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George Washington Carver Regional High School - Hawk Yearbook (Culpeper, VA) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Cover

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THE HAWK ’63 PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS CARVER HIGH SCHOOL RAPIDAN, VIRGINIA » % DEDICATION We, the members of the Senior Class of 1963, wish to dedi- cate our yearbook, The Hawk, to our untiring sponsors, Mrs. Ceola Wright and Mr. Albert L. Wallace. This book we, with their help, have composed. We are grateful to them for their everlasting guidance throughout our high school ' careers. To each of them we wish untold happiness, success and pros- perity throughout the rest of their lives. » « I « I t I 2 ADMINISIRATION MR. HARVEY A. FLESHMON, PRINCIPAL TO THE CLASS OF 63: Dear Friends, Your many and varied experiences while in high school were planned to give you a solid foundation for future life. It is my sincere wish that your future will be a fruitful and happy one. Principal MRS. MARIA L. REID, SECRETARY MRS. MARIAN ANGLIN English St. Augustine A.B. MR. RICHARD BARRY English St. Augustine B.A. MRS. VIOLA BLAIR English Virginia State B.A. MRS. CEOLA WRIGHT English, French Virginia State B.A. MRS. DORIS PARKER English Philander-Smith B.A. MRS. VIOLA WALLACE English, History St. Augustine B.S. MR. ARMAND C. WYATT P.E. Health Virginia State B.S. MRS. JOAN PORTER P.E. Health V irginia State B.S. 6 MISS SALLIE M. GRAHAM MR. JOHNNIE C, CHESTON Mathematics Mathematics J.C. Smith B.S. A T College B.S. MRS. MARY E. HARVEY Biology Hampton Institute B.S. MRS. CARRIE W. MICHIE Mathematics Virginia State B.S. Univ. of Virginia M.S. MR, JAMES AVERY Mathematics St. Augustine B.S. MRS, ALEASE S. HUBB General Science Virginia State B.S. MR. ALBERT L. WALLACE General Science St. Augustine B.S. MISS SHmLEY PERKINS Science, Chemistry St. Paul B.S, 7 MR, F. W. NICHOLAS Agriculture Virginia State B.S. MISS ALYCE JOHNS Commercial Dept. St. Paul B.S. MR. HOWARD A. COLLINS Agriculture Virginia State B.S. MISS ELIZABETH ADAMS Home Economics Virginia State B.S. MRS. STELLA FLESHMON Home Economics Virginia State B.S.; M.S. MR. THOMAS PRICE Industrial Arts A T College B.S. 8 MRS. MERLYN R. EDWARDS Librarian Virginia State B.S. MR. SIMON P. POOLE Social Studies Football Coach St. Augustine B.S. MRS. QUESTER WEST U. S. History Allen University B.S. MRS. P. HINES LYNCH American History Guidance Counselor Virginia State B.S. MISS MARY F. KEITH Social Studies N. C. College B.S. MR. CALVIN H. FINLAY Social Studies St. Paul B.S. 9 PEOPLE WE APPRECIATE Mrs. Beatrice Robinson, our dietician, is preparing a tasty lunch for the students and faculty of Carver. The lunch program has improved greatly since she came to us. Mr. William Lewis, Sr., our custodian, works very hard to make the school a beautiful and comfortable place for us. His untiring service is indeed appreciated. 10 SENIORS ANNE ELIZABETH BROWN " Baby Anne " S.P.A.; Yearbook Staff; French Circle; Patrol; N.H.A. English Teacher. RUTH LEE BURRELL " Ruthie " Patrol; Library Club Nurse. JEAN EVELYN CAMPBELL " Lightning " N.H.A.; Biology Club; News- paper Staff; French Circle F.B.I. MARGARET CARTER " Sis” French Circle; Biology Club; Math Club; N.H.A. Typist. JACQUELING ARRINGTON " Jackie " Class Vice President; Year- book Staff; Newspaper Staff; Home Economics Teacher. PAUL JACKSON ARRINGTON " Jake " Football; Baseball Professional Football Player. CAROLE YVONNE BARBOUR " Honey Bunch " N.H.A.; Basketball Home Economics Teacher. THEODUS BROWN BARBOUR " Ted " Band Musician. 12 JOAN OLIVIA DAVIS " Nippy " Dramatics; N.H.A.; Biology Club; Math Club Nurse. DAVID FERGUSON " Half Pint " Band; Yearbook Staff; N.F.A. P.E. Instructor. GEORGIA MAE FERGUSON " Chick " Dramatics; N.H.A.; Basketball Nurse. EDWARD RANDOLPH FINKS " Buster " N.F.A,; S.P.A. Agriculture Teacher. ALVIS PYVETTE FRYE " Pie " Basketball; N.H.A. Seamstress. REED JEWEL ERYE " Lovy " Patrol Artist. HELEN GAITHER " Little Helen " Math Club; N.H.A.; News- paper Staff; Yearbook Staff; Library Club Secretary. JUDY KAY GILMORE Choir; Yearbook Staff; News- paper Staff Seamstress. 13 JOANNE GLENN " Short Stuff Dramatics; Yearbook Staff; Patrol; Newspaper Staff; Office; Pep Club Secretary. RAY WEAVER GOOD ALL " Tut " N.F.A. Mechanic. PEARL VIRGINIA GRAYSON " Virgie " Yearbook Staff; N.H.A. Naval Officer. LILLIAN FRANCIS GRAY " Lill " Yearbook Staff; Office Prac- tice Fashion Designer. MARTHA ANN HARRIS " Mut " Library Club; N.H.A. Beautician. FRANKLIN GLENN HENDERSON " Dinky " Band; Newspaper Staff; Year- book Staff; N.F.A. Musician. SHIRLEY ANN HOLLIDAY " Shirt Tail " Yearbook Staff; Office Prac- tice; Newspaper Staff Biology Teacher. JOHN ALFRED HOLMES, JR. " Jr. " Patrol; S.P.A.; N.H.S.; Year- book Staff; Newspaper Staff; French Circle Doctor. 14 JOAN ANNE HUMES " Sis " N.H.A. Secretary. JOYCE MARIE JACKSON " Sis " N.H.A. : Choir; Dramatics Beautician. NAOMI JACKSON " Eatmore " Cheerleader; French Circle; Dramatics; Yearbook Staff; Newspaper Staff; Choir Beautician. PHYLISS JACKSON " Vickie " N.H.A.; Yearbook Staff; News- paper Staff Stewardess. ANDREW OTIS JOHNSON Football; Baseball; Band; Choir Service Career. MARY ALICE JONES " Sister " Choir Nurse. SHARON VIVIAN KING " Sherry " Patrol; N.H.A.; Yearbook Staff Nurse. DORIS ELAINE LEWIS " Dot " Choir; N.H.A.; Dramatics; Pep Club; Library Club; Math Club Social W orker. 15 ALICE REBECCA MORT.ON " Beckie " Newspaper Staff; Band; Year- book Staff; Choir; Basketball; Dramatics Club; Patrol; Li- brary Club Air Force HENRY APPERSON POLLARD " Hank " Basketball; Pep Club; Year- book Staff Auto Mechanic JOHNNY EDWARD ROGERS " Eddie " Band; N.F.A. Air Force SHIRLEY FRANCIS ROUZEE " Fran " N.H.A. Nurse WILLIAM HENRY LEWIS, JR, " Butter " N.H.S.; Yearbook Staff; French Circle; Band; S.P.A.; Safety Patrol; Pep Club; Biology Club; Newspaper Biologist CLIFFORD HENRY MENIFEE " Pooper " Basketball; Baseball Auto Mechanic JOHN AUGUSTUS MINOR " Tiny " Football; Yearbook Staff; Band Mechanical Engineer PAULINE ELIZABETH MINOR " Sister " French Circle; S.P.A.; Year- book Staff; N.H.S.; N.H.A.; Newspaper Staff Lawyer 16 RICHARD SPENCER SNYDER " Dickie " Band; Dramatics; Agriculture Mechanics IRENE SPOTSWOOD " Renie " French Circle; Honor Society Elementary Teacher WILLA MARIE STEWART , " Slim " French Circle; Dramatics; Yearbook Staff; Newspaper Staff; Biology Club Nurse DOROTHY PETINIA STROTHER " Tina " N.H.A.; Dramatics Beautician FRANKLIN DEAN TALIAFERRO " Frankie " Band; N.H.S.; S.P.A.; Math Club; Yearbook Staff Technical