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i 4 5 a u 1 sd .sf CNG MY Q SOUV NRS QL' 6 -.1 X I .S- . A5 1 ,msg . "Q 'S . 9 . 'V 'N . 1 ,.p,,, V ,, .:, wx , , A 21? L 1 v . X 2, A rs,-f.5g.,i x - . - Q Ei 3 V ifi, ' M l fe, 1'f i 'K " F 1f':q,.-k --....."'maln1ug5- I wr-NW """'.m,,Y.. ...- L wrt:1fS.':1Qf,q - 1.5. Af. L13 -qv ...,, , ,,, 'ri' V gf r"5iEi,g13v. 'Jr Yggiarfim gig 4- f 5 5' f W wg A A ' 'grid Q . 1 li g . , V I ' 5 f. A If .- ' 55' 14 " gin ' '4 , 4' L- 5- ' MN hir I 24? I I ' f 1 Nw "Q, '? VL. .Q 'ifh' - D' . 1 . - '..g . r i r 4 . ' ' 3 H4 ,QMG xr' 1.1 'Vtxi in 'Q . ' Q1 'N .AJ if fd ' 5' ' '4 2 .--. . 2 i F xl- Y stn's:'-" +'t , gs3 ?s 3 , J We ' -"' -wi I 2' W uit' Q I .Ax U Q AT"" f"hf'W ' 1 .14 popufar pair . MR. AND MISS G. W. Jimmy Leonard and Betsy Garrett examine a whole trunk full of the things we want to remember. The school body chose them as representative Seniors. Mg f ad G Ofal' Yvhen 'Vhss Rebekah Coppedge joined the GVVHS faculty back ln l936 the school didn t know how lucky lt was For eve1 slnce that day Miss Coppedge has been taklng a most constructne part IH school actxvltles and rn general makmg herself popular wlth both students and teachers ln an ofhclal capaclty she puts ln a great deal of con sclentlous work as the Cheerleaders sponsor and buslness adviser to The Chatterbox But It rs her wxlhngness to ,ff Miss REBEKAH COPPEDGE perform such extra dutres as chaperonmg buses to out of town football games and helplng decorate for var IOUQ dances that has endeared her to the students at GW She IS never too busy to help a student wrth some speclal task or offer valuable 3ClWlC9 to those who frequently seek her counsel And we thlnk lt IS fun just to be with lVl1ss Coppedge for her cheerfulness her personal charm and most of all her keen sense of hu mor have enhvened many a classroom dlscusslon or out of school gathering Amd so to you lVl1ss Coppedge we the Seniors dedicate thls 51 CAVALIER and offer our slncere thanks for all you have done ID making our hugh school days so enjoyable . . . fke dffugg e agairwf jme. Safely first saxd Mr Policeman to the tlny folk of the seventh grade but from the appearance of Mary Vadens lookmg on either side of the street shell get both Brantley ones and herself across mxnus the help of the policeman As we always say a little extra help vets you a long way This picture was often enacted when the rush of kids got too much for the poor perplexed drivers The scene brings back old memo nes to us seniors who havent been walked across the street lh Y E A R S Pretty neat jobs the motor bikes that IS guaranteed to get you to school on time or the office should never hear of thus furnish you an excuse for being late The sleepy heads call nt motor trouble you know At the moment ohn Dickenson I5 domg a llttle experlmentxng on how much he can cram 1nto the back of his scooter wxth the mterestlng but not too helpful suggestxons of Lawrence Mann and Roger Ferguson A we gt xt from the boys If you want to solve your problems and lncxdentally add new ones buy a motor bnke Some walked some rode motor bikes but these people came to school ln style They arrived so swiftly ln a brand new Oldsmoblle that there was plenty of tame for a Jam session Wonder what the bug discussion was about possibly the Homecommg Dance with the choice of a queen and her attendants or maybe the more serlous question of when would we get a new school and where would rt be Whatever rt vsas you can be sure xt was lwely talk with Anne Henry and Nlargle dxsagreemg wxlh Mllls and -Ilm whlle Arch and Betsy look on with good humor All good thlngs come to an end so books were hastily grabbed and each made a wild dash for hrs homeroom as the tardy bell rang l - -I -nl 1 ' c ' . ' J ' c . y .I . I .I . v . . ' Q .I . . FAU TY 9 f1UTIWTIE51Q SPORTS 55 SENIUHE GQ UNDERCLASS 99 ADS 119 A ngfwys U . . . fA0g7 foo, LUQPQ lfU'l'lCLI'l. The sixty-four dollar question was, "Are teachers 'S ,f 1 s - 1. rw human?" We think this picture proves they are. Gathered ft l around to have their share of fun were Mr. Smith, Miss ' L Sours, Mr. Sutherlin, Miss Brown and Mr. Craig. They A look as happy as if we weren't right around the corner. Maybe they were discussing Mr. Craig's urgent invitation from Uncle Sam. It must have been urgent, because he left within a week after making this remark, ul knew l should have stayed behind the snowdrift in the hills of XVest Virginia ! " Music hath charms especially when played by these two gentlemen Mr Stryker and Mr Sturgell were always willing to render their latest arrangement and believe you me we were always willing to listen Anything from blues to the classical sounds appealing when played by this talented twosome We in Mr Sturgells history classes wouldnt have been surprised to hear the Presidents of the United States recited to the tune of My Funny Valen tine cause the man claimed he just couldnt get music out of his system Oh happy dayl lts a boy fellas! These excited outbursts followed by a sudden shower of cigars announced the arrival of Douglas Rupert ones r This was one precious packige Ole Santa couldnt wait to deliver so o on the morning of December l Mary and Doug ones found umor in their stocking A few howls and a boisterous inquiry of Wheres breakfast3 proved they had a bouncing baby boy who had certainly inherited his Fathers appetite and both parents good looks The first lucky teachers to hear the good news were Mr Bacon Mr Beyea Mr Sturgell and Mr Houser who con gratulated the proud Pop heartily Mr Sturg ll gave the timely advice to be sure to rule baby with a stern hand or else fifteen years from now he absolutely would refuse to teach little Doug his history for There is nothing l dislike so much as an undisciplined young man Well everyone finally quieted down even Mr ones who claimed the excitement had been too much for him and who was sure he would never be the same again We re sure too cause walking junior at three a m does things to change a man . ' J I J . . , - i . . . , - I nu . I Il' .I . -I I . I . . . . . V . 1 U . . I . . . . .N v ' . Q I ' Z -I I ' . I . . FACU LTY C! 5 vi , I ,I X -v ff y . wx Q H I cf! lo Rrglrl NANLX Grab NN GARDNER RUTHERFORD Hmmm CLXDE SAWYLR UI" 0 LCQ l0Ql".'50l'll'lQ , i QI"Q Every week day rs truly a workday for tlres two offices The downtown offrce attends to tlre busrness of tlre Danwrlle Schools wlrrle tlre uptown offrce rs mostly concerned wrth tlre everyday dutres of lrrglr sclrool 'I lre downtown offrce rs full of frrendly but busy people Tlrere rs Mr Bonner superrntendent Mr Haney Clyde Sawyer and lVlrss Gardner to keep thrngs gorng Lrkewrse tlre uptown offrce rs full of actrvrty but Mrss Copeland or lVlrs Fentrrss are never too busy to lrelp us Of course lVlr Clrrrstoplrer and lVlr Baxa are tlrere too and always ready to grse us ard or strarglrten us out and send us on our way an QF? 4 MW lei lo Rrghi s waiwfytf FFNTRISS TVIR B AYA MR Crmrc MR Crmrs TOPHtR Mrss COPE IAND I0 J I - ' .1 e- V . . . . , . X . ..., x O A O O I ' ' I ' ' ' ' ' S ' . V V n Y. v . v . , , 1 Y. I . . V 9 I 0 I I' .I I 9 . , , . ' . ' , '. ' ' '. 1 ' , , ' s o o J A o . . X' 5' ' ' J 3 z , Q , f s Q ' E 4 sw f ' '- A ' '-G 1 ' wi'5V' ' .f .' MR . A L53 vit, , yr 2 . . , . . .f , A . 1, . ' - . , . - 4' f jk? gig 405586 gf GEORGE R BENDALL EARL S TALBERT P H RICKETTS MRS MOZELLE FAIRER R P Mc CONNELL C B FLORA C R LONG L H KERNODLE Alben! when pzclure laken JOHIN H NELSON O T BONINER Supcrml ndnnl of HIL Crlq Schools B S Blrmlngham Southern Blrmmgham Alabama MA Unnersxly of Vlrglnla Charlottesville Vnrglnla 11 wg? La Olll' Ac 00 W ye my is Sv fe E mf liafjag Sergei tu Q wfege lifpm QR .1 T CHRISTOPHER Principal B S College of Vkfllllam and Mary M A Columbia Unlveruty Graduate vsorlc beyond a Master s degree bmverslty of Vlrgnnla and Columbia University filfme 12 9' ERNES1 G BAXA Asszslanl Prmcxpal Head of Busmess Department BS West Vlrgmla Wesleyan College M Fd Lfmverslty of Pittsburgh Graduate worlc beyond a Master s degree Bovlnng Green College of Commerce U"QCiOl'6 0 f 2 C CL55l'00I'l'l ROLAND M BACON Htad af lndustrml Arts Department B S lowa State Teachers College Gracluate worlc UHIVCTSIIY of Floncla NORA PAYNE HILL Htud of Enghsh Department B 5 ColumbIa Umvemty M A Columtna Umversnty Graduate work beyond Master s degree Columbla UnIversIty FLIZABETII M OLIVER Fme Ari, COOFJIHHIUT Mum B S New York Umversny M A New York Umversny Graduate work beyond Master s degree Chrlsllansen Choral School G L TIIoMAssoN ffcad of Sclence Department A B UHIVEYSIIY of North Carollna Graduate work Unlverslty of North Carolma ancl Columbla UnIversIty GRACE F BAGLEY Head of Muthematrcs Department A B Randolph Macon Woman s College Graduate worlt UHIVBISIIY of Chlcago ancl Umverslty of VIrgInIa LOUISE A MCCAIN Home Economzcs Coordmator B S Longwood College Graduate work VIrgInIa Polytechnlc lnstltute MARY G OLIVER Head of Hzslory Department UDIVCYSIRY of VIrgInIa M A UDIVCYSIKY of VIrgInIa W E. WILSON Head of Physlcal Educatton Department B S Vlfglllla Polytechmc lnstltute Graduate work College of Wllllam and Mary Qftbagzt Mr nu, alfa? Twfnlfltjfrgsol 0 5 X of ,gow ' YK""N,,,6 '- r mtv' rash, OK ELIZA ETH H A Physical Erlu lon B A Unlversxty of North Carolina Erma. S BARKER Mathematics A B Woman s College of University of North Carolina ,ffysfxfy Q5 XOBETTY L E a 'Un urg olle S-Sy JP T MARY Lou COOKE English and Spamsh A B Lenoir Rhyne College Graduate work Unrversrty of North Carohna ROBERT S CRAIG Busmess Education A B Davxs and Elklns College Graduate work Columbia University JOSEPHINE E.sTEs English A B Randolph Macon Woman s College Graduate work UHIVCYSITY of Vlrglnla and University of North Carolina THE MARY H BACON English B S Madison College HERBERT BEYEA Industrial Arts Oswego State Teachers College M Ed Oswego State Teachers College C KENT CLARK Industrial Arts B S Eastern lllmoxs State College Graduate work North Carolina State College REBEKAH CoPPzncE Busmc s Educatmn B S Middle Tennessee State Teachers College Graduate work Bowling Green College of Commerce MABE1. B Davis Engllsh B A Westhampton College Graduate work Unrverslty of Vlrgrma and George Washrngton University DOROTHY Flrzcs ALD Dramatlcs and Englzsl' A B Randolph Macon Woman s College Graduate work Unlverslty of Vlrglnxa f' ,. . 'fl' T tl- , , M X SLN 'F A 1 I, ' Bs., . . S- R' I J, ' tl . X ' UK- 'M T 1 FACULTY RUSSELL T GRAU lndualrml 4m B S Penn State Graduate work Wayne Umversr y EULA GREGORY Mathematics Unlversrly of Vlfglhla Graduate work University of Vxrgrnla and Columbia University NIAPGAF ET HOLLAND Malhc matics Graduate work Umverslty of North Carolina AcNEs PENULTTMA JOHNS Llbfarlan A B Longwood College A B ln Library Scrence College of Wrlllam and Mary RUBY JONES History A B College of Wllllam an Mary Graduate work College of William and Mary MARY ELIZABETH MCELRATH Busxness Education B S Radford College ""'J-"cpl SAM M GREENE Englrslr B A Unlverslty of North Carolina W E HARDING Physical Education A B College of Wllllam and Mary M Fd College of Wllllam and Mary THOMAS P HOUSER B A Umverslty of North Carolina K- Au'-5' I Y DQCAS R JONES SClenCC B A East Carolma Teachers College M A East Carolina Teachers College MARGARET B KUSHNER English and French B A Woman s College of Unlverslty of North Carolma ALBERT H MATHES Physical Education B A University of North Carolina Graduate worlr Unlverslty of North Carollna f Q' . ' , ,, as ' ll ' . I ' .Q 5 Q . Bs.. " H AB., Lander College Hi5'0Vy fo' J of ' of A - -, ' ' d ' 15 LOUISE MATTHEWS Busmess Educalron B S Woman s College of UDIVCFSIIY of North Carolma Graduate work Woman s College of Unrversrty of North Carollna MARGARET I MOTLEX Mathematics B S Longwood College S H PERKINSON Enghslr B s Unmmly of vngrnla A Unnersrty of Vrrgmra Graduate work beyond Master s degree Unnersrty of VIrgInIa LORRAINE C ROBERTSON MalhemalIcs Randolph Macon Woman College KATHERINE QIIANL Busmess Educutlon B S Rrchmond Professlonal lnstitute MARX' FRANCES SOURS History BS. Madison College THE ELlLABETli G MOSELEY Home EcunomIcs B S Madrson College Graduate work Unrversrty f North Carolrna and Vlfglhla Polytechnrc lnstltute IIELMA NAYLOR Malhemalzcs A B Randolph Macon Woman s College Graduate work Umversrty of North Carolrna and Unwersrty of Vlrglnla CATHERINE REYNOLDS SCH. HCC B S College of Wrllram and Mary Graduate work Umversrty of Texas BERNARD ROESEN Sczcncc B A Unrversrty of Vlrgrma M A Unrversxty of Vlfglnla GRANVILLE P SMITII Englrsh B S Pennsylvanla State Teachers College Graduate work Penn State GLADYS H. SPANGLER English A.B. Marshall College M.A. University of West Virginia Graduate work beyond Master s degree George Peabody College FACULTY EUGENE C STRYKER Band B M Syracuse UDIVCTSIIY Graduate work UDIVCTSIIY of North Carollna MILTON SUTHERLIN HIstory UDIVCTSIIY of North Carollna Aumzzv B WILSON Englrsh and Latm A B UnIversIty of Rrchmond Graduate work Umverslty of VIrgInIa ELIZABETH WOODSON Hlstory Culdance Superuzsor B S Longwood College M A Unnverslty of Vlfglhla ,I S STURGELL Hxslory B A Umvemty of North Carolma M A Umvemty of North Carolma Graduate wor beyond Master s degree U Iversrty of North rollna UCILE WALTON Scxcnce B S Longwood College M A Umversxty of VIrgInIa Graduate work beyond Master s degree Dulce Unlverslty and Harvard UnIversIty Awnr-:Ncz G WILSON MathematIcs A B Unrverslty of North Carohna Graduate work Columbra UnIversIty Mas EVELYN W BARKER flcad of Textbook Rental System Mas ANNIE B SEAWELL Attendance O cer . . . fkofie niglzfri af flue M T A setting for a formal picture? Not hardlyl just the Open House Council "en mass." A hard working group and one who has really clone a lot for us this year in the way of entertainment after the games. These were the kind people who saw to it that there was plenty of jazz and sweet music fin the form of the "Rhythm Rascalshl and plenty of good things to eat falso that no one got more than five helpings of the before mentionedj. Three cheers for Larry, Dick, Randy, jimmy, Betty Lou, Lee, jackie, Franny and Dorothy! l I X4-y0.z2f-QMVJZ on- ,ZM2'5,.-1.5 elif The Open House Council paid oft We had a wonder ful time after every home game Diana was pretty serious about the whole thing on this night but Terry Ley took it in his stride You cant tell me that Marlon and Red didnt realize that we had a photographer there Courtenay was hitting it off hot in the background but keeping an eye on the refreshment table Well we just as well admit that we all like the food These particular Rascals really had Rhythm and the nice thing about lt was that they were always willing to play a song and an encore at our Open House Going to town on the front row were Harold Powell Walton Moore Bobby Hull and Andy Woods Bobby Hawkins needed room Rav Alverson waited his cue Mr Stryker loomed in the back ground and E. C Moon hit the keys We are definitely not responsible for Tommy Watts appearance in this picture The Rhythm Rascals not including Tommy made our fun at the Y W C A more fun and we remember them with gratitude May others have the opportunity to enjoy Open House I 18 i X222 J 3 ' o I g ACTIVITIES MI' 640620 3049685 . . . Nik, Miss RUBY jowss RAYMOND Pi-:RRY First Miliam, Hardy, jolinson, Thompson, 'I urkelt Sponsor President Second Riddle, Mathews, Garrett, Talbott, Adams, Pollolc ANNE GARRETT PENN JACKIE KNICK Third .' ouilks, Browder, Wilson, Hilliard, Wyatt, Rogers Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer ' ', I I l X - I X ' -1 1 i 1 l 4. 