George W Wingate High School - Mosaic Yearbook (Brooklyn, NY)

 - Class of 1980

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George W Wingate High School - Mosaic Yearbook (Brooklyn, NY) online yearbook collection, 1980 Edition, Cover

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ll'-lllllq.. Wi Q wi. E 5 li I "S ,Immun 0 0 ae! Y "' ww i 1 Q 40 Q 05 Q V 5 O 1? wJ"'4'4614 ' QQ' .JV Q' 'lu I 5 .lzgszrahilllll X 0 g:g:g. ig. :urn I 5 ' 'basl .::::..ll::l:l:ll 1 Q' .vi Fin-'H-H:-H-1. Q gg' lqilq .ll-.IHS Q' D. ..l ' lggllqff ll qw., 'l.lI'.wlll:"' Q 'll'l hi "U 5 l 'Q' 'lg q Ill hxriu'lgg'::l..ln.5lq-..lEQ, X7 X Y 65.55 . f Q "'lr2. W hu. 4' Q11 l 444 i E 11 5. ik I 1 1- 'X I' ' tink. K E n JMQ4 f ' Qu . . fwe N Qmmmwgum 1 Q , J , 9 l ff E A Q, J . Q, J ax. ha .'g.:,,?'-r.:.::gx3t ,,:,, 0' -::..,ZZ"""'? ,L 'ctw 47" "1 N "' 8094. " ' u"' Q fi 5 'Ny' rn... "um qi 'l'!.5.....e.-ez' . . Y 1 K lg . .Q . X X X Q ' gs , X J .5355 X X Mosaic 1980 Words Cf The Prophet George W. Wingore High School 600 Kingston Avenue Brooklyn, New York 11203 Dr, Rooerf L. Scnoin, Principol 4 ggi .ixggrjw 41-an iw L., j' ' , an nul it-l ali? ffl W .Wo , , M ' - , 'A ' , an 0 E W oW o N 7 0, 3 ' -, ,,,,,..,,,. fa-uw 'HC S' """""" 5 3 in 1 I U: an K I fl zzxw V V mana annul 4 I i ig ,,,., ,..- ,,,,.. .,u-- -M-fe: '-"M" 22 I H B Z7 U M A Mi ,i 1 1 miss -.grimy we-Q. nu-Q 2 e 2 mall: l 1 in--3 ,WE-,Q 34:53 ssnwniwns mund- aaa.-at -.I Wu, aw 'vii , . -Q 'ty 1'w , k ".""1 'xg' ,www nam. rwqi 9 r I I ' Q 1 1- f Q X A in -M sn , Vt, LQ ww , - - ,Q -3 :li OJXWYVY W 4, i ,K Y Q M1 I K mm ' - .. M -- A f . , , KM 2. R ,E A "WK an .Lf,,. 1 w at an sw ff, W, Mm 'WN' -my -1 li i Sk. in was U 'qzfq se use n nn nalfQ1 54' '1 'INS 424 ,Mil wg? ,gun 'Ku - F wg! pf 5 D ii 'V 5, is ,591 lt wiki vw. Q 1 f, 'Q ' L an 45 f.,. dr H5 . . , .ry . ,,, -1' , M 4' . 'UF we W f x-ff' 'gg wwlx ' X if f , 4 xi, gvlp. , " ww f? 1 , I , 'X :NA 9 -f' fa: ,, ,Q If A 1. ,t Q ,4-4 .VM ' gf gym. n ms,1f-4 Q' "Yesterday is but todoy's memory, ond tomorrow is but f0d0y'S dream" Kqhlil Gibran J r 't , , I F ' X .1 A ' ,,-sd f f X. X 1 X V1 1 f. . AEM' f ff 11 1 1 'P ff B- "' KQ "f 4' 1 f Ae .- X f H31 U X , 1:59, f ' V 1 1 I -4 A K . I l f'- xx ssl X - I All ,4 fX 'Q fl' - A I 1 ' 41.23 ' ' 1 NN ' 1' 1 4' -Ns , ' f :A f A K' X 1' 1 A11 ln x I INN 21' ff wwf ' ,, l 1 QI! fl Jfgkyyh l, ff -1 6,1 ' i'1"iQi" , w e KN Rf 1 J if wf 4915li11W1.1'1V, 11? 1 1 IN gf 11111f1" , rf, A . 1 IA 17 I1 X 'i i X " f -1 pf" X 1 ' 'KM 1 N I, 'XJ' 1 1 tl 4 .1 Mai? Q 1 1 1 j 1 we 11 W5 -'V' 1 111 Mmm. .'1,11W!,,f1 1 +1 1 s 'i+11I10'lf f A 1 '11-111 1 W "7 1 - 3 Q! 1 M 1 11 V . Mjmf All an A N U' '2641 Namfll 1'l11W'?ff535111 1111"55!l1151 iiIE1F1W1'41 'M 9131 4'A1W1'1f1:1111111M'1'17?11 e 1 , - 1-1 1'51,r-1' sts 1- 111 . x A . 31' '-!,2'i2iKt':f4S-, J, 517 1' ', 5-1m1giQMf1 M24 1' . Fifi ' " --4.1 1 .455 A-fl1lf1f2fZ.Q'2:4!1 1 1L 11 Eg 50:-.,-QIABL, '-, ' g L., ks , '.-. U ,A-, .,,m a ,"'1m'ff f' 1.4 Kei" W1 1 - 'A llv.v.-Af--, , ---vga. --l c-1 ,N Al!e'1y,b.. is . f ,:j,!,f,. X L M t ' O Q' "'a'2!,gQ'mfIl.mlm1 ' 'i !.fEsgf1:::j'fP'1L lf' " 1- I lg 1 i---U1 1 - '1 lk' W'f?+1ai--W11 +f as-M ' A -411 1 H 4 1 -e , 1 , , , he ' sr ' - eg ' Q 1 ,iff 4 L- 4 11-,511-gap-e-se1es-es. w ..-ss 2 1 7ffa'41a11,u:i-' -v11-.-- as sf '. - 1 -da. ff 1 V s 1 lillwb XR 1 1 1 x, , GX N ., ,AQ - ' f ' I. 7: ,,..'2fx' , 1 ". - , es- 1 N -' 1 A 'fs I A 1 HV! 1 40:55 I Q te ' k Q' ' 5' 01 ' ' fw 'sf V A -.' CSX! .- 1 1 1 '11 'f 1 ' gs 11- 111 l sf is Asia Q - , S C XPS A 'fa . :W ,, px, A 5 N AN 19 13w1Mtuv"' 1 Lf' a:si'-gn11lfeHz1+-s- -YQ' 111135115 gli. 1-QW. -27. --,,-1,21-s,, n11g1'1111i'..-w1--1 1111 gs-" -ff 'bvww ' -1 -1,-11. 11 'Q ...V ever: G-fu-'ffM1""' Q 'i-vi" iii? ' YI' - Z1 , ff 1- 79' "' ' ' ' je . X ff, f i f 1 ,X ul O Q A3 f Z , , Q X43 c ,, A senior is o Shongri-lo for rhe reocher who hos olwoys roughf freshmen. Alice Joyce, English Teocher A senior is o srudenr who gers Iozy when he reoches rhe rwelfrh grode. Norholie Mondesir, Senior A senior is o srudenf I will nor see nexr rerm Chopefullyb. Morion Goldsfein, English Teocher A senior is o person who cores enough ro go on ro berrer ospirorions. Michoel Shepord, Senior A senior is o morure, young person, who should hove some kind of responsibiliry, ond who is copoble of hondling ir. Debbie Horewood, Senior A senior is someone who should be morure ond responsible, ond should hove ser up gools for himself ro ochieve. Wirhouf gools ro ochieve in life, rhere is no life ro look forvvord ro. Being o senior is like gerring on oword for surviving rhus for. Yverre Cummings, Senior A senior is o person wirh one, big heodoche. He is proying ro get our of one school ond proying ro ger info onorher, Geoffrey Riley, Senior A senior is o survivor. Mike DeSfefono, Hisrory Teocher A senior is the srudenr who will come info your closs ond hopefully not soy, "DUH, where om I?" Borboro Ahoron, English Teocher A senior is one who knows every nook ond cronny in the school. John Holomon, Senior l N i jg! A .. M M H f,,.,, , I n ,. , qsR ,,, We , VAi Q , l AA , , "1 . 'f' " 1 . ' "" 2: , ., Q f+ef4s. " 6il2P,, fl . ,,,...-Q - f- 2, as 1. M A , -6 Q., 'M . Q . x 'L 1, Us 4, A is ""'?"5. W N :a k W ' xx it A K . .- 4 - 4 . A . 'V' v I' H 1 + ' 2 ar em 4 , . , 4 , Ha, k 5 w- 1,5 , L 1 lv .. ' i , 2 f , , . '45, .fr ,f . , K NX ,M K nfnnq 'k 5 Y f ,Q gt is 1, ,' A 1 . I Q, X , A KGXW K Xqx A . H i 6 K 'TW 2, -.u ' N ht, , f renin, sons and dang Ybrsigfiufe - X ,, Q :I ' 4" - 'W Q yn 2 ' K . A , -1 49 K sks Ill rd -DL , gb S f l + M , N n , , ,. , K 5 Y W wg gy, 5 WR 1. Wi 2: "' , ng . fini 1 - W t I Q :L .2 3 y . -1 ,,,, ' L V' L 2 I ' Sb 3 X y . , 'Q , ,. M Q ' Qi: , 'QV"3 'Z' , ,,'- , - . xx ' ' ue., X. fn 45 K bk . 1-. , f A, 'X rf ' "1 Q, gf-L , X , v V Q-' rip , ff in Q . .1 ,Q L 1 M Y l 'M Q M4 X 'gr 1 5, N fm' N 5 Y Q. iffa M . iv 'x 'K FD Z I "A, "sl ' ,lk 1' K 'K ,- 11 Q Y SWS. K ' ff xx 'xp s A s ' 'H si vi -- 9 , ' . ii 4 9' AN, . .4 G 1 Mx xxx -X txt as nw "ml may nt , 1 "' wh , 5 Q 1 ,+ 19' ., ' LN N , L ,Q M I 'sf' 1, , M 'Q - 5 ,LL 3- . Z, ' i 'gp .W V Y i -. . ' 4 L x V IN eff? 'L , 1. +4 , W. , -C3 Hp 'S , Q 1 X ' 15-:fx f "H X 'S'- ...., . 9411 .ff , M, K1 ' W4 1 QA 1 AVL' I I J"-,A ,,jSf'h".. V ig' V f V 4, A ' V W Rn-:qs 2 V ' P " W Bw QW' L Nh 5 ' :ff H18 ' ' aw. 5.1 gi: ,, .' 4 , f f y 'rv , K ' f ' M gywfyjby L fam wgyiw Q 'V N Wwyx M . Nw 'N ,Q . u '9 . : f AH ' ' 9 at if- uqq 2. if, ,, On Teoching "If he is indeed wise he does nor bid you enrer the house of his wisdom our rorher Ieods you ro the threshold of your own mind." - Kohlil Gibron if if f 5 V 1- -f ' G 'aVi, I 'VX E21 EDI, I Q 'f W T , ev? K Tli, s t' J -. --1 ,, Ti sh i : l - 1 A V li. -- ' H .iirggli 5 ix P'-N.