George W Wingate High School - Mosaic Yearbook (Brooklyn, NY)

 - Class of 1958

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George W Wingate High School - Mosaic Yearbook (Brooklyn, NY) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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1 1 P25 HQJ GUY 09'- LEQN A-QD SQ 4-1 W 'NU C ,I ,L ' '1 .1 Fm 9X L'-FW V ":H,,' N'fQh'j if 5 .Q ,,,. 45.3 s. Q W 4 .mum .,..,,, . .H , 1 1 H' V A , f'vrr ,x .Q .m..m..,:me . ,.. . ,,,,.,,, PUBLISHED BY GEORGE W. WINGATE HIGH SCHOOL 600 KINGSTON AVENUE BROOKLYN 3, NEW YORK DR. WOOLF COLVIN, PRINCIPAL VOLUME I JUNE 1958 T BLE OF Foreword. . Administration . . Principal's Message . . Senior Teachers . . . Guidance Counsellors . Mosaic Staff . . . Senior Biographies . Brief Resume of What I Have Senior Celebrities . . . Senior Diary. . Departments. . English .... Biological Sciences Mathematics . . Between Secretarial Studies Industrial Arts . . Music ..... Boys Health Education Classes .... Activities Section . . . Literary General Organization SeniorOfficers. . Honors . . Athletics. . . Section .... CQNTE T Learned 86 88 90 92 94 96 98 102 104 107 110 Social Studies . . Physical Sciences . Foreign Languages Accounting . . . Home Arts . . . Fine Arts .... Girls Health Education Law Enforcement . Arista .... Publications Music. . . A Portrait of a Senior As a Wingater . . Devil's Downfall . And He Shall Be Like a Tree Blame lt All on Bartl Advertisements .... ett's . .U 1 lr. x. . .-any . Nr, 4 , ,Mr .M . - 9-f'.lfYs 'sf 4. . - . - 1 ,,-:ww . .gem H5 s 3 4 5 6 7 8 11 28 46 64 85 87 89 91 93 95 97 99 100 101 103 106 108 114 117 118 120 122 124 125 'xr gs, N . GX Ak ' X:-eric X ,- Qs ts .rss Q .se X i Stop now, and for one moment time itself will be stilled. Our lives will cease and then be resumed, but four years will be brought to a close, never to return. Think back and remember how you entered Wingate, the bare building with a jagged statue at front. You were probably timid and stayed close to those you knew. The change from then to now is vast. Then we were as young seedlings, frail and uncertain, trying to grow, to wrest sustenance from- the earth. Now we are as buds eager to burst, to blossom forth, to find our place in society. Underneath this external flowering, our inner self has been nourished with a knowledge and wisdom that has enabled us to develop our personalities, character traits which dis- tinguish one from the other and make each an individual within the group. We are young, but we have matured, and our energies are the dreams and hopes of a youth ready to meet the challenges of the world as adults. Now we are grown into a coherent unit, a class, and now it is come to this. We are here together for the last time-perhaps. We shall go ahead, out of Wingate, into life, and we shall change so that we never more will fit together as we now do. But there will be times when two will meet one another somewhere, and again, if for only a moment, we shall be back as we were. We, the class of June 1958, dedicate our yearbook to these ensuing years, so that when its pages are worn and yellowed, we shall recall the years of our growth and the pattern of four years of life will emerge, vivid and strong-even then. FOREWORD Mrs. lda Silver, Administrative Assistant 2. fo 0 :.,. , f 3 , 541: 4 f ff 1 - :V-4-f P ,. ,Q Z 1 1 I ffm ,fgffv wg-L5 ' f 4, I l- f- 435, , ,, , ,.,... A,,. , Mr. lsadore Feuer, Administrative Assistant My 1 , Dr. Woolf Colvin, Principal DMI ISTR TIO Mr. Saul Wolpert, Administrative Assistant funtil January l958l V Now Chairman of thc Accounting Department ot Tilden High School ff' i ,Y ,ll .r' e -fy N. PRlNClPAL'S MESSAG To the Graduating Class: Three or four years ago you appeared at Wingate Regents week excited, insecure, and lonely. For the first time you came to a school in which you were freshmen and from a school in which you were graduates. You met fellow-students living in a larger area. Now you leave Wingate the product of four years of schooling-more poised, secure, and on your own. What has brought about this change in you during the last few years? First of all, through your courses in all subiects you have learned to read more thoughtfully and critically and to express yourself with a greater degree of correctness and power. Since your power of commu- nication is you, your personality has taken on new attractiveness. Secondly, here you have acquired new friends to whom you can speak freely and some of whom you will have for the rest of your life. They are bound to you and you to them in a bond of school loyalty which helps to make all of you feel less lonely. As a result of your experiences in Wingate some of you have acquired a glimpse of the kind of career you would like to prepare for and follow after graduation. Happy is that student who has a goal in view lwhether it be college, employment, or home-makingl around which he can center his best preparation. You have acquired a better use of your spare time. You have set up for yourselves new standards for movies, music, art, books, museums, exhibits, and sports. These are experienced on a higher level of discrimination. Experts agree that the proper use of spare time keeps all of us constructive, law-abiding, and inwardly ioyful. As an outcome of industrial and domestic arts you have acquired a greater understanding of, appreciation of, and competence in, gracious home living so that the partner you choose and the home you establish will enable you to live a rich family life. ln school you have practised the art of student government and thus have laid the founda- tion for good citizenship out of school. Your G.O. dues represent tax-paying, your student court iury-service, your G.O. Council law-making and your student patrol and service the execution of the law. Finally your whole life at Wingate has contributed to the formation of your character which the poet Tennyson has summed up as "self-reverence, self knowledge, and self control." ln this new spirit you are aware of the good things you can do, appreciative of your new and growing capabilities so that you can go through life respecting the rights of others. ln these ways you are living richer and more useful lives, having grown through the tools of learning to greater maturity and greater self direction. The world is on the lookout to benefit from the skills, insights, and talents you have developed at home and at Wingate. Be prepared to give your best. I 2 N1- 4 . if Q... W i I ,Q , ., eff 2-2 ' 1 , ,yugo .. I f ar . ' . .M ,. xi., . .1 - is 6? X 2. mrfvgg .f L f M3 1 2 i Q QQ A W i 9 Q 2 5 RV gi Y 4 ay Hs Y! 1 ,f fwfr , f 1. 'ff' T-'if' Y QQ r 9 ,wsmmmwwnw f, Q? H l 'f X7 W ' ff ' of . f 'S' . fr 7 1 477' , Lf ,i 2 6 Z j f M, M A , , .MM W,...- ,.., .- l. Mr. Vicfor Palmer 2. Mrs. Florence Moore 3. Mr. Sheldon Lieber 4. Mrs. Dorothy Rosaschi I 5. Mr. Sidney Newman 6. Mr. Mark Glickman 7. Mrs. Sarah Amreich 8. Mr. Leonard Gewirlzman 9. Mrs. Pearl Ponti 0. Mr. Howard Rosenstein Il. Miss Clarice Milhers 12. Mr. Harry Zeiger W 5' . ,gn 1 5 I2 I5 TA . 'f , B I, . Q ,fi , f f M I r-1, ll ff X X -f ,f f , m if f , .f - ., 1 , , . M .C gf' fi 5 J 04:2 av f,, , ,ww 'Q vi I, l3.Miss Regina Dillon 14. Mrs. Gloria Kamen 15. Mrs. Grace Turecan l6. Miss Thyra Schreiber l7. Mrs. Maralyn Friedman '23 1 f"zf:.4wf..5 qzzsfgy . ,. f i 'Jil 'Q , 1 in .-W.. , . , .R.,,.,,,., ,X f M, ,A , - 'fe MM-ly-M S IOR TEACHER 'Q Ifffg at :.. A - ,A .riifig r N D X Q K M 1'-- 5. iw - . . . Yifil M N J :V A I . , 11 '14 ry, Y 4 Ts., kk . ligxklxx - fl -I swf. A-fe' fi X i .4 . .M ,, , H -we avg- X om Q... .X ,?:,5i1gg- " 'S .... N -A'..r4 -X. I in - 'W if . X . vw . X X r il ' 5...--PY Llp Q. A 'T ' V - f A l .l'., 'x E I 5 -.fegj 5 - - X .. W A If ' " , ., ,Q v .. rl I6 l7 if? X- o'n:'n. ,wp 5 N. tr' . on ' On' soo Q . ...s :pw ss. s ll . ,N 'lb -v..,,,,N .ff ...f ., 1, ,I , , L . f , L, , ,,,f,, MZ 1 V. 2 wi f ff' f 4:55 ""' - ZZW- yf' !f'f.-55:1 51 ' 5 1 5 1 Vfllxd' l ll, ' Ou "lk 'VUL vat mmf 'l 1 .Mrs. ldcl Silver .Mis Mr. Mr. s Olga Capaldo Leonard Werbel Nal Rochlin Dr. Morris Mandel Mr. Jacob Lange .rf , l ', i 4 M r fl , , V f 5 9 l2 7. Miss Anna Lyons 8. Mrs. Rulh Brown 9. Mr. Nalhan Glass IO. Mrs. Ethel Solovoy I l. Miss Millicent Groman l2. Mrs. Ellen McCally STAFF Editor-in-Chief Annabelle Winograd 'EF' Art Editor Stanley Krochmal Photography Editor Ira Saltz Ffa' 1 Managing Editor Owen Jay Sloane f.,-av Associate Art Editor lleen Kosten 'ix Business Manager Norma Kay Schuker Literary Editor Laura Ellen Cantor N s Q V XvSA,..., T Adviser Mr. John C. Gebhardt LITERARY STAFF Gloria Blank Karen Sue Choral Carol Feldman Linda Goldes Joan Gottlieb Barbara Holt Suzanne Koppelman Vivian Lasser Marion Melzer Sandra B. Miller Myra Nelson Donna Ossip Dolores Rosenbaum Judy Rosenberg Naomi Rosenthal ART STAFF Joan La Froscia Marion Melzer Toby Milberg Lorraine Porter Matthew Schlansky PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF Howard Epstein Gilbert Gordon Joseph Kornfeld Alan Matracht Herbert Somerwitz Stuart Sonne BUSlNESS STAFF Linda Goldes Sandra B, Miller ASPIRATIO The city shrieked, a leering cat with fire emerging from its depths that scorched the youth's face red. Red hued, her hair. So long it was she'd waited, that now she sped, she leaped, she flew to greet the eyes of blue. Blued hued, the stars. She ran to where the buildings parted, her head against the flaming sky flung back, her neck stretched white. White hued, the moon. Annabelle Winograd f Vf 1 e ,,...:ww.v-ANP if fy? Al ., M' If ,ff , ,...,1" ' , ff I Q ' ' 1 EJ! V A S . ' 'Q Hr E 1 ' an A'.. Q 1 MM Q Sn ,M 4, R 3, , K w .xl 'mx V x 1 . 1 i X X . W Qwglfwgi W f W 2 3' ,B 3 1 V , Q' Y ' ,uw"4mAms"',,E 5. -ms. ,,. ow, A " ' AW! Vg I W . K W 1 was " ,W 1 , AW A , , 3 W V 'W l -Q V M " mann., w , 4, I 4 J if I I ' 4 .-4 45, av no 'W rw W M " . - A-.S ' , M " 'U W 'N 6' I N f WWA G, ' ' 'Q 5 7 ,, H 0 Q QA A , 3 . E l 9 "' g I ew. X U ww "" 1' "" .. , SENIORS sx YA 'S f . ALLAN ABRAMS 135 East 52 St. Track Team, Leonardo Da Vinci Club. Favorite phrase-I should have won. MIKE ADELSTEIN 2118 Union St. Service Monitor. AmbitionWAccountant. :F .,,, . . 25 AMW ' Q R . TRONNIE ALPERT TLOIS ALTER 155 East 96 St. 86 East 53 St. Baseball Team, Track Team, Secretary Mr. Silverstein, President, Official Class. Badminton Club, French Club, Special interest-Sports. Cafeteria Squad. 12 Life's ambition-Photographic modeling. fianuary Graduates August Graduates ,W ,M ,HL , .,4,ra. , A i"'i - f 7 We W M' A We 1 ""f,,, F A J pe L , f in ' ' .4 'W 7 wa N, , .. wig' ,,,,,, . W2 'f' f ' ff r M i I f ,, 'iff f fx G" f,72e 1 i .-.,,f,a,-r.Qg,v,gg, x 2 4 MARTIN CHARLES ADLER 156 East 54 St. Student Patrol, Track Team, Cafeteria Squad. Remembers most- Cheerleaders. ,af TMARTIN ALTMAN 171 East 96 St. Cafeteria Squad. Favorite phrase- 3 JERRY JOSEPH AIELLO 1217 Nostrand Ave. Bowling Team, Aide Mr. Purvis, Newman Club, Student Patrol, Cafeteria Squad. Life's ambition-Engineering. If if Aces full TSUSAN ALTMAN 501 Lefferts Ave. Arista, Program Committee, Service Patrol, Cafeteria Squad, Music Office, Secretary Miss Ligorio. Favorite phrase-Don't believe it, it's all propaganda. NDRMA AISEN 1426 Eastern Pkwy. Secretarial Club, Class Secre- tary, G.O. Rep. Special interest-Dancing. RICHARD IDEL ALTSHULER 532 Lefferts Ave, Senior Band, Cafeteria Squad Favorite phrasewC'est Ia vie. SUSAN HONEY ALLEN 1647 Sterling Pl. Orchestra, Hebrew Culture Club, Modern Dance Class, Music Office. Life's ambition-To be a teacher. J I ff .irq 1 it , ef? 1 ""-I .,.-of DAVID AMERLING 436 New York Ave. Orchestra, Longfellows, Senior Leader, Publicity Commission. College Rep. Favorite phrasei-It just shows to go you. ,fr ., S- i X3 1 ef N' x. . ri 'H M 'A ,LA 5 i tr 1 X. f ' or . . ..,,Qf ,ff 2 af f. " ' 1 . -i ' 4 if L1 1 ' . ,f-'Z ' ' ly . . . . A I 1,242 Y ff., -f' .Ar ws an 344, ' A q .1 -of , wr, if V , f f M , 171' 'Qc ,w,14?,fJ' A ,. , L? 1 , Wx, 2 ,Mi es 5 I I,- fifz I 4 ,242 ,ff LDUIS JAMES ANGELICO 19 Palm Ct. Science Office. Special interest-Painting. f I ,,,. V ' r I 1921: , f J ' . i fern Q51 ' , W 'V .4 'VYAI W fy 4 ff 1 yea h 12 . ' 5 5262417 " "1 VAL. 2 Z5 7 lp f we , rf s""4f' 7' , ' K 1- f" f f xl? BARRY HENRY AUSTEIN 92 East 53 St. Biology Lab. Squad, Life's ambition-To become a lawyer. . 2' ,J , -f'frjifi..fg -if 4 A all 1, 1 .. A ' "f?74!fv, ,ff dxf' P of ffff Z 1' ,ff , I. ,, ,, ,,,, 1. ' ilficf Y iffzrgiv HOWARD IRWIN ANGOWITZ 132 East 49 St. President, Longfellows, Color Guard, Captain, Cafeteria Squad, Lieutenant, Student Patrol, Class Secretary, Health Ed. Office. Admires greatly-Pres. Eisenhower BRENDA AUSTRON 189 East 96 St. Senior Representative, Bowling Club, Tennis Club, Treasurer, Official Class, History Club, Junior Leaders. Life's ambition-To become a legal stenographer. 1,2 Q In .Julia CYNTHIA BETTY MARIE ANTLEY TANNBETH APPLEBAUM 39 Cooper St. Accounting Office, Class Secretary, Class President, G.O. Representative, History Club, Fashion Show, Typist Nlrs. Day. Favorite phrase-Oh welll WW Vim HOWARD WARREN BANKS 532 Lefferts Ave. Favorite phrase-Nlake your own luck. 1 1027 Montgomery St. Senior Representative, Class President, G.O. Rep Sing, Student Patrol. Remembers most-Our uniforms. 2 DEBBIE ASHE 1237 Carroll St. Secretary, Service League, Sing, Senior Representative, Secretary lVlr. Friedman, Tennis Club, General Office, Program Committee. Comments-I love the fourth floor pool. 4 1 ar., we! PHYLLIS AUERBACH 1295 East 51 St. Arista, G.O. Representative History Club, Assembly Corn mission, Arista Coach. Special interest-The theatre. fmfl l A E W CAROLE BARNETT 446 Kingston Ave. Senior Chorus, Student Patrol, Aide-Dietician, Class Secretary, President Official Class, G.O. Rep. .C , Remembers most-The KV, school's leniency. 13 W9 ,L if f '43 i l 2 , I . 1 . s :mfg A an ' ' fi '. ff' f' P . ref 7, GRACE BEDA ALLAN BEHM 141 Tapscott St. 770 Empire Blvd. Arista, Physics Lab. Squad, Cafeteria Squad, Program Committee, Stock Room. Sten. Club. Remembers most-7th and Special interest-Rock Sth period study. and Roll. I4 1 .,.. ,V V QA X r iiiemegg.. , 1 'flififi '49 'ff M i , ,- f 1 M. A 'UQ L M 2 uns ' 'Ea'x'T5M.ii'k P i ,, , mf, f '- g K Q, 1 ' Y' U, ROCHELLE BARROW 10310 Avenue L Library Squad, Secretarial Studies Office, Secretary Mrs. Wolfe and Mrs. Brown, Sten. Club. Remembers most-The beautiful library and the statue on the first floor. HOWARD BEIDERMAN 694 Ralph Ave. Student Patrol. Favorite phrase-See you round as a doughnut. ,f- . "0 .i -1 1 j""f f ifffi' ,. ' 'f.f ROBERT BARRY 316 Rutland Road Class President. Favorite phrase-lt's never the pain that hurts, just the anticipation of it. . fr ,fav 0 iw.. 'V , I ,. Nw I V x. .J -1 2 :,,gWg?gfy.1f' fir fy Xi 'J 'ri KENNETH BELINSKY 244 East 95 St. Cafeteria Squad. Special interest-Football. f V HW if-rel PEGGY BARYCHKO 519 Albany Ave. Arista, History Club, Secretary Mr. Brownstein, Leonardo Da Vinci Club. Life's ambition-Mrs. Degree. Xe ' mv TSUSAN BELITZ 175 East 52 St. Arista, G.O. Rep., Cafeteria Squad, Secretary Tennis Club, Secretary Mrs. Friedman and Mrs. Ponti, Secretary Office Class. Life's ambition-History teacher. 0, , NORMAN BECKER 138 East 96 St. Track Team. Remembers most-Study the 7th and 8th periods. JEANNE QUETTA BENDERS 161 Madison St. Library Squad, Secretary Miss Mithers and Miss Lyons G.O. Rep. Nickname-Beany. .IEANETTE ELEANORA BENDERS 161 Madison St. Orchestra, Secretary Mr. Friedman. Favorite phrase-You can make it if you try. 4. ,,,, f-ff , ..,, .X ,MW f 1 f A . .1 I .,, 2311" f yn, ' fr' u ff .i. ,.,i,p?f,v .f1.,1f,,,Zf?f! I ':' 4,117 f 1 MARCIA BERMAN 114 East 53 St. Library Squad, Secretary Vliss Kennedy. Admires greatly-Eleanor Roosevelt. MARILYN ELAINE BENNETT 446 Hancock St. Senior Rep., Library Squad, Service League, G.O. Rep., Senior Chorus, Class President and Secretary, Cafeteria Squad. Comments-I hope Wingate gets a football team. W , . - '-1: Q ., ' A 30, ,fqw xv., gf. rf , X :Sgt . 'se' 1 'iftfibf 5 1 ff' ' X ff.: . ' X 151 1 S X Pitt. Qt 'N X t . ffl ,, 6 7 4' , if W 1 K 1 ,S MICHAEL BERGENFELD 189 East 95 St. Student Patrol, Cafeteria Squad, President Official Class. Favorite phrase-Do unto others as you would have others do unto you. TZACHARY BERMAN TARLENE BERNSTEIN 877 Empire Blvd. 456 Schenectady Ave. President Class, Lieutenant Treasurer Twirlers, Chorus, Cafeteria Squad, Biology Lab. G.O. Rep., Art Comm. Squad, Guidance Office, College-Hofstra. G.O. Rep. Life's ambition-To become a lawyer. .f fs, ,ff MARY BERGER 937 East 95 St. Secretarial Studies Office, Program Office, Library Squad, Assembly Participation, Sten Club. Special interest-Passing regents, ,fn .7 .,..., , .W 1 rv' ,ff "'.,,f 'Lu"Uu4,a-V' 'lf' , 1 'dx MICHAEL BERNSTEIN 422 Troy Ave. Baseball Team, Track Team, Biology Lab. Squad, "fue ROBERTA BERKUWITZ 349 Crown St. Drama Guild, Chemistry Lab.. Service League, G.O. Rep., Program Office, History Club, Math Team, Sing. Favorite phrasefThat's a pity. ffff 1 1 Mba, , LEONARD BERRY 1319 Carroll St. Band, Track Team, Poetry Club, Jazz Club, Science Club. Class President, Basketball Life's ambition-To become Team, a minister. Life's ambition-To make a million. I' VW, . ,f"M in f i 4 ETHEL BERLAND 137 East 52 St. Boosters, Service League, Tennis Club, Senior Rep., Secretary History Club, Program Office, Secretary Miss Mithers and Mr. Silverstein. Life's ambition-To teach mentally retarded children. iff' r Vik v J W .ma 'ww f 1 LMT IK ' 1 . ,. . , ive! Zjifff . 611525 1',f'f4Z, GARY BINDER 84 East 91 St. Captain Tennis Team, Captain Swimming Team, Band, Elections Commission, W.N.Y.C. All-City Workshop Physics Lab., Pan-American Club, Program Committee. Life's ambition-Great surgeon! I5 4. df? 1 If wwf W 1 1 ff 1 1 I L If r I. , 1 . . . , X, X tw .dgfws ,A GLORIA BLANK ALBERT BLANKIET JOEL JAY BLAUSTEIN 1168 East New York Ave. 440 Brooklyn Ave. 532 Lefferts Ave. Treasurer Arista, Mosaic, French Club, Class President, History Club. Sing, Music Festival, Library Pan-American Club, Foreign Special interest-Chess. Squad, Physics Lab., Secretary Language Office, Leonardo Miss Lyons and Dr. lngraham. Da Vinci Club. Favorite phrase-Character is fate. nv" -wzmwwf' TARNOLD JAY BOGUS 810 Midwood St. Student Patrol, Secretary Mr. Glass and Mr. Marks, Late Squad. Favorite phrase-A miss is as good as a mile. 'I6 LAURA ADDELL BOND 1213 President St. Chorus, G.O. Rep., Red Cross Club, Cafeteria Squad, Secretarial Studies Club. Favorite phrase-Always be prepared. ' Xia 'Z me JESSE BLECHER 757 Empire Blvd. Senior Band, Library Squad, G.O. Rep., Cafeteria Squad. Life's ambition-To become a chemical engineer. 2 I ..,,., . .,, J, kgwf 1 ...... , 4 I 'ff X s ff 1 J ,sf V , ,.,.. ,,.,.,,,,. , . 5 , ., TLINDA BLUM 877 Empire Blvd. Social Committee, Secretary Service League, Twirler, Class President, Student Patrol, Chorus, General Office. Life's ambition-To become an elementary school teacher. Chxgvs 'Wx X JOSEPH R. BORDWSKY KENNETH ROBERT BUSSEWITCH ROBERT DAVID BOXER 1024 Montgomery St. 1328 East 105 St. 456 Brooklyn Ave. Handball Team, Cafeteria Arista, Class President. Arista, Wingate World, Squad. Special interest-Ivy League Social Commission, Special interest-Handball. clothes. Arista Coach, Program Committee, Biology Squad. Sing. eww NORMA RUBY BLUM 98 East 52 St. Library Squad, Cafeteria Squad, Class Secretary, Secretary Mr. Plissner and Mr. Koplik. X PETE BRAFF 571 East 96 St. Life's ambition-To make money. S S A . 4 'Y' X fix .. ,, x .g' , . '- q. NM emu.,-HC' ask- :as .. f, 4"4"" f - -ix. is. f psi.-.f K :J . , - qs., R gig. '4,,' 'J . 'xx ' RTIN BREECHER S East 49 Sli. brus, Cafeteria Squad. e's ambition-To be liplomat. LLY BROOKS 38 Union St. e's ambition-Business ecutive. 1' ,Q GLORIA RUTH BRENNER 298 Utica Ave. Chorus, Medical, Sten. Club, Sing, Secretarial Club, Class President, G.O. Office, Art Office, Dance Club. Special interest-Music and dancing. f Q. Vi wo 4 7 JEFFREY RICHARD BRDWMAN 1540 President St. Cafeteria Squad, Information Clerk, Chemistry Squad. Life's ambition-To become a dentist. .N .. sv ,vs I .h 4 L f f 4 I fum 1 . 3 N ., ,,f, in f- fro.- ' 'xyrf an, Q ,. ff f., lx' "Wg f I 1- BURTDN BRESOWSKY 99 Tapscott St. Visual Aids Squad, President Class, Vice-President Class, G.O. Rep., Fencing Team. Remembers most-Pool. 4 fill? ag wa, , li f 2 ff 'fvavf 'A ff ' 'f' ' CARDLE ROCHELLE BROWN 621 Lefferts Ave. Sing, Senior Rep., Medical, Sten. Club, Secretarial Studies Club, Cafeteria Squad, Red Cross Rep. Special interest-Music and dancing. JAY DAVID BRDOKER 87 East 96 St. Student Patrol. Comment-I had the best three years of my life at Wingate. ,VJ MK ILENE SUZANNE BROWN 156 East 52 St, Secretary Miss Gutenplan. Admires greatly-Harvey Hellman. QF Q . f 1.3 9 9 1: W" 2.5 I 'mr 'r5tffz?'if MARTIN BUSH 712 Crown St. Bowling Team, Track Team, Cafeteria Squad, G.O. Rep., Class Treasurer. Life's ambition-To be a biologist. f 'I ' 4 . ' ' 502 MARILYN CAIET 497 Albany Ave. Sing, Library Squad. Cafeteria Squad, Service League. Remembers most-The friends she's made. 17 Q . si -3" is x x 3 Q N li x s. ICQ. W ,A 2 A' msg-sts.- DAN CALICA 456 Schenectady Ave. Soccer Team, Orchestra, Vice-President Math Club, G.O. Rep. Special interest-Folk mu sic. ANTHONY MICHAEL CAMAIONI 435 Hawthorne St. Bowling Team, Newman Club, G.O. Rep., Class President, Secretary Nlr, Purvis and Dr. Guerra, Student Patrol, Cafeteria Sfruad. Life's ambition-To become a man. ? i iii Q 18 LILLIAN CAMARA 1536 East 36th St. Gym Leader, Class Rex-o-graph Squad. Remembers most-Nly teachers and classmates. Secretary, VICTORIA MARIE CASSINO 561 East New York Ave. Secretary Newman Club, Library Squad, G.O. Office, G.O. Rep., Class President and Secretary, Secretary Mrs. Engel and Mr. Berne. Plans-To take a vacation. LAURA ELLEN CANTOR 742 Montgomery St. Arista, Editor-in-Chief, News Editor Wingate World, Social Commissioner, Literary Editor, Nlosaic, Chemistry Squad, Boosters, Program Committee. Favorite phrase-Always walk humbly with thy God. My-"" BARBARA MARIE CATALINA 506 Midwood St. Class President, Golf Club, Newman Club. Comment-l'll never walk in circles again. PETER BLAISE CARDIELLO 617 Midwood Street Class President, Lieutenant Student Patrol, Newman Club, Science Club, Favorite phrase-You better believe it. .,. TVICKI RITA CERANKA 160 East 95 St. Drama Guild, Secretary Mr. Glass, Social Commission, Public Speaking Club, Cafeteria Squad. Life's ambitionfDramatics teacher. LEONARD ALAN CARVER 1250 President St. Cafeteria Scuadf Favorite phrase-No horqeworl today? " ' Af 5 tg, - -..ff 'Y ... S ,, , F L11 f ie-h .I ' - ,sw 5 y A .X ' 5 My ' ,. , 5,35 4' l' 1 wi f i? IRWIN I. CETLIN 4505 Church Ave. Ph0T0graphy Club, Art Commission, Cafeteria Squad, Student Patrol. Favorite phrase-Let George do it. IYLLIS CHABAD 27 Union St. icretary Mr. Berne and rs. Tublin, G.O. Rep., ass Treasurer. vorite phrase-Life is what u make it. "'r"M1lalpv ff v ff A KAREN SUE CHARAL 532 Lefferts Avenue Arista, Feature Editor Wingate World, Sing, Mosaic, Bon Appetit Club, Secretary Mr. Zlotnik, Booster, Senior Show. Favorite phrase-To thine own self be true. ICE HONEY COHEN TBARBARA PHYLLIS COHEN 0 East 17 St. cretary Dr. Mullin and 's. Silver, Health Education fice, Art Club, Class esident. ckname-Honey 456 Schenectady Ave, Red Cross Rep. Special interest-Song writing. ff ff ,ff if . ' 2 ' . 'z G-fp, f, i ,f , ff' ,dxf ' . ,, if ff ,f - f ,, .,,4, , - Wm 'i 154 1 if f '. mi' if' f l f? . 