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Text from Pages 1 - 86 of the 2002 volume:

USS GEORGE PHILIP FFG-12 u,«« Tiant! 5ht nuann Oiuffari ' ' ' SCH- ' TH ' san .-a: o- East . 7 Sob . Taipei - ; ,.pO, TAiy»AN I Kong tolr i;a.-do 3ka JAPAN 5CMW K lUAfMi NORTHERN MARIANA ' ISLANDS Wtc MARSHALL g. ISLANDS Otntk Utm-jfiuiH} O mUK lilAtiOS ■St.T L Vtjuro vVfS ' . ' Si AM- i " oA-wi FEDERATED STATES OF MICRONESIA t- CAROLIUE ISLANDS 9 ..T ..... .. O, N E S I ' p d:; rtCdfr r.inC ' SOLOMOfi NAURU -9 " ' " " " pAWA - ' i V ' « " " ' «IAM $ J. NEW GUINEA V«vSr-» Arafura ■• ■ it . H g o ' - G ' is ' af Sandy Cfil ' , " ! (.Iff SOLOMON ISLANDS l Anitoro MMJr Orofo. TUVALU NE(V OW I NIA ■SImflion AUSTRALIA- r X ( ' l«n ' P ' C- fsp.rifu Santo ' Wf ' VSANUAT • r.nj lunkac LT«to randsco Mpj »r. San Francisco ompJ PACIFIC Los Angel«« San Die (. ., • ' ' MIDWAY V 5. » Uyisn OCE A GwMteiupc Ittonrf Mau H4W ISLANtS Maouaii Tropic of Canc»»f Johnston Atoa (U.S.) iktex.) Ktnton % Arn c PHoemx ' ISLANDi MalOen KIRIBATI c. _. lOKELAU f»t«oCo Vutu Hiva MAXOUf SA5 (S AMOS Hni» Oa IS ND -9 FRENCH f ' MA40A ISLANOi SAMOA • »= ' » " AMERICAN SAMOA SiywA tffow COOK ISLANDS POLYNESIA 8o Bora ' ' ' ' « toA. M«up w ?»pwlr AhuniiJ ' ' NIUE TONGA SOOfTY (StAWDS Himaxara AUSTRAL ISLANDS Rar avat PITCAIRN ShenyanB i.Di oAnshao i-rrcuQ Okushiri ' ;-, • ' l ' " ' -W: «« ' i ' " Si K8Sir iap " ' oh ' Oatong ■iOuihu ■ Tokyo Osaka JAPAN aoi,- ' fH ' ' " ' ' " " Shanghai j s v rc PACIFIC OCEAN " Chongqing f sj ' c-ao si iO- " ' ' ' ' ' ' " ' ' ■ . ..,.. China S , ' ' ' »«?s ' . " - ' Ha Noi . kOS CuilinO .,...,.. _ Taipei ' XiiT r.O yr .. ' AaKHHIMA :SLAMS Guangzhou, ' ' ' " - ' ' ' " ' „ j ij-whu ' -qo TAIWAN w«4j: eo5 Kong ' BABiyVM aiAHOi I ' AKACH K ■ ' ' ? ' Philippine VIETNAM C ' f ' ■• ' ' b ifot ' ; ?4r ' ' o ' . df » , ' ) ' 05 ' ' • ' 9J ' - NORTHERN MARIANA A.»miQin ISLANDS ,yf ; ' ' ' :-.H j Chi Minh Ctty iy y- A HPHILIPPINES V ' . GUAM Row Taons ' 5;ay M ' iSVaj Tl , BRUNEi-, a Aa A Y % k Ku M i «mpur « ; ' c ingdpor» W. MARSHALL ISLANDS C . I5U 0J PAiAU •u o A«« o llAli ' F FEDERATED STATES OF MICRONESIA «-« ' f C A « ; . v . " ' s i A ;; s . .. , « X ' Htin ifitri .( ;; ' K?drrdM ig; | 4 N D O K E S I S i SOLOMOfi Mtkln Hiram Abttmmt Norouti . NAURU O olW Anrte jyi ngpsnodngO. ad-vc HniSTMAS ISLAND iakarfb jvw- ' " v " " » ' » " i-- e«r,o, Swakwao i5S y . £ S S f P S o N A ' i l . - ' vw vf .. iVii«5i(iii (a Aft«» t Gu Hea Javd TUVALU 8iocfr 0 ' PAPUA , ' " i: « ' ' ' NEW GUINEA ' ' " ' " « " ' SotomoflSM W ' kvJK. " V ' ' Cec ' jiiiS SOLOMON - ?,H 6viiriii(tr.»1 SUNOS CJOf yor .. " N ■■• San C ' JsfoSJ. ' " ' iJti ui O . ' •■ . MVMCTItf ■• • " " i m WALU3 Cora u,MJt Hcwm ' - ' " ™ • Se VANUATU ■ SM.lf ■ ftlft Hf ■l.iry.Q North i ZtKr Cuin " SV ' 6 .V0f„„.., Doserf " dwiim CtMi QVirmw Kkiin- ■ SImpion r)A ' .ort (ft t ' ' l,j A u s T R A L I A ' " ; ;;; " " t ; . ..r«„« tnrf MIDWAY lAtotl ISUNDS (US} t Laysan Island Ip inrtoo Atoll (US.) WKJIo ' fl EurtU I Sar.ram nWo ' OA ' oReno G eat it • Sail Ldn " PACIFIC OCEA San Francisco " SsnJCiie ( ■ .m Los Angeles „. San Diei Ph hawAhLn ' ISLANtS Hawaii ■ Cancer Guidalupt liland ■. « U his Cap San tucft REVILLAGiaeOO- ISLANDS Mex.) Kanton Birnie Haforo HiOEMX ISlAHOS Kinvmati Maiden KIRIBATI Surbuck KELAU iNZ . fakaofo AND ' NA I S4MOA 5MN0S JjKiJi Tljtuila lAMot ' ' AMERICAN SAMOA iUWARROW ISLANDS COOK ISLANDS NIUE Palm riton TONGA Rarotonga Maupihaa Aituraki Mangata Rimatara Nuku Hiva FRENCH POLYNESIA MAROUeSAS ISLANDS Hiva Oa Fakarava ' it. Bora Bora Tahiti SOCieTY ISLANDS ' Af, ' O O M Nengonenga Ahamii Rurutu AUSTRAL ISLANDS Raivavat Tropic of Capricorn PITCAIRN (UK;. farter Isia (Chilt) ( V