George W Wingate High School - Mosaic Yearbook (Brooklyn, NY)

 - Class of 1972

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George W Wingate High School - Mosaic Yearbook (Brooklyn, NY) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 118 of the 1972 volume:

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WINGATE 600 Kingston Ave Brooklyn, New York 11203 Table of Contents Mosaic Staff ....... Dedication . . .,,,. . . , Principal's Message ..... Administration ,,,. . .,.., . Department Chairmen . . . Faculty . ..,.,....,...... , . A Candid View of Wingate , ,. Activities ..,,..,.,,....... Music .,...........,.,.., Sports ....,,...., Graduate Section ..,.. Farewell Message .... 2 Steven Hymowitz Editor IH Chief Anita Burson Literary Editor Contributors Denise Barker Pearline Beckford Laceta Blackwood jeff Brown Toney Burnham. Elnora Chasten Sandra Cox Fernando Garcia Diane Hochberg Carol Kolodry Wanda O'Brien Roderick Theodore Florentine Thomas Michael Washington Susan Wexler Roxana Young Francis Yasprica ilk Sheila Burke Business Editor Eileen Cave Art Editor Mosaic Sta Dudley Williams Layout Editor 3 Mr. F. Goldhaber Advisor Dedication The theme of this year's Mosaic is music and harmony. Our school has the unique and dubious distinction of being the only banjo-shaped institution of learning in the world. Down the straight halls and around the circular corridors, the music of life and a multiplicity of cultures fills the air and emphasizes the micro-cosmic nature of Wingate, a United Nations in its own right. And here, music is the universal language. The melody of education resounds through these halls. Our ad- ministrative staff are a symphony-making and learning rhythmic- pattern. The laughter, good humor, and friendly conversation make music to the educationally alert. FOR THE HARMONY THAT HAS EXISTED, WE DEDICATE MOSAIC. The Mosaic Staff Principal's Message To the Senior class of 1972, The theme of this year's Mosaic revolves around music and harmony. I think that such a theme hits upon a very significant concept in society -the concept that human relation- ships rest upon the cooperation and good will of all people. It is only by positive attitudes and actions that any society can assure its people to happy and fruitful lives. We at Wingate High School have been mak- ing every effort to "make beautiful music" to- gether by practicing harmony. Any school is largely a training ground for students' future lives, and to the extent that your experiences at Wingate have equipped each of you for your future in a position manner, to the extent that you can count your high school years as suc- cessful ones. Members of the Class of 1972 have witnessed many significant events and have experienced many changes in their years at Wingate. The past four years have seen such chaotic and dis- ruptive events as: a long school strike, school confrontations, continued war and casualties in Viet Nam, killings at jackson State and Kent State Colleges,deepening urban decay, infla- tion, recession, and many other discouraging DF-R0beffL'5Chain developments. On the other hand, these past four years have also been years of hope, prog- ress, positive achievements. For the schools, there have been changes in the curriculum, many innovations fsuch as our own Wingate Prepb, more signicant participation in school policy-making and operation by students, parents, and the community leaders, and expansion of school activities. For our communities - Local, City, State, and Nation, there have been many evidences of progress. We, as a people, have become more in- volved in such matters as environmental control, health matters, anti-war activities, combatting ra- cial discrimination, greater political participation, and many other activities. You have truly lived these past years in times that were alive and exciting, and the future looks even more exciting. We, at Wingate High School have shared years of change and I hope that these years have helped pre- pare each of you for the many years you have ahead of you, years which I sincerely hope will be happy and fruitful ones for yourselves and for the nation. May I thank the members of the Class of 1972 for their contributions in this effort to improve our school community. May I also wish each of you the very best of luck and success in the years to come. Principal 5 Ms. G. Kaplan Mr. V. Spetalnik Q !"1 Mr. L. Frledlander Mr. M. Goldberg Administration 'wg W .K "Q Mr. P. Becker Mr. S. Forman Ms. 1. Belcher Ms. M. Hall 6 ,yi Department Chairmen Mr. D. Altman Ms. F. Sattler Boys Health Ed. Special Ed. Mr. N. Ehrlich Mr. M. Sukenik Ms. 1. Reagan Dr. L. Kaplan English Social Studies Science Music Mr. E. Beux Mr. G. Waldman Ms. F. Smith Mr. S. Pfeffer Foreign Language Mathematics Girls Health Ed. Business Ed. Home Arts Fine Arts Ms. S. Smith Mr. L. Cunningham 7 Library Industrial Arts Faculty g Ms. S. Abrams Ms. 1. Bizocco Ms. M. Billias Foreign Language Girls Health Ed. English Mr. M. Berman Mr. A. Abramowitz Ms. 1. Adler Business Ed. Mathematics Special Ed. Ms. M. Alexander Mr. S, Berman Ms. A. Carter Mr. I. Castagnini Girls Health Ed. Science 8 Mathematics Mathematics Mr. G. Adamovich Mr. C. Alexis Mr. S. Arnofsky Social Studies Social Studies Mathematics A , . ft L t , S , ,N V1 . ,Q 4951, .V ,Q :Qs Mr. A. Archibold Mr. S. Blumenstein Mr. H. Brown Foreign Language Science Mathematics Mr, A. DeDely Mr. S, Frankel Ms. S. Glass Ms. E. Godlin Industrial Arts Mathematics 9 Mathematics English Mr. F. Goldhaber English Mr. B. Gurian Social Studies Mr. I. Kalton Science Ms. E. O'ConnelI Ms. I. Bush Business Ed, Mr. C. Crawford Music Mr. L. Chernoff Music Ms. l. Caplan English Mr. D. Charak Science English Ms. E. Charet 10 Business Ed. ggi? -Q. K ,V VL xiii' fi- , 1 I K ,E "AIS 2-4- -W 2 f g 1:5242 I '5 A 1 V! ff.. P A, AL J 'lf I :V I Ls 5 ' V9 s N 3, f 1 ,' , 4, i as Y gggwgws, WJ-' ?f ,ev ' gee H H an .Jw f Q' A 5: A A , H is 1 ,Qld . is if 5.2 A N- , R2 1 . 