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George Washington Carver Regional High School - Hawk Yearbook (Culpeper, VA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Cover

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.SCHOOI ► BUS OF THE HAWK " 53 ” I YEARBOOK STAFF Left to right, seated: Astarie Turner, Eleanor Jameson, Audrey Dennis, Gladys Jones, Cormora Rector, Lois Fleshmon, Dorothy Scott Ruth Robinson, Virginia Greene, John Francis, Peggy Washington. Standing: Reginald Poindexter, Robert Porter Charles Lewis, Martha Carter, Charles Monroe, Camilla Hoffman, Lorraine Galloway, Ruth Banks, Lena Cowherd, Be- atrice Hill, Helen Wise, Lafayette Burros, John Weston, James Yates and Robert Beckwith. AIM A MATER i Carver High School! Carver High School! Sing we now our songs of praise. Song of praise and adoration With our voice now we raise. Striving onward, striving upward; Striving with a heart so true. Carver High School! Carver High School! We ' ll fore ' er be true to you. II As we go to fight life ' s battle, May we all thy teachings bear; So that we may all work to be like he Whose name thy front doth bear. May we move upon trials too. Carver High School! Carver High School! We ' ll fore ' er be true to you. Ill Carver High School! Alma Mater! May we ever, ever be; A great service to our nation And a service to thee. Still now wearing thy dear colors Of maroon and golden hue. Carver High School! Alma Mater! We ' ll fore ' er be true to you. Coda — Ever be true to you DEDICATION We, the class of 1953 gratefully acknow- ledging our debt to Mrs. Hooper and Mr. Goodman, who have worked untiringly with our class for the past three years, sincerely dedicate this issue of the " Hawk " , with hope that the future years will bring them much success and happiness. ADMINISTRATION Mrs. Carrie Michie Asst. Principal Mrs. Marian J. Anglin St. Augustine College English — r r Mr. George L. Goodman Hampton Institute Business Mr. Calvin H. Finlay St. Paul Polytechnic Institute Social Studies Miss Marian W. Hooker Shaw University Science Miss Doris M. James Hampton Institute Physical Education Miss Jeannette C. Moore Virginia Union University Librarian Mrs. Ruth P. Jefferies Virginia State College Home Economics Mr. F.W. Nicholas Virginia State College Agriculture Miss Pearl E. Reed Hampton Institute English Miss Cathleen Tasker Hampton Institute Bus iness Mr. Elmer F. Sampson Milliken University- Music Mr. Oliver W. Thomas Virginia State College English Miss Alease P. Scott Virginia State College Science Mr. A.C. Washington Virginia State College Agriculture Banks, James 11 Jimmie " N.F.A. 1+8-53 Carpenter, Daisy " Dee Wee " Dramatic 48-49 Varsity 50-53 Pep Club 52-53 Banks , Ruth " Ruby " Choir 9 - 53 Secretary of Freshman Class 49-50 Carpenter, Helen Science 49-50 Camera Club 51-53 Beckwith, Robert Band 49- 53 Carpenter, John Handicraft 49-51 Band 49-53 Burros, Lafayette Varsity 51-53 Carpenter, Rebecca Science 49-50 Camera Club 51-53 Colbert, Marie Dramatics 48-49 Davis, Virginia " Bobby " Choir 52-53 Dramatics 49-50 Dennis, Audrey Choir 4-9 -53. Majorette 52-53 Ellis, Victoria " Chuckie " Library Club 49-50 Handicraft 50-52 Dixon, Evelyn " Lucky " Varsity 4-9-53 Ferris, Margaret N.H.A 49-50 Handicraft 50-51 Edwards, Wilbur Varsity 51-5 3 Ficklin, Temple " Bunny " Handicraft 49-50 Varsity 50-51 Band 51-52 Band 53 Fleshmon, Lois Varsity 49-53 Student Council 49-50 French Club 51-53 Majorette 50-53 Pep Club 52-53 Gibbs, Ada N.H.A. 49-50 Francis , John N.F.A. 49-53 Varsity 50-52 Grasty, Edith Library Club 50-51 Varsity 51-52 Galloway, Lorraine " Raine " Dramatic Club 49-50 Pep Club 52-53 Grayson, Julia Handicraft 50-52 Camera Club 51-52 Creative Arts 51-52 Greene, Gertrude " Gertie " Speech Choir 51-52 Patrol 52-53 French Club 51-52 Hoffman, Camilla " Bunky " N.H.A. 49-50 Varsity 