George Washington High School - Cavalier Yearbook (Danville, VA)

 - Class of 1946

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George Washington High School - Cavalier Yearbook (Danville, VA) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Cover

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It is a past rich and alluring, and one in which our city has played a leading role: The rapid chant of the tobacco auctioneer, the loud blast of the mill Whistles, the crowded buses along the beautifully shaded streets, the cheerful greetings of friendly people, an alert WBTM, ofteh featuring on programs G. W. boys and girls, and the hearty cooperation between city and school in many important civic movements will linger in our memories and will color our entire lives. Each student takes with him as he goes forward, his own character, initiative, ability, training, and a portion of his city life. These are his possessions, to mould, each in his own way, into a lasting tower of success. I i 1.13 Q qs W M J iff , ,lv ' ' 'f.ryWt+ f k,V gud Nj, M 4. ' 1 . "'-2' A .9 ' -4. M.. 3 4' ' ""H XX 5 if 14 F v H A M.. , N as. 4 '-E' . ' 4, I in rm A 1 1.4fM,:w.f, ii, ,Jw W' 14 W .' J . a .., Q1 xl. if ,NP 0 xv 2 Y 'K uf " 9 , V, s PM ' tw' 'fan 4. 4 ' f 4 ' f ,' , I 2 in -. 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PBN X x" ',i 1 9454 I W pi Q, s.4..-A. A -Ii I vn- R H i M 9 Qi? .xi 1 g ,. mfg? ii' 5. wa 5 f Ein 315552 P. 25 , 1155" K '19 U i . 'F' 2 35 i 5 Mini-1 A Af -ff 5 ft ' . , if 1 5 nf The great span of bridges across the Dan is one of the scenic beauties of the city and one in which its citizens have great pride. Cibevkcafion . . . To Mrs. Nora Payne Hill, the head of the English Depart- ment and faculty adviser of THE CHATTERBOX, We, the current senior class, dedicate the '46 CAVALIER in appreciation for her faithful and efficient service. Mrs. Hill's unswerving loyalty to the highest standards in English and journalism, her excellent judgment, her charm- ing and interesting personality have inspired admiration from students and teachers alike. It is through her untiring efforts that our school can boast of national prominence in journalism, and We feel that with her leadership We may anticipate even greater recognition. Now when our last high school days are drawing near, we, the "miserable wretchesn of G. W. H. S., can boast to the World with pride, "We have served under Mrs. Hillf, U21 - ,ii.,v? M ,-....g , , H Q ,.,,,..,xL:-Y, ,...:l... -- DANVILLE PUBLIC LIBRARY 2e0I'g0 '1!I!aJAill9l0Il .SZAOOZ .xdcfminidfrafion lgemonnef QROYSTI-R LYLE O. T111 NT Dk. P. NW. MILL-is P. H. RIn:Kr'1"1's L. K. KILRNODLIE SCHOOL BOARD was absent when the pic ture C. B. FLORA G. P. RICHMOND C. R. LONG GEORGE ARON G. L. H. JOHNSON S11 jw 7'il1f!'IllIt'lIf of Sffmofx was madc.j L 14 I O. T. BONNI-R IJf7'l'l'fUI' of 1llXfl'IIl'fi!lIl Mass lil llfxm III Cm St'l4l'l'ftIl'j' f Univcrxity, New Yo: I I. FI. c,lllKlSlUl'lll R I N I rillrijnlf KS., Collcgc of Nvillinm .md rN1.ll'3 MJX., c:0lllll1bi.l 'I'l ANI! Mus. Vlkmwlfx If: N lulsx .. iwfunl S:'4'n'h11'5 Dax MARY Lou COOKE Hildebran, N. C. A.B., Lenoir Rhyne College Hickory, N. C. ETH EL M. DODSON Danville B.S., Farmville State Teachers College Master of Science in journalism Medill School of journalism Northwestern University Evanston, Ill. DOROTHY FITZGERALD Blackstone, Va. A.B., Randolph-Macon Woman's College WINIFRED EGAN EDMUNDS Danville A.B., Tirinity College Washington, D. C. A.M., University of North Carolina . ,J E GLISH DEP HTMENT MRS. NORA PAYNE HILL Danville B.S., Columbia University New York M.A., Columbia University New York Qu.. T163 MRS. MABEL BRADNER DAv1s Danville A.B., Vfesthampton College University of Richmond JOSEPHINE SNEED ESTES Danville A.B., Randolph-Macon Woman's College ANTOINETTE ALLEN PARKER Franklin, Va. B.S., Farmville State Teachers College MRS. ALBERTA C. SMITH Danville B.S., George Peabody College Nashville, Tenn. MARGARET LUCILLE WEBB Abingdon, Va. A.B., Emory 86 Henry College A.M., Columbia University New York HISTIJHY HEP PITMENT MARY G. OLIVER Danville ILA., University nf Virginia M.A., University of Virginia HELEN BROWDER Danville B.S., Madison College Harrisonburg, Va. LOUISE COLEMAN Buffalo Springs, Va. B.S., Farmville State Teachers College CLEO STACKHOUSE JOHNSON Danville B.S., Georgia State College M.A., University of Virginia MRS. RUBY J. VERNON Danville Graduate, Avcrett College B.A., College of William and Mary Willianmsburg, Va. LXLLIAN C. WILLIAMS Danville B.A., Woman's College of University of North Carolina M.A., Columbia University New York ELIZABETH G. WOODSON Rustburg, Va. M.A., University of Virginia B.S., Farmville State Teachers College AN U!-USE HEP PITMENT RICHARD PAYNE Danville A.B., University of Michigan A.M., University of Michigan U71 HERBERT A. ELLIS, JR. Asheville, N. C. A.B., Duke University Durham, N. C. A.M., University of North Carolina lVlYRTLE TANNER Greenville, S. C. A.B., Wfinthrop College Rock Hill, S. C. A.M., University of North Carolina lVI THEM TIES DEP HTME T GRACE F. BAGLEY Danville A.B., Randolph-Macon Wtmman's College PERDITA ARNETT Danville A.B., University of North Carolina MRS. ETHEL S. BARRER Danville A.B., Woman's College of University of North Carolina EULA GREGORY Henderson, N. C. Graduate of St. Mary's Raleigh, N. C. B.S., University of Virginia MRS. MARGARET F. MOTLEY Danville Graduate of Averett College B.S., Farmvillc State Teachers College THELMA NAYLOR Danville A.B., Randolph-Macon Woman's Collcgc MRS. L. C. ROBERTSON Danville A.B., Randolph-Macon WOma11's College HUME EIIIJ IIMIIIS HARRIET LATIMER FOSTER Staunton, Va. B.S., Farmville State Teachers College MRS. ELIZABETH G. MOSELEY Danville B.S., Madison College Harrifottburg, Va. MRS. FLORENCE S. CHRISTOPHER Danville B.S., Farmville State Teachers College USE L lain.-,S-in cs. BMA Bueliannon, W. Va. S Wu XlF4l,ll1l'l Wulqan I . , . , . V TME 1 r an H linwlin' Green C'nll"' if Rl-l!l'.KAlI CiOl'l'l-.Dbl-. Big Roelf., Tenn. ILS., Murfreeslmrn Slau- leaclierx College 'l'enm-wee VIRGINIA Conn lfleniingsburg, Ky. A.l's., University of Kentucky llAC.l- lfm' Orange, Va. AJS., Williainx Wmnlx Cnllege lfulinn, Mn. IHLS., llinlur College lrenlun, N. i., Li.,L 1 QTUIHIIICFCC University of Piltslvurgli Nl l,l Ill, CAiu1.o1,l. Wllli'l-. Danville HS., liarmville Slate ilivacliers finllqge i'mninerei.i' 'fraining Bowling Green liuliness University I V 1 i Rox' lloon lfupurn, Miss. ILA., Missixxippi College Clinton, Miss. M.A., Duke University I,llfl1.lIl!, N. C. SIIIE IIE HEP HTME T XVALRIAR Hmm:-i.. lfoun D Nichols, S. C. lS.S., Whffonl College Spartanburg. S. C. CA'l'lll4.RlNl-. Rm'Nol.ns Danville KS., College of XVilliam and Mary W'illi.unsburp:. Va. G. I.. TuoMAssoN Burlington, N. C. HA.. University uf North Carolina Luc:l1.1aWA1.'roN Danville B.S., Farnwille State Teaclierx College INIIUSTIII L DEP HTME T ROLAND M. BACON Marshalltown, Iowa B.S., Iowa State Teachers College and University of Florida MARGARET GRANT Louisville, Ky. B.A., George Peabody College OSCAR MAGNUSSON Danville B.S., Bradley Polytechnic Institute Peoria, Ill. PHYSIE I. EIJUIIZITIII HEP HTMENT Danville A.B., University of North Carolina M.Ed., University of North Carolina CAPT. HERBERT S. ELIZABETH M. VIRGINIA SUBER CALDWELL SNODGRASS Lexington, S. C. Danville Jonfsville, Ga- B.S., Winthrop College , Kiffg College B.S., Emory and Henry University of Tennessee Atlanta Ga Beaune University CFrancej ' ' Captain Infantry Reserve Commandant I201 SPECIAL IIEPAHTME TS lil,lzAmfril Ouvru Danville lMIlSil' lPl3fI'lll'flH'J ll S.. Ncw York Univursity N1.A,. NL-w York Univcrsity Mfxm' lNrlCZKINNl'.Y Clusc City QD. lf. IlIXfVIll'fIll'J ILS., University of vlfgllrl Hlum P1-.A1u. Gm:-1Nni'.1u, Cil'.RAl.D L. WA1.'l'1xl1f Danville QSi'lmnl 1,ifIl'1lVilIlIJ A.I3., R.lmlulplm-Macun XY'u:11.1i1's liullugn' lS.I Univurxity ul' Nurtli ci.'lI'lllill.l -s Clmrlcston, lll. lPrj11ling 1llSfl'lll'f0I'J lS.l1., l'.l5IL'I'l1 llllllklli Suu: 'l'c.lul1crw Liullcgc .md K,lil.ll10IIl.l A. .md M. lkillug f if W f i l l T- 4 J- 1. ll ll Ewll2!,LY-1 V- ng- 2 . 1 l lf llg l fl ll ll , ll if IQIJ + . , NLR x x .Thu -.N Kr. - . ,N if L' 1 ' 'iff x 5 f W Y, ,L ,, H, ,,g ,5..-w -3 .,,A he 57415 ' V 1' 91 my, f Q gr f M ,A ,e ff e ' Sis: ,t , .Atv A qw: ... i 'Jr--Q ' ' 273.3 . ' K-J' - '- 7 Y- "'-242g ' 5 5 With over thirt Q '- rf jf? in 'iff . .f ,Wk 'gi jf lf: 5 31 rw ,emww X5-x F71 Zia har l trials -'gigi Gif" Y si 'kg' D' P ,f'f'?t 3' :FZ 5 if id' fs' yy.-2 J g.1.5x,:z-5 U zsfglifitzj vifw 'L A if 7 V J V ,J -, 1 ef' -in .4 i , H7 , ' , ,Q.rewW fiia iwanug I. 54 4-t, g. ,-H, ', g -- , v T' "-' 0 -. gffgzyi eq 5 :."w.v,5'2Z-.5231-. --i., . , stil. 3 V, .nh .-. ' - gf. V. ,. 1 - wil if 3 P' 'vp is gg Y ,, '4,.-. " ',, ,Q -3 Q " - 29' 3 ':"'r'- 4 :I 1-3 I-xrnq J. -ul ,rg E-T ix V. -cn .ff f'3'!'- :mf f ' t A far i vw-wi? qu-th, uf -5 ,v.,,,! Kix:.iK M. Q ...Q-W , egg. V -Ang? fr-' W- kfi-'Q' Lsgfffwguf KW' Tr? -f-V1-li .' X V' fly, Q 'I--w N.L',.Z"- ,...W :, 1- '7 ff' 32 2 j,f:f',,. get F 9, H. JM It ,Q -- ,!f g,p.,1xtk.x mime. Ky. ,SM . ve L 'via f- -1 Af,-aff' s:,3u.,, S- '- ,. L " '.f1"fr',y-1 .t ,., 1 - 5. '7f.?, ,kiwi mf 9:,q.r,1j+ -1,5 ', A lb "1 f fi aff? 4' 1 " Q,",ff'fi?' . i 1:1 , 'Wil' , .,.x1 -, 5 -tu 5 M , , 2 ' ., gi ' ..,x... y-seven churches of different denomina- tions, the city endeavors to exemplify freedom of Worship. E223 K 3 gx x X. 'Lakin X if QGEKMTQ X ' f xl! Wi ff 1 17. f' X 723: - E .Q-411 W -f-M- J ff I G2 -f Q2 A I , 5 fawgacsccm I fb Q" a 352 W' QE?- ,, 4 mm Q ,Q , 4 5 .-If .kkbd f f f -L," A ' Q 4 'H' 2 .-f,,, ,YY : if- -5 5- 2-.- -. F -K,-S f. xx W. bww fa 4z3Ee?22E' i mzaa i sg plaorfunifieri 0 f e IJISTHIB TIVE EDUC!-lTIU III. SS Through the Distributive Education classes at George Washington High School, students are prepared for the Held of distribution. Furthermore, these classes form an important link between the school and the community. Classes are held here in school, where they are taught retailing. Their downtown work in the stores is the laboratory part of the program, where they put into practice what they have learned in school. The downtown stores cooperate splendidly in the course. Thrifty students are taking advantage of this learn-while-you-work method. Some will continue their studies in college, recognizing the fact that retailing has become important as a profession. This training covers instruction in pleasant human relations, variety in experience, and a knowledge of the security of year-round employment. Also, the students realize wonderful opportunities for advancement. F241 I, ww I wt: 5-1 lfrjur I Il Knlwl lllrlwu' lXYuulumlI1'sb 1111141 I H ll lx , . ' rl : 'cnc Slwlmn ll,i.lll.l Shupjg I.uurv' lmfl: .-Xgxmcx XY'.llum, K.l.ll'Cllf ru-v Vu-.1 . . 1 fgffl: IIOIIIKL' lS1'nn1iiclJ 1l'igglyfXY'iggly jg I nu " f ' ' ' Supplx '-11.1, fQ'm1 K ul 4: Rftgffl. B111 llllgtlls Uhr Ullirv M Ujijwr Lrfl: Busily clicking away are G. W.'s future typists in one of the sel1ool's most popular classes. Ci'l1lw': This eliemistrv 'rou mu be workin out the atom bomb secrets! . fw P Y fi l.rm'4'r Lrfl: Tlie Home Economies class is learning the styles of tomorrow. E253 lfjzjm' Rigfwl: ll.mvillc'x fulurc citilcns .irc thc wtudcnlsg ilu- subject, City ciUVk'l'l1l11Cl1l! un' Kigfll: Ci. XV.'s wumlxvmkurs .lrc rcady to .uid tlwi1'pl.1nla to tlw NVo1'ld PLHICL' uhh N71 xx K, F GEN? 5? ri' . 11 Q-., Li' 5 L I 51.2 ' . I Q' lljrfwwr' l.1'fl: G. W3 fulurc bc.1ulici.1ns .xrc busily cngngcd in llicir nuwly fnrmcnl Ulxliitllulug Y x'l.lsx. Cwllrr: I,uu'4'r lmfl: Tlicsc boys are learning :lic Arr of Here is .1 small. but ctlicicnt account- curbing clcctrum for future rule- ing class preparing to Lilac lliuir vision and radio Gels, nl rlic luuil plaluwi .lx tlu: buulclcccpcrs and Technical Scluml. l 28 l stcnirgraplicrs uf the businuss world f 3- ffm l'jwfu1 Kllqfdg I 'ru rr Rlgllff Xx'.llClliIlg lllg' prugrwsw ni lnlurnlws Allllmllxgh IIIC .lrl of prinlinlxg nw llmmu 'lm :Mir xvmicrusnwwx, llmc bin- cumidcrcd thnlfllll, U. NYS mx'.1 L I luw slndunu .nn-, ilu-nnwlvcs, vm- vrnmcrs lmvc vruvcd llml, will: um A b - s E 1 gwxxixug inln thc hold uf sun-m'c. slxlunl cthxrl, lllty c.m nmslcr ll. IW' l xlwir ruspcft lljrjrrl lmflf lllmcsc sludcnls college frcs 'u prcparing to mkv ivu sclwolnrslmip rests. .md mlm- tlwir places nnwng ilu: lnncn ol 46. Cl'1lll'1': G. XV. is on Llw .lirl 'l'l1is program is A weekly cvcm rcprcscnts one 1 nf tlw clcflnltc luctwccn oily and 5Cl1UOl. U01 l,ol1'4'r l,1'jl: rn XY'itl1 clsc .lllll precision, tllusc fun radio . and cnginccrx and interior decorators links gilllgt' ll1c plans .mal fglslxions lKll'l1lll'l-flxxm hu lu ,- Klyfrl. I jrjuz g K. XY xx xurx h:r1u11.1u-nn ls.nl11.L.1 nllmc unnmlllcu ulmw ,uluw v--n msn-vln.ll In ilu- pr'-rglww uf ln I' wlumfcnls. nu Ar Rlyfvf: Im' uxcrx U L 'lwn llw Ilmc uxluuw XX lo Ulu In mln 111 lv. XX xull xml lu lulximi ilu' wlxlx lhuw Hllqlil null lulp :uh ilu wx sllldullu, xllc ' ways. W . .qm- we 'A P. 5 IIHISHSJ U ILL A ll SIIHULL The George Washington High School has the distinction of being the first high school in Virginia to receive a charter to Quill and Scroll, international honorary society for high school journalists. Mrs, Nora Payne Hill is the faculty sponsor. Initiations into the society are held once or twice a year for those students on The Chatterbox and THE CAVALIER Staffs who meet the following requirements: Qlj They must be of at least junior standingg QZJ they must be in the upper third of their class at the time of their clettiong CBJ they must have done superior work in some phase of journalistic or creative endeavorsg f4j they must be recommended by the supervisor or by the committee governing publications. Lvfl to Right, Sealed: Betty Brewer, Venda Sharp, Virginia johnson, janet Lewis, Cornelia Wellman, Bruce Benefield, Mary Elizabeth Dodson. Standing: Frank Schuster. i321 HE EH TTEHBIJX Mats. Nona PAYNI. lin 1. Ijdflllfj' Atll'jM'l' Having heen the center of the school life since its founding in l92Z, 'flu' l.'f1ufli'r'l1ox, weekly publication of G. XV., has been brought through another successful year of recognition. During the past fifteen years, 'I'fn' tfmlferfmx has received awards from various associations including the Medalist from Columbia Scholastic ' Pt'ess Association, first place trophies ' from Southern interscholastic Press l Association: Pacemalter rating from i National Scholastic Press Association, and international llonor Rating from Quill and Scroll. This has been another year to .tdd to the outstanding record of Tfn' Cflmllrrllox. rnter Cut t'l'he Stallp: ril Roll, I.i'fl lu Rlligfvf: Whilter Stephens, Phyllis lfralin, .Io llosking, Lois xwan, Myrtle Langhorne, Pete Ponton, Cornelia Vfellman, Mary Lilililhtflll mdson. rnmf Rutr, I.i'f! In Rigfrl: Ann Dodson, Betsy Covington, Gwen Hoe- 'her, Patsy Payne, llot Lewis, Patsy Hasty. Connie Diggs, Bruce Benefield. luril Rott, Slulzilllle Ifft In Rigfvl: Ralph Lowenstein, Carolyn Overhey. alter lludgins, Richmond Williamson, Ann ligglexton, Buddy Robertson, veil Barr, Klurtix Wyatt, Harriet Burnett, Nell Hamlin, Prank Schuster. Ii 331 Upper Cut Cilihe Stafljz lmfl fo Ritgfvl, lfiril Rout Ramona Westbrook. janet Lewis, Peggy Fox, Martha Thomas, Lela Saunders, Nancy W'illiard, Maryle jones, Venda Sharp, .lean Bennett. Srrornl Rong I,i'fi in Riglvl: Virginia johnson, Betty Brewer, Mary Page Ray, Ann Bailey, Norma Mayberry, Nancy Ann Carter, Mary Lee Graves, Pat Furgurson. Tlriril Rnir, l,i'fl In Riglil: Ann Pearson, Bonnie Lockerman, Frances Collie, Dot W'yatt, I.eonard Selig, ,lane Schoolfield, Voss Neal. Lower Cut tilihe Columnistsb: lfiril Rong lrfl In Riglvf: Venda Sharp, Cornelia XVellman, Mary Iilirabeth Dodson, Alanet Lewis, .lean Bennett. Sururnl Rong lmff In Rigfvl: Martha Thomas, Peggy Fox, Betty Brewer. Betsy Covington, -Io lloslting. Sliunlnre, lffl fn Rigltl: Leia Saunders, Pat Iiurguson, Voss Neal, Virginia hlohnson, Frank Schuster, Bruce Benefield, Buddy Robertson. THE IIAVALIEPI To preserve the memories of the activities and achievements of the Class of '46, when at the height of their unforgettable school days, this group of young business and literary leaders have maintained the responsibility of writing, financing, and editing a yearbook of which the students can be proud. They have recorded between these covers the fulillments of a rich and glorious year that will, in future years, be vividly recalled through the possession of a G. W. CAVALIIER. Edifor in Chief .......... ,,,...... F RANK Sc:IIUs'I'I.R Se Anovialv Edifors POLLY TAYLCJR, Bois HACQAR, Luo SARI-,I.I,ARIs Business Manager .... ,,.. ......,.,....... ,.... B R U CE BIaNI2I-'IIaLI1 si Assisfanf Bzzsiwsx Md1IdtQl'l' ,,.. , .,.. .... A NN KIQIQLINQ -I S CiI'v111aiim1Malmgvrx B - L MARTHA ANN HOU1.TON, EMILY ANImIaRsoN Lilerary Erfilors .,.., MARGARli'I' BUCK, ANN SWAIN F!'llflll't' Ezfifors 1:i,,.,,1,,, A,1,.m., -IANIQLT LliWlS, PAT HASTY, MARYl.Ii joNIis Miss l'i'I'Ill'l. DonsoN Sjmrlx Ellff!lVSTCfiAliLlIi TRAYNIIAM, RICHARD WILLIAMSON. Ari Iiu'ifm'.I-MARY ELIZABIETH DOIJSON, Home LYQN, ALIQL MARlll GARRILTT. Humor Efliforx-BIQTTY BREWER, VIRGINIA JOHNSON. Alll'l'l'ff.YfI1lQ Mdl1d'Ql'Y1GEORGE TSOURATOS. Atll'i'I'ffSflItQ Asxixfaufx-FRANCES COLLIE, ANNE EGoLIfs'I'oN, BILL FIIZGERALII, QUDIJXN MARSIINII, LANImoN OVERBY, MARTHA HYLTON, R. D. VEQRNON, FRANCIS BARR, Lrgo SIRIQLLARIG, Mu ION WIl.LIAMS, CLARENQIQ BARTILL. Sfnjjf T-j'fIjSf.V1CliRISTINE BRUMIAILLIJ, DOTTIE WHITI2. Sfaff Pl1flffl.QVdf1bl'V1RlCHMOND WILLIAMSON. As Ci. XV.'s "voice of the people", the T IIIJUNEIL Student Council, composed of one representative from each homeroom, strives to bring about improvements in the appearance and func- tioning of the school in general and in the conduct of the student body as a whole. Other than sponsoring all charity drives in the school, the Council proves its ability in the lield of student government by supervising other varied activities throughout the year. lip: Rmt,lvlv to Rielil Xlwlti-5 l"ur:urs-ii, lluxis llainlin -limniy Iii-i-lt. llolilq lit-vet-. Nvinml Row. lvl! In Rielil' la-on Slinlnziln-, Xlnrlili llzilllilieml, l5l'ur'v livin-l'ieltl, Alilfllill llalliztllis, l'i-yllvli ll:ilv-lu-r, llopt- Iqun, Rolfe-rl Rainey, .Klan Swann, .llicv .lime llnntllt-5, 'l'oIorn:l .Xpplt-, l't'!ll5 Nichols. llxml lfmr, lvl! IH l'll1Illl lCiv'li:ir1l lfloytl, Iloli Ilnurir. alnrylt- Jones, 'l'omin3 l'ollit-, llnilily Il:ni'lti-r. Hi-oi':v 'l'sonlsnlos, llslrrio-I ,Xian lliil'nt'lt. ll:-lla Klum- .lllt-ll. Xziiiq Millie, Xvll Nlfirit- llaimlin. tit-nv XYilson Xlnruii- Wntcun, .X in lit-1-line, lomlli lime, l.t'lr to Rielit Misc lilimlii-tl: Wootlson, Nponsori You X1-:ll. Jimmy llainlin, Waller limi wont, I'Itliviu lfxiins, Ilolilii .loin-s, Nun l'lli-lps, l.onist- lim-uw, Vnrolyn Uv:-rln-5, litvi-n llot-lei-lit-V, Nancy lim- llall, Nlaira l'.llf,ali4-Ili llutlsull. fry, ,,,R,u1,,1 ,L.L,1,.L1 th-iw Wilson II4-nry llvnnn-It l'e-atm llixlr-livr, tvim-pri-siclenti, llopt- liyon, npr.-c , . ,i , - , , . isle-nl I, Iii- lu-rl lizilni-5, lst-ctw-l:il'5 I. vllllllllj llsilnlin, l-lllt Nniill, liruvt- ln-n1'li4-lil, lvl! lo Knight, xtiintlii u Nancy lmigli llaill, ll:il'rin-t .Xlln llurilvlt, lliitltli Wllite, .lun lit-vlinu. Mary ltlifailwtll Iboulsoli, .I IJIIIIAHY EIJMMITTEE liobed in the symbol of dignity and responsibility, these solemn faced iudges must decide the fate of their classmates, who may happen to stray from the straight and narrow path. Wlieii .in offense is committed, this group studies the facts concerned and inllicts the punishment. ti 3 xl .yas i is x, xx JKT ,lf if i e is . st "5 .3 J X, X10 X i fi' ,, N l vt. tx A THE N!