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Ijjlij fililMi ■ ' riii ; jr.ift-.: a _ MMHkhI narto T 2 M :■! _ . ■ — ,. : :,. ... V V " " T my- DEDICATION To teach and try to develop character, and promote health; to give guidance assist- ance for life, for further education, and for vocation; to teach what is known and what is believed; to engage in research to teach more knowledge for the improvement of life; and to give continually guidance that leads to wisdom — for these continual efforts on the part of our school, we, the members of the Class of 1961, dedicate The Hawk to our Al- ma Mater. cl as; MR. HARVEY A. FLESHMON PRINCIPAL TO THE CLASS OF 1961 It has been said that " we live in a world which is full of misery and ignorance, and the plain duty of each and all of us is to try to make the little corner he can influence somewhat less miserable and somewhat less ignorant than it was before he entered it. " Remember, you are a high school graduate. MRS. DELORES WALLACE SECRETARY ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANTS MRS. CARRIE MICHIE ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL With, the growth of the school and its attendant problems, the administration realized the need for additional administrative personnel for the effective functioning of the school. Mrs. Carrie W. Michie was appointed Vice -Principal in 1949; Mr. Calvin H. Finlay, in 1959. Assisting the principal in his administration of the school is their duty. MR. CALVIN H. FINLAY ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL 4 MRS. MARIAN J. ANGLIN B. A. , St. Augustine ' s College Virginia State College English Twelve Years at Carver MRS. DORIS L. PARKER B. A. , Philander-Smith College English National Honor Society Three Years at Carver The S R A Reading Laboratory was introduced to the eighth grade students at Carver in the fall of 1958 to improve the students ' reading abilities. The S R A Reading Labo- ratory consists of Power Builders, to develop comprehension; Rate Builders, to increase the reading rate; and Listening Skill Builders, to enhance abilities in listening. The S R A Reading Program aids eighth grade students in im- proving their reading habits. This Reading Laboratory tends to relieve feelings of guilt, dispense negative emotions, set up group goals, and stimulate the ordinarily less ambitious. Most important is that it increases the reading abilities of many students. Here, Hubert Jackson makes an impressive 3 -minute speech before the Dramatics class. In Speech, training the voice for effective speech is emphasized. MRS. CEOLA WRIGHT B. A. , Virginia State College English, French Publicity and Public Relations Committee One Year at Carver In 1953, the staff of Carver High School saw the need for including the teaching of dramatics in its curriculum. Since this time, the class has expanded tremendously in number. The interest has grown also, and on a whole, the class appears to be quite worth-while. The emphasis, of course, is placed on the students ' acting abilities. Thus, they get the opportunity to perform in different types of plays and to play differ ' ent roles. A group of students are doing a scene from one of their original plays, " Trouble with Mom. " The purposes of the class are; to teach and to create a better appreciation for good literature; also, to help the students become versatile actors and ac- tresses. ' cm MISS VIOLA HARDING B. S. , Hampton Institute English, World History Guidance Committee, Counselor Program and Assembly Committee Four Years at Carver MRS. VIOLA PRICE BLAIR A. B. , Virginia State College English Guidance Committee, Counselor, Program and Assembly Committee, Advisory Council Thirteen Years at Carver The Guidance Program, initiated in 1958 at Carver, is a set of organized services designed to: (1) assist, at as early a time as possible, all pupils in making appropriate and satisfying educational, vocational, and personal -social adjustments and plans; (2) assist teachers, and other staff members and parents in understanding better the needs and problems of each pupil; (3) assist administration, staff members, and the com- munity in understanding the needs and problems of pupil groups. Mrs. Cobbins counsels Jacqueline Arrington. MRS. MAIDA V. COBBINS B. S. , Hampton Institute English Coordinator of Guidance Program Guidance Committee, Counselor Three Years at Carver MR. CALVIN H. FINLAY B. S. , St. Paul ' s Polytechnic Institute Social Studies Vice -Principal, Scholarship Committee, Advisory Council Ten Years at Carver MISS H. PAULINE REAVIS B. S. , Hampton Institute Government, Economics, World History Student Council, Pep Club Two Years at Carver The Economics course, added to the curriculum in 1953, educates the consumer. Students in this course learn how to make better choices when they purchase goods, thereby enabling them to become wiser buyers in the adult world. The course also acquaints the consumer with the many new goods that are being produced, explaining the quality and uses of the goods. The system of government which influences consumers, the principles and factors that influence buying, the protection that consumers have — these, too, are emphasized in Economics. Here the students in Eco- nomics are discussing con sumer finance. MRS. JOYCE J. TAYLOR B. S. , Hampton Institute English, History, Economic Geography Three Years at Carver MR. SIMON P. POOLE B. A. , St. Augustine’s College North Carolina College History Four Years at Carver Economic Geography, introduced in 1952, gives the student a background of geo- graphic knowledge, making his study of world civilization, his own national history and current world problems more intelligible. It helps the students to see how the lives of the peoples of the world are influenced by the geography of the area in which they live. The student gains an understanding of the work and workers of the world by the study of occupational opportunities in various parts of the world. An Economic Geography class uses the map and globe to help them with the geographic location of China. In this class much work is done with maps, globes and reference books in order to accomplish the things mentioned above. MR. JAMES AVERY R. S. , St. Augustine ' s College Mathematics Scholarship Committee Four Years at Carver MR. ALBERT WALLACE B. S. , St. Augustine’s College Algebra I, Plane Geometry Advanced Mathematics Three Years at Carver Surveyors make the measurements and lay out the lines for such projects as mapping land, subdivision of a piece of land for real estate development purposes, construction of highways or railroads, water systems, oil pipe lines and the construction of bridges, large structures, and even of small buildings when a maximum of accuracy of location, size and level is desired. A class in Advanced Mathematics, taught by Mr. A. L. Wallace, is working on a unit of trigonometry. The principal tools of a surveyor are the transit, rods, steel tape, and mark- ers. Training in surveying presupposes knowledge of trigonometry. MRS. CARRIE MICHIE B. S. , M. S. , Virginia State College University of Virginia Mathematics and Algebra Advisory Council, Scholarship Committee, Vice-Principal Twelve Years at Carver MR. BOBBY CROSSLING B. S. , St. Augustine’s College General Mathematics Football and Baseball Coach Two Years at Carver Classes in arithmetic, algebra, and geometry here at Carver High School have grown from year to year. The school ' s enrollment has been one of ever increasing numbers. Students are encouraged to understand and appreciate the application of mathematics to problems of human progress as the basis of modern technology and improved standards of living. Audio-visual aids, among which may be found metric charts, meter sticks, slide rules, transit, blackboard compasses, and protractors, offer concrete opportunities for progress not given to the early graduates of this school. The study of mathematics should promote for all youth the