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George Washington Carver Regional High School - Hawk Yearbook (Culpeper, VA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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George WasLington Carver Regional High S chool CLASS OF 1958 YEAR BOOK George WasLingten Carver Alumni Association RO. Box 547 Lanham, MB 20705-0547 Copyright(C)1995 by GWCAA George Washington Carver Regional High Sch ooi CLASS OF 1958 YEAR BOOK George Waskingten Carver Alumni Association P.0. Box 547 Lanliam, MB 20703-0547 Copyright(C)1995 by GWCAA v.y.v.v.v. .v. v,v.v rjf J •jfe- ihWL j ■ H SPHPRi SENIOR ACTIVITIES MANAGERS The purposes of the Ways and Means Committee are: (1) plan ways to adauately finance all general activities of the class, (2) to serve as a steering committee in seeing that the plans are developed, and (3) to obtain valuable experience in bud- geting, record keeping, bookkeeping , -letter writing, avditing, typing, and making personal face to face contact. Money is essential to business, trade schools, churches, and other institutions and projects. A great economist once said that systematic, wise planning, spending, investing, and saving are the keys to financial services. The Ways and Means Committee dedicated itself to the task of obtaining the keys to financial success. MR. JAMES A. AVERY MRS. VIOLA BLAIR MRS. MARION J. ANGLIN B.S. Biology- A.B. English A.B. English Math Va. State College Augustine’s College St. Augustine College MISS. GLADYS BILLUPS B.A. English ? French St. Augustine College MRS. M. J. COLLINS B.S. Home Eco. Va. Strte College MR. H. A. COLLINS B.S. Agriculture Education Va. State College f ADMINISTRATION Mr. H. A. Fleshmon , Principal; Mrs. C. W. Michie, Vice- Principal; Mr. F. H. Word, Jr., Assistant Principal. Mrs. Frances Huggard, Secretary MRS. STELLA FLESHMON 5.S. and M. S. Hob Econoaics Va. State College MISS BARBARA J. GRAHAM, A.B. Librarian N. C. College MISS VIOLA HARDING A.B. English Hampton Institute MR. F. I. HAWKINS A.B. , M.A. Govt. , Economics Livingstone College New York University MR. WILLIAM LEWIS Custodian MR. JAMES MAILEY B.S. Health and Physical Ed. Tennessee State College MR. ROBERT COLE B.S. Music Tennessee State College KISS MART STARS B.S Science Hanpton Institute MR. CLARENCE COMPTON B.S. Industrial Arts St. Paul ' s Polytechnic Institute MRS. NANCY S. FINLAY B. S. Physical and Health Education Morgan State College MRS. ELIZA CUNNINGHAM A.B. English Va. Union University MR. CALVIN FIILAT B.S. American History St. Paul’s Polytechnic Institute ■ MISS GOLD I A THOMAS 3. A, Business Ed. St. Augustine College MRS. ELEANOR THOMPSON B.S. Music, Art, American History Hampton Institute MRS. E. M. TOMLINSON B.S. Biology Hampton Institute MR. GERSHOM TOMLINSON B.S. Science Hampton Institute Colombia University M.A. MR. HARRY I. D. WILLIAMS, B.S. Mathematics, Coaching Savannah State College I®. FLETCHER WORD B.S. General Business Business Mathematics Va. State College ' ■ A IRS. CARRIE W. MICHIE - 3. , M. A. Mathematics Siate College MR. SIMON POOLE 3.S. History Physical Ed. St. Augustine College MISS PEGGY MOORE B.S. Mathematics Va. State College MR. FREDERICK W. NICHOLAS B.S. Agriculture Education Va. State College MISS ALEASE SCOTT MISS LOUISE TAYLOR A.B. English French Virginia Union University Pi " r.TTHY AFPERSON •’Dot’’ -- ' cition: To be a .-ic: an : ivity: Glee Club MARY FRANCES ARRINGTON " Sister” Ambition: To become a Secretary Activities: Dramatics, Library CHRISTIANA LA ' VERNE BANKS " Chris " Ambition: Music Teacher Activities: Choir, Basket- ball, Newspaper, Patrol, Speech . Dramatics - lEERT O ' NEAL BANKS " O ' neally " “ ' rition : To become a -istory Teacher -rtivities: Handicraft, Hand , Art LAWRENCE BEVERLY BEASLEY " Jim Grinny " Ambition: To be a band leader Activities: Handicraft, Band, Art HARVARD FRANKLIN BROCK " Lin " Ambition: Business Super- visor Activities: Football, Base- ball, F.B.L.A., Track, Choir SHIRLEY VIVIANN CLARKE " Viv " Ambition: Stenographer