-XTIUNI-ll. HU UH SUIIIETY Chartered in 1943, the George Washington Chapter of the National Honor Society includes members selected by the chapter from a list approved by the faculty committee under direction of Miss Antoinette Parker. Students eligible for membership must have attained a scholastic average of ninety or above, and must have demonstrated outstanding qualities of leadership, service, and character. MEMBERS Bruce Beneneld, Frances Brincefield, Christine Brumfield, Margaret Buck, Stella Calos, L. D. Clay, Ramona Cooter, Mary Elizabeth Dodson QSccretaryj, Arlene Elliott, Betty jane Evans, Barte Ifrix, Peggy Fox, Lydia Gardner, Alice Garrett, Milton Greenberg, Bob Hagar fVice-Presidentj, Nancy Leigh Hall, jimmy Hamlin, Pat Hasty, Martha Ann Houlton, Margie james, Ann Keeling fPresidentj, Maryle jones, janet Lewis, jean Lewis, Ralph Lowenstein, Odean Marshall, Eddie Matney, Robert Ramcy, Frank Schuster, Marvin Schuster, Venda Sharp, Betty Shumate, Martha Speer, Mary Speer, Ann Swain, Polly Taylor, Cornelia Wellman, Buddy White, Betty Wright Williams, Gene Wilson. Aililril in l'l4'l7l'lldI"Y, 1946: Harriet Ann Burnett, Peggy Burnett, Catherine Collins. jeanne Dyer, Christine Gauldin, Dorothy Haithcoek, Nell Hamlin, Otto Harrold, Walter Hudgins, Ann Oakley, Carolyn Overbcy. ww HIGH SEHUUL HUT HIAN Ifor scholarship, leadership, and varied abilities a junior Rotarian is chosen from the Scnior Class to meet with the Danville Rotarians each month. This has fostered citizenship and interest in civic .1H'airs among the young citizens of tomorrow. li!! In Klgfllf Peyton llalcher, laltlie Nlatncy, Prank Schuster, il.. Cihrisloplier Ql,I'k'KlklL'Hl Rotary lilubj, lhtlct- llencllcltl, -lohii ilofliey, Q harles Traynliam, Ut-urge Tsoukatos, Henry llenncll. lwjl lu Klgfrl, Siallrif: Polly laylur, llope l,yon, Ann Keeling. lr!! fu Rpqlzl, hlillliflllyi Nl.ll'4lQ.lI'k'l Huck, Vt-ml.: Sharp, Mary lflilabclli llotlson, Alice Kiarrcu. Martha Ann llonlloii. Ill IUIR I5lIt'I ESQ WOMEN because they have shown ability, leadership. service, and the many other qualities that characterize business women, these Senior Girls were chosen to attend the meetings of tht- Business and Professional w,Kll11L'I1'S Club during the year! V371 'N GLEE EL B To the members of the Glee Club, this organization is more than a mere school activity. It is an opportunity for them to meet with other music lovers, and enrich their friend- ships by studying and singing together. This group participates in numerous programs given before various clubs and churches of the city. During the past year their invitations included: Wednesday Club Music Study Club A special Christmas broadcast over WBTM Camp Pickett A community sing Mount Vernon Auxiliary A Christmas Program at the First Presbyterian Church Woman's Missionary Society Weekly broadcast, G. W.-on-the-Air af' Lffl in Rigbl, Firxf Row: Betty Harden, -lean Nostrand, Barbara Bruner. Seroml Row: june Stephens, Juanita Reynolds, Peggy Boswell. Third Row: Barbara Cress, Arlene Macdowell, Ola Wellman, Dottie White, Mary Ann Griffith, Mary Lou Ragland, Jean Lewis, Anne Marie Swain, Peggy Groves, Patsy Hasty, Lucy Hudson, June Sliuff, Bobbyc Alley, Anne Ragsdnle, Grayson Fentriss. Fourlb Row: Robert Yates, jimmy Gentry, Charles Carter, Marsha Brown, jerry Gentry, Peggy Whxrren Anne Bradner. E383 I TEHN!-XTIUNAL HEL TIIJ 5 EL H Cloinposing tlie International Relations Club are students interested in national and intei'national alliairs. It seeks lo develop this interest by giving opportunity for discussion and providing programs on these topics. Sueli discussions are believed to be a vital factor in preserving American Democracy and in maintaining world peace. Uullnfu, lrjl In Rlgfflf Marvin Scliu-.!er, Voss Neal, l,.lll:llI'l1UI'NOIl,lift! Sakellaris, l5r.i:.k fix'iIll'l.I', iiareili Rliodenliiftr, iXY'.illei 51.-pliriis, li, ll. Vi-rnoii, Rirlit'l'l li.i:uev, Iiruce lieiieiield. Iliff, lrjl In lflqlvlf Venda Yiarp, Do! lewis, Bcity Brewer, Marvle jones, Ann Green, Marllia llvlion, llowvie lneltei"--v- lvdia'din'i', li'.int'es Collie, NY'.ilier lludeizis, Ann Keeling, Kiiiy l'.ii'ker, Betsy l'arl-ierson, ,Iennv Alulinson, llope lvon, Mrs Vellliill. lllt' spin isinlh ,gn Em X ii-iii i tau 3 LITEH HY IIIJ TESTANT5 As the result of try-outs in various phases of literature, these students have been selected to represent G. NW. in the Virginia Athletic and Literary League. Students winning the district contest held in Lynchburg participate in the state competitions which are held at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville. lrff In Riglrt, Su1fi'il': Mits Lucille W'ebb, adviser, Harriett Smith, W'alter Hudgins, Mary Meade Robertson, Miss Mary Oliver, adviser. Iifjf In Rigfrf, Shlllifillg: limily Anderson, Ventla Sharp, wl.llIUf Stephens, Rolntrt liamey, l.iray+,mi lfenlriss, Mary Speer, Ralph l.AlW'Cl1XH'lI'l, 'linnimy Scism, Margaret Huck. 5 -in 3 .1 LIBH HY AN SSIST!-WTS A typical wg-In in CL, X'i'.'s wcll-equipped lilwmry with Miss llild.1 Clrccnlwcrg, lil3l'.ll'i.ll1, smmling in ll1cb.1clxg1'oLlnd. X lllcw slmirlllx .lkl .lx .lids ,n Nlixx lrrculmlwrg in hcl' umciclll m.m.lgcmcnl. llml. lv!! lu Rlkllff luisfnw.ll1, Nl.u'y' lnu Nuxxm.m, Anm- Swain, l5.1rls.1r.1 lfuwlcr, Ida Pmmm. .1rlJ1u,q, lrll In Rrlqfll: vilglllll Annu Purkim, Xlxrllr I.lI1QLl1Ul'l1L','I'L'I'l'Y Khwluy, Ninn lxlrllming, Doris Vrvss, Iris flux +111 ,A .IU IUH RED EHIJ55 Among the various activities of the Junior Red Cross this school year were collecting magazines for hospitals, sending Christmas packages to Camp Pickett for the hospitalized soldiers, and sponsoring the regular campaign for funds. For the Red Cross Drive a total of 5459.01 was collected by the Council from the student body and faculty. Members of this year's Junior Red Cross Council were Billy Carson, Davis Hamlin, Jane Schoolfield and Frances Collie, although all the students of the school supported the Council willingly. i WM lmfl lu Right, Krlwfilzg: Peyton Hatcher, Russell Davis, joe 'XVellman. lwft in Right, Slumfing: Martha Thomas, ,lane Schoolfield, Billy Carson, Ramona Vfestbrook, lfranets Collie, Mrs. Stuart Moseley, adviser. On T011 nl' XVILIXUHI Davis Hamlin. H2 1 HT EL SS Art is Llllglll in the high school heeause it figures so largely in business, l11.ll1Llf.lCILlI'lI1g, .ind eni.gineeringg because it helps the pupil to Al fuller umlerstnnding of his school work: lvecause it enables him to employ his leisure more anlvnntngeouslyg and because it provides for his initial training .is Ll prospective worker in the arts or in nrt teaching. Swulril: Audrey Ilammoek. Sfrlllxllll-Q, lfjl In Rflqfll: .Iimmy -Innes, Mary Speer. Nancy XVill.ird, R. ll. Vernumliellye Nlfriglit XY'illi.uns, l'.nw I'.n'1'e, Hope I von. .s i +1 1 E FLUTILL CL B As the high school division of the Y. W. C. A., the Flotilla Club is organized for girls from the 10th through the 12th grades. It is the purpose of this club to aid in the development of the religious, social, and home life of young womunhood, and to establish ideals that will be of benefit to their future lives. First Roui,LefrtoRigl1!: Cillllt'1'lllt'llilllllllll'ltlt'S, .learn Bennett. Maury Street: llottiv XYliiti-, lioloiw-x Sm-ml, Nlzwiim llnitlwoi-k Nzinvy Willard. liuinonu XVt-stlmmlc, Betsy l':u'kvi'sol1, lla-lun Imti-nt, lint Admins. Miltlrvtl 115-or. B.-tty thtl'4lm'l'. Bt-tty Wright Williams. Nunvy Rivllilimnl Virginian Imvii. Xainvy Vlilfk, Nzuuvy In-igrli Ilnll, Nullvy tlillv, Betty -lilllt' Vwvli. XHIIN .hm l'ill'lt'l'. Yuuoml Row. Lett to Right: Bobbie 1.4-v f'UVlll,EjlUll, Hlsir- Puvv, Marry .hm liHYllltl0l', Hom- Wilson, .xll4ll't'j' llnmmoml, .Ii-:in le-rry, I9:lrh:u'u Sparks, Ruby Bit-kt-tts, lilizztln-th Uouk, Bt-tty limi l"vl'rvll. Ann liyun. l'vg'u'y Burnt-tt, Bi-tty llftllllll. Mary I.ou liuglnnil .It-un Iii-wie. Mnrtlm Spa-e1', Rumimzi l":u1'risl1, Ste-lla Milos, Agnes Walton. Xorum Maiyln-Vi'5'. I':it Miirpliy Nlqiry Sui- llIH'lllll'4'lI, Ilut NYyutt, Ann Bailey, Betsy Uuvingrton. Jo Iloskingg, Maury In-an tilwtvn-s. I-nrt! Row. Lett to Right: f'lu'istiuv Guultlin. Dot Lewis, Mary lilizzilwtll Burr, Ann Km-ling. liyilin 1,4-v tiulwlm-1' llopt Lynn, Anne- l"lnyd, l"l'amees Burr, llmris llundle-y, Mzlryle Jimi-s, Dali- Am s, Be-tty Hlllllllillv. Secoml Roux Luft to Right: l"I'um'v: llilyllltls. .llc-tal SIt'lllll'!lS, lit-tsy l"ultim, lllairp Iilizalln-lll lhnlsull, lflsii- fhtllltlum, .lm ii'l't'l'll. Ann l'Ig,u'le-stint, Bonnie I.m'kel'ln:ln, l"l'um'i-s Collis-. Doris Press, Maurtlin Hylton, l"any4- l'i-rkins, Bi-tty livnns For nvlial hvvlllllllll. Mzlrthu lluulton, ll'tlt'2lll Nurslttill, Yelulu Sllnrlr, Betty l'ldw:ll'ils. Third Row, Left to Right: Mary Ann l1ilVllHlt'l', Nullvy Leigh llztll, .lt-'un Bi-nnvtt, Maury limi lfiliflillltl, Kl:irjm'ii- Xxlvlllllilll Ilully Mc-t'ollum, llalrriz-tl Smith, Betty Mum' .xllt-'ll, Kitty l'ut'k1-V. Patsy l'uy1n-. ,Klum Wztgiii-l'. Kitty Brnillvy, IN-:gy Vox lqllllll' -UNlt'l'SUll- Milrgztlvt lil'tlVOS, Miltllwtl thviixgtml, ltlzl Vanin. Put liyon, l"li-tu Baillzu'-l. Ratvllvl llul'uxv:ty. Irvni- Shi-ltutl Aunt-s l"i1lton. Vlaiy Pruitt, Sybil Iluvv, Vt-lin Iiillon, Miltlre-d Ifowli-r, l.iii-illi- .Unit-l'sm1. Beulah Sliifltmi. Num-y l'x'i-:is Doris llunn, Miltlwtl llyi-1'. H41 av' HI-Y EL B Sponsored by the local Y. M. C. A. for boys in the high school from the 10th through the 12th grades, the Hi-Y Club seeks to develop character, sportsmanship, and ideals of clean speech and clean living. Alert and spirited, this group fosters many 11 day of wholesome fun and excitement. A I l,1'fl lu Riglvl Fifi! Row I. jimmy Hamlin Z. john W'nod 3. Charles William 4. Russell Davis S. Walter liaueom 6. Henry Bennett IS s I z s 1 1 2 5 1-ppm! Rau' Fourib Rou' . Bob Hagar l. Buddy Carter . Dan Ovcrbey Z. Tommy Harrison . Robert Rnmey 3. Billy Luther 'biril Rnu' Fifflr RUN' . lien Lewis l. Curtis W'y.1tt . -lack Hudgins 2. Richmond NVilliamson . Charles W'ilson 5. Voss Neal H53 Sixth Row l. Bill Fitzgerald 2. Buddy Wlmite 3. Bob Mills 4. Lindow W'hite EIHL HESEH E III. B ifiut Row, I,t'Yt tu Right: Luis Cowan, Myrllc Langhorne, Gwen llulxchcr, Barham llnwlcr, Belly Maude Craimn, Anno Dod- mn. Yurmitl Roni, Lett ltr Right: Virginia Ann IH-rkinx, Nancy Culpepper, Tamar Solofi, Mary Mead-: Rohinwn, Rachacl Rudenhizcr, Virginia Hcrndun. Thntl Rmv, Lvit tu Right: Betty Mac Chil- run, Ann Clark, Bernice Wyzarr, Ann Glas- tmr, juanira Rcyiwldx, Rmcmary N10-5. Xtumlmq: Martha Fitchcrr, Lucy ,lane Wallicr, Cfamlyn Ovcrhey, Mary Virginia Wiilfnn, Mary Lnu Richardmn, Shirley Ann Uruigain llarricrt Tunsrall, lunc Shuff, Marion Dunn. 46 Pint Row, Lrit to Right: Mary llvnny Xvill sun, Nancy Recd, Maruarvt Annu Chnatc, Anno Duncan Neal, llctry jane Nnrmn, Annv Atcy. Serrviul Row, lrit In Riuht: llclun LCC llcard, Carolyn lraynham, Mary Lou Fri:- :Cll, Anna' Alvurmn, Anna? lawn, Virginia Mac Bradlvy. Third Rmr. Luft tu Riuht: Mllnlrcal Nvw- man, Gay llarcly, Nanny Fox, Marion 'l huinpson, Dorothy Bankhvad. l7nln'th Rmr. Left to Right: lfxclyn Cnotcr, Mary Milcx Purycar, Nanvy llcailq-sth, Charlc llvlcn Ellimrw, Sally llrunrnv, l'CLLllY Nirhnls. Strl1l4fi1UlJCQI,,rju Wlilliams, Marlha Dcnny. Par Kvtk, Ann Shaw, Mary Dahncy Lani:- hurnc, Durmvthy Brmulur, Frieda Kahn. i'n'.xr Row, Left to Riqhr: vlaiklyn XVmnlall, Barlvara ,lat'lcr.un, Par Foley, Suzanne Aclamf. Seuund Rou. Left In Right: Juanita Reyn- olda, Bcity Lou Alley, Ovclla Hardy, jnannl' Hellman, Mary Ann Cirifhth, Harhara Crew, Margie Talhorr, Carolyn Sfhwcn, Ola Vlfcll- man. Thml Row: Nancy Mc-Cullum, Arlene Mc- Dowell, Muriel Ridgeway, loan Redman, jerry Gentry, Pewli' Buwwell, loan Noslrandr, HIGH SEHUUI. II Y T HEHMX-KN llilgh School lJ.iy .it's, sponsored by the Press Club once .1 year, is an .ietivity in which GW'-iles delight to p.trtieip.1te. Preeeding the big, members of the Press Clluh l.irgely .issume advertising, decoration, and display worlt, mnlting sure under the supervision ol the employees, possessing .it the close of the day it much better ltiiowledige of the "Art of Selling." VX the "lir1'i'11 Dinh" is well represented. The students worlt throughout the entire store IIULUMBI!-l SIIHUL STIII PHE55 ASSUIII TIU ,wtf -X it Lrfl in Rigbl: Peggy Fox, Buddy Robertson, Martha Thomas, Walter Hudgins, Ewell Barr, Walter Stephens, Mary Lela Saunders, I-rank Schuster, Ralph Lowenstcin. Each year a group of GW journalists is selected to represent our school at the Columbia Scholastic Press Association in New York. At these meetings the students are entertained and instructed in the field of journalism. When the meetings are concluded for the clay, the group finds time to explore the city itself and the famous sights of Broadway. The selection of these delegates is done on the basis of high scholastic standards and the per- mission of the principal. H81 SE IIIII PLAY The three-act comedy, I"00I-Loose, was. the Senior play given at the City Auditoriixm on March 26. The cast, consisting of seven girls and seven boys, portrayed their roles with much realism and enthusiasm. R FOOT-LOOSE A comedy in three SICIS By CIlARI,liS L. BURIJIaT'I'I1 'I' ll ll cg A Rirlmnl Ifurly , .. ,. , Emily liarlky , Hopf' Early Dirk Early . Mary Early ,, .. .. Boll Early ,. ST BRUcIi BI-,NIaIfII.I.II MARION WI1.LIAMs , IJORIS HUNIILIQY BILL Lu'I'HIaR OIJEAN MARSHALL .R. D. VERNON llrljwlaic' , AI.Ia'rA S'I'IaPIIIaNs Randy . . TOMMY CRIaws lvnny . l,OTTIli WHITE Buzz .. , ,,,Mc:LIN CHOATIQ Miriam , , .. ,,... ., ANN EocaLIasTON lark Milford .. .GIsORuIa TSOURATOS Sanford Wvllvi .. MURRAY LOwIaNsTIeIN Mrs. Furaxlar ,, ...UANN WRIaNN I. 49 Dirvrml by Miss MARY Lou COORE and MR. RICIIARD j. PAYNE SIIIE EE III. B The Science Club offers to its members the opportunity of advancement in their chosen field of science. The purpose of the club is to further scientific interests in the school and community and to encourage students interested in science to develop their talents. A varied and interesting program is presented at each meeting under the supervision of Mr. Ford. Certain standards of scholarship and ability are essential for membership. Thfs is another stepping stone on the road of progress for our school. Top Row, Lefl 10 Right: Billy Carson, johnny Wyatt, Marvin Schuster, Edward Foley, Tinker Thomp on, jean Lewis, Frank Schuster, and W'alter Ford, sponsor. lfronl Row, Lrfl I0 Rigbf: Bettye W'right W'illi.1ms, Dolly McCollum, Christine Gauldin, Ramona Cooter. i503 HIGH SIIHUIJL BAN .Jw-,, .llwflffwfw Ill lfu' l'nl1m' urn' rlrfl fu lifgfvll: I"Il'Nf Ruufllolvby Hagar, Ray Marlin. klnmev XX'illi.xmv, liolvlsy Nl.1rlin,Mr,lS.lcon, director. Xffumf Ron U'KLlly Sorrell, lglverl xY'llll.lI1lN, ll. A. Ferguson, Buddy Rolwruon, Rutlm Dodson. 1Norrn.1n lyloxer .Ind R.ll'IllllllLl 'lfne IYLIIHPCINQ .Ind liolmlvy lllllfClJl'lIIL'l, were .xlwsent when ll1e picture xx .ls l.llxell.j "The 5 ncnpalin' Thirteen" Although UI'g.ll1lYCLl l.1le in the second session, George W.lSl1lI1gIlJl1,5 own orelmestra, nevertheless, provide .xmple enlerlainmem in its Short-lived career. Composed of rlxirteen members it was classed by many Q llme lwesl lmnd the luiglm sclmool lms lmd in years. lmlividunl stars included Mr. Bacon and James xx7llll1lI'l'lS- mxxoplxonesg Norman Clover .md ll. A. lferguson-Irumpetsg Buddy Robertson-drums. I -H1 3 re X ff! XXX ,H ' 4: an S um, 'fulqix 4.1 X Q., YP nu. " nu ,ui N """'33'g .V iagghs -K u ,gg i? vp! 'Uhr -....., '-rS,-."--.::,,1..- w?s--N--"? x'-:...-- ssfzr-gu'-'-wie N x.,sN-s'rA:.-w."E-12N..,-Mg:-e-'f.g-'...-:,,-:,-.' S xxxwx-gsi " ,, 'S'-Y'QL ffff -,N-L? i ,ffm ., xi -x,.z'I:2:..-f'j?f!.,.. ' ' ,n"',.- ' ' D I q'x Ng, pay' W- .gn . -:"fi.fuxar1' N' 31:2 f ,W . f U., ' 'ff..g:g-1 - V., , 1 ' Am AQ, N.:-3, W in , , "'N'lllli:nmlI:Z2'4fZ"' '-2-z. W, fb' X ii , , . , :nw,,A.N, sg, f' .. 'Egg'--N ....... ,,'.,,,,i:..5:,,,j,EL ,M ,A ,Y ' l . ' '7 1 T "" .. """lu.,. ' f, . 1 ww: H' ' ,. 2 N ff r "bay . 1 -.f+":a, Q- 1 N ' ' , e -.. 'Fair-, ' Y 1 ,' , ' f f gl ' :'-- .f. if 1 -,C s , , 4- ,Z 'yn i 1- ' - L .L s A " Yi' . :1 ref, V f 1 0,' ,K,"E,' I . f -f ' - ' - - ., -z 1 sg fu' ' 1, ' 4. ,, gf Q X Q' if " 1 2 1? yi , Q :ll L .i A. qt., ,,,,, 1 X xml, ,Q .gg N G 1 51 ', V 1-f, - H . 1,1 4 an. umm -- , Pt - .f . . f , '.' u!.' r ,.,,,, 5 - -N. - N 12 n 5 , L, f 1 3 k. -fl . -1.45 w I, ' 1 ' LA", ji - .s.,. "' NY, ' I ' T E- ,A r " 'f fu" - vs' . " if '- .'. . . 1 , R. ,yi . L .v ... 'I' -:Q Q , 'Z' I B D G fy, 4,50 'J "uf " M125 h- QT -1' Af .., '. 52 01 Q," . 'Z fI " '05, .... E, ,fi v lt A "'gj,.'f'K'u- .N te I 'V-X. 2 f' rn N ' ' I ' '37 5 " N S fl., " ri ' ' -4 w..4 j ' """"- , x" ,, hw, 1 ' ,,-UIQ, A 7 M if' ga VL i, .. V I l Vr.f ,, f ,, k .... ,gig I X Al 'E ...-f"""""" The stately edifices that line the city streets offer to all the privilege of worshiping in places of beauty. V521 ,Qld772dfl2'5' L X P1 L Among the variety of coloi productions staged by Dramatics class during '45-46 season were: House of Seven Gables" W. auditorium, lower lc: pageant on World Broti hood QG. W. auditorium, per leftjg "Nine Girls" Q auditorium, centerjg "l' Girls" fBlackstone, U. S. cr rightjg and Fran- fMt. Vernon Church- given in G. W. auditor- , lower rightj. There wcrc :rs such ns "Gallant Lady" "Did You Say Mink?". :rc was also the mystery mn, "Gaslight", which me too lute in the your to Jicturcd hcrc. S THESPIA EI. B The George Washington Chapter of the Thespians, a national dramatics honor fraternity for high schools was chartered in 1944. It is composed of students who have displayed outstanding achievements in the activities of play production The eligibility of each student is determined by the executive secretary of National Thespian and his advisory committee. Every student interested in dramatics considers it a high honor to become a Thespian. HULL PUB THESPIANS Doris Hundley Dot Counts Bob Hagar Charles Carter Cynthia Anne Corcoran John Coffey Jeanne Dyer jean Farley Walter Hudgins Maryle Jones i KN l " ,- ' 1 ESP An . 9 6.2 5 ? I " . , 'SX l Q rim 4s qv Murray Lowenstein Anne Pearson Virginia Anne Perkins Martha Speer Charles Traynham R. D. Vernon Emily Anderson Frances Barr Arlie Bray Betty Brewer Anne Dodson Mary Elizabeth Dodson Anne Eggleston Peggy Fox Lydia Gardner Alice Garrett Dale Amos i581 Neil Hamlin Frances Haymes Nancy Bousman Nancy Anne Carter Virginia Johnson Myrtle Langhorne Dot Lewis Nancy Mabcs Odean Marshall Anne Murphy Ida Ponton Lela Saunders Martha Thomas Anne Wrenn Margie Shelton Hope Lyon DH!-HV!!-lTIIIS CLUB Following the gleam of great stars of drama, the Dramatics Club, which includes members of Thespian, dramatics class, and the Cast of the senior play, has again been in the lime- light of G. W. and the city of Danville for a successful year of achievement. ln striving for perfection and the development of individual acting ability, this group, under direction of Miss Dorothy Fitzgerald, has presented plays in which colorful, authentic sets, costumes, and realistic portrayal of characters have been combined ro produce plays of which the citizens of Danville and students of G. W. are proud. And they have gone "beyond the call of duty"! Upon request of the USO in Blackstone, Va., this organiza- l tion has presented plays and various entertainment dy! for the boys in service. Civic clubs of Danville have V, I. ' ., . , . . . . ' llll a so witnessed performances of these students. W li, 4 i ' 1 ' , , X . , . . l t it lf. l'he applause of the audience lol- xl l fl 'lull fl , f ' i 9 lowing any performance of these - I V . l f , . l ,f33f'jr"T'i ll! young draniatists will disclose the , ' f , ,K fp I A I l l g Y -Xgffy' i' 4 4f.Vg"1ifL,'l :Mid e ioice of the people in enjoying the ,Z !,f - ' . ,-C ff . . . q w! M:-Je- -i f best in high school dramatic pro- 1 . f" 0 . - -ff - ' illlllll dUCtlUnS. 