'A ' I , i ' ge 1 ,. , , M1 fwfr wi ' fi ' : , Q: FRED H. CHARAP 151 East 95 St. College Rep,, Chess Club, Poetry Club. Favorite phrase-Excelsior. wmuaaps CAROLE SUE CDHEN 624 Montgomery St. Booster, Class Secretary, Cafeteria Sciuad, Drama Guild. NicknameiHose. " 6 'Wa ww ! , ,.7 2-gg ' f 4 4' Q .ff-H112 54. aff. - 7753 1 "W 43. .1 sn, 4, ff 4 M. ' 'iw 332' BERNARD LOUIS CHAZEN 280 Crown St. Wingate World, Program Office, Aide Mr. Glass, Senior Rep. Life's ambition-Best engineer in America. HARVEY KENNETH CDHEN 187 Tapscott St. Photographer. Admires greatly-Alfred E. Neuman. few .J ANN CHRISTIE 254 East 26 St. Secretary Mr. Feuer and Mr. Deutchman. Life's ambition-To have a happy marriage, JUDY CUHEN 159 East 96 St. Cafeteria Souad, Library Squad, Secretary Studies Club, Secretary Mr. Starfield, Social Commission. Favorite phrase-Money lsn't nunrufl-iincr hid- it hnlnc TNORMA ANN CLARE 750 Lefferts Ave. Twirlers, Chorus, G.O. Rep., Class President. Nickname-Petunia. f www: LARRY COHEN 245 Hawthorne St. Varsity Basketball, Baseball, Health Education Office, Cafeteria Souad, Student Patrol, Class President. Nickname-Sac. 'I9 'ibn MADELON LINDA COHEN 258 East 91 St. Secretary Dr. lngraham, Library Ssuad, Secretarial Studies Club, Volleyball Team. Favorite phrase-And everything. eg ,. ",-19.1. Af f, I .av-MW A Q ,M 1 "' in ' J f , 4... .W ELLEN JOAN COOPER 1405 Carrol Street Social Commission, Service League, Class President, G.O. Rep., Secretary lvlr. Silverstein, Senior Show, Senior Rep. Favorite phrase-Tally-Ho. 20 MAXINE COHEN TMYRA COHEN 101-15 Flatlands Ave. Secretary Ivlrs. Engel, Booster. Remembers most-No-Cal, I envy him. as VWMW aff, M Aff , ,f f- ' I C 'I ,'f':Zg-im . fi 'f?'53Z. W 'f' , 7.1. f, Z, zu .1 MELVIN LEE COOPER 178 Rockaway Pkwy. Mimeograph Souad, G.O. Rep., Aide Dr. Ingraham, History Club, Cafeteria Sfiuad, Nlath Club, Science Club, Class Secretary. Life's ambition-To get a good education supplemented by wine, women and song. 1102 Eastern Pkwy. History Club, History Newspaper, Spanish Club, Hebrew Culture Club, Secretary lVlr. Friedman. Favorite phrase-How long till freedom? mfg we f -1 .- 'iAzm...,. 3" PHYLLIS COOPERSMITH 451 Crown St. Service League, Secretary Nlr, Peters. College-Brooklyn. Am f SELWYN SELVY COHEN 740 Empire Blvd. Basketball Team, Class President, Service Squad, College Rep., Cafeteria Squad. Remembers most-The spirit, 'YTPCW CLAIRE THERESA COSTELLO 446 Montgomery St. Class President, Dance Club, Chorus, Newman Club. Remembers most-Co-op course. REVA FERN COHN 736 Crown St. G.O. Rep., Library Squad, Secretary Mr. Cooper, Cafeteria Squad, Information Desk, Red Cross Club. Remembers most-No-Cal. Set X DOLORES TIIERESA COSTELLO 489 East New York Ave. Class Secretary, Newman Club, General Office. Life's ambition-Doctor's Girl Friday. TCARMELA CONTI 771 Crown St. Senior Leaders, President Golf Club, Chorus, History Club, Secretary Mr. Geschwind. Special interest-Learning to play golf. H K SN if 3' E gs? yi- . i s i C y is N xx X X Ss Rs . -W 5 ' :bt RONALD COWEN 743 Empire Blvd. Arista, Sports Editor Wingate World, Executive Council, Longfellows, Class President, Math. Club. Cafeteria Squad. Plans-lvledicine. IIELYN VIRGINIA CROWELL D4 Dekalb Ave. .ass Secretary. avorite phrase-Real Crazy. V ' 'Wah , X V f WMV Y ,. ff? ' 79 1 N f'.'.. ,W iff. ' I ff 'ff' WA, Z ,, K W if ,Q 7' .7 1 it I ICHAEL HOWARD DECK Z8 Midwood St. :udent Patrol, Cafeteria Iuad, Aide Miss Dubow. fe's ambition-To become pharmacist. "W, WVU' WM IULIETTE M. CUCCU 502 New York Ave. Captain Boosters, Senior Leaders, Bon Appetit Club, Sing, Official Class President Comment-lt was a well spent four years. MVK .1 W. 5 f of 5. ,Wm .5 I THERESA ANN DE FINA 559 Albany Avenue Golf Club, Newman Club, Secretary Dean, Accounting Office. Remembers most-My friends. Jwgie.. Sf .. ,Q ISS. glg XE K S i is f X X . ez, 1 . Q ' ff 'ex ' ff A Ds. . -.4A ,N Q ' M . sx , uf: ex . 9 5 E tix X . L. A. f If 'Ewa , 1 4, .f if f, My rw f ,. , ffff. . f .vw , ANTHONY LOUIS D'ANTONIO 348 Maple St, Plans-To attend printing school. 5 f' ff . .V ., if ,mi , I? ,i EDWARD MICHAEL DAVID 1287 Carroll St. Pan-American Club, Art Club. Life's ambition-To enter world politics. C, 5 A Q X if ,f CARDLYN AMELIA DAVIS 252 Stuyvesant Ave. Orchestra, Cafeteria Squad, History Club, G,O. Rep. Life's ambition-To become a teacher. AARON DEITSCH 78 East 92 St.. Math Team, Chess Club, Math Club. Remembers most-The delicious food?? NORMA IEANNE DAVIS 558 Gates Ave. Cafeteria Souad, Senior Rep Class Secretary, Chorus. Special interests-Dancing and skating. z ,,,g if-' f If . . .r ., I H f gpg. I 'V M I J il: ' f' 'ww ' aff f' f , ij' , ,. , , MARVIN DENEROFF 1760 Union St. Captain Bowling Team, Aide to Guidance Counselors, Senior Rep, Life's ambition-To become an engineer. 21 ,ff L l , i L ll, L ' , r, Mltf NWN' JUDITH CAROLE DEUTSCH STEPHEN DEUTSCH 877 Empire Blvd. 1500 Carroll St. Arista, President Girls Glee Captain Student Patrol Club, Twirlers, Service League, Co-Captain Cafeteria Syouad. Assembly Commission, History Favorite phrase-Ain't that Club Newspaper, Switchboard, a cryinggshamel Tennis Club. Favorite phrase-Tough nuggie. Y, QLL 1432?-5 Q! ff STEPHEN ROBERT DINNERSTEIN 1049 Montgomery St. Secretary Dr. Guerra, Safety Squad, Cafeteria Squad. Admires greatly-Jonas Salk. 22 s 4 pf-1 JUDY DOBBINS 519 Midwood St. Service League, Secretarial Club, Class Secretary, General Office, Secretary Miss Llgorio, Mr. Tanklow and Miss Schneck. l.ife's ambition-Marriage. I l ffl TDUNNA YVETTE DOBLIN 621 Lefferts Ave. Art Commission, Art Club, Lieutenant Cafeteria Squad, Secretary Dean of Girls. Favorite phrase-Like it's piercing. 1 fl l 5 li 2 M f , , 2 if-az ffm r cf 4! I ff Q WA' 4 I 0 , , , 6 f J , .ff I '.enfg..,gf.,g,.' ,. e , 9rym:,f7"' f' P- -1 Y , ,. - V. - ze-My-f.ff',f f. 1 ,V f .V" ww' MARCIA HELEN IJDLBER 178 Rockaway Pkwy. Senior Leaders, Badminton Club, Program Committee, Sing, Class Vice-President, Admires greatly-Parents. T FAYE ROSE DE VITO 564 Albany Ave. Newman Club, Golf Club, Secretary Mr. Koltun, Class Secretary. Favorite phrase-The year before the flood. MARSHA DONNER 609 Rutland Road Boosters, Program Office, President Red Cross Club, Class President, G.O. Office, Chorus. Favorite phraseilt takes one half your life to make friends and the other half to keep them. mi r 1 4 ,sa a' , ,QEQQIZ g . ,V , f ' 1 , X f ,j 4,55 1' 44. jj .JT-' ' f '.f,: GUSTAVE JOSEPH DI BIANCO 722 Montgomery St. Student Patrol, Cafeteria Squad, Band, Library Squad. Remembers most-The "strict enforcement of rules. Ni. ROCHELLE DONDW 418 Sterling St, Boosters, G.0. Rep., Vice-President Golf Club, Dance Club. Remembers most-The growth of Wingate. LDRED LOUISE DOVE 5 Lewis Ave. :retarial Studies Club, J. Rep. forite phrase-When at first 1don't succeed, try, try ain. EPHEN EBERMAN 33 Remsen Ave. ptain Swimming Team, Art ib, Pan-American Club, irary Squad. ecial interestATo work a lifeguard. FRANCES ELAINE DRAFT 550 Putnam Ave. G.O. Rep., Badminton Club, Volley Ball Club, Secretary Miss Berman. Favorite phrase-Peace!! Mum WW JERRY EDELSTEIN 73 East 96 St. Cafeteria Squad, History Club, Science Lab. Favorite phrase-Yub! 1 J, .11 0 ff-- if ,f 1 , 2. 1 -i .1 f 5 J ,. 7 ,L I, L., I ' , 1. . . ',... f 'nf all Q13 I' 5 5. S , . ,S . G 1 W' . gm , . STEPHEN DROTMAN 1651 Carroll St. Student Patrol, Cafeteria Squad. Remembers most-No-Cal, because I always bump into him. MICHAEL BARRY EINSCHLAG 131 East 49 St. Arista, Longfellows, Band, Nlath. Team, Cafeteria Squad, Spectrum. Favorite phrase-Well, yuh canlt win 'em all. DAVINA MARCIA DUBNICK 238 East 54 St. Arista, G.O. Rep., English Office, Social Studies Office, Guidance Office, Service League, History Club, Red Cross Club, Hebrew Culture Club. Life's ambition-Mathematical work. 'Hazard' f EMANUEL EISNER 621 Crown St. President Woodworking Club, Photography Snuad, Class Secretary, Student Patrol. Special interesteRadio control. f-van! PIIYLLIS L. DUBOFF 87 East 53 St. Class President, G.O. Rep., Sing, Cafeteria Squad, Secretary Mr. Silverstein, Junior Leaders. Favorite phrase-Ali kidding aside. -rf MLJ . , Ji? , flfwlfy' DONALD B. EPSTEIN 825 Crown St. Attendance Office, Cafeteria Squad, Physics Lab. Lifels ambition-Doctor. JDU31 l JOAN MARCELLA EASTMOND 583 Jefferson Ave. Class Secretary, Cafeteria Squad, Twirlers, Service League, Chorus. Favorite phrase-That's the breaks! HOWARD JACK EPSTEIN 225 Park' Place Arista, Business and Circulation Manager Wingate World, Longfellows, Bowling Team, Library Squad, Senior Rep. Life's ambition-To pull teeth. 23 owl nfs - ww' GERELYN JANETTE EVERETT 238 Sumner Ave. Lieutenant Cafeteria Souad, G.O. Rep., Chorus, Red Cross Rep., Class President. Plans-Nurses training. . i 7 ,ff-a by A" if , IWW, we ,,,Y,, M wXf:,42?:sk ff ' , ., V2 ' V V 2 r 'vidfqk , Y . JOEL DAVID FEITELSDN 1090 East New York Ave. GWENDULYN JEAN EVERETT 238 Sumner Ave. Secretarial Studies Club, G.O. Rep., Volleyball Team. Favorite phrase-Definitely MYRNA RITA FELDBERG 457 Schenectady Ave, Nlimeograph Sfuad, Cafeteria Secretary Nliss lvlithers, Class Squad, Pan-American Club, Nlath, Club, Senior Band. President, Booster, Library Squad, G.O. Rep. Favorite phrase-You bounderl Special interest-To know and 24 understand myself better. C , f 3? i ,,w:. ,., , X 2 gee' 1 ff ? ,t ,,' C ',r MARILYN FARBER 105 Remsen Ave. General Office, Co-op Course. Special interest-Horseback riding. .,,,.,g 19" CAROL ANNE FELDMAN 601 Albany Avenue Arista, Art Commission, Chemistry Lab., History Club, Red Cross Club, Secretary Mr. Brownstein and Mr, Palmer Nlosaic, Class President, Favorite phrase- lt will be over soon. STEPHEN IRA FEIG 961 Eastern Pkwy. Cafeteria Squad. Life's ambition-To design a space ship to the moon. . H y , ,L in . ga: W J ' W 5,," w ad ' , yr 35 , MICHAEL JAY FEIL 939 Winthrop St, Gym Leader, Science Publications, G.O. Rep. Remembers most-The shape of the school. ,.'f ': ,"'2 I.'w : , . .wwwvnw is ? W I A 'QA . ,M We 13" W ff' we W-.iv CLARE RUTH FELDMAN 844 lvlidwood St. Library Sauad, Secretary Leonardo Da Vinci Club, College Rep., Secretary Mrs. Silvers and lVlrs. Krongelb. Special interesteTheatre. ROBERT H. FELDMAN 712 Crown St. Arista, President History Club, Assembly Commission, Band, Class President, G.O. Rep.. Lieutenant Cafeteria Souad. Remembers most-Lasting friendships. ,. .,f-fs"v WWW V5 favs! " V44-W' ' ,F if ef . fy J if fi x.. '-flmvrf , , 5 STANLEY LLOYD FEINBERG 2075 Rockaway Pkwy. Track Team. College-Brooklyn Polytech. .-af sf ,fc .,-C '51 .ff J , -.fp ,Q - Q , bgf .X CQ: STEPHEN DAVID FELDMAN 1049 Montgomery St. Commentil would like to see a Wingate football team. 1' 'N HB f Ag ww' 1 L , 1 . 'Ad if if O N1 ' "" -mu tiff . ' ' S Qu 1' 1 1 R, , .ff X . r"" IIARGO KAREN FELIX SAM LOUIS FENICHEL f IOHN ANTHONY FENIMORE l01 Schenectady Ave. 1374 Union St. 560 East New York Ave. listory Club, History Arista, Orchestra, Senior Chorus. Track Team. Iewspaper, Secretary Ar. Bloom. avorite phrase-Try anything -once. Qllur f 1:9 .2 .211 g fla so Leader, Math. Club, Science Club, Mlmeograph Squad. Cafeteria Squad. Nickname-Sandy. gi Q, , . 4.--' IITCHELL STUART FENTON 53 Empire Blvd. ervice Souad, Math. Team. fe's ambition-Doctor. WD! gzlykiiw , X .Y E 1 ,-,, ff, 2.1 gf. 'J 4"1f.-of-335. I Wx, ff-,ff fi: KENNETH S. FIEDLER 895 Montgomery St. Basketball Team, Orchestra, G.O. Rep., Lieutenant Cafeteria Souad, Aide Mrs. Wolfe, Red Cross Rep., Class Vice-President. Favorite phrase-Doing what comes naturally. ,, 7 .R 7 Jfzf J WZ we 'xi' SEYMOUR FINDER 355 Troy Ave. Band, Cafeteria, Locker Monitor, History Club, Math. Club. Comment-What happened to our swimming pool? A wen , K bm. , , D k x SANDRA MARLENE FINK 564 Empire Blvd. Senior Chorus, Modern Dance, Twirlers, Sing, Program Committee. Cafeteria Squad, Class Secretary. Admires greatly-A person who seeks to get what he wants. Nickname-Johnny, ALICE LINDA FISHER 44 Butler Place G.O. Rep., Drama Guild, Senior Rep, History Club, Cafeteria Squad, Guidance Office. Secretarial, Studies Club. Comment-Good luck, Wingate! 'tw RENEE FENSTER 456 Schenectady Ave. Booster, Chorus, Cafeteria Scuad. Secretary Mrs. Mirin, Sing. ' Life's ambition-Elementary school teacher. , 9 ' A 'I 'V .27 A u ,144 I wi. .- BERT FISHER 456 Schenectady Ave. Service Squad. Life's ambition-Audio technology. 25 STEPHANIE HOPE FISHER ALICE JANE FISHMAN JEROME FLIEGENSPAN 44 Butler Place 1452 Carroll St. 621 Lefferts Ave. G O Rep Guidance Office Class President, Class Arista, Spectrum, Lieutenant History Club Secretarial Secretary, Receptionist. Cafeteria Squad, G.O. Rep., Studies Club Cafeteria Squad, Current interest-Engagement Pan-American Club, Nlath. Red Cross Rep plans. Team. Life s ambition To marry Special interest-Latin and have a family American music. ,j THERB ELLIOT FREY 248 East 91 St. Chorus. College-Brooklyn. ANTHONY JOSEPH FORESTIRE 365 Hawthorne St. Study Hall Guard, Senior Leader. Special interest-Graduation. 13 J l V wx if A f ' 4 gf K 113 .. :ff ' Q, 4 .f . 2' ff ,f f 42 1 J jg? fy W Q 1 Z1 MN 'off , .. MELVIN ALVIN FOX 1384 Carroll St. Cafeteria S'uad, Student Patrol, Band. Remembers most-The program office. TROBERTA FRIEDMAN 1169 East New York Ave. G.O. Office, Secretary Nlrs. Engel. Favorite phrase-Lots of luck. EULALIA LOUINIA FRANCIS 1446 Carroll St. Chorus, G.O. Rep., Red Cross Rep., Cafeteria Souad, Program Committee, Secretary Chorus. Life's ambition-Bookkeeper. LOUIS STANLEY FURSTEIN 2110 Union Street Cafeteria Scuad. Fencing Team. Office Monitor, Public Speaking Club. Comment-Oh, that food! . vf, 0 , , fX AZ 4' . Y, ' dl K! guts? V 5 2' ' . .. 'X ' 9. gv: C' ., ..-3-' if' j f f 12,3 , ' X K, , .. , . ,rfw ,sf if AROLD GABEL 3 East 94 St. rm Leader. Lieutenant afeteria, Student Patrol. fe ambition-Civil mgineer. , - E v. M ' 1 , e I . f arf ft ,. iw . fr if w f, , 1 I- N . , ,..-: :Em i -' ! lx I Q I f 1 qv af ' 4 Us , ,W ' iw 2 , at ,V ii 'Q 16 ,, W., I ELLEN SUSAN GERSH i80 Empire Blvd. lrt Club, Secretary llrs. Silver and Mrs. Cohen. lickname-Beastie. ,, .,,.,, ,:., , ' 51,464 ,, ' ',ZZ9LJX21i.f . ,,. 9""'w My f, .4 ESTHER SHEILA GARBER 31 East 40 St. Mixed Chorus, Program Committee. Phrase-Respect your elders. .,., 0 I A ,I , - , Af V, - ff ,4 f if V f I ff f W ,f f 'fr ' 45" ' ' ff ' DINA GARFINKEL 218 East 91 St. Secretarial Studies Club, G.0, Rep., Red Cross Rep., Cafeteria Snuad. Phrase-What? T K Zf 1 ' .Q W' IRIS SONURA GARFINKEL 1933 Union St. Service Patrol. Senior Rep., Secretary Mr. Shapiro, G.O. Rep. Ambition-To be a model. ?" 00450044 SHERRY REE GERSHBERG HAROLD HERSH GERSTEIN ANTHONY JOSEPH GIAROINA 813 Maple St. 2007 Union St. 638 Hawthorne St., General Office, Sing. Art Club, Service Patrol, Chorus. PlansFWork as a contractor. Program Office, Service Comments-Good-bye. League. Nickname-Sher. DOROTHY LEE GARNER 412 Monroe St. Emergency Room. Ambition-To get married. , ,7 .1 ,aj.""i-, f f"""l N , 4151 1 ,f 5 W 2' ' 'mf' ' ,yy 1 ANNE MARIE FRANCES GIASI 610 Clarkson Ave. Secretary to Mrs. Engle, Mr. M. Goldberg, Mr. Silverstein. Special interest-Singing. Zvi' grid Z? ,f LOUISE MARIE GENOESE 713 Maple St. Newman Club. Golf Club, Cafeteria Snuad. Phrase-Till I break the ice. BETTY GINGOLD 91307 Kings Highway Hebrew Culture Club. 27 2 S Eff ,,- QP v 'ff V li of if 5,,., f fl ll 'fry X LAJ v lvihil fa vrg 3 ' T Q23 ' I ,nl it M I ul -il'-5 p J Sw 1 W xt X 1 U, ' . ' i -if tif..- it . I w I st I ' .' , p PM i, , ref- , Q P11 .2 ' .. - :U A ZZ- , MR ,- A I-LI . L 4 ll -fed . - l f I ,f t IV WH Tl My high school training is now complete, l'm ready to stand on my own two feet. Now, since my diploma has been earned, l'll review for you just what I have learned. I can bisect a frog and disect an angle, I a verb can decline and a participle dangle. The sines l've heard of are the ones on roads. I know Hammurabi's Stone and Rosetta's Codes. I know l864's an important date, And the difference between FeSO4 and iron sulfate. That "Silas Marner" 's a poem's an important fact, Shakespeare's "Ethan Frome" shot an albatross in the back. What makes triangles congruent is binary fission, An item which added to my erudition. The Malthusian theory's about inertia of metal, Why did the pioneers go eastward? To settle? The link between the tangent and the British nation, ls, naturally, the theory of spontaneous generation! The U. S. embarked upon a policy of imperialism, Or was it the esophagus or the Papal schism? Gresham's thermodynamics I have memorized, But are parameciums large or medium-sized? Philogeny recapitulates ontogeny, And Darwin invented logarithms, didn't he? "Arrowsmith" was written by William Jennings Bryan, Vitamin B is represented as a positive ion. The chromosome is on the gene or the other way around. I know the year of Queen Anne's War, when Socrates was crowned. The laws of supply and demand were vital To Wingate's loss of the football title. Was Wyatt Earp at Waterloo When Confucious caught the Asian flu? HAVE LEAR ED The Pelopponesian War was fun, Without Sputnik, Oedipus could never have won. Why must rate times distance equal time? And what makes plutonium pentoxide sublime? l've read all Dostoevsky's hymns And seen Da Vinci's "Wingate Whims." The music department's dental notes Prove that bacteria don't drink oats. Cromwell's "Moby Dick" is an allegory As clear in my mind as Napoleon's "Richard Cory." The intestinal tract runs along the spinal column, A fact which made even Mr. Silverstein solemn. The "Fair DeaI" was square, and the "Square Deal" was fair. And pi R cube equals M C square. The Edict of Nantes was passed in l8lO, This l discovered while doing the crossword puzzle in Sten. Who first discovered a rabies cure? Only her hairdresser knows for sure. Was the Law of Conservation of Matter passed in our nation? lt only got through because of pork-barrel legislation. The wave length of a gas varies inversely with the mass And is proportional to the students in our senior class. Tydings-McDuffie was a trapezoid. When the South won the Civil War I was most annoyed. l've learned about fire drills, shelter drills too, Though l never can remember which signal means who! My knowledge took the school by storm, And l finally passed the Uniform. Now that l've 'finished my education, l'm a candidate for graduation. -Barbara Holt .- , s - 'ww ' My! TT' N ' .lg '. fer 'chili 1 ,.f-- 5 Im"5ilP" uf as t ,.. l 1 Q, 'a,l,tl'. "" i I ,U 7' 'IP :Es ll r, 4 ' 5 1 ' l I lg' 'Tv i s.-4 .5 w 2 UMW f :N-i Qt ?' lx' i - l 't't 29 , , 2' is JUDITH BERNICE GINSBERG MIKE STEWART GINSBERG 115 East 52 St. Switchboard Operator, Class Secretary. wa.. . : DEANNA GINSBERG 1010 Rutland Road Sing, Guard, Chemistry Souad 1124 East 24 St. Basketball Team, Baseball Team, Band, Guard, Class Interest-Horseback riding. President, G.O. Rep. ,e ' W, ' WM fiti 'WW 'ES .5 .1 , Q S Y , 29 , 7, sy! 94' L ri, iw' MARTIN PHILIP GLASS 556 Crown St. Assembly Commission, G.O. Rep., Lieutenant Cafeteria Club. Squad, History Club, Guidance Remembers-The Bells and Office, Biology Lab. Squad, eps in the halls. Sound Squad curves men have angles. Phrase-Live and learn. -wwf , qs. , - .1,f-. I - ff M A, 3 . .,, ,ft ,1- 4' --1 --i J.: --. ..i, " Q.. Aixxxr 7 . 1 ffm ' an ff ,ar f ,. , . , , 0 H rm. ' 12 V 7 :5wa,c,,,,W 4 554: .. 'ffl-faiky is 14- . ,Q If ff?-'L-4132 -. 'FH " r MARTIN GLASSMAN 612 Midwood St. Cafeteria Squad, Photography ELLEN JAYNE GLEICHER 1710 Carroll St. Secretary Mrs. Wolfe and Program Office, Sing, Cafeteria Squad, Social Commission, Phrase-Because women have U NW NX S 30 Phrase-Don't be pessimistic. , Q , JA? ff? , 4 gy i f 41 'M ILENE JUAN GITLIN 1710 Carroll St. Arista, Library Snuad, Secretary Mr. Silverstein. - .1 A ' Sir f W I. 1, . 4 41 . s - -'f it' A .1 X. ffm. f 2 1 , V MARTIN GLANTZ 2031 Union St. Senior Leader, Class President. Ambition-To be an Life's ambition-Lady illustrator. scientist. Pr wx: lun, .fa ,H ifj fl-1 il L . 1. ...,. , ., A I 4' "U as . N it. WW 5? 7 gm 'E as , lil HELENE FLDRA GLICK 217 East 93 St. Secretary Mrs. Solovay, Miss Berman, Miss Gutenplan, Mr. Deutchman, and Mrs. STEWART MURRY GLICK 470 Montgomery St. Track Team, Student Patrol, Stock Room. Cafeteria Squad. Life's ambition-Shop Special Patrol,History Club. Neches. teacher. A " ,J Special interest-Graduation. Remembers-The teachers. , I gl , J n gait w+.L!wf.L A' X Q Wffbcl efwlff S S 141.1 . Q' P Q, '7' -'N 7 'J .. - ' ,z.. IE! gk dll' X64 A vb, X sv ' . " iff: s 255522 QW 5 lf I " 1 iw " -. LILA HOPE GLASER 675 Empire Blvd. Orchestra, Red Cross Rep., Secretary Mrs. Amreich, Mr. Geschwind, and Miss Gutenplan. Favorite phrase-Au revoir. ELENOR GLICKLIN 1365 Carroll St. Arista. Senior Rep.. G.O. Rep. Sing, Math. Office. Senior Leader, Service League, Tennis Club. Nickname-Ellie. EATRICE NANCY GLOVER i Hart St. -cretary Dr. Mandell and '. Deutchman, Class Secretary. ckname-Vickie, Q x L 'VF if -' ,52 4 . . Q EUDURE H. GULDFARB 68 Winthrop St. emistry Squad. ibition-Aeronautical gineer. muff i X BARBARA GODFRIED 621 Crown St. Sing, Service League, Student Patrol, Cafeteria Souad, Library Squad, Program Committee. Phrase-God never closed down one door without opening another. ' EILEEN GOLD 921 Montgomery St. 3 ,i ,Mmm ,af fwfr la. MARILYN GOLDBERG 57 Remson Ave. College Rep., Creative writing GO, Rep., Red Cross Ren., Club, Red Cross Club, Sing, Secretary Student Patrol, Cafeteria Squad. Math. Office, Mr. Geschwind, Interest-Child psychology. MISS Adlefblum and Mr. Silverstein. Phrase-Don't be so pessimistic. ' JI . Skeet fl! L, doug .- ,gy f , Jim ARLENE BETH GOLDIS EVE GDLDMAN PHILIP GOLDMAN 810 Midwood St. 565 Crown St. 517 Montgomery St. Senior Rep., Secretary Mr. Levy Secretary Miss Lyons and Arista, Mixed Chorus, and Dr. Mandell, Boosters. Dr. Mullin, Class Secretary. Fencing Team, Bowling Team, Phrase-Like So. . . College-Brooklyn. Photography Club, Student Patrol, Math. Club. Admires greatly-Leonardo ."'?" LINDA MARION GOLDES 53 East 52 St. Sing, Executive Board, Mosaic, Chemistry Lab, Boosters, Senior Activities Office, Tennis and Volley Ball Clubs, Library Scruad, Math. Club. Special interest-Bookstore browsing. r Ei. fwfw Wfiv' LARRY GOLDFARB 877 Montgomery St. Longfellows, Class President Cafeteria Squad, Audio-Visual Squad. College-Brooklyn. fl 5, ,J uavanea. , Y. ,X 3 4 m,fJ,,,fLsJf A i, X K X! N. ix X N 31 f7',j ,442 L, Q, l , 'sf' :rf .1 4, 52 W, - 1 I f f ,. . . ,ajivjfi " , TRONNIE BENAY GOLEMBE B40 Montgomery St. Arista, Orchestra, Sing, Service League, Secretary Mr, Silverstein and Mr. Levy, Class Secretary. lnterest4Pian0. 32 K vga A z X 'W X 'VW' 'sm 'S TALICE GOLDSTEIN TELEANOR GOLDSTEIN 750 Lefferts Ave. Twirlers, Senior Leaders, Class President. Life's ambition-Get married and propagate the species. 1639 Carroll St. Dance Club, Program and Administration Offices, Chorus. Phrase-Full barrels make the least noise. 5190! . Nz I i 2 IOSEPH GONZALEZ 232 South 2 St. Baseball Team, Track Team, Basketball Team, Class President, Class Secretary. Life's ambition-Woodworker. 't 4 f 439 I ' wmwfvc ,wif . 5 tw. 'sag as ..., . ' fi, fig. fgf, CATHERINE F. GOODE 87 East 53 St. G.O, Rep., Secretary Nlrs. Silver, Nlr. Zlotnik and Mr, Feuer. Ambition-To be a model, T 'v , ry- f qu gy 41 ,4..-qw s .Maas IRWIN GOLDSTEIN 928 Montgomery St. G.O. Rep., Class President. Ambitionglinter politics. BERNIE GOODMAN HOWARD JEROME GOODMAN 75-11 170 St., Flushing Captain Basketball Team, 79 Remson Ave. Typewriter Repair Squad. Baseball Team, College Rep., Phrase-lf I only had a dime. Class President. N ickname-Goodie. ' , K 'X JERRY S. GOLDSTEIN 24 East 55 St. Orchestra. Remembers-My failing grades. CAROL GORDON 1625 President St. Arista, Program Committee, G.O. Rep., Class Secretary, Business Office. Phrase-You animal!! 40 kdm! CAROL ELIZABETH GORDON 1488 President St. Mixed Chorus, Sing, Secretary Mrs. Wolfe, Mr. Hall, Mr. Koltun and Mrs. I. Silver. Comments-Parting is such sweet sorrow. W1 ELLIOTT GORDON 154 Rockaway Pkwy. Science Office, Physics Lab., Science Club, Math. Club, Cafeteria Squad, Class President. Ambition-Millionaire. 