Engineer JAMES OTHELLO THOMPSON " Jimmie " N.F.A. Architect COOPER JERONE TURNER " Chicken Coop " Football; Baseball; N.F.A. Reporter PERRY WANZER " P.W. " N.F.A. Mechanic 17 BENJAMIN FRANKLIN WEAVER " Ben ” Baseball; N.F.A. Barber EFFIE ANN WHITE " F " S.P.A.; N.H.A.; Pep Club; Yearbook Staff; Newspaper Staff. Home Economics Teacher BARBARA ELIZABETH WILLIAMS " Barbie " Basketball; S.P.A.; Pep Club. Nurse JOICE MAE WILLIAMS " Joy " Band; Pep Club; Choir; Library Club; Yearbook Staff. Air Force THOMAS ALFRED WILSON " Shortie " Football; Baseball. Pro Football Player GEORGE W INKEY " Little G " Basketball; Baseball. Engineer CLARENCE WASHINGTON " Beaver " S.P.A.; N.F.A. ; N.H.S.; Year- book Staff; French Circle. Doctor ROSE MARIE WASHINGTON " Ree " Dramatics; N.H.A. Nurse 18 Class Colors Blue and White ANN WRIGHT " Miss Ann " N.H.A. Seamstress Class Flower Red Rose Class Poem To Teachers, Friends, and Classmates And all others who ' ve been so dear We reluctantly say to you, " Farewell, " And shed a parting tear. For Carver we are leaving And though we should be glad, Our hearts are torn with grieving Yet why should we be sad? Our work with you is ended. But challenges rise anew; Challenges that we must conquer To be worthy of praise from you. By: Cooper Turner 19 WHO’S WHO Clarence Washington Most Likely To Succeed Pauline Minor William Lewis M ost Popular Naomi Jackson David Ferguson Shortest Pearl Grayson John Minor W ittiest Margaret Carter William Lewis Most Reliable Irene Spotswood John Minor Fattest Joice Williams David Ferguson Loudest Alice Morton George W inkey Best Dancer Barbara Williams Henry Pollard Most Versatile Helen Gaither Clifford Menifee Best Looking Sharon King Thomas Wilson Best Athletes Alvis Frye Franklin Henderson Biggest Flirts Effie White George Winkey Neatest Lillian Gray Richard Snyder Class Babies Carol Barbour Perry W anzer Most Sophisticated Anne Brown James Thompson Most Serious Irene Spotswood Percy W ood Quietest Shirley Rouzee Franklin Henderson Best Dressed Lillian Gray Franklin T aliaferro Most Musical Joice Williams 20 CLASS HISTORY The history of this class is most unusual, in that the members have experienced various educational back grounds. Lend me your ears while 1 briefly relate to you the story of our class. The graduates of this class entered Carver High School in 1959. Our understanding and helpful sponsors were Miss Billups, Mr. Wal- lace, Mr. Poole, and Mr. Evans. We looked forward to entering Car- ver for seven long years. This was an exciting year, for it was filled with both happiness and frustration. After a tiring but joyous year of pains and problems, the majority of us were promoted to the ninth grade. In our freshman year the class was represented in the various activities: Band, Choir, N.F.A., N.H.A., football, baseball, and the Student Council. Our sponsors were Mrs. Cobbins, Miss Jones, Miss Reavis, Miss Billups, and Mr. Wallace. Nothing unusual happened in our sophomore year. The class con- tinued to participate in the various activities. However, it was dur- ing the sophomore year that many of our classmates ended their formal education. Still, the rest of us traveled on toward our educa- tional goals. Our sponsors were Mrs. Wright, Miss Jones, and Mr. Wallace. The Junior year was a great one. We were faced with a big event, the Junior-Senior Prom, which we had looked forward to ever since we were in the eighth grade. On the night of the Prom, which was May 4, 1962, Gloria Frye was crowned " Miss Junior. " That occasion will always be one of the highlights of our high school careers. We were under the guidance of Mrs. Wright, Miss Baldwin, and Mr. W allace. Our senior year has been the greatest and most rewarding of them all. The class takes pride in the scholastic attainment of Clarence Washington, William Lewis, Franklin Taliaferro, Pauline Minor, and John Holmes. In sports this year, John Minor, Thomas Wilson, and Paul Arrington have excelled. Thus, the class has realized more fully the importance of an education and the necessity of living each day as if it were our last. As we approach the completion of our high school education, the majority of us have many ideas for becoming leaders of tomorrow. We sincerely think that we have done our utmost to accomplish a portion of our destiny, and we shall strive to conquer more in the future. by: Alice Morton Willa Stewart 21 SENIOR CLASS PROPHECY Oh, mysterious powers from ancestors old, uncloud my eyes and visions un- fold. Take a peek into the future, 1968, and discover the Class of " 63 ' s " for- tunes and fates. The future is coming nearer, but fast, and now I can see things clearly at at last. 1 can see Alice Morton and Lorenzo Jackson living happily in their split- level home inBeverly Hills, California, after she has spent two years in the Air Force. Effie White is now a Registered Nurse working for Ben Casey, giving all her attention to Carl Walker. Gloria Frye has graduated from Fisk University as a seamstress and is making clothes tor the faculty of Carver in order that they may have more fabulous wardrobes. Joice Williams is now private secretary to Isiah Walker. At last Naomi Jackson and Clarence Robinson have made up their minds! They are living happily in Springfield, Mass., where she now operates her own beauty salon. Thomas Wilson, Andrew Johnson, and John Minor are favorite stars on the Green Bay Packers Football Team in California. Finally, Ben Weaver can dance. He has started a dance in Madison known as the " Weaver T ap. " Franklin Taliaferro owns a Drive-In Theater in Culpeper,Va. It is known as " Do Drive-In. " When you want a good old southern meal, stop at " Gold Cup Boy " in Orange, Va. It is owned by Willa Stewart, and James Tyree is her professional cook. Turning my crystal ball, I see Joanne Glenn being sworn in as First Lady in the White House. Jacqueline Arrington is a Home Economics Teacher at Brentwood High in New York. I can see Helen Gaither as Secretary to the Principal of Carver. When you are in need of a competent doctor, look up John Holmes ' office in Philadelphia. Next door to him, you will find the Menifee and Pollard Funeral Home, jointly owned by Clifford Menifee and Henry Pollard. 