50-51 Hackley, Delores N.H.A. 49-50 Choir 49-53 Holmes, Edna N.H.A. 49-51 Hayden, Albania " Shortie " N.F.A. 48-53 Humes, William Band Hill, Beatrice " Bea " N.H.A. 49-50 Handicraft 50-51 Jackson, Hilda " Giggles " Choir 49-50 Varsity 50-53 French Club 51-52 Pep Club 52-53 Student Council 52-53 Jackson, Sarah " Jennie " Camera Club 52-53 Johnson, Hazel Dramatic 59-50 N.H.A. 50-51 Jameson, Eleanor " Ellen " Varsity 59-53 Student Council 51-52 French Club 51-52 Johnson, Jack Varsity 59-53 Jett, Mary " Nip " Dramatic Club 59-51 Johnson, John Jones , Gladys " Hooks " Jhoir 49-53 Pep Club 51-53 Student Council 51-53 President 53 Maddox, Delsie Camera Club 51-52 C oir 52-53 Jones, Isabelle " Tackle " Dramatic 49-50 Varsity 50-53 Pep Club 52-53 Miller, Louise " Lou " Dramatic 49-50 N.H.A. 50-51 Creative Arts 51-52 Lewis, Charles n.f.a. 49-53 Varsity 51-53 Monroe, Charles Varsity 51-53 „ Handicraft 49-50 Pep Club 53 Per ham, Christine " Chriss " N.H.A. 50-51 Science Club 51-52 Camera Club 52-53 Rawls, Douglas Varsity 50-52 Poindexter, Reginald Handicraft 49-50 Science Club 50-51 Reid, David N.F.A. 50-53 Science Club 49-50 Dramatic Club C Simms, Katherine Better Reading Club 49-50 Creative Arts 5l 5 2 Turner, Astorie " Tucker " Choir 48-53 Band 52-53 Ward, Barbara " Bobby " Dramatics 49-50 Varsity 50-51 Handicraft 5l 52 Wise, Barbara N.H.A . 49-50 Choir 51-53 Pep Club 52-53 Winky, Agnes Choir 52-53 Majorette 50-52 Wormley, Audrey " Audie " N.H.A. 50-51 Science Club 51-52 Camera Club 52-53 Yates, James n Jimmy " Varsity 51-53 Turner , Mary CLASS HISTORY Dreams do come true 1 Many years ago (four to be exact) there came to Carver High School a new group of freshmen. For a time confusion, chaos and catastrophe reigned supreme as students dashed madly about trying to get acclimated to their new surroundings. We returned as sophomores in September, however, the year was uneventful for us as we had even lost the doubtful blessing of the notoriety that we enjoyed as " froshes. " In 1951) many determined juniors returned to carry on the responsibilities of the second highest order in the school. Many of us began Id take a more active part in extra curricular activities, although we had veen represented in all activities previously. In the choir we had Audrey Dennis, Ruth Banks, Delois Hackley, Barbara Wise, Joseph Carter, Astorie Turner, Cormora Rector, c laria Thompson, William Hume. In the varsity club we were represented by Eleanor Jameson, Lois Fleshmon, Peggie Washington, Martha Carter, Daisy Carpenter, John Weston, Robert Porter, James Yates, Charles Monroe, Wilbur Edwards, liafayette Burros, James Slaughter, Earl Scott, Jack Johnson and David Reid. It was during our junior year that Carver had its first football team. Aaron Fletcher, Robert Beckwith, William Hume, John Carpenter, Temple Ficklin, and Astorie Turner proved a great asset to the band. Agnes Winkie, Audrey Dennis and Lois Fleshmon did a wonderful job as majorettes. During our junior year, a standard class-ring was chosen by the student body. Our class is the first to have the privilege of wearing Carver ' s first standard ring. Then came the long awaited Junior-Senior prom which was held to the pleasure of all who partook of its merriment. Again in September eighty-three seniors returned to enjoy the fruits of complete superiority. The main socail functions included the senior play- " Our Town " and the prom. We now end an era at Carver which instilled within us principles and attitudes of thought and conduct which will motivate us and steer our energies into an increased responsi- bility to affect service to society. Our stay at Carver has been enriched with experience. We shall esteem and cheerish these experiences and cling to them as precious moments. CLASS PROPHECY Oh mysterious powers from ancestors old, uncloud my the future to 