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George Washington Carver Regional High School - Hawk Yearbook (Culpeper, VA) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Cover

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1 i j £ J| i I ■ wm HHB B B [ , . . B] ORAreRs foZ, Az m 6 » £ v v i A» . J iv i: •■:■ ms? Hewraan DeDICA+E£ to +He AlEHoay Of " Roger Colbert SENIORS Mac ARTHUR ALEXANDER Nickname: " Mud Pipe " Ambition: Activities: NFA 1,2,4, Patrol 3; Choir 1,2,3; Basketball 2. MARY GLADYS ALLSBERRY Nickname: Princess Ambition: Dietitian Activities: N.H.A. 1,2, 3, 4, Science and Math Club 4; Li- brary Club 2; French Club 2; Biology Club 3; Student Coun- cil 4. thomas McKinley banks Nickname: " Tom " Ambition: Mechanic Activities: Choir 1; Band 1; Pa- trol 1; Baseball 3,4; N.F.A. BETTYE JAYNE BAPTISTE Nickname: " Cheko " Ambition: Social director Activities: Student Council 3,4; N.H.A. ; Patrol. GEORGIA ETOYLE ARRINGTON Nickname: " Joy " Ambition; Foreign Language teacher Activities; N.H.A. 1,2, 3, 4, 5; Band 2,3,4, Library Club 2,3; French Club 2,3; Basket ball team 4,5; Yearbook staff; Honor Society 3,4. MARY LOUISE BROCK Nickname; " Sister " Ambition: Beautician Activities: French Club 3,4; Patrol 3,4, Library Club 2,3. 4 ROSETTA BURRELL Nickname: " Rose " Ambition: Nurse Activities: Library Club 2,3,5, French Club 2, 3, 4, 5. JOANNE CARPENTER Nickname: " Gypsy " Ambition: Secretary Activities: N.H.A. 1,2, Student Council 5; Library Club 2; French Club 4. MARSHALL CLAY CARTER Nickname: " Buck " Ambition: Disc jockey Activities: Football 4,5. NELLIE CARTER Nickname: " Missy " Activities: Band 2; French Club 3,4; N.H.A. 3,4, Ambition: Dietitian WILLIAM LAFAYETTE CARTER Nickname: " Sonny Boy " Ambition: Singer Activities: Choir 4 CURTIS WALDO CLIFFIN Nickname: Activities: Band 5 THERESA MAGGIE COLLINS Nickname: " Sister " Ambition: Kindergarten teacher Activities: Choir 1,4; French Club 1,5. ELSIE ARITEA DANG ERF IELD Nickname: Ambition: Seamstress Activities: N.H.A. 1,2, 3, 4, 5. CEPHUS DANIELS JR. Nickname: " Boo -Boo " Ambition: Jet Pilot La VERNE ARLENE DORSEY Nickname: " Puddin " Ambition: Sewing Instructor Activities: N. H. A.; Choir, WESLEY DRUMGOOLE Nickname: " Wes " Ambition: Commercial Artist Activity: Band 1,2, 3, 4, 5; Year- book Staff 5. IVIN RUSSELL EDWARDS Nickname: Ambition: Helicopter Mechanic Activities: Biology Club 4; Pa- trol 4,5. 6 lOISTEEN FLETCHER Nickname: " Cookie " Ambition: Beautician Activities: Choir 1; Dramatics Club 4. NATHAN EDWARD FLETCHER Nickname: Ambition: Electronic Techni- cian Activities: French Club 4,5. WILLIAM ALBERT FLETCHER Nickname: Ambition: Undecided Activities: Band 4. BLANCHE VIRGINIA FORTUNE Nickname: " Putch " Ambition: Airforce Career Activities: French Club 4,5. Mac ARTHUR FRYE Nickname: " Teddy " Ambition: Activities: N.F.A. 1 , 233 , 4 ; Pa- trol 1,2,3; French Club 4,5, Student Council 5. WILLIAM FRANKLIN GASKINS Nickname: " Bill " Ambition: Hot Rod Driver Activities: Choir 3. 7 SARAH FRANCES GOODALL Nickname: Cereal Ambition: Secretary Activities: NHA 1,2, 3, 4, Li- brary club 5; French club 4,5; Yearbook staff; Newspaper staff 5, FBLA 5; Science Club 5. JAMES EDWARD GRAVES Nickname: Lover Boy Activities; Agriculture 2, 3, 4, 5; Yearbook staff; Band; Choir 1, 2,3. ANNIE REBEKAH HACKLEY Nickname: Lippie Ambition: Business instructor Activities: choir 1,2; Band 2,3; SPA 3,4,5; Library club 1,2,3, 4,5; FBLA 3,4; Pep club 4; French club 4,5. REGINALD OSWALD HACKLEY Nickname: Red Ambition: Singer Activities: French club 4; Choir 4,5; Band 2, 3, 4, 5. CHARLES EDWARD HOLMES Nickname: Little dipper Ambition: Physical instructor Activities: Baseball 2,5; Bas- ketball 3,4,5; Patrol 1. DANIEL LEE HOLMES Activities: Football 2,3; Bas ketball 2,3,4; Ambition: Astronaut Nickname: " Boone " 8 DELCINE V. HOWARD Nickname: Dell Ambition: Nurse Activities: NHA 2, 3, 4, 5. MARY C. HUMES Nickname: Christy Ambition: Librarian Activities: Choir 1; Band 2,3,5; Library Club 4,5; French Club 4,5; Pep Club 4,5; Student Council 3,4,5; Yearbook Staff; Science Club 5. REGINALD L. HUMES Nickname: Mickey Mouse Ambition: Costumer Activities: Patrol 4,5; Band 3, 4,5; Choir 5. PRISCILLA J. JACKSON Nickname: Cilia Ambition: Stenographer EDNA R. JACKSON Nickname: Ambition: Speech Interpreter Activities: Band 3,4,5; Honor Society 3,4,5; Student Council 4,5; Yearbook Staff; NHA. GLORIA M. JOHNSON Nickname: Cricket Ambition: Private Secretary Activities: French Club 4,5; Student Council 4,5; Choir 1; Band 3; Pep Club 4; Patrol 3,4; Honor Society 4,5; Yearbook Staff; Newspaper. 9 JAMES ROY JOHNSON Nickname: Ambition: Mechanic Activities: Football, Baseball LOUISE MARIE JOHNSON Nickname: Dimples Ambition: Nurse Activities: NHA 4; Patrol 4; Library club 5; Yearbook staff. JEAN FRANCES KIRKLEY Nickname: Little Jean Ambition: Beautician Activities: French club 4; Bi- ology Club 4; FBL A 5; Science Club 5. RITA YVONNE KING Nickname: Cheetah Ambition: Home Economics T cache r Activities: NHA 3,4,5; Presi- dent of Honor Society 4,5. SARAH FRANCETTE LEE Nickname: Ambition: Air Force Career Activities: Library 4 JANICE MARIE LEWIS Nickname: Ambition: Hair Stylist Activities: N.H.A. 1,2, 3, 4. 10 PAULINE EVELYN LONG Nickname: Chee Chee Ambition: Beautician Activities: School Council 3, 4,5; Pep club 4; Science Club 5; Choir 1; Dramatics Club 4. BETTIE RAE MORTON Nickname: Bet Ambition: Nurse Activities: Basketball 3. HELEN LOUVENIA MACK Nickname: Hel Ambition: Nurse Activities: Choir 4, FBLA 5. CECIL LEROY MOSLEY Nickname: Si Ambition: Physical Education Teacher Activities: Choir 5; Football 3, 4,5. william e. McIntosh Nickname: Yogi Ambition: Electronic Activities: French Club 4,5; Yearbook Staff; Library Club 1. ROBERT OWEN PAYNE Nickname: Bobby Ambition: Professional Baseball Player Activities: Baseball 3; Choir 1; Basketball 2. 