George W Wingate High School - Mosaic Yearbook (Brooklyn, NY)

 - Class of 1971

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George W Wingate High School - Mosaic Yearbook (Brooklyn, NY) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Cover

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J ,W my M f -f I wk' 'Egg Eff 1 'SQ "'L3 Xa lk. :tj P, , ' W-I.l 'Q , yi - J W' . ' 'B 1 Y 1 Iv' L Q if NCQ! s 1 ' I ' W 1a3L-xi M -"P+ l ' g 'A 1 I Q I. 5 , ' 1 qi T Y. 2: 6 4' N ta 2 A-f-1 - " ' . U a .5 PQ" 2 .' '12f',2'ug,gg1':?" -1 ' ' f'x1, Th 'rlk r -..., 1' - A- ,N !f'fM'M:l:1'1 ixff'i"' Vx, W ll, 11,19--f?-,iL,xfwL +7 'fa n f I .'f, ,.I, I X wil sgfw .., , Q ' 1 . 'vm 1-5f.,' +. x ,n fx I ,tx-.3 Q A l U L . - cw' .,. 11.1'f' C1 ' 9 ff-' V-ffl y. 1 ,Z Q,.,'Agr' vg'.J'H as I n il" hi' L M gf? lfinll 3 lf '1 .....,..3pi I- 1, Wlfimw Jiri ug r' A V M '2 ,W !'A X' 'p o . f ff-i .'?tgfgl'fk X ,J - Q42 ff .NA V i 4 XM kk Q . A! -46 '21 V I A ...A .. ml , E. R- Y iXH,,4 Y,.d!' I , if .W . hula, 'xiii U vv 'sw i 6"',cf ' V A N II- A ' 5 . ' I-xx-f' " , 3 3 , K:-al. -pf, , p5Q1,.7,,, I, '1 g ,, ,A A . . V A . '1 -X -wwifww 1315? 'xx . ff fb-umm , -.W , 9.9, f . -1 - N fr, .""7 sb an V lx'-xi A 1 ,f."! .,K', 'Q , 2' , ,AL 1, "' 1 sig fi ' 'iffiff M Q' 'fif at Epfvgil - ,t,,,.,.,, .ww F,,l U-, QI' mu" "'3f'4' A V uf' VL.: gm , :1 f ,M.fV -Www-+'.fg,1.::'-,. A H., M p. HM Q,.. iw-: ... uhm. M Q, ,1.7fK,m... ,1 ,,..+ . ,M , fi, if . -F r, Y V A,,,,f,,,. j 4!,",,.,,.,gi ,L ,,, .s.,.',., .,.,T A --.W ,., ....,.Y...,,,, ma' . - , ,, ,xlqgf RLCJD, pg I 1' u'AA..l'Q'4' H L W v 'W Q rm 'L-gil-Q2-T' -L ,Mm 'Img 'Smit uni ss... A .W- uu-at dll 1 lui' PM SEN In-sig. win v El J . . -A - . . . .5 . x ..,. L V MVS. ,r:.,,,, - Q, K2 - W: Q j, V ill- N1 ,.-A ' 4. :,7-u:z, ,, , ,,,4, J 5 M. A ..4' 3 -A A - 0 4 L , ,, , M , ., ,, , 1 - '- v- ' v ...Q Ev, -w 11 " 0 ' , A ' L' , 1, -- 'X-'M I , 4 - N 1 :J .f'g"f.fJ' ,Mg 4 iff ' .- ' nv ' Y. ,,,, , L, , ' - b "' U . . . 1 uma. ,YW P gn htm-,rv gf , -- vw D .Mm , , , nv- ff "' ln.-"KA '-'WV f VA gf .2-.-Q, Q - .Q ' .--W-...A-asa ...Q- wr-rig 11- . M H W' if fm ' , , ' 4 nf , UL-. ,""f5'5mM, 2 1 4 1 2 i E 2 i 2 MOSA GEGRGE w. WINGATE HIcf5H 5CHooL if BROOKLYN, NE ORK 4 -. xx table of contents Mosaic ..,..... Dedication ..... Farewell Address Administration . Faculty ,...... School Life .... Activities . . . Sports .... Music . . . Album . . . Sing ......... Graduates ...., Literary Section Service Credits . Farewell ....... 2 Mosaic Staff Editors BARBARA HIRSCHFIELD MARLENE KAMERMAN HARVEY KLUGMAN EDDIE McCATTY BARBRA RADBURD HENRY SAPOZNIK Staff NEAL BEAN MARCH BRODERS GERRY FELDMAN LINDA GINSBERG FRED GOLDHABER STEVE HYMOWITZ BETH KASSOF RUSSELL PERRIN AMY RUBIN JOAN SIEGEL DAWN SMITH ELLEN WEISENBERG Faculty Advisor RONALD BLEIER ww 'e,wZJf'l waiaiww '92, ff? 'Kiwi' seems E reflect our x ., ' .. ,. . . K : ?L'.Lii1Q 4 ziiglf I5 :- 1' fe Z? eff 559231 f ., ,, H, : ., ,gg WHS sadly an friends It was the short ye m our hxgh we were all the youth has Olll' L, A es. Qaifgw f f ,,1,, L , . 3? I L - 'a?l1?e? ' : I A 115' f ilm 5' Hz ,ii f ,Y 1sg'qig1. v.f:g' 1 J z, Q, kziififzt w x ,l ,. 1, f ,f Zim fe, 2 .11412 1.-2 -eg e, ..,:.. ::. Q, XL.e 1 . 1 ff, ,. ,wi f' ,wg - - le 554- Lw lzgv ffiwi il , , A K - - S E r Q S 1 Q To the Members of the Class of 1971 Thomas Paine once wrote, "These are times that try men's souls." While these lines were written almost two hundred years ago, the same sentiments can be expressed today. Certainly, the past few years, which witnessed your years at Wingate High School were, in many ways, "times that tried men's souls." You have lived through many difficult times and you have seen many examples of violence, protests, confrontations, and conflicts in our society. It is quite logical that such experiences would leave many with a feeling of pessimism toward the future. However, a democratic society always goes through periods of conflict and frustrations in the process of improving itself and making better lives for its citizens. I believe that, out of the turmoil of the past few years will emerge a better America, and I also believe that your adult lives will be bet- - ter and more fruitful than the lives of the previous generation. DR. ROBERT SCHAIN Members of the Class of 1971 have an excellent opportunity to play an active role in shaping their lives. Whether you go into industry, enter college, or pursue another path after gradua- tion, you can have a chance at achieving the better life if you become interested and active in making your own lives and the lives of all Americans better. There can be no two Americas - only one. Either we march forward as one so- ciety or we decline into the depths of chaos. From my point of view, I see an optimistic future for you and for all Americans. Your generation is as capable as any previous one in our history, and l am confident that you will fashion a better America for all. Best of luck and success. Sincerely, Dr. Robert I.. Schain Principal Farewell Message To the Wingate Class of 1971 For most of your high school career, I had the honor of