George Washington High School - Cavalier Yearbook (Danville, VA)

 - Class of 1948

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George Washington High School - Cavalier Yearbook (Danville, VA) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Cover

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1 5- + sk Q Lf vf- 'li I 1 1 ,101 .1 Qi Qu . -1 - Liv- .Z V wvzq, , ' ,y Y 1 4., . JL f ,H bu., .5 . 1 -Y-1.1: 3 . ,fl 51 ,Q - 1-.Ls 15.555, ,. JH f' 1, .em f ,n-4.5.-, - ff' In 0 ,Q , .xl . -F 4' , ,. es 1 5 'N Y fr i as ,f i 1' - .499 r 'B 5 ' 'f I .--Q vi 'ir ' ' .1 . .5- w J. .' -.,-.r- ,fif 'fm'-" . . .. --,ga ' -5 5 ' .- , 1 'vi 1 4 v , TMA' ' 'E ' s J 'V' 'J v. I -- ,, . N,-rg-Q I K4 -mi 1 sf ' 1 . . . , , .19 '1d'1i--'. .,"" ' "-'31 1.1. ' , J" -1 'fs mb R , .,. rf 'n ,IL ' N 'fu . M RFI, . ug. ! H. I L. 3 wJ 4 tru wh. ' . w .'- ,A -1 Iv .vp lf' 4 ,. ALI 1 pq. ,F r 5' fe I I i 'M THE '43 EAVALIEH GEORGE WASi-IINGTOF MALI ER -IIGI-I SCI-IOOL, DANVILLE, VIRGINIA M.. Xgg,k,:g, ' 1- .. -cn! 1919 ' . ,, XM Gal 1 Y ,, K r 1 ggi X Q gg 17 :Kg H+ QM? K . X.. 4 H S Wm Ai ,si wi' ..,--- 'N -1 W ak i :SY at ,gigs . r,.,, Q , "'-l-.W Q 1 I I i 1 I N a i2 ii ii. Gwen lluelselier. .is president of the Student Council tliiw year, Listially presided over aaseniblyg lid lfoley, outstanding in science, genendly acted ns technician. va f-sf 1 , 1 -1 X 3 1 . w 1 'L W v Q A iw xxthg YI A ' ,wif HY' ' -M g M .Q -wg Q' ' 4 ' ' , K u, ws, .J W3 xy ? ' Lf, 'ky 'L Q -134 sA T A , W -xxx 'Al k 5 H P .VV if it 8 fb :'7, g 'P K , u N ' - R . ,F w mt.. .xg if 1 -R- 41 1 1 ' if 2 - -A fwm Wgz K "' ' x f LV . , 1, Q .. ix, A., R, ' N , I 4 Q ' I' t yu "5 as 5 J' if ,X ,,,i gat' W wh Z 361 -1. , " , N. W, 1' fl , ,, -R fr gf -ff , ,iq , f Q h- 4 p w , 9 A Myfg 1 L ,, - -45 Y ma.. , W - 1 I N 9 ,., sf gk .U V Q H Q 'S iz UV ,., 'wlsf 'il lfw .wffl 1 K I af? M ,,,Qf'f,.f"f.1 wxgi , 14-f M, 2' t 5 w Q M S 1-,Q +545 9 'A' 5' " x 1 .1 4 , ,.,.m if f - .ti - ' if "9 ,, gg, ,451 4 N, , mn. if y"'5 4j 4, W ' iqf- Q ' V w - " , L-" W 'L "Sw ' sy 157' 35 4 ' 5 naw? 1 . ! ,, S", .."' QF' an W ' 3 , fQgf5b 2 ,5 fx x .R . fs ' an E , 1 ' QW M... sg '. vm A U A 'ik , 51 S Q M E lug' w','g'nk""Flg M Q ' Q ff , 5 , 'S W. ..,,,., M. .. ,,,. Awll 'ff 5"' .- ki . 7,4 Q I ? ' ,I mi 1 5 H ,W M in f- ,, . WW N I 'Iv . gifs M' "Vx 'QQ . L I J 1- 'Af' 1 I' , 5 x. 'K '., .-Vu if ""fwm will if HT S514 ny--,N . +2 D fy 3 iq l me .wut Agm, 1 nuns 'rn REMEMBER EIJEAEL TIME Www-. ,,7' EHS si wr Maxx W wg 'QP BY, 4 4 'Q N ar 499' X M ' Aiwf 'fi , :V , 'V ,PHE ,ggi -V .av M , If Lf Q uf MEM N 1521? , "W fsNf.'Wj1:,i1"3 1- Kgs 5 ' is '-at-1e.1?'?:v L:-"IWW m, ag , A xx. ., A " , - wg, .QW W' Q? ' 4 ggfhm 1, W vm 11-W1 'QA Lim-A wh "" ... ,b ' 1---J-5 if W in 0 X M , . ,F 'gf 1 W ' f -' 1-N ff! f NA, Ajuj ..4,,, M, ww :M vt Y Q' AEA' N f 'fp Ng aw., M ,MM ,fx Ag, 5, AQWW 1 N3 WWQMM I M H " MM jk 5 1553 5 19 ' 5' 'X ' Q, ... Q Hj3..' .,1, 4 ,ala W., i rA , , " f,d1i'tQ Q e-.emi J' A ' 26g,1.21ffq' " W ,, M' M M ,,,x Wie: , ns, M N 1 K , - adfgim 1 ff , A W ' af ,AR M if 'ef ' .W -, . V N, Q Q X, W1 f aah 'M' 1,21 A as , My , pw m I U' f vw w f' 1 , YF' A ' - X , v W A QL' fr ww. , . 2-7 Nw .M f X ww 9 ,iff-i?Mg,k V ,M W ,qwgw I i , , , qw, get H 'Y 1 N M vL+lP3v"f L - Z 9 015 wma! ' ' As time passes in a never-ending march, we, as tomorrow's leaders of the world, will always possess the memory of days gone by-memories that the years cannot erase- memories of our days at George Washington High School. The thrills of Homecoming Day, the Senior Dance, the pride we felt as our battling teams ran onto the athletic field, the dates at the Junior-Senior Dance, Class Day, Gradua- tion-all combine to leave us with never-to-be forgotten recollections. The clamor of the halls between periods, the dash and hustling to the cafeteria at lunchtime, the enguliing drowsiness of students the last period, and the joy occasioned by the ringing of the 3:25 bell, too, will afford happy remembrances in the years to come. We have enjoyed our stay at "Ol' GW." The six years of studying and extra- curricular activities that we have received here have traced their indelible stamp, which, as a mark of culture and refinement, will remain with us always. ' int0fPw9,w6uJ1,e-- MAIN HALL AT 8:40 Each morning as the school day begins, the main hall becomes alive with students as they gather informally to discuss major and minor issues of both school and out-of-school activities. Relaxation and good humor predominate in this "calm before the storm" period. I '-iff' z Q51 A - nv-27 35155111 f i .7527 QU 522 Q 2:02 Zi .5 fffigl ff ai 41 Q9 2 H 5 9Y9!f:ff'x':4.K-jf 1.4 - w h if if-f -.14 W 7 fr ggi gjfy ,ygfg Zilx-gy? 3 vgxyixif T r,,4,g ' - . v,f5'gJZ 'Wy '-.ffym -1- :2gf.'., pg' " al 0 'Ziff - qyfyfa, C 5, ' ' V .. ff? I gfefl an-,,- , ,g 1 ' ADMI T A'if?2'i!mf'.":f5'iA4ii::g-' , ff f NISTRA1 'I'g"' 'A' --- A '1 ' ,fi 1.5 II 0 N -ff 1,-1.5 ff- ' ACT 5?+.-'S ii. gag TE . f ffirifif Ji. 1 A 'VMS ' If f .-rf., A .-351, 5 - si UI. AT Y f :il I 1 ,-- lv, -:A:,g.,.b.'i,,:j,- x P Xe-L-Y HLETIQS 25 ' Sfgggifza, x'Ti'f??7' "W'ff"" ff f f -1357 f " 3 T35-T '31.TAif4.x1Ix? Z- 'A IV. s,, rift 1:2 ANIORS S s 37' f :.- 1,:!!3w5.EEu,u'.,f- :YYY XL. 5. .p Ha-!4, l v fl N 5 ' 0, ' 3.-: 'Xxx V, yeh, ,gi -. ' IQR 81 'vans-5. .' Q lx A 'AT-Effft' J! if-f-A W! Su J - xiixif:-5:15 NN.: ' ' ' -E ' " I I-R Xxx--va:-1 Y I - , ,' N V V - LATI Ea,-'ix "-'lgffx-G, if - '- 51,- , I' 3 A I. Vlis Li is - A - 1 - 4 , , -'X PA XY 'K F Y 'UNION 108 'ix Xxx xQx lx ff fy 5 I, f ' ', il sg.. f .vez ' JUN I 1 Eb, Am? 1 . :',15 2.715 Aff, f fl 'g?-- -2 -1 g,5.' ,. ,I '.r"" jjj IDR H 12 ., f, '5,,..,, X 'ff . - . 1- f wa 'GH - f V' "-ff:?5':2f'1f.Z,.s -1. W-LW . . dc . ' i f I- fi 15 'r'fifg0yf 4 fl 1 if 'ffiaisn ,, Qffn ' I ' 4 114. 0 '- W1 "'Sfi5E25?f X ,, - 7,.f -,Lia 'lijgtwfl ' W laxsxbg -E f Q, .lffrrsfmmiigmm-74 Q' f ,fA-. lg I NX -.5:f1,w.,-v-..g- 4 Hwy "g:f,5g!. "W ' ' f .4 , ' ' ' ', iQ3EF:r?-"fi'11-?'- I-1?Z?X:,i:9 'ff f Mn I'w ' " KWM-.,u,EQv, .Q + . . + 1:52 wf?.Ei5sgiiifi,fj?Hffsiwii f ,A 'Z i7ii.1- ' ''WVAUm!!-i53"fIylni."Mlm" - - W .ii7W"'9'3E2 Q - 2.4 ,aiafi -. W J , X ff 'pf' - Q f 4 .17 ii", - A'-w , " 1. 'f-XX YQ' 015111, I I. ' W X 1 , " - Y fr ?" .YNY - '-' 'f 'j ff ' '.-Simi' 52 f ,, I ,lf ' lf R! X 1 Q 1 X In ,WL Am ew! If 1 .N 'snub - 1 ff . -4. - fb M ' A . 'f-em X .J J A' a !Wa1Ni"f M "1 ' f IIFGSM " M j Qffglhiw zu, I W 'liyjy K 55 i , W 904' 2 1 " W' M siif ff . HIT -, .. f ff, 5252. "1 f X V-" I 4 I 1 :7 , ' ' f 'if . ' W Emil' Wag, 2 X Q 7' -fungi 3 K- My X 159: fzzrzgaaiffp M uf 1 2:14 f ff S! -449 .f , ga., f Wifi f 7 9 Sip xg V .5315 4 .vw .51-' VJ nad.: J ' f f ' IRS, ' 17 'ggggl f , .f UIQ, I .,, 1' Q !!' HQ-5 I 1 , Y S55 an W 9523! K f fjigzii I If f .fig ' f JSE.: . 'll fag!! ff' -.1 al q f 1 ,. g X ' . ,diiiiiiq . ig!! 2:29 H .10 . 7 ' , , 5 1 1 A - 'f'f7ifsll"l FWZ!! e- K' fn A .. i,5S?'Eji:gQgi,l 12222 N. , Q. . , - .-.ffm 'W J ' .a:Iff79f'f5f5s?1-:W--f-1' law! Liivrifi-- . f'-"ff!L..,-' .-!'w:::5'gf2f'4"ef' sz-...ffl f.-., Y ,Y v ,, - - 1 -,sq V.. -1 .r -1 , I, .1114 1,5 ,if f X 2-iff? iifsaigfbu-v f ,W 1552552559132F--122152-sm " g - 65725, , 'f255'r455'5Ef?Uff3'Qf:52"'fivl'!f - -' ,:4,1' ff' f-,cmsi1:f:g 'T'f-.3..hg-1I"14:A-A . 4- ,, Q-1 ' 'fe4f1-44" 4,!.f'f4'f.4'--if-3555Iivmgt' X - - "-152 fr" ff:'f-fl-?ff? " I-ff ,112 ,-g-gg:..v :21:Q' -Q jul:-ii i. ?2'Jf1W r H,-PT:f,:'? f',Q'?'i LUSH- -VV., iii,-K E- ' A"p-gig! ..', T +--LQ slip' X 1-4 fir- '-'Ds 1. 9455 fin. ' 255:29 - 11.:+gTg5 AW, -'.. . .- jlwm.0L9A,in,46'lacl:,anaL6clluZa -.. With its huge oak trees and wide lawns, the GW campus is always especially beautiful in the fall. The girls and boys too, add to the attraction. fm andI72m9W-- The campus of our school provides an ideal back- ground for these typical teenagers-Mr. and Miss GW of 1948. No better students than Bobby jones and jo Price could have been chosen by popularity vote for such an honor and be so worthy of it. The students are proud to have these two represent the school as the average Senior couple, popular, versatile, and friendly. Qmdmfz - - Miss LUCILLE WALTON OUR BOOK TO A DEAR FRIEND The seniors of 1948 feel honored to dedicate the CAVALHQR to Miss Lucille Walton of the Science Department of George Washington High School. Her unsung deeds and friendly cooperation have won her admiration and loyalty from both students and faculty. An outstanding instructor in science at GW, she has recently achieved national importance in the field of research. As a result of her theory concerning a possible explanation of what causes the orderly organization of cells into patterns and designs presented to the American Association for the Advance- ment of Science, she was elected a member of the Botanical Society of America. Being an art instructor and designer of the school ring are only two of her contributions to the school. Miss Walton has responded eagerly to any activity or program when called upong she is tireless in her efforts to do what she can when presented with problems of the students. And so to one who is our teacher, our helper, and our friend, we sincerely say, "Thanks, and best of luck-always." A flff' 6 S J ' V4 . Gb , " 4 . . if X .. 1.7: ,I wx , -!. r,,i-E v I ,V I i X my 1 Q " 3' ,"'TL"fV I : V X 2 N ff .1 1 V , 1 ,' I ' f 'W ADM! N I ST RAT I ON G. L. H. JOHNSON Superintendent O. T. BONNER Acting Superintendent THE ADNIINISTIIATION GEORGE W. ARON L. K. KERNODLE C. R. LONG Rovsrrsx LYLE DR. P. W. MILES G. P. RICHMOND P. H. RICKETTS O. E. TRENT C. B. FLORA 'I 15 I' I'lllM'll'fll, I'rim'ifml ul. T. c:lllilS'I'UPHliK BS., College of Wfillinm and Mary M. A., Columbia University Office Scene Latecomers Al and Mary Ann are reprimanded sweetly, but nevertheless reprimanded, by Miss Elizabeth Copc- lnnd, school secretary, and Mrs. Vir- ginia Fentriss, assistant-secretary. I' A l' l L 'I' Y Domus R. AISTON Louls1iAN'rHoNv ROLANIJ M. BACON Iingliifv Hmm- lifflllfilllflii Head of lnduxfrial Arls 5. S., University of South B.S.,I':.ll'1'I1VillCSYLltC Dfjmrfzzlelif Carolina Teachers College BS.,loWaStateTeaehers College and University of Florida ERNEST G. BAXA M, MAIUREIJ BEST LLOYD Grioiusla CARR Ilan! of Co1r1n1r'rl'ic11 English Sfiwzn' Dl'I1d7f7l1!'I1f A.B., Greensboro B.A., University of 5.S., W'est Virginia XVes- College Virginia eyan, Bowling Green Col- ege of Commerce, Univer- sity of Pittsburgh Hnadlhq. jndayb, Jfrzadllhm, . . . GRACE F. BAGLEY Hearf of MHf!7!'llIdfft'.K Deparfzflnzf A.B.,Rundolph-Macon Woman's College KENT C1.ARK Indzzslrial Arts B.S., Eastern Illinois State Teachers College Mas. ETHEL S. BARK Srimw' A.B.,XVoman'sCollege University of Nortl Carolina RIIBEKAH Corfmano Com m 0 rcial B.S., Murfreesboro l Teachers College, Tenn 'l18l' If Il If I I, 'I' I' 00 Ibn-., s. MAIII I. Ii. lMvIs Ifimwc I-s P. DI-,l,AmAIa IiAIIIIiI. M. IJOIJSON WIIIIAM R. IJUIIIAQNIIALISIIN VIRGINIA liAsI.Fx' lfulqlixfz Sjmniiln Ifnglixlr ,Ilixfmjy I'lvyxirul IfJIIr'af1on :il'.lkIll.llC Averett AJS., xx,0l11LIl'l'S College of IRS., Iiarmville State l3.S., University of Virgini.I PLS., Mary wILlSI1Il1gI0l ..IS., Westlmmpton University of North Teaclwrs College College Iollege, University Carolina NLS., NoI'tI'Iwestern of Richmond University II IIIII-iII'I' A. I'lI.l,lS, jk. .losIIfIIINI SNI-I I3 lis'I'Ifs IDOROTIIY FI'I'zoI-1IIAI-Ix Lum' IfI'I'zc:IQRAI Im Russl-1.1. CIRAU m'frzIr11fl'1If1IiI' SlH'uki1l,Lg Iiuglixlr linglixlz uml Drumalifzv I,il1rarian lmfuxlriul Arfx X.I5., Duke Ul1IVUl'5Ilj' A.B., Randolph-M.Ieon A.B., Ramlolph-Macon AB., College of Willigiiii IIS., PCI1l1SyIV.lI'lIQl State A.M., University of XVomnn's College WOI11dH'S College and Mary College North CI4IroIiI1.I jnpica, of Qlhcuulbn Umm, 7101, dlwaqa, Shop, IIS? 1' lf l I, 'I' Y lULA GREGORY MRs. NORA PAYNE Hui. MARGARET HOLLAND MRS. Louisa C. Huomis MRS. GFORCSIIAL P. INGF Mafhemafirs Hma' of English Maflwrzzafirw Hisfm'-y Plvnysiml ElI'Ilt'l1fl0l1 3.S., University DFIJdI'fl1Zf'l1f A.B., Lander College, BS., Farmville State B.S., Westh41n1pton Col of Virginia B.S., Columbia University Greenwood, South Teachers College University of Riehmo M.A., Columbia University Carolina Ctno S. JOHNSON MARX' S. KUHNS MARY MCKINNEY Ai. MA'l'fiES MRs. ELIZABETH Mosi Hisiory Religious Edzzraiion D. E. Imfrlwfor Plrysieal Edzzfafirm Home Econonlivs B.S., Georgia State B.A., Otterbein, Wester- B.S., University B.S., University of B.S., Madison Colleg College, M.A., University ville, Ohio of Virginia North Carolina of Virginia A.B., Bonebreak Theological Seminary, Dayton, Ohio Jlh 'Thema flfiewedl the qaculltlg-.Studlent Qame . . . -IZOI' I' II II I I, 'I' I' ufrr I,. NIU'Il.I'.Y Mus. NIAIRKLAIKITI' If. Mo'l'1.m' 'I'lll-LLMA NAY1 on l'lI.IZAIil-TIA!! Orivi-'ii MARY G, LUIIIVISR nl of Ilixlmjy Mullwumlirx Muffy.-Wff.-.P Muxir IllXl'l'lll'fUI' flixlor-y l,l'lI6Il'fHl!'llf fiI'AlLILI1lfC A vcrclt A.B., RAIIICIOIPII-NILICOII I5.S., New York B.A., University of A., Lyncliburg IRS., Ifnrmvillc State XY',OI'I1Lll1,S College Uniwrsity Virginia vgc, IVI.A., Ilukc 'Il-.xclicrs Clollcgc M,A,, New York M,A,, Univcrgigy gf Univcrsily Univcrsity Virginia Iu.lNc. II. I'1-.luuNsoN Cmnuuwr. Ri-.vmoim Mus. I.. C. Rois11RTsoN IfVIil.YN C. S1MvsoN MARY FRANCES Souxs linglixlr Sl'fl'llf'l' Mallnwlalirx Ilvml of Hmm' lirmmnrirs English Ii.S., University of ILS., College of Willigxiii A.B., R.1ndoIpI1-Macon Drfmrlmzwl B.S., Madison College Virginig and Mary W'oman's College B.S., Fnrmville State rI.A., Univcmisy of Teachers College Virgj,1i,1 M.A.. Columbia University 'TI1oAc Jlttennoon .Se:AAionA . . IZII FACILTY C. L. THOMASSON MRs. Rum' LI. VERNON LUc:l1.i.i-. WALTON Nia1-i.ii1 CARROl-L Wri11'L AUBRITY B. XVILS 'ml of S!'jt'IIl't' lJz'pai'tn1i'nf Hixfor-y Sriwlrf' CfIll1l71l'VI'fd1 Lufin A., University of North Graduate Averett B.S., Fnrmville State BS., Farmville State A.B., University C.1rolinii BA., College of Teachers College Teachers College Richmond XVilliam and Mary Commercial Training, Bowling Green, Business University, Kentucky L. G. WILSON VAUGflN C. XVOOl1Al.l. ELIZABETH G. VVOODSON Not pictured Nlflfbi'l71llfil'X 1'l2yxirul Eflzzvafimi History MAIKION F. WELLS A.B., University of North B.S., Murray College B.S., Farmville State Scimzm' Carolina Teachers College A.B., Lynchburg College M.A., University of Virginia 21111-e Ufcfo-ck CW 1,0 x-xy Af aff- q,'f,'v'17 ,jig..:J, "Appl fllvslw I fl 7,-f'f,,, QX Hx , , a 1 ,, A, x. Z7- :Ef ,ffid f -Q. V N 4 v +1-:Irv . tX 1 J A fff 'ff AIX, QI'y xl' i 3:5 ,NA 42- ' QQ, 7- KX", ,fff X 'Ziff' XA f X f ""'uJ' "' I ll 1 . ' AW ,I 2 ,N ' L Q r q , 7 M2 5' W g if C. will Mfhqe, .... ygypf id TEACHERS DAY Well, now youave seen the teaching staff A "super group" are they, A home room each has for his own Where Work piles on each day. These mentors greet us with their smiles Each morning this is true, But on the boards are lists of things They have for us to do. The lessons are so very numerous For every hour there's one- No wonder that the smiles grow dim When teacher's day is done. -MARY ANN MORTON 'l24I' nf - 15' , 152' 1lmfv ' i fa . ' aff Mmm, xxx ,,yf :nazi . x N as aa 'fQl kr fl W, V up E' R 3 ,, QQ M ' T " ' L l- M vi we + sf W i KX 1 ka AJ- isekif W fr! 11 N- M UH M W iW1fPWMm l'm ' 1 L lU'a'I'LW E 1 f. 1 i!l1 A C'l'lVl'l'lE3 qfgfgg, .wick-Y Q ,. ,., ...M E., . 1. r ,W . 52 - YK-f ww.. Mg, K ,S-1: igmg ,J f Q ' 3. J . J Y' fn .. zefi- . ., , ,, X iii . ' 1 i V Fi f 5 E i X. , -53 -. Q, wiki .sw iam. f"3"k: Q. X S Q E .A.U..f 1 f .gag was "' 'V.,,,...--f' N, V! . , 4, Www M , .L,,L W farm, r ,f . wHm'ff, W-1. :r Pill 211191 . - .mf .f -. -. - 2 Q ww? 5 W FW. it Wa use .Q . in 5 gag . , ,, was Q gf., -f ,223 Vffxifi' l 'x 4, 1. 1' xv, !.w,... , .,.., x ,. , A , . ,,,,i,. g . af. A, .. 152551 ,, ..,. ,.s.-,M Q fy -'ww 'wsu' -... ...fc- i ' If 1 7? 'R 45.1 4, ' fx Q x N 3 xx :gp 1 in ii W ' E X Q AV n V ,Hs 'YI ff Nm 'li' -5 1. A was x ..-. -www wmwmwdv' Wk" "KU ! QQ all -N 15 I A M V, W .gr 'QA 'emi' ' X :gf f , B5 Q, V 4 4. J -s 3 X k 5 3 'K X x , i V f , 1 wig' X W , ' J 1'- 1. .A 1 sb eff ffl ' X r AEA 1 iff my 3 if kit' . 7 Y " M.- g g AM Y..X - Y R 3, 'QA m ,282 1 cf , ga .1 . 26 ,f 5 , img 56' N Sy 1 f I PE " 1 P' 'F' ' A I TV A 459 H x ",I x - M, i I' Q Au X I 5 In u A 'vm 5 5 ,E'F 4,- 1 I A. V Wx 'fb K' if . ara 1 5241 R gf.- -egg. xl lun ' Q ' 'u,f,,.,. ,, N.: P f'-azzzzr P 'M 'ii , '84 . '4 ' X .J , U9 Q 'P '1WAI,llIIi 9n,56cI.3,51YnnLHaamL.. Lrff to riglwf, xlumliug: liirxl l'IHl'2 Miss l.ucy Fitvgerald, librariang Audrey Francis, Ola Vfellman, Nancy Calvert, Ann Shaw. Ann Love. SITOIIHA 1'Ull'I Juanita Stanrield, Mary Miles Puryear, Ann Harden, Patsy Keck, Carter Riddle, Peggy Boswell, Marilyn Motley. Smfmf: june Powell. Quiet, please! ln the silent resort of G.W.'s extensive library, the students relax from the grilling and drilling of teachers to find peace among the hundreds of books, magazines, newspapers, and pamphlets to be found here. To quote most teachers: "If you don't know the answer, go to the library, you're sure to find it there." LIBRARY A D LIBRARY ASSISTA T When Mr. Hitchcock said, l'Now smile!", he met a cheerful response from these library assistants. Their duties, ranging from being sure that Shakespeare and Words- worth do not stay out too long to putting Byron and Bryant in their respective places. were numerous and tiring. -l30l' XII or FOIlTY-EIGHT RT CLASS Sketching on the outside was rare in thc GW scheme of things, but Miss Walton with her corps of artists yielded to naturc's spell on this occasion. This group have for a long time been a "must" around both school and eityg they have done the art work for Tlx' Clwaflvrlmx' and the CAvA1.naR: they have put on exhibits in the downtown storesg and they have presented attractive displays in the school's show cases. As the class grows in popularity, everyone realizes a need for better facilities and more equipment. Hence tl'-ey look forward eagerly to the new high school building. 