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Georgia Volume 1 1 TABLE or contents: OPENING ................. 1- 15 Acrlvmes ............ 16- as ATHLETICS ............ 56- 95 ssnlons ................ 96-146 Juulons ................ 147-180 sovuoroones ........ 181-214 rnssumeu ............. 215-255 ASSOCIATIONS ...... 254-219 ACADEMICS ........... 280-297 CLOSING ................ 298-sos QIIUIIUII Open Duuuulm Deviation is the departure from a standard norm, according to Web- ster, however, the word deviation has the connotations associated with changes. Change is an unavoidable force that effects everybody and ev- erything. Things are constantly changing, moreover, change at Wal- ton during the past few years has oc- cured drastically. The name of our annual has been modified for the first 0 time in ten years from the traditional Patriores to the more modern Raid- ers. More significantly, clothes, atti- T tude, and physical changes in Walton VJ itself have all reflected some sort of T deviation. This year people have ex- perimented with different clothes and are not afraid to express them- 3 selves in this way. Students have come to accept changes in a positive l frame of mind. Walton has exper- J ienced physical changes in the build- GJ' ing itself that will effect the students 7 in the years to come. By encouraging Qu, these changes, Walton can continue N as a School of Excellence. ,Q 252 C5 Ci 55 fs qE,nQ03jf'+ f A w,M'Cf 0llCl.QJN gjifw 92:55 W glee T CQQDQQDL T UM THU I . gsm eigbmm is QUQPKLADKIQLLQI ml wwe we-1 we fl f-M , ESUUWNNXDD Ctbwch 'C -limcwcb LLCUL Qllmand OG to mm cmexpeeieci -mips +0 We COHUYW Q Ogssggl A 4 ' Opening Ji? ., Walton has undergone immense physical changes. This year panel- ing was installed to pre- vent over-zealous shad- ow boxers from "K.O.- ing" our intimidating cardboard walls. More importantly, the new pan- eling adds to the appear- ance of Walton. Many new trailers were imported to ac- commodate the overrun population 12,5065 at Walton. The students dinning area has expanded to include the old teachers lounge, therefore, the teachers were forced to dine elsewhere. Also, a new locker system was established by Mrs. Tighe to benefit everyone. The construction of a new medical center has added to the physical appearance of Walton as well. The project was headed by Coach John Stafford and dedicated to the memory of Chris Broyles. Opening U 5 EU'lJUL.Jl.l W 6 0 Opening People express their personalities by the clothes they wear. Since students are changing at Wal- ton, very signifi- cant deviations have occurred in fads and fashions. The word moderation no longer exist in the fashion conscience individual. Paisley is found on pants, shirts, ear- rings, ties, socks, watches, suspend- ers, and jackets all over Walton. Peo- ple are layering their clothes to achieve a "layered look". A fad is something everybody is very much interested in for a short period of time. This year a Walton student could be found wearing colored can- vas hightops, gummy bracelets, plaids, stirrup pants, varsity clothes, and ".lams." Whether these fads will become a style or more permanent, only time will tell. Individuals are able to create their own styles by putting these fads together. Walton students dress to the theme "anything goes". Q Opening v 7 J, i --44. l l l ife can be co chhnge. This is athitudes and en it. fusing during all this ften reflected in the lotions people exhib- though many able Cand peopl thisb, change is es healthy hanges are u desir- s attitudes press ecessary an some- his year, peo Ie are 1 IIIT1 . very open with ope another. Stludents are not afraid toiexpress thenm elves. Creativity deve loped as peo le be- came more open minded. Qflliques will al pl l had the cha ays exist, but peo- ce to meet n peo- p ancfshare d'iTTeTen . a yealthy attitu large school, lik e for students of a Walton, to have. S 0 Dpening l in ,1. rugs!! 'Q Sli A+. Q3-9 it .'-rf ,- 'ulgfgra f it if 'vi X. ,L aa gf i lm f 2' fl K f a q, as aff it Ti 1 1 nf 4 N ,- ' 1 '.,'55'5-if -, 'f 11,512 3Si"'frm,,,:1 ' H J ' 'f w 4 ' M .miswag Opening ' 9 X 1 wh 1 i?1fw,,avf 1 .it ' v fl IO ' Opening 1:1 Besides the 900 freshman who are new to Walton there are many new students from other parts of the country and even the world They come from as far as Spain and Chile and as close as Colorado California and New York Suprislngly several of the students found Walton smaller and less crowded than their old schools Since Walton has such a variety of students most newcomers found adjusting to a new setting difficult however new stu lence different atmospheres and express different viewpoints Walton obtained thirty eight new teachers two administrators and one clerk to accommodate the vast number of students Because of the increase in the faculty changes were made in the Athletic Department Steve Jones became Walton s fourth head football coach in the school s history In addition thirteen new coaches joined the staff Opening II 1 Q! 9? ' ' 1 i ' ' 1 ' 4 ' D 1 3 1 ' dents can choose a variety of activities in which they can exper- ' , n ' ' 1 7 ' ! Q Q ' Q ducation tod ch more reserv structured t s twenty five y is and an it ears ...pursuan- . l"he general a ard college wa lege was not as nt averages an dent's life. chools were oft ,I ude i different. Ad ission into a m mpetitive as it s today. High gr SAT scores are a high priority i n two stories hi h or more and w c ess crowde lk in the snow t ve to school wit m. ules have chan l hes its students an today. y school has bec me the ten min' the anxiety of ing tardy to ho ed over the ye rs, but Walton ith handbook regulations to jor de a F9 I6 e- UI'- IP intaln certain 3' ndhrdf-A' ' H Q L11-.1-1- I2 0 Opening I ,Y ..,. , I UIJIJIIUUIIE UIIIIUUIIUU , -ff y ' xxx ' . .Q x fggsfff R 5 ff if 43,,.si.:..5.a A 1 J -f -f-fwf' fffa- f """"" ,M ' f ,Q ,ygf .-4 f--. .pf ,Mk ,gf-'f N, , 2 9 1 fl V I :Jia My -"X Ki" V xx :Q fa - g' J' X f' 'xx if 1 3 4 X ' is Q . ? :sf ff? 12 E if? f i x :K My -,,,f xxx . X' r'-QS ' 9 '54 X ! , Le WU 5- '11 X Q . X D IEE' Xxx l . Mg? Y 'PW N, f - --- fm -'-rf i f .Exams-.1-1-..-L: uw. -vw. , . l 17 .eaooruus-ii1. 1 ,, I If Y l Z , Ifllililial if J a ' X , - 4 , H ff lj: X X x ' . ,' X f, gl X KN X H f-X if I, if X , W , ' X N X , if ,"1 -y n 1 f . X 'ww ' ,f ! 1 g 1 Y N 1 ff- ' -, I 4 " " V" " Q , ' .L X I, fi' . f" V " 'J' X 1' , NN ,' I ' I 1 x 1 f 3 g 1 'V I xy f ,f 5 f 4, 1 If u I ,f f f 3 1 if ff, V 1' f, 1 X V ' X' ' I ' xt .fl I if f I lf f X i Ig, I4 ' Opening What will Walton be like in the years to come? The attitudes and be- haviors will be the reflections of what we have established. A new medical facility will change the way athletes condition. A little theater is planned for future classes and expanded cur- riculum. We hope students will take the opportunity to participate in new and expanded activities and learning experiences. Our education is a means to predict and change the out- look of the future for all of us. x 'ii NM N H X is .fx if 5 'fig 3 3 y f 4, f ' ss 1, 1 X. X 3 ll X 1 E Ji W'-. f Q'-N -u . Q. vw H.- - s . .,.-.5 N '-S w I fi sg, ll llliigqg-Sh" gigfjigyll r 'W 'X 2 X ff Maw ff MCTIVITUES On Friday, May 3lst at Roswell Street Bap- tist Church 535 students graduated and be- gan to start new experiences. Those former students, now heading toward adulthood, left with many memories of their past four years at Walton. After performing a giant blue wave across the church, the graduates exhibited their preference whether a certain beverage was "less filling or tasted great." Mr. Henson now has a twenty gallon tank full of gold fish, a putter, a tee and a golf ball just to name a few of the "gifts" that were pre- sented to him. We hope these graduates will always be this creative. I. Tracy Buran starts the ceremonies. 2. Melinda Car- ithers sees many good friends leave to go on to college. 3. Craig Campbell looks enthusiastic about receiving his diploma. 4. Will Giambalvo awaits his diploma. 5. Dawn Hines and Jim Hir say "When do we go?" 6. The class of l985 fills the church. 7. Mr. Henson begins the ceremo- nies. 8. Sean Cash presents the class gift to the school. 9. Joe Mazzone walks down the aisle to receive his diplo- ma. IO. Judd Ficklen thinks about his future. ll. The l985 class waits in anticipation for this event. I8 - Graduation X 0 f w. , ww .av f fn hm W A J' .C N A 44 we fs Q MSW .w f' J, ,H X 7 Z Z5 ,, N Af ,H 4 ? fx WN A if 44, qw 1 m, EQ X h W I !, ,,, if M-V.. 1 X ff' bf." M04 1,5 s k M? my ,E Q-E -is --'- Q 'N 5 X Wk M X X JGAY4 f--NC' 20 - Activities QMNA YA! Ai fi ' if! M2 P Walton students had four chances to show their school spirit this year. The second week of school many people got riled up at the bon-fire, which was lead by the Young Life leaders. Near the end of September, pri- or tothe Lassiter game, the band, drill team, and cheerleaders helped Waltons spirit at the first pep rally of the year. While sopho- mores were taking the GBSAT, Juniors and Seniors unwound during a two hour pep-rally in the gym. To conclude the football season all the students got rowdy at the final pep rally before the Douglas County game in No- vember. I. Andrea Carithers, "You have such balance". 2. Jenni- fer, Michele, Meg, and Liegh "get down" at a pep-rally! 3. The drill team shows us their stuff, 4. Such spirited guys! 5. BB O07 on Shad Santee's shoulders. 6. Mrs. Mur- dock watching a game dedicated soley to her. 7. The varsity cheerleaders really "stack up" 8. Kurt and Becky relax in the standsl 9. "Keep the FIRE Burning". IO. Reggie Oldham keeps the beat at the pep-rally. II. The bon-fire excites the football players. Activities ' ll YEQW J xl boo f 1 . f YJ f X t l 'HH r-""ff' we The Junior-Senior Prom was held at the Northwest Marriott with approximately SOO to IOOO students and faculty in attendance. Couples danced the night away to the sounds of "Benz" which supplied music to excite and make the evening romantic. Prom night always seemed to be highlighted by parent photo sessions. After surviving this, one faced the difficult task of getting into the car or limo. While spending 90 to IOO dollars for dinner one tried to enjoy a delicious meal while maintaining the proper etiquette. Then on to the dance where one looked forward to the long lines at the photography booth, more food and a very crowded dance floor. After collecting a variety of souvenirs and memories people ventured to try new activi- ties ranging from parties to romantic car- riage rides in the moonlight. Prom night was truly a "Once in a Lifetime" event. l. Lisa Sheey and Scott Stephens pose for their picture. 2. Benz entertains the crowd. 3. Terry Dixon and Stacy Mitchell are the best of friends. 4. Leigh Dunn and her date talk about plans for after the prom. 5, Todd Smith and Kristen Mayotte sample the delicious food. 6. The band was "jammin." 7. Cindy Ashton and Mark Mekown enioyed the festivities. 8. Stacy Lunn and Paul Gibbs display their attire. 9. Cindy Kay and her date just can't believe the outfits. IO. Jeanne Schneider and Eric Moore pose for the parent photo session. ll. Brian Hillery talks to a couple about plans for after prom. 22 - Prom 4 .yy ea? 33.4.3 ... J H 5 gf' .ea I 2 1 X Prom ' 23 Fl lf 'Qu in .Q mmm.. as-..,,. , - f, ,, .,.., 3 , I I- T f- ffzffw IGIO f"""'X s Q' ,. 4. ,ef he Mr' L mmhLff x3 'Q vig , 1 by Wwv 4 5? i 5? 3 i A if 5 .zr A "'i"Mff 'sa-N lb-we .Q X ...av rg na. 24 0 Foreign Language Week I K If f ,, I? aww IV, l . Nw , Q .W gg.. 'Qiffifl W W , g 4' g Q him L, QW Nm Aff f 'fff -ff f -- .5 ,.,, ,-f-,mf ff ,Q J. ' " A 4 'F' K ,M i, . Q.,, ..,.. N -,NmwM A' 1 "ills:-... '," M4 V -:ygyf Mfr if "ffff" f' ' WMA ' 1. . 1 MWWWV XJ ..s f ff .af V M W Each year the French, Spanish, German and Latin teachers have organized a cultural awareness week of all the languages. Stu- dents were exposed to the variety of cul- tures and lifestyles of the four languages. The week was full of projects and games ranging from "food day" to "skit and song day". Near the end of the week, the foreign language students applied all their knowl- edge of the week to a "cultural awareness" test. This week proved to be a funfilled learn- ing experience about the traditional ways of different cultures. ' I. Students really love"Food Day". 2. Mike Kavalic ques- tions the contens of some of the unusual food. 3. Paco and his little Burrito are part of the week. 4. Como estas? says Mrs. Warinner. 5. Brandon Fausti chows down. 6. Kim Maxwell enjoys learning about Roman culture. 7. Fiesta says party Spanish style. 8. Mike Moore and class- mates Iike the food line. 9. Sonya Bolen dresses for her skit from France. IO. Gretchen Siefferman says, "this food is delicious." ll. Lisa Hershey and classmate dress up for German Skit. IZ. Ms. Griffen organizes the cross culture test. .L los! - if M 55 M a .CRO LAT: N A ill' . Q Q., f u MPM maid, i - Foreign Language Week - 25 I f X X 7 x2 Many awards were given to students on this day. Each department selects outstand- ing students as well as awards given by the principal. The students who receive the Prin- cipal Awards are considered the best in their class as selected by the faculty. Some of the students are surprised to find their names announced in front of the entire student body, but others know their achievements would bring them the recognition they de- serve. l. This is a group of exceptional students. 2. Mrs. Kone gives Laura Weagley a Media Award. 3. An outstanding Spanish student receives an award from Mrs. Warriner. 4. The proud parent, Mrs. Stowers congratulates her daughter Mimi 5. Whitney Fite and Nicole Peterson dance to a romantic song in each others arms. 6. Ed McMillen heads up D.J. group the Vibrations. 7. Dr, Sie- gel and his wife boogie down to the beat. 8. Stephen Priestley and Christi Klein hug for a cute pose. 9. Tim Lennegan and friends are happy to be sharing the fes- tivities at Homecoming. lO. Erin Johnson next time put on the flower for John Grigsby at home. 26 - Honors Day I r5lf n5 For the first time the Homecoming Dance was held in the gym, instead of the Com- mons. Vibrations a D.J. act was hired for entertainment at the dance. Most people who attended would agree that this was a very successful dance. Decorations and re- freshments were provided by SGA. Lisa Lehnhof was in charge of the beautiful deco- rations which transformed the gym into a dance hall. fl 11554 XYQ Wy K mmm Luge' DW ff ijl Q ,J "i Homecoming Dance 0 27 EEMYTKV Spirit Week was filled with fun and games every day. The daily designated spirit days were great spirit boosters for the entire school. Jersey day and GQXVOGUE day were among the favorites. Each class was given a hall to decorate. The Senior, Junior, and Sophomore classes were all given awards in different areas. A new club at Walton held a spot in Spirit Week. Arrive Alive had their day on Monday, when they showed two touching movies about D.Ll.I. Mr. Souza came to school dressed as Uncle Sam during the week along with Captain Kirk and Captain Blythe who showed up as pigs!! The week was complete only after the Homecoming Dance and the Raider's great football victory! l. Philip Barbley puts on an act. 2. Scott Shepherd. Gar- rett Bailey, and Tom Counts salute all former Latin stu- dents, 3. John Mansour, "So Roman fashion is back in." 4. Watch out Osborne! 5. Juniors leave their mark. 6. Lisa Smith takes note. 7. Pam Crisp and friends take time out to smile. 8. Rodney Shaffer and Kenya Osborn say, "Ar- rive Alive Walton". 9. Teacher or debutant? IO. "I want you for the drama club", says Mr. Souza. 28 - Activities ' a , -7:fx:?5iQ ,W za, S.. Wmmm-+ FK H: M ...W Q-2 iw 2 3 H , f ,wa mm f, K ASW xx A wx Ou lC T H9 'Y illi- .-an-no anna'-Quentin organ Aidan' WN, ..-' 'MX " X. X Q Q X x X? Q' lg-,, ' Q Y x xi 'S '. V V., 1 . it .f PX . . Q H S K P' . is ,, k N . 3,5 :.L . .X ....L..L ii ii S -- 1 Q P -' S LL .. , . LQIVV X SPIRIT WEEK GAMES Walton's Homecoming game l985 was played against Osborne. The stands were packed with spirited fans ranging from sup- porting students, parents, friends and alum- ni. The pregame parade was filled with bril- liantly decorated floats made by student classes, spirit groups and cheerleaders. The Junior class won the stationary float and Key Club won the car competition. Overall Arrive Alive received special recognition and was awarded a cash prize of SSO. The game got off to a good start as the cheerleaders and spirited fans cheered on the Raiders. During halftime Dickie Conners. the drum major led Waltons band in doing an excellent job. As usual, the drill team did very well in supplying an honor guard for the homecoming court. The homecoming queen, Cindy Ashton, was announced during the half-time activities. The Raiders ended the evening with a highlight of caging the Cardi- nals 36-l2. Two days before the homecoming game, the annual powder-puff game was played. For a switch, the seniors were defeated by . . . yes, you guessed it the Underclass- men. I. G.A. Mangus throws the bomb. 2. Pam Crisp and Karen Marlott learn to shave. 3. The senior powder-puff play- ers enter the field. 4. Fading back is G.A. Mangus. 5. Graham Ray and Dennis Biscan show their foxy bodies. 6. Walton Varsity Football team tramples the Cardinals. 7. Arrive Alive wins overall float contest. 8. The Junior class won the competition for stationary floats. 9. The best car for organizations was given to the Key Club Cand the chickenj. Homecoming 0 3l Ti "'W' W7 H V1 Picking a homecoming queen has never been an easy decision. This year, the seniors had an even harder time than usual. They had to pick a queen from five exceptional sen- iors. Everyone seemed satisfied when Cindy Ashton was announced homecoming queen for l985. The rest of the l985 homecoming court consisted of, seniors: Melinda Car- ithers, Nancy Conneen, Pam Crisp, and Kitty Lobsinger. Juniors were Nicole Peterson, and Bonnie Sorrells. Sophomores were Krista Pe- terson and Rhonda Gresham. Tara Blahnik and Krista Yearwood completed the home- coming court as freshmen. 2-1 ' l 0 ,Z no I -. .oV.1M.? , io-, l q f' V X ,f::,, 9 - Q -f' ,-,Z,-. Q f l l. Cindy Ashton receives her crown from last years queen, Laurie Robertson. 2. Cindy Ashton the l985 Wal- ton Homecoming Queen. 3. The eleven members of the Homecoming court. 4. The seniors: Nancy Conneen, Pam Crisp, Cindy Ashton, Kitty Lobsinger, and Melinda Car- ithers. 5. Kelly C. Henson congratulates Cindy Ashton on her achievement and presents her with a plaque. 6. The Juniors. Nicole Peterson, and Bonnie Sorrells. 7. Sopho- mores. Krista Peterson and Rhonda Gresham. 8. Fresh- men: Tara Blahnik and Krista Yearwood. 32 0 Activities an 17+ E , 4 2 2 1 ' ff , Q .Y 1, 4 5 ' f , W' X ,, X 4' 1 , bf "kig2:'LN .m a '1 '50 . Q Q X955 - wa Young Life, the nondenominational Chris- tian group, encourages students to follow the ways of God without the evangelistic atmo- sphere of a church. Over two hundred Wal- ton students were actively involved in Young Life this year. Young Life met every Thurs- day night at 7:47 p.m. in the basement of Mt. Zion United Methodist Church. Each club lasted about I M hours consisting of, singing. skits, praise, and finally the ten minute "talk". This year, just as every year, Young Life took approximately three hundred high school kids from the East Cobb area to Windy Gap. This North Carolina camp, be- longing solely to Young Life, offers all the fun and fellowship a person could ask for. Throughout the weekend stay at Windy Gap kids had the opportunity to, ride horses, at- tempt the ropes course, relax in the jaccuzif and do many other exciting activities. Un- doubtedly the most memorable experience of the weekend was the "cabin time", when the unmeasurable love and the presence of God could be felt all about each individual cabin! Young Life and Windy Gap brought many "lost" teenagers to their "rebirth" in their Christian life. I. Seven lady Young Life leaders perform their skit at Windy Gap. 2. Wendy Lunn. Theresa Schwane, and Jeanne Schneider pose for their picture during club at Windy Gap. 3. Mike, Billy, and Geoff show their true selves during a YL skit. 4. Nina dares our photographer to . . . "click"l 5. Normal Norman and the "Blues Broth- ers". 6. "My name is Dr. Noid and I can do incredible thingsll" 7, Lance Bickley and Bruce Chastaine, Walton YL leaders. 8. Brian Hilleary and Ed Brown show their stuff. 9. "Bestest Friends" IO. The YL Symphonic Orches- tra at Windy Gap. II. Steve Rossi and Julie Thompson enjoy the long bus ride to Windy Gap. Young Life - 35 l ff Y 1 I X . X 37 1 ci! dl E' El G2 EI EI L Ei' G2 il ED EE' 53 El 38 Varsuty Football Q 7 Tlx. . - gs, 1- 5? . s l. Coach White makes the call. 2. Coach Jones anticipates another Raider victory. 3, This group's "dressed to kill". 4. Brian Parnell and his look of intimidation. 5. Mike Kavulic is alone and ' iif'i on his way to another punt return. 6. Go ahead, Make my day, try to go through the walll 7. Don't ' worry, we did. 8. "Chuck E. Cheese" Carswell does his imitation of Herschel Walker. 9. Coach r White is always rappin' with the refs, IO. The team that makes it all happen. Coaches Jim Turn- er, Robert Lassiter, Rickey Young, Barry Russell, vm P 21 3 X U K Q sl U N s 5 as . 5 K X is Wg, . x , s 5 T' ' s Ron White, and Head Coach Steve Jones. ll. What - . .,.. a great bunch of guysl Mark Gibbons, Bobby Hearn, Jody Friedmann, I2, Ron Holman at the helm of perfection. E33 E 7 . S , 9 S f ' . - g f watts? g g ss il" ' S , 1 The '85 Raiders had an incredible season of 9-2. Led by Head Coach Steve Jones, Wal- ton succeeded in clinching a record of five playoff berths. The most important game was against South Cobb, in which the Raiders showed their class and team unity, to beat the Eagles 24-ll. This game proved that the offensive team could show guts and determi- nation by not giving up in time of adversity. The team turned a corner and their confi- dence grew. The most memorable matchup was that with Lithia Springs in which we won I6-O. They were bigger and faster, but the defense showed their strength and stopped the Lions from scoring a single point. This game produced another Walton playoff berth. Some outstanding players were Lee Williamson, Tim Bailey, Brad Anchors, David Thomas, Mark McKown, Chuck Carswell. Chuck Livingston, .lim Hall, and Mike Kavulic. CThe whole defense is accredited to Wal- ton's success.J This year's recordholders in- clude Lee Williamson, who passed for over I,O7O yards, and Mike Kavulic, who set a re- ceiving record of 28 passes caught in one season. Although the Raiders lost to Douglas County in the first round of the Region Championship, they showed their ability to fight to the end, together as a tightly knitted unit, and still come off the grid iron as "WIN- NERS". The Raiders masterfully achieved the honor of being the i985 5-AAAA Sub-Region Champs. We would like to congratulate Coach Jones for his great job during his first year as head coach in being able to make the team become one of the best. Varsity Football - 39 'Lijtij 'BU IJIULU ' ' LVLU I3 l. Tim Bailey is anxious to return to the game. 2. First Row: Pat Long, David Thomas, Jody Saylor- Smith, Ron Holman, Reid Miegel, Mike Lamb, Sec- ond Row: Ben Duncan, Larry Henderson, G.A. Mangus, Trey Reese, Lee Williamson, Mike Kavu- lic, Mark McKown, Chuck Carswell Third Row: Tim Burns, Chris Hill, Pat Moore, Clint White, Ed La Graize, Shad Santee, Vince Wiegand, Scott Parnell Fourth Row: Mike Hampton, Jim Derby, Scott Egan, Mark Stevens, Todd Grant, Chuck Livingston, Andy Rhoads, Brad Anchors, Fifth Row: Mark Casto, Ben Brewer, Kevin King, Bobby Hearn, Andy Brock, Brian Parnell, Mark Gibbons, Jeff Pender Sixth Row, Tom Tootle, Jody Fried- man, Tim Bailey, Chris D'Auria, Buddy Foss, Sean McDonald, Jim Hall, Richard Shore Seventh Row, Scott Cadora, Gregg Warnken, Drew Meadows, Scott McMikael, Brandon Fausti, Vernon Bates, Wayne Hall, Ted Fisher, Eighth Row: Stacy Ficz- kio, Robb Leckie, Vince Biliki, Tony Pecht, Tim Shields, John Morgan, Whitney Fite Ninth Row: Coaches-Larry Richard, Jim Turner, Ricky Young, Ron White, CHead Coachj Steve Jones, Barry Russel, Scott Jones, Robert Lassiter, and Luke Prescott, 3. Walton's Chorus Line. 4. The I985 Senior Raiders. 5. Stacy Ficzko shows his concern for the game. 6. "Golly BeevI" says Billy Bond. 40 ' Varsity Football , 4 . ,,V, M ,V, , y, ,,, , A y 4' ' Y' y I A ,Q-J. 'sw , ,,,,, Q, , we J ttftt ff W r IM M ,,,. if , .,.,, 5-f '--L , , is .,,,,,,, ,W W M M M' 'H 2 ,Q J ,ly 'ZF 4 'lt-It .ask ,,,. . ' 4, T 6 WIHQF DUIEIEUIEUEUIE Le. l Sports Medicine Staff W F' if fe ga . a. 'ii' Sift-zlflfffiifli ff-f1 if K M U K f-V3 ,L irrx , 1 .,,. j50A'w 4 --f" fffff'ffi9f"fs1 ffl A - ' 4 ' 1 1 :I I A P ,235 - fiijiax-jig, F P -1.3.51 gif' T95 i, 6 1 ..-Faq: I A xfw .. JN SEEK . SY 8 . l G Lewis ' RIZZARD ,, lx l 3 Xlxxi Vi - s ' X as 2 . swf .. wt 1....a.. . . 4 I2 lt's the only one of it's kind in the state. It was originated by John Stafford and has grown from a small one room office into a large facility. What is it? lt is the new Sports Medicine Complex here at Walton. The new facilities include examination rooms and re- habilitation center. This program is designed to keep the athletes in better condition, while helping those injured to a quicker and more complete recovery. To those involved in the development of this facility, the I9S5- 86 annual staff salutes you. 7. The beginning of the Sports Medicine clinic. 8. The man who started it all, John Stafford. 9. Cin- dy Hylton. assistant trainer. IO, Sports Medicine staff. ll. Ben Duncan gets his money's worth from the Sports Medicine staff. l2. Funds from the Lewis Grizzard show went to the new Sports Medicine building. 'mist me mmemutm Sports Medicine 0 4l IQUQIE UUE? W EUIECUILIL I.'5fUI5l5l-UEISKUIEUEUIE R -. - nv' X LV L .'g."fSV. Z - Q 'W I 1 M VW , e. v X I My W, , , 41 ,, 4 4 ,W W X W " , ' ,fda W ? 1 , ' if ' Q? 4 Y N, A Y I x I , M , rf , , , ' W bww-L 4 H. Q rr r N My ' , v rv , ,Y ,,-, V M ,ff L' 6 42 - Varsity Football Cheerleaders M-...ff Q "EEE RQ WE IEQEU 'TIE UU Varsity football cheerleading squad had a bunch of fun and good times while cheering the Raiders to a subregion title. They pro- vided the spirit and some excitement for every game. The squad went to camp at Ole Miss during the summer. The squad was very productive in raising the spirit and enthusi- asm of Raider fans all over the county. Cap- tain was Connie McClure and Co-Captain was Bonnie Sorrells. 8 ,H , , l. Connie McClure starts a cheer. 2. Carla Garrett is really a cone head. 3. Gimme an "R" says Christy Maurer. 4. Carla Garrett and Connie Mc- Clure discuss the next cheer. 5. Tracy Trimbur cheers the Raiders to victory, 6. Front center: Tracy Trimbur, Second row. Bonnie Sorrells. An- drea Pricef Third row: Connie McClure, Jacquie Nelson, Ashley Livingston, Back row: Christy Maruer, Cindy Ashton, Amy Harrison, Carla Gar- rett. 7. Varsity Cheerleaders heat things up at the bonfire, 8. Here come the RAIDERSI 9. Ador- able are those Seniors-Ashley, Carla, Christyl IO. "Aren't we cute!" says Andrea Price, Jacquie Nelson and Amy Harrison Il, Mary Trapnell cheers for the Raider football team. ll. Cindy Ashton wants the team to fire up. Varsity Football Cheerleaders - 43 V . Jawa EEEUIEKUILIL is Ai ' m1-' 'LLL F - .1 JS'- e-Q, 15 1 I an . - J J, . KY' .img ze, V, .D -aff mms A " " Q . ' we t ,ttttt mt, . .W.LL if L,1LL.h.,, X... , .,,,..m,L,,, ,. .W,,,,,....c,,.,,,c.,,a.,,..... I SF , ,,... .. 