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GIAT Wc; the class of ' 56, had hoped that we might graduate from a new school. That hope is materializing for the class of ' 57f and we are a!ad to herald it as we record some of our history. Listen as we . . . rOTTATED BY electric service C -. G. L. SHAUSa We ' te teaH’m the 014 •. ♦ In September, 1927, Danville High School was moved from Grove Street to its present location on Holbrook. It was renamed George Washington High School. the VeiP .. Above is an artist’s drawing of the new George Washington High School which will be ready for occupancy next September. Both teachers and students are looking forward to the many modern aspects of the new building. CONTENTS FACULTY . Page 9 • " Vj-‘ Jj. ! ■; -- ' Ma tA • »: .-si ' f:(? SENIORS Page 21 : i|- - ■: , -, -V- :• -s-. m. .. ‘ UNDERCLASSES Page w :h I ' ACTIVITIES . . . Page 77 4 -c, s ' SPORTS . ' m Page 109 ADVERTISING Page 135 A ' v. ' V,Ui I-S J t |- «s I Here we see the grim faces of Conrad Craig, Mary Frances Dooley, June Hutcherson, Janice Lewis, Carol Payne and Dale He¬ drick leaving school. I don’t understand the woe¬ ful looks for school is out for another day. Diane Corbin leads Ernest Baxa, Jerry McNichols, Jimmy Feldman, Leah El¬ liott, and fellow classmates in daily morning devotions to start the day off right. This exercise is held in most homerooms every morning before classes begin. The library is for the purpose of reading and for reference work. However, these th ree industrious students—Joe Skinner, Martha Far¬ ley, and Ellen Flowers—don’t seem to realize this. ' Well, we’ll forgive them; after all, they are seniors. MIR. AND NGTON Elizabeth Oakes and Ray Beale two school-spirited students, were chosen by their schoolmates as representative seniors. We, the Seniors of George Washing¬ ton High School, dedicate our 195 6 annual to the memory of our fellow schoolmate. Max Campbell. Max lost his life as a result of a blow received in a football scrimmage game. He was a friend to us all and we will cherish his memory. The Max Campbell Fund In the late fall members of the Boosters’ Club, a civic organization, and members of the G. W. Monogram Club conducted a city-wide fund raising drive for the purpose of present¬ ing some worthwhile contribution in memory of Max. With the cooperation of WDVA, a " lights on’’ night was held in which partici¬ pants picked up donations from houses where the porch lights were burning. All the pro¬ ceeds from the programs at the Warwick game went to the fund, as did the profits from the food and drink concessions. The latter was through the courtesy of the Schoolfield Teen- Age Club and Danville merchants. The Monogram Club itself contributed one hundred dollars from its treasury. Many neigh¬ boring schools mailed in contributions through their principals. In all nearly three thousand dollars was raised. Max’s family is to decide how this is to be used as a fitting memorial. Already they have contributed an oxygen tent to the Life Saving Crew, who gave such in¬ valuable help during Max’s illness. FAC ULTV Time will not show, Beneath new trees, A group of sages Like unto these. Chairman of the Board of Trustees, R. P. McConnell, points out details of the new high school to members of the board. Standing in the usual order are Townes Lea; O. T. Bonner, superintendent of Danville schools; Bill Kernodle; R. P. McConnell; Mrs. C. J. Schollenberger; C. R. Long; G. E. Bendall; Jerry Mealer. O. T. Bonner, superintendent of schools, and Prince Woodard, general supervisor and director of research, stand outside the new high school build¬ ing, whose progress they have just inspected. O. T. BONNER S iperintenclenl of City Schools B. S. Birmingham-Southern M. A. University of Virginia Graduate work beyond a Master ' s Degree University of Chicago and Columbia University PRINCE WOODARD Cienercil Superv sor and Director of Research B. A. Virginia Military Institute M. A. University of Virginia Ph. D. University of Virginia 1 lOf J. T. Christopher — Si perv s ng Prhic pcil George Washington High School and Woodrow Wilson Junior High School Director of Program Studies B. S., College of William and Mary; M. A., Columbia University; Graduate work beyond a Master’s Degree, University of Virginia and Columbia University Ernest G. Baxa — Assistant Principal. George Washington High School Director of Building Services Business Education Department Head B. S., West Virginia Wesleyan College; M. Ed., University of Pittsburgh; Graduate work beyond a Master’s Degree, Bowling Green College of Commerce Ernest Baxa, assistant principal, and J. T. Chris¬ topher, principal, look over plans of the future G. W. as they plan room placement of teachers. The old records are checked by Mrs. Sara Wells and Miss Elizabeth Copeland in preparation for mov¬ ing them during the late summer. Mary H. Bacon Language Arts Sponsor of Varsity Cheerleaders B. S., Madison College Roland M. Bacon huh strial Arts Department Head Crafts Club B. S., Iowa State Teachers Col¬ lege; Graduate Work, University of Florida and North Carolina State College Ethel Barker Mat he mattes A. B., Woman’s College, Uni¬ versity of North Carolina; Graduate Work, University of North Carolina and University of Virginia Mary Etta Blair Natural Science Science Clubs B. S., Radford College C. Kent Clark Industrial Arts B. S., Eastern Illinois State Col¬ lege; Graduate Work, University of North Carolina; M. Ed., N. C. State Gonia Cotton Mathematics B. A. Elora McDonald College; M. A. University of Virginia; Graduate Work, George Pea¬ body College George P. Daniel Social Science B. A., Columbia University; Graduate Work, University of North Carolina Mabel B. Davis Language Arts B. A., Westhampton College; Graduate Work, University ot Virginia and George Washing¬ ton University 121 Ethhl Dodson Language Arts B. S., Longwood College; M. S., Northwestern University; Grad¬ uate Work, University of Vir¬ ginia Josephine Estes Language Arts Advisor to Cavalier A. B., Randolph-Macon Wom¬ an’s College; Graduate Work, University of Virginia and Uni¬ versity of North Carolina Dorothv Eitzgerald F ne Arts Thespian Club A. B., Randolph-Macon Wom¬ an’s College; Graduate Work, University of Virginia Charles K. Eranzen Physical Education Basketball Coach B. S., New Mexico Western; M. Ed., University of Indiana Pencie Fulton Mathematics A. B. , College of William and Mary; M. Ed.; Duke University William M. Gabbel Business Education B. S., East Tennessee State Col¬ lege; Graduate Work, William and Mary and University of Vir¬ ginia; M. E., University of Vir¬ ginia O Joseph W. Gurtis, Jr. Physical Education Wrestling Coach A. B., University of North Car¬ olina; M. Ed., University of North Carolina Lucile Hall Business Education B. S., Radford College d 13b D. E. Hi;ndri;n Lcuig iage Arts Men’s Chorus Director Sponsor of French Club B. A., University of North Caro¬ lina Thomas P. Houser, Jr. Social Science Adviser to Student Council Debating Coach B. A., University of North Car¬ olina; M. A., University of North Carolina Mar ' i ' Ann Huffines Langnage Arts A. B., Duke University Penultima Johns Librarian A. B., Longwood College; A. B., in Library Science, College of William and Mary Franklin M. Jones Natnral Science B. S., Appalachian State Teachers College Dorothy Jordan Social Science Sponsor of International Relations Club B. A., Randolph-Macon Wom¬ an’s College; M. A., University of " Virginia Bernice Kirstein Natural Science Sponsor of Junior Science Club B. A., Berea College; Graduate Work, University of North Car¬ olina and University of Colorado Bernard Ladd Industrial Arts Golf Coach B. S., N. C. State College; Graduate Work, George Pea¬ body and N. C. State College Ji;nnii-; Lindli:v Ass ' stcDit L hrarictu A. B., Guilfo.’ ' d College; Gradu¬ ate Work, Woman ' s College of University of North Carolina RA ' MONn W. Maci; Snc ' hil Sc tuce A. B., West Virginia Institute of Technology; M. A., University of West Virginia; Graduate Work Beyond Master’s Degree, University of North Carolina Elizabeth G. Moseley Home Economics B. S., Madison College: Gradu¬ ate Work, University of North Carolina and Virginia Polytech¬ nic Institute Mary Stuart Moseley Business Education B. S., Madison College Thelma Naylor Mathematics Department Head A. B., Randolph-Macon Wom¬ an ' s College; Graduate Work, University of North Carolina and University of Virginia Elizabeth M. Oliver Bine Arts Glee Club Director B. S., New York University; M. A., New York University; Graduate Work Beyond Master ' s Degree, Christiansen Choral School Mar ' i ' G. Oliver Social Science Department Head B. A., University of Virginia; M. A., University of Virginia Rexford O ' Neill Business Education A. B., Fairmont College; Grad¬ uate Work, Richmond Profes¬ sional Institute Larry Paladino Physical Education Assistant Athletic Coach B. S., Arkansas S. T. C. Paul Parker Social Science A. B., Duke University; Gradu¬ ate Work, Duke University Marshall W. Pender, Jr. Nat aval Science Co-Sponsor Science Club B. A., Mary Washington Col¬ lege of University of Virginia; Graduate Work, Elon College S. H. Perkinson Language Arts Department Head Forensics Coach B. S., University of Virginia, M. A., University of Virginia; Graduate Work Beyond Master’s Degree, University of Virginia Pierre C. Pingitore Language Arts Sponsor of Latin Club B. A., Canisius College; Gradu¬ ate Work, Georgetown Univers¬ ity Clarence Poling Industrial Arts B. A., Fairmont State College; M. S., Stout Institute; Graduate Work Beyond Master’s Degree, Virginia Polytechnic Institute Catherine Reynolds Natural Science B. S., College of William and Mary; Graduate Work, Univers¬ ity of Texas and University of Colorado Sue Reynolds Language Arts B. A., Madison College; Grad¬ uate Work, University of Rich¬ mond d 16 b Di:ane Richardson Language Arts Sponsor of Spanish Club Sponsor of Model T’s A. B., University of North Car¬ olina Norma Roadv Physical Education Sponsor of Jayvce Cheerleaders Co-sponsor of Girls’ Athletic Association B. S., Longwood College Joan Roberts Lang age Arts Advisor to Chatterbox Sponsor of Inter-denominational Bible Club A. B., Woman ' s College, Uni¬ versity of North Carolina; Grad¬ uate Work, University of North Carolina Lorraine C. Robertson AXat hematics A. B., Randolph-Macon Wom¬ an ' s College Eleanor C. Sanderson Physical Ed cation B. S., East Carolina College Granville B. Smith Lang age Arts Advisor to Cardinal Talent Scour B. S., Indiana State Teachers Col¬ lege; M. A., Penn State Uni¬ versity Gladys H. Spancler Lang age Arts A. B., Marshall College; M. A., University of West ' Virginia; Graduate Work Beyond Master’s Degree, George Peabody College Eucene C. Stryker Pine Arts Director ot Student Activities Band Director M. Ed., University of North Car¬ olina; Graduate Work, Univers¬ ity of North Carolina d 17 h Nancy Sullivan Business Education Co-sponsor of Future Business Leaders of America B. S., Radford College Marian Sutton Language Arts B. A., Woman’s College, Uni¬ versity of North Carolina Joyce Thomas Business Education Co-sponsor of Future Business Leader of America B. A., Fairmont State College; Graduate Work, University of North Carolina G. L. Thomasson Natural Science Department Head Sponsor of Science Forum Sponsor of Photography Club A. B., University of North Caro¬ lina; M. A., Columbia Univers¬ ity; Graduate Work, University of North Carolina and Columbia University Robert Thompson Social Science A. B., State Teachers College, Florence, Alabama; Graduate Work, Duke University Glen Vought Natural Science B. S., Longwood College Lucile Walton Natural Science Sponsor of Honor Society Chairman of Scholarship Com¬ mittee B. S., Longwood College; M. A., University of Virginia; Work Beyond Master’s Degree, Uni¬ versity of Virginia Guy Edward Webber Mathematics Co-sponsor of Monogram Club Tennis Coach B. S., Emory and Henry; Grad¬ uate Work, University of Vir¬ ginia ilsy Jo Ann Williams Physical Education Co-sponsor of Girls’ Athletic Association B. S., High Point College Lawrlncl G. Wilson i {at hematics Baseball Coach Sponsor of National Athletic Scholastic Society A. B., University of North Caro¬ lina; Graduate Work, Columbia University William E. Wilson Physical Education Football Coach Co-sponsor of Monogram Club B. S., Virginia Polytechnic In¬ stitute; Graduate Work, College ot William and Mary Elizabeth Woodson Social Science Director of Guidance B. S., Longwood College; M. A., University of Virginia; Gradu¬ ate Work, University of Vir¬ ginia; Recipient Ford Founda¬ tion Fellowship, 1953-54 Forraine Yancey Language Arts A. B., University of North Carolina James Zigler Natural Science B. S., Appalachian State Teach¬ ers College d 19b These students are on the job and also en¬ gaged in school work and social life. We suppose engaged is a good term because Rosa Hicks has a ring on her left hand. All is not play for G.W. stu¬ dents. Here your roving camera¬ man has captured a few of them as they try to earn money for bus trips and other social events. W. L. Griffith works hard to please a customer and we are proud to see that he hasn’t had to bring out all the shoes. Don’t be alarmed. The stern looking gentleman above is only our Sonny Foster, and he is not going to set off an atomic blast. He is only illustrating, after tak¬ ing the above pictures, that he too has a job. We have the bill to prove it. -{20 b With teary eye And stre aked face. We seek to hold A Senior pace. B. Overcash, L. Saunders, B. Patterson, D. Lee, Treasurer, E. Alfriend, Secretary, B. Clifton, President, D. Shultz, Vice-President, J. Mehaffey, P. Phillips, M. Matthews. SENIOR AIDVI COUNCIL AND OFFICER Miss Thomas, Mr. Vought, Miss Jordan, Miss Reynolds, Mr. Wil¬ son, Miss Ricketts, Miss Oliver. d22F Sylvia Sabina Abrams Short ' cute—quick wit—life of the party G.A.A., Student Council, Home¬ room Officer, Thespians, Dra¬ matics Club, Models Club, Pep Club, Spanish Club, Chatterbox Staff, Press Club, Y - Teens, B.F.B. Sub-Debs, L.D.’s. Spencer Eugene Adkins A true friend to all Ryland E. Agee A nice guy to know George Williams Hi- ' Y, D. E. Club. Esther Reece Alfriend Always a friend—personality plus Editor The Cardinal Talent Scout, Advertising Manager Chatterbox, Quill and Scroll, Secretary of Senior Class, French Club, ER.C., Judiciary, National Honor Society, Y - Teens, Dra¬ matics Club, Junior University Women, Latin Club, C.S.P.A., S.A.S.C., Sub-Debs, Press Club, Girls’ State. Duane Vernard Allmond " Goof-off” D.E. Club, Hi-Y. Donald Dean Alverson Let ' s get married! President of Band, Homeroom Officer. { 23 } “The enicf ClaM cT 19 6 Donald Nlal Andrews Ou’iel h zt friendly Pats ' ! ' Ruth Avers Averett Boi nd! Friendly! Let’s go riding in the old truck F.H.A., French Club, Latin Club, President of G.A.A., F.O.O.T. Club, National Flonor Society, J.S.J. Sub-Debs, Student Council. Jim Bagby Cute gny—the most! Kappa Chi Hi-Y, Spanish Club, Press Club, Band, Chatterbox Staff. Martha Deane Barber Loads of fnn G.A.A., F.H.A., Homeroom Officer. Ray Beale " Air. G.W " . ' ' —An all ' round gny Football, President of Monogram Club, Wrestling, J.V. Basketball, Chaplain, President of Hi-Y, President of Inter-Club Council, Track, Vice - President of Bible Club, Homeroom Officer, Junior Ad ' isory Council, Male Chorus. Shirley Bi:ckham " Diamonds are a girl ' s best friend " —• Y-Teens, F.H.A., Homeroom Officer, G.A.A., F.B.L.A., Glee Club. Hay Bhnnv Swanson Biocs " Red " ' Les PcU l " — A P AU i Deanna D. Blalock Smart ' u sweet G.A.A., National Honor Society, F.B.L.A., F.H.A. John Trent Bonner ' ' Sbutter-hng " —quiet hut jun National Honor Society, I.R.C., Photography Club, Cavalier Staff, Chatterbox Staff, C.S.P.A., Quill and Scroll, Zeta Chi Hi-Y Secretary, F.O.O.T. Club, Span¬ ish Club, Band, Science Forum, Boys ' State. Bunny Booker Ye ole editor of Chatterbox — " Jerry” Editor-in-chief Chatterbox, Na¬ tional Honor Society, Junior University Women, Quill and Scroll, C.S.P.A., S.EP.A., Press Club, French Club, Clee Club, " Messiah, " Spanish Club, " Cin¬ derella.” Norman H. Boswell, Jr. " Black denim trousers and motorcycle hoots” Military, Dramatics, Homeroom Officer. James H. Bradley " Sing for us. Jim!” Vice-President Clee Club, Hi-Y, " Messiah.” -{25 b yke enicf CiaM 0 1956 Earl Allln Bryant " Go, cat, go ' ’ Parliamentarian, D.E. Club. Frances Buckner " Ah — noii ' U ' w " — Never been above that Alason-Dixon line Y-Teens, F.H.A., Band, F.B. F.A., G.A.A., J.S.J. Sub-Debs, Beta Alpha Rho, Pep Club, D.O. Club. Fouise Buntin Nice to knoiv Rufus Bush " Boy Scout " — American Boys’ Club Jack B. Byrd, Jr. " Up in the air Jr. Byrdsnian " National Honor Society, Band, Hi-Y, Wrestling, Latin Club, Spanish Club. BETT ' i ' Cantrell Striking Appearance — " See ya at the Moose " Sandra Sue Carswell Can really cut a rug Y-Teens, F.B.L.A. Elizabeth Hylton Carter ' ' Betty " — " Blonde " —A slow an ' easy-going southern belle Y-Teens, Spanish Club, Junior University Women, F.O.O.T. Club, Bible Club, B.F.B. Sub- Debs, L.D.’s. Ernest L. Carter Married man Mildred Jane Caskey ' I ' will that baton! William