being your prin- cipal. I went from Wingate to South Shore in the hope that in a school to be newly organized, I could more easily help put into practice new ideas, many of which I learned at Wingate. Your class has been one of my teachers. During the last few years you have helped gain a greater voice for stu- dents in the life and program of their school. This change has brought many benefits, more will undoubtedly follow. Unfortunately, this change, like others, was sometimes accompanied by excesses that hindered rather than helped. We must learn to bring about change in good time without destroying that which is good. We must learn to make a reality for all, of all that the best of humanity has prophesied - peace, brotherhood, decency, dignity, justice for all. As you say farewell to the high school scene, you are really commencing your activities in a larger arena. The world will need your enthusiasm, courage, and vision. May you use these great assets to help bring about that won- derful era foretold by the prophets. s MR. MAX BROMER 5 Ll MISS JOAN REAGAN MRS. GLORIA KAPLAN Assistant Principal Assistant Principal A dm inistr at ion MR. VICTOR SPETALNIK Assistant Principal Deans MR. PAUL BECKER MR. STEVE EORMAN MISS BETTY GOLDSTEIN MRS. MARILYN HALL Guidance Counselors MR. LOUIS ERIEDLANDER - GEN. MISS IEANNE BERGER MRS. I. BUSH MRS. ELSIE CHARET MRS. BARBARA DICKERMAN MR. LOUIS EISENBERG MRS. CATHERINE GORDON MR. IOHN GRANFIELD MRS. MADELINE GREENBERG MISS MILICENT GROMAN MR. JOSEPH KALTON MRS. PAYE KAVKEWITZ MRS. ELLEN MCCATTY MR. SAMUEL NEMSON MR. ROBERT SHERMAN MRS. MARGERIE TOWNSEL ASS'T Secretaries MRS. ROSE CRIMI MRS. ROSALINE EISEMAN MRS. SANDY EHRLICH MRS. NEITIE ERIEDBERG MRS. MILDRED GRADY MRS. REGINA HAFT MRS. FLORENCE LIPSON MISS ROCHELLE PONS MRS. DOROTHY RAMER MRS. SHIRLEY RIENHEIMER MRS. BETTY SIEGEL Draft Counselors MR. GEORGE LERNER MR. MARTIN TUBLIN English MR. SAMUEL KOSTMAN - CHAIRMAN MR. NATHAN EHRLICH - ACTING CHAIRMAN MRS. MATINA BILLIAS MR. RONALD BLEIER MRS. JUDY CAPLAN MR. KEITH DAVIES MR. BERNARD DAVIS MRS. JOAN FINUCANE MISS PREIDA FLESCHER MRS. MARLENE GERBER MISS ESTELLE GODLIN MR. PRED GOLDHABER MRS. MADELINE GREENBERG MRS. MARILYN HALL MRS. PHYLLIS ISENMAN MR. ARTHUR KLEINSTEIN MR. JACK KOEPPEL MRS. MICHELE KUSHNER MRS. JOY LICHT MRS. EDITH MANDA MISS MARY MARTIN MISS ETHEL MUNDE MISS LOUISE POLISTENA MR. JOE ROSS MRS. JOAN SCHULMAN MRS. BEATRICE SHENIN MR. STEPHEN SMITH MR. VICTOR SPETALNICK MRS. JUDY STAHL MRS. BARBARA STRUDLER MISS ROCHELLE YAHYA MR. HARVEY ZIROPSKY MR. MORRIS SUKENIK - CHAIRMAN MR. GEORGE ADAMOVITCH MR. PAUL BECKER MISS IEANNE BERGER MR. IULES BLOOM MR. ISIDORE COHEN MR. STANLEY FINGER MR. STEVE FORMAN MISS ANDREA FRESHMAN MR. LOUIS FRIEDLANDER MR. NATHAN FRIEDMAN MR. MARTIN GOLDBERG MR. MICHEAL GRAPE MR. ERNEST HERR MRS. BONNIE HIRSCHORN MISS JACQUELINE KINARD MR. MORRIS KRASKOW MISS SUZANNE LEVY MR. RALPH PAPALEO MR. MARTIN PASTERNACK MISS SUSAN RUBENFELD MR. KENNETH STERN MR. MARTIN TUBLIN MR. GEORGE WEINSTEIN Social Studies I S c lenc e MR. MARTIN SENZON - ACTING CHAIRMAN MR. DAVID CHARAK MR. IRA COHEN MR. SOL EELDMAN MR. ALVIN FONTEK MRS. REBECCA PRIEDMAN MISS LORNA GAFEONI MISS BETTY GOLDSTEIN MR. BARRY GROSSBERC MRS. IACQUELINE HUNT MR. IOSEPH KALTON MR. HAROLD KUPEERMAN MR. MARC LEVY MR. ALAN LICHTENSTEIN MR. ROBERT MICHEALS MISS MARGIE NOVEMBER MR. NATHAN ROSEMAN MR. ALAN SELTZER MR. ROBERT SHERMAN MR. STEVEN STRAUSS Mathematics MR. C. WALDMAN - CHAIRMAN MR. A. ABRAMOWITZ MR. S. ARNOFSKY MR. H. BROWN MR. I. CASTAGNINI MR. L. COOPER MR. L. EISENBERG MR. S. FRANKEL MR. M. GINSBURG MRS. P. GORDON MR. M. HANDELSMAN MR. G. LANDAU MR. D. SHATZER MR. L. SHAPIRO MR. H. SOLOVAY Language MR. EMILE BEUX - CHAIRMAN MRS. SANDRA ABRAMS MR. ALFREDO ARCHIBOLD MR. DAVID BENISVY MRS. BARBARA DICKERMAN MISS SUNETA HALLIBURTON MISS EILEEN HEUMAN MRS. M. KRAVITZ MR. SHELDON LEVY MR. SAMUEL NEMSON MR. BURT POSNER MR. ALAN SILBERLIGHT MISS CELIA UHRMAN 12 . 'M . v I A Q. ,kia , i, Art MR. SAMUEL KOLTON - CHAIRMAN MRS. HENRIETTA GOLDBERG MRS. SYLVIA HAMMER MISS IOAN ROTA MRS. RUTH MAINER MISS ADA LANDES F Music MR. LIONEL KAPLAN - CHAIRMAN MR. CLOUD CRAWFORD MR. LUCIEN-CLAY MCDONALD MR. STANLEY SLOTKIN MRS. MERCEDES WALKER 13 Secretarial Studies MR. SIGMUND PFEFFER - CHAIRMAN MR. MICHEAL BERMAN MRS. IDA BUSH MRS. ELSIE CHARET MR. MARTIN CHERMAK MISS PHYLLIS PRIEDMAN MRS. FLURIA GUTMAN MR. JOSEPH JOHNSON MRS. IACQUELINE LEDERMAN MR. GEORGE LERNER MR. IULES LEVY MISS LAUREN POLLACK MR. CARL ROSEN MRS. ROSALIND SLOANE MRS. EDITH SPINDLER MRS. MARGORIE TOWNSEL 14 Girls Health Education MRS. SYLVIA SCHECTER - CHAIRMAN MRS. JOYCE BARKER MISS MARY MELSON MISS MARY LOU PULEO MRS. ESTELLE ROGERS MRS. AMY RUBIN MRS. FRANCES SMITH Boys Health Education MR. BERNARD SCHWARTZ - CHAIRMAN MR. DONALD ALTMAN MR. ANDREW FERRARA MR. STEVE SCALFANI MR. MITCHELL STRAUSS MR. MIKE TRUELL MR. LENNIE TUCKER MR. PAUL WALSH 15 Industrial Arts MR. B. GOLD - CHAIRMAN MR. L. CUNNINGHAM MR. C. GOLDBERG MR. I. HESSE MR. M. KRIEGER MR. J. SIEHEN Home Arts MISS I. BELCHER MRS. C. GORDON MISS C. ROSENBERG ' E E Q 5 i i , N W -J -J 0 O I U CD 1 3 iii Q 5 Q 2 2 ' K F iN I H f ' Q 1 E wg. ge, rg: ' ' if ' Q2 3? 