-Y Assistant Principals Ms. Gloria Malden Kaplan Guidance Mr. Vicror Speralnicls Adminisrrarion Administration Q, . , , i 'B- I i " 1 4 4 I s 3 , r 1 Q, , 'g s ' V, A' K ' N in , m .fI.,i , -," H z, is is .: Mr. S. Finger Mr. N. Rabinowirz Administrative Assistant Sewrify Cgordingror Administrative Deans And Security Deans V' U 54" "5 . . 'V "' v Standing CL,roR.D: Mr. S. Feldman CSDD, Mr, N. Rabinowirz CSO, Mr. M. Ginsberg CADD, Mr. J, Jang! CSDD, Mr. M. Goldstein CSDD. Seated: Mr. L. Monralbano CADD, Mr, P. Walsh CSDD, Ms. S. Landers CADD. Mr. P. Decker CADE English Department fr - Ms. A. Joyce Neff 5 39 , ,, - 514. 1 ,,..:.:., " ' .R zr 'I fftf Sf ,FG . di- .2 .S ' - 'fm 5' +.-.. wif Ai x , T 4. .M 3 t L' k KMA fl W '?M"'WM f f Ms. B. Ahoron ufyf I. H " L- ., A X 7' Q15 55-5. R2 51,55- M35 '59 'fri' ary'-eff 5-Hz: bk, j f - 'T -". A :2f'ti9'f' V Mr. N. Ehrlich-Choirmon f-L, .lg 'T1 situ Seored CL. ro RJ: Ms. F. Flescher, Ms. J. Zommir, Ms. M. Goldsreirw, Ms. D. Solrz, Ms. I. Nochinoff, Ms. G. Tuch, Ms, P. Sindel, Ms. S. Zysmon, Ms. E Goldenberg, Ms. B. Ahoron. Sronding: CL. ro RJ: Mr. J. Moy, Mr. D. Berger, Mr. S. Hinderw, Mr. D. Bronscum, Mr. M. Srreisond, Mr. S Abromowirz, Mr. N, Ehrlich Khoirmonb, Mr. J. Koeppel, Mr. R. Helfrich, Mr. 5. Smirh, Mr. F. Broncoro. Reading Department Mr. F. Goldhaber Uviwxnlvf MS. R, Dararra lu.. CL. ro IU: Ms. R. Bararra, Mr. R. MacDonald, Ms. N. Lengler, Ms. J, Sherman, Mr. R, Coppell Cfkeading Coordinarorl, Mr. H. Srabin Business Education Mr. S. Appelboumfhoirmon may I.. :fi QW' 1" :W rf Ms. I. B h Mr. R. Link Us MS. M- Townsel l' 5510 CL. ro RJ: Ms. E. Spindier, Ms. Simpson, Ms. Scnworrz, Mr. S. Appelboum CChoirmonD, Mr. R. Linls, Ms. M. Townsel, Ms. B. Srein Mr. T. Brennan Mathematics 4. ,ga 11 7 Y ., K 366, Mr, D. Schorzer Mr. R. DeGronde gnu ? 1 ....!.4. 1 'xt ? Mr. B. Berlsowirz gone Sronding CL. ro PCD: Mr. B. DeCuronde, Mr. IQ. Jocoos, Mr. M, Ginsberg, Mr. L. Cooper CCnoirmonD, Mr. F. Brody, Mr. Ps. Toscondi, Mr. A. Kornpel, Mr. S. Arnofslsy, Mr. J. Cosrognini, Mr E. CeNesnn. Seored CL, ro BJ. Ms I. Helfeld, Ms. E. Sonros, Ms. M. Cohen, Ms. D. Eorly, Ms. H, Bloom, Ms S. Cohen. Science Department 8 'MW' , .4-'V Mwvf' J. Regonihoirperson 'x 1 Mr. L. Orloff-Lob Speciolisr Mr, Marsh 7. Mr. N. Rosemon Mr. Fuchs A Lgmrailgiwisgfiywlr ,wr ,, W," ,av ,- 1 CL. ro RD: Mr. S. Berman, Mr. D. Chorols, Mr. L. Orloff, Mr. I. Cohen, Mr. I. Bedell, Mr. J. Cohen, Ms. Rison, Ms. Klempner, Ms. J. Hunr Ms. B. Sperolnicls, Mr, Cormon, Mr. H. Kupfermon, Mr BienAime, Mr. Miller, Mr. J. Hearing. Social Studies Mr. M. Sulseniis-Choirmom X ? swiss: ,, Ms. S. Moimouni -34" if 1 Q X 3. K 1. 'iq' ' Q. ,, 1 5+ . V i ei, kt Y I F, N. '35 9,- 45" tp- 'Z mms.. Li 1 . ..- . .TC --'iii , .Q M... z'w,,,s" ,J +..,. -1 - ,Y ff' 'cf :rw f,-. M u 4fi.':T'5f',27?::'L2:3-..4.i.,f Qcwiazm-nf-Q..:'2f V in ,. 5 1 5 Mr. C. Alexis Mr. N. Monrolbono - :Vs A se 1 fr Mr. L. Monrolbono Mr. M. DeSrefono Ms, J. Kinord Seored CL. ro RD. Ms. E. Droncoccio, Ms J. Kinord, Ms. W Roberrson, Mr M. Sulsenile CCnoirrnonD, Ms C. Lund, Ms. A Miller, Ms S. Moimouni Sronding CL. ro PLD: Mr. I. Conen, Mr. A. Colen, Mr. A. Kinsberg, Mr S Allen, Mr. S Finger, Mr. M. DeSrefono, Mr J Kreurer, Mr. P. Loeb, Mr. J Lodmon, Mr. C. Alexis, Mr. N. Roblnowifz, Mr. A. Cree!-zmore, Mr. P. Decker. Music Department ' HJ' - ...- 4, 'M We f' as 11 ' .ff , 'Q My KW, 'N f J 9 fu: ww ,w-fn wmv' Mr, Crawford-Choirmon Mr. J. Stevenson Fine Arts Deportment Q ni? U--' PA l4f?'M'flE 2 Ms. C. Lofozon ond Ms. J, Roto CChoirpersonD ff' fi '21 :- H 2' -. H P 3 Industriol Arts ,,.., . 'A ' M kv A 5 ' sw , F i. ' P 3 3 t qjzxj E 5 Q 5 5 JE? A f A gg r' E r t . --- Q 'L 1 A A 3 , 5 I it i A ,.,, ' g- -iv. 5. or it s Q 1 3 - 7 'iff ,W r r rf Q ' '--If r 362 ' 1 EQ ,..jf Q, QE' Mr. Srrochon, Mr. G. Goldberg Khoirmoml, Mr F, Freidmon, Mr. E. Lulfurs, Mr, M, Arbermon, M J, Siehien, Mr, D. Riggio Home Arts Ms, J. Morrhews Librory Speciol Educotion CL, ro IU: Mr. N. Lohror, Mr. il. Browh, Mr P Biosberg, Ms M Morrocci, Mr R Cohen CChoirmomD, Mr M. Scogliohe, Ms Y Joclssoh, Ms, L, Zoremski, Ms. L. Simmons, Ms H Ehrlich Foreign Longuoge .Q-.. 'nur ., x M.. in L, D H Ms. S. Morrln Ms, L. Zosler f-.L L AI CL. ro RD. Mr. 5. Levy, Ms. J. Holiouo, Mr. A. Archibald, Mr. Louis CChoirmonD, Ms. J. Defresme, Ms. M. Krovirz, Ms. D. Silbermonn, Ms. L. Zosler Ms. B. Hoyec Health And Physical Education Mr. L. Tucker Ms. J. Dgvig .5 fi- L ' m1' ' 5 as v- Top Row. CL. ro R51 Ms. Drowning CChairpersanD, Mr D. Airman, Mr. J. Jangl, Mr, M, Goldsrein, Ms. S. Lander, Mr. S. Feldman, Ms. L Darbarash. Middle Row. Mr. L. Tucker, Mr. Gerard, Mr. P. Walsh, Ms. J. Davis, Ms. Callinsel. Borrom Raw: Ms, L. Gorse, Mr. E. Miller, Ms Pasquale, Mr. Mecner, Ms. L. Harrior. Guidance Department Ms. Gloria M, Kaplan Assisranr Principal l32f'f11.zws,'1 or L Sealed in front: CL. TO IU: Ms. G. Kaplan, Ms, E. McCarty, Ms. J. Hunr. Seared behind. Cl.. ra RD Mr. M. Lubirscn, Mr. E. Herr, Ms. F. Kavlsewirz Mr. P. Bruno, Ms. A. Zelenerz, Mr. F. Kohn. Sranding: Mr. Rurledge, Ms. M. Plossman, Mr. L. Eisenberg, Mr. P. Loeb, Mr. H. Herzog. Wingote Prep Fl CL. ro IU. Mr, S. Biumensrein, Mr. A. Sheer, Mr. M. Bernsrein, Ms. B. Spivey CCoordinororD, Mr. L. Nocls, Ms. J. Lombrionokos. Mini School .2-"ig 1 ,ii ,,1iwi , ,iii. Mr, V. Luisi, Mr. H, Zirofsky, Mr. M. Whirringron CCoordinororD, Mr. W. Forror, Mr. A. Solomon. Opps . . . A Couple We Forgot Mr. E. Richen-Y.I.E.P. Coor- dinoror Mr. Leighton- Business Ed. Deporrmenr P Good-bye To: And, To Those Who Followed The Leder Ms. V. Arrington rv' 'Q ' Q 1: Q 0,2 A. f 'Q .XDR 4. .K 'A"T.i.v:.f I ,,'1J' u "Y iw' V . . F' Q2 U .fy 4 Q ." 7' 5 !.Q" lx 1 "3 , 0 5 z ,,.,, Q5 +4 fu' 1 4 My 4. 4 Mr. H. Brown Ms. E. Chorer Mr. R. Leder Ms. M. Dorney Q- K4 W rx ,Q .1 'Qe IN Ms. S. Frorner . M" Ms. C. Kirschooum - QSJS1, 1 wwf? " - 5 , A . y J ' 'WP 5"1,1Q f g ii , 5 4, He? " g':fA K1 3 Wfh.f . X i. Mr, A, Fgnrelq Mr. S. Forrnon Mr. L. Friedlonder wifi? W, .- wtf QEQY' ' - .3-1' .-E, . 9' 4'5" r I F Mr. A. Glick Ms. E. Howord Mr. J. Kolron Mr. D. Kiefe 1 ' ' E 'K .4-r ' ' -. " . A. V , . 