George W Wingate High School - Mosaic Yearbook (Brooklyn, NY)

 - Class of 1986

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George W Wingate High School - Mosaic Yearbook (Brooklyn, NY) online yearbook collection, 1986 Edition, Cover

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QL! , Memories of high school seen in future years like images through a telescopeg visions of the present now the past - recollections of yesterday. I remember them well. I I Z sm i I 5 'W' . ,, Qf gf ,,4' 'X , 2 'Q int: ',,,,.,. M, N.M., -Y Aww- - fl? Q S ug S 3 5 Q H B 3 In w r? . 5 , E W 'T R Q1 . Af X S Q e . Y I f as 3 S 'L 5 f s-f kd? ,A ix .K X Q, xx '41 x ' X 3, S W, ix Sr' Wx ,A - ,egigfil g f ifi num ' 5 1 1 1 ,. ,., . ne5g5er51re1111e1'Q1'1 :,: 1- 1, -1 .1f1r -:-: 1 1 -f-'-' f1 f,-' sz1.s11z:sz1::11fv'f11 1 f . i 1 1 1 irl1 Bishop Desmond Tutu 5iii5:Z?1'fw.'e11 1 VZez21'szf12z1z':121e szrgagiga2ggr4ss11z1 ,ww111m1r1f11-H.-1 1 1 1 . 1 '11 fr--it-11f1. 1 1 f 11 1.111 '- 4mgzm,s1,,fr-1r-15 .-f,. 1 1 . 1- M1fe-11.-f11.:11-:-151.11 f-,kk f 1. .1f' 1 I Awww, 1111.11 11.11. 1 1 1 .11.1 ..11 ..11 . .1.1 1..1..11.11. 1 1 . 11111 1.111.11111 1 1.1. ,1-,,1-,1 11.-W11 111.11 -V 1 O Desmond Tutu addressing ig, 1 ingate A 1 '1 t 1 Dedication ,E eie We, the filass of High School, havef iiio chosen to dedicate our yearbook to Bishop Desmond Tutu and the South African pople who are engaged ln angfgngolng strug- eslerasalnsf 1f,'fBiSh0p Nobel Laureate, has given ia voice to the beleaguered yet proud people of South Africa who have risen in opposition to the horrors of racists, g 1 AS the World and support the and self sacrifice of Bishop Tutu and his followers who continuous- ly battle against the in- humanity of racism. 1,1,,11 1 ,g,i We of us iiorrtion of events, l olol land in the toteifsof all those acts will be written the history of our generation. E ii! Q E 5 z xg. an 5 Ni sg is s l 's 2 A l sf 25 f 5+ We ' 2 X I AGE TO O U TES f the Class of 1986 upon e depend expenence Whether or B W1 on how well you are we have trled to prepare you skllls to g I hope that you have learned ood use all of you!! ggi ,. 1 v'!'.NX , sf-' Q 6 5 5. .Q ... -,A,. Y 1 K - K W Q? - 2 f Anthony Grady and Iulius Hudson - Most Popular Pair of Guys rf: ' 1 4 W as dm Y .5 r ro' Tm Q - lf ti if-'if X PL . fr Carolyn Wood - Most Versatile Basil Suarez - Most Likely to Succeed Daren Ford - Class Wit Randy Smith - Most Popular Guy ,M , . -.t I . x K X X .ui E 1 . R -H2 P . . xv W ""' -M. . ' -: .Mi f' s ' . .'e H ' . "' S Qfcuifi :Fl Ulla :Will au- I l big i ,N?i5ig3-lfg 5 ' , " fivfitglif f F ,Q 15. ' 5: Arg "q.gssi1'4 1 ' A, ii . 5r'5.g.il2if:g: - Sgafailllli iv 1 P Zggffk? : ri 'is A ' tri? T A :qw , .t "' 2 i is Cynthia Holmes - Ms. Wingate Trevor Clarke - Mr. Wingate Antoine Ferguson - Most Handsome Guy if Cel Tylisha Plummer - Best Dressed Girl , 7 I I , Mt mlm , V ,,1:r' I ? .g m t H H H I L. ,ir . fil, pw 3' .sl 1 r gfff . V ff Us Q f K I ,. 57 Vi' ,i i ,,5 :,, k ,, iv 2 I 4 V .,t, W,4,.,......f I , sg N 2 , W' 1 ,, Tonette Foster - MS. Personality PW 'V 2 l ,F y 'Qi 'Sl A1 F rf: , 57125442 ' f 3 ' A , , , , 1 1 , 34516 Ji 5 5' f MM ' if M M35 Y I 3 1537535 tfdf , xx, f 2 ,pw Q3 'ff rf ha-iwf bfl Angelita Torres - Cutest Senior 0 Z Ol" of 0 L l eff Terrence Blackett - Best Dressed Guy Robert Treasure - Mr. Personality Ci ndy Mainor - Friendliest Senior Popular Teachers F32 Q A, Mrs. Saltz and Mr. Castagnini - Most , Z f J Q W 5. 5, ' , f 3? fi, :if f fi- f jgifi N ,K,. ,fl J Marguretta Lowe - Most Likely to Neil Taffe - Best Artist Succeed A ttii 'Q 3 A i yt ,111 A xii . i Sharon Greenidge - Most Popular if M Dale Enton - Best Athlet Girl 9 T i 5 .abJUl401' Linda St. Rose and Althea Adams - Most Popular Pair of Girls u ' . x Ki ,rm , ,,,, V WM 1,1 ,'!,t,X'ExXkL . Patrice Sajous and a young lady enjoy the music. Iames and Robin . . . to the beat of the rhythm of the night. Terrence and Iackie seem to know what to do at a "sock hop." Antoine Ferguson, Allan Elliot, and an unknown D.I. pro- vide the music. Annette Davidson and Dale Enton enjoy some "Rockers.g'1 , ,m,, , 2 ff wing f' 'Y an 'k.:,btl, "-52-'5 32" v of 45 L54 lr fo' we MC' Of Q' L4 mania -Wm 4 1?'