3 wi 5 1 V , 18 19 1 ai? , iii + 1 1 N W f X, i f , 2 V ,,, , . z 1 5 20 3 IJ 445. -'Q l L' was win W ffxiw f f brig? sm H9 Yi , 1 , - v 51. , , -, ' A ' . ' . x X x -- ' sf' uve, . . gi . .Q-. 5 f .A:',1QsvfLf?ws'f fg"f - gf-ESI' 5 , .. , , Qgifi. gw w f- .ask -. f 2 it, ' -9. ' "f lsrazf ' uf s P l Q Nas all v ' xxie N ' ai W'-s...,,,,,..,,, W-.4 23 4 25 v 26 w ' f " 28 1' F" ' 1 Q . 'ff 4 'YI 30 is L, we I f LAW ' my . .,,, 32 r . 4' X A h 'K'LA l f ff 1 ' ? 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K e oo eyeew QQ 'N sf K Mr. Keith Davies 38 Wingate world Mr. George Adamovitch spectrum Mrs. Edyth Manda ,1I, ,,', mf? 2.59" f :egg:S1ffm:, f ,sen v,,,W Afgifsafs-ve X, Quseslfwie-he .Q M ew wzfms -15-same Lewz wiwsf' 7' 2 I- , .11 new H e e ,1SLLigi9,.. W ,,Z.lz1fL:Qiii?ai i5ji''if ..-W, as.s.zgf-1g- J ele Q eee e g Q 2eelgle l f Oo' W, C ar U 055' , L . .L,,. V 1 '- 0 9 0 'N l C gl . Q 'Q Q ' A , U 0 Q W s Q ,. 1 Q , . 4 .., . 0 ' ' ' "f?3T.?,":-: :.-If? -'34 r:- ., f 1' Tv "':M1'2" -I "' f 4 ' .g-,'.f3'Ag.3.'!.'4-,:--:g-., , .,.,, . .I .v . h.. i, .?,,:5.,,.o,.ie.. , '.. 'uf-.,'.,3-,..',L.'.x ,N n-,f'n4v.iv..,q'.--5:4 ' , '- ah'-'a'1?5a I-'Q'-. '-'f' - 'K .',s.'.,?Mg"-'-- '-.-.,'v.:y,',-v. H", . .. -, . x , .. . 1.11,-wh. . 1 . " r Y WIN! football mln mg Mr. Michael Graff F-nn. Mr Mike Truell , .i'!W2'2WV?f3"?S155 5? Hiya I 5E5f"'V W?'ii ' gawk-1' .s' 'H -: 'u 1w?.. " , s-:ss L, . , 1 ' ' -:'-1- 'f. " . M 1 1. 1 I -?f.f:- Lwz la x H-1 if T51 fi M- . igf' V A 'M "' :fu '::":,- . 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T.. ig 9, . gin. , Ks Y Wagga' L 71 gs ' , 5555 i f 7 114 '- ,.,5,,- .: '.. ss wh ,,., N. .,. - I- baseball swimming Mr. Lennie Tucker J 2.1,-Q .X A - . 5. Jibfrfgf 33 K WY 1 JI ' I ' wi ,f V L, 2 ' ' M A ' f ,A M in , fgggfi whiff-I X T-nie X I' sw -7 ' QW. ,S fm-'.i.w Q . ,M - ,M 440 eey. ,W g A I , ,, - . e,g.,g,k,,fffg - -'Q L 'X if i.i,fff+J- ' f ffif 'H "lr . V55 ,,.. A - .. .f5SsfL:g..,.., . , - e ' 5 itfii' 535 . , eff -. 5525- -' .. - .- -We A4 ?f"1f-7Qi.:S- - e ' 4 - 1- X-Kam ' I 'wk 5: f' f V .4 496 - H ' efupr an -, we 1 NE, i A 'Eff ' , sy' " l, i kj,. f 5 L W f .V I vm X u i f- -- Q -Q. - -Q ' , , A H - Q -wi vas, Im, A " -f- Q, -"' -.2-"'2'f, . 4' efT1.:3e 'f -1 U. fi " A - mm? , i -A 1 - , Q .Q 1, . . x 'f A' 2 -.rv 4-,Q an ...Af P A ' , W - . Minn-we A , A-, I I K . ' A we 7' S 1,wQ,-Qxf, -.,,,,,.,., f-my gf .. mx, ,X-'ily M K., 'W ,.,fa:W3. f W ,ww gm, ., ,Y 1 , , A '4,..,. 'Gu L, Rf' , ,WM . M- , . .if 4,43 , 4? w ,Shi A ,a+..L, If ' T ' -.' f f A ' V I ,W i 32 ,. ,,-ff-.en fm , We Q! ' In 'li - Q f! I X - 'Q , ' . J - y K f" if fx' -Y ew -Q . ' N- P , X 1'l gg ,V Jwfkk, .. f'.' -. ,. V i.w"" A .six 4 M " Mr. Lennie Tucker track Mr. Donald Altman fencing Q a Mr. Paul Walsh golf Mr. Steve Forman handball Mr. Bernard Schwartz Fav 'I M, ff jf ll 41,9--' tennis Mr. Paul Walsh bowling 6g Mr. Mitchell St 46 cheerleaders Mrs. Mary Alexander 3 RM. A.: Wm- Q- , '?? 2 V ' ggefw,.,f:Qw im. ,L X --1 Q ff m ,V,,. WA , , . me .. W HM-.,a,.,..., .A ., WWQ W'?SM?iW'?'55 fb' ?'5lFk5s551-551 f7 M., , Q ,A,Lif5, . - asv may adn' A xii fan,:1iw.y2ie1:i1i'i' fl --'- ia...,,3 ff H ' , -. 3 . e , 5 ,M i ,S .. Vvlq FEYX. '- Q' Nw ' fix. ' 'x '-.4 Mrs. Joyce Barker el senior leaders Mrs. Amy R modern dance 48 Mrs. Joyce Barker bowling basketball Mrs. Frances Smith 5. volleyball Mrs. Sylvia Schecter music ORCHESTRA - MR. L. KAPLAN BAND - MR. C. CRAWFORD MIXED CHORUS - MR. L. MCDONALD GIRLS CHORUS - MR. S. SLOTKIN 'h HM 4-M-'sg-. , X, '4 M -'vusw f sk V , h " :H-4 N. , A 'f f' EW ...Q .pu ww.. w, , Q. A -52,1315 Q ,ykgkie Q S ca if 53 23,1 x 11:1 ,M I N l 1 lazz mg wa w Q Q ?,:555?'fT5Qx3l M, A we fx Q aww fPs1f5fs5l1s?:f ' 3 35 N ,,,,,.g, W Q 3 32 e Q My PR! S 3 3 ,gt Y 2 f Q: i2 2 ,Q 23 '? ffsilwzv X 2 5 52 Q 'if 'ln-111-F M v Lf -,ff .L ,W mg YQ- ,K in " W""':'W"""' "" W . A ,f,, ., jgw f. ,,g, , ,f. , ,A , ,, A-,, . ,, V. , , , Lf ,, ,If . f V, QL , . , , U .mg , ..,., , ,A,,, A . , V 1 -. . M I, A, V .... . fijgj - xgi . , F Q .." ' 'VW W 'k--h l ? - "-'h Q ' . , ' P nl? I Q ,f -ff:- ff , M, W J A -W.. lk' 'hm Elly 'ff .. 54 'ld 55 'mm Y"""" .,4', Fit W sq Q' 1 QP 'fi 'M.,Q G x, ww ummm.. A 7. , . is .A u 't 'GA Su dw! .fda ,-,fx fo.:-if .xw "-A .Sw . " N .1-,At -, . A-9 .'- La, 55 " A mi , ' 2' m :'A . 1, in b " 'E ? " w '5 f. Y A.. ,T 1 23. ,V AM I .if U A. grit! ,.f,3,:i,l ,- rw' -3. ,,. -ga," " 1 f s' 7 -any 2,4 Ev 142 4' '5 .V .vw nu. G f 2 'ii' uk Q... uf sk 2 v is gs? Y '55 3 , 5, . xg , .. Q Kay gf.-sf f' 2 V Q E -r 52 v K , ip iw ,Q xeaiikii, 'Y www- ,wzwzfw ,, K, ' if 45 YQ U Q + f wig? ks, My " A ,- ,ik W 1 A 5,154 f iq g ,,.,.mm.g. A - f.,..,1S my WEEE- 35:-he ' , R, swwilsfff F . .I . 2 H: 1 an iffswf-Q.: M.: Q., W, fzsflmwnaf J., X. ,A M., """N"""T' S ' :men 3 x ' Q ' ,fffr ,,. Q .M 411. "f-'w....,...,, xl-'N f A - 1: ,X Alu 'WD Y. ' Q H94 k,p0"""Q. H.. , W' 2 , M, . 