22 Johnson ' s school of Mortuary Science at 908 Deadline Road, Tombstone, Pa., is owned by Perry Wanzer, James Thompson and Johnnie Rogers. Clarence Washington has just become President of the United States. His secretaries are Phyliss Jackson and Margaret Carter. Martha Harris and Dorothy Strother have opened a beauty salon in Wash- ington, D.C. Carol Barbour, Alvis Frye, Jean Campbell, and Joan Humes are teaching a noisy group how to keep quiet. Their subject is " Keep Your Big Mouth Shut. " David Ferguson is now a P.E. Teacher in Conn. His main subject is " How to Become T all. " Ray Goodall is Making his living selling pencils at Carver High. Paul Arrington is now playing center field for the Dodgers. Sharon King is married and she, along with her husband, is on a tour of France where she will teach English. Lillian Gray has her own dress shop on Topsy Avenue in Philadelphia. Shirley Holliday and George Winkey are the world ' s most famous dancers, now appearing at the Howard Theater in D.C. Appearing also is one of the world ' s famous singers, Franklin Henderson. Can you imagine this? Doris Lewis has divorced Luther Hill. She is now married to another chicken shack owner in Madison County. Irene Spotswood and Pauline Minor will soon receive Ph D ' s from The Sorbonne in Paris. Ruth Burrell is touring the country these days lecturing on " What to do to get and hold a man. " Judy Gilmore is now traveling with her husband, John Holiday, who is in the army. A space ship has just landed on Venus. I can see Professor Wifliam Lewis, a noted Biologist, and his assistant, Ann Brown, stepping out on the planet. Joan Davis and Emmett Brown are married and are making their home in sunny California. By; Naomi Jackson 23 CLASS WILL We, the class of sixty-three, being in full possession of sound mind, mem- ory and understanding, do hereby make and publish our last will and testa- ment. To the faculty, we wish to express our greatest appreciation, for we have gained much insight through your teachings. We have found you to be com- petent and dedicated men and women. To the juniors, we give this advice: " Accept that which will lead you to success. Learn to work, if not to win, for development comes through ex- periencing failures as well as successes. To the sophomores, we leave our positions as graduating seniors in two years. To the Freshmen, we leave sincere hopes for a courageous high school life. To the eighth grade students, we leave the ability to be diligent in their work in order to become successful seniors. Willa Stewart wills all her love to Robert Terrell; to Lillian, Randolph, and Allen the ability to become seniors. Alice Morton wills to Robert Wise and Louise Morton the ability to be- come seniors. JoAnn Glenn wills to Joseph Glenn the ability to be a better band student. Helen Gaither wills to her sisters, Joan and Barbara, the ability to finish school. Effie White wills to Grace Carpenter the ability to stop courting so strong. Judy Gilmore hopes that Patricia DeBerry will leave other girls ' boyfriends alone and start doing her work better. Joice Williams wills to Irma Lawson the ability to play the bells without fumbling over the notes. Lillian Gray wills to Patsy Scott the ability to become a senior. Naomi Jackson wills to Lillian Stewart her position as captain of the cheer- ing squad. 24 Pearl Grayson wills to Sarah Smith the ability to stop laughing and to take life seriously. Thomas Wilson wills his ability on the football team to Frank Cooper. Henry Pollard wills his ability to play basketball to Henry Scott. Franklin Henderson wills to Paulette Henderson the ability to become a senior. Franklin Taliaferro wills to Steve Dennis the ability to " play around " and make the Honor roll. Margaret Carter wills to her sister, Mary, the will to graduate from Carver. Shirley Holliday wills to Steve Mosley and Birdie Danniels and everlasting friendship. Martha Harris wills to Herbert Johnson all her love. Joan Davis wills to Vernie and Louise Davis the ability to become seniors. Randolph Finks wills to his sister, Deloris, the ability to become a senior. Mary Jones wills to Ernest Fortune the ability not to look at another girl. David Ferguson wills to Richard Brown the ability to play his clarinet. Richard Synder wills to Charles Gordon his car keys. Irene Spotswood wills to Frances Banks her seat in the Honor Society. Joan Humes wills to Merle the ability to continue getting her work. Alvis Frye wills to Veid a Mosley the ability to charm James Bannister into dating her steadily. Anne Brown wills to Nay Lawson and Joan Brown the ability to be in class on time. Georgia Ferguson wills to Thelma and George the ability to become seniors. Barbara Williams wills toMarcellus Bumbrey and Alvin Humes all her love, Dorothy Strothers wills to Pearl Robinson the ability to become a senior. Sharon King wills to Diane Rawls the ability to become a senior. Jacqueline Arrington wills to Thomas the ability to be pleasant. Pauline Minor wills to Ruth A, Lewis the ability to make the honor roll. 25 YEARBOOK STAFF ST ANDING , left to right: David Ferguson, Judy Gilmore, Effie White , Ruth Burrell, Joice Williams, Frank- lin Taliaferro, Naomi Jackson, Anne Brown, Jacqueline Arrington and Clarence Washington, SEATED: JoAnne Glenn, Henry Pollard, Lillian Gray, Sharon King, Willa Stewart, Shirley Holliday, Helen Gai- ther, Gloria Frye, Alice Morton, John Holmes, and William Lewis, Jr. THE HAWK Editor-in-chief . . . Business Manager . . Circulation Manager Treasurer Copy Editor Art Editor Asst. Art Editor . . . Sports Writer Feature W riters . . . Advertising Manager Advertising Assistant Typists William Lewis, Jr. John Holmes Henry Pollard . Franklin Taliaferro .... Helen Gaither .... Cooper Turner Percy Wood .... David Ferguson Naomi Jackson, Willa Stewart, Alice Morton . . . Joice Williams Lillian Gray .... Naomi Jackson, Sharon King, Shirley Holliday, Jacqueline Arrington, Pauline Minor 26 Edward Abbott Barbara Alexander Marcia Anthony Beverly Arrington Eliza Banks George Banks Virginia Beasley Helen Bridgett Gwendolyn Brown Mary Brown Waldina Burrell Doris Campbell Shirley Carey Grace Carpenter Junius Carter Virgie Dade Hazel Dawson V erlette Ellis Mary Evans Deloris Finks Joan Gaither Lillian Gray 28 Herbert Gray Genevieve Glascoe Evelyn Grasty Odessa Graves Joan Green Minnie Hackle y Shirley Hill Florence Hoffman Thomas Holmes Barbara Hopkins Merle Humes Fred Jackson Janet Jackson Linda Jackson Yvonne Jackson Deloris Jasper Glenice Johnson Gail Lee Connie Legg Edith Lewis Archie Lindsay Lloyd Mallory Louise Morton Amos Orange 29 Warren Price Pearl Robinson Deloris Smith Sarah Smith Vernie Smith Sarah Strother Joseph Tansimore Sharon Terrell Christine Thompson Shelby Towles Frances Turner Nelson Twyman Carolyn Walker Eudora Ware Mildred Washington Beauford White Estelle White Susie Wiiikey Margaret Winston Marjorie Wood 30 SOPHOMORES Angus Arrington Charlotte Aylor Henry Anglin