behaviors of thrift and consumer judgment which lead to financial security and social competence. The arithmetic classes attempt to master the fundamentals but make many applica- tions using the knowledge gained to solve problems found in the home, the market, the bank, etc. Algebra classes broaden and strengthen the fundamental concepts developed in arithmetic and gradually make the transition to a workable transition of the terminology, notation, and symbolism of algebra. MRS. ALEASE S. HUBB B. S. , Virginia State College Cornell University Science Advisory Council, Guidance Committee Thirteen Years at Carver In Eighth Grade Science, introduced in 1948, the problem of science education is approached from the point of view of environment. The basic scientific theories are developed logically and clearly. The " what, " " how " and " why " of science are inter- preted as an integral and important part of the pupil’s life, his work and his recreation. In order that science may become even more meaningful to the pupils, they are provided with opportunities to participate in classroom and home projects; individual class reports; to learn how to use simple laboratory apparatus through demonstrations and to carry out projects involving outside natural and artificial environmental factors. Another role that Eighth Grade Science plays is to stimulate within the pupils an interest in science to the extent that they will pursue other science courses throughout their high school career. Raymond Orange, Arthur Payne, Diane Rawls, Ivadean Shanks, Calvin Minor, and Julia Waters experiment to find out which is heavier, an equal volume of motor oil or an equal volume of water. MISS ALEASE A. JONES B. S. , Virginia Union University Biology Guidance Committee, Counselor Three Years at Carver Probably the most interesting of all things are the ones which are alive, the plants and the animals. When students study biology, they study the science of living things. They study their structure and life processes, so that they may understand their habits. Each Monday the biology classes go into the laboratory to observe many different kinds of plants and animals. These students are observing the paramecia with the aid of microscopes. MISS SHIRLEY PERKINS B. S. , St. Paul ' s College Chemistry, General Science Three Years at Carver The Chemistry class, composed of eighteen students, is progressing very steadily. The members of the class are finding this branch of science very interesting and neces- sary to them as individuals in a progressive and economical -minded United States. The students are learning that chemistry, the branch of science dealing with matter, the composition, and the changes under which matter goes, is used in almost all of the many occupations. Chemistry furnishes methods or experiments to discover new facts or already discovered ones. The Chemistry class has done and is planning to do many experiments centered on environment. One of the most interesting experiments, the students feel, that they have already performed is the preparation of oxygen and hydrogen by the water dis- placement method. In this method hydrogen and oxygen replace the water. Preparation of hydrogen proves interesting for chemistry stu dents of the third period class. Since water is composed of hydrogen and oxygen, and these elements are soluble in water, this method can be used for the preparation of hydrogen and oxygen. MISS MARY EVANS B. S. , Hampton Institute Virginia State College General Science Four Years at Carver There are three types of objectives that are appropriate in a General Science course. These are (1) the ones that are intended to increase knowledge; (2) those that give training in skill; (3) those that aid in developing scientific attitudes and appreciations of science. Within the past two years, with the help of laboratory equipment secured through Federal aid, the teachers at Carver stress laboratory work in Ninth Grade Science. This laboratory work, they hope, will accomplish the following things for the pupils: (1) the development of simple laboratory techniques; (2) a better understanding and interpre- tation of the principles of science; (3) training in the scientific method; (4) training in the experimental solution of the pupils ' own problems; and (5) the use of the laboratory as a workshop for the study of science problems which arise in the science class or in the life of the pupil. Here are ninth grade stu- dents preparing oxygen. MR. H. A. COLLINS B. S. , Virginia State College Vocational Agriculture Publicity and Recreation Committee, Patrol Supervisor Four Years at Carver SOtSiH Below are eighth grade boys pursuing work in Vocational Agriculture for a period of eighteen weeks in order to acquaint them with the program which is geared to the unit plan: Crop Production, Farm Management, Farm Mechanics, Livestock Production, and Leadership Training. These students learn that all living individuals depend directly or indirectly on farming for survival and are employed because of the same. Vocational Agriculture not only trains boys to become more proficient in farming but to become better citizens in the communities, working with the churches, clubs and other community agencies. Mr. Collins is using flannel board with opaque materials in teaching a lesson on ants. m " ' -. MR. FREDDIE W. NICHOLAS B. S. , Virginia State College Vocational Agriculture Advisory Council, Publicity Committee Ten Years at Carver MR. THOMAS PRICE B. S. , A T College Industrial Arts Patrol Supervisor One Year at Carver The Industrial Arts Department at Carver is that part of general education that develops the student ' s skill to work his hands along with his mind. It gives students insight into industries and how the various things are made. Most of all, the student has the opportunity to make some of the objects that he sees everyday, articles which were made by industry. This is a first year General Metals class. The program of study in Industrial Arts at Carver has four areas of study: electricity, mechanical drawing, woodwork and general metals. MRS. STELLA H. FLESHMON B. S. . M. A. , Virginia State College; Hampton Institute, Columbia University, Howard University Home Economics Publicity and Public Relations Committee Thirteen Years at Carver MISS ELIZABETH L. ADAMS B. S. , Virginia State College Home Economics Publicity and Public Relations Committee Two Years at Carver In 1948 Eighth Grade Home Economics was added to the curriculum. A one-semes- ter course, it emphasizes three basic areas: the improvement of personal appearance, sharing in homemaking, and enjoying family members and friends. Here the students are learn- ing to make the most of their personal appearance. To be neatly groomed at all times, they learn how to launder and block their sweaters correctly. MISS HAZELINE HUBBARD MISS LILLIE MAE WALTERS B. S. , Hampton Institute B. S. , St. Paul ' s College Business, Typing I, II; Shorthand Business Education Publicity Committee Scholarship Committee Three Years at Carver Three Years at Carver Typing was introduced at Carver during the school year of 1949-50. Commencing as a small class with great goals, this class has now been developed into a moderately large class with great achievements, making it necessary to have typing scheduled at more than one period so that all of the students will have adequate equipment and guidance to further their typing skills. Through typing, many of the students have developed great potentialities to become business leaders in the future. Also, some of them will be able to get government jobs by having a knowledge of the skills of typing. This course prepares the young people of today for the responsibilities of tomorrow. Shown here is a Typing I class as they type their Conditioning Practice. This is the Bookkeeping class of 1960-1961 with Miss Walters, the instruc tor. With the increase of positions in the business world, the Administration