1, .. ..,,.. if .-,fgg Q E' A 'T ,,.. .-.. . . s ni: F, . .. I 2 J ' ,X ..as1,, 1 .. 9 f 4 3 , M., . T ' ,Q if Ov' Wm. -rv me .W .M -, , . .,gff-it 1 , 4 fwY'5Z"?'r'M J ii," ' .S If " -Q 'J N "ii 'V 'WT 7" Zi .ff 74" ll' l M gl rf ' - T 1 ' X K . 'qw , ., Q wat, f - ,,ssissNi F ,- If , F N . A X-. ' A I N 4, an 4 - ii , Q F X 'FAJQ X . . - - - - , f n u .. f i ,., ' ' A H' J, 'fm .,,f . . ,,., ,,., , ,, H ,, N34 ' ' ' --f .. Y I ' J.V. was very productive this year. During this second year of highschool competition. the Raiders compiled a winning record. They showed improvement and promise for the years to come. The coaches are optimistic that this team will carry on the "tradition" of winning. TEETIJILIEIBIQS I3 'UUJI3 IL? IQUIBE 44 - JV Football 3 4 I. The "Reckin' Crew" is here. 2, Front Row. How- ard Ellenburg, Kent Huddleston, Kevin Taggart, Richie Rucker, Paul Gibbons, Dennis James, Lex McGraw, Trey Jones, David Case, P.J. Tessmenn, Paul Burnett. Second Row. Todd Mitchell, Eric Crump, Andy Rudder, Brad Gruehn, Kirk Foster. Reed Guthrie, Chris Connly, Mike Franklin, Mar- shal Chiles, Sean Wallace. Third Row. Hylos Bur- rett, Matt Wiley, David McGouchy, Rob Bowman, Mark Densmore, Jeff Engberg, Patrick Burns, Matt Molmer, Teddy Keen, Mike Morris, John Witshy. Fourth Row. Chris Cowart, Glenn Kelly, Nick Wilson, Brent Goolsby, Mitch Donne. Chris Burbic, Brett Cliffton, Bob Devenie, Tom Walsh. Back Row. Coach Ricky Young, Coach Ron White, Coach Barry Russel, Coach Robert Lassiter, and Coach Jim Turner. 3. Sideline support. 4. Go of- fense. 5. Coach White and Matt Wiley discuss the game plans. 5 I5 IEIEI-ij fiJl3I3l-H5 From tryouts in April to the last pep rally in November, these ten enthusiastic girls cheered their J.V. Raiders to a victorious season. Cheerleading camp at Ole Miss brought the ten of them closer together as well as united all the cheerleaders. They en- joyed supporting Walton and promoting school spirit at Homecoming. With the help of their sponsors Mrs. Mas- sigill and Mrs. Kincaid, their determination, and positive attitude these girls ended their season with a happy note of "J.V. Raiders, we love you!" 'TW Q -sv 'ovmx iii IO 6. Hayden Smith says, "l'd rather be cheering." 7. Krista Peterson fires up the home crowd. 8. Erica Shantz and Bess Brown want a touchdown. 9. Front Row: Krista Peterson Second Row: Caroline Smith, Hayden Smith Back Row: Bess Brown, Lau- rie Saye, Erica Shantg, and Julie Jenkins. Not pic- tured: Kim Hatcher, Anne Marie Ward, Rhonda Gresham. IO. Julie Junkins gets a better view of the game. ll, Caroline Smith prepares the Run- through, JV Football Cheerleaders 0 45 l , 7 EEE IIUIEUIZEU IHEEFELUILIL f 1 I X M 7VffQJ ar M l , X X, if Freshmen football team really put things together this year as they compiled an excel- lent record of 6-2, defeating "big-bad" Las- siter. Each player gave his most. The coaches tried to develop "the desire to win" in each player. Jason Ellenburg, Dan Miller, and Jeff Deputy, just to name a few contributed to the excellence of Raider football. 'UCUIW Ill? CU C1309 'FIRE 'UTIIIBLU 46 - Frosh Football 2 , 1 O S 'Q S. N-S , X . in Lyfry ,.:,, N .K H V Q. V' - t a rw f -f-isa 6 X -1 A ' - ,s if L.. .J , st at t " " s- V to 6 ' 6 Q ,mn K , N. ,Q k UN , ., s 1 ..,, N--2-5,. . .. S X- is li JN -'.. v -1 . ,- ss .- fs -My NAM fffwxff sy as-Q, Nw Q X fir 1 K -i . fav .. Syfsf wx smxgw... ykh- - so 1 3 4 if Q - W t 'V 154' -' 9' 'Z ffwif 71,1 f i fm.. f --1' f:QQ'?gf' e f ff "-' '- - Z Z- l. i J4'Z3f,v, . A gg., V ,nf 1 1, '-3 '23 he Hifi 95 my M 0- if M it W , itt ""' A I :fs -. ' Z- ,' ,f 1 , I ,, -2 L - ','- ' ... 1 f 7 .-. L "f I mf I WV . ,,,V I In v dr , I H, V W I f Af, V E ,y . , 0 l Qgs., , In , V W .. ,gn Q, ,, , .4 n ,, ' ' ef .. ' , , l ' - 'f W ' N , J, ' ' -, , l' f ' E n H . ix, I V W e V A' . ' ' , ' l 'A f it 1 Wm -- H 2 ' ',,' . , , H U , 5 4 . ,g I - ,W ,I at ' . .2 'i tg . W JL I ' M 1 1 1,2-2 .ai 5 , J ff X " I ' f f ' . ' ' f , f' ' Xwfiff' ' ' " , Q ' 'a ik , 1 E, W -gt 'Q' Q' ' ' , Q A.,, f2iif:Q'f " 5 " g'lf'wffxq, ,ifygf 33' 4- f51, . ,gf'5wgf1?m' fi' I , - ., ,,V,,,' ' f' M ' "" L' U , , . L f , ' i 6 C" l VIBE IIUIJUIEEU I.'5fUI3I3l-ii 'IE I-ii 8 .1 J 'E 1 ! 'pf an AY' Q . 4. - Q .sei .7 1 I -www . QV' ,. :pr we Si-:fi . G 1-,t5M'2'if?"'Qff7' X'- -. . SX -,- x ' 'we l ' - , J-1:3-5 -s""4'4: 3'-lr-': r, ,f .S+ c , . ..,,. ef' 'T 1 ai-9'?:21 The Freshmen girls had a fun and exciting season. They attended cheerleading camp in Alabama. And they won most improved squad. This was a very talented group of girls who worked well together and did a great job of promoting school spirit. Their smiles, spir- it, and ability shined through as they cheered the Freshmen team to a victorious season. I. What an "excedrin headachel" 2. What a mean offen- sive line. 3. Brian Rieschick watches from the sidelines. 4. Jason Ellenburg drops back to pass. 5. Steve Foltz looks intimidating. 6. First Row: Brent Hart, Jason Ellenburg, P.J. Davoudpour, Robbie Gonzalez, Robert Holman, Will Hakes, Brian Micholek, Mike Robinson, John Muilen, Hal Lunn, Mike Grigsby, Casey Howard, Bill Papp. Second Row: Coach Prescott, Trip Gammage, Lester Henderson, Brit Jordan, Dan Miller, John Holmes, Jose Bena- vides, David Fryer, John Mills, Chris Siefferman, Dean Devenie, Chris Warbington, Craig Camp- bell, Coach Richardson, Third Row: Mike Ward, Jeff Deputy, Mike Meeks, Steve Foltz. Chad Man- ning, David Clark, Tommy Nobis, Brian Rieschick, Matt Green, Andie McDuffie, Chris Rohr, David Foster, Todd Morlen, Fourth Row: Coach Jones, Donald Gatlin, Greg Jones, Jeff Anderson, Charles Shattuck, Jason McCuster, Scott Stanieh, Miles Allen, Greg Upchurch, Teddy Shields, Jason Vickery, Cameron Schmidt, Andy Fisher. 7. Show us that Freshmen tower of power. 8. The squad performs a dance routine. 9. Front Row: Tracy Mittrucker, Mary Beth Transue, Stephanie Harri- son. Second Row: Evonne Wahl, Katie Paden, Lau- rie Maurer, Angie Coker. Back Row. Katie O'Neill, Kristi Jenkins, Tara Blahnik, Cathy Morgan, and Krista Yearwood. IO. Evonne Wahl gets the crowd fired up. ll. Laurie Maurer and Cathy Morgan are excited about the game. I' Frosh Football Cheerleaders - 47 S 2 Q40 as ggi ii 53 FV N, , , mm, 4 , . Wa ., ? ,Q lf, W ,,,,,u' - f-5, .M A . 1- xii? 5- UUCUIEIJ3 'UUDUIE I. The girls on the Drill Team practice long hours not to drop those rifles. 2. Betsy Thompson per- forms some of the intricate moves of work with the rifle, 3. The music lets the Drill Team make some creative moves. 4. Mimi Ganser finishes the routine. 5. Christy Troost has not only to learn the flags and rifle part, but must be a good dancer also. 6. Drill Team performs at a pep rally. 7. Lisa Thomlinson handles her rifle with ease. 8. Alexa Morrison concentrates on the music and her precision. 9. Tami Rhoades is in the spotlight 5 on this number. IO. Andrea Ringler and Michelle Gensener strut their stuff. Drill Team performed well in competition receiving several excellent ratings. The most important performance, however, took place in Columbus, Georgia, Mrs. Donovan's home town. The Drill Team prepared for their sea- son by attending West Georgia Camp, during which twisted ankles and busted lips were common dilemmas. Selection for the team was based on a two week training period followed by try-outs. This year's outstanding numbers involved Tammi Beals. 8 sf' Drill Team 0 49 ae 0112 . .:.l if 'f.:'Z If 1 W 1' 2 ' 'f,3if!a"fzfi'f fqfi' k 4 2 W 'Ti .H ,.,,- K . 1 DU QEIIUULUIE IEQLU in... 9 IO' I. Ward Tidmore prepares to start the music for pep rally. 2. The Drum Line performs. 3. Scott Moore leads the percussion unit. 4. On the March with precision is a key word of the Band. 5. Rob- bie Finleson performs his solo. 6. Mike Black, Mi- chelle Tatum and Mike Hunt-the saxophone trio sounds good. 7. Preston Jefferson, Mike Black, and Brian Kennel playing the sax. 8. I hear Bells. 9. Chris Gay plays his trombone. IO. Intensity on the flute is part of marching by Lynne Jones. II. Dickie Conners conducts the band. I2. The I985 Walton Raider Band. Marching Band - 5l DME Ulflll :IU I5 'ELEIEUIJCU ,ips V' rs. ,Jen AJ .. i .nfl , ' .xv 1 , W 'sy-P16 t. l Tu. Xixtwx A lp- Y ,cfig 4' 4 The Raiders ended their regular season with an impressive record of I5-6, second in the region trailing state ranked Wills. The Raiders lost three heart-breakers to Wills, all within four points. Varsity Team came to an unexpected and sudden end with a loss to Lithia Springs in the first round of the Region Tournament. Many of the team members will return next year hungry for a Region title. 52 ' Varsity Boys Basketball F wt l. Terry Gorsuch puts it up for two. 2. Bill Maloney is up for the tip off. 3. Sean Behagen looks down the court, 4. Bill Maloney puts it up. 5, Coach Price gives Mike Black last minute instructions. 5. Bill Maloney-We want a basket. 7. GOOO RAIDERSI 8. Mike Black up for the slam, 9. Karl Meihoffer jumps for the ball. IO. Two more for Bill Maloney. II. Coach Price talks with the "boys". l2. Back row. Coach Malik, Stacey Fizcko, Scott McWhorter, Marc Pisciotta, Phil Newsome, Mike Black, Lee Williamson, Bill Maloney, Coach Wil- son. Front Row: Coach Price, Pat Moore, G.A. Mangus, Karl Meihoffer, Sean Behagen, Steve Re- gitz, Terry Gorsuch, Robb Leckie, Coach Wilson. l3. Bill Maloney puts it up with ease. .Bill Maloney is caught in a iam. l5. Mike Black in for two. -san ig ...,m....u gl 5 lm. am. A is "2g, ':N Q Q I . rr s 5 .. ' ,sv 'WE UDULULUUIUE IEIILUWIUIBIE Q. .2 F 'N . . '-New-' V Q9 7 1 W. , if. xx- g N A Q? ALLV. ,Y . :V - s. 1 4 - , M, Q 'WN 6 ,af V . N .. x . iil Q T 3 ,Q ALJ sf .TN , -' 2 I Xwfb' if SQ 5 X-A Ei Us E g i Q5.?,a.,. 'rf Xxx, N S X1 f 4 'X , if, 2, w-Sv X. ,Q sf N. i - i- ax Q I3 I4 I5 Varsity Boys Basketball - 53 Q :El E' El EFI ESI Ei EII Qi' El E2 il ED IW E i IEEE 54 Varsity Girls Basketball 7 IO II Angie Spinks eyes the basket, 2. Angie drives baseline. 3. Leslie Suder dribbles by her oppo- 4. Jodie Phillips works on her ball handling. Leslie sneaks by the Wheeler defense. 6. Jodie outsmarts the Wheeler defender. 7. An- Spinks goes up for a shot. 8. Jodie shoots for 9. Coach Younglove goes over the post- celebration. IO. Jodie looks for an open Il. Leslie Suder concentrates on her ll Back row: Jill Rosenbloom, Michele Meg Maslyk, Tammy Mullis, Leslie Suder, Rath. Middle row: Christy Fead, Angie Jodie Phillips, Coach Bob Younglove. row: Julie Butler. l2 They could be seen wearing the motto "We're eager to win-make my day" as a reminder to their opponents of their strong courage and motivation. Though the Walton Girl's Varsity Basketball team struggled through a 3 and I4 season, they were not lacking in spirit and eagerness to win. The team could recall several close games that just got away. Angie Spinks, a Senior, con- tributed her excellent leadership and excit- ing play to motivate a young team. Though the team will lose three valuable seniors, the leadership they left behind will help to make the Lady Raiders an exceptional basketball team in '87. Varsity Girls Basketball - 55 IIJQQEITW IEGIEQILUQ IEEUIEIELUILIELUIJIELUE sity Basketball Cheerleaders IEEE EUIEUJ IJQPIJLUQ I. Give me an "l". 2. The famous pyramid. 3. Kim Davis cheers with a smile. 4. Jennifer Looney and Meg Durham pose for a snapshot. 5. Jennifer Loo- ney and Dana Olsen cheer during a timeout. 6. Lisa Olsen, Jennifer Boehn, Meg Durham, Kim Davis, Kim Cole, Nancy Heavner, Laura Weagley, Jennifer Looney. Julie Mandella, Dana Olson. 7, We love Homecoming! 8. Another professional "Vogue" pose. 9. Jennifer Looney helps to keep the team excited. IO. Nancy Heavner and her brother hug each other after another win. ll. The six-girl wave. it . s li N5 Varsity Basketball cheerleaders started their season in June at V.C.A. camp at the University of Alabama where they won the blue ribbon for their dance and cheers. This spirited and hardworking group was led by their captain Nancy Heavner and co- captain Kim Cole. The squad encouraged the Raiders and led them in a very successful season. Varsity Basketball Cheerleaders - 57 Jews: I3 ! Q 4 5 Hi 3 2 The .lunior Varsity basketball team was competitive even though they lost some of 5 1 their more talented players to the Varsity 1 team. Their impressive I2-3 record reflects 5 the hard work and dedication they displayed 4 in practice. With Coach Wilson's guidance ' and intense determination several members of this year's team will contribute to the Var- T sity level. Outstanding members of the team included Jeff Cambell, Terry Bellah, Matt Williamson, and David Cushman. l 6 58 . J.V, Boy's Basketball vi' nv-""',? I Coach Price gives the J V boys a pep talk 2 JV Raiders take a time out 3 Phll Newsome shows his jump shot 4 Matt Williamson gets the pass off 5 Varsity experience for a few JV players. 6. Front Row: Lex McGraw, David Cush- man, Tyler Murphy, Mike Franklin, Matt William- son, Terry Bellah, and Matt Duffy. Back Row: Coach Wilson, Scott Hillin, Jeff Campbell, Brant Smith, Kelly McCoy, Breat Goolsby, and Scott McQuilken. 7. Some Cheerleaders do a little rap- pin' between halves. 8. J.V. B-ball cheerleaders love their RAIDERSI 9. J.V. basketball Rah-rahs love the homecoming parade. IO. Kim Rodgers and Jill Jeffers show us their pearly whites. II. Front Center: Kim Richardson. 2nd Row: Julie Vaughn, Alesia Myers, Sue Sanzari. 3rd Row. Shel- ly Johannes, Leigh Morrow, Amber Swit. 4th Row: Kim Rodgers, Beth Derketch, Jill Jeffers, and Sponsor Mrs. Flowers. The Junior Varsity basketball cheerlead- ing squad started off their season this past summer at the UCA camp where they learned many new cheers and stunts. Since then they have been continuously improving due to their enthusiasm and team coopera- tion. They all developed good friendships with each other and through that gained more confidence in themselves. Under the leadership of their captain, Beth Derketsch and co-captain, Sue Sanzari, they managed to have a fun and prosperous season, with also many thanks to their sponsor, Julie Flowers. J D3 IEGIECU IL I.'5fiJI.5I5l.iJ fill! I-ii J.V. Basketball Cheerleaders ' 59 WEE ISU :LU Iii-ilfilllll 4 The freshman basketball team had an out- standing season. They finished the regular season with an impressive I4-O record. The teams season came to an unexpected end when they lost to Sprayberry by two points in the first round of the county playoffs. Though this was a disappointing loss, Coach Malik, in his first year of coaching at Walton, has established a winning program for the future. 60 ' Freshmen Boys Basketball ii: as VIBE EU IEQELUILIL I5 I3I5I.ij CUIUIEI-U5 I. Todd Gorsuch dripples in for the shot. 2. Lyle Stuckey warms up before the game. 3. Steve Hines sinks it for two. Todd Gorsuch lays it up. Steve Hines shoots over Wills defender. 6. Lyle Stucky drives into the lane. 7. First Row: Cmng.J Ryan Berg, Justin Marshall, Russ Knight, Todd Gorsuch, Second Row: Mike Martin, Brian Borchers, Jeff Butler, Paul Mrus, Ed Miller, Steve Hines, Ted Wark, Coach Malik. 8. We have iust becone to J-A-M Jam. 9. Kelly Davis, Tricia Gil- bert, Stacie Sweet-"Don't drop mel" IO. Steph- anie Steele gets fired up for Homecoming, ll. Front Row: Amy Williams, .lulie Chesik, Wendy Newbold, Gretchen Payne, Kelly Davis, Stephanie Steele, Stacie Sweet Back Row. Robin Holman, Tricia Gilbert, Adrienne Parnell, Cathy Steppe, Carrie Malone. I2. Robin Holman says, "Go Raid- ers, get fired up!" I3. "Raiders score two more," .yy Freshmen basketball cheerleaders went to Ole Miss for cheerleading camp this sum- mer. Only one ofthe cheerleaders had been a cheerleader before. They worked hard and achieved the most improved award at camp. They were very spirited and supported the freshmen Raiders. Freshmen Basketball Cheerleaders - 6l WEEE WIEUEULU Ulilll If :MUSE t . Y it i 4 li . mm .,1X , 6 7 Freshmen girls basketball began with a 8 9 y t new coach, Coach Rovelli. She helped devel- Q , op skills and techniques since many of the aaa stsa , . --Q' Ziel i girls had never played basketball before. A i few players were even moved up to J.V. dur- 545231 9 . A yr- 5' llot l ing the season. Sue Harris was even moved ' up to varsity. Their final record was 3-7. is Some outstanding players were Cathy Mor- ttyttt 5,5,f g f,f" gan, Lee Taylor, and Rhonda Delanger. lt was r 2 an overall good year of growth and develop- mem. Q X i 5 ll'l lk - l H 62 - Freshmen Girls Basketball l-'tt' ISU' Ijtfllll The J.V. basketball team had an excellent season this year. They finished with a record of 9-4-I. The team went all the way to the Cobb County Tournament but lost in the first round to Wheeler. Catherine Watt, Michelle Jackson, Kelly Steele, Tricia C'Meara, Heather Voight Cfreshmanj, and Natalie Sharpe Cfreshmanj, were some of the out- standing players on the team. Under the leadership of Coach Ricky Young, they had the best season of the girl's program. .. I5 What did you say? 2. Excitement on the bench. 3. Rhonda Belenger and Julie Lennigan take a break. 4. Kathy Morgan gets the old cardiovascular sys- tem pumping. 5. First Row. Marie Johnson, Sue Conlin, Kim Harsh, Julie Kennigan Back Rowf Amy Jones, Kim Martin, Ronda Belanger, Heather Reed, Lee Taylor, Kathy Morgan 5. Excersising before the game. 7. Who do I pass it to? 8. Kim Harsh stands tall during the game. 9. This player looks for an open "man." IO. Rhonda Greshman and Sue Harris get a chance to show their stuff on the Varsity level. First Row. Donna Carillo, Tricia O'Meara, Rhonda Greshman, Natalie Sharpe Back Row: Carolyn Montague, Liz Evans, Jo Burkett, Catherine Watt, Coach Younglove, Michelle Jackson. I2. Coach Young yells from the sidelines. I3. Who . . . me? I4. Rhonda Gresham cheers her team on. I5. Kim Martin pauses for a second. I6. Sue Harris readies herself for the rebound. J.V. Girls Basketball - 63 l. Cathy Steppe does a back flip. 2. Greg Wilder- "are we done" 3. Rob Walton takes a breath. 4. Carl Moore moves ahead of his opponent. 5. Chris Gay is off to a good start. 6. Chris Gay, Dave Katz, and Greg Wilder party after their victory. 7. Chris Gay strides through the water. 8.Back Row. Mark Van Duke, Brad Meinders, Greg Wilder, Chris Gay, Dave Katz, John Sitter, Rob Sterret, Neal Matcham, Front Row: Jay Baxter. Cathy Gay. Dana Hadley, Scott Sax. Karen Ferrell, Cecile King, Mary Masters, Jeanne McClellan, Kelly Jean, Meredith Taylor. 9. Help, l'm stuck. IO. Post swim meditation. II. Dave Katz sets his sights on the water. l2. The swim team relaxes after a meet. I3. Outstanding members of the swim team. A I IDQIEUW it s K S gi essex s r 'S mmm. 64 - Varsity Swimming .22 koi is , " A , , Z ,,,...,, UUUUUUUULUIE The swim team lost several good seniors last year, but they were still able to place in state. The boys finished eighth at the Emory Southeastern Invitational. Chris Gay finished an impressive fourth in the 50 and I00 free style at this invitational. Carl Moore and Da- vid Katz also placed, sixth in 400 freestyle relay and twelfth in 50 freestyle. With these members and many other great swimmers the Walton swim team had no problem keep- ing a stroke ahead of their competition. EEEEWUEUIE Q SFIEIBEEE QIIUIECUID Varsity Swimming ' 65 Cn Cu 66 0 Wrestling W 'ef . M ..... , 'wif ,, , ,,,, 5 ww:,.,.:x+. K ww , gpg'-w 1 Q Q .. X ti t B X 8 I. "Hulkamania" reaches Walton with full force from Mark Stevens. 2. Clark Beard struggles to flip his opponent. 3. Grappling in the middle of the mat. 4. Refrigerator meets Hylos "Coke Ma- chine" Barret. 5. What are you gonna do with him now? 6. Gian Frigerio tries the "Chicken Wing." 7. Coach Turner puts his all into the match. 8. Jack Beavers says, "Am I bad or What?". 9.CIark Beard prepares to begin the match. IO. Stacy Ship tries to psyche out his opponent. Il. Mike Heath wonders, "Can I start now?" Il. Get a little lower nowl Shoutl 9 ' sei? -.::1!'i-www IO ll Who are those grapplers with such names as Mark "Nature Boy" Stevens and Hylos "Coke Machine" Barret? They are the Wal- ton Raider Wrestling Team C a subset of the World Wrestling Federationj. There are many outstanding wrestlers. Mark Stevens has yet to be beaten. Craig Hicks and Kent Lehnhof were two of the youngest and small- est on the team, but they were also two of the best. The team went to meets such as Cobb County and Metro North, at which they did very well. Congratulations to Coach Turner for a job well done. Wrestling - 67 IIUQQSITUYF ltd f t 'U 3 Walton varsity baseball team had an out- standing year. The team made the playoffs for the first time in the history of the school. Enroute to the playoffs, the team went I2 and I2 overall, and IO and 6 in the region while winning their last 3 games of the regular sea- son. Coach White hoped that the teamwork and motivation displayed by the players would make a name for the Walton Baseball program. GUEST I?llfUl.?I3l?I? IEIEIITYU 68 ' Baseball Wmt W, 4. . , M A W ,,aaw4ff-ww . f of f if I If 1 fo? f is . J' ' ' 13 ,lpn we- f, f Aw wg., tp 1. qw ' L . ,. Q W' W W .,,. . an-4' WW r IM EIB Illl 'I ' sl . . . C ' L,,.L. g ' . C' A -' - ..., - if 'um i .... " it I ff' se. .. 2.3.3 .. . , - . . ', ,.,, ' f . W ff mira? wig - Q ,- V.. g -.-f f ...,, ami ,e ...ic K , J, . . -- - ,. ., . , uw -W V IO ,gms-J Qt, 11541 :-56+ 5, .-dk H n p fu waxcwf 5 A " is Q1 , '-' l. Tim Bailey prepares to swing. 2. Tim O'Meara Winds up the old spitball. 3. G.A. Mangua shows his team spirit. 4. Gian Frigerio streches for the ball. 5. Mark Hardee jumps back. 6. Coach Russell and Brian Saul have a good laugh. 7. Mark Casto has his mind on other things than baseball. 8. Coach White cannot figure out what is happen- ing. 9. Back Row: Coach Barry Russell, Mike Kavu- lic, Gian Frigerio, Earl Gatling, Tim Bailey, Scott Kelly, G.A. Mangua, Jeff Fitzgerald, Ronnie Young, Coach Tom McCoy. Front Row: Mark Casto, Russ Epting, Mark Hardee, Tim O'Mears, Coach Ronnie White, Tim Morris, Bill Popp, Eric Moore. IO. Gian Frigerio gets ready to steal sec- ond base. II. The Walton player heads for second base, Baseball - 69 dlallla I3 IEIECUILIL I. Back Row. Kenny Carlson, Doug Hartwell, Mark Newton, Matt Williamson, Mike Laney, Mark Pis- cotta, Jeff Shannon, Terry Bellah, Brian Chandler, Coach McCoy Front Row: Chris Atwood, Dan El- lis, Kevin King, Alan Webb, Jeff Clark, Mike Ha- verland, Pat Jones, Brian Hvizdak, Lori Anne Cus- tance--mgr. 2. Kenny Carlson digs it out. 3. Terry Bellah throws to first. 4. Marc Piscotta throws with intensity. 5. Mike Haverland is safe. 6. The outfield feels the breeze from the swing of Brian Chandler. 7. Dickie Conners with the throw in. 8. Jamie Mann attempts a head shot. 9. Sean Jack- son abuses opponent. IO. Paul Odendhal shows tremendous soccer skill. ll. Sean Adams concen- trates on the ball. I2. Front Row: Grover Thomas, Greg George, P.J. Tessman, Brandon Burns, Shane Chris Barbic, Reid Miegal, John Meredith, Paul Odendaul, Mike Maxwell, Eric Hess, Shawn Jackson, Mike Cash, Paul Freeze Back Row. Coach Siegle, Chip Stewart, John Mansour, Mark Woodison, John Odendhal, Jamie Mann, Jo-Jo Herlitz, Stuart McFee, Eric Hube, Kirk Baldridge, Tony Pecht, Dickie Conners, Eddie Bodderford, Chris Keller, Tim Nale, Jim Sheperd, Coach Brad Smith Q... f Q. . ,tt , Pffflt i ,, ,.v:, 2 5 70 ' J.V. Baseball AW J' 3' -if ' Tiffin? s--,ya-. Q, 'L ',,.Qfw. . ,,, K , - I . , . "' V A E -, e V hw 'mg 3 J.V. Baseball team posted a 7-5-I record. The team's enthusiasm, led by Marc Newton, was very high and the players always en- couraged each other. The most important game of the season was against Wheeler be- cause it was the last game of the season and the team wanted to end with a win against our long standing rival. fUI?I?lfi3 QIEYUUIQUIE 'UIIUI3 UU IUIEIE 6 cllallla EUIEIEIEIE f, 'J Vw , , ' H Vo T 5: L ,T r m , ' , fr I 7 S like -E3 'H:,9'is?k5vdsa.- V - ., , . . T - " ' 4 g Q - V l 'N' ' f' . " -I -'H .1 x-'V Q' -1 ' QQ ff t. 'T-24' 4 - :fa A-f , I' ,L W N fx, ,,,.:L - r 1... . 590 Z1 ' ' YN' -f ss,-any ' L A. -i A is " . , . N, . if seg -- ' ' ,--:gy suites - ' -- f- ft: ft .- 5 " 291+ ,W -get , 1 ,N J 11 V X ' ,.- - H A a"'f1gQs,:f'ffQg.N- - '...., ...vw .. I2 The J.V. and Freshmen season is prepara- tion for future playing on Varsity level. The team had many players so there were alot of substitutions. This encourages the players to do their best to receive maximum playing time. The most important game of the season was the championship game against Wheel- er. A memorable event of the season was when Greg George, the smallest on the team scored the only goal in our I-O victory over Sprayberry in the first round of the tourna- ment. They ended the season with a record of 6-3-I. J.V. Soccer - 7l 2 QQN f' 4 an WM ,W X H .ITL ' Q VV ,, M ff 6 7 15 Qouwmmrszteaif 'UE IDUBULUEDIEIZ I. Toby Burdett, Tim Huber, Mike Henderson, and Brian Hillary feel the pain of "just another day at the races." 2. Chris Klein approaches the finish line. 3. Sean Jackson stays ahead of a Lassiter opponent. 4. Leader of the pack! 5. Terry Brennan and Mike Henderson explore the wonders of na- ture. 6. Chris Klein leads the way to the finish. 7. lt's Walton by a legl 8. Front row: Bryant Russell. Mark Speer, Mark Corbett, Terry Brennan, Chris Klein, Bill Bennett, Grant Bannon, Kelly Hall, Mgr. Back row. Coach Ravelli, Toby Burditt, Brian Hil- Ieary Shawn Young, Mike Henderson, Tim Huber, Sean Sweeny. and Coach Sheskey 9. Shawn Young gasps for breath at the finish line. IO. Mark Cor- bett Brlan Hilleary, Toby Burditt, Tim Huber, and Don Giles are all out for a morning trot through the woods. ,ffm Varsity Boys Cross Country team ended with a great season. They always tried to get better and be the best that they could be. They ran many miles in the summer for train- ing. A memorable event of the season was winning the Region Championships. They ended the season with a 3-O record for dual meets. They came away winning the County and the Region. They placed third in the State. They all did an outstanding job. Varsity Boys Cross Country 0 73 L5Ul-EEE I.5l.tl1J55 LEIJJ LEW ,P 'fm M ' ' , W V A 1 . my 5 6 Girls Cross Country Ti l. ls Lee Anne looking good or what? 2. Cathy Case catches up. 3, Christy Amber strides through the woods. 4. Lee Anne Case goes back to nature! 5. Erika Kenner struts her stuff. 