Carolyn Baker Willie Barbour Sylvia Beasley Lois Benford Vernie Benford Gloria Brent Geneva Brock Joyce Brock James Brown Peyton Bowler Ellis Campbell Jane Carpenter Myra Carter Betty Colbert Peggy Clark George Dade Birdie Daniels Steven D enms Clara Ellis 31 Ann Ford Ernestine Fortune Betty Frye Fred Frye McPherson Frye Phyllis Galbreath Betty Garnett James Gaskins Barbara Glascoe William Glascoe Peggy Gordon Patricia Grasty Elsie Gray Barbara Hamilton Clarence Harrison Sarah Hill Robert R. Hunter Betty Jackson Mary Jackson Shirley Jackson Charles Jameson Leata Ja meson Janet Jasper Andrew L, Johnson 32 Carolyn Johnson Paulette Johnson Richard Johnson Leroy Jones Albert Kilby Justin Kilby Otis Kilby Thelma King Albert Lacy Florence Lawson Deloris Legg Anna Lewis Barbara Lewis Boston Lewis Cheryl Lewis Mary Lewis Ruth Lewis James Mack John Mallory Patricia Mayhew Calvin Minor James Mundy Barbara Nelson Susie Noakes 33 Martha Orange Andrew Price Diane Rawls Charlie Rucker Joyce Ruffner Margaret Ruffner Alan Scott Henry Scott Ola Simms Charles Slaughter Lillian Slaughter Lillian Stewart Randolph Stewart Robert Strother Betty Taylor Gilbert Tinsley Joyce Thompson Robert Tomes Haywood Turner Johnny Tyree Thomas Tyree Emanuel Walker Roger Walker Raymond Ware 34 Andrew Washing- ton Jean Wash- ington Julia Waters Wallace Weaver Geraldine White Marian White Yvonne White Deloris Wilkins James Williams Maude Williams Samuel Williams Helen Wise 35 FRESHMEN John Alexander Madlynn Anglin Gloria Anthony Grace Arrington Peggy Arrington Thelma Arrington Thomas Arrington Fred Baker Lois Baker Diane Banks James Banks John Banks Josephine Barnes Landonia Banks Lucille Banks Rosie Banks Sharon Beasley Ronald Beckwith Rosa Bowler Hazel Braxton Margaret Braxton Mary Briggs 36 Fred Brock Joan Brown Patricia Bumbrey Doris Campbell William Carney Daniel Carter Elizabeth Carter Frances C otto ms Robert Clarke Joyce Collins Patricia DeBerry Cleve Dennis Marcia Dennis Mary Douglas Mary Ellis Thelma Ferguson Rebecca Ford Helen Fortune. Alvin Frye Barbara Gaither George Gibson Rebecca Gray James Green Phillip Green 37 Peggy Hankins Roy Henderson Shirley Henderson Brenda Hoffman Dorothy Holmes Robert Hopkins Marian Humes Sandra Humes Carolyn Hunt Lawrence Hutcherson Lottie Hutcherson Naomi Hutcherson Gloria Jackson James Jackson Mary Jackson Martha Jackson Shirley Jack son George Johnson Harvey Johnson Patricia Johnson Stacy Johnson Walter Johnson Harry Jones Irvin Jones 38 Lola Jones Margaret Jones Patricia Jones Ella Lane Irma Lawson Andrew Lee Barbara Lewis Harvey Lewis Patricia Lewis Thomas Lewis Julia Lindsay Charles Mallory Lois McIntosh Paulette Morton George Orange Raymond Orange Richard Porter Sidney Porter Gloria Price Alfred Reaves Alton Robinson Ronald Rocca Lorraine Roy Margaret Rucker 39 Freddie Shanks Virginia Shoultz Charles Smith Thelma Starks Allen Stewart Bertha Strother Elsie Tansimore Edna Taylor Thomas Taylor Gilbert T urner Howard Turner Melvin T urner Phoebie Vaughan Hazel Walker Regina Walker Doresa Warring Lawrence Washing- ton Martha Washing- ton Shirley Washing- ton Richard Weaver Caroline White Robert White Augustine Williams Freddie Williams 40 Randolph Williams Robert Wilson Isaac Winston Mary Wormley Molly Yates Eyvonne Y eager Marsha 11 Y eager William Yeager Ella Young Joan Young Yuteal Young PICTURES NOT SHOWN Alice Bailey Frances Banks James Bannister Edward Barber John Barbour French Campbell Mildred Clark Verna Davis Joyce Finney Treva Frye Richard Hackley Lillian Henderson Alvin Humes Doris Jones Jerome Mallory James Newman Donald Odems Thomas Phillips Harrison Porter James Rankins Carolyn Rawlings Henry Robinson Layonne Robinson Ronald Robinson Barbara Smith Frederick Smith Joyce Snead Jimmy Stafford Ella Stewart John Strother Brenda Terrell Carolyn Turner Frank Turner Tippi Turner Sarah Tyree Mary Warner Lois Washington Gladys Winkey 41 Lucille Adams Robert Adams Jimmy Arrington Pamela Arrington Veronica Arrington Richard Baker Georgeen Banks Gracie Banks Ronald Banks Roosevelt Banks William Banks Rosa Barbour Pattie Barnes Edward Beasley Hortense Beck Deloris B la key Barbara Brown Frances Brown Harry Brown Sylvester Brown Charles Burrell Shirley Burrell 42 Walker Carpenter Josephine Carter Mary Carter Rosa Carter Robert Clark Barbara Cobert Maxine Coles Patricia Comfort Elizabeth Davis Louise Davis Frances Douglas Wanza Douglas Henry Fields Steve Fletcher Wilbur Ford Vanse Franklin Louis Frazer Larry Frye Lucille Frye Mary Gentry Shirley Gentry Carolyn Gibson Mary Gillison Diane Glascoe 43 Linda Glascoe Georgine Gray Haywood Gray Herndon Gray Patsy Gray Mary Grayson Elizabeth Hackley Dorothy Handy Novella Hayes James Henderson Paulette Henderson Helen Hoffman Robert Hopkins Hattie Jackson Othelia Jackson Rosa Jackson Beula Jasper Rebecca Jasper Alice Johnson Catherine Johnson Charles Johnson Clara Johnson Deloris Johnson Florence Johnson 44 Jimmy J ohnson Laura Johnson Lena Johnson Lynwood Johnson Mary Jones Patricia Jones Alexis Kemper Jacqueline Kemper Forrest Kilby Jeanette Lane Howard Lawson Angela Lee Margie Lee Ruth Lewis Donald Mallory Nana Mallory Ricky Mallory Norma Medley Walter Miller Gerald Monroe Mallory Monroe Edith Morton William Morton Vieda Mosley 45 Isabel Nibblins Virginia Noakes Larry Paige Ronald Payne Doris Pendleton George Pinkney Evelyn Pollard Debra Porter Joseph Porter Leroy Porter Shirley Price Evon Rector Helen Robinson Kathryn Robinson Gloria Roy John A. Scott Virginia Sheppard Vaughan Shirley Barbara Smith Harold Smith Mary Smith Sarah Swales Richard Taylor James Terrell 46 Patsy Terrell Ezekiel Thompson Lelia Thompson Sandra Thompson Randolph Tibbs Walter Tibbs Smith Timbus Pamela Tinsley Peggy Togans Rexford Towns Cecile Turner Jesse Twymar Harold Vaughan Sara Ward Thomas Washing- ton Ronnie Williams Shirley Williams Gladys Winkey Harry Winkle Esther Winston Audrey Woolen William Yeager Carolyn Young Coleman Young 47 SCENES TO REMEMBER 48 49 LIST OF OFFERINGS REQUIRED SUBJECTS UNITS English 5 Mathematics 2 Laboratory Science 2 Virginia and U. S. History 1 Virginia and U. S. Government 1 World History and ' or World Geography 1 SUBJECT UNITS SUBJECT UNITS English 8 1 General Business 1 English 9 1 Shorthand 1 English 10 1 Bookkeeping 1 English 11 1 Business Math 1 2 English 12 1 Vocal Music 1 Speech Dramatics 1 Instrumental Music 1 Mathematics 8 1 General Music 1 General Mathematics 9 1 Agriculture I 1 Algebra I 1 Agriculture II 1 Algebra II 1 Agriculture III 1 Plane Geometry 1 Agriculture IV 1 Advanced Math 1 Shop I 1 General Science 8 1 Shop II 1 General