simpson Harold Smith Linda Smith Patricia Smith Patricia Ann Sm Robert Smith Samuel Smith Q , , 2, , .A Z 4 -: ,f 1 12 1 wi ' ' V .J Q , K ' . :il . .. , , V t Q-J A f :Ei W: ,ly Clif, K .JV qfvwjgymaz 4 .Q In lf ggi Lk K 9 P' 3 . Q- .,,, ' "" ' 1' ii" .. f , T C 5 is if S V Il'l'1 1 ' ' if V .4 V Q "THAT BASS CLARINET is out of tune!" snaps Linwood Duncan, as he warms up the Cadet Band. 1 Freshman Smi - Zah s gk 'V ,E , had ' +A... 4 me ., ,ff M J- -, ' 'V sl ff .,, . ml, - f ww f f ., , , 4 l l 4 i gp ."' , 1 1 W' 1+ ,- 'tit' "SECRET STORM?" No, just freshmen , .1-., aa, Susan Smith William Smoot Cathy Smoral Johnny Snead Bettie Somay Peggy Lee Sowers Sandra Sparks Carolyn Sparrow James Spear Jerry Sprinkle Debra Stanley Vickie Staples Kay Stephens Linda Stewart Shirley Stone Richard Stoner Larry Strader Linda Strader Carol Stratton Donna Strobush Eddie Turner E E Q Phyllis Turner gf Sandra Turpin Lacy Van Allen is E' Q it ' Alex Vandavas QC, b 'T g , Curtis Vaughn " Susan Via '- Rebecca Waggoner Halton Vaughn Barbara Walker Bonnie Walker Phyllis Walker 8 - 'JR . 'ff ft ww' 'Q y . if .3 f 'ST' ss.: ff' L, qq., gg it-if ARE THESE BOYS going to draft or be drafted? Mr. Joel Hampton, instructor may have the answer to that question watching their lesson in T.V. Science. M ,g , i ve. ' Cd .2 1 2 , W I Q 7 ,I J J W wif "W, 'S 'ke-zz' ' fm X' H8 ' . ' zi- S QL J 1, 7 . jf i lf fif t 41' 'sff' S i f Susan Stroud Beverly Swartz Susan Swicegood Nathan Talley Raymond Talley Reid Tanksley Lynn Tavss Mary Taylor Pam Taylor Audrey Testerman Nancy Tipton Romell Tolbert James Tompkins Patsy Tucker David Tumlin Karen Turner me 3 I I '-4 , V A5 wamwmr C I I P Cathy Wampler Hershal Wann Jennifer Ward Phyllis Warren Steve Warren Mike Weadon Robert Webb Paul Weber Jim Wells Linda Joyce Wells FRESHMAN T.V. SCIENCE instructor, Mr. William Pergerson keeps the students "in line" in the cafeteria as well as in the classroom. Linda Marie Wells Ruth Wertz Mary Wetzell Nancy White Janet Whittaker Drew Whittle James Widner Brenda Wiles William Wilkinson Gary Williams Roger Williams Carl Willis Grady Willis Martha Wilson Sharon Winston BOTH "PRO- MOTED" FROM Robert E. Lee to G.W., guidance counselor, Miss Mary Jo Davis, helps a freshman, James Spear, familiarize himself with the curriculum. Wayne Womble Sandra Woodall Glenn Wyatt Susan Wyatt Vickie Yates Kathy Young Michael Young Claude Young Becky Young James Zahrn H9 ef- A , .. X vi ,Z 2 YW? 1911! 13 Q Q'-F K ,, .V f . -'- , 1 l l T V ' 4 I xy t,J, ETL : ya J WJ? fit, ,I 0 'sf . up at Qi- " ka. i. L fi t 5 Q.. 9 4 Wish ""o'? f ,, ,yi 5 Na, . Yf K, my l K in Sophomore Aar - Car SOPHOMORE ADVISORY COUNCIL First Row: Linda English, Joyce McGaha, Sallie Stratton, Janet Rowland. Second Row: Jerry Haley, Susan Wiseman, Joan Ricketts. Third Row: Eddie Calderon, Woody Traylor, Wayne 3 Q Q ,,,, Bonnie Aaron Connie Aaron SQ xc 5+ s XX -it s x Anthony Abernathy 'ei in ' Clarence Adams ts soo ort L s1 A I' A '. ' Julius Adams . , S wa s at lllk , J Danny Adkins JUdY Adkins - Lindo Adkins , -',.f Michael Adkins Q W N 'il- 4' Q :iz U , if A' is Q M ,S clo, S, ,,,,, , . , , o,,,s, A rr' Owen, Bob Feldman. Fourth Row: Ricky Ma- rilla, Jimmy Ray, Kelly Furgurson, Eddie Bar- rick. Absent from picture: Dirk Lea, JoAnn Gibson, and Marie Murphy. ,, y t s,, ,71 1 , ll 'll :li ll y I I W ai W-fre t If lm? at 1 1'5" H, ,l me f 120 Judy Allen Sidney Allgood Charles Alverson Earl Anderson Sandra Anderson Peggy Anholt Harvie Astin Robert Atkins John Bailey Ronnie Ball Lynwood Barbour Nancye Barbour Lisa Barker Patsy Barker Torn Barrett Eddie Barrick James Barts Steve Bass Judy Bennett Lee Bingham Edward Black Janet Black Richard Blair Susan Blevins Kenneth Bohannon James Boles Julius Boles William Bolick Billy Booth Mary Drake Booth Patricia Booth John Borden Vickie Bowman Pat Boyter Robert Brennan Richard Bridgforth Kay Brooks Paul Brooks Randy Brooks Casting off their former diminutive title of "fresh- men," the "wise fools" were permitted the pleasure of pulling pranks on their pre- decessors. Serving as waiters at the Junior-Senior Ban- quet and as slaves at the Rom a n banquet provided them an opportunity to serve upperclassmen. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Eddie Bar- rick, v.-pres.j Joan Ricketts, sec.-treas.j Guy Johnson, pres. 35: M ' rr ,. l -. 1 S' Q1 it ,iii 'fi sit- . 't-A-Q ., 'Q 3 I Q my kll , .. fe Q 3 5 K e Q Mx 2 , L 3. :gg r , 6 Q K .Z' ' 42 Gsuf is 1 iiss, I L if, S :"' J ' Q' - -fi? '-Hr., ' "" l U J' on u., i Judy Brown Judy Colleen Brown Beth Brown Rachel Brown Starlette Brown William Brown Lester Bryant Linda Buck Michael Burnette -4 i J . 55' 1 . ,,- X. . ..I 2 " J N.. if -, '-f-ef' i gi! if M 15 ' Q 'sit K, N is fi J "i' sis iisr , A' ti - 5 J .Q 'tr Q ttif I , ,Q , ., 2 S AA WI' M? exif?-5' Z' xl I Q it X ,, 1 ia IH Eddie Calderon V - , , ,V Cathy Calisch ' 1 i Allethia Campbell V ,Qi i llil A Joyce Cannon -, ' Von Cannon r Ev fl ' ' ma y Sandra Carmichael ' i .34 121 Sophomore Car - Goa .. . , - . A ,, if " ' , - V ,tl . "Wt Ax in :f, f l ' 'Z . :', Y 1 9, , I 'fi V' ' . M I ,ff eg 5, :V QW' - H I Ei-L - . K g V, , ,-- J- so S w P . , gs ' ':" y y., W, , , - V- o :V , V, V V, W f, fi! , J 1 . 1 ' if o o it , We if , i '. fvr 1 ' if ,Q 'Rizff' . if ' g l UV ,Z 1.1 1 vffwk e . at ' my I x o ' ' T we F 3 Q In -5 3, my 'K A 0, lvgz 1 V M D ooo o o T B rr W., 3 : jk f,.z R A. k, , P , w , I p Q. i 2, ' . , A V A , , Linda Dance I f , Michael Dance . ,. V l ligne, Ruth Ann Daughrity i 'V ' Carol Davis ' if 1 3 eo e T 71 ee,e 'W ,, ffl' ftci ls . PM-ll Joe Davis L, "'l""'l Ronald Davis P P. ,L BEWARE! STUDENT DRIVER! This behind-the-wheel Drivers Training car is an awesome sight to meet on the highway. Sheryl Davis Bruce Deal Brenda DeBoe Clyde DeLoach . . 1 .-A N Ernest DeSera V - b Jerry Dillard '5 y u Pat Dodson C Phyllis Dodson . '- 122 Claudia Carter Jerry Carter Joan Carter May Carter Raymond Carter Kay Cassada Jo Ann Cassell Lee Chappell Larry Chase Zandra Clark William Cleveland Mildred Coleman Beverly Collins Shirley Compton Mary Lou Condon Patricia Cook Lewis Cox Susan Cox Patsy Craig Donna Crowder Danny Crumpton Bob Cuttle Donnie Dalton Vivian Dalton 3 -S - 4 S rw o re.. ccsg 'Sf , -- f D' ' ,.. - he P, 1 - . LL : U Q gm , .Q Qsiic . i E sesss , 3 ' "' I ' ' "' , A 1 . 6 A x 'I we ,A P' Class Sends Stars lor Sports, Forensics, Dramatics Thomas Dorr Joyce Doss John Douglas Carleen DuBose David Dudley Carroll Duncan William Dunevant ill' , Judy Durham Joe Dykes David Eanes Doris Eanes John Eanes Johnny Eanes Bertha East Robert Echols Tommy England John English Linda English Dale Evans Elizabeth Farley Ann Farmer Robert Feldman Allen Fergerson Michael Ferris 1 ,Gif s 1 : I' 1 Q Q' R-or ,gf sfl 4 it QM Q 4 ,,rvr " il "-' if -I - f 'vi " Q 'A A it 't,,, J me 1, . ga V , th W m 44'-'E 'Y J A J Q, " it wt ww if .deli 1? J A ,1 ,f-, , UF -t A Q M 4 mf sv 1 f'-s J '-il 2 ..,., x - gg -A , it iyyl A - y y C i W' 4 . , 1 it , V Q ' ,, if ' ' , A 1,i 'I ' tl J ,y,is,i Q Anne Fitzgerald ff James Fitzgerald If :-- i f g A Nancy Fitzgerald ' 5 13. f' - . V ' l Sandra Forbes ls. 'M 3 ,Q ". X , ' Michael Fox hilg ,I ,, Lindo Fowler 1 .. I 5 .V J Elaine Francisco M' ' g'A' ' .,,, l Robert Friedman , "" Z gk, Z M ,VV ' Janice Fuller W 'F is'- A Kelly Furgurson Q - .., , , ,, .4 'l1:. ,AV I VA Vggy A ZV: Patricia Gammon '- fil J 27 F A wsgiizitigiiijis 72 '5f7lii71i57 -lfififitllmgsx, w ais t Carolyn Garrett 7 A Charles Garrett K " ' David Garrett . Charles Gentry .mf v- Il' Deborah Gibson ' V Jo Ann Gibson , V, hx . f' ' " 'QQ Q H, g John Gibson Q 1 c g ,L g ,W Alice Gilbert ,sf Q.. " f whm Q ,. J Aw , Rodney Gillie Q I if I ,bg g , g Cathy Gillispie ' zz W rsr l ' '-.- Ronald Glass I! '- ' ' 3 V l V- Richard Goad x E l23 l mv- .g!, Sophomore God - Ing ,,,VQ2, , im 1:5- -.JH , qw, , x Z -ef.: - . .fzvw-asp , Q5.f"45- if Vi ? ' 'ffm V5 Q 2.5 .oo i .L Q N- 'Q - 'wx' X' , L wkygf f N if tw W Q M o I W- . it t -' . ef if Y it 4 ., 1 .,.. ., . , t if gan . . -, :gg it My 3 NP SS await X We M X Q Egf is -X E, s S , -f X 0 gt t lx Michael Godfrey Beverley Gosney Michael Graham Joan Gravely Peyton Green Rita Greenspon Becky Griffith Susan Griffith Thomas Grogan Betty Grubbs Edward Gunnell Frankie Gunnell Naomi Hain Jerry Lee Haley Irvin Hall John Hall Thomas Hall Marlene Hamblen Connie Hamlett Caroline Hamm Donna Hancock Arlene Hankins Wilson Hankins Donald Hardison Cheryl Hardy Lynda Hardy Marie Ann Hardy Michael Harris Ann Harville 'yriy I -s---'i1 Michael Harville L L eoi is Peyton Harvey HAVE YOU EVER had the feeling that someone is looking over your I shoulder? But Elizabeth Slaughter and MY GOODNESSY lT'S FHOVIUQ! 16006 Lee Bingham don't seem to mind Bill thing it's-biology class!! Brown and Bobby Head watching them Sandra Haskins James Hasty Carolyn Howkins Michael Hawkins Scottie Hawkins Barbara Hayden Pamela Hays ' Roy Hazelwood Robert Head John Heffernan Diana Henderson Carolyn Herndon 5 A af , ,, ,, 5 S ' Z if . Mi i E K A M If A 1 ' Examinations Find Sophs Now Satisfied, Steady Students ww 'ie .Hr H fm i f i L M" , ei ,Agni M I SOPHOMORE HISTORIANS-Mr. Robert Mitchell retires from the eventful annals of World History while Mrs. Mariellen Weakley takes a similar break from the strenuous life in ancient Rome. Donnie Herndon Rhonda Highfill Arthur Hilliard 'M M, Wayne Hodges Margaret Hoffman V Michael Hogan if A 'ii I L ,M g .. Sally Hoke 'W ' i f i K . i r 4 i it ay Huff Debbie Holley V aff? Michael Hughes I 5 l Linda Honey ., ' . 2 Jonathan Holliday , is " 'U my my Brenda, Humble sweet- , if dv A ,I gy? V- Katherine Hunter ' 5,, I W .4 . , i,-,: " if ,fl 3334: . , ,, L Jerry Hopkins K, , , V - 'M if-ff .F x Teresa Hyler Bruce Hudson in tx Betty Ingram A Izlv, A , , 6 N i l xg itittt 125 Sophomore I re - Par ,K sf 'ez ' Fr' - s ' 1 ?i oooo se., . , vt, we 55 -.,. 1 'Me ff-',. In J Z? za? Q 23 2 E it F2 x W f' Y! K' K 2,5 ,. "' ' vb li Ei : . fiwkg iii 3 " W 1 is is A T L , ilaszzv W 25571: ,. , ..., . . .. gy ,Qty Q J EL: 9 7 ia we iii: M, I gt its ' A- ffl' A sgffff "'g w..,..Pfl ' ' ' K .. , , E2 ""o 1 D - 1: si f in , , W 7 . tit if 3 -t i at if, ,J 34 1 , 5 3 ., -iii? L is 2 X 'QS js, 1 . 1 er Q3 w Q we ,. , , ,s,.,,,g, ,J .V fl Q Q o- o zza 2 kh o :T kil, :',. . .. 'lffii' ooo f-so S Q e f"'fT 126 MATH DEPARTMENT HEAD Miss Evelyn Hair checks the homework of an energetic student. Ava Ireson Angela Isom Nancy Jarvis David Jefferson Bill Jeffress Guy Johnson Patricia Johnson Steve Johnson Darroll Jones Gary Jones Jimmie Jones Kay Jones Dorsey Jordan Michael Kelly Richard Kinn Eva Kitchen Deborah Klaff Ben Kushner Shirley LaPrade Dirk Lea Dianne Ledford Ruth Leonard Donald Lester Tim Lewis William Lewis , Q Gale Love in .R N . N N 's V lg gl e 3 fs T N s i ss: S SSW ai N X to is . ,. . . ,Q gg .mf XX t '33-.3 John D. Lovelace Ronald Lovelace Lacy Lowe Ernest Lynch Bobbie McCubbins Kathy McDowell Joyce McGaha Darlene McGuire Jo Ann McGregor James McKinney Jo Ann McKinney Ginger Maddox Helga Marienfeldt Richard Marilla John Marlowe Jerry Marsella Betty Martin Kathleen Martin Mary Martin Sammy Martin Jerry Matherly Jimmy Matthews Eugene Maurakis Darrell May Sandra Maynard Don Meadors Ralph Meadows Kenneth Middleton Mary Mills Michael Mills Roger Minter Warren Mitchell Carole Mitchelle Gale Moore Gerald Moore Kay Mooretield Linda Morgan Vickie Morgan Eva Morris George Morris David Moss Anderson Motley Diane Motley Linda Motley Brenda Mullins Marie Murphy Phyllis Murphy V, J.. ww 'swf I 0 , , 5 X We -in Q -,Law 2 x Z 3,1 it , X Q 43 l-2? 2 MN 1-.. ff fbi 2 '. qi , ' we 1 . . .. M . , ' i lm- X' --is 5,5 N , I ,M ' Q 127 gg O I , -Q, . ffl' HH 1 ff 9, '4 mx ,, , fx rt X Q, . 'ad 'F' f f"""' C rf M xg-,tfz - 'fi r T 45 . 2 931455572 f 'izflgsrgtf , K V v.v"'a"'. , e , Sp t 15 Q Q Q t ' zi 5 2 iv' - ,n 'U' 1 'UHF' I we-me R 'ta . l Cynthia Muse Jane Myers Janet Myrick Nancy Newlin David Newman Donna Newton Curtis Nolan Carlton Oakes Mary Elizabeth Susan Overby Brenda Owens Duane Owen - 5 I or - fr -if .. Ellen Owen Mike Owen Pamela Owen Wayne Owen Mary Paris Douglas Parson 'T"' 3? 4, S - Osborne ,mf .i ' wr Sophomore Pay - Sto . rg 4 fi iw ,Z ', Av I 122, A ,. , Z , H W., i , , f 2: 5 -5 1 'Z ' if 'f"".l 4 We , , iw i. 'M 21' J yy vlfrf- 'ii 5 - . A Jimmy Payne . , - William Payne Roger Pedigo David Perkins wh i 'A-" fn 'if -- 9 ,W Wm nf M My 9 lygi 4 ilhy Elizabeth Perkins 1- rv K If 1,, fl i 4 L J X SOPHOMORE PHOTOGRAPHY REACHED an all-time high of almost 85 per cent, largely through the good work and friendly cooperation of Mr. W. F. Cuddington. SWA.. W Jim Roper James Roy Linda Richardson Michael Richardson Joan Ricketts Dallas Riggan Michael Rigney Donna Rigney Shirley Rigney Barry Rising Lockie Roach Gary Roach Joseph Roane Betty Robertson James Roscoe Diane Ross William Salmon Dennis Scearce Linda Scearce Michael Scearce 128 Linda Perkins Mary Ann Perkins Vickie Perkins Patricia Dianne Perry Alvin Petty Sandra Pickeral Michael Pierce Ronnie Pierce Larry Pinchback Larry Porter ,, ,. Shirley Purdy IVV 3 Glenda Quesenbe ry V .,VV Jerry Quesenberry 'K -ww an r 1 . 4-g,-pf' tx t J if t J 2, 6 " ' i l.,: I V V V, ji f, ,,,,, - I :Q .Q qw A 1:53 fi K. Q Becky Scott i LQ Darlene Scott ' "LET'S GO BOWLING at Riverside Lanes!" Many students do, since a bus is provided during the physical education periods every day. Paul Siddle Carol Sigmon Bronwyn Sigmon Elizabeth Slaughter Sidney Slaughter Howard Smart Ray Smart Barbara Smith David Smith James Smith Larry Smith Richard Smith Bonnie Snead Steve Snow Susan Southard Roy Sowers Beverlee Spangler Linda Spangler Mark Spangler Donna Spear Judy Spencer Nancy Spencer Janice Squires Betty Stanfield Phillip Stanley Susan Starkey Doug Starnes Sheila Still Kenneth Stoner Tommy Stowe X if 3, X M J 5 John Searcy Paul Shaip Q Q f ,,,.., . XR X fm, . ,,.', John Shanks gf Michael sheifon Kenneth Sherrill 31 .9, A I Terry Shore 2, gm ' Allen Shumate A -X A 4 S ,y' f i ., .I 3 Y - y J A it l J J we " , r , , ,,:.A fi X M, V A, M L y Q ' Y' A QA ' 1, y ,, ' V west: f f - ' '12, - up 'M '- , 'J ' A , J f Q l ff - , x ., 'ww A4 ' g -dw ,t -. 7 M Q '4 Nm Xe, 'Q' Q. 9 A S it V e g 1 xi J V y j gr We V ,A, , A 'f if .. 7' N X Q J il eiet . kk Az ,,,V rv A , .. J Vvr' 25.1 J J ww W ,, 'W ,if "" ' 1, ,, 'Sift' A 'W A EU ,V A 5 ffl ' V . I , 'ftilfi rff ' N 7 I V' JW up , , I ,fi. J Y 5 ,ge ' ' I ll V " rt' 1 ,,, ,gli al 44 1131 I 1 . 'S ' W' , J we 'f f., 5 , 4 11221211 Q l29 Sophomore 3 we Str - You . "f" , . J A S A .,,. L .Ng , i I . W' ., .Z X. W Q S A Nl' J 16- ..,E . , Q T f KAL . ""g' 3 ' 3 fl wg: A J , F f A '.,f 1 oooooo K L , .b. . l': 'glg A i .7 ...: . . . Us s "7 Q' fi . A . Q iyo s . y . , 2 M i All - Q - M ,K R I A L Q ef' 1 .gg X sw- -1 g g . ' 5 ' N it .J if . A :IA "TS A -f . , N , f V I .. il lui ll IAAIA I Y. T 'I 3 V? so J 7 .ff f T o..o . my T .L A A , ,L .Y I -id is I Q . My r 5 1 J ii ' NNW . fp W ? 571. , is 'ii an we .- 4 , J W WJ J an , ,-v' o! i 130 ' fr o Y r . 'Mu .Q -wr W . x V ,AX 3 Sallie Stratton Johnny Swann Turner Swicegood Beverly Talley Charles Taylor Edward Taylor Reid Taylor Steve Taylor Michael Teague Edward Temple Brenda Thomas Randy Thomas Rebecca Thompson Richard Thompson Richard Thomson Phyllis Tolbert Robert Traylor Mike Turman Anne Turner Betty Turner Dana Turner Densie Turner Lindo Turner Audrey Turpin Juniece Vandergriff Martha Viccellio Wallace Wade Jean Walker Joyce Walker Michael Ward Joan Warner Betty Warren Larry Warren Sally Warren Mary Washington Nancy Watlington Leslie Waugh Larry Weadon Leslie Whitaker Cynthia Wilborne Allen Wiles Kenneth Wiles Thomas Wiley Hampton Wilkins Robert Willetord Lawrence Williams Nancy Williams Juanita Williams Vickie Williams 'Q Suzanne Williams 7 Anthony Wilson Peggy Wilson Madge Wiseman Susan Wiseman Vera Womack William Wooding " I ' V tw yi , nf an V 5 Y Wi ,sf f M, ,. Q, - '1 'lwlff' If ,W , , 5 ,gg M ,, ,V i' Hi . ' 'I' 1 P 49 f 4 V ew' V Wm, ,V ww my , 4 W f ,V K 1 'flu' ,lf M M- Y Y W A, fr, ,rf may 1. 'k., ' W' 1 , ,465 "OK, NANCY, OK! l'm coming, but my finger's caught in the buckle!" Susan Wiesman answers Nancy Fitzgerald's call. Gerald Woodrum 4. V V Trudy Worley i""i" W, '- , A y U ""V " ' Gerald Wrenn 1 'ji' f W ' I V Susan Wyatt r W' ' '7 In V rf A .. , Vickie VVYGH' V V' - ' A 'Maxi L I S - "" , . Walter Yates I 1 'E it , A , S Womack Yates " f Q , I ' W "" 1, 5 U Joan Yeatts ' -fi SQ? Leslie Young V ' F A- I ARE THESE SOPHOMORE boys naturally enthusiastic about exercise or is it that their parents are watching on Circus Capers night? X 4-L, NX NNN? -in SRX. its Junior Abb - Buc l. V., ML, LEADING THE JUNIOR class were Mike Dishman, lleftl pres. Beverly Barksdale, v.-pres. Crightl and Cathy Coleman, sec.-treas. National Honor Society lnducts Surprised Top-Qualified Juniors Robert Agee Michael Albright Donna Alderson Lavenia Aldridge Walter Altice gf Berley Anderson X - ' wiki is Q Bonnie Andrews Glenn Apple Janet Arnold Patricia Aron Wanda Arthur David Baker Sandra Abbott Brenda Adams Returning to grace the halls of George Washington for still anoth- er year is the exuberant class of l966. Somehow, the Junior year has a completely different air about it. Perhaps it is the fact that it is much closer to the top of a long, hard climb, and the juniors are beginning to find themselves at last. . ,av VV . l ' Lai A. Connie Adams ' Lewis Adams Ig .,- L . I 'WVR Beverly Barksdale Roger Barksdale Barbara Barrett COULD IT BE the heat of such an excit- ing game that makes varsity cheerleader Judy Marsella "hot under the collar?" l32 lncluded on the full agenda of the Junior year were such activities as the selection of a responsible student to represent the school in the summer Foreign Exchange Pro- gram. Gazing far into the future, the third-yearers looked forward to Virginia Bass James Beaton Terry Beaver Roger Beck Robert Bendall Sara Blank Jeff Bledsoe Shelby Boaze James Boggs Jan Booker Susan Boulware Brenda Bousman beautiful class rings to flash at the underclassmen, to the Junior- Senior Banquet, and to the mar- shalling of Seniors. Feeling quite elated over the fact that they were juniors and then could walk nonchalantly down the halls, they looked forward to "rul- ing the roost" in every way next year. In the spring candidates were chosen from the Junior class in the race for top S.C.A. offices. Thus this year was one of a ma- turing sense of responsibility. 'kztk A . uri 1 l ' ,, ' X ' " X at Diane Boy Linda Boyd Ronald Boykin Gus Brame Oscar Braswell Six JUNIOR ADVISORY COUNCIL First Row: Mike Dishman lpres.J, Cathy Coleman tsec.-treas.l, and Beverly Barksdale lv.-presi. Second Row: Lindsay Robertson, Patsy Brown, Robin Mustain, Nancye Scearce, Melodie Lambert, Ann McBrayer, Patsy Lewis. Third Row: Don Pratt, Frank Strickler, Dennis Gilley, Phillip Smith, Mark Fleming, George Leonard, and Robert Agee. wwf' Down Bridgen Harry Brooks Patsy Brown Susie Brumfield Robert Bryant Jerry Buckner E l f ILL NEED LUCK to get this duck!" Mr Christopher has high aims in Sophs Serve Superiors l?l H re, 'il L Q4 Ar wg W awk -A , if time R We rm QE A 9, ff- I .LU N l Thomas Burks Robin Carolyn Burton Larry Anna Calos Sylvia Arthur Carter Cynth at Late Spring Banque Z 1, fi' " K' if T ,. M, tr,. , , , 1 W C , rl ' I? 5 WWW if Frank Carter Glenda Carter Cheryl Cassada Susan Cassada Gwynn Chambers Steve Chappell Bob Clare Susan Clark Ronnie Clayton Hugh Clements Dan Clifton Eunice Cobb -WK DON T JUST STAND there- glve us a hand." David Goode and Steve Willis stall around on their way to a band performance. Mary DeHaven Linda Dewberry Alice Dibrell Ernest Dickens Thomas Dickens Michael Dishman Carolyn Dix Lee Dix Willis Dorielson James Dooley Judy Dooley Jay Dorman Sharon Coggins Cathy Coleman Ronald Conley Wayne Cook Herman Cook Steve Cowan Vern Cowan Nellie Cox Phyllis Cox Dale Cumba Tam Currier Vivian Dalton Virginia Daniel Doug Daniels Barbara Davis Dyann Davis Wayne Davis Tommy Deese Junior Dor - Hal "X-K-3 CALLING EARTH," says Alice Dibrell as she prepares for a londing in Spanish Class. Victor Dorsett Joan Doss Tommy Doss Dawn Drye Jerry Dudley Henry Eanes Jimmy Eanes Helen Earle Gene Eastridge Juniors Team with Sophs Heckling Bewilclered Frosh Trying to Adiust Artie Edwards Carter Elliott Anna Evans Richard Evans Patricia Everett Jane Everett -111 Harvey Farthing Frankie Feibleman Donna Ferguson , Lisa Ferguson V Patricia Ferrell Cleo Fleming Mark Fleming Ja Ann Flora Carol Floyd Beverly Foster Kenneth Foster Nancy Fowlkes 136 Sufi W ,, A--.Af Joan Garrett Jo Anne Gatewood Joe Gauldin Caroline George Lewis Gibson Kay Gilbert ,ff Lindo Guthrie Bill Haley James Hall Page Hall Susan Hall Susan Halperin Q 99 DETERM I NED FACES REVEAL erious approach these GW-ites take toward mastering the French language. l37 Dale Goss Carroll Grant Rebecca Gravett Julie Greene Nancy Grubbs Sondra Guill Junior Ham - Kee ' I v f ,M 91 fx If -, V ,, r 1 " H 4-f ' fl,,rQ',ra ' 1 X l J H i. 1 ny J lssf i K J , J ' I Ani, ,. 