5 1 is , T YC Q, Sb f 3 5I.,,.,2 SING '71 As tradition has it, every year a page in this book is reserved for Sing. This year there isn't much to say, for therewas no Sing. It is fitting, then, that this page serve as a memorial for an important institution which we trust will be resurrectedp for it has given us, in the past, much joy and laughter. Goodbye Sing. Goodbye Wingate. Goodbye. S- ,, g.?g an f f W1 'fp m Km . fu., 'mm . Q, 'mfs T59 as 'W CB zmgw' WI AKSELROD, ALEXANDER, ALISCA, ALAN CAROL JACQUES ik , w i n g? 1 A Q. -f E Y E1 :A' 'L I x . Y 111 .:7YL.f f A A AMBROUISE, ANDRE, ANDRE, AL1x GLADYS IOYCELYNE ARROYO, MARIA JFK... ATHERTON, AU ERBAC H, SONIA ROBERT 62 ALLI, ALVORADO, DANE FRED ARMOND, ARMSTRONG MARIE DELARAI BARTOLOMEO, PATRICE ,, 'figfgb V22 -'53--Y. 1 BENNE'1-f, BRENDA BAZAR, PIERRE BENNETT, NADINE AXELROD, BANKS, BARRETTO, NADINE PHYLLIS SANDI -anus 'Nr' BAZIN, BEAN, BELKIN, ISLANDE NEAL PRED A WEZTJ lazlvygwzwssie'sew ,M LM 8, b, M xi H ' A ' ' . :Engl 4 ,. ,Tel - F-Jf44+:,f ' "'Mt4f, 221 ff ifl.'X'v.?"'A:..'v A ff, '52 5 21' ji-.Q-fgj. ffgq-Q I , A, 3, Q, ,,':.Q,,s1,,, , 1 ' 5 2' 5 :l'f26443f1-'A-i'ffffw! BERNAL, 63 BERNIER, MYRTHA BEAUVOIR, MARY-FLORENCE BIAMBY, HARRY BLAKE. MICHEAL BILLINGS, IEANNETTE BLACKWOOD, BLAIZE, LINCOLN SUSAN BLATT, BLACKMAN, ALFRED in BLUMSTEIN, HOWARD BRUCE BONNETT, BOWEN, MIRIAM NATHANIEL BOWIE, GERALD HILDA BRODY, BRENNER, MICHAEL BROWN, AARION BRODERS MARCH 312' 'if BRINKLEY, IEANETTE BROLLY, BROOKS, IOAN SIDNEY BROWN JEFFREY, BUENDIA, ANGEL YI BROWN, DANCE BROWN, ROY BROWN, DENNIS CADET, EDDY CAMMEYER, RUSSELL CAMPBELL, RICARDO CARTER, IULIE CHARLES, GHISELAINE I CARRYLE, CARTER, COLVIN JOYCE CASON, VANESSA CESAR, CETERA, GUY FRANK CHARLES, NEAL CAYO, MICHELE CHARLES PHILIP CHAVIS, I OAN CHINC, SAM hx 'P 5 I CLAY, DEBORAH COUSINS, WYCLIFFE CHRISTOPHER, CI-ARE, LAURA JENNIFER COBB, JOHN COLEMAN, CONER, IAMES YVONNE COWAN, CHARLES COLAN, MELANIE COX, VENICE DALE, ALAN CRIIK, CUBANO, DALE, ANGELA HECTOR ALAINE DANIELS, DAVENPORT, KENNETH LORRAINE DAMON, SHELLEY DECRENY, DEHOUX SUSAN ROSIE DENTON, DEPESTRE, DEPESTRE, HEATHER IESSIE MARLENE DIAZ, IRIS DORSEY, ROBIN DESLANDES, DE SOUZA, DES ROSIERS, MICHEAL ANDREW JOYCELYNE DOLEY, DONALD SOLOMON BIRTHWRIGI-IT DOWNER, DOZIER, DRAZNER, STANLEY DONNA ALVIN DINGLE, S. DOUGLAS MARSHA JDK I DRUCKER, DUBIN, DUROSEAU, Ag DAVID NANETTE ERROLD DUVAL EDMONDS IOUBEIiT IVAN EMANUEL, EPPS, VICTOR CHARLES 1 Q Q l E EDOUARD, ELIE, ELLIOT, PHILIPPE JAMES DEBORAH EPSTEIN, ETIENNE, EXCEL, MADELYN MARIE CLAUDETTE 7O FAIRSTEIN, RIVKAH GERALD . x ' 15, I FIGOWITZ, FLEMING, RI-IONDA ALAN FELDMAN, L. FERREIRA, MICHEAL FLEURANT, MARIO I FRANCES, FRANCOIS, FRANCOI5, JANET JEAN JEAN 71 FERRUS, FIELDING MARYSE MAXINE FORBES, FORD, BARRINGTON WILLIE "Win-Q GINSBERG, LINDA GARDNER, ADRIENNE GIM, DOROTHY GILBERT, GARNER, ELLIOT GERMANIN, MIRNA FRANCOI5 IEAN GLICK, ANITA SUSAN GLASGOW, HAZEL GODLA, GLAZER. GODAY, RAMONA RONNI JARRETT GOLDMAN, MINDY GRAHMAN, MICHAEL GREEN, RONALD GREENMAN, GARY GORDON, PATRICIA 'lf w 119.5 ' V I -11122 iii' -T.: 'L :L H . gg, 1: In - i ,cf .. I ,, ME ' ':I:I'1Tf:1ii1g5iiff fy: . gf. 5 ,vw .QQ I ml -ff'f'lQ?iIi52Ex, .1 ' 332 ,: 64, If GREEN, MICHAEL 73 GOLDHECI-IT, DAVID GORDON, HERBERT GRANT, CORA GREENIDGE, MAY GOLDBERG ARNOLD GOODSON, JOYCE ,ff GRIFPITH, STEVENSON HARDAWAY, GREGORY GREENSTEIN, IRA GREENWALD, MARK GRIER, OUNTRA HAMILTON, HARDAWAY, KARL ANNE HECTOR, MARGARET HEFLAND, ARLENE HELLER, STEVEN HALL, MADELINE E AE HARDEMAN ANNE 9 . ., . 1 1-A ,. , 2' K I HEWITT, SANDRA HENRY, REYNARD HERZFELD, FREDDY HEW ITT, GRACE HINKSON, HIRSCHFIELD, GERALD BARBARA HOBBS, HUVAN 'ikfffgng HONOR, KENNETH HOROWITZ, PHYLLIS HAUSE, PRINCESS HILLAIRE, JOYCELYNE HOLIDAY, S. HOUSTON, HUGGINS, HURLEY, LINDA EDWARD KENNETH IFILL, ISRAEL, JACKSON, VINCENT VALENTINA MICHAEL 'Vin 1.52 JEAN, JEAN, JEAN PIERRE, GHISLAINE MARIE MARIE 76 If 1 If IA J IKM 1 A HUSBAND, DALTIA JACOBS, ESTELLE 'S -I C HUSSEY, WILLIAM JAFPEE, CHESTER 4? JENKINS, JENNINCS, HORTON JAMES JOHNSON, JOHNSON, HOMER LINDA JEPFERS, JEFFERS, MERCEDES VENINCER JEFFRIES, BRUCE JEROME, JESKE, JOHNSON, H HARRY MARTY JONES, JONES, CHERYL DENISE 77 JONES, FERNANDO JONES, CHERYL KAMERMAN, MARLENE IUREIDINI, KAHANE, ELAINE YONA mfg S I H 1 fi? I af I.: H 5 W Iii, 1552 3 ,zzmfgzaisms L- su UMZMWSQ42 ise1zsQ1sf'z+smz: W IUBUISSON, EMMANUEL JONES, SHIRLEY '5Z' , ,EI KARO, CIARA KARP, MITCHELL KAVANOWITZ, LINDA KASSOP, KATZ, BETH SHERYL SHIRLEY KEATON, KERCHEFF, MIRA KIDD, LEONA KING KING KING, KEITH KIRSZENZWEIG, RUTH 5 KOK, LUTHER DIANA HAZEL KNIGHT, KOHN, JAMES ELLIOT KING, ANNE KLUGMAN HARVEY KOPAKIN, MARCI KOZIAL, ELLIOT KRAMER, LESLIE LALOO, PARBATIE LAWSON, EMILY KRAVITZ, LQBURI KEVIN MARY KRESTA, ARLENE E A E LAU, LEE, KWAN LINDA LAYNE, ROBERT LAMOUR, EDLINE 3 LAWRENCE SYLVESTER LEFKOWITZ, LORI 47' Sk LEHRER, IUDITH LEIBOWITZ, I-EWENSON, TIRZAH ROBERT LIGORSKI, SHARON LUCAS, JOSEPH J 'hm K dis X 'lv N-.X 5 R 4 . 2 N . My 1 ? 2 1' is 552 ,az Q ,jfs . A A J f' '5 4 1,2 LISTER, LONNIE LOCKETT, LOWERY, ALBERT ISSAC MCCALL, MARCELLA LITS, IANINE J 2 A mx .gn vii? SRT. 