Science 9 1 Shop III 1 Biology 1 Mechanical Drawing 1 Chemistry 1 Home Economics I 1 U. S. History 8 1 Home Economics II 1 Virginia U. S. History 1 Home Economics III 1 Economics -Sociology 1 Home Economics IV 1 French I 1 General Home Economics 1 French II 1 Physical Education 8 0 Typing I 1 Physical Education 9 0 Typing II 1 Physical Education 10 0 50 51 52 1. Carver High School! Carver High School! Sing we now our song of praise. Song of praise and adoration With our voice now we raise. Striving onward, striving upward; Striving with a heart so true. Carver High School! Carver High School! We ' ll fore ' er be true to you. 2. As we go to fight life ' s battle, May we all thy teachings bear; So that we may all work to be like he Whose name thy front doth bear. May we move upon life ' s road To bear our hardships, trials too. Carver High School! Carver High School! We ' ll fore ' er be true to you. 3. Carver High School! Alma Mater! May we ever, ever be; A great service to our nation And a service to thee. Still now wearing thy dear colors Of maroon and golden hue. Carver High School! Alma Mater! We ' ll fore ' er be true to you. CODA: 53 THE SPA SEATED, left to right William Lewis, Paula Blair, Patricia Mayhew, Clarence Washington, Sharon Alex ander, Sarah Smith, Madlynn Anglin. STANDING: John Holmes, Barbara Williams, Noami Jackson, Thomas Holmes, Mary Lewis, Franklin Taliaferro, Marcia Dennis, Marilyn Alexander, Glenice Johnson, Irma Lawson, Randolph Finks. Officers President Vice-president Recording Secretary . . Corresponding Secretary Treasurer Chaplain Reporter Clarence Washington , . Sharon Alexander . . . Patricia Mayhew Paula Blair . . . . Ronald Rocca . . . Madlynn Anglin Sarah Smith The Council has nineteen active members whose objectives are to promote school spirit, neatness and attractiveness in the school, and to encourage greater cooperation between the school and the community. 55 SPA QUEEN 1961-1962 The attractive S.P.A. queen pictured above is Miss Edna Rebecca Jackson, daughter of Mr. Mrs. Edward Jackson of Culpeper. 56 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY SEATED, left to right: Yvonne Jackson, Sarah Smith, William Lewis, Pearl Robinson, and Mrs. D. L. Par- ker, Sponsor. STANDING: John Holmes, Odessa Graves, Gail Lee, Glenice Johnson, Sharon Terrell, Clarence Washington, Susie Winkey, Pauline Minor, Grace Carpenter, and Franklin Taliaferro. The purpose of the National Honor Society is to create incentives for higher scholarship, ethical character, worthy leadership and better service. Its membership consists of Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors who maintain the average of 88 or above. Its membership has in- creased considerably since its organization in 1958. The National Honor Society has accomplished much this year under the splendid leadership of its president, William Lewis, Jr. Other officers are as follows: Yvonne Jackson, Vice-president; Sarah Smith, Secretary; and Pearl Robinson, Treasurer. Mrs. D. L. Parker serves as sponsor of this organization. 57 NEWSPAPER STAFF The newspaper is a project to get the students interested in the art of newspaper writing. It also serves as a means of developing them in this field. It serves as a means of letting other students know what is going on around the school, and to get them to read more. The newspaper is an educator, for it presents to us the drama of life. It informs the reader of the affairs of government so that he may be an intelligent citizen. It may offer articles designed specifically to tell the reader how to do something. A newspaper may serve as an entertainer as well as a promoter of community spirit. Newspaper Staff: John Holmes Editor-in-chief Mary Lewis Asst. Editor Paula Blair Gwendolyn Brown News Editors Beverly Arrington Sports Editor William Lewis Patricia Mayhew Club Society News Editors Jane Carpenter Yvonne Jackson Circulation Managers 58 DRAMATICS This is a scene from an original play, " Trouble with Father, " created by Joan Davis, Georgia Ferguson, Richard Snyder, and Albert Lacy. The rest of the class looks on. Here the students listen attentively and take notes on acting tips presented by the teacher, Mrs. C. M. Wright. 59 COLOR GUARD IN ACTION Carver ' s color guard is shown taking part in the half time activities with the band (shown in the background). The members of the color guard flank Miss Homecoming, the prrncipal and the queen ' s court as the band plays " Fascination. " Members of the color guard are: Riflemen -- David Ward and Mervin Ward Flag Bearers -- Hurley Mallory and Jackie Rogers 60 MARCHING BAND FLUTE Madlynn Anglin CLARINETS Richard Brown David Ferguson Betty Frye Marjorie Lee Theresa Lewis John Mallory Lorraine Roy SAXOPHONES -- ALTO Henry Fields McPherson Frye Joseph Porter Richard Porter SAXOPHONES -- TENOR Stephen Dennis TRUMPETS Ronald Beckwith Peyton Bowler James Brown Tony Freeman Jerome Mallory Robert Strother Franklin Taliaferro ALTO HORN Joseph Glenn TROMBONES Richard Snyder Charles Gordon BASS HORN Beauford White PERCUSSIONISTS Ella F. Lan e Donald Mallory James Jackson -- Bass Drum Randolph Williams Joice Williams -- Bells Irma Lawson does not appear in above picture BAND OFFICERS Franklin Taliaferro -- President David Ferguson -- Vice President Joice Williams -- Recording Secretary Madlynn Anglin -- Treasurer Ronald Beckwith -- Historian Richard Porter -- Publicity Manager 61 MAJORETTES ■ " A Left to right: Lucille Adams, Paulette Morton, Yvonne White, Josephine Barnes, Doris Campbell, Mar- jorie Wood, and Patricia Bumbrey. BEGINNING BAND BACK ROW, left to right: Diane Glascoe, Lucille Fyre, John Medley, James Johnson, Ella Lane, Pelfan Humes, James Terrell, Howard Vaughn, Roger Sevales, Joe Mallory, David Ward, Linwood Johnson, SECOND ROW: Patsy Scott, Elizabeth Hackley, Linda Glascoe, Lena Johnson, Margaret Braxton, Gloria Roy, Mervin Ward, Robert Ellis, Hurley Mallory, Norman Medley, Howard Lawson, Anthony Freeman and Peyite Barnes. 62 GIRLS’ CHORAL ENSEMBLE Standing, left to right, BACK ROW: Mary Jones, Doris Lewis, Shirley Jackson, Eudora Ware, Sandra Humes, and Btelle Jackson; FRONT ROW; Gloria Frye, Pearl Robinson, and Martha Wilson. At the piano is Phyllis Galbreath and directing the group, Mr. James Gilliam. GENERAL MUSIC CLASS Many interesting activities are enjoyed in this class. Among other things, the students receive a general musical background and learn to appreciate the various types oi music. 