91 w re ' w Q er 7 1 Er Wm., ,raw ll lT LOOKS LIKE a busy day in the woodshop as G.W. boys acquire skills which will prove valuable after graduation. Busy at work are Mr. Robert Boragine, Ronnie Collins, John Saunders, Mike Jones, Mike Harris, Dale Cumbo, Bill Stanley, Fred Hoefelmeyer and Richard Ganey. Kenneth Hamlett Johnny Hamlin Dovie Hancock Kay Hancock Janice Hanks Betty Jo Hardy my A "' f - --WM., -2 ,, l38 Ray Harmon Betsy Harris Brenda Harris Carolyn Harris Charles Harris Margaret Harris Au 'iff' Stephen Haynes Barbara Hays Dorothy Hazelwood Robert Heffernan Larry Heldreth James Henderson Becky Highfield Carolyn Hill Gwen Hill Jo Anne Holland Cheryl Holley Carl Holliday Jeanette Hopkins Patricia Hopkins John Hornaday Beverly Horsley Donnie Horsley Karen Hoskins Linda Hoskins Leon Howard Buddy Hudgins Frances Huff Nancy Hughes is iryrs X ,rry yyrrtty, 94 wm- ,K we SI Q..-f my M, w e i M...-f 'Y 3' Wx if 1 Juniors Anticipate Next Year's 3 x . x sf "l'D RATHER FIGHT than Privileges and Responsibilities detiillited E215 f g 7 Wilson V . ' , ' ,fnx , I V lm' 19'- , .Q ww ? . , t i, J 1 W fa '!7'f' ' i J 4 1 as ,W Clai- ,K is 'l Margaret Humphrey Frank Huppert Arlene Hutchinson Roger Hutson it ,. tx. E . i in , N L ,L - zl' with hz g Q David Ingram David lngram Pamala lsom Myra Jackson Robert Jackson Odell Jarvis Brenda Jones Dennis Jones Mike Jones Mike Jordan Linda Keatts Beverley Keeling Robert Kello Clark Kelly Becky Kendrick Shirley Kilgore "LOOK FELLOWSZ I got an award xi .. 5 T i -. r - '- k Q f-. NNN, , J 5 ' B 555 ii'-l i! .1 k X, L. .Q --:,:- me 35352252 . says Mike Hughes as he waves the proof of his prowess Stanley Knick Linda Knowles Jean Kossoff Melodie Lambert Vincent Lancaster Jimmy Lane Robert Laramore Patricia Large Ronald Layne Tony Ledford George Leonard Larry Leonard Victoria Lester Patsy Lewis Judy Lewis Judy Kay Lewis Brenda Long June Love "BOOKS ARE FOR the birds' I want to go to drummers school replies Rod Snead to Mr Rodgers l4O inquiries concerning college plans Dick MacLauchlan Anne McBrayer Leon McCarter Jerry McCormick Linda McCormick Landon McCraw P.S.A.T. Scores Indicate Future Performance on College Boards Judith Marsella Kimberly Matthews Linda Matkins Andy Maurakis Allen Meadows Kim Meeks Smith's efforts will be in vain. l4l WHEN THE FAMILY chariot says "No go!" it means it, and all Larry Linda McDaniel "HEY, I THOUGHT girls were supposed Daryl McGee to go first!" Alice Dibrell says to Mike MCGOWGH Dan Clifton and Anne Whltehurst Dwain McGregor Thomas McGregor Sandra McFarling Edward Martin Shirley Martin Vickie Martin Linda Mercer Joseph Merchant Juniors Enloy Hosting Seniors At Lively Linda Oakes Maurice Oakes Richard Osborne Salene Osborne Harrold Merricks Leroy Merricks Anne Mitchelle Delores Mitchell Anne Moore Barbara Moore Linda Moore Ronald Moore Thomas Moran Bonne Morgan Vickie Morgan Hodges Motley Arthur Mullins Donald Mustain Robin Mustain Steve Nakdimen Duane Neal Brenda Newman Banquet THIS LEISURELY WALK to class may well end In a twenty yard dash to class but everyone enjoys running thru lughll the new wing anyway! MM Charles Perry Rose Petty Mary Ann Phelps Sylvia Phillips Edward Pinchback Don Pratt Charles Pruett Fred Pugh Johnny Raines Ralph Raines Glenda Rasnick Jane Rowley Jerry Ray Susan Reed Keith Riddle Steve Riddle Charles Roach John Roberts Nancy Robertson Lindsay Robertson Ray Robinson Linda Robinson Juanita Rowland Danny Rust and ga 3 , Barbara Owen John Parrish Jim Paul Joyce Paul Jimmy Payne Larry Payne Gayle Payne Elsie Perkins Romayne Perkins my 143 fu.. SITTING DOWN ON the job, Bill Wade finds a new use for his school textbooks - Y 14, 1 is Q if s E Junior Sam - Vos Jenny Samuels Anne Satterfield Nancy Saunders Alison Scarboro Joyce Scearce Nancye Scearce Tommy Scearce William Seeley Joe Setliff Martha Shelhorse Betty Shelton Janice Shelton Q3 i xl , "' 3 x'-Q .. hjsa I ie their 1 3' ..., , ' Select Juniors Become Marshals EXPERTLY DEMONSTRATING A game of field hockey in the G. W. gym, during the presentation of Circus Capers, are: Jeanette Hopkins, Phyllis Cox, Shirley Kilgore, Janice Shelton, Rachel Lawson, Jo Anne Gatewood. Charles Shepherd Steven Simmons Thomas Sims Sandra Slade Arnold Smith Dania Smith Jerry Smith John Smith Phillip Smith Rebecca Smith KAa6 harry Nb" '-ww! 'Uv-earl' l 4 lt E55 1. , A me 'W ,W if if 1 Becky Toler Bill Turner Nancy Turner Rod Turner Melva Turpin Ralph Turpin 4. V .I f-V? Z 15,1 Ronnie Smith Tommy Smith Vince Smoral Barbara Snead Roderick Snead Susan Snead Mike Solomon Shelby Sours Roger Southard Beth Sowers Patsy Sparks Francine Stanley Freddy Stevens Beverley Stovall Martha Stratton Frank Strickler Samuel Stryker Joe Taylor Sandra Taylor Sanford Taylor Roslyne Terry William Terry Dianne Thigpen Janet Thompson Tommy Underwood ,, Patricia Vaden Robert Vasold I A if, - ,V ' 145 Junior Ver - You 'Q 1 ,- x J Xl E im' I is ---Q-f -f 'K . I X X A'-'N ," ' J' John Ward Susan Ward Steven Weber Linda Wells Bill Wentz Miller Vernon Joyce Marie Walker Pamela Walker Judy Wolton Sheron Wann iq...-4 Anne Whitehurst Jerry Wilkerson Judy Williams Carolyn Willis David Willis S.C.A. Elections Alford Juniors and Sophomores THE ORDER CHANGES asrtheoutgoing at George Washington. As parents look through the Juniors minds for they realize senior class moves through its final steps wistfully on, exciting thoughts are surging that they, too, will be in the procession 1 .,,..f-- Phyllis Wilson David Womack William Wisem Robert Woodall Jackie Willis Jo Ann Willis Larry Willis Brenda Wilson Nancy Wilson Q. V12-fn. i sili t f f on V 45 ,:,. Q C E, ' ' '..'T l, -We f l r Nancy Worley Ronald Wyatt David Yeaman Carol Young Sarah Lou Young Excitement os Students Choose Incoming Officers only a few months hence. This ending for ning . . . Juniors have their sights on the robe-clad Seniors is really the begin- marching . . . . - s A BY N if ti '.'ti lfs .' . s -we K ,se M 1. .,.,q Class of l 965 Aar-Bax 'L" Y? Betty Jean Albright Susan Marie Alverson Clyde William Albright, Jr. Iva June Anderson William Bland Aaron Donald Eugene Adkins Ronald Lee Adkins Biggs: Melinda Paige Agee Dowd Lee Adkins Outstanding Honors, Judith Ann Adkins Keith Carlyle Allen Frank Seward Anderson, Jr. Victoria Lane Allen James Jacob Anderson gh . rri ,,, 5 g X ig it or , Elizabeth Sherrill Andrews Patti Armes Henry Joy Arnold Jimmy Dale Arnold Rachel Orenda Atkins Kenneth Wayne Ball Brenda Faye Barber Jon Morton Barber Scholarships Went to Qualified Seniors Boasting of numerous achievements and awards, the Class of '65 compiled one of the very best academic records of any class ever to enter the halls of G.W. Reci- pients ot fine arts, athletic and academic awards gave evidence of the outstanding abilities of this year's seniors. Busy schedules included participation in summer col- lege programs, production of the senior play, Witness for the Prosecution, Home- coming activities, and the ar- rival ot an exchange student, Miguel Rodriguez of Argen- tina. Seniors took pride in their own representative to Denmark, Jerry Giles. Senior Lounge privileges made the upperclassmen feel important and provided lei- sure hours of enjoyment for those willing to sacrifice a few hours of study. With the coming of spring, some breathed sighs of relief as they were notified of col- lege admittance, while others struggled to conquer College Boards. Graduation day climaxed the hard times as well as the good which had been shared. Spring also brought with it state-wide and nation-wide recognition in journalistic, fo- rensic and athletic circles. Robert Jones Barber, lll Larry James Barbour John Edward Barker Brenda Faye Ba rksdale Judith Lynn Barnett Sandra Lea Barrick Ma rga ret Anne Bateman +e'1w M David Bryant Baxa Class ot l 965 Bea-Bro vga. W2""fC Jane Elizabeth Beale Janice Lee Beale Sandra Dove Beamon Margaret Anne Linda Rosalind Black Elizabeth Anne Boggs Donna Marie Bond Be rcaw il Y PLEASE USE HANDRAIL! Senior class officers, Joel Deboe, pres., Ken Hopkins, vice-pres., Dottie Callahan, sec., and Donna Giles, treas., posed amiably on the front porch after their election. 'Wa-5'3E"f Mike Coleman Boulware l William Coleman Boulware Stephen Kent Bradford Michael Sager Bray USURPING THE REIGNS of government, G.W.'s Boys' and Girls' State members, Sandro Barrick, Dottie Callahan, Tommy Slayton, and Beth Saul, showed souvenirs from their trips to William and Mary and to Radford. Frances Kaye Bridges lk 02935 Lacy Elmer Bridges John Albert Brooks, Jr. Marilyn Louise Brooks Robert Carroll Brooks l5l Class of i965 Bro-Car Joan Rae Broome Billye Faye Brothers Bonita Terry Brown Robert Wayne Bryan Janet Kaye Buettner Judith Teresa Buettner Donald Ray Brown Virginia Aline Brown Taylor Mottley Bruce Freddie Wayne Burnett Otha Bruce Burnette Wanda Nell Burton Louis Herman Calisch Dorothy Rath Callahan y Kerry Joyce Campbell l l James David Carr, Jr. lndia Frances Carter Linda Faye Carter Nancy Faye Carter Philip Lauman Carter Sterling Andrew Carter SENIOR ADVISORY COUNCIL First Row: Miller Jones, Barbara Harris, Marshall Keith Allen, John Lewis, Joel Deboe, Da Judy Clark, William Taylor, Peggy Moir, Pender, advisor. Second Row: Sandra Bar- vid Carr. Mary Fuller McGlaughlin, Dottie Callahan, rick, Bill Hyde, Helen Whitt, David Baxa, L ,,,,,,, NN.- - ..c.. , ,....,,.. , . .W . . Class of l965 Cas-Coo Jerry Wayne Charles lva Annette Clark Jamie Elizabeth Clark Patricia Ann Cash Jeannie Boswell Cassada William Paul Cawley Judith Lynn Clark Kathy Leigh Clark DURING THE CHRISTMAS season, the time for joy and giving, GW-ites went all out to collect boxes of food for the underprivileged. ln the foreground are Sandra Haskins, Blair Johnson, and Rosalind Hancock. Suzanne Clark Linda Faye Clayton l54 Carol Sue Clement Betty Louise Clifton Jerry Leigh Clifton Shirley Lucille Clifton Floyd Douglas Colbert, Jr. DID A GOOD-LOOKING girl Espie .lClI'l6f CllffOI'1 on the front row distract the attention of Brooks Greene from Mr. Kenneth Miller's comments on his short story? Charles William Coleman, Jr. Lynn Michael Coleman Harriett Lorraine Collis Lee Osborne Connor Steve Lee Cook David Odell Cooper D 155 Class of l965 Cor-Deb am, W Rebecca Susan Crutchfield Craig Robert Cudworth Bonnie Gay Dalton William Lee Corbin, Floyd Scott Cowan Darryl Joseph Cox James Lee Crowder Karla Ann Crowell Eddie Carroll Crumpton 3 , J sv . 5 F, ,ii , ,X My A M it ,raw 'tx ,, rv-vp, ' ,wif 'i "FRIENDS, ROMANS, COUNTRY men, lend me your band aids!" Crig Fulton delivers the funeral oration for bleeding Latin Club Dictator, Jay Morris, "murdered" at the Latin Banquet, staged by the third-year Latin students in honor of the fouth-year classes. 156 M 1 ft , ,.. Julian Diane Dalton Lewis Eugene Dalton Donald Christopher Dameron Jimmie Marie Daniel Carolyn Ann Davis Charlotte Ann Davis Cynthia Elizabeth Davis Joel Rodger Deboe SENIOR LATIN STUDENTS Harriett Parham, Jerry Giles, Laura Powell, Jay Morris, Sandra Vernon, Marilyn Brooks, Sandra Barrick, Helen Whitt, Tom Shinkle, Jamie Clark, Betty Earles, Arlene Taylor, and Carlton Watkins took time off "exlibris" to meet and talk with Captain Eddie Rickenbacker. CThey really did slip out of Latin class.J Class of l 965 Deh-Eas yy .,lA Etta Elizabeth Denny ,fm-mae Polly Marie Dix James Turner DeHart Ronald Lee Deitz "THE RAIN IN Spain stays mainly where?" questioned foreign exchange student Mike Rodreguez of Senior English teacher, Mrs. Evelyn Miller. Donna Sue D odd Richard Wayne Dooley Robert David Dorr Susan Elizabeth Drew Russell Lynne Drewry Vickie Rhae Dryman l58 QP' X G, -, X f Charles Linwood Martha Jo Dunn James Michael Dykes Duncan si.-, wx Betty Lou Earles Addie Lena Eason AS BILLYE FAYE Brothers poured over her senior literature book, Bill Hyde decided to chase her -uh-Chaucer. 4119" l "LEAVE ME ALONE or I'll jump!" threatened Burt Sparks. C60 ahead, it's only four feet to the ground!! STUDIOUS STEVE BRADFORD, under the watchful eye of Judy Lucado, stole one lost glance before the arrival of the teacher, while others in the class used their extra time wiselyl?l. In the background are Judy Meadors lback to cameral, Louie Goodson, Meryl Townsend, Jack McGuire and James Anderson. Class of l 965 Edw-Fos SENIOR STUDENTS SUFFER spring sopor! Gary Murphy glooted to himself . . . "and she thinks l'm doing my homework!" Dennis Elmer Edwards Jerry Lea Elliott Sylvia Ann Elliott Linda Ann English John William Estlow, lll Dawn Elizabeth Evans Thomas Howard Evans William Barry Farmer Harriet Ann Farthing Sherrill Eugene Farthing 160 "IT WAS LIKE this, boys . . .," recounts Mr, Christopher to an attentive audience: Donald Adkins, Allen Wilkerson, and Michael Jones. S 'Ska yn Carolyn EliZObe1'l'1 Jerry WOyr'le Ferrell Sandra Meadows Ferguson Ferrell Carol Ann Finley 77" Jo Ann Fisher Veronica Lee Cecil Levern Foster Anita Leigh Foster Fitzpatrick l6l Class of 1965 Fos-Gil ,gn ibn., MX QW? ini.-we 'iw-...ff ,MGX My -ev:"'t" Linda Carol Frazier Roger William Freeze BIG BUSINESS DEALS of the CAVALIER were on the minds of Angie Tompkins, Brooks Greene and Keith Allen. 162 Julian Page Foster Martha Jane Fowler Jimmy Lee Fralin Linda Kay Francis Dianna Lynn Franklin Patricia Sue Franks 6 WITH A BOX full of Thrilllsl, Brenda Borksdale took the "long green" from the seniors as picture time rolled around again. v-WWW ,,,,. . ,WW . , ,, Brenda Dawn Gatewood Harry Edward Gentry Sarah Howard Gibbs Donna Lee Giles Jerry Wall Giles Michael Anthony Giles Warren Crigler Fulton Amy Foster Furgurson "WHAN THAT APRILLE with the shoures soote . . ." Linda frantically studied her English for the senior recitation. f ffwlf for Y 4' I I' fa 'nf 1.9- I63 Class of l965 Glo-Han ,? ww -. rs:- M5251 ,,,,, , f ,ay HURRYING THROUGH THE busy CAVALIER picture schedule, Charlotte Meadors took a break for a refreshing drink. Patsy Kay Glosson Robert David Goode Louie Aubrey Goodson, I l I Kenneth Marion Goss fin- l64 Patrick Waynne Gould Walter Lawson Grant, Jr. Kermit Graves Judy Frances Gravett Janie Lou Gray David Wesley Gray TWO HEADS WERE better than one, especially where Vergil is Genevieve Hylton Green Douglas Brooks Greene David Lee Griffith Paul Roberts Guill James Vann Hall Nancy Viola Hall concerned. Right, Sandra Vernon and Crig Fulton? Ma rga ret Lorraine Hancock Roslyn Jean Hancock Jo Ann Handy Linda Carol Handy 165 .vw wg YQ! "MUST HAVE BEEN o fire drill," remarked Joy Morris to Cheryl Townsend, "Everybody's gone." I66 "VARIETY IS THE spice of life", or so it seemed to be in the Senior Lounge when students can "eat, drink and be merry" or studyl?l. First row: Harriet Collis, Carmen Soto, Dennis Ed- wards, Harold Smith, Dan- ny Raines, Garry Murphy, Bob Young, Dewey Rutledge. Second row: Phillip Carter, Jimmy Purdy. Third row: James Anderson, Richard Searcy, Ricky Mitchell. Saw 1 Larry Wayne Haulsee Robert Keen Hawkins Vickie LaVerne Hawkins Linda Ann Haymes Nancy Ayleen Haymore David Franklin Haywood Class of i965 Hea l-lol Donald Ray Henry Rachel Lois Hill Larry Wayne Hilliard WAS IT A dance or a football play that this senior boy was demonstrating in the lounge? Note the "interested" l?J cheering section at the right! Joyce Ann Hodges Joan Carolyn Hogan it Arthur Alonzo Holleman, Ill Judith Lynn Holmes Johnny Wayne Holt Mildred Elizabeth Holton STUDYING LATIN VOCABU- LARY, or senior spelling words? Better yet, could it have been thought of "that boy"? Harriett Parham will never divulge her secret! I69 "SAYS HERE, COACH, you skipped out on practice last Friday. Is 'at so?" Coach Alger Pugh remained calm under fire of the pointed interrogation of Mike Giles as Tim Bruce looked on. Class of i965 Hoo-Jon "TAKE YOUR HAND OFF my king!" snapped Philip Carter to Ward Simmons as Mike Large and James Anderson carry on a silent battle. SGr1dr0 JSGHNS Kenneth Ray Hopkins Judith Anne Howard Hoobler Patricia Anne Howard Joyce Ann Howell Robert Lee Hudgins, Jr. Michael Thomas Hughes Wiley Fred Hughes Sarah Ford Hughes Valerie Anne Hundley William Douglas Hyde Sadie Ann lrwin ,fist Janet Carolyn Jackson Rita Jefferson ,sw-wwsss James Harold Jeffress "SAY AHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" was the familiar direction Dr. Sam Adkins gave to GW athlete Nathan Stephens as he took his pre-season physical. Uudging from his expression his philosophy was, "What you don't see won't hurt youl"J COULD THE PERT smile from Blair Johnson, co-associate CTS editor, have signified that the spring edition of the literary magazine was over? Rosalind Law Jeffries Louise Blair Johnson Brenda Ann Jones Talmadge Craig Jones Danny Lee Jones Lillian Diane Jones l7l Class of l 965 Jon-Kim Erman Willie Jones, Leon Jones Linda Lee Jones THE WATER GUN bandit, Terry Richmond, tried in vain for Mr. Bernard Ladd's book store money It was "that time", 1:25 P.M., and signal for the daily robbery. Linda Gayle Jones Mary Elizabeth Jones Michael Brown Jones Miller Ballenger Jones "MUFF, MUFF, MUFF, -Hike!" Mike Giles had difficulty calling signals, it seemed! Could the thing-a-ma-bob have been a contributing factor? Toy Donna Jones Louise Carter Jordan Margaret Ann Keatts wee- , ,ew Ann Brownley Kello Anna Belle Kello June Frances Kelly Douglas Wayne Lynda May Kessler Kendrick Sandra Arleen Jones Sue Carol Jones Suzanne Leslie Jones Dorothy Joan Kimbrell - f 1:-f,g-,f,,H1,- Q5 Eff' ,.sg,g-k1w.e.f as i . -.43 -- 1 Pi ' r'5.msxfff ., gf- - A A , We mth 173 TIME IS MONEY Phyllis McCubbins cerned. Working d as far as was con- uring Christmas holidays, she was smiling, as usual, customer. with her ,ew sw- .. Q i- smWfWf+,s. Class of i965 Kir-Luc Carolyn Jane Kirby Frances Louise Knick Donald Alon Koplen Henry Walker Lea John Carroll Lemons David Neal Leonard Ronnie Ilene Koplen B ruce Howa rd Kushner Michael Arvle Large Russell Edwin Lester George Frank Lewis John Neal Lewis ur Robert Carl Lewis Susan Lorraine Lewis Edward Troy Lewis Barbara Ann Lovelace Glen Stewart Lovelace Judith Lynn Lucado Harry Rollen Link Pemberton Elliott Lipford Carolyn Anne Long "BOTTOMS UP" SEEMED to be the motto of these boys during summer football practice. Class of i965 g ,V I Judy Marie McBride Rebecca Ann McBride Kathryn McBurriey Phyllis Kay McCubbins William Clay McCubbins Charles Dodson McDaniel "A LITTLE TO the right . . ." Suzanne Clark directed Mr. Christopher as he arranged Beth Saul's mortar board and tassel. ldv' ,.f-N" QQ' A I 'V-, Dianne Gayle McGhee Mary Fuller David Alvin McGuire Jack Lester McGuire McGIaughlin David Wellington Karen Ruth Edwin Clay Martin Tonia Faye Martin McMann Marienfeldt Elizabeth Fearrington Ray Thomas Roger Lee Matthews Janice Grey Mayo Mast Mathews l77 Class of l965 May-Osb Sandra Dwayne Norma Jean Mooneyham 59 is 5 a NRM www Joyce Elaine Mays Charlotte Ann Meadors YVY Judy Meadors Tonia Kay Meadows 4,1 Mills i s so . ft, ,.f,-Q2-'if f ' K2 1 -- v . N Q.. 5. sig: N . - "'s "lf I had just learned eight or ten more pages of phyla, I could have done better," bemoans Bill Overton after learning of his 798 score on the College Board Achievement Test in biology. Claudia LaVerne Richard Harrison Margaret Walker Moir Mitchell Mitchell Carolyn Hite Moore Myrtle Irene Moore JoAnn Moore ,i .5 Min' Patricia Marie Moore Stover Jones Morris, Kgfherine Diane Garry Lee Murphy Ill 'Morrow Sara Louise Nixon William Rutledge Norton Kawania Diana Nolan Linda Carol Oakley Howard Alan Myrick Edward Perry Napier Charles William Elizabeth Fi-ahaes Newman Newton Cooper Whiteside Norman Richard Johnson Oakley Hazel Louise Norton David Ronald Osborne Class of l965 Osb-Pow Harriett Estelle Parham Judy Faye Parker Patricia Ann Parnell Kenneth Bishop Parris, Jr. Janice Elizabeth Parrish Larry Wayne Patton Judith Dianne Osborne William Chappell Overton, Jr. Claude Swanson Owen David William Owen Katherine Dianne Owen Robin Leigh Page Kenneth Dane Patty Richard Lee Payne William Frederick Payne Linda Hudgins Phillips William Alan Pinekenstein Alpha Carter Powell Beckey Miles Powell Jimmy Lee Powell Laura Morgan Powell :QT silke- M91 AMID THE NOISE and vibrations of Brantley Steam Plant, the Senior Class of G.W, made one of its stops during the annual tour of the city. Interested spectators are Bob Turner, Richard Richardson, Jerry Clifton, Barry Farmer, Sandra Harrison, Dawn Evans, Dottie Callahan, Kenny Goss, Bobby Scott, Amy Furgurson, Anne Kello, Brenda Wimmer, Sandra Ferrell, Charlotte Davis, and Joan Smart. 