6. Run- ners, take your mark. 7. Cathy Case leads this pack! 8. Way to go Lee Annel 9. Bottom row: Keri Jackson, Julie Chisek, Kari Jacob, Kim Harvey, Andrea Chisolm, Lee Anne Case, Kelly Hall Qmngrbt Back row. Coach Ravelli, Erica Kenner, Karen Farrell, Cathi Monk, Christy Amber, Blair Eggleston, and Coach Sheskey. IO. Women take your mark ready, gol Varsity Girls Cross Country had a success- ful season. Team excellence was encouraged by the girl's attitude to improve and win. They trained in the summer by running many miles. Their most important meet was the State Meet in which Lee Anne Case won! The total record for the year was 3-O in dual meets. They placed first at county and re- gion. They placed second in the state. Q ACUTE UW E IJULE EEE ' ' f Girls Cross Country - 75 IIWIEEITU I.EfUl-UILE 'LV'-iifiJI.'5lE Q E L X XX NN ,My W I Gg0rg f 4 5 Girls Varsity Track was a great team this year. They placed third in the county and in the region. They finished l0th in the state. According to Coach Luke Prescott, "Track is one of the sports in which the motivation has to come from within the athlete him or herslef. l can 'drive' them during practice, but when it comes down to the last 200 me- ters of the 800 meter run-there is nothing l can do to help them. They have to be willing to push themselves through the pain." The girls obviously listened and learned a great deal from their coach. IELUUGJ 'TWUIEIEIDIEIIU WLUUGJ I. Patty Heslin hands off to Karen Mulligan in realy. 2. Stephanie Weller blows her competition away in the 800 meter run. 3. Jeanne Schneider prepares to lap her competition. 4. Erika Kenner gets tough in her kick to the finish. 5. Maureen Mulligan checks how she finished in the event. 6. Front Row: Stacie Hen- derson, Pam Fields, Julie McCoy, Sue Sanzari, Leigh- Ann Case, Kim Foltz, Gail Dallasandro, Jenny South- erland-mgr. Middle Row: Sonya Roberts, Jennifer Pitts, Sari Gruber, Nancy Scussel, Holly Eger, Erica W7 Kenner, Patty Hesline, Andrea Chisolm, Karen Dixon, Maureen Mulligan, Kelly Hall-mgr. Back row. Coach Lee Gower, Karen Mulligan, Stephanie Weller, Donlyn Carpenter, Cathy Monk. Cathy Case, Debbie Mul- chahey, Melissa Bennet, Marlene Smith, Heather King, Jeanne Schneider, Blair Eggleston, Coach Luke Prescott, Coach Bill Hawkins. 7. Cathy Case exerts a great effort for the discus throw. 8. Kim Flotz and Cathi Monk stride it out. 9. Debbie Mulchahey gets set to hurl the discus. W 5 iffy: I' H-N-.. fslfhs VL, 8 9 Girls Varsity Track ' 77 ,..4u 41 QQA N LH- 1 - ,, V ,5 lg"4. , MQJH. Ziff? f QT ' -5 . S.: we gg?"'g 'I-I , WALTON 1kAnlluE1lS 1 ,ww-. A W .,... ' .s""'wm--........ 3 4 ' M 'W I V, .,,ff,,,,,f,,, 78 0 Varsity Boys Track 5 6 154 . 9 . Ni ... A , 3 W Mm Q... 42: '41 1. Qmyw . . 'fm ' , ,- . ., J - J N Varsity Boys Track had a very successful zason. Coach Lee Gower inspired the team y never having a negative attitude. The :nys always gave it one hundred percent and -arned "to be the best one has to push it to me limit." The region meet was the most important l the season for the team because its the we that will qualify people for the state ieet. This year's team came away with the :gion title. LULEIE ITU 'UE WE ILUDUU II I. Chuck Carswell leaps high in the long jump. 2. Toby Burdett strides ahead of the competition. 3, Ben Battel attacks the bar of the pole vault. 4. Tim Burns misses in the high jump. 5. Vince Bilicki follows through with form in the discus. 6. Coach Lee Gower talks with Athletic Director Corky Keil and former principal Ron Galloway. 7. Alex Greer shows his method of approach. 8. Scott McMichael waits for his turn at the shot. 9. The discus throw is a picture in motion. IO. Front Row: Kelly Hall-mgr., Fread Carrilo, Mark Speer, Alex Greer, Carl Dallassandro, Chuck Carswell, Scott N Egan, Mark Corbett, Paul Harris, Perry Spencer, Dan Gilroy, Carl Moore, David Southerland, Mid- dle Row: Jenny Southerland-mgr., Brian Weller, Chris Klein, David Smith, Chris Evans, Billy Bond, Tim Burns, Vince Wiegand, Todd Yocum, Brian Hillary, Jeff Campbell, Toby Burdett, Mike An- derson, Coach Bill Hawkins. Back Row: Coach Lee Gower, Tony Young, Tim Quber, Jack Walker, David Ray, Ben Bettle, Carl Bolt, Kevin Hendricks, Vince Bilicki, Chuck Livingston, Ken LaCurto, Bri- an Parnell, Shawn Young, Coach Luke Prescott. II. Tim Burns clears the bar in the high jump. ll. Vince Bilicki displays the correct form for the discus. Varsity Boys Track ' 79 Jawa 'HIE IEI3 w , 7 3 , V T vlst , is J' 1 at at ,T 5 ,K JI 3 -we-the .l.V. boys track team posted an impressive record of 4 wins and only one loss. Coach Gower and Coach Hawkins motivated the team with discipline and inspiring phrases such as, "You go with class, you act like class, you run like class, and you will win with class." The outstanding members were Grant Bannon, Bill Bennet, and Shawn Young. The team won the .l.V. County Meet for the second time in Walton history. Many of the team members will contribute greatly at the varsity level. 80' J.V. Track QQ ll DQ ,uf ,V Wa T ' r, CQ "tt he , ww 6 , dl D3 IJJLUILILIEQPIE Ill! I. Shawn Young and Sean Jackson prepare before the meet. 2. Front Row: Manager-Jenny Suther- land, Ben Brewer, David Lee, Bryant Russell, Marc St. Pierre. Tim, Hines, Brad Gruehn, Terry Breh- nan, Shane Arthur, Grant Bannon, Eric Dych 2nd row. Manager-Kelly Hall, David Case, John Spra- gue, Vic Wiegand, Kevin Taggart, Mark Palm- quist, Scott Cadora, Paul Burnett, Vince Wie- gand, Robert Griffin Back Row: Coach Luke Prescott, Coach Bill Hawkins, Chris Hampton, Mike Hampton, Mike Henderson, Kent Huddles- ton, Pat Quinn, Tom Bogata. Jeff Campbell, Tom Walsh, Matt Wiley, Shawn Young, Coach Lee Gower. 3. Shawn Young realizes "Coke is itl" 4. Matt Wiley hopes the sand is there when he lands. 5. Mark Palmquist jumps with full force. 6. Brent Goolsby poses for a Nike commerical. 7. Catherine Watt saves the ball from the back line. S. Kelly Steele readies herself for the block. 9. Front Row. Kelly Steele, Catherine Watt, Clarisse Lopez Back Row: Coach lnka Herron, Joe Burkett, Jennifer Melvin, Sally Ficzko. IO. Catherine Watt serves the ball, Il. Kelly Steele sets the ball for Joe Burkett. ll. Kelly Steele and Clarisse Lopez fight for the ball. IO J.V. volleyball team had a positive attitude and was brought through a difficult season with the desire to win. The team trained hard and had a volleyball clinic to prepare them for the season. Walton vs. Pebblebrook, the first match, was a memorable event. The team didn't seem to be ready, but they came through with a victory. The most important match of the year was against Osborne be- cause the girls had to prove to themselves that they could win. Their coach, Mrs. Her- ron, lead them through the difficult season to a record of 9-2. J.V. Volleyball - 8l E Q S Aw iz E ,N ff W. , W ,geif ggzzf: 1 IL My ,ew 6 To prepare for the season, the team spent weeks of conditioning, running, jumping, on the wall, and stretching. They for two hours a day. During prac- they drilled blocking, spiking, setting serving. The most important game was Mclntosh High School. The team from behind to win the match. The was very young this year. All of the love to play and they all have the same -L Wln. Varsity vollyeball had a great season with record of 4-7, but thats the way volleyballs unce. x-.fix Y""' . Eg I. Michele Reed has total concentration. 2. Melin- da Carithers bumps the ball. 3. Michele sets the ball. 4. What form! 5. Michele sets Andrea Moore for a spike. 6. Keep your eyes on the ball. 7, Front Row: Melinda Carithers, Andrea Moore, Stacey Michell, Terry Dixon, Michelle Jackson, Tina Galle Back Row: Tina O'Conner, Jennifer Rath. Jennifer Hofer, M.C. Richardson, Michele Reed, Coach lnka Herron. 8. Stacey Mitchell brings the ball into play. 9. Andrea Moore does it on her knees. IO. Coach lnka Herron helps to motivate EUUILIL IEIEIBUDDIIUIE the team. Volleyball 0 83 il 3" il 1 84 ' Girls Tennis ll.l..ll lllllll I lllllllllllllll lllllllllllllllll llllllllilllllllll lllllllllllllllllll lnllllulllllml lllllllllllllllll "lllIIllI'lI" Ullllll I I llll . ,,i,m,-ai.g.1g-saw, , sins-f.,z:ms,si,ig: -5 "iw ,Q , . J, - I fi! My as at s ,,,f ffl fifikfr-Wi" ZW 'eff 1 fs' " gf , 1a,m:a,qz,f"W' if ty aagizfg 1 50.2-'W ,,,aVAr:' " ' The team did great this year with the lea ership of Coach Tommy Marshall. He buil positive atmospere by stressing the "W H attitude. He encouraged team work and n ' ,. gag fi 'nm , 'IW '- f 1. W . L 4. , w. tivation by building up the players, bei positive, and challenging each player to the best they could be. q T The Lady Raiders won 7 out of 9 Ist placf 'H The captains were Lynn Gresham and Cris .,,,,M-.v,ay ,Q ' Cousins.CrissyCousins,WendiMurdock, Nolan, and Kim Harvey were county winne but the whole team contributed to the wi ning record of IO2. 5 s...-2 8 Nr I. Wendi Murdock in forehand meditation. 2. Heather Lawless prepares to ace opponent. 3. Be tough, Julie Hough! 4. Jill Nolan is happy with her forehand. 5. Lynn Gresham looks happy with her forehand. 6. Wendi Murdock scoops a low ball. 7. ls Kim Libby intense on the court? 8. Amy Con- neen is looking good on her backhand. 9. Lynn Gresham looks intensel IO. Front Row: Nancy Con- neen, Chrissy Cousins, Heather Lawless, Kim Lib- by, Susan Strausburg, Kim Harvey, Amy Conneen. Back Row: Coach Tommy Marshall, Donna Stout. Nicole Peterson, Kristen Murphy, Jill Nolan, Julie Hough, Wendy Murdock, Lynn Gresham. IEEE Girls Tennis - 85 U3 IIEEU IJ E5 'LVIETUEUU Varsity Boys Tennis Team was outstand- ing this year. They prepared by reviewing drills for singles and doubles play. Chris King, the captain, played at Walton for 4 years as the most valuable player. Mike Brooks and Chris Clay are iil doubles team in the region and the ii! team in the state. Peter Jacobsen placed 2nd in the region. A memorable event was when the players received balloons before the final tourna- ment against Wheeler. They assumed the balloons were from Lassiter, who had been defeated by Wheeler. To their surprise, the balloons were from Coach Montez Bowen. This year's team kept up the tradition of strong tennis at Walton by ending with an LINDEFEATED record. 86 ' Varsity Boys Tennis DUKUUIEIIU WE IW l. Good form Mike Brooks! 2. Chris King hits through some dense fog. 3. Eric Bond .... . a look of satisfaction. 4. Eric Bond's forehand is looking goodl 5. Back Row: Coach Montez Bowen, Peter Jacobson, Jay Gardner, Mike Brooks, John Hel- wic, Mike Bruckert, Greg Gaydon, Chris King. Front Row: Steve Brooks, Jeff Harper, Chris Wil- son, Eric Bond, Will Perry, Brian Wilson, Chris Clay 6. Brian Wilson displays his serve. 7. Mike Brooks with a forehand winner. 8. Peter Jacobson scoops on a low ball. 9. Look at the Intensity on Jeff Harper's face. IO "Uggghhh" says Chris Clay as he reaches for ball. II. Chris King is tough at the net. 9 , .sviiNks..E.,.?'F1Q,.i ...YF N , w5gi,!gs,t,i,,gEg3, 5, - 1 f A is , . .. B G ' f me f f 271:63 , s ' A-u':. 'ss' , ' . ' . f fx' ' .' 4 vi' kv 'f'f.f'.'?.Sf,5"t -fi, S'F?1:g,H'g5L'- 325, 5 X1 QQ' is-:gy 'fsixdig if .t--hfgw ,I Y fbxsff -if 4" sv K A "N-'I P fy H' ' WA N 'iris swf, Q, ,gk 39 x uvsgf. 5.1, -. ,L 6 . 31,3 Q .Sv . ,', XA 3, px., , f .fl ff? ,,g1:2Q:3i,,l.gywi,41i15:i1ig,g.ys,5,:p545:Q,wrfgw.S: 113 Vg, , 3Z3.g,15g.2X,g.g.3g,3g.g.g2.3.g.ggi fp Q3 .. fx, fs 4 -J.: , ,.,, -. S f- we f K -,Q g.. ,tg A Q. mggg: 1, .:f.s3'g'ga.vq:S+4Q'.f. . s e . ,.. . , ff. .s,w-ww, . Sw-gn Q- 'fs-Zwffsess 1ts355395f5:,:3'f wr - X- 1 vert k'fVifaii--E'i1'sX 'X . we 'F iw . ge- ras,.f:if2,fQz,+g-itgsfrfs' 1 xxswsfbpss ia t,i,t...,,, .. . yy? Vg . K ,'hs'.3jf,igk 3 gm, TENS 5551-"'.9?'sl S' ' as 35 Q 'K U VE if 1-5: rszzfgtglgggaa vis., f,s:1.z it eg . 15533 253, .ziriga-.skies as-'Q M as ' iigy'E si sz at tM..,.ur Q -1 S. ss v ' fs, ggi' ' ,A .. ffm ME?-rg-f, , 1 :.3.'.g5:'g.g.5.g.j.g.g.g '15 -2!3g., .7ii2 , 1-pw, 51315. , 551''f5l'2'YI'i-In'isfi-.Lil44 ws! . e . L- ""WQ' ti 3,f,'.'f,':'.'.'.Q."'s'4f - ' Us 'Q "1'j1"f' .' X.,-uf... fn .-A -- - Q, 34, ,. .. s, -Q A iff 5g.g.'.j:g3z,g.,fy-y - ,ft Ev . . ,s.,,'-,tm .'.3,Q?, , X443 ' ' . 9 in ' QKQQSS gf? Q .M .wb .5.ff,lQ4:. s , gpfif, WS .Q N 5 54:5 3: .. ,gi G A . ,suv .L ,Q gf ft S4 53 N yah ., ,1 ,- We vw.. W i: We ?E?sN,.,,L, -if ,-R .3 fx, y.-H ,es 11-ms f 'B , 'swf' wx-2 ' fi G- . f Ji" .swag In gb. 1. A -.,gt,, .GSP ,:.5,,x,'g, . xi V? y i s .,.,-,fu - if . , 3 ' ..,,. Q s li 'num-m....,.., . ..,..1.,..:.,m..w.,,,:. ...,.....,,,,-,, in -- ..-Y-1-Q ,,.. IO ll Varsity Boys Tennis - 87 2 2 ' num 88 0 Varisty Boys Soccer .l"' 4 Coach Bucky Boozer led the Varsity Boys to a winning season. Before the season started, ha- conditioned them by running. The most impor tant game of the season was against Heritag because the victory of that game put Walton the finals of state against Lovett. The team worked together and thought that Coach Boozer for his first year made the prac tice more fun than just training. The seasor ended with Walton undefeated in the regior and third in the state. Their record was I2-2. X... as '3- , as. , S' is . S sail' f.-... ,,.. ,M " 51.1 N 8 .1 i - , . ss . 7, 1 .W ft. .sei v all as i Mark Odendaul encourages his team to move ie ball. 2. Brian Benak used his head for this play. Mark Odendaul gets ready for the kick. 4. The ead is a major tool in soccer. 5. Al Winston saves :is point as goalie. 6, Shad Santee takes to the air f get the ball. 7. Bucky Boozer seems to be con- centrating hard on the game. 8. Mark Odendaul readies for the boot. 9. Scott Krussow is in hot pursuit. IO. Mark once agains shows his fancy foot work. ll. Front Row: Coach Bucky Boozer, Mike Black, Pat Moore, Richard Rice, Ben Dun- can, Mark Lanzi, Adam Boyer, Robbie Hutto. . . gy 2 y AX 'eii S B i gs.. ll I2 Mark Odendaul, Blake Frazier, Greg Gibbs, Al Winston. Back Row. John Hannah, Scotty Bear- den, Tim Cochran, Richard Tyree, Mark Marlowe, Judd Ficklen, Shad Santee, Phillip Vullo, Jeff Kent, Bryan Benak, Scott Krussow, Mike Gumber. l2. Mark Marlowe chases down his opponent. 'UIIUUIEIB ULU fill? 'UWB Varsity Boys Soccer 89 , 4 ,.-may fa 4. .tk f .f it Q sl' X K nr +' Q ,J fd QQ 9 '- ,. , if Y............ UI-iJllEu EIUIEIEISI-il 8 . Leslie Suder watches the game. 2. Belinda Car- nen is always on the go. 3. Laura Kalember sets up the shot. 4. Pam Crisp gets ready to receive he ball. 5. Leslie Suder juggles the ball down the ield. 6. Laura Kalember leaves the pack behind. 7. The Raiders congratulate on a great game. 8. Julie lutler is in the line up. 9. Front Row: Michelle lenak, Shawna Zimmerman, Kristen Johnson, Ju- ie Butler, Laura Kalember, Belinda Carmen, Laura lelmonte. Back Row: Coach Jeff Holman, Jenni- er Boehm, Beth Hulton, Amy Minor, Leslie Suder, 'am Crisp, Lynn Butler, Angie Jones, Melinda Mlarlin, Valerie Haney. IO. Jennifer Boehm drib- ales the ball to score. ll. Laura Kalember throws :he ball in. K IEE WINE IEIUCU Walton girls soccer team had another great season. They were motivated by their coach Jeff Holman, who was extremely enthusiastic about practices and stressed basic skills. They played for causes such as. an injured player, and the coache's last game. Jeff motivated the team by telling the girls that they have to want to win. He always pushed them to give lIO7Q, but they enjoyed doing it. The most important thing was that he cared about the girls. A memorable event of the season was when the team ran around the field with the trophy after winning the playoffs. It must have been a great feeling to reach a goal that had been set before two years ago. The soccer team had a record of I8-I over the past two years. This season, their record was 8-I, II Girls Soccer f 9I EDQQEUFQ? SEBI? I 2 9 1 f 2' . A Q-N - .N . . kk.k MQ JMVA www sk 3 4 The team members know that to be a good golfer, one must practice all year. As Coach Younglove said, "Low scores make it, high scores don't". In golf especially at Walton, tradition seems to be the motivator. ln six years . . . six Region Championships. The most important tournament of the year was Region, Because the best teams in the county were represented. Walton pulled through with a victory enabling a trip to state. Finishing third in the state, the team not only fought I5 other teams, but survived thunder, rain, lightning, and sand fleas The team finished with a regular season record of IO-O. xxf? 6 5 'UIEQIDITUIJIIIIJ DUIFUUIDEUTIB I. Rob Adams has powerful form. 2. Bruce Mitchell watches after his shot. 3. Brad Champion watch- es his ball go astray of the hole. 4. Coach Bob Younglove, Eric Krohn, Brad Champion, Bruce Mitchell, Chris Noah. 5. Carlyle Rood, Julie Ran- som, and Jeff Noah pose on the green. 6. Coach Younglove sits back and relaxes. 7. Practice makes perfect. 8. Bruce shows some great con- centration. 9. Bruce Mitchell and Rob Adams walk to the next hole. ect tel C ...y , yyy I 5 r 1 W 8 9 A Varsity Golf - 93 4130030 LULLJEJE I.'5I.UI13IfU'Ul3 3 I. Mark Katz flies toward the finish line. 2. Front Row: John Sprague, Shane Aurthur, Rob Strret, Scott Dax, Marc Katz, Allen Wade, Kelly Hall CMng.J Back Row: Coach Rovelli, David Lee, Adam Fuller, Tristan Van Strien, Dwayne White- side, Shawn Jackson, Don Giles, Mark Van Duke. and Coach Sheskey. 3. John Sprague strides out the finish. 4. Grant Bannen pulls out in front. 5. Adam Fuller believes the saying "No pain, no gain!" 6. Kim Alnut eyes the pitch. 7. Front Row: Traci Rhoads, Natlie Sharp, Dana Baker, Susan Belmonte, Samantha Vickers, Amy Gose, Heather Fausti. Back Row: Coach lnka Herron, Laura Aver- sono, Elizabeth Richardson, Leigh Taylor, Danna Gillespie, Jennifer Booth, Jennifer Behm, and Da- tie Lindsey. 8. Jenny Gayer observes from behind the backstop. 9. Front Row: Kim Alnut, Patty Hes- lin, Christy Alnut, Christy Harmon, Jenny Gayer, Stacy Katz, Tina O'Conners, Back Row: Sue Har- ris, Megan Gilland, Cindy Hooper, Sara Smith, M.C. Richardson, Tammy Mullis, Jody Phillips, and Coach Bowen. IO. Tina O'Conners digs it out of the dirt. ll. Sue Harris gives it her all. 94 - JV Cross Country I-J-an-an J.V. Cross Country team was motivated bg their desire to reach their potential by im' proving with each race. They ran many mile: over the summer to prepare for the season The most important race of the season was the Region 5-AAAA J.V. Championship The team ended the season with a record o 2-O in duel meets. They placed second ii county and placed first in region. This was a year of development for varsit softball. If nothing else, the Raiders gainei some experience which will give them a edge on the competition next year. Th team's best game was against Cambell a they handely defeated the Panthers IO- Montes Bowen was a great coach trying t' teach and encourage the players throug this difficult season. gnu " 5 ""s..4 H ill F571 46 0 6 0 IEFUEEKUIL Softball 0 95 X 96 3 CLASSES "W 11 W -- -., - I ,,,, , , X if iii ZA gg if SX 3 3 5 5? E 5 a X 2? , ...,... Nhhh N,,.,.. ,.A, , ,. , Q 2 3 Z 5 X ,E 2 Q s 5 Q i 2 3 2 E 2 5 2 3 2 5 5. 2 Q 5 2 3 2 2 3 5 Ci E S S B5 5 2 S 3 5 2 5 E 3 5 Z Ei 5 2 2 y 12 4 Z 5 Q E 5 Z Q 5 X 2 Q 5.32. ff ' I , 4 ref, f H ff , 7 ,V , ,, J ! fs 3 5 Q i i E 2 E I E 2 Q 5 5 s E E E Z 2 2 3 5 2 2 E faff : V Most Likely to Succeed 37 yi Carla Garrett-Frank Li ia LTZL' if ,Zh 'n gE,Nioi5E'ui5ERL'A'Ti'VEg- 'KWY M . lO2 - Seniors Class Flirt Shanda Oliver Tim Bailey Best All Around Nancy Conneen-Mark Gibbons 3- if ij .- 'f'::i'fx-'gggwk , ' g sm S, ,,... .........................- I Q . - - fs M ,V . Q 5 ,,s.,M..,.-M...W,,t ,R ,t..,.-....,,.,................... Q K 'Xa S W, its X 'J ,,.,- ,.,.,t....,.........9-qu. K., -. iigilxsgggyqk -- KM 1 .. - ,., alia,-135 - A ,..M...,.-,e..,, S t t t N s ta S ,,i Wu , b S Most Spirited ,S a ,Wa I Brian Bhalla-Tina Galle -. " ' ' 2- 1 S it R alaa Most Athletic An ie S inks-Lee Williamson S Six .. WWA a s . S T ,,....f..W..,.........MfW,,,.,,...... , ..., - .J ,fe V' . " 2 lik if f 9 Most Talented Heidt Hagerman-Daphne Padgett .. , f Wm. Class Clown Ashley Clark-Paul Harris I Seniors f IOS 'Mr' 1' MV 'ls 7. nu 'ig 4 1 4 f f ii SHOWING OFF 'nv , - in 1, I A JOHN BALL-CBD Academic Bowl 9, French Club II-Sec., Key Club IO, II- Vice Pres., ll, Pride 9, IO, ll, IZ, Super Seniors, Young Life IO, II, l2, Wrestling Ii, I2. JASON BANKS-Super Seniors, Young Life l2. VERNON BATESM-CMr. VD Arrive Alive I2, FCA I2, Super Seniors ll, Young Life I2, Football 9, II, 12, Track 9, IO, l2, Wres- tling 9, IO, II. BEN BATTELL-CSnakeJ Super Seniors, Track 9, IO, Il, IZ. TAMMI BEALS-Glokeyb Drill Team 9, io, ii. i2,Jr.csvna,1 12, Spanish Club 9, ' Nat. Honor Soc. 9, IO, II. MELISSA BENNETTM-iSkin Wifel Dra- ma I2, Jr, Civitan IO, II, I2, Pride ll, IZ: 2 Super Seniors, Young Life 9, IO, II, I2, Track 9, IO, II, I2. SCOTT BENNETT-CScottb Deca 12, Latin Club 9, MDE l2, Pride I2, Super Seniors l2, Young Life IO, il. BRIAN BI-IALLA-CKarate Kidh Super Seniors, Young Life 9, IO, ll, I2. CRAIG BIGHOUSE-CLittie Huth Arrive Alive I2, Concert Band 9, Drama 9, IO, I2, German Club 9, IO, Il, ll, Model LIN IZ, Super Seniors, Football 9, IQ Wrestling II, ll VINCE BILICKI-CSkippyJ Super Sen- iors, Football 9,lO, ll, I2, Track 9, IO, II, I2. WILLIAM BIRDSONG--CBirci3 Football 9. MIKE BISBEE-German Club ll, I2, Super Seniors, Latin Club 9, IO. DENNIS BISCAN-CBig Denb Academic Bowl 9, II, Jr. Beta 9, IO, Concert Band 9, IO, Jr, Civitan Ii, IZ, Key Club IO, ll--Nice Pres. I2-Vice Pres, Latin Club IO, Il, I2, Marching Bandl9, IO, Pride IO, ll, l2, Sw per Seniors, Symphonic Band IO, Young Life ll, I2, Wrestiing IO, II, I2, Who's Who ll. ANISSA BISHOP--CNiecyJ Deca l2, MDE ll, Young Life IO, ll, Basketball Manager IO, II. . MICHAEL BLACK-Marching Band 9, IO, II, ll, Super Seniors, Symphonic Band 9, IO, Il, I2, All-State Band Il, ll, Gov. Honors Music il, Jazz Band 9, IO, Il, I2. BILLY BONDH--QB.B.3 Annual Il, Beta Il, IZ, Class Officer 10-Vice Pres., I2-- Pres., FCA 9, IO, II, IZ, SGA IO, I2, Super John Ball Jason Banks Kelly Barron Karen Bates Vernon Bates Ben Battell Tammi Beals Clark Beard Sean Behagen. A Melissa Bennett IOS f Seniors I. Karen Marlott makes her presence known. 2. .Iohn Nesbitt and Lee Williamson show us what they've got. 3. Brian Bhalla shows his enthusiasm for class. 4. Trish Naylor, Pam Crisp, and Angie Jones model their toga outfits. 5. Lisa Hall cele' brakes her birthday at school. 6. Who's the best? 7. MC. Richardson heaves the ball. ' ,. ,, .,,. 6 , ' X any , '33 Seniors: Young Life 9, IO, II, IL Football 9, IO, II, IL Track 9, II, Nat. Honor Soc. I2. MIKE BORKAT-Academic Bow! lla Ar- rive Alive IL Science Club I2, Spanish Club ll, Super Seniors, Swimming IQ Track 9, I2, Ice Hockey 9, IO. TOMMY BOLIIE-Art Ib Super Seniors, Young Life IO. i I 'I N sqm' we M' Scott Bennett Harold Bentley Susan Bentz Brian Bhalla Craig Bighouse Bilicki William Birdsong Michael Bisbee Dennis Blscan Anissa Bishop Borkat Tommy Bouie Adam Boyer ,- 'ibn 1-Q, .,.. ww- ,W ,,.f iv' 4-M14 gfmsmffezmw ' f , " f pw v pf - Q. W53,W,,w.- f, N' 1171 me Tw ' rf I L g: A f 9 1. W A -ff wx ' ., W J' KW , -'A Q dir Q 1 ,Ky W1-LT" I7 ,, L nf , 112 7? 'M QQ few W N W M wilt Mi .Jams X Robin Chamberlain Brad Champion Michele Childs Meeree Choe Karin Christensen Nancy Ciullo Christopher Clackum Ashley Clark Stephen Clark Monica Clayman Bill Clements Bobby Coats Jason Coleman Nancy Conneen Richard Conners - MSENIOR FEVER Q- i -S x aaa Y sl axial nw X xg Xa 0 H rea Xqwaijx IL X ' ' ,. 0 X ra... :X V , a nf? f ., . - 'Gfx X X 'fa 5 'W .Z 'li .qi W 11 , c X ah, aa i i Q! Q 1 . x ia Q J Rf N XR . 5' C , N e a il ' cr' is e ' " ll c xx? K 4 we .. pg X 'M Q X X , i ec :iz igtteg-5:35 .5egSN:4.ff2:f,' 1 rl sip K is 1 -9 i' nr- ! af r 4... te 'Q - , -fgf5Qf:i2f71T 535, A A V IN , ,, 'N' 'i iff if QQ 1 a X or ai Si- ii,-,.: '- l.Heather Davidson and Gretchen Siefferman show their Senior spirit at Powder Puff. 2. Tina wi Galle and Steve Galezieski root on the Raiders. 3. Melinda Carithers participates in a spirit test. 4. Who are these sneaky seniors? 5. Hill. Stacey Snow, Parissa Davoudpour. Sneecl show their spirit at a pep rally. llO ' Seniors Y W, cmcu m I U .' 1 U 'I Richard Cook - Dwight Cooper Mark Corbett Rebecca Costa Tom Counts I . S592 - ' Dan Courtemanche Joe Cowart . Marsi Cox - Tara Craft Susie Craig Il I 3 U ROBIN CHAMBERLAIN Jr Cnvutan IO III Prlde 9 IO II Young Lufe 9 IO Il I2 BRAD CHAMPION FCA 9 IO II I2 Pride I2r Super Sensors Young Llfe 9 IO II I2 Golf 9 IO II 2 MICHELE CHILDS Jr Clvltan 9 IO Young Life 9 IO II MIDI CHOE Art9 I0 II I2 Drama I2 Sec ,French Club I2 Sec r.Ir Beta9 IOs Llterary Magazine I2 I24 Young Lrfe 9 IO ll Art IO ll NANCY CIULLO Arrive Allve I2a Su per Sensors Young Life II I2 FHA IO CHRISTOPHER CLACKLIM QJUHIOFD Super Seniors ASHLEY CLARK Art 9 IO Il I2 Hon orsf Drama I21 Prlde 9 I0 Il l2r Super Seniors, Young Lnfe 9 IO II I2a Track 9 STEVE CLARK Deca il E25 Super Sen rorsg Wrestling IO II I2 MONICA CLAYMAN Decall l21MDE Il I2, Super Seniors BILL CLEMENTS Deca I2 ROTC 9 BOBBY COATS QMr Beachj Concert Band 9 IOI Marching Band 9 IO Il I2s Super Sensors, Symphomc Band II I2r Chorus I2 JASON COLEMAN Key Club II l24 Lat tn Club 9 IOQ Super Seniors! Young Lrfe 9 IO ll Basketball 9 Tenms l2, Lan guage Honor9 IO, Nat Honor Soc ll I2 Ga Merlt Scholar NANCY CONNEEN CNance3 FCA IO II I0 Il I2f Tennis 9 IO ll I2 DICKIE CONNERS fRockun Rnchardb Concert Band9 IO .lr Clvltanll l2f Key Club Ilg Latm Club 9 IOS Super Semors Symphonic Band Soccer 9 IO II Marching Band 9 I0 Il I2 Drum Ma o RIC COOK Key Club 9 IO MARK CORBETT Super Senlorss Young LIfe9 IO ll I2 Cross Country9 IO ll I2 Soccer 9 Track IO Il COLIRTENAY COSTLEY Deca IO ll l2s MDE I0 II I2 TOM COUNTS Academic Bowl 9 IO ll I2 Pres, Beta II I2 Jr Beta 9 I0 Drama I2 Treas Inter Club Counc ll I2f .Ir Csvltan ll I2 Key Club IO Il I2 Latin Club 9 IO ll Pres I2 Chap Math Club IO Il Vtce Pres I2 Math Team IO Il I2 Pres Science Club IO Wrestlmg IO, Gov Honors ll Math Language Honor9 IO Il Nat Merttll I2 Whoswholl I21Nat Honor Soc Il I2 Mag I2r Science Award 94 Computer Club 9 DAN COLIRTEMANCHE Basketball l0x Soccer 9, Tenms IO JOE COWART DCT ll I2 MARSI COX CMarsJ Arrive Allve I2f FBLA l24 Jr Clvltan IO II Prlde ll: Super Semorsf Who s Who I2 TARA CRAFT fBoo boob Arrive Alive E24 Drama I2 FCA I2f .lr Clvltan llg Prlde IO: Super Seniors SUSIE CRAIG CSuesJ Drama 9 IO ll Pride 9 I0 II I 3 -- , . ' , I "" I "" ' 1 1 ' 1 1 5 1 r 1 1 f 1 ' 1 1 1 ' -N ' ' 3 ' A I "- 1 1 1 5 I S ' J -8 '5 ' ' 1 ' Q 5 . , , . ' 1 3 1 1 3 , 3 , , I I , -- , ' 1 1 ""' .1 ' .3 -4 , O I , 5 O , i ' 1 "' .1 3 ' , , , , , 3 5 4 ' 1 1 " J 9 3 ""' x v 1 3 'T' 1 ' ' Y 3 ' an 5 , -1 , , , . I , 1 1 F 1 ' 9 3 r , , , . , ""' 1 3 1 ' 4 1 "T" KARIN CHRISTENSON-Deca l2r MDE Pride IO. II, Super Seniors, Young Life 9, VICE PTESJ Ga. Cert- Merit lls Literary l , , 3 , . I 1 9 Q 1 1 1 4 ' I ' s ' 1 s - 1 2 ' ' A 1 -' 1' , . 1 1 O 5 ' ' ' t I 1 1 " 1 - "' 1 1 1 T" ' ' 9 ' 9 -' ' -Q ' Q' , , , I I f. L 1 , 1 I 1 1 1 1 'T' 1 ' ' IO. ' -- ' -- ' ' 'T' 1 ' ' 1 1 1 1 1 5 ' ' k . 4 1 1 1 1 1 3 I 1 1 ' -" 1 " 1 1 '-' I 1 3 .1 1 r y y . I 2 o --M' 3 . .. A X f 4. V24 W 4 A 'wfwh 'Y 1 . - an ii 1l--f, vr' 5 f . s I 1 5 s ' Q.-. if? W K . if .Q K Q K. K 5 Q JIM DICKSON--VICA lO,ll,l2i Baseball ll, KARYN DIXON-Arrive Alive Di Beta lO,Il.I2g Deca Ili Jr. Civitans Il,l2i Latin Club 9: MDE Ili Math Club 94 Math Team 93 Super Seniorsi Young Life ll,l2a Bas- ketball 9i Track 9,lO,lI,l2i Spanish Honor llv Nat. Merit ll,l2i Nat. Honor Soc. ll,l2, Ga. Merit Scholar Il,l2. o BETH DOUGLAS--CRedj Arrive Alive II, Deca IL Pride lh Young Life 9,lO,llg FHA 9,lO. ROB DOUGLAS-Soccer Il. JULIA DREWRY--Oewelryb Academic Bowl ll, Beta ll,l2, Deca l24 Jr. Civitans ll, ll, Model LIN Ili Math Club IO,II,I2z Math Team lO,ll,l24 Science Club lO,l2i Gov. Honors-Math, Who's Who. JOHN DLIDAS-CToe Suckeri Deca lla Melanie Densmore Jim Dickson Karyn Dixon Beth Douglas Rob Douglas Julia Drewry John Dudas Ben Duncan Scott Earnest Kevin East Drama 9,lOi Super Seniorst Swimming 9,IO,lI. BEN DUNCAN-FCA Il,I2z Super Sen- iorsi Young Life lO,li,l2i Football 9,lO,ll,l2i Soccer 9,l0,ll,l2. SCOTT EARNEST-iScootD Super Sen' iors ll KEVIN EAST-gflboomineastl Arrive Alive Ili Superiifrieniiors. GEOFF EATON--CG-Bong! Arrive Alive l2i Deca Di MDE l2f Math Team Da Base- ball IQ Football 95 Track 93 Science Fair 9. CHACE EDWARDS--CBraceJAnnual IQ Arrive Alive IL Art lOg Class Officer 91 Concert Band 91 Jr. Civitans Ili March- ing Band 94 Pride Ili Super Seniorsa Young Life IO, ll,l2s Swimming ll BLAIR EGGLESTON-wCBIair Bearb Super Seniors: Young Life lO,ll,l2i Cross Coun- try 9,lO,il,I2i Track 9.lO,lI,l2. LISA E!