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George Washington Carver Regional High School - Hawk Yearbook (Culpeper, VA) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Cover

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mSim jSbWBi A 7 4i9PBi B|flHBB B| Pnj KsBatsiu 8re S n PHIBkhbS ■HIliiiBfiuE 0 -y f to To Mr, Lewis, whose devotion beyond the call of duty has made The Carver Community a clean and safe place to learn and grow, we, the class of 1966 dedicate this book. Page 1 DEDICATED TO THE MEMORY OF SANDRA HUMES How do 1 love thee? Let me count the ways. I love thee to the depth and breadth and height My soul can reach, when feeling out of sight Eor the ends of Being and ideal Grace. I love thee to the level of everyday’s Most quiet need, by sun and candle light. I lo e thee freely, as men strive for Right; I love thee purely, as they turn from Praise. I love thee with the passion put to use In my old griefs, and with my childhood’s faith. I love thee with a love I seemed to. lose With my lost saints — I love thee with the breath, Smiles, tears, of all my life — and, if God choose, I shall but love thee better after death. Elizabeth Browning I j •X . ,1 k ■» I i incipai To Class of 1966 Dear Friends, It is my desire that you continue to study and learn. And remember that honesty, integrity, stability, resourcefulness, aggressiveness and observation are among the qualifications which I believe necessary in building a solid character. That is what you will need along with your training in meeting the demands of this era. Sincerely yours, H. A. Fleshmon Page 3 Mrs. M. L. Reid School Secretary m CAFETHRIA STAFF STANDING, I. to r.: Boston Lewis; cafeteria manager, Mrs. Beatrice Robinstm and Joseph Film ter. Page 4 MRS. VIOLA P. BLAIR English and Librarian Virginia State College B.S. MRS. MURCELLE J. COLEMAN Chemistry and Public Health Virginia Union B.S. Vale University M.S.P.H. MR. HOWARD A. COLLINS Agriculture Virginia State College B.S. MR. CALVIN H. FINLAY Social Studies St. Paul’s College B.S. MISS EMMA J. FLEMING English North Carolina College B.S. MRS. STELLA H. FI.ESHMON Home Economics Virginia Stare C.ollege B.S. Page 5 MR. EMERAL J. FOSTER Mathematics Morris College B.S. MR. JAMES B. McCORMICK English A. T. College B.S. MISS EMISH F. HARRIS Business Education St. Augustine’s College B.A. MR JAMES B. McMILLIAN Biology Page 6 Fayetteville State College B.S. MRS. ALEASE S. HUBB Virginia State College B.S. Science MRS. DESSIE M. McCANTS English Barber-Scotia College A. T. College Johnson C. Smith University B.S. MRS. LILLIE NEWMAN English North Carolina College MR. HERMAN T. NEWMAN Music Virginia State College MR. FREDDIE W. NICHOLAS Agriculture Virginia State College B.S. MRS. JOAN G. PORTER PHYSICAL ED. HEALTH Virginia State College B.S. MR. THOMAS PRICE Industrial Arts Page 7 A. T. College B.S. MRS. DORIS L. PARKER English Philander-Smith College B.A. MR. SIMON POOLE History St. Augustine’s College B.A. MR. FRANK L. RUCKER History St. Paul’s College B.S. MR. BOBBY L. SIMS Health Phy. Ed. North Qrolina College B.S. MRS. BARBARA YARBOURGH MRS. VIOLA H. WALLACE English Hampton Institute B.S. MRS. ETTA C. WILLIAMS MRS. PEARL H. LYNCH Business Education Mathematics and Guidance North Carolina College B.S. Virginia State College B.S. and M.S, Mrs. M. L. Reid Schcxjl Secretary Not Shown MR. GROVER C. CORDELL Science and Chemistry Shaw University B.S. Fisk University M.A. Miss P. E. Miller B.S. Art Hampton Institute MISS L. PITTMAN Page 8 Senior .SpondorS MR. JAMES A. AVERY Mathematics St. Augustine ' s College B.S. MISS CATHERINE J. STEPHENS Social Studies and English Morgan State College A.B. MR. ALBERT L. WALLACE Science St. Augustine’s College B.S. Page 9 SHARON E ALEXANDER " Liz” S.P.A. Choir, French Circle, Year- book Staff, Dramatics English Teacher GRACE ARRINGTON " Gracie” f.H.A. Library Club Secretary PEGGY LEE ARINGTON " Peaches” F.H.A., S.P.A., Student Patrol, Year- book Staff THELMA JEAN ARRINGTON " Jane” Library Club, Yearbook Staff Secretary CHARLOTTE ANE AYLOR " Miss Anne” F.H.A., Patrol, Choir Nurse JAMES HENRY BANKS " Buck” Page 10 F.FA Full Time Bus Driver ROSIE LEE BANKS " Rolie” Club French Circle, SPA, Yearbook Staff, WILLIE BERNARD BARBER " Wil” Choir, F.F.A. Draftman WILLIAM CAREY RONALD BECKWITH " Ronnie” Band . . Musician FRED PHILLIP BROCK Professional Barber JOAN DAVIS BROWN " Stony” F.H.A., Library Club, Choir Secretary DANIEL CARTER " Donnie” Page 1 1 MYRA ANITA CARTER S.P.A., F.H.A., Choir, Yearbook Staff JOYCE ANN COLLINS " Kollins” Home Economic Teacher FRANCIS EMMA JEAN COTTONS GEORGE DADE " Jean” Beautician PATRICIA ANN DEBERRY " Par” Cheering Squad, S.P.A., Yearbook Staff, Dramatics Club THELMA VIRGINIA FERGUSON " Bony” REBECCA FORD Becky” Page 12 S.P.A., F.B.LA., Yearbook Staff HELEN MARIE FORTUNE " Mushy” Filing Clerk Practical Nurse TREVA FRYE F.H.A., S.P.A., Yearbook Staff, I.ibrary Club, Dramatics, Pep Club, F tench Circle (, ' lerk Typist BARBARA JEAN GAITHER F.H.A., F.B.L.A, Patrol Interior Decorator GEORGE GIBSON " Gip” F.F.A., Yearbook Staff, Basketball Blueprinting BARBARA GLASCOE " Shorty” F.B.L.A., F.H.A., Library Club JAMES GREENE PEGGY GORDON " J.L.” " Peggie” S.P.A. F.F.A., Basketball Doctor FHA Nurse SARAH ELIZABETH HILL " Lover” F.H.A. Fashion Designer DOROTHY LORRAINE HOLMES HUMES ' Sister’ French Circle, FHA, NHS, Major- ette, Yearbook Staff Editor JOSEPH HUNTER " Killer” Patrol FFA Nightclub Operator MARION HUMES F.B.L.A. Secretary LAWRENCE HUTCHERSON SHIRLEY ANN JACKSON " Sam” " Shirl” Football, Baseball, Basketball. Patrol