5 S. 1 V 1 1r"'l Class of l965 Pre-Rim K' Wanda Sue Presley Patricia Reed Pruett Clarence Woodrow Quinn Judy JoAnn Quisenberry Clyde Danson Raines Cassandra Joyce Pruitt James Alfred Purdy TWISTING AND SHOUTING, Jay Morris rehearsed for the Junior Class Variety Show. Now Jay is a seasoned performer, after another year of "playing the circuit!" 182 Glenda Lee Raines Andrea Dale Rakes Daniel Wesley Rakes Lois Aleta Rasnick Eddie Andrews Reynolds Mary Frances Reynolds Gurnie Michael Rich Joan Fayette Richardson Richard Lawrence Richardson Jr. SENIOR LOUNGE dial twisters lament: "I turned it to the left, I turned it to the rightg but still I get the same old blurry light!" Joan Smart accommodated the lazy Ioungers. Carl Terry Richmond Catherine Robinson Rickman Henry Keith Rimmer "WHAT IS SO rare as a day in . . ." April fN.B. spring breezesll Maybe the rarity is a much needed break between classes! Class of i965 Rob-Shi ,Q f Patricia Ann Miguel Hector Robinson Rodriguez Brenda Faye Rust Rutledge Salmon qw-Q... My . T 13 .H-Jr 1 184 wa V "WOULD YOU PLEASE check that average again Mr Oglesby?" pleaded Carol Dewey Maynard Phyllis Gail Ryan Paul Vaughan Catherine Elizabeth Salzman Elizabeth Anne Saul Eugene Franklin Saunders, Jr. John Wesley Saunders Irma Jean Scearce Jay Steven Scearce Turner Ronald Wayne W Searcy Mary Inez Setliff -pt--wg Stephen Paul Seiple George William Setliff Douglas Wells Scott Robert Edward Scott Willard Lindsey Scott "WE'D BE DELIGHTED, thank you." Student Director Jerry Giles got the O.K. from band officers Bill Cowley, President, and Jimmy Jeffress, Vice President, os another invitation came for the horn tooters. Herman William Shelton Patricia Ann Sherrill Thomas Hale Shinkle, Jr. l85 Class ot 1965 Sla-Tal Brenda Carolyn Smith Thomas Carr Slayton Foye Sheryl Smith Suzanne Marie Smith 5 NN-4' at Lenora Diane Sloas Essie Esther Smith Joan Marne Smart Keith Eugene Smiley Harold Douglas Smith Margaret Anna Smith Stephen Paul Smith Rita Ann Smithers Rosemerry Smoot Charlotte Lee Snead Marc Francis Snead Jerry Lee Solomon Carmen Dianne Soto Burton Thomas Sparks Carolyn Lamb Sparks Betty Jean Stanley Janet Allan Strader Patricia Layne Spencer Paula Kay Stapleton Sydney Elnora Stroud Linda Jo Spicer Nathan Charles Stephens Robe rt Lee Swain LINWOOD DUNCAN AND his date surveyed the decorations of the Homecoming Dance before taking advantage of the good music. Marion Lee Stilwell Brenda Joyce Talbott 1 Class of i965 Tal-Tur Judy Raye Tate Arline Fay Taylor Morris McAden Taylor Brenda Kay Talley Kenneth Ray Talley Judith Carolyn Tate Perry Ardean Taylor William Leigh Taylor, Jr. Harry Preston Teague, Jr. Martha Ellen Tennant 188 THE CLOTHES MAKE the man, but this is RIDICUL- OUS! Sandra Bar- rick was bewitched by Captain Eddie Ricken- backer's hat. A . .nf I 1, y rr Q it it v i 4 -if T'-be Roger Dale Patricia Ann Kenneth Allen "KNIT-ONE, PURL-ONE," mused Tegfermgn Thompson Timson Diane Jones as she endeavored to finish her mohair sweater Elizabeth Lucille Tipton Angie Mae Tompkins Florence Ann Tompkins Ellen Sue Turner Frances Carol Turner Michael Terry Towler Cheryl Lee Townsend Meryl Lee Townsend MATH WIZARD l?i Nancy Hankins practiced dulling her pencil lead or some other ari- thmetical necromancy like pro- bability. N1 iff Class of I965 Tu r-Wal Michael Rickett Turner Robert Edward Turner, I I I Sandra Wade Turner William Milton Turner William Norris Tyree Linda Lee VanOot SENIORS WILL LONG REMEMBER the wrestling matches with full-scale turnout on the part of the student body. At the match with Hargrove Military on Feb. 3. Roger Freeze adopted a "Ijustcan'tstandtoIookathim" attitude and got the wholehearted attention of the referee. Wifi' Spencer Reid Voss Sondro Foye Vernon Lorry Woyne Vicks Joon DuReIle Vincent Connie Geroldine Woddell NMQST FINALISTS AND commended students reloxed without the books-for once! The "broins" ore lseotedl Judy Holmes, Donno Lee Giles, Suzonne Clork, Lindo Block, lstondingl Tom Zohrn, Woodrow Quinn, Keith Allen, Melindo Agee, Bill Overton, Bill Norton, Steve Sceorce. Deonno Lee Wode Mory Ellen Wolker Jomes Oliver Woll l Class of l965 Wan-Wim NN Grace Carlton Watkins SOME OF THE more industrious seniors took advantage of the study hall across the hall from Senior Lounge. Busy at work were: Terry Richmond, Bill Scott, Brenda Barber, Betty Solomon, Joyce Howell, Scott Cowan, Sarah Hughes, Sandra Jones, Diana Morrow, Charlotte Snead, Judith Buettner, Anno Kello, Bill Hyde, Danny Jones. Patricia Wesley Wann Cynthia Shelor Ward James Lee Bonnie Carol Warren John William Washburn, Jr. Weaver Martha Binns Wetzell Judith Ann White Stanley Wayne Wh ite Helen Suzanne Whitt Glenda Sue Williams William Elwood Wilmoth Linda Kay Williams Jesse Willie Wilson, Jr. Nancy Joyce Whittaker James Allen Wilkerson Joan Carol Wilkerson IS STUDYING REALLY o grind? From the satisfied looks on the faces of Dianne McGhee and Ronnie Fitzpatrick, we really dldn't think sol William Edward Willis Robe rt Andrew Wilson Brenda Gayle Wimmer Class at l 965 Wim-Zah Frank Michael Wimmer Beth Lea Winstead York Edward Winston Sydney Smith Wooding Danny James Elvin Thomas Worley, Jr. 11 Worley l'LL TAKE ONE of these", Said Donna Dodd as she dipped into the freezer. Jay Morris inspected the mashed potatoes. Dawn Clifton Wyatt Donald Giles Wynn .ms my - I S' 2, ES-it 'ff S S slo uh..-'V 1 , V V . 7 S W -L,, 'A A Vance Mitchelle Ya rborough Carla Virginia Yates HEFFERVESCENT IS THE word for the day", said Jim Crawford as he presented Joel Deboe with the WBTM outstanding back of the year trophy. Susan Dionne Yates Ronald Earl Yeamon Eddie Wayne Yeatts X T A E K 5 il l, Robert Baskervill Young Nannie Sue Younger Thomas William Zahrn asv-Wft Senior Activities Index Includes Interest Inventory A AARON, WILLIAM BLAND Spanish Club 35 Capital Hi-Y 35 Football I,2,3,45 Track 35 Monogram Club 4. ADKINS, DONALD EUGENE D.E. 4. ADKINS, DONNIE LEE D.E. 4. ADKINS, JUDITH ANN F.H.A. I,45 Y- Teens I5 GirI's Chorus 35 G.A.A. I. ADKINS, RONALD LEE l.C.T. 3,4. AGEE, MELINDA PAIGE French Club I, 2,3, pres. 45 Science Club I, sec. 2, pres. 35 Youth for Christ I,25 The Mes- siah 3,45 GirI's Chorus I5 Quill and Scroll 45CAVALlER 3, Copy editor 45 S.I.P.A. 35 G.A.A. I,25 NMSQT 45 S.C.A. 45 ln- terclub Council 3,45 F.T.A. 45 State Latin Tournament 45 Foreign Language Exam 25 Y-Teens 3,45 National Honor Society 3,45 Poetry Reading 35 Circus Capers I,2. ALBRIGHT, BETTY JEAN S.C.A. Rep. 25 French Club I,2,3,45 German Club 3,45 Y-Teens I,2,35 Kiltie Korps 3,45 Chat- terbox 3,4. ALBRIGHT, CLYDE WILLIAM German Club 25 Spanish Club 35 Dramatics I,2,35 Band 2,3,45 Cadet Band I5 Men's Chor- us 2. ALLEN, KEITH CARLYLE Advisory Coun- cil 2,35 German Club 2,3, vice-pres. 45 Foreign Language Exam 35 Key Club 3,45 National Honor Society 3, pres. 45 CAV- ALIER 2,3,45 NMSQT Semi-Finalist 45 Quill and Scroll 4. ALLEN, VICTORIA LANE F.N.A. I,25 Spanish Club 3,45 Youth for Christ I,2, 3,45 Girl's Chorus 35 Mixed Chorus 3,45 Chatterbox 35 G.A.A. I,25 French Club I. "ALL RIGHT, YOU guys, let's get to work!" Charlotte Meadors, Chairman of the Board of CAVALIER editors, corrals CAVALIER workers with a smile. 'T .. ANDERSON, IVA JUNE Y-Teens 45 G.A.A. I,2. ANDERSON, FRANK SEWARD S.C.A. 35 Interclub Council 45 Judiciary 3,45 Civics Club 45 Key Club 2,3, pres. 45 French Club 45 l.R.C. 3, pres. 45 Cavalier Hi-Y I,2, vice-pres. 35 sec. 45 Football I,2,3,45 Wrestling I,3,45 Track I,2,3,45 Athletic Honor Society 35 Monogram Club I,2,3, sec. 45 Senior Monitor5 Junior Marshal5 Soph. Waiter. ANDREWS, ELIZABETH SHERRILL F.H.A. I5 Youth for Christ 2,3, Sec. 45 Girl's Chorus 35 Mixed Chorus 45 Chatterbox 3, Picture editor 45 G.A.A. I. ARMES, PAT MARIE Science Club 45 Transfer from Fort Myers High School. ARNOLD, HENRY JOEY Baseball 35 Monogram Club 3. ARNOLD, JIMMY DALE l.C.T. 3,4. WHAT HAD DIANNE Osborne just read that Margaret Smith found so funny, too? BALL, KENNETH WAYNE Cardinal Hi-Y 2,3,45 Football 25 Wrestling 2. BARBER, JON MORTON S.C.A. Rep. I5 D.E. 35 Cadet Band I. BARBER, ROBERT JONES D.E. 3,45 Transferred from Polytechnic High School. BARBOUR, LARRY JAMES Football I,2, 3,45 Monogram Club I,2,3,4. BARKER, JOHN EDWARD Spanish Club 25 Football 3. BARKSDALE, BRENDA FAYE F.T.A. 3,45 Latin Club 3, sec. 45 Quill and Scroll 45 CAVALIER 3, Index editor 45 Circus Capers I,25 G.A.A. I,2. BARNETT, JUDITH LYNN s.c.A. Rep. 45 Civics Club 45 French Club 3,45 F.T.A. 2, 3, vice-pres. 45 Model-T's 3, sec. 45 Chat- terbox 3, Co-Managing editor 45 Quill and Scroll 4. I96 ,JW "ARE YOU S-U-R-E we're doing this right?" Ronald Dietz and Beverly Barks- dale were mirroring their concern! BARRICK, SANDRA LEA S.C.A. Rep. I5 Interclub Council 45 Judiciary I5 Advis- ory Council I,2,45 Class Officer, sec. I,25 Civics Club 45 Latin Club 45 I.R.C. 3,45 Y-Teens I5 Model-T's 3, pres. 45 Letter- girl 2,3,45 J.V. Maiorette head I5 CAV- ALIER 3,45 Pep Club 35 GirI's State5 Junior MarshoI5 Soph. Waitress5 Home- coming First Attendant5 National Honor Society 4. BATEMAN, MARGARET ANNE S.C.A. Rep. 45 F.T.A. 45 French Club I,2,35 Y-Teens I,25 GirI's Chorus, treas. I5 Chatterbox 3,45 Mixed Chorus 25 Quill and Scroll 4. BAXA, DAVID BRYANT German Club 3,45 Thespians 45 Dramatics-actor 2,3,45 Swinging High, Take It Easy, Merchant of Venice, Witness for the Prosecution: Junior Rotarian 45 Chatterbox 3,45 Foot- ball I,2,45 Quill and Scroll 4. "IT TAKES TWO to tango . . . in basket- ball or otherwise," says JV basketball Coach Dave Brown as he instructs and encourages the team. BEALE, JANE ELIZABETH S.C.A. Rep. 45 French Club 3,45 Latin Club 3,45 CAVALIER 3,45 Gymnastics 1,25 G.A.A. 1. BEALE, JANICE LEE Student Secretary 3. BEAMAN, SANDRA DOVE D.E. 35 F.H.A. 3. BERCAW, MARGARET ANNE S.C.A. Rep. 1,25 German Club 25 Y-Teens 2,3,45 The Messiah 15 Girl's Chorus 35 Mixed Chorus 1,35 G.A.A. 1,25 Pep Club 3. BLACK, LINDA ROSALIND French Club 35 Latin Club 3,45 State Latin Tourna- ment 1,45 Foreign Language Exam 2,35 Spelling 2,35 CAVALIER 3,45 Circus Ca- pers 1,25 G.A.A. 35 NMSQT 4. BOGGS, ANNE ELIZABETH F.H.A. 1,2,3, pres. 45 Spanish Club 2,35 Y-Teens 45 Science Club I,2,35 Library Club 2,35 F.N.A. 1,25 Interclub Council 45 S.C.A. Rep. 2. BOND, DONNA MARIE V.O.T. 4. BOULWARE, MICHAEL COLEMAN Sci- ence Club 15 Football I,2,35 Wrestling 1,25 Track 1,2. BOULWARE, WILLIAM COLEMEN D.E. 3,45 Youth for Christ 25 Football 2. BRADFORD, STEPHEN KENT Cardinal Hi-Y 2,4, vice-pres. 35 Wrestling 1,2,3,45 Senior Monitor. BRIDGES, FRANCES KAYE Y-Teens 4. BRIDGES, LACY ELMER I.C.T. 3,4. BROOKS, KENNETH RAY D.E. 3,45 Youth for Christ I,2,3,45 Mixed Chorus I,2,3,4. BROOKS, MARILYN LOUISE F.H.A. 35 F.T.A. 2,3,45 Latin Club 3,45 Y-Teens I,2,3,45 Quill and Scroll 45 CAVALIER 3,45 Circus Capers 1,25 G.A.A. 1,2, vice- pres. 3, pres. 45 Pep Club 35 Interclub Council 45 National Honor Society 4. BROOKS, ROBERT CARROLL S.C.A. Rep. 15 Spanish Club 35 Capital Hi-Y 3,45 Thespians 45 Basketball 15 Track 1,25 Pep Club 35 NMSQT recognition 45 Our Hearts Were Young and Gay, The Par- doner's Tale, The Curious Savage, Mer- chant of Venice, Witness for the Prose- cufion. BROOME, JOAN RAE Advisory Council 35 F.H.A. 35 Y-Teens 2,3,45 Chatterbox typist 3,45 Pep Club 3. BROTHERS, BILLYE FAYE S.C.A. 25 Y- Teens 1,2,3,45 Kiltie Korps I,2,3,45 Mixed Chorus 2,35 Y-Teen Interclub Council 4. BROWN, BONITA TERRY Model-T's 3, Treas. 45 Kiltie Korps I5 Lettergirl 2,3,45 CAVALIER 3,45 Pep Club 35 Junior Mar- shaI5 Soph. Waitress5 French Club 45 Homecoming Second Attendant. BROWN, DONALD RAY D.E. 3,4. BROWN, VIRGINIA ALINE Girl's Chorus 3,45 G.A.A. 1,2. BRUCE, TAYLOR MOTLEY Interclub Council 45 Advisory Council 25 Civics Club 45 I.R.C. 45 Cardinal Hi-Y 2, sec. 3, pres. 45 Football I,2,3,45 Track 1,2, 3,45 Monogram Club 3,45 Soph. Waiter. BRYAN, ROBERT WAYNE S.C.A. Rep. 45 Band 2,3,45 Pep Band 2,35 Cadet Band I5 Men's Chorus 25 Track 2. BUETTNER, JANET KAYE French Club 45 Chatterbox 3,45 Cheerleading I,2,3,45 Pep Club 3. BUETTNER, JUDITH TERESA Y-Teens 45 G.A.A. 1,2. BURNETTE, BRUCE OTHA Cardinal Hi- Y 35 Football 15 Basketball 1,2,3, Co- Captain 4, All Western District 3,4, All State 45 Monogram Club 3,4. BURNETT, FREDDIE WAYNE Youth for Christ 15 Football 2,3. BURTON, WANDA NELL D.E. 45 Youth for Christ 1,25 Girl's Chorus 35 Circus Capers 2: G.A.A. 2,3. WHO'D EVER THINK you'd find a mis- print like that in an English Lit. book!! Laura Powell, Harriet Parham, Ann Love- lace, Judy Gravett and Sandra Barrick seemed to think so. 197 DOWNING DRINK AND nabs, Martha Jo Dunn, Mary Fuller McGlaughlin, and Law- son Grant appear absorbed in studies. C CALISH, LOUIS HERMAN Band 2,35 Cadet Band 15 CALAVIER 4. CALLAHAN, DOROTHY RUTH Judiciary 2,3,45 Advisory Council 45 Class Officer, sec. 45 Civics Club 3, treas. 45 Foreign Language Exam 35 I.R.C. 3, sec. 45 Model T's 45 Cheerleading 1,3, Co-head 2,45 Girl's State 35 Junior MarshaI5 Soph. Waitress5 Homecoming Queen XXVII5 S.C.A. 1,2. CAMPBELL KERRY JOYCE F.N.A. 3,45 French Club 3,45 Y-Teens I,2,3,45 Dra- matics-technical 45 Kiltie Korps I,2,35 CAVALIER 35 Circus Capers 1,25 G.A.A. 2,3,45 Pep Club 3. CARR, JAMES DAVID Advisory Council 2,3,45 French Club 3. CARTER, INDIA FRANCES F.T.A. 2,45 Y-Teens 1,45 Girl's Chorus 35 Mixed Chorus 4. CARTER, LINDA FAYE Transferred from Dan River High School. CARTER, NANCY FAYE Student Secre- tary 45 G.A.A. 1,2. CARTER, PHILIP LAUMAN French Club 3. CARTER, STERLING ANDREW Spanish Club 3,45 Foreign Language Exam 35 Mixed Chorus 3,4. CASH, PATRICIA ANN F.H.A. 3,45 F.N.A. I5 Youth for Christ 35 G.A.A. I,2,3. CASSADA, JEANNIE BOSWELL Span- ish Club 35 Y-Teens 25 Youth for Christ 1,25 Kiltie Korps 2,3,45 F.N.A. 4. CAWLEY, WILLIAM PAUL Interclub Council 45 Advisory Council 35 Cardinal Hi-Y 2,3,45 Band 2,3, pres. 45 Pep Band 25 Cadet Band 15 Men's Chorus 25 Mixed Chorus 3,45 Wrestling 1,25 Track 1,2. CHATTIN, CLAUDE HENRY S.C.A. Rep. 1,25 Interclub Council 3,45 French Club 25 Spanish Club 3,45 Capital Hi-Y 1,2,3, M.G.A. Rep. 45 Cheerleading 45 Chatter- box 3,45 Pep Club, pres. 35 Soph. Waiter. CLARK, IVA ANNETTE D.E. 45 F.H.A. 25 Y-Teens 15 Kiltie Korps I,2,35 G.A.A. 1,2,3. CLARK, JAMIE ELIZABETH F.T.A. 2,35 Latin Club 3,45 Quill and Scroll 45 CAV- ALIER 3, Technical editor 45 Cricus Ca- pers 1,25 G.A.A. 1,2,3. CLARK, JUDITH LYNN S.C.A. Del. 1,25 F.T.A. 2,35 Y-Teens 45 Chatterbox 45 Pep Club 35 Advisory Council 45 French Club 3. CLARK, KATHY LEIGH F.T.A. 2,3, treas. 45 French Club 3,45 Y-Teens 3, vice-pres. 45 Witness for the Prosecution 45 Quill and Scroll 45 CAVALIER 3, Faculty edi- tor 45 Pep Club 35 National Honor So- ciety 3,4. CLARK, SUZANNE Civics Club 2,3,45 German Club 2,3,45 German Foreign Language Exam 35 Thespians 3,45 Dra- matics-actor 3,45 Debating, Dis. 2,3,4, State 35 Cardinal Talent Scout 2,3, Edi- tor 45 C.S.P.A. 35 G.A.A. 1,25 Cheer- leading 15 Pep Club 35 NMSQT semi- finalist 45 French Club 3,45 Quill and Scroll 4. CLAYTON, LINDA PAYE D.E. 4, Pep Club 3. CLEMENT, CAROL SUE F.H.A. 2,35 F.T.A. 35 Y-Teens 1,25 Mixed Chorus 15 Pep Club 3. CLIFTON, BETTY LOUISE Youth for Christ 35 Pep Club 3. CLIFTON, ESPIE JANET Student Secre- tary 35 Y-Teens 4. CLIFTON, JERRY LEIGH Spanish Club 25 Capital Hi-Y I,2,3,45 Thespians 45 Mixed Chorus 25 Football 1,25 Track 35 Pep Club 3. HAVE YOU REMEMBERED everything, York? Film? Flash bulbs? Batteries? CLIFTON,SHlRLEY LUCILLE S.C.A. Rep. 3,45 F.H.A. 3,45 F.N.A. 15 French Club 35 Y-Teens l,2,35 Kiltie Korps 2,3,45 Girl's Chorus 15 G.A.A. 1,2,3. COLBERT, FLOYD DOUGLAS Band 2,3,45 Pep Band 2,3,45 Cadet Band 15 Stage Band 45 Men's Chorus 2. COLEMAN, CHARLES WILLIAM Capital Hi-Y 1,2, vice-pres. 3,45 Basketball 1,25 Pep Club 3. COLEMAN, LYNN MICHAEL Football 1. coi.Lis, HARRIETT LORRAINE Y-Teens i,2,4, G.A.A. i,2. THE MAD SCIENTIST, Louie Goodson, is performing one of his many chemistry experiments at G.W. CONNOR, LEE OSBORNE S.C.A. Rep. 1,25 Advisory Council 2,35 Spanish Club 2,35 Key Club 45 l.R.C. 45 Cardinal Hi-Y 3,45 Football 1,2,35 Baseball 3,45 Ath- letic Honor Society 3,45 Pep Club 35 Senior Monitor. COOK, JAMES BERNARD I.C.T. 3,4. COOK, STEPHEN LEE Mixed Chorus 4. COOPER, DAVID ODELL S.C.A. Rep. 15 Band 2,3,45 Pep Band 2,3,45 Cadet Band 15 Stage Band 3,45 Men's Chorus 25 Mixed Chorus 3,4. CORBIN, WILLIAM LEE French Club 3,45 Pep Club 3. COWAN, FLOYD SCOTT Dramatics 3,45 Band 2,3,45 Pep Band I,2,3,45 Cadet Band 15 Stage Band 2,3,45 Men's Chorus 3,45 Mixed Chorus 2,3,45 Wrestling 25 Baseball 15 Pep Club 3. 198 "REALLY, THE 'SWIM' is a dance, Helen," pleaded Florence Tompkins to Jim- my Jeffress and Helen Whitt. COX, DARRYL JOSEPH Spanish Club 35 Debating 35 Mixed Chorus 3,4. CROWDER, JIMMY LEE Advisory Coun- cil 45 Spanish Club treas. 3,45 Foreign Language Exam 3,45 Dramatics 25 De- bating 35 Folk Chorus 35 Chatterbox 3,45 Track 2,3,45 Athletic Honor Society 45 Monogram Club 2,3,4. CROWELL, KARLA ANN Transferred from Frankfurt American High School, Germany. CRUTCHFIELD, REBECCA SUSAN S.C.A. Rep. 1,25 French Club 2,3,45 Y-Teens 1,25 Kiltie Korps 1,25 Majorette 3,45 Mixed Chorus 15 Quill and Scroll 45 CAVALIER 35 Composition editor 45 Cir- cus Capers 1,25 G.A.A. 15 Pep Club 35 National Honor Society 4. CUDWORTH, CRAIG ROBERT The Mes- sich 35 Men's Chorus 25 Mixed Chorus 3. CUNDIFF, RICHARD ANDERSON D.E. 3,4. D DALTON, LEWIS EUGENE Football 15 Basketball 1. DALTON, JULIAN DIAN Youth for Christ 1, vice-pres. 2,3,45 Kiltie Korps 25 Girl's Chorus 25 Mixed Chorus 3,4. DALTON, BONNIE GAY F.N.A. 1,25 Girl's Chorus 1,25 Madrigal Group 1,2, 3,45 Mixed Chorus 3,4. DAMERON, DONALD CHRISTOPHER Band 2,3,45 Pep Band 2,35 Cadet Band 15 Stage Band 2,35 Men's Chorus 2. DANIEL, JIMMIE MARIE Girl's Chorus I5 G.A.A. 15 Library Club 1. DAVIS, CHARLOTTE ANN F.H.A. 45 Y-Teens 45 Girl's Chorus 35 Mixed Chor- us 45 G.A.A. 3. DAVIS, CYNTHIA ELIZABETH F.H.A. 35 F.N.A. 3,45 Y-Teens 25 G.A.A. 2. DEBOE, JOEL RODGER S.C.A. Rep. I,2,3,45 Judiciary 3,45 Advisory Council I,2,3,45 Class officer, vice-pres. 1, pres. 2,3,45 German Club 3,45 Youth for Christ 25 Football I,2,3,45 Basketball 2,3,45 Baseball 2,3,45 Athletic Honor Society 2,3,45 Monogram Club 2,3, pres. 45 Boys' State 35 Senior Monitor5 Head Junior Marshal, Head Soph. Waiter. DEHART, JAMES TURNER I.C.T. 4. DEITZ, RONALD LEE Spanish Club 2,35 Youth for Christ 1,2,3,4. DENNY, ETTA ELIZABETH V.O.T., sec. 45 Student Secretary 3. DIX, POLLY MARIE Student Secretary 45 G.A.A. 1. THERE MUST HAVE been mischief in the making, judging by the foxy grins worn by Martha Fowler and Kerry Campbell when the shutter clicked. DODD, DONNA SUE Y-Teens 45 Gym- nastics 1,2. DOOLEY, RICHARD WAYNE Golf 1. DORR, ROBERT DAVID Confederate Hi- Y 45 Band 2,3,45 Pep Band 45 Cadet Band 15 Men's Chorus 25 Wrestling 3,4. DREW, SUSAN ELIZABETH S. C.A. Rep. 3,45 F.H.A. 45 F.T.A. 35 Y-Teens 35 Girls' Chorus 3. DREWRY, RUSSELL LYNNE Audio-Visual 25 l.C.T. 45 Library Club 15 Men's Chorus 35 Mixed Chorus 3. DRYMAN, VICKIE RHAE Y-Teens 1,25 Girls' Chorus 35 Pep Club 3. DUNCAN, CHARLES LINWOOD S.C.A. Rep. 15 Civics Club 45 Thespians 3,45 The Romancers, Swinging High, The Merchant of Venice, Take It Easy, The Taming of the Shrew, Witness for the Prosecution5 Circus Capers 1,25 Jr. Ro- tarian 45 National Honor Society 45 Cadet Band 15 Band 2,3,45 CAVALIER 3,45 Forensics, Second-place Western-District 35 Pep Club 3. "A VOTE WOULD be appreciated" was an oft-heard comment as Sandra Barrick and Lee Stilwell campaigned in the '64-'65 S.C.A. election. DUNN, MARTHA JO F.T.A. 2,35 French Club 1,2,3,45 Model-T's 3,45 Chatterbox 2,3,45 G.A.A. 1,25 Cheerleading 3,45 Pep Club 3. DYKES, JAMES MICHAEL S.C.A. Rep. 35 National Honor Society 45 Pep Club 3. EARLES, BETTY LOU F.H.A. 3,45 F.T.A. 45 French Club 2,45 Latin Club 3,45 State Latin Tournament 35 Foreign Lan- guage Exam 25 Y-Teens 3,45 CAVALIER 3, Co-Club editor 45 National Honor Society 45 Quill and Scroll 4. EASON, ADDIE LENA D.E. 3,45 Trans- ferred Spring Garden High School. ELLIOTT, JERRY LEA Track 2,3,45 Monogram Club 3,4. "COME BACK HERE, Charles," says Peg- gy Moir to her date, Charles Perry, at the Homecoming dance. ELLIOT, SYLVIA ANN Transfer from Evanston Township High School. ENGLISH, LINDA ANN French Club 3,45 Y-Teens 1,25 Pep Club 3. ESTLOW, JOHN WILLIAM Science Club 1,25 Thespians 35 Model Car Club 1. EVANS, DAWN ELIZABETH F.T.A. 3,45 French Club 3,45 Science Club 1,2,3,45 Debating 35 Band 2,3,45 Pep Band 3,45 Cadet Band 15 Girl's Chorus 35 G.A.A. 2,35 Swinging High. 199 "WATCH IT BOYS! No smoking within twenty feet of the building." What an ap- propriate comment for a lazy autumn day around G. W.l EVANS, THOMAS HOWARD S.C.A. Rep. 3,45 Advisory Council 35 Football 2,3,45 Track 2,35 Monogram Club 45 National Honor Society 4. F FARMER, WILLIAM BARRY Band 2,3,45 Pep Band 2,35 Cadet Band 15 Men's Chorus 2,3. FARTHING, HARRIET ANN F.T.A. 2,35 French Club 2,3,45 l.R,C. 3, treas. 