41 One member, having at least a C average, is elebtod iniihe fill by his homeroom to represent it on the Student Council for the entire year. All activities olf lhhislckganization are introduced to the homerooms by the representative for approval before any actual planning begins. If there are objections or suggestions, these are taken back before the Council to be worked over. This student organization, which meets on call of the President, promotes such projects as the filling of Red Cross boxes, the Com- munity Chest Drive, an orientation program for the incoming seventh grade students and ticket sales within the school. Also recommendations for improvement of schoolgrounds, and welfare of the students are dis- cussed. Other duties are: to grant charters to all extracurricula organizations in school, such as the Spanish Club and Science Forum, and to foster an honor system under which the students shall govern their own matters of honor. An example of this last duty is the honor study hall which was begun in November. During the last full week of April, campaigning and elections for the '50-'51 officers were held. Some of the extensive campaigning which was done was the distribution of fliers containing the candi- dates names, speeches over the loud speaker system and speeches by each candidate in a regular assembly. The ofhcers, Raymond Perry, presidentg Anne Penn, vice-president: and Jackie Knick, secretary-treasurer, 20 were elected with all the stu- dents from the eighth grade up voting, and were installed the second week of May in a special assembly. Summing up the purposes of the Student Council, the Constitution of this group states: The purpose of the or- ganization shall be to give the student body a voice in the affairs of the school and to create among them qualities of leadership, and to provide training in the responsibility of self-government. Ferguson, Vincent, lVlcClung, Gooch, Scruggs, Traylor, Owen. Thompson, Bass, Bankhead, Beckham, Reese, Bruner, Moore, Overcash. Booth, Rogers, Moses, Wilson, Eggleston, Putze, Riddle, Cox, Xvoods. a o l 0 ua? Ldflif 0 . lfe Q Q Q jones Cox, Jack Woods, John Booth, Margie Talbott, Mills Rogers, Anne Penn, An important part of the student government of George Washington is the Judiciary. It tries cases in the school involving breaches of honor and suggests a suitable punishment to be acted upon by the office. This organization consists of thirteen members and a faculty advisor. Be- sides the president, vice-president, and secretary-treasurer of the Stu- dent Council, who hold the same ofhces in this group, there are four Seniors, four Juniors, and two Sophomores. To be eligible for the Judiciary the students must have a scholastic average of at least C and must never have been called before the group. vice-president, Raymond Perry, president, jackie Kniclt, secretary-treasurer, Royster Lyle, Betsy Garrett, Earle Garrett, Joyce Bass, Hosea Wilson. ravi ing uri wifk a HENRY WALKER NIILLS Rooms DOROTHY VADEN KATHRYKJE RICHMOND jANlcz XXIRENN Co Busmcss Managers Managing Edrlor Crrculalzan tlanagcr Adr erllsmg Manager FITS' Roll. Barbara Green Eithef Krdqny Second Rau Anne E Per-n Frances Brown Thrrd Ron Betty Scearce Betty L jefferson Donna Kirk Bobby Wrlnmarth Carolyn Schwem Ann Watklns M c Brshop Frances Barber acklyn Woodall Mary lda Nelson Since l946 the CAVALIER has been honored by the Southern lnterscholastlc l ress Association as one of the three top llve up to but everyone set dlllgently to work to try to achieve the highest honor for this years publlcatron Miss osephlne Estes below succeeded MISS Ethel Dodson as faculty adviser tht: year ln the early fall of 50 an assembly was presented to the entlre student body showing them the artlcles and features of the y arbook and lntroduc ng the staff members Then a subscrnptlon campargn began rn earnest Kathryne really X as busy wrltmg all those recerptsl When the payments began slowing down Mr Beyea stepped ln and helped secure the money from those who had signed up for the Q Q5 annual but had not pald anlce and Anne Ellzabeth headed two teams and each worked hard to get the most ads from merchants In Danville and the surrounding communltles This campaign began about the middle of October and continued untrl anuary the flfteenth Many ads were secured which had not been th the CAVAL ER before To ralse adclltlonal money to help meet the rlslng cost of publishing an annual the staff conducted lVlr and Miss G W Contest and helped the Dramahcs Club sell txclrets for Stage Door Yes this years staff worked hard to publish an annual which would rate as well as past rssues and they hope that ln the 5I CAVALIER everyone wnll find therr favorite memorles whrch will linger wlth them for years to come 07 -3 l 8 , Y gk Q .I I b , . , it .. .K W Q I L, . Y ,fri A J V 1 - X t, , is 2 se S 1 9 ff., A ,af ' L Q. , i ' . A, l - . . ' . ' . ' , ' . a . ' , ,I , . . . , . . annuals among the ten states represented and in '48 it won the trophy. This was quite a reputation for the '5l staff to C J 1 ' - - A! kk fe" A N ' ransjgsfg , ' ' L, L J ' ' - a .. . . I ,- .. . fl"Q6l5ll,l"e C edt 0 JOLLUQHLP6 During fourth perxod of the flrst semester most of the annuals staff was m room 209 worlung on the different phases of the CAVALIER This was not an all work and no play group for there were days when there was little work to be done and on such days everyone just relaxed And of course at Christmas when all the parties were grven the CAVALIER staff couldnt be outdone So they pro ceedecl to have a regular luncheon sandwiches cakes Tru Ades peanuts potato chxps plckles candy browmes xce cream and a cake shaped like a Christmas treel It not only looked good but lt was rumored that lt tasted mlghty dellcxousl There was so much food that even when the staff members plus the speclal guests Mrss Copeland Mrs Fentrlss Nlr Christopher and Mr Baxa had eaten all they possibly could there was practically enough left to have another celebratxonl Below IS a typical scene from the CAVALIER period The staff ns busily worlung a s subscrlptxons wrxte ups and all the other jobs connected wlth publrshmg the l95l CAVALIER Betsy Garrett left and Archer Croxton above were co editors of this year s annual 23 0 0 0 fl ' C ' . . ', . ' , . J I - c 1 f J ' . ' ' ' on cl, ,c.,. 4 3J"W - +5 0lll"l'l6l 15141 l eg QXC8 ?t"""""n .AW IP! XX' Mas INoRx PAYNE HILL F1rslRotL Bass Penn Watson Woody Thompson 'terry Schuster Thompson Nostrandt Stcond Ron Saunders Green Howard Klnscr Culpepper Qtembrndge qchwem Woodall Brown Third Ron Eggleston Wilson Hamblln Moses Dickenson xlccelllo Qox Snuth Wheatley Qloutler Garrett Owen Hrlllard Talbott Barnes Foley Lye These are the wretches the not so miserable wretches whose efforts made possible thls years Chalterlvoxcs Sometimes the gomg was rough but they could usually pull through and there was always Mrs I-Intl to encourage them to lceep everything golng to bear the heauest part of the load Since lts birth ln 1922 The Chatterbox has become one of the most dlstlngulshecl high school newspapers th the country Under Mrs Hills guldan e lt has constantly malntalned the hydhest journaltstlc standards and that IS qulte an accomplish ment ln view of the many and varled talents which have served the paper through the vears Knowing wh1t It had to live up to this years crop of young writers worked very hard to remam on top L.. 24 l'l . . . . A . . :I ' s X I, 5 I , . f l 62. 12 ,grazing '. ' , 1 efzsfg' X t A f s-'21 sax - 1 ' 1 , . f' ' iff ,, .Cx -. ' s 1,s 1s.l,1?'f"'r s-QR. Y -Ts ' "' . ' 3 X.. , - . g 9, , . v . , ' . 1 . V 4 . - 1 1 1 1 1 , 1 1 - W' l '. my l V y h I I v 5 v N V I 1 V ' ' 3 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 ' 1 , . , , I - , v V , . ' y . V , 5 . 1 ' ' . C , D '. - . , , ' , . K . , . . ri Miss REBEKAH COPPEDGE MARCH-1 TAI Borr ROYSTER LYLE PAT FOLEY Dokls THOMPSON BUSINESS Adi lsor Edrlor rn Chief Ad: vrlzslng Manugcr Circulation Managcr Associate Edrlor lo be well remembered ln the future hy any Green Duclc are the hours he spent In the Pressroom strlvlng to release his braln chllclren Whats a synonym for lrresrstlble why cant l thlnlc of a headlme of twenty five umts rnsteacl of twenty mne do you get my meaning lh that sentence Equally unforgettable were the good tlmes that rollecl out of that room the jokes the clownmg the carefree fun enjoyed by the Green Ducks and by the vrsltors who were always dropping rn They ll remember those Wednesday mornings when Mrs Hrll was at the prlnters and the rush of those Frrclay afternoons when The Chalicrboxvs were distributed All staff members belong to the Press Club whose symbol IS the Green Duck Among the functrons of this club are the sponsorship of the Bunny Glrl contest and of Hlgh School Day at Hermans both of whrch provlcle funds for the paper At the close of the school year the Press Club has a banquet featurmg talks by professional journalists and other guests 25 8 lfU2l"Q ,0l"0lfL """4 W I! 4+ qv Slandmg Csraxely Bennett I-rtzgeralcl Harrison Woods Lyle Turner Xxfallcer Croxton bmalcd Barker lNeal KhlClK Qwerbey Wilson Garrett Benyunes Bebeau HIY twenty hve members rt meets weekly on Tuesday nlghts at th Y V1 C A The purpose of the Club ns to create mam tam and extend throughout the school and community hugh standards of Chrlstlan character The group has been a very actlwe orgamzatlon this year Among the projects have been the sponsorship of open houses at the Y W C A ln conjunctlon wlth the Flotilla Club and the sale of magazine subscriptions to raise money for oclal functions Ofhcers this year were lmmy Pathsall treas urer Randolph Hall vlce presxdent Larry Wll son president and ones Cox secretary These boys were chosen by popular vote of their fellow members for leadership at the meetings and out slde actlvltles Wlth the help of a committee they declded on a bull lo be proposed at the Model General Assembly meeting held ln Rlch mond durxng April Delegates were sent from D nvllle to the convention jlMMr PATTISALL RANDOLPH HALL Treasurer VICE PfC5ldCnl LARRY NX lLsoN JONES Cox President Sccrclary 'lr W A. K V I Qi-5' s - M-..,, . 1' . F i Y .C . fn 5 ef M gi 2 " 2' 1 ' 4 fy- f L " il X' , gr i f sf: 2 u , 4 Q f- y , '75 ..,, I ' 5. F n. I . . ' ex 14 ' .. - Y. A . Y . 7' . . , Q . . - "Clean speech, clean sports. clean scholarship, and clean living" is the platform of the Beta Hi-Y Club. Composed of V . I . v - . ' 1 J ' . . A A 'tag a ' ' . , H , 4- Av'-' on 1 . : . Q- , . ' 't . fo 68 I'l'l0l'l'l 8l"5 . . . FLOTILLA nl' Il' FRANCES BXRBER DOROTHY VADEN LEE BERRY Secretary Presxdenl Vice President JACKIE WOODALL MARY FRANCES BROWN BETTY Lou JEFFERSON Program Cfwaxrman Treasurer Program Chairman 'A All the glfls look forward to becommg a umor so they can join the Flotllla Club This IS a hugh school cllvrslon of the Y W C A and lts purpose rs to ald lh the development of the relrglous social and home life of young woman hood ancl to establxsh lcleals that will be of beneflt to thenr future lxves Thelr actlvxtes dur mg the year make up a varxed program Some of them are a formal Christmas clance an 1 formal dance m the sprung and week ends at Stony Mxll The HIY and Flotilla sponsor frequent Open Houses held at the Y W C A 0l" ,ll,l'll0l" oned The Y Teen cluhs are made up of gurls from the seventh through the tenth grades They hold wcelclv meetings at tht Y W C A at vshuh hoth relglous and soclal programs we enjoys The bug event of thc year ms a fun packed vsuk Lnd at Stony Mull ln the sprung Iss PEhUlllmB ohns ls given a great dea of help hy the e xolunteer assistant 'lht g l thuk uu hook rcnu them and return them to the shelves They a so help student ln trlndlng parallel hooks xnd lnformatlon for report I5 sides he-mg an and to the llbrary they galn useful expenente nn thu eld of morlc MISS 0l'1l'lS SUDSOH Bafkel' Holt BYUHCI' BTOVND Motley wC'3Cl0l1 BHYHCS LEWIS 'D '-1 ll t - Je in y . 1 . t , M, LIBRARY ASSISTANTS M' ' J 1 1 A vamp- 1 . l . S A A 1 V 'I ' 5. K'- ificuriding dugfecfri, of an new . . . Reorganized last year, the lnternational Relations Club has as its purpose the promotion of interest in national and in- ternational aftairs among the students of George Washington. Membership in the organization is limited to students in the ninth, tenth, eleventh and twelfth grades who have an average of ninety or better in the social studies for at least one semester and have been at G. W. for at least one year. A faculty sponsor, Mr. Sturgell or Mr. Houser, is present at each of the monthly meetings to assist in the discussions, which usually deviate from the original topic into various unrelated channels. First Row: Nelson, Kirk, Adams, Hilliard, Foster, Wrenn, Turlcett, Penn, Riddle. Second Row: Snead, Garrett, Talbott, Brown, Jefferson, Vaden. Woodall, jackson. Garrett. Third Row: Mr. Sturgell, sponsor, Perry, Putze. Setlift, Rogers, Booth, Croxton, Harrison, Cloutier, Lyle, Overbey, Walker, Jones, Scruggs, Mr. Houser, sponsor. F1rslRou, Mary Dillard Moorefield Marie Woody Esther Krasney Marjorie Wooley Anne Lee lsenhour anlce Wrenn Betsy Garrett Second Rau, Mr Thomasson sponsor Chase Wheatly Ronnie Smith Bill Carpenter Harold Cloutier Frank Barnes ohn Booth Bobby Putze Archer Croxton Ever since the Science Forum had its beginning it has been one of the most active organizations in school This year was no exception as the group held bimonthly meetings at the homes of its members discussing problems in the various phases of Natural Science This is not a club but a forum just as the title says and is composed of the outstanding students in the Science Department Organized four years ago the group has grown in popularity so that its membership had to be limited to eighteen last year The sponsors this year Mr Thomasson and Mr Roesen have had to turn down several applications for membership l 1 I 1 l w w . 'I . . . . . - 1 1 1 1 1 1 Y' . . . . - - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - , . 1 ' 1 - v . , . . , -lt 5 lf Pedfy The modern ldea of the stuclv of Lattn ts that lt IS a llvlng language In that lt h s taken x new form th othcr lxnguages The Latin Club promotes this thought and studies words Clcrlved from Latin Once a month classes are dlspxnsed with and the students as a group seek to do something to vltalxze the subject Myths are studied and field trips made However the bug event of the year lS the Roman Festival carrled out ln Roman style and enjoyed by all .MEM IQDDCGQQ l 0 + UO 8 .Q "au, JU o ,Q JQCLJ. . . . . . . V . . , I I 1 .5 5 I V. ' b . ' 'Q' l- , :Q 2 t ll 'I PM 1' V :D ,. . 5 rf J .h JV J , , S? , Q I . I , V' L- e un"- I I i I 'I 'sq .- N-,F',L'4 ,"' 9 , -A ,-. ,k , .. .V , ' I 0 2. , - ,'. Y 'X N"f . K .xy Y XM r 4 lv 1 lf . 5 , E 4 1 I ' eg ,f l , lv 1 f' K: H ' ' !! ll !! . 'V U lg 45 V. ' , Q tl W Se - 1 Q f' 'ww ' I - gk, I --., Q4 , I omanfic fanguagea. . . . Ftrs! Rau Adams Hilliard Nostrandt Harden Flynn Gammon Second Ron Green Wrrght Taloott Rog rs Schmem Smrth Carter Nelson Barker Third Rou. Standmg Putze Wrlson Harrison Riddle Aron Dunlap Redmond Ingram Mrs Kushner sponsor Fourth Ron. Sell Robertson Walker Fzrsl Row Mc ueen Davns Castor Clark Tompkins Styers Powell Bradley Second Rom Baldwrn Lynch Smxth Krasny Daniels Myers Thompson Fourth Ron Upchurch Bennett Barker Kushner Lalrade Baum ones Among the more active hugh school organlzatrons are the French and Spanlsh Clubs La Fleu de Lrs and Caramba Cucararhes The prlnctpal purpose of the clubs IS to promo e mterest and a better understandmg of our foreign neighbors Each club presents a radio program and the Spanlsh Club an assembly on Pan American Day La Fleu de Lls rs sponsored by Mrs Kushner and the ofhcers are Margle Talbott president Barbara Green vrce presrdent David Sell secretary treas urer and Carolyn Schwem program chairman Mrss Mary Lou Cooke ts the sponsor of Caramba Cucaraches Betty ean Myers IS the president Carragher Henderson vtce president oan Smtth secretary and Ashby Baum treasurer .31 t l , ,, . Y ' . . - . . , . , - Q. A ' A , D N - . . , , v . . . , - . - ' lv ' 5 v I v ' I ' - v v v y - . - , . . , , . ' I Q , I , , , ' . , ' , - lf ' 1 I 5 . I Q 3 I I I ' Third Row: Pattisall, Hall, Gravely, Bishop, Coleman, Puryear, Wrenn, Siviter, Lucas, Miss Cooke, sponsor, Penn. '-' . . , . ' . . ,l - y . A 1 .. ' - , ' - - . . ' ' . ' - ' . J ' , , . - Elie? allefage glad Q5 in at if!- FG: Ftrsl Rott Kmtllng Henderson Croxton ones Putze Perry Lyle Booth Harrison Garrett Hall Second Ron Standing Vaden Rlddle Hxlllard Turkett nlallvott Adams Wrenn Wfoodwll Brown Penn Garrett Mrs Nlotlev These Sophomores umors and Seniors have an average of ninety or above and may be considered as our brain children Scholarship IS not all that membership th the National l-lonor Society IS based on though for to become one of the select group a student must demonstrate outstanding qualities of leadership character and servlce He must be elected by the members and approved by a faculty committee Under the guldance of Mrs Margaret Motley the society holds meetmgs durxng the school hours During the year gold pms and charms with emblems of the Natlonal Honor Society were ordered for the members who deslred them Thus years Semors recelvecl therr certrfleates of membershrp ln the sprang ohn Booth who served as presldent of the soclety this year was elected ln the fall Enoch ones and Archer Croxton were vlce presldent and secretary treasurer respectlvely These three led the meetings and made arrangements for the sprlng party Last year a banquet and program were held at the Green Lantern Tea Room to cllmax the years 3CflVlltCS Such an event I5 a tradlttonal 3581! MRS MARGARET MOTLEY Sponsor oHN BooTH Presrdent ENocH jovras VICE President ARCHER CROXTON Secretary Treasurer 5 J O I U 5 -' ' 7 ws- -- V,-up I A -" - -" " Q - 2 ." -f',""' ' lf" 1' l ,ax 'Af' X ',.',-97524 - - W V 'Wa 4 . f. ' . Q5 .. '. , ' -V A - an , 4, .. 'QQ ' '-"M, ' 4 ' 1? 'f " . 5 if ""' ' .- -'sk . ' " 4' ' -' L ' ,,, rf 'T -'gl -f' 1- . :I- -4 if 'r 1' - - 3 K , x ' ' K , ig. V" 'Ng 'N' ' . If 9 f' 'IQQQ ' HV. if ," Q. ' , ' ' 1 . ' ' , ' ul.. ,,, " "' MF rs' 'J 'A ' "" r 1: . ' ' rt ' ' . ,. 1'-'J' 4 Y . - . . . . , V .4 . - , . , . . , . - . . . . - . 