5 1 y I A ' I r h ' N . f X ., N ? . . . ... Mr. S. Lofozon Mr. M. Schorf Mr. C. Sroner Ms. G. Trenrhorr- X i Principol's Messoge l Dr. Robert L. Schoin Principol Deor Groduotes, Your closs is the first groduoting closs of the 1980's You Ieove Wingote os o new decode begins ---- o decode thot promises to be both chollenging ond interesting. As we Iools oheod to the eighties, we see mony possibilities for better lives. The progress mode by science ond industry during the seventies hos opened the woy for mony improvements in the coming decode. On the other hond, severol importont problems orose during the seventies thot could threoten the quolity of our lives ond even our existence. ln porticulor, the problems of energy, inflotionond unemployment ore notionol problems we must deol with in the coming yeors. ln internotionol offoirs, we ore foced with the problems of increosed tension omong notions, issues of wor ond peoce in the Middle Eost, Africo, Asio, ond Europe, ond the question of prosperity ond depression oll over the world. While there moy seem to be on imposing list of problems you will foce in the eighties, let me point out thot every decode hos brought problems, some old, some new. Every generotion hos found itself foced by chollenges thot hod to be met os they grew from odolescence to moturity. The success or foilure of your lives, therefore, will depend on how you meet these chollenges ond how well you con turn these chollenges into opportunities for better lives. At Wingote, we hove mode it our obligotion to prepore you to meet the issues ond problems of living. Hopefully, your yeors ot Wingote hove given you the tools with which to foshion o productive ond hoppy life, Knowing our students, I om confident thot you will meet the chollenges of the eighties successfully. Best of luclsl V Sincerely, XWZXMQ Dr. Probert L. Schoin THE MAZE I om losr wirhin o moze, Searching for room A229 px R O U N D U E 5 By people, D All moving in differenr woys. Eoch going bocls ond forrh, Eoch knowing rheir woy. 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Bur pleoseg dorfr ler him ger moclg ' o - . f h1's reod n, . . nr open M So rlr give his merol from Vo good, srrong ' .,.Q ,',, . 1 wr ef -,'! 1 . A Q., . But rheonswer rhor 1 recieve is I Sornuch rheworse, betiouse ' Now I musr soy rhor I'm sorry ro him, His demonds' ore even worse rhorw before fr'4Sarrdra'Ceuesrine' Qeeor ' ' Mere 'eww W .5 W ff If ,f"L , Affff ' . ff! 1 , ff x X X 15 ,, L. X-Xl' l 6 r Irma? ' farm' fi 1 wffiy W iii ii ii iiii On Belonging "And in rhe sweerness of friendship Ier rhere be Ioughrer ond shoring of pleasures. For in rhe dew of Iirrle rhings, The heorr finds irs morning ond is refreshed." Qfnfieer- 591535 tres We s C ii i ii' iiii mixjwwii es U 1 iff fffffi N F26f4'1f54. Student Government Student Union Stoff -w-km K -. , 1 , S "Wifi: TLQ 2 , ,B , Student Union Advisory Council O Student Union Adviso oil student government groups: Mr. J. Costognini ond Mr. N. Monrolbono, Honor Societies Hin 4: . i A A I Arlsto AdvisorAMs, F. Flescher tg X an-. M Honor Service Leogue Advisor-Ms. S. Moimoumi ., Integrated BiLingual Education Staff Standing CL. to RD. Mr. G, Adarnovich CCoordinatorD, Mr. R. Metayer, Mr. P. Bruno, Mr, Guerrier, Mr. M. Sainvil. Seated CL. to RJ. Ms. P. Klein, Ms. M. Foley, Ms. G. Lemme. Present secretary, not shown. Ms. M. Grady. School Secretaries Seated CL. to RD. Ms. M. Grady, Ms. C. Horowitz, Ms. B, Siegel, Ms. N. Dym, Ms. P, Klein, Ms. S. Shack, Ms. A. Esrerson, Ms. F. Lipson, Ms R. Goldstein. College Bound Sfoff 35 4 . 'Q' ,N ml XX.-M Seored CL. ro RD: Ms. F. Kovleewirz, Ms. E, Mondo CCoordinoror,D Ms. Pl. Sruclsey. Second Row CL. ro RJ. Ms. I. Nochinoff, Ms. F. Johnson, Mr, F. Kohn, Ms. S. Zysrnon, Ms. H. Joclsson. Third Row CL, ro RD. Ms. I. Menlses, Mr. S. Abromowirz, Mr. K. Jocobs College And Coreer Office Stoff Advisors: Ms. E. McCorfy ond Mr. H. Herzog Service Clubs O Lrbrory Squod Advisors- Ms. E. Jocooson, Mr, Rosenrnol, Ms. S. Smith Community Action Group Homework Helpers W Science Lobs Biology Lob Physical Science Lob lnstrumentol Groups Concert Bond .Iozz Bond Advisor ro Concert ond Jozz Bond Mrr Stevenson Chorus WWIN Staff Visuol Squad Advisor-Mr. S. Berman Cultural Clubs Spanish Club Advisor-Mr. A. Archibald O O Haman Club Advisors-Mr. L. Guerrier and Mr. R. Merayer Behoviorol Science Institute Mr. J. Kreuter, Mr. M. DeSrefono, Mr. F. Broncoro Legal Institute Ms. J. Zornmir, Mr. M, De-Srefono, Mr, J. Kreurer Com curity Spark Mr. A. FloydbAdvis Custodial Staff Cafeteria Staff Publications WP! Wingate World Staff Spectrum Stoff 4 Mosaic Yearbook Staff Mrs. Barbara Aharon Faculry Advisor lg' Seared: CL. ro PQ: John, Anthony, Debbie, Parrice, Michael, Jessica, Agnes, Michael, Sandra, Joseph, Geoffrey. ,J-if: Q 49 Y"""'l I W Alrhea, Sherry, Mrs. B, Aharon Ccenrerb. Sranding CL. ro PJ: Thelma Li!! pf ff On Competing 'Comperirion enlivems me body ond frees rhe mind. lr is o step ro physico! ond memrol prowess." 2 f ,N X ., I :ff V 4 I W W A 4 0.1 .. V 4 , i, , mf , ,www ' Q2 z lf fs! 4 V2 , V f G' 714, ff X ? W ' ' A .W , , . - ' VV ' '-,Lk - - fy JW ff W., lf, ,f f,,ff.'. , f ,Ad i H " 53, -HB' W ' ,Q ,, W V A . HM Sf W 'Z A? W , f sh , M ,f , , ,, me ' , ,, f Y . . 4 as yy 4? gg 4, A - V, , I ,f yi 1 + I ' CitY Champs 1980 cer X , V , . ,f , . b , AVV, , ,A Q gf is Wa y, f ' 6 e ly W , " ZI1 U W W' Q L " Q f' W' Boseboll Teom "gg QR Q, , If lg W 5 juz- 5? '52, 39 .3 ll! 'e 9 Eau Ll Coach-Mr. L. Tucker Fencing Teom CoochAMr. G. Adomovich Basketball Team li! Handball Team ii ,EL 'I' ,lf ,hw ., ' lf 3' ,ELM gg! if W . Ivana 1- ,-QE i k.. 'S' - av. k-W. -wi , ww tix: , ' . ' EL A 'I 1 f ' v ' ff 3 , M 75 F z 5 , 1 fi 5 Q I , V, -,f-. ff,,..f4,. , ,K f l, Coach-Mr, P, Walsh Cross Country Teom Bowling Teom Coach-Mr. M. Goldstein Tennis Team Swimming Teom Cooch-Mr. P, Wols l 5 Girls' Teams Basketball Team I . lj Ihb, Q T f' " T ' ll e le l 4 ' 'll el Wh 3 T .YQXQXKQ .W W' Nl I . 'WT 5 X X' Bowling Team N C och for Basketball Team and Bowling Team- Ms. S. Lander Tennis Team AM l Cooch-Ms. S. Londer Trock Teom Q! qv, Coach-Mr. M, Srreisond cmey b 0 llTeQn1 C l9z........W, ,,,f"' wg Cheedeodem ii .nf tw . ...u :uni T' 0 o 'Z ,Z K J f 8 ' 2 f fr'- f 4 L4 r ' - 4 1 I Yan dvi 1 if I , , ... 1' vw, . . I fi gl? -S. zgwv' - ., wy- Li .vfgi , ,ful 'Q' 16,5 f .5155 si f ' ' Y1 1 5 FIV 15:5 f ,f 1: ..,myg ssepkrnbcr, 14279 DQQF Eillfj 'wo M1655 Ho 4, VC Qndid SAID 4 x np We and C+, QDOHXCF cc Sflhool 54-arkol, and Pvc made' kbs! would Wave Mad Tb ca WCCMQQ Tfwcmlfxb-nd! 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Ther, urs jx To m55d'g A,ex'RlX "YYmc5 4-AQ U9 OTS of :Civ VC-YXAS 4' 'Y'-t..C,xQNN2.N"5a Fgur years hokvt .vw 5pfTvx-NT Km 'mosf KAXXS + -not uxxf, WCW SVCEXOA' WNW6ClkpK+ S nof SQXYXS +0 bC, GT 'C-Q53 To 5513 good-hge 76 PJ Seniors 1980 On Saying Good-bye Farewell ro you and rhe yourh I have spenr wirh you. lr was our yesrerday we mer in a dream. Bur now our sleep has fled and our dream is over, ir is no longer dawn The noonride is upon us and our half waking has rurned ro fuller day and we musr parr. lf in rhe rwilghr of memory we should meer once more, we shall speals again rogerher and you shall sing ro me a deeper song. And if our hands should meer in anorher dream, we shall build anorher lower in rhe slsy, - lsahlil Gibran Jonuory Graduation 55 bf s 1, : J' 'P ,W . MA- 5 Wig "ff'3' 54 'A' -, .Q 1.5. 