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fr f. lq If B ... ,Y if 2-M ifPfF55'Tf'+f "' my if fi ? f 1,1 -.,"?' ,., T? --gr .ww -., was 3--f, . , L ,nm-1 N--' L TT g1W 3'f1 lf' F 'CE 451 A 1 G Jgwl' 4. , s"?'. P '-fiff?lq3'Q:3,?i' . fvf?3SmT3,3?. . x ff wx A -fx sl' 'ff 1, if L in fs 4 9' X "WJ L LM .Xxx of g X 1 5 7' f. my Wx, .KN X' -f 1 -X 'k'Jf'f.1X x1:V ' X fi ,xi 1 Rxigfjfiks Y' kj 312 'M xg '1 D Y x . r , 2, . ,XEWL Jil QV' M051-HC 1968 George W. Wingale High School Max Bromer, Principal 600 Kingslon Avenue Brooklyn, New York H203 TABLE OF CONTENTS Mosaic Staff .... Dedication ..,............ Principal's Message ....... Administration ...... Department Chairmen ...... Faculty ..... A Candid View of Wingate 1968 ....... .... Sing ...... Profile: The Wingate Student ..... Activities .... .... Sports ..... .... Music ................................... .... Senior Celebrities, January ....... .... Senior Celebrities, June ...,...... ...... ...... .... George W. Wingate High School Alma Mater ...... .... Graduating Class of 1968 ...... .... Page 3 4 6 7 8 9 I5 33 38 39 49 60 62 63 64 66 Bruce Braverman Editor-in-Chief A 'J' Jeffrey Blumengold Robert Picone Selma Tenenbqum Assistant Editor- Assistant Editor- Assigfqnf Edifor. in-Chief in-Chief CAMERA SHY Eli Kuslansky Art Editor CONTRIBUTORS Harriet Duckler Lenny Migdql Literary Editor Managing Editor HGYVQY P055 Richard Spitz Photography Editor Lqyguf Editor Donna Barbot Martin Blain Sidelle Brauzer Willie Mae Couturier Joyce Edelstein Eddie Ellenhngen Hope Finegold Lynn Goldstein Gail Kamerman John Kitchell Mark Klein Althea Lambert MOSAIC STAFF Jeanne Mandelblatt Fran Mattes Maddy Milstein Miriam Rosner Michelle Rothman Eric Sherman Marc Siegel Steve Siegel Harriet Springer Robin Tureek Barbara Wafel lune Winters Mr. G. Tumminio Faculty Advisor We wish to thank Mr. Ernest Seligmann, Mr. Russell Black, and Mr. Frank Paul lPaul Studiosl for their help and co-operation in making this book possible. DEDICATION: HE HAD A DREAM We mourn the death of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. who died so close to the time of our graduation and who dared to dream the impos- sible dream. "To dream the impossible dream, to reach the unreachable star . . ." Each one of us have high aspirations for the future and with graduation these aspirations will begin to be realized. For us, these past years in Wingate have been the most important ones in our lives. The foundations for all of our future endeavors were set here and our characters have been created here. Some of us shall go on to college. Others will seek places of employment. Whatever our plans may be for the immediate future, we must realize that whatever we decide from this point on will become an important factor in determining the pattern which our lives will follow. We have now reached a turning point in our lives. We are no longer children who will act on decisions made for us by teachers and relatives. That stage in our lives has past forever. Impish ideas and childlike pranks must be left behind, for now we have encroached on the path of adulthood. Those who are unable to accept the pressures and responsibilities now facing them will turn back and look for a crutch upon which to lean. The stronger ones shall boldly step out into the world, defiantly throw off their immaturity and become young men and women. We are now old and prudent enough to realize that we are not about to be miraculously transposed into a person of fame and fortune. No fairy god-mother is going to come and sprinkle dust on our heads, no golden gates are going to open and lead us to success. Perhaps movies and books have told us that this is how it happens, but in reality, we know incidents such as that are rare. Everyone likes to dream of how things will be when he is rich and famous. How all of the various luxuries of the world will be at his fingertips. It is fine to have a dream or a goal of this sort, but you can not build your life on dreams alone. lt would be wonderful if every man could weave a dream which would keep him from want and despair. Unfortunately, this is not so. Our dreams can become realities only if we strive with our last ounce of courage "to reach the unreachable star." V1.6 3 ks ,Q Q , gr wx Wa 44" Mr. M. Bromer Principal PRlNClPAL'S MESSAGE To the Senior Class of 1968, In leaving Wingate you will be going from a comparatively peaceful, sheltered, and con- trolled environment into a world that may shock with its violent reactions, unfamiliar sights, and lack of structure. In a very immediate sense, your graduation will mark the passing of the basic responsibility for your life and actions from your parents and school to you. Far-reaching changes have taken place in this new arena you are about to enter. Not so long ago, the ballot, letters, petitions, mass meetings, writings, peaceful picketing were the maior means by which the common person or non-governmental group sought to in- fluence political, social, and economic events and decisions. The number of com- mitted persons was comparatively small, the changes sought comparatively limited in nature. Since then, action has shifted to such forms as the sit-in, mass picketing, mass marches, direct action in city streets, political action, neighborhood action groups, poverty corporations, direct challenge to laws or regulations which are opposed, local control of social institutions, young people's repudiation of accepted social values. The changes now sought are more fundamental and the numbers involved actively have been increasing. I know that many of you are impatient to play a more active role in life while others much prefer a more peaceful road. l know, too, that some of you are confused as to your goals in life. l can assure you that no matter which of these groups you fall into, you will inevitably be forced to make commitments on one side or the other. War, civil rights, education, poverty, personal dignity, survival will force you to act. Realize, too, that in these parlous times, each step you take will have an impact on your future as well as on the future of your family, friends and nation. Blind action does not guarantee the right outcome. History has taught us that action is a two-edged sword-it can lead to an extension of political, social and economic democracy, but it can also lead to a Hitler and decision by terror and force. lt, therefore, behoves each of you to act with understanding and knowl- edge. You may often be forced to act having only an incomplete grasp of the sit- uation. Act when you must, but go on from there studying, seeking understanding and learning all your life. A famous philosopher once said it, "With all thy getting, get understanding." Max Bromer, Principal Mr. M. Greenstein Administrative Mrs. N. Friedberg Secretary ADMINISTRATION Assistant Mr. N. Glass Administrative Assistant Mrs. Haft Secretary Mr. Monahan Custodian CAMERA SHY Mrs. R. Eiseman, Secretary Mrs. M. Grady, Secretary Mrs. D. Ramer, Secretary Mrs. S. Reinheimer, Secretary Miss A. Sfavis, Secretary 12? 2 I-5 Mrs. Lipson Mrs. McGrony MVS- Olel' Secretary Secretary Secfefaft' DEPARTMENT CHAIRMEN Mr. L. Alper Physical Science Mrs. F. Eiseman Dr. L. Kaplan Mr. S. Koltun Mr. S. Kosfman Library Music Art English Mr. L. Krinsky Mr. 5. Nemson Mr. S. Pfeffer Mrs. J. Reagan Boys PSySlCCl Foreign Language AcC0Unlm9 and Biology Educqfion seCf9l'Gl'lUl Studies Mr. M. Sukenik Mr. G. Waldman 8 Social Sfudies Mqfhemaffcs Mr. M. Albert M' D Alfmm' lndusfrial Arfs Boys Physmal Mr' Archlbold M A Baden Mr P Becker Miss J Belcher Fo"e'9" Language F0fe'9'1 l-U"'9UU9e Social Studies Home Arfs Mr. D. Benisvy Foreign Language Mr. F. Boyce Music Mr. S. Daniels Special Education Mr. L. Eisenberg Mathematics Accounting Mrs. R. Finkelstein Special Education Miss R. Friedman Mr. F. Farber Mr. J. Fleisher Social Studies Mr. S. Friedman Art Social Studies Dean 'Nf 1 W-'Er Q "'fw !R.ilN?1 I 9' 'gig 'H f 5' x'4"lag.iA sf' 'W f W l 'l.lS'4gy X' wil t , W i ill ly X X ,Vmliynlil pq! Yi im, 'NP- Gml JN 1' -i".:.2liWN. Nfl! 'H ' l i li fini? ejjl .Mil EK Mr. S. Feldman Biology Mr. A. Fontek Physical Science Mrs. C. Gordon Home Arts li 'n l ' ulfiliil-,l Rf" F im. ' .Q iflillffz..-:-I ifigi-Xb ,ic b i 2--' . rHssgf::?Y .X 1- X ' A xx. A I .I 'r 5-5te'g". . ff 4 ', :jf ' lllflillit.-f lit' fig, gf ,if gg g'4..,! 3 Y, f ,, ,fur , -. pin , N -A N of 1 ,QQ . All , Q g . 'I W - ,N X A ,ix KY X iwvlplli' Q' , .. ffl, 'W X XXNW- vi .A A Q5 iz YW ll Y WAV . wil 'iid :t,l:,-Al. "'IWfl"H Md 1, 91 Kobqwy if LQ, f ,ul 6- fir r -Elf' VN A ,ig fb J " pl N ,. it 5,53 yr 4-if ti, . R .- 'ffl l I It l ' r ' A l ills F 9' 'l 'Fluff 'ral i . 