63 NEW HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA The N.H.A. is a nonprofit organization which has for its purposes the development of social qualities, the provisions for wholesome, recreational activities, and the promotion of better home life. BOYS’ HOMEMAKING CLASS The students are Theodus Barbour, Johnny Rogers, Edward Abbott, Franklin Henderson, Benjamin Weaver, Ray Goodall, Reed Frye, and Nelson Twyman. 64 N.HA QUEEN - 1961-’62 Miss Peggy Arrington of Madison County, daughter of Mrs. Hazel Arrington, was crowned Miss N.H.A. at the Cotton Ball in April, 1962, This was quite a gala affair, and the crowning of this charming climaxed the exciting evening. 65 NEW FARMERS OF AMERICA The Nev Farmers of America is the national organization of boys studying vocational agriculture in public secondary schools under the provisions of the National Vocational Acts. Launched at Tuske- gee, Alabama, in August 1935, the organization has continued to develop rapidly. The present active membership totals some 55,000 in 1038 chapters in 15 states. The primary aim of the New Farmers of America Organization is the development of agricultural leadership, cooperation, citizenship and patriotism. The officers for 1962 -63 are: . Randolph Finks . James Mundy Robert R. Hunter . James Gaskins , , Justin Kilby . Fred Jackson Cooper T urner James McIntosh . George Gibson F. W, Nicholas There are 52 active members. President Vice President . Secretary . . . . Treasurer Reporter W atchman . . . . Historian Parliamentarian Chaplain Adviser 66 LIBRARY CLUB OFFICERS: President, Irma Lawson; Vice President, Genevieve Glascoe; Secretary, Janet Jackson; Treas urer, Joan Brown; Sergeant-at-arms, Johnny Tyree; Chaplain, Martha Timbers; Sponsor, Mrs. M. R. Ed- wards. SAFETY PATROL The Safety Patrol is composed of students who are elected by their homeroom teachers on the basis of their scholarship, personality, character, and daily conduct. They are instrumental in promoting order in the halls, in the cafeteria, and on the buses. The captain is Thomas Holmes and the sponsors are Mr, H. A. Collins and Miss M. F. Keith. 67 CHEERLEADERS STANDING, left to right: Joyce Snead, Diana Banks, Dorothy Arrington, Mary Lewis, Lillian Stewart, Paula Blair, Patricia DeBerry, Eudora Ware, Madlyn Anglin, Vernie Benford, Lois Benford; Kneeling, FRONT: Naomi Jackson, Captain, and Robert Hopkins. PEP CLUB These energetic students help to promote school spirit through their participation during the basketball and football games and through their apparent interest in the general welfare of the school. 68 MISS HOMECOMING - 1962-’63 The crowning of Miss Virginia Beasley, by principal H. A. Fleshinon, as " Miss Home- coming of 1962” was an exciting and memorable event. The daughter of Mr. Otto Beasley, she is a junior at Carver and hails from Orange County. 69 HOMECOMING ATTENDANTS Appearing quite charming and poised, Miss Ann Ford and Miss Patricia Lane, proudly represent Carver High in the Homecoming parade, Miss Ford is a sophomore from Culpeper County, and Miss Lane, an eighth grader, also comes from Culpeper County. Their presence helped to make the queen’s court a beautiful picture to behold. 70 HOMECOMING ACTIVITIES One of the highest points of the 1962 Homecoming game came at half time when the queen, Miss Virginia Beasley, escorted by Princi- pal H. A. Fleshmon, appeared on the field with her court. In the foreground, left to right: Patricia Lane, Rose Lee Lane, Mr. H. A. Fleshmon, Principal; Virginia Beasley, Queen; Marcia Dennis, Ann Ford, Charles Slaughter, and John Holmes. The majorettes, as well as the marching band, were at their best; and to climax all the gaiety, Carver ' s team was victorious over Walker Grant. 71 CARVER’S COACHING STAFF Left, standing -- Armand, C. Wyatt, Baseball and Basketball Coach Center, standing -- Mrs. J. C. Porter, Girls ' Basketball Coach Right, standing -- Johnnie C. Cheston, Asst. Football Coach Center, kneeling -- Simon P. Poole, Head Football Coach. 73 FOOTBALL TEAM Captains: John Martin, Stacy Johnson, and Paul Arrington; Coach: Simpn P. Poole; Assistant Coach: Johnnie C. Cheston. 1962 Tri Champions of Virginia Interscholastic Association Northern District Group 1 Schools 1962 RECORD OPPONENTS LUTHER P. JACKSON PARKER-GRAY DOUGLAS HOFFMAN-BOSTON W. C. TAYLOR WALKER-GRANT (Homecoming) J. P. Burley DOUGLAS JEANNIE DEAN PLACE WE THEY Away 12 7 Away 13 6 Home 12 13 Away 13 33 Away 44 12 Home 7 0 Away 20 20 Away 14 7 Away 25 0 Won 6; Lost 2; Tied 1, 74 CO-CAPTAIN FOOTBALL TEAM This outstanding athlete is John Martin, a Junior from Culpeper County, His knowledge of the game and his interest in it have won for him much admiration and respect from his peers. 75 BOYS’ BASKETBALL TEAM STANDING, Left to Right: Clarence Humes, Clifford Menifee, Henry Pollard, John Martin, Stacy Johnson, Robert Hunter, Newton Gray, Marcellus Bumbrey, Clarence Snead, James Bannister, Tommie Bowles, Doug Williams, and Robert Terrell; at CENTER -- Mr. A. C. Wyatt, Coach. JUNIOR VARSITY Standing, BACK; John Mallory and Alvin Frye; CENTER; Daniel Young; FRONT; Mr. A. C. Wyatt, Leroy Jones, and Norman Terrell. 76 GIRLS’ BASKETBALL TEAM STANDING, left to right: Paula Blair, Mrs. Joan G. Porter -- Coach, and Joice Williams. SEATED: Barbara Hamilton, Carol Barbour, Georgia Ferguson, Gloria Frye, Glenice Johnson, Genevieve Glascoe, Yvonne Jackson, Dorothy Arrington, Barbara Williams, and Alvis Frye. Basketball for girls is an exciting and interesting team sport which is played all over the United States. This game requires great skill and swiftness. It develops a high degree of muscular co-ordination, as well as strength and endurance. Teamwork is a necessary asset when playing basketball. Girls are selected for this sport on the bases of their ability to master the basic skills of this game. 77 BASEBALL TEAM Head Coach Armand C. Wyatt Assistant Coach Johnnie C. Cheston 1962 Record OPPONENT PLACE WE THEY Hoffman-Boston Orange, V a. 2 11 Burley Rapid an, V a. 5 7 Jennie Dean Rapidan, V a. 7 10 Luther P, Jackson Merrifield, V a. 5 8 Hoffman Boston Arlington, V a. 4 8 Luther P. Jackson Rapidan, V a. 7 4 Jennie Dean Manassas, V a. 10 11 Parker Gray Rapidan, Va. 4 2 78 BOYS’ PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLASS Physical Education is an important part of the modern program of general education. It includes physical activities and courses of study connected with the individual ' s health, safety and recreation. Physical activities include life movements, plays and games, dancing, sports, conditioning and corrective exercises. The study courses include the study of principles of healthful living, rules of safety in everyday life, methods of first aid and lifesaving, and the practices of skill in sports. Physical Education gives the students at Carver important experiences in living wholesome lives as members of groups and as individuals. 