Activities: Modern Dance I-irls Ensemble, N.H.A., Sand, Newspaper, F.B.L.A JAMES COTTOM •’Jim ' Ambition: To become a - ' et Pilot Activities: Yearbook » News P a Per, Handi- HAZEL VIRGINIA COLBERT " Peter Rabbit " Ambition: To be a Dancer Activities: Handicraft, Choir THOMAS COOPER " Bro " Ambition: Brick Layer Activities: Baseball, Band, Football, Handi- craft GLORIA LOUISE DENNIS FLORENCE BEATRICE DANIELS " Plit " Ambition: To be a Nurse Activities: Handicraft, Library, N.H.A. Ambition: To become Secretary ; Activities: F.B.L.A. Af p ep Club, Basketball Ma 4 w«s r _ • . LEONARD C. BROOKS " Lighting " Ambition: Musician Activity: Band DONALD R. BROWN " Uncle Donald " Ambition: To be another Pat Boone Activities: Patrol, Industrial Arts, Basketball JESSIE ELIZABETH BROWN " Betty " Ambition: To become a Nurse Activity: Modern Dance I EARLINE JUNE BUTLER SHIRLEY BROWN " Shirl " Ambition: Beautician " Leana " Ambition: To become a Typist Activities: Newspaper, V Activities: Dramatics, Yearbook Staff, N.H.a! VL Library Club CATHERINE CARTER " Cat " Ambition: To be a Bookkeeper Activities: Library, Handicraft MURIEL FRYE " Pixie " Ambition: Singer Activities: Yearbook Staff, Patrol, Choir, Band, Cheerleader nut, n Honey " Ambition: Typist Activities: Basketball, Modern Dance, Band, Year book Staff JAMES WADE FYRE " Clipper " Ambition: Electrician Activities: Handicraft, Baseball, N.F.A. THERESA A. FLOOD " Tee " Ambition: Nurse Activities: Basketball, handicraft. Modern Dance HAROLD KILMER FORD FRANK GALLOWAY " Kim " Ambition: An Air Force Officer Activities: Handicraft, Yearbook Staff, F.B.L.A., Football, Track " Pal " Ambition: Mechanical Engineer Activities: Handicraft Agriculture, Band 9 : - T£T L. DINKENS " Dink " - rition: Farmer i TZi-rLzy: N.F.A. EDETH ALBERTHA EDWARDS " Bert " Ambition: To be a Sec- retary Activity: Library Club HELEN ELLIS " Cakie " Ambition: To be a Home Economics Teacher Activities: Basketball, Modern Dance, Band .1321 FERGUSON “Fuzzy " rrition: Doctor rtivities: Band, Bus -a-rol, Agriculture BILLIE KENNETH FICKLIN " Fick " Ambition: To become a Macanical Engineer A ctivities: Basketball, Baseball, N.F.A. DEFOREST FRYE " Tubby " Ambition: Doctor Activities: Handicraft. N.F.A. MINNIE GRAY " Moody " Ambition: Pro- fessional Dancer Activities: Camera, Modern Dance KATHELEN GRAYSON " Lena " Ambition: Private Secre- ts 3 ry Activity: Modern Dance GLORIA GREEN " Gap;” Ambition: Nurse Activities: Dramatics, Handicraft, N.H.A. AMES GREENE " Buck " Ambition: To become a Lab Technician Activity: Dramatics WILLIE GREENE " Wil " Ambition: Lawyer Activity: N.F.A. WILLIAM HENDERSON " Bill " Ambition: Mechanic Activities: N.F.A. , Basketball THERESA IMOGENE GLASCOE " Resa " -Tbition: Stenographer Activities : Newspaper, “earhook Staff, Band, Modern Dance, Miss Carver URIE GRASTY " Goonie " Ambition: Beautician Activities: Basketball, N.H.A. NARGIL GRISBY " Joe " Ambition: Barber Activities: Handicraft. N.F.A. AUDREY GRAY " Phinnie " Ambition: Nurse Activity: Choir CLAUDINE GRAY " Claud " Ambition: Home Eco. Teacher Activities: Yearbook Staff, Handicraft, Dramatics, N.H.A. LOUISE GRAY " E " Ambition: Nurse Activity: Handicraft 0 ' I -AELOTTE JOHNSON " ’String Bean” - -bition : Beautican -rtivities: Handicraft library, Basketball XARDELL JOHNSON " Mardy " Ambition: Pianist Activities: Library, Handicraft CLARENCE JOHNSON ”Billy” Ambition: Lawyer Activity: Band WALTER JOHNSON " Red " Ambition: Professional Baseball Player Activities: Handicraft, Industrial Arts J si 1 Ambition: Professional Singer Activities: Basketball, N.F.A. WILLIAM JOHNSON " Riki " Ambition: Drafter 1C? V f - . •ILBURT HILL " Butch” -- bition: To go to -allege Activities: Basketbal ' -ramatlcs, Band, Choi: -aptain of Patrols STANLEY HOLMES " Stan " Ambition: To be a Jet Pilot Activity: Band JOYCE HUMES " Big Sis " Ambition: To major in Elementary Education Activities: Band, Patrol P.OSALYN HUMES " Rose " Ambition: Typist Activity: N.H.A. BETTY JACKSON " Sugar " Ambition: Stewardess Activities: Handicraft, Modern Dance, Choir MINNIE JASPER " Min " Ambition: Typist Activities: Library, Handicraft, N.H.A. r I73T LEWIS ■ ' Lizzy " -“bition: Switch r r = rd Operator - " ivities: Band, Yearbook Staff, Irarstics BARBARA LIGHTFOOT " Babs " Ambition: Socia l Worker Activities: Choir, N.H.A. ALYCE JUNE LOVE " Kim " Ambition: Stenographer Activities: Yearbook Staff, Basketball, N.H.A. , Cheerleader, Modern Dance, Newspaper, F.B.L.A. r TN MACK -rition: Beautician raivity: Library MARY MADDOX " Jam " Ambition: Beautician Activities: Dramatics, Yearbook, Band MARY MCINTOSH " Sis " Ambition: Typist Activity: Handicraft .IAS JONES , ' esnnie " --rition: Practical -rse -:iivity: Library RUBY JONES Ambition: Typist Activity: Handicraft, N . H . A . SAMANTHA JONES " Mancy " Ambition: Nurse Activities: Handicraft, N.H.A. r; ' -r:E kelly lene " -rition: Professional " aseball Player - rcivity : Band VICTORIA LEE " Vickie " Ambition: Secretary Activities: Yearbook Staff, N.H.A. ANTONIA LEWIS " Toni " Ambition: Beautician W ILIAN ' OR RUSSELL " lerena " -rition: Stenographer rcivities: Handicraft, “ • n BERTHA SMITH " Bert " Ambition: Nurse Activities: Patrol, Basketball, Dramatics CLARENCE SLAUGHTER " Doc " Ambition: Doctor Activities: Patrol, N.F.A. HERMAN SMITH little Herman " Ambition: T.V. radio Repairman Activity: N.F.A. JOHN STROTHER " Ed " Ambition: Plumber Activity: N.F.A. JU ' i i i CL ' jfsA.ll GLADYS TAYLOR " Glad " Ambition: Secretary Activities: Dramatics,, ' Yearbook Staff, Library , c - RA S A PA IE edition: Typist rtivity: Handicraft EDNA RAWLINGS " Sally " Ambition: Beautician Activities: Library, Handicraft, Choir MILTON RICHARDS " Milt " Ambition: Aeronautical Engineer Activities: Newspaper, Intermural Basketball “irLA ROBINSON " Vi " -n.ion: Secretary ::ivities: Yearbook -=ff, Newspaper, Choir, -T5ident of Senior Class AGNES ROGERS " Sis " Ambition: Seamtress Activities: Handicraft, Camera, N.H.A. WALTER RUCKER " Duckie " Ambition: Mechanic Activities: Football, Baseball, Basketball ' U.LU L ( ' ' Ail- U ? ft ‘ p L ' AVA. » ANNUAL STAFF SEATED: Clandine Gray, rasa Glascoe, Janes Cotton, Victoria Lee, Jane Wallace Gladys Taylor, Harold Ford, Shirley Brown » The- STANDING: MUriel Frye, Viola Robinson, Dorothy Vincent, Donald Brown, Arlene Wallace, Narcissus Frye, Wilburt Hill, Mary Maddox, Betsy Levis, Harvard Brock dedication i to express r”l e?e°orIt?t5S d fo i a,ld n fi !r - el « ht - ’ rtsh and Mi . Poole, who hlle helltd L tv - ? awkins Miss Moore ant year in hirh sehnol -= through our most import- Hai " l n hdSh K h 3 0 or 3 a:3 1 ir: S p h 0 r d to d t U h C a t J d U % portant oal J Pi 5 » £ P nz goal, we dedicate to you " THE HAWK of 58 " .3 -S ' TIBBS ■‘•rets ' cles " r-ztzion: Learn to - " iTities: Camera, ? - 5 tetfcall ROBERT TURNER " Bobby” Ambition: Auto-Mechanic Activities: Patrol, Band, N.F.A. JANE WALLACE " dSm’V ' A Ambition: Private Secretary Activities: Dramatics, Handicraft, Yearbook, Band, Cheerleader r - E3ARA WALLACE " rabs " :ition: Dressmaker -rtivities: Dramatics, = Yearbook Staff, ;• iicra ft BARBARA WARRING " Babs” Ambition: Artist Activities: Camera, Patrol, N.H.A. HELEN WARRING Ambition: Gospel Singer Activities: Camera, N.H.A. )Vf If 5 : -- ' " TEL WESLEY " Wes” Asbition: Civil i ineer -: ivities: F.B.L.A., CHRISTINE WHITE ”Teenie " Ambition: Secretary Activities: Camera, Library, Handicraft VIRGINIA WHITE ”Pudding” Ambition: Secretary Activities: Handicraft, Camera, Choir :KN WILLIAMS •Johnny Boy” -.bition: Pro- jotball Player :-ivities: Foot- ill , Basketball , rack VIRGINIA WILLIAMS ”Jenny” Ambition: Beauty Culture .Activities: Library, _ Dramatics , Choir, WILLIE WILLIAMS ”Wil” Ambition: Auto- Mechanic Activity: Band Activities: Football, Baseball, Band, Choir CLASS SONG Words Now at last the time has come for us to say good-bye; from thy partals we must part and look back with a sigh. Although we lack ability to meet our every test; you’ve shown us how to meet them so we’ll do our very best. Chorus Oh Carver, dear Carver, we’ve