5, M A M I H Q? , f U Q 5, 191 ,Ma 'Hg -fgmf. f"" 'rv 2 ,J N.. Six? if .5 ii Q fdmvf Ms. F. Flescher English . . f .m.f' 1 Mr. 1. Esposito Social Studies Mr. A. Fontek 6- f wt A .. :A -6 Q! M, , p 1-' f Mr. l. Cohen Science Science Ji .F -i Mr. S. Finger Social Studies Q-45' is Mr. N. Friedman Social Studies Ms. A. Freshman Social Studies Ms. L. Gaffoni Ms. M. Gerber Science English 12 Mr. M. Graff Social Studies 1 A 4 4 ,L Ms. 1. Gish Social Studies Mr. T. Hon Science l Ms. F. Gutman Business Ed. Mr. A. Kleinstein English Mr. B. Grossberg Science Ms. S. Hammer College Bound 'P' Mr. E. Herr Ms. E. Howard College Bound English 13 Mr. G. Goldberg Industrial Arts Mr. H. Herzog College Advisor Ms. I. Kent Fine Arts ,Z V gif? V g . ' ' '1' W Mr. A. Goldstein Ms. M. Herzlinger Science Girls Health Ed. Ms. F. Kavkewitz x MS. 1- Hunt College Bound Science Ms. 1. Kinard Social Studies Ms. R. Friedman Science Ms. M. Groman College Bound Ms. H. Halpern Mathematics f Ms. M. Kochnover Business Ed. tv? Mr. R. Kramer Mr. M. Kreger Mr. H. Kupferman Girls Health Ed. Industrial Arts Science ss. N Na Q if' , Q Mr. S. Levy Mr. G. Lerner Ms. M. Martin Foreign Language Business Ed. English Ms. R. Mainer Ms. E. Manda Ms. E. McCarty Fine Arts English College Advisor Mr. E.M. Handelsman Mathematics Ms. P. Isen man English Ms. A. Landes Fine Arts 4.4.31 5935815355 5 255 lx g ' . S Mr. R. MacDonald Mr. L. McDonald Ms. E. Metkiff English Music Foreign Language Y K Mr. R. Michaels Mr. L. Montalbano Mr. S. Nemson Science Social Studies Foreign Language Mr. R. Papaleo Mr. B. Posner Mr. N. Roseman Social Studies Foreign Language Science M15 ffl' Ms. I. Licht English f Ms. C. Rosenberg Home Arts i1 ., U! t Mr. D. Rosenthal Ms. I. Rota Ms. 1. Lederman Social Studies Fine Arts Business Ed. Ms. S. Rubenfeld MF- B- 5Cl'lW2lrtZ Social Studies Ms. L. Polistina i English Boys Health Ed. as c Mr. C. Rosen Business Ed. Ms. M. Scoletta Mr. A. Seltzer Girls Health Ed. Science Lab Mr. 1. Ross Mr. R. Sherman English Science Ms. G. Seymour English Ms. S. Schecter Girls Health Ed. Ms. R. Sloane Business Ed. Mr. L. Shapiro Mathematics .5 Mr. A. Silberlight Mr. M. Simon Foreign Language English we Ms. E. Spindler Ms. B. Spivey Business Ed. English Mr. S. Strauss Mr. M. Strauss Science 18 Boys Health Ed. if Mr. S. Smith English Ms. l. Stempler English Ms. M. Sukenik Foreign Language Mr. D. Shatzer Ms. G. Trentham Mathematics Special Ed. Mr. M. Truell Ms. C. Uhrman Boys Health Ed. Foreign Language Mr. P. Walsh Ms. A. Weidman Boys Health Ed. Girls Health Ed. 1Q Mr. H. Solovay Mathematics Mr. L. Tucker Boys Health Ed. Mr. K. Stern College Bound Mr. G. Vega Boys Health Ed. Mr. M. Tublin Social Studies Mr. G. Weinstein Ms. S. Victor Social Studies English Last But ot Least . Mr. J. Siehien Industrial Arts Ms. M. Greenberg Ms. R. Finkelstein English Library Mllllf Camera Shy lOther teachers appear in other sections of the book.J Mr. L. Eisenberg, Mathematics Mr. M. Ginsberg, Mathematics Mr. M. Goldstein, Boys Health Ed. Mr. M. Henkin, Social Studies Ms. E. lacobson, Library Ms. M. Klein, Fine Arts Mr. M. Kravitz, Foreign Languages Ms. I. Schulman Mr. N. Miller, Mathematics Mr. N. Montalbano, Social Studies Ms. S. Naphtalli, Mathematics English Mr. H. Stabin Mr English . A. Sher, Science Ms. M. Spaduccini, Foreign Languages xKfxXXX Ms. M. Townsel, Business Ed. Ms. 1. Zimmerman, English O 'Y' tk I 1 , 'vox 'M s-A984 ' vs' :Fr Q49 0 -9-1' 4' c' 5 1 I 1 x 3 23 vw A . f QQ lflf Q hm. fn wg WW Y pffkq 2 Usfi QM ,df 4.0 ,A-,....a-Q W.--.... x ,www- 1 A... x X -N x.,f"N., 5-vwuwmunmzwrawu ai , x,Ly 4 A 4 A......l K 4. 7 A ,, hv., ,.v,, A swdiw ,iw Q i Q I 'QW o V ,M 'fe 5 ? 28 I 4 Li , 'IVY afi ft fx' 15 , ijk 5T-55 'iv H 29 H 1" ix, v I ff if yi, .ng A X W "Q-cv YZ 4...-1' ' " p- M mi: 'Wd -up 'SVW I .VVV . ' Y - "i'.. j5f1?EW Q S 4 ' as ' K o Q , , J , ' , 5 f . M . , .vi. ,HA if ' I9".'t ,. . ' , - , Htxlf. Q., .- X, 'Jim ,fhtjrzqc I L A Y 3 A' I, A annual. JW. mf" I . o if it z ty ,gina V zgw 4 ' A , s ' . m ev, I - ' . f, .1-U ' f A 2 ff H P f' rf' ' 4' ' f 'e' ' M n vtfl .f f' gif- 1. 3 P g 912. , .K N I I Yr. A ' :Q 577, ,nw '- Av- X J P V , - ' 1 V 3 RJ , I, , 5 , W , k W f LJ J M Y., 11 . , Q, W I A 55 -, ! M sf 1. , . , -., ,. f ,ma fx H A A Y f i' R A 7"f',,,. x wifi --.fu-Tj, , ' f - ff.. M. ,, ff f 'M fi-wwf' . 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Adamov h Wingate World ii Spectrum Senior Reps Leadership .1 f Lf Fl O Scien ce Lab Mr. G. Cohen Mr. A. Seltzer Ms. R. Friedman Ms. E. lackson L 0 b Ms, R. Finkelstein Ms. S. Smith I Student Union L29 Mr. C. Alexis Cheerleaders I d Boosters Music Where else could you find stu- dents, teachers, and alumni working together to achieve the same goal . . . the goal being the sweet harmo- nious sound of music. 