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1955 VA-NC Piedmont Genealogical Society Danville, Virginia Donated by Old GEorge Washington High School Alumni O ' ; sd MM HnEi !Sf| ■i||||||S||||| H «! XSfneyogical .V ■igAp.Boii27 ; !%ii )%3MS«c02flf ' -’wv ’ ' w i ■ W- itfli r ' r ' -’C - " ' ' il H . • • ♦, ' ' » t ' ft i» ' V ' ' 1 ’ ' Tl. ' ' t-h ' .S- " ■ .r " Promote, Then as an Object of Primary Importance, Institutions for the General Diffusion of Knowledge. " George Washington Mr. Music Man himself — Gene is right at home whether with the school band or a local orchestra. He has a way with most any musical instrument and, as choir director of Mt. Vernon Church, has displayed his fine baritone. Working with WBTM radio, at school, and in the community, our versatile maestro has proved his winning personality. To you, Eugene Stryker — our loyal friend and companion — we, the 195 5 graduating class, wish to express our gratitude for your won- derful service to us. We will long remember the interest you’ve shown in GW activities and your partici- pation in our community affairs. iCONTENTS FACULTY The Mr. and Mis,s GW contest brought a week of excitement. Sarah and Peggy were kept busy changing the number of votes cast for each candi- date. From these seven candi- dates — Fred, Bob, Stanley, Larry, Neal, and Ralf — comes the question, ' Who will it be?” Everybody was saying, " Which one of these girls — Peggy, Nancy Craig, Betty, Joan, Patsy, Cath- erine, or Anne — will be chosen the typical GWite?” Jimmy and Sandy placed last-minute votes on their favorite contestants while the crowd gathered in the hall waiting for the 3:30 bell to close the contest. Nancy Craig Williams and Fred Leggett, chosen as typical seniors, enjoy an autumn day in the woods. At Dan River Mills Jimmy Robertson, Jane Crutch- field, Eva Stegall and Sam Arnett inspect thread in the Research Depart- ment. Sonny Williams, Carolyn Farmer, Shirley Ludwick, and Charles Buck listen intently to an explanation of sales as they attend a tobacco auction. Anne Bruce and Ellen cer- tainly do look industrious on entering our Danville Public Library. All those books don ' t seem to faze Bobby. " Joy to the World ’ carol the members of the Mt. Vernon Youth Fellowship while the cold night air whips around them. ■N fs « disi SL ihsdj fcfimjuL ihsL planA. Mr. Bonner studies plans for the new high school. O. T. Bonner Superintendent of City Schools B. S. Birmingham-Southern M.A. University of Virginia Graduate work beyond a master’s degree, Uni- versity of Chicago and Columbia. Members of the Danville School Board seated above are Earl S. Talbert, George E. Bendall, L. K. Kernodle, Robert P. McConnell — Chairman of the Board of Trustees — C. R. Long, John H. Nelson, Mrs. C. J. Schollenberger, and Charles B. Flora. -i loK JhsidJL aWihjcL ihinL ojuL Mr. ChristupJjcr explains a neiv project to some interested students. Principal J. T. Christopher — B.S., College of William and Mary, M.A., Columbia University, Graduate work beyond a Master’s Degree, University of Virginia and Columbia Uni- versity. Mr. Baxa leaves the campus to deposit school funds in a downtown bank. Assistant Principal E. G. Baxa — B.S., West Virginia Wesleyan College, M.Ed., University of Pittsburgh, Graduate Work beyond a Master ' s Degree, Bowling Green College of Commerce. d 11 y Mary H. Bacon Language Arts Sponsor of Varsity Cheerleaders B.S., Madison College, Graduate Work, Women’s College, Uni- versity of North Carolina Roland M. Bacon Industrial Arts Department Head B.S., Iowa State Teachers Col- lege, Graduate Work, University of Florida and North Carolina State College Margie Ballard Language Arts Sponsor of Latin Club B.A., University of North Caro- lina, M.A., University of North Carolina, Converse College Ethel Barker Alatheniatics A. B., Women’s College, Uni- versity of North, Carolina, Graduate Work, University of North Carolina C. Kent Clark Industrial Arts B. S., Eastern Illinois State Col- lege, Graduate Work, North Carolina State College and University of North Carolina, M.Ed., N. C. State Gonia Cotton Alathematics B.A., Flora McDonald College, M.Ed., University of Virginia, Graduate Work, George Peabody College June Cullip Business Education Co-sponsor of Future Business Leaders of America B.S., Longw ' ood College George P. Daniel Social Science B.A., Columbia University; Graduate Work, University of North Carolina di2j Mabel B. Davis Language Arts B.A., Westhampton College, Graduate Work, University of Virginia and George Washing- ton University LaVerne English Business Education B.A., Lynchburg College Josephine Estes Language Arts Advisor to Cavalier A.B., Randolph - Macon Wom- an’s College, Graduate Work, University of Virginia and Uni- versity of North Carolina Dorothy Eitzgerald Fine Arts Assembly Director A.B., Randolph - Macon Wom- an’s College, Graduate Work, University of Virginia Charles K. Franzen Physical Education B.S., New Mexico Western, M.S., University of Indiana Pencie Fulton Mathematics B.S., Longwood College, M.Ed., Duke University, College of William and Mary William M. Gabbel Business Education B.S., East Tennessee State Col- lege, Graduate Work, William and Mary and University of Virginia, M.E., University of Virginia Joseph W. Gurtis, Jr. Physical Education Co-sponsor of Monogram Club A.B., University of North Caro- lina, Graduate Work, University of North Carolina -(13 1 - D. E. Hendren Language Arts Sponsor of French Club B.A., University of North Caro- lina Thomas P. Houser Social Science Advisor to Student Council Debating Coach B.A., University of North Caro- lina, M.A., University of North Carolina Marianna Howard Natural Science B.S., Madison College, Graduate Work, University of Richmond, M.A., University of Virginia Mary Ann Huffines Language Arts A.B., Duke University Agnes Penultima Johns Librarian A. B., Longwood College, A.B., in Library Science, College of William and Mary Dorothy Jordan Social Science Sponsor of International Relations Club B. A., Randolph-Macon Woman’s College, M.A., University of Virginia Ruby Jones Social Science A. B., College of William and Mary, Graduate Work, College of William and Mary, Recipient Ford Foundation Fellowship 1952-53 Bernice Kirstein Natural Science B. A., Berea College, Graduate Work, Berea College and Uni- versity of North Carolina, Graduate Work, University of Colorado •[ 14 b i I Bernard Ladd Industrial Arts Sponsor ot Golf Team B.S., N. C State College, Gradu- ate Work, George Peabody Jennie Bindley Assistant Librarian A.B., Guilford College, Gradu- at Work, Woman ' s College of University of North Carolina Raymond W. Mace Social Science A.B., West Virginia Institute of Technology, M.A., University of West Virginia, Graduate Work Beyond Master’s Degree, Uni- versity of North Carolina Gloria McCollum Language Arts A.B., Duke University Elizabeth G. Moseley Home Economics Co-sponsor of the Future Homemakers of America B.S., Madison College, Gradu- ate Work, University of North Carolina and Virginia Poly- technic Institute Mary Stuart Moseley Business Education B.S., Madison College Thelma Naylor Mathematics Department Head A. B., Randolph-Macon Woman ' s College, Graduate Work, Uni- versity of North Carolina and University of Virginia Elizabeth M. Oliver Fi ;e Arts Glee Club Director B. S., New York University, M.A., New York Uni versity, Graduate Work Beyond Master’s Degree, Christiansen Choral School -{I5f Mary G. Oliver Social Science Deparlnient Head B.A., University of Virginia, M.A., University of Virginia Rexford O’Neil Business Education A.B., Fairmont College, Gradi ate Work, Richmond Profe sional Institute Larry Paladino Physical Education B.S., Arkansas S. T. C. Marshall W. Pender, Jr. Natural Science B.A., Mary Washington Colleg. of University of Virginia, Grad- uate Work, Elon College S. H. Perkinson Language Arts Department Head Forensics Coach B.S., University of Virginia, M. A. , University of Virginia, Grad- uate Work Beyond a Master’s Degree, University of Virginia Clarence Poling Industrial Arts B. A., Fairmont State College M.S., Stout Institute, Gradual Work Beyond Master’s Degret V.P.I. Rosemary Reinhart Home Economics Co-sponsor of the Future Homemakers of America B.S., Madison College Catherine Reynolds Natural Science B.S., College of William and Mary, Graduate Work, Univers- ity of Texas and University of Colorado ' 16 Sut Reynolds Language Arts B.A., Madison College, Gradu- ate Work, University of Rich- mond Deane Richardson Language Arts Sponsor of Spanish Club .B., University of North Caro- lina Alma Ricketts iMatheniatics A. B., Longwood College Norma Roady Physical Education Sponsor of Girls’ Athletic Association Sponsor of Junior Varsity Cheerleaders B. S., Longwood College Joan Roberts Language Arts Advisor to Chatterbox Sponsor Interdenominational Bible Club A.B., Woman ' s College, Uni- versity of North Carolina, Graduate Work, University of North Carolina Lorraine C. Robertson iWatheniatics A.B., Randolph-Macon Woman’s College Granville B. Smith Language Arts Forensics Coach B.S., Indiana State Teachers Col- lege, M.A., Penn State Univer- sity Gladys H. Spancler Language Arts Forensics Coach A.B., Marsha ' l College, M.A., University of West " Virginia, Graduate Work Beyond Master’s Degree, George Peabody Col- lege and University of Virginia A 17 b Eugene C. Stryker Fine Arts Band Director B.M., Syracuse University, M.A., University of North Carolina, Graduate Work, University of North Carolina Marian Sutton Language Arts B.A., Woman ' s College, Uni- versity of North Carolina Joyce Thomas Business Education Co-sponsor of Future Business Leaders of America B.A., Fairmont State College G. L. Thomasson Natural Science Department Head Sponsor of Science Forum Sponsor of Photography Club A. B., University of North Caro- lina, M.A., Columbia University, Graduate Work, University of North Carolina and Columbia University Glen Vought Natural Science Assistan t Assembly Director B.S., Longwood College Lucile Walton Natural Science Sponsor of Honor Society B. S., Longu ' ood College; M.A., University of Virginia, Graduate Work Beyond Master’s Degree, Duke University and Harvard University Guy Edward Webber Jr. Mathematics B.S., Emory and Henry College Carole Williams Physical Ed ucatio n Co-sponsor of Girls’ Athletic Association B.S., Woman’s College, Univer- sity of North Carolina d 13 b I Jo Ann Williams Phys cctl Education Co-sponsor of Girls’ Athletic Association B.S., High Point College Lawrence G. Wilson Mathematics Sponsor of National Athletic Scholastic Society A.B., University of North Car- olina, Graduate Work, Columbia University William E. Wilson Physical Education B.S., Virginia Polytechnic In- stitute, Graduate Work, College of William and Mary Elizabeth Woodson Social Science B.S., Longwood College, M. A., University of Virginia, Graduate Work Beyond Master’s Degree, University of Virginia, Recipient Ford Foundation Fellowship 1953-1954 I Jane Wyman Business Education B.S., Richmond Professional Institute TO OUR TEACHERS (with no apology to Ogden Nash) From eight-thirty to three-thirty, nine months a year. They stand before us, as we sit here ! They give us homework, dasswork, lectures, and tests. And it’s impossible io name what all is the rest. Yet if our grades are failing, we can always depend That they will help us and he our friend; Then we know that wc need them and we won ' t complain — That is, until reports come out again. i 19 f — Mary Jane Evans SojnsL ihjL mjcinij MJwicsiA. - - At any hour of the day, Mrs. Wells and Miss Copeland, secretaries, may be found working busily in the office. day’s receipts in the cafeteria. d20b iJwiL madsL djua. AchooL comfdsdsL Mr. Doolin, head maintenance man, inspects the work of carpenters who are installing new lockers. Books are issued to Phyllis Flood and Richard Hall by Mr. Lefty Wilson, in charge of book distribution. 21 I (O IL oIwjcu hsimsmbsA, ' «E1 When school began this fall, we missed a favorite faculty member, A. B. Wilson, who had retired to Florida. We shall never forget his Latin classes. Under Mr. Wilson’s capable instruction, we stud- ied grammar, vocabulary and finally, Caesar. His jokes, stories, and songs added va- riety to our weekly Latin Club meetings. The things we learned from Mr. Wilson were not limited to the text. He demonstrated the values of friendship, fellowship and good humor. The retirement of Mrs. Nora Payne Hill in June of last year marked the end of a grand era at GW. For over 30 years she guided The Chatterbox, lifting it and the name of George Washington High School to the top in high school journalism. Her sharp wit and superior abil- ity gained her our respect and admiration; she has left a place among us that cannot be filled. d22b VhM0ERwe(?rF dL wadu idJianqsL at bi L First row: S. Elliott, E. Stoneham, E. Haven, M. Brown, D. Ragland, N. Scruggs, P. Hundley, P. Barnes, M. Nichols. Second row: S. Anderson, P. Robinette, M. Short, T. McFarling, N. Powell, M. Griggs, I. Seeley, N. McNary, P. Riley, A. Scearce. Third row: M. Simpson, C. Clarke, R. Livingston, M. Bagg, H. Walter, L. Francis, R. Whitley, J. Cochrone, E. Mit- chelle, B. Bennett. Fourth row: C. Wrenn, VCL Buck, D. Gray, E. Hardy, T. Ashworth, J. Lowe, P. Denny, W. Dudley, A. Worsham, B. Blomberg, B. Adkins. First row: J. Land, C. Garrett, L. Mitchess, J. Beck, J. Flyn, B. Arnett, D. Womack, B. Crews. Second row: F. Oakes, E. Dillard, J. Ashworth, J. Moore, P. Adams, B. Bridbes. Third row: L. Dean, T. Gofrey, C. Bass, W. Miles, B. Anderson, L. Everett, T. Love, J. Callaham. Fourth row: E. Mays, R. Grubbs, C. Campbell, J. Penleton, W. Bowles, T. Scarborough, C. Harville, B. Marshall. D. Ferguson. EIGHTH GRADE Fiyst row: M. Adams, B. Williams, L. Gardner, M. Mille, B. L. Giles, M. Gossett, F. Gcbson, D. Davis, G. Hopkins. Second row: A. Scruggs, I. Norton, B. S. Weatherford, C. Ferrell, G. Turbiville, S. Payne, B. Grow, R. Pettit, C. Walker, L. Lewis, N. S. Guill. Third row: E. Wiggins, H. Cullpepper, P. Cash, S. Hester, A. Matney, J. Gault, B. Wilkins, W. Brumfield, S. Hagood, G. Gardon, J. Ramsey. Fourth row: E. Bray, D. Burger, C. W. Shochelford, J. Butts, S. Brat, K. Linkous, B. Cawley, W. Carter, J. Price, D. Chatten, J. Ross, B. Eanes. First row: S. Talbott, G. Jennings, C. Wade, B. Howard, B. Siviter, S. VC ' illiams, P. Gla,sgow, L. Ferell, R. Dameron. Second row: B. L. Breedlove, S. Bonner, M. L. Penn, I. Browder, S. Boatwright, M. Clement, L. Abercrombie, J. Bowling. Third row: R. Rudd, R. Lumpkin, R. Collis, J. Smith, A. Jones HI. J. C. Athey, R. Roland, J. Carter, E. New. Fourth rote: R. Boswell, C. Burger, B. Alverson, E. Sheve, L. Coleman, J. Mathewson, A. Womach. i2by anjcL ihsL wifiL waA, hwuL First row: M. Joslin, H. Aldeman, B. Brummett, R. Harville, J. Tucker, A. Melton, J. Hedgecoe, P. Blackwell, M. Evans, N. Taylor, F. Gill, B. Rhodes, S. Crane, N. Patterson, A. Garrett. Second row: G. Nix, M. Crenshaw, T. Million, O. McGuire, S. Fields, J. Young, M. Sunnatt, M. Horton, J. Daniel, P. Kinder, D. Willis, N. Elliot, J. Ganey, S. Dean, A. Brumfield. Third row: J. Snipes, D. Headley, J. Parton, W. Taylor, W. Clifton, J. Tomkins, B. Ferrell, D. Comer, D. Clark, R. Jones, E. Shrive, C. Turner, L. Boatwright, A. Moore, K. Shelton, L. Kennedy. Fourth row: A. Harper, K. Deane, G. Bell, J. Jennings, B. Temple, S. James, W. Moorefield, D. Richmond, P. Camp- bell, F. Anderson, J. Aiven, B. Dickenson, G. Lawhorne, R. Coleman. First row: S. Walter, M. Dowdy, M. Morris, E. Price, N. Kendrick, S. Brown, M. Hurd, L, Elliott, P. Clare, B. Wil- son, S. Porter, J. Dix, S. Barbour. Second row: R. Keatts, P. Taylor, F. Beggarly, J. Horton, J. Bond, J. Strader, B. Vaughn, M. Seamster, M. Douglas, P. Blankenship, C. Pruitt, A. Mayberry, N. Snead. Third row: J. Grome, N. Riley, C. Jones, R, Mitchell, M. Shumate, G. Hopkins, W. Bauguess, T. Smith, B. Duncan, D. Collins, R. Hall, W. Tate, J. Feldman, T. Lewis, E. Baxa. Fourth row: J. Hyler, J. Thomas, D. Arey, J. McNichols, C. Tate, R. Hollins, D. Glasgow, G. Bastic, T. Williams, D. Hedrick, R. Carter, G. Robinette, G. Riggs, B. Johnson, T. McFarling. NINTH GRADE First roll ' : J. Wilson, P. Rollins, C. Hall, M. Patterson, M. Weakley, J. Rosenberg, B. Farmer, M. Warren, D. Asbury, A. Gatewood, L. Boles, I. Baum, C. Garrett, L. Hooker. Second rote: K. McCubbins, H. Dawson, Y. Davis, T. Giles, C. Ferrell, A. Corpening, S. Towler, E. Sipe, G. Giles, P. Dix, S. Spangler, J, Wheatley, A. Harris, N. Pretty, A. Walker, T. Beale. Third row: B. Crawford, S. Shumate, W. Radford, D. Cook, H. Mustain, P. Vanderwerff, T. Alfriend, S, Bradley, T. Heitzler, E. Toler, J. Prevette, R. Neely, E. Corner, B. Garrett, T. Wilmouth. Fourth row: C, Gray, R. Jones, E. Ayres, C, Rich, H. Hagood, D, Browning, C, Hill, T. Evans, W, Cook, J. Klutiz, C, McFall, C. Sheeler, T, Wilhoit, J. Daniel, B. Smith. First row: H. Mose, J. Patterson, J, Savage, S, Mayhew, K. Lea, R. Neal, B, James, C. Fentress, M. Croxton, P. Bix)wder, C, Grinstead, S, Staton, E, Patterson. Second row: B. Smith, S, McAlister, D. Eanes, S. Poteat, S. Angell, S. Poteat, P. Owen, M. Jetfer.son, D. Simpson, F. Keys, V. Crowder, P, Tather, B. Payne, E. Powell. Third row: R. Jones, H. Sasser, R. Haymore, B. Young, D, Bowen, W, Hundley, R. Merchant, C, Hughes, V. Wyatt, J. East, S. Hall, J. Hile, B. Wright, W. Franklin, E. Davis, A Gauldin. Fourth row: D. Rodden, H. Smith, H. Lewis, W. Crawford, N. Thompson, R. ' W ' alton, S. Kushner, H. Brown, Howell, R, Jones, J, Seism, B. Mays, A. Marcolina, W, Hammock. {27 1 hut IV JL voofL sdL wsL bsdvnqsuL First row: L. Simmons, L. Coward, L. Myers, S. Leggett, M, Irwin, L, Traylor, N, Cowards, H, Browder, E. Cobb, S. Carr, C, Main, M. Rorer, A. Pruitt, C. Hughes, I. Morris, B. McFarlane, Second row: J. Crutchfield, P. Jones, J, Payne, B. Pugh, J, Walker, P, Hammick, C. Barbour, B, Hogan, S, Shelhorse, S, Camp, D. Haraway, C. Powell, A. Throckmorton, P, Williams, R, Hicks, P, Carp, J. Meadows, Third row: J. Yeatts, N, Roane, A. Thomas, N, Cole, B, Connock, R, Bryant, L, Ashby, B, Owen, M. Martin, C, Johnson, S, Thomas, M, Hager, P, Cochran, S, Williams, R, Abercrombie, N, Browder, G. Green, N, Bennett, Fourth row: J, Carter, H, Wentz, J, Shields, D, Clark, R, Hutcherson, C, Walsh, T, Lee, J, Woodall, B, Garrett, R, Cochran, R, Satterfield, R, Gravely, G, Merchant, B, Robinette, Fifth row: B, Ashby, R, Cotton, G. Elliott, T, Burton, G, Farier, D. Spearman, D. Fralin, W, Williams, J. Moore, D. Chandler, P. Kinser III, G. Watkins, J, Davis, R. Whisenant, First row: M. Wilson, P. Compson, L. Stewart, D. Abbott, S. Mathes, J, Graham, L, Jickrell, S, Chattin, S. Lynch, E. Stegall, B. Setlitf, Second row: D, G, Carter, L. Powers, M. Motley, C, Walker, J. Slayton, S. Reynolds, P. Bailey, F. Carlton, E. Shel- ton, B. Baccary, N. Clark, J, Yeatts, Third row: T, Carter, W. Scott, G. Penn, K. Overcash, J, Martin, M. Tate, R. Matthews, R. Smith, K. Price, R. Giles, C, Hughes, Fourth row: B. Bailey, F. Kowles, P. Eggleston, J, Robertson, E. Ragland, S, Turner, G, Woody, D. Cole, J, Matney. TENTH GRADE First row: B. Wallace, C. Scearce, S. Jefferson, F. Wilmouth, J. Willis, W. Phelps, C. Baynes, V. Scott, C. Hitch- cock, M, Harrison, S. Pattisall, M. Crawford. Second row: J. Wade, S. Saunders, J. Hendely, P. Ludwick, M. Hawkins, L. Dove, L. Cain, E. James, D. Blanks, D. Flood, B. Davis, M. Hill, M. Gauldin, C. Cox, A. Carter. Third row: D. Shelton, F. Gery, W. Yeatts, K. Rakes, H. Barbour, R. Scott, E. Kolenderianos, J. Slade, R. Owen, L. McCall, D. Meadows, W. Gauldin, B. Wrenn, B. Cook, T. Meadows, D. Scearce, H. Griffith. Fourth row: N. Jefferson, H. Mayhew, J. Gauldin, D. Saunders, L. Moore, B. Harvey, K. Harvey, S. Scruggs, P. Camp- bell, K. Williams, M. Dodson, P. Griffith, S. Edwards, S. Mann, C. Parker, V. Collins, G. Wall. Fifth row: B. Stephens, D. Harley, B, Hudgins, H. Jones, R. Berman, R. Mays, B. Garrett, B. Vincent, B. Bently, K. Wilkinson, D. Anthony, H. Moorefield, S. Arnett, F. Winiker, K. Cook, D. Barnett, S. Farley, B. Kent. First row: C. Guinn, J. Dodson, H. McGuire, B. Harmon, S. Stone, J. Myers, P. Bradley. Second row: W. Owen, J. DeHart, D. Russell, V. Bunnell, C. Dunagan, S. Wells, N. Stone, S. Gravett, M. Farris, P. Sahms. Third row: C. Travis, R. Slayton, C. Groff, J. Crowder, F. Bevill, D. Tucker, P. Ellioff, W. Edwards. Fourth row: E. Craig, T. DeHart, P. Kelsee, D. Patterson, B. Boone, H. Rodgers, T. Taylor. Fifth row: J. Oakes, D. Dix, F. Eppe, B. Travis, W. Stevens, W. Pizzino, R. Chaney. U JL wsiASL jfthomL h) bsL imdsiMlvudhiA, — Junior Advisory Council D. Elliott, M. A. Russell, R. Beale, A. Thompson, B. Clifton, P. Chessom, K. May, V. Reed Junior Sponsors and Officers Lc to right: Jimmy Woody, Treasurer; Miss Jordan, David Shultz, Vice-president; Miss Oliver, Miss Reynolds, Miss Ricketts, Nancy Ferguson, Secretary; Miss Thompson, Van Holton, President; Miss Jones, Mr. Wilson, Miss Estes. J30h Sylvia Abrams Spencer Adkins Ryland Agee Tommy Aherron Esther Alfriend Don Alverson ' Patsy Ayers Jim Bagby Martha Barber Ray Beale Shirley Beckham Benny Biggs Deanna Blalock John Bonner . Bunny Booker V-Norman Boswell James Bradley Earl Bryant Lou Ella Brummett Erances Buckner Jack Byrd George Cottrell Betty Jean Cantrell _ EHzabeth Carter Mildred Caskey ' Billy Chears N Peggy Chesson k hhsie Choate John Clare Julian Clifton 4 31 y JUNIOR CLASS l , illy Clifton Jane Cook Frank Cowan Betty Crawford Judith Dalton Margaret Daly Sylvia Dameron Lois Daniels Claude Davis R. C. Davis, Jr. Jennie Lee Doss Richard Doss __ .,,Jeafi ' Dunagan Easley Donald Elliott Im Epperson Betty Evans Linda Evans Carolyn Everett ' Martha Fae ey Jean Farthing Ferguscm Olvis Fitch Elean Fletcher Tien Flowers Eddie Friedman Jayne Gammon Kay Gardner Charles Gentry Barbara Greene i32y Billie Greene Davnd Griffith W. E. Griffith Virgil Grow George Gower Robert Hall Allan Hancock Lucille Haynes Ralph Hedrick David Henry Pearl Herndon Dixie Hillard WajTTe Holland Louise Holley Van Holton Denny Horsley Stanley Houghton Jo Ann Hubbard Mary Ann Hubbard Wayne Hudson Ramona Hudgins Peggy Hughes Gilmer Jefferson Don Kent Andy Kirks Carolee Kushner Gay Lamb Annette Lankford David Lee Gerald Lewis VA-NC PIEDMONT Oenwlogical Society P. O. Box 2272 T aninll Va.. 24541 0272 ' [ 33 ] Nadene Lewis Norwood Ligon Carl Lowe James Martin John Martin Ciharlotte Mathew ' son Maury Matthews Kenneth May Irvin McCune Cornelia McDowell Anne McGhee McMann Joe Mehaffey Martha Mills Jacqueline Mills Moschler Charles Motley Sara Motley Betty Muller u Janice Myers Wayne Murphy Thomas Nance Jimmy Neal Billy Norman Elizabeth Oakes ' C- ' aTT 0 ercash Bobby Patterson John Paylor ' Gladys Pickeral ■134 b Kenneth Phelps Peggy Phillips Margaret Phinizy Ima Jean Pizzino Arme Powell Richard Pretty Clinton Prqitt Donald Rakes Virginia Reed Carol Rich Donald Richardson Roland Richbourg Lorene Rorrer Juanita Rudd Robert Ruffin y Martha Anne Russell Ronald Sammons Don Sanders ' Jo Saunders Patsy Scearce Billy Scearce Paul Scott Bruce Shore Nancy Short David Shultz Marie Shumate Jewell Sizer Joe Skinner Elizabeth Smith Margaret Sorgee JUNIOR CIA r ' r ' ■{ 35 JUNIOR CU r Phyllis Sowers Ginna Beth Spessard Louis Stamper Randolph Stevens Claudette Stutts Barbara Tate Lucy Taylor Neal Tomasson Thompson Lawrence Tickle Towler Royal Tucker James Turner Betty Vass Jean Vaughn Vincent Barbara Welch Jack Wiles Carolyn Wilkins Dale Williams Elaine Williams Mary Williams „ yline Willis Janet Wilson Carson Womack Anne Bruce Worsham Bobby York { 36 b Billy Clifton and Bill Overcash, members of the Junior class, try to sell Jo Wheatley a ticket to " Jane Eyre.” 1 Sarah, Carolee, Anne, and Helen are baking a pie for the Jr. -Senior picnic. Watch your figure, Helen! d37l- Helen, Sarah and John enjoy being around these celebri- ties — Seniors. Jimmy, Betty Jane, and Fred feel mighty important. At the Seniors’ Harvest Hop, Anne, Cele, Craig, Patsy, Catherine, and Lois give Bill " Rochester” Nelson " the rush.” Mothers and fathers listen intently as Fred Leggett di- rects them to our class rooms at the annual Open House for teachers and parents. " Who’s that cute dish?” says the " corner gang” — Al, Ralf, Pryor, Larry, Jack, Ken, Tom, Stu, and Bob — as they give some unsuspecting female the " once-over.” ami iksiv wsl wsUisl dcOiA. Senior Advisory Council N. Fitts, J. Hundley, C. Dameron, M. Jordan, D. Cole, M. A. Earles, S. Patterson. Senior Sponsors and Officers S. Adkins, Vice-President; Mr. Webber, J. Keeling, President; J. Hicks, Secretary- T reasnrer; Miss Moseley, Miss Richardson, Mr. Clark. -{40 b SENIOR CLASS William Stanley Adkins, Jr. " Our man, Stan” — " Veep” — A versatile guy Vice-President of Student Council, Judiciary, Vice-President of Senior Class, Monogram Club, J. V. Bas- ketball, Washingtonian, May Day Escort, Hi-Y, Baseball, Senior Advisory Council. Joan Winn Allen The eyes have it — our best dressed — loves to tease Cheerleader 52-53, S.A.S.C., Treas- urer of homeroom, ’53. Betty Jean Arnold Quiet but friendly — has fun at everything Glee Club, F.H.A., Y-Teens, Homeroom officer, G.A.A. Alston Wynn Bailey " All-State Al” — blue eyes, lush complexion Football, Basketball, Track, Secre- tary of Hi-Y, Latin Club, Home- room officer. Press Club, Sports Editor of Chatterbox, M.G.A. Onnie Beauford Barbour Lorettds stead y — earnest worker Football, Basketball, Baseball, D. O., Treasurer of Freshman Class, (SHS) Green Dragon Staff. Alice Jo Barker " Well, I’ll be a dirty bird” — un- surpassing wit — Popular with everyone Sec.-Treas. of Student Council, Junior University Women, I.R.C., Honor Society, Spanish Club, Latin Club, Girls’ State, Judiciary, Spanish Tournament Honorable Mention. GEORGE WASHINGTON HIGH SCHOOL •i4U oc NIOR CIA r Jack Barnett " Ttvinkle Toes” — Takes life easy — real easy I Latin Club, Homeroom Officer, Student Council, Football, Basket- ball, Tennis Captain, Track, Honor Society, National Athletic Honor Society, I.R.C., Monogram Club, Hi-Y. Etta June Beale A happy nature — nurse s aid — Quiet but friendly Band, D. O. Club. Nancy Ann Bebeau Seemingly shy — siveet and gentle Glee Club, Latin Club, French Club, G.A.A., Honor Society, Cav- alier Staflf, Student Council, Quill and Scroll. Jay David Berman Snazzy dresser — Party boy — " Who’s that red -head, Jay?” Photography Club, Spanish Club. Joyce Roselin Berman Athletic blond, plays hard and well Band, Basketball, Tennis, French Club, Latin Club, Press Club, G.A.A., Chatterbox Staff, C.S.P.A., Y-Teens, Beta Alpha Rho, For- ensics. Douglas William Biggs Toot that Tuba, Doug! Comic kid ! Nice Kid Band, All-State Band, Washington- ian, Junior Rotarian, Glee Club. - 1421 1 ' Thomas Lee Bowles f That impish look — sweetest guy in school Monogram Club, Glee Club, Hi-Y officer. Manager of Football and Track, ' 52, ' 53, ' 54, Cavalier Staff, Homeroom Officer, Basketball Manager ' 52, Quill and Scroll. Lawrence Edward Brooks |i " Brooks” — Jack-of-all trades — i Alan, can he chalk up that yardage! j Football, Basketball, Baseball, j Monogram Club, Glee Club, Thes- pians. Track, Officer of Freshman, j Sophomore, and Junior Classes, :j National Athletic Honor Society. |i I I Dorothy Mae Brown i Pleasing personality — cheerful and ;; friendly J President Beta Alpha Rho, G.A.A., ||i Inter-Club Council. I William Owen Bryant I, " Bulla " — Hails frotn fefferson — " Drink Dr. Pepper :| Transferred from Roanoke, Vir- il ginia, Zeta Chi Hi-Y, Washing- ji tonian. Football, Officer of Home- i room. Charles William Buck " Charlene” — An all-around athlete j — Quiet type Football, Basketball, Wrestling, j Track, Hi-Y. i i Betty Loarine Burnette Petite and pleasant — quiet and re- served — cute personality i D. E. Club, Glee Club. GEORGE VVASHIHGTOM HIGH SCHOOL I 43 r ' OC Ml OR CIA Rufus Bush An outstanding Scout — great sense of humor J.V. Basketball, D. E. Club, Band, ' Schoolfield Varsity Club, Football Manager. Robert Odene Byrd, Jr. Shy type — understanding li Jo Ann Camp Interested in D.E. — likeable and easy to get along with Basketball, Softball, Library Club, Glee Club, Homeroom Officer, D. E. Club. Peggy Ann Campbell Beautician — dainty and petite — serious D.O. Club, F.B.L.A., Driving Club. Rosemary Bennett Carr A pleasant personality — conscien- tious and dependable D.E. Club, Driving Club. Shirley Grey Carroll A happy-go-lucky personality — skater Basketball, F.H.A., Y-Teens, D. E. Club, Beta Alpha Rho, G.A.A., Glee Club. d44l- Catherine Brooks Carter Twinkling eyes and a sparkling smile — Golden hair with a golden personality G.A.A., Cavalier Staff, Y-Teens, Latin Club, French Club. Madrine F. Cassell Already has her degree — lovely eyes Honor Society, Glee Club, F.B.L.A., G.A.A., Homeroom Officer. Nancy Lee Chaney Already " chaned” her George ! — Plenty of fun F.H.A., F.B.L.A., Glee Club, " Messiah,” Basketball, Photography Club, Y-Teens, Follies, Tennis. Shedd Joe Chappell Tall and dark — That debonair look — A Farmer’s boy Basketball, Track, Homeroom Of- ficer, Student Council. I Jan Rae Cheek She’s a real red-head — future of- fice worker — nice to be around Glee Club, F.B.L.A., Library Club. Charles Douglas Chenault A glee-club fiend — The voice! Glee Club, Chatterbox Staff, Press Club, Latin Club, Junior Rotarian. GEORGE VVASHIMGTOM HIGH SCHOOL i ' 45b 1 Peggy Ann Clark " Peg-Leg” — An evil of her own — contagious laugh Y-Teens, Beta Alpha Rho, I.R.C., Honor Society, Write-up Editor of Cavalier, Latin Club, French Club, C.S.P.A., Press Club, Inter-Club Council. Louel Lee Clarke " That married look” — Can Irene Cook? Football, Homeroom Officer. Buddie Lee Cochran Likes her skies ” gyey " — loads of fun anytime Homeroom officer, Latin Club, Y- Teens, Photography Club, Art Club, Open House Council, Cavalier Staff. David Samuel Cole A bashful guy — The Frosty Freeze Kid Football. William Douglas Cole Goes for those barber-shop quar- tets — Warning to lend a helping hand Glee Club, Junior Rotarian, Senior Advisory Council, Homeroom Of- ficer. Nancy Carolyn Copeland Those witty-sarcastic remarks — lots of fun G.A.A., Y-Teens, Band, Glee Club, F.H.A., Homeroom Officer, Spanish Club. -1 46 V Alton Lle Corpeninc;, Jr. Electronic Ace Latin Club, All-State Concert Band, Band. Leigh Ann Cowan Quiet — nice to knon ' -—band bug Band, Spanish Club, Latin Club, F.B.L.A. Anna Glenn Cox U nexpected wit — good sense of humor — good natured I.R.C., Vice-president G.A.A., French Club, Dramatics Club, Thespians. Peggy Redecca Crawford Nice iu tenow — lot of fun Transfer from Dan River, F.B.L.A., F.Fl.A., D.E. Club. Robert Christopher Crawford Cuter than cute — an ideal disposition Member of State Baseball Champs ' 53 and ’54, Baseball ’53-’54, Zeta Chi Hi-Y, Co-captain baseball ’54, Monogram Club, Flomeroom Offi- cer, Lieut. Military Corps., J. V. Football ’51. William Samuel Crawford He’s hooked — quiet — never unfriendly Student Council ’50 and ’51, Mili- tary Corps ’51-’55. GEORGE VVASHJMGTON HIGH SCHOOL THE SENIOR CLASS Nancy Carroll Crider Quiet with a sweet expression Y-Teens, F.H.A. Pres., Homeroom Officer, Student Council, G.A.A., F.B.L.A., Glee Club, D.E. Shirley Lee Crowder Sincere — a charm all her own F.B.L.A., Glee Club, Y-Teens. Bobby Cullop Cute — Nan ' s his fun Homeroom Officer, Monogram Club, D.E. Jerry Lee Dalton Terrific dancer — Likes a " Pat” on his shoulder Glee Club, Homeroom Officer. I i Charles Russell Dameron Quiet — intelligent Latin Club, Latin Tournament, Glee Club, Honor Society, Senior Advisory Council, H-Y. i June Marie Davis Cuter than cute — a good personality F.H.A., Photography Club, D.E. Club. I r ' H ) ■{48 b I I I I Betty Jean Dix Athletic type — a good pal to all G.A.A., F.H.A., Basketball ’53-’54. ! Billy Lee Dix Full of fun — a smile for everyone Student Council ’52-’54, Boys’ I State ’54, Football ’52, Green Dragon Staff. Barbara Jean Doss Sweet and friendly — precise G.A.A., Beta Alpha Rho, F.H.A., Secretary F.B.L.A. Donald Clements Doss Enjoys a good laugh — Takes life as it comes J. V. Football ’51. Doris Jeannette Douglas " Love makes the world go round " — a great gal F.H.A., Latin Club, Spanish Club. Evelyn Dorothy Durham She’s young, she’ s lovely, she’s en- gaged — a regular gal! Y-Teens, Beta Alpha Rho, Dra- matics Club, Co-Ed Club, G.A.A., Glee Club. GEORGE WASrUMGTOM HIGH SCHOOL 49 I THc SENIOR CLASS Roy Eanes, Jr. A steady man — life saver! D. E. Club. Martha Anne Earles " Chigger” — a cute little blonde — barrels of fun Glee Club, Senior Advisory Coun- cil, " Messiah,” Cavalier Staff, F.H.A., Y-Teens. Carolyn Rae Edwards Most popular — tops in everyone ' s book Queen of Hearts, President of Hon- or Society, French Club, Latin Club, Vice-President I.R.C., Feature and News editor Chatterbox, Vice- President Press Club, S.I.P.A., Quill and Scroll, C.S.P.A., Junior Advisory Council, Junior Marshall, Student Council, Girls’ State. Carol Ann Evans " Butch " — a real cutie — likes her " Ken” Basketball, G.A.A., Glee Club, D.E., F.H.A., Cheerleader, Home- room Officer. Mary Jane Evans " Bud " — sloiv and easy Latin Club, French Club, I.R.C., President of G.A.A., Dramatic- Club, Thespians, Circulation Man- ager of Cavalier, S.I.P.A., Student Council, Homeroom Officer, Quill and Scroll, Tennis team. Patricia Lee Evans Whistle bait! Siveetest of them all ! Cheerleader, Latin Club, Spanish Club, Homeroom Officer, Dramatics Club, Cavalier Staff, Thespians. 