4 f bi 'l lf' ,I M -f'...fw f Hi sto ry 10 Mrs. F. Gutman Mr. S. Finger Social Studies Mr. L. Friedlander Social Studies Mr. E. Giovanelli Music Mrs. P. Gordon Mathematics Mr. M. Gutterman Mr. N. Friedman Social Studies Mr. M. Goldberg Social Studies Mrs. M. Groman Guidance Counselor Mrs. S. Hammer ACCO'-mllng Social Studies Aff Mrs. M. Hammerling Mr. H. Herzog English and Speech Guidance Counselor Mr. S. Katz Mathematics Mrs. A. Kenny Library Biology Mrs. F. Kavkevitz Guidance Counselor Mr. S. Klein Industrial Arts Miss E. Heuman Foreign Language Mrs. E. Jacobs English and Speech new Miss A. Kantrow Secretarial Studies Mr. F. Koury English and Speech Mr. A. Hudes Accounting Mr. J. Kalton Physical Science Mrs. G. Kaplan Girls Physical Education, Dean Mr. H. Keilson Physical Science Mr. W. Kroiter Library Mr. J. Kamm English and Speech Mr. J. Kass English and Speech Miss J. Kemper English and Speech Mrs. R. Krongelb ll Mathematics Mrs' M' Kushner Mrs. J. Lederman English and Speech Accounfing Mr. J. Levy Secretarial Studies Mr. A. Lichenstein MVS- P- Mdfk Physical Science Girls Physical Education Miss R. Mllbaur Physical Science Mathematics Mr. G. Lerner Accounting Rn English Miss S. Levy Social Studies Mrs. E. McCatty Bl0l09Y Mathematics Foreign Language Miss A. Mendelson Mrs. S. Merriman Mr. R. Miner Social Studies Mr. M. Pine Mathematics Mrs. M. Risfucci Mrs. E. Rogers Mr. C. Rosen Miss J. Rota Mrs, A, Rubin Special Education G"l5 Pl1Yf'CUl ACCO'-mflflg Aff Girls Physical Educahon Education Mrs. F. Salom Mr. E. Salzman Biology Physical Science Mr- B- 5Cl'lfVCll'f1 Miss C. Schwartz Boys Physical English and Speech Education Mr. S. Shaulson Social Studies Mr. C. Sherr Mr. J. Siehien Biology Industrial Arts Mrs. M. Spadaccum Glfl-9 Pl'lY5lCUl Foreign Language Education Mrs. S. Schechter Mr. M. Schulman Girls Physical Physical Science atio Educ n Mr. A. Seligman Mr. E. Seligmann , Mr. M, Senzon Mathematics English and Speech physical Science Mrs. B. Sheinin English and Speech CCSCY-57: "l""Csv-0. i- I"l'HI gg Miss J. Slater English and Speech ,- t 4'-fi? I t l -snr. s , 1 Ind .- : ul: 09 4 I lm 55", ' CI.:v:?!o-fzlg:-4 7' I cu xvyjrc-sncuy y l .7 r- -r Mathematics Miss M. Stingo Mr. M. Strauss Miss M. Sussman Girls Physical Boys Physical English and Speech Education Education Mr. J. Tanklow . English and Speech mm. 'I' Tate D usic ean MYS. M. Townsel Mr. M. Tublin Mr. L. Tucker Secretarial Studies Social Studies Boys Physical Mr. G. Tumminio English and Speech Miss P. Tunick Biology Education CAMERA SHY Mr. A. Abelack, English and Speech Mr. E. Berger, Boys Physical Education Mr. M. Berman, Accounting Mr. J. Bloom, Social Studies Mrs. I. Bush, Secretarial Studies Mr. M. Chermak, Accounting Mr. D. Cohen, Social Studies Mr. L. Cunningham, Industrial Arts Mrs. A. Engel, Accounting Mrs. B. Getter, Special Education Mrs. H. Goldberg, Art Mr. M. Pasternak, Social Studies Mr. J. Johnson, Secretarial Studies Mr. M. Kraskow, Social Studies Mr. J. Markham, English and Speech Mrs. E. Manda, English and Speech Dr. Mandel, Accounting Mrs. A. Middleman, Mathematics Mr. J. Schwartz, English and Speech Miss A. Greenberg, Girls Physical Education Mr. H. Silverstein, Biology Mr. P. Simon, Art Mrs. B. Shurtok, Secretarial Studies Mr. M. Slakter, English and Speech Mrs. E. Solovay, College Guidance Counselor J Mr. V. Spetalnick, English and Speech J Miss E. Wasserman, State Employment Counselg Mr. H. Zeiger, Social Studies Miss.C. Uhrman Mr. L Weidman Foreign Language Mr. G. Weinstein Social Studies Boys Physical Education Art A CANDID VIEW OF WINGATE I968 ff' all ll is K v 0 Af Wingate, I967-68 Sit down. Relax. You can stop hustling and bust- ling now. Everything has been taken care of- all of the odds and ends are in place and now you can iust stop to think. This year has been fairly hectic for you and everything must seem all iumbled together in your mind. Let's see if you can iron out your thoughts and accurately recall all of the events of the past year. The best thing to do would be to start at the very beginning . . . How many teachers do you think there are?" "Oh, l'd say about 40." "Look at him, he grew a beard." "Your kidding, when did she get married?" How long do you think it will last?" "With our luck, the strike will be over tomorrow and then the 'fun' begins." As you know, the strike did not end tomorrow or the next tomorrow or the tomorrow after that. Surely, you remember the procedures that were followed. First there was the stampede into the auditorium . . . "Hey, give me a slip of paper!" "What are these sheets for?" "So you can get credit for your attendance, man." "Are you going to St. Blaise after we get out of here?" "I guess so, but l wish that the chairs there weren't so hard." After about three weeks the strike did finally end. I bet you don't remember what the first day school was like. Of course, you had an error on your program and . . . "Boy, you'd think that iust once my program would be done correctly the first time." "What's your problem?" "Oh, no problem. All they did was to give me the wrong foreign language and no lunch period. Aside from that, everything is iust fine." "Boy that's too bad." "Yea, l'll probably be emaciated by the time they get around to my program change sheet- imagine, no lunch period." After a few weeks of chaos, organization began to take hold. Accordingly, the first assembly pro- gram was held where . . . "We would like to welcome you back from your summer vacation . . . We may have gotten off to a slow start due to the strike, but we are sure that with the mutual cooperation of the faculty and student body, this work can be made up . . ." "We will now stand for the singing of the alma- mater." "All of the hopes placed in our hearts at Win- gate . . ." "No one will leave the assembly until you are dismissed . . . That group in the rear, please be seated . . . All right, left wing, out the side exit . . . The rest of you, please be seated . . ." By the time November camel rolling around, things were pretty much settled. You suffered from a slight hand cramp after filling out book receipts, Delaney cards and enough program cards to start a bon-fire. Aside from that, everything was run- ning as smoothly as could be expected. You cleared up the problems on your program and everything was fine and dandy, that is, except for . . . "This gym is freezing. l'm definitely not chang- ing into my gym-suit!" Despite your protest, ten minutes later, attired in your sneakers and gym-suit, you struted into the 9Ym- "I absolutely refuse to do those exercises!" Again you refuse, but alas, your protest is again in vain. "One, two, three, four--get those knees straight -one, two, three, four-that's it, all the way down-one, two three, four . . Out of the stuffy locker room, into the nearby lunchroom where the aroma of the food strikes you. "What's that smell?" "The hot lunch, silly." "They don't really expect us to eat that, do they?" fcontinued on page 221 .li ' V J , I' 7 marv- Y 18 wiv H , ljiv 5 1 ,-W f 4' . ff , ,.. 20 i r Y 4 21 "What do you think?" "I think l'lI have ice-cream for lunch today." After a while, things seemed to be pretty much routine. This peace and serenity could only be dis- rupted by one thing . . . "We'll meet Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thurs- days. lf you miss three rehearsals, you're out. Now look, this is our senior year. If we don't win Sing this year . . . Dum Dum Da Dum . . ." So, of course, you managed to go to as many meetings as possible, Not that they would actually kick you out, but it was a good excuse for neglect- ing your school work. You even managed to avoid participating in class due to your laryngitis. Al- though this may have been an ideal situation for you, your teachers adopted a different attitude entirely. "On this Friday you'll be getting a test on'this entire unit. It will probably consist of fifty multiple- choice questions and two essays." "Could you please postpone the test until Mon- day so we could have the weekend to study?" "lf I thought that you would use the weekend for studying, I would consider . . ." "But we have Sing rehearsals and . . . "Sing has nothing to do with this course-it should not interfer with your school work what- so-ever!" The master had spoken. Now it was iust a ques- tion of whether to study for the exam or to go to the rehearsals. "I thought you were going to study this after- noon." "Well, you see . . ." "Yea, I know, you'll study tonight when the commercials come on." "Hey look, if you're not going to pay attention back there then you're not going to know what to do, and if you don't know what to do, then we'll have to stay until you do know what to do. So please be quiet. We're starting from the top again, one, two, three, sing . . . "When Georgy was fighting for his freedom, Martha stayed home to cook the meals . . ." A few weeks before Sing performances are given, there is traditionally a Sing Rally Dance. The purpose is, naturally, to cheer your class on to a victory. "Wow, what a turn-out!" "Yea, l think that the whole school is here." At the dance were not only the students presently in school, but also quite a few ex-students. Many were turned away at the door due to the excessive crowd already in the gym. The dance was, without a doubt, a "rallying" success. ln the short time remaining before Sing, re- hearsals were held every afternoon and some eve- nings. Last minute changes were made and things were very hectic. By the time Sing came around, you may not have known your school work, but you certainly knew those songs. Finally--a victory- seniors won Sing. The natural thing to do was to celebrate and the likely place was at the victory party. "l can't believe that this was our last Sing, it all went so fast." t "Oh, don't say that, l'll get depressed. I want to have a good time tonight. Do you realize that this is the last time we'll all be together ever again? lsn't it awful?" Yes, it was awful at that. What with Sing done, the only thing left to the senior class was