4? is s fy Girls Chorus Ms. M. Walker Mixed Chorus Mr. L. M Id I 'isa N il!!! iv' lgx Baseball Mr. L.T k nl Q f""' li-4 vq, Ill' , X A P M W V. Y , F -mix..-. - - , 9:-T , - 7 1- 1 X 5 1 W4 W- A l I 1 4 J 1 Mr.M.S Bowling K fy V L. LL'- f V. f ' A v ' A A f Q jf '- ,ff var. 5 ' V . ,, . , I K , 7 VV ff Q, Q5 Qi, Sf? .,. Wm ff , 5,- ,. ,W Q- 3 ,,.....,m, 1 h 'S 2 I L',-' 9 1 , f-, ' A 1 'Vg EL' A V ff uf 4 J A if fy j X, QM V. : Al ff. 7 AT: a . K on ,, ,A 17 Ii s 6 vw -Q -flaw - fllan.n,.,M,.A,.I Fencing .wil 1 -4 , V575 1 Ji 'f pl if n f, Q .,,-,Q -477 at ,final ff 4 ? ,, ' , If 4 1 ., mf? f ,nf f Lf V., 1 , at i . ,gag gi V fit. - ' X " W ii' 1 A Q t 1 fr YE, W 4 xi M Xa B 5 '07, ft 5 A 33 q ff. Q , Q , , 4 E E 'V 5 Q' it w J 56 it W X I xmas. ml, I 8 3, 6 if N ff Z af I 4 X ' 4 f 211 yy 'lx 2 ,9 r f my .. My MU T , , Zh , WY , JB? f.7 f- ,si . -ww, , 1, A if Q V-,' -. ff - ,gg 5 if f fm 1 , if A r V 'W" ,," 3 ,"h' ... A I ' f , ',L, - ' ' - f if yy , 4' 4'-was W' Q Qi' '37 QL- X I Vkgrq wa- . We ii ' Q 59 'JE 1. , , QM 6, ' , bww if , " 2 an . ,jg ,WM .6 2 f ,, it V ,V 3 df we QW 5 'R I i 5 1 H M 'yy fl i fu , ,W 'v - , f' 9 ff 1, ,,,k 2 H , ,H if , ,f 34 Q K ,, 1 X, i wiv K Q., 2 4, L wi Tennh M P. Walsh Soccer Mr. B. Sch 'ups ,.f , 8 ga 5 Mgr -1 'X ff 92 'H . V 3 Q 1 QQ QWFSL , w ' 2 if 2' 2 , a ff if ,eh-by e 4 M4 MEF? ix 'few ,f I K 439' ,Ming 6 W ff Q. Q5 3 ,A fr i f'S 4 ,L . a ,S ,., f ni 4---- EEEEEEEESEEEESSEE if EERE XJ Track Bowling Team Senior Leaders Ms.A.W d Modern Dance K ABELLARD, MAGARETTE ABELLARD, SERGE - College - ACEVEDO, SONIA h AITCHESON, MAXINE West Indian Club - Repre- sentative. -College- ALICIA, IRIS ABISDID, CHRISTOPHER ACEVEDO, ESTHER Library Squad, Swimming -College- Team, Handball Team, Track Team. - College - ALEXANDER, DAVID ALEXANDER, KEVIN ALLEN, DEBORAH D. Boosters, Library Squad, Class Rep., Class Sec., Senior Lead- ers, Chairman of Fashion Show. - College - 58 ALLEN, MARIORIE ALLEN, STEPHANIE ALLERT, LORINA ALLEYNE, PHYLLIS S.U. Rep., Library Squad, Ecology Club, Library Squad, Ecology Club. Dean's Office. -College- -College- ANDRE, MONA Girls' Volleyball Team. - College - my ,A .il M I . Wu. r 'W- . gg' il" ggi ARDOUIN, EMMANUEL Soccer Team, Haitian Club, Science Lab Squad, Track Team, Senior Class Leader. - College - ANTOlNE,1AMES ARMSTRONG, I. ARTHUR, IENNIFER Program Office - collage - 59 , ., 'Mi I' ARMAND, MARIE - College AUGUSTA, MARGARET AUGUSTAVE, E. AUGUSTIN, YANICK BACCHUS, RUTHFORD BAILEY, MARK BAILEY, WAYNE Arista - Boy Leaderg Ecology Swimming Team. Club - Presidentg Fencing - College - Teamg Dean's Off.g College Rep.p Class President. - College - BAPTISTE, MAXIME Program Office. -College- -College- BAKER, TYRONE Basketball Team - Managerg Biology Lab Squadj Bowling Team - Captainp Football Team. -College- BARKER, DENISE S.U. - Sec.p Mosaic Staffg Audio-Visual Squadg Boost- erg African Culturual Society - Chairmanp Consultative Committee - Vice President. -College- 60 -College- BALAN, ANNETTE A X BARRERA, RALPH Dean's Offg Rap Roomg S.P.A.R.K.g Science Lab Squadg Mixed ' lege Bound Chorus, Col- BARRETT, RONALD Library Squad. - College - BAYLIN, STUART Wingate World Staffg Biology Lab Squadp Program Com- mitteep Singg Audio-Visual Squad. - College - BEAUFILS, MIREILLE - Business- S BEEZER, GEORGE S.U. Memberg Teacher's As- sistant. BATAILLE, NADINE Haitian Clubg Library Club. - College - BECKFORD, PEARLINE Girls' Volleyball Teamg Bowl- BAUMAN, CELIA Sing. - College - BECKHAM, DEBRA S.P.A.R.K.p Mosaic Staff. ing Teamg Boostersg Mosaic -' College - Staffg Senior Leaders. - College - BELL, CHERYLANNE Library Squadg Teacher's Sec.5 Guidance Offg Mixed - College - Chorus. 61 BELL, S. BENIAMIN, CALVIN BENNETT, DIANNE I4 BENNETT, KAREN Audio-Visual Squad, Girls' Chorus. College BENNETT, NORRIS Arista, S.U. Member, Admin istrative Assistant's Office. - College - Ecology Club, Library Squad, Administrative Assistant's Office, Class Assistant. - College - BERNAL, SANDRA BERNIER YOLENE Senior Band, Mixed Chorus, -College Arista, S.U. Rep, College Rep, Math Tutor. College - 'QS BERRY, B. BERRY, ROBERT College 62 BEST, WAVENIE Cheerleader, Bowling Team, Dance Club, Gymnastics Team, African Cultural So- ciety, Girls' Chorus. - College -- BETTS, IOHN 1. BIGMAN, MICHAEL BIRCH, A. Chemistry Lab Squadg Physics Lab Squad. .. C " .ge .. , . if BLACK, IEAN BLACKWOOD, LACETA BLAKE, EILEEN BLAKE, KENNETH Mosaic Staffg Spectrum Staffg - College - Bowling Team. Leadershipp Drama Work- -College shopg Class Sec.j Dance Clubg S.U. Memberg English Office. -College- ,nf BLEMAN, NADINE BLOOME, PAULA BONAPARTE, A. Sing: Orchestrag Dance African Cultural Societyp Groupg Class Sec. Mosaic Staff- -College- -College- 63 BONILLA, GERTRUDE BONILLA, NOEL BOONE, W. -College- 1 14' f i f f J .1 BOOTHE, CARMEN SUS Rep., Girls' Volleyball Team, Drama Workshop, Modern Dance Clubg Library Squad, SU Member, Red Cross Club, Girls' Team. Track - College - BOXILL, MERLYN BOXlLL,TERENCE BREWlNGTON,WlHELMlNE Dean's Office. Teacher's Assistant, Official S.P.A.R.K. - College - Class Officer. - Business - - College - BROOKS, ANDRETTA BROOKS, PATIENCE BROWN, DEBORAH Bowling Team. Arista, Future Teachers Club. SUMember5 Girls' Basketball - Business - - College - Team - Official timer. - College - 64 BROWN, IEFFREY Akiva - President, Biology Lab Squad, Health Ed. Serv- ice, Orchestra, SU Member. -College- . Ls. L. s 1 .. 1 . : is 'N f e, ,e,e 5i,f- 5.15 -.