11 VIOLA BEATRICE PRICE Nickname: Pepe Ambition: Private Secretary Activities: Band 1; FBLA 5; Bas- ketball 3; Library Club 4; Pep Club 4. MARGUERITE C. RICKS Nickname: " Little Ree " Ambition: Cosmetologist Activities: Choir 1; Girls ' En- semble 2; FBLA 5; Cheering Squad 3; NHA 5. CORA CONRAD ROY Nickname: Connie Ambition: Secretary Activities: Student Council; FBLA LILLIAN G. RUSSELL Nickname: Frudy Ambition: Nurse Activity: Basketball MARY BEATRICE TAYLOR Nickname: Bee Ambition: Secretary Activities: Choir 1,5; FBLA 5; Library Club. O ' NEIL BARRY TAYLOR Nickname: Legs Ambition: Policeman Activities: Football 5; Basket- ball; Band 2. 12 CYNTHIA ANITA TERREL Nickname: " Cat " Ambition: Social Worker Activities: N.H.A.; Library Club 3,4,5. GEORGE TURNER Nickname: " Bud " Ambition: Army Career Activities: Patrol JEAN LOUVENIA TURNER Nickname: " Jeanie " Ambition: Science Activities: Basketball 4,5; Choir 2,5; Library Club; Pep Club; Student Council; Yearbook Staff; French Club; Honor Soci- ety; Class President. JOHN RICHARD TURNER Nickname: Richie Ambition: Lawyer Activities: Band 1; Dramatics Club 1. LOURRAINE Y. TURNER Nickname: " Cookie " Ambition: Nurse Activity: N.H.A. PATRICIA E. TURNER Nickname: " PeeWee " Ambition: Secretary Activities: Student Council; French Club; Cheering Squad; Basketball; Yearbook Staff; Library Club . 13 JAMES E. TYREE Nickname: " Fish” Ambition: Electrician Activities: Football; Basketball; Baseball. EARLINE WALKER Nickname: " Little Baby " Ambition: Nurse Activities: N.H.A. AUDREY M. WILLIAMS Nickname: " Half Pint " Ambition: Secretary Activities: CLARENCE B. WILLIAMS Nickname: " Butch " Ambition: Professional Basket- ball Player Activities: Baseball; Basketball. THELMA M. WINSTON Nickname: Mickey Ambition: Science Activities: Basketball; French Club N.H.A. ; Honor Society; Yearbook Staff; Student coun- cil; Class Secretary. SARAH L. WISE Nickname: Dizzy Ambition: P.E. Teacher Activities: President of Student Council; Band; Library Club; French Club; Girls ' Ensemble; Majorette. 14 MARY IDA YATES Nickname: Pat Ambition: Secretary Activities: Library Club; Patrol; FBLA ; Newspaper staff. MYRTLE MATILDA YATES Nickname: Ambition: Air Force Career Activities: Science Club; Li- brary Club. LILLIE MAE YEAGER Nickname: Doll Ambition: Nurse Activities: NHA 3; Patrol 3. GEORGIA D. YOUNG Nickname: Baby Doll Ambition: Science Major Activities: NHA 4,5; French Club 3,5; Editor of Yearbook; Newspaper staff; Basketball 3,5. JOHN GLASCOE Nickname: Johnnie Activities: Math Club 3; Foot ball 3. JOHN SLAUGHTER Nickname: 15 GUIDANCE CENTER THE DIRECTOR OF GUIDANCE COUNSELS A STUDENT Learning about the individual student, helping him to understand himself, effecting changes in him and in his environment which will help him to grow and develop as much as possible are the goals of guidance. Guidance, thus, becomes a complex process. It must compass the total needs of the individual student, and it must be applicable to his educational, social, emotional, moral, health, advocational and leisure time needs. The Guidance Department under the direction of Mr. Beamer has assumed its responsibility. A Guidance Committee consisting of representatives from the various departments of the school, and the librarian and primarly responsible for the program. Members of the counseling staff are: Mrs. Blair, Mrs. Wallace, Mrs. Love, Miss Perkins, Mr. Finlay, and Mr. Gilliam. 16 YEARBOOK STAFF STANDING, left to right: Jean Turner, James Graves, Patricia Turner, William Mclntoch, Rebecca Jackson, Wesley Drumgoole, Louise Johnson, Mac Arthur Frye, Robert Payne. SEATED: Sarah Wise, Thelma Winston, Gloria Johnson, Annie Hackley, Georgia Young, Sarah Goodall, Nellie Carter, Georgia Arrington and Christine Humes. THE HAWK Editor-in-Chief Business Manager Assistant Business Manager Treasurer Copy Editor Art Editor . . . . Assist. Artist Sports Writer Feature Writer Advertising Manager . . . Advertising Assistant . . . Yearbook Subscriptions. . Typists i It • • Georgia Young . Christine Humes .... Sarah Wise . . . Louise Johnson . Thelma Winston Westley Drumdoole William McIntosh Georgia Arrington . . Gloria Johnson .... Jean Turner . . . James Graves . . Annie Hackley . . Patricia Turner Sarah Goodall Marquerite Ricks Georgia Arrington 17 ADMIMISTPATJCH ANO FACULTY MR. HARVEY A. FLESHMON PRINCIPAL TO THE CLASS OF 1962; It is indeed a pleasure and privilege to have the honor of adding a few words to your splendid Yearbook. " In these days when so many people feel that opportunities are limited, it is up to eac young person to answer the challenge and " face life courageously " ready to strike straight at the heart of anything that is keeping him from his best. " Make the most of yourself in every way; in health, in knowledge, in personality, and in character. f-tcuw j FfiesfuM K MRS. MARIA L. REED SECRETARY 19 MISS ELIZABETH L. ADAMS Home Economics Virginia State College B.S. MRS. MARIAN J. ANGLIN English St. Augustine ' s College A.B. MR. JAMES AVERY Mathematics St. Augustine ' s College B.S. MISS SHIRLEY A. BALDWIN Biology General Science St. Augustine ' s College B.S. MR. BEN A. BEAMEK English Chairman of Guidance MRS. VIOLA P. BLAIR English Virginia State College B.S. MR. JOHNNIE C. CHESTON Mathematics A T College B.S. Football Coach MR. HOWARD A. COLLINS Agriculture Virginia State College B.S. MRS. MERLYN R. EDWARDS Librarian Virginia State College B.S. MISS MARY E. EVANS Science Hampton Institute B.S. 20 MR. CALVIN a FINLEY Social Studies St. Paul ' s Polytechnic B.S. MRS. STELLA H. FLESHMON Home Economics Virginia State College B.S. MR. JAMES W. GILLIAM General Music West Virginia State College B. A. MISS SALLIE M. GRAHAM Mathematics J. C. Smith University B.S. MISS