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George Washington Carver Regional High School - Hawk Yearbook (Culpeper, VA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Cover

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George " W” aslimgloii Carver CLASS OF 1951 BOOK George Waslungfon Carver Alumni Association P.0. Box 54 7 Lantam, MD 20703-0547 Copyright(C)1995 by GWCAA George Washington Carver Regional High S chool CLASS OF l%i YEAR BOOK George Wdslungion Carver Alumni Association P.0. Box 547 Lannam, MO 20703-0547 Copyright(C)1995 by GWCAA i George Waslungion Carver Regional HigL Sckool CLASS OF 1951 George W asLingion Carver Alumni Association PoOe Box 54 LanLam, MD 20703-0547 Copyright(C)1995 by GWCAA l ( ' V2. )d t PC (.] aa it Mrs. Marian J. Anglin St. Augustine A. B. English Mrs. Viola P. Blair Virginia State A. B. English Mr. John W. Brewington Hampton B. S. Physical Education Miss Marian 0. Brown Virginia State B. S. Library Science Mr. Calvin H. Finlay St. Paul Polytechnic B. S. Social Science ' 7 ’ Mrs. Stella H. Fleshmon Virginia State B. S. and M. S. Home Economics u V ’ r u Miss Virginia Carter Secretary smiinistratimi Mr. Harvey A. Fleshmon Principal Mrs. Carrie Michie Assistant Principal 1. Carver High School! Carver High School! Sing we now our songs of praise. Song of praise and adoration With our voice now we raise. Striving onward, striving upward; Striving with a heart so true. Carver High School ! Carver High School ! We ' ll fore ' re be true to you. 2. As we go to fight life ' s battle, May we all thy teachings bear; So that we may all work to be like he Whose name thy front doth bear. May we move upon life ' s road To bear our hardships trials too. Carver High School ! Carver High School ! We ' ll fore ' er be true to you. 3. Carver High School! Alma Mater! May we ever, ever be; A great service to our nation And a service to thee Still now wearing thy dear colors Of maroon and golden hue. Carver High School ! Alma Mater ! We ' ll fore ' er be true to you. Coda — Ever be true to you. " ARBOOK STAFF CLASS of " 54’ Standlag-left to right - Art-Soloraon Williams; Business managers- Ruth Headarsoa and Jean Hill; Class editor-Derothey Gordon; Typist-Leis Gibbs; Afit-Harry Faulk; Art-Ella Williams; Sports-Martha Rea; Sperts-Jeseph Wasten. Sitting-left to right - Typist -Rachel Gaines; Class editor-Marie Jacksaa; Typist-virginia Davis; Photography-Daria Clara; Sparts-Sarah Williams; Photography-Shirley Jackson; Class editor-Lucille Richards; Assistant-Editor- B@ssie Robinson; Editer-ia-Chief -Joyce Duvall; Phetegraphy-Lilliaa Brock. Taylor, William " Willie " Hobby: Music County: Culpeper Thomas, Louise " Lou " Hobby: Music County: Culpeper Washington, John " Johnnie " Hobby: Hunting County: Orange Weston, Joseph " Joe " Hobby: Sports County: Orange Walker, Annie " Shortie Hobby: Dancing County: Orange Triplett, Adelbert " Trip " Hobby: Talking r Smith, Morris " Smittie " Hobby: Sports County: Orange Taylor, Gary " Lee " Hobby: Building County: Culpeper Stewart, Rebecca " Beckie” Hobby: Singing County: Orange Taylor, George “Shortie " Hobby: Sports County: Madison 4 | ► Robinson, Evelyn " Liz 11 Hobby: Sports County: Culpeper Roe, Martba " Marty " Hobby: Singing County: Culpeper Richards, Lucille ”Mitzie " Hobby: Coin Collecting County: Culpeper Smith, Homer " Clu Foot " Hobby: Sports County: Culpeper Pendleton, Kate " Luiibsy " Hobby: dancing County: Culpeper Poindexter, Frank " Dex " Hobby: Typing County: Orange Roberts, Betty " Hope " Hobby: uancing County: Culpeper , Poindexter, Beatrice " Bea " Hobby: Reading County: Orange Robinson, Bessie " Brooksie " Hobby : Sports County: Madison Johnson, Irene " Rene " Hobby: Music County: Orange Jones, Dorothy " Gillie " Hobby :Sports County: Culpeper It Lewis, Mae " Ella " Hobby: Reading County: Rappahannock Lewis , Harriet " Sis " Hobby: Eating County: Rappahannock ' Jones, Joeann " Jo " Hobby: Dancing County: Orange Milton, Lawrence " Tony " Hobby: Model Building County: Culpeper Jackson, Marie ”Rita ri Hobby: Swimming County: Madtgon Jackson, Mary ' ’Jackie” Hobby: Music County: Culpeper vi L j Ub sT r r Jackson, Shirley " Red Top” Hobby: Dancing County: Culpeper Johnson, Jean ” Jeannie” Hobby: Reading CCounty: Madison Hill, James ' ' Jim " Hobby: Farming County: Orange Humes. William " Big Dog " Hobby : County: Orange Hill, Jean " Jeannie " Hobby: Singing County: Madison Hill, Leroy " Lee " Hobby : County: Culpeper Hill, Clifton " Cliff " Hobby ; Farming County: Madison Po icc £ Henderson, Ruth " Windy " Hobby: Reading County: Orange I c 0 Gordon, Dorothy " Dottle ' 1 Hobby: Eating County: Madison Gray, William " Bill " Hobby: Farming County: Culpeper Gillison, Laura " Baby Ruth " Hobby: Singing County: Culpeper Hayden, Carrie " Lef te " Hobby: Reading County: Culpeper Ferguson, Eugena " Gene " Hobby: Farming Counrty: Culpeper Ferris, Frances " Rae " Hobby: Marching County: Culpeper s ' Ficklin, Annie " Fick " Hobby: Music County: Rappahannock Gaines, Rachel ' •Sis " Hobby: Dancing County: Orange V ' Dinkins, Anne " Ann Hobby: Singing County: Culpeper Daniels , Morto " Boone " Hobby: Reading County: Orange Mfidfueo victor Duvall, Joyce " Kit " Hobby: Collecting glassware County: Orange .4 r fC G-oZ G(r Davis, June " Peaches " Hobby: Dancing County: Orange •j t. |,r Davis, Virginia " Jennie " Hobby: Singing County: Orange Faulk, Harry " Che if " Hobby: Mechanics County: Culpeper Carter, Edward " Eddie " Hobby: Hunting County: Culpeper Chandler, Eleanor " Ellen " Hobby: Movies County: Culpeper Clore, Doris " Fleahop " Hobby: Music County: Madison Vi i V Cooper, Helene " Candy " Hobby: Dancing County: Orange Christian, Randolph " Randy " Hobby: Sports County: Culpeper Dade, Rosa " Giggles " Hobby: Sports County: Orange Beck, Wilbur " Red " Hobby: Music County: Culpeper Brown, Vetta " Etta " Hobby: Dancing County: Rappahannock Brock, Lill am " Russ " Hobby: Music County: Culpeper Carpenter, Thomas " Tommy " Hobby: Farming County: Madison c , U 1 M T ' 3 Brown, Homer " Coffee " Hobby: Drinking Coffee County: Rappahannock Carter, Douglas " Doug " Hobby: Hunting County: Rappahannock 4 HZ toiictr Mw- eC Audrey Acty " Toots ' Hobby: Sports County: Madison John Avery " The Shadow Hobby: Sports County: Orange Carrol Apperson " Kid " Hobby: Horsebackriding County: Rappahannock William Arrington " Billy " Hobby: Music County: Madison Miss Nancy L. Smith Morgan State B. S. Physical Education Miss Alease F. Scott Virginia State Mr. Elmer F. Sampson Milliken University M. Ed. Music Education Mr. Oliver W. Thomas Virginia