CDR George Philip JR Ship ' s Namesake USS GEORGE PHILIP (FFG-I2) is named in honor of Commander George Philip Jr.. USN (1912-1945). Commander Philip assumed eommand of the Destroyer USS TWIGGS (DD-9.51 ) on April 6, 1944 and served in her with great distinction during the liberation of the Philippine Islands, the conquest of Iowa Jima and the capture and t)ccupalion of Okinawa during World War II. He was posthuinously awarded the Navy Cross for extraordinary heroism during 84 consecutive days of combat off Okinawa where he perished with his ship following a dusk attack b - enemy Kamika e aircraft on June 16, 1945. COAT OF ARMS USS GEORGE PHILIP FFG-12 BLAZON SHIELD: Azure, on a chevron wavy enhanced or a mullet of the first surmounted by a mullet argent, in chief two mullets ol the second and m base an anchor the shank terminatmg m a harb of the like entlarned proper CREST: On a wreath of the colors or and a ure enclosed by a wreath of laurel vert a fire bomb of the fust cnllamcd proper charge with a cross paty convexed azure MOTTO: On a scroll azure lined or the motto INTREPIDE IMPELLE (Fearlessly Fo rward) in gold letters SYMBOLISM SHIELD: Dark Blue and gold are the colors traditionally associated with the Navy and are symbolic of the sea and excellence. The stars represent three Pacific Island campaigns: The liberation of the Philippine Islands, the conquest of Iwo Jima, and the capture and occupation of Okinawa, during which Commander Philip commanded the USS TWIGGS (DD-591). The blue star, voided white, refers to the Silver Star awarded to Commander George Philip. Jr . for gallantry while serving aboard the USS O ' BANNON in the Solomon Islands. The Wavy chevron suggests thrust and movement from a strong base which characterized the Pacific campaigns. The barbed and entlamed anchor symbolizes naval firepower and alludes to the Navy ' s progressive sweep through the Pacific Islands during World War II. It further typifies the capabilities of guided missile frigates. CREST: The dark blue cross refers to the Navy Cross awarded to Commander Philip posthumously. He gave his life when his ship, the USS TWIGGS, was mortally damaged as a result of a combination torpedo and kamikaze attack otf Okinawa in June 1945. The fire bomb symbolizes military prowess. The laurel wreath symbolizes the victory in the Pacific for which Commander George Philip, Jr., gave his life and the great honor and respect he earned throughout his Naval career. SEAL The seal consists of the complete coat of arms in full color, blazoned within a blue oblong border The border, aicetl ,ii to ,uul base, is inscribed USS GEORGE PHILIP at top and FFG- 1 2 in base, in gold letters Enclosing the blue bonier is ,in outer edge of gokl conlimious rope COMMANDING OFFICER Commander Christopher L. Wall ( liristiiphci 1. Wall was bdin in Pinchinsl. Noilh Camlina lie i]il-vv ii|i in Viii inia aiul alk-ndctl RaiKkilph-Macon Cullcgc where he received a Bachelor ol Arls in Aneienl (ireek and l.aliii in l ' »M He alleiulcil OIlKcr Candidate Seluml in Newport. Rhode Island and was ecinimissioned in October 1982. Commander Wall reported to USS AMERICA (CV-(i6) in April of ms.1 and served us an Engineering I5i ision OITicer ami Coinnuinieations Dn ision Officer until October of |ys(i when he left active duty and taught Latin at Varina High School in Richmond. Virginia Commander Wall reported to the USS SIDES (EEG- 14) as Chief Engineer after his return to active duty in 1988 as a Training and , dminisiration of Reserves Officer. In September 1990, he reported aboard USS SPARTANBURG COUNTY (l.ST-1192) as Chief l-ngineer. Ouring this time. SPARTANBURCi COUNTY participated in