1 . ' - . . . O I ' I ' . , . . . , . . . . .l - ' ' ' ' ' - ' - J . , Y . aafem 0 f e ,ae C3 Front Rau Thompson Talbott Thompson Garrett Penn Scearce Foley Back Rau Hamblrn Wilson Lyle Croxton Wtlmarth These students comprising G W s uill and Scroll have made outstanding accomplishments in the held of journalism ln addition to his high standm In journalistic worlr a member must be a umor or Senior ranking in the upper third of his class The sponsors of the or amzatlon Mrs Nora Payne Hill and Miss osephme Estes malce their selections from the and by sharing responsibility for the success of their publication LITERARY CONTESTANTS F1r.slRo1L Sealed Long Berry Brown Bradley Scand Rau Slandrnv McCollum Baucom ohnson Barber Wells Garrett Rosenberg Scruggs Third Ron Standing Mr Perlunson Cloutler Barnes Walker Carpenter Hairston Allen Leonard Douglas Wrenn 33 A n . . . S I ' 5 r N, XJ, - - g ' A , - ' . A J ' , ' ' members of the Chatterbox and CAVALIER staffs. Those who are chosen have shown their capability by willingness to work U ', - ' ,: . . I . , . . . - Q Y A i I , ., 9, Y I s fr . Q., ., va. 14, I 'ml 51-its , V. ' ' 4'-'Nr 1,41 f ' Sgr." ' ' - .gimp ulalzofcl our Acfzoof . . . on flue iefc! Fzrsl Ron Snead Davis Xxxllxams Rogers Adams Strand Rau Bendall Newell Lynch Crowder Fulton Bennett l-larrlson Haley Parr Cox Ylurd Rau Coach ones sponsor Holland Benyunes Lea Vtrenn Davls Bolton Fltzgerald Vlclcs Worley Perry ones XX ood Thr Nlonogram Club IS an honorary SOLICIV made up of students who have shoun outstanclmg ahllxty and excellent vsorlt the Homecoming Dance an athletu shovs and puhllshes all of the programs for the football games The purpose of the Club IS to promote fine sportsmanship and fnenclly competltlon ln athletics uphold the rules of the school and promote mterest m sports at George Washington Hugh bchool The club officers elected to serve clurmg the school year were Duck Adams treasurer Malls Rogers secretary erry Davis vrce president and Bully Williams presndent These boys along vuth George Haley and coaches El Wilson and Doug ones who were chosen sponsors by the members dlrect the actlvltxes of the club throughout the year Their major project this year was the drawlng up of a constltutlon for the c u A 1 5 ' -' t I - 'P . v . A - l 1 ' 'D v ' I 0 ' 1 1 1 I 1 I 1 ' s. in one or more of the major sports, or who have served two years as a cheerleader or manager, During the year the club sponsors , . . ., , . - , . , I I I 4 . .. .. . W l lm. r ., all ll'lfQC61,65 The National Athletic Scholastic Society for Secondary Schools was organized at George Washington rn lVIay 1946 by Coach Gerry urrk and Mr Christopher Appointed rn I947 Mr L G Wilson has served as faculty advisor to the group since then An honorary organization it is composed the general average of the school for three consecutive semesters and must have shown the highest type of citizenship and sportsmanship The arms of the society are to foster high scholarship among athletes to elevate the ideals of sports manshrp to stimulate a desire for balanced training and to develop more outstanding leaders rn secondary schools of the United States Mr Wilson sponsor Benyunes Harrison ones Worley Snead Rogers Woods Davis Wrenn Bolton Cox Lynch Crowder Knlclx xVllllBmS i 1 3.1 - A K a M . . I I' l . . ' ' IL 1 Q . . I X . f f of boys who must have earned a monogram in athletics, maintained an average equal to or higher than i j Q58 gli' 6 d Mlayif get fAeu' l'l'lal'l '41 Frrsl Rau. Seated Styers Styers Farrls Strader Davis Second Rott Sealed Hardy ones Berry Wood Klngery Standrng Mrs McCain sponsor Evans Coleman Thompson McDowell Carter Stuart Crogan Powell Pascuccl Wood all Walker Powell Wyatt Bradley Wrenn Doss Powell Mrs Moseley sponsor They say the way to a man s heart IS through hrs stomach so these glrls should have plenty of pros pectwe husbands Not only are they experts at coolcmg and Sewlng but therr year rs hllecl with good trmes All the glrls went to Broswell 1n the fall for a blg conventlon and made many new frlends and learned more about bemg good homemakers Not lon afterwards Mrs Styers had a slumber party for them and they are stlll tallcmg about xt At Chrlstmas they were the emy of every glrl m school Each one of them recelved a corsage whrch brought color and the Christmas Splflt to the student body In the spung the club had a dance and each of the lrls made her ovsn cotton dress After school last year ean Styers the presrdent attended a conventron rn Harrisonburg at lVlachson College She stayed four days enjoymg the partles and dances and attendmg mterest groups to learn means of rmprovmg the chapter She brought back many helpful ldC3S and the club mtencls to send another representatlve thus year If you want to have a good trme and learn to be a real homemaker be sure to become a Future Homemaker of America JU A ' ' f 1 1 o 0 o ju' , , Y I K I, . .A -1 , jf 'Y ag.-, 3.-. A , . -I 'f if-9. A ' 4 f,',j ' 4 JA, A ,. F.. 'fa .QQ t V . V rl .Q-2. by J. ' L , , Fw ,gifs-g" I . 4 JL. X . . - A H. ' ' -,fy - ,' ., s, fir, nf. '+s'.'a' .wi "i ,sr ., . " ,. 5319-1 ' '. : . , ' . . ' . '. I . J . . , ' - . '. ' V 1 1 v U 1 S V I 1 1 J 1 3 V1 ' f 7 . . . . . . V ' - . . ' C7 . D . 'l ' L14 ' ' ' I D . J , . - , 07118 g0 CLULC U1 G Lg way Every unror Rotarlan wlll look back with pleasure on h s experrences rn meeting with the Rotary Club These meet mgs gave the selected students an opportunrty to meet and know some of the outstanding cttlzens of Danville lt wasa prrvllege for which they were grateful to the Rotary Club Mr Chnstopher and Mr Baxa selected the representatives malung their choices from all fnelds of school actxvrty Each boy attended the luncheon meetmg every week for a month and was proud that he h d been chosen to represent his school before the Danvllle Rotary Club Standing lm Overbey Ernre Hamblm gam Kent Harold Cloutrer Raymond Perry Malls Rogers George Haley Bobby Hull Dwvnd Sell Sealed Mr Chrlstopher Mr Basra Standmf' France Brown Dorothy Vaden acklyn Woodall Margie Talbott Pat Foley Seated amce Yvrenn Mrs Mary Olnver Miss Woodson Betsy Garrett Absent u.f1en PICIUVL uas taken Suzanne Adams 'lhe junior members of the American Association of Umverslty Women of the Danvrlle Chapter were chosen by two of nts members Misses Oliver and Woodson These eight senior glrls are outstanding rn leadership character scholarshlp and vanous other actlvrtres ln school ltfe As a umverslty woman each attended one of the monthly meetings of the chapter She represented the school as well as her particular actlvrty it I l O I I O O J . . . , 1 . . . . 1 1 3 . A . , y JT I tl I M tl E ,,ifiQ i , as Q e mg 1, y y , K , Q. dz ' rv 14, pw g s :J ' ' . 's I , ' ' , . Miss DOROTHY FITZGERALD Director of Dramalrcs Miss Dorothv Fitzgerald better known to most of her students as Miss Fitz is indeed xmong the most actne teachers rn our faculty Other than her beloved dramatlcs she teaches English and stage construction During the summer vacation Miss Fitzgerald attends the Barter Theater conferences which are held in Abingdon This she does because she is so interested in the productions they give She is on the board of directors of the Little Theater group and is a member of other civic clubs Every year she pro duces here at George Washington at least three full length plays and number of one act plays Among the many sutcessful plays produced by Miss Fitzgerald in recent years have been ann. Tlx Houst of Seann Culwlcs me Czrls umor is unuarq Than Mrruclc af Ilia Custlt which was written by Miss lwtzgerxld herself and numerous others ,W QF5 First Row: McCollum, Berry, Kirk, Johnson, Krasney, Putze, Blanks, Wyatt, Fralin. Second Row: Barber, Ridgeway, Wright, Class, Culpepper, Riddle. Reynolds, llustice, Cousins, Stuart. Third Row: Miss Fitzgerald, sponsor, Pleasants, Parr, Walker, Adams, Lavinder, Boswell, jones. Amos, Cloutier, Jones, Fuller, Castor, Fuller, Sell, Clark, Lynch, Robertson, Matney. HS POT BOILERS STAGE DOOR The Dramatrcs Club rs composed of those students who hate had a year who have taken part rn a three act play are also elrgxble for memberslnp The Thev include sponsorlng at least three full length plays and a number of one of dramatlcs or stage construction Stuclents actrvltles ot the Club are many and varied act plays They also sponsor the assembly y ey enter t e clrstrrct contest oftentimes brmgmg home a wmner In such an event the play enters the state contest Another group compo ed of clramatlc students IS the Thesplans They are a part of the National Thesplans Dramatic Honorary Society These students mut meet requ rements made by that body They must take part lh actual play pro duction or the buslnes angle There are at present approxlmately twenty members ln G W Knee Img Penn Clark Slandmg Wfrlght Stuart Amos Pleasants ones Parr Sell Matney Boswell Krasney .l'I f T programs. Each ear th h 4 ' , ' ' ' ' . ' -' , . . ,J . . . . . . New to our school but not to stage work was S m Greene who w as caught here as he pointed out a few technl al details to Stg and lzltlt Yury Trudy Castor and Nanny Reynolds lnhese 'wo were responsxble for a large part of the laughs whlch Lum from Stage Door Then very names exactly otgosltz to what they should havz been were ln dttxtlvc of the comedy found tn the play C54 Aceorcllng to traclltxon every Christmas the scenes from the Natlvxty are gnen tn one of several forms g0IllClll'Ilt'9 they are part of a play and other tlmes they are ln tableau form One of the most beautl fu of all the Manger bu-ne IS shown here Mary and oseph are Norma Putze and Davld Sell he angels Franvees Barber and Shirley Wyatt tuna on I ay nt x hugh lnghts pre costumes and grease patnt Xn awful lol of work goes on behlnd that curtam Ask Davnd 'iell Doug Robertson or George Lavxncler They know These boys were often seen hammerlng away on a arge portion of the stave sets There they are worklng on the set for Stage Door the flfSt three act play of the year Those steps were kind of hard to build werent they boys5 Skaters XY altz7 Vbell lt mould eastly be called Each year a special assembly program IS pre pared and presented on the day we get out for the Chrlstmas holiday One of thus years chief attrac tlons was thus post card scene mf oan Allen and Carson Wonxatk as they pause just hefore a spxn around the lake Put' D a xl is ' all ' t 4 ', -tty ' ' l ' 2' 'cf IQ .A 'tl . ,I -I r ' is 1 w ' ' 4 . so. ' ' . ' - . V . Q K J so K ' ' 4 l , " ,' . l 4 ' ' 1 t 44a "'6""'nn1 aw, rl Flfbl ROIL I..-Hllfa ADH OHCS Carolyn Schwem EVElyl'l Doss Ovella H3 MISS WaltOYl BPOIISOI' SCCOFIIJ ROIL CaI'0lyn Wells ,XDHC Gaffel lm Kelik MCl'flClCS Donald Leonard JOOCJLFJ U1 d lg LUCL George Washington IS proud of the art class and lts work You do not have to be a Rembrandt to be ln this class for under the capable guxdance of Miss Walton the less fortunate ones as well as the talented are taught to draw Upon entermg the class the students start wlth pencrls and work up to olls Thelr work IS put on CXl1llJltlOIl m the art room mam hall and at some downtown store l school you may hnd art students dolng work wlth the Chatterbox and CAN ALIER on stage sets and on posters which add mterest to many school actxvltles Last year the Danville schools had an exhlbltlon of arts and handlcraft at the Nature Center George Washlngton students contrxbuted some works of fme art and as plans are belng made for a sxmllar show mg this year all the students have been hard at work on their favorlte form of art One of the most popular IS stlll llfe drawn elther m pastels or water colors In the summer of 50 Belk Leggett Company sponsored a Young Artists Club The memb rs plac d an exhlblt of their work ln the store Of the slxteen m mb rs all but two had been art students at George Waslllngton 41 fr ' ,l' X H' ' ' . 1' s f y. ' riflf, ' . V if - A Q il, -,A A .QQ QM 4 8 pile- I K g 4 , nga, -self yr, - . ' 1 ki., rg. , qs .1 ' K, ' " , it ' ' e P' ' 1-. .' "V l., .f ' Agri' v , s 1 l 4 ,A,Al' 1 'iv " , . of ..-fy , e ' - K '4L,. - , ,-gf-dz. - . f . . , - . , - . .- :, j , , . 0 0 0 0 0 3 7 ' Y Y ' 1 - . . ' , , 5. n , , r . . . , - , . I 1 Y n , . Q a ' p 4 sr sf . . . . . . S e Y ur voiced ride . . . The Glee Club of George Wash- ington High, under the direction of Miss Elizabeth Oliver, is one of the most active groups in school. The voices of these boys and girls play an important part in most of the programs given at C. W. and many of those at the City Auditorium. Throughout the entire school year the group has given programs consisting of both sacred and secular music for many Danville Clubs and other organizations both in and out of school. One of the most outstanding events of all the group's activities is the State's Fifth-District Contest held during the spring. The C-lee Club hrst entered these contests in l938 when it was being held in Richmond, and the singers have always received high rat- ings. ln l942, the group sang at the Nlosque Theater in Richmond. Their months of hard work were greatly re- warded for the tive entries made by the group received hve superior ratings, the highest award possible to music groups in Virginia. It was that same year that the Club was called the best high school glee club in the State and was invited to New York by Dr. Peter J. Wilhousky to sing on the Walter Damrosch program over the N.B.C. Network. In l943, these contests were temporarily discontinued because of the War, but, in I946, they were resumed and the George Washington Glee Club has entered every year since then, each time returning home with high ratings for a class A group. fx' 3 fv- QP .ff ,ffbr f Qw bfg. A k W, ang we ,0g0lfl,6, af fo Qi QI" If ,W 46 UF ln addition to their customary programs at Chrrstmas time the George Washington Glee Club has presented the Christ mas muslc from Handels Nlesslah for the past two years l.ast year lt was given at the rust Baptist Church and this year at the City AUdll0flUm lt was an ambltlous undertalung for them as rt IS seldom Clone by anyone but an adult choir but they sang rt wlth the reverent care due this masterworlc Sololsts for thrs years performance Included Charlene Lynch alto eanne Nostrandt soprano and E. C Moon tenor all of the present Glee Club Anne Swann alto Ray Alverson tenor and ohn Foster bass G W alumna - MBS Elllahftll Olltef Cl'10I'3l C0ndLlClOl' afld leafllel' of ITIUSIL at G W was formerly Supervisor of Music at qchoolfrcld Vlfalnla She holds a BS and a M A degree from New York Unnersrty She also studied al the Unnerslty of Vrrgrnla where she was student Instructor During the summers of I947 and I9-18 she was muslc Instructor at Nlassanetta the State muslc camp Miss Olner IS a memher of the boards of hoth the Dan vllle C ltfl C Musrc ASSOCl8lI0h and the Vlrglnla Music Educators Xssoclatlon She rs also a memher of the Music Educators Natronal Conference the American Assoclatlon of University Women The Danulle Nluslc qtudy Club Delta Kappa Gamma, and Phr Lamlwda Theta SOYOFIIICS She IS organnst and Lhorr director at West End Chrrshan Church -H 7 C I C g I F . ' Y, W 1 - N 5 'Y r t a . 5 W , ,r V I Q .1 I . I I . sr 'ff . " . . .R f Q P R, Q q Q v ' 2 so if' X 6 J 5 r i 1 it , , ' 58 I . . 1 . F ' V U ' -I . I eg COA? fo Qfffllflfleii The George Waslrrngton Hrglr qclrool Band numb rrng about a hundred members has made re markable advanc ment rn rts one year of exrstenc L d by an exe ll nt drrector Mr Eugene Stryker the band plays at th b gnnrng and end of a embly provrams and gave rmm a urable support to the moral of the t rm durrn the footbrll sea on It hrs rlso learned th n w Alena Mater sons, wrrtten by olrnny Vrccellro M tryk r recerwed lrr B lxl degree fon Syl reuse Lnrrersrtr and came lrere after dorng graduate work at tlr Lnrversrty of North Q rrolrrrr He rs rlso rn charge ol band rnstructron rt XX oodrow Xvrlson unror l-lrglr School Hrs was a drfferent task as there had b en no band rnstructron rn the school for llr menb rs contrnue to rmprox mar hly Bobby llrrxkms tumpt Bobby Hrll Andy Vi oods and Vlfrlton 'Vloore srxoplrone rnd ernn u lfce llulc rr: some of rlr more trlented and exp rrenc d mem b rs As an outgrowth of ther band work the four boys aboy along vrtlr sewerrl others hav formed a small orclrestr r known rs tlr Rhythm Rascals Two err C organlzatons lr rx won our thanks for th rr efforts rn our belrrlf The Rotary Qlub rarsecl lr mon y for the rnstruments and the Lrons are gorn to proxrde the band wrtlr unrforms XX rtlr so much entlrusrasm among our Danrrlle crtrzens rsrtlr such a'r able rnstruetor and vxrth the vrrllrnvness of the stu d nts to grwe time not requrred to garn credit for the course we wxrll certarnly hare the best band rn the State before long I-llliliilll lr if . 0 . . . . ' ' - , e ' ' , ' - ' D D I 7 ' P Cl 9 9 I L , . ,. - - e , . , e 3 f ' ss ' ' D' ' ' ' e 3 ' '. e ez " g 2 I es . 1.2 ' e e . ' j r'. S' 2 " 's . .. 3' 1' 1 "4 ' 5 ll . . ' ' ' ' e ' 'z'4z. 'uf Q A . ' J" ' f' . "1 " .',t' ' 9 ' many years. However, before the end of last year' the band was able to give a creditable performance. 