memories. The good times were over for the present. Jan- uary was approaching and it brought something far more dreaded then winter with it . . . "You think you have problems! I have an English and History Regent. I don't know where to begin to study." "I bought every review book in creation. These tests are costing me a fortune. I intend to memorize every answer to every question on every past Regent that l can get my hands on." lContinued on page 28l N l . X " 1 .aint ta s " 25 T 2 a EE S , 26 ' WJ my , .., ., . ,-1:3 , ,. f" ,W .4 , W 'W I ,ii 'T W, ing And so, you studied and cried and whined and whimpered . . . "You would think that I was a greedy person. But l'm not. ls 65 too much to ask for?" By the time the day of the Regent arrived, you were on the verge of a nervous breakdown. But, nevertheless, you managed to pull through, maybe not with flying colors, but . . . "What did you get?" "l passed! Do you believe it? Me, the dummy of the year . . ." And so, another milestone. With Regents week gone by, music once again began to fill the build- ing. Dancing and singing brought life to the silent gym with the music from the two rock n' roll bands which were engaged to play for the Senior Celebrity Hop. "l wonder who won." "You'll find out soon enough. They're getting ready to announce the results now." "Everyone please take seats and be quiet so that we can announce the winners." The suspense was over in a short while. Con- gratulations were in order and the festivities were resumed. lt was a very pleasant evening all around. Even with all of these activities done, Wingate still continued to be tumultous. This time the cause of the commotion was the January graduation exercises, which were held in Wingate's auditorium. Music and the voices of all of the proud relatives and teachers resounded throughout the auditorium. The students were wished the best of everything in all of their future endeavors. They were given their report cards, their diplomas and . . . "lt's all over! Do you believe that within the next month we'lI be matriculated in college?" "Where did the years go?" Surprisingly enough, life continued. Some of your friends were gone, but there was still a sufficient amount of people in the school, friends or other- wise, to keep you busy. There were all of the same procedures, and the same after school activities including . . . "Are you going to the basketball game today?" "Sure, Who are we playing?" "Boys High. It should be a good game." The crowd filed into the gym. The cheerleaders were in their positions, the boosters were scream- ing their cheers, and the "Generals" were warming up. Finally the other team arrived and the game got under way. "We're gonna get that iump-ball. We're gonna . . ." "Basket, basket, basket boys. You make the baskets, we'll make the noise. Basket, basket . . ." "And the score goes up another notch, toot, toot." lt was a good game. The tension was sharp dur- ing the last quarter. We put up a terrific fight but, you can't win them all. School continued to be exciting through spring, right up until June. We decided to adopt a child, we played the traditional student-faculty basket- ball game, and the Wingate World put out their monthly issues. In addition to these events, there was also the returning of college boards, college acceptances and reiections, pictures, and other items of varying degrees of importance. March was full of surprises, including the opening of the Student Lounge for the students during all of the lunch periods. Another graduation, more Regents, another Senior Celebrity Hop, and a Spring Con- cert are some other activities which helped to keep Wingate going at a steady clip. Both ioy and sorrow filled the atmosphere. You were struck by the reality that no longer would you be protected by the strong, firm walls of Wingate. You were leaving the school, only to be replaced by another senior from another class. You would be gone, yet nothing would change. Perhaps there would be an exchange of a few teachers here and there, but basically, everything would remain the same. You'll undoubtedly come back, trying to relive the good times, searching for the wonderful past. But, you'lI find that you've outgrown high school. You've reached greater horizons and by doing so, you've advanced in your knowledge and ma- turity. Wingate will no longer be a reality for you, but a fond memory which will fade as the years progress. But, the friendships you have found and the knowledge you have gained will linger on. "We have to keep in touch." "Give me your address . . ." "Don't forget to call." "What are you doing over the summer?" "Working, how about you?" K1.,. 2 9 STUQEN1' 'rr us Qc: E ? are-iff.-I S .L 32 lmiwluggl 'flu Y I Iiiulglflwgifia I lu' llllmlfllllliglll m!!!!!lIH 'Ulm 431 fm' ll A MIUWV 4 1 I .!!ggyualI I' .WW NM 4 W SING f VV tin, ,mn , JUNIOR SING To the tune of: What Now My Love? Wingate we've tried to show the feeling That's lying deep in the Junior's hearts Our voices raised, bonded with learning And our hearts are aflame with ioy. The friendships found, the memories gained And now as one, our goals attained, To sing your praise, with all our hearts All you have taught us from the very start . . To the tune of: Impossible Dream: To seek for the answer to all and know that the Knowledge is there. To light the unlightable darkness And help us our burdens to bear, Wingate, you have shown us the way To reach for the future ahead To grasp the forecoming tomorrow With strength, our fate you have lead. This is our dream, one dream in our hearts We'll never forsake it, or drift far apart, And all of our hopes, always guided by you, For we know that this feeling inside is of true unity So Wingate, if this spirit we have still remains through The years, then the light that has guided us now, will Continue and stay. For we've found something most never see That we must, though the road it be long Travel on, fighting ever with courage, To stand undefeated and strong-Undefeated and str 36 ong! Alma Mafers of the Senior Class SOPHOMORE SING To the tune of: When I Fall In Love: To our Wingate High, serenely set in splendor Enchanted memories linger on. Friendships glowing like an ember, spread a Warmth that will live through each year Dreams we've kindled here so tender In our hearts we will always revere. As our school days pass, nigh on to the summer Thoughts of Wingate High will last Perfect harmony reminds us and binds us to you To Wingate we'lI ere be true. So the Sophomores stand, oh so bold and proudly Side by side we'll always be For together we have labored, performing as one So the Sophomore sing now done. SENIOR SING To the tune of: Ebb Tide: ln the dark of the stage, curtain drawn, acting done, We see that this sing is the last we'Il ever do as one But our smiles never fade, life is our masquerade This acting is real, it's the lives that we've made. When we walk off this stage, we end this sing, But start a new page in our lives, we begin But we must surely win. Now it's time to go on separate roads with one thought And this thought is of you, Wingate High, we'Il be true We will think of our dreams, and our friends, of our sing Now it ends-fare-thee-well! SING: As sophomores, we came thundering down the aisles, singing of the mighty Gods of Olympus and Hades. Evil would conquer, good would triumph, and sophs would pray. We made it through Friday and Saturday evening performances and on Sun- day we really belted out those songs. They told us we were great, we were sure to place second. Sophs had a heat wave-go! go! We were told that never had any previous sophomore class given such a spectacular performance. We acted, sang and danced, the competition was fast and furious. As sophs we lost our first sing. Well, anyway, thanks Miss Kantrow . . . And there is always next year. Juniors! And this time we knew our business. Our scenery was beautiful, the costumes were ter- rific, and the acting was professional. Charlie went from a poor puppetman in the park to a glamorous hotel suite where he was rich and happy? Well, anyway, this year we had it made. lt was going to be a Wingate first. There was going to be a Junior Sing Victory! At dress rehearsal we were great, Saturday night we were stupendous. Sunday we were in all of our glory and when they announced the out-come, there was a titanic shout. Unfortun- ately it was by the seniors. We looked up with tear-streaked faces and they told us to wait until next year . . . But you were O.K. Miss Kantrow. Seniors at last! lt's a little sad now as we look back on all of the good times we had putting Sing together. lt was grand, it was great, it was fun, even when we lost. Sing, more than any other school activity, brought us together. We worked and strove as a class to reach the one, common, ultimate goal of producing a good show. And when we gave our performances, we could say with pride that this is ours, no one has helped us, we did this on our own. And we were rewarded, if not by victory, then by the satisfaction of seeing the people in the audience enioying something that we, as students, had created. With these MRS. A. KANTROW TORRES thoughts in mind, we compounded all of our skills and previous knowledge into making senior sing the best ever. And it was! We sang of man's emasculation, we screamed for women's rights, but most of all, we enjoyed ourselves. And when Sun- day came, we knew it was our turn. We won Sing and we cried. The tears were partially because of the happiness and success that Sing brought us, but they were mostly because we knew that this was our last Sing-our last activity together as a whole. Now the time has come to go on separate roads, "with one thought, and this thought is of you Wingate High. We will think of our dreams and our friends, of our sing, now it ends. Fare- thee-well!" And, farewell to you, Mrs. Andrea lKantrowl Torres! xg w- TXQQ K X ,A 0 aA"sQ Y. N Vi K up N aw- N Q A l x IS fb P17 PRCFILE: THE WINGATE STUDENT A -'Z' , T .M W Y a i 1. H X 6 l N Ti: "A'1 The Cutter i 4 ll 5 '!'