page 14 F.H.A. Practical Nurse GEORGE JOHNSON " Blinkey” Football, Basketball, Patrol, F.F.A., Band Air Force Career GLORIA JEAN JACKSON " Cha-Cha” Dramtics Club, S.P.A., Yearbook Staff, Library Club, F.B.L.A. Medical Secretary IRVING JONES " Goodie Pie” Industrial Arts, Dramatics, Year- book Staff BARBARA JEAN LEWIS " Barba Louie” French Circle, N.H.S., Yearbook Staff, S.P.A. Teacher PATRICIA ANNE JONES " Dana” Filing Clerk Page 15 HARVEY LEWIS " Cousey” Basketball, Baseball Air Force Career DELORES ANN JASPER " Ann” F.H.A. Practical Nurse HARRY TRUMAN JONES " Dip” S.P.A., Dramatics Club, Industrial Arts, Safety Patrol Arts Mechanic Car Dealer BOSTON LEWIS " Dootney” Electrician THELMA KING " Baby-D” Dramatics Club, Library Club, Social Worker ANNETTE JOHNSON " Candy” F.B.L.A. Minister LOIS ANN McIntosh F.B.L.A., F.H.A., Yearbook Private Secretary JAMES MACK " Jimmy” Industrial Arts, Basketball, Baseball Engineer of Electronics JEROME MALLORY " Jerry” Basketball, Band, Baseball Armed Forces Career IRMA NEY LAWSON " Woman” F.H.A., S.P.A., Library Club, French Circle, Band, Dramatics Club Political Science Major Page 16 RAYMOND ORANGE JR. " Ray” Basketball, Patrol, Football, Indus- trial Arts Draftsman HARRISON MARCELLUS PORTER RICHARD PORTER, TR. Band Music Teacher GLORIA JEAN PRICE " GIo” Choir, French Circle Fashion Model RUSSELL PRICE " Warren” Industrial Arts Electrician CAROLYN MARIE RAWLINGS " Ree” Page 17 ALBERT RONALD ROBINSON " Rinky Dink” Football, Basketball, Baseball, Indus- trial Arts Publisher Printer A. RONALD ROCCA " Ronnie” French Circle, Patrol, F,nglish Club Professional Musician PATSY LUCILLE SCOTT " Pat” F.B.L.A., S.P.A., Patrol, Yearbook Staff Registered Nurse JOYCE ELAINE SNEAD " Joy” F.B.L.A., Majorette Squad, Cheering Squad Private Secretary ELLA FRANCES STEWART F.B.LA. Secretary LILLIAN CUSSIE STEWART ,.| i|.. F.B.L.A., Beginner’s Band Professional Model bertha ARLENE STROTHER " I.ene” Page 18 JOYCE ANN THOMPSON " Bunchie” F.H.A., Dramatics Club Nurse GILBERT FRANCIS TURNER ■ ' Gil” French Circle, Basketball, Football Mathematician " Mice” Football, Basketball, Baseball Lawyer JOHNNY HOWARD TYREE " Termite” F.F.A., Library Club, Football, Base- ball, Basketball P.E. Teacher SARAH FRANCES TYREE " Cookie” (j.A.A., Patrol P.E. Teacher REGINA LEAUDREY WALKER " Gina” Dramatics Club Secretary ,9 RICHARD WARREN WEAVER F.F.A. Electrician HAZEL MARIE WALKER Beautician GLADYS MAE WINKEY " Winkie” Practical Nurse Not Shown MARY ANN WORMLEY " Little Feedie” F.H.A., F.B.L.A., Yearbook Staff Secretary HENRY FORTUNE CLEVE DENNIS ISAAC WINSTON Dorothy Holmes — Editor; YEARBOOK STAFF Miss C. J. Stephens — Advisor. Page 20 W£ and edtament To the Junior Class, we will our beloved Government teacher Miss C. J. Stephens and our seats in government class. To the Sophomore Class, we will continued health and much success in the future. To the ninth grade class, we will continuous success and happiness throughout the remaining years. To the eighth grade class, we will our sponsors and the ability to become seniors. Gloria Price wills to Shirley the grades she made in Home Economics. Hazel Walker wills to Shelia, the ability to become a senior. Gladys Winkey wills to Margaret Carey, the ability to become a senior. Joyce Snead wills to Patricia and Clearence Snead, the ability to become seniors. Ella Stewart wills to Harry Clark, the ability to become a senior. Sarah Tyree wills to Estelle and Jerry, the ability to graduate. Patsy Scott wills to Ronald Scott the ability to stop trying to charm girls and start charming his school work. Mary Wormley wills to Sharon Wilson, the ability to get along with others and to Ronald Banks, the ability to become a senior. Regina Walker wills to Maxine Clark and her sister Shelia, the ability to graduate. Joyce Thompson wills to her brother Roger Thompson and William Johnson much luck in the future. Carolyn Rawlings wills to Robert Scott, the knowledge to graduate. Harrison Porter wills to his sister Marion, the ability to become a senior. Richard Porter wills to Joseph and Emma Porter, the ability to be- come a senior and to Hortense Beck all his love. Gilbert Turner wills to Nancy Turner, the ability to graduate and to all the young ladies his love. Raymond Orange wills to Gloria Henderson and Lillian Orange, the knowledge to graduate. Ronald Robinson wills all his love to Terry Rawls and hopes that she and Sharon will graduate in the future. Page 21 WILLS Grace Arrington wills to her brothers, James and Joe, the ability to stop flirting with the girls and to graduate. Ronald Rocca wills to Patsy Terrell, the ability to gain weight and to laugh when someone calls her Olive Oil. Thelma Ferguson wills to Patricia Ferguson, Mary Grayson and Gail Morgan, the ability to become seniors and to find a steady boyfriend. Peggy Arrington wills to her sister Connie and her brother Conrad, the ability to do much better work than their sister before them. Barbara Glascoe wills to Doris and Mary, the ability to stop flirting with the boys and get out of school, and to Zillah Glascoe, the ability to get out of school and leave Andrew Taylor alone. Annette Johnson wills to Eunice Rogers, the ability to become a senior and to graduate. Harry Jones wills to Barbara Smith all his love. Sharon Alexander wills to Harry Alexander the ability to become a dignified senior. Barbara Gaither wills to Joyce Gaither the ability to become a senior. Melvin Turner wills to LeRoy Bundy his position as captain on the basketball team, and to Bonnie and Howard the ability to