Desert Shield-Desert Storm. In 1992, Commander Wall served as Commanding Officer Naval Reserve Center Siou Cits, low.i where his center won the Sulney Fields .Xward as the best reserve c enter m the nation. He left Suhi Cits in I99. ' S to become the E eciili e Officer of the L ' SS KREDHRICK il.ST-l IS4l in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. In May 1997, Commander Wall reported to the staff of the United States European Coniniand, L ' SCINCEUR, Stuttgart, Gerinany as the Executive Officer of the Mobilization and Reserve Component Affairs Directorate. He attended the Naval War College in October 1999 where he received a Masters Degree in National Security and Strategic Studies. His personal decoration.s include the Defense Meritorious Service Medal. Joint Serv ice Commendation Medal. Navy anil Marine Corps Commendation Medals, and various campaign and service ribbons. He is married to the former Kalherine Degermajian of Worcester, M. ' and has three children, .Mec, George, and Katie ages 9,S, and 1. EXECUTIVE OFFICER Lieutenant Commander Darren J. McGlynn Ln.-iilcn;inl C ' dnimander Darren J. McGlynn grew up m Norv alk. ConncclKiil He enli led in ihe Na in UlSO .nul was assigned to the Na y Cargo Handhng and Port Group (NAVCHAPGRUl in Cheatham Annex VA, As a ■■Combat Ste edore " he earned the laiik nl Boatswains Mate Third Class (BM3). He was accepted to the Broadened Opportunity for Officer Selection and Training (BOOST) program where he earned the rank of BM2. He was accepted into the Navy Reserve Officer Training Corps (NROTC) program and graduated from San Dicgo State University with a Bachelor ' s Degree in Psychology in l ' )SK. Lieutenant Commander McGlynn icporicd lo I SS KACINE lL,Sr 1 I0| i huiiie pciied in Long Beacli C A in Jaiiuaiy |yS4. There he served as an Engineering Division Officer, Main Propulsion Assistant (MPA) and Navigator until July of 1941, He then reported to the CINCPACFLT Propulsion Examining Board (PEB) where he served as a f iesel Examiner until July of lyy.V He then returned lo San fJiego Slate University to earn his Masters Degree in Educatmn. Lieutenant Commander McGlynn reported lo his lirsi Department flead joh in I SS V, NI)EGR1FT (FFG 48) home ported in Diego. C. asChiel Engineer in ,. ugust of 199, . In April ol 1997 he reported as Chief Engineer of LSS V, l,LE ' i ' FORGE iCG ,sl)i He participated in arious missions during his department head lours including two Arabian Gulf deployments. In February of 1999 he reported lo Cruiser. Destroyer Group Five (COMCRLIDESGRU ITVE)as Surface Strike Officer (N. :) and Assistant Chief of Staff (ACoS) Materiel (N4), There he participated in numerous Fleet Bailie l-Apenmenls and Coordinated the 1999 and 2()()() San Diego Fleet Week ■■Sea Air " Parades. .After compleling Ihe P. (.) pipeline in Newporl Rhode lie reported as i; eciili e olfieer ol USS GEORGE PHILIP iFFX ' i 12) m October of 2001. His personal decorations include ihe Meritorious Service Medal, Navy and Marine Corps Commendal ion Medals, Na and Marine Corps .Xchieveinenl Medals and various campaign ami service ribbons He is married to the former Kosie Heriiande and his ihue childien, lileiia, Myriah and Luke, COMMAND SENIOR CHIEF ™____ GMCS(SW) Barry R. Francis Senior Chief Francis was born in Sacramenlo, Ca in April of 1958. and enlisted in the Na ni l ' )77. Upon graduation from Boot Camp in October ■77 he received orders to USS JOHN F. KENNEDY (CVA 67) in Norfolk, Va. In April ' 7S he was directed to attend Gunner ' s Mate " A " School in Great Lakes. II. Upon graduation in November " 78. he received orders to U.S.S GOLDSBOROUGH (DDG 20) in Pearl Harbor. Hi. In August