296. lVxc:m PQQQXQ1 061659 K Xu - + - . Q V ' . 'ff .,. Shawn H3 LA if 'sup- die , 3 ' W Nmgq, M ' N lf,T7slef She' ,ard mi 1 7 Pxhufwqigv i Cng-Wil AH KkJ X xp X +7 If f I V L .nv PQ, L nw Mr A Qwgwf fbwri-lj Y 1-jf 4 9 X-4 H W ' w wx f , ,X X 5 if if j , 1 fTWC5Y POKJMXCXV DMM. GY4fi, X f Q PDVCWAL' WKMXX A 3 N ips ' I l e Cricket Y-XukXlsw434,,i,,Lf,i,h 9 I I 3 'biwr D1 g-,ld ' C'L'i'CXM 1wCnwcXm.Nm c3TYp .X .f 4--,d'C'aY Kansa' S.g,ndv'l-X HCXVQC f X ' "?'v'f N Q if x 9' iv x P N N , , ,I Fwy- Aw 'l2Jn,XK2's' ro"-N155 fvl1viYQ,U3.j,nL RA VV! mm Q Bu-gr fucff-U H6926 kin L..CfQ,f, v Cm-as UO-if . N'.M-'v,CkUC- mc4wAa5.r X 5.55411 I4 ' GD 'Q it in we E'- - I fx ev L wg-J ,Q N. fit s 5 Af ' 1' X f A F'--" N 'uf' f '- 1 -ff B04 mof-'W' L-'Kiki To 5-zccecci - Q ' A Qrrbi Grim ,.,.ga-. 3. , I , , .65 'S ' Vrw:,i'1'xe-5+ F5-52+ VW' X Xh W Swap Wfmfffc ' AN if Bebo-'uh Nash LMA 'bend-an ' .A ,A ' Bcsf Boi L fig Baca? Drc.s19.:.Q ' gfnxqqfc - -X CA 'QSLJKTN-,aria 2 A. .1241-L' MMM X f-- X l NVE' PCFSLX' .f X meuhcke NA HUA ' 5 I ff 'QM j li ff zz Per-gona, if i?,oDcr+O A A Q HCQAXB5 ' 4' cf' xx X .F K X 0705+ Handzvemg 63.9, cgaoacl 4 Camas Serrano, xr--f x -her Fc-vcrwc Tcc.c.Nvef ' sg- c . Nxf a,A...g-. fYv.mwn,n.,m ,, 'fl 1-W.f.if15w-2 rw ,"2iK?'7:2" 'fini A . nw SCL' i, gf' A l lw?"f'+-+1T,'3ii jx M 'ix flilfjfy 51415 1 kff 1 fide K f ,li Sept. l f be X 1979 u Qjigg -,fA fa 1' df "Your friend is your needs on A l sweredf' 'U e ' r -. . , 4 9 Alrneo Abrohoms Tyrone Adorns Joseph Addison Corl Allnnon Chonrole Alberr Armond Alberrini Joner Alexonder Shown Alexonder Deboro Allen Morgreer Alleyne Kerry Andre Richord Andrews Violo Angus Dexrer Anroine Groce Aponre QM- Errol Applewhoire Goil Applewhire Moxine Archer Dole Armstrong Olgo Augusre Chris Boiley Winston Boker Glynis Borrerr Cheryl Berries Vougeus Beouge Donno Bell Phillip Bell , J g liii is i f- I I i siii i - i L issi Ili fiis iiis - s ssir s is irri K f i g I - - , f rzJ'?x2222E3xeiE . , ' .g s -:W .... MW .X K f in 5, K J: ., .. ..,,i Q 1 i'si ff ..., 1 S iiisi 4 A CO 0 .1 5 ,OITL S.U. i Of DOYSV isige ' 5 E ii' s .ssr l . If xiii" ..,,:.i,::J ::.1x:::ggggragzl?Ifs9??i?53i521iEii:s2Sifiiiifiifmggqg,T-afziliii :fi ..S3:iEY:2-figgff-' O" ' ' S Q' Q , . 1 ' ':,:.. , ":'A . 'iss gi sss ssni 3. g ood, r, , is ii..ii E55 is V 'wif ails I i . Olga Auguste-Med. Sci'5 enr Egg h . , , 55535 if fb 2 Y Chris Bailey-Wingate ..., isis. 5? is E 2 if 5 A X. - ai 5215525.35 izy ,,sss Y .,V s V, h h:..s i hhm srrisisss .Q s,.e ,tii 'lf Q 'R ,l w l. 1 83 f -... ,g:',Q.:2:.? fain gf .,, fu 'Q ,ff wg sf K fu f X ,3g!, b I f 3, fo, oo 17 ocrw am: I L vi f,, . If 1 W msn.. QQ . ,., i .S Y? A it o f E 1979 I gk 'sin ' f ' X 'Yf??fffQ:?'5f.a . 5 -'Q LI 'Q 'ov-4J :gif , 3? K lap ffgj 1 5 1 E 'love is sufficiehr unto love 'LE 'gm ar f s A, Q' Chrisropher Behoih Ahrhohy Desr Sudesh Bhoguondeen Sonny D190 Aim? MUWOQ' Dlodf A . so Kenneth Bloclsburh MOrCiO BIOQVOVG Micheryl Blolse Velmorie Blolse Deboroh Boob ef s x 3 .F .""' , Renee Bogne Cgrmen Bogrhe Hoddie Broirhwoire Joseph Droirhvvoire Ricordo Drirroh f I Beverly Brown Clinron Brown Glenda Brown , . X 'al ig Z, ,S i i l Marguerirre Brown Reuben Bruron Kelvin Dryanr 9 Marcia Buchanan Norma Duclsnor Norman Duclsnor i Lena Buggs Anrnony Bullock , , Eugene Dussey Anthony Best-Mosaic Staff, Ass'r, ro chair- man of Bus. Ed. Dept, S.U. Member, Hospital volunreer, Chorus, Chrisrian Club, Performed in rolenr show. Sonny Bien-Aime-Soccer Team, Mem. of Editorial Sraff on Kaye, Ass'r. ro Mrs. McCarty. Marcia Blagrove. Co-op program, Library Squad. Velmaire Blake- SU, Presidenr, Med. Sci. Grad., Junior Class Viceepres., Honor Service Chem. Squad, Consulrarive Council Bio- wb Swv Silicone-V Honor Service League, S.U, llep., S.U. Member, College Bound, SU. Sraff. Joseph Sraff, Library Sraff, Leader of me Seelser's Club Glenda Brown-SU. Member, Boosrer, Cheerleader, Co-op. Reuben Brufton- Flignr Program, Track Team, Fencing Team. Norma Buck nor- Arisra Norman Bucknor-Commercial Arr-Occupa' rionol Slsills Program, Specrrum Staff. X Nov. ' n r i r 1979 CCCC Uwalse ar dawn Wim a lx C--JW' winged nearr and give rnanlss my for anorner day of loving." Maxine Caesar Karen Callaghan Gillian Cameron Arrhur Campbell Pauline Campbell Sandra Campbell Agnes Canning Eslyn Canning Oral Cappelle Jean Casimir Judirn Cayenne Sandra Celesrine Lori Chance Anasrasius Cielro Cl'1OVfT1Oi0G Clflflfe ' Veronica Clarke Lorna Clarlsson Deborah Cochrane gf ' ,., 'V Z' ,ff ,g 53 3 J " .ali if , ' Q W is 5 , V DX t, ., Michael Codrington Clifton Cole Nadine Coleman .wp,,. f Rhonda Coleman .4 .,,mmnm:mwN C. 1 . - N' 1 l ' L 1 s . 'Z it g t 2 R QQ C "' ik V , " gif . 1 1 Regina Cordice 90' Ralph Conliffe James Copeland V 1 Roland Cormier Odette Cowans Gillian Cameron-Booster. Pauline Campbell- Library Squad. Agnes Canning-Med. Sci. Student, Vice-Pres. of Wingate Community Action Club, Sect'y of Honor Service League, Consultative Council, Mosaic Staff, Ed.-in-Chief of Medical Media, Wingate World. Oral Cappelle-T , Tg,flF,grgg5x. g gggg Judith Sandra Celestine aail ofEjGirl's Tennis Team, City Barn Staff, SU. Member, Pres. of Club, Com- mercial Art-Occupatiorgl Skis Lori Chance- Arggg, Treasurer of Honor Service of SU., Pres. of Wingate . of Jazz Bond, Peer . 3 Wit L., , ...T i,,. EQ? 5 A Club, Af10Sf0S'US M1 Honor 59V J A Charmaine Honor Service League, SU. gg Deborah Cochrane- Clifton Cole-Arista, S Rhonda Coleman-Med. W, ,lngate's Med. Media, Comm. AcrianihClub,rHunter,gfQol- lege Swimminjifeam. -:ga V Ralph Conllffe- Capt. Team Roland Cormier- Basketball CCO- S.U. he Cowans- Action Club, Ass't. 1 'X li?i"f5ffilUance Office, Med. Sci. Prog., Teacher's Ass'r to Ms. Zasler, Honor Service League. , -p"'-LN .5 : .dei It , Q N0UEN5E! Nov ffm'-'ff C 1979 o -F, T, llnnnlmn ' BHHFIEIHEJ Cp A, IFIMFIIM M fx. llldmwll-.until "lf, snmml! . Ulf is when you give of yourself fnor you fruly give." ,M B is Y X 5' K 5 A Lowrence Crowford Micnoel Crowford Guy Crevecoeur Horry Crevecoeur Adolgiso Cuevos N u Fig Cuoil Cumberborcn Borooro Cummings Keirn Cummings Yverfe Cummings Tesso Doison sg ,X f ! I My K f .15 i g il M. -- 5- i C Horry Domos Jeffrey Daniels Jocques Dorius Gene Doubon Tyrone DOvidSOn tfliv fir' ,ffil Carl Davis Jaclsie Davis Joann Davis Joy Davis Ray Davis Hilma Dawkins 'li 'W Peter Dean Nirva Decopain Marie Degmff omg 'Vw l A' as at I .'-J ' ,.