McRae Chears The Independent air—Dig that bass voice! French Club, Hi-Y, Glee Club, Male Chorus, Military, Dra¬ matics Club. Bobby W. Cheek " Hardwood " man—a laugh every time Basketball, D.E. Club, Football. •(27 b yke enht ClaAA 9S6 Peggy Dean Chesson " Red " —soft spoken F.H.A., F.B.L.A., Homeroom Officer, Junior Advisory Council. JoHNsiE Diehl Choate " D no " —loves a good joke National Honor Society, Presi¬ dent Press Club, Junior Univer¬ sity Women, C.S.P.A., Quill and Scroll, News and Feature Editor of Chatterbox. Staff Artist of Cardinal Talent Scout. Latin Club, French Club, Y-Teens, Homeroom Officer. William Allen Clifton, Jr. Our Pres—BERYL MARTINs- t ' ille Alan President Senior Class, Student Council, Chief Junior Marshal, Kappa Chi Hi-Y Officer, Junior Advisory Council, Homeroom Officer, L R. C., Boys ' State, Sports Editor Cavalier, Latin Club, Military, Football, Track, Comic Censorship Committee, Band, Junior Rotarian, Inter- Club Council, Open House Council, Quill and Scroll. Paula Dee Cochran Contagious Senior—Our young¬ est senior Latin Club, Photography Club, Student Council, Junior Editor of Cavalier, Chatterbox Staff, President Y-Teens, Beta Alpha Rho, Pep Club, Homeroom Offi¬ cer, L.D. ' s, Bunny Girl XL Eddie Lee Collins ' ' Ducktail ' ' —; oi ' ie fiend Wrestling, Monogram Club, Glee Club, D.E. Club. Jane Marilyn Cook " Cookie " —an addition to every cro IV d Student Council, Beta Alpha Rho, Y-Teens. J 28 b James Anthony Crawford A b g ' ini—reserved Football, Track, D.E. Club. Eddie Crumpton ”0 ir S ipernicin " — " Big Ed’’ Football, Monogram Club. Delbert Dalton A lively chap — c-r-a-zy Transferred from Dan River High, Homeroom Othcer, F.B. L.A., J.V. Basketball. Judith Dalton Married gal F.B.L.A., Gbe Club, F.H.A., Homeroom Officer, Y-Teens, J.S.J. Sub-Debs. M rgar];t Brownlee; Daly Looks fonvard to those V. P. • iveek-ends—well liked Spanish Club, President Beta Alpha Rho, Student Council, F.H.A., F.O.O.T. Club. Sylvia Lee Dameron lakes in the knoivledge National Honor Society, Quill and Scroll, French Club, Press Club, Y-Teens, News and Fea¬ ture Editor of Chatterbox, G.A.A., Beta Alpha Rho, Stu¬ dent Council, E. H. A., Home¬ room Officer. ■i29F 7he ehhf ClaAA Lois Jani: Danii;l " How ' s Cook- ' iug? " F.B.L.A., G.A.A., Assistant Li¬ brarian, Glee Club, Latin Club. Claljdi; Edwin Davis, Jr. " Tr uni pet Aian " — " How ' s Dot? " Student Conductor of Band, Glee Club, All-State Band, All- State Chorus, " Messiah,” " Jane Eyre,” Dramatics Club, Thes¬ pians, French Club, Junior Ro- tarian. Military, Male Chorus. David Wade Davis " Stoogie " — Seven-Yecir Alan Ravburn Leonard Davis " Popeye " —A smile for everyone D.E. Club, Ereshman Class Offi¬ cer, Homeroom Officer. Richard H. Doss Short and Lively — " Red " Jennie Lee Doss Always a thought for others F.H.A., E.B.L.A., Y-Teens. d30b Clara Jlan ’’W’hat do yo; mean? ' ’ Vice-President of Y-Teens, Beta Alpha Rho, G. A. A., French Club, Homeroom Officer, Inter- Club Council, L.D.’s, Kiltettes, Art Club, Thespians, Dramatics Club. Sarah Jonhs Easlhv " Utile Ease " Cheerleader, Sub-Debs, Jr. Edi¬ tor of Cavalier, Y - Teens, Model T’s, Latin Club, French Club, Homeroom Officer, S.I. P.A,. C.I.P.A., Cavalier Staff, Pep Club, Quill and Scroll. Donald Elliott " Hotrod ' D.E. Club, Junior Advisory Council, Homeroom Officer. Samuel S. Epperson, Jr. ' ' Sambo " — W ' dI ' inherit the D.K. Eootball, Student Council, Vice- President Kappa Chi Hi-Y, Male Chorus, Homeroom Officer, In¬ ter-Club Council, Military Corps, May Court, Jr. Marshal. Linda Haraw ' A ' i ' Evans Short and sweet — " WHsere ' s Clinton? " Student Council, E.H.A., Spanish Club. C ROL ' »’N Lee Evi;ri;tt jack ' s girl—Beautiful blond belle E. H. A., E.B.L.A., Homeroom Officer, National Honor Society. f 31}- cfl I9S6 Martha Jo Farli:v " Pariey ' ’ — A u ' ays dependcd)le — Style W ' he Vice-President Student Council, Assistant Editor Chatterbox, Varsity Cheerleader, Junior Uni¬ versity Women, Quill and Scroll, Judiciary, LR.C., Junior Marshal, Model T’s, Press Club, Latin Club, May Court, Sub-Debs, Y- Teens, G.A.A., S.A.S.C., C.S. P.A., S.I.P.A., Spanish Club, Comic Censorship Committee, Moose Club Council. Nancy Lea Lerguson " Proggle " — Wdll ng to lend a helping hand Y-Teens, Spanish Club, Secre¬ tary Junior Class, Student Coun¬ cil, Secretary - Treasurer Student Council, Vice - President I.R.C., Dramatics Club, Thespians, Girls ' State, Junior University Women, Treasurer of Press Club, Secretary Model T’s, Judi¬ ciary, Sub-Debs, Homeroom Officer, Chatterbox Staff, S.A. S.C., C.S.P.A., Junior Marshal, Quill and Scroll, Comic Censor¬ ship Committee. Alvis Levi Litch An ideal disposition D.O. Club. Eleanor A. Lletcher Sincere and Studious L.H.A., Homeroom Officer, Stu¬ dent Council, Y-Teens, Beta Alpha Rho, G.A.A., Honor So¬ ciety, Spanish Club, Pep Club. James Thomas Llippen " Little Pro " —Carts us girls around Monogram Club, Spanish Club, Golf, Homeroom Officer, Pep Club. Ellen Ross Flowers " How ' s that Carr? " — " Pearl " Y-Teens, Latin Club, Vice-Presi¬ dent Sub - Debs, Spanish Club. Advertising Manager Cavalier Kiltettcs, Model T’s. d32b “The ClaM Hd ' X ' ard Friedman ' ' Eddie and his little green Nash! " Band, President Science Club, National Honor Society, French Club. Marc.aret Wee:tona Ganev " Tony " —sports a wedding hand Y-Teens, G. A. A., F. B. L. A., F.H.A., D.E. Club, J.S.J. Club. Frances Kav Gardner Love that music — Charm with a capital C National Honor Society, Secre¬ tary-Treasurer Glee Club, Press Club, Latin Club, Treasurer French Club, " Ghost Train, " Y- Teens, Student Council, I.R.C., Junior University Women. Charles Gentry Dependable—Smart jello u ■ D.E. Club, D.O. Club. Georc.e W. Giles " A real gone jitterbiirg " — Hails from Myrtle Beach Transfer Myrtle Beach, S. C., French Club. Geor(,e Cover A .sparkle on Lefty ' s diamond Baseball, D.E. Club, Monogram Club. J33b yhe eHhf ClaM 0 95 J Billie Jean Greene Redhead—a good pal to all Driving Club, D.E. Club. David Lewis Griffith Put re scientist — s z art George Williams Hi-Y, Treas¬ urer National Honor Society, Science Forum. W. L. Griffith " Hot-rod " —a real gentleman Homeroom Officer, Baseball, Vice-President D.E. Club. ViR(,iL Bvron Grow, III " Prince Char nlng " — has a " Hel " of a girl Student Council, Homeroom Officer, Monogram Club, I.R.C., Boys’ State, Secretary Kappa Chi Hi-Y, Golf, French Club, Latin Club, Male Chorus, " The Val¬ iant,” Football, Junior Marshal, Forensics. William E. Gunnell Personality with a capital P. D.E. Club, Military, Glee Club, Male Chorus. Jack Nelson Haar 0 let and nice 34 }- Leon W. Hawker fleet foot — " Baum’s " away Monogram Club, French Club, Basketball, Baseball, Football. Lucille Haynes Reserved—cute figure G. A. A., F. B. L. A., National Honor Society, Homeroom Officer. Ralph C. Hedrick Shy—polite Dixie Rae Hilliard Everyone ' s pal — " Birdie " atcher " National Honor Society, Junior University Women, Quill and Scroll, President Bible Club, Spanish Club, Treasurer and Points Chairman G.A.A., Glee Club, Circulation Manager Cavalier, American Legion Cit¬ izenship Award, F.H.A., Student Council. Harold Wayne Holland " Red”—cute guy Homeroom Officer, Student Council, Judiciary, French Club, Baseball. Carl V. Holton, Jr. " Van, Van, he ' s our man!” President Student Council, Presi¬ dent Junior Class, Football, Basketball, Tennis, Track, Mon¬ ogram Club, Pep Club, Hi-Y, Jr. Marshal, Jr. Rotarian. J35 yhe enhi " CiaM I9S6 Mary Louisr Hollrv ” V jci ' s that bright thing on your left hand? " D.E. Club. Jacqurlini; Gay Honeycutt " Been with us a short while " — a sweet gal D. E. Club, E. B. L. A., Trans¬ ferred from Siler City, N. C. Denny Lee EIorsley Shy and friendly D.E. Club. Stanley Houghton Lefty ' s right hand man Manager State Baseball Cham¬ pions, Manager Baseball, Band, Monogram Club. Carolyn Joanne Hubbard Good looking — Carson ' s girl Y-Teens, Student Council, E.B. L.A., Homeroom Officer, J.S.J. Sub-Debs, F.H.A. Mary Anne Hubbard " Gea " — Our most mischievous Student Council, President Span¬ ish Club, Secretary National Honor Society, G. A. A., Quill and Scroll, Junior University Women, B.F.B. Sub-Debs, Bible Club, Pep Club, Assistant Circu¬ lation Manager Cavalier Staff, Glee Club, F.H.A., Y-Teens. d 36 }- Ramona Hudc.ins Sweet ci sposition—shy Glee Club, G.A.A. Wayne Hudson " Stork”—friendly Transferred from Brosville, Football, Basketball, Spanish Club. Pegc.v Anne Hughes Athletically inclined Glee Club, G.A.A., F.B.L.A., Bible Club, Pep Club. Mary Evon James Oniet and reserved F.H.A., G.A.A. Gilmer Jefferson Spends most of his time at Marilyn ' s Glee Club, D.E. Club, Home¬ room Officer. Donald Hall Kent " Steady ' ' — " Let ' s have a party. Don” Student Council, Football, Track, Kappa Chi Hi-Y, French Club, Eatm Club, F.O.O.T. Club, Glee fdub, Male Chorus, Homeroom Officer. d37b yke etthf CiaM 9S6 Andrew L. Kirks. Jr. ' ' Amlf D.E. Club, Football. Rosemary Kline On ' iet and smart Spanish Club, Library Club, F.H.A. Carolee Kushner " Jane College " — Party Girl — " for real " Managing Editor Cavalier, Fo¬ rensics, Dramatics Club, " Jane Eyre,” Latin Club, Business Manager Cardinal Talent Scout, Sub-Debs, S.I.P.A., C.S.P.A., F.B.L.A., Science Forum, Span¬ ish Club, Model T’s, Junior Editor Cavalier, Y-Teens, Thes¬ pians, " Ghost Train,” Junior University Women, G.A.A., Quill and Scroll. Bill Lakey Loads of personality — " Shortie " D.O. Club, D.E. Club. Gay Frances Lamb Cute and sweet Secretary-Treasurer Freshman Class, G.A.A., J.S.J., Sub-Debs, Band, F.B.L.A., F.H.A., Secre¬ tary D.O. Club, Homeroom Offi¬ cer, Beta Alpha Rho, Y-Teens, Spanish Club, G.A.A., Pep Club. Annette Lankford " Watch her cut a rug! " —Short and sweet D.E. Club, Press Club, J.S.J. Sub-Debs, Student Council, F.B.L.A. David Lee ' ' Ape " — ' ' Bookstore Boy” — o real frie)uUy guy Kappa Chi Hi-Y, Band, Base¬ ball, Senior Class Treasurer, School Store, Spanish Club, Monogram Club, Jr. Marshal. Jack N. Lee Halls froui Fairfax Transferred from Fairfax High School, Football, Baseball, Bas¬ ketball. Gerald Lewis " Nix. " Gerald Football, Basketball, Spanish Club, Homeroom Officer. Norwood Lk;on Loves a souped-up car Carl Victor Lind, Jr. ' ' Camera}? " — Halls from Rock- l)?gba})i Transfer Rockingham, N. C., Kappa Chi Hi-Y, Homeroom Officer Carl D. Lowe ' Bran? " — " The Alu?auac AUv? " " Chess, a ?yo}?e? " President Hi-Y, Glee Club, Sci¬ ence Forum, Latin Club, Stamp Club, Spanish Club. 39b yhe ehhf CtaM 0 9S6 Charles Ray Mabe " Hot-yod " — " Clocked at 120 " — " I ' ll beat him—or die trying. " D.O. Club Homeroom Officer. James C. Martin " I ' m impressed " — " Don ' t try to make things too dijjiciilt. " Dramatics Club, French Club, Student Council, Band, Home¬ room officer. Maurice Selwyn Matthews Sure to succeed—Dry wit American Legion Award, Senior Advisory Council, Student Coun¬ cil, President Kappa Chi Hi-Y, Military, National Honor So¬ ciety, Science Forum, Monogram Club, Press Club, Vice-President French Club, Sports Editor Chat¬ terbox, F. O. O. T. Club, Boys’ State, Tennis, Basketball, Presi¬ dent I.R.C., Movie Censorship Committee, C.S.P.A., Junior Ro- tarians. Quill and Scroll. Vera Ann Maxie Party Girl!— " Come on to my house " Forensics, F.B.L.A., Vice-Presi¬ dent Beta Alpha Rho, Inter-Club Council, Student Council, Home¬ room Officer, G.A.A., Cardinal Talent Scout Staff, S.A.S.C. Kenneth Carlton May A great guy—res erred Student Council, Track, Foot¬ ball, Homeroom Officer, Junior Advisory Council, Vice - Presi¬ dent D.O. Club, D.E. Club. Wade McCune " Maniac at the " heel " D.T.I. J40)- John Bruce McFalls ' ' A ueiv face arojiud the ole place” D.E. Club. jo Anne McGhee " Anybody going to North Carolina?” Transferred from Salem, Va., Sub-Debs, Glee Club, Dramatics Club, Vice-President Model T’s, Cavalier Staff, " Messiah.” Helen Marie McMann Queen ' s attendant— " that really ' teed ' me” — " Aic” Transferred from Stratford Hall, Attendant to Homecoming Queen, Cheerleader, Secretary- Treasurer I. R. C., Homeroom Officer, Model T’s, President Sub-Deb Club, Student Council, President F.B.L.A., Bible Club, Spanish Club, Assistant Manag¬ ing Editor Cavalier, Latin Club, Y-Teens, S.I.P.A., Junior Editor Cavalier, Pep Club. Joseph Hawley Mehaffey, Jr. Motor Man — " Jo-Jo” Senior Advisory Council, Senior Science Club. Faye Jacqueline Mills " Diamonds are a girl ' s best friend” Glee Club, Y - Teens, Spanish Club, G.A.A., Pep Club. Martha Ann Mills Neat ' n petite—will go a long IVay F.B.L.A., Pep Club. The eHhf ClaM I9S6 John Leonard Moore, III " Let me in the middle! " — " 21 credit man " —Likes his Frannie! Kappa Chi Hi - Y, Football, Wrestling, Cavalier Staff, Latin Club, Monogram Club, Military, Band, Pep Club, Open House Council. Charles Motley Anyone for a laugh ?— nature lover |.V. Football, F. O. O. T. Club, Spanish Club. Sara Payne Motley Loves her " Chaney " — a hard- IV or king girl Student Council, F.H.A., Span¬ ish Club, Press Club, Quill and Scroll, Junior University Wom¬ en, Pep Club, B.F.B. Sub-Debs, F.O.O.T. Club Secretary, Circu¬ lation Manager Chatterbox, Bible Club. Betty Jean Muller Working to be a R.N .— enjoys life F.H.A., Glee Club, G.A.A., Latin Club, F.B.L.A., D.O. Club. Wayne Murphy " Go on that trumpet !’ ' —■ " iWiisic, man. music! " Zeta Chi Hi-Y, Vice-President Band, All-State Band, Spanish Club. -I42f Ray mond Mustain Idolizes Sam Snead Golf, D.O. Club. Janice Louise Myers ' ’fa iey " — of e swell, sweet girl! r.D.L.A., G.A.A., Glee Club, Homeroom Officer, Spanish Club, Latin Club. Thomas Nance ”Can I hum a iveed? " Wrestling, Football, Monogram Club. James Lewis Neal " The Grove Park kid " President, Vice-President Kappa Chi Hi-Y, Male Chorus, Student Council, Latin Club, Military, Homeroom Officer, Inter - Club Council. Bill Nelson No sweat!—time out for a weed " This is your life " Homeroom Officer, Chatterbox Staff, President, Sgt. - at - Arms Delta-C Hi-Y, Dramatics Club, Thespians, " Jane Eyre,” Inter- Club Council, Military, Spanish Club, Latin Club. William S. Norman " Here comes the jeep " — our own " Nature Boy " — " Blue Eyes " Cavalier Staff, Football, Track, Tennis, Basketball, Monogram Club, Kappa Chi Hi-Y, Spanish Club, Military, Pep Club, F.O.O.T. Club. Elizabeth Walton Oakes Ray ' s gal— " Miss GW " ’— " Vicious " Cheerleader, National Honor Society, Feature Editor Chatter¬ box. Junior University Women, I.R.C., American Legion Award, Press Club, Dr amatics Club, Thespians, French Club, Latin Club, Treasurer B. F. B. Sub- Debs, Quill and Scroll, Bible Club. DO ED BY ELECTRIC SERVICE CO- G. L. SHAEER yhe enhf ClaAA 1956 Judith Haymts Ouburn Future Nurse — " L steu to her laugh " Glee Club, Spanish Club, Home¬ room Officer, Student Council, D.O. Club Officer, Senior Ad¬ visory Council, Transfer from Florida. William E. Ovlrcash, II " Feel Free! " — good-looking — best dressed Assistant Sports Editor Cava¬ lier, President Hi-Y Inter-Club Council, Senior Advisory Coun¬ cil, Student Council, Latin Club, Military, Vice-President Kappa Chi Hi-Y, Football, Golf, Pep Club, Monogram Club, Home¬ room Officer. Carolyn Owen " Dream Girl " —loves Gil " H omeroom Officer, Secretary B.F.B. Sub-Debs, L.D. ' s, F.H.A., F. B. L. A., Dramatics Club, Homeroom Officer. Rolvix H. Patterson Likes his ” " heatley ' s " — Big man on campus — " Bobby " Senior Advisory Council, Stu¬ dent Council, Judiciary, Junior Rotarian, Washingtonian, J. V. Football, Cheerleader, I. R. C., Homeroom Officer, Chatterbox Staff, Monogram Club, Secretary and President Zeta Chi Hi-Y, Dramatics, Glee Club, Male Chorus, Vice - President French Club, Military, Inter-Club Coun¬ cil, Junior Marshal, Press Club. John J. Pa ' ilor Quiet Type—loves that Math National Honor Society, I.R.C., Chatterbox Staff, Spanish Club, Secretary Hi-Y, Press Club. { 44 ] Kenneth Douulas Phelps Pi easing perso nality— " Red Fixk.v Jo ' ici-: Phillips " W’iiy ie ' s gdl! " — si)iaU hut lauded le ' th personality Momeroom Officer, Y - Te e n s, G.A.A., Beta Alpha Rho, Press Club, Spanish Club Secretary, Chatterbox Staff, Student Coun¬ cil, Senior Advisory Council, Pep Club, L.D. ' s. Marc.arlt Ann Phinizv ”A arge " — smart and loves to have jun Homeroom Officer, Pep Club President, Cheerleader, 13. F. B. Sub-Debs, National Honor So¬ ciety Vice-President, Student Council, Beta Alpha Rho, Bunny Girl, F.O.O.T. Club. Gladys M. Pickeral Has jun at everything, even school! G.A.A., F.H.A., Student Coun¬ cil, Pep Club. Carol ' )’n Poteat Good sense of humor—a good friend Tennis Club, Glee Club, Y-Teens. Marc.aret Anne Powell Oh. Dad-D-0 — " Hey. hoiv about a ride to Roanoke? " French Club, Latin Club, Cheer¬ leader, Student Council, Press Club, Write-up Editor of Cava¬ lier, Homeroom Officer, Secre¬ tary-Treasurer G.A.A., Y-Teens, Model Ts., Sub-Debs, F.O.O.T. Club. Lo ' d Thomas Poxicers, Jr. Redhead—Alivays a friend — quiet Transfer from Clarksville, Va. 45b “The enht ClaM 1956 Richard J. Pretty " D ck " — lores sports — full of fun Kappa Chi Hi-Y, Spanish Club, Football, Tennis, Basketball, Pep Club, F omeroom Officer, Mono¬ gram Club. Clinton Lee Pruitt A good pal to