realized the need of the addition of commercial courses to the curriculum. In 1949 typing and short- hand were introduced, followed by bookkeeping in 1951-1952. Future bookkeepers, so essential in the business world of tomorrow, receive expert training in record keeping --assets, liabilities, income, expenses, payrolls, withholding taxes, and others --as well as in the operation of modern office machines. Students in Shorthand strive to become efficient stenographers. These Shorthand students, under the guidance of Miss Hubbard, are working hard to develop speed and accu- racy in taking dictation and transcribing. MISS JOAN GREGORY B. S. n Virginia State College Health and Physical Education Athletic and Recreation Committee Two Years at Carver The Physical Education Department, as it is now, with specially trained instructors, was introduced to the curriculum in 1949. Physical education ha as its purpose to develop the individual physically, emotion- ally, mentally and socially through participation in various activities. The Physical Education Program for eighth grade girls consists of such activities as group games, volleyball, basketball, stunts and tumbling and square dancing. Students enjoy participating in the various activities because they have an opportunity to dem- onstrate their skills and playing abilities. This Eighth Grade Physical Education class is getting ready to go through a series of conditioning exercises. The exercises help to develop strength, speed, agility and endurance. They also increase body control, co-ordination, suppleness and flexibility. MR. JAMES A. MAILEY JR. B. S. , Tennessee State University; Northwestern University Health and Physical Education Athletic Director Six Years at Carver The Physical Education Program at Carver, introduced to the curriculum in 1949, emphasizes physical education as an important part of the modern program of general education. It includes physical activities and courses of study connected with the stu- dents ' health, safety, and recreation. Physical activities include life movements, plays and games, dancing, sports, conditioning and corrective exercise. The study courses include the study of principles of healthful living, rules of safety in everyday life, methods of first aid and lifesaving, and the practices of skill in sport. Study courses also teach the accepted rules of courtesy and sportsmanship, an appreciation of outdoor life, and the cultivation of lifelong recreational interests. Mr. Mailey, Physical Education instructor, shows a ninth grade class how the leaps and bal- ancing required by gymnastics on the trampoline teach muscle coordination. MR. JAMES GILLIAM B.M. , W. Virginia State College Band I, II; Choir Assembly and Program Committee One Year at Carver MRS. BARBARA G. WALLACE A. B. , North Carolina College Librarian Five Years at Carver This class, added to the curriculum in 1952, represents the beginning of a long and tedious journey to becoming a Carver Bandsman. They know that in-order to become a " top notch " bandsman, discipline, coordina- tion, acceptance of responsibility, punctuality, long practice hours, good posture, good conduct and deportment, good sportsmanship, fine musicianship, and, above all, the proper attitude are required. The Beginners ' Band has as its slogan, " Let your reach exceed your grasp. PEOPLE WE APPRECIATE For more than one reason everyone eagerly awaits the arrival of lunch time. Besides a respite from class routine, there is always Mrs. Greene, the dieti- tian, waiting graciously behind the lunch counter to serve tasty, appetizing meals. MRS. VIOLA GREENE (1959 -) DIETITIAN MR. WILLIAM LEWIS (1954-) CUSTODIAN Keeping the buildings and grounds immaculate, seeing that the staff and students are always comfortable, con- tinually making necessary repairs in the wake of sometimes thoughtless stu- dents, and always being within reach to carry out the staff’s and students ' numerous requests, Mr. Lewis is a true custodian. CURRICULUM 1948 1961 CURRICULUM - 1948 AGRICULTURE - I, II, and III ENGLISH - 8th, 9,th, 10th, 11th FRENCH - I and II PHYSICAL EDUCATION - 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th HOME ECONOMICS - I, II, III, IV INDUSTRIAL ARTS General Shop - I, II, III MUSIC - Public School Music SCIENCE General Science Biology Chemistry Senior Science SOCIAL STUDIES Civics World History American History United States Government MATHEMATICS General Mathematics Basic Mathematics Algebra I Plane Geometry CURRICULUM - 1961 AGRICULTURE - 8th Grade (18 weeks) I, II, III, IV ART - I COMMERCIAL Typing I and II Shorthand Bookkeeping General Business Business Arithmetic CURRICULUM - 1961 (cont ' d. ) ENGLISH 8th Grade I, II, III, IV Speech and Dramatics FOREIGN LANGUAGE French I and II HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION 8th Grade (18 weeks) I, H, III, IV HOME ECONOMICS - I, II, III, IV INDUSTRIAL ARTS 8th Grade I, II, III MATHEMATICS General Mathematics (8th Grade) General Mathematics (9th Grade) Algebra I and II Plane Geometry Advanced Mathematics MUSIC Public School Music I and II Band I and II Choir I and II SCIENCE General Science (8th Grade) General Science (9th Grade) Biology Chemistry SOCIAL STUDIES American History (8th Grade) Economic Geography World History Economics American and Virginia History American and Virginia Government DORETHA LEE ALEXANDER ' French! e " ; N. H. A. 1, 2, 5 Nurse JAMES LUCIUS ARRINGTON " Chief; Library Club 1, 2; N.F.A. 1, 2. 3, 4; Band 2, 3, 4 College Graduate CHARLOTTE BARBOUR " Dally”; Yearbook Staff 5; Pep Club 5; Dramatics Club 5 Nurse JEANNETTE BELL " Jean " ; Cheerleader 2; Pep Club 5; F. B. L. A. 5; French Club 4; Ma- jorette 4, 5; School Council 5 Fashion Designer MARTHA ANN BOWLER " Kitty " ; Majorette 2, 3, 4, 5; F. B. L. A. 5; Yearbook Staff 5 Telephone Operator EVELYN MAXINE BROWN " Evie " ; F. B. L. A. 5; Newspaper Staff 5; Yearbook Staff 5; Student Council 5; Pep Club 5 Nurse PEGGY JEAN BUTLER " Brains " ; Pep Club 5; Student Council 5; Dramatics Club 5 Famous Person CLARK BYRON CARPENTER " Bob " ; N. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Mechanic GEORGE NELSON CARPENTER " Swag " ; N. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Patrol 2 Auto Mechanic JANICE CAROLYN CARPENTER " Cookie " ; F. B. L. A. 4; Pep Club 5; Patrol 4, 5; Yearbook Staff 5; Library Club 5 Secretary MARION JESSIE CARPENTER Student Council 4; Yearbook Staff 5; Honor Society 1, 2, 3 Registered Nurse WILLIAM ARTHUR CARPENTER " Calhoune " ; N. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Pep Club 5; Student Council 5 Architectural Engineer JOHN DOUGLAS CARTER " Slim " ; N. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Mechanic MARY JOYCE COLEMAN " Lou " ; F. B. L. A. 5; Pep Club 5; Library Club 4; Patrol 4 Nurse VIRGINIA MAE COLEMAN " Jenny " ; Cheerleader 2, 3; Dramat- ics Club 4; French Club 5; F. B. L. A. 4; Pep Club 5 Typist MARY MALINDA DENNIS " Linda " ; F. B. L. A. 5; Pep Club 5; Yearbook Staff 5; Dramatics Club 5; Class President 1; Class Secre- tary Social Worker JOANN DERRY " Jo-Jo " ; Library Club 4; Choir 5 Beautician CHARLES FERGUSON " Chico " ; Band 2, 3, 4, 5; Pep Club 5; Dramatics Club 5 Post Office Clerk CARL EDWARD FRYE " Gills " ; N. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 Artist ROBERT RICHARD FRYE " Speedy " ; N. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Mechanic VALRIA CARETTA FRYE " Via " ; Library Club 5; Dramatics Club 5 Nurse MARLENE ANN GLASCOE " Mag” ; Basketball 2, 3, 4, 5; Patrol 3; Band 2, 3; Yearbook Staff 5; Choir 3; F. B. L. A. 5; Dramatics Club 5 Nurse LILLIAN JOYCE GRASTY " Tony " ; Library Club 2; Dramatics Club 4 Model EDWARD SYLVESTER GRAYSON " Brother " ; Band 3, 4; Football 4; Baseball 3, 4, 5; Pep Club 5 Barber LUTHER HILL " Pluto " ; Band 1, 2, 3, 4. 