-o ini George Despinos Elisabeth Desroches Gaspard Desroches Member Guy Ctevecoeur- Med. Sci. Prog., Chairper- son of the Haitian Club, Wingate Comm. Ac- tion Tutor for Homework Helpers, C A Harrygffievecoeur. Med. Sci. Prog., Haitian Club, Wingate Comm. Action Club, Tutor for Homework Helpers. Gall Cgfnberbotch- Swimming Team, leger,i3c5E2r'o Prog, , Yvette, Cummings- Assembly Coordinator, Library, Staff. Tessapoison- Capt. of the Cheerleaders, Bound Prog. Harry blames- Med. Sci. Prog., Officer in the Haitian Club, Wingate Comm. Club. .locque5.fDarius- Chairperson of Haitian Club, Tresffofifiomm Action Club Tutor in Peer ff' Comm. or Korres. Jackie Davis- SU. Member, Capt. of Girls' Basketball Team, Handball Team, Bowling Team, College Bound Prog. Med. Sci. Prog., Arista, Ass't to Guidance Counselor, Teacher's helper, Win- gate Action Club. ,es-9-' , . ' . I i . k'DD' K Ori.: 4 Q, I, 'X Dec. f- . 5 1 xx 'x 5 3 f 1' V4 , ,,...,.M iw M .4 V 1 J ,K ,S --Q.-W. s L t Q - - X. w. Ag r A , of Vx 'xlr is life rnor gives unro life Morie Desroches Glorio Dixon Dione Donowo Borboro Douglin Dennis Donsron Ili .. " "-'ff YF -5 , .H Q N . Sneilo Dupree Nicoie Durond Doryl Eoddy Brendo Edwords Elido Edwords ff' Rodney L- .,..3Vw Johnson Enoe Jeffrey ESISVUQG Corlos Esrrello Cheryl Ernerioge Andre Erlenne Edmond Erlenne 93.3 45. John Evans Carole Farber lloberr Farrow Alixe Flls-Alrne 'S Andrgg Fgfbeg Sherry Forbes Sharon Fronas JOVTWGS Francois AnnMarle Franlsson Yveffe Frgzler Diane Donowo College Bound Prog. 9c"b0'o Bound Dennis Squodf l Band, Senrorlsll3ofgi3jiill6fXVlN. rrrr Sheila Dupree- SU. Secrerary, Boosrer, Col- lege Bound Prog. Johnson Enoe-A Capt, of rhe Trocl-Q Team, Carlos Estrellag Copr. of' The Cheryl Etheridge-Booster, Sci. Squad, Teach- er's Ass'r., S.Ur Mem., College Bound Prog. Edmond Etienne-Teacher Ass'r., College Bound Hog, Corole lnrernarional Ref loffofls Prog- llll B ball rem l 1 l Sherry Forbes- Med. Sci. Prog., Ass'r. to Guid- ance Counselor, Teacher Ass'r. AnnMcrrle Fronkson-Wesr lndion Club, Boosrer. ,3j,jf55 ' ' '5ss3gA, ,sf -.. , "" 1 "A Q if x i 1,1 K 4 -f rs Vx.. ,WNW ., ,wwf y , ,fb Q1 th:-T'n7g-M...a. if V. , V J E f ' ""'4'M"- l ' . 1 'x . V' K k,,. ...- ...,,,,, .., M M Mg 1 "Le if W. V x 1 jan r ' ,A A sewer ' R7 iii l'Your reason and passion are ine rudder and sails of your soul," if YT' Lorenzo Gabriel Parrice Gabriel Snerry Gambrell Lisa Gandy Pilar Garcia pf Q4 K4 'W ' ff- if ,gs K ,,..... 1 'I 5' X 5 "!"""": J G Y A' K' A - 21-Yi' " V 'rf-S-..-X Julian Gardner Garnel Gaspard Emerade Gelin Marie Gelin Sandra George Kathy Georges Carmen Gerena Edna Gibbs Rockland Gibson Adriana Gil ff'- W ' Corol Girre-ns lloosevelr Girrens Gillion Glenn 'if ,...- 1 5 Jose Gonzoleg Chorline Gordon Snoron Gordon ww Terlo Gordon Dominic Gosein Slwron Grolwonn I Volerie Gronr Shoren Green Errol Grimes GnbrlgifArr EdlfCH7-fO!?i:21fAOS E, Yeor- Arista, Wingore World, HLibrory Sroff, Julian Gardner-Jozz Bond, Coricerr Bond. Game! Gospord- Med. Sci. Prog., Officer for rne Hoirion Club, Wingore Comm. Acrion Club, Ari5ro, Turor for Helpers Marie ASs'rg'21fzO Msg ond Hunf, ,College Bound Prog. V Carihen Gerena-S.U. Member, Teocher 5 ro Mrs. Alworon, f Sandro George- Student ' Y.iE.T.'Fli', college fiawrid T. Q- 1. .,,, xl H 1 , I Sharon Gordon- of Nor'lil-lonor Soci- Pgcll. College PYOQ., - 5 -1.' 1 rll f Y0'?f!f9 i,.o 11iClO5Sii,g?fe5f311'3i,.3Uiiffggffieffl G re-er,' College Bound Prog. ' L fD Q' ,ff A -4 f Q A 1 wig, We ' ,,V. TT WM- -K 4 'W r Q li " " x'Your poin is rne oreolsing of rne Snell rnor encloses your Un- ' fi dersrondingf' fix Snoron Grizzle Wosningron Grullon Corlos Guiry Wiifredo Goiry Rnondo Gunby K an I Q Noncy Guzmon Corol Holl Irwin Homihon Micnoel Hornilron Debbie Horewood Us ff I Lorry Horewood Sondro Horper Kim Horpers Cossondro Horrell RUTH HOrriS , Aimee Harrley Roberto Headley 1 Tracy Henderson Ednnarie Henriaues l ' ij is Annerre Herberr Floyd Hillman 1 , 8 X 9 r ,s P' A 3. 72. ,,h2 1, In ff 6 , as K ,C rfs Hugn Hearsr Margo Henry ,W ' is if' f 1 ' C C 'L' ' 41Vj.,,.v ' XX, M . Kevin Hinclsson Jessica Hinds Karr Hinds Grace Hollingsworrh W 2 , ,wan - z--iii-if ..., 2 J, ,i , Q1 1 C rreii iifffy o I :lh College Bound Prog. - Grullon. Secr'y. for me Span. H Med. Sci. Progj Office Voted MS. WIOQOTG, su. Mem. Bowling Team, SU, Mem., Intern in the Exec. lnrernsnip Prog. Hamilton! Fencing Team, lnrernarionol 'CVViwmlielorions, College Bound Prog. C Staff, S.U, Mem, C iirr l 'i' Monirdr for Eng, Depr. and Off. Class. worker. C Kim Harpers- Y.l.E.P. Mem, Boosrer, voted Mr. Personality, Ass'r. ro Men'i??Mosaic Sraff, y A i'il Teachers Ass'r. iiirr he' e 1960 flHHEZ2E' "- --:af ig-:i H3128 F 5 H "Your self is o seo, boundless ond rneosurelessf' .3 '3'9ET.v- rf f' er' ' 'S , ' F b Wi . 1 Q sw "' X 1. i 4' 1 xx - Dovid Holrnon Pornelo Holmes John Holornon Cheryl Howord Elis lnoo Eric lrons Glenovon Joclason Anrhony Jomes John Jomes Verlino Jornes X is f li l X J Florerre Jeon Chorles Allison John Chorrnoine John Christine Johnson Judy Johnson wad' Karen Johnson Stella Johnson Lindell Jones 'w- , , J fm. ' V,..V 1 Tyrone Jones Nono Kearse Daryl King Donno Krilghi Angie La Foresf Marie-Sim Lobossiere W 95" MOFIG LOMOVVG Poul Lawson Michele LeDeou John Holoman- Firsr Vice-Pres. of rhe Comm. Acrion Club, Co-Editor of Mosaic Phorogro- phy, Wingare World Phorogropher and Re- oorrer, A.V. Squad, XVWIN Engineer, Color Guard, Arisra. Cheryl Howard-College Bound Prog., SU. Mem. Eric Irons- Capr. of the Soccer Team. Glenavon Jackson-Honor Service League, SU. Mem., Manager of rhe Soccer Team, SU. RGD Flofette Jean-Charles-Med. Sci, Prog., Hon- opfiiervice League, Phys. Lab Squad, Bio. and Chem. Lab Squads, Ass'r. ro Guidance Coun- selor, SU., Band. Allison John- Med. Sci. Prog., Ass'r. ro Guid- once Counselor. Charmaine John-Co-oo Prog. ,Christine Johnson- West lndian Club, Class Karen Johnson-Daslserboll Team Lliidell Jones-Bowling Team. ' Nona Keorse- Troclx Team, Co-op Prog. Paul Lawson- Soccer Teorn, SU. Mem. March .,,f-fftr""'T?f"H-M 1' fr ' 'rl' , 4-136, ffxf M MMM ff 453, 5 I 2 r i ' - 1 1 n 1 ' .,,rg,....,'- 4+ f i Mi , 1 "rf'MV X 1 K fs i f 1960 ..,..,... , i i Q . X ! , i 2 -4 I .K -s ,f X 5 .i . . The vision of a man lends no 5 i X its wings ro anorher man." 3 Anrhony Lee Milron Lee Leonard Lesiie Reginald Levy Anrhony Lewis Sharon Lewis Dom JUSWCG CBOUDY Delphine Lindor Adela Livingsron Pauia Livingsron Lilieyb si if ii Marcia Logan Yanicis Louis Marlene Louisma Jerome Lynch Michael MODGVVW pw Charles Magny Marcia Mahoney Diana Maldonado Rosa Martinez Thelma Mathews Glenn Marrhews Paquandos, Marrhis ROSGVTWOVY MCCOHUVTW PMP MCCOY ., , 5 ,. Delano McDonald Linda McDuffie Wanda McGee 'SMichael Sharon l Bound Prog Adela and Field Team ager for rhe Gir Mosaic Sraff, Ph New ls oro, Ed. College Team, Tracie League, Man- g Co-Edlror for for Wingare World, omm. Acrion Club, Audio Visual Squad, WIN Announcer, Arisra. Ed. for u Mahoney-College Bound Martinez-Co-op Prog. Senior Glenn Matthews Voted Besr Dre Team College Bound Prog Rosemary McCallum Lab Squad of rhe Grrls Basketball ghd Volleyball Lmda McDuffie Teachers Alde ii 99 5:3 "'- ' , Q Fll tizlrllasg , E lillglm, QHEEEB' 1980 "No mah can reveal ro you aughi our rhai which already lies half asleep ih rhe dawhihg of your knowledge." Q- gi Sherry Mclhryre Noel Mcl4oy Michael McNair Audrey McNeil Woado MCRO9 A Charmaine Medford Christopher Meghie Vihroh Melbourne .. X. 11- is . 