.V"q'A li Ti 131 1115- , The Clown Although Wingate is made up of many different types, they have all learned to work together, to syncopate their contrasting ideas into one common understanding through Wingate which acts as the medium. After graduation, we will all go our separate ways, but we will never be alone in thought, for all through our lives we will be reminded of our experiences at Wingate and the aFfect each teacher and stu- dent had on us. No matter how different we all were-we shared something sacred-which made us one instead of many. 38 e Swinger . - "',ff,:X , ., ff . ' A il RMU X 'O 5,a':.v maq.,fw U The Joiner :SQ G 3:12 xxuf 9 9 all X X Q 5 ....- rl lelllm X. w ' - A la l , ' T in 5 fi , - W ww S :Timm The Studier G. O. Commissioners 1 . f -: 4 . AQXQMS ' 2 2 ' ,fire :.. - LNLWM, 1- is .fa G. O. Class Officers Rui' Senior Class Representatives Senior Class Officers Wingate High School Color Guard L Arista College Representatives 1 .,,, f ,, , ,, W , ,1,,.,,.., .., , Biology Club Audio-Visual Squad Chemistry Club Chess Club Distributive Education Clubs of America Current Problems Club Library Squad g , , . .1,z 1 ,,, .-fQ: , Drama Club Pan-American Club Photography Club Student Patrol Program Committee The Specfrum Staff The Wingafe World Staff The Mosaic SMH 9 QSQR 1 f' .5 X fp' QW NXSWNSQR W ,iff Qx xx ff' fn E' . A X R. .hkgwf Yfgfhsgg WH Xiang, N t N X ,HY K , ,MIA A '-4.4-1--'41,-ll Q f W M me X KN N xyg, , fag..- W.. N "WN WW Wfxn X wx fd Q0 JH, ix ' xw . J Bowling Team Track Team Cross-Country Team Fencing Club Soccer Team Swimming Team Basketball Team 53 Golf Team Tennis Team Baseball Team Boys Senior Leaders Cheerleaders Boosters A if Stunts ond Tumbling Club Girls Senior Leaders Modern Dance Club Girls Bowling Club 115. Girls Basketball Club MUSIC Orchestra Girls Chorus Bond Boys Chorus Mixed Chorus 51' .Nu NX Sharon Sachartoff 5feven.Fl0kS Miss Wingate MF- Wmgale Nathan Szfainhart Boy Most Likely Rosemary Morrongiello Girl Most Likely T0 Succeed To Succeed Harvey Pass Steven Siegel Most Popular Most Popular "' ""' Boy Pair ,A M0""l5 Bwlef' Claudia Goldstein Boy Wh0 D'd MOST Best Girl Dancer For The School 62 Esther Edelman Hilary Silberfarb Class Artist Cutest Senior Joanne Krauss Class Dramatist Gail Cohen Class Wit SENIGR CELEBRITIES, JANUARY Ilene Zeing vlCl'OI' COheI"l Best Dressed Girl B99 Dressed BOY Doreen Greenwald Most Popular Girl Pair Sheldon Collymore Class Vocalist Carol Gutbrod Class Musician Meryl Kusinitz Most Popular Girl Pair Alice Ginsberg Most Congenial Carol Meshberg Prettiest Senior SENIOR CELEBRITIES, JUNE Donna Barbot Marc Siegel Miss Wingate Mr. Wingate Eric Sherman Gail Kamerman Joel Simon MUCICIY MIISISIY1 Boy Most Likely Girl Most Likely Boy Who Did Most Gif' WIIO Did MOS' Ttivfcefrfiie To Succeed For The FO' The SUMO' Xxx. Q 'f 1 XA john Powell George Bonneff - Hope Finegold Gabriela Schaefer Most Popular MOV POP'-IIUI' Most Popular MUS' PUPUIUV Pair BOY PGN' Girl Pair Girl PGII' Allen ISaml Hymowitz Most Congenial Boy Robert Picone Handsomesf Senior Diane I-Clrfier Lochlin Richetts Wanda Birchette Most Congenial Girl Best Boy Athlete Best Girl Athlete Susan Egyes Prelliesf Senior 63 A Peggy Alston Best Dressed Girl , f l d uiiiffflf Um., .,.gi.....a: x E ' H1151 H' . R5 ,.g.1gz, ,sm Y 21? 1. ig t ' ' - .ite ,Q- gf, ,f 51 ' Lim bla ,sis X A' .v R Q.. ax Q, 'a gi it if iiqgk wt i . , . .v,:W:zW?f: qi ,- z i 'A-uf 1 IH E, W, yi, .Wg 1 S Sandra Lamar Class Vocalist Robert lTobyl Tobias Denise Beckwith Class Dramatist Best Dancer CAMERA SHY Patricia Henderson Anthony Scuillq Cid-SS Wil Best Dressed Boy Eli Kuslansky Gregory Vqughn Class Artist Class Musician Lynette Blackwood Cutest Senior GEORGE W. WINGATE l HIGH SCHOOL ALMA MATER Here are the hopes placed in our hearts by Wingate Here is the truth sown in our minds by Wingate Carry the torch of hope and of knowledge into the world beyond Alma-mater, give us courage always. Crimson and white, all of us will remember Your burning light never will turn to ember Learning together we have made friends to last our whole life through Our alma-mater, these days will live forever. railuafc '57 Wig' 4? 4? 4' f iq X-Jil: 'g,:',9y. , AQ mzfinn ,,jb.'4.V,gy J'f1'13u-uqa 'i-L-ff., N4 I fs , . ,rx ,fggzgefagmf x M 4,14 'Q it --.X ,QF , 1 g ."" - V: QQ 4'1" f' a..3. a 'ff ui f-v-v- eaf- M' 'Q ""F.:'f,.hf'Gf9i'4-51 f 12, ga-r f1fm'f2-' '-Q f ' V-FX. ' W' " b ' ' -2:55-1 'PE-, sf. QSP-Ns .fs-f'v f f 50 ' 'v- f f vw' ,. 'N'+'u'1v"f+ 4'RkN I. IH' 0' " rw! ,f4"4S"',,.'M'. W Vx rxxxllua bail 9' M " ':?h'.'x:"m',s,xX Y ' ' ' 1 gf' ,, K 'A Jvwfgt Q- .lx I 'Vx ku' ffl" 'gf 'l,iP , xx ' ' ' Q QP" x ' ,fjvfo X K x xv l 1 , I W 'urn by 0,4 71 'Q .1 1 'IIWQKK Q5 y4.':.s:gf,, - JV - J -m,,421H,-fw. fx 7'f"2Qg'Q'f 'Taix.,.Q - 50 " l ynfr'-8 . f f Af, xf3SNyijfn 'f-1, NX 'f4'e x- , S f We nYw4w I f Q 'x. 2 , A , ' 1, f ww 1 X x X xi W 5 ' N X 4 KIMNK Xl 'NX I ik Q KXQXXX I ll Q X '13 ' K X . X y ' u XX XA x J X xx NX 1 X CARMEN ABBOTT ARLENE AsRAMowlrz STUART ABRAM5 ABBOTT, CARMEN Official Class President, Library Squad, Teacher's Assistant ABRAMS, STUART Biology lab, Clothing Room Monitor ABRAMOWITZ, ARLENE College Representative, Atendance Monitor MICHAEL AGARD MURAT ALDAS STANLEY ALEXANDER ALLAM, BARBARA Student Patrol ALSTON, PEGGY Sing, Mixed Chorus, Modern Dance AMlN, FELICE Library Squad, Language Office, Senior Representa- tive, Class Secretary ARCHER, MARCIA ARSENIK, KENNETH Sing ASKEW, CAROLYN Teacher's Assistant 66 AGARD, MICHEAL Teacher's Assistant ALDA5, MURAT ALEXANDER, STANLEY College Representative BARBARA ALLAM PEGGY ALs1oN FENCE AWN 1 Y MARCIA ARCHER KENNETH ARSENIK CAROLYN ASKEW ASSELTA, ROBERTA Ofticial Class President, Sing, Library, Attendance Office AUSTIN, FRANCES It Library Squad, Teacher's Assistant ' AXELROD, NORMAN G.O. Representative, Student Patrol, Physics Squad, Biology Squad .Ili ff I ROBERTA ASSELTA FRANCES AUS-HN NORMAN AXELROD BALOWITZ, BARBARA Arista Red Cross Commissioner, Booster, Sing, Wingate World, Sing Journal, Human Relations Club BARBOT, DONNA Arista Captain of Boosters, Mixed Chorus, Spectrum, Sing Journal, Vice President of Senior Leaders, Sing, Mosaic BARNETT, LINDA Chorus, Sing, Official Class President, Teacher's As- sistant II ,I BARBARA BALOWITZ DONNA BARBOT I-INDA BARNETT SUSAN BASS PHILIP BASSETT HYACINTH BATSON v. 1 , N L MORRIS BAYER ARNOLD BAYLIN VERNELL BAYNE BASS, SUSAN Sing, Attendance Office, Ofticial Class Secretary, Teacher's Assistant BASSETT, PHILIP Track Team BATSON, HYACINTH Dancing Club, Teacher's Assistant, G.O. Representa- tive BAYER, MORRIS Captain-Audio Visual Squad, Audio Visual Sing Commissioner, Captain-Assembly Squad, Captain- Honor Guard, Member of the Student Council, Cap- tain-Stage Squad, Teacher's Assistant BAYLIN, ARNOLD Student Patrol, Sing, Photography Club BAYNE, VERNELL Bowling Club, Sing, Library Squad 67 BEAMON, YVONNE BEAN, RONNIE Guidance Office Assistant BEASON, GEORGE BECKLES, CHERYL Sing, Girls' Chorus, G.O. Squad, Teacher's Assistant BECKSTEIN, DANIEL BECKWITH, DENISE Cheerleader, Sing, Teacher's Assistant, Cutting OtYice YVONNE BEAMON RONNIE BEAN GEORGE BEASON Representative, Library WALTER BEES 68 CHRISTINE BELVER JOANNE BELL I ANITA BENJAMIN CHERYL BECKLES DANIEL BECKSTEIN DENISE BECKWITH EUGENE BELT JOAN BENJAMIN BEES, WALTER Basketball Team BELL, JOANNE Sing, Student Patrol, Modern Dance Club BELT, EUGENE Student Patrol BELVER, CHRISTINE Cheerleader, Sing, Athletic Commissioner, Girls' Bas- ketball, Girls' Handball, Drama Guild, Mixed Chorus Modern Dance BENJAMIN, ANITA BENJAMIN, JOAN Teacher's Assistant FAYE BENTCHKOWSKI IRENE BERGMAN ROBERT BERMAN BENTCHKOWSKI, FAYE Sing, Official Class Secretary BERGMAN, IRENE Arista Clubs Commissioner, Spectrum, Drama Club, Orches- tra, Teacher's Assistant, Library Squad, Sing. BERMAN, ROBERT Teacher's Assistant BERRY, BARBARA BARBARA BERRY JOANNE BERRY LOYCE BEST BERTHOLF, JOHN Captain-Bowling Team, Chem Squad, Student Patrol BEVANS, JUNE Attendance Otilice, Program Oftice, G.O. Representa- tive, Teacher's Assistant BIEGELEISEN, EVELYN Girls' Chorus, Sing, Teacher's Assistant BILL, ELAINE Library Squad, Teacher's Assistant, Sing BIRCHETTE, WANDA Track Team, Orchestra BIRNBAUM, BETTSE Booster, Sing, Teacher's Assistant JOHN BERTHOLF q"'4lt MQ!" ELAINE BILL Pan American Club, Dance Club, Sing. BERRY, JOANNE Sing, Current Events Club, Pan American Club BEST, LOYCE Sing, Basketball Club, Handball Club, Mixed Chorus, Volleyball Club JUNE BEVANS EVELYN BIEGELEISEN WANDA BIRCHETTE BETTSE BIRNBAUM 69 BLACKWOOD, LYNETTE G.O. Representative, Sing BLAIN, MARTIN Arista Library Squad, Mosaic, Sing, Teacher's Assistant BLANDER, ROSALIE Arista Captain of