gained so much from you; To higher aims we’ll strive to show That we’ll be ever true. Last Will and Testament State of Virginia Town of Rapidan County of Culpeper May, 1956 v Senior Class of George Washington Carver W, sLsrsi ir« to «» ». »•.. ,•,■1 - ,» nMlitv to recall what they have been ... ond ' to ni ”e knowledge throughout the coming year. ' m, the Sophomores, we leave perserving minds that they may be able -- withstand the storm for two more years. To the Freshman, we »equeath our ability to study, and courage to -emplete the courses they have started. ’ To the Eighth Graders, we bequeath our ability to strive to become ieniors. To Hiss Moore and Mr. Poole, we leave our appreciation for their ocning to Carver this year. To Mr. Hawkins, another Senior Class like ours. Our individual prize possessions go to the following: Barbara Arm Wallace wills her headaches, pains and struggles she VlMll Sins r to 0 jSn° Inks a the C ability to get along with the -=-bers of the faculty. 1 y,« r 12 th grade books. EorStS " tppeSon Sill “r Sat beside Mrs. Tomllnson-s desk in ' ' :0l0 MSi!l J F“e C Sllf tS Joann Frye her ability to flirt and yet make ?SS Sl Louf s Gray wills to All.. Glascoe and Dorothy Gray her ability to ?$SS ISriSSo ySSSnSlo ' RSeSl Gaskins her hair Appointments ith jean Jones wills Caroyl. Lancaster her ability to write original sentences in English Class. , ability to make the honor roll smith, « 5 hlSsf Jackson her ability to laugh with- out making t0 Robert Robinson the ability to eat more and Betty ackson wills her ability to get along with others to Ruth iaCk3 SSristlne White wills to Bemette White the ability to finish school. ythel Daniels her shorthand b° ok Jordon her seat on the bus with rcSme wills Position on the basketball team and basketball uniform to her gjjl ability to finish school. mgl fnl Ilxle Jackson her ability to d ° th allelle a jS«ln U Sils Charles Smith and Daniel Brent his abil- ity t LSSe t 3S. d KlS Shirley .Carter her chafing person- aldt7 Shirley b Brown I wills 1 to k Judy 1 ord SS Ability to get along with others. Urie Grasty wills to Kenneth Jennings, James Preston, and James Roye a rubber doll to play with, Virginia Williams wills to Betty Cottrill the ability not to flirt with the fellows. Barbara Warring wills her classroom conduct to Clara Hackley. Victoria Lee wills to Luciel and Roger Lee her ability to become a senior and her seat on bus No. 2 to anyone interested. Helen Ellis wills to Barbara Green her basketball uniform. Gloria Greene wills to Evelyn Lewis the ability to stay out of trou- ble, Herman Wright wills to Eddie Smith his ability to flirt with other boy ' s pretty girls without getting hurt. Jessie Brown wills to Carol Carpenter her ability not to flirt with other girl ' s boy friends, I, William Johnson wills my playfulness to Sidney Yager. Willie Williams wills Skippy Gordon the ability to steal other boy ' s girls. Mardell Johnson wills to Clarrissia Davis her 12th grade text- books. James Cottoms wills James Beck his ability to finish school. Stanley Holmes wills Daniel Holmes his ability to pass English II and III. Jerry Ferguson wills his ability to march correctly in the band to William Wise. Hazel Colbert wills Ruth Williams her ability to stay out of tiie detention hall. Mary Arrington wills to William Carter her typing textbook. waae Krye wills to William Ferguson his ability to smoke at school without getting caught. Nargil Grigsley wills his ability to get along with women to Hoarce Jackson. Walter Johnson wills to James Graves his ability to do well all through high school. Deforest Frye wills his U. S. Government book to Mary Orange. Lawrence Beasley wills to his brother, Journey Beasley, a box of pills that will cure him from smoking. June Love wills to Jeanette Baily her position as captain of the cheerleaders. Luther Johnson wills to Irvin Johnson his ability to jive and socialize with girls, and his ability to play basketball. Robert Turner wills to Richard Frye his ability to steal other