all—a sports ntan Basketball, Baseball, Wrestling, Varsity Football, Monogram Club, National Athletic Scholas¬ tic Society, Fiomeroom Officer. Donald Rakes Loaded with energy—a pleasing way with all Basketball, Hi-Y. Virginia Dale Reed Small but carries a load of energy F.B.L.A., G.A.A., Junior Advi¬ sory Council, Student Council, Homeroom Officer, Y - Teens, Pep Club, Glee Club, F. H. A. Donald L. Richardson " Big talker " —always on the go! Debating Team, I.R.C., Cava¬ lier Staff, Band, Homeroom Officer. John Roland Richbourg, Jr. " Wee ' ll miss ya " — " Cheap John " Student Council, Treasurer, Chaplain Kappa Chi Hi-Y, Jun¬ ior Hi-Y Secretary, Football, Track, Homeroom Officer, Latin Club, Associate Editor Cavalier, Pep Club, Male Chorus, Mili¬ tary, Circulation Manager Cardi¬ nal Talent Scout. Juanita Mai; Rudd C iy perso hil y—well nuiunered G.A.A., Pep Club, Library Club. Robhrt Ruffin A good worker—takes hi the money Treasurer Zeta Chi Hi-Y, Rifle Club, D. O. Club, Model Air¬ plane Club. Martha Annf Russell " Hickie " — " Squirt " — Loves the D.K. Student Council, Junior Advi¬ sory Council, S.A.S.C., President B.F.B. Sub-Dcbs, Y-Teens, Latin Club, Spanish Club, May Court, Miss Ceorge Washington High School, I.R.C., C.A.A., L.D.’s, Homeroom Officer, Junior Mar¬ shal. Linda Jo Saunders " W ' ell. Don I 1 Kent see- " " I want to go I " Student Council, Latin Club President, Secretary Press Club, Circulation, Business Manager Chatterbox, Quill and Scroll, S.I.P.A., Senior Advisory Coun¬ cil, I.R.C., Junior University Women, Sub - Debs, Dramatics Club, Thespians, Bible Club, Model T ' s, " Jane Eyre,’’ " Cin¬ derella, " Forensic Winner, Pep Club, Homeroom Officer, Y-Tcens, Patsy Lou Scarce Fancy Dresser— " Oiir own typist! " National Honor Society, Quill and Scroll, Staff Typist Cava¬ lier, B.F.B. Sub-Debs, F.B.L.A., Bible Club, Student Council, Pep Club, Homeroom Officer. Billy W. Scearce Alarried AL ;; " — earnest worker —nice to know D.O. Club, D.E. Club. 147 y eHhf ClaM 19 6 Cline Scott ' ' Anybody got a book report? " A happy-go-hicky guy! Dramatics Club, Industrial Arts. Rufus Setliff Ectsy to get along with — good guy D.E. Club, Military. Eugene Shields Nice personality—a good friend to bare Eootball, Baseball, Track, Home¬ room Officer. Bruce Shore " Shurr " — loves English — real gone guy! Transfer from Washington Irv¬ ing High School, Basketball, Track, Football. Nancy Louise Short ' ' Shortle " — " Bee ' s” honey Y-Teens, F. B. L. A., G. A. A., Latin Club, Homeroom Officer, B.E.B. Sub-Debs. David Nelson Shultz " Park Avenue, here I come ! " — our athlete Monogram Club, Football, Bas¬ ketball, Baseball, Vice-President Junior and Senior Class, Hi-Y. •{ 48 }- Clarich Marih Shumate A Lu gb for eveyyo)7e — full of fun Glee Club, F. H. A., Spanish Club, F. B. L. A., D. E. Club, Y-Teens, J.S.J. Sub-Debs, Home¬ room Officer. Jewell Nan Sizer Engaged—really a " jeu ' ell " G.A.A., D.E. Club, Glee Club. Joe Skinner ' ' Lazy " — " Teach us to bop, foe " —niost popular Tennis, Basketball, Kappa Chi Hi-Y Treasurer, Military, French Club, Homeroom Officer, Pep Club, F. O. O. T. Club, Press Club, Chatterbox Staff, Mono¬ gram Club. Douglas Smith " Our Gene Krupa " Jane Elizabeth Smith Quite a wit—loads of fun Latin Club, Spanish Club, Glee Club, " Messiah, " Pep Club, G. A. A. Carrington Smith Always a laugh — " WCitch out, traffic cop! " Football, Student Council, Mili¬ tary, Spanish Club, Homeroom Officer. d49 j yhe ClaM Ojf 19 6 Ph ' i ' llis MariI ' ; Sow ' hrs A one man girl— " How are yo ir mice, Phyllis? " Photography Club, Latin Club, Glee Club, G.A.A., Band, Pep Club, F.H.A., Homeroom Offi¬ cer, Science Forum. Ginna Bi:th Sprssard Good friend to all—nice smile for everyone Latin Club, Glee Club, L.D.’s. Lewis Stamper " DE man " — " Shorty " — " III have milk, please’’ David Randolph Stephens " Curly top " —Goes steady D.E. Club, Hi-Y, Student Council. Bobby W. Stone Truant Officer ' s Pal — " Loves G.W " .?’’ Carol ' in C. Stowe; " Homemaker " — V. P. . hound G. A. A., F. H. A., Transferred from Whitemell. iboy Claudhttj Stutts Bashful—a joke every day F.B.L.A., Glee Club. Barbara Ann Tate Street with a winuing way — takes in knowledge D.O. Club, Latin Club, G.A.A. Luc ' i’ Marie Taylor " Crazy, gal, crazy” F.B.L.A., J.S.J. Sub-Debs, Beta Alpha Rho. Martha Thomas Married gal !— Y-Tcens, Student Council, F.H. A., G.A.A., Vice-President J.S.J. Sub-Debs. Anne Elizabeth Thompson " Our Queen XVlll” - " An- nich” — Editor of Big Book Editor-in-chief Cavalier, Chat¬ terbox Staff, Press Club, Junior Editor Cavalier, Bible Club, Quill and Scroll, Varsity Cheer¬ leader, Secretary Latin Club, Spanish Club, Y-Teens, Sub- Debs, Glee Club, Model T’s, Homecoming Queen XVIII, Homeroom Officer, Junior Mar¬ shal, May Court, G.A.A., C.S. P.A., S.I.P.A., Pep Club, Adver¬ tising Staff Cavalier, Open House Council, Junior Advisory Council. Joseph Alan Towler Dig those beautiful blue eyes " football. Kappa Chi Hi-Y, Latin Club, Baseball. -[51 F " tke etihf ClaM 0 9S6 Royal Stlvlns Tucker " I wish could go to the library!” Kappa Chi Hi-Y. James Turner " Cat Alan”— " Anybody have a belt?” Kappa Chi Hi-Y, Football, Bas¬ ketball, Homeroom Officer, French Club, Monogram Club. Mary Elizabeth Vaden " Nice things come in small pack¬ ages”— " Anybody got any gum?” Y-Teens, Latin Club, Junior University Women, President National Honor Society, Beta Alpha Rho, Press Club, Latin Tournament, American Legion Award, Homeroom Officer. Joseph T. Varner Tall and slim — always a smile D.E. Club. Betty Jean Vass Loves a good game of basketball — " Blonde”—a sweet smile Secretary G.A.A., Secretary F.H. A., Spanish Club, Pep Club. Barbara D. " Rack ' em!”—not a care in the world. d52j Virginia Evklvn Vincent Queen ' s attendant!—Full of pep National Honor Society, Judici¬ ary, I. R. C., Homecoming At¬ tendant, Head Cheerleader, Jun¬ ior University Women, Business Manager Cavalier, President Glee Club, Movie Censorship Committee, French Club, Latin Club, Cardinal Talent Scout Staff, Pep Club, Y-Teens, Press Club, G.A.A., Junior Marshal, Quill and Scroll. Barbara Ann Welch " Pudgy " — an I. R. C. fiend — loves a good debate Y - Teens, National Honor So¬ ciety, French Club, I.R.C., News and Feature Editor Chatterbox, G.A.A., Student Council, C.S. P-A., Homeroom Officer, Quill and Scroll. Jack R. Wiles One that ' s hard to heat — " He’s got his gcill " D.T.F Joan Carolyn Wilkins She likes her " Bush " — a petite girl Secretary Y-Teens, F.H.A., Glee Club, Homeroom Officer, Latin Club, J. S. J. Sub - Debs, D. O. Club, G.A.A., Pep Club, Beta Alpha Rho. Charlotte Dale Williams School spirited— " Anyone for a good laugh?” G.A.A., Basketball, Volleyball, F.B.L.A., J.S.J. Sub-Debs, Y- Teens, Glee Club, " Messiah,” Homeroom Officer, F.H.A., Pep Club. Mary Dale Williams " Who ' s got my coffee ?”— F.B.L.A. -[53 b “the enicf ClaM I9S6 Wyline Willis Loves sports—a real cate gal — loves fan! Glee Club, Beta Alpha Rho, F.B. L.A., Band. Dolores Wilson Very frank—a real friend J.S.J. Sub-Debs, Spanish Club, D.E. Club, F.B.L.A. Janet C. Wilson Smart as a ivhip!—reserved bat fan Glee Club, Spanish Club, F.H. A., F.B.L.A., National Honor Society. Carson Julian Womack " Davy Crockett " —not a care in the u ' orld Zeta Chi Hi-Y, Inter-Club Coun¬ cil, Football, Chatterbox Staff, D.F. Club. Anne Bruce Worsham " Brac e " — " Life is a ball! " — " Yoa don ' t say " Transferred from Stratford Hall, French Club, Model T ' s, Secre¬ tary Sub-Debs, Assistant Adver¬ tising Manager Cavalier, Glee Club, Y-Teens, Quill and Scroll. Robert Lee York " Can really go wild with a brash ' n paint " Thespiians, Staff Artist Cavalier ' {54 b UN DEKCLASSES These, too, shall pass To other sce ies, With spacious halls And walls so clean. Officers: B. Lewis, D. Fralin, E. Ragland, M. J. Martin F rs row: M. Wilson, L. Dove, R. Satterfield, S. Lynch, B. Connock, S. Turner, E. Shelton UINIIOR ADVISORY AND OFFICERS Junior Sponsors Mrs. E. Moseley, Miss Huffines, Miss Walton, Mrs. Barker, Miss Hall. [56F yke ClaM Delores Abbott Rosalind Abercrombie Raymond Anderson Darra Anthony Sam Arnett Thomas Arthur Bobby Ashby Leonard Ashby Betty Baccary Bill Bailey Patricia Bailey Cecil Barber Howard Barber Charmaine Barbour Lizzie Barbour Dillon Barnett Carolyn Baynes Randy Beale Nancy Bennett Ronald Berman Fred Bevill Dixie Blanks Bobby Boone Sarah Boswell Glenda Boulwarc Pe gy Bradley Nancy Bradner Helen Browder Geraldine Brown Lou Fdla Brummett ib7} 581 - Ted Burton Ed Cain Lois Cain Alice Carter Sylvia Carr Shirley Chattin Donald Clark Nancy Clark Susie Clements Deanna Clifton Ellen Cobb Edward Ray Cochran Don Cole Nancy Cole Virginia Collins Elizabeth Compson Bette Connock Keith Cook Frank Cooper Robert Cotton Linda Sue Coward Charlene Cox Jane Crutchtield Janies Davis Jeanette Davis James DeHart Thomas DeHart Dexter Dix Julia Dodson Linda Sue Dove Carole Dunagan Patsy Earp Joyce Edmonds Nancy Edwards Warner Edwards Peyton Eggleston Sutt Farley Floyd Fletcher Delores Flood Sonny Foster Richard Fralin Bill Garrett Bob Garrett Jackie Gauldin Nancy Gauldin Mary Gauldin Wayne Gauldin Frank Gery Jon Anne Graham Gayle Green Charlotte Guinn Marion Hagar Allen Hancock Betty Jo Hardey Dufford Harley Mae Harrison Kay Harvey Gordon Haw ' kins Marie Hawkins Arlene Hazelwood yhe ClaM d59) “The JuHhi- ClaM Joy Headley Rosa Lee Hicks Bradford Hilliard Carolyn Hitchcock Bobbie Gray Hogan Carolyn Hughes Charles Hughes Mary Ellen Irwin Neal Isom Nancy Jefferson Shirley Jefferson John Jester Carole Johnson Edna Jones Hunter Jones Patricia Ann Jones Sarah Jordan Phil Keesee Lonnie Kennedy Prentice Kinser, III Ered Knowles Ernest Kolendrianos Charles Lee Beverly Lewis Sarah Lynch Carolyn Main Bob Martin Mary Jane Martin Sara Erances Mathes John Matney -{60 b yhe JuHhf Cla Helen Mayhew Ronnie Mays Lawrence Me Fall David Meadows Thomas Meadows |immy Moore Linda Moore Isabelle Morris Jean Myers Lee Myers Jerry Oakes Rebecca Oliver Ken Overcash Brenda Owen Wayne Owen Nancy Pace Clara Lee Parker Sarah Pattisall Donald Patterson Jeanette Payne George Penn Wanda Phelps Linda Pickerell Jackie Pierce Kenneth Price Aldine Pruitt Becky Pugh Ed Ragland Kermit Rakes Wilhelmina Ramey d 61 yhe iuHhi- ClaM Sylvia Reynolds Fred Robertson James A. Robertson Howard Rodgers Patsy Sahms Ronald Sammon Radford Satterfield Diane Saunders Shirley Saunders Catheryn Scearce Fred Scearce Roger Scott Virginia Scott Waldo Scott Sylvia Scruggs Sarah Shelhorse Emily Shelton James Shields Lee Ann Sides Colleen Smiley Eva Stegall David Spearman Bill Stephens Wayne Stevens Lynda Stewart Nancy Stone Reba Stowe Thomas Taylor Sally Thomas Bob Thompson -{ 621 - yhe JuHhf ClaM Anne Throckmorton Steve Turner Linda Traylor Ben Vincent Joyce Wade Carolyn Walker Betty Wallace Curtis Walsh Gordon Watkins Shirley Marce Wells Hansell Wentz Ebb Williams Patsy Williams Sarah Williams Shirley Williams W. H. Williams Meredith Wilson Sarah Ann Wilson Jerry Woodall George Woody Dixie Wright Thomas Yeaman Jackie Yeatts Joyce Yeatts - 163 ! %■ First row: J. A. Cantrell, F. Hicks, C. Garrett. Second row: D. Collins, N. Pretty, J. McNichols, M. H. Croxton, D. Hanks, E. Jennings SOPHOMORE ADVISORY COUNCIL Mr. Gabbel, Mrs. Spangler, Miss Yancey, Mrs. Cotton, Miss Sulli¬ van, Miss M. S. Moseley, Mrs. Davis, Mr. Daniel. -i 64l» yhe ClaM Henry Adams, Jr. Lance Aherron Helen Alderman Terry Alfriend Sandra Angell Don Arey James Hugh Aron Dorothy Asbury Eddie Ayers Peggy Ayers Billy Barber Edward Barker Anna Dean Barnett Mildred Bass Irene Baum Ernest Baxa Ealanne Jane Beale Gene Bell Phyllis Blankenship Richard Bliss Lee Boatwright Bonnie Booker Gerald Bostic Dempse Bowen Jean Bowles Luther Bradley Peggy Breckner Earline Brooks Patricia Browder Sylvia Blown Ann Brumheld Betty Eaye Brummett Linda Burnette Peggy Campbell Bobby Caskey Ronnie Carson Jerry Carter Peggy Clare Bonnie Chattin Ronald Chaney Wayne Clifton Dale Cochran •165 b The efthcmt-e ClaM { 66 }- Barbara Anne Cole Barbara Sue Cole Billy Coleman Carole Coleman Donald Collins Ronald Coll ins Billy Cook David Cook Diane Corbin Anne Corpening Sandra Fay Crane Margaret Crenshaw Charlie Crowder Mary Hunter Croxton Virginia Dalton Jon Anne Daniel Patricia Davis Harriett Dawson Kenneth Deane Joan DeBoe Lois Dettmar Patsy Dix Frances Dooley Margaret Douglas Mary Dean Dowdy Ronda Dudley Barbara Fanes Dorothy Fanes Carolyn Flliott Grover Flliott Leah Flliott Nancy Flliott Martha Lee Fvans Bunny Farmer limmy Feldman Carolyn Fentriss Carol Ferrell Sylvia Fields Phyllis Flood Carl Furguson Jewel Ganey Alice Garrett yhe ClaM Bernard Garrett Carol Ann Garrett Anne Gatewood Betty Lou Gatewood A. W. Gauldin Linda Gilbert Geraldine Giles Loretta Giles Frances Carol Gill Bernard Graveley Martha Grayson Patsy Griffith Carolyn Grinstead John Groome Phyllis Gunnell Carolyn Ann Hall Richard Hall Snowden Hall Ellen Hancock Odell Hancock Donald Hanks Anne Harris Charlene Harris Linda Harwell Rebecca Harville Nancy Hawker Ted Haynes Darlene Headley June Hedgecoe Dale Hedrick Carter Heitzler Russell Henderson Jerry Herndon Frances Hicks Joseph Hile Charles Hill Judith Ann Hipps Carol Yvonne Hodge Richard Hodnett Mary Horton Barry Hudgins Wallace Hundley d67E " the Cla A June Hutcherson Roger Hutcherson Margaret Hurd John Hyler Walter Islty Betty James Gus James Marie Jefferson Sharlene Jefferson Linda Jeffries John Jennings Edward Jennings Robert Johnson Leslie Jones Raymond Jones Roland Jones Ronnie Jones Carol Jordan Mary Louise Joslin Norma Kendrick Patsy Kinder Sonny Klaff John Klutz Jerry Kushner Harold Kushner Bruce Lankford Ramona Lester Janice Lewis Jerry Lewis James Littlejohn Arthus Louhoff Carrol Martin Shelby Mayhew Shelby McAlister Catherine McCubbins Freddie McDowell Billy McGill Patsy McGuiie Jerry McNichols Lavonne Millon Richard Mitchell Sue Mitchem yhe cfthcmfe ClaAA Hilda Moore Patsy Moore Wayne Mooreheld Mae Morris Pa e Motley LaVerne Motsinger Wayne Mustain Nancy Neal Raymond Neely Barbara New Nancy Newell Peggy Nichols Gloria Nix Dickie Oliver Ronnie Orrell Jo Anne Owen Essie Parker Janet Parton Ellen Patterson Jewell Patterson Joy Patterson Leonard Patterson Martha Patterson Marvelene Patterson Bettie Kent Paylor Barbara Payne Carroll Payne Joyce Perdue Joyce Pierce Sandra Porter Sarah Poteat Sonja Poteat Nancy Pretty Elaine Price Cora Pruitt Ray Pruitt Wayne Radford Donald Rathbone Betty Rhodes Charles Rich Gene Robinette Peggy Rollins •{691 yhe cphcmi ' e ClaM Martha Rorrer Judith Rosenberg W. E. Samuels Mabel Saunders Jo Annette Savage Jennings Scearce Donald Scearce Madge Scearce Nan Scruggs Mary Seamster Donald Self Jean Marie Shackelford Charles Sheeler Douglas Shelton Shirley Shelton Lynda Shepherd Stanley Shumate Kathryn Simpson Elizabeth Sipe Jack Slade Richard Slayton Roslyn Smart Blondie Smith Joyce Smith Sally Spangler Ted Smith Ronald Smither Nancy Snead Ralph South Rebecca St. John Bobby Stone Lynda Stovall Carrington Tate Wayne Tate Nancy Lee Taylor Shirley Rae Taylor Brooke Temple Noell Thompson Joe Tompkins Peter Vandcrwcrff Barbara Vaughn Tommy Vaughn yhe Cfthpunpi-e ClaM Roy Voelker Joyce Wallace Ann Walker Opal Walker Sue Walters Rodger Walton Mary Elizabeth Warren Nancy Warren Delores Watson Margaret Weakley Kitty Marie Weaver Jo Wheatley Charles Williams Tommy Williamson Carolyn Marie Willis Dorothy Willis Joyce Willis Terry Wilmarth Betsy Wilson Jaccqueline Wilson Edward Witt Barbara Wright Bobby Wright Betty Mae Wyatt Eoster Wyatt Hugh Wyatt Vernon Wyatt Pat Yeatts Bobby Yelton Janice Young Wntk First roic- B. Casey, S. Carr, C. Turner, L. Lewis, S. Roberts, E. Stanley, T. McGuire, N. Burnett, C. Sage, A. Branscome. Second row: E. Barbour, P. Smith, S. King, M. Willis, J. Hatris, B. Fields, L. Wyatt, L. Collins, M. Cook. Third row- B. Adkins, C. Wrenn, J. Smith, B. Lumpkin, J. Beasley, P. Barbour, G. Carter, M. Simpson. Fourth row- B. McGuire, P. Lewis, G. Grogan, B. Wentz, T. Evans, S. Hester, R. Emerson, B. Nelson, P. Denny. First row- L. Hiller, S. Boatwright, P. Glasgow, N. McNary, B. Howard, S. Solomon, R. Young, S. Deboe, H. Thornton. Second row: J. Booher, M. Reynolds, J. Bowling, N. Pruitt, G. Reed, D. Meeks, F. Anderson, B. Duncan, F. Strader. Third row- D. Burger, J. Hyman, J. Carr, D. XTntz, B. Bryant, R. Rowland, C. Athey, A. Worsham, D. Gray. Fourth row- L. E.verett, A. Womack, R. Collins, E. Mitchell, M. Boggs, B. Bennett, A. Jones, E. Shreve, A. Matney. First roil ' : S. Bonner, S. Seeley, M. Brown, I. Browder, R. Pettit, B. Grow, D. Womack. Second roic: M. Miller, F. Harris, D. Richbourg, D. Chappele, E. Hacens, M. Penn, B. Shifflett. S. Dean, C. Stoots, C. Brown. Third roll’; C. Wade, S. Sandefur, B. Siviter, E. Stoneham, C. Jones, L. Ferrell, L. Abercrombie, D. Ragland, G. l ' urbi ' ille. Fourth row: J. Setliff, D. Johnson, W. Buck, K. Linkous, B. Blank, J. Cartel, . Cain, B. Gra ely. R. McCrew. F rst row: J. Fisher, J. Fleming, J. Harris, M. Short, E. Dillard, C. Walker. L. Pool, J. Ashworth, J. Le ' is. Second row: G. Hopkins, L. Harris, N. ' rhomas, D. Widener, P. Dunn, E. Dishman, B. Ciuthrie, J. Patt erson, S. Hamictt. Third row: R. Grubbs, B. Hill, R. Whitley, H. Gordon, S. Bray, NX . Miles, B. Cawley, L. Holley, B. EuHnian. Fourth row: B. Da is, L. Stone, B. Savage. D. Seism, T. Burton, J. Butts, P. Cash, N. Holley, R. Murphy. W th ta4e First row: P. Riley, A. Carter, P. Earles, J. Bradley, M. Thornton, A. Perkins, N. Buill, F. Gibson, S. Tate. Second row: M. Griggs, B. Connock, L. Mitchell, N. Powell, J. Flynn, L. McFarling, E. Clifton, P. Hundley, N. Brinkley. Third roiv: G. Rust, D. Goss, F. Beamon, J. C. Whitt, W, Cowan, B. Gravely, B. Blomberg, D. Hagood, D. Hite. Fourth row: W. Dudley, W. Brumfield, M. Doyle, Fi, Mayes, B. Millner, C. W. Shackelford, C. Boss, D. Browden, T. Scar borough. F rst row: M. Reid, C. Ferrell, L. Beale, S. Greenspon, P, Felman, B. L. Giles, C. Garrett. Second roil ' : L. Slayton, B. Bridges, B. Arnett, J. Bryant, B. Williams, S, Eliot, D. Dasis, P. Benazzi. Third row: 1 . Austin, N. McFarling, E, Garris, C. Gammon, J. Thigpen, M. Carter, F, Carter, R. Ashworth, Fourth row: G. Frankos, B. Hammock, B. Flemming, J. Hollandsworth, E. Wiggins, T, Pritchett, E. I’oler. -{74) Cifhth First row: B. Moore, M. Kent, J. Collie, J. Boyd, L. Vau; han, V. Newnian, C. Cochran, B. Holten, M. Keeling, R. Hawkins. Second row: B. A. Wall, B. Newman, R. Passamaneck, C. Keesee, M. McGhee, K. Harxille. K. Allmond, E. Berman, A. Robert¬ son, B. Smith. Third row: R. Richardson, C. Vicks, R. Kingery, J. Patterson, A. Smith, J. Wells, N. Shifflett, D, Lampley , E. Beale. Fourth row: L. Booth, D. Land, R. Dillon, R. Buck, P. McConnell, A. Whitehurst, C. Abercrombie, H. Dixon, B. Anderson. First row: K. Gauldin, B. Owen, B. VanOot, P. Montegomery, A. Taylor, N. King. RE ' I ' rexler, G. Hall, P. Kidd, B. Church. Second row: E Corn, A. Cox, B. J. Norton, B. J. Dix, J. Land, G. Anderson, G. Dunglinson, H. Henderson, C. New. G. Xdniker. Third row H. Motley, C. Cassidy, E. Walton, M. Heitzler, T. Cannon. B. Lawrey, S. Carr, A. Mays, |. Eitchett, S. Eitchett. Fourth row: K. Ferguson, J. Gray. E. LaPrade, J. Long, B. Williams, O. Glenn. S. Carter, D. Tunstell. RE Ridgeway. Cifhth First row: E. Lee, B. Snead, K. Fitzgerald, P. Cassady, J. Armstrong, H. Flynn, P. Adkins, S. Lewis, L. Lancaster, E. Ashbury. Seco tci row: J. A. Dix, J. Hudgins, B. Neal, P. Gilley, S. Owen, S. Owen, P. Wells, B. Shelton, S. Hammett, N. Hughes. Third row: W. Comes, G. Reynolds, R. Bourne, G. Carter, B. Clark, C. Myers, J. Neal, V. Hawkins, R. Lowery, R. Cassidy. Fointh roll ' : E. Gunn, L. Boaze, ). Hall, A. Halperin, S. Berry, H. Poteat, J. Buck, B. Dac ' is, L. Williams. •7n row: M. Bacon, L, Lyle, B. Lord, D. Cox, N. Crane, D. Diggs, P. Gibson, S. Apple, N. Moore, L. Hurley. Second row: f. A. Womack. L. Cc ' iner, L. Christakos, B. ' Lemple, B. B. Bradley, M. Hager, A, Johnson, J. Garrett, P. Poteat L. Fulcher, L. Xh)odall. Third rote: J. Cochrane, J. Coleman, K. Durham, (. Mills, A. Gordon, L. Westbrook. J. M eaver, IC ' Lhurman, C. luske, N. Moir, M. Houghton. Fourth row: A. Barnes. B. Dyer, D., L. Brown. M. McMann. D. Coates, D. Harcille, 1C J owell, G. ICirnes. A. Perkins. D. Karnes. ' { 761 - ACTIVITIES ’Mid clubs and meetings And places to go, They’ll ' drip the light Fantastic toe.” No, it isn ' t Halloween. It is just ' Wallace Hundley and his science class gazing wonderingly at a skeleton. " Do we really look like that. ’’ he asked. Clarence Lumpkm and class are very interested in a demonstration of radio acti c substance per- tormed in Physics class. ' What have we here. It is just wood shop and we hnd Troy Love and ' Wayne Clifton working on well lamps. Andy Kirks and friends learn the fundamentals of printing in print shop. To the left we hnd Ralph South and N. H. Boswell hard at work. H 78 h I From the grins on Terry Wilmartli’s, Charles Rich ' s and Jimmy Davis ' faces, one could never tell that this w ' as a geometry class. Is this a kitchen or a classroom? Here home-ec students prepare to be the future homemakers of stop watching the camera. tomorrow. Miss Oliver ' s American goxernment class discusses the court system. She is giving Carrington Smith a disapproving look, tor as you see, he is not paying attention. Latin is a dead language but it looks mighty alive here with the colorful posters on the wall. Ashby, This is the F. O. O. T. Club, the Futuie Orators of Tomorrow. President Vincent speaks to her classmates Joe Skinner, Marty Evans, Patsy Ayers and advisor, Mr. Perk. In English class Martha Farley and Bill 0 crcash are observing the miniature Elizabethan theatre. The Julius Caesar posters are also part of the course. Willa Ramey, Bonnie Chattin, Edna Jones, and Bette Connock take great pains with their parts in dramatics class. Broadway, here we come. Donald Scearce, " Butch” Jones, Carl Lowe, Jimmy Shields and Donald Clark are practicing for an assembly program in music class. What’s so tunny, Donald. { 80 f Aubrey Barnes, Michael Heitzler, Nancy King, and Aurelia Robertson display their contribution to Mr. Daniel ' s hospital project. The class made cookies, boxes and brought magazines. What is it, Joe. It is a tesla coil entered by Joe Mahafdey in the Science Fair. John Clare and George Fairer look on, amazed. Linda and Deanna are working hard in the office Take it easy, girls! Coach Charlie Franzen is get- Machines class. These girls are preparing for a ting quite a few gray hairs by trying to teach business future. Nancy, Paula and Betty to drive. Seated, left to right: E. Vincent B. Martin, E. Alfriend, N, Ferguson, Secretary-treasurer, V. Holton, President, M. Far¬ ley, ] ' ice president, B. Patterson, J. " ' X ' heatley. Standing: E. Baxa, N. Bennett, H. Holland, C. Johnson, P. Kinser. UIIDIICIIARY The Judiciary of George Washington High School has for its purpose the hearing of cases involving dishonest practices and breaches ot promise. It suggests suitable punishment for stu¬ dents involved. This organization consists of four seniors, lour juniors and two sophomores. The Student Coun¬ cil officers—Van Holton, Martha Farley, and Nancye Ferguson are also the officers for the Judiciary. The Judiciary members help to promote school projects. They also serve as guides for the orien¬ tation of new students entering George Washing¬ ton High School in the coming year. Another duty of this group is the tabulation of votes in all major elections, such as the Student Council held at the end of each year. This organization is connected with the Student Council. It is the governing body of it and Judi¬ ciary members are members of the Student Coun¬ cil. It is one of the most important of the school organizations. Van Holton President Martha Farley Vice-Presideut Nanc ’e Ferouson S ecr el ary-T reels tirer Mr. Thomas Houser Advisor 1 82 STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council of George Washington High School is one of the most important of all school organizations. It consists of one represen¬ tative from each of the forty-one homerooms and ten members of the Judiciary. The homeroom representatives are chosen for their qualities of school spirit and leadership and must maintain a C average. The Student Council is the law-making and law-governing body of G.W. It helps to set the course of conduct for the school and each mem¬ ber of the organization sets the example for others to follow. The representatives, after a preliminary dis¬ cussion, introduce the ideas to the homerooms for approval before any planning begins. Also any plans of students go from the representatives to the Student Council organization. Some of the projects undertaken by this organ¬ ization are the Red Cross Drive, Community Chest Campaign, and March of Dimes Drive. The homerooms compete with each other. Another im¬ portant function is the school improvement pro¬ gram. The orientation program for new students en¬ tering George Washington High School the fol¬ lowing year is planned and carried out by the Stu¬ dent Council members. The new students are shown around the school and are told of some of the school activities and organizations. An assem¬ bly is given in honor of them. First YOU ' : V. Grow, M. Phinizy, L. Evans, M. Daly, M. Farley, V. Holton, N. Ferguson, B. Clifton, S. Epperson, R. H. Patterson. Second row: M. Adams, P. Benazzi, P. Feldman, B. Grow, L. Mitchell, N. Millner, F. Harris, J. Savage, J. Fleming, L. Beale, C. Dunagan. Third row: M. J. Bacon, S. Owen, H. Henderson, V. Newman, J. Boyd, M. A. Crawford, J. A. Yeatts, M. Douglas, I. Baum, M. Weakley. Fourth row: L. Dishman, B. Guthrie, M. Houghton, S. Turner, D. Harley, F. Anderson, D. Cole, B. Barbour. Fifth row: W. Yeatts, B. Martin, S. Kinser, G. Watkins, D. Richmond, H. Kushner, R. Jcmes, J. Hyler, S. C. Hall. Seated: E. Kolendrianos, R. Berman, R. Cotton, G. Woody, E. Friedman, M. Matthews, J. Bonner, J. Paylor. Second rote: F. Knowles, D. Fiilliard, E. Oakes, M. A. Hubbard, Secretary, M. Vaden, President, Miss Lucille Walton, Sponsor, M. Phinizy, Vice-president, D. Griffith, Treasurer, J, Choate, B, Booker. Third roll ' : K. Gardner, E. Fletcher, S. Dameron, E, Alfriend, P. Ayers, B. Welch, E. Vincent, C. Guinn, C. Everett, P. Scarce, R. Abercrombie, N. Bennett, S. Shelhorse, V. Collins. The object of the Washington Chapter of the National Honor Society is to create an enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote worthy leadership, and to encourage the development of character in pupils of George Washington High School. One must be a junior or senior in high school with an average of ninety-one per cent to be eli¬ gible for membership in this organization. Mem¬ bers are chosen by the principal and four mem¬ bers of the faculty on the basis of scholarship, service, leadership, and character. Fifteen per cent of the senior class and fifteen members of the junior class can be selected for membership. In November the Honor Society had an induc¬ tion ceremony as an assembly program in order to acquaint more students with the chapter and to honor the new members. This year, as well as last, the society’s annual project was to introduce a honor system to the fac¬ ulty and students of G.W. Also a banquet was held at the end of the school year at the Green Lantern. 84 1 QUILL AN Quill and Scroll is the International Honorary Society for High School Journalists which w ' as or¬ ganized April 10, 1926, by a group of high school advisors, for the purpose of rewarding individual achievement in the held of journalism and allied fields. The Quill and Scroll was more recently formed to aid in the business affairs of the Society and the administration of Quill and Scroll Founda- dations. The following requirements must be fulhlled by the members of the Quill and Scroll. They must be at least a junior; they must be in the upper third of their class in general scholastic standing at the time of their election; they must liave done superior work in some phase of journalistic or creative endeavor; they must be recommended by the advisor or by the committee governing publi¬ cations; and they must be approved by the execu¬ tive secretary. New members in George Washington High School’s Roscoe B. Ellard Chapter are Sarah Eas¬ ley, Ellen Flowers, Carolee Kushner, Dixie Hilli¬ ard, Anne Bruce WNrsham, Patsy Scarce, Mary Anne Hubbard, Billy Clifton, Nancye Ferguson, Elizabeth Oakes, Joyce Ann Yeatts, Sarah Shel- horse, John Paylor, and Maury Matthews. In the spring a formal initiation was held for the new Quill and Scroll members. Fhsf rotv: E. Vincent, N. Ferguson, J. A. Yeatts, S. Shelhorse, M. Farley, A. B. Y orsham. Second roiv: E. Oakes, B, Welch, J. Choate, L. Saunders, S. Dameron, S. Easley, D. Hilliard, E. Flowers. Third rote: B. Clifton, IvE Matthews, E. Alfriend, B. Booker, S. Motley, C. Kushner, A. Thompson, P. Scarce, M. A. Hubbard, J. Bonner, J. Paylor. -[85 b HIE CAVALIER The last two hours of each school day are spent by " Cavaliers,” working in room 209. Miss Estes and Anne change the dummy frequently and hunt for that special color. Bill and Bill (Clifton and Overcash) race around to all the coaches to get some scores and inside information. Actually this is a bright spot in our day and we love the work we do because we are inspired by the hope that we are giving you the best. Anne Thoa[pson Editnr-i)i-Ch ef rir.u row: A. Powell. E. Flowers, C. Kushner, P. Scarce, A. Thompst)n, B. Cliftcn, D. Hilliard, A, Worsham, S, Eas¬ ley, H. Overcash. Second row: Miss Estes. D. Richardson H McMann. R. Richbourg, C. Hitchcock, Ci, Green, R, Abercrombie, P, Coch¬ ran, J. Bonner, B. York, Third row: G. Penn, B. Bailey, j. McGhee, J, Moore, E. Vincent, M. A, Hubard, B. Norman, Evelyn Vincent Dixie Hilliard Business Manager Circulation Alanage) Bill Clifton Anne Bruce V orsham Miss Josephine Estes Sports Ed tor As. t. Adiertising Manager Sponsor d 86 b As Carolee and Johnny hold up a Cavalier subscription poster, Anne and Helen study the layout for this year ' s Cava¬ lier. Miss Estes looks approvingly on as the staff works hard. This year The Cavalier, the yearbook of George Washington High School, again won the Medalist award at the Columbia Scholastic Press Association contest. This award is presented to only ten per cent of the books receiving a first place rating in each enrollment group. In the Southern Interscholastic Press Association and Virginia High School League the G.W. yearbook won a hrst-place rating. We take pride in our annual and each year strive to make it surpass previous ones. Ellen Flowers Advertis ' iug McDiager Carolee Kushner AlcDhig ' mg Editor The Cavaliers presented an as¬ sembly program at the hrst of the school year to solicit subscriptions. " The Sixty-four Cent Question, " a take-olf on the TV program, was a big success. For the purpose of raising additional needed funds, we spon¬ sored a " Mr. and Miss G.W. ’55 con¬ test and sold name cards. Each staff member has diligently worked on our Cavalii;r and sin¬ cerely hopes that we have captured, between the covers of our ’56 book, something of the life we have shared at G.W.H.S. •187 b Since its hrst issue in 1922, The Chatterbox, G.W.’s bi-weekly newspaper, has been one of the outstanding papers in the state. Under the guidance of Miss Roberts, The Chatterbox is continuing to bring accurate news and sports stories, interesting features, and columns to its readers. The award winning Chatterbox lists among its honors the All-American Honor Rating given by the NSPA, the CSPA Medalist, Quill and Scroll International Honor Rating, Trophy Winner SIPA, Trophy Winner Virginia High School League, and the Gallup Award. Bunny Booker Editor- ' ni-Chiej Sara Motley Johnsie Choate Maury Matthews Esther Alfriend Miss Joan Roberts C ' nculalion Manager President of Press Club Sports Editor Advertising Manager Sponsor first rule: M. Matthews, Miss Roberts, S. Motley, M. Farley, L. Saunders, B. Booker, E. Alfriend, J. Bonner. Second rote: E Paylor, N. Ferguson, E. Shelton, I. Crutchfield, S. Shelhorse, S. Abrams, J. Choate, S. Dameron, L. Hiller. Tbiid row: G. Green, C. Hitchcock, C. Rich, D. Barnett, J. Skinner, E. Oakes, P. Phillips, B. Welch, G. Penn. Po irlb row: J. ' I ' eatts, ht. Hurd, L, Elliott, N. Pretty, I. Baum, P. Clare, C. Johnson, N. Bennett, M. Feans. J 88 }- Sylvia, Betty and Peggy frantically type articles for the next issue of The Chatterbox while Bunny, editor, proofreads them. Carole and Miss Roberts look o er old issues for improvements. Starting off the year with a successful subscription drive, The Chatterbox gave an assembly program, " Pressroom Jungle.” Then, as at various other times during the year, the Green Duck, well-known symbol of G.W.’s newspaper, made an appearance. In the spring the Press Club, to which all staff members belong, sponsored a Bunny Girl Contest as a fund-raising project. Johnsie Choate, president of the Press Club, was aided by the other officers and members in planning the annual Christmas Party. A big event, complete with Christmas tree, mistletoe, colorfully decorated blackboards, red and green crepe paper streamers, refreshments, and fun, the party proved to be a tremendous success. A cute Christmas gift with an appropriate rhyme was gi en to each staff member at the party. After this gala event, the staff looked forward to the Press Club Bancjuet which completed a year of hard work and fun. Martha Farley Assistaut Ed tor-ht-Ch ef Linda Jo Saunders B tst tess A a tager d 89}- First roll’: V. Maxie, C. Kushner, E. Alfriend, Editor; S. Shelhorse, J. Cook. Second row: C. Stowe, Mr. Smith, Advisor, R. Richbourg, E. Vincent, J. Elippen, J. Choate. CARIDIINA TALENT SCOUT STAFF Serving as a literary detective, the Cardinal Talent Scout, for the second year, strove to publish the choice writings of talented GWites. With the helpful guidance of Mr. Smith, the staff, headed by Esther Alfriend, collected the top short stories, poems, and essays written by students in the various English classes and assembled them into a magazine that everyone would enjoy. Illustrations for the Talent Scout were ably drawn by Sarah Shel- liorse, Donald Clark, and Johnsie Choate. In March an assembly was given to arouse interest in The Talent Scout in order to get more subscriptions. This year