-ILER-Cleeseb Young Life 9,lOg Cross Country ll. JENIFER ERVIN-Uenib Arrive Alive I2-Pres, FCA 9,IO,ll,I2i Math Club li,l25 Mathffeafn ll,l2g Newcomer's Assoc. ll Pride.. .SGA IZ, Super Seniors, Young Lifef93O4III,I24 Cheerleader I0i Football Mgr.e9.l04 Wrestling Mgr. 9. DANIELLE ETZBACH-CCrashJ Beta ll,l2g Jr. Civitan l0,ll,l2-Pres: Pride Ili SGA III Super Seniorsg Young Life 9,l0,ll,i2a Track 9,lOf Spanish Honor lO,lI. NICOLE EUBANK-fNikiD Arrive Alive IL FCA iii Super Seniorsg Young Life 9.IO,lI,l2s Soccer Mgr. ll,l2. CHRIS EVANS-CEdJ Drama Di Super Seniors, Young Life lO,lI,l2i Cross Coun- Geoff Eaton Chace Edwards Blain Eggleston Lisa Ehler Pete Emory Jenifer Ervin Danielle Etzbach 2 1., I U, , , f ., ,,.,,,.,. , ff ri -:fi Z zv .,f f ,. 5 , Nicole Eubank Chris Evans Vlef f Jan Everly II4 - Seniors fu- , V f ' e , Mfg ,,f,, f f f x try 9,lQ Track 9,ll,l2. JAN EVERLY-CStumpD Arrive Alive Ili Beta il,l2, Jr. Civitans l2, Super Seniors? Young Life ll,l2, Cheerleader 9, French Honor ll. OLWER FAVALLI-Bet ll,l2f Drama lla German Club lib Key Club lO,ll,I2. Marching Band 9,lO,ll,l2l Super Seniors. Symphonic Band 9,lO,ll,l2g German Hon- or lO,ll,l2. RICHARD FEIS--CRichJ Arrive Alive ll, FCA IOQ Young Life 9,lO,ll,l2s Football 1. The Key Club prepares for Homecoming activi- ties. 2. Erica George dresses up for Homecoming. 3. Dickie Connors directs the Raider Band. 4. Nancy Heavner, Patti Culbreath, and Wendy Lunn pose for a picture. l ,i Susan Farmery A Oliver Favalli - -V e A Richard Feis Karen Ferrel Stacey Ficzko 9' 'r f Ze, 1 - a new.. f W GET EXCITED K i gl I I l nr l 4 9,IO,ll. KAREN FERREL-CKare Bearj FCA ll,l2, German Club 9,lO,lIf Jr. Civitans ll, Pride lO,ll,I2z Super Seniors. Young Life 9,lC,lI,l2l Cross Country 9,lO,ll,l2f Soccer IL Swimming lO,Il,l2g Track 9,IO. Lan- guage Honor ll. STACEY FICZKO-CFizzJ FCA lla Super Seniors, Young Life IL Basketball 9,lO,ll,I2l Football 9,lO,l2, Who's Who. Seniors ' ll5 123' 151 9 W ' "5 V ,.,.J vim My 4 ,, ,f Wm? . I ,KM I O '. ff . ie 51+ ff My 52.5 y , I., gfl my . ww ,, ' S4 1 f , , It IK WMM Jfgfw I If A c 4 nf. af 1 we - vo-Q' vw., -QV 'ua Th' X-.4 A an H SUMMER 'S 'U-lava" ,JW ,I my MaryAnn Glass Denise Glenn Dawn Golz Renee Goricki Nicole Gramenz Kathleen Green Patty Green Stefini Green Alex Greer John Griffin II8 Semors " I 'T Mfagha alia -:I nf,-,L ,Mu f Hz 'lm-sez, ,f gr." vi 1. " --eff ' ' Y? ' - ' ' 7: . V S I --J"?'? 353512 f. VFQQQZIQ, 1 Q55 "', A- ' f I 5, .I 3,11 1. greg' 1 I fm - V, , I vi . Us rgni 3: ' U ' ' T" 1-lg3"i' x? , . J , .,G, , , I 33233 J , rw A II I X7 ? 3 DENISE GLENN Super Seniors Young Life 9 Softball 9 IO DAWN GOLZ lI.lttle Trooperb Prlde 9 IOII I2l SGA 9 Super Seniors NICOLE GRAMENZ CNlcumsD Arrlve Allve I2 French Club Il Jr Clvltan ll Marching Band 9 IO ll I2 Super Sensors Symphonic Band Il I2 ALEX GREER Super Senlors Track 9lOIl I2 uors Wrestling 9 IOII I2 JOHN GRIGSBY Cl vltans ll Key Club I2 Latin Club I2 Prxde I2 Super Seniors Football 9l0 Tenms ll CHRIS GRLIEI-IN CCeps3 Annual lll21 Arrlve Alive I2 Key Club I2 Super Sen rorsg Young Life I0 Football 9 IO GABY GRZYMEK fGupJ Deca I2 Super , -Si, 4.1. Sensors Young Llfe 9 IO II I2 MICHAEL GLIMBERT CGumbyl Soccer 9 IOII I2f DCT IL VICA I2 DANA HADLEY CDanerJ Arrive Allve I2r Jr Clvltan Ill Super Semorsf Swim ming 9 IO I2 Volleyball 9 NICOLE HAGER QNIICID Inter Club Counc IOII l2l Pride 9lOIl 12: Spanish Club ll I2 Super Seniors Young Life IOII I2 Young Lrfe 9 IO Il IL Basketball Manager 95 Cheerleader IOI JV Basketball Cheer leader Coach II LISA HALL fWeezaJ Drill Team IGB, Pride I2 Super Seniors Young Lzfe 912 WAYNE HALL CDancmg Bear? Annual I2 Super Seniors Young Llfe 9 IOII l2z Football 9 IOII I2 Swlmmmg 9 ERIC HAMMER CEntralIsJ Super Sen 3 JOHN GRIFFIN--CD1-oopyl Super Sen- DONNA HAKES-CBopl Super Seniorsa I . 4 I 3 l D g - f it Y 1 Q! J if W a h,,, ,, X J ttf 'li' f ,w:.fsi.uMo 4 A -f,i1 fr ,ff-,y s, .4 ii l 4 to eww. to WW , .aW'W , f .am Some lucky students on Ms. Dillard's Span- ish trip bumpecl into Michael J. Fox in Eu- rope this summer They were visiting a por- trait galiery in Stratford On Avon, England when, to their surprise Michael popped out from behind a painting Flattered by the group s excitement he willingly posed for forty-nine souvenir pictures Justine Bate- man, Michael s sister on Family Ties was also present llii A 5, ,,, 1 -,,,:,, aim, I X , .Q 6? X iors. PATRlClA HARDAGE--CDeeD FBLA ll.l2s Pride lO,lI,l2a Super Seniors. a KRISTI HARMON-Super Seniors? Soft- s ball lO,ll,I2, Swimming 9,lO,ll,l2t San- ' guage Honor ll. A , as E-..,,,i3x NS5f 9 i ""' ' e, Q f 0 if f-V'li"'5!tv'u,.4 P 5 yy W f 'S illl f7V X! 'V wav .lohn Grigsby Chris Gruhen Michael Gumbert Donald Hackett Dana Hadley . D I . Y 1 . ! I! I! . A f ,,:wi::,lfQ" , "fa wg, fi 4:-V X f X 'l mf f ,. wa f , X 'f 'lv Nicole Hager Heidt Hagerman Donna Hakes .lim Hall Karen Hall l l ' -1 ' u fi in i l I l, iiii it s lf: H:lHaH 4 f M lll f ll A A - . ,' I r Patricia Hardage , L M " A Q 12 Kristi Hardy l Kristi Harmon 4 A-si I. Carla Garrett, Cindy Ashton, Suzann Adams and Brook Strazells bake in the Florida sun. 2. Friends forever. 3. Ron Holman enjoys himself at FCA Camp. 4. Monica Clayman meets Michael .l. Fox in England. 5. Julie Harris, Paula lsakins, and Angel Ward are on their way to Panama City. 6. Chrissy Sloane and Jeanette Morris enjoy a weekend at UGA. Seniors - H9 GMM www X is ll BEF ig? Mike Huniucicer 'f llicki-lnnty W S Jeanielflunter John Hurst. 'Beth Hutton h h H Martin levers .Ice Embach Nadine lreiand John Irvin Rene Irwin rg ..,,,, , , V LA i if me wi? . Q4 J our psvcuisb' Q K 2 i'AL?E?N if C i C 3 l. Feel the Raider Heat. 2. Ashleylivingston gives Wayne Hall a hug at the pep rally. 3. Mrs. Snead. Tina Galle, and Brian Bhalla prepare- for a pep rally. 4. Varsity cheerieaders build a .tower of Raider. Power. 5. Chris Samuels and Jason Alrich enjoy the pep rally. 6. Chris Hill and Mark Stevens getipsyched for the game. 122 0 Seniors MIKE HUNSUCKER-Super Seniors. JEANNIE HUNTER-CSpazJ Deca ll,12i MDE ll,l2a SGA 9. JOHN HURST-CShifterJ Super Seniors. BETH HUTTQN-CBeffj Jr. Civitan 94 Diving 101 Soccer 9,lO,li,l2i Swimming 9,lO. JOE IMBACH-Spanish Club 9,lO4 Ten' nis 9,l0,l2. NADINE IRELAND-Super Seniors. LESLlE IVESTER-Pride Iii Super Sen- iorsi Gov. Honors-Dance. JACK JACKLE-Pride lO,ll,l2i Science Club l0s Super Seniors: Track lO,ll. SAMANTHA JACOBSON-CSammyJ Jr. rl L. Hon Soc. lO,ll,i234Who's Who lO. J S L'L--'LL ' i S lv S A N Civitan Il.l25 Super Seniors: Nat. Spanish JOHN JEFFERSGN--lRedwoodD Aca- demic Bowl 9g Concert Band 9,lO,ll,l2, Key Club ll,l2a Marching Band 9,IO,lI-Treas., I2-Pres. Super Seniors, Symphonic Band IO,ll,I2g Basketball 9,IO,lh Soccer 95 Jazz Band ll,l2a Orchestra ll,l2. MIKE JENACOVA--MFCA 9,lO,ll, Super Sen- iorsf Young Life9glO,ll,l24 Football 9,lO,il, DCT I2. BRAD JOHNSON--Qkldoj Deca l2s Latin Club 9,lO, MDE i2, Super Seniorsf Young Life lO,ll,l2g Soccer IO. ANJIE JONES-CMickeyD Deca ll,l2g Super Seniors, Basketball 9, Soccer lO.ll.i2. KARL KANDELl,ffK.lJ Annual 95 FBLA i2s Super Seniors. C J MIKE KAVLILIC--CK-Kavj Annual Ili FCA 9,lO,lI,I2g Super Seniorsf Young Life 9,IO,ll,l2, Basebaii l0,ll, Basketball 9,lO, Foot- ball 9,l0,ll.l2,y Track 9. J JACK KEAN+-Uklmostb Beta ii,l2, German Club lO1 Nat. Honor Soc. ll,l2, Model LIN ll, Baseball IO, Science Fair IO. RICK HUNT-Band 9,IO.ll,l24 Super Seniors I2, Symphonic Band 9,IO,ll,i2, All-State Band lib Spanish Honor Society !i,l2f Jazz Band 9,l0,lI,l2g Computer Club 9, All-State Jazz Band ll,i2. J DAVID LESLIE-PRIDE IL Young Life 9,IO,ll,I2f Soccer 9,lO,Il,l2, Track 9. 1 I I Leslie lvester ' Jack Jackie Alicia Jackson Samantha Jacobson David Jacques Kelly Jean Geary Jefferson John Jefferson y Mike Jenacoya J Brad Johnsalil .Y J. .. 2 X is aim Y a Kristin Johnson Wendy Johnson Angie Jones Greg Kaiser Karl Kandell f Chantel Karim Jackie Kassler Mike Kavulic Jack Kean John Keehn, 1 V Seniors - D3 Q w .Ag ,. . X X v L.. .. ,., xi: Q Ev , vga . , N 5 Bk 5 xx X 3 -1 Q- 351: 'S Y ,. 5 V : . gk-zz 'af 533-1 x 5 Fil 3 S sf X 'V .??i'!T.- 4 , .si A s S5549 K 'T . , Q ' x ' f-""Mfmwm ' W7 ws: ' A 1 ' . a n .. .. A 5 iiheegf , ,tv vtff f Q - V , V f n. ' " 4, .- ., '. 1-W 'x . . 14 -. 7' '4JwM1- ' J , :Y "'- f 1 ff , , ,,., N A, ,,, Q., ,nv Q . rw M 'I' F n . f'9?:3""??zi - x ' ki: w ifi' I, , V ,, J ' TMA, Q ., . g m, Y V -Q Y , .. , Q Q, -- .. , ,,. J V A V I -V - ' , Q , Q- , Q 9 iq 3.5. 5 Q--v ww 'U w- im.,- Diana Long Tom Lopez Steve Lord Greg Lott Cathy Ludlam Will Lumpkin Michelle Lynn Kevin Lyon Jennifer Mackey Trip Macomber 'M i', .WW-I M- ' we I, L83 Magan Michele Mahon I Christy Malacrea 2 Bill Maloney I "1 ,f W I' Julie Mandella I V' Karen Marlott Mark Marlowe Ron Marrache Kathleen Marran David Martin lj DIANA LONG Duck Dong?-Art 9, DCT I2, French Club 9 I0 Jr Civitans ll, Super Seniors I2f Young Life 9 IO II I2z Softball 9 IO STEPHEN LORD CChesterj Concert Band 9 IOII I2I Marching Band 9 IOII I2s Symphonic Band 9 IOII I2 CATHY LUDLAM CSpazD Beta 9 IO II I2f Concert Band 9a German Club l2a .lr Civltans 9 IOI Marching Band 9IOII l2g PRIDE IOIII Symphonic Band IOII I2gGer Nat Honor Soc II Nat Hon or Soc I2 MICHELE LYNN QCheIej F B I. A II I2t .Ir Clvltans I2f Super Seniors I2 Basket ball IO KEVIN LYON CNonyj Super Sensors I2 JENNIFER MACKEY Uenjenj Art 95 Dra l26 Seniors H 5.4 Q ,N 3 WL af ma 9, PRIDE IO TRIP MACOMBER-Super Seniors I2- Football 9 Soccer I0 I2 LEA MAGAN Key Club III Young Life l2z Track IOIII Who s Who I2 MICHELE MAHON .Ir CIVITAN IOII l2g Key Club 9 IO, Newcomer s As soc II Super Seniors l2f Arrive Alive I2 KAREN MARLOTT CKare Beary AN NUAL I2 Drama 525 French Club 95 MDE l2,Prlde II I2 Science Clb II Super Sen iors I2: Young Life IOI2 Soccer IO I2 RON MARRACHE CBlffJ Math Club Science Club IO I21 Super Seniors I2f Lan guage Honor Il KATHLEEN IVIARRON CCatfoodD Beta II, Pres French Club 9: Jr Clvitan IOIlt Model UN II Pride 9 IOII I2 SGA 9IOIIf Super Seniors I2 Young Life I0 I rrsr I 425' 4 se- Language Honor IO Il. SCOTT MARTIN Uinxj-MDE l24 Super Seniors I2I Young Life 9 IO II I2 Football ANN MARTINEK Arrive Alive I2 .lr Clvitan II I2 Pride I2, Super Seniors S25 Basketbali 9g B Manager II, CHEER lead er IO SHAWNA MARVEL M D E Il I2t PRIDE lla Super Seniors I2 Young Life 9 IO Il I2 Annual IOIII FCA ll MARGARET MASLYK CMeggerD Deca I2 .Ir CIVIIBYIS ION M D E l2, Newspaper Young Life II I2 Basketball 9 II I2 Cheerleader IO, Who s Who II CHRISTY MAURER CChrisJ Deca I2 FCA IOII lib M D E I2I PRIDE IO II I2I Su per Seniors l2, Young Life 9 IDII E25 Cheerleader IQII I2 , I . . . . 1 , , S , G - s , , , 5 , , - ' 9.lO. - , ' . - A ' s - , , , O , , y "N" . . I .9 5 ' ' ' , , , , , , , ' - A I ' .L , , , ""' 'Q ' 1' 1 1 u y . ' ' , ' s ' s ' , I I 2 , , , , ' ' I 1 ' . 5 ' 1 I 4 4 ' l 3 4 ' ' 3 o o 4 WILL LUMPKIN Clumpyl--Jr. Civitans lO,ll,l2g Math Team I0,Il,I2g Pride II,l2g lla PRIDE lO,II1 SGA 95 Super Seniors I2f ll. ' , ' - 4 I s , , a "" . . . . , . A , . A . ' ' ' s ' '- - ' - s y. ' I. I' I ' 0. 'ffl 'f' 'f ' W - . 'I , my -4. , , , 3 Ig . , , , y I I , 3 , , y I I Q , 0 my . . M at .' vga, arf, if his 'dim X we W M, 1 ,,, Le of N WI We f ' gf , f '-QQQWWM, .fe I 5 I 5 We f f f f if , I ,. -, . fix i f I r Scott Martin Ann Martinek Shawna Marvel Meg Maslyk Christy Maurer l fr Lori Maynes Tasha Mays Dena McAdoo Dan McBride Connie McClure SENIORS AT TI-IEII2 B ST I LORI MAYNES CLor-Lorj--Drama 9: PRIDE Ili Super Seniors 125 Softball Mgr. 94 Chorus 94 Powder Puff ll. TASHA MAYS-CTashD--Marching Band 9,IO,lI,l2f Pride IO,lI,I24 Super Sen- iorsg Symphonic Bamnd 9,l0,l1,i2-- Treas, Jr. Civitans l0,ll,l2-Sec? Jazz Band II,I2. DENA MCADOO-CDenitaD Art 9,10,lIf Drama IO,ll, FBLA IL Pride IL Young Life 9,lO,ll,l2i Cheerleader IO. DANIEL MCBRIDE--iDan the Manb Pride ll,l2i Super Seniorsf Young Life Ili Drama lla Basketball Mgr. 9. CONNIE MCCLURE-CCooterJ Deca Ili FCA 9,lO,Il,l21 MDE ll, Pride 9,lO,ll,l2s Young Life 9,lO,ll,l2f Cheerleader 9,lO.ll-Co-Capt, I2-Capt, Homecom- ing Ct. IO. Y I I 2 eww ii, 1 v N fp. W 'K e Q -ef.: l,e e i1,i ii 3 4 I. The Powder Puff cheerleaders show us what they've got. 2. Wayne Hall, you are such a pho- tographer. 3. Jennifer Ervin shares a laugh with Mrs. Weagly. 4. Cindy Ashton and Kevin Merri- gan enjoy their computer class. 5. Mike Bisbee enjoys a book. Seniors ' D7 -QS, ,. . Qsiii ,. nmumwkw -,ki K X . -.1 www X ' 1 .4 ,W Q -, Qs: " W Y 1, f 1, for 'l. ,w V Q- +5 ' ,- ' rw, uw Q 'Q-'ww .1 - eb n W QQ. ' ,fs i ng .is V- L 5 ' ' W z ' 7, M ta! QQW KE 3 . 'nf f' -ff ' 'wffc i::.:.5 151 KAW' 5 Zi Lx "' -I"b X. ':' 'K F K- K kkV'k:k5:fxQk' j, X 1 I N ,j aj nk M Iii ' J..-4"'V' .ik .... ll n1 , t Bill Myers Andrea Naterman Tricia Naylor Tammy Noack Keith Noll mr ' C 2 I Q ww 'W Ralph Norris Tina O'Connor Tracy Oddou Paul Odendahl Reggie Oldham ANDREA NATERMAN-CFrogJ Arrive Alive IIS Pride II Q4 Super Seniorsf Span- ish Honor IOII l2i .lr Ach II I2-A-Pres TRISH NAYLOR-CSpazJ Deca H12- Presf Science Club I2- Super Seniors- Young Life KEITH NOLL-VICA I2 RALPH NORRIS--Concert Banda Marching Band, Literary Mag. I2. TINA CYCONNOR--CBumpD Drama lla Super Seniorsf Basketball Mgr. I2, Vol- leyball IO,ll,I2g Chorus I2. TRACY ODDOU-Super Seniorsg Young Life ll,I2g Nat. Span. Honor Soc. Il. PAUL ODENDAHL-Super Seniorsi Football IQ Soccer 9,lO,ll,l2. SHANDA OLIVER-CPanda Beary Ar- rive Alive I2g Drama I2, Math Club IL Math Team l2g Pride lI,l2f Science Club lO,l23 Spanish Club 9, Super Seniorsg Who s Who I2 LISA OLSEN--fLeeseJ Young Life 9 IOII l2- Cross Country IOII E25 Swim- ming 9 PAT ORTMAN-Annual IO, Drama 9 IOII- Newspaper ll, Swimming 9 IO, Chorus if I2 LAURA OWEN-French Ciub iO,ll, Sci- ence Fair 9: Orchestra 9,lO,II--Pres., I2. DAPHNE PADGETT-CDaffy Duckl An- nual Il,l2g Art 9,lO,ll,l2s FCA 9,lOg Super Seniors, Young Life 9,lO,lIg Softball IO. MICHELE PADGETT-CMichJ Arrive Alive 323 Newspaper 9,lOg Super Seniorsi Orchestra 9,IO,iI, FHA 9. JULIE PAPP-CMSMJ Pride lla Super Seniorsi Chorus ll,I2. BRIAN PARNELL-FCA 9,lO,lIs Super Seniors, Young Life 9,IO,ll,l2g Football f ie' r Ir 5 ,, ,, A,,, 3 Q 9 IOII I24 Soccer 9 IO Track II I y KRISSY PATIENT-Jr. Civitan QOH- Ar- rive Alive D- Pride B125 Super Seniors- Spanish Club I2 I i TOM PAULE--Concert Band 9 IO- French Club 93 Marching Band 9 ICB Su- per Seniors CHRISTL PEACOCK--QSpikej Drama 52: French Club IO,l2-Press Pride i0,ll,i2: Super Seniorsf Basketball Mgr. IOQ Voi- leyball Mgr. 9. COLLEEN PERRY-Arrive Alive I25 Art 9,IO,ll,l2f Drama lO,llg Super Seniors: Young Life I2, Track IO5 Volleyball 9. JIM PHILLIPS-Beta I2, French Club l2, Newspaper l2g Super Seniorsf Science Club I2, Ga. Cert of Meritg Who's Who, Language Honor l0,ll,l2. JODIE PHILLIPS-CBritesJ Beta ll,l2f Maureen Oliver Shanda Oliver Lisa Olsen Patrick Ortman Laura Owen Michele Padgett Daphne Padgett Julie Papp Brian Parnell Krissy Patient i ISO 0 Seniors at s , 4 , rv., ,s oftball 9,lO,ll,I2: Track IO IO ll,l2. Club 9,l2a Young Lifes Semorsx Y PLOW ll: FBLA ll .lr Super Seniors Young lOll l2: Chorus ll I2 Team IQ Science oung Life. Deca MZ!-M427 I. Jeanne Schneider falls to sleep in Bobby Hearrfs lap. 2. Kitty Lobsinger rides in the Homecoming Parade. 3. Martin levers concentrates on his homecoming car. 4. Toby Burditt thinking about his cross-country meet. 5. Nancy Heavner re- views her notes. k4.E 5 Tom Paule Christi Peacock Dale Pendergraft Colleen Perry Jim Phillips Jodie Phillips Mark Phillips Michael Phillips D.W. Pine Barbra Plowman Seniors ' l3l V if f A XX X S N1 a' 4 xx- 3 f X Q f Q R., M 5 X . ""' ' ,, , ,, , V,,.,,,.,,, , H "k' ' "mb fb VE ' ,,.,,, ' 'N I 'Q lm A-122: . 1 QT fit , Q' wtf. "'- V ' f m . 1 ff? .M 4 A4 4,,,,, ,- -V, ,. f Q , X ,, V my M A 5 X. , , , ,q5,,,,W,,,.,, M, fp' ,fwyyu ff f f f "'7'fl V' -f ' 4' 2' ,, A I 0 5zLfik1,.. f . .t tgirl- , Richard Ryan Jeff Ryckman Chris Samuels Dana Sanford Brian Saul Steve Sayovitz Craig Schafer Aimee Schantz Michael Scheuerman Cynthia Schlag WATCH our ' " "' I ki I CHRIS SAMUELS CEdi Munstaj Inter Club I2s VICA II I2 Presf DCT II I2 Su per Seniors DANA SANFORD QSpazJ FCA I2 Ger man Club IO Latin Club 9 Pride II Super Semorsf Young Life Swimming lOlIs Track 9 I2 BRIAN SAUL QBSJ FBLA I2 Young Life STEVE SAYOVITZ Academic Bowl IOII I2f Beta II I2g Math Club II I2 Vice Pres s Math Teamr Model LIN ll 12 Sci ence Club lOl2g Super Seniors Gov Honors Science Whos Who Nat Hon Soc Language Honor IOII CRAIG SCHAFER CCourt .Iesterj Super Seniors AIMEE SCI-IANTZ CSWIITQIIIQ Slnglej Arrive Alive I2 Beta ll I2 Pres Deca I2x Jr Clvitan IOII MDE I2, Pride IOII SGA 9IOII Super Seniors, Nat Honor Soc II I2 Vice Pres Spanish Honors MIKE SCHELIERMAN fOdleJ Latin Club IOI Pride IOII I2 Super Seniors CYNTHIA SCHLAG Arrive Alive I2 .IEANNE SCHNEIDER CSchneId7 Annu al IOII Act Ed I2 Editor .lr Class Sec, FCA 9 IOII I2 Pres Inter Club Ds Key Club Swthtg Newcomer s Assoc I24 Pride li I2 SGA 9IOII I2 Super Sen tors I2, Young Life 9 IO II I2f Basketball 9 Cheerleader IOf Cross Country 9 IO Track 9 IOII I2 TI-IERESA SCHWANE CDumboJ FCA I2, Inter Club Council 9x PRIDE I0 Span ish Club I0 Swimming CHRIS SCIARRONE CSkeeamonieD French Club IO ll, Jr Cnvitan III Key Club II I2 Vice Pres: PRIDE IOs Super Sen iors I2 Young Life IOII TOM SEAMSTER Cllttle monb Football MICHELLE SECREST CCheIIeJ Arrive Alive i2, Art 9 IOII I2 Beta 9 Concert Band 9iOr Drill Team IO FCA 9lO French Club 9 Treas 5 Marching Band 9303 Symphonic Band 9IO Wrestling Mgr 94 All State Band 9 IO CHRIS SEMLER CGarfjAcadem1c Bowl IOII I2 Arrive Alive I2, Drama I2, Ger , -F I s ' ' A s , 'M s ' ' I ' , q U . . , 5 . , 5 . , . , ' -- s ' I , , s ' - -' ' s ' 5 ' a . , - ' s ' . I Q ' ' . . 5 . . , - . . , W , - ' H , . ' , , s ' . ' s ' , . - 9 ' s - ' ' s '- ' Baseball 9,IO,II,I2, Football 9. Super Seniorsf Young Life 9. 9. , , , , -W ' , - . ., - ' a . ' I - , s z - , s A' , 1 , - a ' I ' z I 2 ' ' 3 ' T Y ' . . -an ' 4 'W ' s 7 2 - ' 1 z , f , a ' I A K . ' I a ' . . , . S A , , , 5 . A " , . -v-v , 5 l v ' . , , , . , I s ' ' - I34 ' Seniors Z L4 fi ,f,f' 5 LA if if . ' ",' """ :,. + f in " ' ' A ,f""' rv , '12 Chris Schmidt Jeanne Schneider Theresa Schwane Chris Sciarrone Tom Seamster , wa , Q ':J,,-wg," , ' V f ,f,,,:, f,,,,,,-,, y rrr ,Y e f:."i1,.yW ! ' 'ff ibm! gf rrgrrrrrr 2 Michelle Secrest Chris Semler Kevin Sharp -,,r ,r"' A L, "" ' Kathy Shaw ' Pam Shaw yf , Karen Siieehy , ,ww Scott Shepherd Tim Shields 5 -a L, . ? ,. r my 1lLf7'l WW, , ,,,, 5 me Jackie Shields Stacy Shipp ilk 1 xy 4 5 man Club 9, Model LIN IL Super Seniorsa Young Life 9. KATY SHAW--Art li,I2z Drama l2, Soc- cer l2i Softball 9,lO,l1. KAREN SHEEHY-CShishkabobj Young Life 9,lO1 Cross Country 93 Who's Who ll. SCOTT SHEPHERD--CBreaststrokerJ Academic Bowl 9,lO--Sec,lI,l2, Beta . 9,lO,lI,l2f Drama lla Jr. Civitans lla Math Club 9,lO,lI,i2-Pres, Math Team 9,lO,ll,l2a Key Club lO,ll,l2t Latin Club 9,lO,ll,l2i Pride lO,llf Science Club lO,l2: Super Seniorsi Swimming lO,Il4 Gov. Honors-Maths Latin Honors Nat. Merit ll, Who's Who. JACKIE SHIELDS-CSun Loverj FCA li,l2i Super Track lO,i2r Super Seniors, Young Lifes Cheerleader il. TIM SHIELDS--CHatchJ FCA 9,lO,li,i2f Super Seniorsg Young Life 9,lO,ll,l2g Foot- ball 9,lO,ll,l2. STACY Sl-liPP-QSpeedyj Wrestling 9,l0,ll,I2p Super Seniors. 'I Class j 8 l. Amy Harrison dances for the crowd. 2. Jim Hall is the girls' favorite. 3. Pam Crisp thinks some- thing is funny. 4. Graham Ray is the perfect cheerleader. 5. Billy Bond hops on to victory. 6. Jeanne Schneider. is Bobby Hearn that funny? 7. Erika Kenner and Karen Ferrel are ready for prom. Seniors - l35 N IS QM. , 44 Q WWWM ,aff fm ,sv ,fwm , - iv. Q. ' -' 'wwf ff' 4 ,yfff if Wff ff V? Z -dum vqww. 9" wx w-.., -u-- W' :W Q5 N 5 A . xxx wx S 'HQ k Sw aww X .N A K S .. 445,28 Ei 'Q I 'fm N, 43,5 'EQ BROOKE STRAZELLA-QBrookie Babesj FCA 9,IO,Il,I2f Pride II325 Super Seniors I2s Young Life IO,II,I2. SHELL! SWEET--CShortyJ Pride I2, Su- perfiieniors III, Youngflife I2. GREG SWEENEY--French Club 94 Jr. Ci- vitans IO,II,I2i Model LLN. 9,IOg Science Club 95 Super Seniors I2Q Young Life I0,II,I2i Soccer 9,IO,1I. KEN TALBOT-Clilwoodl DCT Ili Super Seniors 12. S if AMYSTAMER-qsenyi isaufamp New? S comer's Assoc, 95 Pride I2s Super Sen- iors 123 Young Life 9,I0,Ii,i2s FHA 9,I0,II. IWC!-iE!.LE TATUM-Beta II,I2: March- ing Band 9,IO,II,I2f Super Seniorsf Sym- phonic Band 9,lO,II,I24 Who's Who l2g Jazz Band 9,IO,II,i25 Band Squad Ldr. 52. DAVID THOMAS-CD13 FCA 9,IO,II,I2g Young Life 9,IO,II,I2, Football 9,IO,II,I2g Soccer IO, Wrestling 93 DCTXVICA I2. BETSY THOMPSON-CBetsJ Arrive Brooke Strazells Shelli Sweet Greg Sweeney Ken Talbott Amy Tamer -.--.-1-..... J'l 7 " "V""l" l"' Michelle Tatum W f A David Thomas "' "' Michael Thomas ' 554 3 ,W 1 I Betsy Thompson my Gus Thompson I f Diane Tisdale Tim Towson ' ,K ,X Mary Trapnell Kristy Troost ' 2, 1 'Q f i Amanda Torrence M ' 1 ' 5' 6 me fe Alive I2g Drill Team IO,ll,I2f Super Sen- iorsf Young Life I0,II.I2. GUS THOMPSON-CGusserJ Key Club II,l2a Super Seniors? Young Life iO,II,I2I Basketball 9: V' DIANE TlSDAi.E--CDiPokeyJ Deca I2s MDE I2. TIM TOWSQN4-CStangJ Latin Club IO,II,I2f Super Seniors. MARY TRAPNELL-CTrapJ VOT I2i French Cfilbegs Pride II, Super Seniors? Young Life9,IO,II,I2f Cheerleader 9,lO,II,I2. KRISTY TROOST-CLII' Devilj Arrive Alive I2i Concert Band 9,IOg Driil Team IO,II,I2f Marching Band 93 Super Seniorsg Young Life ll,I2. DAVID TURNER--Super Seniors. .IANA TURNER-Uana Bananaj Beta I0,II,I2f Jr. Civitans IO,II, Latin Ciub 9,IO4 Newcomer's Assoc. II, Newspaper II, Pride IQ Super Srs. KIM VANDERZEE-CTunaJ Super Sen- iors: Young Life I2i Soccer 9,IO,I2. SARA VALIC-JHN-Pride 9,I2a Super Sen- iorsyfloung Life 9. I J PHILLIP VLILLO-ArtiiIg'Soccer 9,l0,II. JACK WALKER--CGoofD Super Seniorss Young Life lO,I2g Track IO,II,I2s DCTXVICA I2--Reporterg Chorus 9,II,I2. KRISTA WALKER-CAIdridgeJ Art lla Drama IL German Club I23 Model U.N. S I2 .ki'. 1 J 3 - I :5fI!r'f' H " fuer fL,, r I I w J IIII H I, ,f f' 4 f f :ff f:.f: ' V' -,H P I " ' ' I ' , , 'ii" I J 15 ' v ,. . ' I Paula Tsakiris i , V I A . , I ,M 5 ,g My W, hi David Turner 17 ' W ,X Vpyp A V ' . ' ' ' Jana Turner S if K 3' f,1,W"1,,,f 'Y' 42' 1 Ricardo Vallecillo 2. ,K I H . Avg 'S f 1' Kim Vanderzee " ' f ' I38 - Seniors Z 5 I Wm W 2:5 iii 5 ' ra "fr ' 1 1 4 and 4 3 'Z .y, n,W ,m .wwf ff,, ff V , H H , .,l ff:,f .',,, '.,, My ff 1 ' . Qs? W9 ,mlm , o . , 5 A, I V, J ,gy . M" V"' W Lwlwe:wf5z2ff5iZ4 if Sara Vaughan 49 Valory Vennes l Phillip vuuo .lack Walker . H Krista Walker CLASS OF 86! n y l l l .,,. 1. S12 -- I. Daphne Padgett and Barbie Yohe talk to a friend during lunch. 2. Brad Lefkowitz works hard in class. 3. Dickie Conners goes for the goal. 4. Rick Giglio whistles out the door on Friday. 5. Bobby Ham, Mark Gibbons, Chris D'Auria and e e ek l .. X . H .Q G, Q Jeanne Schneider share a smile. 6. Shelley Howle gets distracted from her notes. Seniors 1 B9 A . Wi! V 5, ' ' Q . Z fi 1 , iw, f w w .r ff . 45 v ix f, . A 3' f- b f ' 1 44 I f ,f as 55.1- NW'712"V AW , , :fm , in W yu f 5 .,. KMA s. - 'wx 'bi 4 M 5 X, www Xxdf mn-if K my 4,2 wwf' I 4 f A 3 y . 35' . A . Lxil skz A A ' A ' 'R gm ,L 5 A - w ssfzge -Kgi "+'9' J X M .. i .SN . X qw 4 Q La ax . . . h.. .N 4. if e -W'i' gl4 2? EK N 3 N- N. 5 iv Q Y XY x ' Ns 1' xl X x I Q Q N , X xx 1 1 X N gk S 2 i ii? . . g I j, ,Q x ks .ap 'is' - + 20 A x,q A 1, N X R , .A A ik "" "L'g A .. , W R ' 1 A wa x 5532 5 24 X N X -A 25 iii - - . Y 1 Z 6 46 ...i C' like .1 w..,.J M, 'KN K . X42 2 ' X iii. 3 X . -3 . f . at .1 '- fn ali: N Q .,t. K l Nq u, , . hu 4' 44 45 Q H "" W U I Y 47 G54 i 52 , .EW Q . , 4 . 'W fm 7 ' -,'A, 7 5 f , . ,, , f., " " - Q fi if . Ag me e se K 2 . 1 . . .... ' . L,1. ,,m . x,,.,m.,...iA 55 Z 2 Vmi, ,Mm .O if I. Melinda Carithers 2. Julie Harris 3. Sean Gailitisi 4. Max Staples 5. Jeanne Schneider 6. Michael Rittberg 'Z. Mike Brooks 8. Cheryl Hendry 9. Lainey Metzger iO. Scott Horsey ll. Scott Kelly I2. Julie Poland l3. David Leslie, Samantha Jacob- son l5. Karen Marlott l6. Jackiejhields l7. I Burchelllglffom Seamsterfl9fL'aura Murphyggjg' I ' .lack Walker ll. Tom Bucheitil Mike Anderson 23. Barbara Andretta 24. Mark Arrington 25. Lara Smith 26. Tammi Beals 27. April Avery 28. Ronnie Young 29. Brian Parnell 30. Kathleen Marrany Sl. Michelle Tatum 32. Paul Kristine !RajQf, tient Charles Mark xuuscek av. Kristy frames. Ed La Gfaizeilidi it 39. Daphne Padgett 40. Leslie lvester 4l. Caryn Croasdale 42. Mark Gibbons 43. Tracy Flood 444 Shelley Howie 45. Richard Feie 46. Maggie Miller 47. Susan .,t. Qixoil 48. Doniyn Qarpenter 49. Stevie?-1 6eshrick 1te1sa smixhisigbameiie efzsmkgisi B.-fa.. Kwan... He4.g2ees4.1rfm ' Ashley Livingston 56. I-leathiMoyer. . if 2 W Seniors ' l43 I -!' Ww s , f 1 S i 'Xia 3 ' Q Q, - , lg 2' U' 1 5' yu 'r X M , Q R Y A Q8 Q-L Y " N WK -2,11 'K X: s X 4 ' .f ' hw. A "lP"'2 'H A gzxgv mens - X A ,V ,, .,'g , , fi , 'f , Q f ? U , .N pw' ""'M"J ' -- ,, ff '-W F , ' " 'V ' ' 1 " 2 ,,.,, " f M - 4' , A 4 , 1 I M' -I A .. Z f . 1 , X 'KV t ., , f f h " Q, ' ' , " 4 QQ , X I u Y 3 I .v 1 , ,,, :VX y E -A -ff is . Q 5 ns' ' YB. 4' r -. FSA S "M it 1 i 2 . ,.,: we Q P f N Nj 5, , W 223- .L 2' Q -X-Nw.. V Vg 5 V k W Q ,i , .M .... A VV A ' .... ' , .. 1 1: kik ki "AE"'7 I44 - Seniors E' im. " 1 Q13 Q 2 Q V F , . -.1 . X I3 I ...4 - ins" Nw , :XV F My t' ' W M, 4 Q-if 5' L- ?fp W. ., 9 f 'M l fm Q ri ff? 'ffQC1i' 'W I4 rf -5,, .,p-,-if wxqx N-X ,K l ,- f25.MM. 4 f I9 I- 4 - --x--- w..........QN.w,.: H likq fr. , .I xx Q it x , - 'w W: av k . 20 'xc- ak - i n .Q if 9 5 ii F if W' x .5 4, 4I visa E. as . ... k,, : : ., . sf X ' X A:1. K ii r if s 55,1535- 1 . . P Q ws: .-- s:'a4::: . N9 1 s . M. . W Dx x8 A .. .4 32 an Naam.: gi. we' K. . , 35 Q. , 47 'L", 58 . I N Y .9 g r - - '-, ,ef f, . Zan 4 at My Vg... r W , Y ffg.. -.-ff! - " ' 1 " ' V Q. ' f 'L " 'Q ' i.1f..' f W - ' Y . .f M, . 1 A , f.'- V' . 'ya 4 . ,vo - . 45.3 A ' - . ,jf.f lf. f ' ,. .+.48. 'N 72 4 i V "se ...rem V 'V' ' . ii H- - Q.. ,.".z"T e 57 A 7 . ' 122 li .. W' - ' ,,,, 1 W 1 A at if N f .slifl . ' W I i ir - ,e .,x. I 44 X I 'vi " K f , f.y:.,',f. ,1,,,.1:-'- , -- u , '.2PfM C"" ' ' W x ,.,, . 1 . .. - .... a We V 49 .QA 2 '.:.L-1 . . mJJ'1Jk J f s l. Graham Ray 2. David Thomas 3. Kristen Reber 4. Carl Moore 5. Pam and Patrick Crisp Bfiilancy Conneen 7. Cathy Ludiam 8. Jenifer Ervin 9. Tina Galle IO. Kendra Kermeen ll. Donna Burkett D. Gretchen Siefferman i3. Billy Bond l4. Chris Sciar- rone l5. Cindy Ashton l6. Cindy Smith l7. Nicole Eubank l8. Lee Williamson l9. Jenny Sourhe:-land 20. Tracy Oddou ll. Gaby Grzymek 22. Stacey Ficzko 23. Carl 1-ieriitz 24. Donna, Hakes 25. Mark McKown 26. John Morgan 27. Mary Trapnell 28. Oliver Favalli 29. Carla Garrett 30. Theresa Schwane 3l. Bobby Hearn 32. Kari Kibler 33. Brian Saul 34. Diana Long 35. Geary Jefferson 36. Paula Tskaris 37. Gary Larsen 38. Michael Borkat 39. Dickie Conners 40. Cindy Williams 4l. Aimee Sehantz 42. Christine, Moore 43. .lahn Foster 44. Debbie Mulcahy-45. Chris Gruehn 46.':Steve Fowler 47. Bruce' Mitchell 48. Parissa Davoudpour 49. Karyn Dixon 50. Susan Hill Sl. Tim Shields 52. Laura Sneed 53. Brad Johnson 54. Angie Spinks 55. Gian Frigerio 56. Christy Maurer 57. Karen Ferrel 58. Wendy Murdock 59. Mike Cutter 60. Janet Morris Seniors ' M5 it ik M ....... in . . 