01111. Uwn, ilfwzbnandfa, . . Fran! row, left In rigbf: jimmy Gentry, june Shuff, Nancy Willard. S 1'i'r mff mu': Fred lfva iis, R. j. NX'ells, jimmy W'illiams, Frances Barber, jimmy jones. Third mu': Carol Loc Ramsey, "Boots" Tunstall, Martha jane Riddle. FGIlffb Row: jimmy Lockerman, Bruce Myers, Thomas Henderson, Miss Lucille Walton. 9 'lllll lTillf'Al.IlIll fafzlg, jul Jenni jluzrn, Jlopizfri . ,, l Irmflx: Miss lftllcl Dodson, Faculty Adviser, rmiliug from Ivfl lo rigbl: Carolyn Ovcrbcy, associate editor, Barbara Fowler, advertising nianagerg Buddy Robertson, editor-in-chief, St. Clair Talbert, business manager, Nell Hamlin, circulation manager. Iiollum lmnrl, fron! row, luff lo rigbl: Barbara Scenrce. Shirley Grogan, Clarice Underwood, Connie Diggs, Mary Meade Robertson, Harriet Tunstall, jane W'alker, Mary Virginia Xvilson, Martha Pritchett. Surofzil muy ltffl lo right: Pat Furgurson, Al Hill, Illizabetli Green, Doris Cress, ,Iune Sliuff, Lucy -lane Pcrkinson, ,lean Rusli, Virginia Boggs, Ann Adams, .Ieannc Cole. Tlriril Voir, lwfl fo riglwlz Frank Barnes, Nancy W'illard, Dan Sfnitli, -Ioe W"ellman, Lewis Harvie, Sam Adams, llr., Anne Dod- son, Martha -lane Riddle, Betsy Martin, Ida Ponton, Flcda Ballard, Margie Ann Shelton, Kitty Newman, Gwen Hoelscher. Carolyn Phillips. THE CAVALIER TAFE Members of the CAVALIER Staff enter wliolelaeartedly into their jobs of managing, compiling, writing, editing, and Financing one of the school's biggest undertakings-The CAVALIER. XII XY mr af 432k ,fggf , . .1,M, II11-41:1-- 11.1111111111 51.111 111111111 .1 11111111111111111 1'.111111.1i1q11, 5151111- 1111'1-11 11111' 111 M111 1'1111g1'1'.1111'1 111.11'1 1 1' 11111111 1-lLlI1lX 11111 1111 1111- . g.1111c 11111111011 11L'll1N, .1 11111111 111'11.1111'.111 .11111 Llll .1s11'1111111' 111'11g1'.1111, 13Q'i1lIl'5 NL'111ll1Q IHUII' 1111111 11111, 111l,ll5lllK1 111111 1 - 1 . .lI'S 11'111'111 111 .I11YCI'- ISIIIILQ Ill .111 1'11'111'1 111 11111111111C1. XY' 15111511 11111111111 1 1 111 1111111111 51111-8 11111 111111 11111 111 111111111 111 111111111 1 11101461111 Xl Il 11 L'lHl1L'S1, ' 1 LINC .11 l111l'1'. 111111 1 11111 111.111 l.llll11.: 111 1111 QIPA 1111 47C1111111111111111111 1 S 1l11.,,lI1 1 1 I'C.l S 1 L1ISl 1' 1111'11"111 1111'11.111' 11111 1 1llN1 11111 111111111 Illllllg 111 N.S.l'.A. 111 1 1111111111., 1111 111111 111- C111 .11111 11111114 11 IH 1111 11111111 1111 S1111-111181111 111 11111111 111 1111111 1111 -18111111111 1 lllt 1111 111 1111111111111 111 1111 11111 1111 " 111 1'11 jim, Cdmlr, Cd ani, 011. 'Jo C12ev1:Qand1 av 'YYY ', r fi5"1,, . f.,lg1.,, 1 ..:f 1561" 1' .11131..g:i-.:.'k 'V 1331 lllli l'.llUlI,Il1li Jap, Jfnnnfm, . . . abc Tofv intel: Mrs. Hill, under protest, was persuaded to stand beside her gleaming trophies, won since sponsoring The fTbflffl'Y'I1UX lmfl in riglil: Harriett Ann Burnett, editor-in-chief, Martha liitclieu, circulation inanagerg Lleanne llyer, nmnaging editui .lane Scliooltield, advertising manager. Lower panel: lfirsl row, lefl in rigfrf: Frank Barnes, Frieda Kahn, Nancy 'Fox Connie Diggs, Margaret Ann Choate, Betsy Meade, Pat Iiurgurson, Barbara Fowler, Nancy NY'ill.ird. Scrum! mu: julian Koplen Betty M. Crafton, Peggy Upchurch, ,lean Farley, Gwen Hoelsclier, Nancy Bousman, Mary Virginia Vifilson, .lane XVnlker Nancy Purdum. Third row: Jack Scisni, Bobby Fields, Margie Talbott, Bill Carson, Lewis llarvie, Buddy Barker, Frank Turner "Boots', Tunstall. THE CH TTERBOX Published for twenty-two consecutive years under the inspiring leadership of Mrs. Hill, The Cbafferbox has won highest honors in various state, sectional and national con- tests. Among the distinctions conferred upon the paper are the Medalist rating from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association, Pacemaker from National Scholastic Press Associa- tion, Trophy Winner from Southern Inter-Scholastic Press Association, and International Honor Rating from Quill and Scroll. sz 'l34lr ,Y X31 V- K N i 0F F0llTY-EIGHT Bumvr Glfil. ,lfleoiu "IST N yfi L VU' 114 "1 R2 . ifmkxxiulll . , .' ,A I I i I V. Last year Tlx' Clmflrrlrnx celebrated its ll my 'gg'-, .5 twenty-fifth anniversary with a banquet lfu , which was attended by former editors as f If -' nfl . . ' 1. rm gh,-tm' well as the current staff. Mrs. Hill, having !l , Ti ,si 'pf . . . . ,. A igigffli wir- 3,131 known the paper in its infancy, recalled dif- A, X YJ' Q faux-I nw F5351 5 ferent years of publication by means of their 1 -'M l - ii flilgrff ,A respective editors as guest speakers. , Q ' pl if 1 4' il " 1 Among the projects sponsored by the lf. xgfrj ' ' '.' - Press Club are the annual ltaster Bunny Curl Fl ' 5 - contest, lligh School Day at Herman's, Y .A U All and a play, ' .ffl-Q " The Green Duck, symbol of the Press Club, continues to uphold the highest jour- i nalistic standards. Qobzq, fha, HAL llfmk fm. Jhn, fllaftmlwx, ilu' 'Rf 435+ C H557 li ll ll EHS i i i THE STUDENT COUNCIL JI fha, Studnnf, Hnmzlznmnni . . Lrfl fo rigbl: Svafml: Jacky Mowbray CVice-Presidcntjg Gwen Hoelscher fprcsidcntjg Buddy Barker CSecret:iry-Trensurerj. Slumfing: Miss Iflimbeth NX'oodson Qfaculty adviscrj. Representative girls and boys of the school are shown here. Chosen for their school spirit and leadership, one from each home room, this group and the judiciary form the governing body of students. Meeting on the first Wfednes- day in every month, they bear special com- munications to their respective rooms. In this way, drives for Community Chest or Red Cross funds, packages for hospitalized soldiers or needy children in Europe, and improvement campaigns at school are speedily carried on. At all times their influence rates high for the good of old GW. Jhny, Jicphmpnb Jhmb, Jlommovmm . . ,K if 'rfqjwl-X fel sw 4136? 0F F0l:1'i'-RIGIIT The Iudieiary For the past several years head ofhcials from the Student Council have attended the Convention of the Southern Association of Student Governments, last year bringing back the otlice of Vice-President of the Association. During the 47-48 session Miss Wood- son, Gwen Hoelscher, and Buddy Barker went to the convention held at Corpus Christi, Texas. Gwen, as vice-president, presided at the banquet there. Complete with robes and solemn looks, these judges, selected on a basis of scholarship and leadership, try all cases of misdemeanor and breaches of honor committed by the students. ln them is vested a great responsibility by the school, for their decision is final and their recommendations are usually fullilled. ln the past few years the importance of this group has increased until today it is perhaps the most powerful branch of the student body, jim yung. famed, to Ghibli. . . . 5 "" I i Left lu rigbf: Siuliuil: Frank Turner, Harriett Ann Burnett, Buddy Barker, Gwen lloelscher, .laeky Mowbray, Mary jane Whxllter, 77 Sam Clifton. Slurlifing: Ann Duncan Neal, Tommie Collie, Jane Sclloolfield, Clay T. Gardner, jean Farley, Davis Hamlin. I 4 37 ,L 4 H 'mi civiuin ATIO LHO OR OCIETY Judging from the happy, relaxed faces above, one might be led to believe that keeping a ninety average is easy! This group of students, in addition to having a high average in academic subjects, have also demonstrated outstanding qualities of leadership, service, and character. After having been approved by a faculty committee they are elected by popular vote into the George Washington Chapter of the National Honor Society. Only Sophomores, juniors, and Seniors are eligible. The National Honor Society is sponsored by the National Association of Secondary School Principals. This chapter, now under the direction of Mrs. Margaret Motley, was chartered in 1943. Jlwf Jlwivff DL Nw 'Half S' - l First four, lcft to rigbl: Dean Hudgins, Ann Oakley, Connie Diggs, Buddy Robertson, Jean Farley, Nell Hamlin, Harriett Burnett, jeannc Dyer, Celeste Bishop. Srroml row: Nina Farthing, Virginia Boggs, Allan Greenberg, Kalezis Kalezis, Bentz Howard, Tommie Collie, Betty Gatewood, Nancy Bousman, Mike Bankhcad. Third row: Frank Turner, Homer Bass, Edwin Henderson, Carolyn Ovcrbey, Bill Carson, Joe Lewis, Sam Clifton, Ed Foley, Mrs. Everett L. Motley, adviser. 'I 33 l' m xx: H N 4 H 0F FOIi'I'Y-EIGHT Unduaifzq, Flaw, 20211, faint, . . . Burk mir: Connie Diggs, Doris Cress, lS.1rb.1r.1 Fowler, C.irolyn Overbey, Nancy Willard, Put lfurgurson, Martha lfitclictt. mul rnu': ,Line Sclmollieltl, .le.xnne Dyer, lluddy Robertson, llnrriett Ann Burnett. 0 ILL A D SCROLL Scholarship and high journalistic standing are the chief characteristics of this happy Urou 1, CiW's cha mter of uill and Scroll, the international honor societ for hi h school 5 l lt Y g journalists. Only students who have excelled on 'Flu' Clruliw'l1ox and the CAVALIER stalls are eligible to this society, the highest of its kind. Mrs. Nota Payne Hill and Miss Ethel Dod- son, faculty sponsors of the two publications, make the selections from their "workers" To qualify for membership 41 student must: Q12 be in the junior or senior class, QZJ bc in the upper third of his or her class at the time of election, Q31 must have done superior work of some phase in the field of journalism, Q41 be recommended by the supervisors governing these publications. J Q -1439? V1 K t 'Sli-Q-Q. 'Wim og ml:d.fl2'lLtlbl'l,'5lI'l.d, 'Hamm '-'. Sn'tlfi'il, left In rigbl: Dan Smith CM:innger of School Storelg Smzlml, lrff lo rigltf: Gwen Houlscher qI'resident of Student Ildward Foley fResearch and Scieneejg Mr. Chris- Ciovernmentbg Harriett Burnett flfditor of Clmllrr- topher CPrincipaljg Buddy Robertson fQjl"CllCSlI'2l Iwxjg Doris Crews, flhlmletiexlg Dolores Perrow, ind lldlwf of '48 CIWALUZRPG F4lWll1 HCFIJSYSUH fOLllSl.1I1i.llI1g in Office Machine Coursejg Ann 4Viee-President of Senior Classj, Fowlkes 1'Outstnnding in Orliee Machine Coursej. Sfslllllfllxf Pat Furgurson lSports Editor, Thi-ClmiIm'l1mbg Slizrxilirqigz Hope Stuart ihookkeeper of Student liundslg St. Clair Talburt lbusiness Manager Of'l1Hl CAVA- Ann Oakley CPi'esident of Senior Classjg Miss 1,11-.RJQ Sam Clifton 4Literary Activitiesjg Lindow Iithel Dodson CPresident of B and PWJ. NY'hite QAthletiesJg Mr. Baxa QRotarianj. JUNIOR IWTARIANS AND JUNl0R BUSINESS WOME In ties and coats these GWites are hardly typical, but they represent all helds of activities in our school. For these are the 1948 Junior Rotarians who attend the Rotary Club luneheons, one for each month, as guests and future business men. Mr. Christopher and Mr. Baxa, themselves Rotarians, delight in giving the young men cues on their future responsibilities. Because of their ability, leadership, and cooperation in various high school activities, these seven Senior girls were selected as junior Business Wonien of 1947-'48. Principal J. T. Christopher chose the girls, one for each month, to represent certain activities or depart- ments of the school. Ready to lend the girls a helping hand is Miss Ethel Dodson, President of the Danville Business and Professional Women's Club, the sponsoring group of this feature. if ' Q' 4 40 i 2 ,A 2 I .Fx fl 0F FORTY-EIGIIT LITERARY AND PEPSI-COLA CONTESTANTS As winners of try-outs in the literary field oflour school. these students have been selected to represent GW in the state contest. This meeting, sponsored by the Virginia Athletic and Literary League, includes competition in public speaking, prose and poetry, reading, spelling, and debating. Those winning the district contest in Lynchburg will take part in the State meet, which is held annually in Charlottesville. Anne seems to have found the answer to one of the tough questions, or perhaps these seven seniors are merely pleased at the opportunity the Pepsi-Cola Company has made possible for them. According to this company's generous plan, live per cent of the senior class in each Virginia high school may enter competitive examinations for a scholarship. Only students who have maintained an A or a B average are eligible. A special aptitude test eliminates many contestants and is later followed by a Scholarship Aptitude Test of the College Entrance Examination Board on january 24, 1948. In 1947 Gene Wilson was acclaimed winner in the semi-final contest. "we, fh.a, . .. " TOP: l"n'.i'l mug lufl In rigblz lirieda Kahn, Martha Pritchett, Buddy Robertson, Kitty Newman, Bobby jones. SUFOIIAI row: Rae Rhodeniver, Mary Meade Robertson, Anne Dodson, Nina Farthing, jack Scism. Tlzinf mu' Hill llardy, Pat lfurgurson, joe Welitiaii, lidwin Henderson, john Travis, Sam Clifton, Fd Foley, Mr. Herbert K. lfllis, faculty adviesr. l5l'iI.OW': Smllml, lrfl fu righl: Jeanne Dyer, Ann Oakley, Anne Dodson, l.eslie Chattin. Sfnlllllillgf Billy Carson, Carolyn Overbey, lid Foley. will L' 'llllf l',lV.ll,llfli "UQ, Hafhm, Joqzflzm, . . " I I , Cjjlirrri: June Stephens, President: Rue Kndenhiler, Vice-President: Marcia Brown, SCCYCILIFY--il.FUJSUl'Cl'Q Miss lilinbeth Oliver, Sponsor. Sonqaterm in .Section . . . l GLEE CL is The purpose of this organization is to promote good music and to develop better voices among the talented Gwites through the singing of the best lir- erature. Very active in school generally, the club adds a great deal to Christmas and other seasonal programs, as well as to the weekly broadcast, GW-On-The-Air. The group participates in entertainments given by various clubs and churches of the city. Closely identified with the Club is Miss Elizabeth Oliver, faculty adviser, director, and inspiration. On many occasions small groups from the ml rge chorll body slng for special programs. 'l42l' ma 1 l "v gm F1 ill Fllll'l'l'-Flllll'l' ' ,' ldmlul 9 riiluil, li-fl In rfglif: Mr. Ki. l,. 'l'Iium.isson, fqculty .idviserg lwf! in riglllz Bill Carson, Alfred Melmne, lid Foley, Anne liilly C..irsong l5.irh.1r.i iliorrcnee. Dodson, Mary Meade Robertson, Mr. Tlionusson, Sfdllillllgf Alfred Mclmiic, l,lCIlll llownrd, llonicr Bass, Fd .idviserg l'm, Turrcnce, lletty cil'.lflill1, Sl. Clair lwilcy, Si. Clair 'l'.1lherl. 'l'.ilberi, Mike, linker Tliompson. CHE I,'TI'iY IILUIS ANU SUIE IIE Fllllll "lest lulue 'l'inkers" has become ii popular and active orgnnilxltion in CSW. The pur- pose of the club is to further scicntihc interests of students and to help develop their nhilities. To .inyone meeting the scholastic requirements and having scientific ability, membership is extended-and usually accepted. Pictured on the left is the Science Forum, whose chief function was to choose topics ol scientific value to be discussed at monthly intervals in open forum. The group on the right is the Science Club, composed of students interested in chemistry, biology, or physics. .l43l TK 'Fill Vllfllllfl! Jim, 517114, CZMQ, Jlvtdla, . . FLOTlLLA CLUB AND Y-TEE S "The more the merrier" seems to be the motto of these conscientious lflotilla Club members. The Club is Ll division of the Y.W.C.A. and its members consist of high school Juniors and Seniors. It is the purpose of this organization to assist in the development of the religious, social and home life of the young girl. This group composes four individual Y.XV.C.A. clubs for the younger girls of the community, the Amazons, Do-Big, True Blue, and Friendship. While not directly school organizations, these groups consist of school boys and girls who carry on their programs and partying all during the nine months' session. On various nights, they meet to exchange their ideas on numerous problems con- fronting them. A 'l44l' P TEX ,, OPE HOUE COU CII, These councilmen, ebosen by popular vote of the high scltool stu- Llents, fulfill sueb duties as keeping tlme dance going in tip-top fashion and seeing llhll new records, the best and latest, are on lmntl. They .Ire .tpportioneal sueb jobs ns fur- nishing music, supplying clrinks, peanuts, .mtl Lxmtly anal lmmlling Rx M1 sportsmmslup tml rnortls tmong the boxs of the sebool md eommumtx bllte C lub ull N which is tlw lnglt sebool bl tm of the Y M C A IS tlso utxu ll tlu SPOI'lSOI'll1L,0fLllI1LLS if B .und purine lo beeome 1 member of the 0lgll1ll1flUl1 om INLISI le H1 stmor lnglt st oo ' 'X-"""w' lnklsl luxe met the I'L1LlllLLl qtltlthettlons ml luxe been xotul tn bs the members l70ll1 tlte tloor .mtl the floor. -I .rtqzyzn 1 ' lu, L' 'Y Tb ,' 1 L dnd, iluz, 431244, .film Jil 'lj THE CAVALIER PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB AND WASHINGTUNIANS With eager "lens" and direct "focuses" these energetic photographers seem interested in Eugene's Hne results. Their efforts were DOC in vain, for the work they turned out, some- times for The Cbafierbox and the CAVALIER, was outstanding in the field of amateur photography. "Now boys, here's what we've got to do," begins Mr. Christopher as he glances to the 1947 chapter of the Washingtonians. Thus began a series of objectives listed by the sponsor for general improvement of the school. With the establishment of the honor system as their main goal for '47-'48, these six Seniors and two juniors endeavored to make a better GW in appearance, good sportsmanship, and achievement. jlaahlrulb dnhbfa, Review Jbuhlmd, Ffuwluct . . . Front row, left to right: Ezra Francis, Carolyn Phillips, Morris Burns, Nancy Koger, Evelyn Cooter. Svcoml row, left fo right: Mr. G. L. Thomasson, sponsor, Tinker Thompson, Mike Bankhead, Charlie Barbour, james Petty, Pete Calos, Dick Aherne, Bill Hardy, james Baccary, Bobby jones, John Travis, Ed Foley, James Gossett, Eugene Holland, Brantley Barr, Jr., John Hammock. Left lo right flower picturej: Seated: Bill Carson, Ed Foley, Mr. Christopher, sponsorg Sam Clifton, Buddy Robettlon Standing: Tommy Collie, Frank Turner, Jack Rice, Homer Bass. 