'U 4 "wif" f' 'f 5 ,I f' MCCATTY, EDWARD 4 MC GROWEN, DANIEL MC DONALD, MC DONALD, MC GILL, CARL KELVIN GREGORY MC LAUREN, MC LEOD, DEBORAH NORMA MC GREGOR DEXTER MC NEIL, MC NEIL, BRENDA HARRY MC NEIL, MADDEN, LONNIE SHIRLEY 4 4 C I s MAHON, CORA KQA MAHON, MAISONET, MALVOISIN, PATRICIA MILTON ROSALINE A232 L33 I MARTIN, MANYAN, GLADYS PEARL pw 2- I AI I MATHEW5, MELVIN, DIANA KENNETH MICHAELS, MICHEL, SYD GADRIELLE MICHEL, MELENDEZ, MIGLORE, IOYCELYNE NIVIA MARIE Q' 'k..,o- N.-f MISICK, MISSICK, KATHERINE RUSSELL MILFORT, MILLER, MINC, DAVID RANDI CHA MORRISON, DELIA - Vg .:1""ff f' . f IK if X 4. 5 .5 4' . X jiisiiffsx 'R I I Eiga ' .j , IIB if xg 5 I Q1 MORRISON, ELIZABETH MITCHELL, MITCHELL, MITZNER BERNARD JOSEPH RUTHY MOSIE, MOSS, MOULTON, IOYCELINE MERYL ROBERT 84 MURCI-IISON, NANCE, NATBOY, LARRY KEVIN ROCI-IELLE NAWROCKI, NELSON, LAURA CLARE NELSON, NEUBERGER, NICOLAS, SONIA BARRY CHARLOTTE OIIDA, OLIVER, OWENS, LYDIA JEAN RAMONA 85 NIESCHOWER, NISBETT ROY DAVID PALMER, MARIORIE PANKEY, DEBORAH PERROTH, PARKER LINDA MARY PAUL, NICOLE PASSMORE, ROSE PERRY, SESWICK PERRIN, RUSSELL PERVIL, YOLENE PFEFFERBAUM, PERRY, PIERRE, RENEE VICKIE MARGARET 86 POLLARD, PEARLETA PIERRE NOEL, IOSIANE x PLAZA, MARIA POORE MARYE POLLEN, CAROLYN PORTNOY, BONNIE PRIDE, EMILY PRIDGEN, POSNANSKY, RACHLIN, RITA MARIAN ANITA ,-w""l POGODA, MICHELLE PORER, LARRY fy, if RADBURD, RANSOM, RAVIN5, BARBRA JOYCE JOHNNY REAGIN, RECUERO, QUEENIE ELIECER RIEMAN, REYHOLDS, RICHARDS, G. SI-IEILA MARSHA GK ROBBINS, ROBINSON, RODGERS, MICI-IEAL KARIN BARBARA 88 , ., ,gf . , 1. ,IM ,,.,. S+? Q wi . is "x ml H fs' ww fx 5 I fm .,-: 1+ , A 4 .WEEK fx f-QI -m', RIEMAN, BARRY RIVERS, MORRIS ROSEN, ROSEN, ETHEL LOIS RUBIN, RUFFIN, AMY TRACYE 121, RODRIQUEZ, ROGERS, I. ROSE, A. IULIO li? ROSEN, ROSENBLUTH, ROSENZWEIG MIQHAEL JOEY PHYLLIS RUSH, PAMELA 89 LN' RUSHMORE, SAMSTAG RENEE SUSAN SAMUEL5, SANDY SAPOZNIK IMOGENE PANSY HENRY SCHWIMMER SCOLNICK SERGE A TERRY DAVID SHERRIER, LORAINE 90 I SILVER, SILVERS, SILVERA, MICHELLE SONIA SANDRIA I N SIMOISE, SINGER, SIRTE, S. HARRY ARLAN SMALLS, SMITH, SMITH, CHARLES DAWN GERALD 91 ' I I SIMMS, SIMS, GARY THOMAS SISTRUNK, SKINNER DAISY VERA SMITH, SMITH, JAMES RICARDO SMITH, VANETTA SPATT, CHESTER ST. FLEUR, FRANTZ ii Q. SOTO, GLADYS SMITH, ROBERT ' " . -": ',.- -Sfi , SOUTH, LUIS ST. HILAIRE, EASLYN STEELE, ZELMA SOKOLOFSKY MARK SPECTOR, GAIL STEINBERG, STEINER, STEWARD, IOEL DANNY DWIGHT STEWART, STAIKER, MAURA DAVID 'Yf".,"?r STRAKER STREAT MICHAEL KAREN STRICKLAND, STUCKHARDT ROBERT RICHARD STRUDENON, SUGERMAN, SUMMERS, GLADYS JEFFREY BERTHA SWEPSON, THOMAS TOBACK, MINDY VELLEN, MOREY TAYLOR, BREMA THOMAS, TILEMAQUE, STERLING GLENN U-A TURNER, AVA TYRRELL, VALNEZUELA, ERNIE LUIS UNGAR, GAIL TAYLOR, DEBORAH TURPIN, REBECCA VOLTAIRE MARIE WALDEN, IERRY WALLACE, LONNIE WILLIAMS, CELVIN WALDRON, JOPPRE WALKER, WALKER, JOAN THOMASINA WASSERMAN, BURT WEST, WILDMAN, YVONNE IACINTA WILLIAMS, GAIL WALKER, DIANE WEISENBERG ELLEN WILLIAMS, KATHLEEN ,. fi QVAC VIN R ' ff LZ As We Remember Although Wingate has had its share of moments of happiness as well as its moments of diasppointments and despair, they all have been moments to be remembered . , . Let's try to remember . . . How many of you remember "Pumpkins for Peace?" The fifteen demands? . . . Now that we have reached that final first step of the ladder, it's time to look back to the very first step we took into Win- gate's halls. Now is the time to remember. "Wow, a three month extended vacation." How great it wasp we hoped it would never end. But the teachers strike did end. "What do you mean, a nine period school day?" But no matter how we fought, until the middle of April, a nine period day stood. "My name is Angelica Simpkin and I am your G.O. President . . . As you know, Martin Luther King , . . " "Hey, did you hear about the 15 Demands?" "What 15 Demands ?" "Well, whatever they are, they want everyone out of school to help and get them." Eventually, all of us Cwell, almost all of usj left the Gate and joined the demonstration on Kingston Avenue. Many kids just went home, but most of us shared a great experience. And what did we accomplish? Well, the automatic failure list ended - and Wingate made the newspapers along with other high schools that were ex- ploding with violence. lt seemed as if "The Drugstore" became our permanent name. "Yeah, we had a Drug Show in our school, but what did it prove?" Talking about drugs, there weren't any to help cure the Hong Kong flu that year. "Can you believe it, wearing pants in school?'f The girls craved for the idea, the boys hated it. But it became reality and not just for cold winter days . . . "Hey, what's the fun of sitting across from Sally now?" "The sure way to peace we found is to compromise , . . " We all knew from the start that these words were winning words. The sophomore class was super, our Sing script was the best. The sophomore class came in second, overcoming the proud Iuniors . . . Stingo and Tumminio became Mr. and Mrs. . . . Wingate won on "It's Academic" . . , that beautiful snow storm closed down the schools for a day , . . the Wingate World pulled a fast one on us with their April Fools Edition . . . and "Pumpkins for Peace" was number one on the top ten button list for a long time. Pollack