'RENEE M. GORDON 456 Schenectady Ave. Twirlers, Tennis Club, Secretary Mr. Koltun. Phrase-Take it slow. l fs W, ...ffwcgf fe ' y , GILBERT ROBERT GORDON 560 Lefferts Ave. Spectrum, G.O. Rep., Math. and Science Clubs, Photography Commission, Physics Squad, Music Listeners Club. Phrase-Oh, yeah? I F . GJ MSI" 'K - J ' , ' . . fe J. W fi l X l ',Q31i" y Xt ,JL X .fl ' 1 I ' x .f . , ,I I, LJ v J f A 2 IV Q 3 XX M -if . N U. X R . 4 XXV 1 X ,aww HARVEY SAMUEL GORDON 641 Crown St. Senior Leader, Cafeteria Squad, Student Patrol, History Club. Comment-Who needed the statues? ROBERT T. GORDON TELLEN GOTTESMAN JOAN ANNA GOTTLIEB 264 East 91 St. 750 Lefferts Ave. 1730 Carroll St. Co-Captain Baseball Team, History Club and Newspaper, Arista, Spectrum, Sing, College Field Squad, Executive Board, Service League, Lieutenant Rep., Boosters, Wingate World, Sing, Wingate World, Boys Cafeteria Squad, Class History Club, Program Office. Chorus, Track Team. Cafeteria Vice-President. Special interest-Mathematics. Squad, Phrase-Keep cool. Ambition-Pediatrician. JONATHAN MARK GORDON 1555 Carroll St. Chemistry, Physics and Biology Squads, Student Patrol. Ambition-Research chemist. ff QW JUDI GORDON 1717 Carroll St. Senior Rep., Secretary Mr. Friedman and Mr. Koltun, Public Speaking Club, Drama Club, Class Vice-President. Ambition-Speech Therapist. JUDITH ISABEL GOTTLIEB 432 Brooklyn Ave. Mixed Chorus, Volley Ball Club, Red Cross Club, Secretary Mrs. Solovay, information Booth. Ambition-Social worker. fem 1 ALLAN H. GRANOFF 4619 Avenue H. Science Club, Program Office Chorus, Band, Senior Leaders Leonardo da Vinci Club, Math Club, Cafeteria Squad. Admires greatly-Dr. Colvin for his wise decisions for the betterment of Wingate. 33 MARTHA FRANCES GRASSO 480 Montgomery St. Library Squad. Comment-l'm so glad to graduate. 'Qi it-W., MARILYN GREENBERG 40 East 43 St. Chorus, Art Commission, G.O. Rep., History Club, Library Squad, Red Cross Rep. Remembers most-The friends I've m3d9. 34 fi Ami ii ww DAVID GRATT 764 Albany Ave. Senior Band, College Rep. G.O. Rep., Cafeteria Squadl. Remembers most- Mr. Starfield. ive FRED GROBSTEIN 56 Rockaway Pkwy. Senior Leaders. Special interest-Fishing. L ev.,.i-,.-Tv f,. ,E-,u1f.f1v.-v.,' TSUSAN GRATZ 1365 Carroll St. Senior Leaders, Service League, Art Club, Program Committee, Red Cross Club, Class Vice-President, Badminton Club. Ambition-To be a home economist and a wife. ma e .MM .wi JOAN GRON 832 Midwood St. Library Squad, Secretary Mr. Geschwind and Dr. lngraham. Nickname-Io. BRENDA LOUISE GREEN 442 Kingsboro St. Secretary Mr. Klaskin, Mrs. Sheinin, Miss Dubow and Mr. Glickman, Senior Rep., Class Vice-President. Nickname-Greenie. -'wut QQ EDWARD EVERRET GREEN 160 East 95 St. Track Team, Cross-Country Team. Special interestHBody building. f is ' ,gi , is. X if ' s,j...,a N -, . Q . 1 . S- Y JUAN EARLENE GROUMS WILLIAM HERBERT GROSSER 439 Jefferson Ave. Service Snuad, Lost and Found Office. Phrase-Nasty break. 601 Crown St. Chorus, Earth Science Club, Student Patrol, Cafeteria Squad. Remembers-Cold loc ker room and Miss Dubow. 7..- --11...- v W. 5 . Q5 .,. fi- "f4!,zQ': . i'i2f7f,f ARNOLD STEPHEN GREENBERI 242 Montgomery St. Band, Student Patrol, Cafeteria Squad, Music Office, Woodworking Club. 'knam Ar 'e.' l Q AWA, BARBARA GROSSMAN 740 Empire Blvd. Class Secretary, Chorus. Life's ambition-Modeling. . af ' Y' U1 MICHAEL IUSEPH GROSSO 434 Midwood St. Track Team, G.O. Rep. Phrase-Do the thing right. we MICHAEL HALBERSTAT 144 Rockaway Pkwy. Track Team, Chorus, Gym Leaders, Mimeograph Squad, Red Cross. College-Brooklyn. Q J? 4,' ' :TW Q? ,I 7191 111 y 2 I X ,. H A . f fi., ,I 4 f ' 'f fr , 'Z ,I Q ' fir 'ex 1 4 r. V jf f V f .K if 2 aww' A A ffxwwywf A A 1 .,',, ,fllffflff an V STEPHEN CUSKIN 694 Ralph Ave. Kind of work-Baker. impw WNW ANN VERONICA HALLIWELL 663 Midwood St. G.O. Rep., Class Secretary, Secretary Mr. Goldberg and Mrs. Silver, Newman Club. Favorite phrase-No man is an island entire of himself. SUSAN GUTCHIN 159 East 96 St. Cafeteria Squad. Phrase-You're an animal. ,, W ,ff 1 yi, if , ,,, ,, , ,. lr. ii . BERTRANI! ISRAEL HALPERIN 7 Balfour Place Boy Leader, Arista, Captain Nlath. Team, Spectrum, Physics Magazine, Science Club, Lieutenant Cafeteria Squad. Plans-Theoretical physics. LINDA ANN HAHN 1961 Union St. Junior Leaders, Service League, Cafeteria Svuad, Sten. and Typing Clubs. Favorite phrase-For every door that closes, God opens another. " U, 14: Q, mf ff f ,Q 27 ,Q Ma ' ,V f gig, mi, ' 'if' 7,7115 C " ' 'ffwff ' 5" NEIL F. HALPERN 247 East 92 St. Remembers most-Prograrn office. Wir? DIANE GAIL HAMILTON 975 East 18 St. Special interest-Jazz. 1' 4 I li C761 , ff A V x U .A .4 af f f M" f i f' ' , ., mf , ,I Q- "wing "fi , ' f 1,131 fi' . - ALLEN ALDEN HAMMERLINC 1675 Carroll St. Arista, G.O. Council, Class President, Handball Team Mosaic, Manager Track Tear Senior Rep., Band. Admires greatly-My uncle Leo Steinberg. ' X if . gjgl'f4,4':, 49+ ' ff-QQ " 6,4451 2 Uv-fve lf' 7 ' S I ff , fl c.xfLf.'c"P Z Q 35 ,t if ,evx e UB xxxsl. PAULA HANDSMAN 31 East 43 St. Social Commission, Assembly Commission, Art Commission, History Club, G.O. Rep., Class President. Plans-College. 4Q"'M""f 4,54 ,a DARYL PHYLLIS HARLICH 104 Tapscott Street Senior Leader, Senior Rep., Secretary Miss lvlithers and lVlr. Friedman, College Rep., Chorus, Co-op Course. Favorite phrase-lt's only my opinion, but. . . BRUCE STUART HARRIS 825 Crown St. 1 7 1 1 f , J 9 ,g Q f RICARDO IUSTD HASSAN 406 Hawthorne St. Lieutenant Student Patrol, G.O. Rep, Chorus. Nlimeoeraph Seuad. Favorite phrase-Hello, Senior Rep., Cafeteria Squad, people!! Red Cross Club, Class President. Favorite phrase-Holy mackerel! .,.-:K ev: I' 1.-v we 1 W9 I , - ""' We , . Q, i f fi ,.. 36 CARDLYN HAWES 806 Park Place Chorus, G.O. Office, Class Secretary, Lost and Found. NORMA ELAIN HAUGHTON 143 Lefferts Ave. G.O. Executive Council, Senior Leaders, Boosters, G.O. Rep., Chorus, Cafeteria Souad, Service League, Volley Ball Club. Life's ambition-To be a nurse. TDEENA DIANE HELLER 1933 Union St. Student Patrol, G.O. Office, Creative Writing Club, Remembers mostvThe end Junior Leader. of each period in class. College-Albany State Teachers, NATALIE MARSHA HELLER 712 Crown St. Captain Twirlers, Sings, Biology Lab., Program Committee, Junior Leaders, Gym Office, Bowling Team Special interest-Bowling W' f., MARILYN HAUSNER 760 Montgomery St. Orchestra, Bon-Apetit Club, lvlodern Dance Class, Secretarial Studies Club, Home Economics Office. Remembers most-The orchestra. to levees 3 -we-sean, R ls., K 5: if ' 'ws Q- l,Xs-vue L . .Q xxx :- fur QEWSXQ fir. 2.4 fs " wb X. X TMARYLIN HELLERSTEIN 853 Empire Blvd. Chorus Leader, Senior Sing, Senior Rep., Dramatics Club, Social Commission, Class President. Life's ambition-Dramatic or elementary school teaching. 1 f , Q . ff , ' .9 4 ' I 'W 1 ' 1 W1-of ,, f ' ,af . I " .-if Yi!! 1 x , , " Y MICHAEL HENDLER 65 East 95 St. Senior Rep., Handball Team, Track Team, Class President, G.O. Rep. Life's ambition-To become a doctor. !,W,,..a,u 0 ,A ,waiug Cr NAOMI ETTA HIRSCH 1646 Carroll St. Sing, Secretary Mr. Zlotnik, Cafeteria Squad, Class Secretary. Favorite phrase-In God we Trust, all others must pay. 1 'f,", f X 1 M.. . . 4-.4 f , ef 0 fr.. . IRIS MAXINE HERMAN 182 East 93 St. G.O. Rep., Library Squad, Red Cross Rep., Class President. Favorite phrase-Leave me alone already. BARBARA HOLT 15 East 40 St. Arista, Editor-in-Chief Wingate World, Associate Editor Spectrum, G.O. Rep., History Club and Newspaper, Tennis Club, Social Commission, Creative Writing Club. Special interest-Writing. 1 Wi! X if 4,141 .. 4. n' '-'3lz'z,Q.. a- 'M ' gb.. MARTIN HERMAN 37 Tapscott St. Special interest-Sports. ANNE CAROL HOROWITZ 388 Nlidwood St. Art Commission, Service League, General Office, Secretary Mr. Gotfried and Mrs. Gorden, History Club, Art Club. Special interest-Psychology. 39 'vvv F415 L 429 fr RICHARD STANLEY HERMAN 570 Nlidwood St. Student Patrol. Remembers most-The shape ofthe building. , two I I ,.,. Z iaf,.M,, i, X, H , I , . ' ' 4. W, 1 5 be M ' 5' 4 We fi? 1 ,,,, if ,ag ,M TIANET LESSA HOROWITZ 750 Lefferts Ave. Red Cross Rep., G.O. Rep., History Club, Secretary Studies Club, Service League. Special interest-Hi-Fi. MAXINE MUZELLE HICKS 546 Macon St. Secretary Mrs. Turecan, G.O. Rep., Red Cross Rep. Favorite phrase-But why do you want to say that? TIUDITH SARA HOROWITZ 674 Empire Blvd. Arista, Service League, College Guidance Office, Secretary Official Class, Vice-President Art Club, Vice-President Clothing Club, Library Squad, Red Cross Club. Remembers most-Friendship between teachers and students. f , "Og iff., i f 497 aw . 1, r fi" 2 4 ' 1- i f , . yll, . .J f., ' 3 2. CATHERINE ANN HINKSON 1463 Carroll St. G.O. Rep., Red Cross Club, G.O. Office. Favorite phraseiYou can make it if you try. f f 'ff ff f, g W 'f ww f f , 1 Q iff f X Wwfwfm. ' Zfyfy' MARILEE HOROWITZ 114 East 94 St. Secretary Boosters, Librarj Squad, Chorus, Service Lea Cafeteria Squad, Tennis Cli Senior Leader, Dance Club. Remembers most-The firs day the school was open. 37 K . In R .13 A. . , P. 4' . v .- 'r ROBERT HOROWITZ 266 East 46 St. Library Squad, Band, Mimeograph Squad, Aide Miss Ligorio, General Office. Admires greatly-Girls. LUCY HOWE 77 St. James PI. Boosters, Secretary Chorus. Remembers most-Being one of the first to spend four years here. CHARLES ELVIN JACKSON 651 Park Pl. Senior Band. LUIS JACKSON 1217 Sterling PI. G. 0. Rep., Cafeteria Squad, Special interestMThe theatre. Secretarial Studies Office. 38 Comment-lt's been fun. 7, .--..17,, . ,,.-,.. 27-rv.,..'L1e.... 'DIANE LOREEN HUNT 916-18 Madison St. Class President, Senior Rep. Life's ambition-To own some kind of business. -.4,'-fm , f .,, 2 ei 0" ., f. , ,,,, ,, .,.. ,,V,,,,. MICHAEL JACOBS 388 Midwood St. Arista, English Office, Science Club, Cafeteria Squad. Plans-Study to be an engineer. -7,111.1-M. ar- - - TJIJEL ARNOLD HURVITZ 232 East 96 St. Mimeograph Squad, Pan- American Club. Life's ambition-Accounting and law. ,f" 72125 WW , A' ,Q-if . I, 9 7: Y ,,.,. if? f f , , 34 S Q , , .' ggtisw H X . K' SUSAN JACOBS 308 Sterling St. Library Squad, Secretary 'V 'fry' I ,' f N NSG, . 2? 1 A Q- .-.JJ X ' s MARTIN ROBERT INGBER 2053 Union St. Senior Leaders. Special interest-Sports. . X CAROL ANN JAMES 750 Halsey St. Secretary to Mr. Levy. JEFFREY RICHARDSON INNISS 995 Bergen St. Soccer Team, Orchestra, Rep. N.C.C.J., Vice-President Science Club, Executive Board G.O., Vice-President Red Cross Club. Favorite phrase-Have faith in God. CARL VERNON JAMESON 1445 Dean St. Track Team, Class President, Mr. Deutchman and Mr. Bloom, Nickname-Teenie. Captain Mimeo Squad, ' M355 SGCVEUSVY- Captain Cafeteria Squad, Rernembers most-The Student Patrol, Boys Chorus. SWIVWTJIHE pool. Plans-To attend the Marine Academy. fb f f X 4 f 5 f f ' fl in 1 X f f 41 1 i ff 1 , f if f , JZ, ' V -W4 V, , v if 1 0 Y ' 1 1 4, f e -'J ,gi ' 4 sag, li ' ,gg MJ .. . . tel" , Q, ff ""151,3" . .J. 4 1' K,ffv,..,..,Q':2e,.. 4 V f. ". '!f"'i5Qi-'Lv 'V J, ,y 1414-,,,,,,..s, w..g.a,, .f mf , 14441: -+.,,,e-M r . 1 - ,'W'f?e:1ff1z- 1 :ifzw rj' ' . MWWK JI" 2 f f Z il!2Zff:4 M. ' 7 , , If N. AI' ,I ff x E I 14 EILEEN ANN JEANNETTI DORIS JOHNSON VIOLA JOHNSON BESSIE LEE JONES CAROLE JUDITH JOSEPHSON 578 Midwood St. 166 Stuyvesant Ave. 443 MacDonough St. 550 Gates Ave. 453 Lenox Rd. Wingate World, History Club, Student Patrol, Cafeteria Class Secretary, Secretary Cafeteria Squad, G.O. Rep., Favorite phrase-Back in Secretary Mr. Glass, Miss Squad, Dance Club. Mr. Felsher, General Office, Secretary Nlr. Levy. your cage. Ligorio and lVlrs. Wolfe, Remembers most-The first Cafeteria Squad- NiCKf18fTI6-Puddefh Secretarial Studies Club, school dance. Favorite phrase-Do you Library Squad. expect a medal? Remembers most-My diploma. . ,, .1 is , Y , U - . S x f 1- TJ , f ' l . . 3 ,K i , 7 , 5 " ,Mi f V ' A LM, QQ ., . ' Jkkk I X , NX 'nw .. gy- ,r,V Z xl, X X 'Mfr M' ' ' 'f:,,,, , ..,.f, R F ., 1 A 'f ' Q ,ff V. I, , l l SUSAN JURGRAU CARLA KAHN NORMAN GEORGE KA'-INA 474 Brooklyn Ave. B53 Empire Blvd. 1108 Rutland Rd. Art Commission, Secretary AUSTB, LIDVBFY Sql-lad, V Student Patrol. Student Court, Boosters, Art Red Cross Club, Cafeteria if .fi Nickname-Hercules. Director, Sing, Cafeteria Squad. I Squad, Student Council, Favorite phrase-I'm V., V ,-ea" Service League, Art Club. cracking up! f' i i 11'-"' Plans-Commercial artist. A I LS' ,. . fm If A an ak fy , I ff .uf ,' . . "2 A H - 41' 9 . . A W v ,J , f 1 , ,,.,,,1 i f., ,IV WAV 2 f 44 ,W f C . ,ei 4 f -f . , . '-1 , f 2344, mf ! ffwwff' MELVYN JURGRAU 480 Lefferts Ave. Orchestra, Lieutenant Cafeteria Squad, College Re G.O. Rep., Library Squad. Plans-College. Huff, . ,.f' ew: 'wh , ,ff TSONDRA KALLUS 291 Remsen Ave. Tennis Club, Badminton Club, Social Studies Office, Class President, Vice-Presa ident and Secretary. Life's ambition-School teacher. 39 I I XV L.. f 1 I., ,I F. N yr A if 1 1 A If ii, .7 N S33 X Bxkfj imxrf Nga!! 6, A 'IUMA K L i.Nif'?wffiilrf gm, 'SFU' s MARVIN KAMENETSKY 750 Saint Marks Ave. Cafeteria Squad. Special interest-Hi-Fi. 1 4,7 V, M V. -A . " "rm 1 f QAUW 2 4-if I -w i , 4 'ff f fit X ff r ,V VIVIAN KANE 235 East 91 St. Class President, Secretary Studies Club, Life's ambition-To be a wife and mother. 40 Qs NX I , , 0 f 4 mr '- X L ROZANN KAMER 1738 Union St. ,' creative writing Club, l History Club, Cafeteria Squad. College-Fashion Institute. fl . j 8 't' MA ,L "f ",, , af' f xl 'gum was f.,, we " We 10' n f 'Vu ' , C, H In ,gf .,,,,M 'K 4 fy 2' 4941 51446, If 9 ja , , .. 5 . ., 'wa . ,,,., , . . , I 4 . ,Q Z, 429' ff f 1 ALLAN L. KAMINSKY 455 Schenectady Ave. Arista, President Radio Club, Physics Lab, Squad, Science Club, Student Patrol, Arista Coach, Aide lvlr. Glass. College-Nlassachusetts Institute of Technology. i l' - - , ,aww .V f -, fe TCARYLL LYNN KANE 811 Maple St. G.O. Rep., Math. Club, Red Cross Rep., History Club, Service League. Favorite phrase-Wisdom is better than rubies. CAROLVN NIAE KANTER TSUSAN S. KANTUR TTERRY RUTH KANTOR TFRADA KAPLAN 335 Lefferts Ave. 757 Empire Blvd. 757 Empire Blvd. 603 Rutland Rd. Secretary lVIr. Tanklow, Mr. Arista, Leaders, Sing. Senior Leader, Sing, Cafeteria Souad, Bon-Appetit Levy and lVlrs. Hirsch. College-Brooklyn. Secretary lVlr. Cooper. Club, Dramatics Club. Leaders, Favorite phrase-I don't know, Plans-Teaching. Secretary Studies Office. iiii think abguf ii, Life's ambitionwTo marry the boy next door. J , :awe 5. -Cc. .iwiktg HOWARD MICHAEL KAPLAN 451 Kingston Ave. History Club, Science Club, Cafeteria Souad. Favorite phrase-I was robbed!! .wt iff.i,ig , ii WA I X' , 1, 'Q 5-v K.. f, f-J A , , . 'QQAQ-f 6195 4 IRA SAMUEL KAPLAN 675 Lefferts Ave. Physics Lab. Squad, Cafeteria Squad. Nickname-Kappy. .fy I. wfwfrff ,,,, , ,- ic, V V' C. gift' ' 1. f 9' Av ,., ,,,A,,..,fw 42442, 4. I . Z! g f MW ', 22? .9151 . 2. 21 JAY STEPHEN KAPLAN 520 Crown St. Program Office, Guidance Office, College Rep., Baseball Club, Cafeteria Squad. Life's ambition-To broadcast Los Angeles baseball games. ,Mom MW ILEEN P. KASTEN 541 Montgomery St. Designed Senior Button, Co-Art Editor Spectrum, Art Commission, Mosaic. Life's ambition-Free lance artist. WW ,WW TSAMUEL JOSEPH KATON 988 Eastern Pkwy. Cafeteria Sfuad. Life's ambition-To drive foreign racing cars. PHYLLIS CAROL KAPLAN 455 Schenectady Ave. Arista, Boosters, Bon Appetit Club, Library Squad, Cafeteria Squad. Life's ambition-Teacher. ANN BARBARA KATZ 672 Empire Blvd. Orchestra, Program Committee, Cafeteria Squad, Secretary Music Office. Remembers most-Spring Festival. Wm SHEILA ELAYNE KAPLAN 555 Kingston Ave. Senior Leader, Sing, Library Squad, Tennis Club, Cafeteria Squad. Special interest-Classical music. 7 ATM G7 'ff ,, r ., ,. 14. ,, - fl :af f 1""e. 'A rf' fe fMwm,, WW I! ARTHUR MARK KAY 350 Empire Blvd. Library Souad, History Club, Delegate to Brooklyn Boro Discussion Group. Life's ambition-Lawyer. di I i,, . ii' .fi l fxsfl- i . f , , i 'NL , I i l ' lfxwxffff V , pfii' . if ff 7 ,Cf l J J . ff iq . 3 .r l 1 gf .f ff ., - "gf ' ll fri i , If . i h.,,i , ,.- kv Af' 4. . ' ' 9 WWW! f iff ,r f . ff? I 4. 1 ff fhf .V ROBERT KARASIK 1156 Schenectady Ave. G.O. Rep., Class President. Senior Rep., Student Patrol, Cafeteria Souad. Life's ambition-To travel around the world. of ff f X 4 1 fy , 1 , 1 Z ,f , I M ' ' ' A L..,"f.T'4 L STEVE KAY 1720 President St. Cafeteria Squad, Leader, Class Vice-President. Favorite phrase-Vive la femme! L-LZ 64 1.--Mft, , Q--' L . . xA, fi., E4 J NANCY LURRAINE KARMAZ 835 East New York Ave. President Drama Guild, Secretary Mr. Felsher and Mrs. Widman, Wingate Bookreviewer. College-Brooklyn. DIANE ADRIANNE KEMPER 586 Midwood St, History Club, Boosters, Library Squad, Secretary Studies Club, Secretary De Miss Dillion, Mr. Zamore, G,O. Rep. Comment-I never thought l could make it. 'J , sl. Y, J CZ? VC. L. xx. 41 DORIS KENTS 837 Herkimer St. Class Secretary, Senior Rep, Special interest-Sewing. 1 f 'K LESTER NORMAN KLAUS 1315 46 St. Secretary Mr. Rochlin and Dr. Mandel, G.O. Rep. Remembers mostgThe crowded halls. 42 ROCHELLE NAN KERZNER 1061 Rutland Rd. Sing, Service League, Student Patrol, Cafeteria Squad, Leonardo da Vinci Club, Red Cross Club, History and Secretarial Studies Clubs. Favorite phrase-It takes all kinds to make this world. TDAVID KLEIN 1160 President St. Senior Chorus, All City Chorus, Drama Guild, Assembly Commission, Aide Mr. Rochlin. Special interest-Show business. P JOHN PATRICK KILROY 10 East 43 St. President Senior Class, V Vice-President G,O., Co-Captain Leaders, All City Chorus, Brooklyn Boro-Chairman Hungarian Social Activities, Member N.C.C.l., Lieutenant Cafeteria Squad, Senior Chorus. Favorite phrase-Don't give up the ship. Z. , ' M., ,.., r-,., ,, .,,, ,. ,, , ' . .ess , .1 -' ' 1 , , X V, ,, . "" Z Tae-' 5 X ,44gsg.z,f,, ,C ' ff f " EA C 1: Q: , .-I ' x 1 2: wail- r 2 A ' f',' . i . i if f ,,f, I Xi, , 'f.1,fr, . , if MADELINE MAY KLEIN 83 East 54 St, Glee Club, College Rep., Cafeteria Squad, Class Secretary. Favorite phraseiYeah??? JOAN KING 1057 Montgomery St. Library Squad. Favorite phrase-Th ree o'clock -Good time to go home. ROCHELLE KLEIN 424 Albany Ave. Booster, Cafeteria Squad, Sing, Service League. Life's Ambition-Secretary. 6 1 Ms My K, www, fy.. U., ffl, mei, ,Q ,M ,,,.,,,,, 1,1-, ,fefw-iff, , I ei .,.-A '4 17."?'f:1:Ef":f1 1: M . YQ page , 61:3 PETER S. KING TBERNICE KIRSCHNER 365 New York Ave. Swimming Team, Baseball Team, G.O. Rep., Class President. Lifels ambition-To become a doctor. ql'fw"'?gufi i -MV" SYLVIA KLEINMAN 680 Montgomery St. Library Squad, Hebrew Culture Club, Secretary Mrs. Ponti. Remembers most-The bell system. 433 Crown St. Arista, Service League, Class Secretary, Hebrew Culture Club, Library Squad, Tennis Club, Arista Coach, Guidance Office. Remembers most-The congenial spirit. HOWARD KDENIG 1738 Union St. Track Team, Drama Guild, Lieutenant Student Patrol, Lieutenant Cafeteria Squad, G.O. Rep., Program Committee Social Commission. Life's ambitionwboctor of medicine. RUBERTA TOBY KOHL 214 East 95 St. Program Committee, Lieutenant Cafeteria Squad, Library Squad, History Club. Plans-Bookkeeping. 4 f .4 " f f fu ff N., 1 f f V V '21, 1 ,, tn: if VICTORIA M. KOPLOWITZ 436 Hawthorne St. Secretary Orchestra, Hebrew Culture Club, History Club, Girls Chorus, Program Committee. Life's ambition-To live in the state of lsrael. JY PHYLLIS KOSLOFF 87 East 93 St. Secretary Studies Club, Library Squad, Secretary Mr. Deutchman, Class President, Attendance Monitor, Poster Club, History Club. Nickname-Flip and Phyl. EILEEN CAROLE KDTLER 1270 East 18 St. General Office, Medical Room Secretary Mr. Gewritzman, Cafeteria Squad. Remembers most-My mixed up senior year. X P at t i we H qw'-Qawf SHELDON EUGENE KOVEN MONTY KRAHAM 503 Schenectady Ave. 1672 Union St. Cafeteria Squad, History Club, Swimming Team, Basketball College Rep,, President Earth Team, Student Patrol, Class Science Club, G.0. Rep. President, Audio-Visual Squad. Life's ambition-To become Life's ambition-To be a -a C.P.A. and businessman. naval officer. 14 SUZANNE KOPPELMAN 819 Maple St. Mosaic, Senior Show, History Club, Secretary Mr. Silverstein, Modern Dance, Social Commission, Delegate to Boro and City-Wide Discussion Groups. Remembers most-Chem. 128-Sept. '56. f ff ,W fnliwu !,,.,ffL! ,,,,M., , , x fd is Q 2 2, f ,ww ww H ,z zz . ff, r, 'f 4, .Q fra 2. STEVE KRAHAM 1666 Union St. Gym Leaders, Student Patrol. Admires greatly- Mr. Glickman. JOSEPH LOUIS KORNFELD 657 Montgomery St, Arista, Orchestra, Band, Mosaic, Music Listeners CIL Favorite phrase-Oh, they'l never ask that on the test. VM 47 PEGGY KAREN KRAKOWER 763 Eastern Pkwy. Arista, Sing, Orchestra, Art Commission, Pan-Amerit Club, Red Cross Rep. Comment-I never thought pass the History Regents. 43 4 Iv ,mf lfltft f .xo S. 'N sis. , .WQAFI 2 . " ' , . - i ,, - . . 1. S io -Q sg: ? QE, . .. K . .X L -. ff 'sei' . -f :sk F . . 'Sta " New N. Q is ix X.-Nsms, F is-5 f E" 1 .,.' . . SEQ- HOWARD KRAMER 350 Sterling St. Arista, Vice-President G.O., Captain Cafeteria Squad, Vice-President lunior Class, Baseball Team, Sports Correspondent N. Y. Post, Sales Rep. Times and Tribune, G.O. Rep. Life's ambition-Doctor of medicine. V .-.H V ..:f.2f"' q + f 1.5. Z i ,, ..r filvagwllffwzrr, I ' effyf TCAROL TOBY KROMBERG 853 Empire Blvd. College Rep., Cafeteria Squad, Secretary Mrs. Goldberg and Mr. Cooper. College-Brooklyn. 44 TROBERTA TOBY KRANE 560 Lefferts Ave. Arista, Feature Editor Wingate World, President Bon Appetit Club, Booster, Wingate Hostess. Favorite phrase-Great!!! Wm M0 BARBARA KAY KRONE 446 Kingston Ave. General Office, Red Cross Rep., Senior Rep., G.O. Rep., Secretary Mr. Koltun, Secretarial Studies Club, Secretary Red Cross. Favorite phrase-Do unto others as you would have them do to you. felgfzwr HANET KRAUT 740 Empire Blvd. Secretary Mr. Kaplan, Subject Class President, Student Patrol, Art Club, Official Class President. Special interest-Bowling. ff cf, , MICHAEL S. KREITZER 150-42 87 Ave. Arista, Commissioner Assemblies, Baseball Team, Program Committee, Guidance Office, Sing. Special interest-Singing. t . T f4"'!Ae A DOUGLAS PAUL KRIEGEL 468 Crown St. Captain Baseball Team, Class President, Field Squad. Favorite phrase-Have laughs. ,y ,fo . ii JUDITH MARION KUCHARSKY 1510 Carroll St. Arista, Chorus, Sing, Booster, Nlodern Dance, Service League, Cafeteria Squad, G.O. Rep. Favorite phrase-You as you are, are better by far than you as you are trying to be. rv .1 f '4 3 . f ' 'wwf J' . . g .. 4 M ' f 1 fag ' ' gf asf , , XX ,V 32 ' f 4 , 9 ' -. :cw 1 s W H 5 A5 P ROBERT KRITZER 38 East 55 St. Band. Special interest-Working as a musician. JUDITH F. KUPPER 30 East 96 St. Secretarial Studies Club, Library Squad, Cafeteria Squad Class Secretary, Class President, Poster Club, History Club. Special interest-Dancing. Spy '4bM P GL ' G J 1 1 729 Ca f' fx. ARL , J . J N73 W Q, " 1. T rf, 4 I . ' ' ,L f A ' 'M-A , it , ft: , 'i i ! ' , 1 i ,,,, , - HA VEVW' If Arvd V57, ff. f STEPHEN FRED KUTCHER 155 East 45 St. Class President, Senior Rep., G.O. Rep, Baseball Team. Favorite phrase-Relax! IRA JAY KUZNICK 461 East 48 St. Cafeteria Squad, Book Monitor. Admires greatly-John D. Rockefeller, Sr. I t We nw VL- 4.1, ' , U , . THELENE RDSLYN LAMDNT 674 Crown St. Senior Leaders, Cafeteria Squad. College-Brooklyn. , A 5 H ff' , ' 1' , , 4 4 KM.: - rg! H MW - EMANUEL LAMPIDIS 1311 Union St. Arista, G.O. Rep., Red Cross Rep., Cafeteria Squad. Admires greatly-Henry David Thoreau. IDAN LABINSON 223 East 95 St. Class President, Life's ambition4To be a secretary. 