Cheerleaders, Senior Leader, Sing, Teach- er's Assistant LYNETTE BLACKWOOD MARTIN BLAIN ROSALIE BLANDER BLOOM, SHARON Sing, Library Squad, Official Class President, Teach- er's Assistant BLUMENGOLD, JEFF Baseball Team, Mosaic Assistant Editor-in-Chief, Sing BOGUS, PAUL Baseball Team, Student Patrol, Chorus SHARON BLOOM JEFF BLUMENGOLD PAUL BOGUS BONETT, GEORGE Cross Country Team, Track Team, Mixed Chorus BONNETT, MELVIN BRANDES, CAROL Wingate World, Spectrum, Booster, Civic Affairs Com- missioner, Teacher's Assistant GEORGE BONETT MELVIN BONNETT CAROL BRANDES BRATHWAITE, REBON Band BRAUZER, SIDELLE Sing, Mosaic, Booster, G.O. Representative, Red Cross Commission, Chorus, Teacher's Assistant BRAVERMAN, BRUCE Arista Mosaic Editor-in-Chief, Attendance Squad, Otticial Class President, Olticial Class Secretary, Red Cross Representative, G.O. Representative O REBON BRATHWAITE SIDELLE BRAUZER BRUCE BRAVERMAN , l ILENE BRENRER LINDA BRIGGS LEON BRODRICK BRENKER, ILENE Secretary for College Coordinator, Official Class Of- ficer, Sing, Drama Club BRIGGS, LINDA Cafeteria Guard, Sing BRODRICK, LEON BROWN, BRUCE Teacher's Assistant, Sing, Golf Team, Boys' Chorus BROWN, GERALD Teacher's Assistant, Student Patrol, Library Squad, Sing BRUCE, JACQUES BRUCE BROWN GERALD BROWN JACQUES BRUCE BROWN, JOAN BURACH, LEON Sing, Golf Team, Boys' Chorus, Attendance Office BURKE, KATHY JOAN BROWN LEON BURACH KATHY BURKE CHARLES gym CARMELA CALCASOLA SALENA CALLIS BYRD, CHARLES CALLIS, SALENA CALCASOLA, CARMELA Sing, Official Class President, Official Class Secretary 7l 72 MICHAEL CANTOR JOHN CARVELLI ROBERT CERULLO CANTOR, MICHAEL Biology Lab. Squad, Lab. Squad Chemistry Lab. Squad, Physics CARVELLI, JOHN CERULLO, ROBERT CHAIFETZ, STEVEN Sing, Bowling Team, Tennis Team Co-Captain CHAMBERLAIN, ROBINSON Sing CHAPLIN, GALE Cafeteria Patrol, G.O. Representative, Library Squad STEVEN CHAIFETZ VALERIE CHAMBERS GALE CHAPLIN CHAPMAN, JOAN Chemistry lab. Squad, Attendance Squad, G.O. Rep- resentative, Senior Representative, Library Squad, Sing, Otticial Class Representative CHAPMAN, ROBERT CHARLES, ERNESTO Baseball Team, Sing, Soccer Team JOAN CHAPMAN 'RA CHERNICK HARVE CHERY PATRICIA CHESTNUT ROBERT CHAPMAN ERNESTO CHARLES CHERNICK, IRA Swimming Team CHERY, HARVE CHESTNUT, PATRICIA CHIN, CHEUNG Fencing Team, Math Oftice CHIN, EUGENE CHIN, HELEN CHEUNG CHIN EUGENE CHIN HELEN CHIN L ',11 CHIN, SUSAN Teacher's Assistant CLARE, JASMINE CLARK, BRENDA Library Squad susAN CL-HN JASMINE CLARE BRENDA CLARK CLARKE, DELETHA FOX, CHARLES Guard CLEMENT, HORTENSIA Senior Sing DELETHA CLARKE CHARLES rox HORTENSIA CLEMENT CLINKSCALE, DARLENE Mixed Chorus, Biology Squad, Business Office, Li- brary Squad, Lunch Squad, Sing COGEL, SANDRA COHEN, GAIL Sing, Program Otiice, Squad, Social Studies Otiice, G.O. Representative, College Representative, Teach- er's Assistant DARLENE CLINKSCALE SANDRA COGEL GAIL COHEN COHEN, GARRY Wingate World Technical Editor COHEN, LYDIA Sing, Language Omce, Home Arts Office, Teacher's Assistant COHEN, STEVEN Official Class President, Biology Laboratory, Distribu- l tive Education Laboratory, Guard Force GARRY COHEN LYDIA COHEN STEVEN COHEN COHEN, VICTOR Wingate World Staff, Sing, Physics Squad COLLINS, STEVE COLLYMORE, SHELDON Mixed Chorus, Boys' Chorus, Teacher's Assistant, Sing, All-City Chorus VICTOR COHEN STEVE COLLINS SHELDON COLLYMORE CONNER, BARNEY Track Team, Mixed Chorus, Human Relations Club, Sing CONNER, MARIONETTE Modern Dance Club, Sing, Chorus CORBETT, BARBABA Sing, Attendance Office, Guidance Oflice COUTURIER, WILLIE MAE Elections Commissioner, Drama Guild, Sing, Senior Representative, Mosaic Stal? COX, GREGORY CRAWFORD, CHARLES 74 cs ',,,.., BARNEY coNNER MARIONETTE coNNEn BARBARA CORBETT WILLIE MAE COUTURIER GREGORY COX CHARLES CRAWFORD CROOMS, RONALD CUSICK, GAIL G.O. Representative, M Junior Leaders DANDY, MILDRED Official Class Secretary DAUGHTRY, BRENDA Chorus DAUGHTRY, LINDA Basketball Club DAVIS, SYLVIA ath Otiiice, Teacher's Assistant, RONALD CROOMS GAIL CUSICK MILDRED DANDY l BRENDA DAUGHTRY LINDA DAUGHTRY SYLVIA DAVIS DEMMONS, HILDRED DENNIS, MARCIA Sing, Official Class President, Official Class Secretary, Teacher's Assistant DESVIGNES, PATRICIA G.O. Officer, College Representative, Senior Repre- sentative, Attendance Office HILDRED DEMMQN5 MARCIA DENNIS PATRICIA DESVIGNES DIACONE, BARBARA Program Ottice, Oflicial Class Vice President DIBRIENZA, CONCETTA Girls' Chorus, Genral Office DIAMOND, BETH Booster, Sing, Program Office, Otficial Class Vice President BARBARA DIACONE coNcETrA DIBRIENZA BETH DIAMOND 75 DIAMOND, DEBBIE Official Class Vice President, G.O. Representative, Sing, Secretary to Dean DIAMOND, MARCIA Sing, Senior Leader DODD, PRISCILLA Sing, G.O. DEBBIE DIAMOND DOWNEY, JACQUELYN Teacher's Assistant, Guidance Office, Secretary, Sen- ior Leader, Cafeteria Squad DUNCAN, DIANE Library Stat? DUCKLER, HARRIET Arista Booster, Mosaic, Sing JACQUELYN DOWNEY ESTHER EDEI-MAN TREVOR EDGHILL LESLIE EDWARDS MARCIA DIAMOND I 'C Q-'S . - O I GY mah. -f- I DIANE DUNCAN EDELMAN, ESTHER Senior Representative, PRISCILLA DODD HARRIET DUCKLER Sing, Orchestra, Program Of fice Squad, Official Class President EDGHILL, TREVOR Teacher's Assistant EDWARDS, LESLIE EDWARDS, LORETTA 3 U EDWARDS, YVONNE Mixed Chorus, Gene EISENMAN, BARRY Bowling Team, Sing LORETTA EDWARDS YVONNE EDWARDS BARRY EISENMAN 76 ral Office, Business Office EISENSTEIN, LAURIE Cheerleader Captain, G.O. Representative, College Representative, Sing, Wingate World Reporter ELLENBOGEN, EDWARD Arista Editor Wingate World, Sing, College Representative EGYES, SUSAN Sing, English Otiice Squad LAURIE EISENSTEIN EDWARD ELLENBOGEN SUSAN EGYES ENDLICH, PAULINE Sing, Guidance Ottice, Teacher's Assistant ENG, JANET Teacher's Assistant ENGLER, CLAIRE Arista Sing, library Squad, Chorus PAULINE ENDLICH JANET ENG CLAIRE ENGLER EPSTEIN, PHYLLIS Assistant to Miss Friedman, Sing, Booster, G.O. Rep- resentative ERLBAUM, HILARY Arista Boosters, Library Squad, Sing, Chorus EROSA, ROBERT Sing ESCOFFERY, WINSTON Soccer Team ESPOSITO, FRANCES Prog ram Office EVANS, RUPPERT Basketball Team PHYLLIS EPSTEIN HILARY ERLBAUM ROBERT EROSA WINSTON ESCOFFERY FRANCES ESPOSITO RUPPERT EVANS EVOY, PATRICIA Drama Guild, Photography Club, Library Squad. Teacher's Assistant FALBEL, ROSALYN Sing, Library Squad, Teacher's Assistant FANNELL, RANDOLPH Band, Senior Representative PATRICIA EVOY ROSALYN FALBEL RANDOLPH FANNELL FEIG, MEYER Biology Club, Chemistry Club, Swimming Team Health Education Office Secretary, Cafeteria Squad Student Patrol FEITELSON, ARLENE Teacher's Assistant FELDMAN, JACOB Library Squad, Sing MEYER FEIG ARLENE FEITELSON JACOB FELDMAN MITCHELL FELDMAN FILS-AIME, GERTHA FINEGOLD, HOPE Arista G.O. Clubs Commissioner, Senior Representative, Mosaic Staff, Sing FISCHLER, ARLENE G.O. Representative, Sing, Debating Team, Biology Lab. Squad, Chemistry Lab. Squad, Physics Lab. Squad, Senior Representative, Official Class Presi- dent,, Guidance Office Squad 78 FELDMAN, MITCHELL FEUER, SHEILA Arista College Representative, Sing, Teacher's Assistant, Program Office, Secretary to Dean FIER, BETTY Arista , Library Squad, Teacher's Assistant, Human Relations - Club SHEILA FEUER BETTY FIER GERTHA FILS-AIME HOPE FINEGOLD ARLENE FISCHLER HSCHMAN, SHELDON FISH, MICHAEL Sing, Administrative ORice Squad, Attendance Office Squad, College Representative, Ofticial Class Presi- dent, A.V. Squad, Photography Club, Spectrum Staff FISH, ROSEANNE Sing, Guidance Oftice Squad, Attendance Office Squad, Library Squad SHELDON FISCHMAN MICHAEL FISH ROSEANNE FISH FISHER, DARRYLIN Teacher's Assistant FISHER, DONALD FISHKIN, .IACQUELINE Teacher's Assistant, Sing DARRYI-IN FISHER DONALD FISHER JACQUELINE FISHKIN FITTS, REBECCA FLAKS, STEVEN Sophomore Class President, Athletic Commissioner, Sing Script Writer, Sing, Teacher's Assistant FLEARY, ANDREW REBECCA FITTS STEVEN FLAKS ANDREW Fl-EARY FLECK, BARBARA Sing FLOYD, KENNETH FLUORNOY, LORENZO BARBARA FLECK KENNETH FLOYD LORENZO FLUORNOY 79 Spectrum Staff, Booster, Cheerleader, Drama Club, 2 Z .mf - 5 1 -. '-.: , . CYNTHIA FORBES MADGE FORD BETTY FORDE FORTE, ROSANNA Pan-American Club FORTNEY, YOSELINE FREDERA, FRED Swimming Team FRANCIS. LYDIA Arista College Representative, Human Relations Club, Or- chestra, Wingate World Staff, Spectrum Essay Editor, Arista Secretary FRASER, YVONNE Booster, Library Squad, Attendance Office Squad, College Representative, Social Commission Squad, Orchestra FRIEDMAN, BARRY Boys' Chorus, Sing, Golf Team, Dean's Office, Teach- er's Assistant FORBES, CYNTHIA Modern Dance Club FORD, MADGE FORDE, BETTY Teacher's Assistant LY Q ROSANNA FORTE 4.11, ,-... 