of 1981. Senior Chief separated from the Navy and returned to his home of Granite Bay. Ca. as a firefighter, where he remained for three years. In July 1984 he returned to the Navy and to Great Lakes for GMLS MK 1. " C " School. In July " 85 he received orders lo Precommissioning Unit REUBEN JAMES (FFG 57) in San Pedro. Ca, where he remained until June 1991. In early 1987 he was TAD 10 MK III Patrol Boats in the Arabian Gulf in support of " Operation Earnest Will " , and the Iran-Iraq war. In October 1989 he attended MK75 7(imm Gun " C " School in San Diego. Ca. In June of ' 91 he transferred to SIMA NRMF Long Beach. Ca. and was selected for Chief Petty Officer in July. He was assigned to the Missile and Gun Shops as well as the only military representation at NAVSEA Fleet Support Office as the West Coast ORDALT Coordinator, in Long Beach. In February of 1994. he transferred to USS JARRETT (FFG 3. ) in Long Beach. In less than a year they winild shift homeports lo San Diego. In April of ' 96 he was selected for advancement to Senior Chief Petty Officer and in August ' 9fi. he transferred to N.- S North Island. Ca, as the .• rmory Range and Physical Security Officer for the Weapons Department, but not before another enjoyable but brief tour in MK 111 Boats. Through the Nasy ' s Regionali alion Incentive. Senior Chief Francis became the Armory Range and NCEA Manager for Navy Region Southwest. In October 1999 he transferred to yet another frigate. USS GEORGI- PHILIP (FFG 12) in San Diego, where he has filled various billets as Ship ' s Gunner. A Gang Chief. Chief Master at . ' rms and Command Senior Chief. Senior Chief Francis is married to the former Anne Frost of Riverside. Ca. They have two sons. Nick and Matt ages six and four respectively. OPERATIONS DEPARTMENT Operations Officer LT David A. Levy New York, NY CIC Officer LTJG Matthew L. McMenamy Duxhurv. MA Navigation Officer LT Sean A. Simmons Ocala. FL ist Lieutenant LTJG Michael A. Pugh Spring Valley. CA BMC(SW) Darren L. Applewhite Departmental LCPO Chicago. IL OSC(SW)Eric.I. Watkins 01 Division LCPO Las Vegas. NV EWC(SW) Charles E. Green Intelligence Officer San Bernadino, CA DECK DIVISION ■K -K -K N f ' ffWTIM BMl(SW)CletoH. Oxspring Leading Petty Officer Tacoma. WA M M f BM2(SW) Michael A. Fouriiier Fiaser, MI — y BM2(SW) Eric G.Wells Chicago, IL BM3 Dawson Dallas. TX SN Bernard Lyies Chicago, IL Not Pictured BM.UIiarlos A. Iknleniann -k %1 SN Richard C. Potter W ' asliinmon. DC SN Franklin M. Fields Ha aid. KY SA Josh A. Reames Columbus. OH SN Rodney D. Earl Cleveland. OH SN Joesph A. Hernandez EL Paso. TX SN Christopher E. Posadas Lone Beach. CA f SN Peter A. Brueckncr Nashua. NH SN Mustafa A. Akhtar Manhattan. KS 01 Division ' ' Constant Vigilance ' ' E " tttkm nmi aiiiiii " OSKSWjMikeSunete Leading Petty Officer Natick, MA OSKSW) Daniel Wynian San Diego, CA OS2(SW) WadeTammara Waianae, HI O.S2(SW) David Aguilar Anacortes, WA () S2(SW) Edwin Powell Elyia, OH O.S2(SW) Charles Atchison Springfield, MO 0S2(SW) James Franks Selnia, NC " sl lias 0S2 Erick Middelton Flint. MI 0S3 Daniel Harju Muskeiion, MI EW2(SW)Leon King San Die o. CA OSSN Talon Bailey Reno. NV EW3 Matthew Doetzer Phoenix. AZ Not Pictured OS 1 Steven Freidman OS2(SW) Pasteto Taupau ON Division ' ' Trust your Keel to the one who wears the Wheel ' VV. . I l KN!a i QM 1 Randall Haddock Leading Petty Officer Mt Vernon. MO • M .. QM2(SW) Doniinick Colantonio Cleaveland. OH QM2 Timothy Clabaugh Albuquerque, NM i ' ttij SM2(SW) Mathew Lewandowski Boise. ID SM2{SW) Shawn Douglas Fayettevillc. NC SM3 Seanathan Palidore Franklvn. LA SM3 Ricardo Hcrnande San Dicizo, CA Combat Systems Department SD-- • " Mniffn