50 'gl ' M I 3 2 mQ , ' ang! ' 3' W l. Sabrina Wilson 2. Barbie Yohe Sffkndrea Naxer- man 4. craig aagmuse 5.eNseQ1qgs4qgrqm 6, Will Lumpkin 7. Chrissy Lqane 8.Sl1eEl355g4eegg9,.Bonny Whitley lo. Nancy Ciulioljg ngegifqgngn 12. Lea Magan 13. Melissa Bennet: l4. .kitiyigebsinger IS. Tasha Mays l6. Brooke Strazella Flliennifer Car- ro1ll8. Jeanette Mora l9. David Flasher 20. Connie McClure JI. Lisa Olsen 22. Ricky Yunger 23. Su- zanne Adams 24. Michele Padgett 25. Michelle Kerr 26. April Lima. 27. Lea Magan l46 0 Seniors e ,v K' V, ' K V- ,,l, , n nf --.. f'fbnllY'g1i gg ek fx IJ -lk '.f,,xq:,qif '21, V .W 'l!"',, 41 e f N, fy. M 1 'l ,,le U 0 X 'ff' VmyMEy,q,,fe,,w.mfmwfffjf fff qu- G ig!! kJ XI X YW X 1-1 :ask Q I ' 4 I47 -W 5 6' " S FDD JUN DDS One more year! The Class of '87 is almost there-next year they become the omnipo- tent Super Seniors. However, they are by no means bored, the junior year is the hardest academically, with such backbreakers as English Literature, Chemistry, the Comp. lll research paper, and preparation for the all- important SATS. lt's also one of the most en- joyable years, finally upperclassmen, juniors can attend Prom and maybe, just maybe, get one of the few parking spaces left over from the seniors. As always the Class of '87 is excited as they patiently wait out the last few years before they leave Walton High for better things. .lay Arneson Andrew Arvesen Gregg Ashcraft Margaret Attaway Lori Aven Gene Avery Jennifer Backer Katherine Bacon Garrett Bailey Tony Balin Gregory Banister Grant Bannen l48 - Juniors Sherri Abernathy Merry Adams Shawn Adams Callie Allen Michael Allen Christine Allnut Tracie Alvis Brad Anchors Michelle Angelo Randall Arndt Q" WW Donald Barber Bill Barkshadt Margaret Batts Nikki Baudo Scott Baumberger Jamie Beary Jack Beavers Kelly Beck Jennifer Bell Ginger Bellah Mark Benak Dina Benkowitz Bill Bennett Darren Bigda Aimee Birdwell John Bisges Mike Black Suzanne Blahnik l l. Spirited Juniors dress up for 50's Day. 2. Jody Saylor-Smith and friends study in the library dur- ing lunch. 3. Lori Rand hugs her favorite teacher. 4. Lisa Young turns in her IESI. 5. Mr. Kirk's A.P. U.S. History class studies hard. 6. Pep rallies bring out the spirit in everyone. 7, Pat Moore says, "Cheese"l 8, Alicia Gaines flashes a pretty smile for the cameras. 9. Jennifer Heatherly and Beth Gressler share a delicious lunch. Juniors - I49 2 tl il W HJ ISO - Juniors Kevin Blocksom Richard Blodgett Eddie Bodiford Jennifer Boehm Tomi Bogataj Sonya Bolen Craig Bolier Jennie Boozer Leslie Bradley Robert Braun Michael Breed Terry Brennan Ben Brewer Bridget Brogdon Dana Brookmire Debbie Brooks Steve Brooks Amy Brostoff Ed Brown Julia Buchanan Brian Buckalew Kenna Buckalew Kim Burch Leigh Burnham Stacy Burnotes Julie Butler Mindee Butler Scott Cadora Cecilia Cain Tim Campione Melissa Cannon Lori Carithers wt f' "wa 'Z 7 or .... l V"p"'W. .A.A . 111-15.-. Belinda Carmon Chuck Carswell Chris Casdia Cathy Case , 4 . Chh -4 5 S. E' .QE H--as 3... , as Q-.111 .nw . . 5, 1 Q. .t 5 . ' ft . .... . M. .X 'si- ., fu Z Mark Casto Ivan Castro Bryan Chandler John Chandler I. Debbie Brooks works diligently. 2. Drew Mead- ows is such a lady's man. 3. Scott Cadora briskly turns around to hear the day's gossip. 4. Here, we see the infamous finger pointing method used by Kevin Mordecai. 5. Leslie Suder and Stacy Bur- notes have just one more period to go. 6. Diane Marran gets her books while Angela Lovelace checks out the hall action. 7. Kim Cole and Wen- dy Lunn study hard in class. 8. James Price looks eagerly into the future. 9. Michael Lewis "gets a little closer" to Cathy Covington. IO. lngrid Noer- enberg and Simone Vonhoff have time for a chat between classes. ll. Jennifer Looney looks like she really understands. ll. Eric Hube and his tubee. Juniors - I5l -t MPN" 6' 9' S FDD BED UNE l52 - Juniors Tony Chimera Stephanie Cichosz Michelle Ciesielski Jennifer Cintorino Karen Ciullo Jeff Clark Meredith Clements Steve Close Todd Close John Cochran Kim Cochran John Cohen Michelle Cohen Kim Cole John Colier Julie Collins Sharon Collins Amy Conneen Kevin Connelly Amy Cooper Angela Crisler Kathy Crotty Jon Crowe Brian Cullinan Katie Currier Lori Ann Custance Steve Dalton Pam Dasher Kim Davis Mark Day Jimmy Derby Randal DeVelvis Q 'EK 1 "1 -unlu- 5 kxfwl'332345-f5m1:g:..j-.:aa , . . I 5' 1 -. t A-lL, as X 1 3 3 ijr D' elif' MW! Denise Devigne Jules Devigne Kim Dietz Jimmy Diprova Jolene Diprova If Chris Dixon Michelle Donohue Wa. tv W ,Wi K Wt f f X. . .,ll f M Ai 'L V -kv. D as . e 'Www 9 I. High tops for girls and guys were a favorite fashion item at Walton. 2. Steve Regitz, Rich Jen- iski, Melinda Carithers, and Torsten Wegner get excited about a trip to the library. 3. Mark Casto struts across the gym. 4. The Varsity Cheer- leaders led the Raiders to a winning season. 5. Wendy Lunn and Jeanne Schneider agree that good friends are the best part of Walton. 6. Gin- ger Bhella talks on the phone. 7, Smile prettyl 8. Scott Egan and Dina Benkowitz enjoy the fresh air. 9. Steve Priestley doesn't know. lO. Scott Moore knows what's going on. II. Andrea William and Julie Butler show their pride! ll. Cupid's ar- row strikes again. Juniors - l53 66" SFDIQI DI IDIJA S Lee Doshan Shannon Dubose Beth Duncan Tracy Duncan Flynn Dunn Judy Dunning l54 0 Juniors John Farmery Brandon Fausti Christine Fead Pam Fields Ted Fischer Kelly Fischer Meg Durham Ingrid Durrwachter Kimberly Dyer Dusty Edinger John Edmonds Kristin Egan Scott Egan Todd Eilers Dan Ellis Tania Farmer ,am 4? Whitney Fite Joanna Fligg Charlie Flowers Kimberly Floyd Christy Foreman Aileen Foster Sally Fouts Deborah Fox John Fox Kimberly Francis Shirley Francis Paul Frese Robert Friedman Deborah Fryer Kristie Gabeline Chris Gaffga Alicia Gaines Timothy Galle Joseph Ganem Michelle Gansser I IO I. Andrew Arvesen . . . Mr. Deviation. 2. Ed Brown shows where he would rather be. 3. Eric Mei- hofer's childhood dream was to become an alien. 4. No, Brandon Fausti, mustaches are made of hair. 5. Steve Rossi shows off his ltalian body. 6. Vince Wiegand finds a new way of transporta- tion. 7. A very, very unique potriat. 8. Craig Bolier is the epitome of a barracuda. 9. Someone doesn't want her picture taken. IO. A pair of normal shoes? Juniors - l55 66 99 l56 - Juniors Joseph Gardner Kevin Gardner John Garner Marina Garner Steve Garvey Susanne Gatlin Lisa Gaulding Leah Giambalvo Jane Gibbons Jason Gibbs Kimberly Gibson Scott Gilbert Donald Giles Megan Gilliland Jonathan Glenn Terry Gorsuch Theresa Gorzynski Leslie Gould Lynn Graham Todd Grant Lisa Greenfield Porter Greer Elizabeth Gressler Robert Griffin Christine Gross David Gupta Mike Haase Andy Haleblian Heather Hall Kelly Hall Patrick Hallisy Cynthia Hamby Stephanie Hamilton Michael Hammer Michael Hampton Traycie Harless S FDI? IDFFICEIQS ft 4, ,g xi f my WA V, , I V Til S '5 J i 2 J 1 . w , 11, , . 2, I it X L x 5 Becky Harper Dana Harris Stephanie Harris Tracy Heard 1 ' x Jennifer Heatherly John Helwic Mike Henderson Stacie Henderson I. Kim Cole looks back inquiringly. 2. Jill Mitchell listens attentatively to a conversation. 3. John Helwic, Beta Club V.P., always has a goofy smile. 4. Callie Allen is Treasurer of the Junior Class. 5. J. Stephen Priestley, President of the Junior Class, is constantly trying to explain himself. 6. Ingrid Norenberg holds offices in both SGA and Beta Club. 7. Rich Jeniski, Science Club Treas.. displays his method of recruiting new members. 8. Mitch Phillips, president of a J.A. company is hungry for money. 9. Christi Klein, Junior Class V.P., has a smile on her face even when being harassed. IO. Erin Johnson, Jr. Class Secretary, writes her minutes-or is it a letter to J.G.? II. Jim Shepherd, V.P. Science Club, is always busy doing important work. Juniors 0 I57 l58 - Juniors ""'SI:0l2l2 D Isabelle Herbin Liz Hershberger Mike Hershey Jennifer Higgins Rhonda Hill Kelly Hines Christina Hodgens Anita Hoerstkamp Tiffany Hoggard Wendy Holland Jeff Hollis John Hollis Chris Holloway Julia Hough Kirsti Houser Peter Housley Karen Hubbard Eric Hube Tim Huber Sybil Hudson Julie Hughes Leslie Hughes Gary Hull Christine Hunter Richard Hunter Robbie Hutto Brian Hvizdak Tim Hynes Krissy lmbur 4 wf ,, .L 0 me muff, 3' W, QR Q , ff-ix' . ,,,. ,fs - . ., x 5 , P i I l6O 0 Juniors 6' 9' S I: I2 SIDIDIQTS Melissa Johnson Scott Johnson Meredith Jolluck Christy Jones Richard Jones Shannon Jones Shonda Jones Ricky Judson Laura Kalember Dean Kantis Mike Kash David Katz Brian Kennel James Key Richard Kibler Katherine King Kevin King Bret Kinman Cameron Kirby Christi Klein Kristine Koenig Laura Kolowich Lane Koplon Mike Lamb Rob LaPorta Pamela Laurent fe . if C1 x Ji lm? 9 my . Todd LaVercombe Audra League Rob Leckie Jennifer Lehman Lisa Lehnhof Tim Lenegan Lucy Lewis Michael Lewis Darla Lightford Mark Lillquist Patrick Long Jennifer Looney Clarisse Lopez Angela Lovelace S J Y' swan .. X 9,5 ,IH 1 Q is ,iie ' s at 7 I. Sunbathing is a favorite sport for Andrea Wil- liams and Dana Rector during spring break. 2. The girls' varsity soccer team dominates the field. 3. Richard Shore consults Scott McMichael during an exciting Raider game. 4. Leslie Suder demon- strates her powerful soccer skills. 5. Scott Ca- dora gives a look that could stop the opponents dead in their tracks. 6. Bill Bennett moves ahead of the pack. 7. Bryant Russell crosses the finish line after a tough race. 8. Shad Santee watches his teammates play a close game. 9. Sean Sweeney gives his all on the track. Juniors - I6l UNIDIQS AT MECO N Bryan Lovelace Wendy l.unn Patrick Lynn Charlotte Madsen Linda Magan G.A. Magnus John Mann Melinda Marlin X Q fi X, ig E K 5 Diane Marran Billy Martin Brian Martin Elizabeth Massey Stephen Massicott Sandra Mauney Kim Maxwell Andrea McAIpine Sarah McArdle Todd McCabe Chris McCarthy Staci McClendon UDf0ff5 We 'nerr fzark ' y 'BPH 3 l. Tracey Trimbur helps decorate the Varsity Cheerleaders' float. 2. Nicole Peterson and Bon- nie Sorrells represent the junior class in the homecoming court. 3. Emotions run high during homecoming games. 4. Chris Osmond "gets down" at the dance. 5. The drill team helps to excite the audience at the pep rally. 6. Scott Moore can even play the bells with his eyes shut. 7. Juniors make their mark with the winning homecoming display. may 1'Nns Derek McCord Julie McCoy Sean McDonald Georgia McGaughey lrecia Mclntosh Carolyn McLeod Scott McMichael Kim McMickle David McQueary Scott McWhorter Drew Meadows Eric Meihofer Jennifer Melvin William Melvin Danny Mercer Ashish Merchant Scott Meyer Cassie Meynard Reid Miegel Robert Minchin Christi Minor Melissa Miske Jill Mitchell Michael Mitchell Juniors 0 l63 ll 1 l64 ' Juniors Joseph Molmer Ricardo Montecino Pat Moore Scott Moore Kevon Mordecai Kristen Morris Shannon Murphy Shawn Neal Jacquie Nelson Kristin Nelson Philip Newsome Penny Nicholls if John Odendahl Dana Olsen Joy O'NeiII Stephanie Osburne Chris Osmond Paxton Owens Denise Ozburn Gustavo Pallares , W ,V x ws 5 Mark Palmqulst Timothy Paradi Mark Parsons Greg Peay -f A-. ' Z. W A WWW " W Ishii r sax ,J Louise Morris Alexa Morrison Mark Morse Maureen Mulligan Tamela Mullis Cynthia Murphy Jeff Nickelson Krista Nielson Ingrid Noerenburg Matt Novello Tim Nowak Jennifer Oberholtzer R , -fff 7 6 I. Lunch is a great time to catch up on gossip with friends. 2, Juniors enjoy showing off their new class rings. 3. Steve Skelton slowly falls asleep during a history speech. 4. The normal crowded conditions in a trailer. 5, Scott Egan knows how to pass time. 6. Rodney Shafer helps Sue Sanzari and Wendy Thoem with their layouts for the year- book. 7. Mike Lamb's blonde tail can easily be seen. 8. Mike Black flashes his tin grin. 9. There should not be anyone talking in the halls, girls, IO. Why is steve Regitz smiling and Lori Ann Cus- tance frowning? ll. Kevin King eagerly awaits the bell. I2. Torsten Wegner concentrates on his as- signment. Juniors - I65 UNIDIQS AIQUIJN . . Tony Pecht Jeff Pender Tana Pennix Jill Perry Malcolm Perry Nicole Peterson Mitch Phillips Anthony Pickelsimer Julia Presti Andrea Price Ralph Price Stephen Priestley me ufrf' 'ft l66 . Juniors Tim Quigley David Quillen Lauren Rand Jennifer Rath David Ratzel Daina Rector Michele Reed Gray Reese Steve Regitz Michael Reid Jon Rellinger Andy Rhoads Gini Riedinger Mark Ringwall Amy Robinson Richie Robinson 2 Q. ,L Shannon Rodgers Jacob Ronde Christina Ronveaux David Rood Jill Rosenbloom Steve Rossi Tom Roth Beth Rudder Harold Runyon l. Scot Cadora and Jennifer Seargent engage in a sit-in. 2. "Where's my other shoe?" 3. Sonya Bo- len performs the infamous practice of blind note taking. 4. A normal OJ class having fun outside. 5. The salad dressing dispenser worked and didn't splatterl 6. What's so funny Stephanie Osburne? 7. Donny Barber and Jack Beavers recline in the Media Center's pit. S. Rodney Shaffer and Jim Shepherd fight over the camera. 9. Krissy lmbur finishes her homework in lunch. IO. Debbie Fox transcribes a song on the board. Il. Kenna Bucka- lew sits in the most comfortable place in the school Qexcept for principal Kelly Henson's chairj. Juniors ' IG7 ,Q 5 UN Y UNE MIDIQE EAD Bryant Russell Erica Bussiager Mark Ryan Rebecca Ryan Shad Santee Jennifer Sargent Scott Sax Jody Saylor-Smith Matthew Scarborough Kevin Schiltz Nancy Scussel Kim Seamster I. Three girls for every boy, what a schooll 2. Lisa Rosenbloom and Kim Welborn "study" health. 3. Sam Shelton really wants her picture taken. 4. Jim S Randy study in the library. 5. Reach out and touch someone. 6. Ashish Merchant wonders why he isn't included in this hug. 7. Pep rallies bring out that awesome junior spirit. 8. The "lunch bunch" has a blast. 9. Sarah Smith laughs over a love letter. IO. Vince Wiegand, Gian Fri- gerio, Scott Cadora, and Trey Jones know whats up in Algebra ll. II. The ultimate junior male. l68 ' Juniors ia ff l gs .as 0. , . I Q ofa. Q f f 10' it , Ni... -N IHS z,. .Si X2 'l y 1 jg, 3 ' 3 1. , 1 3 'TX X Philip Self Kelly Serafin Kelly Seymour Rodney Shaffer Jim Shepherd Loni Shepherd Erika Shields Q .+- .S Richard Shore Brad Sigal Mandy Simmons .lon Sittler Steve Skelton Karen Smith Ken Smith Mat Smith Sarah Smith wfgnr 'ra Susan Smith Harry Sneed P if MW ,,- M V. A. I In .S 8 ds .... Juniors - l69 DIQEDAIQI I3 FDD T I7O - Juniors FU DE Susan Snell Shelley Snopek Lesly Sodel Mia Sohn Bonnie Sorrells Dena Sossaman Kristie Speckhals Angela Speer Beverly Stanich Joie Staton Alicia Stephens Robert Sterrett Richard Stewart Philip Stewart Chad Stiles Stacy Stolz Marc St. Pierre David Strall Matthew Strauts Jamie Stray 5 I N gm .LI llll ly! I. . N ... s at Howard Tidmore Frances Tiedtke Catherine Timmen Kristen Tobin Leslie Suder Sean Sweeney Bradford Taylor Eric Tegner May Tetrault Guene Thio Wendy Thoem James Thomas Deborah Thornberg Randy nad Paige Todd Lane Toensmeir I. Eddie Bodiford is WaIton's up-and-coming ar- chitect. 2. Now what could that be? 3. Andrew Arveson prepares for a future in rock-and-roll. 4. Comp III really is our favorite class. 5. Patrick Kilgullen draws the ultimate woman. 6. "Don't you dare point that camera at meI" 7. Now we know who's been setting off those false fire alarms. 8. Ingrid Norenberg plans on a career in hairdressing. Right, Mr. Kirk? 9. Mark St. Pierre just loves to study for math tests. IO. John Glenn and friends study in the library while thinking about their missed lunches. X., I .x..'s,, xr aj' g t'wWm,X Y' X KI 'XE . X' f tu- 'Mi tiss K s Sf Juniors 0 I7I s +I ,ff WZ 4 Y IQEMEMIBEIQ T E EDCI? Tl Terri Tomlinson Tom Tootle George Transue Tracey Trimbur Nathan Wallace Lance Walton Gregg Warnken Kelly Waters Laura Weagly Ernest Weber Lori Webster Lori Michelle Webster I. Tim Quigly loves to march at Raider games. 2. You're not allowed to write love letters in class. 3. Brad Anchors accepts an award for helping to bring the Raiders to their most successful season ever. 4. Missy Johnson studies a passing subject. 5. Elizabeth Massy loves to study. 6. A picture is worth a million words. 7. Practice pays off for Blair Eggelston and Stephanie Weller. 8. What is Lisa Carbonelle thinking about? 9. These iuniors Stephen Webster look forward to "senior-dom". Torsten Wegner Lee Weiss Kim Welborn Grant Weldin 4. ,V S . S Juniors - I73 I74 'Juniors Jeff Wheeler Yolonda Whisenton Devri Whitaker Mark White Tracey Whitman Vince Wiegan ! l 5' E ' - RSS! G1 6 ni X. 1: -P ' . 2. , ' Steve Wilewski Andrea Williams Corey Williams Drew Williams Debbie Williams Brian Wilson Chris Wilson Donya Wise KX N Scott Woodison Rodney Woods Tony Wvest Mark Wylie Mike Yeager Lisa Young Helen Yu Dana Zahn Steve Zaloudek Shana Zimmerman 9 Mx Ns. si M, I """u., ,'C.1"iu. I I. Wait, class isn't supposed to be held outside. 2. No face, no caption. 3. Sam Shelton and Heather Hall love to talk. 4. Ward Tidmore, the little drum- mer boy. 5. Kevin King can even catch a ball with his eyes closed. 6. Matt Bruckert is about to put in "the claw". 7. Pat Quin leaps over the last hurdle. 8. Lunch is so enjoyable. 9. Scott McMi- chael really knows how to throw the shot put. IO. Georgia McGaughey loves to carry books. Il. A future junior. l2. Mike Reid enjoys working with machines. IS. Cathy Case stretches for the extra foot. Juniors 0 l75 L00 I IEFDIQWAIQDT EAQ C X 1 1 , 4' , N, My 6 Efffff 3 fm, W f - M ,f I76 - Juniors W.-fc ' "-K, IO I. Mark Ryan works diligently despite the noisy atmosphere. 2. Doug Turner points out what he had missed. 3. Danny Mercer loves computers. 4. Everyone in a class smiling? 5. Jojo Herlitz helps urge on the team. 6. Why is Tammy Mullis throw- ing the ball straight up? 7. Garret Bailey is learn- ing how the Roman's marched. 8. Tornado drills are great social events. 9. Terry Gorsuch, most people play b-ball on their feet. IO. Peter Jacobson returns the serve so smoothly. ll. Steve Regitz gets himself trapped. I2. These girls are prepar- ing for their future. I3. Lori Ann Custance messes up another data sheet. I4. Derek McCord and Mike Henderson can't decide where the action really is. I Juniors 0 I77 DV N13 DN U I78 ' Juniors 'QQ ii, 1 -' I t, i Hi Z. , . K , at -W vs W is Hi was I - --L s ., sf, I A A N" 'K . . is-iigkx,-I ,, ff . . Q , V Q f 'Mus lr .4 I. Why is Mike Black coming out of the women's restroom? 2. These iuniors like the action that they see on the field. 3. Shawn Adams exhibits his expert soccer skills. 4. Jim Shepherd looks thrilled by his history assignment. 5. "Mrs. Lee. my locker still won't open." 6. Who just caught Karen's eye? 7. We have to get to homeroom now. 8. How much longer until the bell? 9. Give it your alll IO. On your mark, get set.. .GOI II. Brian Hvidzak throws the ball just in time. Juniors 0 I79 W UN s ee... I, A little deviation is good for everyone. 2. An- drew Arvesen, John Jackson, and Richard Tyrrell know how to pass time. 3. A game of softball is a great change from the normality of school. 4. A typical lunch table group with nothing to do. 5. Greg Peay leaps over the last obstacle to senior- status, 6. The confusion of trying to find a seat during a pep rally. ISO Juniors X PM R EL 1 5 ISI SiQl lllliQ5lMiC?Dl SQ We're not freshmen anymore! Freed from the chains of World Geography, pool passes. and freshman jokes. The class of '88 eagerly joined their classmates this year as full- fledged high school students. They're older now, a little more sure of themselves, and a lot more mature than the giggling middle school kinds they were two short years ago. Classes are harder and more is expected of them, but with little luck they'll overcome biology and Com. ll and join the ranks of the upperclassman next year. ls 'Us Amy Adams Shane Adams Stephanie Adam Kathleen Adkins Heather Agee Amanda Aldridger Robbie Alexander nail , xi.. Q Roger Allan Darik Anderson Marci Anderson John Andrews Kathleen Aparo Michael Arthur Thomas Ash Chris Atwood Nolan Awbrey Scott Axelrod Melissa Ayers Juli Bacon Lisa Bailey l82 - Sophomores ss s 1..- XX We 9 y io AFL lhllllHllWl'E l Ill e.l , . I I Michele Bailey Dana Baker Kirk Baldridge Richard Balin Rebecca Banchero Christopher Barbic Melinda Barnes Michael Barnett Hylos Barnett Christine Bash Michael Bean Jason Beato S Q'- l.The J.V. cheerleaders cheer the raiders on to victory at a pep rally. 2. Mitch Doane and Jeff Enberg see some- thing that they like on the football field. 3. The sopho- mores definitely have the most spirit. 4. Sophomores are really excited after their victory over the seniors in the Powder Puff game. 5. Heather Underwood represents the sophomore class in the pride relay. 6. Sophomores love to socialize at lunch. 7. Sophomores are always concentrating on their work. 8. Brad Ross can't believe that we are taking this picture. 9. Aimee Lott loves studying World History. IO. Hal Brown and Greg Hender- son watch a Walton football game. Il. Ginni Weunker. Kim Rodgers, and Jill Jeffers cheer on the raiders at a pep rally. I2. Sophomores show their spirit. Sophomores ' I83 Terry Bellah Susan Belmonte Michelle Benak John Benedict Rob Bennett Craig Benton Chris Bigda Steve Black Melissa Blair Karen Blocksom Jennifer Booth Dan Borneman Robert Bowman Blake Bowmaster Robby Bowmaster Jay Bowser Lina Boyle Don Brady Frank Branson Laurie Brawn Joe Burleson Bill Breiding Joyce Brenneman Lisa Brenowitz Tiffany Broach Chris Brodie John Brooks Elizabeth Brown Of course, the usual fun-filled day of a Walton sophomore is regularly interrupted by that eternal distraction from social obli- gations: the classes. The sophomore finds academic life considerably more strenuous than he did in his freshman year. There's no denying its hard work is necessary to carry the usual workload of literature, history, math, and that typical sophomore horror, bi- ology CDO you mean we have to cut it open?.D However, this first brush with higher learn- ing is taken in stride and, their frog labs be- hind them, the Class of '88 will move on to bigger and better things. qui I8 4 0 Sophomores S lll M l Y A .. 5 g S X g . ff .- 2' l m, nw 4' 5 . may - - - -. ..-we - - ,R Q M Y... N u tz.. I .. ., . XNBAI... 1 m- V X Q Quik tak Nas I, Melissa Schwartz gives JoLynn Henderson a tight squeeze. 2. How are the grades? 3. Laurie Saye What does that book say? 4. This must be an exciting class. 5. Lean the other way! 6. Katie Fryer thinks deep thoughts. 7. "I could be shoppingl" thinks Anne Triggs. 8. That must have been some kind of test. 9. Who is Jamie Wilkerson smiling at? N I ww 4' f ' if .ay ,.V lv ,, N W3 V, Q ?, . K 5 s Nu.. i'r 5 'sv Eric Brown Hal Brown Tim Brown Devon Bruins Pete Brosa Allison Buckanan Mike Buchheit Maggie Buffalo Jay Bulger Dean Bumpus Ricky Burdett Jo Burkett Jay Burke W f i'l T Sophomores - l85 , W '2 Wi 6 Paul Burnette Brandon Burns Patrick Burns Kimberly Burr Michelle Burton Amy Busman Natalie Byers Jeff Cambell Randy Campoli Lisa Carbonell Donna Carillo Andrea Carithers Braedon Carlbom Kenny Carlson Traceye Cary Kristi Carzoli David Case Shannon Casey Brandon Cash Sarah Castle Scott Cawrdia Mary Elen Cenzalli Andrew Chaffer Molly Chanberlain Julia Chazanof Marshall Chiles Corinne Chisek Andrea Chisolm I86 - Sophomores Lauren Ciesielski Hilleary Cizasslin Greg Clardy Shannon Clark Chris Clay Bret Clifton Danny Cochran Lori Cohen Seth Cohn Jason Collier Angela Collins I Paul Burnette gets tough 2 Sophomores have paid their dues 3 Sheridan Smith and Heidt Hagerman dis cuss a juicy novel 4 Marci Anderson gets caught off guard 5 Rhonda Gresham looks excited. 6. Debra So bell what are you thinking of? 7. Aerobics-get In shape 8 Whois Michelle Larsen making eyes at now? 9 Sophomores - I87 9lM lll l W F Sean Connly Douglas Connor Brian Cook Robert Cook Weston Cook Michael Cooper Vic Costresane Catherine Covington Charles Cowan Chris Cowart Elisa Cox Lance Croft Eric Crump Tuere Crump David Cushman David Cutter Beth Dalessandro Matt Dammes Tracy Damron Laura Daniels David Darling Kent Darzi Beth Davis Todd Davis Jennifer Dawson David Dearmond Andrea Dekrager Paula Delett an W ,wwf ,H , Wea M l Lf y .. .! f Sandwiched between morning and after- noon classes is always lunch, a period that many students look forward to as the social highlight of the day. Here, finally is an oppor- tunity for students to relax with nothing to think about but eating, chatting, and an occa- sional last-minute homework assignment. The lunch staff provided a wide choice of tasty entrees, although overcrowding caused an occasional lack of food, as well as a serious problem with "breaking in line" which left many students frustrated. Over- all, lunch in l985 remained the same relaxed. friendly atmosphere students at Walton have come to enjoy. llllll , l l88 - Sophomores D V ' ,Ji Mll Qlhlllll mil W ilf M l. Sophomores have some interesting things to talk about during lunch. 2. Tanya Towe being camera shy? 3. That's Italian! 4. Jill Jeffers enjoys an afternoon drink. 5. Jessi- ca Jones and Mimi Stowers like to look around during lunch. 6. Pam Lein says Cheers. 7. Matt Wiley and Jason Biatto have a chat during lunch. 8. Smile everyone. 9. Shannon Donahue enjoys a Walton milkshake NNN -N.. 'NNN-N 8 9 Peter Delorenzo Sheri Demerchant Mark Densmore Douglas Depner Angela Derby Beth Derketsch Dawn Derketsch Robert Devenie Eric Dietz Michael Dilbeck, Jr. Mitch Doane Melinda Doolittle Shannon Donhaue Jay Dougherty John Douglas Jeff Dreese Donald Driscoll Jennifer Dudas Joseph Duff Matthew Duffy Angela Dunn Sophomores - l89 S llll M f5 EXl llWIllllllElNQE For many students, driver's ed is a sure ticket to low insurance rates and happy par- ents. This course helps students learn to be- come better drivers and gives them the courage to face the stern-eyed policeman who administers the driving test. lt also pro- vides parents the opportunity to teach their children to drive without actually getting in the car with them. Overall, Driver's Ed is a course that gives students a necessary skill and prepares them for responsible adult driving. Anne Dunning Robert Durst Kelly Dutter Holly Dyar Eric Dych John David Dyer Melissa Dyers Carrie Dyesen Stacey Eakes Marcie Eaton Tracey Eddlemon Lisa Edenfield John Edwards Holly Eger Travis Ellis Kelly English Jeff Engberg Matt Engelbert Kevin Estes Chris Ethridge Julie Evans Liz Evans Cindy Farmer David Farmery Chris Fancher Krissy Fauscett f' l lil 1 N l9O ' Sophomors 'refill W S Michelle Feis Laura Fennell Kristen Ferrel Sallie Ficzko Melissa Fischer Carrie Fletcher Melissa Foster Kirk Foster Matt Fowler Mike Franklin Dina Franson Janine Freeman Mark Friedman David Frigerio Katie Fryer Jennifer Fushs Adam Fuller Sharon Gagliano Shannon Galezieski Kristen Gallon Cathy Gay Greg Gaydon Jenny Gayor Heather Geisenhof Z!