2 21" ' "' 'e 'ai '. j '. 7 , r e. A, V' 7 . a r' .2 Ja 1 e 'z 1 'e' e - 2' . ' " Q' ", ' 'L . 'e, . K V . ' 1 ' e ' s 'z ' z. e . ' ' ffl 5 ae ' ' . ' el' ' Q . ' t 3 2 . Q . . . G . '. Y. . ,,. . O . . I Y. . . '. '4 . h Y V. I. . - v A o reafnew a ea as .ff -curve-1 M- 'Qj B Thls years Mllltary Corps of George Washlngton though smaller than ever before IS a good ex ample of well tralned men Wlth l.. C XXIllSOIl talclnv oler the commandant posltlon ln leplacement fOl Vaughn C Woodall the Cadet Corps contlnues to b an outstandlng unlt FlYSl ln command thls year IS Captaln lm Olerbey lm has been ln the mllltary corps several years and has been one of llS most efflclent memb rs Second ln command IS Flrst Lleutenant Donald Dudley also a flne leader The corps con slstlng of about forty three members or one platoon has b en studylng new warfare tactlcs They wlll make good use of these on thelr spllng maneuvers held annually at Park Sprlngs The mllltary corps has contlnued to be of SEYVICC to the students Each member who IS not an OEICCI has to stand guard duty at one of the several posts throughout the school Tllls IS done to keep a reasonable amount of order for the students ln classes whlle others are at luncll No one at G W IS requlred to take mllltary but many boys have found tllls phase of thell lllgll school tlalnlng to be very advantageous ln thell future lves jllvl OVERBEY Cupiam ANNI BANKIIEAD Sponsor 40 A J 0 0 0 Q-K - iii, fly-Q, .7 K A , ' r if A if 'ff-fi, , . A A- -We . . 71f,:.Cf'7!1:'1'L.a. "'.- a -re ' 4'-wars. -ffv v ' ' .1 1 - t, '. -:3,i3,N,. ,as ,.- .ug-V I N' A -- , 2 3 3 at-c l ,Yum V ,, ,..1 H-,K A K . . Q' . gi -ox' 4 1 ,K Q l- 3 f-f., ,- . t , f '7'.1'f'f ""- ' "vw 'wif 2 ' 'sr i K Q 'P . ' f .'1'fl"-' A 1. ..'VL.' " -q " t 4 ,.,,,'JL?",Z'- fe -1 f-'-.ffxf , - ' ' A 5 f 3 .I 4 ' , -wa 1- - ,,: l , 1 -X b- I Z., -N..,t:'.., W ,lg ,A 3 QM A gg' c-,,.'- , , - f '. I sv ..,,. J. ,. .. I-- ' fi 'P -'..f ,.' e .- HF - ' . . . sw- "'1- 1 - ' , .ieiglf 4' . ' --his ,L - ' ' ' ' ' . , . . . . I V - Y - . . . . Y . . . I . . . . D , D . , c . 0 . - c . , . , , Q v v ff ' , . , . , . , . . , QM! Lit 8 Llfleflt ,1- 5 ated Raymond Perry Mills Rogers Mr Christopher sponsor George Snead lm Ox rhey Stand 'lg ll B Daniel lolm Booth Bobby Putze Henry Xvalker The good conduct of G W s student body was ln part due to the honorary orgamzatlon known as the Xvashmgtonlans PflnClpal T Chrlstopher was agam sponsor as rn the prex 1ous years Hrs mterest plus the rmtlatlve of thrs select group ave George Washlngton a rellable body of good conduct enforcers Then vsork though sometlmes unpleasant was done to the b st of therr ablhty X nth the student body always the beneficlary By the pleased look on these scholars faces one can see that they celta nlv enjoy then books much that they have stayed at G VV overtrme to form the SEVEN YEAR CLL B First Ron Holland Fulton Stinson Kent Robertson Nunn Wells Parr Htll Green lngram S cond Rott Moon Lea Puryear Otto Gammon Kalezts Davls Clayton Roysler Wllllams Adams lorndexter Lynch Haley Fovslkes Hudglns Dudley -it I I I Il " Q ' 5 :- 5 . 5 V f , .1 .Xi nf' so K -.. V, .lx ' 1 eg l , 1 . K 3 , 4 x tglkt L fthe. X A , R V I, egg : : , ' , . '. , . 'e.. , . . . . .. , sg ' - . , q Y , S N, . ' , 'id ' " ---so ' 1 "P l" 1 I . I 1 U I 1 1 Av u Q I Y I 5 I ' Sccond Ron Goodson Dunn Long Crowes Dans DL-'Long Tlurd Ron Clayton ohn on udglns Powell Hamblln Lea Nlrss ghane lfll0Ql":50I'llC CL Q5l'l'l2l'l The Dlstubutne Educatlon Club of C VV has come a long way up the ladder of success Lnder the supelvlsxon of Mxss Katherme Shane the orgamzatlon wlth IIS twenty one regular members and forty hve assocxate members has recelved recognltlon for rtself as well as for the school Here we see Roger Lea operatlng the movle projector at the North The aer 'Ihls IS just one of the m1n Jobs held bv D E students To keep the old saying All work and no play makes ack a dull boy from eomxng true the e students combined work and fun They earn and learn whrle get ting the experxencc they wrll greatly need In the fu ure 4 . X in t :tl First Row: Slayton, Ramsey, Starr, Coleman, Snead, Alley, Hellman. A . J S . H 4 , ' . 4 . , 4- L - . . . l . 44 h l 1 y S 'IXUQJCA flw AW! dd 3 FITS' ROKL WYCHH Krasney Vaden Woody on Second Rau Stembrnclge Dame-ls Brown ustnce Wrenn Cous ns Third Rau, Mr Roesen sponsor Barnes Lyle Moses Gayle Garrett Mccraw Cloutler Garrett Booth Powell Bonner Kmelrng Hamblm Thls year the Photography Club haung been enlarged to twenty hve members was more actlve than lt had been ln several years Under their new advlsor Mr Roesen the club rose to helghts above just the talcmg and developing of plctures From the Kodak Company slides and lectures were obtamed These were presented at the seml monthly meetlngs The Club s purpose IS solely to promote and mcrease the knowledge and Interest ln photography A com mlttee was appomted to move the dark room from the overcrowded corner of 2I I to a more convenient and practical room m the laboratory Having elected of fxcers at a meetmg of the four old members the club began admlttlng members whom they thought were Interested and slncere Frank Barnes headed the or ganlzatlon thus year wlth Jamce Wrenn as the vlce presldent Royster Lyle was appointed busmess man hip.. 31F"l"P wfwww' "'P' ff- dger Ernxe Hamblms prlze vunnmg photograph th the contest sponsored hy the club this sprung 2455-4- BARBARA A Cams 'Xvvr Fu IIAHFTH l INN MARGIE TALBOTT d d CI"0lfUI'L yOU, lfleefl 0I'l'l8C0l'l'llIfl9 I I I CL Cl M100 Q11 1 was I I ugnnnlng 0 t 1 omuumlng I ra nr manv th-tl mt P A ann rc IP that Cuorg: ashlngton :tudcntx MPI? bank I I str team I xsax a say a gaa uent x cn Xerv tyre of auto gdl denorated and led by a poltue tar traxeled the streets of Danville and Snhoolfteld maktng loud rapkets mgngx vervonc h Id ht 'Nreat t at I nr ay n U It a Q ws xtted tn suspense for er nuvcsty 1nd he-r attendtnts inter Lt xfvue 1 ttmcy ro 19 across Ihr' fu' ln n tonur It u 1 In I a v 1 atm xrow or 1 nc Ili tt tn: N uve our 'nxt tum Ncenes we-rr x xxllv 1 .errant wtttncf cmd our Joys p awed e tg ttf' t an evtremvlv NITOYIU oanokt tr tm It x 15 .x gmod gvxmc tn Saturdav ntght the Grand uuauh was JIHKLOIIUUU WCS 9D W li P L ON nIl'lU U llf"C'l'l Ullll I UYIIITIU Vi t nne 4 I x ts t the ttlront lay Nlono gram Clul president Bully tlltama and Lruwnvd by ouh X F IQOTI On etther atde stood her at tens mt Mxrfwr 1 sit c corted I-v MII: Roger- an I' lf N K K flfy dNlN X er Ll U tn I 1 I rs tw ry In right tn L on tn a lxautttully flecoratcd gym fach g I an her escort were an nountefl x I met to uw netmeen gon 1 x una y these' tv1onoortn1 Q u ntvrtttc N n t ur atu a formed a lane In velcome the-tr prrst tant and Ihr quu-n they H td thown y rft 1 ur e ucafion wow we rounclec! . . . It was the last period of the day and we were all so tlred but Mass Brown msrsted that exercxse was the best muscle bullder fwhat are we golng to do when we get them? Led by Captarns Wanda Dunlap ayne Holt Mary Fran ces Powers and Frances Brown we cut a pretty figure we and our shadows that as For the most part we drd our push ups together but there were always a few laggmg behmd By the end of the year we the weaker sex were ready for professional football Huh gals? Roanoke game found us a little lackmg on the scoring end but rlght at the top un spmt At our Homecoming Game the boys really put up a fnght Here erry Davrs that mass of arms and legs ln the foreground joined with Number 50 known as Malls Rogers and Wilson Newell Number 22 to see rt through Wilson made good on hrs lone try to score and we closed the game at 27 to 7 Forward marchl Hup two three four The old familiar words dnft back to us from the marching grounds of the George Washington Military Corps namely the athletrc held The Corps was a compact umt of boys trained ln dlSClPll!'lC courtesy to officers the manual of arms and drrll perfectron They would be fully prepared lh hme of need to defend their country Among the many dunes of the group one of the most Important was guarclmg restrleted areas during lunch The bug event of the year was maneuvers when the boys took lt like men for a couple of days Thls year for the first time they also had target practice J 1 . . . Q t ' . . , , . . I I f s g . , Y K . "W'e've got that fighting spirit, we will win!" The . - J w ZS GHS xv, 4411? SPO RTS X 911 .jawn flghf f r! 1 wc 1 xr y nf C xrrcli :nn N argl: ldll II Alavnt' XX wkon Louie flovsar I'l f 8 way CLC 1 1 5 l 0 1 1 , . . . . lfim R1u':C,"llzlIzc1,.An' li V P- ,.1 wo.. -Y , k ' Swmnl Rvws Curr:-ll Fzwlvy. johnny Y14u'lliu. Nlzu Hialmnp, Rlxndy Stinson, Lewis Cuoclrnnn, 0 A A A 0 c 0 rain-frudf 0 file gri iron . . . MR JONES MR WILSON head coach MR HARDING MR HOUSER Stantmg a new season under the leadershlp of coach El Wllson and hlS asslstant Blll Harding George Washington agam used the T formatlon and mxtnessed a comparatlvely successful season fmlsh mg wlth a record of 4 5 l George Washington opened 1ts grld campalgn m Charlottesvrlle losmg a hard fought game m the last mmutes I3 7 erry Davls ran over from Lane s 5 yard lme to he the game A Newell to Rogers pass put the Redbuds ahead 7 6 Later Lane recovered a C W fumble and went on to wm At League Park to start the home schedule Danville racked up a I4 I3 wln over hlghly favored Salem Touchdowns by Overbey and WllllamS and Newell s perfect placements provxded the Cards with then fnst conference wm ln three years Co captam Ed Wrenn led the hard chargmg hne that kept Salem IH then own terrltory throughout the game ln Newport News the Redbirds were able to match the Typhoon attack IH exery department except passmg Davls crashed over for the lone touchdown Davls Rogers and Haley conslstently went through the Typhoon hne for yardage Back home George Washington faced a fired up Schoolheld eleven VNl'llCl1 held Danville for the first half ln the second half the Cardmals settled down and emerged wlth a 7 0 victory Lynch Nunn 'I urner and Lavmder shone on the lme while Roger Adams and Davxs stood out rn the baclcfleld For Newell It was a fifth straight converston ourneymg to Lynchburg the Redbirds met the unbeaten Glass eleven paced by xmmy Wades txso touchdowns ln the first three quarters Power was the decldmg factor ln the I9 0 defeat The Cardmals began the last half of their season at Martinsville Wltlm the Bulldogs matching Dan wlle s ground attack with good passlng they held the score to a 6 6 deadlock On the lme Lynch and Parr were outstandmg along wnth Overbey who scored the G W touchdown Haley and Davls led the Redbrrd ground attack whlle Wllllams was averagmg 34 yards per punt 00 w . , . , , . , . . . . .4 n - . . . . v 1 - v , - w . J . , . . , ' . . c ' " . , . . . v 1 ' . . , . . . . , , - as u - - , f v v s - s ' - y v v 1 Uv v - , . . . . a .I V V J ' . , . , . v ' - . , , , , . . . , . .X4 Accra!-ggAfing unif . . . First Row: Royster, Adams, Overbey, Haley, Lynch, Co-Captain Wvilliams, Co-Captain Wrenn, Parr. Davis, Rogers, Vlvorley, Vvlalker. Playing at home, South Boston proved to be a "Friend" as George Vvashington rolled to their most one-sided victory, 40-6. The Cardinal eleven scored on drives of 64, 52, and 49 yards. Two intercepted passes and a recovered fumble led to the other three scores. Haley bulled his way for two tallies. De- ceptive Mills Rogers equalled that mark, and Belton and Setliff each collected a six-pointer. Vvilson Newell kicked three conversions and ran for a fourth. Xvrenn, Cox, Lynch, Nunn, and Perry were the workhorses on the line. Appearing before a large Homecoming crowd, the Redbirds were able to score only once against a powerful Roanoke team. George Haley tallied the lone G. W. touchdown as the Cardinals went down in a 27-7 defeat. Offensively, George Wasllington was able to move the ball well in the middle of the field. while the attack bogged down as it approached the goal line. Sparking the line were Parr, Overbey, and Lavinder, while Haley, Rogers, and Davis worked in the backfield. At Kiker Stadium, when the Cardinals met the Reidsville Lions, the fans witnessed some poor offici- ating. After several attempts by George Washington for a goal, George Haley finally ran one over that could not be called back. The Cardinals led in every department except scoring, which was I3-6. Over- bey, Lynch, and Royster starred on the line, while it was Haley and Belton in the backiield. Traveling to Portsmouth, George Wasliington ended their grid season with a 20-I3 victory over Craddock High. The winning touchdown was set up by an oddity that might well claim Virginia's foot- ball freak of the year. As G. XV. was kicking off after the tying touchdown, a big gust of wind caught the ball, carrying it back toward the Danville players. Overbey caught the ball and the officials ruled it an on-sides kick, giving G. W. possession of the ball. Rogers, Haley, and Davis, the latter two scoring the touchdowns, continued their outstanding play in the backfield. Nunn, Lynch, and Royster sparked the line. Sli Second Row: Keck, Fulton, Robertson, Nunn, Scearce, Lavinder, Setlift, Baum, Gravely, Cox, Turner. Manager Benyunes. Third Row : Manager Wilson. Jarrett, Bennett, Kniclc, Upchurch, Hairston, Bebeau, Manager Fitzgerald. The fans and students in Danville were not only proud of the football team, but also proud of George Haley for being selected for a position on the All-Vvestern and All-State teams. We were sure that he deserved this honor and were glad to find that the authorities agreed with us. In the schedule for '5l will be three new teams for George Wasliington to tackle. Leaving the schedule will be Schoolfield, South Boston, and Craddock. Hamp- ton, Mount Vernon, and Glen Allen will replace them. In the annual Monogram Assembly Coach Wilson awarded letters to 25 players and one manager. Those receiving letters were: Dick Adams, Ronnie Belton, Jones Cox, Raymond Davis, Jerry Davis, jimmy Gravely, Sam Hairston, George Haley, Billy Jarrett, George Lavinder, Joe Lynch, Wilson Newell, Melvin Nunn, Jim Overbey, Bobby Parr, Raymond Perry, Ed Vvrenn, Doug Robertson, Mills Rogers, Johnny Royster, Roy Set- lift, Jimmy Turner, Henry Walker, Billy Williams, Billy Worley. It A llllclic ELMER XX'1l.soN Director and Plead Football Coach 'Q' ,YQ LJVM lx! - is , x ,also ' Nj? "-.n6'Y - f wi""!'f 2 M'?.."" of-"" any-' rg' HN Y RM .39 'll Can 'X jxnmw Il1l'Ht'lA. H-Ifnws Cox, C'-Alcrry Dnxnf. I3-Billy xX'iHirlIllS, I".-Qc-urge Lz1x'il1dc'1'. If-Billy Xxwurlvy, fl-Jvrllllllh' li Nlll lingers, l-IM li Adnlns. KI-Billy Jnrrcll. K-Holmlmy Parr. S Rowlvl' A V ,in f-V M gl? l Kl if x V D 0 1 ga, Sv! .pag- 'M l f 1 .9-QQPA Q.--1 N lb' pf -Mlm F ss 'Ib QUIK Q' A lfcl XV1'e11l1, B-Jilnlny Uverlmcy, C'-Henry Vl"ullic'x', U-,loc Lynclm. Ll-George Haley, l"-Raymoncl Davis. Q-Raynmoncl rry, ll-Ronnie' Belton, l--lllllllly' CLmvely. jllclviu Nunn. K-Xvilsrm Newell. V p0fQI'l!ld!5fdl':5 Fzrsl Ron QPIYO Kamluesls Levu Coulman Bruce Xxelbrook lmmy Melvln Charles Dennv Lee Clarke Calvin l-owler Terry Ley Bull Roberts lmmy Gayle Hughes Davis Xhram ack Thom: Richard Vt hlle- Plnlshmg vsrth a 2 Z record the X s xx ere able to obtann enough CXPCYICHCC to glve some a chance at varsrty ln Dl Know mg the Importance of the unror Varsnty coaches Doug ones and Tom Houser put thelr boys 'hrough extended drills throughout the gud season Through determlnatron the r Cardlnals beat Roanoke I9 0 and l-largraxe 20 6 but lost hard fought games to Lynchburg 25 6 and Emporla 32 0 U P 0 o o o A. ':.' 'IS 1,1 f, 'vs . I, . 1. ' , l '- SL-rand Rnru: Chase XVhf-alley, lrlarry Garrett, Sonny Wvillianxs. Bobby Newell, Robert Duncan, Travis Patlerson, Bryant ' '. f s, .s, 7 . .. .V . v, - ,.. V . , . . . ' -' . - 7, ' ' 1 . ' All , . ' .f , "N , b- 4, 7' , ,. .1 k KJ A-N 4 1.1 ,,,1f'--Leno'--fIng,-J, 4 , 1 aff- ' -e t 2 I -!wl,gf, K ,J 4 , L 4: . 1 - f , 1 f'- f - fr, bw.- fy .. , V Kneeling Woods Holland Leonard Booth Woods Turner Newell Slandmg Croxton manager Crawford Henderson Xi orley Bolton LaPracle Woody Coach Mathes Daniel manager MJ" al"6!lfU00 QPOQJ George Xvashlngton High School s Cardinal cagers experlenced one of lts most successful seasons this year With only three lettermen returnrn from the l950 squad Coach Al Mathes bullt the team mto one of the powerhouses of the State As thls publrcatlon went to press the record for thls year was I3 4 wrth games strll to b plax ed vxrth Burlington and Lynchburg to decrcle the district Cham pronshlp Wrnnlnv ewht of eleven non clrstrxft games and five of thelr slx dlstrlct ames the Redblrcls won an mvltatxon to the annual State Tournament held thrs year rn Norfolk lVlarch8 9 I0 The Greensboro Whrrlles was the only team to cle feat the Cardinals twlce rn re ular season play G XV owns double vrctorres over Salem Roanoke South Boston Schoolfleld lVlart1nsv1lle and Reldsvllle They spllt two ames ruth the Lynchburg l-lllltoppers losmg by a 50 38 core ln Lynchburg and comxnv back to score a 53 43 victory at the Crty Armory Burlm ton owns a four pomt vlctory over the Redhlrds rn th rr only meetrnv this year Coach lVlathes bullt thrs year s team around Captarn 01 : Q 1 I V 1 O ' . , v V ' - 1 v . - - r . . v , - A J A O l Q . . , . . . . g 1 . - . A , 3 J Y, S: 0 ' ' o D ' ' - -' U as - sv - 1 y 1 a - ' 0 3 . . . 