State B. A. English French Mr. A. C. Washington Virginia State B. S. Agriculture 3 Samuel B. Newton Mr. Frank N. Johnson Va. Seminary American University Univ. of Minn. Howard A. B., Advanced Study Social Science Education Mrs. Sandra Mason A. and T. College Hampton English and Dramatics Business Education Mr. David A. Richardson Shaw University B . A . j „ -4- " English Mr. Dalton R. Randolph Hampton Mr. F. W. Nicholas Virginia State Industrial Arts Agriculture Miss Mary J. Giddons Virginia State Mr. George L. Goodman Hampton Mr. Frederick I. Hawkins Livingstone A. B. Social Science B. S. Home Economics Miss Marian W. Hooker Shaw University Mrs. Francis Y. Hooper Virginia Union Mrs. Eva W. Jackson Shaw University The George Washington Carver Regional High School ' s Marching Band Majorettes: Left to Right, Delois Bridgett, Francis Ferris and Helen Vincient Leader: Audrey Acty Director: Mr. E.F. Sampson EIGHTH GRADE CONT ' D n j iff u It J f V ' n V. i : fi s i ] 1 flH A • v r ; ] Officers of the Eighth Grade Class Shirley Yvonne Brown Jane Virginia Wallace Doris Juliette Maples Barbara Ann Wallace Otis Henry Ashton President Vice President Secretary Assistant Secretary Treasurer Eight Grade Sponsors: Mrs. Michie, Mr. Hawkins, Mr. Goodman Pres. Novella Lewis Vice-Pres. Daisy Mae Jamerson Barbara Clark tfj Sophomore Sponsors: Mr. Thomas, Mr. Finlay and Mr. Newton Pres. Laura Watson Vice Pres. Mary Johnson Sec. Mattie Hill Sgt . of Arms: Alvin Brown Treasurer s Gertude Willis Junior Sponsor : Mr. Randolph Program Committee: Catherine Jones Pres. Ruby Lightfoot Vice Pres. Leola Hutcherson Sec . Jean White Treasurer George Love ksst. Treasurer- Susan Wormley SHERMAN WILLIAMS wills, to CLARENCE YEAGER his ability to sing bass in choir. JAMES HILL leaves his ability to play football to JOHN HILL, so that he will be ibleato make the team next year. To Ruby Lightfoot, RUTH HENDERSON wills her position as Senior Class President. PART II TO THE FACULTY: V e leave another group of brillant students such as v e. A group who can and will do most anything. TO THE JUNIORS: We leave courage to take chemistry, our ability to write excellent themes and our superlative pov er to be a social success. TO THE SOPHOMORES: V e -wish to bestow our steadfastness, our school spirit and £he ability to conquer the toughest projects . TO THE FRESHMEN: V e will a successful sophomore year and our worn out text books. TO THE EIGHTC-GRADE i We wish to leave our hard working sponsors, Miss Alease P. Scott and Mr. David A. Richardson. ■ fluenced by anyone, do hereby leave this record as our last will and testiraent. AUDREY ACTY, wills to DEL0RI3 BRIDGETT , her position as lead- ing majorette in the Carver Band. WILLIAM TAYLOR wills to GILBERT ROBINSON the big bass drum. LAURA GILLERSCN wills to LETTIS WASHINGTON her quietness. VETTA BROWN wills her Dorothy Dandridge figure to Deloris Bridgett . CARRIE HaYDEN wills her ability to get along with others to VIRGINIA HAYDEN. JEAN HILL wishes to will to her devoted sister, JaNET, her quietness and her smiles. RACHEL GAINES wills HARVEY BROCK her ability in tyDing. JUNE DaVIS wishes to wil ' her new stens in dancing to HESTER LEWIS. LEROY HILL wills his ability to cheat without getting caught to WILBURT HILL. MAY LEWIS wills her ability to speak