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 - Class of 1936

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J 1 5 s I C D PALE. -N HRT ENG -RUBEN .Q ' " -L ASGCXETY WST URXCF ' x DXANA W H HKS-Jia, KN J. - fi 52 3 Q? T s .4 , F? 3 'ii fk ii RL ff? fi 3 E A E as f ada HQ RDEIQ Zifg N EP 4?f47:'Wf' ' BZSZEQE ff , fy ,-' + ZW KTWQVLQ 'ffg"""" eff. f '46 fp i W X fa sg I liver ,Miki wfbim Q , xg, ff, ESIEWF' bf' S . bs J L23 ' Af.:'.Ij. S f V, .S if --L--I.: V 'L'1'Ng, INDUSTRY 1 Am 1 SCIENCE all thrrif tpfih H I PGH! A II dt th " RQ CILHIZISIHW d d iq 5-5' ff XV' Hi J' ti L 5, iii Q t dp , 4 0 Qgvfgih 81 rv c?rM I . ' yi 4 . .gy Q01 ,-'.QfC..5 if r ,M .l:'g.i,.C? 'Q u ff ff? E 'yff ' Q, 7, sk xv 93 ff F "RE-QE va ' E .Ii I P Q Si X, FW x I 'af' g, y 3 Xa','A'ff b .D , is ii ' at X his ,--- 3 o ' gn xg. HRM 3 gl 556 in "" ii?" ' c c :ji-.5 RX ,ff 1. X fs gf xii'-fs" 'EQ riff? f N If ' ' 4 1 p E E i " 1 I 5'-F? t : QV JN P E I 9 T' Since the region in which e Q Ii i id tl ff' 9 ... XZ iififlilijilliy if fs: - 'lf' i it wx ESQ C 5-1' ,- it Wit po W ee 7 propriate to base our second Hpowcter Hornu on such a theme. Industry is, and ai- Ways will be, a prime factor in the tives of the people in this district. It provides g r e a t opportunities f o r tociayas youtii. PURE WQIQD DEDICATICDINI We, the senior Class of 1Q56, dedicate this annual to au of our members who will go forward into industry. and become the industrial leaders of the future. MAIN ENTRANCE Q f i 2 s Friendliness and comrczdesfrip call to you across the velvety expanse of green. It is with mingled sorrow and pride that the members of the graduating class of ,56 took back over the years spent at George Rogers Clark AH experience some degree of sorrow because, as they realize that they are leaving the school forever, they carft help but sense a strange, hollow feeiingg and their pride surges forth because they are honored at being ttie first graduating class to attend au four years at Clark. . 5 Now at the completion of their high sciioot careers, and as they took into the future, the graduates hope to bring all possible honor to the school, for ttiey. Icnow that what suc- cess they may obtain can be credited to the happy, profitable years at George Rogers Clark. Page S L. POXVDER HORN STAFF Sitting: Ftarye Xvoilulq, Emogcne Xyhitmer, Katherine Adley, Doris Vater, Bessie E. Lee, Dolores Rostin, Helen Eddy. Standing: Raymond Pachotslqi Detoss Burk, Bill Green, Bois Doering, Chester Powell, Raymond Cronowslqi, Bill Zimmerman, Xvortc was hegun on the Powder Horn this year with one thought in mind: to produce a hetter annual than last years However, it didnt take the statt long to Find out that that was no easy task. XV hat improvements there are, are due largely to the knowledge acquired in puhtishing Powder Horn Numher Une iast year. it has heen a tong, trying joh to HH the Powder Horn with ciass groups, ctuhs, sports, and features. T here were moments when the cotd-hearted husiness man hrusquety turned down the opportunity of a lifetime to advertise in Ctartes annuatg and there were glad moments when seniors hegan Coming to schooi with permanent waves, ioest suits, and picture- taking smiles. But when we turn the pages ot the 1956 edition, we can not help hut smite at the work we put on it, and feet it has heen worth white. And we hope you like it. 1935-56 FOXVDER HORN STAFF 1 Editor-in-Chief .s.... ..,..... - Assistant Editor ....., Business Manager .................. Assistant Business Manager .....s Advertising Manager ........,. Class Editor .......s...e...... Editor of Departments .,.... Art Editor ...................... Assistant Art Editor ,s.... Feature Editor .....,... Girls, Sports ..s... Boys? Sports .......s. Snapshot Editor ...... Calendar Editor ' Faculty Adviser Page Eight Doris Xtater Helen Eddy ,-,---ss Bill Green Detoss Burk --,--,-m- Boh Doering A Besie Etten Lee Chester Poweit L- Emogene Xvhitmer Bin Zimmerman ------,,--- Wtarye Xvoitutc --------s,- Katherine Adtey Raymond Cvronowsiqi Raymond Pachotsici Dolores Rostin Miss Pearl Yocham M .,' "i wa". . Lis A p'12 .. it 1 iz, 1. 1 mm' me N , www . .f .1 ,gf v tg , ., .. BOARD QF EDUCATION The success of a large industry depends greatly upon the ahitity and power of its leaders. As each large industry has its hoard ot directors, so do the Harnrnondschoots have their Board of Education. This group consists of Five men-Mr. Fred XV. Dedetow, Dr. Clar- ence A. Mcvey, Mr. Claude C. Soht, Mr. Clarence A. Mason, and Mr. Elmer McKay. Vxfe thank them for the interest they have showin in our school and its enterprises. Nve also wish to thank Mr. L. L. Caldwell, our superintendent, for his friendliness toward us and our school. As large industries have different hranches, and section leaders, our school, George Rogers Clark, has its principal, Mr. R. B. Miller. tt is with great sincerity that We take this opportunity to thankhirn for his thoughtful and sympathetic guidance through the past tour years. V A L XV ith such competent leadership, We are sure that our school and its activities will make progress. A MR, L. L CALDWELL A NR- R- B' MILLER Superintendent of Schools Principal Page Nine Row I: Gladys Godza, Eiizaloetii Sctimittei, Carolyn Tisconciic, Susan Bresicit, Kattmerine Adley, Anne Muse, Nadia Vxfoituic, Bessie E. Lee, Josephine Janota. Row 2: Mary Dmitruclq, Dorottrymae Huitgren, Lodi Navta, Theodore Arcii, Frank Vargo, Nvaiter Poracicy, Louis Fagyas, Anna Snow, Helen Eddy, Ann Kovacti. Row 5: Stanley Goiusica, Charles Eggers, Bill Sctmeii, Eugene Wytrykus, Nviiliam Catterall, Bot: Deering, Joseph Macnaic, Glenn Kessler, Alfred Hein, John Siivica. STUDENT COUNCIL Ttre Student Council at Clark is not a student government, as are most student coun- ciis. Ratner, its function is in an advisory capacity. With two students from each room, it represents time student body to the principal and faculty. in addition to that function, it has performed several ottrer services. A safety com- mittee, a iocicer committee, and a iost-and-found committee were appointed at the beginning of tire year. A group from tiiestudent council is being organized to visit other sctroois in this region and to study time organization, regulation, and conduct of time student-bodies. From what ttris committee learns it is hoped that Clark may be benefited. The council is yet young and is stiH being developed. Within a few years, it will doutntiess be one of the most important organizations in school. President ........ --- B013 Doerirlg Vice-President ...... ...... N adia XAXOULIIC Secretary-Treasurer .... ..... M ary DmitruCIC Page Ten 4' A . Though perhaps not apparent upon 5: 5 at s i i first consideration, there is a distinct re- ' Q , f Iationsinip between industry and time g !l' school. The schools of today play an im- N portant part in the moulding and shaping EF ff Sl f of one,s minci and life, So it is in industry G, graw rnateriai is taken in, and through t A different processes, it is Finally turnecl out fs fi N a icinisiieci product, ready for use in the , I - P Y' M' lx! iii tr tv cf M i 'Q' M if :n ' u 'Q' in Z cu.q.? ', fx'-,' E , 11146 sa :Y 'L5.?.f"'e' Q' 'TWG uk? E as wr Mfr' yff' Si-fbgbfw 0 '..':--' ,. A L I i I P i e I a if MRS. ALICE ADMLRAL - Engtistm, Latin. Miss LEAH BOOTH a Mathematics. cj I Miss ELIZABETH BROWN H Pcccis, I MRQ MARSHALL CHANDLER a Physics, Mathematics. Miss JOAN CouoHLAN - Commercial. Bottom Row: I MR. RALPH Cox .- Personnel Director, Machaiiicai Drawing. MR. R. W. CUNMLNGHAM a Director of Physical Echicaricii. I MISS HELEN DAY M Junior High English. MR. ADAM DECKER c- Geography, Band. MISS ELIZABETH FRANKLIN - Art. Ar George Rogers Clark we tiave thirty-three teachers in the comtninect junior and senior IiiIiIaI.TIiII bd " ' " g sc oos ese acu ty mem ers eserve recognition and Commendation for their Fine Work, not oniy in the courses which they teach, but in the extra-curricutar activities as Wett. Not au ot these men and women are natives of our Hoosier state, for We Find represen- tatives from Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri, Iliinois, Vxfisconsin Qiaio, anct Michigan Such Wen Icnown sciioois as Chicago University, Northwestern, Purdue, Cotumtoia, and the universi- Page Twefve J op Row: MISS CLELLAH GRIFFIN -H Junior High Geography, Mathematics. MR. RAYMOND HARRIS .i Mathematics, Commercial. MR. Niiso HQVEY H Btiiti, oitiitititt. R Miss EMILY JOHNSGN H Jiiititi Higii History, ivittiitmttitt. A Miss AGNES KRAFT M spttiti. Bottom Row: MISS CAROLYN LAMBERT - English. MISS ESTHER LANGE -J Social Studies. MISS IRNA MARTIN H Lihrary. MISS VEVA MCATEE i- Science. MISS JEAN MCBRIEN -1 Junior High Science. ties of Michigan, iowa, minois, and California are numherect among their Alma Maters. We, as students, like to think of these teachers as our friends. Besides heing instructors, the faculty memhers of Clark are eager and Willing to he friends with each and every pupil. The close relationship that is maintained hetween the Faculty and the student hocty is a treaifsurlejt possession that goes tar in making the years at George Rogers Clark pleasant and pro 'ta e. Page Thirteen ff ROLU' MR. M. L. MULLIMS Miss MARY if 1 Q f' L! .A "XI I ' ,X ,F-V X . s PEARL - Music. X 'T 'f ff AVR MISS HENRIETTA PULSKAMP P- Fi-onoh, English. ' MISS NORMA ROSS P- Physical Eclucation. MISS LAURA SCHAD PA English, Speecli. Bottom Row: MR. JOHN SHANKLIN on Social Studies, English. MISS LENORE SILLIMAN - Commercial. MR. LEVERNE TAYLOR -4 Health. Social Stuclies,Atl1letics. No Piciures: MISS PEARL YQCHAM H English. MISS CORA ZELL A Clotliing. IVIRS. ANNE CLIPPINGER - Junior Higli Literature. MISS IDA IVERSEN - English, Social Studios. MISS LOUISE SYKES H N iirs e, Health. ' MISS MARY GRACE MARTIN - Foods. CCI slid ' ba , L f 4 rm Iii! .Qi CHESTER WAIJTER DOLORES BETTY POWELL VVAGONER ROSTIN YOUNG President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer THE SENIOR CLASS Marching from Franidin School on a snowy, wintry day in Fehruary 1952, these memhers of the First freshman class were awed, anxious, and thrilled hy the new school that awaited them. Leaving Franklin was like ieaving home, hut the spirit of adventure domi- nated, as heautiifui dreams ot the four years to come were spun. Closely coordinated with the sophomore ciass, they hiazed the trail for Ciaricys future classes. Many ciuhs with memhers of the ,56 class as their leaders, set a prestige. Notahie woric was done hy the argumentative inclined in dehate, white others found their places in music, arts, sports, and drama. How unhehevahiy fast the days passed! As juniors, Miihree-Cornered Moonf, a com- edy with a realistic setting, was produced. Then came an event placed on the first page of lovely memories, the Junior-Senior Prom honoring the First graduating class. Regretfuiiy they hade good-hye to the seniors as their close relationship was hroicen. As sophisticated seniors, words smoothly Hew from journalistic pens, opponents felt hetore superior dehating, while high scores were made in foothaii and hasicethan. Hdonesyf, the annual ciass play, was produced and everyone enjoyed its delightful and reaiistic humor. Under the leadership of Mrs. Alice Admiral, this was the happiest, and most protitahie year of an. Vxfhen the date of the Prom, given in their honor, and the date of graduation approached so rapidly, the ciass that grew up with this school was sorrowful. Niarching out as they entered, they passed the torch, that had so adequately lighted their way, to the ciass of ,57 with the hope that they may pass it on to au future MRS. ALICE ADMIRAL , . senior classes. A Senior bponsor Jiaawrr Page Fifteen U ,att Top Row: Caro Adams: Gentle of speechg heneficent of mind. Katherine Ad1ey: So vivid and so full o It fun. That she,s liked by everyone. He1en Anthony: Yet will the woman have the last wordf Pau1ine Augustian: None hat herself can he her parallel. Margaret dean Bachi: Dates are her favorite fruit. Bottom Row: Pau1 Baj1coWs1ci: Little man, what now? G1adys Barte1s: Roland and 1. 1V1i1dred Beisa1: Let me 'he deft and ctehonair, . V. I am content, 1 do not caref Emma Betoh: Never put og until tomorrow what you can cto the next day. George Bercilc: The age wants heroes, so here 1 comet CARO ADAMS P- Red Cross 1, Q, 5, 45 Dramatic Club 1, 2, 5, 45 Gifts, Cluh 1, 25 Dynamo Staff 25 Latin Cluh Q, 55 Consu1ate C1uh 2, 55 G. 55 Girl Reserves 5, 45 Commercia1 C1uh 5, 45 Household Arts Club 4. KATHERINE ADLEY -1 Gir1 Reserves 5, 45 Powder Horn Staff 45 Dramatic Cluh 5, 45 G. A. C. Q, 5, 45 Girls' 5 Chorus 2, 55 Consulate Cluh 25 Student Council 45 Red Cross 1, 2, 5. 45 Commercial C1uh 5, 45 French Cluh 25 Gir1s' Cluh 1, 2: Gifts, Tennis 5, 4. HELEN ANTHONY - Commercia1 C1uh 5, 45 Dramatic Cluh 2, 55 Latin C1uh 1, 25 Gids, Basehan 5, 45 Girls, Bas1cetha11 5, 45 G. A. C. 5, 45 Red Cross 1, 2. 55 Gir1 Reserves 55 Gir1s"Chorus 1, 2. PAULINE AUGUSTIAN - Red Cross 1, 2, 5, 45 Girls' C1uh 1, 25 Girl Reserves 5, 45 G. A. C. 1, 2, 55 Bio-chem Chzh 45 French C1uh 15 Commercia1 C1ub 5, 45 Gir1s' Chorus 1: Household Arts C1uh 4. Page Sixteen MARGARET JEAN BACHI - French C1uh 5, 45 Com- mercial Ctuh 45 Girls, Chorus 1, 2, 55 Librarian 1. 25 Red Cross 1, 2, 5, 45 G. A. C. 2. PAUL BAJKOWSKI -' Red Cross '1, 2, 5, 4. GLADYS BARTELS H Press Cluh 1, Q5 Dynamo Staff 15 Girtsi C1uh 1, Q5 Girl Reserves 5: Bio-chem Ctuh 45 Household. Arts Ctuh 45 Pioneer News Staff 45 Commercia1 Cluh 4: Latin C1u1o 55 G. A. C, 5, 4: 5 Gir1s' Chorus 5. MILDRED BEISAL - EMMA BELOK f- Red Cross 1, 2, 5, 45 Girls, Chih 1, 25 Girl Reserves 5, 45 Commercial Ctuh 5, 45 Bio- chem Cluh 45 French C1uh 2. 55 G. A. 5. 4: Girls, Chorus 25 Horticu1ture Cluh 5. GEORGE BERCIK - Basehau 1, 2. 5, 45 Foothan 1, 2, 5, 45 Wrestling 5, 45 Tract: 45 Red Cross 1, 2, 5, 4: "CU C1uh 5, 45 Commercia1 Club 5, 4. 