1963 the cl ss of ' 53 ■» fortunes and fates. The future is coming nearer, but fast and now I can 1 see Lillian quered . " Daniel co-starring in one of Froducer eyes and visions unfold to see in see things clearly at last. Joe Carter ' s famous rlays, " Con- Lois Fleshmon is teaching Chemistry at Virginia State College. Hilda Jackson is now an NBC starring on radio and T.V. as " My Friend Irma. " Can you imagine Martha Carter and John Weston running a night club known as Tin Cup Alley in Culpeper, Virginia? Their playing customers are Ellen and Bill Forter. Everybody is talking about It! Ruth Robinson and Camilla Hoffman are two old maids living in a brick cottage in Green Forest, Virginia. Kelsie Faige has a dress shop in Richmond-her latest styles are slenderizing skirts ar.d dresses. While vacationing in California this summer I found that Astorie Turner and Charles Monroe were living in Hollywood, happily married. Charles was busy teaching the three young sters to be serious like their Dad. Who would have guessed it? Audrey Dennis has now invaded the wild and wooly west and is head nurse at the Mayo Cli’ ic in Minnesota. Ruth Banks is secretary to Aaron Fletcher who is principal of the largest high school in Flum Nearly. James Yates is coach. The team has played sixteen games this season and lost fifteen. Could it because the strapping robust boys of Robert Porter, Wilbur Edwards, Lafayette Burros and Jack Johnson are on the team? Lorraine Galloway has finally hooked Jack Johnson. They have one girl and two boys. Barbara Ward and David Reid are the leading dancers in the Silas Green Show. Roy Jackson now runs the largest nursery in Gordonsvill e , most of the children belong to him and his wife, Lena. However, the four kids of Marvaret Ferris and Douglas Rawls, attend . The married couples include Beatrice Kill and Temple Ficklin now living in Nevada, Isa- belle Jones and John Francis, living in Texas. John is making use of his Agricultural training that he received at Carver and has a large cattle ranch. Their recent guests were Edith Grasty, Mary Turner and Armentra Dennis. Feggie ' Washington, who always had a knack for drawing has achieved great lights . She has succeeded E. Sims Campbell. Delores Hackley has her P.H.D. from U.C.L.A. She was quite lucky in getting a position abroad . Mary Ellis and the Carpenter sisters are still the best of friends; they are in Orange because they love home sweet Home. Mildred Dangerfield has established the Dangerfield Chewing Gum factory, but for some strange reason does not seem to make much profit. Claria Thompson now teaches English at Shantytown High School. She is having difficul- ty in teaching the students to use " Ain ' t " correctly. Joyce Tolbert and Fannie Johnson are teaching in the same school. Imagine Joyce teaching the students how to control their speed when talking and Fannie instructing them in the correct pronunciation and enunciation of words. ' Poor Agnes is sitting in her shack across the track waiting for her recently married husband, Ned Ccoper, to return from work. Katherine Simms and Thelma Steward have decided to follow the army around. They are new stationed at Mouse Trap, Florida. It ' s hard to believe, but it is true, Edna Holmes moved to Texas and what a surprise. ' Oil was found on her property. ' . ' She hasn ' t forgotten her classmate though. You remember Virginia Green, don ' t you? Well, if you gals are in need of a hair style, why not drop in at Green ' s Beauty Salon, 2 69 Fifth Street, Washington, D.C. Victoria Ellis and Cormora Rector work with her. By the way, anytime you need transportation in D.C., call Scotts Cab and he ' ll give you a free ride in the same ole jalopy. CLASS WILL We, the senior class of nineteen hundred and fifty-three, of the George Washington Carver High School, being of sound mind