french to LETTIE WASHINGTON. DOROTHY GORDON, AUDREY ACTY, and MARIE JACKSON will their ability to FRANCIS HARRIS and IOMIA WEAVER, as having b en the ' ’glamour gals " of Carver in ' 5 . SHIRLEY JACKSON wills to HELEN VINCIENT her position on the basketball team. BESSIE, SHIRLEY, and LILLIAN, the third year home ec girls will to the second year students, their ability to make " sticky buns " . WILLIAM ARRINGTON wills his ability to play first trumpet in band to WILLIAM KING. MARIE JACKSON wills to ELAINE TENSLEY the ability to take english under Mr. Thomas. JOYCE DUVALL wills her front seat in the second row of Roomrf3 to Joseph Brown. ALBERTA JACKSON wills to RAYFIELD ROBINSON a doll baby, be- cause the girls here ere to large for him. HARRIET LEWIS wishes to will her ability to get along with others to BETSY LEWIS. I, VIRGINIA DAVIS, will to HESTER LEWIS, my boyfriend ,CHARLES LEWIS, and my easy way of getting around knowing people. DOUGLAS CARTER wills his ability to keep a noisy class and still get his work, to WADE FRYE. cerning these departing souls. AHI At Last But what is this I see? Qohn Avery, who has finally said " I do " with Audrey Acty, is now Loss and coach of the famous Morgan State ' s football team. The team average for the season; ffive games lost, zero games won. Not being able to get into a music school, William Humes has finally opened the first of its kind, a music school for birds, in Bird- ville. Beatrice Poindexter is still at home with her family. She cannot get herself to leave home-sweet-home. Marie Jackson, the big blues singer, has Just divorced her fifth husband, Frank Poindexter. Harry Faulk has long given up the idea of Commerical Art, and is now a tenant farmer of George Washington ' s Farm. Due to the recent paper shortage, Homer Smith is making his fortune selling rags. Thomas Hunter now has a resturant of his own. A sign there in reads " EAT HERE " , " SEE YOUR DOCTOR LATER. " Lulabelle Taylor has opened a dancing school with such pupils as Laura Gillerson, Anna Dinkens, and Ula Young. Joyce Duvall is living in Virginia. She has left Laynie Beck be- hind and moved to a more sophisticated life. Irene Johnson is teaching her old time popularity to her daughters, and Joe Weston is teaching their sons how to dance without doing the knee bend all the time. Harriet Lewis has discovered at this time that the styles in dresses and skirts have changed. She has bought a ward -robe of all new styles . George Taylor has changed from a guiet boy to another Bo-Jingles, only he is not tap-dancing. His brother, Dixie, is doing the dancing because George is a little stiff. Martha Rowe Has enrolled her tripletts at Lucille Richads Day Nursery. Leroy Hill and Helen Cooper are living in Detroit; Helen is teaching the children how to keep their height down. Jean Hill is now taking further study in chemistry, so that she can receive her M. A. from Howard University. Carroll Apperson is back at Good Old Carver, deiivering the Bac- calaureate Sermon to the members of the Class of ' Rosa Dade is still grumbling because she thinks the sun should rise in the west and set in the east. Randolph Christian is head " Grease Monkey " at Doris Clore ' s garage. lass iJistmui In September 1950, 189 eager freshmen entered the doors of this institute