5; Pep Club 5 Musician RANDOLPH HOWARD " Froggie " ; Student Council 4, 5; French Club 5; Band 2, 3, 4, 5; Honor Society 3; Football 5; Base- ball 2, 3, 4, 5 Teacher CHERRIE MARIE HUNTER " Red " ; Student Council 5; Year- book Staff 5; Honor Society 4, 5; Choir 4, 5; Pep Club 5; Newspaper Staff 5 Teacher MAGGIE DELOIS HUTCHERSON " Lois " ; Dramatics Club 3, 5; French Club 4; Choir 5; Yearbook Staff 5; Student Council 5; Pep Club 5 Beautician BARBARA JEAN GREEN " Bobbie " ; Dramatics Club 5; Pep Club 5; Basketball 3, 4, 5 Typist RUTH ROYLENE GREENWOOD " Roy " ; Honor Society 4; Student Council 4, 5; Yearbook Staff 5; French Club 5 Secretary VIVIAN FRANCES HACKLEY " Bibby " ; Yearbook Staff 4; Honor Society 4, 5; Student Council 4; Newspaper Staff 4; French Club 3 Business Woman JOSEPH LEE HILL " Joe”; N. F. A. 4; French Club 4 Musician REGINALD DEAN JACKSON " Reggie " ; N. F. A. 4, 5 Engineer JAMES HUBERT JACKSON " Skip " ; Band 2, 3; Choir 2; Basket- ball 3, 4, 5; Yearbook Staff 5; Dramatics Club 5; Varsity Club 5 Artist ROBERT JACKSON " Bosco”; Student Council 5; Dra- matics Club 5 Realtor RUTH MARIE JACKSON " Baby Ruth " ; Patrol 4; F. B. L. A. 5; Dramatics Club 5; Yearbook Staff 5 Registered Nurse WILLIAM JAMESON " Billy " ; Football 3, 4, 5 Professional Football Player NORMAN WILLIAM JASPER, JR. " Buck " ; Patrol 4, 5; N. F. A. 2, 3, 4, 5 Mechanic KENNETH LOUIS JENNINGS " Louis " ; Basketball 2, 3, 4; Choir 3, 4, 5 Professional Basketball Player IRVING JOHNSON " Zorro”; Basketball 3, 4 Musician FIELDING WARD LAWSON " Ward " ; Band 2, 3 Mechanic VIRGINIA GAYLE LEWIS " Gay " ; Choir 3, 5; Pep Club 5; Basketball 3; Yearbook Staff 5; Girls’ Ensemble 3 Commercial Teacher EMILY CHRISTANDRIA LONG " Sailor " ; Library Club 2; Band 4, 5; Dramatics Club 4; Pep Club 5 Interior Decorator ALMA DELORIS MORTON " Lois " ; N. H. A. 2, 3, 4, 5 Teacher ROSA MARIE MORTON " Thirty”; Pep Club 5; Basketball 4; F. B. L. A. 5 Nurse CHARLES SYLVESTER ROBERTS " Red " ; Band 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Basket- ball 4, 5 Brick Mason MARJORIE VIRGINIA ROBINSON " Margie " ; Dramatics Club 5; Pep Club 5; Student Council 5; French Club 4; Yearbook Staff 5 Beautician GLADYS LOUISE ROGERS " Glad”; N. a A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Band 2, 3, 4, 5; French Club 4 Missionary Worker FRANK LINWOOD RUCKER " Cricket " ; Football 3, 4, 5 Jet Mechanic JANIE BELL RUCKER " Jane”; N. H. A. 2;-Honor Society 4, 5; F. B. L. A. 4 Nurse HARVEY GARLAND SHANKS " Harv " ; Varsity Club 4; Band 2, 3 Airplane Pilot HERBERT PHILIP SHANKS " Little Sammy " ; Band 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Football 4, 5; Baseball 4, 5 Professional Baseball Player ALICE MAE SMITH " Sister " ; N. H. A. 4; Cheerleader 5; Varsity Club 5; Pep Club 5; Dramatics Club 5 Beautician JAMES RICHARD SMITH, JR, " Smitty " ; Patrol 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; N.F.A. 2, 3, 4, 5 Mechanic MILTON STANTON, JR. " Professor " ; Football 3, 4, 5 Lawyer CHARLES FREDERICK TAYLOR " Googa " ; Basketball 4; Baseball 5; N. F. A. 3, 4 Mechanic CARRIE BELL TIBBS " Cooky " ; F. B. L. A. 5; Pep Club 5; Varsity Club 4; Basketball 3, 4, 5; French Club 4; Choir 3 Stenographer ELSIE LOUISE THOMPSON " El”; Student Council 4, 5; Honor Society 3; Yearbook Staff 5; Pep Club 5 Airforce Career BARBARA MAE TYREE " Bobbie”; Honor Society 4, 5; Sci- ence Club 4; Yearbook Staff 5; Varsity Club 4; Newspaper Staff 5 Nurse HOWARD BERNARD WARE " Butter " ; Football 3, 4, 5; Baseball 4, 5 Professional Football Player PHYLLIS LEE WARREN " Philco " ; Majorette 2, 3; Dramat- ics Club 5; French Club 4; Year- book Staff 5 Telephone Operator GRACE ELIZABETH WATERS " Mopsy " ; Basketball 3; Yearbook Staff 5; French Club 4; Dramatics Club 5; Student Council 4; Honor Society 4, 5 Airforce Career ARLENE WHITE " Smoochy”; Patrol 1, 2; Pep Club 5; F. B. L. A. 5; Basketball 3, 4, 5 Nurse BARBARA ANN WINKEY " Barbie " ; Dramatics Club 4; Li- brary Club 5 Nurse MARGARET ANN WINKEY " Marvelous " ; Library Club 5; Dra- matics Club 4 Typist JIMMIE DORCAS YATES " Tuffy " ; N. H. A. 4; Library Club 5; Dramatics Club 5 Missionary Worker NOT SHOWN: FLOSSIE NIXON ELLA ORANGE FRANCES ROBINSON ALICE SIMMS WHO’S WHO VIVIAN HACKLEY MARTHA BOWLER MARJORIE ROBINSON GRACE WATERS JEANNETTE BELL GRACE WATERS CHERRIE HUNTER BARBARA TYREE MARLENE GLASCOE ROYLENE GREENWOOD CARRIE TIBBS MARLENE GLASCOE RUTH JACKSON PHYLLIS WARREN MARLENE GLASCOE Most Likely To Succeed Most Popular Most Ambitious Most Reliable Most Versatile Most Sophisticated Wittiest Best Looking Best Athletes Best Dressed Best Dancers Neatest Biggest Flirts Class Babies Most In Love RANDOLPH HOWARD HUBERT JACKSON MILTON STANTON RANDOLPH HOWARD HUBERT JACKSON MILTON STANTON HERBERT SHANKS CLARKE CARPENTER WILLIAM JAMESON HOWARD WARE KENNETH JENNINGS LUTHER HILL HERBERT SHANKS JAMES ARRINGTON HOWARD WARE SENIORS - SIGNS Doretha Alexander ' s - Stylish shoes James Arrington ' s - Frowning Charlotte Barbour ' s - Hurried walk Jeannette Bell’s - Cleverness Martha Bowler ' s - Charming eyes Evelyn Brown ' s - Friendliness Peggy Butler ' s - Cordialness Clark Carpenter ' s - Shyness George Carpenter ' s - Dimples Janice Carpenter ' s - Coyness Marion Carpenter ' s - Natural beauty William Carpenter ' s - Merriness John Carter ' s - Muscular physique Mary Coleman ' s - Quietness Virginia Coleman ' s - Loudness Malinda Dennis ' - Efficiency Joann Derry’s - Loquaciousness Charles Ferguson ' s - Pleading ways Carl Frye ' s - Loping Richard Frye ' s - Lightheartedness Valria Frye ' s - Sweet smile Marlene Glascoe ' s - Neatness Lillian Grasty ' s - Dreamy eyes Edward Grayson ' s - Beautiful smile Barbara Green ' s - Happy expressions Roylene Greenwood ' s - Jewelry Vivian Hackley ' s - Personableness Joseph Hill’s - Sleepy look Luther Hill’s - That certain smile Randolph Howard ' s - Casual walk Cherrie Hunter ' s - Red hair Maggie Hutcherson ' s - Hazel eyes Reginald Jackson ' s - Bashfulness Hubert Jackson’s - Wittiness Robert Jackson ' s - Lazy walk Ruth Jackson ' s - Sweet disposition William Jameson’s - Neat appearance Norman Jasper ' s - Smooth voice Kenneth Jennings ' - Liveliness Irving Johnson ' s - Broad smile Fielding Lawson ' s - Slang expressions Gayle Lewis ' - Unusual hair styles Emily Long ' s - Babyishness Alma Morton ' s - Vigor Rosa Morton’s - Talkativeness Charles Roberts ' - Activeness Marjorie Robinson ' s - Gaiety Gladys Rogers ' - Nervousness Frank Rucker ' s - Terse replies Janie Rucker’s - Dimples Harvey Shanks ' - Gray-green eyes Herbert Shanks ' - Humorous sayings Alice Smith ' s - Pleasantness James Smith ' s - Friendliness Milton Stanton ' s - Sophisticated look Charles Taylor ' s - Shy actions Carrie Tibbs’ - Vivaciousness Elsie Thompson ' s - Sleepy eyes Barbara Tyree’s - Petiteness Howard Ware’s - Stylish clothes Phyllis Warren ' s - Baby face Grace Waters ' - Enchanting eyes Arlene White ' s - Quick temper Barbara Winkey ' s - Giggle Margaret Winkey ' s - Cheshire cat grin Dorcas Yates ' - Southern accent Mary Allsberry Georgia Arrington JUNIORS Betty Baptiste Mary Brock Drewary Brown Rosetta Burrell Marshall Carter Alice Coates Theresa Collins Elsie Dangerfield Laverne Dorsey Ivan Edwards Loisteen Fletcher Nathan Fletcher William Fletcher Blanche Fortune McArthur Frye William Gaskins Helen Glenn Sarah Goodall James Graves Annie Hackley Reginald Hackley Yancey Hill Delcine Howard Christine Humes Jane Humes Reginald Humes Priscilla Jackson Rebecca Jackson Gloria J ohnson James Johnson Louise Johnson Rita King Jean Kirkley Roger Lee Sarah Lee Janice Lewis Pauline Long Cecil Mosley Viola Price Norris Rawlings Marguerite Ricks James Roy Lillian Russell Albert Shepherd Christine Shepherd Mary Taylor O’Neil Taylor Cynthia Terrell George Turner Jean Turner John Turner Lorraine Turner Patricia Turner James Tyree Earline Walker Perry Wanzer Audrey Williams Clarence Williams Thelma Winston Sarah Wise NOT SHOWN: McArthur Alexander Thomas Banks Walter Butler Joanne Carpenter Nellie Carter Roger Colbert Wesley Drumgoole John Fletcher Jennie Gray Charles Holmes Daniel Holmes Claude Jackson Johnny Jones