45 Y-Teens 15 Model-T's 3, vice-pres. 45 Majorette 2,3,45 J.V. Majorette 15 Cardi- nal Talent Scout 3,45 GA.A. 25 Pep Club 35 NMSQT Recognition5 Quill and Scroll 4. FARTHING, SHERRILL EUGENE Band 2,3,45 Cadet Band 15 Men's Chorus 35 Baseball 2,3,45 Monogram Club 2,3,4. FERGUSON, CAROLYN ELIZABETH Y- Teens 2,3,4, pres. 15 Science Club 2,35 Youth for Christ 25 The Messiah 1,25 Mixed Chorus 1,2,35 Concert Choir 45 Swinging High. FERRELL, JERRY WAYNE D.E. 3,4. FINLEY, CAROL ANN F.H.A. 3,45 F.N.A. 15 Y-Teens 35 G.A.A. 3. FISHER, JOANN Youth for Christ 1,2,3, 45 Girl's Chorus 1,35 Mixed Chorus 4. FITZPATRICK, VERONICA LEE French Club 2,3,45 Science Club 45 National Honor Society 3,45 G.A.A. 2,3,45 Foreign Language Exam 25 Transferred Hender- son High School. FOSTER, ANITA LEIGH F.T.A. 2,3,45 German Club 2,3,45 Foreign Language Exam 35 Band 2,3,45 Cadet Band 15 Girl's Chorus 35 Mixed Chorus 45 G.A.A. 25 National Honor Society 4. FOSTER, JULIAN PAGE Spanish Club 2,35 Band 2,3,45 Pep Band 2,35 Cadet Band 15 Men's Chorus 2. DID ALL THESE students come out of one small Volkswagon: Bonnie Warren, Roger Testerman, Pat Wann, Don Brown, Wanda Burton, and Jean Scearce. lThey don't seem to be too squashedli FOWLER, MARTHA JANE S.C.A. Rep. 2,35 F.H.A. 2,35 F.N.A. 25 CAVALIER 45 Circus Capers l,25 G.A.A. l,2,35 Y- Teens I5 National Honor Society 4. FRALIN, JIMMIE LEE Band 2,3,45 Pep Band 25 Cadet Band I5 Men's Chorus 25 Wrestling I5 Pep Club 3. FRANCIS, JOHN BARNARD D.E. 3,45 Transferred from Newport News High School. FRANCIS, LINDA KAY Y-Teens I ,25 Student Secretary 3,45 G.A.A. 25 Pep Club 35 French Club I. FRANKLIN, DIANNA LYNN Library Club 35 Gymnastics 2,35 G.A.A. 2. FRANKS, PATRICIA SUE Student Secre- tary 35 F.N.A. I5 Y-Teens 45 Kiltie Korps l,2,35 Witness for Prosecution. FRAZIER, LINDA CAROL F.T.A. 2,35 French Club 3,45 Y-Teens 2,35 Pep Club 3. FREEZE, ROGER WILLIAM Capital Hi-Y 2,3,45 Wrestling I,2,3,45 Monogram Club I,2,3,4. FULCHER, LEONARD JENNINGS Capital Hi-Y 3,45 Cheerleading 35 Pep Club 35 Monogram Club 3,4. FULTON, WARREN CRIGLER S.C.A. Rep. 25 Latin Club 3,45 CAVALIER 3,45 Quill and Scroll 4. FURGURSON, AMY FOSTER Advisory Council I5 Mixed Chorus I,3,45 Cheer- leading l,25 Pep Club 35 Soph. Waitress. G GATEWOOD, BRENDA DAWN V.O.T. 45 National Honor Society 4. GENTRY, HARRY EDWARD Capital Hi- Y 3, sec. 45 Pep Club 3. GIBBS, SARAH HOWARD Advisory Coun- cil 25 F.H.A. 35 F.N.A. l,25 Y-Teens l,2,35 Girl's Chorus 3. GILES, DONNA LEE S.C.A. Rep. 2,3,45 Advisory Council I5 Class treas. 45 Civics Club 2,3,45 French Club 3,45 German Club 35 State Latin Tournament l,25 Foreign Language Exam 25 National Honor Society 3,45 Cardinal Talent Scout 3, Associate editor 45 Senior Monitor 45 NMSQT Recognition 45 Quill and Scroll 4. GILES, JERRY WALL S.C.A. Rep. 2,45 Latin Club 45 Foreign Language Exam 25 Key Club 3,45 l.R.C. 45 Youth for Christ 35 Band 2,3, Student Director 45 Pep Band 45 Pep Band 2,35 Cadet Band I5 Stage Band 2,3,45 Basketball I,25 Soph. Waiter5 A.F.S. Student lsummer programl. GILES, MICHAEL ANTHONY Advisory Council 25 Civics Club 45 State Latin Tournament 25 Key Club 45 Cavalier Hi-Y 3,45 National Honor Society 3,45 Debating 3,45 Ist Affirmative Debate5 l,2,3,45 Basketball l,2,35 Track l,2,3,45 Athletic Honor Society 2,3,45 Monogram Club 2,3,4. GLOSSON, PATSY KAY D.E. 3,4. GOODE, ROBERT DAVID Band 2,3,45 Pep Band 2,3,45 Cadet Band I5 Stage Band 45 Men's Chorus 25 Pep Club 3. GOODSON, LOUIE AUBREY German Club 2,3,45 Science Club l,2,35 Thes- pians 2,3,45 Witness for the Prosecution 45 The Messiah 2. GOSS, KENNETH MARION Audio-Visual 25 S.C.A. I5 Pep Club 3. GOULD, PATRICK WAYNNE German Club 3,45 Football l,2. GRANT, WALTER LAWSON S.C.A. Rep. l,2,3,45 lnterclub Council 45 Civics Club 2,3, pres. 45 Latin Club 3, vice-pres. 45 Key Club 2,3, sec. 45 l.R.C. vice-pres. 45 Cavalier Hi-Y I,3, treas. 2, pres. 45 National Honor Society 3,45 Chatter- box 2,3, Sports editor 45 Football I5 Wrestling I,2,3,45 Tennis I,2,3,45 Ath- letic Honor Society 2,3,45 Pep Club 35 Monogram Club 2,3, treas. 45 Soph. Waiter5 Junior Rotarians 45 Quill and Scroll 4. GRAVES, KERMIT BOYD D.E. 3. BARELY MADE THE bandwagon-three G.W. Band members get a "lift" home from a performance. paw- ...w..,..W. lit.. s . ' iii W- sf .sw .WMV A sssl 1 siss ' 5 .,.. -s ..,...., k .Q . if .5 . 5 200 GRAVETT, JUDY FRANCES Latin Club 45 Youth for Christ I,2,3,45 Girl's Chorus I5 Chatterbox 3,45 G.A.A. l,2,3,4. GRAY, JANIE LOU Transferred from Elkin High School, Elkin, N. C. GRAY, DAVID WESLEY Spanish 35 Cadet Band I5 Track 2. GREEN, GENEVIEVE HYLTON Girl's Chorus l,25 Mixed Chorus 3,4. GREENE, DOUGLAS BROOKS lnterclub Council 45 German Club 2,3,45 CAV- ALIER 2,3,45 Pep Club 35 The Merchant of Venice, The Taming of the Shrew. GRIFFITH, DAVID LEE S.C.A. Rep, 45 Advisory Council l,2,35 Class Officer, vice-pres. 2,35 Civics Club 3,45 Spanish Club, sec. 35 Key Club 3, vice-pres. 45 Cardinal Hi-Y l,2,3, vice-pres. 45 Thes- pians 2,3,45 The Golden Goose, The Merchant of Venice, The Witness for the Prosecution, The Reveler's Three: Chat- terbox 3,45 Wrestling mgr. 25 Track mgr. I5 Pep Club 35 Monogram Club 2,3,45 Soph. Waiter5 Quill and Scroll 4. ". . . THE SWIMMING POOL goes here, the tennis courts would look pretty nice over here . . ." Mr. Christopher mused with Mr. Guy Yeatts over great plans for the future. H HALEY, HUBERT MARTIN l.C.T. 3,45 Baseball 3,4. HALL, NANCY Student Secretary 3,45 F.T.A. 45 Spanish Club 35 Kiltie Korps l,2. HALL, JAMES VANN Cardinal Hi-Y 3,45 Football 2,3,45 Baseball 45 Athletic Honor Society 45 Monogram Club 3,45 Basketball 2,3,4. HANCOCK, MARGARET L O R R A I N E F.H.A. 2,3,45 Y-Teens 2,35 Kiltie Korps I,2,3,45 Girl's Chorus, sec. 45 Circus Capers 25 G.A.A. I,2,3,45 Pep Club 3. HANCOCK, ROSLYN JEAN S.C.A. Rep. 45 Youth for Christ 25 Latin Club 4. HANDY, JO ANN D.E. 45 Y-Teens 35 G.A.A. I,2,3. HANDY, LYNDA CAROL F.H.A. l,25 F.T.A. 45 French Club 45 Y-Teens 35 G.A.A. I,35 Advisory Council 2. HANKINS, NANCY ISABEL F.N.A. I5 Y-Teens I5 The Messiah l,2,35 Mixed Chorus l,2,35 Madrigal Group 45 G.A.A. l,25 All State Chorus 3. HANKINS, WILLIAM AUGUSTA Cardin- al Hi-Y 2,3,45 Wrestling l,2,4. HARAWAY, JOAN CAROLYN Girl's Chorus 3, Mixed Chorus I. HARDY, BRENDA GAYLE Student Secre- tary 4, French Club 3,4, Y-Teens I, G.A.A. I. HARLEY, ALICE KING Latin Club 3,4, Foreign Language Exam 2, Y-Teens 2, Science Club 3,4, National Honor Society 3,4, Girl's Chorus I, CAVALIER 4, F.T.A. 2. HARRAH, BILLY GLINDEN Thespians 3. HARRIS, BARBARA CECILE Advisory Council 4, F.H.A. I,2,3,4, Y-Teens l,2, G.A.A. I,2,3,4, National Honor Society 4, Senior Monitor. HARRIS, BRENDA CHERYL F.T.A. 4, French Club 3, Girl's Chorus 2,3, Chatter- box 4. HARRISON, SANDRA KAYE F.H.A. l,2, F.N.A. I, Latin Club 4, Y-Teens I, Science Club 3,4, Debating 3, G.A.A. l,3, Pep Club 3. HASKINS, SANDRA KAY Advisory Coun- cil 3, S.C.A. Rep. l,4, French Club 3, Y-Teens I, treas. 2, Cheerleading 2, Pep Club 3, Soph. Waitress. HATCHER, DIANA F.N.A. I, French Club 3,4, Y-Teens l,2, Chatterbox 3, Co-Advertising Manager 4, G.A.A. 2, Pep Club 3, Qiull and Scroll 4, GW PARTICIPANTS BEGIN the long walk uphill after the spectacular Danville Christ- mas parade. Diminutive Lisa Buettner is escorted by sister, Janet, and Lockie Roach, Kiltie girl. HAULSEE, LARRY WAYNE Spanish Club 2,3, Football 2, Baseball 3,4, Trans- ferred from Cedar Grove High School, Cedar Grove, West Virginia. HAWKINS, ROBERT KEEN Mixed Chorus I,2,3,4. HAWKINS, VICKI LAVERNE l.C.T. 3, Girl's Chorus 4. HAYMES, LINDA ANN Y-Teens 4, G.A.A. l,2. HAYWOOD, DAVID FRANKLIN Cardin- al Talent Scout 4, Football l,3, Wrestl- ing I,2,3,4, Scholastic Art Award I,2. HEADY, BRENDA KAY F.H.A. 4, F.T.A. 3,4, French Club 2,3, Y-Teens 2, Kiltie Korps I,2,3,4, G.A.A. l,2,3. HEFFERNAN, PATRICIA LOUISE F.H.A. I,2,3,4, G.A.A. I. HEFFINGER, JANE ELIZABETH F.H.A. I, F.N.A. l,2, French Club 2, Y-Teen l,2, The Messiah 2,3, Girl's Chorus I, Mixed Chorus 2,3,4, Madrigal Group 3,4, G.A.A. l,2, All State Chorus 3. HENRY, DONALD RAY Capital Hi-Y I,2,3,4, Science Club 2, Pep Club 3. HIGGINS, CARROL EDGAR l.C.T. 4. xii 52 "ONWARD DANVILLE!" SING G.W. stu- dents at the state basketball tournament in Richmond. In a close game with Wood- row Wilson of Portsmouth the Cards lost the State Championship 76 to 68. HILL, RACHEL LOIS Student Secretary 4, Youth for Christ l,2, Girl's Chorus 4, Circus Capers 2, Pep Club 3. HILLIARD, LARRY WAYNE Youth for Christ 2,3,4, Mixed Chorus 2,3,4, Madri- gal Group 3,4, All State Chorus 3,4. HILLIARD, MELODY JOY Youth for Christ l,2,3, vice-pres. 4, Girl's Chorus 2, Mixed Chorus 3, G.A.A. I, French Club 4. HILTZHEIMER, JOHN LESLIE Audio- Visual, vice-pres. 3, French Club 3,4, Library Club 2,3, Pep Club 3. HODGES, JOYCE ANN V.O.T. 4, Trans- ferred from Fayetteville High School, Fayetteville, N. C. HOGAN, JOAN CAROLYN Y-Teens I, Pep Club 3. HOLLEMAN, ARTHUR ALONZO Mixed Chorus 3, Pep Club 3, Transfer from Brosville High School. HOLMES, JUDITH LYNN S.C.A. Rep. I, French Club 3,4, Foreign Language Exam I, Y-Teens l,2,3, sec. 4, Science Club 2,3,4, National Honor Society 3,4, Y.F.C. I, The Messiah 3, Girl's Chorus I, Mixed Chorus 2,3, Madrigal Group 3, G.A.A. 2, NMSQT recognition, semi-finalist, All State Chorus 3. HOLT, JOHNNY WAYNE D.E. 3,4. HOLTON, MILDRED ELIZABETH F.N.A. 2, Spanish Club 2, Y-Teens l,2,3, Girl's Chorus 3,4, G.A.A. l,2, HOOBLER, SANDRA JEANNE F.H.A. 3, sec. 4, Y-Teens 2,4, G.A.A. 3, HOPKINS, KENNETH RAY Class of- ficer, vice-pres. 4, Advisory Council 4, Cardinal Hi-Y 2,3,4, Basketball I,2,4, Co-captain 3, All Western District 3, Athletic Honor Society 3,4, Monogram Club 2,3,4, Soph. Waiter. HOWARD, JUDITH ANNE F.T.A. 2,4, French Club 2, Y-Teens I,2,3,4, S.C.A. Rep. 2, G.A.A. 2. HOWARD, PATRICIA ANNE S.C.A. 2,4, Advisory Council 3, F.N.A. l,2,3, French Club 3,4, Y-Teens 2,4, vice-pres. I. HOWELL, JOYCE ANN F.H.A. 3,4. HUDGINS, ROBERT LEE Spanish Club I, Band I,2,3,4, Pep Band 3, Cadet Band I, Men's Chorus 3. HUGHES, SARAH FORD Advisory Coun- cil I,3, French Club 4, Y-Teens I, Chat- terbox 2,3,4, G.A.A. l,2, Pep Club 3, Senior Monitor 4, Quill and Scroll 4, National Honor Society 4. 201 HUGHES, MI-CHAEL THOMAS Spanish Club l,2, Band 2,3,4, Pep Band I,2,3,4, Cadet Band I, Stage Band 2,3,4, Men's Chorus 2. HUGHES, WILEY FRED S.C.A. 4, Spanish Club 3,4, I.R.C, 4, Cardinal Hi-Y 2,3,4, Foatball I,2,3,4, Track I,2,3,4, Mono- gram Club 2,3,4. HUNDLEY, VALERIE ANNE F.N.A. l,2, G.A.A. 2. HYDE, WILLIAM DOUGLAS Advisory Council 4, Transfer from Gordon Military College, IRWIN, SADIE ANN Advisory Council 3, F.T.A. 4, F.N.A. I,2,3,4, German Club 3,4, Y-Teens I,2,3,4, Chatterbox 3,4, G.A.A. l,2,3. J JACKSON, JANET CAROLYN Youth for Christ 2. JEFFERSON, RITA F.H.A. 4, Y-Teens 2,4. JEFFRESS, JAMES HAROLD Advisory Council I, State Latin Tournament I, Band 2,3, vice-pres. 4, Pep Band 2, Cadet Band I, CAVALIER 3,4, Quill and Scroll 4. JEFFRIES, ROSALIND LAW V.O.T. 4, Student Secretary 3. JOHNSON, LOUISE BLAIR S.C.A. Rep. I,4, F.T.A. 2,3,4, Foreign Language Exam 2, Y-Teens l,2, Debating I, Quill and Scroll 4, Cardinal Talent Scout 2,3,4, G.A.A. l,2, Pep Club 3, Senior Monitor, French Club 2,3,4, Quill and Scroll 4. JONES, TALMADGE CRAIG Spanish Club 2,3, Transferred from Chandler High, Worcester, Mass. JONES, LILLIAN DIANE I,C.T. 3, sec. 4, F.H.A. l,2, G.A.A. l,2. BUSY PLANNING ACTIVITIES for the school year were Vice-President Lee Stil- well and Secretary Beth Saul of the S.C.A. JONES, TOY DONNA F.H.A. 45 Spanish Club 35 Y-Teens 3,45 G.A.A. 2. JONES, ERMAN WILLIE l.C.T. 3, treas. 45 Baseball 3. JONES, JESSIE LEON D.E. 4. JONES, LINDA LEE D.E. 3. JONES, LINDA GAYLE S.C.A. Rep. 25 Interclub Council 35 French Club 3,45 Foreign Language Exam 35 Youth for Christ I, vice-pres. 2, pres. 35 Chatter- box 45 G.A.A. 2,3. JONES, MARY ELIZABETH Youth for Christ I. JONES, MICHAEL BROWN l.C,T, 45 Golf2,3,4. JONES, MILLER BALLENGER Advisory Council 45 I.R.C. 45 Cavalier Hi-Y 3,45 Football I5 Basketball l,2,3,45 Monogram Club 3,4. JONES, SANDRA ARLEEN Witness for the Prosecution 45 Transfer from St. Petersburg High School, Florida. JONES, SUE CAROL Advisory Council 25 F.T.A. 45 Y-Teens I5 Youth for Christ I,25 Chatterbox 3,45 G.A.A. 2,3. JONES, SUZANNE LESLIE F.T.A. 45 Spanish Club 35 Y-Teens 25 Chatterbox 4. JORDAN, LOUISE CARTER F.H.A. 45 F.T.A. 25 F.N.A. I5 French Club 35 Y- Teens I,25 Thespians 35 G.A.A. 2. K KEATTS, MARGARET ANN D.E. 45 Spanish Club 3. KELLO, ANN BROWNLEY F.H.A. 3,45 French Club 3,45 Y-Teens 45 Youth for Christ l,2,3,45 Gymnastics I,25 G.A.A. l,2,3,45 Pep Club 3. KELLO, ANNA BELLE F.H.A. 45 French Club 3,45 Spanish Club I,25 Y-Teens 45 Youth for Christ l,2,3,45 Gymnastics 45 G.A.A. I,2,3,4. WINDBLOWN AND BREATHLESS from an exciting ride, Peggy Moir and Charles Perry seem to be enjoying themselves at the Greater Danville Fair. 'Ss T' , r KELLY, JUNE FRANCES Library Club 25 Circus Capers 2,35 G.A.A. 35 Transferred from Chatham High School. KENDRICK, DOUGLAS WAYNE Football 25 Basketball l,2,3,45 Golf 2,35 Track I5 Monogram Club 3,4. KESSLER, LYNDA MAY S.C.A. Rep. I5 F.H.A. 45 Youth for Christ 2. KIRBY, CAROLYN JANE Student Secre- tary 45 F.H.A. l,2,3,45 F.N.A. I5 Y- Teens l,2,3,45 G.A.A. I. KNICK, FRANCES LOUISE Girl's Chorus 3,45 Mixed Chorus I,25 F.H.A. 3,4. KOPLEN, RONNIE ILENE F.T.A. 2,3, sec. 45 French Club 3,45 I.R.C. 45 Y- Teens I,25 Chatterbox 3, Co-Managing editor 45 Circus Capers I,25 G.A.A. I,25 Pep Club 35 Quill and Scroll 4. KOPLEN, DONALD ALAN French Club 3,45 Key Club 2,3, treas. 45 Capital Hi-Y I, treas. 2,3,45 Thespians 45 Witness for the Prosecutiong Prose-reading 35 Spell- ing 45 CAVALIER 45 Wrestling l,2,3,45 Track 25 Athletic Honor Society 45 Pep Club 35 Debating 35 Monogram Club 3,4. KUSHNER, BRUCE HOWARD French Club 3,45 Key Club 2, vice-pres. 3,45 Capital Hi-Y l,2,3,45 Thespians 45 Merchant of Venice, Witness for the Prosecutiom Debating 2,3,45 District Forensics, Debating 2,35 State Forensic 3rd5 Cardinal Talent Scout 45 Wrestling I,2,45 Track I5 Tennis I,2. L LEA, HENRY WALKER S.C.A. 25 Latin Club 3,45 Wrestling I,2,35 CAVALIER 2,35 Golf 2,3,4. LESTER, RUSSELL EDWIN S.C.A. Rep. I5 Latin Club 3,45 Cardinal Hi-Y 2,3, tres. 45 Circus Capers I5 Basketball l,2,3,45 Civics Club 3,45 Tennis 2,3,45 Athletic Honor Society 2,3,45 Pep Club 35 Monogram Club 2,3,45 Soph. Waiter. LEWIS, GEORGE FRANK D.E. 3,4. LEWIS, JOHN NEAL Advisory Council 45 Spanish Club 35 Cardinal Hi-Y 3, sec. 45 Football l,2,3,45 Track 2,3,45 Athletic Honor Society 45 Monogram Club 45 National Honor Society 4. LEWIS, ROBERT CARL Football 3,45 Baseball 2,3,45 Monogram Club 4. LEWIS, SUSAN LORRAINE Advisory Council 25 Latin Club 3,45 CAVALIER 45 G.A.A. I,2,35 Quill and Scroll 4. LEWIS, EDWARD TROY D.E. 3,45 Science Club I5 Thespians 2,3,45 Band 25 Cadet Band I. lT'S COLLEGE TIME again in the guid- ance office, as Miss Davis checks out catalogs to prospective students Meryl Townsend and Nancy Hankins. 202 "NO, NO THE trophy, not the center piece!" iYou are making a bad mistake, Ken Parris.I LINK, HARRY ROLLEN S.C.A. Rep. I,25 Advisory Council I,25 Civics Club 2,3,45 French Club 35 Key Club 45 I.R.C. 2,3,45 Golf l,2,3,45 Monogram Club 2,3,4. LIPFORD, PEMBLETON ELLIOT D.E. 3,45 Mixed Chorus I,2. LONG, CAROLYN ANN Student Secre- tary 3,4. LOVELACE, BARBARA ANN F.H.A. 3,45 F.N.A. 2,3,45 Y-Teens I,25 Girl's Chorus 3,4. LUCADO, JUDITH LYNN Quill and Scroll 45 CAVALIER 3,45 Circus Capers I,25 G.A.A. I,2. Mc MCBRIDE, JUDY MARIE Advisory Coun- cil 25 V.O.T. 45 Student Secretary 35 Youth for Christ 35 National Honor Society 4. MCBRIDE, REBECCA ANN Student Secre- tary 3,45 Y-Teens 3,45 Girl's Chorus I. MCBURNEY, K A T H R Y N Transferred from Harrdosburg High School. MCCUBBINS, PHYLLIS KAY S.C.A. Rep. I5 F.N.A. 45 Majorette 2,3,45 J.V. Major- ette I5 Girl's Chorus I5 Mixed Chorus 2,35 Folk Chorus 4, MCCUBBINS, WILLIAM CLAY S.C.A. Rep. 25 Advisory Council I5 Spanish Club I5 Capital Hi-Y 2,3,45 Football 3,45 Monogram Club 45 Track 2. MCGHEE, DIANNE GAYLE Advisory Council 35 F.T.A. 45 French Club 45 Latin Club 3,45 State Latin Tournament 1,35 National Honor Society 3,45 Cardin- al Talent Scout 3,45 G.A.A. 1,2,3,45 Quill and Scroll 4. MCGLAUGHLIN, MARY FULLER Ad- visory Council 45 F.T.A. 2,35 Y-Teens 25 Model-T's 45 Chatterbox 3,45 Cheer- leading 1,2,3,45 Pep Club 35 Junior Mar- shal5 Soph. Waitress5 Homecoming run- ner-up5 French Club 2,3. MCGUIRE, DAVID ALVIN Audio-Visual 1,25 Baseball 3,45 Monogram Club 354. MCGUIRE, JACK LESTER Science Club 3. McMANN, DAVID WELLINGTON French Club 35 Wrestling 3. M MARIENFELDT, KAREN RUTH Advisory Council 25 F.T.A. 45 German Club 3,45 Y-Teens 1,25 Gymnastics 25 G.A.A. 1,25 Pep Club 3. MARTIN, TONIA FAYE Girl's Chorus 15 Gymnastics 45 G.A.A. 2,3,45 Youth for Christ 1,2. MAST, E L I Z A B E T H FEARRINGTON F.N.A. 1,25 Foreign Language Exam 15 Y-Teens 1,2535 Chatterbox 45 G.A.A. 1,25 Pep Club 3. MATHEWS, RAY THOMAS Capitol Hi-Y 2,3,45 Gas Light 35 Witness for the Prosecution 45 Mixed Chorus 35 Folk Chorus 35 Basketball 25 Pep Club 3. "BE CAREFUL NOT to overload the thistle tube!" Senior Anita Foster and junior Tommy Dickens carefully keep hands off, 5. 1- -I -..Qig1,f2fw-fem. .ii -,V V TT J "DON'T TRY TO illustrate the rise and fall of the Roman Empire, Miss Andrews!" MATTHEWS, ROGER LEE Spanish Club 35 Band 2,3,45 Pep Band 1,2,35 Cadet Band 15 Stage Band 4. MAYO, JANICE GREY S.C.A. Rep. I5 F.T.A. 2,3,45 French Club 2,3,45 State Latin Tournament 15 Foreign Language Exam 25 CAVALIER 3,45 Cheerleading 1,2,3,45 Head J.V. 2, Head Varsity 45 Pep Club 35 Monogram Club 45 Circus Capers 1,25 National Honor Society 45 Quill and Scroll 4. MAYS, JOYCE ELAINE Advisory Coun- cil 45 Y-Teens 2,3,45 Pep Club 35 S.C.A. 35 German Club 2,3. MEADORS, CHARLOTTE ANN lnterclub Council 45 Advisory Council 35 F.N.A. 15 French Club 35 Y-Teens 1,25 Quill and Scroll 45 CAVALIER 3, Chairman of the Board 45 S.l.P.A. 35 C.S.P.A. 35 G.A.A. 1,25 Circus Capers 1,2. MEADORS, JUDY FRANCES F.T.A. 2,3, 45 F.N.A. 25 French Club 1,2,3,45 Y- Teens 3,45 Chatterbox 45 G.A.A. 2. MEADORS, TONIA KAY Youth for Christ 1,2,3,45 Girl's Chorus 1,25 Mixed Chorus 3,45 Swinging High. MEADOR, ROBERT ANTHONY Band 25 Cadet Band 1. MILLS, SANDRA DWAYNE German Club 35 Girl's Chorus 3,45 G.A.A. 1. MITCHELL, CLAUDIA LQVERNE S.C.A. Rep. 1, Del. 45 Judiciary 45 Advisory Council 25 F.H.A. 25 French Club 3,45 l,R.C. 45 National Honor Society 3, sec. 45 Majorette 3,45 J.V. Majorette head 25 G.A.A. 25 Girl's State Alt.5 Senior Monitor 45 Junior Marshal. 203 A LOT OF head-scratching goes into pre- paration of the CAVALIER, Tom. M I T C H E L L , RICHARD HARRISON Spanish Club 25 Football Manager 1,2,3, 45 Basketball 2,35 Monogram Club 3,45 Science Club 15 Library Club 1. MITCHELL, ROBERT LEWIS D.E. 3,4. MOIR, MARGARET WALKER S.C.A. Rep. 152,35 lnterclub Council 45 Advisory Council 3,45 Class sec. 35 Civics Club 2,3, vice-pres. 45 French Club 1,2,3,45 Foreign Language Exam 25 l.R.C. 45 National Honor Society 3, treas. 