become digni- fied seniors. Helen Fortune wills to Leila Thompson the ability to become a senior. Joan Brown wills to her brother, Francis, the ability to be on time and to Georgine Gray and Mary J. Grayson, the ability to get the boy they love. Joyce Collins wills to Barbraa Smith a friendly reminder that Mc- Pherson isn’t for sale. Rebecca Ford wills to James Chapman and Wilbur Ford the ability to pass Biology and become seniors and to Robert Terrell all her love. Patricia DeBerry wills to Kerry Nixon the ability to stop flirting with every girl he sees and graduate. Thelma King wills to Jacqueline Young, the ability to become a senior. Treva Frye wills to Lucille, her government grades and ability to become a senior. To Lester and Michael Frye, the ability to get their English under Mrs. Parker. Lillian Stewart wills to Sharon Robinson her seat on 6-51 and to her brother, the ability to become a senior and graduate. Rosie Banks wills to her sister Gracie, the ability to graduate and go to college and to Cora the ability to stop playing and get her work. WILLS f Barbara Lewis wills to her brother, Otis, the ability to stop playing and make the Honor Roll. Daniel Carter wills to his brother, Thomas Carter, the ability to stop playing around and to graduate. Richard Weaver wills to his brothers, Michael and Stanley, the ability to do better work. James Banks wills to Jerry Alexander bus 14. Thelma Arrington wills to Barbara Blakenbaker, the ability to graduate. Gloria Jackson wills to her sister Levern Jackson, the ability to become a senior and to Herbert Dade, the ability to stop hold big girls hands. Lois McIntosh wills to Geraldine Porter her place in the office. Lawrence Hutcherson wills to his sister Lottie, the ability to get her work and become a Senior. James Mack wills to John Alexander, the ability to come to school and stop riding back to town on the bus. Irma Lawson wills to her brother, Howard, enough determination to work hard in summer school and graduate next spring. Sarah Hill wills to Rayfield Jones, the ability to stop grinning and to take life more seriously. Charlotte Aylor wills to Paul Aylor and Peggy Andes, the ability to become a senior. Patricia Jones wills to her sister Marian, the ability to become a senior and to Andrew Lee, her last 2 5 pennies to buy lunch with. Sandra Humes wills to Andrew Lee, Jacqueline and Alexis Kemper, the ability to become brilliant seniors. Dorothy Holmes wills to Hortense Beck her seat in Government at the 4th period and her ragged, old Government Book. Delores Jasper wills to her sister’s Barbara and Beulah, the ability to get their work and become a senior. Shirley Jackson wills to Barbara Thompson and her cousin Carolyn Washington, the ability to become seniors. Myra Carter wills to Marcus, Miriaus, and Andenise Carter, the ability to be a dignified senior and to help Mr. Newman keep the band together. Marian Humes wills to the entire student body, the ability to be- come well-educated seniors and prominent, successful leaders of to- morrow. Page 23 i WILLS Frances Cottoms wills to her brother William Cottoms, cousin Ann Cottoms and Barbara Brown, the ability to become seniors, and to Lee Banks the ability to get his lesson and to leave certain girls alone. Fred Brock wills to his sister Doris Brock, the ability to keep making the Honor Roll. WHO’S WHO GIRL BOY Barbara Lewis Most Likely to Succeed James Greene Peggy Arrington Best Looking Melvin Turner Rosie Banks Best Dressed Ronald Robinson Joyce Snead Best Dancers Warren Price Gloria Jackson Class Babies Jerome Mallory Patsy Scott Most Reliable Ronald Rocco Sarah Tyree Best Athletes Lawrence Hutcherson Mary Wormley Most Talkative Harrison Porter Lillian Stewart Most Popular Ronald Robinson Gloria Price Neatest Gilbert Turner Treva Frye Friendliest George Gibson Joyce Snead Most in Love Warren Price Patricia DeBerry Biggest Flirt Richard Porter Irma Lawson Most Versatile Gilbert Turner Clara Ellis Most Sophisticated James Greene Rosie Banks All Around Girl and Boy Gilbert Turner Grace Arrington Best Citizens Lawrence Hutcherson Deloris Jasper Quitest Fred Brock Barbara Glascoe Shortest Daniel Carter Barbara Gaither Tallest Irving Jones Page 24 SENIOR CLASS PROPHECY The time has come, so we are told, that the future of seniors of ’66 unfolds. Come with me to the world of ’69 and see the seniors that are dong fine. The future is coming plainly in view, and I can see things coming clearly through. I can see James Banks and Henry Robinson still driving bus 28 and 9. The only difference is that they are no longer hauling students, but they are now famous for hauling bean pickers to their picking spots. George Gibson has a large turkey farm, where he has assisting him Sarah Hill whose main job is to collect turkey eggs. Carolyn Rawlings, Shirley Jackson and Thelma Ferguson are now full fledged nurses working for Doctor Kildare. Patricia DeBerry has at last raised her cheering voice loud enuogh to be heard by Gilbert Turner. The two are now married and living in Detroit where Gilbert is playing waterboy for the Detroit Lions and DeBerry is making sneaky calls to George Dade. William Carey is now marching as leader of the Soup and Cracker line down the streets of Madison. When you are passing through the big boss town of Madison, put forth a special effort to stop by Treva Frye’s Cafe where top on her menu is skunk soup and possum belly. Her main standby is Richard Weaver who entertains her guests by doing a dance known as the " Weaver Tap.” Ronald Rocca is now a big time pianist. If you’d