5 Q uit .25 'nt g. i 35132 35 534. g-,Jeff-'Z ft? EDWARD BLOHM - Press Cluln 1, 2, Consulate Clulo 2, 5: Pioneer News Stall 4g Band 1, Q, 53 Mixed Chorus 5: l..atin Clula 2, 5: Reel Cross 1, 2, 5, 4: Footlaall manager Q: Hlt Pays To Aclvertisen 2: Dyna- mo Stall Q. MYRTLE BlsY - luignite High School 1, 2: Commercial Clulm 5, 43 Bio-chem Clulw 4. SUSAN BRESICK - Decatur High School 15 Girls, Clula 2: Girls' Chorus 23 Girl Reserves 5, 4: Recl Cross 2, 5, 4: Commercial Clulo 4: Dramatic Cluln 4: Latin Clulo 2, 53 A Capella Choir 4: Student Council 4: G. A. C. 2. HELEN BUKVlCl'l - Girls' Chorus 4: Dynamo Staff 43 Girls' Cluln 1, 25 Girl Reserves 5, 43 G. A. C. Q, 5, 4: Dramatic Clulv Q, 5, 4: Refl Cross 1, Q, 5, 4: Ult Pays To Aclvertisen 2: Commercial Clulm 4: French Clulm 2, 5. WII.l,lAM CATTERALL - l'lirsch High School 1, 2: Powder Horn Stall' 43 Delnate 5, 4g Swimming 5: Tennis 5, 43 Stuflent Council 43 Rerl Cross 5, 4: "Three Cornerecl Moon" 53 flonesys' 43 Radio Clula 5, 4: Bio-chem Cluln. ELIZABETH Cl'lERlVlAK H Rerl Cross 1. 2, 5, 4: G. A, C. 5, 43 Girls' Cluln 1, 23 French Clulm 2, 5: Girls' Chorus 2, Commercial Cluln 5, 43 Girls' Base- lnall 2. VVILLIAM CLARKE f- Hammond High School 1, 2: Deluate 5: Dramatic Clulu 53 Red Cross 5, 4: urlonesy' 4. EDNVARD COMPANIK - Band 1, Q, 5, 4: Football 2: Tennis 2, 5: Re-cl Cross 5, 4: Drum Major 5, 4. DOERING f- Footlaall 1, 2, 5, 4: Baslcetlball 1, 2, 5. 43 Traclc 1, Q, 5, 4: "CU Cluli 5, 4: Stuclent Council 5, 43 Press Clula Q, 5: Patrol 1, 23 Latin Clula 1, Q: French Cluln 4. GEORGE DUBICH - Footlaall 2: Baslcetliall Q, 5, 43 MCH Clulm 5, 4: Rell Cross 2, 5, 4: Commercial Cluln 5, 4. Top Row: Eclwarcl Blohm: Haste is crime, take your time. lVlyrtle Bly: Modesty. is a woman,s virtue. Susan Bresiclc: She always has a smile, That makes lier life quite worthwhile. Helen Bulcvich: When she loolzs at you with those larown eyes, Bewarel William Catterall: Such a mirial and character will he treasurecl forever. Bottom Row: Elizaloetla Chermalc: She is alvle, ancl cloth ahle' aleecls. 1 , W'll' ci 1. .M 1 1. 1. ' loot., V I Iam ar e y Onflynzlotljolslyllserceizllwtlliineljllfes taught me. Eclwarcl Companilc: ' l carry all my effects with me. 0,44 Rolyert Doering: Determined l am anal cleterminecl I'll lve. HJ George Duloichz He has little to clo with frivolous things. XQ Q Q N 9,4 . i, -,, VN- ,,f . il ,t P... , , . 157.546, u ,f 0 Top Row: ' Frank Dvorscatczz We cannot att be mast s. Charles Eggers: OUT' FHCIQIHHIZ I IQTIOIU what I LTIOLU. Ethel Faygas: I put my heart and sout in my dancingt Mary Fech: I have a mind of my own and I use itt Bottom Row: Kenneth Gardner: Blame it on my youtht Anne Gatarich: When in doubt, laugh anyway. 'James Gilman: I am what I am, and thats what I always will het Pauiene Gihnan: Sheys small, but so,s a stictz of dynamite! Etsie Girman: tt's the smatt things in life that count. FRANK DVORSCAK - Red Cross 1, Q, 5, 4: Com- mercial Ctub 5, 4: Band 1. CHARLES EGGERS -1 Latin Ciub 1, Q: Mixed Chorus 2, 5: Red Cross 1, 2, 5, 43 Commerciat Club 5, 4: Footbali and Baslcetbatt manager 5: Student Coun- ci1 4: Dramatic Club. LLOYD FACKLAM - Chorus 1: Band 1, 2: Dynamo Staff 1, 25 Radio Ctub 5, 4. ETHEL FAGYAS - Red Cross 1, 2, 5, 4: Girls, Club 1, 2: Giris' Chorus 1, 2, 5: Mixed Chorus 2, 5: Commercial Ctub 5, 4: Student Councii 5: Girl Reserves 5, 4. A, KENNETH GARDNER H MCH Club 4: Tract: 4: De- bate 4: Bio-chem Club 4: 'htonesyu 4: Dramatic Club 5: Red Cross 1, Q, 5, 4: Wrestting 5: Radio Club 5: Horticuiture Ctub 5: Latin Ctub 1, 2: Mixed Chorus 5: Boys' Chorus 1. Page Eighteen MARY FECH - Latin Ctub 2, 5: Commercial Club 4: Bio-chem Ctub 4: Giri Reserves 5, 4: Librarian Q, 5, 4: Horticutture Club 5: Girls' Ctub 1, 2: Girts' Chorus 1. ANNE GATARICH - Girls' Club 1, 2: Girls' Chorus 1, Q: Mixed Chorus 5: Girl Reserves 5, 4: Com- mercial Club 5, 4: G. A. C. 2, 5, 4: Red Cross 1, 2. 5, 4. . JAMES G11.MAN - Red Cross 1, 2, 5, 4: Footbau 1, 2, 5, 4: Tract: 1, Q, 5, 4: Nvrestting 2, 5, 4: Student Councit 2: HCM Club 5, 4: Band 1, 2: Chorus 1, 2: 'rtt Pays To Advertiseu 5. PAULENE GILMAN - Girls' Club 1, Q: Girl Reserves 5, 4: Dramatic Ctub 5, 4: 'Three Cornered Moonu 5: ulonesyu 4: G. A. C. 2, 5, 4: Mixed Chorus 5: Consutate Ctub 2: Red Cross 1, 2, 5, 4: Commercial Ctub 5, 4: French Club 1, 2. ELSIE GIRMAN H Gifts' Ctub 1, 2: Commerciai Ctub 5: Red Cross 1, 2, 5, 4: G. A. C. 2. f . 1ff'?f 157. W- , gk f I,rQ?' iii' 1' i. . ii' af' X. ji-3912? 'tylgi J, lvl" .4 ':. fl fee- . An, 1 iff if i ' -Q :Fr 1 i af , ' E151 as.w"' , arms if? V 3 it tr '-1 f t . fi it . fi . fi 1.- 1 fTf.g'- :- as are wifi , . in-1.-,. 5.. 5. Sb GLADYS GODZA f- Girls' Club 1, 23 Girl Reserves 53 Girls, Cborus 1, Q3 lVlixecl Cborus Q3 Red Cross 1, 2, 5, 43 Stuclent Council 43 Dramatic Club 5: Commercial Club 5, 43 Houseliolol Arts Club 43 G. A. C. 2, 3, 4j Latin Club 1, 2. FLORENCE GOERC1 - Girls' Club 1. 2: C-. A. C. 5, 43 A Capella Cboir 43 Girls' Cborus 53 Girls' Baseball 5, 4g Commercial Club 5, 43 Girl Reserves 53 Real Cross 1, 2, 5, 4. STANLEY GOLUSKA f- Baseball 1, Q, 53 Football 5, 43 Wrestling 53 Red Cross 1, 2, 5, 43 Commercial Club 5, 4. LEATON GRAHAM - "C" Club 5, 43 Football 5. XNll..l.lAlVl GREEN -' Tracli 1, 2, 5, 43 Press Club 1, 23 Recl Cross 1, 2, 5, 43 Baslcetball 1, 2, 5, 43 HCU Club 1, 2: Football 4. Top Row: O RAYMOND GRONOWSKI '- Football Q, 5. 43 Basket- ball 5, 43 Traclc 2, 5, 43 HC" Club 5, 43 Rerl Cross 2, 53 Powder l'lorr1 Stall' 43 Latin Club 2, 5. ANDREW HAJDUCH r- Obio 1, Q3 Baseball 53 Track 5, 43 Football 43 Tennis 53 Club 5, 43 Recl Cross 4. EVELYN HAMAN -4 Girls' Club 1, 2: Girl Reserves 53 Girls, Cborus lj Girls, Baseball 43 Frenclx Club Q, 53 Recl Cross 1, 2, 5, 43 G. A. C. 2, 5, 4. JOHN l'lANUl.A - Recl Cross 1, Q, 5, 43 Frencli Club 53 Commercial Club 5, 43 UCD Club 43 Wrestling 53 Football 4. ' KATHRYN HARBIN f- Roosevelt Higb Scbool 13 l'lam- moncl Higli Scbool 23 Girl Reserves 5, 43 G. A. C. 43 Latin Club 53 Girls, Cliorus 53 A Capella Cboir 151 lgxio-cbem Club 4: Commercial Club 43 Dramatic u 4. Glaclys Goclza: We clicl not lenow ber louliness until slie smilecl. Florence Goerg: An utltlete, tltrouglt ana' tlzrouglrl Stanley Goluslca: If you conlt yqncl Stanley, loolz for George. Leaton Graliam: l am alone in tltouglrt. William Green: Follow me ancl l slrall sltow tbee life. Bottom Row: Rayrnoncl Gronowslci: I go wberever men may alarel Anclrew Hajclucb: Brunettes ore my specialtyl Evelyn l-l8.T1'lB.f12 She CCITI 69 OS l,UlSG GS LUG, Anal wiser wlten slte wisltes. ilolm l'lanula: Women olo not slrilze bis fancy. Katliryn Harbin: The only way to ltaue a friend is to be one. Fill Crtin . AW ' ,fl Page Nineteen 044-4w4f4-0" 5 ' tual. fmyl-ff-WL' Wfifff WW M 5 111 et tl CAL44,u ' , f . N J- Top Row: ' J M Regina Haslam: Her winsome ways are winning. , 5 X Altrecl Hein: l am not of this people nor of this agel J ' W Alice Henriclqson: Her smile is contagious. X, . Helen Holliclq: Grace and litheness at a glance, fl' Xl!! it Proves to you that she can clance. I 1 Florence Hruslcovich: To hnow her is to love he. Bottom Row: I, x Josephine ilanota: It tahes a small thing to worry a man. Ruthjune Zimmerman: Life, love, anal taughterl A1- Milton Kaplan: Life is a jest anct att things show it, I I thought so once hut now l lenow il. Glenn Kessler: What men have clone can still he clone, Amt shall he clone toctay. Bertha Krall: Calm and quiet is she, Nice and neat shettt always he. HASLAM f- Press Cluh 1, Q5 UDynam0U Stall' 1, 25 Girls' Cluh 1, Q5 Girl Reserves 5, 45 Household Arts Cluh 45 Bio-chem Cluh 45 Red Cross 1, 2. 5, 45 Stuclent Council 2, 55 Dramatic Cluh 55 Girls' Chorus 55 G. A. C. 2, 53 Latin Cluh 2. ALFRED HEIN - Stuclent Council 2, 5, 45 Stage Mana- ger 1, 2, 5, 45 Foothall 1, 2: Band 1, Q5 French Cluh 2, 55 Dynamo Statt 15 Red Cross 1, 2, 5, 45 Boys' Chorus I. ALICE HENRICKSON - Girls' Chorus 1, 25 Mixed Chorus 55 A Capella Choir 45 Girls' Cluh 1, 25 Girl Reserves 5, 45 Red Cross 1, Q, 5, 45 Latin Cluh 2, 55 French Cluh 45 Dramatic Cluh 2, 5, 45 G. A. C. 5, 45 Horticulture Cluh 55 Household Arts Cluh 4. HELEN HOLLICK f- Commercial Cluh 2, 5, 45 House- hold Arts Cluh 45 Girls' Chorus I, 2, 55 Mixed Chorus 2, 55 G. A. C. 1, Q, 5. FLORENCE HRUSKOVICH A Girls, Cluh 1, Q5 Latin Cluh 1, Q5 Dramatic Cluh 2, 55 Press Cluh 25 G. A. C. 2, 5, 45 Household Arts Cluh 45 Bio-chem Cluh 45 Girl Reserves 5, 45 Real Cross 1, Q, 5, 4. Page Twenty JOSEPHINE JANOTA - Commercial Cluh 2, 5, 4: Dramatic Cluh 2, 5, 45 Recl Cross 2, 5, 4: Lihrarian 25 Student Council 45 Girl Reserves 5, 45 G. A. C. 1, 2, 5, 4. RUTHJUNE ZHVHVIERIVIAN H Bowen High School 1. 25 Student Council 5, 45 Red Cross 5, 45 Commer- cial Cluh 5, 45 Girl Reserves 5, 45 G, A. C. 5, 45 Dramatic Cluh 5, 45 Household Arts Cluh 45 Latin Cluh 55 Khlonesyn 4. MILTON KAPLAN f- Band 1, Q, 5, 45 Recl Cross 1, 2, 55 French Cluh 2. 5: Pioneer News Staff 4: 'hlonesyu 4 GLENN Kessusa - French ciur 2, 5, student cam- Cil 5, 45 Boys' Chorus I5 Band 15 Real Cross 1, 2, 5. BERTHA KRULL - Latin Cluh 1, 25 Girls' Cluh 2. 55 Girl Reserves 5, 45 Commercial Cluh 5, 4: Girls' Chorus 1, 55 Mixed Chorus 55 Red Cross 1, 2, 5, 4. l ! l ,iff , W jj 7 119111 . .,, biaiffsfl 315,255 xi 33,5545 5. 71,454 RFQ ,nr ,.,, 1-fgieagi Hg ff 2 41 Hffiiga ti kgiaa . , VM 1, e f -:j E' if ,Lg.fa'-gi. 12321551 igemaai 1 'QT ,f 23 -my J-- f FREDA LAUMEYER H Alton Senior High Scliool 1, 2, 53 Commercial Club 43 A Capella Clioir 4: House- , l'1olcl Arts 43 Red Cross 4. BESSIE ELLEN LEE H Latin Club 1, Q: Girls' Club 1, 2: Girl Reserves 5, 4: Poetry Club 43 Cr, A. C. 53 Stuclent Council 43 Red Cross 1, 2, 5, 43 Con- sulate 1, 2. HELEN VUAYNE LIDGARD H "Dynamo" Stall 1, 2: Girls' Club 1, 23 liatin Club 1, 2: Reel Cross 1, Q, 5, 43 G. A. C. 2, 5, 43 Dramatic Club 5, 43 Debate 53 Cvirls' Tennis Team 5, 4: Commercial Club 5, 43 Poetry Club 43 Bio-cliem Club 4. JOSEPH lVlACNAK H Bio-cliem Club 43 Baslcetball 53 Football 5, 43 Wrestling 53 Latin Club 2, 53 Student Council 4. HELEN lVlARlXlAN H Pioneer News Stall 4: A Capella Clioir 43 Consulate 2: Latin Club 1, 2: Reel Cross 1, Q. 5, 4: Girls' Club 1, Q: Girl Reserves 5, 4: Girls, Cliorus 1, 2, 5: Commercial Club 43 CJ, A, C, Q, 5, 4: Dramatic Club Q, 5, 43 Debate 43 Librarian 'Top Row: El-lNOR lVllERAS H Recl Cross 1, 2, 5, 4: G. 2, 5, 43 Girls' Club 13 Commercial Club 5, 43 Bio- cliem Club 43 Pioneer News Stall 4. ElVllL NAVTA H Reel Cross 1, 2, 5, 43 Commercial Club 43 Frencli Club 53 Baseball 23 MCH Club 43 Football 4 .lUl'lNl NAVTA H Baseball 1, Q, 53 Baslzetball 1, 2, 5, 43 UCD Club 5, 43 Recl Cross 1, 2, 5, 43 Press Club 1, Q3 Pioneer News Stalqf 43 Student Council 5, SOPHIE NOVACKY H Commercial Club 5, 43 Cvirls' Cliorus 1, Q3 Girl Reserves 5, 43 Reel Cross 1, 2. 5, 43 G. A, C. 5, 43 Biofcliem Club 43 Girls, Club 1, 23 Erencb Club 2, 5. LEONARD OCREN H Hirscli Scliool 13 Calumet Higli Scliool Q3 Parlqer Higli gclwool 53 Baslcetball 53 Tennis 5, 43 Rail Cross 5, 4. Erecla Laumeyer: lust a little frivolous ancl somewliot fliglily. Bessie Ellen Lee: lxly creefl is the creecl of service. Helen Wayne Liclgard: llll final a way or make it. rlosepli lvlacnalcz Brief let me be. Helen lVlarnan: Her lrisli eyes are always srnilingl Bottom Row: Elinor lVlieras: Two lieacls are better tlian one. Emil Navta: Grant me io conquer for conquer l can. Jolm lxlavtaz So living or clying, I'll take my ease. Sopliie lXlovaclcy: Always reacly, especially for fun. Leonarcl Ogren: Vxloman, woman, wliere art tliou? I Q55 sq AQ- QA r,M,,,,,i W Page Twenty-one Ncfllkku MAQ' au" fnfhs CI'osS X If IH fha fwfolre, mph, +19 A iff pc-ary gmilc' I + ul 1 ,Af Wdflf dqnggfzljvv Af, N 1 04' Rgymoai Paclcolsiizvf wantqo beYi6!rer myself. .Qi Q l'lelen Patriclc: Silent, serious, and somewbat sby. V1 gj yu Justine Pauniclca: Sbe is sweet and liatli biciden cbarmsabg 2 Cbester Pawellco: Leact me and l sball follow. 5 5 Amelia Pinclialc: A sweet, retiring maid. Bottom Row: Paul Poraclcy: Woman proofl ii' Vxfalter Poraclcy: Blessings upon ibee, little manl X X5 Vxfilliam Potasnilc: Tbe greatest trutbs are tbe simplest, A Anal so are tlie greatest men. Cbester Powell: Wisdom is tbe wealth of tlie wise. is Harold Price: Men may come anct men may go, Hg But l go on foreverl RAYMOND PACl'l0l,SKl f- Reel Cross 1, 2, 5, 4: Con- sulate Qg luatin Club 1, Q5 Press Club Q, Football 5, 45 Debate 45 MCU Club 45 Powder Horn Stallt 4. HELEN PATRICK H Red Cross 1, 2. 5, 45 Girls, Club 1, 25 Commercial Club 5, 45 G. A. 2, 55 Girl Reserves 4, Girls' Cborus 1, Q. JUSTlNE PAUNlCKA -f Catbolic Central l'ligb Scliool 1, 23 Mixed Cliorus 55 Real Cross 5, 45 Commercial 4. CHESTER PAWELKO - Football 2, 55 Traclc 45 Com- mercial Club 5, 4g Recl Cross 1, 2, 5, 45 Baseball Q. AMELIA PINDIAK - Girls' Cborus 5, Girls' Club ,1, 25 Girl Reserves 1, 2, 55 Reel Cross 1, 2, 5, 45 Com- mercial Club Q, 5, 4: A. C. Q, 5. Page Twenty-two PAUL PORACKY - Football Q, 5, 45 "C" Club 45 Commercial Club 55 Real Cross 1, Q, 5, 45 Traclc 4. WALTER PORACKY f-f Football manager 1, Q, 5, 42 Baslcetball manager 1, 2, 5, 45 Traclc manager 15 Student Council 45 Frencb Club 15 Club 5, 4' Red Cross 1, 2, 5, 4. POTASNHC F Latin Club 25 Tennis 5, 4: Commercial Club 55 Bio-cbem Club 45 Pioneer News 45 HC" Club 45 Baseball 1, 2, 55 Reel Cross 1, 2, 5, 45 Wrestling 4. Cl'lESTER POWELI- A Real Cross 1, 2, 5, 45 Debate 5, 45 Traclc, Cross Country 45 MCH Club 45 Powder l'lorn Staff 45 Dynamo Statt 1, 25 Poetry Club 45 Press Club 1, 25 Bio-cbem Club 45 Latin Club 1, 25 Student Council 55 Consulate Q3 nlt Pays To Advertiseu 2: lilonesyn 4, HAROLD PRICE - Nortb Webster Higb Scbool 1, 2, 55 Bio-cbem Club 45 Raclio Club 45 Recl Cross 4 JOHN PSlKUl,A f- Footlaall 1, Q, Real Cross 1, 2, 5. 