.T-'Wi aah? 5 ,ig . 51 xg! 35, il I , f fs f ug f, af es" 4: 9' 39 2 f if 'D . . . long last looks rnust end for I am losing my best friend, A friend who taught me right from wrong, weak from strong, that's a lot to learn. . 11, 1 , 'I ff? 7 "Teacher or no teacher, up against the wall!" ,alv- 1 'fill 14 "Some dude up there likes you." X49 ,-1, "I may be off the wall, but I'm having a time!" ". ..just another manic Monday." "Hmmm, I could balance these books if knew some math." "I love you too." 'I have a gut feeling that I have been talking to myself 'or 39 minutes." W rust me - this student is in no condition to play , U w-'J...,. "My job is quite simple. I merely program all the students into one class and I'm free for the spring semester. fCan I stop smiling now?J "Fruit ofthe Loom or not- you are not prepared for gym." I5 'K 7 smell S64 'Iliff-. B love, lost 1 Lk! . wa 1 ,WG WW 2 A, Us ,EL . 'V Y , V' W, -fn " M 'W I Eixi Mm Ev A A W 4 , - l f A fill lficfzfrmf -.L+ 4? ' 3' 'NSN 39 1 I' I 17 u. ,1 1 Liv' K 3 'N QF - 'Qsfv -fx. vm N. e -i. bed. x , wif! Ark X ,Q iv x x Q X x Ejx E. N1 Q- 6 Q , ..,. E , N1 Q -2 vs Q N A e KS-wi - Q f 34. fe' QT -K m ,LMI 1 f? 2 F 1 i -1, ' Q, ff ? f . ag, 4 w, if 4 M 1 'EH ni' . 4 iff.: -. WW, f 1-,.-f 'YWWM , My M ,f. 3 w, lo W .1 , W V 'W Q!2:.I.1Q' ,M - Y M , 75-,il ' J' .5 If 3' f nf 'A if-if ru, 'FS - in mm. -W, Nw 1-X 'H -Am ? i . fin, HV' i .s, Q iii, ? K 1' F N 1 A EM ,f ,E Q Eyxg ff? 3 , 5 A1 '-5 3' ii: X ,f x M i f 01. Q 'Vi' ' ' ""37'- ' ',,2itexv,Q:lE!'.I iff' 0 2, ,f ,,. ,Q 1- IBA' ii pf' M ' 'nQ"""' lb ' bf .5 M X f , , , '52 pb 44 was A , A ,uunaq 'X +1 f ,k 3 5 'L- , We.. v 1-Mrgggpgf - . i ,.., 1 --Q 'X Yllaaazmm-vm., ...nw 'KUx,.3.., N i X ban... X X A? , rA',f P 2 5 s Z F i Q 5 ,wean v34wK'm!' 28 , K9 ly ff, ,M -5 Q.. ..... - New I fx -f. x, "RQ-u hr..-0' ,, , -.'C.""'.L-, ' , , - ., - 29 -. .X V, , y V 0... wg ' ,X Q. I- 1-vw rf ,,,.., ,-..J WH. ,.,.,f " 4 --firm fm .ML-VK, "' M N..,xM'W pf' A x J. Y 1 f 1 1,7 4 Ni J, lffi X r E' 1 ui 5 --...EJ ,,,, , .. .,,, :V Q ,nf . W... ..- T M .1 .. T ,, 3 2 'Q' .. .fr --K ,- r-.9' . - k I ' 7 1 A g "K i R ,1W,,-l .LX P Agana.. . a K K ' if E 4 X x 4: .". ,. Y.X"'rm 4 fxxxljfq 95 S-Q 5 U ff 94 -az ' A lzi, as Nancy Abel A Althea Adams Duane Adams l Althea Abrahams Marie Lourdes Alabre As-Shareem Alalah Loraine Alert Sainphor Alix Carol Alleyne Sandra Alvarez Kevin Anderson Sharon Anderson Mayra Aparicio William Arizmendi Pierre Attaud Carl Augustin Edwin Augustin David Baboolal Deborah Badlu Susan Baker Fenia Backer Yonette Balkaran Sharon Ball Martine Baptiste Q 4- 5 or Timothy Barnes Sandra Barthe Neil Bascom Tanya Bass Iames Beatty Ieffrey Becton Carl Bedeau George Belgrove Cecile Benjamin David Bennett Aritha Bernard Kenny Bernard Marie Bernard Shawn Bethune Terrance Blackett Owen Blackwood Dedra Blanchard Kenneth Bishop . Mark Bond Mireille Boubert Pierre Yves Boulee Ioyann Bourne Iudy Bourne Norma Bouzy Roger Bristol Adrienne Brown Amanda Brown Lorna Brown Dwayne Brown Pamela Brown l Valentine Brutus Sharon Bynoe Charles Calizaire Alicia Campbell David Carrington Sharlene Castillo David Cayenne Iacqueline Cesar Brian Charles Vivette Cherrington Carla Cockfield Nena Codner Dianella Comeau Rousdel Comper Maxime Cossogoy Beverly Coutain Michelle Cox Zoraida Daley Claire Dallard Angela Dallas David Daniel l Linda Darbouze Ieffery Daugherty Ianice Davis Maurice Davis Cora DeLoach Olinda DeLeon e L Kerlande Denis Rose Ann DePeazer Marva Derrick 4 Karen Deslandes Iimmy Desousa Iudith Dorvilier is u , Kathleen Douglas Steve Dowd Monique Dunham Sabrina