79 PATRONS PFC and Mrs, Linwood Alexander Mr. Andrew Apperson Miss Irma Apperson Miss Emma Arrington Mr. and Mrs. William Arrington Mrs. Mary W. Baker Mr. and Mrs. James ' Bannister Mr. and Mrs. Fred Banks Mrs. Odessa Banks Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Banks Mr. and Mrs. John H. Barbour Mr. and Mrs. John Barringer Mrs. Regina Barksdale Mr. Lawrence Beasley Mrs. Molly Beck Mr. Bob Beckwith Mr. Roscoe Berry Mr. and Mrs. Compton Blair Mrs. Martha Blair Mrs. Julia E. Boddie Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bowles, Jr. Mr. Robert Bowles Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Boyd Mrs. Teresa Braxton Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Brent Mr. King Broady Mrs. Bertha Brock Mr. and Mrs. Donald Brock Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Brock Miss Sharon Brock Mr. and Mrs. Boyd Brown Mr. Donald Brown Mrs. H. Brown Mr. Holmes Brown Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Brown Miss Margo Brown Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Brown Mr. and Mrs. Paul Brown Mr. and Mrs. Randolph Brown Mr. and Mrs. John G. Buchanan Mr. and Mrs. Amos Burrell Mr. and Mrs. George Burrell Mrs. Emma Campbell Mr. and Mrs. Robert Campbell Mrs. Della Carter Mrs. Hazel Carter Mrs. Lucy Carter Mrs. M. E. Carter Mr. and Mrs. Waiden Carter Mr. William Carter Mr. William F. Carter Mr. Shelton Carpenter Mrs. Wisey Carpenter Mtt. J. C. Cheston Mrs. Mary Clark Mr. and Mrs. Moses Coleman Mr. H. A . Collins Mrs. Maggie Collins Mr. Robert Cooper Mr. and Mrs. James Cottoms Mrs. Lillian Cottoms Mr. and Mrs. Horace Dade Mrs. Elizabeth Davis Miss Elva Davis Mrs. M. Davis Mr. Nathaniel Davis Mr. and Mrs. Wilson W. Dean Mr. and Mrs. William Deal Mr. and Mrs. Edward Dorsey Mrs. Laura Dorsey Rev. D. L. Dudley Mr. and Mrs. Buford Edwards Mr. and Mrs. William Edwards Mrs. Edna Ellis Mr. and Mrs. Guss A. Ellis Mrs. Georgia Evans Mrs. Serenamo Evans Mrs. B. H. Ferguson Mr. and Mrs. George Ferguson Miss Georgia Ferguson Mr. Roger M. Ferguson Mr. William Herman Ferguson Mrs. Mary Fields Mr. and Mrs. Welford Fields Mr. Calvin H. Finlay Mrs. Virginia Fletcher Mr. George Ficklin Mrs. Edward Francis Mrs. Elizabeth Franklin Mr. Walter Freeman Mr. and Mrs. Alvin M. Frye Mrs. Estelle Frye Mrs. Elizabeth Gaines Mrs. Helen Gaither Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Gaskins Mr. Ben Franklin Gentry Miss Gertrude Gentry Rev. Chassie Gibbs Mrs. Fenton Gibson Mr. and Mrs. James Gibson Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Giles Mr. and Mrs. James Gilliam 80 HERNDON CHEVROLET Compliments of Authorized Dealer RICKETT ' S REXALL DRUG STORE Phone 832-2241 Phone 2021 Orange, Virginia Gordonsville, Virginia Marshall S. Smith LACY ' S FLORIST LEWIS PHARMACY Orange - 7050 Your Friendly Walgreen Agency Culpeper VA. 5-0143 W. P. Lewis J. W. Gallagher, Jr. Flowers For All Occasions Culpeper, Virginia Compliments of Compliments of JOS. M. SAMUELS SON GILL-WARE HARDWARE Real Estate Service M. A. Ware Orange, Virginia Gordonsville, Virginia Compliments of Compliments of GIBBS h ESTES ' STORE LITTLE FIFTH AVENUE SHOPPE Madison, Virginia Orange, Virginia DUDLEY ' S DRY CLEANERS AND SHOE REPAIR SERVICE Compliments of Phone 832-2924 THE FAMILY STORE Gordonsvillej Virginia Madison, Virginia Compliments of Compliments of MADISON DRUG STORE MADISON GENERAL STORE Madison, Virginia Madison, Virginia Compliments of Compliments of ORANGE - MADISON COOP. FARM SERVICE G. C. PHILLIPS, JEWELER Madison, Virginia Gordonsville, Virginia TAYLOR BROTHERS Building Contractors Madison Road Compliments of Robert L. Carpenter Phone VA 5-7689 or VA 5-4II2 Culpeper, Virginia BRIGHTWOOD GULF GROCERY Herbert I. Taylor George Taylor Brightwood, Virginia Compliments of : cmo D M r£F mc C6. 66 years of service Education and Development Hospitalization Life Insurance $200. 00 monthly disability 216 East Davis St. Culpeper Rev. J. A. Holmes V irginia Shakespeare Bland Compliments of PONDEROSA RESTAURANT " The spot for fine food " Madison Virginia Compliments of BETTY BROWN SHOP " Say it with flowers " Culpeper Virginia Compliments of BRIGHTWOOD SHELL Station " Service With A Smile " Madison Virginia Compliments of RUTH ' S BEAUTY SHOPPE 112 E. Church St. PHone 41 1 1 Orange Virginia MODERN FLORIST The Florist to Know Flowers Fresh and Lovely Arrangements, Vital ; Charming V alley 5-9011 Culpeper, Virginia Compliments of VIRGINIA NEWSTAND Valley 5-0601 Culpeper, Virginia BARRON ' S TIRE SERVICE Compliments of Shock Absorbers F ront End Alignment BROWNING Seat Belts REAL ESTATE Valley 5-2471 Culpeper, Virginia Culpeper, Virginia Compliments ORANGE of FURNITURE STORE LEE ROSENBERG Maytag General Electric 41 East Davis St. Laundry Appliances Culpeper, Virginia Phone 7 39 2 Orange, Virginia Compliments Compliments of of GAYHEART ' S The Rexall Store CULPEPER LAUNDRY CLEANERS Phone VA 5-8319 Culpeper, Virginia Culpeper, Virginia Compliments of Stationery of all Kinds W eddings -Portraits - Enlarging THE JEWEL BOX Culpeper, Virginia BOWIE PRINTING : PHOTOGRAPHY Gulpeper, Virginia THE ORANGE SPORTSMAN SHOP Gompliments of 131 East Main Street G. G. GILL SONS Orange, Virginia Orange, Virginia Compliments of STEPHEN DURRER PRICE ' S Diamonds, Watches LUNCH ROOM Silver, Jewelry Phone WH 8-9921 Main Street Madison, Virginia Orange, Virginia Compliments of LUTHER B. STUART MADISON GULF SERVIGE Real Estate Broker Main St. U. S. 29 Phone WE 7-3656 Amissville, Virginia Madison, Virginia COLEMAN ' S TAXI SERVICE SPARK ' S GROCERY Going places, Call us Fresh Meat Groceries F rozen F oods 7 168 Day 9186 Night Orange Virginia Dial 7315 Orange, Va. SONNIE PORTER ' S GARAGE Compliments of Electric Welding HAGER ' S Generator Repairing V alley 5-860 1 Culpeper, Virginia TV Radio Sales ; Service Phone 7053 Orange, Virginia Compliments of Compliments of MAY-RUDASILL COMPANY SCEARCE AUTO SUPPLY Orange, Virginia Valley 5-0466 Culpeper, Virginia " In Any Event Wire Flowers " CLIFTON C. TALIAFERRO WEST CHARLTON FLOWER SHOP Painting; Interior L Exterior Paper Hanging, Carpentry Mrs, Ernest Wambersie 130-A West Main Street Orange, Virginia Valley 5-0060 Culpeper, Virginia For the best Ladies Men ' s Wearing Apparel FL. IfJHiTE 9 COMPANY F amous " After Six " F ormal Wear Special Discount to High Schools on Rental For Formal Occasions Culpeper Virginia THE FRIENDLY STORE FOR YOUR SHOPPING PLEASURE Culpeper, Virginia