'V fz, '?? J: 1 If ,Mfr fr, .6 . I ? LINDA LANDER 1745 President St. Program Office, Secretary Mrs. Engel and Miss Berman. Nickname-Winda Wander. HOWARD C. LADDIN 330 Albany Ave. Student Patrol, Cafeteria Squad, Science Club. Special interest-Tropical fish. CHARLES EDWARD LAPIDUS 904 Winthrop St. Senior Band, Vice-President IDAN MARIE LA FRDSCIA 730 Avenue M Treasurer G,O., Captain Twirlers, Senior Rep., Mosaic, Spectrum, Modern Dance Class, Sing, Music Festival, Favorite phrase-l haven't a thing to wear. CONNIE LA ROSA 190 Tapscott St. Secretarial Studies Club, Class Band. President, G.O. Rep., History Favorite phrase-Go -.fry ice! Office, Secretary Mr. Hall, X, Mr. Steinberg and Mr. f Giovanelli. ' 1 . 'T ' 1' f " Plans-Work and o to . ,j I j B any ,AI r college at night. w I, I, .11 ' " tl' ff 5 1 1 i ,a I L,-Li CLN6 SARA LA MANNA 53 Remsen Ave. Secretary Mr. Goldberg, Newman Club. Remembers most-Co-op course. MW' 1 , WMM' VIVIAN LASSER 335 Lefferts Ave. Co-Advisor, Sing, Mosaic, Senior Leaders, English Office, Senior Rep., Library Squad, Named Mascot Thyru Whipple, Service League. Special interest-Theatre. 45 ew' will VXXOQN Kreilzer, Michael SE Mr. Wingate i 4 xg ,.-" ,Wi Www if Krcxhum, Monty Besf Boy Dancer Qwbwlx ' Brown, Carole Best Girl Dancer 46 114, 1 Schlcnsky, Mullhew X N X Class Arlisi Mawbm Halperin, Bert osl Likely To Succeed B M , X 52 M ' ff,' N wx xv Pershkow, Joel Ginsburg, Deunnu ' Handsomesf Boy Prefliesi Girl Class Musician Winogrod,Annobelle Girl Who Did Mosf For The Wentz Larry f , ff X X W , ,MN Grobslei n, Fred Class Wrf Robert Ss 45 " X ,-sw! , "sm , vw 'Qu Ji? ,ga ':'fq'. RICHARD BENJAMIN LAUER BRIAN FRANCIS LAVIN 1710 Carroll St. 415 Winthrop St. Pan-American Club, Cafeteria Track Team, Band, Attendance Squad, Live Wires, aide Office, Student Patrol, D. S. Goldberg. Cafeteria Squad. Favorite phrase-Ever onward. Plans-Policeman. "Ja- , ,ig . ,I .1 .I . "- SUSAN CAROLE LEIPZIG 456 Brooklyn Ave. Secretary Boosters, Social Commission, Tennis Club, Senior Sing, Service League. Life's ambition-To be. 48 as -4. A - V- ' A 4 SHARON MONDELL LEE 29 Putnam Ave. G.O. Rep. Remembers most-The co-op course. fl' TRDBERTA LERNER TCAROL LESTER 207 East 91 St. 706 Lefferts Ave. G.O. Rep.. Cafeteria Squad, Chorus, Modern Dance, Sing, Service Squad. G.O. Rep., Program Committee, Life's ambition-Teaching. Cafeteria Squad, Secretary Mr, Licht and Nlr. Goldberg. Remembers most-First Sing. .,,.., x f Q .W 1. 5.,,."s.. wx' I K1 3' ,V Y IAN LEHR 630 Schenectady Ave. Business Education Office, Cafeteria Souad. College-Brooklyn. i -1 f Q J' .""' 1 'A . ' C. .Y 4,- A .- . , ,f .rs L .f 6 I SETH N. LEIBLER 611 Empire Blvd. wawy 'Haw-' ALLAN JEFF LEIDER 415 Lefferts Ave. Arista, Executive Board Wingate World, Aide Mr. Koltun B.B.S.C., Manager Track Team, and Miss Weinstein. Liaison Commissioner, Favorite phrase-Keep it cool. President Pan-American Club, Lieutenant Student Patrol, Lieutenant Cafeteria Squad. Special interest-Track and Field. LINDA LEE LEVENTHAL 136 East 52 St. Arista, Boosters, Sing, College Rep., Publicity Commission, Secretary Mr. Silverstein. Comments-I leave to the Juniors the impossible job of trying to beat our Sing. PHYLLIS SONDRA LEVENTHAL 1622 President St. Sl'ng, Cafeteria Squad, Secretary Mr. Levy, Mrs. Wolfe, Mrs. Shavit and Mr. Zlotnik, Dance Club, Secretary Studies Club. Favorite phrase-Did I ever steer you wrong? 'N . . W - -is . Q. ggg..-' S S - ww K K 1 vp' l . s. ROBERT LEVIN 1460 Carroll St. Science Club, Physics Lab. Squad. College Rep.. Cafeteria Squad. Admires greatly-Guglielmo Marconi. , i . fi N P. CVSJA iR.iW'k"' D, J , . ' ' 1 7 lx? LL H 4, ,X ,, 4, ri lim f , 1 :O A gif L A f J . l. tydrlf f I . Y as ,,' L CYNTHIA MUNA LEVINE 1710 Carroll St. Secretary Nlr. Palmer. Nickname-Cookie. ELLEN LEVINE 486 Brooklyn Ave. Secretary G.O., Secretary Booster, G.O. Rep., Tennis Club, Modern Dance, Sing, Music Office, Health Education Office. Comment-I shall always remember the honor of having run for a school office and the joy of winning. SALLY LIMMER LOUIS JACKSON LIPPMAN, III TIANET S. LIPSON 358 Linden Blvd. 748 Jefferson Ave. Jlass Vice-President, Secretary Captain Track Team, Service Vlr. Gebhardt and Mr. Squad, Student Judge, Vloskowitz, Leaders. Cross-Country Team. :avorite phrase-Knucklehead. Special interest-Progresm iazz. , ' Bel lil? W JUDITH MARIAN LEVINE 1617 Carroll St. Booster, Chorus, Service Squad, Office Aide, Dance Club, Class President. Current interest-Art. 44 East 52 St. Arista, Arista Coach, Cafeteria Squad, Red Cross Rep., Secretary Mr. Silverstein. Special interest-Ice skating, x 4' 2' -315 ' ,,.. '4'?zf"2f ff fi? ' 'X NANCY LDIS LE VINE 320 Sterling St. Arista, Orchestra, Drama Guild, Principal's Office, Modern Dance, Spectrum. Remembers most-Lab. T IWW JOAN LIPSON 78 East 91 St. Arista, Library Snuad, Cafeteria Squad, Foreign Language Office. Secretary Mrs. Neches and Mr. Fried Life's ambition-To be a teacher. A140 . BARBARA LEVY 303 Beverly Rd. Arista, Captain Boosters, Leaders, Chorus, Class President, Sing. cn 0 :r 'l'1 an 4 o 1 :ai ro 'U :- -1 m ua T Q Q rn 3 rn m 5 is 9 qu- ' ' vs, L 1254 ' -i" ' ' .W-I rg n Q Gm S 2 man. 1 l Z 6 Z 5 DON LEVY 597 Troy Ave. Student Patrol, Lieutenant Cafeteria Squad, Class President. Life's ambition-Engineering ll MII 49 Q 5,1 V f s- es il . Z M... . VV 'A' ww! Qigsa-' .3 'I f , V A ' ",. 5 ARNOLD LISS 10 East 43 St. Band, Nlimeograph Squad. Life's ambition-To be a tax lawyer. ,. 1414, aj? 1 3 '. -nz:-ties." . -,, 1 1 5 " 1" ffpggw W, Z ,f l VL, HQ, I ' f f M f A at W" M. 4,55 MARGARET PATRICIA LOPEZ THAROLD 1. LUFTIG 419 Lincoln Rd. Library Squad. College-Hollywood School of Beauty Culture. pm 10 ANN MANCUSO DIANE MANDELL RUTHAN MANDELL HOWARD LAWRENCE MANN 375 Midwood St 388 Midwood St. 144 Tapscott Street 826 Crown St. Golf Club Class President Class President, Secretary Aide Mr. Plissner, Secretarial College Rep., Science Office, G O Rep General Office Mrs. Shavit, Mr. Levy, Studies Club. Cafeteria Squad. Senior Rep College Rep Mr. Geschwind, Mrs. Day, Kind of work-Marriage Favorite phrase-Why? Nickname Poops English Office. counsellor. Life's ambition-Bookkeeper, 664 Ralph Ave. Arista, Math. Team, Nlath. Club, Science Club, Creative Writing Club, Library Sduad, Photography Club, Program Committee. Favorite phrase-Blood and iron. MARCIA LINDA MARCUS 1098 Eastern Pkwy. Wingate World, Cafeteria Squad, Glee Club, History Club, Hebrew Culture Club, Pan- American Club, Assembly Participation, Red Cross Rep. Favorite phrase-If at first you don't succeed, try again. r RENA MAHDN 1339 Park PI. Poetry Club, Spectrum. Lifels ambition-To be a social worker. '.. 4 TN-19 TOBY ELLEN MARCUS 148 East 56 St. Arista, Boosters, Chemistry Lab. Squad, Bon Appetit Club Chorus, Modern Dance Club, Sing, Cafeteria Squad. Remembers most-Mah nutrition. , A 7iA,. f it ' f A W I .7 'wr-4 'fn HELENE DIANE MARKOWIT 175 East 52 St. Class President, Secretary Mrs. Day, Cafeteria Squad, Leaders. Special interest-Swimming. ILAN MATRACHT '70 Empire Blvd. Jrchestra Concert Master, lll-City Orchestra Member, Iommissioner Photography, 'hotography Editor Wingate 'Vorld, Captain Cafeteria Squad, ixecutive Board G.O., Leaders. .ife's ambition-Concert zonductor. . - f. , mga I' I, ,, f ' 2 f',',, I MELVIN .IULES MARDN TJOYCE MARREN THOMASINA MANETTA MARTIN 178 Rockaway Pkwy. Arista, Assembly and Critics Commission, Sing, Senior Rep., History Newspaper, G.O. Rep., Math. Club, Science Club. Admires greatly- Mr. Greenberg. ANNIE LOUISE McBRYDE 446 Madison St. Life's ambition-To become a dietlcian. 1047 East 26 St. Arista, Library Squad, Foreign Language Office, G.O. Rep., Service League, History Club. Life's ambition-To become a Spanish teacher. we , . .fly ,,44wW .73 17 SHEILA MEREDITH McINTOSH 378 Monroe St. Class President, Secretary Mr. Rochlin. Nickname-Sweetie. 530 McDonough St. Class President, G.O. Rep., Chorus, Cafeteria Squad, Lost and Found Monitor. Favorite phrase-Well that's life. THOMAS McKIE, JR. 539 Hancock St. History Club, Creative Writing Club, French Club, Human Relations Club, Poetry Club. Life's ambition-To become a minister. fi 74 Md x 1 i Ivy 9' 1 .552 if LLM- fx' r I 'A' . A, 'I 'Z .,.. 1 ,....- ff ' 1 1 ,W A ,v af' gf f 'lu Q' .r , ..,., . N., K 'M f WV irr:.,,. f 'MW . ARLENE MASTER 701 Empire Blvd. Class President and Vice- President, College Rep, Library Souad, Book Reviewers Club. Favorite phrase-Think before you speak, I , f iw .-,- , ' 'f2i,:1ZML'L E. 411,015 JEFF VICTOR MEISLISH 649 Empire Blvd, Arista, Sports Editor Wingate World, G.O, Commissioner, Executive Board BBC., Mosaic, Class President, Soccer Team, Program Committee. Special interest-All technical IUDY ANN MATLOFF 1497 Carroll St. Arista, Library Squad, Senior Show, Service League, History Newspaper, Poster Club, Assembly Commission, Secretary Mr. Silverstein. Special interest-Jazz. MARION MELZER 13811 Carroll St. Arista, Art Editor Wingate World, Sing, Modern Dance, Bon Appetit Club, Delegate lnterboro Conference, Library Squad. Life's ambition-To hang one of my paintings in the Louvre and scie tific achiev megtg wjjif-,ftwj M I ,. ' Jqliflglr rx!-4'Js1"""" I KJV! is viii , - "9k,f7f-c'l. ljnJL'lX U J f I fr ' fr. 7 f f L,C,,ug t L if- , 1 51 ww.. .. ,W- , z.. t 4 5 ' X f 7 I .5 9 do X 7' CQ"3'ff'. ' 7 ,,.. I, . , 5 t -'-. I 'f it HARVEY MEL MENSCH ROCHELLE BARBARA MESSING KENNETH VICTOR MEYERSDN IUDI MICHELSDN TUBY GALA MILBERG 546 Midwood St. 1654 Union St. 330 Troy Ave. 456 Schenectady Ave. 883 Montgomery St. Track Team, Soccer Team, Sing, Secretary Mr. Felsher, Physics Lab. Squad, Science Boosters, Sing, Modern Dance, Social Commission, Sing, Cafeteria Squad, Student Mrs. Solovay and Mrs, Shavit, Club, Library Squad. Cafeteria Snuad, Math. Office, Art Club, G.O. Rep. Patrol, Office Monitor. Modern Dance Club. Life's ambition-To be Social Studies Office, Life's ambition-To feel that l Life's ambition-To become Favorite phrase-Did I ever successful. Business Office. have accomplished Something, 2 UEDUST- STSSV You wrong? Special interest-Collecting no matter how small it might record albums. be. i ,gamer ,' , j 1 4 va 41 ' I W X7 as now 5 ALLAN RICHARD MILLER TANN MILLER DAVE ELLIDT MILLER GEORGE ARTHUR MILLER SANDRA MILLER 1644 President St. 897 Empire Blvd. 1746 President St. 562 Wythe Ave. 185 East 92 St. Soccer Team, Manager Fencing Golf Club, Public Speaking Band. Cafeteria Squad, G.0. Rep., Secretary Mrs. Stambler, Team, Guidance Office, College Club. Life's ambition-To be rich, Senior Rep. Mr. Shapiro and Mrs. Engle. Rep., Math, Club, Cafeteria Life's ambition-To become a Nickname-Butch. Favorite phrase-Life is not Squad. psycholo ist. g a bowl of cherries. Special interest-Folk music. 52 A .W Q.-1. K ww SHARON LYNN MILGRIM 2045 Union St. Class President, Secretary Miss Gutenplan and Mr. Tekulsky. Special interest-Art. N ,. . .wwf SANDRA B. MILLER 33 East 95 St. Arista, Secretary Leaders, Executive Board, Sing, Spectrum, Boosters, Senior Show, Cafeteria Squad, Mosaic. Remembers most-Our fabulous first Sing. 5 W Ah! IIELEN SUE MINSKY 56 Rockaway Pkwy. Secretary Miss Kennedy, Cafeteria Squad, Service League, G.O. Rep., History Club. Remembers most-The program committee. TBRUCE MITCHEL 1365 Carroll St. Library Souad, Band, History Club, Book Collection Club. Special interest-Music. ,, .fr , ' Q, f l 7' 5 man. Y M' , w,,,,,..,,, ff V Epi' if CWM, X r 'I , rv ' 2 4 5 Q-, ,ff 'fafy 5 4 'MARCIA IRIS MINSKY 170 Tapscott St. G.O. Rep., Golf Club, Cafeteria Squad, Secretary Nlr. Levy and Mr. Rizzuto, Guidance Office, Secretary Mrs. Pickman. Nickname-Rusty. W ffl. W1 ,4 f If N42 ff, , A Y , , i X 1 - 9 P' I :ei A ' ':ff'g12,A. f , f ' ff, W HOWARD MINTZER 671 Crown St. G.O. Rep., Lieutenant Cafeteria Squad. Class President. Life's ambition-To make a good life for myself. ,f f . ALLAN MARK MOGEL TELIZABETH MURR 121 East 45 St. 351 lvlidwood St. Cafeteria Squad, Cross-Country Arista, Chorus, Poetry Club, Team, Art Committee of Red Senior Rep., English Office. Cross Club, Leaders. Nickname-Liz. Life's ambition-To become an architect. 7 V 'arf . A ff X I A , f! If my iff f , ,v If I X , f f X I TSHEILA BARBARA MISLER 737 Troy Ave. Arista, G.O. Rep., Program Committee, Library Squad. Life's ambition-To become elementary school teacher. fb uv f j. . , . .1 Mwgii-. , mm.. V V W 3l'l ir Zi JUDITH LORRAINE MUNAS 196 East 51 St. Service League, Cafeteria Squad, Secretary Mr. Goldberg, History Club, Red Cross Club. Life's ambition-To be happy. eocbdocu Gmane dgescbg 664969696 do T-tt ' i-L 1 0 ,I ,. f We , f3fw ,.,. rf r Ha! 7, 2 ,I il gf?" V, .5 STANLEY MORGANSTEIN 22 Blake Ave. Leaders, Senior Rep. Life's ambition-To become a bio-chemist. lg f , Z, f 7, f fy f Wffm . ,. .WW Z WW... .W f MW WILHELMINA MORRISON 387 Halsey St. Orchestra, Cheerleader, Bon Appetit Club, Senior Rei Modern Dance, French Club G.O. Rep. Favorite phrase-Time can always be found. 53 We Fw.. TMARSHA MURRUW JOSEPH MOSKUWITZ LEONA MOSLEY 335 MDNYEOTTISVY St- 585 Rutland Rd. 574 Lexington Ave. B00STefSi Ch0fUSi Bon Appetit Soccer Team, Band, Class President. Club, SSCVGTBYY Mrs. Solovayi Student Patrol. Remembers most-Teachers Cafeteria Squad, French Club Life's ambition-To become and students. Remembers most-The wonderful faculty. a physicist. '- J,f 47 54 , ,,,,: . , IW qu, 1 JOSEPH STANLEY NADAN 181 Rockaway Pkwy. Science Club, Orchestra, Photography Commission, Physics Lab. Squad, Chemistry Lab. Squad, Biology Lab. Squad. Life's ambition-To become an electrical engineer. ew:-wf aw TGAIL MOZARSKY 248 East 95 St. Service League, Secretary Mr. Werbel, History Club, Cafeteria Squad. Life's ambition-To be well read. 2' MADELINE NADBUY 725 Ralph Ave. Class President, Senior Rep., Sing, Leaders, Library Souad, Cafeteria Squad, Secretarial Studies Club. Special interest-Dancing. VICTOR MUTNICK 456 Brooklyn Ave. Arista, Math. Team, Program Committee, Cafeteria Squad, Science Club, G.O. Rep. Remembers most-The friends l have made. jf , 'K . C' xg, 431, 9 gg. ., i MARCIA SUE NADELMAN 166 Rockaway Pkwy. Class President, Secretary Dr. Mandel, Attendance Monitbr, Program Committee. Favorite phrase-Where there's a will there's a way. MARILYN DORA MYERS 324 Monroe St. Class Secretary, Cafeteria Squad, Attendance Monitor, Class President. Nickname-Robin. 1, . ., 11. . 1 . r . X W , we P D 'FR t x ll '1"Pii'5fl-2. A . sas-gee. . f i?S'3S'3i4r4 1 "x3:S-sllsbxfv C ,. QF'-X ' . fsfs . . .,. . .wks ' 9 if-X JACK NAYER 117 Rockaway Pkwy. Pan-American Club, Mimeograph Squad, Cafeteria Squad. Aide Mr. D. S. Goldberg. W l Special interest-B wling. If N A ' . in tnxg, 1 i l . , l M l M719 NATALIE MAXINE NEIKRUG 307 Sterling St. Secretary Mrs. Solovay, Chorus, Hebrew Culture Club, Red Cross Club. Favorite phrase-That's the way the cookie crumbles. fMlRlAM RUTH NEWMARK 388 Midwood St. Arista, Service League, Boosters, G.O. Rep., Class President, Secretary Mr. Steinberg and Nlrs. Turecan. Kind of work-To become an elementary school teacher. GAIL NEKRUTMAN 1082 Eastern Pkwy. President Service League, Class President, Secretary lvir. Werbel, lVlr. Peters and Mrs. Nloore, Class Secretary, Cafeteria Squad. Remembers most-Being among the first to enter a new school. M5!Bunr'f ' MYRA NELSON 1315 President St. Girl Leader, Arista, Senior Advisor Sing, President Tennis Club, Secretary lVirs. Solovay, Senior Show, French Club, Hebrew Culture Club, Bon Appetit Club. Remembers most-Sing. , r 5 , ZF' FRED RICHARD 401 Schenectady Ave Biology Lab. Ssua Mr. Rochlin, Cafeteria Squad, Hebrew Culture Club, Student Favorite phrase-Don't up. ' l i 1 ff 4' I f ,nf ROBERT NELSON 1388 Sterling PI. Student Patrol, Cafeteria Squad, G.O. Rep. Comments-l would like to have a home for homeless homing pigeons. TJANE NOVAK LORRAINE RAVEN NOVIE 32 East 91 St. 158 East 51 St. College Rep., Tennis Club, Favorite phrase-How many History Club, Secretary Nlr. calories does that have? Geschwind, Cafeteria Squad. College-Brooklyn. .f i ALFRED E. NEUMAN 600 Kingston Ave. Boy Leader Ad Astra, Ghoul Patrol, Attendant Swimming Pool, Captain Football Team, Barber Albert Anastasia. Favorite phrase-What, me worry? 41 .ac ' 7 3 if 7223 7 5. 5 f f 4 f I!! I . ,W av 7, f X X f 45 DOLORES JOYCE ODOM 127 Cooper St. Class President, G,0. Office, Class Secretary. Admires greatly-Ronnie. BRUCE NEWMAN 743 Empire Blvd. Longfellows, Business Staff Wingate World, Class Presiden Cafeteria Squad, Nlath. Club, Guidance Office, G.O. Rep., Program Office. Kind of work-Chemical engineering. .f f 'W 'W ,,.,, 1 47 f ,gy , , f f . I . ff X 1 I My 7 ,wwmfa X lynx.. , . A I HELENE ORANGE 417 Sterling St. Booster, Secretary Golf Club Modern Dance Club. Remembers most-The 1957 1958 basketball season. 55 FV' 99' LM. - 5. , ELAINE ESTHER OSBORN IUDITH OSHINS 244 East 94 St. 810 Midwood St. History Club, History Library Squad, Class Secretary. Newspaper, Medical Room, Remembers mostwHaving Stock Room, Secretary Mrs. lunch at 10:15 A.M. Neches. Favorite phrase-Never say die. MELVIN OXENHORN 1024 Montgomery St. Handball Team, Leader's Squad. Life's ambition-To be successful in my chosen field of advertising. 56 1 vw BARBARA SUSAN PACIA 449 Rutland Rd. College Rep., Class Secretary, Newman Club, General Office Biology Lab. Souad. Special interest-Figure skating. I ALAN HARVEY OSHINSKY 1672 Union St. Basketball Team, Chorus, Track Team. Special interest-Body building. y es., Jliwe 1 f is xi QMS. 't' 'faww . - , 4' X P 0 Y , 2 my AV 1 9, +2 , , I . . an ,, aff ff f ,, 1 DONNA CLAIRE OSSIP 1334 Eastern Pkwy. Arista, Boosters, Wingate World, Senior Rep., Mosaic Creative Writing Club, Chemistry Lab. Squad, Service League. Life's ambition-To do medical research. CLAIRE PANZER BARBARA DDLORES PARRIS 1702 Union St. 385 Hancock St. Secretary Mr. Levy, Favorite phraseWHow about Mr. Felsher, Mrs. Shavit and that! Mr. Goldberg, History Club, Attendance Office. Remembers most-Senior Sing and Senior year. ,Q 1 ' QW Hn' :,.' A NORMAN OSTROFF 555 Kingston Ave. Track Team, Cross-Country Team, Cafeteria Squad, Biology Lab. Squad, G.O. Rep., Student Patrol. Nickname-Ossie. Naam. BONITA PASCAL 1149 Putnam Ave. G.O. Rep., College Rep., Secretary Mrs. Solovay, Music Office. Favorite phrase-What? MICHAEL HOWARD OVIS 1497 Carroll St. Longfellows, Color Guard, Student Patrol. Favorite phrase-That's the way the ball bounces. 'PHYLLIS I. PAYNE 426 Halsey St. Senior Rep., Office Monitor. Life's ambition-To be a track star. BARBARA RUTH PEEPLES 636 Hancock St. Sing, Talent Show, Class President, Secretary Mrs. Suskind, General Office Nickname-Bunny. Q V' -i. Q K .47 'Q 'y 1 z. .Y ff. A. www airy, . ,ge CECILE PIEKARSKY 199 Tapscott St. Switchboard Operator, Guidance Office. Nickname--Sucy. VW' Lo' TGERALDINE BARBARA PEGLER 1106 Winthrop St. History Club, Service League, Secretary Mr. Werbel and Mrs. Turecan, Cafeteria Squad. Favorite phrase-How many days 'til graduation? dipwfwfil SHEILA GAIL PERITZMAN 60 East 96 St. Service League, Secretary Mr. Geshwind and Mrs. Shavit, General Office, Leonardo da Vinci Club. Favorite phrase-You're a doll. MWHMH JOEL PERSHKOW 250 East 94 St. Basketball Team, Field Squad, French Club. Admires greatly-F, D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill. . - ff' - Zim 'f Qi .- ,L lv, -I . A 1 ' F I V! 9' I 7 fn f'2"f 23244. N" - ' 1x'9nf .,,f I Q X ' Y . F' ' T Q7 lllllllll 'if , Uillllllll TALLEN LEONARD PINCHDFF '- 2110 Union st. 19, Arista, Band. " Special interest-Playing trumpet. ,pr-'-. RON M. PFLUG THOSE PIANKU 338 Midwood St. Basketball Team. Life's ambition-To make a million. if -1-w'm' ff, , Vw, :..f . .4 ' , KZ. ' ' ' "' -Wi, MM" 'fi' . 2. f K fx, f .,f,,g,7 I , . ,, -. f., ., .I ,J WV. MARTIN PINCUS 36 East 96 St. Arista, Wingate World, History Club, Cafeteria Squad, Science Office. Favorite phrase-The sun also rises. 816 Montgomery St. Arista, Senior Leaders, Service League, Library Squz History Club. College-Brooklyn. RONALD AUGUSTINE PLAIN 223 Bainbridge St. Track Team, Mimeograph Squad, Cafeteria Squad. Comment-Wingate has one of the best track coaches. 57 , f' fW" . 5 ' 3 Q25 , Q . , FRANCES PUDDNSKY 214 Rockaway Parkway Service League, Red Cross- Rep., Library Squad. Favorite phrase-l'm only thinking. awmqm wwf RUTH POMERANTZ 947 Montgomery St. Arista, G.O. Rep., Chorus, Sing, Service League Secretary Dr. Colvin and Mr. Steinberg. Life's ambition-Science field or education. 58 Craig! DORA POLER 5985 Shore Pkwy. Dance Club. Favorite phrase-I'll work it out. ... ef 'Q 21 -37. :ei lk fl if Law ,1 ,. ' ,,, Z ,WSC ""2.Asf1 ,,.. , , Nfl AM' rw 5 , 'fairer' 5 P rii i 7, A . A 5, v, ',.-V: :- 5 ' ', S ,W WE' if I 44-W f l , , M! ZW f -- -.5gf..734. gf5 yyf' :nf ,f' --3,.,'jV.5,? f , M STEVE PDMMIS 711 East 95 St. longfellows, Audio-Visual Aids Squad, Class President, Cafeteria Sduad. Nickname-Killer. LDRRAINE PORTER 55 Rutland Rd. Special interest-Art. RDDNEY MELVIN PORTNOY 1024 Montgomery St. Red Cross Rep. Favorable phrase-Good moo---rning. iwli DAVID PDLINSKY 1049 Montgomery St. Physics Lab. Squad, Cafeteria Squad, Student Patrol. Special interest-Football. .ff ' ,,..,,,...,. .1 , ..,.. . ,,,. . 14 'Q , I A W. .4 X X X Q NW B. 3 C x X rg, ar 5 S XM X N A x Y S l N X QQ EDWARD W. PRAGER 760 Montgomery St. Fencing Team, Cafeteria Squad, Audio-Visual Aids Squad, Basketball Team. Remembers most-Teachers and friends. TANNETTE POLLACK 1973 Union St. Secretary Mr. Friedman. Favorite phrase-Remember the Alamo. .X f' 'NSW PAULA PRESSER 288 Crown St. College Rep., Sing, Service League. Special interestwOil painting WNQMM THARVEY PRINCE 884 East New York Ave. Audio-Visual Aids Squad. College-Brooklyn. .,,,. fy , 4? , fy. ww X Q 1 Way! 4 1 0, WWW . V2 4, ' ,L ,313 if :ff TSANFORD I. RAKOFSKY 125 East 46 St. President Longfellows, President Student Patrol, Captain Cafeteria Sfuad, Captain Guards, Color Guard, Biology Lab. Squad, Leaders. Special interest-Volunteer work in hospital. GERARD ARNOLD PROVIDENCE 440 Decatur St. Student Patrol, Class President, G.O. Rep. Special interest-Girls. fl, ,,,, ' W' FRANCES DOROTHY RAPPA 681 Clarkson Ave. Guidance Office, Home Economics Office, Secretarial Studies Club, History Office, History Club. Remembers most-Lunch at 10:15 A.M. V ft " ,, fy ,. ww .,, ..,, :if V - f ni Q' A X I. 22: . V 1 .Sit ,V,', ., x , 'Qi jifwewl ,f7 f V- 0 J - I 1 I ,wiki-.' Gig' . yi 57 5-I-Z! ff 7' , 1 If V L BZ, f 'L Z4.,,4v3'fK AUDREY HELENE RABINOWITZ ELLIUT RABONE 701 Ralph Ave. Red Cross Club, History Club, Social Studies Office, Class Secretary, Program Office, Bookkeeping Office, Library Sffuad, Leonardo da Vinci Club. Favorite phrase-Don't give up hope. I, ,A CV W V- . , X ' 36 Cv- Lawyer , 19' X 7 ' ff' f 7 MELVIN RAPPAPORT 701 Winthrop St. Commissioner Athletics, Student Council, Manager Basketball Team, Chorus, Cafeteria Scuad, Class President, Aide Mr. Rosenstein, G.O. Rep. Favorite phrasew-"Jock" 308 Sterling St. Band, Fencing Team, Cafeteria Squad. College-New York University, ...W a ff " ff ffl' STEPHEN MARTIN RAUCHER 161 East 94 St. Arista, Biology Lab. Souad, Band, N. Y. Mirror Youth Forum Delegate, All-City Radio Workshop, President Science Club, Captain Stage Squad, Amateur Radio Club. Favorite phrase-That cracks me up. wr ,e,,.3r FRANCES RADDOCK 1745 President St. Art Commission, Red Cross Club, Secretary Mrs. Homnick. Special interest-Ice skating IUDY RAYMER 674 Empire Blvd. Junior Red Cross Rep., Social Commission, Senior Rep., Guidance Office, Student Patrol, Class Secretary, G.O. Rep. Life's ambition-To become a teacher. 7. lun 47" ,aw SUZANNE SHERI RADZELY 94 East 52 St. Arista, Class Vice-President, Secretary Mr. Bloom, General Office, Color Guard. Life's ambition-To become a math teacher. TMYRA F. REGINSKY 580 Empire Blvd. Science Club, Dramatics Club, Music Office, Student Patrol, History Club, Cafeteria Squad, Music Club Life's ambition-To major in psychology. 