boy ' s girls. Billie Ficklin wills Ernest Ficklin his ability to chat with the pretty girls. Leonard Brooks wills Robert Turner a punching bag so that he can learn to box. Eugene Kelly wills to James Nixon his ability to pass English IV. Helen Warrings wills to Kenneth Warrings her front seat in Miss Taylor ' s class. To Carrie Tibbs and Georgiana Stevens, Jean Tibbs wills her abil- ity to get along with other people, especially Lillie Morton. Agnes Rogers wills to Gladys Rogers the ability to stay out of the detention hall. Harold Ford wills Warren Johnson the ability to be a principal like Mr. Fleshmon and to Bobby Payne the ability to be a teacher like Mr. Coles. Donald Brown wills to Armstead Banks the ability to get the next best looking girl in Warrenton, because he has the best looking. Minnie Jasper wills to Norman Jasper her ability to stay out of the detention hall. Viola Robinson wills to her sister, Marjorie Robinson, the ability to stay on the honor roll, Rosalyn Humes wills her ability to pass French II to Yvonne Humes. Jane Wallace wills to Rose Wallace her clarinet, in hopes that she will practice and become a number one clarinet player. Theresa Glascoe wills her ability to stay on the honor roll to Marlene Glascoe. Gloria Dennis wills her position on the cheering squad to her sister, Malinda Dennis. Milton Richards wills Powhatan Nelson his ability to pass his required subjects. CLASS PROPHECY Betty Jackson is now a stewardess for the Pan American Air Lines; the pilot is none other than Willie Green. Charlotte Johnson is working at Apex Beauty Salon on 7th Street in New Jersey City, while Eva Page is sitting next door as a typist in the 5 A AGP office. T irginia Williams and Dorothy Apperson are now taking music lessons zzzsr Fats Domino in New Orleans. 7-eresa Flood is sliding up and down the halls in Walter Reed Hospital raking eyes at the veterans; her favorite patient is Willie Williams. BnllentinJ Bertha Smith and Walter Rucker have finally decided to tie zze knot. They are residing in Deadhorse, Texas. Trie Grasty, Mary Maddox and Betsy Lewis are working at the Short Fat Fannie Amusement Park. Mary is dancing while the other two are sitting down relaxing as the fat ladies. ' argil Lee Grisby has just been arrested for cutting hair without a license. He has hired as his lawyer, Clarence Johnson. Icrise Gray is now head nurse at John Hopkins Hospital. She along -nth Dr. Deforest Frye has just delivered Evelyn Mack’s and Ernest linkens’ second set of twins. A new truck was just purchased by Wade Frye and his lovely wife, the Terser June Butler to transport their children. The Brooklyn Dodgers are still losing. Can it be because of their two new players, Eugene Kelly and Walter Johnson, •illiam Henderson is still driving the bus from Orange; while his wife, zze former Helen Ellis is at home busy raising their dozen and one children. 5=reissus Frye has just divorced her Air Force husband and is marrying zze great Mathematican, Wilburt Hill. Stanley Holmes is now conducting a ten minute course of hair processing it Howard University. Tze Secretary at Carver High School has resigned. The new Secretary is zone other than Theresa Glascoe. Her two assistants are Mary Arrington and Christine White, Viola Robinson is now being looked upon the world as the " She” Einstein. S.tirley Brown is now the proud owner of one of the largest beauty salons east of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Yietoria Lee is now head chauffeau for bus number 2 from Culpeper. lloria Dennis and June Love, are attending the American Business College and are members of the Alpha Beta Chi Sority. Claudine Gray and her husband, Armstead Banks now have a very profitable easiness. Armstead is catching skunks, while Claudine is making fur coats out of them. John Strother is top Salesman for them. The Martin Luther King of this time is none other than Robert Banks. The boycott will start tomorrow in Culpeper. Prophesier Claudine Gray r CLASS HISTORr Louise Gray Barbara Wallace