LT Mark S. Kloster Combat Systems Officer Walnut Creek. CA • - ENS Eric D. Baebler Anti-Submarine Warefare Officer St Louis. MO lie . r l . w LTJG Robert O. Cromwell Ordinance Officer Moorpark. CA STGC(SW) Michael J. Camphei CA Division LCPO Wheaton. IL 7 • ' ' FCC(SW) WadeM. Dych CM Division LCPO Dallas. TX CA Division Sonar Technician (Surface) (STG) STGKSW) James D. DeGraff Leading Petty Officer South Holland. IL STG2(SW)RichGresswe CA02 Work Center Supervisor Claremont, CA STG2 Robert C. Hay Rye Brook. NY • -K • - ' ■ y ' - g ' - r i STG2(SW) Stephen W. Reynolds Whitehouse Station, N.I STG2(SW) Arvhi D. Combs Denver, CO S ' r(i3 Marcelo D. Rodrigues Recife. Bra .il CM DIVISION FC2(SW) KazeJ. Mitchell Long Beach. CA FC2(SW) Steven D. Stahinich Chicaso. IL FC2(SW) Isaac R. Alcanti Taconia. WA m r % FC2(SW) Patrick J. F -llcnn II Marion. TX FC I (SW) Steven D.Curtis Leading Petty Officer Ontario. Canada Missiles and Guns GM2(SW) Zechi hriah H. Smiles Austin. TX -k V GM2(SW) Robert J. Burns Cranston. RI jfw| GM2 Martin F. Grimes Los Angeles. CA W FC2 Patrick A. Gcrson Ciovis.CA alsoCIWS FC2 OctavioLis CheiTy FC3 Timothy A. Haydock Lakewood, CA M:u-(M r U||W, ' sM .- - .- . . inK r K FC3 Angelo Vasquez Mora. NM % FC3 Wallace L. Penault Baton Rocue. LA FC3 Jacob D. Klemm Aztec. NM -.: i FC3 Conrad J. Burleson Mesa, AZ 50 cal Machine Guns : ! r GM3 Morgan D. Morgan Willits. CA GM3(SW) Michael S. Faurote Moses Lake, WA GMSA William .1. Keck LasVciias. NV 2. " inini Chamgun GMSA Brian J. Vanstone Moreno Valley, C A C4I DEPARTMENT ENS Anthony Uniewski CE Division Officer ETC(SW) Tony Green CE Division LCPO LT Brandon Da ' is Department Head ETC(SW) Andre Duncan C4I Departmental LCPO ENS Micheal Anderson OC Division Offier ITC(SW) Dale Taylor OC Division LCPO ICKSW) Eric Henry LPOCE Division ITKSW) Derrick Butler LPO OC Division OC DIVISION " OUT OF CONTROL " IT3 Erik Clayton Hiah Point. NC IT i(SW Robert Sniitli Philadelphia. PA 1T3 Damon Bellard ton Texas Hous IT2 Daiioiis James Chicago, IL IT3(SW) Raymond Docken Chicago, IL IT3 Chris Hicketheir Adams-Friendship. WI IT3 Eric Bernal Lonu Beach. CA IT3 Victor Hernandez New York Citv. NY OC DIVISION CE DIVISION TWIDGETS ETKSW) Chuck Wood Las Cilices. NM WCSCEOl ICKSW) Miles Hester Hartford, CT WCS CE03 ET2{SW) Alex Vidmar Crawford. GA 1 N,. ■ ■ K P H i ifw ET2(SW) Daniel Sinionds ST.Petersburg, FL IC2(SW) Chris Brown Seattle, WA ET2(SW) Peter Richey Montgomery, AL y ET3(SW)Jiin Lusk Chicago, IL ET2 Joe Miller Raleiizh. NC ICFN Eric Daniel Houston, TX CE DIVISION ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT II ENS Tom Loop Main Propulsion Assistant Canhy. OR LTJG Matthew Goodyear Electrical Officer Biackhurs. VA ENC(SW) Jamie Grace A Division LCPO Pahoa. HI -K - LT Michael A Zurich Chief Engineer Great Falls. MT DCCM(SW) Michael R kari Ventura. CA GSMC(SW) Steave Copeland ENG Departmental LCPO Paradise. CA MRC(SW) Stephen R Sheller San Diego, CA 1 ' LTJG Thomas J. Shaver Auxiliaries Officer Los Anaeles. CA ENS Jake Grasmick Damage Control Assistant fdaho Falls. lO DCC(S V) Brad Shore R Division LCPO Mocksville, NC A Division ' •. . J K A-Gang 2002 ENKSW) David Smith i ENKSW) Emmanuael Abella Leading Petty Officer Riverside, CA EN2(SW) Shawn Cunningham Riverside, CA EN2 Antonio Range! Gardena, CA EN3 Andrew Martindale Memphis, TN EN3 Brian Smith Chicago, IL EN 3 Mac Pierr Riche Miami. FE ELECTRICAL DIVISON EMI Onyebuenyi Nwankpa Leading Petty Otticer Abia State. Niseria ' ' -k -K -kf F EM 3 Jeffrey A. Stangl Omaha. NE GSEl Roland Clay Detroit, MI F f;iffit M EM2(SW) Alfonso T. Gilliam Pittsgburs. PA EM3 William J. Teseo Brooklyn. NY EM3 Barakat A. Maw aim Chicago. IL MP