and uninfluenced by anyone or anything except our four years experience and observation in this most revered school, do hereby leave this record as our last will and testament. ARTICLE I To the Junior Class, we leave our dignity, love for Carver, personality, scholastic achievements and best wishes for a successful senior year. To the Sophomore class, we leave two years of preparing assignments, taking examinations, making book reports, writing term papers and our seats in assembly. To the Freshman class, we leave our instructors and that which we prize and which has sped so swiftly, our high school youthfulness. To the Eighth Grade class, we leave our eagerness for participating in extra curricular activities . To the faculty, we leave our undying gratitude and hopes that their future students will be as brilliant as we were. To our sponsors, Mrs. Hooper and Mr. Goodman, we leave a box of B.C. Headache Powder to take for the many headaches we caused them. ARTICLE II MISCELLANEOUS REQUESTS Eleanor Jameson wills her athletic ability to Shirley Jackson. Lois Fleshmon wills her position as majorette to Ioma Weaver. Ruth Banks wills her aptness in French to Leroy Hill. Delores Hackley wills her gift for completing her assignments to Rayfield Grayson. To Ruth Henderson, Edna Holmes wills her ability to keep quiet while riding the Schocl bus. To Katheryn White , Victoria Ellis wills her ability to sing " My Song " by the Swallows, without getting out of tune. Beatrice Hill wills her chair in English to Lois Gibbs. Sarah Jackson, knowing of her departure from Carver wills to Mary Jackson her ability to continue getting along with others. Ada Gibbs wills her quietness to Helen Vincent. To Mamie Jones, Lena Cowherd wills her sharp laugh. Daisy Carpenter wills to Mable Yates her position as left guard on the Basketball Team. To Bessie Robinson, Martha Carter leaves a friend, Cecil Banks. Robert Beckwith wishes to leave his ability to stay off the demerit list to Junior Ausberry . To Doris Clore, Margaret Goodall wills her ability to arrange flowers in Home Economics . Lillian Daniels wills to Marjorie Jackson her dancing stip. William Hume leaves his music ability to Laynie Beck. Joseph Carter wills his ability to take Shop III to Joseph Weston. To Audrey Acty, Hilda Jackson leaves a friend, John Avery. John Carpenter wills to Robert Dorsey his ability to play the baritone horn. Helen Wise wills to Shirley Jacjson her quietness in class and on the bus. To Sarah Williams, Claria Thompson leaves her seat on the Senior side. Mary Jett wills her Dorothy Dandridge figure to Margaret Brown. To Miss Tasker, Audrey Dennis wills a quiet and mischievous typing class. Aaron Fletcher wills Roscoe Beckwith his ability to play the trombone and get the girls. Kelsie Paige wills Marie Jackson her ability to get her English under Mr. Thomas. Joyce Tolbert wills Alberta Jackson her text books. Audrey Wormley wills to Lois Gibbs her seat in the typing room. Kathrine Simms wills her interest for American Government to her brother, James Simms. To Lula Taylor, Delsie Maddox wills her ability to finish high school. Gladys Jones wills her position as President of the Student Council to Joyce Duvall. Ruth Robinson wills to Sarah Price her old flame, George Ford. Fannie Johnson wills her dimples to Marie Jackson. Peggie Washington wills to Bessie Robinson her old flame, Frank Poindexter. To Homer Smith, Dorothy Scott wills her ability to cut lunch line without getting caught. Claria Thompson wills to Betty Roberts her seat in Mr. Hawkins Government class. Gertrude Breen wills to Francis Harris her pleasing personality. PERSONALITIES delores hackley rebecca carpenter gladys Jones katherine simms hilda Jackson peggie Washington Charles lewis margaret colbert helen wise astorie turner martha carter kelsie paige agnes winkle