September third, nineteen day for two hundred forty-five ent , m } nd3 for wisdom, and hearts enrolled i n 4 Ca v ®!T n Hig L 5he tlo hundred forty-five students, were fril Culpeperl Oralge, Stodison and Rappahannock counties. We spent the first year exploring under bhe ership Hawkins, Mss Brown tSJ Uind Semester. W. did not son the first semester and bec ause we had not become adjust- rarticipate in many school activities, ed to the school. During our freshman year plrative ' in MhMl Ieblvl ! " We had for IZ Sa?1e e «:Vs. Hooper, Miss Mealy, Mr. Haw- kins and Hr. Goodman. We participated in juch activities as: H d r ?ig b this year ;“f e ‘t ifiei re fens r such In early stag, in high school. Our Sophomore 7 ear °i led J 0 a e r! St Again awkins Misa ' ieve that it was our third year , „ Kearney were our sponsors. We Mealy, Mrs. Hooper, Mrs. “chi., and Mr ; ?“ Ja”” 01 u b, Camera Club, CiP B fnl! SdlLkltSfl. We’ e again the basketball champions, ' -is made us very happy and proud indeed. Our Junior year arrived at last S? had to sponsor the Ju J °J: S ? " ior Be d e 3 sponsoring the Junior-Senior ve enjoyed every minute of it. Besl s was very successful. That ' year a we°worked°harder b than C ever because we were looking forward to becoming seniors. We were again lo ° k ® d h up Jg t 1 i h championship game°which made us -oth won the intermurial one P of the goals we had feel that we had succeeded in ac Hawkins , ' Miss Mealy, shrived for. Our sponsors that year were, mx . frsT Hooper and Mr. Tomlinson. v fMrsfi-n-o- reached an important milestone in our At last we have f: ina J;J; y n acd ? a tv _ on e of us continuing to as- lives; our senior year with only t J e 3 p i e ndid leadership of fe!% f aIkil5raId g ICro n!w sponsors: Miaa Moore, and Mr. Poole. , trt ™£S! K‘Sr r " SIicr.Iu lllg ' uhgrr STttfSSJS us the ninety-one students. We are now ready to pak ®, stSTmindlT f eel ha we are forti- eth heads erect, mY g aUenging situations. Many of us will US " t ra SS ourselves sducatifna! an become great leaders nr SI’tS Ve inillials rlmember to strive, " Ever onward, up- ward. " J 1 - PERSONALITIES BOYS i;? Wallace THINNEST William Johnson ♦ White QUIETIEST John Strother : re:= Glascoe MOST POPULAR James Cottom r:; Ira sty HOST TALKATIVE Robert Banks .:U Robinson SMARTEST Walter Rueker • . ni Gray BEST DANCERS James Green • Grasty FRIENDLIEST James Cottom : r;i Smith MOST-IN-LOVE Walter Rucker T _rriria Williams SHORTEST Wilburt Hill ' rris iana Banks TALLEST John Williams larrissus Frye BEST ATHLETE Billie Ficklin .iurley Brown MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED James Green ria dine Gray BEST LOOKING Hilton Richards reity Jackson LOUDEST Harold Ford Robinson MOST STUDIOUS William Johnson irie 3rown CLASS BABIES Willie Williams Lrsalyn Humes BEST DRESSED Wilburt Hill r - ry Lewis BIGGEST EATERS William Johnson Tierssa Glascoe BIGGEST FLIRT Harvard Brock Harley Clarke MOST SOPHISTICATED Donald Brown frirley Brown MOST DEPENDABLE Wilburt Hill oria Lee HOST COURTEOUS Milton Richards Tieresa Flood MOST WITTEST . Robert Banks r I JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS: President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer SPONSORS: Luciel Lee Qwendolyn Kelly Virginia Ruffner Mettress Murrill Miss. L. Taylor, Miss. A. Scott, Mrs. E. Thompson [ SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN ' =-SSORS: Mr. C. Finlay, Mrs. V. Blair, Mr. J. »«ry, Mias. 0 Billups , Mrs. C. Michie. Y “ • • 1 I ERS : Randolph Howard, sident; Cherrie Treasurer. President; Malinda Dennis, Hunter, Secretary; Roylene Vice-Pre- Greenwood , EIGHTH GRADE SPONSORS: Mrs. M. J. Anglin, Miss. V. Harding, Mrs. E. M. Tom- linson, Miss. M. Evans, Miss. G. Thomas, Mr. G. Tom- linson. ..