4: Baseloall 1. Q: Wrestling 4. EDVVARD QUlGG -- Bancl 1, 2, 5, 4: rl-racli 2: Foot- lzall 1, 2, 5: Reel Cross 1, 2, 5, 4: Dramatic Clula 5. Wll,1.l.fXlN4 ROEHRDANZ H Latin Clula 1, 2: Bio-cliem Clula 4: Recl Cross 1, Q. 5, 4: Banrl 5: lVlixerl Cliorus 5: Boys' Clxorus 5: A Capella Clioir 4: Press Clula 1, 2: Dramatic Clulo 4: Horticulture Clulo 5. DOLORES ROSVNN f- Girls' Cliorus 1: Stuclent Coun- cil 2: Red Cross 1, Q, 5, 4: Commercial Clulo 5, 4: Frencli Clulo Q, 5: Girl Reserves 5: Girls' Clulv 1: 2: Powcler l'lorn Statl 4: G. A. C. 5. STEVE RYAN -1 Commercial Clulo Q: Baselaall Q: Reel Cross 1, 2, 5, 4. DOROTHY SABOL - Catluolic Central l'ligl'1 Scliool 1. 25 Recl Cross 5, 4: Girl Reserves 5, 4: Pioneer News Staff 4. VNlll..l.lAlVl SANUSKY - Banrl 4: Radio Clulx 4: Recl Cross 1, Q, 5, 4: Commercial Clula 4. DOROTHY SAUNDERS -f Poetry Club 4: Orclaestra 5, 4: Reel Cross 1, 2, 5, 4: Press Clulo 1, 2: Pioneer New Stall 4: l'lor'ic1ullure Clulo 5: Girl Reserves 5: C, A. C. 5: A Capella Clmoir 4: lxflixc-fl Cliorus 5: A Girls' Claorus 1, Q, 5: Latin Clula 1, 2: l"rencl1'Clul9 4: Girls' Clula 1, 2: Maclrigal Singers 4. VIRGINIA SCHAEFER - Bancl 1, 2, 5, 4: Biofcliem Clula 4: Frencli Clula 2. 5: ljlvarian I: Girls' Cliorus ANN RUSINA ' Girls, Club If 23 Girl Reserves 51 1: Girls' Cluln 1, 2: Dramatic Clulv 2. 5: Girl 'Reserves 4: Recl Cross 1, 2, 5, 4: Girls' Cluorus 1: Lilzrarian 3: Rell Cfoqs lv Q: Poetry Clul, 43 Girls' Baseball 15 Commercial Clulm 5, 4. 5: G. A. C. 2, 5, 4. Top Row: .lolm Psilcula: Girls, girls everywlterel So naturally youlll me tliereq Eclwarcl Quigg: Clteer up, ilie worst is yet to comel William Roeluclanz: l clream of tlie past and live in the future. Dolores Rostin: Dignifiecl, quiet and clemure, Of lier success we can lne sure. Ann Rusina: Silence is more eloquent tlzan worcls. Bottom Row: Steve Ryan: Life, wliat is it but a dream? Dorotliy Salaol: By lzer fairness, ye sltall know lier. SEiHUSliyZ HQ k99pS D OLUTL COUTlSCl, A H' . li .. .. .. . ff lsouitwai YQ Page Twenty-three 1 Top Row: Elizabeth Schmittelz An industrious girl is she, And efficient shesll always be. Mary Shimalaz Clever and friendly anal quick to smile, She makes the huhle of life worthwhile. Agnes Slcurlcaz ,Tis well to live so splenclirllyl John Slivlcaz I must stancl with anyhocly that stands right. Barbara Smith: Blithely she sings, clear and sweet. Bottom Row: Anne Snow: A little nonesense now ancl then, ls relisliecl hy the wisest men. Genevieve Soltysz Always working, never shirlaing. Tillie Spanier: Somewhat carefree, rather clemure, A little wistful, you can he sure. Vernamae Spisalcz Coffs gift to man. Margaret Tisoncilcz Speech is silver H Silence is golden. ELIZABETH SCH1V11Tr1-'EL f- Commercial Cluh 5, 4: Reel Cross 1, 2, 5, 45 Student Counci1'45 G. A. C. 5, 45 French Cluh 2, 55 Girls' Cluh 1, 25 C1ir1 Reserves 5. MARY SHIMALA H Commercial Club 5, 45 Girls, Chorus 5, 45 G. 2, 5, 45 Girls, Cluh 1, 25 Girls' Baseball 5, 45 Red Cross 1, 2, 5. AGNES SKURKA H Commercial Cluh 5, 45 Girls' Chorus I, 25 Girl Reserves 55 Reel Cross 1, 2, 5, 45 Cv. A. C. 5, 45 Bio-chem Club 45 French Club 2, 55 Cvirls' Cluh 1, Q. JOHN SEIVKA f-4 Student Council 4. BARBARA SMITH '- Girls, Chorus. 1, 2, 55 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 55 Girls' Trio 2, 55 Red Cross 1, 2. 5, 45 G. A. C, 2, 5, Girls' Club 1, 2. Page Twenty-four it HQ? fa f fm I f X A i t , jf' 352 :fi Q if 'i .FJ , i . ts. ,vis A V .,.f5 if i 1 'rs V i t i t 5 . ANNE SNOW - G. A. C. Q, 5, 45 C1ir1 Reserves , 45 Red Cross 1, 2, 5, 45 Household Arts Ctuh 4: Commercial Cluh 45 Rio-chem Cluh 45 Girls, Club 15 Student Council 45 Dramatic Cluh 4. GENEVIEVE SOLTYS P- French Cluh 1, 2: Cv. A. C. 2, 55 Commercial Cluh 5, 45 Girls, Club 1, 25 Red Cross 1, 2, 5. Tl1,l..1E SPANHER - Girls' Cluh 1, Q5 Latin Cluh 1, 2: Commercial Cluh 5, 45 Bio-chem Cluh 45 Dramatic Club 2, 55 Cv. A. 2, 5, 45 Red Cross 1, Q, 5, 4. VERNAMAE SPISAK -f Consulate Club Q5 Girls, Cluh 1, 2: Cvirl Reserves 5, 45 Red Cross 1, 2, 5, 45 A. C. 2, 5, 45 Commercial Cluh 5, 45 Dramatic Club 5, 45 Girls' Chorusg 55 A Capella Choir 45 Horti- culture Cluh 5: Student Council 55 French Club 25 uit Pays To Aclvertiseu 25 HThree Cornereol Moon" 5. MARGARET TISONCIK H Household Arts Club 4, Girl Reserves 5, 45 Dramatic Cluh 2, 5, 45 Cv. A. C. 2. 5, 4: Red Cross 1, Q, 5, 4: Girls, Chorus 1. Q, 55 Commercial Cluh 5g French Cluh 25 Girls, Cluh 1, Q5 Librarian 1, 2. ,ZVUUOL i -1 www! llln ,.,... - , Top Row: guy ",-vw John Trunnell: He has a mincl of his own and a voice to express it. Dusan Uhrin: l bless the fates that I may toil. Doris Vater: Youth and graciousness, what more can we aslz? Walter Wagoner: Goofs gift to women. Eugene Vxfalczalcz Singing hath charml Bottom Row: ' Margaret Walsko: Why worry? 'Tis all in vain. Edward Wershay: Every man has his mischievous moments. Jael: White: I am coming, little maidensl Emogene Whitmer: Quiet she is, noisy sheys not, But is often found in a mischievous plot. Doris Vxliclchorstz A quiet tonque malees a wise head. JOHN TRUNNEL1, - Whiting High School 1: Latin Club 23 Bancl 2, 5, 4: Orchestra 4: Stuclent Council 53 Pioneer News Stall 43 "C" Club 43 uelonesyu 4: Raclio Club 5, 43 Bio-chem Club 43 Debate 43 Horti- culture Club 53 Dramatic Club Q, 5, 4. DUSAN U1-IRIN - Band 1, Q, 53 Stage Manager i, 2, 5, 43 Baslcetball 1, 23 Red Cross 1, 2, 5, 4: Boys' Chorus 1. DORIS VATER - Press Club 1, 23 Girls, 1, 23 Band 1, Q3 Red Cross 1, Q, 5, 43 Consulate Club 2: Dramatic Club Q, 5, 43 Student Council 53 "Three Cornerecl Moon" 53 'xlonesyn 43 French Club 2, 53 G. A. C. 5, 43 Powder Horn Stag 5, 43 Girl Reserves 5, 43 A Capella Choir 43 Debate 43 Pioneer News Stall 4. WALTER WAGONER - Longfellow Jr. High School 13 Red Cross Q, 5. 43 Sturlent Council 2, 53 Club 5, 43 Football 5, 43 Basketball 5: Traclc Q3 Tennis 53 Baseball 2, 53 Latin Club 23 French Club 5, 4. EUGENE VVAl,CZAK - Real Cross 1, Q, 5, 43 Base- grillbl, 23 Football 5, 43 Commercial Club 53 HC" u 4. MARGARET VVALSKO '- Reel Cross 1, 2, 5, 4: French Club Q: Dramatic Club 2, 53 Girl Reserves 3g Horti- culture Club 53 Commercial Club 5, 43 Girls' Chorus 1, 23 Girls, Club 1, 23 Mixecl Chorus 5: Librarian 2. EDWARID VVERSHAY P- Recl Cross 1, Q, 5, 43 French Club 5, 43 Baseball 5, 43 Tennis 43 HC" Club 43 Press Club 1, Q3 Xfvrestling 5, 4. JACK VVHITE - Bio-chem Club 43 Dramatic Club 5, 43 Debate 43 "Three Cornerecl Moonu 53 'ilonesyu 43 Red Cross 1, 2, 5, 43 Mixed Chorus 5, 43 Latin Club Dynamo Stall 23 Horticulture Club 53 Band 53 Madrigal Singers 43 Boys, Chorus 1. EMGGENE VV'HlTMER - Band 1, 2, 5, 4: Dynamo Stall' 1, 23 Powder Horn Stall 5, 43 Pioneer News Stall' 43 Girl Reserves 5, 43 G, A. C. 2, 5, 43 Latin Club 53 Student Council 23 Reel Cross 1, 2, 53 Girls, Club 1, Q. , DORIS VVICKHORST - French Club 2, 5: Band 1, 2, 5, 43 Horticulture Club 5: Girl Reserves 53 Red Cross 1, 2, 5, 43 Commercial Club 5, 43 Bio-chem Club 43 G, A. C. 5, 4. , Page Twenty-five Lxebt' we Walter Wilson: l'm not lazy, l,m only in love witli rest. lvlarye Vxfoitulcz . . . But tlien lier face, 1 I So lovely, ye! so arcli, so full of mirtli. Naclia Woituk: Silent as tlze stars is slze, But, Qli, liow slie sliines. Eugene Wytrylus: l lzate myself lnut wlzafs my opinion against a million otliers? Betty Young: Slie is pretty to walk witlz, . 'WALTER WILSON -f Latin Clulm 5, Frencli Cluln 25 Dramatic Clulm 55 Reel Cross 1, 2, 5, 4. IVIARYE WCITUK f- Cliorus lj Press Cluln 1, Q5 Con- And wiliy to tulle witll. EUGENE VVYTRYKUS f- Rccl Cross 1, 2, 5, 43,StuLlent Council 5, 4, Pioneer News Stall 43 Commercial Clulm 53 Latin Clulm 2: Press Cluln. sulate 2g Refi Cross I, 2, 5, 43 G. A. 2, Girls, Clula 1, 3 Commercial Horn Stall NADIA VVOITUK P- Red Cross 1, 2, 5, 4, Girls Club . 1, 2: Girl Stuclent Council 45 Biovcliem Club 43 Cliorus Ig Lilzrarian 1. Frencli Club 2, 53 Girl Reserves 5, 4, - ful?-pieeDEIf,tQfedC1fLlf0Oi'i55,43--JlZ,'ffQ'i?f BETTY Youuo - Band 1, Q, 3, 4, Red Cross 1, 2, 5, 4g Girls' Cluln 1, 25 Girl Reserves 5, 41 Commer- , . cial Clula 5, 4: Dramatic Clulv 2, 5, 4g Pioneer News Reserves 5, 4, Commercial Clulm 5. 4, Stag 4g G. A. C- 2, 5: 4: Consulate Club 5: French Club 2. SENIGRS RANKING HIGHEST IN SCHOLARSHIP William Catterall Page Twenty-six Walter Wagoner lvlarye Vxfoitulc Cldester Powell Naclia Vxfoitulc Elizaloetli Clierrnalc Doris Vater Dolores Rostin Eugene Vxfytrylcus Eclwarcl Wersnay R, Q mr" 4:1 A -I-A, at I I If Aff " fi? w I- fi LQ, 'galil If iff uv j 7 , fini I fi ye J s ,Ki Q1 4 V W 1, rw V' ffgfiijff if CLASS WILL We, the Ctass ot' 1956, in the tovvn ot' RohertsdaIe, the county ot LaIce, the state ot Indiana, and ot the George Rogers CIarIc Scho oI, heing ot sound mind and judgment, having in possession an unusuat amount ot common sense and Ineing in a Ioetter temper than usuaI, do herehy, maIce this our Iast WiII and testament Wherein We give and hequeath, soIemnIy, freeIy and Without reservation our most important assets and virtues to the 1?oIIoWing, Who may henetit hy our errors and protit hy our experience. Caro Adams vviIIs her gentIeness to Ann Dragozet.-Margaret Jean Bachi reIuctantIy Ieaves her comh to anyone Who needs it.-I3auI BajIcowsIii vviIIs aII of his size to Etmer SuisaIc.-George BerciIc hequeaths his temper to Bessie Uhrin.-I5iII CatteraII vviIIs his schoI- astic ahiIity to Roy Neering.-Ehzaheth Chermak, DeIores Rostin, Sophie NovacIcy, and Ehzaheth SchmitteI Ieave their etticiency to Herhert Weiner.-BiII CIarIce, Len Qgren, and Jim GiIman soIemnIy hequeath their Hdevit may cares, attitude to AIhert Kasperan.-B013 Deering, I5iII Green, Ray Gronowski, and ,Iohn Navta Ieave their athIetic aIJiIity to the memory ot George Rogers CIarIc SchooI.--CharIes Eggers vviIIs his Hhappy-go-IucIcyH nature to Joe Ivtatonovich.-EtheI Faygas and I'IeIen I-IoIIicIc joytuIIy hequeath their dancing ahiIity to George Condes.-GIadys Godza Ieaves her shorthand ahiIity to .Ioe Rokosz.-EIsie Gir- man, Nadia Woituk, Bertha KruII, AmeIia Pindiatc, HeIen Patrick, and Justine PaunicIca hequeath their siIence and reticence to Jackie GIair.f-FIorence I-IrusIcovich Ieaves her quiet demeanor to Mary Hajduch.-VNfaIter PoracIcy vviIIs his friendtiness to Ed Demkovich.-Ann Gatarich Ieaves her sense of humor to Josephine BeIIan.-Ray PachoIsIci vviIIs his superior- ity compIex to John ZahrecIcy.- John SIivIca WiIIs his timidness to SyIvia FranIcen.--EmiI Navta, Chester PavveIIco, PauI I3oracIcy, George Duhich, and John HanuIa Ieave their 'icon- Iirmed I3acheIorU attitude to Herhert Goranson.-rIacIc White hequeaths his fur coats to IVIiIton Rusinag-Eugene WaIczak and Barhara Simth Ieave their vocaI ahiIity to the IittIe tots in Icindergarten who appreciate good music.--The 'IHQI' memhers wiII their IiveIy spirit to the Ghost in CIarIc.--Ruthjune Zimmerman vviIIs her 'igift of gahu to Marie Rostin. - PauIene GiIman Ioequeaths her cheertutness to EIeanor JacohiIsIci.-Anne Snow Ieaves her 'vivaciousness to Margaret IVIatusIco.P-EveIyn Haman hequeaths her daintiness to I:Iorence Seraiin.-VNfaIter NViIson hequeaths his Iaziness to someone out ot CIarIc, as CIarIq is aI- ready vveII suppIied.-IVIyrtIe I5Iy vviIIs her seIf-assurance to WiIhur Evans. - Vernamae SpisaIc vviIIs her gum to the hedpost to he Icept for future use. To the Junior Ctass, our righttuI heirs, we Iznequeath Without evidence ot hoasttutness our vaIuaIoIe properties, our seIt-satisfaction, our priviteges and rights,--aII ot which We novv possess in enormous quantities. I:inaIIy, vve do herehy name and appoint as the soIe executor of this, our wiII and testament, our cIass advisor, Mrs. Admired. In vvitness whereof We, the cIass of 1956, have set our hand and seaI on this 27th day of IVIay in the year of 1956. Page Twenty-eight wi f :L is gf . 5' PM at sf- 140. :fx-" f ,lf ,ga J f 2' 5 df' if Q35 , A -., . ,M ,i,f.5'5y Q J-at is wx V711 V J EE , ,sg 1' , . it 11 X , Ti lit W .gr fwfr'-5 as NOREEN FRED MARJORIE .. LUDMILIA MOORE KRALY RIGHTER VALKO President Vice-president .Secretary Treasurer JUNIOR CLASS It was a sunny Septemher morning in 1954, when this group ot amhitious and pro- gressive young students entered the smatt struggling school of Pioneers who were fighting for recognition. Quictdy they felt into step, and on hecoming more acquainted with the school, they learned to love the prevailing spirit. Another year quicldy rotted around, and found them vvorlcing With enthusiasm that Won the recognition and admiration ot their higher classmates. This year Miss Joan Coughtin succeeded Miss Pearl Yocham as sponsor. Zealousty the class Worked in extending their tist of activities and achievements. As genial hosts and hostesses, they sponsored a series of matinee dances to aid the underctassmen in dancing. In the early spring, the junior class play, Hgtciddingf, was successfully produced. The climax of the entire year Was the Junior-Senior Prom given in honor of the second graduating class. Those who participated Witt long rememher this picturesque event. Qur congratulations are extended to the juniors and their sponsor with the hope that their last year Witt he the happiest and most memorahte of att. MISS JOAN COUGHLAN Sponsor Page Twenty-nine Row I: Carolyn Mclaauglilin, Marjorie Buell, Dorotliymae Hultgren, Evelyn Huclrllestun, lrene Hiclco, Loretta Cullen, Jaclcie Glair, Sylvia Franlcen, Dorotliy Bercilc, Margaret Buroslm Eleanor ilalculaielslfi. Row 2: Margaret Kanocz, lrene Brzyclci, Madalyri Biclcliam, Agnes Kaminslcy, Ann Kapitan, Helen glafrmalc, Barlnara Fiola, rlosepliine Bellan, Miriam Antilla, Mary Dmitruclc, Helen Erlcly, Mary i enes. Row 5: Eclvvarcl Davidson, Edwarcl Demlioviclr Paul Kompier, George Concles, Elmer iluslco, Charles Kampo, Junior Henry, lreo Kus, Franlc Lalauz, Rucly Kapitan, Charles Coolc, Jolin Kitclien. Row 4: VXfenzel Augustine, Norman lsaacs, Adolph Jalcubielslxi, Deloss Burlc, James Hlisny, Milton lklmurimviclr Vxfillour Evans, Herluert Goranson, Fred Kraly, Al Kasperan, Erlwarcl Bryson, Mike onto . r , Jurvroa CLASS Row 1: Catlierine Strlnjala, Lillian Stiller, Luclrnilia Vallco, Noreen Moore, Claire Nlilialso, Marjory Riglrter, Margaret Magelon, Dorotlay Myriclc, Betty Pearce, Lucille Sammons, Margaret Nlatuslro. Row 2: Milclrerl lVlcCav, Florence Sclinoor, Anne Zlataricla, Janet Sweezey, Dorotlay Stross, Marie Roslin, Carolyn Tisconcilr, Sonia Moclin, Dorotliy Kamin, Wlary Hajcluls, Louise Lipson, Esther lVlcGroarty. Row 5: Herbert Vxfeiner, Jolin Zalzreclcy, Forest Reacly, lrocli Navta, Bessie Ulwrin, lreora Vxficliger, Lucille Liesse, Alex Sopo, .lolan Pivarnilc, Joe Rolrosz, Joe Vwlriglwt, Milton Rusina. Row 4: George Saliga, Sieve Novotny, Boln Vwlarcl, Roy Neering, Vvallace Smitlr, Joe Nlatonoviclu, Franlc Scott, lolin VN"'ayo, Franlq Vargo, VX7alter Mislaus, Leonard Novalc, Paul Novotny. Page Thirty JACK LOUIS HAROLD GENE KAPLAN FAGYAS WARGO VOGEL President Vice-President i Secretary Treasurer SOPHOMORE CLASS The vivacious sophomores with a self-assured and domineering air are rapidly hecom- ing foremost in the industrious realm of George Rogers Ciaric. Elevated from wide-eyed, timid freshmen, they delight in expressing superiority over the multitude of H1Creshies.H Every department and activity Finds these enthusiastic hoys and giris diligently Working to execute every plan. Students and alumni are iooicing to these athletes to Haze the Pioneer name as notahiy in the future as they have done this year. Upon this little group rests the hopes of the coaching staff, as many victories are predicted for them. With one-halt' of their high school days hefore them, We expect this lively group, un- der the capahie sponsorship of Miss Leah Booth, to tuhciii our many expectations. MISS LEA!