50b James B. Farley, Jr. Shutter-bug — Electrical Maniac — Studious Beta Chi Hi-Y, Photography Club, Science Forum, Honor Society, Junior Rotarian, Washingtonian, Chatterbox Staff, Press Club. Peggy Lou Parries Our Future Homemaker — sieeet smile and pretty teeth President of F.H.A., President of F.B.L.A., F.H.A. Convention, F.B. L.A. Convention, Co-Ed Club, Beta Alpha Rho, Glee Club, G.A.A. Carolyn Jeannette Farmer Loves a " Chappell hi the Moon- l ight” — pleasing per so nal ity Spanish Club, G.A.A. Council, Homeroom Officer, F.H.A., Y- Teens, Basketball, Glee Club. Nancy Louise Fitts " Fitts” — a boyish type beauty — gay personality and beautiful eyes Basketball, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Li- brary Club, F.H.A., Latin Club, Homeroom Officer, Glee Club, Senior Advisory Council. James Clinton Fleming Stryker ' s right-hand man — yVl j7c Maestro Band, Glee Club, Spanish Club, Latin Club, American Legion Award, All-State Band. Nancy Carroll Forrester Sincere and studious — well dressed, well mannered F.H.A., Beta Alpha Rho, Student Council, Judiciary, Glee Club. GEORGE VVASrUMGTON HIGH SCHOOL f51 K THE SENIOR CLASS Joseph Leonard Fox Bashful! ! Hypnotist — Good speaker Band, Glee Club. Bobby Wayne Francis " Diamond Short Stop” Officer of Sophomore class, Base- ball, Monogram Club, National Athletic Honor Society, Hi-Y. Patricia Anne Frizzell " Frizz” — A sophisticated look- - loves a good argument President F.H.A., Thespian, Dra- matics Club, G.A.A., Homeroom Officer, " Jane Eyre.” Martha Ellen Gammon Glee Club pend I Good Natured Glee Club, Spanish Club, " Mes- siah.” Cynthia Elizabeth Gatewood " Cindy” — a happy nature — dependable and sincere Spanish Club, F.H.A., Y-Teens. Barbara Anne Giles Fresh as a morning daisy F.H.A., E.B.L.A., D.E., G.A.A., Homeroom Officer. k d52l» Beverly Elizabeth Gooch Precious things come in small packages! Student Council, C.S.P.A., G.A.A., Y-Teens, Latin Club, Spanish Club, Homeroom Officer. Charles Rapp Goss, Jr. Hails from S.C. complete with that S-o-u-t-h-e-r-n D-r-a-w-l Transferred from S.C., French Club. Cele Yonce Gourley A pleasing way with all Spanish Club, Latin Club, Cava- lier Staff, Y-Teens, Beta Alpha Rho, Homeroom Officer, Tennis team. William Ronald Gray Beautiful brown eyes — A real great guy Military, Vice-president of Home- room, Hi-Y, J. V. Basketball. Mary Lou Graybill Personality Plus — Witty Glee Club, D.E. Frances Elaine Griffith Reserved — friendly in every tvay D.E., F.H.A., Y-Teens, Glee Club, Homeroom Officer. GEORGE WASHINGTON HIGH SCHOOL 53 1 - THE SENIOR CLASS Jean Marilyn Grogan Cute nr Tomboy — Jiever argues — • likeable Basketball, F.B.L.A., G.A.A. Nancy Lou Grogan Wedding bells soon? Loves a good time Homeroom Officer, F.H.A. Carolyn Gross Beautiful hair and eyes Glee Club. Jean Marie Gunnell Dependability is her strong suit F.B.L.A., G.A.A. Leonard Lee Haraway Tall and Dark — slow and easy — fun galore D.E., Glee Club, Homeroom Officer. Winifred Dale Harris Admired by all — sincerity personified Latin Club, French Club, Art Club, Y-Teens, G.A.A., Beta Alpha Rho, Science Forum -{ 541 Kenneth Ray Harvey This gentleman prefers a blond — a smile for all Glee Club, Band, Sergeant at arms of Freshman Class, D.E., Home- room Officer. Jacqueline Louise Hawkins Likeable and siveet — she’s a treat F.H.A., F.B.L.A., Student Council, Homeroom Officer, Glee Club, D.E., Y-Teens. Sarah Jeanne Hicks Our class secretary — one stvell, siveet gal Citizenship Award, Student Coun- cil, Glee Club, French Club, Secre- tary of Senior Class. Felix Neal Howard, Jr. " Wendy Weather” — airplane pend Monogram Club, Student Council, Spanish Club, Wrestling. Connie Jean Huff Can really cut a rug — party girl! Glee Club, Honor Society, Dra- matics Club, F.B.L.A., F.H.A., Student Council, Y-Teens, S.C.A., " Messiah.” Kathryn Fay Hughes " Kathy” — D.K. kid — Happy-go- lucky! A fascinating gal Latin Club. Glee Club, Spanish Club, Press Club, Business Man- ager of Chatterbox, " Messiah,” C.S.P.A., Y-Teens. GEORGE WASHINGTON HIGH SCHOOL THE SENIOR CLASS Tommy Edward Callis Hughes Always willing to " tee " off — enjoys a good laugh Honor Society, Jr. Advisory Coun- cil, Golf Team, Monogram Club, Spanish Club, Hi-Y, Band. Jimmy Hundley " Buck” — a wonderful guy — our most popular GW-ite Football, Basketball, Veep of Mon- ogram Club, Baseball, Judiciary, Homeroom Officer. Ralph Edgar Hunt Ping-pong Champ — Quiet and reserved Spanish Club, Transferred from Greensboro, N.C. Rachel Elnora Hurley " Silence is golden " — agreeable and sweet Latin Club, Photography Club, Glee Club, F.H.A., F.B.L.A. James Franklin Ingram Smiling Jim — always ready to party — " VC heel” at school President of Student Council, I.R.C., Judiciary, Head Cheerleader, Chatterbox Staff, Washingtonian, Jr. Rotarian, S.I.P.A., C.S.P.A., President of Hi-Y, Homeroom Of- ficer, Latin Club, Press Club, Mon- ogram Club, Jr. Editor of Cava- lier. Barbara Sue Johnson Quiet and reserved — nice to know Y-Teens, F.H.A., Glee Club, For- ensics, Spanish Club, Latin Club, " Jane Eyre,” Honor Society, Home- room Officer, Thespians. d56l- Richard Martin Johnson " Those eyes " — " Got any cheiv ' tng gum? " Football, Wrestling, Tennis. Teresa Ann Johnson Cute III’ pixie! Intelligence plus! Library Club, Glee Club, Y-Teens, G.A.A., Spanish Club, Honor So- ciety, Secretary of Bible Club. Barbara Yvonne Jones It’s amazing hoiv one so little is so smart Y-Teens, Spanish Club, F.H.A., officer. Beta Alpha Rho, Honor Society, G.A.A. David Lee Jones Common sense isn’t a common thing Photography Club, Student Council, Football, Military Corps. Deronda Charles Jordan, Jr. " Cat! " Music, Music, Music D.E., Band, Spanish Club. Gaynelle Jordan " Sorta” cjuiet — agreeable F.H.A. GEORGE WASHINGTON HIGH SCHOOL ' 157 1 - THE SENIOR CLA Martha Poindexter Jordan Alember of the Royal Court — a winning way Latin Club, Spanish Club, I.R.C., C.S.P.A., Honor Society, Home- room Officer, Co-Advertising Man- ager of Cavalier, Jr. Marshall, Sr. Advisory Council, Majorette, Homecoming Attendant, Dramatics Club, Thespians. Mary Wescott Jordan " Queen Mary’’ — 900 calories a day! enjoys life! Student Council, Homeroom Of- ficer, Latin Club, Veep of Spanish Club, Honor Society, C.S.P.A., Co- Advertising Manager of Cavalier, Chief Jr. Marshall, Majorette, Homecomjng Queen XVIII, Dra- matics Club, Thespians. John Fontaine Keeling, Jr. " Most influential’’ — A conscientiou s tvorker — the greatest! President of Senior Class, Mono- gram Club, I.R.C., Spanish Club, Veep of Washingtonians, Football, Track, Hi-Y, National Athletic Scholastic Society. Frank Stuart King Sporty dresser — MUST really love Gir Transferred from H.M.A., Hi-Y, I.R.C., Homeroom Officer. Barbara Lynn Klaff Quiet but capable — very likeable News and Feature Editor of Chat- terbox, Press Club, Quill and Scroll, I.R.C., Glee Club, Science Forum, Honor Society, Latin Club, Secretary of French Club, Junior University Women, G.A.A., Home- room Officer. Edward Albert Lane Y ' ' isecracks are his specialty — tall and lanky Hi-Y, J.V. Football, Basketball. - 1581 Kittie Louise Lea Our own Marlon Brando — ambi- tious — interesting pal Science Forum, I.R.C., Honor So- ciety, Quill and Scroll, French Club, Press Club, Junior University Women, Assistant Editor of Chat- terbox, C.S.P.A., S.I.P.A., Latin Club, Winner of State Latin Tournament. Fred Bennett Leggett, Jr. Air. GWite — Most adtnired — • a friend in need is a friend indeed Mr. GW, Hi-Y, President of Washingtonians, Student Council, I.R.C., Cavalier Staff, Spanish Club, Homeroom Officer. James Edward Laws " Smiles” — Bashful but friendly Military Corps. Sharon Ann Lewis A charm all her own — M. R. S. degree soon? F.H.A., D.E. Thomas Allen Lewis Navy bound — Love that voice 1 Hi-Y, Track, Basketball. Nelson Edward Link Never a dull moment tvith Link around — cute as pie Student Council, Hi-Y, Spanish Club, Basketball, Football. GEORGE WASHINGTON HIGH SCHOOL •i59!- TH£ SBNIOR CIA Vera Lobe Loves a good debate — likeable atid intelligent National Honor Society, I.R.C., Science Forum, Junior University Women, Debating Team, Latin Club, Spanish Club, G.A.A., Ten- nis Team, Band. Carolyn Ann Long The best in a " Long” time Driving Club, F.B.L.A. Benjamin Franklin Lowe Shy manner — a real gentleman Shirley Beatrice Ludwick Sugar and spice B.E. Club, F.H.A. CoRRiNNE Ruth Lynch Domesticity is her long suit G.A.A., Spanish Club, F.H.A., Beta Alpha Rho, Vice-President of Homeroom. Nancy Lee Lynch Songbird — Has-” Be??” — Classic beauty Glee Club, Messiah, Y-Teens, G.A.A., F.B.L.A., Secretary-Treas- urer of Homeroom. iBoy I Alfred Earle McClanahan " Red " — " Capt.” — Otitstand ' ing intellect American Legion Award, Baseball, Captain Military Corps, National Honor Society, President of Home- room. Anne Nicholas McClung Editor of the big book — most influential — a great gal American Legion Award, Junior University Women, Editor-in-Chief Cavalier, Girls’ State Delegate, Judiciary, Student Council, Treas- urer of Junior Class, Junior Advis- ory Council, Associate editor of Chatterbox, Vice-President Press Club, Quill and Scroll, C.S.P.A., S.I.P.A., National Honor Society, I.R.C., Science Eorum, Erench Club. Peggy O ' Neil McDaniel Alert and active — quiet but sweet P.B.L.A., E.B.L.A. Convention, E.B.L.A. historian, Secretary-Treas- urer of Homeroom. Burford Gail Mann " Fields engaged’— Always bright and cheerful Glee Club, G.A.A., D.E. Club, Homeroom Officer, Y-Teens. Raymond Hodge Mann, Jr. Peaceful man — real nice Latin Club, Glee Club. Robert Kent Marks Cool Cat from Carolina — a ivin- mng way with everyone Transferred from Burlington, N.C. Student Council, President of Homeroom, Football, Track, Band, Beta Hi-Y. GEORGE WASHINGTON HIGH SCHOOL 61 h THE SENIOR CLASS ! m Henry Dallas Massey Dell las, the D.E. ace! Vice-President Homeroom, Presi- dent of D.O. Club. Rale Myers Mast Tall, dark, and handsome — sarcas- tic in a winning way Student Council, Hi-Y, Track, Basketball, Football, Monogram Club, " Minor Miracle.” William Larry Miller ”Onr most mischievous” — Loves a pood time Hi-Y. Pryor Reynolds Millner Our favorite quarterback! Go girls! Latin Club, Homeroom Officer, Football, Basketball, Student Coun- cil, National Athletic Honor So- ciety, Monogram Club, Hi-Y, Cap- tain All Western District Football Team, Track. Lois Gray Moore Sells them xvith those eyes and DRAWL Majorette, Student Council, Drama- tics Club, Thespians, President Y- Teens, Inter-Club Council, Co-ed Club, Glee Club, F.H.A., G.A.A. Philis Gary Moore Personality plus — A friend worth having — Precise judiciary, Vice-President National Honor Society, Science Forum, I.R.C., President Press Club, Junior University Women, S.I.P.A., C.S.P.A., Quill and Scroll, News and Feature Editor Chatterbox, Student Council, French Club, Latin Club. d62l Charles Roland Moss One of the ” Martinsville hound’’ gang — " Sonny” Glee Club, D.E. Club, D.O. Club. Betty English Motley " Mots " — Good leader and student A date ivith N. C. State Managing Editor of Cavalier, Student Council, National Honor Society, President of Bible Club, G.A.A., Spanish Club, Y-Teens, Glee Club, Latin Club, Junior Ad- visory Council, Homeroom Officer, I.R.C., Quill and Scroll. Mary Bertha Motley Starry-eyed — nice to knoiv F.B.L.A., F.H.A., Beta Alpha Rho, Latin Club, G.A.A., Secretary- Treasurer of Homeroom. Joyce Lee Nazworthy Athletic type — an " engaging” smile Glee Club, G.A.A. Representative, Basketball, F.H.A., Parliamentarian Y-Teens, Homeroom Officer, D.E. Club. Jo Ann Owen One of the greatest — neat and efficient Student Council, Secretary I.R.C., President Homeroom, Cavalier, G.A.A., Glee Club. Arthur Parker Loves to tease — a great guy! D.E. Club, Homeroom Officer. GEORGE WASHINGTON HIGH SCHOOL -I63h jm SE MOR CLASS Kenneth Passamaneck " Most Likely To Succeed” — Witty — Pass-a-ma-neck Homeroom Officer, Student Coun- cil, Latin Club, Vice-president Photography Club, President Kappa Chi Hi-Y, I.R.C., Science Forum, Honor Society, Cavalier Staff, Secretary-Treasurer of Washing- tonians, Junior Rotarian. Samuel Thorne Patterson " Stick”- — good sport! A polite fellow Junior Varsity Football, Homeroom Officer, Zeta Chi Hi-Y, Latin Club, Spanish Club, Military Corps, Chatterbox staff. Press Club, Senior Advisory Council. John Kenneth Payne Athletic Ability — carefree — Muscle-bound Track, Treasurer Senior Class, Delta Chi Hi-Y, Monogram Club, Vice- President Glee Club, Homeroom Officer. Ruby Nan Peay Lucky in love — lots of friends D.E. Club, Vice-president G.A.A., Tennis Club, Y-Teens, Co-Ed Club, F.H.A., Homeroom Officer. Jimmie Peirce A real guy — quiet but cute Hi-Y. Jackie David Phillips Hardwood hero! Twinkling eyes Monogram Club, Basketball, Foot- ball, Baseball, Spanish Club, Na- tional Athletic Honor Society. -164 b I Sandy Pilipowskyj That accent! — Really tops — Comrade! Transferred from Germany, Boys’ State, Washingtonian, President I.R.C., Science Forum, Student Council, President Homeroom, Treasurer Zeta Chi Hi-Y, Sports Editor of Cavalier, National Honor Society, French Club, Quill and Scroll. Lois Jeannette Powell Altar bound — gobs of fun! F. H. A., F. B. L. A., Basketball, G.A.A. Council. Jacqueline Ramona Presnell Always bright — cheerful — A pleasant way tvith all Latin Club, Treasurer of Y-Teens, Student Council, F.H.A. Vice- president, F.B.L.A., Honor Society. Lawrence Edward Price W ' ell-Traveled — Photo-Bug Green Dragon staff. The Green and White Echo staff, D.O. Jimmy Leon Pruitt Nice and friendly — Husband soon? D.E. Thomas Melvin Pruitt Black, ivavy hair! " Hot rod!” Glee Club. GEORGE WASHINGTON HIGH SCHOOL d65b Lee Andrew Quinn Quiet and nice to know Raymond Carlton Reid " Muscles” — Motorcycle Man National Honor Society, Wrestling, President of Homeroom. Lorraine Hedley Ricketts A winning way — siveet and lovely Chatterbox, Student Council, G.A.A., Latin Club, F.H.A., Glee Club, Homeroom Officer. Elizabeth Douthat Riddle Up in the clouds Thespians, Dramatics Club, Beta Alpha Rho, G.A.A., Inter-Club Council, Glee Club. Ronald Wayne Rimmer Loves to talk — " Butcher” Latin Club, French Club, Band, All- State Band. Jean Marie Roland That innocent look — smart and likeable Vice-president of Freshman class. Vice-president of F.H.A., Glee Club, Latin Club, Spanish Club, National Honor Society, Junior University Women, Latin Tourna- ment, Cavalier Staff, Student Council, G.A.A. d 66 F Jasper Brack Rust An " Acey” skater Band, Glee Club, D.O. Club. Jerry Mack Rust Pool Menace D.O. Club, Band, Glee Club. Robert Wayne Samuels Divine Dancer — That " French Look” French Club, Wrestling, Hi-Y. Edith Saunders Seemingly shy — agreeable and sweet F.H.A., F.B.L.A., Glee Club, D.E., G.A.A. Erances Marion Saunders Full of fun and excitement " Junior Miss,” " January Thaw,” Thespians, Y-Teens, Latin Club, Latin Tournament team winner. Press Club, Quill and Scroll, Sci- ence Eorum, President Erench Club, Junior University Women, " G host Train,” Editor-in-Chief Chatterbox, Third Place State Erench Contest, C.S.P.A., S.I.P.A. James Milton Scearce Better late than never — Flirty — pleasing tv ays GEORG£ WASHINGTON HIGH SCHOOL d67l Ml OR CU r ' Betty Scism ”Skiz ' ' — looking for her " Hubby " Chatterbox Staff, Press Club, Thes- pians, Dramatics, Spanish Club, F.H.A., Y-Teens. Ann Scott Siieet and friendly — sparkling eyes — dainty and petite D.T.I., D.O. Club, Glee Club. Jacqueline Carrollee Shaw Lores her " Art " — Full of life and fun Student Council, Basketball, Secre- tary and Treasurer of Band, Presi- dent of Junior and Sophomore Homerooms, Secretary and Treas- urer Glee Club, J. V. Cheerleader, Y-Teens, G.A.A. Sara Dean Shelton Conscientious and dependable Latin Club, F.H.A. Club Treas- urer, F.H.A. Convention, Cava- lier Staff, Dramatics Club, Band Librarian, S.I.P.A. Paul William Shore Friendly guy — hails from " esl Virgin ’a Transferred from Washington Irv- ing High School, Clarksburg, West Virginia. Alton Clyde Shumate Real gone guy — bus boy! D.O. Club. -{68 b ( »iei, suy — and nice D.E. Club Remona Jean Smith Sweet disposition — good sport D.E., F.H.A., G.A.A., F.B.L.A. Rummell Annie Smith One that’ s hard to beat D.E., Green Echo Staff. Nancye Jeanette Spearman Keeps up constant chatter — energy bomb Cheerleader, I.R.C., Y-T e e n s, Treasurer Thespians, Homeroom Officer, " Daddy Longlegs.” GcORGE VVASrUMGTOM HIGH SCHOOL -I 69 b Shirley Wilma Stokes Cute as a button — brown-eyed blond ! Latin Club, Dramatics Club, Thes- pians, F.B.L.A., Treasurer F.H.A., G.A.A. Phyllis Ann Storey Party girl — spunky — quiet and nice F.FI.A., Vice-president F.B.L.A. Rice Gwynn Strange " Giveenna " — Snake lover! Unpredictable Hi-Y, Lt. Military Corps, Home- room Secretary. { 70 } Ferma Irene Stuart Considerate and understanding Spanish Club, Band, Y-Teens. Rebecca Jean Styers ' Good sport — soft voiced I Glee Club, Basketball, Spanish