-izifklifii Msiuih hifi, WMI W 4,4 Ju Q55 F -lv. L-.4 'W-a...k N JT 6 I. Tammy Rodgers and Erica Schantz get ready to go driving. 2. Practice makes perfect in Drivers Ed. 3. Soph- omores have fun learning how to drive. 4. lt helps to open your eyes Brad. 5. Note the I-L in the top corner of Shannon's license. 6. Brad LaRue gets his first ticket in Driver's Ed. 7. Don't hit the cones. 8. Karen Smith helps Coach Lassiter give out the grades. Sophomores 0 I9I Reid Geinsenhof Greg George Jason Gerry April Gheesling Vince Giambalvo Paul Gibbons Jennifer Gibson Denise Giesker Lisa Giesler Kim Gifford Kerry Glass Tracey Goldberg l92 Sophomores X 5 if-T 5.1 Xie rreee QQYHVQQML MH vs tw X l. Matt Smith and Anne Marie Ward give us their inno- cent smiles. 2. What cute couples. 3. Stacey Katz and Molly Chamberlin smile at a pep rally. 4. Melissa Kenner and Amanda Aldridge watch the pep rally. 5. Erica Schante and friend are looking at something. 6. Richie Rucker looks like he is studying hard. 7. Mark, what happened to your leg? 8. Kim Valerie, and Amanda dis- cuss their plans for the weekend. 9. Chris looks at some- one in admiration. Y' W Q Brent Goolsby Richard Gordy Amy Gose Lance Gowens Jennifer Graham ' Wendy Graham ! ,, . Shawn Granger tt .lf r- . Heidi Greiner Rhonda Gresham Sari Gruber Brad Gruehn -- Peter Guerra X Ashley Gurr F Reed Guthrie Julie Haas Sean Hager Cameron Hagerman Chris Hahn Claire Nailey Michele Haier Deron Haller Chris Hampton Ted Hanson Melissa Hardee Rebecca Harding Michael Harris Paul Hartwell or Kim Harvey Sophomores - l93 Mark Haskett Steven Hastings Kim Hatcher Mike Haverland John Hayman Becky Hearn Tara Heath Kim Heitzman John Helton Susan Hemenwall Greg Henderson JoLynn Henderson Allison Henson Kurt Hersey Jennifer Hershey Lisa Hershey Eric Hess Craig Hicks Nicole Hill Scott Hlllin Dan Hobbs Heather Hobson Judith Hobson Jason Hoffman Scott Holcomb Heather Holt Cynthia Hooper tttt . 5' 571, .Q : 1' .. sm -" - wfq .i wggzisw to - it ..:f...f A -, s- - tt.. ' f Q be l, Jeff Shannon looks for an open receiver. 2. The Walton J.V. Raiders are breaking through! 3. David McGauhey watches a race, 4. Hayden Smith and Julie Jenkins pre- pare for the Homecoming game. 5. Rhonda Gresham listens attentively to Coach Younglove. 6. The Walton wrestlers continue a successful season. 7. Caroline: "Rock, rock steady Eddie, your team ain't even ready!" 8. The J.V. Raiders watch the game from the sideline. 9. Jenny Gayor looks "real" excited about this softball game. IO. Shawn Young pushes himself for a Raider victo- ry. I94 - Sophomores -.,,au4'G 4-Q-who f-A.. We SQ illN MQ C L 1 Eg? fJ b Craig Hoopes Todd Hornsby Revon Horton Stephan' uie o en u Kari Hu I John Hu t Dan Hu t David H k Larry H t h Jennifer Hy Lee Hyd Brad Imb h Shelial b John Isa k S 3361 S ph I95 S llll MQll Sean Jackson Daniel Jacques Kelly Jaeckle Charles James Dennis James Jill Jeffers Scott Jefferson Chandra Jenkins Julie Jenkins Sharon Jenkins Shelli Johannes Lisa Johns Bruce Johnson Eric Johnson Patrick Jones Thurmond Jones Kathleen Kaasa Andrew Kaiser Michael Kalember Monique Kammerer Kelly Kannapinn N Xi . .fl i R 'sf 1 .sl Wig? V Q- x f wwf- , , -Q 1 3' l96 - Sophomores 3 5 srl Shi X X E R K :V if 1 J ,ff l I L 3 .moi I. We know you're not sleeping Allisa Meyer. 2. Calm down Shane Arthur it's just a picture. 3. ls is that bad Jenny Gayer? 4. Hey, don't mess with mel 5. Kirk Foster knows what to give the camera. 6. David McGaughy always gives it his bestl 7. Don't give up Sean Young! 8. Sophomores know how to have fun anywherel Stacey Katz Kathleen Keehn Edward Keen Lori Keeter Paul Keller Glenn Kelly Lauren Kelly Melissa Kenner Lisa Kerll Karen Kieffer Nathan Kim Jessica Kimble Cecile King Heather King James Kinser Ted Kinsey Sophomores I97 S lll" W Cynthia Kirby K. Koosbell Lara Koschak Kristin Kotlar Kristen Krug Elizabeth Krum Richard Keugeman Maureen Kumpf Kaly Kurre Ben Kwiatek Kristina Lacy Michael Ladd Whitney Lafon Antti Lahtinen Matthew Lamb Carolyn Lamontagne I. Is it moving? 2. Tricia O'Meara enjoys a good cup of McDonalds orange drink. 3. Jamie Wilkerson concen- trates on playing the cello. 4. Stephanie Houston and Jill Jeffers . . . best buds. 5. Typing is a class many sopho- , mores enjoy taking. 6. Jennifer Lapp takes a break from ' her Biology lab. 7. Jason Hoffman has a blast in electron- ics. 8. John Norris plays the drums with feeling. 9. Andy Rudder builds his biceps. IO. Sophomores have fun exam- ining a slide in Biology. I98 0 Sophomores Pl i i WWE MS-My Many Sophomores take their second year in High School to explore some of the differ- ent classes available at Walton. Electronics, typing, and music classes are just a few of the many electives open to them this year. These classes give the students a chance to take a break from the normal drag of the day as well as to learn more about the many jobs in the world. . . ,, '-sfk c .. it no 5 s . sp 4 tl , , Chris Landin Stephen Laney Joanne Lanyi Jennifer Lapp Michelle Larson Bradley Larue Kim Leach Dale Ledbetter David Lee Kent Lenhof Pam Leln Stacey Levine Charlene Li Anna Lindstrom Amy Lowderman Dana Luckie Robin Lynn Heather Mackey Stuart MacPhee Manigo Gwenevere Mike Manis Jani Mann Sophomores - l99 l ' QW ll llll John Mansour Stacy Martin Bill Mashburn Shannon Masse Michelle Masta Elizabeth Massey Mary Masters Neil Matchan Catherine Matheson Jonathen Matthews Karen Matthews Robert Matthews Doug Max Frank May Travis McAbee Jeffrey McCarthy Kevin McCloskey Kelly McCoy Allison McDowell David McGaughy Lex McGraw X A I. Scott Gilbert talks to Laurie Saye at a pep rally. 2. Bess Brown cheers on the J.V. Raiders. 3. Erica Schantz watches with a smile. 4. We are partying in homeroom. 5. Marci Anderson, Rhonda Gresham, E Julie Jenkins greatly enjoy their lunch. 6. Anne Marie Ward, where are your pants? 7. John Farmery and Holly Eger can't take their eyes off each other. 8. Rhonda Gresham and Shannon Staples smile for the camera. 9. We are the best of friends. IO. David Cushman and Mimi Richie enjoy each others company, 200 ' Sophomores i as ' N ,A Q : . 2 -ff, -X f N as i n 5 5 . IO WHS 2 ff Michael McHenry Cheri Mclntire Mary Beth McKeither Lisa McKinney Suzanne McKinstry Thomas McKnight Charles McMahan Timothy McNulty Christian McQueen Scott McQuilken Amelia McSween Matthew McWilliams Sophomores ' IOI " , is 7 ,,.. X 5 ? 2 452 W. :J QU af An av qm- 4 S N wr., 3-I Jeff Noah Lynn Norris John Norris Becky Norton Scott Novellas Tim Nale Doug Odom tx' Mary O'KeIIey Beth Olszeski Tricia O'Meara The class of '88 is by no means stylelessf they have demonstrated their fashion consciousness by staying constantly abreast of trends. Sopho- more girls displayed their fashion flair with vig- or as eagerly donned the bangles made popular by such pop stars as Madonna, who also brought the Mini-skirt back into style. Large bright pat- terns were the rages wild, flowery prints were paired with classic paisleys to introduce a look unique to today's teens. Monica Ortega Kenya Osborne Dan Owens . Michelle Pailey Many sophomores adopted the look made popu- lar by Bruce Springsteeng classic Levi's were once more "in" as expensive designer jeans fell out of fashion. The Swatch Watch became pop- ular as many students gave up their trusted Timex to get "Swatched". Tfhe sudden appear- ance of inexpensive rubber jewelry known as "jellies" also made an unexpected fashion splash. As usual, the class of '88 left their mark on the fashionable aspects of life at Walton High. Sophomore - 203 l M I. Robby Bowmaster loves to type, 2. Jason Biatto looks really enthused about the experiment. 3. What a group! 4. Karen Matthews and Melissa Schwartz goof off during class. 5. Tom Walsh concentrates on something other than girls. 6. Jessica Kimble and Gretchen Petras study together. 7. "I think I need a hug." 8. Krissy Fauscett loves to study. 9, Gosh Paul, leave me alonel IO. Great buds: Sheridan, Erica, and Maggie II. Who are you look- ing at, Kent? ,pm Scott Palmer Chris Palusky Melanie Parham Stephanie Parkins Tara Pennix William Perry Krista Peterson ,Nurse ii. :gg rl Michele Peterson Brian Peterson Gretchen Petras Thomas Pettengill Elizabeth Pettersson John Pettigrew Melissa Petty David Phillips Matthew Phillips Michael Pierce Renee Pierce Christy Pirkle Marc Pisciotta Jennifer Pitt Dewey Pitts Catherine Pope Rachel Popowcer Lynn Popp Gregg Porter Kari Potts Amy Powers 204 v Sophomores J :I Y.. :QQ ,S jfj f David Price Andrea Purcell David Purselle Denice Rader Kristine Ramaglia John Rath Lisa Rawls Drew Read Kent Rebol Michelle Redmond Curtis Renoe Kim Richardson Jennifer Ridenour Trevor Reidinger Jennifer Rieschick Mimi Ritchey IO II Sophomores - 205 S lll lM l S QW l. Julie Jenkins and Erica Schantz show their Raider spir- it. 2. Renee Rose and Robby Finuson arrive at the festivi- ties. 3. Hayden Smith helps out on Walton's spirit ban- ners. 4. G.A. Mangus and Krista Peterson are proud on this day. 5. Gotcha, Jo. 6. Jeff Shannon and Reid Guthrie know Walton is lil. 7. Jon Helwic and Joyce Brenneman have a good time. 8. Krista Peterson and Rhonda Gresh- am represent the sophomores in the homecoming court. 9. Tonya Towe likes to walk around with her favorite buds. IO. Hold on tight. .W - 3 Jeffrey Ritberg Robert Ritter Alan Roach Shana Robbins Craig Roberts Scott Robertson Matthew Robinson Tammy Rogers Chris Ramano Chris Rood Rustin Roper Bill Roper Renee Rose Lisa Rosenbloom Lori Rosenthal Brad Ross Richard Rucker Andy Rudder Stephanie Ruden Todd Ruhs Marc Rutherford Tammy Ryan Tim Ryan Michael Sacklyn Dawn Sams Katherine Sanborn David Sanders Sue Sanzari 206 ' Sophomores qrfv' ap.. Laura Saye Homecoming '85 was an exciting event for every student that participated. Following the parade of cheerleaders, clubs, and floats, our own Varsity Raiders effortlessly defeat- ed the Osborn Cardinals. On the following night, the student body turned out in full force for the "Glory Days" Homecoming '85 dance. Vibrations supplied the beat as Wal- ton rocked late into the night, a fitting con- clusion to a memorable Homecoming. Brant Schafer Erica Schantz Laurel Scheck R. Schmidt Tracey Schwane Valerie Scott William Selfridge Jill Senior Allison Sewell B. Sewell Jeffrey Shannon Lauren Shaw David Shultes Karen Shultes Jeffrey Slaton Brett Smith Caroline Smith Hayden Smith Karen Smith Nichole Smith l .. l .5 Sophomores - 207 Nichole Smith Sharon Smith Sheridan Smith Thad Smith Vicki Smith Victoria Smith Melissa Snarr Shelly Snow Debra Sobell Greg Sola Sheryl Sokoloski Ashlyn Solomon Erik Sparks Clark Spell Ben Sperling Greg Spiro John Sprague Stacy Neely Brian Stalcup Shannon Staples Kelly Steele Joseph Sternagle Shane Stevens 208 - Sophomores X .fl ic Af M me ililihliillmiw Si W vc f 3 X Eric Stone Brantley Suddath Kim Sullivan Andria Sumpter Dana Swanson Melissa Swartz Davilyn Sweet Amber Switz David Szymanski Kevin Taggart Suzanne Tanksley Brian Tate Lisa Tate Bonnie Taylor P..l. Tessmann Kim Testa Angela Thomas Ho Grover Thomas V2 Sean Thompson -- Alyssa Tilley Carrie Timmen fs 7 4 s .xxx 5 K.. ' u f l. A few Sophomores have a good ole' time at lunch, 2. On your marks, get set, Gol 3. Sue Sanzari makes a great handoff. 4. Krissy Ramaglia, Kari Potts, and Stephanie Houston laugh about the day by their lockers. 5. Shelly Johannes gets emotional at the Walton games. 6. Sopho- mores show their pride in Walton. 7. Having fun, An- drea? 8. Nick Wilson and Howard Ellenburg are on their way to a workout. Sophomores - 209 Y W l i 53 Carrie Timmen Laurie Tipton Zachary Todaro Amber Todd Laura Toensmeier Melissa Toledo Lisa Tomlinson Kim Tonning Albert Torbush Tanya Towe Anne Triggs Greg Trimbach Mary Ellen Troup Chris Tsuboi Shari Tucker Carolyn Tumlin Doug Turner Gabe Tushim Heather Underwood Vince Valez Julie Vaughan Michael Vaughan Mitch Velazquez Paul Vilcoq Lisa Vuolo Richard Wagner Karen Waite Melissa Walker .LZ ""' 'W 'WWW , ..,,, , .. .,,,. .1 It fr f .f 'f iiioa eati it . 5:gjj::5:g5gMi:.:::...-fillEiIS'EiE?'i1EEf'"Cl-i f T ffm" 'J I 'W' "W :E g g, '.,Q,,,.?fex ' A N.,u .2-1 ' .X fav, 1. 1. Mm, .v.., W A.. fl, .ff . W f M. I . .,.a:f,f,f.s.ff.z lggh , Aaff ' J r 4215 ,,,, " , if ?WfQZ J Q eeer We f 2 "," l. Sean Jackson goes for the ball 2. Paul Burnett makes the hurdle 3. Eric Dych rests after a long run. 4. Shelly Johannes and Jennifer Lapp watch the pep rally 5. Kenny Carlson has great concentration, 6. Chris Atwood looks enthused. 7. Walton's Sean Young leads the pack 8. J.V. Basketball Cheerleaders drive around the track. 9. Kim, Bess, and Julie are happy about homecoming. 2lO f Sophomores s eg N .gsfgfgg 1 Q K was 52.15. ' , Mac KKSKNS4: S .... W-. I ,W gk,, 1, . ff.. .J .4 Sean Wallace Thomas Walsh Nicole Walters Mike Wang Anne Marie Ward Leslie Ward Shanan Ward Paul Warfel Christina Watson Cathy Watt Kelly Webb Lisa Webster Tina Webster Peter Weimer Elysia Weiss Melinda West Christian Weyrauch Lacy Wheatly Sterling Whiteside John Whitside Vanessa Whitley Sophomores ' 2Il SQ lllliQMml Q 1 S l lllQMQ S fl. if I. Jay plays away. 2. Sophomore "lovers" on top of things. 3. The medicine men. 4. You can see Jennifer Pitt, but can she see you? 5. You are healedll 6. But I thought elves were not supposed to be angry. 7. Did you say "stick it in your ear?" 8. Park your car over there, 9. Vic, is the sun too bright? lO. Sophomores celebrate the day when braces are removed. ll. Can you believe what she did? f I ll! Sophomores S HHNQ!MQWf S iii! Z thanks C O X--'-' ing mu ri C Q xg J QW T 5 PAX Q w f John Whiteside f 1 A Q1 Q Thomas Wickerson Martin Wiederstein Vic Wiegand Carolyn Wilder Greg Wilder Matthew Wiley Jamie Wilkerson Cathy Williams Jimmy Williams Kathy Williams Leigh Williams Kathe Williamson Matthew Williamson Troy Willis Barbara Wilson Chris Wilson Katherine Wilson Nicholas Wilson Jon Witschy Matt Wolf Jeff Wolfson Dallas Wrege Daphne Wotring 2I4 - Sophomores I Jennifer Wright Virginia Wuenker Lisa York Shawn Young Mike Zinckgraf 6 X J' s11,Q,,,, fX The freshmen, more than any other class, have gone through changes this year. They obtained freedom from middle school and loved it. They got choices ranging from what classes they wanted to take, to what activi- ties in which they wanted to take part, to what lunch they wanted to eat. Walton was filled with new friends and new experiences for the class of '89. THE CLASS 0F 39 2fE5Ys5?'II'T1 - :. X. 2-':fzs,:g,, - f ' ,g,5::: :s jf Eg S X 3 X 5 XR X X .t:. 3 1 l 1 Mfwmwa 1 ' 1 2I6 - Freshmen X 5.1 IO I. Alan Arveson, Don't Panicl 2. Evonne Wahl gets psyched. 3. Mrs. Young's 2nd period class. 4. Brad Stevenson enjoys doing his homework. 5. Which way do l go? 6. Tara Suder plays "peek a boo" for the photographer. 7. Chris Sieferman takes a break during the game. 9. Dan Benidect pushes through the crowd to his next class. IO. Julie Chisek goes for the win. ll. Kenneth Meier is proud to be at Walton! ll. Laura Brunow, and Julie Pristach sport the latest styles. Freshmen - 2I7 Ben Aaron Erica Abood John Adkins Mark Adkins Lynne Aery Stacie Ahrens Leigh Aiken Miles Allen Karl Anderson Derek Applegate Jason Arcangei James Arnold Alan Arvesen Katherine Ash Kristin Ash Scott 'Ash Scott Ashton I. The wonders of science, 2. David Shepherd what are you up to? 3. lt's a typewriter Craig Campbell. 4. "a." "a," "a." semi, semi, semi. 5. Are you a freshman? 6, Wendy Nubold exhibits a unique typing style. 7. Mike Grigsby-a perfect example of the freshmen type. 8. Kim Branca loves her rotating chair. , jf, ' . - -i' x l J , l .ffl I I 7 f I .FY 1. 1 I if A A ' 1, X , 1 'A K A i i ' I 2l8 - Freshmen I 2 THE FRE . R . 5 .. g., .3 or AX l 1. . i 5 - 5 Q. sf wow ..,. TYPE ,Q . . ?' 1 Lori Askew Rosemary Astor Laura Aversano Melissa Avery Lance Ayers Tracy Babiasz William Bakun Mark Baldwin Nicholas Banchero Alan Banks Molly Baroco Steven Barrow 'S Y X9 f a :sx3..Jl"""' Q 6 al Phillip Bartley Scott Basden Jennie Bass Michael Baugh Adele Baxter John Baxter Jennifer Behm Rhonda Belanger Jose Benavides Daniel Benedict Ryan Berg Stacie Berkowitz Freshmen 0 2l9 David Berman Danielle Bernier Gregory Bertils Bruce Bever David Biggers Mike Bingham Chris Bisbee Stephen Bishop Benjamin Blackley Tara Blahnik Kirk Bockelman Corinne Bolier Brian Borchers Laura Borneman Michelle Bouchard Jon Bousselot Matt Brachowski Kimberly Branca Stacey Brand Stephany Brandt Leslie Bregulla Rodney Brewington James Bright Tygh Brogdon Lisa Brooks Tommy Brooks Kristin Brown Thomas Bruce Steven Brunton John Bryant l. David McCullum drafts plans. 2. John Kells does H his imitation of the mad scientist. 3. Tricia Eck- ".,..- : .-.'1.:t ert says "really my dog ate my homework." 4. Kendra Kucheck is there something alive in there? 5. Gigi Gill and Julie Pristach "guess" on their test. 6. Ms. Wallace loves freshmen, espe- cially Chris Bisbee. 7. Mike Hall shows off his high tops. 8. Kim Smiley, Bonnie McNew, Tammy Gold- berg and Kim Hatcher are home ecking it. 220 ' Freshmen XXX TLE CLASS S it S Standard classes for the incoming fresh- man include World Geography, Algebra, Comp l., and Physical Science. Most fresh- man opt to take a foreign language, while typing, home ec, and physical education xXx classes are favorities. :A l won unzip N ucq on ' IU- BW? uJl0 ewroaqo SIIEIO 0, I MJ' cm G,EN scieucb PRE5corr 05 I Au. Trll 5PpN1A DI-WARD vi ' Au, comm LUNCH BRUWNJ 05 ' Au, GPH ALC-41Q'b suem-iseo og, 1 Qui Dil' Grlcomgll wAu.Acc Q7 I V DII4 Typing A :rowers Jonathon Bryson Brian Buck Christy Burkett Brad Burklow Tony Burnham Laura Burnosky Julie Burrow Mike Buss Jeff Butler Matt Buttimer Q 222 - Freshman Maureen Buttimer Chris Caban Michelle Cable Dan Cody Chena Calbert Craig Campbell Jeff Campione Warren Carmon Fake Carper Rachel Carswell John Carter Matt Caseman Christy Cash Kate Castle Geoff Chalk Todd Chalk Charlie Chamberlain Jason Chandler Jeff Chaplin John Chastain Tricia Chin Julie Chisek Kathy Church Vanessa Churchwell UFFICE as Q. K, 1 a , I . 'f'V. 'fur .W g aww M df' we vw, in s 3 E 1 -f-E...-M .WM .,,, ...,,.,f,.:-,sf K A J..- 1 E Q., I ., A V I V A I . Q 1 fa ,V F . J 2 5 ' ' K 1 J ' pw! '-" P J' h V 1 K5 - 5 . i ' . P' '.,, ' ' 3 ., 4 K 3 .ui I. Freshman class president Michelle Demott and secretary Jenny Targee. 2. Adrienne Parnell Cleftj vice president and Karen Conners, Csittingj the treasurer, 3. Adrienne Parnell goes the whole 9 yards for the freshman class. 4. The Class of '89 is fine! 5. Prez Michelle DeMott. Maria Cimmino Julia Leigh Claiborne David Clark Stephen Clay Julie Clayman Susan Clelland x David Clements Donald Clements Beth Coats Tamron Cochran Marcy Coe Gregory Cohen Angela Coker Jeffrey Colier Liz Collier Jill Collins Chris Colvin Eric Combs Suzanne Conlan Karen Conners Kristina Conrad Laura Consuegra Shelley Cook Sonja Cook Freshman - 223 Jeff Cooper Kedra Cornelske Kathleen Cotter Kevin Count Anna Covington Kimberly Cox Mara Craine Amy Crepeau Sean Crockett Randall Crow Jennifer Crow Julie Crye 224 - Freshman Paxton Culpepper Chris Cummings Mark Cummings Elizabeth Currier Samantha Dabney Traci Damron Catherine Davis John Davis Kelley Davis Kimberly Davis Paul Davis P.J. Davoudpour Matt Dawson James Day Jeffrey Day Kathryn Kay Patrick Day Todd Debonis Daphne Deese Krista Deifrey Michelle DeMott Edward Denard John Denemark Jeff Deputy Dean Devenie Paul Devigne Suzi Disheroon Michael Disser Shawntel Divon Mark Douglas David Dozoretz Heather Dreese James Drury Lara Dubose Alexandra Duchene Jeanette Dudas According to our random survey, the aver- age freshman guy is 5'6 l38 lbs, and the aver- age freshman girl is 5'2 IO4 lbs. ln many cases there is a sizable difference between the up- perclassmen and the freshman. Although, in several of the cases the freshman are larger. 4 ..... ' ' Qi as I. Trip Bakum does his homework during lunch. 2. Whitney Whitlock study's hard. 3. Susan Ferry and Stacy Berkowitz love lunchl 4. Robb Jenecova loves being the center of attention. 5, Jeff Chaplin concentrates on his homework. 6. Kris- ten Lander, haven't you read the dress code? 7. Tracy Mittrucker loves the Raidersl Freshman ' 225 Wwmumq- U'N.-""""' 226 0 Freshmen Scott Dugan Jason Dull Scott Duncan Ronnie Dunn Sean Dunn Catherine Dupont Dennis Dupree Meredith Dutter Shawn Eaton Kim Eberhart Tricia Eckert Suzanne Eddlemon Matt Edelstein Jason Edwards Lisa Edwards Jason Ellenburg Scott Ellington Scott Elliot A FRESHMAN ' 1 f is MV wg-1 Shannon Elliot Tiffany Engeldinger Alison Etheridge , Lisa Evans Mark Everly David Faber 5. rs Ii if .5 i Aric Fader David Fancher Matt Fancher Christi Farmer Tim Farmer Treena Farmer 1 Heather Fausti Kristina Fehrenbach Tracy Fields Eloise Fischer David Fisher Shelley Fleet Jackie Fletcher Steve Flotz Kelly Foss David Foster David Fox Rebecca Frazier 7 l. Cameron Schmidt shows a look of excitement. 2. David Biggers realizes the day is only halfway over. 3. Pam Mulcahe checks out pictures of the boys lockeroom. 4. Freshman Jim Pepperly and senior Darin Brissman get down. 5. Sharon .lack- son and junior indiviudalist Andrew Arveson. 6. Kelly Walls and Michelle Secrest just love their freshman, Matt Stewart. 7. David Shepherd shows his dimples. Freshmen 227 Homecoming l985 was a special time for freshmen. Most freshmen were amazed at the amount of spirit that was shown. The whole school was drawn together for one week, ending with the homecoming game against Osbourne. The two freshman on the homecoming court were: Tara Blahnik, and Krista Yearwood. Both girls felt honored and priviledged to take part in such an important and memorable part of homecoming l985. 228 - Freshman 2 David Freund Elsie Fridmar David Fryer Nicholas Gaffga Jon Gaines Charles Gammage y Frederick Ganii David Garrett Donald Gatlin Patty Geisel Lisa Gelb Raymond George fJ22L,SE5fEf EM S? " , ' 57:3 i W ,,f A ,, X ,,.,,. ,..,,,.,,.,,,,,,, , , Wd, mf 1 if ffyfifftff C EW ,fyfffff f f nav i 9 Z R I B BEAUTIE D i 1 : ,J ,J:I F fiJ. 5 M 93 , Walton lligll School PreS2!ffS XNgQEgi ff' 14' 5 xxx ff V: Q Vw 44 ' Q Y a 3 p if tk f I. Tara Blahnik and Krista Yearwood pose for 4 5' 'A', their homecoming picture. 2. Tara Blahnik and If 'K Krista Yearwood parade around the field. 3. Da- 4 vid Thomas escorts Tara Blahnik through the . field. 4. Glory Daysl 'fn V'bra 'ons Xdalmfl lfllali Sl'hnol'Gummcium 4 he Nifk: s 1. .F "1 .. Suzanne Giglio Tricia Gilbert Jennifer Gill Danna Gillespie Stacy Gilsdorf Bill Glass Tony Goicolea Christi Goldman Roberto Gonazlez Kathe Gorder Steve Gordon Todd Gorsuch Thomas Gossage Amanda Gravely Corey Gray Matt Green Pamela Greene Richard Greenward James Gremillion Michael Grigsby Amy Grose Jenny Grubbs Robb Haberman Michael Hafer Bill Hakes Melissa Hale Catherine Hall Bill Hall Jessica Hall Michael Hall Freshman ' 229 TIE 230 ' Frehmen Patrick Hall David Hammer Brian Hammond Justine Hansen Kelly Harmon John Harper Kristin Harper Tim Harrigan Susan Harris Stephanie Harrison Kimberly Harsh Brent Hart Melissa Hartley Rondal Hass Walter Hatcher Kim Hatter Stacey Hawkins Daniel Hayes K .. ..g., t as 1 W ' ..,. .. Q ' Aft' so f , J' iii ,, . . .gf ul -. Richard Haygood Heather Heath Lester Heavner Darin Heidt William Heinz Dana Heiserman Shannon Helms Michael Herman Carmille Hicks Jason Hill 'L ' Michael Hilton '- Steven Hines Kristi Hodge Robert Holman Robin Holman - Amy Holmes 1, John Holmes James Holt Katherine Horton Casey Howard Anita Howarth Jennifer Haydu Deborah Hughes Steve Hugh X-f 'f .ff x X5 x N.. S Lindsay Hughes Tony Hull Tricia Hummer Jennifer Hunt John Hutton Brian lroff Mike lrwin Laurie Jablow Sharon Jackson V an 3 'Z M-ff-55191 W, aft, l. Laurie Maivier, Katie O'Neil, and Tara Blahnik discuss the next cheer. 2. Lyle Stuckley watches the Raiders sink two. 3. Miles Allen waves to the Sideline crowd. 4. Tristan Van Streen breaks away from his opponents. 5. Lookl Your shoe's untied. 6. Sue Harris throw's the ball with intensi- ty. 7. Chris Sieferman sneaks a sip at the side- lines. Freshmen ' 23I - '89 f , My ,-HM' 5U'5U5r:2'fnf.Z:gO .wh " 17 ' , "' E ffi'2""' 4, was s- umm!- . J 2 5 89 5096 m 54415 ucrrfus 'D C, LUG 4191415 ii' f T957 W 1 3' 'C 3 :O .....a n..., 232 - Freshman 1w0woQ'QNMQ74Xw YS? P30 A Q ' . SQ sf W Qmgw 6' W xx S?fYg,ff53XWX M23 WY 30? NW? G r H f 4' 'mm f if EK' F F W ' ,fff 2, ,,.A ' PICKS v 2 KJ Q Xw . 6 K m1fwaa'I 2- - 234 ' Freshmen Keri Jackson Kari Jacob Robert Jenocova Kristi Jennings David Jewell Marie Johagen David Johnson Beth Johnson Jeff Johnson Karina Johnson Stacy Johnson Amy Jones David Jones Erin Jones Gregory Jones James Jones Paul Jones Scott Jones Briton Jordan Carey Jordan Ann Kammer Marc Katz Cynthia Kayton Matt Keable l l 1 ,f fax-.!' Matthew Hunter Keen Jeremie Keene Bradley Kehm John Kells 6 Susan Kenny Jennifer Kermeen v Hannah Kim Amy King Jason King Y ,W Chris Kirby Shannon Kirby Aaron Klein x ...Nessie 8 l. Don Gatlin and John Atkins pose for G.Q. 2. Smile! You're on candid camera! 3. Carrie Malong reIax's after school. 4. The girls take a break from a tough aerobics class. 5. Quiet! I'm trying to study. 6. Mara Craine study's hard. 7. Warron Carmon dreams of being an upperclassman. 8. Underclassmen have some fun between classes. Freshmen - 235 William Knight Kimberly Kolowich Todd Kramer Craig Kulpa John Kunkel Kristen Lander Jana Langseth James Lanham Julie Lavercombe Alison Lawton Elmore Layne Randy Lee Jodi Leebow Julie Lenegan Joseph Lima Maggie Lindsey Tammy Lockhart Jeff Logan P PPY K One of the best changes for the freshmen L g f N 0 og' J ff Y iN iw, v o ' xl were all the new faces Cespecially those of the opposite sexj. While "dating" was theo- retically impossible for the freshman couple unless Moms and Pops provided transporta- tion, the ritual of "going" together has re- mained intact. L0 'wav' Antonio London Gary Longenecker David Lubell Scott Lucas Karen Ludlam Natalie Lummert Kay Lumpkin Mike Lumpkin Edward Lunn Julie Mack Liz Maddox Dayne Maes John Magyar Tim Mahon Carrie Malone Mickey Manion Chad Manning Kelly Marcilte Justin Marshall Kim Martin Kristen Martin Mike Martin Daniel Maslyk Aimee Maurer Susan Maveal Eric Maynes Tim Mays Brian McCloskey David McCollum Jerald McConnell 'WWW l. These freshmen get off to an early start. 2. What are you two working on in the corner? 3. The typical freshmen couple. Wm Freshman ' 237 Jason McCusker Tara McDaniel John McDuffie James McFarlane Kelly McKeone John McKinley Jay McLeod Jeanne McLellan Michelle McMahan Christopher McMahon Charles McMickIe Anna McNeal Melissa McNeish Dawn McQueen Melissa Medure Michael Meeks Kenneth Meier Rachelle Meredith I Sean Dunn can't find a chair. 2. Donald Gatlln IS 3 amused 3 David Fancher chats during lunch 4 Perry Williams toots his horn. 5. Mike Hilton says No more Mr Nice Guy." 6. Mike Bingham has been to the sugar bowl. 238 Freshman -vm f . . . EXCITI G ' i f ' 43 J., A ' 'B , , me H I -. 2. '15 ff '?"" 