559 1 THE Hll SE UF SEVE HAHLE5 ft-V: ,sw ,V X. Discussing with his hnancee the overhanging portrait of a staunch Pyncheon ancestor fdrawn for the set by Mary L Elizabeth Dodsonj and all the Puritan traditions of his New England family, Clijorrf Qjohn Coffeyj and Nlurgarri CMargie Sheltonj open the Prologue of "The House of Seven Gables." In November, 1945, the George Washington Dramatics Class, under the direction of Miss Dorothy Fitzgerald, presented an adaptation of Hawthorne,s famous "House of Seven Gablesu. The scene repro- duced below occurs in the Prologue, in which at a party given by the Pyncheons, guests chat gaily, unaware of the impending tragedy, Pafiwzvr' QNancy Mabesj and Colonel P-yfzvlmnl QTeddy Hugginsj are seen at the sofag Hffpzilmlv QAlice Garrettj and her brother, Clifford fjohn Coffeyj talk by the iiresideg while Lzujy fMaryle Jonesj reads NIargarc'f's QMargie Shelton'sJ palm. i501 E I Y l I 1 G. W. H. . ILIT RY CORP The Military Corps, first organized in 1942, con- sists of two Rifle Companies, and a Battalion Head- quarters. Supervising the Battalion is the Cadet Com- mission, composed of the Major, Adjutant, and Captains of the Companies. Under this system the Cadets are self-disciplined and self-governed. The purpose of the organization is first, to familiar- ize its members with the basic training they will receive upon entering the armed forces, second, to learn and practice Military courtesy, discipline and customs of the service, third to realize the need of physical fitness for the vigorous training of the service. Captain Herbert S. Caldwell, a veteran of World War I, during which he participated in five major operations, came to George Washington High School in 1942, after a year as commandant of the Jaycee Flight School. While here at G. W., he has trained numbers of boys for World War Il. He has every reason to be proud of his achievement, for many of his trainees advanced rapidly in their lines of service. He is hoping, how- ever, there will be no World War Ill. CAPTAIN HERBERT S. CALDWELL THE B TTALIU sa, 3v..,,-or! F621 S t , ef' CIADIYI'-NIAQIUIK Iimmi N1A'l'Nl-.Y Haffaliml fifllllllltllltllff' Miss "jo" Ilosnumg Sfmzlxor KIADI-'I' CAPTAIN Gus Du lx SIll7t'I'l'iXiH.Q fitlpfllifl Miss tll AN XVll,suN Battalion llfficers Sjmnxm' CQAIHII'-l,ll.U'I'l NAN1' BRUCI Bl-NI-I ll'l,D Afljnhznl CAIN 'I'-IAII Url NAN'I' Liu SAlxl 1 l Anus Slzpplj' nw av 2.1 " 5711 'Y ,,g. s'-T,,:L- . uf: Q--f -2 'l is f ., 'I' Dm Va. .ln l'nxl Run, lr-H lu Kfgfvl: C npr. bus, Uycr. Nhjur I ddic M.1!ncy.l,l. Bl'llCCBCI1CfiClL'l. ,Smwnl Run lf!! lu lilglvl: l,l. lu: S.ll'ik'H.ll'iN, sgf.,fx1..jUf Civ.-urge 'l'XUllk.llUN, lipl. Clurzis Wynn, ,J f -, CAIILT CAPTAIN THOMAS DAMERON MISS "PANkY" COLLIF Sjmnsor CAIIIQT FIRST LII-QUTIALNANT FRANK SCHUSTER CIADIZT SIecoNIm LIIQUTENANT BILLY STONE EUMPANY A Captain Dameron, T. First Sgt. Wilkerson, V. First Lieutenant Schuster, F. Cpl. Ryan, M. Second Lieutenant Stone, B. Cpl. Williamson, R. SERGEANTS Sgt. Craft, R. Sgt. Martin, B. Sgt. Lowenstein, R. Sgt. Martin, D. Sgt. Neal, V. Staff Sgt. Bartee, C. CORPORALS Cpl. Beatty, Cpl. Ray, J. C. Cpl. Blankenship, J. Cpl. Robertson, B. Cpl. Calvert, K. Cpl. Schuster, M. PRIVATES - FIRST CLASS Pfc. Everett, J. Pfc. Hudgins, W. Pfc. Fulton, S. Pfc. Smith, B. Pfc. Goodman, R. Pfc. Verner, G. so PRIVATES PHP. Adams, S. Pvt. Howard, B. Pvt. Scott, R. Pvt. Barbour, S. Pvt. Jones, J. Pvt. Scruggs, L. Pvt. Brumfield, T. Pvt. Keck, B. Pvt. Sorrell, O. Pvt. Carter, B. Pvt. Keck, R. Pvt. Tate, J. C. Pvt. Collie, F. Pvt. Lockerman, J. Pvt. Thomas, H. Pvt. Covington, J. Pvt. Neal, B. Pvt. Wellman, J. Pvt. Cook, P. Pvt. Nichols, F. Pvt. Wilmouth, S Pvt. Gardner, C. Pvt. Oliver, W. Pvt. William, Pvt. Greenberg, A. Pvt. Owen, M. Pvt. Williams, Pvt. Harvie, C. Pvt. Riley, J. Pvt. Wrenn, E. Pvt. Haynesworth, C. Pvt. Russell, B. Pvt. Wyatt, J. 564 fl t xn: 1 fiAI'l'AIN IN'1uiuw.v l,oxx'i NS'l'l'lN M ss "IS" llvi rom, Sfmnwr C Xllll l'iIllSl I,ll t"li NM: 1' QIOIIN Wtmculm qAlmsent wlien pictures were niadej KAI!! i Si c own l,n U'll NAN i' Cin:-oitn Su'i"ri i- N. IIUMPANY B Captain Lowenstein, M. Ifirst Sgt. Hamlin, -I. liirst Lieutenant XWood, -I. Co. Clerk Cpl. Iludgins Second Lieutenant Suttle, C. Supply Cpl. Cole SERGEANTS Sgt. Pralin, G. G. Sgt. Putze, C. Sgt. Overlay, U. Sgt. Raniey, R. Sgt. Payne, R. Sgt. W'l1ite, I.. CORPORAIS Cpl Carter, R. Cpl. llulwluard, P. Cpl Choate, M. Cpl. Martin, D. Cpl Davis, C. Cpl. Wlilliamson, C. PRIVATES - PIRST CLASS Pfe. llones, -I. Pfe. Stephens, XV. Pfe. Oakes, li. Pfc. Vernon, R. D. Pfe. Rice, -I. Pfe. XVyatt, PRIVATPS Pvt Aron, A. Pvt. Holcomb, H. Pvt. Ray, -I. C. Pvt liarililicatl, M. Pvt. l lunt, C. Pvt. Sakellaris, K Pvt Harker, B. Pvt. jefferson, T. Pvt. Selig, L. Pvt Rice, R. Pvt. Kahn, A. Pvt. Slatnnate, I. Pvt Blaeluvell, T. Pvt. Masloff, -I. Pvt. Tate, C. Pvt. Bracken, A. Pvt. May, C. Pvt. Teague, R. Pvt Carson, B. Pvt. Moses, EI. Pvt. Turner, -I. Pvt Elliott, S. Pvt. Oakley, B. Pvt. Wilsotm, P. Pvt. lfentriss, G. Pvt. Parr, W. Pvt. Wfoodall, H Pvt Floyd, R. Pvt. Patterson, R. Pvt. W'renn, li. Pvt. Pralin, D. Pvt. Powers, G. Pvt. Yates, R. Pvt Gravely, R. I 65 V... ....,--.N--. - .... . 7 xg-.sf .sv ..-Ma . .. I FACULTY AND EAIIET IIUMMISSIUN ROSTER QL1'ff fo Riglwlj CAIIIQT LIEUTENANT BRUCE B1eNIaIf1IiL1J CAIILT CAPTAIN THOMAS IDAMIERON J. T. CHRISTOPHER CAPTAIN HERBERT S. CA1.1mw14.1,1. CAIIRT MAKJOR EDDIIZ MA1'NliY CAIJET CAPTAIN MURRAY LOWIQNSTPIN CHARLI3S L. SAEGER EUMPANY A HEADQUARTERS ROSTER flmfi fo Riglzij P1-11. RICHARD W1aLI,S, Color Bearer CPL. MELVIN RYAN, Clark IST LT. FRANK SCHUSTLR CAPTAIN THOMAS LJAMERON ZND LT. BILLY STONE IST SGT. VERNON XVILRERSON CPL. RICHMOND WILLIAMSON, Sulhjzly PPC. STOKIZLY FULTON, Color Bcarcr IIUNIPANY B HEADUUAHTEH5 ROSTER fLI'ff fo Riglrfj PPC. CHARLES DAVIS, Color Bvarrr CPL. WALTER HUIJGINS, Clvrk 1ST LT. JOHN WOOD CAPT. MURRAY LOWENSTEIN ZND LT. CLIPPORD SUTTLE IST SGT. JIMMY HAMLIN CPL. HAROLD COLE, Supply T661 ' -2 Jyflgkflbf V7 fwvlu C32 First Rmv: Harold Parrish, Fred Duncan, Garland Slaughter, Srokeley Fulton, Mart Crawley, H. B. Fowlkes, Tommy Crews, Ed Boswell, C ford Surtle, Dan Overhy, Buddy White and Jacky Mowbray. Second Row: Head Coach Fletcher XV. Ferguson, L. D. Clay, Charles Williamson, Richmond Williamson, Walter Baucom, Peyton ltlatel Lindow White, Co--Capt. Walter Bridges, Co-Capt. Numa Bradner, Charles Ttaynham, john Reynolds, Eddie Marney, Robert Ramey, l. FUUTB!-lLL '45 Coach Bill Luther. Although failing to meet the 1.000 average of the 1944 football squad, the 1945 Cardinal eleven came through the most diilieult schedule in the sehool's history with three wins, seven losses, and two ties. The Redbirds had only three first-stringers from the 1944 State Championship team returning to the gridiron sport la t fall when the first drill was held on September I. The ,4S squad had to be built around this nucleus, the remniiiing poitions filled with candidates from last year's reserves and junior Varsity. XVhen the Cardinals lined up against Schuulfield in the season opener, the following faces were seen in the start- ing lineup: lid Matney, left enclg W'alter Baucom, left tackle, Bill Fitzgerald, left guard, W'alter Bridges, center, ,Iohn Reynolds, right guard, Lindow White, right tackle, Charlie Travnlum. right endg jacky Mowbray, quarter- Although failing to meet the 1,000 average of the 19444 and Robert Ramey, fullback. After a muddy encounter which allowed only straight football, the closing whistle found the locals on the top side of a I3-0 score. Reidsville invaded the home grounds the following week to take a close game from the determined Redbirds, I5-12. The Cards played the Lions on even terms throughout and only brute force and weight advantage of the visitors determined the final outcome. Arlington brought one of the best-drilled eluens to Danville local fans had seen in a long tiene, and handed the lighter Cardinals their worst defeat in several years. lt was Arlington all the way. lfinal score 2543. After the disappointing loss of the previous weelt, several changes were made. Since the backfield was light and Clfontmued on page TO? T631 I I I . mm ffm: II'-rkla-5 K1-wk um! ling-I-r Ima I.XsNIst:nn NIU I ISIII Iltl lllIll In-4I Munn Iillwin l"Y:lllN, INI:xyn:u'1I If-In-Ilml .gr-'z Illrgnxramn, .Inhn Ilmklmg Ilzlrnlzl In-wk. .Im-Ii Rim-. ilalrm-Ill Rmlvnlllvm-1' :null link Ilurml, NI I I1 Row: -lilmny Ilunnlll-, I-'lu-rl llulull--y, Ilnlvlvy l':n'I'. II4-urgu Ilnll-y, .Iuvk Uukn-s, l'vI4- Paulus. IioIn-rt Ilivv, Iirmxl IIIHII lx Nu-Imls. Ifnylmmvl Ixv:-I4. ilmrla-N l'nlz4-. Nanny IX'iInmrtIu, 'l'mnmx Iullu-, :null II:ll'l'x' lluxll nu' .lulm Iblvlwvxnlu Xllllmn Ii'l'n-I-llln-l'g'. Ynxs Null mal Ilnlc l'Iuv1I, X 4j59. if VA IIOXY' 'l'llI- lv-IS CARDS SCORIIJ lr.u'nI1.un, li. I' llr.nIm'r, II. Il'Iu-r, Q. II. Nl.nwlwr.1y, Q. IS XXI1llL',Q. Il. NI. Iicylmlslx, R Ilulnnn, I. 'l'. C r.xwII'y, i 'llrldl 'Im Imlrx mllluly 'I II. I.. I'. S 7 6 I I I I'. I ll Il I 7 Jgdlllwl Clmrluucsvu l'. I' -II Sh III 6 h 6 I Ill 1 . Z I0-Ii I"0O'I'IiAl,l, SCIII-'IJUI,lf G. XV. I I I 3 ll 6 I I II II 2 ll 6 II 9 I GFI IIZ I Sup! Scpt Sept. Oct Oct Oct. Our. 29 Nuv. Nm' Nm' Nov. Dec. iScImuI lil.-III -liciglwillc j9'lxl'IlIlI.:lUlI Maury fvlulm INI.lrsII.lII I9-Iynclmlmrg gl l.m1puwn '4wIIl1Sl1II1'S.llLIll iftlhlflllllk' iS.llL'I11 --CfI1.1rIuIlL-willy lil I.ll'gl'JYk' OPI' II I-I li 6 0 I3 In IS In IX 0 IZII FUUTB LI. '45-Ilnnlinued inexperienced, a new formation was learned which capitalized on speed and deception. Also, various changes were made in the lineup. Charlie Williamson took over the injured Bill Fitzgerald's left guard position, and in the backfield, Peyton Hatcher was upped to quarterback. Robert Ramey shifted to right halfback and Richmond Williamson installed at fullback. The following week. the Cardinals journeyed to Norfolk to play Maury High School. With only three days of work on their new "T" formation, the Cards met the powerful Commodores before 8,500 cheering fans at Foreman's Field, and tied them 6-6. The Commodores were consistently outplayed throughout the game. On October 13, the Redbirds encountered the ,justices of john Marshall at League Park. Although outweighed by 25 pounds per man, the Cards bulled through and soundly thrashed the visitors to the tune of 13-0. For the first time, the GW running attack clicked, smashing through the line as well as around the ends. The following week, Lynchburg took a li-0 encounter from the hard-fighting Redbirds before 4,500 disappointed fans at League Park. The locals showed up well, but couldn't muster up the punch to put it over. Hitting the road for the next four contests, the locals dropped the first to Hampton 16-0 before 9,000 specta- tors. Danville fans who made the trip said the Cardinals played their best game thus far, regardless of the score. NY'inston-Salem bulled through the greatly-outweighed GW line on November 2, to down the Redbirds in the second half, li-2. The Cards just could not get started and the case was the same the following week as Harding of Charlotte downed the stubborn Cardinals 7-0 in their beautiful American Legion Stadium. The fighting Cards, in their last out-of-town encounter, bounced back in the second half to tie Salem 6-6 in the Roanoke College Stadium. The Wolverines smashed through the injury-riddled GW lineup early in the first period for their only score, but were greatly outplayed by the locals for the remainder of the game. Several scores by the Redbirds were called back because of penalties or other technical difficulties. ln a rough and tough scramble at League Park on Turkey Day, the Cards were defeated by Charlottesville in the first four minutes of play, when the visitors scored their two touchdowns. During the last three periods it was an all-Cardinal affair, but the locals were able to put it over only once in addition to a safety. The score-I3-8. JOHN ARUIER REYNOLDS QAII-Western Districtj Co-Capt. NUMA BRADNER qAll State, Second Teamj T701 FUUTBALL '45 Continued Outweighed some seven or eight pounds, the Redbirds were determined nevertheless that it was to be their day, and they completely crushed Hargrave S1-6 in the sea- son's finale. Bradner. was the big gun for the locals, scoring five times and passing for a sixth. So in reality, even though the won and lost column is a little top-heavy on the losing side, Coach Ferguson's boys didn't fare too badly, and excellent preparation is in order for next year. The Cards will, however, miss the following first-stringers who are seniors or will be lost to the draft: Charlie Traynham, john Reynolds, Eddie Matney, Peyton Hatcher, and Numa Bradncr. fFor the jenny-Brewer version see page 1262. ,V . ' Y V ' , , - , . , 3 i E ' ' 1 EL - 'gl Co-Capt. WALTER BRIDGES fAll-Western Districtj CoAcH FLETCHER W. FERGUSON CHARLIE TRAYNHAM fAll-Western Districtj U11 In the past two years Coach Fletcher W. Ferguson has replaced Coach Gerry Quirk, who has been on leave with the United States Navy. The return of Coach Quirk to G. W. H. S. next September will mean the loss of Coach Ferguson. In the past two years Coach Ferguson was at the helm of the State Champion Football of I944, and the Junior Varsity Basketball Team '45, '46, which also finished the season without a setback. left end EDDIE MATNEY HNOSCJ! His specialty: the "Matney Special" pass which traveled about 70 yards in the air. Good defensive player, and hard charging blocker. left tackle WALTER BAUCOM "Cousin Weak.-Eyes" He was the big man in the Cardinal line and tallied the only two points against Winston- Salem. He'll be back next year. b left guard CHARLES XVILLIAMSON "Rabbi" Playing his first year on the starting lineup, "Willie" showed great speed and power despite his weight disadvantage. Was a smashing tackler. center WALTER BRIDGES rrowlrx Was co-captain and one of the best centers in the state. His secret to success was his terrifhc bodily contact. 1945's most valu- able player. "Gus" will pilot the team again next year. right guard JOHN REYNOLDS "SLbarlzplug' Experienced holdover from the 1944 teamg he was an anchor in the GW line. Fine offensive and defensive player. Played out- standingly against Maury. right tackle LINDOW WHITE fflkel! One of the most consistent Cardinal linemen., He will undoubtedly be one of the state's best next year. The line's "find of the year. as- right end C!IARI.lli TRAYNHAM "Turllr" Westerii District lileven. Receiving half of the famous "Matney Special", and was the Cardinal high-scorer. His nimble fingers and uncanny change of pace made him the outstanding pass receiver. quarterback PIEYTON Hnrcgiiiait "True-Toz"' l2S-pound backg splendid ball handler. Pate called the plays and did a fine job. Drop- kicking extra points was one of his best qualities. left halfbaek NUMA ISRADNI-'it "D1lc11"' Three star letterman. "All State" triple- threat back. His accuracy in passing was outstanding, and his kicking excellent. Powerful plunging runner. right halfback Romain' RAMIQY "De-Lab" Playing his first year on the first team, he displayed amazing speed. Once through the line, he was hard to catch. Has a quick changing pace, and is very shifty. fullback Rlc1uMoNn Wll.i.iAMsoN ffzffzfe' Possessing tremendous driving power. Excel- lent pass receiver. Another "Find of the Year". He had what it took and made it tough on anyone who tried to stop him. VAR ITY lmff In Kigfll, Kwrlillg: Peyton Hatcher, liutltly White, Vvhilter Bridges, 'liominy Crews, lhitltly Sllllls. l.i'-H lu Kigfll, Sliilzilillg: Conch lfergusoii, Fred Marlin, Charlie 'l'r.iynlinm, Diek Hurd, Ilopey Reynoltlx, Milton fiI'Ck'I1lVCl'j.:. Sloltley Fulton, Al.lIlL'lgCI'. B SHETB LI. '45 Although the Clnilliiinl Hoopmen had only two returning lettermen, the inexperienced te.1m completed its season with thirteen victories tuelied safely away against Seven set- lmcks. The 1946 scoring mnrlt was placed .it 893 while their opponentw dropped onlv 656 points in the lmslaet. lf min I .iii 11 ..ii.v Tm Ill IUP1 VAPM ITY 1.i'fl fu Kilgfrf, Kfzrvlirlg: Coieli Fergusoii, lirnesi XVhite, Billy Carson, ll.ll'l'y 'I'.ite, Billy Smith, Huck Keelon. l.i'fl lr' Rigfvl, Sfilmlirlg: Clirenee liarlxer. Albert Usborne, llohn Cox'ii1g.1lnii, Voss, B.ilton, llillx' Williiiiu, N-+3 l4l lin cAPrAm mcx H Fonwnmo W 54 CHAEUE T GUARD YC 4 REYNOLDS X rs ' L --.EN Glw KU wmen Banners 5 if GUARD Msuon Gnecnaens CENTER 75 Lvff fo Rigbl, Knm-ling: "jo" Hosking, Frances Barr, Nell Hamlin, jean Farley. Lrff lo riglai, Slumling: Richard Wells, R. D. Vernon, Charles Davis. Alzwnl when Ihr' pirillre was taken: jimmy Hamlin. B SHETB LI. '45-linnlinued Starting the season in December Captain Dick Hurd, Maynard Reynolds, Milton Gxeen- berg, Buddy Stutts, and Jack Mowbray were in the lineup that ran rough-shod over Stuart and Ferrum. After the Christmas holiday Milton Greenberg was the first loss suffering with flu. Charlie Traynham rose to the occasion and replaced Greenberg at center and at the same time Reynolds was moved up to forward with Hurd. Walter Bridges became Jacky Mowbray's running mate at guard. This combination dropped only two of the following eight games, to Roanoke and to Reidsville in an overtime. However, Reidsville got the short end of a 29 to 14 score at the hands of the Redbirds a week later. At the turn of the semester difficulties set in. Mowbray was classed ineligible, however, Greenberg returned fully recovered. Another change was made in the Cards line up. Reynolds and Traynham at forward, Milton Greenberg, center, with Hurd and Bridge at guard. This shake-up took time for adjustment. Duringl the interval G. W. was easy prey for its opponents, as Lynchburg, Hargrave, Roanoke, and Salem overwhelmed Danville. Before the second Lynchburg game coach Ferguson made his last adjustment. Hurd was returned to forward and Traynham teamed with Bridge at guard. This change seemed to do the trick, as the cardinals defeated Lynchburg and Salem to land the third place spot in the Western District race. Monograms were awarded to: Maynard Reynolds, all Western Districtg Honorable mention, Capt. Dick Hurd, Milton Greenberg, Walter Bridges, Charlie Traynham, Tommy Crews, Buddy Stutts, Buddy White, Manager Stokeley Fulton. H63 B SEB!-XLL liasehall returned to GW' during the past spring for the first time since 1942. Coach Vaughn Wfoodall who has been on leave with the Army coached the '46 team. Allhough the completed schedule was not available when the Cavalier went to press, Coach Wcicitlgill said he had unusually good material, and that Danville diamond fans may looli forward to a top team next year. if ae '1 iid will MQ a ll ' ' 'E' :L llrxl Rolf, lmlil ln lilgffl: .foe Vfeflinw-, Wil-on Newell, jimmy Keck, Clyde l,cster. Xnrnnl Run: Wieltie Swain, Pete Kalm, Azian Knielt, lnnry nlaine. Howard Bolton, Harry Mciiinn. Oakes Grillixh. ggwfyfd g,,,-au. - HMM 'I'luril Run: -I. C. Tale, Clarence liarbaer, Harry late, Sl0lQClCyl:llllUI1, Bill Luther, Malt Cirawley, ci.lI'l.lI1Ll Slaughter, 'llionas C,rews,.Rlcl1.lrd Weli .. Iwunll: Run: Wlilter Vfyatt, Buddy Slllllk, w'.ll!Cf liaucom, George Redmond, XValitr Bridges, -Iacliie Mowlray, Melvin Ryan. Milton iireelilierpg. Russell .U.u'is. lvjllz Knit: l'i'ed hr1.lFllll,Ki.ll'I'CIl lfasley. TENNIS Note: The photograph below pictures the 1945 six, as the '46 team had not been completed when the ClAvAl,ll4R went to press. All players returned, however, with the exception of Billy Meiluhhins, who is with the Armed Forces. l'l'ulll Rule, lrjl lu Klgfrl: Billy Nlefiuhhins, -lohn Xlfood, Henry Bennett. Slilllfflile, lmfl lu Klgfil: lien l.ewis, Buddy w'l1llC, iliommy Harrison, Coach Roy Hood, wi MUNUGIHA CLUB K!1t'L'liIIt2, lmfl in Rigbl: Ben Lewis, Clifford Suddle, Eddie Marney, Richard XVells, Buddy W'hite, Matt Crawley, Charlie Traynlmm, Lindow W'hite, Tommy Crews, Robert Rainey, Dan Overby. Firxl Ron' Sfuridiflg, Lufl In Right: Walter Baucom, Buddy Haraway, Billy Luther, Henry Bennett, john W'ond, Maynard Reynolds, tlohn Reynolds, Wailrer Bridges, Numa liradner, Peyton Hatcher, Bill lfitlgerald, Dick Hurd, Charlie NX'illiamson, Mr. Herbert Iillis, Faculty sponsor. Surornl Rau' Sftlllxlillg, Lefl lo Rigbl: Richmond Willianisori, Fred Martin. john Hosking. To each individual who has shown exceptional industry and ability in one or more ol' the four major sports Qfootball, basketball, baseball, or tcnnisj, or to one who has served successfully for two years on the Cheerleader squad, letters are awarded each year. Along with promoting sportsmanship and friendly competition, the Monogram Club adds much to our school in initiating various features. I E731 vf if B" HYLTQN, Allvmlanf Doius I-IUNo1,i2Y, Queen "FixANNY" BARR, Attendant HUMEIIIIMI G To reign over Homecoming activities for this year, the Monogram Club by popular vote selected Doris Hundley as Queen Homecoming Vlll with "B" Hylton and "Franny" Barr as her attendants. Her majesty's reign began when she and her attendants were presented to football fans at the game with Charlottesville on November 22, and was elimaxed with her coronation by Associate Principal Charles L. Saeger at the annual Homecoming Dance. wi Senior Sjmnmr, Luft in Riglwi: Miss Grace Bagley, Mrs. Ethel Barker. Mrs. Mabel Davis, Miss Myrtle Tanner, Miss Harriet Foster. Mrs. lflilaheth Mtreley and Mr. Richard Payne were not present when the pieture was taken. 