-I BOOTH Sponsor Page Thirty-one H Top Panel Row I: Lois Uoyd, Mary Poweii, Dorothy Peterson, Catiiarine Marnan, Evelyn Kieicenapp, Ann Kovacti, Irene Paviovich, Maxine Murphy, Heien Miller, Anna Murzyn. Row 2: Sylvia Jaiovecicy, Elinor Kasiwaic, Peggy Kiemm, Ettici Kocsis, Dorothy Lirigard, Josephine Kuicircii, Lorraine Neering, Joan isiaerg, Anne Muse, Liiiian Kowaisici. Row 5: Andrew Ryan, Russell Nierry, John itmat, Ross Pierce, Andrew Lucas, Jack Sciimittet, Stariiey Mucha, Robert Kessler, Kenneth Palmer, Jacic Kaplan. r Row 4: Fred Steiow, Franic Magar, Wayne Harms, Charles Spaniaurg, Ed Hicico, John Kanocz, Tony Piemicti, Joe Periiach. George iiinat, Dicic Martinson, Page Thirtyefwo lj 21 SOPHQMORE CLASS Bottom Panel D Row I: Vera Joan Straker, Betty Vxfinlcier, Mayme Vraisei, Louise Wiiiis, Jeanne Wagoner, Lucille Yvarycii, Doris Xfviiitaicer, Dorothy Washeieski, Margaret Sejna. Row 2: Virginia Tiii, Nancy Trunneii, Dorothy Tarr, Helen Vaiencioriic, Margaret Vaiovcin, iren Spanier, Marietta Sparks, Norma Warner, Mildred Weathers. Row 5: Robert Savage, Donald Stiiier, Robert Timm, Harold Wargo, Gene Sherry, John Vareiias, Charles Tagcson, Gene Vogel, Bin Zimmerman, Bob Yedinaic. Row fl: Miiton Vvficiaiiorst, VVaiter Smoiar, Raymond Siegel, Victor Taiaiay, Elmer Spisaic, Curtis Smitiw, Dick Sctiroecier, Bill Sciineii, Thomas Vvyiieeier, Eugene Vrane. A .WW ., . ..A.. ..,,,.J, ..,,, -cow , 1- rikson, Hedwig, Pnlahunlza, Virginia Bauer, Mary Gatamhos, Shirley Blohm, Georgene Barher. Row 2: Jim Bayusz, Aihert Hoppe, Theodore -Arch,'Olga Houictc, Lillian Beuan, Ethel Condes, Pauline Biaslco, Jean Hurst, John Hahsansicy, George Girman, Louis Fagyas. Row 5: Valentine Dvorscak, VX7ilhur Achtenherg, Emil Bulcvich, John Fetzlco, Rohertrfauehter, Louis Green, Edward Banco, -Lloyd Guzelcy Norman Eggers, Lewis Huhng. 1' ' ' Row 4: Vvfiuiam Hansen. James Cranes, Loyal Burch, Lawrence Fratey, Edward Hanchar, Steve Gabor, Joe Dado, George Ference, Bill Burk, Edward Ference. FRESHMAN crass Q' DICK L M ARY EDXVARD ALBERT JUDSON - KENNEDY DRENV KESSLER President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer It was just a few months ago when the school looked with wonder at the large class ot hewitdered freshmen who seemed to he constantly undertootf There were a few emhar- A ' rassing moments, like walking nonchalantiy into a mistaken class room, hut time adequately ,took care ot that. it wasn,t long, however, untit their vitality, as welt as their numher, was evident. Many ,turned out for toothan and hastcethau, white other fields were enriched hy the memhers of the ,59 class. Under the competent guidance ot Miss Veva McAtee, a bright and interesting future is predicted tor these animated hoys and girls, and our hest wishes go with them. MISS VEVA MCATEE Sponsor Page Thirty-three Row I: Violet Baiiqo, Loretta Duisici, Shiriey Anne Bratey, Norma Buell, Dorothy Binder, Janet Arner, Dorothy Brown, Nadine Chism, Shirley Dickinson, Margaret Bayusz, Mary Duhon, Eleanor Demtong. Row 2: Marjorie Augustian, Jean Bernacici, Velma Christian, Doris Dvorsacic, Margaret Danico, Mary Adam, Mildred Anthony, Dorothy Pbartels, Rose Duheclz, Florence Dotatc, Sophie Dziewit, Maxine Bauer, Josephine Dzuriiia. Row 5: Emil Duffato, Bernard Ballon, Frank Bugojsici, Mike Dmitrucic, Lawrence Campbell, Eciwarcl Drew, LeRoy Christian, Mark Beauhien, Alien Ben, John Buicsar, Joseph Dickey, Charles Demicovich. Row 4: Joe Cengel, Berry Bercavv, George Dvorscaic, Otto Argactine, Nici: Adams, John Batog, Wilbur Buercicholtz, William Bachi, Marshall Biesen, Robert Bacon, August Antiua, Pete Condes, FRESHMEN Row I: Florence Fischer, Betty Lou Freehurg, Dorothy Gardner, Aricne Henriksen, Mary Kampo, Florence Mae Hein, Beatrice Mae Hrusicovich, Constance Graves, Helen Kozaic, Athina Grzelesici, Lillian Federico, Betty Ann Kencla. Row Catherine Girman, Genevieve Kaminslcy, Rosemarie Gazda, Mary Kennedy, Bernice Hmurovich, Mary Ihnat, Helen Jalcuhieisizi, Dorothy Kaminsicy, Betty Furiak, Anna Hanchar, Helene Jeichalc, Florence Kreiger, Ethel Kanocz, Irene Kanocz, ' Row 5: Chester Hunter, Albert Kessler, Frank Hansen, Anthony Krzyston, Don Jansen, Ray Hmurovich, Eleanor Haicanson, Evelyn Franken, Irene Gregorvich, Joe Gabor, Bernarct Girman, George Grenchiic, Murphy Houtdsworth, Alex Kapitan. Rowfl: Jack Foster, Raymond Idziiowsici, Lawrence Eaton, Frank Fischer, Robert Golding, William geih, Bin Kaminslcy, Stephen Jansky. Joseph Gegert, Lawrence Fischer, Harold Iverson, Dick U Son. George Chovanic. Page Thitry-four , .4 1 ' v.i3TS3i2f3 i..,f,f4 fe X mi'-size .1 fy 'M ,.. " ,ng ,.. , ...I as , f 'fig ies gf! .gr Q., fy? 5, , f V Wx, er ixeiveli we ' , . , ,eg in 5.532 was J' F-'Q-fa? , f Row Row Row Row Row I: Theresa Patrick, Anne Ptuttco, Dolores Sass, Violet Runictq, Ina Palmer, Alberta Price, Joanna Ourant, Mary Moser, Mary Penry, Row 2: Irene Payto, Bessie Ruslco, Dorothy Schaffer, Jane Richwalstci, Molly Martich, Doris Madura, Ann Jeanne McGroarty, Marie Pazdur, Irene Nemcetc. Row 5: Chester Murzyn, Andy Latcatos, James Lee, Ann Michatatc, Elizabeth Mudroncik, Mary Paunictca, Clarence Mihatso, John Nlurzyn. Row 4:, Albert Price, Frank Masura, Vincent Novotney, Frantz Macnak, Edward Rohr, John Mrzloctc, John Rapchatc, Paul Litavecz, Eugene Roland. FRESHMEN 1: Mary Ann Vasilatc, Emma Watho, Evelyn Weathers, Verna Stawitctce, Janet Spisatc, Florence Serahin, Delphine Wawrrzyniak, Billie Vater, Anne Vattco. A 2: Bernadine Zahreclcy, Mary Tkach, Betty Spaulding, Irene Yatz, Dolly Wfiuiams, Ann Uhrin, Cecilia Vxfatzalc, Betty Smith, Sophie Stanich, Mary June Stout. 5: Francis Strhjak, Rohert Tahory, Richard Stack, Roger Shaeftner, Norman Turpin, Julius Sono, Kenneth Vezey, Bernard Zahrecky, Edward Smigta, Michael Vatovcin. 4: Bernard Sproch, Clayton Smith, Benny Sitrta, Joseph Zahora, Bob Vxfiuiams, Victor Simon, Tony Shimata, Eugene Zahrecky, Billy Turpin, George Yurtcanan, Charles Xvagner. wi-uri No- Rose RTSDALE PHQerT'1ffWUff HISTORICAL SOCIETY WHITING, iNDIANA Page Thirty-six Senior Aczivmes alia W VIL l 54 7f52i ,- gil mg, f" cm If MW .Rf 1 tjlfe -'Lis-:wr 1, ' N V 5 iff fi Qyszvf My sbgff in Er b ,Rr nike' ., fgfpw 4 Q-:Q X .f.... ' I . ' , Lf! 2 it 'INS .Non-. ,I t Seated: Dorothy Sahel, Marjorie Buett, Dorothy Myrictc, Doris Vater, Heten Maman, I-udmitia Vallee, Betty Young, Helen Bulcvich, Janet Sweezy. Standing: Milton Kaplan, Jack Trunnetl, Wilbur Evans, Eugene VV'ytryTcus, Ed Btohm, John Navta, Bill Potasnitc, Emogene Vv7hitmer, Dorothy Saunders, Gladys Harte-ls. PIONEER NENVS STAFF Une of the youngest, yet one of the mo st integraT of student undertakings, is the schoot paper, the Pioneer Newsf, Since the fan of 1934 every other Tuesday has heen eagerTy an- ticipated: on that day the HNeWsH is on the standsf? During the First year of its existence the HNewsH grew from nothing to the second highest rantc in the NationaT Scholastic Press Association - Eirst Class Honor. To their credit, this year,s staff not only upheTd this responsibility, hut carried the paper forward in technical improvements as Wett as in news quatity untit they reached the highest rating, HAH Ameri- can. With most ot the students suhscrihing, and with increasing use hy husiness men as a medium of advertising, the circulation of the Hpioneer Newsw has increased suhstantiaTTy over that of Tast year. EDITGRIAL DEPARTMENT Editor ,,,,..,. ...,,.....,.......,....,,...,..,...................... . ..,,..,,,... Helen Maman News Editor ....., - ,...,......,,.....,...,...,..,...,,.,.. Ludmitia Vatlco Editorial Editors ,.,, .....,,, E ugene Yvytrykus, Biti Potasnilc Sports .......,.....,.. ....... - - ,.,..., ,,,,,,.......,.....,..........,..,.. J ack Trunnelt Matee-up Editors ........ - .....,.....,...........,...,...,.........,,. Doris Vater, Marjorie But-:H Exchange Editors ...... ...., - .,.,.........,,......,..,,..,,.,.. D orothy Saunders, Janet Sweezey Art Editors .......v.. ...,.... E mogene Vxfhitmer, Eteanore Mieras, Dorothy Sahot BUSINESS DEPARTMENT Business Staff ..,..,.,.., ..........,........,,,...,...........,...,,..,...,...,......,,.....,.....,,,,. M itton Kaplan Advertising Managers--- ---------- - ----.------------.---.---------.----..------ Betty Young, Ed Btohm Circulation .----------.--- -.- -------- Helen Bukvich, Gladys Bartets Mimeograph ----- , ------.- ---- John Navta, XVithur Evans Faculty Adviser -.--.----.------------ Miss Laura Schad Page Thirty-eight Row 11: Dorothy Myricic, Sophie Novactcy, Dorothy Sahel, Heten Maman, Miss Esttaer Lange, Sponsor, Billie Vater, Noreen Moore, Catherine Maman, Doris Vater. Row 2: Dorottxy Schaefer, Betty Young, Vera Joan Stratcer, Betty Spaulding, Hetcn Patricia, Dotores Sass, Anne Snow, Marye Woituk, Ann Rusina, Bessie E. Lee. Row 5: Ruttajune Zimmerman, Margaret Ntageton, Marjory Ann Rigtater, Alberta Price, Joanna Curant, Emogene Whitmer, Luctrnitia Vattqo, Nancy Trunnett, Margaret -Tisoncit, Vemamae Spisatc. GIRL RESERVES For over two years time Girl Reserve organization has been an important activity for Clark gifts. it is aiclfitiatect Witter the Y. W. C. A. anct Otters ideals for each member to up- hold. Two ot ttiese are: HTO face lite squaretyf, and UTO find anct give ttie bestf, Dorothy Stross. Pf'GSifl!9Tli ---......................... Heten Marnan Secretary ............................ Susan Bresicli ViC8-PFeSiCfeni ........ . ............ Sylvia Franken Treasurer ...,............ . ........ Katherine Acitey Sponsor ..............,..................................... Miss Esther Lange Row I: Violet Barnelcott, Jean Hurst, Lucille Liesse, Sylvia Franken, Heten Butcvictw, Mary Fecti, Dorottiy Bartets, Florence Fischer, Helen J. Beauioien. Row 2: Margary Augustian, Maxine Bauer, Mitrtrect Mccay, Nadia Xvoitutc, Mary Dmitructc, trene Bresiclc, Margaret Kanocz, Susan Brcsictc, Lois Lloyd, Katherine Atttey. Row 3: Pauline Augustian, Berttia Krutt, Helen Eddy, Barbara Fiola, Dorottiymae Huttgren, Loretta Dutstci, Evelyn Franken, Anne Vattco, Pautene Gilman, Josephine Janota. Row 4: Emma Beloit, Alice Henriksen, Florence Hrustcovicta, Caro Adams, Bessie Utirin, Jackie Gtair, Loretta Cullen, Kathryn Harbin, Regina Hastam. t Page Thirty-nine Seaiedg Raymond Pacboisici, Doris Valor, Helen Maman, Regina Hasiam, Miss Laura Scbad. Standing: Jack Wbite, Jack Trunneil, Winiam Catterali, Cbester Powell, Kenneth Gardner. DEBATE "Resolved, tbat medical care be made available to an citizen at public expense!! Wbiie it is tbe youngest of organizations wbicb campete witb otber scboois, debate by no means lags in accompiisbment. A member in two debate leagues, Clark reacbed tbe top in botb, setting a record for future teams to strive for. Having iost tbe district contest of tbe Indiana State League to Hammond last year, Clark took revenge by defeating Hammond in botb debates, and by splitting witb botb Wasbington and Roosevelt, won tbe district. in tbe regional contest, by triumpbing over Lew Wallace, Crown Point, and Rensseuaer, Clark became one of tbe eigbt Indiana scboois eligible for tbe state finals. But only tbere did Clark lose out-to Princeton. In tbe Greater Cbicago League, tbere was ttie co-cbampionsbip witb Proviso, won last year, to defend. Losing only two debates, Clark maintained its place by tying witb New Trier for first. A first next year will give tbe scbooi permanent possession of tbe leagues tropby. Aiso tbis year, Clark participated in tbe annual Misbawaka tournament for scboois in nortbern Indiana and was tbe only scbooi to sbow a one bundred per cent victory, Its opponents in tour debates were: Gosben, Piyrnoutb, Eiicbart, and Central of Soutb Bend. Tbe teams, wbicb won more' tban tbree out of every tour of tbeir debates, consisted of Doris Vater and Cbester Powell, affirmative, Helen Marnan and Bin Catteran, negative. Page Forty ,i 615, I y rw., gg, ., Z , of ,s fs i' ff if rf -f ,t.,,s,i. IA .tg V 'L 5 we 9 LUV , , ,if 53, Ma.: ,ga ...4.. , ,J .six F539 1 file-5 Row 1: Dorothy Stress, Kathryn Harbin, Noreen Moore, Sylvia Frantcen, Jackie Gtair, Helen Butcvich, Dorothy Myrick, Helen W. Lidgard, Helen Marnan, Doris Vater. Row: 2: Susan Bresictg Katherine Adtey, Betty Young, Ludmilia Vattco, Ruthjune Zimmerman Igtice Henriksen, Dorothymae Huttgren, Marjory Ann Righter, Margaret Mageton, Pautene iman. Row 5: Caro Adams, Margaret Tisoncitc, Loretta Cutten, Nvenzet Augustine, Charles Eggers, Eterhertkcvoranson, Jael: White, William Roehrdanz, Steve Novotny, Anne Snow, Mary mitruc . DRAMATIC CLUB it is with pride that George Rogers Ctartc announces to the vvortd that it shalt never Want tor Waiter Hampdens, Helen Hayeses, Cornelia Qtis Stcinners, Hamlets, Romeos, or Jutiets. Here is a suppty of them-and also assorted Ctartc Gahtes and Sylvia Sydneys, sutticient for severat generations. The dramatic ctuh is organized to give students who are interested in dramatics an op- portunity to try their tatents, and to provide materiat for the ptays given each year. Mdonesyf, the senior ptay, contrary to custom, was given earty in the fait. tt was ex- cettentty done. The junior ptay, HStcidding,H was given the tottowing spring. Several other one-act ptays Were presented at ctuh meetings. it Witt he only a few years now . . . When, sitting in the theatre, We may turn as the lead enters . . . i'Oh, yes P- we Icnew each other at Ctartcf, President ........, ................ J ack White Vice-President ...V ...... W enzet Augustine Secretary .,ee..,.. ., ......... Bitt Roehrdanz Treasurer .... ..V.... H eten Butcvich Sponsor .,,,. .... M iss Laura Schad Page Forty-one Row I: Dorothy Stress, Noreen Moore, Sytvia Franken, Doris Vater, Mrs. Kraft, Helen Butcvich, Helen' Maman, Dorothy Myriclc, Ann Dragozet, Evetyn Haman, Row 2: Vera Joan Stratcer, Etizaheth Schmittet, Etinor Kashalc, Ruthjune Zimmerman, Nancy Trunnett, Caro Adams, Vernamae Spisatc, Pautene Gitman, Josephine Janata, Murphy Houtdsworth. Row 5: Bin Green, Detoss Burk, Jimmy Gattes, Charles Eggers, Vxfattcr Mistus, VX7ittiam Roehrdanz, Andy Hajduch, Elmer Justia. Row 4: Chester Powell, Wenzet Augustine, Edward Wershay, Edward Companitc, Wittiam Catteratt, Wallace Smith, Herbert Goranson, Don Maclean, Hitt Clarke, Vxfatter VX7agoner. u 'fhi A Juivioa RED caoss The Junior Red Cross is ditterent from a ny other organization in Ctartcg it is a hranch ot an organization which extends over the world and whose motto, in every language, is, Ht servef, c Within the school there are two divisions: the council, composed ot two representa- tives trom each room, and the generat assemhty ot att memhers. The councit directs the Work ot the ctuh. The services rendered have ranged from Thanksgiving hastcets to contrihutions tor retiet during the severe Hoods in the East in March. Over thirty hushet-hastcets ot fresh fruit, vege- tahtes, meat, and canned goods were distrihuted at Thanksgiving, and the Ctartc-Franklin donation to the Red Cross retiet tund was more than twice as targe as the donation ot any other Hammond schoot. i White the memhers ot the Junior Red Cross receive nothing tor their vvortc except the satisfaction ot having done something tor someone etse, anyone witt tett you that is more than sutticient reward. President .,rr,..,... .............. B itt Green Vice-President --- ............. Bitt Catteratt Secretary ...............r .... N ancy Jane Trunnett Treasurer ......v,.r....... ........ D orothy Myrich Program Chairman ..... ............... C aro Adams Adviser .................... ...,.. M rs. Agnes Kraft Page Forty-Iwo f rr, ,- "1 Row I: Pauline Augustian, Marjorie Edwards, Caro Adams, Miss Cora Zeit, Carolyn McLaughlin. Ruthjune Zimmerman, Helen Holiiclc, Gladys Goclza. Row 2: Anne Snow, Miriam Antilta, Dorothy Kamin, Florence Hrusicovich, Margaret Tisoncilc, Regina Hasiam, Gladys Barteis, Freda Laumeyer. HOUSEHQLD ARTS First organized this year, the Household Arts Ciuh is a ctuh for students in the several phases of home economics. The purpose of the ciuh is to stimutate interest in the home economics classes, and to further develop the ahitities of the memhers along those lines. Each of its hi-weeicty meetings is devoted to a suhject which is ctiscussect hy two or three memhers who have prepared re- ports on the suhject. Some of these topics have heen personality, family relations, clothing, and wise home-management. The ctuh has also taken several trips to department stores. Miss Zeit, who originally sponsorect the ciuh, hut who left at the end of the First semester for a position in Indianapolis, was given a farewell party hy the ciuh memhers. Mrs. Teghtmeyer, the present home-economics teacher, now sponsors the ciuh. ' President .......,.. ....... M arjorie Edwards Vice-President .... ............ H elen Houiclc Secretary ..... .. ..,... Florence Hrusicovich Treasurer ,... ...... R uthjune Zimmerman Page Forty-three Row 1: Virginia Tilt, Lois Lloyd, Miriam AntiHa, Carolyn McLaughlin, Louise Willis, Lillian Pmeitan, Ntiss Henrietta Putsicamp, Anne Muse, Dorothy Saunders, Alice Henritcson, Ann Kapitan ,Dorothy Tarr. Row 2: Edward Ference, Robert Kessler, Peggy Kiemm, Helen Kozair, Joanna Gurant, Ethel Kocsis, Betty Lou Freehurg, Janet Amer, Mary Tkach, Mildred Mccay, William Hansen, Louis Fagyas. Row 5: Norman Eggers, Milton Wickhorst, Paul Novotny, John Pivarnilc, Mitre Rapchaic, Ross Pierce, Vvaiter Smoiar, Bin Burk, Marshall Biesen, John Fetzlco. Row 4: Raymond Siegel, Gene Vrane, John Kanocz, Walter Mislcus, Wayne Harms, Bob goerinlg, Elmer Spisalc, AI Kasperan, Charles Spanhurg, John Petruft, Ed Hanchar, Tony cmrc . LES CERCLES FRANCAIS To merely study the language of another people does not acquaint one with the ways, customs, life, or history of that people. Les Cercies Francais is designed to meet that Iaclc, to enahte the French students to Icnow the pe opie of France as Weil as their language. Divided into two groups-one of the first year students, the other of second year students-the ciuh has met twice a month to present varied programs. Some of the members have corresponded with students in France, and the letters received have heen a source of interest and enjoyment. The pupils have read together familiar stories in French, comparing them with our versions English, and have ie amed French folic-songs wen enough to sing GROUP I GROUP II President .......... ...... B etty Lou Freeherg Alice Henrilcson Vice-President ....... ........ E dward Ference Dorothy Saunders Secretary-Treasurer ...,. ...... L iHian Beuan Wayne Harms Page Forty-four SECCND YEAR i CLUB W Row 1: Esther McGroarty, Margaret Kanocz, Betty Pearce, Miss Henrietta Puislcamp, Margaret Margaret Burosh, Helen Chermaic, Nanette Cante-Io, Row 2: Helen Eddy, Edward Vxforshay, Deloss Burk, Herhert Goranson, Vxfaitcr Vwfagoner, Wenzel Augustine, Milton Rusina, Barbara Fioia. LES CERCLES FRANCAIS, Continued them in class. They have played games which improve their speaking ahihty of the language. and have conversed in French. it is customary to speak only French, hoth in class and in ctuh meetings. Several French plays, and even cross-word puzzles, have heen on the program hilt-of-fare. And having lived in France, Miss Fuisicarnp, sponsor of the ciuhs, has heen ahie to entertain the pupils with stories of the French people and descriptions of their country and some of its heautifut cities. The second year student officers are: PF9SiCl9ni --.......... ...... X Waiter Vxfagoner Vice-President ......... ...,........ H eien Eddy Secretary-Treasurer .,... ...... E sther McGr0arty Page 'Forty-five Row I: Betty Spaulding, Constance Graves, Billie Vater, Dorothy Peterson, Atyce Joyce, Jeanne Wagoner. Row 2: Chester Deryhowski, Helen Buslcar, Albert Kessler, Albert Price, Charles Wittermood, Lola Raise, Harry Rahe. Not in Picture: Dolores Pawt, Beth Sherry, Ann Kapitan. HORTICULTURE The majority of people tive whole tives without learning to distinguish any hut the most common plants, and without understanding the simplest facts ahout any. :Perhaps itas a good thing they don,t know how much they,ve missed or we,d never hear the end of it,H is the opinion of the memhers of the Horticulture Ctuh. The ctuh, which was organized two years ago and is growing, meets every week The meetings vary: slides are shown at someg at other times Field trips are taken. Often the ctuh meets on the school lawn to study the plants and their care. Clad: is known as one of the most Finely landscaped schoots in the state of Indiana and its lawn provides an excellent tahoratory. It is also one of the few schools to have a witd-iqower garden. Vxfith opportunity staring it in the face, the chih shoutd hecome one of the most im- portant organizations at Clark in years to come. President .......... ...t. J eanne Xvagoner Vice-President .......,. ..,.. C onstance Graves Secretary-Treasurer ,d,.,.. ........ B etty Spaulding Librarian ................ ...... A ihert Kessler Sponsor .... ...d M r. J. Emerson Page Forty-six Row I: Helen Eddy, Barbara Fioia, Dorothy Tarr, Dorothy Saunders, Bessie E. Lee, Lillian Kowalski, Irene Hicico. Row 2: Steve Gahor, George Ference, Chester Powell, Helen XV. Lidgarfl, Miss Lambert, I Evelyn Hudctleston. POETRY CLUB This cluh, less than a year old, was organized with ctouht in the mind of the sponsor, Miss Carolyn Larnhert,-clouht Whether there were enough interested in poetry to make such a ctuh a success. There is no douht novv. True, it is a srnautgroup, hut it has heen an enthu- siastic, persistent group which Wilt certainty grow. The ctuh faces a general opposition in the too common belief that poetry is an etfemi- nate interest, one that cannot he uncterstooct hy the orctinary person. One of the main ohjec- tives of the Poetry Ctuh is to change this opinion at Clark. HDon,t let any long-haired, ahsent minded, vacant-eyed, would-he-poets ilcid, youf, is their war cry. ' And that sounds like a fair enough proposition to the editors, so they will Wish the ctuh success, and a long lite. Page Forty-seven Row 1: Virginia Schaefer, Noreen Moore, Pauline Augustian, Mary Dmitruclc, Mary Fech. V . Florence Hruslcovich, Sophie Novacky, Margaret Magelon, Emma Beloit, Nadia Xvoituk. Row 2: Regina Haslam, Kathryn Harhin, Myrtle Bly, Tillie Spanier, Elinor Mieras, Irene Spanier, Doris! Vv'icIchorst, Helen VV. Lidgard, Agnes Sicurica, Lois Lloyd, Anne Snow, Cwlady Barte s. ' Row 3: Jack Trunneil, Thomas Nvheeler, Roy Neering, Boh Ward, William Catterall, Joseph Macnaic, Jack White, William Potasniic, Harold Price, Edward Davidson, William Roehrdanz, Kenneth Gardner. BIO-CHEM CLUB T he increasing interest in science at Clark has heen accompanied hy an increasing agitation for a science ciuh. This desire culminated in the formation of the Bio-chem Ctuh last tau. Derivingfits name from hiotogy and chemistry, and devoted entirety to these two suhjects, this ciuh is a hranch of the National Qrganization of Science Ciuhs. This large organization extends over the entire country, with hranches in high schools, and it puhiishes a current science paper. The plan at Clark has heen one of individual projects. Each memher has chosen one or more phases ot these sciences and has done special work on those choices. The result has then heen presented hefore the ciuh. Early in the year a hanquet was held at which Mr. L. L. Caldwell, the superintendent of schools, was made an honorary memher. Ctuh projects have included trips, talks hy men experienced in these sciences, and movies oncertain phases of the sciences. Handicapped this year hy the experiment of organization, the ciuh looks forward to future years with high hopes. I President .......... .... dward Davidson Vice-President --- .......,,. Bill Catteraii Treasurer ..... ................ M yrtie Bly Sponsor ,.... Miss Veva McAtee Page Fortyfeight L Row 1: Miko Dmitrucic, Thomas NVirecier, Jack Trunneii, Bob Vkfard, Roy Neering, George Condes, Vxfiiiour Actiteniaurg, Mari: Beauiaien, Theodore Arch, Row 2: Harold Price, Bob Seeiig, Vv'iHiam rcatlcraii, Mr. Marshall Chandler, Vxfiiiiam Sariuslcy, Antiua, Albert Hoppe, Donald Stiiier. RADIO CLUB Radio is one of the greatest scientific achievements of this century, and for ati its great advance, is yet in its infancy. To teach time txun damentais of radio and to train amateur opera- tors is the purpose of the G. R. C. Radio Club. 4 As tire ciuia nas grown from a membership otiess than trait a dozen to more than twenty in a year and a half, there is no doubt about time interest it has aroused. Qne of the main objectives of tile club is an amateur station at Clark. The club has applied for and received a license and a cali name - XVQXNGR, but the actual station is a year or two away. Until that time comes, the members writ continue to study radio and tapoutcode-Hda...da-da...da...da-da...H. President ..,.,,,..., .....,. B Catteraii Vice-President .......,... ..... R Oy Neering Secretary-Treasurer ..... .... J ack Trunnen Page Forty-nine Row I: Dorotliy Saunders, Dorotliy Gardner, Dorotliy Binder, Lillian Kowalski, Peggy Klemm Susan Bresick Florence Goerg, Verna Stawitclce, Dorotliy Madurai. Row 2: Louise Xvillis, Lucille Liesse, Alice Henrilcson, Kathryn, Harloin, Florence Sclinoor Mary Cralomlzos, Helen Marnan, Helen Bulcvicli, Doris Vater. Row 5: Jaclc White, William Roelirrlanz, Xvillsur Aclatenlnerg, Clarence Nlilialso, Jack Kaplan Robert Timm, Clrarles Tageson, Berry Bercaw, Bill Sclinell, ,Y ,,. A CAPELLA CHOIR W., -: Y' J Ya? i ,f ' Litre: Music lias never wantecl for stuclent support at Clarlcg of all tlie organizations, tl'16 cluorus lias always loeen one of tlde most active. To tluose connectecl witli tlie clioir, this :ew 1- r. year marlcs a loig aclvancement. G The clioir proper inclucles several smaller groups: tlae rolnecl clioir, wlio sing music of a more serious natureg tloie girls, ensemlaleg and tlie maclrigal singers wlio sing maclrigals, or tour to eiglit part songs wlaicli were written ancl sung in tlie Fifteentli ancl sixteentli centuriesf 7 . All of tluese clioruses sing a capella, or witliout accompaniment-tlae most cliicficult type of singing. Tlae aim tliis year lias lneen for a Finer quality ancl teclinique, ratlier tlian