succeeds Bromer . . . Alan Leibowitz leads the S.G.O. , . . Generals take all . , . Dramatically, the cops are voted out of School by ten votes! "Can you believe it? the first Juniors to have lockers." "Lockers? What lockers? I didn't get mine yet." This was the term where half of Wingate's students were banged up in the halls, bombed out of the cafeteria and mugged while just sitting in the classrooms. We were all lucky and somehow survived these few weeks of terror. The following term we stayed out to mourn the slaughtered college stu- dents who were killed in Kent State and jackson. This was the first year that both Martin Luther King and Black Moratorium Day were celebrated . . . as our P.A. system brought forth our new musical morning announcements. A leadership class began , , . Wingate was represented on the David Susskind Show . . . and the Ceramics Room became an all day hang-out for a year , . . Senior Day was an "upset" and its after-effects shut down the school . . , Our friend, Seymour, the cop, wasn't here to listen to us anymore. Maybe if he was, things might have been different. If it wasn't for our friend Seymour we might never have had a junior Victory. The winning words are still so clear. "Ladies and gentlemen, this year we have a Junior Victory!" This year was something else. It could have been improved, but who was the one to improve it? The Seniors that year had their fun, and now ours was just starting. Fun, that is ???? Dr. Schain is our new principal ,. . South Shore opens, taking half our faculty as well as our former Mr. Bromer. Many other teachers leave, not on their own discretion. This was THE YEAR of change . . . Larry Crooks leads the Student Union, a new organiza- tion in the school . . . Friendly Freddy becomes a househald name fa Utica Ave. name, a Winthrop Station name, etc.j . . early dismissal begins, by which half the student body is out before one o'clock . . . lunch is no longer mandatory . , , computers take over the Gate . . . Rap Room is started . .. Draft counseling starts for the boys . . . Kostman leaves to become principal of George Washington . . . the Ecology Club begins l"Bring in your cans"j. This was the year of Change - from merriment and concern to sudden apathy: very few clubs at school . . . no Sing and probably no Spectrum, not even a senior hat , . . the senior button appears as dead as the student body . . , Teacher patrols are instituted , . . the Generals aren't even mentioned in the papers . . . This year we come in last on lt's Academic . . . the Arista qualifications have been low- ered . . . the Candy Sale fails . , , Wingate shows a poor turnout at the moratorium . . , ticket sales to Student Union dances fall off . . , no january senior celebrities student's programs are to be checked by teachers during every third period . . . Rabbit gives birth to bunnies in the Gate, although few students seem to care, it's just something to stare at in the A Building . . . These happenings show the great amount of unity that Wingate displays. We, the Senior Class, have been deprived of all Senior events. Can lack of money be the sole cause of all this? As long as people are united, things can be done. The Seniors wonder how many will show up on graduation day? Will we even sing our alma mater? Our school is still a drugstore, with filth on its walls and with hatred still emerging from the students. We tried to do our share within the Gate. College appraoches and we remember. We'll remember each other holding hand in hand while singing our Sophomore and junior victory songs, we'll remem- ber being together and demonstrating for a specific cause, and we'll remember all the times when we really needed each other. Either if it was just for cheating on a test or for hearing someone out, we'll re- member each other, and that's the most important thing to remem- ber. Each Other. - Neal Bean . 4 -x Ve 11' 1 -A eff: 4--1:-fr .xi:,.a f1i'?'f' . ' . ' -1 ,., '--51' la' . . 's.,,-':- -3- jv?"k '- -'.' 35.154 SQ - iffy: N :,-UQ H P '53 11: -"Aff-Z '?.4'f,:"fZ I-1:12 1 ' ' fr.: ll K 4.412 ' 'f '-'-H 'ii -- , - A Y . 'YW 1. it 1.1 if ---' "A '-'v' Q '-'5127' fl 1. .'z"'7"'.'f 27316:-" 5-3143 'if'-ieiril V mg. .ea ata- .:.-,,1fa:vQ' 't 'L 'lffw Y- ' .-" P? -X T4--f '. .i f-.-- 'Y --'f ' ' . 'W - SI 'A 5 ' '7'."J-1 -ESV" 7" YE? :Af L rl 15-1 f- y 1.-,-l K fl - 6 A 31 '.l:4:::1: Q-eelfft giifir . "' t xiii' .fini 3:2123 -, .i I - ,A , .ff '- .-ii' 2::'.'5f ,.': 3,1-J ,553 . . Eiggiig' IBM vig .3 if 5:-Jan. 1.5-,'2L..g. ii i Vi'-"Ji ' " - fl - ! - A3-71.2 r5i"f3i" .',-,, Q.-1,1 M' i ' V i , f '- -' " r'-', 3, i iid-'il -.?..1'- xy - M 4 7 5 Fl I 1 1 Z-via ,3-waz, psi: . 4 H121--' ff 5"-zffi-l l ..: i+1ii:V: t ,.1 5.1 ff-.. l fa' -.4-qw 11:--,137 .-.,.f-- :g..'5 1"-- L l - , ..s.,.. V ' ' . ,yn - fL:f'A-if .'.:' 1.x ,ig-L'-25, '.-2-:4 it-ff, 1'-Q: 4 :ug-.34-2 LZLFE Q 55333 hi QPR 3'-:.2,f 'uw' '1-11.