'l46l' Ol' F0li'l'Y-Ellilll fnlnbbuhg, Pnaeticn, with, Jimmy, . . . :ml rnu', If-ft In riglvl: Barbara Gauldin, .lane Booth, Juanita Sparks, Betty Chilton. Slrlmfilfg: C. S. Adams, William Newell, Wlxde Alder'-un. C. li. Hart, Raymond Tate, Miss Mary McKinney, adviser. Sfzzdezzfs Worlzjng Characteristic of the D. li. workers are C. F. Hart and Betty Chilton, laboring heartily but happily at Herman's. Such tasks as these represent the practical side of Ci. W.'s "work-as-you-learn" course. DI TRIB Tl E EDUCATION Miss McKinney, sponsor of D. E. work, seems pleased with her proteges. The boys and girls work a minimum of fifteen hours a week in downtown establish- ments, each day having one hour of retail training at the high school. They work regular hours in such places as Herman's, Belk's, Rhodes', and Bibee's. It is the object and purpose of this organization to bring about better ideals of sales- manship among high school students: furthermore, to initiate them into the business world. In April of 1947 the club became nation-wide in its scope, with the first national convention held in Memphis, Tennessee. lvl Illll lfMJll.llQIi Jim, Kham Jlo1umAeep1hq,. . gm o r rllw zl' 1 Q3 ' , dy l s tg? E, a A M..-.-aw V 'fr sf 'ii fs. " V--I' ' ,M mc, ggi, 1 l . X r . jsp Miss ANTHLWY Ar 'run RIGHT, is SPONSOR F.H. . CL B Future homemnking has no fears for these feminine Hdclities. This group is com- posed of all Senior High girls who are taking or have taken home economics. The Club tends to develop higher ideals among the homemakers of this country. Monthly meetings are held after school in Room 311 for the purpose of discussing prob- lems that may arise in the kitchens of 1960. When sewing dominates they meet in familiar 315-home of the needle and thread. I HI V. ZH .I 48? Ulf llllilil'-l'Q!12lII IIIHIHEHTIRA ANIIH. .Il THE Ill Very active on our radio program "CRV On The Air" was the combo pictured below, currently known as the "Four Sharps and a Flat." This little aggregation played on nu- merous broadcasts, presenting popular and old-but-favorite tunes of the day. Although small in number they were cheerfully received by all radio listeners. liaeh W'ednesday through the courtesy of WBTM the high school conducted a fifteen minute radio program "CNW on the Air." With Harold Xvilson and Fvelyn Cooter as student announcers, the program included a wide variety of events and organizations composed chiefly of students of CNY". The helpful supervision of Mr. Ellis added much to the improvement and betterment of one of the most active features of the students. Jawa, Shanpa, and a, Jlaf, . . . JIU' lrfl ln right: james Williams. alto sax: libbie XY'illiams, trumpet: Buddy Robertson, drumsg libha Green, pianog Rosemary Moss, vocalist. l,1'fl In rzlqlil lluurl' fvirilrrrlz lfvelyn Comer, Morris Burns. llarold Vfilson, Rache Rodenhiler. J ,F'..,. .f fx -I 49 1- lf Y' 'iq B in Ui TK THE CAVALIER 'VZom.eo, CUILQAQ, did, jlwuq Hamm? ee-R it QQ ewes? Frou! row, left lo rigbl: Margie Shelton, Doris Crews, Kitty Newman, Shirley Grogan, Caroline Traynham, Ann Murphy, Nancy Willard. Srroml row: Nancy Bousman, Betty jean Williams, jo Price, Virginia Ann Perkins, Mary Ann Lavinder, Martha Pritchett. Third row: Nell Hamlin, Jeanne Dyer, jean Farley, Nancy Headspcth, Elizabeth Jeffries, Anne Dodson. DRANIATICS CLUB Here displaying posters advertising their current production, 'A . . . Nl ' N this dramatic group presented various types of plays through- -V5 4 N out the year. True, if no one in the club could H11 the role in A X question adequately, the entire school was combed for talent. jjjl fiafff' "l: However, the members here assumed the greater responsibility, making up the committees for costumes, stage set, props, pro- grams, publicity, tickets, and ushers. This year's plays were ,., X ,E "Ever Since Eve," "Miracle of the Castlef' and "Annie Laurie," besides several one-act plays. . , f if Qty TT: .l 5 'lil jf my 0 yell l I a in 5 U! I ,jill l , EY k a li 42, R Yu Q5 A, rjj ,f f I fl 3' 'l5Ul' m f X Xe ton- e + 'E Ell UI UE E E' "liver Since live," which, by the way, proved an hilarious success, was Cjfxvfti il-it's choice for sponsor- ing. llere the "live" giving trouble is .Iune Stevens as the "drooling" southern gal in an effort to cap- tivate liditor liohhy .Iones as well as Assistant Buddy Barker. "ls this your idea of a practical joke?" sternly dem ands Sam Adams, cast as high school prin- cipal. lle has just read in the school paper of his marriage to the jour- nalism teacher, llobhy lfowler, Qon sofaj. Intent on tearing up the mis- chief-making pin ball machine, neither Anne Garrett Penn nor her co-workers hear Policeman lflton Saunders in his stealthy approach. ftleanne Dyer, leading lady in the play, was absent when pictures were inade.j Q -l5l' 'lllli l'.fll'.flI.llfli Jim, lady, nf, the faailrz, The play is the story of the miracle which brought love back into the heart of a grief- stricken man and joy into his home. It caused him to be once again loved and respected by the people of the village. Especially so was the third act, into which the Nativity was artistically woven, skillful lighting adding much to its effectiveness. It is hoped that the dramatization will be- come an annual custom of the school, to be improved upon each year. This plan has met with the approval of other schools and was commended by the National Scholastic Pub- lications of America. G. .'s 0riginal "The Miracle of the Castle" was GV"s contribution to Danville's Christmas pro- gram. Written and directed by Miss Doro- thy Fitzgerald of the faculty, the play brought out many old customs of the medie- val Yuletide celebration. Blended into the plot was an extensive musical score of medieval and religious Christmas carols, se- lected and directed by Miss Elizabeth Oliver, also of the faculty, and rendered by mem- bers of the Glee Club in costume. The set, a medieval castle, was made by members of our own student body, as were many of the costumes. Much research was done so that the set, costumes and even the general atmosphere were in keeping with the time. All of these were very effective and gave the presentation a realistic air. abhbzqzhq, 911, fluz, Bnmi, Jlead, y nlzbuttlm 4153 or lf0IlI'l'-lilllllll' Unsung Home Before and after every produc- tiun, there's physical work to be done. These boys are part of the group who, under W'illiam Duden- hausen, constructed the play sets. lispecial recognition was given the raft they built for "Minor Miracle," the one-act play which won top honors against Roanoke and Lynch- burg. Many sets were constructed on the stage of the city auditorium, winning high admiration from the townspeople. Time 0ut Wfhile Miss Fitzgerald is OL!! of the room, these students decide all work and no play make .lack and Jill dull Thespians. Hence three gifted ones serenade while the stitches fly. The head gear so no- ticeable in the picture was being created for "Miracle of the Castle." m in , ffcluwl pf, um, mmwm, . .. SCENES ABOUT SCHO0L From class to class-wait-what's new on the bulletin board? This time rhe play's the thing, and a cheerful reminder to buy "Memories of High School Daysi' in bulk form, known as the CAVALIER. But folks in lower right have no notion of waiting, for isn't lunch being served? -'l 54 r y Q Q X , N X MEX .ix . M' rg. '.qg9Zf3.l: Y' I .4 'A 1- Q A i' 'I K K ' u , Y 7 X ' -i f SN E,.Qr-af-5 x X ff f' fx w4g,5f 0j1 0 Q -4 f 1 f' " , Mi ff" ' y f 1' " Sf X: ,'I F' Q K N, wk , 4 QNX 45 x ' 1 1 I r I' rl Le I' I CJ FO0TB LL-1947 Sfumlirig: Manager Harvey Camm, Buster Brown, Billy Anderson, Charlie Putze, liarl MCCTJW Buck Keeton, jimmy Masloff, johnny jones, Bobby Parr, Jacky Mowbray, Allan Knick, Hugh Larson Jerry Davis, Harold Parrish, Sam Adams, Curly Wilmarth, lid W'renn, Sonny Nichols, Ernest W'hitc, Bucky Handy, George Haley, Ace Martin, Manager Roger Lea. The season,s summary: Using both the "T" and single wing attacks, GW's gridders fought their way through an eleven-game schedule which was probably the hardest of any Virginia high school squad. In only two of its games was Coach Vaughn Woodall's hustling outfit rated so much as equal to its opponents. The fact that they won two, and tied three others, shows that they did better than many fans expected, even with a mediocre season. First of the ties was with the Green Dragons of Schoolfield, who fielded one of the strongest teams in their school's history. Fullback Raymond Knick scored through the line for the Cards, and quarterback Peyton Hatcher added the conversion. This was Knick's only appearance of the year, as he was hospitalized before the second game, and remained out for the season. Schoolneld came back to tally on an intercepted pass, and the game ended in a 7-7 deadlock, before either eleven could push across more points. Reidsville's Golden Lions were held scoreless by the Redbirds in the second tie at League Park, where all home games were played. GW came through with several brilliant goal line stands, but was unable to muster any scoring power of its own. The entire Danville line showed exceptional stolidity, with left tackle Harold Keck and right guard Lindow White leading the way. Journeying to Victory Stadium in Roanoke, on September 27, the Cards met their first serious disaster. Although they unveiled a dazzling aerial attack, with halfback Sonny Nichols tossing to right end Pat Furgurson and Pate Hatcher, they were crushed 38-6. The Redbirds scored when Furgurson lat- eraled to guard Stokeley Fulton, who scampered across. The Magicians, destined to be Western District Champions, used their T-formation deception and superior experience to score almost at will. It was in this battle that Dan Overbey, first-string halfback, broke an ankle and was lost for the season. "I56l' tlmlq, Itift In rllqlrl: l't-yion Hatcher, Kenneth White, llarold Keck, Stokeley Fulton, Bill Barnes, Captain lindow Wliite, ll. ll, liowlkes. lid Boswell, Pat liurgurson, lilton Saunders. lired Martin, floacli Vauglin Xlfiiivtlall. lfollowing this debacle, the GNVites came home and fared only slightly better against Hopewell lligh. Although the final score of 37-6 was not indicative of the game's actual progress, the Cards were again clearly outclassed. This time, their score was on a buck by Nichols. Bowman Gray Stadium at Wfinston-Salem was the scene of the best-played game to that date by the Washingtonians. Sid Wliitehegtrt, R. VI. Reynolds center, true-toed a last-quarter field goal through the uprights to beat the Redbirds 3-0. On a slippery field, the visiting Virginians had outrushed and outpassed their Tarlieel hosts, but to no avail. To make their Homecoming week-end one of genuine gayety, and also as a birthday present to Coach Wfoodall, the GW eleven pulled their biggest upset by trouncing Lynchburg on October 17. Hard- played straight football was the order of the day as the clicking single-wing pushed over a 6-0 victory. Kenneth White went off tackle for the tally, and shared outstanding-player honors with Captain Lindow Wliite. In the starting line for this game were the seven stalwarts who started throughout the schedule. Kissie Martin and lfurgurson were at the ends, Keck and Elton Saunders at tackles, Captain White and lfulton at guards, and H. B. liowlkes at center. The backs were picked from a group of standouts which Woodall used alternately. They included quarterbacks liill Barnes and Pate Hatcher, fullbacks Jacky Mowbray, George Haley and Buster Brown, and halfbacks Kenneth Wliite, Buck Keeton, Nichols, and johnny Jones. liver-strong Hampton High downed the Cards 19-0 at League Park before the year's only open date. The first game after the rest resulted in an identical score, this time run up by Washington-Lee of Arlington. Meeting their la-.t W'estern Conference foes, CiW's gridmen outplayed Andrew Lewis all over Salem Municipal Stadium, but had to be satisfied with another scoreless deadlock. Buck Keeton's power-running 4575 . gp! .'. 35 X S9 i' Q35 fin is I i nz' a ff L M Surrounding Captain Lindow White and Coach Vaughn Woodall are eighteen of the Redbirds' top-notch gridders: r'loL'ku"ixc' from ihe lufi: Fred Martin, Curly Wilmarth, Harold Keck, Charlie Putze, Stokel-ey Fulton, H. B. Fowlkes. was the biggest single factor in his team's moral victory, which clinched for them second place in the district. L Back at home for the final Danville performance of a number of seniors, the Wootlallmcn put forth a razzle-dazzle exhibition in downing Hargrave 21-0. Kenneth White contributed twelve of these markers on two runs of forty-six and fifty yards, and Pat Furgurson's sixty-yard runback of an intercepted pass was good for six more. Peyton Hatcher place- kicked all three extra points perfectly. Thanksgiving Day saw the Cards go down fighting before a heavier, more experienced Portsmouth squad, 40-0. The President's tenth straight win clinched the state Group I title for them, and wound up a hectic year for the Redbirds. 'l59l' 2 wi V it K, .- Q Vx.. ,V 51 -' 4. El ' W5 L '7-ylklifi' . fi 'vi ' 7 1-g - he X.QELg+a5j5'Lg:3'E'fgi,, L15 s ,M ,mr , . .ti -. 4."' lilum Saunders, Bing Parrish, Ace Martin, Pat Furgurson, Kinky White, Buster Brown, George Haley, Bill Barnes, Peyton Hatcher, Sonny Nichols, johnny jones and Buck Keeton. Besides being presented the Capitol Trophy, Captain Lindow White made the all-state team and was fl unanimous choice for All-Western district. Stokelcy Fulton was selected on the Western District's second squad, and K. Martin, Furgurson, Keck, Fowlkes, Barnes, Mowbray, Keeton and K. White received honorable mention. Awarded letters for work on the '47 squad were Pat Furgurson, Fred Martin, Ace Martin, Curly Wilmarth, Harold Keck, Elton Saunders, Jack Rice, Lindow White, Stokeley Fulton, Charlie Putze, Ed Boswell, H. B. Fowlkes, Bucky Handy, Buster Brown, Kenneth White, Buck Keeton, Sonny Nichols, johnny jones, Harold Parrish, Hugh Carson, Dan Overbey, Raymond Knick, Peyton Hatcher, Bill Barnes, George Haley, and managers Roger Lea and Harvey Camm. 