1 if V 11 i Todd Morlen Paul Mrus Stephanie Mueller Suzi Muir Pam Mulcahy John Mullen Alison Murphy Shawn Murphy Tonya Murray John Nale ...fy ,, '1 Brian Michalek Adam Middleton Richard Mielke Brian Miklos Dan Miller Beth Miller Edward Miller Travis Miller John Mills Robert Mitchell Tracy Mittrucker Exor Montes Holley Maddy Amy Moore Jeremy Moore John Morah Meredith Moreland Catherine Morgan Freshman - 239 Lunch was an important part of a fresh- men's day. After only having 20 minutes to eat in middle school, most freshmen appreci- ated a full lunch hour. Most freshmen spent lunch talking with friends, or catching up on the day's assignments. On the whole, fresh- men agreed that lunch was one of the high points of their day. ANTALIZED l Lesley Naterman Sharman Neill Stacy Nelson Wendy Newbold Margaret Nichols David Nickelson Kimberly Nicklas Tom Nobis Mia Norenberg Marlo Novello Christa Odendahl Jennifer Odonell 240 - Freshmen 2 'P if hy P , . 4 QW 4 5 vw I, 7 Vw X ff, . 1 ur , ly, ,l ,ff .I S is ry, Ks ASTEBUIJ Y. 6 l , AM., Kathryn Oneill Ivo Orfannelli Amy Orr George Ortega Robert Ortmam Kirstin Osmand Ti Owens Kathryn Oyler Timothy Ozburn David Pace Kathleen Paden Gregory Pallone Billy Papp Shannon Parker Bill Parks Adrienne Parnell David Parsons Brian Patterson o Mark Patterson Gretchen Payne Teresa Paynter James Pefferly Krista Pelfrey Lynn Penny I. Laura Bronowski eats "contaminated trash." 2. This man cleans up after Greg Bertil makes a mess. 3. Kim Kolowich flashes her perlies during the lunch. 4. Shelley Flelt, Nannette Friedman, and Julie Claiborne share their lunch with some guys. 5. Some guys chat over lunch. 6. Suzy Muir and Katie Paden play patty-cake. 7. Katie Lindsey happily hands over her lunch money. Freshmen - 24I Stacey Perkins Elizabeth Perusse Ramsey Petty Chris Pfohl Danielle Phelps Jason Phillips Patricia Pierce Mark Poelke Lisa Poole Mark Poole Terri Porter Aimee Potts Il ,+- i- F! 'Q 1 i I ax , w. X fs mg 5 l I, 6.x V if in ,- ff 242 0 Freshmen St.. U5 Kerry Powers Dara Presti Peter Presti Andy Pringle Julie Pristach Laura Pugley Kimberly Rakestraw Curtis Randall Travis Range Kerri Reardon Jeremy Rebol Craig Reed .rw ey F R +5 x A s - -- uf f- 'K at 1 'Ph 4 ' 'E M . as G , X i- M me , ki . vi 5 -'A 5" , 2 "' , , f' 'fy 'H' 5 . ,, ,ft g M P , . 'C gk at . ga. NX K 1 5 - f t A 4 1 .A S Heather Reed Karolyn Reeves Mary Rhoads Traci Rhoads Denise Rhodes Lee Rhodes Blake Rice Elizabeth Richardson Dawn Ricker Chandler Rickman Scott Riddle Brain Rieschick Ashley Roberts Chris Roberts Richard Robertson ,A A Michael Robinson Christine Rodgers Michelle Rodgers Matthew Rogers Bryan Rohda I. Freshmen get excited at the pep rally. 2. Fresh- men have spiritll 3. Get Down Boogie Oogie Oo- giel 4. Candy Rand and Stephanie Brandt check out the football players. 5. Bang a Gong. 6. Build a Chris Rohr tower of Frosh powerll Mariken Ronde Patrick Rosenberger Jonathan Roskas Freshmen 0 243 Because of the freshmen's lack of two es- sential things, the driver's licence and the Walton High School parking space, most freshmen are forced to ride the bus. Those that have senior siblings who drive to school are the few and lucky ones. In our survey, most freshmen said they did't enjoy the bus ride. Others, however, said they like it be- cause it gave them a chance to socialize and be with friends. 6572422251:,f"'4"l'Vrlh2WL' ' f, t :f,,,f512tfJ11f,.Wf :?"f t my ' ef df" ff.: j:,"iQz,,g,, K yiwftfxiy A , X , . , 3 , . sf-"1 244 0 Freshmen tsl' Scott Rowe Patricia Ruble Jennifer Rudd Jennifer Ruppert Kathy Russell Chad Rutherford Peter Rydberg Natasha Safarriyeh Chuck Saleeby Mary Sanders Teresa Santucci Marcie Sapp Stacey Savastano David Savula Jen Schacher 4 e. ti in l 2 X E Kiigxo X X . I. Freshmen happily walk to their buses after a long, hard day. 2. Finding a seat on this crowded bus can be a chorel 3. Friends get on the bus together. 4. Good luck getting through, Kendra. 5. Chris Barbic says a last minute word with a fresh- man getting ready to leave. 6. This freshman par- tiently waits to get on the bus. 7. Brian Rohda looks down. 8. Nothing could make this guy smile. N Dx X X D Qiuxmfm., A 5 . .... ,gyy F x ,... . Cameron Schmidt Wendy Schmidt Tamara Schwane Brittany Schwartz ' ' Louis Sedivy Gregory Selfridge v Q David Semler Samantha Sewell Jenifer Shackelford Valerie Shanior Corrinne Shapiro Natalie Sharpe Doug Shattuck Marcie Shattuck James Shaw David Shepherd Heidi Sherman Ted Shields Sherry Shipp June Shobaker James Shumaker Deena Shunnarah Christain Seifferman Kristi Seigle -3 Q , K Freshmen - 245 246 0 Freshman Joan Sikes Andrew Simmons Carolyn Skeean John Skelton Stephen Small Kimberly Smiley Amanda Smith Ashley Smith Angie Smith Joseph Smith Lee Smith Sara Smith Christy Smitherman John Sneed Candance Snipes Danny Son Bill Sorrells Wade Speas Robert Spence Kristen Spinner Benjamin Spitalnick Dana Stacy Kirstin Standfest Scott Stanich Stephanie Steele Michael Steffensen Heidi Steffey Cindy Stephens Leigh Stephens Cathy Stepp Brad Stevenson Heather Stewart Matt Stewart Shawn Stewart Marcia Stinnett Susan Story as isis, K I A ,fm fl ., 1 2 ig' 9 I. I .4 M . Q 8 .Mj,y. vs. G 1. 'A' vw 4 I. l got those Levi SOI blues. 2. Nice baggiesl 3. Hey Lee Rider! 4. Raiders in action. 5. Freshman bot- toms up. 6. She likes tennis, a good book, rollers- kating, doritos, fast cars and fast men. 7. Where is her derriere? 8. Bryan Rohda shows his Raider spirit. John Stout Michelle St. Pierre Emily Strapp Allison Strazella Debbie Stroup Joann Stubbs inf' if l le R XM -1 L Ak Lyle Stucky Kendra Suchik Tara Suder Pam Suehs Brian Sullivan Melisa Sult Jeffrey Sumrell Melissa Suttles Jenifer Swartz Susan Swedlund Stacie Sweet Shannon Sweeney 1 2 Freshman 0 247 W- Debra Scussell Jonathon Taksley Stefani Tanksley Benjamin Tanner Ryan Tanner Jenifer Targee Leigh Taylor Meredith Taylor Kim Teal Jon Tebeau Tara Tessman Derold Thackston Kelly Thomas Janet Thompson Jean Thompson Alyssa Tilley Katie Todd Angela Torbush Mary Transue Gabriel Trimbach Emily Tsuboi Todd Turner Kristing Turnquist Greg Upchurch Nightlife is an important part of a fresh- men's life. Although most freshmen can't drive, they still find ways to have fun. Foot- ball games are only a few activities freshmen take part in. During the week most freshmen watch T.V. or do homework. On the week- ends, going out to dinner, going to the mov- ies for Kicks are popular things to do. 5 l .Q l l 4 I. Lee Ann doesn't know what to do with her hands. 2. Kathleen Cottler gets ready for the rain. 3. Mike Martin makes a deal. 4. Tommy Brooks, Ausin McFarlane, Robert Warlick are awed by the WALTON Raider Football program. 5. We find a smile in the crowd from Amy Moore. 6. Sue Harris ' and Shannon Eliot watch this kid breakdance. Michael Vice Samantha Vickers Jason Vickery . Sl Ross Vincent Chris Vizzini Leigh Vogel V., Heather Voight Madelon Von Hof Chris Von Holt Charles Wade Carroll Wagner Evonne Wahl 1. ' X Benjamin Walker Karen Walker Megan Wallace Mark Wallace Bryan Walling Cheryl Wallstedt Freshman 0 249 Chris Warbington Mike Ward Ted Ward Robb Warlick Tim Warner Matt Waters Matt Watson Shannon Weaver Clay Weeks Mychelle Westbrook Aniila Wheeler Lori White Brent Widaman Will Wideman Lance Wienke Amy Williams Felicia Williams Tricia Williams Ted Williamson Chris Wilson Stephen Wilson Belinda Wingo Christy Winn Kristin Wisdom IJNKY 3 u s C 250 0 Freshmen X s X Y 3 x X SEA Q R 'X - X -'- C l 2 FRES HME i K , f Anne Wittmer Brad Wolpert Andry Wood Ami Wrest Whitney Wypasek Roi-Lyn Yarger Krista Yearwood Jayme Yocum Jaurie Yunger Cindy Zettler Will Zimmerman Burt Zingarelli 'L ' fl' Q ' 7 X , , ff W -V' ,K f 'M-..,, 5 I. Jenny O'Donnell shows off her flowers. 2. Chris Caban searches in his locker. 3. Jamin Tanner and his Trapper Keeper. 4. Katie Padenis ready to cheer. 5. Mara Craine catches up on homework. 6. Marc Katz copies his homework. 7. Mike Bingham blows the crowd away. Freshmen ' 25l CUMI G 4 I. Matt Stewart does his Mick Jagger lmperson- ation. 2. Dayna Maes and her friends have a good time in 5th period lunch. 3. Nice argylel 4. Adel Baxter and her friends study in the halls. 5. Cream cheese and Bagels-mmmml 6. Stephen Clay struts his stuff. 7. Hey PJ. Mitt ll if we-nv J 'Mfr ... . xr 252 ' Freshman E X S F A S S X 0 N X OJ LC I P-ITIX S 1' 256 - Organizations ,,,,y1 W? - n 1 .K ww-4, 421: 5 I XV., ,., I . 'V i ,if Q 41 : M ,gf ffi i ',.,"1' M Vi?A N N I. VX R , 'kk x 'X , W ,W ,f wmv--- M. W WV' ww X ,gs . 5' Lax sk' X. SE W X5-Q.Qg wg' Q -x-' txxxmm m ix ' . ,Q , ' f 59- -x-, - L. L I .. ....,,.. . :...M,, , -- -:., ,x. .,. Q . S ,, , 4 ' 1 '1 Organizations ' 257 IO Work Clubs consist off DECA, VlCA, and FBLA. Leadership training conference . . . haunted House . . . Homecoming . . . Compe- tition Doughnut sale . ., Banquet Students in work programs get a head start in the business world. They learn the fundamentals of business today and even get a chance to put what they learn to work. l. Front Row: Shauna Marval, Trisha DelGreco, Jeannie Hunter, Stacey Hials, Anne Currie, Lisa Crebbs, Julie Buttermer, Angi Jones, Back Row:Pam Crisp, Greg Lott, Ammie Schantz, Jack Beavers, Steve Clark, Martin lvers, D.W. Pine, Mr. Cagel. 2, Front Row: Diane Tisdale. Shanda Daniels, Don Smith, Connie McClure, Tim Mor- ris, Scott Bennett, Ty Westbrook, Middle Row: Heather Curley, Lara Smith, Jimmie Burchel, Scott Martin, Linda Greer, Ashish Merchant. Back Row: Ashley Kiningston, Suzanne Adams, Erica George, Karin Christianson, Cath- erine Hube, Mr. Cagel. 3. Front Row: Michelle Fields, Brad Johnson, Jody Friedman, Maggie Miller, Middle Row: Angie Spinks, Jodie Phillips, Patric Crisp, Scott Kelly, John Dodus. Christy Maurer, Carla Garrett. Paul Harris, Steve Fowler, Richard Rice, Juliary Drewry, Mr. Cagel. 4. Front Row: Melissa Cannon, Geoff Eaton, David Flesher, Karyn Dixon, Middle Row: Craig Avena. John II 258 - Organizations THE BUCKS I 6 Smith, Mike Cutter, Niecey Bishop, Meg Maslic, Chris Canfield, Mitch Phillips, Back Row: Jenifer Hatcher, Lisa Ehlwr, Danny Povavick, Susan Bentz, Gabby Grismack, Mr. Cagel. 5. Front Row: Richard Ryan, Christy Shaffer, Jennie Boozer, Chantel Karrime, Chris Hunter, Nikkin Baudo, Don Carter. Back Row: Craig Register, Jason Al- drig. David Thomas, Jim Hall, John Phillips, Max Staples, Dave Rodgers. 6. VICA-homecoming banner. 7. Front Row: Mrs. Wallace, Anna Acree, Kara Robinson, Christy Sloan, Marty Smith, Kirsta Reeber, Dawn Able, Dena Ma- cado, Barbie Plowman, Cathy Carman, Julie Banks, Robin Bernowski. Back Row: Wende Murdock, Paula Tsakris, Jeff Rickman, Ashley Steward, Cathy Burnett, Tom Har- ris, Katie Allen, Mary Trapnell, Gretchen Siefferman. Heather Davison. Marsi Cox, Julie Harris. 8. DECA with its awesome Red Mustang. 9. What a jeepl IO. Pam Crisp does more than just work. ll. All work and no play . . . ,cm-C -L jf f L t ' , I -ii, A f e - , .nf l .gf Organizations f 259 FCA Snooka Fly Turner . . . Our Awesome Homecoming sign.. .Christmas Caroling . . . Campon time much Ron? . . . Friends are friends forever . . . Volleyball . . . Blooming- dale Rd.-Billy . . . Who knows the words to "We Wish you a M.C."? . . . Morning prayer group ... Which Schwane are you? ... Where's Coach "T"? . . . Pat do you live near the Big Rock? Michele what kind of houses do you like best? . . . Powder Puff . .. Lock-in . . . Michele, do you want to take a ride? . . . l. Ron Holeman, Jeanne Schneider, and Billy Bond how 'bout Epworth by the Sea? 2. Craig Bolier, a dedicated F.C.A. member, is also on Annual staff. 3. Ron Holeman and Jeanne Schneider enjoy the breeze, 4. Front row: Jennifer Hyde, Tina Galle, Mike Anderson, John Morgan. Stacy Ficzko, Billy Bond, David Thomas, Craig Bolier, Jennifer Ervin, Stephanie Osburne. Back Row: Tammy Schwane, Sally Ficzko, Jeanne Schneider, Nancy Heavner, Michelle Feis, Michele Reed, Tracey Schwane, Theresa Schwane, Craig Bolier, Vince Wiegand. 5. Flirt- ing again Mark Gibbons? 6, F.C.A. supports our Raiders with a banner at homecoming. 7, How's your baby Billy? 260 ' Organizations A42 M gl GRGWING TOGCTHCR ii T67 5 . . "'e-'uf PRCPIARING FOR THC FUTURE .QR - T ,--' 1 ' ,.-. 1 F H F.H.A. F.H.A. started the new school year with a fashion show featuring school and "fun" clothes from Ups-N-Downs at Perimeter . . . Adopted a special grandparent to help and learn from . . . Learned to weave designs on sweaters-lt is always rewarding to turn a Sll or Sl! sweater into a SIIO to SISO sweater! . . . During Christmas several members sold tree ornaments at Cumberland Mall to benefit the life-saving work of the Cobb Lung Associ- ation Chapter. . . There's more to come: pag- eant, sugar eggs, adopted grandparent visits and help. 8. Front row: Ms. Moore, Mrs. Heavner, Laurie Tipton, Kim Kolowich, Elizabeth Hershberger, Leigh Ebson. Back row: Sally Ficzki, Karen Hubbard, Holly Peterson, Jeanne Reidinger, Nancy Heavner. 9. Sharon Collins models new fall clothing in the fashion show. IO. Four future home- makers relax. ll. Front row: Chris Tsuiboi, Charlene Li. Second row: Mrs, Anderson, Jennifer Hyde, Tina Galle, Amy Powers, Heather Underwood, Jamie Wilkerson, Amy Smith, Erica Schantz, Corinne Chisek, Jan Brady, Maria Smith, Jan Everly, Kathleen Marran. Second row: Mike Abromawitz, Kent Huddleston, Danielle Etzbach, Kelly Moore, Kim Maxwell, Tanya Giles, Kristin Krug, Anne Curr, Sharon Gagliano, Jenny Ryan, Lisa Gagliano, Kendra Hanson, Dickie Conners, Tasha Williamson. Back row: Susan Belmonte, Allison Avery, Sloane Haney, Lisa Young, Sherry Abernathy, Carolyn McCloud, Jolene Di- prova, Andrea Carrithers, John Kerner, Lane Corny, Kenna Buckalew, Kristie Speckhals, Wendy Snead, Jenny Southerland, Chantel Cream, Alicia Jackson. JUNIOR ClVl'S Junior Civitans was full of exciting events. lt began at Fall Council and ended at our Spring convention in Panama City. Some of the highlights of the year were Yellow Ribbon Day, which raised money for the Georgia Mentally Retarded, Selling Ghostly Greet- ings, and the February Blood Drive. The Club worked really hard in l986 to help the com- munity and next should be even better. wfs y I Organizations - 26l I l2NA1t0 ,us "' on 1 Blackout '86 C20 minutes fo chaosb . . . Dodging cars on Johnson Ferry . . . Repelling from 60th floor of Marriott Marquis . .. What's the ice for? . . . l got a headache ... Bathtub . . . Key Club disarms Bomb Csaves school! . . . Who invited the Cobb County Police Department? . . . Welcome Brad Smith . . . Who's that in the chicken suit? . . . The Laporta Family gets together for homecom- ing from New York, Sicily, Madegascar . . . lnterviews-the tradition continues and gets out of hand . . . The Schneider Dynasty C2nd generation?j . . . Communion of races. is wt 1 3 5 ' SEV' J A , f f l. Scott Kelly gives club sweetheart a hug. 2, Front row: Mike Abromwitz. John Jefferson, Craig Bolier, Heath Moyer, Jim Shepard, Tom Counts, Bruce Mitchell, Rob LaPorta, Carl Herlitz, Dennis Biscan. Second row: Oliver Favalli, Danny Popovic, Eric Meihoffer, Bert Wall, Karl Meiffoher, Ashish Merchant, Melinda Carithers-Key- club Sweetheart, Scott Kelly-Keyclub president. Jeanne Schneider-Keyclub sweetheart, Gus Thompson, Stephen Priestley, Chris Osmond, Chris Smith, Eddie Bodiford, Kevin East, Neil Yeager, Mike Kash, Tim John- son. Back row: Drew Meadows, David Katz, John Helwic, Eric Hube, Craig Bighouse, Brian Hillary, Greg Mosher, Joel Bulger. 3. The Keyclub gang go all out for homecom- ing. 4. Dennis Biscan is having a blast at Keyclub initi- ations. 5. What do you have to drink, Drew Meadows? 6. This is greatl 7. A hearse at homecoming? 8. The Mafia arrives. 9. What an innocent look. IO, l'm covered, man! ll. Hey, Mike Kash. I2. Ashish Merchant in deep medita- tion. l3. ls something wrong Torsten? I4. The Keyclub is ready for anything. 262 - Organizations LUB K Student Government Association CS.G.A.j encouraged the school to get more involved . . . message sign . . . Golly MolIy's . . . bologna sandwiches . . . Mrs. Hager, welcome . .. Mrs. Lee . . . Doughnuts anyone? . . . Janet's pool party . . . Homecoming success . . . awe- some dance decorations . . . balloons . . . Where's John Morgan? . . . What's a semi- formal? . . . Inner Club Council . . . Members at large . . . A year of success . . . l. Jennifer Ervin, Heather Underwood, Kelly Hall, Mia Norenberg, Michelle Demott, Andrea Carithers, Melinda Carithers, Jo Burkett, Janet Kim, Ingrid Norenberg, Lisa Lenhof, Michelle DeMott, Cathy Morgan. Second row. Ann Martinek, Amy Powers, Sue Lynn, Whitney Lafon, Christy Smith, Leigh Morrow, Erin Johnson, Michelle Cohen, Callie Allen, Christi Klein, Stephen Priestley, Jeanne Schneider, Tiffany Broach, Adrian Parnell, Ron Gibbs. Back Row: Vince Wiegand, Billy Bond, John Mor- gan, Rob Sterret, Rodney Shaffer, Ricky Judson, Tony DeLorenzo, Scott Kelly, Mary Smith, Kim Jones, Kim Bianca, Cori Bolier, Meg Nichols. 2. Introducing Home- coming '85. 3. Inner Club Council: Debbie Mulkahe, Christl Peacock, Melinda Carithers, Andrea Carithers, Heather Underwood, Tom Counts, Scott Shepherd, Amy Powers, Ingrid Norenberg. 4. Heather Underwood, do you know how to walk? 5. Nancy Heavner and John Morgan pose for the camera. 264 - Organizations 1 -ai.. 'S 2 .5 5 X wmows BIACKBONC g I Qi N XX R gsm W-:swamps . s 4' .7 I X 4. "V 5, .... . . , , ' 1-TwawW ..-9,75 ' Wi? 1i4fQfW2l ' 'fin 4 .ry A gfaxbwb ' few . fx fw- W if:-- 'ff f :fum .Q ,w f 2" 5 if f y jg f ,?', .Wg W , 5 , . lj Z4 Y, fl I' Jia ,. fWv1mi:5. "" ,,,,2f,, 1 H r - Three years down, many more to go, is the spirit of Pride this year. Ms. Cone continues diligently and proudly to support the club. Pride made banners for sports events and different activities around school. Pride helped create a sense of pride and respect throughout the school. Pride caresl 6. Pride members 7. Boy do we have pridel 8. Pride banners add life to Walton. 9. Go Jodyl IO. Andrew Arve- son has pride in Walton. IO 1' '- K L.: l , . IQ. i li 4! fl Ji 5 y f , li ' In P5 It gig ! fx? f M ' ' H. ,' " . 'A" aK.:,y, ., , M Taking a foreign language has become in- creasingly popular in the past years. Stu- dents are finding they need foreign lan- guages as prerequisites for college. This encourages some students to venture into extra years in languages. Taking Latin, French, German, and Spanish, is definitely an experience one will never forget. The clubs participate in parties, projects, and other re- lated activities. Teachers do a great deal to help and encourage the students to learn about details of their various cultures. I, Front row: Pam Lein, Stephanie Adams, Meg Durham. Second row: Kelly Jackle, Cathy Gay. Kim Burr, Kim Tan- ning, Stacy Gilsdorf, Lisa Jones, Melissa Petty. Third row: Tim Towson, Lisa Brenowitz, Susan Belmonte, Jen- nifer Dawson, Garrett Bailey, Tom Counts. Sarah Castle, Whitney Lafon, David Phillips. Back row: Brian Peterson, Neel Stacy, Brian Kennel, Frank Li, Ellen Mulligan, Sari Gruber, Scott Shepherd, Lori Askew, John Garner, Pat Lynn, Kevin Garner. 2. Front row: Stacy Martin, Nancy Lare, Patty Cane, Christi Prikle, Elizabeth Johnson, Charlene Li, Stacy Perkins, Ellena Moom, Emily Isubou, Ernie Weber. Second row: Sonya Bolen, Jana Irks. 266 ' Organizations LIANGUIAGEIS OF IANGTHEIR KIND ,f E Heather Underwood, Midi Choe, Christl Peacock. Deb- bie Mulcahy, Erin Oliver, Mark Hall, John lsakson, Lar- anda Thompson. Third row: Lisa Abers, Cathy Jones, Amy Harris, Missy Todd, Tammy Brooks, Michelle Vo- gel, Debbie Brooks, Gwenie Thio, Michelle Vagel, Tanya Vagel, Lisa Johns, Tracey Evens, Nancy Parks. Back row: Lisa Evans, Garrett Bailey, Simone Vonhof, Tom Bogataj, Laura Kalember, Melanie Parhem, 3. Front row. Mia Son, Georgia McGaughuy, Anna Deets, Allen Stuart, Stuart McPhee, Michelle Vagel, Tracy Elvis, Sheeley Lee, Ashly Arvin. Back row: John Ivers, Darren Bigda, Cutie, Mike Clark, Tom Counts, Lisa Hersey, Jack Lynn. Rob Lowe, David Gupta, Allison Oliver, Julia Buchanan. Kelly Aus- tin, Dawn Otter. Wendy Norton, Lisa Williams, Suzanne Andrews. 4. Mike Phillips. John Jones, Paul Smith, Jenny Southerland, Heather Underwood, Mike Lores, Julia Drewry, Yalonda Rivers. Back row: Michael Kalember, Bryant Russell, Mark Hobson, Kristie Speckhals, Steve Regitz, Terry Gorsuch, Tim Lenegan, Amy Powers. 5. Front row: Kristie Speckhals, Andrea Naterman, Jenny Southerland, Tana Pennix. Back row. Mrs. Warriner, Heather Underwood, Mark Benak, Ried Miegal, Joey Molmer, Terry Gorsuch, Tim Lenegan. 6. Latin does some crazy things. 7. Learning a foreign language is so much fun. 8. Scott Shepherd studies hard. 9. German club made banners at Christmas. 2 -'J 3 1 . ui 1' ' " . A ta H' - N . ,nf ' 4 rx ,. . ff f , ' nf , N N 1 'W ,Zi ' . W 3 1... WWMW . f 7,,,M,w-'f ik, 'xmhw e 9 iw gpm QIIHM ' I i'l Ml Jill' 'll lu H ... X .- , F t'.:C-if - 2 6 A I 7 l'll I ll' Organizations ' 267 4 WHAT AN eixvegmetmce , 1' , X, , 4 f SN Q QANWN .ff i 9 .WM ,V , J, S, ,, 5, L .71 2.15, .5 . ,gt 'iz I4 Secret Santa . . . Lake Trip . . . Staff Unity . . . Invitation of Captain Kirk . . . the "funds" . . . Thanksgiving breakfast . . . burnt bacon . . . lt's my yearbook, thank you very much . . . Michelle C.-marathon typist . . . OI36 . . . What does paisley look like . . . Spiderman and Scooby-doo . . . Blame it on Hayden, the wild woman . . . 3 hour lunches aren't to bad . . . Chris, you look good today . . . Party wag- on . . . Get me home before I . . . Where's the crosswork puzzle . . . l'll do it tomorrow .. . Rodney-what's a deadline? . . . I'm HOI your mother . . . You have no brain . . . Mr. Herff . . . Mark, do you like being kicked through 2 in. doors? . . . Susan, here's another "butt" . . . How do you plan to pay for this? . . . Pro- gress . . . Bobbsie twins . . . What do you want for Christmas . . . egg? I. Editors: Jeanne Schneider and Mark Gibbons, Co-edi- tor, Stephen Priestley. 2. Editors, Co-editor, and section editors. 3. Sports section: Drew MeadowsAeditor, Hay- den Smith, Craig Bolier, Stephen Priestley, John Morgan. 4. Activities section: Sue Sanzari, Rodney Shaffer-edi- tor, Wendy Thoem. 5. Photographers: David Sarbell, Ka- ren Marlott, Jim Shepard, Chris Gruehn-editor, Wayne Hall. 6. Senior section: Michele Reed, Melinda Carithers-editor. 7. Sophomore section: Julie Jenkins. Torsten Wagner-editor, Tana Pennix. 8. Freshman sec- tion: Hellena Moon, Susan Hill-editor, Jackie Nelson. 9. Academic section. Meridith Clements. Andrea Price- editor, Michelle Cohen. IO. Organization section: Shan- non Staples, Stephanie Osburneeeditor, Kim Cole. II. Art section: David Sarbell, Daphne Padgett-editor. I2. The Annual crew on picture day. I3. Business. Holly Eger, Tisa Gorzinski, Wendy Lunn, Nancy Heavnereeditor. I4. Like that smilel IS. Junior section: Jim Shepard- editor, David Sarbell, Daphne Padgett, Amy Powers. I6. Stephen, working hard? I7. Look up here Mrs. Sneadl I8. What are you doing? Organizations - 269 NIATIONNL HONOR SOCICTV Where's the truck? . . . This year's Nation- al Honor Society started slowly because of problems with "potential participation." But soon the ball began to roll, and the club found success in a computer dating service fun- draiser. Making today's dreams tomorrow's future required some dedication, but it was worth it. BCTN The Beta Club has been active this year in a variety of activities. At the beginning of the school term, they donated S500 to the landscaping project. ln the fall they partici- pated in the "Critter Tree" at the Chatta- hoochee Nature Center. They presented the Cafeteria and Maintenance Staff with token Christmas gifts to express the school's ap- preciation of their great work. They also sold "Current" to raise money for a school elec- tronic bulletin machine. In February, they participated in a convention at the Waverly Hotel. Upcoming plans include involvement in a Carnival, and a benefit for Muscular Dys- trophy. l. Front Row: Erin Johnson, Second Row- Maggie Miller, Jana Turner, Kayanne Powers, Kathleen Marran, Jan Everly, Christi Klien, Rob LaPorta, David Katz, Judy Dun- ning, Michelle Wogel, Clarice Lopez, Third Row: Cathy Ludlum, Bryant Russel, DeEtte Webber, Frank Li, Tom Counts, Sonya Bolen. Scott Shephard, Steve Regitz, Meg Durham, Steven Priestley, Kenna Buckalew, Laura Ka- lember, Jennifer Boehm, lngrid Norenberg, Mia Son, Fourth Row: Julia Drewery, Jim Phillips, Steve Sayvitz, Chris Gay. John Kean, Ashish Merchant, Oliver Favalli, Richard Jeniski, Craig Bolier, Debbie Brooks, Danielle Etzbach, Kendra Karmin, Michelle Tatum, Torston Wag- ner, Melinda Carither. Jim Shepherd, John Helwick, Kel- ly Hall, Guennely Thiom, Scott Moore. Front Row: Tom Counts, Melinda Carithers, Kayann Powers, Christal Peacock, Andrea Rigler, Maggie Miller, Rayne Roper. Kathleen Marran, Cathy Ludlum. Back Row: Scott She- perd, Tom Buckhi, Chris Gay. Jewlery Drewery, Jason Coleman, Mr. Cagle. Torston Wegner-a happy Beta member. 4. Steve Priestley and Craig Bolier love Betal 5. Mr. Cagle National Honor Society sponsor. 6. Maggie Miller is proud to be in National Honor Society. 4 PUT TO USC 49 r 3 f , 4, M 'sa B 4' f fry .1 4 , I I IACIADCIYIIC BOWL TCIAIYI The Academic Bowl Team is one of the nation's best, finishing sixth at the National Academic Championship in Dallas in '85. The team also finishes highly each year at the Berry College SchoIar's Bowl Competition, Cobb County Academic Bowl Competition, and many other contests and scrimmages. Quick and intelligent play by all members of WaIton's two Varsity and two JV teams con- tribute to the winning season in '85-'86. CSponsors: Diana Brown, Barbara Hopperj IYIODEL UPI December 9 and IO. . . Georgia State Llni- versity . . . Best delegate . . . Denmark and Turkey . . . Where's Chris G? . . . Where do you wanna go for lunch? . . . Passing notes with the pages "I recognize the distin- guished delegate What a resolutionll 7. Melinda Carithers seems thrilled to be at her Beta Club meeting. 8. Beta brought us together. 9. Front Row: Frank Li, Debbie Mulcahee. Tom Counts. Scott Herse, Tom Right, Chris Siemler, Second Row: Maggie Miller. Andrea Ringler, Christal Peacock, Midi Choe. Shanda Oliver, Scott Shepherd, Hershal Williams, Chris Carter, Rick Kane. IO. Front Row: Jennifer Dawson. Maggie Mill- er, Ingrid Norenberg, Chris Gaffga, Rick Giglio, Mike Hays, Darren Bigda Back Row: Craig Bighouse, Julia Drewry, Don Giles, Steve Sayovitz, Scott Kelly. ll. Tom Counts practices his speech for National Honor Society Induction. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY f 3 Z 2 ' S 7 of I Organizations - 27l i X IARRIVE IALIVEI . . . 272 - Or AW NM Jwsf -Us . 2 fb V 12 ss Wis hes ss s N Q A 1 X P D tw Arrive Alive is off to a great start, striving for perfection . . . East Cobb Rotary sponsor- ship . . . Homecoming float, which heart will you choose? . .. Homecoming Arrive Alive Awareness Day . . . D.U.I. ll-Alive inter- views . . . Arrive Alive D.U.l. Awareness Week before Prom . . . "Casino Night Party" on New Year's Eve . . . The "Big Party" . . . Safe Ride Home-Homecoming, graduation, prom . .. Congressman Darden-Town Hall meeting . . . Helping kids protect themselves and others . . . I, Craig Bighouse helps in the construction of the home- coming float. 