Eaton Wendy Edmond Anthony Edwards N , Patrick Eliacin Allan Elliott Reggie Ellis Iames Ellison David Emilien Dale Enton Enel I. Etienne lean Etienne Marie H. Etienne Antoine Ferguson Iudy Ferrari Garcia Fleming Daren Ford Terrance Fordyce Tonnette Foster Christine Francis Coleen Francis Iulia Francis Kesnel Francois April Frasier Zoe French Ioan Fuller Peter Garrett Aretha Gary Eddy Gedeon Ann Margaret George Augustus George Teddy George Yves George Anderson Gibbons Gareth Gibbs Rietta Gilgeours Preda Gillisslee r Saint Iulien Ginette Uonstantino liittens Frank Gittens Stacelyn Glinton Marlene Golbourne Clint Gomes Dawn Gooden Paul Gordon Laurence Gore N Anthony Grady Karen Grant Yvonne Grant E Kimberly Green Sharon Greenidge Audrey Grumble Magnet Guerline Ariette Guerrier Cynthia Hall Nicola Hall Monique Hanley Wendell Harper Lawrence Harrison Anestine Hector Aubrey Henry Andrea Hibbert Kevin Hinson Lydia Hodge Pamela Holder Cynthia Holmes Lisa Hosang F David Hosten Iames Howard Iulius Hudson Olgeta Huggins Caroline Hyde Tameka Ingram Dasque Irmine Earl Isaacs Christopher Ishmael L W Deborah Iackson Reginald jackson Susan Iackson Amryl Iames Rhonda Iames Dominique IeanLouis Marie IeanPaul Dave Iervise Turgo Ieune Isaac Ioemah Charles Iohn Christine Iohnson Natalie Iohnson Pauline Iohnson Lynthia Iohn t t Shelisa jones Stephen Iones Suzanne Iones Charles Ioseph Desamour Ioseph Fleurette Ioseph Iulio Ioseph Newton Iosephs Ron Iupiter Philip Kaiten Robin Kearse Rufus Kelsey s Michael Ladouceur Andrew Larmond Theodore Latimore l Bernadette Leacock Alex Leath Ieanett LeGendre Patricia Leste AnthonetteiLewis Devon Lewis Hugh Lewis Clarice Locke Lhericia Loiseau Beverley Lopez Marguretta Lowe Giles Lugatto Rf, K! ,M-5,4 ' Kose Marie Lynch Lynval Iames Debbie Malcolm i 1 1 Claudius Mapp Simon Maragh Iacqueline March Maria Marrero V Patricia Marshall Oliver Martin Noel Maryse Monique Mathieu Iacinda Maynor Terence Maxwell Roseclair McAlister Patricia McCalla Iulie McCaw Desmond McCrae Sandra McDonald i , 4 Q if Ewart McKay Sonii McKethan Iris Meade Rowan Mighty Clifton Miller Patricia Miller Dominique Milord Denise Mitchell Darren Monroe Michelle Montegue Yola Montilus Louna Moreau Charmaine Morris Anthony Morton Andrea Mossiah Cadot Myrtho Narien N argen Martine Nau N Annie-Kay Nelson Luce-Berthe Neptune Anslem Noel Susan Odle Crosdale O'Neil Luz Ortiz s ,v Eric Pabon Anthony Partlow ll Clyde Paul 51 Kelly Paul Migueline Paul Tyrone Perry Ioey Peters Iuliette Peters Marcia Phillips Fritzbert Pierre Iocelyn Pierre Tylisha Plummer LaVaughn Padmore Rodrigue Popo Luke Powell l N Dubois Rachel Marie Regnier Emma Richards Mark Roach Clara Roberts Edwin Roberts Leisa Roberts Oral Robertson Anthony Robinson Freddie Robinson Sarah Rodriguez Ivy Rogers Patrice Rose Robin Rowland Claudye SaintLouis Patrice Sajous Andrea Samuels Colbert Samuels Sonia Saunders Andrea Scarlett Suzette Scott Sherrie Seale Aisha Shabazz A Michael Siebs a Michele Siebs Alicia Simpkins Cheryl Sinclair Sergio Smilley Derek Smith Iohn Smith Karen Smith Randy Smith Sigrid Smith George Snape Marcus Soko Stanley Souvenir Bernice Springer Ianet Stampp Yvette Stewart N. Tessa St. Louis Noreen Stoutt Linda St. Rose 57 T T Basil Suarez Yvens Tabuteau Neil Taffe Yvonne Tavaris Raymond Taylor Lydia Thomas Michael Thomas Iames Thompson Richard Thompson Eduardo Tineo Angelita Torres Robert Treasure r Shawner Turner Rafael Vasquez Manuel Vega Sean Vickerie Mervyn Villaruel Romy Vilus 69 Iacques Vital Lisa Ware Dawn Washington lay Washington Donna Watson Faye Weekes 70 Sandra Welch Dwain Welcome ll Howard White Xenia Whittaker Michelle Whittle Desmond Wilkerson Mary Willie Denise Wilson Eric Wilson i Tanya Wilkes Andrew Williams Charles Williams Charmaine Williams Kecia Williams Michelle Williams Carolyn Wood Martha Wordsworth Paulette Wright W Leonard Young W Michelle Dyett Eldon Egad LL