Helen Mack Betty Morton William McIntosh Howard Nelson Sally Orange O ' Neil Paige Robert Payne Mary Yates SOPHOMORES Harriet Abbott Jacqueline Arrington Paul Arrington Fred Ausberry George Banks Shirley Banks Carol Barbour Theodus Barbour George Brock Anne Brown Ruth Burrell Waldina Burrell Jean Campbell Margaret Carter Mancil Clark Curtis Cliffin Cephas Daniels Joan Davis David Ferguson Georgia Ferguson McCoy Fields Randolph Finks Henry Franklin Alvis Frye Reed Frye Helen Gaither Martha Gillison Judy Gilmore John Glascoe Howard Glenn Joanne Glenn Elmer Goodall Ray Goodall Evelyn Grasty Lillian Gray Pearl Grayson James Greene Vernie Greene Martha Harris Walter Harris Helena Harrison Granville Hart Franklin Henderson Florence Hoffman Shirley Holliday Harriet Holmes John Holmes Percy Hughes Joan Humes Joseph Hunter Barbara Jackson Fred Jackson Joyce Jackson Naomi Jackson Phyllis Jackson Andrew J ohnson Sharon King Connie Le gg Doris Lewis William Lewis Harry Mack Clifford Menefee Theodore Mickey John Minor Pauline Minor Ralph Morgan Alice Morton Christine Nelson Sarah Newman Floyd Orange Henry Pollard Johnnie Rogers Shirley Rouzee Delores Smith Gladys Smith Richard Snyder Irene Spottswood Willa Stewart Dorothy Strotfu Sarah Strother Franklin Taliaferro James Thompson Kenneth Thompson Cooper Turner Nelson Twyman Carolyn Walker Clarence Washington Marie Washington Benjamin Weaver Ellen Wesley Effie White Barbara Williams Doris Williams Joyce Williams William Williams Thomas Wilson Percy Wood Ann Wright NOT SHOWN: Edward Abbott Virginia Beasley Joseph Burrell William Carter James Gray Andrew Hoffman Horace Jackson Leslie Johnson Percy Johnson Mary Jones Oliver Kelly Gerald Lane John Lewis John Martin Janet Stewart Brenda Walker Linda Walker Connie Washington George Winkey Robert Wise Barbara Alexander Sharon Alexander FRESHMEN Marcia Anthony Angus Arrington Beverly Arrington Elijah Banks Thelma Banks Anna Blakey Tommie Bowles Gloria Brent Helen Bridgett Marion Bright Gwendolyn Brown Mary Brown Marcellus Bumbrey Terry Butler Doris Campbell French Campbell Shirley Carey Jewel Carpenter Grace Carpenter Jesse Carter Junius Carter Seth Cheatham Peggy Clark Betty Colbert Charles Cooper Frank Cooper Vergie Dade Hazel Dawson Alexander Ellis Verlette Ellis Mary Evans George Ferguson Natasha Ferguson Sally Ferris Delores Finks Ernest Fortune Enerstine Fortune Betty Frye Fred Frye Joan Gaither Mary Gaskins Bernice Gillison Barbara Glascoe Genevieve Glascoe Marilyn Glascoe William Glascoe Patricia Grasty Odessa Graves Elsie Gray Herbert Gray Lillian Gray Tommie Gray Joan Green Minnie Hackley Barbara Hamilton Robert Henderson Sarah Hill Shirley Hill Thomas Holmes Barbara Hopkins Clarence Humes Merle Humes Robert L. Hunter Robert R. Hunter Carroll Jackson Dollie Jackson Janet Jackson James Jackson Mary Jackson Yvonne Jackson Coolidge Jasper Delois Jasper Janet Jasper Glenice Johnson Carolyn Jordan Michael Kemper John Kilby Ella Lane Gail Lee Edith Lewis James Lewis Kirkpatrick Lewis Ruth Lewis Archie Lindsay Thomas Madden Lloyd Mallory Sylvia Mulford Barbara Nelson Susie Noakes Amos Orange Martha Orange Pauline Pendleton Russell Price Thomas Richards Barbara Robinson Pearl Robinson Charlie Rucker Margaret Ruffner Carroll Russell Kelsey Russell Evelyn Simms Ola Simms Sarah Smith Charles Slaughter Kathleen Stafford James Starks Randolph Stewart John Strother Charles Tansimore Joseph Tansimore Norman Terrell Sharon Terrell Christine Thomas Herbert Tibbs Shelby Towles Frances Turner Irving Walker Selena Walker Eudora Ware Agnes Washington Mildred Washington Beauford White Estelle White Esther White Yvonne White Carol Williams Mary Williams Samuel Williams Fred Winkey Susie Winkey Margaret Winston William Yeager NOT SHOWN: Stephen Burroughs Carthel Covington Earl Edwards Charles Gordon Anna Jackson Melvin Jackson Cornelius Jasper Stacy Johnson Thaddeus Johnson Tyrone Lewis Joann Lindsay Robert Marshall James McIntosh Louise Morton Alice Newman Alfred Paige Thomas Phillips Clarence Robinson James Spottswood Lorraine Turner Ruth Washington Joyce White EIGHTH GRADE Henry Anglin Dorothy Arrington Elizabeth Ausberry Charlotte Aylor Carole Baker Lois Baker Frances Banks James Banks Landonia Banks Lucy Banks Charles Barbour Edward Barbour John Barbour Willie Barbour Sylvia Beasley Lois Benford Vernie Benford James Bannister Paula Blair Peyton Bowler Fred Brock Geneva Brock Joyce Brock James Brown James H. Brown Joan Brown Richard Brown Sylvia Brown Lilburn Butler Ellis Campbell William Carey Jane Carpenter Robert Carpenter Elizabeth Carter Myra Carter Ernest Cheatham Mildred Clark Robert Clark John Dade Birdie Daniels Frances Dean Cleve Dennis Steven Dennis James Dinkins Clara Ellis Kathleen Ferguson Ann Ford Evelyn Ford Henry Fortune Alvin Frye Calvin Frye Imogene Frye McPherson Frye Betty Garnett James Gaskins Joseph Glenn Peggy Gordon Richard Gordon Phillip Greene Richard Hackley Clarence Harrison Novella Hayes Edvinia Henderson Lillian Henderson Roy Henderson Shirley Henderson Dorothy Herndon Brenda Hoffman Ollie Holmes Robert Hopkins Alvin Humes Naomi Hutcherson Paul Hutcherson Betty Jackson Josephine Jackson Mary Jackson Shirley Jackson Shirley Jackson Charles Jameson Leata Jameson Albert Jett Andrew Johnson Carolyn Johnson Herbert Johnson Paulette Johnson Richard J ohnson Shirley Johnson Doris Jones Harry Jones Leroy Jones Margaret Jones Charles Jordan Demetria Jordan Albert Kilby Justin Kilby Otis Kilby Albert Lacy Florence Lawson Linda Lee Anna Lewis Barbara Lewis Bennie Lewis Boston Lewis Mary Lewis Patricia Lewis Theresa Lewis Thomas Lewis Charles Mallory Patricia Mayhew Leroy Menefee Calvin Minor Paulette Morton Steve Mosley James Mundy Kenneth Myles Sarah Neeley Nancy Newman Rosa Nibblins Raymond Orange Arthur Payne Harrison Porter Jacqueline Porter Sidney Porter Andrew Price James Rankins Diane Rawls William Roberts Alton Robinson Ronald Robinson Joyce Ruffner Alan Scott Geraldine Settle Ernestine Shanks Freddie Shanks Ivadean Shanks Josephine Shanks Lillian Slaughter Barbara Smith William Smith Joseph Starks Ella Stewart Lillian Stewart Bertha Strother Robert Strother Betty Taylor Edna Taylor Thomas Taylor Thomas Terrell Thomas W. Terrell Joyce Thompson Marlene Thompson Gilbert Tinsley Robert Tomes Frank Turner Haywood Turner Johnny Tyree Thomas Tyree Phoebe Vaughan Emanuel Walker Roger Walker David Ward Raymond Ware Mary Warner William Warner Doressa Warring Dorothy Warring Andrew Washington Jean Washington Julia Waters Richard Weaver Wallace Weaver Granville Weston Caroline White Geraldine White Marion White Yvonne White Carlton Whiting Deloris Wilkins Ann Williams Delores Williams Gilbert Williams Maude Williams James Williams Robert Wilson Slyvester Windbush Helen Wise Evelyn Wood George Wormley William Wright Molly Yates Julia Yeager Marshall Yeager NOT SHOWN: Sharon Beasley James Jordan Henry Robinson Mabel Braxton Deloris Legg Richard Robinson Keith Brent David Lindsay Henry Scott Peggy Cooper James Mack John Smith George Dade George Minor Clarence Snead Nimrod Goings Lucille Morris Fillmore Strother Curtis Greene Dorothy Myers Walter Tinsley Virginia Hinton James Newman Clarence Williams Bettye Hogan George Orange Fred Williams John Johnson Ronnie Porter Horace Williams Irving Jones Daisy Robinson Joseph Wise Robert Wise SCHOOL COUNCIL SEATED, left to right: Maggie Hutcherson, Peggy Butler, Sharon Alexander, Effie White, Randolph Howard, Roylene Greenwood, Christine Humes, Jean Turner, Naomi Jackson, Gayle Lewis STANDING, left to right: Julia Waters, Cherrie Hunter, Priscilla Jackson, Pauline Long, Clarence Washington, Patricia Turner, Edna Taylor, Seth Cheatham, Ann Brown, Jean- nette Bell, Robert Jackson, Sarah Wise, Dorothy Arrington, Franklin Taliaferro, Annie Hackley, Gloria Johnson, John Holmes, Elsie Thompson, Vivian Hackley, Gail Lee, Yvonne Jackson, Paula Blair, Pauline Pendleton, Pauline Minor, Marjorie Robinson, Gwendolyn Brown, Selena Thompson, Sarah Smith, and