which was relatively young at the time. Our activities as a class were very few. We only wrapped the Maypole on Fields Day. We were sponsored that year by Mrs. Anglin; Mrs. Washington; M r. Black and our own hard-working Miss Scott. The next two years were almost the same. We were represented in many activities as we are now but still we had done nothing extra-ordinary. During our sophomore year we were sponsered by Miss Scott; Mr. Jones; Mr. Black; and Mrs. Anglin. In the junior year we were sponsered by Mrs. Jackson; Miss Reed and Miss Scott. We sponsored the Junior-Senior Prom in our Junior year, it was a great success with the aid of our sponsers. Im sure that everyone enjoyed this ev-snt, especially the juniors who had worked so hard, we were happy as juniors, but we yearned for the final step... to become a senior. Our dreams of four years came true in September 1953 we were over-joyed but we realized that during our upward struggle we haa lost more than half of our friends and classmates. There were only 92 of us. We are well reprisented in the activities by members of this class.. Choir: Lucille Richaras, Doris Clore , .lilliam Humes, artha Roe, Leroy Hill, Laynie Beck, William Arrington, Annie Ficklin, William Taylor, Rachel Gaines, June Davis, Virginia Davis, Mildred Williams, Sherman Williams, Shirley Jackson, Jean Hill, Dorothy Gordon, Audrey ty, Dorothy Jones, Louise Thomas, Alberta Jackson, Fred Kilby. 0 Banu; Laynie Beck, Leroy Hill, William Humes, William Arrington, William Taylor, Annie Ficklin, Doris Clore, Irene Johnson, Mary Jack- son, Louise Thomas, Lois Gibbs, Alberta Jackson, Fred Kilby, Douglas Carter. We are also proud of our majorette, Francis Ferris, and our leader of the band, Audrey Acty. N.F.A.: Solomon Williams, William Gray, Marcellous Frye, Charles Gentry, Adelbert Triplett, Thomas Carpenter, Eugene Ferguson, William Arrington, and Dixie Taylor. Speech and Dramatics: Audrey Acty, Joanne Jones, Alberta Jackson, Eula Young, Kate Pendleton, Irenfc Johnson, Barbara Johnson, Lula Taylor, Elenor Chandler. Basketball: Bessie Robinson, Martha Roe, Lillian Brock, Shirley Jackson, Audrey Acty, Dorothy Gordon, Marie Jackson, Doris Clore, Francis Ferris, Rosa Dade, Homer Brown, Joseph Weston, Homer Smith, Randolph Christian, John Avery. Football: John Avery, Randolph Christian, Homer Smith, Joseph Weston, James Hill, and Morris Smith. Patrols: William Yates, Sherman Williams, Carroll Apperson, Barbara Johnson, Fred Kilby, Thomas Hunter, Francis Ferris, Mildred Williams, Douglas Carter, James Hill, Joseph Weston. French: Leroy Hill, Joyce Duvill, Jean Hill, Mae Lewis, Francis Ferris, Audrey Acty, John Avery, Carrie Hayoen, Fred Kilby and Laura Gillerson. Pep: Audrey Acty, Dorothy Gordon, Marie Jackson, Rosa Dade, and Doris Clore. We are really proud of our active seniors. Our four years here have been " The best years of our lives " . We wish to insure our teachers that all of their work has not been in vain. WhoVWho CLASS PERSONALITIES GIRLS BOYS MOST POPULAR SARAH WILLIAMS FRANK POINDEXTER BEST ATHLETE VETTA EROWN JOSEPH WESTON BEST DANCERS LULUBELLE TAYLOR RANDOLPH CHRISTIAN BEST LOOKING LUCILLE RICHARDS FRANK POINDEXTER MOST VERSATILE MARTHA ROE WILLIAM TAYLOR MOST MUSICAL ANNIE FICKLTN WILLIAM HUMES MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED RUTH HENDERSON EUGENE FERGUSON BIGGEST EATERS DOROTHY GORDON JOSEPH WESTON BEST DRESSED BESSIE ROBINSON HOMER SMITH CLASS BABIES AUDREY ACTY DIXIE TAYLOR BIGGEST FLIRTS LILLIAN BROCK JOHN AVERY SMARTEST JOYCE DUVALL LAYNIE BECK QUIETEST LAURA GILLERSON GEORGE TAYLOR LOUDEST ROSA DADE ADELBERT TRIPLETT SHORTEST HELEN COOPER GEORGE TAYLOR TALLEST BETTY ROBERTS JOHN WASHINGTON MOST IN LOVE AUDREY ACTY JOHN AVERY WITTIEST DOROTHY GORDON ADELBERT TRIPLETT MOST TALKATIVE MARIE JACKSON DOUGLAS CARTER MOST SOPHISTICATED JEAN HILL SOLOMON WILLIAMS Williams Solomon " Sam " Hobby: Hunting County: Orange Yates, William " Weeky " Hobby: Modern Building County: Culpeper Yates, Mabel " Mae " Hobby: Sports County: Culpeper Young, Eula " Lulu " Hoboy: Sports County: Culpeper I White, Bernice " Bernie " Hobby: ' Reading County: Orange Williams, Sarah " Tiny " Hobby: Sports County: Culpeper Williams, Ella " Cindy ' 1 Hobby: Art County: Orange Williams, Mildred " Mil " Hobby: Listening bo music County: Culpeper Williams, Sherman " Bill " Hobby: Dancing Jackson, Robert " Bob " Hobby: Singing County: Culpeper N.H.A. Sponsors: Miss M«F. Giddens, and Mrs. Stella Fleshmon Officers President Secretary Assistant Secretary Treasurer Reporter Song Leader Parliamentarian. . . . Historian Emogene Turner Jeanette Beasley Shirley Hopkins Phyllis Mixon Julia Warring Virginia Teung Eva Taliaferro Urie Grasty i PATROL Bus Patrols 53 - ' 9 + Clifton Hill Sidney Banks Douglas Carter Morris Glasece Curtis Hubbard Andrew Minor William Taylor Frances Ferris Wallace Brock Betty Jackson Otis Ashton Alvin Ellis Joseph Weston William White Mildred Williams James White Marian Apperson James Hill 1NDU STRIAX’ARTS Shop Foreman- ■Robert Dorsey, Alvin Smith, Robert Lacy Sponsor: Mr. Dalton Randolph President- Secretary- Treasurer- Sponsors Miss Hooker — Mervin Robinson —Mary Fortune • Miss Hooker SCIENCECLUB I N-F.A O.R. JOHNSON CHAPTER 0. R. Johnson N. F. A. Chapter The officers for the current year are; President Arthur Jonas Vice Pres William Porter Secretary- -Granville Lambert Treasurer Billy Ficklin Reporter Charles Taylor Historian Charles Thomas Watchman -Odell Johnson Parliamentarian -Eugene Ferguson Chaplin and Song leader Rayphiel Grayson Our chapter was ranked second best in the State last year. We are not saying that we will maintain that position, but our motto is .... M To hope that tomorrow will find us farther than today.” (V Sponsor: Mr. F. W. Nicholas Captain William Yates Co- Captain Martha Carter HALL PATROL SCHOOL PAPER Editor In. Chief - assistant Editor News Editor Sports Editor Typists Feature Editor — ■Ruth Henderson ■fcois Gibbs •Ella Williams ■Gene Brown -Gertude Willis, Jesse Brown, Elaine Tinsley -Rebecca Steward Sponsor: Mr. Samuel Newton The Beginning Band of the George Washington Carver High School will take many positions in place of the Advanced Band under the Lirectlon of Mr. Elmer F. Sampson Officers President Vice President Secretary Assistant Secretary Treasurer •Catherine Brown •Doris Maples •Kate Pendelton ■Charles Taylor Florence Johnson Sponsor: Mrs. S. B. Mason c.