'TTY' A A X lan . ,, AK a ,Q 3 s n aff YOSELINE FORTNEY FRED FREDERA LYDIA FRANCIS YvoNNE FRASER BARRY FMDMAN lx X 80 PARRIS FULLER LINDA FUNCHESS SHIRLEY FUR5 FULLER, PARRIS Booster, Official Class Secretary FUNCHESS, LINDA FURS, SHIRLEY GRACIA, MARIE GARDNER, LAWRENCE Drum and Bugle Corps GAYLE, MARIE Pan-American Club, Teacher's Assistant, Social Studies Oliice Squad, Attendance Oflice Squad, Mathematics Oliice Squad MARIE GRACIA LAWRENCE GARDNER MARIE GAYLE GELLES, SUZE GEOURZOUNG, CARLOS Soccer Team Co-Captain, Dean's Office Squad DANIELS, GERHARDUS SUZE GELLES CARLOS GEOURZOUNY GERHARDU5 DANIEL-5 GILLIAM, SANDRA GINSBURG, ALICE Orchestra, Mosaic, Sing Journal, Teacher's Assistant, Human Relations Club, Sing, Official Class President GIRARD, DIANE Teacher's Assistant, Attendance Office Squad, Library Squad SANDRA GILLIAM ALICE GINSBURG DIANE GIRARD GITLITZ, BERNARD Current Problems Club GLASSMAN, NEIL Junior Varsity, Varsity GLENN, MELVA Baseball BERNARD GITLITZ NEIL GLASSMAN MELVA GLENN 81 GLICK, MYREL Arista Sing, Booster, Senior Representative, Wingate World Exchange Editor GOLDBERG, DONNIE Booster GOLDBERG, JOAN Library Squad, Sing, Emergency Room Squad, At- tendance Office Squad, Teacher's Assistant MYREL GLICK DONNIE GOLDBERG JOAN GOLDBERG STEVEN GOLDBERG GOLDMAN, FRED GOLDSTEIN, CLAUDIA Sing, G.O. Representative, Teacher's Assistant, Mixed Chorus GOLDSTEIN, IVY Arista President Human Relations Club, Spectrum, Sing Jour- nal, Sing, Teacher's Assistant, College Representative GOLDSTEIN, MARK Program Oltice Staff GRADY, DEBORAH GRANOWITZ, SUSAN Arista Wingate World Editorial Page Editor, Sing, Guidance Office Squad, Current Problems Club GOLDBERG, STEVEN Biology Lab. Squad, Chemistry Lab. Squad, Physics lab. Squad GOLDFARB, FRANCINE GOLDING, ELLEN FRANCINE GOLDFARB ELLEN GOLDING FRED GOLDMAN CLAUDIA GOLDSTEIN IVY GOLDSTEIN Ll , gg 82 MARK GOLDSTUN DEBORAH GRADY susAN oRANowirz GRANT, BERNICE Stunts and Tumbling Club GRANT, NORMA Arista Wingate World Art Staff, College Representative, Spectrum Staff, Attendance Office Squad, Teacher's Assistant GRAVES, ANTHONY Orchestra BERNICE GRANT NORMA GRANT ANTHONY GRAVES GREEN, ROGER Track Team, Library Squad, Attendance Office GREENE, ELLEN G.O. Representatievv, Teacher's Assistant, Attendance Ottice GREENE, MITCHEU. library Squad, Sing Journal Statt, Wingate World Staff, G.O. Councilman, Current Problems Club ROGER GREEN ELLEN GREENE MITCHELL GREENE GREENFIELD, AUDREY GREENIDGE, JERRY Student Patrol GREENIDGE, RICHARD AUDREY GREENFlElD JERRY GREENIDGE RICHARD GREENIDGE GREENIDGE, WORSELEY GREENWALD, DOREEN Sing, Class Vice-President, Class Secretary, Teacher's Assistant GREZINSKY, EDWARD Wingate World Staff, Student Patrol, Band WORSELEY GREENIDGE DOREEN GREENWALD EDWARD GREZINSKY Q .3 GUTBROD, CAROL Orchestra, Teacher's Assistant, Official Class Secre- tary, Official Class President, Attendance Otiice HABER, BARRY Biology Lab. Squad, Physics Lab. Squad, Official Class President, Cafeteria Patrol HALLIBURTON, BOBBY Senior Band, Track Team, Student Patrol, College Representative, Current Events Club, Basketball Team HALPERIN, JEFFREY Program Otiice Squad, Senior Leader HALPERN, ELLIOT Guidance Office Squad HANKIN, JOEL Biology Lab. Squad, Westinghouse Scholarship Club KAREN HARBER GWENDOLYN HARDWICK Tomo HARRISON 84 MARGURITA HAYNES DENISE HEADLEY SHELLY HECKER CAROL GUTBROD BARRY HABER BOBBY HALLIBURTON JEFFREY HALPERIN ELLIOT HALPERN JOEL HANKIN HARBER, KAREN Arista Club Commissioner, Booster, G.O. Representative, Drama Club, Program Oflice, Library Squad, Teach- er's Assistant, College Representative HARDWICK, GWENDOLYN Spectrum, Senior Leader, G.O. Commissioner, Mixed Chorus, Drama Club, Girls' Basketball Team, Sing HARRISON, TODD HAYNES, MARGURITA Spanish Club HEADLEY, DENISE Girls' Chorus, Library Squad, Sing, Bowling Club HECKER, SHELLY G.O. Representative, Teacher's Secretary 4 HENDERSON, JUNE HENRY, LEATRICE Library Squad, Volleyball Club HENRY, YVONNE Drama Club, Sing, Human Relations Club, Official Class President, G.O. Representative JUNE HENDERSON LEATRICE HENRY YVONNE HENRY HERNANDEZ, JUANA Attendance Office Squad HERTZAN, GARY fice Squad HERZBERG, ROSE ative, Library Squad, Teacher's Assistant JUANA HERNANDEZ GARY HERTZAN Rose Henzssnc HEWITT, MARIO Baseball Team HEYWARD, ARLENE Sing, Teacher's Assistant, Modern Dance Club HIGGINSON, MARLENE Official Class President, Sing, Bowling Club, Nurses Club, Teacher's Assistant HILL, JACQUELINE Sing HOl.lEY, PAULETTE HOPE, OTILIA Pan-American Club 1 , l ,itl !' MARIO HEWITT ARLENE HEYWARD MARLENE HIGGINSON l JACQUEUNE HILL PAULETTE HOLLEY OTILIA HOPE Library Squad, Cutting Office Squad, Attendance Of- Drama Club, Sing, Spectrum Staff, College Represent- HORAN, BRIAN HORTON, CHARLESETTA HUREWITZ, MONA Official Class President, Sing, Teacher's Assistant CAROLYN HUTCHINSON ALLEN HYMOWITZ SHARIAN JACKSON ANN JAMES JOHNSON, GLADYS Secretarial Office Squad JOHNSON, GLORIA Library Squad, Modern Dance Club, New York State Employment Service JOHNSON, HAROLD 86 BRIAN HORAN CHARLESETTA HORTON MONA HUREWITZ HUTCHINSON, CAROLYN Spectrum Staff, Girls' Basketball Club, Drama Club Sing, Girls' Tumbling Team HYMOWITZ, ALLEN Program Office Staff, Sing p INGRAM, PHILIP PHILIP INGRAM JACKSON, SHARIAN Official Class President, Teacher's Assistant JAMES, ANN Teacher's Assistant JEANTY, EDDY Soccer Team, Student Patrol, Teacher's Assistant EDDY JEANTY GLADYS JOHNSON GLORIA JOHNSON HAROLD JOHNSON Sing, Modern Dance Club, Program Oliice Squad, MARCELLA JOHNSON iDEBRA JONES ETHEL JONES JOHNSON, MARCELLA JONES, DEBRA JONES, ETHEL Sing, Mixed Chorus, Volleyball Club, Handball Club Basketball Club JONES, PHYLLIS JOSEPH, MADELEIN Arista Sing, College Representative JUREIDINI, ALTHEA . Mug U PHYLLIS JONES MADELEIN JOSEPH ALTHEA JUREIDINI JUSTO, ANNE Mixed Chorus, Attendance OFfice KAMERMAN, GAIL Arista Wingate World, Boosters, Senior Leader, Mosaic, Sing, Senior Representative, Civic Affairs Squad, Teacher's Assistant KAMINSKY, LAWRENCE A.V. Squad, College Representative, Official Class President, Mosaic, Band, Golf Team ANNE JUSTO GAIL KAMERMAN LAWRENCE KAMINSKY ROBERT KANNER ARTHUR KAPLAN ALAN KATZ KANNER, ROBERT KAPLAN, ARTHUR KATZ, ALAN Arista G.O. Representative, Sing, Chemistry Lab. Squad KERNISANT, LESLEY Student Patrol, Teacher's Assistant, Soccer Team KERSCHMAN, LESLEY Arista Wingate World, Boosters, Sing Civic Affairs Squad KESSLER, RICHARD KIMBALL, JEFFREY Spectrum, Wingate World, Physics Lab. Preparatory Squad, Chemistry Lab, Preparatory Squad KITCHELL, JOHN Mosaic, Baseball Team, Math Office, Official Class Secretary KLEIN, GALE Cheerleader, Sing, Teacher's Assistant f!', KATZ, LIBBY Mixed Chorus, Teacher's Assistant, Sing KATZMAN, ELLEN Arista Student Council, G.O. Representative, Senior Leader, Wingate World, Sing. KERNER, SHARON Sing, Senior Representative, Library Squad, Teacher's Assistant LIBBY KATZ ELLEN KATZMAN SHARON KERNER LESLEY KERNISANT JEFFREY KIMBALL LESLEY KERSCHMAN RICHARD KESSLER 88 JOHN KITCHELL GALE KLEIN KLEIN, JAY Physics Lab. Squad, Chemistry Squad, Student Patrol KLEIN, MARK Student Patrol KNIGHT, DENISE College Representative, Senior Representative ff JAY KLEIN MARK KLEIN DENISE KNIGHT KNIGHT, JUNE Sing, Library Squad, Drama Guild, G.O. Representa- tive, Red Cross Representative KNOX, EUGENE Wingate World, Fencing Team KOLOTKIN, CHARLES JUNE KNIGHT EUGENE KNOX CHARLES KOLOTKIN KOSKOFF, BRUCE Sing, Fencing Team, Student Patrol, Teacher's Assist- ant, Biology Lab. Squad, Chemistry Lab. Squad KRAUSS, JOANNE Sing, Chorus, Attendance Office, Mosaic, Teacher's Assistant KUSINITZ, MERYL Sing, Teacher's Assistant, Mixed Chorus, Modern Dance Club BRUCE Kosxorr JOANNE KRAuss MERYL Kusmlrz LA BRECQUE, ERNEST LARTIQUE, MAX LAMAR, SANDRA Sing, Girls' Chorus ERNEST LA BRECQUE MAX LARTIQUE SANDRA LAMAR LAMB, SONIA LAMBERT, ALTHEA College Representative, Teacher's Assistant LAMPNER, JANET Sing, Library Squad, Treasury Ofiice SONIA LAMB ALTHEA LAMBERT JANET LAMPNER , so LAPAYOVER, GARY Student Patrol, Program Otiice, Teacher's Assistant, G.O. Representative, Sing, A.V. Squad LARRIER, DIANE Girls' Chorus, Drama Guild, Sing, Official Class Secretary LARY, AMY Arista Drama Guild, Sing, Library Squad, College Repre- sentative GARY LAPAYOVER DIANE LARRIER AMY LARY l LASASSO, DONNA I Student Patrol, Nurse Club LAWRENCE, TED LAWRENCE, VAN DONNA LASASSO TED LAWRENCE VAN LAWRENCE LEE, HESTER Library Squad, Oliicial Class President, Red Cross Squad, Olticial Class Vice President, Basketball Club, Tumbling Team LEE, MADELINE Official Class President, G.O. Representative, Mixed Chorus, Official Class Secretary LEON, SHERRY Sing, Teacher's Assistant LEONCE, LICOT Soccer Team LEVY, MAXINE Arista Sing, Teacher's Assistant, College Representative, Program Otiice, Library Squad LEVY, MICHAEL Biology Club, Library Squad 90 HESTER LEE MADELINE LEE SHERRY LEON LICOT LEONCE MAXINE LEVY MICHAEL LEVY LEVY, STEVE General Office, Stock Room LEWIS, RITA LIFCSHITZ, VICKI Teacher's Assistant, Guidance OHice STEVE LEVY RITA LEWIS VICKI LIFSCHITZ LIOTINE, SANTA Library Squad LITTMAN, JEFF J.V. Baseball Team, Sing LITWIN, ALICE Teacher's Assistant SANTA LlOTlNE JEFF LITTMAN ALICE LlTWlN ix JULIA LONG ADRIENNE LUCAS ARLENE LYNCH DEBORAH LYNCH STEVEN MACK RONALD MACKIE LONG, JULIA Teacher's Assistant LUCAS, ADRIENNE Basketball Club, Library Squad, Tumbling Club Mixed Chorus LYNCH, ARLENE Sing, Library Squad, Office Duty LYNCH, DEBORAH Sing, Library Squad, Booster MACK, STEVEN Arista Sing, Language Tutor MACKIE, RONALD 92 MAISEL, JACK Library Squad, Biology Squad, Chemistry Squad, Physics Squad, Biology Club MALLOZZI, BERNADETTE Teacher's Assistant MANDELBLATT, .IEANNE Arista Sing Commissioner, Sing, Booster, Senior Leader, G.O. Representative, Senior Representative, Mosaic, Biology Club if X JEANNE MANDELBLATT JACK MAISEL BERNADETTE MALLOZZI MARANO, CARMELA Sing, Teacher's Assistant MARTES, DEBORAH Commissioner Civic Affairs, Basketball Club, Mixed Chorus, Tumbling Team, Drama Guild, Mosaic MARTINEZ, WILLIAM Teacher's Assistant FRANCINE MATTES RONALD MATTHEW EMELIA MAY DEBORAH MAYBLOOM CARMELA MARANO DEBORAH MARTES THERESA MATUOZZI KAREN MC -QM., 1, CLAlN WILLIAM MARTINEZ MATTES, FRANCINE Senior Leader, Mosaic, Oliicial Class President, Olii- cial Class Secretary, G.O. Representative, College Representative MATTHEW, RONALD MATUOZZI, THERESA Sing, Teacher's Assistant MAY, EMELIA Drama Guild, Wingate World, Spectrum, Orchestra, Library Squad, Sing, Teacher's Assistant, Debating Club, G.O. Representative MAYBLOOM, DEBORAH Sing, Library Squad, Teacher's Assistant MC CLAIN, KAREN Sing, Drama Club, G.O. Representative, Girls Basket- ball Team MC GIBBON, MALHETA Mixed Chorus, Basketball Club, Sing MC LEAN, DAPHAINE Student Patrol MESHBERG, CAROL Sing, G.O. Representative, College Representative, Laboratory Assistant, Guidance Office Secretary, Boster, Teacher's Assistant MALHETA MC GIBBON DAPHAINE MC LEAN GWENDOI-YN MC NEI!