Rebecca Jackson OFFICERS President Vice-President Recording Secretary - - - Corresponding Secretary Treasurer Chaplain Reporter Roylene Greenwood - - Christine Humes Effie White Jean Turner - - Naomi Jackson - Sharon Alexander Randolph Howard The Council has 35 active members who plan to work hard to promote school spirit, neatness and attractiveness in the school, and greater cooperation between the school and the community. NEWSPAPER STAFF THE CARVER HAWK Editor-in-Chief Hubert Jackson Literary Editor - -- -- -- -- -- Grace Carpenter Alumni Editor - -- -- -- -- -- - - - - Marlene Glascoe Sports Editor - Milton Stanton Inquiring Reporter John Holmes Staff Artist Jeannette Bell Business Manager Ruth Jackson Reporters Randolph Howard, Maggie Hutcherson, Gloria Johnson, Sharon Alexander, Eliza Banks, Vi- vian Hackley, Mary Yates, George Banks, Georgia Young, Paula Blair, Barbara Tyree, Clarence Washington, Charles Taylor, Clarence B. Williams, Cherrie Hunter Typists Barbara Green, Evelyn Brown, Carrie Tibbs, Marlene Glascoe, Ruth Jackson, Arlene White, Virginia Coleman Advisors Miss H. E. Hubbard, Miss H. P. Reavis, Mrs. M. V. Cobbins, Mr. F. W. Nicholas LE CERCLE FRANCAIS FRONT TO BACK: Mary Brock, Jean Turner, Sarah Goodall, Christine Humes, Nellie Carter, Mary Allsberry, Patricia Turner, Georgia Arrington, Jean Kirkley, Rebecca Jackson, Cecil Mosley, Blanche Fortune, Rosetta Burrell, Nathan Fletcher, Sarah Wise, MacArthur Frye, Jean Campbell, Jo Ann Carpenter, William McIntosh, Virginia Cole- man, Reginald Hackley, Annie Hackley, Thelma Winston, Roylene Greenwood, Gloria Johnson, Theresa Collins, and Randolph Howard The French Circle, composed of twenty-eight members, is under the supervision of Mrs. C. M. Wright. This club enables its members to increase their ability in speaking and interpreting French, to become better acquainted with French customs, and to become better informed about foreign society. The officers elected to serve this organization for 1960-61 are as follows: President Vice-President - - Secretary Assistant Secretary Treasurer - - - - - Reporter Randolph Howard - Sarah Goodall Rebecca Jackson - - Nellie Carter Cecil Mosley - Gloria Johnson TRY IT AND SEE BIOLOGY CLUB FRONT ROW, left to right: Miss Jones, Margaret Carter, Pearl Robinson, Alvis Frye, Carol Barbour, Doris Lewis, Pearl Grayson, Phyllis Jackson, Georgia Ferguson, Alice Morton, Carolyn Walker, Jo Ann Glenn, Jacqueline Arrington, Waldina Burrell, Sharon Alexander, Grace Carpenter, Joan Humes, Joan Davis BACK ROW, left to right: Kesley Russell, Harriet Abbott, Mary Allsberry, Jean Kirkley, Irene Spottswood, Lillian Gray, Pauline Minor, Dorothy Strother, Vernie Green, Deloris Smith, David Ferguson, Franklin Taliaferro and Clarence Washington The Try It and See Biology Club is a club to stimulate interest in biology. This club has as some of its activities, field study, microscopic study, laboratory dissecting and competitive projects. In the picture above the members of the club are identifying the different species of pine trees. Miss A. A. Jones serves the young people as sponsor. FBLA SEATED, left to right: Malinda Dennis, Patricia Glenn, Rosa Morton, Ruth Jackson, Carrie Tibbs SEATED, second row: Marlene Glascoe, Arlene White, Janice Carpenter, Mary Cole- man, Jeannette Bell STANDING, left to right: Martha Bowler, Evelyn Brown, Virginia Coleman, and Miss L. M. Walters, sponsor The FBLA is a national organization for students enrolled in business subjects. The pledge of the members of this organization is: " I do solemnly promise to uphold the aims and responsibilities of the Future Business Leaders of America, and, as an active member, I shall strive to develop the qualities necessary in becoming a Busi-Leader. ” NHA The NHA motto is " Better Homes for a Better Nation. " This motto expresses the goal of the organization. The NHA colors are navy blue and white. The navy blue denotes genuineness, faithfulness, steadfastness and an unwavering determination to suc- ceed. The white denotes purity, cleanliness and happiness. The NHA flower is the red rose, which is a symbol of vibrant, glowing health. The NHA creed is a most stirring one, and it reads like this: We, the New Homemakers of America, believe that-- If there is kindness and truth in the heart, There will be beauty in the spirit. If there is beauty in the spirit, There will be harmony and love in the home. If there is harmony and love in the home. There will be justice in the Nation. If there is justice in the Nation, There will be peace in the world. Yes, as you can see by this creed, the NHA is an organization designed to create good, steadfast citizens. It is hoped that every NHA girl who leams this creed and understands it will live by it and will put it to work. NHA OFFICERS The New Homemakers of America is the national organization of pupils studying homemaking in junior and senior high schools in the states having separate schools for Negroes. The New Homemakers of America is a non-profit corporation which has for its purposes: 1. To promote individual growth by developing physical, social and moral qualities 2. To promote better home living 3. To provide wholesome recreational activities 4. To act as a unit for giving service to the school, community, state and nation President Grace Carpenter Vice-President Cynthia Terrell Secretary - - — - -- -- -- - Georgia Arrington Assistant Secretary - - Mary Lee Brown Treasurer Sharon Lee Terrell Parliamentarian - - Dolly Jackson Reporter Georgia D. Young MISS NHA Left to right: Cornelia Jasper, second place winner; Rebecca Jackson, Miss N. H. A. ; Doris Lewis, third place winner Miss NHA for 1960-61 is Rebecca Jackson, a junior, of Culpeper. Her attendants are Cornelia Jasper, a freshman, of Rappahannock, and Doris Lewis, a sophomore of Madison. The queen and her attendants were chosen from the eight competitors of the Miss NHA Contest who presented the highest amount of money. NFA The New Farmers of America is the national organization of farm boys studying vocational agriculture in the public schools throughout the United States. Organized in Virginia in May, 1927, with few chapters and members, it has expanded until now it numbers 1, 039 chapters and 51,205 active members in 1960. The NFA is a non- profit organization which has for its purpose the development of its members in their vocational, social and recreational life through established local chapters where voca- tional agriculture is taught. OFFICERS President - - - - Vice-President - Secretary — - Treasurer Reporter Watchman Historian - - - - Parliamentarian Chaplain - - - - Clarence Washington - - - Terry Butler - - MacArthur Frye ■ - - Norman Jasper - - - Fred Jackson - Clarke Carpenter - - - Carrol Russel - - James Arrington - - Cooper Turner F. W. Nicholas and H. A. Collins, Advisors LIBRARY COUNCIL PICTURED: Georgia Arrington, Myrtle Yates, Sarah Lee, Priscilla Jackson, Betty Jackson, George Dade, Dorcas Yates, Betty Garnett, Betty Taylor, Mary Coleman, Barbara Winkey, Mary Taylor, Mary Yates, Janice Carpenter, Andrew Price, Annie Hackley, Sarah Wise, and Christine Humes The Library Council is a service organization. It is composed of a volunteer group of pupils who have common interests centering around the library activities of the school. The purposes of the Library Council are to encourage greater interest among the students in libraries and library services, to stimulate reading interest, to improve the library program in the school and to encourage interest in library work as a career. The members of the Library Council can see great improvement in the library and its facilities. One example is the number of volumes housed in the library in 1948 (375) and the number housed today (3, 785). They hope for continuous progress. OFFICERS President - -- -- -- -- -- -- Betty Taylor Vice-President - -- -- -- - Barbara Winkey Secretary - Lilliam Slaughter Treasurer Dorcas Yates HONOR SOCIETY PICTURED, left to right: Georgia Arrington, Barbara Tyree, Grace Waters, Vivian Hack- ley, Cherrie Hunter, Janie Rucker, Gloria Johnson, and Mrs. D. L. Parker, sponsor OFFICERS President Vivian Hackley Vice-President Cherrie Hunter Secretary - -- -- -- -- — — - Grace Waters Treasurer - -- -- -- -- -- -- - Janie Rucker Reporter - -- -- -- - — - - Barbara Tyree The purpose of this society is to encourage all students to improve their conduct as well as their grades and to promote better leadership and service. The members feel that without student leaders and examples, a school will not function properly. Other students also contribute to the welfare of the student body, but the Honor Society empha- sizes character, scholarship, leadership and service. The National Honor Society, in growth and influence in thousands of schools since 1921, has established for the schools the following high professional aims and goals for secondary education: 1. An enthusiasm for good scholarship throughout the school 2. An encouragement of a desire for students to render service to the school and the community 3. A plan for self-evaluation of the student’s potential elements of leadership qualities 4. A stimulus to the student to observe and practice those acts of others that develop strength and character 5. An encouragement to the student to continue his learning and education CHEERLEADERS AND PEP CLUB Left to right: Maggie Hutcherson, Alice Smith, Christine Nelson, Jean Turner, Bar- bara Williams, Patricia Turner, Naomi Jackson Strawberry shortcake Huckleberry pie V-i-c-t-o-r-y! Are we in it? Yes, I guess We ' re the gang from C.H.S. ! FRONT ROW: Cheerleaders. SECOND ROW: Cherrie Hunter, Yvonne Jackson, Jean- nette Bell, Charlotte Barbour, Georgia Ferguson, Vernie Greene, Sharon Alexander, Mary Coleman, Janice Lewis, Paula Blair, Sarah Wise, Alma Morton, Malinda Dennis. THIRD ROW: Barbara Green, Lillian Russell, Edna Taylor, Carrie Tibbs, Rosa Morton, Emily Long, Julia Waters, Dorothy Arrington, Sarah Nealy, Barbara Hamilton, Joyce Williams, Carole Williams, Selena Thompson, Mary Taylor, Alice Simms, Mary Evans, Patricia Glenn, Virginia Coleman, S. Beasley, A. White, D. Lewis MAJORETTES Left to right: Selena Walker, Martha Bowler, Sarah Wise, Jeannette Bell, Barbara Robinson, Alice Morton Our majorettes, always stepping with precision, have helped in leading the march- ing band to recognition and outstanding achievement. BAND MEMBERS: Rebecca Jackson, Annie Hackley, Randolph Howard, Charles Ferguson, Charlotte Barbour, Theodus Barbour, Andrew Johnson, William Lewis, Gladys Rogers, Percy Wood, Drewary Brown, Wesley Drumgoole, Howard Glenn, Reginald Hackley, Luther Hill, Reginald Humes, Franklin Taliaferro, George Brock, Percy Hughes, Irving Jones, Ralph Morgan, Charles Roberts, James Starks, Joyce Williams, George Banks, Keith Brent, James Graves, Franklin Henderson, John Minor, Thomas Madden, Charles Gordon, Edward Grayson, Johnnie Rogers, Herbert Shanks, Richard Snyder These are the representatives of the organization, symbolizing their achievements in overcoming the tasks set before them by the requirements and expectations of the organization. Each uniform symbolizes the individual ' s acceptance of the even greater task of representing our school. This responsibility is reflected through the actions of every member. These members reserve the right to represent Carver ' s Band, because each of them has realized the grave responsibility placed upon him. They have exhibited the qualities of leadership, ability, willingness to do a job and carry it to completion, the ability to think out problems maturely, strength of character to stand up for the right in the face of opposition, dependability, scholarship, citizenship, self-discipline, pride in their appearance, musicianship, concern for school morale, and the realization that their actions must mirror, nothing less, than the highest qualities of character, " Like he our front doth bear. " CHOIR FRONT ROW, left to right: Alice Simms, Ellen Wesley, Joann Derry, Carole Williams, Doris Campbell, Sally Ferris, Vivian Hackley, Gayle Lewis, Charlotte Barbour, Sharon Alexander, Pearl Robinson, Shirley Carey, Cherrie Hunter SECOND ROW, left to right: Janet Jackson, Doris Lewis, Pauline Pendleton, Joyce Jackson, Theresa Collins, Flossie Nixon, Emily Long, Maggie Hutcherson, Mary Evans, Judy Gilmore, Helena Harrison THIRD ROW, left to right: Thaddeus Johnson, Robert Payne, Yancey Hill, William Carter, William Gaskins, Cephas Daniel This group of students has earned the recognition of a fine vocal organization, made possible only through sincere interest and their untiring efforts to bring prestige and honor to the organization of their choice. They have shown an unlimited interest in school spirit and have made commendable contributions individually, as well as working as an organization. Their musical abilities have pointed the organization towards inevitable success. Their profound love for the art has cast a magnetic glow of enthusiasm, which has attracted many new talents. Their activities have been such that this group has been a definite asset in encour- aging and inspiring their fellow students to new heights. Certainly, nothing less than admiration could compliment this organization for its fine performances. SAFETY PATROLS FRONT ROW: Cephas Daniel, Reginald Humes, James Smith, Walter Harris, Ivan Edwards, Carole Williams, Vernie Green, Mr. Howard Collins, advisor, Georgie Ferguson, Lois Finks, Esther Wilkins, Thelma Banks, Ella Lane, Norman W. Jasper Jr. SECOND ROW: Joanne Gaither, MacArthur Frye, Doris Lewis, Ruth Burrell, Joyce Williams, Janice Carpenter, Nellie Carter, Mary Coleman, Mr. Thomas Price, advi- sor, Gloria Johnson, Joanne Glenn, Doris Morton, Ruth Jackson, Mary Brock, Mary Yates, Sharon King James Smith was elected captain of the patrols for the year 1960-61. The group patrols the halls and grounds to see that there are no bottles or other objects lying around on which the students may injure themselves. The patrols also help the faculty by seeing that students found in the halls during class periods return to their rooms as soon as their missions are completed. Too, the members perform duties to and from school by serving as bus patrols. J ane Humes QciO ' ' Uo me,5 Howard Nielson Barbara Green rence Howard Ware 3arne$on Howard Ware PcdriciC Gl enn Carrie Tibbs Charles Holmes clarence Robinson james R(f , Clarence Snead FOOTBALL TEAM FRONT ROW, left to right: James Hunter, Stacy Johnson, Ralph Morgan, Cecil Mosley, Robert Marshall, Richard Bryant, Ronald Robinson, and Joseph Hunter SECOND ROW, left to right: Kenneth Jennings, Thomas Wilson, Randolph Howard, James Bannister, William Jameson, Howard Ware, Harry Mack, Roger Colbert, James Lewis, William Williams, and Herbert Shanks THIRD ROW, left to right: Mr. B. G. Crossling, coach, Clarence Robinson, John Mar- tin, Marshall Carter, Milton Stanton, O ' neil Page, Percy Hughes, James Roy, Robert Jackson, Joseph Burrell, Walter Butler, and Mr. James A. Mailey, assistant coach. At Carver more than just winning the game is stressed. The players must learn that if they are to be good football players, they must develop good teamwork, sacri- ficing personal glory for the sake of winning. The players are taught to keep in mind this thought: " Football stars today; star citizens tomorrow. " 1960 RECORD OPPONENTS PLACE WE THEY Luther P. Jackson Fairfax 0 0 Taylor High School Home 7 0 St. Emma Rock Castle 6 26 Walker Grant Orange 19 6 Burley High School Charlottesville 0 25 Manassas High School Home 2 0 MISS HOMECOMING AND CO-CAPTAINS HOWARD WARE CHRISTINE HUMES ROGER COLBERT In the Homecoming game defensive standouts for Carver (versus Walker-Grant) were our co-captains, Howard Ware and Roger Colbert, leading the Carver Hawks to another triumph and paying tribute to Miss Homecoming. MISS HOMECOMING AND ATTENDANTS Left to right: Gail Lee, ninth grade attendant; Evelyn Brown, senior attendant; Christine Humes, Miss Homecoming; Gwendolyn Brown, ninth grade attendant; Mary Lewis, eighth grade attendant. Homecoming, 1960, Carverites will always remember. The student body elected Christine Humes, vice-president of the School Council and a junior, to reign as Miss Homecoming. Our Carver eleven, after twelve years of losing to Walker-Grant, presented Miss Homecoming and her court a 19-6 victory. BOYS’ BASKETBALL TEAM FRONT ROW, left to right: Charles Roberts, Hubert Jackson, Daniel Holmes, Charles Holmes, James Bannister, James Starks, Irving Johnson, Harry Mack, Charles Bannister, James Roy, Howard Nelson, Kenneth Jennings, Mr. B. G. Crossling, assistant coach, Mr. James A. Mailey Jr. , coach and athletic director. Through participating in a team sport, a student learns good sportsmanship, tol- erance, teamwork and leadership. Basketball at Carver goes back as far as 1949. The first team was selected from the winning intramural team which consisted of eight players. As time passed, greater interest was developed in this sport, until today it is one of the leading sports at Carver. 