« f HANDICRAFT Officers President Vice President Secretary Assistant Secretary Treasurer Assistant Treasurer Sponsor Irene Johnson Margaret Jett Eleanor Russell Lucretea Jackson Shirley Hawkins Walter Rucker ■Mr. Randolph FRENCH CLUB President Leroy Hill Sponsor: Mr. Ihona s L|Bf RY QJJ Q President Vice President Secretary Treasurer • Ruth Aylor •Elise Avery ■Geongeana Bentley ■Miss Brown Sponsor: Miss Brown CAMERA CLUB aj President Dorothy Banks Secretary Alvin Brown Treasurer Helen Warring . ADVANCE TYPING CLASS TYPISTS ARE: Front row left to right; Frances Ferris, Rachel Gaines, Mae Lewis, Joeann Jones, Kate Pendelton Second row left to right; Lois Gibbs, Ruth Henderson, Marie Jackson, Roy Jackson, Helen Cooper Third Row left to right; Rebecca Stewart, Audrey Acty, Wilbur Beck and Lucille Richards. Standing Samuel B. Newton, Instructor Captain Dorothy Gordon Co-Captain Audrey Acty Spo nsor Miss N. L. Smith MODE RN DANCE CLUB President Doris Clore Vice President Larua Watson Secretary Martha Harris Treasurer ■Virgelia Turner Sponsor: Miss N. L. Smith BASKETBALL Name No. Position Height Class . County Homer Brown 10 Forward 5 ' 9 " Senior Culpeper George Love 7 Forward 5 ' 6 " Junior Culpeper Joseph Weston 3 Guard 5 ' 11 " Senior Orange Melvin Jordan 2 Forward V 11 " Sophomore Rapp. Robert Dorsey 8 Center 6 ' 1 " Soph. Madison John Avery 6 Guard 5 ' 11 " Senior Orange Randolph Christian 5 Guard 6 ' Senior Culpeper Homer Smith Guard 5 ’ 9 " Senior Culpeper Frank Ferris Center 5 9 " Soph. Culpeper Wilber Hill 4 Guard 5 ' 6 " Eighth Culpeper Arthur Jones 12 Forward y 6 " Fresh. Orange Harold Ford 4 Center 6 ' Eighth Culpeper Rogers Roberts 8 Forward 5 ' 10 " Soph. Rapp. Arthur Bridgett Guard 5 ' 6 " Fresh. Rapp. William Dennis 9 Forward 5 ' 4 " Fresh. Culpeper Garfield Carter 3 Forward 5 ' 2 " Eighth Culpeper Coach ' Mr. John Brewington HAWKETTS _ • ■ St3 ©£ £ £ 3f t ’5 4 Captain Bessie Robinson Co-Captain Vetta Brown Coach Miss Nancy L. Smith FOOTBALL SQUAD m 1 Names Position No. Age Weight County Height Classification John Avery L.H.B. 26 18 165 Orange 5 ' 5 ' 10 " Senior Joseph Weston R. G. 18 18 167 Orange 10 " Senior Robert Dorsey L. E. 39 15 l6l Madison 6 ' 1 " Sophomore Randolph Christian Q . B . 21 17 156 Culpeper 6 ' 1 " Senior Roger Roberts R.H.B. 22 17 160 Rapp . 5 ' 10 " Sophomore Melvin Jordon R.E. 28 18 155 Rapp. 5 ' 10 " Freshman Frank Ferris R. T. 37 17 165 Culpeper 5 ' 9 " Sophomore Homer Smith L. T. 24 18 155 Culpeper 5 ' 9 " Senior George Love C. 32 16 164 Culpeper 5 ' 6 " Junior Rayfield Gracin R. E. 27 17 157 Culpeper 5’ 10 " Freshmon Arthur Jones R.H.B. 29 15 140 Orange 5 ' 6 " Freshmon John Long 1. G. 35 17 200 Culpeper 5 5 ' 5 ' 11 " Freshmon Arthur Bridgett c. 40 15 140 Rapp. 6 " Freshmon Lester Bridgett L.H.B. 33 15 185 Rapp . 8 " Freshmon Harvey Brock R.H.B. 23 15 135 Culpeper 5 ' 6 " Freshmon James Hill L.G. 30 19 180 Orange 5 ' 10 " Senior Harold Ford L.E. 20 15 164 Culpeper 6 Freshmon Garfield Carter L.T. 25 15 147 Culpeper 5 1 1 " Eighth G. Walter Hackley R.T. 38 16 180 Culpeper 5 ' 11 " Eighth G. Warren Edwards L.E. None 16 160 Culpeper 6 ' 3 " Freshmon Robert Bailey F.B. 40 17 161 Rapp . 