2. Front row. Janet Kim, Ann Martinek, Karen Ludlam, Rodney Shaffer, Craig Bighouse, Eric Hube, Tammy Ryan, Jennifer Ervin-president, Vince Wiegand-vice-president, Cheryl Darling, John Wil- liams, Monica Ortega, Mary White, Susan Mayo, Lisa Johns, Tina Galle, Jennifer Hyde, Second row: Laurie Tipton, Susanna Moon, Lisa Price, Kelly Dunn, Marci An- derson, Sally Fizcko, Susan Belmonte, Melissa Petty, Kristie Speckhals, Jenny Southerland, Jeff Pender, Me- Iony Parham, Ashley Smith, Amanda Gravely, Rod Steiner, Robert DeArmond, Robin Lynn, lngrid Noren- burg. Third row: Mrs. Fletcher, Jill Mitchelle, Joy O'NeiI, Andrea Naterman, Michelle Naterman, Tina O'Conner, Christine Bask, Val McDonald, April Avery, Jennifer Ca- mol, Judy Smith, Anne Currie, Sandra Mavney, Kendra Kermeen, Mimi Ganser, Emily lsubo, Alicia Jackson, Sharon Gagliano. Christy Smith, Lisa Gagliano, Missy Hardee, Nancy Ciullo, Kenna Buckalew, Joe Sternagle, Terry Brennan, Jack Knight, Back row: Erica Kenner, Marla Garrett, Valerie Shanior, June Sholaken, Seth Na- terman, Eric Hess, Jennifer Carroll, Lesley Naterman, Craig Campbell, Toby Burdett, Andrea Chisolm, Julie Buckwall, Cathy Ludlam, Audra Jones, John Helton, Craig Phillips, Stacy Berkowitz, Kelly Thomas, Mike Bis- bee, Whitney Lafon, Mike Brooks. 3. Be careful Craig Bighouse and Whitney Lafton! 4. A pose for the camera before we get to work. 5, Rod Steiner raps. 6. The work has only begun. 7. The "Working Women." 8. Eric Hube and Tammy Ryan wave to the crowd. 9. Members held balloons and throw Iifesavers to the crowd. IO. Don't let this happen to you-Arrive Alive. II. Vince-the Casino man. I2. Arrive Alive buttons, shirts, stickers, key chains, bags. and Iollipops galour, I3. Congressman Bud- dy Darden and Bill Carver meet with Arrive Alive. I4. Like those tuxes. I5. Will Lumpkin deals the lucky hand. Organizations - 273 BANDS The l985-86 Walton Bands were awesome! Walton has two bands, the Concert band and the Symphonic band. The bands practice long hours for concerts. These bands create some great sounds under the direction of Mr. Cowles. They participate in a Christmas concert and in Festival where they placed Superior. Concert Band: Cindy Farmer, Kristin Osmond. Tricia Hummer, Cindy Kayton, Jen Schacher, Jenny Williams, Jeaneen Hicks, Roi-Lyn Yarger, Cheri Mclntire, Angel Thomas, Karen Conners, Shelly Wilson, Cheena Calvert, Jennifer Rudd, Melissa Avery, Jim Pefferly, Kim Eber- heart, Aimee Potts, Cheryl Hendry, Revon Horton, Libby Collier, Heather Heath, Claire Hailey, Lauren Marma- duke, Brian Tate, Marc Rutherford, Brian Kennel, Dan- ielle Bernier, David McQueary, Kay Lumpkin, Eric Hess, Ben Walker, Melanie Guenther, Mike Robinson, Kurt Johnson, Doug Max, Dean Bernardo, James Arnold, Tim Mays, Jay Doughty, Gene Avery, Mike Irwin, Randy Crowe, Jason Phillips, Shawn Eaton, Rich Mielke, Jeff Pender, Paul Davis, Pat Hall, Herschel Williams, Lantz Croft, John Norris, Troy Willis, Vic Castresanna, Randy Lee, Steve Brunton, Dana Heisermann. l. Symphonic Band: Michelle Kerr, Kendra Kermeen, Cathy Ludiam, Jenny Southerland, Paige Todd, Cathy Williams, Jason King, Kim Maxwell, Desiree Acebal, Leigh Williams, Ka- ren Hall, Chris Osmond, Anne Dunning, Kim Testa, Mau- reen Kumpf, Susan Axon, Darin Briskman, Stephanie Adam, Renee Irwin, Cheryl Walstedt, Christie Smither- man, Nikki Gramenz, Chris Brodie, Kenna Buckalew, Lisa Kline, Sonja Cook, Brian Day, Scott Moore. Mike Black, Michelle Tatum, Rick Hunt, Doug Hayes, Joel Rieger, Tim Brown, Preston Jefferson, Mark Ringwall, Shantel Whi- taker, David Rood, Robby Finlayson, John Jefferson, Doug Hunt, Craig Hoopes, Chris Hampton, Jim Bowser, Greg Spiro, Chuck Saleeby, Craig Benton, Tasha Mays, Judy Dunning, Bobby Coats, Neel Stacy, Jennifer O'Don- nel, Lane Toensmeier. Dickie Connors. Wade Speas, Jeff Johnson, Jon Crowe, Mike Bingham, Roger Allen, Tim Quigley, Eric Hube, Ward Tidmore, Jimmy Apple, Matt Dummes, Reggie Oldham, Ben Spitalnick, Jeremy Moore, Jeff Day, Mike Abramowitz. 2. Play that violinl 3. Sing out a song. 4. The all girl chorus performs at assem- bly, Q,.J"4"" ,ti - --, 274 0 Organizations HIGH NOTES , ,, , ,. WM. . . a s 5 if ADVANCED SATB CHORUS Craig Bighouse, Jon Bous- ot, Ashley Clark, Bobby Coats, Ben Cook, Lori Crow, ere Crump, Katie Currier, Traci Damron, Cheryl Dar- g, Brain Day, Tony DeLorenzo, Micheal Dilbeck, Liz ans, Tania Farmer, Jason Gibbs, Curt Hersey, Jennifer nt, Buffy Kaiser, Mike Lamb, Matthew Lamb, Val Mc- tnald, Rachelle Meredith, Brian Mitchell, Laura Mur- y, Shawn Neal, Becky Neal, Becky Norton, Reggie Old- m, Patrick Ortman, Scott Palmer, Jack Walker, 'Ette Weber. SA CHORUS Melissa Ayers, April Avery, Tracy Babiasz, Michelle Bai- ley, Rebecca Banchero, Ginger Bellah, Tina Blackman, Stephany Brandt, Kim Burr, Stephanie Cheek, Betsy Coats, Tami Cochran, Anna Covington, Tara Craft, Lori Crow, Dena Crumpler, Cheryl Darling, Sheri DeMer- chant, Mindie Doolittle, Angie Dunn, Suzie Eddlemon, Tracie Eddlemon, Lisa Edwards, Treena Farmen, Alicia Gaines, Karen Gale, Michelle Ganser, Denise Giesler, Kim Gifford, Suzie Giglio, Melanie Guenther, Sheri He- menway, Camille Hicks, Kristi Hodge, Julie Hoyt, Erin Jones, Ann Kammer, Kate Keehn, Lisa Kerl. Jennifer Ker- meen, Jana Langseth, Nathalie Lummert, Gwen Manigo, Kristen Martin, Dawn Marshall, Mary Masters, Anna McNeal, Amelia McSween. Beth Miller, Kelly Moore, Cin- dy Murphy, Shannon Murphy, Stacy Nelson, Jennifer O'Brien, Marybeth O'KeIly, Jennifer Oberholtzer, Laura Owen, Julie Papp, Renee Pierce, Lori Poole, Cathy Pope, Julie Ransom, Kim Reeves, Marcie Shattuck, Kristen Standfest, Heidi Steffey, Debbie Stroup, Melissa Sutters, Shari Tucker, Malone Tumlin, Bonny Vaughan, Karen Walker, Melora Walker, Shanon Ward, Shantel Whi- taker, Jennifer Wright, Cindy Zettler. CHOURS Singing at P.T.A. council meeting ...Sing- ing at Callenwolde. . . New Outfits. . .trip to downtown Atlanta . . . Pizza! . . . Callenwolde mansion at Christmas . . . District auditions all-state . . . Performing at school in the Christmas concert . . . School assemblies . . . Chorus Festival . . . Georgia chorus festival . . . A fantastic yearl . . . ORCHESTRA There's a new orchestra instructor at Wal- ton this year, Mr. Haley. Under his marvelous direction the orchestra played some fabu- lous music. lt takes a lot of patience to play an instrument of such detail. We admire these students for their extreme dedication to their music. 7. Orchestra: John Andrews, Tricia Chin, Susan Clelland, Angela Collins. Jamie Day, Amanda Gravely, Jenny Grubbs, Michelle Hajek, Christine Johnson, Kristi Koenig, Mickey Manion, Kenneth Moier, Danny Mercer, Ellen Mulligan, Laura Owen, Lynn Penny, Brian Peterson, Julie Ransom, John Skelton, Ashley Smith, Harry Sneed, John Sneed, Mia Sohn, Alicia Stephens, Laura Toens- meier, Tuan Tran, Jamie Wilkerson, Dallas Wrege. Heos- wug Park, Marcie Shattuck. 5. SATB CHORUS Melissa Blair, Jimmy Clemmons, Tara Craft, Susan Criag, Steve Dalton, Suzie Disheroon, Steve Galezieski, Jennifer Gibson, Patrick Hallisy, Karen Hub- bard, lan Hunter, Wendy Johnson, Kristi Kaashell, Melis- sa Kenner, Michelle Larson, Anna Carin Lindstrom, Kitty Lobsinger, Stephen Massicott, Adam Middleton, Brian Mitchell, Dara Presti, Pattie Quadagno. Julie Ransom, Sharon Smith, Jennifer Swartz. . , ,- Q J X? i s .3 . A , . , g g. . 'N X Q TA ' : . 'T ws .95 A h ,... - ,... . I as A1 .. 5. xx rw S PM R 4' Organizations - 275 QN r is I'-K 9 ,.f .. .1 rs' 'rw P f' Spectrum is a group of people interested in journalism .. two members on staff with pre- vious experience much time and effort .. .laying out of pages, typesetting, printing . . . schools represent individuals . . .working hard . .. Literary magazine . . . "Die, Yan- kee!" . . . Heinrijike was mollified . . . Where were the editors when the lights went out? Mrs. Winners powdered doughnuts . . . secret Coke machine rendezvous . . . the Zit Story . .. Tom's teen romances . . . Ad- am's death poems Midi's Milk Duds .. Malone and U2 . . . Andrew and himself . .. Yes the first Fabulae E Lecte staff put in hun- THC BIG SCOOP '11 sank swtii 121 dreds of gruelling hours to produce their masterpiece . . . l. Front row: Mark Arrington, Mrs. Ellis, Lisa Donahue, Jennifer Leehman, Mike Andrews, Laura Ranford. An- drea Moore, Mark Phillips. Back row: Pat Lynn. Morris Cuey, Scott Johnson, Brian Buckalew, Greg Kaiser. 2. ROTC: Front row: Richard Greenwood, Chris McCarthy. Exor Montes, Johnathon Tanksley. Second row: Mike Smith, Sean Crockett, Mike Vaughan, David Puzoretz. David Hammer, Eric Maynes, Back row: James Lanham, Alan Roach, Bret Kinman, Tad Deriso, Jim Drury, Billy Melvin, Tristan Vanstrein, Deputy Commander Bert Wall. 276 0 Organizations S P s 'RUM 2 .5 3 fs? Q' FIIATH TCNYI CLUB The Math club at Walton High School is Mu Alpha Theta. Mrs. Shepard, a great math teacher, is the sponsor of the club. Not only is there the math club, but there is also the math teams. Math club is a club to help en- courage students to use their math skills. 3. Greg Kaiser is not only a newspaper member, but he also participates in chorus. 4. Some new news-Arrive Alive Club is here. 5. Front row: Varsity: Jennifer Ervin, Scott Shepherd, Shanda Oliver, Andrea Ringler, Tom Counts, Chantel Karim. Second row: Julia Drewry, Rich- ard Jeninski, Craig Bolier, Maggie Miller, Debbie Brooks, Michelle Vogel, Gwenie Thio, Ron Marrache, Frank Li. Back Row. Christi Klein, Steve Sayovitz, Torsten Wag- ner, Brian Day. Bob Brawn, Jim Shepard, Charlie Flowers, Tom Bucheit, Mrs. Shepard. 6. Front row: Andrea Car- ithers, Mia Son, Charlene Li, Sarah Castle. Second row: Chris Gaffga, Ashish Merchant, Garrett Bailey, Jon Crowe, Micheal Pierce. Back row: Micheal Whang, Rog- er Allan, Hal Brown, Brian Peterson, John Skelton, Mrs, Lewis. 7, Math Club: Front row: Chris Gaffga, Craig Bo- lier, Jennifer Ervin, Charlene Li, Scott Shepherd, Tom Counts, Ashish Merchant, Tom Bucheit, Brian Day. Sec- ond row. Julia Drewry, Richard Jeninski, Jim Shepard, Torsten Wagner, Michelle Vogel, Debbie Brooks, Gwenie Thio, Mia Son, Ron Marrache. Third row. Christi Klein, Garrett Bailey, Maggie Miller, Chantel Karim. Shanda Oliver, Andrea Ringler, Sarah Castle, Andrea Carithers, Hal Brown, Micheal Wang. Back row: Steve Sayovitz, Frank Li, Bob Brawn, Roger Allan, Micheal Pierce, John Skelton, Brian Peterson, Charlie Flowers, ROTC ROTC is an organization that has been around at Walton for nine years. At athletic events, the ROTC students present flags of color. ROTC is a preparing boys for a future in the military. Jon Crowe. , A., ff'-f 1" 7 at , - any ' 2 is Organizations - 277 Weebles wobble but they don't fall down .. .Concentrate on your thumbs . . . lf it says stand on your head and spit nickels Uh, well, we still don't have a constitution Gory Days-2nd place!! , . . The talent show . . . Buy a truck, get a bedliner . . . Celebrity judges . . . "Your Highness, please" . . . "Get lnvolved" . . . Drama was a smashing success with a talent show, several one-acts, and a well received senior play. I. Front Row. Oliver Favalli, Charlene Li, Corinne Chisek, Tom Counts, Andrea Ringler, Melissa Bennett, Kim Foltz, Stacy Stikesm, Cindy Stephens, Megan Wallace. Second Row: Tony Guakala, Heather Underwood, Jennifer Gib- son, Cory Shapiro, Midi Choe, Scott Shepherd, Shanda Oliver, Shanda Robbins. Mimi Stowers Third Row: Ken- dra Suchick, Tara Sudder, Mindy Doolittle, Melissa Ken- ner, Christal Peacock, Mr. Souza, Chris Simler, Scott Hersey Back row: Mrs. Smith, Anne Triggs, Malory Tom- lin, Garrett Bailey, Chris Evans, Mandy Simmons, Pam Mulchany, Debbie Mulcahy, Frank Li, Scott Hersey, Mer- ideth Clements, Greg Bighouse, Theresa Allen, Elizabeth Jones. Chris Gaffga, Ms. Jones. 2. Who's going to the Metro Plex? 3. Rocky Horror visits Walton. 4, Walton hopes Osborne's resting comfortably. 5. Let's get goryl 1 G! 'f 278 ' Organizations ACTING ,. .ff if :N ...D ,. , K F 1? I2 f la L, :gm Q ,Q I s ,ws W fd-up Z ' it ' w V. v,,,.Zff l 38 25 7 26 V lvff ,, , 'l l f kymg 32 ss 34 35 l. Mike Abramowitz 2. Dennis Biscan 3. Leslie lvester 4. Jan Everly 5. Debbie Warner 6. Connie Rasmussen 7. Lisa Hall 8. Kim Allnutt 9. Tara Craft IO. Desiree' Acebal II. Donna Kincaid I2. Susan Provan l3. Monica Clayman I4. Michelle Fields I5. Marty Smith IG. Ashley Clark I7. Shanda Daniel l8. Patty Ouadagno I9. Julie Papp 20. Kristen Johnson 2I. Robin Burnosky 22. Catherine Hube 23. Julie Buchwald 24. Missie Fitzgerald 25. Cindy Schlag 26. Jana Turner 27. Kristi Harmon 28. Angel Ward 29. Krista Walker 30, Mark Phillips 3l. Andrea Ringler 32. Scott Bennett 33. Kelly Barron 34. Pat- ty Culbreath 35. Ashley Stewart 36. Ben Battell 37. Andrea Moore 38. Amy McHenry 39. Valerie McDonald 40, Kelly Siegle 4I. Mary Trapnel 42. Jenny Williams 43. Marsi Cox 44. Anne Currie 45. Betsy Thompson 46. Todd Yocum 47. Heather Davidson ,W Babies - 279 yea ...Q J 280 CADEKNWI X X Plclmtmstrattou Mr. Kelly Henson, as principal, coordi- nates all activities of everyone at Walton. Linda Abernathy is in charge of attendance procedures and also discipline. Our assis- tant principal, Jan Brown, schedules stu- dents for classes, and is the coordinator of guidance and report cards. Rodney Cole's job also includes teaching for T 8 I as well as maintenance. Lory Hill, one of the other Asst. Principals has jobs that run from safe- ty and security to parking. Joanne Lee is involved in many student procedures such as lockers and student support team. Ronda Tighe is an assistant Principal and handles student discipline and finances of the school. I F Yo U ll AV E A PARIQNG Pizoatem i.xsT: NAME , SPACE, AND FULLY Evcvtmsi Paenen. 282 0 Administration Sabin 2 5 . ,, .f y f , yy. y , .2 g Q K A g 5 is? ' 9 3 S 2 ' 3-,, f 4 Wi. . 4. 2' I W?" ff x , of 4... ? M, 4 ul 4 ., ns u. 4 4 .fig v Q 5 is is ,, .4 . ' if f N lv 8 A Q H, as cgi bb 5, , x IT A is ,, 1, if ..y... Q .. .. i 1- "Q' MIN? f 44 'm fs -, " 5 ff' if fyff, f ' ,, If m-VwV4W"' I. Mrs. Brown must love her jobl 2. We don't have any parking problems. 3. Lory Hill, Joanne Lee, Linda Abernathy, Kelly Henson, Ronda Tighe, Jan Brown, Rodney Cole. 4. The administrators love pep rally days. 5. Kelly Henson speaks at the meeting, 6. Mr. Cole and Dave Sarbell in confer- ence. 7. Mrs. Lee says. "Where's Whit?" 8. Mrs. Tighe sure looks official. 9. Mrs. AWOL checks on troubling situations. IO. The locker varmits sure got to these lockers! ll. This ain't too bad, Must be a fringe benefit of being principal. ll. Officer Plummer and Mr. Henson discuss Sat- urday football games. IS. Rodney Cole handles maintenance for Walton. Administration ' 283 l CQ 311 Guid lots SQ I1 OU C E5 Z N I ...ufil I ut. ren 284 - CounseIorsfGuidance - W , s . A ,, 4 f,,, .M , '-" a t J i Q K 4242 W t , 1 Q l ,1-: 1 V 1 Y Q . i 5 'gt , .1 :': R ' i ' l W, ' . l 2 -is I ,K A K3 X " 1 , n iyy 1 V L , Y ,vu ' M 2, L. rl' Vw: ,.., 4 R y f " ,,,.., -' 1 '55 Walton's Guidance department is made up of Shirley Elliott, Arline Garrell, and Judy Smith. Along with their many other duties they all work to help students with their school records and sending them to col- leges. They also keep grade point averages and class ranking for every student. Jim Ca- gle, Elizabeth Newton, Rita Petty, and Gene Crowe are the school's counselors. They help students decide what classes to take, and they also help with future plans. All of these people play an important part in mak- ing Walton the best that it is. I. Shirley Elliott eyes something of importance. 2. Gene Crowe is ready for anything. 3. Mrs. Newton asks, "When is coffee break?" 4, Mr. Cagle looks over some forms. 5. Front Row: Shir- ley Elliott. Arline Garrell, Rita Petty, Judy Smith. Back Row: Gene Crowe, Jim Cagle, Elizabeth Newton. 6. Beverly Adkins, no social calls at work. 7. Glenda Matheson, Beverly Adkins, Jim- mie Dassinger -Bookkeeper, Bobbie Whitaker, Judy Martin. 8. Frank Plummer likes his jobl 9. Mrs. Matheson does a great job. IO. "Don't you dare take my pic . . . " Too late Mrs. Dorsey. II, Mrs. Sturniolo does all the heavy work. Name: Frank Plummer Years at Walton: 7M Hobbies: Soccer coach, state pistol compe- tition Job Description: Cobb Co. public school se- curity officer Comments: "Everyone seems to have a bet- ter attitude this year, or, it may be that I just have one." Name: ,lim Cagle Hobbies: Karate, collect-books, rocks, stamps Job Description: Counselor Name: Rita Petty Previous jobs: "Miss Rita" on Romper Room m Hobbies: Tennis, photography Job Description: Counselor DPJJ JJB1 ima as Qizfzw f H. if 7 f .,,.., Office Staff - 285 Grade if Inclustrg Name: Nancy Rebenack Years at Walton: 7 Previous Occupation. Banker 4 5,6 6 H Hobbies: Hike, garden, pamper her dog Previous residence.Florida Name: Larry Pace Years at Walton: II Job description: Teaches drafting Name: Leroy Skinner Years at Walton: IO Job description:Teaches electronics 286 - Trade and Industry I. Mr. Skinner helps a student. 2. Bob Overstreet takes a break. 3. Front Row: Rodney Cole, Nancy Rebenack, Back Row: Leroy Skinner,Chris Tully, Larry Pace, Scott Keesee, Carolyn Ott. Bob Overstreet. 4. Larry Pace looks bored. 5. Media Staff-Barbara Weagly, Ginnie Jones, Connie Kone, Anne Hudson. 6. Mrs. Weagly hard at 7. Connie Kone makes a face. 8. Home Ec. work. Staff-Joan Heavner, Rhonda Moore. 9, Rhonda Moore-the gourmet. IO. Mrs. Heavner is look- ing a little worried. 1 fl-lome Economics media Center J, C. 13,1 Name: Ginny Jones Previous Previous occupation: DJ at radio station residence: New York Job description: Process new books and help studen ts find materials. Name: Connie Kone Years at Walton: IO Other co we've mments: "I miss the school spirit had in the past." Name Joan Heavner b Desc ription: Home Ec. teacher 'V Home EcfMedia Center - 287 'l Name: Mary Kay Dolesh Years at Walton: First Previous occupation: Office manager Hobbies: Golf, jazzercise, sewing, racquet- ball, exploring Atlanta Previous residence: Ohio, lll. Name: Sandy Rovelli Years at Walton: First Outside activities: Cross-Country asst. coach, Frosh Basketball coach. Other comment: "The teachers at Walton want to know more about students and are more involved with extra-curricular activities." Name: Diana Brown Years at Walton: IO Q Outside activities: Academic Bowl sponsor 3 Hobbies: Beekeeping 'O O ov-4 4-9 CU jd CCS 'Q-9 U C9 Q., M : A 288 - Special Education .1 Els ,lil H' Q' Q' l i 37' I. Gotcha Mrs. Benton. 2. Everyone loves Mrs. Brader. 3. Mrs. Myrick says "GO GATORSV' 4. Front Row: Joan lkerd, Diane Benton, Colleen Myrick, Susan Case. Back Row: Diana Brown, Sandy Rovelli, Evelyn Allen, Kathy Brader, Joan MacDonald. CNot pictured. Mary Kay Do- leshb 5. Mrs. Brown is hard at work. 6. Mrs. lkerd knows there's work before play. 7. Bob Cowles directs the band. 8. Dallas Wrege knows how to jaml 9. We got called back for an encore. IO. Steve Moss, Bob Cowles, Robert Haley, Mike Back, Dennis Stabler. II. "Go ahead, make my day," says Mr. Moss. ...,, . i9 Name: Bob Cowles Years at Walton: "Since the beginning of time" Previous occupations: US army officer, con- struction worker street sweeper Hobbies: Marching band, coin and stamp collecting Previous residence: Australia, Vietnam, Alaska, Texas Name: Steve Moss Previous residence: Mass., N.Y., Texas Hobbies: Professional painterfSculptor Name: Dennis Stabler Job description: Chorus director 0 "! Pl' Us Fine Arts - 289 gcc math 1 Name: Bobbie Monger Years at Walton: First Previous occupation: Owner of a clothing store. Hobbies: Golf Previous residence: Mississippi Name: Molly Spier Years at Walton: First Previous job: Gwinnett Co. School System Hobbies: Hunting Name: Charlyn Shepherd Years at Walton: IO Hobbies: Chauffering kids Previous residence: France, Germany, llli- nois 290 ' Math 3 . . 5 is fPl1gsical Education I X I. Mrs. Drummond shows how it's done. 2. Front Row, Peggy Martin, Charlyn Shepherd, Regina McKinney, Pam Drummond, Joan Dutter, Bobbie Monger, Maile Lewis. Back Row: Lee Ann Cum- mings, Molly Spier, Murray Siegel, Tonda Hager, Diana Lossner, Brad Smith, Teresa Kincaid. Kathy Massengill, Trudie Donovan. CNot pic- tured. Karen Crowleyj 3. Mrs. Donovan stands in awe of a students work. 4. Mrs. Massengill doesnt's look pleased. 5. Mr. Smith is busy grad- ing papers. 6. Steve Jones, Bucky Boozer, Mon- tez Bowen, Bob Younglove, Tom Price, Joe Wil- son, Ronnie White, John Stafford, Fred Wheeler, lnka Herron, Robert Lassiter. 7. "Okay girls. kick" instructs Coach Bowen. 8. ls that Coach Younglove? 9. Coach White whistles for atten- tion. A 9 Names Bob Younglove Years at Walton. 6 Hobbies: Mermaid hunting during the peak summer months Previous residence: Secretly lived in the basement of a girls' dorm in Belton, Texas Other comments: "There are better looking girls now, than my 4 years in high school." Name: John Stafford Years at Walton: 2 Name: Montez Bowen Years at Walton: 2 Physical Education - 29I if fl- A L. ..., F fi" .Qld Q Name: Rickey Young Years at Walton: First Name: Hassan Malik Previous job: NBA CKansas City Kingsj Hobbies: Basketball, visit historical sites s Q X X Q ii 52 Previous residence: N.Y., Spain, France Name: Georganne Young Years at Walton: 4 Hobbies: Soccer coach tuclies 1 cia C 292 - Social Studies I. Mrs. Young demonstrates the technique of South African bird calling. 2. Coach Turner ain't too sure of Halloween. 3. Laurie Rand might get an "A" this semester. 4. Front Row. Barbie Hopper, Georganne Young, Ann Snead, Becky Blythe, Donna Harris. Back Row: Steve Anderson, Bill Moon, Dempsey Kirk, Al Smith, George McNeese, Joe Wilson, Margaret Gardner, Bill Collier, Ann Rogers, Hassan Malik. 5. Mr. Kirk is working to bring home the bacon. 6. Smith or Franklin? 7. Front Row: Bill Pankratius, Bill Shesky, Luke Prescott, Bill Hawkins, Al Hanson. Back Row: Car- ol Bowen, .lo Ann Morton, Jo Jaquith, Marsha Manly, Marion Romeo, Susan Parrott, Rhoda Greenberg, Gail Whitlock. 8. Mr. P's lab day. 9. "What does this mean Mrs. Romeo?' IO. Ms. Mor- ton is gonna get vicious. ll. Mrs. Greenberg looks puzzled. 0 9-do 0 4 f Q f .... y ,,,,,, f fffe H f l...- Name: Luke Prescott Years at Walton: 9 Hobbies: Soccer, backpacking, photography Previous residence: Germany, Hawaii l Name: Marion Romeo Years at Walton: IO Name: Bill Pankratius Years at Walton: First Other comments: "At Walton, the principal is outstanding, morale is high, and the atmo- sphere is more conducive to teaching and learning." 4 Science - 293 Business and Cosop I. Steve Cagle, Nancy Wallace, Don Carter. 2. Lori Lynn is proud to be a Walton Raider. 3. Gayle Headrick works on some papers. 4. Mrs. Stowers ponders, "Who can I fail today?" 5. Charlotte Stowers, Gayle Headrick, Lori Lynn, Marsha Tun- ick. 6. Richard Plogner likes working on comput- ers. 7. Front Row: Lynn Waller, Pat Barras, JoAnn Anderson, Mimi Williams, Sandra Russell, Elsa Wolf, Lynn Byrd, Elizabeth Holcomb, Jackie Ca- sey. Back row: Larry Richard, Robin Fletcher, Ju- lie Flowers, Pam Martin, Virginia Bailey, Barbara Myers, Karen Norton, Phyllis Scallion, Linda Bis- bee, Joanne Lee, Ernie Souza. 8. Julie Flowers loves English. 9. Mrs, Holcomb takes a break, IO. ,M Mrs. Baily is ready for the weekend. ll. Mr. Souza wants youl 294 - Business and Co-op a 1 Name: Charlotte Stowers Years at Walton: 6 Previous occupations: Job recruitor Hobbies: Jogging Previous residence: Germany, Texas, Pennsylvania, Missouri Name: Steve Cagle Years at Walton: ll Hobbies: ALTA tennis Name: Lori Lynn Years at Walton: 6 Hobbies: Tennis V l W i English l X ' , Eff fl as Name: Robin Fletcher Years at Walton: 2 Previous occupations: Manager for a health spa, director of American Youth Act. Previous residence: Arizona, California, S West Germany Comment: X 'Things seem to be more hectic this year." Name: Linda Bisbee Years at Walton: 7 Previous residence: England, Hawaii Name: Julie Flowers Years at Walton: 2 Previous jobs: Rented jet skies on the beach at Hilton Head af' English ' 295 Name: Beverly Warriner Years at Walton: 5 Hobbies: Writing lesson plans and checking papers Q, Previous residence: Puerto Rico DO Other comments: "The students at Walton CQ are more outgoing and friendlier than at other schools. Name: Pam Brackett DO Years at Walton: IO Previous job: Hasbro Toy Co.-putting arms CQ on GI Joe dolls Name: Betsy Frank Years at Walton: 8 MUN' OO ve-0 Cv S- O 6.1 ff f K 296 - Foreign Language 1 3 Q aff 1, 9' rf, I I V E M I I. A little food and fun for these foreign language teachers. 2. lt's story time in Ms. Romano's class. 3. Mrs. Griffin is amused by her students. 4. These students have a great time in Ms. Vachtsevanos' class. 5. Mrs. Frank gives her stu- dent's some test information. 6. Front row: Mario Munoz, Beverly Warriner. Back row: Athena Vachtsevanos, Karen Romano, Ann Griff fin, Pam Brackett, Susan Dillard, Linda Edwards, Reba Keller, Betsy Frank, Theresa Ireland. 7. Rhonda Moore smiles for her fans. 8. Mrs. Young enjoys her break. 9. Coach Lassiter looks pleased with his players. IO. What's going on here? ll. "Hey baby!" says Coach Turner. D. Looks like Spidy's nabbed another teacher. I3. Mr. Kirk the expert ventriloquist. I4. "Gimme an R," says Mrs. Stowers. IS. These two sports fans are ready for the big gamel l6. "Can we please get back to work now?" pleads Mrs. Anderson. m....,,,f emi Candids - 297 Wgggwmm Qgiwwssa ww WAS 5 wgimkimw W W ww www-W iw M WW' M-as EXW M ww. .,., 53,3 W ww ww Maxx 2 ww? ww Pffwmw ,mm Q55 Mmm wwf. www Q E333 WSH sf' ,ma fwxgg WNW ,mm ww K agfvfs WEE B4 www RWM Kgggigigpsnq W mf. W' www wp am my aww fgwggg ywwfawfm vggzgmmiii W Yi my Eggvf-My Tmfmaggmwgw ,mm Wgxwwqf WSL' N wa- ? aww ,Q M Tim' QEWJQQAQKQW Q .M vga? fs? QESQEAQQQQ 5? QSM M555 5553 WAHM WWW sw W .mm mm f ,H as is wiwsvgw iii ffQ '3g??.7f55Wm Jw A 2 5QQ,M1MQL?fgX"S QNX Q smfaxexgg Mig, f 5 "'m5fKmm Ewviq 12-Sw X., Q QW X wars 55532 S 'immfim ffgmggigggg as Y ,M gay 121, Kwwiwbiim MPM A Q3 f 2 Aw gggggkwa xg W Egg if? 'S Q 33 W x IYEEN s- ,Q as , iw. s yew M 'Rf Ram-'5 Rx 5 1? ,ff figs W y T1 X QW ,Q N,q53HS?ffi5K3vAwD,S- Wie if WY 'R M 5' ff vssfwggzmszifigf M-Q wa SW wer wk SEM wg Q gs: min ,gym Q 5 wm mgiiwkggi Y by W 5 Q P 'H Q 3-A :Mx Q 215 gil? igmw SEER WW 'IEQMQ RSA A N' gg? my :W NW iw bw M W3 Y?- QE imk N. ik ww vw .QW 133 QSM? 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Agia? sawn A EU Q Q ws. :-rf ' all EE sg? r gf EQ E EEK E' Af E Q W M 21325 wwf s Xl fm ,M Q 3555 a'e79B"?36f f uziliizgiiuxzligiiiii I P 2 3 , Z E Z X E 5 5 5 v 3 A 2 5 5 X 1 2 ? i 5 1 2 Z 2 2 S 1 E S 5 E i z E E 2 3 5 3 s 5 5 E x m,,,,,.. ,w.,,, . ....4,..W mm ,M W... Wm ,,,.,.,-Ww ,M 4 -,,.,,,,,,.,w,,,,.,. ,..MW,-,.,J , If - ' r RAZR EEO ,Sf X Qgw ,mv E tx 'Y' M5955 WF AXA' 'wf....,, N-.-v"""'W 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 . 1 E 1 1 1 1 1 9 1 1 1 1 1 i 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 Q 19 3 33 S1 3 5 E mmLw,..AM.LNmmK..f.3fmwQ1q sms wMm.ff:.em 57, ,,:1wzgfmw.WW,'.fmv2ww,v1.wGjmmmwymmwfwgyfnxxpzfaw ,www1-B1mKmw.Mnwmmx,.wMfxmwwwumvwggmwfi-liqfmh Ammzfwwwm -:mga:mw,fi1f1f.mfffwf,,fQ m,,,mMwNmm-,, . A . ...wWWQ,w:1fxw:.W mf,Wm.M Ammmmqx,.Mfmfmmmrfm ,N V Www - x ,N A M-K . - XY ' ,. iw - - . - , . Z. ...1 R k...- - .....1 . 1 ' ' -V - - g 1 if X .-5.-sF.:.wg,," W 15 QL 3 Xb wi' Faq-Q.. xkk" " i , XN0BSx. 'XgLA-. Qi yi L. awww, A ,,,,, 2 9 , V , kflz ' ",. H 5? X Q 5 3 A 4 my Et 1 ff Q Q 4 4 1 Q 4 ge ,:,., L,LV as B H525 6, Q N Q .!,. X .ffr X ., . fs "f . . ,,.. K , i .,.. K Y? N X A K fx .s 1' NWT 2 1 WM' Q1 is WA 2 ff! 5' ii, Q 4- Q ye ,Wg N .1 Us ' Zi? Nu 7 ii 5 ..,.,N f Ll.. i Q . - x x I LLLLL

Suggestions in the George Walton Comprehensive High School - Legend Yearbook (Marietta, GA) collection:

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