like to hear a few of his sounds, contact him on the side of the road in No-Wheresville. Joyce Snead and Warren Price are now happily married and living in Beverly Hills, California. They just opened up a dance hall and al- ready having a hard time teaching the audience of " Little Prices” a dance known as the hucklebuck. All eyes are turned on Marian Humes as she switches gracefully down the halls of Virginia State College where she is enrolled in a class that teaches that " new way of walking.” Jerome Mallory and Harvey Lewis are still jiving their way through life with the desire to jive their way into Congress. Barbara Lewis and James Greene are both running for president of the United States. No doubt, James will win because Gloria Jackson is running around crying " please vote for James.” Joseph Hunter is now directing traffic in his hometown, Culpeper, where none of the " Little Hunters” can learn to yield the right of way. Page 25 Lawrence Hutcherson and George Johnson are still bench warmers for the new football team known as the Robinson Rams. Their manager is Ronald Robinson. James Mack has his own basketball team and his theme is " shoot now, aim later.” Peggy Gordon and Gladys Winkey are now making clothes for Carver’s faculty. Supervising them is Patricia Jones. Dorothy Holmes is now a teacher at A. G. Richardson High School. She is now teaching Mary Wormley, Harry Jones and Regina Walker the art of losing weight. Melvin Turner and Sarah Tyree are now listed as top basketball players at Hooterville High in Brightwood. Joyce Thompson, Hazel Walker, Daniel Carter and Lois McIntosh are now still attending a P. E. class taught by Johnny Tyree. Their man topic is " How to grow tall.” Harrison Porter and Thelma King have finally gotten hitched and are making their home in Mitchell, Virginia. Richard Porter and Ronald Beckwith are now making appearances with James Brown and his band. James has given them the job of carry- ing instruments and keeping his shoes shined. Ella Stewart, Bertha Strother, Thelma Ar rington, and Grace Arrington have gone to a corner by themselves to pass on gossip about you know who! Rebecca Ford, Patsy Scott and Joyce Collins finally made Broadway. The three will be starring in a movie entitled " Fe Fi Fo and Where Did They Come From?” Helen Fortune, Carolyn Hunt and Myra Carter are now teaching English to anyone interested in learning. Clara Ellis and Margaret Winston are still only interested in being friends to each other. Julia Waters and Lillian Stewart are still dressing tough. Their latest wardrobe was hauled in from Sacks and Cans by Isaac Winston who makes a living hauling trash. Rosie Banks and Jean Cottoms are now settled down to a life of leisure. Irma Lawson and Sharon Alexander are trying to become queens of the hop. The only person standing in their way is Peggy Arrington and she plans to beat them both. Virginia Beasley and Cleve Dennis are leading a joyous life in Rap- pahannock. They have opened up a fruit stand with a sign that reads, " Get Your Goodies Here.” Charlotte Aylor and Joan Brown are taking reducing pills and hoping to run for Miss America. Page 26 Jane Humes is still selling popcorn making small change to finance her bills. Delores Jasper is quietly sitting at home watching TV, Boston Lewis has finally bought a new car. A 1968 Model T, Gloria Price is still working in the " Pet Shop” in Culpeper waiting for the big break to come in her life. By: Patsy Scott Rebecca Ford CLss Wotto Higher the Climb Broader the View Blue and Gold 3L ower : Yellow Rose CL Offi icerd President Vice President Secretary Asst. Secretary Treasurer Barbara Lewis Gilbert Turner - Treva Frye Gloria Jackson James Greene Page 27 Page 28 Robert Adams Fred Baker Gracie Banks Lee Banks Lucy Banks Ronald Banks Edward Beasley Hortense Beck Anne Blakely Barbara Brown Walker Carpenter Elizabeth Carter James Chapman Henry Fields Lucille Frye Dorothy Glascoe Patricia Grasty Georgine Gray Paulette Henderson Lottie Hutcherson Estelle Jackson Martha Jackson Othelia Jackson Florence Johnson Harvey Johnson Laura Johnson Patricia Jones Alexis Kemper Forest Kilby Ella Lane Andrew Lee Ruth Lewis Thomas Lewis Nana Mallory Calvin Minor Gerald Monroe Isabel Nibblins Larry Paige Evelyn Pollard Donald Porter Geraldine Porter Lyonne Robinson Sharon Robinson Margaret Rucker Ernestine Shanks Ivadine Shanks Barbara Smith Charles Smith Patsy Terrell Lila Thompson Randolph Tibbs Pamela Tinsley Rex ford Towns Howard Turner Gladys Young Jacqueline Young Yvonne Yeager Jesse Twyman Lois Washington Martha Washington Joyce Weaver Caroline White Ester Winston NOT SHOWN Adamson, Norman Clark, Robert Mallory, Donald Payne, Arthur Price. Shirley Robinson, Kathryn Tainsimore, Elsie Terrell, Thomas Washington, Lawrence White, Robert Page 30 Page 31 Mrs. Lynch and lOA Mr- McCormick and lOB Page 32 Mrs. Wallace and IOC M rs. McCants and lOD Page 33 Page 34 Miss Fleming and 9A Page 35 Mr. P(xde and 9B Miss Harris and 9C Mrs. Williams and 9D Page 36 imim Mr. Rucker and 9F Not Shown: Mr. Cordell and 8F Mr. McMillian and 9E Page 37 Mrs. Parker and 8A EIGHTH GRADE I Mr. Finlay and 8B Page 39 Miss Miller and 8C Mrs. Newman and 8D Page 40 Mr. Foster and 8E Mrs. Coleman and 8G Page 41 Mrs. Porter and 8H 4 MRS. PARKER AND THE NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY MEMBERS— STANDING, 1. to r.: Hortense Beck, Dorothy Holmes, Isabel Nibblins Gracie Banks, and Joan Glascoe. SEATED: Rosie Banks, Mis. Parker. Barbara Lewis’ STUDENT PARTICIPATION ASSICIATION Page 42 )ames Green and members of the