-rlCERS: Marjorie Ricks, President; Georgia Arrington, Vice- President; Georgia Young, Secretary; Sarah Frances Lee, Treasurer. BOYS ' BASKETBALL TEAM STANDING: KNEELING: John Williams Daniel Holmes Billie Ficklin Ernest Dinkens Joseph Bumbrey Joseph Williams Donald Brown William Henderson Luther Johnson James Roy Robert Jackson Warren Nelson James Ferris Robert Payne Powahatan Nelson SEATED: Herbert Noakes Howard Nelson Wilburt Hill McArthur Alexander James Mailey, Jr. (Coach) Kenneth Jennings tft-v ' 1 KNEELING: Gayle Lewis Helen Ellis (Co-Captain) Louise White Narcissus Frye (Captain) Gloria Frye STANDING: Judy Ford (Business Manager) Marilyn Humes Brie Grasty Marlene Glascoe Marva Towles Mrs. N.S. Finlay (Coach) Delois Henderson Clarrissia Davis Bertha Smith Jacquline Poles Charlotte Johnson (Business Manage r) BASEBALL TEAM L w K - 1 w of « « PH . ; STANDING: Herman Wright Delbert Young Joseph Williams Thomas Cooper Mr. Williams, Coach Charles Robinson Walter Rucker Russell Aylor Mettress Murrill SEATED: Isiah Walker Fleming Prentiss Powhatan Nelson James Brown Robert Campbell James Price CHEERLEADERS FRONT ROW: C T a0ll f, er £ uson Lottie Gray, Wilburt Hill, Jeanette Bailey, Jane Wallace 7 ' BACK ROW: Muriel Frye, Miss Moore, Charlotte Barbour One - two - three - four Who’re we going to root for? CARVER, CARVER ole - ole Two - four - six - eight Who do we appreciate CARVER, CARVER ole - ole PEPER BUILDING SUPPLY CORPORATION SEIGNEUR STUDIO Photography- Dial 8383 Culpeper Box 509 Virginia 202 So. Main St. Box 592 Culpeper, Virginia Phone 8312 CRAUN BROTHERS " Friendly Service " Mobilgas Service Station Taxi Service Dial 7722 Orange, Virginia C. ROY JONES - JEWELER Culpeper, Virginia THE SPORTSMAN SHOP Athletic and Sporting Goods Main Street TE 2-2231 Gordonsville Virginia COMPLIMENTS of FLUVANA ELECTRICAL SERVICE Gordonville , Va. TE 2 - 2252 CLORE - WILLIAMS COMPLIMENTS of CULPEPER PLANNING MILL 7236 Ulk No. Main St Culpeper, Va Dial PATRONS LIST Xr. k Mrs. William Miller Mr. k Mrs. Gordon Payne Mr. k Mrs. Carroll Butler Mr. k Mrs. Dallas Arrington Mr. William Yates Mr. k Mrs. Andrew Taylor Mr. Willie Williams Mr. William Taylor Mr. C. J. Walters Mr. k Mrs. T. L. Brock Mrs. Bertha Cooper Mr. k Mrs. Howard Glascoe Mr. k Mrs. John Grasty Mrs. Nora Coleman Dr. C. B. Phillips Mr. k Mrs. James E. Brock Mr. J. T. Belle Mr. Mrs. James Slaughter Mr. k Mrs. Richard Frye, Sr. Mr. Mrs. M. M. Marshall Mr. k Mrs. F. I. Hawkins Mr. k Mrs. A. Compton Blair Mr. k Mrs. Arthur Scott Mr. Mrs. James L. Wallace Mr. k Mrs. Boyd Brown Mrs. Hattie Galloway Mr. Homer Brown Mr. k Mrs. Wilson Minor Mr. Mrs. George Price Miss Marjorie Arrington Mr. k Mrs. Thomas Washington Mr. k Mrs. Robert Henderson Mr. k Mrs. Stacy Tutt Mr. k Mrs. Alvin Frye Mr. Richard Marshall Mr. k Mrs. Lucian Towles Mr. k Mrs. Russell Taylor John k Delma Buchanan Mrs. Ethel S. Cook Mr. k Mrs. Billy Banks Miss S. Corine Holmes Mr. k Mrs. George Jasper Mr. k Mrs. Neal Dudley Mr. Mrs. Norman Jasper Mr. k Mrs. William Gray Mr. Walter Feudree Mr. k Mrs. Thomas Gray Dr. LaGoone WE WORK WE STUDY There is nothing so useful to man in general, nor so bene- ficial to particular societies and individuals as trade. This is that Alma Mater, at whose plentiful breast all mankind are nourished. Practical experiences is a motivating force in developing the youth who will be the leaders in our trade and industrial world in years to come. Such experiences as shown in the above picture is exempliary of the kind of training that is rendered by the Industrial Arts Department of the George Washington Car- ver High School. i I C. J Compton, Inst » " THE WILL TO WIN AND THE COURAGE TO WORK " The New Farmers of America is a National Organization of farms boys studying Vocational Agriculture in the public schools throughout the United States. Organized in Virginia in May, 1927, with a few chapters and members, it has ex- panded until now it numbers some 1100 chapters and over 42, 000 active members. The 0. R. Johnson Chapter, named after Dr. 0. R. John- son, Teacher-Trainer at Virginia State College, is one of the most progressive chapters in the State of Virginia. It is only through the eagerness and enthusiasm of our members that we are able to maintain such a status. OFFICERS FOR THE CURRENT YEAR William