peggie Washington eleanor Jameson claria thompson astorie turner Isabelle Jones Camilla hoffman ruth robinson •dith grasty margaret goodall cormora rector peggie Washington SMARTEST CUTEST FASHION PLATES QUIETEST LOUDEST BEST DANCER JOLLIEST TALLEST SHORTEST MOST MUSICAL most talkative BIGGEST EATER CLASS LOVERS MOST POPULAR BEST ATHLETE MOST CONCEITED BIGGEST FLIRTS CLASS BABIES NEATEST MOST VERSATILLE MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED MOST DEPENDABLE CLASS SOPHISTICATED MOST MISCHIEVOUS robert porter James slaughter James yates benjamin roy Joseph carter James yates louise miller John Johnson reginald poindexter william hume Joseph earter lafayette burros david reid James yates robert porter david reid temple ficklin John francis James yates aaron fletcher wilbur edward3 earl scott william hume Charles monroe ( Junior Class Officers President Vice President Secretary Assistant Secretary Treasurer Reporter Sergeant -at -Arms Class Sponsors Miss P.E. Reed Mrs. E. W. Jackson -Jean Hill ■James Hill -Lois Gibbs •Sarah Price ■Bessie Robinson •Joyce Duvall ■Thomas Hunter Miss A . P . Scott President Vice President Secretary Assistant Secretary Treasurer Sergeant at Arms ■Ruby Lightfoot ■Martha Campbell •Lulabelle Taylor ■Barbara Johnson George Love Albert Brown Louise Jackson President Ruby Jones Vice President Martha Harris Secretary Rosa Wise Treasurer Sponsors Mrs. Mason Miss Tasker Mr. Finlay Mr. Thomas A EIGHTH GRADE CLASS OFFICERS President Vice President Secretary Asst. Secretary Treasurer Chaplain Sgt. at Arms SPONSORS Mae Noakes Jesse Frye Genevieve Jones Bernice Jameson Betty Brown Novella Lewis Art hur Jones Mrs. Michie Miss Hooker Mr. Hawkins Mrs. Anglin Mrs. Blair FRENCH -CLUB President Laynie Beck Vice-President Ruth Banks Secretary Audrey Acty Asst. Secretary Agnes Winkie Treasurer Eleanor Jameson G SS NEEDLEWORK- CLUB Leader Vetta Brown Co-leader Irmeshen Jordon Sponsor Mrs. Marian J. Anglin HANDICRAFT- CLUB President Vice President Secretary Asst. Secretary Treasurer Beatrice Hill Shirley Jordan Frances Wise Arthur Jones Roscoe Beckwith mm 0 mi Shown above are members of the Creative Arts Club, which last year was the Creative Writing Club. The change was made in order to offer a broader range of creative expression. Members have the opportunity to express themselves in creative writing, dramatics, art and dance. The Creative Arts Club is opened to any student First row, left to right, Martha Harris, Joyce Duvall, Ruby Jones. Delois Perham. Second row: Miss Reea; sponsor, Mattie Durham, Betty Carter, Elaine Tinsley. Mrs. Blair; sponsor. Third rows Mary Stewart, Anna Strother, Shirley Simpson, Jean Towles, Fourth row: Curtis Hubbard, Bertha Smith, Gertrude Greene. First row, left to right: Mrs. Jefferies; sponsor, Demetria Lewis, Mamie Jones, Mary Gray, Shirley Hopkins, Bernice Jameson, Marian Johnson. Second row: Frances Lewis, Mae Noaks, Nellie Daniel, Betty Brown. Third row: Pearl Long, Lillie Bannister, Betty Roberts, Shirley Minor, Barbara Clarke. NFA These boys were elected by their fellow members at their first meeting held at Carver High School on Friday, November 14, 1952. At this meeting we discussed how we should conduct ourselves during the coming year, the number of meetings to be held, the election of new officers and other important business. This Federation consists of four N.F.A. chapters They are: O.R. Johnson, Culpeper; W.C .Taylor , Warrenton; Milton Valley, Berryville; Louisa Chapter, Louisa. Mr. Nicholas, who has been with us since 1951 has done a remarkable job in building up our chapter and in helping to support our federation. We wish to express our thanks to him and may he continue until we are at the top. President Harry Roebuck Vice President . . .Edward Wormley Secretary Solomon Williams Treasurer Freddie Williams Reporter Dixie