S. P. A. are shown here revising a Cfet ' er High School handbook. Sponsor: C. J. Stephens. SPEECH AND DRAMA CLUB Sponsor: Mr. McCormick. ENGIISH CLUB Page 43 P sor: E. J. Eleming. Sponsors: Mrs. Williams, Miss Harris, and Mrs. McCants. Page 44 MR. FOSTER AND MATH CLUB MR, McCORMICK AND FRENCH CIRCLE Page 45 MEMBERS OE THE LIBRARY CLUB Sponsor: Mrs. Blair. Page 46 Mrs. Fleshmon and the Future Homemakers of America PATROLS Officers President — Joseph Hunter Secretary — Charlotte Carpenter Chaplain — James Sheppard Lieutenant — Raymond Orange Sgt. at Arms — Nathaniel Jaspher Members 1. Robert White 2. Joseph Hunter 3. Raymond Orange 4. Rayfield Jones 5 . Samuel Banks 6. Cecil Lewis 7. Ronald Rocca 8. Jessie Garnett 9. James Parker 10. Jerry Alexander 1 1 . Jerry Miles 12. Raleigh Wright 13. James Sheppard Page 47 14. Nathaniel Jaspher 13. Pasty Scott 1 6. Charlotte Carpenter 17. Dorothy Lane 18. Julia Pollard 19. Izza Banks 20. Eyvonne Ford 2 1 . Sharon Wilson 22. Delois Wilkins 23. Elzonia Walker 24. Peggy Arrington 23. Annie Blakey L m Page 48 MR. POOLE AND THE 1965-66 FOOTBALL SQUAD Captains; Lawrence Hutcherson and George Johnson. Mr. Finlay, Athletic Director. MR. SIMS AND THE CARVER Captain; Lawrence Hutcherson HAWK BASKETBALL TEAM Co-Captain: Henry Robinson Mr. Sims and the Carver Hawk Baseb.dl Team Page 49 Mrs. Poicer and Girls’ P.E. Class Page 50 Mr. Cordell’s Chemistry Class Harris and General Business Class Page 51 Mrs. Williams and Typing II Class K AjiL.v3s A, C saIw vX — • Mr. Finlay and World History Class Page 52 V . Mrs. Yaraborough’s Geometry Class Page 53 Miss Stephen’s class in U.S. Government Page 54 Mrs. Lynch — Counseling college-bound Seniors FROM LEFT TO RIGHT; James Greene, Sharon Alexander, Harvey Lewis, Barbara Lewis, Ronald Rocca, Mrs. Lynch, Dorothy Holmes, Patricia DeBerry, Irma Lawson, Gilbert Turner. Mrs. Porter — Girls Athletic Association ROW ONE: Andenise Garter, Mary Jones, Gloria Johnson, Margaret Burrell, Gertrude Winston, Gail Morgan, Madeline Hammonds, Elizabeth Jones. ROW TWO: Mrs. Porter, Cheryl Wells, Madeline Gray, Tylitha Rogers, Armita Johnson, Mary Holmes, Gloria Moore, Annie Kirkley. ROW THREE: Vivian Avery, Lena Johnson, Brenda Beckwith, Bobbie Yates, Edna Jasper, Gloria Roy, Shirley Gooch. ROW FOUR: Paula Jackson, Doris Johnson, Betty Newman, Roboid Washington, Nancy Holmes, Gloria Henderson. I. Mr. Seay and General Mechanics FROM LEFT TO RIGHT; Mr Seay, Instructor, Thomas Phillips. Mr. Price and Industrial Arts FROM LEFT TO RIGHT; Mr Price, Instructor, Robert Terrell Fred Baker, James Chapman. All eyes were on Miss Frances Cottoms when she was crowned Miss Junior of 1965. She was escorred by Mr. Melvin Turner. Miss Frances Cottoms walks up the floor escorted by Melvin Turner before officially being crowned Miss Junior. Sandra Humes is having a wonderful time with guests Terry Hailstalk and Sonny Carter. tain and C o C aptain tLe dootLaii earn Lawrence Hutcherson George Johnson ROW ONE, Left to Right; Nancy Turner, Dolores Walker, Ann Strother, Ella Lane. ROW TWO: Nelly Young, Patricia DeBerry — Captain, Nancy Greene, Elaine Walker, Mrs. Yarbourgh — Sponsor. I Compliments of CRANE ' S CITIES SERVICE CITIES SERVICE Phone 824-804 1 Cherry Street at Orange Road Culpeper, Virginia Groceries ABC-OFF Compliments of THE UNIVERSAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY Phone 825-8685 I. A. Holmes David Reid Compliments of VIRGINIA NATIONAL BANK ds al nur Member of F. D. I. C STATE-WIDE BANKING Local Office Orange, Virginia Compliments of CULPEPER ESSO SERVICENTER AND CULPEPER TIRE (S RECAPPING Gas, Oil, Washing, Lubrication, New Tires and Recaps, Batteries on Accessories, Front End Alignment Phone 825-9112 or 825-0555 S H Green Stamps Page 63 K.1 II cn ■ I cr5( FARM HOME SERVICE MADISON, VIRGINIA Tel. (Area Code 703) 948-4412 HARDWARE, ELECTRIC SUPPLIES, MYERS WATER PUMPS, PLUMBING, HEATING AND BUILDING SUPPLIES J I ' , W l. 1 . l. K S I; Cl!’ i. hm; I ' Afvin ’ ; ' U!N 1 1 " (• ' n.J .hirii,;i li - j,(i i ii II ' I 1 u (, . i K (■. ! , ! ,) I I. ‘.I ' 0 ORANGE. VA. PHONE 7555 “SERVICE BEYOND THE PRODUCT” TlO Phone VA 5-2471 BARRONS TIRE SERVICE 301 N. MAIN STREET CULPEPER, VA. T.C. BARRON OWNER cJtaAerJ o cAnmicai a medt ORANGE TIRE RECAP EXCHANGE 160 CAROLINE ST. NEW USED TIRE SALES BUSINESS PHONE 7969 ORANGE, VIRGINIA RECAPPING VULCANIZING HOME PHONE 7979 COOD, EAR OWNER JAMES G THROCKMORTON SUNNY SOUTH STORE GROCERIES, MEATS, FRUITS AND VEGETABLES DIAL 9391 RAILROAD AVENUE FREE DELIVERY □RANGE FURNITURE COMPANY Complete Home Furnishings — Radios — Electrical Appliances 127 E. MAIN STREET ORANGE, VIRGINIA EST. MATES FREE 825-0928 FOR THE FINEST IN CUSTOM UPHOLSTERY 8t FABRICS Tutt’s Upholstery Fabric Shop ( J 1 ipcovers - CDrapcries = mis lung et a iring and [ Alterations STA Y L. TUTT PROPRIETOR 1010 SOUTH MAIN STREET CULPEPER, VIRGINIA Page 64 Compliments ot ALTMAN FURNITURE CO. FRIGIDAIRE APPLIANCES ZENITH TV, STEREO AND RADIO Compliments of Orange Tire Recap Exchange Phone 7455 Compliments of ORANGE, VA. The Jewel ox Box 770 CULPEPER, VIRGINIA 160 Caroline Street Compliments of CULPEPER PLUMBING AND HEATING CORP PLUMBING HEATING CONTRACTORS OIL BURNER SERVICE Box 789 CULPEPER, VIRGINIA Compliments ot ANYTIME ANYPLACE S. C. Coleman Taxi Service “Little Guy with Big Service” TELEPHONES: Office 825-0414 Res. 825-8470 OLIVER H. LOHR Manager Compliments of Dial 7168 ORANGE, VA. CLARKE HARDWARE CO HARDWARE, STOVES, RANGES GARDEN SEED AND DUTCH BOY PAINl 217 East Davis Street Culpeper, Va., Compliments ot ' Your Friendly Hometown Bank