'l 59 l' ea fgnchlvunq, Ahalee it oft! 1 .idk ar E Schoollield Reidsville Roanoke Hopewell Winston-Salem Schoolfield Hargrave .SMM boom! Allan' righf, Kinky White scampers to a near-tally Aga t ch H lltoppers Bvlow, George Haley bangs over Hargravels right ta kle 1947 SCHEDULE Opp. 7 0 3 8 37 3 JR Opp. 6 0 5 Lynchburg Hampton Arlington Salem Hargrave Portsmouth Schoolfield Hargrave I Nlnsl Valunhlt' l lam' of tht varsity squad, I,indow llv a speeial vote ' ' v d tn reeeive tht- Capitol Trophy as White was tielte the most val This award in itself is a signal honor, but besides this l.indow was e lle was and wa triet eleven. Kloming out in uable Clardinal during the past season. hosen to head the squad as captain. the only GW' member of the all-state team, s a unanimous ehoiee for the all-western dis- I94-4 for the first time, he played H248 Un-llaplnins Veteran linemen Stoekeley F Fowlkes were selected by the letter winners of the ulton and ll. B. squad to head next year's eleven. Fulton, who held down the left guard post this season, is one of the serappiest men to perform for GXV. Despite his comparatively light weight, he managed to repeatedly upset opponents' plays behind the line of scrimmage. Only a few minutes of play were missed by Fowlkes, who probably spent more time in actual squad. The following l'r Redbird. An excellent on the state championship season, l.indow hrolte into the starting lineup at competition than any ot me left tackle, where lie remained until being shifted linebacker and reliable snapper-back. H. B. promises to right guard this year. Ile was highly respected to make l943 an even more impressive year. only for lis hustling line play, by his teammates not I' i hut for his superlative spirit as well. 7 1 1 s The linemen are, lt-fl I0 riellf: Pat Furgurson, l'i-uni this crew were selected the starting eleven for each of GW's I94 panes. I lflton Saunders. l.indow W'hite, H. B. Fowlltes, Stoltcley Fulton, Harold Keck and Fred Martin. In the baeltneld are ' tl White, Sonny Nichols, Buster Brown and jack -lnhnny jones, Peyton Mowhray. Hatcher, Buck Keeton, Bill Barnes, Kenne 1 'l 51 l' Who could move these six blocks of granite? GW's defensive lineup consisted of Furgurson, Saunders, White, Fulton, Keck and Martin. Below: The starting eleven is trying to calm those butterflies before taking the field for the Lynchburg game. ACTION! lff mwmmsauwmuw f-f At the left, Bill Barnes closes in to block a Ports- mouth President, as Kinky White is pulled down on a punt runback . . . Right . . . "Gimme a guard!" yells Coach Wfoodall, and Ed Boswell is ready for action. The Cards fight back des- perately in this shot of a goal- line stand against Woodrow Wilson. Gala event of the social and athletic year is Home- coming week-end. This year, "Pete" Ponton was chosen by the Monogram Club to reign over all festivities as Queen Homecoming X. As her attendants. Bobbve liow- ler and Jeanne Dyer were picked. First event in the celebra- tion slate was a gigantic bon- fire on the night preceding the ganie. Next morning came the parade, streamers and all. Then, at the game with Lynchburg on October 17, the queen was presented to the public. That night, at the Homecoming Dance, Miss l'onton was crowned by Coach W'oodall after the im- pressive program and figure dance had brought the eve- ning to its climax. E Kneeling, left to righlz. Bill Carson, Bill Smith, Buddy Stutts, Jacky Mowbray, Fred Martin, Sonny Nichols. Slamliug: Manager Stokie Fulton, Curly Wilmarth, Loyd Wilkinson, Buster Brown, NVilliam Bolton, Buck Keeton, Peyton Hatcher, Clarence Barker, Coach Al Mathes. BASKETB LL TE M '47-'48 The scasonls summ ary: When Coach Al Mathes summoned prospective courtmen to an initial workout early last December, the future looked dim. Only five lettermen returned from the mag- nificent 1947 squad. Nevertheless, things took shape. Despite the fact that they dropped their first tilt, one played at I-Iargrave, the Cards steadily improved. After Christmas they had come up enough to take Ll 32-26 overtime contest from their close rivals, the Schoolheld Green Dragons. Imfl: Five of GW"s top courtmen go through drills . . . Rigbl: Mark up two more for the faculty hw as the Monogram Club guts whopped. -4641-' 'Y HW Most nf the Card! high pointage was due In this group. ln the center arc Captain .Iacky Mowbray and Coach Al Mazhcs. Counter clockwise from the top, the other dozen are Btll Evans, Bill Smitln, Pcylun Hatcher, Buck Keaton, Buster Brown, Riclurtl W'ells, Manager Stokelcy Fulton. Loyd Wilkinwn, C.l.1rcncQ Bnrkur, Kisey Martin, Sunny Nichols .md Butltly Stutts. 'l65l' Jin flllfz-:Atenn lfllllll Swarm Ahooth - andl ACUTLEA t wlce . . Big gun in the scoring parade up to this time was lanky Bill Evans, thc towering pivot man. Bill played on the '44-'45 edition of the Redbirds before entering the Arm y. Since his discharge he has shown the same variety of shots and skill under the boards that d h' ma e im runner-up for high-scoring honors during that year. At forwards, Coach Mathes used Bill Smith, Kissy Martin, and Sonny Nichols as starters. Smith, a six-foot master of the hook-shot, also turned in some exceptional floor work in his third cage season. Martin and Nichols finished thei fi f ll ' A . r rst u varsity year and did commendably well. Both had a great deal of experience in city leagues and intramural play, which they used to good advantage. Captain Jackie Mowbray was the squad's best passer and setup man. The stocky veteran had an uncanny faking and dribbling ability which came nat 1 ll ' h' f Z, , u'a yin is ourth season on the Cardinal varsity. Buddy Stutts and Peyton Hatcher played a fast hard pressing game at the guard slots. Teamed with Mowbray either of them made set la 5 - P Y work with well-oiled precision, and kept quite a few rival points off the scoreboards. I n 18 starts, the GXVites turned in ten victories, although only two were conferen cc wins. They split their home-and-away series with Lynchburg and Salem, but fared worse in dropping two to Roanoke. Besides these schools in the Western District Group I loop, they mixed with several non-league teams Harzrave Schoolfield South B M ' . , , , oston, artms- ville, Dan River and Ferrum were all parts of the Danville schedule. After their final contest, members of the varsity squad selected Buddy Stutts as their "most valuable player" to receive the 1948 WBTM trophy, and also picked cap- tain-elect Bill Smith to head next year's quint. Name Bill Smith Fred Martin Sonny Nichols Clarence Barker Loyd Wilkinson Bill Evans Position forward forward forward forward forward Center Reonmus' VARs Yrs. on Ht. Squad 6-0 3 C-1 1 5-10 1 5-9 3 5-11 1 6-3 2 -IGS? ITY ROSTER Richard Wells Jacky Mowbray Buddy Stutts Peyton Hatcher Buck Keeton Buster Brown center guard guard guard guard guard GIRL " BASKETBALL NUf,l,l'.US Oli 'l'lll, 1948 l.AlDYl5lRl7S came from this outfit. Klll'l'lflIIQZ Mrs. George lngrani, Mary Davis, Naney NX'inn, Doris Crews. Captain Connie Bray, lfrances Qiroyex, lris llarraway, Virginia llratlley. .Slilmlnlgz Miss Virginia lfasley, Ann llarden, Nancy lloskins, Anita tiosselt, .loan Redmond, Sybil Mawyer, Mickey Vfallier, Mary Ann llarper, and W'anda Dunlap. After several indecisive weeks in which everyone was sure there would he no girls' basketball squad this year, a group of determined students won out, and arrangements were made to have the I947-'48 Ladybirds. Coached by Miss Virginia Ifasley and Mrs. lieorge Ingram, the misses rapidly moulded themselves into a successful sextet. liarly in the season Connie Bray was made acting captain of the Lady Cardinals. Connie, a tall, sharpsliooting forward, is well-liked and respected for her outstanding skill and spirit. Among the returnees from last year's team were Doris Crews, who topped the scoring procession in '47, and lris Haraway, who was also responsible for quite a few markers. Nancy W'inn and l'ranees Groves were the top-line holdovers at guards. On the Ladybirds' schedule were Sehooltield High School, Averett College, Chatham lligh, llan River, and several other aggregations. The ClXVites' expert ball-handling and shooting made easy work of some of these opponents, while early in the season they seemed, at times, unable to roll. The girl's energy in getting for themselves a court team, as well as their determina- tion to make it a winning one, was admired by the students and other local citizens. -l57l' BASEBALL 1947's BATSMEN were a hefty lot. Wfilnvxs the first row: Gareth Rodenhizer, Tinker Ryan, Jennings Shelton, Co-Captains, Bill Caldwell and Jacky Mowbray, Allen Knick, Buddy White, Stokeley Fulton, Charlie Putze and Johnny Jones. Standing ure :fill more sluggvrxs Manager Raymond Knick, Buck Keeton, Allen Greenberg, Elton Saunders, Richard Wells, Mike Greenberg, Pat Furgurson, Buddy Stutts, Clancy Barker, Chinky White and Coach Vaughn Woodall. Baseball was emphasized on a larger scale in 1947 than in many years at George Washington. The Redbirds, under Coach Vaughn Woodall, returned to conference com- petition and played a number of other strong nines. Three home tilts were night affairs at League Park-those with Schoolfield, Roanoke, and Salem. All games away from Danville were played on the host school's field, except those at Roanoke's Piedmont League Park and at Salem, where the Shenandoah League field was used. The ever-intense rivalry with neighboring Scboolfield was whetted to new heights by the split two-game series. First of the clashes was taken by the Cards in a tense scrap which ended 3-2. Only two weeks later the Dragons evened things up by a similar score. Although they failed to turn in a win against their western district Group I foes, GW's batsmen gave both their conference opponents tough competition. Probably their best showing was in the second Roanoke game, which they dropped S-4. Regular first baseman Mike Greenberg toed the slab, and pitched a brilliant but vain nine innings. A better-than-even slate was chalked up against other opponents, including Martins- ville, Reidsville, and South Boston. Monograms were awarded to twelve of Woodall's diamond performers. They were: Co-captain Bill Caldwell, pitcher and outfielder, co-captain Jacky Mowbray, second baseg Stokely Fulton, third base, Allen Greenberg and Allan Knick, shortstopsg Mike Green- berg and Melvin Ryan, first basemeng Buddy White, pitcher and outfielder, outfielders Buddy Stutts and Pat Furgursong Catcher Richard Wells, and infielder Clarence Barker. 'l69l' ENN For the second straight year CiW's tennis team smashed to the Virginia group l championship in 1947. Coach M. Roy Hood headed the netmen in a season which saw them undefeated in conference p-lay. Bill Smith and Buddy White alternated at the top slot, with Bill Caldwell, Robert Rainey, Bill Carson and Charlie Vfilliamson filling out the singles sextet in most matches. Lindow Wliite paired with Willianason in number three doubles. Against western district opposition, the Cardinals were superlative. They over- powered Lynchburg twice, 7-2 and 9-0, and in their only match with Roanoke coasted to a 7-2 victory. On May 9 and 10, Coach Hood's IICEIDCD reached their peak. In their first clash of the state championship play-offs, they blanked Fairfax High. Next day, in the finals against Thomas Jefferson of Richmond, they won 6-3, thus annexing the VI-ISL Crown and the season's fifth triumph. The 1948 racquet-wielders will be coached by Marion Wells, since Hood has returned to his native Mississippi after several successful years of handling the squad. Returning to the court wars are only Smith and Carson of this championship group. and at present the outlook is for a squad built from the ground up. N. HIOSI: SMILICS mean a lnt. This picture was taken on the University of Virginia courts shortly after the Redbirds had clinched their XUCOI1klSl!'.llj.:lllciI'UlIPlCll.lITiPiUl1Sl1iP, Kmwliug: Buddy W'hite, Bill Smith, Bill Caldwell, and Robert Ramey. 'standing are Bill Cfarson, Charlie XVilli,iinson, l.intlow Vl'ltite and Coach N. Roy Hood. .: 69 - -my F .- W 2 is E", -ke.-H - CHEERLE DER Klll'L'1iIl1QI Nell Hamlin, jean Farley, Harriett Burnett, Ann Shaw, Peggy Upchurch, Margie Talbott, Dot Bankhead, Jeanne Dyer. Slaniling: Richard XX'ells, Bill Smith, Buddy Stutts, Buddy Robertson, Slick Williams, Davis Hamlin, Billy Willianis. ATIO AL ATHLETIC CHOLARSHIP SOCIETY Each year, a select few of the school's athletes are tapped for membership in the National Athletic Scholarship Society for Secondary Schools. Organized in 1946 by Gerry Quirk, the George Washington Chapter was compo-sed of ten charter members. Besides leading lives which exemplify the highest type of citizenship and sportsmanship, boys ITILISI meet high scholastic standards to be accepted, and of course, earned a monogram for participation in athletics. These scholastic requirements are that the athlete must have maintained an average equal to or higher than the general average of the school. Stated purposes of the NASS are: to foster high scholarships among athletes, to elevate the ideals of sportsmanship, to stimulate a desire for balanced training, and to develop more outstanding leaders in the secondary schools of the United States. .sis 1-,ar-fi",- S ??isiieiaais ' ' Af ,,.ky5: S ,,.,,r Sfillltlfllylfi Harvey Camm, lilton Saunders, Dan Overhey. Sealed: Bill Carson, linduw Wlhile, Buddy Stutts, Mr. Vlfilson. 'l 70 l' NIONOGRAM CLUB Inil mu, lrfl lu rflqfll: Kisss- Nl.ll'llH. Peyton lhlcller, lindow W'l1ile, llaulxy Ilolin Along-s, Nunm Hrmdner, Ken neil: willIlL'. inlnf mu: llurli Krelnn, Smokie l'ullon, Kl.lrent'e lhrker, l'.1l lfurgurson. Hill lhrnes, lhn Uvcrlwev, Allin Knicli, lfrnil mir: frutln W'ood.ill, ll. ll. liowlkes, Iwi Boswell, Slllllh, llarvey Clnnni, llaroltl Keck-, Hill l"v.ins. liill Smith I lou- ialos, Allen Cwccnluc-l'yg, Hull C'.irson, linker llmn, l'illUI1 Smumlers, Sling ll.ill. Maile up of boys who lmve done excellent work and shown outstanding ability in one of tlne four l11.liOl' sports, the Monogram Clul: nukes itself well known tlirouglmout the school .intl community by sponsoring social and .illlletic events, and other wortlxwliile -.iutlt-nt projects. Memlmerslmip in tlme club comes tlirouggli reeoinmemlltion of the coach .intl approving vote of llle group. As well .is tllose wllo actually p.1rticipnte in athletics, us roster includes t'l1eurlu.ulel's .intl l17.ll1.lgL'I'S wlio lmve served two years. llle elulv olliuers during tlle 1947-'48 session were lucky Mowlwrny, presidentt .Iohnny jones, vice-presiduntq PM lfurgurson, secretary and Peyton Hatcher, treasurer. 1171? THROUGH tough schedules and bad lickings, along with state championships and homecoming victories, those who participate in sports at GW try to uphold an unwritten code. Modest winners and graceful losers, the athletic teams are never beaten in spirit. One could not find better examples of the attitude set forth in this code than Co-Managers Roger and Harvey, who, with all the student body, extend hopes for .... good .fuck ln '48-'49! im 'N-If W I fx nm k Y X fm, H E an .glxo W X f l, 5 L ,. Q x N I 1-, N' x V J S fi , fx W nu ,: 'sf3N ,ff ',! X ,wT.r.L' ' fl V ! N91 'ff N I H 2 H 1' X I v 3 I3 1,1 Y if 1 P i y N HRX h ,N ,N J! 1 V , A L KJ i -'K wf .wx E J KWQNW, ,ll 41 "T MILITARY MILITARY GW is proud to have itself represented in the field of military tactics. The Cadet Corps of our school, having been organized in 1942, has functioned as a military body for the past six years under the super- vision of Captain Herbert Caldwell, who left in 1946, and Vaughn Woodiill, his successor, who has served the past two years. Striving for military discipline, courtesy to ofli- cers, and perfection in both drilling and the manual of arms, the corps has developed into a compact body of serious students who realize the value of being militarily prepared for any occasion necessary. It has grown in importance until today it is a major unit in the functioning of the school, guarding the restricted areas of the hall during lunch or assisting at public performances. This year the unit was re-organized into a single company which increased con- siderably the number of men in each platoon and reduced the number of commissioned ofiicers almost in half. One hundred new rifles of the Springfield 1903 type were bought and issued at the beginning of the year, a major improvement over the ones formerly used. Maneuvers and hikes were conducted several times during the year to better prepare the boys who may some day lead our armed forces either in time of peace or in turmoil of war. z B1fA'l"l'Y, G. S1fixt:1fAN'i' Nlfxjou Caiuii., XV. S. Ja. l74l' S1iiu.14AN'1' Klifk, B. Si-114.1-ANI' Sc.RUczc.s, THE BATTALIO 1 1 1 I ffrllllclfll omxm l'vl'I ION AI 1.-xNNl DY: lc Sflllllillf vi Major' Xfrorlmr Um' Bl-fx'l'1'x' BIXXNI Sc IIOOI In 1 n Xll"l1Ul1 the seeontl term began, several elmngew were nnlnisaionetl nmtle in lwotlm the commissioned .Ind non-et ' ' ll oilieerw. Stokeley lfulton was promotetl to nmyox .Intl Butt y Robertson to captain, while the vncaneiex of the lieutennnts were filled by llowartl Bolton and Ruwsell Keck. lfx-CII Clmrlie Davis resumed lmis eltorew .ls first-Sergeant wlnlt .loe XVellmnn, Sam Atlnlns, Mike Balmklmentl, c1l1.ll'llC lg.1I'lW0lll' llnroltl NVootlg1ll, .Incl Vie Millner were upped one r.1nk. -1. --. 1.1 A1 11, 1-- Q ' , , xxijg, ,.,,, First Liwzieuamf Sponsor RICHARD WELLS DOT BANKHEAD Firsf Squad Corporal Millner Private Private Private Private Private Private Private Private Clark J. Dunn J. Kalezis M. Harvie E. V. Mebane A. Davis H. Stinson R. Riley W. Pfc. Howard B. PLATOON SfSERGEAN'l' BOLTON, S. SERGEANT WELLS, R. J. SERGEANT BANKHEAD, M. Srcovuf Squad Corporal Woodall Private Wilson G. Private Nunn M. Private Brown G. Private Overby J. Private Croxton A. Private Scism J. Private Swann A. Pfc. Otto PTR T PL T00 Thin! Squuzl Corporal Williams E. Private Private Private Private Private Private Private Pfc. Le Haraway D. Hancock H. Skinderis S. Booker J. Dudley D. Haynsworth B Dabbs G. wis L. 'i76!' 'ECO D PLAT00 A- f C lorpor Private Private Private Private Private Private Private Private liiril Squat! al liarbou r c.l.ll'Y R. llones li. liootli lfrix M. Clollie il.. XVo0tly Ci. Barker Willi.ii11x li. at W- , I .I fn.: i fi .ii -'iz' i ff IJ , .f SVVUIIKI'11lrrlul1l liunnv Rum-ltl'soN Pi Atroow S Si-ru.:-.-xN'1' Ri-.4 it, R. nw, -I Sisiupi,AN'i' Writ a . nuts S Sl uc.: NNT A 1. .,AN'l' IfvANS, I Swnrlfl Stlmnf 3 "RTN 1 - I SPKJIISIJI' Sul- llmuusox Tfiifaf Szlllrltf Corporal Gardner C. 