JOAN C. GREGORY Physical Ed. Health Virginia State College B.S. MRS. LILLIE M. KEARNEY Business Education St. Paul ' s College B.S. MRS. LITITIA F. LOVE Social Studies St. Augistine ' s College A. B. MRS. CARRIE W. MICHIE Mathematics Virginia State College B. S. University of Virginia M.S. MR. FREDDIE W. NICHOLAS Vocational Agriculture Virginia State College B.S. MRS. DORIS L. PARKER English Philander-Smith College B.A. 21 MISS SHIRLEY PERKINS Chemistry, General Science St. Paul ' s College B.S. MR. SIMON P. POOLE History St. Augustine’s College B.A. North Carolina College MR. THOMAS PRICE Industrial Arts A T College B.S. MRS. HAZELINE H. REMPSON Business, Typing I, II, Shorthand Hampton Institute B.S. MR. ALBERT L. WALLACE General Science St. Augustine ' s College B.S. MRS. VIOLA H. WALLACE English, World History Hampton Institute B.S. MISS LOUISE WILLIAMS English, History Allen University A.B. Howard University MRS. CEOLA M. WRIGHT English, French Virginia State College B.A. Dramatics Club MR. ARMAND C. WYATT P. E. Health Athletic Committee Virginia State College B.S. MISS MARY FRANCES KEITH American Gov ' t., Economics, World History North Carolina College B.S. 22 ADMINISTRATION The Cafeteria is under new management this year. We are very proud of our new dietician, Mrs. Bea Robinson and her assistant, Mrs. Elizabeth Jackson. Mr. Lewis has been our custodian for a long time. He is another member whom we appreciate. 23 UNDERCLASSMEN Edward Abbott Jacqueline Arrington Paul Arrington George Banks Shirley Banks Theodus Barbour Anne Brown Ruth Burrell Joan Davis Georgia Ferguson David Ferguson McCoy Fields Randolph Finks Alvis Frye Reid Frye Helen Gaither Martha Gillison Judy Gilmore Joann Gleen Ray Goodall Evelyn Grasty James Gray 25 Gloria Frye Lillian Gray Pearl Grayson Martha Harris Walter Harris Franklin Henderson Shirley Holiday John Holmes Andrew Johnson Percy Hughes Joan Humes Joyce Jackson Naomi Jackson Phyllis Jackson Mary Jones Sharon King Roger Lee Connie Le gg Doris Lewis William Lewis Harry Mack Clifford Menifee Theodore Mickey John Minor 26 Pauline Minor Sarah Newman Henry Pollard Norris Rawlings Johnnie Rogers Shirley Rouzee Albert Shepherd Richard Snyder Irene Spotswood Willa Stewart Dorothy Strother Sarah Strother Franklin Taliaferro James Thompson Cooper Turner Nelson Twymah Delores Smith Carolyn Walker Perry Wanzer Clarence Washington Marie Washington Benjamin Weaver Effle White Barbara Williams 27 Doris Williams William Williams Thomas Wilson George Winkey Pictures Not Shown Harriet Abbott Alice Morton Charles Bannister Howard Nelson Walter Butler Deloris Smith Joseph Hunter Gladys Smith Oliver Kelley Kenneth Thompson John Martin Joyce Williams Ralph Morgan Dorothy Williams We get happiness by taking it in little packages, day by day, as we go along. When we can have all we want without effort, then it isn ' t happiness anymore. — North American Union News 28 SOPHOMORES Barbara Alexander Sharon Alexander Marcia Anthony Angus Arrington Beverley Arrington Eliza Banks Virginia Beasley Tommie Bowles Gwendolyn Brown Mary Brown Marcellus Bumbrey Terry Butler Doris Campbell Shirley Carey Grace Carpenter Jewel Carpenter Seth Cheatmen Betty Colbert Virgie Dade Hazel Dawson Earl Edwards Verlette Ellis 29 Mary Evans George Ferguson Sally Ferris Deloris Finks Eamestine Fortune Betty Fyre Joan Gaither Mary Gaskins Barbara Glasco Genivine Glasco Marylyn Glasco Odessa Graves Elsie Gray Lillian Gray Herbert Gray William Glasco Joan Greene Minnie Hackley Barbara Hamilton Florence Hoffman Sarah Hill Shirley Hill Thomas Holmes Merle Humes 30 Robert L. Hunter Robert R. Hunter Carrol L. Jackson Janet Jackson James E. Jackson Mary Jackson Y vonne Jackson Cornelia Jasper Deloris Jasper Janet Jasper Glenice Johnson Micheal Kemper John Kilby Gail Lee Archie Lindsey Ruth Lewis Lloyd Mallory John Mallory Louise Morton Barbara Nelson Susie Noakes Thaddeus Johnson Edith Lewis Pauline Pendlton 31 Martha Orange Russell Price Barbara Robinson Pearl Robinson Margaret Ruffner Kesley Russell Ola Simms Charles Slaughter Sarah Smith Joseph Tansimore Sharon T errell Christine Thompson Shelby Towles Frances Turner Selena Walker Eudora Ware Agnes Washington Mildred Washington Beauford White Estelle White Ester White Joyce White Carole Williams Susie Winkey 32 NINTH GRADE Margaret Winston Robert Wise Marjorie Wood Ann Wright William Yeager John Alexander Dorothy Arrington Elizabeth A us berry Ay lor Charlotte Frances Banks Lucy Banks James Banks Landonia Banks Willie Barbour John Barbour Lois Benford Vernie Benford Sylvia Beasley Henry Anglin Anna Blakley Peyton Bowler 33 Paula Blair Gloria Brent Sylvia Brown Richard Brown Fred Brock Geneva Brock Joyce Brock Joan Brown James Brown Carole Baker French Campbell Ellis Campbell Jessie Carter Robert Carpenter Myra Carter Robert Clarke Peggy Cooper Berdie Daniels George Dade Stephen Dennis Clara Ellis Gretude Ford Henry Fortune McPherson Frye 34 Alvin Frye James Gaskins Peggy Gordon Patricia Grasty Betty Garnett Joseph Glenn Richard Hackley Clarence Harrison Brenda Hoffman Shirley Jackson Shirley A. Jackson Anna Jackson Betty Jackson Charles Jameson Andrew Johnson Carolyn Johnson Herbert Johnson Paulette Johnson Richard Johnson Leroy Jones Charles Jordon Justin Kilby Otis Kilby Richard Kilby 35 Albert Lacy Ella Lane Florence Lawson Anna Lewis Barbara Lewis Bennie Lewis Boston Lewis James A. Lewis Kirkpatrick Lewis Mary Lewis Patricia Lewis Theresa Lewis James Mack Charles Mallory Robert Mallory Patricia Mayhew Leroy Menefee Calvin Minor Steve Mosley James Mundy Thomas Phillips Nancy Newman Raymond Orange Harrison Porter 36 Sidney Porter Andrew Price Diane Rawls Joyce Ruffner Henry Scott Lillian Slaughter Robert Strother Bertha Strother Allen Scott Lillian Stewart Randolph Stewart Robert Tomes