over 750 subscriptions have been solicited. In order to raise extra funds for the publication, the staff sponsored an Open House in the cafeteria following the GW-Lynchburg basketball game. In addition to students mentioned above, other membe ' LS of the literary staff are Evelyn Vincent, Associate Editor; Caro- lee Kushner, Business Manager; Jimmy Elippen, Circulation Manager; and Vera Maxie and Jane Cook, typists. Contributors to the magazine may be students of any grade at GW who have shown promise in writing. Earlier this year the first copies were placed for review and criticism in both national and state contests. The magazine won thrid place rating at C.I.P.A. Other ratings have not been received yet. Jo Anne McGhee, a GW Senior, is shown reading the Cardinal Talent Scout. This is the first issue of GW ' s literary magazine, our newest publication. J90F MODELS CLUB The Models Club, better known as the Model-Ts, is a fairly new organization at George Washington High School. It w ' as started year before last in the early spring. This club is a group of girls, principally in the Junior and Senior grades. These girls are interested in the aspects of good grooming and etiquette. The programs have included talks and movies on good posture and the correct way to w ' alk. Some of the more interesting meetings have been programs on hair styles, how ' to w ' ear clothes, how ' to apply make-up, fixing your nails, and general points ot eticjuette and good manners. Four members of the Models’ Club, Ellen Flow ' - ers, Mary Jane Martin, Anne Thompson and Anne Powell get some tips on photography at Belk-Leggett ' s Studio. One of the more recent meetings was a panel of four Hi-Y boys w ' ho answ ' ered questions asked by the girls. They told how they liked girls to dress and act on dates, in school, and at parties. The officers for this year are Mary Jane Martin, President; Jo Anne McGhee, Vice President; Jo Wheatley, Treasurer; Sylvia Bragg, Secretary; and Martha Farley, Parliamentarian. Several of the models from this club were chosen to be in the Automobile Fashion Show sponsored by the Belk-Leggett Company. Also, several of the girls modeled during High School Day at Thal- himer ' s, April 28 . The president, Mary Jane Martin, has been pictured in clothes from Belk-Leggett’s Young Fashion Center and they have appeared in the Danc ille paper for advertising the new ' look in clothes for Spring. The meetings are held on Wednesday afternoons every other w ' eek at the home of Helen Marie AfcMann. Refreshments are served at each meeting Miss Deane Richardson, Spanish teacher at George Washington, serves as faculty sponsor for The Model T’s, attends the meetings and provides adult counseling for the members. Pnst rail ' : C. Kushner, J. McGhee, M. J. Martin, J. Wheatley, M. Farley, Miss Richardson. Second row: P. Bailey, M. Weakley, E. Flowers, L. Saunders, S. Easley, A. Worsham. Third row: S. Abrams, H. McMann, A. Thompson, B. Hogan. d91b Seated: M. Vaden, L. Saunders, C. Kushner, Miss Woodson. M. Farley, M. A. Hubbard, E. Oakes. Sljiidi ig: N. Ferguson, K. Claidner, E. Alfriend, B. Booker, E. Vincent, B. Carter, D. Hilliard, S. Motley, J. Choate. The junior members of the American Association of University Women are chosen on the basis of scholarship, leadership, character, and participation in various school activities. The girls are nominated by their homeroom teachers and selected by Mrs. B.trker, Mrs. Spangler, and Miss Woodson, members of the Dan ille chapter. The girls are honored at a special program at which they are presented the tra¬ ditional sih er book marks. UN ' ariian: Each year there are chosen by Principal J. T. Christopher and Assistant Principal E. G. Baxa nine outstanding seniors to represent various activities at G.W. The Junior Rotarians are future business men, outstanding in leadership and character. For a month each representative attends the luncheon meeting of the Danville Rotary Club and is thereby in contact with the Danville businessmen. Id ' anl ruxv: Mr. Christopher, Mr. Baxa. Second row: J. Bonner, C. Davis, D. Shultz, D. Lee, V. Holton, B. Clifton, B. Patterson, D. Crilfith, Lt. Matthews. “{92}- FRENCH CLUB First row: G. Giles, M. X " eakley, J. " eatts, C. Cox, S. Boatwright, L. Hiller, S. Easley, B. Booker, D. Asbury. Second row: B. Chears, R. Patterson, E. Vincent, S. Boswell, W. Ramey, N. Pretty, M. Hurd, P. Clare, M. Vt ' arren. Third row: D. Kent. J. " VCdieatley, A. Powell. S. Dameron, E. Altriend, E. Oakes, J. Dunagan, M. Evans. J. Choate, K. Gardner, D. E. Hendren. Fourth row: C. Lind, R. Browning, J. Martin, D. Clark H. Rodgers, D. Fralin. C. Davis, V. Grow. The F’rench Club is composed of members of the French classes, led by Monsieur D. E. Hendren. The yearly activ ities consist of monthly meetings, at which French games arc played and songs sung, and putting on an assembly program. A supper meeting highlights the activities ot each semester. Either a speaker is invited to these meetings or a French opera is discussed. The members hnd this club en¬ joyable and helpful. First row: S. Mitchum. A. Corpening. M. Dougla.s, L. Jeiiferie.s, D. Davis, S. Shelhorse, S. Arnett. Second rote: P. Ayers, N. Kendrivk. C. Johnson, Cj. Green, B. VC ' ienn. ). Matney, D. Harley. Third row: P. Ayers, N. Pace, M. NX ' ilson, N. Bradner. R. Abercrombie, N. Bennett, M. Harrison, J. Robertson. Fourth row: J. Oakes. V L Samuels, L. (Oliver. R. Hall, S. Littlejohn. X’. Dudley, li. Mitchelle. d93F ATIIN CILUl Firs rotv: L. Abercrombie, D. Dagland. P. Rollins, P. Blankenship, M. Joslin, C. Ferrell, B. Farmer, J. Rosenberg, S. Seeley, M. Penn, R. Dudley. Second row: B. Grow, L. Ferrell, C. Garrett, M. H. Croxton, B. James, L. Baum, L. Elliott, N. Neal, B. Wilson, M. Crenshaw. Third row: L. Wyatt, P. Smith, F Austin, B. Muller, E. Jones, A. Harris, C. Fentriss, S. Spangler, B. Temple, J. Hyler, D. Arey. Fourth rote: M. Simpson, J. Feldman, A. Jones, B. Bennett, W. Miles, H. Kushner, S. Hall, S. Klaft, C. Rich, C. Tate, C. Hill. As part of his " Latin Lives Today’’ campaign, Pierre Pingitore, G.W.’s new Latin teacher, has intro¬ duced poster and money-making contests, games, and fun. Members attended discussions on Rome, played Lango, a Latin version of bingo, and made models ol ancient Roman monsters. The club is athliated with the Junior Classical League. Each spring several students enter the Latin tournament sponsored by the Classical Association of Virginia. Fit.U row: G. TurbiGlle. D. Willis. B. Booker, E. Brooks, J. DeBoe, P. Earles, M. Griggs. R. Petit, P. Feldman, P. Benazzi, M. Bass, B. Paylor, L. Harwell. Second row: S. Payne. S. Greenspon, S. Bonner, L, Mitchell. J. Bryant. B. Arnett, B. Si iter. A. Perkins, B. Hriward, P. CJlasgow, C. Itarbour. I bird trnc: R. Richbourg. Ci. Rust, D. Bowden, S. Bray, D. Corbin. M. Hawkins, F. Harris, D. Richbourg, [. Fisher, J. Harris, F Millner. Fourth row: G. Frankos, R. Orrell. A. Whirsham. C. Athey, J. Carter, C. Bass, H. Gordon, J. Smith, M. Boggs,, B. Blomberg. B. Lumpkin. -I 94 1 SIPANIISIHI CLUB First row: J. Myers, L. Stuart, N. Taylor, J. Savage, R. Kline, L. Gilbert, P. Yeatts, B. Cole, P. Sahms, D. Headley, S. Porter, M. Grayson. Seco id row: E. Cobb, AI. Hager, C. Hitchcock, P. Browder, L. Giles, S. Brown, C. Hughes, J. Crutchheld, E, Shelton, P. Phillips, S. Abrams, E. Elowers, Miss Richardson. Third row: T. Meadows, D. Barnett, E. Ayers, E. Craig, T. Alfriend, B. Cook, J. I ' hompson, R. Cochran, ' P. Arthur, D. Cole, J. McNichols, G. Watkins, F. Gary. Fourth row: B. Vincent, D. Meadows, H. Barber, F. Bevill,R. Berman, R. Cotton, B. Ashby, D. Richmond, E. Kolen- drianos, C. Barksdale, C. Groff, C. Crowder, Members of El Club de Espanol gain friendship and understanding for the people of Spanish speak¬ ing countries. Regular Spanish Club meetings are held, presided over by president Mary Anne Hubbard. ”20 Questions” and bingo are played in Spanish. Annually the dub, Las Cucarachas, holds a gay fiesta. As a Christmas project, members brought food, clothing, and toys to help a needy family ha e a Merry Christmas. First roil ' : N. Cole, S. Williams, S. Thomas, M. Farley, S. Jordan, C. Kushner. H. McMann, A. Thompson. D. Hilliard. M. A. Hubbard. S. Motley. J. Mills, G. Pickeral, Second row: S. Lynch. M. Daly, L. Evans, M. Phinizy, C. Hall. C. Dunagan. N. Edwards, M. J. Martin. P. Compson. L. Myers, B. G. Hogan, B. Connock. S. Pattisall. Third rote: D. Spearman. E. Fletcher. K. Overcash. J. Bagby, G. Penn. M. Tate, B. Martin, C. Linkous, C. W. Shackel¬ ford. Fourth row: R. Mays, J. Paylor, C. Lowe, K. Cook, S. Farley, J. Byrd. P. Kinser. B. Norman, P. Eggleston, C. Ferguson. d 95 1- Firsi roir: L. Lewis, R. Richbourg, J. Neal, S. Epperson, B. Clifton, D. Lee. Second row: f. Skinner, R. Tucker, B. Jones, D. Kent, B. Ocercash, M. Matthews, D. Richardson, D. Smith. Third row: J, Turner, J. Bagby, C. Lind, B. Norman, J. Moore, V. Grow, J. Towler. The oldest club in the state, the Kappa Chi Hi-Y, strives for better sportsmanship and good charac¬ ter in home and at school. The officers of the club are: President, Jimmy Neal; Vice President, Sam Ep¬ person; Secretary, Billy Clifton; Treasurer, Leon Lewis; and Chaplain, Jim Bagby. ZETA CHI Led by President Bobby Patterson, Vice President Randy Beale, Treasurer Bobby Ruffin, Secretary John Bonner, and Chaplain George Penn, the Zeta Chi Hi-Y Club strives to promote clean speech, clean sports, and clean living. Their activities include parties and a representative to the Model General Assembly. F rsl row: R. ifeale, B. Ruffin, B. Patterson, J. Bonner, G. Penn. Stcond row: R. Beale, D. Bowen, B. Bennett, R. Satterfield, C. Shelton. DELTA CHI Fust row: E. Ragland, B. Martin, P, Kinser, S, Turner, J, Robertson. Second roiv: E. Williams, S. Arnett , T. Alfriend, P. Eggleston, B. Kent, J. McNichols, D. Barnett, B. Temple. Third rote: F. Knowles, K. Cook, J. Davis, G. Watkins, J. Bradley, T. Wilmarth, S. Farley, S. Hall, E Moore. To help make the Delta Chi Hi-Y Club one of the best of its kind are: President, Sonny Kinser; Vice President, Bob Martin; Treasurer, Jim Robertson; Secretary, Steve Turner; and Chaplain, Ed Rag¬ land. Each year tw ' o delegates are sent to represent this club in the Model General Assembly held in Richmond, Vircinia. ’ c The Interclub Council is cotnposed of delegates from the Hi-Y Clubs, Kappa Chi, Zeta Chi, and Delta Chi, with two delegates representing each club. The delegates include from each club one officer and an elected member. The aim of the board is to advise the Hi-Y’s in their activities and to help in the forming of new Hi-Y’s. The group is led by President Bill Overcash, Vice President George Penn, Secretary-Tieasurer Bob Martin. First rote: S. Epperson. B. Martin, B. 0 ' ercash, G. Penn, B. Clifton. Second rote: R. Beale, R. Beale, B. Patterson, J. Neal, S. Kinser, E, Ragland, S. Arnett, (97b Y ' TIEIEN First roiv: N. Edwards, L. Traylor, V. Maxie, Preside)!!; M. Daly, Vice-president: N. Bennett, Secretary; M. Phinizy, Treasurer; E. Jones, C. Dunagan. Second row: M. E. Irwin, S. Boswell, E. Cobb, C. Hughes, L. Myers, G. Green, M. Harrison, N. Bradner, M. Wilson. Third row: B. Hogan, R. Abercrombie, B. Lewis, C. Johnson, J. Payne, P. Jones, N. Roane, J. Dunagan, J. Cook, S. d ' homas. A large number of girls at George Washington belong to a branch of the Young Women ' s Christian Association. The group is for teenagers and its purpose is to help each to grow as a person; to grow in fellowship with all people; and to grow in the love and knowledge of God. The group, as a whole, is governed by the Inter-Club Council which is made up of representatives from each club. G.W. has four active clubs with girls participating from each grade group. The clubs work together for Roll-Call Week, the Training Conference at Stony Mill, the hanging of the greens and the potato chip sale. Each club also has its own activities. First role: B. Eanes, J. Hipps, L. Giles, ice-president; B. Wilson, Treasurer: M. S. Crenshaw, President: C. Garrett. Secretary: K. Weaver, P. Yeatts. Second row: M. H. Croxton, C. Fentriss, N. Pretty. L. Elliott, I. Baum, J. Rosenberg, B. S. Cole, B. A. Cole, L. Jef¬ fries, E. Patterson, A. D. Barnett, D, Watson, P. Gunnell. Third row: L. Harwell, D. Headley, S. Porter, B. James, N. Neal, C. Elliott, N. Kendrick, G. Nix, P. Rollins, P. Davis, M. Douglas, M. Hurd. P. Clare, C. Grinstead, B. Booker. Fourth row: C. berrell, M. Weakley, J. Patterson, M. Bass, B. Farmer, S. Staton, M. E ans. P. Blankenship, C. Hall, M. F. Seamster, N. Yhirren, A. Brumfield, A. Garrett, N. Smith, M. Saunders. First row: P. Riley. Secretary: D. Ragland, Vice-president: G. Turbiville, President; S. Griggs, Treasurer. Second row: B. Arnett, E. Dillard, E. Ha ' ens, B. Connnck, L. Mitchell, D. Davis, D. Womack, B. Williams. Third row: C. Jones, N. McNary, L. Eerrell, R. Petit, L. Abercrombie, S. Elliott, S. Bonner, J. Flynn. Fourth rote: J. Bowling, E. Stoneham, S. Payne, M. Penn, E Browder, M. Brown, S. Seeley, B. Si iter, F. Gibson, S. Tate. The eighth grade club headed by Kitty Harville had their Christmas dance and visited the W.B.T.M. radio station. Helping a needy family at Thanksgiving and a Christmas dance w ' cre the projects of the ninth grade Y-Teens, headed by Grace Turbiville. The tenth grade club, led by Margaret Crenshaw, had many interesting programs which included one on good grooming and etiquette. The eleventh and twelfth grade club is the Beta Alpha Rho, lead by Vera Maxie. A part of their regular program each week included bringing their own supper. One of their main events was a Leap Year Dance given in February. First row: M. Keeling, P. Poteat, H. Henderson, B. VanOot, Secretary; K. Harcille, President; S. Owen, ITce-Presi- dent: B. Snead, Treasurer; S. Carr, A. Mayo, M. J. Bacon. Second row: F. Lyle, J. Dix, M. J. Stoots, C. A. Taylor, E. Lea, J. Fitchett, S. Eitchett, G. Hall, K. Fitzgerald, J. Boyd, V. Newman, E. Asbury, D. A. Cos, M. Trexler. Third row: J. Hudgins, G. Dunglinson, O. Robertson, N. Moore, J, Alvis, B. Wall, P. Montgomery, M. McGhee, N. Crain, D. Diggs, L. Vaughn, S. Lewis, B. Smith. K. Allmond. C. Wyatt. Fourth row: J. Collie, C. Cochran, L. Woodall, B. Newman. M. Kent, N. Moir, S. Owen, M. Hager, G. Anderson, S. Eiske, M. Houghton, H. Flynn, E. Johnson, L. Fulcher, S. Hammett, J. Garrett. -{99 b ID ' O CLUB First r(jw: K. Harvey, L, A. Sides, J. Ogburn, C. Wilkins, F. Buckner, G. Lamb. Second row: Mr. Poling, K. May, K. Phelps, C. Lumpkin, P. Scott, B. Thompson, B. Hall. Third row: C. Gentry, W. Lakey, B. Ruthn, R. Anderson, J. Robertson, R. Mabe. Fourth roiv: R. Mustain, D. Comer, F. Scearce, S. Foster, A. Fitch, D. Tucker. Under the leadership of C. E. Poling, advisor of the Diversihed Occupations Club and Frederick Scearce, this year’s president, twenty-four members are able to participate in eleven different occupations and still attend school. The available professions include nursing, furniture upholstery, textiles, radio and tele ision repair, office machinery repair, photography, auto mechanics, radio engineering, stock room management, meat cutting, and floor laying. Representatives from G.W.’s D.O. Club attended the state D.O. convention held from March 26 through March 28. To promote interest in and understanding of the D.O. program’s functions, the local club purchased " The Diversified Occupations Film” last fall. Occupations JONS LEARN A TRADE •GET OR TEE JOB TRAimc O.W.H.S. The above exhibit was set up last fall at the Danville Fair to give Bobby Ruffin, a GW senior, is shown putting the public some idea of the opportunities offered by the D.O. the slogan of the club into practice as he is program. instructed by Guy Heard of Guy ' s Radio and IW Service. • ! 100 b D ' lE CLUB F ys row: M. Shumate, L. Cain, A. Lankford, J. Da is, C. Womack, L. Stamper, B. Hilliard, W. L. Griffitli, B. Bryant, Mr. R. O Neil, L. Williams, R. Watlington, ). Pennington, D. Horsley, Second row: D. Wilson, J. Honeycutt, D. Blanks, C. Scearce, S. Jefferson, S. Wells, R. L. Hicks, D. Saunders, J. Gammon, L. Holley, T. Lee, VC. Owen, R. Giles. bird row: B. L. Wallace, J. Wade, S. Saunders, B. Greene, J, Sizer, T. Ganey, P. Setliff, C. Morris, J. Martin, E. Cain, D Patterson, B. Cheek, D, Elliot, Fotcrth row: R. Agee, E. Collins, W. Pizzino, Stevens, J. Crawford, W. Edwards, W. Gauldin, R. Davis, L. McFall, R. Stephens, J. Lhirner, B. Wiles, J. McFalls, The Distributive Education Club ' s program is a plan which enables its members to work hfteen hours a week in some held of retailing and also attend school half a day. With the help of Mr. Rexford O’Neil, co-ordinator, members carry out the motto of the club, " Learning and Earning.’’ This year Jeanette Davis was elected president of the D.E. Club. Working with the other officers, she has made this year a banner one. IF. B. L. A First row: C. Walker, P. Jones, J. Payne, Miss Sulli an, 1. Morris, L. Dove, H. McMann, C. Guinn, J. Dodson, P. Chesson, Miss Thomas, C. Everett, D. Vidlliams. Second roii ' : N. Jefferson. C. McDowell, P. Bradley, D. Abbott. A. Thompson. G. Walker, C. Kushner, B. Pugh, S. Beckham, J. Wright, C. Owen, J. Dalton, D. Blalock. Third row: L. Coward, N. Stowe, P. McQueen. P. Luther. M. Gauldin, N. Short, G. Brown, C. Abernathy, S. Wilson, L. Daniel, P. VCdlliams, A. Throckmorton, V. Reid, B. Muller. Fourth row: J. Hubbard, R. Oliver, B. Lewis, J. Snipes, J. Slayton, S. Mathes, S. Raynolds, D. Idood, L. Haynes, J. Yeatts, P. Motley, N. Roane, N. Clark, M. Nfills, P, Hughes. d lOU MALE CIHIORU P isf row: C. Davis, B. Cliears, ). Robertson, J. Neal, S. Turner, D. Harley, F. Cooper, Second rote: J. Matney, R. Rithbourg, D. Anthony, S. Farley, K. Overcash, K. Cook, D. Fralin, W. Gunnell, D. Barn harclt. Third row: B. Wrenn, J. Matney, B, Martin, J. Martin, M. Tate, P. Kinser, E, Ragland, G. Watkins. Tourth row: S. Adams, G. Farier, E. Snead, S. Epperson, V. Grow, R. H, Patterson, D. Kent, R. Beale, E. Lewis. The George Washington Male Chorus was organized late last spring. The chorus is a group of high school boys under the direction of Mr. D. E. Hendren of the faculty. There are about thirty-eight boys in the group. The Men’s Chorus has done an excellent job, performing in assembly and for various civic clubs. They lead devotions in assembly and usually present a number or two that are varied in scope. ' I ' he Madrigal singers are shown giving their magnificent rendition of " Three Blind Mice. " The group consists of (.laude Davis. Dot Ashbury, Mr. Hendren. Evelyn Vincent, Don Kent, Kay Gardner and Billy Wrenn. «(102 y Firs row: M. Reid, J. Payne, B. Vaughn, P. Feldman, L. Pickeral, E. Mays, T. Ashworth, J. Harris, N. Snead, B. Connock, E. Stanley, P. Benazzi. Second row: P. Jones, M. Adams, S. Carr, D. Hagood, J. Bradley, L. Lewis, R. Jones, L. McFarland, J. McGuire, M. Gossett. Third row: S. Collins, C. Guinn, D. Hilliard, D. Cole, V. Holton, B. Sizer, W. Gunnell, R. Dudley, J. D.dton, L. Beale. The Glee Club, directed by Miss Elizabeth Oliver, is probably one of the busiest and most well- known organizations in school. The group, consisting of 80 choristers, participates not only in assembly programs at GW but sings each year for various civic clubs, schools, and community activities. Several members of the club represented GW at the All-Western chorus held in Radford during February, and others attended the Massanetta Choral Camp during last summer. These are just two of the ways in which the Glee Clubbers exhibit the proficient training given them by Miss Oliver during the year. The Glee Club has been rated as one of the best in the state in past years and certainly the blithe- hearted singers this year are no exception, for they have contributed much to the musical atmosphere of their school and community. Fiir row: S. Brown, M. Joslin, L. Harwell, M. Crenshaw, C. Williams, D. Berger, M. VChllis, M. Scearce, J. McGhee, B. Connock. Second row: M. Warren, B. Baccary, F. Gill, B. Bragg, C. Lowe, B. Alverson, L. Jones, E. Vincent, L. Itranscome, R. St. John. ' I bird row: S. Boswell, E. Smith. L. Million, D. Clark. L Shields. A. ' XL Gauldin, D. Blanks, A. Ciarden, S. ' X ' ilson. 103 }- Each fall a one year course is begun by the Dramatics Department in two fields, stage con¬ struction and dramatics. These classes, taught by Miss Dorothy Fitzgerald, learn all about the stage from two important aspects, The stage construction class learns the intricate steps in building scenery and backdrops, lighting effects and many other behind the scene tricks. The dramatics class studies the different types of plays and characters, diction, voice projection and various related subjects. Cinderella, Meredith Wilson, bows to her Prince Charming, Virgil Grow, as King and Queen, Rolvix Patterson and Linda Saunders, look on approvingly. Billy Chears, captain of the guard, has just announced her arrival. These work together with the Thespians, a club forming the core of dramatic activity within the school. Each Thespian must have a knowledge and understanding of the basic principals of stage construction. To meet the requirements set by the National Thespians Dramatic Elon- orary Society aspirants may participate or assist in the production of plays. After qualifying for mem¬ bership in the local chapter 605, they become affiliated with the national society. Many of these young actors and actresses may startle or completely puzzle their fellow classmates with the following statements: " Have you descended on a moonbeam? " or " You don’t look like a fool, but you ' re a woman. " These may be well-known quotations from the classics or lines from the latest plays presented by the drama students. The outstanding programs for the year have been " Cinderella” and " Time Out for Rodney, " which was presented before several parent-teacher groups within the city. TIHIIESIPIIANS Members of the Men’s Chorus are working on props for their Christmas assembly. Billy, Peyton, Bobby and George gi e last minute touches to their manger scene. Don’t hit your finger Bob! f 104 y Filst rotr: C. Martin, B. Vaughn, M. Patterson, S. layhew, B. Rhodes, M. F. Seamster, P. Kinder, N. Warren, [. Bowling, A. Branscome, C. Owen, C. Stowe, C. Powell, L. Harwell, E. Sipe, R. Stowe. Second roiv: G. Giles, S. Lewis, K. Allmond, S. Owen, N. McNary, B. Williams, M. Rowland, E. Barber, M. Horton, E. Havens, B. Gulhrie, N. Stowe, E. Gibson, N. Jefferson, Miss Reinhart. Third row: N. Pruitt, L. Branscome, J. Bradley, M. Thornton, L. Lewis, K. Simpson, L. Dishman, J. Eleming, A. Car¬ ter, E. Keys, J. Eisher, L. Brummett. Fourth row: C. Gammon, C. Sage, M. James, K. Corbin, J. Elynn, C. Hudson P. Luther, M. Willis, S. Roberts, B, Bragg, D. Willis, B. Brummett, A. Brumfield. The George Washington chapter of the Future Homemakers of America, a national organization, is led by President Patsy Kinder, Vice President Mary Frances Seamster, Secretary Nancy Warren, and Treasurer Jane Bowling. The club is composed of se ' enty-one members, all strixing to become future homemakers. The F.H.A. creed emphasizes the fact that the participants realize they are future home¬ makers of tomorrow and they " face the future with warm courage and high hope,” so they may establish " homes where truth and love and secur¬ ity and faith will be realities.” With club sponsors Miss Reinhart and Mrs. Moseley, the club is indeed an active one, having both a business and a .social meeting each month. Some ol their activities this year have been the celebrating of the 10th National birthday, win¬ ning first and third places in the fashion review at the Danville Fair and a Christmas project of sending food and clothing to help needy families. Patsy Kinder, club president, blows out the candle at the loth birthday party of E. H. A. i 105 j Liz expresses her disapproval of the outcome of a debate at the l.R C. meeting. Maury is more concerned about his ice (.ream roll while Dutfy wholeheartedly disagrees with Liz. The purpose of t he International Relations Club is to stimulate greater interest in all national and international affairs. In order to become a member of this club a student must have at least a ninety average in social studies for at least one semester and also be in senior high school. At the present time there are (wenty-hve active members. During the forum meetings, held twice a month at the home of a member, each has an opportunity to express his own views as well as hear the opinions of others. Maury Matthews is head of the I.R.C. with Nancye Ferguson and Helen McMann, Vice-president and Secretary-Treasurer respec¬ tively. Under the able guidance of Miss Doro¬ thy Jordan, sponsor of the club, the I.R.C. has become one of the most active clubs at G.W. During the year the International Relations Club has discussed current topics. Some of these topics were " Voice of America,’’ segregation, immigration laws, federal aid to education, exchange of infor¬ mation with the Red world, and admission of Red China to the United Nations. The debating team also presented a program for the International Relations Club on the pro and con concerning federal aid to education. In the spring the I.R.C. had a picnic as an outing for the year. Everyone brought food and a fine time was had by all. Soon the International Relations Club will elect the officers for the next year from the junior mem¬ bers of the dub. ❖ c ❖ First row: D. Richardson, K. Gardner, H. McMann, M. Matthews, N. Ferguson, Miss Jordan. Second row: M. Russell, E. Alfriend, R. Patterson, M. Farley, B. Clifton, R. Abercrombie. Third r jw: J. Bonner, S. Turner, L. Saunders, D. Harley, N. Bennett, P. Kinser, E. Vincent. lonrth row: J. Paylor. B. Wrenn, B. Welch, V. Grow, E. Oakes, R. Cotton. d 106 b Fi ' St row: Mr. Thomasson, C. Kushner. Second roiv: L. Stovall, B. Paylor, R. Cotton. Third row: M. Matthews, C. Lowe, K. Price, D. Griffith, J. Bonner. SCIENCE FORUM The Science Forum is one of the long-established organizations at G. W. Its faculty advisor is G. L. Thomasson and the purpose of the club is furthering scientific interests among the potential scientists in G. W. The small number of members are chosen by the science faculty on the basis of scientific ability, interest, and aptitude in laboratory work such as biology, chemistry or physics. The reason for the limited membership is the fact that this is a discussion and research group. Some members of the Science club listen intently while Mr. G. L. Thomasson, adviser, explains a difficult theory, Lynda, Kent, David and Carl stand as Carolee, Ken and Phyllis take it easy. Meetings are held bi-weekly in the mem¬ bers’ homes. Topics of discussions include such subjects as dreams, supernatural forces, satellites and cosmic rays. The forum sponsors a science project pro¬ gram. Some of the members participated with such entries as collections of the elements and new inventions. In the spring the Science Forum members give an assembly to which the whole school is invited. There the members give science dem¬ onstrations and do chemical experiments mak¬ ing everything from perfume to bombs. The exhibit txjrders on the supernatural in the eyes of the ordinary student. First roiv: K. Linkous, B. F. Dyer. L. Williams, M. |. Bacon, J. T. Carter, B, Blank, J. Crews, M. Simpson. Second rutv: A. Taylor, L. Vaughan, G. Winiker, B. Connock, J. Hudgins, B. S. Owen, N. Moore, B. VanOot, R. Fassamaneck. I ' hird rote: C. Myers, O. Glenn, J. Wells, B. Anderson, L. Booth, J. Booth, E. D. Smith, B. McMann, G. Carter, A. Wor¬ sham. Fourth rote: Miss Blair, Miss Kirstein, sponsors: K. Furguson, E. Gunn, F. Wilson, S. Bray, A. Smith, M Boggs, J. Smith, D. Karnes, B. Adkins, A. Gordon, A. Perkins, C. Athey, Mr. Pender, sponsor. The Junior and Senior Science Clubs were organized this year under the direction of Miss Blair and Miss Kirstein. The Senior science club with Eddie Friedman, president, is composed of fifteen sopho¬ mores, juniors, and seniors w ' hile the Ju nior science club, John Carter, president, has a similar number of eighth and ninth graders. All students in both clubs will develop a project and the best will be entered in the State Science Fair. SENIOR SCIENCE CLUB Bii First row: Miss Blair, B. Tate, J. Rosenberg, M. Joslin, C. Fcirell. Second row: E. Friedman, R. Berman. 7 bird row: B. .Stephens, S. Klaff, R. Cotton, B. Ashby, G. Fairer. 1 108 E SPOUTS S- Our teams are tops; To none they yield, Be it ill the y ym Or oil the field. Homecoming Queen XVIII, Anne Thompson, is presented to the school at half-time ceremo¬ nies of the G. W. vs. Warwick football game, Bobby Patterson escorts her as the Kiltie Corps salutes. Silhouette of cheerleader Anne Powell is caught by our photographer at the annual bonfire and pep rally. The bonfire is the first event of the Homecoming Weekend. Queen Anne and her two attend¬ ants, Evelyn and Helen, await as Ray Beale, Monogram Club pres¬ ident, approached with the crown. A few minutes before this scene Ed Beale, repi ' esenting the G. W. Cardinal, broke throuch the football to herald the entrance of the queen. ; i i 110 y officers: D. G. Carter, J. Jester. R. Beale, B. Sizer, V. Holton. First row: L. Hawker, |. Clifton, L. Lewis, S. Houghton, J. Feldman, B. Overcash, T. Nance, R. Satterfield, J. Skin nei, D. Lee. Sfioud rote: J. Jennings, K. Shelton, B. Martin, S. Kinser, J. Flippen, C. Pruitt, K. Dean, D. Pretty, R. Patterson, D. Shultz, Third row: D. Flarley, D. Cole, T. W ' ilmarth, B. Garrett, M. Matthews, B. Norman, B. Kent, V. Grow, J. Moore, E. Collins. MONOGRAM CILU The Monogram Club, with Coach El Wilson and Mr. Webber as advisors, plays an important part in the high school life. To become a member a boy must have earned his letter in one of the seven varsity sports at G.W. The annual Homecoming Weekend, which included a gala bonfire, the presentation of the cjueen and her attendants, and a wonderful formal dance was the main event sponsored by the Monogram Club. Ray Bfalh Van Holton D. G. Carter Jackie Jester President Secretary ' ice-President Treasurer 112b Seated: N. Roady, D. Hilliard, J. Savage, P. Ayers, B. Vass, R. Pettit. First row: L. Ferrell, C. Walker, C. Wade, L. Dishman, B. Wilson, P. Browder, G. Nix, A. Pruitt, S. Dameron, S. Beck¬ ham, J. Wright, N. Short, B. Connock, L. Woodall, C. Harville, N. Moore, M. Kent, C. Willis. Second row: N. Stowe, C. Stowe, S. Carr, J. Fleming, S. Sandefur, D. Williams, J. Crutchfield, N. Roane, V, Reed, P. Sowers, D. Ragland, G. Turbiville, J. Apple, N Moir, P. Bailey, C. Dunagan. Third row: B. Guthrie, M. Barber, P. Luther, B. Weatherford, G. Walker, G. Brown, N. Bennett, L. Traylor, B. Farmer, B. Tate, D. XCitson, G. Winiker, M. Hagar, J. Williams, E. Sanderson. Fourth row: J. Slayton, M. Warren, C. Coleman, C. Owen, P. Hughes, C. Parker, N. Pietty, M. Douglas. Gi. A. A« To promote sportsmanship and to stimu¬ late interest in a variety of sports through in¬ tramurals is the aim of the Girls’ Athletic Association. Each girl in George Washington who par¬ ticipates in at least one of the intramural sports—basketball, volley ball, table tennis, shuffle board, or softball—is automatically a member of the G.A.A. The point system en¬ ables those girls who have shown active parti¬ cipation in the athletic program through the year to earn points toward a monogram. In the spring the G.A.A. sponsors an annual G.A.A. Carnival at which each of the extra-curricular clubs at G.W. operates a booth. Also each year the G.A.A. works with the Psysical Education Department in producing a May Day program. The G.A.A. is under the guidance of Misses Norma Roady, Joanne Williams, and Eleanor Sanderson, physical education teachers at G.W. Patsy Ayers was elected to head the G.A.A. this year, while Jo Annette Savage was chosen as vice-president and Betty Vass, Rosa Pettit and Dixie Hilliard were elected to serve as secretary, trasurer, and points chairman rspec- tively. Miss Eleanor Sanderson, G.W. gym instructor, dem¬ onstrates the correct way to ()lley a ball during a practice game. { 113h S. Easley, A. Ptnvell, H. McMann, G. W ' alker, E. Vincent, A. Thompson, E. Oakes, M. J. Martin, AL Earley, P. Brow¬ der, I. Baum. For the hrst time at GW, the varsity cheerleading sc]uad was composed entirely of girls. The twelve were elected in the spring by members of the faculty and Monogram Club. The purpose of the group is to promote school spirit among all students. The cheerleaders this year were sponsors of the newly-organized Pep Club, led cheers for all ath¬ letic events, decorated the ball park for games and the cafeteria for the FFomecoming Dance, and organ¬ ized all the pep rallies. Each member of the squad serves for two years and may be re-elected. This Junior Varsity Cheer¬ leading Squad is composed of nine peppy girls from 8th to 9th grades. They were chosen by members of the Faculty and Monogram Club for a two year term. Their main job is to lead cheers at all J.V. basketball and football games. They also pro¬ mote school spirit in the lower grades. Last spring girls who would be students here at G.W. this tall were eligible to try out. r-irst roll ' : E Browder, R. Pettit. S. Seeley, E. V’e.stbrook. Second roll ' ; j. Eitchett, S. Bonner, B. Grow, S. Payne, D. Womack. -{ 114 F Tliis year the George Wash¬ ington High School band con¬ sists ot seventy members under the direction ot Mr. Eugene Stryker. The band performed last tall at all the home football games and at the Salem and Martins ' ille out-of-town games. They marched at the beginning ot the games and usually during the half-time show. They par¬ ticipated in the Shriners ' Parade to help boost the event. At all the assemblies and pep rallies, the band was on hand, adding much to each. A concert was given in the school auditorium in the spring and the final performance was a concert in the park. Left to right: S. Jordan, C. Willis, E. Stegall, C. Dunagan, B. G. Hogan. BAND M.iiorettes: C. Dunagan, C. ' ' X ' illis. E. Stegall, B. G. Hogan, S. Jordan. first role: E. Hancock, ). Parrish, E. Friedman, F. McDowell, R, Smithers, B. Aherson, R. Jones, P. Franks, |. DeBoe, liugener Stryker, Director. Sicond roll ' : R. Hutcherson, |. Herndon, N. ' Fhomas, J. Lewis, J. Oakes. P. Keesee, D. Richmond, P. Barbour, X ' . Da is, C. Hughes. Third roll-: B. Boone, C. Crowder. B. Ashby, S. Carter, F. Anderson, CL Hill, O. W ' alker, M. L. Joslin. G. Hawkins. ■ urth row: L. Boawright, E. Baxa. J. Carter, S. Houghton, G. Penn, E. W ' illiams, J. Furner, Dudley. D. Richard¬ son. filth row: C. D.ois, L Murphy, F. Knowles, ' F. W ' illiamson, R. Henderson, J. Prevette, C. Bass. S. Bray. S .vth row: D. Lee, W ' . H. W ' illiams. IL (fotton. S. Shumate, WL Clifton. M. Boggs. B. Johnson, C. W ' alsh, D. Aherson. Stie ith row: F. Cooper. B. Vincent, J. Byrd, C. Parker, E. Shreces, D, Ci ' ok. fighth rote: J. DeHart, T. Leans. M. Hundley. Absent: J. Bagby, D. Patterson, J. Tompkins. d 115 f Mm mi Cul’lahi: Pat Bailey. Inside F.