quantity ol? music and a passing mecliocrity. Tliose wlio liave liearcl tlae clioir are agreed that it lias well acliievecl its aim. Page Fifty We gif: ef-ii 4 X K he Th ,ri FLUTEHVirginia Bauer, Dorothy Binder OBOE-Betty Pearce, Helen Jean Beauhien CLARINET-Jackie Glair, Dorothy Stross, Dorothy Tarr, .toe Wright, Doris Wickhorst, Dorothy Bercik, Arlene Henrik' son, Donald Stiller, Rachel Whelan, Evelyn Eddy, Roger Shaefter, Charles Westfall, Margaret Bur-osh, Lucille Christy, Janet Roherts BASSOON-Mary Moser, Marjorie Ann Righter SAXOPHQNE-Dorothymae Huttgren, George Saiiga, Emo- gene Yvhitmer, George Ference, Allan Beit, Xviiliam San- dusky, Wiida VViHis, Shirley Greenherg, Virginia Schafer, Edward Companiic CQRNET-Miltonvvvyiclqhorst, Mark Beauhien, Rohert Savage Dick Judson, Charles Cook, Louise Xviuis, Sheldon Gayle Doris Ourant, Ervin Schmoicer, Louis Fagyas HORN-Gene Sherry, Rohert Schiater, Edward Drew, Steve Gahor, Betty Young TROIVIBONE'-'John Trunnelt, Charles Tageson, Bill Burk, Nancy Trunnett BARITONE-Charles Kampo, .tacit Kaplan BASS-Edward Quigg, Dick Martinson, Harold Iverson DRUMS-Athert Kessler, XVayne Harms, Herhert Ktemn, Drew Miller PROPERTY'-Rohert Chapman, Rohert Wyitliams DIRECTOR-Mr. Nite Hovey BAND Perhaps no other organization in schoot has typitied Ctarlcis pioneering spirit hetter than the hand. Qver sixty memhers, despite a discouraging tacic ot instruments and other equipment, worked quietly hut determinedty from the heginning of the year with the annual hand contest in mind. in the B ctass, hecause of the enrottment of the schoot, the hand not only played the required PJ ctass numher, HArian Overtimef, hy Boyer, hut also played an A class numher For the selected piece, HUniversat Judgmentu hy DeNardis. I Under Mr. Hoveys haton, the first victory was scored in the district test at Laporte. spurned on hy this conquest, the hand travelled the following week-end to Elkhart, where they surpassed any of their previous playing. And it was Worth it, unanimously 'the judges placed them in the 'first division and recommended them for the nationat contest at Cleve- land. it was a supreme victory over such schools as Goshen, Naponee, and Vxfhiting. No other B class hand was so honored. This is an enviahte precedent-it is the First time the hand has ever gone farther than the district. The ctass ot 136 says good tuck in succeeding years in maintaining that precedent. Page Fifty-one Row I: Katherine Acttey, Betty Young, Kathryn Harhin, .Arnetia Pinctiatc, Heten Patriots, Cmtactys Goctza, Bertha Krutt, Dorothy Bcrcitc, Agnes Kaminstiy, Ruthjune Zimmerman, Caro Adams. Row 2: Nactia Vxfoitutc, Ann Kapitan, Ftorence Georg, Josephine Bettan, Anne Snow, Margaret Burosh, gtyrlte Bty, Tittie Spanier, Etinor Mieras, Evetyn ttuctcttestun, Etizaheth Schrnittet, Pautene rman. Row 5: Loretta Cutten, Luctmitia Vattio, Lueitte Licsse, Bessie Uhrin, Irene Hictqo, Ntargene Bachi, Sophie Novactcy, Carotyn Tisonciti, Lucitte Sammons, Mary Shimata, Heten Anthony. COMMERCIAL CLUB Because such a targe percentage ot high schoot stuctents prepare tor anct enter atqter gractuation some hranch ot the husiness wortct, the commerciat ctutn sponsorect hy Miss Joan Coughtin is very important. tt has severat purposes. First, it fosters an interest in the comrnerciat Wortdg seconct, it introctuces the husiness concerns anct cornrnerciat enterprises ot the community to the ctuh memhersg anct third, it encourages preparation tor this Wort: after graduation. Row 1: Noreen Moore, Sylvia Frantcen, Marjory Ann Righter, Barbara Fiota. Catherine Strhjatz, Etizageth Chermatc, Mary Dmitructc, Hcten Marnan, Helen Butcvieh, Mary Fech, Leora Widiger. Row 2: Susan Brescitc, Ann Rusina, Helen Chermatc, Margaret Kanocz, Dorothymae Huttgren, Justine Paunictta, Emma Betotc, Margaret Watsko, Marjorie Buett, Cwtactys Bartets, Janet Sweezy, Esther Mccroarty, Josephine Janota, Pauline Augustian. Row 5: Agnes Stcurtta, Doris Wrfichhorst, Dolores Rostin, Stantey Cvotustta, George Bercitz, Wittiam Sanustcy, Chester Pawettto, Emil Navta, Chartes Eggers, I-leicn VV. Lictgarct, Marie Rostin, Vernamae Spisatc. Page fifty-irro 112 .zgfffig ji haf EF Hmlui hh I1 l H dd H edfo 42 If f A Wx Q Cf 'W Q be 4 M UQ? V f nie .S Cv - fb ."s: ' V "'gfD-P EE' I, f73L:'?:c' V' ,fm K "2'52'?ff hw 26 big? 1, X, f wr F Qir3iS1,:'ff'l"? ,, S Qpfwa f 'ff 412-1 hir. Ralph fox. Nr. Natrrshntl Chandler, Mr. ha Verne Taylor, hh. Raymond Harris, Fir. R, XV. Cunningham. COACHING STAFF Clark is very fortunate to he represented through its coaching staff hy tive different universities. Boys and girls alike feet that they owe a great deal to these tive men. Their undivided attention and efforts have helped to make our school what it is in the line of sports. Michigan University is represented hy Coach L. H. Taylor who coaches varsity foot- han and haskethan. Mr. R. XV. Cunningham is the Physical Education Director and coach of track and wrestling. He comes from Indiana. Mr. Marshall Chandler, freshman foothali and haskethaii coach, hails from old Purdue, while Mr. Raymond Harris, tennis instructor and assistant track coach, represents minois. Mr. R. C. Cox is the grade school football and haskethau instructor and comes from Ban State Teachers, College. Through the efforts of this coaching staff, Clark has provided real interscholastic com- petition, and the interest in intermurat activities has heen greatly increased. During the very short time that Clark has heen a four year high school, it has made surprising progress. Athletics has played a great part in giving Clark the name it has today. The recognition that Clark has gained has heen due to the fact that the school has proved capahie of holding its own against any school in the district. ,Y 4 Page Fifty-four Llqu 5 'I . , :U . IK ebiqp HAM SQUAD Row I: Bch Deering, Paul Poraclcy, Walter Wagoner, An do, Ray Gronowslci, John Fetslco, George Bercik, Mike Kampo. Row 2: Vxfatter Poraclcy, Emil Navta, George Ihnat, john Filipelc, r 'K-zgsperan, Bill Green, Victor Talahy, Herbert Goranson. - Row 5: Mr. R. XV. Cunningham, Gene Vrane, Raymon 1 slci, john Hanuta, Stanley Goluslca, Bob Buehler, Louis Green, James Gauss, Sh ylor. FOOTBALL Q 1 With the closing of the gates on the gridiron, we found ours v ' sing a very suc- cessful season with Five victories and three def eats. This is a good percen and an improve- ment over last year,s record. This year,s team was at a disadvantage in weight and size with most Sf their opponents. Qur Pioneers, however, were equal to any other team in fight and determination. 4 Again we were unahte to defeat our old rivals, the Vxfhiting Qiters. XV e lost to them hy a score of 18-7. Vxfe did heat Hammond Tech, and played a very thrilling game with Hohart when we scored the only points made in the last halt-minute of the game. Vxfe certainty had a Fighting team this year with a numher of outstanding players. George Bercilc, taclde, and Captain Ray Gronowslci received honorahte mention on the AH- State team picked hy Dick Miller of Indianapolis. Coach Taylor deserves great commendation for his efforts and hard work The hoys think a great deal of Mr. Taylor and in foothatt language term him none swell coachf, The seniors who were on the squad and will leave Clark this spring wish Coach Tay- lor and Mike Kampo fcaptain-elect for 19563 the very hest of tuck for next season. lackie Glriir hlarieila Sparks Page Fifty-five Thomton Fractional 8 Hohart O Whiting 1 s Pullman Tech 7 Toueston O Hammond Tech O Vatporaiso 15 Catholic Central 14 Page Fifty-six Those who received major foothau tetters Were: George Bercilc, Waiter Nvagon- er, John Hanuta, Ray Gronovvslci, Victor Tatahy, Andy Dario, AI Kasperan, Bch Doering, Bill Green, Eugene, Vxfaizah, George Ihnat, Mike Kampo, John Fetzlco, James Gattes, Elmer Spisak, Raymond Pachotslci, Emil Navta, Paul Poraclcy, John Fihpeh. Reserve awards were earned hy: Nor- man Eggers, Boh Buehier, Gene Vrane, John Hahzanslcy, Andrew Hajcluch, Joe Matonovich, Louis Green, Bill Schneu, Gene Vogel, Frank Nagar, Mike Rapchaic, Charles Spanhurg, Dick Schroeder. RAY GRONOXVSKI Captain 2" 7 1 , . s Y gilt, ' 5 T55--il n'B1a - , SQUAD Row I: Joe Macnalc, Andy llajdulc, Frantz Nagar, Bill Schnell, Norman Eggers, John lhnat, Gene Vogel. Row 2: August Antilla, John tlalojanslty, Norman Turpin, Xvillsur Buerlqholtz, llerloert Newhert, Frank Fisher, Bill Turpin, Diclc Schroeder. Row 5: Bolo Savage, Leroy Quigg, Berry Bcrcaw, Charles Spanhurg, Geoge Yurlqanan, John Balog, lVlilce Rapchalc, Mr. Raymond Harris. "C" ' CLUB The :ICN Cluh is an organization composed entirely of hoys who have earned their major letters in some torrn of athletic endeavor. The cluh was organized two years ago hy Coach Taylor with two purposes: KU the hetterrnent ot athletics, QQJ close contact with alumni groups. The projects of the 1956 cluh were the erection of an athletic hulletin hoard on the main floor of the huilding, and the equipment of a hand hall court. Both of these projects were carried to completion through the rnost generous help of Mr. lo. L. Caldwell and the Board ol Education. Each year the Cluh presents a trophy to an athlete who is outstanding in scholar- ship, athletic ahility, and leadership. That award was won this year hy Bill Green. Row I: John Navia, Deloss Burlc, Junior Henry, Paola Savage, Leaton Graham, Mr. L. H. Taylor, Ray Gronowski, Mike Kampo, George lhnat. Andrew Dado. Row 2: John Fetxlco, Nvalter Poraclcy, James Galles, Andy Hajduch, Vxfalter Xvagoner, Bill Green, George Bercilc, Raymond Pacholslci, Kenneth Gardner, Victor Talalay. Row 5: Charles Eggers, George Duhich. Eugene Vklalczalc, John Filipelc. Herhert Goranson, Bolo Deering, Elmer Spisalc, Al Kasperan, Emil Navia, Paul Poraclcy, Chester Powell . Page lriffy-seven fanet Amer BASKETBALL QUEEN This fait the athletic department of George Rogers Clark decided to sponsor a contest in which a girl from the senior high school would he selected as Baslcethau Queen for 1956. The girl from each class who sold the most season tickets was eligible to compete in the Finals. Katherine Adley represented the senior ciassg Dorothymae if 2r,t ' P ig Z i'i Hultgren was the junior representativeg the sophomore was Peggy 'A rtzsr r qtag T Kiemmg and the freshman was Janet Amer. In the final check-up, ggp lli AZ: is Janet Arner, the representative of the freshman class, was the 1 Winner. As a reward Janet received a season pass to the Clark haslcethau p g games, and a season ticket to the Sectional Tournament held in East Chifrago. tit ' lii fsiaf g Janet receives a lot of credit for having earned the honor of ppgg Basketball Queen in her freshman year. V-f,., F rK,,r .V ,rxij BOB DOERHXIG Captain Page Fifty-eight I 2 E, i t , Ar V, 5.3 ,Q gf Q 35? ,div few 'Y Si r- i f 7.1 1132: 123 iz 3 , .., Row 1: Bill Green, Ray Gronoxvslai, Bob Deering, Nlilce Kampo, latin Navta. Row 2: Vvralter Poracty, Fred Kraly, .loe Matonovicli, Coacla Taylor, Jolin Filipelq, George llmat. BASKETBALL "AU SQUAD A ln spite ot some losses, Clarlc proved itselt a great ball team during tbe past season, and slioweditselt capable ot swapping punclieswitb any team in tbe region. llre squad truly proved its caliber wlien it played Lew Vxfallace to a tie in two over time periods, only to lose by tree ttrrows. Qur big accomplislament in baslcetball tbis year, laowever, was tlie defeat ol two major opponents, Hammond Teclr and Tlfromton Fractional. .lobn Navta, tlaat speedy, dead-eye guard bas been seen in a Clarlc uniform for tbe last time. So bas Bob Doering, tlue tall, lanlcy center. Bob can be rated among tlae outstand- ing centers ot tlae region, because ot bis good worlc tliis year. Bill Green and Ray Gron- owslci liave also worn tlae blue and wliite for tbe last time. Fritz Kraly, tlae speedy deceptive forward, bas been elected captain of tlie squad for 1956-1957. .lolm Filipelc will also be baclc witb lwis dead-eye sbootingg and along witli tllese boys, we will lmave rloe lVlatonovicl1, Vxfilbur Buerlclaoltz, and Fred Stelow. At tlae East Claicago Sectional Tournament, Clarlc defeated tbeir two opponents, and found tbemselves matclied against tlae Hammond Vxfildcats in ttre Finals. Tbe tournament tans predicted tl'1at Clarlc would be downed by a large score by tlsris team, supposedly tlie best in tbe region. But a surprise was in store tor tlie Xvildcats, tor ttrey barely beat Clarlc bv a score ot 25-18. Crown Point 51 Clarlc 56 Edison 26 Clarlq 51 Edison 29 Clark 53 Xvhitmg 54 Clarlq 35 Westxfille 15 Clarlc Q7 Vxfarren Central 27 Clarlc 21 Hammond Tecla. Q9 Clarlc 17 Roosevelt 57 Clark 25 Hobart 27 Clark Q2 C. Central 21 Clarla 51 Ctresterton 19 Clarlc 54 Emerson 41 Cliifli 22 T. Fractional Q5 Clarlc 25 Lowell 23 Clafli 49 Lew Vxfallace 55 Clarlc 51 :PDYGF 18 Clark 46 Cirilllfitlq 54 Clark Q8 ttcrown Point Q5 Clarlc 50 Wbiting . 55 Clarl: 19 :ttlaminond l'liglr Q5 Clarlc 18 Hammond Tecla. 25 Clarlc Q9 Hobart 28 Clarlc 22 :tlfast Chicago Sectional games. .Page Fifty-nine Page Sixty if BASKETBALL "BM SQUAD Row l: Ed Ference, Fred SteTow, Gene Sherry, Bin Burk, John Thnat. Row 2: Tony Ptemich, Lawrence FraTey, John Kanocz, Coach TayTor, Herbert Goranson, Vxfilhur Buerkholtz, Tony Shimafa, BiTT Schneu. Coach TayTor was wen pTeasecT with the performance of the sqtiacl during the past season. Atthough they are smaTT, they made higger teams Took sick. They Won 14 XVRESTLING WrestTing, a very popuTar sport, was introduced into CTarTc Tast year. This means ot physicaT activity is haiTecT enthusiasticaTTy, f U hy the foothan hoys, hecause they say it keeps them in prime condition for the next gridiron season, and T21 hy those hoys not aTreacTy tied up with some other activity. The most outstanding hoys during this Tast season Were: Gene VogeT, who Tost onTy one matchg Jim Ganes, Captaing Elmer Spisalc, heavyweightg Kenneth Palmer, who placecl at the state meetg and Jack Foster, the onTy freshman to Win his major Tetter. ' , out of 18 games. Row 1: Joe Gahor, Tent Arch, .Tack Foster, Gene Voge h rTes Coolc, Julius Sopo, Kenneth Palmer, John Bulzsar, Ch rl s Laumeyer. 