1 y v 1 n - - . ., . . rr ' 1 o . . x - C I . ' 0 - I . ' rr v . . Q. . " :r . . , . f' 1 X, if l WMM rx wa- ogy iiaff i Jak azif l'l'l0UU'lg Cll' 5 lts a tvxo pointer for Cage-y Hender on as the llfdhlffl roll t a one sldecl VICIOYY over Salem Bull Bolton who broke his own scoring lCC0ld lVl1ckey Crawford Carraghel Henderson ack Woods Rov Holland and Vlfllson Newell along with Bolton made up the startmg flve Showmg marked lmprovement as the season plofflessed these boys scored 40 more pomts ln their elghth game than ln the first ohn Booth lmmy Leonard NY oodrovx l aprade Sam Worley Andy Woods Raymond Xvoody and lmmy Turner were capable reserves on which Coach Nlathes could rely s replacements Bolton Booth and Leonard are the only members who wlll not be returnmg for the SI 52 squad lhe returnmg lettermen and addltlonal replacements from the umor Varslty should mean another successful season IKYILLIITII., Gary Carter l'ranlue ones Dltklf Douglas Bohhy Newell lmmy Melvin Raymond Mltchell Sonny Qheelc Slandm Al Barley Chase Wheatley Davl Abrams Ronnie Belton nmmy Gravely Bxlly Hall Rxchard Whlte Blll Hardlng coach 63 1 . Q . . ' ' - ' i s s ' s o - . O. ' ,l , , 7 ' A , . , . . V . A! a Finding a replacement for Bolton will be the prime worry of Coach lVlathes for next year's team. - . 1 . . . J . . , ,H.l,: V. V- .J -' Y' v'J, ,' .1 lk. . I .g:A . ' V .S ' . v J. I . ' . ,. V . 1 I I - ,- X ' 'iffy D VJ ,tj .. - .,',,N.f T ' ' "L" . 9,5 Y r I A xV,A,.. ff-. 'J-ef L-,Q 'nfl ,Vvx ? KS 4 9 A V ll "4-4.5 ' - , ',, ff" Q ,QMJ ""' 'ij 'QQ 2 Wllilzfin ollac!Airc!5.l. I Q N .9'?9 ? Zia, FrrslRor Styers Ram my Dunlap Dans Redmond Baldx Second Ron Mc ueen bay l-lardzn ohnson Flynn Gammon Tlrrrrl ROIL lkllni D3ll0n L ane I.0WC ell Completrng th rr serson urtlr 1 record of seren urns and four losses the George XY ashrngton Lwdv buds racked up a total of 3l8 pornts as compared to th rr opponents 760 The Lady Cardrnals got oil' to a good start by capturrnv three strarght vrctorres 'llre fourth game wx as the bwgest upset of the season as Qchoolfreld rn the final second of plav made good on 1 foul shot and mon the Game 38 to 37 The Rerdsxrlle Orrls tsxrce defeated the Gxvrtes In the second trlt between the tsso teams Peggy Davrs sustarned a sprarned ankle and was unable to plav rn sex eral followrng games The Redbrrds only Under the trne leadershrp of then coaches Nlrss Betty Brown and lVlrss Elrzabeth Allen the grrls held long practrces and raprdly garned experrence Co Captarns Xvanda Dunlap and Peggy Dams proved then capabrlrty by then top notch plavrnv and good sports manshrp throughout the season l-lrgh scorer for the team vms Pat Ramsey who accounted for I I9 pornts Closely followwrnv rn the scorrnv parade w re Dot Bald wrn and Peggy Dans respectrvely Cutstandrng as guards were W anda Dunlap oan Redmond oan Styers Betty Harden and Betty McQueen Among the hrgh school teams encountered by th Redbrrds were Schoolfreld Brosvrlle Rerdsvrlle Martrnswrlle and C H Frrend of South Boston Phrlrp s Busrness College Ferrum unror College and Avhrett ws ere also rncluded on the schedule hlembers of the team who wrll not return next year are Dot Baldssrn oan Redmond Betty Harden Barbara ean Gay and Marjorre Vvebb Mrss Bnrrr Rows' Mrss ELIZABETIFAI LEIX X I U ir ., 3 X tl J a X , v Q '- Q Y ' 's 1 k' Y ,l F5 . Sm . . . vin. x 1. ' ' v i. . . . . ' 7 ' 1 e A 1. ' . - A ' ' c ' s . ' . ,- , . . . l Q.. , H 1 - I . C . I. . NK. . .. G . I X. , 1' - O N . O .s Y 4 I , C - V .. . . . : , D rl , ' , . q U, , . Q' other loss was to Ferrum Junior' College by a score of 26 to I-4. 'K V- V . . , I l l . .. l - fr A , tv A . . Q. - . . ,. l 'f' . I . . l . 4 D U- ' 4 ' , O ' ' ' x- I 'c , ' l . . - V 3 - 5 . L, . S - .X I: 1 t . J . ,l . , , 1 U . 7 ! V i ' 1 1 X r v ' . ' i . , ' . . : t . 4 5 -' . v . . I - 1 . x X f N X . . ,. . 4 - K ri-1 - , F1rslRo1L Bennett Benyunes managers Sncond Ron Davis Belton Woods Williams Woods Crowder Kmclc Fulton ones Royster KhlCk Tfnrd Ron Coacb Lefty Nvll on arrett xVllSOh Newell Carter Fulton Bolton Perry Collins Dun an Ctooclson Scrsm fore keeper Ula, ri a af U1 f Q 5l9I'U'lg The boys that comprlsed the I950 baseball team at George Washington slugged thelr way to an un blemlshed season not dropplng a slngle game Coached by Lefty Wllson one who certalnly knows base ball from all angles the Cardlnals were able to block opponents power with the superb pltchmg of Stolcle Fulton Bllly Carter Xvllson Newell and Ronme Belton wxhlle at the plate S Fulton Williams Perry and Collins provlded most of the powel LEFTY WlLsoN lVlelw1n Collins th Redbirds flashy shortstop was awarded the trophy as Most Valuable Player while Frank Fulton was elected captaln for 51 After makmg such a fme showing xn dlstrlct play George Vsfash mgton was unable to determine thelr State status SIHCC the State tournanent was called oft by agre ment among the schools The players wanted to play more ball so Coach Wllson extended an mvltatlon to Arllngton for an unofticxal play off for tltle It was turned down --if-1 ' Y: , , . 5.' . C 7 y I.. ft' ' ft ' ,tux fm Xa, All I - I 60 Frrsl Row Booth Browder Rogers Cox Adams Second Row Gatewood Swann Haley Mebane Fitzgerald Martin Tlurd Rau, Webber manager LaPrade Swain Butts Smith manager Parr Les Hooker coach l'l'll0l"0UQl'l'lel'll a ea Track was revived at George Washington by Coach Lester Hooker after a d1scont1nuat1on of ten years Since Danville lacked proper practice facilities the Cardinal trackmen Journeyed to Hargrave Mlll tary Academy in Chatham for their workouts Track was a new sport to all candidates last year and this mexperrence pioved to be a decided handicap By the end of the season the entire twenty two man team was showing improvement and tl1e outlook for I95I IS bright Coach El Wilson will train the cmder men in l95l George Washington began the season with a Triangular meet with Glass l-lrgh and Hargrave M111 tary Academy at Lynchburg The veteran trackmen from E. C Glass romped off with top honors for the night by scoring 106 points H M A claimed 21 ' 2 points and G W trailed with I3' 2 points Scor Rogeis with l each and 1mmy Overbey and Bruce Westbrook with M G W placed in n1ne of the thirteen events with Mebane taking top honors in the one half mile event The Wolverines of Salem beat G W next 1n a hard fought duel BOM to 28M The Cards had only one first place the broad Jump 1n which Doug Butts took honors with a I9 foot two inch leap 1m Overbey pole vaulter tore his leg with a spike and was unable to participate Butts proved high man for G W with 5 followed by Rogers with 4M points The local tracksters completed their season with the State meet at Williamsburg ualifying rounds were held one day and the finals the next Representing the Cards were AI Mebane and ohn Booth 1n the 880 and mile runs Bob Fitzgerald Mills Rogers Dick Adams and Ray Martin 1n the relays Doug Butts and Wrckey Swain in the broad jump George Haley in the discus and ones Cox 1n the shot put 66 l ll J . . . A . . . 'l s . . . f . l . .. I . . X . . - 1ng for the Cardinals were: Al Mebane with 7M, John Booth 2, Daniel Morris, Ed Gatewood, and Mills piggy .-1 . -J - Mi X . . . . , I ," . x ' Q - X . so e c . 1. ' . ' u : , u Q J A eg lfU"I'l8J fAe COMP! X 5 lwenms rs on the upgrade at George Waslrrngton after MQ' two medrocre seasons The Cardmals won four and lost srx last year Captarn George Snead paced last year s team wrthout chopprng 1 match rn hrgh school competrtron Other members ol the team were Brlly Anderson Courtenay Harrrson oe Reynolds Gordon Woody lVlrlls Rogers Qharhe Rrddle and ohn Luther rv Snead Harrrson Reynolds and Rogers wrll oe the only players returmng for play rn JI Then return makes George Waslrrngton a favorable contender for the State champronshrp now held by Thomas efferson of Rrchmond Doug ones wrll agarn coach the racqueteers Last year rn the State tennls tournament Captam Snead and Harrrson entered from Danvrlle the former playrng srngles and teaming wlth the latter for doubles Srx boys were awarded letters for therr outstanding work on the team Those recervrng letters were Snead Anderson Harrrson Reynolds Woody and Rogers Snead was elected by hrs teammates as the most valuable player and also as captarn for the second consecutrve year On the tennrs schedule thrs sprrng are U N C Freshmen Ralergh N C Lynchburg Roanoke Martrnsvrlle N C State Freshmen Oak Rrdge and Hargrave Frllnl Ifull Courtenay HBIYISOD oe Reynolds Andef on Buck ROIL Coach ones George Snead MINS Rogers Charles Rlddle Abscnl when prclure was taken Gordon Woody 67 ...G LUa.'5l'l0tlfU0l"... The bright smiling faces of the unlor High students show the general mood that lunch period brought After a mad rush through the halls there was always plenty of time to rest while waiting to pay for the food Catherine Carter seemed pretty well perturbed about something Xwhen asked what lt was she said that she wasnt sure she would ever get to eat at the slow rate the line was moving Ducky Cuyer called out from the end What about me? Five minutes to go fellersl Time for a couple more puffs Donalds car made a good gathering place lt must have been pretty windy with all the trouble oe Vicks and Eugene Holland practiced on cigars They want to know how to do lt casually when they become executives R and ohnny showed off their skull at blovslng smoke rings while Bills and Ashbys smiles proved that they satisfy We had nothing to do but loaf that is until the bell rang These were the times that made us appreciate school We would gather under the trees for all the latest news Betsy Garrett was telling it to the boys Bull Bolton and Richard Crowder There was that twosome Doris Thompson and Earle Garrett just as interested in each other as if they hadnt been together for weeks Barbara Green and Courtenay Harrison were making with serious talk while Anne Penn told Kathryne Richmond a choice bit We always expected rmmy Overbey to listen to Anne but when anybody got ohnny Vnccellio s attention that was news 6 R3 . ' . . I . ' . r f is having giving Mr. Perl: a light. Big shots, Lindy x , . . .. , . , 8 SENICRS SENICR ADVISORY BOARD Ml' Baxa llllaInS F0789 gnead lmmy Le0nafd FYHFICCS BYOWD Bafbafa Can Cay ohn BOOll'l lfllfny Owerbey oan Smlth Frrst as Freshmen shy and meek Through those fears of our frrst xr eek Lots of smrleb for every tear Lots of thrngs to learn that year Second year me re Sophomoree Not so Qtudrous Hb before Alvx aye busy haung fun Workrnv only on the run We were unrors ere we thought Serrously of what we ought Vvhy we re here what good rt ll do Hou to ws ork to get us through benrora then before we knew ust one more year rn wshrch to Every lrttle extra thing Qenror prrvrleges drd brrng Tune has come to graduate Vlfho would thrnk rt was so lerte Gut we go to face mankrnd Leaung smrles and tears behind qome of us wrll make a hrt Others nerr a desk wrll srt But often vue wall thrnk of school As 1 frrendshlp not a tool DAVID Sr LL SENIOR OFFICERS JIMMY LEONARD IVIARY FRANCES Bkoww JIM OVERBE5 SENIOR SPONSORS Mass Walton MISS ones Mr Clark Mlss McE.lrath Miss Matthews 71 Sucrelary-Treasurer Vice-President Prusfdenl ASS OF ETEEN Qfwftyyr Y 'Q FT 0 ADAMS SULANNF Fu e fool lu,o eyes of blue Ynlweens Thesplans Student Councll Honor Soclety ln texnatlonal Relations Club Dramatlcs Club Vlee PYCSI dent of Homexoom C A R Sub Deb Flenclm Club Latin Club Almost Elgbt een D ekyll and M1 Hyde N1neC,nls Clrls Tenms Team Delegate to S A S C Conventlon ln Olcla l1OIH'i City AEEEX BETTXE LOU Tall and talkalzte Dramatlcs Club D E Club Glee Club Y Teens APPLE 'IORLONIA .Short but sued S uclentCounc1l Replesentu tue Flotllla Club BALDWIN DOROIHX MAE The eyes lransfen flom Vllaslnngton Lee, Arlmgton, VllglHl3, ln 1930, Spanxsh Club, B F B Sub Deb,Secreta1y Tmeas uler Homeloom, Basketball BARBER, FRANCES NEWTON Dzmples Assnstant Art EdllOl, CAXA LIER, Y Teens, Secretary, Flotllla, Glee Club, French Club, D E Club, Open House Councll, Dramatxcs Club, Publxc Speakmg Club Art Club BAREOUR, JAMFS THORNTON The srleni type Honor Soclety I 1 GEORGE WASHINGTON HIGH SCHOOL BARNES, FRANK WALLACE Words are more eloquent than silence Vice-President Homeroomg Chatterbox Photographer '46- '48: CAVALIER Photographer '47-'48g Chatterbox Staffg Press Club: Photography Club: Golf Teamg Debating Teamg Literary Contestantg Latin Clubg Science Forumg Busines Manager Photogra phy Club Open House Coun cxl Presicl nt Photography Club News Editor Chatter ox BOLTON JAMLS WILLIAM ulet but outstanding Monogram Club President Homeloom Captain Basket ball Team Baseball BOOKER Joi-iN WESLEY Slly guy Latin Club BooTH JOHN Louis Sincerely yours Student Council Representa tive ucliciary President Honor Society Military Corps CAXALIFR Latin Club International Relations Club Photography Club Track Basketball Eagle Scout Science Forum Senior Council Washingtonian State Track Meet 50 BOSWELL PEGGY JUNE Hitch your wagon to a star Glee Club Y Teens Dra E Club Library Assistant Nine Cnrls unior Miss Stage Door Ange Street A Young Man s Fancy Pot Boiler BROWDER DONNA LEE Listen to her laugh Y Teens Sub Debs Presi clent Hom room G1 e Club L 5 - 3 - . 3 . S 1 ' - b . , 1 . 3 . . Z . - Q . . ' Q Y , P l N X 1 J ' ' 2 ' A ' . 2 its r . y . ' ' , l - . A Q . C 1 , 1 9 ' . . l . 1 . , , C 2 ' . .. . H I ' I ' , matics Club: Thespiansg D. 1 R g z ' ' 5 T ss. .. - . I.. ...I . . 3. , , an an .Q I ,, .. , I .. ., .. - ., 3 . Y Y - 3 - : '- ' , V ,., f- . Q D i G i FTY ONE BROWN MARX FRANCES smzle or all Vrce Presrclent l-lo,meroom Presrclent Homeroom Student ,Couno1lRepresentat1ve Presr clent Y Teens Vrce Presrclent Senror Class Honor Socrety unror Representatrve Home room lnternat1onalRelat1ons Club Chatterbox Faculty Edrtor CAXALIER Press Club Treasurer Flotrlla L1 brary Assrstant Lrterary Con testant Photography Club unror Unrversrty Woman D A R Award BRUNER BARBARA JEARNLTTE A date wrtlr N C State Y Teens Latrn Club Stu dent Councrl Representatrve Lrbrary Assrstant Vrce Pres rclent Homeroom Clee Club C ARPLRTFR WILLIAM An ansu er for euerq question Transfer from Peabody Hrglr School Prttsburglr Pennsyl vanra 1n 49 Latrn Club Scrence Forum lVl 1 l 1 t a r y Corps Lrterary Contestants Assocrate Member D E. CARTER CAROL LORRAINE Sueet Lorrarne Vrce Presrdent Homeroom P1es1dentF H A D E. C ub QLOUTILR HAROLD josEPH Yankee Doodle Cloutzu llresprans Dramatrcs Club Crlee Club Chatterbox Staff unror Rotarran S t u d e n t R a cl 1 o Announcer Scrence Forum Photography Club Press Club Second Place Vifrnner rn Western Drstrrct Publrc Speakrng ro MISS Stage Door nter natronal Relatrons Club A socrate D E. Club COLEMAN DOROTHX RAr Ray Treasurer D E Club A Club . P f 1 , 5 '.. I . 4 , . r 0 A ' ? 1 . . , , . . v , ' .' .lf . . xg 1 - -s Q - , i 1 . 1 ' 3 , . . . 3 A 1 ' ' : '- . ' . - - 1 ' z J ' ' ' ' 1 , , . - : I Z - . ' : ' - . - Q . f ' ' . , BARRY . , . ' ! D I - : 1 Q 1 . . A ' : ' c V rv . - ' " Q l . ' A v : ' : : c J : : 3 3 . . tl ,. Q Jun r A-S 3" I A- A : s- ! , . f . . g F. H. T4 GEORGE WASHINGTON HIGH SCHOOL COLEMAN GEORGE DANIEL Cood pal Student CouncIl Representa tIve SCIENCE Club Spamsb Cub COLLINS NANCY BERTHA Cuhe PIC B F B Sub Deb Preslclent Homeroom Student CouncIl Representatwe YTeens C-lee Club DrIver Educatlon CRESS BARBARA ANN Easy on llIe eye Y Teens Secretary Sub Deb Pf6SldCHt Sub Deb Home comlng Attendant Publlc Spealung Club CROWDER RICHARD ARLEN FIOOQIC Baseball Team Monogram Club NatIonal Atl1letIc Sclmolarslmp SOCICYY ASSOC1 ate Member D E. Club CROX TON RIQ HARD ARCHER JR Dry IDI! comes naturally PresIclent Vlce Presldent Secletaly Treasurer of Home room PresIdent Spamsb Club Mlllt3Yy Corps Manager Basketball Team CO Edltor CANALIER Challerbox Staff Press Club Presldent Sopllo more Class S l P A Con ventIOn lnternahonal Rela tIons Club HI Y Club Hon or Soclety ScIence Forum uIll and Scroll DANIEL HENRY BROADUS JR Heaps of fun WashIngtonIan Manager Basketball Team , 1 1 ' -. . . . - 3 ' l 1 l ' Q 5 . . - I : - 9 r : - 2 . .. .U I 2 : - . . 5 MIlItary Corps. , . I - V I I 2 3 - . ' Q 1 3 - 3 . . . . - 3 - : - : - Q 1 , . .il If l T5 ASS OF N FIFTY 0 DANIELS BETTX BRUCE H y wheresRay Spanlsh Club Sub Deb Sec retary Treasurer unlor Class Bunny Curl Co Feature Edu tor CAXALIER Advertrsmg Staff CANALIER Y Teens Secretary Homeroom Press Cub DAx rs CHARLES RAT MOND Henpeclzed Football 47 50 National Athletlc Scholarshrp SOCICIY Nlonogram Club Glee Club Presxdent Homeroom DELONC, WALTER A man uszlh lush :deals Presrclent Homexoom VICE Pres1dentD E Club Press Cub DODSON CHARLES WESLET Slow but sure DODSON RUTH ANN Dear Ruth Y Teens President Dramat rcs Club Secretary Treasurer Homeroom Secretary Treas urer Dramatlcs Club PYCSI dent Homeroom Art Club Basketball Vice Presrdent Homeroom Drivers Educa t1on DUNN ROBERT ARLINGTON VVITO Dunn l D E. Club 1 I 4 e , ' ' 9 9 - 1 - - . -J ' , v 2 . . : 1 . I ' ' HATCHER ' . . 