Betty Taylor Edna Taylor Marlene Thompson Gilbert Tinsley Walter Tinsley Thomas Tyree Haywood Turner Johnny Tyree Phoebie Vaughan Julia Waters Andrew Washington Jean Washington 37 Emanuel Walker Roger Walker Raymond Ware Richard Weaver Wallace Weaver Marion White Geraldine White Ann Williams Deloris Wilkins Helen Wise James Williams Maude Williams Fred Winkey Evelyn Wood Molly Yates Julia Yeager Marshall Yeager Daniel Young EIGHTH GRADE Lucille Adams Madlynn Anglin Gloria Anthony Grace Arrington 38 Peggy Arrington Thelma Arrington Thomas Arrington Alice Bailey Fred Baker Richard Baker Dianne Banks Georgeen Banks John Banks Rosa Banks James Barber Josephine Barnes Earnestine Beasley Rosa Bowler Harold Braxton Hazel Braxton Margaret Braxton Mary Briggs Barbara Brown Robert Brown Patricia Bumbrey Gene Coleman Doris Campbell John Carey 39 Daniel Carter Josephine Carter Rosa Carter Joyce Collins Frances Cottons Elizabeth Davis Verna Davis Virginia Dearing Patricia DeeBerry Marcia Dennis Evelyn Dinkins Mary Douglas Dorothy Ellis Mary Ellis Robert Ellis Steven Ellis Thelma Ferguson Rebecca Ford Wilbur Ford Helen Fortune Calvin Franklin James Frye Treva Frye Walker Carpenter 40 Barbara Gaither Margaret Gaskins Mary Gentry George Gibson Mary Gillison Stanley Gordon James Greene James Hackley James Henderson Doro thy Holmes Robert Hopkins Laura Hughes Marion Humes Sandra Humes Carolyn Hunt Lawrence Hutcherson Lottie Hutcherson Estelle Jackson Douglas Johnson George Johnson Rosa Jackson James E. Johnson Patricia Johnson Walter Johnson Lola Jones Margaret Jones Patricia Jones Irma Lawson Andrew Lee Harvey Lewis Barbara Lewis Julia Lindsay Donald Mallory Jerome Mallory William Morton Margie Myles Geraldine Porter Richard Porter Gloria Price Consuella Roberts Layonne Robinson Sharon Robinson Ronald Rocca Alma Robinson Lourraine Roy Margaret Rucker Patsy Scott Patricia Shirley 42 Virginia Shoultz Ada Smith Charles Smith Frederick Smith Joyce Smead Jimmy Stafford Thelma Starks Allen Stewart Elsie Tansimore Brenda Terrell Martha Timbers Carolyn Turner Gilbert Turner Howard Turner Melvin Turner Tippi Turner Edna Tyler Sarah Tyree Howard Vaughan Hazel Walker Reginia Walker Willie Walker Douglas Wallace Mervin Ward 43 Dallas Washington Lawrence Washington Lois Washington Martha Washington Joyce Weaver Lester White Peggy White Robert White Augustine Williams Edith Williams Fredy Williams Odie W illiams Randolph Williams Lucinda W ilson Audrey Wollen Charlotte Wormley Mary Wormley Evyonne Yeager Lois Baker Sharon Beasley W illiam Corey Elizabeth Carter Mildred Clarke Cleve Dennis 44 Curtis Green Novella Hayes Mary Jackson Albert Jett Doris Jones Demetrice Jordon Phillip Green Paulette Morton Dorothy Myers Rosa Nobblins George Orange Arthur Payne James Rankins Henry Robinson Geraldine Settle Ernestine Shanks Ivadine Shanks William Smith Iris Thompson David Ward Caroline White Robert Wilson George Wormley Joan Young 45 EIGHTH GRADE BOYS ' PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLASS Parents usually recognize physical education as an important part of education concerned with the growth and development of their boys and girls. Because it is a part of the total educational program it has the same goals that give purpose to all learning experiences. This means that physical education is really education through physical activities. It contributes to the mental, emotional, and social growth as well as to the physical. Everyone needs physical activity to grow and develop properly. A person develops only as he exercises his body and mind, as he gains new ideas and skills, and as he applies his knowledge and skill effectively. Physical education has become an intergral part of the school program and is particularly important in helping each student to develop and maintain maximum physical efficiency; to develop useful skills to act in socially useful ways, and to enjoy wholesome physical recreation. Citizens who possess vigor, strength, and character are the greatest resources of a nation in normal times. They are indispensable in times of emergency. In their accumulated strength the people guarantee the security of the United States of America and continuance of her leadership in world understanding. Here at Carver High School physical education is offered at all grade levels. Armand C. Wyatt, Physical Education Director 46 CARVER HAWKS COACHING STAFF We the coaches of the mighty Carver Hawks are constantly at work to further develop the physical, mental, social, and moral character of our fine athletes. We believe that, first and foremost a coach must be a good teacher. Good coaching is good teaching transferred from the classroom to the playfield. There are necessary attributes, such as dynamic, in- spiring fearless, overt, relaxed, meticulous, sympathetic, understanding, hard, companionable and possessing unsurpassed determination; he must radiate warmth, and in his frankness must at times be frightening. The list is endless. Every coach has some of these qualities by nature, and the others must be cultivated. It is hardly necessary to write that the more of the aforementioned qualities we possess, the more tools are at our command to do the job. Center Armand C. Wyatt, Head Coach Left Johnnie C. Cheston, Ass ' t Coach Right Simon S. Poole, Ass ' t Coach 47 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY The National Honor Society has 10 members who have exemplified ethical character, good scholarship, useful service and worth leadership. Any member of this organization must be a member of the junior or senior class, must have a B average and must be a student of good moral character. The members are Rebecca Jackson, Gloria Johnson, Rita King, Jean Turner, Thelma Winston, John Holmes, William Lewis, Pauline Minor, Irene