Carter, President; Samuel Lee, Vice-President; Jerry Ferguson, Secretary; Richard Frye, Treasurer; John Carter, Reporter; Carroll Slaughter, Watchman; Yancy Hill, Historian; Wade Frye, Parliamentarian; Clarke Carpenter, Chaplain; Rob- ert Turner, Song Leader. » N.H.A SPONSORS: Mrs. M.H. Collins, Mrs. S.H. ley Covington, President; Regina Gray, Fleshmon . OFFICERS: Shir- Vice -President. DRAMATICS CLUB SPONSOR: Miss Gladys Billups SAFETY PATROL Pictured above are members of the student patrol for the year 1957-58: Wilburt Hill, Patrol Captain; Janies Nixon, Patrol Captain. The additional members include: Churchill Young, Charles Hol- mes, John Glascoe, McArthur Alexander, George Turner, William Hopkins, Lloyd Harrison, Milton Stanton, Gordon Young, Gwen- dolyn Kelly, Carol Carpenter, Arlene White, Maurice Bentley, Mary Orange, Oliver Warren, Georgia Young, John Jackson, Raloh, Morgan, McKinley Carpenter, Doris Porter, Loisteen Fletcher, ' Jean Jones, Janice Porter, Barbara Tinsley, Barbara Warren, Christiana Banks, Shirley Clarke, Carolyn Brown, Evelyn Lewis, Joyce Humes, Joyce Allsbury, Sarah Jordan, Mary Poles, Hubert Jackson, John Pollard, Eugene Williams. Mr. H.A. Collins, Ad- visor. Patrol Objectives 1. To render aid in helping the school personnel to keep students in line of duty. 2. To assist the bus drivers in keeping students quiet to and from school. 3. To assist the custodian in keeping the corridors clean. U. To report students that walk halls during class hours without passes. 5. To be good citizens by staying out of the detent- ion halls. 6. To prevent students from running in the halls to board buses. 7. To assist students in and out of the assembly hall. 8. To report disorders that they are unable to hand- le to responsive persons. 9. To assist students and teachers to the many school activities such as football and basketball games. 10. To maintain good relationships among our students. ct c yj NEWSPAPER STAFF PONSORS: Miss Taylor, Miss Billups. OFFICERS: June Love, Mil- on Richards, Co-Editors. SPONSOR: Mr. Fletcher H. Word, Jr. OFFICERS: President, June Butler; Vice-President, Caroll Brown, Secretary, Barbara Tinsley; Ass. Secretary, Virginia Ruffner; Trea- sury, Shirley Carter SPONSOR: Miss B.J. Graham » . MARCHING BAND • i JUNIOR BAND INSTRUCTOR: Mr. Robert W. Cole t GIRLS ' ENSEMBLE CHOIR COMPLIMENTS of COMPLIMENTS of Rickett’s Drug Store The Rexall Store GIBBS SERVICE STORE GENERAL MERCHANDISE Orange, Virginia Dial 2021 COMPLIMENTS of SPARKS GROCERY PRATTS, VIRGINIA Phone 4434 GIBBS ft ESTES GENERAL MERCHANDISE Fresh Meats Groceries Frozen Foods Orange, Virginia Dial 7315 COMPLIMENTS of J» A. Swan Jr. ft Co. Your New Holland, Oliver, Ferguson And Frigidair Dealer Culpeper, Virginia Barron’s Tire Service Distributor of Seiberling Tires The only Recapping Shop in Culpeper Madison, Virginia Phone 4478 COMPLIMENTS of C. C. Gill ft Sons Hardware 135 East Main Street Orange, Virginia Dial 733 THE GOOD WILL DINER (Dinning Room) A SNACK OR A SACK Culpeper, Virginia Phone 8700 1006 S. Main St Culpeper, Virginia the little fifth ave. shop Grace Collins " Beauty Is My Business " Dial 3346 Orange P. 0. Box 605 Virginia COMPLIMENTS of Arrington 117 E. Laundry Cleaners Culpeper St. COMF1 IKES ' : 5 of Piedmont Produce and Culpeper Egg Grading Co. Wirthmore Feeds Culpeper, Virgin- James R. Hudson Robert Hudson COMPLIMENTS of Modern Plumbing Heating Company Culpeper, Virginia Phone 9009 COMPLIMENTS of Dudley ' s Dry Cleaners Orange , Virginia Dial 2731 COMPLIMENTS of Amos Scott Local Hauling Gordons ville , Virginia COMPLIMENTS of Culpeper, Virginia Dial 7125 COMPLIMENTS of Dial 3766 John J. Quinn Jos. M. Samuel Sons Plumbing and Heating Real Estate Service 209 South East Street Orange , Virginia Dial 7263 Culpeper, Virginia ' Phone 853 r " Portraits GmmmuvA ©fyilimt (Sroims Color ? tttErfar JTxtmor JVmal Hiiralu 210 fast Street |W 7-7823 or 3-7950 J ich m mib ptrgm xtt INTER-CO..: Publishers C s ■ : • fac: ■ - « K« :i • •

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