Orange, Virginia Compliments of 3emc£ Ruth West Marshall Licensed Funeral Director Day: VA. 5-8889 246 Mortimer M. Marshall Licensed Embalmer and Funeral Director Night: VA. 5-9788 East Davis St. Culpeper V irginia Compliments of Compliment of s PAYNE h. BROTHER ' S BARBER SHOP SUNNY SOUTH STORE 150 N. Main St. Culpeper Virginia Groceries, Meats Fruits and Vegetables Dial 7379 Orange, Virginia CULPEPER HOME AUTO SUPPLY, INC. ECONOMY SHOE STORE Shoes for the entire family Your G. E. Dealer 1 39 N. Main St. Culpeper Virginia 102 W. Orange Main St. V irginia Compliments of GOAD-WAYLAND STUDIO AND CAMERA SHOP Va 5-9880 Culpeper Virginia Compliments of LERNER ' S DEPT. STORE Culpeper Virginia Compliments of 3T( P 0 Portraits Groups Weddings Color 23 0 East Leigh Street Richmond, Virginia Phone-7-7823 Compliments of CLEMENT INSURANCE AGENCY SERVING YOUR INSURANCE NEEDS Phones; Office-825-0775 Res. -825-8692 Pitt ' s Theater Bldg. Culpeper, Virginia Edwin G. Adair, Jr. Insurance Counselor Compliments of MAIN STREET MARKET Culpeper Virginia Compliments of THE ORANGE REVIEW EDDIN ' S FORD Sales Orange, Virginia Publishers of Telephone 948-45259 Madison Virginia The Carver School Fair Catalog f1re$lone Tires and Tubes Culpeper V irginia C C f COLrt ' BCTTUMG CO. For Parties and Special Events Call 825-8125 Culpeper Virginia PATRONS Rev. and Mrs. R. H. Gillisoii Mr. and Mrs. Howard Glascoe Mrs. Bertha Glenn Miss Elnora Goodall Mrs. Catherine Gordon Mr. Conway Gordon Mr. and Mrs. John Grasty Mr. and Mrs. Henderson Gray Mr. and Mrs. Sylvester Gray Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Gray Mr. William Gray Mr. and Mrs. William Gray, Sr. Miss D. M. Greene Miss L. A. Greene Mr. and Mrs. Morris Grisby Mr. and Mrs. Walter Graves Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Hall Mr. Dan Hall Mr. Harold Hall Mr. Roger Hall Mr. Edward Harris Mrs. F. M. Harris Mrs. Ruth Harris Mr. Walter Harris, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Harris, Sr. Miss M. P. Harrison Mr. Granville Hart Mr. and Mrs. R. N. Harvey Miss Etta Hawkins Mr. and Mrs. Robert Henderson Miss Ruth Henderson Mr. and Mrs. William Henderson Miss Christine Hill Miss Eve Hill Miss Laura Hill Mr. Luther Hill, Jr. Mrs. Novella Hill Mr. and Mrs. Burnette Hoffman Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hoffman Rev. and Mrs. J. A. Holmes Mr. W. T. Holmes SFC and Mrs. Albert T. Hubb Mr. Douglas Humes Mr. and Mrs. Russell Humes Mrs. Elizabeth Jackson Mrs. Hester line Jackson Mr. and Mrs. Stonewall Jackson Mr. Thomas Jackson Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Jasper Mr. Osbry Jasper Mrs. Havana Jeffers Mr. Robert Jefferson Miss Marian Johnathan Miss Alyce Johns Mr. Edward Johnson Mrs. E. P. Johnson Mr. Herbert Johnson Mr. Jack Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Johnson Mr. Theodore Johnson Miss Julia Jones Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jones Mr. William Jones Miss Malendia Kilby Mr. Walter Kilby Mrs. Evelyn King Mr. and Mrs. Frank King Miss Rita King Mr. Oscar Lambert Mr. and Mrs. Howard Lawson Mr. and Mrs. Henry Lewis, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. James Lewis Mr. and Mrs. William H. Lewis Mrs. Martha Lightfoot Mr. and Mrs. Harry Long Mrs. Hattie Long Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lynch Mr. and Mrs. John Mallory Mr. and Mrs. Pete Mallory Mrs. Kenneth Martin Mrs. Louise Me Knight Mr. and Mrs. G. W. McLaughlin Mr. James Merriet Mrs. Carrie Michie Mrs. U. A. Miller Mr. Daniel Minor Mrs. Elizabeth Minor Mrs. Gertrude Minor Mrs. Lena Minor Mr. Paul Minor Mr. Edward Moore Mr. J. H. Moore Mr. and Mrs. Irving Morton Mr. and Mrs. Powhatan Nelson Mr. F. W. Nicholas Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Orange Mr. Billy Page Mrs. Elizabeth Page Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Payne Mr. and Mrs. Henry G. Payne 92 Mrs. Mary Perry Mr. and Mrs. James D. Pollard Mr. Sonnis Porter Mrs. Alberta Prett Tnan Mr. and Mrs. Roy Price Mr. Thomas Price Mr. William Price Mr. and Mrs. William Ramsey Mr. George Randolph Mrs. Rena Reaves Mr. Mrs. Frank Reeves Mr. Jack Richardson Mr. Thomas C. Ritter Mr. Dudley Robinson Mrs. Elizabeth Robinson Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Robinson Mrs. Margaret Robinson Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Robinson Mr. and Mrs. James Rose Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie Sanders Rev. C. H. Sandford Mr. Theodore Sayles Mrs. Antoinette Scott Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Scott Mr. and Mrs. George Settle Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Shanks, Jr. Mrs. Rosie Shanks Mrs. Robert Shoultz Mr. and Mrs. Clifton Simpkins Mrs. Lillian Slaughter Miss Edith Smith Mrs. Edith Smith Mr. and Mrs. Fred Smith Mrs. Lelia Smith Mrs. Minnie Smith Mr. and Mrs. Willie Smith Mr. B. J. Snead Mrs. Catherine Snead Mr. and Mrs. Freddie Snead Mrs. Lelia Snead Mrs. Ora Snead Mrs. R. V. Snead Mrs. Spencer Synder Mr. and Mrs. Joe Solomon Mrs. May Spotswood Miss L. A. Spriggs Mr. Charles Starks Mrs. Rebecca Starks Mr. and Mrs. M. Steele Mrs. Elva Strother Rev. Samuel Strother Mr. and Mrs. John E. Thompson Mrs. Lelia A. Thompson Mrs. Marie Thompson Mr. Joseph Thurston Mrs. Ruth Thurston Mrs. Margaret Tibbs Miss Mary Tinsley Mr. James Todd Mrs. Mattie Tolliver Mr. and Mrs. Lucian Towles Mr. and Mrs. Cooper Turner, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. George Lee Turner Miss Patricia Turner Mr. Raymond Turner Mrs. Viola Turner Mr. and Mrs. Stacy Tutt Mrs. Mary Wade Mrs. Della Walker Mrs. Catherine Ward Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Ward Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Warring Mr. Charles M. Washington Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Washington Mr. and Mrs. Edward Washington Mr. George Washington Mr. and Mrs. James Washington Mr. Lewis Washington Mrs. Pearl Washington Mrs. Thomas Washington Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Webb Mrs. Quester West Mr. and Mrs. L. O. Wilhoite Mrs. Florence Williams Mr. and Mrs. John Williams Mr. Marcellus Williams Mr. Namon Williams Mr. and Mrs. Roland Williams Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Williams Mr. Solomon Williams Mrs. Constance Willis Mrs. A. P. Winters Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Wise Mr. Clarence Wood Mr. Clifton Wright Mr. and Mrs. Edward Wright Mr. Ernest Wright Mr. Richard Wright Miss Sarah Wright Mr. Armand Wyatt 93 FACULTY AUTOGRAPHS 94 STUDENT AUTOGRAPHS 95 STUDENT AUTOGRAPHS

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