5 ' 9 " Sophomore Captian -John Avery Jr. Co-Captian — -Joseph Weston Coach -Mr. John Brewington Games 6 Played Games Lost 5 Games Won 1 4 V ! BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATING CLASS FROM: COMPLIMENTS OF Orange Produce Company Eggs and Poultry Orange, Virginia Howard Johnson Charlottesville, Virginia COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS OF G. Crosby Cluff Taylor ' s Taxi Service Culpeper, Virgina TAXI Heating Air, Conditioning, Roofing Metal Work Phone 7233 Orange, Virginia i J Chrysl Tires , Madisc I COMPLIMENTS OF • COMPLIMENTS OF c E - Dillard Auto Sales C hrys ler-P lymouth-GM: . Trucks Tires, Batteries, Accessories Madison, Virginia , See the Most Beautiful Thing on Wheels New Pontiac Day Phone 1600-1601 Night Jt Holiday 2499— 1 508-510 Lafayette Boulevard Fredericksburg, Firginia COMPLIMENTS OF w Frankelton Sinder Block Co. Box 684 Fredericksburg. Virginia COMPLIMENTS OF 6m P e °P le ' s Cafe 603 wlllla ® i Street, Fredericksburg If 70U like good food, come to see us. m ’ ■ — — I Send it COMPLIMENTS OF toihe „ igundrtj Kay- s Dry Cleaners " Quick and Efficient Service T ©1. 1327 COMPLIMENTS OF Het ' s Beauty Salon Miss Hattie E. Turner, Prop. Hair styling and Scalp treatment (Steam and Electric) Manicuring and Facials Fredericksburg, Virginia 912 Liberty Street Fredericksburg, Va. COMPLIMENTS OF Gryjnes Drug Store Telephone 2536 2536-j COMPLIMENTS OF Culpeper Book Store Orange, Virginia 6 E. Davis St. Culpe inia emington- -rCorona ON TIME (As low as $5.00 f y m onth) Best Wishes to the Graduating Class From: Stephen burrer Jewelers Bonco Service Station Bonco, Virginia Congradulations to the Graduating Class From: Wigginsyrhe Store Mohawk Ties Unionville, Virginia BEST NAME IN TIRES COMPLIMENTS Gibbs Estes Madison, Virginia n (S ' Lt,j jsjfe J ptSfco I Compliments of RUTH’S BEAUTY SHOP Orange, Virginia G. A. Waugh Furniture Co. 103 East Main St. Orange, Virginia ’.viLsnes You, the Graduating Class, Much Success Compliments of Price ' s Lunch Room Sandwiches - Drinks ABC- on-off Phone: Madison 3921 Roy Price Owner Best Wishes to the Graduating Class From C. C. Phillips Elgin JEWELER Bulova Keepsake Diamonds Gordonsville , Virginia c COMPLIMENTS OF E. E. Aylor Son General Merchandise Phone 261 Criglersville , Virginia COMPLIMENTS OF Thompson ' s Food Market ORANGE, VIRGINIA Best Wishes to The Senior Class From: The Little Fifth Avenue Shop Grace Collins, Prop. " Beauty is my Business " OH A «v G Dial : 33 1 PO. Box: 605 Specializing in Hose, Corsets and Women ' s Wear. Comrliments of LE ' " IS " PHARMACY JOM JMfflHlftr pWirt-inia E. E. Aylor Son General Merchandise Phone 2ol Wishing You Much Success From : Criglersville, Virginia Congradulations to the Graduating Class From: Ricketts Rwxall Drug Store Orange, Virginia Phone 204 COMPLIMENTS OF Thompson ' s Food COMPLIMENTS OF r ice :e, Hardware, Best Wishes to The Senior Class From: Compliments The Little Fifth Jtfanue Shop Martinis Store Since I 89 S " Beauty is my Business " ■Gd Wishes You, The Graduating Class, Much Success " When fou ' Tant Enjoyment 0r Food- See Smit 1 Sylvester Smith ' s Ch ftcel.lor, Virginia i l • » Sashing HjDJil $ cess p rQ m j Specializing in Hose, Corsets and Women ' Wear. UNDRY d Rug Cleaning rginia Qx itO COMPLIMENTS OF: C. G. Hyj Watkins Brandy ViVfmia Telephone 629 p ft ft I r

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George Washington Carver Regional High School - Hawk Yearbook (Culpeper, VA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


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