- BARRY MELLETTE METZGER, MINDY Teacher's Assistant, Official Class Vice President, Official Class Secretary, Modern Dance Club MILERSON, DEBORAH MILSTEIN, MADDY Senior Class President, Junior Class President, Sing, Wingate World, Sing Journal, Mosaic, Senior Leaders, G.O. Representative, Booster MITCHELL, RAYMOND Stock Room MITCHELL, SHARON Sing, Teacher's Assistant, Booster MITZNER, FRIEDA Sing, Teacher's Assistant Official Class Secretary, MC NEIL, GWENDOLYN Sing, General Oftice Squad, Attendance Office Squad, G.O. Representative MELLETTE, BARRY MERCADO, PETER Sing, Official Class President, Orchestra CAROL MESHBERG I ra MINDY METZGER DEBORAH MILERSON MADDY MILSTEIN RAYMOND MITCHELL SHARON MITCHELL FRIEDA MITZNER College Representative, Modern Dance Club, Sing, MOORE, PHYLLIS Modern Dance MORGAN, MAXINE Library Squad, Pan-American Club MORGAN, WAYNE Baskelball Team, Library SIaH, Mixed Chorus RoseMARY MoRRoNolELLo JUDY Mosmwnz ENID M055 ROBERT MURPHY NATAFRANCESCO, LORETTA Senior Class Represenlative, Official Class Officer, G.O. Represenlaiive, Teacher's Assislanl, Modern Dance Class NAPIURA, JOHN Sing NAJMAN, DAVID Library Squad, Chemisrly lab. Squad, Physics lab. Squad, Sludenl Palrol, Track Team 94 7 ' -vez: ' PHYLLIS MOORE MAXINE MORGAN WAYNE MORGAN EMA RY BoosIer, Sing Journal, Mosaic s Assislanl Sing ANDREA ' MOSS, ENID MURPHY, ROBERT Bas kelball Team NAIRNE, MICHAEL Track Team, Boys' Chorus, Sludenl Palrol MICHAEL NAIRNE DAVID NAJMAN JOHN NAPIURA LORETTA NATAFRANCESCO 1 BEVERLY NELSON NESBITT, KATHLEEN Official Class Secretary NICHOLS, LAVERNE NILAND, SARAH Girls' Chorus, Library Squad WISHINSKY, GAIL NOLETTI, NICK ODESSKY, PHYLLIS General Office, Teacher's Assislanl IVROSE OLIVIER 1 Dance Club, Sing, Home Ari: Sing, Library Squad FRED NELSON MIGEL KATHLEEN NESBITT LAVERNE NICHOLS SARAH NILAND GAIL WISHINSKY NICK NOLLETTI PHYLLIS ODESSKY OLIVIER, IVROSE OKRAGLY, MARIE Teacher's Assislanl, G.O. Represenlclive ORTEGA, CATILINA Pan American Club If MARIE OKRAGLY CATILINA ORTEGA 95 ,SHIRLEY OTCHIN HARVEY PASS PASTERNACK, JOYCE Arista Sing, Spectrum Short-Story Editor, Library Squad Biology Club President, Booster, Teacher's Assistant PATCHIN, JACQUELINE Library Squad, Teacher's Assistant PAYNE, DIEDRE Teacher's Assistant OTCHIN, SHIRLEY Arista G.O. Secretary, G.O. President, Sing, Wingate World Staff PANDELIOS, ELIZABETH Sing, Drama Guild, English Ofiice, Teacher's Assist- ant, Spectrum PASS, HARVEY Arista Sing, Chorus, Mosaic, Wingate World JOYCE PASTERNACK JACQUELINE PATCHIN DIEDRE PAYNE PEACOCK, GREER Modern Dance Club, Sing Commissioner, Senior Rep- resentative, Afro-American Society PEACOCK, LORNA Sing, Modern Dance Club PELMAN, ALAN Student Patrol, Senior Leader, Secretarial Monitor GREER PEACOCK LORNA PEACOCK ALAN PELMAN 96 PAMELA PERRIN LARRY PETERSON YOLANDO PHILPOTTS PERRIN, PAMELA Drama Club, Orchestra, Sing, College Representative, Otticial Class President PETERSON, LARRY Student Patrol PHILPOTS, YOLANDO PICARELLI, KATHRYN ANN PICONE, ROBERT Mosaic Assistant Editor, Program Committee, Teachers Assistant PIERCE, PATRICE Basketball Club, Tumbling Club, Official Class Vice- President, Volleyball Club KATHRYN ANN PICARELLI ROBERT PICONE PATRICE PIERCE PIMENOW, DINA Attendance ORice Squad, Library Squad, Sing POHL, AARON Student Patrol Captain, Senior Leader POLLACK, ARTHUR DINA PIMENOW AARON POHL ARTHUR POLLACK POTROP, MARTIN POWELL, JOHN Track Team, Cross Country Team, Mixed Chorus, Sing PRIZEL, ILYA Library Squad MARTIN POTROP JOHN POWELL ILYA PRIZEL PROPHETE, DENISE QUACHIE, EARL QUACINELLA, JOSEPH DENISE PROPHETE EARL QUACHIE JOSEPH QUACINELLA 97 QUARANTA, ROSE Junior Leader, Senior Leader, Teacher's Secretary RAPAPORT, RANDYE Sing, Cutting Office Squad, Senior Representative RATNER, ENID Spectrum Editor, Booster Secretary, Sing, Wingate World Staff, Student Council, College Representative, Teacher's Secretary ROSE QUARANTA RANDYE RAPAPORT ENID RATNER REALE, JAMES Cutting Oflice Staff REALMUTO, MICHAEL General Office Squad, Cutting Office Squad, Student Patrol JAMES REALE REID, WENDEL REITER, ELLIOT Bowling Team, Baseball Team REIVES, PRISCILLA RESNICK, SUSAN Sing, Senior Representative, Booster RICHETTES, LOCHLIN Basketball Team, Track Team RIDDICK, JAMES Basketball Team 98 REID, RONALD MICHAEL REALMUTO RONALD REID WENDEL REID ELLIOT REITER PRISCILLA REIVES SUSAN RESNICK LOCHLIN RICHETTES JAMES RIDDICK RIGBY, VANICE Mixed Chorus RIVERA, SONIA Sing ROANE, RUSSELL ROBERTS, NITA ROBINSON, CHAMBERLIN ROCCA, PETER RHONDA ROISMAN JEFF ROSEN VANICE RIGBY SONIA RIVERA RUSSELL ROANE NITA ROBERTS CHAMBERLIN ROBINSON PETER ROCCA JUDY ROLLOCK BELLA ROSEN VIVIAN ROSEN RONNIE ROSENFELD ROISMAN, RHONDA Sing, College Representative, Program Office Squad, Guidance Office Squad, G.O. Representative, Teach- er's Assistant ROLLOCK, JUDY ROSEN, BELLA Sing, Program Oftice Staff, College Representative, Attendance Omce Staff, Teacher's Assistant ROSEN, JEFF ROSEN, VIVIAN Sing, Red Cross Commissioner, Booster, Wingate World Staff ROSENFELD, RONNIE Arista Cheerleader Captain, G.O. Representative, Sing, Dean's Office Squad, Language Omce Squad ROSENFELD, STEVEN ROSENSTEIN, SHEILA Library SMH, Teacher's Assistant ROSNER, MIRIAM Arista Student Council, Cheerleader, Sing, Teacher's Sec- retary ROSS, ANITA ROSS, ERNESTINE Sing, Guidance Office Secretary ROTHMAN, SHEILA Sing, Guidance Otiice Secretary STEVEN ROSENFELD ANITA ROSS SHEILA ROSENSTEIN MIRIAM ROSNER 'lirf P J. H ERNESTINE ROSS SHEILA ROTHMAN ROUNTREE, THOMAS RUBENSTEIN, ELLEN Library Squad, Sing, Senior Leader RUGOFF, RONNI Sing, Program Office Staff, English Omce Stat? THOMAS ROUNTREE ELLEN RUBENSTEIN RONNI RUGOFF RUBIN, KAREN Arista Senior Leader, Modern Dance Club, Sing, Teacher's Assistant RYANT, WENDY SACHARTOFF, SHARON Arista Booster, Sing Leader, Mosaic, Library Squad, Omcial Class Vice-President KAREN RUBIN WENDY RYANT SHARON SACHARTOFF 100 SAFRAN, ROSALIND Booster, Program Office Squad, Sing, Drama Club, Teacher's Assistant SAMSTAG, CARL SAMUEL, CELIA Booster, Library Squad ROSALIND SAFRAN CARL SAMSTAG CELIA SAMUEL ALVERA SANDERS SCANTLEBURY, ERIC Junior Leader SCHACHTER, RICHARD Sing, Wingate World Staff, Program Oflice Staff SCHAEFER, GABRIELLA Sing, French OHice Squad, Physics Lab. Squad, Elec- tions Commissioner SCHECHTER, ANDY Sing, Program Ofiice Squad, English Oflice Squad, College Representative SCHIFFMAN, JACQLYN Library Squad, Foreign Language Ofiice Squad SCHNEIDER, RICHARD English Office Squad, Baseball Team SANDERS, ALVERA Senior Representative, Library Squad, Sing, OH'icial Class President, Teocher's Assistant, G.O. Represent- ative SARASOHN, MARVIN Student Patrol, Baseball Team, Social Studies Office Squad SASSER, RONALD MARVIN SARASOHN RONALD SASSER ERIC SCANTLEBURY RICHARD SCHACHTER GABRIELLA SCHAEFER ANDY SCHECHTER JACQLYN SCHIFFMAN RICHARD SCHNEIDER 101 SCHULMAN, KENNETH Teacher's Assistant, Program Office Squad SCHWARTZ, MADELYN Arista G.O. Treasurer, Sing, Girls' Chorus, Booster, Official Class Secretary SCHWARTZ, PETER Swimming Team KENNETH SCHULMAN MADELYN SCHWARTZ PETER SCHWARTZ SCOTT, WILBUR SELINGER, REGINA Sing, Teacher's Assislant SENIOR, JOSEPH WILBUR SCOTT REGINA SELINGER JOSEPH SENIOR K-I , . N, x 1 f"-. I Af -. I L - f N fi Dahl' X ,ff X W X, A X 1 SEROTA, RONALD Foreign Language Office Squad, Sing SFIRIDIS, IRENE Orchestra, Sing, Official Class President, Official CIass Secretary, Assistant to Foreign Languages De- partment Chairman SHACK, GAIL Sing, G.O. Representative I I fu 24 RONALD SEROTA IRENE SFIRIDIS GAIL SHACK SHAPIRO, ARLENE Sing, Omcial Class President, Teacher's Secretary SHELLY, MICHAEL Audio Visual Squad, Sing Journal Staff SHER, DAVID Sing, Audio Visual Squad, Program Office Squad, Attendance Omce Squad 102 ARLENE SHAPIRO MICHAEL SHELLY DAVID SHER ERIC SHERMAN LAWRENCE SHERMAN SIEDERBAUM, BARBARA Sing, Guidance Oiice Squad SIEGEL, MARC Sing, Swimming Team, G.O. Representative, College Representative, Wingate World Staff SIEGEL, ROBIN Arista Social Studies Office Squad, English Office Squad, Sing, Teacher's Secretary MARSHA SHIPMAN SHERMAN, ERIC Arista Wingate World Editor-in-Chief SHERMAN, LAWRENCE Sing, Wingate World Staff, Golf Team, Physics lab. Squad SHIPMAN, MARSHA Volleyball Team BARBARA SIEDERBAUM MARC SIEGEL ROBIN SIEGEL SIEGEL, STEVEN Sing, Band, G.O. Representative, Tennis Team, Swim- ming Team, Teacher's Assistant SILBERFARB, HILARY Foreign Language Office Squad, Cutting Office Squad, Sing SILBERMAN, EFRAIM Student Patrol Captain ISRAEL SILBERMAN BARBARA SILVERMAN STEVEN SIEGEL