3 , ,M THE XWORLD GREETS US NOT The world greets us not with open arms Nor smiling faee-but dread alarms XVhich from her depths resound to us, Eternal Youth. She-saddened and sick with sorrowful tears Bourne from the womb of her hates and fears- Awaits us yet, through all the years: Eternal Youth. "Turn back!" we say. "How can we do What other men have failed? For wrong and strife have ever over greater Good prevailedf, But no! The Earth cries out for what We in our youth may give: Undying strength and faith and love That lend the will to live. The world greets us not with open arms Nor smiling face-but dread alarms XVhieh from her depths resound to us, Eternal Youth. XVithin our hearts we hold the power-- - We give to Earth in this dark hour Love-the ever blooming flower And our Eternal Youth. MARY Euzauifrn Donsoisr. T801 Q 1 fps , gf-JQXG C936 ,W .4 E in G Lk ff , 4, vm Q ' '91 'E X XX 1?-"2.v5l5i' If F 'll X-px V-if F X Q52 Lgmzms SENIOR OFFICERS Left to Right P1-1Y'l'oN Hfwuuan .,.,,,... .... .... .... .... , , , . ,,,l'rvsidvr1l MARY El,lZABliTlI DODSON .....,.,,..... ...., ,... S 1 'rrvtary-Trvaxurcr Gluolmx-. TSOUKATOS , .... ,..,..,,,,.. .......,. . . .Vir'1'-Prvsidm! E813 The 1945 CA V ALILI l,lfONA DALE AMOS liyeful of llcalt grooming . . . ideal Southern belle. . . has an alluring sultry voiee . . . peaches complexion . , . very popular . . . frank . . . and "Oh those dimples!" FRANCES MARIE BARR lt's hard to get her spirits down . . . always eager and enthusiastic . . . those eyes, that hair, and oh, just "Franny" in general provokes many a masculine sigh . . . and her singing . . . especially "My Buddy" . . . distinctly the college type. MARGARET EMILY ANDERSON Emily's blonde hair isn,t her only "crowning gloryul . . . a delightful personality . . . above all her sincerity . . . her musical talent . . . gaiety . . . unselhshness . . . and that light touch that never fails to win! MARY ELIZABETH BARR Add a trim little figure . . . clothes to go with it . . . an infectious grin . . . long blonde hair . . . a friendly word . . . result: one Mary ,Liz . . . Prefers Jack and Miami . . . loves to do exciting things! E821 FRANCES l.UCll,l,lf ANDERSON One red head who is the exception to the rule . . . a grand disposition . . . happy-go-lucky personality . . . a cute laugh . . . loves to go to the movies . . . an H. M. A. rooter . . . likes sports of all kinds . . . an all-around gal! CLARENCE TRAYNHAM BARTEE, jR. Tall, coal black hair, a friendly greets ting-that's Clarence . . . a D. I1 student who's really on the beam . . an "electric bugn . . . add coils, wires tubes, adaptors, and a certain way ti hold the mouth . . . he gets result . . . an asset to Sears. GEORGE WASHINGTON HIGH SCHOOL 1' ' 111111411 swmssow I5liNliIfllil.lJ IIIQNRY GRAIN' l5liNNli'I"I', JR. .Nlll.lJlil"Il 'Il'lXiN ISI Al I1 Allltlelivel1l'1l11eIle.,,sl.1ystl1e111.1les "lim, Mr. l5.1x.1, suppose , . , !" , . , . . . XN'KlIILlk'l'l'lIl sense ol' llllllllll' .... 1 11o supposing .11 .1ll .tlvout "l5e1111y's" lovely lK'I'NllIl.llllY . . . well sel1ooletl 111 1Nl.11'io11's 11.1111e l4Ul'l1lI11l l3L'lI1Q,:.lgI'.lI1Ll Illt' .11'1s ol- l1o1111'111.1lti111g . , . t'.111 sew guy . . . tl.11'lQ-l1.1i1'etl . . . except for Il1L' 1 line st-1111 k.lIl lu' ltllllltl Llp o11 Iwo Ii111.1 'most .111y liI11C. peroxitletl po111p.1tlo11r . . . 111.111y f1'ie11tls .lllkl 11111el1 .1eel.1i111 l1e's wo11 .ll'0llI1Ll ole' ii. NY' .... 1'e.1tly witl1 .1 Cl1L'Cl'fLll e111'f11l. Tl1e gootl-loolxi113,g, lwlomle type . . . 5lll.lI' OH ilk' ICl1I1lS COHFIS . . . LWSCH- noi ll.ll lo tl1e school store . . . l.l'lt'l1Llly .lml e.1s1' to get .llllllg witl1 , . . lil1LNX'iS wl1e11 l1e's l1.1tl L'I10llgl1 .... 1 -Illllllll' 1- - R0l.ll'i.ll1 .... intl .... 1 HMV, l.1ly NVl1ite1"'! t1lIARIl",S IQIJXVARIJ KIAMIAIS llAMll,TON BOGUS KITTY l"llANC1liS l3llAl5l.lfY lSl,AC,KS'l'UCIK Quiet . . . see111i11gly sl1y .... 1 Cilllh, lirown l1.1i1' . . . lovely expressive eyes cglllfl--l7lIl'XK'llly-XVllll-.l-Nlllllglllvl-JCCU L'.llCLIl.lllI1glI1lCllCCl . . . quite .Ill 111'tist . . . loves lllL' 111.1le species in gCl1Cl'.ll lISll.llly seen wi1l1 Boggs . . . quite .1 . . . well grooinetl . . . rently for .ll1 ...belongs strictly to S.ll1fUI'Ll .1111l tl1e L'l1.ll'.lk'lL'l' 111 .1et'o1111ti11g . . . loves to entry i11 tl1e l111si11ess worltl . . . one Navy...euteperso11.1lity...1'.1tli.1tes IL'.lSL' people in 1l1.11 slow Lll'.lVl'l . . . wo111.111 111.111. fun .mtl wit . . . loves v,l.111ees .mtl e1'eryl1otly's lirieml . . . future C.. ll. A. 1 11:1 1 l'l10YlC'5 . . . g00Ll .ll SPUYIS, too. ARI IE KENDALI. BRAY IJRANCES LUUISE J A pleasant smile . . . cheerful laughter BRINCEFIELI , , , gi perpetugl Chatterbox , . , very Possesses ll becoming grziciousness . . . entermining . . . always around if ll Willingness to help . . . gay laughter there's .1 dramatic presentation . . . - - - lhlll' I1l1fUl'i1llY Curly - . . the ideal L-Am SGW mo , , , the greatly-to-bu secretary type . . . or . . . gi charming desired home mnlier type. l10SfCSSl Cl'llllSTlNlf lSRUMl"llfl,lJ An Honor Society student with com- mon sense . . . has brown curly hair and eyes that laugh when she laughs . . . loves jokes and has Ll wonderful sense of humor . . . CLlI'l,t decide whether iis the Army or the Navy . . . will make somebody ii swell secretary. lNlARGARET JAMES BUCK ETTA VIRGINIA CANTRELL Top-honor girl . . . G. W.,s own vale- Another working girl and quite indus- dictorinn of '46 . . . school-spirited trious . . . quiet and strictly straight . . . more than Willing to do her share . . . friendly . . . ambitious with high . . . pleasing personality . . . lovable if-lC21lS - - . SUFC IO Succeed . . - quite Lind blonde . . . talented in the fields capable . . . 11 cheerful smile. of writing and music. wi EMNIFLINE TERRY CAWLIQY' The all-round girl with the laughing eyes . . . has an ear for music and Q1 good voice . . . black curly hair . . . lots of complications . . . and more men till Smitty came along . . . always smiling . . . good natured. GEORGE WASHINGTON HIGH SCHOOL Mt-I.IN SI IISIJIJAN Cll lOATl'i, -IR. AIOI IN IIAINIQS COl5lilfY FRANCES lfl.lZAl5lfTll COl.I.IF llere comes Maek, it happy grin on his Outstanding in dramaties, music, and Airy . . . full of dainty charm . . . l'aee.,.life is wonderful . . . live close art . . . a good student, too! . . . ideal Southern belle . . . niee figure to nature . . , butterflies a -.peeialty pleasant disposition . . . sinuere . . . with a eute wardrobe.. . dancer lfred . . . essential to the lireneh class . . , knows how to get .tlong and influence Astaire should hear about . . . prefers "l'athlinder" for Military Corps man- people . . . enthusiastic and whole- tt certain preaeher's son. . . has a grand ettvers. hearted . . .gets things done. personality with an lpana smile . . . blonde curly hai r. Mlllllilfll l,UUlSlf LOVINGTON AIOI IN THOMAS CRIZWS RUSSliI.I. Rlflll DAVIS Lhy . . . petite . . . lovely brown hair The laughingest guy . . . loves to sleep "Rusty" . . . witty . . . domestic type . . really goes for the Navy.. .likes in elass . . . fond of sports . . . the - - - VCl'y C0ll1'lC0tts . . . industrious largrave too . . . quiet and studious "cutest eyes" . . . takes life as it comes . . . good looking . . . friendly . . . no . . home-making type . . . wears good . . . has fttn at everything . . . on the particular taste for linglish literature iolting clothes. beam at football and basketball! . . . but writes well himself . . . G. W'.'s fax! second baseman. tw The 1946 CAVALIER MARY FUZABETH DODSON Musical . . . artistic . . . literary . . . always ready to help . . . a sparl-:ling personality . . . Admiral of the lfleet: Leadership, Scholarship, and Sports- manship! . . . commands the friendship of all whom she contacts! RUTH ELIZABETH DODSON Cuter than cute . . . small with black curly hair and a friendly smile . . . quite modernaire . . . can "beat the keys" and "ski the rugl' . . . wears good looking clothes . . . bubbles with personality . . . noted for one special person, namely Jack. SYBH. FRANCES DOVE Always smiling . . . very friendly . . . good natured . . , a hospitable hostess . . . a gal who sticlts to the job . . does well at anything . . . interested in current activities and quite a swell gal. DORIS DEAN DUNN NVILLIAM DABNEY DURHAM "l5lossie" . . . noisy but nice . . . per- Casanova of the teen-agers . . . O. l,. sonality plus . . . friendly as they T. in air forces . . . nice personality come... big brown eyes with natur- . . . very friendly . . . and always ally curly hair to match. willing to help . . . didn't get enough army life . . . joined military corps. f 36 1 NIILDRED ESTlfl, DYER "Flirt" . . . up to her ears in men . . . an unusual sense of humor . . . has long brown hair and green eyes . . care-free . . . fond of excitement . . . taltes life just as it is . . . good looking. IEORGE WASHINGTON HIGH SCHOOL ISI-1'l"I'Y MARIIT FIYXVARIJS VIRGINIA ANN lfGGI.IfSTON ARLFNII MARIE IQIIIIIUTT l-UWIY lalemls' 'wif - - ' mlWl'l1'W'l'a Votetl most miseliievous...very luelsy Small but sweet . . . itleal frientlsliip blue eyes . . . eute personility . . . .... 1 ltnaelt at getting out of elasses .. . tlomestie type witli tlie rigltt touelt Allw-'Ya WU' Wlll' ll1'l1"' l'f1lL'll ' - - lma . . . lias good looking elotlies antl ltnows . neat disposition antl intlispensilvle Ol- I-UH -'-- llllllllllfll- IU lw -I PCl'fCCl lmow to wear tltem . . . "a giggle that . , . going to be someluotly's perfect secretary. gurglesn .... 1 fun loving person . . . secretary . . . quiet antl stutlious at never a tlull moment wlten sl1e's sel1ool,luut really lotsoffun. arountl . . . wrecks-a specialty! ii ""'7"" lSlf'l"I'Y -IANI1 ICVANS IIIQRISICRT ARTHUR HAROLD FINCII .ovely brown ltair . . . complexion VUIQCIURSON, AIR. liontl of sleeping . . . ltunting antl liat you tlream about . . . petite . . . Likes to liunt . . . wavy brown liair women allure ltim . . . ean't malte up weet . . . pleasing personality . . . , , , frientlly . . . fliglit ollieer on P Sl liis mind .... 1 luorn ltorseman . . . ,fears eute elotlies .... xlways reatly , , . known as tltirtl in tlme "Gruesome always in a good mootl . . . lurigltt . . . ntl willing to lielp. 'I'l1reesome" . . . loves to aet silly antl elteerful smile . . . sergeant in infantry. really enjoys life. K 1 i W J I XVILLIAM R. FITZGERALD, JR. G. W.'s own Lil' Abner. . . the silent, strong type . . . timid but enticing . . . has what it takes to make the girls quake . . . the friendliest guy in school . . . fond of sports . . . knows his business. ANNE MARIE FLOYD A favorite of both boys and girls . . brown hair . . . a charming smile . . loves music, dancing, and sports . . usually seen with Doris Hundley . . . a good sport . . . typical Flotilla. MARGARET LITTON FOX "But-Mrs. Hill-I was desperate," says biggest baby of our class . . . blue, blue eyes . . . a pest or an angel, all depends on the circumstances . . . "Chic clothes" . . . blonde . . . curly- haired . . . simply loves to giggle. BARTE FRIX Sweet . . . always greets you with a cheery smile . . . gets a certain gleam in her eye if you mention the name Dick or West Point . . . looking to the future. ISIN MILDRED FOXVLER Quiet but owner of a sweet disposition . . . domestic type . . . enjoys movies . . . liked by all who know her for her gentleness and mannerly way . . . a certain guy from Schoolheld, namely K. B. is her favorite. FRANCES ELIZABETH FULTON Kin to the atom . . . blonde bomb- shell with an effervescent personality . . . usually seen with Dick . . . very school-spirited . . . loves to make friends . . . easy to understand and get along with . . . G. W.'s typical Ameri- can girl! EISIIC LOUISE GAMMON I,YDIA LEE GARDNER Al,lC,lli MARIE GARRETT Vivaeious . . . friendly . . . long black Typieally Southern . . . that slow drawl "XVhat beautiful hair you have!" . . hair . . . striking eyes . . . honey and . . . voted the laliest girl in Senior "The better to portray diiferent roles peaches eomplexion . . . faseingiting wit Class . . . dreamy eyes . . . pretty hair in G. XV. di'amaties!" quoth she . . . . . always smiling . . . would he .1 . . . drives the most beautiful ear . . . talented . . . capable . . . versatile . . eredit to fieglield. has the best looking clothes . . . intelli- lovely . . . can really "trip the ligh gent . . . full of fun. fantastic" . . . that "hubha-lnibha look . . . destined to go far. Tw," ' i 1' if 'Q' SAl.l.Y ANN GREEN MARGARET ELIZABETH GROVES CHARLES MATHEXVS Gll.l.lE Brown shiny hair with that hand box Smiling eye . . . "G, W.'s sweater Second of the "Gruesome Threesome" appearance . . . friendly with gt con- girl" . . . shapely and comely . . . . . . "Go get 'em, Gillien . . . brown lagious laugh . . . plays the piano and loves musie . . . interest in 11 particular hair . . . doesn't get mad as long as organ . . . has an appreciation for person . . . and he in her . . . the you're joking . . . B-29 flight engineer music . . . loves to drive that con- madamoiselle who can speak in . . . rather fly than eat , . . magnetic vertilile. lfraneaise. personality and umm' fun! gsm 3 1 VIRGINIA ESTEIIE GUTHRIE DOROTHY MAE I-IAITI-ICOCK ROBERT SALEEM HAGAR HW crowning glory ix the envy of all Silence is golden . . . ll quiet, shy, Really on the beunr. . . would rntlier . - brunette with A nice personality ' 0 l hunt than ent . . . interested in flying Xlrls - - ' Very SWCCY lllid pCtlte . . . Ll . . . . . . the blncliest curly lmir and brown i h k I lh d neat and hardworking . . . eflheieney eyes voted the mogt dmmiltic Root Omt-mil tr ' ' ' Wm L unc Plus - - - 41 IUPPY 'UYUW - - ' fflCmllYv sincere . . . friendly . . . an all-around . . . friendly . . . dependable. with the cutest smile . . . good student. guy admired by all. AUDRIEY LIEIZ HAMMOCK BASIL CRQMWEIAII HARAXVAY, JR. A wliii :lt troublesome words . . . f'Buddy1' . l I Curly blonde hair 1 l I intelligent . . . pleasant . . . Ll bright QUIEC ll jiffCI'bUg . - - School Spirited smile . . . understanding eyes . . . i.gl1n?.uiitdlEut lnot I mgsllgcrl to ' 4 ie can nine Ll ee ser ambitious . . . nice to lmve around. gnd Shgphgrd Field, I903 GLORIA CARLFNI2 HARDY Red bend . . . quite Al movie fan . . likes pop corn in fact, likes to eat . . . e1m't remember names . . . QI com- mercial student . . . lieuded for QI grand secretary! ILKJIIKJL VVMDHIIYKJIKJIY I'1lkZ.l'l. DKJHLJLJL PATSY RUTH HASTY Assets that back up tI1e backbone ot' lm.,UI,i,I'Ul WQIWN . . . ,Ur lumix "ye oltle seltool . . . lI1C!NI.NfY gal . . . IIIZNR Y 'IIUUKIQR IIARRISON, -IR. lflyinu entlnisiast . . . lmlontle Iuair witlm I . In I I - I h I tlittintg busily from class to class . . . p ayet .. . lllLCP1ySltIlIL'...IICLJIC' ' '. , most often from tlte Iress Room to fr--t' -I t'a I . na' .l5WI1'1 - - - - M HM' IU Q 'I U' 'I 'I I lo L' the C,ui'uln'r room . . . quite a your- L'-'ll'-'Ll UPUII - ' - Jvfinilv UWC fo" nalist, but better still . . . Iter tlepentla- Kipling. bility and personality. lIUl,IA IIIIIICR MARTHA ANN IIOULTON Iiallel is ber bobby . . . twinkle toes lfull of energy, full of fun, sIte's really witli tlie eoal blaels liaur . . . niee cont- LIUIIU 11 3-IIVI. IIIIS UNC . - - SP1ll'lilIl13.Z IVIUC plmilm .md -I I".IL,mIly xmilc I v I eyes . . . dazzling SITIIPIC . :It admiretl . bv voung and oltl . . . Real is popular anotlter aeeotinting stutlent . . . Iteatletl '- Q I I I ' I A n I witt lien tolm no, not the eolorj . . . lm' lxuw Imill ' ' ' lux 'lm m'I"'t'VL' ambition's to go to New Yorlt Lllltl ,mtl ability to sueeeetl .... 1 grantl girl. study tlaneinsg. wi VIRGINIA FRANCES HAYMFS .let blaelt bait '... tlomestie type . . . friendly '... eo-opt-1-.ttiyt '...i nagnetie eyes ...1 intl, ob, so blue . . . neatness and sincerity are two of ber strong points. DORIS SliI.IiNA IlUNlDl,IiY W'itty, popular, with an engaging smile . . . lovely brunette . . . a lover of sports and outdoor life . . . the center of attraction in every gatlter- ing . . . can be Iieartl greeting "Sweetie" in the balls . . . Queen ot tlie I Iomeeoming! 1 he 154D bil V HLILI RICIIARD DAVIS HURD Star captain of G. W.'s basketball cagers . . . making points in a set up for "Itchey" . . . has that man-about- town look . . . blonde hair and pleasing personality . . . calm . . . competent . . . admired by both boys and girls . . . helpful in the Press Room. MARTHA BLAIR HYLTON Delightful and refreshing . . . "B" greets everyone with that familiar smile, twinkling eyes, and a cheery "Hin . . . her cooperative attitude and her sweet disposition have provided many a headline . . . very popular. IVIARGIIQ MARIE JAMES Well-groomed look that is always attri- buted to a business woman . . . enrolled in Distributive Education . . . short and cute . . . a shark at bowling . . . especially if Huel Rhodes is around . . . a member of the Honor Society. VIRGINIA ANN JOHNSON "Jenny" . . . Class clown . . . tall . . . witty . . . a persistent twinkle in her eye . . . allows no party to grow dull . . . the Press Room is her hangout . . . unbelievable energy though you wouldn't know it by that contralto flrllxvl. 5923 FRAIXICES VIiRNI2I.I. INGRAINI A smile that would challenge almost anyone . . . eyes that radiate happiness . . . petite with fair skin . . . for Frances's achievements, "the sky is the limit." MARYLEJONES "Red - hair - denotes - a - high - tem- per" can't very well apply to Maryle . . . no temper needed to get there with all of that initiative . . . executive ability . . . charm and a captivating personality make her a favorite. IZCDIXCIII NN11XE5IiIP4C51'CJIV Iilliki RAT! IICRINIQ ANN Klil1l.lNG Sweet and charming . . . the height of femininity . . . but .1 good business head and most dependable . . . striking .tppearance . . . poise .uid intelligence back ol' that winning smile and those sparkling blue eyes. I SUHUUL l5l'iN-llXNllN W'll,l,lAMSUN l.l'iWlS Sincere . . . pleasant to have around . . . witty lenee gram ment swell , .vqslir-H Q too . . . a good sport . . . excel- in tennis won . . . his name "ole, l,ewis is all guy . . . moves him that mono- brings the com-- , .. iight . . . .1 ver- r-r-y slowly. DOROTHY QUIN N l.liNX'lS Green eyes . . . brownish blonde hail . . . small and cute . . . that's "l7ot' . . . interested in dramatics . . . one oi the "Nine Girls" science is her hobby . . . usually seen with Mary liz . . . friendly . . . unexpected wit . . . fond of tennis and quite .1 good player. -Ifklxllfili l'il,lffXl5lfTll l.l'iW'lS A cute pixie with curly, brown hair . . . brown eyes to match . . . busy with Ci. XV. aeliyities . . . "une bonne femme," but .1 super gal in any language . . . "How do you do so much and keep those A's on that re- port card, janet?" BONN Ili jliANNIiTTIi LOCKER MAN Best dressed girl in class . . . disproves the rule that "men don't make passes at girls that wear glasses" . . . has glamour plus . . . friendly . . . full of fun and excitement . . . different . . . an addition to anv 'roum , fa l E931 MURRAY HARRIQLI. I.OXX"lfNSTlilN Esquire lover from way back . . . com- petent Maior of Ci. XV.'s one-Ais . . . knows some chicks from New York . . . how about some number, Murray? . . tor is it "Mary", Southern girl?j . . all trends not in these directions . . intelligent . . . well-balanced. v CALVIN BILLY LUTHER Casanova of the G. W. campus . . . the popular returned veteran . . . serious- ness of purpose . . . a great deal of character of the right kind . . . under- standing eyes . . . a friendly smile . . . the center of any group . . . a future "tooth-yanker." ELIZABETH HOPE LYON One in whom G. W. has pride . . . President of Student Council . . . D. A. R. Award winner . . . everyone knows "HopeIess,' . . . a warming smile with sincerity to match . . . attractive . . . "Hop into my Crosley" . . . any- thing for the school and students. DONALD IJRAZIER MABE The youngest boy in the senior class . . . makes friends easily . . . dark brown eyes . . . absent when there is a stage show in town . . . too bad he's so shy, girls . . . ambitious for a col- lege education. I IJOROTI-IY LOREANA MAJOR Quick . . . active . . . energetic . . . exceedingly fond of sports . . . photo- graphic smile . . . whizz at basketball . . . a real Southerner . . . not afraid to speak her mind. CHARLOTTE LEE MARSHALL From Woodrow Wilson . . . their loss, our gain . . . interested in her friends . . . sympathetic too . . . favorite maxim "The early bird catches the worm" . . . spends her spare time studying . . natural in conversation. I94J MARSH MONTAGUE MARSHALL Biggest flirt . . . Cathon his only real heart-throb . . . black wavy hair . . . dark magnetic eyes . . . usually seen with Stone . . . knows how to drape the gabardine . . . witty . . . and another G. W. marcher. 