- B. Cdnnock, M. Wilson, B. Rhodes, M. Rorrer, J. A. Cantrell, B. Bragg, P. Motley, D. Ashbury, G. Nix, N. Short, J. Dunagan, C. Walker, M. Patterson, P. Williams, B. Connock. On slide I ' .- S. Brown, J. Lewis, S. Poteat, N. Roane, P. Blankenship, S. Boswell, N. Hylton, A. Corpening, P. Da is, E. Price, S. Thomas, M. Weakley, J. Slayton, S. Bragg, D, Simpson, J. Hutcherson, M, £ ans, P. Rollins, E. Flowers, P. Kinder, B. Chattin, N, Snead, E. Ashbury, Absent: Pat,sy Earp. The Kiltettes is one of the newest members of our sports scene. This corp was organized by our Band Director, Eugene Stryker, and consisted of thirty-six members and alternates. Their precision drills added much to the half-time show at football games. PEP CLUB The picture below shows some outstanding workers in the Pep Club, which was organized this year by the varsity cheerleaders. They worked hard in promoting interest in all home games. Not only did they decorate for the games, but they put up attractive posters and distributed handbills. rirst row: M. Kent. M. Penn, M. Phinizy, S. Fitchett, H. Henderson. Second row: B. Powell, J. Hall, E. Beale. Third row: P. Sower.s, E. Jones, S. Motley, E. Fletcher, E. Smith. T ' Ohrth row: B. Patterson, V. Holton, J. Butts. neb John Bonner, stafif photographer, snaps a shot of enthusiastic students at a home game. HOME Reidsville 6.GW 7 Lynchburg 27.GW 0 Warwick 7.GW 0 Roanoke 26.GW 6 Halifax 0.GW 13 AWAY Salem 13.GW 0 Hampton 18.GW 7 Covington 0.GW 20 Martinsville 27.GW 6 Fleming 13.GW 19 THE COACHES El Wilson Joe Gurtis Larry Paladino Charles Eranzen dii7E RONWIE BRYANT, CENTER BIUY NORMAN, 7?irA2£’ D.G, CfK l K,HALFBACR DAVID %WUZ, miFBACK TERRY WILMARTH; END TERRY ALFRIEND, END PEYTON EGGLESTON, C74 -4 ez SONNY KSUSER, 0i A ZP MATNEY, mCKL£ JOHNNY BOBBY SIZER, TACHLB CLINTON , HALfBACM VAN HOLTON , BNP RONALD CHANEX ( OARTB BACN JULIAN CLIFTON, HALFBACK LEON HAWKER, First roir: T. Nance, J. Clifton, B. Cook, B. Norman, B. Jones, P. Kinser, L. Lewis, D. Shultz, R. Chaney, C. Pruitt. Second roic: A. Kirks, R. Sammons, J. Matney, D. Arey, P. Eggleston, T. Wilmarth, K. Shelton, J. Turner, R. Beale. Third roiv: B. Sizer, L. Hawker, V. Holton, L. Ashby, L. Everett, T. Alfriend, C. Davis, G. Watkins, T. Vaughn. Funrth roiv: E. Crumpton, B. Grayson, R. Beale, D. Eralin, B. Martin, B. Blankenship, R. Bryant, L. Bradley. Filth roiv: K. Henderson, J. Meadows, J. Jester, K. Dean, J. Woodv. FOOTBALL This season the GW Cardinals had a less successful year than was the previous one. The Cardinals handed in their worse record since 1950-51, Coach El Wilson’s hrst year, they ended with a 9 loss and 1 win record. This season’s record can be attributed to lack of experience and injuries. The Cardinals felt many a stern blow this year as a result of injuries. Nevertheless, the Red Birds kept their determination for victory. The squad started cut the season with a victory over Reidsville. The Tarheels jour¬ neyed to Danville with a Double A Championship record for the previous year. They fought throughout the whole game to no avail because they returned defeated by a score of 7-6. The next game found GW traveling to Salem. The powerful Salem team had no trouble in defeating the Cardinals by a score of 13-0. Then we hnd GW again traveling, as they moved into Hampton for a bang-up game. Hampton, who trailed the hrst half, came back the second half to win the game 18-7. GW, still on the road, turned to Covington with a hopeful outlook the following weekend. The Cardinals now sporting a 1-2 record fought very hard for a 20-0 victory. After this game GW returned to Danville to prepare for one of their big rivals, Lynchburg. At the hands of Lynchburg, GW suffered their tliird loss of the season by a bruising score of 27-0. hollowing the loss «{ 120 j- to Lynchburg, Danville met Warwick at League Park. The Warwick boys came into Danville with victory in their eyes. They left victorious after defeating the Cardinals 7-0. After los¬ ing to Warwick, the Cardinals started back on the road. They journeyed lo Martinsville for another let-down. The Martinsville team, a Group II school sporting an undefeated season, proved too much tor the Cards. The Cardi¬ nals made a tine showing but came out on the short end 27-6. The next game found GW traveling to Fleming where they were once again rated as under¬ dogs. Here the Cardinals put on their best showing of the season with a 19- 13 upset over Fleming. GW once more returned home for their last two games. Roanoke, a candidate for Stare Championship, moved into Danville with all hopes for an easy ictory. They were not disappointed and returned home with a 26-6 win, reassured of a chance for the State Championship. The last game of the season found GW facing Halifax County and, for the hrst time, rated to win. This cv ' as the Annual Shriner’s Game and found a nice turn out of 3,500 fans. GW, although rated to win, found the battle hard but finally were victorious 13-0. Each year the team selects a Most Valuable Player. This year the award was given to Julian Clifton, first-string half-back for the Cardinals. We congratulate Julian along with each mem¬ ber of the team. David Shultz (4) cracks Lynchburg ' s defense for a first down for G. W. Redbirds. End " Van Holton (29), f ollowed by other G. W. lettermen, rushes in to tackle Halifax ball carrier. Outstanding players on the gridiron this season are: at quarterback Leon Hawker; at halfback Julian Clifton and David Shultz; at center Ronnie Bryant; at guard Sonny Kinser and Jimmy Turner; at tackle Bobby Sizer and John Matney; at end Bob Yelton and Van Hol¬ ton; and at fullback Ray Beale. The other boys receiving monograms, with whose help the team would not have existed, were Clinton Pruitt, Ronald Chaney, Leon Lewis, Billy Jones, Billy Norman, Tommy Nance, Ronald Sammons, Peyton Eggleston, Terry Wilmarth, Kenneth Shelton, Terry Alfriend, Gordon Watkins, Tommy Vaughn, Ed Crumpton, Dickie Eralin, Bob Martin, and Billy Blankenship. The four man¬ agers who also received letters are: Kenneth Henderson, Jesse Madows, Kenneth Dean, and Jimmy Woody. Due to the lack of interest for high school sports by the citizens of Danville, George Washington was having a difficult time financing many of its sports. To improve this situa¬ tion and to obtain city-wide support for the teams, the Boosters ' Club was organized in 1953. This club is com¬ posed of all citizens who are willing to pay a small entrance fee and are anxious to publicize the athletic con¬ tests. il2iy First row: C. Crowder, C. Grott, J. Crowder. F. Anderson, C. Shelton, B. Bennett. Second row: L. Kennedy, B. Gravely. W. Clitton, C. Craig, ' F. V( ' ilhoit, R. Third roic: A. Matney, M. Mitchell, J. ' Fompkins, R. Henderson,, W, E. Samuels, J. McCrass ' . Fourth row: ' F. Feans, G. James, P. Denny, 1’. ' eamon. Ftjlh roiv: R. Collis, G. Ciarrett. BAILIL The Baby Redbirds had a more suc- c ' es.sJul .season this year than their big brothers. The Danville Jayvees stacked up a 3-1 record, under the coaching of Larry Paladino. This year’s season found the Danville Jayvees traceling to Reidsville for their hrst game. The Baby Redbirds came back with a gleam in their eye after defeating Reidsville by the score of 25 to 12. Next the Danville Jayvees prepared to mee! Halifax County on their own ground The Baby Redbirds were seeking theii second victory. The Jayvees took early command of the game and won easily by a score of 20-6. After their win over Hali¬ fax County the Baby (axrds were traveling once more. This time the Baby Cards met their match as they lost their only game of the season. The boys from Hargrave proc ' ed to be too much when they set the Baby Cards back by the score of 7-0. The last game of the season tound the Baby (airds faced by Lynchburg. This almost proved a defeat for the Jayvees but finally they emerged victorious, outpointing Lynchburg 8-6. This team gives for the future and should make Cioach Wikson and the Varsity team lookup. Five outstanding j.V. ' s from w lH)m the coach expects great things next year are pictuied above. They are Joe Tompkins, Lewis Everett, Stuart Hester, Ronnie Collins, anrl Vh E. Samuels. J 122 h k: I’hese two men are the backbone of the George Washington football team. Dr. Arey and Dr. Kinser have both been on hand at the G.W. football games, taking care ot all injuries. These two have given assistance for the past several years w ' ithout receiving any compensation. They feel that it is the least they can do for the hometown team. The school along with each member of the team would like to express their appreciation for the hne job the two doc¬ tors have done. We hope to see them for many years to come there on the bench with the coaches and players. Dr. Prentiss Kinser, Dr. Lurton Arey The Danville Life Saving Crew, headed by Captain James B. Gardner, was on hand willing to help at all the home football games. It is not the first year that they have rendered this valuable service. For the past three years members have been stationed on the held in case of an emergency. This group, organized in 1945, has since played an active part in the welfare of the whole city. We thoroughly appreciate their faithfulness and willingness not only in helping us during the football season, but in their other civic work. rirsl row: Capt. fames Cfardner, Supply Sgl. I ' d Styers, Junius Harris, Hill Rigney, Harry Xdllia lson, James Mont¬ gomery, Robert Hagar, Sam Arnett, Charlie Jennings, James Cireer, Secre ur). Seco)nl r( if: Ral| ' ' h fones. Das id Hush, Jr., Vt ' illiam C illey, Irs in Hogan, J 12.1 I- Leon Hawker Richard Haymori Bobb ' i ' CHjn;K Van Holton Donnie Cole Maury Matthews First row: D. Shultz, Cj. Woody, B. Cheek, V. Holton, L. Hawker, D. Cole, M. Matthews. Second row: T. Arlhur, J. Skinner, W. Hudson, B. Yelton, R. Haymore, D. Crawford, B, Cheek. Third row: J. Meadows, K. Orercash, D. Meadow, L. Ashby, C. Lowe, D. Spearman. Foitrth row: C. Fianzen, K. Dean, H. Wentz, H. Barber, J. Woody. BASKIETBAIL George Washington’s cagers had a very successful season under the direction of Coach Charlie Fran- zen. GW walked away with the Western District Crown, holding a 11-1 conference record. This year’s " Cinderella” team came through the season surprising all. The cagers hnished the season with an over-all record of 17-2. Coaches Paladino and Franzen discuss plans for what looks like the best basketball season in many years. GWHS 55. .Roxboro 44 GWHS 64. .Brosvillc 33 GWHS 67. . Lynchburg 59 GWHS 51. .Halifax 41 GWHS 50. .Jefferson Sr. 48 GWHS 57. .Hargrave 52 GWHS 66. .Fleming 59 GWHS 53. .Covington 33 GWHS 58. .Martinsville 55 GWHS 68. .Salem 48 GWHS 42. .Hargrave 41 GWHS 56 . .Martinsville 50 GWHS 54. .Salem 46 GWHS 50. .Lynchburg 33 GWHS 52. .Halifax 41 GWHS 69. .Fleming 57 GWHS 58. .Covington 37 GWHS 54. .Roxboro 62 GWHS 55. .leffcrson Sr. 66 12b GW’s two losses, to Roxboro and Jefferson Senior High of Roanoke, came after our cage- men had beaten each of these teams once. The teams traded victories on their home courts. The outstanding game of the season was the defeating of Jefferson Senior High, defending State Champions. The game ended with both teams tied at 46 all. With only a few seconds left in the overtime, GW’s David Crawford came through with a field goal and gave GW the victory. Also during the regular season’s play Lynchburg upset Roanoke, helping GW to obtain the Western District Crown. The school bows to the outstanding play of Leon Hawker, Richard Haymore, Bobby Cheek, Donnie Cole, and Van Holton. Hawker was the big gun for GW, scoring over 250 points and ending No. 17 in the state’s leading scorers. Haymore also hit for over 200 points, while Cheek, Cole and Holton chalked up more than 100 each. The cagers traveled to Richmond on March 8 to participate in the Group I State Basketball Championship. The Cardinals’ hrst game was against Highland Springs of Richmond, in which the Cards won 64-49. The next game found GW of Danville facing GW of Alexan¬ Bob 5 ' elt()n grabs the rebound while other Cardinals watch Haymore sets the ball loose from Halifax player, while Hawker tries to recover. dria. The Cards were not as successful as in the hrst game; they dropped the game 64-49. This knocked the Cards out of the champion¬ ship round. In playing the consolation game against Washington and Lee, the Cards also dropped their second game by the score of 56-37. Although the Cards made a poor showing at the State Championship, they were praised by all for making their brilliant season’s showing. The showing was attributed to the line team¬ work shown by the team throughout the entire season. Receiving honors on the team this year were the following; Leon Hawker was elected All- State and Captain of All-Western District team. Richard Haymore was placed as honorable men¬ tion for All-State and second team of All- Western District. Bobby Cheek received honor¬ able mention for All-State and first team All- Western District. Don Cole and Van Holton received honorable mention for All-Western District. Coach Franzen will have to build from two regular players to finish out his first team next year. Three of GW’s first team will leave be¬ cause of graduation; along with them will go part of the reserve bench. Each year the Cardinals have a surprise bas¬ ketball team, so we feel that GW will come through with another strong team next year. -i 126 b R rst roic: R. Callis, B. Bennett, S. Patterson. Second rote: E. Baxa, S. Bradley, A. Womack, G. Alfriend, |. Meadows. Third rout: M. Heitzher, S. Hall, E. W. Shackleford, R. South, B. Poak. BASKETBALL The GW Junior Varsity Squad, coached by Larry Paladino, came in this season with a 15 wins and 3 loss record. The hrst hve in the eager line-up this year were Snowden Hall, guard, Snookie Bradley, center; Terry Alfriend, forward; |esse Meadows, guard; Armistead Womack, forward. They opened the season by defeating Rox- boro 47 to 43. They advanced to Lynchburg where they took Glass High 49 to 37. Other .scores were: GW 53—Halifax 47, GW 46- - jefiferson 40, GW 29—Hargrave 53, GW 59— Fleming 34, GW 50—Martinsville 49, GW 40 —Salem 31, GW 2 5—Roxboro 24, GW 29— Martinsville 39, GW 47—Salem 38, GW 31-- Glass 35, GW 40—Halifax 33, GW 43— Fleming 29, GW 28—Jefferson 25, and GW 51—Woodrow Wilson 24. Snookie Bradley, JV’s center, fights for the rebound in the game against Halifax. imy HAROLD HOLLAND DON CHANDLER GERALD HUTCHERSON GEORGE GOVER DAVID SHULTZ DAVID LEE DAVID CRAWFORD LEON HAWKER BOB FRANCIS First row: W. Reidd, D. Crawford, H. Holland, D. Schultz, B. Hundly, L. Hawker, B. Francis, D. Lee, B. Martin. Second row: L. G. Wilson, B. Crawford, G. Cowan, L. Brooks, J. Philips, S. Adkins, G. Hutchinson, G. Gover. Under the able guidance of Lefty Wilson, the G.W. Cardinals baseball team was led to a near perfect record. The Cardinals ended the season with eleven wins and three losses. Lefty Wilson stands with his two managers, Stan and Jimmy. This years wins included ones over Yancey- ville 11-2, Cranbrook 12-1, Dan River 12-7, Green sboro 7-6, Halifax County 6-s, Yancey- ville 8-0, Cobb Memorial 3-1, Hargrave Mili¬ tary Academy 3-0. This year’s losses were handed to G.W. by Covington 6-4; 4-3, and by Hargrave Military Academy 4-1. Outstanding in the past season and winning letters were Crawford, Philips, Hawker, Fran¬ cis, Brooks, Martin, Gover, Cowan Adkins, Hundley, Shultz, and Lee. Also winning a let¬ ter was Stanley Houghton, knowm by many as Mr. Wilson’s right-hand man. The Cards lost eight lettermen through graduation, but don ' t expect this to hurt the ’56 team. Lefty believes in keeping a strong bench and has able boys ready to fill the vacant shoes. 