Club, President F.H.A., F.H.A. j Convention, G.A.A., Student Coun- cil. Beta Alpha Rho, " Messiah,” Photography Club. ji i I Fred Allison Taylor Tall and slim — nice guy D.E. Club, Library Club, Stamp Club at W.W. Artie Martin Tompkins, Jr. Artie " Shaw” — Dig that boy! Band, Dramatics Club, Homeroom Officer. Clarence Wesley Travis Boy ivith the voice — nimble fingers Glee Club, D.E., D.O. Virginia Diane Traylor The cheii ' ing gum kid — The domestic one! " Junior Miss,” Student Council, Latin Club, Spanish Club, Secretary Co-Ed Club, Open House Council, Y-Teens. I GEORGE WASHINGTON HIGH SCHOOL oc Ml OR CIA r r ' Jessie Melvin Turner, Jr. ”]r.” — F.O.O.T. member Transferred from Brosville High School, Speech Club. Marie Elise Vanderwerff Top debater — pleas ttg personality Y-Teens, Latin Club, French Club, I.R.C., G.A.A. Council, Glee Club, Cavalier Staff, Junior University Women, Dramatics Club, State Champion Debate team. Quill and Scroll. Hamilton Fitzhugh Vass " Tell me a story” — Big bull shooter Cheerleader, Track, Boat Club, Football, Hi-Y. Gladota Mae Walker Bashful and quiet — nice to knoiv F.H.A. Jo Anne Walker jWath whiz! talkative — shutterbug! Glee Club Council, " Messiah,” Na- tional Honor Society, Beta Alpha Rho, F.H.A., Secretary Photography Club, Latin Club, Spanish Club. Nelson Frank Walker ' Life of the party — Personified wit! Photography Club, Glee Club Hi-Y. •{72 b Virginia Walton Likes to skate — Considerate to all D.E. Club Thomas Nathaniel Webber " Bippest Flirt” — a classy daficer Band, Hi-Y. Marie Carrol Welch Diamonds are a girl ' s best friend G.A.A., Y-Teens. Charles Allen Wells. Jr. Business Manager of the big book — a iconderful guy to knoiv Business Manager Cavalier, " Jane Eyre,” Dramatics Club, Basketball, Treasurer Hi-Y. Curtis Allen Wells, Jr. A real driver — W ell, Curtis? D.E. Club, Glee Club. Nancy Carolyn Wentz One great gal! A laug h a day keeps the " doc” away Glee Club, Y-Teens, Latin Club, Spanish Club, Homeroom Otticer, G.A.A. GEORGE WASHINGTON HIGH SCHOOL SENIOR CLASS Carl Ray Williams " Sonny” — Major Leagues, here he comes Junior Advisory Council, Mono- gram Club, Dramatics Club, Thes- pians, Baseball, Jaycee Football, Homeroom Officer. Nancy Craig Williams Our Ai ss CIF — Our own Scarlet O’Hara Latin Club, Spanish Club, Dra- matics Club, Thespians, I.R.C., " Miss GW,” Cavalier Staff, " Jane Eyre,” " Daddy Longlegs.” Clyde Willis Plans a musical future — Bound for the " Deane” and Longwood Band, D.O. Club, President Home- room. Mary Frances Winborne Generous — A cheerful disposition Transferred from Charlotte, N.C. Advertising Staff Cavalier. Mary Lee Wrenn " ell worth knowing Drivers Club. Allen Carrol Wyatt Tall, lean and lanky — one swell guy Anita Jean Wyatt Shy and reserved — innocence is bliss F.H.A., F.B.L.A. ; Betty Jane Wyatt Cute 7 7’ gal — Mischievous sparkle in her eye Spanish Club, Dramatics Club, : Latin Club, Y-Teens, Homeroom Officer, G.A.A., Thespians, Cava- i TIER Staff. Mildred Jean Yeaman A smile for everyone Glee Club, Softball, F.H.A., G.A.A., Library Club. Jack Robertson He keeps mid-night hours — Big wheel at millt DO. IP " ' M- ' s Jean Roland Kenneth Passamaneck V al edicto rian Sal utato rian GEORGE VVAXSHIMGTON HIGH SCHOOL 75 Hr mi nt05l dremratlr nancij craxg uiUU ms carl smith ttrtjest beuerl i ifooch Dobbtj Crawford b ' mg st flirts Tlois rnoora I tommu Webber i - U friendliest Catherine carter bobbtj Crawford m0st mfluential johnny keeling anne m ' clung mast school -spirited peggij sptcer jimmtj ingram i! . ' A -t iP If v ' VJ 1 pit: L t( i:i4...SS u i Fflff i • ■ ' ' tj L - “1 aEt ■ .. ' t Hfli 1 1 tttttst lihcly to mtteeh , t , marion saunders . ' ; k«nn «th passamaneck tttost popular carolun eawards jimmij hundla pTost athletit . j«an sti|«rs larr4 brooks imrst ocrsatilr i anno m«clun|f $tanloi| adkins f uritttesl albort lane ' alice jo barker most mischieoous ' ■ betlu jane loijatt larrij miller .J Ja if. The Military Corps enjoys a short rest after a long and tiring march. Many were the snow ball battles on the campus when Danville had its first big snow. Members of the Spanish Club — Miss Richardson, Cynthia, Martha Anne, Kathy, and Richard — look proudly at their gifts which will make a merry Christmas for someone. Larry Brooks autographs copies of the Shrine Game program for John Groome, Toby Heitzler, Irene Baum, and Betty James, all junior high fans. V« r t eir €«rp Jhsd mdpbuicL oivc tsumL Left to right, kneeling: S. Easley, M. Phinizy, N. Spearman, C. Johnson. P. Evans, A. Powell. Standing: J. Ingram, M. Farley, E. Vincent, A. Thompson, P. Spicer, B. Patterson. CHEERLEADERS Composed of twelve boys and girls in the upper four grades, the varsity cheerleading squad promotes school spirit among the students at GW. The mem- bers of this group are selected in the spring by a committee of faculty and Monogram Club members. Each cheerleader serves for two years and may be re- elected. The squad’s list of responsibilities includes leading the cheers at all athletic events, decorating the ball park for games and the cafeteria for the Homecoming Dance, and arranging all pep rallies. N. Snead, P. Browder, M. Hurd, M. Croxton, G. Nix, I. Baum. JUNIOR CHEERLEADERS Chosen by members of the faculty and the Monogram Club, the Junior varsity cheerleading squad consists of six girls in the eighth and ninth grades. These sports-loving girls are led by Pat Browder. The junior cheerleaders lead the yells for varsity and jayvee football games, and jayvee basketball games. In November four additional girls — Betty Grow, Susan Payne, Doro- thy ' Womack, and Sue Bonner — were added to the squad. d80) Formed in 1949, the 1955 George Washington High School Band is com- posed of sixty members including five majorettes. Participating in many outside functions as well as high school perform- ances, the band performs for assembly programs, pep rallies, parents ' open house, and for all home football games. This year they attended three out-of-town games — Lynchburg, Roanoke, and Hope- well. The band also took part in city parades and performed in the District Festival, where the group received a rating of Excellent. Douglas Biggs, Jimmy Flem- ing, Alton Corpening, and Fred Dwight Richmond are members who won honors by participating in the All-State Band. Band officers are Jimmy Fleming, stu- dent director; Douglas Biggs, president; Artie Tompkins, vice-president; Jackie Shaw, secretary-treasurer; and Sara Dean Shelton, librarian. ofL IcL and, a)WiL Left to right: M. Jordan, S. Jordan, E. Stegall, L. Moore, M. Jordan. BAND Director: E. C. Stryker. Mcijorettes: E. Stegall, M. Jordan, S. Jordan, L. Moore, M. Jordan. First row, band; Front to Rear: J. Byrd,, D. Biggs, B. Ashby, J. Oakes, E. Stuart, C. Davis, W. Will ianis, E. Friedman, A. Tompkins. Second row; Front to Rear: D. Browning, J. Fleming, B. Cotton, T. Hughes, F. Anderson, B. Boone, ' E. 9(hlliamson, P. Keesee. Third row; Front to Rear: G. Shreve, O. Walker, M. Boggs, G. Penn, R. Jones, E. Knowles, D. Richmond, C. Hughes. Forth row; Front to Rear: C. Parker, J. Berman, W. Clifton, E. Williams, J. Parrish, L. Tickle, E. Boatwright, S. Houghton. Fifth row; Front to Rear: B. Vincent, J. Bagby, B. Johnson, E. Baxa, P. Pranks, J. Tompkins, C. VC ' alsh, C. Hill, J. Shaw. i ' 8i y JhsiASL 1)01 LoiiQMjcL in AjfufdA. - - First row: K. Payne, R. Beale, B. Hundley, J. Woody. Second row: B. Patterson, J. Barnett, C. Buck, D. Carter, S. Williams, L. Brooks, L. Lewis, J. Ingram, J. Phillips. Third row: V. Holton, J. Keeling, P. Millner, N. Howard, B. Francis, B. Williams, R. Satterfield. Fourth row: S. Houghton. P. Kinser, F. Cowan, B. Crawford, S. Adkins, T. Hughes, V. Grow, E. Collins, T. Bowles. MONOGRAM CLUB The Monogram Club, with Coach El Wilson as advisor, plays an important part in the high school life. This organization sponsors the Homecoming weekend which includes a gala bonfire, the presen- tation of the queen and her attendants, and a victory dance. In the spring a big picnic is held for the members and their guests, at which time the athletic department is presented a gift. Along with mem- bers of the faculty, the Monogram Club selects the cheerleading squad. To become eligible for membership in this club, a boy must have won a letter in one of the seven varsity sports at GW. These include football, basket- ball, baseball, wrestling, track, tennis, and golf. The new members are initiated at the end of the basket- ball season in a long-to-be remembered ceremony. Officers for 1955 are; Buck Hundley, president; Ray Beale, vice-president; Jimmy Woody, secretary- treasurer; and Kenneth Payne, sergeant-at-arms. Bobby Crawford and Jackie Phillips attempt to sell Mr. Bacon a program at one of the football games. d 82 b oA, did. ihoASL qihl To stimulate interest in a variety of sports and to promote spirited rivalry and sportsmanship through intramurals is the aim of the Girls ' Athletic Association. Any girl who participates in after-school intramurals is automatically a member of the G.A.A. The point system enables those girls who show active participation in the girls ' athletic program throughout the year to earn points towards a monogram. The G.A.A. sponsors after-school intramurals for the fol- lowing sports: basketball, volleyball, ping-pong and tennis. In the spring there is an annual G.A.A. Carnival at which each of the extra-curricular clubs at GW sponsors a booth. Every year the G.A.A. works with the Girls’ Physical Educa- tion Department in directing an assembly program on May Day. Mary Jane Evans was elected to head the G.A.A. this year, while Anna Glenn Cox w ' as chosen as vice-president and Teresa Johnson, Dixie Hilliard and Patsy Ayres w ' ere selected to serve as secretary, treasurer, and points chairman respectively. Under the guidance of Misses Norma Roady, Carol Wil- liams, and Joanne Williams — the physical education teachers — the G.A.A. has become an active part in the school life of each girl at GW. GIRLS’ ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Thu was one of the exciting ynoments in an intramural basketball game. First row: C. VC ' illiams, N. Roady, T. Johnson. A. Cox, M. Evans, D. Hilliard, P. Ayres, J. ' X ' illiams, A. Throckmorton. Second row: I. Moore, C. Grinstead, J. Savage, B. Wilson, A. Melton, E. Jones, E. Vincent, S. Gravett, S. Reynolds, L. Siviter. Third row: M. Warren, I. Baum, N. Pretty, B. Arnold, C. Copeland, C. Parmer, T. Sorgee, J. Davis. Fourth row: B. Motley, S. Carr, L. Simmons, D. Williams, B. Vass, M. Parries, E. Colvard, G. Lamb, B. Vt ' elch. ■ 831 - diomsajmbu woA, SDCuJtinjq Excitement was at fever-pitch as we raced through the streets, shouting and yelling for our gridiron heroes. Starting from the Athletic field, we " snake danced” wildly all the way down Main Street. Silhouetted against the roaring fire, a football player tosses a wooden cross into the blaze, symbolizing the defeat of the Mt. Vernon team. At the tradi- tional bonfire held on the ath- letic field we cheered our team on to victory! The climax of our victorious weekend was a gala Homecom- ing Dance, highlighted by the presentation of Queen Mary with her attendants Peggy and Martha. The cafeteria, trans- formed beyond recognition by crepe paper and balloons, was the scene of this event. Miss Peggy Spicer Atlendanl ' ' ”■■ .-,, 7 " = ' - ' ' BUCK-G KINSER-G KEELING- HB HAWKER- QB HOLTON - E PAYNE- T MAST-C BAILEY- T HUNDLEY- HB BARNETT- E MILLNER- QB MARKS -T OiVi, qJiidvwfL AlcUiA, hJwiJU hL uA. First row: Charles Buck, Buck Hundley, Bobby Marks, Pryor Millner. Second row: Jack Barnett, Larry Brooks, Ralf Mast, Kenneth Payne. Third row: Jimmy Turner, Leon Hawker, Billy Jones, John Keeling. Fourth row: Johnny Moore, Clinton Pruitt, Ronnie Bryant, Bobby Sizer. Fijth row: David Shultz, Ronald Chaney, D. G. Carter. Sixth row: Terry Alfriend, Terry ' X ' ilmouth, Van Holton, Bruce Shore, Riciiard Pretty. Seventh rote: Max Campbell, Peyton Eggleston, John Matney, Prentice Kinser, Gordon Watkins. Eighth row: Ray Beale, Dickie Fralin, Leon Lewis, Julian Clifton, Billy Norman. Ninth row: Jackie Jester, Mgr., Jim Woody, Mgr., Tommy Bowles, Senior Mgr., Kenneth Dean, Mgr. 881 - AjtaJjL-ividsL cucclcum FOOTBALL Not since 1944 has GW had a football team of such comparable quality and ability as this year ' s eleven. Through a schedule of 10 games, GW emerged undefeated, ha ' ing won 8 and tied 2 of the contests. The season began on September 10 at Rox- boro on the Tarheels ' field, where GW showed its terrific offense for the first time and scored 5 times, the final score being 32 to 12. Against Salem (in the first home game) the Cardinals displayed their defensive ability, making the contest a 27 to 0 victory. William Fleming of Roanoke, the second team to play GW at Dan- ville, held the Redbirds to a scoreless tie. This game was a battle of defenses and the Cardinal line attracted statewide attention. To finish off the home-ground series, Covington arrived and was sent back defeated more soundly than the score, GW 26 — Covington 20, indicated. The Redbirds next journeyed to Lynchburg, where they defeated their longtime rival, E. C. Glass, by a 39 to 7 score; the second string playing most of the game for GW. Following the wake of Hurricane Hazel, the Cardinals arrived at Warwick and raised almost as much havoc. It was a very hard-fought battle but GW managed to take the contest 8 to 0. This victory established GW as a contender for the Group I crown. Almost 5000 fans braved the chilly weather to see In the annual Shrine Game against Martinsville, Brooks proves that it takes more than one man to stop him. the annual Shrine Game. Even though the Cardinals moved ahead in the first half, the Bulldogs rallied and it became a most interesting game, the final score being GW 26 and Martinsville 19. Mt. Vernon arrived in Danville for the Redbirds’ homecoming contest and was completely outplayed, the game ending 34 to 7. Next GW journeyed to Jefferson of Roanoke where the western district championship and possibly the state crowm were to be decided. Eor the first time in the season GW was behind by 13 to 6 at half time but making a spectacular comeback, the Cardinals marched 60 yards to tie the score 13 to 13, where it remained until the final whistle was blown. To finish off this highly successful season, GW met the Blue Devils at Hopewell in a Thanksgiving day contest and the free-.scoring game ended 54 to 32 in favoi of the Danville team. Even though GW finished third in the state race, having a 6-0-1 conference record, it had the most outstanding statistic.s — 259 points scored in 10 games. The highest .scorers on the team were Pryor Millner and Larry Brooks with 61, and Ray Beale with 46 points. Linder the direction of head coach El Wikson and assistant coaches Larry Paladino, Joe Gurtis and Charlie Franzen, the " Wil.sonmen " ran up a total of over 2000 yards With Pryor Millner Hundley, in the Lynchburg game, carries for a first down, as Beale clears the way. cuuL SLdJjdyli h jct cl MaficL I Sept. 10 G. ' W. 32 Roxboro 12 OcL 15 G.W. 8 Warwick Sept. 17 G.W. 27 Salem 0 Oct. 22 G.W. 26 Martinsville 19 Sept. 24 G.W. 0 Wm. Fleming 0 Oct. 29 G.W. 34 Ml. Vernon 7 Oct. 1 G.W. 26 Covington 20 Nov. 5 G.W. 13 Roanoke 13 1 Oct. 8 G.W. 39 Lynchburg 7 Nov. 25 G.W. 54 Hopewell 32 The Boosters ' Club presented this football scoreboard, electrically operated, at the GW-Salem game. Mr. Christopher accepted this gift on behalf of the school and expressed our thanks and appreciation in a half-time ceremony. quarterbacking, outstanding ground-gainers were Larry Brooks and Ray Beale while Kenneth Payne, Bobby Sizer and Charles Buck were the nucleus of the powerful GW line. Kneeling-. Coaches — J. GuRTis, L. Paladino Standing-. Coaches — C. Franzhn, L. Wilson The other boys receiving monograms, without whose help the team could not have existed, were Ralf Mast, Sonny Kinser, Jack Barnett, Van Holton, Terry Wilmouth, Leon Hawker, John Keeling, Buck Hundley, Clinton Pruitt, Julian Clifton, D. G. Carter, A1 Bailey, Bobby Marks, Johnny Moore, and the managers, Jimmy Woody, Tommy Bowles, and Jackie Jester. Due to the lack of interest for high school sports by the citizens of Danville, George Washington was having a difficult time financing many of its sports. To improve this situation and to obtain city-wide support for the teams, the Boosters’ Club was organ- ized in 1953. This club is composed of all citizens who are willing to pay a small entrance fee and are anxious to publicize the athletic contests. A number of members were soon recruited and money was earned by selling programs and GW buttons at football games. The attendance at these games increased markedly and the team gained much moral support. In return