4 ,Q il llll Samuel Messam Russell Meyers Asrrid Michel Marie Michel Marcell Miller Devera Mills Kimberly Mirchell L Q 1. - .b VLAILK, 3 L... M W Q t v.-fn . 9: . - ffxflh ,.. " ' -Ifi l' , l' . .51 - ras .xyjf M1- sm TIF- - W .. -fx.1Qg,1k rf 5 .. W, is Nw- Q I, l A f .7-r-',1', W CN Q',j,f,.4Ql, , , hr y--MW" , ,.y....1i i , fx P ,sf I. :Y if fl N I, , 1 f i J! April i M i H1980 N Lei rnere be no purpose in lx X'-P 'ppp friendship, save deepening af 1 rne spirirf' Debra Nasn Jeffrey Page Donovan Parlser Jonilla Parker l Marie Paul Shirley Paul ,x ,wily ,fi at A-horn? 53 71: 2. ' .., f Barry Palmer Kingsley Palmer Snawnerre Palmer I Don Pgrrig Naralie Parrick Garry Paul Sandra Pearson Audwin Pemberron Lisa Perry Earl Perers Jacqueline Perers Darlene Pnifer Ancelma Phillips Brenda Phillips Parricls Pierre Chrisrine Pirr Sandra Plaza , 1 ,, rciy Michael Quarry Maria Qugano Trina Parrer Kannai Piadipaul Qebga hlggghzyored Prerriesr Senior KIngrsleyii?Pdi3?hezE5occer Team Shownette Palmer-Teacher! Ass'r,, Library Ass'r. Jbnfrih Pmkeii+seeifer'5 Club, Senior Bond, if Oceuparional Skills Prog. Garry Paul- Arisra, Honor Service League, S.U. Staff Mem. Lisa Perry,Coilege Bound Prog. Earl Teofh Do Service L90QUP lllll' l f iihfiiipsiioosffl ei P20955 iliiiio oi,1l.i. . ilgi iiii i , . .5 Team, Tennis Team Sandra Plaza-5ecr'y. of Arista, Peer Tres. of Span. Club. Trino Porter- Med, Sci. Baosrers and physi Lab Squads' "f. Michael Vicepfesi Of gound mfr 'iii L 'Uv Q" mm 1980 MSM Q I EUJMIP .k..?g,:' I E B E s : Wiitzuuzl, - 5 I nnnrzllg, fa. A . I U e.+"',a 'F A ' 'i pri -an o 1-ii :N ' friend . " Cnrisrine Rogin 71" Geoffrey Riley Pornelo Roy " your oesr oe for your Lorry Reese Wills Reid Aileen Ricnords Pefef RiCnOrdson , Q ff-fff: Q, l Gory Roberson 2? "R f i if' F 'mx ' E? vi rv. .A as 'i - fb 'B kgs. Q ha cl X if B 'ef 1 Z . i ,, Erroli Robinson Howoirrno Rogers "W if Judirn Romeo Leroy Rush Cossondro Russell Donovon Russeli Keno! Soinr Forr 'Y' Marie Soious Wilfred Solomon June Som 'FY' We Nello Sonon Noreen Sonriogo Coryl Scnloss f Lorry Reese- SU. Rep., College Bound Prog. Wills' Bieid- Flight Prog., Junior Bond. 1 Geoffrey Riley- Comm. Acrion Club, Mosoic Sroff, Wingore World, WWIN Radio ond TM, A,V. Squod, Color Guord. Donovan Russell- College Bound Prog. Sybil Schloss Cnorrnon Scope Robin Scorr Junior Seoly Worrell Selvin Dorryl Sepr June Som-Prog, Office, Dowling Teom, Noreen Santiago-Medq Sci, Prog., Arisrof Robin Scott-Med, Sci, Prog, Worrell Selvin- Soccer Teom 3 fwl if ii? . ,V ,N-gill 3 ' S M931 ' x 1 ,L S WE, N-i,.v.,,,,-XM. If V' T .X .. -ET I . gi 4 rf fi: 4, 3 ,E 4 J fp .fsfiiss ,, xx - ' 7 Q , ig, , W Qi ibiX -f1 3 Z 'Q l'ln the sweetness af friendship, U- let there be laughter and share is mf' ing of pleasures. " i Wf," H., I Ruth Servass Lilla Sexton Michael Shepard Arthur Simms Julia Simpson -za , , it Michelle Simpson Dave Sinclair Valerie Small Danvata Smith Dwayne Smith Grayling Smith Hilbert Smith Kenneth Smith Kenny Smith Rosemary Smith fgolph gondg Angelique Springer Andreasa Srl-liloire PV! "5-. Eurie gferling Micneline Srlfleur AVWWOVWY Sfinson 23 w f III- L A Jacqueline Sr Jusre Donovan Srone Floyd Srreer 5, Jean Sr Vil Elaine Svvaby Guy Sylvain i - fifgl y. l ., ., ,Nr 5heP0'd- i i'iii , Firsr Pres. of Cgmm l'ii , i Arista, Color Guard, Mosaig Sraff, ?QJW'lN. i,,r i hlii, l,ii hzih re e Pe-rformeiil in Wingate '78 Talerif' Show, Ass'r. ro Eng. Teacher, Dove 5irQcI'aIr-Fliglgr r Dunvata Saig Prog,,g,ASs'r. Guidance Counselor. ' ' i i' Hilbert Sgygith-Fligifgf Prog., Track Squad, Vareci Moir Popular Boy. llggnnerhiiggaiemnh-Track and Field Team, Agiion Club. Michellne St.Fleu:-Arista i5iEriovor?ilStoneQSfSCcer Team, 107 . -' ' if-iV.j1D , A' fi 224,-9 ,"ll?if' , Moy 1960 gp- EQQE! ni h . Limp! mln rrie dew of lirrle rriings ine neorr finds irs morning ond is l I refreshed . " QA Marjorie Toujours Froncis Toylor Morcio Toylor Cloudy Telforr Pool Tenn W I Q , ' m ls? - I, -, A f , F .4 Cnormoine Thomos Clyde Thornos Snodron Tnomos Orville Thompson Enid Tirodo . , .. I mlvllliv Erico Turner Augusrin Volcinog Deboroh Von Sluyrmon Hugo Vicror Consuelo Villonuevo Kerry Voyord Gorern Wollser Morlo Worers ' Angelo Whire Monique Wognoc ill gl Ann Wolker , g - ' ! ' Porricio Wollen NONO Wclrers HU' Cynrnio Worson Kelvin Worson April While Tony Whiremon T ,g ' L' WL , Iii?" 714 , ,, 11i.i,,n ,Hwy f -'fMfiv,.,l.-,-,Pm . , - .iw r Q fl , S4 ,mgf1-lm, 1 Aggfclqlggloylor- Med. Sci. Srudergr, ,fo coumseksiiiaxii Assfnf Clyde Thomos- Team, Swimming Team, lere, Flight Prog. VJVLK 1' "'lZ' "lL 'V Siqodron Boosrer. . Erica Turner-Med. Sci. Prog. Deborah VdhfVSluytmon- Pres. of rne Honor Lecguegggg,Comm. Acrion Secf'y. of Consulrorive Council, Arisrofiwin- gore World Reporter, Library Squad. Ann Welker-Flight Prog. W, V,,V D Gorefh Walker- Soccer Teom, Flighr Prog. Potrlclo Wollen- Arisro, College Bound Prog. ond g Murlogyclters- Boseboll Teom Vgglgi g Vggifi ig Cymhio Watson-Monoger of WTMN, Annoufiirier, AV, Squod, SU T 1fi Kelvin Nlatson-Boseboll Team Angelgiwhite- Coop Prog. April Nlifhlte-Coop Prog, Tony Whiteman. Flighr Progrornf' 109 ---W ,....-Y - .