Spotswood, and Franklin Taliaferro. c The best work is done by men whose consciences won’t let them do inferior work. -- Public Service STUDENT PARTICIPATION ASSOCIATION The Student Council consists of thirty-seven active members, two of whom hold offices in the district association and one who is state reporter. The purpose of this organization is to form a more perfect and understanding student body, to create better relations between the administration and the students, to create a feeling of unity, and to further develop student leadership. The officers are Sarah L. Wise, president; Clarence Washington, vice-president; Effie White, corresponding secretary; Grace Carpenter, treasurer; Paula Blair, chaplain; and Pauline Long, reporter. Mrs. V. P. Blair and Miss M. E. Evans are sponsors. Success must be preceded with preparation; how you use today will determine how tomorrow will use you. — Megiddo Message 49 MAJORETTES Majorie Wood- -Lead Majorette Patricia Bumbrey- -First Majorette Yvonne White Christine Flumes Sarah Wise Barbara Robinson This flashy combination of performers have introduced a new concept of " The Majorette. " Therr positions in the squad were accomplished through their fine performances in the highly com- petitive try-outs, and are retained only through the awareness that good scholarship helps to produce quality performers as well as their physical performing abilities. 51 GENERAL MUSIC Audrey Woolen; Lorraine Roy; Margaret Braxtone; Madlynn Anglin; Lucinda Wilson; Consuella Roberts; Randolph Williams; Donald Mallory; Dallas Washington; James Chapman; Irma Ney Lawson; Staley Gordon; Josephine Bonds; Robert Ellis; Mervin Ward; George Johnson; Doris Campbell; Alma Robinson; Diana Banks; Doris Williams; Sharon Robinson; Sandra Humes; Patricia Bumbrey. Mancil Clark; Joan Gaither; Shirley Hill; Robert Payne; George Winkey; Floyd Orange; Carol Walker; Effie White; Barbara Williams; Joyce Williams; and Joann Glenn. BEGINNING BAND 52 BAND WOODWIND ' Rebecca Jackson CLARINET ' Theodus Barbour Richard Brown David Ferguson Betty Frye Andrew Johnson Edith Lewis John Mallory Theresa Lewis Percy Wood ALTO SAXOPHONE ’John Minor Franklin Henderson Richard Porter McPherson Frye BRASS Joseph Glenn TRUMPET ’Franklin Taliaferro James Brown Ronald Beckwith Peyton Bowler Robert Strother Reginald Humes Jerome Mallory TROMBONE ' Charles Gordon Johnnie Rogers Richard Snyder BASS HORN ’Beauford White PERCUSSION ’Shirley Hill Joice Williams DRUMS ' Pecy Hughes BASS DRUM James Jackson CYMBALS ' Geraldine White TENOR SAXOPHONE ' George Banks Stephen Dennis The above instruments make up the poster for the 1961-62 band enrollment. The scheduled appearances include public concerts, parades throughout our school community, football games, and the Regional Band Competition Festival, to be held at Union High School in Bowling Green, Virginia. OFFICERS: President-Rebecca Jackson; Vice President-Franklin Taliafero Recording Sec. -Joice Williams; Historian- David Ferguson 53 BAND QUEEN Miss Sharon Alexander was crowned The Band Queen on November 22, 1961. These lovely ladies below are the Band Queen contestants. From left to right STANDING are Edna Taylor, Marguerite Ricks and Ruth Burrell. SITTING are Gwendolyn Brown, Sharon Alexander, Joyce Brock and Cornelia Jasper. 54 CHOIR Sharon Alexander John Barbour Sylvia Beasley Joyce Brock Ellis Campbell Mary Evans Andrew Johnson Thaddeus Johnson Cecil Mosley Mary Taylor Patricia Turner Carol Williams Ebelyn Wood Judy Gilmore Reginald Hackley Walter Harris Brenda Hoffman Reginald Humes Shirley Jackson Mary Jones Doris Lewis Pearl Robinson Jean Turner Ann Williams Helen Wise Phyllis Galbreath-- Accompanist These 25 voices do a very fine job at attempting to represent the vast student body of Carver High School. Although small in number, these voices have learned to blend well together. Their schedule includes; assembly programs; church engagements throughout the school community; radio broadcasts; baccalaureate service; Commencement exercise, and the Regional Choral Competition Festival to be held at Walker-Grant High School in Fredericksburg, Va. 55 LIBRARY COUNCIL OFFICERS: Ronald Rocca-Pres. Andrew Price-Vice Pres. Janet Jackson-Secretary; Edna Taylor-Ass ' t. Sec ' t.; Mary Taylor-Treasurer; Lillian Slaughter-Reporter; Miss M. J. Ragland Edwards-Sponsor. DRAMATICS CLUB OFFICERS: Rebecca Jackson -President; Cora Roy-Vice-Pres.; Willa Stewart-Secretary; Ass ' t. Sec’t.- JoAnne Glenn; Seth Cheatam- Treasurer; Sharon Alexander-Reporter; SPONSOR-Mrs. C. M. Wright. 56 FRENCH CLUB Officers: Georgia Arrington, President; William Lewis, Vice-president; Patricia Turner, Secretary; Irene Spottswood, Assistant Secretary; William Mclntoch, Treasurer; Pauline Minor, Parliamentarian; Mrs. C. M. Wright, Sponsor. SCIENCE CLUB Officers; Pauline Long, President; Georgia Young, Vice President; Gloria Johnson, Secretary-Treasurer; Miss Shirley Perkins, Sponsor. 57 FBLA STANDING 1. to r. are: Mrs. L.W. Kearney-Sponsor, Pricilla Jackson, Maggie Hutterson. SEATED are: Jean Kirkley, Viola Price-Treasurer, Mary Taylor, Helen Mack, Sarah Goodall, Mary Yates, Marguerite Ricks -President, Annie Hackley-Secretary, Nellie Carter. SAFETY PATROL The patrol squad is a student organization, whose members are selected by ihe homeroom teachers on the bases of personality traits, conduct, and scholastic standing. They keep the school grounds neat and attractive with the help of students and the custodian. This organization has thirty-three members. Officers for 1961-62; Captain: Thomas Holmes, Lieutenant: John Holmes, Sponsor; Mr. H. Collins. 