BO TME...FROMATOZ Althea Abrahams: Community Action Club, Arista, College, Medicine Althea Adams: Volleyball and Basketball Teams, Community Action Club, Peer Tutoring, College Kevin Anderson: Military Pierre Attaud: Tennis, Swimming, and Bowling Teams, Student Union, College, Psychology Sharon Ball: Wingate World, College, Nursing Ieifrey Becton: Fencing and Handball Teams, College, Electrical Engineering Shawn Bethune: Community Action Club, Arista, Honor Service League, 1 Academic Olym ic Team Captain, 3 Peer Tutoring, Cliass Treasurer, Students Against A artheid, Principal's List, Colllege, Medicine Terrance Blackett: Best Dressed Guy, College Adrienne Brown: College, Criminology Pamela Brown: S.U. Vice President, Tennis and Bowling Teams, College, Physical Therapy Sharon Bynoe: Handball Team, College, Medicine Zoraida Daley: Volleyball Team, Wingate Community Action Club, Consultative Council, Honor Service League, S.U., College Rose Ann DePeazer: Community Action Club, College Karen Deslandes: Community Action Club Kathleen Douglas: College, Nursing Allan Elliott: Baseball Team, Honor Service League, S.U., Honor Roll, College, Communications Daren Ford: Fencingl Team, Honor Service League, C ass Wit, College Coleen Francis: Arista, Community Action Club, Senior Class Pres., Peer Tutoring, Honor Service League, Academic Olympic Team, Students Against Apartheid, S.U., Principal's List, College, Medicine Iulia Francis: Library Squad, Honor Service League, Wingate World, Student Union, College Peter Garrett: Community Action Club, Student Union, Consultative Council, College, Medicine Ann Margaret George: Community Action Club, Stu ents Against Apartheid, College Dawn Gooden: College Clint Gomes: Track Team, Library Monitor, Student Union, College Karen Vanessa Grant: College, Nursing Yvonne Grant: Principal's List, College Anestine Hector: Volleyball and Soccer Teams, Captain Girl's Basketball Team, U.S. Leadership and Service Award, College Kevin Hinson: Fencing, College, Technical Engineer Cynthia Holmes: Captain Cheerleaders, Ms. Wingate, College David Hosten: College Iames Howard: College, Computer Programming Gareth Gibbs: "Hard Working Student," College, Business Admin. Aubrey Henry: Student Union, College, Computer Science Lydia Hodge: Arista Carolyne Hyde: Softball Team, Military Natalie Iohnson: College, Nursing Pauline Iohnson: College, Nursing Shelisa Iones: Cheerleader, College, Communications Suzanne Iones: Community Action Club, College, Business Admin. Bernadette Leacock: Honor Service League, College Ieannette LeGendre: Community Action Club, Honor Service League, Cheerleading Squad, Volleyball Team, Manager, Girl's Basketball Team, Senior Band, 1st Clarinet, Honor Roll, College, Medicine Iacqueline March: Military Reserve Oliver Martin: College Terence Maxwell: Spectrum, Wingate World, College, Medicine Sandra McDonald: Honor Service League, Library, Spectrum, Wingate World, Honor Roll, College Sonii McKethan: Bowling and Tennis Teams, Navy Patricia Miller: Arista, Community Action Club, College, Dentistry Darren Monroe: Marines Narien Nargen: Tennis and Bowling Teams, Academic Olympic Team, Community Action Club, Honor Service League, Peer Tutoring, College, Engineering Annie-Kay Nelson: Track Team, Arista, Principal's List, Attorney Iuliette Peters: Student Union, College, Nursing Tylisha Plummer: Cheerleader, Best Dressed Girl, Air Force Clara Roberts: College, Nursing Robin Rowland: Cheerleaders, Booster Captain, College Colbert Samuels: Aeronautics Patrice Saious: Captain of the Fencing Team, Baseball Team, Community Action Club, Honor Service League, Arista, Principal's List, Medicine Sonia Saunders: Volleyball Team, College Suzette Scott: Tennis Team, College, Law Aisha Shabazz: College, Business Administration Hazel Shillingford: Arista, Navy Michael Siebs: Student Union, College, Electrical Engineering