--- ---WM V X ' W Myxxs Bwgimg 'X ., ' xx 1 ii! Z-M g',, L,Q5,gg,:ssc'52ffJN R' ' W gl L i 1 5 - ' ' ' L if a,-A fo.. .,,, ,. , 2 s June 1 is ' .W i 1980 i x i ri V i E V -W 'Y Q if XXX 2 2.1. mA . l W .lei A ' if ,ff "Trusi your dreams, for in rhem s J-xl. "' Q- l is hidden rhe gare ro ererniryf' ,hi Cheryl Williams Delephine Williams Delores Williams Franls Williams Grace Williams Janice Williams Paul Williams Alvlfio Williford Teddy Windley Cloyron Winr Andrea Wirherspoon Timorhy Wgrd Dennis Worrell Sharon Wray Leonard Yarde Carol Young Clouderre Young OPPs - A Lore Conner- Winsron Nelson This spoce hos been re- served for ol! of you who CAMERA SHY were comero shy, so rhor you may place your own picture here, ,, f , A. , , J. , f ., ..,, , A, My K . . ,. f, ,y,,?1 --br "" M .,,e A I , S ,r,,,' M 'TW 'Lv 'iw r f S M . - Delephine WlIliamsSU Mem Med So Prog Sports Prog Delores Wtlluams Mem of Occuporuonol Yxtlls Course Asst I0 Moth Depr JGBICS Williams Boosrer Med So Prog Off Closs Rep SU Member Coop Prog Alvtna Wtlhford Booster SU Sroff Chorus College Bound Prog Cloyton Wtnt Teocher Assr Suq Closs Secry A015650 liithlzwpaon Booster Monttor Leonaxd Yorde 42 pound Prog Carol Yogmgzaf Med Scr Prog Honor Serv Leogue Q9 'Phys ond , uogsw Claudette Young Med Sai Prog Honor Serv Leogueg Bro Phys ond Chem Lob Equads MQW fir gays? it .5 rig! Wm if wg 94 wig? Q , . ' , , Q f, Y, 3, .1 5- 51351 5 .5 fr, I ,, Q . , Q Q r , ,, ' it ,Q , ,Q I - - 'o" 19: - . -- - - t- I ' ,, 7 ' , ff, 'S 11215221 Deli 'VS' ' :Q .fi - ' ' ,fern - . ' , ,.,, 155.3 ' . - , , 'H F ' ' ' , va ' Q ' - Q i ,fl 1 P 4 - . If of . . - Hfgrj, 1 , .A , , - 21 'tif' ,A ,S ' Mosoic Stoff 4: it sb . , 'f Us ,: 1x., ' f W if My Qgg:gSSAEg?2?mS Borboro Ahoron Anthony Besr Foculry Advisor Generol Sroff Joseph Broirhwoire Arr Sroff 'J' Sondro Celesrine Fiji? Gaming d G Lirerory Editor ' i , usrness n . Staff Y O en Porrice Gobriel Deborah Harewood 'Q , ., .s q FH f y . ,kr .sxxi , . K N J Q B I Jessica Hinds John Holomon Genera' Sfoff Michoei Mobern C -Ed' f Ph h V O 'for O Orogrop Y Co-Editor of Phorogrophy X123 1-1 4, f:-' xp! ,,,i ii Michoel Shepord Generd Smff Thelmo Morhews Geoffrey Riley Gen. ond Business Sroff Gen. ond Business Sroff An Ediror Qenerol Sroff ond oll orounc :fe-sover 93 Sherry Mclnryre Generoi Sroff Credits: Aff: Patrice Gabriel-Cover design, 1, 7, 9, 88, 86, 87, 46, 48, 114 Joseph Braithwaite- 80, 81, 82, 84, 86, 88, 90, 92, 94, 96, 98, 100, 102, 104, 106, 108, 110. Literary Contributions: Sandra Celestine- 82, 88, 47, 48, 78, 114, 115. Agnes Canning- 86 Lisa Gandy- 74CTopD Anthony Parker- 74CBot.D, 75, 76. Marvin Pickney- 115. The Mosaic Staff is proud to announce that almost every photograph in this bools was shot and developed by our own staff members, Michael Mabern- 2, 8, 4, 10CTopD, 11CTop,L,D, 18Cl3ot,L.D, 18CTop,L.D, 14Cl3ot.D, 15Cl3ot.D, 16 CTop,R.D, 17CTop,L.D, 18Cl3ot.D, 19Cl3ot.D, 20CTop,L.D, 21CTop,L.D, 22CTopD, 24CTopP, 28Cl3ot,D, 29CTopD, 50, 58CTopD, 54CMid.D, 55iTopD, 56, 58CTopD, 60Cl3ot.D, 62CTopD, 68Cl3or.D, 66CBot.D, 68CBot.D, 70CTopD, 71CDot.D, 72CBot.D, 78, 78,. Color: 85Cl3ot.R.D John Holoman, 5, 8, 12C0ot.D, 15CTop,Cen.D, 15CMod.Ps.D, 16CBot.L.D, 19CTop,l.,D, 20CTop R., l3ot.R.D, 22CBot.D, 28CTopD, 25CTop,Bot.D, 26Cl3ot.D, 27CTop Pl.andL.D, 29CMid., l3ot.R.D, 51, 52Cl3ot.D, 58Cl3ot.D, 54CTopD, 54Cl3ot.D, 55CDot.D, 57, 58Cl3ot.D, 60CTopD, 62Cl3ot.D, 66CTopD, 67CTopD, 67CBot.D, 69, 70Cl3ot.D, 71CTopD, 72CTopD, 18CTop,R.D Donovon Penicooke- 17CBot.D, 21Cl3ot.D, 59, 68CTop LD, 84CCen.D, 11CBot,L.D, 116, 117 Mr. D. Altman- 27Cl3ot.D, 68CTopD Mrs. I3 Aharon- 12CBot.C.D, 26CTop RQ Quotations on - 82, 84, 86, 88, 90, 92, 94, 96, 98, 100, 102, 104, 106, 108, 110, from Kahlil Gibran's The Prophet. "Oh, you must have been a beautiful baby . . CThe following teachers have lslndlyallowed us to get a glimpse of their childhood? Page 12- Ms. P. Sindel CTop, Leftb, Mrs. B. Aharon CNliddle.D Page 18- Mr. D. Branscum C2nd Pit? Page 16- Mr. W. Berlsowitz CTop, Left.D, Mrs. S. Cohen Bot., RU Page 17- Ms. l. Helfeld CTop. Rt? Page 20- Mr. M. DeStefono CMid.D Page 28- Ms. J. Rota Cl3ot., Rt.D, Nlrs. S, Lofozan Cl3ot., Left? Page 26- Ms, L. Zasler CTop, Left? - 5 in H, , Z ,aff J ' W "4 " Z Qi" 5, f-3,2563 , , " 1 ' Q ,sw ill. tr N MY IMAGE Burned deep vwlhm me ciiurkrweess of the urwlerwvww M05 my wderwiuy lkmrwg my mmpe Ur chflrouer ll Ioys Qmmbied nm denpcw, urwrcwcrwe-d cmd wcmmg xc: be expressed I Iry ro urmcover me VTWYBTEBIY of Whorf, hidden wnfwm M1 fund rho rem! Mo mu sa slowly wffwpcllnwcg Bur Mm CCIQPWI we Me,Chear? Q. ,af AII right, so maybe we're not number one. 1522 age X. I'lI have ro do what ro graduare? You'Il have ro mink of a berrer excuse rham rhor. :M ag , 3: if: Yes, sir, we cougnr rne culprir who wos rerrorizing The firsr floor, I know you sold rnor we needed exrro securiry, our rnis is ridiculous. Olsoy, who's rne wise guy who our the Iernon in my worer? Yes, sir, we'II be oble ro send you our brochure, "Now You Too Con Become A Top-Notch School," I I V ' K Xi , ,,,N 1 fi , J Kfxv -an-NW' f 1 in -- , ' " :-rf, R e ort 100 000 'nerican hostages entered a nth oi captivity at the hands niiitants, in the United States y, huge demonstrations were ehran and other big cities. u reported in FY ol. t PIC ' 'turffof ini :ir r f? :xl s Y Q Dvie ts inAf ,000 ana., R , 1 , Y' ' l 4 ,rv W v 5 fix xx' Y k W V?-'if , bord in if er MQ Qi XA 1' Ssfxxlr 44 X N f " ,AT ,'Xw R A JV 3 'YE-L - ' 7, N ' ug gill? X ?"i'i'+ X f"fiQ"" "Ax'4 g'v4Pf PW V ., W I I -we 2 'jf I 1-Bait, ,I my . 'N f Y y H - 1 2 X X- Q YE , Q1 ? L k x K! f X I NC A :X ' ! ' J' ' , -' " X . xxx X , '. . Jaw, ,f Q ,af?g Q' si W XBQ V ,A 41 5 Q 1 4, Q, ,..w . , 1 xi ' f 5- W J, , ??1 Bp ff, M if In I ,hz 'fx Pklilgizgq? 7, I KJ is , P " ' , Y QQ' f If I' ' x V ff I - "1 J 1'," by if K J " sf V' I "-SY N Z x , f 1' A f i ff , VA ff M W? A Q f' Q27 L2 f 1, ew 3 I ' - " X , 12 M Af X ' W ,ff 6 i A pf ' , I , X M75 E X "jf 15 ' ,BL U 1 ,Q Hy "5 ,A jf - - A n N :ff-Am 1 Y I, .. ', -.,Nff b A QQ ,f Q ,A n du s. The following Wingore reochers, odminisrrorors, personnel ond friends hove purchosed this poge ro wish rhe groduores of 1980 Good Luck! Mrs. B. Ahoron Mr. S. Appelooom Mr. P. Beclser Mr. l. Bedell Mr. XV. Berl-:owirz Mr. F. Broncoro Mr. L. Colhoun Mr. J. Cosrognini Mr. l. Cohen Mr. L. Cooper Mr. M. DeSrefono Mr. N. Ehrlich Mr. L. Eisenberg Mr. Fiengo Mrs. R. Friedrnon Mrs. E. Goldenberg Mr. F. Goldhober Mr. M. Goldsrein Mr. E. Herr Mr. J. Jongle Mrs. G. Koplon Ms. J. Kinord Mrs. G. Klempner Mr. 5. Levy Mr. R. Linls Mr. P. Loeb Mr. M. Louis Ms. E. Mondo Mrs. S. Morrin Ms. M. Morrucci Mrs. J. Morrhews Mr. J. Moy Mrs. E. McCorry Mr. E. Miller ' Mr. L. Monrolbono Mr. N. Monrolloono Mr. N. Rosemon Ms. J. Roto Mr. L. Rurledge Mr. D. Shorzer Ms. P. Sindel Mr. ond Mrs, M. Srreisond Mr. M. Sulsenils Ms, S. Zysmon Mrs. Lofozorw ond me Honor Officio! wishes rheir fellow groduores Good Lucie! Science- Officio! of 1980 Good luck ro rlrie Seniors of 1980, from Ms. Sindel ond Officio! cioss 47. .W K7 M -vw- Special Thank You's to: My Sraff-who have all come ro mean a areal deal ro me, Mr. Dennis Branscumewhose help and advice made rhis job a little easier. Mr. Danavon Pehnicaolse-for his phorography. Ms. Lisa Gandyefor her help an our diary. Mr, Anrhany Parlserefar his warm concern and our wonderful diary. Ms. Sonia Marlin-for being sa nice. Ms. Magdalia Napaleaniefar her typing ahd help. . f-20 ,7Q3' D073 JIDDIIC Jie 'MIL 231.17 'pi' fb 7-D" DDDILM 39539 vfpzr 'flgf-IPB-jpfv! nljfpogbl fi ICJ? D 7093 jjc jg JNL Dwgf mfg, My jx fOf'DN QDDQ- '7aO9 97D7D Mrs. Aharan's Finesr, Official O2, wishes irs fellow graduares af 1980 a life filled wirh wonderful rhings. - G El I gym! kc ,, ' a I QQ f 'X ,4- X Q23 . X N Q S X if by 6? jig? N A '72, - 1 r 63 V , 4 ' ' X I . X' x 150 , 1 'iw , . Q .177 if il xr Q4 V MQ 'a:.I."