for these actions the GW coaching squad arranged for the Booster Club mem- bers to meet the players personally and to show them films of previous football games. ' !90b ihsL cujvsisiA. h) mjodtcpL Under the expert coaching of Larry Paladino, the Baby Cards went through a very satisfactory season, winning 6 and losing only 1. The season started on September 16 in Altavista where the Danville Jayvees won a 32-0 victory. Hali- fax lost 20-2 to the Cards, and Reidsville fell to the side 13-12 after a hard-fought contest. On October 7 Helena High School was defeated 7-6 and on Oc- tober 13 Martinsville lost 7-0. In the second home- game of the season the GW Jayvees suffered their first and only loss, a 6-0 defeat by Roxboro. To close their seven game schedule Paladino’s boys journeyed to Halifax County High School and trampled the Jayvees there 18 to 2. The boys receiving Jayvee monograms were Dick Fralin, Bob Martin, Kenneth Shelton, Richard Hay- more, Leon Ashby, Luther Bradley, James Penning- ton, Randy Beale, Ed Ragland, Carrington Smith, David Spearman, Ronnie Bryant, John Arey, Max Campbell, James Clark, Billy Cook, Billy Clifton, Paul Denny, Peyton Eggleston, John Matney, Billy Norman, Bobby Stone, Joe Towler, Gordon Wat- kins, and Jackie Jester, manager. Bcb Martin carries the leather against Halifax, while other GW backs get ready to dear the way. This impressive record shows that there are many talented players on this team who in a year or two will become valuable members of the varsity team. J. V. EOOTBALL First row; left to right: E. Ragland, P. Eggleston, B. Stone, B. Overcash, R. Richbourg, B. Clifton, D. Arey, G. " VChitkins. Second row; left to right: D. Spearman, R. Sammons, K. Shelton, J. R. Pennington, L. Ashby, P. Denny, B. Cook. Third row; left to right: J. Matney. R. Beale, D. Eralin, B. Martin, L. Bradley, C. Smith, j. Vt ' oody Manager. J91 b U)kUsL cDvsihinq JtkfL coiViL wUh. qoasl First row: J. Barnett, J. Phillips, L. Brooks, P. Millner, L, Hawker, V. Holton. Second row: H. Smith, R. Chaney, W. Hudson, B. Cheek, G. Woody, D. Shultz. Third row: J. Skinner, G. Hutcherson, B. Shore, D. Cole, D. Rakes. Fourth row: C. Pruitt, G. Lewis. BASKETBALL Under the leadership of Charlie Lranzen, who replaced A1 Mathes, the GW basketball team appears to have clinched another winning season. With three of 1954’s starting five graduating, Lranzen had a diffi- cult job of forming a new ' team. Members of this year’s squad include Jackie Phillips, high scorer. Jack Barnett, Larry Brooks, Pryor Millner, Van Holton, and Leon Hawker, all of whom played varsity basket- ball last season. Donnie Cole, Bobby Cheek and David Shultz moved up from the Jayvee team. Other players are Gerald Hutcherson, Maury Matthews, Wayne Hudson, Bruce Shore, Joe Skinner and Gerald Lewis. As this publication goes to press, the GW Red- birds have an eight to six record, and are still in the running for a berth in the state tournament. The most exciting games of the season have been against GW’s bitter rival, E. C. Glass of Lynchburg. In the first game, the Cards defeated the Hilltoppers 44-42, but Lynchburg revenged its loss by outscoring GW 51-68 a few weeks later. Other hard-fought contests included the Halifax game, w ' hich GW took 64-51 and the game with Salem, w ' ith GW winning 64-49. Contests w ' ith Cradock, Covington, Salem, and Jeffer- ,son of Roanoke remain to be played. The Cardinals are experiencing a rebuilding .sea.son and next year’s schedule is expected to be rather rugged. Several promising Jayvees will join the var- sity squad, but the team will lose the .services of Larry Brooks, Jackie Phillips, Jack Barnett, and Pryor Millner through graduation. 7 ' op row: Larry Brooks, Jack Barnktt, Pryor Millnlr. Second row: Leon Hawker, Jackie Phillips, Van Holton. 93 ■ AJbwviL ijuunwiAlc In the closing minutes of the Lynchburg game, Jackie Van Holton tries to prevent a Martinsville player from Phillips attempts a hook shot while Jack Barnett and making a rebound shot while the other eight players Van Holton wait for a possible rebound. watch and prepare for possible action. New to the GW Physical Education Depart- ment this year was basketball coach Charlie Fran- zen. Before coming to George Washington, Mr. Franzen, who played both football and basket- ball in college, was an instructor in El Paso, Texas, and Marion, Virginia. Coaching the junior varsity squads for the second consecutive season was Larry Paladino. Coach Paladino, also a two-letter man at college (football and baseball), plays professional base- ball during the summer months. Like Franzen, he served both as a football and basketball coach. Basketball Coaches Franzen and Paladino The scores of the games played to date are; GW 39 Wm. Fleming 43 GW 59 Roxboro 48 GW 65 Roxboro 49 GW 47 Jefferson 72 GW 45 Martinsville 64 GW 44 Lynchburg 42 GW 62 Halifax 51 GW 64 Salem 49 GW 55 South Norfolk 45 GW 58 Cradock 62 GW 52 Martinsville 59 GW 51 Lynchburg 68 GW 64 Halifax 51 d94b J. V. BASKETBALL The Junior Varsity team continues to be one of the best Jayvee squads in the state. With Larry Paladino as coach, the Baby Cards won ten games while los- ing only three. The victories included double wins over Woodrow Wilson Junior High, Roxboro, and E. C. Glass. The GW squad defeated William Flem- ing, Martinsville, Halifax and Salem, but lost to Jefferson of Roanoke, Martinsville and Halifax. With a large number of boys joining the squad, the coaches had much material from which to pick. Outstanding players during the season were Richard Haymore, Ronnie Bryant, Tommy Dalton, Clyde Travis, Bobby Ashby, David Crawford, and Wayne Crawford. These boys formed the starting team while Yeatts, Womack, Campbell, Anderson, Martin, Gray, Meadows, and South made up the reserve group. Despite the fact that several players will move up to the varsity squad next season, the Jayvees are expected to continue their good record in 1956. and, qaod ApodAman kifL Clyde Travis goes up to score for the Danville Jayvees in the Lynchburg game while David Crawford watches. First row: R. Haymore, B. Crawford, W. Yeatts, R. South, W. Crawford. Second row: L. Ashby, D. Meadows, B. Martin, R. Anderson, M. Campbell. T bird YOU ' : J. VC oody, Manager, C. T ravis, T. Dalton, R. Bryant, A. VC ' oniack, JAMES HUNDLEY GENE PARKER CHARLES SMILEY STANLEY ADKINS CHARLES HUBBARD SONNY WILLIAMS LARRY BROOKS FRANK COWAN DICKIE DOUGLAS JACKIE PHILLIPS BOB CRAWFORD ■f Cl[}am. ihcjf ivMsl loptA. in. ihsL AiaJtsL First row: E. Parker, D. Shultz, G. Cover, L. Hawker, B. Crawford, F. Cowan, B. Martin, C. Smiley. Second row: L. Wilson (Coach), S. Williams, D. Douglas, S. Adkins, J. Phillips, J. Hundley, C. Hubbard, L. Brooks, Third row: S. Houghton, B. Ruffin, Managers. BASEBALL For the second straight year, the GW baseball team proved they were the best in the state. Being undefeated in conference games, the Cardinals in an eighteen game season suffered only one defeat and one tie. The GW team, after playing magnificient ball all season and winning the Western District crown, went to Mt. Vernon High School in June to compete for the championship. In the first championship game, with Smiley pitching, Highland Springs lost by a score of 8 to 2. Adkins pitched the second game and the Card- inals defeated Washington-Lee High School, 6 to 3. Maury fell to the Cardinals 9 to 4 when Hundley hurled in the third championship game. In the last game, a return match with Maury, Smiley again came to the mound and at the end of 41 2 innings with GW ahead 13 to 0, the Maury coach conceded defeat. Winning letters this season were Crawford, Phillips, Douglas, Hawker, Brooks and Williams in the infield; Parker, Hubbard and Smiley in the outfield; and pitchers Adkins, Hundley and Cow- an. Stanley Houghton should also be congratu- lated for managing his second championship team. The team was again coached by " Lefty” Wilson, whose patience, experience, interest and knowledge have proved invaluable in producing champions. Coach Lefty Wikson talks with Manager Stanley Houghton. d97}- Qua. whsjdlsiAA, wsasl miqkii - - First rou - R. Satterfield, C. Buck, R. Sammons, D. Harley, W. Samuels, B. Williams, J. Moore. Second row: R. Beale, S. Kushner, K. Shelton, G. Hopkins, L. Everett, D. Ferguson, G. Shreve. Third row: F. Gery, J. Byrd, R. Hall, J. Jester (Manager), W. Miles, B, Temple, D. Lee, T. Nance. WRESTLING With a year’s experience behind them, mem- bers of the GW wrestling team improved notice- ably. After an intensive training period under Larry Brooks and Kenneth Payne show one of the many wrestling holds. Coach Gurtis, the matmen won their first victory with a 26-24 decision over Beaumont. Then came a 3-41 loss to William Fleming and a 13-21 defeat by the VMI freshmen. Powerful Jefferson of Roanoke scored 32 points against the Danville matmen who managed to take only 16 points. Beaumont revenged its form- er defeat 34-20 and the Cardinals went to Flem- ing to be pushed aside 6-36. Jefferson came to Danville for a return match, winning 38-13. A second victory was scored by the GW boys when they defeated Greensboro 23- 19. In the match four Danville wrestlers pinned their opponents. The most outstanding GW wrestler for 1955 was Charles Buck, who won all of his eight matches, scoring a total of 30 points. Ray Beale was next with 18 points and Tommy Nance came in third with 16. Other GW matmen included Clifton, Matney, Gery, Satterfield, Harley, Sam- uels, Williams, Moose, Sammons, Shelton, Slayton, Groff Lewis and Pruitt. As this publication goes to press the local wrestlers have return matches with Greensboro and the VMI freshmen remain- ing on their schedule. -(98 b anjcL oiVc dndsJt -msin. hsujficL bhswiksAiL, Calvin Fowler sails over the high hurdle. TRACK In its fourth year of existence, this year ' s track team proved to be the greatest in the school ' s his- tory. ' Winning four out of five meets and placing third in the district, the CW cindermen estab- lished many new records. In all, eleven school records were broken. Ray Beale established a new shot put record of 44 feet 8 I 2 inches. The school high jump record of 5 feet 7 inches was set by Bobby Hill and a broad jump of 19 feet 6 % inches gave Jack Thomas a new school record. Jimmy Melvin, GW’s fastest track man, set records of 10.4 sec- onds and 23.8 seconds for the 100 and 220 yard dashes respectively. Calvin Fowler, highest point scorer on the team, also set two records — 15.4 seconds for the low hurdles and 20.1 seconds for the high hurdles. Other record holders are John Keeling with 52.8 seconds for the 440 yard dash, Leon Lewis with 2:09 for the 880, and Jack Taylor with 4:56 for the mile. Keeling, Taylor, Kinser and Lewis teamed up to run the relay in 3:45.6. The outlook for next year’s track team is very good. Many lettermen are returning, including several record holders and Coach El ' Wilson will again coach the cindermen. First row: J. Thomas, J. Taylor, C. Fowler, J. Melvin, L. Lewis, B. Hill, J. Clifton. Second row: D. Carter, V. Holton, B. Norman, J. Crawford, R. Mast, B. Jones. Third row: R. Beale, P. Kinser, R. Bryant, R. Richbourg, B. Marks, H. Bourne. Fourth row: Coach Wilson, J. Jester, T. Bowles, Managers. «!99j (i)jL ivofL maichcA, ul First row: B. Ladd, G, Merchant, T. Smith, P. Vanderwerf, J. Feldman, J. Jennings, R. Mustain, B. Garnett, T. Hughes, R. Owen. GOLF One of the newer GW sports, golf, was coached this year by Mr. Bernard Ladd. Under his able leadership the ' ' links-men " had a good season with " eight wins and four defeats. Jimmy Flippen, number one man, tees off. After opening the season with a IOI 2 to 7I 2 victory over Tri-City, the team went on to defeat Bassett 141 2 to 31 2’ Drewry Mason 18 to 0, Jefferson of Roanoke 12 to 6, and again Drewry Mason 27 to 0. Their first defeat was a 6 to 12 loss to Greensboro, but the team traveled to Glenn winning an 18 to 0 victory. In the eighth match of the season the Tri-City team avenged their earlier defeat by a score of 10 to 8. After a 12 to 6 victory over Bassett, the Cardinals were twice defeated in return matches, losing to Jeffer- son by a score of 21 2 to 31 - ' and to Greensboro 6 to 12. The season ended triumphantly with an 18 to 0 victory over Glenn. Outstanding this season were Jimmy Flippin, Raymond Mustain, Ray Johnson, Virgil Grow, Tommy Hughes, and Bill Overcash. With five of six lettermen returning, the prospects for next season appear to be excellent. J 100 ! amt CL dtccmpionAhifL Jil ismuA, Winning four out of five games with other Group I schools in our district, the tennis team, under the able leadership of Coach A1 Mathes, had another good season. In brief the season was as follows: beginning with a 6 to 3 victory over Hargrave Military Acad- emy, the Cardinals next defeated Lynchburg 5 to d. The next match, w ' ith Greensboro, ended in a 6 to 6 tie because of darkness. In the fourth match of the season Roanoke w ' as defeated 6 to 3- The Cardinals then lost matches to U.N.C. Freshmen, N.C. State Freshmen, and to Lynchburg. The lat- ter in avenging a former loss, gave the Cardinal team its only defeat in the Conference play. The George Washington team then returned home to defeat Jefferson of Roanoke and Hargrave Mili- tary Academy both by the score of 8 to 1 and to w ' ind up our conference play with a 5 to 4 victory over Lynchburg. This victory clinched the Western District Championship for GW. With this title the Cardinals went to Williamsburg for the state- wide play-offs. There Alexandria defeated them by the close score of 4 to 5, thus ending GW’s successful season. The Cardinal team was composed of Jack Bar- nett, Bill Roberts, VCilliam Payne, Danny Crawley, Waller Hairston, Richard Pretty and Neal How- Wmner of the Most Valuable Player Award, Jack Barnett illustrates his racket skills. ard. Returning this year are Jack Barnett, Richard Pretty and Neal Howard. TENNIS Kneeling: Waller Hairston, Eddie Vaden, Neal Howard. Standing: Bill Roberts. Richard Pretty, Jack Barnett, Danny Crawley, Coach Al Mathes. J 101 b Jhsji wsUtSL hoik, AdwlaAA, and, aihJbdsA, The National Athletic Schol- astic Society is an honorary organi- zation established to promote better scholastic records among athletes and to develop high standards of sports- manship. In order to become a member, a boy must have earned a monogram in at least one varsity sport and main- tained the average of the school for three consecutive semesters. First row: J. Phillips, L. Brooks, P. Millner, J. Barnett, B. Francis. Second row: P. Kinser, L. Hawker, C. Pruitt, J. Hundley. ' Woe, " woA, ouA, pdsmd The most loved but often unnoticed member of the 1954 football squad was Dr. Prentice Kinser. On the sidelines at every Cardinal game, both away and on the home field. Dr. Kinser rendered any service that he could. His quick action and care were invaluable to injured mem- bers of the team. Mr. Gardner and Dr. Kinser bend concernedly over A1 Bailey. ■{ 102 !