'l'. Corpora Private Fulton lf. Private Private Adams C. S. Private Private Hughes B. Private Private Koplen -I. Private Private liields B. Private Private Keck KI. Private Private Moses Al. Private Private NWiggins B. Pfe. Cli Pfe. Hamlin D. l Ciravely Garrett H. Lavender ii. Gardner T. Nunn W. Vicks I-. Newell IS. Newell XV. fton -i77l' if BATTALIO PLANNING BOARD Lvff fn rihqfll: S1-.c OND LT. RORLRTSON, B. NIAKIOR Bl'.AT'I Y, G. MR. V. C. XVOODALL flAl"l'AlN FULTON, S. FIRST 1.IIiUT14.NANT W1-LLLS, R. 4781- COMPANY HEADQUARTERS Imfl lo rigbf: FIRST SI-QRGIAANT FLOYD, R. FIRST LIEUTENANT WELLS, R CAPTATN FULTON, S. STLQOND LT. ROBERTSON, B. CORPORAI, VVILLIAMS, J. COLOR SQUAD Lefi io righl: CLJRPORAL CQATEWOOIJ, E. SPRGLQANT XYXIQLLMAN, ll. Sl RGISANT W151.l.s, R. AI. CORl'ORAl. MILLNIQR, V. mg' f' f ff' lff .Q ,-.,A' .,Li'flf1if " ' we 1' l'ZZ7fl I mx J 1 ,4 1 ,',Z'5'i , , , 1 . , v , 4 ' ,V 1 1 'fn ,f ff,, ,,. X K ' ,A 11,1 -""':'.'ff-1, . 7 V" 4 1. , A. 1:1 Ny, wi- .A W A A 6 , X J' 'lv ' Q ' I S J i f n f , 5 4 V 5. 1 ' 4 I, if D95 . x f' Tg-if ILITAIRY ACTIVITIE 4793? LAST LAG In the morn it's HEP, hep! HEP, E v e r y b o d y Full of pep! In the eve it's LAG, lag! LAG, E V e r y b o d y On the drag! 6 M0 , .fl Iqfx ' f , 5 All M, X A hep! lag! in Z X. Wil by ,A ,, - 'ff' X W Uvgifzwx K 7 'V f 45 'Wm -ff f Xp "M1fgm'rQ' -- L hmgiy ll' KX5, Ni" F" "' 1180!- 'Ss aigifv Y' 'ssigg W J M5 Z Q-5 sg, if f 'Rf , 1 , 5-56 3 EEE -ll 5 Q i F5fr X 5 6 Eifif g-1221 gif ,f Q .,. .,.........,. ,. 1,-UQ., X.. ' 1 gssmmflmffmif1inVfifgiiiwW-x21 VL, X 'i MTE -J fm., 'I 1...- ' ' ,::q'.11f"2 ,J W ' -H' ' f "'ww1um1l+l wwf? V9 .x M 'f ' f gxxllnu Aiiiwm-2 , -,, A --Sq-2231 i ' 5 gg., -, ,,gm'mwv?,xf Q 7 .r .m . .4' X ' sxxfww":f2:e1:xxx .www 4 , ea- ' 1 ' -QYQQN at- ,swgy.sgg' L. 'I X ' L Q.: P gsm f ff X fi! ff ZZ? yr fi 5, f Q EZ! A ff 1Z?s!Z g? ff! Z 1: ,...1-Xoono 04-A 'Ula faunch Gut One aim is ours, one mind, one heart As we launch out to do our part. Grades may be steep that lie ahead As toward a world of strife we're ledg Yet storms of life can ne'er prevail Against us as we forge the trailg We'll go our way, a song in heart, As we launch out, to do our part. -MARION HUNDLEY 4232? SENIOR P0 SORS Smhil, lrfl In rigfrl: Mr. Glenn l . Tlwonmisson, Miss Rclwluli Coppcdgc, MVS, l:VCl'Cll Motley. Srilmlimqr Mr. lxvcreu Mullet, Win I-limbexli Oliver. Undoubtedly Mr. Motley is beginning one of his ll1l'llllTlCl'1ll7iC jokes, as the other lk'.lCl1Cl'S .iwait in twinkling anticipation. Heading the Senior Sponsors, Mr. Motley supervises the many projects and financial campaigns the class promotes as money-nmking enterprises. E IOR OFFICER -wi? Y 1,1-All In uylft: .Iennne Dyer, Seereury-'I're.isururg I-ldwin Henderson. Vieefl'resitlent: Ann Oakley, President, 4 83 lt .1 QW X, l'IIl0l' llgjj CATIIIQRINE Al.iBO'l'T "Thy 7!I!Itl1'Nf,Y'S ll Cdllflll' fo flly 111c'rif.,' Library Assistant ANN11 EuzA1su'ru AIWANlS "A 5111110 ill bm' r'yv." Basketballg Flotillaq Girl Re- scrvcsg Sub-Deb Clubg CAV- ALIER Staffg President of Homeroomg FHA Club. IJOROTH Y ELIZABETH A DAMS "A good lwarf is lwffcr fban all flu'l11'aJx in flu' world." Girl Reservesg Flotillag Glec Clubg CAVALIER Staffg FHA Staff. RUTH jocE1.YN ADAMS "N0fl1i11g grfaf was frm' I1f'!Jif'l'C't! wiilaozzf t'IIfl?IlNi61XI71.,, Girl Reservcsg Flotillaq Secre- tary of Homeroom. SAMUEL -l1ARPLIiYAlJANiS,.IR. "Va1'ic'fy is ilu' spice of lifvf' President of Homeroomg Ser- geant Military Corpsg Dra- maticsg "Twelve P 0 u n d Look"g "Ever Since Evc"g "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay"g "M i r a cle of the Castlcng Football '47g Eagle Scout '44g CAXVAl,IER Staffg Staffg Thespians. JAMES BENTLEY AGE15 "A Iruly 111011051 fellow." 4841- j W K1 nf ,jfzlfffff f,,l1l'Al WAIIIL S. AI Ill ININ, mln. 'A'l'fIr'I'I' Im' l'l'l'ftlflI ,Nfliflh In kllllll' tl fuilfrjnf friI'ml." IJ. li. Llulmg lI'.IIIx1cI'I1-I1 in-III lhn RIVLT. ICMIIIII ss Ci, ANIII IKSUN MMIII! Ifrnll' fu f!7t'llI lflalf lun' frI'r." VICL'-l,l'L'SlkIL'l1l of l'lotIllgI C.lIIlIg l'I'csw Cllulmg Sporlx Club: l'I'csIIlcIIl of llomcv ruolllg Glen' flllllug HIFI Rc- xwvcxg H IA C.lIIlw. lil I I I IIA A1llIiA ISAI I AIQII "'l'fII' III'4'1'l1'Il 'QIIVIIIIIJ In lfn' xll'r'I'lr'sf lllzlhff' 'I1I'L'.lSllI'lJl' of l"loIill.I Cllulmg Yicc-l'I'csiLlcIIl ui' ll0l1lL'I'0Ul'l1Q Cfirl Rcsclvcsg Sports Clulw hlcc K lulng Ci.'xx'.xI II li 51.111, MAIQIIN XVIIIII lS.'xNIxIII.'xII "IIA lu'IlI'l ix in lm uuI'l'." Student Cluuncilq Vicc-l'I'csA Mont uf -ILIIIIIII' K1l.Issq Sciuncu Club: Plxologrglplmy Cllulng N.1ti1III.Il HQIIIII' Suciclyg Scr- j,C.ll1l MilIl.II'y Corps. .hm IIIIINI ISAIIIII ll "Su I1I'I'I'l Nu' flfllsfv nf luIIlIf11lIIIwI." CQIIAIII I s SImIcIv. IMIIIIIIIIII "llujIfIy I um, fran: uzrf' I 41111 ' I1 fI'l'I'. 5cI'gc4IIIl MIIIt.II'y Cl :I I' p sg l'lmtIIgI'.IplIy Cllulmg Spanislm Llulag Sccrut.II'y-'I'I'c.IxIII'cI' of I loIlIct'ouIII. I"I . I 4?v'ff' ' " "W ?i'5f'V fI" Q . , I - ,. 2 fy, C, d'iH'1'H' 41.5.3 'ldlIOIv1ASJAMIiS BI.Ac1KWEI.I, rr Lift' is slworf lmf flnrrz' is always firm' for l'0IlYfI'S-Y.,l Military Corps. VIRGINIA A N Nl: Bonus "Smile wifb un iuiwzf fo 1,0 IlIiSt'bit'f.U National Honor Societyg Flo- tilla Clubg CAVALIER Staffg Secretary-Treasurerof Home- roomg Girl Reserves. l'lOXWARIl W. BOI.'TON, JR. "Slow llllll sfvurl ' -wins flu' ,l raw." Baseball Team '46-,481 Staff Sergeant, Military Corps. JANE EDVUARDS BooTH "Fair lu' all fbby Impex." Flotillag Girl Reservesg D. E. Clubg Secretary-Treasurer of Glee Club. EDWARD Mosiatv Bosxvlau. "Good humor ix fbi' lrvalflr of flu' mul-" Football '4 3 - '47g Monogram Club. CONSTANCE RAMONA BRAY "Merry as a crirkrff' Captain of Girls' Basketball Teamg Sports Club. ies? ' 7 "-! nfl Ul'!l - f,1qlf 1 1 , Ilfuuui ll ANN l'iuicNia'l'l' "'l'n ilu nrxily mlm! ii iliffiwnlf for uffrrrx ii lfn' :Mark of ftIll'llf,H fillk'Cl'lL'.l4lClAQ Nl.lll.lgll'lg lialitor ol' Tfn' f,'lulll1'r'lfuxg lfclitur- in-Cllmicf ul' Tfn' C'fiuflf'1'lmxg Quill .innl Scroll: N.llllDll.ll I lunan' Suciutyg S I u Ll c n L C.ouncilg -lunlici.u'yg -Iunim' liusincss W' 0 in .1 n 3 liunny iiirl '45 CI,S.l'..'X. Clonvcn- timing S.I.l'.A. Clonvclniong Sccl'cl.1ry Sulw-llclwsg l..llin 'I' u u r n .1 in c nl 3 lfrcnclm 'l'ourn.uncntq Al11L'l'lL'Llll ln:- giun Awnrnl '-Hg lJ.fX.R. Awnrml '-H43 'l'l1cxpi.1ns. will I mm lflmnxlums Clfxicsox "Krlu14'lmfgr of ilwlffiv r'i4'ln'i." f.'fml!4'rl1nx Stall.: Military Clurpsg l,l'L'SitlCl1l of N.1tion.1l llumn' Society: W'.lsl1inglon- i.inxg S 1 u nl c n l Clouncilg Scicncc Cllulvg ill-nnix '49-'-183 l'n.mkclls.1ll '44-'483 Science linrumg Ili-Y Cllulmg Mono- j.Ql'.lll1cillllHQ N .1 1 i0I1lll Allilclic Sclmlarsliip Sociuly. Iius Rl Avi x flIlANI Y "A 1m'rryfn'url llldkfi u 4'fu1'rf11I m1n1fw1ar1n'." I iln'.n'y Asxixtantg filcc Club. Climlu I s I,i si II CLIIATIIN nlllfll of fun' rumli un' Nu' ffm! Illl'll.n l'n-psi-Cfola Sclml.n'wliip Clon- lumnl. llIlI'1'iXlAI fillll 10N "llc: ruin' Hill riff' snfl, IQt'llfll', um! low." fnrl Rcscrvcwg ID. lt. Llnlw. Nm: Sfxmul 1. Cl ll"IUN "'l'fu' Il ill lu Jn, flu' .mul In flzlflkn l,IL'SlllL'Ill of lloincrounig Slu- nlcnt Cluuncilg -IuLlici.1ryg Old llmninion lioyk Statc: Delu- galc to S. CI. A.: National Ilonur Suciclyg Ili-Y Clulwg Alunior RUl.ll'l.lllQ Military Cnrpxg xY!glSllll1j.:l0l'Il.lI1SQ Pub- lic Speaking Clunlcsl: Debut- ingg Prcsiclcnl of nlunim' Cllnssg l,.ilin 'l'0llI'l1.l!11Cl1l. N: W :. 1 ,J if L l'5I!HI' 145.51 JEANNE MARIE COLE "UllSl?lfNl1 jzrojzlc' an' 'nr'z"r'r lonely." Girl Reservesg Glee Clubg Flotillng CAVALIER Staff. B12'r'rY Mixuma C:RA1f"l'ON "Look upon Iliff lzrigbf sic1'z'." Press Clubg Science Clubg Spanish Clubg Library Assist- nntg Girl Reservesg Flotilla. Doius ESTELLE CREss "A lowly girl is above all ranlzf' Flotillag Press Club: CAVA- LIER Staffg Assistant Business Manager of Clmffrfrlzrixg ln- ternational Relations Clubg Sub-Deb Clubg Quill and Surollg Thespians. Doius ANN CREWS "Ei1l1c'r I will jiml a way or I will make one." Girl Reservesg Flotillag Dra- matics Clubg "Miracle of the Castleng Junior Business Wfomcmg Basketball Team '46-'48g FHA Clubg Thes- plans. RUSSELL LEE DAVIS "A moral, smzsillle, and z4'r'll-lzrril funn." President of Homeroomq Military Corps. A N Nia WILLARU DoDsoN "A ronsfuni frieml is a thing ran' amz' barzl Io fimlf, G i r l Reservesg Dramatic Clubg Thespiansg Press Clubg Student Councilg Science Clubg Pepsi-Cola Scholarship: Contestantg Assistant Busi- ness Manager CAVALIERQ Lit- erary Contestnntg Public Speaking Clubg Library As- sistantg Sub-Deb Club. 4381" fl nl! YIIVIII pf iff!! I Ikl in im lx Ili NRN lliixi ,fix ,,. I firm' ll in Illtllllllliill III fm hlUk.H Muilcl Ai1' Clulwg Mili- i.1l'i' C lurpsg SUCl'L'l.ll'y of l lmm-i'umng luollmllg fllicm- iwirx' C lulw. XVII llilfljuf ii-xxi I-ii.-xxixi IN llllli lrwx Wrlllx Hlalili' fu lu' xfmri'il." lI.lllSlL'l'I'k'll lwrum All-miulci' l,.lI'li lligli Si-liiml, Ports- iimulli, X .i. .ll ANN: NlINlI ii IMI in rl Xlflllr' lm' ull, cl f'm'l1f1" . G 45 jllzlil. flu 1lHll4lfVll', fmfwjri Hall ifn' flilil. Suui'cl.irx'-'l4i'' of Sciiiur C,l.1swg Nlillhlglllg llililui' ull fffnlllwrffuxg llUIllCCOIl1lH3.1 A I I c ii il .1 I1 IQ c,l1CL'l'lC.lllL'I'Q Vllicspiansg Quill .lml Sm-ullg l I u ii in r Suciclyg lliximilics C lillvg Prcss Cllulvg llicxiilciil ol' Sill:-Hula Clluluq Upcn Iluiisc Cknincil: Qui-un of lllk' .Iuniur llniiccg l.lICI'.ll'X f.Ul1lL'Sl.llllQ ".l.lIliL'H1 "l luusc i,l Scvcn if il wlusng .Iuniur lius- inusa XYVUIIIJIIQ 'l'i'iilc .tml l,l'L'lllLllL'L'n2 Hllic lioclx": S1-.imxlii.liilwgC1Sl'A Cluiivcii- in Ill! ng "fi.ixlig.gl1l"g "U Ll i' llc.ii'is NY'v:'c Young .mil fin' 3 ISL-si Aclixw .'XXK'.lI'Ll v - -l l',1XIlI Sfxxivii I'i 1 ioii 'Miillmvx im' lfn' fnljijm nun - n uf ifnnllq ffvluggx. ll.ll'H1UlllL'.l Cllulvg SL'l'gt'.llll Xlllll.lI'X' Ckirpsg filuc Cflulw. XVIIIIAXI llINllN l".x.'xNs r Ufr, wil' IM Un' funn irfw . x wrllqi il! lkislwl frix ll UVA." lull: l' I' 1' s I nl 1' lil ul l l0lllk'l'Uiilll. li uiiiui l,m'isi lxvixxs fl A'1'1'l1 clllrl wlwr frl'4'u'lll www of frn1r1u11r." Curl llcwiwcsg l'lolill.1g l'. ll. wllmll '46-'-47. A. C lulmg l's,isl 4 i"i ,N W? y rg . .t VIIIUI' :LLB NINA ISIIZAHIHIII l:AR'IIllNG "A f4'lItlt'V fmirf: dl will iHfi1'xif1lr'," National Honor Society: As- sociate Editor of CAN'Al.lIiliQ lbramaticsg Public Speaking Club: A m e r i c a n Legion Award '44: Tliespians. Lois lvAnlNi-' I:l"Rkl.l.l. Hlvllllgflf xo xuwf ax HIl'1LllIt'f70Ij ." Girl Reserves N1Ai1'i'HA l:I'lClHI:'l"l' "All lZ7ilIgN rf'joi4'4' in fflllfll and 101'i'." Circulation Manager of Clmf- lerflfztg Secretary - Treasurer ot Press Club: Spanish Club: lflotilla Club: Sub-Deb Club: President of Homeroom: CSPA delegate: Quill and Scroll. RILIIARIJ M. Fi.oYn HHN gill? INN? '1f'Nf, zlllzli rfiif his Iii-iz." . . Hi-Y Club: Spanish Club: Football '44-'-H: Student Council. Eimxwxiul lVllN'l'l:R l:Ol.l-IY "l"i'u' f7t'l'XUllX f7lH'XIll' Xl'it'IIl't' Milf: xlzrlr frm' ifigflifyf Wfishingtonians: National H o n o r Society: Student Council: President of Photog- raphy Club: President of Science Club: junior Rotar- ian: Science Forum: Wfinner in S t a t e Science Talent Search: National Science Search Contestant: Public Speaking Club: Thespians. lifxiiisfxim ANN1- Fowri-.ia "Of loi'f'r.t xln' lun! 41 full xi'u1'i'." l'lotilla Club: S e c r e tary Treasurer of junior Class: "liver Since liven: CSPA Convention: Sub - De b s: Home com ing Attendant: l'lerman's Advisory Board: Advertising Manager of CAV- Al.Il:Rj Associate Editor of CifHIffi'!'f1UXj Spanish Club: Delegate to Virginia Girls' State: Quill and Scroll: Thes- pians: library Assistant. 4: QU :- f"7 if 1' I 'ff I I flH'll!I" .lafiil Iluittmlilx ANN: IOXYIIXIN "Nui muff: lillk-il lqrnil, xllV1'l xiIr'llt'r'.H Iuniur ISIISIIIUSN XY'uln.1ng liirl Iit'scl'x't'sg C1Icc C.It1I11 Victory C tbI'l1S. Izumi si IS. I'i'iu.i'itsoN, blk. "ti11rul fllllllgllfk Iiki' lqrmll ilu-Ili, :mul rm lr11nljn'l." IoutIv.iII '-I-I-473 I'm.iwIn.1II '46- '-IXQ -Iuniur V.11'sitV I5.isItt't- l1..lI '-I-I-'-Hg Scsl''y of IN'Ioiinigi'.iii1 ClIuIug Ili-Y CIILIIUQ C.'fnlll1'1'lwx Sports IftIitm' .md KUILIIIIIIISIQ I'rcsitIt-nt uf Prcxs t.IuImg "NutIiiiig Iiut tI1c Irumli 1 QLHII .1ntI St-mllg S, I. I'. IX. lit-It-gitcg Intcrnnf tmn.iI IlcI.itiuns ClIuIwg Fitngt' C,ruwg I.itci'.ii'y Clmitt-xi.1nt. fltlrl Nl.-xl fiXl'IlllN ' f ' . - fI flrrll 1nllx1li'll1'r' IN f1r'Hr'I lfmu if Iliff lip." I'Iiutu5,gr.ipI1y l1IuIw. Alfixils t,,'x1x'lN tn Num' "Ml1vii' in my lmzrl I fwfr' long uflrr if um frulnl IIII lllllI'l'.H I'rt-sith-ni of IImiit'l'u41mg Suc- l'ct.ii'y-'I'rc.lstii't-1' III- Ilomc- rutmig SILILICIII tmint-ilg fiIcc C IilIw. ANN l.1i hi fxsnuxx' "II'ffn1l mwl ilrlilqlil 41 ifuirf lift' ilfInrift." t.irI lit-st-1'x't-sg I'IutiII.i. Al Mix Ifl IIAISI Iii tiiu FN ' Um' ufm lu In-fwlj li fI'l!t', 'l'fu'n'f1m' IIIIINI lu' tu In wil." I.II5I'.ll'y Assislantg Vice I'rt'si- tItnL of Ilomcruunig I'rcsitIcnt uf I Inliiurtnmig C I.lX'.lIICl' St.1II'g Viuc I,I'CSILICl1l UI' I". II. A.: flIuIwg Ui't'Iicsti'.i: 'I'rt'.iwurci of Suli-IIQI1 QIILIIW. ,I i,1 I. C' ff C l'lI llll' 1145.5 SHIRLIQY ANNE GIKOCJAN "WH fo jnwxzzazlv and lfeulzfy fo Jz'ligl2f.', li. H. A. Club: Dramatics Club: Program Chairman of Spanish Club: Associated Edi- tor of CAvALlERg President of Flotilla Club: Secretary of BFB Sub-Deb Club: secretary of Girl Reserves: Thespians: Home Nursing Course. FuANc:1as MAE Gaovris "My lwarl ix t'l'l'l' al your xf'rz'i1'1'." Spanish Club: Girl Reserves: lrlotilla: Basketball '46-'48. Ermai. Lois HALI. "Lives ilu' lmppy lJl'lll'f.,' President of 9th grade: Flo- tilla Club: Glee Club: Girl Reserves. N1-11.1. Mmuia HAMLIN "Ax Il wif, if mal first, in flu' z'1'ry firxf IilIl'.H National H o n or Society: Thespians: Flotilla: P r e s s Club: Circulation Manager of CAVALIER: Vice-President oi Sub-Deb Club: Student Council: Girls, Basketball Manager: "Our Hearts Were Young an-l Gay: Chem- istry Club: "Ever Since lxvc ': Head Cheerleader. JOHN vUliSLliY HAMMocK "NIm11'xiy l1!'l'IHlIt'X ll VYOIIIIX nzuuf' Photography Club. IRIS MARJORIE HARAWAY "Gnn'f' was in all ber sfz'ps." Glee Club: Sports Club: Girl Reserves: Flotilla: Basketball '-LS-'48, :l92l' 0 ll ,7111'fil- ,lfjn Wu I mu Use Ali llfxiun' "ilu um my frirml, ftlifllflll um! jiri! In mu." l'liolugr.ipliy Cllulig Public Spanking Club: l.iLcr.1ry Con- lcstnntg 'l'l'Lll1Sl-CI'l'CLl f r 0 m .Icllcrson lligli Sclmol in Ron- mike. l,lXXIS ICIJXYIN llAlU'll. "A unufi UIl'Il IIIAIIIIIVV uml f'fm1'4n'lr'r I3 ll'lHIf nmil l't'l'IIHI1'.X frizr1." M i l i l .i i' y Clorpng Science lfurunig Clmwiiiu Small url- iNlQ f,'!Nlfft'l'l7llX Staff Artist. l'i MUN R. HAI: mu "1 flaw un uullfilmrl In irc' a Kqrunllifi' num." lbmlmll '42-'-47: l5.iskctb.ill '45-47g Mmmgrqni CI l u lm 3 Prcsialcnl of .lunior Claw: l,l'CSlklL'l1l of Scniur Clliiswg U. 9. Army. C.iuiu.i limvm Ili-Nm.usoN "Buff: um' umf ffulfv flrligfwl- fill, lun." l,l'l'NlLli'l1I of ll0l11Cl'00l'l1Q Stage Clrcwg VlL'C-l,l'CSlklClll of Scu- iur Vice-President of Ilulwlic Spcalaing Club: -Iunior l.itcr.1ry Contest- .IINIZ "liver Si n c c lfvcnq "Mii'.iclc of tlic Clinic." 'I'ii 1 ii ANN Ili uNixoN "ll rfllivl l'llfl.H'jl'Hl'l' Hlzlklix Ulll' in ,u'l'4'1lr'." Vim' l,l'L'XlLlt'l1l of llUl'l1l'l'U0l11Q Ciirl Rc-cl'vv:'-3 Cilcc Club. Vuu.iNm llAIlI IIIRNUQN "lll1lr'4'rl, lfn' lofi nf mlmirul inn." Cllcc Cllulmg Home lfconomics Cflulag CQi"l lluscrvcsg lflolilln. I f.. .iv fin A., J 2 i - wzfm' . U55 Cim1s'rlN1s Ifr4ANc115s HIGH ralzzafzlc' llmn gold." Bglsketballg Flotilla Club. ALI-'Run Rieufmu HILL, JR. r r1fI1fl7IlXil1XlII is ffm Iifr of llzc' soulf' CJAVALILR Staff. QiXX'1iNlJOLYN B. Horirscuuk "Noor kllfll' ffm' !7llf lo low' flyerf' President of Y-Teen Clubg Junior Red Cross Delegate to I3'l1iladelpl1iag Secretary-Treas- urer of Sophomore Classg Secretary - Treasurer of Stu- dent Council: Press Clubg Delegate to St. Petersburg Student Governmentg Dele- gate to Corpus Christig State Conventiong Flotillag Iunior Business Woiimzlng President of B. F. B.: Sub-Deb: Feature Editor of Clva1'fr'1'l1o.x': Feature Editor of CAVALIIQR: President of Student Councilg Thes- pinns. -'AMES Hfxziai, Hougomnn "UlltAIJll.Kt'f1!11.Y IIIHIIUI'-H Military Corps. V IQRA Dm N HUIJGINS "Io xizrzfilvazzws oml tQl'IIfll'lI!'XX, ami lwonor, and Clean NIiI'fl7.,, President of Homeroomg vice President of Homeroomg Na- tional Honor Society. JAQK IWIINCI :MAN HUIJGINS UCDIIFC a kQt'llfIl'lNdlI, ami alzmyx a tQl'lIfIl'llIl1lI.N Hi-Y Clubg Military Corps. 1' 94 lt 'A good disposition is -more lioIIII1'I XVAI In Ia llUlJt.INS "A num nf lmju' lUltlf1ll'll'lH'l,- lfillkill-Q mimi." Pxesiclenl uf llllI1lCI'OUI111 lli- Y Clubg Sergeant .It Arms: MiliI.II'I' Curpsg Viee-l'I'esi- nlenl of llUl11C!'00l11Q U. S. Navy '44-'46, MAIQIIIN Ci. lll'NlIl I'Y Hsflllflliiffl' ii lfn' fnIf'kqI'nII1lfl fm' gnmf lzlIl1'." l,i t 0 I' .I I' I' Club: l'illllllL'Ilk' Cflub, Rum ll I' -IMII s .IIINI s "Il ii ll friwmlly lrrurl ffm! lun fIlI'Ilfj' of fl'fl'Il1l.X.H Hi- Y Clubg l'l1otugI'.IplIy Club: Public Speaking: Vice- Presialeut Upeu llouxe Coun- eilg lll'L'9lKlL'I1I of llumeroomg Stuclent Cuuueilg "liver Since lfveng Art lilllllll' of CAV- ,II II ng 'l'lIexpi.Im. KAI I IIS A. KAI I ns Wllfu' ,u'1'I'r'l nf .Nlll'I'l'X.K ix mrfiluflry nf j111I'fm.u'." N1lllCll1.ll llunor Sueiely llAIuII li MUN I 1II.I'I' KH lx "Ami Iazfm' lfmu lljktlllfll, umm' lfnm lwalllv A llIl'l'1'v1' ln'uI'l ffm! ltlllgfh nl z'ur4'." liootball '45-'-475 lxllillllgllllil Clubg SCL'l'L'l.lI'y-'liI'C.lSLll'L'l' of llmneroomg 'l'I'.1flIc Clubg Model Airplane Clubg ll.II'- III0I1iI.'