DIVISION 1 GSE3(SW) Herman O. Ferrer San Dieeo, CA. GSE3 Christian S. Siador Stockte n. CA. GSE3 Jaime Lopez Watscin ille. CA. rtKflf,, GSMKSW) GSEUSW AW) GSM2(SW) GSE3 Allan D. Collins Jerome A.Wood Jessie R. Scott W. Leading Petty Bristol. PA. Nabatilan Rorabaiigh Officer San Diego. CA. Cheyenne. WY Portland. OR. GSMFN Ste en A.Gedert Fresno. CA. GSM FA Gregory L. Jones Houston, TX. GSMl Baronouski and GSM2 Nahatilan take lime to say hi. Not Pictured GSM2 Ralph Lastamosa FN Chris Sicnihida REPAIR DIVISION DCKSW) Martin Remle Lakewood. OH HTKSW) Chris Hardman Price. UT MR2(SW) Jeremy D. Lewis Ashtabula, OH DC2 Dennis Ida Golsman, MO f MR2(SW) Brian Pierce Gahanna. OH DC2(SW) Anthony Glorioso Anchorase. AL HT3 Derelv O. Davis Mound Citv, IL SUPPLY DEPARTMENT ' ' SERVICE TO THE CREW yy LT. ' J. A. Sanchez Supply Officer Long Beach. CA The Supply Department has the responsibility of providing and accounting for materials and funds required to operate the ship. It also provides services which contribute to the comfort, welfare and morale of the crew. Its members consist of Storekeepers. Mess Management Specialists. Ship ' s Servicemen. Disburs- ing Clerks and Postal Clerks. Storekeepers procure, issue and dispense material for shipboard use as well as accounting for the ship ' s expenditures. Providing the " Finest Food In The Fleet " come as no easy task for the Mess Management Specialist, while operating the ship ' s laundry . barber shop and store is all part of a day ' s work for the Ship ' s Servicemen. The Disbursing Clerk handles the ship ' s payroll, while the Postal Clerk handles large quantities of mail. F " E S V. J. Ofiveri Disbursing Officer Charlottesville. VA STiCfS ' W) . ' K WeSSer SUP Departmental LCPO Thousand Oaks. CA MSC(S1 ) ' M. A- ' MoseCy S2 Division LCPO Brooklvn. NY S-1 DIVISION SKI TamDinh Ontario, CA Division LPO SK2(SW) Christopher Blau- Eagle Point. OR SK2 James Greig Detroit. MI 4; SK.3 Richard LePage Diamoiul Bar. CA SK.SN Fernando Careia San DieuiL CA SKSA Chris Erwin Bakersfield. CA S-2 DIVISION F MS2 Ra Contieras Riallo. CA MSSN Julius Hannon Mont2(imerv. AL MSKSW) Chauncey Killebrew LiHiis ille. KY Division LPO MS3 Jose Neo San Diego. CA MS3 Edward Olson Faribult, MN MS3 Travis Rannie Memphis. TN S-3 S-4 DIVISION SH3 Bella Khin Long Beach, CA SHI Cisrow Holcomb Columbus. GA Department LPO y ' SHSA Jeffrey Beyer Houston. TX ■ DK2(SW) James Jones Covina. CA PCSA Nicholas Houston Salisl-iur . NC ■fma n SHIP ' S ADMINISTRATION XX DIVISION ' ' HARD AT WORK ' ' LTJG J. P. Gross ADM I NO ( ' I 1 U ' V Dhiiiitiiin the highest quality ofprofessioihilisin and custo ner service. i ' e re here for your needs! HMC(SW)G. H. Mihuiko LCPO IDC k 4 : PNKSWjR.F. Smiley LPO CCC Personnel OFF PNKSWiG. A. Poveda Personnel Clerk HM3(SW)L. Close Corpsman F PN3 D. .1. Scor a PersiMinel Clerk YNM(SW)T. B. Robinson Ship ' s Scc. Lcgal YN YN2 E. A. Juare ADMIN Assl HM3(SW)P M. McGuire Corpsman SN J. C. Lerma LEGAL YN ADIM Asst XX DIVISION ' Hard at Work. But Good At Play!!! 7th Fleet Band ' ' Orient Express ' ' MUC(SW) Dennis p. Garza Drums Vocals Corpus Christi. TX MU2 Michael H. Wells Key boards Vocal s Wilmington, NC MUl Joe Rundall Sax Vocals Grants. NM MU2 Guy L. Gregg Sound Technician Phoenix. AZ MU3 Robert E. Collier Guitar Vocals Newport News. VA f MUl(SW)JimmieL. Blount .Ir. Brass Vocals Witchita. KS - " % MII2 Armando Cepeda Bass Vocals Colton. CA 7 DEPARTURE 08 APRIL 2002 HM3 Mrs. Patrick McGuire GSMC Mrs. Steve Copcland iHi,i» MS2 Mrs. Ray Contreras SN Mrs. Richard Potter HNC Mrs. .lamie (irace LT Mrs. Joaquin Sanchez PEARL HARBOR, HAWAII 13-15 April 2002 29 September - 1 October 2002 Arizona Memorial World W ' ai ' II Headlines USS Missouri i QMI Haddock. PNl Povcda. PNI Smiley and OS2 Franks rc-cnlist onboard I ' SS Missouri PEARL HARBOR, HAWAII Waikiki Beach Honolulu Skyline Diamond Head WrMm l aiB ' N3, l ' Nl,h(X ' aiul SlXil luivnm a uood tune OKINAWA, JAPAN 27-28 APRIL 2002, 6-11 AUGUST 2002 Mans MiKill islands m llic hailiui Pierside in Japan IT3 James enjoying some Liberty MUARA, BRUNEI 05-13 MAY 2002 r .. ' srijiiSSS... " " t i ' li ' Hev. ItsPNI Fu eda! MS3 C ' ontrcras and YNl Robinson having a eood time. It really is a beautiful building Here is something you don ' t see e ery day. BALI, INDONESIA 18-24 May 2002 r -|fp M fy ' . ' , " ■«4 Ir tLiiaJ Wlh lyW IH R._- in Hi . . . . ..vo -a fi ... . SURABAYA, INDONESIA 26 May -03 June 2002 Reception in Surabaya 26 May 2002 CROSSING THE LINE Shellback Ceremony 4 June 2002 King Neptune ITC(SW) Taylor The Royal Baby OS2(SW) Aguilar The Royal Barber SK3 Lepage The Royal Denlisi ENl(SW) Abella CROSSING THE LINE Shellback Ceremony 4 June 2002 Morning PT and shower CROSSING THE LINE Shellback Ceremony 4 June 2002 Cleanse those slimy wogs Let the fun becin! SATTAHIP,THAILAND 9-19 June 2002 KUANTAN, MALAYSIA 21 June - 01 July 2002 A nice welcome far away from home f m]0 The XO monkeying around The beach was cloudy! FCC and GMCS lakmu a break r.SMC Copcland on some R R CHANGI, SINGAPORE 2 -13 July 2002 Highrise Apartment cdinple.x D(n ntown here we eome. 0S2 Franks and HI .l RiLiiey clowinu art)und I N 1 Sinile at tlie Iruil market near China low II SUBIC BAY, PHILLIPINES 17-27 JULY 2002 Pulliiii: in ■Jeepney " Rainy Days HONG KONG, CHINA 29 JULY-30 AUGUST 2002 Just an example of some of the weird bildings 1 MSM k J ■■ mti flBfe.. y H iP lpii H Ettgl P 1 H T ' f B jE fe ! 1 I R R And you thought our streets were packed Oriental Art luiiL Kuiil: harbor PALAU, FEDERATION OF MICRONESIA 13-17 AUGUST 2002 QMl Haddock and SKI Dinh enjoy some time off. BMl clowine in tlie Rhib! 70 pound Sailfish caught h fC ' C and parl while Mailin fishuiii o ' ' o ' I ' alau. HERA, EAST TIMOR 20 - 22 AUGUST 2002 HERA CiMCS 1 laiKis and 1 CC Dych hard at work DARWIN, AUSTRALIA GATEWAY TO THE OUTBACK 25 AUGUST - 02 SEPTEMBER 2002 " Here ' s looking at you kid " GMCS. STGC. and SKC pkiymg with death It ' s not all crocs! ■ ' ■■■ r :% C A boat trip to the Outback 1 -TSI ml KARABELA, EAST TIMOR 04 - 06 SEPTEMBER 2002 I couRTdy or • USS GCORGC PHZLZP c ju ' . rrc—±z ;x eOMRCL CPTCM CR Z00Z The George was sure to leave it ' s mark. SH3 Khin The Timor Taxi service BMC(SW) Applewhite painting? The guys u d .a work It was all tor ihc kiils KARABELA This is the ship from half way to the site STGKSW) DegratTand 0S2(SW) Agiilar keeping watch GSM3 Ferrer hardly working ENS Baebler hard at work m Our short time here will he their lil ' es ' memories CAIRNS, AUSTRALIA 10 - 15 SEPTEMBER 2002 C ' l O l miiiiii: rcrcmoiiv Union Jack Ceremony SEPTEMBER 11, 2002 •irst Na Jack l ' l s over USS GEORGE PHILIP NOUMEA, NEW CALEDONIA 18 - 21 SEPTEMBER 2002 , ii-, ' " ' «T - »i The crew at work and play... Snapshots from the cruise Throughout the deployment, the erew of the GEORGE PHILIP performed a variety of challenging tasks that made our mission a great success. We also enjoyed good liberty in many d ifferent ports. Whenever the time comes for everyone to pull together and get the job done, the crew shows what it means to act as a team. Bravo Zulu GEORGE PHILIP! " ' Smile, voii re uii candid camera " SN Lerma and SN Lyles man tlu inport helm watch. » - 1 ' - 4 jT ymt b wS g P| " i R M m:skW Jt ■ jMfc-aff! P W n , Koutine PMS becomes a near miss lor FC2Pellennl ORDO!!! That ' s not how v e lire missies! The crew at work and