THE N T I O NAL BAN K OF ORANGE ORANGE, VIRGINIA Page 65 Compliments of MAIN STREET MEAT Compliments of MARKET Meats Frozen Foods Produce Dial 7961 Orange, Va,, SNEAD ' S BARBER SHOP 1 12 E . Church Orange, Virginia Compliments of Compliments of VALLEY MUSIC CO. Coil Operated Phonographs AMI Rockola Wurlitzer Records SPARKS’ GROCERY Single and LP ' s 131 W. Davis Street Phone 825-8441 Culpeper, Virginia FRESH MEATS GROCERIES Compliments of DIAL 7315 ORANGE. VA. Y " ou can Shop for the Smartest Styles in LERNERS Culpeper ' s Family Shopping Center " LERNERS OF CULPEPER Compliments of THE MADISON DRUG STORE Madison Virginia Compliments of Make Sports A Family Affair Shop At THE ORANGE SPORTSMAN SHOP, INC. 105 East Main Street Phone 9761 Orange, Virginia Compliments of PETERS BARBER SHOP Orange Virginia Page 66 C ompilmenls tansimore RADIO-TV 1214 S. East Street — Phone 825-0551 GOOP Hews COMPLIMENTS OF A Winning Combination PEORGE WASHINGTON CARVER] HIGH SCHOOL LEGGETT ' S of Orange, Virginia COMPLIMENTS OF MAY-RUDASILL CO., INC. Telephone 7977 Orange, Virginia Page 67 I Compliments of Tlymoulfi VALIANT , niKYSI KK 1 j SPROUSE MOTOR COMPANY 125 MADISON ROAD ORANGE, VIRGINIA 22960 Compliments of JULIE’S BODY SHOP AUTO PAINTING BODY WORK Rt. 20 By-Pass Orange, Va., CULPEPER AUTO PARTS, Inc. 1001 Orange Road P. O. Box 750 WHOLESALERS AUTOMOTIVE PARTS and EQUIPMENT Phone 825-221 1 CULPEPER. VIRGINIA Compliments of E. G. HACKLEY GROCERIES, DRY GOODS FEED, COUNTRY PRODUCE AMISSVILLE, VIRGINIA Phone 937-3T37 Compliments of GIBBS ESTES General Merchandise " telephone 948-4478 Madison, Va., Compliments of " £Beauhj Ss Si ustness GRACE COLLINS Orange, Va. Dial 3346 P.O. Box 605 Compliments of JENKINS RADIO TV 116 E Main St - Orange. Va. PHONE 9759 For Night Servh ;: Jim Jenkins Buddy Jenkins ORANGE - 9763 OR ORANGE 3787 Compliments of WEBB ' S MOBIL SERVICE Mobil Kerosine Mobilheat Mobil 141 CAROLINE ST. ORANGE, VA. PHONE 4296 Page 68 1 Compliments of JAMES LEWIS, JR. GENERAL CONTRACTOR Phone 825-9627 Culpeper Virginia Compliments of VALLEY MUSIC 131 West Davis Street Records Record Players Culpeper, Virginia Compliments of GLEN’S FAIRPRICE STORE " Look to Us for the Best in Photodeveloping and Printing " Culpeper Virginia Compliments of In Any Event Wire Flowers " WEST CHARLTON FLOWER SHOP Mrs. Ernest Wambersie 130- A West Main Street Orange Virginia Compliments of Robert E. Utz MADISON GULF SERVICE Main Street U.S. 29 Madison Virginia Compliments ot WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE Complete Line of Auto Ports and Accessories 1 18 S. Main Street Phone 825-8973 Culpeper, Va. Compliments of ELVYN’S DRESS SHOP Orange Virginia Compliments of RICKETT’S DRUG STORE Dial 2021 Orange, Virginia Page 69 I I Compliments of Wood Work of All Kinds — Cinder Block and Tile Laying TAYLOR BROTHERS BUILDING CONTRACTORS Route 29 Madison Road Phone 825-7689 or 825-4112 Culpeper, Virginia Herbert I. Taylor George E. Taylor Compliments of Compliments of GIBBS SERVICE STORE General Merchandise Pratts, Virginia Phone 948-4434 Compliments of GRYMES DRUG STORE Reliable Prescriptions 125 East Main Street Phone 2141 Orange, Virginia Compliments of MAIN STREET MEAT MARKET Frozen Foods 154 N. Main Street VA 5-0716 Culpeper, Virginia Compliments of BYRAM BROS. MOBIL Forest F. Byram Lewis E. Byrom Dial 7833 Orange, Va. Madison Road and Washington Street Page 70 Scott Chevrolet - Oldsmobile, 126 Chapman Street Telephone 4321 Orange, Virginia 22960 GRYMES DRUG STORE " Prescriptions A Specialty " ORANGE, VIRGINIA DIAL 2141 REG. NO. 2139 tillage 3hop Crafton Sparks CLOTHIERS and FURNISHERS ORANGE, VIRGINIA 120 W. Main St. Orange, Va. Page 71 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wormley, Sr. dtrOltd Mr- rid Mrs. Robert Wormley, Jr. Mrs. Fannie Adams Mr. Jerry Alexander Mr. Dallas Arrington, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. James P. Arrington Mr. Jimmy Arrington Mr. Samuel R. Arrington Mr. Treasure Arrington Mrs. Bernard J. Arthur Mr. Guruisit Bailey Mr. and Mrs. Welson L. Bailey Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Banks Mr. and Mrs. Clifton B. Banks Mr. and Mrs. David Banks Mrs. Lena Banks Mr. and Mrs. Sandy Banks Mr. Thomas Banks Mr. and Mrs. John Barbour Mr. Lawrence Beasley Mr. and Mrs. Laynie Beck Mr. and Mrs. Adrian F. Benziger Mrs. Molly Beck Mr. and Mrs. Lester Blakey Mr. and Mrs. Compton Blair Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Blankenbaker Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Blankenbaker Mr. James Bolds Mr. and Mrs. James Booker Mr. W. Franklin Bowler Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Brent Mr. John L. Briggs, Sr. Mrs. A. W. Broadus Miss Marie Broadus Mr. Robert Broadus Mrs. Grace Broady Mr. Robert Brock Mr. King Broady Mrs. George Brooks Mr. and Mrs. Macon Braxton Miss Hazel Braxton Mr. and Mrs. James Brown Mrs. Margaretta Brown Mr. and Mrs. Paul Brown Mr. Samuel Brown Mr. and Mrs. Sylvester Brown Mr. Thomas Brown Mr. Don B. Byrd Miss Mamie Bryant Miss Jean E. Campbell Mr. Floyd Carter Mr. Gilbert Carter Mrs. Hazel Carter Mrs. Helen Carter Mr. John Carter Mr. Roger Carter Mr. Ralph Carter Mr. Willie Carter Mrs. Louise Chandler Mr. and Mrs. Irving Chapman Mr. and Mrs. Pete Clark Mrs. Marian Cole Mrs. Betty Coleman Mr. Charles B. Coleman III Mr. Norman Coleman Mr. and Mrs. Simon Coleman Mr. William Coleman Mr. and Mrs. Alvin G. Collins Mr. and Mrs. Louis Collins Miss Maggie Collins Mr. Howard Collins Mr. and Mrs. Grover C. Cordell Mr. Spencer Cottoms Mr. and Mrs. William Cottoms, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William