► Our Interests are Varied VftNoe FT " Napolean avait cinq cent soldats,” sing the merry French soldiers in Mr. Hendren’s French class. Nancy, Joyce, and Anna Glen are learning how all good .soldiers carry their guns. Martha Farley and Jane Gammon listen intently as Miss Oliver explains to her History 5 class the situation of the different countries in Europe. Joe Chappel and Janice Myers help Miss Howard get materials for their next chemistry experiment. Can this be Jack Barnett working in the print shop? Well, athletes do have to go to classes and Jack ap- pears to be working hard. Lr i; — m ' 1 1 f f 1 jk In the guidance depart- ment Miss Woodson helps Nancy Roane find her rec- ords for the school year and aids her in deciding upon her high school course. Lois and Nancy Craig seem to be enjoying their jobs as helpers for Miss Johns. Let’s hope they put the books in the right place. Elizabeth Sipe takes Elaine Powell’s pulse as Nancy Warren illustrates how to make up a bed with the patient in it. Miss Fitzgerald’s dramatics class always works hard. Here Patsy and Nancy are practicing for a pantomime they will present in assem- bly. Hey, Helen and Jo, you are looking at the camera! Pay attention to the class ! Charles Jordan seems in- tent upon selling Gloria Nix a clarinet from Cleve- land s Music Shop. By the w a y, Charles works at Cleveland ' s, but he did this display for his D.E. project. All school plays will cer- tainly be a hit w ' ith Jimmy, Artie, James, N. H., Clin- ton, Don, and Bobby working on the sets. Be careful with that paint, boys ! Doris Jean Douglas and Romona Hudgins, who are taking a business course, mimeograph material for one of their classes. Mr. Smith explains to David Clark and Peggy Blackwell the bulletin board on The Ccinterhury Tales, made by his English 5 classes. Howard Walters points out the different rooms in this miniature White House, built by Mr. Dan- iels’ history classes. The flags around the black- board were made by stu- dents in these classes also. Apparently Kenneth and Mr. Houser don’t under- stand Wendy’s last remark to the debators. Look at those sad expressions ! Hey, girls! Where’s the food? Or do you master- minds digest books and notes for lunch as well as cokes and candy? Maybe Gayle, Brenda, and Mary Jane can help solve this mystery. Keith, Sam, I ' red, Hubert, and Jim stand guard at the gates in the main liall during luncli period so that classes in se.ssion will not be disturbed by .stu- dents roaminsi tlirouiili tlie halls. OuA. dwAsin. MjfLhiiijmhdwGA, First row: J. Dodson, S. Lynch, S. Payne, D. Ragland, B. Grow, B. Farmer, L. Beale, E. Seps, P. Phillips, V. Collins, J. Cook, G. Nix, M. Seamster. Second row: B. Motley, A. McClung, M. Jordan, D. Traylor, N. Ferguson, M. Farley, E. Alfriend, S. Abrams, J. Payne, D. Saunders, R. Abercombie, J. Wheatley. Third row: F. Cowan, J. Chappell, B. Martin, B. Clifton, J. Ingram, S. Adkins, B. Patterson, G. James, S. Turner, S. Arnett, J. Hyler, S. Hall, C. Clark, Jr. STUDENT COUNCIL The governing body of George Washington High School includes a representative from each homeroom and the ten members of the Judiciary. Each representative must have at least a C average. All activities of the Student Council are intro- duced to the homeroom by its representative for approval before any major setps are taken. The Council helps to initiate and formulate the course of conduct for the student body and seeks to lead in the attainment of this objective. An orientation program for the new students was the main function of the Student Council for the past year. Over 450 students from the elementary and junior high schools were shown the buildings and campus. An assembly program was given by the representatives to introduce the visitors to the various activities an d courses at George Wash- ington High School. This year the Student Council conducted a March of Dimes drive with homerooms competing with each other. Daily results were posted on a bulletin board in the main hall and the home- room contributing the most was given special recognition. A Tackey Dance was sponsored to benefit this drive and an admission of ten cents per twenty-five pounds was charged. In February the homeroom representatives sponsored a Sweetheart Ball to celebrate Valen- tine’s Day. At the dance, the Queen of Hearts, along with her two attendants, was presented. This year s royal court included Jo Ann Owen, Sarah Jordan, and Martha Ann Earles. J 108 y quidsud oWc Achoot Jimmy Inciram Stanley Adkins Alice Jo Barker Mr. Thomas Houser President Vice-President Secretary-treasurer Advisor JUDICIARY A branch of the Student Council, the Judiciary of George Washington High School, plays a major role in the government of the student body. The group is composed of two sophomores, four juniors, and four seniors plus the Student Council president, vice-president, and secretary- treasurer, who hold the same offices in this organ- ization. A student, to be eligible for Judiciary membership, must have a scholastic average of eighty or above and must never have appeared before the group for any reason. The main duty of the honor court is the trying of cases in the school which involve breeches of honor and other dishonest practices. After reach- ing a verdict in such cases, the group recommends to the office and faculty members suitable punish- ment for the students involved. Another Judiciary duty is the tabulation of votes in all major elections, especially the selec- tion of Student Council officers. In the Orienta- tion program for incoming GW students, mem- bers of the Judiciary serve as guides. Every few years, this organization investigates the GW clubs and their activities to determine if each group is fulfilling the requirements stated in the charter granted them by the Student Council. First row: E. Alfriend, A. McCIung, A. Barker, J. Ingram, S. Adkins, G. Moore. Second row: E. Vincent, C. Johnson, J. Hundley, H. Holland, P. Kinser, B. Patterson, N. Forrester. •1 109 | SdfiolaMkijpL and, MJwicsL First row: K. Passamaneck, S. Pilipowskyj, T. Hughes, J. Barnett, A. McClannahan, M. Matthews, D. Griffith, J. Bonner. Second rote: A. Barker, T. Johnson, M. Jordan, M. Jordan, P. Clark, J. Farley, C. Edwards, G. Moore, Miss Walton, advisor, B. Booker, A. McClung, E. Vincent, M. Saunders. Third row: B. Jones, J. Roland. B. Klaff, R. Presnell, B. Welch, N. Bebeau, V. Lobl, M. Cassell. B. S. Johnson. B. Motley, E. Alfriend, J. Choate, K. Lea, M. Phinizy, C. Huff, J. A. Walker. HONOR SOCIETY To create an enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote worthy leadership, and to encourage the develop- ment of character in pupils of George Washington High School is the object of the Washington Ch.vptf.r of the National Honor Society. One must be a junior or senior in high school w ' ith an average of 92 per cent to be eligible for membership in this organization. Members are chosen by the principal and four members of the faculty on the basis of scholarship, service, leader- ship, and character. Only 15 per cent of the senior class and 15 members of the junior class can be selected for membership. This year the Honor Society had an induction ceremony in a March assembly program in order to acquaint more students with the chapter. New members were honored and certificates were given to the graduating members. Last year, the society’s annual project was to produce more interest in forensics at GW by having members of the Honor Society participate in these speaking activities. Also a banquet w ' as held at the end of the school year at the Green Lantern. Officers of the National Honor Society are: Carolyn Edwards, president; Gary Moore, vice- president; Jimmy Farley, treasurer; Peggy Ann Clark, secretary; and Miss Lucile Walton, sponsor. i nob WGhfL ihcVc olmA, QUILL AND SCROLL Inti;rnational Honorary Society for Hk.h School Journalists. Quill and Scroll was organ- ized for the purpose of encouraging and rewarding individual achievement in journalism and allied fields. The Society takes an active part in raising standards in its field and in directing the course of high school journalism. Members of Quill and Scroll must fill the fol- lowing requirements: they must be at least a junior; they must be in the upper third of their class in general scholastic standing at the time of their election; they must have done superior work in some phase of journalistic or creative endeavor; they must be recommended by the advisor or by the committee governing publications; and they must be approved by the executive secretary. New members in the Roscoe B. Ellard chapter are Johnsie Choate, Bunny Booker, Linda Jo Saunders, Martha Farley, Betty Motley, Bud Ev- ans, Nancy Bebeau, Wendy Vanderwerff, Sandy Pilipowskyj, John Bonner, Tom Bowles, and Ken Passamaneck. A formal initiation was held in th? spring for these journalists. A group of high school advisors organized Quill and Scroll April 10, 1926. More recently the Quill and Scroll Corporation was formed to aid in the administering of business affairs of the Society and the administration of Quill and Scroll Foundations. First row: L. Saunders, C. Edwards, G. Moore, B. Klaft, A. MtClun ;, K. Lea, M. Saunders, Second rote: S. Pilipowskyj, J. Bonner, B. Motley, M. Farley, N. Bebeau, W. Vanderwerfi, J. Choate, B. Booker, B. Evans, T. Bowles, K. Passamaneck. d 111 y cjafduMiL pujiA. anjcL Acsinsidu First row: P. Clark, N. Bebeau, C. Gourley, A. Thompson, B. Motley, C. Kushner, J. Roland, P. Evans, B. Wyatt. Second row: C. Carter, S. Shelton, A. McClung, M. Jordan, M. Jordan, B. Cochran, W. Vanderwerff, S. Easley, H. McMann, B. Evans. Third row: N. Williams, J. Bonner, K. Passamaneck, A. Wells, F. Leggett, S. Pilipowskyj, S. King, T. Bowles. CAVALIER For the first time in its history. The Cavalier. the yearbook of GWHS, received a Medalist rating from the judges of the Columbia Scholastic Press Association contest. This award is presented to only ten per cent of the books receiving a first place rating in each group, which is determined by Miss Josephine Estes Anne McClung Ad visor Editor-in-Chiej the enrollment of the school. The GW annual has consistently received a first-place rating in S.I P.A. and C.S.P.A. contests, which fills each year’s staff with enthusiasm and desire to make their book " the best ever.” To begin the year’s activities, the staff mem- bers presented an assembly program entitled " The Cavalier Through the Ages ” which launched the subscrip- tion campaign for the year. For the purpose of raising funds to help meet the rising costs of publishing a year- book, a " Mr. and Miss GW’’ contest was sponsored and name cards were sold. Each member of The Cavalier staff sincerely hopes that the 195 5 yearbook has captured the spirit and personality of GWHS, so that in future years this book will serve as a reminder of our high school happiness. dll2b jto hsdfL juA. MmomhsA, Sandy Pilipowskyj Mary Jordan Sports Editor Advertising Manager Kenneth Passamaneck Martha Jordan Sports Editor Advertising Manager Betty Motley Managing Editor Allen Wells Business Manager Mary Jane Evans Circulation Manager Peggy Clark Write-up Editor Each day the hard-working " Cavaliers” could be seen slaving away in room 209. Mary and Martha were heard begging staff members to get " just one little ad.” While Chigger and Jo Anne tapped away on the typewriters, trying to make the write-ups readable before the dead-line, Miss Estes and Anne were seen searching under desks and in dark closets for that " I know I put it here but it’s gone now” book. At Patsy’s house everyone met to think of " cute” and " original” comments to go under the seniors’ names. But were those refresh- ments good ! Sara Dean was heard complaining, " Who can think on a full stomach!” All " spies” and " trouble-makers” were sent out of the Cavalier room as the staff members strove to produce a Cavalier that will be hailed as " the best yet.” In " The Cavalier Through the Ages” the yearbook staff showed how GW’s yearbook played an important part in the history of the world. We all thought we deserved Oscars after our per- formance. i 113b whilsL ihoASL Mofidcd, ihs FirU row: K. Lea, S. Shelhorse, J. Berman, B. Booker, J. Choate, C. Edwards, M. Saunders, K. Hughes, L. Saun- ders, M. Farley, E. Alfriend, B. Welch, B. Johnson. Second row: D. Barnett, G. Moore, J. Yeatts, S. Motley, L. Simmons, B. Seism, J. Ingram, B. Patterson, N. Ferguson, B. Nelson, A. Thompson, E. Oakes, C. Womack, Miss Roberts. Third row: J. Bonner, F. Winiker, J. Farley. CHATTERBOX Under the careful guidance and assistance of Miss Roberts, The Chatterbox, GW’s bi-weekly publication, continues to be one of the fore- most papers in the state. Accurate news stories, features, columns, and sports stories contributed by past and present journalism students appear in each issue. The Chatterbox has maintained only the highest journalistic standards since its birth in 1922. This is quite an accomplishment in view of the fact that so many varied talents have served on the paper through the years. Among its honors, The Chatterbox is proud of having secured such awards as the All- American Honor Rating, CSPA Medalist, Quill and Scroll International Honor Rating, First Place Winner SIPA, and the Gallup Award. In order to uphold the high standards reached by the journalists before them, it is the staff’s job to keep up the good work by striving tor a " better than ever” Chatterbox. Gary Moore Barbara Klaef Carolyn Edwards Esther Alfriend Linda Jo Saunders News Editor Newr Editor News Editor Advertising Afgr. Circulation Algr. d 114b adu it wddu madsL Marion Saunders Kittie Lea Kathy Hughes Miss Joan Roberts Editor- ' tn-Ch ' ief Assistant Editor Business Mgr. Adviser CHATTERBOX A familiar sight to all GWites is the appear- ance of the Green Duck. This " green creature” is the symbol of the " world renowned” newspaper of George Washington High School known as The Chatterbox. To be held in the memories of all staff members are the many hours spent in the Pressroom — the hours of work, jokes, clowning, and card games. The fun enjoyed by all the " ducks” and " visitors” who dropped in will never be forgotten. The Green Duck is the symbol of the Press Club to which all staff members belong. Sponsoring the Bunny Girl Contest and High School Day at Her- man’s are just two of the fund-raising projects undertaken by this group. Every Christmas the Press Club Party is a real event. The room is gayly decorated with a big Christmas tree and the boards are bright with color. Soft drinks and other refreshments are provided for everyone and fun is had by all. Songs are sung and jokes cracked throughout the party and a cute Christmas gift and rhyme is given to each staff member. To complete the year, there is a Press Club banquet featuring talks by profes- sional journalists and other guests. Press Club Officers — Carolyn Edwards, Kathy Hughes, Linda Jo Saunders, and Gary Moore — talk over plans for Green Duck Day with Mr. Allen Herman. d ll5 t jcmx imqsA, oltL and, nmv First rou ' t M. VC ' arren. C. Smiley, S. McAlister, I. Baum, C. Grinstead, A. Melton, M, Croxton, S. Spangler, C. Ferrell, K. Lee, B. James, N. Neal, L. Elliott, C. Fentriss, J. Tucker, B. Wilson. Second row: J. Rosenberg, L. Simmons, J. Graham, F. Gill, C. Barbour, M. Weakley, H. Dawson, P. Rollins, B. Farmer, N. Kendrick, M. Joslin, P. Blankenship, M. Crenshaw, B. Smith, R. Dudley. Third row: J. Groome, J. Towler, J. Moore, R. Richbourg, N. Short, B. Temple, D. Arey, J. Gepler, S. Klaff, H. Kushner, S. Mayhew, H. Moore, N. Hylton, M. Hawkins, P. Hammock. Fourth row: S. Hall, H. Wyatt, B. Cook, W. Scott, C. Rich, N. Riley, G. James, T. Evans, A. Moore, Miss Ballard. LATIN CLUB " Latin is not a dead language!’’ say the members of the Latin Club, " for the purpose of our dub is to promote interest in the language and Roman civiliza- tion.’’ This dub is affiliated with the Junior Classical League, a national organization and each year the member who contributes the greatest service to the club is presented a key from the National Latin Hon- or Society. At monthly meetings members give reports, plan projects, and play Latin games. Future plans include an assembly program to acquaint the student body with the Latin Department. Each April the Latin instructor selects several students to participate in the Latin tournament. In 1954 Barbara Sue Johnson, Henry Bourne, Jean Ro- land, and Charles Dameron placed in the state finals. First row: C. Matthewson, C. Hitchcock. R. Abercrombie, M. Wilson, N. Bradner. M. Harrison, M. Irwin, G. Green, C. Johnson, N. Bennett. Second row: H. Moorfield, R. Beiman. D. Harley. B. Stevens, B. Bailey, S. Boswell. K. Harvey, B. Johnson. Third row: S. Turner. D. Chenault, E. Williams, D. Fralin, R. Cotton, J. Byrd, B. Ashby, G. ' X oody, R. Satterfield, Miss Ballard. 1 116b fihovLd jcL CJL widfi. slcL First row: N. Edwards, S. Williams, S. Thomas, F. Stuart, J. Mills, C. Hall, C. Owen, N. Spearman, C. Kushner, S. Abrams, M. Daly, M. Phinizy, B. Vass, L. Evans. Second row: J. Yeatts, S. Jordan, L. Traylor, M. Gammon, P. Phillips, A. Thompson, H. McMann, B. Hogan, B. Owen, M. Farley, E. Flowers, S. Motley, M. Hubbard, D. Hilliard, G. Pickeral. Third row: D. Sanders, C. Dunagan, R. Sammons, B. Jones, J. Paylor, C. Lowe, R. Mays, J. Stone, B. Vincent, K. Cook, G. Penn, G. Fairer, S. Farley, B. Kent, J. Bagby. Fourth rote: D. Doss, W. Murphy, F. Fletcher, J. Clifton, R. Beale, J. Martin, C. Smith, S. Patterson, F. Winiker, P. Kinser, B. Norman, M. Tate, C. Motley, D. Anthony. SPANISH CLUB The organization, Las Cucarachas, has as its principle purpose the promoting of friendship and better understanding between its members and the people of the Spanish speaking countries. All students currently studying Spanish are eligible for membership in the club and bi-monthly meetings are held in each individual class. As an annual event, El Club de Espanol holds a fiesta. On this occasion, Spanish-minded students deck themselves in their gayest costumes and join their friends for a night of Spanish delight. First roll ' : J. Roland, D. Wilson, J. Walker, J. .Styers, M. Russell, K. Hughes, B. Wyatt, P. Evans, C. Gatewood, D. Trayler. Second row: C, Gourley, E. Fletcher, T. Johnson, C. Copeland, C. Farmer, B. Johnsc)n, N. Williams, B. Gooch, N. Ferguson, B. Motley. Third row: Miss Richardson, J. Bonner, J. Fleming, M. Jordan, J. Phillips, T. Hughes, N. Link, D. Fee, M. Jordan, J. Claire, R. Pretty, J. Berman. FRENCH CLUB milmAjiaAjtjiXL Aiudi First row: K. Lea, B. Klaft, C. Edwards, M. Saunders, G. Moore, A. McClung, M. Evans, P. Clark, D. Harris, J. Berman, B. Welch, J. Boswell, M. Evans. Second row: N. Bebeau, C. Carter, A. Powell, B. Booker, J. Choate, E. Alfriend, K. Gardner, S. Dameron, J. Dunagan, E. Vincent, A, Worsham, P. Clare, S. Leggett. Third row: D. Browning, A. Cox, M. Winborne, E. Oakes, D. E. Hendren, C. Davis, D. Asbury, S. Clements, W. Vanderwerf. Fourth row: C. Goss, L. Hawker, D. Smith, D. Kent, J. Skinner, V. Grow, E. Friedman, L. Tickle, J. Turner, H. Holland, J. Martin, J. Martin, M. Matthews, W. Samuels, K. Price. Monsieur Hendren and his gay madmoiselles and monsieurs have proved that French can be fun. French Club activities included the giving of a French assembly and supper meetings with speakers. Pisdftsd, ufthoixL AJtandcViddu Officers include Marion Saunders, president; Mau ' v Matthews, vice-president; Barbara Klaff, secretary; and Kay Gardner, treasurer. WASHINGTONIANS Sitting; left to right: B. Bryant, J. Keeling, F. Leggett, K. Passamaneck. Standing; left to right: P. Kinser, S. Adkins, J. Farley, J. Ingram, Mr. Christopher, J. Bonner, D. Biggs, S. Pilipowskyj, B. Patterson. Reorganization of the Washingtonian Society This society, first organized in 1947, has as its pur- of George Washington High School for the ’54-’55 pose promoting cooperation in school activities and session began in October with Principal J. T. Chris- helping in the prevention of gross misconduct, topher as sponsor. -! 