.I Club. XYVII I IAM llmuu' KIRIUS "Ynur lmirl fhlllgffll fm a jolly pin." VlCC-l7I'CSlLlCl1l of llomeroomg Member of Greek Youth Club. .1 Q5 ,J jf .C Plllilil' K 61.55 Mmm' A NN LAVINDLR "Bf'fh'r lu' flma' lwzlrx foo xumz llwau om' nzinuffr foo 1lIf!'.H lflotilla Clubg S c c r e t a 1' y H om c r o o m 3 Dramaticsg Chemistry Clubg "Nothing But the 'l'I'Llll1HQ Tliespians. lloif Ai5i'oN Lliwls "WUI and wisdom ara' lwrn zviflv a manf' National Honor Societyg Sec- retary an d Treasurer of Homeroomg President of Homeroomg Football. P1-:RLY RAY LONG HCTUHIIIIUII .wllxv ix Hof I1 111111111011 flziugf' U. S. Navy. R11.1-:Y Bnumua LOWE "lu mnzjwuny rr :wry jzlrasunf fr'll01L'." D. E. Club. Bifrsv LANIC MAR'l'lN "A xjlirit xlill, amf lvriglnl Willa XOHIl'ff7flllQ of llllgflft' liglzlf' Girl Rcscrvesg Flotilla Clubg Sub-Deb Club: Photography Clubg Glec Club. Sv mi. A N NIL MAwx'i4,R "We ara' t'fll1I'I1I!'Kl by m'afm'ss of j1f'l'x011." l5asketball Tcamg Girl Re- serves. 'l96l' ww jw fl 111,-7ru'ff!1-G,l'r,fAf Iifuu, flAliIiINl,'ION McpCitAw "Hr is llny frieml irnfwif, II1' will lrrljf ffm' in iffy lIl'l'Il.H Iiootlmll '46-'47g Vice Pres- ident of Ilorneroomg Presi- clent of Ilonieroom. Mmm' ANN Moiu'oN "A lrieu' nf muplf- lQ0fllllll'.YS.M Glee Club. Ilituci Bu it Mvrks "I"aillrf1rl friwmlx are Zum! fo jimi." Model Airplane Cluhg Hi-Y Club: Iiootlmll '44-'45. Kixiin RINI I.ii Ni XYMAN "A ll'Hf1' ll'llH1lIlI ix tl lrnmm'." C.Iee Cluhg Ilrnnmtie Glubg 'I' h e 5 p i n n Cluhg "AIanic": "House of Seven G:1bIes"g CAvAin-It Staff: If I o t i I I Ll Club: I.itergu'y Contestant: Girl Reservesg Cfmlkrlfox' SILIII.. ANNI-. OAKII-.Y "SN ran ln' ilrlilalnl lwy none, Nor jmrallml by any but fu'r.u'If." I' r c s i QI e n t of Sophomore Clnssg National Honor So- cictyg Student Councilg Latin 'liournamentg Representative to Virginia Girls ' State: President of Senior Class: .lunior Business Wfomnng Girl Reservesg Iilotilln Club: Ii. H. A. Clubg Pepsi-GoI.1 Scholar- ship Contestant. Iloius ji-1A N Oiuuvii. "Mo:lr's!-y .wlzlonz rf'xifl1's in K1 lfreusf llml ii not l'Il7'fl'l74'!l will: mzfllrr 1'ir'f1n's." Iflotillng Girl Reservcsg Glcc Club. 'I U7 I- 5 ,J FJ, K -l'lIle'II' . A415 Cgxiaol YN Sroiu s f,Vl-.RISIQY "l5enul'i um! u'ixifou1 are 1'11r'a'ly i'ol1joi11f'rf." .fXssoci.1te lfilitor of Cfmllvr- from Quill and Scrollg Press Club: Stutlent Council: Latin ,ll0LlI'l1.lIUCl1fQ Head of CAV- .-xin ix Associate llditorsg See- i'4.'t.1l'y-'l'i'ensL1ref of National Honor Soeietyg Secretary of .Iunior Retl Cross Council: l,I'CSlLlCI1l of Spanish Clulug Clmirm.1n of .Iunior Red Cross Boxes: Pepsi - Cola Seliolnrsliip Contestantg Reel Cross Convention, IMNH 1 A.Om1us1Y,lII "Off, fum' Ill' lel.'1gfu'fl fix 111' ll1!7U7'1'il fog4'ffu'r'." I-'ootlmll Team '44-'48g Mon- ogriun: President of I-Ii-Y: Open House Couneilg Mili- tary Corps: National Arli- letie Seliolarsliip Society. Hmcoiln Iimiusozsl PAIKRISH "l,oV1'ulf3 ix ffm' lwliexf gomf in ffu' XYIIIIHIII fn'urf." Vootbilll '44 - '47g Student Couneilq Vice-P1'esident of Homeroomg Hi-Y Club. Lum' JANE PI-'RKINSON Hliellm' lah' lfnm m'zz'1'." CLAx'Al.l1-it Stat? BFB Sub- Ueb: Spanish Clubg Treasurer of Girl Reserves: Secretary- vlll'C.lSLl1'Cl' of l'lOlllCl'UOl'l1Q lf. ll. A. Clulv. Doioluis ANN1. l'i-Kiwis' "A gumf lungfv ix XIIIIXXTHII' in Ll fJo11.w'." , lflotilln Club: junior Business XY' o m Q1 n Q Student Councilg Vice-President of Homeroom: Seeretuy of llomeroom. KI.-xml s H um n s Pl- l'I'Y "Il ix 'quail fu fu' lIIt'Vl'.Y ami u'ix4'." 5 e e r e t Ll r y - ,lil'CL1SLll'ClA of Homeroomq Vice - President of Homeroomg S t u tl e n t Council: Plwotograplmy Club. Q8 J N ffl. of t7lIl'!t!" ,lg Cfutot YN ANNI Pitt: 1 tvs "Neal as rl jlin um! lfllllllllillg NX ll I'!l.lf'.U lflotill.t: llnmliexztft Club: Knitting Club: Clue Club: Photography Club: CAVA- 1 II tt Stall. lim AIUANIIA l'oN tors "'l'lmn fmt! lfn' falal gif! of lu'anfy." SCCVCI.ll'y-'l'l'C.lSlll'Cl' of l lome- room: lPt'.u'n.ttiu C l u ln : 'l'liespi.tns: l"lotill.t Club: "Do You Say Mink?": Press Club: Secretary of Ciirl Reserves: Chemistry Club: Sub - Deb Club: Homecoming Queen: Stutlent Council: l.ibr.try As- sistant: fiAX'Al tttt Staff. At MA ,lo Pttltl "Sn Il'0lltll'Ull.X ,tilwf ami' fair." M i s s George XV.lSllll1gl'Ol11 Sub- Deb Club: llrnmgttics C l u b 3 "Miracle of the Castlen: lflotilln Club: lf. H. A. Club: Vice-l'resitlent of l lomeroom: 'l'l1expi.tns. MARHIA CLAY Ptu't'c tu ti' "Tn ln' lmru trillv flu' gif! of lfirzglifvr' aml a .wriw limi tfn' tvnrlrl ii mail." llrntnatics Club: "Miracle of the Cnstleu: lflotilln: Ciirl Re- serves: literary Contestant: filCCc1llll1QKLAYAIIPR Feature lftlitor: 'l'l1espi.tns. llmuu' linxwuuw l'tu,nt't' "I levmu' Ilml t'tll't' ix an l'IIt'IllX' In lift'." lfootbnll '45-'46: Stutlent Council: President of llome- room. Citmut-s la. Putin, QIR. "All muxf lu' z'urm'.xf in 11 ttnrltf like ours." linscbnll: Major in Military Corps: lli-Y Club: lfootbnll '44-'47: Monogram Club. QW? fs ' J gf! f L FIIIUI' !H.l.i l'lAliRll-'l' Louise RLAv1.s "A nmiflofgrau'11mfrom- jzlffr llltljl'XfAj'.H Student Council: Dramaties Club: Flotilla Club: Thes- pians. joHN Sumiwifgit Ricia "liar fzlllllgfl fu' is L1 wif, ln' ix rm fool." Hi-Y Club: lfootball '45-547: President of Homeroom: Corporal, Military Corps. lVlAR'l'IlA .IANIC Rinnii-. "Ari in fm' glorionx lllflltlfi Clee Club: Art Club: Girl Reserves: Iilotilla Club: Lit- erary Contestant: Art Editor of CAXfALIl-lRQ BFB Sub-Deb Club: Open House Council. jnmiis l. Ro151iit'1'soN, jx. "He f0llt'Z7f'X rmffvilzg full fir' mills tl c'fu1r111." American Legion Award '44: Student Council: S e C on d Lieutenant, Military Corps: National Honor S o c i e t y : XVashingtonians: Cheerleader: Junior Rotarian: Drummer and Leader of School Orches- tra: Literary Contestant: Sports Editor Clraffc'rlw.x'g Press Club: State Wiiiner Quill and Scroll: Hi-Y: C. S. P. A. Convention: NSPA Convention: Editor ,48 Cm'- .txi Il:RQ Awarded alternate ap- pointment to West Point '48: Quill and Scroll: Monogram Club: SlPA Convention, Rmiiii-1. M. Rom4,NHlzi-it "flow X1l.'l'!'f and gl't1C'i0IlS :Tell in UUIIIIIIUII Xf7t'l'l'l1,H Vice-President of Glee Club: "Our Hearts NVere Young and Gayng Chemistry Club: Girl Reserves: Associate Edi- tor of CAvAi,i1ilt: Secretary ol Speech Club: "The Miracle of the Castlegy' Flotilla Club: Thespians. AUIJRILY' MAR!!-I Roxvi,ANo "Your fn'ar'f's rff'sirr'x fn' zcifli yunfl Flotilla Club: Girl Reserves: Sports Club. fl 100 P f 7 ff'-f 0 X 0l'll ' ,ll I I 1 Almm Ci Ani Nei RYAN, -liz. "S1'm'm' mul l'1'.Vllll,t' am! V n i xllll. Military Clurpsg liiisclmill. N1IlYIN WMM RYAN "I zllll ui l'lHlXfllllf as Ilia' unrllu'ru .xl1lr." li.inkctlw.ill '46-'-475 Baseball '46-'471 Mmiogrnm Clulug Clurpurgil, Military fiorpsg Hi, Y, Llula. fiIIRlS Ilfuuu' Simi i mins 'Tinml rfu'i'r ii Illl fwimlnlllrf' In U .gnmf fifa'." Book Slorc in S ll m m c r School: Mcmlwr of fircck Youth Cllubg Vicc-Prcsidcm of I lunicrooni. RICIIAIKIJ l'il'lUN Sixlvmliius "'l'fn'r1".i nu fulii' ll1fllll'.XfH alum! yon!" Military Clnrpsg U. S. Nnvyq lfumlmllg Monogram Clulag Natimml Atlilvlic Sclmlarsliip Suriv! y. MARY Ifimmc 1 s SAWYI nu. "Iimfrfl1fm',u' ii un Ul'lIzllllt'Ilf lu wllllrf' l'lolllI.i. l5Alumn,x l.ii Sc i ,ilu 1 l.1lI1', XIl'4'l'fIIl'H, IQUIHIIIVH in fwrr fH'l'Nllll xl1im'." Victory Corpsg Secretary of Wfilmfliflll Staff: I,l'.llULlIiCS Clulxg Girl Rcscrvcsg CIAVA' in ic 81.1111 V1 llil X' I 2 V K vu for KAIJJ WAx'Ni41 MYRQN Sli'l'Lll"l" "HHS a sure' turd." Military Corpsg Transferred from Brementon, Washing- ton. MAkc,g1ia ANN SHlil.'l'ON "A szwrff, affrarfiw lejml of grave." Dramntics Clubg Thespiansg CAvAL1i5u Staffg Girl Re- serves: Flotillag F. H. A. Clubg Glee Clubg Viee-Pres- ident of Homeroomg "House of Seven Gablesng "Nothing But the Truthf' MAIUAN JUNE SHUF14' "Truth is Ihr highest thing that man may kc'c'j7." Glee Club: 'Secretary-Treay urer of Girl Reservesg CAV- ALIER Staff. DA Nllil. JIZFIYERSON SMITH "Tim nohlrxf mimf the hex! !'0Plfl'l1fllIl'I1l' haxf' Manager of School Storeg junior Rotnrizmg CAVALIER Staff. MARY jAN1z SMITH HfTUllSftHIl'j' ix the foumlulion of z'irfm'x.,' Flotilla Club. Homz IDAWN STUART "Her vyrx as sfars of fwiligh! fairf, Junior Business W o m 11 n 5 School Bookkeeper. 4102? of x70I'l! " ,lg f N I II: nm nu IHNM 5llIl IS "AMI lfN'l'1'frar'z' 1c'l'x fn' IlIf'Vl'j'-H Luxlu-tIw.xII '4 S -'-IRQ linwclxlll 46-'47g NI0l1llj.:l'.lI11 Cllulvg Suc:'ct.1l'y-I'1'c.1xurcl' of Ili-Y Llulwg SL'k'l't'l.ll'Y-II'l'L'.lSkll'CI' of I Immmxmxg ClI1ccrIc.uIcx'. Sr. CTI Am XV. 'llxl ru lc l' "A lllt'Vl'5' fwfr! Ilulfl 'quml IMI' nmli4'im'." Vicc-I'1'cximIcn1 uf Scicncu CQILIIN IJL'IL'g.llQ to NSIUX IUIIYCIIIIOII in fIIL'VCI.ll1kI1 Sun-ucv Iwmrumg N .1 L 1 o n .1 I Science 'I'.1Icnt Sn-.u'cI1g State SCICIILI' I.lIcl1l SL'.ll'L'I11 Bus:- ncxx M.m.ngcr of c1AX'Al.ll4liQ Iuniur Rnl.l1'i.1n. Sunni I I I.. 'lfwxhsl I-Y 'lfurlfr fun :ml uuylfrilllq In xfmn' umm' fair." I'InxiII.1g Victory Clurpxg Girl Iia.-wl'v1:xg SL'CI'L'l.lI'y of I". II. A.: Spuru Cllulw. I Im 1 s Nfwu ra 'I'vmm.'xs 'llw ix rllllklyx ILllI'QlP.II1IQ, fur lu' fun an iujiuilv JI-al nf wil." C,ul'pur,1I, Military C, 0 r' p sg Sk'L'l't'l.ll'V UI I Imncrunmg lnmlmll. WM1114Swan-n'I'mm1-soN 'II'fu' form' nf fm llll'Il IIIA'I'If IIHIAVY lrix nay." Scicncc Cllulvg I'I1omgr.xpI1y K Iulug VIL1' - I'rcsuIcnl of IIumcrum11q I"uulIs,1II '44, IIAILIKIII I.Il II4l'NSI.'XI I 'lfrl' fain' !'1',Xf.QIln'4f fn f'lfxx," fuIl'I Iicwrvcsq I'IuIiII.lg l,i- Iu'.u'y Assistant: IS. I". IS. Suh- Ilclw Iiusim-ss NI.ll1.lj,fCl'Q CM'- fxl Il lc SMH" Prusx C' I u I1 ' - v ' v '2p.misI1 Clluln. I III'-A 1- 'Wav .2 jf G PII 1 nl' GAIM FRANK GRABER TURNER "Wlmf noble presence in bimsc'lf." Student Councilg President of Homeroomg Secretary-Treas- urer of Homeroomg National Honor Societyg Judiciaryg Hi - Yg Washingtoniansg Cbu1'ff'rl1ox Staffg SASG Rep- resentative to St. Petersburg, Fla.g "The Miracle of the Castleng Latin Tournament. C1.ARICE L. UNDERWOOD "A 17111517 is Ifraufiful, but ofivn inmnl'enienf." Vice-President of Homeroomg Girl R e s e r v e s 5 Flotillag Photography Glubg Spanish Clubg Associate editor of CAVALIER. MARY JANE VVALKER "The useful and Har' lltwllfiflll are newer xej1urafc'zl.,' Student Councilg Judiciaryg Press Clubg Assistant Business Manager of CAvA1.1ERg Secre- tary-Treasurer of Home- roomg President of Home- roomg Flotilla Clubg Girl Re- servesg BFB Sub-Debs. Ac.N1zs ELISABFTH WALTON "She was a Alzbunlmrz of zlvliglzff' President of F. H. A.g Flo- tillag Girl Reservesg Vice- President of DE Club. Auousrus W. WATKINS, jk. "All men haw fbrir faulfsg foo mufb uzodexfy is bis." Awarded appointment to U. S. Naval Academy, Annapo- lis, Md., '48, JOSISPH DiaNNY WFLLMAN "Hr laughs Izrxf flmf laughs lasff' Football Team '44-'4-54 Pub- licity M a n a g e r Football Teamg Assistant Manager Basketball Teamg Stage Crewg Sergeant Military Corpsg Glee Clubg Assistant Sports Editor CAVALIERQ Thespians. AI lO4 ff- Of e7IIl'lfl lSAAt, l.iNnow Wiiiiia, Ill "A full dSSIlYlllIl'1' lQil'l'lI fly lUlIkX.'l Football Team '44-'-475 Cap- tain '47g All State Guard- All Western District '47g Capitol Award '47g State Champion 'liennis Teamg Na- tional Athletic Scholarship Society: Monogram Club: President of Hi-Y Cluhg .lunior Rotariang Military Corps. NANI Y SIANI, w,ll.l.AlKll "'l'lm11 lmsl wil uf will." fffwulfvrlmx Stall' A r t is t 3 CAyAi,i1it Art liditorg Sports liditor of Cfrulfwrlmxg Art Cluhg llramatics Cluh: Quill and Scroll: Thespiansg Girl Reserves: Honor-ihle Mention in llarry Uochla Greet- ing Card Contestg President of llomeroonig "Miracle of the Castle"g C.S.l'.A. Dele- gate to New York. Iii 1 ix' .li AN Wil i mms "Shu 11m1'1'x like 11 tQ0fllll'.YX am! Alu' Iuukx like tl 1fl11'1'11." Glee Cluhg Treasurer of lf. ll. A.g Dramatiesg Girl Reservesg I lotillag Press Cluhg Thes- pians. -IAMIS ciARY Wii,i,iAA1s "Only llIUlll'I'tIff0ll .Q i 1' 1' x l'lJlll'lll In life." Military Corpsg High School Orchestra. MAIKN' Viiu.iNlA XVl1.soN "Sire uwlllcx in l7l'tIIlfvY.U Girl Reservesg Flotilla Clubg li. lf. li. Suh-Deb Club: Span- ish Cluhg Student Council: Press Club: clAX'Al.ll-,lk Staff: Sec retary-'l'reasurer of Home- l'OUl11. llIIIl,ll' l,l,Nlll,l"l'ON XYIILSON rllvlllllillg t'IltllH't'S llllf fier- snmzl 1l11ulili1'x." Secretary-'l'reasurer of Home- roomg lli-YQ Basketball '46- '47: Military Corps. IUD l fs., NANCY HELEN WINN "Thou arf II tlIll'l'Il.,i Secretary of Flotilla Clubg F. H. A. Clubg Basketball Teamg Vice - President of Homeroomg Girl Reserves. ELLIQN jovcia Wfoiuuiu, "All flu' rlmrnz of all flu' MllXC.Y.,, Press Club 1Woodrow Wil- sonj. JUANITA MADLQLINE SPARKS Cnot pictureclj D. E. Clubg President of Homeroom. MALCOLM HALL "He ix u gl'l1fll'HI!Il7, lfrrrzzzxr' bis nalnrz' is kiml ami tljdlllt' fo t'l'l'l'vY l'l'I'l1fIlVf'.H WIQNDIQL1. Wl1.1,lAwrs "Cowl will is flu' uziglwfivxl fxrarlirul form' in flu' 11r1i1'1'rsr." J ' 2' 3 87. ?lIl0l' f C155 of X Olly' 4106 :W To THOSE WE LEAVE BEHIND I wish to leave a poem here For all my youthful friends so dear, A memory verse to tell them how We were young as they are now, That we once thought we'd simply try To pass the course, or just "get by"g But now too late we wish to say We'd like again to pass that Way To delve more deeply into lore, More deeply far than e'er before. --ANNE DoDsoN 11071- B agar 5ffg3?:f' QOMAW, 7 enior ulaerfa filled QCII' 4y?gn4+'lqaf5erJ 4 mf ma HLQWGAIQ 311:11 l Zygfider-:on 341' gram-13 and QQFMA 'Um -1108? E7faa?'E9Z:3,,,.' Cfflmiig Wah, 5 X , .5 I i V Z' enior ulaerfafiuefi 3L,2'jf5m7.7. ayygww aggfw, few 14351 H01 1-Safzlama,J Wmjbgr' W , Www' C13 x mfwm jmgwif ffm W 476,f,l'6Emyu1 'WJ , mov? mcgpfzrm mar? gif-1o7:rJ Q url, fx I I FY a Q -1109? enior ulaerfafiued xfifalk-'fiJ wwf Fziwzz Qld? Vi'7"'J"" 32?m q.9l,,Q,,q :AKA-z"Wu.4Gf www am' mam QWQJQEZZT' Mffyewl ,mar g qfibrencf Qarha- :a1,g4,fac5,ffwQ.,z.v, Jzwfqgzm YW ,EMILY Q3-ews an? x?gb?zC1?fauno7er-J 4 'IIIOI' 7 enior Superfa filled Q161.3:,r - fmwxf '5M.4W'a: !,..T f3Zuf'q1Esel4b-ww vsafivmw --4-5 gtafgfleg BB7f...J Q, iff?-rv wmzr GJIC9' 2911231 1 M,,fQ'c'Ln,.z,:,s1 Hlfwdmfq 3:95 Cwyarqs AJ N 41111- Maw MEM QW 5921! Q Mgmt QQQAQS Qelae Z-7u2?Kf1Y' Cha' Jil 3751! ilunug CLASS OF FORTY-NINE SPEAKS Next year we'll rise and take your jobs, And struggle then to do The task you leave us, Seniors, But half as well as you. We have high hopes and new ideas, And following after you We'1l roll up our sleeves and go to work To see our dreams come true. We shall miss you through next year, Although We make out fine, So thank you for the chance you give To us, the class of Forty-nine. -CONNIE DIGGS. -1112+ JUNIOR P0 SORS l i 1 Ynzlnl, lvfl In right: Miss Mary Frances Scum, Miss Josephine fisles. Miss Madrcd Best, Mr. Nlarion W1-llw, Slizmlurg: Mm Cilcn Alolinsun, Miss ,l4l1ElI11fl Naylor, Mr. Sterling Pcrkimmi. JUNIOR 0FFlCER . .J -Q"o wil, -9 ,-1 Ni I, I4-fl lu riglrl: .lack Mowbray, Prcsidcmg Allan Grccnbcrg, Suurcmry-'I'reasurcr, Raymond Knick. Vice-President, was ill in Llic lmxpiul when the picture was taken. fl 1181- 4114:- Calvin Abrams Betty Lee Agee Betty Jane Allen Ray Alverson Barbara Anderson Alvan Aron Ann Aron James Baccary Buddy Barker Nancy Lee Barker Brantley Barr, Jr. Homer Bass jean Bennett Laura Bennett Esther Bernard Celeste Bishop Inez Blackwell June Blanks Nancy Bousman Numa Bradner Evelyn Brown Grover Brown Marcia Brown Peggy Brumfielcl Morris Burns Harvey Camm Pete Calos Nancy Calvert Everett Carter, Jr Nancy Carter unior C aaa Margaret Coleman Thomas Collie, Jr. Angeline Cook Pete Cook I,ois Cowan Connie Diggs Marion Dunn lfred lfvans Nancy lfvans Tliomas liagan .lean Farley .Ieanctte lferrell Katherine lfineli Nancy lflora George Foster Iiugene lfowler Farline Franklin Richard lfranklin Clay 'I'. Gardner Tommy Gardner Betty Gatewood Willzlrcl Gatewood Barbara Gauldin james Gossett Robert Gravely Allen Greenberg Ann Harden Alvis Hardy Billy Hayneswortli john Heard jorfy - Mae 4115? 116 Billy Hill Russell Hines Rebecca Hodnett Barbara Holt Jack Holt Bentz Howard Alyce Jayne Hundley Marie Hyler Elizabeth Jeffries Ola Jones Albert Kahn Maxine Kambesis Berkeley Keck Richard Keeton Jack Kilby Nancy Koger Barbara Lester Lonnie Lewis Mary Ann Martin Nell Mays Harry McGinn Betty McNichols Bill Milam jean Miller jean Moorefield jack Mowbray Anne Murphy Helen Murphy ,lean Mustain Margaret Norton unior Cfadd Barbara Owen .lone Peay Virginia Ann Perkins Byron Peterson ,lune Powell Charlotte Preas Nancy Purdurn Preston Purdum Bobby Robinette Mary Meade Robertson jack Rowland .lean Rush Gwendolyn Russell George Sanborn .lane Seboolfield Leonard Scruggs Barbara Sbumate julia Solesbee Staley Sorrell Mary lane Slembridge .lune Stephens Whittield Subleu Beulah Taylor Mary Sue Tale Raymond 'l'ate liranees We-lls Nancy W'esl Ciloria Wexlbrook Lloyd Wfilkinson Curtis Wfilliams jorfy - Wne I 'U ames Williams Harold Wilson Bernice Wyatt Wesley Williams Harold Woodall Dorothy Wyatt unior CKCLZSJ qllfe Have High Jflolpea . . . l 41131- SOPHOMORE 0FFlCER 1 I EDDIE GATEWOOD . President FRANCES LINDLEY .Vice-President GORDON WOODY , , . . . , . .Secretary -Il19l' OIOA Olflfl 0F05 Lvf! In rigbf, fron! rout Mary Catherine Myers, Peggy Upchurch, Marian Tlmmpson, Sue Hurrimn, Mary Donny Wilsiuii. Swwnl mir: Nancy Hankins, Betty Wfickrc, Cartcr Riddle, Ann Duncan Neill, Ann Love. 