1----.. - .v--...-.. v-. ---vuqg -.v-f-parsing IJKDRUTIIY UIJICAN MARSHALI, IQIJXVARD lil,l MATNliY CATTIICRINIQ MATSATSOS Known for lier .mtl dancing Major Matney of tlie milit.iry corps Long black lustrous lmir . . . velvety .llvility . . . blonde li.iir . . . lvrown eyes . . . cutting tlie rug . . . iitterbug complexion .md .1 w.irm smile . . . easy . . . very friendly .... 1 -.mile for supreme . . . very popular and .1 good to get excited . . . entliusiastic . . . .1 everyone . . . witty . . . in .tddition to sport . . . famous for the "Mntney- capable student wlio's going pl.ices . . . lier many social activities, slie finds Special" pass . . . may be seen git 'fine personality . . . easy to know .md time to lwecome .in lionor student. cil1.ll'llC'5 any time. easy to get along witli. , N W -All F A MARIUN QIANIQ McCll.ANAlIAN DOROTHY CHRISTINE ALBERT BLACKXVIQLI. OSBORNIQ, .IR MsU0Wlflfl1 Tall and blonde . . . quite flu' one . . . Quiet . . . sweet .,.. ilwnys 'eitdy to Quiet but friendly .... 1 winning way lms liidden intelligence , . . and oddles IMP l . . Cmlmhmlugv xludcm . ' . . tnlll. . . C.II'l'lCS'l1Cl'SClf well . . . of common sense . . . rntlier quiet . . . -- lond of jokes . . . witty . . . studious nice and easy to get .dong with . . sincere . . . long blonde lmir . ' - - kfmvw l1Cf Sfllff . . . lady of nn asset to the 'Ir. varsity team . . . ' leisure . . . interesting pal . . . likes fond of .ill sports . . . conscientious lmruglit outlook. pwplq, . . . dependable. HB1 ROY REUBIN PAYNE, JR. Not bashful fsays hej . . . oh, no . . . just shy with overgrown girls . . . likes Nature . . . dark brown curly hair . . . a "big shotl' in the Rifle Club . . . an abundance of brains Qwhich he uses to the advantage of his class matesj. i t IWARGARET LOUISE PERKINS Louise Perkins . . . the quiet, shy type . . . sweet and gentle in her ways . . . envied by the school this spring when her only subject was shorthand . . . .1 pleasing, tiny voice. MAE CATHERINE PEAVY Keeps that iigure climbing "Clement Avenue' ,... industrious . . . con- scientious . . . cheerful and happy . . long curly hair '... liked by all . . . the girl who sees the bright side of life. PAY NIARCELINE PERKINS Brown hair . . . brown eyes . . . "Ain't that heck?', . . . wears good looking clothes . . . friendly with a charming smile . . . President of HR 107 . . . likes the movies . . . just plain likeable . . . lots of friends. HELEN CLYDE POTEAT Yes, petite . . . "Well, I just won- deredi' . . . unpredictable as the weather . . . sharp wit with the most unexpected remarks . . . enthusiasm galore . . . agreeable . . . fond of sports . . . and a good worker. E961 AUDREY MAE POWELL Although some may think her motto is "Silence is goldenf' she really has them all fooled . . . has a nice smile for everyone . . . conscientious in and out of the classroom . . . a lovely voice . . . plays the piano too . . . just a bit shy, but lovable. SEOHGE WASHINGTON HIGH SCHOOL ANNIIC ICS'l'lfl.l,li RACiSlJAl.lf MARY l'AGli RAY tlOl IN ARCIIIQR RIQYNULDS 4 ' lndustrious . . . believes in doing Very Atliletie, cute too, eli, l.enn1t llnm-y L-Ulm-gil lun- , , , st-einnigly sliy tliings riglit . . .quiet but very friendly . . . Quielt in tlie g.une . . . plays lm but rmlly f,-Emily , , . CU-UPUl'.lliYQ . . . easy to get along witli . . . loves to .ind well .- eood-looking .ind I A , .I ' I . I read .ind go to movies . . . L1 good . . . .1 specialist in economies . . . most 'Umm mul ' " mmm ll In ll mlm student . . . interested in .0Lll'l1LlliSlTl eoneeited . . . knows ltow to . . 1 lo get .ilong in lile. . . . liopes to innlte it Ll e.1reer. .irountl. MAYNARIJ HQWIS RIQYNOIDS IJCONIDAS HARRY SAKICLLARIS Allzmumi -HIIICIL, 1 'fDOpm,-- G. XV.'s second biggest bull-sliooter but ll In I I ' V underneatli tl1.1t love of gnlv, l1e's quite NJN l"U5""" 'ly f - - -U'L"'l lllmll, sineere . . . very friendly . . . would Un KW, fccl - U I ,,,1,,,y A gi,-lg dl-mm w.1llt LI mile for Ll friend . . . loves , ., snorts, es1'ii.ill' b.isl"tl.ll . . . . . . ex'eI'ylvodY s lriend .... 1 .isset lu l W N I lieutenant in the Milit.iry corps . . . to tlie Kl.irds in lxisltetlxill. '-r f '. .bl it y ttpi e. . . "King of cll'.lgl1CLlLl.H L97 ji MARY l.I2l.A SAUNDERS l,ittle .is .1 w.itel1 .ind busy .ls .1 lmee . . . one of tlie "Nine Girls" mad about H.trgr.ive .... 1 lmppy n.1ture . . . one of Mrs. llill's "n1iser.ible wretelies" . . . interesting in current events but loves fun. The 1946 CAVALIER RICHARD EDWIN SAVAGE RUTH ELEANOR SAVAGE Quiet and shy . . . looli him up at the A Sweet face - - - 11S00ddi5P0Sifi0n - ' ..Y,. . I I likes basketball best and kind and understanding . . . works at the Y. M. C. A .... efhcient . . . fond really knows how to play ' ' ' Pfcfcfs of sports . . . dark hair . . . a winning mashed potatoes any ole day . . . quite smile . . ' laughing eyes D I I nice to 1 swell guy. have around. ,5sy1f5,1f.i, 3. RUTH GERALDINE SANWYERS Sweet, low voice . . . everyone's friend . . . good sport . . . industrious . . . earnest . . . high principled . . . ideal secretary and an all-around girl. ANNABELLE SCEARCE Can really tickle the ivories . . . sings too . . . favorite expression "but I tried" . . . very sincere and likes to help people . . . her naturally curly black hair is envied by many . . . gets to school on time in spite of the bus . . . proud of being "Auntie',. FRANK SCHUSTER Head back, eyes alight, steadily for- ward he goes . . . firm in his convic- tions . . . true to himself and to others . . . intelligent . . . capable of holding responsible positions . . . a Chatterbox columnist . . . a Cavalier editor . . . destined to become a successful doctor. H181 LEONARD BENJAMIN SELIG Future swoon-crooner . . . you'll h:ar him. alias "Richards" . . . -Ieanette MacDonald,s ardent admirer with ll Northern accent . . . a platter fiend and loves to collect them .... 1 ppreci- ates the finer things of life . . . cheer- ful and friendly! 'N J VlfNlJA Vlflxllfl l. Sl IARI' blonde tresses . . . blue eyes . . . I-.lX'Hl'llC hobby is arguing with George and llruee in C.onnnereial . . . good sense ol' humor . . . .1 sparkling personality . . . smart as a whip . . . capable . . . indispensable in the choir al liirst liaptist. Q-v l'rl'i'l"l'Y l"RANC1lfS SllUMATl'i "Uh-now really, the fudge was delisliu .... 1 stutlious girl with blonde hair, "sweet and lovely"-gentle. too . . . a brain behind those big, brown UYCS . . . well lilsctl lmy Cvckyflnf . . . quiet with a purpose. EORGE WASHINGTON HIGH SCHOOL l3lCUl.All MAIC Slllil.TON Really easy on the eyes . . . long brown hair . . . brown eyes . . . sweet and :always ready to help . . . has a slow drawl . . . really knows how to dress . . . specially fond of Greensboro. iv 'Q-Y NO" MARGARPIT NlfAl. SPOONER One of those lisquire calendar girl figures . . . a good seamstress . . . makes those good looking clothes she wears . . . her quotation "I've said it and l'ni glad!" . . . admires one in the Air Corps . , . sunny disposition . . . enjoys out door sports . . . versatile! l99l MARY lRlfNli Sl llfl,TON "Blondie" , . . with the friendliest smile .... llll'.lCllYC . . . one of the ll. li. workers . . . capable . . . lots of fun . . . happy-go-lucky .... ilways on the go . . . easy to get along with . . . a winning personality. CATHERINE Al.liTA STIQVIQNS Christmas colors . . . red hair and green eyes . . . quite a combination, yes? . . . likes sailors best . . . to become a grand home iiii iker. BILLY GENE STONE Lt. Stone ,... "inside man" at King- of'r's . . . expert watch repairman . . . excellent dresser and always looks im maculate . . . Ailene's dream man, so hands off girls . . . will argue with a sign post . . . Cusually winsj . . . Billy Sioux'-future mayor of Danville. ANNE MARIE SWAIN "The most studious girl in the senior classw . . . the salutatorian, by the way . . . finds time just the same to prove her versatility . . . sings . . . an out- standing member of the Glee Club . . . an eflicient library assistant . . . and in her inconspicuous way, takes part in other school and civic activities, FLORENCE A NN TAYLOR The hailer from Milton . . . "Mi: Ellis's gangn is just swell . . . paints and draws . . . musical too . . . a con- scientious student . . . a delightful dis- position . . . takes teasing with a pleasing blush. DORA PAULINE TAYLOR Polly "rather - Chase - a - fire - engine - than - eat" Taylor . . . honey blonde with alluring eyes . . . loves to laugh . . . pop corn fiend . . . exceedingly popular with girls and boys . . . oozes personality . . . brightens any sur- rounding . . . ideal high school girl. ROMULUS LINNEY TEAGUE, JR. Enjoyed physics, in fact, he took it twice . . . has a very neat appearance . . . big time usher at the Capitol theatre . . . "How about two seats in the middle, Rom?,' . . . bow-tie specialist . . . a man about town! I' lllfi T MARTHA REE THOMAS Always loves to take the "l,ong', way home . . . "look at my hair" . . . pre- fers bananas any ole day . . . intelligent . . . friendly . . . crazy about history . . . "Madison-here she comes" . . . with that sophisticated look. XI 1.-.1nx:n. vv1xullu1x1lkJl1 IIIKIIL n1kJllLJLll1 K llfXlil VS MAIDISK FN Ci':fURfil'l GUS TSCTUKATCYS DIQNNIS lfUCilfNlf VICRNIJR lllfxlllyllfxillv .llii Uur c.1 ulvli- Tl'L'SlLlCIll .1111l vcrv 7U5lll.lI' HSl1.lliL'YH . . . "l.illlc l5lll loud" . V 1 1 .V1 1 . Sl.lI' lcmllmll .lllkl l1.1sl1c1l1.1ll playcr . . . .... 1 lllIlll'L' C. l'. A. . . . willy pci- ilu. wguiwt bm. in thc Wnim. clllw n A ."' . '. . ' " .I ' ' ' -1 - s111I1N1,11115 1l111 lung, pvivssv .A H. iuiiimih Nlyilll Ilyn lll out ll111 iunlx l.Illx, gpwd dcmon dcluxc . . ' Om! Ut lhwk lm' .1 I1r11ul11lmv11 . .. Ci1'11l11'u11 lxmg fruorgc . . x111cc1'c 11ml .1 l'L'll.ll7lL' i ',, I, . I I . sl1uu1i11g1l1.11 iildxplii-1-1-iimi1li1ilw.1xI11-1 wurlxci' . . . voc.1li1111, .1 "Ili-1-111.111-ilu" L-UN . 11s -Lp11.1p1 . ony om .uni . . . pupul.1r .lllll1.'lL' 1114 .lllllL'lL'N . . . . . . wl1c11 luctlci' ll1i11gx girc ilonc, Ll"HQW H" ' ' ' W'WC'A-lik' "W 1111 siiwuim- Will! .ill .... 1 I'CglIl.lI' guy! c1L'Ul'gC will ln-.ul llic list. Specialty. 'il Hill IARID llOL.lfil,lXS Vlfl'xNQ7N, tlll. NIJXRCIAlilflvlilf IXLMA NX'!XCiNlfR -IUIIN THKTMPSKTN W'1Xl.TQ7N. NIR. IX' H "" l"1"l"-"'l1 Sm'H"'I UPU wht' l,l"'-JUN 1l1i11-'s 'im' -I1 wmill 11'l'- 'l"' tl ' l'14' l "1 ' " k.lIl l'k',lllY 111.1lw llic girls swoinii . . . un 'N Ll L 1, A 'Ax 'M X. ' ' K MILA I? lllluf i lux .I 'umm VNU. .md 'NWN In mu: A I .lgcs .... 1 lmnic uc 111.1101 . . . lxiiuwx now llgllllllg tlic lmlllc nl Ci. XX. . . . mul lgiggwl 'hiv in 5Um,,- glib, . I D Im luisim-ss . . . ml11111cs1ic for .1 pur- xlrictly 1111 Ilic up .mul up . . . l11'mx'11 L.IIl'l ligiiru lllll ivliy '... 1l1.1l ll1l1UL'L'Ill pusu . . . SyI11l7.llllL'llC . . . liiciully . . . l1.1i1', XVll.lI tl1c1'c in of it . . . I'L'.llly guts '11-'lm "'-WIN '-" lilifiwi IWW ll' Klum c.1p.1l1lc . . . c.111 l'L'.lllV cook up .1 ilisli! .1l'UllI1Ll . . . Illll won l'111'g1111c11. . , llllL'l'lHlIg s11vc1.1l . . . l1lll1lHllI1j.QPL'I'- 1 I NHll.llIlY . . . guml Ill ill'.lI1!.lIlk'S, um! ls lllll A any nv nv nf.. - - ----- CORNIZLIA JOSEPHINE XVFLLMAN Better known as "Corney" . . . essen- tial to the Press Room gang . . . long brown hair . . . a smile that enhances . . . good sense of humor . . . takes life as it comes . . . smart . . . loves to dance . . . active lflotilla. RAMONA DELL XWESTBROOK Quiet and reserved . . . always up on her homework . . . never caught napping . . . usually seen around school with another senior . . . a Wrangler of the Press Room . . . knows her business . . . quite a swell gal . . . nice to have Llrollnd. lVlARklORlE LOU NVELLMAN Brown hair . . . gray eyes . . . likes her nice job . . . just wateh that sparkle in her eyes when Jimmy is mentioned . . well liked. DOROTHEA CAROLYN WHITE Another red head with an even temper . . . friendliness--her outstanding characteristic . . . enjoys all kinds of music . . . good voice . . . Glee Club member throughout her high school career . . . a whiz at typing and short- hand . . . prefers men from N. C. 51023 ERNEST FUXVARU NVlfSTl5ROOK, JR. The main one of the "Gruesome Three- some" . . . brown wavy hair and brown eyes . . . li-24 lilight Engineer . . . authority on football . . . likes to eat, sleep, and make merry. VERNON FRANCIS XVlI.KlfRSON, JR. "'s drag one" . . . friendly . . . smart and likable with a knack for sports . . . a whiz at math . . . his favorite pastime is stroking the old cue . . . engages in bull-shooting too. KILUHLIL VV MDITIIYKJ 1 kJ1Y I11kII'1 DKJITKJKJL NIIXRII HN NIAIC XY'll,l.l1'XMS MfXRClfXRlfll' RACAZI ll-il, XVll.MfXRTll CI lfXRl,lfS IIICNIJICRSUN A l111111r 1-1, 111.11411 1111l1 .1 l11'11gl1l I11l1l1'c . llln- lu1111. "l11111.1l ,'X1111'1'1c.111 girl," x1111x M.11'- 1u1111I1'1I11l 11-lm -xl l111111-11' . , . Im,1l1l1- p1'1w1111 14.111-1 . . , Illn' kiml 11' 34.11 lll.ll V1111 .1wwi.111' SIX fu-I 111'u . . . wl1.11 1l11- gmrlx 34.1 1.11 , , A .1l111 .... 1111! x111I1 In-.11111!11l 11-1-1l1 . . , I'l'L' w11l1 tm11l1.1ll g,1111m, 111m1cx 1wic1- .1 111-1-lx, l1.111111s lllg' ANUIACII 1l.ll1x'x' H11111' , . . p-.-1'w11.1l1l1 11-11 111 1.1ll IS11111-, "lSc11111" .,.. llW.lyX l.11v 11111m' 1111111 I511111411-111 licrll11111-11 ,... l5Lll 1111 i11 p1'm1po1'11o11 ltl l11s 1i1lr , . . wg-111 -mil, 111 1111 mlwml xxlu-11 1l11- 1111111-1 XYlllI llllll . . . 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President .Q JAE l946 CAV LIEF 1 YL 51063 CARLYLE ALEXANDER BETTIE ALLEN ANN BAILEY LOUISE BARKSDALE EWELL BARR WALTER BAUCOM JEAN BENNETT JENNINGS BENNETT BETTY BOULWARE NUMA BRADNER BETTY BREWER NVALTER BRIDGES PEGGY BURNETT ANNA CALLAHAN STELLA CALOS CATHERINE CAMBURIDES BETTY CAMM NANCY CARTER HARRIETT CASSADA NANCY CLARKE L. D. CLAY MARY COLEMAN CATHERINE COLLINS BETTY JANE COOK RAMONA COOTER DOROTHY COUNTS BETSY COVINGTON FAYE COVINGTON EORGE WASHINGTON HIGH SCH JOHN CovlNc:roN Roumu' CRA!-'T MA'l'Al' CRAWl.liY IDAPHINI: CZRUWIDI-'K CLLIA IJILLON IPlAKVl-QY DonsoN BILLY IPYIZR RAMONA Fmusu li's'l'l.l,l.l' l:l'l.'I'S GRAYSON IJIQNTRISS Bl-.TTY Lou Fraluu-11.1. ANN Fowuzu WILLIAM A. Fowuuas PHYLLIS FRALIN CLAUDIA FRANc31sc.o AcaNr.s Ful,'roN Blc'r'l'Y GARDNER CHRISTINI-. GAULDIN Vlouxr GAY NANCLY Gll.l.Il? RAYMOND CSUODMAN MARY Ll-il-. GKAVI-1s MAR'I'lN GRAN'lA.l.Y Ll-QUN GRAYBILI. MAluoN HAITPICLOLLK MAK,IORlli HALL NANCY L1f1uH HALL JIMMY HAMLIN .4-ix L L., Yi you N 1.5 I ffm 1946 cAvAuEI qw 57 ' I :IH V , Q If ff " I 'V ,ikA lr, .1 MK V..,. If , E f108J ALMA HARGROVE OTTO HARROLD HAZPIL HOLCOMBE ELEANOR HOSKING JOHN HOSKING FRANK I-IUBBARIJ JACK HUDGINS WALTER HUDGINS GEORGE HYLTON LILLIAN KALEZIS IDA KAMBESIS PEGGY KING MARY ANN LAVINIJI-:R JEAN LEWIS RALPH LOWENSTEIN VIRGINIA LovE PAT LYON NANCY MABES VASO MATSATSOS NORMA MAYBERRY MARIE MEADOWS DOLLY MCCOLLUM MARY Jo MI'LEAN NANCY MO'fI-EY DORIS MUSTAIN Voss NEAL WILLIAM NEAL MARGARET NICHOLS ORGE WASHINGTON HIGH SC WU it BM nNA CDLIVLR XVLNIDLII f7I.lVl'.R I,AN fJVlxklH',Y Nou M AN QJWEN IISII: l'Au. 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W, llfkllll, Rtllhllkl S.lUIMlCl'N, liemmrge Sue.11l, Hubby wlllIl1.ll'Kl1, liulwlw Reece, Rui' Seilitl, 0,11-y K14m1ls11ll,C1L'41rge Mei l.l11.1l1.1l1. lieue Snead. lloliu llitblllll. EH LLE EE Mfxicmxlxlul' BU:-11 As we l.llll1L'l1 into the future l'L'.ll'lL'SS of shores where we emlmrle, wiL'Cll.lI1l .1 SUI131 of l'.1itl1 guul C0llI'.lgC To xteer us 0I1W.ll'kl2 toward life's l11.ll'lx. W'ith the CC9S.1Il0l1 ol' .1ll hostilities In .1 world Nl'.lll1L'tl with blood Llllkl strife, There comes .1 L'l11lllCl1gC to all who accept il, Tl1.11 ul'fi11di11g41 richer, fuller life! Xwith Llll LlI1qllCI1CllLll7lC nml susl,1i11i11g f.1itl1 We devote ourselves to the task of founding Ll peaceful tomorrow for gill, XVl1icl1 with Al111igl1ty God! help, slmll lnwt. LI211 "IIllMlE.' HITHEPE' A skylark sniffed the delightful air And uttered his trilling note: The world was beauty and love his song, Handsome feathers his silken coat. He jauntily fluttered his youthful wings As he circled in the sky that day, But his proud little head twirked sharp as a whip When he spotted a brilliant array. For below him there stood on the Wide smooth road , A coachman with high cocked hat, With blue satin coat and vest of gold Bright red breeches and black cravat. The skylark drew nearer to this vision bright That he might hear his alluring cry: "O Skylark, dear Skylark, come hither to meg I have wares to sell. Will you buy?" The daring young skylark with sparkling eyes Flew ever closer to earth, For one dressed so gorgeous as the coachman was Would surely have goods of worth. "Come hither, dear Skylark, come hither to me! Surely we can come to terms! For a feather or two of yours, my dear, I'll give you nice juicy worms!" The skylark twittered and flitted about, Then plucked a feather or two, "That is no chore, O Coachman grand, Tomorrow again I'll come to you!" Each day it was fun and easier to do To pluck for the coachman a feather, So the finely dressed man and the gay little lark Daily did business together . . . But a day came sooner than skylark had dreamed When-he could not fly at all. Then with head tucked low, and steps too slow, His happiness turned to gall. Long in thought the skylark stayed- But at last he raised his head: "I know of a plan, a very good plan. The coachman must give me feathers instead! "Such a fine coachman is an honorable man, That I do surely believe. He'll hear my fair story, he'll listen to me, And my feathers I'll soon retrieve." The little bird struggled as never before, To achieve fearfully late ambition, He dug rich earth, he found fat worms- He'd regain his worldly position. Then he returned to the coachman grand And uttered his solemn plea: "O Coachman fine," he said to him, I sell worms, you pay feathers to me!" The coachman sputtered and looked askance, Unable to perceive such terms. . "Away," he said, "you foolish bird, It's feathers I want, not worms." The little bird trudged down the wide smooth road, And his day was as black as night, For the effortless life the skylark had lived Was suddenly devoid of light. 51241 jacfri ana! gancied THE STUHY UP THE YE!