-.sqsgrg BROWN, WOODROW Football Team, Baseball Team, Track Team. - College - BROWN, IOYCE - Business - BROWN, SANDRA Arista, Library Squad, Mixed Chorus, Honor Service League, Future Teachers Club. -College- 'fisiv-A J' N. 4 ,Q BRYANT, PATRICIA BRUCE, SERGE BRUNO, YANICK Library Squad, Mixed Cho- rus, College Bound Tutoring. - College - BULLOCK, MICHELE Mixed Chorus, Girls' Cho- rus, Drama Workshop, Sci- ence Lab Squad, Sing, Class Sec. -College- BURKE, SHARON Arista, SU Rep., Class Bowling Club. - College - 65 Sec., fX gf 5 BURKLSHEHA Audio-Visual Squad - Cap- tain, Library Squad, Mosaic Staff- Editor, English Office. - College - Q 6 .3 .. : .. BURSON ANITA Senior Leaders, Mosaic Staff - Editor, Audio-Visual Squad - Captain, Physics Lab Squad, SU Delegate, Sing5Teacl'1er's Assistant. -College- CALHOUN, LINDA BURKES, SONDRA BURNHAM, TONEY SEABORN English Office, Mosaic Staff. Red Cross Club, Class Sec. - College - - College - BURTON, BARBARA CADET, EDDY - Business - Soccer Team. - College - CAHN, MARVIN - College CANADA, IERRY CARTAGENA, N. CARTER, RICARDO Guidance Office. Track Team. - College - 66 'J CHARLEMAGNE, MICHELE Cheerleader - Captaing Modern Danceg College Bound Rep,g Gymnastics Team. -College- CLARKE, JAMES LEMUEL SU Memberg Auto Clubj Reading Program Aideg At- tendance Office. -Business- CAVE, EILEEN Aristag Mosaic Staff - Art Editorg SU Rep.g Class Presi- dentg Spectrum Staff. -College- CHASTEN, ELNORA Audio-Visual Squadg Mosaic Staffp Spectrum Editorg Hu- man Relations Clubg SU Del- egate. -College- - zlwglibgki CLORY, CARLEASE - Business - CHANG, R. CHlNG,GEE Arista. -College- CLOUDEN, EMANUEL Soccer Team. - College - CIMINO, DOROTHY COBB, PATRICIA Senior Leadersg Honor Serv- ice Leagueg Senior Rep.g Col- lege Rep.5 Future Teachers Clubg Class Sec.p Language Officeg Girls' Chorus. - College - COOKE, CONRAD Wingate World - News Edi- torp Homework Helpers Pro- gram - Tutorg Audio-Visual Squadg SU MEMBER. - College - COX, SANDRA Library Squadg Honor Service Leaguep Senior Rep,g Mosaic Staff. - College - ,f . COLBERT, DUNCAN COOPER, STANLEY CREARY, PAUL Attendance Officeg SU Memberg Guidance Officeg Library Squad. -College- COLBEY, IOAN Senior Leadersg Office Moni- torg SU Member. - College - COTO, RAFAEL M. Baseball Teamg Senior Bandg Class Vice President. - College - COX, RUSSELL CRESPO, C. 68 CRESPO, TAMARA SUS Member. - Business CUTWRIGHT, SUSAN CYRILLE, K. DAISLEY, KEREN Cheerleadersg Modern -College- Danceg Teacl'1er's Assistantg SU Member. - College - DALEUS, NICOLE DALY, GAIL DAVENPORT,C,AlL - College - junior College Rep.5 Teach- Library Squadg Senior Leader. DALEUS, MARIE-YOLAINE - College - DAvls,ENNls DAVIS, SHERMAN Basketball Teamg Supplies Officeg Senior Class Pres.g Mixed Chrosu. -College- A52 DEANS, DARLET - College - DEER, AUDREY Bowling Team. DELDI, K. DESIR, IEAN-ROBERT - College - DEIOIE, IESSIE SU Memberg Library Squadg Volleyball Teamg Teacher's Assistant. -College- DIAZ, IRIS DICKERSON, YVONNE DINGWALL, LEIGHTON G. DOBSON, SELMA SUS Member, Boostersg lunior Leaderg - College - Library Squadg Future Teach- Mixed Chorus. ers Club. -College- -College- 70 DONAWA, 1. DORSEY, CAROL Boostersg Future Teachers Club. - College - DRAYTON, ELVIA DOUYON, MARIE-LOURDES - Business - DUBOIS, L. DOWNER, SARITA Senior Leadersg English Of fice. -College- fi' -rf-x DUMMETT, MONA DUPONT, FRANTZ DUPUY, SILVIA Mixed Chorusp Girls' Cho- Track Team. Library Squad. rusp Business Ed. Office. - College - - College - - College - 71 DURVAN, M. EDWARDS, BRENDA Ecology Club. - College - EDWARDS, NOLA Ecology Club. - College - S? EVANS,VALERlE African Cultural Societyg S.P.A.R.K.5 Mosaic Staffg Mixed Chorus. -College- FELICIANO, GUALBERTO SUS - Political Spokesman. - College - FIELDING, DESMOND SU Memberg Lunchroom Guardg Baseball Teamg West Indian Clubp Library Squadg Attendance Office. -College- ELCOCK, SANDRA Attendance Office, Ecology Club. - College - FEILER, ELLEN Orchestra. - College - ESKENAZI, SARAH - College - HGUEROA, M. 72 FISHER, GUILLERMO -College- wi ', Ay , . FLAMM, MICHELE Biology Lab Squadg Boostersp - College - FOWLER, ANYTA FLEISCHMAN, RHODA - Business - FORMAN, DESIREE Consultative Committee - Soph. Rep.g Leadershipg SU Memberg African Cultural Society. -College- xeggqgfigfylfgf rg ,if'4'f1r FRANClS,KlM Senior Leaders - Pres.g Cheerleadersp Bowling Team - Captaing Gymnastics Teamg Dean's Officeg Col- lege Rep.: Modern Dance Club. - College- 73 FONG, VINCN ET - College - Fosrex, HALDO FRANCES, SONIA Ecology Club - Sec.5 Class Vice Pres.g Dean's Officeg Emergency Room. -College- FORBES, CLAUDIUS FRANCOIS, LAURAMISE Haitian Clubg SUS Member - College- FRANKLIN, ED FREEMAN, HAROLD FRIEDMAN, ALAN Wingate World Staffg Pro- gram Officeg Arista, - College - -College- Basketball Team. -College- ' . . -. if I' ,en FRUMOFF, BRUCE GALEAS, LAURA ' GARCIA Program Officeg Singg Biolo- gy Lab Squad. - College - GARELICK, ROBIN Singp Dean's Officeg Senior Boostersp Senior Leadersg Rep.g Class Vice Pres.g Akiva VolleyballTeam. Club. - College - 74 GARCIA, ROY Fencing Teamg Tennis Team. - College - GARVIN, CAROL GAUBBOURNE, LAVERNE GERMAIN, DONOVAIN GIBBS, DIANA GILMORE, ROBERTO GONZALES, D. Library Squad, ,M ff 15 fs - College - ff -V pl.. -' 'l'f' rf qllzssrgegsii GONZALES, JAMES GONZALES, IUDITH SUS Vice Presidentg Arista. Talent showg concerts. - College - - College - GRAHAM, MARITZA GRANT, IOSEPH Aristag Honor Service Leaguep Chem. Lab. Squadg