59 f' WW A www :VW TSAUL LEWIS REIBEL SHELIA KAY REICH TBARBARA HELEN RESNICK 836 Crown St. 1365 Carroll St. 853 Empire Blvd. Foreign Language Office, Service League. College Rep., Cafeteria Seuad, Class Attendance Office, Student Sing, Chorus, G.O. Rep., Secretary, Secretarial Studies Patrol, Cafeteria Squad, Program Committee, Club. Late Souad. Secretary Mrs. Deutsch, Remembers most-Sing. Favorite phrase-Whatever Red Cross Club. it is, l'm for it. Remembers most-No-Cal. TRDBERTA BRENDA RICHMAN 457 Schenectady Ave. Secretary Boosters, Treasurer Chorus. Sing. Drama Guild, Class President. Modern Dance Club. G.O. Rep., Red Cross Club. Favorite phrase-You're the greatest. 60 PRISCILLA JANE RIGBY 836 Montgomery St. Public Speaking Club. Poetry Club, Attendance Office, Library Snuad. Chorus. Favorite phrase-Practice makes perfect. BRENDA RILEY 1428 President St. Library Snuad, Cafeteria Souad, Junior Red Cross, Service League, Class Secretary. Favorite phrase4What's happening? F ' ' ,g. , . Ae? .it W f, . fA'f'4' ,3 , .,.. ,,. , if f . . -fr-. - , 1 X MARTIN RETKOFF 1437 Carroll St. Class President, G.O. Rep. Favorite phrase-Cool it Jack. , W I? - T14 .3-Q LAURA RICCA 120 East 51 St. Class President, Secretarial Studies Club. Kind of work-Stenographer. ELUISE BARBARA RICE B75 Green Ave. Secretary Mrs. I. Silver and Mrs. Shavit. Kind of work-Secretarial. CAROL LEE RINDNER 1657 President St. Math. Office, English Office, Tennis Club, Golf Club, Sing, Cafeteria Souad, Senior Show. Favorite phrase-What's new? ' .-,':w:i1'.f ' '. ' 1,251 .jg-"9 .,,:: . ., g... .- 1,3 "' ' - - , :-- : r HARVEY W. RIPPLE 704 Montgomery St. Physics Lab. Squad. Favorite phrase-Excelsior. THERESA CATHERINE RIZZO Class President. Newman Club Secretarial Studies Club. Nickname-Terry. MARIA JOAN RIZZUTO 366 Hawthorne St. Secretary Nlr. Glass, Library Squad, Newman Club, Class Secretary. Remembers most-The crowded stairways. f X tive, . '.gzv.1:?f2:1f4'U7,' ' ' Xffiffrfg JOE ROBBINS 155 East 51 St. Manager Track Team, Student Patrol, Cafeteria Squad. Life's ambition-To become a military man. w""', 5? fffayfl OLIVE ROACHE 1437 Union St. History Club, Home Arts Club, Poetry Club, Class Secretary, G.0. Rep., Chorus. Favorite phrase-AII's well that ends well. 1 , ii' We 1 . 4 'iff 'rfffw . I . i STEVEN ALAN ROBERTS 446 Kingston Ave. Band, Senior Rep., College Rep., History Club, Chemistry Lab. Squad, Student Patrol, History Newspaper, Math. Club. College-Columbia University. XY XX Car-'Tm 5-If X. fs Q73 , 1, in QL xx MARILYN UNA ROCHFORD 563 Monroe St. Comments-Adios Amigos. T JUDY ROCKMAN 92-01 153 Ave., Howard Beach Service League, G.0. Rep., Secretary Assembly Commissioner. Life's ambition-To become a legal stenographer. A f r., ' I , 41 . iff ' ,Zahn ly, . VQQA ffffayff 7 X 7' xmffllf' , .eg 1 7? 'f'frm'.,4.. TBERNARD DUKE ROBBINS 1719 Union St. Track Team, Cafeteria Squad, Student Patrol. Life's ambition-To become a pop singer. .. .f E7 . , 1 wax., ,,, 4 ,M WW 'f 1 1 4 4 lv ALAN RODUS 569 Troy Ave. Life's ambition-To be a success. ww. fi. .. . w ' 'f 5' ,457 1 "fl A .. , , 1' 'wif A 7 Zn, 5, 'riff JACK ROBBINS 587 Nlidwood St. Soccer Team, Baseball Tean Track Team, Longfellows, Sing, Photography Club, Student Patrol, Cafeteria Squad. Kind of work-Banking. , A we ROCIIELLE ROGERS 758 Albany Ave. Chorus, Secretary Nlr. Levy, Library Squad. Kind of work-Stenography 61 i V- 5 3 S x s ,X5N,,..., WW? ROBERT LAWRENCE R0 CK .IERRY ROSE MANI 732 East 47 St. Library Sruad, G.O. Rep., Student Patrol Class President, Cafeteria Squad. Special interest-Cars. 651 Rutland Rd. Nickname-Johnny Trouble. wV'4,. ,af we A 7- 'J BARBARA CAROL ROSEMAN 1709 President St. Secretary Service League, Library Squad, English Office, Class Secretary, Secretary Mrs. Neches. Life's ambition-To get married. HAROLD ROSEN 1578 Carroll St. Cafeteria Souad, Stock Room Special interest-Fishing. AW 45 DULORES ROSENBAUM 320 Sterling St. Arista, English Office, Service League, Advisor Sing, Spectrum, Mosaic, Senior Rep., Library Squad. Favorite phrase-C'est la vie. enema W JUDITH ROSENBERG 367 Lenox Rd. Arista, Editor-in-Chief Spectrum, Wingate World, Boosters, Mosaic, Sing, Program Committee, Senior Show. Remembers most-Efficiency and democracy of Wingate. ROBERT HENRY ROSENBERG TSHEILA RDSENBERG 0 4 ARTHUR ROSENBLATT MARTIN RDSENBLATT 21 East 91 St. 740 Empire Blvd. f 1540 Union St, 1540 Union St. panyimerican Club, History Guidance Office, Secretary Library Squad, History Office, Arista, Chorus, Track. Club, Physics Lab. Squad, Mr. Shapiro, Class President, he Y Ch0Vl-'Si G-0- RSD. G.O. Rep.. Delegate Chess Club, Cafeteria Squad. Art Club, Student Patrol. C0f1'lm9UfS-Veni. Vidi, ViCi. Brotherhood C0l1VSr1ti0r1. Favorite phrasevHi-Ho Life's ambition-To become Favorite phrase-fTo study Steverino. a teacher. is to conquer. 62 VU' TMARCIA RDSENBLUM 1051 Rutland Rd. Red Cross Club, Service League, History Club, Leonardo da Vinci Club. Life's ambition-To become a nurse. STUART RUSENTHAL 840 Montgomery St. G.0. Rep., Class Vice-President. Life's ambition-To join the Marines. PHYLLIS BARBARA ROSENBLUM STEPHEN S. ROSENBLUOM 241 East 96 St. Secretary Mr. Berne, Class 769 Linden Blvd. Handball Team, Cafeteria President, Secretarial Studies Squad. Club, Class Secretary. Kind of work-IBM operator. ff..f- H 4 ', , -C .. 'rr , . ' if ' ' - I f If . wwf? r ' L , f . ,My fl? f , 27 if .Aff ,M f . 2? 4. 5 ' ,f Z K3-fr riff 9,6 qw og, f gm gg, fy V cr ,V . zfmfwf 3 .f wi H+.. 5.',,,w.f, -'va I , - i 5 4 f . 1' , r 2 2 SANDRA RUSOFF 147 Rockaway Pkwy. Arista, Class President, College Rep., Library Squad, Coach Pan-American Club, Science Office, Social Studies Office. Special interest--The theatre. Nickname-Rosy. SUSAN RUTHSTEIN 401 Schenectady Ave. Arista, Sing, Cafeteria Squad, Secretary Mr. Levy, Service League, Class Secretary, General Office. Life ambition-To become a gym teacher. 2 N f J.. .M-fy. mm A 'Zum 1 gif WILLIAM ALLAN ROSENSTEIN 291 Crown St. Arista, Cafeteria Squad, Hebrew Culture Club, Student Patrol. Favorite phrasewYes, sir! ,ali .1-YS, W9 ffm! 'uf-40 NAOMI ROSENTHAL 308 Sterling St. Arista, Chorus, Drama Guild, Sing, Poetry Club, Program Office, Senior Show. Favorite phrase-He who laughs last didn't get the joke. I Za' , . ww ' f BARBARA ROZOLSKY JERROLD RUCK 1965 Union St. 832 Midwood St. Secretary Dr. Mandel, Cafeteria Squad, History Class President, Secretary Newspaper. Studies Club, Class Secretary. Life's ambition-To become Kind of work-Private an engineer. secretary. 12 W YN' I ' 4 373, v ., MU 41" 4 . W . f Z' 2 f I .ef A . i ff Z, , ,A , ,fir if fffgg A 4 RlTA ROSENTHAL 231 Ocean Ave. Secretary Mrs. Amreich, Medical Stenographers Clu Library Squad. Nickname-Freckles. SONIA JACQUELINE RUDDE 1317 Union St. Chorus, Poetry Club, History Club, Newman Club Service League, Tennis Clul Life's ambition-To becomi a physician. 63 f X SE IOR if 'l955 -A YEAR OF FIRSTS January l955-Wingate opens. . . a school is born . . . bulky crinolines the fad . . . Dr. Colvin holds first tea, initiates a tradition . . . "Banjo Bulletin" comes out in April . . . students iump at first Spring Hop . . . Tennis team wins first P.S.A.L. victory . . . Arista and various clubs organized . . . first Regents and lowa Tests taken . . . Alfred E. Neuman uncovered as boy genius . . . Boosters, Cheerleaders and Twirlers prepare for battle, along with team members . . . Senior Leaders hold first inter-class play-day in June . . . first G.O. elections held . . . library opens officially . . . Mr. Zamichow receives wings-becomes a first-class angel . . . "Next year" finally arrives for the Brooklyn Dodgers as Wingate students cheer the victory . . . Wingaters are solemn as their alma mater is dedicated-many dignitaries attend the ceremony . . . Generals win first game 43-42 . . . Overheard in Mr. Alper's class-"Get a pass, you're late." 1956 - GROWTH September T956 . . . Many new additions to the teaching staff are made, including our yearbook adviser, Mr. John Gebhardt . . . work begins on the athletic field lwhen will it end?l . . . witches scare all at Hallowe'en Ball . . . Wingate represented in Columbus Day Parade . . . Welcome "Spectrum" . . . Wingate swarms with Madame Defarges as knitting fad takes hold . . . Soccer team boots to victory . . . Surprise program honors Dr. Colvin . . . lnitial book fair is held . . . "Choralleers" score a big success in Talent Show . . . Longfellows begin to sprout . . . "Newton for Sheriff" . . . History is made as Mr. Goldberg's class comes in second in lOO'!o G.O. Member- ship race . . . Baseball team begins Spring Training . . . Arista members revel at Bear Mountain boat-ride and picnic . . . Banio school proves to be in good tune at Spring Music Festival . . . 650 dance at "Mr, and Miss Wingate" Coronation Ball . . . Wingate plays host to Science Fair . . . five home-town boys make good including first prize winners, Bert Halperin and Marc Putterman . . . our first graduating class is small but significant, proving above all that it can be done. me g Z sg ,Z If R ,ffl B 5 Vff X 64 I I 'Q MT i ,gf ,f? DIARY 1957 - BUDDING Spring-i957 . . . Baseball team invades Ebbets Field where they tie with Midwood . . "Paper Kisses" takes nation by storm . . . ls football a dying sport in High School? . . . Mr. Zamichow captures Afred E., the first in a long line of juvenile delinquents who leave crumbs on the table . . . Dr. Colvin turns thespian in Wingate "Whims" . . . Wingaters adopt a war orphan . . . Seniors put on first show-l'Bells 8. Beeps" . . . Seniors dine, dance, and shine at Statler Prom . . . First full class graduates at Walt Whitman Hall . . . New staff takes over "Wingate World",-Barbara Holt, Laura Cantor, Karen Charal, Roberta Krane, Ronnie Cowen, Jeff Meislish and Marty Pincus . . . Ludwig for Emperor is the only candidate to receive a unanimous vote in G.O. Elections . . . Larry Weitz, Howie Kramer, Ellen Levine, and Joan LaFroscia chosen to run the school . , .Wingate building model appears at Vienna Fair . . . History classes learn via television. 1958 - MATURATION January-1958 . . . "Sing" is here, . . . Freshmen link productions. . . Soph minstrels locate charter . . . Juniors mimic ancient Greeks . . . Seniors triumph with an allegory set beneath the sea at "Fingate High Shell' '... another Wingate first to be added to the list of never-to-be forgotten experiences . . . four Merit finalists-Bert Halperin, Joan Gottlieb, Marc Putterman, and Stuart Scharf are announced . . . Seniors sport their distinctive beanies and pins, naturally setting them far above the modding crowd . . . School Spirit Week brings almost lOO'fs student participation , . .Wingate follows victorious basketball team to play-offs at Madison Square Garden to see a heart- breaking loss by two points during the overtime . . . College Board results come in- lThey're really not accurate-I was deathly sick that dayll . . . Glorious Prom held at Vanderbilt . . . Senior Show a big success . . . Music Festival weaves melodious spell . . . Alfred E. falls overboard at Arista boatride . . . Studants score hily on Englich Reient . . . Seniors investigate Washington . . . More than 700 seniors receive sheep- skins at thrilling June graduation in Walt Whitman Hall . . . 'Parting is such sweet sorrow." A lil- x 0- mi YL S., I Ni ' ,.,. . ....f . -f -1+-. , .: ' - , 4:1 .3 I I E .. if, - ' . 'gps--Q51 45225, 2 - El - !ff?5f5i:f16a,?mf.: MELVIN HOWARD RUTHEN 56 Rockaway Parkway Cafeteria Squad, Leaders, G.0. Rep., Life's ambition-To become an architect. STEPHEN SASLAU 135 Tapscott St. Visual Aids Squad. 66 ev-P' PEARL SALUW 48 East 51 St. Library Squad, Secretary Mr. Leiber, Secretary Studies Club, Leonardo da Vinci Club, Cafeteria Squad. Plans-To become a bookkeeper. 6 ,f .J MARIE ANTOINETTE SCAGLIONE 612 Midwood St. Red Cross Club, Newman Club, French Club, Golf Club, Language Office, Dance Club. Commentwlt was fun while it lasted. IRA MICHAEL SALTZ 451 Kingston Ave. Editor Nlosaic, Photography Commission, Wingate Carnival, Photo Publicity Squad, Cafeteria Squad. Remembers most-No-Cal! n.. I tr SANDRA SCHAER 582 Schenck Ave. G.O. Rep., Class Secretary, Class President, Ceramics Assembly. Special interest-Ceramics. - . wa- --E"""1-- Lf -Aw 5-T - --- CYNTHIA SANDROFF 49 East 52 St. Library Squad, Secretary Studies Club, G.0. Rep., Class Vice-President, Class Secretary. Life's ambition-To be a private secretary who can sit on her boss's lap. f 59. new 'fill v',. V WMM gg K-1642. We .fb 2 1335, t Wi H3 1 maid In 1, ei t 3 'T g- f',3..i-' Mt STUART MARTIN SCHARF 570 Lefferts Ave. Arista, Musical Director Sing, Senior Show, Guidance Office, Math. Club, Music Club, College Rep. Favorite phrase-Violence is the last resort of the incompetent. Mba! TIRA PAUL SAPAN 877 Empire Blvd. Arista, Orchestra, Physics Lab. Squad. Life's ambition-To become an eye specialist. S ts FRANCINE SCHATZ 164 East 52 St. G.O. Office, Class Secretary. Nickname-Fran. 4. Q . Y v CLIFF SAROKOFF 810 Midwood St. Editor Wingate World, Photographer. Special interest-Stage prop sie gs- wx. s- CAROLE SCHER 930 Winthrop St. Sing, Publicity Commission, Class Secretary, Tennis Club, Secretary Mr. Silverstein, History Club. Special interest-Mystery stories. viii QV I 0' ll .it K q 1 . il .JJ it fu I Q I 5 ,,:, 1,1 V p , I 5 aaa .Lf 'VV I I ,C fy 1 5 1 TMICHAEL SCHLACKMAN 63 East 94 St Class President, G.O. Rep., Cafeteria Squad, Student Patrol, Health Service Office. Kind of work-Printing. LEWIS M. SCHNEIDERMAN 645 Eastern Pkwy. Varsity Basketball, G.O. Rep., H.E. Office. College-Hofstra. if Wm! 01 W r i 9 EW ELLIOTT SCHLANSKY JOYCE IRENE SCHMOUKLER 5 Rutland Rd Spectrum, Mosaic, Sing, Art Club, Aide Dr. Mullin. Special interest-Art. 921 Montgomery St Secretary Mrs. Tublin, Dance Club, Class President, G.O. Rep. Favorite phrase-Sometimes life can be a losing proposition. ZINNIA HELEN SCHDNHAUT 1054 Winthrop St. Orchestra, Library Souad, Red Cross Club, Cafeteria Squad, Hebrew Culture Council, Secretary Mr. Moskowitz, Program Committee. Remembers most-Mob rule on morning bus. GERALD NEIL SCHRAGER 1738 President St. Band, Aide Mr. Friedman, Cafeteria Sduad, G.O. Rep. Life's ambition-To become a lawyer. f ., " ,, fc, 1 If I -' eg 4,- A, 1 f ,,.f If ,gf , I Z X ,. VWWWX : mm HAROLD SCHNEIDER 1718 President St. Student Patrol. Remembers most-The P.A. system. .uf NORMA KAY SCHUKER 39 East 40 St. Treasurer Arista, Associate Editor Spectrum, Leaders, Secretary Program Chairman, Business and Circulation Manager Mosaic, Chemistry Lab. Squad, G.O. Rep., Tennis Club. Special interest-Russian novels. KAREN SUE SCHNEIDER 401 Schenectady Ave. Boosters, Senior Rep., Service League, Social Commission, Foreign Language Office, Library Squad. Life's ambition-To become a teacher. . -14.- , V, . 1. LF' 2 r golstgls K 0 'iw' STANLEY SCHNEIDER 369 Lenox Rd. Service monitor. College-New York University. l lf, N , i l l . .,:j3? " 67 vi .fi 'Q L3 L ' x If Jil li ii X if 3 45- 'l ' .4 I 4? 4 'S' jf. 7 ,f 5 5Qw,1, , rw., , , ,M H .1?'f,... zipif 'biz ,Q me .HE fyff ,Z 1,7 1, L ,Qty 5. ff Q ,, , 1 LEONARD D. SCHWARTZ 319 New York Ave. Cafeteria Squad, Biology Lab. Squad, Tennis Club, Science Club, Student Patrol. Favorite phrase-Tough darts, Maxie. 68 MADELINE R. SCHWARTZ 308 Sterling St. Service League, Medical TMARILYN SCHULMAN 73 East 96 St. Service League, Class Vice-President Guidance Office, Math. Office, Life's ambition-To become a dental hygienist. TMARILYN SCHWARTZ 73 East 96 St. Secretary Dr. Colvin, Cafeteria Stenographers Club, Secretary Squad, G.0. Rep., History Dr. Mandel, Miss Ligorio and Club, Red Cross Club, Mr. Koltun, Dance Club, Tennis Club, Volleyball Club, Favorite phrase-Reeely7 Service League. Favorite phrase-Seek and ye shall find. ij'- ,,Jf""' ,V ......,., - 4 1 Q ease? ' A ' 1 'Y 'ZZ it Qin rr X - .1 fa 4. , ' - , 46. WAN.. inn., 1 . 'V fW! 05 ' 'V '27 f ' ff z , .1 - Z2 f. STEPHEN SCHURE 307 Sterling St. Leaders, Assistant Captain Cafeteria Squad, Fencing Team, Math. Club, Biology Lab. Squad, Student Patrol. Favorite phrase-Tough Z , ,f mg, darts, Maxiel , W., 1 V Megs an ,fzaaaae - ea, 75.45331 , ,,',.'z .Q .ff " .L -'fp if ' A 173 '29 MEL SCHWARTZ 604 Howard Ave. Leaders. Special interest-Song writing. HENRY MARTIN SCHWARTZ 99 Tapscott St. Physics Lab. Squad, Hebrew Culture Club. Life's ambition-To go to Israel and become a farmer. "'.Qf-fa-1 f f ,K f 4 , I., ..,- .,, 1 m -A? v. .g ' ' ' 11" " ' 'g,,,gq f .QA ff agii w-My ' ,7? ",,, 1 , f its .fate 2 ! s ' A A ff? w 1 Z - r . 1 Q 3, 1 Ci f . i Sf 1 STEWART ALLEN SCHWARTZ Captain Student Patrol, Commissioner Cafeteria Squad, Basketball Team. Admires greatly-The girl in my I,D. bracelet. JQQPCQJQQQQ4 uiflftx'-I wt eq, lg Y L -ag' -... F- , .Y 7. ... .--Y-M: - ,.-.-1.,,,, www. Vie ff?-f"". v ...R 7 V, '," ' ' , 'mf Q - 1 WW 2' ck' V .4169 Qageiegeegae, 1 23222 HERMAN TED SCHWARTZ 246 East 91 St. Senior Rep. Life's ambition-To become a certified public accountant. J SUSAN R. SCHWARTZ 1105 Clarkson Ave. General Office, Cafeteria Squad. Favorite phrase-He's living. FREDDIE L. SCHWARZ 9407 Kings Highway Audio-Visual Aids Squad, Student Patrol, Cafeteria Squad, History Club. Life's ambition-To become a lawyer. JACK S. SCHWEITZER 2070 Union St. Library Squad. Life's ambition-To become a real estate broker. I 14: 5 . ir. , ' 'fu' 1 ...,, W M? f W '. 97 f 1 , 9 2 wav 5 ,AQ , f X f 7' ff U Ig X4 if f 4 ig, . VI MARYANN SCDCOZZO 489 Lenox Rd. Senior Rep., Secretary Miss Kennedy and Mr. Deutchman, Newman Club, Secretary Mr. Leiber. Favorite phrase-Maybe I just might. CATHERINE MARY SCOGNO 2820 Beverly Rd. Secretary Miss Shurtok and Mr. Geschwind, Newman Club. Plans-To become a typist. RUSLYN YETTA SEIF 'FLORENCE SEIFERMANN JUAN SELDIN 1723 Union St. 1119 Nostrand Ave. 520 Crown St. Art Club Model, Secretary G.0. Rep., Class Secretary, Orchestra, Service League, Mr. Steinberg and Newman Club. Secretary Mr. Werbel and Mr. Blumenfeld. Plans-To become an art Dr. Guerra, History Club. Life's ambition-To become teacher. Life's ambition-To teach a model. the deaf. ELIZABETH ANN SELITTO 582 East New York Ave. Library Squad, Newman Club, Chorus. Remembers most-Being in the co-op course. z -., . f A f fi . , ,f , WM .4 ff, M16 Q . , gf 4 j ff Z , 1 , riff g 'f f. , U 29.11. 1, ,. ' 'z..L f THARRIET LEAH SEGAL 235 East 96 St. G.O. Rep., Secretary Mr. Bloom and Mr. Shapiro, President Hebrew Culture Club, History Club, Secretary Mrs. Krongelb. Life's ambition-To become a junior high school teacher. , V K ., ff' f V f Qi If fkf' ' X ',,' . , , 4 ,Z ! 13? X, ,fi 'f X , H 1 f f .ilk I C' 39727 . EDWARD STUART SELLINGER 99 Montgomery St. Band, Fencing Team, G.O. Rep., Cafeteria Souad, Science Club, Audio-Visual Aids Squad. Favorite phrase-Do it w THARRIET ANN SEIF 853 Empire Blvd. Social Commission, Cafeter Squad, Service League, History Club, Class Presider Class Secretary. Favorite phrase-I failed. pw 1 DANIEL ROBERT SCHACKMA 1700 President St. Arista, Vice-President Longfellows, Color Guard, Band, College Rep., Cafeteria Squad. c'f,iJiff'ay,L 69 -Q , 'avg ar' ' A fi, . , YW oy-M, ..-A MARIAN P. SHAHER 582 Howard Ave. Secretary Miss Groman and Dr. Mandel. Kind of work-Bookkeeper. -..Ze TROSLYN LEE SHAPIRD 70 Rockaway Pkwy. Service League Class President, Class Secretary, Cafeteria Squad, History Club. Favorite phrase-If you want a place in the sun, you have to expect some blisters. TSTEPHEN SHAW 86 East 94 St. Arista, Cafeteria Squad, Student Patrol, Vice-President Leonardo da Vinci Club, Secretary Pan-American Club. Special interest-ice skating. HELENE SHOLTZOW 712 Crown St. Boosters, Service League, Library Squad, Golf Club, Cafeteria Squad, General Office. Favorite phrase-Who, me? 70 CLAUDIO REGINALD SHDREY 552 Putnam Ave. Judge Student Court, Commissioner of Athletics, G.O, Rep., Class President, Senior Boys Chorus, Senior Rep. Remembers most-The hand- shake at graduation. - fbdw fairy, ,M,,.,,,,,,., STEVEN SHUCHMAN 92 East 53 St. Biology Lab. Squad, Foreign Language Office, Track Team, Student Patrol. Life's ambition-To become a dentist, -1.-at- j '...' ' 4 TL -.."11'.,"'r"t lil-N fvwn.-f, L- f -4-, , , I CAROLE JOAN SHEINFIELD 712 Crown St. Attendance Office. Remembers most-No-Cal. MJWHK FREDDA CAROL SIEGAL 228 East 94 St. Class Secretary, Secretary Miss Kennedy, Mr, Bloom, Miss Ligorio and Mr. Zeiger. Special interest-Bowling. ROBERT SHERMAN 194 Tapscott St. Cafeteria Squad, Student Patrol, G.O. Rep., Class President. Life-'s ambition-To become a millionaire. 3 N sd ' . 195,51 ,W P3 k asv. My Y my . -.-te, .V sw.,-:.N1.'.' .yt x..w,sf- a sf-' .sr -'I t "Q9XfQf 'Q -' 'EP -.5 . ifisw iik 2-af.-:f fm MX-. . -ta. , wars. so Q XXEX5 HELENE SEIGEL 184 East 96 St. . Leaders, Tennis Club, Bowling Team, Library Squad Favorite phrase-No kidding ESTHER FAYE SHLIGER 442 Sterling St. Math. Office, Red Cross Club Class Secretary, Library Squad, Senior Rep. Life's ambition-To become a lawyer. . f '--V , . 'T 'iaF:ii-'P r 'TG'-r -4:4 ELEANOR L. SIEGLER 133-O9 Rockaway Beach Blvd. Belle Harbor Secretary Mrs. Engel, G.O. Office. Favorite phrase-Leave me alone. 1 Q' Slfyv'-if ,Mw bw ' , 1 4-' ff 52,172. 1 1 9' Q '. 'KW X . - 9' fmw .,' ufisyh Mapu we .I LmL,, . , ,.., ...w,- .. '51 f "'- , jf , ,iff it V. mf' ri" cf. . , , W ,,,,,, ,U Qffvti V. , if fs CARL SIGMAN 159 East 96 St. Student Patrol, Sing. Special interest-Sports cars. , --X r SUSAN SILBERMAN 1024 Montgomery St. Senior Rep., Social Commission, Student Patrol, G.O. Rep., Cafeteria Scuad. Y ,, , Life's ambition-To become . V' V P"'L4fv a medical technician. ,GL f-mx Xxx es. , V M M - f'-. . ,::W.w.w. , 'ef-'ff ,yy ,QM V I f ,ff 1 ja' an i if 'W 'T' I V 5 4 if ., f A i .rift 1 ',1j.1- 1 2f5?CfL?f'5'V T56 5 STANLEY SAMUEL SILVERSTEIN 250 East 95 St. Life's ambition-To become a lawyer. DIANE RITA SIMANOWITZ 35 East 95 St. Secretary Mrs. Silver, Mrs. LEONA SILVER 10 East 43 St. Class President, Secretary Mr. Feuer and Mrs. Shavit. Favorite phrase-Always leave them laughing. STEWART RONALD SIMBERG 1520 Carroll St. Class President, G.O. Rep., 410164635 SHEILA RUBY SILVERMAN 551 Montgomery St, Secretary Arista, President Bon Appetit Club, Booster, G.O. Rep., Modern Dance, Sing, Cafeteria Sauad, Hostess Dr. Colvin. Remembers most-Senior Sing, '58. msgs . 0 14' E ff NVQ ....' ,I 1 K - v4 Q 53.006 , g 45 y 5 1 ! IX Xu. r ,X it DOROTHY SINGER 138 East 49 St. President Senior Leaders, Engle, Secretarial Studies Club, Cafeteria Snuad. Tennis Club, Home Economics Official Class President, Life's ambition-To be Office, Assistant to Mrs. Floch, Class Secretary. a success. Class President, Art Club. Remembers most-The salute Remembers most-Health to the flag each morning. Education Department. HENRY SINGER 2957 Avenue W Arista. Sound Souad, Audio-Visual Aids Scuad, Pan-American Club, Science Club, History Club, Guidance Office, Assembly Participation Life's ambition-Build my own Hi-Fi set and drive a Lincoln Continental. I cxvgf 6-In Q 0 P nf X SQ X,.. 'Y Ov, .6 M, wa.,,,, ,, ffgy' HOWARD SISKIND 760 Montgomery St. Baseball Team, Student Patrol, Cafeteria Squad. Admires greatly-My Fathei 7'l m,,.aa.W E TMARLENE SKRILDFF 333 Crown St. Arista, Secretary Mrs. Solovay, Modern Dance, G.O. Rep., Hebrew Culture Club, Secretary Studies Club, Class Secretary, Red Cross Club. Life's ambition-To become a physician. 