Alicia Simpkins: Arista, Principal's List, Col ege, Computer Science Cheryl Sinclair: College Randy Smith: Student Union, Most Popular Guy, College Bernice Springer: College, Psychology Yvette Stewart: Basketball and Soccer Teams, S.S.A.A. Basketball Scholarship Award, Best Female Athlete, College Tessa St. Louis: Basketball Team, College, Nursing and Midwifery Noreen Stoutt: Community Action Club, College, Nursing Linda St. Rose: Honor Service League, Community Action Club, Peer Tutoring, S.U., Basketball, Volleyball, and Softball Teams, College, Law Lydia Thomas: Arista, Library Squad, Principal's List, College, Medicine Manuel Vega: College, Aviation Sean Vickerie: Community Action Club, Honor Roll, Regents Scholarship Winner, College, Medicine Mervyn Villaruel: Soccer Team, Col ege, Aviation Iacques Vital: Haitian Club, Medicine Dawn Washington: College, Law Iay Washington: Academic Olympic Team, Community Action Club, Peer Tutoring, Honor Society, Bowling Team, College, Me icine Sandra Welch: Student Union, Soccer Team, Principal's List, Basketball Team, Regents Scholarship Winner, College Dwain Welcome: Arista, Peer Tutoring, Consultative Council, Community Action Club, Regents Scholarship Winner, College, Law Xenia Whittaker: College, Stewardess Charmaine Williams: Wingate World, Spectrum, Soccer Team, College, Business Administration Carolyn Wood: Arista, Honor Service League, Community Action Club, Senior Class Vice Pres., Peer Tutoring, Academic Olympic Team S.U., Students Against Aqartheid, Principal's List, Volleyba l Team, College, Psychology Leonard Young: Community Action Club, Library Squad, College, Computer Science tlt Q - l anuaf G1'3dU3t10H m h 4 , xi SS r is - 35k'l2'? 1f 'l.iV KF' ' . -W - f Eff 2: zg ERQEl 1"ff'f at t ' Q- dfiftf -- V "i uk T1--QifQl59 ' f 5! 71- K 'EL l " . .- tg f ,txwes an .,. , wi 1 - .4 i t ' Ifswzssmw- wx. - -. - . - Q -e- 1: gf-1 .1 ,K 5 Q ff.. x + a , . t aatta 'K X t at : fre, fi x'hk: ' li w 5 'Y f V Q m ,mkg l I E Eiigib 5 l l 1 1 i A s A X A 9 Ricardo Torres appears happy to have graduated at last. Owen Blackwood, Ianuary 1986, Valedictorian wwf f 2 Nelva Welcome and Marlene Golhourne - two thoughtful graduates. 75 , r e gl fyfr V f Q5 ,ftp , V :A gy 1-::":g5m:.,,., ,. .V Michelle Williams receives the diploma for the class of Ianuary 1986. da Gillislee, Tameka Ingram, and Cindy Mainor win Cooperation in Govern- nt Awards. l Simon Maragh - a proud graduate. A serious moment for Lawrence Gore FACULTY!!! 3 :K+ wma, N Mem ,iw Dr. Robert L. Schain Principal Mr. Victor Spetalnick Mr. Leo Rutledge Assistant Principal Organization Assistant Principal Pupil Personnel Services Assistant Principals Mr. Branscum - English Department it t 'Q Q A Mr. Ladman - Social Studies virs. Iackson - Special Education Department Department farms vis. Walker - Physical Education Mr. Louis - Foreign Language Department Department Q' , , ,4 me ' - '4 fr Mr. Leighton- Business Education Department 1.3 Mr. Esner - Science Department . ,figg Mr. Cooper - Mathematics Department dv QI... yummy gf. A ,, . fn .f """Q-01 I !""'f--" 5 x A x l 3.41. , N ' a +- u. - va, 1, xk xr 'ww 4 i lff' R ' 5. My .. ff- g 4 K f H, . 5 ' ' - f- , .wzf, gint ' K4 If W EQ " 'Q' f 2 L H' 'S Q r- v K :ew 'L -- 3, MQ .-211' mf -Tr. KT i eg N' i t A S 1 x . Mr. Augustin - Science Mr. Beaubrun - Math ix Aux rv ,X Mr. Blasberg - Special Education Mr. Brennan - Business Mrs. Baratta - English, Co-op Coord., Yearbook Advisor A Mr. Bedell - Science Ms. Brancaccio - Social Studies, Arista Advisor rig r "5-al' Mr. Brody - Math, Peer Tutoring Advisor Mr. Castagnini - Math, S.U. Coordinator -Q 'Elsa -QM-ak' Mrs. Charak - Math Qlltki U -www' X N 0 Mr. Celestine - Science Mr. Charak - Science, Dean Mr. Cohen - Science Mr. Colen - Social Studies, Community Action Club Adv. M w Ms. Cook - Social Studies Mr. Crawford - Music Ms. Davis - Physical Education