Bio Lab Squadp Library Squad. -College- 75 GORDON, MARCIA Off. Class Pres.g Off. Class Vice Pres,g College Rep.g Ecology Clubp Library Squadg Guidance Officeg Dean? Office. He -Co ge- GREEN, B. GRAHAM, CLIDE Aristag Senior Rep.g Ecology Clubg Cafeteria Squad. GREENBERG, M. we-W, GREENBERG, PHILIP GREENE, PAULA GRIFFIN, LINDA Boosters, Girls' Bowling Team - Co-Captain, Student Forum Leader, S.U.g A.C.S. - College- GRIFFITHS, SANDRA CRIMES, PATRICIA GRUSKlN,MICHELE GUADAGNOJOANN GUADALUPEJSABELLA l-lbfafy Squad: Slngi T68Cl'1- Boosters, Teacher's Assistant. ers' Assistant. -College- -College- GUZMANMIGDALIA HALL, MADELINE HALL, R- - Business - - College - 76 HALABY, MARIE HAMMERSCHMITT, HANNAYSJ. LUANNA i . is A . HARDEMAN, ANNA Boostersp A.C.S.g Off. Class Pres. - College - HAREWOOD, DELRIC HARGETT, WANDA HARPER, YVONNE HARRIS, H. Bowling Tgam, Senior Leadersg Boostersg -Bu5ine55- junior Leadersg Modern Dance Clubg General Office Assistant. - College HECTOR, MARIE HENRY, REUBEN HENRY, VALERIE College - Business Office Secretary. - College - HEWITT, ROBERTO HEWITT, SYLVESTER HICKS, TERRY - College - Library Squadg Physics Lab. '- Business - Squadp Chem. Lab. Squadg Bio Lab. Squad. - College - HOCHBERG, DIANE College Rep.g Singg Boosters Mosaic Staffg Dean's Office Social Studies Officeg At tendance Office. - College - HON, IONG HOOD, ANTHONY HOPE, SANDRA Track Team. English Office. - College - - College - HYLTON, DAVID Arista, SU Memberg Honor Service Leagueg Math Office Squad. - College - HYMOWITZ, STEVEN Swimming Team - Captaing Aristag Honor Service Leagueg Mosaic - Editorg Wingate World Staffg Bio Lab. Squad. - College - IACKSON, DONALD JACOBS, HELENE - Business -- jAFFE,EDWARD 1AMEs,ARAMANTHA JAMESSHEILA lAMES'T2V?5 - Aristag Bandg Orchestra. O ge - College - IARVIS, ZULIMA IEAN, ROLAND 1EAN-LoUls,MlRElLLE - College - - College - Teacher's Assistant. College - JEANNITAN, MARIE IEANTY, KETTELY IENKINS, H. Teachers' Assistant. - College - 79 i IEROME, NORMA Library Squad. - College - IOHNSON, BEVERLY Cheerleadersg Bio Lab. Squad. - College- ai x Y lj Q :Q-.jj A X .ff IOHNSON, C. IOHNSON, STAN Football Teamg Bio Lab. Squadg SU Memberp A.C.S. -College- . if z iomas, CHERYL IONES, SAMUEL IONES, SYLVIA lUBU'550Nf M- - College - Basketball Team. - College - K. KAPLAN, ELAINE Sing Directory Senior Lead- ersg Girls' Volleyball Team - Co-Captaing Bandg Orches- trag Bio Lab. Squadg Home- work Helpers Tutor. KELLER, S. KELLY, BRANSON KERNIZAN, ANDREE - College - 80 KILION, HANA Aristag College Repg Library Squadp Teacher's Assistant. - College - KILKENNY, P. E x . .X-, KlNG, CRIDELDA Senior Leader. - Business- Kturrz, ANDRE KNIGHT, 1ANicE KN'GHTf IENNETH KWGHV WMA ..COHege- Bowling Teamg SU Memberg Libfafi' Squad- Anstai Ubfafv Squadi Tutor? Future Teacher's Clubg Tutor. - College - Basketball Team' - College KOLODNY, CAROLE Aristag Honor Service Leagueg Wingate World - Copy Editorp Library Squadg Sing. Singg Mosaic Staffg SU - - Publicity Commissionerg Col- lege Rep.pSU Rep.g Spectrum. -College- DRANZMAN, cARoL KURTZKE, CHRISTINE Senior Leaderj Bio Lab. Squadp Chem. Lab. Squadg College 81 LAFONTANT, RUDOLPHE Soccer Teamg Spectrum Staffg Haitian Clubg Teacher's Assistant. - College- LARAQUE, REGINALD LASTER, l. LAU,CHUN-LIM Chinese Club - Vice Presi- dentg Aristap Teacher's Assistant. -College- Q , 3., A5 3 X - . LAVENTUREJEAN-GERALD Haitian Clubj Drama Work- shopg West lndian - College LAWRENCE,C-, LAWRENCE, SALLY LAWSON, ANGELA Club. LAWSON, UNA LEIBOLD, CAROLANN LEIBOWITZ, BARBARA LEON, SARITA ACS. Singp SU Repg Reading A55i5t- Bowling Teanng Program Of- - College - antg Teacher's Assistant, ficez Ubfafy Squad -C0llege- -College- 82 Xt .E X . LESTAGE, LYDIA -College- LEVINE, MERIS LEWIS, ANDREA Modern Dance Club, Cheer- leaders, Leadership Class, Gymnastic Club, Arista - Girl Leader, Senior Class Vice Pres. - College - LEWIS, EARL LINDSEY, JOHN LEWIS, IULIO LEWIS, MARILYN LINYARD, DIANE Cheerleader, Bowling Team, Booster, Modern Dance Club, Class President. -College- Basketball Team, SU Mem- ber, SPARK. -College- LITTMAN, AMY Sing Chorus Leader, Sing - Lead, Booster, Bio Lab. Squad, Chem. Lab. Squad. -College- 83 LIVINGSTON, MICHELE LOMONOCO, ANNA LOUINIS, ISMAELITE Haitian Club - Vice President. -College- MARCELLE, LINDA - College - LYNCH, RONALD Fencing Team - Captainp Tennis Team - Co-Captaing Bio Lab. Squad. - College - MARNER, FLORENCE MAHON, INELLE THEREAS Boosters - Captaing ACS: Mosaic Staffg Official Class Pres. and Vice Pres. -College- MARCHALL, WAYNE Bio Lab. Squad. -College- MANNING, RICARDO A. - College- MARSONET, BRUNILDA 7i...,,. ""'E fVlATHURlN, E. MATTHEWS, ROXANNE MAXTON, IOHN Aristag Official Class Presg SU Membefi Library Squad. -College- -College- 84 MAXWELL, DAUGHN - College- MCARTHUR, PAULETTE Singg Reading Office. College MCDONALD, SADRIA English Officep Girls' Chorusg Class Secretary. -College- MCDONALD, TONY RSX AA MClNTOSH,CEClLE Senior Leadersp Spectrum Staffg Senior Rep.g Drama Clubg Bio. Lab Squadg Mod- ern Dance Club. -College- Mcuaoo, GLORIA MCLETCHIE, WAYNE MCVAY, 15555 - College - I vxk METAYER, ALPHONSE MEDINA, FRANK MEDlNA,YVONNE Library Squadg College Bound Officeg SPARKQ Offi- cial Class Pres. -College- MIGNOTT, PAULETTE MILLER, DESMOND MILLERJEANETTE College- Fencing Teamg Library Drama WOFliSlWOP1 Dance Squad. Clubg Program Office. -College- -College- MILLER, LYNETTE MISICKJANE junior Repg Class Secretaryg SUS - College- MlLLlN,lULlA Booster-Capt.g Future Teach- ers Clubg Modern Dance Clubp Orchestrag SU Rep.p ACS: SU Member. -College- :. 