45 Thes- pians 3,45 Quill and Scroll 3,45 Chatter- box 153, Co-editor 45 Cheerleading 2,3,45 head 15 Pep Club 35 Monogram Club. MOLL, CHARLES ROBERT D.E. 35 Thes- pians 2,3,45 Witness for the Prosecution: Madrigal Group 25 Football 2. DURING A "RARE" free moment in the CAVALIER office, Joyce Mays and Robin Page roost on a table to grin beautifully for Mrs. Lea's new automatic, triple- action camera. MOON, SUSAN JEAN Advisory Coun- cil 25 F.H.A. I,2,35 Y-Teens l,25 Pep Club 3. MOORE, CAROLYN HITE V.O.T. vice- pres, 45 Youth for Christ 25 Y-Teens I. MooRE, MYRTLE IRENE F.H.A. 4. MooRE, Jo ANN Pep Club 3. MORRIS, STOVER JONES lnterclub Coun- cil 45 Advisory Council 45 Latin Club 3, pres. 45 Thespians 45 Dramtics-actor 45 Witness for the Prosecution: Quill and Scroll 45 CAVALIER 3, Managing editor 45 Circus Capers I,25 Pep Club 3. MURPHY, GARRY LEE Dramatics-techni- cal 45 Pep Club 3. MYRICK, HOWARD ALAN Youth for Christ I5 Football I. N NAPIER, EDWARD PERRY S.C.A. Rep. I5 Football I. NEWMAN, CHARLES WILLIAM S.C.A. 2. NEWTON, ELIZABETH FRANCES Trans- ferred from Pompano Sr. High, Florida. NIXON, SARA LOUISE lnterclub Coun- cil 45 French Club I,2,4, vice-pres. 35 Foreign Language Exam 25 National Honor Society 3,45 Quill and Scroll 3,45 Chatterbox 3, Editor 45 S.I,P.A. 35 Pep Club 3. NOLAN, KAWANIA DIANA Student Secretary 45 G.A.A. 2. "l GUESS WE'LL have to close the schools if it has snowed five feet in depth," sighs Sup't. of Schools O. T. Bonner. "We hate to make up the day!" "DIDN'T YOU CATCH that joke, Cheryl?" giggles Judy Lucado as she and Cheryl Townsend take time out for o quick joke. NORMAN, COOPER WHITESIDE Latin Club 35 Thespians 3,45 Pep Club 35 Merchant of Venice, Taming of the Shrew, Witness for the Prosecution. NORTON, HAZEL LOUISE Kiltie Korps I,2,35 Quill and Scroll 45 Circus Capers l,25 CAVALIER, Student Life editor 45 Pep Club 3. NORTON, WILLIAM RUTLEDGE S.C.A. Rep. 45 Advisory Council I5 Latin Club 35 National Honor Society 3,45 NMSQT recognition 4. O OAKLEY, LINDA CAROL F.H.A. 3,45 Pep Club 3. OAKLEY, RICHARD JOHNSON Spanish Club 3,4. OSBORNE, DAVID RONALD Transferred from Reidsville High School. OSBORNE, JUDITH DIANNE F.H.A. 45 Youth for Christ l,25 G.A.A. I,2. OVERTON, WILLIAM CHAPPELL S.C.A. Rep. 35 Advisory Council 25 German Club 3,45 Science Club 2,3,45 Photography Club 3,45 CAVALIER 45 Football I5 NMSQT 4. OWEN, CLAUDE SWANSON Wrestling 2,3,4. OWEN, KATHERINE DIANNE Student Secretary 45 Youth for Christ l,25 Pep Club 3. P PAGE, ROBIN LEIGH F.H.A. 2,45 F.N.A. 25 Spanish Club 2,35 Y-Teens 2,3,45 G.A.A. I,2. PARHAM, HARRIETT ESTELLE Latin Club 3,45 State Latin Tournament 3,45 Quill and Scroll 45 CAVALIER 3, Class Section editor 45 National Honor Society 4. 204 PARKER, JUDY FAYE F.H.A. 3. PARNELL, PATRICIA ANN D.E. 3,4. PARRISH, JANICE ELIZABETH D.E. 45 Library Club 2. PARRIS, KENNETH BISHOP S.C.A. Rep. 35 Civics Club 45 Cardinal Hi-Y I,2,3,45 Football I,2,3,45 Wrestling I,2,3,45 Track 2,35 Athletic Honor Society 2,35 Monogram Club 2,3,45 All-State Wrestl- ing 3. PATTON, LARRY WAYNE S.C.A. 35 Advisory Council 3,45 Cardinal Hi-Y 2,45 Football I,2,3,45 Basketball I5 Monogram Club 2,3,4. PATTY, KENNETH DANE German Club 3,45 Tennis I,2,3,45 Monogram Club 2,3,4. PAYNE, WILLIAM FREDERICK S.C.A. Rep. l,25 Advisory Council I5 Spanish Club I5 Wrestling 3,45 Golf l,2. PERKINS, MELVIN CECIL Basketball 25 Track l,25 Monogram Club 2,3,4. P H I L L I P S , LINDA ANN HUDGINS V.O.T., pres. 45 Youth for Christ I,2,3,45 Gymnastics 25 F.N.A. I. A PINEKENSTEIN, WILLIAM ALAN Audio- Visual I,2,4, pres. 4. POWELL, BECKEY MILES Y-Teens I,45 Youth for Christ l,2,3. POWELL, ALPHA CARTER Cheerleading 45 Pep Club 35 Monogram Club 4. POWELL, JIMMY LEE Dramatics-Techni- cal 3. POWELL, LAURA MORGAN Latin Club 3,45 Y-Teens I,25 CAVALIER 45 Pep Club 35 F.N.A. I5 Circus Capers 25 Quill and Scroll 4. PRUETT, PATRICIA REED Latin Club 3,45 State Latin Tournament I5 Y-Teens 45 Youth for Christ I5 Quill and Scroll 45 CAVALIER 3, Club editor 45 G.A.A. 2,3,4. PRUITT, CASSANDRA JOYCE I.C.T. treas. 3, pres. 4. PURDY, ALFRED JAMES Transferred from Chatham and E. C. Glass H. S. Q QUINN, CLARENCE WOODROW S.C.A. Rep. 45 German Club 2,3,45 NMSQT 45 National Honor Society 4. IN CONFERENCES GW students learn about aspects of college from represen- tatives of various colleges. Melinda Agee, in the corner, listens intently to a Mary Washington dissertation. I QUISENBERRY, JUDY JOANN Girl's Chorus3,4. R RAINES, CLYDE DANSON Youth for Christ l,2,3,45 The Messiah 35 Mixed Chorus 35 Madrigal Group 3. RAINES, GLENDA LEE German Club 3,45 Latin Club 3,45 State Latin Tournament I5 CAVALIER 45 Circus Capers. RAINES, NANCY CAROL F.T.A. 25 F.N.A. I5 Foreign Language Exam 25 GirI's Chorus 35 G.A.A. 2. RAKES, ANDREA DALE F.N.A. 25 French Club 35 Y-Teens 2,35 Youth for Christ 25 Mixed Chorus I,2, sec. 45 G.A.A. 2. REYNOLDS, EDDIE ANDREWS Audio- Visual 2, pres. 3. REYNOLDS, MARY FRANCES F.H.A. 2,3,45 F.T.A. 25 F.N.A. I,25 Y-Teens l,2,3,45 Youth for Christ I,25 G.A.A. l,2,35 Pep Club 3. RICH, GURNIE MICHAEL D.E. 4. RICHARDSON, JOAN FAYETTE Advisory Council I,25 F.H.A. 45 F.N.A. 45 Y-Teens I,25 Girl's Chorus 3,45 G.A.A. I,25 Soph. Waitress. RICHARDSON, RICHARD LAWRENCE Pep Club 3. RICHMOND, CARL TERRY Advisory Council 35 German Club 2,3,45 Foreign Language Exam 35 National Honor Society 4. R I C K M A N , CATHERINE ROBINSON Civics Club 3,45 French Club 2,3,45 Latin Club 3,45 Foreign Language Exam 2,35 I.R.C. 45 Model-T's 45 Majorette 2,3, head 45 J.V. Majorette I5 CAVALIER 3,45 Soph. Waitress5 Homecoming runner- up. RIDGEWAY, ROBERT EDWARD D.E. 3,4. RIMMER, HENRY KEITH Band 2,3,45 Pep Band l,2,35 Cadet Band I5 Men's Chorus 25 Track I,2,3. ROBINSON, PATRICIA ANN German Club 3,45 G.A.A. I. RODRIGUEZ, MIGUEL HECTOR Foreign Exchange Student Honorary S.C.A. Rep. 45 Civics Club 45 Spanish Club 45 I.R.C. 45 Cardinal Hi-Y 4. RUST, BRENDA FAYE S.C.A. Rep. 35 V.O.T. treas. 45 G.A.A. I,2,3. RUTLEDGE, DEWEY MAYNARD Pep Club 3. RYAN, PHYLLIS GAIL F.H.A. I,3,45 F.T.A. 45 French Club 2,3,45 Y-Teens I,45 Gymnastics I,25 G.A.A. 2,35 Pep Club 3. S SALMON, PAUL VAUGHAN Wrestling 35 Golf 2,3,45 Monogram Club 3,4. S A L Z M A N, CATHERINE ELIZABETH D.E. 3,4. SAUL, ELIZABETH ANNE S.C.A. l,2,3, sec.-treas. 45 Interclub Council 45 Judici- ary 3, sec.-treas. 45 Advisory Council I,2, 35 Class officer treas. I,35 French Club I,2, treas. 3,45 I.R.C. 45 Model-T's 45 CAVALIER 2,3, Business Manager 45 Cheerleading I,25 Pep Club 35 GirI's State 35 Junior Marshal Chief5 Soph. Waitress5 Quill and Scroll 4. SAUNDERS, EUGENE FRANKLIN S.C.A. 35 Capital Hi-Y 2,3,45 Basketball I,25 Pep Club 3. "l'LL HAVE TO do that entire page over," sighs Meryl Townsend while Jimmy Jeffres seems to find the situation quite humorous. SCEARCE, IRMA JEAN D.E. 3, pres. 45 Y-Teens 25 G.A.A. 2. SCEARCE, JAY STEVEN S.C.A. Rep. I5 Advisory Council 2,45 German Club 2,3,45 National Honor Society 3,45 NMSQT Recognition 4. SCOTT, DOUGLAS WELLS S.C.A. Rep. 25 French Club 45 Cardinal Hi-Y 45 Band 25 Pep Band I,25 Cadet Band I5 Stage Band 25 Track 3,4. SCOTT, WILLARD LINDSEY Advisory Council 25 Baseball 3,45 Monogram Club 3,4. SEARCY, RONALD WAYNE Foreign Language Exam 25 National Honor Society 3,45 NMSQT recognition 4. SETLIFF, MARY INEZ V.O.T. 45 G.A.A. l,2. SETLIFF, GEORGE WILLIAM Football manager I,2,3,45 Basketball manager I,3,45 Baseball manager l,2,3,45 Mono- gram Club 3,4. SHELTON, HERMAN WILLIAM Band 2,35 Pep Band l,2,35 Cadet Band I5 Stage Band 2,35 Men's Chorus 25 Foot- ball 2. SHINKLE, THOMAS HALE Latin Club 3,45 State Latin Tournament 35 Science Club 35 CAVALIER 45 Transferred from Lafayette Jr. High School5 National Honor Society 4. 205 SLAYTON, THOMAS CARR S.C.A. I,2, 3 pres. 45 Interclub Council I, pres. 45 Advisory Council l,2,35 Class Officer, treas. 25 Civics Club 3,45 German Club 2,35 I.R.C. 3,45 CAVALIER Hi-Y 2,3,45 Football I5 Wrestling I,2,3,45 Athletic Honor Society 3,45 Pep Club 35 Mono- gram Club 2,3,45 Boy's State 35 Junior Marshal5 Soph. Waiter5 National Honor Society 4. SLOAS, LENORA DIANE F.N.A. I5 Y- Teens 2,35 Youth for Christ 25 Girl's Chorus 35 Cheerleading I,25 Pep Club 3. SMART, JOAN MARIE S.C.A. 25 F.H.A. I,2,3,45 F.T.A. 2,3,45 Y-Teens l,2,35 Chatterbox 2,35 G.A.A. I5 Quill and Scroll 4. SMITH, BRENDA CAROLYN G.A.A. I5 F.N.A. I,2,3. SMITH, FOYE SHERYL F.H.A. 35 Y- Teens I5 Gymnastics l,2. SMITH, MARGARET ANNA Student Secretary 45 F.T.A. 45 French Club 35 Y-Teens I,25 Mixed Chorus I5 Pep Club 35 Senior Monitor. SMITH, SUZANNE MARIE French Club 35 Y-Teens I: Kiltie Korps I,2, sec-tres. 3, captain 4. SMOOT, ROSEMERRY Advisory Council 25 F.H.A. 3,45 F.N.A. I5 French Club 35 Y-Teens l,2,35 GirI's Chorus I5 G.A.A. I,2,3. SNEAD, CHARLOTTE LEE Youth for Christ I. SNEAD, MARC FRANCIS Audio-Visual 2. SOLOMON, BETTY JEAN Y-Teens I. SOTO, CARMEN DIANNE Interclub Coun- cil 45 F.H.A. I,25 F.T.A. 2,3, pres. 45 Y-Teens 3,45 Youth for Christ 25 Chatterbox 45 G.A.A. I,25 F.N.A. I,2, SPARKS, BURTON THOMAS S.C.A. Rep. 35 Advisory Council I,25 Dramatics I,35 Band 2,3,45 Pep Band l,2,35 Cadet Band I5 Stage Band 45 Men's Chorus 25 Quill and Scroll 45 CAVALIER 3, Sports editor 45 Baseball 2,3,45 Monogram Club 3,4. "LOOKS LIKE LITTLE Orphan Annie has left Daddy Warbucks again," laments Coach Reed as he catches up on the morning news in the teachers' lounge. STUDENT BODY PRESIDENT, Tommy Slayton, hammers away at another press- ing problem of the S.C.A. SPARKS, CAROLYN LAMB F.T.A. 3,4, French Club 2, Foreign Language Exam 2, Y-Teens 2,3, Chatterbox 3,4, Quill and Scroll 4, National Honor Society 4. SPARKS, WILLIAM EARL Capital Hi-Y 3,4, Thespians 4, Dramatics Actor 3,4, Merchant of Venice, Gas Light, Witness for the Prosecution, Mixed Chorus 4, Cheerleading 3, Pep Club Monogram Club 3,4. SPENCER, PATRICIA LAYNE D.E. 3,4, Youth for Christ 2,3, Circus Capers I. SPICER, LINDA JO l.C.T. 3,4, F.H.A. I,2, Girl's Chorus I,2, G.A.A. I,2, Youth for Christ I. STANLEY, BETTY JEAN F.H.A. 4, French Club 3,4. STAPLETON, PAULA KAY F.N.A. I, French Club 3, Y-Teens 2, Youth for Christ 2,3,4, Girl's Chorus 3, G.A.A. 3. STEPHENS, NATHAN CHARLES German Club 3,4, Football l,2,3,4, Wrestling I,2,3,4. STILWELL, MARION LEE S.C.A. I, vice-pres. 4, Class Officer, pres. I, Foot- ball l,2,3,4, Basketball l,2,3,4, Athletic Honor Society 4, Monogram Club 3,4, Junior Marshal, Soph. Waiter, I.C.C. 4, Judiciary l,2,3,4, Advisory Council 3, National Honor Society 4. STRADER, JANET ALLAN F.H.A. 4, Y- Teens I, Youth for Christ I,2. STROUD, SYDNEY ELNORA V.O.T. 4, Transfer from Dan River High School. T TALBOTT, BRENDA JOYCE V.O.T. 4, Student Secretary 3,4, Kiltie Korps l,2,3. TALLEY, BRENDA KAY D.E. 4, French Club 3, Y-Teens I,2, Kiltie Korps l,2,3, Pep Club 3. TALLEY, KENNETH RAY Audio-Visual I,2, Spanish Club I,2, Mixed Chorus l,2,3,4, Basketball l,2,3,4, Monogram Club 3,4. TATE, JUDITH CAROLYN V.O.T. 4, Stu- dent Secretary 3. TATE, JUDY RAYE F.H.A. 4, Y-Teens 2,3, Kiltie Korps l,2,3, The Messiah 2,3, Mixed Chorus I,4, Madrigal Group 3,4, Pep Club 3. TAYLOR, ARLINE FAY F.H.A. l,4, F.N.A. I, Y-Teens I,2, Chatterbox 3, Co- Advertising Manager 4, G.A.A. I, Latin Club 4, Quill and Scroll 4. TAYLOR, MORRIS MCADEN Basketball 2, Baseball 2,3,4, Monogram Club 3,4. TAYLOR, WILLIAM LEIGH Advisory Council 4, Civics Club 3,4, Latin Club 3, vice-pres. 4, Cavalier Hi-Y 4, Thes- pians 2,3, pres. 4, Poetry Reading 2,3,4, Chatterbox 3,4, Junior Marshal 3, Mary of Scotland, The Golden Goose, The Romancers, Gas Light, The Curious Savage, The Merchant of Venice, The Taming of the Shrew, Witness for the Prosecution, Quill and Scroll 4. TEAGUE, HARRY PRESTON Youth for Christ 3. TENNANT, MARTHA ELLEN F.H.A. I, 2,3,4, Swinging High, Take It Easy, Girl's Chorus I, Mixed Chorus 2,3,4, Junior Degree in Homemaking 3. TESTERMAN, ROGER DALE D.E. 3, treas. 4. TILLISON, KENNETH ALLEN D.E. 3,4. TIPTON, ELIZABETH LUCILLE S.C.A. 4, Chatterbox 3,4, Transferred from Greenville Senior High School. TOMPKINS, ANGIE MAE S.C.A. Rep 2, Advisory Council I,2, l.R.C. 4, Model-T's 4, Y-Teens l,2,3,4, Kiltie Korps 3, sec- treas. 4, The Messiah 4, GirI's Chorus 3, Mixed Chorus I, Concert Choir 4, Madri- gal Group 4, CAVALIER 3,4, G.A.A. I, Spanish Club 3, National Honor Society 4. TOMPKINS, FLORENCE ANN S.C.A. Rep. l,3, German Club 3,4, Latin Club 3,4, Y-Teens 3, Kiltie Korps 2,3, Letter- girl 4, Circus Capers I,2, National Honor Society 4, Quill and Scroll 4. TOWLER, MICHAEL TERRY S.C.A. 4, Capital Hi-Y l,2,3,4, Band I, Men's Chorus 3,4, Mixed Chorus 3, Basketball l,2,3,4, Monogram Club 3,4, Science Fair I, Second Place, Witness for the Prosecution 4. 206 lT'S TEAM WORK that counts in decorat- ing cars for the Homecoming Parade. Agree? Hasty Farthing, Becky Crutchfield, and Claudia Mitchell think sol TOWNSEND, CHERYL LEE S.C.A. Rep. I,2, Advisory Council I, French Club 3, Youth for Christ l,2,3,4, CAVALIER 3, Typing editor 4, Circus Capers 2, G.A.A. I,2, Quill and Scroll 4. TOWNSEND, MERYL LEE I,2, Advisory Council I, French Club 3, Youth for Christ l,2,3,4, Quill and Scroll 4, CAV- ALIER 3, Typing editor 4, Circus Capers 2, G.A.A. I,2. TURNER, FRANCES CAROL F.T.A. 4, French Club 2,3,4, Y-Teens 2,3, Kiltie Korps 2,3, Lettergirl 4, Chatterbox, Ex- change editor 3,4, Pep Club 3. TURNER, ELLEN SUE French Club 3, Y-Teens 2,3,4, National Honor Society 3,4, Girl's Chorus, sec. I, Mixed Chorus, sec. 2, vice-pres. 3,4, Madrigal Group 3,4, Circus Capers I,2, G.A.A. 2, All State Chorus 2. TURNER, MICHAEL RICKETT French Club 3,4, Men's Chorus 3, Mixed Chorus 3,4, Circus Capers 2, Pep Club 3. TURNER, SANDRA WADE Y-Teens I,2. TURNER, WILLIAM BO Spanish Club l, Youth for Christ 4, Band l,2,3,4, Pep Band 3,4, Cadet Band I, Men's Chorus 2, Mixed Chorus 3. V VAN OOT, LINDA LEE Advisory Council 3, F.T.A. 2,3, German Club 2,3,4, l.R.C. 3,4, Dramatics-actor 4, Kiltie Korps 2, J.V. Majorette I, CAVALIER 3,4, Soph. Waitress, Quill and Scroll 4, National Honor Society 4. VERNON, SANDRA FAYE Latin Club 3,4, Y-Teens 3, pres. 4, Quill and Scroll 4, CAVALIER 3, Class editor 4, G.A.A. 2, Circus Capers I,2, National Honor Society 4, VICKS, LARRY WAYNE Football l,2,3, 4, Pep Club 3, Monogram Club 3,4. JUDY HOLMES H-APPLE-Y takes o break from the merriment at the Danville Fair. VINCENT, JOAN DURELLE S.C.A. Rep. I5 Civics Club 3, sec. 45 F.T.A. 25 French Club 3,45 Thespians 2,3, vice- pres. 45 Nine Girls, Gaslight, Merchant of Venice, Taming of the Shrew, Witness for the Prosecution5 Prose Reading l,25 Dis. Forensics5 Mixed Chorus I,45 Madri- gal Group 3,45 Chatterbox 2,35 Cardinal Talent Scout 35 S.l.P.A. 35 C.S.P.A. 35 Pep Club 3. W WADDELL, CONNIE GERALDINE F.H.A. 2,3,45 Y-Teens 4. WADE, DEANNA LEE D.E. 3,45 Library Club 35 Girl's Chorus l,25 Pep Club 3. WALKER, MARY ELLEN F.N.A. 3,45 Science Club 25 Youth for Christ l,2, 3,45 Kiltie Korps 2,35 G.A.A. 2. WALL, JAMES OLIVER D.E. 3. WANN, PATRICIA WESLEY D.E. 3, sec. 45 G.A.A. 2. WARD, CYNTHIA SHELOR Advisory Council l,25 Foreign Language Exam 25 Youth for Christ I5 Y-Teens I5 G.A.A. 25 Soph. Waitress5 National Honor Society 4. WARREN, BONNIE CAROL D.E. 45 Pep Club 3. WASHBURN, JOHN WILLIAM Advisory Council 35 German Club 3,45 Science Club I,2,35 Dramatics-actor 3,45 Basket- ball 25 Pep Club 3. WATKINS, GRACE CARLTON Latin Club 3,45 State Latin Tournament I,35 Y-Teens l,2,3,45 Debating 3,45 CAV- ALIER 3,45 G.A.A. l,25 Quill and Scroll 4. WEAVER, JAMES LEE Trans. from Schuabs Vocational High School, Home- stead, Pennsylvania. WETZELL, MARTHA BINNS Concert Choir, sec. 45 Transferred from Ashley High School, Gastonia, N. C. WHITE, JUDITH ANN F.T.A. 45 G.A.A. I,2. WHITE, STANLEY WAYNE D.E. 3,4. WHITT, HELEN SUZANNE F.T.A. 3,45 Latin Club 3, treas. 4, Foreign Lan- guage Exam 25 Quill and Scroll 45 Gym- nastics l,25 CAVALIER5 Photography editor 45 G.A.A. I. WHITTAKER, NANCY JOYCE S.C.A. Rep. l,45 Student Secretary 35 Y-Teens I,2,3, vice-pres. 45 G.A.A. I,2,35 Pep Club 35 French Club 3,4. WILKERSON, JAMES ALLEN I.C.T. 3,4. WILKERSON, JOAN CAROL D.E. 3,4. WILLIAMS, DORIS F.H.A. l,25 G.A.A. I. WILLIAMS, LINDA KAY Spanish Club 35 Y-Teens 2,45 Mixed Chorus 4. WILLIAMS, GLENDA SUE F.H.A. 1,45 F.N.A. l,4. WILLIS, WILLIAM EDWARD Youth for Christ I,2,3, vice-pres. 45 The Messiah 35 Folk Chorus 35 Mixed Chorus l,2, treos. 3, pres. 45 Madrigal Group 3,4. WILMOTH, WILLIAM ELWOOD I.C.T. 3, vice-pres. 45 Football I,2. WILSON, JESSE WILLIE D.E. 4. WILSON, ROBERT ANDREW German Club 3,45 Cardinal Hi-Y 45 Science Club 45 Basketball I. WIMMER, BRENDA GAYLE Latin Club 45 State Latin Tournament 25 Y-Teens 3,45 Quill and Scroll 45 CAVALIER 3, Statistics editor 45 Circus Caspers l,25 Pep Club 35 National Honor Society 4. WIMMER, FRANK MICHAEL Transfer- red from Dan River High School. WINSTEAD, BETH LEA Spanish Club 2,35 Y-Teens l,4, vice-pres. 2,35 Dra- matics-technical, actor 45 Girl's Chorus 35 Chatterbox, Exchange editor 45 G.A.A. I,2,3,4. WINSTON, YORK EDWARD Latin Club 35 Key Club 3,45 Capitol Hi-Y I,2,35 National Honor Society 3,45 Photography Club 35 CAVALIER, photog. 35 Chatter- box, photog.2,3,45 Golf 2,3,4, Most Valuable Player 35 Monogram Club 2,3, 4. WOODING, SYDNEY SMITH Football l,2,3,45 Wrestling 3,45 Pep Club 35 Monogram Club 4. WYNN, DONALD GILES Chatterbox 35 Track 3,45 Monogram Club 4. Y YARBROUGH, VANCE M I T C H E L L E Band I,2,35 Pep Band I,2,35 Cadet Band I5 Stage Band 2,35 Mixed Chorus 3, pres. 45 Pep Club 3. 207 YATES, CARLA VIRGINIA F.N.A. I,2,35 Y-Teens 45 Public Speaking, 3rd place5 Girl's Chorus 3,45 Pep Club 3. YATES, SUSAN DIANNE F.H.A. I5 F.N.A. I5 Y-Teens l,25 Girl's Chorus 35 G.A.A. I,2. YEAMAN, RONALD EARL Band 2,35 Cadet Bond I5 Men's Chorus 25 Track I. YEATTS, EDDIE WAYNE S.C.A. Rep. 2. YOUNG, ROBERT BASKERVILLE D.E. 35 Pep Club 3. YOUNGER, NANNIE SUE Student Secre- tary 3,45 Youth for Christ l,4, sec. 25 Mixed Chorus I. Z ZAHRN, THOMAS WILLIAM S.C.A. Rep. 45 French Club 3,45 Foreign Language Exam 25 Cardinal Hi-Y 45 National Honor Society 3, vice-pres. 45 CAVALIER 3,45 Circus Capers l,25 NMSQT5 Quill and Scroll 4. "COULD IT BE that Christmas is just around the corner?" lt's beautifully ap- parent as Martha Jo Dunn and Beth Saul grace floats in the Christmas Parade. xx ,.--f .IMD n ffl 4 my l Quit Students C3owiW Through Shoring Bubbling, bursting, booming . . . Donville . . . George Woshington . . . two entities functioning os one . . . in hormony. G.W.H.S joins honds with the community, troin- ing students for positions in busi- ness, industry, professions, ond the home. Their destiny, their lives, ore being molded here. HE IS A GOOD BUSINESSMAN AND HAS DEFINITELY MADE HIS MARK IN THE COM- MUNITY. in new dnreotuons Fashion's moving with the shag" patch look textured plaids with with the handwoven k loo DAN RIVER First in American Fabrics 'QNNRI DANIEL AND DAVID FUQUAY CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF I965 FUQUAY PONTIAC 706 Wilson Street SW 3-3022 ,iw 211 . .ie .ei L. Ay, lu.. ni, Nor-Don Shopping Center Danville, Virginia ,......k' 3. 'N' w ,, , 44.-X- - f, Riverside Shopping Center Danville, Virginia 212 When it comes to bread, the GW Majorettes go for Holsum. HCL UM BREAD GWites ENJOY THE "LITTLE SHOPPE" at Qofmmoeo Jeanne Scearce, Melodie Lambert and Sara Blank seemed quite at home in the lovely fashions at Frances Kahns. 2 is aff Eilrirgivgf 'f -1 A P3 1 W , K? V X if Q erve . . . owntown and Nordan . . ' X v 3 t. Nw -- C E398 2. ' S, Averett College Auditorium AVERETT COLLEGE Danville, Va. 106th Session Liberal Arts Music, Art, Dramatic Art Secretarial Science Medical Secretarial Merchandising Home Economics Physical Education Pre-Professional Courses Since Averett College is fully accredited, its graduates may enter the junior class without loss of credit in any four-year college or university to continue courses leading to a degree. 2l4 l wwf f 'F mlffgd GW seniors John Lewis, Angie Tompkins, Sandra Barrick, Lawson Grant, Iudy Bamett and Seward Anderson agree that things go better with Coke, especially in the Senior Lounge. COCA-COLA BGTTLING COMPANY AVUEIE nAi""' 5 SEALTEST DAIRIES 215 . N 9 Joel DeBoe displays his trophy for the outstanding back. Ken Parris displays his trophy for the most out- standing lineman. Blair johnson and William Taylor seem to be waiting, not so patiently for their chance to try the new Ford Mustang but Bruce Kushner and Kathy Clark are reluctant to give up their seats. BARKHCU ER MOTORS, INC. 216 STRATFORD COLLEGE an independent, interdenominational two-year college for women, emphasizes liberal arts transfer courses leading to B.A. and B.S. degrees: also specialized courses in Fine Arts and Busi- ness. Three-quarters of the graduates transfer to senior colleges, universities, or professional schools. iEstablished 'l852.l Typical representatives of the Pepsi generation are the varsity cheerleaders as they stop after practice for a Pepsi. PEPSI-COLA BOTTLING CUMPANY 217 230 S Ridge St. PHONE SW 3-3111 Congratulations to t he Class of 65 YOUR COMPLETE DEPARTMENT STORE Shop Monday - Thursday - Friday - Saturday 9 A.M. 'tii 9 P.M. -- - . . ............ "EW" -F,:5sE5E,z:555533:2:25355154:5:55:515135:5:1:5:ag5:5:5:g:5:5:515:3:5:5:5:3:5:Q:xg:5:I:5:5155:355:515:g:5:gggzg:5:5:515:Q5:5:5:513zg:5:513:gg15:55:51512:5:2:5:5:r:lfr:2:1:r:1:r:5:r:1:g5:r2::f:6f f-T '-1s- :f:-:f:f:-:-:f'2:-:-:5:1:2:I:525:-:1:4:-:5:2:-:Aziz-:-'-- .