HILARY SILBERFARB EFRAIM SILBERMAN BRENDA SIMMONS SILBERMAN, ISRAEL Student Patrol SILVERMAN, BARBARA Sing, Guidance Office Squad, Official Class Treas urer SIMMONS, BRENDA Secretarial Studies Office Squad l03 JOEL SIMON ABBY SINGER GAIL SINGER SIMON, JOEL Arista Arista Boy Leader, Arista Commissioner Sing Spec trum Drama Editor, Drama Club Teachers Assistant Biology Club SINGER, ABBY Sing, G.O. Representative, Chemistry Lab Squad Library Squad, Physics Squad Booster Guidance Office Squad SINGER, GAIL Sing, Library SquaJ SINGER, STUART Senior Band, Baseball Team SIROWITZ, CHARLENE Sing, College Representative, Guidance Office Squad, G.O. Representative, Teacher's Assistant SKINNER, BERYL Sing, College Representative, Modern Dance Club, Current Events Club STUART SINGER CHARLENE SIROWITZ BERYL SKINNER SMALL, LAWRENCE SMALL, MARCIA Booster, Sing, Modern Dance Club, Orchestra, Bas- ketball Club, Library Squad, Stunts and Tumbling ' Club, Teacher's Assistant SMITH, GREGORY LAWRENCE SMALL MARCIA SMALL GREGORY SMITH 04 HAZEL SMITH VERA SMITH MICHAEL SMITH SMITH, HAZEL SMITH, VERA Library Squad SMITH, MICHAEL Track Team, Cafe teria Squad SNIDER, BEVERLY G.O. Representative SOBEL, BRUCE Senior Representative, Sing, Student Patrol SOLOWAY, KERRY Audio Visual Squad, Color Guard, Sing, Teacher's Assistant iii BEVERLY SNIDER BRUCE SOBEL KERRY SOLOWAY V SOWELL, CAROLYN Modern Dance Club, Cheerleader, Basketball Club SPIELBERG, HARRY Audio Visual Squad, Color Guard, Teacher's Assist ant SPIRA, BETTY CAROLYN SOWELL HARRY SPIELBERG BETTY SPIRA SPITZ, RICHARD , Mosaic Layout Editor, Chemistry Lab. Squad, College Representative, Handball Team SPRINGER, HARRIET Arista Elections Commissioner, Sing, Girls' Chorus, Wingate R World Stahl, Booster L STANFORD, MILLICENT 1 u RICHARD SPITZ HARRIET SPRINGER MILLICENT STANFORD STANISLAUS, ALBERT Track Team, Student Patrol STARR, MARTIN Handball Team, English Office Squad STEIMAN, EDITH Program Office Squad, English Ottice Squad, Library Squad, Teacher's Assistant ALBERT STANISLAUS MARTIN STARR EDITH STEIMAN -'05 STEINER, ABRAHAM er's Assistant STEINMAN, ROSALIE G.O. Representative STEWARD, ELAINE Library Squad, Teacher's Assistant ABRAHAM STEINER ROSALIE STEINMAN ELAINE STEWARD I "" STRAWDER, MARCIA Sing, Modern Dance Club, Attendance Ottice Squad SZTAINHART, NATHAN - Captain Swimming Team, Editor Wingate World, Sing, Golf Team TASSY, JEAN Soccer Team Captain, Student Patrol, Cafeteria Patrol, Field Squad MARCIA STRAWDER NATHAN SZTAINHART JEAN TASSY TAUB, WAYNE College Representative, Program Office Squad TEITELBAUM, EZRA Baseball Team, Sing, Swimming Team, English Office Squad TENENBAUM, SELMA Arista Arista Girl Leader, Mosaic Assistant Editor-in-Chief, Sing, Senior Leader, Booster, College Representative, G.O. Representative THOMAS, REGINALD THOMPSON, KAY Attendance Office Squad, Senior Sing, Basketball Club THURSTON, WILLIAM Student Patrol 106 WAYNE TAUB EZRA TEITELBAUM SELMA TENENBAUM REGINALD THOMAS KAY THOMPSON WILLIAM THURSTON Chemistry Lab. Squad, Program Oftice Squad, Teach- V ,W TILLIS, CAROL Boosters, Sing Journal Staff, Library Squad, Sing TOBIAS, ROBERT Sing TOMASZEWSKI, LOUIS Junior Leader, Baseball Team, Chemistry Lab. Squad CAROL TILLIS ROBERT TOBIAS LOUIS TOMASZEWSKI TURECK, ROBIN Booster Secretary, College Representative, Sing, Teacher's Secretary TURETSKY, STEVEN VARGAS, ELBA - i,Q 1, ROBIN TURECK STEVEN TURETSKY ELBA VARGAS GREGORY VAUGHN NILSA VELEZ STEVEN VITALE BARBARA WAFEL DAVID WAINGARTEN MICHAEL WALKER VAUGHN, GREGORY Fencing Team, Represented Wingate on Youth Forum VELEZ, NILSA VITALE, STEVEN Cafeteria Squad, Attendance Oflice Squad WAFEL, BARBARA Arista Spectrum Editor, G.O. Commissioner, Junior Class Vice-President, College Representative, Sing, Booster, Wingate World Staff WAINGARTEN, DAVID Chemistry Lab Squad WALKER, MICHAEL Senior Representative, Ofiicial Class Vice-President IO7 WALLACH, RACHEL Library Squad, Teacher's Assistant WALLEN, SUZANNE Sing, Library Squad, Guidance Office Squad, Teach- er's Assistant WALOWITZ, PAUL WALTON, KENNETH Swimming Team, Bowling Team, Band WALTROUS, CLARENCE Track Team, Boys' Chorus WASHINGTON, SHARON ALVIN WASSERMAN DESIREE WATTS RACHEL WALLACH SUZANNE WALLEN PAUL WALOWITZ Senior Leader, Junior KENNETH WALTON CLARENCE WALTROUS SHARON WASHINGTON NEIL WASSERSTEIN DAVID WATSON l 2 i JANICE WATTS MARC WEILL WASSERMAN, ALVIN Attendance Ofhce Squad, English Office Squad WASSERSTEIN, NEIL WATSON, DAVID Swimming Team, Bowling Team WATTS, DESIREE Sing, Library Squad, Attendance Otiice Squad WATTS, JANICE Sing, Modern Dance Club, Stunts and Tumbling Club Girls' Basketball Club WEILL, MARC English Office Squad e il A WEINBAUM, ozone: t l ,tt s Mm tvv V Wingate World Statt, G.O. Representative, Student ' Patrol, Chemistry Club WEINBERG, ARTHUR Arista Audio Visual Staff, Student Patrol, Program Office Squad, Teacher's Assistant ' WEINSTEIN, MARTIN ' Physics Lab. Squad, Chemistry Lab Squad, Biology S Lab. Squad, Sing, Student Patrol, Attendance Ottice Squad GEORGE WEINBAUM ARTHUR WEINBERG MARTIN WEINSTEIN WEISS, NADINE Sing WEISSMAN, DALE WEISSMAN, SUSAN Sing, Otticial Class Vice-President, Modern Dance Club NADINE WEISS DALE WEISSMAN SUSAN WEISSMAN WELDON, WANDA Sing, Drama Club, Student Forum Leader, Senior Representative, Official Class President, Student Council, G.O. Cabinet Member WESCHLER, JUDITH Sing, Attendance Office Squad WEST, HERBERT WHITE, YVONNE Booster, Sing, Modern Dance Club, Mixed Chorus, Senior Class Representative, Teacher's Assistant WHITFIELD, ROBERT WIDES, FLORENCE Teacher's Assistant WANDA WELDON JUDITH WESCHLER HERBERT WEST YvoNNs wr-me Rosen WHITFIELD rLoRENcE wines l09 WIESELBERG, ETHEL Library Squad, Attendance Oflice Squad, Guidance Office Squad, Official Class Secretary, Official Class Treasurer WILLIAMS, DARYLE WILLIAMS, DENISE ETHEL WIESELBERG DARYLE WILLIAMS DENISE WILLIAMS LINDA WII-I-IAM5 HEADLEY WILLIAMSON LESLIE WOODS PHYLLIS WORTHY WILLIAMS, LINDA WILLIAMSON, HEADLEY College Representative, Junior Varsity Baseball Team WINTERS, JUNE Arista Wingate World Staff, Mosaic Staff, Sing JUNE WINTERS WOODS, LESLIE Boosters, Omcial Class President WORTHY, PHYLLIS WYCH E, ALTH EA Cheerleader, Senior Vice-President, Modern Dance Club :I ALTHEA WYCHE ZEINS, ILENE Senior Leader Secretary, Boosters, Sing, G.O. Rep- resentative ZEKOFSKY, MARC Baseball Team, Program Office Squad, Sing ZEWICKY, DORIS Physical Science Office Squad IIO ILENE ZEINS MARC ZEKOFSKY DORIS ZEWICKY rl Is, IRA ZWEIFLER GAIL ZWEIBEL ZWEIFLER, IRA ZWEIBEL, GAIL Attendance Office Squad, College Represeniahve Guidance Office Squad, Program Omce Squad Foreign Language Office Squad AND TWO MGRE COMPLETE THE GROUP . . . GILKES, WILLIAM WELCH, ANNA WILLIAM GILKES ANNA WELCH I III Ackies, Vernon Adams, Cornell Arnold, Patricia Aruter, Marcia Asle, Marietta Balaban, David Benton, Standish Bolden, Leonard Boyd, Lee Boykins, Barry Breem, Sally Brooks, Bobby Brooks, Eileen Brooks, Lorraine Calloway, Mary Campbell, Michael Caputo, Carmen Cartler, Beverly Clayton, Albert Cohen, Arnold Cohen, Rhonda Coleman, Douglas Cooperman, Bruce Demarco, Anthony Dewis, Priscilla Emanuel, Fred Falkoff, Irving Fogel, Maurice Fogle, William CAMERA SHY Fourand, Jocelyne Fox, Charles Gilkes, William Gilmore, Rufus Gloster, Charlotte Goldblum, lleen Goran, Charcene Gracia, Marie Head, Barbara Heller, Mark Herring, Thomasene Hertzer, Cheryl Holland, Wayne Housley, Richard Howard, linda Hoyte, Gail Hunt, Victor Jochsberger, Howard Kahan, Fay Keingarsky, Steven Kesner, Guerry King, William Kittrell, Mary Kuslansky, Eli Lisiewski, Sherry Liszak, Jeffrey Litvinoff, Mindy Lopoccairo, Joseph Molina, David Matlock, Russell McCarthy, Kevin Miller, Bonnie Parker, David Potts, William Rosin, Albert Rasp, Harry Rizzo, Kathleen Russ, Gwen Sabbarese, Anthony Sarrel, Clifford Sercenko, Walter Silver, Danny Simonette, Branda Singleton, Susan Smith, Michael Staples, Josephine Stolowitz, Hanna Strickland, Glenn Tamaroff, Martin Terry, Brenda' Timberg, Maurice Warfield, Edward Weintraub, Peter Weisenfield, Barry Wilder, Norris Wilson, Phyllis Woodley, John Young, Robert Zylberbery, Celia Eastern Press, Inc., B'klyn, N.Y. 11217 QQ 185 Eva-v' Q2 wh A fy iff., x 1' ,,X.4qg-Bkgixif YJ ., J?" -+-ff 1-'P vnu' zp.Mv w Y:-KT! K 'Tix'r PM fr 5-ga, 'Y' !""kIJ L 59' ' rqfflwty WL-Q5-' 1? Lf,f1',H' P' sw , w 3' in -awk. I' --4 , I 11 Nf fl' f. ,pf an J u 1 f ws ..,+ ,.,. e . ' ,fl-r F5433 wwf 3 P .5 by ,J-'S If-4' -fi' 'l Mfg' ,Qh xysg' N-.1 t- w xc , M.,-qh , I ,f,M,N f1,AQ 5, .1 if E,f.f1s 4 hfxvfli. we'.,1A 'q."fFry rt. K 3,...,-mN A,:m.,2: ,51,i g xf 2 'f-'Ani f-f V4 , w f Y: ' ' x ' 5. 7 wx LWW' wif if , xx gvfik- X Y 9q i, i, Afsxf1wQy1xNfk+5w5 95? mjQfTM93mL?WfA? 'K mm. px: 'K if ,. -X 41 1 W .LL 'QV K Q xx J' A' Ja if-3 X 1 4' L11 3'n nrwx V ,gk 'xy Wiy. X. -55 XT! x K4 , , X L-Av'

Suggestions in the George W Wingate High School - Mosaic Yearbook (Brooklyn, NY) collection:

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George W Wingate High School - Mosaic Yearbook (Brooklyn, NY) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Page 1


George W Wingate High School - Mosaic Yearbook (Brooklyn, NY) online yearbook collection, 1977 Edition, Page 1


George W Wingate High School - Mosaic Yearbook (Brooklyn, NY) online yearbook collection, 1980 Edition, Page 1


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