3 1 . , - L ' - : -- : . - . Q - .. ,, i 9 71: GEORGE WASHINGTON HIGH SCHOOL FITZGERALD MARGARET JEFFERSON Homemaker Llbrary A s s I s t a nt Flotllla Y Teens Dnvers E.ducatIon Glee Club rl FOLFI PATRICIA ANN Date bdlt Clrculatlon Manager Chatter box Presldent Press Club YTeens Sub Deb Latm Club Chatterbox Staff Typ t Ulll and Scroll unIor UnIversIty Woman FOSTER GAY FRANCES Cay as they come Transferred from George Wasblngton Hlgh Alexan drIa VlfglHl3 Spamsh Club Flotllla lnternatlonal Rela tIons Club Student CouncIl Representatlve ASSOCIHTC D E. Member FOWLRES ROBERT DAVIS stancy to purpose Spanlsh Club Seven Year .5 Cub GAMMON CALVIN RAMSEY BIg shot Presldent D E Club Thes -..-" pIan D ekyll and M Hyde A Young Mans Fancy GARRETT BETSY LEE Sparkles a plenty YTeens Secretary Spamsh Club Latm Club Llterary Club Internatlonal Relatlons Club Sub Deb udlclary CAVALIER Co Edltor Honor Soclety Sclence Forum Sophomore Class Secretary Treasurer Advertxsmg Staff of CAVALIER Grrls Tenms Team NatIonal AssocIatIon f ournalIsm Dlrectors MISS C- W uIll and Scroll unIor UHIVCTSIIY Woman Latln Tournament 48 49 77 , , , ' ' : ' : , , . ' ' . f 7 I qv 4 I, A : ' : - c - : I : - . I IS 3 Q t I g J I 1 L if ll UO Cf, . . , - g 1 Q I : - 1 ' . . l . 2 , . C I The secret of success is con- .I T I ' : . . .. . .. . . 5 - A I ' - .. 5 r. J r. My A . l.. .. , , y . .. I . T .. .. - : l 2 1 A I A I F Q ' T J Q M I , - 1 I . Q 1 I . 5 , o J 3 .. - H . . .: Q : J I I f I. I A ' ' ' Y " . , , - A ' ASS OF NINETEEN FIFTY-ONE s 59' Y' 'Iv GAY, BARBARA JEAN Our hearts were young and ucay., Student Council Representa- tiveg Secretary-Treasurer Homeroom ' Basketball Team' Flotilla YTeens Lrbrary Assrstant Drrvers Educatron GFN1 RX GERMAINF ELIZABETH Gerry Secretary Treasurer Home room Y Teens Glee Club Gooosorv C.ARx XKIAYNE A truly modest fellou Baseball Team C-lee Club D E. Club GREEN. JAMES ALBREX Hot Rod Seven Year Club HAIRSTON DAMUEL PENN Smzley lVl1l1tary Corps Football Team Latin Club Presrclent Homeroom Monogram Club HAMBLIN ERNIE BAXTER Shutter Bu Basketball Team Mana er CoBus1ness Manager Wrl sonzan Vrce President H1Y Club Mrlrtary Corps Chai lerbox Staff Photographer Edrtorral Assrstant Chatter box Feature Edrtor Clraller box C I P A Conventron CANALIER Photographer unror Rotarran Photogra phy Club D E. Club Press Club Student Councrl Repre sentatrve S GEORGE WASHINGTON HIGH SCHOOL HANKS GLORIA VII IAN Always IH her glory FlotIlla CIlee Club Secre tary Treasurer Homeroom Dl'lVlHg Club Y Teens Ad vertIsIng Staff CAN ALIER HARDEN BETTY RONEY Tins gxrl has a prmezpal French Club Flohlla Y Teens Basketball Teum Glee Club lVlIracle of the Castle HFLLMAN JOANN CATHERINE Blondre VIce PresIclentB F B Sub Debs D E Club Spamsh Club Home Economlcs Club F H A Club Secretary Homeroom YTeens HERNDON VERLX NE DOLORES Rzla s frzenrl Glee Club Y Teens HILL ROBERT LAURENCE Rhythm Rascal Syncopatm Seven Band Dramatlcs Club Seven YeaI Club Manager Tennls Team unIor RotarIan HILLIARD PEGGY ANNE Pokey AmerIcan LegIon Award PresIdent Freshman Class WIlsonIan Edltor Press Club Challerlzox Staff VIce Preslclent Sophomore Class Glrls State Delegate LatIn Club French Club Glee Club Hansel and CIretel French Tournament Aclver tIsIng Staff CAVALIER Inter natIonal Relahons Club Hon or SocIety Flotllla Preslclent Homeroom J I ! Y - ' I 1 - U - I - - .I - I II Y ! - -Q 1 I II - ' I II - I II . II I - - I I I . . . , I ' - - I I - I . Y - ' I II II - I I I Y - I I I I It II I I I ! I - I . , . I I I II II I I y - V - , - I I 'I I. ASS OF FTY 0 'fm '-HIP' HOLLAND EUGENE LANGSTON Ace Football Team Basketball Team Track Team Mono gram Club Seven Year Club Presldent of H1 Y President of Homeroom Student Coun cll Representatlve Roaclmas ters Glee Club D E. Club Secretary of Homeroom Vlce Preslclent of Homeroom HOLT JANE CARROE Well am l xl so Cxlee Club YTeens Flotll la D E. Club Library As SlStElHt INGRAM JAMES EELIO1 1 Peanut President Homeroom D E. Cub JEFFERSON BETTX LOU Secrel Loves Assoclate Editor of CANA LIER lnternat1onalRelat1ons Club Flotllla Latin Club Open House Councll Noml natmg Committee of un1Or Officers JOHNSON IRVIN THOMAS Eagle Scout Stamp Club Preslclent unlol I-I1Y D E Club JONES ENOCH MORSE Whzz on the diamond H1 Y Club Baseball Team Basketball Team Spanlsh Club Monogram Club Na tlonal Athletlc Scholarshlp Society, Honor Soclety, Pres :dent Homeroom, Treasurer Homeroom 80 GEORGE WASHINGTON HIGH SCHOOL JONES LAURA ANN WedclIng Bells Transferred from Mount Her mon School In I947 Y Teens F H A Flotllla Secretary Treasurer Home room 'err IXIRK DONNA JEAN Well lIl2ed by all YTeens Dramatms Club lnteInatIonal Relahons Club Secretary nl reasurer l..atIn Cu B F B Sub eb Secretary Treasurer Home Ioom AssIstant Clrculatlon Manager CANALIER Assocr ate Nlember D E. Club Home Economms Club KOGER VIRGINIA ANN Pehle Ynlqeens Latm Club B F H0mClOOm LEA ROGER HOWARD Can we ever have loo much ofa good flung-7 Bancl HI Y Club Thes pIans Football Manager 44 47 BasketballManager 46 Seven Year Club Monogram Cub LEONARD JAMES ROBERT Make uay for Mr C W Basketball Team HIY Club Mllltary COIPS Secre tary Treasurer Senlor Class Semor Advrsory Board l..It eraIy Contestant Assocnte Membel of D E Club LE STFR EDNA ANN flue best tlungs come IU lItlle packa es FlotIlla Dl'lVlUg Class L blary AssIstant Glee Club sl 1 f I C Nl bc . . . -D 9 B. Sub-Debsg Vice-President . U 2 A E , KI l . l n Q u . ' : .- 1. gwasf 3 D Z ' ' Q i- . ASS OF FTY 0 LEWIS HERBERT HUGHES Wanderrng Transferred from Lane HIgh School Charlottesvllle VIr glnla Transferred flom SCl'lOOlflCld SCIIOOI Lx NC H CHARLENF ANNF Cully tread Cllee Club Y Teens Span Ish Club Dramatlcs Club Secretary Treasurer Home room Hansel and C-retel Mlracle of the Castle Messnah Stage Door Lx NQII JOSE! II XY ILLIAM Center end TACIXIF guard Monogram Club Natlonal Athletlc Scholarslnp SocIety Football feam Seven Yen Cub MCDOWLLL ARLI NF BURTON Love those conuentxons Flotllla Cllee Club Basket ball Team Secretary F H A S A S C Representa tIve Oklahoma Clty IVIILAM BILL EDWARD Future Farmer Transferred from Dan RIVCI HIgh School French Club MOON DOROTHX ELIZABETH Om of ou: sm CIS Photography Club C-lee Club Flotllla Hansel and Clretel' Miracle of the Cas- le' Messiah. QL GEORGE WASHINGTON HIGH SCHOOL MOON ELBERT CLINTON President Homeroom lVlir acle of the Castle Hansel and Ciretel Glee Club D E Club Seven Year Club Secretary lireasurei C-lee Club Rliytlim Rascals lVlOR1ON JOAN ELSIF Agrees OR1Icy Glee Club Y Teens lVIOrLEx,ANiv1E LAURIE onme Annie Lhurie Cilee Club Latin Club Y Teens Flotilla Li raiy As sistant Dramatids CMA I Lian Drwmg b MYFRS BEFTYJQQAN workin fd' her M R AS Degree Basketball' If rh in 50 Vice President omeioom Y Teens Student Council Representative Piesiden Spanish Club Associate Member of D. E. Club Bas ketball' President unioi' Class' Driving Club. NELSON lVlARY IDA Personality plus Associate Editor CAYALIER' Y-Teens' Sub-Debs' Adver- tising Staff CAVALIER' Span- ish Club' Driving Club' Vice- Presid nt lnternational Rela- tions Club' President Home- room' Press Club' Basketball Team' Secretary-Treasurer Homeroom. NORTON, DOROTHY ANN Angel of Mercy D. E.. Clubg Photograpliy Club. S3 X1-4 ASS OF NINETEEN FIFTY-ONE 1 'tea NIOSTRANDT JEANNE ROLFE Musrc Musrc Musrc Secretary Treasurer Home room YTeens Ctlee Club Flotilla French Club Latln Club Hansel and Ctretel Mlracle of the Castle Nrght Before Chrlstmas Messrah Chatterbox Staff Press Club Drlvmg Club French Tournament Dlstrlct Music Contests V E. A Convention NUNN lVIE1.wN EDWARD Mr Zero Mllltary Corps Football Team Student Council Rep resentatrve Seven Year Club Ox ERBEY JAMES MILLNER Born Leader President Senror Class Cap tam Mrlltary Corps Boys State Track FootballTeam Washrngtonlan umor Ro arran lnternat1onalRelat1ons Club H1Y Club Latm Club Eagle Scout State Track Meet 50 Monogram Club Senior Advlsory Board OWEN ELINOR FRANCES Polrstred Miss Cslee Club Spanlsh Club Flotilla Yplqeens Chatter box Staff Press Club unlor Council Dl'lVlHg Club In ternatronal Relatrons Club Secretary Homeroom L brary Assistant Basketball PARR ROBERT JOSEPH Lucky m love Monogram Club Football Team Track Team State Track Meet 50 Mllrtary Corps Presldent Homeroom Vrce President Homeroom Boys State Delegate Seven Year Club C- W Follles Thesprans Public Speaking Latm Club PENN ANNE ELIZABETH Her majesty Y Teens Latm Club French Club Prlncess at 50 Tobac co Festrval Vlce President Sub Debs Presrclent Home room ASSISIHHI Aclvertlslng Manager CANALIER Home commg ueen XIII GEORGE WASHINGTON HIGH SCHOOL PERRY, RAYMOND NEAL Big wheel President Student Govern- ment: Monogram Club: Hon- or Society: National Athletic Scholarship Society: Base- ball: Football Team: Repre- sentative to Boys' State: Rep- resentative to Boys' Nation: judiciary: President and Vice-President of l-lomeroom 5 lnternational Relations Club: Washingtonian: Delegate to S. A. S. C. Convention in Oklahoma City. POINDEXTER, JAMES THURSTON "Chewing gum" President Homeroom Seven Year Club PRUITT HATTIE MAE Demure otilla F l-l A ee Club Driving Club Library Assistant PURYEAR WILLIAM ERWIN Up in the clouds Transferred from Avon Park Florida Football Team C-lee Club Band Spanish Cub PUTZE ROBERT LEROY Bram child Student Council Representa tive Honor Society Science Forum Washingtonian Lat in Club French Club Inter national Relations Club Nominating Committee of un nor Officers QUINN BARBARA ANN Lazy Bones Y Teens Flotilla Vice Pres Member D E Club Secre tary of Homeroom 8 fs Fl ' , . . .gGl I in L35 . . 1 xl A f 1 . . .. 4 .I - L k. ident Homeroomg Associate 5-135, . . . 1 - " A " : 47':f'fP'lv1?,. L . ' 'Ca AJ ASS OF FTY-0 RAMSEY CAROL LLL Illrghly mzd el Frenclx Club Cllee Club Flotilla DlamallCS Club IL Club Press Club REDMOND JOAN IVIARIF C0011 sport Basketball Y Teens French Club Flotilla Ric HMOND KATI IRE NF HILL Who II be my Valenime Cnculatlon lVlanage1 CAXA LIER Pres1clentB F B Sub Debs YTeens Spamslm Club Secretary l-lomeloom Associate lVlember D E Club Home Economics Club Spanlslr Club Play Aclweltlsm Staff for CAXX LIER Rm FWAX lVll,RlFL Ax IS A lm ue .Southern Belle Llbmly Assrstunt Assoelate A Flotllla Dramahcs Club a g e D o o Angel Street Y Teens RICCAN Rim JFAN Full of glee Glee Y TEENS ROM RTSON DOLCLAS HOWARD Flzrlatzoub uays Football T e a m Dramatlcs Club C-lee Club French Club Seven Year Club Preelclent l-lomeroom l-l1Y Club Monogram Club U S Army U S Marmes They Cleaned tlme Attlc anuary Thaw The Pot Boller Stage Door lVles sage from Kbufu Nl . . . g 3 : 1 ' 5 D. . Q ' . . , . . - A 1 - 1 ' Q 1. 4 ' . . . - 9 - 1 ' Q ' ' A : 1 4 f 1 1 'Q I -. . g , 'I- . . C L . Member D. E.. Club: F. H. .1 3 : .St H. .. , ' . 1 1. . , I , l I . r, . . V Y : ' ' . I I ' 1 - 1 . 3 - I I - . ' 3 . . ' 3 1 l : 1 1 - ,, Qs GEORGE WASHINGTON HIGH SCHOOL ROGERS SIDNEY MILLS One that s hard to beat Football Team TennIs Team Track Team lnterna tIonal Relatlons Club Mono gram Club Secretary Natlon al Athlehc Scholarshlp SOCI ety udIcIary Student Coun cl PresIdent Homeroom egate to S I P VICE Presldent l-lomeroom unIor Rotarlan Co Busrness Manager CAVALIER Nvash Ingtonlan French Club Vrce Presldent Latxn Club Ad vertIsIng Staff CAVALIER SCFARCE BETTX JEAN Typmg whI CANALIER Staff Glee Club Secretary Homeroom Y Teens l..Ibrary ASSISTHHT Flotllla Basketball Drlvlng SCHWEM CAROLYN Su ar and SPICE Y Teens Glee Club French Club F H A Home Eco nomlcs Club Treasurer of B F B Sub Debs Art Edl tor CAVALIER Chatterbox Staff Press Club Dramatlcs Cub ScoTT CIERALDINE JUNE Scolly Y Teens SCOTT NANCY CAROL On the shy szde Glee Club SELL DAVID FREDERICK unIor Shakespeare Transferred from CIncInnatI OhIo Dramatlcs Club Thes plans French Club unIor MISS Message from Khu G W Follles Young Man s Fancy 5I U :J : - 1 1 2 Del t . . . AJ J ' ' 1 - ' l Club: Quill and Bcroll. 1 I .1 I . . A Zu H Q ,',-I . fuf' l" . . ' 3" "A ASS OF FTY 0 SELTLIFF Row DANIEL JR Siplzon International Relations Club Latin Club Football Team Pie-s1dentHomeroom lVlono gram Club SHOTWELL QLADX s LOURFNE Her aims are lzzgli ee Club Flotilla Teens Associate lVlembei D E. Club SLAXTON RLTH l:.LlZABETH Wink is her desire Secretary D E Club Glee Club Y Teens Vice Piesi dent Homeioom bw FH JOAN DFMoRRis A 0011 IUUUII 15 .SUIIAIIIIIC Ill U house Student Council Repiesenta tive Secretary Spamsli Club Flotilla Senior Council A socnte Member D E Club Afwfffff SDIE E-CNE EfAf-N Qjlpef-a-ftf1'7?se1i eff. D E Club SNIEAD GEORGE HOLMAN Snee y Nice President l-lomeroom Student Council Representa tive President l-lomeroom latin Club Wasliingtonian President' President Interna- tional Relations Club' N - tional Athletic Scliolarsliip Society' Tennis Tewm Cap- tain' Monogram Club. Qs GEORGE WASHINGTON HIGH SCHOOL STARR LOTTIE BELLE A real Starr Glee Club Drrvrng Cub CAVALIER Presrdent D E. Club Presrdent and Treas urer Homeroom brrNsoN JULIAN RANDOLPH Randy lVlrlrtary Corps Cheerleader Secretary Treasurer Home room Seven Year Club browr RANMOIND PRIINTESS A bzq fuvorrtc Nlrlltary Corps Secretary H Y Presrdent Homeroom 51 UART NANCX CAROL Suttess ln the future Lsrtrn Club Dramatrcs Club Tlresprans F H A D E. Club Spanrslr Club Flotrlla X Teens lVlrracle of tlre Castle Annre Laurre TALBOTT MARGARET JORDAN Nlar re Head Cheerleader Manag mg Edrtor Chatterbox Edr drcrary Student Councrl urll and Scroll Honor S crety Presrdent Homeroom S I P A Conventron C S P A Conventron Presrdent French Club lnternatronal Relatrons Club Treasurer Sub Debs Hermans Teen A e Advrsory Board Latrn Club Open House Councrl State Xxrnner rn urll and Scroll Intervlew Story Con test Homecomrng Attendant unror Unrversrty Xvoman VADFN DOROTHH CHRISTINE Wfhose lrltle body lodged u mzqhly mznd Student Councrl Repres nta trve Amer rcan Legron Arr ard l atrn Tournament Honor Socrety Presrdent Flo trlla C-rrls State Delegate Latrn Club Managrng Edrtor CAXALIER lnternat1onalRe latrons Club Open House Councrl Photography Club unror Unrversrty Worrran S9 , .. ,, g l 1 3 . . 5 - , k. ' . .. ., U' ' Q ' 'I A . .,, . - I ' c . l 3 . . 1- 3 ' ' . 1 1 ' ' : Q . . .g . . C 1 C Q , I .. - ' 1 .I! ll ' .' U! , , . , .. . .. U :V .5 - !. - tor-rn-Clrref Chatterbox: Ju- : Q Q 1 0- 2 ' ' Q . . 3 ' f 1 r 3 - h , - , - 0 . . - . I D , I 1 7 I Q ' I 2 . , - 1 W D ' Cl -1 : l. . ' ' 5 - ' ' L . 2 . I - . . : . 1 , I C ' I .I ' ' c . K. ASS OF FTY 0 XVALKER HENRY CARROLL JR Pretty Boy President and Vrce President Homeroom unror Class Vrcepresldent Student Councll Representatrve H Y Club Cheerleader Inter natronal Relations Club Dra matlcs Club Thesprans Co Business Manager CAN ALIER Football 50 Baseball 48 Golf D0 Open House Coun cl unlor 'lrss Stage Door Waslmrngtonran VVATKINS ANNE GooDwxN Mfhzstle bar! Sub Debs Y Teens Vice President Spanrsh Club Pres rd nt C A R Presrdent Homeroom Press Club Cnlee CAXALIFR Advertrsmg Staff CANALIER Assocrate Mem b r D E. Club Adwertrsmg Staff Chatterbox WATTS THOMAS EDWARD Lrttle man rn a brgf car Spanish Club Glee Club Basketball Tennis XVEBB NIARJORIE JEAN: Dr Webb Transferred from efferson Hrgh School Roanoke Vlr grnra rn I950 C-lee Club Basketball Team C-rrls State Delegate WELLMAN OLA PEARL Cenuzne Pearl Y Teens Flotrlla Treas urer F H A Glee Cub Vrce Presrdent F H Delegate to F H A State Conventron WELLS lVlARGlE LEE Crggles Presrdent and Secretary Homeroom Cllee Club Bas ketball in q . , , . : J ' . - . z C 1' 1 1 ' 3 - I Q ' ' : . . 3 I .. 5 - lg N : .. , . r I 4 V, - 3 - : ' - . 3 - e . . .3 I 1 Clubg Co-Feature Edrtor V Q I 1 2 4 - 2 . . 5 ' N , C 1 3 . 1 , r .. .. A.. . ' ' 4- 1 D ' Q , , . .. ,. - 3 . Z - . . .: l : - . . A.g , .. . ,. Q C ' 1 GEORGE WASHINGTON HIGH SCHOOL WILKENSON THELMA TIny and nzfe Floulla F H A WILLIAMS WILLIAM DEPRIEST Wee WIIIIC PVIllIums Co Captam Football Team 50 Baseball Team Basket ball 'leam Student CouncIl Representatlve Presldent Homeroom Fnst Lt lVlIlI taly Corps VIce PresIdent and PIesIdent M0nOglam Club Natlonal Atbletlc Scholarslnp SocIety Boys State Representatwe Seven Year Club Open House CouncIl Semor CouncIl XVILLIAVIS IVIAGIJALENE GLORIA Cute as a button Cnlee Club Y Teens .Sweet dIspo.sItIon Gul Reserves AssocIate Member D E. Club Red Cross Club WILNIARTII ROBERT ALLEN Ba t1fut93-7 SpoIts Edltol CAXALIER l..at1n Club Treasurel Home loom uIll and Scloll WILMOTH PELCI JEAN Her bnght smzte haunts me s I Glee Club YTeens Flo tllla Preslclent C-lee Club Assouate lVlembeI D E. Club Dnwmg Club P1 l I WILLIS, BARBARA ANN 5 . . . HI., 1 ASS OF FT -0 WILSON THEODORE EUGENE Busy Bee lVlIlItary Corps Student CouncIl Representatxve XVOOD CI-IRISTEEN HARRISON Maybeshe Wood YTeens Flotllla F H A Club Cnlee Club Drrvrng Cub WOODALL NANCY JACKLYN One that s worth lznowIrIg Y Teens Flotllla Student COUHCll Representahve Hon or SocIety InternatIonal R latIons Club Chatterbox Staff Press Club ASSOClHtC EdItor CAVALIER Open House COUUCIT Latm Club Treasurer Homeroom unIor UHIVCFSIIY Woman WORLEY BILLY ANDERSON Creep Along Monogram Club Football Team 48 50 Basketball Presldent Homeroom Na tIonal Athletrc ScholarshIp Soclety WRENN EDWARD CARTER Blg Ed Transferred from Caswell County North Carollna C Captam Football Team 50 All Western Dlstrlct Foot ball 49 NatIonal Athletlc Scholarslup Soclety lVlonO gram Club Seven Year Club WRENN JANICE HESTER Last but not least Honor SOClCty AdvertIsIng Manager CAVALIER Treas urer Spanlsh Club Vlce PresI dent Photography Club BusI ness Staff Chatterbox Home room Secretary Flotrlla Y Teens Press Club Glee Club Sclence Forum Inter natronal Relatlons Club Treasurer Homeroom unIor UnIversIty Woman Drrvmg Cub 0 I . Q . - Q ' Q . . . Q I l . , I , . - : ' : . . : - I C' 2 Q Q C 3 1 :J ' . Y V D: ' n Team: President and Vice- : - . I , , ' 3 o- , . 