2 f I fs , .R i S., 1 2 lyk? .J x 1 ,, I if x N' 2 MILLS, NESLY MINOTT, YVETTE - College - MONEREAU, CAROLE -College- MONTE, DEBORAH MONTAGUE, CLAUDETTE Y fs, , MORTIMER,CYNTHlA MOWATTJENNIFER MOY,lOHN Bowling Teamg Senior Lead- ACS: West Indian Clubg Ecol- ersg Modern Dance Club. Ogy Club. -College- -College- NARVAELTINITO NEELYJAME5 Baseball Team. - College - NELSON, MARlE LOURDES NELSON, SANDRA Guidance Officeg Foreign LibV8fy Squad. Language Office. - College - NEGRON, ANTONIO SPARKQ Cafeteria Squadg Teacher's Assistant. -College- NICOLAS, PAULINE - College - NELSON, ELVERIA NICOLEAUJEAN Foreign Language Officeg Haitian Clubp West Indies Clubp Soccer Team. NlEVES,ANA E. NUNN, DANNY OBENTSKKMARLENE OIBRIEINLVVANDA Senior Leader. ACS. Spectrum Staff. ACS FHSWOH Show: Mosaic - Business - - College - - College - Staffg Library Squadg General Officeg Future Teachers Club. - College - Ol-IPHANTI MARY OLIVA, DORIS OLIVER, JEANETTE Library Squad. Arista-Vice Pres. Booster-COCapt.g future -CQlIegQ- -ColIege- Teachers Club. QS S O'ROURKE, IOSEPH PAGE, RENA PALMER, MARGARET PAPERNY, ELENA Bio. Lab Squad- Aristag Spectrum Staffg Lock- ..COHege- er Squadg Sing. - College - 88 PASSEY, LLOYD PAUL, SOLANGER PEAK, WINSTON PENA, CARMEN SU M ber. Chorus em . -College- -College- PENNICOQKEI LQRNA PEREIRA, SHERRYL PETERKIN, NAOMI - College - - College - Modern Dance Club. - College - PHILIEPPEAUXI MONIQUE PHILLIPS, ROSEMARIE PIERRE, FRANTZ PIERRE, MARIE ELIA Girls'VolleyballTeam. Haitian Club - Secretary - College - Treasurer. -College- 89 PLUVIOSE, EDELE PLUVIOSE, MARIE College- -College- POLLARD, LENA Program Officeg Library Squadg Senior Leadersg lu- nior Leadersg SU Member. -College- POTTINCER, THERESA POWELL, HYACINTH PULLIN, DWlGHT QUASHIE, WINSTON Library Squadg junio Teacher's Assistant. -COll6ge- Leaders. -College- - College- RABLE, DUANE RADBURD, MARTIN Wingate World - Editor in Chief, - College- RAMOSMCARMEN RAMOS, WANDA -College- Bowling Team. - College- Pg .mf RAPHAEL, HELSHYE RAYANO, ROXANNE REDMAN, VICKI -C0llege- -Business- Leadership Classg Senior Class Pres.j Arista - Pres.g Boostersg Library Squad. -College- A322 REED,DlANNA Senior Leadersp Volleyball Teamp Girls' Chorusg Library Squad. -College- REID, ARIEL Spectrum Staffg Program Of- ficeg Adm. Assistant's Officeg Attendance Officeg Voca- tional Work Study Programp Neighborhood Youth Corp. -College- RICOT, F. RIDLEY, PATRICIA Drama Workshopg Spectrum Staff. - College- 91 REYES, BRENDA REYES, MARIA Cheerleaderg Class assistant. -College- ...N ,uf 'XFN RIVERA, CARMEN RWERN JOSE - Business - ROBERTS, VALENTINE ROMAN, MARIA ROCKHEAD, CHARMAINE ROLON, L. - College - ROBINSON, MICHELLE Bowling Teamg Girls' Chorus. ROSENBERG, SUSAN Singg Bio. Lab. Squadg Spec- trum Staffg Attendance Of- ficeg Teacher's Assistantg Audio-Visual Squad. -College- ROSNEL, ELLEN ROSNEL, SHEILA Aristag Spectrum Staffg Bio. Aristap Singg Locker Squad Lab Squadg Sing. -College- Teacher's Assistant. - College - ROY, RICKY RUSHMORE, RENEE ST- BERNARD, KIM SPARKg ACSQ College Rep.g SU Repg Talent Showg Music Festival. - College - 92 " num G 1 . '51 f H ..,x fl. I 1 ug . v ,fixkiieg 1. ST. LOUIS CHRISTINA SALMOND WILLIAM SAMETT MICHAEL ST. GEORGE, IOHN IR. Orchestrag Bandg Bowling Teamg Auditorium Monitor. -College- 1 -College- -College- SANCHEZ, ANGELA SANDIG, MICHELE SANTOS, HILDA SARIVOLE, BARBARA Modern Dance Workshopg Aristag Singg Library Squadg Modern Dance Club. Teachers' Assistantg Official - College - Class Sec. - College - SCIAMBIA, BARBARA SCHAFFE, PAULETTE SCOTT, SALLY Library Squad. SPARKQ Talent Showp ACSQ 93 Music Festival. ...Wx -..,, SEGARRA, MELIDA SERRANO, AWILDA SHEPARD, MICHAEL SHEPHERD, ANCH- Physics Lab Squad, Chem. SUS Member. -College Lab. Squad. - Business- -College - SIEDERBAUM, HARVEY SIGLER, MURIEL SIMMONS, GAYNELLE SIMPSON, CLAUDETTE Library Squad, Orchestrap Official Class Sec., Teacherg - College - Library Staff, Program Office Arista, Honor Service Assistant. Tutoring, Sing, Booster League. - College - College - SIMPSON, DAVID SINGH, DOLLY SlNC,H,SUBHARDA 94 SKEET, NATALIE Program Officeg SPARK Mixed Chorusp Moder Dance Clubg College Boun Rep.g Ecology Clubg Teacl er's Assistant. -College- SMITH, IRIE E. Program Officeg English Office. -College- sLuE, CARLINE SMALL' DVWAH Senior Leadersg College Bound Officep Dean's Office. - College- ,CC ffl C I, C C L SMITH, LINDA Dean's Officeg Teachers' Secretary. -Business- SMITH, SHERMA rusg Library Squadg SU Class Treas.g SU Rep. -College- ,gffff SOLOMON,SlMONE SOLOMONSON,CHERYL SOTOJEANETTE Singg Bio. Lab Squadg Chem. V0lleYb3ll Team? EC0l08Y Lab Squad, Clubg Physics Lab Squad. -College- -College' 95 SOLOMONJASMIN Senior Leadersg Girls' Cho- - SMELLIE, CAROLE Soccer Team. College SPENCER, CHERYL Ecology Club - Treas., Dean's Office, College Rep. - College - SPENCER, PEARLINE Senior Band, Music Festival, Emergency Room, Attend- ance Office. -College- SPRUELL, V. STANBACK ARNOLD STEELE, GLADSTONE STEIN, LINDA STOVALL, IANET Drama Workshop, Leader- ship Class, Modern Dance Club, Cheerleaders - Capt., Gymnastics Club. -College- STUCKEY, DEORAH Boosters, Future Teachers Club, Mixed Chorus, Mod- ern Dance Club, SU Member, -College- .. .nl STEWART, HOLLAND Senior Leaders, Library Squad, Future