-:L.":fl.--2-- Y : - t 5751 ,flf , ' ' f F3 5 5 g 1,v i9'B'l n femur I , I 4 hK, f 9, K l ,li U 1212 l, M U C ?,,Lf R ,fl ..,...fIllls1xiugx1i:ui41purimlirnym1:'lih' 5-uv wifi Quinny num tw u'xuwx11lwx'. Y- Q 1 ' . i yuan' 41Hlc1:1l pfumiugirtspfu-1', uc Mui 1.-lun-J In lmxu In-rn pubic tu dfwumuvx! Unix I I W I 3 L'hL'Y'lNhk'K,IL'I'1l withplluiuxirziplls px!!-Q1ltirmQt1nn'X L'l 5' hh- pm: lnxul - mln- x L'lff!lUllLl1llN 1 I . . . , , , 4 g yfvu xpruul - the XL-V5 icclxugi ynu xu XNLIVIIIIX Lam! NIH1'L'!gL'I5 x!x1n'ul. 'lux Ylklilly 1 llllillifllL'liPllll'L'Ll il'1i split xcuuul will lu :su vu,-nlznxlillgi I'L'L'Hl'tl im' pnslurity. F 1 I Y 5 'Nw imxlum' flufnlxlIs.ll1yL-XVIII-N im' you time yuan will nam! In l'k'IllL'lHILM'!' - l'h-nw i 3 3 fccl fru.'twc:1U upun HNfhfiluOfQUUIApllH!4l12ll'g!UlliL' rnccdx. f l f f 5 1 , T V ' e - 3 9 I X L i A Q K K K 3 Q I I-xURlCNlUS'I' SKIIIUUI, l'llU'l.UliliAXl'lHQRS IN 'l'lH'. li,XS4l' fl pl OI' Thelrno Debbie John Michoel Agnes Alrheo Anrhony Thonls you. VII miss you. Sroy Golden, Borooro Ahoron Molsers of rhe Wingore Rings N.R. DRILLING C0 INC. 97115 Queens Boulevord Rego Porls, New Yorls 11874 2124 275-6900 Sondro Joseph Geoffrey Porrice Sherry Jessico Michoel MEN-WOMEN Take up to C365 days to say good-bye. Good-bye can mean more than a pecls on the cheek when you talse advantage of the Army's Delayed Entry Program, Good-bye can mean 865 days to finish unfinished business, plan your future, spend one more season on the beach or the slopes before you go off to taclsle the world. But the best part of Delayed Entry lies ahead. By enlisting now, then relaxing and reporting for duty later, the Army can promise you the training you want more than any other-skill training it's often hard to find in civilian life. lf you qualify, Delayed Entry also lets you pick the place you want to serve a good part of your Army life-Hawaii, Korea, the Canal Zone, Europe or Alaska. Say hello to your Army Recruiter. Soon you could be saying a lat of sweet good--byes. Call Army Opportunities SSG Michael Driggins 1481 Flatbush Avenue Brooklyn, N.Y. 11210 434-2700 07883 SLocum 6-5863 M. Stroker Cv Sons DIAMONDS 0 WATCHES ' JEWELRY 240 UTICA AVENUE The Business Ed. Department Wishes the Graduating Class of 1980 A Successful and Prosperous Future S. Appelbaum-Ass't. Principal T. Brennan NEAR ST. JOHNS PL. BROOKLYN, N. Y. 112153 In Bush S. Leighton R. Linls B, Mayer T. Rubinfeld E. Simpson E. Spindler D. Stein M. Tovvnsel M. Vega 125 Clove Business Service BOOKKEEPING SYSTEMS TAXES BROOKLYN N, Y. 11216 1214 UNION STREET Joe G Al's Fish Mkts., Inc. Wholesale and Retall 269 Klngston Ave 4705 Church Avenue Brooklyn N Y HY C3 7280 O98 4272 Tlllll BIOIIIIAOIIIQ T 1 l212I 941 0001 774 3893 8515 Church Avenue Brooklyn N.Y. A to Z Fruits and Vegetables Between Brooklyn Ave. and E. 85th St. To Althea May the future bring you much happiness and success Damien Butler Congratulattons to the class of 1980 from Ms Wingate Rhonda Gunby ALL WORK DONE ON PREMISES SOUL FASHIGN HANK 5 CLEANERS BOY 5 AND MEN s WEAR EXPERT TAILORING Q60 UTIQA AVENUE SAME DAY SERVICE Bet Eastern Pkwy and Ltncoln Place 816 KINGSTON AVE 2,'L2,5lLl BET PRESIDENT E1 UNION st BROOKLYN N Y BROOKLYN N Y 11218 Phone 778 0529 IF EVERYONE COULD BE A MARINE WE WOULDN T BE THE MARINES IF YOU THINK YOU HAVE WHAT WE ARE LOOKING FOR VISIT OR CALL ask for "I" yb The w GY59' The Pmud px K Gall Applewhrte Opmom 7 The Marmes of official O1 sa TEL 493 2896 , V' tt sgewe ty SU DAVT URSDAY 7 P M 30371 KINGSTON AVENUE :RD Y oz BROOKLYN N Y 11213 When some great sorrow like a mtghty river Flows through your ltfe wtth peace destroying power And dearest things are swept from sight forever Say to your heart each trying hour This too shall pass away Congratulations to my nelce Althea Aunt Lottie Lawrence Crawford Jonrlla Parker Sharon Grrzzle Marte Paul Cheryl Etheridge James Copeland Magda Almay GOOD LUCK SENIORS 1980 Let today embrace the past with remembrance and the future with longlng Wtth my warmest wishes to the Seniors of 1980 for success and happiness Barbara Ahoron To the Cooperative Offlclal May you fund the world as cooperative as you have been Ms Shore JSI9' Church Avenue Brooklyn NY H203 11- 1. -9 , a 0 . I - , Larry Reese Andreasa St.Hilaire 212-484-7575 , -'fiiihn'-if Fe u ' 51,41 C 4 - at , , . ZW! tr I ' n ' ' Y: I I -I :I CJZI e e I Co. AUTCGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS ' ' . -,-,,,-- nf. , Sw -1' -- :J.,,-,.'. , ' V I ,,-.f, . ,.-' If 1:ff,::. :iw Vlvw s'ff,'b a. afmf-29415 :www 4"- . .K W. 4 f-,'1,.g1:,s g5ifz,,,. bgwf:-'fa X fx ,L v 1.1. J - .. 4 I .ACM f- V . , . A i . --R xL1,v. - W . y.Q:g ,A 1 ,P - g f Q93 ' ' 1' Y' 'W' ky 5o1+?""" V 9 s f .5 m an? 1,,.pQ f1 'W L a n , f ww 3, 1 4 .5- gi v-sgwfsgfigf-,M.ffff .ga f,ig5 . , 1 , g'. ,. L-jf 41 ' -:,-- ,X if i,,V,fuqaW,f'q,, W3.-Q.-,-Q' ,:'.,v ,-,W ' -J'-gl, ' 'f-q'-2 'Q 1.x - I .,1f:J,,,m,',, ,,-,, .QL ,,. 1, ,. V- ,,,.,,, , , N MQ. . --L , N , Q. ..,5 1 5, ,.,m, , ,1 .,1, , Af V., .1 5 1- ,,Q .L,:,-V Y ,R ., ,5 f.,, .K ,, 5 ,. f 1 V '., -1+, + vi 'VU A My y, ,f r . ,Z , ,.,.:,v1. ,"w ..' -4 Wy , , ., A, ,Ly ,..'. ,- . '., -,. new M u a y' H W K 4 1- -4, -1 VM- AW -, f , . ,K ., . . . U1 1. . Ly, ,J Y. ,V ,,,, L ,V .. ,V-Mg, . q..'.::..L,,.,,A. ,, 4. V. , ,-,A , Jim, , . N F, ,V ,iv 5 Y wgmugiga---'. 1" ., ,Y , 1 '1 f-f,ifv,z.:ff,- 5'-ggi: ,A-ring, QL. , 1' , Ll. . ., ., - ,. .4 LM. CI.. . Y., f x , . x -gv.. , , f , , ., - ' , ,hy A K , jg My ' -W kv ,, A-,, , o A .115 W .W 9 X1 2 . E x - ,M J .. W -, 11 1 wi ' ,. 14, Y if as 153' uilwfiv V W ' 1 . - . V "E v X, k , he 1, ,, V A , , 3 - -1 5.-J fh z, ',-'f x 'W-""f:if.+'l15 ' Rfk ff'-f'1'.1f -- --'-f'-iii'- 1 nw 'c 34:- ' 2' 'ml' f7'3,Q?1ffg1.,' f ,.' T wp. r , .. gl." M, -. ,N 4. -, -gn?-, ,1 H, ,ef -:Mya 4- M21 M" - mr V +--,, .:' ,,:" , .-.g4,,f:w,. ,gc .. - -.z Q. ' 'fairs 5 Y We 1. v , ,,-LW, ,ay-,Y--ywtqtx, .vga V-'zu , 5-,gl-fb -A 'AQF X 1 2: 4 NW - qeqvfffv'-4 "viii -'- 'Qg.v"",:'f ,Lge rg:f,f:."f Q 4 .1::':q,j,:-Q?" .J.,,..,g, Hg:-, m . - Mah i, , . , M32 . . . , . .. - . , x I . , ' "2wfiiglrf:-ef-.1':vfaf-,f.e,. ' , V ' ' ' A " ' Q 1:-4 , ,, 1, f.L,f-uv Vfalwlgflgs.fgo1:'-in 1 1 m V1 - ffff 'I5'5?'ffQf I ,

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