3 - I ' . , : .. Q - Z - - 2 '- : - : ' : - 2 2 1 Q ' 3 :.l ' z .. l . , , LLLY, L L2 GEORGE WASHINGTON HIGH SCHOOL We re Slttlflg on the steps Ancl we re carefree ancl gay But we re talking and dreaming Of when lt ll be our day Then we wrll be Senlors They ll envy us one and all They ll be hoping that we know them When we meet them rn the hall T11 then we hope our actions will dehmtely show We re each trying to be like the one we picked belovs Gary Moore Nlargle Talbott Betsy Temple Betsy Garrett oan Allen Barbara Cress Anne lVlcClung--Suzanne Adams Anne Powell Anne Elizabeth Penn Harw ey GllCS ohnny Royster Hamxlton Vass Ed Wrenn lm Bagby Sam Kent lmmy Fllppen ohn Booth IJ J - Y r -J Paul Kennison-Jim Overbey J' - J' ' -J O -W: W , MOST STU DIOUS 00l?07h'!' VADIN BOBBY P0725 BIGGEST BULLSHOGTERS pawn HRK ofoeaf mmf MOST DRAMATIC DAWD .S'ElL PEGGY BOSWELL MOST INFLUENTIA JIMMY OVERBEY MARGIE TAIB077' MOST LIKELY T0 SUCCEED MAPGIE m Barr ERNIE ,mueuu MOST MISCHIEVOUS DONNA KIRK 66'0R6E SIVEAD MOST POPULAR MARGIL' mzeorr JIMMY OVERBEY BIGGEST BABIES MOST SINCERE FRANCES BROWN JOHN BOOTH JANICL' WRENN TOMMY WATTS BEST DANCER5 LAURA ANN JOMF5 BILLY WILLIAMS MOST VERSATILE MARE!! 72118077 MILLS ROGFRS WITTIEST KK- OOMLYA KIRK ARCWIF CROXTON 4 BEST nnssseo CA RU! YN SCHWEM JOMVNV A'0VS'7'ER MOST CONCEITED BAP5AkA 09555 l?Al4110lVOP6':?A'Y MOST SCHOOL SPIRITED MAPGIF f4ZB077' BIZZV W!!! IAMS X , f , Y an X: 2.-:,x BEST HOMEMAKER BETTY 819055 FAA!! .6 R14 YMOIVP DA W5 MOST BASHFUL DOR07'llY VADEN B088Y IWLMAIIW BIGGEST FLQRTS KATHRYN EICHMUND 3 moms W'R7'SQN 1 S I 1 33 ,A .T-'Say 4.5.4 L AZ I E ST BA RBA RA OUINN Bill Y WURZ FV BEST LOOKING BARBARA CRISS HENRY WALKER MOST ATHLETIC JOAN Rf'0MON0 BIUY WILLIAMS Q. - I". . l,,N+,i.Nf,s,w ' ani' BIGGEST PESTS CUTEST NANCY CUZZIMS' war AOAM5 Fmfvcfs aaeam W, FRANK EARNIJ' F RIENDLIEST BETSV GARR6' I' 7' ROGER AFA l'l0l" wad af a Attentlonll Our hug brave mnlltary boys were at rt agam Yep you guessed rt guardmg the halls of C VV from all thoe eager beavers who wanted to get back to their respectlve classes so oo badly they just couldnt walt until the bell rang Wxth all that mllttary posture lll bet their backs hurt and their feet felt luke- they were glued to the spot but Donald and Onlco say that nts no worse than Englrsh and Chemrstry Donald ts an officer but he was doubling for a de llnquent on thls day Say Miss McElrath this machme must be broken' crled Betty Scearce Whatever gave you that ldea3 Well replied Betty l added these numbers you gave us and then added them on the machme and they just dldnt come out the same Miss Mclilrath told us that thus was a common complaint but we couldnt decade which was wrong or should we say who5 Ray mond and Lottie looked a httle worried too We used to have more fun ln biology just cut up all the time It was fun as long as Mr ones drd the cutting for then there was no uppr g Barbara Klalf and ohnny Moore were the rnterestecl onlookers at the moment and our four legged friend the frog vsas the innocent vrcttm It wasnt long before we saw what made hum tuck and learned about all those systems resplratory pulmonary etc We really felt we had learned something when thus was over even though most of us wouldnt exactly name lt as our most thrrllmg experxence We only tell you youngsters that youd be surprised how much you stnll have to learn 08 . f 0 o o 9 . , . , . . ' ! s . s, , . . , ,. , . . ' - .. . . ' - 4 Y U 1 ...ts- I7 'Ft .. , . ' . . I.. gf . .. . .. Ai - - Sag .. . .. Z ' . , X 1 ' . . 1 V vu Q . . , ' v .. .n-.. J . - I I 9 l . U I - ' V . l 1 l , , . ' . I ' , . ., . , . . C69 UNDERCLASSES IUNIOR OFFICERS in-warmup --u--.-...,, IMMY PATTISALL LARRX Wu. ON JXCKIE KNICK Vzce Pr zdcni Presxdeni Our unror hearts ale lr ht and av For never a wolry comes our may Our peals of laughter fill the an Fonexer free from worldly care Secrelary Treasurer A helplnv hand we g1VC to all Qeacly to serve each beck and call btnvlng ever for what IS rwht FI o the darkest day we bring our hght ANNE GARRFTT PFNN I UN IOR SPONSORS S aled Mrs Gregory Mrs Davl M foppedge Siandxrg Mlb5 Holland Mr Qlurgell Mrs Barker 100 . J iv -an--. ------..... I ..-..- j ' ' 5 , . - 65. . - I ' U U J o 5 :3 .v o S ' 1 1 I . Q . . . . 1 D 1 . , . . . .c : s , . s, Iss K . . .' ' , . . , . . IUNIORS Alexander Ronnre Allen Spencer Alvrs Katre Amos own An el Nancy Aron Sarah Barker Mona Barker Onrco Bcrum Aslrby Bebeau Freddre Belton Ronnre Benclall Steve Bennett T C Brslrop Mac Blackwell Rebecca Bousman Betty Bradley oyce Braclner Anne Elrzabetlr Bragg Peggy Carter Mary Penn Castor Carmen Clrrrstranson Bobby Corbrn Anne Cousrns Nancy Holland Cox ones Crarg Marwrn Crrclrton Nancy Culpepper Ellen Dwlton Gayle . . , ' , .J 1 g 1 C . ' .L . Q 1 -, I C 9 . 8 , Berry, Lee . , f . -J i l . y S , . . , , - J . - y .,. .I 7 .1 C Y I . r . ' r . , H. - 1 . ocaffcfvil rfb IUNIORS Dameron, Billie Joan Daniel, Kathryn Davis, Barbara Davis, James Davis, Peggy Denny, Charles Denny, Jack Douglas, Ronald Dove, Walter Dudley Donald Fasley Garrett Fallrs Frances Flowers Mary Cerle Fralrn Mary Furgurson Roger Gammon acquelrrre Garrett Earle Gentry Sylvia Giles Betty Gooclson Nancy Cosney Rlreta Couvas Theodora Gravely Henry Green Barbara Harmon Sallre Hall Randolph Hardy Ovella Harper Gerald Havx lcer rmmy . 3 r ' . r - , 4 I . ' , . .J i . 7 . , . , , , . , . , , , Y I Harrison, Courtenay I lv . I W? 1-,L J" 'i Iv i . . I-Z . '41 IUNIORS Henderson Carragher Henry Melvrn Herndon Margaret Hrgh Pe gy Hrnes ean Ingram Clan arrett Wrllram ohnson Brlly Rae olrnson eannelte ones Carol ones Franlcre ones Ray Kalezrs Mrke Kambesrs Sprro Krng Jean Krng June Krnney Bobbre Knrclc aclcre Krasny Esther Kruchko Leonard Kushner Bobby Lapracle Woodroxw Lambeth eannette Lawhorne Shrrley Lucas Wesley Lyle Royster McCollum Nancy Mc ueen Betty lVlrlam Harry Davrs ' ,J J I , . . J V . 1 - J J , J , . J , Kalezis, Stathis ,J Q . IUNIORS Moose Walton Moses Pete lVlusta1n Peggy Neil George Nelson lVl11y in PHISODS Ann Pattlsall lmmy Penn Anne Ganett Powell Agnes Povsems Many FIHDCCS Reaves Nmcy Reynolds Donolln Rlekens Bt-uw Rnddle Nwncw Lee Rlley Allce Robertson 'mle Robbms 'VlaxJoue Russell Slmley Ryan Aduenne Saunders Dons Scxuggs mek Sunpson Bobby Slvlter lmmy Snead lima Stembrldge Samlu Stvens oan Tllomxs Bette Thompson DOYIS Thompson own 'A ' .11 I A! LI , 1' J: 3 A 1 Y U y C - , 7 .. . ' K 'Y Riddle, Nancy . 'JK- ' -. -' .Iv . ,JK y . . , .K , Nl KY ,lf TUNIORS y Tompkins Kathryn Turkett ane Turner immy Williams Irene Williams Barbara Wilson George Wilson Larry Woods ohn Vvoocly Raymond Wrenn Myrtrce Wrenn Hubert Wright Patt Wyatt Shirley Yongue Bobby 3 ane Turlcett Royster l yle Anne Penn Ashby Baum aclcre Knrclc Barbara Bruner Larry Wilson oan Thompson Mac Bishop Doris Thompson 7 I it i ,J 'ar K 3 ' 9 ,J X 1 . Q I , A R ' , va ,J X I ' r , . 4, . ! , - , Q ' . r J , ' . ' - L '- . , yyrr :gill 5: ,., , ' .off . F ii' ssl- W fl N' ,' fail! "Q: i ii L . T 105 SOPHOMORE OFFICERS WAYNE KNOWLES Guw HILLIARD Ho EA WIL ov Szcrciary Treasurer Prcsld nl Vice Prcsldcnl lb SOPHOMORE SPONSORS Craig. Mr. jones, Mrs. Kushner, Mrs. Spangler. Miss Sours, Mr. L. G. W tl ' SOPHOMORES Ftrs! Rau anet Shecllow Rosemarv Carr Gertle Mayhew anet Long Nancy Hughe eannette Nlccune Sarah Young Peggy Ruth Blanks Second Rau lmmy Swanson Clorla Smith Virginia Furgurson Lundy Vlclcs Bob E gleston Bohlny Plea ant Third Roll Bobbv hawk n ayne Knowles Bev Rdfflll Terry Ley Landon Owen Chaflei Rlddle Ronald qfnl ll Chase Wheatley ean Nlooreflelcl Rebecca Vlathes S cond Rau Reba Powell Betty Reese Vlrl Campbell Elizabeth Hall Peggy Crowder louise Klngerv Third Rau Raymond Bragg Wallace Taylor Hosea Wilson olnny Nlccelllo Andy XVo cls Tommy Garrett ohn Drclcenson llll ff' awp fr . ,, V 9 , ,fx t 1 f ' ': J , , . ' '. J . . S. J . - ,A ', 2 . ns. ' , ' l S, I . ' , , ' . - h , - - 'T . Ffrsl Row: Evelyn Pruitt, Jeannette jones, Shirley Scearce. -lean Nlcfflanahan, Charlotte Farthing, lean lwarshall, Betty ,I . 4 A . C l: ' V ! I I I ! V ' A ' . . 1' R' ', fe.. , Y X, V" 5 , I N fr 5 , A J M. 5 x , 0 SOPHOMORES Fr! o Anne Wayne Fuller Mane XX oody oyce Bae Betsv B1 hop Trudy Pastor Nlary Dillard Moorefield Nina Slunner Nancy Perlunson 5 rand R AldVhf Vs a'son Parham gtaton Bxnny :rn anne Banlxhead Drana Dlhl le Plva Beckham Tfr1rJRnu Pat Brook George l..1x1ncler VK Q lxcxsgonrh hxlxun vklle ne Parker lames Shelton Tommy XX hl znwnl rrxl Ron Irene Parlux C rm vn Browder fda kdlll C oolcle Q lc Don Nlxlney Can vn love Nanme ac C lxrlcv Lol Dofl on SLCOUG' Rau Pai amiay peg v Blalock gy xxx Harrell Pal Dgearcc' Mary Graulv Marx 0 Xlrlam Delores Slraclcr Bnnme Walker lurd Ron Tummy Craig Dougla Harauav Harold Hcnrw Lawrenze Mann Raymond Nlntchell Herherl Xvcalherfucl Edllxc Ayers Rav Bomle 0 V N . . Q-' SOPHOMORES 1' Frrsl Rau Qalhenne Cobean lors Marlin Nlancv Baucom Belly Boggs ane Flynn Glenna Fclmond lrxs Allen nan l'ranlclm Scconcf Rau. Phyllls Reynolds Carol Ahworlh anel Xxooclall Nancy Reynolds eanne ushce ovce Und rvwoodl oan Cousms Third Rau Bull Hall Nllchael Wilson l-ranlc Blrs George Roblnelte Guy Cooler G W Ward Boh Mllrhell Bobby Cahlll Bally ones Nathan Vklllramson Vm on Ellenherg George Rogers Gary Hrllard Furl Rou. Marlene Cole Ann Kapps Gwendolyn Warren Phyllis Sparks Palsv Edward Belly Braclner Barbara Ballon Ethel Mooreheld Second Rau. Barbara Nunn Clenda Clarke L lelle Brooks oan Clark Nancy Barlcsdale oan Owen ean Pell Carolyn Hefhnger Tlurrl Roz xlecl Prulll Rlcharcl Moore Richard Wlhlle DBVIS Ahrams Bull Fuller ohn Lulher Bobby Duncan Dlclt Bennell Nelson Benyune Bobby Pace lkennelh Collins UI ' ji 'I ml.. J , -'.,' "G ' l 1 1 ' .,f' ' 'Al 1: 4 Q . " , xxx ' I I Q fi Q. . if., f 1 J, Q l Wg- 4 .H ,D ,lb -.1. ,, l-iw, ' 1" K U' F . I W-., ' ,WJ u , .Lg..4r A,,g5E'i', J ,, , .'-Qu '52-1 -'l55..+r.r1'-fiii. A - ., -1. . V " n T ' ' , . .J . '- s.' . 'J .J '. .J JAJ. J '-' ' - ' V v ' -5, , h - - - - 1 - - . J . ' . S . . . .5 '-' v - , ' l 'I 1 , ' 5' . , . . , - ,'s .J . ' , J . J , J 3, v - l r l f . -: I., x f' .1 ll, ., . ,I , , rl.. I 1 I J I ' I I ,J ' , I 1, f , vu , . . 5 A IJ 'V :IA ,. FRESHMEN F1f5fR0lL Shirley Crowder Ga1l'Il-mmpmn Nellie Anne Scott Nancy Tale Betty Pascdccr lrene Cook Delores Ayres Evelyn Doss Second Rau Hull Riddle Donnie Kruchlco Anme Lee lenhour Carolyn Knlclc Elsre Mae Rlgney Nlargaret Hodnetl Eddie Vaden Xvaller Hairston Third Ron ames Hart Donald Lovelace and Robmetle qonny Cheek Dlekv Dau la Robert NI strand! olm Crowell Danny Crawl:-v lfl R ON HC ll Z' I'Il I Y El H1 ll' KV Illd ln C l'Xll'! C Y qccnnd Ron Lewis Goodman Harcll l Il ll My 'Neal Thelma Rxgland Barlarx Nlclxlann Qu llyllm Sgl Gayle Bxlly Davrs Thrrd R01 MBLYICC Nlcl rar IX ac lVlmlVlann Xxx llam lavne Bull Rolurl er NK ll ev Carro YK V1 Q xrx Gentry 1 110 I 7 - I . A S . - - ' . ' ':-I , ',D ' , . , g.s, ro. . .il F' x mr: D 'S Bl lcfrclc. S l in ljuw-ll, Syl 'la S lm S, Sh' Neal, Sk-lla frxlllns, Er ' XY' Palsy s- , Kit Whitehursl. L' 'I " . 1 . JL ,owe , Q' 1' , 2 ' , .Yi ,' ,f'. , , 1' ' 1 , fi Sly - ,'., .- " ' ., 1l r , "1 A . ' Crnv "1 xl, ' I gn, 'hi 1-S ix A Ne' MX .i r e A n fl e nf . , k . '45 E , ' we X 1 lo ' f 1. V 'X' Q' QW Ev A , K A Q , i. FRESHMEN F1rslRou. Bernxce Schuster ganclra Thomas LOUISE Howarcl eanette Qhnson Norma Putze Charlotte Huff Rachel Rosenberg Second' Rau tmmy Melvln Shlrlev ohnson anne Lea Hardy Shirley Wllmarth Llhby ean Qloane Barbara Qtolcea Donalcl Hunclley Tlnrd Ron Calun Fowler Harry Carre!! Bobby ohnson Lee Clarke TYBVIS Pattcr on Ronnie wllll m ,aff ff 1rlRou Joanna Cram orcl Palsy lqyans Shirley 'Henry Carolvn lVlCF3!'llhg Vanner Bra ell X lrgmla Turpm Carolyn Hart S cond Rau Danny Carter Sue Brown Cfuzanne Prrllaman Anne Garrett Carolyn XX ell Holm Anglln Third Ron. Roclerlclc Spark Donald Hanks Arnold Washburn Bryant Hughe qonny Vkxllum Ronnle Boswell Tom Durham 1 111 I I EIGHTH GRADE gym 74: " ll ll " f-eq Frrwl R ll. l'Xannle Ingram Alxce Faye Roberts Nlary Belle Tho nion -Xmla XX yatt Qhlrl y Sick gandra Teague Burlclle Cochran son Ylmd Rnu Wayne 5amuels ulan Owen lulher ghepherl Raymond Poleal Arthur lxrker Arnod Bluclclcclx ay Berman F1rslRou Luann McBr1de Cvlx rley Brook Que bhellwercl Sllrlev Lowery Barbara Klafl lovfe Berman lNancv Belaeau oan Allen Sncond Rau Anne Mcflung pat Nllslcelly Rarlel Hurley Carolyn qcearce Nancy VU-ntz Nancv Lee lvnclm Martha Gammon Third Rau Curhs Wells Tommy Xvelalrer lr d Leg ell ack Barnet! Al Barley llllflly ln ram R e Cztrange 117 N ' Y 'yr'-.', ' wi' Q - A K lf' I K .' 'V 44 1 1 .I- C . is 1 4 ' , 1 N , f K lsr .ik I " V. n'.'l V ,.' N ,. r ,.A " ,-Ae ,X es., ' 15-, Second Razr: Catherine Carter. Mary Wells. Carolyn Crimes. jean Grogan, Joann Reigl, Peggy Nlclvxnicl. lanire vsvillcer- V l ': V' f- . 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Mi- 5' 0 . l I 1 L Q , ,V , , 5 A SEVENTH GRADE gl. 5: ll ll'-l fwrl Rau Bety Temple Exe-lyn 'Nmcent une Nloschler Shirley Smith Martha Haymes Helen Brandon Barbara l-qralln Sylvia Abrams Carole Ku hner Sue Terrell Ramona Hudgms S cond Rau Glenna Kxngerv Peggv Clll ean Evan anet hlurdoclc udy Wright Peggy Muller que Trammell C lnna lfnrd Rau lmmy Pllppen ack frxzzell Maury Matthew Rxy Dev ll Bobby Harper George Glle unlor Tomlin on Bull Owercash Blllv 'Norman first Rau acquellne 5helton ean Pollolc Ellen Flox ers bxrah Ea ley Rachel Pm ell Betty Lowery Barbara C-oforth Ann Cox Peggy Gayle Barbara ones Ramona Davis Zelcla Moss S cond Ron Palsv XX renn Barbara Welch Marjorle Newman Nancy Fergu on Kay Gardner Anne Thompson Kath erlne Brooke Bobbye VMI on Llnda 5aunders Bunny Booker Helen lVlclVlann Ylurd Rau Leon Lex IS Qlaurl Davis Don Alverson Rlcharcl Dos Nathan lsenhour ohn Bonner Don Rlchardson Bobby Ruffm 114 E 5 E 5 E , i h V.. ' . I E ., ,, V .I i Mn' 'W ' 1 K Y . . M .S . , ' V ' . J , 1 -A . ' . , C rv 'J I kv ' . ' A- , 3 . S, J' ' , J I I . ' , ., , , V Beth Spf-ssard, Cornelia lVlacDoyvell, Geraldine Butts, joan Batton. I l A ' h , J V ' I , 's, 4 a , , K 5. -I - " . ',' J 'i I ' , j , - v , is Q s , v , ' , . c 4 ' . ' '7 , A ' ' . I s , . . . - 4 ' A' s' , f K. l A , 5 ' , A A t s, D . J . A . SEVENTH GRADE W1 im!-All :AIN is Frrl Ron Mary Vaden Nlartha Ru sell Martha Farley aclue Nlllls Bootsle Arnett B tty Carter Esther Alfrlend ohnsle Choate S cmd Run lmmy Ham Roland Rlvhhrng L on llaclcer Fddle l'rlcdman Betty Cllftmn Billy Creve Donald Clark Douglas Smith Brantl y one Kenneth Bxrnes Bobhv P1tterson F1rslRo Anne Powell Paty Moore Violet Crew Carol Butler Lelxa Pollok Tony qargee Peggy Phllllps nez VC lker Second Ron Charles Motley erry Whitaker Norman Boswell Wayne Howell Gerald Lexus 'ack Denny Douglas ackaon erry Nunn Ronald Mills Frank Browder Third Rau Ray Beale ame Godfrey Clarence Martin Kenneth Westbrook Wllltord Wfyatt Billy Hayden D ackson 115 IM R ' -. V ,- ' f, Am , X . . ,r V .K I, sv W x- h .Ar- . 4 I 4 og! 'S ': . s . ' . I A ' , ' , e , . ' . . U4 'J Al , . J' , ve ' , , X , L , 1 . , . ' , e J s, 1 . Tlnrfl Row: joe Mehalley, Bennie Biggs, Sammy Epperson, Richard Pretty, Cecil Millner, David Lee, Stanley Houghton, ' lv: , -S . 'A ', . ' . 'L' . " ,I 1. d . , 1 V , 1 , , Q. A V J , J S . . . I , , J- - I-. .L..- ' - r , . 