Taylor Historian William Gray Parliamentarian . . Daniel Minor Watchman Herbert Weaver Chaplain John Francis Members of the O.R. Johnson Chapter of The New Farmers of America who were elected to the Northern Virginia Federation of The New Farmers of America for the year 1952-1953 are as follows: Vice President. . . Eugene Ferguson Reporter David Reid Treasurer John Francis Song Leader Solomon Williams (?C4U£jKCc G£uA Camera Club First Row: Mr. Finlay; sponsor, Audrey Wormley ; president, Dorothy Scott, Vice presi- dent, Christine Perham; secretary, Helen Carpenter; treasurer. Second Row:Reuben Lewis, Fred Lacy, Mary Hunter, Howard Rawlings, Helen Wise , Mary Ellis, Rebecca Carpenter. Third Row: Robert White, Alvin Brown, Gary Taylor, Albert Brown, Temple Ficklin. FOOT BALL -SQUAD Name No. Age Ht. wt. Position Class Home Town Avery, John 26 17 5 ’10 " 160 H.B. Junior Gordons ville Bailey, Robert 15 15 5 ' 7 " 156 F.B. Freshman Rappahannock Culpeper Brock, Harvard 18 14 5 ' 4 " 135 H.B. Eighth Burros, Layfayette Christine, Randolph 27 17 5 ' ll " 165 F.B. Senior Orange 21 15 5 ' 10 " 144 Q .B. Junior Culpeper Cooper, James 29 18 5 ' 7 " 160 H.B. Junior Gordonsville Edwards, Wil bur 34 17 5 ' 10 " 171 T. Senior Rappahannock Ferris, Frank 37 16 5 ' ll " 160 T. Freshman Culpeper Francis, John 30 18 5 ' 10 " 150 E. Senior Culpeper Hopkins, Roy 20 18 5 ' ll " 157 T. Junior Culpeper Johnson, Jack 18 5 ’5 " 140 H.B. Senior Orange Jordon, Melvin 40 17 5 ' 10 " 150 H.B. Freshman Rappahannock Lewis, Charles 24 17 5 ' li " 158 C. Senior Orange Love, George 32 15 5 ' 4 " 5 ’10 " 5 9 " 5 ' 6 " 155 C. Sophomore Culpeper Madison, Hinman 25 18 165 E. Junior Orange Porter, Robert Reid, David 31 16 141 E. Senior Culpeper 28 18 180 G. Senior Orange Roberts, Roger 22 16 5 ’9 " 155 H.B. Freshman Rappahannock Terell, James 33 19 5 ' 9 " 225 G. Junior Culpeper Weston, John Weston, Joseph Yates, James it 23 17 17 19 5 ' 101 " 5 ' iof " 5 ' 9i " 115 152 G. G. Q.B. Senior Junior Senior Orange Orange Culpeper Trainers: Lester Bridgett, Roy Long, Homer Smith Coach: Mr. W.L. Lovett SCORES Carver Opponents 0 Manassas 26 18 Winchester 13 19 Charlestown 0 7 Manassas 19 12 Walker-Grant 44 6 Walker-Grant 24 Pep Club Front row, left to rights Helen Vincent, Lorraine Galloway, Lillian Daniel, Gladys Jones, Audrey Acty. Second row: Hilda Jackson, Charles Monroe, Barbara Wise, Dorothy Gordon, Joseph Carter, Lois Fleshmon, Louise Jackson, Miss James, sponsor. B OYSBASKE BALL V I- First row, left to right: Robert Porter, James Yates. Second row: Lafavette Burros, Randolph Christine, James Terell, Earl Scott, Hinman Madison, Charles Thomas, James Slaughter. Roy Long, Homer Smith; trainer, Mr. Lovett, coach. CARVER OPPONENTS 47 Louisa 32 J.W. Williams 29 ' Walker Grant 36 Luray 33 Parker Gray 32 J.W. Williams 40 J.J. Wright 43 Walker Grant 19 J.J. Wright Manassas Louisa 66 Ralph Bunche SCORE 37 2 ? 37 40 60 22 59 7 6 48 GIRLS- ASKEBALL First row, left to right: Peggie Washington, Eleanor Jameson; Co-captain, Martha Carter; captain, Lois Fleshmon. Second row: Hilda Jackson, Isabell Jones, Shirley Jackson, Vetta Brown, Lillian Brock, Daisy Carpenter, Miss James; coach. CARVER OPPONENTS SCORE 34 Louisa 11 19 J.W. Williams 26 30 Walker Grant 25 27 Luray 22 20 J.W. Williams 17 15 Ralphe Bunche 9 22 Louisa 15 16 Walker Grant 15 36 Faculty 30 18 J.J. Wright 13 29 J.J. Wright 23 Center: Ruth Banks. First row; left to right: Beatrice Hill, Margaret Goodall. Second row: Marie Colbert, Cormora Rector, Lorraine Galloway, Barbara V. ' ard, Camilla Hoffman, Astorie Turner. Center: Alvin Ellis. First row; left to right: Robert Bailey, Frank Ferris, Robert Dorsey, William Carter. m USJ ££ One of the most colorful mid-winter events was that of the crowning of Miss Carver, an annual affair which is given at George Washington Carver. The gala affair