riff? H1 . , Mr. Delcore - Guidance up pxykijbtyix ,xgxgm My QQ! Ms. DuFresne - Foreign Language, Grade Advisor Mr. Dunkley - Special Education ni Ms. D. Edwards - Business Education Mr. Eisenberg - Guidance Mr. Fienga - Social Studies Mr. Floyd - S.P.A.R.K. Ms. Early - Math, Program Committee Ms. C. Edwards - Science Mr. Feldman - Phys. Ed., Dean Fencing, Handball Coach , l 0 0 6 1 Ms. Foley - Ed. Asst. ii Mr. Fontek - Science Ms. Fromer - Math, Grade Advisor Mr. Furnari - Industrial Arts Mr. Gerard - Physical Education, Dean Mr. Fox - Social Studies Mr. Frankel - Math -fmxl Ms. Germain - Special Education Mr. Goldberg - Industrial Arts nag 'V ' if fa . T. k 15 1 ,X Nxliig' ',,' Igexgjie Mrs. Goldenberg - English Mrs. Gordon - Special Education .Jw X' .fx Ms. Greenberg - Special Education Mr. Herr - Guidance rf' '73 JM., t T 1 g' Aa dl Q Mr. Goldstein - Phys. Ed., Coord. of Security, Bowling and Tennis Coach Mrs' Gordon - English 'Nl' Ms. Gorse - Physical Education, Athletic Director Ms. Gottfried - Ed. Asst. X-. ' a Ms. Harriot - Physical Education, . . Wingate Talent Show Advisor Mr' Helfnck - Enghsh Ms. Iacovou - English Mrs. Iacobson - Librarian Mr. Ioachim - Social Studies v i ' .' X E. , . an mags iI1T'T19" Ms. Katims - Ed. Asst. Mr. Kohn - Guidance Mr. Kupferman - Science, Attendance Coord. Ms. Iohnson - Special Education QW 11 inf ,g if V lk Ms. Ioyce - English, Spectrum and Wingate World Adv. 'NN 1 1 Mr. Kinsberg - Social Studies Ms. Kornegay - English Ms. Klempner - Home Arts Mr. Kreuter - Social Studies Ms. Lambrianakos - Foreign Ms. Lander - Phys. Ed., Dean, Coach Language Girls Bowling and Tennis Mr. Lantor - Special Education ...J .. , - Ms. Layne - Science so f. 4 0 . gm' Ms. Lemme - Coordinator Bilingual Dept. K' Ms. Lenglet - English Ms. Lindquist- English ggillgcdzsigsiness Education' Mr. Lorah - Foreign Language Mrs. Major -- English, Grade Advisor, Yearbook Advisor. Coach Academic, Olympic Team 'Age-E Mr. Marrero - Special Education Mr. Marsh - Science Ms. Lorenzo - Ed. Asst. Ms. Maha - Science Mr. Mancuso - Science, Grade Advisor P Q5 we . ,cl 1 , 3, 5,33 'Q-its S .. fs fx me W K. . i-x- . ' , 11:55, W. Ms. Manda - English Ms. Matthews - Home Arts Mr. Miller - Physical Education Ms. Montemarano - English R- fk la ,,,,,.k1:-..y . ,Abi . hi ,A I , 'H wp. my -who ...Mm "3 1, ' -1.4, I WL Q .my N., ' ' , S' V, " ,."' . ' N X ' .. 4 1 , Ms. Nachinoff- Reading Coordinator iff" Ms. McCrae - English Mr. Michaels - Science T' X .ri . ........,. . . .AV Mr. N. Montalbano - Social Studies, Mr. L. Montalbano - Social Studies, Dean Baseball Coach Mr. Murphy - English, S.O.A.R. Ms. Morris - Foreign Language Coord Mr. Newman - Physical Education, Ms' Nance Q Ed' Asst' Girls Volleyball Coach Mr. Orloff- Lab Asst. Ms. Pecou - Foreign Language Ms. Quall-Seigel - Ed. Asst. Mr. Reiter - Physical Education, Girls I.V. Basketball Coach ..., Y, 3 tif f Mr. Pasquale - Physical Education, Dean :'.if..' Ms. Pierrot - Math Mr. Rabinovitz - Special Education i , A Mr. Richen - Math, Track and Cross Country Coach . EX Ms. Pauld - Foreign Language, Grade Advisor I Mr. Puglia -- English Mr. Reen - Guidance Mr. Robinson - Math Ms. Rosenthal- Special Education Mr. Ross - Lab Asst. Ms. Rota - Fine Arts H em , 4 rl? fav ,..-vamp-' , .fwn f l 4 4 . , , "ff ' Q fa Q ' Q 1 J a ' "Q - f Mp ' .., ' F. Ms. Saltz - English, Senior Advisor Ms. Sanon - Ed. Asst. A 1? N N E 2 Ms. Santomauro - Foreign Language V Ms. Schachter - Physical Education Mr. Schatzer - Math Ms. Schreir - Special Ed. Ms. Schuler - S.O.A.R. Program Ms. Sherman - English Wd! - iff Ms. smith - Librarian Ms. smith-Allen - Home Arts ' Solovay ' Math, Program alrnlan fix Ms. Spetalnick - Science, Grade Advisor, Medical Science Coordinator Ms. Spivey - English Ms. Stein - Business Education is Mr. Strachan - Industrial Arts Mr. Streisand - English Mr. Sullivan - Social Studies Vis. Sykes -- Ed. Asst. xx Vis. Tennyson - Ed. Asst. Mr. Tascandi - Math Mr. Trani - Special Education vis. Vega - Business Education As. Ximines - Math Mr. Watson - Science Ms. Taylor - Special Education Mr. Tuchman - Special Education Ms. Wright - Special Education ,Q fm W:-f ,5?' ' '2f'Z'f:iE gwnm ww, ,fn ,wvmur M ' " . . ,, ..pfs':,:lj' I if ,mv 4 4 W- j'1WiiffZ!! x R, 1 - 'f ' f f A if Aki- N K f gf: KT yy ,, 'rmzzgz , . I , , mf . E Security MS- Kirby Mr. Moore Mr. Charles Ms. Gill Mr. Thompson ,,-1' Mr. Adams Ms. Barlatier Ms. English Mr. Calhoun , ,, v x Y' . . .and Officer Satchell we ! P V 1 ii va. Q 4' 13 1 ik ' L - ...L 1 - ,N ,,.....1.5!..,,.. Back Row, Left to Right: Gavin Myers, Ari Philips, Bradley Hull, William Caldwell, Coach Lerner. Middle Row: Alfredo Earle, Desmond McRae. Front Row: Robert White, Christopher Revels, Russell Iohn, Gary Clark. Back Row, Left to Right: Raymond Gordon lmanagerj, Linda St. Rose, Althea Adams, Nichol Lewis, Davida Duerton, Wendy Alberty, Anestine Hector, Ieanette Legendre fmanagerj. Front Row: Karen Pilgrim, Nadine Holness, Yvette Stewart, Selma Charles, Michelle Barnswell, Ioanna Lewis. Back Row, Left to Right: Nicole Kitchen, Sandra Bowen, Cherie Forrester, Coach Reiter. Front Row: Tosha McNeil, Ruth! Alvarez, Ann-Marie Walker. S sgwwagr -6 J ' ,N Back Row, Left to Right: Mr. O'Donoghue, Coach, Michelle Barnswell, Zaraida Dailey, Carolyn Wood, Karlyn Pierre-Louis, Wendy Alberty, David Overton, Althea Adams, Karen Pilgrim, Sonia Saunders, leannette LeCendre. Front Row: Monique Mathiew, Linda St. Rose, Nadine Holness, Selma Charles, Gloria Arocho, Ioanna Lewis, Maria Germoso, Alberto Cermoso. mm,1 ' Jr' Back Row, Left to Right: Ieremiah George, Carl Bedeau, Mr. Goldstein, Basil Suarez, Iay Washington. Front Row: Dale En- ton, Timothy Barnes, Carleton Clarke, Narien Nargen. Km 53 x in VS. Back Row, Left to Right: Patrice Sajous, Anthony Dottin, Mr. Montalbano, Allan Elliot. Front Row: Linden Baptiste, Adaberto Germoso, Victor Germoso, Vincent Williams. Back Row, Left to Right: Patrice Sajous, Danielle Singletary, Antoine Ferguson, Mr. Feldman. Front Row: Adrian Richards, Sean Cognell, Darren Ford, Raphael Vasquez, Kevin Hinson. Mg N,a, ,ts T K 4 7 T , W., v ,r.. ,,,.,s,,,,,,,,M,,,-,.,,. ..,,-..i., ,.M.......4..w...4.,.w .-. , . ,,,.wm,- M , I A ww' MM a.,,..,.,a.. ..., ' ..- W . , Back Row, Left to Right: Martin Grant, Michael Gordon, Mark Wright, Rowan Mighty, Michael Thomas, Ioey Peters, Clint' Gomes, Rowan Marques, Desmond McRae, Mr. Richen. Front Row: Alford Best, Annie K. Nelson, Dwyne Sinclair, Brentol Williams, Marlon Smith, Desmond Calliste, Ioanne Lynch, Rawl Ellis. Not Shown: Edwin Roberts, Ronald Woodley, Paul Atkinson, Carolee Broderick, Carol Iohn, Erin Carlyle, Oneil Barnes, Paul Clyde, Lawrence Medas. Cross Country, CON- GRATULATIONS! Znd in N.Y.C. Championship Q l B O Y S S O C C E R Back Row, Left to Right: Alvin Melhado, Delroy Coke, Courtney McKenzie, Ms. Barbarash. Front Row: Sheldon Francis, Oneil Barnes, Larry Moreno, Halcolm Herbert. g,M.,.,t: -imwmmwww--a G I R L S S O C C E R NWS Back Row, Left to Right: Anestine Hector, Patricia Moore, Yvette Stewart, Wendy Alberty, Ms. Barbarash. Front Row: San- dra Welch, Monique Mathieu, Nadine Holness, Gloria Arocho, Michelle Barnswell. 102 H+-'i-M-ww'f""F Back Row, Left to Right: Shenecqua Norwood, Robin Young, Darcel Venable. Front Row: Robin Rowland, Alba Arocho, Sharon Greenidge. E-.""..."'