1' Row 2: Dick Schroeder, Franwtlfcher, James Crane - aRQBaTTco, Norman Eggers, Rohert n..ALI-- FLHL. IL.-- rr Hi.. rrxhii, i . C Q? si' Wi ? - E , -f -. i TRACK Row 1: Lawrence traley, Junior Henry, Ray Gronoxvski, Bob Doering, Bin Green, Chester POWCH, Bill Burk. Row 2: Bob Savage, John Zabrectcy, Kenneth Gardner, Gene Vrana, Bob Ward, Andy Hajducb, Jotin Fetzlco. Attbougb bandicapped by a complete tack of facilities for carrying on outdoor sports, Clark bas sbown tbe real pioneer spirit by making tbe Blue and Vxfbite track teams respected. Onty tbree Iettermen came back for this year,s team, Captain Bin Green, Bob Doer- ing, and Andy Hajducb. They were aided by tbe reserve tettermen, Isaacs, Vrane, Hab- zanslci, Vxfargo, Davidson, Gronowslqi, Zabrectcy, and Vxfard: by Powell, Henry, and Gardner from tbe Cross Country team, and by George and Jobn lbnat, Fitipelc, Buerctcboltz, Fiscber, Foster, and Turpin Wbo came out for tbeir first year of track. TENNIS Mr. Harris, in bis First year as tennis coacb at Clark, bas done mucb to build up in- terest in tbis sport among boys wbo are not out for any otberlactivity. A total of twenty-tbree boys participated last fait. The Ctarlc racquet wietders won 9, lost 2, and tied 1 of tbe 12 meets tbey participated in against tbe best tennis teams of tbe region. Seated: Jack Kaplan, Herbert Yveiner. Standing: Jobn Kanocz, Ed Xversbay, Xvattcr Miskus, Xvittiam Catterau, James Htisny, Bin Potasniclc. Page Sixty-one Sitting: Sylvia Jalovecky, Katherine Adiey, Miriam Antilia, Jackie Cviair, Carolyn McLaughlin, Helen Anthony, Gladys Cvodza. Standing: Anne Snow, Helen YV. Lidgard, Mary Shimala, Mary C. Powell Sylvia Franken, Florence Goerg. G. A. C. The purpose of the Girls, Athletic Ciuh is to promote good health, to maize Weil rounded athletes, and to practice good sports-manship. Any senior high school girl may hecome a memher of this organization hy earning points in any sport. For participating eighteen hours in any sport over a period of six Weeks, a girl receives Q5 points. Points are also given for maintaining certain health standards and a high scholastic standing. A After a giri has earned 300, points, she is entitled to a sman HCC When she has 600 points, she has merited a G. A. C. monogram, and the highest honor, a large is given only when she has earned 1,000 points. This is the third year of real activity for the Cv. A. C., and it has a memhership of approximately 132' girls. To help the girls ohtain' their points, voiiey han, hasicethaii, and other sports are carried on in the gym. OFFICERS AND CHAIRMEN OF G. A. C. President, Florence Goergg Vice-President, Miriam Antiiiag Secretary, Helen Anthonyg Treasurer, Sylvia Franlceng Tennis, Katherine Adieyg Swimming, Anne Snowg Volley hall, Nlary Shimaiag Baseball, Florence Coergg Roller and Ice Skating, Caroline McLaughiing Tumbling, Sylvia Jaioveclcyg Basketball, Giadys Cvodzag Tap Dancing, Jackie Giairg Bicycling, Mary' C. Poweug Health, Helen XV. Lidgard. Page Sixty-two 5 GIRLS, TENNIS Katherine Adley, Helen VN7. Lidgard, Mary C. Powell, Dorothy Lictgarct. The second annuai girls, tennis tournament was held in the fait of 1955. Approxi- mately fourteen girls participated in this tourney, and Katherine Acitey triumphed over Helen Vxfayne Lidgarcl in the Final match. She was awarded a miniature tennis racket. Dorothy Licigarct, Nlary Charlotte Powell, Helen Wayne Lidgard, and Katherine Aciley were the Final contestants in the girls, ctouhte tennis tournament. The team consisting of Helen Wayne Liclgarct and Katherine Afliey won, and hoth girls were awarded hronze GIRLS' BASEBALL Basehaii has always heen a popular sport with the giris at G. R. C. T here are many girls who come out for this sport and hecause of this, it is impossihie to place them all on the first team. Therefore each girl puts forth her hest efforts to secure a position on the HAH squad. The remaining girls enjoy the competition and the fun the game has to offer. IDGCIHLS. Row I: Mary Shimaia, R. F.: Ann Kapitan, R. S. S.: Anne Snow L. F.: Florence Goerg, P Pitcher: Sylvia Franken, R. F. fsuhjg Miriam Antiiia. C. Row 2: Marietta Sparks, Yard B.: Helen Eddy, Pitcher Csuhjg Helen Anthony, C. F4 Lillian Beiian, Ist BJ Evelyn Haman, R. S. S. Qsuhj: Lois Goerg. L. S. S.: Sylvia Jaioveclcy. Page Sivty-three 1 3 Page Sixtf'-four Long, long ago SEPTEMBER Monday 9: Today is the First day of schoo1, tsighj and such enthusiasm Tuesday 10: Annual Staff had their first meeting today and now watch things hum! Every- one seems to enjoy the new routine of classes. Wednesday 11: HCM CTuh held a meeting today. That never-worryn prohTem of raising money, that school cluhs have, was discussed. Friday 13: Hpepw meeting today. The football team was introduced and, oh, what hrawnl George Bercilc managed to say a few words. Saturday 14: Too had - we 10st our first foothaTT game 8-7. But then this was only our first game. Monday 16: Radio CTuh meeting after school. At a Girl Reserve meeting, Miss Lange was introduced as the new sponsor of the cluh. Tuesday 17: Judge Criter gave an interesting talk in assemhTy. His suhject -- MThe Constitu- tionf, Junior Red Cross CounciT meeting after schooT. Qflficers were appointed hy 1VTrs. Kraft with Bi1T Green heading the list as president. Wednesday. 18: Qur First senior cTass meeting was held today. Qdd to think of ourselves as seniors, isn,t it? Friday 20: Hpepu assemhTy he1d today. New songs, cheers, and the hand p1aying our schoo1 song aroused such enthusiasm, that Hohart just carft heat us tomorrowt Saturday 21: Chauc up a victory for CTarTd We did win the game. The score? 6-0. Monday 23: Try-outs for the senior p1ay heg an tonight. Hdonesyu is the name of the p1ay, Tuesday 24: Junior Red Cross meeting. First edition ofthe Hpioneer Newsn came out and it isnyt sooo had for the First edition. Wednesday 25: Chester Poweu was eTected as senior c1ass president and Noreen Moore was eTected to head the junior cTass. The senior play cast had their First rehearsal. Friday 27: The suhscription drive for the Hpowder Horny, started today. "Want to suh- scrihe for the :Powder Horns? Helen Marnan was chosen Editor-in-Chief of the Pio- neer News!! Saturday 28: The HCM CTuh sponsored a schooT dance tonight. Mondayf 30: Girt Reserves held a meeting after school. OCTOBER Tuesday 1: French Cluh heTd a meeting. Wednesday 2: The sophomore c1ass, under the supervision of Miss Booth, organized and elected Jack Kaplan as president. Page 'Sixty-,Hue Thursday 3: Upepw meeting he1d today. A Civi1 Vvyar was declared with Whiting High e Schoo1 hecause of the game tomorrow night. The freshmen e1ected Dick Judson as their c1ass president. Friday 4: Vifhiting won the game -- 18-7, hut they had to Fight hard to win. hdonday 7: Fiorence Goerg was elected president of the G. A. C. Miss Ross is the sponsor. Tuesday 8: Senior ciass pictures were taken to day. Everyone had on his hest :Shih and tuclcern and was a Hdignified seniorn for a day. Vxfednesday 9: Juniors held a meeting and discussed p1ans for a dance in the near future. Thursday 10: The Commerciat Ciuh organized and elected Charles fmfoddywj Eggers as their president. Friday 11: A new science ctuh organized under the direction of Miss McAtee. 1t,s to he the HBio-chem Cluhfy Vxfednesday 16: Class rings were shown for inspection at the senior meeting after schoo1. and they,re certainly Hheautiesf, Thursday 17: Some of the teachers decided to take a vacation from school today. Reason - State Teachers, Convention. Saturday 19: Clark scores another victory. This time they won over Tolleston hy a score of 21-O. Nlonday 21: The outline for the Upowder Hornw was shown to the staff. Are they eager to get started working? 1 should say they aret Tuesday 22: A preview of Hlonesyu was given in assemhiy hefore the high-school students. From a11 appearances, it win he a Hwowfj Good-1uc1c to the cast. Vxfednesday 25: A home economics cluh was organized under the name, HHouseho1d Artsf, Marjorie Edwards is the president and 1Wiss Ze11 is the sponsor. Thursday 24: Udonesyf, the long-awaited senior piay, was given tonight. It was as thoroughty entertaining and humorous as was expected. The cast and their guests had a party after the piay. It was certain1y compensationi Friday 25: Hpepw assemhiy held today to arouse enthusiasm for the game against Hammond Tech tonight, and it was not in vain for we won hy a score of 15-O. Monday 28: Assemh1y held today to ceiehrate victory over Tech. Speeches were made hy memhers of the team and the han used during the game was presented to Mr. Mi11er hy Captain Ray Gronowski. Tuesday 29: Vxfhy all the tears? Biotogy students mourn the loss of their two pet Japanese 'i rats. .ffTwerpyH and UQscarH Ieft thisworld for the Unknown at exactly tweive o!c1oc1c yesterday noon. 1 Page Sixfy-sixk N ' I NGVEMBER Friday 1: Hurray1A hatt-day holiday today. QA teachers, meeting in Gary? But the journatism ctass worked untit 5:00 - the poor sapst Vxfednesday 6: Mr. Dancy gave a tatk tor HEducation Vxfeekn in assemhty. Friday 8: Dr Harwood and his animats entertained the students today. Ctark lost the 1:ina1 toothatt game ot the season to Cathotic Centrat. Monday 11: Armistice Day assemhty today. Mr. Dancy was again guest speaker. UTaps,H hy Louis Fagyas, conctuded assemhty. Girt Reserves held Recognition Service tonight. Tuesday 12: Commercial Ctuh had a dinner to cetehrate the First Anniversary. Guest speak- ers inctuded Mr. Koch, Mr. Catdwett, Wir. Mitier, Mitdred Paken, and Jutian Kapitan, Chartes Eggers was master ot ceremonies. Thursday 14: Mr. Ernest XV. Nichots, a we11-known concert whistter, gave a demonstration in assemhty that caused a great deat ot' tavorahte comment. Friday 15: Dr. Norman addressed the students in assemhty. His suhject was, Uvxfaiting For The Cat To Diem T he haskethatt teams won their first games from Crown Point. Tuesday 19: Junior ctass sponsored a matinee dance tor the purpose ot teaching students to dance. Bio-chem Ctuh viewed new pins. Thursday 21: :Powder Horns, group pictures were taken today. Uh, how the students smited at the tittte Hhirdief, Senior meeting tonight and from att appearances Mrs. Admiral may have to act as referee instead ot sponsor. since the seniors cannot agree. Friday 22: Dramatic Ctuh memhers enjoy one act comedy entitted :The Bridef, Tuesday 26: Ctarkts tirst Amateur Hour was greeted with much taughter and apptause. Mr. Cunningham and Mr. Taylor presented a stunt teature. Tcht Tcht Xvett, that just 1 proves that teachers are human atter att. Vxfednesday 27: A speciat Thanksgiving issue ot the Upioneer Newsu was puhtished today. Sitark downed Edison hy a 33-29 score. Now tor a weti-earned rest and a hig turkey inner. DECEMBER Friday 6: Eight G. R. C. students tett tor Purdue to attend the dehate conference. From an reports heard, they certainty enjoyed their taste of cottege tite. Ctark won another haskethatt gamet , Page Sixty-seven Nwednesday 11: French Ciuh held a candy sa1e. Thursday 12:: The seniors picked their motto, iiower, and coiors. Ch, what a time they had deciding1 Friday 15: Ctaric 1ost to Thornton Fractionai, hut then, 1oo1c at the date. g Wednesday 18: The hand presented its First annua1 concert under the direction of Mr. Niio Hovey. Thursday 19: Memhers of the A Cape11a Choir made their Hdehutn in their new rohes when they sang for the P. T. A. Bio-chem C1uh had a hanquet tonight. These scientists proved one thing - they can eat. Friday QO: Students enjoyed Nchristrnas in Other Landsf: a pageant written hy Miss Schad. Friday 27: The seniors acted as Hhostsu and sponsored the HYu1etide Roundupf, as ho1i- day dance for students and a1umni. JANUARY ' Monday' 6:1 Sad hut true - everyone had to Come hack to schoo1 after two weeks of vaca- tion. The question of the day was Uvxfhaid you get? A Thursday 9: Hpowder Hornn staff he1d a meeting. The a11-important word is nmoneyf' Friday 10: C1ar1c 1ost to Lew XVa11ace in a 5rd overtime game. Tears were in evidence, hut it was a good game. : Saturday 11: Miss Schad and her tour amhitious dehaters spent the day at a conference at Mishawaka, Indiana. C1ar1c was the oniy schoo1 that came out 1002, Monday 15: Forty students proved that ath1etics isn,t the on1y thing hy receiving schoiarship 1etters. Tuesday 14: The C1ar1c dehate team scored over our Hnext-door riva1sH fvxfhitingi at a P. T. A. meeting. Friday 17: Pep meeting he1d today to prepare for the game with Vxfhiting tomorrow night. Saturday 18: Lost the game with Whiting hut - there,11 come a day. . Monday 20: Semester examinations started today. HDid 1 pass? Friday 24: Report cards came out today and with them came smi1es, tears, and what-have you. Vxfe11, at ieast a few of us can hreathe freeiy for a few weeks now. Page Sixty-eight ws 'ig Lifgflsa Q-M . , ., f lf' -'Lv' f,r,.g: -J 5157? F JA .IH I 11:15 5- yu?-ami .M-1. 31 .--:Y :- Elf f -3 JANUARY Monday 27: Second semester hegins. Mrs. Chant ta11cs to Gir1 Reserves. 