4 V Nl an xl- , ,LYJX , t I Q ,lx .fl uf Olll we QI'lf0g2J cf It was fun to get away from school even rf w just went to the water plant Mrss Reynolds srsted on rnstructrng after we yelled Oh d w drunk thrs stuff when we saw the frrst stage purlfyrng Nobody fell rn but you can see how close a few came There was always somebody who brought her books as Betty Dunlap ust rn case a prcture was taken she mrght rmpress her teachers Now this was another story We were away 'Ulu' the Works Saturday nlght found us at the Dairy Queen Betty Bruce was enjoyrng Ray monds wrsecracks as always but how drd Pat get rn on rt3 Look at the others Donna Anne Elizabeth and George loved that food Mrlls and Royster entertained Kathryne oann Nancy and Betsy put on the charm Suzanne and Ray mond were as usual and Mary Ida seemed lost rn the background Thus trme we really took off all the way to Lynchburg Mr and Mrs Parr were such good chaperones that they guarded us from the bus door whrle Ernre took our prcture ohnny Margre and Lourse were right there to lead the yells and Mac helped when he got away from oyce I bet Anne Watkrns would have remembered to brrng the banner rf she hadnt been afrard shed mrss that charming pose Lours Goodman decided he would be better seen rf he stooped and you can see how anxrous some people were Anne Penn had to be held so she wouldnt fall out the wmdow lr rs rumored she was hummrng lll Wash That Man Rrght Out of My Hair Whether we won or lost the trrps were fun and our opponents knew that we were wrth the team all the way there and back Including stop after stop for food 11 o o s 0 ' e ' . ' ln- , g ,A . . ,.. ' 0 e ' ' ,N ' of A I t , C with no bells, no teachers and enough money for ' , . J . .l - ' 6 1 Jmfavmvalimd L ADS we Lara!-lafugging IQQCJJ em Work' Work' was our battle cry as we began our Search for ads The searching party walked from one end of town to the other and also contlnued on out of the clty llmrts Our search was rewarded by making many new frrends and gettlng lots and lots of ads The energetxc young people labored from mornrng trl nlght Many nrghts found them soakrng their swollen feet rn hot water and trying to get thelr vorces back But they were always ready to start again the next day Although many merchants were hard to sell they were no match for our qurck thlnkmg fast talking advertrsmg squad They often ended up by buymg a full page ad Qur advertlslng squad finally sold about l75 ads whlch shows how many n1ce people there are ln Danvrlle who are wllhng to help the CANALIER be a bug success anrce Wrenn as the advertrsmg manager was captam of one team which was composed of Mary Ida Nelson Anme I aurle Motley Bobby Wllmarth ohn Booth Peggy Hrlhard Glorla Hanks Harold Cloutler Sam Kent Sam Hairston and Frances Barber Anne Elizabeth Penn asslstant advertlsmg manager had a team composed of Kathryne Richmond Mills Rogers Betsy Garrett Betty Bruce Danlels Anne Watklns Bobby Green Donna Krrk Sarah Stembrldge and Henry Walker Donna ean Klrk who was on Anne Ehzabeth s team sold more ads than anyone else She was a great worker and everyone rs really proud of her Anne Penn s team won by sellmg the most ads They were all hard workers and rl surely showed up ln the end amce Wrenn s team came ln for a close second and wlth a few more ads lt would have been a tle A few of the members of the advertlslng squad wrote to some out of town firms and got several ads that way It all goes to show that not only are the people ln Danvrlle wlllmg to support the CAX ALIFR but there are plenty of out of town folks wrlhng to help too 119 l l , . . . ,. . . . . - 1 1 1 . .. V . . - . ,J , . , 1 v 1 - 1 1 - 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 , . . . , J ' ' . , . . . 1 - . . .. Y . ., , . t HITCHCOCK STUDIO MARGIE VALBOTT Phone 1835 491 Main Street 1-'I I 119 I I I I I We had the pleasure of taking The pictures for The Cavalier this year. Congrotulahons to the Clasb of 51 fx x......,,.,.4' 152113 1,23-3211 G D II Sh pp q ,ii CH: , Ax., 27 28 29 25 26 Fa -Septembe 95 See the Exh b ts at the C C F NCH Manager R ASSOC AT ON DANV LLE FA L R WYATT Pes dent 3 ndrew rf I should not see you again I wrsh you to remember and treasure up some thrngs I have already sard to you In this world you wrll have to make your own way To do that you must have frrends You can make frrends by berng honest and you can keep them by berng steadfast You must keep rn mrnd that frrends worth having wrll rn the long run expect as much from you as they grve to you T forget an oblrgatron or be ungrateful for a kmdness rs a base crrme not merely a fault or a srn but an actual crrme Men guilty of rt sooner or later must suffer the penalty In personal conduct be always polite but never obsequrous No one wrll respect you more than you esteem yourself Avord quarrels as long as you can with law for assault and battery or for defamation The law affords no remedy for such outrages that can satrsfy the feelings of a true man Never wound the feelings of others Never brook wanton outrage upon your own feelings If ever you have to vrndrcate your feelrngs or defend your honor do rt calmly If angry at frrst wart trll your wrath cools before you proceed Andrew acksorrs last lcllu from hrs mother wrrllur over 100 years ago tlrrs srmple Homespun br! of Americana expresses solid truths for all of us rn any day and axle DAN RIVER MILLS, INCORPORATED DANVILLE VIRGINIA I Q 1 . . . . I 0 out yielding to imposition. But sustain your manhood always. Never bring a suit at -no MISS CAROLYN SCHWEM Voted The Best Dressed Grrl of The Class o 195' rs wearmg a formal dress ot all rwylorr net vlth shnrred ana boned bodice slrurred teardrop panels with rattled frame u skrrt over Crmolrrme and tatteta 6500 BETTER APPAREL 2nd FLOOR EMAN INCDRPIJRATED nnnvluzs nEs'r svonz I ' I 'I CONGRATULATIONS cLAss OF '51 JOHN SWANSON AND JIMMY FUQUAY SWANSON MOTORS, INC CADILLAC OLDSMOBILE I I5 N IVIQVI et Street Phone -IZOO Dem Ile V Qlr C1 1 I I M iq Ii JONES SAUSAGE COMPANY TRY JONES PURE COUNTRY SAUSAGF T HA NMARISUADHFWVPV D xERVW TVXRCE A NVEIK D'f Ql4A DANVILLF ADOININC COLNTIVS NDN I LH IQERAIED VRULIXJ WIFNH S THAT MVLT HN YOUR MCU Hi ONE, Danvulle Vlrglnla 1 CumgMuwwWwwM L ff K f V i fr ,Y 1' 'f V , QR, N EL? -XQJ V X i f ig to IGM' LLN M, NHlQi , NIS of cmd S I 1 'T ' 4. .Q wvnmw .f S AQ f. W Q A ' IW 4 V PM 1 3775S5AlC 1 - QI ' .LL X ,Q '51-J' f any Qs, u"'P'-49' H:1Q,,,RA:"li:6fs5 "-Km 'Rag '6 glrl ou II Ilke to know P 1- n1w1 -8011114119111 af 0llI Ink 0 nms 1 ml Q I lllll 10111114 tm 1114IIx and 1 1 :I 11114 11 Q Xl IW 1113110 IQ Ne 114 X011 111 011 11111 'food tl Is IDIIOIII Qms It qlllll' ll09NlIlIl S011 :Io Ixnms I111 She maw Inf' Jllet ilI'0llll1I the L01 nf-1 qhc- 11111fI1t oxen hawe f'0llC to WOUI Qchool N011 llffllt throulfh the Scar, Cho U11 0- a Good ZIFCOIIIII of he 1 elf 111 .111 unportaut Joh at the T0IPpI10110 Cm11p.ln1 Shes the ffnl 1x1tI1 tI11t famoue XOICC The Voice WVIIII a S1111I1 'Xml II1 it meane of Couric, that She IQ W0lll Cha mful N If phono operator The Chesapeake 8. Potomac Telephone Company '-' ofV1rg1ma L.. .- I ,I1 l I I 3 gas , -X - 53 EEE? 'iqgoff - i 'IEEE I ' 1 ' I - is if? , , Y ' 12235 an fx 5 5 - L 1 fs? ' ,f ,gi - 552 5 --f -I ' as gi? 3 1555? 7 E35 'iii - . . I 552 e252 -:,5qj,,- :: "5':fg-7' . : 52 :-: .1 '-,-I 1' gg-f.. ' '-. .fy ' . 1 U :3 - 1 I , I Tu 1 wx' sho s -1 ks I'II.' ' I ' I - 's irl I . I- y 1 H- 1 k '. S1195 I 'S-1 4 - - Xlll ...fri' "1 IvIlf1 Isl "le to ' 14" Fr - - 1. Nice. s - - . ' l X i ' ' ' 7 7 . . . 1, I F U. . A u A . . P lg I I X. ' : F 1 'S ' . . I Y. v 1 7 . - 4, ' , ' F ' 2-9 . z .. , L K A 'L v 1 1 - i ' f I a 1l""'7'l ie" I Z9 S "' 'Z an . 1 'VW-o-11"5, CROWELL-LONG AUTO C0 FORD-FORD TRUCKS-FORD TRACTORS FORD BONUS BU LT TRUCKS OVISS U I I Ph 1 2120-2121-2122 410 Crogheod Street AVERETT COLLEGE D nxlll Vrginia The Q xcnreen a re cam S o are an a LJ tn' rl r sudenhal sectron of Danxmlle College facrlmes afford recreatuonol and e locational or norrunltues of lhe hlghesr ,uallrx Sunce XWERETT COLLEGE w tally accredlred as a gunror college urs graduates are rranslerred to outstancung roar xear colleges and universities wurh advance standing and without loss of crcdut ra contunue he courses leadrng to the degree of Bachelor of Science Q!?!F-5' DRUGSTORES roar headquarters for school sapplues l-leadaaarters for Danville 5 colfe set 55 lvluss Par Foley 18 O +C, 1 , K? w , C , has 1, ! c d ' bea f L 5' .A K . K , A F' '. or . X , . L 'Arr' I .V . . . A . , x n , . :NC ' ' 'V 0 t, ' C QF' 6 V, V g A -.,. - ,lf , 7,76 H. ,E - 1 ll ll f 4,1 3" " 1 , 1 Jeigg 2 -Y TUDOR ICE AND COLD STORAGE NI LL x AIN I LAFN If WT NS QFZNNIC RUCX4 C WV lTr V UF JAMES T CATLIN AND SON CO INCORPORATED General Insurance 1 H' DAN " A E, 'lP'1GNfNfVfA x ,Q CFO 9 YM CCN VX SfOHfV'ff CfXV',f'XQ HEY 'A ,W " LU YT FREE A4 Ev K I. ik if A UR, SVT' QAUV E ' X CW VV M V' wi V rm V A mf li "".'.T.--" gi' W H IT E H 0 U S E River Room Opposnte Fourground 5000 ' eooo ' sooo Pepsi Cola Company, Long Island Czly, N. Y. lil! Axqxm., K vmdfw' 1 6 9 brmg e Coke Qf 1' DANVILLL COLA COLA BOT TLING CO INC. Star hte IIRIXIE II! CHATHAM ROAD lil GOOD FOOD X flx f fm? Xa im: X Al 1 5 lg? Q 41,315.5-L. -.J!.L. CAR SERVICE RESTAURANT AT ffgfml 'Q if f---- ..+ 'X ,i '--' 'i' A-E' 9-A , lf:- f a f EE 71 fi fa 7-1 A , ' f" ' ' XX . ' .1 i K V9 ' I . REI- WX tl I l :N , Q -' 'f- L. Ly. A Z .1 E' 5.1: - A-F 1-. A A A A F A Of Forrgroumdx Rwcr R000 D "Ill V gl R I I Chartered Servrce Anywhere Ahyhme FRANKLIN TURNPIKE BUS C0 acmmrncrncnm n u! fx Phone 272 Dam nlle Ve M H 0370057 HOME ICofco 0 d tg yt 0 Q oosqre ffl pc J A BRIGHTWELL CONSTRUCTION CO 1 - - I - . F ,ei Q W -rw , .. K I. . U r f . K MIC f M , . " 'J 'Mfff - 'n-' -5 'ut ?' r-'W 1::ii45iIii:. L. ifaI"!!'E H5555 -M Q , r E-ra 11 r-re r r nf ' ' " T E 0 Porceioin Enamel Stee ns ru Ii Rc iam Panel Heo in Sysfem I Eos o Clean and Moinloin 1 Moneysoving Built-in Feaiures OverlO . .o oor5 a e STRATFORD COLLEGE Danxule Vvrglnla Transfer Courses Graduat s are accepted by Sensor Col leges and Unnversmes for admlssaon to for a degree an wo years Terminal Courses Thorouan Traunrng for careers IH In bussr s vvorli Catalogue on Request JOHNV SIMPSON President Cornplrrnents of THE SCHOOL STORE SAM KPN-I' Mgr W 4l W - - 1 e ' - Junior Class, to ionwolete requirements 1 L ' I . Y A Q e s 1 . -. , M Cum Mm mrs of DAN VALLEY MILLS a Dum Famous for More Than Fifty Years LAUNDRY STAR LAUNDRY COMPANY Home 0 The Snow White Fumm 331 Putwrw Street F worm FOR FURNITURE MAYTAC VWXSHERS KELWNIATOF REFRIC RXXTORS G M SALES INC Mum 711 Ummm Dc1m1'IL Vnrqlnno The Shop 01 Lovely inmys I ullws of , Vulhx Vlurrw and DON Rwer S':lf-rlbung Flour fx AND DRY CLEANING Co. 7 11 f J , K' 11 ' A 1 - ' , if , . . , . IO A I L D. 5 Q f 1 Qrwce :rm for 0 P1 m rn U Q 1 can rw hcppnmw Boggs Cmder 6 Concrete Co IA UNDRV INC MINI Vlrgnm BIBEE S SUPER' The Scofchman s Paradlse S rung GL I 1 Wejone Fr R 75 be of Hue qrcmutuwq cl G af 1 , O R U ' M O H LI VIRGINIA MARKETS, INC z' Str it SHOP COLONIAL YOU RE SURE TO SAVE COLONIAL STURES ENGLISH CONSTRUCTION CO INC Gemer I Corwtroctoro Q. U TWO GOALS vfoso C MUTUAL Bulldlng and Loan Assoclatlon O romp I D Ixery F r Cc WYATT BUICK SALES C0 32 Models I2 Colors OI o otoo o Q Pr 1 - I ., . Q !XIIul5f ', Vwguvru I Sm e ve one 3eor'5 mcorvl for aeuwmg, 2 Let os loeio you ovzo your own home Ly Uif Ph me T53 FYVCGFIE3 BI.:IfiIufmq P 1 eu on Ir VIQ I CGII 2 1' If C I Q WI. ICO - - 1 G W H S BROWN JEWELRY CO W wasnl Black X 'Wcsoruf Temwle Mn mg Kuny or 9 M'-'N Q Ony 2 "' will V UI E MM .16 rkll.-X Q-9-1 FLOTILLA CLUB THE Ll UI OF FOOD EEL' GVX SH ' P NOUR H 'I 'Nl DLY THENTRE VIRGINIA ING HEATING PLUMB ROOFING ond INDUSTRIAL Pro LJCTS HAJOCA C ' If-x 'RQ 5 oRPoRATloN 318 CRAGHMD ST, DANVILLE, WRG N ISM 1 I I I O iz.-4-ff," ""' ' 'E"' Wx. i ly ' " ' ' , 'Iv I ff' 5225222225535wjiiifeifsefi. "Z, Ifii-1 .I I Blue Spmel 'Exim . I E , 'I T Ed I ff., - -fhrnw-1. 1 -' l g: Q 1 V I 4, egg -Lam DOI f E, trj WG " ffl.,-N3 IIN, rllq jx , - fx.. L 'X ' Q. is ' f . 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I A ' DIMM 1' 'I IVVILJMQII, I. uglrwlg Illl Excluslve Noveltles cg I ar Q 611-L Shop 1 'vlan Stree D hxullg N :rquwla THE CHILDRENS SHOP Lrxlhma r 'W M Ire Pharm I W SAUNDERS PAINT SHOP Wholesale and Retail Wallpaper and Palnt Dealers Agents Unltlzed Wallpaper and Dupont Paints and Varnlshes Ma 1 F W WOOLWORTH FURNITUIL I c, SUDDARTH S L HENRY V ADAMS INSURANCE mal Nm: ma DANVILLE FROZEN FOOD SERVICE GERALD AND BETTY Hairdressers H5 Watsarw ,mfr f Pham XVlshe lathe a HARNSBERGERS WISE LIGHTING AND APPLIANCE CO ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS TELEVISION Radios Refrigerators Ranges Appllanc C rlaet set BAILEY S ATLANTIC ssnvlcs VILV N Ma 1 a L e Bus C Send You D y C ahaha T BASS 5' MITCHELL Modern Dry Cleaners Phahe -ll I Cash a fl Carry BUDDYS SODA SHOP Datehf M CIICIVI Q Cu Pam hxll Eta Phu CIQJV ALLEN S FOOD STORE H3 Ha fac YEAR ROUND GIFTS THAT LAST' Lo LS I U Q AN SUN JAY SU OC SU DI RELIGIOUS BOOK CENTER nI6 Maw Str et 1 H0 I I ll ' ' ll I Tel: W v I--175 ,, I SA- . 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H' W I D f 1 A Q V C X I . . ll ll e r 'CTC X 4 , I I Il ll 'I . . . . , rap l ' f Congratalatron ot E . . . D H , I ,, to the lc I9 A - ft - L, Corner at Sprung nd Unton 'JV ! 3 Bes c Lack t the Cla s of I95I .et Y J e . ,N n r r U Danwl, i tri - - - l C fm IQ J we LEWIS FURNITURE COMPANY G P RICHMOND SINCLAIR REFINING COMPANY II VTQIIS CAT 6' FIDDLE SUPER MARKET WH EN YOU GOTTA Phone 3480 CITY CAB INC 'mmf O H P GREEN SHOE COMPANY M rm S Pho C I X Q THE HUB h 'RTA I AH' C MCLELLAND SHOE SHOP XIC J T TOWNES PRINTING COMPANY POINTER S suoss ron MEN TAYLOR BROTHERS GARAGE foe F O I 24 Hour Wrecker Servlc It Ph e 0 THE COMMERCIAL APPEAL MARION S SHOE STORE Ire I ARCADE BEAUTY SHOP IOTIIE DAN RON Sp W AUTO SPECIALTY COMPANY Iwcorgorot I The Parts Boys Q 0 S Q we T ICE CREAM - 1 - Z 1 Q 2 I u ow I, Paws If If CIUSS :rf 'JI ' ' Plug: 0 I I2-I Cfvmwlz I 'I . OI , . CQfTIIf.I f S f 6 , Q ' I 4' V f I 'M' IG! 'IDG' Dow III 5 BEST Cothuers , rw-f 4 "CloI' es For The Young Mon" ' ' COWI1' TE NEI' L Sp III North 'fr His' Sfrffei Forma ire , , , I 7 Ilclmr I, Xfurgurwc Phorne NI I,'M'1IrI Sturt ,, X- ' I I Bi? xi I J II TTI So Mon EYTE'IS'OfI ' e - N - . -E , , Sv , vom 5. ef NIQI on 5I-feR Pax PII me I I-I I Complete Beauy Service f UAE II Arfucic Iiwlduwg Plume 526i We eciolize in Permanent aves I IJ Cu PE ll II 525 LI I IVIQI PI W IIVI4 I I.. WHITE WAY DINER IQ Drum Curb S CPFN AFTVR DMNCFS LAVINDER C1 HOWZE Neon Sngns Sales Servlce rogtmo Str Lt Phone DI PARSONS SELF SERVICE FOOD MARKET oce es Fesh Meats F L E IA SONS NORTH END BARBER SHOP CIIH S r tus to STON EWALL ESSO STATION O N VIQHW S V Qr11rQtJtQtuOr1S to ttw L as Qt 5' J F JOHNSON Crourue Fresh Mc0t5 cmd Negetutjle N' rw Str Phone 211 Arm Food Stoe SOUTHERN SHELL KEELINGS PHARMACY G L KEELING over It LARAMORE CONSTRUCTION COMPANY Inc Ta sat M ed Concrete Excovatlo Asphalt DANVILLE OIL CO INC ht 'ft Dstrtbt 0 USED CARS G DANVILLE USED CAR CO HARTMAN S TIRE SERVICE LSII F HI MARIE BEAUTY SHOP mu o Ls mg Store G J TO FAT ITS SEMINOLE ESSO STATION T eptwom Ivff CLEMENTS 6' PARKER FUPNITURE Hour Lux r QS an I Apuiwormces GO TO RUSSELLS PLACE F0rFrost Mrllfshoke u SQ wo Lo ited R0 t 9 I I ' 1 I Z7 -1 411 Plxcfst 1 ' emce ' - -- ' ' ,I Q I ' . 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JQIJ QQ , CLEANERS DYERS Marn Ottree um CIO N MaIn Street PATTON TEMPLE AND WILLIAMSON INSURANCE AND REAL ESTATE Arcade Bu Id D n Ile Dodson Bagby Equipment Co AUTOMATIC HEATIIN AIND AIR CONDITIONINI 'Vtan S eet 2 U L Stm om D n IIe Vrrgua PATTERSON DRUG COMPANY Fuve Registered Pharmacusts Masonrf Tenwole DanIIIIe Vrrqrnra MORRIS CLEANERS E 2 Lxnn Street Phone 3 Danvllle Estate Beauty Shop Phone 2953 PADIOS TELEVISION McDOWELL S Sa e Senrce OLIVER The I nest III Farm Machuner SCHEWEL FURNITURE CO LEt Schewel 5 Feather Your Nest TELEVIS'DN Avo TELEPHONE V C IMPLEMENT CO wane I5! IIOI Rwerad Dnve Complrments ot PHILLIPS 5 C110 In Dahvtlle and Sehooltlela Covington Sams Hardware Co Headquarters to G E APPLIANCES 248 MaIn Street Phone Q5 GLENWOOD FLOWER SHOP Flower Pottea Plants R E D GlenWooI Phone 3872 - - I I - - K - , - Corn mhrnents II 1 4 . . I Je l - I I ode , , , LVL," P ., . I r PII ft -1 28 Gnd 73 I I IITQ a VI , VIVQIIWIO 'G I 1 22W N I tr Phone Ilff I S . COLE FURNITURE CO. 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I Ig I I ,IE I fa I -I rim ' ' ' PI r I TC r ' e - I V I S Y I if , . it I52 THE CAVALIER RESTAURANT Dortwlles News I ooo Most Modem GI I Mom Street George Gowtsoudes Prop DANVILLE PRINTING C0 Rhone IMO G S K RESTAURANT Your Son 'oct Jr I Our Sstcce s Fomous for Western Steak ond Seo Food LEWIS REFRIGERATION SERVICE KeIxIrIotor Moytog ReIrIgQrot1rs Washers I Mom Strtc Phone 7 T I ok I FIVE FORKS BARBER SHOP MERRICKS Cr DAVIS GROCERIES IINC EI I CIIA IFS W oftws GEO DANIELS INSURANCE AGENCY Non Cancellable Hospltal S5 000 Pollo Pol cy 'UI MG CLmpIIrrIeIIts to the CIoss TUXEDO Best WMI s o Tre C oss o CUSTARD CUP Route 29 MIII4 Srtokes XXII Colors Custoru ABBOTT S GAS SERVICE Pot C E 9 If t Abbott AppIo e PIIILCO TAPPAIXI MAY FAC A S PUGH I ROOFIIXIC AND SHEET IVILTAI WORK QILI N IVIQIII Street Foote 339 CI AUTO TRIM SHOP Q Str D vIIe Vrgno SEAT COVE RS COINMFRTIBLE TOPS - I - I I l ' I' is Y A ' TI I 'NJ I T I II If SI IIT T S ,I V1 ' , I A Q . 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Suggestions in the George Washington High School - Cavalier Yearbook (Danville, VA) collection:

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