-:f-:-:-..-:-154:-. .,.-:oc-.,4-.,:- -: - - - - - - - - -- I':F:I:I.' .f.2:,-4:5:-.-.-:- :Q.-:1:1:1:1:1'7:-P:5'2k2:2:1:1:1:1:2:1:5:3:!' :Z:2:3:3:7:553:2:3:Z:7:3:1:11315:5:5:11325:5:1:5j:gf??f:1:1:E1:f:f5Qjcb:5:Q3:2235:-:5:15S:2:Z:2:i:1f3:-:2:2:2:2121213:f:2:2:3:ffffff353:-:3:5:1:5S5:E:5:5:5:2:I:3:I:I:25ckF:5:"" 5"'5 ' '':2:2:2:2:I:EzQ:f:2!?S5:5:5:-:5:-15:2:5:E:Q:2Ei:1:i:E:f:2:f5E:f:2:fEQ:2:f:f:2:2:EZ2:2:f:f:Q:f? 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WNTOWN AND RIVERSIDE CENTER 31: ..555525f5f5IE25f:-"I:i"""-2-: ::f:-.-':+.--:-- 5:1:1:25:1:I:1:1:I:I:2:f:5:I:755:21I:I:1:1:3'P5:5I:Iff,Q1:1gft5.E??Eg5:':kEE5E:5:5f1553?g:5E23?1:1:1:1:I13:12:55 , ii5EEE?3E15ii2E?5?6E:EE2ErE2:::-:..-E1E25IEIE2?ifE5f'2rE:i13Ei:?12rf1512r1rf2i SZ ' Y I 1' 'ff'-'12f:I1fI3I:?5Z5fIQIif515.-ZfI5I:E5E5E2E5E5E355 ?:f:5:5:'z':':-:-:-:-2-:-.-:.-.-.-.-.-.-.4.-. . . . 3212127535EE325E2532151515351E1f25f5E5Eff551523f15'Ei3: 55.3, ' 'f ' ' ' ' ' '-' '- R32592ZfIf224513.-'S:1:5:5:5ZZf:537Iw3 5S:?23Z5Z523Z9b75:Z3'f35:PS5: .-. . : LOVELY LADY BEAUTY SALO 155W South Main S. W. 2-8126 o 0 Visit Both Downtown and Norda for the Best in Fashions n Stores 218 if W. F. CUDDI GTO Official Photographer I965 Cavalier Pearisburg Va "Peek-a-Boo, I see you!" Our favorite pho tographer, Mr. Cuddington, seems to have been caught in the act. MODERN PHARMACY W. R. KIRKLAND-PHARMACIST PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS 0 Sick Room Supplies 0 Pharmeceuticals I 0 Baby Supplies 0 Biologicals FREE DELIVERY ziffe 2' , .. , -..,.... ...H - I -...N r - Z I 7 i 1 1 v-4 -an .mn iv 9-um-.v ' SW 3-5711 DANVILLE, viRGiNiA LOCATED OPPOSITE MEMORIAL HOSPITAL I55 S. MAIN HUNTER OIL COMPANY 221 River Street Danville, Virginia Distributor of SHELL PETROLEUM PRODUCTS CRESS TILE AND MARBLE COMPANY Danville Lynchburg Virginia I THE PASTRY SHOPPE I22 Tunstall Road Ph. SW 3-5538 Serving Danville For Birthday and Wedding Cakes Catering Service for All Kinds of Parties, Party Sandwiches and Cookies' VIRGINIA BANK AND TRUST COMPANY The Bank of Personal Service" Danville, Virginia JOHNSON'S RIVERSIDE DRUG "Your Health is our Business" 2384 Riverside Drive Free Delivery and Curb Service Phone: SW 3-l6ll .oss mmm bf. NIR 2-UN IAUNDEP, S 5, DDYCIIANSIRS OI DANVILIE, VA Quality Specializing ln Men's Shirts Ladies' Dresses THE COMMERCIAL M ITCH E ll CIEANERX H! PROFESSIONAL CLIANIQS APPEAL Danville's Monday MO,-ning B. Mitchell, Phone: SW 3-8516 N E W 5 P A P E R owner 668 Arnett Blvd. Danville, Vo. Greensboro, N. C. High Point, N. C. C. E.'s GRILL Martinsville, Vo. South Boston, Va. "House of Pizza Pie" 927 S. Main Street 220 Riverside Center Congratulations to The Class of '65 LARAMORE CONSTRUCTION COMPANY, INC Danville, Virginia Underground Utilities Grading, Excavation, and Road Building 220 River Street SW 3-1032 COX 81 GOODRIDGE, INC. l28 Market Street DANVILLE, VIRGINIA Phone: 793-3822 Congratulations to the Class of '65 from SECURITY BANK AND TRUST COMPANY Danville, Virginia G. C. MURPHY CO. The Complete Variety Store For all your Shopping Needs . . . BALLOU PARK Shopping Center TOMPKINS FURNITURE CO. I644 Franklin Turnpike SW 2-7021 Open nightly to serve you with brand name furniture St carpets lt's a little ways out, it's true, But the prices are best for you. Dial SW 2-5422 Main St. WEEJUN WORLD! FRANCES KAHN SHOE SALON WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORES 1019 West Main Danville, Va. SW 2-7080 Dealer-John D. Carter, Jr. i l THE CHARCOAL HOUSE and CHAR-CO-LETTE "Charcoal Steaks At Their Best" Riverside Center Danville, Virginia S. N. Shaip THE PROFESSIONAL R ' Best Wishes PHARMACY x 15.1 GUARDIAN OF HEALTH H imm a PM from L! !,...l,l:,X-E 130 Watson Street f l X 990 Main Street vamfiamtam 2,9 2 0 DR. PEPPER BOTTLING CO. Industrial Ave. Danville, Va. 2374 North Main Street Danville, Virginia GILES FLOWER SHOP 155 South Main Street ARTISTS AND DECORATORS Phone SW 3-621 1 Charlie and Earline Giles LINK-WATSON CORPORATION 'A'i fi. since 1865 p Danville's Largest Appliance Dealer - Hardware A ".'v if .,,,' A-'1 ',,, 1 and Building Material, Appliances, Heating and 'ii:" "" ' "fi:"'i"' """'i"ii 1 ' "" Air-Conditioning -- Plumbing and Sheet Metal Complete Sporting Goods Department Nor-Dan 308-314 Craghead . V' SW 2-2722 SW 2-331 1 222 WOOLWORTH'S Nor-Dan Shopping Center Danville, Virginia Congratulations to the Class of '65 DANVILLE SANDWICH CO. BULLINGTON OPTICAL CO. Guild Opticians Lenses duplicated -- Frames repaired Prescriptions Filled Hotel Leeland Bldg. SW 3-6154 PEOPLE'S AUTO SUPPLY 584 Court Street SW 2-3321 Danville, Virginia Best Wishes to the Graduates of 1965 FIRST NATIONAL BANK 341 Main Street SW 2-7111 We lnvite Your Patronage RIVERSIDE LANES Riverside Drive HODNETT -- SPEER CO., INC. Jewelry Repairing-A Specialty 440 Main Street Danville, Virginia "Flowers For All Occasions" MARTHA'S FLOWER SHOP Corsages, Weddings, and Parties 2517 Westover Dr., Danville, Va. Phone: SW 2-4710 or SW 2-9031 Congrotukltions to b..' iz3EQ,1 ,:., ,,' ffffifif f.-1, ,,. Aii: bb i n "" 5 FZZ: -i,, Senior 0055 WYATT BUICK Maintain that Sater's Appearance "Our Diapers are Scientifically Cleaned" SNOW WHITE DIAPER SERVICE SW 3-5533 P. S. Make a Date Meet Your Friends at COLLEGE SODA SHOPPE PARK PLACE MERCANTILE CO. The Family Store in Schoolfield Congratulations to the Class of '65 CONTINENTAL FOOD SHOPPE "Foods of all Nations" Schoolfield Danville, Virginia SW 2-6911 H. P. GREEN SHOE CO. - A Home-Owned Store Compllmenls '14 of 328 Main Street Dial SW 2 Danville, Virginia Shoes for the Whole Family 45 LEA - LEWIS FURNITURE Our Best Wishes to the Class of '65 ABERCROMBIE OIL GATEWOOD COAL CO., INC. Your telephone call starts our service SW 3-2611 Congratulations to Class of '65 WRENN-YEATTS FUNERAL HOME MOTLEY'S PHARMACY 1203 West Main Street SW 2-4421 Free Delivery WYATT 8. HALL FOOD STORE DanviIle's Finest Foods Free Delivery Groceries, Fresh Meats 81 Party Foods 135 Watson Street Dial SW 3-5311 GERALD 8. BETTY HAIRDRESSERS 123 Watson Street Danville, Va. SW 23022 C0"lQratulations Congratulations to This Seniors Year's Seniors from DANVILLE VAULT COMPANY BOOKER 8. WIMMER CO. Congratulations to the Class of '65 OSCAR TRENT'S DRUG STORE 2033 North Main Street - SW 2-2434 HEDRICK JOHNSON DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION 2321 Riverside Drive SW 2-4522 Style and Quality at Budget Prices ABE KOPLEN CLO. CO. 214-216 N. Union St. SMITH FURNITURE 81 APPLIANCE CO. "The Best for Less" Drive a Little- Save a Lot Highway 29 South Reidsville Rd. BURGESS BROTHERS DIST. Pet Dairy Products 268 Piney Forest Rd. Danville, Va "lt's Pet You Bet" PRATHER'S GULF SERVICE Prather E. Martin, Operator 3107 West Main Ext. Danville, Va SW 2-9827 Congratulations to the Class of '65 CAT 8. FIDDLE BULLINGTON OPTICAL CO. Prescription Opticians Lenses duplicated- Frames repaired Prescriptions Filled Hotel Leeland Bldg. SW 3-6154 224 KEELING'S PHARMACY G. L. Keeling, Owner The Store That Apprecicites Your Business THE HAIR STYLIST SHOP 3 shops to serve you NORDAN BALLOU CENTER 1472 N. Main Street Danville, Va. 793-1578 792-6436 Phone SW 2-5311 2044 N. Main 793-4531 WEST MAIN STATION Jack and Ray Knick 595 W. Main St. HIGH POINT FURNITURE OUTLET The Finest in Home Furnishings 1237 Piney Forest Road Danville, Virginia Phone SW 3-8081 DAN'S POTATO CHIP CO. 118 Joplin Street Mailing Addrs.: 651 Glendale Ave. Henry Coleman, Mgr. FRESHER - Made in Danville, Virginia Congratulations to the Class of 1965 PETTY'S FASHIONS INC. 1015 W. Main Street MERRICKS 8. DAVIS GROCERY 326 E. Thomas St. Phone SW 3-3422 We Specialize in Fancy Groceries and Western Meats OLD DUTCH SUPERMARKETS Fancy Groceries Meats - Produce 3 Stores to Serve You DANIEL'S AMOCO Route 86 and Shady Grove Road EV 8-6974 LEAS DRUG STORE Prompt Delivery Phone SW 2-5911 636 N. Main St. Danville, Virginia SOUTH MAIN BARBER SHOP J. Lewis Gatewood, Prop. "For Good Service" BOOTH WHITE SPORT SHOP, INC. 304 Main Street SW 2-8036 Danville, Virginia 412 So. Main St. Danville, Virginia f,6fTRAp,,a W H BR F ,V wise-HUNDLEY ELECTRIC co., mc. T1Twr1d Myfagwmiiick 7 7' APP110nCe5 -T Furniture 431 Chestnut Street it "T"-"""X . FLORA: DESIIGNINFFT CUT FLOWERS Tgcgtgzzri PLANTS Elect,-ical Conhactors B f OWEYS IC ' 8 eg aPEsfqblished...1gg3 MOID Sffeef Dial Ave, KNIT snor 128 ww' R0gC1" ,Q ,..,, atson treer SVV 3-2321 "Knit for all Ages" 25 Reading Made Easy for CAVALIER Subscribers A Aaron, Bland 46, 52, 55, 63, 64, 65, 66, 148 Aaron, Bonnie 120 Aaron, Connie 120 Alverson, Alverson, Anderson, Anderson, Anderson, Anderson, Charles 68, 120 Susan 148 Berley 35, 132 Earl 120 Mrs. Inez 91, 95 Iva 148 Aaron, Michael 108 Abbott, Sandra 40, 132 Abernathy, Brock 39, 108 Abernathy, Tony 37, 120 Adams, Brenda 104, 137 Adams, Clarence 120 Adams, Connie 132 Adams, Edgar 14, 16, 120 Adams, Julius 120 Adams, Lewis 63, 132 Adams, Linda 108 Adams, Wanda 108 Adams, William 108 Adams, Yvonne 108 Adkins, Dale 108 Adkins, Danny 14, 120 Adkins, Adkins, Adkins, Adkins, Donald E. 34, 35, 148, 161 Donald L. 148 Judy Ann 90, 148 Judy Carole 21, 38, 120 , Adkins, Linda 21, 38, 120 Adkins, Michael 108 Adkins, Michael 108, 120 Adkins, Patricia 108 Adkins, Ronald 34, 148 Agee, Melinda 4, 24, 29, 30, 32, 36, 41, 48, 52, 53, 86, 148, 191 Agee, Robert 29, 81, 132, 133 Aickner, Woody 28, 108 Albright, Betty Jean 17, 55, 148 Albright , Bill 16, 148 Albright, Mike 132 Albright, Susan 49, 108 Alderman, Clyde 108 Anderson, Ra mona 108 Alderson, Donna 12 Alderson, Douglas 108 Alderson, Randy 108 Aldridge, Lavenia 132 Allen, Judith 49, 120 Allen, Karen 108 Allen, Keith 4, 30, 31, 32, 40, 41, 50, 52, 55, 96, 148, 153, 162, 191, 212 Allen, Mr. Page 88 Allen, Tory 39, 148 WHILE STANDING IN line to have their pictures taken, Leroy Merricks, Diane Jones, and Toni Ledford seem hesitant as Carlton Watkins appears "ready and raring to go." lThey're entering the CAVALIER inner sanctum.1 Anderson, James Earl 159, 167, 170 Anderson, James Jacob 148 CUTTING HIS EYES at a pretty girl is Kenneth Ball while Dane Patty is think- ing about one. Baker, George 108 Baker, Mike 75 Baker, Pam 108, 109 Baker, Selma 39, 108 Baker, Vikki 108 Ball, Kenneth 149, 230 Ball, Ronnie 120 Barber, Brenda 149, 192 Barber, Jon 149 Barber, Robert 35, 149 Barbour, Larry 63, 65, 66 Barbour, Nancye 49 Barbrow, Mr. Craig 66, 88 Barker, Mrs. Ethel 88 Barker, Mrs. Evelyn 95 Barker, John 149 Barker, Lisa 120 Barker, Shirley 108 Barker, Patsy 102, 103, 120 Barksdale, Beverly 29, 44, 45, 46, so, 3, 132, 133, 196 51, 5 Barksdale, Brenda 32, 41, 54, 106 149,' 162 Barksdale, Joyce 108 Barksdale, Roger 132 Barksdale, Ruth 108 Barnes, Nancy 108 Barnett, Judy 29, 32, 36, 43, 50, 58, 100, 149 Barrett, Barbara 132 Barrett, Thomas 63, 120 Barrick, Eddie 23, 46, 50, 51, 74, 121, 234 Barrick, Sandra 10, 11, 14, 22, 25, 151, 153,157, 188 Barts, James 14, 16, 121 30, 36, 41, 50, 52, 54, 149, , 197, 199 Bass, Pam 244 Bass, Stephen 28, 121 Bass, Virginia 133 Bateman, Anne 32, 42, 43, 149 Baxa, David 21, 32, 33, 37, 42, 51, 55, 63, 65, 149, 153 Baxa, Mr. Ernest 87 Baugher, Nancy 61, 108 Beale, Jane 4, 41, 150 Beale, Janice 150 Beale, Mr. Jefferson 87 Beale, Miss Mattie 88 Beale, Robbie 108 Beamon, Sandra 35, 150 Bean, Betty 108 Beaton, James 29, 54, 133 Beaver, Beaver, Linda 57, 108 Terry 133 Beck, Roger 29, 42, 54 Belcher, Miss Mary 88, 101 Anderson, Robert 28, 108, 109 Anderson, Sandra 120 Anderson, Seward 7, 31, 46, 50, 51, 55 , 63, 65, 76, 80, 81, 100, 168 Andrews, Miss Ann 88, 100 Andrews, Bonnie 43, 132 Andrews, Sherrill 37, 39, 43, 149 Anholt, Apple, Armes, Arnold, Arnold, Arnold Arnold Peggy 22, 120 Glenn 105, 132 Pat 59 Janet 17, 132 Jimmy 148 Joey 148 Joy 78 - Aron, Patricia 24, 39, 132 Arthur, Wanda 17, 132 Astin, Harvie 120 Astin, Peggy 108 Atkins Atkins: Bacon, Bacon, Bailey, Bakas, Baker, Rachael 38, 148 Robert 120 Bendall, Bob 54, 133, 201 B Mrs. Mary 71, 88 Mr. Roland 88, 99 John 46, 120 Betty 108 David 14, 132 226 GO! JANICE GO! exclaims cheerleader Peggy Moir to Janice Mayo as they take a break in the Senior Lounge. Tim 11, 47, 50, 63, 65, 66, "O.K., YOU CAN come out now. The coast is clear!" iWho was Judy Lewis protecting?1 Bendall, Gordon 75, 108 Bendall, Richard 28, 75, 108 Bennett, Judy 121 Bercaw, Peggy 48, 150 Berkley, Margaret 108 Berkley, Ray 108 Betterton, Rhoda 39 Beyer, Mr. Fred 88 Billmaier, Miss Martha 95 Bingham, Lee 121, 124 Black, Edward 37, 121 Black, Janet 121 Black, Linda 18, 32, 40, 41, 54, 91, 150, 191 Blair, Ricky 121 Blalock, Dennis 109 Blalock, John 109 Blalock, Karen 109 Blank, Sara 43, 133, 139, 140, 145 Blankenship, Ann 133 Bledsoe, Jeff 133 Blevins, Susan 121 Bliss, Mr. Richard Boatwright, Mrs. Fonda 88, 97 Boaze, Shelby 22, 24, 56, 133 Boggs, Anne 52, 56, 150 Boggs, James 133 Bohannon, Kenneth 28, 68, 121 Bohannon, Vickie 109 Bolen, Mary 49, 109 Boles, James 14, 16, 121 Boles, Julius 14, 16, 121 Bolick, William 121 Bolt, Fredia 109 Bond, Donna 34, 150 Bonner, Mr. O. Trent 87, 204 Booker, Jan 133 Booth, Billy 121 Booth, Edward 75, 109 Booth, Mary Drake 36, 121 Booth, Patricia 121 Borden, John 74, 121 Boragine, Mr. Robert 88, 138 Boulware, Billy 35, 151 Boulware, Mike 150 Boulware, Susan 133 Bousman Brenda 21 38 133 C Cain, Priscilla 109 Calderon, Edward 121 Bourne, Miss Mary 89 Bowman, Vickie 28, 29, 70, 121, 126 Bowers, Richard 109 Bowling, Nancye 49, 109 Boy, David 28, 75, 109 Boy, Dianne 40, 133 Boyd, Gaynell 109 Boyd, Linda 133 Boykin, Ronald 59, 133 Boyter, Patricia 49, 121 Brackman, Mrs. Patricia 89 Bradford, Steve 47, 151, 159 Brame, Gus 133 Brann, Robert 14, 16, 97 Braswell, Oscar 35, 133 Bray, Michael 151 Breedlove, George 109 Brennan, Robert 121 Bridgeforth, Andy 109 Bridgeforth, Richard 63, 121 Bridgen, Danny 133 Bridges, Frances 48, 151 Bridges, Lacy 34, 151 Brizoski, Glenda 35 Calisch, Cathy 57, 121 Calisch, Chip 41, 153 Callahan, Dottie 10, 11, 31, 36, 50, Calos, Calos, 70, 150, 151, 153, 181 Anna 56, 57, 61, 134 Steve 109 Calvert, Cynthia 109 Camm, Sally 109 Camp, Steven 109 Campbell, Allethia 121 Campbell, Kerry 33, 48, 57, 61, 153, Campbell, Penny 109 Campbell, Wayne 52 Cannon, Barbara 109 Cannon, Carol 109 Cannon, Joyce 121 Cannon, Von 121 Capitol Hi-Y 47 Cardinal Hi-Y 46 Cardinal Talent Scout 45 Carmichael, Sondra 121 Carmichael, Sylvia 134 Carr, David 153 Carson, Raymond 110 Brooks, Gerald 109 Brooks, Harry 133 Brooks, Joann 109 Brooks, John 151 Brooks, Kay 121 Brooks Laurence 9, 14, 16 Brooks, Linda 109 Brooks, Marilyn 18, 24, 30, 32, 41, 48, 52, 54, 61, 151, 157 Brooks, Paul 14, 16, 68, 121 Brooks, Randy Lee 109 Brooks, Randolph 14, 16, 120 B roo ks, Robert 33, 151 Broome, Joan 20, 43, 48, 152 Brothers, Billye Faye 17, 23, 48, 49, 152 Brown, Beth 17, 121 Brown, Bonnie 10, 14, 24, 41, 53, 136, 152, 159 Brown, Mr. David 68, 72, 80, 81, 89 Brown, Donnie 35, 152, 200, 236 Brown, Ginger 109 Brown, Mr. Hugh 89 Brown, Judy Carol 14, 16, 121 Brown, Judy Colleen 49, 121 Brown, Patsy 48, 133 Brown, Rachael 121 Brown, Sheryl 109 Brown, Starlette 98, 121 Brown, William S. 109, 114 Brown, William 121 Brown, Virginia 38, 152 Bruce, 67, 81, 152, 169 Brumfield, Kay 109 Bryan, Wayne 14, 16, 29, 152 Bryant, Lester 121 Bryant, Robert 65, 133 'Bryant, Patsy 109 Buck, Linda 121 Buckley, Miss Dianne 89 Buckner, Danny 109 Buckner, Jerry 71, 133 Buettner, Janet 43, 152 Buettner, Judith 48, 71, 152, 192 Bumgarner, Mary 49, 59, 109 Burch, David 109 Burchett, Rebecca 109 Burchett, Robert 109 Burks, Thomas 63, 65, 134 Burnett, Bruce 152 Burnett, Freddie 152 Burnett, Mike 121 Burrell, Robin 134 Burton, Carolyn 134 Burton, Larry 134 Burton, Wanda 35, 152, 200 Butts, Frederick 109 Byrd, Henrietta 109 227 Carter, Arthur 29, 30, 134 Carter, Catherine 110 Carter, Claudia 122 Carter, Cynthia 38, 134 Carter, Elaine 110 Carter, Fran 134 Carter, Frank 35 Carter, Mr. George 23, 83, 89 Carter, Glenda 39, 134 Carter, lndia 39, 48, 152 Carter, Jerry 122 Carter, Joan 122 Carter, Judy 39 Carter, Katherine 110 Carter, Linda 153 Carter, Moy 122 Carter, Nancy 35, 153 Carter, Philip 153, 167, 170 Carter, Raymond 122 Carter, Sterling 39, 153 Carter, Susan 110 Casey, Barry 110 Cash, Patricia 38, 154 Casper, Cynthia 39, 110 Cassada, A. B. 110 Cassada, Cheryl 134 Cassada, Jeannie 17, 154 Cassada, Kay 122 Cassada, Susan 134 Cassell, Jo Ann 122 CAVALIER 40, 41 Cavalier Hi-Y 46 cawley, Bill 14, 16, 47, 52, 154, 185 Chambers, Gwynn 30, 134 Chandler, Patsy 110 Chaney, Donald 35 Chappel, Doris 55 Chappel, Lee 122 Chappel, Steve 134 Charles, Jerry 154 Chase, Larry 122 Chatterbox 43 Chattin, Delores 110 Chattin, Smoky 38, 46 Chavis, William 110 Chenault, Martha 21, 37, 38 Christopher, Mr. J. T. 2, 26, 51, 84, 86, 87, 106, 110, 134, 161, 176, zoo, 212 Circle, Linda 35 Civics Club 50 Clare, Bob 72, 73, 134 Clark, Annette 35, 154 Clark, Jamie 24, 32, 41, 54, 154, 157 Clark, Jo 52 Clark, John 110 Clark, Judy 42, 43, 153, 154 Clark, Clark Kathy 30, 32, 36, 41, 48, 53, 154 , Rebecca 110 Clark, Susan 110 Clark Clark Clark Clay, , Susan 134 , Suzanne 30, 32, 33, 36, 40, 45, 50, 52, 98, 154, 176, 191 Zandra 122 'Billy 35 Clayton, Judy 110 Crutchfield, Becky 10, 15, 24, 30, 32, 156, 206 Cudworth, Craig 156 Cudworth, Jo Ann 111 Cumbo, Dale 35, 135, 138 Currier, Tommy 63, 65, 135 Curry, Mrs. Betsy 89, 102, 103 Cuttle, Bob 122 D Davis, Ronald 122 Davis, Sheryl 122 Davis, Wayne 65, 135 Davis, William 111 Davis, Miss Worthy 90 Dawson, Ernest 111 Dawso Deal, Deal, n, Sheryl 1 1 1 Bruce 68, 122 David 1 1 1 Deaton, Barbara 111 Debate Club 32 Clayton, Clayton, Linda 35, 154 Ronnie 134 Clement, Hugh, 134 Clement, Sue 7, 155 Cleveland, William 122 Clifton, Barry 110 Clifton, Betty 155 Clifton, Dan 63, 80, 81, 134, 141 Clifton, Janet 48, 155 Clifton, Jerry 39, 46, 155, 181 Clifton, Shirley 17, 29, 155 Cobb, Anna 110 Cobb, Eunice 134 Coe, Miss Susan 89 Coffey, Robert 39, 110 Coggins, Coggins, Colbert, Coleman Coleman Coleman Coleman Coleman Collins, Sharon 42, 49, 135 William 109, 110 Doug 14, 16, 155 , Cathy 29, 31, 43, 49, 50, 53, 70, 132, 133, 135 , Charles 155 , Mike 97, 155 , Mildred 21, 38, 132 , Rodney 110 Beverly 122 Collis, Harriett 155, 167 Compton, Shirley 122 Concert Band 16 Concert Choir 39 Condon, Mary 122 Confederate Hi-Y 46 Conley, Ronald 135, 138 Conner, Myra 110 Connor, Lee 47, 50, 51, 63, 78, 155 Cook, Pat 122 Cook, Steve 155 Cook, Wayne 72, 73, 135 Cooper, Cooper, Curtis 110 David 14, 16, 39, 155 Copeland, Catherine 49, 110 Copeland, Mrs, Elizabeth 84, 195 Corbin, Corbin, Freddy 110 Lee 156 Corn, Nancy 28, 38 Corum, Sandra 110 Couch, Miss Mary Frances 89 Covington, Miss Phyllis 89 Cowan, Scott 14, 16, 23, 156, 192 Cowan, Steven 14, 16, 135 Cowan, Vern 135 Cox Darryl 39 156 Cox: Judy 21, '38, oo Cox, Lewis 122 Cox, Ne uso 90, 135 Cox, Phyllis 35, 135, 144 Cox, Sammy 111 Cox, Susan 21, 38, 122 Crai Bets 39 49 111 Dalton Dalton Betty 35 Bonnie 39, 157 Dalton Donnie 122 Dalton Judy 39, 157 Dalton Lewis 157 Dalton, Mike 111 Dalton, Vivian E. 122 Dalton, Vivian G. 135 Daly, Jerry 35 Dameron, Brenda 57, 111 Dameron, Donnie 14, 16, 157 Dance, Linda 122, 126 Dance, Michael 122 Daniel, Marie 21, 38, 157 Daniel, Virginia 135 Daniels, Doug 135 Daughrity, Ruth Ann 122 Davis, Barbara 135 Davis, Becky 35, 157 Davis, Brenda 122 Davis, Carol 122 Davis, Carolyn 157 Davis, Charlotte 39, 48, 157, 181 Davis, Colleen 122 Davis, Cynthia 157 Davis, Dale 39, 111 Davis, Decarlo 122 Davis, Donald 14, 16, 111 Davis, Dyanne 135 Davis, Ernest Davis, Gary 111 Davis, Harrold Davis, Joe 111 Davis, Joe 122 Davis, Mrs. Mabel 89 Davis, Miss Mary Joe 58, 89, 119, 1 5 5 1 i f A gvhg Xt lr 1 l 202 DeBoe, Brenda 122 Deboe, Joel 12, 29, 31, 51, 52, 55, 64, 65, 66, 67, 68, 150, 153, 157, 195 Dee, Patrick 111 Deese, Tommy 135 DeHart, James 158 DeHaven, Mary 39, 139 Deitz, Ronnie 158, 196 Dellinger, William 111 Deloach, Clyde 122 Denny, Elizabeth 34, 158 Denny, Mr. J. R. 87 Denson, Anthony 111 Denson, Edwin 39 DeSera, Ernest 122 Dewberry, Linda 135 Dibrell, Alice 50, 135, 140, 141 Dickens, Ernie 7, 135 Dickens, Tommy 55, 135, 203 Dickerson, Kenneth 111 Dillard, Jerry 122 Dishman, Mrs. Celia 95 Dishman, Mike 29, 30, 31, 40, 47, 50, 51, 54, 65, 81, 105, 132, 133, 135 Distributive Education 35 Dix, Carolyn 135 Dix, Lee 44, 45, 135 Dix, Polly 158 Dix, Tony 111 Dixon, Danny 111 Dodd, Barry 111 Dodd, Donna 48, 158, 194 Dodson, Pat 39, 122 Dodson, Phyllis 122 Donelson, Willis 14, 16, 135 Dooley, James 135 Dooley, Judy 135 Dooley, Richard 158 Door, Thomas 14, 16, 123 Dorman, Jay 22, 29, 30, 31, 47, 50, 51, 62, 63, 65, 78, 136 Door, Robert 14, 16, 46, 51, 158 Dorsett, Victor 136 Doss, Joyce 123 Doss, Linda 136 Doss, Richard 111 Doss, Thomas 136 Douglas, John 123 Douglas, William 111, 114 Drew, Susan 7, 29, 38, 158 Drewry, Lynne 34, 158 Drumwright, Nancy 49, 111 Drumwright, Ricky 111 Dryden, James 111 Drye, Dawn 102, 103, 126 Dryman, Vickie 41, 158 Dubose, Carleen 49, 123 Dunca Q1 Y I r Craig, Patsy 122 Crane, Donnie 34 Crane, Gayle 28, 57 Crane, Linda 111 i f Q511 Crawford, Kathy 39, 111 ii Crawford, Sue 39, 111 J 1 Crawley, Vivian 111 5 E Creasey, Elbert 111 1 Creasey, Wesley 52 Crider, David 28 Cross, Nancy 89 Crowder, Ann 35 Crowder, David 111 1 Crowder, Donna 122 , Crowder, Edward 111 N A , ,', Crowder, James 63, 80, 81, 156 rsf- 1 Crowell, Jerry 111 13111 I1 :Mir Crowell, Karla 156 Crumpton, Danny 68, 122 Crumpton, Eddie 156 TRYING TO REMEMBER his locker combination is freshman Jimmy Wells. 