72 OWEN JAY SLUANE 1070 East New York Ave, Arista, G.0. Reb., Chairman Arista Coaching, Director History Club, Cafeteria Squad, Biology Lab. Squad, President Leonardo da Vinci Club, Managing editor Mosaic Plans-To become a lawyer and travel around the world. Q6 l l l i l l 'rALYCE I. SLOSBERG 1709 President St. History Club, Secretary lVlr. Marks and Mr. Geschwind, Cafeteria Squad, Program Committee. Nickname-Sam. GLORIA SONDRA SMITH 1635 President St. Social Commission, G,O. Rep., Class Vice-President, Class Secretary. Life's ambition-To travel. wawwffr' TTED SLUVIN 150 East 93 St. Band, Music Office, Math. Club, Library Squad. Favorite phrase-Real cool music. fflbmfa fwww Z 'WS1-M, MM" AARON SNAIDER 92 East 53 St. Biology Lab., Student Patrol, Secretary Gym. Nickname-Brillo. CAROLYN ANN SMITH 125 Decatur St. General Office. Favorite phrase-Bored of education. K '-Y . -. K ii LARRY SNYDER 171 East 96 St. Board of Directors, Sing, Class Vice-President, Student Patrol, Cafeteria Squad, College Rep., Kind of work-Police science. MM fwftwy J c kiff' G.0. Rep., Class Secretary, Cafeteria Squad. Life's ambition-To make the Navy a career. ,AGN 'Q J V ?,,,.,,qx f ,.,.. .Av TARLINE SUBEL 734 Crown St. Arista, Service League. Modern Dance, Guidance Office, Cafeteria Scuad. Life's ambition-To do research. STEPHEN SOHN 709 Lefferts Ave. Cafeteria Squad, Office Monitor, Switchboard, Stockroom, Hall Guard. Life's ambition-To become an accountant. figf' LAWRENCE SOMERVILLE 417 Stuyvesant Ave. Baseball Team, Student Patrol, Basketball Team, Cafeteria Squad. Life's ambition-To become a baseball player. owX5'f VV HERBERT SAUL SOMERWITZ STUART MARTIN SDNNE 486 Brooklyn Ave. Mosaic Photographer, Social Studies Office, Physics Lab. Souad, Cafeteria Snuad, Photography Club. Favorite phrase-Let's the stage for . . . set 446 Kingston Ave. School Photographer, Cafeteria Squad, Aide Mr. Gold. Remembers most 'The l'OOlTl TDURIS JOYCE SPINDEL 126 East 53 St. MYRON SPITZ 743 Empire Blvd. Library Squad, Red Cross Club, Remembers most-The Secretary Science Club, Class Secretary. Life's ambition-To become a teacher. teachers. DELLA SPRINGER 263 Madison St. pungent odor wggpcker Z ZIPPURAH STAMBLER 702 Crown St. G.O. Rep. Arista, Orchestra, Drama Life's ambition-To become Guild, Modern Dance Club, a nurse. Publicity Spectrum, Class Secretary. Special interest-Jazz. DORIS SPETALNIK 2069 Union St. Modern Dance, Hebrew Culture Club, Class Secretary, Library Squad, Program Office. Special interest-Bowling. Wtiwl THOMAS BARRETT STANLEY 746 Hancock St. Co-Captain Track Team, Swimming Team, Mlmeo- graphing Squad, Student Patrol, G.O. Rep., Library Squad, Cafeteria Souad. Admires greatly-Ralph Bunche. f -A 34.1, 'V , , 'A tv CX' QL- 11 f -X Lbfbifkfflw Sf fax Ci s' HARRIET SPICEHANDLER 975 Montgomery St. Class Secretary, Senior Rep Special interest-Dancing. 4 TMARCELLE STERN 446 Kingston Ave. Arista, Senior Leaders, Sing Service League, science Club, G.O. Rep., General Office, Class Secretary. Favorite phrase-That's th way the mop flops. L i J Calla, 73 - fx Q N, is i ,X 'fb' Digs -A Iii L . 1. asses , I I TMAXINE STERN 446 Kingston Ave. Arista, Senior Leaders, Service League, Sing, Chemistry Lab. Squad, Library Squad, History Office, Science Club, Plans-To major in biology. r-' if swf -, SIDNEY STERN 697 Lefferts Ave. Arista, Manager Basketball Team, Commissioner Athletics, Library Squad, Cafeteria Squad, Program Committee, Math. Team, Health Education Office. Remembers most-The athletic teams. SOL STERN 1281 Union St. Baseball Team, Senior Rep., Basketball Team, Sing, G.O. Rep., Special interest-Baseball. 4? ,el . -ii'i an ' 'WWW ,M v.f.f.,.,,, BARBARA ANN STRAHLE 317 Hawthorne St, Leaders, General Office Secretarial Studies Office. Remembers most-The Spring Qffkwfff I ,. f- ii WL! f ' Wm ' V . iffy! yfffcf ,f Nd!! X1 'Wil JOSEPH STRASSER 364 Hopkinson Ave, Fencing Team, Library Squad, Chess Club. Special interest-NIU festival. Sigma fraternity, fa, 1, . , 1' U, 74 ELINOR STRASSLER 154 Rockaway Pkwy. Secretary Mr. Levy, Attendance Office, G.O. Rep., Class Secretary. Favorite phrase-Experience, that's life. .+ ' 0252- S' . . 4 X 'A ,Q 4. .,... M 23 , 7 ,f A - " .u Vg , I , ki f' ' :' ,A DONALD IRWIN STERNBERG ROY EDWIN STEIGER 828 Nlidwood St. Baseball Team, Bowling Team, Field Squad 529 Kingston Ave. Band, Fencing Team, Dhoto ra h Club G0 R . . g p y , . . ep. Lifels ambition-To become Life's ambition-To become a baseball player. MICHAEL O. STRONGER 697 Montgomery St. Life's ambition-To become a successful engineer. a great musician. WSW JUDITH FERN SUGARMAN 211 East 96 St. Cafeteria Squad, Red Cross Club, Sing, G.O. Rep., Class Secretary, Secretary Mr. Geschwind. Life's ambition-To accomplish something that no one else has accomplished. IRIS STOLLER 207 East 93 St. Service League. Secretary Nlrs. Amreich, Nlr. Koltun, Dr. Nlandel. Mr. Zamore and Mr. Deutchman. Plans-To work as a private secretary. MARION SUGARMAN 651 Rutland Rd. Secretary Dean of Girls and Nlr. Glass. History Club, Secretary Studies Club, Health Education Office. Favorite phrase-Only you. .w HARRIET DEBORAH SUMMERS 1702 Union St. Class President, Class Secretary, Chorus. Kind of work-Fashion designing. ml ' ft A eff ,W f, , :u f ,fy A if ,, , TMIREL TANZ 597 Empire Blvd. Service League, Library Souad, History Club, Red Cross Rep., Program Office, Secretary lVlr. Silverstein. Special interests-Travel, Art. :WV I ' f" ' YL fllf Vi' W'11.1"7.'Z" 2. ff 4:1 K fic, Mft' 1- . , ,,,, V, , , , w I , , ' ,I Ag I .4 v Y . ,f 4, ,V V .V I .W ,N ay- , "Z 15'-A 13, ,www V, 1 ' ,V A , f V My M , ,wwf 44,41 wif' " .4555 -' ' ieffifkf' , A fag, f w wffw- f -ffgfqew 2.---L ff A Q . . 1' ff, f 'f Z f J VM' Wi 4, i , 4 gif! 1 556 I, ,ff T!-,4,z,' 7 f' 17 1 ' mf, . 4' , 7 r 3 0 .5 .Af CLEOLA THOMAS 346 Macon St. Library Souad. Special interest-Party-going. ROBERT I. THORNER 469 East 48 St. Arista, Track Team, Audio-Visual Aids Squad, Cafeteria S'uad, Class Vice-President. Nickname-Tex. 1 f f ,L f I' , My 4 'Win Wg, i f ff 4,74 .. , RN 1" , 'few f ,GE W "' 494' f 4 7 4 RICHARD TASCANDI 649 Montgomery St. General Office, Stockroom, Hebrew Culture Club, Poetry Club. Nickname-Tassy. X HQ!" ' 2 " ' " ff , M ! , 5 .V, ,L i,i. , . CAROL ANN TAYLOR 1512 Bedford Ave. Class Secretary. Nickname-Cat. if . age . TDOROTHY TAYLOR 148 Union St. Boosters, Chorus, Library Squad, Dean's Office, English Office. Favorite phrase-Shut up. ,,,, NANCY ANN TILKIN 1724 President St. G.O. Rep., Social Commission, Sing, Class President. Special interest-Modeling. Mfr "w vw, LOIS TEITEL 832 Nlidwood St. G.O. Rep., Secretary Nlr. Shapiro, Class Secretary Special interest-Dancing. ,,yg?Q7yff4' f' fff? if f ,f 41 - , , f. ,LV f 4 . f f 04 ta' f. , 4 37 rf' , V ,lf ,gf ALLEN F. TINKLER 285 Schenectady Ave. Captain Swimming Team, Biology Lab Suuad, Senior Band, Vice-President Scienc Club. Remembers most-Wingate Wblood, sweat and tears." faith Q N7 L- " 1 Lf fl .4 7 35.50, A' 5 ix V, x J, . Ma LQ, x I 1 W4 fy . .Y Qs., .... 1ff'f'f1. ,W , ,Icy 75 m: x R ' x-. f.,.wQ.w TALICE LOUISE TOBIAS 708 Ocean Ave. Cafeteria Sfuad, Secretary lvlr. Wolpert and Miss Groman. Admires greatly-Madame Curie. ' ii fi- ? Qwmmdwbff IOAN LEE TRACHTENBERG 455 Schenectady Ave. Program Office, Class President, Secretary lVlr. Feuer. Remembers most-Co-op course. V. A-,.,,Q,,... ,,, , .v v 'G 4 . . . ' .wwff r M' as ' Q -A+ ' ,f w ,V :. .,: Tr ' Hip, u'f':V.-TSA .-1 :ff- ,f':' '2 'f fb if W ca MARY ANN TUCCI 21 Tampa Court Newman Club, Secretary Mr. Deutschman. Life's ambition-To take a trip around the world. R BARBARA ARLENE TURETSKY 828 Midwood St. mg fra 5 .fqpm V LINDA HELEN UMANS 7 Balfour Pl. G.O. Rep., Social Commission, Creative Writing Club, Class Secretary. Kind of work-C.P.A. X.. ,I f V V Q Qu 'X i J' s I J' X in X. J' ,1 Amina AR- JJ . -5' ' '41 , fl fl' F Ei- C 'vi-J J ,V X ,Q ,. y, fi, N I , L' N - l 5, 7 , J 'lv ,, ,J x if Y - 'U 1 1 " .7 I 1 Y Nr 'J L! X. X . E, -' LY .1 L Y , J . 4 J XM . ' - . 5 7?-1 V 'N , ci J V l 4 a x Library Scuad, Leonardo da Vinci Club. Life's ambition-Scientific research. CAROL MARY USAKOWSM 919 Eastern Pkwy. Arista, Art Commission, Drama Guild, Orchestra, Sing G.O. Rep., Class Secretary. Special interest-Astronomy. TIANE HARRIET TRENCHER 877 Empire Blvd. Arista, Social Commissioner, Captain Twirlers, G.O. Rep., Orchestra, General Office, Student Patrol, Vice Pres. Service League. Favorite phrase-I failed. X EK - . .J., .- A om g , li '-' wivffitsz . .ie 'fl J . a nuuuu VEHNA 570 Midwood Street Commissioner Student Patrol. Captain Cafeteria Souad, Associate Judge Student Court, President Longfellows, Captain Track Team, Social Commission, G.O. Rep. Remembers Most-Social life. SHEILA MURIEL TRUPP 1475 President St. Boosters, Secretary Mr. Feuer and lVlr. Zlotnik, Sing, Red Cross Club. Remembers most-Senior sing. 'kg IRMA VICKERS 32 East 55 Street Secretary General Office, Art Club, N. Y. Times Rep. Life's ambition-To take a trip around the world. l ALLAN VOGEL 776 Crown St. Chemistry Lab. Squad. Admires greatly-Himself. , A V ,,,. W, I . 17 , fir' ff ff - :Tiff 4 A fa, 'fy2"af"'I 4 912.2114f?,4f,,W-2.5! W T97 V, I VW' , ,WZ gf. JEAN ANN VOLK 580 Empire Blvd. Newman Club, Art Club, Music Festival, Secretary Mrs. Gordon, Mr. Gotfried, Dr. Mullin and Mrs. Brown, Class President. Favorite phrase-Holy crumbs. LINDA NATALIE WALDMAN 230 East 94 St. Office Assistant, Class Secre- tar y. Nickname-Red. ,, ,,,,, ..,,, , .f.,.sf,' mv w ' .fffbfff gf-K -3, "" "" , .few 5574 2n5 'g?ifx,, fl ' ,,f , 3' j T f Mjf , . - Q . ax- X W f wa 0 ,L ' iff ff ,ya X ,, , ,gf f ff ,, 1 f fm , 1 , , 1 ff 1 f ,Mf g f 1' fff Q f f , Xyf X2 74' ff f 4 W ff. aff fy ff f ,f ff I , X, , ,lf 7 f ff! f ff f f' f ff ,V 3 1 ff ,f -.f jibegf, mewa r. . Mil e s!!! I , .,. ., , ,,,.., f I if w I ' A BEVERLY ANN WALKER FRED WALLACE 71 Nostrand Ave. 1500 Carroll St. Library Squad, Student Patr I C t ' S H Class Secretary. Nickname-Toni. ' I "" iff Q , .,, ,Q ,,, 'W 'fm Q, -W 7 9 , 13,1-1 f, A. f W1 o, ap ann occer Team, ebrew Culture Club, Guidance Office, Track Team, Cafeteria Squad. Remembers most-Friendliness. STEVE WASKUW DONALD WATERMAN MARTIN WATNER LINDA WEIDMAN TALAN JAY WEINBERG 659 Lefferts Ave. 313 West 91 St., Manhattan 248 East 92 St. 456 Schenectady Ave. 80 East 51 St. Physics Lab. Souad, Mimeo- Chorus, Social Commission, Leaders. Class President, Secretary Baseball Team, Track Team, graph Squad, Biology Lab. Drama Club, Class President. Nickname-Watson. Mr. Koltun. Soccer Team. Squad, Chemlsffy Lab- Sflllad. SDOCiaI interest-Progr ssive Kind of Work-Bookkeeper. Life's ambition-Four children. Special interest-Herpetology. jazz. VZ.-, Qcdwk' O MIEMIWQYQ ,,l'w"V MM 1' . A -.J .Y I i L SAMUEL SYLVAN WARNER 135 Decatur St. Co-Captain Track Team, Or- chestra, Associate Justice Student Court, Cross-Countr Track Team, Math. Team, Class Vice-President, Photog raphy Club, Official Class Secretary. Nickname-Bunny. , f A a lr f Z1 fl , ,V , , T7 Q77 f fn , yy, H Q' 4 f 'Jn' V ,ei ,,,, , ,V , LEONARD WEINBERG 252 East 46 St. Arista, Distributor N.Y. Times and Herald Tribune, Band, Longfellows, Mimeograph Squad, Guidance Office. Comments-Wingate teachers are open-minded. 77 Q . ' Wx . ,.. N s K X? sm .i ,I E' YQ s f X Q. R .Q Sw- . ?f . .- M., -. wma -1. RICHARD CHARLES WEINBERGER 1678 Union St. Arista, Handball Team, Cafeteria Souad. Pan-American Club, Class Vice-President. Life's ambition-To be a corporation executive. ,,,,. V TBARBARA HELENE WEISS 58 East 52 St. Leaders, Cafeteria Squad Badminton Club, G.O. Rep., Secretary Mr. Rizzuto. Special interest-Writing W, 'aff BRENDA MARLENE WEINER IOEL WEINER PHYLLIS WEINER 183 East 96 St. 2025 Union St. 456 Schenectady Ave. Leaders, History Club, History Cafeteria Snuad, G.O. Rep., Secretary Miss Pruess and Newspaper, Secretary Miss Class Vice-President. Mrs. Brown, General Office, Preuss, Mr. Tublin and Mrs. Life's ambition-Make money. Program Office. Tublin, Tennis Club, Program Office. Favorite phrase-Never say die. "fit I fer' fh IRWIN WEINTRAUB 647 Albany Ave. Cafeteria Squad, Library Squad, Human Relations Life's Ambition-To be a dairy farmer. aww 185- BRIAN M. WEISS MARTIN WEISS SEYMOUR NATHAN WEISS TSUSAN A. WEISS 152 East 96 St. 208 East 93 St. 259 East 46 St. 556 Crown St. , Class President, Senior Rep, Soccer Team, Cafeteria Squad, Human Relations Club, Public Cafeteria Squad, Sing, Service Mimeograph Souad, Chemistry Class Vice-President. Speaking Club, Chorus. I-GGEUBI Genefal 0fflC9. Lab. Squad, Key Room, Kind of work-Engineer, Mixed Chorus, Student Patrol. Program Committee, Class . Favorite phrase-Don't be Special interest-Dog breeding. Secretary. sorry! Be careful, Special interest-Going to Florida. 78 T? . f -I Z! MAXINE WEISHAR 718 Empire Blvd. Arista, Captain Cheerleaders, Bon Appetit Club, Modern Dance, Drama Guild, Hostess Dr. Colvin. Cafeteria Squad, Library Squad. LIfe's ambition-Work for the U.N. is X A Sb X. X X at 'QS tg K X X x ff' N41 -so -,ts 1- . L, ,: sr 'Ss X XXX LAWRENCE JOEL WEITZ 262 East 92 St. G.O. President, Junior Class President, Track Team, Cap- tain Color Guard, Band, N.C.C.J. Rep., City Council Rep., Longfellows. Remembers most-The honor and the practical knowledge gained by being G.O. Pres. if "hc, TPAUL N. WEITZMAN 1933 Union St. Soccer Team Manager, Cafe- teria Sfiuad, Key S"uad. Life's ambition-Civil engineer. JOAN WEKAR 470 Ocean Ave. Secretary Dr. Mandel and Dr. Guerra, Class Secretary. Special interest-Bowling. if ,J Xb-4 ffl ' nj. I f -Q 5 . 1, ,. f 7 I ,fa cf.. . SUSAN MYRA WELINSKY 1703 Union St. Senior Rep., Service League, Medical Stenographefs Club, Cafeteria Squad, Library Squad. Remembers most-Sitting on the floors when Wingate first opened. MAXINE WHEELER NORMA JEAN WILKINS 509 Herkimer St. 383 Gates Ave. Senior Rep., Red Cross Rep., Chorus, G.O. Rep., Class Presi- Class President. dent, Cafeteria Squad. Nickname-Cupcake. Nickname-Shorty. DORIS WILLIAMS 493 Gates Ave. Accounting Office, Guidance Office. Favorite expression Baby. EVELYN WILLIAMS ELLA WILLIAMS 669 Gates Ave. 61 Monroe St. Favorite phrase-Forget it. Secretary Mr. Rochlin. Cool Remembers most-Dr. Colvin's speeches. pg!! VHVW qw-f, ...,. flaw DORIIIT ELAINE WELSH 569 Monroe St. Boosters, Senior Rep., Secretary Mr. Koltun, and Class, Cafeteria S'uad. Life's ambition-To be a teacher. !,.,,,,., ,fir "' M575 HELENE ANN WILNER 37 East 98 St. G.O. Office, Secretary Mrs. Silver, Biology Lab. Squad Nickname-Nicky. 79 fp -,Q f f ANNABELLE WINOGRAD IRA WINTER 1673 President St. 1635 Union St. Arista, Senior Class Vice- Cafeteria Squad, Audio-Visual President, Commissioner Aids Squad, Biology Lab. Sing, Poetry Editor Spectrum, Squad. Editor-in-Chief Mosaic, WNYE Remembers most-Wingate 6 ,cox W MJ-9 A Q W. ., . .I ti., 1 IWW? I' VV 'I V , , ., f, . ,,.,.f X if ff' .ww I f ., . 4 6 fa, 5 .M 'W' V I V ,f 1 " 3: 'L . a 'i '4 A " ' fi. ggi f f.,,.,,, 5 yi X ff QV! " ' wx 1 '4 2 S V' ji! 'I ff" ff -I f 2,3 jg A Z ,HQ if 3 f 'Xi 5 ' K ', ZAMY fit Z!! 7. MARCIA JOYCE WOLF 988 Eastern Pkwy. Arista, Pan-American Club, Live Wires, Secretary Mr. Bloom arid Mr. Gotfried. Special interest-Flying airplanes. MYRON JOEL WOLFE 455 Schenectady Ave. Student Patrol, Cafeteria Squad, Bowling Team, Mimeo' graph Squad. Favorite expression-Don't shout but carry a big stick. DENNIS BARRY WOLFE 72 East 51 St. Physics Lab. Squad, Science Club, G.O. Rep., Mimeograph Squad. Life's ambition-To be a pharmacist. All-City Radio Workshop, cafeteria. Senior Show, Poetry Club. ' J Special interest-Acting, U Q51 folk music. mm If TCAROL ELAINE WOLFSON LUCY ELLEN WOLFSON 241 Remson Ave. 1543 President St. Library Squad, Secretary Drama Guild, Art Commis- Leonardo Da Vinci Club. sion, Mosaic, Creative Writing 'iRemembers most-Tests at Club, G.O. Rep., Red Cross Wingate. Rep., Class Secretary. Ambition-To educate deaf children. 80 005416 l MARTIN WOLFSON 256 East 93 St. Biology Lab. Squad. Chemistry Lab. Squad. College Rep.. History Club. Remember s mostALalJ squads, 2 1 E E . if dl? .' f ROBERT WOLFE 94 East 52 St. Arista, Math. Team, Spectrum, Mosaic, Physics Lab. Squad, Science Club, Math. Club. Special interest-Hi-Fi. CAROL ANN WOOD 400 East New York Ave. Special interest-Skating. ROSALIND LUCILLE WORBER 388 Nlidwood St. Class Secretary, lVlrs. Ponti and Nlr. Silverstein, General Office, Service League, Art Commission. Special interest-Crossword puzzles. 'ROCHELLE ZACKMAN 577 Empire Blvd. Secretary Nlr. Berne and Dr. Colvin, Service League. Special interests-Music, art. .. .Yin fu ' I r f!-k f ik f ffmw. f ' 567. flu, V .i ., Q, . .f muff ...CV- ADRIANNE WURTZEL 480 Lefferts Ave. Drama Guild, Senior Show, History Newspaper, Poetry Club, Program Office, Social Commission, Secretary Broadcast Studio. Favorite expression-Huzzah. ROSALIND ZAGER 726 East 47 St. Secretary lVlrs. Day. Remembers most-Co-op course. WD! 'N 1 MARGARET JEANETTE YANNOTTD 1119 Nostrand Ave. Secretary Nlr. Marks, Mr. Goldberg and lVlrs. Brown, A ev? M' bi fb V t I 9 A , -V 7 , We diy, I?z ,,,ff ,ygbn 4 5 Q f 51' ,, I 'L ff ADELE GLORIA YARIS TMARILYN YELIN TBRENDA BETH YORK 69 East 95 St. G.O. Rep., Biology Lab. Squad. Favorite phrase-Put off today 104 East 53 St. Co4Captain Cheerleaders, Cafeteria Souad, Secretary G.O. Office. what you can do tomorrow. Dr. Guerra, Class President. Plans-To take a vacation. Kind of work-Legal stenog- rapher. f.'f W . -A A y '42 ' .. f f , .-. Riff M ,VW ' X ' at 645' f F if .f A ' 5 rfx.f,'F:7 if? . . .. , , ,gif -V 1 V 1 1 LEWIS ZAGON 56 East 43 St. Arista, Sound and Produc- tion Squad. Special interest-Hi-Fi. HOWARD ZEIGBERMAN 1718 lVlarine Pkwy. Student Patrol. Special interest-Stamps. 1 VL f' Q V . AW 5 ,f . -was 4. .-vm.. 41 ,. 7 f, TED BURT ZIMMERMAN 826 Crown St. Soccer Team, Track Team, Cross-Country Team, Physics Lab. Squad. Special interest-Rocket development. JOEL I. ZWIBEL 702 Crown St. Captain Student Patrol, Co- Captain Cafeteria Scuad. Special interest-Missile development. 165 East 45 St. Tennis Club, Badminton Club Cafeteria Souad, Secretary Mr. Silverstein. Favorite phrase-Fool. ,Maw 'f .. 'f ' hz SANDRA M. ZISKIND 2121 Union St. Secretary lVlr. Rizzuto, Attendance Office. Nickname-Zel. 81 v K F ADDEN A' b'f7f""ti'!v" K' 5 fs- -A+' A "N vw 'fi P' if rg 'fo iff-M17 'A er '53'f'eifwfi'- " fx 'LEONA BERNSTEIN 'DELTA LOUISE BUULWARE HPRISCILLA DUNEFSKY HSUNDRA FREY HARVEY V. GOODMAN 280 Quincy St. - 1717 Carroll St. 248 East 91 St, 649 Empire Blvd. General Office, Class President, Chief Justice Student Court G.O. Rep., History Club, Commissioner Student Patrol Secretary History Class. Track Team, Captain Cafeteria College-Kings County Squad, G.O. Rep. Nurses' School. Interest-This term's social 1 , . 'YVDNNE MARIE JAMES 373 Nostrand Ave. Class Secretary, Senior Rep., Class President. Admires greatly-Mr. Biller. 82 'I STANLEY JACK KROCHMAL 65 Lefferts Ave. ROBERT A. LOCKE 114 East 51 St. SHIRLEY LERMAN 1055 Rutland Rd, Art Editor Mosaic, Art Editor President Secretarial Studies Leaders. Spectrum, Cafeteria Squad. Club, General Office, Leaders, Special interest-Cars. Life's ambition-Commercial Program Committee, Secretary artist. Mr. Zeiger and Mr. Deutchman, Service League, Leonardo da Vinci Club. Comment-Au r'evoir-but not goodbye. life.:l:f,,,, 51,1-fy I' f'fff5fl', Ww'na-we, 62194, leak Q-. 4 Leave Ufoxglflg Qfc,,,LV-ic 1 , if 's , Q 3 A vu, IN. iti l, M ' 'MARSHA MINSKY PRISCILLA TERRIE NAGLER 1730 Carroll St. Spanish Club, Attendance Squad, Chorus. Life's ambition-To become a laboratory technician. 4 Graduates in the Addenda are here because of photographic inet academicl difficulties. "AUGUST 1957 GRADUATES -at 'U " i'i'i Q W ti Q . rf A, ' X' , fu LL- ix" I J fy- , rf are A. 'MYRA NATKOWITZ w e :ffm -, ' ' -.97 'ly N. 5' lisa !"1i Ev, Y, L J, 'lift 'xii WP Xu' My ,lf 2: VL, - J' U ' in W1 . 5, ...Vik 1 'i , 7 N' ' f f' 4: - if 7, , f f' , fl f 5 4 ' 1355 ff' f -, , , if 2' if f 4 M ff , , f f ff , f Z ' Wy ' 1 Q 9 4 2 W W , 7 5 ff ff f If! ff .1 ' V: u. f ,gfE5.,.ygg,,.1 5 rffveufrff ,4 '.:f: K 1, , I ,, 1 1 ,Z 34, 1 ff A wif.,-. ' amfgv 1 , M , . .W 24,9 1 'H ff, g ,1 ,v"1f.f6' lv i 1 '..-wzfezle. In 'f".- 5 M 15? f 'ilfckt ,fx if f .1 5 4,, ,mf fa - A 2, 7 age. W. 1 . 4 H1 gm aff' ff 5 1 f , .Xe , 1 Q,,,.,,f 47123: 4, "1if,,5yf, zxyggzf' r in 4',Q' Q ', 0.1, 3 .,,. 5614 Church Ave. Library Squad, Emergency Room. Life's ambition-To be a wife and mother. DENNIS NORWOUD MGLADYS URENSTEIN TROSEMARIE PICARO 177 Putnam Ave. Lieut. Cafeteria Souad, Class President, Baseball Team, Track Team, G.O. Rep. Nickname-Dennis the Menace. Q Mnnc Anon PUTTERMAN 'JUDY ANN Run srunnr noszumlu 706 Lefferts Ave. 1497 Carroll St. Arista, Co-Captain Nlath. Team, Sef1i0f RSP. Spectrum, College Rep. Remembers most-Efficiency. Life's ambition-To be happy. 259 East 91 St. 601 Albany Ave. :QQ Qgff ' 'f 1 ,yur-"PW " .,., if G 71. if, ,,,.. ,f wif -we .V W feng EDWARD ROSS 679 Lefferts Ave. Physics Lab. Souad, Mimeo- graph Snuad, Baseball Team, Chemistry Lab. Souad. Remembers most-The teachers. xbesr fs ADDEND . M , . V ,W - J. , , , f fam, V , 7 ., W W, 7 WM 1 'C ,WX f f f A' if , .f , 7. f fm gs: 1 ,..,., , V X , ' f , ' 1 .. 'HM' VERNA MAE PINNOCK 495 Rogers Ave. Class Secretary, Guidance Office. Favorite phrase-Oh shucks! feel .fr ROBERT SCHURE 1580 President St. Longfellows, Cafeteria Souad, Track Team, Student Patrol, Senior Rep., Class President, Chemistry Lab. . ' name-Elvis. ' x lf ff., .XTWJ gxf' 'I' WM 94144 1 Mzafdie, fl YVUNNE ANTDINETTE PLUMM 1235 President St. Emergency Room, Class Pres., Health Ed. Office. Favorite phrase-Uchipek. fin? y?L..,,.J2 X "DIANE SIEGEL 70-11108 St., Forest Hills 83 'ii 84 .XX f f ofa gvgx ,X l tl R, l tl cfifldtjkfs W Z' ,df - df, CAMERA SHY ROBERT ANGELO BARLANTI 122 East 46 St. General Office, Class President. Future work-IBM technician. WILLIAM FABRIZIO 767 Albany Ave. Cafeteria Squad, Book Monitor. Ambition-Air Force. RONA I. GILBERT 2065 Rockaway Pkwy. General Office, Secretary Mr. Deutchman and Dr. Mullin, Phrase-That's the greatest. STEVEN HILL Arista, G.O. Rep., Hobby Club, Pan-American Club, General Office. Favorite phrase-Censored! ALLEN DAVID KAMIN 278 East 45 St. Program Commission, Cafeteria Squad, Student Patrol, Guid- ance Office, Secretary Mr. Gotfried. Remembers most-The teachers. MARTIN HOWARD KATZ 89-01 151 Ave., Howard Beach Cafeteria Souad. Life's ambition-To be an orthodontist. GARY NEWMAN 36 East 92 St. Biology Lab. Squad. Remembers most-The teachers. DONALD GEORGE PERKINS 1232 Carroll St. Soccer Team. Life's ambition-To become a professional soccer player. PETER JOHN PETERS 401 East 45 St. Track Team, Cafeteria Squad. Special interest-Weight lifting. HENRY LEWIS RAKOFSKY 125 East 46 St. Captain Cafeteria Squad, Student Patrol. Admires greatly-Wyatt Earp. TBARBARA JEAN RICE 188-11 104 Ave., Hollis Junior Red Cross, Golf Club, French Club, Dance Club. Favorite phrase-That's life. BERNARD HERBERT RICHMAN 1008 Rutland Rd. Office work. Life's ambition-To become an electrical engineer. JERROLD RUDEN 621 Lefferts Ave. Class President, Lieutenant Cafeteria, Tennis Team, Class President, Social Studies Office. Life's ambition-To become an illustrator ' HARMON STEWART SCHWARTZ Treasurer Leaders, Cafeteria Squad, Student Patrol, Man- ager Swimming Team. Life's ambition-To become an architect. JEANNETTE JOYCE STEVENS 798 Greene Ave. Leaders, French Club, History Club, Orchestra. Life's ambition-To travel. WOODROW WILLIAMS 534 Jefferson Ave. Basketball Team. Remembers most-The people I met. EDWINA DELORES WRIGHT 40 MacDonough St. Red Cross Rep., Cafeteria Squad, Secretary Mrs. Silver. Life's ambition-Lab. technician. 'ADRIENNA ISOUITH 1740 Carroll Street Sec'y Mrs. Engel. Remembers most-Wingate's beauty. DEPARTME TS I V . A, 1 .-7-xx. 'MFU4 r Auf, .ft I3 " I I exfffl . L -7 .' , ' .11'J:"'!f' X--'fir - :+,'f-:gl ,W 41- H 4 I . .-...- .:,' fa 'U - , , " h 4 .-, 'tl J, . a " - iii .' A :A "1 - 1. I . . - ,,, . I A, L ' Ut, . A JV. orf.-- ,I ' , -, , A V P ,, - ..n5,.M-X N ' "J uy.,- , Jyj .. , W., 5. y-.n' gl' -'I 7 ' ' ' '. . 4 ' .f"' ' QL ,A tinxi 4. 