-IH "Onward Danville, onward Danville, Fight, fight, fight, fight, Hghtn CThis could go on forc'vr'r!j 'ur team really did fight hard this season, "But they call it unnecessary roughness," quote Charlie Willie as we are penalized 15 yards. The Cards got off to a flying start September 14 on the Bi-State League ground playing School- field. The grandstand-correction-bleachers -were packed with hundreds of enthusiastic G. W. fans. They kept yelling, "Our team is red hot!!" The Redbirds turned back the Green Dragons with a 13-0 score. Then came Reidsville. The fans kept yelling, "Our team is red-bot?" The score was ..... 1 v 1 v C Q , fi E Q, 5 I 6, 1- gs Our next game was with Arlington. There was a lot of confusion in the huddle because Matney wanted to take off his noseguard. But Co- captain Bridges, for the good of the team, said, "No." He was afraid they would be penalized for off-sides. The next tangle for the Cards came when they met Maury at Norfolk. This game ended in a 6 to 6 tie. Several of our linesmen, one in par- ticular, proved to be so good that a sailor said, "If Maury had worn red uniforms they would have had five men in their backfieldf' This remark refers to Johnny Reynolds, who was really the spark plug of that game. Great play- ing, fella. October 13 was the date of our next game and this time we played John Marshall of Richmond. 51263 There was really no justice in this game for we walked all over their team with a 15 to 0 score. Lynchburg came next and revenged their two defeats of last year by turning back the Cards. The score meant nothing and tbafs what we gof. Any team can play football but you really have to be good to be able to run around your own end. Then Hampton-and the great fun all had on the chartered bus. And who were the brilliant souls who slept up in the suitcase compartment -with the otber bags?? None other than Nell Marie Hamlin, "Slick" Williams, Landon Over- bey and another Party whose name we won't rnrnfion here. Some of the G. W. students cer- tainly picked-up some swell souvenirs in Rich- mond. Something to remember their good times by. Incidentally, there was a game that day. The score was . . . oh, let's not go into that. But we did go into Winston-Salem the next week only to lose, but we were not discouraged, for next week, November 10, we played Char- lotte-only to lose-but we were not discour- aged for the next week we played Salem but we were not discouraged for we tied the Wolverines 6 to 6. It was a great day for the Cardinals!!!!! The next week heralded in Homecoming. For this gala occasion the Monogram Club chose Doris Hundley Queen Homecoming VIII and - Ni- 'ulilf I F' ,K . A up-'FX v 58185 O Pgls' 8-'U 1 2 5 6 W I H I fr X S 1' f , f , , .k......,,, :TI -fl 'YI SMS... Nrszfga igsasgag 5 in J? XEp:4?'a,' Mei we ,f yiiiasf '- en- 4Fi'S I ,LE Y .f Franny Barr and "B" Hylton as her attendants. 6,0 On Thanksgiving day the Cards met Lane High 2 5, of Charlottesville in the annual Homecoming kfklf, game. There were such joyous events as the V ' ' 'Q presentation of the Queen at the game, and the ul, Homecoming Dance at which she was crowned fl Q, L ' by Mr. Herbert Ellis. Hilarity reigned and so I " did Doris. "All hail the Queen!!!" But Doris X' replies, "I dare you hail me while I'm reigning." X p f' r My W if A xx fl W J J I xx ' l ' WM T ' , I ,al T -I Ag l!!ly.v.1'I"ci 1, ,I . me in N... ,V ,, . . x 'I 1' 2 4: WWI , . ya X Some of the team bequeath certain character- , it - . istics and abilities to remaining players: l YQ K ITEM I: Eddie Matney leaves his nose guard to A l Bridges-who certainly needs it. He'd leave it The game was real exciting. The score??? Oh, that's a minor detail. season with a tri- over the Hargrave got rlawwl in this proved to be very thirsty and kept calling for water all through the game. Could be 'cause Doris Hundlcy was acting watergirl at this game. The Redbirds ended their umphant victory of Sl-6 K-dets. The Tigers really game. Most of our team Credit should be given where credit is due so we want to congratulate our cheer-leading squad for outstanding leadership in yells. So to Richard Wells, head cheerleader fand "Ulin" Hamlin, who's on the other endj, Eleanor Hos- kings, R. D. Vernon, Franny Barr, Charlie Davis, Nell Marie Hamlin, and Jean Farley, the school gives 15 for good! I 51273 to Numa, too, fbut maybe Bradner won't be here next year.J ITEM II: Traynham leaves his ability to lose teeth to Lindow White, whose not doing so bad on his own. fWe like his new upper-plate.Q ITEM III: Managing the team is left by Dick Hurd to Berkeley Keck. ITEM IV: Johnny Reynolds leaves . . . er . . . ah . . . well, he leaves it to Dan Overbey, anyway. ITEM V: Pcyton's just leaving so right about here we will, too. WI'l'NESSES2 "Itchy" fcourtesy of Dick Tracyj He had to scratch his name. Lord Twiffie fcourtesy of Little Orphan Anniej We waited for the spirit to move him. 9 Q HATCHER-'DODSON g AKQYHCIS Af Law, M-D-S, Pl-LD: , D-D-5 , U J t k Q 11 er a ers., Wmudowdihers , eff, gbffff' 6"30.5'774ffe.S z x 1 4 i E 3 1 s 4 . 1 Q X, QL, 3013? """ at H. W. H. 5. -U Aucm unanfrroim Q RoHERi2nM:4ALaAAT WHAT NEXT? Wi WM -MW A '? 'W " ' ?: ,1 ,S Jl 'DfL1lC.i1BcI-S MAIN STREET Nmmca 3 f C 'T offfcwer A ' UTE5 - - - . . .... - - 1 Frances Collie Ball Fl NIJ, W SQ75?f,'ER THEATER MOST SCHOOL SPIRWED -- 2 Hope Lydru Eddie. may M057 I-'KF-LY T0 SUCCEEDM IIQM-E-.Do4Son,IlqFrqnK Sokurhr MQSJ' VERSATILEY K sz.-nf, D.4,,,, , 'p,74,,, Hawk, W' NNER5 Mosr INFLUENTIAL , 5-um. Lion , pub, u.+,,L.,, -.Q - MUST Swcfne - - , 3- u.,.. Lyn. 4-rmu ' Q - 4 Masr ATHLETIC , W - 5- A. Stefbens c.n.9,,L,.,,,, 7 1 sfsr Dnesssn .- - .- 5- 5. L,.,g,,..,.,n pup, guri , 4 UhfrH'lArff1,., - 7' AIILQ. Gdrrgff Hagar ' , 8557. LMWNG - - - - .. 3 Dons. Huhdlp, .Bunce M ers - K QI BEST HOMEMI-lKf.RS..-, - 9- A.w,,,,,, Jofmf fr. Powrpf BIGGEST Bnunfs , , po, P. pu I Cclfwfsr U- -f PHOTO swom- TENVH rmwn, 7 6 S05 MOVEMEN7' f fr f 19 ON 547020410 OX9 HOOK' I 'S 56 1 Q Q ei X 1 f 4 - I J.. Wm if 'h-""f -k 1' K Z, 1 N If X 2 I D 'e' 2! y J LS X ' I 3 v' v XL 5:1 K' ' ' X ' T -- 1 ' W D rfb 5, Nfl ,-'yn w -f ' Q f " Y D A, j , 'Will 01 045 44 N 3 ' 1 fn wrllfs wlu iq ff, Su 5' Q Q 2 CHARLIFS 4 mm fm"-ff'2'f,f - seas pgs! ooA SHOP Zag : f ,,. .f L - 7 ' I iii?-'ug j W W.- ' f Y ti --f -fi" J' 1 Af'7-f:- , 3 7 Qfvi v -- ' E W I suv--,.-Q . E? Q ii . T fx 5 viii, ' L ' 5 , E , J Fgx Y Ex., W .,-.1 ii ? L ii "i5'f0l6l!l1XfX f . 4 x . I 9 f 1 E z Q 3 . Z 3 i 21. Q 1 M. I 1 1 1 4 Jfffslf 40, Y .fi IW: QA ' I ' 1 11f14+1'Q Q 1 ,,, "5'Ef:7':x: faiffi iiflif - ' g ,E-, 'li-ll 3.32, ig - H A 'Q -N, V V wi, . R. 5 vs '54 'ilu ' Q53 V , V 'f ,ffm i a07Z?'C7'0le!' Y ' M N mosr BAsHFua.,-A.,1'f s. Fmgualcl , l,Bel'fy same mosr POPULAR,.,,,,2-Peyion Haidm- ,uma Hwdlq MOST CONCEITEDW ,... 5-Iofnmy RSYTIUZAS , Fvarrnlo Btn mosr Mascuusvous,,,1ZLanam overbey ,5' A. Idea BIGGEST PESTS 5- Leonard. Sakai, 5' A.Elgg4on. MOST 'STUUIOUS , ,,--, BIGGEST FLlRTS, .-, 7- Marsh lvt.mshad,MuAwLDy0- f fr FYBYILC Schus Y, Ania wlin, N snccesv BULL suoorsnswx- B.Lrdlcr, A.: Lak 'ii I- LAUEST N ,,,.,.,,, 9- Dom? Pcynolb , Ring WITTIESTN-. 4--..10-Qu. mm,,,J',,,L 5,g,,,,,,,, FR1fNvL1fSf. --,5 'A'8-fabggorou , 2--,Si-rn Haul-U7 I . Mn pd' 1: 1 SE IUH MEMIJIHS SEPTEMBER 6-School opened today and we had at last attained "Seniorship". SEPTEMBER 22-The Cardinals exemplified excellent football playing in a tilt with Reids- ville-the score being 13 to 12 in the Lion's favor. OCTOBER 18-"Ye Ole Halls" were filled with chanting cries of "Your wish is my command" as the annual initiation of the Flotilla Club was held. OCTOBER 19-With chills and thrills, the Seniors staged their gay shin-dig tonight in the gym. OCTOBER 30-Congratulations to the twelve Seniors who were initiated into the National Honor Society today. NONVEMBRR 16-"The House of Seven Gables" starring several Seniors, was an ultimate success tonight. NOVEMBER 22-Chosen to reign over Homecoming '45, Doris Hundley was crowned Queen Homecoming VIII at the formal dance given in her honor tonight, attended by "Frannie" Barr and "B" Hylton. DECEMBER 6-The Redbirds encountered their first basketball game tonight in the gym with a 47-28 win over Stuart High. FEBRUARY 1-With regret, the Senior Class bade farewell to Associate Principal Charles Saeger as he entered the business world and to our class president, Peyton Hatcher who entered the armed service. George Tsoukatos, vice-president, succeeded "Pate" as President of the Senior Class. FEBRUARY 7-The Thespian's second successful production of the year, "Nine Girlsn was staged tonight. FEBRUARY 22-The Monogram Club's George Washington Birthday Dance was quite a gala affair! MARCH 26-"Foot Loose," the play given by the Seniors tonight as their annual pro- duction was "super-duper," with the whole-hearted support of each senior. APRXL 12-Our Senior class was well represented in the numerous contests at the Virginia Literary and Athletic League District Meeting in Lynchburg today. MAX' 24-The spotlight focuses upon all Seniors as they celebrate "their" day-CLASS DAY. MAY 51-The Senior Prom with all the colorful dresses, the lovely flowers, lifting melodies was exquisite in every respect. JUNE 2-With the realization that our high school days are drawing to a close, we donned U our caps and gowns for our baccalaureate sermon today. JUNE 7-We end our years' book today, realizing that we have completed six chapters of hard work and happiness, and that we possess cherished memories of these days. As we receive our diplomas, we bid farewell to G. W., its faculty and student body. 51323 fThrough Courtesy of The Cbatterboxj .Uaoib 13 H is MVB' . g, 'sv' I lb By 7400 efsicabd anal an 599 Now that it's spring again we are reminded of spring jokes and summer jokes-some are jokes and some arerft . . . but nevertheless, we'll con- tinue with this column and let you decide for yourselves. We know you'll like them. Now we'll stop twisting your arm!!!!! Regardless of certain restrictions at school this year we still had fun. Why, we even had our own printing press in the basement-and it waxn't to print money . . . no . . . we printed out-of-class- permits and Pat "the penman" signed 'em. Now it can be told!!!!! A little on the serious side now-our memories of G. W. are lasting and we'll always remember our alma mater as the spot we had our most enjoyable times and spent the best years of our lives. In fact most of them. CNote to readers: We don't know why Brewer's getting so sentimental-studs not leaving.-J. J. 8: A. E.j johnny Wood: Oh, I just hit my crazy bone. Cynthia Ann Corcoran: You poor thing! You must hurt all over. The only thing Adam would recognize if he came back to earth would be the jokes. Weather Bureau Lindo White: Do you think it will rain? Susie Upchurch: I don't know--it all depends on the weather. fWe haven't decided wbctbrr this is a joke or not. We really aren't trying to snow you. But maybe you'll catch on in dew time. We adore weather 'cause there's so much of itilj, Learn Your History Patt Murphy: Phyllis Fralin thinks july the Fourth was one of our kings. I-I. A. Burnett: That's really funny. What country was he king of? Men Wanted Jeanne Dyer: What do you prefer best in a man . . . personality, money, or appearance? Nell Marie Hamlin: Appearance . . . and the sooner the better!!! N333 How True, How True! Graham Powers: What's the idea of telling Tommy johnson I was deaf and dumb? jimmy Randall: Oh, did I say deaf? Locked Out!! G. G. Fralin: I can't get in. Buddy Carter: Oh, did your Mother lock you out? G. G.: No, I don't live here. Known Facts! Jimmie Hamlin: My Mother says I'm a wit. Gordon Woody: Well, she's half right. Bang!! Bang!! Bobby Jones: We'll shoot on the count of one. Gene Verner: No, we'll shoot on the count of three. Bobby: No, we'll shoot on account of we don't like each other. Don't ever stop in the pressroom for information . . . if we knew anything we wouldn't be here. Music Corner Will we always have homework? "Till the End of Time" We'll go to church .....,,.,,.... "Some Sunday Morning" johnny Reynolds theme song ..,...,....,..... "I Love You" Christmas ..,..,,,...,,....,.. "It's Been a Long, Long Time" Miss Copeland to Absentees "It Seems To Me I've Heard That Song Before" Captain Dameron: It gives me great pleasure to present you with these two stripes. Walter Igludginsz Why not give me three, sir, and really enjoy yourself. Some people call these jokes gags. Could be because they make them sick. Dick Hurd: XVhy do you keep staring at the food on your plate? Roger Lea: The doctor told me to watch my diet. Leon Graybill: If I saw a man beating a dog and stopped him from doing so-what virtue would I be showing? Richard Wells: Brotherly love. fl X. Qlff' C X il K . V I XJ xl LD THE Bic SHOT or G. W. Llfllllil E BACK by ANNIE TAYLOR Through her halls we have walked, gaily laughing as we talked, In her classrooms We have found the desired knowledge so profound, And to her teachers who gave their time so that each of us might develop his mind We extend our hands in gratitude as we now complete this final interlude. Reviewing the years here happily spent, recalling how swiftly they came and went, When to be a senior was our greatest aim and for this goal we strove to gain, Now we find having won the race, we reluctantly turn to leave the place- Seeing her walls so staunch and strong, surrounding the busy hurrying throng, Her floors daily trod by scurrying feet, her halls often used as a place to meet . . . We recall the assemblies we have seen fthat snake charmer was really on the beam!! And of how daily we climbed those flights of steps Cas for going down, well, the banister helps! J. Then come the memories of dear old Gym, which we took merely to keep us trim, Yet in the gym we did also eat, alistenin' to the music soft and sweet. Then there was first period, only an hour long, and you sat lookin' at the clock, alistenin' for the gong! On to second class, then through third: commenced the fourth: oh dear, the thundering herd! It was just the Juniors on their way to chow-poor Seniors, another half hour to bear! The last year, oh my! how it did fly, nine weeks' test a-staring in the eye, And you wondered why--? oh why?? Did you have to suffer so, before you could die? But then those happy dances by the old jute box, giving out with the jive many good trots, And the figures that were cut by the bobby sox, never regarding the clock's tick-tocks. It took all these things to make up school, just as a ball and a cue go to make pool, And we wouldn't have missed it for anything, in fact we wouldn't mind doing it over again! So to her, the school of whom we boast, we'd like to present this final toast: Here's to you, G. W. High, Hearts full of love for days gone by, For within your walls we found cheer and joy, An individual spot for each girl and boyg We think of you now with gratitude sublime, You will remain in our hearts, aye, for all time! 51343 SE IUH IIIHEIITUHY LEONA DALE AMOS Handicraft Club, '41, Dramatic Club, '41, Knitting Club, '42, Press Club, '44-'46, Chatterbox Staff, '44-'46, Flotilla Club, '44-'46, Sub-Deb Club, '45-'46, Stationery Committee, '45-'46. MARGARET EMILY ANDERSON President Homeroom, '40-'41-'42-'43, Secre- tary Homeroom, '44-'45, Vice-President Home- room, '45-'46, Glee Club, '41-'42-'43, Public Speaking Club, '41, Press Club, '42-'43, Girl Reserves, '43-'44, Flotilla, '44-'45-'46, Co- Circulation Manager CAVALIER, '45-'46, Dra- matics Club, '46, Music Appreciation Class, '45- '46, American Legion Award, '42, Woodrow Wilson. FRANCES LUCILLE ANDERSON Girl Reserves, '43-'44, Library Assistant, Service Award, Flotilla Club, '45-'46. '44 , FRANCES MARIE BARR Knitting Club, '40-'41, Travel Club, '41-'42, Secretary-Treasurer of Homeroom, '41-'42, Glee Club, '40-'44, Girl Reserve Club, '43-'44, Flotilla Club, '44-'46, Press Club, '44-'45, Chatterbox Staff, '44-'45, Assistant Circula- tion Manager of the Chatterbox, '44-'45, Dra- matic Club, '45-'46, "Nine Girls," '46, National Thespian Society, '46, Cheerleader, '45-'46, Homecoming A t t e n d a n t, '45, CAVALIER Staff, '46, Sub Deb Club, '44-46. MARY ELIZABETH BARR Sewing Club, '40, Vice-President of Homeroom, '41, Glee Club, '41-43, Flotilla Club, '45, Secretary-Treasurer of Homeroom, '42, Latin Club, '44. CLARENCE TRAYNHAM BARTEE, JR. Model Airplane Club, '40-'41, Woodwork Club, '41-'42, Radio and Television Club, '42-'43, Print Shop Club, '44-'45, Military Corps, '42- '46, Corporal, '43-'44, Sergeant, '44-'45, Staff Sergeant, '45-'46, Industrial Arts Distinguished Service Award, '44-'45, Public Speaking Divi- sion Literary Club, '44-'45 , Technical Operator and Announcer for CAVALIER Radio Station "G. W. H. S.", '45-'46, Distributive Education Club, '44-'45-'46, President Distributive Edu- cation Club, '45-'46, lst Sergeant, '46, 2nd Lieutenant in Military Corps, '46. JEAN BEATTY President Homeroom, '39, Etiquette Club, '40, Typing Club, '41, Glee Club, '39-'40-'4l-'42- '43, Flotilla Club, '43-'44-'45, Vice-President Homeroom, '40, BRUCE SWANSON BENEFIELD Press Club, '40-'43, Editor, "Wilsonian", '42- '43, American Legion Award, '42, Glee Club, '43, Company Clerk, Military Corps, '44, Sgt. Major, Military Corps, '45, Battalion Adju- tant, '4S-'46, National Honor Society, '45- '46, Thespian, '44-'46, "Pride and Prejudice", '45, "Jane Eyre", '44, "Janie", '45, Jr. Rotarian, '45-'46, Press Club, '45-'46, Business Manager CAVALIER Staff, '45 -'46, Literary Con- testant, '46, President Homeroom, '40-'44, International Relations Club, '44-'46, Student Council, '43-'46, Service Award, '44, Judiciary Council, '44-'46, Stationery Committee, '45- '46, Chatterbox Staff, '45-'46, Quill and Scroll, '46, Senior Play, Footloose, '46, Dramatic Club, '43-'46, Cadet Commission, '46, Press Club, '46. HENRY GRADY BENNETT, JR. Vice President of Victory Club, '42-'43, Man- ager School Store, '43-'46, Tennis Team, '45- '46, Service Award, '44, Hi-Y Club, '44- '46, Monogram Club, '46, Judiciary Council, '44-'46, Junior Rotarian, '46, Secretary Rifle Club, '46, Traffic Committee, '44. ARLIE KENDALL BRAY Girl Reserves, '40-'41, Student Council, '42-'43, Dramatic Club, '40-'42-'43-'44, Handicraft Club, '40-'42, Glee Club, '42-'43, Dramatic Class, '45-'46. FRANCES LOUISE BRINCEFIELD Glee Club, '40-'42, Dramatics Club, '41-'42, Handicraft Club, '41, Girl Reserves, '40'43, Knitting Club, '41-'42, Stationery Club, '45- '46, National Honor Society, '45-'46, 51353 CHRISTINE BRUMFIELD Woodrow Wilson,Secretary-Treasurer of Home- room, '40-'41, Red Cross Club, '41-'42, Glee Club, '42-'43, Number One Honor Student, '42-'43, Secretary-Treasurer of Homeroom, '43-'44, Honor Society, '45-'46, Staff Typist of the Cavalier, '45-'46, Secretary of School Store, '45-'46. MARGARET JAMES BUCK Knitting Club, '42, Dramatic Club, '41-'42, Glee Club, '40-'44, Girl Reserves, '41-'42, Library Assistant, '41-'42, Library Assistant's Club, '41-'42, President of Homeroom, '40-'42, Service Award, '43-'44, National Honor Society, '44-'46, Literary Editor of the Cavalier, '45-'46, Stationery Committee, '45-'46, Press Club, '45-'46, Junior Business Woman for October, '45, Literary Contestant for Public Speaking, '46, Student Bank Assistant, '45-'46, Pepsi-Cola Scholarship Contest, '46, Ticket Committee, "Pride and Prejudice", '44, Pills- bury Flour Scholarship Contest, '46, Valedic- torian, '46, ETTA VIRGINIA CANTRELL Home Economics Club, '41, Library Club, '43, G. W. Glee Club, '45, Red Cross Club, '42, Hobby Club, '40, Nature Club, '41. TERRY CAWLEY Student Council, '40, Glee Club, '40-'4l-'42- '43, Library Assistant, '45-'46, Jr. High Liter- ary Club, '40-'41, Flotilla Club, '44-'45-'46. McLIN CHOATE Chairman Homeroom Program, '41, Glee Club, '40-'41, Private Military Corps, '43-'44, Pfc. Military Corp, '45, Corporal Military Corp, '46, "Foot-Loose", '46, Science Club, '46. JOHN HAINES COFFEY Latin Club, '42-'43, "St, Francis Spreads