228 Dudley, David 123 Dudley, Jerry 136 n Carroll 123 Duncan, Linwood, 7, 12, 14, io, 30, 32, 33, 41, so, 51, 90, 103, 159, 187 Dunn, Martha Jo 36, 37, 42, 43, 70, 159, 197, 207 Dunnevant, William 123 Durham, Judy 123 Durham, Kitty 17, 111 Dykes, Joseph 123 Dykes, Mike 30, 103, 159 E Eanes, David 123 Eanes, Doris 123 Eanes, Henry 34, 136 Eanes, Jimmie 136 Eanes, Johnny F. 123 Eanes, Johnny W. 123 Eanes, L. T. 111 Eanes, Larry 111 Earl, Helen 29, 126 Earles, Betty Lou 24, 30, 32, 40, 41, 48, 54, 157, 159 Eason, Lena 159 East, Bertha 122 East, Roger 111 Eastridge, Gene 63, 65, 78, 136 Echols, Robert 47, 65, 68, 74, 123 Edwards, Artie 14, 16, 136 Edwards, Dennis 160, 167 Edwards, Joey 111 Elliott, Amy 37, 111 Elliott, Carter 136 Elliott, Jerry 80, 81, 160 Elliott, Sylvia 160 Emerson, Harold 111 Emerson, Nancy 111 England, Thomas 14, 16, 123 Farthing, Hatsy 15, 36, 44, 45, 53, 150, 206 Farthing, Libby 112 Farthing, Sandra 112 Farthing, Sherrill 14, 16, 63, 78, 160 Feiblema n, Frankie 42, 43, 55, 136 Feldman, Bob 51, 74, 123 Ferguson, Allen 14, 16, 123 Ferguson, Carolyn 7, 39, 48, 161 Ferguson, David 112 Ferguson Donna 48, 136 Ferguson, Lisa 39, 136 Ferrell, Jerry 28, 35, 48, 161 Ferrell, Mr. Joe 95 Ferrell, Karen 28, 112 Ferrell, Patricia 24, 136 Ferrell, Randy 112 Ferrell, Robert 112 Ferrell, Sandra 161 Ferris, Michael 123 Finley, Carol 56, 161 English, John 123 English, Linda A. 160, 163 English, Linda G. 123 Estes, Miss Josephine 41, 90, 101 Estlow, John 160 Evans, Anna 57, 136 Evans, Dale 59, 123 Evans, Darrel 112 Evans, Dawn 14, 16, 59, 160, 181 Evans, George 46 Evans, Nelle 95 Evans, Richard 46, 51, 63, 72, 73, 82, 136 Fisher, Jo Ann 37, 39, 161 Fitts, Tommy 112 Fitzgerald, Ann 17, 123 Fitzgerald, Miss Dorothy 90 Fitzgerald, James 123 Fitzgerald, Nancy 61, 70, 123, 125,135 Fitzpatrick, Mike 28, 109, 112 Fitzpatrick, Ronnie 30, 36, 161, 193 Fleming, Cleo 14, 16, 136 Fleming, Mark 133, 136 Evans, Tommy 30, 63, 65, 81, 160 Everett, Jane 136 Everett, Patricia 14, 16, 136 F Falk, Susan 112 Farley, Beth 70, 123 Farlow, Carolyn 37,112 Farmer, Ann 21, 38, 49, 123 Farmer, Barry 14, 16, 160, 181 Farthing, Harvey 136 THE HUMAN UNICYCLE rides again. In her physics class, Florence Ann Tompkins performed various gyrations in demonstrat- ing the gyroscope wheel. Flora, Jo Ann 21, 38, 136 Floria, Mr. William 90 Floyd, Carol 136 Floyd, Patricia 28, 112 Floyd, Susan 112 Flynn, Carol 112 Forbes, Sandra 123 Forehand, Miss Ethel 90 Foster, Anita 14, 16, 30, 39, 55, 161, 203 Foster, Beverly 37, 54, 136 Foster, Cecil 161 Foster, Kenneth 68, 136 Foster, Page 14, 16, 162 Fowler, Cheryl 112 Fowler, Linda 49, 123 Fowler, Martha 24, 30, 41, 126, 162, 244 Fowlkes, Nancy 136 Fox, Mike 123 Fralin, Jimmy 14, 16, 162 Francis, Linda 162 Francis, Ruth 21, 38 Francisco, Elaine 123 Franklin, Dianna 162 6. Franks, Pat 48, 162 Frazier, Linda 162 Freeze, Marie 112 Freeze, Roger 63, 76, 162, 190 Freeze, Ronald 137 French, Club 53 Friedman, Robert 46, 123 Fulcher, Bosco 38,46 Fuller, Janice 123 Fuller, Joel 137 Fuller, Katherine 112 Fulton, Crig 32, 41, 54, 163, 165 Fuquay, James 137 Furguson, Allen 14, 16, 46, 137 Furguson, Amy 39, 51, 163, 181 Furguson, Kelly 29, 46, 51, 74, 123 Future Future Future Homemakers of America 56 Nurses of America 57 Teachers of America 58 G Gabbell, Mr. William 90 Gaddy, Gains, Stephen 29, 46, 51, 72, 73, 137 David 112 Gambrell, Cathy 112 Gammon, Patricia 17, 123 Ganey, Garnell Richard 137, 138 Edward 133 Garrett: Allen 112 Garrett, Carolyn 55, 123, 126 Garrett, Charles 123 229 "THAT FRENCH TEST was a dilly!" be- moaned Bill Turner, as Linda Oakes found hilarity in his predicament. Garrett, David 123 Garrett, Joan 44, 45, 48, 70, 137 Garrison, Johnny 118 Gates, Melinda 37, 39, 112 Gatewood, Brenda 30, 34, 163 Gatewood, Jo Ann 137, 144 Gauldin, Joe 137 General Music 38 Gentry, Charles 7, 123 Gentry, Harry 46, 163 George, Caroline 20, 137 German Club 55 Gerringer, Stephen 112 Gibbs, Sally 163 Gibbs, Susan 1 12 Gibson, Deborah 17, 123 Gibson, Jo Ann 123 Gibson , John 123 Gibson, Lewis 35, 137 Gibson, Pamela 112 Gibson, Miss Peggy 7, 95 Gilbert, Alice 123 Gilbert, John 112 Gilbert, Kay 137 Gilbert, Linda 137 Giles, Miss Betty 90, 109 Giles, Donna 29, 30, 36, 44, 45, 50, 163, 191 Giles, Elizabeth 48, 137 Giles, Jerry 9, 14, 16, 50, 51, 54, 157, 163, 185 Giles, Joseph 69 Giles, Michael 26, 30, 32, 46, 54, 63, 64, 65, 66, 67, so, 163, 169 Giles, Steve 112, 114 Gill, Ervin 137 Gilley, Cora 35 Gilley, Dennis 63, 65, 133, 137 Gilley, Rodney 123 Gillesp ie, Cathy 28, 123 Girls' Athlete Association 60 Girls' Chorus 38 Glass, Frank 42, 43, 137 I Glass, Ronnie 38, 123 Glidewell, Frances 239 Glidewell, Sue 112 Glosson, Patsy 35, 164 Goad, Richard 100, 123 Goard, Mr. Robert 53, 90 Godfrey, Michael 14, 16, 124 Godsey, Mary 137 Golden, Mrs. Suzanne 43, 90 Gooch, Mr. William 90 Goode, David 135, 164 Goodson, Louie 12, 33, 51, 55, 159, 164 Goodson, Steve 112 Gore, Sharon 112 Gosney, Beverly 124 Gosney, Carolyn 112 Gosney, Jeff 39 Gosney, Judy 112 Goss, Dale 14, 16, Goss, Kenneth 164, 181 Gough, Gould, Patrick 55, Miss Laura 90 164 Gourley, Alan 112 Gourley, Kent 112 Gover, Bonnie 104, 112 Graham, Mrs. Carolyn 91 Graham, Michael 121 Grant, Carroll 137 Grant, Lawson 10, 29, 30, 32, 43, 46, 50, 51, 52, 54, 63, 82, 164, 197 Grantham, Janice 112 Gravely, Carol 112 Gravely, Joan 124 Gravely, Judy 43 Graves, Gravett, Gravett, Kermit 164 29, 46, 137 Judy 37, 38, 43, 54, 164, 197 Rebecca 30, 37, 55, 59, 137 Gray, David 164 Gray, Janie 164 Green, Green, Greene, Genevieve 39, 165 Sam 113 Brooks 40, 41, 52, 55, 59, 103, 155, 162, 165, 212, 245 "HEY, HAND US some candy bars!" yelled Eddie Barrick and Nancy Williams to someone in the lounge. Greene, Mr. Earl 21, 91 Greene Michael 1 13 Greene Richard 109 113 Greenspan, Rita 124' Griffin, Griffin, Griffith, Griffith, Griffith, Griffith, Grogan Gfubbe' Grubbs, Mr. Bennie 89, 91 Luther 68 Becky 124 David 43, 47, 50, Donald 74 Susan 124 Thomas 124 Bett 124 Y Nancy 42, 43, 54, Guill, Paul 165 Guill, Sandra 137 , Julie 22, 24, 48, 54, 61, 95, 137 51, 55, 63, 165 70, 139, 140 Hall, Susan 39, 98, 137 Haar, Mr. Norman 91 Gunnell, Bobby 113 Gunnell, Carroll 124 Gunnell, Frankie 124 Gusler, Mr. Jesse 91 Guthrie, Linda 35, 137 H Ham, Naomi 124 Hair, Miss Evelyn 91, 96, Haley, Bill 35, 137 Haley, Hubert 34 126 Hall, Thomas 124 Halperin, Susan 42, 43, 137 Ham, Miss Jeanie 91 Hamblen, Marleen 124 Hamilton, Luther 113 Hamlett, Hamlett, Hamlin, Connie 124 Kenneth 138 Johnny 46, 51, 72, 73, 138 Hamm, Carolyn 124, 244 Hampton, Mr. Joel 91, 118 Hancock, Claudia 117 Hancock, Donnie 124 Hancock, Dovie 35, 138 Hancock, Kay 138 Hancock, Margaret 17, 38, 56, 165 Hancock, Hancock, Roslyn 29, 54, 154, 158,155 Handy, Carol 165 Handy, Jo Ann 35, 165 Hankins, Arlene 124 Hankins, Charleen 39, 113 Hankins, Nancy 37, 39, 43, 189, 202 Hankins, Patricia 113 Hankins, William 47, 166 Hankins, Wilson 124 Hanks, Janice 138 Haraway, Joan 166 Hardin, Mr. Dave 91, 96 Hardison, Donald 124 Haley, Jerry 28, 124 Haley, Pat 109, 113 Hall, Barbara 109, 113 Hall, Buddy 14, 16 Hall, Hall, Hall Harrold 113 lda 113 lrvin 39 124 1-1011, James 137 Hall, James V, 63, 64, 65, Hall, John 68, 124 Hall Hall Nancy 35, 165 Page 137 66, 72, 73, 165 Hardy, Betty Jo 138 Hardy, Beverly 48 Hardy, Bonnie 113 Hardy, Brenda 166 Hardy, Cheryl 124 Hardy, Lynda 124 Hardy, Marie 49, 124 Hardy, Sandra 113 Harley, Alice 30, 36, 41, 54, 159, 166 Harlow, Richard 88, 113 Harmon, Miss Mary Frances 58, 91 Harmon, Ray 138 Harrah, Billy 166 230 Harris, Barbara 18, 30, 41, 90, Harris, Betsy 20, 22, 24, 138 Harris, Brenda 35, 43, 148 Harris, Brenda C. 58, 166 Harris, Carolyn 138 Harris, Charles 138 Harris, Mr. James 91, 103 Harris, Lee 166 Harris, Margaret 17, 138 Harris, Michael 124, 138 Harrison, Sandra 54, 59, 166, 181 Harrold, Mr. Richard 91, 97 Harvey, Dianna 113 Harvey, Peyton 138 Harville, Ann 124 Harville, Deliah 113 Harville, Michael 124 Haskins, Haskins, Hasty, James 125 Hatcher, Dianna 32, 42, Haulsee, Larry 78, 167 Hawkins, Carolyn 28, 49, Hawkins, Michael 14, 16, Hawkins, Robert 39, 167 Hawkins, Scottie 125 Hawkins Vickie 38 167 Hayden, Barbara 125 Hayes, Brenda 113 Haymes, Linda 48, 167 Haymore, Nancy 167 Haymore, Norma 113 Haymore, Pat 113 Hayn Hayn Hayn Hays, es, Emmett 113 es, Stephen 138 esworth, Susan 113 Sandra D. 49, 125 Sandra K. 41, 154, 166 166 125 125 Hays, Barbara 138 Pam 55, 61, 70, 125 Haywood, David 44, 45, Haze Haze Head, lwood, Dorothy 138 lwood, Roy 125 Robert 124, 125 Heady, Brenda 17, 168 Heffernam, John 125 Heffernan, Patricia 168 Heffernan, Robert 138 Heffinger, Libby 39, 168 Heldreth, Larry 55, 138 Heldreth, Mike 69, 75, 1 erson, Diane 49, 125 Hend Hend Hend erson, Ellen 49, 113 erson, George 14, 16 Henderson, James 65, 138 Henderson, Marsha 113 Henry, Donald 97, 168 Herndon, Carolyn 125 Herndon, Donnie 125 Hicks, Jonathan 113 High, Ann 113 High, Racky 1 13 Highfield, Rebecca 138 Highfield, Rhonda 125 Hill, Carolyn 138 Hill, Gwen 35, 38 Hill, Lucy 113 Hill, Rachael 21, 138 Hilliard, Kathy 39 Hilliard, Melody 7, 168 Hilliard, Pete 55, 125 Hillia Hil Hodg Hodg Hodg Hodg Hodg 65, 167 13 rd, Wayne 37, 38, 168 eimer John 168 tzh , Hines, Nancy 49, 113 e, Barbara 113 e, Mrs. Elizabeth 91 e, Ellis 49, 113 es, Joyce 34, 169 es, Wayne 125 Hofelmeyer, Fred 138 Hoffman, Margaret 125 Hoga Hoga n, Joan 169 n, Mike 125 Hoke, Sally 20, 125 Holcombe, John 113 Holder, Mary 113 Holla nd, Jo Ann 40, 54, 138 153 Holland, Susan 39, 113 Holleman, Artie 169 Holley, Cheryl 35, 138 Holley, Debbie 58, 70, 105 Holley, Linda 125 Holliday, Carl 139 Holliday, John 14, 16, 125 Hollowell, Miss Mary 101 Holmes, Judy 30, 36, 48, 96, 161, 191, 207 Holt, Johnny 169 Holton, Mildred 38, 90, 169 Humble, Ingram, Betty 125 Hoobler, Sandra 48, 56, 170 Hoover, Bill 113 Hopkins, Ken 10, 11, 47, 51, 63, 72, 73, 150, 170 Hopkins, Jeanette 139, 144 Hopkins, Jerry 125 Hopkins, Patricia 139 Hornaday, John 14, 16, 63, 65, 139 Horsley, Beverly 139 Horsley, Cynthia 113 Horsley, Donnie 139 Hoskins, Karen 139 Hoskins, Linda 139 Houser, Mr. Thomas 32, 91, 97 Howard, Mrs. Joy 91 Howard, Judy 41, 48, 170 Howard, Kenneth 113 Howard, Leon 139 Howard, Pat 48, 170 Howard, Thomas 113 Howell, Francis 27, 113 Howell, Joyce 170, 192 Howerton, Carol 49, 113 Hudgins, Buddy 63, 81, 139 Hudgins, Carolyn 17, 49, 113 Hudgins, Donnie 113 Hudgins, Robert 14, 16, 170 Hudson, Bruce 14, 16, 125 Hudson, Dean 113 Hudson, Martha 189 Hudson, Roger 63 "DOING HOMEWORK lN homeroom wasn't easy," said Robin Mustain. Huff, Frances 35, 48, 139 Huff, Jack 75, 113 Huff, Kay 125 Huff, Ruby 28, 49, 109, 113 Huffman, Rebecca 39, 113 Huffstetler, Andrew 69, 114 Hughes, Hughes, Ann 28, 114 Fred 11, 18, 29, 47, 50, 63, 64, 65, 66, 80, 81, 140, 170 140, 170 Hughes, Michael 14, 16, 63, 65, 125, Hughes, Nancy 35, 139 Hughes, Sarah Ford 30, 32, 41, 42, 43, 170, 192 Hulin, Esther 114 Hulin, Lewis 114 Brenda 49, 125 Humphrey, Clarence 114 Humphrey, Margaret 139 Hundley, Frank 114 Hundley, Valerie 170 Hunter, Katherine 125 Huppert, Frank 139 Huppert, Mitchell 114 Hutcherson, Donna Hutchinson, Arlene 139 Hutson, Roger 35, 139 Hyde, Barbara 114 Hyde, Bill 12, 33, 51, 56, 103, 153, 159, 170, 192 Hlyer, Ann 56 Hyler, Teresa 125 Ingram, David N. 35, 65, 139 Ingram, David W. 139 lnter-Club Council 52 International Relations Club 50 lreson, Ava 49, 126 lreson, Barbara 114 Irwin, Sadie 42, 48, 170 lsenhour, Nancy 59, 114 Isom, Larry 46, 78 Isom, Pamela 38, 139 lson, Angela 125 Jones, Darrell 126 Jones, Dennis 139 Jones, Dianne 171, 189, 230 Jones, Donna 173 Jones, Miss Elizabeth 92, 101, 114 Jones, Erman 172 Jones, Gary 126 Jones, Jimmie 74, 126 Jones, Kay 109, 126 Jones, Kay Carol Jones, Leon 35, 172 Jones, Linda G. 43, 172 Jones, Linda L. 172 Jones, Mary Elizabeth 172 Jones, Michael 83, 138, 139, 161, 172 Jones, Michelle 114 Jones, Miller B. 50, 63, 72, 73, 126 172 Jones, Sandra 60, 172, 192 Jones, Sue 43, 173 Jones, Suzanne 42, 43, 173 Jones, Virginia 49 Jordan, Bonnie 114 Jordan, Carter 33, 90, 173 Jordan, Dorsey 126 Jordan, Mike 139 Judiciary 31 Julian, Alice 114 Junior Rotarians 51 Junior University Women 36 Justice, Larry 99, 114 K Keatts, Linda 139 Keatts, Margaret 35, 173 Keeling, Beverley 29, 139 Kellis, George 114 Kello, Ann 48, 61, 173, 181 Kello, Anna 48, 61, 173, 192 Kello, Robert 76, 140 Kelly, Clark 140 Kelly, Michael 55, 126 eiasez i ! f ini 'ti' l"'i'f E. J Jackson, Jackie 114 Jackson, Janet 171 Jackson, Myra 21, 38, 139 Jackson, Raymond 75, 114 Jackson, Robert 139 Jackson Susan 114 Jackson: Wayne 52, 114 Jamison, David 114 Jarrett, Emma 114 Jarrett, Shirley 61 Jarvis, Nancy 125 Jarvis, Odell 14, 16 Jefferson , Miss Betty Lou 92 Jefferson, Clinton 114 Jefferson, David 125 Jefferson, Rita 171 Jefferson Jefferson , Gregory 114 , Michael 75, 114 Jeffress, Jim 14, 16, 24, 32, 41, 171, 185, 198, 205 Jeffries, Patsy 114 Jeffries, William 68, 126 Jeffries, Rosalind 34, 171 Johns, Barbara 114 Johns, Richard 114 Johnson, Alan 43, 114 Johnson, Blair 29, 32, 43, 44, 45, Johnson, Guy 28, 63, 65, 74, 126 Johnson, Mary Ellen 61 Johnson, Pamela 114 Johnson, Patricia 49, 126 Johnson, Steve 126 Jones, Betty 114 Jones, Brenda 139 Jones, Brenda 171 Jones, Cathy 114 Jones, Craig 38, 171 Jones, Danny 171 231 54, 171 ESCAPING THE RUSH in the halls, Anne Whitehurst, Judy Williams and Becky Toler studied on the steps. Kendall, Mr. Ben ea, 69, 72, 73, az, 92 Kendrick, Becky 140 Kendrick, Doug 173 Kessler, Lynda 173 Key Club 51 Kilgore, Shirley 140, 144 Kiltie Korps 17 Kimbrell, Dorothy 173 Kirby, Carolyn 35, 173 Kirby, Jonathan 114 Kirby, Kathy 114 Kitchen, Eva 49, 126 Kitchen, Robert 114 Klaff, Deborah 126 Klien, Danny 114 Knick, Jean 114 Knick, Louise 35, 174 Knick, Stanley 140 Knowles, Linda 57, 61, 140 Koplen, Donald 41, 46, 51, 63, 76 '176 Koplen, Ronnie 11, 32, 43, 50, 58, 176 Kossoff, Jean 43, 54, 139, 140 Kowitz, Waldeman 59, 114 Kushner, Ben 126 Kushner, Bonnie 114 Kushner, Bruce 12, 32, 44, 45, 46, 51, 176 Kushner, Mrs. Margaret 45, 55, 92 Ladd, L Mr. Bernard 84, 87, 172 Lakey, Mr. Harold 66, 78, 79, 92 Lambert, Melodie 20, 40, 133, 140 Lancaster, Vincent 140 Lane, James 35, 140 Langford, Esther 114 LaPrade, Frances 114 LaPrade, Shirley 126 Laramore, Bob 16, 50, 51, 140 Large, Mike 170, 174 Large, Patricia 140 LaRue, Samuel 39 Lassiter, Mr. Mike 66, 69, 92 Latin Club 54 Lavinder, Linda 21, 38 Lavinder, Regina 114 Lawrence, Betty 109 Lawson, Arthur 75, 114 Lawson, Rachael 144 Lawton, Gail 61, 108, 144, 108 Lay, Ronald 39 Lea, Mrs. Cheney 12, 41, 92 Lea, Dirk, 23, 28, 32, 126 Lea, Mr. Townes 86 Lea, Walker 54, 59, 114 Ledford, Dianne 17, 126 Ledford, Joan 61, 114 Ledfo rd, Tony 34, 140, 230 LeFevers, Donna 114 LeFevers, Helen 17 Lemley, Marcia 28, 49, 114 Lemons, John 174 Leonard, David 174 Leonard, George 133, 140 Leonard, Larry 140 Leonard, Ruth 61, 70, 126 Lester, Donald 126 Lester, Rusty 47, 50, 63, 72, 82, 174 Lester, Vickie 140 Lettergirls 14 Lewis, Anne 49, 114 Lewis Lewis Lewis , Brenda 114 , George 174 , John 30, 47, 63, 65, 81, 153, 174 Lewis, Judy C. 140 Lewis, Judy G. 114, 231 Lewis Judy K. 22, 140 Lewis: Patsy 43, 54, 58, 133, 139, 140 Lewis, Robert 78, 175 Lewis Susan 24 32 41 54 175 1.ewaa1Tam.33,'12a' ' ' Lewis Tro 35 175 I Y I Lewis, Virginia Lewis , William 14, 16, 126 Lindsay, Miss Bonnie 92 Lindsey, Brenda 115 Link, Harry 50, 51, 63, 175 Linkous, Mr. John 34, 92 Lipford, Pem 175 Little, Kathy 115 Long, Brenda 21, 38, 48, 140 Long, Carolyn 35, 175 Long, Linda 115 Long, Thomas 115 Looney, Miss Katherine 25, 92 Looney, Mrs. Virginia 92 Love, Gale 28, 70, 126 Love, June 22, 54, 58 Love, Maureen 109, 115 Lovelace, Ann 21, 38, 175, 197 Lovelace, Glenn 175 Lovelace, John 126 Loving, Kathy 49, 115 Lowe, Lacy 68, 123 204 Lucado, Judy 24, 32, 41, 159, 175, Luckie, Carol 61, 115 Lunsford, Glenn 68 Luther, Sue 52, 119 Lynch, Ernest 65, 126 Lynch, James 115 M MacLauchlan, Dick 141 McBrayer, Anne 48, 61, 133, 139, 141 McBride, Judy 30, 34, 176 McBride, Rebecca 35, 48, 176 McBurney, Katy 98, 176 McCarter, Leon 141 McCormick, Jerry 141 McCraw, Landen 141 "l'D RATHER SWITCH than fight," said Don Brown as he flicked on the lights in the D.E. office on a gloomy winter day. 232 Macabbane, Bill 46, 63, 65, 176 McCubbins, Bobbie 20, 126 McCubbins, Phyllis 7, 39, 173, 176 McCune, McCurdy, McDaniel, Carolyn 115 Miss Jean 92, 101 Charles 176 McDaniel, Frank 115 McDaniel, Linda 17, 29, 39, 141 McDowell, Allen 39, 115 McDowell, Kathy 126 McFarling, Danny 7, 145 McFarling, Sandra 141 McGaha, McGhee, McGhee, McGhee Joyce 126 Daryl 14, 16, 141 Diane 5, 30, 32, 36, 41, 44, 45, 177, 193 Sue 115 Meeiaaahlaa, Mary Fuller 10, 36, 37, McGowan 42, 43, 70, 153, 177, 197 Michael 37, 43, 141 McGregor, Dwain 141 McGregor, Jo Ann 49, 126 McGregor, Thomas 35, 141 McGuire, Darlene 21, 38, 57, 126 McGuire, David 63, 78, 177 McGuire, Jack 38, 159, 177 McHaney, Linda 115 Mclvor, Ruth 115 McKinney, James 37, 126 McKinney, Jo Ann 126 McMann, David 51, 177 McSwain, Miss Dianne 43 Mabe, Dana 115 Mabe, Milton 59, 115 Madox, Ginger 126 Maiorettes 15 Marienfeldt, Helga 126 Marienfeldt, Karen 55, 177 Marilla, Ricky 14, 16 Marlow, Janet 49, 115 Marlow, John 126 Marsella, Jerry 28, 31, 46, 5 , 0 51, 63, 76, 77, 126 Judy 71, 141 Marsella, Marshall, Art 99 Marshall, David 115 Marshall, Regina 115 Martin, Betty 20, 28, 126 Martin, E dward 54, 141 Martin, Edwin 55, 177 Martin, Kathleen 127 Martin, Mary 127 Martin, Sammy 127 Martin, Shirley 37, 141 Martin, Steven 115 Martin, Tonia 61, 177 Martin, Vicki 141 Mason, Melvin 65 Mast, Betsy 42, 43, 177 Matherly, Jerry 14, 16, 127 Mathews, Bruce 115 Mathews, Jimmy 14, 16, 127 Mathews, Kim 141 Mathews, Ray 177 Mathews, Rodger 14, 16, 177 Matkins, Linda 39, 141 Maurakis, Andy 141 Maurakis, Eugene 68, 127 May, Darrell 14, 16, 127 May, Linda 115 Mayhew, Carolyn 49, 115 Mayhew, Donnie 115 Maynard, Sandra 57, 127 Mayo, Janice 24, 26, 30, 32, 41, 53, 70, 177, 230 Mays, Mr. Calvin 95 Mays, Joyce 4, 48, 178, 203 Mays, Walter 115 Meadors, Allen 141 Oa kes, 52, 64, 178, 196 Meadors, Charlotte 4, 20, 24, 32, 41, Meadors, Don 63, 127 Meadors, Judy 42, 48, 159, 178 Meadors, Meadows Tonia 39, 178 R01 h 39 68, 105, 127 , P , Meadows, Sandra 181 Meeks, Kim 14, 16, 141 Mercer, Linda 37, 54, 55, 57, 141 Merchant, Joe 141 Merricks, Bonnie 115 Merricks, Harold 14, 16, 142 Merricks, Leroy 142, 230 P Middleton, Kenneth 37, 39, 127 Miller, Mrs. Evelyn 50, 93 Miller, Mr. Kenneth 44, 45, 50, 51, Mills 93, 155, 158 Larry A. 115 Mills, Mary Jac 49, 127 Mills, Michael 127 Mills, Sandra 21, 178 Minnow, Terry 52 Minter, Earl 115 Minter, Rodger 127 Minter, Terry 115 Moore, Barbara 61, 142 Moore, Bill 115 Moore, Carolyn 34, 178 Moore, Danny 99 Moore Deborah 49 109, 115 Moore, Gale 127 I Moore, Garnett Moore, Gerald 127 Moore, Irene 178 Moore, Jo Ann 98, 178 Moore, Lavonne 115 Moore, Linda 142 Moore, Patricia 178 Moore Ronald 142 Mooreiaeld, Kay 127 Moorefield, Patsy Moorefield, Vickie 115 Moran, Thomas 54, 142 Morgan, Bonne 48, 60, 142 Morgan, James 115 Morgan, Judy 115 Morgan, Linda 127 Morgan, Vickie 115 Morgan, Vickie 35, 39, 142 Morgan William 115 Morris, ,Eva 49, 127 O Oakes, Brenda 116 Oakes, Carlton 127 Oakes, Carolyn 116 Oakes, Linda 10, 29, 30, 31, 44, 70, 135, 142, 253 Maurice 142 Oakley, Linda 90, 179 Oakley, Richard 179 Oglesby, Mr. Vincent 93, 184 O'Neil, Steven 39 Orrell, Ken 116 Morris, Faye 49, 115 1 178, 206 Mitchell, Claudia 12, 15, 19, 30, 31, 36, 50 Mitchell, Delores 141 Mitchell, Dianne 115 Mitchell, Richard 3, 63, 167, 178 Mitchell, Mr. Robert 93, 125 Mitchell, Warren 127 Morris, George 46, 127 Morris, Jay 4, 32, 41, 52, 54, 157, 166, 179, 182, 192 Morrow, Diane 179, 192 Moseley, Mrs. Elizabeth 90, 92, 93 Osborne, David 179 Osborne, Dianne 180 Osborne, Mary 127 Osborne, Richard 142 Osborne, Saline 29, 142 Overby, Susan 39, 127 Overton, Aline 20, 36, 50, 54, 142 Overton, Bill 24, 41, 55, 59, 178, 180, 191, 212 Overton, Mr. W. C. 87 Owens, Owen, Claude 76 Mike 37 Page, Robin 180, 203 Parham, Harriett 30, 32, 41, 54, 197 Parker, Harry 116 Parker, Judy 180 Parker, Larry 116 Mitchelle, Anne 42, 50, 142 Mitchell, Carole 126, 127 Mixed Chorus 39 Model T's 36 Moir, Peggy 30, 31, 32, 33, 52, 70, 143 Moll, Robert 33, 39 Monogram Club 63 Moon, Susan 90 Mooneyham, Norma 178 43, 50, 178, 230 Moore, Anne 36, 44, 45, 70, 142 , , , Q, I , 'lf' ' ' ,, ,,,,. . ,-'L . 