.':"",.,.. J Back Row, Left to Right: Nicole Kitchen, Sharon Cayenne, Shelisa Iones. Middle: Kim Davis. Front Row: Cynthia Holmes, Tylisha Plummer, Mona Hart. i -we-sq F .Rn xii! f,,.f--X. ,,,,.... Back Row, Left to Right: Tasmina Rahman, Disdale Enton, Lawrence Medas, Tony Miller, Pierre Attaud, Cheriee McDonald. Front Row: Tyrone Smith, Louis Goddard, Chris Ishmael, Anthony Edwards, Iason Devore, Raphael Vasquez. ' 1 ,X , L 'F ' ' , W -in K 'TQIZQZHBSSS ,--:I QW :-0' . .J-:iw ' 'ff if ,, in LL,Jff'f-,si .: ' s V lf- --N. , K ' K " ' Back Row, Left to Right: Althea Abrahams, Ieanette Legendre, Howard Solovay, Connie Weiner, Delores Early, Linda St. Rose. Front Row: Monica Holder, Lizan Alleyne, Georgine Carty, Yvonne Tavaris. Back Row, Left to Right: Tanya Wilkes, Lascelles Thomas, Eduardo Tineo, Constantino Gittens, Olgeta Huggins, Clyde Paul, Aretha Bernard, Sergio Smilley, Iamie Felder, Donna Watson, Kharl Bailey, Omar Wala. Front Row: Vladimir Vielot, ludy Edwards, Marguretta Low, Andrea Scralett, Michael Pryce, Gus George. Back Row, Left to Right: Raul Boston, Ivelisse Velez, Cecile Iohnson, George Kusiappouh, Cassandra Lowe, Keishd McDougald, Lawrence Harrison, Ava Brown, Kirk Hughes, Faye Weekes, Robert White, Beverly Brown, Deborah Brown, Cheryl Taylor, Holford Simon, Ianice Lloyd, Andre Smith. Front Row: Calvin Brown, Yvonne Nelson, Felicia Summers, Doris Merritt, Trudy Legere, Stephanie Anderson. - The Haitian Club Q . Back Row, Left to Right: Patricia Miller, Karen Stanford, Francine Conway, Carl Bedeau, Patrice Sajous, Carolyn Wood, Ur- i sula Shand. Front Row: R. Parris, L. Thomas, Shawn Bethune, Dwayne Welcome, Alicia Simpkins, Tonia Anderson, Annie l Nelson. i Q,-w,-b f"Lf' LA'LL 'm" 1" A' 4 + at .smef,fr"X'R gill ki? we. K 1 l V :ig Back Row, Left to Right: Shawn Bethune, Iay Washington, Ms. Saltz, Carlton Clarke. Front Row: Carolyn Wood, Coleen Francis, Narien Nargen, Annette Davidson. tata mga as . .,...,.w-awww: Back Row, Left to Right: Linda St. Rose, Sandra McDonald, Zoraida Daley, Coleen Francis, Patrice Sajous, Shawn Bethune, Antoine Ferguson, Althea Adams, Ieanette LeGendre, Iulpa Francis. Front Row: lay Washington, Narien Nargen, Carolyn Wood, Darren Ford, Carlton Clarke. ,, 4, A Back Row, Left to Right: Carolyn Wood, Coleen Francis, Shawn Bethune, Roseann Depeazer, Linda St. Rose, Althea Adams. Front Row: Dwayne Wecome. N""frQ.w-. ,W fl V W. .V 3 in Back Row, Left to Right: Deborah Badlu, Sem Ioseph, Iulio Ioseph, Carolyn Wood, lay Washington, Robert Parris, Shawn Bethune, Yvens Tabuteau, Mr. Brody. Front Row: Christine Francis, Maxine Freeland, Dwayne Welcome, Karen Stanford, Francine Conway, Coleen Francis, Peter Garrett. Back Row, Left to Right: Debbiann Fletcher, Carolyn Wood, Coleen Francis, Ms. Major, Shawn Bethune, Ursula Shand,l Cheriee McDonald. Front Row: Narien Nargen, Carl Bedeau, Christopher Ishmael, Erik Santiago, lay Washington. Camera Shy, Tonia Anderson. Back Row, Left to Right: Shawn Bethune, Patricia Miller, Iay Washington, Carl Bedeau, Jeanette Legendre, David Hostenf Sandra Welch, Patrice Sajous, Edwin Roberts, Mrs. Spetalnik. Next Row: Francine Conway, Noreen Stout, Coleen Francis, Carolyn Wood, Iulia Francis, Alicia Simpkins, Sandra McDonald. Front Row: Andrew Williams, Terence Maxwell, Clarice Locke, Narien Nargen, Kelly Paul, Rowan Mighty. C O M M U N I T Y A C T I O N Wingate Community Action Club, Mr. Colen, Advisor P. E N C L I S H Advanced Placement English, Prof. Gordon 110 .. -..,,.,,,,,,,,.,...--.,........--,,,-. .,Wa......,...,,.a. ..-. . N Back Row, Left to Right: Susan Young, Sandra McDonald, Erik Santiago, Iulia Francis, Sumeet Bhanot. Front Row: An- toinette Carter, Cathry-Ann Subers, Iacqueline Jones, Vinnette Hall, Mrs. Iacobson, Ms. Smith, Sonia Bhanot. 1:4 V, M-",,m sf .,?,,p,,,,,, ,,......., ,. . Qack Row, Left to Right: Nicole Gaskin, Terrance Maxwell, Charmaine Williams, Iacqueline Roberts, Simeon Iiminez, Iulia Francis, Sandra Mcdonald, Sharon Ball, Michelle Rudd, Maxine Cassobury, Ms. Ioyce. Front Row: Linda Chin, Ursula Shand, Marsha Hampton, Annette Davidson, Danielle Singleton. e ofhere end And the tmotions to and fro Of people as they enter And people as they go. . . As we takeftnxle last longquyiet look bid ae fcmg giifarewell to Good Bye . bo ' o

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