Teachers Club, Girls Chorus, Mixed Chorus. -College- 3 i SUPNICK, LEAH Sophomore Sing Leder, Orchestra, Senior Band, Col- lege Rep., Chairman's Assistant. -College- 96 SURENA, MARGARETH Guidance Office. - College - SURIN, MICHELE SWEPSON, ARNOLD SYLVAIN, MARIE TASSY, FRANCK BaseballTeam-Capt. Haitian Club, -College- -College- -College- TAYLOR, DEBORAH TAYLOR, GLENDA R. TEAPE, PATRICIA TELESFOR D, ANDRA CAPRICE Aristap Honor Service Leagueg SU - Publicity Commissionerg Boosterg Of- ficial Class Pres.g Future Teachers Clubp Physics Lab Squadp Social Studies Office. -College- - College- ! t J' TELLERMAN, SUSAN THEODORE, RODERICK THEZAN, GRACIA AHSIHI Ubfilfy 5qU8di Genef- Mosaic Staff. Arista-Sec. and Treas.g Lead al Officeg Singg Official Class - College - ership Class, Sec.g Teacher's Assistant. - College - - College - 97 THOMAS, FLORENTINE Aristag Honor Service Leagueg Wingate World - Business Editorg Library Squadp Spectrum Staffg Col- lege Rep.g Sing. -College- THOMAS, DARRYL Drama Workshop. - College - THOMAS, RICHARD D. Audio-Visual Squad - Capt.5 Honor Guardg Bio Lab Squadg Physics Lab. Squadg English Office. - College - THOMPSON, SHERRYL Official Class Pres. College TIMMER, MARIE TOMUNSON, ARTUR0 TOWNSLEY, REGINA TROTMAN, RHUBIE -C0llege- -C0llege- Boosterg ACS. Mixed Chorusg Business -College- Office. TUCKER, MYRON D. TUMMINELLO, CATHY UFFER, ALAN Football Team. Social Studies Office. Audio-Visual Squad. - College - - Business - - College 98 VALLE, IEFTE VAUGHAN, MARY VEGA, MARIA -C0llege- -Business- SUSg Boosters, Attendance Office. -Business- VILLEGAS, MARTHA wfxlsz, RITA WAITEI OWEN Library Squad, Program Of- fice, English Office. - College - 'VELEZ, MARGARITA Boosterg Program Office, College Bound Alternateg AttendanceOffice. -College- WALKER, CLAUDIA WALKER, PATRICIA WALKER, VALDA WALKS, PAULINE Booster - CoCapt.g Senior - College - Band, Future Teachers Club, SU Member. - College- 99 WALSH, LLOYD WARDWELL, PAUL WASHINGTON, DONALD Bio. Lab Squad. SU VTCC Pres. - College - - College - WASHINGTON, MICHAEL SU Pres.p junior Class Pres.p ACSQ Mosaic Staffg Basketball Team Managerg lntergroup Councilg Consult. Com. - College - WASHINGTON, SHIRLEY WATSON, ELEANORA - College - SU Rep- L P. W College WATTS, DENISE Sen. Leaders - V. Pres.5 Mix Chorusp Orch.g Aristag Hon. Ser. Leag.g Girls' Chorusp Wingate World Staffp Spec- trum Staff. - College - WATTS: TEFFREY WEBSTER, ROBERT WELCH, MAURINA WEST, DIANE 5W'mm'nS Team? T6aCl1er's Boosterg Guidance Office. Assistant. - College - - College - 100 WEXLERI SUSAN WHALEY, ANTHONY WHITE, PATRICIA Spectrum - Editorp Mosaic EDWARD 1 1 Staffp Ecology Clubg SU Rep.g Wlflgafe W0fld ' Edlmf In Library Squadg Sing. Chlef- -College- ' College- WlCGlNS,THOMAS Swimming Teamg Student Patrolg Library Squadg SU Member. -College- WILLIAMS, THEA D. Cheerleadersg Girls' Chorusp Gymnastics Clubg Modern Dance Clubg Future Teachers Clubp Drama Workshop. - College- WILLIAMS PAMELA Senior Leadersg Volleyball Teamg Boostersp Senior Rep. -College - WILLIAMS, ANA Senior Leaders - Treas.g Vol- leyball Teamg Honor Service Leagueg College Rep.g Aristag Girls' Chorus. - College - WILSON' ERIQ WILSON, NOELLE SU Treas.g Aristag Football -College - Team - CoCapt.g Leadership Classg Chem. Lab. Squad. -College- 101 WILLIAMS, SANDRA Boostersg ACSg SUSQ Senior Leadersg junior Rep. - Business - WlLSON,THOMAS And Finally . WOOLFORK, PHYLLIS YEDIN, CARRY WYNTER, ARLINGTON Library Squadg SU Rep.p Arista. -College- YEE, BARRY Fencing Team. WY NTER, DERRICK YOUNG, IOY Senior Leaderg Senior Rep.g Official Class Pres. -College - 102 YASPRICA, FRANCES Wingate World - Feature Editorg Singg Aristag Spec- trum Staffg Mosaic Staffg Drama Workshopp College Rep. - College - , . ... ff - ' .+A . , N, ..5,.:'x1E. 1 .E R. ,. YOUNG, ROXANA Mosaic Staffg Spectrum Staffg Aristag Boostersp Consulta- tive Committeeg Leadership Classg College Rep.g Official Class Pres. -College- 9 A 'ff Q A 6 9 1,1 gi 0 If .J CAMERA SHY ABELLARD, MAUDE BORGELLO, MARYSE BURCH, LEONARD CHEESEMAN, WALTER COBB, IOHN COLLIER, ERNEST COOK, DAVID DELOI, KAREN DIAZ, BETSY DOUYON, ALBERTE DRAYTON, ELVIA EIGUEROA, MINERYA ELORES, MIGUEL FORD, ANTHONY FULTON, DURAND GELMAN, MERYL GIBBS, GAIL GILES, WAYNE GOODMAN, BARBARA GOULBOURNE, LAVERNE GRANT, WANDA GRAZIANO, MICHAEL GROSS, LORRAINE HAMILTON, MARIORIE HERNANDEZ, ELIZABETH HODNETT, REBECCA HOLDER, CHERYL JEAN-IACQUES, ANTHONY IEAN-LOUIS, MARC JEFFERSON, BERT IOHNSON, ARTHUR KEENAN, WILTON LAUARY, DORIS LEACH, ALBERT LEVY, STUART MAISONET, BRUNILDA MARTIN, GLADYS MARTUCCI, LINDA MITCHELL, MARGIE MITTMAN, STEVEN MOORE, LARRY MORALES, EDWIN MORRIS, DARLENE MORRISON, ROIELIO MOTHERSIL, MARIO NICHOLSON, ERNESTINE NUZZI, GARY PARIS, RAPHAEL PEREZ, JULIO PRATT,IUDY RAYE, DEBORAH REEMAN, ROBIN ROBB, DUANE SALTZMAN, CHARLES SELTZER, WILLIE SHADE, JOSEPH SHEPHARD, IOHN SHOULARS, EYERETT SKINNER, ELLIOT SLADE, LYNETTE SLOAN, PETER SOTO, YVONNE TAYLOR, KARL TEPEDINO, RICKY WALKS, PATRICIA WEISZ, RITA WELCH, VALERIE WELLINGTON, SANDRA WHITTINGTON, ERNESTO WILLIAMS, SEBASTIAN WILLIAMS, IVON FD K 'CDI' TD 7 n 'am 9 I' FAREWELL MESSAGE DESIDERATA Go placidly amid the noise and haste and remember what peace there may be in silence. As far as possible without surrender be on good terms with all persons. Speak your truth quietly and clearly, and listen to others, even the dull and the ignorant, they too have their story. Avoid loud and aggressive persons, they are vexations to the spirit. If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain and bitter, for there will always be greater and lesser persons than yourself. Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans. Keep interested in your own career, however humble, it is a real possession in the changing for- tunes of time. Exercise caution in your business affairs, for the world is full of trickery. But let this not blind you to what virtue there isp many persons strive for high ideals, and everywhere life is full of heroism. Be yourself. Especially do not feign affection. Neither be cynical about love, for in the face of all aridity and disenchantment it is perennial as the grass. Take kindly the-council of years, gracefully surrendering the things of youth. Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune. But do not distress yourself with imaginings. Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness. Beyond a wholesome discipline, be gentle with yourself. You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars, you have a right to be here. And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should. Therefore be at peace with God, whatever you conceive Him to be, and whatever your labors and aspirations, in the noisy confusion of life keep peace with your soul. With all its sham and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world. Be careful. Strive to be happy. - Found in Old Saint Paul's Church, l"l-l4.!...-..- 1f'I1'I from ..... MR. V. SPETALNICK MS. R. FINKELSTEIN MS. M. MARTIN MR. N. SONSHINE MS. R. SOLAR MR. M. BERMAN MR. S. FINGER MR. I. KOEPPEL MR. L. MONTALBANO MR. A. ABRAMOWITZ MS. E. SPINDLER MS. M. BILLIAS MS. E. METKIFF MR. K. STERN MR. H. SOLOVAY MS. F. GUTMAN MS. S. SMITH MS. I. KINARD MS. R. FRIEDMAN MS. E. HOWARD MS. L. GAFFONI MR. N. FRIEDMAN MS. S. MILLOMENT MR. M. GOLDBERG MR. G. GOLDBERG MR. P. DEMEO DR. R. L. SCHAIN MS. E. STOLZENBERG MS. R. GOLDSTEIN MS. I. BARKER MS. I. ADLER MS. R. MAINER MS. W. NIX MR. 1. BUTLER MR. L. CALHOUN MR. l. THREADGILL MS. D. EARLY MR. M. GINSBERG MS. E. GOLDENBERG MR. G. WEINSTEIN MR. D. ALTMAN MS. G. SEYMOUR MR. F. GOLDHABER MS. A. FRESHMAN MR. G. ADAMOVICH MR. N. MONTALBANO MR. S. ARNOFSKY MS. H. HALPERN MR. 1.C. ROSS MR. F. FUCHS GOOD LUCK CLASS OF '72 MS. S. SCHECHTER MS. A. WIEDMAN MR. D. CHARAK MS. M. KOCKNOVER MS. B. SPIRIDON MS. E. O'CONNELL MR . C. ROSEN MS. M. TOWNSEL MR .P. BECKER MS. L. POLISTENA MR MR MR MR .R. MICHAELS .I. CASTAGNINI .B. DAVIS .C. ALEXIS MS. R. ZIEFERT MR .R. MACDONALD MS. M. WEBER MS. S. GLASS MR MR . L. SHAPIRO . D. SHATZER MS. E. MCCATTY MS. C. GORDON MS. I. BUSH MR .L MCDONALD MS. E. GODLIN MS. F. KAVKEWITZ MS. N. DYM MS. M. HALBFINGER MS. I. SCHULMAN MS. I. LICHT MS. P. ISENMAN MS. M. HALL MR . M. SIMON MS. R. GONZALEZ MR MR MS. MR MS. MS. MR S. BERMAN A. ARCHIBALD B. SPIVEY L. CHERNOFF R. EISEMAN B. SIEGEL A. DEDELY MS. L. SN EAD MS. P. BLANCHETTE MS. M. CARTER MR MR MR E. BEUX L. EISENBERG S. LEVY MS. M. GROMAN MS. R. CRIMI MR MR. IWingate Personnely 105 . A. SELTZER S. FRANKEL W T IAQ' Good luck, january grads. Good Luck, june Grads. ENG.812 IFALL '712 ENG. 7CB4f5 IFAI.L'71Q NATIONAL TINSMITH DISTRIBUTORS CORP. SHEET STEEL - COPPER - ALUMINUM - ROOFING MATERIAL 212-345-5800 9411 DITMAS AVENUE BROOKLYN, N. Y. 11236 LEADERS, GUTTERS, SHINGLES, SIDING BEST WISHES from the STUDENT UNION 4-'fi' ..Q.ELC'1 fl l It 11' f l 1 , is IS oUR PROUDESTpHOUR . . . . . . Culminating a period in your life you will always want to remember. As your olhcial photographer, we feel elated to have been able to document this cherished era with photographs pulsating the very life you lived - the very thoughts you spread - the very feeling you so warmly and sincerely shared. This reality though captured in a split second will be an everlasting record for posterity. The future holds many events for you that you will want to remember - Please feel free to call upon us for all of your photographic needs. l L0llSTA -'l'll0MAS STHHO FOREMOST SCHOOL PHOTOGRAPHERS IN Tllli EAST Q ci l I 1 is mb -,Lai ' A .nal 3 Q1 1 4 L r 2' .L Q. 1 iff' YJ, i gg 3 3 X .,,f , -V A E fi - . . 'W wirwvwaiw- 'wwklvimwfmnhwivhw'-ww'-H-'Lwiffww'-A NMWHHQM- 3'-ir" 3 H3fMWMNWWHH'QYH3H -fn , ...X ...M .. , X ,, , ,mf , wwf. '.,f,.,,V,'-Fun-nf, . 4,W,., ,q.,,V. A A, . 4 s V , V X fa i . wa 4 V1 if Q E5 A 1.11, 12,4 I , i' '5 A ' ' - X is ,v 9 wgfvw 45 2 Q . . .pr . 'wail ,Qi H551 I gi! ff.. ,Sify-Lf' . ,:'LE 'Af'I"f+ a 1 ' 'L ,""'if','i 'bvfif W + M ,I in M 5-3 Wi, i ,gr L N w 'N 'MW Mm F waht i P: ALJ? f uri , :H Fx L3 -1 fh- 'T Ll-.4-A X X fl 33? r V F, 1 nl, M E 4. Q PT 'Q ..,, f x 1, , 1. :II . - : PTE- I ' v4 J' 1 it 'Q We Ti I X , 1' 9 . .M +V' 8 if . x J i , 32. ,Q s- -3 "' if Q Q ,f,, as "M H Q F H N 3 t , , . X3 HQ ,. i V 4: Q' N. - fd! . .KV ' Y 5 .H X: A-,- . , V 5 -57, gf ' 9 Z .4 X 5 . 5 " 1, pu-,H i .I iw A' W if M5 9 A a 1 1 'J' if 4 X 4 '1 r' u ' Q i -F y l Thi s Q 1 Wu hx x ,A l i I . E-wir, 5 Q is 'KT 'I .fa A. -I I M, x , Q wi b 1 X I J x 1 A W X N M I . l fx 4 . l-q'lN".f-3 ' Eh 'R 'UF' J 'S Q W s L 'I Q Q ff -1' Q-as -gf K' f JF" mnlllllaaumsn ala-mmm 9' P I as ' L-pg I .df I .gs 1 QA! .,'f3, I V4 t A jk 1 I I ri' 'J Q Y' IN vi 2 A ' 5' 1 an l' . r, R it I9 ' . s if 5 ,, sg I ' iw! , Q + 4+ as Q 5 L I ' ' vi A l Q Q I - I rv Eli! 35 ul E ' li sr 4 x m

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