-if rv '--HQQEJ MOSAIC We have no right to have no hope, because if we have no hope there is no hope. - Jacques Monod A mosaic is a pattern of inlaid work of varied pieces of colored glass or marble. When assembled and unified a complete and beautiful picture is formed from the var- ious pieces. Society contains people of many colors, nationalities, languages and creedsg when viewed together they form a vivid and ornate mosaic, a mosaic held together and strengthened by its diversity. When broken and torn apart, however, a mosaic dies. So likewise, the brotherhood of man when in disunion and separation is as a blooming flower far removed from earth and water, the very sustenance which gives it life. Strife, hatred, violence, prejudice and disunion pervade society. Although claiming to have made great scientific and technological advances, mankind is retrogressive in its quest for unity and peace. Ignorance and fear work on the mosaic of society like a burning acid, destroying the individual pieces and separating them from the strength of their unity. Today's harsh realities then, make mosaic not only an ideal, but also a challenge. It may well be that the very recognition of imminent disaster will force us to find salvation in the place where it should have been most evident: the common humanity of man, the mosaic of our diversity. - Mosaic 100 IN MEMGRIAM George W. Wingate, you poor old man. They named a school after you, a building of fine design, and we're sorry that it happened. Wingate was ru- ined when they let the people in. Teachers who have been here for a long time often remind us of how great Wingate used to be, when a student who dared to smoke even in the cafeteria was suspended. How many times have we heard about the silence that used to prevail over empty halls? Wingate was ruined when they let the people in. Ten years ago the halls were quiet and the classes well ordered, but most of the order eminated from fear. In the days of passive passings and salutes to the flag, the robots that occupied these classes were afraid to cut a class because they didn't realize that a cutting card was meaningless. Let us congratulate ourselvesg now we realize that a pink card is noth- ing more than a pink card, and so we defy all au- thority. Now we can spend eight periods a day in the lobby smoking, or in the bathrooms snorting. I hope that the enslavements of our minds that we have allowed to occur is properly appreciated. Now we no longer listen to the lies of our history teachers, now we bow down to the man with the dope, the cigarettes, and the key to our freedom which we will never get. P Those people who spend their school day getting wrecked expect to go to the prinicpal's office and complain about their French teacher and the curric- ulum that they have seen maybe twice and have him respect their "Demands" Then when he doesn't acquiese, they can go out and call him a pig and break windows. Those students don't deserve to be listened to. They deserve to have his beaurocracy shoved down their throats. The administration knows that you are fools and that you can be ma- nipulated and they use you to live out their delu- sions of granduer and visions of power. If we want to effect some change, let us go to all our classes and force our teachers to teach us every- thing. When the teacher's burden becomes over- whelming and they complain, then we can get our new curriculum. I would like to be able to say that in a few years I will come back to Wingate to visit some of my old teachers, but I don't believe that in a few years Win- gate will soon be here. At least for the sake of those few sensitive people who must suffer each time they walk through these doors I hope that Wingate soon changes 5 but if it doesn't, I hope it soon dies. - Edward S. McCatty Black What is Black? Black is a dark, dark color. It's a name that gives a ring to every Sister and Brother. Black is the thing That makes the people, Black and proud, sing: Black is a race That the white man calls a disgrace. Black is a new-born baby That drives the white man crazy For he knows, indeed, That this babe will lead His chosen people Prom others so feeble. Black is beauty, just like me! Deborah Stuckey IO2 2 Hate What am I? Do you know? I am hate. I burn my way through the streets every night, killing and destroying everything in my path. Beware of me. I strike without pity. My long arms reach out like a snake in the darkness. My fingers burn through your skin, and tear at your heart, DON'T run from me. HAH. You can't run from me. For I am you. I am part of everyone. You don't know who or what I am. I may be that man coming down the street right now, or that faggot looking at you from that hallway over there. Don't run. All you can do is fear me. Because I exist in each and everyone of you. I AM HATE. - Anthony E. Whaley ELECTRIC DAY Sparkling molecules - Crispie air - It's a glorious morn-day! The sun is tap-dancing beyond the tree The leaf is watusi-ing on the branch And breeze surfs the cement. The earth is plugged in and toasts brown. Breakfast on the world! - Fred Goldhaber HE DREW He always wanted to explain things, But no one cared So he drew. Sometimes he would draw and it wasn't any- thing. He wanted to carve it in stone and write it in the sky. He would be out in the grass