Christ- mas Joy", '44, "Janie," '45, "House of the Seven Gables", '45, Dramatic Club, '45-'46, Junior Rotarian, '46. FRANCES ELIZABETH COLLIE Flotilla Club, '45-'46, President of International Relations Club, '45-'46, President of Home- room, '40-'41, Secretary of Homeroom, '41-'42, Sponsor of Company A, '45-'46, Junior Red Cross Council, '45-'46, Knitting Club, '40-'41, Junior Queen, '44-'45, CAVALIER Staff, '45-'46, Chatterbox Staff, '42-'43, Circulation Staff of the Chatterbox, '45-'46, Press Club, '45-'46, Sub-Deb Club, '44-'46, President of the Sub- Deb Club, '45-'46, MILDRED LOUISE COVINGTON Transferred from Dana High School, Flotilla Club, '45-'46. JOHN THOMAS CREWS Harmonica Club, '41, Football Team, '43-'45, Basketball Team, '44-'45, Vice-President of Homeroom, '42-'44, Secretary and Treasurer of Homeroom, '40-'43, Monogram Club, '45. RUSSELL REID DAVIS Hi-Y Club, '44-'46, Homeroom President, '45- '46, Baseball Team, '46, MARY ELIZABETH DODSON President Girl Reserves, '43-'44, Junior Red Cross Council, '40-'41, National Honor Society, '44-'46, Secretary National Honor Society, '45- '46, Handicraft Club, '41-'42, Glee Club, '40- '43, Press Club, '44-'45-'46, Associate Editor Chatterbox, '44-'45, Editor of Chatterbox, '45- '46, Art Editor CAVALIER, '45-'46, Judiciary, '44-'46, Vice-President Homeroom, '44-'45, Quill and Scroll, '45-'46, International Rela- tions Club, '44-'46, Dramatics Club, '45-'46, Thespian, '46, Secretary Senior Class, '45-'46, Girl Reserves, '41-'44, Flotilla, '44-'46, Junior Business Woman, '46, Sub-Debs, '46. RUTH ELIZABETH DODSON Friendship Club, '43-'44, Red Cross Knitting Club, '41-'42, Victory Corps, '43-'44, Typing Club, '41-'42, Handicraft Club, '40-'41, Dra- matic Club, '40, Flotilla Club, '44-'46, Know Your City Club, '39, Travel Club, '42-'43, School Orchestra, '44-'45. SYBIL FRANCES DOVE D. E. Club, '44-'45, Flotilla Club, '45-'46, Press Club, '42, Photographer's Club, '42- '43. rises, DORIS DEAN DUNN Transferred from Gibsonville High School, '43, Flotilla Club, '43-'46, Secretary-Treasurer Home Room, '45-'46, BILL DURHAM Safety Patrol, '39-'41, Camp Craft Club, '40, Press Club, '41-'42, Taxidermi Club, '40, Mili- tary Corps, '43, Vice-President D. E. Club, '44. MILDRED ESTELLE DYER Flotilla Club, '45-'46. BETTY MARIE EDWARDS Girl Reserves, '40-'41, Red Cross Knitting Club, '42, Handicraft Club, '42-'43, Library Assistant, '42-'43, Glee Club, '40-'42, Flotilla Club, '45-'46. VIRGINIA ANN EGGLESTON Press Club, '43-'46, Dramatic Club, '45-'46, Handicraft Club, '40-'41, Girl Reserves, '40- '4l, Flotilla Club, '43-'46, President Home- room, '41-'42, Vice-President Homeroom, '40- '41, Chatterbox Staff, '43-'46, CAVALIER Staff, '45-'46, Advertising Manager Chatterbox, '44- '4S, Properties Committee "Janie", Trafhc Club, '40-'41, Typing Club, '41-'42, D. E. Club, '42-'43, Secretary-Treasurer Handicraft Club, '41-'42, Secretary-Treasurer Homeroom, '45-'46, Production Manager "Nine Girls", '46. ARLENE MARIE ELLIOTT Dramatics Club, '40-'41, Glee Club, '42, Stu- dent Council, '43-'44, Service Award, '43, Honor Society, '45-'46, Stationery Committee, '45-'46. BETTY JANE EVANS Literary Club, '42-'43, Secretary-Treasurer Homeroom, '42, Flotilla Club, '44-'46, National Honor Society, '45-'46, WILLIAM RUSSELL FITZGERALD, JR. QTransferred from Martinsville High Schoolj Hi-Y, '44-'46, Monogram Club, '44-'46, Vice- President D. E. Club, '45-'46, Football, '44-'45, Athletic Club, '45-'46, Student Council, '43- '44, CAVALIER Staff, '45-'46, Victory Corps, '43-'44. ANNE MARIE FLOYD Girl Reserves, '40-'44, Secretary Girl Reserves, '42, Flotilla Club, '44-'46, Secretary Flotilla Club, '45-'46, Knitting Club, '40-'41, Know Your City Club, '41-'42, Secretary Homeroom, '45-'46, Traflic Club, '41-'42, "Bunny Queen", '43 s I MILDRED LEE FOWLER Secretary of the Etiquette Club, '42, Flotilla Club, '45-'46, Stationery Committee, '44-'46. MARGARET LITTON FOX Sewing Club, '40-'41, Travel Club, '40-'41, Glee Club, '40-'42, Library Assistant, '43, Dramatic Club, '41-'42, International Rela- tions Club, '44-'45, National Honor Society, '45-'46, Press Club, '45-'46, Chatterbox Staff, '45-'46, Dramatics, '45-'46, "For Whom The Telephone Rings,", Chatterbox Columnist, '45- '46, Alumni Editor of the Chatterbox, '45-'46, Delegate to the Columbia Press Convention, '46, Victory Club, '40-'41, National Thespians, '45- '46, BARTE FRIX Girl Reserves, '39-'40, Dramatic Club, '39-'40, "call It A Day", '40, Handicraft Club, '40, Knitting Club, '41-'42, Library Assistant, '41- '42, Library Assistant Club, '41-'42, Press Club, '43-'44, National Honor Society, '44-'46, Chatterbox Staff, '43-'44. FRANCES ELIZABETH FULTON Knitting Club, '40-'41, Girl Reserve Club, '42- '43, Secretary-Treasurer of Homeroom, '43-'44, Flotilla Club, '44-'46. LYDIA LEE GARDNER Knitting Club, '40-'41, Glee Club, '41, Girl Reserves, '42-'43, Flotilla Club, '44-'45, Vice- President of the Flotilla Club, '45-'46, Press Club, '45-'46, Vice-President of the Inter- national Relations Club, '4S -'46 , Honor Society, '44-'46, Sub Deb Club, '44-'46. fm, ELSIE LOUISE GAMMON Flotilla Club, '44-'46, Dramatic Club, '44-'45, Girl Reserves, '43-'44, Transferred from Gretna High in '42. CHARLES GILLIE Hi-Y Club, '44-'46, Radio Club, '42, Biology Club, '43, Class President, '41. SALLY ANN GREEN Library assistant, '42-'44, Flotilla Club, '44- '46, International Relations Club, '45, Secre- tary-Treasurer Homeroom, '44-'45, Dramatics Club, '41, Knitting Club, '42, Glee Club, '41- '43, Stationery Committee, '45-'4s. MARGARET ELIZABETH GROVES Transferred from Vfoodrow Wilson junior High School, '41, Girl Reserves, '41-'43, Student Council, '43-'44, Library Assistant, '42-'44, Glee Club, '44-'46, Flotilla Club, '45-'46. VIRGINIA ESTELLE GUTHRIE Vice-President of-the 4-H Club, '41-'42, 4-H Club, '40-'44, 4-H Club reporter, '40-'41, Secretary-Treasurer of 4-H Club, '42-'43, Vice- President of Homeroom, '42-'43, Class His- torian, '41-'42, Basketball Team, '43-'44, Soft- ball Team, '42-'44. DOROTHY MAE HAITHCOCK Girl Reserves, '41, Red Cross Club, '41, Handi- craft Club, '42, Knitting Club, '42. ROBERT SALEEM HAGAR Hiking Club, '40-'41, Press Club, '40-'41, Glee Club, '42-'44, Eagle Scout, '42, Hi-Y Club, '43-'46, Student Council, '44-'46, "Pride and Prejudice", '44, National Honor Society, '44- '46, Vice-President National Honor Society, '45- '46, "Janie", '45, President Glee Club, '44-'45, Dramatics Club, '45-'46, "The House of Seven Gables", '45, CAVALIER Staif, '45-'46, Vice- President junior Class, '44-'45. AUDREY LEE HAMMOCK Library Club, '41-'42, Hiking Club, '42, Red Cross Club, '43, Library Assistant, '42-'43, Chairman Costume Committee "House of Seven Gables", '45, Flotilla, '45-'46. BUDDY HARAWAY Secretary-Treasurer Homeroom Club, '38-'39, President Homeroom, '38-'41, Student Council, '38-'41, President Model Airplane Club, '39- '40, President Etiquette Club, '40-'41, Rail- road Club, '40-'41, Vice-President Traffic Club, '41-'43, Hi-Y, '42-'46, Private, Military Corps, '42-'43, Sergeant, Military Corps, '44-'45, First Sergeant Military Corps, '44-'45, Vice-President Homeroom, '42-'43, Cheerleader, '43-'44, Captain of Cheerleaders, '44-'45, Monogram Club, '43-'46, GLORIA CARLENE HARDY Girl Reserves, '41-'42, Knitting Club, '40, Handicraft Club, '42, Dramatics Club, '41-'42, TOMMY HARRISON Hi-Y Club, '45-'46, Monogram Club, '45-'46, Student Council, '41, Tennis Team, '45-'46. PATSY RUTH HASTY Red Cross Club, '41, Dramatic Club, '41, Hiking Club, '40, Press Club, '42, Homeroom President, '42, Library Assistant, '44, Honor Society, '45, Glee Club, '45-'46, Press Club, '45-'46, Feature Editor of the CAVALIER Staff, '45-'46, VIRGINIA FRANCES HAYMES Victory Corps, '43-'44, Glee Club, '44, Girl Reserve Club, '43-'44 Flotilla Club, '44-'46. JULIA HILLER Library assistant, '41-'45, Library Club, '41- '42, Service Award, '44. 51383 MARTHA ANN HOULTON Glee Club, '40-'44, Dramatic Club, '40, Knit- ting Club, '41, Library Club, '41, Girl Reserves, '40-'41, Flotilla Club, '44-'46, International Relations Club, '45, Honor Society, '45-'46, Cavxuen Staff, '45 -'46, Library Assistant, '41, Junior Business Woman, '45 , President of Homeroom, '44-'45, Secretary-Treasurer of Homeroom, '4s-'46. DORIS SELENA HUNDLEY Flotilla Club, '44-'46, Program Chairman Flotilla Club, '45-'46, President Inter Club Council, '45-'46, Student Council, '45-'46, Dramatics Club, '44-'45-'46, Vice-President Thespians, '44-'46, "Janie", '45, "Pride and Prejudice", '44, "The House of Seven Gables", '45, "The Haunted Theatre", '45, Homecom- ing Queen, '45, Sponsor Military Corp, '44-'45. RICHARD DAVIS HURD Student Council, '41-'42, Model Airplane Club, '41-'42, Junior Athletic Club, '42-'43, Presi- dent of Homeroom, '42-'43, President of Home- room, '45-'46, Vice-President of I-Iomeroom, '41-'44, Monogram Club, '45-'46, Manager of the Football Team '45, Basketball Team, '44- '45, Basketball Captain, '45-'46, Secretary of the Danville Athletic Club, '45-'46. MARTHA BLAIR HYLTON Knitting Club, '41, Dramatics Club, '41, Stu- dent Council, '4l-'42, Flotilla Club, '44-'45- '46, International Relations Club, '45-'46, Sub Deb Club, '45-'46, Press Club, '43-'44-'45-'46, Chatterbox Staff, '43-'44-'45-'46, News Editor Chatterbox Staff, '45-'46, CAVALIER Staff, '45- '46, President Homeroom, '44-'45, Vice-Presi- dent Homeroom, '45 -'46 , National Honor Society, '45-'46, Homecoming Attendant, '45, Sponsor Company B, '45-'46, Stationery Com- mittee, '45-'46. FRANCES VERNELL INGRAM Homeroom Club, '41, Red Cross Club, '41, Glee Club, '42-'43. MARGIE MARIE JAMES Dramatic Club, '41-'42, Poetry and Public Speaking Club, '42-'43, D. E. Class, '45, Honor Society, '45-'46. VIRGINIA ANN JOHNSON Transferred from Greensboro, North Carolina, Chatterbox Staff, '44-'46, Press Club, '44-'46, CAVALIER Staff, '45-'46, International Rela- tions Club, '45-'46. National Thespians, '46, Quill and Scroll, '46, Dramatics Club, '46, "Nine Girls", '46. MARYLE JONES Dramatics Club, '40-'46, Handicraft Club, '42- '43, Virginia Latin Tournament, '44, Library Assistant, '43-'44, Vice-President Homeroom, '44-'45, Secretary International Relations Club, '44-'45, International Relations Club, '44-'46, National Honor Society, '44-'46, Thespian, '44- '46, Flotilla Club, '44-'46, Advertising Assist- ant Chatterbox, '44-'45, Circulation Manager Chatterbox, '45-'46, "Pride and Prejudice", '44, "The Haunted Theatre", '45, "The House of Seven Gables", '45, Feature Editor of CAVALIER, '45-'46, Press Club, '44-'45-'46, Student Council, '45-'46, Quill and Scroll, '46, Virginia Literary League, '44, Virginia Literary League, '45. KATHERINE ANN KEELING Auditorium Committee, '41-'42, Girl Reserves, '40-'43, Treasurer Girl Reserves Club, '41-'42, American Legion Award, '42, Judiciary Com- mittee, '44-'45-'46, International Relations Club, '44-'46, National Honor Society, '43-'46, President National Honor Society, '45 -'46, Stage Set Committee "Pride and Prejudice", '45, Flotilla Club, '44-'46, Treasurer Flotilla Club, '45 -'46, Assistant Business Manager CAVALIER, '46, Junior Business Woman, '46, Business Assistant Chatterbox, '45-'46, Press Club, '45- '46, Stationery Committee, '46, Pepsi-Cola Scholarship Contest, '46. BENJAMIN WILLIAMSON LEWIS Monogram Club, '45-'46, Hi-Y Club, '43-'46, Danville Junior Rifle Club, '45-'46, P. F. C. in Military Corps, '43, Corporal in Military Corps, '44, Sergeant in Military Corps, '45, Tennis Team, '45-'46. 51393 DOROTHY QUINN LEWIS Dramatics Club, '41-'45-'46, Knitting Club, '41-'42, Glee Club, '42, Girl Reserves, '42-'43- '44, Flotilla Club, '45-'46, Service Award, '44, Library Assistant, '44, International Relations Club, '45-'46, Chatterbox Staff, '45-'46, "Nine Girls", '46, "For Whom the Telephone Rings", '46, Safety Club, '41, National Thespian Society, '45-'46, JANET ELIZABETH LEWIS Glee Club, '42-'44, Chatterbox Staff, '44-'46, Associate Editor of the Chatterbox, '45-'46, Press Club, '44-'46, President of the Press Club, '45-'46, Quill and Scroll, '44-'46, Honor Society, '44-'46, CAVALIER Staff, '45-'46, Fea- ture Editot of the Cavalier, '45-'46, Pepsi-Cola Scholarship Contest, '46. BONNIE JEANNETTE LOCKERMAN Dramatics Club, '41, Knitting Club, '41-'42, Glee Club, '41, Girl Reserves, '41-'42-'43-'44, Flotilla Club, '44-'45-'46, Chatterbox Staff, '45-'46, Press Club, '45-'46, International Rela- tions Club, '45-'46, Secretary-Treasurer Home- room, '45-'46, Library Assistant, '45, Station- ery Committee '45-'46. MURRAY HARRELL LOWENSTEIN Woodshop Club, '41-'42, Radio Club, '42-'43, Travel Club, '43-'44, Second Lieutenant in Military Corps, '44-'45, First Lieutenant in Military Corps, '45, Captain in Military Corps, '45-'46, Cadet Commission, '45-'46, "For Whom the Telephone Rings", '45-'46, Major, Military Corps, '46. BILL LUTHER Vice-President Homeroom, '38-'39, President Homeroom, '39-'40-'45, Secretary-Treasurer Homeroom, '40-'41-'42-'43, Assistant Manager School Store, '40, Manager School Store, '42, Jr. Varsity Football Team, '40-'41, Football Team, '41-'42, Monogram Club, '41-'42, Hi-Y Club, '41-42, Assistant Football Coach, '45, Dramatics Club, '45-'46, "Foot-Loose", '46, 30 Months in the U. S. Army. ELIZABETH HOPE LYON Student Council, '40-'46, Secretary-Treasurer Handicraft Club, '41-'42, Girl Reserves, '41- '42, Vice-President Girl Reserves, '42, Secre- tary-Treasurer Girl Reserves, '42-'43, Flotilla Club, '44-'46, President Flotilla, '4s-'46, Glee Club, '40-'41-'42-'43, International Relations Club, '45-'46, President Student Council, '45- '46, Press Club, '45 -'46, Art Editor CAVALIER, '45-'46, Art Club, '45-'46, Junior Business Woman, '45-'46, Student Council Delegate National Southern Convention, '46, D. A. R. Award, '46, Open House Council, '45-'46, Class Prophet. DONALD FRAZIER MABE International Relations Club, '44-'45, Military Corps, '44-'45, Corporal in Military Corps, '45, Secretary-Treasurer of Homeroom, '44-'45. DOROTHY LOREANA MAJOR Glee Club, '42, Flotilla Club, '44-'46, Girl Reserves, '43, Service Award, '43, Library Assistant, '44-'45. Woodrow Wilson. CHARLOTTE LEE MARSHALL Dramatic Club, '41, Hiking Club, '42, Secre- tary of the Nature Club, '41-'42, Glee Club, '42-'43, Secretary of Homeroom, '42. MARSH MONTAGUE MARSHALL Woodrow Wilson, Science Club, '41, Basket- ball Manager of Press Club, '42, Baseball, Basketball, Football Manager, '45, Military Corps, '44-'46. 51403 DOROTHY ODEAN MARSHALL Glee Club, '40-'43, International Relations Club, '44-'45, Press Club, '44, Flotilla Club, '44-'46, Dramatic Club, '40-'41, Girl Reserves, '40-'41, Honor Society, '45-'46, Thespians, '46, Cavausn Staff, '45-'46, "Nine Girls", '46, Dramatics, '45-'46, Chatterbox Staff, '44, Secretary of Homeroom, '41-'42, Literary Club, '40-'4l. EDWARD ELI MATNEY Woodshop Club, '40-'41, Student Council, '41- '42, President Homeroom, '42-'43, Military Corps, '42-'43-'44-'45-'46, Major Military Corps, '44-'45-'46, Football Team, '42-'44-'45, Monogram Club, '45-'46, Junior Athletic Club, '41-'42, National Honor Society, '45-'46, Eagle Scout, '4l. CATHERINE BELLE MATSATSOS Library Assistant, '43, Friendship Club, '42, Knitting Club, '41, Dramatic Club, '42. ALBERT OSBORNE Airplane Club, '40, Athletic Club, '41, Basket- ball Team, '44-'46. ROY REUBIN PAYNE, JR. Model Airplane Club, '40-'41, Secretary and Treasurer of Homeroom, '45-'46, P. F. C. in Military Corps, '43-'44, Corporal in Military Corps, '44-'45, Sergeant in Military Corps, '45- '46. MAE CATHERINE PEAVY Girl Reserves, '40-'43, Nature Club, '40-'41, Red Cross Club, '41-'42, D. E. Club, '45-'46. FAY MARCELINE PERKINS Flotilla Club, '43-'46, Vice-President Home Room, '44-'45, President Home Room, '45-'46, Trafhc Club, '42-'43, Girl Reserves. HELEN CLYDE POTEAT Girl Reserves, '40-'41, Dramatic Club, '43-'44, Flotilla Club, '45-'46. AUDREY MAE POWELL Hiking Club, '41-'42, Glee Club, '42-'43, Secretary Homeroom, '43-'44. ANNE ESTELLE RAGSDALE Home Economics Club, '41, Hiking Club, '42- '43, Secretary of Library Club, '43, Library Assistant, '41-'43, Glee Club, '43-'45, Red Cross Club, '42. MARY PAGE RAY Hiking Club, '40-'41, Athletic Club, '40-'41, Nature Club, '41-'42, Music Club, '41-'42, Glee Club, '41-'42, Secretary of Homeroom, '41-'42, Traffic Club, '42-'43, Press Club, '45- '46, Chatterbox Staff, '45-'46. JOHN ARCHER REYNOLDS Wfoodshop Club, '39-'41, Airplane Club, '40- '41, Athletic Club, '41-'42, Football Team, '42- '45, Basketball Team, '43-'44, Monogram Club, '43-'44-'45, Treasurer Monogram Club, '45 . MAYNARD REYNOLDS Monogram Club, '44-'46, Football Team, '43- '46, Basketball Team, '45-'46. LEO HA RRY SAKELLARIS Student Council, '40, Vice-President of Home- room, '43-'45, P. F. C. in Military Corps, '43, Corporal in Military Corps, '44, Lieutenant in Military Corps, '45, International Relations Club, '45-'46, CAVALIER Staff, '46, Stationery Committee, '46, Model Airplane Club, '40, Stage Properties Senior Play. MARY LELA SAUNDERS Junior Dramatic Club, '40-'41, Handicraft Club, '40-'41, Travel Club, '41-'42, Girl Reserves, '42-'44, Chatterbox Staff, '45-'46, Press Club, '45-'46, National Thespians, '46, "Nine Girls", '46, Dramatics, '45-'46. N411 RUTH ELEANOR SAVAGE President of Homeroom, '39-'40, Secretary of Homeroom, '42-'43, Girl Reserves, '39-'42, Glee Club, '42-'43, Traflic Club, '42-'43. RUTH GERALDINE SAWYERS Knitting Club, '40-'41, President of Home- room, '40-'41, ANNABELLE SCEARCE Hiking Club, '41, Glee Club, '41-'43, Dra- matics, '42-'43, Homeroom Club, '41, FRANK SCHUSTER Student Council, '42-'44, President Homeroom, '44-'45, American Legion Award, '41-'42, 2nd Lieutenant Military Corps, '44-'45, lst Lieu- tenant Military Corps, '45 -'46, Junior Rotarian, '45-'46, Best Citizen, '45-'46, Chatterbox Staff, '45-'46, Chairman Stationery Sales, '45-'46, Editor of CAVALIER, '45-'46, "Lest We Forget", '45, "Gallant Lady", '46, Pepsi-Cola Scholar- ship Contest, '46, Pillsbury Flour Scholarship Contest, '46, State Literary Latin Tournament, 4th place, '44, Press Club, '45-'46, National Honor Society, '43-'46, International Relations Club, '45-'46, Captain in Military Corps, '46, Quill and Scroll, '46, Honorary Science Award, '46, Vice-President Science Club, '46, LEONARD BENJAMIN SELIG Came from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, '42, Glee Club, '42-'45, Dramatic Club, '45-'46, Press Club, '44-'45, Military Corps, '45-'46, VENDA VENELL SHARP Dramatic Club, '40-'41, Handicraft Club, '41- '42, Vice-Presidentiof Homeroom, '40, Secre- tary and Treasurer of Homeroom, '42, Debat- ing Team, '43-'46, Chatterbox Staff, '43-'44, International Relations Club, '44-'46, News Editor of the Chatterbox, '44-'45, Quill and Scroll, '44-'46, Honor Society, '45-'46, Presi- dent of Homeroom, '45-'46, Junior Business Woman, '46, Press Club, '43-'46, Associate Editor of the Chatterbox, '45-'46, Flotilla Club, '45-'46, Service Award, '44, BEULAH MAE SHELTON Hiking Club, '41, Glee Club, '42-'43, Dra- matics, '42-'43, Homeroom Club, '41, Flotilla Club, '45-'46, Basketball Team, '42-'43, MARY IRENE SHELTON Athletic Club, '39-'40, Knitting Club, '39, Homeroom Club, '39, Hiking Club, '40, Glee Club, '41-'43, Basketball Club, '40-'42, D. E. Club, '45-'46, Flotilla Club, '45-'46, BETTY FRANCES SHUMATE Glee Club, '40-'41, Girl Reserves, '41-'42, Press Club, '43-'44, Flotilla Club, '44-'46, National Honor Society, '45-'46, Service Award, '44, Chatterbox Staff, '43-'44, MARGARET NEAL SPOONER Secretary Nature Club, '42, Glee Club, '42-'43, Homeroom Club, '41, CATHERINE ALETA STEPHENS Girl Reserve, '41-'43, Flotilla Club, '44-'45, Knitting Club, '42, Handicraft Club, '41, Dramatic Club, '41, BILLY GENE STONE Woodrow Wilson High QModel Airplane Club, '41-'42, Hiking Club, '42-'43, Basketball and Baseball team, '43j, Military Corps, '44-'46, ANNE MARIE SWAIN Glee Club, '40-'46, International Relations Club, '45, Honor Society, '45-'46, CAVALIER Staff, '45-'46, Press Club, '43-'44, Red Cross Club, '42-43, Secretary Home Economics