1 Tuesday 28: Juniors have meeting and their Hgreat worryw is to H11 the treasury so they can treat the seniors to a prom. Friday 51: Letter awards given out to ath1etes and dehaters. Severa1 new trophies added to schoo1 co11ection. Jimmy Sparks presented schoo1 with picture as a gift of the c1ass of 555. FEBRUARY A Vxfednesday 5: Mrs. Vxfi11ets Burnham ta1ces us "Around the Vxfodd Un a Pennyf, Yvith a11 this co1d weather a warmer c1imate wou1d 1ee1 hetter. Thursday 15: Shorthand students are amazed at the speed one can get hy using a steno- type machine. Too had we canst use ,ern in c1ass. Friday 14: Extra1 Some Hshyn person sent a va1entine to Miss Cough1an. Wonder who the gent1eman with the Nsentimenta1 heartw is? Dehate team c1aim suhdistrict tit1e for themse1ves. - Tuesday 18: Dorothy 1V1yric1c and Mrs. Kraft directed Cid Reserves in second Shakes- pearean p1ay, entit1ed HComedy of Errorsn Thursday 20: Horticu1ture Club enjoys s1ide pictures of nature. Friday 21: G. A. C. sponsors dance. . Tuesday 25: Laurant, the magician, mystilcied students today with his performance of magic. Xvonder how he does it? Thursday 27: Choir presents musica1 program to 5th hour Enghsh c1ass. Friday 28: HRevue of Revuesw presented hy Gir1 Reserves for assernh1y. Saturday 29: Freshmen sponsor :Leap Yearn dance. MARCH . Tuesday 5: Doris Vater chosen to represent C1ar1c in D. A. R. contest. Vxfednesday 4: Everyone is wondering how the tournament wi11 end. Hope C1ar11 comes out top. Saturday 7: Hooray1 We reached the semi-1ina1s. A1though we 1ost to Hammond High, Coach Tay1or and the team are to he congratu1ated for their Fine wor1c. Thursday 19: Genera1 science c1asses enjoy annua1 trip to p1aces ot interest in Chicago. Monday 25: C1ar1c tops 1ist of Hammond schoo1s in Hood donations. Thursday 26: Junior dehaters 1ose to Hammond High. Saturday 28: Dehate teams success17u11y Hdownedu Crown Point today and now for the State Tournament. Monday 50: At 1ast the news is out, Bi11 Cattera11 is named Va1edictorian and XVa1ter Vxfagoner is Sahrtatorian. Congratu1ations, hoys. Tuesday 51: Seniors sponsor movie of activities in schoo1. Hpowder Hornn Staff chooses cover design for 1956 annua1. APRIL Friday 5: Chief Martinson of Hammond po1ice speaks in assemh1y. Dehate teams are de- feated in State Dehate meet. Sunday 5: Senior.gir1s sip tea at Community Center. Too had it rained so hard. Page Sixty-nine' 1V1onday 6: Juniors announce committees chosen for prom and p1ay. Tuesday 7: Miss Coughtan entertains her hookkeeping c1ass hv humming popu1ar tunes. Vvrednesdav S: Students enjoy Puppet Show sponsored hy 'Powder Hornf, Juniors se11 ice- ' cream hars. Thursday 9: Hurrah1 Easter vacation. Tuesday 14: Seniors vote on Commencement announcements. Vxfednesday 15: Junior and senior tight. Dont he discouraged, Juniors, you may win next year. Saturday 18: Band shares p1ace honors With' Vxfhiting in contest at Laporte. Monday 20: Committees chosen for C1ass Night. It vvongt he 1ong now-. Tuesday 21: Senior gir1s are measured for caps and gowns. Thursday 25: C1ar1c ath1etes have hanquet. 1 hear the 1ads enjoyed themse1ves. Friday 24: C1ar1c hhrarians sponsor dance. Band goes to Enchart for state contest and they win! MAY Friday 1: Junior p1ay, Hgkiddingn presented to-night. Thursday 7: Physica1 Education demonstration. Tuesday 12: Amateur Show. Friday 22: Junior and Senior prom. Thanks tor a svve11 time, Juniors. Sunday 24: BacCa1eaureate Service. 1V1onday 25: C1ass Night. Vxfe!11 soon he a1umni. Vxfednesday 27: Commencement, and now our high schoo1 days are over and We have en- joyed them, every one. SONNET FOR SENIORS The on1y time we knew, when we were sma11, Existed in the things We did each day: And too, heyond our games, and toys, and p1ay, There seemed to us no other wor1d at a11. Then schoo11 Qur vvor1d increased surprising1y Vxfhen We had 1earned to read. But time was s1ovv: 'To graduateffl-:the dozen years to go Vxfere centuries, the time too tar to see. Vx7e11, so We thought: hut Time, the foo1, Fhes Fast and taster. Yes1 weive reached the p1ace At 1ast, that seemed so far - vvebre done with schoo11 Yet, Iiving it again, Within our mind, Vxfe rea1ize, gasping from schoo1,s 1ong race, Vxfe 1eave a precious part of 1i1:e hehind. Chester Powell, ,36 Page Seventy' r f 4 1 4 1 f : f THEME SONGS OF SENIORS l as l Feel Lilce A Featlqer ...,, ,,,-... , .,.,,,,,,A,,,v,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,-,,,,-,-,,,, , Lovely To laoolc Atl, --,, AlODG,, ......,,.......,..........,,,,.,,,,. - so Stay As Sweet As You Are ..,..,,,...,,,,,. ....,,,.,,-,.,-.,,e-------, gl Feel A Song Coming Gnu ,.-.-.... - Wlllie Gentleman Gloviously Doesnlt .lacli Xvliite Glaclys Goclza ----,,,- laeaton Graldam Caro Aclams Eugene Nvalczalc Believe ln lvlalcing Lovell ................... - Paul Poraclcy 'Youlve Got To Be A ljootlmall Heron A .................. George Bereilc lllm ln The lvloocl For Love!! ..... ........ R utlwjune Zimmerman 'Jimmie Had A Nickel" ...... .............,, J immie Gilman Kl'l0W Do l luoolclfl .........,,,.......... ,.....,.... B etty Young 4Y0u,re Gonna Lose Your Galn ........ ......... E ugene Wytrykus ll Wonlt Dancen' ..,,..................... ..Y..... R aymoncl Pacluolslci KWnat,ll Become of lVleU ................ ,................ rl olin Navta :Roll Gut of Beal Vxfitlr A Smilew ..............,.,.,.,,,.,,,,........ Vxfalter Poraclcy S0 Sllyn .......,.Y..,.............VY,Y.. Amelia Pinclialc, Helen Patriclc, Bertlia Krull s as lm No Anger llell.s ,.,,.ll,ll,l,lll,l.l.e,,.ll.l.llll, l.l..l. laazylnonesn ,.,.,..........,..,.,,......,,..,,.. Tlne Girl With Tlwe Dreamy Eyesn as Accent Gn Youtlr .,.,..,.....,............ ss Love ln Bloom ...,.....,,.........,.......... llm Living ln A Great Big Vxfayu ....... - Vxfluere Am l?" ..,rl........,............. - llm ln Love Againw ..v,,..r, Wl1OSC HOBBY ATC You ,... 1 Sweet Ancl Slow, ...... At laastu ............. l'loW Am l Doin, l DOlOI'6S, l -...............-............. Be . Careful, Young Laclyn ..... - George Dulaicla Walter Vxlrlsen - ....... Margaret Tisoncilc Helen lVlarnan Doris Vater --------- lVlargene Baclii Steve Ryan -----------------,,r Ancly l'lajClucl'1 Ann fl'loneyl Gatariclr Dorotliy Salaol ------ tlolin Psilcula ,-------- ADHC Snow Dolores Rostin l'lelen Bulcvicll Page S THEME SONGS OF SENIQRS Life lg A Songn .,.,.,,.,.,,,,,,,,.,.x-,,.,.,..,,,,,,,,..,..................,....... Elinor Mieras Vxforcls Are ln My Hearth .,v..... ......V.. N aclia Xvoituli Reclclessl' .. .......,.............. ............. E mma Belolf Little Bit independent" .....,.. ............................. H elen W. Lidgeid Vxfe Belong Togetliern--- ......... Dorotliy Saunders, Cliester Powell Stay Gut OF Loven -- .....Y............. ........ F lorence Goerg l Xvolce Up Too Soonu ........ ,....Y.... C liester Pawellio lin dust An Qrclinary Human, - .....,.,.................... Milclred Beisal .lust Wfe Twou ..e......,.......... .,,..,,. A lice Henriclcson, Bill Clarlce Curly Topw ..rr..........,....... ...,r,. ............ C li arles Eggers Footloose And Fancy Free!! ...... Paulene Gilman Donlt Mention Love To Men ...... .....e,....,.s. lVl yrtle Bly All-American Girln .....,....., - Laugla, Clown, Lauglf' ...v... - Star- Gazingn ............... : Yousre The Top' ..,. l,ve Get Rliytlirnu ..,... - Darlc Eyesw ........ - Sweet Sue!! .......e... Youyre An Angel!! ..... - Vin Sliootin, Higli' ...... -- Easy Cornef Easy Gow l'in Nuts About lvluttsu ,.... - lt l Sldeuld Lose Youu -- Katlsierine Adley Mary Sldiniule duck Trunnell Mrs. Admiral Etlael Faygas Justine Puunielte Susan Brecilc Florence Hruslcovicli Bessie Ellen Lee Leonarcl Ugren Katlaryn Harlnin ------ Helen Antliony Little Big Slsiotn ................................................ ........ J osepliine Jenetu When The Moon Comes Over Tlie lVlountainH ......... Barloara Srnitla Little Man You,ve Haol A Busy Dayu ............. ........... P aul Bajlcowslci Tie Me To Your Apron Stringsu .,.......... Vxfilliani Roelirclanz Now lyin A Laclyu ................ - P J S ly-lu Vernamae Spisalc iii N' 'wiv S X 14 IFE: 44 an Q.: 4? Tixmg-bX S -4,3 f , .-- ji" ,wJ1- f TM I X. 1 ,, Z '31 XX ' 'ff a H Rf X 'S' -- f , EES, 3 Q 1 s,vf5B,, Z c E El.: ' E X F... . S: -i If i CSV? -- e-1,..-..r4 - r--'f ' L I 1 I 5 ,," . , M V+' 7g.g: ,WN 1, i In industry, it has been found that in order to increase sales, advertising is an essential feature. Through advertising and its results, the producer and consumer are greatly Ioenelfited. In connection with a yearbook, the purpose of advertising is twofold: the merchant has an opportunity to present his products to the public, and the readers of the annual are able to see the merchants who cooperate with the school. We Wish, at this time, to thank the merchants for the friendly spirit with which they have aided tus. l Q Compliments of Fred Beisars DEPARTMENT STQRE 1554-53 H 119th STREET TeIepI1one 479 Comphmenis of I O H N C I E S A R Sam Aronberg David Kissen ARQNBERG 69 KISSEN fewelers NVHITING, INDIANA 1348 IIQII1 Street TeIepI1or1e 596 iv-four .,--5 , - 'iii-'Iii-li swf-are Wfhi Heli" Y Tired? Hungry? -Don,t Be Like That! For selfish reasons, we urge you to stop at a Jennings-Mattem store and try a MeT0roT Soda, Sunclae, or Malted Milk. We Tcnovv that once you have Bordens TVTeT0roT Tce Cream that youan be a steady customerT For unselijish reasons, We are featuring MeT0roT Tce Cream in an our stores because it is the creamiest, most Tuscious ice cream We have ever been abTe to secure. The best of everything is none too good for our customers! Better stop in today and see for yourself. 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IN STENQGRAPHY sI1e enjoys tIie air-piIot,s speecI, precision ancI comfort - Ioecause sI1e taIces tI'1e quicIcest Way trorn spoIcen vvorct to typed recorcII Anct open to Ierer are a score of variecI opportunities: private secretariaI, inter-organization reporting, speciaI protessionat xvorIc, U. S. Civit Service, court and convention reporting - as WeII as actvancement into executive duties for vvI1icI1 sI1e rnay Ibe quaIit:iecII . . . It is no woncIer inteIIigent, resourcetuI young I'IigI1 ScI1ooI gractuates can prepare to go fast ancI tar via Stenotype training? And are ctoing so, in growing numbers eacI1 yearI . . . It you,re consictering this new-g career icIea, Iet us taIIc with you Inetore you decide. Periiaps We can Ioe ot reaI I1eIp to you. Call in person, telephone, or write a letter to the address below. The STENQTYPE COIVIPANY IVIanufacturers of tire Stenotype 9 Vxfest Vxfastiington Street C H I C A G O Two Doors from State RANcIoIpI1 5450 I I Page Seo nty se e Smau Jobs Buitt This Business T11at,s why we respect and Welcome them today - they receive the same careful attention as of yore. BEN FRANKLIN PRESS 1101.11 Street at 1nc1ianapo1is Bou1evarc1 Te1ep11ones Vvhiting 1260 and 1261 Compliments of WM. E. VATER CQAL CO The Home of Good Coal 1645 Center Street Telephone Whiting 54 niy-eight elf the Situation Demancts Gooat Tastew HQGSIER FLQWER SHQP Cecilia and Milton Martz CUT FLOXVERS AND PLANTS Floral Designs for Funerals, Weddings, Parties, Etc. Telephone 1148 1522 - 119th Street Vxfhiting, Indiana BQDIE Your Photographer Extends his Best wishes to each and every member of the Class of ,36 u Page Se ty Best Wishes from the Class of 355 PHIL SMIDT 6' SUN Fish and Chicken Dinners OPEN THE YEAR 'ROUND Phones Whiting Q5 and 1612 Roby, Indiana Page Eighty NENAMARA BROTHERS Fei Perfect Dancing - and Xviiciescme Enjoyment ATTEND "Land of Melody, MADURAS ANCELAN Five Points, Hammond Dancing Tuesday, Tiiursclay, Saturday and Sunday Xvaitz Time Sunday Page Eighty ALL HAIL the class of 536 MA good joI:n weII cIoneH is tI1e accompIisI1ment of HAIVIIVIONDSS younger men and Women in tI1e com- pIetion of tI'1eir scI1ooI worIc. We congratulate ttiem and wish ttiem success. 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I'I2,s Compliments of HILARIS Zenith Radios - Grunow Radios Bl Refrigerators - Norge Refrigerators - A-B-C Vfastiing Machines HOOSIER RADIO E' ELECTRIC SERVICE 1867 IncIianapoIis BouIevarcI Phone VV'I1iting 170W Page Eighty SEIVIANCIK COAL CO. Feed, Grain, Hay, Coal ancl Yvood GENERAL TRUCKING 22152217 New York Avenue Phone Whiting 42 FORSYTH SERVICE STATION JuIius Gregorovictl 85 Sons, Props. Gas, Oils, Accessories H Standard Oil Products Phone XfVI1iting 1645 Corner 119tI1 ancI CaIumet Avenue Xvtliting, Indiana WHITING MEAT MARKET fuicy and Tender IVIeais You Rea1Iy Enjoy QUALITY and SERVICE LOXV PRICES 1516 P- 119tI1 Street Phone 418 0-KEEEES CAFE EstaI3IisI1ccI 1897 Ufust Good Fooctu 1314 - 119tI1 Sifeei XVEST PARK GRGCERY Vv'esIey L. TI1arp, Proprietor Meats, Fruits and Vegetables Corner 119tI1 Street and ImIianapoIis BouIevarcI Phone 710-711 V TYPEXVRITERS O 5519 I-101'l1'I'1B.1f'l AV'6HU6 N I-IRITIUIOHCI Une TYPEWRITER MA PIIOHS 682 STATIONERY I fast the Best Ice Cream in Town S H I IVI A L A ' S Cash Grocery and 1X'1ar1Qet P50116 754 904-119111 511661 E fgkfyfefgkf Yff ' , vs mst ' Az. we I1-Nik, . e 'ii' 'L .. ,YQ Compliments of HOOSIER and CAPITOL THEATRES Compliments of MICHIGAN FRUIT IVIARKET 1809 IuJianapoIis BouIeva1'cI I PIIODG Xwtmitiug IQ74 XVHITINO, INDIANA THE COLONIAL JOHN H. IVIILLETT A Sporting Goocts 1 Refrigerators -- Radios I 457 State Street HAIVIIVIOND, INDIANAI Phone 466 CENTRAL BEAUTY PARLOR Rose Skoronski, Proprietor CentraI State Bank BuiIcIing Phone Nxllflitiflg 712 W I N S B E R G I S Everything to Vxfear for the High Sctiooi Student PHONE 326IVI 1541-I19tI1 STREET Page Eighty DR. NWN. J. LYNCH Telephone, Vxfhiting 284 A. 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Suggestions in the George Rogers Clark High School - Powder Horn Yearbook (Whiting, IN) collection:

George Rogers Clark High School - Powder Horn Yearbook (Whiting, IN) online yearbook collection, 1935 Edition, Page 1


George Rogers Clark High School - Powder Horn Yearbook (Whiting, IN) online yearbook collection, 1937 Edition, Page 1


George Rogers Clark High School - Powder Horn Yearbook (Whiting, IN) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Page 1


George Rogers Clark High School - Powder Horn Yearbook (Whiting, IN) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 1


George Rogers Clark High School - Powder Horn Yearbook (Whiting, IN) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 1


George Rogers Clark High School - Powder Horn Yearbook (Whiting, IN) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 1


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