and look up in the sky, And it would be only him and the sky and the things inside that needed saying. It was then that he drew the picture, And it was a beautiful picture. He kept it under his pillow and would let no one see it. And he would look at it every night and think about it, And when it was dark and his eyes were closed he would still see it. And it was all of him And he loved it. When he started school he brought it with him, Not to show anyone but just to have with him as a friend. It was funny about school. He sat in a square, brown desk. Like all other square, brown desks. And he thought it should be red, And his room was a square, brown room Like all other square, brown rooms. And it was tight and close and stiff With his arms stiff and his feet-flat on the floor, 103 Stiff With the teacher watching and watching, His teacher came up and spoke to him, She told him to wear a tie like all the other boys. He said he didn't like them, And she said it didn't matter. After that they drew And he drew all yellow, and it was the way he felt about the morning And it was beautiful. The teacher came up and smiled at him, "What's this?" she said, "Why don't you draw something like Ken's picture? Isn't it beautiful?" After that his mother bought him a tie, And he always drew airplanes and rocketships like everyone else. And he threw the old picture away. And when he lay alone looking at the sky lt was big and blue and all of everything. But he wasn't anymore. He was square inside And brown And his hands were stiff like everyone else. And the things inside him that needed saying didn't need it anymore, it stopped pushing it was crushed stiff, STIFP Like everybody else. - Anonymous 1 Qi 3 2 5 5 1 Gymnastics Club. HARRY CASTEL LORRAINE EXCELI. MIN Student I"0fl11'X'l Leader: Teacher A551 T BRUCE BLATT Girls FRANK CETERA A.V. Squad: Baseball Teamg Service S nad, Libra Squad MICHAEL EERREIRA Ed. S.S. Dep. Paperp Swim- q ' ' ry ' Student Patrolp Sr. Rep.g A.V. ming Teamp Orch. NEAL CHARLES Squad Cap'tg Track Team. q Track Teamg Mixed Chorus: MIRIAM BONE1-T Service Squad. MARYSE FERRUS Teacher Ass'tg Guidance S.U. Rep, NATHANIEI. C h m . o f A Chorus . GERALD Team- Bio A.C.S MICHAEL Exchange World 1 Aristap Chem. MAXINE A.C.S.p Boosters Spectrump G.O. RHONDA tg Smgg Aristag Off.g Teacher's Service Squadp Singp Spectrump Chorusg First Aid. MARIO Soccer Team. WILFRED Girl's Chorus: English Off. Mdrn. BARRINGTON Soccer Teamg T AIDEEN Library - GRIFFITH A.C.S. E E WILLIAM HUSSEY College Rep.g Honor Service Leagueg Sing. ESTELLE IAC OBS General Office. CHESTER IAFFEE Fencing Team. IANINE IAKUBOWITZ Teacher's Ass't. MARIE-CARMEL JEAN-ERANCOIS Teacl1er's Ass't. MERCEDES IEEFERS Library Squad. VENINCER IEEEERS English Office. MARTY IESKE Honor Srvce. Lgue Spectrumg A 1 , , ,, , ,... .. .,.. .Q . Tracli Team. Dance Club: ACS: Guid Off. DIANA KING Teacher's Ass'tp College Repg Lab Ass't. RUTH KIRSZENZWEIG Orchestrag College Repg Arista. HARVEY KLUGMAN Sing Leaderg Commissioner AVg Aristag Ed. Spectrumg Ed. Mosaicg Honor Service Leagueg Boy's State. JAMES KNIGHT Mixed Chorusg Handball Team Swimm'n Teamg g.. ELIOT KOHN Orchestrap Bio quad. KOPAKIN RAYMOND Soccer T PEARL KENNY MELVIN A Spef- 3 Sing. EDDIE MCCATTY Wingate Worldg Mosaicg Col- lege Rep.g Sr. Rep.g S.U. Vice Pres.. Sing. CARL MCDONALD Sr. Rep.g Soccer Team. GREGORY MCGILL Basketball Team. Library Booster. trum- Glrl s Chorus 5 Sing. W I ,, , Y trumg College Squad g Sing. Honor gram Bowling T Singp Team, Tearng Bowling Phys. sFH3i'EY KEATIN Girl's Track Team. MIRA KERCHEFF Aristag Honor Service Sing-journalp College Sing. HENRY SAPOZNIK Bifgkafball gn fx, Bowling, LUIS VALENZUELA Mosaicg Spectrump Wingate if qlnnagiticgs S.U.S,g Drama Club. Worldp Fencingp Tennis 5 Au- W W A dio-Visualp Singg Mixed Cho- L N orsicv MARIE VOLTAIRE rusg Bio Lab. Ba g rchegfra, Teacher's Ass'tg CB Off. MICHELLE SCARLETT GEZQDYS SOTO THOMASINA WALKER Singg Spectrum. 'lggaghef A5515 Sing, Bowling Team. ga Farewell "The saddest thing under the sky above, is to say goodbye to the one you love." - Melanie "I don't know why you say goodbyep I say hello." - The Beatles 108 P . ,i f, A x .14,.,.,X- vi -, 4 f, 5-L F A 1- kv .w41.--.kfylfglkl vs FMML M w W. wi , W1 gw '14 4' V , 1 ,,- s 5 H Jig 'F Q, idsmygfm Aw shift., My 1 ,.,, Q , lu! 1, W ww i 'Wii Q igwhi W 1? 272 Lf -A L '1 , , , 1 1 'H s3,.,,g iF1f'9,fi,4 M f.w fm .wif si-ja.-gr, ? gi'-'jaw lf: I., XQITM 1 wflff 1 H ,Q ' 1" 311819 E 'Nl' cgi g Q 4' fi 'Ytyioe "FM , x E Q . 'I 3 qfqigieiuiii F fr ' 4 If 1 tive? eg, Nz, W f fwf' ' lg x4 X , QA RK V ffrak 5 ,, 1 :fig f .X .5'SG n,.,,.'1 Mx . .Y .TXIHA ,pda 'xg tx. ,L - Qin n. X "'w1fr-W 'Ni ,.'- i K t CQ: 4355 q x x Okhx Wk- -4 we 'i k1Q.n1,l,1 N N ' w W az.-.N if 5 if 'Q 21 55 'wi We Q, 2 ' 'Y Q lk 1 .-5 g if wi 9 "' "5 4' g f' 1 1 ll we are I. I His 'A Ml 91 1 T' Y mg Q 1 L " an 1 i U s 1 sw gh , "'v--H47 ls i!Hl a 1 are Iualunllnqplnullsilnu l "' i 4 I 5 J f S . H 4 ' f 'n 'Q n rj . 5 h' I sl I I A A :isles 'E' . . 1 M""f ': 'X ' ' , .. il it 1 n ' ' q 1 ' -9 D F- if

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