4-'1d..b..k.:g-I, -I Z W, - -- ' . " f I D, 1 ,. . aw- i ' ' . 7 . U v no 'U . Q aff 552' - 1 FP? Q nu 2.9: 07 1- f --4 "":14.1".'i6'T 'ij , , 1. ,. 4' 6? ' 1" as '.'v 4 ' x -.1 ': . w.-' A H ij , -A Q ! Mr. Harold Zlotnik, Chairman "English has entirely disappeared. ln America they haven't used it for years"-so says Henry Higgins in "My Fair Lady," the hit musical based on G. B. Shaw's "Pyg- malion". The English Department has been trying to bring the language back. A student is given the opportu- nity to try his hand at composition and to sample litera- ture in all its forms-from William Shakespeare to Ogden Nash, The department offers special attention to improv- ing skills, training speech, and encouraging special in- terests in creative writing, American and world literature, iournalism, dramatics, and the theatre. Talents may be further developed in the Creative Writing, Public Speak- ing, Poetry and Drama Clubs, and through service on the Wingate World, Spectrum and MOSAIC. The person responsible for the organization and operation of the department is its poet-chairman, Mr. Harold Zlotnik. Under his guidance, Vtlingate sends forth students who will attempt to refute Professor Higgins' theory. wif.-f ' M GLISH and PEECH iwfhtkr it 94 Qt English Regents, here we come! lk' GW' ., as N l 1, X: . V 2- 0 0 , f 2 f Vps st... , -I A1 ,. ' ,ff Q2 , :rg , f S Et .xiii ' ' .., slim 'll fmQ+u' I , Lgiaflu luflksf 'fan 'iiseslfbli S JA . S, 5 tx D x soaAL Tunus .ft 7 5 - 5 XZ 1 7 He s got the whole world in his hands. g 11-A . '3f zrwv,f1 ""' mr' - , E f L, f f 1. , 5 Dr. Leonard lngraham, Chairman Four years and seven days ago, the Seniors of Wingate brought forth upon this Social Studies Department a new problem . . . conceived in anxiety and dedicated to the proposition that all Seniors must pass their History Regents. ln their Freshman year students were introduced to the physical aspects of the world and the complexities of its makeup. As Sophomores they delved into the history of the world, dis- covering the origin of many modern institutions. The Junior class became acquainted with the intricacies of our present economic system. As they attained the rank of Senior, students were confronted with the study of their own country's gradual development. Qualified students were privileged to take Problems in Ameri- can Democracy, a course which analyzes current national affairs. Open to all students with a desire to understand their world better was the Current Affairs club. Mr. Samuel Brownstein, Chairman BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES I Nfl Q V f 'X , ,If , q,,f"" My ry .V Fi ji VV., Irina V 1 , i I A ' All around us are plants cmd animals-small and great, simple and complex-struggling for existence. Through the study of biology we gain a deep under- standing of these creatures and of their life functions. Biology, the student's first encounter with a special- ized science, must play a dual role. First it must be a thorough study of the plant and animal kingdoms, and second it must provide the student with an incentive to continue his scientific studies at Wingate and later at a more advanced level. On a higher level of study, the department offers a course entitled Laboratory Techniques. In this class stu- dents have the opportunity to perform experiments and discuss scientific problems. The chairman of the Biological Science Department is Mr. Samuel Brownstein, a man who not only has a love of knowledge and learning, but who is also able to stimulate and guide his students. e .xv"'f ',f6fif1'Z'7 A A 5 ,vvg 1 .W , , ' Y if '44 K W E ' 2' vu. s ...- By goshl It has sideburns. Stop, you're tickling me. .A turna- PHYSICAL SCIENCES With the launching of Russia's Sputnik, the Physical Science Depart- ment was projected into an orbit of even greater significance. The demand for scientists has reached an all time high. Wingate is proud to play its small part in meeting the challenge. Under the direction of Mr. Louis Alper, chairman, the department is training young scientists in basic concepts and principles. Students are encouraged to develop questing minds that will not be satisfied until truth is reached. The Wingate pupil is first introduced to the physical sciences in general science, a course that provides the foundation for all future studies in this field. Those wishing to pursue their interests further, may elect chemistry, physics, and earth science. Chemistry is the study of the composition of matter, physics, the study of the physical changes of matter and energy, and earth science, the study of the earth and its position in the universe. We live in a scientific world, one which has seen the rise of inven- tions and discoveries of all sorts. We must have scientists to continue our progress, and citizens who are able to understand this age. Formula: Heat ten fingers . .. Mr. Louis Alper, Chairman 6 nm L T a.: dl lll 5' -E T li , , wx: 1- c i Mr. Max Peters, MATHEMATICS Y:curriculum Chairman Prove: X'i'Y:Z xx rx Method-to find Z l. Xzfaculty, made up of capable educators, led by Mr. Max Peters. 2. Yzwell-balanced cur- riculum consisting of od- vanced mathematics courses, such as solid geometry, advanced al- gebra, calculus, and modern math, as well as the more elementary subiects of algebra and geometry. ln addition to these courses, the department offers a Math Club that not only explores new ideas in the subject but also aids in coaching weaker students in the department. Our math team, coached by Mr. Victor Palmer, competes in in- terschool meets and has been successful on sev- eral occasions. 3. Zzstudents. , f? .K ,f Z!! Watch the board and l'll go through it, 2 1- REASON 1. Given 2. Given 3. lt is a natural se- quence that the combi- nation of an excellent faculty, plus the exten- sive available courses will lead to a more in- telligent and l'Figurin"' student body. .'.X-Y:Z Q.E.D. at tl l Z ,, , .- L 1 , 54, , :mn Amznvfs 9 X it 32. ,x 'VW ser we " 'f't"'r-2a:"':?'Z1. , MW . . ' G , ' " ' i F' t"rs'f 1 'amy nuke 7 .4 'Mfr NH ,T,,.f,i,i Mk ,, ,,!,, ,K fr ..,.37TlilRlllw 'V' fx Miss Anita Ligorio, Acting Chairman FOREIG ANGUAGES This age has seen the destruction of great distance barriers. Jets have made foreign countries less than a day's traveling time apart. It is for this reason that modern foreign languages have taken on new importance. P-4 Liepoque actuelle a vu anneantir les grancles har- rieres cle clistance. Les moteurs 51 reaction viennent de rapprocher les pays etrangers a un eloignement cle moins cllune journee. Pour cette raison les langues etrangeres ont acquis une nouvelle importance. ,-1 Hoy dia, a causa de los "jets," se ha reducido la distancia entre los paises extranjeros. Ahora no dura mucho el tiempo de viajar entre ellos. Por eso las lenguas extranjeras son muy importantes ahora. Hador hecharlash haya ed l'tzim-tzum merchakim ushitachim. H8lH6Si3h la-aratzot richokot al yeclay avironim mahirim bimaynu anu-hi k'fitzat-derech mamash. Umita-am ze, limud safot zarot yesh lo chashivut meyuchedet. SECRETARIAL STUDIES Dear Sir: Now that we are about to graduate, we would sincerely like to show our appreciation to Mr. Bernard Deutchman and his staff for the expert training we have acquired in our four year com- mercial course. The department's modern equipment has given us the incentive to excel in the two basic secre- tarial skills, typewriting and stenography. Many of us have had actual business experience by participating in the Co-op course, directed by Dr. Morris Mandel. This course enabled us to earn money while still obtaining our basic education in school. The Secretarial Studies Department is unique in that it offers interested students a different type of specialized club each term. Two of the special- ties have been medical and high speed stenog- raphy. We leave Wingate, confident that we have been well prepared for our entry into the business world. Sincerely yours, THE GRADUATES FJ i- LA CQoScrp t ., -V 37 , 1 -V Q V , - i fil th y X Mr. Bernard Deutchman, Chairman This machine makes so many mistakes. '-5,1 . ZZ T WZ ' R X.TGT,,, A-4'NCfg ,g. ,Wk u.. A - Q i u i i l tiicswvirgfi he S263 ff' X is 'fry--, .ki '5 n sr . , ,wee '16 ' ve' g, X i l A ACCOUNTING It is June 1958. The time is that of graduation. The case has iust been presented to the iury for its verdict. Facts Given: The Accounting Department, chaired by Mrs. Beatrice Shavit, offers courses in arithmetic for daily living, business arith- metic, bookkeeping, remedial arithmetic, law, merchandis- ing, office machines, and record keeping. Disputed Point: What is the Department's overall purpose? Point of Law: The purpose varies with the course that the student is taking. Discussion: lf a bookkeeper you want to be, Accounting and law are the classes to see. Record keeping and A.D.L. When out of school will serve you well. Mrs. Shavit's the one to consult, She'll steer you towards the right result. Decision: The Accounting Department is a vital part of Wingate's pro- gram to prepare students for work in the business and secre- tarial fields. ...noon,..l ooo OO" OOO D0 O00 OO 000 00 000 ,.,00Q 00 00 ' 000 ll all adds up. Mrs. Beatrice Shavit, Acting Chairman fXf'W QR g . s. N NZ I s c k UQ l LA FQogffA N 93 7 Mr. Beniamin Gold, Chairman f 4, , , . G. 4 " 1" Gvil ' fat :.:.: ::...:3' Ji sig.-51. .3251-1.2 bl 15, JI,--:::5.'3i1 ff-1 if ff - i'51':f?fiE5?eFJ ,, 4 -1" """"z' HMWiWW , is sf? K, A1:,,.,:fi2?7y, Z , i5',i.,.-fzfeizgrg-19? , .- "uv Z' f " t,5512sf,:ffi " .f . f -' f lr. .- 1 ,ti if QCHL3-",,j '22 ' ., . 7 tn' 't gl DUSTRIAL ART Wingate is the only academic high school in New York City that requires one year of industrial arts for graduation. Shop not only helps students gain man- ual dexterity and coordination, two skills important in later life, but also instills in them a spirit of coop- eration and comradeship. 'Working with tools and materials and making furniture and home accessories can teach one the value of expert craftsmanship. Girls as well as boys are welcome in a few of the shops, which range from graphic arts to transporta- tion. There are also shops that help prepare students for future professions, training them in the specific skills of drafting, architecture, and engineering. The Industrial Arts Department, under the chair- manship of Mr. Beniamin Gold, contributes to the making of a well rounded person, one able to take his place in this highly mechanized society. V' Q.. , "With these hands . . ." i il Through experience comes skill. A homemaker is a special person, the central figure of the family, a person with unlimited responsibilities. Wingate, in recognizing this, of- fers the future wife and mother many home arts courses, including foods, clothing, and home nursing. These classes are designed to prepare the young girl to meet her role as a homemaker. Knowledge of cooking, nutrition, home man- agement, and the social graces can be attained through the foods class. Creative minds have an opportunity for prac- tical outlets in the clothing classes, while the home nursing student can acquire a fundamental edu- cation in caring for the young and the ill. Additional features of the Home Arts Depart- ment are the Red Cross Council and the Bon Appetit Club. Under the expert guidance of Miss Margaret Kennedy, the Home Arts students become ac- quainted with the many opportunities open to them in Wingate. ff-Tzl HOME ART -Dx ' ' My l f f il' t 2 ww , ft "f' Miss Margaret Kennedy, Chairman deff I Q '2- ufb QM NT' t Now make believe she has the measles Fold in 2 cups daydreams +05 J r',4 96 1 at QQ Mr. Lionel Kaplan, Chairman MUSIC it !. if On the ground floor of the Circle Building one can distinguish many sounds. None are so clear as the melodies and, upon occasion, discords that drift from the music rooms. In this section of Wingate, students who are musically inclined are given an opportunity to express themselves. The man who blends the sounds into harmony is Mr. Lionel Kaplan, chair- man of the department. Every Wingate student is required to have one term ot music appreciation. Those interested in music theory may enroll in a maior music class. Every spring sees the organization and pro- duction ofa Wingate music festival. This concert is the culmination of the year's work for the groups within the Music Department. Our band plays the lighter tunes, while the orchestra per- forms the classics. The three choruses sing any- thing trom Gershwin to Handel. Thus, in spite of uniforms and regents, term reports and finals, Mr. Kaplan has just to raise an arm-and Wingate will make music. Boy with a horn. ,A W -1 , ff s Wu. M 7 4 y X 1 W, W 1 I 4. .0 1 K1 if 5 Www'-m f f ff, if X 17 ,N ff ..- ,- Mr. Samuel Koltun, Chairman FI E ART The shape of things to come . .. X .iv 34 - .., . I A i f J! y .,.,aA,. r e N- , f Yfllgzbzl " M" ML P n Q . V v 5 , mf if V, W Q, t 4 , AAZA V A , :,,'r1, ' 5 -' f 1. 2 : AVL! , 1 , ' , , - df. Q - G . v 3.2:-If . ,.,.A?,,Q, .G?,.V up V. W ., M Wx Inspiration, imagination, and ingenuity are the initial elements of every creative endeavor. Students interested in ceramics, art representation, fashion, or commercial art are given a wonderful opportunity by the Art Department to express their talents. Ceramics offers the student a chance to use the imagination in the creation of iew- elry and pottery. For those interested in the art of the business world, commercial art teaches the basic aspects of advertising and illustration. The amateur designer is given the op- portunity to express himself through the il- lustration and design of clothes and acces- sories in the fashions course. Future painters find art representation extremely valuable, as it teaches them line, color and technique. Mr. Samuel Koltun, chairman of the de- partment, has encouraged many students to pursue their interests and produce work bringing true satisfaction. if , V77 Mr. Lee Krinsky, Chairman Many of us have heard the expression that the mind is nothing without the body. The Boys' Health Education Department believes this to be true. lt therefore promotes a varied program of athletics consisting of such activities as track, broad iumping, rope climbing, basketball, hand- ball, tennis, and volleyball. To further these activities, Mr. Lee Krinsky's depart- ment sponsors many teams and clubs which not only teach the fundamentals of each sport, but also instill in their members a spirit of cooperation and good sports- manship. This year our basketball team had the honor of placing in the P.S.A.L. semi-finals at Madison Square Garden, and our track, tennis, and soccer teams won many awards and medals for the school. ln many different ways the Boys' Health Education Department helps to create healthy, well adiusted in- dividuols. HEALTH A l JEL EDUCATIO GIRLS Think ot all the money that Slenderella doesn't get. The Girls' Health Education Department, under the direction of Mrs. Bessie T. Wolfe, can be indisputably termed one of the most active departments in the school. As a part of their normal gym routine, the girls engage in calisthenics,play days,and numerous inter-school tournaments. Integrated into the program are the various six week courses in hygiene given every term. Personal hygiene and mental hy- giene, first aid, and a course in marriage and the family help to prepare the girl for her future life. As part of the extra-curricular activities program, the depart- ment sponsors clubs in Tennis, Softball, Volleyball, Bowling, Golf and Modern Dancing. Organizations such as Boosters, Cheerleaders, Senior l.eacl- ers, and Twirlers perform their vital functions under the aus- pices of the Girls' Health Education Department. Mrs. Bessie T. Wolfe, Chairman F, fir tx Txwi ' i V NWN B B D . .,,..., gc X glrn xx Aw .f UBRARY Kw- Our food draws c crowd. LUNC 'Ang A45 Servlce waih c smllel ,. . , W- X ' - i it 2 X ,g gi 5 V . X Q V 8 X f is gk x ' 'il - ' 1 ' X N33 fhaxl. .1 : . + TUDY .2 rv-rum PI' f H ,M P'D,f'Q X Study was ' 'P W ,AN fx never like this x S' X ACTIVITIES -fc- sa Mr. Milton Greenberg, Adviser ,rum ll GE ERAL ORGANIZATIO Fellow Graduates: The school year iust ending has seen our General Organization flourish through its many cultural, educational, and extra-curricular activities. Without the cooperation of the school administration this fruitful year would not have been possible. Our Sing-the spirit it provoked and the realization that through the integra- tion of our ideas we have gained new friends-will always remain in our hearts and minds. Under the sponsorship of the Parents Association, the Winter Carnival also contributed to school unity. This cooperative endeavor will extend itself into the future by means of the money it raised for the school scholarship fund. Brotherly love and racial understanding were strengthened this year by the formation of the Human Relations Club. This was also the year in which faculty members and students met and discussed, with equal voice, the problems of running our school more effectively. My hat is off to the G.O. executive board. As a result of their efforts the June i958 graduating class has enioyed a rich and scintillating senior year. They will carry away from Wingate a treasure trove of cherished memories. We who are leaving the school pass on to those remaining a shining ember of unfinished business. May they fan it with wings of enthusiasm into a blaze of success. LARRY WEITZ, G.O. President Larry Weitz, GO, President X if " ' N f li 1 vi , Ellen Levine, Secretory sf ' , - .loan LoFroscia, Treasurer - ' . fig, W. ,Jail Howie Kramer, Veep X . , .,' r K 1 -- . Mm q A ,f elif 'jp-T W elf r - y 4' X lf 102 3-sr 1 X if Mr. Abe Zamnchow, Cafeteria Supervisor STUDENT COURT THE EVEN HAND 0F JUSTICE +V, STUDENT PATROL Walk softly and w.,a:4N:49.,,:,I.,, .V,. 55,,,t!! ,kA' :V IVAH :Iv V , B . , X , T Y ,Q 5 ' M N' X' f , f iii In 'R h 'Y P . WS 3 T ' Mr Soul Friedman, Senior Adviser sf""' E IOR A most wonderful year has ended for the Seniors-l958. From the first splash at our Swim Party to the last note played at the Prom, we Seniors have spun cmd swum our way through a year of hard work and lots of fun filled activities. In the strokes of Florence Chadwick, the Senior class twice invaded the St. George Hotel pool -scientific accomplishments: much water displaced, much laughter generated. The bowling party provided another outlet for the ath- letically inclined, while the Senior dance was iust right for those "Sweet and Gentle." The United States Federal Government was forced to recognize our existence when fifty members of the class stormed Washington, D.C. during spring vacation. After viewing the Capitol, Library of Congress, F.B.l. Building and other notable sights we left-Washington heaved a sigh of relief. Upon our return, we directed all our efforts towards the production of a Senior Show which naturally was of TONY award caliber. And so the year drew to a close. The prom held at the Vanderbilt Hotel was the perfect finale for an already super Senior year-one which we shall long remember. Senior Class President John Kilroy ,ff F - ' ..-M x ...M .. . .........-...why Kd ..., . Q . .,. l' ' ' W .M xx- , X -'J . , . , 1, -nnglrfy' V V' . "."15Nf""". .ffnj M .-x ,X "' "lt-f'l" V mzeijntft' DFFICERS "Ax 51 17 Repre My,-,. QQ H, ag Q 1 J 3 VW Xi ' -fb! v, X 6 'ru Girl and Boy Leaders of Arista, Myra Nel- son and Bertrand Halperin ARISTA "Keep the flames of knowledge burning" Arista, the honor society of Wingate, represents the highest goal that students can attain by fulfilling high standards of character, scholarship, and service. Extra-curricular interests, personal inter- views, and teachers' recommendations are also required from appli- cants. Under the guidance of Mrs. Henrietta Goldberg, the honor society has continued a tradition established three years ago, that of pro- viding service to the school and community. In the field of school service, Arista's most noteworthy endeavor has been the continuation and expansion of the coaching program. Through this system, any student in need of personal instruction may receive tutoring during lunch or study periods. Arista members have aided the community by doing volunteer assistance work in hospitals. Arista also provides a meeting ground for students of similar inter- ests. To broaden these areas of interest, social and cultural excur- sions are planned. It is hoped that our Arista graduates have been instilled with the high aims and ideals upon which their organization was founded. Mrs. Henrietta Goldberg and Senior members of Arista 7 X ...Y J il WL 0 ORS 115 National Merit Scholarship . National Merit Finalists . National Merit Honor Certificate General Motors Finalists . National Honor Society . Westinghouse Finalist . . Betty Crocker Medal . Mayor's Achievement Award . Top Five Students in the Class Bertrand Halperin Joan Gottlieb Marc Putterman Stuart Scharf Barbara Holt Allan Kaminsky Daniel Shackman Bertrand Halperin Marc Putterman Bertrand Halperin Bertrand Halperin Karen Sue Charal Laura Cantor Michael Einshlag Bertrand Halperin Howard Kramer Roberta Krane Stuart Scharf Annabelle Winograd Lewis Zagon Bertrand Halperin Michael Einschlag Laura Cantor Annabelle Winograd Myra Nelson 107 f M' , ,QM -. gi ,r i r . X? 5 I l ga Q . 3 as ti . t- s. 5 -:wwe mem .1 . i 's , "All the news that's fit to print." Down in the depths of the circle building, there is a room marked Student Publications. This is the home of the famed Wingate World, the official newspaper of Wingate. On this day everyone inside is busy concentrating on one thing or another. The clicking sounds of typewriters being pounded upon and the moans and groans of reporters trying to revise copy can be plainly heard coming from one corner of the room. At the other side, a few are wringing their heads endeavoring to make a headline fit. In the midst of all this are the Editors, scurrying about shouting orders while trying quite hard to retain their sanity. The reason for all the hustle and bustle is apparent, the Wingate World is going to press. For four years now, the World has brought "all the news that's fit to print" to the Wingate students and has taken honorable stands on many debatable issues. The person responsible for guiding the paper to successful issues is its faculty adviser, Mrs. Rebecca T. Burston. Freedom of the press is an essential part of any democracy. In the words of Abraham Lincoln, "Let the people know the facts and the country will be saved." The Wingate World tries to do its part. Though Wingate is a comparatively new school, it can afford to boast about its literary achievements. Under the guidance of Miss Myra Friedman of the English Department and Mrs. Dora Goldman of the Art Department our literary magazine, "Spectrum," went to press a successful issue. The physical spectrum is the band of colors visible to the naked eye. Growing out from the primary colors are all the colors of the rainbow.Thus,from "Spectrum," do the poems, essays, short stories, and profiles emerge to form a completely enjoyable literary magazine. The i957-1958 issue was planned to in- clude material of high literary value which the students and faculty would read with pleasure. It is the hope of the advisers and outgoing staff that their high standards will continue to keep reading the school literary magazine a profitable undertaking. SPECTRUM M. 