58 NEW HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA The New Homemakers of America is a National Organization of Pupils studying Homemaking in junior and senior high schools. On June 1, 1959 there were 1,324 Chapters with 1959 members. The NHA is a nonprofit corporation which has for its purpose the development of social qualities, the provision for wholesome recreational activities and the promotion of better home life. N.H.A. OFFICERS From left to right: Diana Banks, Ass ' t chaplain; Rita King, Ass ' t Sec ' t.; Mary Brown, Ass ' t. Reporter; Carol Barbour, Secretary; Glenice Johnson, President; Georgia Arrington, Vice-Pres.; Bevelry Arrington, Treasurer; Odessa Graves, Parliamentarian; Peggy Arrington, Chaplain. 59 MISS N.H.A. Left to right: LaVerne Dorsey, Center -Theresa Lewis, Miss NHA, Right-Sharon Terrell. Miss NHA for 1961-62 is Theresa Lewis a freshman of Gordenville. Her attendants are LaVerne Dorsey a senior of Madison County, and Sharon Terrell a sophomore of Orange County. 60 CHEERLEADERS The cheering squad is established to help promote school spirit among the school students and to give the team encouragement while playing. The members of the Cheering Squad are: Jean Turner- -Captain Sharon Alexander- -Co-Captain Maggie Hutcherson- -Co-Captain Namoi Jackson Patricia Turner Patricia Deberry Paula Blair Dorothy Arrington Bererly Arrington Paulette Johnson Selena Walker Lillian Stewart In the future we hope to promote more school spirit than every before with the help of the student boyd. " We are ready to start " We are ready to go but first of all we ' ll say hello! Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello. Carver says, Hello! 61 FOOTBALL STANDING: 1. to r. are: Mr. S. P. Poole-Coach, O ' neil Taylor, Charles Mallory, Jim Lewis, Earl Evans, Marcellus Bumbrey, William Glascoe, James Johnson, John Marshal, James Hunter, Steve Mosley, Henry Anglin, Robert Hopkins, Mr. Johnnie C. Cheston-Ass ' t. Coach. MIDDLE ROW are: Irvin Walker, Ronald Robinson, Taylor Gray, Harry Mack, Walter Bulter, Clarence Humes, Stacy Johnson, Paul Arrington, Lilburn Bulter. KNEELING are; Oliver Kelly, James Bannister, Williams Williams, Cecil Mosley-Co- Captain, Marshal Carter-Co-Captain, Thomas Wilson, Alfred Paige, Robert Hunter, Frank Cooper CARVER HAWKS 1961-62 FOOTBALL RECORD Name of School Luther P. Jackson W. C. Taylor Saint Emma Academy Jackson P. Burley Parker Gray Jennie Dean Score CHS. OPP. 8 7 14 7 7 18 7 52 47 0 20 27 62 BASKETBALL BOYS w STANDING I. to r.: Mr. Johnnie Cheston- -Ass ' t. Coach, Robert Payne- -Assistant Manager, Eliza Banks, John Glascoe, Clavin Strother, Curtis Green, Tommie Parker, Ernest Fortune, Thomas Bowles, Lloyd Mallory, Junius Carter, Daniel Young, Rober Strother, Norman Terrell, Clifford Menefee, Alvin Frye, James Mack, Terry Bulter, Richard Brown, Theodus Barber, Howard Nelson- -Ass ' t. Manager, Mr. Armand C. Wyatt--Head Coach. KNEELING: Robert Hunter, Marcellus Bumbrey, William Williams, James Bannister, Charles Holmes- -Co-Captain, Clarence Snead, Daniel Holmes- -Captain, Harry Mack, James Gray, Freddie Shanks. The Carver Hawks Basketball Team is composed of those students who have a great interest in basketball and who possess certain basketball abilities. In order for a boy to become a member of the varsity basket- ball team he must excell in performance of basketball basic fundmental skills and must have satisfactory academic standings. The boy who becomes a basketball player is taught, trained, and coached to further develop the basic fundamental basketball skills so that upon graduation from high school he may go on, if he still has the interest, to play college basketball. We are proud of our athletes. We press upon our athletes high moral and ethical training. An athlete takes pride in his honorable position and he is expected to set a good example for others. 63 BASKETBALL GIRLS STANDING 1, to r.: Miss Joan Gregory- -Coach, Evelyn Wood- -Manager, Alvis Frye, Barbara Hamilton, Georgia Ferguson, Gloria Frye- -Captain, Lillian Russell, Gloria Johnson, Jean Turner, Georgia Arrington, Yvonne Jackson, Thelma Winston--Co-Captain, Georgia Young, Genevieve Glasco. KNEELING: Paula Blair--Time keeper, Sharon Alexander- -Score keeper, Carol Baurbour, Barbara Williams, Patricia Turner, Kesley Russell, Archie Lindsey, Joan Gaither. Basketball for girls is a highly competetive team sport. A team sport like basketball is an important part of the total program. It provides an opportunity for strenuous big muscel activity which contributes to the development of strength, speed, endurance, and more efficient body co-ordiantion. It also affords many opportunities for the development and practice of the essential social, mental, and moral qualititesof of good citizenship. Girls are selected for the team on the bases of their athletic ability to perform and master the skills of the game. 64 Johnnie Cheston Ass ' t Coach Armand C. Wyatt Head Coach 65 MISS HOMECOMING AND ATTENDANTS Miss Homecoming is Rita King, a Senior. Her attendants are Sharon King, a Junior, Gwendolyn Brown, a Sophomore; Mary Lewis a Fresh- man, and Marcia Dennis, an Eighth-grader. 