play... Snapshots from the cruise GMCS Francis and MRC Shetler are either taking a break from tiie rigors of underway life or trying to look salty: either way there ' s bound to be some work invohed here. Batteries release!!!! MS3 loves his ' aniu Jam session! Vertical Replenishment at sea. " ' IfMihiitffiiPffi Work it Boats The crew at work and play... Snapshots from the cruise 1 i wvn in mi X OD Uivision takes lish call scnouslv I lliink I can remember mv name! The crew at work and play... Snapshots f rom the cruise I think that says we ' re right here! Water eimilsion Iheiapy (iel out ot the M ' s OSC The crew at work and play... Snapshots from the cruise It " s riiiht there HLHI The crew at work and play... Snapshots from the cruise Gettinu ready tor kiuncli. First I shoot them, then I save them. Caught napping Fiv eatchinii Fiijoyiiig a cokl one! The crew at work and play... Snapshots from the cruise The crew at work and play... Snapshots from the cruise Yes! I see that sea 2ul Who told the CO he ccnild operate hea _ inachiiierx ' . ' Only 20 more miiuites! r ' W 4i N Break lime HOMECOMING 8 October 2002 ! ' -k ' ' a " It . ■i , ' VKVHHH i The Georee conies out of the foi: Lots ol smiling faces on the biidii HTI Haaliiian - fust Ki Friends and Family are excited! New Fathers meet then " children lor the first time! A BRIEF HISTORY n. USS GEORGE PHILIP UNDER CONSTRUCTION LONG BEACH CALIFORNIA 1978 George Philips widow, Mrs Wilber Helnier, son George III and daughter Snow Simpson IF Launching party is ready. ASST SECRETARY of the NAVY EDWARD HIDALGO Snow Simpson gets ready to break Champagne bottle!! 2, 3. Swiniz! LAUNCHING CEREMONY, LONG BEACH CALIFORNIA DECEMBER 16, 1 978 Commissioning Ceremony November 15, 1980 The Captain takes Command Color Guard Honor Guard GEORGE PHILIP on Sea Trials George III in the ship ' s Wardroom GEORGE PHILIP visits Alaska ' GEORGE PHILIP , COMMANDING OFFICERS H CDR James L. Tiimbiill " " 20 Nov 1980 thru 26 Nov 1982 CAPT Donald F. Biirkebile I .26 Nov 1982 thru 15 Mar 1985 CDR Frank H. Tryon Jr. - X 15 Mar 1985 thru 9 May 1987 I _ ___________ CDR Thomas C. Williams Jr. 9 May 1987 thru 10 Jun 1989 CDR Dennis C. Ryan HI i 1 thru 15 Jun 1991 CDR Alfred W. Mitchell 15 Jun 1991 thru 20 Feb 1993 CDR Harold J Flammang 20 Feb 1993 thru 16 Dec 1994 V i " -. ! , , CDR Robert A. Butt % ' " 16 Dec 1994 thru 24 Oct 1996 CDR Scott A. Berg U | 24 Oct 1996 thru 24 Apr 1998 S A V CDR Leeland H. Seabring Jr. • ' 24 Apr 1998 thru 4 Apr 1999 CDR David W. Glazier ♦ - 4 Apr 1999 thru 15 Jun 2001 CDR Christopher L. Wall - - . . 15 Jun 2001 thru 28 Mar 2003 CRUISEBOOK STAFF ENS Baebler FCC(SW)Dych SKI Dinh OS2(SW) Agiiilar BM2(SW)Foumier QM2 Clabaiigh 0S3 Bailey STG2(SW) Reynolds FC2(SW)Strahinich PC 3 Klemm ET2(SW)Vidmar IT2(SW)James EN3 Martindale GSE3 Lopez EM 3 Teseo MSKSWjKillabrew PN3 Scorza Overall Cruisebook Coordinator Cniisebook Coordinator Managing Editor Page Development Editor Page Development Page Development Page Development Page Development Page Development Page Development Photographer Page Development Page Development ADP Support Page Development Page Development Page Development Page Development Page Development Thanks to evenonc who doiuitcd pictures ciinl helped In niakini; this cruisebook Inippen. Special thanks to HMC Mihalko who clonated SO percent of the photos used for this hook. AS THE SUN SETS Fair Windsdrid Following Seas - umi gmm . ' fe « «it-. -» -- : ' ;«--■■« ' .■• ;. ' »» »-!; ffl Wnlsivorth Publishing Company 1(1( Sc.rcli Kaniai Avr.iui- M.incline, Misioun l.u.SS ILSA , ,.-, ' , . f " i- ' ' i ■• i ' -t ' . ' V: • ;ri . ' P Walswonh

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