5 ' ' 1: ' Phelps, Mary Anne 35, 143 fr.. .. Moss, David 127 Moss, Donna 115 Motley, A. B. 20, 28, 74, 127 Motley, Dianne 127 Motley, Faye 115 Motley, Hodges 29, 54, 55, 142 Motley, Linda 127 Mullins, Arthur 142 Mullins Brenda 127 Mumpower, Danny 115 Mumpower, Linda 115 Munford, James Munford, Samuel 115 Murphy, Gary 160, 167, 179 Murphy, Marie 127 Murphy, Michael 115 Murphy, Phyllis 49, 127 Muse, Cynthia 127 Mustain, Cheryl 115 Mustain, Donald 20, 46, 63, 65, 76, 77 Mustain, Robin 43, 54, 133, 139, 140, 142, 235 Myers, Jane 49, 127 Myers, Joan 48 Myrick, Myrick, Alan 179 Janet 127 N Nakdiman, Steve 142 Napier, National Edward 179 Honor Society 30 Neal, Duane 142 Neal, Mrs. Louise 95 Neathery, Patricia 39, 115 Nelson, Mr. Matt Newlin, Nancy 61 Newman, Bonnie 116 Newman , Brenda 37, 142 Newman, David 127 Newman , Patrick 116 Newman, Richard 116 Newman, Will 179 Newton, Newton, Donna 28, 127 Frances 179 Nix, Tony 116 Nixon, Sara Louise 4, 30, 32, 36, 43, 52, 179 Nolan, Curtis 127 Nolan, Kawania 179, 181 Nolan, Tony 68 Parnell, Patricia 35, 180 Parris, Julius 69, 77, 116 Parris, Ken 47, 50, 51, 63, 64, 65, 66, 76, 180, 202 Parris, Mary 127 Parrish, Brenda 57, 116 Parrish, Janice 35, 180 Parrish, John 143 Parsons, David 116 Parsons, Doug 127 Patterson, Anne 116 Patterson, David 114, 116 Patton, Dennis 116 Patton, Larry 64, 65, 180 Patty, Dane 63, 82, 181, 230 Paul, Jim 14, 16, 143 Paul, Joyce 17, 143 "HO! HO! HO!" Cheryl Townsend dis- plays her holiday spirit, while she straight ens stock on the job at Christmas time. Norman, Cooper 4, 20, 33, 103, 179 Norris, Cathy 116 Norton, Bill 29, 30, 91, 179, 191 Norton, James 116 Norton, Louise 24, 32, 41, 179 Payne, Albert 116 Payne, Gayle 35, 143 Payne, Jimmy 128 Payne, Jimmy 35, 143 Payne, Raynell 21 Payne, Richard 34, 181 Payne, William F. 59, 181 Payne, William H. 14, 16, 128 Pearson, Mrs. Sara 95 Pedigo, Roger 128 Pellinger, William 75 Pender, Mrs. Eleanor 93 Pender, Mr. Marshall 93, 153 Perdue, Bruce 116 Pergers on, Mr. William 59, 93, 119 Perkins, David 128 Perkins, Diane 39, 116 Perkins, Elizabeth 128 Perkins, Elsie 143 Perkins, Linda 128 Perkins, Mary 28, 128 Perkins, Marvin 116 Perkins Perkins Perkins Perkins , Perry 116 , Romayne 143 , Vickie 39, 128 on, Mr. S. H. 93, 101 Perry, Charles 43, 47, 50, 63, 64, 65, 66, 80, 81, 143 Perry, Pat 17, 28, 128 Petty, Alvin 14, 16, 128 Petty, Roger 46 Petty Rose 49 143 Petty, Tommy ,116 Phelps, Nancy 116 Phillips, Dallas 116 Phillips, Linda 34, 181 Phillips Ronnie 116 Phampsf Sylvia 143 233 1 Robertson Pickerel, Sandra 128 Pierce, Michael 128 Pierce, Ronald 14, 16 Pinchback, Eddie 14, 16, 76, 163 Pinchback, Larry 128 Pinekenstein, Al 181 Pinnekenstein, Henry 116 Pollard, Donald 39, 116 Ponds, Miss Annie 93 Porter, Larry 128 Powell, Becky 181 Powell, Carter 71, 181 Powell, Gail 116 Powell, Jimmie 181 Powell, Laura 24, 32, 41, 54, 157, 181, 197 Powell, Nancy 109, 116 Powell, Peggy 116 Powell, Steven 78 Pratt, Don 47, 50, 51, 63, 65, 78, Rickman, Kitty 10, 14, 15, 18, 36, 40, 41, 53, 54, 183 Riddle, Keith 39, 143 Riddle, Steven 143 Riggan, Dallas 14, 16, 128 Rigney, Donna 49, 128 Rigney, Michael 128 Rimmer, Keith 14, 16, 81, 183 Rippe, Ben 117 Ripley, Mrs. Clara 94 Rising, Barry 128 Roach, Charles 35, 143 Roach, Gary 128 Roach, Lockie 17, 18, 128 Roane, Joe 128 Roberts, Jerry 117 Roberts, John 39, 143 Robertson, Betty 57, 59, 128 Robertson Ellen 128 Robertson Lindsay 36, 133, 143 Robertson, Mrs. Lorraine 95 Robertson Nancy 143 Robertson Phyllis 117 f sandra 49, 117 133, 143 Presley, Earl 116 Presley, Sue 182 Price, David 59, 116 Price, Glen 39 Pruett, Charles 143 Pruett, Linda 28, 109, 116 Pruett, Pat 24, 37, 41, 54, 91, 154, 181, 182 Pruitt, Phyllis 116 Pruitt, Rebecca 116 Pruitt, Sandra 52, 182 Pugh, Mr. Alger 3, 65, 66, 93, 169 Pugh, Pugh, Pugh, Claude 116 Fred 14, 16, 63, 78, 81, 143 Steve 46 Robinson, Pat 55, 184 Robinson, Lindo 143 Robinson, Ray 143 Rodriquez, Mike 29, 47, 50, 51, 158, 184 Rogers, Mr. Ivey 94, 140 Romans, Martha Roscoe, James 128 Ross, Diane 128 Rowland, Cynthia 117 Rowland, Juanita 143 Rowland, Patsy 117 Scott, Doug 18, 47, 81, 185 Scott, Virginia 117 Scott, Willard 185 Scott William 63, 28, 192 Scrugg, Everett 117 Scruggs, Becky 56 Searcey, Bevill 59, 117 Searcy, John 128 Searcy, Richard 167 Searcy, Ronald 30, 185 Seeley, William 144 Seiple, Paul 185 Setliff, Billy 63, 78, 144 Setliff, Mary 34, 185 Setlitf, Marion 117 Setlift, William 11, 114, 185 Setliff, Vickie 117 Shaip, Paul 129 Shanks, John 129 Shelhorse, Marty 144 Shelton, Betty 57, 144, 242 Shelton, Bill 14, 16 Shelton Herman 185 Shelton ' Janice 17, 144 Shelton, Michael 129 Shelton, Paula 117 Shepherd, Charles 35, 144 Sherrill, Kenneth 129 Sherrill, Patricia 185 Shinkle, Tom 7, 13, 30, 41, Shore, Terry 129 Short, Bobby 117 Shumate, Allen 129 Siddle, Paul 74, 129 Sigman, Carol 129 54, 157 185 Sage, Pulliam, Donald Pulliam, Sandra 116 Purdy, James 167, 182 Purdy, Shirley 128 Purgason, Kenneth 116 Purgason, Roger 99 Q Queen, Jane 116 Quill 8. Scroll 32 Quinn, Woodrow 29, 30, 182, 191 Quesenberry, Glenda 128 Quesenberry, Jerry 68, 128 Quisenberry, Judy 38, 182 R Ragsdale, Tommy 116 Rakes, Dale 39, 182 Rakes, Danny 182 Raines, Danny 39, 167, 182 Rasnick, Glenda 143 Raines, Johnny 37, 38, 39, 52, 54, 143 Rumney, Janet 117 Rush, Bracken 21, 38 Rust, Brenda 34, 184 Rust, Danny 143 Rust, Marvin 117 Rust, Nadara 117 Rust, William 117 Rutledge, Dewey 167, 184 Ryan, Phyllis 22, 48, 98, 100, 184 S David 68 Sager, Sydney 109, 117 Salmon, Paul 63, 83, 184 Salmon, William 23, 68, 128 Salzman, Freddie 117 Salzman, Kitty 35, 184 Samuels, Jenny 54, 144 Safer, Pamela 117 Satterfield, Anne 144 Satterfield, Linda 117 Saul, Beth 25, 28, 30, 31, 32, 36, 40, Raines, Michael 37, 116 Raines, Ralph 64, 65, 66, 163 Roper, Jim 74, 128 Roper, Melanie 109, 116 Rasnick, Gdenda 143 Rasnick, Lois 183 Rawley, Charles 76, 116 Rawley, Jane 35, 143 Ray, Ann 116 Ray, Jerry 143 Ray, Jimmy 46, 55, 63, 68, 81, 128 Reaves, Walter 117 Reed, Mr. Robert 66, 68, 80, 81, 94, 205 Reed, Susan 22, 56, 143 Reynolds, Capsen 117 Reynolds, Diane 117 Reynolds Edward 29, 183 Reynolds, Gail 22, 117i Reynolds, Gloria 35 Reynolds, Mary Fraancis 183 Reynolds, Nancy 39, 117 Rich, Michael 35, 83 Richardson, Joan 21, 38, 183 Richadsron, Linda 49, 128 41, 50, 51, 176, 184, 201, 207, 212 Saunders, Danny 69, 75, 117 Saunders, Gene 46, 184 Saunders, John 138, 184 Saunders, Julene 117 Saunders, Nancy 144 Saunders, Richard 117 Sayers, Mrs. Annie Laurie 94 Scarboro, Alisen 39, 48, 57, 194 Scearce, Brenda 117 Scearce, Cheryl 117 Scearce, Dennis 117 Scearce, Dennis 128 Scearce, Jean 35, 184, 200 Scearce, Joan 59 Scearce, Joyce 59, 144 Scearce, Kenneth 117 Scearce, Linda 49, 117 Scearce, Linda 128 Scearce, Michael 28, 69, 117 Scearce, Michael 128 Scea rce, Scea rce, Scea rce, Scea rce Nancye 24, 48, 61, 133, 144 Ralph 114, 117 Steven 30, 117, 184, 191 Thomas 144 Richardson, Michael 74, 128 Richardson, Richard 181, 183 Richmond, Terry 30, 55, 172, 183, 192 Ricketts, Joan 17, 128 Scearce, Vickie 39 Schollenberger, Mrs. C. J. 87 Scott, Becky 126, 129 gcott, Bobby 181, 185 cott, Darlene 129 234 Sigmon, Bronwyn 129 Sigman, Marvin 117 Sigman, Paula 117 Simmons, Steve 14, 16, 144 Simmons, Ward 170 Simpson, Loretta 117 Sims, Thomas 144 Slade, Sandra 35, 56, 90, 144 Slaughter, Elizabeth 124, 129 Slaughter, Lena 35 Slaughter, Sidney 129 Slayton, Tommy 5, 10, 26, 28, 30, 31, 35, 46, 50, 51, 52, 63, 151, 186, 206, 212 Sloas, Diane 186 Slone, Wayne 14, 16 Smart, Howard 129 Smart, Joan 32, 183, 181, 186 WHAT A VARIETY OF BOXES, giving pleasure to many, belong to York Winston. He has a versatile camera and a music box for relaxing! Smart, Ray 129 Smiley, Keith 186 Smith, Arnold 144 Smith, Barbara 129 Smith, Becky 42, 43, 144 Smith, Brenda 186 Smith, Dania 144 Smith, David A. 14, 16 Smith, David M. 129 Smith, Essie 186 Smith, Foye 48, 186 Smith, Harrold 117, 167, 186 Smith, James 46, 55, 129 Smith, Jerry 144 Smith, John 144 Smith, Larry 22, 32, 129, 141 Smith, Margaret 186 Smith, Patricia A, 117 Smith, Patricia 117 Smith, Phillip 63, 133, 144 Smith, Richard 129 Smith, Robert 117 Smith, Ronnie 145 Smith, Samuel 117 Smith, Steve 186 Smith, Susan 38, 118 Smith, Suzanne 17, 186 Smith Thomas 145 Smithers, Rita 186 Smoot, William 105, 118 Smoot, Rosemary 56, 186 Smoral, Catherine 118 Smoral, Vince 30, 54, 65, 145 Snead, Barbara 52, 57, 145 Snead, Bonnie 145 Snead, Charlotte 186, 192 Snead, Jerrie 35 Snead, Johnny 118 Snead, Marc 187 Snead Rod 14, 16, 140, 145 Sneadj Susan 57, 90, 145 Snow, Stephen 129 Soloman Bett 102 58, r Y Solomon, Jerry 187 Solomon, Michael 55, 145 Somay, Bettie 49, 118 Soto, Carmen 43, 48, 49, 52, Temple 167, Sours, Shelby 145 Southard, Roger 145 Southard, Susan 129 Sowers, Beth 48, 49, 145 Sowers, Peggy 17, 49, 118 Sowers, Ray 129 Spangler, Beverly 129 Spangler, Linda 129 Spangler, Linda 129 Spangler, Mark 129 Billy 10, 33, 36, 39, 63, 103 Burt 14, 16, 24, 31, 41, 78, 159 Sparks Sparksl 1 Sparks, Carolyn 30, 187 Sparks, Patsy 145 Sparks, Sandra 49, 118 Sparks, Tommy 105 Sparrow, Carolyn 30, 118 Spear, Donna 129 Spear, James 118, 119 Spencer, Judy 129 Spencer, Nancy 49, 129 Spencer, Patricia 187 Spicer, Linda 34, 187 Sprinkle, Jerry 118 181,187 187,212 Still, Sheila 49, 129 Stilwell, Lee 25, 28, 30, 31, 51, 63, 64, 65, 66, 72, 73, 187, 199, 201 Stone, Shirley 118 Stoner, Kenny 129 Stoner, Richard 118 Stovall, Beverly 22, 145 Strader, Fred 187 Strader, Janet 187 Strader, Larry 118 Strader, Linda 118 Stratton, Sallie' 130 Stratton, Carol 118 Stratton, Martha 145 Strickler, Frank 133, 145 Strobush, Donna 118 Stroud, Candy 34, 187 Stroud, Susan 17, 118 Stryker, Mr. Eugene 4, 14, 23, 94 Stryker, Sam 14, 16, 145 Student Council 28, 29 Student Secretaries 35 Sutherland, Miss Linda 94 Swain, Lee 187 Swann, Miss Annie 58, 94 Swann, Johnny 130 Swartz, Beverly 118 Swicegood, Susan 118 Swicego Talbott, Talbott, Talley, od, Turner 130 T Brenda 34, 187 Mr. Frank lll 86 Beverly 130 Ken 39, 51, 63, 72, 73, 114, 188 Talley, Brenda 35, 188 Talley, Talley, Nathan 118 Talley, Raymond 118 Tanksley, Reid 118 Tate, Ernest 35 Tate, Judy C. 34, 188 Tate, Judy R. 38, 39, 189 Tavass, Lynn 118 Taylor, Arline 32, 42, 54, 157, 188 Taylor, Charles 130 Taylor, Edward 130 Taylor, Elizabeth Taylor, Joseph 145 Taylor, Mary 39, 118 Taylor, Morris 188 Taylor, Pam 57, 118 Taylor, Perry 188 Taylor, Reid 47, 63, 64, 65, 72, 73, 78, 130 Taylor, Sandra 145 Taylor, Sandy 14, 16, 145 Taylor, Steve 130 Taylor, William 2, 6, 12, 32, 33, 43, 50, 51, 54, 103, 153, 188 Teague, Harry 188 Teague Michael 130 Templei Ed 68, 130 Mrs. Pony 94 212, 235 Tompkins, Angie 17, 30, 36, 38, 39, 40, 41, 48, 50, 52, 162, 189, 212, 237 Tompkins, Florence Ann 6, 14, 30, 32, 41, 55 Tompkins, James 118 Towler, , 189, 198, 233 Terry 10, 20, 29, 63, 189 Townsend, Cheryl 32, 41, 166, 189, 204, 237 Townsend, Meryl 24, 32, 41, 100, 159, 189, 202, 205 Travis, Donald Traylor, Woody 46 Troth, Miss Roslyn 94 Tucker, Patsy 118 Tumlin, David 118 Turman, Mike 14, 16, 138 Turner, Anne 130 Turner, Betty 130 Turner, Carol 14, 43, 184, 189 Turner, Dana 49, 130 Turner, Denise 98, 130 Turner, Eddie 118 Turner, Ellen 30, 39, 48, 49, 189 Turner, Karen 118 Turner, Linda 120 Turner, Margaret 39 Turner, Nancy 145 Turner, Phyllis 118 Turner, Ricky 39, 190 Turner, Robert 181, 190 Turner, Sandra 190 Turner, William L. 46, 51, 63, 65, 76, 77, 145, 233 Turner, William M. 14, 16, 190 Turpin, Audrey 49, 130 Turpin, Melba 145 Turpin, Ralph 145 Turpin, Sandra 1181 Tyree, William 190 U Underwood, Tommy 65, 145 V Vaden, Patricia 145 Van Allen, Lacy 118 Van Oot, Linda 25, 30, 32, 41, 50, 55, 190 Vandagriff, Junice 61, 130 Vandavas, Alex 118 I Tennant, Mrs, Hazel 94 Tennant, Martha 56, 188 Terry, Roslyn 145 Terry, William 145 Testerman, Audrey 118 Testerman Ro er 35, 189, 200 r Q Thespians 33 Thigpen, Dianne 7, 145 Squires, Janice 49, 129 Stanfield, Betty 129 Stanley, Betty 53, 187 Stanley, Debra 28, 118 Stanley, Francine 21, 38, 48, 115 Stanley, Philip 129 Stanley, William 138 Stapleton, Paula 37, 187 Staples, Vickie 118 Starkey, Susan 49, 129 Starnes, Doug 129 Stephens, Kay 118 Stephens, Nathan 55, 63, 64, 65, 66, 171, 187 Stevens, Freddy 65, 145 Stewart Linda 118 Thomas, Brenda 130 Thomas, Randy 130 Thompson, Mrs. Dolly 7,95 Thompson, Janet 145 Thompson, Mr. Leonard 87 Thompson, Pat 189 Thompson, Rebecca 130 Thompson Richard 14 16, 130 Tillison, Ken 35, 189' Tipton, Betsy 43, 189 Tipton, N ancy 118 Todd, Carolyn 189 Tolbert, Edward 118 Tolbert, Phyllis 49, 130 Toler, Becky 24, 29, 48, 49, 54, 145, 231 235 "COME SIDEWALK SURFING with me" . . . Frances Glidewell, Mike Wells, and Mike Ward practice a G.W. fad, Varsity Bond 14 Vasold, Robert 14, 16, 145 Voss, Spencer 191 Vaughn, Brenda 22 Vaughn, Curtos 118 Vaughn, James 75 Vaughn, Holton 69, 118 Vernon, Miller 55, 146 Watlington, Nancy 21, 38, 57, Waugh, Leslie 17, 28, 130 Weadon, Mike 119 Weador, Larry 130 Weaver, James 192 130 Weakley, Mrsf Mariellen 94, 125 Webb, Robert 119 Weber, Paul 119 Vernon Sondra 30, 32, 41, 48, 49, 54, 86, 96, 157, 191 Via, Susan 118 Viccellio, Martha 28, 130 Vicks, Angeline 34 Vicks, Larry 63, 65, 191 Weber, Steven 22, 54, 146 Wells, Jim 119, 232 Wells, Lindo J. 109, 146 Wells, Linda M. 49, 119 Wells Mike 239 wend, Bill 42, 43, 76, 146 Wiles, Allen 130 Walker Vocational Office Training 34 W Waddell, Connie 48, 191 Wade, Deanna 35, 191 Wade, Wallace 8, 130 Wade, William 143 Waggoner, Rebecca 28, 118 Walker, Walker, Walker Walker, Walker, Walker, Walker, Barbara 118 Bonnie 118 Jean 130 Joyce A. 130 Joyce M. 146 Mary Ellen 191 Pom 146 Phyllis 118 Vincent, Joan 4, 7, 12, 33, 39, 50, 103, 191 Wertz, Ruth 119 Wesley, Patricia Wetzell, Martha 38, 39, 193 Wetzell, Mary 119 White, Judy 193 White, Nancy 52, 119 White, Wayne 35, 193 Whitehurst, Anne 24, 30, 50, 54, 141, 146, 212, 235 Whitt, Helen 24, 25, 32, 41, 54, 153, 157, 193, 198 Whittaker, Janet 109, 119 Whittaker, Joyce 48, 130, 193 Whittaker, Leslie 48, 49 Whittle, Drew 119 Widner, James 119 Wilborne, Cynthia 130 EMERGING FROM THE "senior domain," lounge, Sammy Haskins seems to be en- joying that special privilege. wan, James 191 Wiles, Brenda 119 Wall, Mr. Ralph 65, 66, 67, Wallace, Miss Patricia 94 Walton, Judy 146 Walton, Junnie 5 Walton, Miss Lucille 94 94 Wiles, Kenneth 14, 16, 68, 130 Wiley, Thomas 130 Wilkerson, Allen 34, 161, 193 Wilkerson, Jerry 146 Wilkerson, Joan 35, 193 Wilkins, Hampton 14, 16, 68, 130 Wamplar, Cathy 119 Wooding, William 131 William 119 Wann, Wann, Wann, Wann, Wa rd, Wa rd, Ward, Ward, Wa rd, Ward, Hersel 119 Pat 35, 192, 200 Sharon 35 Shirley 149, 146 Cynthia 30, 192 Jennifer 119 John 146 Mr, Marian 50, 94 Michael 239 Susan 146 Warner, Joan 130 Warren Warren Warren Warren Warren Warren Warren , Betty 38, 130 , Bonnie 35, 192, zoo , Larry 130 , Mrs. Page 53, 94 , Phyllis 119 , Sarah 130 , Steve 119 Wilkinson, Willeford, Robert 47, 68, 74, 130 Womack, Vera 131 Womble, Wayne 119 Woodall, Robert 147 Woodall, Sandra 119 wwdsng, syd 7, 63, 64, 65, 66, 76, 19 Woodrum, Gerald 131 Washburn, John 55, 192 Washington, Mary 130 Watkins, Carlton 32, 41, 48, 49, 54, 157, 192, 230 sw is 36 Miss Annie Mae 34, 35, 95, 102 212, 235 Williams, Williams, Doris 56, 193 Williams, Gary 119 Williams, Glenda 193 Williams, Mr. Hapber 95 Williams, Judy 29, 36, 50, 54, 146, Williams, Juanita 130 Williams, Lawrence 81, 130 Williams, Linda 39, 48, 193 Williams, Nancy 28, 61, 70, 130, 234 Williams, Roger 119 Williams, Sue 57, 197 Williams, Suzanne 130 Williams, Vickie 130 Willis, Carl 69, 75, 119 Willis Carolyn 146 Worley, Danny 194 Worley, Miss Elizabeth 95 Worley, Nancy 147 Worley, Tommy 194 Worley, Trudy 131 Wrenn, Gerald 68, 74, 131 Wright, Miss Carolyn 95 Wyatt, Dawn C. 94 Wyatt, Glenn 119 Wyatt, Ronald 35, 147 Wyatt, Susie 20, 119 Wyatt, Vicky 131 Wynn, Donald 81, 194 Y Yates, Carla 21, 38, 41, 195 Yarbrough, Janet 56, 131 Willis, David 146 Willis, Eddie 38, 39 Willis, Grady 75, 119 Willis, Jackie 147 Willis, Jo Ann 147 Willis, Larry 147 Willis, Steven 14, 135 Willis, William 193 Wilmouth, William 193 Wilson, Andy 55, 193 Wilson, Anthony 131 Wilson, Brenda 147 Wilson, Mr. Hosea 87 Wilson, James 35, 193 Wilson, Martha 119 Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Yarbrough, Vance 38, 39, 195 Yates, Susan 195 Yates, Vickie 119 Yates, Walter 131 Yates, Womack 131 Yeoman, David 147 Nancy 42, 54, 139, 140, 142 Peggy 49, 131 Phyllis 147 Wimmer, Brenda 30, 32, 41, 54, 18163 1 Yeoman, Ronald 195 Yeatts, Eddie 195 Yeatts, Mr. Guy 42, 86, 200 Yeatts, Joan 131 Young, Bob 167, 195 Young, Carol 147 Young, Claude 119 oung, oung, UUQ, UUQ, UUQI ung David 34 Kathy 119 Leslie 131 Michael 119 Robert 176 Sara 21 37, 38, 147 w VK QQ Wimmer, Mike 194 Winsteod, Beth 43, 48, 194 Winston, York 30, 51, 63, 83, 194, Y Y Yo Yo Young, Rebecca 119 Yo Yo Yo unger, Sue 195 Youth For Christ 37 Y-Teens 48, 49 . 1 -. --:. . ,-:.,:: 5 .:.- 5: s:':'::f it ff- as f:f-a:: Q ::s' ' sfi. fliigi 'rff GETTlNG CARRIED AWAY with spellin Sally Warren, a top-notch speller, doesn limit her learning to English. Q, 'r 198, 238 Wiseman, Madge 131 Wiseman, Susan 28, 38, 50, 70, 1253 ' 1 1 Wiseman, William 50, 147 Womack, David 44, 45, 46, 50, 63, 65, so, ei, 147 236 Zahrn, Zahrn, Zufoll, Z Jim 28, 75, 109, 119 Tom 29, 30, 31, 41, 47, 51, 4 153, 191, 195, 203 Charles 14, 16 ,JP X B X. W w N A X. fx. N' X gf. . x . X ,x Q X lv X , xxx , f 'K Q Z ,, L .K , V Y 1, K. K + . 4. ...u 'Q-, 1 RMA. K 1 M A 1 f 4 1 J Vi- .V ,QQ 'V 'YL - X In V1 X 1 I, , v g L x , . v' . NVQ.. ri? ' .K Q .ki Ns.. www f . .. .. r:.'fff'i'fI 97:55-' lfiikfiiv M .,,..,.., Wf..Q 'RXMWMQ E 3 X ,-fm? Li.. f ,f w flfrfgw 'VWYW W MMw WMWGWMW Ewzw Fgwm iw-fiAb ' 159' Just as this tree from a seed grew and now branches out with new leaves, so do the Seniors of George Washington High School, who began preparing for life in grammar school and are now considering vocations and new responsibilities that stem from - adulthood. WE CAST CUR VOTE . We, the students of G.W., have found pleasure in echoing the sentiment behind our teacher's words "l'm casting my vote for Mr. Christopher"-as we have presented to you our "president," our school as he has helped build and depict it, and our student body. As seen through his eyes, our school has unbounded possibilities, our students untold potential for guiding our city, community, and nation toward higher goals. ln the more than thirty-eight years in which the center of his love and activity has been George Washing- ton High School, he has been a guiding light and indominable force encouraging all the tangible and intangible elements which make 4 for constructive citizenship. Someone has said, "Art is long and politics is fleeting," We agree. At the same time we see in a political situation such as we have faced this year a real challenge for evaluation, introspection, and determination. An so, within these pages of the CAVA- LIER'65 there is now a permanent record which enables posterity to see G.W. as it was, through the eyes of its beloved principal. The physical set-up, the formal curriculum, the informal learning situations all come into focus for a positive force as they are utilized by and for the students, students making their way toward an adulthood worthy of their heritage. M, fyzlfaff , j hh LU! 'V ' W6 'W Wewzfn, 551 cb wwf . WWW, M74 6Qaafp1f,Z?f,jQ,fj,W2j6z,,,2, -M53 47' MAME WWWMQW fha? QZMZZQQJ Xfgwwgz Zffffwouiefwifd Z2 Z 52 fag, 1744! fluffy . . Mag gag' f54Cf4Q'L0U:aL'Q'fM?44'1 1 you mm WM, MMM m,,y,eg,.g4,, 216 Wamamfw aywheyw ZZZQZLML7 Qzgfgdiewj gg, f544Zf7ff!4LcLl 1ZZzup,fZf0fzf?24.4 , . by Jwrfiwwll azdlcuwjjaflwl M,

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George Washington High School - Cavalier Yearbook (Danville, VA) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 1


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