66 DUDLEY ' S DRY CLEANERS AND GILL - WARE HARDWARE SHOE REPAIR SERVICE Hardware and Household Goods Phone 832-2924 Gordonsville, Virginia Lowe Brothers ' Paints Gordonsville, Virginia Phone 832-2900 Box 368 E HEART ' S CASH CARRY Compliments of Staple Fancy Groceries H. W. MARKET Gordonsville, Virginia Gordonsville, Virginia OLD OAKEN BUCKET HOTEL Robert E. Utz HOTEL MADISON GULF SERVICE RESTAURANT SERVICE STATION Main Street U. S. 29 Gordonsville, Virginia Madison, Virginia Compliments of Compliments of PRICE ' S LUNCH ROOM MADISON GENERAL STORE Phone WH 8-9921 Madison, Virginia Madison, Virginia rTEPHEN Compliments of DURRER WA. SHERhhN CO. Diamonds W atches Silve r J ewelry Electric Wiring, Plumbing, and Heating Repairs and Engraving Photographic Supplies Contractor Phone Orange 4611 Main Street Orange, Virginia 111 Chapman Street Orange, Virginia Compliments of Compliments of THE ORANGE STATE BANK or REVIEW MADISON Orange, Virginia Publishers of The Carver School Fair Catalog Madison, Virginia SPROUSE MOTOR COMPANY Compliments of 24-Hour Wrecking Service Texaco Certified Service CiTiES SERVICE on. co. Orange 7790 Orange Va. ORANGE VA. Motorola Television and Radio THE ORANGE SPOTMAN SHOP HAGER ' S INC. TV RADIO SALES SERVICE 131 East Main Street Orange, Virginia Phone 7053 Orange. Virginia G. KIRBY HITT AGENT for BYRAM BROS. Nationwide Nutal Insurance Co. Madison Virginia MOBIL STATION Compliments of the Compliments of the FAMILY STORE MADISON DRUG STORE Madison, Virginia Madison, Virginia Compliments of G. A. WAUGH FURNITURE CO. GIBBS ESTES ' STORE Where You Get What You Pay For Madison, Virginia 130 East Main Street Orange, Virginia LEWIS PHARMACY CULPEPER BOOK STORE Your Friendly Walgreen Agency School Supplies Typewriters W. P. Lewis Z10 North Main Street J. W. Gallagher Jr. Culpeper, Virginia Phone VA 5-83ZZ Culpeper, Va. GLEN ' S FAIR PRICE STORE BETTY BROWN SHOP HEADQUARTERS FOR ALL SCHOOL SUPPLIES Ideas in Flowers Culpeper, Virginia Culpeper, Virginia Phone VA 5-8765 Compliments Compliments of of LERNER BROS. , INC. MASON INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. Department Stores 101 1 2 East Main St. Orange Virginia Dial 7654 Orange Virginia Compliments of C. C. GILL SONS JOS. M. SAMUELS 235 Madison Rd. Dial 7 27 5 SON 135 E. Main St. Dial 7311 Real Estate Service Orange Virginia Orange Virginia Compliments of Compliments of SCOTT H. B. SEDWICK, JR. Chevrolet Larro and Oldsmobile Aubrey Feeds CONTRACTORS Building Materials Orange Virginia Dial 7 345 Orange Virginia Compliments of Compliments of L. S. WEAVER BROTHER REYNOLDS -PONTIAC INC. Plumbing Heating and air conditions Contractors Sales £ Services Orange Virginia Phone 6981 Orange Virginia Compliments of SUNNY SOUTH STORE Compliments of Groceries, Meats WJMA Fruits and Vegetables NBC Radio 1340 on Your Dial Free Delive ry Dial 7379 Orange, Virginia Orange Virginia Compliments of Dial 3346 Box 605 MAIN STREET " Beauty Is My Business " MEAT MARKET FIFTH AVENUE SHOPPE 153 East Main St. Dial 7961 Grace Collins, Prop. Orange Virginia Orange Virginia Compliments of Compliments of THE CITIZENS Of FICE NATIONAL BANK Of THE PEOPLES ORANGE NATIONAL BANK " The Bank of Service Since 1892 " " The Bank of Convenience " Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Orange Virginia Orange Virginia CULPEPER HOME LONGERBEAM FURNITURE CO. HOME OF QUALITY FURNITURE William P. Johnson £ AUTO SUPPLY INC. Phone VAlley 5-8562 137 North Main Street Culpeper Virginia Culpeper Virginia H P APPLIANCES Compliments of 105 East Davis Street Culpeper Virginia ECONOMY SHOE STORE Your Friendly Maytag Dealer Orange Virginia Phone 825-0466 Gene Scearce, Owner SCEARCE AUTO SUPPLY SPARK ' S GROCERY 167 East Davis Street Culpeper, Virginia F rozen F oods Dial 7 315 Sporting Goods Small Electrical Appliances Toys-Auto Parts and Accessories Bicycles and Bicycle Parts Main Street Orange, Va. Compliments of Compliments of JENKINS RICKETT ' S DRUG STORE JEWELERS GIFT SHOPPE Rexall Drugs 120 West Main Street Dial 2021 Orange Virginia Orange Virginia Compliments of BRODNAX STUDIO Portraits Commercial W eddings Interior Children Exte r ior Groups Ae rial Color Murals 210 East Leigh Street Phone 7-7823 or 3-7950 Richmond 19, Virginia Business and Personal Stationery Weddings -Portraits -Enlarging BOWIE PRINTING ANO PHOTOGRAPHY 114 N. East Street - Phone: VA 5-9173 CULPEPER, VIRGINIA Compliments Compliments of of VIRGINIA NEWS AND GAYHEART ' S DRUGSTORE CONFECTIONERS Culpeper Virginia 106 South Main Street Culpeper Virginia VALLEY MUSIC Compliments of GRYMES DRUGSTORE 131 West Davis St. Reliable Prescriptions Culpeper, Virginia 125 East Main Street Records Record Players Phone 2141 Orange Virginia LACY ' S CULPEPER FLORIST Phone 825-0466 Gene Scearce, Owner SCEARCE AUTO SUPPLY 202 So. Main St. 167 East Davis Street Culpeper, Virginia Flowers for all Occasions Sporting Goods Small Electrical Appliances Toys-Auto Parts and Accessories Bicycles and Bicycle Parts CREEL ' S JEWELRY Compliments of FASHION SHOPPE Diamonds - Watches - Jewelry Sales and Services Culpeper, Virginia Culpeper Virginia Phone VA 5-8440 LEE ROSENBERG BETTER SHOES FOR BETTER FIT Compliments of C. ROY JONES JEWELER AND OPTOMETRIST Culpeper Virginia Culpeper Virginia THE JEWEL BOX Mm ) COME IN AND LOOK AROUND ANY AND EVERYTHING FOR THE FAMILY Culpeper, Virginia Culpeper, Virginia Compliments of MAY-RUDASILL COMPANY " In Any Event Wire Flowers " WEST CHARLTON FLOWER SHOP Mrs. Ernest Wambersie 130-A West Main Street Orange V irginia Orange Virginia Compliments of Compliments of TRUSSELL ' s JEWELERS CRAFTON AND SPARKS Valley 5-8682 Men ' s Fine Apparel 114 North Main Street Culpeper, Virginia Orange Virginia FL. WHITE f COMPANY Culpeper, Virginia FOR THE BEST LADIES ' MEN ' S QUALITY WEARING APPAREL FAMOUS AFTER SIX " FORMAL WEAR Special Discount to High Schools on Rental for Formal Occasions NENBERRY5 CULPEPER ' S FINEST VARIETY DEPARTMENT STORE WHERE BETTER QUALITY IS YOUR BEST BUY MORE THAN 15,000 ITEMS Culpeper Virginia Beer Drinks Compliments of MOORE KELLY REDDISH EXCAVATING CONTRACTORS ORANGE AUTO PARTS MUEfS ' Em ICE STATM We Specialize in All Kinds of Services Wholesale Only- Orange Virginia Dial 7293 Orange Virginia WILLIAM A.TURNER 4 SDKS Fine Class Rings Announcements Y earhooks Awards Diplomas GENERAL CONTRACTING Specializing in Plumbing and Electrical Work WILLIAM W. EDWARDS 7 0 3 - 2nd Street Martinsville, Virginia Phone: ME 8-757 1 ACHSAH, Madison County, Va. Phone 67 54 Compliments of TANSIMORE ' S Radio and Television Shop 825-0551 1209 Orange Road Compliments of THE GOOD-WAYLAND