brought throngs of people from each of the four counties on the night of February 6, 1953 Carver is very happy to have its fourth queen to go down in its pages of history. The poise, sweet disposition and friendly smiles as well as the beauty, brains, and conscien- tious work enabled the student body of this institution to select Miss Camilla Hoffman as Miss Carver of 1953 The picture here shows Miss Bessie Robinson, Miss Carver of 1952 crowning Miss Hoffman as Miss Carver of 1953 Both queens are belles of Madison, Virginia. An Invitation Before You Buy Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry, Silverware Glassware, Dinnerware and all Gifts of The Jeweler ' s Kind Visit our Store and See What you Find C. ROY JONES JEWELER Culpeper, Virginia S. RUSSELL TAYLOR 1018 So. Main Street Estimates Cheerfully Given Compliments and Good Wishes To Those Leaving Carver LEE ROSENBERG Culpeper, Virginia Compliments of COCA COLA BOTTLING COMPANY Inviting you to the pause that refreshes The Store of the Peoples ' Choice Orange, Virginia Phone ?4Q2 Entertaining Guests? Bring Them To HORSE SHOE INN for An Evening of Dining and Dancing Sperryville, Virginia Mg SPRING GARDEN CLEANERS ALTMAN EQUIPMENT CO. AND DYERS Westinghouse-Ref r i ge rat or s -Ranges FUR STORAGE Agency for Pitsburg Point Phone 5511 Madison Road Orange, Virginia Orange, Va t3Tl WCwOiii 1 sir ORANGE FIRESTONE DEALER STORE 130 West Main St. KNAKAL ' S BAKERY Orange, Virginia Pies, Rolls and Pastries Best Today Still Better Tomorrow Fresh Daily " Decorated Cakes a Specialty " Culpeper, Va. Phone 8l8l Dial 7332 i ' pmtGMl ; MOST MILES || PER DOLLAR |g Compliments of THE JEWEL BOX Culpeper, Virginia HESS AND COMPANY Retailers of Fine Silverware-Dinnerware-Glassware-Sporting Goods P. 0. Box 709 Orange, Virginia Compliments of GRIMES DRUG STORE Orange, Virginia MAPLE REST TOURIST HOME MRS. MARY L. TAYLOR. OWNER c. c. 1018 S. Main St. Phone 8024 Culpeper, GILLS SONS Virginia Retail Hardware Phone 7311 P. 0 . Box 669 ORANGE PRODUCE COMPANY Eggs and Poultry Orange, Virginia Compliments of LEARNER BROS. Warrenton, Va. Orange, Va. Compliments or PAGE ' S DRUG STORE Orange, Virginia Dial 33§1 CRAFTON AND SPARKS Clothiers and Furnishers Orange, Virginia Compliments of the Compliments of MAIN STREET MARKET CULPEPER FOOD SHOP 154 Main Street Culpeper, Virginia 162 East Davis Street Phone 8l6l Culpeper, Virginia Phone 4541 Gus Braggs Manager Everything in Hardware George L. Clarke Sporting Goods Household Supplies SINGER SEWING CENTER Hardware — Stoves — Paints 105 East Davis Street 217 Davis Street Culpeper, Virginia Culpeper, Virginia Phone 9042 Ihfer 122 South Main Street Culpeper, Virginia Compliments of MRS. W.H. COPPER ' S SHOE SHOP Orange, Virginia Compliments of ORANGE FURNITURE CO., INC. Home Furnishings and Electrical Appliances Easy Credit Free Delivery Main Street Orange, Va. Compliments of CRAUN BROTHERS ' TAXI SERVICE Orange, Virginia J.C. HUME TAXI Orange, Va. Compliments of QUALITY CLEANERS AND LAUNDRY Phone 9044 .... Culpeper, Va Kilby Norris 7 SEIGNEUR STUDIO 201 NORTH MAIN STREET CULPEPER, VIRGINIA PHONE 8312 BOX 592 BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF ' 531 CENTRAL HARDWARE COMPANY CULPEPER, VIRGINIA J. B. Carpenter, Mgr. SEE US FCR ALL YOUR HARDWARE NEEDS HUNTER ' S BEAUTY SALON TAPPY BROTHERS 112 East Church St. Home and Office Furniture Orange, Virginia Phone 4111 Box 285 Orange, Virginia THOMPSONS FOOD MARKET Compliments of " Your Food Shopping Center " LEA BROTHERS Dial 7224 East Main St. Orange, Va. General Merchandise Washington, Virginia Madison, Virginia PRICE ' S LUNCH ROOM Phone 3921 When You Want to Save Money on Meats - Come to See POOR JOE Compliments of CULPEPER PLANING MILL Compliments of THE FASHION SHOPPE Culpeper, Virginia •Tianini

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