'l'lvirJ mu: leon Henderson, Tommy Lindsey, Raymond Barber, Clifton Hughes, .Innes Ingram, -Iolinny Royster, Bobby Cook, Troy Sparrow. l,i'fl lu li-lfflf, fron! muh Marilu Morgan, Dork Alvcrson, H.lI'l7Jl'.l Siltf, liiyr Aycouk, Ruili Dodson, Si'i'ou,l rout Manly lfrix. Douglas Robertson, Allcn Swnnn, ,lack Sunni, Melvin Nunn, Thirif ww: Spiros Skcndcris, .Ierry Clark, Donmlnl Dudley, Dun Dickenson, George Iolinson. UI lilo 5 1360 0 9 IOIH 0I'0.5 lffl lu llxQl?f,fP'1lIIf run: X1.lI'lil.l Young. Alito Hufi. Anim Kimscli. Nnlwy Vslcs, l"lil.llwllx Nvyzltt. rruml ruw: Nhrgiv P.u'u, Nl.1rjm'ic Rickclls, luln lfmxmmmimwu, N.1m'x' Hmkim, llnrnld Ifcrrcll. I'frlr.l mn: Kyla' K lu!lun. Ihnlicl Xlurru, ,lack Hcslcr, AlllVl'L'y' Qlrcum-, .fXlI.m Kuiuk, lkimlxu l'mclw,lL1. Uurdun Wbmly, Qlhnnmy lm'kv:rll1.nv. lf!! fn nxqlzl, fmul mn' Qlntlllclln' l'.umns, Ninn h.1rl.unl Xlxcrs, n.lI'lLll'.l Qumn. NIJVIIYII Nlulluv lwrlxn f uulL'l'. Smm1.l l4IIl'.' Xllldrcd .Nun linux,,1 'l.n'l:-V, ,Iunc vlfllluy. .Iuuc iupluy, Um l5ruwJcr. 'ffriuf run! Kun Kcixi, llxlwic XY1ll1,unx, Rnulmlrd XYcHs, N.mrv lluglwx, liolxluyc MIK-y, NIn.m llulw, BLILIKIY l'n'uwJvr, l"riud.1 Kahn. Sue l'.1gr l"r.mklin, Huxlcr l'n'-mwn. .I 121 me Olfll 0I"25 Ivff lu rigfrl, frrnzl ww: Bcity Nurwn, Ann Sluw, Clmrle Hclcn llllisun, Nancy Ifox, Carolyn 'l4r.1ynl1.1m. Srrmllf mir: Dot Blllllilldlll, Hclcn Heard, Nlary 1.011 lfrillcll, FrJncc5 Lindley, vlllllkllll Vfuml. Tfrirlf mn: Bill Covington. klamcs liimmcr, xlulimn Kuplun, fill.lY'llUll Srmngu, lrrank lflliull, liuluby Yields, sllnlnly Dunn, Davis Hamlin, l,l'ff In Vilqfll, f-Vflllf l'Ull'f Xlll'glIll.l l'rr.ullcy, l,.1Vcrnc Ilullgins, Jgnct Almnml, lrunc liickctls, l'c4Lggy' Niulmlx. Smru1,f rmr: lluris Masauy, l'm.1rlv.1r.x lfrancis, Mary lfllun Millncr, Nancy llc.ul-.pvxl1, Nmuy llnllaml. B.lI'l7.lI'.1 Willix. Tfurll mn: llnmld llnncock, Billy Amlcrxun, NX'.1ynm1l1 Willis, llll1Ul'l fll.lI'L'X'. ,Iulm Ulm. Patsy Kruk. Yxunnc cll.ll'liC, Haycs Tlmllnxs, Roger Ira, Rlclurpl Vfclls, lfugum' llulluul. -11225, lrfl fu IIYQIII, fmnl mu" Xl.1rg.1r1-1 A1111 c.ll1l,llt' li11lw1'1.1 l'uw1'rs. we 0l'l'l 0I'e5 ll,1rlw.1r.1 'l'11rr.111cc, Mildred Ncwn1.111, Audrey .l:l'.ll1Cli, 1uu.l mn: llL'lll'k'Il.l ,l'I't'I1l, M.1rju1'i1- l'11ll1-11, Mary Milcw l,lll'yk'.lF, IXIIH Accy, Mildrud wl.llkUK'. If rl 1 X1 Xld r, llu11.1ld lludlcy, llulvlwy li11y1'1'. liubluy l,.ll'I', liobby llill, l'1c.111 ll11gl1cx, Buddy 11. H115 ' 1' lm' Nl1Il.,w1-ll, 9.1111 Kent, lwfl fu filqfll, jmuf mu: ls.lI'lH.ll'.l S111i1l1, ll.lI'l1.ll'.l -l11l111m11, Nlalvlu l'1.11lcy', ll,11'l1.11'.1 lll'llIllllL'lLl, -ll'.ll1 l.11'1'1111g11111. 511111111 11.112 xl.lI'y Im11l1.11m, I'1',11'l ll.11'1'is, Rlllll Sl.1ytn11, V.1l1'rir ll.ll'l10llI', lluggln l11g1'.1111. 'I I11111 m11': il1.11'l1'x sl.lIllt'y, wl.llICI' glc!l'c1'su11, llmlmlxy Als'l'.ll'lll1g, l'n1lly llmxslwy, XY1lf1'cd fliflun, llifk Ad,1111x, Ray Nl.11'1i11, 'l'1a111111y l'41tis.1ll. l 123 WE SoPHoMoREs We used to sit and Wonder And sometimes we would ponder About the people we would be On a coming high school day. We thought about our glory All told in song and story And dreamed our dreams of greatness In our childish little way. But man's forever changing High plots and plans arranging To quite a different pattern From the ones he used to lay. By some We are lamented For we've become contented Because we're on the height supreme- The Sophomores today! -MARGARET ANN CHOATE 11242- f ff "?'f?H rn I Mmx fn- L ev- mf' xxkfflf' :mm It UMM! GM F :W 'HW ,flaws fl! 'HW A ,YM A X ll af, 2 5272 iff' W! U75 ' nfj 35 'in Av' V: .fn ' . I . ' V, x lf, 6,1 gg 1 I I Q 1 - V f '4 ' 1 ' , .4 J? 'P a f' " ' gl 1 1. 9 A4 Z, -,S ff 1- XX M1 1. ' 'Q R if 'ff' 'fm f I " LH -7' 'liz ' 'gba-iff? , ul A -"' My ., 1 Y ff' K f ,ff I we f ff- if 7 if N 1 , ' 5 rv r1,:5 ,' xy - ' Ygf- .:-':."f . af' 1 n Q "UT m. '51a? 7'1fM M:M Q av i, f , , fl , K X - .... . , , , n W WW " '5 v i f f ly ' 'NX X 'ffl ':, -. 4.,,:",l,v1,.J 1,4 f,,p, 'f" Ef' A 1 +8 X g ,1"'?"1' fszwlag l f e 1 mu N A , 4. Q 1... I X3 ff! my ,W g 2- M, :iff ,-,ggfffj , X ,gb ,dv A T , ,... .I Hx., ,lx f,,,E,l.,0u45 Z V 'W' '11, 'MA WIWQ Qqfi'ffZ" f ' ' M it 'WML fri" J U N I V ' ' f " N l I' J I' jA2 .gI'2JAl'l'lel'l l,i'ff I0 rigfwf, fmnf l'lllLS ,lean Groves, Nancyc McCollum, Alcan Pcturion, Bill lVlCcllJH.1l'I.lI1, Garrett lfixlvy Marie Gibson, Martha Denny, .Icannc Nostrandt. Sl'l'U7l1I mu: Stanford Kcsslcr, Ralph Clary, Clmrlic Carter, XY'illiam Bolton, ilcrry Davis, .Ioan Morton .lo Ann Ycntts, Uolnrcs Turpin, Charlene Lynch. Third rout Oli w,CllI113I1, B.1rb.zri1 Long, Laura Jones, Annie Mac Harvey. Lrfl lo riglwf, fron! row: James Hylcr, Randy Stinmn, Billy W'illinms. Frank Fulton, Vfilson Newell, jimmy Keck, Billy Jones, jimmy Jones. Srroml row: Lottie Starr, Darlene Sccarcc, Ifunice Sncad, Nancy Corbin, lrcnc Willizirm, Torlonix Apple Bobbye Barnett, Carolyn Hancock, Marie Hughes. Thin! row: Dot Moon, Gerry Gentry, Peggy Bousnun, Dorothy Coleman. -l 126 lf' lrfi lu Vlgllfi Muricl R1LlAl1C5l'.lN, l311ro1I11' Al1'crsu11, D11ro1l1y V.1.,lc11. Ovclh Hard XV.1ltcr C 111111, 5.1111 ll.11rs11111, ,I11111111' l'11i11dcx1u1'. me gfedklnell y, Betty Inu Alley. 1111111 11111: R11l1.11'1f Agcc. Xx'.lIlL'I' lJ1'lu11g, NY.11111.1 l,lll1l.ll", A1111 Bl'.lCll1L'f, luuixc Clulfcy, l,0l1l1.l Irv lS1'111v1f1'r, I.llIl',l Mmlcy, Bflly I1111 AIcH'crw11. llnml 11111: l.11ki1- Iiunxkcr, .I.1111c'. l5.11'lm111', 'IX11111111' K11cl1c11, 5.1111 l'111r1g1-xx. lfjl In rlgfvl, f-Vlllll ru11': -In A1111 Hull111.111, l'.1r11ly11 ScI1wv111, S117.11111c A1i.lIIlS, K1rk, B.1rl1.1r,1 Kkrcss, I'.11 lfulcy, Blackie NY'm1d.1ll. S1111111l 1o11': Pmls NX'1l111.1r1l1, Ucmmrgu' S111'.1d, IIUI111 l'1uo1l1, Hubby Rcccc. Mills Marjnriu 'l4.llb4ll, K.11l1cri11c Ricl1111u11d. I'f1i11f P1Hl'J l'.1ul l7.11'1s, AI11111111' Ovcrbcy, ll. B. Ihnicl, Roy 561116. 41271- l'1c1sy K1.lfCll, llo1111.1 Rogers, Ihvlwby I'1111u ws 9 ,J- ifl ry ffff' pXg ..fL mf 5' A Yi K mx Y ggi! fr 4 . I -'QP' f-,YV-,t Ed A' v 'H J' l ij cy ., 5 4 MAT 3 ef 5 3"'gr if .. Ai ,sw . :S W Al Vi Nl K K . .aw I Y .f, x U if ,A -u , JAN J - S' A O if 'Q A 9 x 'wsu .C ...A 1 ixilwf af. , L rin, .,. o , .-. 3 is lpn M L M? fir, 'Q ,B V , W ,.-if -X 5f Q ., .Q 1 4 rf 'A . it 4 ,V , l 4. MT7, .fy , E'-, 4' A AM gm Q lrjl In rzlqlrl, fruul mu: Mary lfixincis Puwcrs, linda gln Ikmlc, l'cggy' I'll'-ULN. BL'-1lI'ix'C Difkcllf. Glcndom C i.ll'Y, Dnrulliy Rcyiinidx, Kdlit Alvis, Nnnry Riddlc, licixlld Har Smmlif run: ITIL' Mmm, l'.irl fi.ll'l'Cll. liunnic Alcxnndcr, Ray' lngrmn, lkulwliy lilirisxinnmii. l.00l!.l!'1i Krilrlikn, irsdific HL'i5L',lLl. llugcr l'urgui'mi1, Rmxcr Built. lfnlif mu: XICIYIII Puwcll, ,Inmmy lhrr, ntlly -Iran cii.IllLi, Alcan l5,lrm's, -Iunc King, Knliiryii 'l'm11pkii1a, ,Xviic lllixun, YL-x.l Ricli.irdwn, Tiicodurn' liunxulx. Ir!! ln Y'l4Q!Yf, jmul vnu: lfmnccs rl-l1llFI11JI1, l51irb.1r.1 XY'iHi.lI11N, Ann NYilli.1n1Q, livrlyn 'l4l1urm.1n. Ann Penn. Mary fl-cilc lflrmwcrx, Ilclsy Meade, Rita Cimncy, -Ivan King. numl mir: llmmld llnrncll, Bobby lfillgcrald, llcnry -Iunningx, Agnes Puwcll, Nanuy Angcl, Belly: I,.llI1L'l'HI1, ,lain Ilincx, ,lcancllu lmibclli, I'cggy l'.1rri'-li. lflirif run: Iirankic Qlnncs, lhnny Civry, Billy Brown, jimmy l'.lltiS.lll, Spiro K.m1bcwiv, Charles Denny, limi lludgnns, jnncs Cox, ,Iackic Knick, jim W'ilcQ. -I 129 If QPU 2 Refi to rigfvl, front mu: Carol jones, lillen Culpepper, Sarah Aron, joan Thompson, Bobbie Green, Mary Fralin. Shirley Vfyatt, Nancy Cousins. Siwrrzif wiv: Courtney Harrison, ISTIICSI Rowland, Bobby Simpson, Ronnie Belton, llenry Grayely. Raymond Xwoorly, T. lripler, john Beafli. Tfviril l'UIl'f George Neal, Royster Lyle, Randolph Hall, Mae Bishop, john l.Llll1L'l', Ray llollanil, Billy Wiggiiis, Frank NX'illiamS, NX'.1lter Moore. Lefl In l'itQf7f,fl'U!1f rout Naney Goodson, Nancy Crichton, Barbara Barton, Ann Parsons, Audrey jones Sallye Hairston, Mary jane Nelson, Mary Penn Carter. Srrmzif rout Nellie Goodson, Lillie Belle Herold, jean Denny, joan Yetton, Mona Barker, Mary Frances Barnett, Sarah Stembriclge. Stanley Goodridge. Third row: Whyne Scarce, Earl McGuire, Carroll Iiarles, jimmy Turner, George Layinder, Larry W'ilSon, W'ill Terry. -1l13Ul' CQ,,AfA QQ.. Q yrqlfl: lu,m Aiims, I-''es Rit'h.irdxon. Pal Vfriglit, Nancy Glass, Bvslty Housnmn, lfvelyn Ymtt'-. X1.u'x' llnlpm. mu: Iliukie lanwgforil, K In llirk, C lyde Burr. lfmnk Peek, .Lick Scruggs, -loc Reynolds. lfril 1' 11 : I'.ii llrooln, ,lmimy ll.1wkei'. lugene 'l1.llt'. JUNIOR I-I1 Though we are only -lunior Hi Our dreams will still come true Wlien we can rcll this school good-bye As you proud Seniors do. We're starting out in your footsteps And doing things you did So think when hearing all our yelps You, too, were once a kid. -NELL HAMLIN -4 131 If I 2 QUQFL QPU, Q iff! lo rigbf, fron! row: Grover XVhitely, Mary Cook, Meds Grigg, Patsyc Edwards, Marie W'oody, Anne Wfayne Fuller, Mary Dillard Moorefield, Doris Ann Matney, Donald McCollum. Surrnnl rmv: james Gravely, Sratlns Kalezis, Bobby Plott, John Vernon, Mack Matsatos, Bobby Henderson, Charles Gentry, Micky Brooks, Claude Priott. Tlliril row: Raymond Bragg, Chase VVhcatley, VC'allaee Taylor, Irene Parker, Nancy Perkin-son, joyce Bass, Mary Glen Boyd, Patricia Ramsey, Alayne W'atson, Bunny Terry, Carolyn Browder, jimmy NX'illiams, Guy Cooter. Lrff la right, fron! rout Dolores Strader, Mary Gravely, Betsy Bishop, Patricia W'ard, Betty Boggs, -Ioan Cousins, Iris Allen, Louise Pritchett, jean Holt. Srronif raw: Nelson Vaughan, Lee Rigney, Lee Clarke, Calvin Magginson, Dorothy Bradley, Betsy Haynes. Michael XVilson, Tommy Perkins, jimmy Newell. Third rout jimmy Houlton, Dick Evans, -I, VV. Hall, Esther Talley, Evelyn Christley, Carolyn Heffinger, Florence Lewis, Douglas Butts, Robert Duncan, George Rogers. -l 132 If ,f eUefl!A QTL 2 ll!! lu rllqfll, hurl! mu: Inn Nhrlxn, Cflrmll Muggimml, All.n, lQlund.l lfdnmmls, livlly Br.ldncr, Ark-nc lignn, Ann li.mkI1c.ld, lhwn NIUIICY, -lun si7Cl', Nnmnl mu: bimnmy'k.ll'l', Nita I Karr lmvnx, N.lI1Cy' lilnxkcnslmip, Blilly Alcan Mnrluy, Roy Up,-laurch, Pulls' W.l.xgcr, Cwurgu uXl1dc1'4-011 Iunx C nlul Iuhnny Viccclln, Hsmxl W'ilxun, lfunl mu: Allin! Ancv, lilllx' Hall, Rirl1.1l'4l R.llNL'y, .Iinnny KQ.1y'lc, 'l4L'1'ry l,cj,', liuv RnHn1s, Nui Pruitt. Ihhlw NL-wk-Il. ...xx 1 I'l1 Jw A154 v- lrff lu nlqfrl, fvfilllf Hlllf Phyllis licynnlnls, Nannfc Mac Clark, Angvla Xvvdllllll, N.ll1x'j' Purliins, N.lncy Rcvrmldw,,l XYCILIUII, H.lI'l5.ll'.I Nunn, Pcgggy Harris, lsllwl Mnmn-field. Nmnlnf mn: Iulln INCRCIIAIII, 'lum L1.11'1'ull, Nclsun l'xcnynm's, ,ILIHJI1 lS.u'kul'. licnrgc Rnlsirmutlc, I'r.1nk lilnss, Hun-l'ly Ihlu, INJIICQ' lhuunn. lhml- Iggluslnn, ,lunlny Swnmm. Inf ram: iflunrlry' Riddlc, Hub Milullull, SJIII W'urluy, linlmluy lnllill. Rmylnund Mitchell. Runnin Slnilll, HI 133 I- QUQIQ QIACLCIQ Lfff Io riglml, fron! row: Bonnie Walker, Beatrice Roberts, Zula Kaluis, ,lane Flynn, Carolyn Lowe, Barbara Straton, Marjorie XY'oolley, jo Ann Franklin, ,Ioan Clark. SUUUIIAI row: Norman Evans, Raymond Payne, Ed Day, Lois Dodson, Joyce Underwood, Patricia Scearce. Elizabeth Maniakis, Robert Anglia. Tlriril rou' Larry Reid, Richard Moore, Melvin Davis, Edward Powell, jimmy Powell, Frank Owen, Raymond Hall. Lrfi In rigbf, fron! rou': Mary Ann Murphy, Juno Payne, Ruth Pickeral, Dorothy Bernard, llarhara Bragg, jo Ann liverctte, Sadie Wells, Thelma W'eador, Pauline Blackwell, Nlavelle Harbour. SCCUIILI rout lillen Adams, Francis Denson, Angie Clark, Peggy McDaniel, Selmie Powell, Catherine Blankenuhip, Eva Grant, Tempe Booth. Thin! wiv: Ruby jean Perdue, Carol Ashworth, Roy High, Eugene Tate, Ed Larkin, W'illiam Newell, Brute Westbrook. fl l34 l' HOW TO BECOME A SENIOR HIGH It takes a lot to qualify To be a big ole Senior High, If you don't know quite how it's done Then listen closeg it's loads of fun. You'll have to be an all-round sport On baseball field or tennis court- At games, at plays, in classes too, In fact in every single thing you do. You've got to take an active part In all campaigns the Seniors start And also see your task go through, So others can depend on you. And then to turn to subjects light Some things you've got to do up right: You see you simply must get by With a trick or two quite on the sly. It would be sad to leave this school And never glimpse detention's rule- Or feel your heartbeat as it falls When teacher says the office calls. But over all remember this These are the years the most you'll miss, So make each minute count, it's late, Because too soon, you'll graduate. --JEAN FARLEY -II35l' - 'K assxwaf-my f 1 , mf W--M . 3- ,,.,1 9. ., f. . N .1-E'- ' fwLIDazf' 15 'QW Amnf Vkfwli? gifs X-. N V f 5 X Af ' QW !l!i5,1i5 'W W we 3 B ,ecgwidvi .A vBig shops gf thg Caval .. ,,,, ,- VM. ,,X,. ,25wg,fA,,M figs! I my-xms1' . , Awww I l s v .K 'A 1 a 1 4' 'N nu, -vi-ivv' ,ggi HOW 1 ok xv .5 1 ,.,w 'E Where is 'Chris'? LJSY, 'A 3 4 11 QL-lwii, 'S ll: x ' I f-Hx U :A KA o fl' VA r mn-7 :'!'g-ck., my an Claw GEORGE WASHINGTON Wfe are proud of the pace of G. W. High, For she wins with a grace that will never die! We are proud of the town that gave her birth, Cf the hands of the men who have proved her As we turn o'er the page of our memories And review all the thoughts of our yesterdays We renew our belief in the torch held high, In a truth and an aim that will never die! 41401- worth! f ff ' fz' f u' f ,nl ' n N 'Fo AT1oN JL 7 , L vVH TG .51-I O 13 , 4. I-XDVE RTISE.M1EN'l'S M155 SHIRLEY GROGAN HITCHCOCK STUDIO P01't1'Elitll1'6 PHONE 1835 427 MAIN STREET 4142? BETTER JOBS . . . AN BETTER FUTURE Your education need not stop when you graduate from George Washington High School. Through our Training Department we can help you HELP YOURSELF. Many ambitious high school graduates are taking advantage of our training and educational facilities to go on with their education and fit themselves for better jobs . . . and a better future. Business success always depends primarily upon the individual. Those who have intelligence, initiative, competence, the will to succeed . . . can do so at Dan River Mills. It is like progressing up a topless ladder, for in every department of our mills there is ample opportunity for further advancement. We are looking for boys and girls with ambition. We believe in giving young people the chance to develop, in what- ever line they are most interested, and for which they are best suited. For those of exceptional capacity, opportunity at Dan River is unlimited . . . a ladder without a top. Maybe you don't know exactly what you want to do, or what your natural aptitudes are. Come to the Employment Cffice for an interview, and we will give you placement tests which will help determine your potential ability in various lines of endeavor. AN RI ER ILL 41431- CROWELL-LUNG DEALERS FORD - FGRD TRUCKS - FQRD TRACTORS FORD BONUS BUILT TRUCKS PHONES 2120 2121, 2122 410 CRAGHEAD STREET 11441- Mlss BARBARA Fowuin Miss BARBARA FOWLER, of the Senior Class, is wearing a Stone Blue Chiffon Dance Frock, featuring a shirred bodice, with drop-shoulder sleeve effect, trimmed with gold sequins .. .. ...... 39.95 Brtler Apparel Shop, Zna' Floor Gold Choker ....,.. . . .... 1.20 Gold Bracelet . . . ...., .... 3 .58 White Cotton "Shortie" Gloves ..,. 3.50 QERMM Acressories, Isl Floor llllVlI.lE5 IEST STO!! 1145!- C0lIgl'!lfIlI6lff0'lIS fo flac' Class of ,48 LINDOW WIIl'1'E Chosen by thc Senior Class as Best Athlete of 1948 41461- Wllai' 'lo ela after graduation Choosing the right career to follow after high school days are over is a problem faced sooner or later by every girl in the senior class. For many past graduates, telephone work has offered most of the things a girl looks for when seeking a place in the world: pleasant associates . . . clean, wholesome surroundings . . . high pay . . . regular increases and opportunities for advancement . . . paid vacations . . . the knowledge that the work itself is important and interesting. There are opportunities in telephone work after graduation. The telephone company is "a friendly place to work." The Chesapeake 8 Potomac Telephone Company I I I ol vlfglllli 4 A Qin 1147? DANVILLE'S OWN STATIONS W B T M W B T M - F M 1330 on your dial 97.9 on your dial 5000 Watts Power - Day 32,000 Watts Power 1000 Watts Power - Night l C0 L"f'1'ilIg floc' Picfdnzonf Regions EFIRD3S DEPARTMENT STORE and PERSONNEL Extend Best Wishes and Success To the Graduating Class of 1 9 4 S Miss ANNE DODSON -1148? Hnu arp num fareh with thv must impnrtemt hrrininn nf gum' lifv --- rhnnzing ei rarerr. Uivfnrv gnu makv gum' final rhnirr, it mnulh pug gnu tn lnnk intn thr ulnnherful nppurtunitivu that arr hvfnrr gnu in thr Hnitrh Svtaivs Armg sinh Hnitrh Svtatvn Air ilinrrv U S ARMY NI U. S. IR FORCE RECRUITINCN 1 Ofh -R I ll V 4 I- NIIGHBURG GYJXNIXRG UUMP Designers and engravers of the South's finest school publications I LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA -i I- DANVIIU-1, XIIRCQINIA The SUVQIIlCCl1-.lCl'L' campus IS located ll1 .1 heautnful rest- dential section of l7.1nx'ille. Cmllege f.lLgIlIllCS .Moral rec- re.1lmn.1l .mtl CLiLIL'1'llllJl1.ll np- mrtunities of the highest AVEliE'l"l' Cf bl ,I ,ECE qu.1lity, Since AVI Rl ll C01 l,l-c.l is fully .xcereditcd .ls .1 junior uullege, its grgldtmtes .ll'L' tnmnsferred to outstnmhng four-year colleges .md universities with .ldxylneed standing .md without loss of credit, tn continue the courses leading to the degree of Bglehelm' sf Arts or um the degree of lS.lL'IN.'lUl' of Seienee. Three Cheers for the Class of '-48! QI 1511? THERE'S NO DOUBT ABOUT IT! Young ladies, you're ready for FRANCES KAHN Clothes!! Not just an occasional formal-but your entire "junior Miss" Wardrobe. From slips on out-from slippers on up-you're Junior Miss-you're the young Women FRANCES KAHN loves to dress-wisely and Well-for all the fine occasions of growing up. Lofs of lurk, graduates, and welcome to- ia-e M Best Wishes from W. ROY RICHARDSON I N S U R A N C E FEL T IL EE HRISURANCE E MRANY l j WASHINGTON NATIONAL INSURANCE CO. INTER-OCEAN INSURANCE CO. AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE CO. 4152!