118 V JUNIOR UNIVERSITY WOMEN Qiii sjnA. Aohdjut ihurn. Seated: left to right: M. Saunders, V. Lobl, Mrs. E. Barker, A. McClung. Standing: left to right: J. Roland, W. Vanderwerff, K. Lea, G. Moore, B. Motley, A. Barker, B. Klaff. Junior members of the American Association of University Women are chosen on the basis of leadership, character, scholarship and participation in the various activities o f school life. Selected by Miss Woodson, Mrs. Spangler, and Mrs. Barker, members of the Danville chapter, the girls attend a tea given by the group in the spring, where they are the guests of honor. JUNIOR ROTARiANs MpASLAonloiwsL AiudsntA, Seated: left to right: Mr. Stryker, Mr. Christopher, Mr. Baxa. Standing: left to right: J. Keeling, J. Ingram, D. Biggs, D. Chenault, J. Farley, C. Smith, L. Brooks, D. Cole, K. Passamaneck. Selected each year by Principal J. T. Christopher and Assistant Principal E. G. Baxa to represent the various activities of GW, the Junior Rotarians are future young business men, outstanding in leadership and character. Each week one representative attends the luncheon meetings of the Danville Rotary Club and so is able to come in contact with the business men of Danville. 119 )- £cudL Ajoup MJwsxL delta chi First row: E. Ragland, R. Garrett, J. Woody, T. Bowles, B. Nelson, P. Kinser, B. Martin, W. Garrett. Second row: D. Chandler, M. Tate, K. Overcash, S. Adkins, S. King, K. Cook, P. Eggleston, G. Watkins, D. Barnett, Third row: J. Martin, D. Eralin, H. Adams, J. Moore, J. Robertson, S. Earley. President Bill Nelson, Vice-president Prentice Kin- ser, Treasurer Jim Woody, Secretary Tommy Bowles and Chaplain Bob Martin help to make the Delta Chi H-Y club one of the best of its kind. Each year 2 delegates are sent to represent this club in the Model General Assembly held in Richmond, Virginia. These conventions help to acciuaint boys in each club with actual organization of the state gov ' ernment. Meeting every Tuesday night at the Y.M.C.A., the members of the Kappa Chi Hi-Y strive for better sportsmanship and good character in home and at school. The officers of the club are: President, Ken- neth Passamaneck; Vice-president, Jimmy Neal; Sec- retary, Maury Matthews; Treasurer, Roland Rich- bourg; and Chaplain, Don Richardson. KAPPA CHI First row: D. Richardson, J. Neal. M. Matthews, K. Passamaneck, R. Richbourg, D. Smith. Second row: B. Clifton, J. Skinner, S. Epperson, R. Pretty. Third row: R. Tucker, J. Moore, B. Norman, B. Overcash, L. Lewis. 120 F First rote: B. Bryant, A. Bailey, B. Patterson, R. Beale, S. Pilipowskyj. Second rote: R. Beale, J. Farley, B. Williams, R. Mast, J. Bonner. Third rote: C. Womack, S. Patterson, L. Miller, F. Leggett, J. Ingram, R. Strange, H. Vass, T. Lewis, B. Frances, T. Hughes. ZETA CHI hoipL AchooL a}mmmuhj The purpose of the Zeta Chi Hi-Y Club is to pro- mote clean speech, clean sports and clean living. Led by president Bobby Patterson, Vice-president Ray Beale,, Secretary A1 Bailey, Treasurer Sandy Phdi- GEORGE WILLIAMS powskyj and Chaplain Billy Bryant, this club has a variety of activities. Of these the most outstanding is a plan to build a badly needed day camp for the Y.M.C.A. First rote: W. Samuels, C. Dameron, F. Walker, J. Paylor, C. Lowe, D. Griffith. Started this year, Geor(,h Williams Hi-Y is the newest of these Y.M.C.A. organizations. The officers are: President, Charles Dameron; Vice-President, Wayne Samuels; Secretary, John Paylor; Treasurer, Ryland Agee; and Chaplain, David Grilfith. This club meets weekly at the Y building and their activi- ties include many parties and an annual trip to the Hi-Y conterence at Blue Ridge, North Carolina. J 121 b BETA ALPHA RHO SsdisA. livinq in, wtfik, and, lilcuf First row: J. Dunagan. M. Phinizy, E. Riddle, T. Johnson, E. Jones, D. Brown, D. Durham, J. Roland, P. Phillips, J. Walker. Second row: J. Styers, J. Cooke, V. Maxie, W. ' OC ' illis, M. Vaden, R. Presnell, T. Sargee, J. Dalton, S. Dameron, L. Taylor, S. Carswell. Third row: J. Doss, P. Parries, B. Klaff, E. Alfriend, J. Choate, B. Booker, J. Davis, G. Lamb, F. Buckner. Y-TEENS The Y-Teens organization is the high school division of the Young Women’s Christian Associa- tion. The purpose of each member is to grow as a person; to grow in friendship with all people; and to grow in the knowledge and love of God. Each Y-Teen club is represented on the Inter-Club Council by its president, vice-president, program chairman and Inter-Club Council representative. Roll call week is the first project of the year, during which time old members recruit new ones. In October the officers of each club look forward to a day at Camp Stony Mill for officers Training Con- ference. One of the big events of this year was a trip to New York City. The eighth and ninth graders went March 17-21 and the sophomores, Juniors and Seniors went during the Easter holidays. lOTH GRADE Y-TEENS: First row: S, Williams, P. Bailey, C. Hughes, N. Bennett, J. Crutchfield, A. Thomas, P. Jones, N. Cole, E. Shelton, C. Johnson, P. Compson. Second row: C. Cox, J. Yeatts, G. Green, M. Martin, B. Hogan, M. Wilson, C. Hitchcock, M. Harrison, S. Shelhorse. Third row: N. Edwards, M. Hager, E. Cobb, H. Browder, L. Traylor, P. Cochran, M. Irwin, N. Bradner, S. Leggett, S. Thomas. Fotirth row: S. Boswell, B, Connick, M. Farris, R. Abercrombie, C. Dunagan, J. Payne. J 122 wdbu ihch qoaL 9TH GRADE Y-TEENS: First row: S. Porter, N. Snead, P. Rollins. P. Blankenship, J. Rosenburg, C. Ferrell, M. Crenshaw, C. Grinstead, P. Browder, M. Evans, Y. Davis, E. Price, S. Spangler. Second rote: C. Hall, M. Douglas, M. Croxton, B. James, N. Neal, E. Patterson. K. Lee, L. Elliot, B. Farmer, N. Kendrick, C. Fentriss, S. Staton, A, Melton. Third row: C. Pruitt, L. Giles, S. Brown, M. Weakley, M. Hutd, N. Pretty, B. Wilson, D. Headley, C. Garrett, J. Tucker, E Baum, M. Jefferson, B. Rhodes. Fourth row: J. Patterson, J. Hudgins, D. Asbury, K. Simpson, A. Mitchell, M. Seamster, P. Clare, D. Simpson, P. Kinder, S. Poteat. The eleventh and twelfth grade club is the Beta Alpha Rho, led by President Dorothy Brown. One of their main events was a carnival in January and they also sold candy to finance their dinner meetings. Pax De Trois is the tenth grade club and is head- ed by Bobbe Gray Hogan. They have had such projects as sending baskets to needy families and fill- ing stockings for the Salvation Army. Irene Baum is president of the Triangle Y-Teens, the ninth grade girls. They have had many programs, films, a visit to the TV studio, and a Christmas dance. The Triple Y-Teens participated in the World Fellowship project to send scarves to Korea. All the girls enjoyed a very unusual social in a Christmas hayride. Maxine Short is president of the Triple Y ' s. 8TH GRADE Y-TEENS: First row: B. Arnett, D. Womack, F. Gib.son, E. Havens, J. Bowling. B. Howard, J. Beck, B. Siviter, D. Ragland, B. Grow, S. Tate, E. Dillard. Second row: M. Pe nn, R. Pettit, S. Elliot, S. Payne, L. McFarling, L. Mitchell, N. Powell, M. Short. Third row: P. Riley. L. Abercrombie, M. Clement, G. Tubicille, I. Browder, M. Brown. E. Stoneham, M. CJriggs, S. Seeley, E. Gardner, S. Boatwright, C. Jones, S. Bonner. 123 1- whUsL siWimnjq Left to right: First row: G. Crowder, D. Horsley, C, Gentry, D. Elliott, E. Bryant, L. Stamper, B. Lakey, G. Cottrell. Second row: N. Peay, B. Crawford, N. Lewis, Miss Wyman, L. Holley, J. Wilson, B. Giles, A. Kirks. Third row: B. Cullop, G. Gover, K. Phelps, B. Cheek, K. Mays, W. L. Griffith, P. Setliff, G. Jefferson, R. Stephens, F. Coke, D. Allmond, L. McGuire. D. E. With Mr. Rexford O’Neil and Miss Joan Wyman as coordinators and Kenneth Harvey as president, the Distributive Education Club provides for all mem- bers a wide knowledge of retailing and its problems. D. E. students spend fifteen hours a week in some field of distribution and attend school half a day. " Learning and earning " is the motto of the club CLUB with special emphasis on learning. However, not all of the D. E. Club’s activities include work, for special functions held are parties, picnics, and dances. Members also attend state and district conventions, promote the D. E. program, and undertake many special projects, such as fixing and distributing Christmas baskets. Left to right; First row: J. Camp, P. Crawford, N. Crider, E. Saunders, J. Hawkins,. Second row: S. Lewis, R. Smith, R. Eanes, K, Harvey, Mr. O’Neil, J. Pruitt, E. Griffith, R. Bush. Third row: C. Wells, R. Carr, R. Smith, V. Smith, B. Burnette, J. Nazworthy, V. Walton, S. Carroll, M. Grayhill, G, Mann, C. Evans. Fourth row: R. Parsons, D. Newcomb, C. Jordan, L. Haraway, E. Carter, A. Parker, N. Stone, W. Gunnell. A 124 h D o CLUB ihsuf ftMpoMd, ihsL ahViSL First row: J. Robinson, J. Rust, B. Hall, F. Scearce, J. Rust, N. Thompson, Second row: R. Davis, J. Beal, D. Massey, Vice-President; C, Willis, President; C. Poling, Instructor; J. Ogburn, Treasurer; C. Moss, B. Cantrell, Secretary. Third row: B. Muller, M Caskey, B. Tate, O. Barbour, B. Johnson, C. Shumate, B, Thompson, B. Ruffin, A. Scott, C. Wilkins, The Diversified Occupations program is a plan which enables students to receive on-the-job training m their chosen professions and attend school at the same time. Members of the D. O. Club are the students par- F. B. L. A. ticipating in this training program. The meetings, held monthly, allow members to become closer acquainted with others working in the same held. Mr. Poling, the advisor, is instrumental in planning programs of interest. Left to right; First rote: P. Bradley, S. Stoke.s, T. Sorgee, D. Eaton, S. Crowder, J, Doss. R. Presnell. Second row: P. Parries, J. Grogan. J. Doss, J. Cheek. P. Story, J. Gunnel. V. Maxie, P. Stegall. T bird row: Miss Cullip, R. Hurley, B. Nindy, M. Shumate. V. Reed. S. ' X ' ilson, M. Fairies, C. Long, L. Cowan, J, Farthing. F. Buckner. G. Lamb. C. Stutts. ' XL ' ' X ' illis. Miss Thomas. The GW chapter of the Future Business Lead- ers OF America was founded last year to familiarize students who are planning to enter the held of busi- ness with the commercial world. Anyone who has taken or is taking a business subject is eligible for membership. The dub meets each week in t he .school library, alternating business meetings with .socials. 4125 b Seated: B. Chears, M. Gammon. Front row: J. Dix, J. A. Walker, N. Snead, M. Warren, M. L. Joslin, M. Crenshaw. Back row: B. Baccary, D. Williams, S. Wilson, E. Smith, J. Bond, A. W. Gauldin, D. Cole, S. Tickle, C. Lowe. GLEE CLUB One of the most active clubs in the school IS the George Washington Glee Club. Under the direction of Miss Elizabeth Oliver, the club participates in many of the school assembly programs besides having a busy outside sched- ule. Each year at Christmas, the singers present The Messiah to the Danville public. They have sung before various civic clubs, at the dedica- tory service for Memorial Hospital, and have prepared programs for the World Day of Brotherhood and the World Day of Prayer. Several of the Glee Club’s eighty members attended the All-Western Chorus held in Roa- noke during the month of February. GW was also represented at the Massanetta Summer Choral Camp. During the past few years the Glee Club has been rated as one of the best in the state, and GW is very proud of its choral group. Seated: C. Williams, S. Boswell. Front row: J. Patterson, S. Poteat, D. Abbott, P. Farris, M. Scearce, S, Barbour. Back row: N. Chaney, J. Snipes, S. Angell, L. V. Million, F. Gill, Y, Davis, L. Giles, M. A. Earles, K. Hughes, T. Bowles, R. Giles, D. Sanders. Seated: E. Oliver, Director, D. Chenault, President. Front row: N. Kendrick, K. Gardner, P. Moore, B. Setliff, A. Moore. Back row: L. Beale, P. Dix, S. Crane. GLEE CLUB At one time or another, everyone wonders just what is causing those strange shrieks and howls which float out of room 312 during first and sixth periods everyday. How ' ever, their won- derment would be even greater if they were to see just what actually w ' as happening inside the sacred portals. Just why would a small, energetic lady be hopping on and off a chair, and making faces at her students? Well, the plain, simple truth is that the lady is GW’s own Miss Oliver, and she is doing her best to keep up the Glee Club’s super reputation. By standing on chairs, the little lady overcomes her lack of stature. Her facial expression is her way of getting just exactly the tone she desires. Whatever her means, she accomplishes her goal — a Glee Club which receives the highest ovations wherever it is heard. Seated: C. Huff, Secretary-Treasurer, K. Payne, Vice-President. Front row: D. Davis, L. Stewart, S. Brown, P, Rollins, M. Warren, D. Asbury. Back row: P. Blankenship, J. A. Cartrell, S. McAlister, J. A. McGhee, J. Dalton, L. J. Daniels, L. Rorrer, E. Price, D. Cole, D. Clark, R. Mann, R. Beale. ' ' --and. Pul aPioIL hsdqK, swsiA. and slusaP ' The highlight of the year for the Glee Club is the annual presentation of the Christmas music from Handel’s iWessiah. This has become a tradition and an integral part of the observance of Christmas in Danville. Miss Oliver was justly proud of this year’s performance which took place on the evening of December 9 in the school auditorium. Douglas Chenault, Martha Gammon, and Dora Govas, as they appear as the three principal soloists in Handel’s Messiah. -{128 b JhiAiL qvddu fdanmiL iomcvwju} First row: D. Ragland, J. Powell, S. Payne, B. Grow, N. McNary, N. Powell, J. Powell, J. Hutchins, P. McGuire, M. Jefferson. Second row: S. Tate, M. Patterson, D. J. Douglas, B. Jones, R. Keats, P. Kender, P. Frizzell, S. Stokes, B. Rhodes, G. Alderman, P. Sahms, B. Vaughn, F. Perison. Third row: J. A. Walker, J. L. Doss, S. Elliot, L. Abercrombie, S. Seeley, M. Clements, D. Willis, M. F. Seamster, N. Warren, P. Bradley, J. Myers, J. Edwards, F. Wilmoth, S. Towler. Fourth row: Miss Reinheart, C. Barbar, N. Elliot, B. Arnett, D. Womack, M. Farris, A. Pruitt, G. Walker, G. Giles, S. Mayhew, B. Brummett, M. Hawkins, E. Sipe, S. Mann, A, Gatewood, D. Eanes, S. Poteat, P. Farris, Mrs. Mosely. F. H. A. The George Washington chapter of the Future Homemakers of America, a national organization, is composed of sixty-eight members. Club officers are Pat Frizzell, president; Barbara Jones, vice-president; Helen Alderman, secretary; and Shirley Stokes, treas- urer. The F.H.A. creed emphasizes the fact that the par- ticipants realize they are the future homemakers of tomorrow and they " face the future with warm courage and high hope,” so they may establish " homes where truth and love and security and faith will be realities.” This club is indeed an active one, having both a business and a social meeting each month. The school profits from the attractive bulletin board, frequently changed, kept in the hall. Also the club members had an excellent exhibit at the Danville Fair, appeared on television programs, and catered for two civic ban- quets. The following were participants of the F.H.A. installation ceremony: R. Keates, P. Rhodes, B. Vaughn, J. Wilson, P. Sahms, P. Frizzell, President; P. Parries, P. Kinder, Mrs. Styers, Chapter Mother; H. Alderman, Secretary; S. Stokes, Treasurer; B. Jones, Vice-president. i 129 b fiJwijoqAapkif waA, ihsjUc padJmuL - - First row: R. Abercrombie, J. Walker, Secretary: K. Passamaneck, Vice-President ' , P. Parries, Treasurer ' , N. Wentz Second row: B. Wrenn, J- Berman, F. Walker, J. Farley. Third row: B. Duncan, H. Mustain, J. Styers, J. Kushner, J. Davis. Kneeling: J. Bonner, President. PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB GW ' s Photographv Club is one of the school ' s most promising organizations because it is producing the staff photographers of The Chatterbox and the Cavalier. John Bonner, who is club president, holds both of these jobs now. Bi-weekly meetings provide the members with an opportunity to learn more about photography. Some of the programs have included color slides, demon- strations, and a trip to a local photography concern. The club has as its prime purpose " to promote in- terest in all phases of photography.” Many of the members belong to the Danville Photography Club, and will not drop their interest when they finish high school. Members learn every phase of the work from the developing of a roll of film to enlarging. More recently Mr. G. L. Thomasson, who is the faculty adviser, has opened a new field to the members, that of color photography. A contest is held between members for the best human interest picture for which a prize is awarded and the picture is put in the Cavalier. This and a picnic in the spring highlight the year’s activity for the Shutter- bugs. Photography Club members — George Rucker Penn, Eva Stegall, and Bob Cotton — snap Mary Jane Martin, a member of the newly formed Models’ Club. imy The Thespians of George Washington High School form the core of the dramatic activities within the school. After having met certain requisites, they are selected from among tal- ented young aspirants for the crown of stardom. Requirements set by the National Thespians Dramatic Honorary Society are attained from actual participation or by assisting in the pro- duction of the plays. Each Thespian must have knowledge and understanding ot the basic prin- ciples of stage production. After qualifying for membership in the local chapter 605, they be- come affiliated with the national society. Many of these young actors and actresses may startle or completely puzzle their fellow classmates with the following statements: " Have you descended on a moonbeam?’’ or " You don’t look like a fool, but you’re a woman.” These may ivhllsL dfiamodtioiu woA. ihsoA wJjl caL B ill Nelson and Carol Johnson, playing the leading roles in " Jane Eyre”, watch Lambsie Penn perform. be well-known quotations from the classics or lines from the latest plays presented by the drama students. THESPIANS First row: L. Riddle, B. Wyatt, L. Saunders, N. Williams, B. Johnson, N. Ferguson, P. Evans, Second row: M. Jordan, M. Jordan, S. Abrams, A. Wells, C. Johnson, E. Oakes, S. Williams, B. Evans, A, Cox, N, Spear- man, Third row: B. Seism, C, Smith, J. Woody, Jhsii JLUS2ASL ivsdL in ifivmjcL ul AnmoL - - SCIENCE FORUM Barbara Klaff gazes at the stars as Sandy Pilipowskyj and John Bon- ner look on. The Science Forum, one of the long-established groups at GW, is composed of a small number ot students with G. L. Thomasson as advisor. In its purpose of furthering scientific interests, discussions include such topics as space travel, the Maco lights, dreams, and unusual animals. Meetings are held bi- weekly at members’ homes. This year for the first time, the forum sponsored a science project program. Many students participated with such entries as new inventions and collections of the elements. Selection of members is based upon the candidate’s interest in science and his having taken one year of laboratory work, such as biology, chemistry or physics. First row: A. McClung, B. Klaff, M. Saunders, B. Seism, ' V. Lobl. Second row: K. Lea, K. Passamaneck, S. Pilipowskyj, D. Harris, G. Moore, Mr. Thomasson, Sponsor. Third row: K. Price, J. Farley, John Bonner. -[132 b and Bul sl in. wtfdd a cWiA. First row: K. Gardner, B. Klaft, M. Saunders, C, Edwards, S. Pilipowskyj, M. Jordan, M. Jordan P. Clark, M. Evans. Second row: N. Eerguson, N. Williams, E. Oakes, H. McMann M. Farley, W. Vanderwtrff, C. Gourley, K. Lea. Third row: Miss D. Jordan, A. Barker, A. Cox, B. Motley, J. Keeling, K. Passamaneck, J. Barnett, M. Mathews, V. Lobl, A. McClung. I. R. C. To stimulate interest in national and international affairs is the chief purpose of the International Relations Club. A student must be in senior high school and have at least a ninety average in social studies for one semester to become a member. At the forum meetings, held twice a month, the members have an opportunity to express their own views as well as hear the opinions of others. Sandy Pilipowskyj heads the I.R.C. this year, with Carolyn Edwards as vice-president. Jo Anne Owen and Martha Jordan hold the offices of secretary and treasurer respectively. Under the guidance of Miss Dorothy Jordan, the I.R.C. has become one of the most active clubs at GW. Mary Jordan and Kenneth Passa- maneck discuss the difference be- tween communism today and pure communism. Johnny Keeling drinks the Russian tea served by Betty Motley as Barbara Klaff listens intently. J 133 j- 9L woA, " CUL out ad r In back; Lejt to right: N. Bebeau, P. Evans, B. Wyatt, C. Kushner, B. Gooch, D. Harris. Center row: C. Gatewood, P. Parries, A. Powell, S. King, A. Worsham, E, Flowers, In front: M. Jordan, M, Jordan, S, Shelton, D. Doss, F, Leggett, T. Bowles, J, Roland. ADVERTISING STAFF Many hours ol hard w ' ork were spent by the 1955 Advertising Staff in securing advertisements for the Cavalier. But tiredness and other worries were soon forgotten when a merchant signed one of those small slips of paper. The entire Cavalier staff expresses its apprecia- tion for the cooperation and support of all Danville businessmen advertising in the yearbook. With Martha and Mary Jordan as co-advertising managers, the staff was composed of the following: Beverly Gooch, Cindy Gatewood, Jean Roland, Sandy Filipowskyj, Kenneth Passamaneck, Sarah Shelton, Nancy Williams, Buddie Cochran, Joan Allen, Jackie Shaw, Nancy Bebeau, Sarah Easley, Ellen Flowers, Helen McMann, Carole Kushner, Fred Leggett, Dale Harris, Ann Powell, Jean Dunagan, Patsy Evans, Alice Jo Barker, Frannie Winborne, Donald Doss, Jean Styers, Jo Ann Walker, Betty Jane Wyatt, Tommy Bowles, Peggy Parries, Anne Bruce Worsham, and Stuart King. J 134 b VRNOCR WCRcr " I bought a camera today, Cathy, to take along on our vacation.” Our first year with the telephone company has been such fun.” " Let’s tell our graduating friends to find out all about well-paying, interesting telephone jobs.” " And now we’re getting a vacation with pay . . . it’s good to count on that nice check every week.” The Chesapeake Potomac Telephone Company of Virginia •i 136 }- HITCHCOCK STUDIO CAROLYN HITCHCOCK We had the pleasure of taking the pictures for the Cavalier this year. Phone 1835 427 Main Street 1 137 h FRANKLIN TURNPIKE BUS CO. Cliartered Service Anywhere — Anytime 320 North Union Street Phone 2726 Danville, Virginia t 138 K MISS JOAN ALLEN Miss Joan Allen, chosen Best Dressed Girl of 1955, wearing a Dansant Original of nylon net over taffeta with a rhinestone-sparkled bodice . . . from our Young Fashion Oenter, Mezzanine. Danville ' s Shopping Center i 139 h OJungratuIattniiH ta OHasa nf 55 Foundation for the Future If you v(‘r(‘ l)uil(liiig a liouse, you wouldn’t try to rut ( ' oruers and k ' avo the foundation lialf-fiuislied. Til a sense you are ])uildiug tlie foundation for a house now , . . you are lieiiig equipped witli the tools of education that you will use to hiiild your future. ( )usider carefully before you are tempted to cut comers in your education. Reiiiemher that a strong foimdation today will mean a better future tomorrow. DAN RIVER MILLS Incorporated Danville, Virginia 1 140 J Miss Carolyn Edwards, voted " Most Popular " by the Senior Class models Cotton Lace over Pastel Pink Taffeta. The rhinestone studded princess line bodice is fashioned with a scooped neck and low waist effect that leads to the lovely soft flared skirt. Danville ' s Best Store i 141 y i 142 h Congratulations to the Class of ’55 G. M. SALES, INC. Danville, Virginia i U3) DANVILLE MEAT SUPPLY CORN VALLEY PRODUCTS JAMES T. GATLIN AND SON CO. Incorporated General Insurance Masonic Temple Phone 541 i 144 y SMITH MODERN FLOOR CO, FLOORS of OUALITY FREE ESTIMATES — GUARANTEED INSTALLATIONS Kentile Asphalt Tile Plastic Wall Tile Rubber Tile Venetian Blinds Custom Styled Floors Our Specialty 914 Jefferson St. Tel. 7020 Compliments of THE J. S. J. SUB-DEBS 1 145 E A group of SW students attend the opening of the new Giles building on South Main Street, opposite Memorial Hospital. The green houses sti ' l remain on Mt. View. This business is operated by Earline and Charlie Giles, parents of GW student, Betty Lou Giles. 25th Anniversary Danville ' s First Station tl46h STRATFORD COLLEGE Danville, Va. Transfer Courses Graduates are accepted by Senior Col- leges and Universities for admission to Junior Class, to complete requirements for a d egree In two years. Terminal Courses Thorough training for careers In the business world. Catalogue on Request JOHN C. SIMPSON, President For Real Gone Clothes for Real Cute Girls . . . Everyl)ody Knows THEY’RE TOPS at First In Fashion i 147 h THE B. F. B. SUB-DEBS A VERETT COLLEGE Danville, Virginia Liberal Arts Music, Art, Dramatic Art Secretarial Science Medical Secretarial Merchandising Home Economics Physical Education Pre-Professiona ' Courses Since Averett College is fully accredited. Its graduates may tiansfer without loss of credit to any four-year college or university to continue courses leading to a degree. i 148 h JONES SAUSAGE CO. Danville, Virginia I ' ll 1 ' ' 1 ' 1 1 • J 1 1 y Irjcy “2jB WYATT CHEVROLET CORP. 304 North Main Street Danville, Virginia t 149, Don ' t Say BREAD, Say HOLSUM HOLSUM BAKING COMPANY, Inc. DANVILLE, VA. " Stu " , Bud, Fred, and Anne enjoy the " pause that refreshes " during their Inspection of the new plant. COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY t 150 h FANCY PRODUCE, GROCERIES AND CHOICE MEATS OLD DUTCH SUPER MARKETS, Inc. Spring and Floyd North Union Phone 18 Phone 2779 COACHES ' CORNER LINK - WATSON CORPORATION 314 Craghead Street Phone 3396 -I 151 t Compliments of THE SCHOOL STORE Jimmy Woody, Manager STINSON TIRE COMPANY 603 Loyal Street Telephone 60 Danville, Virginia Headquarters for the General Squeegee 1 152 1 - Best Wishes VASS- MOBLEY HARDWARE CO. 230 Main Street Phones 1584-1585 SUNDAES MILK SHAKES DUNKETTS t 153 h PRINTERS STATIONERS BINDERS EVERYTHING FOR YOUR OFFICE BROWN-MORRISON CO, Inc. 718 Main Street ... , 1 Sonny, Carolee, Sarah, Roland, and Bill enjoy a real treat. SOUTHERN DAIRIES H 154 h TWO GOALS 1 — Strive to save one year ' s income for security. 2 — Let us help you own your own home by 1956. MUTUAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Phone 103 — Arcade Building Compliments of WYATT BUICK SALES COMPANY 627 Main Street Phones 204-4230 Danville, Virginia 416 North Main Street Telephone 921 Danville, Virginia KENT MOTOR COMPANY Fender Body Work and Painting Good Used Cars 656 Worsham Street Telephone 4078 ■{ 155 h DRINK ROYAL CROWN COLA PLUMBING AND MILL SUPPLY CO. 506 Craghead Street Wh olesale Distributors GATEWOOD COAL AND WOOD COMPANY 432 South Main Street Phone 310 Danville, Va. Compliments of SEARS, ROEBUCK and COMPANY -! 156 h DANVILLE LAUNDRY Launderers and Cleaners Loyal at Court St. Phone 4220 Danville, Virginia “JOHNSON STORES” Johnson Drug Store Johnson and Spiggle Johnson and Jordan Johnson and Lentz South Main Street Main Street Main and Craghead Holbrook and Stokes VIRGINIA THEATRE Danville ' s Friendly Theatre James F. Gossett, Manager STAR LAUNDRY COMPANY AND DRY CLEANING DRY CLEANERS 331-333 PATTON ST DANVILLE.VIRGINIA " Home of the Snow White Finish " SINCE 1900 331 Patton Street Phone 85 ■I 157 I- Compliments of SOUTH MAIN GROCERY 416 South Main Street Phone 7756 Complete Optical Department YOUR FAVORITE THEATRE! Phone 7255 LEA DANVILLE ' S FINEST THEATRE Telephone 7250 DANVILLE ' S NEWEST THEATRE Telephone 1530 SCHOOLFilELD TASTEE FREEZ Greensboro Highway WRENN-YEATTS FUNERAL HOME AMBULANCE Phone 444 THE GREEN LANTERN Tourist Court and Tea Room Famous throughout the South ' and for FINE FOODS ' ' Danville ' s Best Store For Men " " On the Gentleman ' s Oorner ' 158 h COLONIAL STORES COLONIAL COLONIAL SAVES serves Congratulation’s to the Class of 1955 1 OSCAR TRENT’S DRUG STORE 2033 North Main Phone 1400 w " Ask the man who owns one " The Club of Good Fellowship 1 Congratulations to the WEST MAIN ESSO STATION Class of ' 55 595 West Main Street Danville, Virginia EFIRDS DEPT. STORE Phone 2071 1 Fresh Groceries and Meats We De ' Iver Schoolfleld, Virginia -I 159 y Piedmont Aluminum Window Co. 2042 North Main Street Telephone 3042 Danville ------ Virginia GERALD AND BETTY HAIRDRESSERS 135 Watson Street Phone 6262 Compliments of AL PARRISH Danville Coal and Oil Supply It ' s a Black Business But We Treat You White r I CHICKEN CAFE 165 Greensboro Highway Phone 3374 Compliments to the Class ot oo DAIRY QUEEN COX GOODRIDGE RIVERDRIVE ESSO STATION General Insurance 4 1 1 Masonic Temple Danville, Virginia 921 Riverside Drive " Phone 7033-7887 Travis Bousman, Proprietor SNOW WHITE DIAPER SERVICE HAJOCA CORPORATION 920 Riverside Drive — Phone 4346 Plumbing, Heating, Roofing Industrial Products Danville, Virginia 318 Craghead Street PATTON L. EVANS INSURANCE Life, Accident, Sickness, Hospitalization Phone 7576 McDaniel Building -{ 160 Y C REWS LEAN ERS 603 Jefferson Street Drth Main Extension Danville, Virginia Compliments of D. ' S CLUB " It Pays to Play " THE HUB BOOTH-WHITE SPORT SHOP CLOTHIERS 302 Main Street " Athletic Outfitters " " Where Fashion Revolves " PATTON, TEMPLE WILLIAMSON D REAL ESTATE 3UILDING Virginia " EXCLUSIVE NOVELTIES " Telephone 1476 547 Main Street Danville, Virginia hop 161 h CAHILL MOTORS 306 Court Street Danville, Virginia Compliments of SOUTHERN SHELL DAIRY KORNER Corner Watson and Montague RAPPAHANNOCK SEA FOOD ' MARKET STONEWALL ESSO STATION 1510 North Main Street 200 Craghead Street Congratulations to the Phones 5240-5241 Danville, Virginia Class of ' 55 F. M. MOTORS. INC. KEELING ' S PHARMACY G. L. Keeling, Owner " The Home of Better Used Cars " The Store That Appreciates Your Business Phone 4567 1472 N. Main Street — Danville, Virginia Phone 387 MACK ' S 5c, lOc 25c STORE Danville, Virginia H S FOOD MARKET Groceries — Meats — Vegetables 1 FROZEN FOODS 1 542 N. Main St. Phone 1836 Danville, Virginia ■{ 162 y DUDLEY VAUGHN INSURANCE AGENCY MASONIC TEMPLE Phone 5450 MRS. SAM W. BOAZE Phone 6802 — • 742 Holbrook Ave. Representative, Salisbury Marble Granite Co., Inc. LEON ' S CYCLE SHOP Bicycles Repaired — Keys Made CALL FOR AND DELIVERY Phone 6361 .. olz-vMv.. 3207 N. Main St. Ext. Danville, Virginia Phone 4570 ipliments of THE RANCH Riverside Drive DIXIE MOTOR COMPANY D. D. Shelton Franklin Turnpike at Design Phone 3393R RLn_pj2J4 f zjTUJUJije. OLpsjz JLd JOE PEGGIE ' S STATION Route No. 3 Danville, Virginia Compliments ot LITTLE PONTIAC CORPORATION 706 Wilson Street — Phone 5960 Danville, Virginia I IROWELL AUTO SALES 419 Newton Street MORRIS CLEANERS " They look like new r QualIty Cars — Reasonable Prices Phone 3357 when Morris Is thru 512 Lynn Street — Phone 3913 Phone 5433 DINE AND DANCE SHELTON MOTOR COMPANY — at — The Finest In Used Cars THE WAGON WHEEL E. D. Shelton 423 Newton St. Route 58 Danville, Virginia BASS MITCHELL Grape+te — TruAde Bottling Co. Cleaners 523 North Main Street 810 South Main Street l ne 4142 HODNp SPEER CO., INC. SOUTHERN DISCOUNT CO. JEWELERS 406 Lynn Street Auto Financing and Refinancing 44u MaIn Street Danville, Va. Phones 1042 - 6110 dloSh FARMER BROWN ' S JEWELRY STORE 1 1 1 North Union Street Compliments of CHOOLFIELD LUNCH ' SUDDARTH ' S 212 N. Upf n Street — Phone 535 Danville, Virginia Compliments of CLEVELAND ' S MUSIC CENTER T. K. D. Freddie Bulla Smilin ' J. Quinnie Stu Trash A State Pro ' 55 Little J. C. Alphabet B. F. B. ! For the Best In Luggage and Jewelry Lowenstein’ s 246 Main Street DANVIU VAULT CORPORATION Tne Eagle Triplex Burial Vault Phone 5784 Danville, Virginia Compliments of JOHN J. SMITH. GENERAL AGENT Security Life and Trust Company Phone 3356 5331 2 Main Street The Cavalier Staff wishes to express thanks to Its staff photographer, John Bonner, and to Mr. G. L. Thomasson and George Penn for the excellent photography work done. ■{ 166 }■ ? - i ' t This page donated by a friend of the Senior Class. Ji 1 " mimJIIIH 1 - I Rf ot«« ' Wi ' t 1 la Pi liH Ei VA-WCPIBpMOOT (3eiietklffN:t 1 6 octf ty . R,0. Box 2272 - ,TT rnm K irWi Kfi 4 ; 5?! 4 ' 1 -.•4 ■ ' I -OJH- .h ' i ■ T . - ■ i

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