H. Cottoms, III Mr. Carthel Covington Mr. and Mrs. Carl Coxson Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Crowder Rev. Charles Davenport Mrs. Nancy Davenport Mrs. Annie Dawson Mr. Samuel Dawson Mrs. Lillie Davis Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Dearring Mrs. Creed Dennis Mr. William E. Dennis Mrs. Zaddie Dickerson Miss Gladys Dickerson Miss Anna Dinkens Miss Harriet Kinkens Mr. and Mrs. William Dinkins Mr. David Dorsey Mrs. Laura Dorsey Mrs. Janice Dorsey Mr. Richard Dorsey Mr. David Douglas Mr. and Mrs. Drumgoole Mrs. Elizabeth Duvall Mrs. M. K. Eastman Page 72 Economy Shoe Store Mr. James Ellis Mrs. Lucy Ellis Mr. Epperson Mr. Coleman Fields Mrs. Mary Fields Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Finlay Mrs. Pearl Fitzgerald Mr. James Flannagan Miss E. F. Flarris Mr. E. J. Foster Miss E. J. Fleming Rev. and Mrs. R. L. Banks Mr. and Mrs. Samuel C. Coffey and Saundra Mr. and Mrs. Tony V. Coffey and Family Miss Renee Ford Mr. and Mrs. Roger M. Ford Mrs. Ruth Ford Mr. and Mrs. William C. Ford Mr. Emeral J. Foster Mrs. Thelma Fraknlin Mr. Robert B. Frazier Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Frye Mrs. Estelle Frye Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Frye Mrs. Frances Frye Mrs. Helen Gaither Mr. and Mrs. Howard Garnett Rev. R. C. Gibbs Mrs. Fenton Gibson Mrs. Violet Gibson Mrs. Nellie Mae Glascoe Mrs. Catherien Gordon Mr. James Gordon Mrs. Mary C. Gordon Mrs. Mary J. Gordon Mr. Richard Gordon Mr. Warren Goodall Mr. Henry L. Grasty Mrs. Sarah Grasty Mr. James Graves, Jr. Miss Odessa Graves Mrs. Pearl Graves Mrs. Beular Green Mr. David Green Rev. Ervin Greene Mr. and Mrs. James Greene Mr. James T. Greene Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Green Miss Elizabeth Hackley Miss Agnes Halley Mrs. J. M. Halladay Mr. and Mrs. Howard L. Harts Miss E. F. Harris Miss Barbara Harris Mr. and Mrs. Jessis Harris Mrs. R uth Harris Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hearnes Mrs. Leata Hearnes Mr. and Mrs. William Hearnes Mr. Roy W. Henderson Mr. and Mrs. Thurman Hurring Mrs. Fannie Hill Mrs. Marie Hill Mr. and Mrs. Clifton Hill Mr. Joseph Hill Mrs. Daphine Hines Mrs. Bessie Hoffman Rev. and Mrs. John Holmes Mrs. Mary Holmes Mr. Ollie Holmes Mr. and Mrs. Susan Holt Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Hudson Mrs. Ausustra Humes Mr. Bryant Humes Miss Jenever Hunt Mrs. Julia B. Hunt Mr. Randlph Hunt Mr. William Hunt Mr. and Mrs. Velton Hunt Mrs. Marie Hunter Mrs. Ruth Hunter Mrs. Arthur Hustant Mrs. Jane Hutcherson Mrs. Betty L. Jackson Mr. David Jackson Mrs. Elizabeth Jackson Mr. and Mrs. James R. Jackson Mrs. Mary Jackson Mr. Melvin Jackson, Jr. Mr. Roy Jackson Mrs. Virginia Jackso n Mrs. Yvonne Jackson Mr. and Mrs. Wallace James Mr. Charles Jamerson Mrs. Elsie Jamerson Mr. and Mrs. John A. Jamerson Mrs. Anna Jasper Page 73 Mr. Coolidge Jasper Mr. Coolidge Jasper, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Norman Jasper Mrs. Sarah Jasper Mr. Charley Johnson Mrs. Elsie Johnson Mrs. Eva Johnson Mrs. Frances Johnson Mrs. Heneretta Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Jack Johnson Mr. and Mrs. James Johnson Miss Jean Johnson Mr. John O. Johnson, Jr. Mr. Mckinley Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Travis Johnson Mr. Samuel B. Johnson Mr. andMrs. Bernie Jones Mrs. G. R. Jones Mr. Harry L. Jones Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Jones Mr. and Mrs. T. R. Jones Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Kelly Mrs. Pamela Kemper Mrs. Beatrice King Mr. and Mrs. Edward King Mr. Harry L. King Mr. and Mrs. Allen Lane Mrs. Marla Lane Mr. Bobby Law Mr. and Mrs. Barber Lawson Mr. and Mrs. Fielding Lawson Mr. and Mrs. O. F. Legg Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Lewis Mrs. Anna Lewis Mr. and Mrs. Annie Lewis Mr. and Mrs. Edward Lewis Miss Ella Lewis Mr. Jarfit Lewis Mr. and Mrs. Linwood Lewis Mr. Ronald E. Lewis Mr. and Mrs. Willie Lewis Mr. Henry Lightfoot Mr. H. B. Lightfoot Mr. John Lightfoot Mr. Harry Seay Mr. and Mrs. Martin Sharp Mrs. Jennie Shephard Mr. Sidney Shephard Mr. Robert Shoultz, Jr. Mrs. Rosa L. Lighttoot Mrs. Ruby Lightfoot Mr. and Mrs. Ollie Linsay Mrs. Louise Long Mr. and Mrs. Harry Long Mr. Chester Lucas Mr. Joseph Lynch Mrs. T. O. Madden Mr. and Mrs. John H. Mallory Mr. and Mrs. John Maddox Mr. Mortimer M. Marshall Mr. John Mathews Mr. and Mrs. Moses McCants Mr. and Mrs. Frank McCray Mr. and Mrs. James McIntosh Mr. James McIntosh, Jr. Mr. Milton McIntosh Mr. James F. McMillian Mr. Nelson Meney, Jr. Mr. Russell Meney Mrs. Augusta Milton Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Milton Mrs. Mary Milton Mr. Daniel Minor Mr. Richard Minor Mr. Roddie Minor Mr. William Mitchell Mr. and Mrs. James Monroe, Jr. Mrs. Sadie Monroe Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Montgomery Mr. Garrison Morgan Mr. Joseph C. Morton Mrs. Lula L. Morton Miss Barbara Nelson Mrs. Nannie Newman Mr. F. W. Nicholas Mr. Kenneth Norman Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Orange Mr. Tilton Orange Mr. and Mrs. Buck Page Mrs. Christine Page Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Page Mrs. Lillian Page Mr. and Mrs. Jesse L. Palmer Mr. E. R. Payne Mr. Henry G. Payne Mr. and Mrs. Howard Payne Mr. and Mrs. B. L. Sims Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Sims Page 74 Mrs. Mary Perry Mr. David Pettys Mr. Myers R. Pickett Mrs. Frances Piper Miss Evelyn Pollard Miss Julia Pollard Mrs. Virginia Pollard Mrs. Fannie Porter Mrs. Joan Porter Mr. Richard