4129 y First row: J. Stroud, J. Andrews, J. Crews, C. Shelton, W. Miles. Second row: A. Alatney, F. Gary, R. Satterheld, R. Graveley, K. Shelton. Third row: R. Beale, R. Bryant, R. Saniinons, S. Everett, S. Hester, J. Matney. With two years of experience behind them the Cardinal matmen began the 1956 season with an im¬ pressive 30-16 victory over High Point. Then they went on to win from VSDB, 21-19, Salem, 51-5, and High Point again, 37-3, while losing to Jefferson Senior, 26-19, twice to William Fleming, 38-10, and 29-17, and twice to V.M.I. Freshmen, 19-11 both times. In the return game with Salem, GW won 41-13 but lost to Jefferson 29-21 in that return match. Rick Gravely of G.SSh takes the advantage over his opponent. The most outstanding G. ' W. wrestler was undefeated Kenneth Shelton with a total of 36 points, while Radford Satterfield was seco nd with 30 points. Kenneth placed second in the State Tournament, while Radford won fourth place in the state. Additional fourth places in the State tournament were earned by John Mat¬ ney and Ray Beale. At the end of the wrestling season. Coach Joe Gurtis awarded varsity letters to the fol¬ lowing wrestlers: Jack Andrews, James Stroud, Watt Miles, Carl Shelton, Frank Gery, Richard Gravely, Lewis Everette, Ronald Sammons, Kenneth Shelton, Radford Satterfield, John Matney, and Ray Beale, captain and only heavy¬ weight wrestler on the team. Jimmy Crews, an eighth grader, earned a jayvee letter. The assistant manager of the team, Elton Shreve, received a special jayvee letter. Jackie Jester has served as manager of the matmen. J 130 b Lef to right: J. Jennings, G. Mercliant, R. Mustoin, P. Vandeiwcrfi, H. Oveicash, J- Feldman, V. Grow, Jimmy Flippen. Instructor, Mr. Bernard Ladd. GOLF I ' he G.W. linksmcn have shown excellent improvement in a comparative new sport. Our team, under the able leadership of Mr. Ber¬ nard Ladd, completed their season with ten wins and only three losses. They opened with a 13 to 5 victory over Bassett. Then they journeyed to Roanoke for a close 10 to 8 victory; however they lost to Roanoke on their home course. The next game was lost to Greensboro by the score of 10i 3 to 71 2 but they came back with two 18 to 0 wins over Halifax County. Again they lost to Greensboro 12 to 6. They then played host to Virginia Lpiscopal School and won by an oxer- whelming margin of 14 to 1; later they jour¬ neyed to Lynchburg to beat them again by the impressive score of 18-0. The season closed with the State Champion¬ ship match at the Hidden Valley Country Club in Roanoke. In the state championship the hnksmen came in with a total of 679, bringing them in fourth. Returning lettermen are Jimmy Flippen, John Jennings, Raymond Mustain, Bill Oxer- cash, Jimmy Feldman, Bernard Garrett, Virgil grow, Peter Vanderwerff, and Gary Merchant. Jimmy Flippen, number rine link.sman for the past tliree years, tries his putting skill. 131 b First row: V. Holton, J. Barnett, N. Howard. Second row: B. Kent, R. Pretty, J. Skinner, B. Norman. TIENN For the first time in years, G.W. found it¬ self without a full-time tennis coach, yet despite this loss, the team enjoyed a full season with Coach El Wilson as fill-in. The courtmen defeated Hargrave Military Academy in the Joe, Dick and Bill—three top players—warmup before a matih. Opening match, 7-2, but fell to the Greensboro High netters, 8-1. In a return match with Hargrave the following week, the Academv team avenged their first loss by winning 5-4. Dropping their third and fourth matches, the G.W. netters were defeated by Jefiferson of Roanoke, 5-4, and E. C. Glass of Lynchburg, 7-2. The Cardinal sc]uashmen lost their remain¬ ing three matches to end the season with a 1-7 record. These games were with Greensboro, Jefferson of Roanoke, and E. C. Glass. The Cardinal netters in order of their posi¬ tion on the team were: jack Barnett, Van Hol¬ ton, Neal Howard, Dick Pretty, Joe Skinner, Budge Kent, Billy Norman, and Maury Mat¬ thews. Returning lettermen are: Van Holton, Dick Pretty, Budge Kent, Joe Skinner, Billy Norman, and Maury Matthews. Since most of the team will be returning lettermen next year, prospects for the coming season appear very favorable. 1321 AI EKTISlNCi Their grades may drop As they pace afar; But they’ll get ads Where e’er they are! Member i)f the adNertising start map tlieir plans for the year. They are, in the usual order, Mae Harrison, Suzanne Seeley, Mary Lee Penn, Brenda Cionnoek, Anne Bruce V( orsham, Sarah Jordan, Ellen Flowers, Bobbie Gray Hogan, sLlncy Edwaials ani.1 Nancy Bradner. AIDV TAIFIF The Cavalii:k Acl ' ertising Staff thi,s year was led by Ellen blowers with Anne Bruce Worsham as her assistant and a staff of ten helpers. Daily trudj;in t; the streets of Dan ' ille, they worked hard and tirelessly to secure the signature of many leading merchants on the dotted line. The entire staff wishes to thank all business men tor their advertising support in the Gavalier. The staff was composed of the fol¬ lowing: Bobby Gray Hogan, Mae Harrison, Nancy Bradner, Sarah Jordan, Brenda Con- nock, Suzanne Seeley, Mary Lee Penn, Nancy Edwards, Keith Cook, Bill Bailey, Bill Clifton and Bill Overcash. J IG ' I BELK-LEGGETT COMPANY spo)!sors this p tge fecth r ng Anni? Thompson and Jop Skinni:r Voted the Most Popular J I FRANCES KAHN ' S sponsors this pnge featuring Carolyn Stowl: and Virgil Grow Voted the Best Looking A 136 G. M. SALES sponsors this page featnr ng Jo Ann McGee and David Lee Voted the FriendHest m ■ J 137 THALHIMER ' S spo !sors this piige fecttur ng Marc.arj-t Phinizv and David Shliltz Voted the Cutest -! 138 HITCHCOCKS sponsors this piJge featuring Mar ' Annf, Hubbard and Carrinc.ton Smith Voted the Most Mischievous { 139 F SOUTHERN DAIRIES AND WBTM sponsor this page jeaturiug Martha Russell and Sammy Epperson Voted the Best Homemakers -[ 140 }» RIPPE ' S AND SATER ' S sponsor this page feat iri ig Patsv Scarch and Bill Ovlrcash Voted the Best Dressed -! 1411 THE SCHOOL STORE spo)isors th s pdge fecit zr z g EviiLVN Vinci:nt and Billy Clifton Voted the Most Infl ze it al 142 h JAMES T. CATLIN AND KENT MOTOR COMPANY . [)o isor this piigf f fell linn g V];ra Maxij-: and Bill Nelson Voted the Biggest Blirts 143 Y JONES SAUSAGE AND JOE SMITH AERIAL sponsor this pcige featur ' nig Car()li;i; Kushnrr and Vir(;il Grow Voted the Most Drdniatic ! 144 DANVILLE DAIRY AND SMITH MODERN FLOOR sponsor this pdge fealiiring Carter and Joe Skinner Voted the Laziest ■{ 145 y TRAILWAY BUS CO. AND ROYAL CROWN COLA sponsor th ' s pdge featuring Evel ' i ' N Vincent and Bobby Patterson Voted the Most School Spirited 146 y LINK-WATSON AND DANVILLE MEAT SUPPLY sponsor this page featuring Patsy Avtrs and Li-:on Hawk dr Voted the Most Athlete { 147 J- as«ss fiP aS!f ' " " ■ . ■I SEARS. ROEBUCK AND COMPANY spo)!sors this pdge feat ying Ellen Flowers and Carrington Smith Voted the Most Likely to Get Around Ur. Christopher ■{ 148 }- MEMO TO: the girl who wants an interesting job You’ll find it at the telephone company, where there’s a variety of fascinating jobs for alert, capable young women who qualify. You’ll work in pleasant surroundings with many peo])le about your own age . . . receive good pay while learning . . . get regular raises. And you don’t need any ex})erience. Best of all, a telejihone job is a satisfying job because you know you’re helping almost everyone in your community. Why not find out more about the advantages of telejjhone work? THE CHESAPEAKE POTOMAC TELEPHONE COMPANY OF VIRGINIA i 149 ' r YOU’VE GOTTA BE GOOD TO MAKE A HIT! When you ' re batting in the big leagues, you’ve gotta be good to make a hit! And the textile industry is definite ly big league . . . it’s the second largest industry in America. It’s jam-packed with plenty of stiff com¬ petition, the kind that keeps every team on its toes, working hard to win. It’s aimed to please the customer crowd. American industry has flourished because of competition and free¬ dom from government control. Free competition requires each suc¬ cessful business enterprise to strive for customer confidence. Free competition depends upon constant customer approval of high quality products at fair prices. Dan River Mills, along with other industrial interprises, has grown great because of its ability to compete fairly and freely with equally capable business rivals. The future of America depends upon this same fairness and freedom of competitiion in a free society. DAN RIVER MILLS, INCORPORATED Danville, Virginia " Fabrics W ' iih Fasb on W ovea In " i 150 A group of students prepare to begin a fun-packed journey fo fhe GW-Salem game In Salem aboard a FRANKLIN TURNPIKE BUS 320 North Union Street Phone 2726 Danville, Virginia i 151 y JOHN W. DANIEL CO., Inc. Danville, Virginia P. O. Box 458 Phones 3901, L. D. 24 Contractors and Builders of the New G. W. H. S. Compliments of NORMAN E. MINTER Pure Oil Products Phone 3278 Compliments of RICHARDSON BROTHERS 604 Loyal St. — Phone 2146 T. R. Richardson, Prop. Johnson’s Driiir Stores All Over Town Carolyn, Martha, Liz, Mary Jane, and Dabney join in saying " Don ' t say Bread, Say Holsum. " Holsum Baking Company, Inc. Danville, Virginia 152 , AVERETT COLLEGE Danville, Virginia Liberal Arts Music, Art, Dramatic Art Secretarial Science Medical Secretarial Merchandising Home Economics Physical Education Pre - Professional Courses Since Averett College is fully accredited, its graduates may transfer without loss of credit to any four-year college or university to continue courses leading to a degree. I Patsy, Bill Clifton, Johnny, Bill Overcash, Anne Bruce, and Ellen drink a Coca-Cola as they stand around a really king size one at the new plant. Coca-Cola Bottling Company Danville, Virginia J 153 h Charlie Giles shows some GW students a collection of fall flowers. Marfha and Beffy Lou hold a large vase of chrysanthemums. This picture was taken at the new GILES FLOWER SHOP located on South Main Street. Compliments of THE J. S. J. SUB-DEBS -{ 154 h STRATFORD COLLEGE Danville, Va. Transfer Courses Graduates are accepted by Senior Col¬ leges and Universities for admission to Junior Class, to complete requirements for a degree in two years. Terminal Courses Thorough training for careers in the business world. Catalogue on Request JOHN C. SIMPSON, President THE B. F. B. SUB-DEBS d 155 h STAR LAUNDRY COMPANY Quality and Service Since 1900 Compliments of PARKVIEW LAUNDRY Compliments of DIRRELL BROTHERS Incorporated STINSON TIRE COMPANY 603 Loyal Street Telephone 60 Danville, Virginia Headquarters for the General Squeegee i 156 y Fancy Produce, Groceries and Choice Meats OLD DUTCH SUPER MARKETS, Inc. Spring and Floyd North Union Phone I 8 Phone 2779 SUNDAES MILK SHAKES DUNKETTS Greensboro Highway Danville, Virginia You Can Tell It Better For Less Everyday on WD V A DANVILLE ' S FRIENDLY STATION 1250 on Your Radio Dial RIVERSIDE BUILDING SUPPLY CORPORATION P. O. Box 302 Commerce Street Danville, Virginia V Y ATT CHEVROLET CORPORATION Sales — Service Danville, Virginia i 157 P GEO. W. ARON CO., INC. Packard Sales and Service ' Ask the man who owns one " GARDNER MOTOR COMPANY Dodge Brothers Cars — Trucks — Buses Plymouth Motor Cars Phone 3500 Danville, Va. STRANGE ' S CLEANERS. Inc. Phone 55 532 Craghead Street 122 South Union " The Drive In " — West Main Ext. 6 Hour Service at all Locations CRESS TILE AND MARBLE COMPANY 127 Tunstall Road Phone 2718 Danville, Virginia Tile Marble Terrazzo Mantles Greenstone Congratulations to the Class of ' 56 EFIRDS DEPT. STORE Phone 5 I 50 HUGHES R. FERGUSON USED CAR LOT Good Used Cars Bought and Sold ALL MAKES AND MODELS 535 Loyal Street Danville, Virginia YOUPx FAVORITE THEATRE Telephone 7255 Msm DANVILLE ' S FINEST THEATRE Telephone 7250 USESiEl DANVILLE ' S NEWEST THEATRE Telephone I 530 HSEESSnSSi PET ICE CREAM " a health food " PET DAIRY PRODUCTS COMPANY Ice Cream, Pasteurized Milk and other Dairy Products i 158 5 Compliments of SOUTHERN SHELL " It Pays to Play " BOOTH-WHITE SPORT SHOP 302 Main Street " Athletic Outfitters " Congratulations to the HODNETT SPEER CO.. Inc. Class of 1956 OSCAR TRENT ' S JEWELERS DRUG STORE 440 Main Street Danville, Va. 2033 North Main Phone 1400 TASTEE WEST MAIN ESSO STATION FREEZ 595 West Main Street Danville, Virginia Greensboro Highway Phone 2071 " Danville ' s Best Store Compliments For Men " of LITTLE PONTIAC CORPORATION ft 706 Wilson Street — Phone 5960 n " On the Gentleman ' s Corner " ¥ Danville, Virginia i 159 — DANVILLE FROZEN FOOD SERVICE Covington-Sams Hardware Co., Inc. Hardware, Housewares, Paints, Trim Supplies 208 Main Street — Phone 605 Danville, Virginia PIEDMONT ALUMINUM WINDOW Tomorrow ' s Styles Today COMPANY LONG ' S MEN ' S SHOP 2025 North Main Street 309 Main Street Telephone 3042 Danville, Virginia Danville, Virginia ASHWORTH — FLORIST F. W. TOWNES AND SON, Inc. 1 09 Church Street FUNERAL HOME Phone 5058 635 Main Street Danville, Virginia Danvi le, Virginia LEA ' S DRUG STORE M. Y. The Friendly Store 1 Phone 515 — 636 N. Main St. J. W. 1 Danvi le, Virginia CANNON SHOE STORE MOTLEY — FLORIST Shoes — Slippers — Hose " Flowers For Your Every Need " 1114 W. Paxton Street tor the Entire Family Phone 3236 M. M. FURNITURE CO. INGRAM FURNITURE CO. 3 Stores to Serve You " Everything for the Home " 130 North Union, 234 Main Street 233 North Union Street Riverside Drive Phone 4060 Phone 796 —- Phone 229 — Phone 1 1 1 DANVILLE ARROW CABS. Inc. The World ' s Largest Cotton Mills Rain or Shine, ARROW ' S on lime , Your Tobacco is Worth More Phone 2163 — Danville, Va. Here in Danville W. R. MITCHELL FURNITURE CO. BOOKER WIMMER QUALITY FURNITURE 41 5 Court Street G. E. TELEVISION 1 Danville, Virginia - - Sales and Service ■i 160 ]» BOOKER WIMMER 4 1 5 Court Street G. E. TELEVISION Sales and Service Complinnents of WEST MAIN GROCERY Phone 3200 DAIRY KORNER Corner Watson and Montague j THE CHILDREN ' S SHOP " Everything for the Child " 603 Main Street Phone 6026 HENRY V. ADAMS INSURANCE Phone 1127 Danville, Va. PEOPLE ' S AUTO SUPPLY. Inc. Phones: 3987 - 3988 584 Court St. Danville,, Va. DODSON-BAGBY FUEL CO. QUALITY COAL 250 Bryant Avenue Phone 1 197 WINIKER LUMBER CO.. Inc. " Materially Yours " Phones 93 and 4628 ' CHICKEN CAFE 165 Greensboro Highway Phone 3374 — Beautiful Shoes — FASHION SHOE STORE 244 Main Street Danville, Virginia , CANADA PRODUCE CO.. Inc. Wholesale Fruits and Produce 199 North Main Street Phones 5270-5271 P. O. Box 939 TUXEDO BAROODY CANDY CO. 206 Craghead Street Phone 2810 PEOPLE OIL COMPANY Bridge and Loyal Streets Phone 72 SOUTH MAIN ESSO STATION " The Busy Corner " J. M. WELLS Phone 3010 THE PROFESSIONAL PHARMACY 1 30 Watson Street Danville, Virginia Phone 5700 H 161 PATTERSON DRUG COMPANY Four Registered Pharmacists Masonic Temple Danvil e, Virginia ALLEN ' S FOOD STORE Western Branded Meats — Groceries Phone 2495 733 Ho brook Ave. J. T. TOWNES PRINTING COMPANY DANIEL ' S JEWELRY SHOP Phone 1247 318 Main Street Danville, Va. Watches, Clock and Jewelry Repairs PETTY’S SWEET SHOPPE 107 Church Street Toasted Sandwiches — Sealtest Ice Cream DARLING SHOP 519 Main Street THE SHOP ALL WOMEN KNOW Charles M. Bradley Realty Company Phone 1908 or 5676 PRIVATE AND AUCTION SALES Stocks, Bonds and Securities Best Wishes to the Class of ' 56 HARNSBERGER ' S Department Store J. J. KAUFMAN 33 1 Main Street Danville, Virginia VAUGHAN SUPPLY CO.. Inc. Goodyear and Hotpoint Headquarters Corner Lynn and Watson Streets PEOPLE ' S AUTO SUPPLY. Inc. Phones: 3987 - 3988 584 Court St. Danvi le, Va. Compliments of H. P. GREEN SHOE COMPANY 328 Main Street Phone 14 Comp iments of CLEVELAND ' S MUSIC CENTER Congratulations to the Class of ' 56 THE GOODY SHOP Watson Street Danvi le, Va. SOUTH MAIN BARBER SHOP — and — WEST MAIN BARBER SHOP " Eor Good Service " i 162 K Compliments of A FRIEND THE PROFESSIONAL PHARMACY 1 30 Watson Street Danville, Virginia Phone 5700 DANVILLE MATTRESS AND UPHOLSTERY COMPANY 750 Craghead Street Phone 792 PEOPLE OIL COMPANY Bridge and Loyal Street Phone 72 Jacob Silverman Clothing Company A Little Further But it Pays to Walk 223 Main Street Danville, Virginia SPEER ' S JEWELERS 545 Main Street — Danville, Va. Hall ' s Greyhound Service Station SHELL PRODUCTS 24 Hour Parking Service Phone 2068 — 626 Main Street Service Is Our Business The Gateway to Prosperity and Happiness Is the Door of Your Church SV ICEGOOD FUNERAL HOME ROGERS SHOP Styles of Today with a Touch of Tomorrow 1 19 South Market Street Danville, Virginia Featuring Jarman Shoes,, Mallory Hats THE COMMERCIAL APPEAL Phone 4088 Hotel Danville Barber Shop Jack Ganey — Floyd Conner George W. McCormick Across the Street From Elks Club Compliments of GOLF CLUB ESSO STATION Compliments of COBLE DAIRY PRODUCTS COOPERATIVE Phone 712 JOHNSON LENTZ DRUG STORE Holbrook Avenue J y If " EXCLUSIVE NCVELTIES " eif Shop ■{ 163 y BERRY ' S BUSINESS MACHINES THE HUB CLOTHIERS " Where Fashion Revolves " THE GREEN LANTERN Tourist Court and Tea Roo m Famous throughout the Southland for FINE FOODS Howard Johnson ' s Restaurant and Wayside Motor Court Phone 852 I — Danville, Va. 537 North Main Street DANVILLE LAUNDRY Launderers and Cleaners Phone 4220 Loyal at Court St. Danville, Va. WYATT HALL FOOD STORE JAMES L. RIDDLE, Proprietor Groceries, Fresh Meats Fancy Sea Foods 135 Watson Street — Phone 3115 Danville, Virginia CALLAHAN CLEANERS " Danville ' s Best Cleaners " 25 Watson Street Phone 3572-3573 HOWARD JOHNSON ' S SHELL Greensboro Highway Danville, Va. Ed Sipe, Prop. — Phone 6821 TRAVELLER ' S SERVICE STATION 691 West Main Street ViRQINIA BANK: fW Trust GoApanv DANVILLE. VIRG-INIA MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION •A Of fflfiljl Mnill 111! 1 illlli i illil ' ll ' l 1000681074 Jl JL ;fTjB| jt V jp LuM ' -4 % T jlffPt pr At i ' AjiSfi 1 For Reference Va. Stacks Not to be taken from this room

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