STUDIO AND CAMERA SHOP 205 N. Main Street VA 5-9880 Culpeper, Virginia Compliments of VA 5-9700 CULPEPER VIRGINIA COMPLIMENTS OF ■RKWmOWt) KNifUm WSWftNCt CO. 216 East Davis Street Culpeper, Virginia 66 Years of Service, Employment, Protection, Education and Development Buy Insurance Where You and Yours Can Find Profitable Service, Employment and Protection For Insurance Advice Contact REV. J. A. HOLMES OR SHAKESPEARE BLAND, Insurance Counselors VAlley 5-7537 VAlley 5-0426 ORANGE VIRGINIA Compliments of Culpeper Virginia THE SENIOR CLASS WISHES TO EXPRESS DEEP AP- PRECIATION AND THANKS TO THE PARENTS, TEACHERS AND FRIENDS, WHO HAVE HELPED TO MAKE OUR YEARBOOK ASUCCESS. Compliments of THE MARSHALL FUNERAL SERVICE RUTH WEST MARSHALL Licensed Funeral Dir e ctor MORTIMER M. MARSHALL Licensed Embalmer and Funeral Director VAlley 5-8889-9788 Culpepe r 246 East Davis Street V ir ginia The New Farmers of America is the national organization of farm boys studying vocational agriculture in the public schools throughout the United States. Organized in Virginia in May 1927 with few chapters and members, it has expanded until now it numbers 1,039 chapters and 51,205 members. The NFA is a nonprofit organization which has for its purpose the development of its members in their vocational, social and recreational life through established local chapters where vocational agriculture is taught. OFFICERS President Vice-President . . Secretary Treasurer Reporter Chaplain Sergeant -At -Arms Parliamentarian . . . .Terry Butler Andrew Washington . . Cooper Turner .... Ben Weaver . Angus Arrington Franklin Henderson . . . George Banks . Marshall Carter 83 AUTOGRAPHS i i . 84 AUTOGRAPHS 85 PATRONS Mrs . Astorie Turner Acty Miss Elizabeth Adams Mrs. Pearl Armstead Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Arrington Mr. John Avery Barksdale ' s Beauty Box Mrs . Ellen Banks Mr. and Mrs. Woodie Banks Miss Shirley Baldwin Mr. and Mrs. Elbert Bannister Mr. and Mrs. O.T. Bannister Mr. Ben A. Beamer Mr. and Mrs. A. Compton Blair Mr. and Mrs. Shakespeare Bland Mr. and Mrs. King Broady Miss Eleanor Brock Mr. and Mrs . Thomas L. Brock Mrs. Ruth J. Brooks Mr. Travers Brock Mr. Herbert Campbell Mr. Willie Carter Mrs. Daisy Chester Mr. Johnnie Cheston Mrs . Martha Clark Mrs . Nora Coleman Mr. James Collins Mrs . Maggie Collins Mrs . Virginia Cottoms Mr. and Mrs. Hampton Cropp Mr. and Mrs . Lewis Crowder Mr. and Mrs. James Daniel Miss Emma Davis Mrs. R. McLean Davis Mrs. Jean Dinkins Mrs . Landonia Dorsey Mr. and Mrs. Richard Dorsey Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Ellis, Jr. Miss Mary E. Evans Mr. and Mrs . Calvin H. Finlay Mr. and Mrs. Maceo Fortune Mr. Curtis Edward Frye Mr. and Mrs. Richard Frye, Sr. Mrs. Fenton Gibson Mr. and Mrs. James Gibson Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Gibson Mr. Edward S. Grayson, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Greene Mrs. Gladys Greene Mr. and Mrs. William Halley Mr. and Mrs. Rovellar Harris Mrs. Margaret Henderson Mrs. Bassie Hoffman Mrs. Edwinia Holmes Mr. Alvin R. Jackson Mr. and Mrs. Warrenton Jackson Mr. Clarence Jasper Mrs . Julia Jasper Mrs. Lucille R. Jefferson Mr. and Mrs. Gerard Jennings Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Jett Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Jett Mr. Clarence C. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Clarence W. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. James Johnson Mr. James E. Johnson Mrs . Jennie Johnson Mr. Kenneth Johnson Mrs. Louise Johnson Mr. Randolph Johnson Mr. Robert Johnson Mrs. Sarah Alice Johnson Mrs. Sallie E. Johnson Mr. William Johnson Mrs . Comora Jones Mr. George Jones Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Jordon 86 Mrs . Evelyn King Mrs . Betty Lewis Mrs. Phyllis Mass Mr. George McLaughlin II Mr. George McLaughlin III Mr. John Moore Mr. and Mrs. James E. Morton Mr. and Mrs. Robert Myers Mr. Herbert Newsome Mrs . Louise Page Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Pendleton Mrs . Mary Perry Mr . Robert W . Pinkney Mr. Fred Poindexter Mr. Mason Porter Mr. and Mrs. Roy Price Mrs. Maria L. Reid Mrs . Margaret Ricks Mr. Roger K. Roberts Mr. and Mrs. Albert Robinson Mr. and Mrs. John Ruffner Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ruffner Mr. and Mrs. Abner Russell Miss Mary L. Russell Mr. Arthur Scott Mr. and Mrs. Henry Sharps Mr. Harold Smith Mrs . Minnie Smith Mrs . Helen Snochum Mrs . Eva Taliferro Mrs . Mattie Tate Mr. Andrew Taylor Mr. and Mrs. George Taylor Mr. and Mrs. William Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Terrell Mr. George Terrell Mr. and Mrs. Haywood Terrell Mr. James Terrell Mrs. James Terrell Mr. Morton Terrell Mrs. Queen Terrell Mrs. Mattie Tilliver Mrs . John Townes Mr. and Mrs. Bud Turner Mr. and Mrs. Cooper Turner Mr. and Mrs. Howard Butler Mr. and Mrs. Norman Brown Mr. and Mrs. William Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Peyton Mr. and Mrs. Wade Frye Rev. and Mrs . R.L. Banks Mr. and Mrs. Richard Howard Mrs . Havana Mance Miss Annette Howard Mr. George Turner Mr. and Mrs. James Turner Mr. and Mrs. Stacy Tutt Deacon Daniel Warring Mrs. Fannie Washington Mr. Jack Washington Mrs . Pearl Washington Mrs . Christine Waters Mr. John Weston Mr. and Mrs . Lawrence Wilhoit Mr. Douglas Williams Mrs. Rebecca Williams Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Windbush Mrs. Sarah Winters Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Wise Mrs . Bettie Wood Mrs . Rosa Wood Mr. Bennett Woolfolk Mr. Armand C. Wyatt Mrs. Mary Yarner Rev. J. W . Yates Mrs . Eula Young 87 AUTOGRAPHS r " i ' ■j.u " ' V 1 88

Suggestions in the George Washington Carver Regional High School - Hawk Yearbook (Culpeper, VA) collection:

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