Porter Mrs. Ruth Porter Mrs. Alberta Preddy Mrs. Dorothy Price Miss Gertrude Price Miss Rosa Price Mr. and Mrs. Roy Price Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Price Mr. Frank Rollins Mrs. Katherine Rawlings Mr. and Mrs. Frank Reaves Mr. David Reed Mr. and Mrs. David Reid Mr. and Mrs. David Richards Mrs. Elaine Richardson Mrs. Margarite Ricks Mrs. Bessie Ridgley Mrs. Beatrice Robinson Mrs. Mary L. Robinson Mr. and Mrs. Robert Robinson Mrs. Victoria Robinson Miss Virginia Robinson Mrs. Rosa Rocca Mr. and Mrs. L. F. Rogers Mr. Frank Rollins Mrs. Clara Ruffner Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Ruffner Mr.and Mrs. Joseph Ruffner Mrs. Lizzie Ruffner Miss Parthenia Rutheford Mrs. Feme G. Sales Mr. Adam Scott, II Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Scott Mr. and Mrs. Earl Scott Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Scott Mr. James Scott Mr. and Mrs. John A. Scott Mr. and Mrs. John Scott, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Willie O. Smith Mrs. Florine Snead Miss Katherine Snead Mrs. Lelia Snead Mr. and Mrs. Rodman Blankenbaker Williams, Jr. Mrs. Florence Sims Linwood Snead (daude Yowell Mr. and Mrs. Wm. David Sisk and Son Miss Minnie Smith Mr. and Mrs. John H. Townes Mr. and Mrs. Rexford Townes Mrs. Thelma T. Townsend Mr. and Mrs. Eugent Triplet Mrs. Gertrude Turner Mr. and Mrs. James F. Turner Mrs. O. T. Bannister Turner Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Twyman Mrs. Fannie Twyman Mr. John Tyree Mrs. Mary Tyree Mrs. Mattie Tyree Mrs. J. M. Utz Mary J. Voss Mrs. Della Walker Mrs. Fannie Walker Mr. Henry Walker Mr. and Mrs. Irving A. Walker Mr. Purcell Walker Mrs. Margaret Ware Mrs. Ora Ware Mrs. Catherine Ward Mrs. Geraldine Ward Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Warring Mr. William Warner Miss Beulah Washington Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Washingtoi Miss Ethel Washington Mr. Joseph Washington Mrs. Julia Washington Mr. Vincent Williams Mrs. E. C. Williams Miss Susan Wormley Mr. and Mrs Clifton Wright Mr. and Mrs. Edward Wright Mrs. Ethel Wright Mr. W. R. Yager Mr. and Mrs. Lucian Yates Mrs. Lottie Yeager Mrs. Sarah Yeager Mr. Winston C. Young Mrs. Eula Young Mr. and Mrs. Norman Terrell, III Mr. and Mrs. William Thompson Mr. and Mrs. Joe Soloman Mr. and Mrs. Westly Spillama Mrs. Mary E. Stanton Miss C. J. Stephens Miss Carrie Stewart Mrs. Bessie Stewart Rev. E. D. Stewart Mrs. LeAnna Steart Mr. Joseph Stewart Mr. Randolph Stewart Mrs. Elva Strother Mr. and Mrs. Henry Strother Mr. John Strother Mr. Samuel Strother Mrs. Susie Strother Mrs. Susan Strother Mrs. Addie Tansimore Mrs. Lula Tansimore Mrs. Betty Taylor Mrs. Catherine Taylor Mrs. Rosa J. Taylor Mr. Shelby Taylor Mrs. Thelma Taylor Miss Annie Terrell Mrs. Ella Terrell Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Terrell Mr. Walter Washington Mrs. Christine Waters Mr. Robert Waters Mrs. Gladys Weaver Mr. Granville Weston Mr. Gilford White Mr. James White Miss Yvonne White Miss Gladys Winkey Mrs. Viola Winkey Mrs. Elizabeth Wdhoite Mr. Lawrence Wilhoite Mrs. Pauling Wilhoite Mrs. Cora Williams Mr. Donald Williams Mrs. E. C. Williams Miss Susna Wormley Mr. and Mrs. Clifton Wright Mr. and Mrs. Edward Wright Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Washingt( Mr. .ind Mrs. A. L. Wallace , Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Cx)rdell Miss E. F. Harris Mrs. D. L. Parker Mr. L.ewis Washington Mrs. Lois Washington Mrs. Pearl Washington Mr. John 1 hurston Frances Tinsley Mr. Gilbert Tinsley Mr. and Mrs. John Tinsley Mrs. Luther Tinsley Miss Mary Tinsley Miss Leila M. Tolbert Mrs. Ethel Wright Mrs. Malcom Brooks Mrs. Mary L. Cook Mr. Thornton Armstead, Jr. Mr. Sam E. Ellis Miss Theresa Ellis Mr. William Madden Mrs. Harold B. Arrington Mr. and Mrs. Laynie Beck Mrs. Florence Williams Mrs. Gabriel Williams Mr. John Williams, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Roland Williams Mr. Victoria Williams Miss Sharon Wilson Mr. James R. Wood Mrs. Emma Wormley Mr. George Wormley Earline D. Bowler Mrs. Joan G. Porter Mrs. B. G. Yarborough Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Price Mr. and Mrs. Compton Blair Mr. and Mrs. Albert T. Hubb Miss Ann Ford Mrs. Mary S. Gordon Mr. Tyrone Graves Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Lightfoot Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Tinsley Gerrude’s Beauty Box WJMA Radio Station Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ryder Dr. R. S. LeGarde Page 75 page 76 4S - . ' ' ■•,: . 1 ' ' .•■ ; • . • • w . • • Mwmm msii ' ii; •?• ' . -y fJ V ' ■ ' ' • ' ' 1 ■

Suggestions in the George Washington Carver Regional High School - Hawk Yearbook (Culpeper, VA) collection:

George Washington Carver Regional High School - Hawk Yearbook (Culpeper, VA) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


George Washington Carver Regional High School - Hawk Yearbook (Culpeper, VA) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 1


George Washington Carver Regional High School - Hawk Yearbook (Culpeper, VA) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 1


George Washington Carver Regional High School - Hawk Yearbook (Culpeper, VA) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


George Washington Carver Regional High School - Hawk Yearbook (Culpeper, VA) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


George Washington Carver Regional High School - Hawk Yearbook (Culpeper, VA) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


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