1959-1960 RECORD OPPONENTS PLACE WE THEY Criser Home 36 38 B. T. Washington Home 52 59 Criser Front Royal 20 41 Abrams Home 47 20 B. T. Washington Staunton 50 66 Manassas Home 51 49 Douglas Leesburg 40 71 Douglas Home 42 61 Union Home 53 72 J. J. Wright Snell 40 47 Maggie Walker Home 18 56 Douglas Winchester 32 64 J. J. Wright Home 61 48 Manassas Manassas 60 50 Douglas Home 48 35 GIRLS’ BASKETBALL TEAM SITTING: Carrie Tibbs, Barbara Hamilton, Rebecca Morton, Jane Humes, Barbara Green, Marlene Glascoe, Rosa Morton, Patricia Glenn, Yvonne Jackson, Christine Nel- son. STANDING: Miss J. C. Gregory, coach, and Arlene White. Not Shown: Georgia Arrington, Jean Turner, Thelma Winston. Girls ' basketball is played on an interscholastic basis, including eight other teams in the Northern District. The girls play because they have developed the necessary skills which are essential to a good basketball player. The success of a championship team is based on how well the game is played. The team ' s goal for this year is " All wins and no defeats. " 1959-1960 RECORD OPPONENTS PLACE WE THEY J. J. Wright Home 29 17 Criser Home 39 21 B. T. Washington Home 27 36 Criser Front Royal 34 18 Abrams Home 40 14 B. T. Washington Staunton, Va. 11 40 Douglas Leesburg 28 19 Douglas Home 21 18 Union Bowling Green 16 14 Union Home 30 31 J. J. Wright Snell 26 17 Douglas Winchester 39 16 BASEBALL TEAM KNEELING, left to right: Stacy Johnson, Sylvester Grayson, Walter Burrell, James Roy, Ralph Morgan, Clarence Robinson, Harry Mack, Percy Hughes, James Bannister, Freddie Shanks, Clarence Snead, William Robinson, Howard Ware, Roger Colbert, Benjamin Weaver, Randolph Howard STANDING, left to right: Mr. Bobby Crossling, Herbert Shanks, Mr. James A. Mailey 1959-1960 RECORD OPPONENTS PLACE WE THEY Criser Home 11 2 Union Bowling Green 3 5 Union Home 13 2 Criser Front Royal 4 3 Luther P. Jackson Merrifield 18 3 Luther P. Jackson Home 8 7 Burley Charlottesville 3 5 YEARBOOK STAFF STANDING, left to right: Gayle Lewis, Marjorie Robinson, Janice Carpenter, George Carpenter, Charlotte Barbour, Randolph Howard, Martha Bowler, Hubert Jackson, Grace Waters, Mary Coleman, Maggie Hutcherson, Virginia Coleman, and Elsie Thompson SEATED, left to right: Cherrie Hunter, Marlene Glascoe, Roylene Greenwood, Jeannette Bell, Marion Carpenter, Vivian Hackley, Malinda Dennis, Evelyn Brown, Peggie Butler and Ruth Jackson THE HAWK Editor-in-Chief Vivian Hackley Business Manager Malinda Dennis Assistant Business Manager Randolph Howard Treasurer Evelyn Brown Copy Editor Marion Carpenter Art Editor Jeannette Bell Assistant Art Editor Hubert Jackson Sports Writer - - _ Marlene Glascoe Feature Writers Ruth Jackson, Grace Waters, Elsie Thompson, Marjorie Robinson Advertising Manager ... Peggy Butler Advertising Assistants Typists Maggie Hutcherson Martha Bowler Cherrie Hunter Phyllis Warren Gayle Lewis Malinda Dennis Roylene Greenwood Roylene Greenwood Barbara Tyree Virginia Coleman Nelson Carpenter Jeannette Bell Charlotte Barbour Vivian Hackley Advisors Mr. James A. Avery, Mrs. Viola P, Blair PATRONS Miss Mary Gladys Allsberry Mr. and Mrs. Charles Anderson Mrs. Marion J. Anglin Mr. and Mrs. Morris Avery Mr. and Mrs. Pete Avery Mr. and Mrs. Edward Bailey Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Bannister Mr. and Mrs. John Barbour Mrs. Gertrude Barksdale Mrs. Lillian Beales Mrs. Molly Beck Mr. Leo Behelia Mrs. Martha Blair Mr. and Mrs. Shakespeare Bland Mrs. Julia Boddie Mr. and Mrs. William Bowler Rev. and Mrs. I. T. Bradley Mr. and Mrs. Cleveland Brent Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Brent Miss Ella Mae Brock Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Brock Mr. and Mrs. Robert Briggs Mrs. Alfreda Broadus Clement Brothers Brooks’ Real Estate Agency Mr. Eastham Brown Mr. and Mrs. Izear Brown Rev. and Mrs. Brokenborough Mr. John Brown Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Brown Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Butler Mrs. Dorothy Carter Mr. James Carter Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius Cary Miss Louise Chase Mr. and Mrs. George D. Cobbins Mr. Elvin Colbert Coleman ' s Taxi Service Mr. George Coleman Mrs. Nora Coleman Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Collins Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Cottoms Mrs. Lucille Cooke Cooper ' s Shoe Shop Mrs. Sadie A. Crowder Mr. and Mrs. Horace Dade Mrs. Mary Dade Rev. and Mrs. Robert Davis Miss Margaret Day Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Dearing Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Dennis Mr. and Mrs. Creed Dennis Mrs. Geneva DeVone Mr. R. N. Dudley Miss Martha Dunn Miss Mary E. Evans Mr. and Mrs. Robert Freeman Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Ferguson Mr. and Mrs. Russell Ferris Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Finlay Mrs. Ruth Ford Misses Sally and Cindy Ford Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Fleshmon Mr. and Mrs. Webster Fletcher Mr. William Francis Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Franklin Mrs. Beatrice Frye Mr. and Mrs. Wade Frye Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Galbreath Mr. and Mrs. William Gales Mr. and Mrs. William Green Mr. James Gilliam Mr. Jeffery Gilmore Mr. and Mrs. Howard Glascoe Mr. and Mrs. John Glascoe Miss Clarice Gordon Mr. and Mrs. John Grasty Mrs. Josephine Green Mr. and Mrs. Roy F. Greenwood Mr. and Mrs. Morris Grisby Mr. and Mrs. Walter Groves Mr. and Mrs. George Hackley Mr. and Mrs. William Harris Mr. R. N. Harvey Mr. and Mrs. Herman Hayes Mrs. R. Hendricks Mrs. O. B. Hill Mr. William Holmes Mr. James Hopkins Miss Hazeline Hubbard PATRONS Mr. R. C. Hunter Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hunter Mr. and Mrs. Willie Hunter Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mandy Mr. and Mrs. M. M. Marshall Mrs. Viola W. McGennis Mrs. C. W. 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Suggestions in the George Washington Carver Regional High School - Hawk Yearbook (Culpeper, VA) collection:

George Washington Carver Regional High School - Hawk Yearbook (Culpeper, VA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


George Washington Carver Regional High School - Hawk Yearbook (Culpeper, VA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


George Washington Carver Regional High School - Hawk Yearbook (Culpeper, VA) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


George Washington Carver Regional High School - Hawk Yearbook (Culpeper, VA) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 1


George Washington Carver Regional High School - Hawk Yearbook (Culpeper, VA) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


George Washington Carver Regional High School - Hawk Yearbook (Culpeper, VA) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


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