Club, '41-'43, Poetry and Public Speaking Club, '41- '42, Secretary Homeroom Club, '41, Library Assistant, '45-'46, Class Salutatorian, '45-'46, President, Junior Music Study Club, '44-'45, ANN TAYLOR Transferred from Yanceyville, North Carolina, '44, Class Will. 1:1421 DORA PAULINE TAYLOR Friendship Club, '43, Travel Club, '42, Library Assistant, '42-44, Student Council, '43-'45, Prose Reader Delegate, '44, Debating Team, '45, Service Award, '44, President of Home- room, '43, Flotilla Club, '44-'46, National Honor Society, '45 -'46, Chatterbox Staff, '45, Associate Editor of CAVALIER, '45-'46, Secre- tary of School Store, '45-'46, Secretary and Treasurer of Junior Class, '44-'45, International Relations Club, '44-'45, Junior Business Woman for November, '45. MARTHA REE THOMAS Victory Club, '41-'42, Library Assistant, '41- '44, Service Award, '44, Cast of "Jane Eyre," '44, Alternate prose reader, '44, Vice-President of Friendship Girl Reserve Club, '44, Debating Team, '45, Travel Club, '42, Knitting Club, '43, Flotilla, '44-'46, Chatterbox Staff, '45-'46, Student Council Representative, '46, Press Club, '45-'46, National Thespian Society, '46, Columnist on Chatterbox, '45-'46, Literary Assistant on Chatterbox, '45-'46, Delegate to Press Convention at Columbia University, '46, "For Whom the Telephone Rings", '46, Class Historian. CHARLES MADISON TRAYNHAM, JR. Athletic Club, '41, Woodshop Club, '41-'42, Military Corps, '42-'43, Chatterbox Staff, '44- '45, Sports Editor CAVALIER, '46, Football Team, '42-'44-'45, Basketball Team, '46, Monogram Club, '44-'45-'46, Junior Rotarian, '46, Press Club, '44-'45-'46, Dramatics Club, '45-'46. GEORGE GUS TSOUKATOS Air Plane Model Club, '42-'43, Woodshop Club, '43-'44, President Homeroom, '43-'44, Secretary-Treasurer of Homeroom, '42-'43, Student Council, '44-'46, Military Corps, '44- '46, Sergeant Major in Military Corps, '45-'46, Vice-President and President of Senior Class, '45-'46, Advertising Manager of the CAVALIER, '46, "House of Seven Gables", '45, "It's Father Who Pays," '44, Junior Rotarian, '46, Senior Play, "Footloose", '46. GENE VERNER Transferred from Clemson High School, '45, Hi-Y Club, '45-'46. RICHARD DOUGLAS VERNON, JR. "All God's Children Got Shoes", '41, Model Airplane Club, '41-'42, Glee Club, '41-'42-'43, President Homeroom, '43-'44, Art Club, '44- '45-'46, "House of Seven Gables", '45, Thes- pian, '46, Military Corps, '44-'45-'46, Pfc. in Military Corps, '45, Corporal Military Corps, '46, Advertising Assistant CAVALIER, '45-'46, Monogram Club, '46, Cheerleader, '45-'46, Treasurer Open House Council, '45 -'46, "The Gallant Lady", '46, Footloose", '46, "Three Dying Swans", '46. MARGARETTE ALMA WAGNER Homeroom Club, '39, Library Club, '40, Hik- ing Club, '40, Glee Club, '43-'44-'45-'46, Flotilla Club, '43-'44-'45-'46, Red Cross Club, '40-'41, Woodrow Wilson. JOHN THOMPSON WALTON, JR. Vice-President Homeroom, '39-'40, Radio Club, '40-'41, Airplane Club, '41, Hi-Y Club, '43, Entered AAF in '44, Received discharge and reentered school in '45. 5 CORNELIA JOSEPHINE WELLMAN Girl Reserves, '40-41, Glee Club, '40-'44, Knitting Club, '41-'42, Service Award, '44, Press Club, '43-'46, Chatterbox Staff, '43-'46, Associate Editor of The Chatterbox, '44-'45, Managing Editor of The Chatterbox, '45-'46, Quill and Scroll, '44-'46, National Honor Society, '45, Flotilla Club, '44-'46. MARJORIE LOU WELLMAN Dramatic Club, '40-'41, Girl Reserves, '42-'44, Glee Club, '42-'45, Flotilla Club, '44-'46. ERNEST WESTBROOK Harmonica Club, '3 8, Model Railroad Club, '39, Monogram Club, '43-'46, Football Team, '41- '42, Class Vice-President, '40-'41. 51431 RAMONA DELL WESTBROOK President of Homeroom, '40-'41, Vice-Presi- dent of Homeroom, '41-'42-'45-'46, Secretary- Treasurer of Homeroom, '42, Glee Club, '41- '46, Press Club, '45-'46, Flotilla Club, '45-'46. DOROTHEA CAROLYN WHITE CAVALIER Typist, '45-'46, Student Council, '42-'45, Victory Corps, '42-'44, Flotilla Club, '45-'46, Junior Dramatic Club, '41-'42, Glee Club, '40-'46, Secretary-Treasurer of Glee Club, '43-'44, Vice-President of Glee Club, '44- '45, President of Glee Club, '45-'46, Junior Music Study Club, '43-'45, Vice-Presidentwof Junior Music Study Club, '44-'45, Stationery Committee, '45-'46, Senior Play "Foot-Loose", '46. VERNON FRANCIS WILKERSON, JR. Model Airplane Club, '40-'42, Vice-President of Homeroom, '42, President of Homeroom, '43, P. F. C. in Military Corps, '42-'43, Corporal in Military Corps, '43-'44, Sergeant in Military Corps, '44-'45, Lieutenant in Mili- tary Corps, '45-'46. MARION MAE WILLIAMS Hiking Club, '41, Junior Red Cross Club, '42, Glee Club, '42, Secretary of Homeroom, '43, Dramatic Club, '43, Glee Club, '44, Girl Reserves, '44, Student Council, '45-'46, Assist- ant Advertising Manager of the CAVALIER, '46, "Foot Loose", Senior Play, '46. MARGARET RACHEL WILMARTH Girl Reserve Club, '41-'42, Glee Club, '40-'4l. CHARLES HENDERSON WILSON, JR. Military Corps, '42-'43, Football Team, '42- '45, Hi-Y Club, '45, Oak Ridge Military Insti- tute, '43-'45. JOHN MYERS WOOD Model Railroad Club, '42-'43, Hi-Y Club, '44- '46, Monogram Club, '44-'46, Military Corps, '43-'46, Corporal, '44, lst Sergeant, '45, lst Lieutenant, '46, Tennis team, '44-'46, Presi- dent of Homeroom, '42-'43, Travel Club, '42- '43, Vice-President of Hi-Y, '45-'46, Captain in Military Corps, '46. KATHRYN ANNE WRENN Dramatics, '45-'46, "Jane Eyre", '44, Vice- President Home Room, '45-'46, Best Home- maker, '46, "Nine Girls", '46, Girl of the Week, '45, "Foot Loose", '46. WALTER ENNIS WYATT Football Team, '44, Travel Club, '42, Military Corps, '44-'46. HELEN FRANCES YEATTS Library Club, '40-'41, Glee Club, '41-'42-'43. 5443 The dvertising Squad 1,1 fl fu Riglrl, Ifirxl Ron: George Tmuknws qM.m.1gcrj, Ifrnncus Clnllic, Annc lfgglcsmxn Bill Fiwgcrald, Odcnn Murslull. I,1jl In Rlyffl, Scrum! Razr: lumdon Ovcrby, Mnrtlm Ilylmn, R. 17. Vurmm, lfrnnccs Ihrr. Hiuillgi Sakcllaris, Mnriun W'ilIi.1n1w. K'l.xrL-nuu lhrtcc lat mikcl. L F f 1-1-5 3 Lffi to Rigbl, Top Row: Joann Hellman, Jeanne Bennett, and Mildred Newman. Bruce Benefleld and Mary Lou Frizzell Cl'l1fFY Row: Virginia johnson, , . Botlom Roux: Charlc Helen Ellison, Mary Miles Purycar. They helped scll ads for the CAVALILK! L146j WE ARE HAPPY TO PRESENT MARY ELIZABETH DODSON, WHOM THE CLASS OE I946 VOTED "THE GIRL OE THE YEAR". THIS AND 446 OTHER INDIVIDUAL PHOTOS OE STUDENTS AND FACULTY APPEARING IN THIS ANNUAL WERE MADE IN OUR STUDIO. 51,173 I GWHS GIRLS CHOOSE DAN RIVER FABRICS Three of the prettiest and most popular girls in the Class of '46 select their favorites from a display of Dan River Fabrics. "B" Hylton is enthusiastic over a black and yellow pattern in I STARSPUN gingham, a plaid with personality . . . plus. Frances V Collie and Frances Barr choose vellum SPUNRAY and blue SKY- TOP for summer sportswear which combines flattery with functionalism, New developments in fabric design, processing, and dyeing have made Dan River Fabrics the choice of leading designers and manufacturers, in both the staple and high-fashion field . . . for comfort, good looks, and long wear. Q RIVERSIDE R DA RIVER I It it Ig Ejl I1483 IOB-OPPORTUNITY FCR THE CLASS OF 1946 Whatever your talents and ability, there is job- opportunity for you at Riverside G Dan River Cotton Mills, Inc .... the largest single-unit textile mill in the world. Founded in 1882, the mills have provided a comfort- able living for thousands ot Danville men and Women . . . and outstanding success for those with exceptional capacity. Wherever you go, YOUR BUSINESS SUCCESS DEPENDS ON YOU. If you have intelligence, initiative, competence, the will to succeed . . . you can do so at Riverside and Dan River. Some of the top-ranking jobs in our organization are held by local graduates who started their business careers with us. We are looking for boys and girls with ambition. We believe in giving young people the chance to develop, in Whatever line they are most interested, and for which they are best suited. Maybe you don't know exactly what you want to do, or what your natural aptitudes are. Come to the Employment Office for an interview, and We will give you placement tests which will help determine your potential ability in various lines of endeavor. GET A IOB WITH A FUTURE . . . RIGHT HERE AT HOIVIE EUTTU MILLS, I E. 1:1491 Congratulations to the Class of '46 Wishing You Success ln Every Worthwhile Venture MERCURY gore! LINCOLN The 1946 Lincoln FOR THE NEW CAR IN YOUR FUTURE SEE Illlllwlll-lll ll lllll IIO N503 Frances Barr and Eddie Mcxtney Voted The Best Dcmcers in G. W. H. S. Ir :mv-11 in wfffxrinq flrl outht from 1r I'1",'Il Aqr' Shop . . . 3rd Floor, I H E R M A N IH1 i vv 1rir11'yrtw I 9 M541 fe1HOf1 B ' "Zanw7le:r Bef! ftore' Llfvlj CONGRATULATIONS TC THE CLASS CF 1946 CHARLES TRAYHAM, IR. I byh S ' C1 B tAth1t H946 192113 legged Q- H521 BILLY LUTHER "BOY OF THE YEAR" CLASS OF 1946 HITCHCOCK STUDIO Portraiture Phone 1835 427 MAIN STREET ..-L,,, 1,, 7 f 1531 I AVERETT COLLEGE DANVILLE, VIRGINIA Harriet Harper, '45, Barbara Bernard, '44, and Florence Crute, '45 fleft to rightl, along with hosts of other GW graduates, mix work and play at Averett College. THERE WAS A LITTLE GIRL . . 'N SHE HAD A LITTLE CURL . . . She was always very wise about dramatizing her femininity . , , She wore wide belts to emphasize her tiny waist . . . and luscious sweaters to accentuate her coloring . . . and she always bought good suits and tweecls and genuine leather bags . . . 'cause she had found out . . . a girl can mix and match her clothes to get new outfits . . . not only through high school . . . but 'till sl'1e's graduated from college . . . FRANCES KAHN was her favorite shop . . . I suppose because FRANCES KAHN has always known . . . school things require especial knowledge. l YOU ARE THAT LITTLE GIRL, aren't you? W W Danville f154-Il Y CHARLIEYS SODA SHOP "THE STUDENTS' HANGOUT" TUNE IN On Your Favorite Radio Programs On 1400 1400 On Your Ill B -lr On Your Dial Dial THE VOICE OF THE PIEDMONT REGION 51553 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OE 1946 QW ineii "The Shop ofLo1vely 'Thin s" BONNIE LOCKERMAN Chosen Best Dressed Congratulations to the Class of '46 REMEMBER: G. W. for education KING COLE for furniture "We have everything" 203 N. UNION STREET Phone 761 H561 I 0 STRATFORD COLLEGE DANVILLE, VIRGINIA IOHN C. SIMPSCDIJ President 0y"'K:o I W MISS MARGAIIIQT BUCK, Valedictorian Congratulates Miss Margaret Buck and ali Seniors ot George Washington High on the completion ot their high school training. May each ot you continue your education in the field of your interest and ability. 667 bring , the Coke" Fey oonuo unon Aurnomv or me cocn-con comunv IV DANVILLE COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO., INC. DANVILLIZ, VIRGINIA fl57j C g 111 1 TI C1055 O1 1946 PRODUCER'S WAREHOUSE 'VD ALICE GARRETT d BILL FITZGERALD Exo: g h T b L CONGRATULATIONS TCD THE CLASS OE 1946 R L DRIVER,Mcmc1gcr Phone 3067 EIL ILIIFE I ' N5lIEAII1QENE. .IIPANY 51583 EFIRD'S DEPARTMENT STORE AND PERSONNEL To The Extend Graduating Best Wishes Class and Success 1946 MISS FRANCES COLLIE B0 Y FRIEND srslifmf R Pepsi-Cola Company, Lana Island City, N. Y. H591 POINTER'S MEN'S SHOP "Styles ol Today with a Touch of Tomorrow" 120 MARKET STREET DANVILLE, VA. COMPLIMENTS BIBEE'S SUPER MARKET "The Scotchman's Paradise" OPPOSITE CITY ARMORY ONE OF YOUR FUTURES MOST VALUABLE ASSETS WILL BE YOUR LIFE INSURANCE PROGRAM -Look to the future with- ELLISON and VAUGHAN INSURANCE AGENCY "Honestly, It's the Best Policy!" MASONIC TEMPLE DANVILLE, VA. Phone 2682 NEW DEAL CAFE We Specialize In Blue Plate Dinners and Steaks Phone 2108 DANVILLE, VIRGINIA 5 1601 We appreciate your patronage and hope to continue to serve you- WHITE'S BEAUTY SHOP DODSON-BAGBY CO., Inc. "MAKING YOU MORE COMFORTABLE IS OUR BUSINESS" Quality Coal and Fuel Oil - Iron Fireman Stokers Phone 1 197 Esso Oil Burners - Philco De-Freezers Other Appliances DANVILLE, VIRGINIA DRINK A BITE TO EAT Drink DR. PEPPER Good For Life! LINK-WATSON CORP. H A R D W A R E awww DAN VILLE, VIRGINIA 1 1 Y ' g1611 BEST WIS1-IES - CLASS OF '46 IDEAL BAKERY, Inc. SERVE IDEAL WITH EVERY MEAL Phone 2187 532 LOYAL STREET DANVILLE, VIRGINIA OUR BEST WISHES POR THE CLASS OF 1946 HARNSBERGERS DEPARTMENT STORE "Leaders of Low Prices" COMPLIMENTS VASS-MOBLEY HARDWARE CO. 230 MAIN STREET Phone 1584 - 1585 LEARN TO FLY with SOUTHERN AIRWAYS OF DANVILLE. Inc. MUNICIPAL AIRPORT DANVILLE, VA. 51623 E.. dugg- Look For This Sign .QI ,M Quality Ice Cream . , , ftrffl 5 me ' When lc: an su You Wm MODERN EUR STORAGE DANVILLE LAUNDRY COMPANY Lcrunderers and Dry Cleaners CORNER LOYAL cmd COURT STREETS DANVILLE, VIRGINIA Phones 12-20-1221-4198-4199 Compliments of G. S. K. ff 51631 Compliments of STAR LAUNDRY CO. Lcxunderers and Dry Cleaners KINGOFF'S IEWELERS 0 OPTICIANS Danville's Leading Iewelers ON THE DIAMOND CORNER DANVILLE, VIRGINIA PATTERSON DRUG COMPANY Specializing In PRESCRIPTION SERVICE ..Qlylp.. F our Registered Pharmacists to Serve You Better ..Qlrgb.. MASONIC TEMPLE DANVILLE, VIRGINIA I LOWENSTEIN'S 246 MAIN STREET DANVILLE - VIRGINIA 51641 DANVILLE'S MOST MODERN DAIRY Insist On F A U L T L E S S Pasteurized Milk and Ice Cream DANVILLE DAIRY PRODUCTS CO., INC. Iarnes T. Catlin 61 Son Co. Incorporated General Insurance MASONIC BUILDING LEELAN D COFFEE SHOP "Service and Quality" DINNERS - STEAKS - CHOPS Phone 541 FRESH SEA FOOD I ONES RADIO SERVICE GARDNER MQTOR CO. Dislributors License No. 2514 Phone 1381 DANVILLE, VA. DODGE BROTHERS New and Used Records for Sale RADIO and SOUND SYSTEM Cars - Trucks - Buses Plymouth Motor Cars Phone 350D DANVILLE, VA. Established 1897 I. T. Townes Printing Co. Gwwfa Incorporated 733 HOLBROOK AVENUE DANVILLE, VIRGINIA Printers - Stationers UNION AT PATTON STREET DANVILLE, VIRGINIA 51653 80 Years og Depengalgle Service to oys an en Danville's Finest Meats 6 KAUFMAN 226: Danville's Leading Clothiers Since 1866 120 S. UNION STREET 331 MAIN STREET Phone 2353 DANVILLE VIRGINIA JOHNSON 5. SPIGGLE URDUMS DRUGGISTS IEDMONT AINT Prescriptions . . . Sodas . . . Drugs ROTECTS The REXALL Store Auto Specialty CO., IHC. CONGRATULATIONS "THE PARTS BOYS" TO THE CLASS u 0 OF '46 525 LOYAL STREET phone 1103 THE SCHOOL STORE BROWN IEWELRY Danville Shoe Market COMPANY 307 MAIN STREET Masonic Temple . DANVILLE, VIRGINIA QQ Wm.. DANVILLE, VA. "The Shoe Place oi Danville" 9663 I I 531 MAIN sr. Phone 2974-W THE HUB CLO'I'I-IIERS 319 MAIN STREET DANVILLE, VIRGINIA "Clothes for Young Men" Best Wishes To Class Of '46 S. S. HAGAR Rug and Furniture Cleaning 631 N MAIN STREET Phone 3816 Swanson Motor Company 115 N. MARKET STREET Phone 3640 Cadillac - Oldsmobile G. M. C. Trucks The new Olds is the best yet. Barker Tire Company Recapping - Vulcanizing General Tires 701 LOYAL STREET Phone 802 Iohnson's Drug Stores Prescription Druggist 23465 CONVENIENTLY LOCATED THROUGHOUT THE CITY DDD INSURANCE DAN D. DICKERSON Best Wishes to the Class of 1946 Boggs Cinder 6. Concrete Products Co., Inc. N671 Compliments Compliments of Davis Five Point Service of . Station ' WE CORNER NORTH MAIN and ALLEN S TE LRY STORE RICHMOND BOULEVARD 3 Compliments FUNERAL HOME Of 4 'S 703 NO MAIN ST PHONE ?72Nv11LE v.Qf,.N1A C. R. THOMAS GROCERY CO. OSCAR G. EVANS MUTUAL INSURANCE Don't Forget- BAROODY'S AT A SAVING 1-3-5 DUDLEY BLDG. DANVILLE, VA. PEPPEHMINT CANDY IN 'ARS Phone 270 It's Delicious-Sold Everywhere MOTLEY 6. LUMPKIN HENHLI!-AJRQMS FURNITURE CO. IN Phone llZ7 Furnishes Your Home 707 MASONIC TEMPLE DANVILLE, VA. - H. L. Wyatt, President Compliments G. E. Wyatt, Vice-President of WYATT CHEVROLET CORP. ATLANTIC SALES SERVICE Ph 1 Off' 3610, S rvi Dept. 3611 REFINTNG COMPANY 705 LOO131LS'l'fReEET e EEANVILLE, VA. STERLING OPTICAL co. TOHN R- BENDA1-L AUCTIONEER "Keep Your Eye On Your Eyes" SALES - Private 6 Auction - REAL ESTATE 211 MAIN STREET Phone 2475 301 MASONICDRBSTEEEI VA. Phone 1928 State Farm Insurance Companies T. P. BAGGARY RESIDENCE - 168 GRAY STREET FIRESTONE STORES Batteries - Auto Supplies - Tires CORNER PATTION and RIDGE STREETS Danville, virginia Phone 2438 Phone 100 Meet Your Friends At 101-1Ns0N'5 CLEANERS and DYERS CORNER HOLBROOKE end STOKES 217 MAIN STREET EOR LUNCH Phone 436 51663 SHOP AT SEARS AND SAVE 549 MAIN STREET DANVILLE, VIRGINIA DANVII.LE PRINTING CO. Compliments ol DIAMONDS. WATCHES and ANN BOYER ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES 110 CRAGHEAD STREET Young Ideas For Young Dressers McFARLING FEED AND GROCERY STORE 507 LOYAL STREET Phone 3433 DANVILLE, VIRGINIA Send Yogi Clothes F. W. ToWNEs 5. soN. Inc. DGBORNE FUNERAL HOME "Dqnvi11e'5 Best Cleqnefgu Over 50 Yours of Service in Danville Phone 3572 125 WATSON STREET Phone 216 Compliments Compliments of of H. P. GREEN SHOE CO. 328 MAIN STREET Phone 14 M. Compliments of Decflefs In W. D. ROWE COMPANY IRON. STEEL. HIDES and OLD METALS PATTON STREET DANVILLE, VIRGINIA 309 LOYAL STREET Phone 988 E. W. Myers, President and Treasurer M- Compliments of 126 and 204 N. UNION STREET A Complete Stock OI CLOTHING FOR MEN AND BOYS oi CAPITAL. RIALTO and DAN Compliments CAHII.L MOTORS of A Car Is No Better Than The Service It Gets Phone 3814 306 COURT STREET MOSE HARRIS DANVILLE, VIRGINIA I 1:1691 MARY ROACH'S GIFT SHOP HENDERSON 6. HARVEY 563 MAIN STREET AGENCY Phone 1475 GENERAL INSURANCE Exclusive Novelties and Antiques 522-23 MASONIC TEMPLE Phone 2509 MASLOFFS DAN VALLEY MOTOR Fur Craft, Tailoring and Remodeling COMPANY- Inc- We Make Up New Furs, Store, Repair, PONTIAC SALES and SERVICE Glaze Gnd Insure Furs Phone 3636 WEST MAIN STREET 222 MAIN STREET DANVILLE, VA. DANVILLE, VIRGINIA GEO. W. ARON and CO.. Inc. 530 BRIDGE STREET PACKARD SALES and SERVICES HODNETT 6- SPEER CO.. Inc. IEWELERS and SILVERSMITHS Repairing A Specialty 440 MAIN STREET DANVILLE, VA Compliments ol CANNON SHOE STORE 435 MAIN STREET What Would Be More Appropriate Than Flowers For All Occasions? See Charlie or Earline GILES FLOWER SHOP OLD DUTCH SUPER MARKET CHOICE MEATS PRODUCE and GROCERIES CORNER SPRING and FLOYD STREETS COX 6 GOODRIDGE. Agents GENERAL INSURANCE 411 MASONIC BUILDING DANVILLE, VA. 631 MAIN STREET Phone 2486 CO. With the Best Wishes of BUILT ON SQUARE DEALING 520 MAIN STREET - ARCADE BUILDING BOOTH BROTHERS Ph 3244 DANVILLE, VA. Onecharles Hcynswonhl Manager 200 N. UNION ST. DANVILLE, VA. SOUTH MAIN ESSO STATION RAYLASS ATLAS DEPARTIVIENT STORE Tires - Accessories - Batteries "CLOTHING FOR THE ENTIRE I. MORGAN WELLS Phone 3010 FAMILY" LEA'S DRUG STORE THE FRIENDLY STORE Phone 515 636 N. MAIN STREET Compliments ol GERALD AND HARRIS HAIRDRESSERS 135 WATSON STREET Phone 32 Q 51701 Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Fancy Groceries. Sea Foods Best Wishes To The Class of 1946 I. M. CHURCH MOOREFIEI-D Phone 3141 DRY CLEANERS Finance and Insure your Pre!-Wife YOUTS-elf fm Cf New Car through us Course U1 at a SAVING COSMOTOLOGY C. MACK HASTY DARBOUX INSURANCE School of Beauty Culture 401 MASONIC TEMPLE Phone 865 Dudley Building Danville, VG. T. S. VVILLIAMSON 6 CO. CQMPLIMENTS OF - Leaf Tobacco Dealers - T U x E D o W Danville Virginia Compliments of QM? S W I C E G O O D FUNERAL HOME nqmp.. 564 W. Mairn Danville "Danvi11e's Finest Compliments to the Seniors Theater" CRISPIN DICKERSON Insurance Masonic Temple Phone 2180 figs Compliments of l OHN HEARD , Eli.: , Y, L1713 Congratulations to The Class ot 1946 DANVILLE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Mr. Glenn Upclyke, President and Mr. Howard Hylton, Secretary of the Danville Chamber of Commerce congratulating Frank Schuster and Mary Elizabeth Dodson for being chosen "Best Citizens." Lfijil- .rmj"'55if"'-'X ' if .fi -if f f ,7 ' t W is-Q 1 , , l B S Z I X Q t f X f ft Y f 3 Q. It lt' L III: tilt tk t i . lt V Thus are city and school tiedg so close are their relationships, one with the other. 51723 if 1- +1 . xy- .. ng. Q 1 '4 LK' '-1 ,4 .. -.vk J ,w4.1. sei. .-- . I . Q x-,v.' 5' :,.L vw, v Y. -A.:

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