'Ag is 1 tml X lil Q .X xx- My ffl llll ll X rs ,.,. , E Miss Myra Friedman, Adviser ,Z Inf -r Ghost Writing-Spectrum-6-1958 Alf Pdf 4 lf I if Iv' :M 'l 09 i Z l i 4 i ll TH LETICS Cooch Don Altman and the Track Team N V 3 Cooch Morris Licht's Tennis Team Couch Irwin Tobin and the Bowling Tecm s X Q fi X Y QM Coach Howie Rosenstein's Madison Square Garden Hoopsiers ks A y xg , I KS . fy E V X H I 1 Coach Rosensiein and ihe Handball Team 115052 Coach Tobin's Soccer Team '35 . - i if M Coach Ike Weidman ond his Swimmers W "'. M A W I X6 i "4 4 1 ' '- ig N A U . ' 'L LM .ff Mr. Saul Siskind and the Gym Leaders Give Me u W for Miss Dillon! iWe see you, Bcrbcmrcdi Twinga1e's Tewwific Twirlers Wingo!e's got the spiritg Wingote's got the teoml f 4576135.- . ,J 2 f Y , . if 457 1 A M , J" U, 'L A S Ibn 2, . ' ' .f f Lf' 1 N r. , W., ,V I If ,.4Q,,,,, M' V , , .4 ',U I MQ, . L4 H 3 V, . 2.73254 . , ., V L, . I in :,. we ' . f , I B , ' if 4 many. K 13' '- A 1' . i r ,'fi, 1' if J, ,W P ' W, L 4! , ", , ' 'XJ Q- A " , , ,V , t 3 OW wi' X 1 x 'hs ouk TEAMS ,gf if I 'F' r -.N , , ' Iffl 5 WC ,A'I. 9 fm . ACTIQN ,.f af,..,.f. " , , N 1 ,, , up x 4 I PN .2-,: -9 gf 5 X I . V N' 15-3" I?-'I J X 1 zu ' an tx- X' Q X JA 5 I f N-J, , v- w 113 Wingate's Quintet-No strings attached! We'lI take another chorus, Mr. Hall. -'F flff. 15: 5?-2 ' 2 Qs .i X ...gif ,123 ,' ?r -1 , .,,.. .,,f,. nw., . ,aa '- ga-4 rr-.FAN .. 2' EWS- 3-15. 2122-, Mft 4g,w,p54,,. -1 gl fa ugh- -I -1.51:-f 5 zrgngkj- 115 - me f4L".1 - .-1' LQ , x., 1 , 1.3.1921 W' 152.3 ' ' 4'Y".i'1-1 fi 51,33 vu gh gk 1 I X ful 1 , 'Magi ,:, ,X .5-32 C Z-,A 4? ' MUSIC ,W ,Q '45,-,351 "- ,:,Ezgi?2,f 42132 ,jgg'Q-' V ',EW1"ttx"iEW1iL - 1:52 flat .faq Q' ' 515 tug, ,"q,Qga-- , ', ia-Etfwf time 'iititi' Wit' flilglg. ,gf " Q 151g gig, 9' My 'emit as!-, 'wt -La 'uf :Z J Maestro Ernest Giovanelti and the Wingate Symphony Orchestra. t N t 4 S XV C Y- ' i ,f f X ,If 'A' -ff Z - L 114 ' I i . FQ-I 1 ' ' f fl f Opening night at the Music Festival, direcied by Mr. Lionel Kaplan ll ' r jf xl gl Alle' gn ' K f 'W f 71,0 I MUSIC ' V t Boy with guitar lI's bigger than both of lit v t xfst! fi wi p . 3 , 'tt f , X N Q WE 1. + 1 t 1 I 1 ...,..,.,.,,.. H.- ....,. .,,,,,. Q.,--we-Q-,.,..4 14-annum.-. jEtflf1ff125Efl?5'5 . .. -455' 1--553'Q5li?if23' V' ff 2 wx- 1-Q-m.a......l ,Q I -wmnhyhnod ,Y-7,-..,.T.,, i'f?23fa-?ff.., i 19? 'Q Y"w:'f'1:i:i:f'Z:ZZ' 1 ' .. f '?ilE4:7571':'if5t25 ' 3 'V f':i7:" 'ZZ5'f:?:! - tv-::i,j.1,,,,g -an-aaa. . ' If A Y .,,, W., , , f ,QQZQQ ' , V , , 116 rf L , ' X "Though this be . . . madness yet... I a n ll there s method In lt. -Hamlet 1. -T5 ., zz: V 215521-1- fiifaq ' : 52. ' 1:1. ' ' '. ' 4' i't1'f' 55 'f4,zMt- t 4 ,V ,- ,, I We, iff f' I U 2 -fer .: L 2 5. ' . ' A L fn ,. gf 3 y, wa, V MV, 1- --at 1 2 Il , . f' .vxfzzw v. 1. . f. -' 'f-22:5 ivf2vZ'1.5, wg' :Q . twzwy fx +-fix? zw. 'Q an.-c - 1:-2 '--244. '1."".P: wif? ,, L ,tf..t an I .1 ,.,,L A.-'L S V -M' 1- '-- ' " 1 , , L,.,.... i ' ' z' 'K 1.. 1 .STV . 3' X , , ,5.,g " V s t n f , A 5 , " M7 '- - --up ,.,.w . V X K ..,, , p ' Q 1 'f', ---,-bw v ' x NGN? ,Tl LITERARY SQ -A PORTRAIT OF A SE IOR 1x13 i 'Wmf a g 1 Ti -Uihtqo 21 I Iwith apologies to James .Ioycel Once upon a time, and a very good time it was, there was a Senior coming down along the hall and this senior that was down along the hall met a nicens little boy in the Student pa- trol.. . He stopped the senior: he had a squeaky voice: he said: - Where is your pass? Don't I look like a Senior? I checked this morning to see if everything was in order: beanie - key - ring - button - I'm dressed up Ivyg I'm taller than he... - You should not roam the halls. What does he want from me . . . What does he expect me to do . . . If he had my program he would be doing the same. The guard said: - Shouldn't you be in study hall? Study hall? A Senior never goes to study hall! I have study hall four times a day...first period caIcuIus...they say it should help in college . . .third health ed .... I've never won a volleyball game yet. . . English eighth . . .they are teaching us everything we should have learned forthe Regents . . . review- ing they call it. . .which reminds me. . . got to see that Shake- spearean play . . . must get cultured . . . -Well, where's your pass? . . . Pass? I must have a pass in my notebook . . . somewhere in my notebook I should have a pass. . . pages turning . . .pass from tour years ago . . . this teacher is out of the school . . . -- If you don't belong in study . . . where do you belong? I belong in college . . . I know I can pass for a college student. . . . How old are you? I'm nineteen .... I wonder when my reiec- AS A WI GATER- tion notices will come in . . . After those college boards . . .Stop biting your nails mother said . . . So much to study for: morning boards - Merit exam - Westinghouse - State Scholarship - afternoon boards - Regents . . . l saw two gray hairs this morn- ing . . . boosting my average . . . same teachers every term . . . -- C'mon let me see your program card. ldon't carry my card with me . . . l lost it . . . It costs a clime anyway. I should know my program by now . . . l wish Iihad a dime. Maybe if l gave him money he would go away . . . but who has money? l iust had to buy three English review books - iewelry - pay Senior dues . . . At the rate I'm going l'll never be able to afford college . . .Maybe I can sell him a review book . . . got a great four year collection . . . He said: -Why don't you answer me? Too many things to do . . . so much to think of... The face and voice went away. Sorry because he was afraid. Afraid of his future . . . no more the security of compulsory edu- cation . . . afraid of the world . . . of being thrown mercilessly into its midst... - Wait, come back here. . .come back here: the shrill voice called around the arc of the circle building . . . Where am I going . . . where will I go . . . must get that cavity filled: can't graduate without a dental note . . . - COME BACK HERE. . . and . . . l'll send you to the Student Court. . .Come back. . .come back . . .come . . . Carol Feldman and Judy Rosenberg 9 THE DE lL'S DOW F LL or Fqifyiqiefobeieud A pure bred devil, horns cmd all, Came up from Hell to pay a call And search the world o'er for to find A teacher with a dev'lish mind. The task was put on him with force As homework for a devil course, And should he fail lhe heard them sayl He'd best go up the other way! The line of question to pursue Was, "What on earth each had to do That would not let him spend some time ln quite a warm and fiery clime?" Yet though the devil's line was neat, The price - one question right, complete lt seemed he could not find a man Who had the time to get a tan. At last, distraught, perturbed and sad, He got a Hellagram which bade Him choose but one more school to search Before exp-hell-ed to a heavenly perch. The devil dressed in suit and tie, For orders he could not defy. No time, his sad luck to berate He entered the last school, Wingate. The guards stood tall Around the hall And searched his face As if to trace The slightest chance That in his glance Lay doubt or fear, And each guard near Enough could see, No pass had he. 'xThe principal, l'd like to see," ln sweetest voice he mouthed his plea, And somehow, as if under spell The guards, who knew only too well They should resist, turned round and led The man with shirt and face of red Towards the door where he stepped in, To speak to Dr. Woolf Colvin. uNow Doc, l speak in veneration, What you need is a long vacation!" "Vacation'? Sir but can't you see - Oh, will you have a spot of tea - My program's filled for weeks and weeks, My desk holds papers 'till it creaks, lt's obvious l am needed here! l simply cannot disappear!" uBut Doc . . ." - "Young man, you've said your piece This waste of my good time must ceasel" When Absolutely Nothing Else Can be Found The smoke was dense, The heat, intense, The dishes crashed As liquid splashed And food was served In seats reserved Where time they'd kill While stomachs fill As the teaching bunch Sat down to lunch. uNow folks, l speak to you en masse, Here's a great chance to leave each class And study hall behind - for fun And sporting 'neath a summer sun." "I'd like to, sir, yet sad but true, I'm down at lunch from ten to two. Who else could supervise the horde Of students that on eating lord?" - "From lack of sunshine l've grown pale While writing to Radcliffe and Yale When student transcripts they desire. l surely cannot now retire!" - "And l must guard the beeps and bells The howling shrieks and lowing knells Yet supervise assemblies too, I simply cannot go with you!" - "The G.O.'s problems on my back, Provide a full and heavy pack. And who would study P.A.D. And Eco. if t'were not tor me?" - "The Wingate World would go to pot And Journalism class would not Be taught." - "I think it's very clear, That Shakespeare would soon disappear lf l and my assignments left. The school would truly be bereft!" - "No disaster could e'er be worse Than leaving school without my verse, To Wingate where this heart belongs, lowe my own best selling songs!" - "While I could not desert my board And erring chalk for your reward!" - "And who would lead the orch and band With neither of us two on hand?" - nBut folks, this is a chance so rare, A trip with which none can compare . . ." "We know," they all replied en masse, "Excuse us now, we have a class!" The devil turned with tearing eyes, For full well did he realize That moments hence he would be far From Hell, and on some distant star. AD ASTRA PER ARDUA Annabelle W inograd ll "And He Shall Be Like Q T e y I j I ,I I I, X , I ll I 5 I I I I I, I I I I I l 2 I. it I N I ,X I I X VI'Q'sfxN5,,1 122 There was then, in those years of my maturation, a small valley, green and serene. Through it flowed a stream of rushing water, a little of which wandered away from the main course to form a bubbling brook. It was there, where the brisk stream-branched off into the effervescent brook, that a frail young tree grew, struggling against the forces of nature for survival. I came often to this lovely place, in joy and sorrow, for I was no longer a grasping child, I was growing up and needed help and understanding. I found comfort in the tree, and we grew together in size and spirit. I looked down at the rich brown earth, for under it were roots, the core of the tree's very existence, the hidden lifeline upon which all future development would depend. I ran from the valley exalted. I knew where to begin, I knew howto start that slow journey on the path to adulthood. First, I must know myself, like the tree, I must understand what makes me the way I am. I saw clearly magnified my own personality, my strengths -and weaknesses, my good points and my faults, and the deep seated character traits that would underlie my thoughts and actions and in turn shape my destiny. The process of maturation brings with it confusion, worry, and problems. Once, troubled and knowing not where to turn, I sought the peaceful valley and hastened to the tree, my companion and guide. It was a gloomy day, and the wind blew harsh and strong. I saw the tree fighting against the forces that wanted to crush it down, and as it fought the winds, it bent back and forth . . . and survived. Suddenly, the winds ceased, and the tree was straight and erect once more. The sun peeped out and shone down on a heart that had learned the secret of weathering life's storms. I realized that there would always be problems, but I understood that to solve them I too must bend to meet the demands of the situation. I was comforted, for I knew that there would always be a sun, there would always be a hope. As the tree grew, it branched out in every direction. Some boughs were long and thin, others short and thick, and at the tips there were always the fingerlike proiections ,Q I :N 1 'img M5 :fm gli . VN - H 1 ' X , x . F Planted by Rivers of Water" - Psalm I :3 extending outward, reaching as though for some unattainable obiect. I looked up from the book I was reading and observed this sight, but I did not see a tree. No, I beheld a human being yearning for knowledge-reaching for facts, searching for truth-and I knew that schooling is only a beginning, that true knowledge is infinite. I returned to my studies with an earnestness of purpose. This was my starting point. It was autumn, the leaves were falling. Slowly they fell from the tree until it was bare, naked for all to see. I stood near the tree and from its nakedness learned humility and respect for my fellow man. I realized that when stripped of external possessions all men are basically the same. I was no better and no worse than any other human being. I was humbled, and my eyes saw the beggar and the banker equally. I was taught to respect a person because he is a human being. It was spring, every bud on the tree burst forth into a glorious green leaf. The tree was now tall and erect and still growing towards the blue sky. Joyously I understood the miracle of creation, the continuation of eternal life, and I was again humbled. I am but a speck on a vast universe, but my life is mine to shape and mold. And as I saw the infinite distance between the tree top and the heavens, I knew that truth too is infinite, and that each human being seeks for it in his own way, makes his own life. The tree was now fully shaped and would grow only in height and breadth. It had acquired a way of life which would be determined by its inner characteristics, a way of life that an increase in size could not alter. I came to the tree. In my hand I carried a white parchment scroll. I too had formed my pattern of life, I had grown during four years. The brook was dry, it was but a segment of the vast stream of life that flowed on and on. I clasped my friend, my guide, I would always remember how we had grown together. The world beckons to me, and I answer its call. I fled from the tree, to the future, to my life ahead, knowing that I had grown in stature and character to meet the W0"d' LAURA ELLEN CANTOR -251 Z R iv . ll I I 25 ,0 y I N I I I I lil I ,Ill lvl If I, It . f I I ll W ill ll I L' lx It I ' I Il-I ll ll LI .I I I I I I IM X, f. f yr. SLI-Il' XX 4 BLAME IT ALL BA RTLETT' Although John Bartlett has been dead these many years, his spirit roams through the halls of Wingate High. How else could he know so many of our teachers and list their traits so well? We were thumbing through Bartlett's one day-not that we have as much time to devote to thumbing as we used to-Seniors you know-when we found many of the faces that we see each day in front of us in print. Here are our teachers-"Something between a hindrance and a help." So don't blame it on us-blame it on Bartlett's. "What I oft was thought, but ne'er so well expressed.' Miss Adlerblum - "Force is no remedy." Mr. Al er - , , ,, p "Respectable professors of the Dismal Science. Mr. Brownstein - Mr. Berne - "Be just, before you're generous." Mr. Bloom - "Patience, and shuffle the cards." Mrs. Burston - "Never say more than is necessary." Dr. Colvin - "More is thy due than more than all can pay." Mr. Felsher - "Coldly sublime, intolerably lust." Mr. Friedman - "Though I am always in haste, I am never in a hurry." Mr. Gebhardt - "He, like the sun, gives light as soon as he rises." Mr. Glass - "Nothing is so useless as a general maxim." Mr. Glickman - "Better a patch than a hole." Mr. Greenberg - "Diplomacy is to do and say, The nastiest thing in the nicest way." Mr. Hall - "The wild vicissitudes of taste." Mr. D. S. Goldberg - "How awful to reflect what people say of us is true." Mr. Kaplan - "Why should the Devil have all the good tunes." Mr. Licht - "l'm glad you like adverbs-I adore them." Mr. Marmor - "The ever importunate murmur, Dramatize it, Dramatize it!" Mr. Palmer - "You see, when we came to division, there was things that wouldn't divide." Mrs. Rosaschi - "It's all in a day's work." Mr. Silverstein - "Tomorrowl 'purpose' to regulate my room." Mrs. Solovay - "lt is completely unimportant. That is why it is so interesting." Mr. Zamichow - "Speak softly and carry a big stick." Mr. Zeiger - "His bark is worse than his bite." Mr. Zamore - "We must embark on a bold new 'program'." Mr. Zlotnik - "His cogitative 'faculties immersed in cogibundity of cogitation." CAROL FELDMAN and JUDY ROSENBERG ADVERTISEMENTS 6 ski gf.: E Oi 3- O 's 'IF 'KJ 9 '21 59 get 'fu ,9'fsr'iE'fiii GS E QQWQ, COMpLlNENT553y9s,5 0 2, Qegxagsf EXECUTIVE 5 Feist?" 0 EQQH. 5 OF lo' vial-EVI gt? bfi so pt gfiv 'E 5, f sz.e"""-1 'THE Q Egmgv 'atgem g?-mt2u,ifl5o5,! 3 3 439 cards! 2 P'?3S,rxuvIH z get 3235, fits-t,gm'i 22 .12 fmct OGRRO I QSZS5 2le'3E,"S' ,sis ,,4, ,su sc F l 2 F 'Anna fig? nnkcin Higiosgp kucl Y 'I-can V' mf 5o00'E Dear Students: lt is with a feeling of ioy that I extend greetings to this "Graduating Class" in behalf of the Parents' Association of Wingate. Today you have reached another milestone in your educational growth and develop- ment. l can truly feel the ioy that permeates in your homes on this occasion. Wingate has contributed a great part of the inspiration you need to go forward. Your Parents as well, have worked side by side to help you accomplish your goal. The future is in your hands, whatever you are ready to give you will receive two-fold in return. My sincerest best wishes for health, happiness and continued success. "Knowledge is proud that he has learned so much Wisdom is humble that he knows no more." Cordially yours, JESSIE SIEGEL President GOOD Heather Arluck Harriet Barasch Barbara Berkowitz Ethel Berland Dorothy Callenda Vivian Chinitz Carol Cohen Amelia Dart Michele Dinin Shelly Donow Carol Dreyer Linda Dreyer Susan Falk Renee Fenster Barbara Fleischman Paula Freiden Myrna Galler Susan Grad Elaine Gold LUCK FROM THE BOOSTERS Captains: Juliette Cucco, Barbara Faculty Adviser: Miss Dillon Gladys Goldstein Beverly Gurvitch Norma Houghton Elaine Hoffman Susan .lurgrau Susan Kahn Ann Kammerman Susan Kashman Phyllis Klepner Myra Klein Gail Kriegle Shara Lassner Susan Leipzig Marsha Lerner Linda Leventhal Ellen Levine Alice Linn Lynn Match Judi Michelson Levy Linda Miller Barbara Minushkin Madeline Moll Helene Orange Anita Rosenblatt Barbara Schneider Helene Schaltzow Rochelle Scholtzow Phyllis Schulman Rebecca Schwartz Mirium Sidorsky Sheila Silverman Beverly Smalkin Joan Tisman Ellen Tublin Barbara Volk Gwen Wedderburn Dorritt Welsh Linda Zbar Harvey Mensch Bob Thorner Fred Charage Ronald Cowen William Fabrizio Louis Furstein Stewart Glick Philip Goldman CLASS 8-3 JUNE 1958 MR. HOWIE ROSENSTEIN The Coach of the Year and The Boys Most Likely to Succeed Steven Hill Charles Lapidus Robert Levin Robert Locke Melvyn Maron Thomas McKie Joel Moskowitz Allen Mogel Bernard Goodman Mike Ovis Gilbert Gorden Arnold Greenberg Joel Pershkow Martin Pincus Steve Pommiss Marc Putterman Steve Roberts Allen Rodus Jerold Ruden Stuart Scharf Jack Schweitzer Stuart Simberg Myron Spitz Irwin Weintraub Ira Winter Martin Wolfson 7 GREEETINGS FROM M R S . P O N T I AND THE BOYS OF Monty Kraham Marvin Deneroff Allan Granoff Marty lngber Jay Kaplan Arthur Kay Steve Kutcher Jeff Meislish Gary Newman Cliff Sarokoff Stuart Sonne Steve Kraham Mel Oxenhorn Bert Halperin Jeff lnniss Bob Karasik Lester Klous lra Kuznick Victor Mutnick Dennis Norwood Freddie Schwarz Fred Wallace 8-4 Marty Watner Bob Feldman Marty Herman Marvin Kamenetsky Marty Katz Shelly Koven Seth Leibler Jack Nayer Dave Polinsky Herb Somerwitz Marty Weiss 8-7: THE GREATEST SENIOR CLASS OF 1958! Peggy Barychko Grace Beda Marcia Berman Gloria Brenner Carole Brown Barbara Catalina Maxine Cohen Norma Jeanne Davis Sherry Gershbery Ilene Gitlin Barbara Godfried Brenda Green We finally managed to graduate. Now we are off to find a mate. Lots of luck to the senior classes, From Miss Dillon's Health Ed. lasses. Naomi Hirsch Lois Jackson Bessie Jones Carolyn Kanter Peggy Krakower Barbara Levy Thomasina Martin Arline Master Judith Matloff Sheila Mclntosh Leona Mosley Audrey Rabinowitz Susanne Radzely Eloise Rice Olive Roache Sandra Rosoff Susan Rothstein Carole Scher Judith Sugarman Cleola Thomas Linda Umans Doris Williams Adrianne Wortzel QU I ro Bond frilllbelg , 417,765 XX' 4408 ,ide ryd NRO 6 8 1 xx P60 90,175 GIRUX T S Clov K V950 D 0 e F Gere' ei X 500 X res Odom, yn Evereff ' risofli Do O f Clqre l mg Mol Feldman Y Wilhelm , M. Felix, Mofign Melle , Slephcmle Fisher' Ellen Gersh' Eileen Gold' I Donna O55lP, Barbara Peel'-iles, Sheila Perilzman, un, P0 I dsmani l- Helm U U Pfesser, D xo Hun olO,eS R ni You Oienb Linda Huh Gum Zin - , nl Nav Gord Hpngf - Del a Schonhowl soo 'O s Ysflslen I pr'-n9e all C C' KOVGIXXC 'YL' Oro! W X0 ,Hx ood CO1 yo , M Yxoxy' Ylxqxop C fs, Po bofo xfkc' S054-I7 . ol ax. , pl. I O99 lfh ed 6 . gov nfs wgelo' of? YXQXW aaa Qxor. . "5'i'dff-"' CONPLIMEN Rochelle Barrow Marilyn Caiel Karen Sue Choral Ellen Cooper Rochelle Doncw Frances Draft Phyllis Duboff Lilla Glasser Helene Glick Judith Gohlieb Susan Jacobs Eileen Jeanneli 8 Doris Johnson Viola Johnson Diane Kemper Linda Lander Ellen Levine Jo-An Marcus Madeline Nadboy Elaine Osborn Verna Pinnock Doris Poler Frances Ruddock Sheila Reich Priscilla Rieby Rita Roselhal Roslyn Self Susan Silberman Dorothy Singer Brenda Weiner Joan Wekar Marcia Wolf Roslind Worber Edwina Wright 9 30 Official Class 8-10 is a grievin' For Wingate we soon will be a Though we are progressing, We're really regressing As college freshmen we'll soon Debbie Ashe Phyllis Auerbach Marilyn Bennett Roberta Berkowitz Gloria Blank Laura Cantor Carol Feldman Marilyn Goldberg Linda Goldes Joan Gottlieb Terri Marcus Sandra Miller Naomi Rosenthal Norma Schuker Sheila Silverman Carol Usakowski Maxine Weishar Aaron Deitch Gus Di Bianco Michael Einshlag Donald Epstein Norman Kalina Howard Kaplan I leavin'. be a guessing. Allen Kaminsky Joe Kornfeld Howard Kramer Michael Kreitzer Martin Rosenblatt Mel Schwartz Henry Singer Owen Sloane Sidney Stern Leonard Weinberg Richard Weinberger W' 3 W My lf Wilt? Well fwlfwil ll it 3225 ,Q5Z2sW7fflfV 5 M mfr if Fi Qi 959322 iq?-gk Zi f 571 fr'-Qdflff Q? V pci Mayan if ffl? gbqfguwh grew W , 3 P fflfwiffwea ' WWW Q If 2 We me Qi: P' 1 'i5i'f'iii'J'f if 'S' 0538 swf? GREETINGS FROM CLASS 8-13 Jeanne Benders Mary Berger Ann Christie Harvey Cohen Faye Devito Steve Drotman Joan Eastman Judith Ginsberg Fred Grobstein Howie Koenig Cynthia Levine Judith Levine Bonnie Pascal Harmon Schwartz Linda Waldman Dorritt Welsh 9 --1:"'- vi' 'wo 67 'S QQ' o WP EOMJPILUM IRJTTSQ-S115 CLASS 8-17 The world is out of joint: O blessed plight, To know that we were born To set it right!" N. R. DRILLING CC. Official Jeweler l'0 Wingate High School MMI, 130 West 46th Street New York 36, N.Y Compliments of A F R I E N D COMPLIMENTS MANGER VANDERBILT HOTEL FROM A FRIEND ji Ng' XJ . g..,z. ' ff1.,'1,,.1'. P- A R. ,Ly-f, Z4 , ., 2, '7 M ff 42f f4 ci mf Sgt. 4: 1 , I G A. -'Dau lg Lb ' ly Va . " - 1:7 ' ' 84:r., ,1 V I F6441 - fl '- 'N , D,-Z , A- 1 - ,C Y fl? I NLILUAJ i 'Q Y 1 ,Kr Cf Q, X X3 f, S V7 gd-F, 1 f -- 'lf' If mmm Niomww If wi Q Q C LU.-L fi' , 7MfwW" , f, K J, IMQLM GX J J pf fi , if kj mf 5 Y' nij f 1 134 HERE 6 ru.u ,cn s1uue rugs Lila fd , W 4 vM1u"Y 'v.f..f1u . hggfiilf ' 15,1355 11135 'Q M 1. + ' ,un ,. Ar 43. Wh 5 1 I wif X. if Q5 , x E gli: ' N N Jw Q ' 'x

Suggestions in the George W Wingate High School - Mosaic Yearbook (Brooklyn, NY) collection:

George W Wingate High School - Mosaic Yearbook (Brooklyn, NY) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


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George W Wingate High School - Mosaic Yearbook (Brooklyn, NY) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Page 1


George W Wingate High School - Mosaic Yearbook (Brooklyn, NY) online yearbook collection, 1977 Edition, Page 1


George W Wingate High School - Mosaic Yearbook (Brooklyn, NY) online yearbook collection, 1980 Edition, Page 1


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