- S. F. WINIKER E. S. TALBERT WINIKER LUMBER COMPANY Incorporatcd C COMPLETE STOCKS OF BUILDING SUPPLIES LUMBER - MILLWORK AND SPECIALTIES JUST OFF BRIDGE STREET 0 PHONES 93 AND 4628 STRATFORD COLLEGE DANVILLE, VIRGINIA 0 JOHN C. SIMPSON President Come to see us! Stratford is your near neighbor and is interested in all G. W. activities. -1153? It was our privilege to do photographic work for the CAVALIER of '48, including the color photos. We appreciate the confidence the school had in our work and hope our relations will continue on a high plane from year to year. HITCHCOCK STUDIO PHONE 1835 427 MAIN STREET Congratulations to the Class of 1948 , I "The Shop of Lovely Things" 4154!- G69 bring ,F the Coke" comm um-nn Auvuomv or nu coca-con comunv av DANVILLE COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO., INC. IIANVILLIL, VIRGINIA Best wishes to the Class of '48 from CHW. ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION 41551- N STROMBERG-CARLSON - RCA VICTOR Enjoy Trying Your Records in One of Our Private Booths Q Q PAUL'S IVIELODY SHOP 5 E and E E MUSIC SCHOOL 9 2 E g 121 South Market Street 2 pq 3 DANVILLE, VIRGINIA PHONE 4177 RECORDS - SHEET MUSIC Cougrafzzfafions io fbf' Class of 1948 PRODUCERS WAREHOUSE ALICE GARRETT AND BILL FITZGERALD Examining the Tobacco Leaf -1156? A' N- .. W f-,,4,Qz: , - . Green Street Gang RODGERS DID IT ' Main Office 608-610 N. Main Street Phone 617, 618 Danville, Va. Branch Ojffcfs 413 Jefferson 432 N. Main Street 11571- lf x I 531 MAIN ST. Phone 2974-W Wyatt 6. Hall Food Store 135 WATSON STREET DANVTLLE, VA. Phone 3115 C. D. KENNY DIVISION COFFEE ' TEA Fancy Fruits and Vegetables and Staple Groceries Plumbing and Mill Supplies Co 1-Wholesale Onlyi S06 Craghead Street Phone 4350 Warehouse: 804 Lynn Street DANVILLE, VIRGIRIA Mills Atlantic Service Station 613 LOYAL PHONE 924 111581, We appreciate your patronage and hope to continue to serve you Wl1ite's Beauty Shop Main Street Phone 2387 Best Wishes to Class of ,48 o fx I 0 A ,MQ JEVVELERS ' OPTICIANS "The Southfs Leading Jewelers' Cor. Jefferson St. G Church Ave. If it's from KINGOFF,S it's guaranteed Service Quality Work STRANCE'S CLEANERS, Inc. ' 532 Craghead Street Call For and Delivery Service Phone S 5 Branch Ojice 122 South Union Street Opposite Register and Bee H. L. WYATT, Prrxirlvnl C. E. WYATT, Vice-President WYATT CHEVROLET CORP. Sales - Service Phones: Office 3610 Service Dept. 3611 706 Loyal Street DANVILLE, VIRGINIA 4159? JAMES T. CATLIN 82 SON CO. Incorporated GENERAL INSURANCE Masonic Building Phone 541 LINK-WATSON CORPORATION HARDWARE - SPORTING GOODS 0 DANVILLE, VIRGINIA Best Wishes - Class of '48 IDEAL BAKERY, Inc. "Serve Ideal With Every Meal" S32 Loyal Street PI-IONE 2187 DANVILLE, VA. BROWN JEWELRY COMPANY MANUFACTURING and DISPENSING OPTIGIANS 0 MAIN STREET DANVILLE, VIRGINIA 4160? THE WEST, PIANO CO. 400 Jefferson Street Danville, V' g' ' HENRY O. WEST, Manager Phone 37 64 MARY ROACH GIFT SHOP PHONE 1475 MAIN STREET DANVILLE, VIRGINIA Besi Wishes VASS-MOBLEY HARDWARE CO. 230 MAIN STREET PHONES: 1584-1585 LOWENSTEINS 246 Main Street D VILLE, V 4 F Congratulations, Class of 1948 Continue Your Training This Summer by Learning to Fly with DANVILLE AVIATION SCHOOL, Inc. TW O GOALS 1-Strive to save one year's income for security. 2-Let us help you own your own home by 195 1. M U T U A L BUILDING and LOAN ASSOCIATION PHONE 103 ARCADE BUILDING Wise Lighting 81 Appliance Company Radios - Electric Refrigerators - Ranges - Appliances Residential and Commercial Lighting Electrical Contractors DANVILLE, VIRGINIA A GOOD GIFT FOR GRADUATION Our Life Insurance Programs for Graduates make Thrifty Gifts WALTER BRIDGES, Manager METROPOLITAN LIFE INSURANCE CO. IIBZL JONES RADIO SERVICE 203 Craghead Street New and Used Records for Sale Radio and Sound System Repair PHONE 1381 DANVILLE, VIRGINIA Phone 184-185 Always al Your Sz'rI'in' and LAUNDRY 657 West Main Street Box S06 Oppoxih- Ballon Par-lc, DANN'Il.LE, VIRGINIA Drink 21 Bite to Eat E. G. LUTHER Plzmzber and Hvafer Conffravfor 0 758 LOYAL STIIEET DANVILLE, VIRGINIA 4163? HUGHES R. FERGUSON USED CAR LOT Incorporated Good Used Cars Bought and Sold All Makes and Models HUGHES R. FERGUSON 535 Loyal Street Danville, Virginia B051 Wixbcs BIBEE'S WSUPERE MARKET "The Sc0fcbman's Paradise" S26 Spring Street Modern Fur Storage DANVILLE LAUNDRY COMPANY Launderers and Dry Cleaners Phone 4220 Corner Loyal and Court Streets Danville, Virginia Look for this Sign When 5 You Want QUALITY ICE CREAM 'gl EAM --4 164 I- BOGGS Cinder and Concrete Products Co., Inc. Pearl Street Phone 4380 P. O. Box 998 DANVILLE, VIRGINIA MARIONS SHOE DEPT. Ladies' Smart Foot wear 510 MAIN STREET DANVILLE, VA. .IACK NEAL and MARTIN MOTLEY Sell tobacco high and give the best service . ACREE'S AND FARMER'S WAREHOUSE E. M. PERKIN SON ATLANTIC HI ARC - GASOLINE - LEE TIRES 0 317 PATTON STREET PHONE 3250 41652- WELLS TIRE COMPANY Your Goodyear Dealer You'll like our service and be proud of your WELLS RECAPS with that new tire appear- ance and service. DODSON-BAGBY CO., Inc. "Making You More Comfortable is Our Business" Quality Coal and Fuel Oil-Iron Fireman Stokers Esso Oil Burners - Philco De-Freezers Other Appliances PHONE 1197 BIBEE'S MSUPERW MARKET "The Scofcbmarfs Paradise" S26 SPRING STREET NEW DEAL CAFE We Specialize in BLUE PLATE DINNERS AND STEAKS PHONE 210 8 DANVILLE, VIRGINIA 41561- POINTER'S MEN'S SHOP MEN'S AND BOYS' CLOTHING "Styles of Today with a Touch of Tomorrow" 0 304 MAIN STREET DANVILLE, VIRGINIA GENERAL TIRES KRAFT RECAPPING STINSON TIRE COMPANY PHONE 60 0 603 LOYAL STREET DANVILLE, VIRGINIA George W. Aron SI Company, Inc. PACKARD SALES AND SERVICE "Ask the Man Who Owns One" GEORGE G. MARTIN Refrigeration Service and Air Conditioning, All Types Stoker and Oil Burner Service 4167? D A V I S LAUNDRY G. S. K. RESTAURANT ft . . . Your Satzsfactzou zs Our Success" Famous For WESTERN STEAK and SEA FOOD AUTO PARTS AND TIRE COMPANY DANVILLE IRON AND METAL CHARLES HILLER Owner and Opemlor R. L. HALL MOTORS "Your Chrysler-Plymoufla Dealcf' Q S20-26 NEWTON STREET 4 F One of Your Most Valuable Assefs Will Be Your LIFE INSURANCE PROGRAM Ellison and Vaughn Insurance Agency 'rHOI1?Sflj', lt's the Best Policy" MAsoNIC TEMPLE-DANVILLE, VIRGINIA-PHONE 2682 Best Wishes to the Class of '48 R I P P E ' S FEMININE APPAREL "The Shop With the New Look" S 59 MAIN STREET DANVILLE, VIRGINIA Laramore Construction Company, Inc. TRANSIT-MIXED CONCRETE + EXCAVATION PHONE 2248 DANVILLE, VIRGINIA COX AND GOODRIDGE GENERAL INSURANCE and REAL ESTATE I 409-411 MASONIC TEMPLE DANVILLE, VIRGINIA 4169!- 'wsllabugllw tum "Shoes and Hosiery for All the Family" 224 MAIN STREET DANVILLE, VIRGINIA Bass 81 Mitchell, Cleaners 523 N. Main Street Cash and Carry - Pickup and Delivery Service BRANCH OFFICES 417 HOLBROOR STREET 421 JEFFERSON - KEMPER ROAD Danville Commercial Appeal Watson Street Grocery Groceries, Meats, Vegetables C 331 WATSON ST. PHONES 3112-3113 Johnson's Drug Stores PRESCRIPTION DRUGGISTS Conveniently located throughout the city Danville Frozen Food Service Incorporated DAN VILLE, VIRGINIA SOUTHERN VENDING MACHINE COMPANY Music machines rented for special parties S28 Craghead St. DANVILLE, VA. THE BUSES 4170? Henderson and Harvey General I usurance O PHONE 2668 MAsON1c BUILDING WDVA 1250 for 125D On Your Dial . Da1wi11e's Friendly Sfufion Dorff Disappoifzt Dependents 11 I1 T1 INSURANCE Ll LI Ll DA N D. DICKERSON TUXEDO Old Dutch Super Market Diamond Paper Company Wbolesalf' Paper and Speeialiies f PHONE 4508 DANVILLE, VA. T. C. DAMERON Plumbing um! Heaiing O PHONE 2308 Swicegood Funeral Home O PHONE 4300 -I 171 I' Cowan Funeral Home 2025 NORTH MAIN STREET PHONE 4420 Danville, Virginia o Ambulance Servife Day and Night SWANSON MOTORS APPLIANCE STORE PORTABLE RADIOS, ETC. CADILLAC-OLDS-G.M.C. TRUCKS 318 MAIN STREET PHONE 4203 The HUB CLOTHIERS C A P I T O L 319 MAIN STREET DANVILLE, VIRGINIA R I A L T O ' D A N "Clothes for Young Men" The Place to Get a Square Meal WAYSIDE DINER O. L. WATLINGTON, Proprietor 24-Hour Curb Service Phone 4731 Route 29 S. 25 mi. Congratulations to the Class of '48 I-IARNSBERGER'S "Leaders of Low Prices" KING MOTOR CO., Inc. DE soTo - PLYMOUTH BARKER TIRE CO. RECAPPING - VULCANIZING Sales and Service FISK TIRES o 762 Loyal Street Phone 4759 DANVILLE, VIRGINIA 791 LOYAL STREET Phone 802 41721:- Best Wishes to the Hodnett Sz Speer Co., Inc Jewelers and Silversmiths Class of '48 Repairing a Specialty Swicegood Funeral Home I PHONE 4300 I 440 Mann Street DANVILLE, VIRGINIA Best Wishes to the Class of '48 HARPER sf CROXTON A F R I E N D WHOLESALE GROCERS Phone 398 301 Craghead Street GRAVELY BROTHERS Real Estate Rents, Bonds INSURANCE DANVILLE, VIRGINIA Gauldin St McKenny GROCERIES, MEATS AND FROSTED FOODS-SEA FOODS Phone 2770 CORNER JEFFERSON AND STOKES STREETS We Deliver B. P. HYLTON8zSON DANVILLE E. G. INGRAM, Proprietor ICE COMPANY WHOLESALE FRUITS AND PRODUCE 212 Lynn Street Telephones 733 - 734 Ice Plant - Canal Street - 140 41731, S0UTHE1Zl:12IJcg"'1l1gfAE,1?IV1?3ANV1LLE cREss TI1.E AND MARBLE Incorporated COMPANY 5 30 Loyal Street DANVILLE, VIRGINIA 143 Canterbury Road Seed, Feed, Ferfilizer, and Farm Supplies PHONE 2718 "Seeds that really grow" A The School Cafeteria FIRESTONE STORES BATTERIES-AUTO SUPPLIES-TIRES Corner Patton 56 Ridge Streets Phone 100 H. P. Green Shoe Store HOLSUM BAKERY 252 JEFFERSON AVENUE PHONE 3643 Best Wishes to the Class of '48 Clevelandis Music Center Danville Printing Co. Phone 1 160 Blackwell 81 Booker 318 Floyd Street Phone 173 8 DANVILLE, VIRGINIA Congratulations to the Class of '48 BOYD C. FLETCHER, JR., Manager PILOT LIFE INSURANCE CO. CHURCH GROCERY T. H. SHUMATE, Owner Fancy Groceries, Meats, and Sea Foods Phone 3141 Main and Chambers Streets DANVILLE, VIRGINIA Busy Bee Restaurant J. SZ J. KAUFMAN A FRIEND 331 Main Street DANVILLE, VIRGINIA D A N v I L L E S is L, U-DRIVE-I'I SYSTEM, Inc. S CHE E S Before you buy Phone 5 490 DANVILLE, VIRGINIA ,,Fekther Your New, 1174? MASLOFF'S Tailor-Furrier Fur Craft, Tailoring and Remodeling We make up new furs, store, repair, glaze and insure furs 238 Main Street DANVILLE, VIRGINIA USED CARS HARRY and RUSSELL ARON . Danville Used Car Company 53 l LYNN STREET Phone S307 License No. 12 86 Neon-Commercial Outdoor Advertising 2 05 CRAGI-IEAD STREET IARRETT WELDING COMPANY "The Village Blac'ks1nitlJ" The HEART of the Home is the Kitchen The HEART of the Kitchen- The APPLIANCES PERKINSON FOUNDRY AND MACHINE CO. Danville Photo Finishing Company 231W North Union Street One Day Service T. S. Williamson G Company Leaf Tobacco Dealers DANVILLE, VIRGINIA Complimenls to tbe Seniors SPARKS SANDWICH SHOP C. P. GEORGE and W. E. SNIART C. MACK HASTY Northwestern Mutual Life 401 Masonic Temple DANvII.I.E, VIRGINIA Over 5 Billions of Life Insurance in Force OSCAR G. EVANS IOHN R- BE-NDA!-L Mulual Insurance at a Saving . Audionecfr 1-3-5 Dudley Building Phone 270 Sales--Private and Auction-Real Estate 301 Masonic Temple Phone 1928 DANVILLE' VUKGINIA ' DANVILLE, VIRGINIA Danville Printing Co. HARRIS COAL COMPANY 855 HOLBROOK AVENUE PHONE 1160 For Intermission Eats Visit HARRY COLLIS HARDEN SI-IUMATE KOZY KITCHEN MODERN 'rExAco SERVICE Corner of SPRING and FI.oYn STREETS 405 Cmghead Street Danville, Virginia Opposite City Armory Phone 1772 Phone 2907 4175!- AUTO SPECIALTY COMPANY IOHNSON 6: SPIGGLE Incorporated Druggists "The Ptl1'lLS BOQZSU Prescriptions - Sodas - Drugs S25 Loyal Street Phone 1103 The REXALL Store The House of Beuuiy R A IN B O W A F E Beautiful Flowers SOUfl'I Stfeet PIIOIIC At the Giles Building 631 Main Street JOHN KALEZIS FASHION SHOE STORE 244 Main Street DANVILLE, VIRGINIA "Shoes and Hosiery for All tba Fumilyv SOUTH MAIN ESSO STATION J. M. WELLS For Better Prescription Service By a Registered Pharmacist ACE OFFICE SUPPLY CO. sci-roor. AND omcz supmns 5203l!III1il'1 Street - . one anvi e, ir ima Call 280 jefferson at Colquohoun Street CHARLES HAYNESWORTH, Manage? "It Pays io Look Well" FIVE FORKS BARBER SHOP C I T Y C A B S TELEPHONE 3480 STEPHENSON'S DRUG STORE Prescriptions Filled by Registered Pharmacists NORTH SIDE FLORISTS Expert Floral Designing Comer Main and Craghead Streets 109 Church Street Danville, Virginia DANVILLE, VIRGINIA H. E. HARDY Phone S059 Send Your Clothes to Drink TRU'ADE D G B O R N E TRU-ADE BOTTLING CO. U , , ,I Made of I-'mit-Noi Carboncned-No Artificial Danville S Best Cleaners Flavor-Truly cx Better Beverage Phone 3572 125 WATSON STREET 302 SOUTH MAIN STREET NEW BUICKS Good Used Cars-Expert Repairs Storage and Repairs WYATT BUICK SALES CORP. HENRY V. ADAMS CONNECTICUT GENERAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY 41762- New and Used Furniture Service on All Electric Refrigerators Moon's Furniture 6: Refrigeration HARTMAN'S Tire Service 523 Loyal Street at Court 6I0 Loyal Street E. W. MooN, Owner . . . . DANVILLE VIRGINIA Phone 1769-W Danville, Virginia ' For thc Land's Sake Sow Smillfs Seeds Smith Seed and Feed Co., Inc. Danville, Virginia COLLEGE SODA SHOP All Kinds of Cosmetics, Candy, Magazines S94 West Main Street SEALTEST ICE CREAM - PET ICE CREAM R E X C A F E 122 SouTrI UNION COUSIN'S GROCERY STORE Groceries, Produce and Meats 899 Lee Street DANVILLE, VIRGINIA Will: Best Wisbes of MORRIS DRY CLEANERS P R E S C O T T ' S Cleaners Phone 3913 S12 Lynn Street Parrish-Iohnson Electric Company C, R, THOMAS Electric Motor Rcwinding Sales and Service Machine Work-Metallizing The Big Store General Merchandise LYNN and LOYAL STREETS PHONE S93 217 LYNN STREET Phone 3836 W. R. PURDUM 61 SON CO. Manufacturers Purdum's Piedmont Paints, Enamels, Stains RAYLASS DEPARTMENT STORE "Cl0lbing for Ihr Entire Famifyu "The Best Way Is Harawayn NEW PURITY MARKET 120 South Union Street Better Meats for Less Money LEA'S DRUG STORE The Friendly Store Phone 515 636 N. MAIN STREET A L L E Y 9 S Dining and Dancing FIRESTONE STORES Batteries - Auto Supplies - Tires CORNER PATTON and RIDGE STREETS PHONE 100 4 177 lr DAN VALLEY MOTOR CO., Inc. Pontiac Sales and Service Phone 3636 WEST MAIN STREET LINK-WATSON CORPORATION Sporting Goods DANVILLE, VIRGINIA GERALD AND BETTY Hairdressers W. D. ROWE COMPANY 135 WATSON STREET Phone 32 PATTON STREET DANVILLE, VIRGINIA CLEVELAND'S lULIAN'S...IEWELERS , Diamonds, Watches, and MUSIC Cellter Electrical Appliances KLIP 'N KURL BEAUTY BAR POLLY MELTON - ATLAS PARSONS 538 N. Main Street Congratulations to the Class of '48 THE SCHOOL STORE DAN SMITH, Manager FLUTILL "The Club of Good Fellowship" I I I - I DRUG STORE DPPDSIYE' HERE!! WIFI NUUIL' JUST WHAT YOUR DOCTOR ORDER 300 CRHGH D ST. - DANVIL , , TOM,S, Inc. PATTERSON DRUG COMPANY Four Registered Pharmacists MASONIC TEMPLE DANVILLE, VIRGINIA WM. T. THOMPSON COMPANY Insurance - Bonds Masonic Building Phone 260 DANVILLE, VIRGINIA 41781- gvmyflzkzg ,M Wm UMW Qi Wi' fire proud in hfivr had thu plviisiiiw nf wnrhiiifl with THE STAFF in prndurin,Q this Ycarhnnh 'N BROWN-MORRISON CU., INC. 718 Main Street Lynchburg, Virginia 'I I- 77' vm I7 'If ' , 'F 6 3 ' L: ew 1 v 'vt inf 4 fx 'T- L e ' pf uw Y 55fi,? ,' M Si? J' fx ,I QQV ' I - ,V L , w ,,f ' PM - . if -5? ' i4Q!',4' 1 ' W' , J fi 'Q ' i r V ' Q F? 5' , 2 L ' ' 1, wi-A :L 1 5' B. .ur Q- - ., . V Q3 fran. Q I. .- 1 vjklljd 5 JZHZQMM Vx 5 C0011 S f 'G 2 ' :IZ 4 5 4 s 6:95 og A555 nl. ,. F. I E A i I I Z 1lm4a-'. - ,1 - A Nz-, ...rex , 1 inns-1 ,.wn.n:1A.'-v, 1 xzfwximuxnnanzar -Li gly .. f ' " iwifffff. '-f-gli. V u x U - . 1 U t 1 Q -sq ,T Eli? 1 3' 1 3 Q V ,- I - ' I I .5 - iggnegvvh , s ,f-,-1 ak. " .-11: I5 Vi""q,2 -Q If "fn 'Sf ' ' -- ff" if -iff , .Y 1,-Q3 5, ff 5,.,-n Q, . .12 ' bu- "ff f ' - Ax1r,'.,?':Q- , I.. W. - f' fi- .- ' -Q 1 X I 'I -Alf'

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George Washington High School - Cavalier Yearbook (Danville, VA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


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